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File: 1665743102669.jpeg (1.77 MB, 3531x2373, AFB22C37-1ABD-4530-A212-3C7FD8…)

No. 1675101

warning: may contain dry milk

Hayden is a new calf who has crowdfunded his way into a treatment centre and is as happy as a pig in shit about it. Despite Hayden preparing for his death mere weeks ago he appears to have recovered in miraculous time.

Ganer is continuing to overtrain and eat plain slop and getting smaller. Doubling down on her OCD after being specifically told to bulk up. Anons who are not interested in Ganer are whining she should no longer be a cow despite clear milky behaviour.

Nikol is leaving snarky comments in recovering anas intagram pics, classy stuff. She is also apparently a different species whose healthy bmi is 10 and obese bmi is 13. Now it’s clear why she looks down on us mere humans so much.

EC is looking even more deathly than usual, and people continue to provide her additional years by predicting she will die any day now. But a new threat of danger has entered the picture, a stalker called Steven who is a creepy pedo/doll fetishist has developed an unhealthy obsession with her. He has been scoured from the internet for now, let hope he’s gone for good.

Fiona is remembering to breathe and went on a family holiday and is looking happier. Let’s hope she continues to improve and not slide back into her wheelchair UWU shenanigans.

Zara hasn’t posted much expect for claiming she has gained “so much weight” while looking as sickly as ever.

Niamh is claiming recovery now, but is continuing to post body checky pictures, so it remains uncertain whether she is milky anymore.

123 Kitty is appearing in posts and definitely has milky/trolling behaviour, dead fish eyes and no personality.

Legohead has resurfaced and sporting a no tear suit and a fresh head wound, let us all pray for the healthcare workers dealing with her right now. She’s no longer ana but as a former cow she is still of interest to some.

Hannah is continuing to inspire body positivity or recovery by taking unflattering photos in her underwear in various states of undress.

In bright news, Elzani and N2f appear to be doing well and seem to be living proof that cows can be reformed.


rainsrecovering - YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com

No. 1675102

previous thread >>>/snow/1647740

No. 1675113

i don't go here but why are the proana threads always so garbage kek. i know you lot stay in your own little corner of LC but even threads for the most boring cows imaginable are better laid out and actually link to previous milk rather than giving a shit one-liner about it(shitposting)

No. 1675134

autism. if you're not interested then dont read, simple as that. why ruin it for the few who still wanna obsess over this?

No. 1675135

Why are you here then?

No. 1675140

File: 1665749104964.png (Spoiler Image, 625.53 KB, 720x1415, 311288770_805047470784245_4048…)

Spoilered for blatant body check
This one was mentioned last thread, her comments sections is an interesting mix of concern/people calling her out, other anas and the skelly fetishists.
She has been in recovery for 4 years and says her blog is a "weight gain journey" and talks about eating cake a lot.

No. 1675145

At this point I'm sure that the nonnas who constantly complain about these threads existing are cows themselves and want us to stop talking about them.

No. 1675147

File: 1665750388313.png (432.67 KB, 703x1219, 311137572_782062223023535_6664…)

Holy lanugo!

No. 1675158

File: 1665751268583.jpeg (281.47 KB, 1125x1113, FA03B4E9-6A44-4656-A614-5C3EB7…)

Y’all want some actual milk? I have unshooped photos of Laura.

No. 1675159

File: 1665751297345.jpeg (328.94 KB, 1124x1230, B752B5FF-BC47-404F-AF95-65E8E3…)


No. 1675173

holy shit kek its so weird to see her look like a normal fucking person. where did you get these nonnie??

No. 1675181

Dare I say she's actually looking better? I remember her face being way more corpse-y.

No. 1675182

How tf is this bitch still alive??

No. 1675195

Pretty spoopy here. How old are these? I think they're before her big decline

No. 1675196

This isn't milk these are from 2018 and they're literally on her ig

No. 1675198

Am I being dumb to ask wtf is going on with her upper body? The random lines/contours?

No. 1675204

She was actually cute before she went skelly to the point of no return.

No. 1675206

Muscles, sinew, and her tits kek

No. 1675208

It's easily findable in her tagged photos but anon this is five years ago kek

No. 1675209

It's just dark nonnie she's still corpse

No. 1675213

File: 1665756524451.jpg (285.36 KB, 1080x1277, Laura.jpg)

She gets progressively spoopier in these. This is from early 2020. I'd wager a guess that She's a lot spoopier now, given all the trips to acute and other hospitals via air ambulance and all that. I think she started shooping during a stint at erc–my theory is it's wicked body dysmorphia and she sees her already skelly body as not skelly enough and warps further from reality.

No. 1675218

File: 1665757403765.png (575.75 KB, 720x1197, 311072689_850783105937027_5239…)

Luka uploaded this, does anyone know if the girl in this post actually her sister or just a friend? Just seems irky to me.

No. 1675222

All this tells us is that she went from like a bmi of 13 to death skelly status and that the shooping wasn't a thing when she wasn't as sick, probably because her spoop brain has shriveled to the size of a pea and made her basically retarded. God that's depressing. I think it's similar to ye olde kelsey–the spoop goes to treatment, gains, panics, shoops, and the frantic cycle of weight loss and shooping continue until she's a braindead husk rotting in Denver every few months.

No. 1675223

I've no idea but it's giving Italian Aly and her poor brother if it is

No. 1675228

File: 1665758369012.jpeg (263.23 KB, 922x1561, 502.jpeg)

I wasn't sure I'd anyone was still interested in Hayden, but this story series from the other day made me kek. He's so dramatic

No. 1675230

File: 1665758852098.jpg (433.33 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_2022-10-14-23-43-40…)

Katy and Maria (the twins) are on holiday in Thailand posting blatant body checks. This is a video and at the end you can her someone (Maria?) say "you look so thin" …bruh

No. 1675241

Lol Hayden's over the top sad faces give Cece's a run for their money.
He's always trying to sound like the sickest ana ever despite having no medical evidence that he was ever in danger of dying.

No. 1675242

Holy 6head

No. 1675245

He or she or whatever you want to call them also makes a huge fuss about how anorexia hasn't let them enjoy a huge list of foods in ten plus years yet if you look at their main it doesn't seem they've been sick long. Always got to be the sickest, afraid of fruit etc

No. 1675248

File: 1665760219869.jpg (500.84 KB, 1080x2009, Screenshot_20221014-110949_Ins…)

So dainty, can only take a "few mouthfuls" of rice

No. 1675250

Why would you actively ruin yourself in multiple ways and still look like this?

I don’t support any type of unnecessary bodily mutilation but at least the women who get addicted to plastic surgery or something did have a “beauty ideal” or chasing perfection.

But what is the end goal with this, look like some special ed bible school teacher?

No. 1675253

This is possibly the single most unfortunate looking person I've ever encountered on the farms.

No. 1675262

So you're telling me a spoop got spoopier? Shocking. >>1675253
Cece called she wants her forehead back

No. 1675266

Answer: sweet, sweet asspats.

No. 1675270

File: 1665762145867.jpeg (142.06 KB, 2048x1536, 5DC587DF-1C62-4400-B4A4-80F4A1…)

No. 1675273

Holy shit. Those glasses look insane.

No. 1675279

What is wrong with their eyes their face looks like it's melting

No. 1675280

Must be insufferable to be ip with

No. 1675306

Extremely bad eyesight. The glasses are really thick, that's why his eyes appear so small. I have the same, just that my eyes appear extremely big. It's shitty being half blind

No. 1675308

The shit eating grin says it all

No. 1675317

Why not ride the disability warrior train then

No. 1675323

Because being genderspecial and blind wasn't enough apparently

No. 1675330

Hayden is such an absurdly ugly person kek. I've noticed lots of troons think that transitioning will make them more attractive, forgetting that they're gross on default.

No. 1675332

Anyone seen the new Dorian vid??

No. 1675336

File: 1665767455159.jpg (283.97 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20221014-130956_Ins…)

No. 1675358

File: 1665769401489.jpeg (209.73 KB, 962x1280, image0.jpeg)

I think she's always looked like she's melting. I almost want her to put the gross glasses back on yikes

No. 1675374

Maybe this is a nitpick but I cant get over just how female she looks. Thats a woman with pit hair and a pube PCOS beard

No. 1675385

The straining

No. 1675423

she might not be classically beautiful but she's a woman god fucking damn it, there's no reason for her to transition aside shitty socially enforced dysmorphia and misogyny.
there's nothing wrong with being a butter face as long as you have your womanhood.

No. 1675427

The giant trans flag in the bedroom yikes

No. 1675476

How many different ways can she romanticize the 2000s

No. 1675484

Are we sure this person is really anachan and not a munchie larping as ana? Because most real death skellies aren’t wallowing in victimhood, they’re putting all their energy into pretending everything’s fine and they’re “totally gaining & recovering!” as they waste away.

No. 1675486

I smell a larp because every post says they haven't had x fear food in ten years but did a stalk of their main ig and they look absolutely fine and no mention of any ed until a few months ago when they were "failed by the system" and discharged from hospital after a week

No. 1675495

File: 1665781035447.png (1.25 MB, 1170x2532, F1FF018E-B54A-46AB-86DA-2764C7…)

I managed to screenshot this before Zara took it off her story and said it was “accidentally posted & only meant for close friends.” Regardless of claiming she is getting better, our recovery queen is not doing well and currently has a nose hose.

No. 1675500


She looks like a goblin kek

No. 1675503

Every post by this one has either a maniacal grin or exaggerated pout

No. 1675522

kek “i’m at a healthy weight”

No. 1675551

>>milk shortage!

Kek. Milk shortage indeed.


I love listening to Dorian. It's so sad she cannot recover.

No. 1675555

Peeing blood?? Is she going through renal failure? Holy shit.

No. 1675607

You nailed it nonnie

No. 1675667

This person looks straight out of a poorly drawn cartoon. Each part of his face is from a different decade.

No. 1675673

Needs a second gofundme to get better glasses

No. 1675731

Holy shit nonnie you are a star. I was hoping so bad someone here got a shot of that "close friends" post. How can she live with herself.. pushing recovery and weight gain on everyone else. I wasn't expecting the nose hose though! Jesus. So much for her gaining "so much weight"

No. 1675738

She's probably dehydrated and could have a stone. That's pretty common.

No. 1675745

They look like a Picasso piece gone wrong. Tragic

No. 1675752

Ah yes, I suppose that's true as well. Not sure how much longer her heart and body can take this abuse.
>deleted original response as my dumbass forgot to sage IM SORRY

No. 1675759

Jeez, I am not even kidding when I say that I am afraid that she might even die.

No. 1675773

Based nona

No. 1675794

Yeah she's so weirdly nostalgic for her younger anachan days, and she still claims that the early pro ana sites were so much less "toxic" than the new ones despite her also saying there would be starvation/purge tips that got shared along with thinspo, same as the pro ana sites now. Her life still revolves around how she lived in the early 2000's and it makes me sad, it's like she peaked in her mid twenties and then just regressed.

No. 1675808

i feel like she's gotta be talking about edtwt when she mentions the toxicity of ana sites now, that shit is vicious and another level. otherwise i agree. it makes sense for her to be so focused on that timeframe, that's when all the things were happening to/for her.

No. 1675848

Fly hiiiiigh Lesbian Seagull

No. 1675859

I’ve never seen Zara be anything but obnoxious and rude, so thought it was sort of positive to see her being a bit more “oh this sucks sad face”. Then you pointed out the nose hose. I can’t help but think she’s a bit more upset about that than the state of her health seeing as she’s been happily starving herself for years. Her continuing to be dishonest but still wanting the validation for “sharing” is so gross.

No. 1675862

I feel like it's just a different style of attention-seeking bullshit. She really wants admiration and attention for being ~so high achieving~ despite her ~tragic but totally physical illness that is definitely not still anorexia~.

No. 1675897

File: 1665828601875.jpg (368.35 KB, 720x1317, IMG_20221015_110729.jpg)

Han keeps tensing her abdominal muscles to try and get that "six-pack", she keeps looking down her screen and so I assume she's checking that it's on view. obviously thinks she looks good when in fact she is a skelly.

No. 1675904

there was no 'accident' whatsoever and there a no 'close friends', either

No. 1675908

I agree. She seems so intent on labelling her illnesses as anything but anorexia, when in reality its both. The physical health problems are a result of the long term starving. She is also in denial about how bad her anorexia still is.
When she dies its not going to matter what the medical diagnosis is, she'll just be dead. She can argue all day about how she totally doesn't have anorexia anymore, but her body isn't going to hold out forever like this.

No. 1675996

File: 1665840521973.jpg (Spoiler Image, 774.59 KB, 1457x1229, RDT_20221015_09224442405838345…)

>EC foaming due to dehydration
>streamers point it out
>"omg guise it's just like, saliva or my dog's fur or something I'm like, TOTALLY FINE."

I think we may finally see the end of this one pretty soon. Saged further mere fact it's EC.

No. 1676004

This. Anons constantly praise her for having good content and for not being an attention whore but writing basic recovery and haes jargon doesn't make her superior to any other skelly. She gets more sympathy than those in a similar state like EC, the twins or Laura because she "makes good content" but she's literally just reposting popular recovery rhetoric on her own background. Kek. Also I doubt she had a close friends list she knew what she was doing and if she wanted it ignored she wouldn't have drawn more attention to it with a follow up story.

No. 1676006

Jesus christ. Burgerland should really be able to section these people

No. 1676012

A sad state isn't it, "land of the free"

No. 1676013

Petition to spoiler Hayden

No. 1676107

In these cases I do think they need to be involuntarily committed. Just my personal opinion.

No. 1676192

Do you think they should be able to section hamplanets, too?

Why do you hate freedom?

No. 1676199

Kek calm down amerifag. And yes some hamplanets should be sectioned.

No. 1676202

File: 1665861190595.png (987.59 KB, 1080x2171, Screenshot_20221015-210430.png)

Saged because not sure if milk, but I was lurking mpa (edsf now) and I feel like I've seen this one before, has she been posted here?
Sorry for asking to be spoonfed but I can't find it quickly and maybe someone remembers?

No. 1676211


Samefag, noticed I didn't include username it's Mili thias, but can't find anything on that

No. 1676243

File: 1665863901345.jpeg (492.72 KB, 1125x1604, 9F64147C-65C0-4EFD-9191-9E9D93…)

I was actually thinking they look a little better? Like I don’t want to say that too loud cause obv, they’re still walking skeletons, but those legs are looking better than EC’s. I’m borderline hopeful cause it seems like this trip is really good for them.

No. 1676253

File: 1665865374407.jpeg (381.46 KB, 1242x680, DD697556-AEEB-4BE7-8C8A-0E496F…)

everyone say cheese!!

No. 1676269

I think this is just a random anachan anon

No. 1676272


No. 1676274

Like, she isn't wrong, it is bullying but saying "please stop" will not make a bully stop or a farmer

No. 1676280

oh no…I just became a bully!!!

No. 1676282


One person's bullying is another's holding people accountable for the hypocritical shit they post all over their public social media. They're more damaging and on a wider scale than any farmer.

No. 1676297

Nah don't kid yourself anon. That said people will talk shit about anachans no matter what. When these threads fizzle out, it'll pop up elsewhere.

No. 1676300


So they can just lie about whatever they want with no consequences and a comments section full of echo chamber clapping seals? Good to know.

No. 1676302

Oh please, no need to moralfag your petty gossip tendencies anon. Discussing people on a random imageboard is not “holding anyone accountable” kek. The truth is any of these cows could go private, limit their accounts to family & friends, and/or stop posting attention-seeking bullshit at any time. They love the attention.

No. 1676303

Uh yeah. It’s the internet, people can post & comment whatever they want. Again, you’re not holding them accountable by making snarky posts on an imageboard half of them will never see, you’re just gossiping.

No. 1676304


Eh, not intentional moralfagging. Just saying the cows deserve all the backlash they get and calling it bullying is fucking pathetic.

No. 1676306

The cows are pathetic but tbh so is dedicating time and energy to bullying anorexic women on the internet. Own it.

No. 1676307

When I feel bad for them is when like Cece culled her accounts deleted everything and still some stragglers farmer remained.

No. 1676309

i agree that some things said here are way out of line but “no right to say it” girl does not understand freedom of speech kek also it’s entirely her choice to click on the site it’s not being shoved in her face

No. 1676313

If some people talking btwn themselves about a cow is bullying then almost everyone is a bullying victim, as long as farmers aren’t directly telling the cows all this it’s just people’s right to talk about others lol

No. 1676314

my question for this is that those screenshots could be a year old. She was posted yesterday as well if not mistaken, why didnt she shared those?

No. 1676327

Agree. Some posters here are so delusional it's entertaining.

No. 1676335

File: 1665873254883.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x1990, 673C71B6-52D9-432A-8A65-E7FD5F…)

thats was it?

No. 1676392

but it is more free without being forced into a psych ward? in a way that is. then again not being able to afford treatment keeps some people from trying to recover.

No. 1676393

I'd say cheese but that may be someone's trigger food and I'd hate to send them into a death spiral.
Damn her face looks better!!
What I love is when people forget that farmers rejoice and celebrate when these women kick their ED and recover legitimately. No one ever talks about that. But I mean we are here to laugh at stupid people being stupid. shrugs

No. 1676418

She looks good. Kind of surprised she managed to stay offline

No. 1676424

Yes please spoiler Hayden
She's grim

No. 1676520

She isn't going home though, stepping down to intensive residential (whatever that is)
She looks better but still very unwell, and I was initially gutted when I saw this because I thought she was going home.. she'd just die.

No. 1676543

File: 1665894053702.png (Spoiler Image, 508.23 KB, 717x992, 308857941_838647184166873_6269…)

Spoilered for Hayden

I find this type of belief system problematic. You shouldn't define yourself by your disability (or your gender identity for that matter). He seems to love having as many diversity points and sympathy points as possible.

These glasses are way better than the usual cartoonish ones though lol.

No. 1676573

File: 1665899553438.jpg (467.49 KB, 720x1136, Screenshot_2022-10-16-06-45-26…)

Didn't think she would be able to last at the new job at all tbh, imagine working in a food environment with an ED, and she can barely make any sense when she talks in her videos. I wonder how she is at work??

No. 1676575

What does she work as?

No. 1676577

op here, just wanted to clarify this pic is a year old, not current.

No. 1676578

Ew can skellies stop puckering their lips, looks like dry assholes lol

No. 1676583

Kek that's not a bmi 16.7

No. 1676589

that's what one of the big treatment centers in minnesota (her home state) calls its inpatient program, so my guess is that she's going there

No. 1676590

Why not, she looks like a bmi 16.7

No. 1676594

I don't see it, she just looks kinda muscular and not super underweight.
Maybe she just has weird proportions and bmi sperging is pointless anyway.

No. 1676598


I think she looks lower even? Nevertheless, not a cow so not relevant, move on

No. 1676604

is han a lesbian? she gives me the vibe

No. 1676607

Stop BMI sperging about a random

No. 1676614

Of course I hope they are getting better. Being anorexic for 30 years or however long it's been is no way to live. But the body checking and the "you look so thin" doesn't bode well

No. 1676642

agreed anon
cece was one of the last great cows but she's finally moved on and the farmers that cant accept she's trying to actually get better are low because… she fixed what we all 'bullied' her about

No. 1676653

The "you look so thin vid" was so cringe and creepy. A lot of anorexics get a weird rush and sense of achievement from concerned comments, interpreting them as compliments even if someone is telling them they look seriously ill.
Actually recording a concerned comment and then publishing for anyone to see is sketchy and is just bragging/flexing how sick they are.

No. 1676669

I may be wrong but I think one twin was filming the other and made the comment. Seems like they egg each other on

No. 1676675

Nah you're right it is the other twin. I watched a couple more of their other "OOTD" vids, and it's similar each time.

No. 1676679

have we ever talked about @katrinemaie here before? she was in "palliative care" for a long time and just disappeared about 3 months ago..

No. 1676694

I think she's been mentioned before but she doesn't seem milky. Thats ominous that she dissapeared, hopefully she's recovering and just not using the account anymore.

No. 1676716

Do you know which program? I only know of Emily Program and Melrose in MN.

No. 1676753


Wdym tee is dead? Def wrong. Looks like shes clearly relapsed but has a new instagram.

No. 1676765

I doubt it’s Emily. I think she got kicked out of there earlier this year.

No. 1676822


She's been discharged for noncompliance from there before, but it's been a while

No. 1676841

How many disabilities does he claim to have kek

No. 1676878

File: 1665944123272.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1152, FE9C1AB5-D69E-40A2-B7F2-5EBC8D…)

Imagine having her as your sibling

No. 1676884

File: 1665944594136.jpeg (274.46 KB, 828x1792, 2FB1FE5C-099C-420D-AA1F-F428A5…)

Not milk but here’s Ham, looking extra moonfaced.

No. 1676890

I never got the Ham hate boner some anons have. The larp is grating I guess but she's really just a normal girl.

No. 1676893

Sad as it is we've got to let Cece go. She really isn't cow material anymore even if she's insufferable she's doing it to 300 followers not thousands. I'll miss her though

No. 1676897

My god that's grim

No. 1676911

All of them

No. 1676927

I thought the only one was blindness but maybe there could be more kek

No. 1676928

hi cece(hi cow)

No. 1676950

Not the poster but they’re right? I feel the same way and it’s true what they say. She did make her account small and private so not milky.

No. 1676965

File: 1665950555547.jpg (25.64 KB, 320x240, 9YKQXsG.jpg)

No way, she has one disability left at least!

If she had them all, she would be fine, as Mr. Burns' door of germs.

No. 1676977

File: 1665951378832.jpeg (369.43 KB, 1125x958, 4F9F82A9-66FB-4579-B684-EE8D9B…)

not food related apparently

No. 1677003

Ayrt, not trying to wk at all just farmers constantly bitch that if cows want to be left alone they should have smaller private accounts, then proceed to try and break into the tiny private accounts and continue antagonizing them. Milks dry, but Cece earned her bit of respite IMHO. I get we're snarking on these people, but they really shouldn't have to totally leave the internet.

No. 1677053

Sorry if my text was confusing. I agree with you and was trying to say what you did. But you worded it much better.

No. 1677162

Imagine having to stand next to the skeleton you call your sister for a picture while pretending everything is fine and she isn't slowly killing herself. I don't know anything about this cow but this image alone scares the shit out of me.

No. 1677220

Idk much about her either but she has been posted here before for a different spoopy pic. When she was younger she did competitive dancing which probably led to developing anorexia.
Not much milk aside from posting spoopy pics.

No. 1677229

File: 1665972636107.png (261.06 KB, 367x503, 308672168_780774763028517_1830…)

Found this old gem of Claudia, lol tell me you have anorexia without telling me.

No. 1677365

Cows that post about lolcow to their followers just want to get people on here talking about them again. Move on Emily.

No. 1677370

Wow. This girl is gonna die. I cannot believe the irresponsibility of her uni and her family. And any medical staff who have seen her. A shame as there's definite potential there, but it's certainly never gonna be fulfilled. Such a severe case of AN for someone so young who received such early intervention and treatment. Sad

No. 1677432


and correct me if im wrong but is she wearing a work badge? is she at work at her current condition? so much irresponsibility from everyone wtf

No. 1677454

Isn’t she a receptionist or something? So it’s a job sitting down. At least someone will notice if she passes out or something. Anorexia can make you stay quite isolated and it would be sad if she collapsed alone in her room and got hurt.

No. 1677465

Is Cece still in treatment? I’m definitely leaving her alone because I agree with you aka she’s gone private with minimal followers and isn’t bothering anyone. I’m asking because I’m wondering if she’s actually doing well and focusing on her underlying issues. It would be nice if she could recover enough to keep a job and enjoy her bunny/true relationships. Yes she was acting out of pocket for a while there but I hope she recovers and finds fulfillment in something other than being sick

No. 1677480

She’s obviously not that unwell if she’s not IP in hospital on a medical ward

No. 1677496

Not true troll. Look at Eugenia.

No. 1677497

She quite obviously is. Are you actually fucking blind nonnie? She is an adult who is deemed to have capacity. She cannot be forced onto a medical ward

No. 1677501

It’s her University lanyard, you can see it says “student” on it. You can also see the word “study” on the wall behind her so it looks like she’s in her Uni library.

No. 1677503

I attend the same uni. Can confirm that's the library. Can also confirm she looks even worse irl and people literally gawk at her

No. 1677514

File: 1666010011345.jpeg (939.8 KB, 1125x1410, B7C8ED64-844F-4307-B0BD-716EDF…)

Her mental health went up a point. Gosh, I hope this next treatment can get through to her.

No. 1677515

You obviously haven't been around for very long.

No. 1677517

This might be a stupid question but does she walk a lot? Or does she use a chair or something like that? I know most uni students have to walk a lot and I frankly don't see her managing that.

No. 1677519

Isn't that what usually happens? She's a lot cause if you ask me, she'll probably turn out like the twins and survive a weirdly long time while being on the brink of death.

No. 1677522

Don't study the same course as her so I don't see her very often. Have never seen her in a wheelchair but now I think about it, she is usually sitting down (in the library, on a wall, bench etc). I can't imagine she's fit to walk around Dundee though. It's built on a hill and she looks beyond the point of death irl.

No. 1677531

Do you know if anyone like students or teachers have talked to her about her health? Like it must be really disturbing for everyone around to see her dying.

No. 1677541

She definitely has a disability advisor but I think that's it. Because she is turning in a high standard of work, it seems uni aren't assessing her for "fitness to study" which is just crazy. Zara would say that this is because only nursing/medicine etc require you to be at a certain level of health but that is nonsense. I've known people to be pulled out of non healthcare courses at Dundee uni in a much better state than her. I truly don't know how she's getting away with it at this point as she's definitely still going to lectures and tutorials which means academic staff see her frequently

No. 1677546

Thanks for the detailed answers. Maybe you could have a private word withe the disability advisor just letting her know Zara isn't doing well and to check in on her, just incase she's not aware already.
Also do you ever see her eat or drink? Not trying to be weirdly personal but it's pretty normal to have lunch or something at university, particularly if she is following any type of recovery meal plan.

No. 1677556

No worries. I've never seen her eat (she is generally carrying something to drink), but I'm admittedly not on her course so don't see much of her outwith the library and the odd sighting around campus/the law building. I'm aware that she lives with a couple of other female, undergraduate law students who she is close to and I've heard through "the grapevine" that they have raised concerns with uni services. She is just being massively failed. It is sad

No. 1677559

She works at the same doctor’s surgery as her mum (local, seen her) and I refuse to believe that her mum’s colleagues haven’t commented on her state.

No. 1677575

>not trying to be weirdly personal
Bitch you literally just asked that random anon to talk to Zara’s disability co-ordinator, you are being weird as shit

No. 1677582

What’s Zara’s excuse for not taking EPI medication again?

No. 1677598

"she can't tolerate it" aka it makes her gain weight because she actually absorbs the little food that she does eat

No. 1677601

A lot of the extreme skellies use a wheelchair but try to hide it as best they can–I know skelly Laura some anon spotted one in the back of a photo where she was sitting in a car. I think it just gets to a point of muscle atrophy where it becomes very difficult. It is insane that Zara is allowed at uni. People tall about Eugenia but remember that she does nothing at all most days.

No. 1677603

Really hope they aren't sending her back to ERC. It seems to be a cesspool.

No. 1677606

As much as I'd like to know I think Cece is as close to being free of us as she can be. Maybe having less of an online presence will help her stick to recovery though.

No. 1677634

I always find it sus when random nonnies claim to see the cows around irl.

No. 1677652


The doctor’s surgery is in a very, very highly populated area of north east Edinburgh. It’s not inconceivable, it’s not as though it’s in the sticks.

No. 1677665

You are of course free to believe what you want anon, but I'm 100% from Dundee and go to uni there. It isn't a big campus and I'm doing a similar course, hence why I see her on occasion. I wouldn't get anything from lying about it

No. 1677685

Fair enough, I'm sure it happens.

No. 1677730

File: 1666029104685.jpeg (101.38 KB, 714x1202, WhatsApp Image 2022-10-17 at 1…)

maybe just found another cow??? this one was in ed community for a while and now claims the very much known gastroparesis/EDS story. lots of happy proudly pics around "nelly" her toob and her admissions. also so much drama cries all day and posts everytime she throws up

No. 1677741

Nelly the nose hose needs to be the next thread title

No. 1677776

I miss the munchie threads

No. 1677791

File: 1666035321346.jpg (32.26 KB, 426x304, ham.JPG)

Is she moving out of her dad's place? She did mocks last year.

I came across an account on YouTube - ticcing together - and thought Hannah was LARPing Tourettes.
Ham's sad. She's setting herself up with a personality that she doesn't have irl. She's digging her Friendless Forever grave with her instagram fake warrior bs.

No. 1677823

File: 1666038232080.jpeg (429.21 KB, 750x938, D918E359-184C-4C84-B7BA-640FD3…)

Hayden’s getting discharged, not surprising with the amount of gate leave they’ve been given. They have a planned readmission in December ahead of Christmas which isn’t something I’ve heard of before

No. 1677841

I really do not care about this lump. She has a private account with hardly any followers, she's clearly just a huge larper, normal and boring in every way, and painful to look at. Also something about the constant unsaged posts about "how hayden is doing" when nobody else can even see the shit is a bit suspect.

No. 1677842

Well I care. Larpers are fun. It's fucking weird that he or she or whatever has admission two planned

No. 1677844

Did she even need IP? From her weight pre-IP it seemed like she wasn't even that high-risk. Also "planned readmission" sounds more like "planned relapse" kek. She's unsufferable, what a massive attention seeker.

No. 1677849

Oh I agree, it's entertaining to watch larpers in general. Porgie really thinking that she is so dangerously at risk, Ham behaving as if she ever had anorexia to beat. I get it. There's just something so fucking annoyingly positive about this person that makes me want to go off.

She definitely didn't seem to need it, never looked particularly underweight before, and never mentioned it until recently. But I'm sure she'd say it's because of some trans stigma/ masking her pain etc. barf

No. 1677859

File: 1666040399776.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1170x2128, 13EE5F26-B2AA-4798-AA99-636B36…)

ok but whos copying who?

No. 1677884

The planned admission is very strange. Surely everyone with an eating disorder particularly struggles at Christmas? Was she just discharged because she’s fine and it’s a lie to save face?

No. 1677924

Probably private IP. Like he’s clearly a bit underweight and claiming to be struggling which is enough for private and medically stable so not sick enough for public which is why he had the whole woe is me plotline. He’s obvs doing fine if he’s being discharged after only 4 weeks, he’s not gained any weight or much at least. Still looks the same. Wonder if he’s self discharging?

No. 1677947

what is with zoomers and processing everything through the lens of media analogies (NPCs, main character syndrome, etc.). it's probably innocuous but i still find it somewhat freaky because this way of thinking wasn't widespread at all just 10 years ago, unless you were a really alienated terminally online neet.

No. 1677966

They are telling jokes. It isn't serious.

No. 1678025

Same anon here. I agree she's underweight but it didn't seem enough to warrant IP. I just don't get why anyone would want to go inpatient unless they're medically unstable, suicidal or a an attention seeking munchie (it's pretty clear which one Hayden is, kek). I've never been inpatient for anything before so I don't know how it works, but from what I've gathered you lose almost all privacy and freedom, you need to be a serious attention whore to want that. If she wants to recover so bad surely she would be treatment compliant, so she could just have gone outpatient from the start.

No. 1678180

File: 1666062043995.jpg (Spoiler Image, 278.69 KB, 1080x1880, 20221017_215745.jpg)

Laura's doing her best to look like a spooky skeleton this month. Warning: jumpscare.

No. 1678186

Wtf, she actually looks like a rotting corpse.

No. 1678205

File: 1666063589312.jpg (144.43 KB, 612x380, scream-12.jpg)

lol her face shape in this is literally ghostface

No. 1678286

Repost because I’m dumb and put sage in the subject line instead of the email. At least I caught it and deleted it. Does anyone else wonder what standard a treatment center would want Hayden to gain to? Like weight standards for a typical woman their same age/height or for a typical male? I assume they’ve had hormone therapy from the facial hair but idk if that would mean anything. Sorry for blogpost but I was in treatment with a woman who had breast implants and needed to weight restore. The doctor didn’t want to include the implants in her weight goal. Anyways…just my random curiosity.

No. 1678315

The amounts of "I" and "me"-s in that post is insane. I guess its part of the munchieness.

>>"planned readmission" sounds more like "planned relapse"

No. 1678340

Deleting an unsaged post still bumps the thread, anon, so you might as well leave it unless you really can’t hack someone reee-ing at you for forgetting to sage. The breast implant thing is interesting.

No. 1678346

Why do anorexics always edit their eyes like this? Kate Kusmina used to do it as well I think she still does. Just really odd Corpse Bride skin walking type of vibe

No. 1678367

That’s an awful amount of privilege talk coming out of someone who spent the lead up to their inpatient vacation claiming every kind of discrimination and medical inequity was killing them as much as their ed. Guessing it’s the gofundme money that’s allowing for the planned Christmas vacation/readmission. Shes like a more punchable Cece to me. Ugh.

No. 1678378

so she raised 40k+ for a four week stint?

No. 1678383

Same, who plans to go back to back like this unless it’s attention seeking/failure to launch in life? No one medically needing ip/res would do this or be discharged after four weeks with the plan to come back. I guess Haydens a cash cow and they just want the money

No. 1678391

File: 1666090443171.jpeg (983.54 KB, 1017x1890, 85529F68-01CD-4EB6-AC33-C0F051…)

So this chick ate a whole chocolate bar (like a share one) to ‘remind her eating disorder who’s boss’… while eating mostly classic disordered food for the rest of the day. I think she’s bulimic, she’s done the same with ice cream but is still relatively spoopy

No. 1678396

She's looking really, really, really skelly. This isn't "cute" at all. Grim.

No. 1678400

It's all about Hayden, all the time. I'm not sure how his so-called "chosen family" deals with it.

No. 1678401

File: 1666091918820.jpg (603.05 KB, 1080x1994, Screenshot_20221017-092028_Ins…)

Anon you dropped the shit-eating grin

No. 1678404

She really should be in a hospital, but I guess she's gonna rattle around like the Halloween decoration she is.

No. 1678407

File: 1666092826695.jpg (598.81 KB, 1080x2108, Screenshot_20221018-073256_Ins…)

Kek at the "outside of a hospital" as if this wasn't a summer camp vacation

No. 1678418

It's giving Cece when she used to call residential "the hospital" exclusively

No. 1678446

File: 1666098156872.png (79.9 KB, 919x708, fashionthin.PNG)

SG scrote and handmaid(tranny?) explaining why they like to make ppl wear uncomfortable shoes

No. 1678489

yeah, i knew a woman who has breast implants, and she used them for ages to fake her weight until it suddenly dawned on her team that taking the weight of her fake boobs into account, her bmi was far lower than implied by her weight on the scales, and suddenly she landed up IP, so i assume they must have been fairly heavy to have made such a difference.

No. 1678490

so sooper sick, at risk of dropping dead and needed IP treatment and a toob to avoid the fatal risks of refeeding syndrome - discharged four weeks later, never needed a toob and was given basic supplements to avoid refeeding syndrome. but yeah, definitely needed to raise an extortionate amount of money because "dying".

No. 1678527

> chosen family
Is it just me or is this term cringe and used only by the cringiest people?

No. 1678547

Not just you. I can't put my finger on why in general it's annoying but in Hayden's case it's another attempt to get oppression points

No. 1678549

I'm surprised the money is enough for his Christmas vacation

No. 1678554

I’ve only seen it used by spicy qweers and/or people that are so insufferable, narcissistic that their actual family what nothing to do with them anymore and have to leech onto a group of equally oppressed socially outcasted group of degenerates to fit in and simulate normal relationships and lifestyle. I can imagine these chosen families are just as turbulent and toxic because they’re all trying to out narc each other.

No. 1678557

Apparently he doesn't have a good relationship with his family of origin, which is pretty common for lgbt people. He's definetly cringe, but I actually can understand the chosen family thing.

No. 1678565

All of this. He also mentioned several times that his "chosen family members" were "caring for him in their home" so he's definitely leeching off of these people, emotionally and financially.

No. 1678571

Yeah I sympathise for lgbt people that actually have bigoted or unsupportive families that disown them - nobody should go through that, but I’ve seen it a lot in the TIF thread where they claim their families have cut them off for being transphobic when it’s actually been over normal family drama or something they’ve done unrelated to the trans issue… like even refusing to do chores and left home and dropped their family because they don’t want to participate in normal life. I feel some of these “oppressed” souls like having estranged families as it gives them another reason to be downtrodden by society. Narc behaviour.

My “disabled” narc mom will cut all of us kids off and then complain about how she has nobody and has to fend for herself. Just another larp.

No. 1678578

Wow if that's all true..

No. 1678606

File: 1666113310167.jpg (22.56 KB, 400x303, zlhz.jpg)

I blame Creepy Chan

Her ugly man look would look less ugly if she didn't have long hair.

It's cringe. I also hate when normal girls claim their friend is their sister and not in a feminist way. And this >>1678554 Tranny points when a parent disowns you for wanting to be a "they" or opposite sex.

No. 1678644

He's a larper. He claimed to be "inches from death" in his own words, yet was getting leave right off the bat in what seems to be thr equivalent to a US residential center

No. 1678646

File: 1666115222662.jpeg (40.19 KB, 495x753, Web capture_18-10-2022_17469_w…)

Here's a great photo of Elzani. I am so happy for her. (it's from her tiktok)

No. 1678689

Serving Adam Lanza

No. 1678715

File: 1666120681837.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 3464x3464, B2AAA4D8-2E93-40BC-878F-0CD840…)

No. 1678720

Wow. She not only looks healthy, she seems happy. Like she's moved on

No. 1678742

This is honestly kind of amazing considering how spoopy she was and how food obsessed. Good for her.

No. 1678750

File: 1666125021878.jpg (328.54 KB, 1078x1916, Screenshot_20221018-221744_Tik…)

That girl pisses me off. She inhales a ton of food while staying really thin, people are praising her in the comments and if someone says something negatively, her replies are "shut up bestie" or "get a life darling <3", so fucking cringe. Her followers are calling people who write something SLIGHTLY negatively "pathetic loosers". I think she purges 100%. Just think about poor families with no money and then u have this retard whos parents pay all of the food so she can prob purge it out again. Eating like this long term will also cause alot of health problems so who is she trying to fool

No. 1678755

Is this just one anon posting this girl with the same comment over and over, or what?

No. 1678765

feels like a self post

No. 1678768

I smell a vendettachan

No. 1678808

You already posted her anon, and noone gave a shit. Dem bulimic cheeks though, those are some swollen ass glands, kek.

No. 1678829

File: 1666130813548.jpeg (61.25 KB, 581x415, 0BEB4ACE-79C7-400B-9475-27A3C0…)

this whole time i’ve been trying to figure out who Hayden looks like and it just clicked today

No. 1678831

Top fucking kek

No. 1678837

File: 1666131255753.png (450.36 KB, 471x730, Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 8.46…)

Wasn't Taylor just whining about how her insurance coverage is going to run out soon and she won't be able to have more inpatient admissions? Glad to see she's taking her time there seriously.

No. 1678844

Yet another example of summer camp mentality

No. 1678852

It’s one thing for the adolescents to do it on the ward but Taylor is almost 30 being naughty for attention. That insurance coverage running out is going to hit her like a sack of bricks when it does

No. 1678854

>Haha so quirky and fun my life is just like an indie comedrama I'm laughing in the face of my self perpetuating illness uwu
Fucking BLECH

No. 1678872

No i posted the first one of this chick, I don’t have TikTok

No. 1678900

Does Taylor have a job?

No. 1678911

They weren’t really decent cows , but a few years back does anyone remember Buddy’s mum and Rosamaca on IG?

No. 1679033

Today you win the internet. This has to be the next thread pic.

No. 1679072

File: 1666154733481.jpeg (867.04 KB, 828x1534, 526A4F4C-0906-4534-9802-48C8B1…)

This girl showed up on my explore page. Super skelly dating a morbidly obese man.

No. 1679086

Why is this a problem and how is this milk? Who she dates is her business.

No. 1679096

Judging by the grass by her legs this is shooped too

Are we wking random fat moids now?

No. 1679121

Agree. This is just fine.

No. 1679123

Well yeah. How can we fault them when they haven’t done anything wrong? People with weight difference can be a couple. Maybe in an ideal world, they will even balence each other and help each other reach a better medium between the two for both of them.

No. 1679135

Planned readmission??? Since when is that a thing??

No. 1679137

Wow, time flies by so fast

No. 1679158

Well, at least she's got someone by her side.
On second thought, it might have been his skelly fetish that brought them together.

No. 1679167

She’s been extremely unwell for 15+ yrs. Know her from treatment / she isn’t milky, just an extremely unwell patient. She’s so lovely and definitely doesn’t belong on this site

No. 1679173

the fact she made such a big deal about how sick and near death she is only to be there for four weeks kek

No. 1679175

tinfoil but this seems like self post.
she's been posted so many times and keeps getting posted again when it gets brushed off. also they all just say how she remains skinny and probably purges when she's… average, not fat but not super skinny. maybe her way for attention and so she can show ppl how she is sooper sick

No. 1679234

This one's so punchable

No. 1679235

Yep. And getting leave from pretty much day one.

No. 1679279

Love to see a graduate. Anyone know what her tiktok is?

No. 1679289

Reminder: This is coming from a morbidly obese, bald man that has to wash his jiggly body with a rag on a stick. This is what the pickmes want people to think is glamorous and chic lol

No. 1679338

I agree anon.
Being sick alone is not milky.

No. 1679350

He's her husband and she isn't milky at all.

No. 1679359

She's as milky as a cow can be… There's quite a lot of wild bodychecking and being iNsPiRiNg on Insta. All that while obviously not gaining any weight.
About her husband, that likely puts him into the role of an enabler. It's the usual crap.

No. 1679370

File: 1666200005289.jpg (251.78 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20221019-131812_Chr…)

Sage for possible non milk but this tiktok therapist was profiled in the new york times. Article also included Shira Rose who is milky imo (plus sized therapist who used to post to her stories about purging between patients)

No. 1679373

Can you link the article?

No. 1679379

No. 1679406

Too long to read but I'm annoyed by the short amount I did. Especially about people in the gym clapping when she worked out or strangers in restaurants asking if she's "sure she wants to eat that". Yeah right.

No. 1679414

The "atypical anorexia nervosa" label is just a new name for ednos.

I guess doctors came up with that diagnose to avoid being called fatphobic.

We are living in the era of delusions, where anyone can be whatever just because they said so.

No. 1679503

File: 1666209871765.png (730.61 KB, 1170x2532, 3E0E3CE6-CBC9-425E-8A2F-EE8C2C…)

Zara will take any opportunity to call someone out. I just WISH someone would call her out for how obnoxiously hypocritical and fake she is.

Who do we think she is talking about?

No. 1679509

File: 1666210228292.jpg (329.68 KB, 680x860, nitpick.jpg)

Sage for nitpick and no milk, but is it me or is this outfit really ugly? I think Niamh usually dresses really well but this is not it.

No. 1679538

It's better than the dumpy legwarmers but the jacket would definitely look better on a 79-year-old car salesman from the 80's.

No. 1679572

Ur really call this average? Ok flat ass

No. 1679607

the girl has 0 dress sense, I can't really blame her though, I'm yet to see a zoomer with actual sensibility when it comes to fashion. it always seems like they miss the forest for the trees, focusing on individual pieces looking interesting without any regard for how they look as a cohesive outfit.

No. 1679616

Any medfags know how much credence their is to super fats being anachans

No. 1679631

I mean, you can develop restrictive behaviors at a high weight (even as an obese person) and lose weight very quickly in a way that's unhealthy. It's not going to be exactly the same as being severely underweight, which carries its own inherent risks. A lot of the deathfats who moan about how they totally have anorexia for real guys!!!! miss the point here, that you can have an eating disorder that needs medical attention but not be underweight. Weirdly, in their quest to be ~valid~ they imply that eating disorders other than anorexia aren't worth caring about.

The pace of weight loss has to be very different for it to matter, though. Super obese people can easily healthily lose 5-6lbs per week, for example, and are often asked to do so before weight loss surgery. Same with low calorie diets… depending on the amount of calories, it can be perfectly fine for a deathfat.

No. 1679647

Calling out kay I believe

No. 1679663

why is there a tiny little picture of a pizza?

No. 1679675

File: 1666218391369.jpeg (710.55 KB, 1096x1288, FC7ADADD-F083-4A51-B650-B68663…)

looks like a tart or quiche, she bakes those a lot

No. 1679697

The thing about deathfats is that, truthfully, they're already partial to eating disorders. Mentally healthy people who have non disordered relationships with food don't become deathfats. It's not a total stretch to believe one would develop anorexia. Now, are they anorexic? not technically because the diagnosis criteria for anorexia involves being below a certain weight (which is stupid in a way because they should be helping people before they reach a critical weight instead of fannying around telling anorexics they're not thin enough to be anorexic). I don't pity death fats but I do have a serious gripe with how doctors handle eating disorders kek because reasonably thin women will still be denied the diagnosis despite having all the behaviours

No. 1679698

A lot of the anachans who frequent the thread are delusional kek

No. 1679710

Wdym? The girl ain’t skelly.

No. 1679717

Fucking this iCarly-esque bullshit. I can picture the shit eating grin on her face as she typed that tale and I really wish I couldn’t.

No. 1679730

File: 1666221649142.jpg (1005.76 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20221020_000738.jpg)

No. 1679731

So not sure if away to healthy is worth mentioning. She says she is a health and wellness coach and is bragging about eating 3000 calories a day. Is it just me or does she look a bit skelly? And some cows previously discussed on here like han and Maria follow her(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1679747

Are you really posting yourself?

No. 1679763

looks like obvious bait to me

No. 1679770

File: 1666227766876.png (758.96 KB, 1048x540, Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 8.01…)

No. She posted this on July 18th about getting a job in retail that was going to be her first job since 2020 and then readmitted herself to inpatient on August 17th. I actually hadn't thought about it before, but that makes me wonder if she was running away from actually having to be an adult.

No. 1679842

I don’t care for that outfit but pleather- sorry, “vegan leather” is having a moment right now. Especially the colored stuff like that burgundy blazer, unfortunately.

No. 1679861

File: 1666238814860.jpeg (713.26 KB, 828x1310, E1D6471C-0272-44A5-B811-DC98B5…)

That angle

No. 1679913

File: 1666247694090.jpeg (141.78 KB, 1125x326, 4E709607-AAA3-4771-944A-6F54CD…)

Did Katy just give us her sisters bmi

No. 1679917


Yes Kay’s recent post is exact word for word of an old post Zara made. Both are hypocritical cows though, spouting recovery is great la la la whilst remaining skelly themselves.

No. 1679926

Nobody cares

No. 1679930

File: 1666252438894.png (2.26 MB, 1806x1175, Capture.PNG)

massive congrats to our rice cake and raw spinach qween! she finally ate something different! at a different place!!
Only took her close to 11 months.

i do have to wonder if she took her laptop with that picture of she-hulk with her to place infront of her while she ate…

No. 1679932

File: 1666252836242.png (782.92 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221020-095851.png)

Ah yes Haden it is very important to cross all the information out, but be sure that 'anorexia nervosa' is still on screen!
We didn't know you had that after all your elaborate very sick posts about it prior to this

No. 1679935

File: 1666252969593.png (673.56 KB, 778x847, yogurt.png)

NTA but I accidentally found her reddit while browsing r/OUTFITS. There isn't much interesting to see, she posts a lot on calorie estimate subs, asking how much a scoop of this or that is. Not inline with the recovery queen she presents in videos.

No. 1679952


Learn to sage u selfposting cow
Also you don't look underweight at all so stop trying to pretend to be so small uwu, so very sick

No. 1679954

Aww she actually looks nice here :), good to see her not in gym/bodybuiler mode for once

No. 1679956

Can you share it here?

No. 1679957

and here he was calling it "life saving treatment". Kek it was a voluntary holiday to satisfy his BPD attention seeking.

No. 1679959

This one is a real doozy. She loves acting as if she's exceptionally different to other human beings and can continue to survive on tiny salads.

No. 1679970

She deleted it. Clearly reads here.

No. 1679979

File: 1666259310326.png (667.52 KB, 510x778, Screenshot 2022-10-20 104650.p…)


Notice how she only filmed herself eating the chicken on top of the pizza on her story, but none of the calorie dense part of it.

No. 1679980

File: 1666259332518.png (358.1 KB, 492x766, Screenshot 2022-10-20 104748.p…)

No. 1679981


Face still looks fucking emaciated tho.

No. 1679984

Topkek no waaaay she thinks people believe this editing holy shit

No. 1679985

with 16 years of age, no one had a "dress sense" ever

No. 1679986

"First meal out" in mid-October…
But spending every fucking day in the gym.
Talking about wrong, wrong, seriously WRONG priorities here…

No. 1679998

Why’s she just eating the chicken bit with her fork? Do you think she even ate the pizza or the toppings?

No. 1680009

He’s 28! wtf

No. 1680021

A bit too old for this whole "sooper sick" anorexia LARP.

No. 1680023

Yeah definitely, I just meant the clothing style and hair looks nice, not that she's any healthier.

No. 1680027

28 isn’t old & a lot of women develop anorexia well into their 20s and beyond, but she’s probably old enough to be trying to combat her chronic pick-me-ism… the whole gender stuff too. She does seem a bit arrested developmentally.

No. 1680032

File: 1666267630953.jpg (233.8 KB, 1080x1350, ganer_gang.jpg)

Since she doesn't have real friends, she went out with all the gym chicks.

No. 1680034

When did Hayden's larp start? if any anons who follow don't mind me asking when the first post on the private account was.

No. 1680035

Looks like everyone has an alcohol but ganer, wonder if its because it's too many calories.

No. 1680050

This is a dull, sad looking pizza. Like a few bits of chicken, 3 spinach leaves, mushrooms, tiny bit of cheese and no base sauce.

No. 1680056

That’s a work do if I’ve ever seen one, first meal out this year so she hasn’t been out with friends, how sad

No. 1680080

Ayrt, fuck off you reddit spacing, minimodding retard. I randomly found her profile. Milk is skim, but it shows she isn't really in recovery at the very least.

No. 1680088

"It went so quickly" like they say time flies when you're having fun Hayden.

No. 1680114

File: 1666275901789.jpeg (18.29 KB, 207x320, D3A89581-A02C-4706-A64D-21DCCA…)

Notice hxn is in grippy sock jail? No home toilets have taps and flush systems like that?

No. 1680123

File: 1666277108876.png (1.03 MB, 1170x2532, 045C4B81-75E1-4427-BAE7-29B3D7…)

He posted this on June 25th (it’s the first post on the account) saying that he’s been in recovery for a year and a half so I’m gonna assume maybe two-three years?

No. 1680129

In his posts from treatment he says "anorexia" has kept him from eating granola for over ten years but if you look at his main/public page there are no signs of being a SEED case

No. 1680140

no, she looks a bit photoshopped by someone who doesn't understand human anatomy or femurs

No. 1680180

Niamh seems to be doing okay zoomer fashion aside

No. 1680210

"Empowering and important" - thats how he sees this bad anorexia larp. His posts are so dramatic they read like a contrived story rather than a lived experience. I don't doubt he went to hospital or whatever but I feel like he exaggerates and fabricates a lot of it.

No. 1680219

He seems to like genuinely believe his own larp

No. 1680230

He probably has a really confused sense of identity. Particularly with being ftm trans, if he actually gained weight it might make him look and feel more feminine so I can understand where an eating disorder and body dysmorphia could develop there.
Not wking him, I just think he probably does have issues but that his posts are warped, romanticized versions of the truth.

No. 1680236

She's totally delusional, no surprise there though she's a lolcow

No. 1680272

Probably but no surprise there the poor twins are braindead

No. 1680282

File: 1666293385350.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x1955, 2834D810-1EA5-4138-9A8E-4196D6…)

more like an excuse to show how skelly she is?

No. 1680297

the bottom half of her body looks weirdly healthy in contrast to the bones popping out up top. Maybe its the dress idk.

No. 1680306

Some people are just pear shaped

No. 1680369

It’s pretty much a guarantee she’s gonna make up for this tomorrow by subtracting something from her meager allowance of food. Is there a Ganer bingo board? “Missing chocolate square/rice cake” should be a square. Also I wouldnt put it past her to exercise purge.

No. 1680371

They all look so healthy, I wonder what they think of this whole ass forehead on a stick sipping water and nibbling at a piece of a topping from her pizza while they try to have a nice night out.

No. 1680383

>forehead on a stick
Fucking kek

No. 1680404

Sorry late to the party with this topic but northside admissions are usually around 6 weeks and anyone who is really bad can be quite a bit more so leaving after 4 weeks means they really don't think he needs to be there.

No. 1680437

I mean he may have needed to be there but it does show he isn't that sick

No. 1680475

Kind of surprised he isn't making a fuss that he was failed by private too

No. 1680496

He’s at northside west. It’s a revolving door of chronic failure to launch They rarely do more than 4 weeks, and one of the shrinks there always arranges a readmission a 4-6 weeks after discharge. That shrink also loves to dose people with weight gaining meds… so looking forward to some face only posts.

No. 1680502

Lol give him time, he'll be complaining he's dying again in a week

No. 1680507

I initially thought the 4 weeks was just when his gofundme money ran out but if he has a follow up admission planned idk

No. 1680520

He made a killing off the gofuckme

No. 1680565

Her arms look so shooped. Not saying she isn’t skelly, but the bottom part of her arm looks swollen compared to the top part of her arm.

No. 1680575

I don't think its shopped tbh, I think her arms are just too thin and look like praying mantis arms.

No. 1680583

Zara and Kay are nothing alike. For one zara is not even trying to recover and is literally just glamorising the ED and how underweight she is. Kay is no where near as bad. She actually wants to recover

No. 1680599

OK kay. Tell me that when you’ve actually put on a singular kg.

No. 1680650

Could you pls share his main?

No. 1680651


No. 1680654

File: 1666350498113.png (368.08 KB, 414x539, chicken neck.png)

What is it with Ganer and sticking her neck forward like a chicken head-bobbing when it walks? She does it with everything from deadlifts to bicep curls.

Has she given herself kyphosis already and the bones in her neck are crumbling, or is it just the weight of her huge forehead dragging everything else down? Guess we'll never know, but it's fucking horrible form either way.

No. 1680659

File: 1666351756375.png (2.26 MB, 750x1334, 6716C9A9-2F48-499A-AF2B-4340CE…)

Hxn proudly showing off weight loss with latest stories.

No. 1680661

She looks remarkably similar to my sleep paralysis demon

No. 1680662

Forehead on a stick sent me KEK

No. 1680666

Which post was she talking about?

No. 1680676

File: 1666354893123.jpeg (406.09 KB, 750x1057, 297A0444-D13D-454F-B630-1A7C91…)

Laura’s going to the same supported living she was assigned a year ago - surely this time she won’t have another incident and get readmitted hmm

No. 1680680

File: 1666355300572.jpg (676.92 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20221021_132630.jpg)

just a casual ootd from Han, definitely not a body check!

No. 1680685

What really annoys me is the way she looks up and around dramatically after each set. It’s like she’s hoping people are stood watching and waiting to applaud her. I don’t understand the approval thing…clearly nobody in the background of the videos is watching but she does it every time. Is it just me that sees this?
I don’t get it.

No. 1680695

She's another porgie

No. 1680709

That's a cute top though ngl lol

No. 1680711

uhm, yeah, everybody's strutting around on the streets like that nowadays. cheap track pants and lingerie is the new thing.

No. 1680721

She looks like a 60 year old child

No. 1680723

wasn’t this just posted earlier

No. 1680728

Oh my gosh THIS one. The looking up and around if anyone's watching! It's ridiculous.

No. 1680739

File: 1666362810068.webm (3.09 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

God this is so bad, I don't dislike Ganer I really don't but this girl is crazy. Her legs are literally buckling under the weight and she shouts as she finishes the rep, something she does alot. After she's done she slinks down and looks like she doesn't even know if she's okay. Awful, she's going to injure herself going at this pace.

No. 1680741

It's giving pain olympics lol

No. 1680743


Good I hope she does. She deserves to snap a femur with the shit she pulls and her bone density in the gutter from all the years with no period.

I never noticed the looking left and right thing before but now I can't un-see it. What an attention whore. And the pain faces as if she's an olympic fucking athlete instead of a pathetic nobody lifting crap amounts of weight with bad form. Fuck off Ganer and get professional help.

No. 1680757

File: 1666364673538.jpeg (439.5 KB, 1170x2079, FADBC85E-16ED-46B0-860B-F1286A…)

She has been mentioned once on here before. The way she crossed out everything except the follow requests kek.

No. 1680765


I'm so confused why people are calling her a him, is lol cow woke now too ?

No. 1680766

Only this thread for some reason, any other thread she'd be referred to as a woman.

No. 1680773

It's the zoomed anachans taking over. Pretty rich to be respecting pronouns on this corner of the web

No. 1680776

Nah, we just don’t bust a gasket over dumb shit like some zoomer walking around with random pronouns, plus the way some of you reeeee over it is just as entertaining as the troons themselves. You’ll cope.

No. 1680782

screaming and grunting, legs shaking and completely disoriented in the gym but posting it like it's inspirational. idk how she hasn't seriously injured herself yet, jesus christ.

No. 1680807

Are you retarded or just blind? We're talking about Han not Hayden you idiot.

No. 1680811

I think she just tagged the wrong post, calm down.

No. 1680836

That's what you get when you hire a mail-order coach. Same goes for her meals which will only feed her ED but not a muscle gain.

No. 1680846

I don’t even know anymore. Does Hayden identify as male or female?

No. 1680847

She's a biological woman who takes testosterone and identifies as a man

No. 1680849

Hayden is ftm trans. Do with that what you will

No. 1680851

Agree that anons losing their minds over pronouns in either direction is hilarious

No. 1680861

Boomers are so illiterate and obtuse when it comes to gender stuff lol. Still gonna be scratching their heads going "if she's a male then why come she don't have no penis??"

No. 1680864

doubt that’s the case here kek i think people really just don’t care

No. 1680871

She can squat an elephant but without the adequate amount of fuel/protein she's always going to have stick legs kekek

No. 1680875

I don't think it's boomers in this thread it's more likely radfems and terfs

No. 1680876

Identifies as male and is super loud about how oppressed he is

No. 1680881

You're as thick as she is if you think it's boomers

No. 1680882

File: 1666378973973.png (621.94 KB, 484x746, 5head.png)

That receding hairline tho.

No. 1680883

Identifies as male but looks like a fugly woman with a bum fluff beard

No. 1680903

File: 1666380547442.jpg (256.38 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_20221021-211636_Tik…)

Has anyone seen that woman before? She got popular bc of eating toast with different sweets in it. Her "what I eat in a day" consists of 3000+ calories. She even filmed herself in ikea binging on different meals like it's nothing. I think she b/p's.

No. 1680912

omfg are those eyebrows tattooed on?

No. 1680917

Tell me you’re too old to be here without telling me you’re too old to be here

No. 1680922

This is so embarrassing for you nona, do you know which site you're on? Twitter is that way.

No. 1680930

You have to go back

No. 1680960

File: 1666385863609.jpeg (125.16 KB, 720x830, 6958EBA5-8839-423A-BCA2-83A3F4…)

No. 1680962

tell me you're a brainfried anachan only on lolcow for this thread without telling me you're a brainfried anachan

No. 1680972

This only seems to apply to FtM trannies like Hayden. MtFs are always, rightly, referred to as men instead of women. I think it's because most people who use this board are women and they hate men pretending to be women (like MtFs do).

No. 1680994

Bullshit nonna, there's a whole thread here about FTMs and their nonsense. The only people calling her "him" are either edtwt refugees who only visit lolcow for this thread, or confused farmers who think she's actually a man.

No. 1681004

I meant it only seems to apply on this thread specifically. I agree they're probably edtwt fags though.

No. 1681036

How about they are people who don’t give a flying fuck about pronouns and are here for the pro Ana scum bags and their gender is irrelevant.

No. 1681039

Definitely twt's trying to WK this try hard wannabe moid

No. 1681040

It's not boomers, it's assholes. We're assholes.

No. 1681041

Does she have an IG account?

No. 1681044

I bet you still call MtFs "he", though. I just hate double standards.

No. 1681068

we’re literally all on a thread talking shit about people w EDs lol misgendering one of them is hardly the worst thing that’s said here

No. 1681123

Why do you assume that? Just because we're on a gossip thread doesn't mean we're all automatically bigoted and transhpobic.

No. 1681125

>muh bigotry, muh trannyphobia
Go back to Reddit. You clearly don't understand the culture of this board, newfag.

No. 1681126

go back to the nursing home, old.

No. 1681127

Since everyone wants to argue about it we might as well just call all the cows “it”

No. 1681146

File: 1666403177471.jpg (128.45 KB, 700x741, Untitled-4-5c7565b655fe1__700.…)

Lol the staff probably hate her

No. 1681148

You're acting awfully high and mighty for someone who bullies anachans for fun. Maybe you're not transphobic but you're still an asshole anon. Just like anyone on this board.

No. 1681152

Ed twt is more of a cesspool than even here

No. 1681183

nta but i dont think anon said anywhere that they werent an asshole ?

No. 1681184

lol are you really coming here to score points on people for being transphobic and assholes, skelly-chan?

No. 1681186

Some of you still believe transphobia is even a thing that exists? Lol I miss being young and naive

No. 1681192

Don't feel too bad for us, at least you got to see the dinosaurs when you were young.

No. 1681199

I'm 26 lol, enjoy your underdeveloped brain being occupied with silly shit like ~transphobia~ while you have the time too. One day you'll have real problems to worry about and you'll look back and cringe lol

No. 1681200

Well, at least they got to see that dinosaurs were not gender confused. I can't imagine for people from non English speaking countries here trying to understand the "they" or why people say a she is a he.

No. 1681220

File: 1666412028108.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 828x1346, F3741701-ACE5-47EC-B188-393098…)

Spoiler cause Hayden. Attempt at a body check? Or….? Honestly I don’t know. Make of it what you will.

No. 1681222


Are you what, 14? You’re going to get old and die just like the rest of us. Lol

No. 1681225

Have fun being a boomer in a decade by that logic. But I’ll give you some credit, your fried teenage anachan brain is definitely trying its hardest here

No. 1681242

I've not been keeping up with this thread well, but this is a FTM right?

No. 1681248

For the millionth time yes, Hayden is ftm.

No. 1681249

No. 1681263

I genuienly believe he doesn't own any shirts that aren't some queer pride rainbow washing shit, like gotta make sure anyone who sees you knows how speshul you are.
Lol Texcept the ugly Jack Skellington shirts I guess.

No. 1681321

They say it’s a ftm but I’m still unsure. It’s head shape is so big and ugly how can it possibly be female?

No. 1681342

She has the face of someone you'd see in the news for molesting kids

No. 1681362

this is true tbh

No. 1681363

damn this mf is comically ugly

No. 1681373

File: 1666436809719.jpg (123.64 KB, 720x1161, 312428362_793186051953926_2156…)

Have we talked about andorciak? She fan girls a lot of death skellies and is pro ana.
Looks like she drew her brows on with a crayon lol

No. 1681377

She looks normal, aside from fuck ugly makeup. She also seems to buy followers and likes which is embarrassing.

No. 1681385

Yeah she looks normal. But she always tags Eugenia Cooney in her instagram photos for years.
Also she is very supportive of Wiki Pawlak, always calling her pretty and beautiful etc. It seems kinda sketchy to me.

No. 1681389

File: 1666440735033.jpg (114.03 KB, 720x995, 312321593_497050178986550_4390…)

It annoys me when skellies always make a photo op out of a snack. Just eat the fucking thing.

No. 1681394

File: 1666441825415.jpg (46.11 KB, 357x444, Scream Edvard Munch.jpg)

No. 1681400

What in God's name is that outfit kek

No. 1681402

Jfc she's a walking corpse.

No. 1681432

Zara currently live on tiktok. Looking incredibly weak & being as rude as always. She was just talking about her teeth being ruined and someone said they felt for her as theirs were too & her response was stop making it into a competition, god forbid other people have consequences of their ED too kek

No. 1681442

Can someone please share screenshots if you caught this

No. 1681447

Lol someone just trying to relate to her and she shuts them down like that. What a cunt.

No. 1681455

Does she have to be making that face? Seems like an overblown attempt at being funny/*~~relatable~~* to me. Like when making weird faces was the thing to be funny on the internet.

No. 1681459

Slight tinfoil but it seems like Zara is so aggressively pro-recovery in the same way anachans bake for others. She wants to be the sickest queen anorexic.

No. 1681460

Lol she sees everything as a competition even ruined teeth. Congrats Zara, you win the Most Fucked Teeth Award.

No. 1681469

File: 1666453374188.jpg (624.28 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20221022_163952.jpg)

careful to specify that her energy drink was sugar-free. porgie wouldn't want anyone doubting her sooper sick ED warrior status, thinking that she would ever choose to drink that contains sugar.

No. 1681470

Dainty waif queen with her sugar free energy drink and 40 biscuits

No. 1681478

File: 1666454515101.png (143.82 KB, 441x792, rude.png)

Zara has some competition from Scarlett in the rudeness race.

I'd given the latter a pass for a while because she was implementing a decent off-season, unlike Ganer. But then she's just a total cow to everyone on her Q&As. Plus she shows why bodybuilders belong here - it's just a socially accpetable eating disorder.

She freaks out whenever she isn't stage lean. One of her followers called her sassy and she herself said I tell it like it is, but there's a way of saying things that isn't so bloody bitchy.

Like there's a huge gap between sitting down doing fuck all on a rest day and doing 20,000+ steps like she does and/or walking circles round your kitchen because you had to sit down for a few hours at the hairdresser getting your fugly silver straggly hair done to cover your androgenic acne. Oh, sorry, skin picking disorder

No. 1681481

File: 1666454619297.png (179.6 KB, 506x803, ns sherlock.png)

No. 1681483

LOL keep it coming

No. 1681484

File: 1666454670812.png (280 KB, 530x802, Screenshot 2022-10-22 125350.p…)

No. 1681485

The silver hair, orangutan tan and roid acne really compliment her personality

No. 1681494

Going by her recent shorts on yt paris looks like she’s putting on some weight finally.

No. 1681545

File: 1666460317943.png (7.27 MB, 1125x2436, B6CEC319-2C7C-49EF-BB00-05D7E2…)

She’s looks the same except she’s got a sweater on?

No. 1681553

This isn't really a tinfoil I don't know why people give her so many asspats for "helpful content" when she just wants everyone else to recover so she can be the sickest.

No. 1681599

whoever wrote this sounds about 12 years old kek. strop more

No. 1681615

Her cheeks look marginally less gaunt

No. 1681621

File: 1666466147172.jpeg (24.04 KB, 251x351, 58F3AD16-B55D-4710-A7E2-F381EC…)

oh thank god. that makes so much sense. i thought Hayden was just the world’s most unfortunate-looking man this whole time

but imagine all the pain and side effects (medical, political, and social) that comes with transitioning… imagine going through all that just to come out the other end of it all as the ugliest fucker you’ve ever seen. what a waste of a life

No. 1681636

kek i thought the same

No. 1681637

File: 1666468344459.jpeg (563.91 KB, 750x1161, 418B16B3-8269-4006-8C54-0BFA87…)

went to lurk scarlett’s account after seeing the q&a posts here just to see this.. no one can convince me this is a normal healthy thing

No. 1681654

This is a whole new level of insanity

No. 1681655

who would've thought that it wasn't about sucking dust..?

No. 1681671

Wish there were enough bodybuilding cows for a whole thread, the sheer insanity is unchecked

No. 1681709

Scarlett is more unlikable than Ganer, you can't change my mind

No. 1681718

>i thought Hayden was just the world’s most unfortunate-looking man this whole time
This is why we should use trannies' real pronouns to avoid confusion. Hayden is a she and you're a retard if you call her a him.

No. 1681747

PARRA pride picnic?! aw shit, this one lives much closer to me than i thought. spooky.

No. 1681751


Deadset, it confuses me why people call bloody HAYDEN (it’s like the boss Aiden) by male pronouns. Nothing about her says male in any way and it’s confusing the nonnas that haven’t had the misfortune of knowing many fakebois.

No. 1681803

Agreed, at least Ganer isn't a bitch to everyone that interacts with her

No. 1681855

Agree, Scarlett is way more hangry than Ganer and it shows. Ganer just seems resigned to her grim little life, while Scarlett has to make herself everyone else's problem.

No. 1681860

agree, also scarlett is literally coaching clients and making money off what she preaches, at least ganer isnt hurting anyone else

No. 1681863

yeah i’ve seen her, she seems normal and healthy but loves super skinny girls i saw her commenting support on pictures on VK of the proana fetishizer people like Ednos Anason on VK…seems pretty suspicious iykyk

No. 1681871

Ayrt, yep. Ganer doesn't really try to convert anyone else to her sad lifestyle

No. 1681903

File: 1666491276373.jpg (93.97 KB, 720x1096, 306117829_421038026890480_4380…)

Lol watch out all you uncoachable FATTIES

No. 1681936

File: 1666497277081.png (296.41 KB, 424x715, Screen Shot 2022-10-22 at 10.5…)

good news everyone, zara has decided that she no longer has anorexia

No. 1681938

The goblin is cured, its a miracle.

No. 1681939

when she dies i’ll laugh

No. 1681998

Honey didn't you have a nose hose 5 minutes ago..?
I think Hayden passes ok but if he wants to look more masc might as well chop off all the long hair

No. 1682015

Don’t be silly nonnie, you need the long hair for the mandatory braid therapy sessions in the ED unit!!

No. 1682021

Kek gotta get those skelly cornrows, part of summer camp.

No. 1682023

File: 1666512774703.png (59.1 KB, 770x869, dms 5.PNG)

no milk but was reading medical journals and its really funny how everyone and their dog claims anorexia ("diagnosed" or not) when one of the most important diagnostic criteria is an underweight bmi. Like so many of the skellys deny ana while all the land whales have anorexia

No. 1682024

Milk must be bone dry if we're dragging out the DSM 5

No. 1682039


Completely disagree.

Look at Ganer's pinned posts. All 'transformations' from skelly to super low bodyfat. She is way more evangialistic than Scarlett about her lifestyle, about how it saved her even though she's so disordered she may as well still be anorexic. She encourages people to use the gym instead of therapy, instead of seeking proper treatment. No, she's not making money and it might seem less explicit than Scarlett, but she's just as bad in her own way if not worse.

tldr I hate them both, but Ganer can drop dead for making ppl at super spoop level think it's a good thing to go to the gym and half kill themselves.

No. 1682051

File: 1666520351680.jpg (88.68 KB, 600x528, ganerpump.jpg)

Nope. She even imagined a career as a BB trainer. Also, pretty much all of her captions are iNsPiRiNg and full of idiotic tags.

<- Yesterday's Insta

No. 1682128

I think the pube beard throws people.

No. 1682132

The anorexia has fried her brain to the point that she is getting delusional. How in the world could she say such a thing?!

No. 1682140

recovery really is that quick and simple huh

No. 1682142

iF I cAn'T sEe mY cAnCeR tHeN I dOn'T hAvE cAnCeR!!!!1

No. 1682147

File: 1666534150806.png (4.6 MB, 828x1792, E1320664-5871-4D11-BAD6-7D7AC1…)

I wonder why.. hmm 1/2

No. 1682148

File: 1666534198810.png (3.47 MB, 828x1792, CF863CFC-675F-4534-B2CF-95EC68…)

2/2 for the girl who bashes others for body checking and claims she never posts her body or body checks…

No. 1682181

Kek did you edit her face fat, she will not appreciate it.

No. 1682187

No, this is the original video. She was using a filter.

No. 1682191

Zara just posted about dsm criteria, definitely not a coincidence

No. 1682193

Wonder if she's her. Zara? Hello?

No. 1682199

In that case I am pro filter when it comes to skellies, makes them less alarming to look at even if it's goofy af.

No. 1682203

Let’s fill the next big brother house with cows like scarlet, gainer, paris etc, and also with people like Elzani, Ro and Fiona…. Would make decent watching!

No. 1682214

I think a lot of users misundertand the essence of the milk. Someone just being emaciated and anorexic is not milk in and of itself. But if you add some delusions of granduer, attention seeking, unhinged bpd or hangry aggression comments, then you have milk.
Porgie and Zara are both cows and it has nothing to do with weight and everything to do with character.

No. 1682246

> ana house
might be the next big thing, unironically, if framed as a recovery thing

No. 1682250

I recommend Big Brother Farm for the name, not house. I like it though.

No. 1682255

Just install secret cameras at any ERC location and add the “tell all” room and you basically have it lol

No. 1682285

There’s no way zara can deny anorexia when she’s buying bare naked 30 cal rice and noodles from the shops

No. 1682289

erc fag. contemplating posting this. My friend is in treatment with momsfav and apparently her and another patient were called out during wrap up group. They haven’t eaten since admission - they must want the nosehose real bad kek

No. 1682290

Those noodles are actually fucking disgusting lol, like limp seaweed

No. 1682330

There’s always a competition between at least two or three people at any given time there to be the sickest, I’m sure that’s what those two are doing. Just sitting during meals and snacks glaring at each other. Doesn’t ERC still do solo one-on-one meals with a staff member?

No. 1682345

Erc (at least the one I’ve been to) usually has two levels in separate rooms. When you first get there, you’re at at a table with everyone struggling until you can complete your meals or supplement for 48 hours. Sometimes people are there their whole stay and then insurance cuts and they’re forced to start php.

No. 1682360

Fellow ercfag here, this sounds like Chicago ERC, Denver ERC has everyone all together (at least they did years ago) unless you were especially naughty and then you got put in time out (room based treatment and eating one on one with staff)

No. 1682372

Social media was just a bad idea. Granted ana chans existed long before Tik Tok and Instagram but at least their attention whoring was restricted to the small group of people they were around in person. Sydney loves her audience of skelly fetishers too much to even try to recover.

No. 1682377

Zara honestly looks like she has meth mouth now. I've never seen dental erosion so swift and severe. Maybe she has really bad bruxism and grinds her teeth down to nubs..

No. 1682382

It is the chicago location. I think it’s better to do two separate rooms. When I was there, all the patients were amazing and kind and very recovery focused. We actually got to the point where only 2 of the 30 patients were in that room so they got moved into the other room. It was encouraging for those patients and they started completing more.

No. 1682383

Dental guards and night guards exist Zara, get them.

No. 1682385

Last thread Zara’s teeth were discussed, bruxism seemed to be most likely answer. The damage isn’t quite consistent with just purging, they’re like… filed flat

No. 1682394

The pain must be awful. Like genuinely those things look worn down to the nerve

No. 1682402

Surely her rich pilot dad or doctor mum could afford fucking dental care for her. That's so weird and neglectful. She's only like 18 or 19 right? They ought to be protecting her and doing more.

No. 1682430

She’s an adult, there’s only so much they can do. Kind of like that old idiom “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Sums up most career anas like Zara well, especially when they’re in denial as bad as she is (“I don’t have AN any more” kek uh huh sure, Zara). Her parents have their own lives and it’s got to be hard enough on them that she’s so sick and so far in denial about it, trying to force her to get dental care is likely pretty far down on the priority list. She’s like a two year old throwing a tantrum, a parent can’t just tell their toddler to knock it off and have the kid stop screaming and pounding their fists on the ground. Unlike a toddler though, they can’t just pick her up and carry her home for a nap.

I’m sure her parents have tried, but unless Zara cooperates there’s not a lot they can do until she’s in medical crisis or actively trying to kill herself. They’re probably just trying to survive emotionally while watching their daughter slowly kill herself.

No. 1682443

It's really bad when a bunch of online trolls have more compassion for you than your own parents.

No. 1682472

I think she just got her drivers license, stay off the roads of Edinburgh lol

No. 1682474

I think it’s much more likely that her parents do care but that Zara’s actively refusing dental care because she’s purging and going to the dentist would shatter her denial that she’s cured of all EDs.

No. 1682479

File: 1666554078864.jpg (101.21 KB, 720x1600, 312634826_416761763803137_7572…)

Remember when Hayden did this?

No. 1682481

>her penis
Absolutely Weimar

No. 1682483

I’m glad the poor patients that have to deal with moms fave called her out. As it’s been discussed here before, she acts like a spoiled brat. Not eating because you’re struggling and not eating because you want to gloat in front of the entire milieu are two different things. It’s not hard to tell who is participating in the Sick Olympics and who isn’t.

No. 1682485

>'I'm still having disordered thoughts, but I'm not actively restricting therefore I'm cured!'
Did she even read the words she wrote?

No. 1682497

File: 1666555834266.jpg (67.7 KB, 640x640, f830aa9f3a10862736c1165522cbac…)

Zara logic

No. 1682513

can we PLEASE find some new cows, if anyone finds milk, (even if it's just semi-skimmed) please post

No. 1682522

FINE I'll infiltrate Denver Acute and install hidden cameras and bugs.

No. 1682524

Anytime someone tries it's met with "self post!" "vendetta chan much!" "tHaTs nOt MiLk!" "stop posting her wahhh!" so I think everyone has just given up.

No. 1682532

"Bigger. Fuller. Better."- That's three more spinach leaves for ya.

No. 1682535

File: 1666558861691.png (76.16 KB, 272x367, Popeye_the_Sailor.png)

Ganer is spinach bulking.

No. 1682548

So she isn't at the itu?

No. 1682549

How about we post updates to past cows?
Update: Dora is looking amazing and living her best life.

Believe Recovery/ Ella Chaston also looks amazing.

No. 1682551

Or we could let the thread die out and boollie camwhores instead. It's past its prime IMHO. Has been DOA since cece left

No. 1682553

you know that you can stop reading if you're bored, right?

No. 1682554

Elzani is thriving, Jas is doing well in uni, even old insufferable chii seems toned down.

No. 1682555

Chii has a boyfriend!

No. 1682556

Ayrt, yah I do. Just throwing my opinion in the ring. Was not trying to sperg just as we approach the hundreds for these threads I feel like it's beating a dead horse.

No. 1682557

Do you have caps nonnie? I think she's still private after Nikgate

No. 1682563

She really only posts stories and I didn't screencap any of the ones where she mentioned him, but I will next time it comes up. She doesn't mention him too often, mostly just saying that she's glad she's at a place in her life where she can have a relationship.

No. 1682564

File: 1666561164802.png (3.36 MB, 1812x1312, Capture.PNG)


i love this idea!
my bbgal n2f is still on life.

No. 1682572

Jesus where did u see she has her drivers license

No. 1682573

File: 1666562168283.png (2.89 MB, 1017x1302, ganerlulz.PNG)

see Ganers latest post for an insight into her fucking delusional, malnourished brain:
edited to remove the line spacing because she doesnt have the mental capacity to string together a sentence rn.

also, is bodybuilding really a sport?


I truly believe that to become the very best at something you have to give it 100%.
Meaning you’re either all in or your not.
You simply can’t be 100% for more than one thing, so things will have to be sacrificed.
Some people will deny it, but bodybuilding is a very selfish sport.
But that’s the way it has to be.
To become the very best athlete you need to focus on you and ONLY you.
Your food, your training, your sleep, your recovery, etc etc…the list goes on.
It’s got to be a part of and considered in EVERYTHING you do.
It’s true what they say, ‘it’s a lifestyle’…it’s a way of life.
But that’s okay - This is NOT a bad thing.

>>The important thing is that people going into it are aware of this and that a lot of things in life will suffer as a result.

No matter how hard you try to find that work/life balance - becoming the very best will ultimately never be ‘balanced’.
Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else other than bodybuilding.

>>But it does mean that everything you do in life can not be at the detriment of your bodybuilding goals. (If you want to be the very best anyway!)

>>Living life as a bodybuilder and ‘living life’ are two very different things…

>>Being fully present in ‘life’ and it’s experiences is (in my opinion) not possible when trying to pursue something as demanding and disciplined as this sport.

BUT recognising and being aware of that is a good and important thing.
Bodybuilding is a sport I absolutely cherish and love…
My passion.
And I wouldn’t change it for the world.
(…this is definitely my signature pose now )"

absolutely fucking delulu…

No. 1682577

It’s a lil patchy and kinda fried looking but it looks really nice on her?? She needs to do the bright red like all the Chavs

No. 1682582

File: 1666562900397.png (Spoiler Image, 3.83 MB, 750x1334, 59A44828-0125-4D44-8356-B4DF20…)

Spoiler for jumpscare.

No. 1682612

I looked at this image for 5 seconds and now my IQ is lower, open at your own risk nonnas

No. 1682645

since nonas keep crying that milk is dry, this girl is worth looking into tbh. i know im late but ive seen this girl on YT and knew something was off. there's no way she's eating what she says she is without lying about it or purging.

No. 1682646

Between N2F and Molly there was a quality to old pro ana cows that none of the current cows will ever live up to. They're just not milky (low fat or almond) enough to beat the ogre feet lingerie shoot era of pro ana scumbags

No. 1682660

Antipsychotics - not even once. Don't do drugs, kids!

No. 1682674

Kek she must have borrowed that porridge recipe from ham, looks like a wet bowl of chocolate. Wtf. Easy to vomit out is my guess.

No. 1682682

Anorexics always have weighed and measured dry corn flakes, meanwhile bulimics have a trough of count chocula because they know it's coming back up in 5 minutes anyway.

No. 1682688

Close your damn mouth Laura

No. 1682694

What's the end game here? Get someone with BPD used to round the clock care/attention then discharge them to minimal supervision? Oh gee, that'll work out fine! I guess she fucked around and found out but jfc it's just bleak.

No. 1682695

looks like the anesthesia hasn't worn off from her lobotomy yet.

No. 1682713

i miss the old laura now she only posts selfies so filtered you can’t see her face + throwbacks from 3 years ago

No. 1682717

She’s really captioning her posts like a fitness influencer and it’s insufferable

No. 1682750


"Being fully present in ‘life’ and it’s experiences is (in my opinion) not possible when trying to pursue something as demanding and disciplined as this sport."


damn, she is really abondoning living in her fucked up dream of being #1 on a stage full of orange social outcasts with ED's.
thats the most grim, depressing shit ive read in a while.

No. 1682758

Has anyone heard from nikol

No. 1682791

havent seen her on insta but she’s quite active on twitter so maybe check there

No. 1682793

File: 1666576183678.jpeg (444.31 KB, 750x1211, 94AFB215-299B-4E2D-917B-BFCD70…)

cow crossover?

No. 1682796

Of course Zara "supports" Ham, tbh I think she just likes to feel skinny by comparison

No. 1682798

Ew why is her username what.zara.says, such an aggressive narcisist

No. 1682801

Zara is one of the cows who just feels like a genuinely really unpleasant person. She's incredibly bitchy to everyone who tries to interact with her and it's incredibly clear that she thinks she's better than literally everyone else.

No. 1682805

Yeah shes just dirt mean. We drag people here but it's mostly for laughs, whereas she is genuinely malicious.

No. 1682812

it's "not a competition", but she'd just like you to know that she's winning at being the sickest ana, kek

No. 1682814

cant lie at first i was one of those who thought she’s fine bc her posts seem helpful but after following her for a bit realised she’s a bitch lol

No. 1682822

Hannah looks like a sweet nice girl whereas Zara looks like a cracked out goblin. Who's really winning here lol.

No. 1682867

Tinfoil here but could Andorciak have a skelly kink? I keep trying to figure her out, but maybe she's like attracted to the people she simps for. Only ever seen of male skelly fetishists but she might be gay/bi.

No. 1682925

File: 1666582947542.jpg (85.76 KB, 800x484, 6y1bp9.jpg)

No. 1682990

Ur a retard

No. 1682994


And for what? For all her fucking conceited arrogance, she's never going to be the best. She doesn't have the aesthetic requirements for the division she's in, no matter how much she punishes her body.

What's her end goal? Olympia champion? Then she'll need breast implants and a shitload of plastic surgery on her face, because she ain't no bikini pretty princess. She's wasting her life for nothing.

Ffs she goes on like she's an olympic marathon runner or something. Ganer you are achieving nothing. You're in a joke division in a beauty contest for trussed up turkeys. The whole world is laughing at you.

No. 1682995

File: 1666590847014.png (398.08 KB, 456x636, Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 12.5…)

I really don't understand how it's possible for her to still be obese after spending so many months in treatment on tube feeds.

No. 1683005

kek "you need to eat", don't look like she's been missing any meals

No. 1683006

Do you type like that to distinguish your posts from the others? So everyone knows posts in that layout are from you? I'm not being snarky I'm genuinely asking.

No. 1683007

They're just making it easier to read by using paragraphs so it's not a giant wall of text.

No. 1683011

>so it's not a giant wall of text
>They only wrote a few sentences
NTA, but two sentences aren't a paragraph anon. lmao

No. 1683015


Yep just trying to make it easier to read. Meant to be an imageboard so more than a sentence or two seems to piss everyone off so much it may as well be a paragraph.

No. 1683016

Lol I have dyslexia so I genuiely can't read text thats not broken up into tiny segments. I misused the word paragraph there though.

No. 1683053

Her ENTIRE account is all about how recovery is much more than just eating….

No. 1683054


No. 1683055

Same here, she gives me "I die, you die, Jack" vibes

No. 1683119

petition to make a super size vs super skinny for cows
first up: Zara & porgie…

No. 1683120

if you're not interested, leave. not that hard nonnie.

No. 1683131

There is no way Ganer will become a pro. It takes good genes and dedication.
She only has the latter, since her ED ruined her body in her teenage years. It's very sad that her only focus in life now is this narrow-minded stupidity called bodybuilding. Well, it's a socially acceptable way to get rid of that evil fat, after all.

No. 1683135


She doesn't even have true dedication. If she did then she would eat enough to build a decent amount of muscle in her growing season. She's just weak and always gives in to what her anorexia wants her to do.

No. 1683191

A cow has popped up on my feed who has the beetus and is tube fed because disordered eating fucks with her insulin, could this also be the case for this one? Personally I know someone who doesn’t manage her insulin and gets admitted because she’s a drug seeker. I really don’t know, Walden has always been a cess pool and their new units where they tube people and let them galavant on Tik Tok all day are super disturbing.

No. 1683249

She's talking like an olympic athlete that has to sacrifice everything for her sport kek, she placed 5th an an amateur bodybuilding contest after 3 years of training. Genuinely quite worried about her though, she's still eating her spinach and rice cakes. She's gonna get sick

No. 1683255

ughh I love her so much (and the cute little necklace too)!
Whatever phase she is entering now, I hope she's thriving

No. 1683262

As far as I know, this one doesn't have diabetes. Most of her posts are about PTSD, trauma, anorexia, etc.

No. 1683269

Tube feeds make you gain weight fast as FUCK, and if she’s been on it for almost a year now, it’s not wonder she hasn’t lost anything

No. 1683287

The other chick (sorry no scs) also just screamed “muh anorexia” she only admitted diabetes in a comment. So it’s easy to look like a tube fed waif with long term feeds when the larger issue is actually insulin

No. 1683296

Also bodybuilding is a pretty terminal "sport." She openly admits to sacrificing everything about normal life for it, has she thought about what her life will be in 10+ years?? Does she plan to be an amateur body builder in her 50s? Honestly that post was extremely sad. Her life is so small. She has chosen to make body her one source of meaning. It is obviously just a new incarnation of her ED, serving her in the exact same way. That girl needs serious therapy to deal with her trauma, not endless weightlifting sessions.

No. 1683300


It would be sad if she wasn't so fucking smug about it. She really thinks she is better than everyone else and she deserves whatever consequences of treating her body this way hit her in 5-10 years' time.

No. 1683301

Jesus Laura. I thought the dark eye circles were part of the filter so I got it just to see, nope. I can't believe how much she's changed. She looks completely vacant now (worse than before).

No. 1683423

How is she just perpetually in residential?

No. 1683480

What is there left to "sacrifice" for her? Relationship, career, anything?
Like you said, all revolves around her sorry body and it all screams ED.

No. 1683486

Tube feeds only make people gain weight fast when it’s giving them eonigh calories for that to happen. Which would happen if a person was eating that much extra of any food, since it’s a simple biochemical thing of excess calories. A body doesn’t care where those excess calories are coming from.

The land whale with tube feeds here (and Porgie often too) are massive while being tub fed for so long simply because they are eating on top of the tube feeds. They have to be getting the calories to gain weight from somewhere, and it’s not the tube feeds that are calculated out. We’ve had farmers here speak to witnessing Porgie frequent the New Fats vending machines while tubed, something similar is happening with this one too. Or at least she’s sneaking snackies from somewhere.

No. 1683576

>>1682285 Does she actually buy those? I only saw her once or twice in lidl last year and once she had a little pull trolly thing full of crisps and brioche bread rolls, cereal and idk what else. Not sure if she was maybe buying for friends or like a flat party. Thought that she maybe would chew and spit it but it was the time she was claiming to be celiac or something so who knows.

No. 1683620

File: 1666646518695.png (7.83 MB, 1170x2532, D0B4FDD9-AC7C-471C-8F20-E4D410…)

Does anyone remember clutterpilar? She was discussed here awhile back if I remember correctly. She’s a grown adult, goes in and out of inpatient, relapsing as soon as she gets home to mommy’s house & posts her tiny intake in her story. Mom is a huge enabler. The girl doesn’t work or go to school. She lays in bed with her Starbucks and dog all day, but life is too overwhelming to possibly recover. Plenty of milk here. She was offended last time the hospital discharged her because they “kicked her out to die at home” when she was absolutely not complying at all. She’s bitched about it for months, baited more treatment and saying she’s “about to go to treatment” or “figuring out treatment” but then doesn’t go to treatment and wastes away in her bed…

No. 1683623

File: 1666646705057.png (6.38 MB, 1170x2532, 394EEE0D-9A4B-40C8-A3FB-C14947…)

She’s back at it again. Playing her “woe is me” drama on her way to treatment. She didn’t even take it to the hospital before already knowing she might not go there tonight and stay in a hotel with her enabling mother. Someone that actually wants to recover should be given this bed. Clutter just doesn’t want to die.

No. 1683642


I have also seen her in a Lidl in Edi and she was bulk buying diet yogurts. But this was a while ago before she lost even more weight.

No. 1683717

Yep, clutterpillar’s mother in the epitome of an enabler. She literally does nothing all day but get her daily (sometimes twice) Starbucks. Mom needs to make her get a job and stop paying for everything. Or tell her to find another place to live and stop paying for EVERYTHING

No. 1683719

her mother is wealthy and seems to feel sa lot of guilt - maybe something to do with the fact that clutterpillar is adopted? She takes her on many international vacations and buys her literally anything she wants. They have a cleaner, etc.

No. 1683722

True but clutterpillar will never make an effort to recover when she knows she can just go back to mom’s house after IP, get Starbucks, play with her dog and sit around all day. Pathetic.

No. 1683741

File: 1666654247508.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1125x1878, 22BEB770-81F6-48D7-ADB2-11236F…)

I fucking can’t with EC. Like don’t bring your grandma into your fetish shit.

No. 1683750

This is…one of the most grim things I've ever seen

No. 1683753

You honestly sound jealous nona
People getting up in arms about a cow living with their parents is so weird maybe it's cultural/amerifags

No. 1683758

That anon is being weird about it, but it's definitely an unhealthy situation. She's like 25 and hasn't gone to college or ever had a job. She took two classes at a local community college last year, I think, and then never resumed after leaving for treatment. Definitely a failure to launch type situation.

No. 1683786

Fair enough I just felt other anon was being spergy about it

No. 1683798

It looks like she has porgie table tits. Just how much weight has she gained while in the hospital? Is she 1:1 so they can keep her away from mirrors so she doesn't flip out?

No. 1683820

LOL when I saw this I was like GO STRAIGHT TO HELL

No. 1683823

what is she even doing??

No. 1683824

Using her dying grandma as a prop for her tiktok, classy

No. 1683825

File: 1666660276444.png (1.43 MB, 1351x1069, Capture.PNG)

anyone who refuses to accept that Ganer is 100% full cream milk needs to read this.

the bitch is literally encouraging people to ignore their limits and (potentially) injure themselves.

i wish she'd crack a femur with her osteoporosis, that'll show her.

No. 1683830

why are they all like this, it reminds me of scarlett repeatedly saying she cries most (or at least many) days because of her training, then claiming it’s perfectly healthy

No. 1683846

One would think she’d at least have the decency to not bare her emaciated legs to her grandma and everyone in that nursing home huh

No. 1683850

The patients probably think a demon is running loose in the hospital

No. 1683869

Zara seems to have a very intellectual understanding of anorexia. I don't doubt she's booksmart and read the DSM 5 every night. She lacks common sense though, anorexia is a psychological disorder with physical symptoms. You can't just skip physical recovery and be cured.

No. 1683870

I personally don't think zara actually believes a lot of her claims, she's just trying to get people off her back

No. 1683876

I think she does believe what she says because she's delusional, whole "I can't be wrong" thing

No. 1683892

I second your petition. I loved that show, the Food Tube always made me laugh lol.
"lets see what Zara had for breakfast?"
"lets see what PORGIE had for breakfast?"
3 large pizzas and a Zero Sugar energy drink

No. 1684072

Does anyone remember that bitch with the alleged mcas ? I can’t remember her name or find her acc so wondering if she blocked me lol

No. 1684076

I can't remember her name either but I know who you're talking about. I'd love to know what she's up to these days. Still allergic to everything and recycling food pictures? Still the best student to ever study?

No. 1684077

Anna (bored_with_ana)? I think she deleted her account quite a while back.

No. 1684080

File: 1666691078590.png (2.43 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221025-114247.png)

I don't buy this, why would people misgender him/her (anons gonna hate anyways) in public? He/she (same) has got a fucking beard.
No way that happened, once sure, 3x times a day? Nah fam

No. 1684098

is this … art?

No. 1684100

just wonderful. one can literally hear her joints cry.

No. 1684102

oh god that is one unfortunate face

No. 1684104

File: 1666694812561.jpeg (34.26 KB, 326x484, 1666654247508.jpeg)

this defies the laws of physics..!

No. 1684105

Kind of looks like purging cheeks tbh
Wouldn't be surprised

No. 1684111

girl's looking rough

No. 1684120

File: 1666696071651.png (170.71 KB, 311x343, shitmeself.PNG)


that face tho…

"oi father, i think i shit me'self"

No. 1684132

Kek when the laxative abuse strikes at the gym

No. 1684135

I can understand the publics confusion, he really is a masiculine/feminine enigma. Maybe he's trans but he still acts like a female.

No. 1684143

Of course she gets "misgendered" in medical settings, all of her medical records probably have her listed as a biological female, the nurses are probably just confused and think she's a woman with some type of genetic condition or hormonal imbalance. Also starving is not going to help her not get misgendered, getting skinnier and meeker will just make her look more feminine. Retard hours every hour with this one.

No. 1684153

Lol can you imagine his reaction to being misgendered, he would go on a self righteous speech about his QuEeRnEsS everytime and I'm sure he loves all the captive ears of people who made an honest mistake.

No. 1684155

I hate this Hayden era of this thread.

No. 1684165

I love the Hayden era, it's moving this thread out of the dark ages.

No. 1684168

File: 1666700667719.gif (1.17 MB, 498x213, chum-jaws.gif)

The rush of baiting cows and having them respond to you.

No. 1684172

This is my confession. Under a reddit different account months ago I made a skeleton post, and kept chumming the waters with "Eugenia should get TOTALLY skeletons comments", the post was negatively recieved by some so I took it down.

But with this Halloween video she made, I'm worried she might have actually taken the bait. I feel kinda ashamed and kinda flattered if so.

Gonna have to nuke my current reddit account now in a day or so, but I'll be back with a new face.

No. 1684174

File: 1666701162821.jpg (162.29 KB, 702x1069, 313083692_857336562370247_1837…)

No. 1684196

i hate it too mostly because of how often i have to look at a photo of that face

No. 1684232

File: 1666708144185.png (6.79 MB, 1170x2532, A53BC11E-85F7-4382-B95E-FAB6D9…)

Another vacation at NF for Lee

No. 1684256

File: 1666709289438.jpg (34.86 KB, 554x554, 312807201_1186471096086053_742…)

She has transitioned from Sally to Jack Skellington. How grim.

No. 1684281

A bearded woman is still a woman.

No. 1684287

Doesn't look like it to me, I think she's just ugly

No. 1684303

How old is Hayden again?

No. 1684317

26 I think. He looks old but he kinda just has an old looking face for a long time. Kinda like a melting Picasso face.

No. 1684324

The only steps this landwhale needs to be taking in her recovery are on a fucking treadmill.

No. 1684355

I’ve never understood the problem with someone who obviously looks like their biological sex being “misgendered”. It’s one thing if you’re biologically a guy and look like one and someone then calls you a girl on purpose but when they literally don’t know..?

No. 1684391

Yeah that photo is honestly profoundly depressing. As someone who has been zombified by being overprescribed antipsychs it looked all too familiar. I hope that she's able to lower her dose soon because that is no way to live.

No. 1684396

Bodybuilders should be a part of the thread, the painted baboons are sick too.

No. 1684412

If you start refereing to yourself in the third person you are a narc

No. 1684414


No. 1684416

check the box, choose "delete", write a new one

you're welcome

No. 1684423

yess ma'am

No. 1684442

Illeism /ˈɪli.ɪzəm/ (from Latin ille meaning "he, that") is the act of referring to oneself in the third person instead of first person.

No. 1684453

It probably wasn’t even directed specifically at Hayden personally, more likely the therapists used the word ‘ladies’ or ‘girls’ to refer to the entire group and instead of ‘ladies and our special guest star Hayden’.

No. 1684489

Christ she is actually the sickest anorexic. I know she takes pride in that but it's not a compliment. She's going to die before 20.

No. 1684582

File: 1666727147546.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x2028, 1584F776-1597-41EC-B5DC-D7ECDA…)

that lasted long enough!
Also its the season of Fis fabulous outfits

No. 1684584

Hi zara. Nice work trying to throw us off your scent. Cece actually recovered so we're shutting the fuck up about her.(hi cow)

No. 1684585

We all have an era that we're not fond of, I hated the Nik era and having to look at that faggots skinny neck and huge head everyday

No. 1684589

>she is actually the sickest anorexic
don’t give her what she wants, nonna! (anyway, the Lich Queen begs to differ…)

No. 1684596

Coincidence that, from the latest videos, her weigh ins are every other week now, she’s in the ‘amber’ and not ‘red’ anymore, and the appointments seem to be more spaced out too. Plenty of hugs, attention, asspats and lots of breathing will fix her difficult life problems, I’m sure. kek

No. 1684599

Lich Queen needs to share the secret of immortality with Zara. And all of us for that matter.

No. 1684609

Dressing like a clown and hinting a relapse.
That's our girl.

No. 1684615

File: 1666728536153.gif (59.99 KB, 220x164, guess-who-is-back-shady.gif)

Ah fuck I really hoped she grew up but NoPe

No. 1684642

Diabulimia must be less glamorous than organic, grass fed anorexia to her then.

No. 1684645

Transphobia exists everywhere, but Aussies are usually not too bad. Him making out like the Australian public medical failed him because they didn't pander to his rampant delusions is a lie. They probably would have refused him on the basis of him being an idiot and a bad actor, not transphobia.

No. 1684647

File: 1666729539954.jpeg (222.29 KB, 828x1422, image0.jpeg)

Saging bc I think it's low fat milk, but beaheaton on instagram has/had been relapsing/hinting at it (look at picrel date on the bottom), and she's lost weight in her recovery. More images incoming 1/3.

No. 1684648

File: 1666729634686.png (68.3 KB, 192x320, image1.png)

2/3 and as for my prev comment I accidentally cropped out the date, but it was four days ago. As for picrel, this was back in early recovery.

No. 1684653

File: 1666729785883.png (69.33 KB, 248x320, 9.27.png)

3/3, she's clearly lost weight.

No. 1684664

I just realized why Hayden is so especially insufferable to me. It's the use of words and phrases that don't seem to have any true emotional value to her, more like she heard/read them somewhere and decided she'd like to use them also. Like any time she talks about "fear foods"; I don't think she actually has them or grasps what that means, she just wants to sound AnOrExIc. Also from that last screencap I thought it was strange that she's barely out of inpatient and she's already just out to eat at a cafe. "Challenging food" my ass.

No. 1684685

Time to wipe off the bench, ganer shit herself trying to leglift 3000lbs

No. 1684724

File: 1666732920220.jpeg (153.14 KB, 750x1177, 9B991E28-EA64-42F6-86D0-924284…)

how long before she starts onlyfans kek

No. 1684739


The face that launched a thousand memes.

No. 1684748

File: 1666734594490.gif (239.36 KB, 640x1009, 300532101_635521634825525_8594…)

No. 1684749

File: 1666734783871.jpg (49.04 KB, 500x552, 6y9wp8.jpg)

No. 1684771

She's not even 20? She looks much older, it's ridiculous how much being a spoop ages you

No. 1684773


100% topkek

No. 1684777

It's shocking because she actually had a really attractive face, beautiful even. Now she looks like a rotten apple.

No. 1684793

Diabulimia sounds so scary. Lol why would you choose that route? Just puke like a bulimic and be done with it.

No. 1684798

File: 1666739496837.gif (3.24 MB, 498x280, scary-movie.gif)

No. 1684815

File: 1666741653161.jpeg (453.67 KB, 1125x1975, F259B70C-2645-47CA-A337-345237…)

When worlds collide
“DID” meet ups and holidays together
I’m surprised Australia hasn’t imploded yet

No. 1684816

do you have access to cj or the one in the midddle (I forget her name, sorry for being stupid)? I lost access when they both went private a while ago and am curious what bullshit they've been up to

No. 1684841

No. 1684845

Plot Twist - Hayden is actually 32 but identifies as 28.

No. 1684847

Aww this is lowkey wholesome lol. A bunch of crazies together can be a wild night.

No. 1684852

maybe he's actually a 500 year old alien studying us

No. 1684862

Middle one is Ashleigh - going as Tee or something now.. changed her “names” to suit alters and is constantly changing her IG name so I have no idea.
CJ is private - I have access but she doesn’t post anything lolcow worthy.. pretty boring..
Ashleigh and her recently did go on a cruise but I didn’t get a screen shot of our “new ballerina leg lifter” - Ashleigh apparently thinks she’s a ballerina and took a bunch of tutus and shit on the cruise..

No. 1684883

File: 1666745992279.jpg (451.06 KB, 1080x1884, Screenshot_20221026_015626_com…)

aw, porgie is having her wisdom teeth removed - she will undoubtedly take the opportunity to demanding a toob, claiming she can't eat and needs to ensure she keeps up her excessive daily intake otherwise our poor dainty waif is at risk of fading away!

No. 1684886

Porgie is so boring nowadays. I miss squelch and the abudance of milk that flowed back then.

No. 1684887

telling on herself by letting us all know how hard it is for her to not eat before surgery. A true ana queen.

No. 1684890

File: 1666746690437.gif (404.63 KB, 220x165, simpsons-homer-simpson.gif)

Guys please stop being mean to porgie, she's such a brave recovery warrior for not starving herself

No. 1684931

File: 1666750969302.jpg (42.61 KB, 500x552, 6yarj5.jpg)

No. 1684941

agree, when i saw the pics of her when she was a normal weight she was actually really pretty what a shame

No. 1684949

I view this thread the same way I view the great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, both tragic and rediculous.
Deaths: 21
Non-fatal injuries: 150 injured

No. 1684981

File: 1666756689256.jpeg (485.67 KB, 1124x2048, 40A10DE3-C719-4E92-BCF2-1560F5…)

There you go, found her on IG anon.
Tutus and leg lifts galore!

No. 1684983

File: 1666756895864.png (5.68 MB, 1125x2436, 2BB565A3-20CE-4E97-A3ED-462CD6…)

I find it kinda hilarious they gave her a bariatric gown for surgery.. looks like the exploding, oversized blueberry from Willy Wonka !

No. 1684984

File: 1666756960619.jpeg (53.94 KB, 640x480, FDA11659-FDB1-401E-8D90-D2ECDB…)

If I knew how to photoshop porgies face would be on this

No. 1684985

why on earth does she need a gown for an oral surgery? is this an australia thing?

No. 1684986

I had a gown for sleep dentistry. They also make you wear a giant nappy incase you shit yourself while you're under.

No. 1684988

huh, this must be a thing that really varies by location/etc. I stayed fully clothed for my wisdom teeth, although I guess they only used waking sedation. I figured she'd tell us if she had to get general because her teeth were ~so impacted~, but maybe she wasn't dramatic about something for once.

No. 1684989

It’s because they do wisdom teeth in theatre and knock you out completely and all surgery in OT requires sterile/gowns etc.

No. 1684991

I think it's local anesthesia and general anesthesia have different surgical protocols.

No. 1684992

even if they're not impacted and it's a straightforward removal? That seems like a bad use of resources, but thanks for explaining to a dumb not-Australian anon.

No. 1684993

Wonder if huggies goes up to 50xl? lol they probably had to stich 5 regular adult nappies together to cover her ass.

No. 1684995

just put down some puppy pads for her, kek

No. 1684996

Go full Steve Assanti

No. 1684998

File: 1666757595362.gif (4.31 MB, 443x250, BoldVillainousAmericanblackvul…)

No. 1685008

You have a choice over here. You can have them out in the chair at the dentist, or you can pay the extra to have them out while you’re under general.
I chose to have mine out under general because a. They were impacted and jammed in my jaw, and b. I didn’t want to hear the noise of my bones being chopped open ha.
Can you even imagine trying to get your tools into Porgies mouth?!
She’s going to be epically bruised because they’re going to have to use brute force to remove them.. probably why the dentist didn’t want to do it in the chair too

No. 1685010

The grey hairs and receding hairline… that meme about the reality of ftm’s looking like George from Seinfeld really is a thing wow

No. 1685015

Her cheeks are so fat the poor surgeouns are gonna have to use callipers to try to pry her maw open.
I personally wouldn't operate on her until her lost weight. Her teeth can't be that fucked she needs to risk going under GA at 300lbs.
They will literally need to climb her like a couch to "get in"

No. 1685024

File: 1666759803307.jpg (69.52 KB, 810x539, 1.jpg)

No. 1685026

File: 1666760126164.gif (3.84 MB, 480x362, giphy (2).gif)

No. 1685032

File: 1666761479997.jpg (1.82 MB, 2250x2700, crazybegetscrazy.jpg)


I legit thought she was going to become a recovery influencer henceforth from 2019 and make overplayed vids about how society causes anorexia and how sad it is for the children and all that noise but now I can see how fucked she really is. Prayers to her but reminder to never name a kid something that sounds vaguely like eulogy and with initials that looks vaguely like ED

Related, her mom's out of frame deco from her latest vid. If EC’s fave hobby is a slow croak I’d wager her mom’s fave is letting it happen

No. 1685035

Hoarder nighhtmare decor

No. 1685037

Sorry for spoonfeeding request, but I don't keep up with ana cows, I only knew of n2f because of her nasty eating habits. Is she in recovery? She looks like a healthy weight here. Does she eat normal stuff now?

No. 1685038

she has seemed to be in recovery for a long time now (hard to know exactly because she's borderline incoherent), has a boyfriend and such and seems to be living life

No. 1685040

Eugenia's birth name was Colleen and Big Deb changed it to Eugenia. Fickle bitch, she's a human not a dog you can't just rename her because you found a new name you like more.

No. 1685051

EC is a fenestripper
Someone who takes off their clothes while standing in front of an open window.
She was arrested when her neighbors called the cops and let them know she was a fenestripper.

No. 1685065

OMG only porgie would be worried about her empty stomach before the OP.. you know, not about the actual death risk that comes with an OP (which is HIGHER for her).. nope just the skipping breakfast beforehand. fml, such an ana queen

No. 1685070

Australia is pretty open minded, to a fault in the medical field.
As long as you perform symptoms at least semi decently for a month or two you can get diagnosed as anything.

No. 1685082

Lol most patients wear the typical light blue hospital gown in surgery, she's gotten the dark blue smock because she's morbidly obese.

Gotta be able to distinguish them somehow.

No. 1685089

Good surgeons are pretty much perfectionist adrenaline junkies. Anytime they cut body open they can nick an artery and it's all over.
Bad surgeons are like yeah I'll take your money, then take a stab at it and roll the dice on you living or dying.

No. 1685094

maybe normal lard-os can go without breakfast, but porgie is already wasting away

No. 1685096

You just tell them what diagnoses you have, describe the symptoms, throw in some tears and a fresh head wound and presto manifesto, you have a diagnosis.
Wanting to bang your head against the wall is a pretty natural reation to stress and/or attention seeking. Like just get anger management ladies.

No. 1685107

File: 1666771511180.gif (446.82 KB, 400x165, 33e4d4c7-0a32-4c9e-828b-ee948b…)

No. 1685121

SOOOOO disabled but can risk being out and about during a pandemic kek

No. 1685122

munchie collab

No. 1685155

isnt she a very close friends with Mellly.moo who suposedly has anorexia and DID? weird the share the exact same diagnosis

No. 1685196

File: 1666787185333.jpg (119.37 KB, 640x480, 1666756960619.jpg)

No. 1685250

File: 1666794838050.jpeg (151.79 KB, 463x455, B44DCD26-A4B1-4373-B823-95E074…)

good lord

No. 1685395

File: 1666808454137.jpeg (92.11 KB, 633x476, A45FB62C-C6B0-4F92-A0BB-E3F8A1…)

kek reminds me of this

No. 1685492

Hahah thanks anon! Pretty much porgie at her finest

No. 1685531

I ugly laughed at that. Thanks, anon, I needed it.

No. 1685539

Lol accurate.

No. 1685625

Wouldn't be the first time that she identified as something she isn't.

No. 1685776

Do you have any idea where she got the name Eugenia? I'd never even heard of someone with the name until I was introduced to the Cooney nightmare.

No. 1685791

isn’t it just a female version of eugene, it’s not super common but it’s hardly that unique

No. 1685798

yeah, it's just an old-fashioned name

No. 1685888

File: 1666848945772.webm (3.73 MB, 720x720, Eugenia Cooney Tells Why She G…)

No. 1685901

the only good choice her mother has made for her is changing her name from Colleen to Eugenia

No. 1685905


of course she's catering to the fetishists with the blatent upskirt panty-flashing. smh

No. 1685912

How is she even alive at this point? How does her body support proper organ function? She has one of the most blatant death wishes I have ever seen and it's sad since she's so young.

No. 1685946


sage for being useless but who is Kay?/whats their handle? jeez im so behind on these cows

No. 1685961

She has more than one Insta. It is full of milk imo so should i share? She’s been shared before but rarely gets picked up. She is 32 as well like

No. 1685963

recovery_kay. She claims to be recovering yet looks fairly spoopy still and was known to be running a recovery account and pro account at the same time. Pretty hypocritical. Not much recent milk.

No. 1686005

At first glance I genuinely thought an anon shopped the fingers fatter

No. 1686031

i still wish we had given her a dedicated snow thread. she just… hits different than the other cows here. shes not like other cows.

No. 1686058

Genuinely wondering the same thing. I know people who were in their ED’s for much less time and experienced near death due to organ/Heart malfunction. Her heart has gotta be beating like 20-30 bpm at this point

No. 1686080

File: 1666881901448.png (224.05 KB, 612x568, vlcsnap-2022-10-27-16h43m15s31…)

Holy fock, look at this ARM

No. 1686082

File: 1666882525710.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1890, Screenshot_20221027-105312.png)

I missed out on seeing Lego Head's latest bashing until I saw her story

No. 1686084

File: 1666882558340.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1866, Screenshot_20221027-105404.png)

when it was actually fresher looking

No. 1686133

this needed a spoiler gosh

No. 1686173

ayrt and you're right, my apologies. I didn't think of it until it was too late to delete it

No. 1686233

At first glance this looks like a bindi/red dot like Indian women have. Shame it's actually just a gorey hole.

No. 1686294

File: 1666900491257.png (237.82 KB, 520x832, druggie.png)

Ganer is depressed and worried about getting fat post show. Is this also a possible confession to using drugs?

No. 1686307

Nah that’s much lower closer to the eyebrows

No. 1686308

File: 1666901610726.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 335.76 KB, 1170x2532, 6A7FE1BF-B791-44BB-BA43-F27A6F…)

Sage and spoiler bc I hate her face but she claimed she wasn’t posting self harm and just showing another side of herself she always hides while literally previously showing every inch of herself, unmarked/without scarring. Post now deleted lol

No. 1686322

Wanna include who this even is??

No. 1686325

It's Lukascout

No. 1686330

want to give some background? I don't think many of us know who this is.

No. 1686335

I'm not an expert but I'll tldr it. She's Australian, used to work in fashion, is really sick now. It's pretty sad and not exactly milky, execpt recently her posts are getting weirder.

No. 1686342

Every photo of her has red eye and I’m beginning to think she’s actually just a sleep paralysis demon that parties.

No. 1686343

It’s not her post, she shared it from someone else, but “post cycle therapy” does refer to steroids.

Fat burners/steroids, i have absolutely no doubt that she used those. I’d be surprised if she did use steroids though, I think she’d be afraid of the weight gain that comes with them.

No. 1686360

I honestly just wish Ganer would get some help

No. 1686417

Deleted but it's her profile pic. They're obviously fresh as well, since they're not in any other photos. Girl needs some serious help

No. 1686420

File: 1666911564726.png (8.83 MB, 1125x2436, F26926C7-22C7-470A-B6C8-2352B7…)

Double “DID”
Apparently Melli Moo wants to move to Australia so she can get NDIS (reserved for seriously disabled people) and remain on a NZ pension type thing..
meanwhile thousands of Australians cannot access NDIS and it’s likely because of people like Ashleigh and her who are clogging up the system.
As an Aussie who pays a shit tonne of tax, this makes me livid.

No. 1686546

Look at that smug BPD smirk. She’s pretty damn proud of herself for faking a disability that doesn’t even exist legitimately (DID is a total sham, any psychologist who’s not a total hack agrees it’s not real). It’s disturbing, like she’s about to eat someone’s face off at any second.

No. 1686641

File: 1666928905651.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 307.49 KB, 1125x1776, 240970AB-DC36-4CA8-B067-922F8D…)

Happy Halloween from Eugenia serving if the Joker cosplayed as Sailor Mars.

No. 1686742

What I don't get is why she does her make up so badly these days. I mean, she was never a beauty guru but still, I think she did her make up just fine.

But lately it's like a toddler putting on lipstick and eyeliner. I'm not sure if she does that on purpose or if she really is struggling so much she can't apply it properly.

No. 1686773

idk but i think her body functions like she's 95 years old at this point, so the makeup application fits

No. 1686789

She probably has a tremor and can't do her makeup as easily as she once could. That's a neurological problem.

No. 1686803

File: 1666946774769.png (6.35 MB, 1125x2436, 3AB2FA7F-BDA5-4CAE-878C-11A37C…)


No. 1686807

File: 1666947425338.gif (814.03 KB, 244x170, joker-nurse.gif)

No. 1686829

no one sits like that. she's just trying to show her gangly knees. kek.

No. 1686834

Ugh NDIS is so abused here in aus I hope she stays in NZ… no doubt Hayden is getting benefits too instead of some cold hard facts.

No. 1686841

File: 1666954673899.gif (6.59 MB, 320x569, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

So very, very scary.

No. 1686848

File: 1666955771713.gif (10.44 MB, 320x569, 1666954673899(1).gif)

even more spooky

No. 1686889

I think she could be because think about her face shape when she was ana and her face shape now as a ~healthy~ bodybuilder. When she was just anorexic her face was quite feminine. Now she looks like she takes testosterone or something. Her forehead and jaw are more masculine. Also her beady eyes and eyebrows look kind of oompa loompa ish. She looked less feminine at her show with her hair and makeup done than she did bare faced taking a thigh gap selfie back in the day

No. 1686901

I feel like I’m watching a cursed silent film.

It’s wild that after she’s dead, these images husk of a person will be mainly what exists as her legacy. Also sick that momma cooney is proud of that. Is it in bad taste to tinfoil that she’ll be selling off EC “artifacts” to fetishists when she finally croaks?

No. 1686905

Based, there's a reason the majority of DID fags are self diagnosed. Even the origin of the disorder is some munchie who made shit up as she went along until the personalities just suddenly disappeared. It's such a con job it's depressing how many idiots believe it exists.

No. 1686941

omfg that one's gonna haunt me..!

No. 1686961

psychfag here i have no idea about these girls but DID It is very real and happens from severe trauma in childhood (prior the age of 5). it is is easily malingered though esp from death row prisoners to avoid it

No. 1686969

Nta but isn't it proven that the dissociative aspects of DID exist but not the multiple personalities part? Like there's no doubt that trauma can cause the person to sort of "retreat" from their consciousness but how would that then create one or more personalities to suddenly come into existence?

No. 1687018

Pretty milky in my eyes she’s superspoop and loves to brag about how much she eats 24/7

No. 1687019

File: 1666971424994.png (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 1079x1754, Screenshot_20221028-113607.png)

Jesus Christ, Nikol. Jumpscare much?

No. 1687276

she ALWAYS fucking reminds me of this:

No. 1687295

damn it looks like her eyebrows are falling out, not a good sign

No. 1687333

Purging happened to her eyes

No. 1687354

I think she shaves them?

No. 1687380

What does it mean?

No. 1687386

Fuck, I didn’t cap it but the other day she posted a story about about how she swallowed hair and she was panicking about she can’t get it out cause she has “Emetophobia” and can’t puke. Like obvious lie is obvious but she tried.

No. 1687400

I was wondering about it but it looks like such an odd way to shave them. Then again it is Nikol we're talking about so who knows lol

it can be a sign of malnutrition and protein deficiency

No. 1687455

she plucks and shaves her eyebrows she’s said it before, last year she shaved them completely off i remember that…

No. 1687458

i feel like nikol has brain damage from the car accident she was in several years ago, she seemed to have gone way downhill since then

No. 1687534

File: 1667006051334.jpeg (933.02 KB, 828x1454, D07C1C5F-E125-4B3A-A977-766CEA…)

New cow? Posts wieiads that are like 500 cals max

No. 1687552

she had a car accident??

No. 1687628


ffs, her whole page is a massive body check

No. 1687658

I can't be assed going through many more videos but how come everyone is telling her how amazing and beautiful she is?? ffs why aren't people calling her out?

No. 1687676

File: 1667023016382.jpg (541.81 KB, 1080x2610, Screenshot_20221029-185212_Tik…)

Another skelly body checker from toxiktiktok. Almost every single video starts the same way.. roll upthem sweater sleeves honey make sure you show off your arms. I hate that stupid app.

No. 1687679


She looks horrible but at least she's not one of the "recovery" accounts that binge on 10.000 calories per day. At least she's trying.

No. 1687686

How is eating 500kcal a day trying?

No. 1687687

It must be because she's part of the french side of the "recovery community" on tiktok. I've noticed that they call out bodychecks and undereating a lot less. Instead, they congratulate the skellies on "pushing themselves" to eat 300 calories, kek.

No. 1687697

Plucked, I think. Also a sign, just a different one.

No. 1687698

I don't remember hearing about it either.

No. 1687722

File: 1667028677542.jpeg (810.64 KB, 828x1238, DED6694F-6669-4D68-8482-5FFA27…)

Does anyone follow Onique?
Nice recovery “meal”.

No. 1687731

Do they post these toddler meals to prove that they were sooo sick before they just breathed nutrients and at least now theyre eating SOMETHING, even just a LITTLE now so it's recovery and worth showcasing to other sick people

No. 1687765

500 kcal per day is rather "dying"

No. 1687771

She has OCD and pulls out her eyebrows

No. 1687773

yep agreed she's mentioned she has trichotillomania because of her ocd

No. 1687776

File: 1667040149277.png (206.82 KB, 468x736, Screenshot 2022-10-29 114218.p…)

Scarlett: I have no ED thoughts any more.

Also Scarlett: complains constantly about poor body image and hating her offseason look.

No. 1687819

Oh dear God I forgot this unfortunate human existed. But yes, EC vibes for sure.

No. 1687833

it’s called extreme hunger

No. 1687841

File: 1667048905817.jpeg (722.13 KB, 1125x1943, EC9EB3EC-73D4-4B5F-A50B-5D35AD…)

Found gainers muse

No. 1687859

he died last january

No. 1687870


And that isn't even anywhere near the worst photo of her. Only woman to be even lower percent bodyfat than she was on stage. She's actually lost even more weight over the past year and lives on semi-raw sweet potatoes, undercooked legume pasta and piles of raw veggies.

No. 1687879

surely she has had lanugo for a while now right? i wonder if she shaves or waxes it… or gets someone to do it for her lol

No. 1687903

What the fuck is going on here?? What is that ass about?

No. 1687930

good riddance

No. 1687959

File: 1667060147319.jpg (Spoiler Image, 417.9 KB, 1073x2115, skeleganer.jpg)

The Beast from Bristol never fails to appease her audience.

No. 1687972

She popped up on the EC subreddit as a good example of recovering lol

No. 1687976

No she definitely shaves them

No. 1687988

binging. dainty underweight binging is still binging

No. 1687993

File: 1667063371509.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 281.95 KB, 1125x2436, 8164E32A-5998-489F-AE7D-09FCCF…)

She’s probably the only person that seemed more alive as a spoop, like she actually used to go out with humans called friends and have that thing called “fun”. All that work just to be a shell of a person doing the same bs but with the added benefit of safe foods and a brand sponsor code.

I’ve actually never thought about it before but clearly her mom had to have been helping her pay for all the training, it’s not like ganer was working a job when she shifted disorders.

No. 1688130

File: 1667072958796.jpeg (777.51 KB, 1170x2115, CB70BA71-4213-435B-9426-BF1EF5…)


No. 1688131

File: 1667072997681.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x2045, 0152C397-C5EA-49D9-A69C-D557E3…)

2/2 Why doesnt she tries to recover then?

No. 1688133

knitpick but I used to actually kind of enjoy listening to hear speak about these topics, not sure if she's done it before, but now it's too obvious to me that she's reading a script and autistically sticking to it so it somehow feels rehearsed or insincere

No. 1688135

omg yes her account popped up the other day. i think she definitely has cow potential but so far it’s just bodychecks and inadequate wieiad’s though tbh she claims to have been in recovery for like a week so it’s normal that she starts out with smaller quantities (why the hell post them knowing that they’re harmful though)

No. 1688321

Sage for dumbfag but I've never heard of anyone getting EPI etc whatever else zara vagues about including other skellies what gives she must be restricting for it to not improve at all

No. 1688350

>I'm recovered!
But still has anorexia face.

No. 1688398

Kek glad someone could finally say it

No. 1688450

She has chosen the old chronic illness excuse to justify her emaciated physical state. No, you're not in recovery Zara, you're probably just eating "more" than you did during other phases of your ED, NOW you're just maintaining a very low weight.

No. 1688530

File: 1667103097837.png (5.17 MB, 1125x2436, 6F409921-D5C8-4035-8821-E42FEB…)

“Couldn’t find people more alike than us”

That’s because you’re both larping DID and clearly know how to copy each other..

No. 1688532

wrong cow name, nona

No. 1688537

File: 1667103389307.png (11.27 MB, 1125x2436, 74A4E017-EDC5-4695-A574-31AD01…)

I love that Mel (I thought one of her “alters” was known as Zara, apologies) - makes such a huge deal about her NJ and how it’s keeping her alive .. and then just like that, magically it disappears - im wondering whether this isn’t a part of her act in trying to get an Australian surgeon to give her a PEG/J tube.
What freaking monkeys

No. 1688542

oh, you might be right about the "alter" names (which I don't bother to remember because they're bullshit), sorry, I thought it was just a typo because we'd been discussing zara

Mel is ridiculous. I do find it amusing tha Ashleigh posts basically the same pictures on her public and private accounts, but uses "we" on the private one and "I" on the public one.

No. 1688565

The two of them are ridiculous.
Apparently Ashleigh & Christine fundraiser for Mel to come to Australia to see Ashleigh’s Psychologist, a gastro Dr who would do surgery for her - all the while claiming to all for free through Medicare because Australia & NZ have agreements when it comes to our citizens.
I bet if they bothered to work, they’d finally maybe understand why people get so angry when they pull these stunts because it’s the hard workers that are paying for the lies.

No. 1688586

File: 1667105915020.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x1648, Screenshot_20221030_175759.jpg)

Omg noo. She did NOT. How embarrassing.

No. 1688589

let her enjoy herself

she's already done massive amounts of damage by being that emaciated. a bit of levity never hurt anyone

No. 1688597

Oh god that is embarrassing, I can't imagine it's all that humorous for her parents and siblings who have to watch their daughter/sister waste her entire life and squander her potential in a slow suicide. Gee how hilarious.

No. 1688615

honestly i could respect this as humor if it was just self-aware irony but there's simply no way it's not a truly bizarre attempt to draw even more attention to her emaciated state

No. 1688651

File: 1667114647558.png (540.5 KB, 432x701, Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 2.23…)

this vague mention of saving up for surgery seems to support your PEG/J theory, unless she had some other surgery in mind also

No. 1688657

Where’s the milk though? DID milk maybe but proana?

No. 1688658

Ashleigh was a NF anachan for a while, then transitioned to claiming that it was a GI issue. Same with Mel - anachan who then started claiming it was a physical issue rather than an eating disorder.

No. 1688660

Nikol is definitely bulimic, her latest story w the bloodshot eyes and stomach gurgling is just so telltale.

No. 1688679

what the actual fuck, why did nobody stop her

No. 1688700

File: 1667119973392.jpg (279.59 KB, 1080x2032, Hurp.jpg)

On tiktok last week she said she left a hospital with the ngt in and that's how she did the ed/gastro larp. They wanted to treat her ed and she didn't.

No. 1688703

File: 1667120073481.png (Spoiler Image, 5.64 MB, 1170x2532, CCAC3790-4250-4897-933B-02727A…)

A Han jump scare for halloween tomorrow

No. 1688746

i find her amusing as well and still try to figure out if her DID is real, which tbh it seems but with exaggerations to get money from people, so each time i catch her lives on TT (which are almost everyday because they get money) i watch parts and i learn her main names. Mel is the body name and she is never out so she never posts. Zara is usually out and Anna with the ridiculous childish voice (pictured). She got an enormous amount of money both from gofund me and paypal and probs Tiktok to have the peg. Now the tube suddenly cost double the money and they are begging for more whilist buying huge squishmallows, clothes etc..

No. 1688749

same anon as above. milk: Some alters have all types of EDs including Anorexia. She claims she hasnt eaten in like 2 ? years and no alters can eat because it would trigger the anorexic ones. She had an ng for nutrition, then an nj and she claims she needs a peg because the nj keeps coming out or parts pull it out and end up without nutrition for days.
i bet you even with peg she still would get no nutrition

No. 1688753


That’s actually atrocious.

There’s dealing with stuff through dark humour but then there’s just being a total bitch. Imagine how her family and friends felt having to see that and try deal with that.

No. 1688754


These posts always scream “I WAS SPOOPY LOOK AT ME” like we all know you just traded one disorder for another stfu

No. 1688757

one fine day her body will have to pay the bill for her shenanigans.
we'll see who's laughing last.

No. 1688802

File: 1667134131335.jpeg (763.63 KB, 828x1276, A1B5A650-57F8-4C2E-90AB-A4AC3E…)

Yep, I can see that Ganer might look up to this woman

No. 1688804

File: 1667134219017.png (360.21 KB, 720x1445, Screenshot_20221030-224810~3.p…)

Littlest Lee "needed" another new farm admission and this time, after the toob, went on leave for parties and what not. So sooper sick and struggling.

No. 1688806

How many times has she been to NF already?

No. 1688817

Many. She needs her Bpd sorted out.
Oh that's hilarious she can't shut up about her ED or her fake gastro probs. She needs her munchie disorder treated. The DID larp is pathetic and the way she answers tiktok comments about it. Whoever asked what her system name was thx for giving her an idea.

No. 1688818

File: 1667135425333.jpg (148.21 KB, 1162x681, team america.jpg)

A natural beauty.
Fuck yeah.

No. 1688823


So many questions. The granny bra and pants, the thousand yard stare, the teeth that look like dentures…did she purge so much the acid eroded her natural teeth or what? And why does she wear such unflattering underwear? Like the shape is so fugly, not like the stuff bikini models wear at all. Strange, strange woman.

No. 1688833

sorry if this has been said in another thread but whats ganers sexuality?

No. 1688853

My money's on "non-existent", because it would disturb her macro balance and gym schedule.

No. 1688875

File: 1667141062621.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3222x3222, C3917D26-905A-4756-95AD-6B2B06…)

ERC is not the “most intensive Ed unit in the country”. She just wants to show she’s so sick and special. She also got her phone taken away at ACUTE bc of the no social media policy. Then she uploaded an acute video when she left bc she needed attention & people to see her sicker. She’s trigger other patients & getting mad that her slice of zucchini bread was slightly larger than the other girls. Cringe. She’s competing.

No. 1688883

File: 1667141235177.png (6.29 MB, 1170x2532, F6BB165C-9746-4C94-9037-47BCA9…)

Apparently it’s only okay for her to trigger others. This girl is so immature and self centered. She’s not getting better anytime soon bc she’s focused on others.

No. 1688886

You beat me to it kek.

No. 1688935


Nothing wrong with being asexual but I get the sense Ganer is asexual by default because the gym and macros dominate her life too much for relationships, plus her hormones are fucked so her sex drive will be nonexistent. Basically the only sex she has is when she eyefucks herself in the mirror every day. Or she might masturbate to her skelly pics, who knows.

No. 1688938

She never even went through puberty

No. 1688960

Who wants a cooter that smells like a sweaty vinyl seat?

No. 1689143

File: 1667156693016.png (1.99 MB, 898x1414, Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 2.04…)

Zara still insistent that she's only experiencing the "long-term" effects of AN because she's TOTALLY RECOVERED GUYS and there's NO WAY that she could still be anorexic and experiencing effects from that

No. 1689147

File: 1667156744694.png (1.94 MB, 900x1324, Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 2.05…)

No. 1689163

The only reason she's still suffering is because she's still engaging in behaviours. One look at her sunken mouth shows she's drastically underweight

No. 1689196

>arrogant, delusional and immature
Yes Zara, you are.

No. 1689210

am i the only one sighing in relief, i'm so glad she is in a hospital, i was getting worried about her. hopefully they'll finally do something for her

No. 1689218

lmao, ‘social anxiety’ that surfaces when she might have to do some work on herself (psych groups) but conveniently disappears around parties and book signings. it couldn’t be that she’s just lazy

No. 1689230

why dont they section her? she is in hospital. i bet if she was in england she wd have been sectioned by now

No. 1689235

she’s not in hospital for anorexia

No. 1689251

She keeps saying long term effects, but they are more immediate effects of being so underweight! Like if we play along with her infection thing causing her to go megaspoop, sure but I don’t think that was 100% causing it cause doctors would’ve admitted her. It was defs anorexia and sure maybe some infection symptoms and now it’s the consequences of being so so underweight. Hardly long term. The long term effects are the ones people get when they are fully weight restored, recovered and then get health issues

No. 1689256

They are definitely both milky. Both in their 30s, both claiming AN and DID when pretty sure the most trauma Ashleigh has is getting kicked out of a church (probably for being insufferable) so hardly the trauma required for the brain to be so cooked it develops DID.

No. 1689257

i know but she is severely underweight and malnurished. how did they left such person walk away?

No. 1689262

File: 1667164435689.jpeg (625.44 KB, 1440x1440, A18127C5-BB0B-4130-8361-401241…)

this is ridiculous? and to clarify is not a halloween costume

No. 1689267


i lol'd so hard I shat myself (and no im not ganer). good job nonna!

No. 1689272

because someone who doesn't specialize in psych is just going to focus on the immediate physical issue that she's there for

No. 1689279

Mel has also been doing remote therapy with the same therapist that Ashleigh sees, which really makes it even more clear that they're both larping and found a particular therapist to support that larp

No. 1689292

File: 1667165698970.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2142, 170C571B-3F18-4356-A9DB-9B4BBF…)

she is live now guys, doing clown make up and without a tube - no nutrition

No. 1689298

File: 1667165903340.png (1.01 MB, 685x717, Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 4.38…)

extremely normal 30-somethings

No. 1689344

Never seen this person before. Is there any pre-ana pictures? They (she? I can't tell) have a really lovely bone structure. It's such a waste.

No. 1689354

File: 1667169786736.png (6.25 MB, 1170x2532, 67B84BF6-6B24-4D95-B46B-E6BC45…)

what on earth is this

No. 1689393

looks like she has progeria

No. 1689410

File: 1667173451427.jpeg (144.52 KB, 542x332, 4916B42A-D7C4-420E-A339-C20309…)

Was just about to post this kek. Absolute joke she is. Her and Zara are genuinely awful manipulative mean people. They Han is just rude though, however she’s still refusing to give back the money from her gfm

Thought I’d share the photo of the fact the two of the biggest cows have posted on their stories

No. 1689437

Vendetta much. Ur obsession with her is obsessive…

No. 1689440

you really want to die on the hill of "momsfave isn't milky"? Kek

No. 1689445

developing DID as an adult is unheard of. practically every single case starts out with life threatening trauma/severe psychological distress that happened in childhood.

if anyone is saying that they drceloped it as an adult they are fucking lying

No. 1689491

“Look at me!” In bpd

No. 1689497

I'm so glad she went to the hospital, good for her. Sounds like she might actually be hitting bottom which could be a good thing.
She seems to realise how sick she is at least, hopefully she can throw all of that motivation and drive she has into recovery from now on. I really hope she makes it.

No. 1689536

She's been discussed for a while, some older photos here >>>/snow/1626002

No. 1689635

I also miss the munchie threads, and I know there's still a whole lot of them. Hopefully people will gather enough of their personal munchies cows to start a thread.

No. 1689649

Didn’t previous admin unban all previously banned topics except for EW? It’s possible people just didn’t realize munchies were no longer banned as a topic.

No. 1689667

Probably hoping it meant she was becoming self-aware.

No. 1689669

same, especially now that KF is dead so I can't follow the munchie thread there

No. 1689670

File: 1667195010628.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x2313, IMG_7141.jpeg)

She used to be… Absolutely amazing.

No. 1689671

The last munchie thread occasionally gets a new post usually an update on an old favorite but i don't know if they're allowed properly. If KF is really gone then they should be allowed back.

No. 1689672

Those bulimia cheeks though..

No. 1689677

I don't specifically mean this example, but does anyone else feel like anons think any amount of puffiness in your cheeks = bulimia and call a lot of things "bulimia cheeks" when they're probably not? swelling from purging is usually more in the parotid glands under/behind the jaws and has a pretty distinctive appearance that's not just 'puffy'.

No. 1689693

No but look at her face and tell me that isn't bulimia cheeks. For real. This is the first time I've ever accused a cow of being a purger too.

No. 1689713

ntayrt but they look normal to me, some people (especially if they're younger) just hold onto more fat in their face even if the rest of their body doesn't have much fat. my cheeks look like that if not puffier even at underweight BMIs and i have never been bulimic.

No. 1689717

Well I have. She definitely is one.

No. 1689753

File: 1667205063714.jpeg (30.36 KB, 640x1136, 307822525_109674068468544_3326…)

Nah, it's just babyface. The further back you go, the more rounded her face. She was just a child, basically. That's not a medical affliction.

No. 1689770

File: 1667206599322.png (312.1 KB, 1312x1630, Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 1.56…)

Nikol legit responding to a pregnant person like this…

No. 1689771

Good job doxxing yourself there

No. 1689773

Good job assuming that's my own account

No. 1689775

Well where did you get this screenshot from then if you didn't take it yourself? Dumbass.

No. 1689777

>says I'm doxing myself
>Demands I dox my source when that doesn't work

No. 1689781

Go find the account then.
Gotta have a mind to change one.

No. 1689783

Of course she's from ohio

No. 1689786

"Absolutely amazing" I wouldn't say but you do you anon

No. 1689797

File: 1667210772361.png (697.11 KB, 601x938, njhgvfcdrescgvhbjnk.png)

She looks like the cotton swab girl from Zoey 101

No. 1689912

Her poor hair

No. 1689931

anon's gonna say this girl is bulimic too, kek

No. 1689939

Her cheeks are very fat compared to her body

No. 1690015

I miss cece updates. Genuinely just curious if she is discharged and finally living a fulfilling life? If yes great for her and I do wish her all the best

No. 1690058

Learn to read the rest of the posts before replying and stop haranguing the people actually contributing to the thread

No. 1690088

sorry what is EW? am not newfag either just cant think of who that is

No. 1690090

these threads always make me nervous people IRL must think i make myself throw up because of how giant and round my head (and cheeks) are

No. 1690095

Old milk - very old cows from way back , but what happened to Allegra, Laura ( went to clinic in South Africa ) , poppy, that McKee girl, Buddy’s mum, Rosamaca, Seth and anyone else from about 5 years ago! The only one still around is Smorven.

No. 1690120

Hannah/Mckeegirl got married a couple of years ago [insert Corpse Bride joke here]. Still dresses like a deranged clown but is looking slightly better lately

No. 1690239

Allegra/Aly died, drugs.

No. 1690250

She has a weird jaw/mouth area that causes a lisp, look at pics of her now she still has the same large jaw and cheek area. Some of you think every chubby cheeked woman is a bulimic lol

No. 1690282

It's literally halloween and I don't think anyone's noticed yet.

No. 1690342

File: 1667256830798.png (31.6 KB, 479x706, quelle surprise.png)

Ganer has been undereating on her macros and has had a stern talking to from her coach. Why am I not suprised.

She loves to make out like she's strong willed but really she's weak as fuck and she just does everything her ED wants. You know who's really strong Ganer who never gains? People who actually recover rather than failing at every area of life like you are. Hope your coach kicks you to the curb like you deserve.

No. 1690344

File: 1667256898364.png (644.21 KB, 457x709, hide yo kids.png)

She-Hulk costume? More like the Wicked Witch of the Fuckin West.

Scary, but unintentionally so.

No. 1690349

She can get implants but not lip filler?

No. 1690400

File: 1667261009357.jpeg (217.73 KB, 828x823, 762278F7-98CD-427F-83F5-83B6F4…)

What in the actual fuck….this bitch starved her upper lip off

No. 1690403

just remember the internet isn't that reflective of real life, and especially not when you've gone down the rabbit hole far enough to be surrounded by the particularly deranged frequenters of this thread

No. 1690479

Sad not surprised I guess

No. 1690489

What about Weebabe?

No. 1690524

File: 1667268589700.png (497.15 KB, 1060x586, Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 9.09…)

"spirit week", jfc.

No. 1690536

>I'm hilarious
not usually a thing people who are actually funny ever say.

No. 1690541

idk if anyone here even remembers her but lauren (weetabixloz or something) was mentioned before, she did heroin while IP i think. i used to follow her but no clue what happened to her

No. 1690549


Is she really Ana chan? She’s wiry and has a weird face but some stuff looks kind of normal. Maybe I’ve just seen too many skellys

No. 1690562

File: 1667271876221.jpg (343.14 KB, 1079x1918, Screenshot_20221101-025956_Ins…)

This Lauren? I've not heard from her in years

No. 1690569

she basically admitted to restricting for once.
i am shooketh!

No. 1690581

File: 1667273228837.jpeg (764.87 KB, 1170x1609, E509F969-51F4-4C52-8A2C-044202…)

This shit is so funny

Also any actual ballet dancers here? Is this a joke to you? Like are they terrible at it? I didn’t think you could just go and buy pointe shoes

No. 1690583

File: 1667273258607.jpeg (818.62 KB, 1170x2067, 0446415F-E3A3-44DF-AF82-6EC921…)

This could be a meme if I was good at photoshop

No. 1690604

Yes, and this is just… Painful to look at
And this is even worse
My main ballet teacher is 67, I think she'd have a heart attack seeing these

No. 1690637

I’ve been doing ballet for a month and even I know this is wrong form kek

No. 1690639

Top Kek’s!
Ashleigh claims to be a ballerina and got pointe shoes - the new leg lifter.
Or maybe that’s one of her alters.
Those two together was always going to end in hysterics !

No. 1690663

whatever CJ… i dont know anyone who is a bigger backstabber of a "friend" before than you.

No. 1690671

Not actually CJ - another human that lives in QLD who actually works and pays taxes - apparently to support these two munchies draining the health care system

No. 1690699

Wtf goin on in Ohio kek

No. 1690719

I still follow McKee girl and I think her outfits are cute. Does anyone know what she does for a living? She has tons of clothes and a lot are quite expensive.

No. 1690750

wasn't her family wealthy?

No. 1690761

Spill the milk Nonna

No. 1690774

Oh I don’t know the cows in real life; I just know Ashleigh was at New Farm for maybe the whole of 6hrs and when they wouldn’t meet her demands she left - had a fucking tantrum before she did though.
She has NDIS and a gfm because apparently they don’t give her enough money, but I’d love to know where her and Melly Moo get all of their money from. They literally did another gfm for her to come from NZ to Aus and see all of Ashleigh’s “specialists” and get a PEG-J because she apparently can’t eat anything (doesn’t have an issue drinking smoothies or energy drinks though..), see the same therapists, GP, everything.. it’s people like these two that grind my gears because they take take take from everyone to fill their sad lives with squishmallows and wigs and think they’re untouchable.. and as for CJ - who in their right mind encourages the bullshit?!? She’s clearly the idiot behind the camera taking all of these photos of them.
End rant

No. 1690799

I've been doing ballet for years, not sure about the feet cause it's from the back but their arm positions aren't very good! Also bent knees in the second pic downthread

No. 1690801

Tinfoil is this Ash/Mellymoo

No. 1690938

File: 1667316221703.jpeg (197.2 KB, 828x819, 6B7AB69B-F925-48C5-946B-B9C030…)

Oh sorry this was meant to be in comparison to the She Hulk horror show. This is what home girl looks like now. The implants combined with the skelly face and overbite is so fucking creepy.

No. 1690939

File: 1667316284272.jpeg (218.39 KB, 828x918, 6825FB9D-02AF-4E54-8ADD-54C32D…)

Bitch needs a visit to Denver ACUTE stat

No. 1690943

Oh holy shit

No. 1690945

You gotta admire her confidence though. With a face like that I wouldn't post many pictures to social media if at all.

No. 1690951

It’s clear that she’s hyper focused on the body building “physique” and doesn’t realize how ugly it’s made her

No. 1690987

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and she’s just leaning over you like this staring whilst a whisper of her foetid breath wafts over you.

No. 1690997

File: 1667322431872.jpeg (100.95 KB, 712x712, 75DF547E-7490-449B-81DB-AAF1BF…)

>I’m a fan of mischief

No. 1690999

File: 1667322514243.jpeg (200.59 KB, 704x1265, 6D8981F6-244C-4A26-AB08-18146E…)

i couldn’t decide what was funnier, so have both

How one woman looks like both Rami Malek and Nigel Thornberry is beyond me

No. 1691005

don't worry, they're both hilarious. that woman is a true mess.

No. 1691023

Terrifying. You know she has that ketosis aroma. And vile farts.

No. 1691057

I've always thought she was a shopaholic

No. 1691122

She went AWOL from her account when drugs got really really bad, comments left after said she is alive but couldn't access her account. After that I'm not sure what has happened with her

No. 1691149

ah yeah that’s the one i think

No. 1691167

Fi’s latest yt video she sat down and reminded her self and us what she went trough last year and her relapse

No. 1691176

she might actually add a rice krispie or two?

No. 1691203

She looks like a starved rotisserie chicken. But she gets medals, so I guess, continue to dream big, Ganer!

No. 1691264


its giving house elf

No. 1691278


She’s a teaching assistant. Her husband I think is an engineer? Also her family are wealthy. Super swanky flat in central London and huge house in Harrogate. Hannah is actually really nice and very sweet, never speaks about or seems to engage with the eating disorder community anymore.

No. 1691322

Anyone know when she was last active? was it like years ago

No. 1691331

File: 1667350962269.png (1.48 MB, 968x1382, Capture.PNG)

i dont mean to alarm anyone but our grime queen appears to have lost some weight and has been posting "meals" similar to her heavy bp era.

No. 1691366

What the fucking FUCK is with her ASS??

What is with her everything Jesus this is nightmare fuel. Someone feed this poor woman.

No. 1691371

these threads have truly gone to shit if you consider two highly active instagram accounts posting on their stories “milk” or worth posting about.

No. 1691406

you don't even want to know. this place is terrifying.

No. 1691433

File: 1667360592080.png (144.86 KB, 461x617, Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 10.4…)

grifting for a peg/j

No. 1691478

Let’s not forget moving to Australia to munch off our health care system .. this is unbelievable - but totally believable for those three

No. 1691493

File: 1667368354138.jpg (196.95 KB, 1080x1920, Lolz.jpg)

I no longer have anorexia!

No. 1691501

Jump scare! Them teeth are fake!

No. 1691503

File: 1667372574969.png (1.31 MB, 1322x1622, Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 12.0…)

I wonder if Nikol realizes all her man-hating is directed at the wrong folks, especially when she's Exhibit A about women tearing each other down. Full photos she's judging will follow…

No. 1691504

File: 1667372602776.jpeg (209.54 KB, 783x1835, FgZ_O3CXEAEUXL4.jpeg)

No. 1691505

File: 1667372629503.jpeg (250.06 KB, 862x2030, FgZ_OsgXgAATjNg.jpeg)

I mean, 21-23???

No. 1691510

Is this you and you're having a meltdown based on her bmi estimation?

this person looks healthy. she guessed a healthy bmi. I don't see the problem.

No. 1691513

Forgive me for not knowing but isn't a bmi of 21-23 average? She looks average weight, but that's a good thing. And her proportions are literally perfect, I wish I had hips like that.

No. 1691516

File: 1667373420788.jpeg (590.38 KB, 2048x2048, nV8yRar.jpeg)

I'm probably the opposite of the girl in the picture, but she's reasonably slender, and I know Nikol pushes estimates as high as they could possibly be from earlier posts.
By contrast this pic is listed as an example of 16-17.
I'm not saying she's not healthy, just that she's being overestimated.

No. 1691517


Are you okay? That looks like a pretty good estimate to me

No. 1691518


This person looks a lot taller…

No. 1691519

This looks like a higher bmi than 16-17. Chill out.

No. 1691521

I don't know man I'm not good with bmi but doesn't it differ between people based on height and muscle tone. Both these women look great though, not anachan but again that's a good thing.

No. 1691525

File: 1667374004709.png (570.68 KB, 589x701, Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 2.26…)

something actually funny instead of the bmi sperging

No. 1691526

File: 1667374066924.png (342.44 KB, 450x706, Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 2.27…)

No. 1691527

File: 1667374128139.png (420.35 KB, 449x733, Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 2.28…)

apparently at some point someone was recommending a g tube? what the actual fuck

No. 1691528

File: 1667374177560.png (407.94 KB, 450x706, Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 2.29…)

last one

No. 1691529


I'm not sure she ever even won anything, just a well done you tried medal like they love giving people in the US. She entered one competition, starved herself for 'prep' then just carried on going. She's way thinner now than she was even on stage.

No. 1691531

Ballet dancer here, yes, they're absolutely terrible at it. It's also dangerous and dumb to just buy a random pair of pointe shoes and walk in them but I honestly couldn't care less if they broke their ankles

No. 1691533

How do you even achieve such a level of definition? Like, is her skin thinned out or something…? Forget the zero fat percentage, I would expect the skin itself to be thicker than that

No. 1691534

Shit please god no

No. 1691535

The girl looks good and that’s definitely nowhere near 16-17, it’s more between 18-20

No. 1691536

>today's food
Hopefully that isn't all of it, rooting for her so hard

No. 1691539

The girl looks good and that’s definitely nowhere near 16-17, it’s more between 18-20

No. 1691559

File: 1667383337876.jpeg (422 KB, 1125x1332, 934646CA-B5F6-45E2-ADBD-50C923…)

Could you be any more narcissistic? Kay is honestly just a bitch!

No. 1691560

girl we know x

No. 1691565

what is with anachans and their massive egos kek

No. 1691573

She’s a purger and it shows.

No. 1691592

File: 1667389500129.jpeg (446.63 KB, 828x467, 34D7AFA2-8C06-4156-BD1E-74B57D…)

not my idea but heres my submission for the banner in the next thread
(sage for no milk)

No. 1691593

I think we've got a winner already…
Well done!

No. 1691594

Holy shit kek, nice work nona

No. 1691595

File: 1667390254151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.55 KB, 936x926, RDT_20221102_07452819199447500…)

EC looking extra spoopy yesterday while flashing her bra. Apparently many theories of her abusing stimulants and/or barbiturates are floating around due to her manic then subdued behavior, drastically switching between the two repeatedly throughout her stream. Pretty amazing that her heart is still going tbqh. Her grandma is dying and her weight has dropped throughout this time. Keeping an eye on this one as she's gonna get the 5150 again soon or keel over.

Saged because not proper milk imo.

No. 1691598

damn her makeup skills have gotten really sloppy huh guess that’s what happens when your brain and body have been rotting away for years

No. 1691599

Nice!! Where is the kitty123 or 321 woman though(emoji)

No. 1691602

forgot to put them in was going to put porgie in to for the hell of it but couldn’t find any photos of her that’d be worth putting in. my mistake(emoji)

No. 1691603


Nah, no mistakes - you can't fit everyone in. You did a great job.

No. 1691623

File: 1667393526039.jpg (307.75 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20221102-083604_Chr…)

Kitty's made it to some PHP

No. 1691665

Literal hag face, she'd be great in a horror movie

No. 1691669

This isn't even remotely a body building physique lmao

No. 1691679

Maybe i'm a psycho but she really activates my monkey brain in a bad way, I hate her skelly face and weird ass body.