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No. 1686617

Read the rules before posting! Newfags, type “sage” in the email field (unless reporting new milk). The same ol’ song and dance: Do not post faces of minors, links to Sabrina’s daughter’s social media, and most importantly do NOT humour RTAfag.

Rules link

GENERAL UPDATE - Despite Pumpy’s best efforts, no one got pregnant in the last thread.

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/SixGinn/Morgan Hoffman:
>> Much to her delight, still the primary cow (RE: Directing followers to these threads in her story).
>> Incessant posting to bring awareness of Ty using her as a cum dumpster because SURPRISE homeboy still has not claimed her or even publicly acknowledged having any type of relationship with her. She continues to refer to him as her boyfriend, baby daddy, etc.
>> Gets rid of the vehicle that she can’t afford to get a “super mom car.” She also states in a cam show, of all times, that she needs a vehicle suitable to drive Ty’s daughter around – This is the same child that she’s referred to as “ratchet” in the past and seemingly has little-to-no involvement with.
>> More Lupus larping and sperging.
>> Still can’t decide what version of history she wants to roll with when it comes to her past, family, and previous relationships.
>> Goes on a strange rant about how she was in her “masculine energy” and getting pregnant put her in “feminine energy,” embellishing that Ty was “everything she needed” and doing everything for her while she was pregnant.. Giving nonnas major whiplash, considering that she had whined and suicide baited during her solo medical abortion alone (while Ty partied with friends). Of course, she deletes everything after posting.
>> Pays for Ty and his friends (another couple) to take a mini vacation in a rental house and generally continues to foot Ty/his friend’s bill.
>> Announces going off her birth control, no reason provided but we ALL know what’s really up. Acts like she’s detoxing off of hard drugs, complaining about every little thing.
>> Advertises charging $50 for a follow back but is sO wEaLtHy and has oUr yEaRLy sALaRy oN hEr wRisT
>> Still claiming that she beat up a girl who hit on Ty with two broken arms attached to the same body that she also states is falling apart daily.
>> Ty’s baby mama’s friend comes in to say Pumpy is the worst of all Ty’s girlies and Stella is concerned, likely fuel for Pump’s subsequent story responses about women not taking care of their kids or having custody.
>> Complains about women having asses because she doesn’t.
>> Brags about Ty hyping her up and being obsessed with taking pictures of her, but all he posts is her car.
>> Gasses Ty up for his parenting, despite him always being in her shithole with no child in sight.
>> New rant says she had her abortion for her partner’s sake and wHoA iS mE that’s why she can’t do her job or be consistent with work.


Tyler (Ty) Arenas – Pumpy's P4P/Sugar Baby Links:

Sabrina Nellie "Brina" Juarez:
>> Drifting back and forth between the homes of relatives, while claiming to have signed a new lease and buying/e-begging for apartment stuff.. it’s been over a month and yet again no place to show for it
>> Sabrina and JJ take notes from Aaron Carter & Melanie by breaking/making up multiple times. Sabrina posts a bunch about this, notably calling JJ a “mama’s boy.”
>> Has some weird, short lived sloth obsession that ends suddenly.. she either lost it while high or JJ got too jealous (RIP Sloth?)
>> Stella, Ty’s baby mama, posts a string of tweets acknowledging Ty cheating on her presumably with Sabrina and having to help Brina through two abortions with Ty and a lot of abuse. Stella also expresses her concern/distaste for Ty dating people who “expose everything” and are “in threads” (RE: Pumpy)
>> Visibly chunkier and still posting old pics to try and throw us off her heffer scent.
>> Calls the cops on manlet JUNKIE JAMES after he shoved and choked her when he went through her phone/laptop. Sabrina tells police officers that JJ gets jealous of her job in the adult industry and how she talks with men/clients. Police observe bruises on her arms and neck that are consistent with the accusations. James owned up to it and is booked for domestic battery and strangulation.. they stay together.
>> Shooping what’s left of her brains out.
>> Her and Rhett follow each other, no one knows what this means (yet).
>> Makes a big show of scrapbooking some shit for Big C’s birthday, probably to mail out because she HASN’T SEEN ANY OF HER THREE ABANDONED CHILDREN SINCE THREAD #9
>> Her dad’s cat still hates her


James Del Toro/Junkie James/”JJ” – Abuser & On/Off Boyfriend:

Past Threads
4 (Mislabelled as 5) >>>/snow/1485139
3 >>>/snow/1405225
2 https://original.lolcow.farm/snow/res/1261804.html
1 >>>/snow/198254

Sandra G Popa:
>> Continues to live in that strange garage set-up and added an additional cat into the mix.
>> Declares her diagnosis of “Resistant Depression” and informs us that she’ll be proceeding with Electroshock Therapy.
>> Music career seems on hold, thank GODT.


A-Why – Boyfriend/Prince Charming:

Melanie Martin:
>> Starts an OF with Aaron (again).
>> Breaks up with Aaron, deciding to play Mommy to their child who Aaron is banned from seeing (again).
>> Changes OF to “notyourwifexx” to spite Aaron.
>> Bored with being a mom and reunites with Schizo Carter.. you guessed it, again.


Aaron Carter – Baby Daddy and on/off Boyfriend:

>> Still filling her breasts like a loose canon.
>> Unclear if she’s maintaining the “trooning out” saga, a lot of whining about growing her hair out.


Honourable mentions include Kati3, Megan Marie (megvnmvrie), and Darcy Nicole.

>> Comes to the threads to say she is boring and has no connection to Sabrina, other than a “deeply affected mutual,” and then proceeds to defend creep-following Sabrina’s 13 year old daughter. Reads these threads but SWEARS that she’s not posting in here..


Previous Threads:

No. 1686622

Bless you for making this. Very happy no additional pregnancies occurred.

No. 1686633

File: 1666927802152.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 4096x2252, 66E49F30-4D52-461F-B835-D87BF8…)

Ah and to kick things off right

No. 1686643

that just looks so fucking uncomfortable i'm in awe.

No. 1686645

One of the worst things about it is that THIS is the “best” we’ve seen her look in a long time.

No. 1686652

Hard to believe this is the former it girl from tumblr. Holy shit. I refuse to believe her inflatable chest isn’t some form of self harm. If she went ahead with the BBL she’ll go for an equally over the top look. How is she going to sleep while she heals? On her stomach? Her head won’t be able to rest on a pillow with those floatation devices in the way.

No. 1686659

Mike has a bimbo fetish. I guess he pressured her. This is the same girl who claimed she is a "transman"

No. 1686661

>Giant ready to burst breast implants
>completely unshaven from the waist down
So like, can she not reach anymore or?

No. 1686676

Sabrina has the weirdest huge knees I've ever seen even in the photo. Ew.

No. 1686678

Honestly why does Pascaline /Zoey have a tapeworm coming out of her butt from last thread. This is concerning and disgusting and she follows 13 year olds. I'm glad she says shes away from the internet but apparent, she is not.

No. 1686689

Thanks for the post and thread, you did a great job

No. 1686735

You’re really coming hard for her, huh? Farmers outing other farmer’s irresponsible social media use is too funny.

No. 1686753

File: 1666940498688.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2057, 95838355-EBF2-478F-BFE3-829B7D…)

No. 1686768

File: 1666941809830.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1724, 89C06AF2-AF21-4EAE-A727-444AAA…)

Did Pascaline / Zoey move into the same loft condos as Pumpy too? (Vantage Lofts in Las Vegas) looks the exact same and I think that’s shortly after Pump moved there.

No. 1686794

Definitely not weirder than Morgan’s. They’re both anachans though so that’s why their knees are the widest part of their legs.

No. 1686861

LMAO what a POS

No. 1686867

File: 1666958622204.jpeg (204.59 KB, 1170x2039, 55483BC3-21C3-478E-92F3-700F41…)

See guys this is what I do to the old perv I fuck for money! I amplify his old balls.

Lmao gotta love Taylor thinking she’s SO “woke” with her disgusting relationship

No. 1686870

File: 1666959281719.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2023, 5F3C4F33-AD6C-459B-85E7-D1993B…)

JJ in the back looking like a straight up toddler

No. 1686902

File: 1666962066601.png (2.67 MB, 1800x758, 755497B5-5F1B-4BE6-9000-928912…)

She’s a fucking joke, literally.

No. 1686909

Is she still a fakeboi or

No. 1686913

The special shout out made me laugh not going to lie she deserves the spot in here. Great job tapeworm, trying to justify following a 13 year old she doesn't know but also not having any connection to Brina on top of following her underage daughter is just creepy. Then to expose your self on this thread proving you do post here is great. I don't think that's the same condo but who knows, would be hilarious because wasn't Pascaline one of the many Brina fans who joined together in trying to get pumpy kicked off MFC back in the day?

No. 1686918

Dang Kenzie looks so different with all the filters and a lot more like Ava.

No. 1686920

The last that she spoke on it, she was.

However, I summarized that it’s unclear now because how can you be both a fakeboi and a bimbo (her words/goal)? The math ain't mathing.

IDC if Mike has a bimbo fetish. If she was truly a transman in the process of transitioning then she wouldn’t be doing all of this. She’s just another impressionable idiot that needs to lay off the internet because it gives her too many dumb ideas.

No. 1686922

File: 1666964037842.jpeg (525.26 KB, 2048x2048, 0C826E9F-ED18-4F40-9E5A-8DFF78…)

The frequency of her posting stories like this over the past two months kek, someone has ol’ Pumps bothered af.

No. 1686926

Pascaline/ Zoey has been a cow but glad it's coming to light for the farmers. I'm sure she is also with some old man and that's why she hides away in PNW off the internet. If she "hated herself" for camming so much, why still sell content and be lurking on insta etc.

No. 1686953

File: 1666967596116.jpg (51.71 KB, 720x797, Screenshot_20221028-092037_Ins…)

First you follow Brinas underage daughter now you follow her second baby daddy, Michael. Oh you haven't contributed to this thread at all huh tapeworm?

No. 1686957

File: 1666967766100.jpg (41.24 KB, 720x831, Screenshot_20221028-093452_Ins…)

Michael's current baby mama brina hates

No. 1686958

And brinas ex best friend aka tys baby momma

No. 1686959

File: 1666967822570.jpg (37.56 KB, 720x807, Screenshot_20221028-093514_Ins…)


No. 1686965

She has “liked” several of Pascalines pics. Do they know each other irl?

No. 1686968

So if Michael and his baby momma don't follow you back and your only connection to brina is Sam then is that who you claim was hurt by brina who knows about these threads is that the one who you claim told you about it? Weird how you all of a sudden follow them. Coincidence? I think not. You aren't at all boring, Pascaline. Quite the opposite I'm intrigued now.

No. 1686977

This is so hilarious seeing her be called out for posting in here and her digging herself deeper in the mess. Planning a return to cam soon Zoey? Kek

No. 1686981

SIDEBAR, I’ve never looked into Middle C and his family. I am so happy that boy is so loved and well taken care of! Truly, something he could never have experienced with egg donor Sabrina as an involved mother.

Middle C might be the least favourite abandoned child, but he’s definitely the luckiest.

No. 1686987

File: 1666969739525.jpeg (333.49 KB, 2048x2048, 34AA5D88-DBA4-40F9-8F71-F67694…)

TF: Pumpy put Ty on the spot in front of the friends/friend’s gf about not posting her, ever. The friend’s gf probably gave Ty gears and Pump was able to facilitate this obviously rehearsed video of her walking by the art. We know that Pump was lurking the threads yesterday, thanks to her posting one on her story. Going into that night, this would have been an open wound for her. Not that it really matters, if you didn’t know any better then you’d just think it’s a random girl in the group that’s entered the shot. Nothing screams “wifey,” “partner,” or “bAbY mAmA” about this.

No. 1686993

File: 1666970133527.jpeg (354.94 KB, 2048x2048, 84C7CE23-C3F1-4FEB-A55C-8F2680…)

Samefag, the reason why I think it was a forced post is because his next post (of the group) he makes an effort to zoom in and focus on everyone. This includes the friend’s gf. Hilariously, he literally shakes trying to skip over Pumpy as fast as he can. He does NOT want to be associated with her. He knows how it makes him look and is aware of her meticulously documented life online over the past 8 years. If Stella’s friend posted that Stella doesn’t like that he is with someone who shares everything online and “is in threads” then obviously that’s conversation that Stella & Ty have had together. He’s fully aware that Pumpy isn’t just a camwhore, she’s a loaded gun to social suicide. His downfall is going to be his P4P ways that keep him hanging around her. Every day is another day that Pumpy openly tries to trap Ty and hides it behind “bReEdiNg kiNk.”

No. 1687007

She’s probably on her phone checking this thread.

No. 1687013

Micheals baby momma have you seen my scrunchie or w/e does follow Pascaline even going so far as to like a ton of her photos

No. 1687015

She’s a bimbro, duh

We need a spiritually enlightened & mystical Pumpy arc and it’d be funny if she joined Taylor’s cult. She’d put on a white turban, flap her arms around, chant in a language she doesn’t understand, grow her aura, and cast protection spells against groupies who want to steal her precious manlet away.

No. 1687037

so is that the friend of her affected by Brina? her and michael parent middle C with Brina fully out of the picture (legally).

No. 1687044

File: 1666972617109.jpeg (519.87 KB, 2046x1028, 37DF2317-34CC-4FC8-AAA6-743C77…)

Could even be that stepmami is the unidentified mutual, although I’m certain that it’s Stella. Anyways, Pascaline is definitely a full time farmer. She’s also “Sam’s (/Stella) friend” who posted midway through in the last thread (see picrel comparison). Pascaline LIVES on these threads as much as Pumpy, if not more.

No. 1687081

You all want to know WHY Pascaline follows Big C? It’s not hard to figure out. Pascalaame is one of the idiots who was logging Big C’s posts back in the Brina threads, until the behaviour got moralfagged. I don’t care enough to do this myself, but we could probably unearth many past posts that can be reasonably assumed to be Pascaline. She follows everyone in association like how other farmers do, the one difference is that Pascaline has some inside connections. I’d bet that Sam/Stella/Doe is on here too. She plays sweet but look at how much time she has on her hands and, being close with someone as lolcow-obsessed as Pascaline, she’s certainly partaking. None of this is shocking though, obviously people who personally know cows are going to flock to the farms. If they are this cringe/unbearable online, imagine irl?

No. 1687111

God pumpy is such a pick me girl it's so pathetic but amusing to watch her repeatedly get used by every loser she comes across. Brina I assume she reads the threads why else would she have posted that picture of her daughter yesterday? As for everything else going on in this already milky thread Sam "stella" aka roastbeef (tys cute nickname for her vag) has her hands full, 3 kids all different baby daddies like Brina. Ty having one of her children in his custody which leaves her with 2 to only have to care for gives her more time to be in the forums to fuel her hatred towards pumpy and brina imagine how much she posts in here along with Pascaline, zoeybeth aka tapeworm/saggy tits. Wouldn't surprise me at all if Michael's girlfriend does too but I could see the reason why, it must be heartbreaking watch a child you care abouts mother give a damn less about ANY of her 3 kids but mostly middle C she never made even the slightest attempt with and gave up her rights so quickly. Makes sense now who else would have all this information and pictures shared in the threads? Brina definitely has many people against her, Dessa (her sister) included who occasionally drops in these threads from time to time. Pascaline just put so much attention on herself, Sam, and Michael baby momma. Congratulations on outing yourself and everyone involved it's clear as to why you were a cam girl not much brains up there, tapeworm. You're boring life is about to get a lot less boring, Congratulations!

No. 1687128

I mean we all knew it was inner circle/cam girls but for one person to blow the lid off and get one of the idiots to admit to it makes it beyond amusing how now you can be certain who's involved. Great going Pascaline give us more milk! You don't have to hide anymore, Samantha you don't either we all know you live in here since your baby daddy works in Alaska this must be what you do while he's away. Makes sense why you go missing for some time when he's back. Go far back in the threads and match them to your tweets and IG when he's home vs when he's not you have a lot to say, we want to hear more. Pumpy we already knew you were in here long before, please do tell us your thoughts I know this has to be amusing. Brina I'm not sure if she has anymore brain cells left to even find this.

No. 1687169

Right? This circus of cows, clowns, and cluster b’s has got a lot more interesting. As for Sabrina, I genuinely don’t think she posts in here or consistently reads. Do you see how high she gets? Almost completely non-functional. Her arts & crafts for Chloe wasn’t a response to these threads, she would have showboated regardless because she’ll think it makes her look like a caring mother & being positive messages about how “cute/thoughtful” it was from her remaining stans.

Junkie James, on the other hand: He for sure stays well read on this thread and it’s painfully evident by his vaped out story rants.

No. 1687176

Pascaline deactivated her account kek

No. 1687178

samefag “bring” not “being.”

I don’t want to get labelled Pumpy over a stupid autocorrect spelling error (her specialty).

No. 1687180

It’s okay, she’ll still have a burner or two in her tool belt to keep up with posting in here.

No. 1687182

File: 1666979805746.jpg (51.44 KB, 720x573, Screenshot_20221028-125538_Ins…)

Don't worry here is her temp account until she thinks we will forget about her.

No. 1687200

Sabrina wouldn’t know how to navigate this site, even with direct links to her threads. Pumpy obviously comes in here. I sometimes think the aggressive comments towards other girls mentioned here are her. I’m sure Sabrina’s exes, family, former friends, frenemies, and adjacent sex workers lurk too.

No. 1687209

I’m certain that Ty must have more than Samantha creeping in here and that further fuels the embarrassment prompting him to conceal time with Pumpy. I would think that him and his circle have been aware of this site at least from his Sabrina days bc she’s always been a favourite cow to follow for many + the cow with the highest frequency of converting IRL’s into farmers.

^ Deleted and reposted to word it clearer

No. 1687218

I've never seen Sabrina's 2nd baby daddy but wow what a beautiful family they all make. He definitely is the luckiest of all of Sabrina's abandoned children no doubt! Pascaline is a fucking weirdo and must be overboard obsessed with Sabrina. Come spill more milk, tapeworm butt

No. 1687237

File: 1666984968886.jpg (50.05 KB, 720x1309, Screenshot_20221028-141653_Chr…)

You can dish it but you can't take it I see. Deleted your Twitter today as well. Not very smart using the same name for your insta as soon as you were posted in here you panicked and started unfollowing people. Not so slick

No. 1687240

File: 1666985033761.jpg (128.92 KB, 720x1279, Screenshot_20221028-141738_Chr…)

Are you making a come back to mfc anytime soon?

No. 1687246

File: 1666985268222.jpg (140.98 KB, 720x1261, Screenshot_20221028-142655_Ins…)

Pumpy I didn't know you could read Tys mind.

No. 1687256

File: 1666985521435.jpg (117.65 KB, 720x1230, Screenshot_20221028-142834_Ins…)

Thank you to whoever called pascaline out because now we get this milk she knows Sam posts in here. Get ready for a milky ride!

No. 1687259

File: 1666985547079.jpg (152.47 KB, 720x1246, Screenshot_20221028-142848_Ins…)

No. 1687283

"Hi Pascaline here, I haVeNt CaMmeD sIncE 2018"
Do you even know what year it is? These cam hoes are so dumb, literally their implants must be burning away brain cells at an alarming rate. Pascaline can't delete the internet and that she's a creep

No. 1687336

I'm just confused. Even guys with bimbo fetishes don't like them looking like this. Don't get me wrong, they like them huge, but not like THIS huge. This big is like the 1% of an already some what niche fetish. Is mike actually one of those people? All the girls he's '''cheated''' (since they're technically open but charms clearly still gets upset and is controlling about it) on charms with looked nothing like this and were not bimbos (they were cute/relatively thin alt girls with average to no boobs).

I don't know, something doesn't add up.

No. 1687364

File: 1666992235121.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x2037, 041C877E-2782-46E4-99C0-3AD955…)

This bitch is such a moron. If you want to lose some brain cells today, go listen to her rant on Instagram kek. She really be thinking she should be giving advice because she no longer fucks herself on cam? Girl you are still a fucking sex worker who fucks an old nasty liver spotted chode. Why would I or anyone want to listen to anything you have to say? She’s such a vapid bimbo parading around as a spiritual guru. How can one be so spiritually awake yet greedy for materialistic things?? Fucking stupid bitch

No. 1687387

Her lips actually look painful

No. 1687388

Middle C definitely lucked out by having a dad that actually stepped up to the plate. Sorry to say, but Brina’s other two kids are pretty much screwed, with Big C probably having it the worst. Sucha shame to bring kids into this world that you pretty much know from the jump that you don’t want. Brina’s kids came about because she was trying to trap her man of the moment, not because she wanted children. She is truly the worst. And she might not be done reproducing yet… let’s hope she doesn’t go for a baby with JJ.

No. 1687396

I could see Junkie James hastily pushing for a baby, hoping it will end Sabrina’s camming career that drives him loco. Hopefully that lil damaged brain of his is able to put 2 and 2 together — Sabrina is void of maternal instinct. Three men and three children haven’t changed that. Hell, she couldn’t even form an appreciable bond with a cat and a dog. This girl is numb. A bad apple. She’ll never truly feel something for anyone else, only herself.

No. 1687401

Given what happened between him and Brina recently I'm guessing child services would be on their ass if she got knocked up?

No. 1687436

Does she do anything aside from talk brain dead shit and hype her own ugly ass up? I’ve read all the threads and it seems like she really has nothing else going on at all. There was the time she announced she was going to be a tattooer even though she admitted she can’t draw, but like… what else? Ty’s music is fucking cringe but at least he has a real job and a talent. All she does is get uglier and more embarrassing and talk about how beautiful she is lol. Ooh I dRiNk WaTeR so unique, what a hobby.

No. 1687437

Same anon I just want to add that I used the word “talent” very loosely there

No. 1687487

The only one of any of these cows that has any sort of a hobby other than sitting at home rotting away while waiting for a man to give them attention is Taylor and her ass ended up in a cult pursuing her “hobby”. The future is bleak for all of them. Do ANY of them drive other than Taylor? Wanna-be camgirls should be forced to read these threads before signing up kek bunch of nobodies with inflated egos

No. 1687532

What is Taylor’s hobby exactly? She sits on her flat ass waiting for attention from her chode

No. 1687572

Kundalini and Gary’s cult lol

No. 1687674

That’s not a hobby, that’s called a delusion kek.

No. 1687803

Yes have to agree with my fellow anon. That is not a hobby. Not to mention Taylor completely stole her identity from Emily aka eat glitter. Taylor like a Pumpy or Pascaline. She has no real identity or self esteem so just stole someone else’s kek. Being an anachan, materialistic bitch POS is not a hobby either

No. 1687809

I think Brina needs some prison time like her brother. She honestly may end up there in a few years the way her life is going. From the penthouse to prison! Should be a tv show on TLC

No. 1687817

Caught Sandra at the end of her MFC stream earlier. Someone said "you look tired" and she typed "I'm depressed lol" and logged off soon after. She looked sad.

No. 1687828

I’d imagine it would be hard to be happy if you are a vapid bimbo who fucks herself on cam to make a living or straight up whores at cafe Lu. Not to mention an unchecked eating disorder, a laundry list of pharmaceuticals that she takes randomly. I’m so sick of Sandra thinking she’s mentally I’ll and deserving of sympathy. If I lived my life like hers I’d be depressed too. It’s apparently only rocket science to her why she’s so miserable.

No. 1687874

File: 1667051027608.png (3.1 MB, 1744x1800, 6E6E3320-A8FF-46CB-B674-423383…)

No. 1687928

She should have body painted her massive tits to look like jack-o-lanterns. Missed opportunity

No. 1687938

It’s something that keeps her mind occupied and gets her out of the house. Not that she’s inspiring or the only one that does that kundalini or FrUiT BaBy stuff or that it’s healthy or however you guys took it. She’s the only one of the cows mentioned that goes outside, drives around, does things alone. All these cows need a hobby, they’re all so fucking boring festering over ugly men all day. Literally all they do with their lives. I wasn’t hyping Taylor up, I was wondering if I missed something and if ANY of these hoes do anything other than sit there and wait for attention (whether online or irl from their P4P’s). It’s no wonder they all have a myriad of health and mental issues, they do it to themselves for the most part.

No. 1687974

I mean I guess compared to Sandra, Kenzie, Brina, Pumpy ya Taylor comes out looking the best, but that’s not much of a compliment kek. Taylor has an obvious eating disorder, is heavily involved in a cult, is a literal self admitted whore who fucks an old man for money, and always looks zonked out to me. She is not as open with her shit life and mental illnesses as the other cows but to say she’s better than them is just because she’s better at hiding it imo

No. 1687994

Sabrina has never dealt with serious consequences other than losing custody of her kids and public embarrassment. Nothing happened with her Dainty Lust lingerie scam. The IRS didn’t put her in prison for unpaid taxes. She’s never been busted for prostitution or possession of drugs, and she was never caught driving under the influence when she had her cadillac.

No. 1688077

Anyone could make it happen if they really wanted to but it must be the pity for the kids why they don’t.
It’s just gonna be worse for the kids if brina gets in more trouble.

No. 1688090

File: 1667071122012.png (Spoiler Image, 301.86 KB, 908x594, Screenshot 2022-10-29 2.58.17 …)

Pascaline "zoey beth" deleted all her social media accounts after being called out for being a skin walker and creep stalker of Sabrina and Pumpy. Hey tapeworm, you forgot your MFC share kek

No. 1688121

Why does everyone call her tapeworm? I went all the way back to last thread and can’t find what I’m missing

No. 1688125

I thought she said she left in 2018? This says she was online streaming until almost 2020.

No. 1688147

File: 1667074032838.jpeg (448.54 KB, 1599x2399, C500C79E-B038-4295-B67A-C7B2A3…)

Zoey did move into the same condos as Pumpy while Pumpy lived there kek Zoeys pic on top

No. 1688163

Dunno. I assume it’s a joke based off this photo >>1683536

No. 1688437

File: 1667095189560.jpeg (238.86 KB, 1170x972, 6381123B-9080-49BD-8665-DB952A…)

Another account of Pascalines with the “.jpg” in her handle like Pumpy frequently does

No. 1688531

File: 1667103123636.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 209.04 KB, 1630x2048, 5436DFEB-97F1-48C8-B078-3DC427…)

I didn’t realize Kati3 was on a Brina level of photoshopping

No. 1688800

Doe’s Instagram is set to private now kek. She definitely lurks here. Actually think she lives on this thread.

No. 1688896

File: 1667142670407.jpeg (97.69 KB, 1170x457, 6ED5BF20-DCB2-4B6F-A170-1BA524…)

Are you normal Doe? What about your friend Pascaline? Moralfag

No. 1688903

Oh she’s one to talk!!! Go get custody of your daughter back from Ty you loser

No. 1688904

A hahaha she is!!!

No. 1689214

Samantha we all know you've hated Brina long before she even fucked Ty, you've always been jealous so now her downfall is easily your favorite. I remember her back on MFC with Brina, "Anafoxx", "Lomeli" when she added an extra 1k to her check brina wrote her and the other girls that was split evenly supposedly back when she was with Ty. She fucks ty and you still stay friends then you end up not friends once she leaves AJ for ty okay I'm sure you contributed to this thread long before that. You and Pascaline are ones to talk, roastbeef.

No. 1689216

File: 1667161843274.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.27 KB, 352x198, 5.jpg)

Shout out to Stellafaye aka roastbeef since you so badly want to be talked about in here too.

No. 1689234

Since being called out, a deactivated account, two new accounts made for pascaline on private and now yours too. You two can dish it but you can't take it. Kek

No. 1689238

I remember that. Brina was dumb as HELL for giving all 3 of them signed blank checks. For people who missed it - the 4 of them did a bath show at Brinas first condo at the Strata and they were splitting what they made evenly. Everyone was supposed to write in $1500, but Stella wrote in $2500. As soon as Brina noticed she took to Twitter to call out Stella publicly and let everyone know what happened with screenshots from her bank of the check. Stella made a public apology shortly after and told everyone she was broke and hurting for the cash. They were “friends” again shortly after cuz Stella wanted in on a trip to Mexico Brina was taking, not sure how much Stella contributed. It looked like Brina footed the bill to take herself, Rhett, Stella, and Ty.

No. 1689280

Late reply but it’s possible he is just sabotaging her looks so no one else will want her. Does she sleep with anyone else besides him?

No. 1689281

File: 1667165073016.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 76.57 KB, 642x446, 77B05BFB-6F82-49A5-B2A6-518B95…)

Samefag with picrel

No. 1689318

honestly this makes the most sense to me. And no not that I'm aware of. I think darcy mentioned forever ago that while they were 'dating' they rarely hooked up? I could be wrong it's been a long time now. It's kind of sad that he's most likely constantly sleeping with girls the complete and polar opposite of her and she's continuing down this path to… this crap.

No. 1689371

Thanks for explaining. Never heard about this despite following Brina’s antics for years. Messy cows.
What happened to Valerie Vixen who used to hang out with Brina and Kristen? She was an interesting tumblr cam girl who randomly disappeared.

No. 1689396

File: 1667172393540.jpg (Spoiler Image, 702.5 KB, 1800x1800, Collage_2022-10-25_03:10:32.jp…)

I would say Sabrina hasn't dealt with any serious consequences, like she deserves but she does live with her father at 30 years old, has no car, no friends, and a brain dead abusive bf, JJ. Fucking herself all over the internet for free, and without all of her 3 children and has nothing but misery to show for her life. That I think all is a consequence of it's own kind.

No. 1689401

I believe it was mentioned in another thread that she is a mother now and lives a normal life.
Doe "Stella" and Zoey "Pascaline the roastbeef tapeworm duo vs Sabrina the original cam dumpster and deadbeat mom

No. 1689414

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought brina did write the checks but Stella wrote over the 1 with a 2 because didn't Brina take a picture of it and blast it everywhere? Valerie has two kids now with the same guy. Used to be heavy on drugs and struggled with an ED during camping but got clean and seems she's doing really good compared to these cows.

No. 1689462

Kekkkk roastbeef/tapeworm duo should of been the name of this one

No. 1689993

Valerie met a guy and had a baby and quit sex work. Fun little tidbit- I went to highschool with Valerie, she had her stage name picked out at when she was well before 18 and had already planned to do sex work the second she was legal

No. 1690024

I see tapeworms pascalaame account is back up.

No. 1690047

Kind of messed up she wanted to jump into sex work as soon as she turned 18, but good on her for getting out and living a normal life.
Most cam girls I follow (except for pumpy) are from the peak pro-sex work tumblr girl era, so it’s interesting seeing how everyone’s lives turned out.

No. 1690083

She’s been doing that lame anon AMA thing lately and her response to anything related to sex is that she is not having sex with anyone outside of her relationship “during Covid.”

I’m taking note for the next thread, if I end up making that one as well. Same with Bimbro kek. I made this one in a rush to make sure it’d be done/posted before the last thread locked.

No. 1690126

Me too. Bottom line: don’t do camming kek every “it” girls life is a pile of shit now each in their own ways

No. 1690285

Before she met this guy she got into drugs heavily. Literally rock bottom. She was a basket case.

No. 1690362

File: 1667258730845.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1284x2245, 9F3CAF3D-D614-4B0D-B601-A0520F…)

I’m honestly shocked that this wasn’t captioned “WOW I really look this beautiful after a severe allergic reaction that could have KILLED me because lupus, lupus, lupus, my body wants me dead. My boyfriend is the best. I hate men and only want to fuck women. I also hate women tho.”

No. 1690463

Allergies? Meanwhile her cheeks and lips look extra plump? Did she top up on fillers?

No. 1690480

Just looks like her eye is half closed, not swollen from a reaction.

No. 1690503

File: 1667267022944.jpeg (252.98 KB, 1170x632, 861FBB6D-CCBF-4FA5-A6E3-C9F260…)

I love when she subtweets Ty lmao

No. 1690769

She has the clearest, non-wolflike face I've ever seen on a lupus patient. Never see an inkling of a butterfly rash. Does she really have it? Does she claim disability for it? Does she take any medication at all, plaquenil, methotrexate? Why do I suspect she's full of shit?

No. 1690797

She claims she has it, no one has ever seen proof. She doesn’t take any medication because it gives her “moon face” and that effects her “job”

No. 1690860

File: 1667306114487.jpeg (534.28 KB, 1170x1257, 5F2D2A96-4D86-497F-92A9-DDD33C…)

She’s shown her ANA screening results as proof and that’s it.
There’s no definitive test for lupus so they test other things like if your immune cells are high in number.
I’ve had this test done last year due to my own personal health issues.
She’s just diagnosing herself like the dumb little pocket pussy she so wants to become.

No. 1690896

File: 1667312169033.jpeg (476.16 KB, 1170x1302, 7318F2A2-7DCF-49F7-9A1D-FE253E…)

ANA is just a rise in defense cells so it could literally be anything, even a flu virus, that elevates it.
Girl is just jumping on another influencer trend to get sympathy.

No. 1690935

I donno if having lupus is an influencer trend, but she’s been trying to pull sympathy for her self diagnosis for a long time. Anything to not take out her bolt ons that are balding her and causing her to have no energy.

No. 1690955

Ya Selena Gomez made it cool

No. 1691130

About her 'balding' I really don't think she is. I think she's mistaking her normal hair shedding for total hair loss. She would be actually bald by now if it was true with how long she's gone on about it. She's just retarded, doesn't realise we all loose hair daily and it doesn't mean we're going fucking bald

No. 1691530

Moon face comes from Prednisone. You only take that during flares. She should be on a immunosuppressant if she has it. I don't want to hear her bitching about her health if she's not taking care of herself.

No. 1691723

File: 1667405091541.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x2235, FEED314B-AD64-4210-95BE-B70A87…)

I’ve seen her post herself having a “butterfly rash” while out in the sun before and there was nothing visible on her face, absolutely no discolouration (yes — I’m Canadian). My guess is that her nose had the slightest redness to it from being outside for once and she thought, “OOH better log muh lupus.”

On point. In a previous thread, I mentioned having similar ANA results. They retested, stating that’s protocol because they need consistent results before proceeding with further testing & diagnosis. The fact that she was “one and done” tells me that subsequent testing didn’t fit her narrative and she’s only rolling with what matches her story.

The girl goes a week at a time without brushing her hair and then throws it through the ringer with styling. I’m not surprised that she has thinning patches in an area CONSISTENT with the lack of maintenance + overkill. Nevermind the idiot is obviously nutrient deficient and clearly has an eating disorder that she won’t own up to. If she can show us a bald spot somewhere like the back of her head, then maybe she’d seem less delusional (even though we’d all still know it’s probably from her ED that’s also causing lanugo all over her face).

Surprised no one posted this from the other day, I’m assuming Ty brought Pumpy trick-or-treating during his casual father duties?

No. 1691725

File: 1667405120970.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x2232, 6FD7BAA1-3900-4260-ACD8-78370B…)


No. 1691752

and then they gave her a $100% bill and all the trick or treaters clapped

No. 1691759

File: 1667407230476.jpeg (377.75 KB, 1170x2002, E2A9E158-73CB-4A06-BA7F-FD0A8E…)


No. 1691795

Also ew. Weird flex. Shows her white trash roots. That much toro would be like $60 if it were actually good

No. 1692230

File: 1667441368980.jpeg (2.08 MB, 1284x2270, 1C0C9568-E4BE-40EC-9761-BCB598…)

Love how she casually leaves out the fact that she was in two other relationships since her time in LA to make it seem like she and Ty have been seeing each other much longer than reality

No. 1692317

When will she realize it’s dumb af to be 26 and date a guy with a kid with an ex? He was mad at Sabrina for being a whore but he’s ran through too

No. 1692335

Everyone in this thread is trash and rN thru, especially Sabrina,, that's prob why Ty keeps Pumpy around just to make her feel like shit while she's with 3 in JJ.
Doe with 3 baby daddy's and Pascaline I'm sure with tons of abortions. She was very actively dating and cheating, with a tattoo artist

No. 1692368

Not to wk but I don’t understand the whole “she’s ran thru bc she has 4 kids with 2 different dads” type of outlook. Not all relationships work out. Being a stand in parent is what’s important and I feel like this thread as a whole loses sight of that. Forcing a relationship because a kid is involved is probably more toxic in the long run for everyone involved. Brina and Melanie are the real shit parents in here.

No. 1692388

I think the point is don’t be a whore who gets knocked up by the first guy you meet like these losers did over and over again.
How retarded could you be to be a sex worker and not use protection? But that’s what happens when you rely on sex as your personality, you get a lot of unplanned kids.

No. 1692461

Was going to say the same thing. Yes you are ran through if you have a bunch of kids, baby daddies, and relationships. These bitches intentionally get pregnant to trap their loser bfs. You shouldn’t have a kid with every man you date. (Looking at you Doe kek)

No. 1692463

He was mad at Brina for being a literal whore, not because she had a past of a lot of bfs

No. 1692465

File: 1667477986578.jpeg (920.81 KB, 1170x1448, 40ECC13B-3988-4522-8ED0-B24D36…)

I get second hand embarrassment from this bitch bringing her gong with her everywhere

No. 1692667

>>1692230 Pumpy’s pathological lying could be a drinking game. She finally got the guy who didn’t want to date her.. congrats? It will be interesting when she pressures him for an engagement or gets pregnant again. He enjoys what she offers (money + sex) but probably doesn’t want to be legally or permanently tied to her.

>>1692465 Cringe and comes across as brain damaged.

No. 1692703

He’s good for it while it’s unofficial, convenient, and loose-ended. Ty doesn’t have the fear he should with Pumpy because he wants to believe that he holds enough power to keep controlling her and get what he wants out of her (Splenda Mami). His common sense has been completely eroded by greed and he’s willfully rejecting the reality that, with time, Pumpy will not only expect but PUSH for more. When she doesn’t get that ring or baby, she’ll no longer be the doting and compliant fuckbuddy that foots the bill. She’s insecure as fuck and will continue to spend her days over-analyzing and troubleshooting their “relationship.” It will always fall short because she thinks it’s something that it’s not, even when there are so many clear indicators that Ty will only be able to brush off for so long. We obviously know that she’s aware on some level because of her subs at Ty (“guys not showing off their girls” posts). If they were truly a relationship headed for marriage and a family then why doesn’t his daughter come spend time at ol’ Pumps’? Ty leaves Pumpy to go spend time with his kid. Pumpy has no involvement as a stepmother, no appreciable relationship with the child. I guarantee the trick or treating was a group activity with his friends who have kids and Pumpy weaselled an invite through one of the gfs. Wonder how he’ll manage Christmas! Is he going to suck it up and take her for fam dinner so he can look like a baller to his friends on NYE or is he going to leave her in the dust to fend for herself lol. Either way! Enjoy your gas station flowers, Pumpy. They probably are purchased on her credit card too kek.

No. 1692708

If you go to Ty’s tiktok (@tylerarenas), he uploaded a recent video of him carving pumpkins on Halloween with his daughter and Pumpy is there too (although you only see 2 seconds of her arm since Ty is keeping her hidden).

No. 1692840

File: 1667507263437.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1284x2265, 64543313-044A-44D6-A3D5-D320F6…)

Following this post (not me) with a screenshot of the frame

No. 1692848

Ah, so Ty is officially letting Pumpy around his daughter (and possibly Pumpy went trick or treating with her). The milk to come…….

No. 1692849

"I got more candy" "NO I got more candy!"
is the relationship i'm sure Ty's daughter and Pumpy share kek

No. 1693220

File: 1667538653710.jpeg (829.44 KB, 2048x2048, C6AA7B76-813B-4460-9A12-884A1D…)

Getting ready to give Morgan a run for her money

No. 1693253

Amazing how all women with fillers end up looking the same. Charms and Pumpy are nearly twins now

No. 1693328

If you zoom in they both have the same face kek.
Same as that Cleo Blossom that Pascaline used to cam/live with but I guess they had a falling out

No. 1693417

Lmfaooo she looks just like pumpy wtf

No. 1693434

Pascalines ex your referring too also had an underage daughter who's mom didn't like her lol. Around that time she was posting in Alexis Neiers from pretty wilds lives asking her questions openly on the live about trauma and her parenting… it's funny because everyone Pascaline follows is full of drama alot of them have threads about them even if they aren't on cam (acacia) etc but she also doesn't have many people she knows personally that she follows.

No. 1693443

File: 1667572731612.jpg (24.54 KB, 720x1297, Screenshot_20221104-093555_Chr…)

Pascaline/zoey beth aka tapeworms tags on her MFC profile.

No. 1693452

That is so incredibly dark and creepy on her part. She’s trying to sound like a child. Pedos are the scum of the earth and here Pascaline is pandering to them and getting them off. Get right with God lmao that is abhorrent

No. 1693454

File: 1667573797362.jpeg (281.35 KB, 1170x2079, A0826A4B-E255-4B92-9CB5-936057…)

Why does she bother still having this Instagram? It’s private and has zero posts. She really THAT narcissist that she needs those 3000 followers? God cam whores are pathetic

No. 1693457

thats the ig all her non camwhore friends and the guys she talks to follow. all her long time and childhood irl friends are following that account. she probably archived the pics and is trying to wait for this all to blow over.

No. 1693538

I know the ex of hers and his family is very religious, and she is the opposite. Also I can't see a mother being happy their son is dating someone who shows her butt hole online. Somehow he was obsessed with her for a very long time.

No. 1693755

File: 1667590999718.png (Spoiler Image, 659.46 KB, 801x543, Screenshot 2022-11-04 3.36.12 …)

why has no one mentioned this cow aria nina since being pregnant, making a ton of porn content, and what in the actual fuck. brina is actually jealous of this girl. I remember she had her "nude pregnancy" photos for sell when living in AJs house

No. 1693756

File: 1667591114103.png (Spoiler Image, 189.52 KB, 478x399, Screenshot 2022-11-04 3.37.32 …)

her tits are going to need a good ol re-do - looks like Pascalines boobs on a regular day

No. 1693800

File: 1667594111322.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 550.33 KB, 1170x932, B04ADDBE-EDAB-4414-8324-9E8537…)

Wtf does this mean??

No. 1693814

File: 1667594830032.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20221104-163402~2.p…)

I thought her hair was falling out because of lupus, that is interesting she is trying to say the abortion is also adding to her hair loss.

No. 1693822

BiGGesT INseCUrity yet blasts it to everyone. Meanwhile, it should be that hideous face tattoo

No. 1693857

The way her bottom lip protrudes straight outward from the bottom bcuz of filler is so weird, there’s no gradual or natural slope / projection

No. 1693863

Worsened by the chin filler too.

I’m healthy with thick hair but my hair is still kind of thin by those edges too. The back of the head always has thicker hair. I don’t believe she’s having hair loss. If she really is, Minoxidil or rosemary oil or dermarolling is all she needs. Not hairline/scalp surgery

No. 1693906

Shut up. She absolutely NEEDS the surgery. She’s so ugly right now. This will fix everything and tie it all together.

No. 1693925

Gross exploiting your pregnancy and unborn child for perverts. Her poor kid will end up hating her.

No. 1693934

Her face tattoo looks like a woman with a weird noodle arm

No. 1693940

10/10 bet Aria Nina or whoever gives up the baby within the first year like Brina. AJ prob saw and made Sabrina take down her pregnancy fetish photos for sell back when they were posted.
These girls can't even make their own money without using an innocent baby. Fucking gross

No. 1693955

File: 1667601776643.png (3.31 MB, 828x1792, 9C7775A2-C060-479B-AB3A-B75611…)

Lmao it’s mid 60s-70 in Orange County today, this bitch is so fucking goofy about literally everything.

No. 1693960

File: 1667602166087.png (1017.72 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20221104-184835~2.p…)

No. 1693986

File: 1667604005216.jpeg (19.26 KB, 259x194, BF9BFE08-74E0-4F94-ABBA-E01A73…)

No. 1693996

She has a lot of hair but she has fine hair. The edges will always look like this. It doesn't mean she's going mother fucking bald. Also abortions making you lose hair? This bitch makes so much up to try cope

No. 1694007

There is a special place in hell for women who do this. Absolutely degenerate, disgusting, child abuse to me. Period. These women should never reproduce. Like for real just “yeet that bitch” like pumpy (who is now pretending it uwu killed her to have it.) god as a pregnant nonna it’s hard not to a-log.

No. 1694066

File: 1667608542978.jpeg (424.64 KB, 1170x1963, 126CB029-D83F-4512-9D66-0862AF…)

No. 1694078

File: 1667608792729.jpeg (72.35 KB, 961x327, 7B2525DB-3793-4668-A0FC-B41266…)

Back to trying to convince people she’s younger than she is. She can’t stomach the fact that she’s aging.

No. 1694096

Kek it does look like some weird abstract art of a mummified spaghetti lady with a hook for a head.

No. 1694248

File: 1667622294236.png (3.17 MB, 828x1792, AFC49FAC-70C2-4626-AB9A-F6E80C…)

Lint pills or that poor elastic is crying?

No. 1694335

File: 1667634650796.png (6.43 KB, 164x307, 57586970-81EA-439C-92BB-C96059…)

No. 1694637

File: 1667665861145.jpeg (351.01 KB, 1170x1984, 4329732D-81DA-4E96-A6DF-0E225F…)

Pump saw these kek girl doesn’t even remember what her non blown up lips look like

No. 1694646

File: 1667667245802.jpeg (39.6 KB, 480x360, CE043220-0FDE-475B-AAFF-CE25FF…)

No she’s retconning her appearance and lying as usual

No. 1694657

It’s so bizarre that these pics are of the same person. She’s always been a shit person and used her old look to pedo bait, but her old lips and chin were so much better and now she doesn’t have fucked up chiclet teeth anymore. She so dumb. Now her and charms look the same. Hope they’re both proud. Between the 2 of them I’m pretty sure anyone who frequents these threads has no interest in plastic surgery lol.

No. 1694706

File: 1667673564432.jpeg (306.96 KB, 1170x2532, 26D7FA1C-4042-463D-BF5B-7E1FF5…)

Floored this wasn’t already posted
~eptopix~ pregnancy

Top kek, can’t unsee.

No. 1694760

Aaron Carter is dead at 34, found in his bathtub.

No. 1694763

Came here to post this. All jokes aside, shit is sad. RIP

No. 1694773

Big oof. These people live such fucked up and chaotic lives. I really wish they would all get sterilised though, I feel bad for his kid.

No. 1694777

Has Brina been active on ig? She hasn’t liked anything on Twitter in 4 days. I’d imagine they share some of the same drug connects. There’s no way Brina tests her stuff.

No. 1694784

Brina will post something completely insensitive about death soon don’t worry

No. 1694793

File: 1667681571252.jpeg (937.86 KB, 1170x1914, 3C9380D9-17D0-495C-A4C4-56E1A6…)

Oh wow

No. 1694836

Def OD’d and drowned in the tub. It should serve as a wake up call to his trashy circle of friends but they won’t listen.

No. 1694863

We all knew how much of a mess Aaron was and he clearly didn’t think he needed help. You can’t do much with people like that. It’s just really sad, honestly. He never knew a real and genuine life. He was always in the shadow of his brother. People used that against him up until recently, purposely not calling him by his name but “Nick Carter’s little brother” and just a bunch of other stuff.

I’m not sure how many have watched Aaron’s new No Jumper interview, but I think he was finally realizing how shit his situation is. With not having custody of his child, not even Melanie does, having only 9 hours a week with the baby. Was probably hitting whatever more than usual to cope.

This is the second from this family to die from drug related issues. It’s not a coincidence. It’s mind blowing how he turned down every opportunity for help that was offered to him. Poor guy never stood a chance. Let’s hope Mel doesn’t milk this, but that seems HIGHLY likely to happen.

No. 1694901

File: 1667691342790.png (762.58 KB, 1080x1647, IMG_20221105_233531.png)

No. 1694916

File: 1667691898575.jpeg (447.51 KB, 1170x2065, 3BC16F54-79DC-4E80-9868-BC33D2…)

No. 1695021

Aaron didn't even follow her on ig. She may have known him thru Melanie who was an escort which is how they know each other, but her fate will not be long after.

No. 1695025

James seemed to know him. Junky connections

No. 1695093

File: 1667712640643.png (343.97 KB, 548x418, Screenshot 2022-11-06 1.28.07 …)

There is a video of Aaron on live claiming Melanie called the cops on him days before his death, they were not together, and now she is playing the victim despite them ever really having their baby together and being non toxic. Melanie was always in it for the money, she was an escort when she met him. I mean come on

No. 1695164

She can sympathize for him and grieve for them but still abandoned all her kids,I don't get it?

No. 1695214

IS* an “escort” not was lol

No. 1695220

when people OD in the bath, they kind of get slow cooked

No. 1695224

Nope, she’s not grieving, she’s using this as an excuse to do more drugs.
Addict logic: I feel things I don’t wanna feel = I can control that with drugs/alcohol.
Immature all around.

No. 1695250

You're thinking of hot tubs, baths go cold nonnie

No. 1695253

even though their relationship was very off/on and shitty its wild to say shes playing a victim. he died, theres likely a lot of 'what if's' and regret. however turbulent they were its crazy to be so filled with hate you cant imagine her feeling his loss. through all their bullshit she probably thought he would always be there in some way. just because they were toxic as hell doesnt mean she didnt lose someone she was close with.

No. 1695264

She is milking ACs death as much as she can. His IG has been deleted, the last thing he had posted was a video saying Melanie was at Planned Parenthood a day before and they would not be getting back together because she didn't want a family.
Now she's all omg I miss and love you. There's legit videos of her wanting to stab herself (while pregnant) with a knife.
You're delusional if you don't see she's using this for her own attention, when he was only in a trauma bond with her. She was arrested for abusing him, I don't feel bad for this escort at all.
I feel bad for ACs family

No. 1695313

File: 1667750709082.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1700, 4358A7E7-DD4B-411F-90EA-4ED0D6…)

The conspiracy theories are going wild with AC’s death! Just for a laugh, I posted this screen shot of one of the craziest ones out there. AC was a women and they think Melanie is a man LMAO.

No. 1695471

Come on, this girl was only in for the money, remember the live where AC was telling her off his house and she was like im only leaving if you give 20k now. Like its insane but this dude was just an empty drug addict that nobody loved its sad melanie must be thrilled her baby its the only heir

No. 1695528

It's no conspiracy that Melanie definitely looks like a man tho kek.
I almost forgot about her telling him to give her 20k to leave his house. I wouldn't be surprised if she had given him bad drugs on purpose. AC said in his last final video that they were estranged for two weeks

No. 1695531

Aaron Carter passing away is sad but anyone one who watched him knew it was a long time coming. Melanie loved the idea of being with her childhood crush and the baby was her way of trapping him. Now that he’s gone we’ll see if she’ll step up and prioritize her son. Everyone grieves differently but her current behavior is attention seeking and strange. Family drama will ramp up between Melanie and Aaron’s mom since he likely didn’t do any estate planning or have a will. I have a feeling she’ll try to attach herself to Nick and the rest of the family for financial help. I still can’t believe this woman made Sabrina Nellie the godmother of her son. Poor child deserves better in every aspect.

No. 1695545

It will never not be funny that Melanie gave the godmother title to Brina, the abandoner of her three own children.

No. 1695593

They were prob so high when that was said, eaither way, ACs family has control over that child more than a bunch of drugged out escorts. Poor Sabrina can't even take care of herself, let alone a baby without trying to kill herself in front of all of them.

No. 1695620

I want to call it before it happens… Melanie will start doing interviews soon where she will be paid by news outlets so she can milk it for all its worth financially.

She showed up to his house when they were removing his body in full face of makeup with her engagement ring on for the paparazzi to take pics of her crying outside. They weren’t even together currently. He was referring to her as “voldemort” just 3 days ago. I can understand her grieving obviously since he was a big part of her life, but you can’t deny that she’s also attention seeking in the ways she’s going about doing it.

No. 1695636

Exactly, she is a leech for money and used having a kid with him when all he wanted was a real family. She can post sob stories on her IG all day and still it's about her.
He didn't want to be with her.
He said she was at planned Parenthood and that he didn't believe in abortion. So looks like God mother sabrina Nellie is out since she's had atleast 5 or more.
AC was deceived from a very talented escort. Kurt Benz can finally have her now.

No. 1695894

Idk the baby might be better off with the group of drugged out escorts. Have you read the allegations AC said against his family? He said his sister sexually abused him, Nick abused him and he was raped at 8 by 2 of his back up dances. Where was his mom to protect him? The carters seem HORRIBLE

No. 1696002

I really wanna know what kind of mental hoops she does internally to call herself a ftm masc type of person, then gets massive boobs, grows her hair, does her lips… 'for money'? Shouldn't showing yourself off give you massive dysphoria? lol

No. 1696331

File: 1667874260997.jpeg (558.84 KB, 1170x2002, 116F9807-FDEB-483C-8CD2-1BE52F…)

Pumpy got a new cat and is saying she’s had 3 animals die on her in the last year

No. 1696363

Is she trying to say that Penelope was one of those animals that died? She gave that dog away because she was too lazy to care for it.

No. 1696371

Aren’t those cats high maintenance? Like you have to bathe them regularly or they smell like shit. Surprised she didn’t opt for a savanna or something trendy. Probably can’t afford it kek

No. 1696378

This bitch never shuts up about her abortion. She has to mention at least 100x a day

No. 1696396

Hairless cats are very high maintenance, they won’t just stink if they don’t get regular baths they can get bad skin conditions scaley itchy irritated. I’m so pissed she went out and got a hairless they need so much care

No. 1696439

Yes. I had a Sphynx. Not only are they extremely high maintenance, but they are prone to (expensive) health problems. My Sphynx was truly the best creature I have ever had the privilege of caring for, she passed at just 4 years old from heart problems. I’m actually feeling angry pumpy got this type of cat because she is not fit to care for it the right way and if the cat develops a chronic condition she will just abandon it. Ugh.

No. 1696448

holy shit, charms really fucked her shit up

No. 1696460

Great. She got a breed that requires extra care and attention. She's so responsible.

No. 1696537

I hate how irresponsible people are allowed to buy animals. She barely looks after her own hygiene with her constantly greasy hair and face. She’ll get rid of the cat at the first major inconvenience.

No. 1696541

File: 1668030163447.jpeg (559.55 KB, 1170x1997, 2D6E37E5-A6A3-4524-9F87-42280A…)

NeW nAiLs kek

No. 1696545

File: 1668030315788.jpeg (396.47 KB, 1170x1942, 3B498E9B-5CAA-462A-95C4-42F8A9…)

….didn’t he stand her up at NoBu? Or was that Dean? Hard to tell cuz she was banging them both at the same time and is now acting like Dean never happened

No. 1696547

it's called a fucking lint roller. bottom of the barrel lazy bullshit

No. 1696559

…is this a joke

No. 1696580

“We went to nobu” you paid please shut up

No. 1696584

Weird flex that you’re too broke for nail art behind showing the internet your asshole but ok go off I guess.

No. 1696612

What happened to her two other cats? There’s no way they both died. Now she has 3 cats?
Her apartment probably smells like shit with that many cats.

No. 1696626

You can have 3 cats without odor, she just won’t clean/care for them enough to do that. Not when every day she doesn’t see Ty is a bad mental health day where she wont shower or eat

No. 1696642

File: 1668038248294.png (2.54 MB, 1080x1920, C3BB0781-1EBE-40DF-9356-871D4B…)

Also this happened too or did she forget lmao

No. 1696658

She just leaves her pets alone when she stays at Ty’s for days at a time? These animals need daily attention.

No. 1696668

I don’t think Ty ever lets her stay there days at a time. Maybe a night every once in a while. He’s holed up at her place other than the couple days a week he sees his daughter.

No. 1696832

File: 1668059704444.png (3.73 MB, 750x1334, 470500C5-A41C-4947-8667-F0D0B5…)


No. 1696838

File: 1668060445483.jpeg (398.12 KB, 750x650, 08A4A1CF-0C97-493E-B028-941A47…)

No. 1696849

>cat hair
Does….does she have another cat? Tell me she has two cats.

No. 1696864

Genuinely don’t understand the hate towards this one. At least she keeps her pets alive.

No. 1696916

If you read some of her threads you'd agree she is human garbage. Literally shaved one of her cats for laughs. And put her plastic surgery shit above giving her dog surgery for its health issues iirc.

No. 1696943

There's literally threads of proof of her abusing multiple animals/reptiles.
Didn't she have a gecko with a broken jaw that she refused to take to the vet?? Instead she was just asking people online what she should do.
Also there's gifs of her tormenting a hamster with a squirt bottle and it's terrified.
Also videos of her aggressively pushing/hitting tarte her kitten,etc.
Her dog frogger has looked like it's dying for years.
She's one of the most vile people I've come across online.

No. 1697003

Lmao you couldn’t make this thread if you weren’t a vile POS!

No. 1697020

No her and Ty were together in that picture that's when she rented out the place for her and Dean but Dean cheated on her a few weeks before that was her birthday before she started dating Dean after ty stood her up at nobu ON her birthday but hilarious nonetheless

No. 1697034

She HAD two cats before this hairless one (she’s acting like they don’t exist though and she needs a new one, a more expensive prop so people know she has money). So now she has three cats.

No. 1697035

File: 1668091967883.jpeg (101.92 KB, 1170x1123, 32448AD0-00D9-44D9-AD6E-363637…)

Oh my lord I wonder how much she paid for these. Just glue some on from the dollar store, money-pump. It would look better than this.

No. 1697056

File: 1668094754192.jpeg (578.8 KB, 1170x1158, B544C1A3-A06D-4D3B-908D-762423…)

Does she not know how to get in contact with a good nail tech? She’s supposedly rich I don’t understand this look. It’s giving very “I wish I had the money to really get my nails done” her shops prices say she paid $85-95 for those

No. 1697090

File: 1668097815006.jpeg (156.72 KB, 1170x640, F229A006-1CFA-49B8-93C3-7841F4…)

Melanie logged into Aaron’s ig and unarchived a bunch of pics with her in them and followed herself

No. 1697099

Money can't buy taste I see. Usually when the girls do this look, the nails are shorter, almond shaped and look more natural since it's made with the gel. This just looks like she glued some dollar tree clear press ons and forgot to paint them.

No. 1697121

Damn that is a creepy af move, trying to pretend he wanted to be with her before he died

No. 1697139

Touché, ladies! I wasn’t aware. Fuck her indeed then.

No. 1697142

File: 1668102308201.jpeg (109.28 KB, 1170x562, 85C9FB0D-4E73-4D14-8149-7DE1FA…)

Ahahaha of course. Why wouldn’t she buy a blue check? She has the money.

No. 1697152

Going into Aaron’s Instagram to unarchive photos of them together and following herself is creepy considering they were broken up when he died. She’s an opportunist who’s currently enjoying her last 15 minutes of fame. Let’s hope she’ll pull herself together, give up the clout chasing/escort/ethot lifestyle, and be a good mom to Prince.

No. 1697157

This is sociopathic

No. 1697255

Also the never ending emotional and mental abuse she put herself and Matt "Cuck" through when they were together and after she made him marry her…she actually said "my man married a literal WHORE, love him so much" or something like that, she was so proud to be a full escort, stripper, and WIFE. It was insane. Let's not forget her saying that Matt was the reason she got raped in the Dominican republic, oh man her threads were so incredibly wild and nonstop drama for a long time. She even would publicly humiliate her husband for sympathy like when he got a new female band mate, Ari got all suicide bait-y, those days were wild. Still would love to know exactly what when down when they finally split.

No. 1697267

I’ll bet you anything she’s going to attempt to start a court case to try to get money from Aaron’s estate. And say that she was his fiancé and the mother of his child so she is owed financial compensation for the emotional support she provided him and that they had intentions to marry. And she will use the Instagram as evidence in attempts to show they were on good terms when he passed. She’s a snake and has been an opportunist from the beginning. Aaron even said on camera that he had never spent as much money as he had until he met her and had already spent over $200k on her 6 months into dating.

If you’ve seen the videos of her arriving to his house after he was found dead she’s lying to all the neighbors saying “I wasn’t here I was with my son!” “I was busy taking care of my son!” When she wasn’t even living in the home at the time. Now that she sees Aaron posted everywhere and getting sympathy she wants to hop on for attention.

FYI you should send that in as a tip to TMZ they might pay you for the tip

No. 1697277

Had no idea she had her own threads here. I followed her for a minute years ago cuz I liked her make up. Forgive me, nonnas. I’m on it now, sounds juicy and I need something to fill the Amanda Bret shaped hole in my petty heart until she’s entertaining again.

No. 1697293

You really can't nona. Your apartment stinks, its just no one wants to tell you.

No. 1697345

File: 1668122251198.jpeg (269.17 KB, 1170x1478, 87B29F97-937F-40B9-9F02-CA5356…)

no pets, not an animal hoarder like Pumpy.


No. 1697355

I agree, send that to TMZ. I know for a fact he had removed all of their photos and did not follow her. She must have deleted the last video he originally had posted before his passing staying clearly "they would not be getting back together because he caught her at planned Parenthood and doesn't want to be a real family".
He also stated that she knows his passwords and hacks in his accounts frequently. Then poof, the video was gone. Melanie deserves nothing of ACs other than the suffering of how horrible she was to him. She was an abuser

No. 1697356

Didn’t know they were friends but Charms is a weirdo for posting Pumpy on her page. Of course she’d be friendly with another neglectful animal abuser/owner.

No. 1697357

Charms attempts to associate with people she can gain more relevancy from. It doesn’t usually work, but she tries.

No. 1697366

Feline haters stfu challenge. Why does this have to come up constantly in multiple threads? No one gives a shit that you hate cats.

No. 1697408

Lol someone is mad about their stinky apartment

No. 1697418

My only pet atm is a python and I live in an owned condo, try harder and show us on the doll where a cat hurt you or shut up ffs. Honestly it’s just annoying af at this point.

No. 1697484

Omg you sound like a cow yourself kek

No. 1697487

Has anyone here heard of @strangldpwuppet from Twitter? Man, that bitch just seems like such a dumpster fire I don’t know where to start.

No. 1697491

File: 1668134862892.gif (278.69 KB, 220x135, 9F6E4C60-EF94-4185-BE66-A84CDA…)

And you sound like an absolute retard. Get over it and just stop whining about cats cuz no one cares ok?(derailing)

No. 1697508

Glad this has turned into a cat and python thread. You guys are really off track, no one gives a fuck

No. 1697517

Sounds like Pascaline tapeworm

No. 1697707

Apparently you care. Sorry, having 3 creatures who poop and pee 2/3 x a day in a box is going to make any house smell unless you are constantly cleaning shit up. Which might be why your brain is fried? From the constant shit smell? KEK.(infighting, derailing)

No. 1697714

God when the Tiger King guy died in her apt… what a piece of work.

No. 1697789

do you think sausage lips and balloon tits are on this thread watching a bunch of fat bitches argue about them(sage your shit)

No. 1697800

Or when her brother came onto the threads to spill tea and fight with farmers…god bless that cow, she’s a horrible person but milky as hell

No. 1697821

Ew moid alert

No. 1697827

File: 1668186246068.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 153.05 KB, 1626x1181, 76375D89-1557-4AA9-8370-28F76F…)

Okay but it ain’t that bad? Lol

No. 1697839

The vendetta posting is getting annoying. Pascaline getting exposed as a farmer was funny but spamming nudes and talking about roast beef about someone who’s barely mentioned in here is stupid and smells like scrote.

No. 1697877

you tards sure don’t know how to read. i wasn’t being a moid

No. 1697887

Anytime an anon mentions roast beef I automatically assume it’s a male. Coping seething scrotes lurk everywhere and can’t resist making every internet space smell like resentment and stale ball sweat.

No. 1697951

well especially because she looks very normal. vagina nitpicks always come off as scrote-y.

No. 1698045

File: 1668204633163.png (274.81 KB, 720x800, Screenshot_20221111-170535~2.p…)

This is ACs god father, had an interview with ET talking about it.

No. 1698206

She's just referred to as roastbeef because that's what Ty openly blasted her about with Brina. I wonder how pumpy feels about Karen since he's fucked with her prior to getting with her.

No. 1698207

Everyone used Aaron, sadly.

No. 1698279

Karen s way more successful and pretty imo. I'm sure pumpy tries to pretend she doesn't exist and why you always mentions wishing she had more of a body. She is like an ant bringing the queen ant food, same as Sabrina.

No. 1698455

Ewwwwwwwwe what?! Karen is nasty AF.

No. 1698589

Every interview I've seen with her she seems very sweet. I know she also abandoned 2 kids so there is that. Ty seems to only date really awful women.
Noticed Sabrina and James both blocked each other on IG, again.

No. 1698661

File: 1668287621218.png (911 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20221112-160716~2.p…)

She is always contradicting herself.

No. 1698709

It’s called a litter robot. Look it up.

No. 1698711

Yeah she is and doesn’t she have abandoned children just like Brina??

No. 1698982

File: 1668353261961.jpeg (619.37 KB, 2399x1799, 87BA49E2-F836-4AD0-8225-E6CC57…)

Pump is admitting she thinks she has BII and not lupus and wants to explant

No. 1699007

Why does she always insist on doing close-up photos while looking this greasy and unwashed? She gives me the ick

No. 1699015

This fucking larping cunt I swear to god…

No. 1699019

Hahaha I love all the dumb whores who spent $10,000 on boobs and now need to spend $10,000 getting them removed. Ava did it and now they look like absolute shit. Saggy and scared.

No. 1699076

Pumpy literally had almost nothing there before the implants so hers are gonna be just stretched sagging skin over bone.

No. 1699081

All boob jobs are unnecessary. Especially for Ava who already had nice boobs to begin with. Her scars look terrible. Small boobs aren’t ugly but Pumpy is too vain to get them removed.

No. 1699102

At least she didn’t care if scrotes thought they were worth sacrificing her health or attention seek non stop about health issues. Surgery scars take a long time to fully heal. Kudos to Ava for not giving a fuck and realizing they were a mistake imo.

No. 1699166

The only reason I feel pumpy would remove it is to pedo bait still

No. 1699191

File: 1668371126699.gif (694.99 KB, 250x164, 1651429996543.gif)


No. 1699199

I was gonna say the saaaaame thing nonna. Here’s hoping her skin is hideously stretched out beyond fixing kek couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

No. 1699285

Pumpy is a clown but wishing mutilation on women sounds kinda scrotey

No. 1699317

Skin stretching/sagging is not mutilation. If anything, her bolts on are mutilation.

I get where that anon is coming from. If her tits are gross and saggy maybe she will stop pedo pandering.

No. 1699327

She can realize that her toxic jugs were a bad decision but fucking herself on cam is perfectly fine still. Ok.

No. 1699334

I doubt she will ever accept her fillers are part of the problem too.

No. 1699421

I’m genuinely glad to see her admitting she thinks her implants are what’s making her sick. It’s highly likely that’s what’s causing her auto-immune symptoms… Breast implant illness is very well documented and recognized as a legitimate thing. Despite pumpy being sucha cow, I really do hope she does actually go through with taking those out and it fixes her health issues.

No. 1700006

File: 1668474887520.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1284x2077, 85B4901D-5E9B-4F66-A1D2-067FA1…)

Late to the party, but adding on this post that showed up in my explore feed days ago. The comments were ruthless about her putting on a dramatic emotional performance with her IG open, clearly fixated on checking out her engagement while riding this quick bit of attention from AC’s death.

I wish that someone would put the record straight in a publicly mainstream way. I’m constantly seeing Melanie portrayed as his grieving fiancée and it’s sickening. They were barely a couple, even when they were “on.” They’d go on a fuck buddy bender, while neglecting their baby, and snap out of it faster than it’d start. I’m hoping that his equally vile and fame/money-hungry parents take her on in court. Fuck Melanie and her shameless bullshit.

No. 1700010

File: 1668475001236.jpeg (676.04 KB, 2048x2048, 26797A9C-30A9-4F4A-B522-F0CAB0…)

SAMEFAG — Pumpy’s stories are wild right now, trouble in paradise.

No. 1700085

Hope she dumps Ty and then goes on completely unhinged rants on her stories about allllll the dirt she has on him. She’s gotta be close to her breaking point. He doesn’t treat her how she wants, it’s obvious she wants to feel seen and chosen and he doesn’t do those things at all. She’s his little secret at best. She’s been in denial about it, but maybe it’s the month of realizations for pumps! Come on. Ditch the implants, ditch the shitty bf. You can do it.

No. 1700091

IF their splenda mama/sugar baby situationshit is able to somehow make it to December, it’s going to be an absolute shitshow over the holidays. She’s over the point of lavishing him with gifts and praise with nothing in return. Him freeloading in her apartment (and on her dime) has probably lost its charm and she’s having a hard time convincing herself that they are playing house or it’s even going anywhere. Ty will do anything BUT claim Pumpy. It’s one-sided and she’s starting to see it.

No. 1700172

She will never dump Ty. She is obsessed with him and severely codependent. She lets men walk all over her until they are the ones dumping her. Dean was abusive and Cody cheated on her, and she still went back to them multiple times. Ty is using this to advantage for as long as she allows it.

No. 1700174

File: 1668487027619.jpeg (917.74 KB, 1284x1538, 9FF422A2-ECE2-411A-AE14-9D0ACB…)


Some screens for the nonas

No. 1700175

File: 1668487053410.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1284x2195, 8A7ED5B0-B8B2-4E37-81BF-CFAD83…)

No. 1700176

File: 1668487074382.jpeg (122.5 KB, 1284x245, A0862FE2-552F-4F3D-8C1F-2EAFC5…)

No. 1700178

File: 1668487115465.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x1902, 532CC5B0-E480-43CE-B117-1C88E8…)

No. 1700179

File: 1668487140472.jpeg (438.89 KB, 1284x1770, 92E29AD5-110E-4209-86A5-46B1B6…)

No. 1700181

File: 1668487167491.jpeg (328.54 KB, 1284x607, 712CFCC8-55DC-4091-B50B-668BAB…)

No. 1700190

She will if she finds someone else. And she sure as hell is going to try tbh

No. 1700430

Yup. This. Pumpy IS codependent and obsessed with Ty, but she may be starting to see who he actually is instead of the fantasy story she’s created in her head. All it’s gonna take is her having a sparked interest in another guy. We all have our breaking point, and Pumps has had the patience of a saint with Ty for way too long cuz of her never ending quest to be Brina 2.0. But again, she will have her breaking point with this situation and I think it might be getting close.

No. 1700433

I love how they are trying to spin this like a cry for help and not a booty call.

No. 1700455

Either it will take the interest of someone even semi-similar to Ty (one of his dirty friends?) OR she will spiral so hard that she acts out in a way that there is no coming back from (ie. Ty bails out).


No. 1700485

File: 1668531047641.jpeg (1012.83 KB, 1284x2056, 63CD2841-1CFF-43AF-930A-BB8539…)

Back to regular programming: Ty is a saint, he saved her, the greatest person alive, mUH moOn.

No. 1700489

its pretty clear how ty really makes pumpy feel when we know her real personality. shes stepped back quite a bit from her usual online presence and hes made her become very irrelevant. she still posts, but not as much as she used to and the vibe is different. shes lost in herself trying to get ty to take their relationship seriously and her fake confidence is crumbling, its become a lot more transparent.

No. 1700563

Where the fuck is Brina at? Has she finally slithered under a rock to hide forever?

No. 1700583

Hiding at her dad's after being called out for signing her fake lease kek.
I also think Melanie is a fraud especially after hacking in his account after he died to add herself and unarchive their old photos that he obviously had hidden for a reason, He didn't love you Melanie. You weren't even a couple 90% of the time. He would want you to have nothing but Kurt who you talked to throughout your relationship oh and 90 day fiance guy.

No. 1700661

It’s unusual for Sabrina to be quiet for this long. I bet she’s embarrassed about her actions after coming off her drug high.

Melanie will date another d list celebrity after people stop caring about Aaron’s death. She’ll lure her new guy with (now outdated) lingerie pics via DM, which is how she got Aaron and the attention of the 90 Day Fiancé guy. If that fails she’ll have to return to escorting since her OF doesn’t do well. She should’ve never had a baby with a mentally ill drug addict and I don’t feel sorry for her.

No. 1700666

She probably got pregnant and had to go get another abortion and is “healing” from it.

No. 1700669

I scrolled way down on Melanie’s main ig and she used to be really pretty until she started with the insane filler. Kind of crazy because she’s rapidly starting to look exactly like Jennifer Coolidge.

No. 1700676

File: 1668547252546.jpeg (808.59 KB, 1170x1952, 35D052C5-CB3C-403F-B4E6-08C96B…)

She’s sick or something. She deleted the tweet about it but the replies are still there.

No. 1700699

I think you mean dopesick

No. 1700708

I agree. Pumpy has become even more insecure since being with Ty. She pushes this narrative that she's so happy and in love and they are fine but…. where are you in any of his posts or stories? Waiting for her to mention wanting to move in.

No. 1700788

My exact thought. Sucks going thru withdrawals since Junkie James is no longer supporting her habit
Wtf is wig the "Sabrina Nellie seems nice" article kek. No she doesn't and I feel she wrote it herself. She is busy writing articles about how nice she is, she will be back to showing off her dad's house soon enough

No. 1700812

Article? I’m intrigued. Where can I find it

No. 1700815

It’s a porn advertisement not an article. She must’ve paid for it and it’s still running. I’ve seen it for years.

No. 1701568

File: 1668637184831.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x2231, 68A1E2CB-A899-4929-B30E-EA5370…)

The way she tries to guilt/shame Ty for not spending every second out of every day with her..

No. 1701789

File: 1668651931933.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2080, 8B0B14C9-7453-4652-8D22-36D567…)

He’s prettier than brina

No. 1701811

File: 1668654348520.png (5.47 MB, 1170x2532, 169D91E7-8C04-42B2-A344-E9B238…)

No. 1701879

File: 1668660861404.png (2.3 MB, 1800x1393, AEE92216-EC2F-4F9F-9ACA-EA355C…)

Wonder who’s paying for this procedure?

No. 1701892

She posted about finding someone to film with for Onlyfans on IG too. Nasty to film with strangers (probably won’t get tested either) but not a far cry from hoeing. I’m sure her trip is being flown out by a client too. she’s posting this stuff to make James jealous too, ofc.

No. 1701963

god even with all the surgery and filler she is just so…homely. She’s not even cute. Maybe if she was a healthy weight she could be but she never has been so it’s impossible to speculate. Dat sausage lip never fails to destroy me tho.

No. 1701985

Haha a guy in my office just had to have the same procedure. He described it as a “medical emergency” and was out of work for a week. Both his parents are doctors, so he had the money and resources to get it taken care of. Guys, Brina is FUCKED.

No. 1701995

It’s an extremely common procedure. On paper Brina makes close to nothing so I wouldn’t be surprised if she has Medi-Cal insurance through the state of California still.

No. 1702013

File: 1668687889453.png (899.64 KB, 1800x1280, D1E4893B-146C-4D7E-8713-0EF86E…)

God I hope she gets them removed and it doesn’t help.

No. 1702016

Another old photo of when she lived at AJs house years ago. She knows she's disgusting or she wouldn't need to beg for people to film her or make content. Have you seen her and Sandras video, I laughed the entire time, a true shit show

No. 1702128

she will definitely find a way to fuck herself up after explanting. iirc it’s a lot different than healing after implants and you have to be a lot more careful to make sure you heal perfect and not end up even more deformed.

No. 1702283

Yup. Wisdom teeth removal will fall under medical insurance, so if she has any type of state funded insurance it will cover this. Weird to have your wisdom teeth removed so late in life. Mine were taken out at 15 lol.

No. 1702418

File: 1668725476330.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x2263, BC01DD0D-59E5-42C0-A1AD-A6EE05…)

homegirl is very careful not to show her body in any recent video kek, good luck with content brina - we all know that you only plan to fraud your subs and anyone you can prey on to film with you anyways.

No. 1702470

File: 1668729747958.png (435.97 KB, 1800x900, 931ECBF2-BF2C-4334-8F36-DF8A70…)

Of course money-pump is hosting dinner. She pays and everyone else plays.

No. 1702477

Mine didn’t come in till I turned 26 but yeah she is 30 this December. You know she doesn’t go to the dentist ever lol

No. 1702565

File: 1668738143046.png (2.58 MB, 828x1792, 72C9913A-A160-4602-A1C5-306C80…)

I’m totally hosting a Friendsgiving… but also, wishing for friends… Which is it you cringey desperate tard? Lmao. I almost feel sorry for this bitch… ALMOST

No. 1702566

Lol her Friendsgiving is totally just to feed Ty’s friends (she has none of her own) and maybe be around his kid

No. 1702577

I’m sure even they have better things to do than eat their buddy’s hooker “girlfriend’s” vegan meal preps on thanksgiving. She tried tho, bless her heart.

No. 1702799

Honestly might be why her teeth are crowded. Generally you have it done as a teenager so they don’t move your teeth.(sage)

No. 1702818

She looks like a bloated rectangle without extreme Photoshop these days. Then only posts super old photos of before she had her 3rd child

No. 1702826

File: 1668780276253.png (2.76 MB, 1800x703, 3FAF78CC-D04D-45B7-BBCC-113CD5…)

Has anyone ever compared these two? This just seems like her idol.

No. 1702853

File: 1668783450275.png (5.49 MB, 1286x1800, 5DFA136F-DCD1-440D-B596-4C23AA…)

Crazy to see the difference a little weight gain can do to someone’s appearance.

No. 1702887

Weight gain, alcoholism and extreme drug use. Not to mention most if those are photoshopped (pink background) she even made her legs smaller like they used to be. 3 kids finally made her look like she's close to 40

No. 1702954

She used to be careful with her angles and poses too. Now she’s sloppy due to increased drug use and tries to make up for it with Coconut Kitty style edits. She hasn’t put on that much weight but it all goes to her face first.

No. 1702970

I kind of forgot she had a butt chin and filled it

No. 1703016

File: 1668799806523.png (6.25 MB, 1284x2778, B991E68E-0CD5-4168-B1ED-CE6723…)

Melanie’s story, 1/2

projection, much? only I can profit off of aaron.. eyeroll

No. 1703018

File: 1668799829185.png (1.54 MB, 1284x2778, 5AD0CE42-0D51-4290-93DB-81C770…)


No. 1703023

Exactly this, they would have pushed her teeth and either caused or contributed to her crowding. Wisdom teeth require more care than even regular back teeth. Some people only have them partially emerge too, which further complicates care. They are probably absolutely rotten and, at least where I’m from, they won’t give you a filling on wisdom teeth. They just tell you to remove them.

No. 1703026

File: 1668800287009.png (949.42 KB, 1284x2778, 806B8185-107B-4561-BF0C-8A6513…)

Apologies, Melanie blessed us with a third testimonial. 3/3**

No. 1703027

File: 1668800459553.jpg (59.63 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_20221118-193935_Ins…)

Like she hasn't used Aaron, even in death. She followed both of her accounts on his IG, think people wouldn't notice his following count go up after he died? Shameless

No. 1703030

File: 1668800513762.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x1909, 6C0D44D9-21B8-45BB-8965-195F75…)

Update on Sandra: Looking worse than ever. I’m only going to bother sharing this post because the caption is milky and my TF is that her & Prince Charming A-Why are on the outs (he normally rushes to like her pictures and hasn’t touched this one or the following post).

I get a weird vibe from Sandra. If anyone were to croak soon/next, I think that it would be her.

She’ll either do a bad mix with pharmaceuticals or off herself.

No. 1703033

More than ANYTHING. Alcoholism, malnutrition and drugs lead to this. It's less the weight gain and losses. Your life shows on your face unfortunately

No. 1703034

This fRiEnDsmas is her way of both manipulating Ty into being around her in a holiday fashion AND looking like she is a part of his life because they are HIS friends.

Love how she didn’t even bother to try and finesse us into thinking her and Ty got the new cat together. Although, I’m sure we can cue the “cat dad” posts coming now that I’ve drawn attention to it.

No. 1703035

File: 1668800796398.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1170x1992, BA57CD00-9EA3-415E-9A6E-42256F…)

Ew wtf

No. 1703039

Apparently every pregnancy ages you on a cellular level about two years.

No. 1703049

I’m certain she’s still under 20% body fat considering in those old pics she was ana. I really think it’s a mix of the fillers and changes from drug use/alcohol creating jowls and then also the bloat/potbelly weight gain. I don’t think it’s the kids tbh. TMI my mom had 3 kids young back to back and her face skin was tight when she was far older than Sabrina. Unfortunately she picked up smoking middle aged and ruined her skin so I can only imagine what other more illicit drugs can do……

No. 1703102

File: 1668805584607.jpeg (714.11 KB, 1284x2217, BEDED0B4-FB77-4634-BDFE-2D26A3…)

I mean, birds of a feather flock together.

No. 1703106

I don’t think it’s solely from having kids too, a lot of people can be in great health with enviable appearances after many kids. I was more alluding to the fact that it couldn’t have helped that she’s treated her body like a dump while also dumping out multiple kids. Adding onto it, her prerogative after the last two kids was to get cam-ready as fast as possible when she should have been focused on healing/nurturing her body. Priorities kek.

No. 1703141

File: 1668808087606.png (2.31 MB, 1800x1646, 0ACDC69E-32A7-4EA8-9A0C-50B4FA…)

Eh I thought the same but they’re just lyrics.
Apparently this is her new roommate though?
A-why is just doing a show in Vegas and she didn’t go this time.

No. 1703161

Some people post lyrics as captions and posts because they’re not good at articulating their feelings and music lyrics do it for them. Could be related, but she always has these type of emo baity captions so who knows.

No. 1703167

Yeah, I could be wrong. The caption itself wouldn’t have stuck out to me if I hadn’t noticed A-Why hadn’t liked the posts yet because he’s usually one of the firsts. To be honest, any of her captions or stories similar to this in the past always had me thinking more girl drama (with the exception of the Egovert era). A-Why could always be busy and hasn’t got around to social media, if he’s doing a set. I do definitely get the vibe that she demands him to like/comment fast to pacify her ego.

No. 1703439

I mean, some people’s wisdom teeth just don’t even come to the surface though. Mine were removed right after I had braces taken off because an X-ray showed they literally were starting to grow in sideways and maybe never even would have came thru the gums either. Mine were fully under the gums at time of removal - it was a big surgery and recovery sucked. Wisdom teeth really have a dumb name considering all the stupid problems they tend to cause people.

No. 1703454

File: 1668842581882.jpeg (919.3 KB, 1284x2197, 67F216E2-D530-40E1-AE27-9DA000…)

Greatest writer of all time right here

No. 1703866

File: 1668886769391.jpeg (223.29 KB, 1170x1969, DC3A091B-0CE3-46F2-B3F4-DD2757…)

On again #4? I’ve lost count.

No. 1703916

Her wisdom teeth started coming in at 19, she just never got them removed. Her teeth began to crowd pushing her front teeth inward which have been her biggest insecurity so it's laughable that she never did fix it for the longest but even now with her ONE veneer still the real tooth next to it is crooked. Her wisdom teeth are infected/impacted.

No. 1703927

Pumpy using grimey girl reminds me of Ava and her tattoo weird timing since she knows Ava had her implants removed but posted online asking if anyone knew of anyone who had it done almost to bait for some advice turned friendship. Pumpy seems to go through phases of being obsessed with certain camgirls and celebrities then tries to copy their personalities and looks then switches to the next. Lately she's been giving me Hailey Bieber wannabe vibes.

No. 1703991

God she looks ROUGH

No. 1704081

File: 1668899147411.png (9.29 MB, 1284x2778, 37759CD6-96C1-4767-9D1D-62915C…)

Pumpy reading up on these threads and finally wearing her retainer

My favourite part of this story was when he tried to tell us that she “smelled so good”

What, you like the scent of another man’s stale load JJ?

No. 1704114

Stop giving her good free advice!!!!
What she needs is that forehead reduction.

And maybe JJ is bi and he does like the smell of other guys cum. He’s obviously a cuck and gets off on other guys being able to please brina with a big cock that he doesn’t have.

No. 1704204

I LOLed so hard at the last part, it's almost stupid how loud I laughed

No. 1704329

Wait isn’t there an income max to putting $ into a Roth? Like shouldn’t she make enough to not be able to?

Brina looks like crap, how is her skin actually… mottled. Her eyeliner does some heavy lifting

Pumpy if you start feeling yourself based on Sabrina’s looks, just know eating 900 cal a day into your early 30s is gonna make you look like shit too.

No. 1704330

File: 1668918554028.png (3.99 MB, 1170x2532, B5887078-2A80-4B4E-82B8-48ABF5…)

Brina with the filter before it slipped

No. 1704449

How about mental stability and a MAN who claims you? Lol this bitch is losing her hair daily and is focused on k9 caps, how pathetic.

No. 1704450

Samefag but she looks like a bald conehead in that pic, she's losing her hair anyway from her lupus or whatever aka dumb broke bitch disease, I thought she had a million dollars or was making bank haha still needs a sugar daddy

No. 1704566

File: 1668954704970.jpeg (478.06 KB, 1170x1215, C06727CB-A29A-451C-B269-94DEFC…)

Brinas brain is so fried she chose to pin THIS pic to her Instagram??

No. 1704842

File: 1668969667115.png (2.48 MB, 755x1800, 76113121-1C49-4B17-BC73-A8AA75…)

No milk. Just a boring early friends dinner.

No. 1705188

Lmao this bitch ordered Boston market and threw some crackers on a plate and thinks she’s fucking housewife of the year

No. 1705287

For some reason I guarantee she didn’t wash her hands before making a single thing. She gives me the ick so bad I even feel like the food is tainted with ick. Cool for her like 1 or 2 people she knows outside of Ty showed up though I guess, I honestly thought it would be only his friends.

No. 1705345

Her giant hands give me the major creeps kek

No. 1705420

The closest she could get to a cooking candid was the photo of her staring into the cupboard as if it'd solve her problems? Kek

No. 1705426

This is a little nitpicky but there were at least 6/7 people there. That doesn't look like enough food for everyone, especially if anyone wanted seconds. Guess ya can't expect Pumpy to know normal servings for adults

No. 1705530

Those people are the girlfriends of Ty’s friends, so it’s not really people outside of him lollll
Makes it even more pathetic she doesn’t have ONE gf in California she could hit up to come over. She’s lived there 3-4 years?

No. 1705733

File: 1669056005402.jpeg (383.45 KB, 1170x1886, A1757434-A530-4864-9320-B0B3E8…)

Did she not think the massive boobs would cause back problems?
She’s gonna face so many medical problems in the future it’s really sad.

No. 1705926

She’s too busy working to keep up with her bills and dedicating every free moment to a man she’s overachieving to impress. She’s a hopeless “pick me”.
Those people don’t have time for friendships because they’re too worried about being picked than actually developing a human relationship.

No. 1705993

Would you rather A) eat food made by pumpy or B) food made by Sandra?

No. 1706046

Oooo good question. I’d have to go with Sandra. As that one anon mentioned before, pumpys food is covered in ick. At least Sandra’s concoctions would be somewhat clean as its just from frozen food box to microwave. Something about Pumpy where she probably licks and sticks her dirty fingers in everything

No. 1706154

Sandra for sure, she should really start a food truck, call it the cafe woo'

No. 1706381

File: 1669091038445.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, D0C53C20-2D0E-419D-A359-BF0232…)

There’s no way she was sober when she edited this

No. 1706403

Definitely Sandra. No question. Sandra at least seems like she has some level of hygiene.

No. 1706496

Lmao anon. Sandra, no doubt. Ya never know what you’re gonna get, it’s creative in her own preschool way.
Pumpy is too devoid of positivity to make a genuine meal made to nourish. And sanitation lol.

No. 1706602

What in the actual fuck is with the AI hands?

No. 1706661

This is actually an unedited photo. Brina is actually a 2ft AI robot

No. 1706743

I needed this laugh, the hand omg and that face is not hers, shes been blurring out her butt chin for years.
Funny they are back crashing at JJ's parents house again kek, maybe he wont strangle her there too

No. 1706775

Has anyone ever talked about that chick Ihatelaika, laika aka Cortana Blue? She thinks she's going to be a popstar but she's not talented at all. Her husband has a tattoo shop.

No. 1706802

File: 1669141646450.jpeg (238.5 KB, 1284x2778, FA76FA9B-75F9-4CC2-BEDF-C16C93…)

and here we all thought there was absolutely no self awareness.

No. 1706810

File: 1669142719071.jpeg (689.61 KB, 1284x2268, 8E238634-674D-421D-AB3A-633BC4…)

Speaking of self awareness (but specifically lack-thereof), the way that this reactive and emotional turdmonkey tries to flatter herself..

No. 1706830

Oh yea she’s a cow for sure. Same BPD whore who uses that as a personality trait. Basically her only personality trait. She used to be super cute too but looks more like a botched up Charms now. Gained a fuck ton of weight. She has like 9 cats too. She’s just not as milky cause she’s just ugly and boring. Keeps to herself in PA with her gay husband, Lu.

No. 1706862

Haven’t heard that name in years. Looked her up and she still has ugly hair and has put on a bunch of weight. Her large twitter following has gotten to her head.

No. 1706881

Cortana Blue or whoever sings awful and is super fat now and I don't believe she even cams anymore? She will be charms 2.0 soon enough

No. 1706956

File: 1669156008426.png (3.16 MB, 750x1334, 13063ECA-28DA-43FB-853F-6B88B3…)

Wtf happened to her face??!

No. 1707020

God I missed PnP, she needs to get interesting again.
All that Reddit research and she never figured out she’d be in agony over those frightening watermelon boobs?

No. 1707162

Oh my god I found Sabrina’s mom’s Facebook.(don’t post family members )

No. 1707169

Really? If this is her, she looks better than Brina

No. 1707186


Straight GILF status.

No. 1707334

File: 1669203706066.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 777.35 KB, 1284x1993, D5DD355A-C9E5-48B1-BD90-6CE04A…)

She was brought up a lot in the first few camgirl threads, lots of beef with other cam girls.
She used to be on drugs, not eating, and boozing on cam all the time. She was absolutely unhinged and a bitch to anyone and everyone.
I miss that shit show.
I haven’t checked her profile in years, it’s weird to see how…normal she seems now?
I think the weight gain humbled her LOL.
Definitely delusional about the music career, but it’s kind of nice to see someone have a home and a husband and hobbies to get the fuck out of being a cam whore.
Especially compared to the stars of this thread.
Side note-
I’d kill for a collab between her and Sandra lmfao

No. 1707392

She’s still a cam whore lol. She’s not normal and still a horrible bitch. The only thing that has changed is her weight gain.

No. 1707460

File: 1669217374935.jpeg (305.84 KB, 1440x1800, 7E5A5A4A-8AE7-4E8E-8B31-035C83…)

Fighting the urge to a-log I’m just going to say I’m glad karma caught up with Cortana physically. She’s always been such a cunt.

No. 1707470

That neck tattoo oooofffff. It’s hideous.

No. 1707511

Cortana is just going to get 360 lipo again, doesn’t matter if she balloons up knowing she’ll just get it sucked out

No. 1707521

It doesn’t really work though. She’s still fat AF. And now looks botchy and weird. Her arms and face are huge in comparison to her waist. She’s starting to look like Donkey Kong tbh

No. 1707547

File: 1669223300088.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1179x2091, 2CE6027A-E1EF-4F88-9202-032E92…)

The worst mother of the year award….

No. 1707584

What a joke. And the story before was Brina saying Prince had good parents like she would know anything about being a good mom. It’s completely fine for these women to prioritize romantic relationships, material things and themselves over being present for their kids. Sex workers having children is a bad idea.

No. 1707612

Do you have any new milk? I’m interested

No. 1707619

for all the editing she does, it’s strange that she’d post herself at such an unflattering angle. hopefully she’s not high af at a children’s party but y’know — addicts don’t take a day off for anyone. i am a little surprised she didn’t want to borrow one of her kids as a prop for a children’s party but maybe she tried and couldn’t be bothered by any inconvenience to her that might have presented itself. also, major kek at her retired wannabe e-girl wardrobe.. old sabrina would have come here in an amazon lingerie bodysuit, dolls kill leather tennis skirt, garters, platform boots, etc.

really insightful as to how out of shape her body must be now that she’s trying to hide it for once.

sidenote: i don’t think sabrina is fat, even with the weight gain. i think her body has succumbed to years of an unhealthy lifestyle (drugs, starvation, sedentary) mixed with circumstances (multiple pregnancies, three children) and now she’s that messy/blobby thin that’s not going to rake in $$ or attention

No. 1707624

File: 1669229991568.jpeg (525.06 KB, 2048x2048, 0EFB501D-3974-4496-8CB5-F0AC22…)

Pumpy is looking particularly rough lately. Her fleeting moments of realization about her situationship with Ty are starting to poison her faster than her implants.

No. 1707628

File: 1669230238278.jpeg (2.47 MB, 1284x2279, A7025CE3-D679-4035-8F6C-406539…)

archiving solely for melanie’s scrunch face in the background.

No. 1707639

Doe made her Twitter and ig private

No. 1707664

Gahhhh, this woman should NOT be allowed around children. Poor Prince. Sweet boy. This kid doesn’t stand a chance. Smh.

No. 1707669

Melanie showed up to AC's house after his death with a Uhaul, the housekeeper has a youtube about it, and how she left with all of his jewelry etc.
This poor baby is around nothing but escorts, I hope CPS takes him away since Melanie has 0 custody anyways.

No. 1707670

Did Ty delete his insta? That or somehow I was blocked although I never posted anything to it, super weird.

No. 1707675

his ig is still up so you’re blocked. if you are a pretty girl, pumpy might have done it herself.

No. 1707680

escorts, abusive men, and toxic relationships.

No. 1707740

File: 1669237668031.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1170x2045, 52132428-631D-47E8-8BE8-41D1A3…)

Ava looking rough. Drugged out and ruined her face with filler.

No. 1707744

She is a pure sociopath, all I ever did was view a few stories he posted kek, She is obv stalking his page like the desperate loser she j

No. 1707771

She’s not wearing makeup but I find her naturally pretty. I’m sick of everyone and their mom getting over the top lip injections. It eventually looks bad (especially in person) and your profile view turns whack when the filler inevitably migrates, but of course no one will say anything out of politeness.

No. 1707811

I think she gaining weight too kek

No. 1707846

I know it’s pointless because she’s gonna live & die by the anachan sword but I frequently wonder what Pumpy would look like at a healthy weight. Like, would she be less fug or is it a lost cause at this point kek she doesn’t even look like a person to me bc she’s so thin and botched.

No. 1707955

File: 1669249516577.jpeg (192.03 KB, 2399x1799, E039713A-58B8-43D8-A7BD-B42310…)

Pumpy delulu lmfao

No. 1707966

File: 1669249879971.jpeg (782.25 KB, 1170x1260, 165D2D6E-CA79-4238-AD13-1DED17…)

Did anyone screenshot a week ago when she said she was missing her botox appointment because she was sick? She’s done her forehead and her lip in the past.

No. 1708215

Yeah, she did. She got some last year and they botched it (gave her weird, mean Spock brows) but I guess she’s trying again. It wears off after 3 months, unlike filler which lasts years. So I guess not going every 3 months means she doesn’t “get it”.
She has cheek filler, jawline filler, lip filler, (@ 600-999$ a syringe), multiple 1000$ PRP microneedling sessions for collagen production, a nose job, chemical peels, an expensive multi-step hair and skincare regimen.
Botox is 10$ a unit (20-40 units needed for forehead area + crows feet) and doesn’t do nearly as much for preventing aging as all that other expensive ass shit.
For all she’s had done- she looks awful.
She’s had to do ALL that to be just barely palatable at 26 years old, because of her unfortunate genetics and malnutrition.
Every time she posts some shit like that it’s a cope.

No. 1708308

Her face looks very bloated in the second picture and the perspective is way off.

No. 1708319

File: 1669268795663.jpeg (918.65 KB, 1284x2218, 7B2675B7-8DF8-489B-A2E5-1B95F6…)

Brina posting throwback pics of her and Kristin kek Kristin got a new apartment so here come brina trying to find a new crash pad in LA so predictable

No. 1708323


Ava is actually the only cam girl from that whole friend group that I always thought was super pretty. She’s naturally pretty unlike the others. And she’s the only one I actually have any sympathy for. Ava and all her siblings grew up in a religious cult that was in the news. Her and her siblings were all being sexually abused for years and their parents didn’t believe them because they were too brainwashed. The trauma is real with that one. I’m glad she got help and is in a better place now mentally. I remember when she used to take so many Xanax bars daily she would lose consciousness and had to have paramedics called often. She even wore a “do not resuscitate” bracelet. It was insane. How ironic that she is the least problematic and level headed out of the whole bunch.

No. 1708328

File: 1669269321780.jpeg (386.96 KB, 828x1179, C8B137A0-F9EE-4D56-8EF6-F37E24…)

You know Melanie tipped off a media company to come take paparazzi photos in chuckee cheese. And had multiple outfit changes, made a big poster board to have on display at Prince’s birthday full of photos of Aaron (and made sure to have a sentimental moment in the parking lot with the board for everyone to see) and then released “happy birthday” balloons into the sky after for Aaron, lol


No. 1708329

File: 1669269412890.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 157.31 KB, 617x710, 63B32A84-345D-4110-AF4E-703CCB…)

Is this Brina’s new man? Looks like her type.

No. 1708352

That’s one of Aaron’s friends “check” or I think that’s his name. Would not be surprised if she makes him her new man, he has dreads kek

No. 1708375

Shes posted the guys name before that her family followed. I don’t remember what it was.

No. 1708445

Sorry I’m obviously an oldfag, but Jesus Christ I thought charms was a drycow. Wtf happened? I’m not asking to be spoon fed I’m just in shock. I haven’t seen her face in a long time this thread image is too much.

No. 1708505

Ava is a bitch. All these cam whores are. None deserve any sympathy. I’m glad karma is catching up to her in the looks department because ya she used to be naturally pretty kek.

No. 1708515

Sage your shit, Ava

No. 1708551

I highly doubt that’s Ava. She’s posted all of that on her ig. Ntayrt but I knew all of that just by following her and paying a little bit of attention. I also agree with the other nona that she’s not problematic and doesn’t really do milky shit when you know the root of her past issues. Not everyone is going to like her, but not all of us are going to harp on her like a cow either.

No. 1708637

Wouldn’t that be juicy, with brain fart James there. I’m tired of Sabrina’s James era! It’s been 2-3 years? Y’all aren’t moving into an apartment together, they probably have $50 between the two of them and it’s being spent on James’ hair.

No. 1708639

Ava has made bad decisions but I’ve never seen her be bitchy other than being assertive to rude men. Her former social circle is a different story.

No. 1708787

File: 1669328886534.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1985, 66CC61D1-30EE-405D-8276-91C9E7…)


No. 1709024

She’s taking selfies all night alone kek. Guess she didn’t get an invite to Ty’s family dinner cuz she’s never been a girl he’s proud of.

No. 1709105

File: 1669349160215.jpeg (715.34 KB, 812x1495, 5B800E6B-C6D3-4D12-96FD-5FC3D0…)

Yep all alone lmao

No. 1709110

Pascaline about Ava, nice to see your still in here. Hi Sam, know you are too. Kek

No. 1709123

I don't want to post the picture but Brina posted on her stories a picture of Little C drinking from a bottle. Not even a sippy cup. Isn't she a bit old for a bottle?

No. 1709133

Yea as soon as I saw this I immediately came here. Something seems off with the “littlest one”. Isn’t she going to be five this year? Do five year olds still drink bottles? Hopefully all of her wine chugging on cam and taking Xanax before she found out about her ‘rainbow baby’ didn’t leave little c with lasting damage. Sad :(

No. 1709144


I feel bad talking about a child, but I have always had the feeling something was off with little C. She always had a glazed over look on her face. Rarely showed emotion. Seemed slow moving in general. I wouldn’t be shocked if she’s on the spectrum. Doesn’t help that neither parent really takes care of her. Last I checked AJ was bragging about how he’s always traveling for “work” and like half of AJ’s family members are gang members so the poor kids growing up in a shitty environment because two idiots thought it would be cute to have a baby.

No. 1709159

She deleted it cuz it’s not there now

No. 1709281

Yeah she deleted it almost as soon as we started talking about it in here. She prob had no idea it's not normal for a child Little C's age to still use a bottle

No. 1709320

File: 1669379007364.jpg (607.54 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20221125-122106_Ins…)


No. 1709322

File: 1669379092855.jpg (569.3 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20221125-122119_Ins…)

2/2 I noticed some similarities between brina's and pumpy's stories.

No. 1709323

Trying to cope because Ty hasn't invited her to his thanksgiving huh?

No. 1709369

Ava is still friends with Brina. She’s scum just like her. And no I’m not Pascaline. Everyone on this thread is so black and white. Brina/Pumpy = bad and all other cam whores by default = good. Someone was in here defending Taylor too because she had a bad childhood. All these cam whores still run in the same shitty circle and never left sex work.

No. 1709465

As someone stated before, we don’t inherently hate EVERY camgirl. These threads were created for problematic camgirls who don’t warrant their own threads. Not everyone hates someone cuz they don’t hate someone you do. The last time she actually spent time with Brina in person was like what, 2014? Not all of us have a hate boner for every single sex worker on earth, that sounds more like a you problem. Talk about her all you want no one’s stopping you, but unless you have proof of milk and her being problematic people are going to think you’re hateful just for the sake of being so.

No. 1709475

she looks depressed and unhappy. stormy, you’re severely coping rn and you need to leave ty, and get some friends. she might be a creepy skinny bitch but now i’m feeling bad at this point. she’s wasting her precious biological years on a small dicked douchebag beaner boy when she could be idk, stop skinwalking sabrina, get a friend circle, and find another man(sage, racebait)

No. 1709477

Oh how the tables would table if she left him instead of him leaving her. She won’t unless she finds someone new to obsess over though. Pumpy can’t fathom being truly alone.

No. 1709481

CSA survivor sex workers get more sympathy for their questionable life choices. Sex work (OF, stripping, sugaring, escorting, etc.) is re-traumatizing since their clientele are often older men. It’s sad more than anything. I’ve heard stories about Ava and Taylor’s separate past shenanigans but nothing about them treating others poorly.

No. 1709485

So you speak for everyone who contributes to this thread? If you want to worship a drugged out cam whore, go for it.

No. 1709491

Ava only hung out with Brina once. Little C is 3.5

No. 1709497

Oops wrong cam girl. I forgot little c born on Brina bday dec 2017

No. 1709551

“Beaner boy” wow literally kill yourself

No. 1709586

File: 1669400833833.jpg (47.75 KB, 480x777, Screenshot_20221125-132355.jpg)

>states he did kill Aaron Carter
>And that he will be going to jail

No. 1709590

Children should not be still using a bottle by 2. They should have moved on to sippy cups. 3 year olds usually use regular cups with no kids.
I'm sure Sabrina was drinking and on drugs w lil c and her poor baby will forever be slow because of Sabrina.

No. 1709593

**with no lids

No. 1709636

More like clout chasing losers lying for attention trying to get their pathetic music careers started.

No. 1709717

So, then little c is coming up on 5 years old, not 3.5.

No. 1709755

File: 1669409161076.png (1.25 MB, 500x1800, 7125272F-F444-45DE-86DF-8427B5…)

Damn. Sabrina is so fucked up.
She starved herself during that pregnancy and had a premature baby.
And it was in 2017.
She really could’ve had a beautiful life but she is so messed up in the head and refuses to help herself.
I feel so bad for her kids.

No. 1709769

File: 1669409996469.png (2.18 MB, 1170x2532, 34AF3AC6-28EE-45E9-BEB9-DEF3C7…)

Sandra’s anemic. Surprise surprise.

No. 1709772

so did brina spend thanksgiving with AJ and Cora or what? i didnt see the pic, but was she there? or was it just a fake "im thankdful for my kids i hate"

No. 1709781

It’s retarded to think every camgirl has a traumatic past. I have friends who went through CSA who never started hoeing. And I know people who did not exp CSA, who became prostitutes and cam girls.

A lot of these women never wanted another job, and now can’t say no to making an easy $120K a year and have high expenses to match and no exit plan. These aren’t $200/hr prostitutes trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty who can’t manage their money.

Many of these cam girls made $200K-750K a year for multiple years. But burnt through it, or only have like $200K in savings… or many far far less (see Brina)

No. 1709792

I don’t think anyone thinks every cam girl has a traumatic past. If you’re talking about that one anon I think they meant generally speaking CSA survivors are given more sympathy for their choices.

No. 1709801

Oh ok sorry Im retarded and can’t read

No. 1709850

don't forget while pregnant the 3rd time (prob the others also) she sold nude photos and videos to pervs online just like Aria Nina. GROSS. it's all about pleasing the old men for her, never children she created. AJ has stated she pays nothing and I'dlove to hear more from him other than she is a deadbeat "mother"

No. 1709853

Sabrina has already signed away all of her rights to AJ to avoid having to pay child supprot or spend any time with that little girl at all. She is allowed only holidays with her as it is, and never once spent one with her kek

No. 1709933

That’s why I find all these cam whores from Brinas circle milky. Ava used to be stunningly beautiful and was making god knows how much money every month and is now essentially homeless with a botched face and boobs. Brina is also homeless. Taylor would be homeless if she weren’t fucking an old chode. Kenzie is scrapping by pretending she has a sugar daddy while sleeping on a mattress. Kristen is a literal whore as well with no permanent address. They all pissed away what they had at one point and I find it entertaining to watch them as they age.

No. 1709969

It’s just a whole ass carnival to watch. I can’t wait to see what happens to Dumpy Pumpy. A skateboarding company? Girl nobody wants your face on their deck unless the purpose is to grind it off on a curb I guess. She’d better fix her face and tits while she still has a little cash left and start thinking about a feasible life plan or she’s going to be just another couch surfing has-been because Ty isn’t going to solve her inevitable homelessness for her. Boy doesn’t claim you honey move along.

No. 1710026

Not being invited to spend Thanksgiving with Ty should have been a huge sign to Pumpy that he doesn't take their "relationship" seriously. Even Cody took her to a family holiday while she was wearing a freaking dog collar. You already know Tyler will spend just enough of Christmas with her to collect the massive amount of gifts she'll buy him before leaving her alone to spend the day with the people he actually cares about. Really hoping that'll be the final straw and she'll finally have a bpd meltdown and expose him for the ass he is

No. 1710185

I mean, since we’ve said it, now she’ll gaslight herself when it’s happening because the aNoNs cAn’T bE rIgHt

No. 1710214

I think the meltdown is imminent. Pumpy is only human and I think we have seen her patience slipping. She wants so badly to be claimed by Ty… even her dumbass has got to see the writing on the wall sooner or later.

No. 1710267

>unless the purpose is to grind it off a curb I guess
KEKKK this made me choke on my 5am tea ily nonna. So true tho.

No. 1710298

Has anyone been watching kati3’s everyday struggle to break top 20 and cruelly manipulate her tippers?

No. 1710334

Ava only hung out once with Brina but still follows Brina on all her socials and “likes” all of her photos to this day. Just because Ava doesn’t physically hang out with Brina doesn’t mean they aren’t still friends. Both trash humans. Birds of a feather flock together as they say

No. 1710372

Cruelly how? We don’t give fuck about johns feelings.

No. 1710415

I don’t feel sorry for incels who give in to the demands of toxic internet whores. It’s their own choice to be this stupid and emotionally weak.

No. 1710615

Over the last couple months or so I’ve seen some anons mentioning how they can’t wait until ty and Pumpy breakup so she can “expose” him. What the hell would she even have to expose about him? He’s clearly very boring, ugly, and easy to read. I’m more excited about what he would have to say about her. Why are some anons so invested in Ty and what she might have to say about him? It’s probably nothing milky in the slightest.

No. 1710633

Right?! Nonita I'm there with you…who cares about Ty, Pumpy's the cow

No. 1710777

Ty is an abuser that targets sex workers. I think Pumps probably has some good dirt on him. And vice versa. A full blown break-up between these two would have good milk on both sides, and bpd Pumpy wouldn’t think twice about airing whatever she can about Ty after finally coming to terms with the breadcrumbs he’s strung her along with.

No. 1710816

I agree there could be a lot of milk if they ever really cut ties for good; however, I do not get why she wants him so badly, like beyond the wanting Brian’s exes shit…dude looks exactly like the scummy dishwasher at the restaurant I worked at in college. I guess she’s aiming within her range tho kek

No. 1710817

Samefag *Brina’s exes KEK

No. 1710843

I don’t get it either. Ty isn’t even a little bit attractive, and doesn’t give Pumpy basic things people expect out of a relationship. It’s a ticking time bomb and I suspect Xmas could be their downfall if he only does the bare minimum after she showers him with gifts. Kek.

No. 1710859

Brina would still kill to be with Ty and I think that’s all Pumpy cares about in her weird and small lil mind

No. 1710899

Honestly, that’s not saying much because Brina would kill to be with any of her exes again — except for the ones she has children with, of course, since that would involve being a parent.

I cant speak on behalf of everyone, but I’d be more excited to see Pumpy go after Ty (rather than “expose” him). Ty is a piece of shit, like all of the cows chronicled in these threads. As much of a vile pick-me that Pumpy is, I still would love to see her make him suffer and maybe rethink his fuckboy ways. Reflection & change is probably a reach, I get it. But, it still would be funny as fuck to watch this essentially confirmed abuser have their lil music career and online rep massacred by the wrath of the cluster b queen herself.

No. 1710902

Pumpy dragged Ty for following 17 year olds two years ago

No. 1710930

He still does follow 17 year olds.

No. 1710941

He probably clings to his 17 year olds because they swallow and don’t have some rabid “secret” ED.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1710973

What a fucking weird thing to say

No. 1710974

If only Pumpy could get her hands on Nathaniel kek I’d loooove to see the milk at that point

No. 1711100

Pumpy may be a BPD grease head but she has more to offer in a relationship than every other women in this thread, pathetically. Her boyfriend is not cute and has her addicted using the breadcrumb method. Born addicted, die addicted. Stop with the asspats bitch. You're addicted to an ugly narcissist vs meth. Tomato, tamAto

No. 1711293


I have. I watched her stream today and she kept begging rudely for tips. I've seem camwhores who dont act retarded do way better nowadays (look at itslo and cherry). Girls who have been camming less time than her are breaking top 20. Kati3's behavior and begging is getting old as fuck just like her.

No. 1711405

Late reply but I don't understand if she's trying to get praise or sympathy. Lmao, like who cares,you dealt with life and "never touched a drug" just like a million people,you don't even have a stable relationship status with your weird man you claim but he's never once claimed you. It's literally all nonsense that she posts, nothing makes sense, it's one day I'm the strongest bitch you'll ever meet, next it's my lupus is making it so hard for me to be the bad bitch I am. It's like a flip flop daily,no wonder she's alone all the time.

No. 1711553

File: 1669565145208.jpeg (1023.23 KB, 1170x1149, 0186133A-8F4F-4708-B44A-52C35D…)

About how many times a month does Taylor have to get fucked in the ass from her liver spotted chode for this place? Any guesses?

No. 1711604

Her cope statements are repetitive and transparent. No one observing her would call her strong despite what she’s been through. More like emotionally unstable, codependent and weak. Like others said, Christmas will be interesting and maybe she’ll fly into an alcohol rage for New Year like she did for Ty’s birthday.

No. 1711641

When you're as isolated as her it's honestly a really healthy move to remind yourself how far you've come when you feel shitty. I mean honestly who the fuck else she got but depraved simps. She's a sad cat and we know she has absolutely no girlfriends. I just feel like this dumb bitch might finally have seen the writing on the wall with the no invite to Tyler's house after years of loyalty to his terrible skin having manlet ass. I've NEVER not had a man so excited to take me to Thanksgiving and show me off.

I just don't think she can leave until left first, but if she actually was like oh wow you don't even consistently give me your time..maybe I should find the new boyfriend I EASILY could. Again. Unlike these other bitches, she does have consistent income and a house for now. Nathan should have chose Pumpy after Elissa. Who BTW had a baby with her NYC rocker boyfriend incase anyone didn't know. She's still friends with Kristen and they spent time together recently. Now SHE'S the most beautiful woman to be posted on this thread. The rest of these bitches would die to be Naomi Woods. She literally paid her dues and never thought she was better than anyone or tried to pretend to be shit she wasn't. I'm honestly surprised she was able to get sober. She drank like a literal fuckin fish, and never ate to the point of being like 90 lbs literally in 2021.

No. 1711711

Naomi’s photos are pretty but she abuses photoshop and filters to catfish level extreme.

No. 1711794

She’s beautiful but she got knocked up by a guy in a few months. She has poor judgement too. She’s just not as conniving and BPD as some of the other women here.

No. 1711941

Seconded. What in the actual fuck?

No. 1711972

Yeah, you don’t think pumpy swallows?
Do you think she counts it as a meal in her calorie count?
That’d be so fucked if she did.

No. 1711993

File: 1669591578533.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 186.34 KB, 1100x2048, F0D13327-F427-4A52-B048-F23728…)

I don’t think she airbrushed her ass enough

No. 1711997

File: 1669592017570.jpeg (359.43 KB, 1800x1486, AE5C88C0-1926-49EC-A0BA-91B13F…)

So has she completed filling at 3,000?

No. 1712002

File: 1669592174111.png (3.1 MB, 1800x900, F9506C80-65BE-4BD8-A695-FE717B…)

Sandra looking sick and anemic but still has the ability to have more work ethic than brina

No. 1712015

Her hair looks like it’s about to burn off at the roots

No. 1712022

someone above mentioned she used to be a tumblr it girl. what was her url?

No. 1712027

It's a badly back combed wig

No. 1712028

Was this second pic posted somewhere? Cuz if not…isn't it a selfpost?

No. 1712030

Yeah snap and insta stories I just cropped the images.

No. 1712129

Oh thank goodness. I actually thought she bleached her hair herself for a minute kek

No. 1712194

I think he pays her in fruit

No. 1712199

Nonita! I love you

No. 1712200

Cortana has one of those long pancake butts you see from time to time

No. 1712201

Ahh word. Thanks nona!

No. 1712212

Do you just live in this thread, Taylor?

No. 1712225

yea seriously, I meant fruit to stick in his ass but sorry I don't feel the same

No. 1712267

Isn't it weird that Sandra and Vero were close to Melanie until Sabrina came around? Did we see eaither Vero or Sandra at Melanies planned tabloid birthday party for AC's sons birthday party..James was friends with AC, not Sabrina. Sabrina has no real friends.

No. 1712518

Hey Taylor - since you live in this thread like Pascaline, why aren’t you on a PJ with your old, disgusting bf off to some fancy vacation? Oh because you’re full of shit?(hi cow)

No. 1712593

I wish y’all would catch bans every time you accuse nonas of being cows and think you sound anything but fucking retarded talking like this. Stfu, y’all make this thread a shit show more than the cows do. There’s actual milk to be had and this is the shit you choose to post. You look as bored and annoying as Pumpy when Ty isn’t there to entertain her. It’s been happening for like 3 threads now and it gets old.

No. 1712621

Ok Taylor KEK

No. 1712651

I agree, the hi cow posts are annoying and come across as schitzo.

No. 1712667

Damn, Sandra is looking alarmingly terrible. I hope she’s doing ok. She’s the only cow I have a soft spot for. Did anyone catch her stream and can recap?

No. 1712673

I watched for 5 minutes & she didn't say a single word the whole time. I got bored & left

No. 1712676

Totally agree. It's always on the stupidest shit, too! Like I posted >>1712199 because I kek'd at the idea of a whore getting paid in fruit & now dumbasses are all "hey Taylor"…it's so cringey

No. 1712716

Is she getting her boobs big to hide the fact she is obese?

No. 1712927

Literally whatever doctor is doing this to her should lose their license. If she ever comes to her senses and gets the mental help she needs, we are gonna see her on an episode of Botched.

No. 1713069

I don't think it's working for her, poor girl can't even do a proper sit up now kek

No. 1713076

Sabrina and Pumpy too with all the filler in her lips chin and jaw, it's all going to their necks and bloated faces. BOTCHED 'cam girl edition' should be the next thread pic

No. 1713077

samefag but we can't foget Melanie, she already looks like a shark with her close eyes and huge face

No. 1713284

File: 1669699274661.jpeg (702.06 KB, 1284x2285, 539CE572-AFDA-4831-8A70-A277D1…)

More alcohol than food Sabrina. This cart is depressing and alcoholic asf

No. 1713340

File: 1669705577177.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1151x677, grossfeet.png)

Katie didn't clean her feet before getting online. Said she was walking around in her garage barefoot. Also her lip started bleeding on cam last night. I assume from fresh injections?

No. 1713443

File: 1669725168942.jpeg (132.56 KB, 1168x1014, 3E0E95FC-655C-4807-B2BB-BB84B6…)

Sandra, stop. Give yourself a break. Maybe you’re crazy depressed because you keep switching between therapies within a month. It takes longer than that to start healing. Poor thing.

No. 1713446

File: 1669725443217.jpeg (303.81 KB, 1170x1706, 774D94B3-F7B6-4A1B-B16F-3F6F9B…)

Cigarettes? What else comes in an anti theft box except plan b? She’s partying with kaelin again so you know there’s gonna be drugs and alcohol.
Kaelin made her Twitter private last night too hmmm.

No. 1713498

It looks like film/ink for the Instax mini thing next to it

No. 1713553

File: 1669731671244.png (3.09 MB, 1800x1788, 0E68CBB8-D6E7-47C4-A42E-D50439…)

Off to Las Vegas, Nevada for a cuck weekend with the whores.

No. 1713742

File: 1669742964752.png (1.39 MB, 1914x1080, Screenshot_20221129-122534~3.p…)

Did pumpy get rid of her nice gamer pc and monitors?

No. 1713787

Looks like film for her Polaroid, and a plan b to me.

No. 1713863

Yeah, but filler can be dissolved easily if they want to do that. I’ve used fillers over the last decade, and if you go to a good injector they will advise entirely dissolving what you’ve got every few years and placing new to avoid things like filler migration and keep it looking good/natural. Pumps and Brina just seem to be compounding filler on filler and that’s where it’s going wrong, and obviously they’re going to an injector that isn’t the best. Either way though, comparing their migrating facial fillers to her boob situation is not a even remotely close to the same level of botched.

No. 1713966

In his mind he probably thinks he’s a pimp.

No. 1714003

Pumpy is ugly as fuck, but I don’t think botched is the right word for it. She looks exactly how she wanted aside from that lump in her nose job she hides. Them choosing to look the way they do isn’t the same as actual botched work imo. Sandra’s nose job on the other hand is actually botched. There will be severe repercussions and deformities for Charms in her future though.

No. 1714097

File: 1669766479957.jpeg (279.12 KB, 1170x1986, 0C475C87-0FC3-4567-A3B0-236395…)

Incoming sperg about how Ty SaVeD hEr LiFe while casually slipping how she really feels in there. It’s transparent.

No. 1714139

File: 1669768664614.jpeg (262.94 KB, 1170x1818, CA120784-86BD-4BE5-B8E5-AA7EF8…)

$800 for an extension install on hair she bought separately and brought with her. Scammed lmao.

No. 1714150

Why is everyone so obsessed with Morgan(learn2sage)

No. 1714262

We’re not obsessed. She’s the only one who posts consistently. Get with it.

No. 1714329

File: 1669784579341.jpeg (36.36 KB, 500x281, 1091D50A-968D-4AE5-B649-85AB58…)

No. 1714371

She’s always had something going on with her boobs. First she had that awful double bubble issue. Then the Frankenstein tits. Now she looks like a sideshow freak.

She looks dead behind the eyes. I wouldn’t be able to leave my house if I looked like that.

No. 1714462

Does anyone have before pics of Melanie’s face? Was she a mess before fillers and surgery?

No. 1714562

I don’t, but what she’s done to her face has aged her terribly. It makes her look like a washed up 45 year old trying desperately to hang on to her youth. Actually, come to think of it, I’m not sure how old she is. Maybe she is close to 40? Idk.

No. 1714570

File: 1669821470281.jpeg (451.02 KB, 2399x1349, 7A97ABEA-A0C0-4893-8C61-9964E4…)

I went back to the depths of Melanie’s ig, she actually used to be beautiful. She looks like a filler nightmare anymore and is transforming into Jennifer Coolidge. Not sure if that’s who she’s showing her injector, but damn they’re getting closer to twinning lately.

No. 1714574

Samefag – left and center are 2013, right is 2016. It’s all downhill from there (reposted to sage).

No. 1714590


Imagine actually paying money to disfigure yourself

No. 1714603

Every single google thread is saying she’s 30, born in 1992. I’m absolutely not buying it, I thought I saw proof recently she was in her late 30’s. IF it is true she’s officially the most botched cow in this thread. Can’t fucking imagine doing yourself in like that at 30, she looks like a 45 year old trying hard to preserve her youth.

No. 1714610


Sorry nonnies, but I must sperg. That little box on the right is a Focusrite Scarlett interface. It's cheap and it sucks. It could be that she uses it for her mic during her cam shows, but Pumpy always brags about how rich she is. Why would she buy a €150 interface?

As for the speakers, those are Yamaha HS7's. €200 a speaker and relatively decent for mixing and mastering audio. She uses them as regular speakers. You can tell because they're not pointed at her. If she was serious about mixing and making music, she'd put the speakers on her desk. Now they're pointed outward, and the sound goes right past her. These Yamaha's are kind of shit for regular listening because they're studio monitors. She probably lets Ty do his stupid rapshit there and bought it for him

No. 1714613

pumpy uses a yeti and has no real use for a scarlett 2i2. i was going to post yesterday that i hoped it was cuz she was going to take a shot at a music career like sandra and cortana kek

No. 1714665

I know nothing about this stuff but what you described sounds about right. Of course she doesn’t know what she’s doing because she’s bad at every hobby with her lame half ass attempts and lack of desire to actually learn. She’s all talk. Let's see her put her “childhood singing lessons” to use.

No. 1714691

Wow Melanie used to be really pretty before all of the work she had done. Now she looks like a 45 year old. In no way is she 30. She is I believe 38, AC mentioned it in one of his IG live rants about what a ness she was, couldn't cook, clean etc.

No. 1714861

I feel like it's a mix of that and knowing it's the only way to get pornsick moids to pick her over better looking camgirls. Anything to avoid getting a regular job.

No. 1714981

I believe Melanie is 36. From what I recall on Aaron’s streams Melanie is about 2 years older than him. I watched his streams somewhat regularly when they first started dating and he mentioned multiple times that she was 34 but I’m not sure when her birthday is.

No. 1714992

Samefag but I remember being shocked that she was older than him just knowing her group of friends(sabrina, Sandra, Vero)and also because Aaron and Trisha Paytas are the same age and Melanie looks A LOT younger than Trisha.

I’m only comparing Trisha and Melanie here because they both dated Aaron, Trisha really not that long before Melanie, and are both overfilled. If you wanna call what Trisha and Aaron did “dating”…they kind of just fucked. Sorry for off topic.

No. 1715515

File: 1669866478341.jpeg (386.85 KB, 1170x2128, B64E182E-DB5C-496E-A0C7-14409C…)

Since nothing’s happening I’m posting this pic that’s taking up space in my phone.
Maybe she is becoming more self aware.

No. 1715765

File: 1669901730701.png (1.12 MB, 1800x755, C55FBC19-A7ED-4A5C-B883-0FE0AA…)

I really hope some hate is brewing for Ty.
His music isn’t too far off from Sandra’s half-assed attempt at a music record.

No. 1715767

File: 1669902175307.png (753.97 KB, 1800x631, 4DE416FC-C64C-4F13-87CA-534C92…)

It’s just a matter of time before another cow I follow dies from an overdose.

No. 1715770

File: 1669902617805.png (1.28 MB, 1800x1106, 5B90B260-A430-4651-A739-F2DA55…)

Coming in first is A-why!

No. 1715997

A-Why’s music, while it sucks, is miles ahead of Ty and Sandra. Gotta give him that.

No. 1716055

Had a quick listen and A-why’s is the most tolerable. Ty’s music is well produced thanks to his industry connections, but it’s also generic auto tuned garbage.

No. 1716237

Yea that narcan mess of a short clip on OF is going to be a hit…. Of more narcan in the future. Get lives , bragging about having to take narcan isn't fucking cool, some things should be kept to yourself dumb junkies

No. 1716281

Her depression is gone, and so much growth okay wait until the next od kek

No. 1716393


Sandra's music is straight up garbage. A-why's not my thing but I did listen to some of Ty's stuff is decent. I'm surprised he has a song with Kellin Quinn since his songs dont even break 1k views on youtube lmao but my opinion there is a little biased since I'm into emo music.

But seriously what the fuck is wrong with Sandra in her "songs"? She's sings like Cupcakke being held at gunpoint.

No. 1716401

Just listened to Sandra's music for the first time…it's actually THE WORST music I've ever heard in my entire life. It's not real, right? There's some joke I'm missing, right?? Holy fuck me

No. 1716501

It really is so bad. I think actually one of those late night TV hosts did a quick segment making fun of her once. Kek

No. 1716585

File: 1669993721302.jpeg (318.98 KB, 1170x1957, E28EC9B1-46B0-4A6E-B63E-621737…)

Postpartum? Oh lord. This made me laugh so loud.

No. 1716586

File: 1669993755504.jpeg (182.29 KB, 1169x1389, 178871CB-29EC-4AC0-BCB2-8E8659…)

I hope she moves in with kaelin. That’ll bring some milk.

No. 1716591

She’s gonna milk that abortion till the day she dies. That’s what Ty gets for knocking her up. I hope she whines at him as much as she does the Internet.

No. 1716639

You can get postpartum depression after miscarriage/abortion but she was like 6 weeks? And it’s been six months. Postpartum period is only even considered to be 6-8 weeks after FTB, would’ve been like 1-2 weeks for her considering how far along she was(n’t).

No. 1716645

Wtf does it even mean? Working 10-20 minutes a week DOING WHAT???? That's not working lol it's less than employees are given for a lunch break ffs, this bitch is so stupid.and her dumbass was boasting and bragging about her abortion,now she talks about it on the daily as if someone forced her to do it. She drives me nuts with her idiocy.

No. 1716794

File: 1670014658324.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1284x2107, EE09B3EE-00DE-4168-85D9-A89657…)

I assume she intends to attend.. Melanie will be a walk in the park for the medium and she’ll use it all to affirm her cluster b antics/shameless narrative that Aaron is watching over her lovingly (meanwhile he was trying to set up a booty call right before his death). Melanie is going to milk AC’s death with the same zeal that Pumpy milks her abortion, but worse.

No. 1716798

File: 1670015226648.jpeg (495.48 KB, 1284x2468, 5FC7503B-6A7C-42E3-9D39-A33196…)

(1/2) Cringing and laughing, Melanie is not invited to the official memorial and AC’s twin sister has possession of his remains.

No. 1716799

File: 1670015260068.jpeg (491.55 KB, 1284x1430, B7002E9E-5582-481B-B6A7-9A44BC…)


No. 1716801

File: 1670015342698.jpeg (469.91 KB, 1284x850, 570045F7-B389-4AE2-A6F9-C54460…)

Excuse the samefagx2 but this also sent my eyes rolling. Didn’t he say she just had an abortion recently?

No. 1716830

He stated it in his last video before he died, the real one, it was QUICKLY deleted once word got out. He said "Melanie and I will never get back together again because she was at planned parenthood and doesn't want to have a real family"
Melanie is cringe as fuck, I'm glad AC's family even see's that

No. 1716880

Post partum lmfao ok but never forget you “yeeted that bitch” Pumpy. I hope her womb shrivels up forever kek

No. 1716904

"Just wants Prince to be taken care of" You mean yourself Melanie

No. 1716964

Does she have veneers? In those older pics her smile looks different and it’s not just the filler.

No. 1717071

File: 1670038864340.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x2128, 2AB0298D-8B80-4E78-B0B9-155358…)

I think you might be right noni kek more Milk to come!

No. 1717103

File: 1670040616401.jpeg (242.51 KB, 1170x1855, 5A7860C3-60A1-4950-A8C7-9BE786…)

Let’s gooooooo

No. 1717251

Do you guys think she is subletting a room and not a whole apartment? Or has a roommate/friend on a co- lease? Or kek living with little James?

No. 1717295

Def w her friend in her spare bedroom to do 3somes with for rent $. Wonder how long Sabrina can last til she fucks this one's bf and gets kicked out

No. 1717296

Sane fag bu just be nice living off friends when your hitting 30 without life of your own. Sad

No. 1717391

File: 1670075720514.png (561.12 KB, 764x1638, E0079775-5DDE-4758-9B88-1CB50D…)

Ah therapy. Let’s see if this actually helps or just provides more milk.

No. 1717409

Therapy is not going to help this dumb whore

No. 1717410

Not exactly the Strata Brina.

No. 1717421

would love to know what happened to the pipe dream of her and junkie james getting their own place. the idea must have got lost in one of their many breakups, despite supposedly having signed leases! the fact that they’ve been wasting time together for 2Yrs + and, instead of working towards living together, she’s moving back into another spare area of a friend’s house (at least it’s not a closet this time). if jj truly is as jealous as we’ve gathered from their little domestic battery incident then i can’t see this move going well for them. also, is kaelin really wanting to do threesome content with baby dick james? they’ll find a better dick, on AND off cam.

No. 1717429

If I were brina I'd be embarrassed to post a photo of a bed that's not even hers in n apt she didn't even buy or rent kek. This bitch is as braindead as her abuser boyfriend James. She'd never be able to rent the strata again with her debt kek

No. 1717469

How does this busted,broke, deadbeat whore still have a friend to mooch off of?

No. 1717636

It was Jimmy Fallon, I tried to find the clip but it’s really hard to find now or might be a private video on YouTube

No. 1717674

File: 1670102706986.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 750x1334, 8F4982F7-F8EB-4398-A3DE-E9DEE2…)

From charms IG story. Not sure if it even needed to be spoilered but did it just in case. She posts about pumpy and thirsts over her quite regularly. Does Morgan even follow her back in her main? She has me blocked so I can’t see…but she doesn’t follow charms back on the account being promoted so much. I wonder why?? Charlotte could cling on to so many others. Why Pumpy? I wonder if it’s because charlottes downfall started right around Pumpy coming up? I mean the last kick of the downfall at least…before it got into this rock bottom state she’s been in for years.

I was thinking back recently to when Charlotte/Charms/Lotte cammed with Austin White. I remember watching their streams and wondering how someone like Austin was hooking up with Lotte? I mean I get she was ranking close to Austin at the time. But she just looked so dirty in comparison it was weird.

No. 1717689

Probably the tattoos, obsession with being plastic surgery bimbos, this thread etc

No. 1717718

Austin used to hold raffles where tippers could nominate another girl to do a photoshoot with her. I think that’s how her and Lotte met.

No. 1717751

That was always so weird to me, it was like raffling a meet n greet and for your fav camgirl to go get dominated by Austin. Something about how much she profited so much off of other girls and how they all lined up for it was strange.

No. 1718066

File: 1670140939283.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.33 KB, 695x671, 1.jpg)

Leo can't figure out how to use photoshop. As his website proves, he isn't tech savvy. @Kati, june 2021

No. 1718080

File: 1670142655733.jpg (109.19 KB, 582x880, Kati3katIsrael.jpg)

Anyone else following Flako Loredo @kati3katmfc? Big Fan. Katie kat Israel, Garfield, non-sequitirs? love it

No. 1718081

NTA but sometimes I forget if I’m here or in the mtf thread. And not just cuz I’m stoned. Paying someone to mutilate you like this has to be some kind of self harm no? Sad state of affairs.

No. 1718120

pumpy kinda looks like old charms here, no? am I tripping lmao she probably wishes she could go back in time

No. 1718171

Wtf is this and why isn’t it saged

No. 1718201

I just find it hilarious that the only man that can stand Brina anymore has a literal brain injury. You have to be mentally handicapped in order to be around her. Looking at you Kaelin

No. 1718261

File: 1670174191383.jpeg (741.28 KB, 2399x1919, E268CD27-8B0C-4FC0-8E47-64D72E…)


No. 1718274

I have an inkling that anon could be the person who complained about her nonstop on the MFC subreddit, and is trying to make her happen in this thread. Where’s the actual drama?

No. 1718282

I starting to think she stopped working because of Ty. Either him not liking it so she’s like “look I stopped!” Or because she wants to spend every second with him. Or maybe both.

No. 1718369

And what does she have to show for all her “success” ??

No. 1718378

File: 1670182379266.jpeg (297.75 KB, 828x1472, 69DFFC8B-C8B7-4421-BB97-1AA44F…)

She wants to be Sabrina so bad. It’s so creepy

No. 1718398

in all honestly just because someone has long dark hair, implants and is skinny doesn't make them want to be Sabrina.
If anything, the above posted photo from Charms IG she looks a LOT like LilBoWeep.

No. 1718406

She’s scared if she’s thotting he’s gonna show interest in someone else. She’s trying to hole herself up as a “housewife”

No. 1718409

In what world does she look like lilboweep? Nowhere near the same style. Definitely trying to be Sabrinas clone but go off.

No. 1718411

I don’t think wearing a plaid mini skirt makes them copying each other. If anything it’s a bit concerning how far fetishing schoolgirls has spread into adult clothing trends. I think her obsession with Brina has nothing to do with anything physical (anymore) so much as an extreme hatred for anyone else Ty ever dated and wanting hard to rub in that she’s with a guy who left Brina. He left her for being a whore so other nonnie could be right. Pump stores long term beef while other people she fights with forgets she even exists.

No. 1718447

I’m not the anon who wrote it but I have posted before that I think Pumpy is a blend of Brina and Lil Bo Weep. Obviously not LBW’s final era before passing, but more at the height of her “popularity.”

No. 1718460

Ew please stop mentioning this dead cow
She doesn’t resemble her n never has
All these fucktards look the same. It’s just a generic whore look. They’re fucking memes, literally.
That’s why we’re here making fun of them. Can’t even tell them apart they’re all the same.

No. 1718470

This looks like clear evidence that people, especially men, use her and she can’t stand up for herself.
She identifies it as being “submissive” it’s just being a doormat. There’s a big difference.
It’s called respect, Morgan. Take notes.

No. 1718489

I love when she goes on these rants because it just smells so desperate. People who are successful don’t have to constantly assert that fact. She had a gross niche with pedos and she ruined that w her surgeries. Cope harder, Pumpy. Nobody wants to “wife” you, and you’re not making millions now.

No. 1718500

File: 1670191057049.jpeg (241.51 KB, 1170x1347, 170E817B-6B4D-4F1A-AB5D-E9B0AD…)

Oh no, hopefully brina hasn’t tried to weasel her way back into Sandra’s life now that she’s back in sd

No. 1718529

File: 1670192676613.jpeg (563.27 KB, 1284x1498, 91077803-C5B3-48E1-AE57-8CDFFF…)

She seems more aware than we might think kek, feeding snakes and all

No. 1718532

There’s absolutely no way this dumb bitch has $50k in her possession

No. 1718538

Is Kaelin a cam/OF girl? Never heard of or seen her before.

No. 1718553

File: 1670194786334.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 556.55 KB, 1170x2158, 1F3087B2-278D-459A-AF70-929918…)

Each stack could be 10k but I don’t know why you’d have that out and about. Not my thing to show off money.

No. 1718560

So she’s an escort and just hasn’t been putting her money in the bank and posted it for -one Twitter like- kek. SoCal is filled with mid hookers like her charging $700/hr.

No. 1718568

No. 1718643

Nope. guess again sherlock. Take a look at 1st post, "Honourable mentions…".
Pumpy is like Donald Trump, low-hanging fruit. SO easy. 11th camgirl thread, 80% pump, really? Who cares wtf Pump says. "You don't read your press, you weigh it". You expecting something profound outta Pump? Shes a dumpster baby retard. Im a hard working gal, grinding hours, and kati3drunk makes me laugh! Esp on days I've worked 8hrs and grossed $60. Color me jell. If you a kati WK, pissoff. If not, RENAME this dumbfuck thread(sage your shit)

No. 1718648

They both look like your typical broke hoes, that money will be gone in a week. Actual rich people never pose like this.

No. 1718650

Okay let's start with Sabrina having hardly any tattoos at all, esp any dark ones or face tattoos -as Pumpys are all dark and very much covered blackout similar to lilboweep not a stupid hello kitty in pastel colors like Sabrina. Not to mention every girl wears thigh highs and skirts, extensions and boots. So ya, but go off.

No. 1718657

Kaelin we know you're a cheap hooker like your friend Sabrina, only the cheap whores post photos like this with cash kek like Sabrina in the car ahe doesn't even own anymore. Take notes, trash.

No. 1718661

Money won’t cure the lasting trauma from being a prostitute anyway so when girls post this it’s like ok? Enjoy your frivolous material things while other people form meaningful relationships and don’t have to give up their body and soul.

No. 1718685

File: 1670205934810.jpeg (132.23 KB, 1169x985, 14266826-15A1-4068-9206-CBD791…)

Lil dick woman beater James being retarded on Twitter. While dating a prostitute and someone who tweeted about OF collabs two weeks ago lol

I do hate these men who don’t want a sex worker gf but are too horny and pathetic to leave

No. 1718719

Dude so many bitches have tattoos like that. Does she have neck tats like lbw, piercings like her, is she on her “spiritual” shit like her, have some looney tunes obsession? No there are more differences that similarities. I, and most other anons, don’t see the connection you’re trying to make bUt gO oFf

No. 1718727

Exactly my point does puppy have anything she copies from Sabrina? No. Sloths. Prostitute. Maybe but looney tunes really has nothing to do with the way pumpy LOOKS in comparison. Sabrina is boring and nothing noticeable. You're starting to sound like a Sabrina Stan kek but fo oFf pAscALinE

No. 1718750

File: 1670213745248.png (935.63 KB, 1080x2160, 14B2483F-B11C-40F0-A44A-E248DB…)

Look let’s just keep saying Pumpy is copying Sabrina. It probably annoys her.

Throwback to 2019 (where’s your stories post Pumpy?) Ever been claimed this openly?

No. 1718856


I think a lot of people hate kati3. Not the same anon but I'm an e-whore myself and I think its just the jealousy of her better body/higher earnings + her being shitty to her fanboys that really does it for us. I try to stay up to date on any milk or drama she may have because she's awful lol. Sabrina and Pumpy really arent my thing since they really seem like 2 anorexic coke whores who just happened to be camgirls, but when I see something up with kati3 I try to upload it ASAP for shits and gigs (like when she cosplayed as a kid or begged like a bitch for donations).

Hopefully, with her upcoming disney trip, we'll get some fallout between her and her friends for more milk.

No. 1718968

Welcome to this thread where everyone’s obsession is Pumpy for some odd reason. Try and talk about another cam whore and no one cares lol

No. 1719072

Oh Pumpy copied Brina 100%. Brina definitely was her blueprint for her life. She copies everything Brina has ever done. I have zero clue why that anon can’t see Pumpy is a single white female for Brina. Brina was pumpys inspiration for legit everything in her life down to her ED. She’s literally fuvking her ex bf and probably fantasizes about Brina when Ty bangs her lol.

No. 1719087

Pumpy was obsessed with Brina back in the day and some reason is with Ty prob to make her jealous who knows kek but I don't think she's obsessed with Brina now I mean look at her now and her life I don't think anyone looks up to that back in the day sure a lot of people idolized her.

No. 1719103

yeah i think it has a lot more to do with brina snubbing pump back when pumpy was really obsessed with brina during her peak and pumpy being more successful than brina now AND being with brinas ex that left her for being a whore. it seems a lot more like a rub it in her face type thing.

No. 1719117

Haha no I totally agree. Brina WAS her inspiration. Nothing inspiring about her anymore. There’s nothing to idolize now. Pumpy is obsessed with Brinas old life and I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes after Nathaniel once Ty and her break up

No. 1719244

not only do you sound racist, you also seem to WK Sabrina. "stand beside Aaron Carter" are you joking? Pumpy doesn't live in a mansion and the only friends Sabrina has are ones she uses and escorts with until a few months after, they always fall out. Sabrina ends up fucking their boyfriends or stealing from them

No. 1719261

File: 1670270455499.jpeg (326.61 KB, 1284x2226, 401B26E7-A381-4E00-ACAE-795D89…)

Sabrina got a spray tan to try to look thinner; but she's still looking blobby and untoned.

She completely lost her looks/body esp in this James relationship, because she didn't have to try with him. They didn't do anything. Unmotivated bummy asf together.

No. 1719292

awww someone is offended, nobody cares about your virtuesignaling nonna

No. 1719294

Says the one who is sucking on Pumpy but okay. learn2read

No. 1719307

No, like you really are racist af saying things like Beaner. It’s not that the other anon was virtue signaling, it’s that it’s really trashy and ignorant to say that. You’re worse than the cows if you think that is even remotely acceptable. Kill yourself.

No. 1719322

Why can’t you guys sage the infighting at least. Also, this is lolcow so don’t expect other anons to be PC.

No. 1719337

STFU FAGGOT. Go back to reddit idiot

No. 1719351

File: 1670279162731.jpeg (940.28 KB, 2048x2048, 03C2E122-ED7E-41A6-B9AD-75BB07…)

Ugh, I hate it when you all piss and moan about the irrelevant shit. As the person who keeps having to make the threads, stop shitting it up with the infighting PLEASE.

Anyways, surprised that this hasn’t been posted in here yet — Sandra is looking rougher by the day. I didn’t even think it was possible for her to look more haggard, but here we are. I am curious about why her and A-Why haven’t started cohabitating? Similar to Sabrina and JJ, you’d expect this to be a “move” after this long of dating. Particularly because Sandra is having all of her “mental health crisis” sagas, you’d think there would be eagerness for the companionship to become daily/in-house.. but instead she gets another roommate? There is something off there.

No. 1719386

She really does keep looking worse and worse… hope she gets her mental health under control, but it seems she never sticks with any one treatment long enough to see results.

Also, isn’t A-Why a few years younger than Sandra? He just might not be ready to make that move. Or he realizes her mental health issues are red flags and is hesitant to move in together while those issues seem to be at an all time high. We only see what she shares to social media, I’m sure he’s seeing a hell of a lot more.

No. 1719406

File: 1670283230373.jpeg (83.29 KB, 1170x245, 0330917A-1C56-4177-B951-9C2430…)

She’s so embarrassing

No. 1719425

Videos of her praying mantis ass dildo-ing herself while saying daddy. Sex work is real work!

No. 1719486

The way she commented to herself “so fire shawty” kek

No. 1719512

File: 1670291509221.jpg (479.07 KB, 1600x865, Social_Influencer.jpg)

Recent lying. "Social Influencer"? Try "model", "cam model". Why lie about it? Im jealous of her earning. Her hair-jobs cost more than my rent and car payment combined. Thread says "Cam Models". If we can't post newest, latest video rants to appease anecdotal sage, try changing your thread's title to "stupid shit a handful of cam models post on Insta or Twitter";

No. 1719522

File: 1670292558984.jpeg (266.49 KB, 1170x1792, 25408D61-A575-4FA8-B506-35FCA5…)

Kristen’s got a new Twitter. Brina’s already on her dick. Maybe this brina 2.0 with Kristen and kaelin.

No. 1719526

File: 1670292656184.jpeg (214.11 KB, 1170x1168, 3A9C59C2-23B1-4C2B-802A-951EFA…)

No. 1719541

Ana has her own share of cow behaviors (and fillers), but her face and carefree personality has always been worlds better than Brina

No. 1719591

File: 1670297777094.png (671.25 KB, 1800x1486, 1925ECD7-E5EF-41BB-8D60-6D592C…)

I keep forgetting these women are literal in-life prostitutes.
This guy said the 60yr old hit Kristen too.
She’s always using drugs on all these escort trips she takes. Again, just like brina, staying high to avoid the reality she created for herself. Only difference is Kristen wasn’t dumb enough to keep the kids. She knows there’s no hope for long term relationships because she’s a whore who lives day to day.

No. 1719597

Yeah and I can somewhat understand Kristen having drug issues after her ex’s suicide. She should have avoided the prostitution trap though. These women don’t have age as an excuse for dumbass choices

No. 1719610

the only thing Sabrina is "blueprint" for is bad choices, drugs, escorting for under the table money to avoid child support,and giving away all of her 3 children. Such a "blueprint" to follow KEK, Sabrina is not even pretty anymore it's all photoshop and blur as you zoom in. Poor girl

No. 1719893

Thank you for commenting this. Usually when Kristin is brought up, all her simps come out and talk about how beautiful and successful she is kek. I have to remind people she’s a literal whore that is homeless

No. 1719942

File: 1670340088869.jpeg (861.12 KB, 1170x1941, 360B6567-1D9D-459A-A89E-0CD984…)

So thankful you came into my life so I can mooch the fuck outta you and fuck your boyfriend!

No. 1719972

File: 1670342511294.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1931, 3C406D92-AB2D-4DC7-AFCC-667FD9…)

Whatever happened to Ava’s dog? Did she kill it like Pumpy when she realized she has to take care of it? These whores love to abandon innocent beings

No. 1719974

She was devastated over that dog running away. She took care of Pancake very well, she even brought him with her when she went to rehab. She looked for him for months and even set up a mini search party…

No. 1719977

Samefag, but that’s also not Pancake that’s Henny, one of her old roommates dogs.

No. 1720028

Lmao loved it so much but it ran away

No. 1720058

you sound like you’ve never owned a dog. there’s real milk and harping on a bitch for her dog running away like 6 years ago ain’t it. she’s taken the cats she rescued with her to every place she’s moved to and they’re alive and well. maybe go back to making fun of her surgery scars or something if this is all you have. not wking her this is just retarded and tinfoiled, shit like this makes this thread look stupid. twisting things in a way they never were to fit a narrative you wanna push others to believe isnt what lolcow is for. pump legit abuses and neglects her pets, so does sandra.

No. 1720113

If there’s real milk then talk about real milk. The in fighting is stupid. If you don’t find my posts milk worthy ignore them. I’m allowed to talk about Ava If I want to. This isn’t your cam girl approved thread so stfu.

No. 1720157

You’re tinfoiling that she killed her dog or abandoned it or abused it. That’s not truthful at all. That’s the problem. Talk about her or whoever all you want just don’t post bullshit just for the sake of being stupid. I’m pointing out what you said is a false claim.

No. 1720165

File: 1670353194923.jpeg (1003.34 KB, 1170x1999, A2FDAAC2-7AA6-4CA5-BEA4-6A040A…)

No. 1720168

File: 1670353313232.jpeg (178.08 KB, 1170x611, 989BACBB-1153-446D-B8AD-2CD78C…)

No. 1720371

This happened nearly 6 years ago, no1curr any more damn

No. 1720444

judging from these photos of Sandra, she will be spinning in circles daily like Britney Spears, and prob to her own music

No. 1720488

She’s probably gonna do inpatient next. That’ll force her to stick to a medication routine long enough to evaluate results.

No. 1720636

Really hope she does do inpatient next. She seems so mentally unstable and.. like.. two steps from the edge. She is a cow, but she’s a cow that can be redeemed and I don’t think she’s done anything inherently unforgivable.

No. 1720709

File: 1670383183357.png (Spoiler Image, 6.24 MB, 1800x1666, 9E7309C4-96CF-4020-8AFA-B2B343…)

She used to be so cute and normal.
I wonder what's up with their family that they're so close yet so jaded about their children doing sex work?
From the pictures I found it looks like Vero has been working at panty cafe shops since she was 18 (she looks younger to me).
Vero has a taller and thinner body type than Sandra, I can't imagine what that must've done to her self esteem seeing her older sister get all this attention.

No. 1720734

File: 1670385523364.jpeg (668.06 KB, 2048x2048, FF69AE14-5A61-4AAC-90E2-A6C00B…)

because it’s totally not normal for a 1yr to look up at the christmas lights/decor around them in a busy mall. give me a fucking break. hopefully angel (ac’s twin) DOES get granted control of the estate and keeps the money away from this dim cow so prince can hopefully get his hands on some later. otherwise this idiot is going to blow it all on opportunistic “mediums” taking her out to the cleaners (among other things), simply to pat her own ass & back.

No. 1720736

damn, her nose job really was a hack job. i don’t think that i’ve ever seen a before like the far upper right.

No. 1720748

Yeah, sucha burn. Especially when she didn’t need a nose job to begin with. I mean, I know she was going for a more refined look, but her doc did her dirty. Also, I’m sure Sandra did not do anywhere near even adequate research on a surgeon before proceeding, and that’s no surprise cuz she’s got about two functioning brain cells. Kek

No. 1720766

File: 1670388613834.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 502.76 KB, 1800x1770, F32E49FE-4502-4AE3-98AC-582541…)

She was very pretty before. I think we can call the next thread “botched lives”

No. 1720769

File: 1670389207715.png (665.99 KB, 480x1800, 08D27C96-A044-4E6C-B780-9114B2…)

Guess Kristen is planning on getting implants. She said she’s 32c now, getting 350 & 375cc.
She’s been looking pretty haggard when there’s no filter, dark party lights, or tons of expensive makeup on and the subtle changes happening as she enters her 30s aren’t attractive.
Fake tits should help.

No. 1720826

Can’t tell if it’s sarcasm when you say fake tits should help. Are men really that into bolt ons? I’m a woman, but I find implants to be pretty stupid especially in light of BII being a very real thing. Most of them look fake af too. I’ve only seen a few boob jobs that could actually pass as real looking.

No. 1721027

I’m being sarcastic. If anything, she’s gonna develop worse symptoms and depression just like EVERY single one of these skinwalkers.
I swear they’re all the same demon.

No. 1721033

Anyone believe Ava lives off of her OF or is she a known prostitute as well as the rest? Does she update her OF regularly?

No. 1721059

File: 1670425913140.jpeg (592.56 KB, 1170x1377, E97620EA-77EC-48C2-B3EA-8431D6…)

She’s miserable with Ty behind closed doors and she’s hyped him up so hard. When she drops him she’s going to struggle to talk about all the ways he’s gaslit her and shitty things he’s done cuz she’s going to seem like she’s just lashing out.. cuz according to her their entire “relationship” she’s made it seem like he’s the only stable one while she tries to pull herself together. He has her around his finger, textbook manipulated.

No. 1721149

Yeah, I think we are all waiting on the inevitable implosion of their relationship. Xmas could do it. She showers him and his friends with presents, money, etc. and gets the bare minimum in return, maybe gets excluded from events she expects to attend. Muahaha. What will it take to push her over the edge???

No. 1721155

In her mind they’ve been together over 2 years (lol) and he still hides her from his family and a large group of his friends, like the ones he was out drinking with while she was aborting their baby by herself

No. 1721207

File: 1670434853301.png (140.99 KB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_20221207-123859~2.p…)

This won't last long.

No. 1721228

File: 1670435699735.jpeg (399.79 KB, 2399x1919, 07549444-9EB0-44C5-BC92-36C420…)

Interesting. Here’s the people she chose to continue to follow that she personally knows. Ty and Nicolette, no one else. She couldn’t keep a friend to save her life.

No. 1721235

Sad. A long time ago I tried to befriend her and she was a cunt to me so I stopped. I hope she gets the help she needs.

No. 1721418

I did too (no cowtipping, just networking as a fellow e-whore - I can separate work & pleasure) & she was actually really friendly & nice to me…ultimately the friendship never progressed cuz she's boring, but I was quite surprised!

I wonder how she picks & chooses??

No. 1721465

She has bpd. Catch her on the right day I assume.

No. 1721509

She self diagnosed herself. She doesn't have bpd she just says she does because she has the personality of a rock.

No. 1721549

She doesn’t have the emotional intelligence or social skills to develop genuine long lasting friendships. I’ve seen well intentioned people offer her support and advice, and she bites their heads off.

No. 1721606

File: 1670458036394.jpeg (412.2 KB, 1284x2268, A70B95EE-6A27-4C25-A0B9-D299B7…)

She wanted to lean into that mom role SO hard, I wonder if Ty and his daughter even went with her

No. 1721630

Honestly would he turn down two days in Disney for free? He’s brought Pumpy around his daughter before and is an idiot, so.

No. 1721706

She started going to Disney because Ty goes there on weekends often. She started going when they started getting together this time around. It was mentioned in another thread that she was buying last min tickets so she could tag along because he had season passes. She was claiming it was ‘healing her inner child’ to tag along. Not sure, but I think he’s had passes for a while for him and his daughter and she sort of jammed herself in there.

No. 1722158

Sounds legit, we all know that she would never get an invite to join them organically.

When I see her out with those few choice friends that Ty will bring her around, I imagine that she probably doesn’t say a word.. beyond asking them to take a picture. Her online confidence is fake, and that’s why it deteriorates into arrogance, because she doesn’t know what true confidence looks or feels like. She doesn’t have genuine opinions of her own that are formulated via reflection of her own thoughts and feelings about things. This is why she can’t communicate anything without overdoing it and becoming aggressive, antagonistic, or offensive. It’s easy to be a keyboard warrior with the screen as a buffer. When it comes to Ty’s friends, she assumes a role that she obviously is insecure about (re: being all she’s good for) and grabs the bill. You can see how much she resents this by her posts and how she goes off about needing to be spoiled, we all know the only thing Ty’s bought her was those gas station flowers and it probably wasn’t his idea/choice to even do that. What has Pumpy bought Ty? The comparison is unreal and she’s seriously pathetic enough to believe that her followers can’t connect the dots when she shares things about needing to be spoiled just to sub Ty. That shit is LOUD and CLEAR. I mean, he wouldn’t even pay for her abortion to get rid of the kid that HE didn’t want. Yes, the “yeet that bitch” saga happened but I truly believe that she wanted the baby (for pick-me reasons, but still) and was trying to convince both herself and Ty that she was okay with terminating.

No. 1722169

File: 1670516568386.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x1875, 77B3ABE3-81F9-4E24-9149-F2B2F8…)

She forgot to shoop her arm to keep this whole laughingstock cohesive.

No. 1722171

File: 1670516952736.png (4.56 MB, 1356x1800, B98CC53A-FD1E-4515-B442-7C93DE…)

I know the ones on the right are old, this comparison is just too funny.
Look at the mask line from the filter on the left. Too funny.

No. 1722173

File: 1670517099459.png (1.42 MB, 1170x2532, 716551FC-22F3-4BEC-85C5-F6A462…)

She even comes off as angry in her last sticker. Butthurt

No. 1722198

At least the artist got her yaoi hands right

No. 1722253

File: 1670523291333.jpeg (140.14 KB, 1018x525, 13C13ACC-F357-431A-9BE9-13F331…)

Agreed with second anon, there is no diagnosis. That’s not to say there isn’t some major Cluster B fuckery going on with her (because there is) but throwback to this tweet from last year (picrel) and now it’s all “Sorry guys, my BPD made me lie about Ty and his friends” but then it’s also “I was just in my masculine energy”

She doesn’t know what she wants to claim, whatever works in the moment.

No. 1722266

Nonnie that post is clear sarcasm. She’s actually saying she’s mentally ill and the way she’s living makes her want to die. It’s not a literal post…

No. 1722270

I mean, maybe. I didn’t get that vibe now or then. It’s like when she posts about being naturally beautiful or in the healthiest relationship with the healthiest person.

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong tho.

No. 1722275

Either way she’s just jumping on the easiest excuse to blame anyone or anything but her own SELF for her own choices. It’s ridiculous and is clearly a sign she’s in denial, just like all these other hoes. All the same.

No. 1722279

I agree about the diagnosis though. Absolutely self diagnosed as an excuse for the way she treats people. A lot of other anons thought she has NPD and it turned into a medfag shit show of everyone talking about the traits and characteristics she falls under. She wants to have BPD, if you follow the way she talks about it closely, she romanticizes it and expects other people to cater or treat someone with BPD a very specific way (that she desperately desires).
Reposted to fix replying to the wrong person

No. 1722287

File: 1670525292661.png (4.5 MB, 1170x2532, B64ED83C-EB6F-4130-88C4-8C10BF…)

Trying not to nitpick bc I don’t think Brina looks bad especially for three kids, it’s just she dresses terrible and has never matured her style for her age or her changing apple shaped body (I carry the same too so I get it). There are alot of OnlyFans girls and hookers who don’t wear these … alt fashion nova looks that highlight your beer gut

No. 1722288

Samefag but have to clarify— body is fine but Sabrina’s face is wrecked and has that mottled methhead skin texture when the filter slips

No. 1722292

I don’t even care if people make fun of her body or saggy arms because she’s been such a cunt about people’s physical appearances behind closed doors forever. She may be all peace and love on the intenet, but she’s a hateful mean girl in person.

No. 1722328

Not the same anon but it's obviously a joke lol. That's not the tone she uses when she's actually bragging

No. 1722387

Main Point: No formal diagnosis, one minute it’s BPD and then next it’s “in her masculine energy” or more recently PPD

No. 1722636

I laughed out loud so hard at that right now, anon

No. 1722658

She probably doesn’t have any of these issues. Her problem likely just comes down to being a pick me bitch who has cultivated no personality of her own.

No. 1722723

Why don't some of you think she has BPD? I think she shows a lot of signs especially when going through a breakup. Even idolizing her partners like she does when they're together is a common symptom

No. 1722726

pascal posted to her story again

No. 1723136


Great, thanks, keep me updated.

No. 1723300

File: 1670620161348.jpeg (457.92 KB, 1170x2007, 7D997954-CCAE-4264-A26A-410E53…)

Here we go kek

No. 1723309

Hilarious since she can't even skate kek

No. 1723401

1 why do we give a shit about pascaline/zoeybeth posting to her story
2 this is an image board if it's anything worthy like how desperate and boring she is

No. 1723402

also 3 if it's another tapeworm video please don't post for all of us holy Jesus

No. 1723465

She's got dem apple bottom jeans(w no ass)
boots with no fur
and 3 kids abaondonded by heeeerrrr -T Pain

No. 1723485

I always get the song “all that’s she wants is another baby, she’s gone tomorrow.” Pop into my head when brina shows up.

No. 1723632

Seriously this could have gotten you red texted in previous threads for breaking rules. We need to nominatenew cows. Kenzie and Ava have been played with, Melanie Martin a bit. But..It's completely dried up. Sabrina's only ever gonna post a FaceApp selfie when she's high, she's phobic of this forum reposting her life since Nathan found it, and dumped her. Sandra looks half dead and we all just feel ambivalent about the cat abusing dimwit. Even Pumpy is starting to get quiet because of the constant refuting of her 'relationship.' Straight up this forum needs more cows or should get called, because the milk is as dry as Sabrina's scam OF

No. 1723903

File: 1670681832602.jpeg (434.03 KB, 1169x1919, 11892871-5852-4B39-A445-ED797A…)

I say just give it some time. Come the new year they’ll be back on their bullshit.
Sab just moved in with a new 26 yo camgirl with addictions. How could this not get milky?

Pumpy is about to break up with Ty and we all know it.
And Kristen just made a new Twitter and is streaming on MFC again.
Activity ebbs and flows but what do you expect, that’s life.

No. 1723922

File: 1670683858054.jpeg (509.67 KB, 1170x1986, 0B31D310-DACC-415B-B344-E89053…)

No. 1723925

File: 1670683928410.jpeg (373.25 KB, 1170x1971, 88BF6E99-B5C9-4DDF-8F5F-BA1EEA…)

She looks horrible.

No. 1723932

File: 1670684507689.jpeg (353.4 KB, 1170x1841, D7D3C090-6523-49A9-8FF1-F50D1A…)

She’s not done with the fills? Wow.

No. 1723933

She’s likely a prostitute too. Could explain her nomadic lifestyle and being able to afford a $10,000 surgery.

No. 1724004

Kristen has a new bf and she has paused hooking hence the cam comeback and OF.

No. 1724063

(Although we all know otherwise) Ty looks held captive. this is so embarrassing Pumpy

No. 1724074

it’s giving this thread pic inspo but SO much more cringe

No. 1724094

Broken rules? If she posted to her story and it's milk then screenshot the image. Simple as that

No. 1724229

File: 1670707456168.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, FAAAFDFA-5A1E-44F3-A3A5-C37CA7…)

PNP is chaotically driving a Porsche. I wish she would still post her whole life. Need to know all about her stripper sugar baby no-Matt life

No. 1724668

The longer you look at this pic the worse it gets. Why on earth would anybody post this?

No. 1724677

File: 1670751960031.jpg (873.84 KB, 1079x1350, Dumbassheaux.jpg)

She was the biggest,most vile cow imo.
I miss her pathetic over sharing of every second of her day, still feel bad for all her animals. I remember she was fucking her dentist or doctor before she her thread closed

No. 1724804

File: 1670771266552.jpeg (621.55 KB, 1170x1667, 6D5C488C-BF2A-4A10-9FE9-1D9112…)

She could never reach those ranks again if she tried. She would have to blackmail the shit out of Butt, Hat, Amon and TrophyAzn To even touch top ranks. She knows how much money they make. She’s realizing what she could have made if she didn’t fuck off for scummy men and is trying so hard to hold on to relevancy that is getting closer to a decade in the past.

No. 1724839

File: 1670773829606.jpeg (634.36 KB, 1170x1292, 380137B6-DB2F-46B2-984E-14221F…)

Her sense of time is really warped and confusing. She didn’t quit in 2017 she just hasn’t been successful there since 2017. Heres her streaming from her new place in October. She doesn’t have the drive or audience she used to.

No. 1724961


Yeah this is nothing new. She does this every few months where she saids she is going for rank. She does it for a day or two but ultimately ends up giving up. Nothing new.

No. 1725235

Wait, anon, how do you know all her former whales off the top of your head?? Sketchhhhh…kek jk idc you're good. We're obvs all camgirls itt

No. 1725259

File: 1670807416864.jpeg (594.25 KB, 1170x1492, D4A0EACA-2923-456C-9842-4C658C…)

No. 1725274

Their names and HT amounts were plastered all over her profile for years. As far as Amon, people from way back watched that guy being strange and straight up bullied and manipulated like a little bitch. She’s met and fucked TrophyAzn, he bought her Malo from a shelter when they met. Butt and Hat have both tipped her over 100k single tips. Nonnie from back when Beyspinkytoe used to shred her to bits here. It’s no surprise that the people here who talk about her know her from her cam days, I thought that was obvious based on the thread itself.

No. 1725285

Now this is milky. Kristin has been escorting for YEARS and never stopped for no dick. That will be interesting to watch because she's never one to hide (well) how fucked up she is.

Hopefully he's a nice guy and she gets a fairytale ending..but we all know how this world turns.

No. 1725287

Does anyone have a rough estimate or informed idea of how much Pumps makes per month on her paid OF?

No. 1725294

$30k per month give or take

No. 1725309

Sounds like the Taylor Nicole Dean of camming, bring her back if she's still at it!

No. 1725311

Samefag but it’s wild to think she’s been making a minimum of $30k a month since 2014 and has nothing. She doesn’t own a car, doesn’t own a house, has never really traveled other than to Bali and Hawaii once. There was a long period where she was making $100k give or take consistently, and nothing at all. Zilch. Nada. A couple handbags and some Nikes? My little cousin who works fast food has those at 19. No drug habit either? What a joke. Is it all in her face fillers? Where is the money? She’s shown she has no savings and is living paycheck to paycheck.

No. 1725313

Yet every time her son wanted to see her she'd let the known addict attempt to make the 10 hour drive and never once bought him a plane ticket? I'd love to hear her theory on how AC died- because he had cameras, and Melanie wasn't there when he drowned. I'm not saying they weren't toxic as can be, but this airhead did not murder Aaron. The mother continues to show why he was so screwed up post mortem, he came from such insanity. RIP

No. 1725314

Right? Where is all the money? Is she funneling it into Ty’s music career or something? It’s crazy to me how all these cam/OF cows seem to be pulling in money,
but end up broke with no savings. Brina is a prime example of going from the top to literally rock bottom, couch surfing and probably boning a couple johns here and there to make ends meet. If Pumpy isn’t careful, her dream of being Brina 2.0 will in fact see thru to her ending up where Brina is currently at. Yiiiiiikes.

No. 1725315

Something isn't working out here. She could have invested in properties x10 over and made tons of money on top of her money if this is true. If she really doesn't have an addiction this money is funneling to, then she needs a financial advisor because the math isn't mathing

No. 1725325

Allegedly she recently sought out a financial advisor a few weeks ago on her IG stories.
Most of her places have been 5-8k a month to rent, plus taxes in California are about 50%, she orders absolutely everything with delivery apps, is always footing the bill for other people, spending money on 10k-30k trips, buying ugly designer shit.
It adds up, she’s really making about 17k a month after cali taxes, minus 1k car bill 1k in other bills (car insurance, pet stuff, internet, phone bill, power, etc) 3.5 k on her current rent, 1500$ on Uber eats, that’s down to about 10k and I bet she blows through every last penny. Somehow, some way.

No. 1725336

do you guys think there is a good chance she has a well funded stock portfolio she just doesn’t talk about?

No. 1725341

Fuckin insane that Sandra who is literally so far gone has been getting TMS- still manages to log on cam more than anyone else in this thread

No. 1725344

She tried to act like she did once, but made it really clear she didn’t know what she was talking about and when someone called her out on it she said to Google what she’s talking about because she won’t give advice for free kek. She crowdfunded her abortion bc she didn’t have the $800.

No. 1725358


I mean she was just asking for donos to her Roth IRA. Contributions max out at 6k/year. New range rover… I'm sure gas is an arm and a leg. She makes good $ but spends it just as fast. & for what? She's never been good with money but obviously Ty is a money pit I'm amazed she's let it go on for so long. It's cringe af

No. 1725376

Her paid onlyfans has 1200 subscribers and and she charges $10 a month normally. And she’s complained before how she only gets small tips on there too. So not sure where 30k a month came from……

No. 1725381

She’s posted being in the top .3-.1% on OF. That is how much that % is making. She whined it was slow 30 minutes after making a 100k token tip on MFC so her complaints aren’t really something to base anything off of. Are we talking about the same person? Lol

No. 1725403

File: 1670820083834.jpeg (517.39 KB, 1170x1993, 52F91A45-A382-4C69-AC65-2D1304…)

ARE U KIDDING ME. Fuck her. I hate her so much. That dog better not be kept at Pumps.

No. 1725435

Looks way too young to be brought home. Probably visiting someone with puppies. I hope she doesn’t bring it home.

No. 1725457

I was just about to say the same thing. That puppy probably isn't even weaned yet. Looks to be 1-2 months old.

No. 1725512

looks like the eyes arent open yet, this puppy cant be older than two weeks…

No. 1725569

File: 1670858573609.jpeg (328.95 KB, 1170x1847, BDDBC48E-82D5-4289-A5E2-41D917…)

Those are her couch and floors. It’s at her apartment. Here’s another pic she posted with it.

No. 1725572

Ty’s about to learn his girl can’t handle a puppy let alone having a child

No. 1725686

This. It’s not hard to blow thru thousands of dollars when you live this way. She should learn a lesson from Brina and realize that it is not hard to end up broke and subsequently in debt. Just because Pumpy doesn’t seem to have the drug and alcohol addiction that Brina does, doesn’t mean she won’t end up in the same financial ruins at the rate she’s going.

No. 1725688

What happened to the Sphynx cat she got?? Already abandoned it or what?

No. 1725690

Lowtax embodied this blowing way more money until he ran out and decided to move to his (rented) car's ashtray.

No. 1725693

Pumpy is in for a rude awakening in a couple years. Not that older sex workers can’t make money, but it takes a ton more effort and she’s blown through everything she made while looking youthful. Now she looks plastic and like filler. She’s not subtle on the changes she’s made to herself and it’s only so long before the true botched look is going to start to show in her face due to excessive overfilling and her overconfidence and dysmorphia telling her to keep doing it. The money will not flow the way it has been forever. Her income is already halved from what it used to be. She should be worried about her future, but instead she’s frivolously blown through everything. I think she truly believes she’s like VioletDoll or something.

No. 1725722

File: 1670871139436.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1992, F41F605A-3BE4-4564-A0F3-98DDB1…)

Does Ty have a dog that had puppies and he brought them all over to Pumpys apartment? What a terrible idea.

No. 1725727

At home breeding totally seems like a Ty behavior

No. 1725733

Aw she must be paying for something. So cute. And the at home breeding is 100% a tacky side hustle for broke losers everywhere.

No. 1725741

File: 1670872416162.jpeg (243.46 KB, 1284x1701, 25FA54E9-102D-4C5F-AA6A-E5E772…)

Oldie but goodie I found in my screen shots. Watch out Pumpy, this could be you. Sabrina still hooks out of OC, kek

No. 1725743

She is…….so embarrassing it physically hurts me. That shirt is some Skid/Goiter tier cringe psychotic shit. Like you know if she had Ty’s kid she’d be at the shows yelling about how he has a cHioLd kek

No. 1725780

File: 1670875936914.png (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1800x999, D71E788C-FF34-4B1D-B8F5-77A48B…)

I can’t wait for the future.

No. 1725789

Kek pumpy seems like Goiters type. Mentally ill tattooed girls with dark hair and low self esteem, e-whore with money. What a cow cross over that would be.

I hope she never has kids jfc. Doomed before conception.

No. 1725800

Pumpy googling him at this moment and deciding if he’s cute (just like she did Ty, Nathan, etc)

No. 1725819

I know this is a nitpick, but Nathan is Brina’s brother. Nathanial is who she was banging. He doesn’t go by Nathan.

No. 1725842

I'm speculating that pump and ty are going to break up very soon and that he'll start seeing or dating someone not long after and post pics of them together on his stories etc to see her go crazy.

No. 1725849

File: 1670880249853.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 937.97 KB, 1170x1630, 05A1F94E-73E6-44D9-B9B9-841C39…)

She looks fucking high or retarded. Charms, sweetie, I think the silicone is getting to your head. You can’t expect to have children, and keep those giant balloons that can pop at any given time. Is she aware that shit like this could happen??

No. 1725862

Any reason in particular?

No. 1725871


No. 1725958

No, nothing other than the fact that he just hasn't openly posted about or pictures with her because she's an embarrassing train wreck. That's all.

No. 1725967

Not the same anon, but maybe the entire course of their shituationship is enough for anyone to think the implosion has been a while coming. He will never give Pump what she wants and will only ever feed her enough breadcrumb to keep her dangling onto hope. She’s keeps going through all the motions and is wondering why she won’t stick lol.

No. 1725974

File: 1670893634548.png (718.68 KB, 1800x1515, 00BC7887-E9B9-4060-AC7A-A24FE7…)

She gave the surgeon name.

No. 1726149

What a weird convoluted way of saying “tomboy”. Is that a dead word these days?

No. 1726283

Speak for yourselves, skanks, not everyone here is a hooker.(tranny)

No. 1726319

Right some of us are camgirls and then there are jealous fatties like you(infighting)

No. 1726364

Not the anon you replied to but nobody in their right mind would be jealous of a camgirl.

No. 1726418

File: 1670946829142.png (Spoiler Image, 507.62 KB, 392x680, Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 7.51…)

Brina not even hiding her hooking anymore. Does James just sit in his car or the basement of this "poker club"?

No. 1726431

Noticed Lomeli/Sohvi and her boyfriend broke up months ago and I’m curious what she’s up to now. Her IMDb doesn’t show new acting work.

No. 1726435

What in the seatbelted fuck is this.

No. 1726438

Probably $10 on Amazon for the full set and the best Brina can afford kek

No. 1726443

Isn’t her real name actually Stacy? I thought Sohvi Rodriguez was another stage name for acting. She has a history with Charms in her og threads. Her parents own a couple businesses in LA and she had just finished getting her certs for being a real estate agent (paid off with MFC $) before getting involved in acting.

No. 1726462

>implying there are no fat camgirls

No. 1726603

I have no doubt she's going to buy him tons of Christmas gifts, and be left out of his family festivities. He will have to leave her, she never leaves first. Why would he? He doesn't have to do anything to keep her, and the not posting her isn't new. She's used to it.

No. 1726604

Haha that's where she met Poppy; and now she's in esthetics school getting C's, hey it's something

No. 1726619

File: 1670964131399.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x2280, A31B4846-CE44-4B2B-BCE1-5ED12C…)

Watching her tailbone jut out in these is frightening in a trainwreck kind of way, I can’t bare to watch but also like.. is it going to bust out? Tailbone be bigger than “her man’s” bulge..

No. 1726623

Dr. Seuss character anatomy..wth is this??

No. 1726631

While she has no ass, there’s a chair arm pushing into her butt where it caves like that making it do that

No. 1726636

File: 1670965863782.jpeg (850.42 KB, 1170x1992, 26CBDA4B-25DD-4CA3-BA54-0DF8A1…)

Pumpy has shown us first hand she has no savings currently so this is how much she’s made so far this year. From making a milli a year down to $230k.

No. 1726638

Samefag – I don’t think she can afford her taxes at the rate she’s spending. She accidentally showed she was on a payment arrangement this year.

No. 1726639

the video this is from is nightmare fuel. she's like making a facebook post or something and exclaims: "my fucking tit exploded"

No. 1726662

File: 1670967614780.png (2.75 MB, 1237x1800, B7B19659-3779-4AA7-BDAB-C760CB…)

So she DOES still have all three cats.
And yeah all that money is going towards expenses and investments aka Ty. Ty is her investment.

No. 1726681

File: 1670968058809.png (Spoiler Image, 2.93 MB, 1800x1150, F08AA4DD-6CEC-40EF-89B8-6C92DD…)

It’s getting wild to look at.

No. 1726709

Please. Pumpy is not 22, she's at least 24.
Does she even skate? What skatefag is going to buy these things spoiler for spoonfeed, i can't find it anywhere. why did she rebrand using the name sixginn? what is that?

No. 1726725

She cried about that a few years ago kek so she's still going strong (into debt)

No. 1726726

Seriously doubt most of her spending is business expense related as she claims. Unless she’s doing tax write offs on almost everything she buys. A while back she ignored the advice of fellow cam girls who warned her she couldn’t write off all the street clothes she’s buys as a business expense. Probably still doing the same stupid shit now.

She lives beyond her means which is strange because she doesn’t do anything fun or have friends to do things with. No overseas trips, festivals, hobbies that require money, etc.

No. 1726736

One of her tippers is her tax guy. I forget his name, but he’s given her really shady advice in the past and I don’t think the things she writes off would hold up in an audit. She writes off her entire phone bill, makeup, clothing purchases etc.

No. 1726756

Pumpy wrote off her BMW by posting pictures of it on her OF.

No. 1726793


Oh yeah, I remember that. I am pretty sure he works at a credit union.

No. 1726872

Is the tax guy the guy named Cam?

No. 1726881

File: 1670988071237.png (464.83 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20221213-200456~2.p…)


Was it this one?

No. 1726936

No that’s TrophyAzn’s twitter

No. 1726946

File: 1670997221055.jpeg (197.77 KB, 1170x379, 197DF33D-73BD-4C0D-A0E5-D0D9BF…)

It’s this guy

No. 1727137

To be fair, she is surely classified as 1099 when it comes to taxes. 1099 should be on quarterly payments. It doesn’t really mean anything unless she shared she’s on a payment plan due to other circumstances. I 1099 subcontract (not a cam/OF girl) and have been advised by my tax preparer to be on a quarterly payment plan in order to avoid certain penalties.

No. 1727174

I should clarify that she publicly showed she owed $60k in taxes and was attempting to set up payment arrangements and couldn’t. $60k was her yearly total and she needed to break it down to monthly payments. 60k in taxes is accurate at the 35% you pay in California (cali resident former sex worker in a high bracket, it’s not 50% like someone claimed that’s bizarre), says she made around $250k which is about what this thread had determined.

No. 1727290

Who do y’all think has spent more money changing their face, Melanie or Pumpy?

No. 1727293

Well Melanie, ofc. She had to spend every dime she could off Aaron Carter when she had the chance.

No. 1727391

File: 1671051659510.jpg (97.86 KB, 1300x600, MEGA828001_027-scaled-e1670874…)

Speaking of Melanie:

"Melanie Martin Returns To Local Dive Bar Job After Aaron Carter’s Death"


No. 1727447


>"Carter’s family has also been vocal about their opinions and feelings toward Martin, and they want nothing to do with her."

No. 1727463

GOD I have one Christmas wish now kek. Her constant embarrassing hoodrat posturing is on par with BBP’s too. What an era that could be…

No. 1727545

Hahah. Oh man. This is actually embarrassing for her. I’m sure she will resort back to escorting again here soon. You bet she has some men at “The Pump Room” she can solicit services to. No wonder she named Brina the godmother or whatever cuz she’s on the same trajectory to abandon her child at this point, too. Hilarious Aaron’s family hates her, but I mean she does seem utterly obnoxious.

No. 1727564

she has and always will just be an escort, AC deserved more than her, and people that she hung out with around him, Junkie Brina, Junkie James. She will have her karma and sadly, not only her face kek

No. 1727604

File: 1671070016530.png (376.44 KB, 1800x900, FA32F8F9-EA3F-4656-8C94-4FC89E…)

No one’s keeping up with Brina’s roommate kaelin? This is pretty milky to me
I wonder where brina was or is? Obviously not helping her new bestie through withdrawals.

No. 1727614

she might be rich but she’ll never have any of these things

>a husband

>a child
>a personality
>an ass
>enough skin to implant fake asses

just money that will dry up overtime, and a small dick poseur lowlife los angeles scum. pump’s 28 birthday will be exciting, let’s see what happens. imagine coping with the fact you aborted his kid yet you had the option to keep it. if a man tells you to abort not on mutual decision, that means you need to leave him. morgan, buy a sixth cat, crazy cat cam girl saga

No. 1727702

AC was a fuckhead junkie shit tard. They deserved each other.

No. 1727741

Literally was going to say this. As if AC was some gem… he ran with exactly his people. Puhhhhleeeeze.

No. 1727757

does anyone else cringe hard when they see people post heavily posed/costumed pics with obvious+heavy self harm scars? Like bruh… if you haven't figured out how to manage your bpd without constant affirmation from other people you need more help.

No. 1728008

Sober from what? Anyone know?

No. 1728017

I wonder too bc Brina is starting to seem like an actual junkie lately. It’s not just ket, this girl says they were on 5 drugs at once. Wouldn’t put it past Brina to be doing actual heroin now.

No. 1728175

yo did she actually make a milli? this shit show went downhill fast kek

No. 1728211

AC still had a name and previous fame that sucked her hammerhead shark ass in.

No. 1728213

Who/ what are you even referring too? Waste of the threads time without any information

No. 1728219

Image board

No. 1728315

Image board ban this newfag

No. 1728426

File: 1671164433785.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 330.04 KB, 1170x1544, F0E7D5A5-2265-409F-987F-1510E6…)

Facetuning her boltons too. Also, her subs have complained about her barely posting anything and scamming. They dont learn

No. 1728450

The bruising on her chest is uncomfortable to look at

No. 1728495

Especially knowing that JJ is a literal abuser.

No. 1728515

did she forget to blur the other nipple? kek

No. 1729215

File: 1671247364786.jpeg (436.41 KB, 1170x2009, FDE69748-9CEF-4B19-A8DB-02DDF8…)

Ty SaVeD mE

No. 1729310

File: 1671253749105.png (7.99 MB, 1170x2532, 7BD2E68A-14BB-4535-B75C-AA9E94…)

Filter can’t hide how bad she looks now

No. 1729316

File: 1671253990102.jpeg (221.92 KB, 1170x1232, 60C73E6B-260E-452C-85BE-D8E3F3…)

Pump and Ty unfollowed or blocked each other and Ty went private with his account

No. 1729343

Shocking! Said no one. They’ll get back together after Christmas.

No. 1729559


Give in to the BPD chaos gremlin, pumpy. Let the crazy flow through you and make this milk sweet.

No. 1729572

Looking at her makes me feel like I need to take 5 showers. I just know she stinks, she looks smelly and greasy 24/7. I can not wait for whatever bullshit happens with her and Ty, she's going to lose her shit knowing we've been calling it all along and she's been desperate to prove otherwise hahahah.

No. 1729576

She looks like a walking skeleton, sunken in face, eye bags for weeks, grey looking skin. Gross, she's like a walking dead person…no remorse or empathy for any of her terrible past choices. Pitiful, I don't understand how she can live with herself.

No. 1729593

BBP broke up with his GF and Pumpy is now single. I feel like we need to play matchmaker KEK

No. 1729624

File: 1671307025931.png (9.59 MB, 1284x2778, 068760F2-5A2B-4635-982B-F81685…)

Court or work?

No. 1729636

File: 1671308807629.jpeg (726.64 KB, 1170x938, D3D03B24-63D4-457E-8EA0-34A961…)

This image is cursed. Rhett is so gross. Lex was just in Istanbul getting a nose job. She’s not a cow in this thread, but got damn is she one of the most plastic things I’ve ever seen. Yes that is how her lips look all the time.

No. 1729637

Omg I actually messaged him and said good luck at court and he said it’s definitely not for court.
And before you ban me for cow tipping or getting involved, I’ve been friends online with him for ages so it’s not out of the ordinary.

No. 1729639

You’re not excited to see how the nose job came out? I’ve been keeping track of her and Rhett too.
I love watching these cows deteriorate mentally and get more and more extreme plastic surgeries to deal with it.

No. 1729674

Dude you just told him (who is still in contact with Sabrina, he also has read these threads) who you are. Don’t post personal shit, this is how you out yourself. Now they know.

No. 1729676

I am, I also wonder why she stopped posting to her stories mid Istanbul trip unless I got blocked from viewing them I haven’t seen anything in a few days. She is so chaotic. Not that she’s a catch or anything, but I wonder how Rhett ever landed her cuz she is WAY out of his league you’d think.

No. 1729695

Honestly don’t give a fuck. Already been blocked by half these cows and if I’m completely blocked I never have to care about them again.
This is sort of an unhealthy addiction I have anyway.

No. 1729696

File: 1671316431778.jpeg (503.34 KB, 1125x1053, 3C89F298-D0A9-4650-B16E-2192CF…)

what does this even mean

No. 1729709

This bitch is literally FRIED. what an absolute disgrace of a person. She's so pathetic I don't understand how anybody could even associate with her. She just gives off the worst type of energy, if I ever saw her in public I would make fun of her deadbeat ass and humiliate her. I don't think anybody ever has, she just does it to herself. But why doesn't anyone snap her back to reality?

No. 1729716

File: 1671318672387.png (724.08 KB, 399x1800, FF0BEC75-8DDA-4FF3-AD68-43343F…)

No Botox, no filter, no disorders. Did I forget anything? No mom?

No. 1729718

She’d be too high to be truly humiliated by anything. This is how she presents herself publicly, remember that.

No. 1729725

File: 1671319808314.jpeg (253.06 KB, 1170x1674, 3DCCD5AA-E572-4F31-B86B-D4500A…)

At least she’s smart enough to NOT read these.

No. 1729736

I think her family and BDs have tried and realize she’s a lost cause. They know it’s better for the children to not have contact when it’s not consistent or loving. If you look at her through the lens of dead beat alcoholic dad that’s banned from coming back, it’s the same thing. It’s just abnormal

No. 1729760

I hate that women (even some of my friends) feel so complimented when someone says we look 18-22. As if everyone from 18-30 if not 31,33, basically looks the same, and the aging is in their outfits and hair/makeup.

Sorry to blog but I was at a bar when some retarded moid turning -the same age as me- was horrified when he found out I was his age/late 20s and not 19 (yes at a bar..).

growing up, the attractive, put together 25-35 year old woman was a definite archetype in so much popular media (friends, girlfriends, SATC) but instead we can’t just be that age and feel good. the internalized misogyny means people like Pumpy only feel ok if they pass as a 20 year old

No. 1729769

She has and does read these, especially since Darcy openly posted about her here. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s one of the ones who keeps posting about Pascaline and Pumpy too. As if anyone would ever believe this, this is the same girl who posts to Reddit and every single plastic surgery forum on earth and she converses with anyone about the most obscure shit. Also the same it girl from tumblr who was snarky and over involved with anyone who had an anonymous shitty thing to say to her. She’s definitely one of us.

No. 1729807

I can’t record right now but there’s a video of pumpy messing with some bottles of water where she admits she doesn’t have BPD and has only ever been diagnosed with severe ADHD if someone can record to document. She claimed so many times in the past she has a legitimate diagnosis of BPD, makes sense why she never had any real treatment.

No. 1729818

Yes she says “I thought I had chronic depression and BPD” well duh that’s what self diagnosis does to you. Now she’s saying she was only DX with severe ADHD. Tbf you can be a petty vindictive asshole with no DX.

She has another post on her story (sorry nonnies didn’t SS) where she says “My work is all I’ve ever had.” Posted wealth building tiktoks etc. Seems like she is throwing herself into her work bc of the relationship BS. too bad she is aware of us bc I wanna know the tea lol. What did Ty do this time

No. 1729826

File: 1671331753187.png (9.93 MB, 1170x2532, 239AED7C-49DA-4497-9601-FD3026…)

Not really milky but whatever

No. 1729846

What is she even talking about? I feel like she had to be high af while writing that. Like, what.

No. 1730065

File: 1671381730786.jpeg (196.26 KB, 827x1521, 73339FEC-6D06-47A6-A4FA-8F6BFC…)

She’s not 22 or 24 she’s literally 26

No. 1730071

yea that 22 thing started like 2 threads back when she decided she’s obsessed with being perma young. she’s been camming since 2014 and she started at 18. she’s also been going on and on about how she’s “been in the industry for 8 years”

No. 1730080

the first time I ever heard of her was in 2016 she looked like she just started so I doubt that lol

No. 1730149

File: 1671389830872.jpeg (570.21 KB, 1284x2247, 2F45DB9E-2A46-4807-99ED-3AE203…)

I’m patiently waiting for the wind to blow the opposite direction and Pumpy goes in on the Ty milk (as we all are). Similar to what an earlier anon posted, she’s obviously trying to hold it back because it’ll be a tough one admitting the TF in these threads (RE: Them not making it through the holidays) was truly as predictable as it was. She wanted to believe this piece of shit was some prize that she won. Pumpy is ranting about girls being “okay” with putting up with breadcrumbs when she’s the poster girl for it herself. WK’ing some fucktard who has a history of abusing sex workers, forced her into an abortion that she didn’t want, and refusing to ever claim her as his gf. “I’m investing in his music career so he can get famous and I can retire someday” turned to “y’AlL bITchEs rEgreSsInG tRYinG tO kEeP a mAn tHat cAn’T bE kEpT” real quick.

No. 1730160

I literally laughed at her whole rant because she still went back to dean when he cheated on her, begged Cody even after claiming he gave her an std, and now Ty. I felt bad for her for a second but she literally used to make posts about loving men cheat when it involved her being the one not getting cheated on.

No. 1730247

Ty will reel her back in before his rent is due. She probably already helped him buy all the Christmas gifts he wanted for his kid and family that she’s not allowed around.

No. 1730287

Agreed. Plus she basically bought him a new car that he drives everywhere daily while she sits at home depressed. He’s definitely going to milk her for all the xmas gifts and money shes about to drop on him.

No. 1730389

File: 1671412758123.jpeg (380.12 KB, 1179x2082, 6048FF4D-6999-44B0-BCFB-F93C84…)

Can’t even hold down a venmo debit card….

No. 1730400

>good mornig
>your still asleep
>genine friend

No. 1730415


No. 1730503

“I crossed normal boundaries and couldn’t wait for you to approve me using your debit card so here are some stickers” also I’m retarded as fuck “mornig”???

No. 1730505

Slowly it begins again. She’s gonna start stealing money bit by bit as usual. Such pathetic low life behavior

No. 1730571

She's so gross. Like I know it probably wasn't very expensive but what if for whatever reason the charge caused the girl to overdraft? Even if the girl had millions in the bank, it's still so rude to use someone's card without asking and waiting for an answer! Brina prob can't keep her money in a bank due to garnishments so if she wants to be able to order food without overstepping she should just buy herself gift cards for whatever food delivery service she uses next time she's at the store

No. 1730579

Ah good point. The IRS could have a bank levy on her accounts for her tax debt and late fees. She hooks and has cash to live off of. I believe OnlyFans only does bank transfer/direct deposit, no mail in checks to cash.
Anyone have any idea if IRS could drain your accounts monthly for years?

Really fucking pathetic that Sabrina can’t even have a checking account. We all make dumb financial mistakes but can’t imagine a worse one than not keeping up with an IRS payment plan

No. 1730699

File: 1671457954422.png (1.44 MB, 1800x810, 465C5E9C-1133-4AAB-B632-BDAFF7…)

Seems likely.
Dumb rectangle bitch.

Also stop giving these whores FREE good advice.
You know they read these pages so why are you trying to give tips about getting giftcards to keep avoiding her repercussions? Let the bitch struggle.

No. 1730724

She's not facing any repercussions though lol. She's just leaching off of other people

No. 1730762

As a nona who was formerly in tax debt, they can and will take it straight out of your accounts the second a deposit hits. They can take 100% of what you make if you are self employed and they have to go the route of levying your bank, the bank also charges a rather large fee every time so not all of the funds go towards satisfying your debt. If garnished through an employer via your paycheck they can take a max of 75%.

No. 1730778

You don’t consider slowly losing all of your adult privileges as a repercussion?
She can no longer have a bank account
She doesn’t have her kids
She can’t claim anything in her name so she has no way of building credit
All of her “friends” end up abandoning her despite the short lived mooching sessions where she pretends everything is better.
She’s banned from making money on cam sites bc she ends up going behind there back too just like her “friends” and “boyfriends”.
She can’t be loyal. She can’t be trustworthy. Those repercussions may take time to hit but they hurt when they do and are harder to fix than lesser betrayals.
I think it’s just gonna get worse and worse and harder to get out of. She’ll always end up falling back down because she never changes despite the lessons. So fuck her.
If she’s not gonna try then stop helping in ANY way. Even living tips on here. Just let her burn and enjoy the show.

No. 1730798

Brina has literally screwed herself in every area of life, but this financial aspect has to hit so hard. I don’t even know how she could dig herself out of the debt she’s buried herself under. Talk about the worst decision maker of all time. Her best bet may be to full blown disappear from everything, change her identity somehow and try to start over. The IRS is unrelenting and they will come for her if she opens anything at all in her name. This is also why she can’t do basic things like secure her own apartment. I dunno how someone can fuck up this badly, but she really has. This live-in adventure with Kaelin is guaranteed to be short-lived. Kaelin appears very vulnerable right now, which is exactly how Brina slithered her way into living there for now. Brina already is overstepping and using this poor girls credit card without consent. This is gonna end up in a majorly milky blow out. It is truly amazing Brina still has people willing to shelter her like this. Sucha scumbag. She preys on the vulnerable (Sandra was another perfect example).

No. 1730848

How much could she owe? $150K? She could pay that in 2-4 years of steady onlyfans work. But we know her OF is ass and she’s a lazy creator

No. 1730855

She could owe a fraction of that and still not pay it or spend it on more Ketamine. The woman is that lazy and irresponsible.

No. 1730865

Yup, this. She’s not going to do anything with her OF - that would require actual effort.
I’m betting her main source of income is literally prostitution at this point, and since that is illegal, she can’t save up and pay off the IRS with dirty money. She’s screwed.

No. 1730878

She needs to find an old chode to take care of her like Taylor/pixie prana. That’s her only hope at this point.

No. 1730906

File: 1671478350005.jpg (128.32 KB, 720x1246, Screenshot_20221219-133059_Ins…)

No. 1730907

She easily could but she is even too lazy to do that. She has the mental capacity of a 12 year old.

No. 1730923

Omg all this bitch does is shit out kids

No. 1730931

I can’t imagine any successful adult male finding her antics attractive and worth bringing into their life.
She’s a lost cause.
Only younger or naive men like Sabrina for her looks alone, not her personality.
Her mom is with a man that’s 32.
Like mother like daughter.

No. 1730950

File: 1671480517400.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, 761D22F7-6F89-416A-BFE2-7E8F2B…)


No. 1730951

She should just try to get with that Curley Vegas guy. He was always sucha simp for her back in the day. I’m sure he’s utterly disgusting, but it’s starting to look like the only way for Brina to live comfortably is to shack up with some gross old sugar daddy.

No. 1731034

Stop posting screenshots without saying who they belong to??
You must be the one who posted the pregnant girl above too, please include detail

No. 1731044

Please give us more details. Is this Stella/doeprudence/Ty’s BM

No. 1731052

Iam assuming is shrimp dick James trying to be edgy and smart but sounds smooth brained as usual.

No. 1731056

Ntayrt but the pregnant girl is Stella/Doe/Samantha. That will be child number 5, her 3rd with the guy she’s been with for the last few years Jade. She has another with Ty and another from when she was a teenager, pre Ty, with someone else.

No. 1731071

Addicted to getting pregnant

No. 1731079

Now we know why doe privated her ig and twitter so thanks to whatever nona shared that cuz her stuff is still private

No. 1731107

It’s either going to be curly or prison after kaelin kicks her out for stealing and banging her bf

No. 1731265

Wow how old is her other child with Jade? Isn’t it really young? Like the one in the background of the pic is her oldest with Jade, right? I could be wrong but wow.

No. 1731270

Out of curiosity, how you started to be interested in discussing cam girls?

I found those threads looking for information while pondering about starting to stream, what about you all?

No. 1731347

She has one with Jade that’s around 1 or 2, then the newer one, then the one she’s pregnant with

No. 1731438

File: 1671838330172.jpeg (786.65 KB, 828x1094, 59BC8AA0-7B58-4059-9A56-60F61C…)

It’s been a while, probably a yr, since I’ve seen anything on her but I always thought Darcy would go the way of Charms and end up gaining a bunch of weight once she no longer had teen metabolism to keep her skinny. Nice to see I was right

No. 1731487

File: 1671847469556.png (283.42 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20221223-205939~2.p…)

No. 1731496

File: 1671851812118.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x1891, 186C1127-0CC1-497C-AC92-76E1D5…)

Just an update that pumpy and Ty have been back together. He reeled her back in before Christmas.

No. 1731551

just another fat bitch like brina and whatss her name. Pregnancy is a bitch, ladies. You can brag about it while look like sausage about it kek

No. 1731621

Darcy doesn’t have kids

No. 1731634

File: 1671897413870.jpg (234.04 KB, 1080x1104, IMG_20221224_165542.jpg)

No. 1731638

camming is what she strives to live for? nope, reddest flag. find a hobby darcy.

No. 1731852

File: 1671948981376.jpeg (224.64 KB, 1170x1048, 714F5FE6-61FC-4C1B-96BC-6E0659…)

Imagine buying your boyfriend’s family a house Lol. Ty’s really in it for the long game.

No. 1731855

File: 1671949366966.jpeg (446.52 KB, 1170x1896, CB208A26-5CD3-45A0-AE9A-3CE54C…)

Oh and context. You enjoying being in your feminine energy stormy?
She also tweeted about having sex and taking a plan B. Ty is a fucking idiot for finishing in her again and again. I hope taking plan B like allergy meds sterilizes her

No. 1731863

Imagine pump buying ty or his mom a house before ever owning one herself topkek

No. 1731867

Kek she’s paying for the “family experience” like how moids pay for the “girlfriend experience”. How sad she has to buy him and his family to keep them around instead of just doing what most people do; exist.

I was thinking this exact same thing. I hope she does. I hope she loses everything and still doesn’t get picked because pickme’s never get picked and always deserve to lose.

No. 1731911

File: 1671972045566.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1179x2098, 56DB5CDF-ECCE-4056-97F2-4A8C49…)

No. 1731935

File: 1671980197884.png (2.06 MB, 1800x767, EA2B0F43-7DA8-4CB0-B4E0-435F85…)

So does everyone think brina is visiting her estranged baby with the same birthday while James cosplays as a Jew?
AJ is still a drug dealer and using/acting like an immature idiot just like brina. I feel bad for all these kids having to live with their grandparents because their parents are so irresponsible.
Just another link in the chain of abuse.

No. 1731937

File: 1671980375149.png (2.89 MB, 1800x1460, BD2E9D4E-A594-49A6-8B6E-31DD63…)

Why didn’t you include that she’s drinking too? Great idea while having your second period of the month and taking plan b.
And her face is looking mad OLD. Isn’t she 26? She looks like an aging mother.

No. 1731945

Her? She was like 12 weeks. She has no idea if it was a boy or girl. and you don’t miscarry babies you aborted. Try eating real food like a normal human a couple times a day and maybe not live off of vegan protein drinks and protein bars. I had the same issue when I was an anachan and didn’t want to admit that was the cause. Periods for 2+ weeks.

No. 1731969

Doesnt she claim to be sober and never drink or some shit? Kek

No. 1731994

Chill dude - nobody said she’s actually a mom, she’s just looking older and tired. But yes, likely from the constant denied malnutrition

No. 1732025

File: 1672007882626.png (5.49 MB, 1170x2532, 96323376-E0D9-4F68-A38A-CA4552…)

The client (Stormy) paid $5000 for her sugar baby’s (Ty) Christmas present (plus like $1K in sneakers). Who’s the real sex worker in this relationship lol

No. 1732037

What are you on about because I was referring to her giving her baby a gender in her post, not anything any random anon said. Think before posting maybe?

No. 1732039

Samefag I like how she gave him 5k$ to make it look like he pays for stuff. He’s gonna spend her money to take her to dinner now or buy her a gift, awwww so sweet.

No. 1732075

>posting stacks on a public platform
Seems like a totally smart thing to post on social media. Way to put your kid in danger. What a moron.

No. 1732134

File: 1672034053894.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 236.9 KB, 1169x1217, 07666FDB-092D-47A9-8807-294E63…)

Im gonna kinda blog and semi derail so feel free to skip.

I cannot imagine my boyfriend being okay with me fucking myself on camera as long as it meant I could spoil him for Christmas. If anything I’ve thought “maybe I’ll do OnlyFans” when I was in a rough financial place. Instead during that time my boyfriend paid for stuff like my thousand dollar car repairs and trips together. I got a new job months later and I never thought I could make this much money. I now make more money than my bf. I’m also now in night school with his support. He has not gotten $300 sneakers from my pussy pics. He would be troubled if I gave him $5K for Christmas bc it’s money from our future together. We do not live together either.

Stormy is living that “Onlyfans boyfriends getting a ps5 for Christmas” meme. It doesn’t matter what $500 chintzy diamond necklace Ty buys her, he will always get more out of this relationship and that’s his reason for staying

No. 1732169

“”If anything I’ve thought “maybe I’ll do OnlyFans” when I was in a rough financial place.“”

Lmao you’re boring an prolly don’t have the body for OnlyFans if it only occurred as something to do when you were in between rock and a hard place and not a way to simply acquire more income be it an additional stream or main source. Imagine talking down on another women’s hustle Can’t relate

Good job on night school super proud !

No. 1732171

Hey newfag seriously be nice!! Holiday season can’t we all get along! That’s super awesome and cool how your boyfriend supported you and now you even make more money than him!! Stormy could seriously use a page out of your handbook haha

No. 1732175

Can all of you just please sage instead of bumping this crap to talk to each other about literally nothing anyone cares about. No one cares if you’d show your tits for shoes and no one cares if you wouldn’t. Kudos for being so super supportive of all women and their hustles but lurking a lolcow thread, you’re so genuine.

No. 1732188

stfu whore

No. 1732189

Yea,not everyone considers being an actual whore as a "HUSTLE"
God, this world is so doomed and so far gone.

No. 1732190