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File: 1677177784310.jpg (448.77 KB, 1191x2048, FpqyHLgXwAgvGxI.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1775242


Lucinda is an anorexic, bulimic self-harmer with schizophrenia who is convinced starving and puking helps condition her into a "unicorn state". Creepy, cooky, mysterious and spooky, and overall a trainwreck who makes for great entertainment and milky(often harmless) misadventures.

>trans and neurodivergent

>member from twitter's eating disorder and self harm communities (edtwt and shtwt)
>puerto rican unicorn starving and peeing everywhere
>terminally online, often daily posts naked photos to her mostly underage fanbase
>notorious self harmer, has visible cuts all over her body
>has eaten garbage, cat food, hand sanitizer and hydrogen peroxide
>purges 11 times a day
>medication is evil and schizophrenia is a lie, i have powers
>poor hygiene, needs a shower

>returned from major heart surgery and a several month long hiatus to recover
>immediately relapsed
>briefly aspired to be a professional ballet dancer until she decided starving was her true passion
>currently wants to be the anorexic Erik the Electric and aspires to be a mukbang Youtuber
>took on a job at a senior center but (presumably)failed to get a certificate of health and was fired
>back on disability
>unclear if she will continue with the delusions of youtube superstardom

#1 / >>1280424
#2 / >>1287920
#3 / >>1314398
#4 / >>1377207
#5 / >>1386142
#6 / >>1413321
#7 / >>1491173
#8 / >>1609006

Instagram: instagram.com/oswaldslunch/
Twitter: twitter.com/oswaldslunch
Curiouscat: curiouscat.qa/oswaldslunch
TikTok: tiktok.com/@oswaldslunchy
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCsEhJeNKRUv76j3dtwG5GLw

No. 1775243

first time making a thread hope i didn't majorly fuck up, nonnas

No. 1775258

Thanks nona

No. 1775263

Thanks for making it Nona!

No. 1775268

obviously she's a spoop now, but i want to know what the story is behind her scale reading ~58lbs before. it was obviously either broken or faked somehow kek

No. 1775284

File: 1677182917322.jpg (13.42 KB, 353x360, Fpk6U9pXgAAupZ0.jpeg.jpg)

for all the conspiracy theories i think it really was just a faulty scale. she has a new one now.

No. 1775345

Yep she gonna die.

No. 1775372

You did great. Especially considering how a few of the previous thread posters were banned for apperently being lucinda.

No. 1775376

Good thread but this info is outdated
>often daily posts naked photos to her mostly underage fanbase.
Her twitter is age restricted now. Edtw has tried to cancel her multiple times for sending body checks to minors. She apparently learned her lesson.

No. 1775386

>sent minors bodychecks

She said she was always age restricted so that ~minor~ she replied to had the setting for nsfw accounts to be able to interact. Lucinda isn't responsible. She replied publicly to one account asking for weight loss pictures and Lucinda happened to be half naked and censored anyway. The fat wannarexics of edtwt tried to spin it as her sending nudes to 8 year olds in dm's like a pervert because she's the edtwt it girl and they wanted her cancelled.


No. 1775402

So you started shitting up this thread again by your whiteknighting? Just piss off.

No. 1775409

fatties mad

No. 1775412

Her parents gave her b/p food for her birthday. Absolutely unhinged. They've 100% given up on her and just let her kill herself.

No. 1775420

Damn, I'm actually pretty happy to see her alive. Stopped following awhile ago and assumed she silently went into the good night but catching up and she actually attempted to work? I think I've converted into a unicorn believer. She's too far gone though.

No. 1775441

I was just here hoping someone posted that uncanny valley bs and it’s the thread pic. I was unprepared when I opened my insta lol.

No. 1775455

File: 1677199581456.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1125x1618, E873F3CA-C0C1-40A9-9B56-269128…)

I guess her family is just glad she made it to 26 but shit’s bleak. Might be Luci’s last at the rate she’s going.

No. 1775460

Damn vendettachan stfu. You're the one who is shitting up her threads screeching about wk'ing when anything marginally positive is said about her like wtf this thread was just made and here you are at it again

No. 1775514

she looks like michael jackson in threadpic

No. 1775561

Nta but this is a gossip website, not a cow defence force fanclub.

Literally my first thought too.

No. 1775576

ah yes, because correcting info in the op is defending the cow

No. 1775663

NTA but you're the only screeching and seething anytime someone dare to express a dissenting opinion, spouting the same stupid twitter one-liners everytime.
> Fatty! Vendetta ! Tinfoil ! Hate boner!

Anon is right, Lolcow isn't a fanclub, but if you think that a post was made to provoke infight/derail, ignore them and report.

No. 1775677

In the long run, better for them all.

No. 1775678

All you wk-chans, get your necks out of her bony arse already.

No. 1775734

Lucinda threads are 60% her stans fangirling if you want a less biased thread go to another one. This shit's expected tbh.

No. 1775780

File: 1677250547479.jpg (232.53 KB, 768x1024, FpqyINWWcAIhTrz.jpeg-1.jpg)

can't imagine their thought process when they bought this holy shit. there isn't a "gift" she can't vomit. it just shows how she has no interests outside her ed.

my guess is she just begs for food and looking at her so underweight her family can't bear to deny her. she said she fasts 22 hours a day so i doubt they ever see her eating. my guess is they hold out hope something stays down and keeps her alive. god. how does a human being go so wrong.

No. 1775823

Thank you so much nonique!! I made the last one but I’ve been in the hospital so I actually appreciate tf out of this

No. 1775970

"Look what I am gonna binge/purge now!"

No. 1776085

Why is this deathbound nut still alive??

No. 1776429

File: 1677326312875.jpg (32.79 KB, 652x261, pureg EVERYTHJGN.jpg)


No. 1776869

File: 1677374737382.jpg (457.45 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20230225-212519_Twi…)

Lucinda's humor continues to be impeccable.

No. 1777240

File: 1677384007673.png (5.92 MB, 1170x2532, E67598F4-D249-4663-B4DE-5EEBB6…)

I’m glad there’s a new thread on her , in any case did she always tag her insta posts with “fyp” and “explore” ??? that’s really fucked up of her, but clearly when has she ever made any good decisions….

No. 1777275

damn this is actually some elite shitposting lmfao

No. 1777291

File: 1677385424444.jpg (6.66 KB, 143x154, Screenshot_20230226-002038_Chr…)

No. 1777309

File: 1677386115409.jpg (93.87 KB, 1078x625, Screenshot_20230226-003003_Chr…)

would love to know the psychology behind this behavior tbh.

No. 1777538

File: 1677399346244.jpg (23.9 KB, 500x500, fu.jpg)

sage your fucking shit

No. 1777685

File: 1677423659771.jpg (42.79 KB, 680x450, Fp5Ou3lWIAEiEYN.jpeg.jpg)

she posted this. lowkey ugly as fuck but it's nice to see her into something other than her ed. i'm honestly surprised she's capable of any kind of realism in her art considering her starving brain.

No. 1777695

Damn why would you leak your own account like that

No. 1777714

Her bio says "they/it/he/she" so she's well in the same boat as lucinda delusion wise.

No. 1777775

jealousy. lucinda attracts the mentally ill crowd of alternative teenage girls who are hormonal and particularly angry at the world for being obese. there's a lot of spoopy edtwt famous girls but no one really goes hard for them like they do lucinda despite their followings being 3x as big as hers. must be the raging bpd that makes them overly obsessed with the love-hate thing.

No. 1777859

>> i'm honestly surprised she's capable of any kind of realism in her art

I don't see realism, nor art. That's a scribbling some 12yo students can produce.

No. 1777868

File: 1677440154407.jpg (555.84 KB, 1080x882, Screenshot_20230226-153159_Ins…)

She posted the finished version and uh. You might be wrong.

No. 1777893

holy shit this is good as fuck. she might be the only cow in the board who has talent when it comes to art. not sure if it was intentional but the perspective making it look zoomed in is dope.

No. 1777947

>there's a lot of spoopy edtwt famous girls but no one really goes hard for them like they do lucinda despite their followings being 3x as big as hers.

That is the answer. Lucinda is not popular enough to have a personal army defending her. But the jealous edtw girls are seething over her. She is an easy target for bullying or canceling what these virtue signaling hypocrites like to call it.

No. 1777949

She has potential but is not there yet. She should go to art school.

No. 1777974

They're jealous and seething because lucinda actually managed to lose weight rapidly unlike them.

No. 1777982

iirc she did get into art school but dropped out due to her schizophrenia.

No. 1778131

i think i must be retarded because i keep getting an error trying to post the screenshot, so sorry for no image, but she posted that she's starting a 6-day fast; i feel like she's gonna drop dead really soon at this rate.

No. 1778213

If you get the Failed to resize image error, convert your image to png, and try again.

No. 1778297

>> she posted that she's starting a 6-day fast

You know, the last sixty pounds are always the hardest.

No. 1778573

File: 1677526936463.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1141, rip.png)

thank you nonnita <3

No. 1778651

File: 1677534464431.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2422, Art theft .jpg)

Someone is stealing her art.

No. 1779101

so she's still got some extra energy to spare

No. 1779180

Was coming here to post this kek I love that pic of her

No. 1779515

File: 1677625225972.jpg (345.1 KB, 1080x1117, Screenshot_20230228_235727_Ins…)

Here's the real post. Debbie's doodle was obviously shooped.
Girl is just trying to manufacturate drama, like she always does.

No. 1779744

File: 1677644675737.jpg (417.35 KB, 1047x787, SmartSelect_20230228-231537_Fi…)

Look who she retweeted….

No. 1779751

File: 1677645245292.jpg (23.23 KB, 1170x306, 20230301_003356.jpg)

she was replying to @H8tecrime69 who accused her of plaigiarism, who admitted to shooping the picture on a discord server to cancel her because they didn't like her

No. 1779753

No. 1779848

Thanks for the heads-up nonette. Some of us aren't on Twitter so, please, try to bring some context next time.
Anyway, edtwt people are crazy.

No. 1779864

I'm so confused. So this Gayl is the one who said "art so good it's not even yours" to this Sophies post with Luci's art. But it was photoshopped because Gayl doesn't like Sophie?

No. 1779900

because they don't like lucinda i assume since they took it to twitter

No. 1779914

So it's not lucinda's drawing and they shopped it in her hands and Lucinda had nothing to do with it, got it. What a bunch of assholes. They really have it out for her for no good reason.

No. 1779919

it's lucinda's drawing and they shooped it onto someone else's ig feed to make it seem like lucinda stole it. you're right though i thought op genuinely saw someone who stole it off lucinda and thought she stole it, but the fact they're some edgelord who completely fabricated her stealing art is shitty. glad lucinda was able to ratio the fuck out of them.

No. 1779921

Her brain may be fried from not eating and schizophrenia but she doesn’t play with these edtwt bitches

No. 1779928

This is the stupidest gay op I have ever seen.
>I don't like this person
>I'm going to falsely accuse her of stealing someone else's artwork

No. 1779950

I’m not a Lucinda stan by any means, but I deeply enjoy how much she triggers these edtwt wannarexics and keeps them seething.

No. 1779951

Me too. It's so funny how jealous they are

No. 1780095

Hilarious how this starving, delusional psychotic is still smarter than edtwtards. I'm fucking rolling.

No. 1780100

I think she's so naive that she can't help but to be 100% true and honest so the edtwt tards got nothing on her.

No. 1780255

File: 1677710471851.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 142.63 KB, 675x900, FqKZhkWWcAApShw.jpeg)

God the circulation in her body must be so fucked for her arms to look like that.

No. 1780270

Ayrt honestly I think that's even better kek

No. 1780425

I don’t know if naïveté completely explains it. She easily dismantled self-described “high IQ sociopath” Ambrose and she never takes her foot off edtwt’s neck. I think she does have quite a bit of native wit, but it’s hard to tell because she presents as a brain rotted anorexic schizo.

No. 1780556

typical identityv fan

No. 1780607

Lucinda is FAR from honest. I don't know where all these newfags are coming from, but Deb's an extreme munchie who malingers her conditions and it's been proven time and time again that she knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 1780634

File: 1677746302049.jpg (47.68 KB, 640x416, ab716fa903d29049c044a059668655…)

Lol, silly nonnita. Don't you know that you're not supposed to say that here ? The samefagging WK will come at you with their typical Twitard clap-backs.
But yeah, I'm with you on this one.
If her ED and SH are obviously real (and I truly hope she'll be able to overcome that), her whole "uwu schizo quirky typing" shtick is greatly exaggerated.
And it's a shame cause I think she's smart and interesting enough by herself without having to resort to that munchie attention-seeking spectacle.

Her face is super cute here, she really looks like Jenna Ortega, from that Wednesday TV show. I'd love to see her with an elegant dark look (like picrel), without all that photoshop and retarded unicorn makeup.

No. 1780649

I can feel how the edtwtards are melting over you saying she looks like Jenna Ortega

No. 1780739

Everything is way too debatable with Lucinda. There's a reason she's been discussed on internet mystery circles of Reddit. Disability for schizophrenia is actually really hard to get and requires years of treatment, and iirc she was diagnosed years before trying to be an internet personality. And even then the schizophrenia thing is taboo in her world. You'd never think she was playing out being a schizo apart from Pinterest spirituality pictures and being a unicorn furry.

Not whiteknighting btw I could definitely be wrong. I can't be arsed to think anything too strongly on this one.

No. 1780868

she's mentioned being the "class clown" in high school before. given how fucking funny her tweets can be sometimes (that street fighter combo lives rent free in my head), i believe it. i feel like people underestimate how much she's declined cognitively as her untreated schizophrenia has gotten worse, not to mention her ED and heart surgery. she's got the body–and brain organ–of an 80 year old in poor health, containing the mind of a relatively clever 20 year old (or however old she was when shit really hit the fan mentally)

No. 1780876

File: 1677780524745.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 25.44 KB, 184x184, 05E3EF92-14A5-4C2B-8DD6-DC8FC8…)

okay conspiracy-chan

No. 1781053

File: 1677791012903.jpeg (266.83 KB, 1047x1353, C6E1E478-EDC9-452D-A55E-426955…)

This week’s ghoulish before and after bmi post

No. 1781344

Which subreddit was it?

No. 1781610

bwahaha. you should stop purging when your face starts looking like an old guitar pick.

No. 1781632

Kek, like clockwork. Learn to ignore posts you don't like samefagging WK-chan, it's not that hard.
If you want to defend her honor so bad, go to edtwt where people are really vicious towards her.

No. 1781868

File: 1677868441783.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1179x1729, C8F6AF56-DB4C-4FAB-BE47-C571A9…)


No. 1781869

File: 1677868489514.jpeg (961.78 KB, 1179x1031, BEA9C64F-AB74-489C-B295-8E85E8…)

apparently Lucinda has acquired the food for her mukbang video and wants to answer questions during it

No. 1781871

File: 1677868568430.jpeg (818.65 KB, 1179x1755, A6AB05CD-2287-406B-B2A7-7CF04A…)

talking about not wanting to do anything violent

No. 1781874

Are Lucinda's WK's really so retarded that they can't detect a shoop that defies the limits of human anatomy?

No. 1781890

Please tell me some nonna will record clips of her mukbang kek. I wish I could.

No. 1781897

accuse us of samefagging all you like methinks the vendetta-chan"""s"""" doth protest too much, won't change the fact that there's more than one person who's read the old threads

No. 1781982

does she expand on what she means by "field" in this context

No. 1782036

Can’t believe this bitch literally gives herself LSD peaking saucer sized pupils in every image she posts. I wonder if she’s ever tried belladonna eye drops like ladies in the olden days used to make their pupils big af. Fun fact, the drops they use at the eye doctor to dilate your eyes contain belladonna compounds.

No. 1782119

Her parents probably found out about the mukbang and maybe had a big argument with her, hence why today's live was quietly cancelled. She usually vagueposts stuff like this when she gets in trouble with her folks. She also deleted all her videos from her YouTube channel… Did anyone manage to save them?

No. 1782316

she said it was a yt video that'll be up on monday

No. 1782395

File: 1677928779629.jpeg (270.6 KB, 1080x1350, 329672792_n.jpeg)

poppin' that collarbones like a mofo.
i'm looking forward to her yt binge, anyway…

No. 1782626

File: 1677966286147.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3076x2275, 3384A568-14D1-4E0B-A95C-AD0AC7…)

Does she really think she has a future she’s building for herself? Glad she’s optimistic but she’s got like 2yrs left max.

No. 1782672

ironically she really does have potential as an influencer/youtuber. she's obviously a talented artist and is endearing enough to garner a loyal following of potential buyers. i also doubt she'll live long but i'm rooting for her to succeed if only to see what she puts out with the budget she wants.

No. 1782936

Just stop being delusional, ass-kissing chan.

No. 1782949

Not to WK or fangirling, but she's so pretty under all that ridiculous edited makeup !
I just wish she'd stop shooping her jaw like that (on her last live, her face structure wasn't that pointy and ugly).
I know she want to be the spoopiest anatard of them all but she doesn't need to do that imo.

Girl, we know you're lurking/posting. The roblox dorito face and schizo larp aren't cute. Stop trying to impress these edtwt retards, you're interesting enough by yourself

No. 1782950

>She's gonna die very soon !
>Guys! She's dead for real !
>UwU 2 years left

Sorry for doubleposting but can you please stop with that shit ?
You wannabe-anachans are so fucking creepy.

No. 1782980

File: 1678021659151.jpg (20.24 KB, 319x284, 1626740002364.jpg)

"sO pReTty"

No. 1783010

Alright then. She’s got a long life ahead of her full of health and wealth based on her days spent starving, her nights binging and purging. Is that better for you? The creepy reality is that she’s posting her slow suicide for everyone to see, not that people are speculating when it’s going to happen. There were no uwu intentions, just pondering the inevitable. But if it makes you feel better, I’ll spoiler the text when I’m ready to get a dead pool started, nona.

No. 1783087

tbh she's already in my dead pool for a while now. could happen any moment by now.

No. 1783213

She won't live long enough to be an influencer, and if she did her career wouldn't last long before other influencers tried to cancel her. A lot of her followers are there for morbid curiosity so tbh it's dark more likely that she would be a sort of largescale normie cow than an influencer

Nta it has nothing to do with being cushy or delusional, it's to do with miserable people shitting up the thread with non milk the moment anyone says something that isn't miserable cringe. Nobody wants to see nonnies crying and shitting because someone else isn't hanging over the thread like a vulture hoping she dies. Contribute milk or don't post

No. 1783497

>weird meme angle
>retarded face
>awful shortbus haircut

I mean, you're entitled to your opinion nonnita, but why chose one of the worst pic to illustrate your example?

Thanks. That's exactly what I meant (but being a mongoloid ESL, it was hard to convey my thoughts properly)
We know her health is in shambles, but these multiple "she's gonna die!" posts are just shitting up the thread. And yes, I think they're quite creepy.

No. 1783690


she's gonna die


No. 1784440

File: 1678215733600.jpg (38.38 KB, 652x285, sixtycal.jpg)

Now at sixty cals per day… Way to go.
Still working on her ballet career, I see.

No. 1784521

File: 1678223629345.jpg (129.23 KB, 1080x1518, others_0001_ao_1k.jpg)

Hope this shitshow will be up somewhere because I can't really waste my life scheduling for her lives but I'm curious

No. 1784599


No. 1784719

Lmao her account is going to get banned in no time at all. It's sad how delusional she is thinking that a pro-bulimia channel is going to fly under guidelines, let alone make her tons of revenue.

No. 1784938

kekkk imagine normies stumbling upon this

No. 1785028

File: 1678291611485.jpg (24.86 KB, 1011x308, doh.jpg)

No shitshow so far.

No. 1785228

she's running on 60 calories a day, that's like 0% unicorn power to work on her stuff.

No. 1785479

wasn't she dead or something like some months ago?

No. 1785625

Briefly but her super magical unicorn powers revived her

No. 1786340

File: 1678491209034.jpeg (392.4 KB, 2856x1732, E8EA9AFB-8849-44A7-81D7-E354CB…)

Saw this in the comments. Is this based on anything new or is it rehashing old news?

No. 1786492

File: 1678515560102.jpg (57.17 KB, 735x466, suicidal.jpg)

hard to believe that this b.s. has been watched by 3k+ people each…
why can't she just slit her wrists, would be easier for everyone involved, i guess.(a-logging)

No. 1786565

it's the latest spin on that one time in 2021 that someone asked what her loose skin was like and she replied with censored pics of her granny flab which included her censored saggy tits. it's such a reach i have yet to see these coping retards reply when someone asks for proof since it's just screengrabs of the fact they're full of shit

No. 1786638

File: 1678542742989.jpg (23.77 KB, 652x251, O_M_G.jpg)

Well, it's gonna be something…

No. 1786716

the video is here
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbPNu-xp8ko(learn to embed)

No. 1786728

Holy fock. There's no way I'm gonna sit through this, ever.

No. 1786734

Watching right now, I'll be back with a summary.

No. 1786768

Congrats. You are going to watch a whole bunch of delicious food going down the drain.
Absolutely disgusting. And then take a look at the comments…

No. 1786771

I’m not clicking but can someone braver than me who didn’t just eat lunch recap?

No. 1786773

Wow she looks so much healthier when she doesn't photoshop all the black lines and shit on her face

No. 1786785

Hope someone downloads this just in case something happens. I really do worry about her.

No. 1786805

i was expecting a more childish voice, and she looks healthy (but thin) when she can't photoshop the shit out of her pics
jfc, how can her family tolerate this shit. like, bitch is obviously mentally ill, but she is surrounded by enablers just like chris-chan was. schizo my ass.

No. 1786809

one hour and forty-five. gotta be kidding.

No. 1786837

She uploaded a short of her dancing and she looks so cute

No. 1786843

With all that crap that she stuffs herself with, one fine day her stomach is gonna rupture and that'll be the end of it.

No. 1786847

"Cute" like in "as cute as a traffic accident, blood and guts flying around"..?

No. 1786849

Her face looks healthier than I expected. I know she shoops but damn she shoops hard. Maybe it's bloated because of bp? idk

No. 1786850

Embedded for anyone who doesn't want to get redirected to yt

No. 1786851

> you're so sweet omg your positivity is literally infectious heart heart heart Im definately gonna save this video to watch next time I eat so I can have someone to eat with
One of the comments… her fans are delusional. What's positive about a mentally ill woman with severe bulimia eating for three? You know her stomachs gonna rupture one day like that one famous girl from that one famous photo. This is no different than watching an alcoholic have shots of spirits while "talking about positivity and good vibes!!!"

No. 1786857

File: 1678569167346.png (5.71 MB, 854x462, others_0001_normal_directx_1k.…)

The face of positivity. A severely bulimic woman eating so much she's risking a stomach rupture because you know she's gonna purge everything as soon as the camera is off

No. 1786858

I sorta feel those comments are people only encouraging her to see the shitshow increase

No. 1786861

I think it's funny how her stutter/speech slurring goes away when she's distracted from her act.

No. 1786865

No, cute as in pretty and skinny. OK?(unsaged bait)

No. 1786869

'tis all part of the lOoK aT mE tHe pReTtY uNiCoRn sHoW

No. 1786871

Spoiler or delete this, you absolute retard

No. 1786875

Yep. So much for her "mutism due to surgery brain damage". It's always been exaggerated, she's been caught more than once deleting tweets with accidental perfect grammar and in her deleted videos on her yt it was glaringly obvious.

No. 1786876

What's her name?(sage your shit)

No. 1786880

guess she doesn't need one any longer

No. 1786881

i get your point but she said it was selective mutism due to anxiety from the emotional trauma of emergency surgery not brain damage

No. 1786894

She's just a munchie.

No. 1786900

Yup, "brain damage" my ass… fckuing up her tpyeing all teh tmie, but still able to draw some portraits.
She's as fake as it gets. Stuttering, makeup and everything. Still she'll die alone.

No. 1786901

not really since she downplays her own rotting state of living.

No. 1786908

Yes, and Jill has DID for real kek
You edtwitards are truly naive.

No. 1786913

Living, that's what you call it.

No. 1786917

It's no denial that she has severe bulimia but everything else I'm skeptical of, she's mentally ill but this doesn't mean she has everything she claims to have. Its obvious she puts on a persona and her own style of make up and the way she takes photos emphasizes her sickness. Her selfies present a much more sick person than in this video, her face looks much healthier than expected given how much she shoops. So clearly she enjoys looking very sick

No. 1786954

They are.
Also, they're… I can't think of the word right now, not projecting but using her as mental binging, if that makes sense. It's common for people with EDs to watch mukbangs to imagine eating that much, I think that watching that type of thing while also knowing what's going to come after amps up the self inserting.
Sorry if that doesn't make sense, I'm not good with words.

No. 1787230

Sage for tinfoil but
>anon who goes rabid when someone who says something positive
>lurks around the thread making "this creature should die" posts
>EDtwt style insults
>unspoilered pictures of dead women
It's almost as if Lucinda had a notoriously EDtwt addicted enemy that loved a-logging Lucinda, tried to rally people against Lucinda, and often posted mild gore because they were kinning two fictional serial killers

No. 1787246

Maybe they're just jealous about her happy unicorn lifestyle?

No. 1787247

Probably the same unhinged anon who post lame racebait stuff (you know the one using "spic" everytime), fake obituaries and pictures of her house. I wish they were permaban already.

Between them and the mental-gymnastic WK, there's a lot of fuckery going on in these threads since day 1, plus a fuckton of selfposts (remember Fatty-Moogle ?)

That's why a post history reveal would be nice. At least, it could put an end to a lot of tinfoils.

No. 1787251

>she downplays her own rotting state of living


Lucinda :
> Too sick and frail to work, I live and piss in the comfy chair, can't walk properly, can't wipes my butt and wash myself alone, my (non existent) brother has to help with everything, from nudes pictures, CC answers, to copious amount of photoshop…I'm so schizo you guys and my Fatty BFF is a schizo too, I swear !

Also Lucinda :

> Can draw, write properly, dance around like a retard for updoots, film, edit and post videos on Youtube, shills her social medias and Patreon everywhere (even here), carefully edits her pictures to look as spoopy as possible, lurk and post here (look up the previous threads), insert herself in dramas…

Her ED is real, no question about it, but not as severe as she let it appears. She just wanna be the new Eugenia Cooney, the sickest anachan of them all. Your run of the mill spoopy Munchie with a unicorn gimmick.

inb4 : Stop hating, Vendetta-chan !
I don't hate her and even think she's cute. But I know a Munchie when I see one.

No. 1787257

her ed is real and so is her schizo which is enough to make her unsuitable for work actually. her issue seems to be with managing the paranoid delusions and violent episodes she tweets about. she's not an autistic retard i feel like people keep comparing her to tourette's-tier shit just because she keeps shilling that her actual insanity is a neurological condition lmao.

still don't buy the munchie angle. anyone barely grasping to reality is going to seem retarded but i don't buy that even she's trying to push thay. compared to the mildly underweight anachans in the general edfag thread i'd say she barely milks all the medical conditions anyone under bmi 15 would have.

No. 1787260

Good tinfoil. I have two "enemies" in mind though not just one.

No. 1787291


>>Also Lucinda :

>> Can draw, write properly, dance around like a retard for updoots, film, edit and post videos on Youtube, shills her social medias and Patreon everywhere (even here), carefully edits her pictures to look as spoopy as possible, lurk and post here (look up the previous threads), insert herself in dramas…

That's what makes the 'single stalker theory' (kek) topple. Debrah is a trainwreck and has been from the very beginning.
She's just another horrorcow and above that - granted - mildly entertaining with her fake childish charm. Also the reassurance from her target audience of imbeciles contributes to that.

No. 1787318

All that b/p while having heart troubles. Why won't her fam stop her from doing this inane shit??

No. 1787540

putting some money on Natalie too

No. 1787592

Ayrt they're all jealous of her for looking the way she does. It's very warped but it's true, anachans are extremely competitive and spiteful people. It could honestly be anyone but it very much comes across like Ambrose because of how spergy they are and the fixation on death. It lines up well with her retarded Bateman kinning + tifs are notorious edgelord gore posters so this isn't hard to figure out

No. 1787695

ive never thought I'd see her in action devouring so much food it makes it so weird seeing such a skinny girl eat what a family of 5 would eat in a day

No. 1787845

Let's just be happy that we don't have to see the rest of it.

No. 1787851

the fact this video got 13k views in one day while jillian's latest two videos have only made it to 12k views in one week is sending me. she really did have potential as a youtuber all along.

No. 1787861

I mean mukbang videos are pretty common and those with skinny pretty girls are specially popular. But for them we have no confirmation of what they do to keep their weight that way, maybe they overexercise or fast a lot. But with lucinda we KNOW all that food she's eating will be purged as soon as the camera is off so its pretty grim

No. 1787945

>skinny pretty girls
>we don't know if they're disordered

be so fr. they upload videos gorging on nikocado amounts of food daily and never gain. mukbangers are bingers. i've seen some chubby korean mukbangers with obvious bed and they eat way less than the thin ones do because they keep that food in and there's a limit to what's comfortable. not even nikocado finishes even 40% of the garbage he buys for the thumbnail. so for the skinny ones like lucinda the massive feasts are immediately purged when the camera is off.

No. 1788357

That's why a post reveal would be glorious, no matter what the outcome would be :

> Tranbrose camping these threads, still salty after all this time ?

> One of her fatty friend being a jealous backstabbing bitch ?
> Lucinda herself, trying to fuel her precious victim narrative ?

Let's pray the milk Goddess for that to happen, fellows nonitas !

I'm glad for her but I wish she'd make something healthier on her YouTube channel. Like : drawing, vlogging, ASMR (I like her voice when she's not doing the fake retard stutter)
And the worst thing are the comments. They're so performative and gross imo. Like "slayy kween ! So cuuute!"
Fuck, what kind of person goes their way to cheer someone killing themselves on camera ?
Sorry for that borderline alogging, but I hate these edtwitards so much.

No. 1788358

Oh yeah. Those 13k Youtube clicks justify ruining your body and dragging others into your own misery. Well played.

No. 1788359

File: 1678795295410.jpg (62.98 KB, 1030x785, Screenshot_20230314_130103_Sam…)

Girl is probably buying subscribers.

No. 1788365

>Fuck, what kind of person goes their way to cheer someone killing themselves on camera ?
At least I wish they were honest. More like they compliment her ~cute attitude and positivity~ while she's eating for five and then vomiting afterwards while on the risk of death and pretending everything is fine and dandy lmao

No. 1788402

Food looks better than last one. I'm impressed it came so quickly considering it took her like a week more than what she thought to upload the last one.(namefagging)

No. 1788417

I wonder if she purges at the very end or multiple times while eating? Because if it's a the very end some of the food might be passing to her intestine where it gets absorbed because she takes so long to eat. Not much, but it's what might be keeping her alive atp.

No. 1788446

File: 1678812266191.png (278.54 KB, 452x548, ScreenShot__2023-03-14_12-44-0…)

Samefag, speak of the devil. Are they on good terms now?

No. 1788508

i think she purges in between. no matter how much her stomach expanded to eat so much in one sitting is impossible

No. 1788514




No. 1788527

Ayrt I'm more inclined to believe it's Ambrose, the friend of Ambrose who Lucinda initially called out for bullying minors on EDtwt (which lines up perfectly since a seething retard would love to find out there's a thread where they could drag her anonymously), Natalie, or anyone else on EDtwt. I can tell you some definite things
>whoever it is, it is an anachan. If you so much as mention Lucinda is actually skinny or sick the same sperg flips their lid and starts accusing you of wking. That comes off as jealousy from classic ED competitiveness
>whoever it is, they have an unhealthy fixation on Lucinda dying and it seems to actually be bordering on being something they want. If anyone says anything about Lucinda getting better or surviving the sperg comes and starts shitting and pissing about how Lucinda has to die in a weird overly cruel way
and that to me sounds like Ambrose because these faggot behaviours line up with the faggot behaviour of a tif serial killer larper with a vendetta about not being the EDtwt it girl

No. 1788561

It is possible. Ive seen people whose stomach sat in their pelvis from binging.>>1788508

No. 1788567

Did she make the Mac and cheese and other thing herself?

No. 1788584

As an ex bulimic I think she purges at least once whilst filming.(learn to sage)

No. 1788586

That's so much food it's scary how it's even enjoyable to eat this much, I mean this is a lot of food even in binge terms, for a single session.

No. 1788592

why does she type so weird(sage your shit and integrate)

No. 1788593

is she in the living room or something? it always sounds like her parents are off to the side watching tv while she's doing these. they really are just letting her kill herself huh? that's very sad

No. 1788609

Not saying this is Lucinda, but there are autistic savants out there who can draw very well but are unable to button up their own shirt without assistance. I don't think her artistic skills necessarily disprove her schizo-ness.

No. 1788636

In the first mukbang she has Tangled playing in the background and says she frequently likes to listen to her favorite movies while doing other things. I wouldn't be surprised if that also functions as a muffler to keep her sleeping parents unaware of her activities.

No. 1788650

You must be new to this thread, and based on that red text, new to the site. If you come back, the answer is:
She is either that retarded from her schitzophrenia or its all apart of her larp of having scitzophrenia.

If you read it fast it makes more sense because your brain will not focus on every letter. Atleast thats how i get through it.

No. 1788733

I mean someone's giving her money to buy all this shit, her parents are fully aware as shes been hospitalized multiple times… They're in their 70s and they probably see her as a lost cause and don't really have the energy to do anything about it to be honest, seems like the only thing she has left in her life is b/ping

No. 1788820

Sage for slight blog
I've known a few people from PR and they all have had accents when speaking English but Luci doesn't have that and sounds like a typical person from the lower 48 (imo). Is this just because her family is upper middle class and she went to a nicer school that put an emphasis on English?

No. 1789102

This is the thing that always confused me the most about her, like how does someone who is allegedly certified mentally disabled able to be effortlessly bilingual without any major grammatical errors in her second language (i mean when she speaks, not the garbled typing).

No. 1789143

Yeah she went to a bilingual Private Catholic school and her dad is newyorican

No. 1789176

She is also able to use words like metamorphosis on her tweets. Would a retarded person know such words?

No. 1789193

she wasn't born retarded. schizophrenia is a dementia/autism hybrid. if anything she's more like a paranoid old person than an uwu toddler retard. she doesn't come across as downsie-ish to me in the videos. she's more nyc sidewalk crackhead-y. whatever difficulties she has are because she functions at the level of a druggie not a brain damaged child.

No. 1789204

Can they make her apply for medical disability or does the PR not have that? Or would she not be allowed to monetize on YouTube if she’s claiming disability?

No. 1789207

She already receives disability and uses it on puke food

No. 1789210

p sure she mentioned having to go "back" on disability after failing the certificate of health for her job. generally it sounds like getting off it is her goal so she can starve and puke without fear of intervention.

chicken run, the last unicorn, tangled being her favorite movies is one hell of a freudian slip with all movies being about trapped characters escaping to freedom.

No. 1789397

I am skeptical about it because normally schizophrenia manifests around the mid-20s and she is around that age so there wasn't much time for her condition to degrade to such a disabling degree. Blogging but I am diagnosed with schizophrenia and have known many people with the condition at varying degrees of functioning but I have never seen the disorder manifest in the way lucinda claims it has for her. I guess the lack of food could have could have accelerated the process, she is a pretty exceptional case in that regard

No. 1789677


Got it covered, even downloaded the short just in case.

No. 1789826

Honestly when it comes to her the only thing we can be certain is she has a severe eating disorder… everything else TO ME feels munchie

No. 1789842

if she was a munchie she'd do a good job tbh. it's been speculated before that she has some kind of undiagnosed brain damage since even lucinda is adamant that she isn't schizo.

No. 1789884

The thing about eating disorders is that people who have them very rarely JUST have an ED. The obvious one is the self harm, she's essentially a zebra now, but that's only what we can see with our eyes. I'm inclined to believe she has a cocktail of issues that perhaps might not be schizophrenia but is equal to it in severity

No. 1790126

She has mentioned her schizophrenia many times in the past (before carefully and conveniently deleting all references to it but it still can be found in the previous threads)

Nitpicking her body or the validity of her ED is dumb and screams jealous anatard imo, but the rest of her supposed ailments are obviously fake or exaggerated.
But the problem of these threads is that we're taking anything she says as face value, even writing it as fact in the OPs. Wtf happened to the good ol' "post proof of gtfo" ?

Your posts are very strange (selfpost? Moogle again?) You've been camping these threads since day 1, determined to convince us that no, she's not a munchie. Weird.

No. 1790148

Yeah she posted many times in the past about her schizo diagnosis. It looks munchie to me based on my experience with other munchies and actual schizophrenics. She purposely heavily edits her pics to look sicker (even if she gives another explanation), just compare it to her bingeing videos where her face is unedited. It's clear she enjoys looking very sick, she's terminally online and on a place where being very ill is socially rewarded so it's not much of a stretch to assume she exaggerates some of her other issues. The ED and self harm are obvious and severe but the rest idk.

No. 1790195

File: 1679059716312.jpg (33.45 KB, 652x236, hole.jpg)

But still able to do some YT?
Good for you.

No. 1790198

File: 1679059880105.jpg (33.14 KB, 652x224, death wish.jpg)

What a happy life..!

No. 1790251

File: 1679066971658.jpg (51.9 KB, 500x343, 588159fe3580320f71fb751ffa1ea5…)

No. 1790376

Yeah,She's been tweeting unhinged proana shit non-stop today. Maybe something happened at home?

No. 1790418

File: 1679090618629.gif (2.8 MB, 498x249, tom-cruise-top-gun.gif)

>>Maybe something happened at home?

No. 1790439

File: 1679093523283.jpeg (479.43 KB, 1536x2048, Frb6wdnXwBAnFOv.jpeg)

spoopy selfie of her weird saggy bloated face and grotesquely swollen bulimia jowls. her skin is looking shiny/rubbery which aligns with heart failure. grim.

No. 1790445

Oh God. Are those heart machine implant things that she has just able to give up?

No. 1790452

No. 1790464

Every time Natalie is brought up in these threads I can't help but remember her past of being a chubby 4chan self poster who used to fuck fat 4channers, even tried to babytrap one of them.

No. 1790524

>even tried to babytrap one of them.
that was all an elaborate larp for shits and giggles, but yes, I remember too. I don't think she actually fucked anyone truly from 4chan, but she was a teen prostitute for hard drugs.
She's had quite the long life of attention whoring.

No. 1790562

Stop derailing. This thread is not about her.

No. 1790564

This. Take that to her thread, same for Ambrose.

No. 1790571

Lol, calm down nitpicking-chan.
90% of that pic is photoshop anyway.
Poor Debbie is dying, has holes in her heart and throat, but courageously draws on her last strength to pose for photos and edit them carefully for twitter likes. How brave ! How stunning !

Her cat is freaking adorable though

No. 1790647

File: 1679149793716.jpeg (200.96 KB, 1125x2077, 5375B1F7-C347-4707-BE0F-4AF2A7…)

The shininess is just the editing (her face is normal in the mukbang). She’s a deteriorating spoop definitely but I have less sympathy/patience since she shoops herself into a slab worthy corpse.

I know she’s a unicorn but the hand edit is giving me chicken feet. Maybe she’s gonna break into acting as en extra in the next Chicken Run movie?

No. 1790650

the dry shininess appears in the lower extremities, retard. the texture is clearly different. her face is fat in videos because she's actively purging off camera. her thyroid glands are literally bulging out of her body.

No. 1790651

She'll be the prima ballerina in the Chicken Run 2 production.

No. 1790661


I swear half the people claiming she's lying are just deliberately misquoting or are just fatties who don't know how many health problems starving bodies can comfortably live with because they have no symptoms.

No. 1790662


I swear half the people claiming she's lying are just deliberately misquoting or are just fatties who don't know how many health problems starving bodies can comfortably live with because they have no symptoms.

No. 1790663


I swear half the people claiming she's lying are just deliberately misquoting or are just fatties who don't know how many health problems starving bodies can comfortably live with because they have no symptoms.

No. 1790664

tbf she doesn't have a thread anymore, it was locked years ago

No. 1790718

and it was locked for a particular reason…
just stop derailing the deathbound unicorn train.

No. 1790719

Why is she holding the cat with one gigafinger

No. 1790722

File: 1679165755714.jpeg (67.73 KB, 1125x737, BAE2E0F2-1DB4-45AA-9303-0CE86E…)

Yes. You were correct.

No. 1790734

File: 1679167472782.gif (11.5 MB, 720x306, zVgHnSj - Imgur.gif)

No. 1790833

File: 1679180371717.jpg (45.59 KB, 600x449, oh-no-not-5ccde5.jpg)

>You have to believe the larp or else you're just a jealous fatty

No. 1791749

hey retard, it's the parotid glands. the thyroid is one and its in the center of the neck and has no communication with the digestive tract.

No. 1791750

File: 1679273885588.png (1.01 MB, 1150x1484, Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 6.57.…)


No. 1792299

File: 1679352338459.jpeg (291.48 KB, 1152x2048, 0E34F108-E40F-4DA9-AD92-A7EF5E…)

gen q, she posted these a couple days ago. is this kind of texture what you're talking about?

No. 1792300

File: 1679352394790.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 481.17 KB, 1828x1989, 512A79E0-E50E-4496-B9C8-13F543…)

No. 1792432

oof, absolutely. this is late stage heart failure.

No. 1792539

not a surprise

No. 1792602

File: 1679408919360.jpeg (36.53 KB, 640x484, fetchimage.jpeg)

Can't believe someone is capable of doing this to themselves. Literal slow suicide. Sad for her parents and doctors who tried so hard to save her.

No. 1792605

File: 1679409159383.jpg (180.08 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20230321-103131.jpg)

No. 1792767

File: 1679426972067.jpeg (147.87 KB, 1125x1117, 2905720C-7309-4CE8-9141-008AA2…)

She read the thread and decided to help out apparently

No. 1792842

Will her heart machine implant thing in her chest keep her alive does heart failure mean the machine isn't working?

No. 1792854

she claims that device was removed here >>1790195

No. 1792871

File: 1679439179575.jpg (29.35 KB, 564x403, bulimia-parotid-gland.jpg)

Its not her thyroid glands swelling its her parotid glands (picrel) swelling. Your thyroid gland is in your neck not face.

No. 1792890

so glad this obnoxious waste of life will be dead soon(a-log)

No. 1792996

do any medfags here know why the device might have been removed?

No. 1793126

Second that. Hope she'll be suffering and in pain, just for wasting good food and spreading this pro-ana shit on Twitter and everywhere else.(a-logging)

No. 1793198

cope and seethe

No. 1793219

I feel like the proanafags and others who want lolcow to get "canceled" are purposefully saying hateful, alog stuff to try and make lolcow users look more malicious and evil so when the cyber-police come and look at the threads they can see how evil it is. Kek if its true, imagine they run a reverse IP on the cows making reports and see all the hateful things they posted on lolcow themselves.

No. 1793285

File: 1679506727057.jpg (287.72 KB, 1080x1880, IMG_20230322_133820.jpg)

Yikes. Even the comments are calling out on this unhinged deathcult shit.

No. 1793306

I see she finally figured out how actual schizos write to an extend.

No. 1793308

i'm hoping she's going to die of heart failure soon, not out of malice, but because i don't want her to be in pain anymore

No. 1793340

I feel you nonna. She's clearly becoming more ill and descending rapidly down her schizo black hole.
KEK that would be full fat cream.

No. 1793367

I second this. This cow is gonna be hard to lose, I'll miss her antics. Bittersweet.

No. 1793437

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad(good, depending on what side of this you are on) news, but Actual Deathcare-anon here to weigh in (lol) on her current state … Lucinda is not as sick as she's making out. Most fakers wouldn't know to photoshop out the telltale signs of cataclysmic COPD and I'm not giving her any free tips on how to fake it so take this post as you will.

She is not as sick as she makes out. That's why the pacemaker was "removed" … it was never really there, and having one implanted is more involved than photoshopping a single dark line down her chest. She's a Munchie at her core and has bulimia. That's it.

Stop glorifying a faker and liar.

No. 1793454

>medfag can't tell apart pacemaker scar from open heart surgery scar

it's irrelevant because there's keloid texture to said scar and she's a cutter anyway so she wouldn't shoop just slice down the middle herself. you can't say she's a legit bulimic and then deny she could have the typical complications that come from it.

No. 1793654

Thanks for your input, nonna. There were zero proof of the pacemaker/heart stuff saga but the WK and selfposters runs with it anyway.
>But Lucinda said so ! Stop hating !
Lol, as if cows never lies.

>it's irrelevant because there's keloid texture
Are you Debbie herself or someone close to her ? You seems to know a looot of intimate details for a regular farmer. Sus.

No. 1793661

Are there any pictures of Luci's pacemaker scar?

No. 1793690

you can see the scar in pictures, tinfoil-chan

No. 1793692

Taking over-edited pictures and attention seeking tweets as absolute truth.
Let's be real, at the end of the day none of us knows the truth and the munchie theories aren't much tinfoily than yours (especially knowing the numerous holes and lies in her story + the fact that she posts, lurks and even adress points made in these threads)

No. 1793705

yes, there are

No. 1793775

i'm just saying the ed is the most undeniable trait she possesses and 2 hour long videos of her shoving food down her face(which she says she does every night) proves she has an extreme case of bulimia. insisting she's faking her medical complications is absurd to me tbh it doesn't make her special it's just gross like everything about her. it just sounds like some people here have a weird admiration sickly spoopiness and are adamant that acknowledging she's sick is a form of whiteknighting.

No. 1793867

Thank you nona

No. 1793878

This. Which is why it always comes across as obvious jealousy. We could call Lucinda a diseased freak and the same anon will sperg that she's not that sick. We already know Lucinda's biggest haters on edtwt have creepypasta and schizo larp shite in their bios, so they obviously resent that Lucinda is the real deal. Because there's no point arguing with the obvious.

No. 1794216

>jealous that she's schizo
Jesus christ, thank you, I'm always wary of posting that because I don't want to summon the sperg but it's extremely obvious from the way the way the posts are written exactly the same way those twitter faggots seethe in their tweets that it's the same person (if not a handful since they're dime a dozen larpers) with a vendetta. Idk how anons can recognise edtwt faggots in the thread at any other time except for the most obvious one

No. 1794232

you're welcome, hun

No. 1794277

Holy moly projection ! Lol

I don't doubt that there are a certain number of edtwtartds seething here and alogging like the little hateful shit they are, however to think that every anon expressing doubts politely would be "jealous of her super cool schizophrenia" is perfectly ridiculous, same goes with the "jealous fatty" accusations.

I think a lot of her symptoms and supposed ailments are vastly exaggerated for pity and attention (the fake stutter, her brother who doesn't exists, what she can or can't do, the comfy chair…) because she's unfortunately in an environment that rewards this type of stuff.
But I'm not jealous of her, nor I have a Twitter account: her life seems very sad and grim sad there's nothing to be envious of here. 26, still living with her parents, battling with bulimia and SH…bleak.
She's very cute and funny imo (I'm the anon that was comparing her to Jenna Ortega, so not a "hater" by any means) I just wish she'd drop her stupid larp and quit the toxic cesspool that is edtwt.

No. 1794323

The thought that there's ANYTHING at all about Lucinda that is enviable is hilarious oh my god… Her parents seem well off and she seems to live in a big house, that's all I can think of. You can criticize something without being a "jealous fatty" or wanting to have schizophrenia. My doubts come from having been basically forced to interact with people with actual psychosis and comparing them to Lucinda, their form of speech/writing, fixations, mannerisms.. That's why I pose the possibility of malingering or exaggeration, I'm just a nobody in a thread not a lot of people care about, chill.

No. 1794471

>doubts politely
Nobody is talking about that though, are they? People are talking about a specific sperg with an obvious vendetta that keeps coming out to a-log and derail the thread whenever nonnies aren't being miserable. Funny that you would feel inclined to type out a novel in response to a post about alogs if you're just a "polite doubter"

No. 1794629

comparing her to Jenna Ortega?
you out of your fucking mind?

No. 1794667

>the same anon will sperg that she's not that sick.

Learn 2 read.

No. 1794684

File: 1679700700511.jpeg (214.36 KB, 1125x1850, EC18EF82-0FCA-4249-AF0F-F31583…)

Ballerina Luci is coming apparently.

No. 1794752

File: 1679711959078.jpg (9.08 KB, 300x300, 300px-Crying_Cat_screaming.jpg)

I low-key want to commission her, but I'm afraid the art will arrive haunted since she's about to kick the bucket.

No. 1794762

I mean unless she dies as she draws it, you should be safe from haunting. Go with god, nona.

No. 1794797

can she even stand en pointe with edema feet????

No. 1794798

can she even stand en pointe with edema feet????

No. 1794853

Good for her but I thought she was to sick and frail to do anything ? >>1790195

No. 1794855

at least exercising is less wasteful than puking up the money of her parents

No. 1794875

she was saying the opposite in the tweets that followed. that she's pain free despite serious health complications therefore she feels healthy.

No. 1795159

I actually did commission her, and it took about two weeks. I was scared shitless that I would get scammed but suprisingly turned out okay.(sage your shit)

No. 1795341

She's schizophrenic. Anything she says about becoming a ballerina is just part of her delusions.

No. 1795350

She's going to hit the floor so very, very hard. Her little heart will just go ka-pow and that's gonna be it. Can't she just purge, that fucking idiot.

No. 1795352

Stop sending her money. It will only make matters worse.

No. 1795358

File: 1679824398620.gif (415.37 KB, 220x220, 1679681287133.gif)

her being a ballet dancer

No. 1795582

ballerinas are notorious anachans so I wonder how long it will take for someone in her class to recognise Lucinda from her EDtwt presence

No. 1795648

You all should fucking stop interacting with the cow

No. 1795747

she'd be doing adult classes for beginners anyway and those are all fat middle aged women living out lost dreams

No. 1796150

Ayrt I actually forgot Lucinda is in her mid 30s for a second there kek. It's hard to register her as having an age

No. 1796152

>mid 30s
anon she's like 26

No. 1796261

Second that. Don't touch the poop. And do not send her money, ffs.

No. 1797372

File: 1680036443631.jpeg (474.26 KB, 2690x2921, 0E276BB6-3F54-4F3F-AE59-70E44F…)

Luci sounds like she’s rotting but apparently she’s starting a patreon for money for “ballet things.” Hoping she won’t get desperate enough to do an OnlyFans.

No. 1798018

I hope for her sake that her Patreon will make a flop.
Giving money to that woman is like giving money to someone like Tuna : it's just enabling in their addictions.

No. 1798028

the difference is that her fans are also addicts who see her as an inspiration.

No. 1798074

This is not going to end well.
It's all about, how.

No. 1798768

She is such a sad existence I really feel bad for her. Can't her parents do something? I know they she is an adult but it's obvious she can't take care of herself.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1798830

while "fans" equals "other deranged cunts with some major eating disorder"

No. 1798868

You would be surprised. Normies have lolcows without realising they have lolcows. People like Eugenia get huge views and money from people just gawking at her, and there's whole channels with their own fanbase built around just talking about her. Lucinda is arguably more of a spectacle that Eugenia just sitting there so it's not entirely impossible for her to amass a sizeable community of gawkers. They're not "fans" but they're certainly a community that in a weird way support her internet presence

No. 1798892

My tinfoil: shes not as schitzo as she pretends to be, relizes she doesnt really want to die or have this ugly body, so she is trying to take on ballet classees to get the body of a ballerina. Mini blog post but i watched those "what i eat in a day.." videos but it was with a professional ballerina and she ate ALOT and none of it was healthy. Her breakfast was two microwave corndogs she ate while stretching. They werent even the breakfast sausage and pancake ones.

Its going to be a real rude awakening when she cant cut it because she refuses to fuel her body and gets kicked from the class. But honestly i think the occasional and brief interactions and worry she gets out of people by forcing them to deal with her gives her some kind of high. Like when she got her job but didnt really try and recover.

Either way, what a nightmare for these poor people. Imagine just tryna do your job or your hobby and this thing wobbles in and causes a whole scene until she inevitably leaves.

No. 1798924

kek good fucking luck with that

No. 1798925

I remember that video! She ate tons of frozen microwave food all day, it was clear she just needed to hit enough protein/calories to support her training and didn't care if it was healthy or not. These anachans promoting "ballerina diets" are just dumb, they're athletes and eat for training. It's not a diet any normal person needs or should aspire to.

No. 1798929

I remember abbey sharp making a video of her and tearing her apart

No. 1798953

Ayrt. Yeah she seemed really cool and i actually enjoyed her video.
Who is abbey sharp? And what was she saying about her? That she eats like crap?

No. 1798975

Abbey is a dietician and she didn't appreciate the calorie counting or how little she eats from what I remember

No. 1798998

Ah okay. I feel like (american) dieticians should focus on fattys honestly. Obesity is a bigger epidemic in america. That ballerina is fine and probably it would hinder her performance if she were to gain too much fat or muscle. Hence the calorie counting and not eating "enough".

No. 1799040

What happened to her job in elder care? All I remember was her hyping it up for a couple of days, say that she got it, post maybe two days about it and then just nothing.

No. 1799052

Here's your loaded spoon. Literally in the end of the last thread.

No. 1799112

File: 1680212155656.jpeg (216.08 KB, 1125x1464, 67681F65-FC0B-42A8-B3CC-71B4FB…)

It feels wrong somehow. Im started to think she’s just drawing the same uncanny valley face over and over and now this pony is cursed.

No. 1799127

high school art class

No. 1799166

what's it like to have had art classes in school?

No. 1799179

sorry to hear your school sucked anon kek

No. 1799191

she presumably failed the certificate of health required to actually work in the job. geriatric care involves a lot of physical labor.

No. 1799231

That was quite obvious from the start, it doesn't take a professional to google images of the actual procedure scars and then add it up with hers and the bs story she spouts about it. She is obviously extremely underweight and anorexic/bulimic, but loves to appear even sicker. I'm still crackling over how her drastic liver failure just magically disappeared, the same way the pisschair-bound-wheelchair-soon-I-can't-even-stand-up-alone claims disappeared despite her weight dropping even further.
It's a tragedy the selfpost reveal never happened.

No. 1799267

she said the medication they put her on was the same as the one they gave her dog as a tranquilizer which means they consider her erratic enough they want her heavily sedated. i've definitely heard horror stories of antipsychotcs turning people into living zombies.

No. 1799430

She's all about intuitive eating and pandering to everyone she possibly can. She'd never tell fatties to eat less.

No. 1799473

There was no evidence that job was even real in the first place, other than a tweet and a selfie taken in a car. Maybe it was another one of her lies/delusions?

Not my style but it's pretty nice. I mean, if someone like Tuna Slater can make money selling her ugly doodles I don't see why Debbie couldn't too.

Shhh nonna ! Don't you know that pointing out the contradictions and lies of this cow would only be the work of vendetta-chans and jealous fatties ?
Seriously, I hope that we'll have a post reveal as soon as there's more farmhands. That's where the real milk is imo and it would be absolutely hilarious.

No. 1799894

>She'd never tell fatties to eat less.
because she's not necessarily pro ana, lurk moar. She used to always tweet about how awful it is to have eating disorders it wouldn't make sense for her to tell people to not eat kek

No. 1799898

File: 1680294281511.jpeg (167.73 KB, 1458x1093, IMG_0735.jpeg)

well that was quick

No. 1799899

btu thye dind't taek awya my scocial mdeia access. lcucky me.

No. 1799906

File: 1680294765952.gif (4.5 MB, 498x280, well-waiting.gif)

No. 1799909

The ballerina aesthetic obsession is so weird, like she’s seeing herself as this dainty mystical person but anyone actually in ballet would see her as a shambling bony wreck covered in hideous sinews and scars.

No. 1799938

I'm having a guess that she's only into that ballet stuff for calorie burning and because aLl bAlLeRiNaS aRe sMoL.

No. 1799939

Hmm. I dont think id like her videos.
We arent talking about lucinda, we are talking about some dietician named abbey.

No. 1799948

Edtwt fetishizes ballerinas because of the association with eating disorders, femininity, "clean girl", being dainty etc, it's just an aesthetic for them, they don't know shit about ballet and how strong you have to be to be a competent dancer

No. 1799971

This. None of the edtwt retards have the discipline to perform extreme athletic feats while maintaining artificially low body weight all because the “father” of modern ballet Balanchine fetishized skinny women. They’re only interested in the “fetishizing skinny women” part.

No. 1799992

I'm pretty sure her videos come from the perspective of someone who primarily works with ana-chans or was one herself anyways so fatty chans wouldn't really get much benefit from her videos compared to the numerous ex-fats on youtube who provide better help and are more relatable.

No. 1800011

File: 1680305009602.jpeg (39.74 KB, 1125x378, ED610A05-9D26-4CF5-99A9-8D57C4…)

It just couldn’t have possibly have been the exercise purging that helped that along

No. 1800019

Oh that makes sense.

No. 1800299

if things are so dire, why didn't they take away her fucking phone

No. 1800305

File: 1680329070555.jpg (26.2 KB, 680x657, _Surprised_Pikachu_.jpg)

So it's oxygen deprivation caused by her heart palpitations or the body going into shutdown mode due to malnutrition.
If the doctors send her home she'll be purging & starving herself again, so what's the use…

No. 1800332

Because she's lying.

No. 1800337

I don't understand this line of thinking because it's not common for people to have their social media access taken away when they're in a fucked situation, especially when they're quite literally almost 30 years old. How many TikToks, munchie cows, etc. do you see of people inside psychiatric wards/hospital beds and that sort of thing? The pro ana scumbags thread is full of ana chans posting selfies from inside the ward with tubes and shit, nobody is taking these bitches phones you absolute boomers

No. 1800392

Lol, calm down rage-chan.

No. 1800417

Fuck off, white knight-chan.
We know she's exaggerating most things most of the time.
She's a liar and an attention whore.

No. 1800433

Nonna, did you get the posts wrong ? I'm >>1800332 so, not a WK by any means.

That one >>1800337 smells like a huge selfpost though. Someone is very, very salty we don't believe her new storyline.
Brace yourself for the fake obituary and usual a-log/racebait posts. It'd be fun.

No. 1800435

>it's not common for people to have their social media access taken away
Nta but it is absolutely common and often a requirement for ed recovery. And don't forget she literally claimed she had no access the first two times she supposedly went to a hospital, as explanation for why her twitter wasn't active.

No. 1800437

it 1000000% depends on the hospital

No. 1800438

File: 1680354081025.jpg (68.04 KB, 1043x1315, IMG_20230401_085728.jpg)

PRfag here. They don't take away your phone in PR but they do have these signs at the hospital. They don't really follow through though and usually let you use it as long as you're not recording or texting while the doctors are talking to you. Usually there's really shitty service inside the hospital and you might not have access to a charger/WiFi.

No. 1800439

True. The Bullshit Hospital from Munchieland allows Twitter usage (the same place where Jillian got her DID diagnosis)

> PR-fag ""anon"" comes to the rescue !
How convenient kek

No. 1800441

I don't think you know how Puerto Rican hospitals work lol, also there's a bunch of pr people following and posting in this thread so calm down your tinfoil, nonna

No. 1800449

The same PR-fags taking pictures of her house and camping the threads since day one to WK her ass ?
I know it's your go-to clapback but it's not even tinfoiling at this point. That whole thread reeks.

No. 1800490

even that sign looks cheap and half-assed, just like the whole inbred banana republic she dwells in.(race sperging)

No. 1800491

>implying the only person shitting up these threads is literally you every single time

learn to leave strangers room to gossip, you fucking autist

No. 1800524

It's not a requirement evidently because any skelly who actually goes to treatment is still posting their Girl Interrupted larp photoshoots from inside the facility on their social media. It's probably common for teenagers but, as I said, adult skellies love documenting their treatment publically on Twitter/TikTok for sadfag points. You can see this right here on LCF in a handful of threads even

No. 1800692

can't find the tweet but case in point, some edtwt aspiring influencer ~quirkily~ posted a bedridden selfie in a hospital gown bragging about being resucitated 3 times, so when it comes to medical complications anachans love exploiting every angle within hospital walls.

lucinda must be in bad shape though to actually not post anything new thus far.

No. 1800940

part of the reason it's very obvious that the "Lucinda is a faker" spergs in this thread are from EDtwt is that farmers see screenshots of anachan nosetube hospital bed selfies posted in threads all the time. They're on the front page where everyone can see them at least 2 times a day. It's skelly cow behaviour 101 to post on social media while in treatment. Fat EDtwt larpers who have the Lucinda thread bookmarked wouldn't know that kek

No. 1801286

I'm worried this might be it. She abused her battered body to its very limit. There's no going back from late stage heart failure, is there?

No. 1801431

Unless there is some true dedication and actual changes made, not usually.

No. 1801432

tbh… i feel the same. i know she wasn't as skelly as ash and eugenia but lucinda was an unhinged bulimic with no concept of harm reduction and the damage that does on your heart is irreversible. even then her last bodychecks were disturbing even to her followers. i can only hope her family is at peace.

No. 1801639

>>actual changes
Yeah. Just like all mental illnesses, they disappear from one day to the other,

No. 1801640

Her family will realize, sooner or later, that they are better off.

No. 1801653

they bought her b/p food for her birthday and she tweeted that her dad didn't think there was anything wrong with her because she was just irl baby firefly lmao they're absolutely enablers and drove that woman to her grave. same as eugenia. the worst spoops have families that don't give a shit. if you notice lucinda has only ever been in the hospital for an emergency when she should've been at an ed facility 30lbs ago.

No. 1801701

Maybe other nonnies can relate to what I'm about to say but I'm pretty sure a lot of cultures around the world just sort of don't really care (or want to care) when it comes to disabled/mentally ill people. I'm not saying South Americans are cold or anything but there are some fucking insane stories about how people like Lucinda are treated down there (anyone else remember the time Brazillian police turned a car into an improvised gas chamber to euthenise a mentally disabled man?). For the family it's probably more to do with yearning for the days when Lucinda was normal than it is to do with simply not caring

No. 1801736

File: 1680553322915.jpg (97.25 KB, 1080x585, IMG_20230403_074310.jpg)

Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean, not south America.

I think her dad being a bodybuilder and edgelord did major damage to Deb. She grew up watching her dad go through all sorts of disordered behavior and violent edgy shit… it's obvious she really looks up to her dad. Maybe she was always doomed to be a schizo, but maybe not her sh and ed.

No. 1801738

File: 1680553396675.jpg (270.55 KB, 1080x1603, IMG_20230403_074334.jpg)

No. 1801739

File: 1680553503152.jpg (137.06 KB, 1080x869, IMG_20230403_093606.jpg)

No. 1801752


on that note she used a picture of regina george to compare to her mom so it sounds like her mom is a hyperfeminine backhanded compliment type who's embarrased of her daughter being an ugly retarded goon. she said her mom buys all her clothes which is a classic way of her keeping her daughter looking presentable.

lucinda is actually the product of a gymbro boyfriend and ednos girlfriend. add schizo into the mix and she didn't even make it to 27.

No. 1801982

has anyone heard/seen anything? her twitter hasn't updated

No. 1802061

Oof. Sorry to be a tourist in the thread (not sure if her parents have come up before, she makes me sad and i avoid looking at her usually) but this is 100% not surprising based on what I know about her. at least one of her parents had to have body issues, this makes so much sense and i wouldn't be surprised if it's darker somehow

No. 1802142


No. 1802955

I wonder what happened between her and Moogle. Unfortunately this time we don't have an attention seeking insider to spill tea on the farms. Throwback to her making an entire account on KF just to tell everyone what Lucinda shared with her lmfao.

No. 1803152

wrong thread, amigo

No. 1803203

File: 1680783113269.jpg (36.06 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20230406_140836_Sam…)

Fatty doesn't have a thread.
She was the one inserting herself in the "Luci is dead you guyzzz" saga from last summer (creating an account on KF for that sweet scrotes validation, is still active there…and probably here to. The raging WK are probably her and Debbie) so, she's relevant to that thread.

No. 1803311

>the raging wk is Moogle and Debbie
It's far more likely that either of them are the death sperg

No. 1803352

Just fuck off already.(pressed)

No. 1803366

Kek, why are you so mad ?

No. 1804102

moogle has joined the chat

No. 1804249

Oh no! Moogle has an account on the literal violence nazi site that kills transgenders every day. /s
For real, every edtw sperg itt should take a look at Lucinda's kf thread and ask themselves why it has no a-logging. Cloudflare had to drop kf for you know what.

No. 1804328

she is so painful and unbereable to watch in motion

No. 1804340

Her stuttering in this is completely different to how it presented in her older videos and she comes off as more capable of speaking here despite her decline (this video even gives me boxxy lol so random vibes), this is the first time i really think shes bullshitting about something

No. 1804434

I remember her saying on Twitter back then that her parents had watched her original videos and called her out on her faking the retardation kek

No. 1804463

you do realize we're all aware you made that up

No. 1804554

The Moogle defense team is back in full force I see kek
Having an account on KF is fine but going there, or Lolcow, to seek attention is fucking lame.

>Wah! Wah! Kiwi-scrotes are way nicer than you, meanie farmers !

They're not nice, they're retarded. Look up the Venus thread for exemple (Oh no ! She's a poor victim ! Manager-san is forcing her to do OF !)
But you know, if LC isn't your thing, you can still go back.

>use tone indicator while accusing farmers of being from Twitter

Oh the irony !

No. 1804555

" We're all "

Who are "we" ?

No. 1804607

KEK i was gonna say the same. her family drowns her in toddler toys and baby plates. all she does is whine that they force her into treatment and medication that keeps her from being fREe so if anyone believes she's a retarded menace to society it's her parents.

No. 1804779

One whole week of radio silence already.
Enjoy your treatment and all those friendly pills that keep you calm.

No. 1804797

Why did fatty Moogle stop being friends with Lucinda? I swear I read all threads but forgot. I want to know how Lucinda is doing, if she died this time or what.

No. 1804799

realistically how long would they need to keep her locked away in order for her to improve? she's mentally and physically comprimised. i imagine it's like the chicken before the egg scenario where they don't know what to treat first. from the lack of updates i doubt it's ip for her eating disorder.

No. 1804897

Would be crazy if they end up putting her in one of those meds that make you gain a ton of weight either through metabolic damage or uncontrollable cravings..

No. 1804953

Nta but "we" would be anons itt who know that >>1804434 is a completely random lie. That literally didn't happen, and anyone who follows this thread knows it because if it did then it would be brought up constantly. Stay quiet, Moogs

No. 1805123

File: 1680935350196.png (92.13 KB, 502x565, blob.png)

So it would be Fat Lucy all over again…

Nta but I giggled like a moron about that. Nice one!

No. 1805124

'Realistically' you cannot change a schizo.

No. 1805167

I don't think there was any fallout between them, or not publicly anyway.
So maybe they're still online friends ?
Or I hope so, because Fatty posting here everyday to defends someone who isn't her friend anymore would be super creepy in a "White Single Female" way (girl is larping as a schizo ana-chan too)

No. 1805205

Realistically schizophrenia is treatable. Lucinda is surprisingly self aware for schizo. But she would have to commit to her treatment to have a somewhat normal life.

No. 1805226

she would never take the meds in fear of gaining weight

No. 1805232

>>But she would have to commit to her treatment to have a somewhat normal life.

She won't have both.

No. 1805244

File: 1680959551934.gif (938.79 KB, 272x272, giphy.gif)

and do a lot of purgin'

No. 1805279

don't be delusional. she's in denial about her state and rejects any kind of medical cure. that one is certainly deathbound, are you that naive?

No. 1805428

>schizophrenia is treatable
No, it's manageble IF the person maintains a certain level of clarity with no decline. Lucinda being aware of her schizophrenia is not indicative of her being treatable at all because she still acts on her impulses like severe self mutilation and binge purging cleaning chemicals

No. 1805657

she obviously doesn't want to get better and she will keep justifying it in her head/to her followers

No. 1805806

I don't want her to die, she is very entertaining. From everything I saw about her dad it looks like he's somewhat disordered too specially because it seems like he would sometimes exercise with her now that she's decaying, it must have felt bad being an obese kid like she was in this household, her brother if he exists is a gymbro too

No. 1805870

she once bragged that he pulled out his own teeth with pliers and from what we know he isn't schizo, just a boomer vietnam war vet on steroids. lucinda is just a copy of the disordered habits she watched her father exhibit with schizo thrown in the mix. bodybuilders are literal freaks and say beyond unhinged shit about bodies when they open their mouths. unfortunately for lucinda she never got away from that house and was instead spoiled and babied well into her weight loss so she had no initiative to leave.

it's kind of crazy how similar her and eugenia's situation is, with the rich enabling family and same age group.

No. 1806099

she literally not in denial, shes incredibly self aware about how sick she is and KNOWS shes gonna die. She has said she doesnt care, shed rather spend her last days purging than living a long fat life.

No. 1806306

If this is true, why is she blabbering about some 'transformation' shit all the time..? Doesn't sound like self-awareness to me at all. She's caught up in her little schizo world of horror and won't get out.

No. 1806310

she's too deep in her psychosis and ed brainrot to understand death. from what she's described she doesn't even have a decent grasp of time or even comprehend a tomorrow.

No. 1806508

Nta but she has said multiple times that she knows it's delusion. It's hard to actually perso what she's saying because of the way she types, but one of her clearer statements is that the "magic" (read: delusions) make her happy. It's fairly obvious to anyone observing Lucinda pre-Ambrose that she's choosing delusions because the alternative is choosing to live in a horrible reality

No. 1806954

File: 1681226753847.jpg (481.17 KB, 1828x1989, IMG_20230411_112708.jpg)

she had late stage heart failure edema there's no way she's coming back from this one

No. 1806955

File: 1681226816828.jpg (272.56 KB, 1438x2048, IMG_20230411_112841.jpg)


No. 1806973

Not seeing any edema, just discoloration?

No. 1806975

Not seeing any edema, just discoloration?

No. 1806976

Not seeing any edema, just discoloration?

No. 1807037

File: 1681235993533.png (148.03 KB, 736x642, Acrocyanosis-in-severe-anorexi…)

edema just gives spoops regular feet. but if her ankles can sink like that her feet would be worse.

No. 1807057

Are you a medical doctor???
Also, sage your shit

No. 1807100

A real schizo wouldn't say their delusions aren't real. Schizophrenics believe their delusions 100%, and they never shut up about them.

No. 1807106

she's never said her delusions aren't real bitch won't even admit she's schizophrenic and thinks her bulimia is her unicorn state

No. 1807117

>>1807100 as a certified schizo this isn't true kek

No. 1807119

Ok, let's go over this again as we have many many times in the Lucinda threads: Lucinda said (depending on how you interpret unicorn speak) that she is aware that her "magic" and ability to "transform" is from schizophrenia. She believes she is fully capable of starving herself into a unicorn, while maintaining awareness that her ability/power is coming from schizophrenia. Lucinda is schizo, make no mistake, but she has demonstrated in multiple tweets that she is aware that she has schizophrenia
>a real schizo wouldn't
Yes a real schizo can. There are plenty of documentaries out there you can watch interviewing schizophrenics who are aware of what is causing their delusions and discussing how despite this awareness they still believe their delusions

No. 1807216

not a lucinda wk by any means but this is blatantly wrong about the scope of schizophrenic beliefs and/or delusions.

No. 1807365

so they say that roaches will survive pretty much everything you throw at them.
seems as if she found her spirit animal?

No. 1807366

File: 1681284407322.jpeg (302.73 KB, 1621x2048, 1626822037308.jpeg)

"Condition is permanent and severe". Certified nuts.

No. 1807424

And we're supposed to believe this "document" with several spelling and grammar errors is real? Also the fact that it jumps from spanish to english randomly? Fake and gay

No. 1807441

also: not capable of self-support.
mom & dad will be glad to hear that.

No. 1807448

Why so many simple grammar mistakes in this? damn…

No. 1807450

Welcome to the Puerto Rico health system, foreigner.

No. 1807451

the fact it's so unprofessional just proves it wasn't faked tbh

No. 1807453

I live in a shit hole too but I don't see this many grammar mistakes in doctor's papers. lol I don't doubt it's real, it's just appalling

No. 1807460

Lucinda is completely fluent in English and can type grammatically correct sentences when she wants to. Idk if it's faked or not, but I don't think the document being written in poor English proves she faked it.

No. 1807481

I'm not debating whether this is real or not but I live in the US, work in healthcare and see plenty of typos on doctor's orders. They're often in a rush when completing paperwork, plus spelling & grammar isn't a huge priority for the job in the first place.

No. 1807507

File: 1681310055441.jpeg (177.57 KB, 828x1290, 175A917E-E7AD-437B-AC19-9B28E1…)

She‘s ok

No. 1807517

No signature stamp ? Yeah fake and gay.
Stop posting old, curled milk ""anon""

No. 1808457

Nah, I guess she's not "okay".
She'll be returning home and continue to binge/purge and starve.
Next time the ambulance might not get to her in time. Fuck this schizo cow.

No. 1808459

It shows the license number and registration of the psychiatrist.
That should be enough, Sherlock Holmes.

No. 1808461

> In English
> Filled with grammatical errors
> No stamps
Medical doctors and hospitals usually uses signature stamps to authentified documents -yes, even in PR (a quick Google search easily proves that)- or anyone could write anything like she probably did here.
My own little tinfoil theory is that she went to the hospital for some ED related appointment, hence the card, and then made that thing to prove how schizo and sick she's to her audience. Just my two cents, maybe I'm wrong.

No. 1808670

I love the comic sans on top of this medical document. Chef's kiss.
IIRC the diagnosis was done by some doctora Teresa … not José

No. 1808705


So, it looks that the center she went in 2020, "Bay View Behavioral Center" no longer operates in Bayamon nor Cataño, you can check that on their Facebook page.

Instead, now there is a mental health clinic called Inspira Bayamon with 2 star rating on Google Maps, but it seems Dr. Jose Vazquez Maldonado does not work there anymore.

The license number is correct so I believe the paper was actually written by that doctor but, tbh, and even at the risk of sounding snob, I wouldn't trust the knowledge of a 60ish year old doctor of Puerto Rico that, most likely, won't care about Lucinda's state of mind at all.

And also, I don't find the grammar mistakes or the poor use of English suspicious at all, that's sadly quite common in Spanish speaking countries (comic sans use included).

No. 1808717

File: 1681510369978.jpg (457.21 KB, 2880x2880, 20230415_010438.jpg)

Look again. The Bay View Behavioral center doesn't exist. At least not anymore. They don't have a legit address or a website. This is from their Facebook. They don't have electricity and the practice looks like someone's living room. The center has different address in every event. Look them up on Google maps. No health care facilities there. Some are warehouses and some look like someone's home.

No. 1808718

File: 1681510525850.jpg (498.23 KB, 2880x2880, 20230415_010630.jpg)

These are the services they provide. Notice no legit address

No. 1808724

So you're still hoping they misdiagnosed our unicorn-chan?
Why does she look like the living death, then?

No. 1808730

File: 1681513921467.jpg (461.45 KB, 2880x2880, 20230415_015259.jpg)

Read that document again. Does it mention eating disorders? Lucinda is dangerously thin but that doesn't make Dr José or his clinic legit. Dr José didn't diagnose her, btw. The note is dated 2020 and the center was terminated in 2019

No. 1808732

File: 1681514221005.jpg (273.23 KB, 2880x2880, 20230415_020115.jpg)

Dr José can't decide when he graduated. Was it 1993 in "a university" or 1991 in Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara, Mexico?

No. 1808806

File: 1681527323273.png (Spoiler Image, 338.48 KB, 1164x1052, Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 8.53.…)

She also added "Lost the edema weiegh the gsined from home refeeding so realsly thr same weight but just a weight restore haha HAPPY BACK IN MY BODY!!Bloods also good am a great weith vitamins TIME TO WORKRING ON COMIISSIONS ARTS AND VIDEOS WOOHOOO!!! yayay"

And also took a pic of her scale, which shows shes 64.2 lbs.

Honestly… good for her. I mean, she's at end of life, palliative. She's not recovering so just let her die in her home with her family, binges and pets. I hope she finds peace next life.

No. 1808810

please next time spoiler this

No. 1808890

Good job Detective-nonna!
So what's the odds here ?
1) Debbie was misdiagnosed by some old quack and really believes she's a schizo, which is super detrimental for a potential recovery ?
2) She lied, forged that document and is your typical anachan munchie but with a unicorn twist ?
Does it make her a bad person? I don't think so. Just a very lonely girl living with her ederly parents, seeking attention where she can, even on Lolcow and KF.

No. 1808897

Nta, but Lucinda never discusses being schizo and actively denies being schizo. I don't think it has any effect on her "recovery".

No. 1808904

if she was a typical munchie she'd actually be smart enough to forge a document for the interwebz, if she even bothered to show one off at all. unprofessional doctor writes out unprofessional document in broken english in a foreign country- not sure where the conspiracy lies. i really do think she's genuinely 24/7 wacky and delusional, which is enough for any doctor in a shithole country to write her off entirely as schizo.

my tinfoil(theory?) is that she has brain damage from hitting her head and starvation induced psychosis is aggravating it. people have met her in school and have vouched there's definitely some retardation amidst.

if she's faking she's doing it full-time and doesn't limit it to the internet veil so either way a diagnosis on paper is likely to be legit.

i'm wondering if this hospital stay was at a mental health facility or a general wellness one. the two week timeframe kind of points to some kind of baker act.

No. 1808913

After looking into dr José I'm willing to believe the note was written by him. Yes, he misdiagnosed Lucinda by not diagnosing her with ED.

I don't know how many times I have to tell you this, but the schizophrenia testing and diagnosing were done by different doctors. It's right there in that document. Lurk the first thread to find another document by another doctor.

Consider this, dr José has been treating her from 2015 to 2019, and her condition is what it is. Maybe there was something wrong with the treatment?

Now look at the list of their treatment options. >>1808718 Alternative treatment like reiki don't work on severely ill people. Also, how were they allowed to offer Buprenorphine treatment without a legit address?

No. 1808917

Lurk moar. She mentionned her schizophrenia many times in the past.

I don't know, look at Jillian with her DID larp or even Kelly Rohanan when she went her way to post her journal in here. Not every munchies are Deedee Blanchard level of smart, some can be really stupid, especially the Twitter and Tiktok type.

So yeah, her living in PR means she's not receiving proper cares and her parents may be too old, disconnected to do something.
Just a sad, sad story all along.
Still don't buy the "so schizo and frail, look at my quirky typing ! Insert dumb peepee poopoo joke here" stuff, her image is way too curated and there's a lot of holes and inconsistencies in her narrative (the comfy chair, her brother, the disappearing chest scar, her never mentionned again liver problems and the fact she started to edited her sclera yellow when we pointed that detail, her obvious raging and selfposting here…)

No. 1809200

>something wrong with the treatment
Just throwing this out there: is there a possibility, however small that possibility may be, that the treatment has caused significant damage that could be a reason why Lucinda is as dire as she is? I've heard that heavily medicating people can have longterm effects on their brain

No. 1809206

Samefag but if she was normal up to a certain point and then went into step decline, is it entirely out of the range of possibility that she had mild issues then the pivotal moment was being btfo by a quack doctor just pilling her up to stop her being a problem? Her parents don't give a shit so it's not entirely unbelievable they just wanted a quick fix for the problem. I feel like it's too unusual to go from quirky but otherwise normal person to complete schizo self destruction

No. 1809213

She's not gonna make it to Chicken Run 2.

No. 1809304

Agree. She is obviously very ill but exaggerates her symptoms. All that sympathy and attention must make the performance worth it. It doesn't help her recovery though.

Remember when someone sent her CuriousCats asking for stuff discussed in the threads. The screenshots were taken one minute after Lucinda answered the CC. That was sus. It was tinfoiled she sent those CCs to herself so she could communicate indirectly with farmers.

No. 1809684

Same with that old, obscure blog of her that was conveniently posted here to prove us, meanie farmers, wrong. And also that sockpuppet account on Twitter that was deleted as soon as it was mentioned here.
There's a lot of proof of her selfposting in the previous threads but everytime you dare to mention anything negative, the rabid WK starts to attack you and derails the thread (they don't seem to care about the alogging and racebaiting posts though…weird)

That's why a post reveal would be very interesting but unfortunately, cerbmins and farmhands are probably too busy for that.

No. 1809812

>She mentionned her schizophrenia many times in the past
Nonnie I have kept up with all her threads. She only mentions her schizo diagnosis when she's denying it and talking about a "real" unicorn.

No. 1809832

File: 1681663462880.jpg (38.65 KB, 1455x366, Capture.JPG)

talking about being* a "real" unicorn, my bad, Sorry for the samefag. I'm sure it's to add to the LARP of being seen as schizo, but she has always denied the diagnosis being accurate.

No. 1809972

The biggest nut is, not even knowing being nuts.

No. 1810664

File: 1681777936382.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 194.53 KB, 1125x2071, 09C453F6-5670-4E81-9BCC-A0BF2F…)

I wasn’t ready for this jump scare

No. 1810804

Then spoiler that shit, dumbfuck.

No. 1810873

What the hell…?

Besides everything, which is horrible, but I don't understand the head, it's too big or something?

No. 1810988

Spoops always look like they have big heads, it's because when you attach a full sized skull to a not full sized body your mind goes all uncanny valley

No. 1811078

She has obviously edited her head bigger. She mentions editing leg scars for insta. Also, look at her torso. That is not how body proportions work. In before the rapid WK starts ranting about baggy clothing. Kek

No. 1811101

she's just sticking her head out

No. 1811140

File: 1681851594198.webm (1 MB, 576x1024, 7206670053431971115.webm)

Sure, Jan

No. 1811157

Her shirt is literally bunched where she's bending her body forward to stick her head out you can't be this retarded.

No. 1811383

Why are you always so defensive and aggressive ?
Lucie herself admitted she shoop a lot. It's no big deal so stop WKing.

No. 1811427

Careful nonita, you are about to summon the a-log and the racesperg.

No. 1812980

she's gone quiet again…..

No. 1812990

Yep. She might be at the hospital again or her mangled body finally dropped dead. As soon as she got discharged last week, she went straight to posting anti-recovery and unhinged pro-ana shit again. I feel so sad for her family.

No. 1813039

tbh i suspected discharging someone from the hospital at her weight just meant they were letting her die at home. anachans always die in their sleep it was always likely lucinda would simply one day disappear. unfortunately it doesn't seem like she kept anyone close enough this time to keep us updated a-la moogle and her parents are off socials. we'll know from the obituaries i guess.

No. 1813156

Maybe her rollercoaster ride will come to an end soon? A true gift for her family, at least on the long run.

No. 1813185

I suspect they wanted to discharge her so soon because of "the hazards of hospitalization". The term is mostly used when referring to elderly people, but Lucinda could very likely get hospital-associated delirium and functional decline.

No. 1813207

File: 1682173042599.jpg (88.9 KB, 720x879, 20230422_100647.jpg)

>i feel so sad for her family

the same one that buys her b/p food, took her out of the hospital, and is casually made up of gym rats?

her dad kins picrel.
>depraved sadist who makes freaks for a museum

freudian slip much? she's so brainwashed by their enabling behavior she thinks them actively encouraging the behavior they want her to do in the first place is them letting her do what SHE wants. i'm shocked no one in these threads has touched on her weird fucked up family being no better than eugenia's mother and stays pitying them for being old.(sage your shit)

No. 1813619

>i'm shocked no one in these threads has touched on her weird fucked up family being no better than eugenia's mother and stays pitying them for being old
Most nonnies will vilainise cows because it's easier to admit you're in the right when the cow is a bad person. Anyway, Lucinda's parent made their own decision to conceive while elderly when it is common knowledge all over the world that elderly parents = severely disabled kid. Lucinda isn't a burden weighing them down or a bad person ruining their life, she is simply a product of their decision making and in fact she is now burdened with the horrible existence they gave her. It really is that simple kek. Her dad bought her a big ass knife as a gift in the early threads when he knew she was a self mutilator and was actively working out with her when she is not supposed to. Look at the absolute state of the "doctor" they took her to for help. Wasn't her brother posting for her around the time her anime bikini and lingerie pics were posted? Her family is vile

No. 1813629

That's disgusting. No wonder she is that messed up.

No. 1813677

The point is, we don't know anything about her parents except for what Debbie is spouting. And we all know that she's not a reliable narrator.
Remember her caretaker "brother" that doesn't exist ? It's funny that she immediately stopped to mentions them as soon as some anon proved that it was a lie.

Plus, messing with a cow family is against the rules. Leave them alone.

No. 1813697

Nta, but that's not messing with her family, just pointing out how they may not be helping Lucinda at all.

We do the same in Eugenia's case not to mention Venus', where is the difference?

No. 1813704

File: 1682254375061.jpg (30.65 KB, 720x387, 20230423_084557.jpg)

she has an older sister it's likely the brother is just a fakeboi/troon and an edgelord too which would explain why she would help her manage her social media and see no problem with what lucinda's up to. i think lucinda seeing her own family through rose tinted glasses is how she's convinced even farmers they're the perfect family willing to do anything for her in the same way eugenia sees her own mother in positive light.

we've seen her dad. he's shredded and heavily tattooed so he's a confirmed alt bodybuilder lucinda isn't making that up. he was also wearing a marines jacket in the picture so the war vet part is true too.

you absolutely do not need to pull out the armchair to see that an 80 year old vietnam war veteran on steroids who likes serial killers probably has something to do with a 60lb schizophrenic's mysterious inability to recover.

casually dropping picrel since now we know it was 100% the dad who told her this. the same one who buys her b/p food and knives. but hey, she's surrounded by stuffed animals so they're clearly not neglecting her right? please. we've seen shit like this before it's literally textbook with anachans and fucked up parents. lucinda's family have full control over her health since she's disabled they can 100% force her into treatment that will save her life if they wanted. keyword: IF they wanted

No. 1813758

File: 1682264807376.jpg (79.72 KB, 1024x882, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.jpg)


No. 1813868

i missed her dad buying her knife holy shit. hate to be morbid but its like he was waiting for her to die or something

No. 1814019

she still hasn't posted anywhere so it looks like he got his wish

No. 1814059

Ayrt where did I say we should mess with them? I said that they're not the victims that a lot of nonnies make them out to be when they're saying Lucinda is this that or the other. The very simply fact is that we know and can confirm that the parents are two elderly people who decided to have a child knowing that the consequences would be (like any other set of elderly parents) offspring like Lucinda and that this type of decision making and selfishness isn't exactly the mark of caring responsible parents. There is no argument to be made over who is at fault when nonnies want to bicker about who is at fault

No. 1814475

File: 1682364507331.gif (1.4 MB, 320x240, dream.gif)

>>she still hasn't posted anywhere so it looks like he got his wish

No. 1814947

Proof of her sister being a troon ?

Not you specifically nonita, but there're really weird and obsessive people on this thread (remember the one who went taking pictures of her house ?), so suggesting that we leave her parents alone isn't that stupid imo.

No. 1815045

There is no proof. Some nonas can't accept that Lucinda is an unreliable narrator. The brother hasn't been mentioned for a while.

Why are some of y'all willing to believe she is unable to photoshop her pics but able to draw really well? The theory about an edgelord trans brother is insane. That is too evil to be true.

There has been one picture of Lucinda holding a knife in a car. That doesn't mean she owns the knife.

No. 1815603

Nobody thinks she doesn't photoshop? Nobody has ever said that kek. it has been well acknowledged that she shoops her face because her face looks different in videos. However her body and scars remain the same in videos. That's how we know that, at most, she uses filters to darken her scars but her weight and the amount of scarring is real. Saying that she isn't larping her weight isn't the same as denying she edits herself
Stop + go back

No. 1815689

What's funny with these rabid WK is that they fervently believe her schizo stuff and ALSO that she's a reliable narrator and every bs she spouts is true. Kek

Lurk more, WK.

No. 1815720

>> Lucinda is an unreliable narrator.

A pathological liar, more like.

No. 1815741

hate to break it to you but going against a professional diagnosis and photo evidence of her with knives and a buff tattooed dad makes you the one with the crinkling tinfoil. sure, we're taking it at face value. but in the end there's evidence of what we're believing so you can't sperg that we're gullible retards. forgive us for not being argumentative for the sake of it.

No. 1815808

Curious Cat and Twitter posts aren't "evidences".

>gullible retards

No, just a bunch of samefags and selfposters.

No. 1815919

Welcome to the internet nothing is real. If enough of us come together we could make it that Lucinda is actually a small German tranny working for Nestlé.

No. 1815997

Most underage post in this thread so far. Just go back.

No. 1816152

Okay, let me get this straight:

Elaborating far-fetched, insane theories about her troon sister, her supposedly abusive parents, relying on her words alone while also believing she's a delusional schizo :
>fine and dandy ! Let's write all these things as true in the next OP!

Pointing out the multiple lies and inconsistencies in her narrative, with supporting evidence, screenshots :
> Tinfoil! Tinfoil! Kys jealous fatty vendetta-chan!

>a small German tranny working for Nestlé
Kek, I like that plot twist.

No. 1816195

fakebois are an insane farfetched theory now? because her brother being completely nonexistent and not just a millenial woman on T is more logical?

No. 1816205

Nta but stop pretending to be retarded.

No. 1816239

How do you know the sister lives in the same house with Lucinda and her parents? Anons come up with all kinds of shit but this is plain stupid.
>Lucinda claims her brother helps her with photoshopping and social media.
>Some nona finds out Lucinda doesn't have a brother but has a big sister.
>Anons decide the sister is a trans man.

No. 1816276

how do we know she doesn't?

No. 1816305

Post proof then, like detective-nonna did, proving her caretaker brother was fake and one of her usual lies.

No. 1816316

They literally didn't. Just that she has a sister, which doesn't disprove that it's a fakeboi. This is a gossip board, learn to shut the fuck up and quit infighting anyone with a different point of view.

No. 1816403

File: 1682623422466.gif (984.51 KB, 220x220, dl.gif)

No. 1816422

Lucinda doesn't post for a few days abs the thread launches it's own transvestigation campaign against her brother kek. Lucinda is almost 30, so her two older siblings are either 30 or bordering on it. You do realise she probably does have a sister but she's off in another household being a functional adult, right? Suggesting the brother is trans or that she just flat out can't have a sister is beyond retarded

No. 1816576

actually it's tradition in puerto rico for several generations of family to be living under one roof especially when there's an elderly/baby/retard in need of care.

No. 1816819

>learn to shut the fuck up and quit infighting
Lol, calm down.
Anons asking for proof regarding your theories and disagreeing with you isn't infighting.

>This is a gossip board

You must be new here. The fact that we're on a gossip board doesn't mean you're allowed to come with all kind of crazy stories, no evidence to back them up and try to force them down everyone's throat. Try that in any other threads and you'll be met with the traditional "post proof or gtfo"

No. 1816865


well, what would you expect from island niggers with leaves for shoes(racebait)

No. 1816872

And the racebaiting idiot is back once again.
Every time we discuss Debbie's lies, the same two WKs (>>1816316
>>1816195) tries to derail the conversation with racist slurs and a-logging posts.
You guys aren't very subtle with your gayops, you know that ?

Please farmhands, we need a post reveal !

No. 1816900

>The fact that we're on a gossip board doesn't mean you're allowed to come with all kind of crazy stories, no evidence to back them up and try to force them down everyone's throat

Take your own advice.

No. 1816932

>No u !

Proof of her brother not existing were posted in the previous threads. Stop being so obtuse.

No. 1817003

it wasn't proof because the legal female could just be a fakeboi thus the brother title like lucinda is a legal female but is a fakeboi/unicorn herself. literally nothing to disprove that. i'm not even saying it's a fact, just a possibility. something you're obviously incapable of accepting about your own theories which isn't smarter or more clever than anyone else's. quit being a retarded dick. until lucinda shows up we're all blowing smoke out of our asses at least try to have fun while we all speculate and laugh at a retarded skelly. she's probably fucking dead right now anyway if daintyaly died at bmi 14 and lucinda's been mia for a week.

waiting for the prfags to do something scandalous or moogle to make a surprise appearance. at this point we should just take bets on whether or not she'll come back this time or whether a "family member" will update us on her socials.

No. 1817211

Same where I am and yet we still have adults who get married and start their own families in a different house, adults who move out for college, adults to who live elsewhere to get away from their family, etc. Be reasonable. Everyone has siblings and as adults they leave it's just life

No. 1817540

No milk, but an expression of sheer and utter horror that this cow is still “at it.” Every single time that I’ve ended up back in her series, I’ve truly thought she was at the lowest possible point and on the brink of death (especially when it was assumed she was dead). I’m convinced that her ability to sustain life is solely generated from her will to post online. That will keep her going until the bitter end.

No. 1818419

It's two whole weeks of radio silence already.
Would some of you PR fags hop onto your donkey carts and check their villa? That would be nice, thank you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1818732

Some people in the WhatsApp that live there said that they passed by her house and all the cars are missing for weeks and no lights have been turned on when they passed by, she could have died or is in the hospital but it could all be bullshit so who knows

No. 1818800

This sounds familiar. Same thing happened eight months ago. Is the whatsapp group going to post fake obituaries too?

No. 1819018

>>but it could all be bullshit so who knows
So what's the use of posting this crap, anyway? gtfo

No. 1819128

Please, not this shit again.

At least, they should learn how to use photoshop.

No. 1819130

No news, good news.
If there is a WhatsApp group of the neighbours, they'll eventually know. They can be away for so many reasons.

No. 1819132

Wait, there's a WhatsApp group for discussing that cow ?
Post proof or gtfo

No. 1819796

Found moogle. She hasn’t said anything but recently deactivated and never followed lucinda. She was at LukaMagica but it seemed she isn’t friends with Lucinda anymore as she now makes fun of troons as well. She probably made fun of Lucinda once she no longer got the attention she wanted

No. 1819843

Good, she was never her friend. She only used Lucinda for attention.

No. 1819849

Sorry, WhatsApp-chan, what the fuck are you talking about? Are the people who posted pictures of her house actually just her neighbours, and you're one of them?

No. 1819852

WhatsApp/PR-anon never provided any proof of their bs, even during the fake obituary saga from last summer. Take everything they post with a huge grain of salt, nonna.

No. 1819853

File: 1683142125292.jpg (168.14 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20230503_212750_Sam…)

From KF. Some rando on Insta posted this, so it could be fake, once again.

No. 1819872

Goddammit, stfu already.
That one is another cow.
She does not belong here.

No. 1819874

It literally says nothing at all about the situation.

No. 1819971

lmao classic bpd fattie behavior. if she hates trannies she's 100% a farmer who found lucinda on the thread which makes it insane that she was shameless enough to become lucinda's friend like it was casual. what a freak.

No. 1820108

Moogle is at grimemaiden as well as lukamagica

No. 1820237

yeah, moogs, seethe and try to get some attention again, that first acc has like 2 followers and is protected, how exactly did you figure out it's her if you're not self-posting?

No. 1820345

I know, that's why I said it could be fake. By the way, someone knows who is that eliyseee person is ?
Some Debbie's sockpuppet account (like the frag1lebones one she used to selfpost here) ?
Or maybe some anatard trying to garner attention like Moogle did ?

""Someone"" seems very upset when Fatty-Moogle is being mentioned in these threads, using the same kind of insults and phrasing everytime. Hmmm…who could it be ?
I wonder ! Kek

No. 1820390

File: 1683206030771.gif (937.1 KB, 287x248, ezgif.com-crop.gif)

>>1820345(sage your shit)

No. 1820511

It's funny to me how Natalie now seems to be on better terms with Luci than Moogle

No. 1821426

I installed Pregnancy Simulator on my Mac only recently, and it's been a real blast so far.

No. 1821745

Moogle and her tradcel bf deleted should we just make a thread for her? The milking with how fake she is would be great and hopefully lucinda would see it and never interact again. Unicorn if you’re seeing this your bestie makes fun of you behind your back and calls you a troon

No. 1821754

go back

No. 1821769

More of Moogle’s accounts because I am just pissed off she tricked our precious cow. SkogensBarn, PenelopeSteiss. She’s dating a tradfag wetback now which is ironic. She likes them brown. There’s more accounts but she abandons them to trick people into being her friend.(racebaiting)

No. 1821915

Fine, link the thread here.
No news from Lucy?

No. 1821929

>she likes them brown
does this trigger you, methany?

No. 1821967

No. 1822334

>calls you a troon
Oh noooo ! Think of the poor genderspecials !

>our precious cow
Cringe. I'm all in to make fun of Fatty-Moogle when she tries to insert herself in drama, but come on now, Debbie isn't some precious innocent v.ictim. These edtwtards munchies are just as fake and manipulative as each other so, stop shitting-up the thread with no screenshots whatsoever and go make a ~call-out~ post on twitter or something.

No. 1822389

Spot on! This thread attracts weirdos.
How can y'all tell Moogle was never Lucinda's real friend? Have you read their DMs? Social media is not real. You think you know the Unicow personally, but you are in parasocial relationship and need to touch grass. Why must this Natalia person be mentioned multiple times in every thread?

No. 1822744

File: 1683507260716.jpeg (105.52 KB, 750x1273, AE3BC65E-FBC3-48EA-BA5F-2B6306…)

No. 1822756

File: 1683507643189.jpeg (124.89 KB, 750x1287, 3AC96ED9-6098-4F89-B2E1-DC417F…)


No. 1822834

old. she publicly replied with censored bodychecks of her loose skin to people who asked like 3 years ago. there's a reason this isn't talked about in this thread(hint: because we aren't insecure fat teens with bpd who want to cancel lucinda because we're jealous). lucinda's a cow because she's a proana trainwreck who only gets away with glorifying bulimia because she's cutesy.

No. 1823019

why is this weird fucker still alive(sage your shit)

No. 1823031

Why can you not sage?

No. 1823044

They don't care that none of it is true. They like tearing down anyone they're jealous over and will likely never stop. They'll also continue to do so without ever having proof which is wild.

No. 1823156

Why is this 15-year-old nutjob able to see Lucinda's age restricted tweets? Twitter should ban these brain rotten kids.

No. 1824376

dont forget the schizophrenia larping which people argue about in every thread

No. 1824861

phew she's been gone almost a month now….

No. 1825007

Well, that's good to hear. She would be posting thinspo and deathspo on her Twitter, like she does all the time.

No. 1827721

good riddance(sage your shit)

No. 1827921

I’ll be truly sad when Lucinda passes. She’s the most based cow on this site. I really feel for her family, it’s not easy to have a daughter with schizophrenia.

No. 1828215

File: 1684243591526.jpg (79.52 KB, 599x500, the-fool-and-death.jpg)

The cards don't lie to no one.

No. 1828290

In a better world she would have just been a schizo poster who was a good artist.
I feel for her family but in a backward way I feel for her to an extent. Her brain has to be so confusing + stressful and most the time I am unable to feel bad for cows. Esp since she has done some shit that’s fucked up.
I feel for her family but I feel like they dropped the ball some in the beginning, downplayed a lot of it and now feel bad that they let it get to this level.

No. 1829422

>>Esp since she has done some shit that’s fucked up.
What things?

No. 1829444

Lurk moar. There is a shitload of threads about her.

No. 1829708

nah lucinda's only ever been a menace to herself. that's why her threads have always doubled as fan update accounts and why they've always been shit since you either hate or adore her.

No. 1830041

Shes not that based imo. She is all about that sweet sweet validation she gets from kissing tranny ass. She constantly defends the trans movement and even claims the title herself.

No. 1830136

I don't know, the Street Fighter combo comment was pretty good. And I know, how far can that take her.. I'm just saying, she's said some truly hysterical shit that makes it difficult to not like her.

No. 1830270

Giving out how-tos for minors how to kill yourself in a slow, torturing procedure is menacing enough.

No. 1830810

it's the schizophrenia larping that makes me hate her, she makes a mockery out it. there's already so much misunderstanding of that illness alone, and she only adds to it. idc if that diagnosis was real or fake, it was a misdiagnosis.

No. 1830834

i get where you're coming from but lucinda herself denies being schizophrenic and calls it a brain condition

No. 1830888

File: 1684579159565.gif (170.64 KB, 220x143, idiocracy-dumb.gif)

her bRaIn cOnDiTiOn

No. 1831236

The Won't somebody please think of the children anon is back at it again. Do you believe that Twitter recommends Lucinda's content to minors? Does the average Twitter user get exposed to EDTW content?

No. 1831465

ntayrt but she posted pure deathspo

No. 1832784

2 months holy shit. she has to be dead.

No. 1832800

Who knows, maybe she's inpatient again. With everything she says and does I can see her being committed to a psych ward for life.

No. 1832816

why wouldn't she update though? everyone's always liveblogging from psych wards and ip centers it's just weird to me how she's completely radio silent especially when she's a chronically online neet.

No. 1832886

Relax, last time she went IP and not blogging people freak out started to write her obituaries. If she was dead, we'd know for real.

No. 1833555

Lots of hospitals don’t allow you to keep your cellphone.

No. 1834327

she lives in a shithole country with a shithole healthcare system.
you're welcome.

No. 1834560

Nta but the last time she went to hospital there was weeks of silence where everyone thought she was dead. The only reason we knew she was alive is because she was texting moogle, now we don't have that connection because Lucinda knows these EDtwt fuckers are two faces. There's no milk here right now. why are you circling the thread like a fucking vulture looking for her to be dead?

No. 1834825

Barking up the wrong tree, aren't we? Someone seems to be projecting a bit. So better calm your tits.

No. 1834833

Sage your sperging, retard. fuck off until something actually happens nobody gives a shit that you want her dead so bad(chill out anon)

No. 1834844

nona that post is saged

No. 1834858

you out of your fucking mind?

No. 1834903

Why would anyone here want her dead? We can't milk a dead cow and the thread would get locked.

No. 1834913

"Someone" keeps writing unsaged posts in order to bump that dying thread and then dirty delete.
It's not the first time that stuff happened and it's weird.

As long as there's no more updates, I wish that thread was put on autosage to keep the retarded twitards at bay.

No. 1834923

i do bc im tired of seeing her ugly punchable face pop up over and over again after i've forgotten she existed

No. 1834926

Some unhinged twittertards are mad because she has done what most of them wish they could do, lose weight from a very high number and reach the so desired, by all anachans, sack of bones status.
And the idiotic TiF that Lucinda hashtag cancelled may also be lurking the thread like a vulture.
Otherwise I don’t know, she’s another literal who anachan that somehow manages to work while also being at the brink of death.

No. 1834927

Will you post racebait again samefag-chan ?
Go back to edtwt.

No. 1835325

I love how the logic is that you don’t want her dead because the thread would get locked not simply because she deserves to live kek

No. 1835481

Who else wants to see the scarred nude wreck that her body is, now?(male)

No. 1835559

Now, now, anons, we all miss old schizo Lucinda, but infighting is not going to help to bring her back!

No. 1835643

what a shame, if shes dead maybe its for the best but I actually enjoyed this cow, she was weirdly wholesome.

No. 1835657

Wrote a whole paragraph about how I couldn’t find a reason that Lucinda deserves death and then I went to her twitter and saw that she’s now a full blown he/him…nvm she can rot KEKK(sage your a-logging)

No. 1835663

Ngl I give her a pass on all the pronoun shit personally bc she is clearly mentally fucked and thinks she is a unicorn/will be one, and even society says changing gender is real and valid, I can easily see her falling into that shit being so fucked in the brain. I dont think the he/him thing is malicious coming from her. Just unfortunate. Really unfortunate. Hope she is okay, all things considered.

No. 1835696

wrong because she still doesn't identify as a man. spanish is her first language so there's fem/masc pronouns for everything i never got a fakeboi fujo vibe from her.

No. 1835720

File: 1685219721580.jpg (Spoiler Image, 542.96 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_9cebee410a8e145c153867a…)

>deserves to live
You make it sound like she is some criminal waiting for death sentence. kek
The a-logs are not farmers. I know not everyone appreciates the Unicow but farmers know how to hide threads that annoy them.

Just look at this picture. Lucinda is praying for cows. If you can't name anyone else in the picture, you are not a farmer.

I would rather believe she is a unicorn than believe the trans larp every kid is doing on Twitter.

No. 1835728

can't believe she used to be this fat and made it to eugenia levels of spoop

No. 1835869

I want her to live because I want her to outlive Ambrose and Natalie tbh

No. 1835889

I want her to be alive because she is funny and a genuine person. Outliving them is just a bonus.

No. 1836078

She absolutely is not funny and genuine. She’s fucking cringe and faking everything but her ED

No. 1836154

This. She's anything but genuine nor funny (and please don't bring that stupid fart joke she made years ago).
She's selfposting like crazy and a good amount of the posts licking her ass are probably hers.

No. 1836204

File: 1685301805508.jpg (45.1 KB, 896x535, 1663440287314.jpeg.jpg)

anons itt when Lucinda doesn't post for a month so they congregate in an entirely dry thread to autistically debate whether or not being mentally ill means she deserves to fucking die (jfc jannies just lock the fucking thread)

No. 1836563

not funny, but a horrible trainwreck of a cow
not a genuine person, her quirks are schizo delusions

No. 1836704

File: 1685378697642.png (111.06 KB, 615x417, 7nj67n.jpg..png)


fuck off, troll tard

No. 1836872


No. 1838915

File: 1685617991734.png (183.58 KB, 1080x1530, 20230531_210004.png)

So this person with an empty account who doesn't even follow Lucinda thinks Lucinda will be hospitalized for two months.

No. 1844924

everyone on edtwt keeps saying she's hospitalized after deleting a tweet about going to the hospital, but was that ever proven? i call bullshit tbh.

No. 1845332

Nobody knows for sure but, if she were at home she would be posting in her twitter. Or, if she had passed, we would know, somehow. So, the only reasonable situation is that she is hospitalised.

Also, imho, I think this thread / messages could be moved to Pro Ana Scumbags. Here there is not much milk anyways, but that's just my opinion.

No. 1846741

I miss her.

People love to attack her but quite honestly I’ve read every post on her since the beginning (2 am insomnia lol) and she’s such a genuinely strange little human who desperately wants to achieve peace and control over what must seem like a pretty nutso world to her.

Imagine what her life must be if this is the extent to which she’s pushed her body.

I hope she’s okay.

No. 1846883

Same here. I stopped reading about her after first thread i read almost everything, laughed at Ambrose drama & EDtwittards and growing to like Lucinda. These threads are really different from others. This current and last thread are like horror story though to be honest. It's shocking to see what she's done to herself, I just feel bad. I hope she's not dead and she's just in a hospital, heavily medicated and fed but these heart problems are no joke, who knows how it would end.

No. 1847670

if she's seriously trying to recover she might stay off twitter for good(sage your shit)

No. 1847683

I don't think she's capable of either. How long was she gone last time?

No. 1847834

I’m guessing her parents cut her internet and she doesn’t leave her house so she can’t update on public wifi. if true, good for them and her.

No. 1897495

She's moving away from Puerto Rico. Here's to hoping that being in the mainland does her some good.

No. 1898194

File: 1694722688495.jpg (680.07 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20230914-161822.jpg)

Holy shit thank God her thread is unlocked! Indeed, she's moving to the states. This is the latest on her update regarding the move. Still no mention of which state. Her insta has become a diary instead of just captionless selfies like before.

No. 1898195

File: 1694722749104.jpg (335.71 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_20230914-161839.jpg)

No. 1898208

File: 1694723711176.jpg (706.16 KB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_20230914-161802.jpg)

No. 1898273

I know this has become normal for the Nonas who frequent this thread, but I can never get over how she does her makeup. It's like the worst possible outcome of a literal child using a "How To Do Your Makeup Like An Instabaddie" wikiHow tutorial. She looks genuinely filthy, but I can tell every bit of stink on her face was deliberately put there.

No. 1898285

>I'm gonna watch Zootopia
Lol classic Lucinda. I missed her silly posts.

No. 1898311

I never get over it either. Especially since I saw a picture of her without makeup and realized she's actually pretty under all that garbage.

No. 1898328

For real, I actually gasped at that one pic that was semi recently posted. She is genuinely quite pretty. The makeup she does is so bizarre but then again so is she.

No. 1898379

File: 1694738301898.jpg (471.1 KB, 1079x1058, Screenshot_20230914-203922.jpg)

just looks like a muddy version of clown makeup

No. 1898381

File: 1694738927739.jpg (290.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230914-204729.jpg)

gotta love the energy she brings to the table

No. 1898578


No. 1898677

Meh, a lot of people are ugly even with filters (see, big shaynus, Suzy from gamegrumps, etc) so there's that.

No. 1899310

File: 1694897911157.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1855, 20230916_235911.png)

Nah. She is making herself look uglier with filters. Here's how she looked when she got back home from the hospital.

No. 1899317

File: 1694898717396.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1889, 20230917_000849.png)

Her make up style and photoshopping skills were a lot better before she was hospitalized. She can no longer draw because of medication side effects.

No. 1899604

i feel so bad 4 her tbh theres nw she isnt dying soon(unsaged newfag, non-contribution)

No. 1899618

Well, heavy psych meds suck a lot, but the symptoms she was describing while not on them sounded like the worst thing you can mentally go through. Keep hoping she'll get better care on the mainland, as lacking as our services are, they're still better than they are at her home. And who knows, maybe friends will happen

No. 1899629

File: 1694940116741.png (1.7 MB, 842x1157, Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 4.30.…)

This might be the ugliest makeup yet

No. 1899658

Not an American so I have to ask- is her care actually going to be better? I have the sneaking suspicion that the top surgery she was talking about a long while ago is going to make a comeback since the states seem to dish out "gender affirming care" like hot pancakes

No. 1899674

i just look at it as fantasy makeup tbh

No. 1899911

What's the fantasy? Homelessness?

No. 1900059

Nta apparently its supposed to be a fragile baby unicorn, the nose is supposed to give the effect of a horse's nose.
/Ot but considering the psychology of anorexia and bulimia as often being "pls help me" pathologies, ots interesting that her thing is wanting to be seen as this helpless haunted unicorn

No. 1900073

There’s actually a lot of barriers you have to cross to get surgical gender affirming care, despite what alarmists like to portray. And…she’s a walking red flag for any doctor/mental health professional. Nobody is going to look at that level of self-harm and think this person can make any sound decisions for themselves.(back2tumblr)

No. 1900082

Literally half or more transition "after" pics are girls with arms full of keloids posing proudly with their newest chest keloids. The photos taken by doctor sidhbdh and the German girl with the dog plush on the bus stop advertisement come to my mind. Barring someone from being their "true selves" is considered bigotry and even illegal, Lucinda is prime material to be medically transed.

No. 1900127

i wouldn't say helpless. she talks about having powers and being able to do anything. and from what we've seen, she literally never talks about being in a hospital because she's terrified of them. not even an update from whatever ward or hospital she was in. whenever she talks about her symptoms she just laughs about her not caring. the fragile sickly thing ironically isn't her thing at all.

No. 1900133

that's a feat since she's always ugly as shit

No. 1900160

compared to PR? yes, the medical care is leagues better in the mainland. whether she could get top surgery depends on the state she moves to, if it's florida or TX which are common for boricua then it's not gonna happen.

No. 1900187

it’s not makeup. She draws it on her face with the burn tool in Snapseed (a photo editing app)

No. 1900234

she's posted unedited selfies and she has the same makeup. she just accentuates it with the burn tool. what she does draw on is circle lenses.

No. 1900250

I'm the nonnie that she was replying to: that's exactly what I was thinking. It's not at all uncommon to see ftms with huge keloid scars all over their arms/thighs or with eating disorders. The schizo behaviour would be the only barrier but like… There are so many ftms who get approved for surgery despite everything very obviously I influencing that decision (fucking hell even Soren had top surgery and theyw ere outwardly insane)

No. 1900339

unicorn queen will live to see Chicken Run 2, relief

No. 1900412

>the fragile sickly thing ironically isn't her thing at all.
Read the previous threads to find out she had a munchie phase. She claimed she has to sit on a comfy chair wearing diapers all day. She moved like a grandma in one video and danced energetically in the next. She claimed losing her hair but she shaved it herself.

No. 1900482

i feel like some of you should lurk her page to fact check the shit you read on her threads. she said she was being prescribed a drug used for anasthesia on dogs by her psychiatrist at the time which accounted for her barely being able to move. she's always been on and off them. literally all her twitching and fucked walking has been the result of the medication her backward ass country's doctors give her. i'd be afraid of hospitals and medication if i was her too.

No. 1900771

There are nonnas who don't have a Twitter account.
This is an imageboard. Post caps to back up your claims or gtfo.

No. 1900981

>a drug used for anasthesia on dogs
Come on nonna. She was absolutely not on dog tranquilizers. Don't believe everything she says. I have been following the Unicow since the first thread. I remember the fake stuttering on her first youtube video. The video was deleted and she was somehow able to speak normally.
That being said. I wish the best for our precious cow. Edtw is not a healthy place for a schizophrenic. The "community" rewards you for appearing as sickly and fragile as you can.

No. 1901010

File: 1695161911613.jpg (256.55 KB, 1072x798, Screenshot_20230919-182032.jpg)

>She was absolutely not on dog tranquilizers. Don't believe everything she says.

literally all i had to do was google this shit.

No. 1901298

File: 1695220133460.jpg (131.47 KB, 720x448, 20230920_103142.jpg)

we already established that depending on the medication lucinda would be on her motor skills and speaking would be different. but besides that i 100% remembered her saying when she uploaded her first video that she normally struggles speaking but that being excited making a video made it worse.

picrel. unfortunately that link is dead but it's proof she said she rarely talked like in the video.

No. 1901376

File: 1695230302232.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, large.jpg)

>anasthesia on dogs
You do know that antipsychotics are used for treating schizophrenia on humans, right? Just because dog tranquilizers have antipsychotic agents they are not the same medicine. Kek.

But yes, antipsychotics for humans come with a huge amount of possible side effects. I'm glad she chose to commit to her treatment even if it take away her ability to draw.

No. 1901420

File: 1695237504770.png (1.26 MB, 725x1046, Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 1.57.…)

The arm looks like a chicken bone itself

No. 1901445

File: 1695241610325.jpg (245.51 KB, 1080x953, Screenshot_20230920-162700.jpg)

>Haloperidol, sold under the brand name Haldol among others, is a typical antipsychotic medication. Haloperidol is used in the treatment of schizophrenia, tics in Tourette syndrome, mania in bipolar disorder, delirium, agitation, acute psychosis, and hallucinations from alcohol withdrawal.

Do you have a humiliation kink or do you just not have access to Google.com

No. 1901458

You are really reaching and cherry picking with your screenshot. It's embarrassing. This drug was made for humans. You are citing a Wikipedia article. Vetenary use is mentioned in the last section before references because it's not relevant.

Look at your own screenshot. It says off-label use in veterinary. Off-label use means the drug is being used in a way not described on its package insert.

No. 1901507

File: 1695247989200.png (1.84 MB, 1080x3000, 20230921_010812.png)

Unicorn wisdom!
>Theres's a rOd ahead WALK ON RDOCK ON HAHA!!
Lucinda handling anxiety like a boss. The hamburger photo is hilarious.

No. 1901624

all you have to do is search up her username and the word dog on twitter to see that she specified her antipsychotic is the same that was used to sedate her dog. she lives in a shit country so off brand use from a vet there is likely. her medication was used as a way to immobilize her dog =/= she claimed she was prescribed dog tranquilizers. the only one reaching is you.

No. 1901897

Lmaaaaaao the delusion.

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