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File: 1472922576560.jpeg (511.69 KB, 2048x2048, 1472419432263.jpeg)

No. 171004

old thread hit limit

>Heroin addict, scammer, liar

>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18

No. 171006

old thread >>>/snow/55077

She's back on tumblr after a 2 day break (shooting up).

>"I just had a huge breakdown sobbing and shit and Matthew took care of me in the best way, I needed that support so bad…."

took care of = supplied her fix

No. 171009

File: 1472923371885.png (60.96 KB, 666x336, Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 1.19…)

Her excuse for being ungrateful when people generously (and stupidly) donate their money to her. PayPal shows emails. if she cared so much about thanking them, she could contact them in 2 seconds.

but she doesn't care about the people who donate as people. she cares about them as her own personal piggybank to mooch off of.

don't donate to luna slater.

No. 171010

Hoo boy. I know nothing about this girl, but I saw that pic and thought "jesus, what a filthy droopy tittied tweaker"

Fucking l o motherfucking l at that nice little pet delusion she's got there

No. 171018

File: 1472926250847.png (94.9 KB, 681x638, Capture _2016-09-03-13-09-25.p…)

Yeah this happened to me once.. After a crack binge. My advice: try to lay off the crack.

No. 171019

That low-down saggy quadraboob though

No. 171026

>but would you feel bad throwin a cute lil 19 year old on the street

no because heroin addicts are fucking disgusting and you are no exception Luna lmao I would throw you out before you could finish blinking

No. 171027

>"extremely smart"
I kek.

No. 171032


lmao it's gas pain probably

No. 171035


What's funny is if she walked past me in the street looking like this, I would definitely think she was a druggie.

No. 171049

Handmade custom shoes but a bra that doesn't fit? Her hair is a mess too, she perfectly fits the junkie stereotype looking like that.

No. 171056

please be crack lung

No. 171060

File: 1472940603484.png (226.32 KB, 790x714, Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 6.07…)

someone is angry that she isn't special and not the only person with this ~*Super Rare You Wouldn't Understand*~ mental illness

one of the dumbest things i've ever read

No. 171061

File: 1472940766385.png (47.72 KB, 846x212, Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 6.12…)

stop lying, you know you want to fit that label

No. 171068

File: 1472942191414.png (390.9 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2016-09-03-17-40-01…)

She needs to get the fuck away from swamp monster and his sick dad. Sounds like hell to live like that.

No. 171075

I wonder if she's finally realising living with a drug addict predator isn't as glamorous as it looks

No. 171076


I love how she says her abusive dad 'has his moments' of not being a total asshole but the only positive things she talks about are his drugs and nice apartment. She's so fucking rancid.

No. 171080

File: 1472947735286.png (159.47 KB, 798x650, Screenshot_2016-09-03-19-07-35…)

Oh boo fucking hoo Luna. You probably wrote all that shit when you were cracked out.

No. 171092

>he's always amazed by my weight loss, as are his neighbours


No. 171096

Why does she always haveto go stay with her dad? Matthew prolly temporarily kicks her out cos he gets so sick of her and needs a few days with just his drugs without having to share with her.. #dopedating

No. 171102

I predict she goes to weasel money and take advantage of her dad's drugs.

No. 171190

You gotta have some kind of fucking mental illness to send this smackhead $55, Jesus Christ.

No. 171204

File: 1473000349928.png (65.55 KB, 816x208, Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 10.4…)

lol @ this reply on one of her selfies

No. 171213

apparently 6% of Americans will experience BPD. so it's not that uncommon.

No. 171215

esp when you consider the huge population in america, 6% is a lot. and many mentally ill ppl seek communities like tumblr where they can connect w other ppl who experience the same. you ain't special luna

No. 171218

did she delete her little hissy fit in response to that?

No. 171219

i don't think she replied, prob just blocked and ignored

No. 171221

This sounds so pleasant and so unbelievably better than her current lifestyle. I wish she'd drop the heroin and move in with her father, she doesn't even have to completely give up the drugs just the fucking heroin.

Go back to school, Luna, drop some acid once in a while, smoke weed e'rry day, and get piss drunk on weekends like the rest of us non addict drug users.

No. 171227

File: 1473009161491.png (174.15 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


went to her blog and she's talking shit about Luna. man I hope Luna sees and starts trying to be a ~real junkie~ and takes even less care of herself.

No. 171228

why the fuck does she keep going out of her way to say stuff like this when she obviously DOES want to be the ~prettiest, most messed up grunge angle with the most street cred and great style~ like her "about me" or whatever was the worst, just DRIPPING with junkie glamourization

itd honestly be 100x times better if she just owned it and didnt give a fuck, but its too late for that now.

No. 171267

She has been commenting on lunaisaliar's posts too. People are startin to wake up, i love it.

No. 171273

I'm happy more people are being vocal about it. I liked the intent behind witchypoo and sobrietys callout blogs but sometimes I felt their English errors got in the way of the general luna is a scammer message. It made it easier for randoms searching the tag to assume the blogs were run by angry crazies rather than outraged French people educated about addiction. Now that there are more blogs being vocal in perfectly fluent English it's harder to deny.

No. 171291

lol aw, i think witchypoo and sobriety are both actually extremely well-spoken (barring the language barrier). they're very good writers imo and have a history of addiction themselves so they know what they're talking abt

No. 171307

http://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com/post/149958739764/luna-confronting-someone-reminding-the-person exchange between luna and the person who said she's trying to look like courtney

literally go through luna's blog and search "courtney" and she posts about her idolization of her, lists things she has in common w her, tags courtney's photos as "me", etc.

luna stop trying to pretend you're not into the glamorous junkie aesthetic

No. 171309

File: 1473046843154.png (96.82 KB, 686x514, Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.3…)

someone's perf response to luna trying to be a special snowflake

No. 171312

File: 1473047819866.png (519.9 KB, 727x695, Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.5…)

from witchycrankypoo, luna uses $200 diamond-infused moisturizer. fuck dis bitch

No. 171319

Its called foreverflawless and unless Luna's dad is gay or his girlfriend uses it I highly doubt she actually bought it or took it from his house. All roads lead to stealing it

No. 171323

Everything I saw online was $300-$400

>>Cheap baby lip stuff

Seeing as she supposedly "can't" afford $5 for food, it's annoying she complains a lip balm is cheap (how much does she expect lip balm to cost exactly?)

And it's funny she calls the perfume a balm, but calls the lip balm "lip stuff" kek

No. 171324

Probably is stolen then. The way they put their shitty overpriced scam products on the shelves at the kiosk makes it too easy for thief-chans.

No. 171337

Wow heroin-epidemic really ripped luna a new one. I hope she reads what was said beyond the concealer for lipstick comment.

No. 171346


i actually agree with her here. It's hard to get a BPD diagnosis but easy to look at the criteria and think you have it. I have it and I hate how its the cool tumblr illness lately.

No. 171348


while i love calling luna out this post is really wrong too lmao oopsie

No. 171371

I see her point but she sounds like a bit of a cow herself to be honest, all these nod squad people do.

No. 171380

File: 1473070400184.jpg (81.75 KB, 1101x334, diamonds.jpg)

It looks like one of their $200 moisturizers. I caught that cheap lip balm comment too. How expensive does that have to be especially when you're broke as fuck? I've used $1 lip balm with no complaints.

Even when she puts gloss over the concealer it still looks washed out. In older pics she did not have her lips like that, she's doing it for the effect.

No. 171407

Still predicting fent death. They're using carfentanil in heroin now. It's only a matter of time.


No. 171419

It was Heather (junky-business/shoutatthadevil) who made that post, of course it's wrong.

No. 171439

who's she?

No. 171440

No. 171443

File: 1473099931915.png (55.3 KB, 720x411, Screenshot_2016-09-05-13-23-40…)

but how will you get donations then, luna?

No. 171458

Good. Delete it fat.

No. 171459

lol bye, no one will miss you and bank accounts will not be depleted

No. 171461

Good grief the self pity dripping off of that post is sickening. wah wah all these meanies picking on me wah wah why can't you all just shut up and give me money
i honestly doubt that she'd really delete her tumblr. Not until she's squeezed every last bit of pity cash from her followers' pockets.

No. 171487

i want to find out her junkfuck00 password so bad!! i guessed all i could before i ran out of chances, is there an easier way to do it?

No. 171490

Ive been following this thread recently… all I can say is. When will this girl be hospitalised? Its gotta be soon right? Sad thing is. I can't even feel empathy for the poor cunt.

No. 171494

This company is a scam. No one pays the sticker prices for their products since they'll drastically lower it if you say it's too much or you can't afford it at the kiosk. There's multiple blogs and YouTube videos out there exposing it. She probably paid $50 or so for it.

No. 171500

New call-out blog on the scene, exposingluna, and they are savage. It wont be long til Luna deletes and the milk dries up

No. 171534

While it has been an entertaining run I hope luna's scams finally r.i.ps. She clearly targets impressionable underage girls who can't pinpoint the telltale signs of her addiction. Good riddance

No. 171539

srsly, who here is an expert #chan hackz0rz who can figure it out?

No. 171546

luna doesn't need to be hospitalised. she needs a slap and a dose of reality.

No. 171549

If she does delete her account, she'll probably just some up with a new persona/account to try and get donations. Who knows, maybe with this new one she'll decide to have cancer or something. Wouldn't put that past the pathetic cunt.

No. 171553

For being such a narcissist, I'm really surprised she hasn't searched her tag on tumblr. She would def delete if she did.

No. 171555

Oh shit, just got a tip from another tumblr user, another blog of hers is called junkhun1996, have at it farmers!!

No. 171557

this is kinda ot but im lookin at some of her pics and her hands are so disgusting looking like she has really big hands and ridiculously long fingers but they dont look agile or like a musician's they just look gross and oversized


No. 171558

daaaamn nice find altho it's old im going thru it right now she also namedrops lurch by name

No. 171560

File: 1473124887668.png (65.49 KB, 830x197, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.21…)

No. 171562

File: 1473124988917.png (30.52 KB, 808x108, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.22…)

her periods are irregular cuz of the drugz not her ""pcos""

No. 171564

File: 1473125136939.png (62.03 KB, 796x179, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.24…)

no one makes fun of ur addiction. we dislike your entitled attitude, glamorization of drugs, hypocrisy, lying and scamming.

No. 171566

File: 1473125336830.png (41.15 KB, 730x126, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.28…)

uses her friends

No. 171570

File: 1473125883677.png (20.94 KB, 840x163, hahahahaha.PNG)

No. 171573

File: 1473126248934.png (25.17 KB, 804x116, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.43…)

ungrateful cunt

No. 171574

she sure gets cotton fever a lot for someone who "only has a drug blog to spread harm reduction". you only get cotton fever from using and reusing nasty old filters. and she said somewhere that the boyfriend and her mom shared a needle, so im sure the two of them are sharing needles too when they run out. shes fucking gross

No. 171575

Junkhun1996 is a field day, she literally says she wouldn't continue to ask for donations unless she kept receiving them.

No. 171576

Let da milk flow, binches. Post the shit before it disapears. Im taking mad screen shots.

No. 171577

File: 1473126634399.png (166.16 KB, 797x445, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.49…)

No. 171579

no one show that blog to the fake social worker. she accidentally posted their address

No. 171580

k finished reading the entire blog (posted most of the milky screenshots i found already). honestly i….kind of feel bad for her? she seems more honest on this blog than on howl or junkfuck. she definitely said some f'ed up shit (see screenshots), but this one seems more real and im more sympathetic to her. she acknowledges how shitty she is, her problems w weight, her serious addiction problems, and doesn't glamorize it here. i feel like junkfuck was more like a coverup where she clung onto the junkie aesthethic bc that was how she coped with it.

idk, this blog seems a lot more sad and i actually pity her a lil even tho i despise a lot of her personality/actions

No. 171581

Yeah, keep this shit under wraps!!! Don't want anyone spoiling the milk!!

No. 171582

File: 1473127032035.png (448.86 KB, 787x583, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.56…)

eh but looking again theres still a decent amount of glamourization

No. 171583

Me too, dude. Seems like Matthew is a lot less loving and a lot more shittier to her on this blog. Dunno if i wanna post this to lunaisaliar or not. Just seems sad.

No. 171584

Which one you donated the 2 dollar hahah

No. 171585

File: 1473127199043.png (102.82 KB, 811x318, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.58…)


No. 171587

File: 1473127276474.png (113.25 KB, 878x315, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.0…)


No. 171589

Schnickies it's everything and more of what I assumed her craptastic life was.

No. 171591

fersure, her other blogs she likes to make it seem how Cool and Grungy her life is

No. 171592

she is more honest on this one. but she is still loving the trashy junkie lifestyle.

No. 171593

yeah by no means does i think her shitty life excuses her own shittiness. but it's sad. at least we know she's not truly delusional abt what a crappy person she is. but lets hope she can make a change finally instead of pretending it doesnt exist when she posts on her other/main blogs

No. 171594

File: 1473127786503.png (19.98 KB, 810x145, screen-shot.PNG)

her describing this outfit… i know it ends with her being self loathing but she still seems to enjoy it a little

No. 171595

this is a good blog. i wanted to make one like it (w all the screenshots pointing out her hypocrisy etc) but decided itd take too much time. glad someone else did it ha

No. 171597

"I hope we go shopping soon" WHat the fuck what an ungrateful little toe rag!! like shhjsfj I'm fucking triggered how can you even let someone spend that amount of money on you what an embarrassment! I hope she's making this up

No. 171598

File: 1473127945704.png (37.78 KB, 811x129, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.58…)

yeah, theres still some glamorization going on. some of it might be a coping mechanism but a lot of it is real, she likes being Sick"TM

No. 171601

Completely not surprised that Lurch yells at her all the time. He just screams scum.

No. 171602

i think that was donated in earnest bc she's always capslocking abt how "LITERALLY EVEN JUST ONE DOLLAR HELPS!!!!1!" she's so fucking ungrateful. $2 is still a LOT and goes a long way.

i've actually considered donating her 1 cent before ha which would be hilarious to see her entitled hissy fit over it

No. 171603

File: 1473128514356.png (36.52 KB, 489x167, Screenshot_2016-09-05-21-24-17…)

No. 171604

No. 171605

File: 1473128895953.jpeg (53.83 KB, 640x398, image.jpeg)

ive never really seen her say anything bad against her lurchdaddy but this blog has quite a few entries on his bad moods/mood swings. OH WELL. Apparently they cared about mold at one point

No. 171606

hey man thanks. its labour day, i got time. most of the content was taken from lolcow anyway so thank you!!!

saged for unrelated/no contribution

No. 171607

Whoa, thanks fam.

No. 171608

Hahahahahaha I knew Matthew and her relationship was actually shitty.. Dopedating sucksss! Haha

No. 171609

File: 1473129363412.png (63.2 KB, 712x439, Capture _2016-09-05-21-26-35.p…)

DAMN! She DIED!?!?!?!?! HOW DARE SHE! Luna needed her money so she could buy drugs…

No. 171610

she also judges crack cocaine users on that blog. what happened to her addict advocacy lulz she doesn't care as long as SHE and her one tru luv (dope) aren't judged

No. 171614

everything revolves around her. she's still a shitty person even tho her lifes sad

No. 171615

Wow, just read thru the whole thing. Fucking sad. Matthew seems a lot more abusive than what she portrays on her other blogs. He brings up old girlfriends and how hot they are, yells at Luna when they can't shoot their heroin correctly, relies on her for money, acts hatefully towards her, like idk he sounds worse than her father, who actually fucking provides for her. Damn. Sounds super toxic. Fuck Matthew tbh.

No. 171616

File: 1473129969477.jpg (35.59 KB, 550x187, lielielie.jpg)

okay so the first post is a bold faced lie as we all should know by now that she judges the FUCK out of people who arent addicted to hard drugs and "poor" (honestly knowing how much money she spends on heroin and rent alone, shes not that poor to me at all)

the second post is just hilarious because she cant seem to sense the selfishness radiating from all her posts

No. 171619

I know, I almost feel bad for this Luna. at the end it said she had an older private blog and I wish we could read through that as well.

No. 171623

File: 1473131591053.png (56.76 KB, 825x170, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.1…)

remember we were all wondering about the mystery that is roger? he's a drunk apparently

No. 171628

lol wow her ex has an encyclopedia dramatica page

No. 171634

It's really not surprising considering he's almost 35 or 40, no job, likely no education or work experience, addicted to heroin, and started dating an underaged teenaged girl. Not the most functioning or admirable member of society…
Still doesn't make Luna not a cunt though…She literally admits here using the money people donate on drugs rather than food.

No. 171635

No. 171636

in the first Luna thread it was mentioned she was already on a thread here too, i assume its because of this peter guy. ive been trying to find the thread but its not going so well.

No. 171642

File: 1473133514693.png (25.89 KB, 743x264, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.4…)

from her ex's blog

someone who's been following luna from the beginning spill the tea plz. ed is too vague honestly. she was on my radar in like 2011-2012 as skwisgaarskwigelf but i always found her so damn uninteresting

No. 171644


ive been following her/friends with her for a while and iirc her relationship with peter was all long distance, i dont think they ever met irl. mostly they both kept making promises to each other that they'd break all the time (mainly peter, he kept going on benders and getting tossed in jail) idk it honestly wasn't that crazy both of them just blew it tf up

No. 171645

What's his blog

No. 171650

File: 1473134044186.png (27.56 KB, 726x241, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.5…)

how did she meet him? seems like she knew him pre-tumblr

http://sadsativa-blog.tumblr.com/ theres barely any posts about her

No. 171652

i'm preeeeetty sure it was deviantart? actually i'm quite sure it was deviantart or some site like that. i think they were internet friends then she found him on fb and got his number? ? i don't remember exactly i could go and find out though but it'd take forever

No. 171654

File: 1473135055209.jpg (19.25 KB, 540x81, OH MY GOD.jpg)

Kettle, meet pot.

No. 171655

my thoughts exactly when i read that post

No. 171659

From the girl who ranted for a whole page about one character from Full House.

No. 171665

on her junkhun1996 blog on last page she says some of the lights are blown out in her "new" home (when she moved in with lurch)
it would seem obvious theyre squatting, but how would they have any electricity then?

No. 171666

File: 1473138615174.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-06-07-05-56…)


I screenshotted her entire junkhun blog in case she deletes or password protects it. Her howl1996 followers are fucking idiots if they still don't believe she's not playing them.

No. 171667

I feel kinda bad for her that her full name will forever be linked to that archived blog lol. Future ruined? Even more so I mean?

No. 171668

File: 1473138781510.png (821.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-06-07-11-12…)

samefagging but gross and borderline disturbing how she put the heroin on hello kitty's head. she is fake and deranged.

No. 171670

File: 1473139077395.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-06-07-16-52…)

No. 171671

Let her be a cautionary tale to young impulsive girls who think its cool to document their "edgy life" on the internet.
She could easily clean up her life - the resources are there.

No. 171672

File: 1473139724874.jpeg (159.2 KB, 1242x802, image.jpeg)

Beautiful imagery.

No. 171675

So big and wet and nasty oh goddd

No. 171676

Why the fuck would you go into such detail? Surely "upset stomach" would suffice. Christ.
Also lol @ her going on about junkies not being dirty & smelly and then posting this glorious thing alongside constant evidence she rarely washes.

No. 171683

lol based on that pic id def think she was a junkie on the street. she looks like a malnoursed piece of shit wrapped in too thin pink cheap fabric that prob reeks of cigarette smoke and prob has cig burns in it.

No. 171693

on her blog she mentioned her grandfather is the only one with money so her dad probably doesn't even own the apartment he lives in.
Maybe she's going to a sugar daddys apartment and it isn't really her actual dad?

No. 171695

Could also be the case that her grandfather owns the apartment and her father lives in it, or that he bought it for her father. Both of those tend to happen a lot in NYC since apartment prices are ridiculous here.

No. 171702

File: 1473148251464.png (318.3 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160906-004027.png)

No. 171705

File: 1473149767346.png (151.26 KB, 480x763, Screenshot_2016-09-06-04-08-38…)

This grandfather? I don't know how much I believe her theatrics but if her dad inherited a lot of money it'd made sense.

No. 171709

File: 1473154061657.jpeg (135.13 KB, 750x1102, image.jpeg)

Old but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… No Luna. Never.

No. 171712

Wow, I didn't know sea creature was a doctor..

No. 171718

File: 1473156204539.jpg (13.96 KB, 493x71, thisbitch.jpg)

No one is fetishizing that lifestyle more than you do Luna. She needs to get that chip off her shoulder and that concealer off her lips.

No. 171740

it's only killing you because you want it to kill you luna!!! you chose this life!!!

No. 171743

File: 1473169651573.png (19.38 KB, 539x104, Skjermbilde 2016-09-06 kl. 15.…)


No. 171746

File: 1473171943040.jpg (114.13 KB, 533x336, pee.jpg)

I wonder if her mom was being passive aggressive when she gave him the crack pee.

>and mde him look like an asshole because he doesnt do that

Lol, is turning up positive for heroin use better?

No. 171748

I feel like sea creature really thinks Luna is ugly as fuck and only good for money making.
This may be the first time I feel actually sad for her

No. 171750


I think it might be an insurance or parole thing. Keep in mind I'm no professional, but some insurances only pay for a certain amount of time you stay in rehab and might make your premiums more expensive if you keep on failing drug tests.

Keep in mind he's also gone to prison and might have to stay sober fr his parole.

No. 171752

File: 1473172999007.png (20.06 KB, 763x167, lunastoenailfungus.PNG)

on her facebook one of the pages she has liked is "toenail fungus treatment"

No. 171754

lol also VICE. Getting tips?

No. 171755

no, thats her dad's dad. im pretty sure the grandpa who bought her a ipad is her moms dad.

No. 171771

Keep in mind Luna and Matthew also smoke crack now… She talked about it before junkfuck00 was password protected. She smoked the 1st time recently with her neighbor and she loved it.

No. 171776

Actually Matthew was smoking it before her and she got jealous. Then she found out the neighbour was (I presume wits Matthew) and she was trying to say it would be the neighbours fault if she got addicted to crack as well, because they're influencing her??? Then Matthew got mad at her for wanting to try it as well, but caved in and they bought 3 or 5 (forget) "dimes" of crack with their heroin the next time.

No. 171778

i sure wish she'd use some of that precious scam money on a bra that fucking fits jesus christ

No. 171782

Looks like she deleted howl1996, byebye sweet milk.

No. 171783

She deleted that other drug blog as well. I was on it, reading away and now everything is gone.

Lucky one diligent milker archived it!

No. 171786

reb96 and junkfuck00 is deleted too but i wouldnt be surprised if she ends up making a new tumblr or two, a big chunk of her life is taking pictures to show people on tumblr for validation. her instagram account is still up btw its howl1996 but its private

No. 171789

This story just gets sadder and sadder the longer I read about it.

Luna, if you're reading this, I genuinely hope you get help and turn your life around. I promise it is possible.

No. 171795

I feel the same way. She's so young and could turn her life around, please do it Luna ):

No. 171814

File: 1473196366107.jpeg (16.17 KB, 750x169, image.jpeg)

This is what shows up when you search her blog now. "Not heroin" lol

No. 171843

File: 1473207891306.png (15.34 KB, 558x170, math.PNG)

good god this is so so very sad :( this is the first time I have genuinely felt sorry for her.

looking back on all the posts from howl1996 where she romanticises Matthew and their relationship I can now see she was just desperately trying to convince herself that he is nice and their relationship is healthy, when in reality he is mean and cruel to her.

she is so young! she should be out going to gigs with her friends, having drinks in bars and going to house parties. meeting people and making friends. not trapped in a horrible relationship with a gross and mean older man and his alcoholic father doing heroin :/ argh poor girl. and this is coming from me, someone who has had NO sympathy for her in the past.

No. 171844

on her latest instagram pic someone asked about her deleting her tumblr and now the comment is gone so i guess she's deleting anything tumblr related from her other platforms

No. 171845

File: 1473208005487.png (11.67 KB, 548x188, lunano.PNG)


i just wanna see her turn her life around :(

No. 171850

Bahhh i hope i don't sound stupid, but i'm a little worried. I hope she doesn't try to kill herself or OD, idk idk idk.

No. 171851

yeah i'm worried too
and if that tumblr social worker does file a case and they can't get roger's money or w/e happens, i'm afraid matthew's gonna be mad at her cause she posted all this stuff to the internet and he may even physically abuse her or force her into shitty things to make up for the money \:

No. 171853

I'm beginning to think that Matthew is the true villian in this case. Fuck his middle aged unemployed uneducated limp dick ass. He should be in jail.

No. 171860

She's still a scamming piece of shit, but Matthew is even worse

No. 171861

Matthew most definitely uses Luna as a money grab/lure. I have no doubt she sells herself to his other junkie friends for cash

No. 171863

I dont feel bad for her. she knew the risks everytime she came up with a bulshit story and begged 9k people and their followers for money to support their shitty lifestyle. ive been an addict and in super abusive relationships, ive even scammed or stolen for survival but i knew i could be outted and punished anytime, as im sure she did.
80$ per day is almost $3k a month. i know they dont do heroin EVERY DAY but thats still a LOT of money. she can go to hell honestly.

No. 171864

i feel pretty bad for her. she may be a bit stupid, but she is young and has clearly been taken advantage of. she's a narcissistic addict who has made some TERRIBLE and DUMB decisions, but that doesn't mean I don't feel bad for her.

No. 171865

This. Who knows if this isn't just another manipulation tactic?
>poor me ~junkie BPD princess~ those mean and nasty exposé blogs & imageboards made me leave Tumblr

No. 171866

I hope she gets clean too. She seems pretty miserable and without the drug addiction I think she has the potential to be a really good person. She needs to get away from Matthew in order to get/stay clean tho and that'll be rough on her. I speak from experience, and I wish someone would have called me out on my bullshit like we all did to Luna. I honestly wish her luck.

No. 171871

A lot of these posts I'm reading people feel bad for her. Why? Seriously she should get her shit together or go to hell where she very well may belong….she still has a chance but Mathew is beyond saving

No. 171873

Same here. Theres a reason why she runs a fucking blog about being a junkie. She finds it "glorious" and "edgy". A lot of people on tumblr seem to think like that about drugs. They get so caught up in it that it just takes over their lives.

No. 171874

Why is it that other junkies seem to hate her? They all do the same shit

No. 171875

I don't feel bad for her, she's still a fucking cunt!!

No. 171877

File: 1473217171188.png (10.62 KB, 555x199, yikes.PNG)

No. 171878

that reeked of attention seeking to me. she still is glamorizing this idea of the damaged junkie couple who "romantically' commit suicide together.

No. 171879

oh, totally. this blog just seems way more honest than howl1996. like instead of painting matthew in this romantic light, making him out to be such a sweet gentle person she is actually talking about how fucking miserable they both are.

No. 171883

finding this private blog and reading her diary entries from a much more honest perspective has actually broken my heart quite a bit. i think she really needs help, and all the qualities displayed on her howl1996 that made her very unlikable i just see now as symptoms of drug abuse and manipulation of this older man she's dating. my heart particularly broke reading those posts where she's clearly longing for her ex, who maybe wasn't a good person either, but was obviously not as dangerous and toxic and scary as matthew. i hate the thought of her living where she is right now and probably dying. i want her to get away from matthew and get better, get healthy.

No. 171884

how was this blog found? any updates on new/other blogs? luna seems like the type of person who CAANNOT quit attention-seeking/tumblring she's been on it for years she won't just leave w/o a trace

No. 171885

did lunaisaliar get taken down?

No. 171886

Her boyfriend is so fucking disgusting. At least Luna could still have a chance at a happy life. Of course, she'd have to stop using drugs as her identity and get off heroin + meth (unfortunately these are supposedly the most addictive drugs, but apparently it's still possible to quit).

Personally, I think counseling and possibly real medication would do her a lot of good. Even if she lies about a lot of stuff, that's already clear sign of mental illness.

No. 171889

I deleted.

No. 171892

Am I the only one who doesn't feel bad at all lol

No. 171900

not at all, i sure don't. she's been acting this way for years and i'm sure many people have tried to help her (i.e. followers, friends, "abusive" family) and she's done nothing to improve her life. she enjoys the fucked up aesthetic and i don't pity her. she could do something about it if she really didn't want to live that way, even if it's difficult. hopefully all the internet backlash is some sort of a wake-up call, but i doubt it.

No. 171901

Luna needs to break up with Lurch, go to her Dad's place, detox for a few weeks, get back on her feet, find a job, live in a share house with normal people in their 20s.

No. 171902

meant e.g. there

No. 171903

I wouldn't even care if I saw her on the streets begging and crying . Hope she does go through severe withdrawals

No. 171905

I understand the people who don't feel bad for her at all. She has done despicable things that deserve no empathy; especially the whole stealing from innocent people who think that they are helping her.

But I also understand the people who feel bad for her, because I have been in a similar situation to this girl before and I know how it feels to have your whole life sucked down into a spiral of drugs and abuse. I realize she glamorizes her life a lot, which is disgusting, but seeing these diary entries just makes me want her to get some therapy and get help. I echo the sentiments of people here who just want her to get clean and have a normal life. But I'm not sure if she will be able to do that.

I know that we all have made some bad decisions in our lives, and yet most of us have probably been able to rebuild ourselves and move past them. I hope that Luna figures out how to do the same.

No. 171907

Addiction is such a shitty thing and she knows it, she was very vocal about vomiting/crapping herself on her junkhun blog - and how much it sucks to have a boyfriend that treats you like garbage because he isn't "well." The rock-bottom saying is such a cliche but maybe luna needs to hit it before she can abandon the delusion that heroin is so Kool she championed on her other blogs. If rock-bottom is being cut off from her donations/attention fix on tumblr she'd be so much better off.

No. 171908

after seeing this new blog, i can see how her glamorisation of drug addiction is perhaps a coping mechanism for how fucking horrible it is in reality. doesn't excuse it, but it does explain it.

No. 171915

is this blog still up? what is the URL?+96

No. 171916

how inconsiderate, it's like she didn't even THINK of luna when she went and died!!

No. 171925

I understand what you're after, but I don't think she can go much lower. Her life is utter shit, I wager it has never been any good and I don't believe it won't get any better either.

But yes, what would lower be? Selling her body? Lurch croaking? Being homeless? OD'ing? Prison for dealing?

No. 171927

I've been following Luna on tumblr since around 2013, ever since she was dating this one girl, and the decline in her life that's happened with her is sad beyond belief. I mean when I read all the exposing blogs about her, I felt infuriated about what she's done and how many people she's manipulated. But then I remembered that drug addiction and BPD (her favorite mental illness, especially to glamorize) go hand in hand. I also have BPD so I can kinda understand. However, she does blow shit way out of proportion and her personality is unlikable, that's for sure. Mostly because she's very borderline and constantly feels the need to justify her identity, hence all the "dirty, cute, grungey" aesthetic thing. It makes her come off as such a try hard. There's just some part of me that feels kinda bad for her though. She's so young and living with this abusive, no good man who's way too old for her who essentially got her into heroin and now she's the one who seems to be handling all the finances in their shitty, disgusting apartment. I hope one day she somehow gets her life together and gets help before it's too late.

No. 171928

As someone with BPD, I kind of understand where she's coming from in SOME ways. However, the times where she shows signs of having no sense of self and constantly feels the need to deeply explain her "aesthetic" gets so tiring and annoying. Basically, you take a 20 year old girl who has BPD and drug addiction with no parents who actually love her and no real support system whatsoever and you get a narcissistic, manipulative, lying, identity crisis having sad person with no self-esteem which is why she's with a creepy, abusive man who seems to only be with her because she can get enough donations from her young, impressionable followers for dope.

No. 171946

is everyone forgetting that luna CHOSE this life? her parents are junkies, so she's been exposed to the horrible shit addicts go through yet she still made the decision to seek out lurch and seek out addiction.

No. 171956


a lot of the criticism here about luna is validated, but this isn't. nobody chooses shit like this. her parents being junkies just gives her a bigger predisposition to it, come on.

No. 171958

Agreed. Kids of addicts often go full on zero tolerance or grow up to have issues themselves. Heredity and environment etc.

No. 171962

It's not her fault that she's an addict or has mental health issues, yea. It IS her choice to intentionally talk about that stuff like its cool and be fake as shit. If she was straight up about her addiction and clearly knew it wasn't cool and didn't lie, I wouldn't have a problem with her. She was obsessed with Courtney love before she ever did heroin. She thought this was cool and romantic before she ever tried it. So it is her fault that she presents herself the way she does.

No. 171973

not a heroin addict but i was a drug addict and i hate Luna because she represents the worst of addicts and claims shes doing it to help us so everyone sees "that we are normal people" meanwhile shes scamming minors, glamourizing and romantisizing addict life while shaming anyone else who does it, she hates other addicts unless they love heroin as much as her, she just thinks shes fucking queen of the trash and i want to punch her honestly. hope that answers your question.

No. 171977

I feel like all the nodsquad people are like that

No. 171979

Luna chose to do heroin. She CHOSE to try hard drugs. So she deserves all the shit she's getting. It's entirely her fault.

No. 171982

seriously. she's said before she begged swamp monster relentlessly to try heroin bc she was in pain. and begged him again to try crack. idk i'm sure he's a gigantic piece of shit but it seems like he tried to keep her from hard drugs at one point, though probably for selfish reasons like so he wouldn't have to share

No. 171984

Yeah, I never bought the whole story that made it seem like he was ~protecting~ her from hard drugs. Probably just wanted them all for himself.

No. 171997

so many kids here really lack empathy for others

No. 171999

Lmao I don't understand these posts. What website do you think you're on? Do you think a site dedicated to people known as "lolcows" will focus on empathizing with them? Go away tumblr.

No. 172001

I'm really surprised she deleted, she had thousands of followers and could get some money from them. Now that we know how abusive Matthew is I'm glad she's at her dads place right now. She has to be really emotional and that would piss Matthew off. She's an annoying scammer but I don't her to be abused.

That's like when she made it seem so sweet when he waited to have sex with her when they began dating. She was 17 and he could have gotten arrested. If he really cared about her he never would have put that needle in her veins no matter how much she begged.

No. 172006

she's literally said "I chose this lifestyle, no one made me do it. Matthew didn't want me to try it but I begged."

We all make choices. It's not her choice to be born to addicts, or to have mental illness, but it was her choice to take drugs.

No. 172016

Stop it with your meme trash. If you've actually been on lolcow long enough to tell someone "gb2 tubblr", you'll know that sometimes people do empathize with the cows posted here. We are not a hive mind, fag.

No. 172018

RIP this thread

No. 172030

No. 172050

The age of consent in New York is seventeen. Was she seventeen when they started dating or did he wait for her to turn seventeen before they had sex?

No. 172078

I'm not sure about the details, but does that matter? Even if she just turned 17, he's still years older than her. They're both at different stages in their lives. It's hardly fair. Luna fucked up for sure but Matthew has definitely manipulated her.

No. 172080

Been reading this awful train wreck this bitch calls a life and I felt like I needed to address something.

I worked at a few law firms that specialized only in Social Security Disability. Starting out I did clients applications for disability and supplemental security income (SSI which you do NOT have to pay into the system in order to get. It's a "need by" basis of disability. People who are disabled and are receiving food stamps usually receive SSI but if you're on drugs and the doctors note it you're cut off) and one of the most common disabilities were …depression, anxiety and bpd besides of course high blood pressure or other heart related diseases. She is not as special as she thinks she is.

No. 172102

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who knows her irl. there'll always be more.

No. 172105

yeah her fb is still a thing and it's just a matter of time before the milk continues to flow. i'm thinking she'll lie low for a little while and then get right back into it. she's done that before wrt her tumblr

No. 172111

No. 172112

Still got her instagram

No. 172115

File: 1473306901170.jpeg (192.28 KB, 750x779, image.jpeg)


No. 172157

She's just as abusive and manipulative as he is. They're both fucked up. He's to blame and so is she. She's no victim.

No. 172299

File: 1473368139354.jpg (54.04 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nrndf9Ec2g1u313u4o2_500…)

i found a lot of old pics of her from before she tried to be subtle about glamorizing drug use

No. 172303

Yes! Moar!

No. 172306

File: 1473369415716.jpg (64.8 KB, 423x750, tumblr_nsqn75VdIj1u313u4o1_500…)

so many pics like this showing off pills on her tongue

No. 172311

Pills taste like ass. Why would someone want to pose with them in their tongue??

No. 172317

so everyone knows shes a ~damaged bby girl~ who has to take meds

No. 172378

Are these from before she moved onto heroin and meth?

She hates her dad over the silliest of things. She complained in a previous post that she hates her evil dad because he said ONCE that her mom was a cunt. Now she is angry that he complained that her mom used to shot heroin in the bathroom. Seems reasonable, and the mom does sound like a cunt.

>>So Abusive

No. 172389

does luna do meth?

No. 172401

shes done crack, im sure she has no qualms about doing meth

No. 172410

I think they are from when she first started doing heroin. They are at least a year and a half old. Check out just how much concealer is on the lips hahah

No. 172444

Ew this nasty bitch will pop back up on Tumblr eventually. She's an attention whore.

No. 172446

>stupid me THREE

I wonder if Luna will ditch tumblr altogether and find other ways to score that elusive $100. A few johns looking for a chubby?

No. 172507

she has to get undeserved money from strangers somehow. i suspect she'll start camming. if anyone is in that scene, look for the washed-up menopausal body that looks like it's birthed three children

No. 172538

Is this recent and not on her junk blog? If so, she's finally admitted to all her followers that she's a smackhead.

No. 172547

on her personal blog. read the thread

No. 172704

Can someone post screenshots of what she's saying on Instagram? I don't have access

No. 172713

File: 1473480917691.png (2.07 MB, 1634x1200, Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 9.13…)

boring, if anything interesting comes up ill post it tho. this is her most recent and it was 4 days ago

No. 172724

Why the fuck are people lying to her? I don't get it. "I'll give u my toner if u talk to me" basically it's so sad. I don't see any really redeeming qualities. She's rude too.

No. 172740

She reminds me of Nancy Spungen

No. 172771


Has this girl ever heard of chap stick? Her lips are always crusty as fuck. Even with all the filters on that picture you can still see how dry and flaky they are.

No. 172788

is she alive? anyone who knows her irl/has her fb pls comment

No. 172811

Don't be so dramatic

No. 172814

Lmao she's not dead. Even if she died of an overdose it would be no one here's fault. It's kind of inevitable if she doesn't get help anyways

No. 172816

If she died I'll say I told you so. All you fuckers saying LUL FENT ISNT DANGEROUS LUL, you're idiots. Getting fent/carfent mixed in with heroin is fatal when you take the same dose.

No. 172818

Who's saying gent isn't dangerous ? It's the worst thing out there. ODing on it is so easy.

No. 172819

Exactly. Hate to say it but it'd be one less junkie scammer on the streets. She doesn't want help, she "loves"~~~ beautiful, magical heroin. It's shocking Lurch hasn't keeled over yet

No. 172834

Dying is pretty much the end game of using heroin. So few people get clean and stay clean. Luna is playing with fire, she's inevitably going to get burned, that's the sad truth.

No. 172885

i bet she orgasmed a bit when she saw that someone compared her to courtney love.

No. 172924

I have a hard time believing that Luna is ever going to disappear from the internet. Her entire identity is based around the internet. And she's egotistical and only thrives in the eyes of others. She should be using this period of time to get clean or make a change, but i just don't think shes strong enough to do this herself. Realistically we're dealing with an egomaniac here. Why else would you document every gruesome detail of your life if you didnt like the sympathy and attention it garnered. We're going to see her crop up again soon.

No. 172929

the most recent activity of hers was presumably at her dad's house in NYC, he probably hooked her up with cash and/or junk and so she's probably just currently too high off her ass to internet lately

No. 172978

She has a tendency to reuse the same tags. I know she likes #nodsquad , any others? I want to find her when she inevitably starts posting again.

No. 173130

No. 173180

does luna have a twitter?

No. 173191

She never uses it, but it's @funeral420

No. 173194

Nvm found a more active one. @lilcherub1996

No. 173217

I wonder if her trans friend Bryce knew about the scamming the whole time and just didn't say anything

No. 173267

Ew don't put that image in my head haha

No. 173314

especially since she reuses needles (as evidenced by how the numbers are quite worn off the syringe in some photos) and more likely than not, shares them with Lurch.

No. 173317

any update on her instagram for those following? honestly i'm a little tripped out that something happened to her

No. 173323

she's been posting on both her facebook and her insta, she's fine! i or someone else who follows her will let yall know if she goes awol for a while

No. 173335

She hasn't posted on Instagram for a week, so no new updates there. I don't have her on Facebook though.

No. 173341

she's an attention whore, ppl like her never leave the internet

No. 173342

i actually like bryce. she seems like a genuinely kind person. she doesn't say anything publicly about luna bc she's loyal and values their friendship. but something abt her makes me think she has said something anon like many of luna's other friends (eg. to witchycrankypoo)

bryce doesn't encourage donations to luna. one thing i've noticed is that she gifts luna things, but everything she gives is not money. she gives her shopping trips, meals, tattoo outings etc. idk, something about her i just respect

but obv wish luna wasn't a brat and didn't take advantage of her friends' kindness

k so i realize this post is weird but i promise i'm not bryce or know her or any of luna's friends

No. 173345

Her snapchat is hipsville but she doesn't go on

No. 173366


Anon no one wants you to check up on her ~well-being~

We want to find out where she's hiding on the Internet. One forum isn't going to stop an addict from trying to score from good-intentioned tumblrinas.

No. 173380

File: 1473687048839.png (84.51 KB, 1080x296, Screenshot_2016-09-12-15-29-48…)

Y'all can calm down

No. 173385

okay but that's from a month ago

No. 173407

She won't be able to stay away for long. She loves scamming kids. She won't stop here. She's just waiting for it to calm down so she can resume. She's prolly still begging on fb

No. 173410

Does Lurch have any social media?

No. 173424

Does anyone know what Roger's deal is? angry-social-worker seems to think he's as scummy as Lurch. Wouldn't surprise me as Luna clearly enjoys surrounding herself with human crap, but the "social worker" seems to have a few screws loose himself, so don't know how reliable he is

No. 173435

Am I retarded/missing something? I always got the impression angry social worker was a woman. Did a farmer unearth something about this person beyond their collection of vacuum cleaners?

No. 173488

nope. he even used luna's google acct to write a review cuz he doesn't have email apparently

No. 173489

nah ppl just assume they're a creepy guy who wants to ~save~ and ~hang out w~ luna

No. 173493

And eat her carpet. Ahem, I meant clean her carpet.

No. 173506

Roger is actually ill, he is clean of drugs and not an alcoholic.
Couch psych version: he feels bad for not being a father to his son in the past and is now making up for it by turning a blind eye to what his kid is doing since he might not have been able to be there for Matthew when he was younger which lead him to this lifestyle

No. 173513

she mentions in her blog he drinks tho. but yeah doesn't prove he's an alcoholic

No. 173529

jw how do you know this?

No. 173541

File: 1473740203232.png (223.93 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-09-13-07-12-41…)

Matthew's exact age - 37

No. 173543

It amazes me how dumb Luna is sometimes when it comes to posting their personal information on the internet. She's posted their full names, their address, etc. all the while posting about their drug use. In her pics of her shooting up her tattoos and other obvious identifiers are there as clear as day too. She's incredibly dumb.

No. 173554

I think she is just naive and immature, grunge-junkie-90s lifestyle seems like a game for her

No. 173556

that's whatcha get when you have an attention whore extrovert of a drug user

No. 173563

Ohhhh my god. 37? That's somehow so much worse than I thought it was

No. 173564

Can anyone scrounge up any of Matthews old arrest records / mugshots?

No. 173584

File: 1473744516280.jpg (19.68 KB, 646x157, Screenshot_1.jpg)

A little more information about Mr. Creepy

No. 173585


I also do think she doesn't understand just in how much trouble she is. Her self sabotaging hasn't fucked up something permanently just yet. Don't get me wrong, her life is shit and she does behave poorly, but she could still turn her life around.

Lurch is done for. He has been addicted to hard drugs for at least a decade, if not longer. He has been in prison and I doubt he has any sort of redeeming quality. In my, admittedly limited, experience with druggies, after a certain amount of time, they are fully disconnected from society. I don't think Lurch preyed on an underaged Luna simply because he doesn't understand anything about social norms anymore. This doesn't make him any less of a creep tho. He's almost double her age and looks like a wax figurine left in a swamp.

No. 173589

And Roger is 73 years old

No. 173591

I was just guessing being an armchair shrink. The first sentence is actually accurate as of a few years ago

No. 173602

No. 173622

>And eat her carpet. Ahem, I meant clean her carpet.

you mean get close enough to try and talk her out of that house and into detox/rehab? yes, very odd behavior for a social worker.

No. 173624

That was disgusting lmao the comments are even worse. Also she lists Courtney Love as her style icon about three different times- especially as #1. Yeah no shit, Luna. Nobody would have ever guessed

No. 173666


Almost as odd as anonymously trying to get people to reveal the address of a stranger

No. 173682

File: 1473794015677.png (534.41 KB, 688x622, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 12.1…)

she's alive :)

No. 173685

File: 1473794152908.png (489.51 KB, 643x614, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 12.1…)

and honestly she looks good to me here…I'm a sucker for mauve lips I guess. but it looks like she's still in the shitty apartment judging by the dirty wall in the background

No. 173692

She's revealed it herself multiple times, along with other identifying info, it's not odd to not want to search for it. Lurch is a lost cause, Luna doesn't have to be…yet.

No. 173695

what a surprise

No. 173697

I feel like angles, makeup and filters are playing a huge part here.

No. 173699

yeah you def can't see half her face so that's prob why

No. 173709


Eh, with the amount of time this clown spent begging people for addresses and showing off how many vacuum cleaners he has, he could have just searched for it himself

No. 173720

File: 1473805480985.png (396.73 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160913-152400.png)

No. 173722

Maybe she felt prettier and was more creative with clothing 40 pounds ago because that was before heroin and the sea creature consumed her life.

No. 173724

funny how she didn't mention heroin being a factor for her ~weight loss~

No. 173749


"I was actually so much more confident when I was forty pounds heavier" yeah you were also not living in complete squalor fuck she's dumb

No. 173763

File: 1473815554008.png (839.06 KB, 798x949, Screenshot_2016-09-13-20-17-46…)

No. 173764

I was hoping she'd see beyond the lol hate and get the correlation behind her lifestyle/need to rely on scams.

No. 173769

r u srs? her lips look so gross

i can admit i find one pic of luna pretty, it's this one https://67.media.tumblr.com/673ff8834612f1c712a79618346ce8cb/tumblr_od1oz3lAPv1vfp6ato3_540.png

but most of the time she gross af

No. 173777

She looks repulsive, are you guys trolling? Lol

Also that shits craaaazyyyyyy. She lost weight due to HERION my god

No. 173845


If she switched to speed then she could lose even more twice as fast

No. 173864

i agree she looks decent here

No. 173878

That really is one of her better pics. The red lipstick is a big improvement over the concealer lips. It's more like 90's Courtney Love anyway so I don't know why she doesn't wear that more often.

No. 173896

because concealer on her lips gives her the illusion that she looks like a broken babydoll junkie.

No. 173908

File: 1473876645080.png (789.31 KB, 796x1206, Screenshot_2016-09-14-13-02-53…)

New posts on insta

No. 173910

File: 1473876714712.png (520.79 KB, 798x999, Screenshot_2016-09-14-13-03-29…)

No. 173926

oh boohoo hospital didnt give us food or make me feel like a snowflake because i needed antibiotics for something not fatal. anyone who even knows an er nurse in the slightest knows they hate frequent flyers who expect nothing but the best. bitch there are people having strokes and who have been shot or hit by a car fucc that. sorry no one got you a sandwich because you were peckish.

No. 173950

Ive never gotten food in the er
They also havd cab vouchers for anyone who cant get home
Regardless though ive had to wait all night for transit so much, atleast she had someone there.

What does the homeless person sleeping and the person kicked out by their boyfriend have to do with anything??? Why does she constantly make other people props and accessories in her life for #aesthetic and street cred. Like congrats there were other people outside that had nothing to do with you.

No. 174006

File: 1473892430465.jpeg (81.09 KB, 750x745, image.jpeg)

peeophilia hahaha

No. 174008

Bitch is annoying. Like other anon stated hospitals in America do not provide food for ER patients only if the pt gets admitted to inpatient. Hospitals have vending machines and free water fountains. She is lying and judging by this shit she doesn't have much knowledge of hospitals.
She's in a populated place of course they are gonna get her out as soon as they provided what services they could to stabilize her becaus there are other people out in the ER waiting room who are also waiting for services.
I can't believe she's complaining about ER wait time either, like what did she exactly expect? She had no life threatening injuries or showed symptoms of a life threatening illness. ERs are only there to stabilize a patient not provide full complete treatment, that's why most times they send you to see your PCP.

No. 174013

has her tumblr been archived anywhere? i want to steal her theme lol

No. 174035

I do NOT believe she was there just for antibiotics, unless she has an infected track mark. Even so, why not a walk in clinic? she's so unbelievably annoying

No. 174037

She is probably having horrific withdrawals since she deleted her money makin tumblr. She's def going to the hospital for pain meds/methadone. Of course the ER nurses hate her and swamp monster for being dumb junkies taking up space til they can catch their next high. She is hurting bad now.

No. 174076

what a long ass unnecessary caption. seems like she's using insta as her new tumblr. bitch can't stop won't stop quit the internet

No. 174085

Idek why she fascinates me so much. Like I want to make it my mission to keep her from scamming but ik it's impossible. & agreed she must be in pain. How else is she gonna get all that money for drugs?

No. 174086

OT sorry
I believe this was her old theme (you have the option to have it centered or left aligned).


No. 174112

File: 1473909779940.png (426.08 KB, 1439x2458, 20160914_202223.png)

Bet she wouldn't be mad if they gave her pain killers

No. 174114

Lmao riiiiiiiiiight, she's such a fucking liar.

No. 174121

well anon, she is probably allergic to all pain killers minus the one that starts with d.

No. 174174

As much as Luna lies and scams I actually can vouch their ER sucks. They do not like to take anyone at that hospital if they don't have to. I was in labor and they stopped it simply so they can transfer me. Seriously, they're shit.
I'm not sure however, why she would stay that long? If she's so familiar with Bronx why wouldn't she go to a montefiore there? Or the millions of clinics around…? I've also never heard of the metro ending at 2:30am. From New Ro to where she lives is the east line which comes from grand central. I'm pretty sure that line runs until 4 and I'm most positive it starts back up around 5

So weird to have a cow in your area

No. 174219

Ugh what a stupid entitled brat why does she lie about all sorts of random shit for no reason

No. 174221

The New haven line stops running after 2 from GCT so it would reach mamaroneck at 230 which means it would probably stop at New Rochelle (the station is a 15 min walk from the hospital) she could have caught a 220am and gotten home around 230am
The next train would have been a 6:30 not a 6:04 but could have been a 6:04 if she was heading into the bronx to score

No. 174237

Thee bright side is that there is no way she'll have a good life, not without said withdrawals. She'll either OD and die or get clean, which will inevitably involve withdrawal.

No. 174250

What kind of life is this to wish on yourself. In and out of ERs be it for simple antibiotics or quick doctor shopping for a fix - being treated like scum because you look it and are traveling with your 37 year old hospital frequent flying junkie boyfriend.

No. 174408

how many westchester farmers are there? this is spooky.

No. 174447

she remade

No. 174448

Under what name?

No. 174467

I'm not surprised at all, she hasn't e-begged in like a whole week. Can you share the link?

No. 174483

File: 1474056586633.png (87.91 KB, 1028x368, Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 4.09…)

No. 174499

i know one of y'all can ask her this place is full of her friends

No. 174502


No. 174512

Don't you just love it when people post their private business on a public site and then flip out when people discuss their private business?

No. 174524

File: 1474067201066.jpeg (626.72 KB, 640x1866, image.jpeg)


No. 174546

so she says she's keeping personal posts to a minimum on this new blog, which I'm taking as code for "I will have another secret personal blog about my junkhun antics" so…heads up I guess

also I doubt personal posts will actually be kept to a minimum because $$ but that goes without saying

No. 174560

Get ready guys, this blog is supposed to be her magnum opus.

No. 174591

When you click on who she's following, ginger Bronson was the second person she followed lol. She's also following holliquinn and similar people. So I see where she got the idea it was "cool" to look like a poor junkie

No. 174603

i was waiting for her to bring up the elephant in the room aka THE BEGGING but left disappointed

No. 174613

Luna lived in a junkie home her whole life tho, so on this one, she is more authentic than Ginger.

Personally, I think she doesn't know any alternatives to junkie homes. She knows her life has been less than stellar and she is getting much worse, but she has no good reference point to what an actual normal life could be like.

It's sad, because if she would have thoughened it through college for at least a year, I think she would be in a better place. Her days would be constructed around keeping her busy and self-expression and her melodrama would be viewed as normal there. Plus, she'd be surrounded by her peers and maybe she would have a normal social life. She would garantueed also take drugs, but maybe not heroin to the degree she does now.

No. 174614


honestly even though shes a lying scammer i agree with you here. shes at least more "authentic" for lack of a better word than ginger is whos just a straight up try hard/ imposter doing it for…..kicks? notoriety? luna is just honestly fucked up and really fucking her life up

No. 174709

There is at least 3 or 4. Luna brought us together in this thread <3
She is totally in love with Ginger, the only difference is that ginger is more popular on the internetz. Luna was raised in an upper middle class area. She was more than able to step away from her junkie home and chose not to

No. 174739

>>i screenshotted about half the people i was following but not the other half (like people with urls starting with M and beyond)

This is nitpicky, but she's full of shit even with this - your following blog list on Tumblr is in reverse chronological order (based on the time you followed them from) not alphabetical. I doubt she even bothered with screencapping half the list at all.

Of course, that entire post is full of shit (hence why she deleted it) as if she just wanted to post more art/writing/photos, she would've just done so with the old blog. Her main reason for creating new blog has nothing to do with creating content and everything to do with her bullshit lies catching up with her despite how much she protests it is.

No. 174740

If you're on mobile it'll show alphabetically. Not saying she's not full of shit though.

No. 174741

I completely forgot about the order on the mobile app. I stand corrected in that case.

No. 174742

luna has no one but herself to blame.

No. 174755

She's already deleted this post, I wonder why?

No. 174777

somebuddy find her personal/drug blog

No. 174802


No. 174804

kind of hilarious she is so holier than thou about not making drugs look cool and she follows holli who is basically the queen of that (along with that whole clique of tumblr users who do the same shit)

No. 174810

No. 174811

Do you know the password?

No. 174814

lolz. that's not really her drug blog. >>174802 was making a joke.

No. 174820

How was that a joke? Sounds like a possible url of hers, and it's pw protected like her old blog.

No. 174825

they're just mocking luna's fave "safer than heaven" quote/lyric with "higher than heaven" as a swap. just cause its pw protected doesnt mean its hers.

No. 174826

Yea yea yea, alright, ya fuckin narc. I think you're covering.

No. 174878

Higher than heaven wasnt a joke… I really thought it might be hers.

No. 174882

obviously she follows doll-ghost. these two girls are the scum of tumblr.

No. 174946

Oh man, I followed doll-ghost a couple years ago when I was going through a nervous breakdown. All she ever did was post pictures of her with pills on her tongue and say she was going to kill herself with an overdose (and of course she'd always be back within a couple days, whining about how the overdose didn't work). I'm not even slightly surprised that Luna follows her.

No. 175005

Lmao doll-ghost. She says every single day that "this is the night" that shes "really gonna die" She's even more fucking annoying than Luna.

No. 175009

File: 1474248435723.jpg (47.31 KB, 485x536, tumblr_njjkafzY3b1rpo1pzo1_500…)

I looked her up and this shit's gross as hell, like if I had to look at this or luna's crusty foundation I would pick luna

No. 175043

File: 1474257201450.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.3 KB, 530x354, IMG_9156.JPG)

It straight up looks like she has herpes

No. 175045

The thing I don't get about luna is how on earth does she manage to glamorize the junkie lifestyle when she actually grew up surrounded by people who lived it? She should be the one most desperate to escape it, she knows juat how awful and unglamorous it is. Sorry for the blog but I grew up in a "honest work, higher education is for stup up people!" environment and all it did was make me loathe "hard work". All it did was push me hard into academic life. I don't understand how she managed to WANT to follow in her parents footsteps.

No. 175055

it's cuz she fell into the tumblr glamorization infatuation with addicts (especially when they're also artists)

No. 175059

Optimism I guess. She does know all that but she prefers to ignore it to feel better about herself, that's pretty normal as fucked up as it is.

No. 175065


i gagged

No. 175069

File: 1474268190090.png (402.96 KB, 578x607, l.PNG)

Oh Luna. At least its "cheap"?

No. 175116

it´s weird how she went from that hipster-flowercrown tumblr asthetic, like the way she was in that "interview" someone posted to full on junkie-shooting-dope-with-daddy. She used to have friends and she went to college at some point, and she fucked it all up, like, why?

No. 175168

the angry social worker is a woman, named jessie something. as an interesting aside she was on that naked dating show.

No. 175205

She is boring as fuck on her new blog ?

No. 175212

That's why we need to find her drug/personal blog. That's where the milk is. One anon mentioned it might be higher-than-heaven, which seems really plausible as it is similar to her new url and it's pw protected, and another anon got really defensive, saying it was just a joke. Seems suspicious. I think anon #2 is either Luna herself or one of her friends.

No. 175234


The last thing this bitch needs to do is fuck with her hair anymore. It's so badly damaged and beyond repair.

No. 175240

she need to be careful with the cigarettes. one spark and that nest is ablaze

No. 175241

She set a good chunk of her mattress on fire at her mom's house.

No. 175242

Lol, sorry, didn't realize you meant her hair, not her heroin trash den.

No. 175260

jessie nizewitz??

No. 175270

LUNA YOU'RE SO FUCKING BORINGGGGG! What happened? You used to be interesting. Share/remove the password from your personal/drug blog. ~?~ ?

No. 175343

good job dumbass, now its private.

No. 175372

How did you figure that out anon?

No. 175375


after some googling, turns out ms Angry Social Worker is a lolcow herself. she tried to sue VH1 after the show because they "showed too much."

>showed too much

>on a naked show.

No. 175381

whoa, it actually is jessie nizewitz??
she's even dumber than I thought

No. 175383

To be fair they signed a waiver knowing that nothing would be showed on tv (blurred out) and they literally showed her entire butthole and vagina on air. She had every right to sue because VH1 didn't uphold their contract and violated FCC rules.

No. 175386

am anon #2, and lol not luna. i just don't think higher-than-heaven is her. it's literally a random ass account that's been around for years.

i'm the op of this entire thread ffs, just cause i don't think it's luna doesn't mean it's her account lol wtf kind of knowledge is that u lack critical thinking skills

No. 175387


omg that's hilarious

unfortunate she has been doxxed, but that's whatchu get posting yr private info online

No. 175389

kek no they didn't. it was literally a less than one second clip. an oversight, hence why her pathetic case was thrown out of court. if you don't want the risk of having your bits out there don't go on a fucking naked show. common sense.

No. 175390


But the blurring error cost a relationship with a mid-30's employed Jewish man! The fact that she was on a nude dating show had nothing to do with that!

No. 175392

It's not a secret, she would've responded had you messaged her. Theres only 1 person she doesn't want seeing her blog. If she's willing to be naked on tv, she doesn't care about farmers on her blog.

No. 175394

I can't find anything saying that she's a social worker, though (although it does take a while to filter through all the gossip articles that google comes up with).
I've always had my doubts that she was an actual social worker just from how unhinged she seemed, but are we sure it's the same person?

No. 175396

well she deleted her blog so…?

No. 175397

I posted proof I'm an LMSW on my blog a few days ago. None of the gossip blogs will say I'm a social worker, apparently I'm a stripper and a wanna be model, bc that's a lot more entertaining than the truth. There was never a Jewish bf in his 30s either, my ex is 100% WASP and we broke up before dating naked. The blonde on my episode was engaged the whole time tho, she lied about being single bc she wanted to be discovered. Who would lie about being a social worker? There's a real easy way to prove it, but I'm sure u guys will figure it out on your own.

No. 175398

You're so fucking creepy, I swear

No. 175399

You mean that photo you posted that had no identifying information on it?

No. 175400

Jfc. Go look it up on the NYS registry of licensed professionals if you're so curious. I see Luna isn't entertaining u enough. Anon didn't figure anything out, I told people on tumblr bc it's not a secret. If you have additional questions u can message me on my main tumblr, I'm sure anon can tell u what that is too.

No. 175401

If she is an actual social worker (still not convinced, but hypothetically speaking), that's just fucking scary

No. 175402

Oh ffs, no one cares about the blonde or your ex

No. 175403

I can't imagine why anyone would doubt your legitimacy between the tantrums and the creepy attempts at getting Luna's address.

No. 175405

No. 175407

I knew u could do it! But it's not expired, I renewed it, it has to be renewed every 2.5 years. I'd lose my job if it was actually expired.

No. 175408

The nys gov site says it's active until 2018.
She's probably shit at her job, though. How many working professionals do you think there are refreshing lolcow pages at 1pm on a weekday?

No. 175422


This. And taking creepy and invasive measures to try and get attention from a random drug addict on the internet.

No. 175429

I see farmers are not trying to admit when they were completely wrong in their assumptions today

No. 175434

Do you want an apology for people assuming you were a creepy old man instead of an unprofessional moron who acts like a creepy old man?

No. 175435

Not to mention the childish tantrums she throws in response to criticism.
I'm not even surprised that she did something as stupid as try to sue a naked dating show for showing her genitals.

No. 175442

I was wondering when Jessie would get exposed here. She's Never2Old2Recover. She needs her own thread tbh.

No. 175448

if u wanna talk abt this dumb social worker, make a thread abt her. Now back to luna.

she posted a selfie of her in pigtails and they look repulsive

No. 175450

File: 1474403937694.jpg (91.28 KB, 1080x1214, tumblr_odt2dujM7R1vfv0uno1_128…)

Everything in this picture is disgusting.

No. 175470

File: 1474408335482.png (103.47 KB, 750x487, IMG_8390.PNG)

hint, luna: most if not all the physical problems you've complained about are because you use heroin!!!! never heard of heroin hiccups??

No. 175472

why does she look so uncomfortable ew why is that her prof pic

No. 175477

Omg why does she look so repulsed

No. 175486

Probably because he hasn't bathed or brushed his teeth in over 10 years. Jk, but seriously i'm sure he smells repulsive by now. I imagine he smells like cat shit, dirty underwear, and that "old person smell."

No. 175515

She had a moment of insight and finally realized how gross he is?

No. 175529

Jessie thread:

No. 175680

No. 175684

it's him. reverse google image search it and it only comes up with her post. plus she's posted pictures of him before.

No. 175696

Yeah, the sea creature is shown from behind in the backwards green cap. She also had a pic of her and Roger together before she deleted and it looks like the same man.

No. 175840

File: 1474506695233.png (517.81 KB, 596x596, Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 6.08…)


No. 175856

on her old blog (howl1996) she said roger was "a big person in real estate" whatever the fuck that means. hard to believe since he and matthew were on food stamps too so……..

No. 175859

He sure can rock those old fat lady pants

No. 175882

File: 1474517343660.png (760.71 KB, 710x720, Capture _2016-09-21-21-48-34.p…)

She still hasn't washed that grimy-ass quilt?! Goddamn. Who can sleep in that, let alone post it online for all to see. Imagine how it reeks, all that soaked up, dried dope-sick sweat and fuck knows what else. What is wrong with this nasty cunt? She can't spare a few bucks from her dope money to do a little laundry??

No. 175893

Yeah you know those socks are new because theyre clean and shes showcasing them

No. 175903

File: 1474525926981.jpg (35.66 KB, 250x250, trainspotting.jpg)

>heroin addict
>people are still wondering why she doesn't take care of herself, wash her clothes,…
>people are surprised she'd do anything to get more drugs
do you guys even know what a heroin addict is?

No. 175961

do you?
one can be an heroin addict an still take a shower now and then an maybe clean the bed sheets after a year of use.

No. 175967

i have that bed sheets set and i can't believe how filthy hers must be. they are a bright pastel pink and lilac color with hot pink and white moon/stars. these look like they've been used by a homeless person sleeping in the street

No. 175968

take a look at a function heroin addict. try harder

No. 175978

"Functional heroin addicts" are just heroin addicts that haven't been using very long. Every heroin addict will reach that point eventually.
Regardless, if you're not living in the streets and you have money for books and socks and ice cream and toner and drugs, wash your fucking sheets.

No. 175980

You're a dumbass. Just because someones a heroin addict doesn't mean they have to be disgusting. Ive known addicts who wernt disgusting… Showered daily, brushed their teeth, changed their bedsheets weekly.

No. 175981

And anyone normal doesnt take pride in being disgusting and filthy. Luna once said her dirty mirror "looked kinda cool". She thinks its all so 'heroin chic aesthetic'.

No. 175982

If you watch the video she talks about how long she'd been using and it had been for years. Some people are functional on heroin. Luna is a mess.

No. 175984


She looks like she's gagging.

No. 175992

This "you never see an old junkie" is shit propaganda started by the war on drugs administration. Junkies can life long, normal lives just like anyone else.

However if you factor in shit like if they're abusing multiple kinds of drugs with heroin, if they don't share rigs or contract hep c or other blood born pathogens, if they're living in a healthy inviornment aka not homeless and eat well.

Shit William Burroughs was a junkie for 30 years and died old. Keith Richards is still alive. Junkies die when they recover and come back and accidentally overdose. They die from violence in bad drug deals. But a functioning addict who was a safe junkie that didnt mix his drugs, or contracted any diseases, and stays away from the drug scene, and carries naloxone in case of an accidental overdose can live a long, relatively normal life.

No. 176036

"safe junkie" is a complete oxymoron. you can't sleep awake.

No. 176068

30+ minute video of an addict rambling nonstop.

Other videos:
>>Drunken outings, polyamory and dysfunction
>>Acid Tripping
>>The Gender Tag
>>Butt Sex
>>Eating Disorder Relapse

Anon, this girl seems like a right mess. Not the best example of a functioning addict…

No. 176127

You appear to have not even slightly read the post you're replying to.

No. 176139

You all obviously don't do heroin. Anyone can overdose at any time. Not only people who got clean and relapsed. The shit they're putting in dope nowadays. Experienced users can die from 1/10 of a dose of what they're used to.

No. 176151


Lol no. Odds are there are multiple users on this board and we are all aware of the fent from China epidemic going on. Like I said, you know the shit you buy and the people you buy from or you be smart. Plain and simple. Nalaxone is free at harm reduction just sayin

No. 176210

Because everyone has the luxury of living in a state that provides narcan without a script. Not to mention you have to be with someone else for that to work. Since when you OD you're unconscious. And a lot of addicts use alone

No. 176224

>thinking you can keep up a normal functioning life on one of the hardest drugs there is
>implying "functional" heroin addicts aren't just addicts who haven't been on that stuff for long enough
oh lol, silly kids

No. 176251


Congrats guys you are all super duper cool and edgy junkies and heroin experts and everyone is now very aware of all that heroin, and coolness, and very sharp edges.
Now fuck off back to your tumblrs and have your scrap about who has watched trainspotting and listened to more velvet underground.

No. 176279

The woman in that video is 30 and has been using since she was in her early teens. People can function on it. Just usually it's not the case

No. 176289

File: 1474643063038.jpg (100.13 KB, 1080x1349, IMG_0985.JPG)

Anywayyy back to Luna (since I think we can all agree she is not functioning so that shit doesn't matter much)
She just draws the same thing over and over in that same style everyone on Tumblr uses. Like she signed this with her name like she's super proud of it omg.
And the caption is "my markers are starting to suck"..yea thaaaats what sucks.

No. 176304

Her eyes are crooked as fuck lmaooo

No. 176305

File: 1474652011360.png (1.49 MB, 1439x2221, 20160923_123245.png)

Holy shit Luna. She needs a new bra asap.

No. 176306

File: 1474652118024.png (1.98 MB, 1439x2255, 20160923_123412.png)

She looks more and more like a 40 year old junkie every day. Why is she trying to look like a child? What is her makeup even doing. He looks like her dad.

No. 176319

>>That filthy doorframe….

No. 176321

>calling yourself baby when you look like a 40 year old mother of three

No. 176326

She's so young yet she looks so old. It's like her weight loss gives her the frumpy body of a mother of 3 and the heroin drug lyfe washes her out to hell. Maybe it's partially her makeup outfit choices? Geeesh

No. 176327

she could look good if she wanted to but she embraces the gross heroin addict look. she said she wanted to be an addict and was obsessed with heroin documentaries since before she started doing heroin. so luna definitely enjoys looking like shit. very gummo. much edge.

No. 176329

This looks like the first shot in a series of photos of a teenage girl being molested by her dad.

No. 176342

I know a heroin addict which is now in her 50 and still looks A LOT healthier than Luna (you wouldn't think she's using if you don't know it).
It's not the heroin that destroys your body, it's the circumstances in which you're using. And Luna seems to not give a shit about safer use (alcohol swabs before every poke, fresh/sterile needles, fresh/sterile syringes, sterile stericups/desinfecting your spoon or whatever, using medical creams to care for your poor veins, switching between veins, general good body hygiene).
She's a rookie and her swamp-monster of an enabler is not making it any better.

No. 176352

Ugh, this baby fetish thing is so fucking weird

No. 176353

No. 176358

Dat lunch lady arm

No. 176392

The saggy, sad tits and floppy bingo wings are too much.
Heroin doesn't make people fucking blind how can she not see how droopy and flabby she looks?

She needs to stop snacking on the nod if she wants to do the 'soo kaway Lolita baby' trash.
I almost feel bad for her, she doesn't seem to have anything going for her whatsoever.
Is she really this shitty at everything?

No. 176409


Yeah what's up with her new wonky eye? Yikes. Everything is starting to sag.

No. 176410

I love how he's just thrown on a cool jacket and shades over his usual attire of grubby tshirt and baggy pants lmao

No. 176423

Holy shit her upper arm is about as thick as her stomach what the fuck man
She definitely looked better when she was heavier…

No. 176468

Is her art on her tumblr? It's not good but I'm amused and want to see more of it.

No. 176469

It used to be on her old blog before she deleted and remade. I'm sure you can find some of it if you look it her up on tumblr.

A lot of it was hairy legs and armpits and I think I remember her drawing a Xanax "ad"

No. 176474

her art is crap. someone on the old luna thread said she was "promising" as an artist or s/t. yeah….no. her art style requires no skill whatsoever.

No. 176497


seriously, im messy but this girl is straight up DIRTY.

and idk maybe matthew doesnt care either, they both seem pretty ok with living in filth.

No. 176500


that doesnt even look like her normal style. i had been following her for a while before she started using/the shitshow that followed, and…idk. for some reason the change in art makes me think theres something behind that.

No. 176501


holy shit. her face makes me sad.

No. 176502


Yeah, they share needles which is stupid as fuck especially since (according to her) her bf has shared needles with other people in the past.

Not to mention using dirty/used cotton. Fuck I don't even use but I can still point out her poor decisions regarding this shit. She's had enough exposure that she should know too, but I guess she doesn't give a fuck about herself.

No. 176506

File: 1474700916996.jpeg (587.76 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Luna's style has always been shit judging by her older pictures but at least before her face and body didn't look like it was melting before.

The picture on the right is from 2 years ago I think.

No. 176509


How do her eyes look so droopy… I can't tell if it's the heroin, the makeup, the angle, some weird editing. She looks like she has some kind of birth defect.

No. 176510

File: 1474703224370.jpg (123.56 KB, 1080x1349, tumblr_odyu45xLMp1vfv0uno1_128…)

IGITT IGITT IGITT, their place looks straight up PUTRID.

No. 176511

File: 1474703876010.jpg (230.28 KB, 1080x1349, heroinchic.jpg)

Carpets and ashtrays are basically the same thing, right?

God these people are so nasty.

No. 176513

File: 1474705320978.png (644.67 KB, 767x531, lunadirty.PNG)


No. 176518

Her sticky looking lips… and that incredibly filthy rilakkuma, ugh. Is she only to wear these new dollar store knee highs until they're as filthy as everything else?

No. 176520


right like how does she think those dirty plushies are cute or that posting them isnt totally gross. i dont know if its part of her dirty junkie aesthetic or if shes just delusional at this point.
at this point i feel like im nitpicking lmao but im also wondering how they got THAT dirty like does she carry one around?? is she/her place that filthy??

No. 176521

Her place is legit that filthy. There's been so many pictures of how nasty and dirty everything is there. I mean, just look at the floor in >>176511 it's insane.

No. 176524

Have you seen that picture above? Dear God, that moquette is fucking disgusting. How they haven't been evicted is a bloody miracle. Whoever owns the place should get compensated for how that place looks now.

No. 176527

She looks like an abducted teen way passed their prime years whose captor still keeps in his filthy basement and forces to dress "cute".

No. 176528

it looks like her plushies are all moldy. it's disgusting.

No. 176533

There is something going on with her under eye makeup that she must never do again. It's making her eyes look deformed.

No. 176599

She still has tons of art on her instagram i can grab

And she literally said she liked "cute and dirty things" in her "about me" on her old blog im pretty sure she is purposefully flaunting how disgusting everything is.

No. 176607

File: 1474734728159.png (450.83 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-09-24-09-22-35…)

No. 176608

File: 1474734908987.png (447.76 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-09-24-09-22-42…)

No. 176616

Her art reminds me of weird, edgy hipster zines. She could probably get a decent cult following on Tumblr or Deviant Art for it if she put some effort in (and stopped coloring with dried-up dollar store markers), but it wouldn't ever bring her any actual success.

No. 176618

She actually uses Copic markers, that I assume she stole. They're just old so I guess they're drying out.

No. 176619

>>drawing every tit saggy to make yours less normal

No. 176622

Pink hair is just a pixie cut I beleive.

She used to do art for some zine back when she still bathed and was dating the one girl.

Didn't she make a post about them being sent as a gift? Honestly, I think she steals a lot of the shit she shows off. Must be harder now though that she clearly looks like a junkie.

No. 176624

Is she shooting up in her hands…?

Just imagine your legs touching that filthy blanket…also
>>wearing shoes in bed

Her hair was washed, and the photo was taken in the sun

No. 176634

'sup Kelaeno

No. 176641

Those poor copics…
Also I've seen tons of people with similar art styles and though I'm not too fond of those art styles there are some who can really pull it off (this "ugly but kinda cool" aesthetic)
But with her you see it's just lack of skill immediately

No. 176646


No. 176647


IIRC, someone posted that they had given her $100 worth of copic markers and she never acknowledged the gift

No. 176660

I hope Luna doesn't see that post. She probably would think its "cute" and embrace it.

No. 176661

File: 1474751376380.png (226.82 KB, 317x462, Capture _2016-09-24-16-05-15.p…)

As soon as I seen that pic of her, I immediately thought of Miss Trenchbull from the Matilda movie.

No. 176674

File: 1474756695302.jpg (187.08 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_0998.JPG)

No. 176675

File: 1474757085331.jpg (338.16 KB, 960x1199, IMG_0999.JPG)

You can really see how big her areola is in this pic. God I honestly feel bad for her that she has those boobs hahah

No. 176676

It's the lower half that makes me sad for her

It looks like she had an amazing ass, then somebody came along with a blowdryer and melted it

No. 176681

Wow she gained a lot of weight

No. 176683

Why she won't wear bra

No. 176686

Isn't heroin supposed to make you skinny

No. 176687

Isn't this an old photo?

No. 176688

That much cellulite on someone so young is just depressing. Wish she'd put on a bra, those flapjacks with giant nipples look awful. Maybe someone will donate her one.

No. 176689

Not if you sit around eating shit while your high. She and her husbando probably either shoplift junk food or eat takeout for the majority of their intake.

No. 176690

Not necessarily. It makes you constipated and bloated just like any other opiate

No. 176697

Yea that's an old photo (6 months maybe). She's actually lost a considerable amount of weight in the past couple years. That's why her body looks like that and her skin looks so loose and gross

No. 176703

File: 1474766767888.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5515.PNG)

Back when they were new. Mmmmmm

No. 176712

that poor rilakkuma. i regularly see pics of how it's supposed to look on tumblr (run a plushie blog), want to save him from his horrible owner

No. 176715

Is that dirty underwear sticking out of the bottom drawer?

No. 176716

File: 1474772368318.png (102.77 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4986.PNG)

Like heroin? Luna I hope you read this. Leave him. Go back to your mom. Things can get better.

!!! Not a white knight just saying. You're only what - 19/20 years old? Don't die soon. He doesn't love you

No. 176722

File: 1474773791435.jpeg (505.19 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Those goddamn bed linens

No. 176725

Ahhh oh wow I didn't realize they were supposed to have kind of a shine to them too

No. 176726

Wouldn't be surprised if she had bed bugs to be honest

No. 176730

that poor, dirty korilakkuma plushie! i just want to rescue it ;_;

her bed sheets and that floor make me want to gag. does anyone else get the urge to do some sort of deep cleanse of their room/house whenever luna posts photos of her filthy room?

No. 176731

it's no wonder the social worker wanted to give her a vacuum and have a cleaning party

No. 176734

She once posted a tit pic. They were really strange.. Giant pale areolas and her actual nipple looked like a skin tag, not a nipple. Idk why she posted them…..

No. 176737

The 'ugly by cool' thing reminds me of Dame Darcy. Except she's actually cool as shit. I think that's what a lot of these tumblrinas try to achieve, but Darcy actually can draw very well when she wants to, which is why she can pull off the super lowbrow stuff.

No. 176741

I think her mom's currently in a group home or a shelter or something.

No. 176745

This is fucked up. Not all tits look like the ideal. They are just sacks of fat, what kind of standards are you really perpetrating ?

>yes I have tits too, big tits

No. 176754

But they aren't 'just sacks of fat'
They're mammary glands and fat and skin and shit.

And nobody's saying everyone should have perfectly symmetrical, plastic-perky tits; they're saying it's sad and kinda gross to see a 19-21 year old with tits that wouldn't be out of place on the body of a mid-fifties, hard worn prostitute living in rural Ireland with three tawny brown piano key teeth and a wooden foot.

No. 176761

>Not all tits look like the ideal.

People on this site mock everything about cows' appearances. Chin, hip-to-waist ratio, razor burn, violin hips, nasolabial folds, naturally thin hair - ALL of it is fair game. Yet the only time I see anyone white knight is when sad tits are mocked (or when nasolabial-chan won't shut the fuck up and people get annoyed with her).

Luna has tragic tits. They're not just slightly flawed; they're gross. It's not her fault that they're so gnarly, but she's the one who has chosen, time and time again, to post pictures that clearly show off just how awful they are.

>yes I have tits too, big tits

By "big" you mean "sagging down to my knees, with dinner plate-sized areolas, which is why I'm white knighting Luna," right?

No. 176767

I think they were already in use in this photo. She had those sheets when she lived her mum and they haven't been washed since.

No. 176769

File: 1474792470933.jpg (423.44 KB, 960x1280, wtf.jpg)

Throwback Luna. Yiiiiikes…

No. 176771

File: 1474792840406.jpg (76.39 KB, 429x750, wtf2.jpg)

I've been dying to say this, but Luna actually had an attractive looking body YEARS ago. She was actually thick in the right places and this is the body type she looked best with imo because she looked healthy and curvy. I honestly never thought she was fat, per se. Just voluptuous and there's nothing wrong with that at all. But she's gone so ridiculously downhill in appearance because of heroin, even down to the wonky eyes…

No. 176776

Lel there's hardly anything attractive about her figure here. Looks like vanilla pudding stuffed into an undersized sausage casing. 'Thick' is such a stupid euphemism for overweight.

No. 176777

That is not thick, that's slightly overweight

No. 176778

I almost agree with you anon, except that thigh to foot ration is almost comical. She has a really cute/pear frame though, and you can tell that if she lost 20 lbs during this time she could have a very pleasant, curvy body.

No. 176810

I'd hate to have that body omg. Only difference between now and then is she used to bother wearing a bra

No. 176818

They're saggy. 'Most tits are lmao

No. 176822


let me guess, you're fat yourself.

No. 176831

>nasolabial folds
I miss the days when this was just a joke

No. 176833

Most tits don't look like hers but it's still not a big deal. She doesn't have the best tits but I'd say she's within the realm of normal.

No. 176837


omg i remember this wowee

No. 176842

Dang. She's overweight here yeah but at least she has a shape. Looks way better than Momo at least.

Ehhh I mean remember that one pic of her in the black dress wearing the rosary from the last thread? Her boobs were halfway down her stomach. Big boobs sag esp after weight loss (however much she lost idk, doesn't seem like that much) but I don't think hers are normal for late teens.

No. 176849

She's chunky here, but at least she looks more put together. Her hair and clothes look clean, and she seems to be wearing a bra that fits her. I don't mind if people are fat so long as they look clean and dress well, but I guess that counts for any body type honestly.

No. 176851

I don't think any of this weight talk has anything to do with her being a scummy scammer, and a bad person trapped by an evil sea creature!
i think it's a lil off track idk

No. 176852

the only ppl who get upset about weight talk are people who feel uncomfortable due to their own. go away fatty

nah. hers are dangerously saggy. the big aerola are also really unattractive.

it's sad that just "having a shape" is considered attractive. 'murica. just because you can't see her cottage cheese in this pic doesn't mean she has an attractive body.

No. 176853

I agree with you. People are only anal retentive about it because she's a bad person.

No. 176854

>it's sad that just "having a shape" is considered attractive

well clearly people think "thicc" is attractive considering people like momo make almost 6k a month, and she only has a figure when she crams her fat into a cincher. point being, people do actually find more heavyset people attractive. also i saw fatties galore when i went out of the country this summer and they weren't tourists so bye anachan/eurofag.

No. 176859

if i didn´t know anything about her, or her big areolas, I would think that, judging from this picture, she has a nice body shape.

No. 176862


who is momo? the only threads on here about "momo" are for mo mo o'brien and that asian girl

No. 176863

>go away fatty

So many wannabe-ana edgelords here

No. 176866

Momo aka Mariah Mallad is a wannabe JNig and a terrible cosplayer that makes bank on patreon thanks to thirsty neckbeards. >>176096 She's a genuinely terrible person. Sage for OT.

No. 176871

No. 176874

File: 1474830199272.jpg (197.28 KB, 540x421, theRzQZ.jpg)

and also a little heroin

No. 176875

Tbh I think that he looks pretty here, and in most old(er) photos.
I love her face, especially the lips.
In those two she's looking bad, I have no idea what she's going for with the eye makeup :(

No. 176889


Like being fat is the absolute worst thing in the world. Try harder

No. 176892

It's too bad she doesn't put as much effort into cleaning as she does trying to make herself look gross.

And wouldn't being braless with those danglers hurt her back after a while? Well, I guess it doesn't matter if you're laying in bed all day.

No. 176901

She was still fat anon. Not that being fat was ever her issue, but her personality. Cows can be pretty or ugly, fat or thin. What matters is their cowish personalities.

>>Big boobs sag esp after weight loss
But her boobs aren't big anon.

>>Not all tits look like the ideal.
>>>yes I have tits too, big tits

People with big/crooked noses, wrinkled/scarred faces or cystic acne can't hide it like someone with funky tits who just has to wear a bra and non-transparent shirt. Stop acting like Luna is a victim when she decides to put her tits on display when she could easily hide them. When you proudly put your flaws on display, people are going to comment. It's not like someone with a big nose, who would need surgery to hide it.

>>If Luna were a good person, despite her appearance no one would give a shit about her wonky tits

She is a heroin addict by choice, slob, scammer, and self-centered as fuck (leaves used needles around cats, lets cats live in absolute filth, cries about having to walk 2 blocks, wishes her evil dad would die so she can get his apartment, doesn't thank people who donate and then gets snarky).

>>If Luna were a sweet, non-drug addicted, college girl not e-begging/scamming or posting her nudes online, no one would give a shit about her tits. If anything, people would notice good shit like "her smile is so cute <3"

But she is ugly on the inside, so people notice the ugliness on the outside too.

No. 176906

She legit looks like a stroke patient here. Or like someone tried to erase her face and gave up a quarter of the way through

No. 176928


lmao her boob is sticking out the bottom of that bra. she could have at least lifted them into place.

No. 176940

ok since i'm bored with the tit talk i'm going to bring up something re: luna and her kayla day (>>113789) obsession because idk who is facebook friends with her but she talks constantly about how she's like 1/18 jewish or some shit and how bad antisemitism is etc etc but she worships kayla who has 2 nazi tattoos & a white power tattoo like luna is such a fucking hypocrite honestly. also tbt to when she rode BLM's coattails and said that matt had a ticket for protesting and they needed 200 bucks to pay it hahaha

No. 176942

No. 176957

holy fuck how do u think that's attractive

No. 176966

Momos 6k per month is nothing to brag about.
Stop crying cause you're the same sloppy shape and Luna and whatever other flab-lord gets discussed and accept that bitches weight will always be discussed and criticised.
Fat isn't cute, cry about it white knight.

Back OT- will Luna ever expand into music like ginger did? Id love to see her banging out some babyshambles cover for another layer of 'heroin chic'

No. 176974


i know she used to play bass and was in a band in like… middle school. but they were never any good and i really don't think she's talented

No. 176975

Oh yes hit will be absolutely appalling but how much fun to see her and Sendai dressed up like Amy Winehouse and Peter Doherty, clunky lyrics about needles, ginger Bronson, beautiful death, and how it's rly hard to use a washing machine.

No. 176984

File: 1474853778211.jpg (66.15 KB, 423x750, tumblr_n6cffy50zc1qgq30qo1_500…)

Luna and Judge Judy

No. 176986

is that her pubes sticking out the bottom? vomits

No. 176987

it's honestly just a matter of opinion of what's attractive or not. i'm not sure what you're upset about. luna's gross and filthy, her body is pretty disgusting to me these days, and I even said momo is fat and gross, but in that particular picture I could see why people thought she looked cute. chill.

i don't know if it's how she does her eyemakeup or what, but her eyes look so weird and squinty/square in so many pics.

No. 176988

File: 1474854460665.png (446.27 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4989.PNG)

Thoughts? :/

No. 176989

Its not her makeup… HER EYEBALL/LID is fucked up for some reason.

No. 176992

Mm.. Possible scenario: she couldn't come up with dope money when asked to by Sea Creature. He ended up finding a way to get high, and didn't share with her because she failed in coming up with cash and it pissed him off. How she feels dopesick and defeated.

No. 176993

I think the way she does her eyeliner makes her lids look droopy. Probably on purpose because ~heroin chic~

No. 176994

Fuck off with the ":/" face tbh. You sound like Luna who isn't getting the attention from Tumblr that she wants, so here she is. Any attention (even negative) is good attention to her.>>176993

No. 176995

That one bottom lid tho…thats what looks droopy. And if you cover the eyeliner with your finger and look at her actual eyelid, its messed up.

No. 176998

How is it surprising/interesting?

A fat, stupid, junkie feeling shitty about being fat, stupid, and a junkie. Her vague posting is infuriating.

No. 177017


No. 177019

I cant believe how boring she's gotten. I don't even bother checking her new Tumblr anymore.

No. 177021

I'm cackling fuck

No. 177023

"Got a pube stuck in my teeth" –Some of lunas lyrics from a song she's singing celebrating being a disgusting dirty grubby cunt. SHE'S SO GROSS! And she cant sing for shit but at least she was doing something instead of laying around being dopesick or banging dope with with old man sea creature.

No. 177025

She looked way more into that brunette chick than the brunette chick was into her. I like how she wipes her mouth after she kisses Luna. Haha. Poor bitch

No. 177063

i just found this thread but holy fuck. ive been waiting for someone to say SOMETHING ABOUT LUNA. i feel like ive been holding so much back for years. ive known her since 2014? or 2013. and she literally used to be such a ray of sunshine. we became good friends and were for a while, when i first got to know her she was finishing up highschool, and actually got into Pratt for her poetry. she was literally just starting her life and then ive just had to watch as it spiraled downhill because of drugs. it started with benzos and just got worse and worse. im honestly so saddened by all of this bullshit

No. 177067

do spill

No. 177142

File: 1474903431006.png (487.77 KB, 480x762, Screenshot_2016-09-26-18-18-58…)

horrible college / lovely boyfriend. Posted about two years ago

No. 177145

that's sea creature right?

No. 177148

Yup. Sea monster, mr creepy

No. 177150

^^^ I've been following her for YEARS and always had a soft spot for her. She's really ruined her life, body and possible future. I personally think sea creature (love the nickname) is to blame. He's what - 40? She was a mentally ill minor when they met.

No. 177151

File: 1474905378422.png (62.81 KB, 480x459, Screenshot_2016-09-26-18-53-54…)

Poor girl

No. 177152

before she deleted howl1996 i went thru her blog and noticed that in her crappy writing she talked abt heroin alllll the time, very obviously and overtly. guess she felt that in "poetry" she had plausible deniability if anyone questioned the blatant heroin references

No. 177176

I never noticed her overbite until this video! Is it weird that I find it kinda cute?

No. 177188

their relationship sounds so awful. so basically, assuming there's some truth in this story, sea creature od'd when she left for college (possibly by coincidence) and she took it as a sign of ~true love~ and now she's dropped out of college so she could be with him 24/7 and do heroin. she reminds me of a former friend in a toxic relationship, who even left her job so she could be home with her bf all day - and thought it was the right thing to do because she "chose love" or something. unfortunately, this seems to be a common pattern in unhealthy and unstable relationships…

No. 177190

Oh jesus. Here's a song about how they can't sing while name checking singer-songwriters whose singing abilities aren't great either. Sample of lyrics "We can't sing but we're going to be fucking rockstars. We can't sing but we're going to be fucking famous" - with 604 views over 3 years? Hmmm.

Side note about this song: maybe it's just me, but it seems like they ripped off the song idea from Amanda Palmer's Ukulele Anthem - her song was released the year before theirs and also included lyrics about how Sid Vicious in particular couldn't sing and the theme of both songs is to create songs/art regardless of your skill or talent.

No. 177196

Alternatively, he od'd when she left so he could be all "if you loved me, you'd stay"

No. 177223

Both of those possibilities suck and shows what a fucked up person this 40 year old man really is if he OD to keep his barely legal 18 year old

No. 177316

I personally can't see anyone putting their life at risk to keep Luna lol. I think he doesn't care about her even slightly. I think the OD was a coincidence and she chose to be with him and he was like "uh ok whatever, can you get money for dope?"

No. 177317

it's not like he has better options lmao. compared to the other crackheads who'd touch him and the pretty girls who would never dare, i'd say he lucked out landing a chubby high school girl. and that's only because luna admitted to having an obsession with heroin addicts and how she always knew she wanted to be one. a match made in heroin heaven. bonus since she has daddy issues and he's a pedophile.

No. 177321

He doesn't look like he gives enough shits about anything beyond dope to care about his relationship with "prize" luna or the prospect of anyone else. In every picture hes like slack jaw, nodding and hunching. Lol sea creature

No. 177328


u imply that hardcore heroin addicts care enough to have sex/relationships on their mind

No. 177332

never said he was obsessed with her lol i literally said he lucked out. that's not pursuit. it's obvious she pursued the fuck out of him. i said they make a perfect match. he's got someone to make his dick wet and scam people for money on the internet. like i said, the alternative would've been a violent skeletor. luna is needy and obsessive and does whatever he wants. he's a sea creature but not a vegetable. obviously he's capable of enjoying money for drugs, getting his dick sucked, being coddled, having someone care for his skin ulcers, and getting away with doing whatever he wants in a house he's only paying half the rent for. that's a situation any junkie of his cred would kill for.

No. 177344

Junkie guys usually don't care about sex. Heroin takes away your sex drive after a while especially with men. Remember that video of him slapping her with his limp dick tho? That shit was disgusting omg

No. 177350

Omfg what? Was this on her junkie blog or something?

No. 177356

she actually posted a bunch of photos of them having sex and her sucking his dick. it was truly #horrifying

No. 177362

ON her howl1996 blog, in the earlier days, she did write a post where she cried and felt disgusted with own body because he couldn't cum. This was clearly due to the years of heroin abuse and she kind of aware of it but still really unhappy.

I felt sad for her.

Her blog used to feature more sex and poetry about it. But when she upped her drug dosage, it stopped. She sometimes wrote in something half heartedly but it was a lot more lowkey.

No. 177430

Idk about the video but I'm sure you can find dick pics in the previous thread

No. 177442

It mostly makes me sad that she's been associating her full name with her blogs for years now. She has a fairly unique name so she's rrally screwed herself over there.

This has happened the last (few? Idr) time she's deleted her blog, though. She lays low for a while and gets boring enough for some to lose interest, and then it's back to business as usual. I wonder how long it'll take this time.

No. 177443


No. 177448

Honestly, Luna isn't even that rare a name.It was a popular girl's name in the 90ies.

No. 177455

It's her actual legal name, Luna rose Slater

No. 177465


Yeah, supposedly she was born during a lunar eclipse

No. 177468

Yeah, wasn't thinking of it that way. Actually really pathetic if she misconstrued an OD as love, especially if he wasn't even trying to manipulate her.
I don't really get why people feel so sorry for her. There are plenty of people who are born into shitty situations and manage to not end up like her.

No. 177471

Just like what >>177344 said, heroin does take away your sex drive. Idk if anyone remembers her mentioning how "sex repulsed" she is, but she's said it a lot and that's pretty much why she hasn't talked about her sex life with her "daddy" often or at all for a long time.
Also holy shit I just remembered that video of the swamp monster slapping her in the face with his dick and I'm dying. Especially because it was a continuous, 5 second loop.

No. 177472

Same…and don't recall seeing in the other thread

Did she really post a photo of her filthy bf slapping her face with his dick….?

No. 177473

Her new blog is so boring lmfao. I also love how her posts get little to no notes now. If she keeps this up and, y'know, blogs about her interests WITHOUT scamming people and giving her shitty sob stories, more power to her I guess. Her glamorizing the "heroin chic" lifestyle and literal filth is her choice (and a disgusting one at that, and in no way am I sticking up for her, just to make that clear). I just cared about her scamming minors and people who genuinely felt bad for her. Basically, she's awful, but at least she's not guilt tripping people for money (or at least not yet). Hopefully she's not stupid enough to do that shit again.

No. 177477

Can we talk about how whenever you google "Luna Slater" not only do tons of photos of her come up, but also that Encyclopedia Dramatica shit with her ex heroin addict of a boyfriend from years ago where she's mentioned, AND this entire thread as well as the old one? Like, she's fucked if she tries to get her life together and her future employers (or anyone, really) tries to google her name.

No. 177479


She did, in fact, post a video that was a few seconds long of her getting slapped in the face with the swamp monster's dick lmao. That, along with other photos of them having sex. I also distinctly remember a screenshot of her photo booth on her Mac of a bunch of frames from their home sex video they made, but Luna never posted the actual video.

No. 177480

The video is on the old thread somewhere

No. 177481

her naked/sex photos with sea crature was actually how i found her blog and started to follow her lol and it was a while back i think

No. 177503


On the upside, she never had much going for her in terms of employment in the first place.

No. 177524

No. 177530

Apparently Lurch was on his way to major league baseball until he got hit by a taxi. Right, a "taxi".

No. 177538

File: 1475027759243.png (432.49 KB, 805x590, Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 6.55…)


No. 177541

File: 1475028029204.png (528.72 KB, 805x594, Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 6.57…)

an instant classic for me, like I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw it but also I want to be high in the arms of a gorilla (ps her room looks halfway clean here, probably because it's one tiny corner and there's minimal sheets being shown…but you know those christmas lights don't light up anymore)

No. 177542

Why won't she wear a bra?
Why won't she fix her eye makeup?

No. 177546

File: 1475028714195.jpg (42.75 KB, 500x294, image.jpg)

Reminds me of a baby Wendy from Breaking Bad.

No. 177553


She is wearing a bra but it is not helping those flapjack titties at all

No. 177556

What even is going on with her tits in this? They look like they're ghosts just hovering in front of her bra. They don't even look like they belong to her.

No. 177562

File: 1475033168863.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-27-22-25-49…)

No. 177565

why are her nipples poking out tho? if she's wearing anything its prob a bralette

No. 177569

What is on her skin on her inner thigh?!? Sick, looks like she got her rag and wasnt using anything, and now there's dried blood just chillin there. Or is it dirt? Stretchmarks? Anyway.. Unflattering. And Ew those tits are looking worse than ever

No. 177572

Bitch your hair ain't even that long… Your head is tilted. Your hair is all nasty fried off n breaking from so much bleach.

No. 177573


No. 177577

Hm. She haste oddest shaped body… Gangly little boobs, smallish upper body, and then big beasty bursting with cellulite thunder thighs. And big manly calves. Maybe stick with long pants.

No. 177586

I think Luna is kind of cute. If she would just put in some effort to stop looking so dirty. But I guess that isn't part of the whole "heroin chic aesthetic"

No. 177677


Is it possible it's discoloured skin from chub rub? Her thighs are huge.

No. 177678

The wrinkles in that shirt are driving me bonkers.

No. 177705

https://myspace.com/jesselizluna Luna's old band from 2010

No. 177717

omg i can't stop watching

No. 178094

gimme gimme more gimme more gimme gimme more

No. 178108

Okay, I know we've all been over and over lunas titty tragedy but her nipples are pointing to her toes.
It's like two sad socks filed with sand, awkwardly stapled onto the centre of her chest. Are they melting? Desperately sliding down in an attempt to escape the unholy stank under her arm slabs?

How does a teenager have udders already?

No. 178113

Unfortunate genetics, gaining and losing a lot of weight, never wearing a proper bra, having no real muscle mass from doing absolutely nothing always, I'm sure the self neglect from the drug abuse doesn't help either. I wonder what Luna will look like if she makes it another 10 years? I wonder what she could have looked like now if she wasn't a dirty junkie.

No. 178126

File: 1475216139658.jpeg (23.53 KB, 233x253, image.jpeg)

No. 178223

I know Luna personally and i can assure you all the shit she complains about in her life is real and genuine. Yes, she's scammed people of their money, big surprise what drug addiction does to a person. I'm telling you right now if any of you irrelevant scum became addicted to heroin you would do whatever you could to get money she was just successful. Further more you don't want people taking your money DONT BE A DUMBASS AND DONATE MONEY TO STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET. Sounds like a lot of y'all are just butthurt because you did some dumb shit tbh. This website to me is a literal cesspool of millennial insecurity where you have to bash someone who is clearly suffering. Stop wasting your life on attacking strangers on the internet its just as bad as luna wasting her life on heroin, if anything she's more noble than you repulsive bunch as most of the damage she does is to herself, not others. you cruel shitards. what would your mother think? And bashing someone's appearance is once again just sad. you big balled bitches post some pictures of yourself and lets have an open commentary. but wait that wouldn't help anyone, not myself, not the other people on this forum and not the surrounding world. just spewing negative energy. also matthew is literally disgusting inside and out, don't see anywhere near as much about his appearance not that id expect people who flee to somewhere like this regularly to be sensitive to gender issues. Before heroin Luna was the sweetest kindest person and I miss her very much. Do not exasperate someones suffering. what do you gain? an outlet for your own insecurity? its truly truly pathetic way worse than the mess of a life luna has created for herself. Also that angry-social-worker bitch is a menace. the amount of lies she'd post about luna, and i mean like complete lies with no connection to lunas actual life, and then get you guys to believe them. she started a movement against a literal stranger my guess is she was projecting her own addiction and suffering on you guys. she was clearly delusional herself even saying that she obsessively fell in love with some stranger that walked past her and talked about this stranger for ages. just like do some better shit with your lives than putting sooooo much energy into making someone suffer. like really are you proud to say you do this? i really wish i could meet some of you in person and see the small little fucks behind these hurtful words. pathetic and wasteful individuals.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 178232

A lot of people on here have addiction issues. I'm a heroin addict and everything about Luna disgusts me. She thinks it's cool to be an addict. Get over yourself lmao

No. 178236

Nice blog post, did that make you feel better? Lmao no one cares, get over yourself.

No. 178237


yea a lot of people have addiction problems not everyone is harassed by large groups of people on the internet. if during your addiction (idk if you're clean rn) a bunch of strangers went out of their way to make you suffer even creating forums literally just to talk shit using your real name do you think you'd have a lot of incentive to get better? or would it just trigger you? I'm assuming the latter.

also come on dude don't tell me to get over myself for trying to help someone i care about like are you serious? all y'all edgelords get over yourselves. like so elitist and like putting yourself above people. not saying drug addicts are necessarily top of the food chain but like who are you to put yourself above anyone when you dedicate what must be at least a somewhat significant amount of time to attacking a stranger. people who use so much of their energy just trying to harm others to me are the absolute lowest form of human. like seriously this mustn't be good for your addiction either? like you want a positive life for yourself stop perpetuating negativity. pretty simple idea

honestly seems to me most of these people are suffering themselves pretty greatly to feel harming someone they don't know is necessary. get a therapist and maybe spend less time on the computer. for everyones sake

No. 178240

No one created a forum for this bitch. It's a thread on the nobody boards. Anybody who puts 100% of their dirty laundry out online is going to get shit. Sorry if you didn't understand how the internet works.

Oh wait, only people here need to worry about what 'mustn't be good for your addiction!' Because Luna is like some magical fairy, who's own awful behavior must be excused and coddled uwu.

Taking advantage of people's kindness to literally steal from them = definitely not as bad as talking about shit somebody posted to a public blog! We're all such big meanies!!!

Maybe conserve your own fucking energy and get some therapy. Or just stop embarrassing yourself online.

No. 178241

File: 1475255108937.gif (3.19 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 178247

She has no excuse for being a shitty person. She has chosen this life. And she's chosen to remain addicted, chosen to remain in an abusive relationship, and chosen to live in squalor.

Luna has options. She has the ability to change her life. She chooses not to. I have no pity for someone who lies and steals instead of working hard to better themselves.

No. 178249

Actually even well fitted bras can cause slight sagging in breasts. Wearing bras constantly causes the pectoral muscles to waste and not do their job. In a long study it was shown that women who didn't wear the bra had an average of an 8mm nipple lift.

Sagging and breast shape, besides the small difference bras DO make, is 98% genetic.

No. 178251

File: 1475257866635.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Funny how this white knight posts in Luna's thread at the exact same time she's active on Instagram.. Hmm..

No. 178256

File: 1475258680580.png (100.33 KB, 1014x394, Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 2.04…)


No. 178260

nah it wouldnt be luna, she'd never speak ill of daddy sea creature like that

No. 178264

How much heroin do you have to do to consider making fun of someone's floppy clown tits worse than literally scamming people out of money?

No. 178307


it wasnt even assualt. she was groped by a guy at a concert. like thats not good but not assault and really not rape

No. 178315

Hey Bryce

A few of us know Luna personally and she isn't the same person she used to be. Get over it she's chosen sea creatures

No. 178332

bryce doesnt go on here, so not her

No. 178333

Lol as if there's never been an opiate user who isn't a grubby, mucky little scammer like Luna.

No. 178334

What the fuck
Don't just say 'studies show' or 'scientists said'
What studies? Which scientists? When?
Bras don't cause your pecs to sag jfc that's not how pecs work.

No. 178348

File: 1475287024590.png (45.42 KB, 712x318, Capture _2016-09-30-20-54-44.p…)

Or.. You-know, maybe find a JOB! You useless lazy cunt.

No. 178357


>you big balled bitches post some pictures of yourself and lets have an open commentary

This may come as a shock, but anyone narcissistic enough to post photos of themselves on a public site should be expecting people to criticize them.

No. 178358

Even if that was true, would it kill Luna to wear some flattering clothes? If you can't fix a flaw, just cover it up.

No. 178364

One nice well fit bra would make her tits look 100% better. It's not a hard fix… isn't this the kinda thing a bra is for?

No. 178368

No. 178373


shit, really? lmao i was about to call that anon out but nevermind. like you said its not good, being groped is gross and can be traumatizing still, but its not the same. oh luna.

No. 178376

iirc, two guys slapped her ass at a concert

No. 178380

Should have clarified; real sources, not seventeen magazine you dweeb.

Obviously lunas tits are only going to get closer and closer to her knees but you're full of shit about bras. We don't use our pectorals to hold up tits.

No. 178389

She wants to have a label so bad. She wants to have bpd, to be a heroin addict, to be a victim of sexual assault and seem damaged and have all these problems. like something is truly messed up with her. Two guys slapped her ass and she is calling it sexual assault.

No. 178393


What morally correct person goes on this site to begin with lmao. Not only that, but Luna did this to herself and everyone here has a right to be annoyed. Seriously, she embarrassed herself and fucked up and people are finally realizing she's not this ~special troubled babygirl heroin angel~ who needs to be coddled and protected at all costs from the "big, scawy world" 24/7 in her "safe space." If you care about Luna, help and support her in becoming a better person instead of wasting your time and writing an essay on a forum site that's entirely centered around poking fun at idiots. Until Luna gets her act together and stops complaining about every aspect of her life on social media for ANYONE to see, people are gonna talk shit. Just like what >>178240 said, anyone who puts their dirty laundry out online is gonna get shit on. I'm pretty sure most people here would take back what they've said if she actually, you know, made an effort? She needs to get her ass off social media for a while, or at least make accounts where she's anonymous and no one knows who she is, but that's literally impossible for someone who loves to overshare as much as her.

No. 178394

She said she was half Jewish today and that she has ancestors who survived the holocaust like SINCE WHEN

No. 178399

The only boobs that pecs have anything to do with are submuscular implants. Nice try, virgin.

No. 178405

lol are you a doctor cuz i hope not you are wrong its basic physiology that pectoral muscle would hold up breast tissue thats what they are connected to

still think its stupid that this post is so much about her body, theres soooo much else to criticize!!!!

No. 178408

she uses this all the time to try to like.. justify she doesn't have white privilege?? shes soooo white and has no jewish family around her and doesnt respect any of the holidays she only uses this as a weird excuse to be oppressed.
She wants soo hard to be educated but just like.. doesn't know what it means to even educate yourself besides make it relate to herself and yell about herself

No. 178410

seriously she put all her info on the internet, addresses, full names, and talks about dealing hard drugs does she have any idea what risk is? like sea monster has definitely spent time in jail has he not taught her to keep her fucking mouth shut too????

No. 178420

Have you heard of paragraphs? Jeez.

No. 178423

File: 1475308626649.jpeg (61.85 KB, 958x677, image.jpeg)

I love when people who obviously know nothing about anatomy pull out the ''well ur not a doctor!!'
No I'm not a doctor, I'm not retarded either. The pectorals are for flexion, addiction, and rotation of your humerusand is part of what attaches your arm to your trunk.
We don't have muscles just to hold up mammary glands. instead of questioning my education work on the basics of your own because you're arguing something that is pants on head retarded.

No. 178425


Disgustingly common of the scammer mindset: "The people who give me money are fucking stupid but…gimme more money!" This is how good people get burned out and become cynical.

Dammit, she used flashbacks from sexual assault in one of her begging posts to pile up the pity points. I shouldn't be this shocked that she would exaggerate about something like this and yet I am.

No. 178427

It's this weird social media thing where people convince themselves that having/using social media is a fundamental human right, and that they also have a right to be exempt from criticism that hurts their feelings.
Basically it boils down to 'I demand to shove my trash in your face for attention but how very dare you say it doesn't smell fantastic! Abuse!'

No. 178443

Are you literally so retarded that you missed the ten other links aside from seventeen (which despite being a teeny bopper magazine, sources their material back to
the same french study done over a 15 year period as every other link)

You keep clinging to the peck muscle shit as if it's going to change the fact that your floppy Luna titties can't be saved no matter how much Victoria's Secret tells you otherwise yet if you would have read any link of your choice besides seventeen magazine you'd have learned shit has nothing to do with peck muscles to begin with.

No. 178451

Did she seriously link IFLS? That's one of the worst click bait sites there is

No. 178462

So all those links are only sourcing one French study? So there was only one study done and that's what you're basing every thing on?

No. 178466

i hate how she tries to piggyback on historical jewish oppression to make people pity her more. known her for years and she never mentioned judaism and she doesn't look jewish at all. shes never celebrated high holidays and as far as i can remember her schtick her whole life was upside down crosses and satanist shit. she's not a jew no matter how much she wants to be. maybe she should stick whining about how hard being a junkie is

No. 178476

A legit 15 year long study, but there was a similar Japanese study done a few years prior that had the same results, plus a few smaller more independent studies. That's just the most recent, most cited, with the most data.

No. 178490

ugh yall are off topic and boringggggg

No. 178502

johnny? is that you?

No. 178503

>flexion, addiction, and rotation
nice Freudian slip there, anon

No. 178507

Don't worry. She'll inevitably be back trying to scam within the month.

No. 178515

File: 1475349421189.jpeg (173.56 KB, 750x1046, image.jpeg)

Just some posts from her Instagram showcasing how disgusting and grimy she is, for those of you who don't follow her.

She's been posting a lot of selfies since she toned her hair dishwater gray and showing off parts of her horrid living situation with disjointed rambling captions about her childhood.

No. 178517

File: 1475349529103.jpeg (150.92 KB, 750x893, image.jpeg)

Those poor, poor rilakkumas.

No. 178521

File: 1475350625181.jpeg (238.91 KB, 750x1081, image.jpeg)

Her bedsheets just keep getting worse and worse…

No. 178522

File: 1475350666499.jpeg (284.04 KB, 750x1152, image.jpeg)


No. 178523

File: 1475350832755.jpeg (282.08 KB, 750x1206, image.jpeg)


goddamn flood detection

No. 178524

Her bedding really confuses me. For someone who spends her ideal day nodding in bed why wouldn't she prioritize clean linens. Imagine pulling those covers over your face to snuggle, imagine the smell

No. 178529


This is an old Tumblr post of hers. It is almost word for word. Whereas I don't remember the post by heart, it mentioned:
- the blanket and how they found it
- Rocky Horror Picture Show
- Queen of the Damned
- the CDs and great music taste

This makes me think she has copied some of her old posts and she's re-posting them. I wouldn't be surprised if she's screening her old inputs and edits them to make them less drug related.

I'm also surprised of how restrained she has been of late! It is interesting to see, she doesn't even reblog that much.

No. 178533

Ughhh… so gross… she could find cleaner blankets in a fucking dumpster.

No. 178534

I can't imagine going more than 2 months max without washing my sheets. This bitch has been wallowing in her filth for over 2 years. Thinking about the smell alone makes me nauseous. Remember the post from the last thread where she said her cat threw up and had explosive diarrhea all over her bed??? She still didn't wash her sheets. ugghhhhh sorry for the rant, I am just super disgusted.

No. 178537

I can't imagine going two weeks without washing my sheets.. Maybe it makes me sound spoiled, but the thought of not washing or changing my sheets every week or fortnight makes me itchy.
I know comforter covers are a chore to wash but I love the feeling of clean sheets. I bet she doesn't shower very often either so they must be so dirty from her nasty, sweaty body.. And she must sleep in her makeup, too! I can't imagine how gross those pillowcases must be. I try to change mine every few days. I don't wanna think about how long it's been since she's changed hers. Has she ever even vacuumed? Does she own a vacuum? Jesus Christ.

Eurgh, just thinking of her disgusting living habits gives me the willies.

No. 178538

Her life is like her bed, filled with explosive diarrhea, blood and cat puke. She made it and she can lay in it

No. 178539

I'm pretty sure she hasn't touched a vacuum in over 2 years as well. She is a grade-A fucking slob. She doesn't bathe either, as they don't have a working shower or hot water. She said she sponge bathes from the kitchen sink but I imagine that would be awkward with her alcoholic father in law sitting in the living room. She probably stinks. God, I'm sure too when she has her period she doesn't wash herself thoroughly. I am so disgusted just thinking about it.

No. 178544

You know what pisses me off about the "feminazi" comment? She didn't say "don't use that word because it's insulting to women and jews and also probably nazis (not that that matters)" but she basically said "don't use that word because it offends me personally as someone who is 1/64th Jewish"

No. 178547

Lol, of course, because she is always the victim. But her Jew ass still licks Ginger Bronson's cunt, the bitch who has a fucking swastika tatted between her tits. Luna is really just a stupid, STUPID, little grubby junkie.

No. 178549

she used to talk about how nothing in their apartment were working (shower, the washer etc) but like … if i were in that situation, and couldn´t wash my literally shit-stained sweets in a machine, i would wash them in the sink? Or like, buy new ones? The cheapest beddings can´t be that expensive, right? I guess it says a lot about her priorities.

No. 178550

File: 1475357782005.jpg (65.49 KB, 500x625, tumblr_oaof1sNo0V1u313u4o1_500…)

Since we're talking about those sheets I saved this from her blog before she deleted…IDK why. Lol, play guess the stain!

No. 178553

Ew… idk if it's just me but she looks really high/cracked out in her most recent insta video.

No. 178554

I want to know when Jews became collectively not-white. It sounds like something Stormfront came up with tbh.

No. 178556

A Drowzee on a junkie's bed.

No. 178558

I don't know, apparently Judaism is a race, not a religion, according to tumblr. I can't keep up with these things anymore

No. 178559

Luna just wants her sympathy points, and one of the only ways to do so is to latch onto her 1/64 Jew heritage and claim she is oppressed. She doesn't want to come off as the white and privileged woman she is, in any way, so she has to hold onto being a holocaust survivor baby. And that's awful. She is one of the most pathetic people I've ever had the displeasure of meeting on the internet. Go cry to your idol Ginger and see if she gives a fuck, cause she doesn't, she thinks people like you are just an aesthetic, or even worse, she thinks you are trash. Probably the latter. Luna, you are human garbage.

No. 178560

It's because I'm sure she has another blog (or the private pw protected blog) that she posts her inevitable drug related photos and whatnot - this allows her to function. That's my guess

No. 178561

Is she a complete crackhead now?!?! I wanna see the vid.

No. 178570

Fucking hell I would vomit if I had to even sit on this, much less sleep in it every night.

No. 178623

Or go to a laundromat once in awhile

No. 178634

link? you don't need to be following someone to see their individual ig posts

No. 178636

Imagine how bad it smells. It's soaked with months worth of armpit stank, cigarette smoke, smegma, ass sweat, and god knows what else.

No. 178638

Lol, nice projection about the boobs but as a b cup I don't think I've got to worry.
Why are my tits relevant to you being stupid and not understanding how proper sources work? You don't get to cite 'basic physiology' and then say retarded, made-up things about it without getting called stupid.

On topic- does Luna just not see the filth on her bed? Is she so used to living under a layer of grime that she just doesn't notice it or does she spend any money that could go to some desperately needed detergent on heroin for the sea creature?

No. 178643

It hasn't even been two years.

No. 178644

She doesn't have a working shower so she catwashes in the kitchen sink, which probably looks as grimy as everything else.

As depressing as it is, I am fairly sure their room is the place that is the tidiest. With Roger being very weak and Lurch being fully apathetic, ,all the chores are done by Luna.

I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Roger is riddled in bedbug bites like the late Bob Chandler was.

No. 178649

Wait so how long has it been since she showered then?
Does she only shower at her dads house?
No wonder her shit stained sheets don't bother her, she's too dirty to notice.

Even a junkie-obsessed-junkie can do better than this.

No. 178692

File: 1475421006488.png (326.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5015.PNG)

Uhmmmm NOO. Aren't there commissions that people paid for already that she never did??

No. 178701

File: 1475422935113.png (142.08 KB, 716x1079, Screenshot_2016-10-02-10-40-47…)

yep, this from the exposingluna blog.

No. 178704

Stupid question but does Luna know about this thread?

No. 178713

most likely. i'm unsure if she's actually read it though. she's mentioned before that she's really good at not reading hate

No. 178731

File: 1475429159308.png (31.89 KB, 750x236, IMG_8470.PNG)

No. 178742

File: 1475431477769.jpg (294.76 KB, 540x773, Screenshot_2016-10-02-11-00-10…)

I think this is the first time I've seen her mirror this clean

No. 178743

Kek, she's reading.

No. 178753

Why is her hip jutting out like that? Is the mirror warped?

Also all the shit in the background lmao

No. 178755

If she actually manages to get their room to some state of cleanliness I might be a little proud of her too.

No. 178757

I think that's her pretending to be sexy

No. 178758


>I understand that it's difficult living

I don't know if they intended that to be funny, but kek

No. 178766

lol why would you want one of her commissions

her art is so crappy

No. 178770

File: 1475438595878.png (1.8 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161002-150156.png)

In the background of a new picture on Instagram. Holy shit. ~~so clean

No. 178771

Every single thing looks disgusting.
Her house probably has mold and I can just imagine how bad their bathroom looks. If their shower isn't working I bet the tub is filled with trash, used needles, clothes and probably plushies kek

No. 178772

lol isn't all the orange shit on the left needles?

guess she has no place to hide them

No. 178773

Is she just going to wear those same socks until they're as dirty as the rest of that room? I can only imagine how black the bottoms are by now.

No. 178774

Oh shit anon they are!
They seem to be rubber banded with some loose.

No. 178776

File: 1475439058034.jpg (153.66 KB, 640x446, IMG_9188.JPG)

So fresh and so clean

No. 178778

The round thing next to the needles is a tin they put their dope in too lol

No. 178779

luna's idea of cleaning = making sure all her stray dope paraphernilia is together for easy access

No. 178784

disgusting that she leaves needles lying around when she has 2 cats.

and how the fuck do her plushies get that dirty? is she wiping her ass on them or something?

No. 178787

If she's walked around that carpet without shoes on I bet they're already halfway to dinge city by now.

Lol, just tidying up the important things.

No. 178790

all the plushies look like they were bought at a garage sale of a hoarder

No. 178800

I literally begin to hyperventilate looking at pictures of their room, especially that nauseating bed. I'm so particular about clean linens I won't get in bed without first having a shower and I cannot wrap my head around her sleeping in that filth night after night. I can't even begin to imagine the smell.

No. 178802

??? I know Luna, I, too, love when Crack gives me motivation and energy to clean my room!! ???

No. 178805

Needles and cookers!?!?! Hahaha. Nice one bitch. I wonder if she knew that was in the background or not.

No. 178806

im sure she saw it but left it there for the broken baby doll drug addict aesthetic~

No. 178811

>Remember the post from the last thread where she said her cat threw up and had explosive diarrhea all over her bed??

This made me wonder… is her cat(s?) okay…?

No. 178815

does she own one pair of fucking socks?

No. 178821

Does she admit to using heroin on her Instagram?

No. 178823

File: 1475456016928.png (737.37 KB, 820x602, lunasocks.PNG)


in the pic that anon spotted needles in the bg of she says she found 3 pairs of socks so i guess now she owns 4

No. 178827

She said she refolded everything in the drawers when you can see a drawer in the bg open with clothes spilling out
Top kek

No. 178877

>>Lol, nice projection about the boobs but as a b cup I don't think I've got to worry.

Not the anon you're referencing, but to be fair Luna looks about a b cup, and her tits are saggy

No. 178879

>>I have a fear of open flames, but am doing it responsibility

Atrocious English aside, I find it ironic she writes about using a candle responsibly, while shooting up heroin in her arms…

No. 178881

They probably stepped on a used needle or got some heroin on their paws/fur and tried to clean it off with their tongues.

>>Poor cats…

If there wasn't a good chance they'd be worser off in a shelter (or put to sleep), I'd be all for reporting their sad living standards.

No. 178884

File: 1475476864050.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.39 KB, 768x1024, 71171.jpg)

Honestly, A-cups can sag, and D-cups can be perky. It's not as simple as "I have a small cup size so they'll never sag". It's really down to genetics, muscle mass, etc… picture for ref. Sage for off topic.

Oh good, more dollar store kid's socks for her to wear around until they're covered in filth.

No. 178885

Thaaaaats all still got nothing to do with my boobs. My boons aren't relevant apart from some dumbass trying to hurt my feeling because I pointed out they and one French guy who measures nipples aren't a decent source to make stupid claims about muscles doing things they don't.
Who cares about any of it?
The whole point was that Luna should try putting on an underwire bra and hoisting her own tubesock-tits up away from her belly button for her next selfie in the filth palace.

Luna needs a bra. End of story.

No. 178891

Oh sorry anon, I missed that part of the conversation. That french study article is bullshit though, yeah. It's cute when people post it around like it's a real study though. "Science"

Luna definitely needs a proper bra. At this point, after all of what she's done to her body, she's going to need more than a bra to get her shit back together. She's going to have a lot of excess skin if she does keep on losing the weight. That's one reason her tits are so saggy.

No. 178902

I've seen thrift stores sell decent condition underwire bras for $10 and under before so there's really no reason why she can't buy one, even if she is spending practically any and all money she gets on dope/crack. My best guess is she's just doing it for the aesthetic. Somebody needs to tell her it's not aesthetic if your boobs are practically at your waist.

No. 178904

I've picked up decent bralettes from eBay for under $5. Looks like every coin she can scrape up goes to getting a hit. She can't hustle for shit.

Maybe next time she puts up a gofuckme scam someone can donate a bra?

No. 178910

can everyone please stop sperging out about Luna needing a new bra? It's getting to the point where it's derailing the thread. I think the point has been made.

No. 178926

those handcuffs in the background…

No. 178927

lmao the other day she was just posting snapchats showing off her filthy room and her giggling? it looked like the intro to a bad horror movie

No. 178938

don't try to control me

No. 178947


What's her snapchat?

No. 178948

You're acting like Lunas boobs right now!

No. 178950


i have it cuz i have her phone number lol but its 'hipsville' what a throwback that was her blog like 4 years ago..

No. 178974


look how dirty her socks and the end of her skirt is omg

No. 178996

File: 1475527165164.jpeg (226.56 KB, 750x1105, image.jpeg)


No. 178997

File: 1475527200326.jpeg (185.29 KB, 749x1108, image.jpeg)

I really can't get over how disgusting she is

No. 178998

File: 1475527274884.jpeg (225.9 KB, 750x1098, image.jpeg)

how could you go so long without doing laundry??

(I don't know if she's still on private or not, so I'm going to keep posting some of her ig stuff if that's okay. )

No. 179000

Her hair looks so bad. It looks like dirty dishwater, she needs to do more than tone it to grey.

No. 179003

Is that mold on the wall next to the door?

No. 179004

any updated on the pw protected blog?

No. 179005

That's just dirt/grime

No. 179007

God, not only is she filthy, but she is so fucking lazy. Does she ever even leave her room?? Must be nice to lounge around in ugly pajamas all day, shooting heroin and smoking crack, not ever having to worry about working cause she gets her government check. All she fucking does is post pictures of her gross dirty knick knacks with delusional cracked out captions, and re-watch tv on netflix. Lazy, filthy, stupid cow.

No. 179009

At least now she's no longer doing all this and more on donation scam money.

No. 179031

TFW the sea monster looks cleaner and less grubby than Luna…,

No. 179035

Lol, right?? At least his clothes aren't turning grey from all the filth and stains. Tbh I think he really dislikes Luna and thinks she's unattractive, but at this point in his drug fogged brain, he doesn't wanna let her go cause then who will ask daddy for drug money? Where will he get his food stamps? Who will clean his room? They obviously never have sex so she must be there to fill the mommy/wife gap. Jesus, he's almost 40 years old and he lives like a toddler, throwing fits and shitting his pants and rambling nonsense. I kind of hope he just dies soon.

No. 179036

wonder how she's compensating for the lack of funds now? maybe she has secret accounts on other sites that's a junkie hugbox full of enablers willing to give her money because they find her trashy junk lifestyle poetic and charming. maybe she found some poor older woman to mooch off of, like that one woman she was talking about that bought her groceries and let her do laundry at her place. luna thought she was "super cool" just because of that and no other reason

No. 179037

>who will clean his room

lol obviously nobody cleans in that traphouse shithole

No. 179056

>over the age of 12
>trying to be edgy by showing off her cigarettes


No. 179073

another trashy junkie smoking newports and writing about her tragic lfie

No. 179077

By clean you must mean - who will artfully arrange all their useless shit, who will gather their unwashed clothes and ball them into overstuffed drawers, who will collect the syringes off the floor every six days?

No. 179107

My guess is that she's on the hunt through DMs on other platforms. I wouldn't be surprised if she messaged people on instagram or used Tumblr one on one chat service to con money out of people. It is safer, if someone calls her out, she'd know exactly who it is, so they'd be easier to block/undermine.

Once that source dried, she'd be back on Tumblr or try her luck on instagram. On her old blog, at the beginning of it, she didn't ask for money that often because she let it slip that she used more FB for that.

No. 179113

I used to clean government houses and usually it was a build up of dirt and grease from people holding/leaning on the doorframe. That build up is what happens when people don't know they're supposed to wipe their walls and shit clean as well

No. 179144


I bet shes hitting up her dad, other family (she does have like an aunt and or uncle at least she mentioned that originally gave her the ipad etc but she talks about how they never give her anything cuz her parents are shitheads)

and like poor cancer survivor ladies who want to give her money for shopping etc.
she's probably telling them shes in an EMERGENCY about to be HOMELESS sending old hospital pics etc to get a couple hundred bucks out of them
shes like unusually lucky with handouts wtf

but anyway, that will not last long like anon said

No. 179159

Ew the hurricane about to destroy my tiny town is named Matthew and it keeps making me think of fuckin Mr. Easter Island head.

No. 179195

Do you guys remember how in the beginning of Luna and Matthew's relationship, she would always try to justify how it wasn't predator-ish at all for Matthew to literally come over all the time JUST to wait until Luna was 18 and of age to be with him? Look, age gaps are okay, but at her age, and especially her age then, that big of an age difference is not. When you're 19, I'd say mid to maybe late 20's is as far as you should go. Not this old ass fuck, who has had enough life experience to know this is wrong to do to an impressionable girl, who dated you as soon as you turned the age of consent. An immature 18 year old and a man nearing 40 is so fucking creepy. His life experiences and yours are hardly relatable because it's that much of a gap. Luna isn't nearly as mature as she thinks she is and she's stupid for doing what she's done, but her boyfriend is the main cause of everything. Her heroin addiction, her entire life spiraling out of control. It all goes back to when she met him. He knew damn well that he shouldn't be with a young lady like her. He knew he was a toxic influence as both an older man and a drug addict and he dated her anyways because he's a selfish creep and ended up ruining her life.

No. 179198

this is SO true and she is always saying "he's given me EVERYTHING" like literally what has he given you, Luna???
you life was ACTUALLY promising and you were SUCH A BETTER PERSON before you latched on to this sea monster.

And he knew very well that he was ruining her life, his life was already fucked! he lived in that nasty apartment they're in now! before he basically moved into luna's childhood bedroom where they lived in a twin bed and started doing heroin??
Also she dropped out of college and I don't think it's because she hates art so much as she wanted to go back to him UGH
infuriating, that guy is disgusting, when is he gonna die from one of those NASTY INFECTIONS???? or od?? i remember I saw a shot of black tar from a bag matthew found on the ground and she was like "he wont let me do it" that's an easy way to OD so sweet he wanted to protect you so he could get fucked off his face or die because he obviously didn't care which would happen.

sorry for the long post but like for so many reasons.. EW NASTY MAN

No. 179199

lmao they look nothing alike???

No. 179200

>>179195 is 100% right. Also not only did he stupidly date her, but two and a half years later and he still can't realize "you know, I might be fucked up and there might not be hope for me, but there's hope for Luna because she's only been on heroin for a couple of years. She can turn her life around if I get her the help she needs now." They're a train ride away from Manhattan. There is free help for young, drug addicted women with no support system to help get them on their feet if you look and want it enough. And if Luna doesn't want it enough, as a 40 year old man, the only consistent older/male figure in her life (meaning the only person she genuinely trusts at this point), and, unfortunately, as her creepy partner, he should be pushing her. She CAN fix her life with only two years of heroin addiction. It's not too late. She's only 20 and it barely even shows on her (besides the track marks and visible weight loss, of course). If Matthew actually gave a shit about her, he would help his significantly younger partner not end up like him. Then again, heroin makes you selfish and awful and it becomes your #1 priority in life and all you ever care about, so I guess that's not on his mind at all and you KNOW he wouldn't even dare to push aside his own struggles of being a useless piece of shit to think of Luna's long-term well-being.

No. 179201

>>179196 That doesn't look like Luna at all. Not even in style or makeup or literally anything? That just looks like a basic hipster.

No. 179213

>>179204 She's not nearly emotionally or mentally stable enough to break up with the sea creature. Not only does she make it painfully obvious, but she's also written about it. She can't handle being alone and is painfully codependent in the most unhealthy ways (if she read that she'd probably revel in her ~BPD broken baby girl aesthetic~). Hell, look at what would happen when Matthew would get mad at her over little things that don't really matter. She's said shit along the lines of "Matthew's mad at me for doing [insert harmless mistake here] and it's making me feel so impulsive right now I want to self-harm/die" plenty of times. I believe that the only way anything in her life will ever get fixed is if some third party stepped in and forced her to. Not her, not those two grubby sea monster men who live in that squalor, but someone else. Idk who. Luna is way too mentally ill and immature to get anything done herself and she can't depend on her man or his father. Unless by some miracle she has some sort of epiphany that tells her to get the fuck out of that house and get help, or she happened to have or make nearby friends who she would be willing to trust and who would actually want to help her, or maybe if she contacted a family member just to give it a shot because she has nothing to lose (let's be real), I really don't believe anything will change. Although I really do wish that her cringe "father figure," or "daddy" Matthew, would do something about this being that he's so much older than her and supposedly "loves" her. It's all so fucky.

No. 179240

>like literally what has he given you, Luna???

a couple of STDs, probably

No. 179242

And a crippling addiction!

No. 179253


No. 180270

No. 181012

File: 1475959179055.png (1.09 MB, 738x1054, Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 1.50…)

All that filth in the background, ugh

No. 181013

File: 1475959319627.png (1.06 MB, 730x1144, Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 1.50…)

The caption on this pic is so jumbled? Like it's literally just word salad. She must have been so fucking high when she posted it or something

No. 181014

File: 1475959733949.png (1016.98 KB, 736x1052, Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 1.49…)

Sorry for mini pic dump, mostly just wanted to bump the thread.

No. 181021

Why not just let it die?

No. 181022


i fuckin love luna's milk shes just being boring as hell now

No. 181023

bump cuz i wanna talk shit about this cow

No. 181024

she posted a goddamn novel the other day about a baseball player and you know she doesn't give a shit about baseball
but now cuba and haiti are underwater and my town went a day without power etc etc and she doesn't give a shit shes such a good activist
lol anyone wanna bet she actually wenr and voted for bernie??? lmao i doubt she's even registered to vote

No. 181030

what are you talking about? she and sea creature are the BEST activists! dont you remember, he was arrested for going to a protest! definitely not bc he was buying/selling junk!!

No. 181032



and she's still wearing that bernie pin!!!
politics once

No. 181035

File: 1475966927052.png (422.24 KB, 831x613, Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 3.43…)


No. 181036

File: 1475967084187.png (507.66 KB, 828x566, Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 3.49…)

her instagram is only slightly more milky than her tumblr…this post made me sad for some reason, maybe it's the hair everywhere or the 61 cumulative absences…

No. 181042

I just think this caption is hilarious because it implies she has done some type of work or put effort into losing weight instead of just goin on a dope diet.

No. 181050

The only way she'll get away from him is if he dies or if either of them go to jail. Has anyone bothered to look up Mr. Seacreature's arrest record? You don't live that kind of lifestyle for so long without having at least some run-ins with the law.

No. 181056


i tried to look up Matthew Schumacher (i think thats how you spell it???) on google and got nothnig but randos

No. 181057

ugh i just got really grossed out looking at the filth that is her life like can you even IMAGINE how gross her pussy is at this point???

No. 181060

omg i can't find the post(s) but occasionally she mentions how she wants a baby and OMG girl that man would leave you so fast

No. 181068

I found himyself as Matt C Schumacher on spokeo. Knowing he has a relative named Roger helped narrow it down. There are a shitload of Schumachers in NY. I'm not paying earth money to see the results but it said 10+ court records. Probaby maonly drug related.

No. 181071

Where in ny do they live?

No. 181074

New York, New York is what I'm getting.

No. 181078

mamaronek its like 45 minutes out of the bronx which they/seamonster goes at least once a day to score
i work one legit job and have two hustles going and i have no idea how they are affording this i wnna know their secret

No. 181093

File: 1475978306204.gif (489.43 KB, 275x207, image.gif)

Ugh that poor kid would be put straight into CPS if it was lucky. Luna you useless idiot, don't have a fucking heroin addicted baby you selfish piece of shit.

No. 181097


ew i know right she used to fantasize even worse like "we'll get a tiny little house and everything will be pretty lace doilies pink satin and i'll have a baby girl and be a stay at home mom (lmao yr just a stay a house pos now sooo) and cook and clean and wait for matthew to come home with the dope like literally wanted to be a kurt and courtney so bad she wanted the baby too omg

sry for ramble i just wish I could find these posts their from a little after they started dating but she had started doing opiates and probs heroin.

No. 181099

she doesn't even wanna fuck sea monster anymore tho so i don't see how she'd get pregnant unless shes starts turnin tricks i could see her being a BAD ho ugh nothin worse than a bad dumb ho

No. 181103

can't believe i'm saying this but she almost looks kind of okay in this? maybe it's the angle but the outfit is sorta cute and hides her sad boobs, and her eyes look even for once. the only thing that's gross to me is that nasty lip color and the fact that gray hair rly doesn't work for her. it's almost like there would maybe be hope for her if she hadn't ruined absolutely everything with one of the worst drugs in the world

No. 181112


for once she doesn't look filthy but she does look like a child which is still creepy?
plus you know she still filthy af girl don't have a shower i can't get over the idea how much her pussy much STANK on the reg. and sea monster's dick omg I feel like I could puke i bet theyre both crusty they definitely don't buy toilet paper and like i think luna might be so bad at hustling she doesn't know how to go into mcDs and steal a giant roll from the bathroom..

No. 181123

i think the reason why the grey doesnt work is because of how she styles herself that bleached asshole lip color and the bright pink overalls clash with the hair really bad

No. 181129


like she looks kinda cool here instead of a creepy adult in childrens clothes

No. 181130

This is from the exposingluna tumblr. Can anyone with her on other social media explain this? I'd really like to know if she be up to her old trix (or what commissions for witchcraft would be)

No. 181131

File: 1475989447989.png (32.81 KB, 480x424, 2016-10-09 00.56.48.png)

Oops I hit reply without attaching the file

No. 181133


omg shes gonna get fucking hexed so far out her ass

No. 181134


wheres this from tho?
i want to find a super secret blog full of milk

No. 181139

I've been poking aorund looking for arrest info, so far this is the closest thing I can find to the sea creature…


He's not 41 already though, is he? I wonder if he's ever owned a car.

No. 181144


It's an anon someone sent to the tumblr blog exposingluna. I wanna know what it's referring to

No. 181145

>was 41 years old at the time of the arrest arrested on 2013-07-13
That's not him.

I'm pretty sure his DOB says 4/28/79
Here his name is Matthew C Schumacher, this seems accurate with Rodger listed as a relative.

No. 181214

File: 1476027668512.jpg (132.25 KB, 600x801, katemoss.jpg)

She looks like Kate Moss.
I'm sure she would eat that up, hm.

No. 181224

tru, and it also doesn't work because her hair is literal haystack texture

No. 181231


she would totally just die to hear that but she doesn't have a single ounce of grace or actual beauty where as kate moss has like.. a little.
and kate moss does drugs like a responsible girl and does fuck up her face omg

No. 181239

i wonder when's the last time she or sea monster brushed their teeth EW

No. 181255

File: 1476035653241.png (653.74 KB, 712x556, luna.png)


No. 181264


i just figure they already did that before she had hundreds of dollars of donations coming in and it wouldn't cut it.
i'd say shes not posting cuz shes withdrawling so hard but you know she would have to complain about that (of course under the guise of another chronic illness, but whatever it is, she needs exactly $80 for i right now lmao)

No. 181265

I meant hustles like p much anything besides an actual job (i.e. junking cars/metal, sex work, scamming or conning of any kind, begging, dealing or picking up various odd jobs)

No. 181282

i mean obviously sex work and other hustling is WORK too but i just meant "unofficial jobs" or some shit
honestly i don't think she can hustle IRL for shit just on internet behind her sad old uwu face to young impressionable girls lol

No. 181300

>>Sucks Thumb

Pretty sure this is part of her DDLG thing…

No. 181346

I just can't get over her cankles.

No. 181384


the sad thing is she probably has edema from poor blood circulation so fucked up

No. 181388

>thigh progress

i know she doesn't work out. so, does this mean her starving herself is successful?

No. 181515

File: 1476114623247.jpg (6.92 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)

Apologies if this has been posted already but holy shit.
"omg heres me when I disclocated my knee in December 2014 vs my injured knee in 2016 <3"

She looks like her past self's evil twin.

No. 181528


>She looks like her past self's evil twin.


No. 181529

shes just sitting at an angle that made her thighs look muscular when their not she talks about how she cant lose weight in her thighs cuz she wasn't meant to have a thin body (people would kill for curves like that but she ruined them)

but i doubt shes "progressed" she probably hit a plateau weight from not eating much but since she doesn't exercise at all (like I mean even walk for 30 minutes a day) and shes atrophied her lets aren't toned AT ALL

No. 181531

Oddly enough, it isn't. According to her blog she has always done it and seen how fucked her teeth/jaw is, it is very probable she has done it her whole life. It is really bad for you.

No. 181536

lmao is a pacifier healthier cuz YOU KNOW SHE WOULD ewwwww

No. 181549

Sorry for the sage but is there a brat-grrrrl thread?

No. 181557

Omg someone needs to make one! She has great cow potential.

No. 181561

I could use the entertainment. I don't look at her tumblr too much whats her miiiiilk and cow qualifications lmao

No. 181565

She has such a blank, doughy face.

No. 181578


yeah she already looked like a doll now she just looks near death/a doll that someone found in a landfill that was made incorrectly at the factory and thrown away

No. 181580

File: 1476130985387.jpg (9.22 KB, 228x221, wendy.jpg)

lmao she loves breaking bad so much but like emulates one of the nastiest characters even though I think wendy is way smarter with way more integrity omg

but don't worry!! jesse fucked her! hahaha

No. 181709


you can always use webcrims to see if someone has pending charges in NY.

No. 181723

File: 1476157060726.png (237.36 KB, 998x842, Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 11.3…)

No. 181726

Yes Luna, i'm sure your crippling heroin and crack addictions have contributed absolutely nothing negative to your health and life. She must have just scored some dope after having withdrawls.
>happy to be alive
until next time, junkie.

No. 181727

>I'm glad I met someone who I love more than anything who makes getting through the days a little better.

Luna, Crack and Dope isn't a "someone".

No. 181843

theres athread for her

No. 181864


she makes me embarrassed to actually have a mental illness, specifically borderline omg that is easily my least favorite thing about her.

No. 181883

I'm boredddd someone milk the cow

No. 181886

File: 1476199754614.png (75.69 KB, 1012x332, Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 11.2…)

she makes me sad to be bi :(

No. 181889


omg yes like i hate the stereotype and the bi erasure because I am bi but she literally is not
i doubt she's ever licked a pussy even though she dated an actual queer person i'm sure she played pillow princess the whole time she is not bi she doesn't even like women, in fact, besides courtney love, all her idols are men.. everyone she worships is a man…

No. 181890

File: 1476200816054.png (239.21 KB, 992x686, Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 11.4…)


comments on that post

No. 181893

the word is pansexual if you were looking to be the MOST gay, which of course she is.

this also shows how dumb and unlearned she is omg i hate her psuedo-intellectualism actually more than all these other lies. she's SO dumb and think she's into art history because she likes clip art cherubs and daniel johnston

No. 181895

being attracted to other people out of your sexuality does not mean you're gay or bi.

If you can't imagine and don't like the thought of eating a girl out you're not a lesbian. Just because you think someone is aesthetically pleasing and "hot" doesn't mean you're part of the lgbt community.

Even lesbians can point out a guy who's "hot". That doesn't mean they'd want to get fucked by him.

No. 181898

File: 1476202037858.png (488.93 KB, 545x969, unnamed.png)

oo she on instagram nodding the fuck out i guess? wtf?
how does she remember to breathe this girl DUMB

No. 181900

exactly i know some gay men who can read and love a bitch's look and not have a crush on her

if Luna was ever with a girl again then who would be her daddy?!?!? lololololol

No. 181905

Wtf, picture on the right is so unsettling looking

No. 181906

Never realized how fucked up her mouth looks wow

No. 181909

i kno like her teeth might as well just fall out already they're just fucked up and its not like she uses them to eat right???

No. 181913

She looks like a granny dressing up as a toddler. Those teeth, good lord.

No. 181914

Such an accurate description, gg anon. Her nasty grey hair completes the look ugh

No. 181915

omg i just looked up a picture of cow teeth to try to be funny but honestly i googled it and MOST COWS HAVE NICER TEETH
omg im dyin hahahahahhaha

No. 181917

Seriously. Her sickly pale skin and creepy expression don't help either.

No. 181950

kek if her teeth are this nasty now, imagine her in another couple years. there's nothing ~grunge bbygirl~ about having your teeth turn black and fall out in your 20s.

No. 181953

does anyone have a pic that shows the sea creature's teeth? i would love to see how fucked his are.

No. 181956

When did this thread just turn into tumblr tards bitching about Luna? It's almost like the ana threads and MPA rejects.

No. 181970

o god she looks like Annaliese Michel nearing the end.

No. 181982

What the fuck is up with this samefagging?

No. 181995

File: 1476221922707.jpg (171.8 KB, 640x799, luna1.jpg)


"i think i finally accomplished the “cute but messy” look i always dreamed of"

lol at least put messy first bitch don't play

No. 182000

maybe like a cute bag of trash cuz theres a pic of hello kitty on it for some reason

No. 182001


wait, what?

so if I'm a straight woman, but won't suck dick, I'm not actually straight? a gay guy who doesn't suck dick isn't really gay?

No. 182004

She's got some confidence if she thinks she looks cute. Her hair looks so filthy. She could at least get some dry shampoo if her shower doesn't work or whatever bullshit she claims.

No. 182005

I'm glad someone else noticed. It's like one or two people with a really obnoxious way of typing.

No. 182007

Why does she insist on slathering foundation on her lips? With her gray hair and yellow teeth that is NOT a good look.

No. 182193

I'm shocked no one has expressed horror at her chest in this picture. She's pushing them together with her elbows and it's like one giant saggy mono-boob… what even…

No. 182197

Her unfortunate tits have been acknowledged so many times, and she has shown them so often, I think we just ignore them now.

No. 182218

she was on heroin in the first pic i think tho, just starting out

No. 182221

she's said before that lurch doesn't really understand the internet. lolz. you won't find any social media on him, he doesn't use it at all, except he used luna's account to write a review on a doctor once (wasn't interesting)

luna has also said rodger is a "big person in real estate" (aka knows the best places to squat?) but i couldn't find anything on him either

No. 182234

Maybe it's because I remember her bizarre rant about how a full house character is an entitled shit - but she looks like cracked out Michelle tanner.

No. 182242

Is that the rose that came in her crack pipe? She saved it, aw how sweet.

No. 182271

lmfao it totally is.. how did i miss that? baby's first love rose forever immortalized in the grimiest diary in the world

No. 182291

I too missed the "rose in a glass". Haha I'm surprised she doesn't have any chore boy pressed in there as well

No. 182308

Guys i just messaged her for the first time in months because i felt bad for her and after like ten minutes of talking she just fucking asked me for 20 dollars.

No. 182315


SCREENSHOTS for the love of god

No. 182336

remember until the day she moved in she wasnt allowed to go in and had to sit across the street with the CRACKHEADS(she talked about moms smoking crack as if it is worse than her over a year shooting H??)

No. 182337

omg in the hood i grew up in south florida these are in the street and we were told we strayed to far from home over them, literally crossing us1 aka dixie highway there

on her tumblr she was sooo happy to talk to her mom cuz finally their both cracked out at the same time, cuuuuute(nice blog post)

No. 182341

my theory is that being a junkie 15 or so years her senior, he knows how to hustle on his own for his supply.. luna isn't gonna have hustle/doesn't..he'll move on

No. 182342

PLEASE post caps

No. 182344

i like that i must be a better junkie than luna cuz im fucccccked up and eating sweet corn from the can and its good enough for me..

No. 182346

File: 1476256636365.png (511.76 KB, 478x491, luna2.png)

omg what could she possibly being trying to cover in this post about "her confidence" in her physical self

No. 182350

File: 1476257073126.png (661.29 KB, 942x491, luna4.png)

lmao she might have been cute at some point… whore wendy without a hustle tho!!!!

No. 182351

everyone knows that people are more likely to give money to a 'cute, down on her luck, blonde, white girl' than some creepy hulking swamp monster who looks like he's probably too doped out to string a sentence together.

No. 182352

File: 1476258163862.png (742.75 KB, 590x536, lunaold.png)

this is one of the oldest pics of seamonster with her supposedly he was 'clean' when they got to together but also he aint so dumb at the internet cuz theres nothing on insta when she started talking about them on her tumblr etc.. boy was seemingly careful maybe cuz you know it wasn't her hahaha

No. 182360

She looked blotchy and average

No. 182385

What the ever loving fuck are you trying to say? The same fagging/tumblr tard/luna's friends with vendettas in this thread are a joke. Get out of my forums REEEEEEE

No. 182441

File: 1476285562273.png (415.61 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161012-080936.png)

No. 182456

when was luna sexually assaulted? didn't some guy just grab her ass at a concert? yeah, it sucks and is disgusting, but it won't give you ptsd trauma

No. 182458

why the fuck are you typing like that, speak english please.

matthew doesn't even have an email address. maybe she didn't post pics of them until she felt more comfortable to, considering she just turned 18????

No. 182464


Hum, weird. How can one be so scrawny and yet so…flappy…like the Sea Creature? I mean look at that arm, it's like goop.

No. 182472

>Interest in Johnston increased when Kurt Cobain was frequently photographed wearing a T-shirt featuring the cover image of Johnston's album Hi, How Are You that music journalist Everett True gave him

No. 182532

Luna, I wanna see your crack-smoking pics and vids! There's no crack blogs on Tumblr.. It would be the shit! ??

No. 182552


u ok fam? drugs hitting too hard?

No. 182591

who the fuck tattoos their own name on their arm?

No. 182597


Somebody who's consistently so fucked up that she can't remember her own name,most likely.

No. 182604

Stupid, conceited brats.

No. 182622

she will use absolutely every little thing to make people feel bad for her. a man grabbed her at a concert (i can remember that she wrote about that on her tumblr a while back and categorized that as a "sexual assault"), and the second time was probably someone cat-calling her and she felt triggered

No. 182693

Are YOU okay? Your post makes no sense and what was the point, "fam"? Dumbass.

No. 182728

You can as a straight female or a gay guy not like sucking dick, but if you don't like the actual physical act of sex with a dick you're not straight.

It's what you're SEXUALLY attracted to after all. Just because a girl finds another girl hot doesn't mean she's gay. That was my point.

A lot of people these days think they're bisexual because they look at a picture of the same sex and think "that's hot – oh fuck I must be bi". Or it's like gay guys that watch straight porn. You can think it's hot, but you most likely wouldn't want to sleep with the girl.

Does that make more sense?

No. 182729

Could you imagine having a common as shit name as bob or stephanie and tatooing your name on yourself? Like what the fuck do you say to people asking why you have your own name tatooed on yourself?

"Oh I liked my name SO much I decided to get it permanently written on my body."

To each their own, but to me I would like to think tattoo's have a deeper meaning or at least look aesthetically pleasing. At least it's okay work from what I can see.

No. 182731

Is it really that normal to post super personal shit like that on Facebook nowadays?

Like that's why you have a tumblr or personal blog, right?

It's ironic that she posts about how she's triggered by seeing rapists on the news, but she posted this online and talks about how no-one commented on it. Like isn't that the exact opposite of what you want to do? Have people comment and discuss your sexual assault(s) and ask you private and intimate details about it? You'll just end up reliving it again and again.

Unless she's purposely looking to trigger herself to feel like shit so she can justify using even more. Like damn girl. Also so selfish of her to post that shit publicly and trigger other people into reliving their assaults too. But of course it's all about Luna. Poor doll-face.

No. 182733


I think the moon itself would be cute (even/especially if her name is Luna). "LUNA" written underneath would be kind of cute if it weren't her name. But otherwise, this shit is so fucking tacky and self-absorbed.

No. 182735


she can't go one day without mentioning that she has been in the hospital, can she?

No. 182736

LMAO I KNOW i just imagine her beginning with the broken record story of "well i was conceived on the stairs of a methadone clinic…"

No. 182737

File: 1476391131060.jpg (79.2 KB, 500x343, IMG_2240.JPG)

No. 182903

You drug-chans are even worse than the ana-chans, Christ.

No. 182912

I feel like this chick would smell like stale cigarettes, armpit, and old hot dog water irl. Every time I see a pic of her grimey face I can't help but recoil a bit.

No. 182947

File: 1476461877505.png (46.46 KB, 702x308, Capture _2016-10-14-11-14-39.p…)

I read this as 'Crackhead babysits nodded out seamonster boyfriend to make sure hes still breathing.'

No. 182952

File: 1476463718101.png (821.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8532.PNG)

that cat looks so pissed off….. if i didn't worry for its safety it would be kinda funny

No. 182954

? She looks like she'd be sticky. Makeup is cakey and I bet its all chalky and gross and grimey ew.

No. 182955


i know and i feel like the make up is the equivalent of the stuff they gave to little girls as "play make up" that smells like liquid plastic and was soo sticky so I bet she tastes nasty too omg i feel bad for seamonster having to kiss her hahhaha

No. 182960

>>182947 I'm fucking dying over your comment LMAOOOO.

Also, side note, holy shit can you imagine what her face feels like? Didn't she used to mention how she doesn't wash her face and would fall asleep with makeup on a lot? I can just see her not washing her face for days on end and just constantly reapplying makeup, making more cakey, disgusting layers. Man this girl just looks like she needs a 5 hour shower in general. I don't even want to begin to think of the smell that emits when you open that apartment door. Body odor, cat urine and feces and vomit, unwashed dishes, left out food, THAT PUTRID FUCKING COMFORTER SHE HAS THAT USED TO BE BRIGHT PINK AND PURPLE AND NOW LOOKS LIKE IT'S BEEN THROUGH HELL AND BACK AT AN ACTUAL LANDFILL. I just know she never washed that since getting it. Imagine snuggling up with it with all the food crumbs, used needles that didn't make it to the floor, and all the times her cats explosively shat and vomited on it? Damn…

No. 182998

yikes at that thick fucking neck, it looks as wide as her face

No. 183007

>i feel bad for seamonster having to kiss her
Oh god, I gagged. Her breathe probably fucking reeks too.

No. 183128

Her face looks horrible compared to her before

No. 183179

Her house looks clean!!

No. 183184

It's refreshing to see her somewhere that isn't (visibly) disgusting at least.

No. 183186

????? there's literally just two boots next to each other…and the wall behind her isn't horribly smudged with black shit…I need to see a selfie of her at the laundromat before I can even begin to fathom considering her house looking clean

No. 183187

File: 1476505048483.png (354.51 KB, 822x606, Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 9.13…)

he is gross just so gross

No. 183204

To be fair, the floor and walls look like they've been cleaned, and it also seems fairly organized.
While still could be better, looks like a relatively normal person's place here too. Really glad to see Luna seems to be cleaning up, so the cat doesn't have to live in the filth from earlier photos! She stopped ebegging too, so if she can just get off the drugs and leave the creeper bf she's young enough to really turn things around.

No. 183205

You must be on mobile, that carpet is still very obviously filthy here and I have a feeling those walls are yellow from them smoking in there, not paint.

Nice band-aid on Lurch's injection spot tho.

No. 183215

No way, he can't use the veins in his arms anymore and that's not a good spot anyways. He shoots in his legs/thighs/femeral artery. That "infected cat scratch" on his leg was an abscess.

No. 183233

File: 1476521212772.jpg (33.85 KB, 282x375, 1350928685.jpg)

It's an optical illusion. Her sternocleidomastoid muscle is jutting out because her head is turned.

>carpet is still very obviously filthy

I'm convinced it's been vacuumed. In older pictures, there are tiny pieces of mystery trash every few inches. The 2 new pictures are trash-free.

It certainly hasn't been deep cleaned, but hey, at least it's no longer covered in cigarettes!

Fuck, our standards have hit rock bottom, haven't they?

No. 183256

I guess "angry-social-worker" finally got her that Oreck

No. 183259

If I made 6k a month for doing nothing I'd be so fucking happi and so would u so really it is something to brag about

No. 183278

File: 1476553925034.jpg (7.32 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 183298

oh my fucking god….. i knew he looked familiar

No. 183312

File: 1476563950756.png (1.44 MB, 994x1452, Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 4.38…)

No. 183327

Did he give her a bag instead of a ring?

No. 183370

So now the sea creature has a fb? Sounds like milk to me

No. 183375


Top kek

No. 183386

Wow! Smoking crack can do wonders! That is, until she gets too deep into and it just completely fucks up her life more than it already is.

No. 183573

File: 1476630455067.png (408.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8570.PNG)

most of what matthew is tagged in on fb is shit luna's posted not much milk unfortunately

No. 183593

>studied Adolescent Psychology

Ugh, after hearing Luna's tales of how he snagged her when she was 17 and in a bad family environment, that just makes me gag.

No. 183607

File: 1476632940776.jpg (104.98 KB, 540x775, IMG_20161016_084254.jpg)

She sure "finds" things a lot.

No. 183609

Does Creature have a job?

No. 183618

Wtf, if it was one shoe I'd get it, but a pair and in okay condition? Uuh, no. Did she steal them from someone or did she dig trough one of these clothing containers?

No. 183622

Why he's a leasing agent at creative leasing concepts!

What a strange profile, did luna come up with it because I have a hard time believing anyone who has managed 15 years of continuous hard drug use could be that dumb.

No. 183750

i am pretty sure that luna sat across from him and did the whole signup process on the spot, just to talk about it on her own fb

No. 183797

Why does she have a tooth tattooed on her finger??

No. 183827

sea creature.. is from short hills NJ?? i guess roger was successful, at some point. Short Hills is a wealthy town, the median income is 200k+, houses are well into millions. i can't imagine him walking around short hills now without someone calling the police. he/roger fell far af.

No. 183965

she used to have a symbol of venus tattooed on there but when glitter feminism went out of style she got it covered up with a tooth because idk maybe it's edgier?

No. 184252

for real she "finds" things all the time in her apartment too like underwear, lingerie, socks apparently, like are you wearing the clothes of sea monster's last girl or what where do these things come from

also wearing found underwear

No. 184262

aww matthew just found her some dolls in the trash how cute. you'd find stuff too if you were letching around the streets all day looking for stuff to pick up and take

No. 184266

omg i saw those they're so scary???

and what she said, "he's been so good to me lately"
also sad and creepy

No. 184303

Those dolls are haunted as fuck.

No. 184342

It makes me feel kind of bad for her that she equates her scummy boyfriend 'being good to her' with him literally giving her trash.

No. 184358

yeah instead of like.. doing anything to make her life better at all/basically ruining her life everyday.
maybe he's like got a good hustle some how and is keeping her high

No. 184372

i want to know more i want the milk
why am i so invested in these nasty freaks?

No. 184406

File: 1476727307127.jpg (76.48 KB, 540x771, IMG_20161017_105945.jpg)

Assuming the line on his arm is from just shooting up.

No. 184515

his hair is so nasty why does he keep it

No. 184574

The floor is actually clean, well for them.

No. 184581

he's just so fucking gross looking

No. 184613

her snapchat is awful she and him literally make no sense when they speak wow

No. 184636

File: 1476745329464.png (2.2 MB, 1440x1916, Screenshot_2016-10-17-18-52-38…)

Ur track marks are bleeding thru Luna but I'm almost positive you knew that and did it on purpose anyways

No. 184637

File: 1476745434870.png (2.61 MB, 1440x1918, Screenshot_2016-10-17-18-59-03…)

~relationship goals~

No. 184639


still repping bernie even though she didn't vote lol

No. 184652

what's her snapchat?

No. 184657


No. 184660

jfc why is his head that shape

No. 184702

If only he could share some of his nasty hair grease with her, her dishwater hair is looking like it's desperate for some moisture

No. 184725

That is so fucking disgusting

No. 184729


his hair is even grosser than hers why doesn't he cut it it's not helping that gross face

No. 184732

File: 1476751175857.png (305.66 KB, 371x659, lunadog.png)

omg they "found" a dog pls leave it alone don't ruin it's life too pls

No. 184745

Oh Jesus his eyes. He looks like a damn zombie.

No. 184747

The guys eyes are so fucking creepy. He looks out of his fucking mind.

No. 184750

Why is he wearing a stethoscope? Is that what she uses to make sure he's still alive at any given time?

No. 184752

File: 1476753009972.png (61.27 KB, 750x899, IMG_8461.PNG)

when u see da big areolas

No. 184760



No. 184768

Dude looks like Connie Culp.

No. 184786

will she accept anyone on snapchat? i gotta hear these people

No. 184806


No. 184810

He literally looks like a decomposing corpse jfc

No. 184812

This asshole looks like the secret third columbine shooter….except like way too old even in '99.

No. 184841


Good christ, he looks like John List's wife after he shot her in the head

No. 184849

Are you referring to Brooks Brown?

No. 184876

I wish people would spoiler images of the sea creature. He makes my skin crawl almost as much as Asha does.

No. 184909

File: 1476777478771.png (408.85 KB, 444x577, Skjermbilde 2016-10-18 kl. 09.…)

i love the fact that he pulls his beanie so far down that it slightly covers his sunglasses

No. 184920

Looking at him grosses me out and looking at her makes me want to take a million showers

No. 184926


Also, he looks like a wooden Indian chief statue. Wtf? I'm so grossed out.

No. 184928

He looks like a /x/ creepypasta come to life. How in the fuck can she look at this and think it's attractive? I'd be scared he'd kill me.

No. 184943

Is this a scar on his other forearm?

No. 184945

I hope to god it's not stolen and it was genuinely abandoned.

No. 184946

which drugs make one stare like this?

No. 184955

All of them all at once.

No. 184958

He looks like he just stabbed someone and is about to eat the body, jfc.

No. 184964

File: 1476796094545.jpg (82.03 KB, 608x637, IMG_5897.JPG)

He looks like this painting of Lucifer his eyes actually freaked me the fuck out

No. 184966

Do you think she ACTUALLY finds this creature to be cute? Sure she's nothing special herself but she's young and she isn't ugly… and she's dating this old creep and constantly talking about how much she loves him. Is it true? Or is she in love with the idea of love. Romanticizing junkie relationships maybe?

No. 184967

i dunno she accepted me when she started using it again she doesnt use it that much but since she doesn't use her other social media/tumblr so much right now it's probably an outlet for her desperate need for attention.
if she hasn't blocked you/you follow her i dont see why she wouldn't follow you back unless she's reading this right now but i don't think she really lurks here that much because she's highly affected by hate and it doesn't seem to phase her right now?
anyway sorry long post.

No. 184969

ok on her insta it was a dog of someone's at a baseball park lmao matthew keeps dragging her out to watch football games and go hang out with men on baseball feilds wtf?? hahahah she probably hates it but shes like "he wants to include me in his life he loves me so much uwu"

No. 184971


i honestly believe that she doesn't understand the concept of love and doesn't understand what a relationship is and if she were to live long enough to look back on this she will feel fuckin shameful

No. 185025


He looks like either a guy in a 90s grunge band or a school shooter so she probably does think he's cute.

No. 185046

i never thought about that but he totally looks like some psychopathic school shooter but when you hear him talk you can tell hes like.. incapable of doing anything of the sort. he sounds actually retarded and I don't like to use that word too much..

No. 185081

basically all that heroin has totally fried his brain

No. 185170

He is spooky as fuck looking. Luna doesn't notice it because they're dope dating, so she things everything about him is the shit. If she ever gets clean, she'll be like yeah, Wtf was I thinking he IS creepy looking. I speak from experience ?

No. 185171

Lmfao! Someone please turn this into a proper meme. Hahahaha.

No. 185200

Although what you said makes a lot of sense, she wasn't even doing heroin when they got together so, I mean, she must have been physically attracted to him on SOME level, right?

No. 185223

17 Yr olds are dumb

No. 185229

File: 1476832836765.png (1.03 MB, 798x1133, Screenshot_2016-10-18-18-26-24…)


No. 185234

HE DOES. Total wooden Indian chief face

No. 185235

File: 1476833907024.jpg (4.9 KB, 163x122, squidwardshouse.jpg)

or.. maybe squidwards house??

No. 185237

File: 1476834391574.jpg (243.32 KB, 1500x1500, 1476834232898.jpg)

No. 185253

Uncanny. Petition to rename the swamp monster to "chief"

No. 185270


No. 185275

HAHAHAHAHA this is the funniest thing I've seen all day

No. 185279

True. But maybe the attraction at the time was that she knew he did drugs and would be able to start her on them.

No. 185301

File: 1476840817493.jpg (292.03 KB, 1500x1500, 1476840558839.jpg)

No. 185314

File: 1476842108006.jpg (58.63 KB, 661x500, 1cl2ea.jpg)

He is now 'Cheif' on imgflip. Haha

No. 185323

AHHH yessss. I don't know the last time I laughed out loud so hard from something online before this guys fucked up face.

No. 185326

Jesus christ, thank you for this lol

No. 185327

File: 1476843571235.jpeg (18.01 KB, 284x177, 1476843529037.jpeg)

No. 185329

Holy shit. I'm dead. Thank you anon.

No. 185337

File: 1476844204620.png (3.41 MB, 2493x1469, TYyDbBj.png)

No. 185339


No. 185346

omfg I'm dying reading this thread

No. 185367

File: 1476849174126.jpg (59.81 KB, 661x500, 1cl8a6.jpg)

No. 185370

File: 1476849476041.jpeg (112.15 KB, 700x464, 1476849428553.jpeg)

out protesting again

No. 185403

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha HOLY SHIT! This thread is getting fucking hilarious ?

No. 185424

This, dead on

No. 185426

Omfg. That's perfect! I'm dying.

No. 185437

Amazing work, thank u anon

No. 185452

this is a nice painting
thought so

No. 185465

Dude, fucking chill. You're embarrassing me now.

No. 185480


O/t but it's Franz Von Stuck, his other stuff is incredible too

Every time I see Luna with creature I wonder what all her old friends think..like are they friends with her on Facebook and see her post and are like "God what happened to Luna?"

No. 185494

These memes are fucking killing me omfg lmfaoooo

No. 185499

I follow her on insta I have a feeling it's private now so I had a look at a majority of her posts for shits and gigs and I'll tell us she ain't great at covering those track marks

No. 185503

do they even try to cover them? luna wears long sleeves but whats the point if the blood stains are showing
shes showing off, her reality is sooo twisted 'shes so cool she does heroin' thats all she has to hold onto or something

No. 185508

googling her name is so sad no one would hire her, this thread comes up first then a bunch of other things that say she's a junkie
she'll never be able to get a real job and it's not cuz she's an addict, it's because she romanticized it and plastered it all over the internet.

No. 185653


Is this all one "lawl I'm so edgy on lolcow with the big girls!" underaged newbie?

No. 185676

She could legally change her name after she stops becoming a cow.

No. 185692

is there any videos of him where he talks? i´ve actually never heard his voice

No. 185721


shes posted random ones. i recall one on her last blog where shes like "hii matthew" and he just says his name over and over super weird.

No. 185722


she should.. at least might save from the embarrassment of having her own name tattooed on her arm!

No. 185728

You still have to put down any other names/aliases you've been known as on a job application. Companies will still be able to dig her up.

No. 185792

lol wtf, no you don't

if she changes her name and gets a new id she'll be fine

No. 185795

File: 1476928368533.png (341.48 KB, 979x601, Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 9.51…)

oooooh wait look what i found (new milk??)


idk if this is really her… seems like it's linked to fb, tho, which makes me think it's real. also her first donator: josh macedo, aka the 27?-year-old pedophile creep (he has an ed page if u r unaware of the tumblr drama that surrounded him)

i know that he used to follow luna's old blog (before howl1996), they might be fb friends too.

No. 185796

omg I remember josh (and all of his popular~) posts then the drama hit and he disappeared. I always wondered what happened after he deleted and vanished

No. 185799

i wondered the same thing and looked him up a few months ago, he's doing fine. livin his life. easy to find his fb. obv not a ~tumblr celebrity~ anymore, but he has a job and friends.

but creeps never change so i assume he is still one

No. 185810

…Are you literally 12, anon? Have you never applied for a job before?

In the U.S., you have to notify your employers of any and all names you have gone by in the past. Don't be retarded.

No. 185814

She couldn't come up with a better lie than she has to pay back the bank?? ..C'mon Luna.

No. 185825

I'm offended on Tommy Wiseau's behalf.

No. 185829

Different anon, but no, not really. You are supposed to notify them, yes, but most jobs aren't going to be looking that deeply into her past. Let's be real here, this girl isn't going to be working any kind of government or white collar job. She'll be lucky to get one that pays anything more than min wage. Calm down anon.

No. 185831

Someone get that gofundme shit shut down plz

No. 185875

Yep, shitty retail jobs don't bother too much. And if she's not above shooting up at work, surely she's not above getting out of a tight spot with some story about how she was catfished/had her identity stolen online to explain the Google results for Luna Slater.

No. 185876

So you concede that yes, you are supposed to notify them of past aliases. What they choose to do with that information is entirely up to them, and you're right that most retail or food service jobs (the only ones Luna's remotely qualified for) are probably not going to google her name, but she's still required to tell them if she changed it. jsyk, bb~

No. 185881

I reported her gofundme with extreme detail/evidence, and left my contact information (mandatory for reports). If/when I hear back I will post it here. With enough reports filed a campaign can be shut down in as little as an hour, all donations revoked. I encourage everyone else to do the same (You can use a throw away email and Sideline number of uncomfortable leaving personal details). This chick needs to stop panhandling.

No. 185884

good on you, and thanks for the advice about the reporting! currently filing a report now

No. 185916

What I'm saying is, she could easily get away with not putting her other name on an application if she wanted. Most places won't look that far into it, and the ones that do will simply turn her down. Your pompous attitude sure is cute though "bb".

Again, as long as she's not applying for a government job, something more white collar, or something that would require a background check. Most places aren't going to even know. Most min wage jobs don't even bother to call your references.

No. 186066

to pay taxes you have to give them your SSN (which would lead to your real name unless legally changed, even then..) idk that people actually check? It doesn't help that her name is unique either it'd be a whole different story if her name was Megan Smith or something.
Oh and if there aren't pics of her shooting up heroin on the internet! "I was catfished" "weird this looks JUST LIKE YOU"

No. 186303

none of this really matters tho since we all know she ain't getting a job. she's just patiently waiting for her evil dad to die so she can live in his beautiful place remember !

No. 186306

how's he gonna die though? i bet he's not even that old(probably a few years older than lurch)and not a junkie i don't believe.

No. 186308

i smell true crime real life luna junkie scamming murder mysteries!

No. 186318

Imagine? I question their functionality as people in the most basic sense so I can't see anything actually happening but imagine if it did.

No. 186337

she would make a bunch of blog posts comparing her and sea monster to the couple in Natural Born Killers 'lol nbd just killing dad! my rent is so expensive! donate for his funeral costs pls i loved him more than anything'
shes definitely wayyy too dumb to get away with murder lmao

No. 186352

..Are you literally 12? not everyone on the internet is from America. in my country you dont have to give all the names you have ever used to get a job. Don't be retarded.

No. 186379

Considering Luna lives in the US, I'm pretty sure your country's laws don't matter when it comes to her finding a job.

No. 186405

Why you all arguing over name changes like Luna is ever gonna have an issue getting employment?
Guys she's not gonna get off social security for ages and when she does finally get that job as a grocery checkout girl she will be 55 and nobody will care about her being foul online.

No. 186536

I doubt she'll ever even be a cashier. I definitely seeing her being a grimy prostitute. And not a smart one. Or she'll just end up in a drug den, doped out of her mind and constantly raped.

No. 186540

you can't get social security if you've never worked lol

No. 186548

Actually, you can. If you've never worked, but your parents have paid into SSDI, the a child can be eligible for benefits under the parents work credits.

If that is not then case, then Luna would be eligible for SSI, which is a separate program.

No. 186556

True but that's fucking difficult you have to be really sick even then. I doubt she even knows her SSN. They also don't just give disability benefits out to addicts?

you're far more likely to get disability/benefits to people who have worked, you like accrue points or whatever.

No. 186560

Her father would have to be receiving DIB in order for her to receive a portion. She could file on her own, but it would be considered SSI but I could be wrong. I worked at a law firm for social security but we rarely handled children cases because most times they were fails. (People claiming a child is disabled by having manageable allergies or ADD were most of the cases)
I also hiiiiighly doubt Luna is on SSI. You have to regularly still see doctors and if your chart shows drug use,you're cut off.

No. 186561

Doublepost m'bad but apparently I was wrong. The parent does Not have to be actively on DIB just eligible for DIB.

No. 186571

I could see her being a cashier… briefly, before she gets fired for stealing out of the till.

No. 186657

luna doesn't know her SSN or else she would have posted it online already!like she has with THE REST OF HER PERSONAL INFORMATION lol

No. 186658

she would never be able to be that close to money and not steal it omg fired immediately she would not be smooth

No. 186838

lol that gofundme page still only has one donation but what she put in the 'explanation' section is so dumb and very much letting on to her leaning on charity..

>"help i don't know this stupid i'm trying to figure out how to use this website lol"

…so you can use it more to scam people? also pay back the bank for what? why $100? explain yourself, cow.

No. 187168

File: 1477256752003.jpg (680.71 KB, 1439x2214, 20161023_160455.jpg)

So people are still buying her unnecessary gifts…

No. 187176

Eh, idk precisely how Americas terrible welfare system is set out. Either way the original point I made stands.an employer Googling her name and bringing up this thread isn't a big issue for someone who is sure as shit not going to work unless literally forced to.

No. 187207

File: 1477263311677.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8634.PNG)

oh my god

No. 187213

this can't be real

She wouldn't seriously put up photo's of her and her bf high as some sort of shitty attempt to get a job. She's not that stupid, right?

Poor dogs.

No. 187222

Let your dogs roll around in my filth palace!
I'll get them worked up for a looooong walk while I'm panhandling!
no sir, this dog was already sick from an infected needle wound on his foot pad. You left him here like that. What do you mean your dog can't have heroin it's fine he owes me five bucks.
Okay yes I vomited on the shar-pei but that was a whole different thing.
Ohhh 11 different dogs pissed on my bed this week better sleep in it.

No. 187231

Holy fuuuuck why would she use this picture of him?

No. 187280


Shes begging to take dogs on looong walks when a big part of her begging for other money was to do with her "chronic pain"?

No. 187282

Sorry for double p