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File: 1675924914947.jpeg (36.29 KB, 480x519, FnvIPTnXEBInJmh.jpeg)

No. 1764255

No. 1764259

File: 1675925521002.png (90.98 KB, 598x850, 1675913953276.png)

Still seething over the HP game kek

No. 1764260

It was obviously a joke…

No. 1764266

File: 1675926012069.gif (1.16 MB, 640x480, tenor.gif)

I appreciate they clarified in the replies that "want people like me dead and make it impossible to live" refers to them committing sudoku if they don't get enough attention and approval, because there is no actual harm done by playing a game about witches and wizards.

No. 1764267

apparently not

No. 1764268

File: 1675926471391.png (579.85 KB, 685x774, rowlingrape.png)

If trannies can wish rape on someone then it's perfectly fine to wish a merry 41% to them too.

No. 1764272

I see stuff like this and think surely they have to be a troll right? No way they want to play into the exact stereotypes that make people hate them in the first place? Nope. Their all like this and they all hate women.

No. 1764275

File: 1675927209760.jpeg (733.65 KB, 750x1254, 15FDF57D-5125-4DD1-ABF6-58867E…)

spot the handmaiden.

No. 1764276

File: 1675927256579.jpg (301.09 KB, 1080x900, Screenshot_20230208-231727_Twi…)

Just in: women don't experience their existence being politically policed, debated, or controlled. Only troons.

No. 1764277

File: 1675927336594.jpeg (681.28 KB, 2048x2025, 0E18F0B9-C4B2-44E6-9961-0EE0B4…)

corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture.

No. 1764279

>"If I kill myself it's your fault!"
Isn't that the exact mindset and behavior they'd also call "toxic and abusive"? For comparison, if someone gets broken up with in a relationship and they threaten suicide.

No. 1764280

It's really dystopian that mentally ill freaks are stockpiling cross-sex hormones because existing in their natural, unaltered state is enough for them to kill themselves kek.

No. 1764281

Shit like "gamer gate" and now the Hogwarts Legacy whining just reminds me of all the unhinged moids that either joined the alt-right grift or troon'd out. Regardless of what "side" any of them were on, they all had a part in the massive shitshow it was, and knew it was a massive grift for retards who buy into "culture war" bullshit. They keep trying to revive this "us vs them" mentality in different ways, whether it's propping up "muh pure christian values and saving the white race" while creating the "muh SJW feminazi boogeyman" or in the troons case it's propping up narcisstic bullshit like "You can identify as anything and everything you want just live your life however you want c:" while creating "muh ebil terf boogeyman". Both groups painfully unaware of how normies/the general public sees them.

No. 1764283

Posting this when Roe vs Wade was overturned in the last year, literally the most narcissistic people alive

No. 1764284

Would they be commenting on how dystopian it is if actual women were stockpiling hormones they need for genuine medical reasons that threaten their health because troons were hoarding them for cosmetic purposes? Nah.

No. 1764285

Their worldview is so tiny, they really can't see beyond themselves. Women are constantly debated within politics and media, and we do live in fear of the control the government has on our bodies and lives.

No. 1764297

100 threads dedicated to insanity, narcissism, and unmitigated fetishism. I don't know how to feel about it to be honest.

>fuck bigots
>vitriolic misogyny
'Leftists' once again forgetting what sexism is. He was also suspended thankfully

No. 1764300

File: 1675932684440.jpg (86.7 KB, 765x1679, p0b73v0axyg61.jpg)

>He made Conner a TIF?

No. 1764303

File: 1675933964773.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.85 MB, 1280x1456, FmzQFoBagAENtQE.jpg)

Well sorry nobody cares if bunny-girl-obsessed coomers like you are sad. Pic is from his "art".
Even though they managed to bully so many into submission it makes me really happy seeing them seethe over the records this game is breaking. I also love when they harrass their allies over the most insane things, due to their narcissism nothing is ever right or enough.

No. 1764304

BUNG WHY? damn it i liked Conner..but that doesnt make sense since there were no hints to that in the prior episodes? why pander now?

No. 1764305

I think he's given up on making cartoons, like he hasn't any updated in 9 months and yeah he's literally addicted to pain killers after his injury

No. 1764310

Reminder that there is NO proof that being trans increases suicide risks. Only proof that it doesn't. However things like being autistic and having mental disorders comes with a higher risk, meaning the autists and mentally ill people who identify as trans are at a higher risk - but not because of the trans part.

And of course we've seen the statistics that suicidal transwomen having srs (their "life-saving" surgery) makes transwomen MORE likely to commit suicide, not less. Still haven't ever seen any news reports of a terf ever murdering a trans person.

No. 1764314

These are unneccesary drugs that only hurt their bodies, for the sake of vanity. It's dystopian alright, just not in the way they think.

No. 1764317

While I agree that it was an obvious joke to me, the most greasy ugly moids think they pass as hot women so it's not out of the realm for anons to think someone was this seriously deluded to think that guy passed. I'm sure some lurking autist troons are shocked we could even tell.

No. 1764318

>Still haven't ever seen any news reports of a terf ever murdering a trans person.
Don't you know that we're not directly killing them, we're influencing violent transphobic men to kill them! Of course they can't help it with all this transphobia that we spread anon.

No. 1764319

This game is making them realise that their little online bubbles are just that, and that their attempts to control public sentiment and behaviour have not made a dent on the normie mainstream. Wait until they see the damage they've done lashing out at said normies with death and rape threats. They can blame "Joanne" all they want but in the end they were baited into destroying themselves, as per usual.

No. 1764325

>in the end they were baited into destroying themselves, as per usual
That's what they've always done. Take drugs to harm yourself, let surgeons cut up your body, isolate yourself from friends and family who want you to stop, affirm your delusions and deny reality, make yourself dependent on the affirmation and approval of strangers, threaten and be violents towards those strangers, call real therapy evil and bigoted. They've been levelling up their electrodes to use self-destruct from the start. They can never win, because at the core trans people hate trans people.

No. 1764330

Left was a failed attempt to appease a tiny but very vocal minority who has the backing of governments and media.

Right was just a gag.

No. 1764338

Sorting CallMeKevin's comments by newest on his hogwarts video is a fun time seeing all the troons having break downs over him playing it.

No. 1764340

No. 1764342

>When we wake up and think she like "I want to die," it's because of things like this.
Things like playing wizard games for babbies. Okay.

The guy who made FNAF is literally a conservative, yet I don't see you faggots "wanting to die," because people like playing his robot furry games. This isn't about tranny lives, it's about TRAs wishing ill on a woman because she told them no, and then throwing a tantrum when her success continues. A man could commit a fucking war crime and they'd still consoom garbage associated with him, but women who disagree with them Must Die. It's so transparent.

No. 1764344

All this fuss over a demographic group that's murdered at a lower rate than white women.

No. 1764347

Man, big pharma really has these retards by the balls. Every time a doctor writes a troon a new life-long prescription for HRT, a higher-up at Pfizer spontaneously orgasms.

No. 1764353

File: 1675947403088.jpg (46.16 KB, 720x922, IMG_20230209_135653_893.jpg)

I hope we can use this for next thread pic, since it wasn't used this time

No. 1764357

If women are responsible for what men do, why aren't trans women responsible for even themselves? If women and especially terfs have this much influence and control why are there trans people or crimes against women at all?

No. 1764358

Based Pfizer executive killing trannies AND making bank.

No. 1764359

We should have a separate Dylan thread. His milk gets lost in these ones.

No. 1764362

this exact mindset is what pulled me out of these circles. i fully peaked the day after the trump election because i went out in public in fear of my life because of shit like this i read online the following night. I truly believed for a good minute i was going to get attacked and i actually thought some safety pin wearing retard would possibly be around to save my life. My shopping trip ended and nothing bad happened and it hit me how terrible social media circles like this turn people delusional and paranoid. It's almost like I was subjected to brainwashing when i was mentally ill. I hope shit like this peaks other people. I hope people realize how extreme this is and how untrue it really is.

No. 1764364

God his mouth is huge. He’s so ugly it actually astounds me

No. 1764366

Agreed. Dylan has a special place in hell and should have one on lc too

No. 1764368

Honestly i thought right was a hefty Norwegian lady with smokers lung

No. 1764391

This would be funny if not totally untrue. What about diabetics and other chronically ill people? I can’t even fathom how many stories come out about deaths from rationing insulin. Also what happened to their bathtub hormones from the internet? Are those only for kids they groom?

No. 1764406

Yes please!!!

No. 1764423

That's funny because he said WB sponsored the video so he had to be nice about the game lol. He did make it look genuinely fun though

No. 1764426

Kevin is a nice guy too. He doesn't deserve troons being shitty at him because he's trying to play a game and make money.

No. 1764428

Comments are now turned off

No. 1764434

File: 1675959306187.jpg (82.37 KB, 516x1200, image0.jpg)

uCheekyKinks needs fetish advice.

No. 1764436

Hate how they act like they speak for the entire LGBT. I’m a lesbian and I fully support all the streamers playing this shit. These assholes don’t speak for me or anyone else and it’s obnoxious when they think they do.

No. 1764437

I've saved this image for the next thread, if nothing huge happens between then and now. I sort of assumed it would be Harry Potter related though! Maybe I can badly potatoshop some Hogwarts decor in the background!

No. 1764440

Imagine your biggest problem in life being a HP game. These men wouldn't last a day as women. We're talking about not being able to go out at certain times, or not going alone to certain places for fear of actual physical violence. We're talking about being raped and murdered, a constant fear since we're kids, something that makes you change your plans and think carefully. Constantly looking over our shoulder because we don't know which man will cause us harm, he can be a stranger, he can be your own family, and in the end we're surely getting blamed for what harm came our way.. Nah, wizarding game is literal genocide!!! If that ain't peak male privilege, I dunno what it is.

No. 1764444

Please photoshop the sorting hat going "male!" Never gets old.

No. 1764447

Wildly ot, but what's probably the most handmaiden-y YouTuber in my country is streaming Hogwarts Legacy. Love that for JKR

No. 1764451

Man I hope he doesn't end up deleting the video or, God forbid, issuing an apology

No. 1764452

Samefag sorry for not saging

No. 1764456

what a great idea. Yes, the sorting hat on Dylan

No. 1764457

They're still at it under the newest video. My favorite was one whining about y did u play the TERF game and people replying that a videogame isn't going to kill them and Rowling did nothing wrong

No. 1764462

He did apologize in reddit and said he won't play it again.

No. 1764464

no spine whatsoever

No. 1764465

please. I'm bad at making threads in snow, have only made a couple in w. I want to deep dive into this prick's videos and analyze every misogynistic detail please god make the thread. I will try not to a-log in it. I hate Dylan as much as my other least favorite troon, Veronica Ivy.

No. 1764466

File: 1675963512284.png (139.23 KB, 769x836, firefox_aQbmDXlbS3.png)

Too long, not gonna read that shit, unsubscribed
You have to be a retard to apologize when the video has 38k likes and only 4k dislikes

No. 1764468

> I had heard in the past about Rowling making hateful comments on Twitter but aside from everyone being in mutual agreement that she seemed like a shitty person that's as far as my knowledge on this whole situation goes.
this is such bullshit. anyone with half a brain knows jk rowling is the furthest from hateful and the “mutual agreement” that’s she’s a bad person comes from literally the scum of the earth, misogynistic moids.

No. 1764469

He's heard in the past but never bothered to read the actual fucking tweets. Is twt just brain dead?? All they do is believe hear say.

No. 1764472

File: 1675964564802.jpg (266.11 KB, 741x891, 1670525575516.jpg)

Why does twitter always recommend so many tranny tweets to me; I don't follow any of them or have mutuals. I know they're backed by money, yet I block them and select show less of this content and still get more.

No. 1764473

I think he adressed "JKR is shitty nowadays" in a previous video, he's basically just playing his character of lovable dummy so that fans don't take it badly.

No. 1764475

I want to give the benefit of the doubt that he's playing dumb honestly. Just to get the troons off his back.

Because I had a friend of mine in a group chat flip out at me and my friend for playing it on steam yesterday (and he tried to spoil the fucking game which thanks dude) and I played absolutely dumb to get him to back off. I like the dude normally but he's a classic they/them man who thinks liking nail polish makes him special. I just find it funny he talks down to women about our own issues.

But this sucks. Why is he apologising to literally who's? These people and their shitty agenda will die out in a week. And meanwhile they won't be satisfied and want him to take down the video. I'm just so tired.

I ask for clarity over what Rowling says and nobody seems to be able to give me an actual screenshot. It's all hersay BS strawman shit. It's infuriating on some level.

No. 1764478

I'm honestly shocked at the sheer number of people who've just accepted everything TRAs have said about Rowling without taking five seconds to just look up what she actually said. Maybe it's because I'm just a skeptical person in general, but when I hear tea about a celebrity, I usually go investigate it further (sometimes it's a good way to find milk, too.) Like we live in the fucking age of technology where the answers to everything are at our fingertips, and people still believe garbage they heard on the grapevine instead. Baffling.

No. 1764479

i can’t wait for the entire world to peak. i know it will happen eventually, the gender cult is destined to fail because what they’re fighting against is reality and truth. they can’t win, they’re doomed to lose. it’s just frustrating it’s taking so long.

No. 1764482

Spineless little bitch

No. 1764483

i don’t believe anything mobs on the internet say, period. it’s been proven time and time again that people can’t think for themselves, they need to be spoon fed whatever lies are mainstream to believe at any given moment without legitimate proof.

No. 1764484

Not sure who this guy is but I really had to stop following any popular content creators because of dumb bullshit like this. All they do is go with whatever whiny social media wokies yell at them is correct and they have no stances of their own. It’s annoying and fake that so many people caved to it so some random psychos online aren’t disappointed because you played a video game. And never put these people on a pedestal or get parasocial in the first place, they’re just random dudes faking a persona for views.

No. 1764485

Welp fuck him, seriously fuck hin

No. 1764486

Wow the people saying they are still "hurt" because Callmekevin played a fucking game. Wow. You are a grown ass man simply playing a game. We make millions of choices everyday that give money to ACTUALLY shitty people. Fuck anyone who bends to these freak. You say fucking sorry and they are STILL hurt. It's still not enough. More then half the freak whining probably never gave a dime to any fucking charity but expect everyone playing a game to donate. I think this is it for me, I've super peaked. I know this may seem small but the idea something so fucking small such as playing a game can cause multiple people to become crying little apologizing bitches enrages me. It's just a small thing that shows we live in a world where big or small troons will always bw coddled.

No. 1764487

Doesn't even fucking know what she did wrong but she's a shitty person fuck this scrote

No. 1764492

File: 1675966893210.png (125.38 KB, 1182x446, Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 11.2…)

The best thing to the trans community is a dude who hates women, competes with them and said he'd rape autistic women while they're distracted by trains (paraphrasing here).

No. 1764495


I was also hoping that he wouldn't apologize and just move on, but I had a feeling he would because he collaborates with RT and others. He's definitely playing dumb, but it was the perfect angle because his viewership think he's "too wholesome" to have done this knowingly anyway. The man posted a second video the same day in an obvious bid to offset the backlash, how is that being unaware?

All this fuss and the whiners in his discord aren't even happy, they want something even more elaborate than the fucking essay he gave them.

No. 1764498

Is there a list somewhere of every youtuber who caved so I can avoid them?

No. 1764500

when will people learn that trying to pander to these people only make them worse

No. 1764505

>implying the average troon has done nothing wrong

No. 1764506

I saw critikal was streaming the game last night and from what I saw, the chat was fairly evenly split. Does anyone know if there’s been any talk about him playing? I’m going to admit it’s been nice seeing some YouTubers not give a shit and keep playing, but it seems like most of them are men who are going to receive less hate than any female gamer would. Another one was Prod, who is outright banning any fighting about the game whatsoever on his videos and streams. The mods were swift with the banhammer for anyone screaming transphobia.

No. 1764508

Calling balls “external ovaries” is so fucking delusional and insulting.

No. 1764509

Samefag, sorry dropped my sage and couldn’t delete.

No. 1764510

I agree, but this the first time I’ve seen such a large amount of people getting fed up with it. I had been trying to peak a friend for a while and finally today they told me, ok I see what you mean now. I’ve been feeling like the boy who cried wolf to those I’ve talked to about it but now I’m so relieved these idiots are making complete fools of themselves over something so benign. Everyday people just don’t care and dislike extremists.

No. 1764514

Why don't they all do this, people can be mad and scream all they esmt, you just can't do that in my chats or comments.

No. 1764515

File: 1675968903186.jpg (257.27 KB, 1080x1077, IMG_20230209_195236.jpg)

>should we fight against the frequent gangrape and setting on fire of women and girls as young as 8?
>nah, lets allow our bros to dress up like their fav bollywood actress first
so woke

No. 1764519

Sir, your external ovaries are sagging.

No. 1764521

Because a lot of people don't care or feel strongly about it. They just don't want troons on their ass or to be called "transphobic ". It's not even there hating JKR, understanding the issue or carely deeply. They just want the bullshit to stop, will take whatever youtube/reddit/tweet about the subject and go, "oh she thinks transformed are rapist men? That's not nice " or they simply believe people are what they say. It does not effect them to fight about it.
Only certain youtubers/twitch streamers will be strong enough not to bend over for troons by simply ignoring it. I'm waiting for some Troon to dox, threaten or do something stupid to a streamer/youtuber playing the game to really see this shit blow up. It's going to happen

No. 1764529

File: 1675969918096.png (125.1 KB, 1072x777, Screenshot_20230209-082223_(1)…)

They're always such attention whores everywhere they go.

Also a PSA: if any of you nonnas are interested in the game, don't look at gaming communities. Trannies are now resorting to spoiling the game everywhere now that they didn't get what they want.

No. 1764531

File: 1675970035325.jpeg (232.26 KB, 1046x2048, BA09BB6E-342C-4184-ABF9-A50959…)


(they are talking about thongs)

No. 1764537

>They're always such attention whores everywhere they go.
Well, they're millennials, it's to be expected.

No. 1764542

>I'm waiting for some Troon to dox, threaten or do something stupid to a streamer/youtuber playing the game to really see this shit blow up. It's going to happen
Nothing will. Calm down. This is all overblown hysterics. Pure outragebait. This game will come and go like all the others.

No. 1764543

they nailed it on the greasy hair

No. 1764545

>so many of you just truly do not fucking care
local tranny learns what lipservice means

No. 1764548

trannies are so dramatic. men need to learn that a lady criticizing them isn't literal murder. they'd be used to facing opposition by now if they were real women.

No. 1764549

File: 1675970903226.png (1.45 MB, 1158x980, Capture d’écran 2023-02-09 à 2…)

the wall behind him with the shitton of porn posters, im gonna fucking a-log

No. 1764555

File: 1675971292408.jpg (203.93 KB, 1080x1966, Fohv4CKX0AA6oVy.jpg)

God these people are pathetic

No. 1764557

The rare lc boomer?

No. 1764565

Poor Gen X, no one remembers you anymore.

No. 1764581

I think it's a little funny that the HP game is probably the most vocal and upset I've seen troons about HP stuff. If you look at vlogs of people going to Harry Potter land in Universal, there are zero hate comments on even the biggest videos. Troons really are just autistic men that only care about vidya.

No. 1764582

File: 1675973927597.jpg (1.05 MB, 3500x1000, dresses.jpg)

troon fashion is so obviously a product of AGP brain rot. They only choose anime/e-troon/witch (porn and autism), 1950s housewife/hepburn (normie tolerance), or kohl’s catalogue (just want to wear women’s clothing, any skirt will do if they can go spinny). This is 100% a blogpost because I’m rewatching 1995 pride and prejudice, but I have literally never seen one even breathe in the direction of skinwalking women prior to the 1950s, which is apparently when girlhood first came into existence as they clearly view femininity on a scale of old barbie to modern barbie. They do not romanticize old styles or folk costumes because they cannot fetishize them. colin firth’s darcy is also the best btw

No. 1764592

At least one of the lurking trannies will now latch onto this just to spite a terf (happened when I talked about my hobby here before kek). Also I bet my ass dressing like that is at least one troons fetish.

No. 1764594

The one good thing about the online historical costuming community is that, despite being painfully handmaiden-y and woke, there are practically no male troons. Probably because authentic historical clothing isn’t a popular porn category and sewing takes effort. Please don’t jinx it, anon. All the they/thems and “suffragettes were bad people acktually” handmaidens are annoying enough on their own.

No. 1764596

The best thing about being Gen X is that nobody cares about us. We don't get blamed for anything because we're just that irrelevant.

No. 1764605

Funnily enough I’ve seen similar stuff in the fursuit making community. There are male troons wanting to commission coomer looking costumes left and right but almost every single person who actually makes them, a hobby that involves massive amounts of sewing, is female/TiF. Male troons will go on and on about how feminine they feel and wanting to be a housewife and shit but that never actually translates to stereotypically female hobbies/skills.

No. 1764606

File: 1675976393616.jpg (142.07 KB, 1048x625, Screenshot_20230209_145943_Twi…)

why do they always compare black women to troons

No. 1764607

File: 1675976509660.jpg (260.53 KB, 1080x922, 20230209_145813.jpg)

I don't care about Harry Potter, but I think I'll pick this game up just so I can sell my heart to JKR or whatever.

No. 1764608

I can't read every single post, but do any of the people crusading against Rowling address the hundreds or thousands of people who probably worked to actually create the game? You don't always sign onto things, your company will say "ok, you're doing this" sometimes. Should the work of all the people who made the game be discarded because it uses some characters and background from Rowling's novels?

I don't believe in cancelling her at all, but even if I did, I still couldn't justify punishing the actual creators of this game. She didn't sit there and code it. She didn't come up with it. It's very separate from her creations and is associated with her because of intellectual property, not because she was involved.

No. 1764610

They're racists, duh

No. 1764612

The TRAs don't but I've seen this arguments a couple of times from the more neutral/don't give a fuck crowd. They actually do care about the people who worked on the game. I also often see the argument that they're hypocrites because they still watch Twitch which belongs to Amazon. I don't know what the cancel mob's answers are but I also don't care enough because it's obvious they just hate women speaking out and no other actual issues.

No. 1764614

its so funny how this is all so obviously mental illness but if you ever, ever point it out you are called a transphobe. if any normal person behaved this way they would get 5150'd by worried family and friends. why is the male brain so incapable of looking beyond itself?

No. 1764620

File: 1675977947759.jpeg (150.89 KB, 750x457, B49E6EDD-FDC6-4404-82D5-625556…)

if these people are on the right side of history, i don’t want to know what’s the wrong side.

No. 1764625

Tbh I think it's telling that he wrote this on his subreddit and nowhere else, that is where his most fanatic and genderspecial fans reside. The wording seems deliberately vague. I personally don't give a fuck what his views are, I wish troons would stop losing their shit when someone doesn't live in the same woke bubble they do.
>my audience has a lot of people who are very casual internet users
"my audience has a lot of people who are not terminally online

No. 1764632

No. 1764643

yeah i looked it up on reddit and got spoiled KEK not that i care, i just find it pathetic. rent free.

No. 1764647

>they definitely can
it's unclear how to even put a uterus in a male body without it being rejected let alone have it function. but yeah it's just the doctors wanting to keep the trannies down.

No. 1764652

Yeah but when doctors start doing more uterus transplants that result in a bunch of trannies dying of sepsis they're gonna whine about that too

No. 1764656

Everyday they say this but the world hasn't seen the first pregnant moid tranny. It's like saying
>oh yeah, someday we will have space colonies, the technology is there! The planet earth won't be necessary by next week!
It's been decades, where are the space colonies? Where are the moids finally leaving us women the fuck alone so they can fuck each other? Where are the supposedly awesome sex bots that were totally going to replace us by 2020?
I'm sick of these false promises.

No. 1764683

File: 1675982520436.png (428.18 KB, 2048x1278, chrome_screenshot_167598191162…)

This is your life now, suck it up

No. 1764685

>muh optics
Why do wokeoids love this word so much. Funny how their insane behaviour has gotten them the exact opposite result they wanted

No. 1764687

File: 1675983202442.jpg (1.3 MB, 1000x1540, 8KmgtLQ.jpg)

I had to see this on Twitter; they are so creepy and misogynistic.

No. 1764689

No. 1764692

File: 1675984202264.jpeg (229.49 KB, 828x1415, 0A785844-8506-42A1-A307-7A5AFC…)

Australian news page posted this and it was great to see these as the most liked comments

No. 1764700

Nobody wants to be an 'ally' to these people. They burned through them all.

No. 1764711

I like you.

No. 1764716

File: 1675987098005.png (291.39 KB, 935x299, Being a bad wizard in Hogwarts…)

Yep. Giving in to a small minority of screeching pissbabies is really sad. I scrolled through the comments before he disabled them and they were probably 95% positive, and not just haha SIRona jokes or anything like that, but regular normies enjoying a game being antagonized by chronically online freaks. Giving in to their demands is probably doing nothing but adding to people peaking though so at least there's that.

No. 1764725

He is such a coward, I saw the comments and some people didn't even know what JKR did, and others knew and politely asked the tras "what evil orgs that kills trans people is JKR funding?" And they hardly got any answers. Now if Kevin does a vid apologizing it will be extra pathetic.

No. 1764736

I can understand why he turned off the comments. Trannies and TRAs are absolutely insane in the way they will keep harrassing normies even if the normies say nothing back. Kevin is probably going to be on some big "transphobic Harry Potter Skyrim player" blocklist soon. Rest assured the trannies and TRAs will never stop bringing it up to normies who talk about watching his videos.

No. 1764737

File: 1675990052733.jpeg (511.62 KB, 750x1142, 6A3AD889-B97C-44A1-AED7-01AA5C…)

>whaaah why can’t we stop making ourselves look bad?
from the comments.

No. 1764746

>the TERF community
The what now

No. 1764747

god i wish a real terf nation too

No. 1764756

>when she sees you buy her game
they cannot be this retarded. they just have to make it look like she's involved to justify their unhinged rants against her. nobody ever behaves like this even when there's a direct link between an actual criminal and a movie/game/whatever.
>you are selling your heart to the person that hates me
the narcissism and drama is on a whole other level

blog but i'm not even from the us and i feel like my favorite streamers are going to quietly ignore the game (just for their image), it's fucking annoying.

No. 1764771

File: 1675992534083.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.54 KB, 1835x712, Screenshot_9.jpg)

Went to deviantart to get some nostalgic feefees and oh lord this came up in a nsfw group I was into.
The group was anime based so yeah I can easily connect the dots but they live for this kind of shit don't they

No. 1764772

is he stuffing extra underwear into his butt? why?

No. 1764775

second this, it's perfect

No. 1764797

i actually snorted when i saw this, it's so perfect

No. 1764812

that tweet is most likely bait

No. 1764818

File: 1675997694943.png (94.08 KB, 934x391, skeleton.png)

it feels like in recent threads there's been more and more troons insisting that sex isn't real, that they are biologically women etc., and even claiming that sex is on a spectrum. Aren't sex anomalies (like xxy chromosomes or being intersex) literally just genetic mutations, and the individual is generally still considered male or female? also the absolute state of anthropology kek

No. 1764821

Is it though? A lot of HSTS black trannies actually throw around this exact argument a lot. A lot of white trannies usually started off as /pol/ fags or hung out in incel forums.

They are anomalies, a lot of people with those issues are unironically missing chromosomes and it can have some serious health consequences in some cases. In regards to the tweet, hard doubt on salesweetheart bullshit. I wish i had the video saved of the woman comparing the male and female skeleton by putting ball through the pelvic region. Any mistakes made by anthropologists is usually due to the fact that they do not have a full skeleton to work with or in the days. I also have a friend who studies anthropology and a brother who is doing a class in it and they have never made it known that the field was "woke".

No. 1764828

OK that's tomorrow's procrastination sorted!

No. 1764829

that word is doing a LOT of heavy lifting

No. 1764835

File: 1675999468935.png (71.96 KB, 727x561, Troon fetish.PNG)

>Why does it feel like a fetish?
Because it is.
Of course all the comments are retarded shit like "Cis Women see themselves as women when they have sexual fantasy’s, why wouldn’t we?" I genuinely don't understand how they can delude themselves into thinking that makes sense.

No. 1764837

I'm a doll-collector anon and in my particular niche we have a few gay men, but no troons so far. They'd probably be HSTS if we did.

No. 1764839

Or the voice actors! Including the trans woman actor…

No. 1764849

Putting the DEVIANT in Deviantart.

No. 1764876

Lmao no, it’s safe to say women don’t rub their dicks to fantasies of becoming women

No. 1764879

File: 1676006199133.png (1.95 MB, 1756x1022, Untitled.png)

the fact that you're a dude in a dress?

No. 1764887

The faster they learn that passing isn't real, the better. There's no such thing as being stealth or getting clocked, these are made up concepts. People just see the clothes and make their best assumption in order to be polite. Some of them know this and have huge meltdowns about it on the regular and it's always nice to see, refreshing almost. But fucking skeletor in a silk slip over here is wondering what gave him away. Nothing, dude. It's just that not everyone wants to coddle you.

No. 1764904

has anyone noticed that trannies tend to be the largest men ever, caveman features, build like linebackers, while aidens tend to have itty bitty ballerina-like bodies and ultra feminine faces? maybe it’s an optical illusion because cross dressing emphasizes your biological sex, ironically.

No. 1764935

Yeah I want to know why manlets aren't the ones to troon out as much.

No. 1764939

It’s because most feminine or small guys and large masculine women have already spent a lifetime understanding their relationship to societal gender expectations and learning to accept themselves as they are. By adulthood they’ve generally developed solid identities and a feeling of defiance towards backwards gender norms (which is part of why before TRA astroturfing took off, the vast majority of gender dysphoria in adolescents was spontaneously self-resolving with no intervention).
Troonery flourishes the most in total ignorance rather than life experience which is why most MTFs had their moments of realization from porn, porn, more porn, twitter fighting game memes, discord server femboy memes, 4chan thread anime memes, reddit anime memes… essentially a collection of super male shit that has nothing to do with being a woman. In those kinds of settings, their life experiences and real appearance don’t mean anything, because it becomes about them living in ideas in their head and images on a screen and being told it’s a good idea to transpose those fetishes and costumes into real life regardless of who they actually physically are.

No. 1764940

Looks like a typical ladyboy based on his frame even with the camera taken couple of metres away from him.

No. 1764948

They don't. They dude who freaked out at me was like 'THEY ALREADY GOT PAID' Uh yeah sure salary wise but revenue from a game ensures a studio stays open and can fund their next project.

They don't care about any of the people involved on the sidelines who don't care. The perpetually online are retarded.

No. 1764964

the receptionist got the ultra-clocker-vision

No. 1764975

>Aren't sex anomalies (like xxy chromosomes or being intersex) literally just genetic mutations

Trans ideology says:
>any chromosomes can be any gender
>but intersex is automatically trans, never cis
>so intersex people's chromosomes… can't be "any" gender
>so not all chromosomes can be any gender
Just another example of how they all keep contradicting themselves, which they could avoid just by thinking about something for more than 5 seconds.

>if you have a genetic mutation, you are no longer male or female. No longer a man or woman. You are "other".

is SO fucking dystopian and hateful towards disabled people.

No. 1764977

>Probably because authentic historical clothing isn’t a popular porn category and sewing takes effort
Troons will literally never do anything that takes effort so you're safe. Even one lurking doing it out of spite will quickly give up at the lack of coom kek
We all saw the ice skater troon fall on his ass, if there is no coom for him he doesn't care to even practice.

No. 1764980

File: 1676024946336.jpg (919.97 KB, 720x3084, Screenshot_20230210_112640_Fac…)

only men can wear a ratty ass wig and filthy pastels for 400 likes from handmaidens

No. 1764981

File: 1676024946493.png (1.17 MB, 864x1462, Screenshot_20230209-214727.png)

i just want to know how i can get free plastic surgery and free dresses, so i can be stunning and brave, too.

Dipshit got 5h of electrolysis, was swollen, begged on IG for a derm to inject him with steroids. Lee didn't seem all that into Dylan, his receptionist told him Dylan needed help or sth.

btw Dylan now got a partnership Kitchenaid because he's a baby whose biggest fear is eating fruit. His words.

No. 1764984

is this him post ffs? i seriously cant tell

No. 1764990

his doctor is such a hack, crazy that he's considered one of the best. can only do one face and that's the bruce jenner supreme. dylan looks like he's aged a decade and his nose is completely crooked kek.

No. 1765004

File: 1676030404590.jpg (3.31 MB, 1002x6505, BeautyPlus_20230210125653210_o…)

yes, he is swollen from 5 hours of electrolysis, for which he had to get numbed by an oral surgeon. He really is as dumb as a box of rocks, picrel. Why does he need all this shit? you can't tell me it makes him so dysphoric to shave when he claims that women can have full beards or whatever. I mean they can, but it's pretty rare, and they have XX chromosomes, female skeleton, were born with a uterus, etc.

sorry for the filename, can't figure out how to change it on my phone but this app is good for combining pics!

No. 1765014

Jesus, we almost don’t have proper working medicine for women against serious diseases and he’s wondering why scientists don’t put all their effort into vain cosmetic tranny shit. They’re just so self centred.
His wrinkles are so deep not even Botox could help for more than a few weeks kek
Imagine wearing that for a walk in the woods kek

No. 1765015

I kind of wonder if this is because the older troons who post online grew up seeing 50s-60s clothes being worn by women around them, and their obsession with petticoats and girdles is a symptom of wanting to regress or recreate a vision of femininity they learned from childhood. It feels extremely pedophilic and possibly incestuous.

No. 1765019

cosmetic surgery is his idea of lifesaving surgery for "real women" like him. There are people who have been through cancer and serious accidents whose cosmetic reconstructive surgeries aren't covered by insurance. The one thing is that he's totally hooked now and will keep getting procedure after procedure done.

It is exceedingly misogynistic, the difference in how Madonna was received at the Grammys vs. how Dylan was. Both had plastic surgery, but Madonna was trashed and Dylan was revered. Fuck the media.

No. 1765024

File: 1676032528824.jpg (74.36 KB, 469x680, Fok0xvTaYAMXY6a.jpg)

Troons have atrocious fashion sense good lord

No. 1765038

no waistline and fatless thighs. it's so simple yet it's always a mystery to them

No. 1765039

my biggest fear as a dressmaker is, that one day a troon like him comes around and wants me to make something for him… either I will say no and get cancelled or I will say yes and die laughing

No. 1765040

Literal ghoul face. Apply a black and white filter and you have a screamer pic.

No. 1765041

Women don't see ourselves as women and we don't feel like women, we just ARE women. They really couldn't miss the mark harder than to think it's about what we feel or see ourselves as.

No. 1765047

looking like hsm era zac efron with a bee allergy lmao

No. 1765058


Great, fucking Kitchenaid isn't even safe from this bullshit .__. can't wait until this clown fades into obscurity(.__.)

No. 1765066

File: 1676037947029.png (88.09 KB, 720x697, Screenshot_20230210-090305~2.p…)

Check out this tweet

No. 1765067

And….no source to back it up. Even if Hawaii had some "third gender" that surfed for centuries, people aren't saying they aren't allowed to anymore. Just not to compete with actual women.

No. 1765070

White men somehow think they're more oppressed than white women. All they know is put peanut butter on cock and make Buddy lick it off, be addicted to twitter and drink monster energy. They won't be spared in the race war! /s

No. 1765071

File: 1676038670308.jpg (325.99 KB, 950x2048, FnART-hX0AInZz5.jpg)

Why do these handmaidens entertain these troons and call them girl friends/daughters/sisters when all the troon wants is to look better than them and skinwalk them?

No. 1765072

even if it was a black woman or an hawaiian woman would it matter? I hate this retarded shit. They know that the whole thing is stupid. The
>Transwomen are women
Is'nt just going to shut people up in the sports agrument like it does other places. So they have to bring out the "racism card".
As if it was someone from that culture they would'nt be telling her to shut the fuck up anyway. So retarded

No. 1765073

oh and the troon wanting to compete is a white man? Kek, so this retard is using race to shame the white woman agaisnt the troon, but not the white troon wanting to compete? If thats true, like I said, they know that a lot of people don't agree with troons in women sports.
They know they have to dig deep to find some shit. Even though I often see racists TIM/TIF's and TRA's more and more everyday. Look at how some treat the black TIMs calling out Keffals for racism. Completely dismissing them because "She" Took down kiwifarms" even if he didn't and that doesn't excuse being racist. I loathe these people. Im convinced that TRA's can be just as casually racist as WS when given the chance

No. 1765074

The bulk of troons are white moids from privileged backgrounds who are degenerate spoilt shits.

Due to an entitled, specifically white, male upbringing racism is the bread and butter of their ilk. By this logic it would be strange if troons weren't racist.

No. 1765078

Kek "girlmode". A man wearing a bikini just screams sex offender, imagine his shock when normies try to get away from him as far as possible and mothers cover their children's eyes.

No. 1765081

because they are racists and do not see black women as women. Which is funny because it's the same thing you hear extremely racist men & women say. I'm telling you 95% of troons are racists. Even the black HSTS often are colorists and quick to say
>You look more like a man to me
Or hate dark skin or any woman they feel isn't feminine or pretty (Because they are colorists racists gay black men who hate women). The one thing all troons share is their hate for women especially non-white women. They fetishize asian women. They constantly use white women being "White" as an excuse to say vile things (like all woke people do), they see black women as "not really women" and "Masculine". They often will compare their "issues" to WOC that are historically called manly or subhuman by racist. They hate black women.

No. 1765084

it's so kekable how troons always draw in the most male gaze way possible. Like this time a troon posted a hentai pic on a lesbian subreddit and women were calling him out for posting scrote shit. (yes, I too was shocked that real women still lurk in """lesbian""" subreddits)

No. 1765088

I hope this faggot gets ass raped to death(a-logging)

No. 1765090

How does he have such awful crows feet in his twenties??

No. 1765093

Most hate crimes against TiMs are when they sleep with other moids and the moid they slept with chimps out and kills them.

No. 1765094

Knowing critikal I’m surprised he hasn’t given in to the hate bandwagon yet.

No. 1765095

skin ageing accelerated by rapid weight loss, long term shit diet, shit skincare, probable coke addiction and… being male. Plus years of pulling Big Showtune Faces to be seen from the cheap seats. Likely chronically dehydrated too, since no-one proud of not eating fruit/vegetables drinks water.
Maybe a genetic collagen deficiency too because he really does look exceptionally terrible for his age. Imagine having a face too baggy for your skull after a facelift. Bleak.

No. 1765098

File: 1676043788718.png (148.46 KB, 679x414, FomvH3xWAAMkExt.png)

No. 1765106

Very infantile too

No. 1765107

Tbh some women, regardless of weight, have bigger pubic mounds which can be noticeable in swimsuits, but they still never look like dicks and balls.

No. 1765109

I want to kek because he is so incredibly botched but…
>Dylan now got a partnership Kitchenaid because he's a baby whose biggest fear is eating fruit. His words.
Where's that fucking asteroid? Fuck this.

No. 1765114

I have a tinfoil that he is much older but can get away with telling that he is in his 20s because troons start to look like shit at a very young age so nobody will ask questions.

No. 1765120

I dunno anon, there are pics/vids of him a few years ago just being a twink and he looked fine and age appropriate then.

No. 1765121

his first video about the fruit
the webm converter sites keep timing out unfortunately

No. 1765124

My god this might explain why he aged so terribly

No. 1765125

>swimsuits with skirts don’t speak to me
Yeah because you want to be an exhibitionist
>my friend doesn’t wear them and she’s older
She’s only 33, moids gotta moid about female age

No. 1765128

File: 1676046747362.jpg (251.29 KB, 590x633, uglybastard.jpg)

Troons are always ugly, but there's something about this phenotype of troon that makes me physically sick. The gigantic nose and stunted chin makes him look bordering microcephalic and the fact that this creature is even capable of speech kinda freaks me out… but mostly makes me want to punch something

No. 1765132

Their "girly" smiles always freak me out so bad. In the first pic he just looks like a regular little sociopath, but in the second I feel like he's one second from darting his head forward like a snake and biting my nose off lmfao

No. 1765133

"Authentic self" is code for "sex pest"

No. 1765142

Oh look another weak incel who wanted to become the goth gf. Also gross 'girlies' legit makes me want to vomit. I have never called a group of women girlies in my life. I suspect most women haven't.

No. 1765143

Was it the estrogen or the progesterone that made his nose grow bigger?

No. 1765146

He really does have poo brown eyes doesn't he? Probably because he's full of shit but he'd have them regardless(lolcow.farm/info learn to sage)

No. 1765148

>no one is going to be staring that closely at your crotch to tell, that’s sexual harassment

believe me, people will not need a closer look to identify your penis bulge and hanging balls.

No. 1765169

I say girlie when referring to a single friend. I’ve never used it for groups. I’m also a Gen z so that should be taken into account.

No. 1765172

If they're going to play the Polynesian third gender card then there's a Samoan fa'afafine named Jaiyah Saelua who plays for the American Samoa national football team, a men's team. If a fa'afafine is just fine playing on a men's team then these white MtF trannies can handle competing in men's surfing.

No. 1765175

you’ve been here long enough to know how to sage your spergy eye colour crusades, aryan-chan

No. 1765177

It's probably that weird self-hating Brazillian sperg, kek

No. 1765195

imagine looking at dylan and thinking his eye color is a problem.

No. 1765196

I used to be skeptical of the idea of corporate shills, industry plants, etc. but Dylan has changed my mind. There's no way he isn't one.

No. 1765197

there's no other reason for him to have catapulted like this. On day 3 of troonhood, he was already hanging out with some tiktok-famous bimbo, Chrissy. His website is completely bare https://www.dylanmulvaney.com/

No. 1765199

File: 1676054058345.jpeg (144.78 KB, 600x800, 63E8F4FE-9CF5-4912-B452-003653…)

He reminds me of this mannequin that I’ve seen in a few stores.

No. 1765201

Trans bullshit came to my country, for fucks sake. They organized a discussion with some parliament representatives and right at the start a fat tranny said they all have fake data, dysphoria isn't an illness and walked out.

No. 1765210

File: 1676055091263.jpg (277 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_2023-02-10-21-49-27…)

Troons only have two moods:
1. Coombrained shit
2. Pretending to be the biggest victims

No. 1765211

File: 1676055104504.jpg (87.45 KB, 624x469, men look like horse. is this w…)

He is desperately trying to make his eyes bigger. He looks like a goblin.

No. 1765212

Troons are screeching how sex work is work and then complain how they are forced to become whores

No. 1765215

File: 1676055497963.jpg (67.4 KB, 696x214, Screenshot_20230210-135643_You…)

What a shock, Troonegade Cut is officially asking us not to play the heckin transphobic magic wizard game, built on the blood of a thousand troons (via 41% lmao)

No. 1765217

>twanswomen are begging on the traffic

nah dude the hijras are fucking harassing the passengers and curse at them if they dont have enough change, plus they recruit young influencable sissy men to form their cult. i do hope that the police beat the shit out of these scamming groomers

No. 1765220

File: 1676056197624.jpg (80.22 KB, 632x842, nextthreadpic.jpg)

Next thread pic? I am by no means an artist anon and used a free online image editor.

No. 1765222

I love it. Hoping it makes next thread pic.

No. 1765223

Kekk. Perfection.

No. 1765226

I love how TRAs are backtracking and doing damage control now that they've realized how fucking retarded this crusade against an inane videogame made them look. I guess none of these guys had heard of the Streisand Effect before. Turns out making violent threats towards random people for playing a game alienates people from your cause! Who'da thunk.

No. 1765228

There are troons of literally all ages, boomer-chan.

No. 1765231

Fucks sake. Now he can play pretty little housewife on TikTok, meanwhile I'm going to end up resenting the KitchenAid I saved up for months and months to buy.

No. 1765232

File: 1676057686073.jpeg (124.07 KB, 750x684, 88F4083C-CF9D-4439-B0E4-FC0C57…)

lets not

No. 1765234

Neither, it was the lying about female hormones turning him into a woman. Sorry, a girl.

No. 1765235

2 of my super woke friends are now pro-piracy and "never buy a game for more than 20 dollars"
Bitch you were crying about exploited workers all this time. There's also a piracy group that promised to crack the game in a week, I hope they fail just so people seethe more.

No. 1765237

ayrt, yeah, I had a teacher troon out in high school and he was probably born late 50s/early 60s, and would complain about his childhood to us. He loathed his preacher father (may have been abused iirc?) and was enamored with his mother. I feel like older troon pathology is more a crisis of shitty family dynamics that led to them identifying with their mother, especially as sexual content wasn't nearly as pervasive and extreme. Younger troons seem to lack the incestuous features older troons have in my opinion. Older troons also all seem to be much more invested in the perverse sexual aspects, whereas younger troons are in to pornified sexual aspects, eg. older troons wearing those rubber female masks and wigs, garters, etc., younger troons wanting to be sissy femboy whatever.

No. 1765239

File: 1676058679903.jpg (42.55 KB, 319x348, Screenshot_2023-02-10-22-50-34…)


No. 1765241


No. 1765242

Was literally coming here to say this. Looks fucking disgusting

No. 1765244

wait what is this in context to? Harry potter?

No. 1765246

File: 1676059517779.jpeg (158.07 KB, 992x708, polish folk dancers.jpeg)

ayrt, I'm not personally in the historical costuming community, but I do folk dance. jinxing aside, I would love to see a troon show up and demand to dance a girl's part. So much is partner based, like a guy has to lift you up or lead you, and on top of that, the taller one in girl-girl partners is the leader. Assuming the troon doesn't 41% at the glare of a slavic dance director, there's no way they'd be allowed to dance.

No. 1765247

I noticed this too and made me laugh hard. Also I find the logo itself like this really cute

No. 1765260

File: 1676061843195.png (484.37 KB, 1080x496, Screenshot_20230210-134022.png)

The lack of self awareness is hilarious. When are they going to realize that this applies to TIMs as well? Socialized as males.

No. 1765268

The author of Manhunter wrote in his book tifs as women, no trans men. So yes, the lack of self awareness is quite hilarious.

No. 1765269

Based on the bottom right pose, I'd have to assume it's because he's an autopedophile who's trying to get the silhouette of wearing a diaper. Truly vile.

No. 1765274

File: 1676064171532.jpeg (246.13 KB, 750x643, F63194C9-F944-4F50-B533-BE928A…)

>terfs can suck my…
this is why no one likes you, angry little incel.

No. 1765275

Kekk good riddance, she really don't deserve you, she deserves a real friend. He is probably gonna 41 alone as he should.

No. 1765278

If she suddenly went off on a rant like that at this troon claiming it’s repeated bad behavior and that no one likes the troon because of it you know damn well this poor woman has been holding in her mounting rage for ages and trying to be a good ally and shit but ended up peaking. Happens to most women who spend lots of time around any MTF, the narcissism and abusive behavior becomes more and more obvious and inexcusable over time until you snap. Ex wives of MTFs always have this story too.

No. 1765279

File: 1676065243089.jpg (52.35 KB, 640x480, 1010308.jpg)

>"I'm doing troll stuff and taking too much time in a video game but I AM the victim!" no, Kevin, you're not.

No. 1765283

File: 1676065367603.png (63.36 KB, 747x513, Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 18-42…)

No. 1765284

File: 1676065372426.jpg (136.71 KB, 793x1230, Fofy1LIakAMR7I8.jpg)

Stop lying to these scrotes HRT does nothing for an adult man besides make his dick floppy

No. 1765285

I absolutely love how this is turning out. The thing TRAs don’t realize is that people will pay lip service to anything that’s convenient and beneficial for themselves (basically if they just have to retweet or say certain words or tick off a box to gain social approval or avoid backlash) but as soon as you start directly messing with what anyone wants in their own individual life AT ALL they turn on you. I’m seeing hordes of normies I knew who didn’t care about the issue and were fence sitting or just paying basic casual lip service to “equality” now suddenly getting angry and saying “I can’t stand these privileged woke people who get angry at everything. Their biggest problem in life is some video game? I’ll buy it then and they can fuck off.” It’s literally turning all the turbonormies against them kek.

No. 1765288

File: 1676065787912.png (16.93 KB, 639x165, Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 18-41…)

Besides they're failing with trying a "Snape Killed Dumbledore 2: Electric Bogaloo". You can spoil the ending all you want, but the appeal is not the plot, is getting your own character in a fantasy world. Is like trying to spoil the ending of Skyrim when people do hundred of quests without even touching the main quest.

Oh, so this professor died? Whatever, I'm still playing in this quest since is amazing.

No. 1765290

This is actually funny, their boycott failed because normies don't care about trannies and for every person that refused to buy the game because of JKR's opinions another one bought the game out of spite/for the memes. They have nothing left but to be petty and spoil the game and lash out. I haven't thought about Harry Potter in years, but all the outrage had me checking out the game and it actually looks pretty fun and I might buy it for the nostalgia. Shit like this is the first domino into peaking people I think, they really are their own worst enemy.

No. 1765300

>She lashed out at me and told me this is why nobody likes me and she’s not my friend
I bet that there was never any semblance of friendship there on her end, and that he’s just been following her around while she has been politely trying to get rid of him the entire time. When people break off an actual friendship they don’t say
>I’m not your friend! Nobody likes you!
That’s what people say to a creepy weirdo who won’t take a hint and won’t leave them alone. He probably left out the part where she told him to stop following her or she’ll involve campus security.

No. 1765306

File: 1676067177711.png (9.32 KB, 757x94, Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 19-12…)

>I’m not your friend! Nobody likes you!

It seems she was right.

No. 1765321

Reminds me of Chris Chan when he was making that nerdy girl really uncomfortable.

No. 1765342


I was going to pirate the game but bought cause I was impatient. Glad I did - supporting the devs and love seeing troons have a meltdown.

No. 1765345

When does it end for chronically online trannies? I'm surprised Brianna Wu still exists and tweets. They're like mould behind a toilet.

No. 1765347

Has any woman ever willingly wore thongs? Besides the reason to please moids, no woman wears thongs willingly. All this shit they have projected onto us is just what they want for themselves. I will never forget an ex of mine who was obsessed with me wearing specific, uncomfortable lingerie. Bro if you like it so much, wear it yourself. Moids are fucking creeps.

No. 1765350

someone I know got touched by one of these trannies, he asked what was supposed to happen and his work contact (from Chennai) said "oh, that guy just cursed you and your family." lol I didn't even look it up, so that's really a thing? Are they sex workers or just beggars? It happened in an open vehicle of some kind, I forgot what exactly

No. 1765352

I remember reading that twilight ripoff when I was a teen, house of nyx or something. MC is somehow supposed to be an inexperienced girl but she casually mentions packing her thongs for her trip. Buttfloss is just so uncomfortable on soft skin.

No. 1765353

to avoid underwear lines, yeah, but only those seamless ones that don't feel like a wedgie. Luckily now that I can afford better quality clothing, they aren't so necessary. But there have been times where a thong was the best option.

No. 1765354

Sage for OT but They really are turning the normies. A normie friend of mine brought this very subject up with the rest of the women in our friend group. By the end of the conversation every one of them was like "trans women really do act like abusive men, what's the deal with that?" I read to them exactly what JKR said, they agreed with her. Stupid coom brained troons really peaked 3 of my most left leaning friends lmao. Did all the heavy lifting for me. Nonnies, talk about this shit with your normie friends, you'll be surprised how quickly they will peak!

No. 1765356

Imagine him walking in while you're closing your locker at the gym and he smiles like that. I'd mace him in his rat face.

No. 1765357

it's great.
I'd also be up for Dylan having his own thread

No. 1765359

All we can do is boycott going forward. This is the worst yet though for those of us who enjoy baking.

No. 1765365

yeah I do when I'm not going without panties. even a well-fitted bikini style can kind of pinch into buttcheeks and thighs which I find really uncomfortable. the less material the better for me. I hate feeling all that fabric bunched between my legs.

No. 1765369

It's ridiculous for two reasons. First, it's idiotic to change our entire language to accommodate such a rare mutation, and second, most intersex people lean in one direction or the other. For instance, men with Klinefelter's Syndrome possess a majority of male physiological traits and were therefore socialized male based on that. Your sex as observable at birth determines your socialization, both of which are immutable.

No. 1765373

Of all the shit you could criticize Dylan for, you pick his brown eyes? Like most of the people on Earth have? Newfags I stg.

No. 1765374

I fucking hate thongs. I avoid any outfit that would require one because they’re uncomfortable to me and I don’t want moids staring at my ass anyway. When I was a teenager I thought I had to wear them to fit in or be attractive and now I’m completely turned off by them.

No. 1765377

That’s so lucky. A girl in a group message I’m in mentioned how she’s tired of hearing all the complaining about HL and all the reactions were in agreement. This singular event has really woken some people up.

No. 1765379

Not to mention the fact that having a string rubbing between your vulva and your asshole is a great way to get an infection.

No. 1765382

I think the main thing the AGP don't get is that HSTS spend a ton of time on makeup and get loads of work done on their faces, that's why they look like female caricatures, the horsepiss alone does fuck all. It's absolutely hilarious though to watch these retarded grown men think their entire faces, fat distribution and bone structure is going to change. They can't even grow proper breasts past the early Tanner stages, genuinely fucking hilarious they're so delusional.

No. 1765383

I want to die, these are the pieces of shit that deserve to be castrated. Your shriveled sacks of battery acid are nothing like ovaries, you sick piece of shit.

No. 1765387

"I have to lie so they dont mark me as a transvestite"
This is why I hate whiney tras and handmaidens who talk about how "they had to go through so much testing!" Before they can receive treatment. They are all liars. They know what they are doing. They can admit online that it is nothing but sexual fetishism and them turn around to a therapist and cry about how they want to off themselves about their male bodies. It's all such a massive fucking lie. They are so transparent about why they transition yet still get defended to hell and back.

No. 1765422

File: 1676080108862.jpg (22.95 KB, 742x203, troon blood libel game.jpg)

Troons are flooding Twitter with claims the story line of HL refers to blood libel, all unsupported, of course. No one outside the cult seems to be taking it seriously. It really irritates me how they try to link "transphobia" to legitimate causes, like the way they hide behind black women. They're just playing mad libs and hopefully the general public is waking up.

No. 1765439

He's in India, intersting. India has their own third gender, the hijra. So does Indian society make a distinction between hijra and transgender woman?

No. 1765446

They've accused this game of supporting transphobia, racismm, antisemitism, slavery, and now blood libel. What's next, Hogwarts Legacy supports climate change? Hogwarts Legacy promotes anti-vaxx theories?

No. 1765451

Yes it's beyond ridiculous. I was wondering if some Jewish nonnas had an opinion about the blood libel shit, considering what a serious accusation it is. I know troons have no decency. It's bizarre to me that they think there's no point at which people will decide the tranny has cried wolf too many times.

No. 1765456

Ngl I thought the stealing of children was more associated with the roma in Europe

No. 1765468

>Woman do it too
Do what? And why do they think whatever they do woman must do it too?

No. 1765473

File: 1676086812497.jpg (54.52 KB, 545x554, dildo.jpg)

No. 1765475

if only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1765478

Research has shown that people still rate the quality of media just as high on average even if it gets spoiled for them first so you will still likely enjoy the game anon, even though spoilers are still annoying af.

No. 1765488

Hijra are not only trans women, they can be also intersex people or eunuchs. And even then, for legal stuff they have to identify either as male or female, no as a "third gender".

No. 1765500

File: 1676089575212.jpeg (3.67 KB, 300x168, mulvaney_mouth.jpeg)

Reminds me of picrel.

No. 1765502

kek this is going to fuel the tumblrtranny conspiracy theory that staff is crawling with evil terves. i fucking wish

No. 1765504


No. 1765538

yep. no one is playing the game for the main story. i've watched all the trailers and can't tell you what the main story is even about because that was never the selling-point.

No. 1765547

In medieval European lore, gypsies steal Christian children but we Jews just kill them to use their blood in our special Jewish bread (hence "blood libel"). I wonder what vague allusion to blood libel they've managed to pull out of this game as further 'proof' of JKR's antisemitism when she didn't even write the plot.

No. 1765551

The goblins steal children in the game

No. 1765556

File: 1676098291849.jpeg (72.83 KB, 300x427, 6269F2A8-A165-491D-AB0B-BBAB3A…)

No. 1765557

File: 1676098469158.jpeg (314.47 KB, 1170x1360, 0E5144A1-8DEE-4AF7-A8E4-0F7ED5…)

Already starting. Just saw a post complaining about staff refusing to blaze a meme spoiling the game.

No. 1765577

Blazing is Tumblr's version of promoting/frontpaging I presume

No. 1765580

This was part of my peaking. There was this obviously very unhinged troon in my social circle who was very open about not disclosing his BPD diagnosis to the gender therapists because apparently, having a diagnosed mental illness made it harder to be approved for transition. Even ignoring the fact that every TIF I’d ever met had an eating disorder, depression and/or some other trauma-related disorder yet had no problems getting prescribed testosterone, the idea that this guy could successfully hide his BPD was obvious bullshit. He’d flip out on someone over nothing within five minutes of meeting them and still think he was being “stealth”. I fully believe he was lying to the therapists, but they must have known he was lying and didn’t care. And all the handmaidens thought it was so tragic that he had to face this unreasonable “hurdle” in his transition. Any illusion I had about vetting or gatekeeping or “they won’t let just anyone change their legal sex marker” went right out the window. They’re lying, everyone knows they’re lying and they still get what they want.

No. 1765590

File: 1676103708635.jpg (89.1 KB, 1125x575, Fooa8qCaAAUlsXo.jpg)

troon wrote an op-ed disguised as a review and gave hogwarts legacy a 1/10. probably to sabotage it's metacritic score.

No. 1765593

File: 1676103755458.jpg (128.26 KB, 1125x1706, Fooa8qDaAAApv2A.jpg)

troon in question

No. 1765631

I hardly ever wear them because my labia always slips out and feels uncomfortable

No. 1765638

>sex tech
This always screams predator and creep

No. 1765643

Isnt he in his 20s?? I legit thought he was like 37 the first time i saw him and this operation didnt help

No. 1765652

File: 1676117363014.jpeg (223.74 KB, 1001x1014, 8BBD22B9-EAFD-4148-B688-73BA30…)

Nonnies, how do I cope with the fact trying to scare normies out of playing a fucking children’s game all to appease narcissistic delusional hideous moids is the final hill the radical left has chosen to die on?

In a time of pandemic diseases, vicious class warfare, escalating military tensions, and democratic decline this absolute fucking nonsense is where the Left chose to take a stand what the actual fuck…..

No. 1765654

It's a clown world, but your discussion post would be better in /ot/. This is for milk.

No. 1765655

>retardbabbling about “the left” in a cow thread
bait more subtly in the future this is just inelegant

No. 1765663

File: 1676119570009.jpg (230.37 KB, 1080x1711, FooWmbKXEAkFwGI.jpg)

No. 1765664

The extremes of the political spectrum both suck if that is bait I genuinely don't think anon was even trying

No. 1765670

File: 1676120696830.jpeg (102.2 KB, 1400x787, ECE56E9F-4391-4D74-A34E-611087…)

No. 1765679

File: 1676122237358.png (252.74 KB, 720x793, Screenshot_20230211-082929~2.p…)

Twitter tra being morons again.

No. 1765680

File: 1676122763102.png (359.37 KB, 720x1123, Screenshot_20230211-083522~2.p…)

Found a two more tweets that I want to share

No. 1765681

If this ever comes to pass it’s gonna cost a million dollars and the scrote will probably die in the process

No. 1765682

File: 1676122785199.png (79.77 KB, 714x796, Screenshot_20230211-083532~2.p…)

Last tweet

No. 1765683

They are actually gobbling this shit up. Not a single one accounting for the fact that male pelvis aren't designed to give birth, transplant or not. Not to mention their bodies would reject it and likely die.
The amount of trannies that only want to experience pregnancy for coom, and not actually raising children.
Notice the amount of handmaidens doing the usual "I would totally donate my uterus!" (doubt they'd actually follow through)but you never see a male offering the equivalent to tifs.
They really do the peaking all on their own.

No. 1765684

>teleports behind you

No. 1765685

If putting in something as simple as a kidney in another person is already difficult and contributes to life long requirement of medications and monitoring I can only imagine what will happen if we put an organ that never belongs into a person.

No. 1765686

if they want children that badly, just adopt ffs.
it's obvious just for the coom. They don't care about the negative effects this may have on the child. they're only thinking about themselves.
they will make shit parents

No. 1765689

File: 1676123779848.png (47.52 KB, 720x234, Screenshot_20230211-085545~2.p…)

Nevermind, have one more tweet

No. 1765690

File: 1676123918745.png (67.74 KB, 720x418, Screenshot_20230211-085734~2.p…)

Sorry for all the tweets but Twitter has been a goldmine for this stuff for the last two days or so.

No. 1765692

I added this tweet because I've seen multiple mtf recently saying black woman are a subcategory of woman. So its just odd that tra are saying we're racist but they'll support people calling black woman a subcategory.

No. 1765697

>it's gonna be hilarious when we can actually change someone's chromosomes

yeah, hilarious. because pigs will fucking fly before that happens.

flood it again nonas, I'm done.

No. 1765699

how would this even work? you would have to change every single cell in the body or at least the vast majority of them, otherwise the body would reject it. Thats only the tip of the iceberg though, where would the extra x chromosome even come from? (doubling the existing one will most likely just make them even uglier abominations) Whats about all the tissue that wouldnt exist or is missing all of a sudden? They would just become a completely different person IF possible.

No. 1765704

they never say where they expect all these uteruses to come from. they just think that obviously they just can take women's organs they never even think about it properly

No. 1765713

lmfao they cant even erase their 5 o'clock shadow to begin first

No. 1765714

They don't have to search. A odd amount of Women are in the comments saying they'll give up their uteruses to these men.

No. 1765718

please say sike

No. 1765720

oh i love it when troons are so childishly naive
the shitstorm after this gender fad is gonna be unbelievable

No. 1765721

Nonny we’re talking about the same people who will insist their leaky gynocomastic man tits can totally “breastfeed” an infant and will force infants to latch and suckle their horse piss induced secretions, everything they do is for their own narcissistic pleasure including the coom. Literally everything

No. 1765722

Yes actually and your absolutism is retarded. I almost exclusively wear thongs made out of soft material. Other underwear bunch up or pinch because of my body shape. Just wear whatever you find comfortable

No. 1765723

plot twist: they love medications and monitoring. Without them, they don't feel seen, sadface

No. 1765724

This is dumb as fuck. Like yeah, let's say there's a baby boy in a poor woman's womb, and she desperately wants only a girl (based) so the doctors hear her pleas and they begin injecting that baby boy with different scientific concoctions that turn him into a baby girl.
So what? It wasn't born yet, it's a girl, it doesn't have a penis or moid brain. What if according to the gendercult, she wants to be a boy because she was supposed to be a boy? You can't change the chromosomes of a living person, it's like wanting to turn someone's blood into wine or water for human consumption.
And let's say, okay, Robert got his really expensive chromosome change magic science done on him, he's still a moid, with moid chromosomes Frankenstein-ed so they resemble a woman's chromosomes, and then what? 35 years old Robert, with a fully hairless empty dome, balls and a dick, gunt and huge hands and feet, he isn't a woman, he won't suddenly wake up with a woman's body, he won't suddenly walk around in a skirt and see his cock and balls drop on the floor limp and dead because he grew a vulva.
Or to finish with their common myth, let's say Matthew, 10 years old, son of Robert, wants to be a girl because Robert wants to be a woman.
He also gets the magical chromosome exchange magic science done to him, is he going to grow a vulva? No, he still has his balls and dick, but they're useless, does he grow up tall and freakish like the average moid? No, but now he's too short for a person that isn't suffering from dwarfism, does that change his brain? Yeah! Now he can't use it because his DNA is all fucked up, and is he a girl now? No, because with Frankenstein chromosomes made to look like a woman's, or even stolen chromosomes from a dead woman won't make him a girl, he's a boy, he was born a boy, he will die a boy quite early because of the magical chromosome magic science.
Like, do they even think about it? They really wake up, look at genderbending porn and think "oh yeah, the chromosome exchange magic science can exist in real life! The anime girl is saying a bunch of long names! It's true science!!"

No. 1765727

why do they think we're mad? I'm looking forward to see the womb completley poison their bodies.

No. 1765729

they also are obsessed with periods, despite almost 0 women enjoying this part of being a woman. Of course, it's a sign of fertility, a sign we aren't pregnant, healthy hormonal balance, etc. But if we had the option not to bleed regularly without any negative effects, if it were 100% certain that nothing bad would happen to us or offspring we desired to have, all of us would take the option not to bleed. It hurts for many women and for a certain percentage it is debilitating and even dangerous (endometriosis can damage healthy organs).

There's no reason for them to want a period except for some fetish or belonging reason. They need to pretend to be as oppressed as women in every way, and thereby they belittle what all women go through.

No. 1765734

>terf rhetoric based on Eurocentric ideals of womanhood

Trans ideology literally upholds a fetishized and one dimensional ideal of womanhood. What the fuck?

No. 1765738

Troons never listen to bio classes. Changes in existing DNA just causes cancer. DNA is also tightly managed, and incredibly stable, meaning attempted changes will break bonds that would result in a cataclysm of metabolic events.

Fucking kek. "5 minute read" I'm sure the author is very well read on the topic to make such an assertion. Considering how it's 2023 and women who have at risk pregnancies have no resource other than be strapped down to a bed and not move like a sow until their due date comes, I'd say no, it will not be possible. But glad doctors are working on men's health diligently, even when it's unnecessary. Not like women aren't still living in hell because of a fucking monthly period, you know, the actual harsh reality of being able to bear children.

No. 1765739

File: 1676128795783.png (1.07 MB, 864x1474, Screenshot_20230211-155529.png)

oh right I forgot it's terfs doing that

No. 1765740

Fucking crazy. Childfree folks who aren’t antinatalist are usually just creeps, and this only furthers that belief for me.

No. 1765741

The amount of TIFs I’ve seen saying they’ll donate their uteri too like…. Alright try that. See how you enjoy osteoporosis and vaginal prolapse. This truly would never work. Even if the womb wasn’t rejected by the male body (which it would be), it is hard enough gestating a pregnancy when everything is healthy and under biologically normal conditions. The male endocrine and skeletal systems would never be able to replicate these conditions. Pure delusion.

No. 1765744

Creeps how, tradthot-chan?

No. 1765748

Good luck with that buddy

No. 1765751

>see how you enjoy osteoporosis and vaginal prolapse.
I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago because of debilitating pain due to endometriosis. None of that is true. Osteoporosis is only a fear in women who've had an ovariectomy. There is only the statistic that women who've had a hysterectomy will sometimes go into menopause early, i.e. resulting in higher rates of osteoporosis. Vaginal prolapse has a GREATER chance of occurring in women who've had multiple births than a hysterectomy. With that said, no woman is going to give up their uterus just so some troon can abort their pregnancies after the euphoria/coom dies down. It's a big surgery. I had a long recovery (some women say it was easy) and working out can sometimes feel odd when you're using your core or lower pelvic area. Handmaidens really need to stop lying to troons. They're creating more men who feel entitled to OUR ORGANS. "Well so many women were willing to donate! They all complain about their period anyways!" Any woman who isn't a hardcore feminist is an idiot.

No. 1765753

They always go on and on about biology, but how in the world would this be biologically possible? If you want to change your chromosomes, you should change every single cell in your body and half of your DNA. Like… you would not even be the same person. Chromosomes get decided the moment conception happens and this yahoo thinks he can undo decades of your body working on those DNA blueprints, the whole backbone of your being?

No. 1765755

All this talk just makes me think of how deeply scared men are of the truth, that it is they that are replaceable and useless. Their strength became useless as soon as we stopped using stones & sticks as tools. Men have countless things to overcome to replace women (like the fact that biologically, they are not built to carry a child & they will always die if a womb is planted in them) but when it comes to women & replacing men, we literally just need to do more research on turning our bone marrow into artificial sperm.

No. 1765757


This cow really needs his own thread, my god.

No. 1765762

They can hardly do this in real women and the womb has to be removed once the baby is delivered. Idk how they expect this to ever be reality. Medicine isn’t magic.

No. 1765765

Hope they'll sign up to be test subjects instead of doing this dystopian shit on innocent animals. MtFs are already living experiments, so it should be A-OK.

No. 1765767

How can they post this shit when they have to know that a huge amount of “TERFs” are lesbians, who’d I’d argue are actually the most ignored and oppressed letter in LGBT since they’re not only a minority but also female.

No. 1765769

They need to do more research on how removing the uterus affects everything else. I’d never give one of my organs up so that it can fail in a scrote’s body, especially if it means my own health will decline. I want to believe they just don’t know the consequences of it on their own health.

No. 1765771

he's fucking skinwalking Audrey Hepburn its so sick to see

No. 1765776

doesnt hysterectomy causes vaginal dryness and weakness overall ? with also a low rate of longevity ? what are the cons of hysterectomy?

No. 1765780

Not a tradthot, I’m an antinatalist. But my experience is that people who are childfree for non AN reasons are just narcs that are too lazy to raise a kid, rather than people who don’t want to birth a child due to moral reasons. But really just anyone willing to donate their uterus to a troon is an abomination.

No. 1765781

KEK can't wait for a shit ton of troons dying and the trans cult blaming everything on the evil women who didn't provide proper uteruses.
They will probably take the organs away from the sad self-hating ftms who will have shitty side effects from removing a healthy organ and the fakebois will have to once again face the reality that nobody gives a shit about them.

No. 1765784

You are fucking retarded. You don't have to have a """proper moral reason""" to not fuck up your body and finances and lose freedom forever. It's just common sense.

No. 1765785

Do actual women ever skinwalk Hepburn? I feel like even the most delusional women don't flat out try to be Audrey.

No. 1765787

I can't believe he doesn't have it already. Maybe nonnies think that the kf thread is sufficient but I would prefer to have a thread of him here since kf users are unbearably autistic and I don't want to read their shit.

No. 1765788

a recent-ish study found that in women who had hysterectomy without oophorectomy, they were still at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis


No. 1765791

actual women don't typically have free facial surgeries offered to them, but I've only heard of teenagers trying to "be like Audrey"

No. 1765792

It's sad that troonery is the reason I don't want to be an organ donor anymore. Reading that doctors might transplant uteruses in the future >>1765679 even though it probably will never be possible is too frightening. They might use my uterus for creepy mengele experiments one day in the name of "life saving gender affirming care". I mean, changing sex is also not possible and they they operate on people anyways. I also don't care if the chances that they pick my uterus for this nightmare might be extremely low. I can't deal with the thought so until trans madness stops no voluntarily organ donations from me unless I can decide that it has to go to a biological woman.

I hope so!

No. 1765799

File: 1676134026514.png (406.54 KB, 619x656, Screenshots_2023-02-12-00-44-2…)

im also an antinatalist and i think you're fucking retarded. leave childfree nonnas alone. you don't have the moral high ground for having the "right reasons" to not have a kid. sometimes the "right reason" can be a selfish one and is subjective.

pic unrelated milk tax

No. 1765804

And even if it is for narc reasons thats still in the benefit of everyone. Narc doesnt put child at risk of terrible narc parent behavior, doesnt pass on the narc gene. Like you truly are retarded.

No. 1765805

>the fucking 5 o'clock shadow
He looks like a fratbro getting hazed at his first party.

No. 1765810

Watch closely, they'll start calling black people subhuman (but in a "woke" way) when they want to legitimize other things.

No. 1765813

>You better have a damn good reason to not reproduce, like thinking that actually no one should reproduce, sweaty
Maybe don't try to moralize an incredibly personal decision. Reproducing isn't for everyone, no matter what kind of blanket visions you might have for humanity. Enough with the extreme black and white thinking.

No. 1765815

TIMs (and their doctors) won’t want wombs that have been damaged by exogenous testosterone, so any TIF looking to donate her uterus will have to forego cross-sex hormones until the transplant. Doctors that currently perform womb transplants also prefer wombs that have already borne at least one child, so they know the organ is capable of it. How big is the demographic of healthy adult TIFs who have not had any cross-sex hormones whatsoever and have already had a child? The handful of mums who troon out in adulthood mostly identify as non-binary and rarely go further than getting a new hairstyle.

No. 1765818

>Notice the amount of handmaidens doing the usual "I would totally donate my uterus!" (doubt they'd actually follow through)but you never see a male offering the equivalent to tifs.

Idiots are posting "you can have mine, I'm tired of the upkeep." You'd get tired of pelvic organ prolapse too. The organs are there for reasons beyond childbearing.

No. 1765819

Based Jeff

No. 1765820

Er, the Nazis killed homosexuals too. It wasn't a "be a gay man or get the gas" situation.

No. 1765821

"Cupcake princess" wtf? Why are they all larping 8 year olds?

No. 1765823

theres a difference between a woman who wants to look like another woman and a fucking male wanting to skinwalk her

No. 1765824

congrats he reached to the 6 o'clock shadow

No. 1765825

They want what they can't have, and what real women have - especially TERFs. This is why they're often obsessed with being 'lesbians', because only another woman can get a lesbian partner. They can get pseudo-vaginas, hormone induced man breasts, face surgery, even hip and butt implants, but they can't get a female pelvis, skull shape, or even posture. They can't get the lived experience of 18, 30, 50 years of being a woman before they put a skirt on and declare themselves equal to us. Whatever gains they make, it's never enough. Now they want periods, they've practically claimed them now - apparently 'reducing' periods to the menstruation aspect alone is erasing their experience of moodiness and the shits. They want wombs, then they'll want pregnancy. Then eventually, C-sections out of necessity for a transplanted womb won't be good enough.

Nothing is ever good enough for them, because they are men. They have not been brought up to settle for something tolerable. They have been brought up told they can have whatever they want, and be whoever they want and they want to be you and it's a travesty if you don't hand over your womanhood on a silver fucking platter.

No. 1765826

nah that's just your bias. most people want kids at a certain age, touch grass.

No. 1765827

For the life of me I can't understand WOC who think white troons are good allies. Do they even read what trannies say about them? Troons' only interest in WOC or any minorities is to parasitically latch onto legit movements for their own benefit.

No. 1765830

no that's jacqueline kennedy

No. 1765832

Pretty much says what I said. Hysterectomy leads to earlier menopause which in turn leads to more years of bone loss. This study also involves Asian populations. Women with smaller builds are more prone to osteoporosis, this will magnify with early menopause. Other groups, heavier set women (that aren't morbidly obese) and women who work out lower the risk.

Personally, no. My fucking SSRI causes more vaginal dryness than the hysterectomy. But that can be a complaint of many women. Sometimes it's just because of the surgical trauma, and isn't long term. Structurally, it can cause weakness, but the uterus is tucked in there, so it's not like your missing your insides or anything and organs don't really need to readjust. It's actually more traumatic for your organs during pregnancy. Vaginal prolapse is also more likely since many ligaments are removed that linked to the uterus. Many women suffer some degree of prolapse so it's not as scary as it sounds. Just remember, any surgery is trauma. All have negative effects. Removing your uterus for no reason, or to give to a troon is NOT RECOMMENDED and insane. I don't think a hysterectomy is as disastrous as some anons, but do not get me wrong, no woman should get a healthy organ removed. You are healthier with it. I got mine removed for quality of life and I wouldn't let some troon have that scarred up piece of shit, much less a healthy functioning one. Unless it gave them the endo pain I experienced. They would kill themselves a month in.

No. 1765835

And no one seems to mention that miscarriage is way common than people seems to think. That's why most of couples wait for weeks until pregnancy is going well to announce it. And the infertility, too.

I'm using Depo to stop my periods and is a blessing, but the cramps are still there. These men would never think how painful a cramp is, except the "I'm in bad moody, so I'll rest and eat chocolate, tee hee".

No. 1765836

Isn't it a way to solve periods? If I could remove this shit I would. I even consider pretending to be a tif for that.

No. 1765840

Unless you have extreme bleeding or pain, nope. It's not worth it. I had both so it was a blessing. I cried when a doctor actually gave me one because I have no kids. It was after surgery and I was sobbing telling them how my life wasn't worth living and how they were the ones who finally listened to me. If I could keep my uterus and have a normal period, even if a bit painful or comfortable I would. >>1765835 Depo is a better option for problematic periods, but can ALSO lead to osteoporosis. It's sad, but women can't really end a period in a healthy way. Men are fucking disgusting for making fun of us all these years, making light of out discomfort because our attitudes made them feel bad. This issue alone peaked me. The fucking audacity of troons mimicking our trauma and making light was the last straw.

No. 1765841

File: 1676137701375.jpg (121.63 KB, 683x1200, FmHiyYRWYAAUMlU.jpg)

Yes because women are just makeup and skirts and pink

No. 1765846

I feel you, anon. I'm the one who had to have part of my intestine removed by emergency surgery because of endo. I hate hormones. I'm taking a break from my pill and the pain & bleeding is bad. But it was making me suffer in other ways. I just hope that it doesn't do any damage during this break.

No. 1765849

File: 1676138045090.png (233.3 KB, 720x793, Screenshot_20230211-125252~2.p…)

Good news posted by a mtf on Twitter

No. 1765850

Well said Nonna, this post is ample peaking material

No. 1765852

saggy little tubes

No. 1765853

I'm sorry for your situation nonna, but what is the benefit of having a uterus if you don't want kids?

No. 1765858

At least some use of the alt-right retards.

No. 1765859

good to hear that, but does these kind of laws be lifted back by the president or any member of the congress ? sorry im not familiar with the US politic but i know that the deranged democrats are making a lot of noises nowadays

No. 1765860

In fact I'm using depo for my problematic periods and cysts. Without them, I would spend the whole week in my bed being weak and nauseous. And the mirena thing is expensive as fuck.

If these men want the horrible side of having periods, then they can get them. They'll reject it the first day.

No. 1765861


>Welcome to the femme universe

laughs in tomboy

No. 1765863

File: 1676138591271.png (427.06 KB, 1174x652, Capture d’écran 2023-02-11 à 1…)

ah yes a mental illness is the same as cancer, not even hyperbolic.

No. 1765864

Same old misogyny but now it's woke and cute and wholesome. They still will never understand why women worry so much about their looks as they were never socialized as female and don't have the same set of impossible expectations. Society expects nothing of mentally ill men but still expects us to coddle their ridiculous delusions. I'm so tired of woke misogyny.

No. 1765866

What are you even doing here? Are you here just to spout retarded, internalized misogynistic takes? Not having kids doesn't make you a narc and plenty of parents are narcs/shit parents. Like anon said pregnancy is brutal on a womans body, having kids is a life long job and it's their decision if they want to undergo a pregnancy and have kids. The touch grass meme that toxic shit holes spout across the internet (that has lost all meaning because it is used incorrectly en masse), makes zero sense here. It makes no sense because we are all aware as women that we are socialized and brainwashed into using our bodies as cattle by moids. You severely lack critical thinking skills if you think any woman on this site is unaware of pressure to have kids and has not been reduced to their reproductive potential. You are ignorant assuming the decision to have children is positive for woman always.

Pregnancy and having children is a personal and lifelong decision, not some shallow petty internet bullshit one liner argument of 'touch grass'. The way you write about child free women, hell even the way you imply about women with children makes you sound like a average moid.

No. 1765868

Ironic too, because we're obsessed with MATCHING our skin tone because we don't want to look like a clown or retarded.

No. 1765871

nta but the uterus as an organ goes way beyond simply its reproductive function, from hormone production to simply holding the surrounding organs in place. there's also a lot of evidence that getting a hysterectomy significantly increases the risk of developing dementia later in life.

hysterectomies should only be performed if absolutely necessary.

No. 1765874

Um, can they please stop identifying as homosexual/LGB and go back to identifying as fetishists/public embarrassments?? I don’t think any TERFs are happy about all the AGPs harassing lesbians…

No. 1765876

File: 1676139907274.jpeg (312.96 KB, 1170x789, BB2A61B0-3F62-4E2E-B078-E5BD01…)

Under a post about uterus transplants. I have…. so many things I could say to this but I’m tired so instead all I’ll say is it makes me rage

No. 1765878

They're so self centred, even if womb transplants were possible, it would make more sense for women who have something wrong with their wombs to get a transplant rather than gross men in dresses being a priority. But trannies are profitable so of course everyone is saying they should be the one getting wombs.

No. 1765880

The uterus is an endocrine organ. This thought process is fine when discussing spaying and neutering animals, not humans. I hope you are not >>1765780 anon.

No. 1765882

Barren-anon here, and like all anons said, it's tied to hormone production. Even if you don't remove the ovaries, the lack of feedback from the uterus (or whatever medical theories are valid) lead to early menopause resulting in producing less hormone production. Or, simply, your ovaries stop producing normal amounts. There are downsides. I haven't had any terrible things happen since I had my uterus removed, but surgery recovery was torture. 3 years later, I'm working out and I feel like my pelvic area is weaker in a way that's hard to describe. It's not prolapse, but something does feel different in an uncomfortable way. I'm missing an entire organ, anon, it's not a good thing. You can be unlucky and have a lot of complications from hysterectomies as well. In the 60s/70s they were given to women who had children way too frequently and resulted in health problems. Some women have claimed no sex drive, pain, and extreme weight gain. I think they're safer now, but probably refused as a response to doctors ignoring women's health and removing a healthy uterus.

Retards. God I hate males so much. It's always a contest. No woman ever tells someone with severe spinal issues that "pregnancy is probably worse." A momentary intense pain is analogous to 9 months of physical, hormonal and mental changes, life long health consequences and 18 years of being responsible for another human being.

No. 1765884

Them adapting the holocaust and genocide in nazi germany is the most infuriating about their cult. Gays being killed by the nazis has absolutely nothing to do with trans except that it was common for gays to troon out and there were some mentally ill AGPs back then. Weirdly the nazis even allowed them to crossdress and gave them an ID for it ffs. Men were always allowed to live out their fetishes. This myth that twans people have been among us forever!1 needs to die, it's the only basis for the acceptance of these takes. I genuinely hate these narcissists taking advantage of actually oppressed people to much.

No. 1765885

I have to work in this class with a gay instructor that does NOTHING but use trans people as the most marginalized people EVA! Talks about binary being western and from colonization, same ole liberal garbage (I'm still not a a rightoid). It's exhausting because I just want to shout, "would you date a TiF?!?!!?" I really want to ask him if he should give trans men an equal chance and if he could stomach it. Kek. Sad thing is that he's a pretty cool instructor, just parroting trans stuff even though he should be talking more about gay rights.

No. 1765889

i love it when moids stand up to this bullshit. unlike the women trannies target, they have nothing to lose, they should do it all the time.

No. 1765890

okay, we have more than 200.000 mentally ill or disabled people that got killed/arrested by the Nazis and around 20.000 homosexual (mostly men) people. Still, they want attention? On a day that's meant to remember the killing of million of Jews? No one remembered the other groups on that day, but troons had to be included in speeches. Did they ever read anything about the "Transvestitenschein"? No one cared about them, as long as they didn't act homosexual or showed indecent exposure. And they weren't special, literally everything could get you arrested back then, even having a Jewish neighbour or talking to a prisoner of war could get you arrested, it just has to be about them, everything. They have weeks where they get all the attention, television, news papers, magazines, everyone changes their program to include information about trans people, no other group gets that much attention, no gays, no lesbians, no mentally ill or disabled people.

No. 1765892

Moids have power. Look at how the right actually legislates and takes away the ability to mutilate children (trans rights as they call it), while JKR tweets about hanging out with lesbians and they run a hate campaign because she's a woman and they can threaten to rape her.

No. 1765893

please do it already, i can’t wait to see them try and fail.

No. 1765898

They clearly aren't. I think everyone should bring up disabled, terminally ill and poor people as examples because they tend to be most forgotten by wokesters. How could they call you phobic for mentioning how these groups have it bad? (Of course they would find reasons, it's a rhetorical question). We have financially well off trans-identified men being in high positions in politics and these idiots think that they're all equally marginalized while people in said other groups often can't even participate in society and live a normal life. Yet no one protests about it to make their lives better. They have no voice in woke clown world. Tras really just turned intersectionality into the worst thing possible.

No. 1765904

I work with deaf students, so he does discuss disabilities and ADA a lot, especially since one of his students is deaf. I appreciate it because most instructors are retards any time they see a handicap. He even makes sure students use ADA compliant fonts, etc. He's also South American so he parrots trans propaganda but actually gets minority issues correctly. I blame the cult more than I blame him. To be an academic you have to play along. I do too to some extent (it's always laced with TERF insidiousness). One student asked a trans sensitive question and even I could have answered it better than him as a fucking TERF. I just want people to know all these liberals don't really FEEL connected to this shit. They feel they have to comply to be a part of the liberal academic community. I say this as a liberal. Fuck checking all boxes. Trannies are sexist men and sexist women.

No. 1765905

>same ole liberal garbage (I'm still not a a rightoid)
You need to go full commie, that's the only way: anti rightoidism + anti liberalism

No. 1765906

Commie means you have to care about people, and I only truly care about 50% of them. Women. I care about the .001 nigels if they exist I guess.

No. 1765910

sure, everyone wants children to tell them later that they never wanted them in the first place, it's a hell of fun to have a narc mother and narc people deciding to be narcissistic enough to not have children in the first place would be a blessing. There are also a whole lot of women that never wanted children and just got them because everyone around them did it. Women have the choice to not have children, finally, so let them decide and even if the only reason is "I don't want to lose my freedom". And yes, I touched some grass today, it was soft and green and nice.

No. 1765913

he is spending hours on makeup and we still can tell and I need 10 mins to be ready, not bothering with a full face makeup, still no one would ever think I'm a man, kek. It's so nice to be old enough to have no more fucks to give.

No. 1765920

It's always weird to me when people are in close contact with minorities who clearly have it worse and still buy the marginalized trans shit. Yes there's not much you can do in academia but I would avoid playing along at all costs. It's so easy for him to get woke points by saying the usual things and it's cowardly and lazy.

nta, for me there's no communism before moids are stopped from oppressing us

we all know how he looks when he says "presentable" and his coomerbrain thinks he has made an effort kek

No. 1765921

What will TERFs have left? Everything. It's hilarious to me that TIMs think they can just seize womanhood. It's so arrogant and completely mistaken. A human personality doesn't exist in isolation. We are defined by our relationships. You can't consume your way to mental health and you can't buy womanhood.

Instead of making themselves useful and building relationships like normal people troons lose what little personality they started with to the fetish. They demand constant affirmation from the world without reciprocation. They can't reciprocate because the fetish eventually consumes the personality entirely. In the end they are the paraphilia and nothing else - the very opposite of womanhood and more alone than ever.

They waste their time hopelessly trying to outlaw all references to reality. They can never stop flailing because they're living a lie and reality always reasserts itself. (See the rescue dogs that refuse to recognize their womanhood lmao) That's why the gentle "no" of a woman like JKR sends them into fits of rage. All the enabling handmaidens in the world can't earth-mommy them into being women.

You just can't will a paraphilia into the real thing. Deal with it, trannies.

No. 1765922

I only had one woman in my life actually admit that she would be better off with children after having them. She starts with the "I love them more than anything." It's sad. Because you really do, but it's forced. You fucking have to love and want them. She's a manic panic pixie dream girl and still talks about aging like it's the black plague. Copes with "people are sooo surprised when I say my age." Those kids did nothing for her and it took her a few years to be a good mom and she is now. Great even. But who wants to be FORCED into loving someone. That's motherhood. I respect women who have children so much, but fuck that for myself. They're needy, then selfish, then bitter. And that's normal! Why not be happy and just live a life where you're not bring another life into an overpopulated planet? Breeders are so offended by the idea that their reality is rejected. A life where you're spending your golden years dedicated to children who can't appreciate it is kind of sad. Yes it's a sacrifice, but not you're not better for making it. It's just your decision. Women who choose a life that separates them just a bit from dedicating their emotional and physical well being for another is pretty precious too. I don't have kids, but still have a mother and nephew and nieces where I help substantially because my brother is male and thus useless. Sorry for the non-tranny rant, but it needs to be said. Tradthots get the fuck out of these threads. Go be bimbos sows just like the tranny fag hag in your life envies.

No. 1765924

I'm in the middle of the Kiwi Farms thread on this Hapsburg-jawed MFer. He's a total dick and I hope the sad news never ends for him

No. 1765929

Its been amazing to watch this very powerful WOMAN refuse to bend to them. They're so used to being able to shout people into submission and they've been throwing a years-long tantrum because she won't back down to some entitled losers. They can't deal with knowing how unimportant they and their Twitter slacktivism are. Nobody outside their little internet hugbox cares and anybody who sees this shit is laughing at them. No amount of threatening and bullying is gonna change that.

No. 1765932


if I knew better how to make threads I would, but my thread-skills are worse than his surgeons skills in ffs.

No. 1765936

File: 1676145713304.png (4.23 MB, 1824x1792, oldhagfashion.png)

you'd think a subreddit called r/oldhagfashion would at least be a cozy space for women to share their fits without the pressure of feeling sexualised 24/7, but instead it's 60% TiMs who barely even pass and scrotes who don't even try, not to mention all the comments full of handmaidens saying "omg so cute teehee". we can't have shit

No. 1765937

samefag, sorry for the big ass image that takes ages to load kek

No. 1765938

So the ugly, manly looking, no-effort TIMs are calling themselves hags now just like they adapted the term "butch lesbians" so they have an excuse to look the way they look?

No. 1765940

I used to love this sub as a place to look for women who were dressing well for themselves, especially unsexualized fashion inspo. Very hard to come by. I had to unsubscribe when the scales tipped towards men needing to be validated in EVERY post. They never give back to the female communities they leach off of, only TAKE TAKE TAKE from us. I'm buying legacy today.

No. 1765942

Also the TIMs in the picture don't remotely fit the image of what I would imagine old hag fashion to be. It's the usual ill-fitting dresses, high heels and bad makeup because they have 50s stereotypes in mind and no fashion sense. Such parasites. I hope they all end up amongst themselves because they scared all women away.

No. 1765947

>I don't have kids, but still have a mother and nephew and nieces where I help substantially because my brother is male and thus useless.

Same here, nonna. I just never found a Nigel and due to being parentified as a child I never wanted kids. My favorite guilt-trip is "you'll regret it when you have no one to care for you when you're old."

I've spent a decade caring for my elderly parents with zero help from my siblings. You can do everything more or less right but that doesn't mean your children who grow up in this selfish, winner-take-all society will be there for you. Old folks' homes are full of people who never, ever have visitors. They can't all have been narcs. Something like 70% of parental caregivers have no help from siblings and most of us are women.

When I confronted my sister for not helping me, her cold-blooded response told me I was right not to have children. There's a good chance they would have turned out like her, and frankly I'd rather be dead than have children like my siblings.

To get back on topic, any society that elevates male pervs overnight to most oppressed evah! status is a clown world I am very reluctant to invest much in. Women already have enough on our plates without mothering coom-brained troons as well. Society can't run without us but we see how much our care work is appreciated.

No. 1765948

File: 1676147351153.jpg (785.64 KB, 510x851, 1676021710830.jpg)

Got it from /2X/

No. 1765951

if you like that thread, Rachel McKinnon / Veronica Ivy is fun, too! And Emmy Zje. Those three threads are basically all I read on KF. The Veronica Ivy thread got me through two weeks in hospital but I had to stop reading sometimes bc it made me laugh too much (which hurt)

No. 1765958

> does these kind of laws be lifted back by the president or any member of the congress ?
No. Congress can't repeal laws made by a state. What could happen is that a federal law is passed that would penalize states that have made hormones and surgeries for minors illegal. But it's unlikely that it would pass, if it did it would be tied up in court for years, and, given how the republicans have stacked the federal judiciary, it would probably get ruled as unconstitutional.

No. 1765965

The Liz Fong-Jones is also very fun. He tried to get kf ddosed off the internet and then get Tier 1 ISPs to blackhole it and failed abysmally. Reading that thread from the beginning is a fun ride.

No. 1765967

it's lip service and trannies can't tell

No. 1765969

File: 1676149039134.jpg (18.75 KB, 960x448, sVZGoD3.jpg)

Hate this fat fuck greasy pedo cum stain.

No. 1765971

Sorry thought vids would work in the imgur link.

No. 1765972

He's one of my favorite trans cows. >>1765965
Keffals' is good too, especially since he's currently being cancelled

No. 1765973

>skinny fat guy with obvious male obliques
>put in the work at the gym

No. 1765975

lmao thanks nonnas. I'm still getting over covid so the Erin and Rowling Derangement Syndrome threads have helped me pass the hours

No. 1765978

next time its preferable to upload a .webm

No. 1765979

You can be as misogynist as you want as long as you cloak it with pro-trans or anti-racist cant. What else is new? Of course they think we're too dumb to see what they're doing. Fuck this creep.

No. 1765980

also should mention that he has recently quitted twitter since musk is now the owner. all of his plans failled miserably and it's wonderful to witness that.

No. 1765982

Thanks, I kept trying as mp4 and it wouldn't work, I'll convert it next time.

No. 1765987

I grew up with a hysterical, narc mother, she told my sibling and me many times how she thinks it would have been better we were never born, starts suicide baiting after that and the next day everything is forgotten. My brother and I even joke that she would be the perfect troon the way she behaves. I can't tell you how much I wish that some women would just say "no, I don't want children and I won't be sad at the end of my life for not reproducing myself". Children are a huge decision, you have to be able to afford them, both financially and mentally, if you can't, just let it be. And there is still the other part to children, men, you need a man for all that and few men are worth being a father. I know that I would be a good mother, I just never felt that I wanted children and what horrible life would I bring them into, they won't have grandparents, they won't have money, they would experience every horrible thing that might be ahead of us. Still, I get asked about children all the time, got told that's okay if I don't want children, as if I need permission to be childfree, my brother, no one bothers asking. Let me (and all of you childfree nonas) be childfree in peace, we (mostly) decided it this way and if you are happy with it, it's the right path.

>you'll regret it when you have no one to care for you when you're old.
Kek, my parents have two children, they fucked up so bad that we both won't care for them, ever. The only good thing they ever brought up was the strong bond between us, that's all, everything else is lies and trauma.

Sry for blogposting, just wanted to tell you how amazing you both are and that you are not alone in your childfree journey.(ok but still, not your personal blog)

No. 1765992

the last thing I would think about when hearing "old hag fashion" would be high heels… isn't that the main point, not fitting into sexualized fashion ideas and just say, fuck it, I'm wearing comfortable shoes because I don't care anymore?
We should open a forum, where like minded women could meet and every troon will be blocked until eternity, there has to be a place only for women.

No. 1765995

Imagine thinking getting kicked in the balls is at all comparable with the hours-long agony of childbirth, even as a joke. Yes I know I can't make the comparison directly myself but somehow I just know. I'm almost keen for this just because the thought of a moid realising his mistake too late when he is in for hours of pain beyond his expectations is hilarious to me.

No. 1766000

File: 1676152234293.png (297.06 KB, 594x858, troonaclu.png)

They are always the victim-est victims of all, even if they have to make it up.

Are there any non-troons at the ACLU or are they just all degeneracy all the time now?

No. 1766006

>trans women like engaging with self-demeaning misogyny because when they do so they are affirming their identity as a woman in a context that is comedic, because it is funny
Actual women don't find it funny because it's depressingly our lived experience and we don't need to be demeaned to affirm the physical fact of our womanhood but moids like Vaush find it funny because they're ghouls so thank you Vaush for highlighting that trans women are men, this broken clock is right for once.

No. 1766009

"One can assume this but we can't know for sure" is a perfectly reasonable statement that doesn't contradict what these idiots have said dead troons in the data but yet again, inconvenient facts are transphobia.

No. 1766021

they could try comparing period pain with getting kicked in the balls, not being able to sit or lie down for hours a day, every month a year, well, they won't even be able to handle that. I hope for them to endure the pain many women have to go through, they would never want to be a woman again.

No. 1766027

File: 1676154874586.png (1.98 MB, 778x3264, stonebutchdyke.png)

just an ugly moid, nothing 'butch' or 'dyke' about that.

No. 1766028

File: 1676155008303.jpg (180.74 KB, 1000x1000, 327941569_103575822631956_8921…)

the woman he's trying to skinwalk

No. 1766030

Up to 10% of borderline personality disorder patients die by suicide. That doesn't mean their thoughts and behaviors are correct either. There is of course a lot of overlap between transgenderism and Cluster B disorders but we're supposed to pretend their holy gender identities are unaffected.

Suicide threats are also a very common form of abuse, one I was subjected to in my youth. I'm fucking sick of "pretend I'm the opposite sex or I'll kill myself." Some people are just broken. It doesn't mean that we should rearrange society around affirming their delusions. Sorry, you are not what you say you are.

No. 1766031

Of course they don't get what old hag fashion means. They think: hey I'm old and a laydee so this is the place for mee, I'm an old hag haha I'll post a picture of me in my glittery dress and my new heels for the other girls, so hot. I've looked at the sub and there's such a clear difference in style between the women and men pretending to be women. They don't get any of it, it's all about their pornbrained minds. It sucks so much how these communities are invaded. I have hope that more women leave reddit for good and build their own communities away from obsessed TIM mods like female dating strategy. It's not a site for me but it's so important that women have websites where they talk mainly to other women without handmaidens and men telling them what they can't say. It should be like this for hobbies and other interests too. So I really hope sites like ovarit and FDS are only the beginning.
Also look at the sheer amount of trans-related subs (as seen in the OP) and they still have to post their ugly mugs in every sub with a female userbase to feel like they're part of womanhood and not in a tranny echochamber.

No. 1766036

oh thanks i will check it out. idk why i am not more adventurous over there, i guess some threads have better atmospheres than others. i'm in academia so the pompous troon professors are always a hoot. i read JYaniv's threads too, i forgot that.

No. 1766041

AYRT thank you nonna. It's such a personal choice, dependent on so many things even before you get to the financial aspect and our atomized society. Add to the list of things MTFs will never understand: what it's like to feel judged for declining motherhood. I admire you for refusing to care for your narc/enabler parents.

No. 1766055

I agree with you but calling women breeders and bimbo sows is still fucked imo.

No. 1766056

I really hope this shit crashes one day because it seems almost ineradicable the way it has a grip over social momentum. With the amount of youth identifying with pronouns, institutions adopting a pro-troon etiquette, and celebrities being "genderqueer", my doubt grows everyday that it will stop. IIRC, support for the LGBT has gone down recently according to a census I saw once. I'm not sure exactly why, but most of us can suspect it's due to this troon phenomenon. The quicker most of the LGB realizes it must cut off the TQ+ the more they, and others affected, will truly be better off. This much unprecedented damage is frightening, but the women and LGBs activating for their own destruction is simply unspeakable.

No. 1766057

She was just repeating terms used by moids to make a point.

No. 1766058

It will die and rot simple as that. Still cant stand how these fools say we're anti science.

No. 1766070

File: 1676160326968.jpeg (673.96 KB, 1170x1992, 6301AFF0-3D5C-43C9-AD0C-464E2C…)

Tranny mma fighter and war criminal compares killing brown ppl for the American army and playing HL as the same thing.

No. 1766077

They keep calling it violence and genocide but nobody outside their terminally online social bubble gives a fuck. Everyone is having fun and more people I’m seeing are peaking hard over trannies raging and seething over this game. Because when they ask what JK said that made her comparable to hilter, nobody gets a clear answer or are told to Google it or read her twitter. Kek I’ve seen more people bring up how she opened a rape shelter for women and donated money to help save girls in Afganistan too than be revealed as some evil person akin to a war criminal or dictator.

No. 1766085

File: 1676161652104.jpg (27.66 KB, 500x375, 41oyTvEcccL._RI_.jpg)

You would even think that, if that game is really influencing to people to kill trannies, the "won't someone think on the children" parents plus any LBGT+ org would go and claim "Video games make people violent!" again and try to ban all video games, even the ones that aren't MA.

But here we are, with people claiming these people are in danger when most of the players are having fun in the magical world.

No. 1766091

i don't know if i should laugh or cry, do they really believe this shit

No. 1766096

File: 1676162944226.jpeg (513.65 KB, 750x2795, 92CE0CE7-40BC-4787-A6D0-38C9EF…)

go terf boss!

No. 1766102


No. 1766110

File: 1676164052203.webm (9.18 MB, 576x1024, Download (10).webm)

No. 1766116

blame your cult for their constant harassment and violence instead

No. 1766118

Absolutely not a single chance this happened in a UK workplace.

No. 1766124

Literally every fucking woman on the planet would say they don't have a period if they don't bleed, menstrual means period it means bleeding. A natal woman who has hormonal issues or some other disturbance with their natural menstrual cycle for whatever reason is still a woman, literally nothing there to invalidate you ugly pig. And that outdated Skrillex hair makes you look extra manly.

No. 1766125

No. 1766126

File: 1676165982447.png (201.31 KB, 500x290, 1542302032424.png)

ok sweaty

No. 1766128

File: 1676166042477.png (464.51 KB, 695x684, Twitter.png)

totes not a pedo

No. 1766130

File: 1676166220060.png (70.42 KB, 873x546, Reduxx.png)

No. 1766131

there is NO way this scrote didn't commit war crimes with his scrote unit while in the middle east. "spend the rest of my life trying to make amends" hmmmmm amends for what buddy? what are american soldiers notorious for doing to women and children in the middle east?? interesting….

one of his old comrades needs to come forward and spill and do the world a favor. even if he was just a regular solider, there's a massive fucking difference between liking childrens books and choosing to go through boot camp, onboarding, shipment and participation in a goddamn war. he's projecting massively

No. 1766138

>women are not skirts and pink
>We’re sick of what deranged males think
>they view us as just holes to fuck
>that lesbians have all the luck
>that we’re not hurting ‘cos of them
>that we don’t silently condemn
>the scary skin walking we see
>they covet femininity
>when one in three women are raped
>when some of them cannot escape
>the men that beat,control and shame
>now think that they can wear our name

No. 1766140

interesting, i wonder if a lot of these ex-jarhead military types troon out from a sense of guilt. they have to be the funniest and most delusional subtype of TIM

No. 1766141

if it causes more tranny deaths so be it

No. 1766153

Such a disgusting creep. Literally mansplaining what misogyny is, lmao the state of leftist moids

No. 1766154

Sorry for OT, but if you just want to stop periods and don't want kids, just get your tubes clamped. Way less of a dramatic procedure, and you still get all the right hormones being produced. It just stops the egg reaching your uterus.

No. 1766163

File: 1676168935001.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.55 KB, 750x989, Fou3cVpaYAAhe1X.jpg)

No. 1766171

It's always "get pregnant" and never "have a child" with these creeps. They don't care about the baby, it's just a byproduct of their sick impregnation/inflation fetishes. No real woman looks forward to the process of carrying and birthing a child, it's frightening and for some downright body horror. We suffer and endure for the sake of our future child, but trannies are too self-centered to ever understand. They are the farthest thing from a woman.

No. 1766172

This troon gets paid to write and can't even fucking write complete sentences. Men truly are celebrated for their mediocrity.
Even if this were possible, pumping those hypothetical babies full of the cross-sex hormones, anti-rejection drugs, and who knows what other psychiatric drugs most of these headcases are on is beyond cruel. It's not like they actually want to give birth, it's all just for validation and the coom.
I was following that thread right before and during the time Rhys got de-tenured, and it was some of the best entertainment ever on that site. When he leaked his performance evaluation because he felt the need to respond like a petulant child… solid gold. It's hilarious that he's morbidly obese now and still trying to cycle. How insane that they had him on the Daily Show in that state and thought it was a good look for the troons in women's sport argument.

No. 1766181

every time troons and their fandom try to gaslighting society into thinking sex is a spectrum and trannies are exactly the same as women, i think about men like the one in picrel and laugh my ass off.

No. 1766183

File: 1676170612686.png (28.92 KB, 678x246, m Twitter.png)

Isn't the complete opposite true? The trannies are the ones getting angry lel.

No. 1766184

File: 1676170881305.png (123.2 KB, 688x905, cope post.png)

>I've had a neopenis for 5 months that makes me an expert on vaginas
Every troon should get a neo penis so they can get infected and then they realize what a mistake they have made.

No. 1766186

File: 1676171044445.jpg (115.13 KB, 986x1315, FotlqngXoAMsgnu.jpg)

its this guy btw

No. 1766187

why do they always emphasize that their stink ditches smell and taste like vaginas? they clearly have never been near one in their entire lives.

No. 1766188

File: 1676171086965.png (358.19 KB, 676x678, Women's Voices on Twitter.png)

No. 1766189

File: 1676171304473.png (34.01 KB, 701x229, tranny Twitter.png)

another totes real thing happened

No. 1766191

>smell and taste
>high maintanance
>how to look after a vagina
This sounds more male the more I read, they cannot escape it kekk

No. 1766192

File: 1676171875507.jpg (150.24 KB, 1080x1888, FooToC1XEB0U4VF.jpg)

No. 1766193

>it's totes a real vagina!!!
>lists ways in which it is not a vagina

No. 1766195

File: 1676171996745.jpeg (717.42 KB, 750x3111, CEA5A558-B928-489B-92DA-A67A0A…)

the only repeating pattern here is straight men not understanding friendship with women, and that handmaidens see trannies as extra gay men and charity cases, not as potential partners.

No. 1766196

the fucking notre dame football shirt lmao

No. 1766197

why would any man with a single functioning brain cell turn his penis into basically a pet they have to baby so it won’t close up or rot off?

No. 1766198

Holocaust Memorial Day is to remember all victims of genocide. All victim of the Nazis - Jews, Roma, disabled, commies etc. - but also victims in Rwanda, Cambodia, the Balkans.
Jews have their own day for it, Yom Hashoah which this year is April 17-18th. This specifically remembers the Jews killed and tortured in the Holocaust.
And of course, Trannies have their own TDOR when they use a handful of dead trans sex workers and quite a few suicides to act like they're going through the same as the Jews of Europe, the Tutsi in Rwanda and so on.

They're not just coopting womanhood, they're coopting victimhood. It's absolutely disgusting.

No. 1766199

File: 1676172327913.png (Spoiler Image,375.66 KB, 685x737, Valid people taking L's on Twi…)

really funny but gross fyi

No. 1766202

Is there a childfree thread in /2x or /ot?
(hello fellow childfrees!)

No. 1766205

I'm a BPD anon, although far more chill in my 30s than I was in my teens (medication helps). If people had given into my manipulative behaviours, then therapy wouldn't have worked at all. It would just have taught me that threats got me what I wanted when what I NEEDED was to work through the trauma that fucked my brain up in the first place. Lots of BPD stuff seems to appear in modern Troonism: the black and white thinking (WIZARD GAME BAD!), manipulating others around them with threats, lashing out with inappropriate violence or violent language, self-neglect, regular suicidal ideation. I haven't seen a lot of MTF self injury though, but it's rife in FTM communities.

No. 1766208

If this had actually happened, HR would have been shitting themselves. I don't believe for one minute it went down the way this "girl" describes. See:
> I told a colleague it was fucking pissing me off
Oh yeah I bet he did, in a loud and angry manner that scared his co workers and got him reprimanded for being aggressive which he interpreted as twansphobia.

No. 1766209


that poor kid will be horribly groomed and assaulted by delusional pedos, who im sure will not be the only one that's going to be hurting him too. regardless, if the 14 year old kid believes he's a girl or not, he shouldn't be in the hands of these people. i pity other orphaned children that's going to be adopted in the likes of these people.

No. 1766211

>a neovagina is more likely to heal well than any other major surgery

The cope is off the charts.

No. 1766217

File: 1676174777512.jpeg (42.74 KB, 429x594, 42F527DF-070F-4CC0-AE35-3DBD41…)

This was just arrested in my town. Deciding which prison to put him in. Arrested for attempted murder and has a record.

No. 1766225

No. 1766226

I hate how these fools talk in a sassy karen tone and somehow think that makes them a sassy girl boss when in reality they are just another dude mansplaining to women but looking like degenerates while doing it. You dont look smart, you look like a jobless coomer who lives in a dingy basement of his moms house, and yet you think you have any authority on the shit your spewing.

No. 1766237

the only reason i'm still subscribed to that subreddit is to downvote moids

No. 1766239

Man… maybe it's not so smart to bring up completely out of nowhere the fact that you're a literal murderer when people are having a debate about the morality of playing a video game

No. 1766242

File: 1676179068916.jpg (39.61 KB, 640x480, 598288.jpg)

Someone have read too much fics where the author claims "it tasted like peach" if he really think vaginas do have smell and taste, because if it smells badly, that means an infection.

No. 1766249

File: 1676179783254.png (107.05 KB, 712x772, Katy Montgomerie on Twitter.p…)

Monty described some rando in his make believe story

No. 1766254

why do all tims think that any t-shirt + ugly tumblr skirt combo equals an outfit actual women would wear. even the most unfashionable woman would know not to wear a fucking football tee with a pink skirt. it's like they've never seen a woman clothed before.

No. 1766255

File: 1676180179083.jpg (Spoiler Image,675.48 KB, 1662x1080, Screenshot_20230211_195315_You…)


No. 1766258

When I choose to skip my sugar pills and keep taking my birth control everyday I don't experience the "other symptoms" of a period. Weird how a woman with a uterus and an underlying female hormonal cycle doesn't experience it but men without either somehow do.

No. 1766264

>"buffalo bill is a transphobic character!!!1 you shouldnt portray trans women as psychos who want to wear women's skin!"

No. 1766267

communism is authority obsessed bullshit too that just leads into thought crime policing and killing your political opponents kek every single time just somehow it all goes into dictator shit commies are retards

No. 1766268

File: 1676181297027.png (44.48 KB, 599x479, KM gonads.PNG)

I vote Monty as the dumbest troon I ever came across

No. 1766271

>Maybe a bit deeper than cis vaginas
Men can never stop with the dick-measuring contests, can they?

No. 1766274

this guy is legit scary

No. 1766277

File: 1676181845030.png (2.47 MB, 974x1188, 1675972010800.png)

No. 1766278

File: 1676182092078.jpeg (771.04 KB, 1284x2102, 22684E0B-DD68-4EF6-8500-E29688…)

No. 1766282

Ghostbusters? Slimer? Green?
That’s an infection.

No. 1766285

File: 1676183387326.jpeg (1.26 MB, 4032x2632, egghead.jpeg)

he has a bald patch on the top of his head. his face is made of 90 percent plastic lol

No. 1766290

File: 1676184086247.png (646.73 KB, 1024x1011, 1675750124918.png)


No. 1766291


No. 1766293

The tranny looks like a literal fukken baboon.

No. 1766294

>my inverted schlong is deeper than yours.

No. 1766298

File: 1676184856268.jpg (237.48 KB, 1152x1280, combined.jpg)

No. 1766299

Women can try and “reclaim” terms like old hags, bimbos, manic pixie dream girls, tomboys, etc, but it never works because men will always see us as the porn categories they created. They’ll take over them even if women aren’t trying to reclaim them, see how many bimbo aesthetic troons there are?

At least TERFs aren’t as copied or skin walked. There’s the rare “truscum” and annoying grifting gay moids who pick up surface level GC takes but that’s it. I’m inspired now to look at more female fashion subreddits and look at the difference in actual women's outfits and the troom ones

No. 1766303

Well, I don't have to "get in there" with toilet paper after I pee, they don't seem to know how the female vagina is build or where the urethra lies.
And as if a vagina is high maintenance, it's just there and works the way it should without much attention, but if you never cleaned your dick while you had one, a vagina seems to be a lot to handle.

No. 1766305

It's probably high maintenance for him because he has to dilate every day and make sure the open wound doesn't get infected.

No. 1766306

Wouldn't that make it funnier

No. 1766309

This dude passes well, at least from photos and videos. Moids are already bad at telling trannies and real women apart so I don't believe this story actually happened.

No. 1766314

sounds great & i volunteer to be the first comedian

No. 1766315

glad to see he lives in hell. being a hatred filled, rotten to the core, bottom feeding scrote must be hell.

No. 1766318

Just wanted to add this article but I saw you added it before.
Absolutely gross. This is child abuse.
BTW I wonder why most trans people don’t talk much about the creator of their flag… I wonder why…
>Helms and his partner identify as “lesbians.” Helms in particular began to identify as a lesbian woman in 1997 while he was also working at a pornography shop in Arizona that “sold adult videos” and lingerie.

No. 1766321

File: 1676188687797.webm (1.04 MB, 496x498, 3173350-9f22d2c5669cceb8c7ea54…)

I loved when Rhys fell over on the bike last year

No. 1766326

File: 1676189699059.webm (10.69 MB, 576x1024, 4033682cde9817e0826313cd150361…)

this will go in the Dylan thread eventually but there's no reason not to put it here. Why are troons like this? steal a husband?

No. 1766327

File: 1676190348250.jpeg (206.53 KB, 1284x1033, 0334518F-4F15-45AB-AAF2-14DAEB…)

Omg kek

No. 1766328

I bet the misogynistic little twerp got a boner from the idea of capturing a "straight" man and hurting a woman in the process.

No. 1766329

or maybe irl he just doesnt pass at all with his big hands and tall posture. dont you forget that trannies work hard to get the right angle on camera so they wont be clocked ?

No. 1766331

shes a retard tirf. i dont buy her "transphobic" videos anymore since she agrees with the "true and honest transsexual"

No. 1766333

He still looks like a gay man in drag. He could only steal a husband if the husband is also a gay man in closet.

No. 1766342

It's all angles and filters. Photos of him next to women really show how manly he looks. He gave a talk recently and there was a video, and he was absolutely enormous in comparison to the women on stage around him. He also has the eunuch hunch, though not as bad as keffels.
kek this is one of my favorite cow moments of all time.

No. 1766344

Every person I have talked about the game with has been excited for it, and if you say that there’s some drama about it they just roll their eyes and go ”anyway…” or just say ”oh yeah I heard some ppl think JK Rowling is problematic but I don’t really know / care about it”. Love to see it.

No. 1766348

God why do they always start by stealing the underwear and not by buying their own. fucking fetishist creeps. And then they fucking have the nerve to moan about how they're in sooo much more danger from men than those privileged cis bitches. Yeah, we're in danger from men like you, why the fuck would we want you in our spaces. I'm a-loging

No. 1766352

What the FUCK

No. 1766357

Terf aesthetic is flawless natural femininity, troons can never copy it. Would be hilarious if it became an actual fashion trend they were seething over

No. 1766371

People still accept gay people it really is just the trans people who make it look like LGBT+ acceptance is going down. It's the "pronoun people" and the "genderspecials" who lose the support from the more conservative people. And naturally most women are against predatory tims and self-hating tifs. And the LGB hates trans people for being homophobic and harming and targeting gay people in particular with their troon movement. It would be sickening if all this had made LGBT+ acceptance go UP, luckily enough people are smelling their BS

No. 1766376

File: 1676195788468.png (435.67 KB, 913x764, Screenshot_20230212_105345.png)

filters working overtime here. The only reason this dress looks marginally better than some of the others he wears is because it hides the deformed estrogen-induced protrusions they call breasts.

Why has he been working with Kate Spade for so long? That might be a fruitful deep dive. Literal nobodies don't suddenly get the attention of a major fashion brand. A mtf model working with Tapestry, Inc. (formerly known as Coach, also the company that purchased Kate Spade NY) attacked and threatened some protesters. Name is Amara Vasquez / Amara Velasquez / Xtravaganza / Anthony Joseph Martucci III. I think he still models for Coach but I'm not sure.

No. 1766378

Oh, the recording of the message he received from this psycho is really worth listening to (there are subtitles). Claims about how important trans ideology is at Coach. https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1594430891123564544

No. 1766386

>So I walked
Yeah man was fired and is omitting some information, you don't get a talking to like that unless there is ample reason. Probably spent all day talking about his genitals and sexually harassing the women there, who he admits are far more feminine than him.
Notice he replies to the person saying "constructive dismissal" and a lawyer, if he walked what case does he have? He probably got fired for screeching to his colleagues that they should suck his girldick, sure that would go very well for him if he pursued it.
>it feels like they're winning and everyone's peaking
The world gave you a chance and you blew it, if you all weren't all sitting online writing elaborate death and rape threats all day while stanning convicted criminals, things could have gone differently. If you all didn't choose a beloved children's book author as your Most Wanted things could have gone differently. The male aggression and perversion did all the talking for you and proved without a doubt you are not women.

No. 1766387

I recognise that troon as the one screeching "no man wants you" over and over at a woman's march. A hilarious and highly revealing thing to use as an attempted insult.

No. 1766391

File: 1676198600099.png (71.39 KB, 761x296, lmao.png)

godspeed to this girl

No. 1766393

fucking owned lmfao

No. 1766401

Oh lay off, how can it be ok to side with shitty moids like Andy Ngo and Matt Walsh but when it comes to a woman without nearly as much support suddenly the ideological purity is lacking…

No. 1766405

File: 1676200040001.jpg (428.06 KB, 1536x2048, Fop4MlcXwAA4ZCm.jpg)

troons clean your room challenge

No. 1766406

nta but i understand her ire, it's more frustrating when someone is so close to getting it but just doesn't (the tirf person) than a couple of retarded broken clock guys (ngo and walsh) happening to be right once a day

No. 1766408

his legs and feet are so ugly omg. and what was that facial surgery for??? he looks the same lol

No. 1766411

Only a man can put everything on a shelf and still have it look dirty and messy

No. 1766412

his face wouldn't look out of place as a medieval grotesque also why do they always have those stupid sharks

No. 1766415

Idc, that's step one to proper peaking and you can't reach casual handmaidens without pretending there's a difference between "tru trans" and AGP fetishists. Saying women openly making fun of how ridiculous troons are isn't good enough is just dumb policing

No. 1766418

File: 1676201123028.jpg (207.81 KB, 754x989, fetish.jpg)

Ignore zinnia jones, that og tweet is such a fucking male thing to post. "would you pick to be a porny anime girl with big tits or a porny anime girl with comically oversized tits" fuck off

no matter how many times i see this video the green beanie guy never stops creeping me out

No. 1766419

I don't really know who Ngo is and I posted that cap above. I was just interested in the mtf model threatening violence against women. But then he gave information about his connections at coach in the voice messages.

So I only was posting it because of the troon

No. 1766421

That goes in my folder. Also he looks like he comes straight out of a horror movie.
The shark is an IKEA plushie they made for trans iirc

No. 1766432

the beanie gremlin looks like a fat shirtless frat bro who keeps jumping up and down and jiggling his moobs at a football game

No. 1766434

the way these are all the same pear shaped body type just with different sized boobs

No. 1766437

posting shit like this just makes their larp more obvious kek

No. 1766457

Good for her. It’s annoying how many people think TIMs are just confused gay men, though. No ma’am he’s a fetishist who’s probably been wearing and masturbating into your underwear for years.

Is it me or did AGP and fetishistic crossdressing use to be more common knowledge than it is now, despite the ubiquity of the internet? It wasn’t a daily topic of conversation or anything, but manly men who wear garters and pantyhose under their clothing used to be a common staple of both crime/horror fiction and comedy (vid related). But nowadays if a woman finds out her husband/son/brother has been wearing her underwear, the assumption is that he’s a sad confused HSTS instead of a straight man with a crossdressing fetish.

No. 1766461

File: 1676206406583.png (581.29 KB, 562x704, dylan.png)

No. 1766462

troon art is so repulsively ugly. Even if you ignore the obvious unrealistic porn body types, also the faces look soulless and coomerish
YES, 100%. It was common knowledge even 20 years ago. I keep telling that to people because I feel like I'm losing my mind facing the collective memory loss about that. But the explanation is the intense sex/kink positive activism in the last decades and the forced association of the TQ+ with the LGB. For some reason don't kinkshame and live and let live trump any common sense. Most people don't see that the marojity of TIMs aren't HSTS but mrs garrison type transbians doing it for fetish reasons.

No. 1766464

File: 1676207115960.jpg (319.76 KB, 960x1440, p68117_p_v8_ab.jpg)

The resemblance is uncanny

No. 1766471

I sometimes feel like I’m losing my mind too. Especially when TRAs I’ve known for a long time try to turn it around on me like “oh well maybe YOU know all about these niche fetishes but the rest of us aren’t into that sort of thing” as if I’m the weird one, as if they didn’t use to quote from The Silence of the Lambs all the time, as if they were never into true crime where practically every other sexual serial killer was known for wearing their female victims’ clothes. Collective memory loss is exactly right because it’s not just the younger generations who claim to be ignorant of this, it’s older people who absolutely were aware of the concept of crossdressing perverts only a few years ago. I think it’s a combination of purity/virtue signalling (“I would never be so transphobic as to even have heard of this”) and cognitive dissonance, because sad confused HSTS are a lot more palatable than Dennis Rader. Who wants to admit, even to themselves, that someone they love(d) has anything at all in common with men like Ed Gein or Russel Williams? There’s no way my son wants to crawl into my skin and wear it. No no, he’s just sad gay boy. Girl. He’s a sad trans girl. SHE. Sorry.

As the number of TIMs in the population increases, so will the population of normal people who are motivated to enforce the belief that there is not and never was anything sexual or dangerous about men who crossdress. And that’s fucking terrifying.

No. 1766474

What's weird is that he ALMOST passes face-wise in this look when his face is completely still and inanimate, but then the second he starts smiling and doing the troon smirk you can just tell. Why do all troons smile like that? It's so uncanny.

No. 1766480

KEK he literally has Popeye's forearms.

No. 1766481

Hugo Weaving trooned out?

No. 1766482

File: 1676210986681.jpeg (190.42 KB, 815x960, F51A85D6-EB87-46EF-BF64-7A880C…)

I love how their narcissism blinds them from understanding how off putting this shit is

No. 1766483

I don't know what the original post is, but now I've seen that image posted about five times with a different story attatched

No. 1766486

Well, some weirdo did that photo after all. And the more it is posted the more normies will see it and realize how insane troons are.

No. 1766488

File: 1676211670724.jpg (235.75 KB, 717x813, s2346tfg.jpg)

It's some youtuber that just buys stuff and smashes it for videos

No. 1766500

Is this an ultimate consoomer? Kek, I don't know why, but the idea of trannies using this picture as a gotcha, that was made by an absolute ultimate consoomer is just poetic.
Consoomers supporting consoomers, the consoomer hivemind.

No. 1766508

he doesn't pass imo, he has a shit ton of makeup on, a filter, and hair looks like a wig, all of this is very obvious

No. 1766510

he did an ad for bud light and looks both retarded and 100% male during the whole thing https://www.instagram.com/reel/CoiTxPFjU2N/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

When I get home I'll see if I can download it somewhere, I'm on mobile

No. 1766513

Are his parents in hollywood or something? How does this guy appear in everything

No. 1766517

File: 1676216263448.png (62.17 KB, 597x602, black bitches.png)

TRAs love to project their racism.

No. 1766518

File: 1676216431693.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1284x2084, 9FA8CB8D-6D89-4347-A7AE-A1E649…)

this is bleak. making fun of a woman who had her arm bitten off by a shark because she doesn’t want men competing as women. TRAs are so obsessed with their ideology that they’ll forgo all their other activism to support trannies being deranged.

No. 1766520

I remember learning about her when I was a kid and thinking she was such a badass. Now I just think she’s even more of one.

No. 1766521

Why is no one calling this out?? Tras always showing their true colors. That woman is a bad ass.

No. 1766522

File: 1676216931707.jpg (140 KB, 1080x1323, FoxXlhpXwAE7BgR.jpg)

Even though I do really hate Katy and the thought of him having a drink thrown on him makes me a bit spiteful happy for all the misogynistic bullshit he has spewed over the years, I do think this is the wrong strategy for people to interact with transgenders in public. If you meet a tranny, immediatly leave. Without a word. Throwing drinks on them or fighting them might be what they deserve sometimes but its not gonna help our anti trans fight and only makes regular people look bad

No. 1766523

samefag but ofcourse we shouldnt overlook the obvious fact this might very well just be another lie from Monty

No. 1766524

male patterned baldness genes coming in hot

No. 1766528

i dont think men who pour drinks on trannies in public hang out here anon

No. 1766529

>I can only imagine what will happen if we put an organ that never belongs into a person.

Actually we do know what happens from this, the body rejects it and the immune system destroys foreign cells it detects. The same process occurs to spermatozoa after fertilization. And is why blood and bone marrow transfusions are risky business.

No. 1766536

File: 1676218909548.jpg (Spoiler Image,288.56 KB, 1080x1399, IMG_20230212_192036.jpg)

What the fuck is wrong with his bolt ons

No. 1766537

I don't know who this lady is but I laughed a lot at the video. Well done! Agree with the other nonnas to give the nice ladies time to go full TERF. This video is so on point it's only a matter of time, especially when she's going after one of their most sacred COWS.

No. 1766539

Troons are mad at him because he follows a bunch of accounts making fun of troons and then refused to not buy the game, even if it was just to smash it up they were still mad he gave JKR money

No. 1766540

I find it so gross that these men want to keep their dicks while getting bolt ons to mimic a female body because they see breasts as nothing but sexual things. No wonder young girls are so quick to have theirs chopped off these days

No. 1766541

It's giving impotent rage. Great look, want to see more of this. The stupid metal around the mouth is drawing attention to the snaggly teeth.

In another video I can't be bothered to download he says cannabis is the thing holding the shitshow of his life together. What a way to go through life.

No. 1766543

this. Men being aggressive towards TIMs or even hurting them physically and us laughing about them and criticising their ideology are completely different things and not related. They do it (most of the time) because TIMs in their mind threaten their masculinity and deceive straight men and turn them all gay and not because they're gender critical.
TRAs will of course blame terfs for it.

>body type
I don't call surgically altered bodies "types", that's for naturally occuring bodies.

No. 1766544

File: 1676220430934.jpg (524 KB, 1080x901, Stfu.jpg)

Leftie males are truly something, I'm so sick of their constant tranny pandering. It's insane the dedication they put into tranny coddling. I don't remember lefties all screaming at ppl to stop playing all Blizzard games after their controversy of treating female employees like shit, but just because JK Rowling wrote the fucking books, and literally had zero involvement with the game, we have to all never even think about playing the game. I fucking hate trannies.

No. 1766545

He is most definitely not telling the whole story here

No. 1766546

why get this angry and sassy and "OKAY SWEETIE" over your right to… have a period kek. this person seems mentally challenged

No. 1766547

i love how ableism is suddenly okay when its a woman

No. 1766548

I'm stocking up on popcorn to see how all the social media wokies will handle it when they finally peak and realize their entire audience is full of raging narcs who hate women

No. 1766549

File: 1676220701929.jpg (29.02 KB, 455x455, ollie.jpg)

I found the man who did it guys. named oliver, 5'9, british, brown hair, beard?

No. 1766551

he photoshops himself to hell and back. look at his wrists. i went through his twitter and his hips are mostly edited.

No. 1766552

Was going to post exactly this. They'll while all day about Terfs but we do not do this shit. We talk about issues involving women's safety. That's why they hate us. Because they know our argument is incredibly reasonable and would sway anyone with common sense. So they need to vilify us. Then when they talk about ACTUAL violence and hate it's from their fellow moids. Do I believe that someone poured a drink on monty? 50/50. If it happened then some guy was probably hitting on him, clocked him then got really mad he could be gay. Terfs fears the tranny more than she hates him. In fact, I don't give a shit about woman face or a dude in a dress because we're mocked in every aspect of life. I have to worry about the more harmful disrespect from men. What I hate is penis having, mentally ill "women" who are placed in prisons or institutions where a woman is trapped with a predator. I look out for vulnerable women and that's why I'm a Terf. Not because some freak is out living their degenerate life. Although, Dylan does trigger the fuck out of me.

No. 1766554

This made me want to a-log to a whole new degree. "Oh no, not all of us", almost like you could just /choose/ if you want to throw a pityparty over "periods" or not. Interesting how women's bodies don't really let us choose just like that! (Without hormonal assistance)

No. 1766555

They're retarded. The world isn't divided between conservatives and the left. It wasn't just the US and UK buying the game, it was also best selling in many countries and most people are not even aware of the JKR vs TRA drama, they're not buying a game about a fantastical world to "own" a side or whatever lmao (and I'm tired of my third world country importing murican politics that have nothing to do with us, shit don't even translate well to our reality). I hate men, but especially the ones into politics. They don't have half a brain cell required to be involved in this.

No. 1766556

>Notice he replies to the person saying "constructive dismissal" and a lawyer, if he walked what case does he have?
Not defending the troon, but a constructive dismissal is when they make your job horrible and so you quit.

No. 1766557


I hope he also realizes, that period is literally connected to having uterus - hysteroctomy stops people having menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycle literally means periods. I'm not invalidating cis women. Cis women who don't menstruate, do not have periods. What the fuck.

No. 1766558

How transphobic of katy, abigail must have just been in boymode for his safety

(bet he'll blame terfs for this)

No. 1766560

Ableism is only a problem if it affects extremely online narcs with made up disabilities

No. 1766561

Amen.I wish women had more class solidarity. Started advocating for ourselves for once.

No. 1766575

White dudes just looking for a chance to show their true colors. They are so happy when someone is disabled or black. They finally get to be racist or make fun of someone disabled and feel praised for it. Transphobia is the ultimate shield for racist men. They absolutely know who is vulnerable and know that women are easier targets. JKR gets rape threats because she was a rape survivor. They're predators. Too bad the hormones don't help their male privilege, ability to spot vulnerable people to attack, and entitlement.

I have no uterus, I have no period. When the doctor asks when my last period I say I no longer have periods. Pretty funny because I still have ovaries that produce monthly cyclic doses of hormones. Someone troons don't even have and yet without any of that they have a period and I don't. Wild.

No. 1766576

based poem nonna!

troons literally have to dilate their wounds everyday and they complain on their subs that they can't even put one finger in there, yet they're trying to claim that it's "deeper" than a vagina? they really think everyone is as retarded as them or something

that's an interesting point though, whenever they claim someone was mean to them (and therefore an evil terf), we should ask them how they know the person wasn't trans too. after all, they're the ones who say that plenty of troons pass and we just don't know

No. 1766577

I wish the treatment of any woman speaking out against their ridiculous demands would be more visible to normal people but these cases rarely leave twitter. This is crazy peak material. The comments are full of assholes ridiculing her disability cause since she's branded a terf that's ok. It's so fucking obvious that tras are just privileged bad people and that none of them care about the minorities they use as shields.

No. 1766581

The voice message is truly funny because he crows about getting a sociology degree from UConn, which he says is the best school in Connecticut. Anyone who actually understood sociology texts would get that half-naked temper tantrums where you screech faggot at people is not a good way to build the positive emotional energy needed to sustain a movement and gain allies. It only succeeds in making you a figure of fun for other e-grifters and cow connoisseurs like us.

No. 1766590

Dylan thread, hope it's ok:

No. 1766591

Ot, I'm not a burger but I have family in Connecticut. Is it full of degens like California or is it more mild?

No. 1766594

File: 1676225109617.jpg (684.08 KB, 2500x894, welcome_0.jpg)

>best school in connecticut

No. 1766601

Nta but I hollered when I heard “the best school in Connecticut”, like really? He sounds like he’s on drugs

No. 1766604

Nta but now that I think about it, I wonder if another reasons that troons try to pull down black women so much is because concepts of modern “femininity” and “divine femininity” have been discussed and embraced in black circles and internet spaces more than others. Im not referring to BBLs or makeup but women who actually talk about embracing the divine feminine outside of extreme beauty standards. If women were to abandon extreme beauty standards and be natural then troons would be fucked.

No. 1766609

i'm really conflicted on this because i have an intense desire to follow in Oliver's footsteps

No. 1766613

This is one, among many reasons, that i have not and will never wear makeup. I really hope it becomes more normalized.

No. 1766618

File: 1676226971433.png (273.8 KB, 1027x1080, lol.png)

Thankfully his comment section is women calling him out on his BS, picrel. I was very surprised by the lack of handmaidens defending his ass. I hope more troons keep posting takes like this because it's the fastest way to peak normie women (the twanswomen can have periods discourse is what made me peak).
I think it's that but also the fact that gay men, especially white gay men, have a fetishistic fascination with black women. Remember when gay men used to say they had the "spirit of a sassy black woman" living inside of them? lol

No. 1766621

right, it’s fine for them to make fun of JRK’s abuse, this woman’s disability, etc., but god fucking forbid the entire world doesn’t play into their delusional perversion.

No. 1766638

I almost missed this post kek. What an illiterate incel
conveniently leaving out the strict dilation regime they'll be slaves to for the rest of their pathetic lives so that the fuckhole doesn't close up. Also kek at
>it's tight but that's normal… it'll totally get better cause pelvic muscles!
There are no muscles in a fakevag and relaxed pelvic muscles don't stop your axe wound getting tighter as time goes by. I love how they're deluding themselves and believe that it gets better on its own.

No. 1766641

Wasn't this troon's neovagina posted in the last thread? It was so awfully botched, like just bits of flesh hanging off his pelvis. But it's totally better than a real vagina guizz!!!!

No. 1766645

File: 1676230113776.png (260.51 KB, 1079x752, Screenshot_20230210-222850_(1)…)

Had a visit at /tttt/ and the state of their coping right now, lmao.
>no nooo nooo it was actually those cisoids that are making a big deal out of HL! us trannies just want to live our lives stop bullying us!!!!
Typical narc abuse strategy. When they don't get what they want they deny their actions and play victim

Pic unrelated

No. 1766667

Late to the discussion and ot but tying your tubes doesn't change your periods. Your uterus still creates and sheds new lining every month even when the egg doesn't reach it. iirc there's endometrial ablation which can lighten or stop periods but it doesn't always work.

No. 1766686

File: 1676233755214.jpg (Spoiler Image,900.33 KB, 4632x3088, Clipboard.jpg)

Rot pocket warning. WTF is this? pure butchery.

No. 1766691

the ball sack ''vulva'' always makes me gag so much. fucking disgusting. I hate scrotes with all my heart

No. 1766696


No. 1766701

thanks nona!

No. 1766708

That one nona who called them "deflated ballsack sculptures" was so right

No. 1766718

Ungodly and horried

No. 1766719

File: 1676235680002.jpg (431.14 KB, 347x2008, PicsArt_02-12-09.51.25.jpg)

Glorious TRA aka MRA seething about TIFs and female socialization.

Had to delete and repost for picking the wrong screenshot. I should stop posting from my phone.

No. 1766727

Describing himself ironically as a predator before describing women as small, innocent lambs. If this post was a person I would be running for the hills

No. 1766728


Samefag, this gets serial killer tier at the part where he conflates womanhood with how many times you have been sexually violated, while referring to women via their reproductive organs "wombmen"

I hope the police are watching this creep. Someone needs to check his hard drives (and basement) for sure

No. 1766733

His forearms are massive. Looks like popeye the sailor.

No. 1766735

anon this person is sarcastic, he thinks the ebil terfs think like that

No. 1766753

Wait a minute isn’t that quote he starts with from here? Either this or the TIF thread

No. 1766758

He most definitely is a lurker, and is seething over the fact lolcow users can see through all the lies

No. 1766759

I feel like I saw this as a tweet first

No. 1766764

Idk guys, I'm a gynecologist and even I can't tell the difference here. This could totally be a cis vulva kek

No. 1766775

i hope his roommate sues this retard for destruction of property

No. 1766779

lol I'm not watching this but assuming that every minority is entitled to solidarity solely on the basis of being a minority isn't leftist or Marxist at all. I'm no commie but Marx hated the lumpen and bougie consooming for a reason. People with paraphilias like transgenderism have to make everything about the kink. They are by nature terminally self-indulgent and incapable of solidarity. Of course the left is full of pornsick men who see troons as comrades in degeneracy. Andrea was right about them.

No. 1766780

Yes I've seen the first quote as a tweet that was probably also discussed on this site

No. 1766800

Ikea didn't make the shark for trans people but trans especially TIMS get obsessed with plushes and the shark was adopted quickly into a meme.

No. 1766805

Based. Troonism is the most peak capitalist bougie bullshit ever. All about shallow materialist self indulgence that takes huge amounts of other people’s work and resources to make possible. They even try to frame it as progressive and aligned with far left beliefs by saying they want everyone to pay into their literally useless self obsessed plastic surgeries kek, as if it’s woke to say that hard working laborers should allocate the fruits of their labor to a bunch of hentai addicts who want boob implants for no fucking reason. Marx would want these porn cosplay wearing losers harvesting wheat.

No. 1766821

File: 1676247987873.png (949.63 KB, 1077x1850, Screenshot_20230212-160643_(1)…)

This is really fucking ironic coming from a known rapist and sexual predator (aka Eli Girldick). People in the QRTs using this as proof that "see!!! JKR is actually anti-woman, doesn't care about SA victims since she's friends with sexual harassers!!!" Didnt she have zero involvement in the game?

I am so glad I distanced myself from twitter and its cancel culture. Seeing the amount of people morally policing what game you're playing is so fucking exhausting and I would have definitely been guilt tripped into feeling bad because I wouldn't know any better. These people really need to fucking touch grass.

No. 1766822

I don't get sarcasm, I get seething male rage, it's the way he phrases things that gives it away. Like it's parody but filtered through the mind of a rapist "not a" predator who's raging at the fact people can't be bullied into believing he's innocent and kind.

No. 1766828

File: 1676249274369.png (119.21 KB, 720x849, Screenshot_20230212-192507~2.p…)

Mtf tweets this and I can't help but laugh at him.

No. 1766830

>u jelly
I never understood why they thought this was a good insult. Even if a troon was hotter than me, I don't care. I'm still a woman, and he's still a man, and I still don't have to dilate. I'm not malding, I don't have to inject myself with anything to be me. All my cells are effortlessly XX. I don't have to take time off work for my body to heal from surgeries that I don't need because I am a woman. I don't even want to be hot to men because I do not like men. Massive cope.

No. 1766831

This is a sneak peek from the next Last of Us episode.

No. 1766832

I have no problem with that, anon. That was definitely good milk.

No. 1766833

>If women were to abandon extreme beauty standards and be natural then troons would be fucked.
I swear I remember TiMs complaining about this before, how we have an unfair advantage because we can look natural and still be seen as women.

No. 1766837

File: 1676250744711.jpg (311.51 KB, 1649x2048, FoJed1hXgAAxGyV.jpg)

To the curious, he looks like this

No. 1766851

sorry but what's wrong with its penis? It's so shriveled up compared to his swollen testicles.

No. 1766852

The stuffed bra fully exposed… does he think no one notices that or is he just embracing the larp? Either way, wtf.

No. 1766854

I hate when they do this. Someone tweets her support, she tweets back a polite thank-you, and then they act like she's personally propping up that person's beliefs and actions by saying thank you. Like it's normal to do a background check on someone before thanking them for a compliment. Very nitpicky, especially when this moral grandstanding is coming from a rapist.

No. 1766858

If only Eli's supporters snooped through his background to find that he's a rapist then maybe they'd be against him too.

No. 1766859

Trannies latched onto the Ikea Shark plushy after a post-op Swedish TiM posted a pic of himself with it while recovering in a bed. I think it was in the transgender surgery subreddit.

No. 1766862

>using cis
c'mon if you're in a tranny hate thread why are you using their language?

No. 1766864

TRAs have successful removed the term 'transvestite' from public conscious.

No. 1766865

File: 1676253561455.png (363.78 KB, 689x858, TroonyToons on Twitter.png)

what troons actually look like

No. 1766866

>Are his parents in hollywood or something
In his thread on KF a kiwi discovered that Dylan comes from a wealthy family with connections. I'll have to search through the thread to find it.

No. 1766871

No. 1766872

File: 1676254601882.jpg (140.88 KB, 540x625, 20230212_201146.jpg)

Shes probably going to cave. She made an artwork based off a character/creature from the hp universe and trans/tras are coming out of the woodwork to harass her for it.

No. 1766873

>Like it's normal to do a background check on someone before thanking them for a compliment.
Yeah I used to have a wokeoid friend who would be up on my ass if I interact with online people that turned out to be problematic just because I don't care enough to put their username on Google. They are so terminally online.

No. 1766875

Nona was clearly being sarcastic.

No. 1766876

Matty Healy??

No. 1766885

there's no such thing as a cis vulva it's just vulva though

No. 1766886

File: 1676256223835.png (27.05 KB, 677x178, (@KatyMontgomerie) _ Twitter.p…)

No. 1766887

File: 1676256272036.jpg (223.84 KB, 1080x1756, FoVclViWAAMOCkr.jpg)

No. 1766889

File: 1676256331867.png (81.91 KB, 1018x462, 1676248243464905.png)

No. 1766890

File: 1676256357225.png (199.19 KB, 677x634, Twitter.png)

No. 1766892

>we've now heard

aka "just trust us"
show your sources, cowards!

No. 1766898

can they please get it right, the game wasn't made by Avalanche Studios, it's been Avalanche Software that made the game. Those are two different companies in two different countries, one made Mad Max and Just Cause, the other made Destiny Infinite and now Hogwarts. If they get Avalanche Studios cancelled for that they can hope that I don't behave like a character out of Mad Max. What's wrong with all these people that can't check basic facts.

No. 1766902

File: 1676257702973.jpeg (61.24 KB, 475x356, 30a.jpeg)

i stg these trannies are playing a game of chinese whispers and making up blatant exaggerative bullshit about hogwarts legacy bc they refuse to get off their high horses and watch some footage of the damn game. apply some logical reasoning ffs, why the FUCK would the devs bother to include a trans character and all the other inclusive bullshit they've packed in there if they were going to make up stupid offensive nicknames for them in the source code

No. 1766906

"you're jealous because we're hotter than cis women!"

but then
"why does no one want to date us?! it's not fair!"

the delusion and cope

No. 1766909

literally looks like the fungus from the last of us kek

No. 1766910

File: 1676258058412.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1831, 04739724-790C-45BC-80C9-DC877E…)

1) sounds fake 2) even if it were real, why are you blaming women for men’s crimes?

No. 1766912

It's almost as if the militant enforcement of gender roles on social media has always been pushed by mega conservatives raised by mega conservatives.
It's literally "being gay is a sin" "blue is for boys" "girls don't do well in sports" "girls can't like girls" "boys aren't catty and mean like girls" but it's a tiktok video made by a zoomer saying that "being queer is cool" "blue gives transmasc energy" "I can't kick a ball therefore I'm a woman" "non-men can love non-men too!!!" "I don't like drama therefore I'm a guy".

No. 1766913

Anon, it takes 2 seconds to google this and see that it's true and was reported on by the BBC, and also that there's two suspects, one male & one female. However, the article also says that police don't think the death was a hate crime. Tragic either way of course.

No. 1766914

this did actually happen. 2 arrests have been made and the police have stated that so far there's no evidence of it being a hate related crime.
i reallllly wish people would stfu, there's barely been any info released about the case and people are literally just projecting onto it instead of having some damn respect for the fact a 16 year kid got murdered

No. 1766915

Ok but literally who cares. Tell me when people start caring as much about femicide.

No. 1766916

File: 1676258620330.png (47.12 KB, 648x441, article.PNG)

It is real, you could've just googled it anon.
I feel terrible for them and the parents either way because teenagers shouldn't just be getting stabbed to death, but I wonder why they think it was a hate crime. As far as I understand, the UK has a huge stabbing epidemic and this could've been a case of the murderers targeting a random person. Awful either way and I don't like when people get murdered and it becomes a point of discourse on social media.

No. 1766917

It's real but two 15 yo kids did it and the police said it had nothing to do with the victim being trans, it was some type of teenage beef. It's just regular TRA propaganda to blame "terfs" every time a troon dies even if it's unrelated to gender.

No. 1766918

>who cares when a 16 year old gets stabbed to death in broad daylight in a public park
i hate trannies as much as anyone in this site but come tf on anon, be reasonable

No. 1766929

such a disingenuous take jfc, this statement (and the debate in general) is clearly about biology (men ≠ women i.e. male ≠ female), but he's trying to conflate it with the meaning and duties that religious moids in third world countries ascribe to menstruation and women. terfs are not in favor of forced marriage, let alone for minors. terfs are not trying to change the age of consent, unlike TRAs. lying and manipulating people is really their only option since their beliefs are so fucking retarded and fucked up. the audacity of pretending to defend 8 year olds when TRAs push for children mutilation and sterilization.

they never suggest seeking help, even to those who admit that they didn't have gender dysphoria growing up and had other issues/trauma. how are they not scared of pushing someone to cut off their genitals for the wrong reasons? bleak af.

No. 1766937

i support your compassion fatigue, anon.

No. 1766940

They don't have the truth on their side so they have to resort to wasting your time and exhausting you with an endless farrago of bullshit.

No. 1766952

Sorry for sperging but…
It’s fucking fantastic nonnie. If you ever enjoyed that universe give it a shot, there’s a lil bit of animal crossing-sequence farm sim included too besides just blasting stuff with spells and doing puzzles which I find very cute and satisfying.

No. 1766953

File: 1676264302384.jpg (183.14 KB, 699x1097, 1676263552522.jpg)

So how many of you have tried out blood libel simulator so far?>>1766910
"Relentless attacks"

No. 1766961

I guess next trans day of rememberance at least they'll have someone to memorialise who wasn't either a tranny hooker killed by a john or one of the numerous suicides.

No. 1766966

I feel like this reverse peaked me. 16 years old.

No. 1766972

File: 1676267280903.jpg (262.95 KB, 1080x1466, handmaidenextraordinaire.jpg)


Oh, yeah, she's definitely going to cave. Kaypea is exactly the kind of creator that this shit would work on, too. It's exhausting to watch.

Pic related: small time doll youtuber who is married to the reallifecomics troon going the extra mile and suggesting that kaypea scrap her work entirely AND give away what she earned from it, because one or the other isn't enough.

No. 1766978

16 yr old males will commit rapes and other violent crimes. they will steal their little sister's underwear along w other female relatives clothing to masturbate in. they dont give a shit about u and when a real 16 yr old girl dies men dont care they just laugh about it. im glad this tranny is dead and hope more get stabbed to death.

No. 1766983

statistically one (1) trans person is killed per year in the UK.

>There were 594 homicide victims in the year ending March 2021, 79 fewer (a 12% decrease) than the previous year and the lowest number since the year ending March 2016 (540 victims).
>The headline reduction of 12% from the previous year masked different trends between males and females; the number of male victims decreased by 16% (495 to 416) whereas the number of female victims was the same as last year (177 victims).
594 people, 177 women, vs one trans person.
This is very sad but doesn't represent any real danger, despite what they say online.

No. 1766985

this guy makes me laugh every time the way he's so into himself while looking like that. oh the jaw of it all

No. 1766986

This was particularly low due to lockdown, the next year (different website, the first was gov, this is statista)
>There were 710 homicides recorded in England and Wales in 2021/22, an increase of 140 when compared with the previous reporting year, when there were 570 homicides.
(I always remember one story where a man in the UK murder suicided his whole family in the first week of lockdown in 2020)

No. 1766990

LMAO. not just tranny cringe but rockabilly cringe

No. 1766991

People aren't going to give a fuck about femicide if you promote not giving a fuck about a teen being murdered. After all, the biggest casualty from the trans movement after women's rights is the safety and health of children, and so giving a fuck about harm to minors is a major reason to oppose them. It's fucking galling that they blame TERFs for a stabbing that had nothing to do with any of that while convincing GNC youth to hate their bodies enough to self-mutilate and suicide later on anyway when it doesn't help their issues.

No. 1766992

Samefag, some UK rape stats as a treat for you
>Rape offences have increased dramatically in England and Wales since 2012/13 when there were 16,038 incidents. After this year, rape offences substantially, reaching a high of 70,330 offences in the 2021/22 reporting year, an increase on the year when there were 55,678 offences
holy shit

No. 1766993

stop trying to make us care about a male dying.

No. 1766998

why would one random anonymous comment "reverse peak you"? there are often troons baiting in this thread you know. this teenager was murdered for unrelated reasons. terfs are merely asking for single sex spaces and the ban of experimental cosmetic surgeries on children.

No. 1767000

nah but i get her point, let's not do the scrote eye for eye bullshit. a young boy died and it's not bc of twitter it's because of psycho class mates
if we would honor every killed female like this and say it's due to the extreme amounts of sexism and misogyny in this world we would get ignored as it's too commonplace for people to care
if trans women were women they'd weep for every murder and rape of a fellow female
they don't and that says enough

No. 1767002

I bet you the one or both of the other teenagers that killed him were trans too.

No. 1767008

File: 1676270930532.jpeg (613.56 KB, 1170x1277, B5FD4971-EEB8-4E7B-B26D-B3A4B2…)

On the subject of artists being “called out” for playing the wizard game, cartoonist/character designer @burgerkapitany is getting dogpiled on too, mostly by furries lol

No. 1767009

Never said you had to care, but stop celebrating it like ghouls. It doesn't help us at all: the male homicide and suicide completion rate has been higher than for females forever and still here we are.

Wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1767010

File: 1676271044594.jpeg (501.05 KB, 1170x1362, 4DD70F79-6122-4425-A79F-BB21CA…)

Bonus related furry cringe, fishing for free art to “wash the TERF stink off”

No. 1767013

the unnecessary surgeries and fucking with their natural hormones are a kind of self injury imo.
come on now. obvious male skull. let's hear the voice buddy

No. 1767018

File: 1676272009996.png (268.72 KB, 594x512, self-own.png)

picrel stolen from ovarit but this is too good, this TIM can't even see the irony here otherwise he wouldn't have posted about it.

lmao TRAs are so delusional, imagine being all dramatic and thinking you're "exposing" someone just by reposting a tweet where they talk about one of the best-selling games of the moment.

No. 1767031

Trannies are absolutely nuts I still don't understand why companies cater to them if they act like this.

No. 1767032

is there any proof that he was attacked specifically for being trans and not, for instance, violently robbed? aren’t these murders rare and mostly related to prostitution?

No. 1767035

he's trying to skinwalk a zoe quinn-type alt subversive girl that reads heidegger lmao, must be the type of woman he wishes he had

No. 1767037

Zoomers are nuts. It could have been over Minecraft for all we know.

No. 1767039

i know this wasn't their intention but i love the thumbnail. JK unfazed by the troons' burning anger

No. 1767040


Other farms pulled the kid's social media. Recent pics include lines of coke on an iphone:so this is almost certainly a drug-related spat. But le reddiots have already determined it was a dastardly hate crime!!1!

No. 1767041

is this hontra or philosophychewb?

No. 1767045

Does he cut lines as straight as his eyebrows

No. 1767053

OT but y’all were talking about getting rid of periods earlier safely: I got an endometrial ablation (burns uterus lining, I didn’t feel anything) for PCOS a few months ago and it’s great! It does mostly sterilize you tho so only do it if you’re childfree.

No. 1767071

File: 1676278569441.png (48.4 KB, 751x200, yes.png)

I'm gladly taking their money, they are supporting more terfs than they think

No. 1767073

File: 1676278868188.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1482, 43F47F0A-DDF3-4C7A-ADAA-84408E…)

Even normies are getting sick of trannies and forming death squads

No. 1767075

File: 1676278999958.jpeg (694.85 KB, 1056x1162, 76EF4B70-E7A5-43DB-BE1F-3835DD…)

Incoming tranny crocodile tears for tiktok likes

No. 1767078

10 year old scrotes murder their own moms and 15 year old kids sometimes stab other kids. No point in reverse peaking.

No. 1767079

look at his neck in the right pic kek

No. 1767080

when they stop shoving their shit covered dildos up their arses in womens bathrooms and raping little girls then ill feel sorry for them

No. 1767081

File: 1676279207161.jpg (346.66 KB, 2544x4000, dee-1.jpg)

No. 1767082

Normal people have empathy for kids that get murdered.

No. 1767083

I don’t feel bad when scrotes die, so I certainly don’t feel bad when autopedophile porn addict scrotes wearing womanface who hate and degrade my gender with a passion and are also obsessed with loli porn die. No doubt trannies will milk this story for all its worth.

No. 1767084

A scrote is a scrote, one dead scrote = one less aspiring child rapist in the world.

No. 1767085

>brianna GHEY

No. 1767087

He shouldn’t have fisted himself in a public place.

No. 1767088

Ballsacks really are the ugliest naturally occurring thing in the world.

No. 1767089

honestly it's so frustrating that here of all places you have women crying over this dead male. it's KAM KAM KAM until a male actually dies and then it's oh no poor baby bc hes 16 as if 16 yr old males dont rape and kill women all the time and make teenagehood hell for the girls growing up alongside them. also isnt 16 = legal adult in the UK? so he wouldn't be a child like the retards in here have been repeating. also i bet if this was a fat ugly non-passing agp no one would care as much as they do in this thread or on tiktok.

No. 1767090

File: 1676279690723.jpg (1.29 MB, 1196x1268, 8niYOti.jpg)

No. 1767091

Eewww kill it with fire

No. 1767093

>pictures you can smell

No. 1767096

Fucking thank you. I don't know why suddenly theres handmaidens in here upset about this scrote's death. This is thread #100 of this tranny bullshit and I'm sure theres been hundreds of reddit screencaps posted by now where we read about an underage moid doing some degenerate tranny agp shit like stealing his mom's undergarments to masturbate in.

No. 1767097

does it freak any of you out too how they talk about women they see in public? we don't have to do anything to be women, so they grow resentful and jealous at the sight of us… i see so many posts where they talk about feeling extreme anger towards women doing basically nothing but existing. the idea of a man watching me in public, feeling bitter and hateful, maybe even trying to copy my clothing or mannerisms, really freaks me out. i hate this feeling that we're constantly being watched and emulated and hated

No. 1767098

they didnt even knew him before like bffr..

No. 1767099

>lesbian couple get murdered along with their son because of a tim
>libtards sleep
>unfortunate tim has been murdered by kids not even because of a hate crime
>omg rip this is what the terf wants !!

No. 1767100

If it was targeted, what did he do to make them do it though? Doesn't seem like the thing you'd do unmotivated, and trans killings are mostly men freaking out they were "tricked by a man to be gay". Unlike some nonas I don't think men should get murdered but I feel like something is being left out here

No. 1767103

File: 1676281394086.jpeg (658.57 KB, 828x1257, 8CCD3ACA-F833-4B96-BB54-391330…)

>teen gets stabbed
hurrdurr…zas muz be becos of le evil wizard game !

No. 1767105

It’s gross that they’re gonna essentially parade this unrelated death of a teenager as a way to push their agenda. If they find one comment from the perpetrators that sways slightly negative about transgender ideology then it will be officially labelled as a hate crime. It’s fucking awful and I hate it.

No. 1767106

He probably jerked it daily to teen rape porn nonas, which is also why he trooned out in the first place most likely. I also feel sorry when young people die but you have to understand that when it comes to males it's different. As other anons said, there are male children killing and raping little girls and you can't even imagine the amount of male teens around you that have already forced themselves on some young girl.
You don't even know what this tim was like. You see him as innocent but what if he was one of those that goes "kill all terfs" or that consume loli porn/cp and cums in some female relative's underwear?

No. 1767108

Funny how the potter-tattoo people don't see the irony in them NOW deeply regretting the tattoo that they loved when they first got it either… most detrans people who feel the trans surgeries ruined their lives were initially very happy with them too

No. 1767109

File: 1676282706457.png (3.4 MB, 1170x2532, 67CD0298-99D6-40F6-B031-1548AB…)

>no evidence this was a hate crime
literally 3 secs of googling.

No. 1767111

File: 1676283365354.jpeg (249.39 KB, 1170x1373, 002431E4-5B80-488A-AF2C-39360C…)

>oh you like to play a harmless wizard video game from your favorite childhood book? ok well I murdered people. HA! checkmate evil stupid terves

Jfc the level of entitlement and narcissism in these men is truly unbelievable. How do you have the face to even moralize and preach to people buying a game, only because you have a personal vendetta against it, to a literal murder? Troon logic at its finest

No. 1767112

holy shit they are profiting off his death to make more views, and we are the fucked up people ?

No. 1767113

File: 1676283523412.png (3.2 MB, 828x1792, C3B3C25C-FA70-4ADF-8BB8-1D0920…)

samefag i forgot to attach the image

No. 1767116

File: 1676284134793.jpeg (256.08 KB, 1170x575, D14053EA-C84F-4A6F-AA89-2EB833…)

This is very much on brand for them lol go check twitter it's full of trannys giddying, they're so excited to play the victim. expect them to milk it as long as they can. they love nothing more than to pretend as if they were most oppressed group, when it's not even classified as a hate crime
>every time i hear a trans teenager has died
TIMs literally want to take everything from women, even femicide. take it and you can all die the world would be much better

No. 1767120

File: 1676284595897.jpeg (770.13 KB, 1242x1551, 2EDFEFB0-83C2-446E-AAAD-B59FED…)

Right. I’m still waiting for the scrote who killed Katie Janness to get caught, her and her dog were stabbed to death in the gayborhood and the last CCTV images of her are her walking on a LGBT rainbow road. Where is the outcry from the MTF trannies and gay moids? Where was all the fuss and tiktok virtue signalling?

No. 1767121

Yes this falls under "cis privilege"
They don't care that there's no evidence it's a hatecrime, they just make it one anyways

No. 1767123

File: 1676284699745.jpeg (983 KB, 1242x1904, 3A455925-8555-41C0-9D3E-7F5E41…)

>literally carving ‘fat’ into a woman’s torso after stabbing her 50 times
Why does this perpetrator reek of tranny

No. 1767124

File: 1676284978055.jpeg (14.65 KB, 168x300, 4E5E61E1-27BB-4E7E-B977-C6C8A3…)

why am I supposed to feel sad that some creepy porn addicted incel scrotum who dresses as a sexualized schoolgirl with a skirt hitched up to a fetishistic extent died

No. 1767125

I'm sorry what? killed her by more than 50 stabbings and they still didn't find him? is this freak just freely roaming the streets god this is so heartbreaking and horrifying I never even heard about it

No. 1767126

Most of his tiktok videos seem to be body checks or pedo baiting and dressed up in a schoolgirl uniform. It’s literally just a AGP sexual fetish for these freaks. I’m so tired.

No. 1767128

File: 1676285315245.jpeg (206.58 KB, 1199x455, 9CC71E04-21D6-4EF5-8235-B1EB85…)

Hmm I wonder why he was banned…

No. 1767129

File: 1676285342085.jpeg (12.77 KB, 168x300, E657944C-966D-4789-BF16-7B33F2…)

Peep the mutilated tranny arms

No. 1767130

A hate crime means the individuals targeted the victim specifically for being of a certain demographic. The fact it’s not being treated as a hate crime means it was some other beef they had and wasn’t to do with the fact they were trans. Just as we suspected anyway.

Just because you’re gay/black/tranny or whatever and get murdered doesn’t make it a hate crime.

No. 1767131

And the yanked up schoolgirl skirt. Ew.

No. 1767132

Thats just how British teenage boys are like. They like to stab.

No. 1767135

this shit fucking sucks but can we go back to making fun of troons

No. 1767136

Scrotes will always seethe and mald over women just harmlessly existing. They hate seeing women smiling and being happy and relaxed and having fun and living their lives.

They make it their personal scrote mission in life to try and rape and hurt and kill us and if they are too cowardly to do that irl then they’ll bombard us in more covert passive aggressive ways and spend their entire life trying to make us feel uncomfortable and unsafe on a daily basis. They’ll try to invade our spaces and they get a thrill out of making us feel uneasy because it gives them a feeling of power.

They literally just can’t stand to see real women being happy and at peace.

No. 1767137

Honestly true we have a massive knife crime problem here and have for decades and what’s funny is poltards always try to blame it on blacks or ethnic minorities when in fact when people get randomly stabbed here in the UK it’s almost always teen white boys perpetrating it (unless it’s some gang related shit in London then sometimes they’re black, even then they just kill each other not just passers by) in the 2000s many parks and stuff would be nearly unwalkable because there were massive gangs of chavs hanging around just waiting to start fights with and stab passers-by. Nowadays most teens are internet addicted which keeps them busy but gangs of nasty little twats with knives looking for a rando to stab are still an epidemic.

No. 1767139

the fact that his username was "ginger puppy" makes me think he had a furry background

No. 1767140

Moids like this spammed pictures of Bianca Devins decapitated head for months after her death, yet we're supposed to care about the death of some pornbrained tranny? pfft.

No. 1767144

your reading comprehension is really the worst i've seen all my life blind-chan

No. 1767145

The cluster b troon pipeline is strong

No. 1767146

File: 1676287704873.webm (3.38 MB, 576x1024, 4506141-09c8ee9cf7018980294476…)

no sympathy for him. they've done so much damage to us, i just don't care.

No. 1767147

>named himself "woof"
dogfucker spotter

No. 1767153

His name was Brett

No. 1767154

Tbh I see a lot of that shit in “littlespaces” so possibly a pedo loli thing, not necessarily furry

No. 1767160

What are you doing on little spaces

No. 1767175

An ex once admitted to me that he made his 9 year old sister suck his dick when he was 13. Moids are dangerous from a young age.

No. 1767176

There are 8 year old serial killers too. Age is a mostly arbitrary number in the context of scrote criminality, except their murder rates skyrocket when they hit the peak of puberty at 14. Such a thing doesn’t exist for girls. The modern family dynamic where girls are forced to live with pubertal males is abusive.

No. 1767177

And yet the 177x higher murder rate for women in the UK (or the 70k reported rapes a year) >>1766983 isn't the result of "relentless attacks on us" and we have nothing to worry about with males in our spaces.

No. 1767178

As a female-only household I'm horrified every time I read what male family members or male children do on the regular. Anons have posted on /ot about being direct victims to this too, horrifying.
Abort all male babies for real, or at least don't inflict them on a sibling.

No. 1767179

can one press charges against a relative for something that happen when you were both children? i doubt it, but my heart breaks for the sister.

No. 1767180

Agreed. Most moids are unfit fathers as well. I always fantasized about my mom divorcing my dad when I was a kid. He only ever saw me as competition for my mom’s attention and nothing more, I was actively bullied and belittled and occasionally grossly sexualized by him my entire childhood.

No. 1767183

Idk nonny, but I know he still was in contact with his sister and would go on family vacations with her and share a room. Weird shit. When I asked him what happened when he told his mom what he did, she apparently just told him siblings do stuff like that all the time and it’s not a big deal just don’t do it again?!? Wild.

No. 1767185

boymoms are something else, they will overlook all kinds of shit in fear of saying a bad word about a male. I'm sorry for that girl to go through a child rape and get it brushed away like it's normal. There's no way something like that doesn't affect your psychology, you should be reading and drawing and playing at 9, not being forced into incest.

No. 1767187

apparently it was a boy and a girl who stabbed him? if the girl involved is actually a girl, it makes me wonder if it was revenge for something the tim did to her.

No. 1767188

Literally all tiktoks about this case say "she was murdered for being trans". I feel so bad for boomers constantly being accused of falling for fake news when gen z tiktokers are way worse and on a much larger scale.

I'd like to know more about the circumstances, especially why the girl was involved

No. 1767190

Tinfoil but I get the feeling they were in some weird degen poly relationship and the troon cheated or something retarded.

No. 1767191

he will never be an anime girl lololol

No. 1767192

Some of you need to take a break from, yes he was obviously an AGP troon but that's someones kid ffs.

No. 1767193

Yeah, and the girls he probably raped were “someone’s kid” too. Girls are human too.

No. 1767194

Nah more likely they were all friends and got in an argument and the two ended up stabbing the troon. Like other nonas mentioned, I'm sure at least one of them identify as some sort of spicy het or genderspecial too. The police has already said it wasn't a hate crime. Kids kill each other over the dumbest shit all the time.

No. 1767195

Not saying he hadn't raped anyone but where have you seen this? Obviously all my sympathy would be gone if this is the case.

No. 1767196

It’s an agp. It’s written all over his stupid smug face and oversized nose.

No. 1767197

A recent TikTok showed the dead trans kid doing lines of coke. He probably owed someone drug money or stole drugs or something.

No. 1767198

I bet my favorite beer mug the “girl” was a tranny also. There’s no way.

No. 1767199

>pass so hard that you literally pass away

No. 1767200

can you atleast provide the milk ? smh

No. 1767201

Look at the stark difference between the photo where he’s abusing Chinese social media filters VS the candid photo on the right. His shark jaw literally triples in size like a gorilla. Looks like a ladyboy prostitute but white. He wouldn’t “pass” at all if he lived a couple years more, being British and all. Aren’t we supposed to believe they kill themselves (death of natural causes) when they can’t trick people into believing they’re the opposite sex? It was meant to happen. No hate crime here.

No. 1767202

16 is still a child in the UK?? Legal adult is 18. Also personally it's more feeling empathy for his parents, losing a child so young is devastating, his mothers pain will be unbearable.

No. 1767203

it was just a joke calm down. also its weird to call a 16yo a prostitute like..

No. 1767204

"A 16-year-old stabbed to death in a “targeted attack” posted a video on TikTok just hours before she was killed.
The teenager had over 63,000 followers on TikTok and regularly posted on the social media platform."
degeneracy confirmed

No. 1767205

Ladyboys are underage too, it’s so sad. Didn’t mean it as an insult, just pointing out he doesn’t “pass.”

No. 1767208

File: 1676294711357.webm (1.86 MB, 640x332, 6ejsSMFlcCNWsJem.webm)

finally an occasion for me to use this video kek

No. 1767209

Druggie agp coomer dressing up as a schoolgirl for his discord groomers, she probably barely knew him. Clearly some personal drama too since it was other kids (I suspect the other 'girl' is trans too)
Do we have to wait until some screenshots surface of him saying "kill all terfs" before we withdraw sympathy?

No. 1767210

Blogpost but Lol this shit is everywhere now, every fucking day I get followed by at least one zoomer with a bunch of bow emojis and “coquette” “little” bs and a caard link in their profile because I post cgl content. It’s become sickeningly mainstream over the last few years.

No. 1767211

tinfoil: probably stabbed by a boy and a girl traveller/chavs under the guise of 'pedophile' because the troon was 16 and they were 15. Because those months/weeks/days make all the difference in 2023.

No. 1767212

this agp fucker deserved every stab wound.

No. 1767215

Wtf are you talking about jesse

No. 1767217

Kek nonna what is this?!?

No. 1767218

i understand it's hard to stay controlled when we witness the extent of male degeneracy everyday on here but rejoicing about his death or claiming he's probably a rapist or whatever based on his appearance is giving TRAs ammo imho, it's exactly what they need to lie about being persecuted. >>1767199 took me out though

No. 1767219

This is so fucking funny

No. 1767220

this is extreme retardation

No. 1767221

one less troon in our toilets. keep it up !!

No. 1767222

not going to start calling specific people moids but there is 100% samefagging scrote smell in here

No. 1767225

Someone is spamming. There is never that many responds to a post normally. Most of it is unsaged or smells like scrotes.

No. 1767226

Troons constantly lie and fabricate fucked shit about us, calling us fascists, groomers, murders and shit and then attack us with their fiction. It's not like they need shitposts from lolcow for their cause.

No. 1767228

No. 1767230

File: 1676297571643.png (116.8 KB, 720x1320, Screenshot_20230213-090910~2.p…)

If you're gender critical, Gheys death is actually somehow your fault and not just the fault of the people that actually killed Ghey. Honestly , these people, especially mtf , are insane.

No. 1767231

File: 1676298056281.jpg (168.12 KB, 828x1273, Fo12Z4-aYAABKhF.jpg)

Because men never have their ears pierced

No. 1767232

File: 1676298102269.png (1.32 MB, 1180x1184, Capture d’écran 2023-02-13 à 1…)

remember when laverne cox fucking payed tribute to this demon. and to this day everyone ignored the atrocious death of this poor girl. i havent seen any tweets from trannies saying that they felt sorry for her death, they only cared about the murderer's pronouns.

No. 1767235

I guess I'm a man, my ears are still virgins

No. 1767237

And no tra or handmaiden said anything like "muh muh ammo for terfs something something a child died blah blah"

No. 1767241

I know nonnas are calling you wrong for this, but TiMs would never care so much if the same thing happened to a 16 year old girl, doubly so if she had any GC views. They’d be celebrating her death and urinating on her grave. I feel bad that a teenager died, but the compassion women show is part of the problem and why femicides are so accepted. I understand why you feel the way you do.

No. 1767249

uk prison/council estate/chav culture is so fired up about 'pedos' that they tried to set fire to an asylum hotel. If these two 15 year olds decided said 16 year old troon was a pedo going into the girl's toilets in a school (see where I'm going with this) then in their low IQ skulls they're heroes.

No. 1767251

>TiMs would never care so much if the same thing happened to a 16 year old girl, doubly so if she had any GC views
You might get a handful of people (mostly TIFs) saying “think of the optics!” but they’d get dogpiled and banned from any trans subreddits.

No. 1767255

Fucking gross. He's doing a stupid spinny skirt dance, loli song in the background, in a female bathroom most likely AND with people present, while also going around with a skirt so short that his ass and lanky man legs are in full view. Again, he was exposing himself to others in public, probably in a girls bathroom. He was a fucking pervert trying to larp as an underage anime girl. He had "puppy" in his username. Just think of the amount of sick porn he consumed. I feel sorry for his parents (though they should have done something for his severe porn addiction) but he was also a sick teen boy jerking off to women getting raped and he chose to expose everyone to his sick schoolgirl fetish. I'm sorry but I don't feel that bad for him.

>he's probably a rapist or whatever based on his appearance
His appearance and him being a troon already suggest a lot about him. No tim is fine, they're all degenerates benefiting from women suffering and being objectified. They literally cum to real people (women) being turned into a stupid costume and having their basic human rights trampled. Ask yourself, would you feel this sorry for a teen neo-nazi actively hurting people just because he's young? Because they're the same thing.

No. 1767264

Two 15 year olds have been arrested in connection with the 16 year old trans boy murder. The police themselves have said it has nothing to do with traaaaansfobiiiaaa although it was targeted, and believe me the police in the U.K. are so ready to arrest “transphobes” that they’ve dragged mothers out of their houses for putting up ribbons, so you can be sure this has zero to do with the public conversation about rapist trannies in female prisons that’s happening right now. This suggests the two suspects are known to the victim and a bad situation developed between them. 3 women and girls per week are killed in the U.K. how many of them died because hysterical trannies on Twitter call women nazis because we don’t want them near us? This is absolute bullshit and anyone who is “reverse peaked” because one teenage boy killed another teenage boy needs to fuck off back to libfem land and let the men tell you how to have a period.

No. 1767269

I don't agree with him being murdered by other teenagers, but when you know what people in Merseyside are like, then think how 16 year old AGP troon kid going into a school bathroom with girls as young as 11 you can see how it goes when twitter/the guardian/london elite thinking intersects with frenzied semi-literate scouser morality in real life.

No. 1767270

'no evidence' is meaningless britbong cop talk. No evidence so far.

No. 1767271

AIs can generate audio of people speaking whatever you want if you give them enough data to work with. AIs can also alter videos to sync the lip movements to whatever speech you want. Put the two together and viola!

No. 1767272

Exactly, on an individual basis I understand sympathy. I have it for the parents because a lot of this shit feels hard to stop these days. But on a social level, I'm beyond sick of tranny tears every time one of them dies, and the complete and utter silence when actual women are killed. Of course, at much higher rates than troons. Truth is it exposes how much they don't see themselves as women (the one thing we all have in common kek) because if they did truly think they WERE women, they'd be just as upset by the many, many teenage girls who are killed everyday for being women as one trans who may or may not have been killed for being a troon. although like >>1767264 said, the cops would've loved to have announced they arrested a couple of TERFs over this. I'm sure it's some retarded teenager fight that turned deadly.

No. 1767275

>I'm sure it's some retarded teenager fight that turned deadly.
Or he assaulted one of the girls. Not to tar them all with the same brush but it happens.

No. 1767276

It'll come out in the trial, nona. I expect it's social media beef though. That's been behind most teens killing other teens when it's not gang related and I don't think this moidling was in a gang.

No. 1767279

No, I don’t agree with him or anyone being murdered and I feel really sorry for his family, but the police saying “it was targeted, but it wasn’t a hate crime” suggests the kids all knew each other and this is nothing more than teenagers falling out over some shit, or feral kids roaming around looking for a victim.
The britbong police are coming under increasing scrutiny for how they apply hate crime laws. If there was a sniff of this being down to transphobia then they would be delighted to report it and justify their behaviour towards scores of citizens who’ve been unlawfully questioned or arrested for social media posts. They said it was targeted so they have evidence of what motivated it and it wasn’t the fact that the 16 year old boy was trans.

No. 1767280

File: 1676304185255.jpg (Spoiler Image,154.96 KB, 952x1200, FovMRGYaYAAsdqA.jpg)

No. 1767282

>They said it was targeted so they have evidence of what motivated it and it wasn’t the fact that the 16 year old boy was trans.
I'm curious what deranged shit he did to get himself stabbed. Considering the trans grooming circles he was in it could be anything

No. 1767299

I am too anon. It’s weird to me how a younger boy and girl were arrested for it so it could be something along those lines. It will come out in any trial I’m sure, but that won’t stop the tranny hysteria over finally having a murdered trans identified male who wasn’t a South American prostitute to wail over on their five times a year trans remembering day.

No. 1767307

Nta, but exactly, the issue is as well that while teenagers are fucking retarded, impulsive and useless, specially when mixed up with tranny shit, it doesn't excuse whatever behaviors they engage in.
Who knows what kind of fucked up shit he did or said that made a group of his schoolmates want to fucking kill him, like that shit doesn't just happen, specially when it's a group of kids and not just one kid because there's always going to be some sort of voice of reason.
So yeah, this isn't some girl that got unjustly murdered by her schoolmates, this is a pornsick moid, a young moid, yes, but it's still a moid that was healthy enough to go to school, who had an enabling as fuck family and who's story will surely be slowly shown to everyone as the investigations continue.

No. 1767327

Is that the usual wall of goon figurines behind him?

No. 1767331

Why are you all seething about the clothes and skirt when that's just a british school uniform they have to wear and schoolgirls do roll their uniform skirts up that high

No. 1767336

Aside from the fact that schoolgirl uniforms are shitty, he's not a fucking schoolgirl and we all know he's masturbating in the mirror because it's his fetish you fucking braindead male

No. 1767349

Another tranny dead, and a British one at that. Feelsgoodman

No. 1767355

File: 1676310386264.png (47.96 KB, 593x371, Capture.PNG)

Justin whang following a troon onlyfans twitter. Mommybigdick (kek). They've been saying it a while on kiwifarms but this confirms it. He's a chaser coomer.

No. 1767360

Is the trans grooming shit what all the "they helped me transition" comments on social media are talking about?

No. 1767364

File: 1676311486384.jpg (162.86 KB, 1196x840, troon delusions.jpg)

They're always such testerical victims, just like they always claim women are. Bet he beat it after having those "nightmares".

No. 1767366

I don't want trannies dead but I do want them gone. And he's gone.

No. 1767367

Scrote behavior. Stop.

It's possible to hate scrotes without literally wanting them to drop dead. Dancing on people's graves is the sort of shit trannies have done to us with Magdalene Burns, and we shouldn't stoop to their level.

No. 1767368

They're always so paranoid, but hey, that's totally healthy and not insane, let's get these people any cross-sex hormones they ask for and if he wants breast implants and to chop his dick and ball off it's totally sane and normal, definitely not something that someone with a bunch of mental illness wouldn't want.

No. 1767370

This man wouldn't last a day in this world living as an actual woman. A woman dies victim of femicide everyday in my country, we see it on tv every fucking day. I know the numbers are smaller in places like the US and UK and I still think it is pretty dangerous for women there based on the amount of horror stories I see on the internet. Men have it so easy and don't even know it.

No. 1767372

Stfu moralfagging tranny

No. 1767373

>we shouldn't stoop to their level
But why not? Are we hoping the moids see we haven't stooped to their level? They already hate us, I'm not sure who we'd be upholding that for

No. 1767376

File: 1676312451587.jpeg (207.09 KB, 1080x1440, F29422A7-8FA3-4D81-AE88-EF354E…)

This is a separate issue and it is not "uk prison/council estate/chav culture" and it was not an "asylum hotel", it was a standard hotel that, like many now in the UK, is being used to house asylum seekers whilst still catering to customers. A schoolgirl from the area quite clearly made a video of a 25-year old man being housed in the hotel soliciting her for sex in the street.

No. 1767377

Really sad to see, I loved his content but at this point I’m not surprised. Unfortunate

No. 1767379

Not to mention the conviction rate for reported rapes is only 1.6% in the UK. A tranny can rape you and he is 98% or more likely to get away with it. And they’ll even put him in a womens prison so he can keep raping women.

No. 1767381

If you don't want to stoop to their level, that is your business, it's your prerogative, but it doesn't make you better than anyone else. If other nonnies find it cathartic to fantasize and celebrate the death of scrotes, I think that's understandable.

Let's respect each other's differences and not fight among ourselves.

No. 1767382

I thought he was just asking for her number

No. 1767385

File: 1676312672942.jpeg (326.82 KB, 1242x639, F19291C4-EC48-4BD2-B49E-B14CF0…)

literally just stop raping little girls and women and you’ll have my sympathy
until then, you are a scrote and thereby an innate threat to women and girls existence

No. 1767396

I’m glad the 16 year old moid died, considering how many Tim’s I’ve known who have admitted to sexually assaulting younger girls while they were minors theirselves. Any day a tim dies brutally is a day I thank god. I can’t wait for the shit to come out about him throughout the trial kek.

No. 1767400

It always seems like they're happy that they finally have a dead tranny in the western world for their victim narrative. It's sickening. They did the same thing last year when that TIF was killed in Germany by a an immigrant with a conservative background. The thing was it was clearly a homophobic motivated crime because he was first attacking lesbians and the TIF tried to defend them and he killed her because it was a man attacking a woman.
Of course it was the terfs fault like always. I don't buy any of their fake crying over the dead trans people.

No. 1767401

>Reeee anyone who disagrees with me is a tranny!1!!
Is it really that hard for you to believe that a normal woman would find it tacky that you're laughing at somebody's violent murder like a psychopath?

No. 1767406

After she told him she was 15. That's a hotel burnin' offense in chav land because all of the asylum seekers are clearly on the video.

No. 1767407

We’re not laughing at it, we’re relieved because it’s one less rape ape in a skirt off the streets.

In all reality he would have been a groomer if he wasn’t already, I’ll feel empathy towards dead scrotes when they stop raping women and children.

No. 1767408

I don’t like any men regardless of the race they are, I just find it annoying and gross when white scrotes pretend to care about womens safety and rights when in reality it’s just an excuse to chimp out and be a racist destructive POS out of a personal fear of being cucked, not out of concern for womens safety. It’s glaringly obvious bad faith. Kill all XYs tbh.

No. 1767410

based nona

I only feel sympathy for his parents, that's it. I'm not celebrating it but I also don't care. And I'm curious about the motive.

No. 1767419

Fetishes are usually inherited from parents so chances are his dad is an AGP troon in denial too kek

No. 1767420

God this is the exact same situation as the Leelah Alcorn shit, troons bemoaning the loss of some nobody and blaming society, while it's just trashy people dealing with their issues in a trashy way, like most people who are on the annual remembrance list. I don't think he deserved to die, especially this brutally, but I'm not going to shed tears over retarded randos I would have never heard of if not for this incident.

No. 1767422

sage ur autism

No. 1767423

"omg stop killing us!!"
My brother in christ, you're killing each other lol, I still have to see a terf actually killing someone, instead I see mentally ill men murdering other mentally ill men

No. 1767427

this thread is fucking infested with glowies

No. 1767428


No. 1767429

Looking at the picture of the murdered boy makes me think he’d been on puberty blockers for a long time. With him only being 16 the chances are he was groomed into it online and his parents went along with it because mermaids told them he’d die without them.

I’m not celebrating his death, but the other anons are right. Chances are he’d have grown up to be a man who wouldn’t allow women to have boundaries against him so I’m not gonna weep for him either. It is what it is. These men are actively endangering us for sexual gratification, we owe them no sympathy even if they are murdered.

No. 1767430

he has divorced parents and he might have been on blockers instead, he also used to live with his mom only

No. 1767433

A boy in the girls toilets IS a pedo creep.

No. 1767437

File: 1676318086244.jpeg (127.11 KB, 720x960, E6DC6A35-BE67-4FDB-9E5F-665151…)

He said he’s aware of the “panty slip” in his post, gross

No. 1767438

Not to libfems who make the rules. This is where the 'literally killing us' is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's like expecting the taliban to accept troons to make these racist ass catholic illiterates accept them.

No. 1767444

File: 1676318292930.jpeg (459.82 KB, 1350x1800, F5D449A3-684A-421F-9ABB-74DACA…)

Here’s another, the miku tattoo gets me every time, you’re not an anime girl.

No. 1767446

>scrotes rape our infant children
>scrotes burn us alive
>they beat us until we have to move to domestic violence shelters
>they pass laws so they can continue raping us at said shelters
“It’s CRAZY how you wouldn’t be shaken with grief when they kill each other! You’re JUST AS BAD as the men who rape babies!”

No. 1767449

ew, i hate trannies' seemingly incessant self-infantilisation

No. 1767450

the sarcasm was predicated on her taking on the role of someone who believes that "cis vulvas" exist, please consider being examined for autism if you haven't already honestly

No. 1767458

File: 1676320407947.png (1.04 MB, 1082x2105, chrome_screenshot_167632010657…)

According to Reddit, this is a butch woman.

No. 1767466

Well in this sense at least they have a vague inkling of how it is to be a woman. To worry that your partner's work or financial problems will lead him to murder-suicide you. Or that one day he'll just kill you because he can. Or start forcing sex because he feels entitled. That can and does happen to far too many women.

Whereas the chances of this white middle class troon getting murdered is minimal, so all he can do is invent danger he didn't face as a teenager.

No. 1767476

He looks like he was born in the wrong era and should be a medieval village idiot

No. 1767478

Nonas remember to tweet out
"If I ever get brutally murdered the person who did it was a trans identified male. Don't let them tell you he wasn't. Don't let them make excuses for that shit. I worry about it all the time. We all do."

No. 1767484

I think there's actually a statistic that a woman is murdered every 6 minutes

No. 1767492

it's ironic that you say i have poor reading comprehension when you can't even understand that my post was AGREEING with the post that i replied to. i was talking about the posts above where we have women upset that a troon died even though it doesn't matter how young he is, we know how bad underage trannies and scrotes can be.

No. 1767493

Police vans were set on fire, not the hotel, women were also present as part of the protest. It has nothing to do with being "cucked", you'll see that a lot of the time vigilante groups are targeting white paedophiles.

No. 1767496

trust me, no one’s happier that he died than trannies themselves. they’re the ones dancing on his grave because now they have a new martyr for their retarded religion. i’m just curious to know the full story.

No. 1767504

yeah the immediate influx of celebratory responses seemed weird to me. i hate troons but he was a kid and there's no evidence he was anything worse than a typical AGP so the amount of vitriol and rejoicing is a little sus.

No. 1767505

I unhealthily scrolled through the comments of the YouTube video and honestly even the people in support of her upset me. I cant believe you have to preface you support trans people before you even give your opinion. But still they felt "unsafe" in the comments. And one on insta started comparing trans people to black people then quickly started backtracking when they found out karen was black.

No. 1767514

“Typical AGP”s are known to be serial child rapists. They’re the group who inspired BUFFALO BILL.

No. 1767521

seems more like an issue with knife attacks than hate-crime. His male brain probably felt very safe at a park and didn't assess the dangers. Likely that he started shit with some armed kids or something.

No. 1767530

"but he was a kid" yeah and male kids commit atrocities against girls and grown women all the time. being a tranny is bad enough even if he didnt assault girls and women or whatever. the fact that hes in the GIRLS BATHROOM is bad enough. im so fucking sick of reading posts like yours in this thread. your sympathy is what allows men to keep pushing our boundaries and abusing us.

No. 1767531

Dont give him a view if you can, just posting because it's a whining video about JKR making this fat scrote cry or some shit, I don't know didn't watch. His manboobs make me sick in the thumbnail

No. 1767533

I get your sentiment. I'm getting frustrated myself with the reaction to this thing because even kiwis are crying trutrans and saying "she". These rape theories are literally baseless, though.

No. 1767542

men always think that women call every random male a rapist for no reason it's their favorite thing to do when they pretend being women. just food for thought!

No. 1767544

>kiwis she/hering him
Oh I don't believe for a moment it's because he's young, I think they are she/hering true transing him because they think he passes. I've seen some foul shit about minors be said on kiwifarms. If this was some black troon or whatever their would be no sympathy or true trans shit imo

No. 1767548

File: 1676330509577.jpeg (547.82 KB, 1242x2081, FB86D28D-6C2D-4FD4-9007-C01BBB…)

I just don't get why anons bend over backwards because he was a kid, teenage boys can rape girls, they're stronger than them, hell, some teenage boys are stronger than an average woman.
Maybe he didn't rape the girl, maybe all he did was be a retard in the girls' bathroom, maybe he molested her, maybe he threw death threats at people, anything could've happened.
But since pic related happens, I don't understand why people screech "he was just a kid" when the average moid is disgusting as fuck, acting like teenage moids are angels, specially moids into tranny shit, that know that they can get away with being sex pests while wearing a skirt.
I personally don't celebrate him getting killed because I don't give a fuck about him tbh, just another British moid who just happened to wear a skirt, but I won't think he was some innocent angel until there's proof.

No. 1767550

Im confused did the teenager trans rape someone? I'm very out of the loop on that situation

No. 1767552

Nobody knows.

No. 1767553

File: 1676330814885.jpg (83.15 KB, 1500x500, 34247.jpg)


No. 1767555

>this is why people don't care about femicide, because some women are being meanies
nice mask off MRA moment from the troids samefagging itt, if you applied this logic to your own people you would be screwed btw

No. 1767562

take your schizo pills and get some rest anon

No. 1767565

it's your male knees

No. 1767566

Nona, where did you find this? I only ask because I'm afraid I may have used to know this guy irl.

No. 1767568

No there's a few randos in this thread who need to take their meds and do some calm down time. We don't know any information besides two 15 yr old kids, one boy one girl (sex unknown bc journalism) did it. The kid was 16 and what happened to him was terrible, that's all we know.

No. 1767570

he looks anorexic. From a fight video someone posted on twitter claiming to be from the same school, it wouldn't surprise me if the girl was the stabber. A normal 15 year old moid wouldn't have needed a knife.

No. 1767571

when will troons realize that no one is stopping them from chopping off their dicks and pumping themselves with hormones? people just don't consider them women (because they're obviously not).

No. 1767575

trannies are all a potential danger to women (and children), that's why they don't belong in our spaces. they can't see this because if they had any empathy they wouldn't be trying to skinwalk us in the first place.

No. 1767579

That is exactly why they're doing that kek, you're absolutely right. At this point there's been thousands of pages about how troons are perverted freaks who need to ostracized from society but suddenly we all need to suck the gock and respect da pronouns if they "put effort into their appearance". Come on.

No. 1767589

File: 1676335333533.jpg (638.99 KB, 1440x1996, Screenshot_20230213_193845.jpg)

Idiots in the FFXIV community are pissy because a large streamer/YouTuber, Zepla, is playing HL. Someone came into her stream and said playing the game was harmful to trans people. Zepla, who is literally a refugee from Ukraine and has spent the better part of the past year displaced in multiple countries after fleeing, responded "It's almost like I know what's harmful and what's not", as in, playing the video game isn't actually killing people. Now shit like this is all over my feed.

No. 1767591

These privileged retards don't know how good they have it. People bending backward>>1767589
These privileged retards don't know how good they have it. People bending backward to humor their mental illness and delusions. s to humor their mental illness and delusions. Absolutely insane behavior.

No. 1767596

It blew my mind, I don't engage much with the community or streamers, but the audacity of comparing a LITERAL war to trannies 49ing themselves is just fucking shocking.

No. 1767599

this. there's a growing number of people (mostly men though) who think that women constantly lie about rape (even though it all started with one high-profile case iirc) and rape accusations or movements like #metoo are not always taken seriously anymore. the whole "teenage boys can rape therefore he's probably a rapist and i'm glad he's dead" reasoning doesn't help (until we know what happened), it's not like we need this to prove that AGPs are gross and more likely to be criminals than others anyway, the stats are already there.

No. 1767604

Yeah, they're gonna milk his death for attention/money as long as they can even if it wasn't a hate crime. We should start spamming twitter with all the tranny criminals from theysaythisneverhappens when TRAs use this one (1) case as proof that all troons are victims.

Blog but idk, I'm sure it's an excuse for some of them but if the UK is anything like my (european) country, their frustration is understandable tbh. In a big city here whenever you are catcalled, assaulted, extorted etc. there's like a 95% chance that it's from immigrants/refugees (legal or not) but literally nothing is done about it (except governmental campaigns about harassment where all the meanies are whities and the victims are not), it's also super taboo to name the issue because of racism accusations even though race is irrelevant. Maybe scrotes don't care about women as a whole but some care about their families and themselves.

No. 1767613

File: 1676338489187.webm (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 480x544, 1676322636660.webm)

yup its totally okay to have moids in the washroom with us.

No. 1767615

Biggest narcissists on Earth. I want to alog.

No. 1767618

I love you. Thank you for being so based.

No. 1767621

do they know what a shower is that hair is so greasy it's almost dripping oil

No. 1767626

amen sister

No. 1767629

how do i sacrifice my life to stop this shit because i am at my wit's end

No. 1767637

File: 1676341279037.jpeg (386.58 KB, 1170x1203, 58BE9450-F581-4292-B103-DA3E22…)

Lmao as if anyone is committing “hate crimes” against these deluded they/themlets.

No. 1767639

As an aside, this is why you shouldn't make consooming other people's IPs your whole personality.

No. 1767640

why is the xiv fandom so full of mentally ill narcissists. I wonder how they feel when they have to log out and realize they're a failure instead of an ethereal bunboy lmafo

No. 1767644

>buried in the code
Pick one.

No. 1767652

File: 1676342934261.png (344.89 KB, 690x929, cheater.png)

No. 1767656

"You may have survived a literal war but MY war against people looking at me funny is worse"
Are you fucking serious right now.

No. 1767663

the gaping maw of death itself

No. 1767670

Lol the crack hasn't even been out yet. Do they really expect people to believe this bullshit

No. 1767672

File: 1676345435032.png (420.02 KB, 690x662, Vaishnavi Sundar on Twitter.pn…)

No. 1767695

Most trans-identifying children come from progressive families. There are liberal parents that are ok with the gays as long as it's not their kid. You're a dumbass if you think kids are transing themselves just because of the conservatives when it's the left that controls popular media. Young girls aren't consuming Matt Walsh, Fox News, CBN etc. Young girls have IG thots , the Kardashians, Cardi B, libfem sex work is real work/being promiscuous is empowering shove in their faces by liberal media. They look at that shit and decide to opt out of womanhood. With the boys trooning out some of it is porn related and liberal men encourage porn use.

No. 1767702

This is sad and I feel sorry for the kid however, a trans person was bound to be murdered in the UK because, lo and behold, PEOPLE GET MURDERED!! This is what, the first trans person murdered in the UK in several years? How many normal children were murdered in that time? I bet it's gonna be revealed that the two murder suspects were friends or acquaintances of the victim, are gender specials themselves, and or sex/drugs were involved.

No. 1767703

File: 1676349042529.png (Spoiler Image,964.54 KB, 862x1288, 1.png)

unhinged behavior as usual

No. 1767708

File: 1676349563281.jpeg (136.09 KB, 540x1169, 3CD293F6-8A2D-45BC-A961-5060D9…)

Never mind, I feel gutted for laughing at this kid. Bullied that same week.

No. 1767709

McLaughlin's behavior and trooning could be because of sexual abuse. In a Guardian article McLaughlin claims he was molested at age 5 by the sons of a family friend. The abuse allegedly went on for 5 years. McLaughlin told his parents but they didn't believe him. Could be fabricated as AGPs do lie about their childhood.


No. 1767711

File: 1676349695946.png (27.59 KB, 581x310, Screenshot.png)

>you regret a decision you made permanently alter your body when you were younger.

Seeing this comment when this is in my TL.

No. 1767722

>a tranny hooker killed
There's a good chance this is what happened.

No. 1767730

so this man uses a murder to play the victim and in the same breath admits to wanting to murder an author who said "sex is real" and every journalist that merely ask questions hm okk sir

i wish people would ask them for sources when they make these claims about trannies dying everyday at the hand of transphobes. is it again entirely based on trans prostitutes in south america?

""gender affirming"" surgeries are very recent in comparison and it's something that takes time to study.

No. 1767732

Don't assailants who commit hate crime murders usually leave behind some sort of message next to the body to indicate that they murdered the victim because of their race/sexuality/identity etc? Was a Harry Potter book found near Ghey's body?

No. 1767735

>We had a trans girl murdered here in blue state suburbia a few years ago
How many actual girls were murdered in your blue state last year, you filthy scrote? I know your ass didn't cry for any of them.

No. 1767740

i completely agree.

No. 1767741

OT but is anyone else freaked out about this. These deepfakes are becoming too real.

No. 1767743

it’s pretty common to get bullied at school when you’re a freak (source: me, i’m a freak, i got bullied). but i feel like there’s more to this story. after all, it was confirmed it wasn’t a hate crime. i wanna know what happened, why are kids stabbing each other in the uk?