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File: 1681758846377.png (748.86 KB, 648x611, 168130407594.png)

No. 1810463

This thread concerns creators, artists, voice actors and others who work or are connected to the modern Western American animation and comics industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

previous thread: >>1725558

Previous thread highlights:
>Noelle's feature groundbreaking gender woo woo fujo film is set to be released somewhere around 2023 >>1725604
>Writer and producer for Duck Tales 2017 displaying creepy pedo behavior >>1725990
>VivziePop focusing more on gay shipping then actual story and character development >>1734832
>Hazbin hotel character sheets and scripts also got leaked >>1737650, >>1741280
>Mindy Karling's Velma performs poorly >>1738589
>Inside Job cancelled >>1741262
>Long Gone Gulch has been dropped by an unnamed animation studio. >>1742518
>To no one's surprise, coomer gemlin Justin Roiland turns out to be a sex pest and abuser >>1743064, >>1746225, >>1747951, >>1763842, >>1757348
>Nonna explains the financial and commercial failure of 2017 Duck Tales >>1743869
>TIF show cancelled >>1744036
>Allegations against other prominent showrunners including Alex Hirsch, Joseph Barbera and Dino Stamatopoulos >>1744484
>It all goes back to Flapback >>1748157
>Dana Terrace(Owl House creator) got her fans to dox and harass a news anchor >>1748294
>Adult Swim has ended its association with Justin Roiland and will be replacing him with an AI Voice >>1751644, >>1758258
>Leaked first episode of the clone high sequel received with negative to mediocre reactions >>1755468
>The writers of Proud House write children's dialogue as if they were speaking like Black Twitter users in real life >>1763031, >>1763294, >>1763507
>Raye Rodriguez(TIF creator of Guardian Spice) admitted to casually browsing 4chan
>An explanation given for Steven Universe's inconsistent writing >>1774074, >>1774222, >>1772589
>Daron Nefcy (Star Vs. creator) is bad at allegory and geography >>1775770, >>1775844, >>1776238
>Children's Shows Voice actors being weird and creepy >>1777808, >>1778480, >>1778520
>Vivziepop being a fujo >>1786889
>New Dreamworks film looks mediocre >>1791467
>Not to be outdone by Dreamworks, Pixar announces a below mediocre film with an awful racial allegory >>1797660
>After 17 years Lackadaisy finally gets a pilot, with excellent animation and story but mediocre voice acting >>1798503
>Owl House ended >>1806906
Molly and Noelle continue having the worst relationship >>1792790, >>1792814, >>1807478
>A Discussion of the impact of social media on the selection and promotion of certain content >>1806925, >>1806943, >>1806962

>King of the Hill, Rugrats, Phineas and Ferb and The Fairly OddParents Reboot all rebooted or renewed: >>1759181, >>1748058, >>1745462, >>1793753

>Misc RebelTaxi/Pan Pizza Cartoon reviewer drama:>>1727626, >>1728018, >>1750483, >>1750751, >>1751860, >>1756773, >>1769884, >>1774005, >>1776190, >>1777780, >>1784361, >>1785149

No. 1810471

Samefag, since this is the most active thread on the site for animated content, casual non-milk discussions about comics and other animated topics are also permitted

No. 1811004

So Daftpina reviewed his own shitty pilot. 20 minutes of boring thinly-veiled seethe in which he tries to give advice he's unqualified to give.

No. 1811014

wait this was his actual pilot, lmao

No. 1811391

File: 1681885376657.jpg (Spoiler Image, 232.12 KB, 1920x2092, piz47zrfn4sa1.jpg)

CHristian Potenza was fired from Total Drama….for physically and sexually abusing his vaing students.

What is it with VAs and being degenerates?

No. 1811419

>What is it with VAs and being degenerates?
I personally think it's because they're often untalented reject actors who get a high when the character they voice becomes popular among kids and young adults. Then they start roleplaying their character and exploiting all the retards who think the VA is literally their favourite character that they have a crush on.

No. 1811437

wasn't the new VA of Uncle Iroh accused of grooming underage girls.

No. 1811467

File: 1681908423833.jpg (163.32 KB, 1284x1886, Fslv8XnWwAIEM4x.jpg)

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case

No. 1811473

File: 1681910132837.png (1.02 MB, 792x1394, Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 8.13…)

>Fan comes out about bad experience with Invader Zim creator
>Creator attacks them for "being annoying"
>Fan is autistic and Invader Zim is their special interest
>Jhonen's white knights attack them
>Fan doesn't understand what they did wrong and is very upset and hurt
>Many people remember this incident and feel bad for them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1811478

Anon next time don't write anything on name or subject, you can still repost

No. 1811479

>is “autistically” a fan of invader Zim
>doesn’t know Jhonen hates having to deal with retards that only give a fuck about one of his works
>malds when Jhonen gets rightfully annoyed at a retard only talking about invader Zim and surely having his/her Twitter account full of invader Zim ships and shit
>posts it on lolcow.farm as if anyone here wanted to do anything about it

No. 1811480

That’s not anon, it’s

No. 1811483

no1curr and furries deserve to be harassed.

No. 1811485

this is obviously a woman lol

No. 1811486

File: 1681913379955.jpg (127.41 KB, 1227x1117, Capture.JPG)

No. 1811499

based for making a dumb they/them furry cry

No. 1811502

File: 1681915474331.jpeg (136.91 KB, 1242x2140, 0D4F3EC9-7A1A-4774-907E-BD6603…)

Coward, she locked her shit.

No. 1811512

Sage retard

No. 1811514


No. 1811521

Why are you telling the wrong anon not to namefag? Centipede? Is that you? Also, 18 isn’t a minor.

No. 1811534

She's 18. And 16+ can be posted here, read the rules.

No. 1811535

More showrunners should bully fans tbh

No. 1811544

Yes please, it would seriously make the “fans” behave more like normal people and less like weird hive minds.

No. 1811585

>be an artist
>create work
>go ballistic when people talk about said work

jhonen seems like an arrogant little dick

No. 1811604

true, but the nerd-on-nerd violence against theythems almost makes up for it

No. 1811621

I really doubt that's how it went down. The furry has to be deliberately omitting details or exaggerating things. I recently watched an interview where Jhonen mentioned a deranged fan encounter where some fangirl suddenly grabbed his arm and he rightfully gave her shit for it. The deranged fan later shittalked Jhonen online for it. I just feel a bit bad for Jhonen for having attracted such a cancerous fanbase.

No. 1811636

Have we considered the furfag might be self-posting?

No. 1811645

>>1811486 Not you trying to come for my artwork from 6 years ago 💀

No. 1811648

>>1811479 Not the ableism

No. 1811650

Not you namefagging, retard. Are you lost?

No. 1811651

listen kid, I'm autistic as well and I get that the world seems like crap for us, but being terminally online and talking in twitter speak is not the solution.

No. 1811652

I'm not autistic lmao did you mean to tag the namefag?

No. 1811659

>>1811479 Not the ableism 💀💀💀
Ofc a loser like you would use a slur against someone who stated they're autistic. Touch grass or better yet, swallow some and start choking on it.

No. 1811662

Keep whining about muhh ableism retard kek, it's really funny

No. 1811664

"Kek" 🤓

No. 1811672

furfag is definitely self posting


Take your ass back to TikTok where you belong. No wonder Jhonen doesn't like dealing with types like you.

No. 1811674


I'm not even a fan of him lmaooo

No. 1811680

File: 1681932429716.png (28.69 KB, 640x390, FrrNe4WWIAUXW0x.png)

>obnoxious newfag
>obnoxious autist

No. 1811682

File: 1681932561992.jpg (42.99 KB, 563x570, 2ca5f2550d5685b3742a4789852986…)

No. 1811684

Then this seems like a place to say this then.

Kill yourself. Not even a joke. Take a long walk off a short pier with a rope connected both to the bottom of said pier and your neck while drinking bleach like it's a cocktail.

No. 1811685


KYS <3

No. 1811686

We should really stop feeding the retard, that only fuels it more. The memes are funny as shit KEK but jannies should be here soon, just report and point and laugh

No. 1811687

Report yourself to god so hopefully he can smite you off this earth <3

No. 1811688

Thanks for this one nona I'm saving it holy shit my sides

No. 1811689

Been reporting this retard as soon as I saw the emojis, then I read up what she was reponding to and realized there is no way this is not a self poster. How are they finding lc anyway?

No. 1811690

ah, now you're integrating, just put sage in the email field next time sweetheart, you contribute as much to the thread as you do in life.

No. 1811691

Good question, my guess is probably searching around for a place to shit talk animators, thinking this is a place that would give a fuck about an annoying they/them furfag

No. 1811692

Surprise, NOT a self poster but I see why you think that in your pea brain.

Also I've heard of lolcow from MANY places.

No. 1811694

>>1811691 Literally choke on a lemon slice then down hot sauce before eating from a bowl of fiberglass then switching to a bowl of pure salt then use a lime to wash it all down. <3

No. 1811695

>whines about mwean cartoon creator being bigoted!!!!! against pwoor awutists with swpecial intwest
>tells anons to kts first excuse she gets
kek, newfag could at least practice the kindness that she preaches.

No. 1811696

I noticed that as well, they're always like this kek

No. 1811698

>>1811695 Show it first loser. I hope a gang of my fellow autists catch you in an alleyway and stab you to death while taking turns ranting about their special interests while you die slowly.

No. 1811701

You aren't funny, your tumblr tier "kys" posts don't make you sound smart or threatening, just annoying and autistic. you'll never get the validation you're obviously looking for and if this is how you talk around normal people no wonder Jhonen thought you were obnoxious. the more you post, the more people are gonna laugh at you, so keep digging that hole deeper. sorry you got bullied for being autistic or whatever but you genuinely deserve it.
inb4 I get an overly worded "kys"

No. 1811703

File: 1681933947113.png (61.12 KB, 482x544, kek.png)

i hope you get cleared for FtM SRS.

No. 1811705


It's like watching a little 12 year old trying their hardest to come up with some sort creative insult. Instead they just look even more pathetic than that, like a little retarded chihuahua trying to look tough.

No. 1811706

>>1811701 *You're

God, you people really do have 5 brain cells at most. Hope natural selection takes care of you!!! <333

No. 1811708

>>1811705 Didn't ask. But I did ask for you to jump off a cliff so why don't you go do that?

No. 1811709

Some of these insults deserve to be site banners they're hilariously bad. Though furfag Dex would probably take that as a compliment

No. 1811710

LMFAO you corrected something that was already correct this is so fucking funny this has to be a bad troll

No. 1811711

File: 1681934253096.jpg (13.92 KB, 222x293, 6492df8db1a8a11ac81e9719205707…)

>grammar nazi
>no bad grammar to genocide

No. 1811713

Anon please stop, you are only embarrassing yourself. An anonymous imageboard not being your personal army is not a hill worth dying on. I think you should leave on your own and get some sunshine. You have a lot of maturing to do.

No. 1811714

>>1811710 Get strangled <3

No. 1811715


Death to lolcow users <333

No. 1811716

>>1811713 I hope your cells 'mature' into a stage 5 cancer.

No. 1811717

You're dumb as hell holy shit kek

No. 1811719

Stop responding to the selfposter and post some damn milk

No. 1811721

Okay I'm >>1811686 and I changed my mind since jannies haven't shown up, nonas keep feeding the troll I wanna go make popcorn (if Dex doesn't tell me to choke on it or something equally retarded)

No. 1811722

>>1811721 I was hoping more that it'd give you 3rd degree burns <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1811723

File: 1681934678436.jpg (46.35 KB, 600x500, 1632397714799.jpg)

already screencapping all her posts, already have her confirmed email acc kekkkkk

No. 1811724

>>1811723 Whatever it's not worth arguing with people are as stubborn as a damn boulder at the bottom of the ocean.

No. 1811727

do please bestow more knowledge upon us wayward souls, oh enlightened furry child of God

No. 1811728

File: 1681935094691.jpg (30.38 KB, 1069x451, Capture.JPG)

Looks like Dex (thekittykat280@gmail.com) is definitely a furfag after all. OwO indeed.

No. 1811729

Ok but look at the date on that. That acc is old as hell I don't even talk like that anymore.

No. 1811730

File: 1681935177089.png (72.93 KB, 445x450, 1497038670904.png)

No. 1811731

once a furfag, always a furfag

No. 1811732

no, you definitely still talk like a retard

No. 1811734

what a show. i love seeing a selfposter meltdown.

No. 1811737

that was one of the funnier ones too. looks like she caught a ban finally though, fun's over nonas

No. 1811739

File: 1681935666579.png (103.86 KB, 990x806, ghahahahahaha.png)

No. 1811743

File: 1681935843765.png (77.98 KB, 346x427, image (1).png)

Beautiful, anon.

No. 1811745

Aww I missed the furfag. Hopefully some anon archived her posts.

No. 1811748

The back and forth kys/2edgy4me spicy comebacks gives me early internet/DeviantArt flame war nostalgia. Very embarrassing, let's have some milk to cool off.

Not very milky but looks like adult swim will host My Adventures with Superman, is this going to be a good fit for the as audience?

No. 1811750

File: 1681936275096.png (193.34 KB, 1984x1428, Untitled.png)

Was already on it. Enjoy anons

No. 1811751

File: 1681936406645.png (4.39 KB, 783x118, dex the named furfag 4.png)

oh but how could you miss the ""kek"nerd emoji"

No. 1811754

I really liked Lois Lane's new design but I haven't seen the trailer yet, but I just thought she looked super cute. Too bad scrotes are already saying vile stuff about her and acting like they're saints for objectifying a tomboy instead of a traditional feminine waifu.

No. 1811755

kek no way this is real

No. 1811756

it will flop if they don't cater to fujos

No. 1811762


No. 1811763

I agree..You can't control how people are going to react to your work. And there's no rule if someone likes one of your bodies of work they have to know/care/like the rest of it. This autist's freakout is funny but he sounds like a huge entitled dick to his fans.

No. 1811766

jhonen has been plagued by stalkers since the early days of the internet, some of them are sexually creepy to him, others obsessively search for and archive any image that he's in, even if it's just the top of his head or something. dude gets nonstop fan mail for something with no plot that he drew when he was 19 because he didn't want to work at mcdonalds. serious weirdos bother that dude and i honestly don't blame him for getting pissed off.

No. 1811767

File: 1681937750877.png (27.42 KB, 550x902, kickstarter advice.PNG)

Marie Lum's kickstarter recently got me thinking about this comment on Facebook. It's about comics but it works for any kickstarter I think. Gotta wonder what she was thinking. Her audience is so small that her KS couldn't even surpass $100K.

No. 1811768

File: 1681937829526.jpg (10.9 KB, 535x109, 4567jfgh8678j.JPG)


of all of them this is my pick

No. 1811771

Kek This is why autists should be put down, this is so embarrassing.

No. 1811772

Really wish we could’ve seen the initial reply to Jhonen bc this person is 100% omitting shit if they sperg like this >>1811750 on an anonymous website, kek

No. 1811777

File: 1681939180812.png (253.37 KB, 828x1792, 258D3626-F90B-45D3-AE08-92FE06…)

Looked through her comments on her tiktok sob story This was allegedly related , does she not understand that Jhonen has been harassed by batshit IZ fans for most of his life? He’s almost 50 now and is probably over it.

No. 1811786

Cow deserved her blocking lmao don’t blame him one bit

No. 1811787

People like her don't understand or care. They're autists, they don't have the capacity to give a shit about other people. Its all about catering to their speshul interests uwu and making sure they feel valid uwu. Paper skin and glass bone retards who act like the world is out to get them because they refuse to pull their head from their ass and respect the boundaries of others. Like you said: JV is nearly 50 years old. If I were him I'd be tired, too.

No. 1811789

File: 1681939591879.jpeg (231.27 KB, 828x1698, 7D2D2AB3-34CD-4DA2-8D23-A741CE…)

You complain about muh ableism but say nasty things when anons call you out and unironically expect us to feel bad for you for expecting a grown man to put up with your teenage retardation LMAO you tiktok teens are all the same. Girl, Log off

No. 1811795

It’s really ableist and gross to tell someone to choke on grass, Dex. How would people feel knowing you’re essentially telling someone to die?

No. 1811796

This is my favorite too kekk

No. 1811797

Yeah that's completely reasonable response? He doesn't owe some autistic retard shit.

No. 1811811

based jhonen tbh

No. 1811812

where tf did the budget go, into cape and coat tweens and not to decent artists? this looks only slightly less cheap than invincible did

No. 1811814

some dumb bitch tried to show off her fursona to a 45 year old man who created a children's cartoon she chris-chans for. this isn't an alan moore situation.

No. 1811815

lbr they're the type of people to 'self-diagnose'autism so that they can use it as an excuse kek.

No. 1811818

i don't watch the show, but i heard that luz becomes "bigender" in the finale when she goes titan mode. can anyone confirm this milk, or is it just fandumb headcanon

No. 1811821


>jhonen blocks her for being annnoying

>"the creator ATTACKED me"

No. 1811822

From one autist to another, being autistic (especially high functioning) and having a special interest doesn’t make you any different from any other fan whether they’re obsessed or casual. You’re not a kid dying of cancer, we don’t need special treatment from creators. It’s doubtful they even have autism and a “special interest” because every kid on tiktok now claims to be the most oppressed autist with ~quirky~ SPECIAL interests and hyperfixations.

Nonna you made me check the wiki and somehow I got to its forum and it’s just full of gender special kids kek https://theowlhouse.fandom.com/f She’s still listed as female so probably just the fandom.

No. 1811827

Don't know why people ITT are defending Jhonen. Imagine being mad that people know you for the one (1) successful/worthwhile thing you ever made, and sperging out so hard over a fan mentioning it a total of once that you block them instead of just ignoring it, kek.

No. 1811830


>sperging out so hard over a fan mentioning it a total of once

he didn't sperg out at all? and i'm willing to bet she mentioned it to him more than once

No. 1811831

I'm not defending him but from what I recall IZfags have always been insufferable and especially to Jhonen. I can't blame him for wanting to get away from them.

No. 1811832

Sorry you got blocked nona

No. 1811834

File: 1681943300849.png (46.43 KB, 904x512, owl.png)


No. 1811835

See >>1811777. Dude is nearly 50 and going on about how "it was the only way to feel anything again uwu" like a teenage girl kek. He is just a manchild.

No. 1811836

I don't use Twitter and I don't care about IZ because I'm not an autistic tranny. I just don't make concessions for cartoonist scrotes, lmao.

No. 1811837

he's being sarcastic ya goof

No. 1811839

That's just what happens when you make a "lolsorandomedgyxDDD" cartoon, I get the sense that he fed into it for a long time because he himself is an edgelord and kind of a narc. What have they/are they going to do? Track him down?

No. 1811840

File: 1681943523968.png (9.94 KB, 540x353, babychild.png)


ok some of these kids are adorable though. this one isn't milk

No. 1811849

He's a sarcastic old goth, it's clearly a joke kek. Honestly based jhonen

No. 1811854

Nobody's making a concession though? This was unwarranted behavior from an autistic furfag and anons are being reasonable save for you just looking for a reason to be contrarian because.. what? Because its an imageboard and par the course? Take your own advice and ignore the replies you don't care for instead of shitting up the thread with your tard rage.

>What have they/are they going to do? Track him down?

You say that as if deranged fans don't do this exact shit to animators or content creators in general, especially autistic troons and furries.

No. 1811855

He's already had someone grab him and probably has had more than his share of creepy interactions. Even Rikki Simons, GIR's voice actor, had a teenage girl bite him out of nowhere. He's always been standoffish with ZIM fans because they've proven to be creepy as fuck even back over 20 years ago. I've never seen him feed feed into these crazy fans' delusions and he tends to act the opposite.

No. 1811857

nta but its best to ignore anon. they're clearly here to start shit and police the thread. wouldn't be surprised if either of us get called a fangirl any minute now because this shit writes itself.

No. 1811858

what the fuck are you on about?

No. 1811862

Having a different opinion from you isn't being "contrarian", chill out kek. He's just a little bitch who cultivated a fandom of autists who he regularly sucks attention from, and then cries when it goes exactly about how one would expect.

No. 1811868

>police the thread
How? This isn't a hugbox.

No. 1811869

If you get to the point where you're writing Twitter threads about blocking people for mentioning the thing you made in the early 2000s that placed you in relevancy to begin with, you're just being a drama queen.

No. 1811875

Damn, yeah. He really should've used his magical powers to see 20 something years into the future to be able to know how fucking deranged people would become. Some of you need to go the fuck outside because I don't understand how a post as retarded as yours even exists yet here we are.

No. 1811877

Why are you so invested in whiteknighting a cringy 48 year old man who doesn't know you exist? Get some hobbies.

No. 1811885

Nona, if you genuinely don't see why people would take the side of the cringy 48 year old man as opposed to the tranny furry autist over what transpired then there's nothing I can do to help you and I'm leaving it here kek

No. 1811888

I see this retarded attitude with SO many fucking artists. If you don't like your fans just…get off the internet? I don't normally like crying "ungrateful" but its obvious this moid hates the 15 year old deviantart kids who made him famous . He needs to go live alone in a cave without social media.

No. 1811891

nonas please, it's ok to hate him because he's a moid while also acknowledging blocking an annoying spammy fan on twitter is not a nuclear action. why can't you both be right?

nona, IZ came out in the mid 2000s and was massively popular, before 15 year old fans were even born. the creator of IZ was "famous" way before they came along.

No. 1811893

>acting like I wasn't there seeing his 15 y/o fanbase in real time
Just admit you prefer entitled moids to cringy kids.

No. 1811894

The king of the hill reboot is going to be shit, they should just let old things die so we dont have to watch them become bad

No. 1811896

I prefer neither anon, sorry he blocked you though.

No. 1811897

Has there even been a good reboot of an adult animated series? I never heard anything good about the Beavis and Butt-head one or the Futurama one so I am not terribly excited for it either. Plus, KotH was stagnating a bit in its last season.

No. 1811902

I've never seen every reboot there was but they do generally have a track record of being ass. But the most important factor is time, shows made in a past era are going to be so jarring being updated to today's standards.
Mike judge was very specific with the comedy he made in that show and that type of dry humor is not really in shows today. I think they are going to play the comedy very "safe" and it will end up being lukewarm.

No. 1811906

This is autism kek. One is a kid and the other is a 50 year old man. At least one can improve and detroon, the other is stuck in his cringy "goffik 90s troo artist" phase for life. Shit's embarrassing.

No. 1811908


I really don't know how they're going to do the Daria reboot because of this. I honestly don't think a lot of zoomers are actually into stuff like the undergrads, mission hill, daria, or downtown for the show itself. It's just a sort of grasp for back when there was more original programming plus the whole retro thing.

No. 1811912

actually more people know him for jthm. zim fans are a minority in his cult and although they're the least obsessed with trying to have sex with him, that benefit is cancelled out by how literally fucking retarded and loud they are.

No. 1811913

i know i keep saying it but people need to remember that his fans are INTENSE and almost all want to fuck him. I'm serious. he gets underage and half his age chicks fiending for him like he's a crack rock. it's really uncomfortable to see at conventions or panels, and i can only imagine how much worse it is to be the person they're directing it at. if you're not someone who makes art for the express purpose of getting groupies, being followed by obsessive groupies is really, really shitty to have to deal with.

No. 1811916

i hope he's rebooting it for the ppl who are age 35-60 and watched koth when it was first on, and not rebooting it for random kids born after youtube got inveneted.

No. 1811947

You really need to stop sucking this old man's dick, he is ridiculously immature and whiny lmao. Normal adults can log off and/or ignore their annoying fans. Please do leave it here. Defending him is sad, >>1811888 is right.

No. 1811958

I can’t believe I missed the furry!
We have dark mode here??

No. 1811964

Isn’t the Daria reboot supposed to be about Jodie? She was a good character in the original series but I don’t know if she can carry her own.

No. 1811967

He is immature but whatever, I just think it’s funny to see a retarded 18 years old malding because she got blocked.
He’s not even that popular nowadays? Unless you actively look him up or whatever, so I don’t see what’s the big deal with getting blocked by him, she’s not getting blocked by Lady Gaga or some shit, It’s just a random artist that happened to create some iconic content at some point.
Maybe if she had dropped the subject in the farms then she wouldn’t have gotten mocked for being a retarded furry tranny autist.

No. 1811969

Careful anon, the autists are awake.

They don't care. I'm sure that tranny sent their goons here and that's why we have one or two spergs shitting up the thread and trying to make this into a holier than thou contest because they hate a geratric edgelord.

No. 1811986

Speaking of, there's going to be a RWBY crossover with it. As everyone expected it looks awful because RWBY itself is fundamentaly shit. To add insult to injury, its a full length movie than some 40 min ova special.

Also Wonderwoman's chin lmfao.

No. 1811992

Yo I heard a rumor from a couple other lolcow users in priv (discord friends) that the person was psychotic while posting and that the video poster and the lolcow poster are not the same. I’m not sure how they know this or if they’re just bullshitting but I genuinely hope that kid’s okay.(I heard a rumour that newfags need to sage)

No. 1811997

Shes a retarded tranny it doesnt matter also post screencaps or gtfo

No. 1812002

Yikes. Just saying that’s a rumor I heard. Even if it would be dumb as hell I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt themselves over lolcow.(sage your shit)

No. 1812004

Weak attempt at trying to disassociate your "anonymous" tantrum from your public account, Dex. Also, learn to sage your shit.

No. 1812005

???(sage your shit)

No. 1812006

>I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt themselves over lolcow.
Then why bring that shit up? Kek just admit you want a bit of fun with the drama but you’re too scared of the “evil” farmers to post your lactose free milk.
The tranny is a literal who that threw a tantrum trying to get a personal army to give her asspats and to police a forgotten artist’s social media account. Absolutely no one gives a fuck about her sorry ass, she could kill herself right now and no one would bat an eye, so leave.

No. 1812008

Jesus, relax. I don’t care if someone’s a tard or tranny or furry or whatever when it comes to crazy shit like psychosis. Again, might be bullshit though(sage your shit)

No. 1812010

Shut the fuck up and leave if you don’t have screencaps, post them in the personal cows thread if you get the courage to post them. This is just derailing the thread about people with at least enough connections to get movies and shows released.

No. 1812012

Who shat in your cereal? Whatever it was probably a kiddie who go ahold of lolcow and thought ppl would care about this tiny IZ drama(sage your shit)

No. 1812013

Stop bumping this thread, you stupid fuck. Type sage in the email field, or better just gtfo.

No. 1812014


Good evening to you too(sage your shit)

No. 1812016

Press X to doubt. Be more creative next time or just don't post your stuff here because nobody cares.

No. 1812017

No. 1812035

Every teen tiktok sperg claims to have psychosis. Nice try

No. 1812082

you are either the retard furry or a friend of them coming to whiteknight and it's so obvious because you still show you haven't been in an anon board once in your life. Just leave the site and keep this incident a cringe thought.

No. 1812084

loving the obvious "hi-cow" situation happening atm. what a thread, kek

No. 1812098

File: 1681985151947.jpeg (163.05 KB, 1169x1443, A101D5E8-C2D7-4D91-86EB-5E1F7E…)

Does anyone follow Kiernan Sjursen-Lien? The cringe neon autistic furry ITT reminded me of her. Currently works for Nickelodeon apparently, goes by Zakeno or THISNAPZ for furry stuff. Claims to have DID and constantly posts art by her “alters” on her main professional account. Apparently got a callout post for threatening some other artist with her industry connections and teaming up with a couple of other DID furries to psychologically manipulate them.

No. 1812100

Not everyone who doesn't share your thoughts is a tranny's goon. There's no reason to reason like an actual autistic tranny/furry, kek. Lolcow isn't a hivemind.

No. 1812102

Makes sense, it seems like only cows get into animation these days (and this was probably true in the past too, just better hidden).

No. 1812121

True but this is the first one I’ve seen openly posting about DID “littles” on their professional account. Their furry account is even worse but that’s to be expected

No. 1812161

kek try harder, selfpost chan

No. 1812176

great job banning regular users for one accidental unsaged post and then letting this retard spam a whole fucking thread, mods(take it to /meta/)

No. 1812223

wtf, is this real? The animation looks like cheap AI, like those anime character filters from Snapchat or a mobile game from China. I hate it

It's exactly this

No. 1812242

I was so excited for the Beavis and Butthead remake and…man, I just didn't laugh as much as I thought I would.

No. 1812251

it's "Mike Judge's Beavis and Butthead" so it's not him writing or making his style of jokes, it's staff writers.

No. 1812272

rwby has always looked like shit and i never understood why it was popular

No. 1812307

literally looks like Vtuber animation

No. 1812316

because it came out ten years ago back when this style was hot shit, it was from Montyoum who was already a popular creator of animations of anime waifus fighting each other , and it was produced by rooster teeth who during that time were at their peak. it looks like shit but that's where its popularity lies

No. 1812340

but also this

No. 1812538

File: 1682056111457.png (83.38 KB, 600x784, 983.png)

Gotta say, this spergout has been an absolute joy to read.

No. 1812802

Wow, love how half the action is show for split seconds on screen then like two seconds are dedicated to a guy slowly patting around for his weapon. I hate how slow paced RWBY's action always manages to look while also not showing anything. They dedicated their entire effort to making sure the cat ears move constantly but not anything important

No. 1813228

ty so much nonnnies for making me feel not insane. fucking hate rwby's animation, and the cheapness of this superman

No. 1813314

You only have to slap anime eyes on something for moids and fujos to eat that shit up. RWBY looks like a miku miku dance clip from 2009 made by a 13 year old at best. The bar is so low

No. 1813547

File: 1682223339213.png (43.55 KB, 584x830, screenshot01.png)

As the nonas predicted in the previous thread, Pen Pals Forever failed to reach its funding goal. The goal was set at $147,500 goal and only $96,955 was pledged.

No. 1813548

File: 1682223420072.png (28.48 KB, 607x752, screenshot02.png)

Marie still plans on making an art book for it minus the production art.

No. 1813553

File: 1682223948688.png (29.59 KB, 595x773, 2023-04-22 17.26.57 twitter.co…)

I also don't get her excuse for not wanting to turn it into a webcomic. It would be much easier and flexible than directing an animated pilot and Webtoons would probably promote the shit out it.

No. 1813554

>decompress with the project
What project? Does she really expect us to believe she put in that much work?

No. 1813570

she could just scale back and make a short webcomic

No. 1813587

There was nothing appealing or engaging about this pitch. “Representation” is not a substitute for a compelling story.

No. 1813592

No she’s too disabled

No. 1813613

She’s stupid and wants animation clout. Isn’t she a nepo baby of sorts? Like didn’t her grandpa work on big projects? She probably feel entitled to level of fame despite lacking any clear talent.

No. 1813681

Aw I quite liked the walking stick girl(learn2sage)

No. 1813708

Why does it seem like every cartoon pilotist never wants to do a web/comic first? Are they that entitled?

No. 1813786

Honestly a short webcomic in her style would've given it a lot of traction leading up to a kickstarter. Also I get animation is expensive but I still think it's crazy they needed $150k to make a 2 min episode.

This. As another anon mentioned they're transformation girls but they're fighting against… what? Asking people to fund a show that's hinging on disabled representation with barely a story was never going to work.

No. 1813856

File: 1682277813284.jpeg (64.84 KB, 828x856, IMG_3163.jpeg)

sage bc it’s mostly useless and me musing, but I’ve been digging into this person via their alters account @THISNAPZ and jesus, this woman is severely mentally ill. On top of the stuff in the callout, combined with recent tweets, it seems like she is severely obsessed with being “cop murdered”, which makes me kek when you review pictures of her and realize she’s a tiny white girl who wouldn’t get touched for shit by law enforcement. It doesn’t seem like she’s credited for a lot of things in the animation sphere, I wonder what she’s on Nickelodeon’s payrollfor?

No. 1813861

File: 1682278399764.gif (336.06 KB, 250x145, 30a.gif)

>Implying actual autists would defend/side with her self-diagnosed Twittard ass
Who does she think uses imageboards lmao

No. 1813939

I wonder if you're the writer of that multi-page essay from an indigenous trans lmao.

>Multiple times early in my time staying at Ro’s, Ro would suddenly undress in front of me, exposing their breasts without warning or consent. I would be shocked and turn away in discomfort. Ro would see me turn away and be uncomfortable but respond with “Yeah by the way this is a ‘free the nipple’ household, get used to this” followed by a laugh. The more discomfort I showed each time they did this they would further tease fondle and flop their breasts in my direction. Never did Ro ever check for my consent nor cease when I would turn away. Ro would undress like this on a regular basis and in striking suddenness. Could be in the middle of a conversation or just moments after they come through the door.

funny given how troons always say how it's not a big deal when little girls see their penises in changings rooms and just to get over it.

No. 1813999

File: 1682296906176.jpeg (252.15 KB, 1170x1730, 15F23B97-BC4E-49DA-B051-D85F3A…)

AYRT, that’s not me nonna sorry, I didn’t even read the whole callout because I have no idea who the other people featured in it are. Zakeno has been a personal cow of mine for a while due to shit like >>1813856 and posting art by her furry “altars” on her professional account linked to her real name lmfao

No. 1814021

She works on The Loud House apparently.

No. 1814096

Her timeline is HILARIOUS,
half sperging about her "alters" and half whining that she's dehydrated from smoking weed 24/7 and her kidneys are failing. Twiggy motherfucker is more likely to die from renal failure than "cop murder" kek

No. 1814114

File: 1682317030278.jpeg (227.6 KB, 1170x1596, 95C8125B-CD84-4C67-A2A4-EB2CF0…)

I personally love this post policing how other creators portray museums in cartoons

No. 1814146

File: 1682321858160.jpg (26.11 KB, 568x284, tumblr_aefe6f8f0b9bc0ecb568bc6…)

Decompress from what, drawing like two pictures for a tweet and setting up a Kickstarter which takes like 10 minutes? What is wrong with this woman

No. 1814540

ok but $96k is enough for a 6-10 minute pilot????
is she retarded?

No. 1814543

i think a friend of the family worked on disney cartoon movies, and she took advantage of the east asian use of "uncle" to make it seem like he was a family member and they were close. lying by omission/poor translation kind of thing.

No. 1814589

Not to defend her, but kickstarter only gives you the money if the goal is completed.

No. 1814600

oh that's good! must help cut down on scams.

No. 1814683

She raised an impressive amount, even if it's meaningless with KS's all or nothing policy. But It's insane that she asked for such a high amount for only 2 minutes of animation, with nothing to show but some hasty scribbles and not even any test animation. She and the studio she partnered with probably wanted to do it the big studio way, employing a full crew on union rates, but indie animation doesn't work like that. You need to be a jack of all trades and do more with very little.
Long Gone Gulch only raised $38,874 and they made a beautiful 20 minute short. Fucking Lackadaisy only asked for $85,000 as its initial goal. People make 2 minute shorts for free by themselves. You don't need big studio money to make a tiny little short, even though it might take years cause you can't make it a whole studio's full time job.

No. 1814815

Im glad, the concept of the pilot is not interesting and I really dislike her boring art style. I've seen fan art of those characters and they looks so much better.

No. 1814965

That's what I found weird too. She definitely wanted to do it the big studio way, which is really stupid for something that should be a passion project.
The "wah I don't like making comics" in >>1813553 comes of as petty when she's asking so much for an original pilot with pretty much no actual concept work to show. She could literally make 4 panel gag comics to at least show the idea and it would be better than the ammount of work she currently has of them.
I don't follow her, did she ever even mention these characters before the kickstarter? You can't just poof some characters out of thin air and expect people to immedeatly care about them kek.

I feel like she might just be lazy and the reason she asked so much is that she wanted to pay other people to do the actual entire work for her while she just did a few storyboard shots and took credit for the idea.

No. 1814974

File: 1682442571852.png (121.81 KB, 544x895, Biscotti.PNG)

>I don't follow her, did she ever even mention these characters before the kickstarter?

No and that's the crazy part. She actually does have an original character named Biscotti who is the main character of an IP called Barrowdale Village Plaza. Instead she decides to make a Kickstarter for a group of brand new OCs and didn't even bother to give the new group of OCs an actual story.

No. 1814977

File: 1682443350620.jpg (143.9 KB, 1080x1388, 3836.jpg)

>I don't follow her, did she ever even mention these characters before the kickstarter? You can't just poof some characters out of thin air and expect people to immedeatly care about them kek.
She mentioned the characters a month before the Kickstarter and she only mentioned them a few times. But yeah they were pretty much poofed out of thin air.
And what nona said, >>1814974, she already has a story that her audience is familiar with. My best guess is that she's too attached to that project to allow anyone else to work on it. Or she thought it wasn't diverse enough lol.

No. 1814995

File: 1682445221103.png (91 KB, 630x628, CA_GroeningLIHlove.png)

>No and that's the crazy part. She actually does have an original character named Biscotti who is the main character of an IP called Barrowdale Village Plaza. Instead she decides to make a Kickstarter for a group of brand new OCs and didn't even bother to give the new group of OCs an actual story.
I'm not trying to defend her, but it's not uncommon for animators and comic artists to choose the route of creating new original characters, even though they may have a personal attachment to their original characters. This is because studios can claim legal rights to characters created by their employees. To avoid this potential legal issue, it is prudent for artists to create new characters that they have full legal control of. This is a strategy that has been employed by successful artists such as Matt Groening and John K. By doing so, they are able to maintain creative control over their work and avoid any legal battles that may arise

No. 1815003

I thought about that too, but she was going to do a kickstarted pilot with a small studio, so I assume she would have way more leverage than someone working with a big tv studio. Not to mention that she would be the one funding the pilot (as in the kickstarter was in her name) so I don't see how ownership would be an issue.
And still, in professional productions nobody needs to know your characters beforehand because the marketing is up to the studio/channel after the production is done you still gotta show the studio some proof of concept and an actual concrete pitch tho, whereas with crowdfunding she is the one that has to market the show before it's even been made. She needed to either have a really strong pitch which would involve a lot of development work to already being done, or an already established audience for those characters.

No. 1815023


In the Kickstarter Campaign video, the head of the studio that she partnered with made it sound like his studio was taking no ownership of this IP at all. All the rights would remain with her.

No. 1815032

File: 1682448983754.jpg (118.51 KB, 754x1059, panpizza if he was sucessful.j…)

i remember rebecca sugar saying she showed her art to Vasquez and he said it was shit and that she had no chance in the industry, kek. Johnen Vasquez is such a pissy faggot but it makes me laugh that everyone expects him to be ''uwu wholesome and charismatic weirdo that loves his fans'' when all he draws is edgy shit and hates corporate teen-goth culture. He openly states how he hates his annoying emo teen fans that are only into IZ. I also like the theory that he was bullied by Butchman when they worked on nickelodeon for being an autistic goth.

No. 1815058

>Even Rikki Simons, GIR's voice actor, had a teenage girl bite him out of nowhere.
what the fuck, that's hilarious. Was it one of those rawr wolfkin kids trying to make him one of their pack? I wonder who would win in an autism fight-off, a brony or an IZ fan

No. 1815080

They don't want to take the time to actually plan out and draw each panel to tell a compelling story, they just want to slap together a rough outline and storyboard and hire a team to write and animate it for them so they can get the clout and call it "MY TV SHOW"

No. 1815083

>luvologists (scientists of love)
Groenig posts in the Shay thread confirmed

No. 1815104

I bet he's raging hard to this day that she's more successful than he ever was or will be, kek.

No. 1815115

ok but her art IS shit and she didn't succeed, she was massivley subsidized despite consistent poor ratings. she worked well under pen ward, but on her own made a "kids" show that children hated and that most adults found nauseating to look at. she was in the right place at the right time (adventure time staff) to get nepo'd into having a show on a channel that had enough money to humour her for a few years.

i think some ppl itt don't realize how much beyond retarded shit jhonen used to get whenever he showed his face. it was like beatles fans, all these geocities green and black goths with a religious connection to something he drew in the late 90s. drawing random comic books isn't supposed to make you famous, and imo you're well within your right to be super pissed off about being famous when you just want to draw shit.

No. 1815116

>everyone expects him to be ''uwu wholesome and charismatic weirdo that loves his fans''
This is what bothers me the most when people get mad at artists in general.
Just because someone does something artistic doesn’t mean that person must be friendly 24/7 and always have their arms open to everyone and anyone that comes to them, and just because someone has done something artistic doesn’t mean they have to love that piece of art forever and ever.
Is Jhonen Vasquez an asshat? Yes he is, but no one has to interact with an artist to appreciate the art.
Social media has made professionalism die, and brings annoying problems to artists in particular because everyone assumes that if you have a Twitter, you’re part of the show and now you must dance for everyone all of them time on command, and you’re a bitch if you don’t do that, because how dare you create a social media profile to promote your art.
Like seriously, any boundaries between artist and fan got destroyed because now it’s so easy to just message JK Rowling or Jhonen Vasquez to say “h-hi h-how is the weather omgimsosorryforexistingbye” instead of thinking that hey, maybe these people are complete strangers, and you shouldn’t bother them like how you don’t want to be bothered by some literal who that wants advice on how to tie your shoes, when there’s millions upon millions of videos, books, tutorials, courses and pamphlets about how to tie your shoes.

No. 1815119

She did succeed, though. She's by far more succesful than him, that is a fact. It's not good, but her show is probably more successful than Adventure Time at this point.
>all these geocities green and black goths with a religious connection to something he drew in the late 90s.
Lol you are one of them

No. 1815125

This old ass man needs to stop crying on twitter when the same audience he cultivated brings up the only thing he's ever been relevant for in his whole life, kek. Just walk away from the screen. It's not hard.

No. 1815126

why the fuck are you guys bringing up jhonen AGAIN almost a week after the furry meltdown?

No. 1815128

This is a western animation thread, and he's pretty cowlike, so it's on topic. Unfortunately, he has stans in here writing passionate essays on his behalf lmao.

No. 1815131

One of these nonnies must love him or something

No. 1815136

It goes both ways, maybe the furfags and tards that get blocked can just walk away from the screen and move on too.

No. 1815139

No one's defending the furries and tards (who are the only people that will ever care about him), but it cannot be overstated that he's a whiny faggot whose brain clearly never developed from his whiny "i'm goff, not emo!!!" days. He will stagnate for life.

No. 1815216

ntayrt but I don’t know how that’s any different from the furries and tards still perpetually stuck in the “randumb xD lulz” phase.

No. 1815240

>her show is probably more successful than Adventure Time at this point
pure delusion. i've never ever seen AT but that show is still shitting out spin-off after spin-off and generates fan discussion and content. it influenced most tv animation since every show tries to be loreshit now. steven universe came and went and died hard.

No. 1815245

Anyone would be successful if they please their fans with fanservice, ships and talk about trendy topics (because if you watch nowadays all the cartoons are trying to be the next SU trying to do the same thing). And well her fans generated a suicide attempt and harassed each other for ridiculous topics of course she remained relevant

No. 1815252

i know he's a moid and its different for them but if i was an artist who had fans like his i would be kind of scared.

No. 1815255

it's actually even funnier than that, he was constantly saying "I'M NOT GOTH" and complaining any time someone used the word "goth" bout his art/characters
even though he is friends with a shitload of famous GOTHS

No. 1815285

I don't like the show's art style either and the writing was often messy, but Steven Universe was measurably successful. Five seasons, a movie, and a spin-off is pretty good considering that most shows in the age of streaming struggle to get more than three seasons. It was nominated for a bunch of Annies and a couple of Emmys. Zim itself only had two seasons (though it did win one Emmy and one Annie.)

Although I'm not sure it's fair to try and quantify the success of the two shows, since they benefit from very different kinds of success. Steven Universe was often recognized for its music and diversity, where Invader Zim was praised for its art style and humor. Steven Universe's popularity was more conventional for a continuity-driven primetime show, i.e., mostly in the limelight while new episodes were airing. Zim on the other hand was more of a slow burn, gradually building up a cult following that peaked in the late 2000s.

And I have to give Rebecca credit for taking it in stride. I think a lot of people would've given up on a career if their hero ripped them apart like that. There was even a major character in Steven Universe, Peridot, who was an intentional nod to Zim, and how Rebecca always wondered what it would be like if he had a redemption arc. Like… the guy said she had no future, and she not only persisted, but continued to be inspired by him. There's a lot I don't like about her, but I have to respect that.

No. 1815297

kek invader zim wasn't that guy's career anon. no one's calling him successful based on that and it's probably the last thing people born before 1991 would mention wrt the old man

No. 1815300

File: 1682472904235.jpg (196.06 KB, 572x883, tumblr_cf9baebb0b81e7484cf38ab…)

Is there even any proof of this? The closest I can find is this comic she drew of encountering him. Sugar is a huge fan of ZIM, wrote a foreword to the art book, and, like nona said, Peridot is inspired by ZIM.

No. 1815302

They were just going to produce the pilot, though. If the series had been picked up by another studio after I don’t think she would have retained full rights.

No. 1815306

It’s not about a compelling story any more, it’s about creating characters are “shippable” and lend themselves to gender headcanons tied together weakly with “lore” aka exposition

No. 1815328

haha wtf this makes her look even worse than the original piece of gossip sounded
why would you draw that

No. 1815367

lmfao i know her irl and she's been posting dance videos where it's super disjointed and she's like "oh this dance has my alters in it" it kind of breaks my heart.

it sucks because she used to be so sweet and she is really talented but after a while shit got super out of control. she needs a real therapist who can actually help her.

No. 1815385

I enjoyed her older art but it seems like as soon as she pivoted to raver furry shit she ended up with the same self dx DID/autism enby brainrot that so many artists that grew up on tumblr all seem to end up with, it’s sad to see.

No. 1815407

File: 1682489399138.jpg (123.14 KB, 900x675, invadercon_photo_by_invaderjad…)

I'd rather have one successful show that was actually funny and is still fondly remembered, rather then be known for crap like SU which is hated mostly by its own former fanbase.

No. 1815458

File: 1682500218215.jpg (130.28 KB, 893x721, zakeno.jpg)

No way, that's zakeno??? I used to follow her back in the dA days, what the fuck happened

No. 1815470

The zakeno downfall makes me sad, her art inspired me a lot during art school. I saw her dancing on ig the other day, claiming an alter came out while it lasted. What the fuck is this brainrot? Is it drrugs? Animation?

No. 1815483

File: 1682505515557.gif (58.65 KB, 68x70, dancinggir.gif)

Invader Zim stills holds up to this day despite only lasting for 2 seasons and has more merch and probably made nickelodeon more money tan SU in Gir hot-topic merch alone. SU is dated and forgotten at best, or hated on a schizo degree by their target audience at worst.
Does anyone knows why this happens? I noticed with my favourite cow, lily orchid, that despite being the target audience of shera and SU he still ended up developing a seething hate-boner towards it. It's so funny to see these autismos nitpick the shit out of stuff thats literally tailor made to appeal to their agenda.

No. 1815484

she was going through a lot of shit before. she really is a sweetheart and she puts a lot of heart into what she does.
i wish the best.

No. 1815492

I mean this’ll be an unpopular opinion maybe but tumblr. I was an obnoxious Zim fan back in the day, and I know how my friends acted who were fans too—if we had unregulated internet access like SU fans had on tumblr, I’m sure it would have been just as cringe and hated.

No. 1815497

Getting off the internet would be a good start.
This is true. Imagine how batshit the fandom would be if IZ had come out in the age of tumblr.

No. 1815506

I used to follow a few tags because oldie fans had some pretty cool fanart, but all the Fuji tumblr kids started filling them with ZimxDib fanart and shit like that.

So it definitely HAPPENED, but not at the level of like SU or Homestuck. Speaking of the latter, why does it seem like Homestuck has faded into nothingness?

No. 1815517

>Does anyone knows why this happens? I noticed with my favourite cow, lily orchid, that despite being the target audience of shera and SU he still ended up developing a seething hate-boner towards it. It's so funny to see these autismos nitpick the shit out of stuff thats literally tailor made to appeal to their agenda.
Here's an example, Imagine if someone like Critikal turned out to be cheating on his girlfriend. It would probably spark a brief discussion on Twitter, but ultimately, no one would care. On the other hand, if someone like Curtis Conner or Danny Gonzalez were caught cheating, there would be a huge uproar, and it could potentially ruin their careers(we saw this IRL with Joss Whedon and Ned Fulmer). Cancel culture is driven by leftist expectations. The more people expect of you, the easier it is to get canceled for something trivial. For example, if you present yourself as liberal or a progressive ally, people are more inclined to react strongly to any misstep or mistake. On the flipside, using nigger is a part of the Tarantino brand. It all comes down to how you present yourself and the expectations you create for your audience."

No. 1815529

Good question. I have seen people saying it “didn’t age well” and that it’s “problematic” but I never got into it so I have no idea what they mean

No. 1815544

This is a massive cope, he's incredibly bitter about his lack of success and it shows in everything he does and says. That scrote is sad.

No. 1815546

Invader Zim = Steven Universe for the early 2000s, honestly. You have nostalgia goggles on, but the fandoms are full of the same sorts of people and neither are good.

No. 1815548

The year-long Gigapause and the fact that a lot of homestuck fans were young teenagers during that did a number on it. They moved on to other fandoms during the Gigapause and eventually outgrew it. Doesn’t help that the $2.5 million Kickstarter game is pretty much a failed project with it being only half-completed over a decade later.

No. 1815549

Why are you still going on about this and making up shit?

No. 1815552

Who's making up shit? All anyone has to do is look at his Twitter. You sound new, this is a thread on /snow/ and we discuss the western animation industry. If it hurts your feelings to see your favorite animator talked about, close the tab or talk about someone else instead of whining.

No. 1815553

I think it's because the creator went inactive. Homesuck had a lot of hype, but it seemed like Andrew Hussie was done.

No. 1815555

NTA, but literally no one remembers him or his work except the same trannies and fujoshi he hates, kek. It's crazy that she still didn't shit on him post-success, while he's been a loser reeeing at the only fans he has left since like…2015.

No. 1815574

i wasnt talking about the fandom, was talking about the quality of the show and the public perception of it. IZ fandom was cringe, but the show was pretty good and still holds up. I watched SU when i was the target audience and it bored me to death.

No. 1815576

He's literally been working on Invader Zim comics for half a decade now.

No. 1815580

Sage for blogpost, but all of the jhonenposting just sent me into nostalgia land and unlocked an old memory of getting in trouble when my mom found my Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Director's Cut comic that I bought at Borders books, kek

No. 1815583

Even the quality was bad unless you're an edgy 12-15 year old or manchild with lol quirky randumb humor. There's a reason the people who still like it are also massive proponents of the "CRINGE IZ DEAD O.o x_x :P XxXSceneKid4LifeXxX" thing.

No. 1815585

Aren't most of the fans today just kids hopping on a long dead bandwagon? I'm in my mid 30s and actually watched Zim when it was on. It was popular but not very and I liked it but knew 0 rabid Zim fans like nonnies keep claiming exist everwhere. Are we just talking about zoomers who spend too much time online?

No. 1815602

I’m around the same age you are and had a bunch of internet/irl friends that were pretty obnoxious about it at the time but nothing compared to how weird zoomers behave in fandoms now. A lot of the kids getting the show 20 years later seem to be slightly more self aware than we were but I think if the show was actually airing now things would be a little crazier just because you have the element of people watching a series week to week and obsessing over wish fulfillment fantasies about what they want to play out in canon etc

No. 1815606

I really wish Jhonen would continue JTHM or make a show about it. I feel like his old comics were his best works but I imagine he might be reluctant to do much with them since they were made when he was much younger. Zim was a decent show but Jhonen was clearly burned out by it and that showed towards the end of its run.

No. 1815651

rebecca drink some tea and have some fursuit sex with ian, then come back when you can behave.

No. 1815652

her art is…sooooo, so, SOOO bad though?? wtf anon?

No. 1815654

i agree. i was the anon saying jhonen has every right to avoid his fans at all costs, because they are INTENSE, obnoxious, and literal children. look at >>1815407 i'm 29 and that room freaks me out. imaging being 48 and having to speak to a banquet hall full of other people's children who are obsessed with you. you SHOULD be pissed off about having to do that.

No. 1815683

>hi cowing
Newfag detected

No. 1815686

He doesn't actually have to, though. If he made decent art and wrote things of quality, at 48, he would actually have adults in his fandom. He leeches validation from that same group, it's pathetic.

No. 1815736

>half a decade
five years kek. you're cute
he doesn't write or draw those though, it's his IP but he doesnt like…make every issue of a comic kek

No. 1815738

you sound like you are imagining some of this sorry

No. 1815750

I think you should take your meds and stop stanning this man so hard, anon. His dick probably doesn't even work anymore.

No. 1815782

it's just so weird how anons expect so much attention from a celebrity. none of them owe you kindness or help with your homework. especially not the ones who aren't even on tv and shit and only wrote comics so they could buy paint to make the shit they actually want to make. no one's an arrogant dick because they don't want to look at your picture of batman and hear your life story

No. 1815785

samefag, the thing with that dude is that he doesn't have to do anything to make a living. >>1815686 guy wants to stay indoors and paint stuff for fun, and would have been happy to never attend a con again after 2003. dude does very rare appearances to shut people up and in return gets stalked.

No. 1815786

File: 1682543400625.png (233.92 KB, 599x530, TS.png)

No. 1815787

I'm both excited and deeply nervous.

No. 1815788

Nta but celebrities are nothing without the consoomers who engage with their products. Mfs should humble themselves a little

No. 1815789

Time for more weird fetish stuff

No. 1815790

Then he can delete Twitter. No one's forcing him.

No. 1815792

twitter's not a real place, are you offended by shitposting now
i commend anyone shitposting to that dour shithole
once product is purchased the transaction is complete. the peeps who made it dont have to anything more

No. 1815793

Inb4 one of them is trans or some shit

No. 1815796

You seem like the only one offended tbh

No. 1815800

You are truly dedicated.
>Creator makes thing
>Thing gets famous
>Creator now famous for thing
>Oh no! If it isn't the consequences of my own actions

No. 1815801

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1815803

i am afraid

No. 1815805

i don't think she's bitching about the fame part, rather that people like the SU girl all have freakish parasocial relationships to products

No. 1815809

You're the one who's still bringing this up a week after that Tiktok they/them furry cried about an incident that happened years ago.

No. 1815813

I mean, I thought I made it super clear. These days, lots of shows made by progressive creators like Rebecca Sugar focus more on representation than on telling a good story. The thing is, they're setting themselves up for failure by catering to those woke expectations that can never realistically be met. That's basically what I was trying to say

No. 1815814

nta, i was the one she calls a stan
ty for being sane
i worry for everyone if it's considered ok that the reward for being good at your job is hundreds of underage chris-chans desperate to show you their sonichu comics and get you to publish them and then marry you.

No. 1815815

You realize there's more than one person in this thread mocking him, right? This isn't a fansite, holy hell kek.

No. 1815816

>good at your job

No. 1815821

and you realize there is more than one defending him too, right? kek >>1815814 >>1815809 >>1815606 are all different IP addresses

No. 1815825

That's irrelevant, because I wasn't the one accusing others of bringing something up "after a week" because I disagree with them lmao. Give it a rest already, again, it's not a fansite.

No. 1815835

I watched it when it was airing too and I don't remember the Hot Topic popularity starting up until a few years after it ended.

No. 1815849

How can you tell the IP addresses?

No. 1815850

calling a large group of people badly-behaved isn't fansite posting though
crazy assholes bothered a moid a lot, yeah he's still a moid but two things can be true. those assholes are v. crazy.

No. 1815855

it's because people who were already fans were all way too old to be ever looking at nickelodeon when invader zim was on. and probably the fact that he got a show on a kids' channel in the first place. so people who were old enough to enjoy it or already liked his shit probably didn't learn he had a cartoon on tv until after it aired.

No. 1815885

it'd def be alex if they decided to trans one of them, sporty and athletic, black, loves plushies and other cute things and is the sweet one of the three. while clover was my favorite, alex was someone i aim to be as a kid since she enjoys playing sports and isn't insecure going against boys too.

No. 1815936

Was the main selling point of Steven Universe even supposed to be representation in the first place or did they start pandering once they gained fan traction? Sure, it always had diversity but looking back at the pilot it was just some subpar western magical girl show with no direct reference to idpol. Fast forward a few years later and you get that weird anti-racism psa (why would someone against mixed-race couples be fine with gay marriage…?) Not to mention Rebecca Sugar started ID’ing as a TiF into the show’s run.
You could make the same case for Voltron but let’s not go there.

No. 1815941


This matches up with what I remember, but it's kinda fuzzy because in 2001 online fandom was like having a Gir avatar or a Zim signature and checking the fansite. I don't think the crazyness in general really hit until later.

No. 1815952

Do she/they's even count as TIFs?
Anyway, with the show's reputation and her being a spicy straight I'm surprised she didn't do an Alex Hirsch and become really loud and obnoxious about CN censoring her or whatever.
What is she even up to nowadays?

No. 1815959

this exact thing happened to me, lmfao thank you for the memories nonita

No. 1815972

furry stuff

No. 1815984

All I know is that I had my GIR wallet confiscated in jr high (2003) because it has a chain and was “dangerous” lol. That’s when I remember most of the merch being available

No. 1816003

I mean the original wasn't very good, so at least if the reboot sucks nothing of value will be lost.

No. 1816008

RS is cringy and annoying I guess but unlike Alex she’s generally liked by most of the industry and people who have worked for her. She had her big success and seems content to just see what happens next for her instead of bitterly lashing out for attention and getting fired off of everything she touches

No. 1816009

File: 1682567578593.jpg (1.23 MB, 5616x3744, Maxwell_Atoms_.jpg)

True. Maxwell Atoms experienced success with a black comedy kids show around the same time (Grim Adventures), and he doesn't use Twitter, just Tumblr. From what I can tell, he's generally pretty laid back and nice to fans.

I'm not saying that's a requirement, and I totally understand becoming a bit of a dick after being creeped on for so long, but when you create art for children and weirdos, you do kind of have to be ready for how those demographics engage with art. Don't create a children's series for a major Network if you don't want it to be your legacy, and don't use Twitter if you know that being there will open you up to fan interactions you dislike.

No. 1816032

Imo Jhonen is incredibly based for blocking and ignoring his retard fans. All creators hate their retarded fans so it's refreshing that he just calls it like it is, instead of pretending he likes them

No. 1816055

Alex is loud and obnoxious because he’s an entitled male. Rebecca (for all her faults and shortcomings) seems to be content with the opportunities that have come her way.

No. 1816058

lmfao based. they sound like one of those stalker fans that jhonen had a trillion of loll

No. 1816059

no, it's just retarded. They make him relevant, made him famous, and pay his bills. It's the same with all celebrities no matter why they are famous. They all have to deal with retarded, obsessed fans. He's not special, and I wouldn't even call him a celebrity because only his rabid fans give a shit about him. Completely irrelevant name if you brought it up amongst the general populace. He should get over himself.

No. 1816065

Lol this thread is the most discussion I’ve seen re: Jhonen Vasquez in at least ten years, you nonnas choose the weirdest hills to die on, that’s why I love it here.

No. 1816099

File: 1682583161642.gif (482.06 KB, 320x240, 3LPHKVn.gif)

this was literally my first thought. I have to think there were zero female writers working on that show. it's disturbing to me how most of the people who know about the blatant fetish fuel in it completely brush it off as a harmless kink outlet for the freaks in charge. then again, I'm assuming those fans are moids, so what do you expect. for those who are curious, here's a list of the grossness throughout the series https://imgur.io/a/pZlNi

No. 1816120

sad because I liked this show as a kid and everything went over my head

No. 1816138

Are you one of her altars

No. 1816160

we get it, moid bad because edgy

According to his voice actor, recording started this last week for John Redcorn of King of the Hill. So far all showrunners are returning except the obvious Luanne and Lucky situation. I don’t believe in God, but if he’s up there…”Please don’t let them ruin my lawn.”

No. 1816161

Honestly, him being not a celebrity outside of his sphere of relevance makes it even more inconsequential that he blocks the retards. Like who cares lol

No. 1816187

SU started pandering hard after "Jailbreak" with Garnet being made up of two lesbian gems to where fans then started to heavily defend the show no matter the bad/boring writing that continue later on the show's run. I laughed when Rebecca went from coming out Bi to then coming out that she's a "Non-Binary woman" like that was going to help save her poorly written show.

Gotta love how after the show was done, Rebecca and Ian started to badly retcon the hell out of the show; like gems are now "solar-powered robots", the Diamonds didn't "kill anything" and that Steven "never" forgave the diamonds when that was bullshit as they poorly showed that he's ok going to them for shit, the Crystal Gems are "hippies" despise Garnet and Pearl fought in a war and the amount of fighting they did in the show, etc. Feel free to add on

No. 1816190

have you ever watched the show or did you only stumble across the gir amvs on youtube? its a really dark comedy, specially for a children's show. It definitely aged better than SU and that's why people remember it years later while no one remembers anything from SU outside of its shitty fandom

No. 1816192

hated this show as a kid why couldnt we have a girls action show that didnt revolve around clothes and shit, even kim possible which was a less obnoxious ''girl'' show still had kim be your stereotypical girly teen girl who's obssesed with fashion, but at least she had a real personality. The spies were all the same characters.

No. 1816196

I feel like I’m going to be in the minority here but I miss when girls could be unapologetically girly. Every female character nowadays is either gender special or “not like other girls”.

It’s okay to be girly! It’s okay to like fashion! (Also I know Totally Spies is fetishbait now that I’m an adult but as a little girl is could’ve cared less because I didn’t know.)

No. 1816201

nona is probably mad she got blocked by him for acting like a retard and still seething over it lmao

No. 1816203

Go outside, almost every woman is 'unapologetically girly'. If anything the pressure to conform to gender stereotypes is higher now.

No. 1816211

You’re right nona, there’s no women shamed for being feminine at all.

No. 1816220

Wish teaser is out
I appreciate that they’re attempting to stylize the animation a little more but they didn’t commit to it enough. It looks cheap, like something that would have been direct to dvd 15 years ago.

No. 1816221

Sorry, I forgot to properly embed.

No. 1816234

It looks cute, it’s kind of mixing or trying to make 3D look like 2D or something like that. The plot seems nice, nothing 2deep4u nor too simple either, the goat having a deep moid voice is kind of annoying (makes me think of Olaf, I hate that fucker), it would’ve been cute if it had been a girl or woman’s voice so they could’ve been like sisters from another species or something like that.

No. 1816285

kek so if he's completely irrelevant he doesn't owe anything to the fans then. you sound like a tumblr loony. no one deserves marriage proposals from teenagers all day long, and no one owes it to you to publish your book because you read theirs. you're honestly super fanfic unhinged here, nonnnie. the deal is "i make movies, then you buy them". idk why you're so obsessed with celebrities giving you things. go get a job maybe

No. 1816287

yes based and she's nuts. thanks nhonnies.

No. 1816291

kek i love it

No. 1816314

> So far all showrunners are returning except the obvious Luanne and Lucky situation.
What's going on with that? I know Luanne's VA passed away.

No. 1816323

you genuinely sound like 15-year-olds

No. 1816324

Lucky’s VA (Tom Petty) passed away as well. I don’t see them being recast so I assume they’ll be written out.

No. 1816348

>while no one remembers anything from SU

This just isn't true. There are plenty of people who still enjoy watching SU episodes and are attached to the characters. Stop sperging about how great IZ was and how lame SU, the shows aren't even in the same genre and have nothing in common to be compared against each other. You just sound like a fangirl.

No. 1816361

This already looks mid, I wonder how they'll make an entire story based on wishes interesting. A wish element was present in stories like Aladdin, Cinderella, and Pinocchio, but the plots had more to it than just the wish.

No. 1816397

Where are the gnc female characters you speak of? Were you that anon sperging over princess peach wearing pants?

No. 1816400

>i remember rebecca sugar saying she showed her art to Vasquez and he said it was shit and that she had no chance in the industry

Any source aside from some he-said-she-said? All this edgy shitposting to cover up hurt fee-fees and a sense of entitlement. Artists don't owe their retarded parasocial fans anything, at least Jhonen isn't a groomer with no sense of boundaries like the majority of cartoonists these days.

Fucking this.

Butthurt parasocial stans care apparently kek. Sure is sour grapes in here.

No. 1816458

> at least Jhonen isn't a groomer with no sense of boundaries like the majority of cartoonists these days.
honestly this. nothing he's doing is that cowlike. he called out retarded fan behavior five years ago. boo fucking hoo. he has the right to be on social media and curate whatever experience he wants with his fans. he doesn't owe them shit.

No. 1816485

well its not out of the ordinary 7/10 jhonen fans are parasocial creeps. :P(:P)

No. 1816507

maybe they ran away to wyoming to live happily ever after
massively so. i don't think anon has met his true and honest fans. they go way too far on a regular basis
tragic that the bar's so low for men, but even if i hated his paintings and comics i'd stan for the guy because he actively dislikes and tries to push away his underage creepers.

No. 1816515

File: 1682633800450.png (211.23 KB, 1000x565, ppg.png)

its just another side of the same coin really. In totally spies it was really annoying because all of them acted like bimbos. The best ''girls'' cartoon will always be PPG because they all had very distinct personalities and didnt act like walking stereotypes even when they were girly like bubbles or blossom. Also they actually kicked ass and looked legit powerful.

No. 1816516

its actually supposed to be an homaged to the ''wish'' on classic disney movies. It looks like a ps3 game honestly, they are trying to hope on the spiderverse trend but dont understand that it worked on that and similar movies because it had fast paced action that benefited from the change of style from rigid doll-like disney 3D, this looks like shit.

No. 1816527

>no one remembers anything from SU outside of its shitty fandom
maybe you're just not seeing what i'm seeing because it's still absolutely everywhere, just with no hype for new episodes and such. kind of a crazy thing to say kek it's definitely impactful even if it's not that good, especially to zoomers like me

No. 1816534

>No one remembers SU
Delusional. The show is still fucking everywhere on social media and I still see the fucking merch in every store. You can suck Jhonen off without denying reality. SU (unfortunately) made an impact and western animation is probably gonna need decades to recover from its influence.

No. 1816540

The star in the movie supposed to be the same star all of the other Disney characters wish on, so I wonder if this is going to somehow involve crossovers and the teaser is so dull because they’re still trying to hide that element?
Agreed that their attempt of Spiderverse stylization is weak, I can’t believe how fucking bad and incomplete it looks.

No. 1816544

samefag but imo the worst thing about SU is taking the interesting concept of fusion from DBZ but turning it into a weird sex metaphor. Now any future western animation that tries to use fusion as a concept is going to get compared to this shit.

No. 1816545

Lucky can fuck off but the show won't be the same without the Manger Babies.

No. 1816548

I’m going to miss her too anon. I hope she and her puppets get a good send off

No. 1816549

Which revival will get cancelled first? The new totally spies, the new clone high, or the new tiny toons? My bet is tiny toons

No. 1816550

>totally spies
has always been a huge money maker so i bet it will end up having another 7 seasons like the original
>clone high
people were actually hyped up for this and they are pandering pretty hard to tiktok and twitter zoomies, but it will probably suck.
>tiny toons
probably the worst out of all of them, the animation looks extremely cheap and obnoxious and literally no one wanted more tiny toons. Animaniacs was cancelled pretty soon after and it looked better, so i bet this one is dead on arrival. Also fucked up they made babs and buster sibling considering there are so many fucking scenes of them kissing in the original. They also leaked the pilot a while ago and it sucked.

No. 1816555

I thought they were actually gonna go back to 2D animation for this. Looks like a shitty mobile game.

No. 1816558

They made them siblings? Either the writing staff are freaks or none of them watched the original

No. 1816562

I'm kinda nervous about the king of the hill revival. I hope it being current year doesn't mean it's gonna suck. But I trust the writers not to fuck it up.
NTA but to be honest when they try to make less stereotypically girly female characters it's always framed as if they were doing it for feminist brownie points and it usually ends up being a coolgirl stereotype in itself. It just doesn't feel genuine, and many times they're not very relatable to real GNC women (at least, not to me). And trying to turn the stereotypically girly characters that, although flawed, we've grown to love over the years into that new stereotype, is kind of annoying. Idk if that's what anon is referring to but that's how I see it.

No. 1816563

You're right, and all the weird stans can say is "n-no you were totally just blocked by him he's amazing and based and not embarrassing and sad" kek.

No. 1816567

>They also leaked the pilot a while ago and it sucked.
The whole time I was watching it I was wondering “who is this for?” it seemed too timely and written just to get people talking on the internet. Drag has always been a big part of Looney Tunes canon but twitter is going to go nuts over that subplot
They shed them up and moved the setting to college too.

No. 1816574

I don't see SU stuff ever but I'm not on Tumblr anymore. I imagine it's still alive there

No. 1816577

Do zoomies even know what tiny toons is? Why even greenlight some shit that no one cares about anymore

No. 1816580

It’s an accessible enough IP to introduce to a new generation I suppose.

No. 1816595

What a weird hill to die on. The guy isn't someone like the pedo psycho John K. who truly is disgraced. His work is still beloved, his prints sell out all the time, and he is still clearly making a living off his art.

No. 1816630

Sorry, but we're not all going to like the cartoon you like, especially if the creator is cringy. Stop malding. No one's dying on a hill but you atp.

No. 1816635

How likely is it that they find a new voice actress? I'm guessing it's probably almost impossible to find a new VA that isn't jarring considering that shows will kill off characters over it.

No. 1816645

I don’t see it happening but I wonder if they have enough archival audio to have her at least cameo in an episode or two to properly write her out. Have her on the phone with Peggy or something.

No. 1816659

Speaking of archival audio, I wonder if any cartoons in the coming years will have AI voices instead of hiring voice actors? If these studios own voice clips/recordings of an old IP and are rebooting, it's possible.

No. 1816679

How depressing what modern, Western animation has come to. Even in the East it has dwindled.(sage your shit)

No. 1816680

Anyone here have some experience in the industry? Was looking to get into animating or story boarding for anything- games, shows, commercials.

No. 1816699

To be fair the weird stuff was only ever presented as weird. It wasn't done in a way that kids would find it to be fetish material. I never twigged on to the horny as a kid. Martin Mystery was just as horny but I liked watching it more because usually the horny monster stuff was happening to a hot guy.

No. 1816758

If you must, be prepared to struggle for a while.
Things are a mess right now. Too many artists, not enough work. I’ve never seen so many of my peers unemployed at once and some of these are people that were in high demand just a couple of years ago. It feels like we’re entering a dark age. I’m optimistic that it won’t be this way forever but it’s hard to be hopeful sometimes.

No. 1816764

She's right >>1816758
But also if you're still in school this might not be the case forever but things are a mess right now. I see friends getting laid of left and right both in games and animation currently.

I don't know if you're looking for advice but go to events and meet people, your network is honestly what gets you consistent work. I know this is said over and over but it's true.

yeah I don't think it will be this way forever but it's bad for sure. I've been pivoting to games but it's not any better recently. I just take any work I can get

No. 1816794

>games, shows, commercials
The three you listed are completely different exepriences, work-wise. Storyboarding alone is very often outsourced; my friend does that for commercials and it's his secondary job because there are months where he can make a lot and there are months when nothing comes at all. In general, facebook groups are good place to look for first jobs / agents that would secure you more work (and take a cut but it really is much safer bet when you dont have enough connections yet).
As for animating; I work in gamedev and there's a lot of work for 3d animators, much more than for, idk, concept artists which everyone wants to be. There are also a lot of smaller studios that do both outsourced jobs for games and commercial work; depending on your skillset you could also work in a marketing agency (especially if you'd be able to do things like motion design). I have zero knowledge about how it is working on animated shows but knowing so many animators and none of them having any experience like that could be kind of telling on how much work is available out there (although there are not a lot of animated shows produced in my euro country so if you're from USA maybe it's a little different).
In general I'd say as a marketable skill, 3d animation is definitely the way to go.

No. 1816815

if you can pic up 3d to do videogame work, frankly just do that. Animation is having a rough time, given it's not financially viable and most of the process is made in korea for cheaper prices

No. 1816823

I'm excited to hear about this recording news. KotH is probably my favorite TV show across all genres so I'm extremely trepidatious about this reboot. Really hope they continue letting Toby Huss (white guy) voice Kahn (Laotian character) and don't replace him, or God forbid, kill off Kahn.

No. 1816840

If even fucking Family Guy was willing to recast the white actor playing a black character I think it’s safe to say that that type of casting is a thing of the past.

No. 1816841

If even fucking Family Guy was willing to recast the white actor playing a black character I think it’s safe to say that that type of casting is a thing of the past.

No. 1816869

>fantasy movie about fairies and child wonder
>color palette straight out of an holocaust movie
is this on purpose? why do Disney remakes look so fucking ugly and dull

No. 1816879

It is difficult to give a definitive answer without an actual explanation, but one possible theory is that cinematographers and filmmakers have found that using low key lighting can be used to emphasize certain aspects of the mise-en-scene, such as the shapes and contours of the actors' faces or the texture of the sets and props. also, new camera tech has made it easier for cameras to capture images in low light conditions, which may have encouraged filmmakers to experiment with darker and more atmospheric lighting setups.

No. 1816899

then they are failing pretty hard because it doesnt look atmospheric it looks like its being shoot through a septic tank

No. 1816926

This is how I feel about the Little Mermaid remake. Why is it so fucking muddy? It’s already “realistic”, it’s live action. It’s a fucking fantasy movie about a mermaid. You can add some color.

No. 1816935

THIS SO HARD. I love the cast choice for Ariel and love that they gave her realistic black redhead coloring re her hair but the whole movie looks so washed out and dingy and awful. She should be brightly colored and have like fun seashells and sparkles in her hair and a realistically tropical fish tail imo. Like you said, it’s fantasy and it’s for kids, and it looks visually like ass.

No. 1816946

File: 1682693221892.png (1.12 MB, 1004x1190, 1682651909597195.png)

have you seen the fucking fish? kek cant wait to see this fucker speaking with its realistic cgi. Future children are going to be so devoid of creativity, at least its easier to find older media now.

No. 1816996

I thought the spies personalities were:
The smart one (Sam)
The girly one (Clover)
The sporty one (Alex)
They seemed like a watered-down PPG to me, though the amount of times I watched Kim Possible I still can't figure out what Kim's like other than being good at everything and cheerleading.

No. 1816998

LMFAO WHY DOES IT LOOK SO RETARDED I CAN’T. Take me back to the golden era of 2D Disney nonnas. Now that I’ve seen this I would much rather just have a cute black cartoon Ariel with braids and the new actress as VA than this garbo.

No. 1817000

is that fucking flounder hahaha my sides

No. 1817001

File: 1682699817624.jpeg (109.7 KB, 1000x726, IMG_3875.jpeg)

No. 1817039

It's dull and low-light to hide the shitty CGI. The CGI is shitty because the animators are on insanely short deadlines with small budgets, not because they're bad artists.

No. 1817059

there's no way they're going to make the fish speak. it'll look so fucking retarded.

No. 1817062

File: 1682705322727.png (156.9 KB, 822x684, image (1).png)

check the trailer it does speak alongside the crab and they look cursed

No. 1817068

Good lord, they have learned nothing from the CGI Lion King.

No. 1817081

Cursed is right what the HELL lmao

No. 1817159


they look like that soyjak pointing meme

No. 1817227

He’s voiced by Jacob Tremblay lmao

No. 1817257

File: 1682725591953.jpg (16.05 KB, 377x377, tumblr_9c92d173769e93d38dc3bef…)

This looks so bad holy shit

No. 1817264

Why are we discussing live-action ITT

No. 1817288

It's not a metaphor for sex you degenerate, it's a metaphor for any kind of interpersonal relationship. Steven literally fuses with his dad at one point ffs.

No. 1817294

They said Peridot can't fuse because she is ace
Fusion as a concept in that show got muddied bc it had too many metaphors in it
>it's a relationship
>it's sex or at least sexual Pearl blushes at Sugilite's fusion dance and calls Stevonnie fusing inappropriate
>it's another person
>It's a baby iirc it's referenced in Three Gems And A Baby
sorry was just involved in a lot of SU discourse

No. 1817316

File: 1682731720622.png (769.96 KB, 935x613, 546891212.png)

Well, that's retarded. First off because "ace" isn't a thing (cope), and second because that's a total "Dumbledore is gay" move, i.e., an afterthought. Rebecca and several other of the people working on the show drew ship art with Peridot. Rebecca drew picrel.

Again, Steven fused with his dad, and also with himself (recall his human and gem halves fusing in the finale.) Unless you're going to try to argue that Steven Universe endorses incest, it's obviously a metaphor for any kind of relationship. The showrunners muddied the water with the sort of things you mentioned (sexual dance moves, Pearl being scandalized, etc.) but that's what it's supposed to be as far as I can tell.

No. 1817321

Yup and remember that Pearl said fusions was only suppose to be used as an last tactic in battle when needed and not something to show off. Man how the crew broke/changed they're own rules time and time again

No. 1817334

Lol nonna, I think it's you that needs to cope with the fact that fusion was often used as a metaphor for sex no matter what you think.

No. 1817468

Ace is a thing, but it's only like 1% of the population (meaning most who say they are ace are snowflakes)

No. 1817494

though it was agreed upon that since there isnt an animation thread on /m/ we could discuss animation related topics here

No. 1817509

File: 1682775717574.jpg (131.58 KB, 1000x980, yuck.jpg)

This shit has always triggered me with how off it looked and felt (ADHD-like). You could sense the male aggression of the writers through the screen.

No. 1817511

What a sad fish.

This is what 'BUT NOW FOR ADULTS!1' does to properties. It's not even Darker and Edgier, it's Darker and Bleaker, just like your adult daily drudgery, geddit?

No. 1817518

There is an animation thread on /m/. Ever since before the /m/ purge.

No. 1817535

>dumbledore is gay is an afterthought
for the last time at the time when the books were written having openly gay characters was pretty much illegal in children's books also

>single childless old man

>likes to dress in flamboyant (literal word used in the books for his clothes) robes and loves knitting patterns
>hurrr dumbledore being gay comes out of nowhere what is actual old school gay subtext

No. 1817549

you are a pussy lmao, i would rather have girls beating the shit out of tranny demons while blood and teeths gush out of it than them getting tied/inflanted/transformed/other fetish shit like in totally spies

No. 1817554

It's an action show.

No. 1817561

also, she never just brought it out of nowhere. someone asked her if dumbledore was ever married and she responded that for her, she always considered him gay. people act like jkr is just out here scheduling press conferences to announce this shit but it’s always in response to fans who want to know more than what was in the books.

No. 1817564

The core idea behind The Powerpuff Girls is the stark contrast between cute little girls performing over the top violence; in fact, the show was originally pitched with the name "The Whoopass Girls".

No. 1817575

sage, unrelated, but he's always been a hack in my opinion and I hated his shit even as a middle school edgelord myself, and thought it was the hamfisted scrawlings of a retarded moid

No. 1817576

I truly hate you for making me defend a male but your wrong, he is talented

No. 1817578

Like >>1817321 said, I think this is an issue with writing inconsistency. The fact that people can't even agree on one of the most important metaphors in the show speaks to that. If it is sex (which I still argue it isn't exclusively) then why do many of the fusions in the show occur between people with zero romantic connection? Again, do you seriously think that Steven is "having sex" with his dad and the gems, who are basically his de-facto mothers?

The metaphor is a confused mess regardless of what it was intended to be.

No. 1817580

Only people with Nightmare before Christmas tattoos think so, but it's ok, not everyone has to like the same things

No. 1817585

Ntayrt but "actual" "ace" people are just sex repulsed, traumatized, or autistic imo. I disagree with anon saying that it's not "a thing" but I don't think it should be considered a "sexuality" when it's clearly a mental health issue.

No. 1817589

File: 1682784194548.jpeg (186.8 KB, 1954x1433, guLGWw00.jpeg)

Oh, are we living in 2009 again? Because that response is so millennial it hurts

No. 1817596

This isn't true kek

Exactly, I kind of applaud PPG for not pushing feminine characters as inherently weak.

No. 1817600

nta but that's still a thing with kids today
Also why the fuck are you guys still sperging about this, is the milk that dry? Fuck.

No. 1817609

Peter Pan again?? Just let that story die already. God I fucking hate the remakes, why can’t they use the concepts they have for the remakes and apply them to new ideas?
>so you know Peter Pan, right??
>why don’t we make a story about… about a guy who lives in a world of fantasy
>and this dude, he has to fight against a bad dude
>oh nice
>and that bad dude is actually a space pirate, but not really! The “space pirate” is just that dude’s dad trying to wake him up!
>oh charming
>and this girl enters the world to try and wake him up too and she gets saved a lot by the fantasyland dude
That’s it, insert Peter Pan references and you got an Oscar winning movie.

No. 1817610

File: 1682789204869.jpg (38.61 KB, 984x760, melting.jpg)

>you are a pussy lmao
I have no problem with horror (love Hannibal) or characters beating each other up in battles (watching Dragon Ball as a kid didn't trigger me in the slightest), but there is just something offputting in cartoons like this one. Bad, aggressive slapstick on steroids combined with limited animation and the caricature, uncanny valley character designs that makes it unpleasant to watch. It's male-targeted to the max.

>than them getting tied/inflanted/transformed/other fetish shit

Only because you are familiar with these fetishes and have a compulsion to notice them everywhere. You only have yourself to blame for that.

No. 1817611

also I can't watch anything about Peter Pan knowing that the author was most likely a pedophile who may have SA, the kids who inspired Peter Pan and the lost boys.

No. 1817613

Uncanny valley is when something resembles real human beings a lot but not enough to feel natural. Those cartoons are extremely stylized people and don't resemble real life very much. Most people don't have a problem with it so clearly it's just your personal taste.

No. 1817616

Nta but I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm surprised they allowed the blood, but it's not that gratuitous, just a villain's tooth falling out to give the punch more impact. I think you're being a little ridiculous.

No. 1817622

New Disney show, while I had my doubts, I was pleasantly surprised by the high-quality visuals. With an actual episodic format, the show has the potential to be a success if executed well

No. 1817624

That looks nice!

No. 1817628

I remember playing Powerpuff Girls constantly with my (female) friends in the school yard as a child, and I've never met a male fan. If it was male targeted they missed completely

No. 1817640

File: 1682795119675.gif (1.45 MB, 330x250, basementdwelelrincel.gif)

PPG even had an episode making fun of basement dweller male fans

No. 1817643

There are/were moid fans who liked it in their childhood but they're definitely rarer than female fans, at least outside autistic adult fandom communities. When I was little, PPG merch was everywhere and clearly targeted at girls.

No. 1817644

I think it was more about the culture of toy/merch collectors in general, it's way more relevant now with ever

No. 1817647

I mean I watched PPG with my brothers, and they didn't see it as a show just for girls; to them, it was a fun cartoon with action that they enjoyed. However, the show's fanbase was predominantly female, and it proved to be a huge financial success for Cartoon Network. In fact, I believe it remains their most profitable property to date

No. 1817648

Yeah, idk what planet that anon is on that PPG was for males. I liked PPG as a kid and so did every other little girl I knew, and there was crazy merch/PPG clothing for girls specifically. Blossom seemed to be the common favorite.
Feels like some "I personally speak for all women/girls, we only like specific soft things, anything else = male-targeted"

No. 1817651

looked it up
>According to a Variety report from 2019, Cartoon Network's licensing and merchandising business, which includes properties like the Powerpuff Girls, generated over $1 billion in retail sales in 2018.

No. 1817713

this is 100% a moid fedtrollposting.

>It's male-targeted to the max.

he's trying to say the most ridiculous stuff to prove we'll agree with anything insane as long as it's from another "feminist" or whatever group he thinks women secretly have

>Only because you are familiar with these fetishes and have a compulsion to notice them everywhere. You only have yourself to blame for that.

this is le based infiltrator sNeAkInG iN to le girl 4chan to puppetmaster our weak vaginabrains just like he told everyone on supremegentlemanforums.coom

No. 1817723

The main character design is very nostalgic. The outfit is very Recess-y, but the art style is kinda Owl House-y. My epxectations aren't super high, but I'd let my kid watch it.

No. 1817803

It’s so jarring to see a modern kids cartoon with relatively proportionate character designs lol

No. 1817818

>God I fucking hate the remakes, why can’t they use the concepts they have for the remakes and apply them to new ideas?
the Lion King one made over a billion dollars so Disney execs keep thinking it's a great idea to make these stupid remakes

No. 1817869

…. how old do you think the original audience for that shit is?

No. 1818169

>Only because you are familiar with these fetishes and have a compulsion to notice them everywhere. You only have yourself to blame for that.
>cartoon made by 2 french moids with anime influence
>''it's just a coincidence they get tied up/turned into catgirls/inflated/dressed as maids/turned into muysclewoman and a close up of their feet is shown every 3 seconds''

No. 1818379

the concept is cute but I hate the future woman's design. I hate that haircut with a passion in general, doesn't look good on anyone.

No. 1819088

I actually have faith in this, cause the problem with modern (non-storyline based) cartoons is that there doesn't really seem to be a premise. Take Kids Next Door, it's about a bunch of kids acting like spies and engaging in spy tropes. It's simple enough to state and it would be easy to pitch. Ed, Edd n Eddy is about three friends who terrorize their neighborhood with get rich quick schemes to buy jawbreakers. Again, very simple. You could keep going on and on with Rugrats, Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Spongebob Squarepants, The Wild Thornberrys. They all have very consistent themes with strong character archetypes that play off the main premise. Rugrats is always about babies doing shit. Wild Thornberrys is always about animals. The only shows without a unifying niche would be slice of life shows like Hey Arnold but even then that tried to consistently portray inner city kids and the relationships had in a very diverse and close knit neighborhood partially emulating real life.
But think of Adventure Time, Clarence, Summer Camp Island, and Craig of the Creek. What the fuck are these shows. You could do a marathon of a random mix of these shows and people would think they were watching the same show. They're just animals/people doing things and you have really no idea what to expect with each episode. There is no premise to these shows. Every show tries to be Seinfeld for kids but without any real interesting interaction or relatable social experiences because these are shows for kids. There is no attempt at traditional storytelling in these shows where each episode could be remembered as the 'hey remember that episode where X happened'. It's now just a vehicle for general jokes, humorous dialogue and anime references.

No. 1819691

I feel like Adventure Time shouldn’t be in there. Yes, it’s animals doing things but it was also the first of those shows in that era of CN and also involved an actual storyline.

No. 1820508

File: 1683224316952.jpg (76.26 KB, 1250x523, FtYbaOfWwAoZGDL.jpg)

SU was watched mostly by stunted adults who need their opinions validated by a cartoon in a network meant for 10 year olds. it was even worse with Owl House

No. 1820568

File: 1683230926194.jpg (118.39 KB, 750x878, saberspark.jpg)

this dude is getting cancelled for grooming or zoophilia eventually

No. 1820583

Agreed. A total lack of any kind of sex drive is nearly always a symptom of something else, not the condition in and of itself. If it doesn’t bother someone to be totally uninterested in sex then it’s not something that needs to be fixed IMHO, but literally everyone who identifies as “ace” admits to having sexual feelings. They just claim they don’t find other people sexually attractive, kek

Really it’s just an excuse for awkward teenage girls to opt out of the pressure of self-objectification, and terminally online autistic NEETS to justify never having to go outside and develop social skills.

No. 1820738

Context? This looks autistic but not suspicious enough.

No. 1820747

>cartoon reviewer
>bluey fan
he has all the red flags

No. 1820766

He also looks like a neckbeard. I can't wait for his downfall

No. 1820781

Surprised it hasn’t already happened, isn’t he one of the people defending that one brony musician who groomed one of the underage pony VAs when her own fucking dad voiced his disapproval?

No. 1820903

Deadass. the guy, when talking, sounds like a scrote and I’m surprised that nothing has yet come out about him

No. 1821238

Wait WTF, who and when nona? I watch his videos sometimes and thought the constant furfagging was cringe but that's something else entirely.

No. 1821423

Blackgryph0n married Sweetie Bell’s VA that he’d known since she was like 14 or something the (this came after years of rumors about him having something with Michelle Creber because of how weird and close their “friendship” seemed considering their age difference but she’s gay)
The girl he ended up marrying has a dad who is apparently also a VA and made a post to IG on his official account about the fact that he wasn’t invited to the wedding for vocally disapproving of the relationship. A bunch of prominent bronies (and even a couple of the other shoW VAs) rallied against him and anyone who criticized the relationship, and several of them (including Saberspark iirc) attended the wedding. This is what I gathered from tweets at the time but that fandom has always had a weird relationship with the cast, particularly the underaged members.

No. 1821725

Honestly, considering how full of himself he's gotten the last couple of years it wouldn't surprise me he's gonna have a grooming case sooner or later. The quality of his videos has dropped significantly since he decided to have this more improvised vibe to them and really gives you the impression that he loves the smell of his own farts.
However, this isn't the youtuber thread, so better take the discussion there.

No. 1821735

AYRT, thank you. I fucking hate scrotes, I hope the lot of them rot.

No. 1822049

Genndy Tartakovsky's new fantasy based series

No. 1822057

I never got too deep into bronydom but his friendship with Michelle Creber always seemed weird to me. I always felt bad for the underaged voice actors since mlp had a fandom with so man pedophiles and the staff memebers had a very open/casual relationship with the fanbase. It's extremely gross but it unfortunately doesn't sureprise me. Honestly I don't think underaged actors should have any contacts to fans. Don't let them attend cons or any other events that relies on fan communication

No. 1822252

The problem isn't adults liking cartoons, it's them liking cartoons to an obsessive level, creating obnoxious adult-oriented communities and cajoling the show runners into making changes they want to see. They can't just relax, enjoy the show, acknowledge that they can enjoy something without it being tailored to them, and move on.

No. 1822259

File: 1683438681542.jpg (324.29 KB, 1600x2400, Unicorn_Warriors_Eternal_Key-A…)

Looks really cool, though the premiere is going to suffer from the fact that it aired on television and is hard to find on streaming. Wikipedia says it's on HBO max, but when I search "unicorn" (the only part of the title I can remember) nothing comes up. Had to watch it on an illegal streaming site.
The art style is really cool, I like it a lot; you can really see the influences, like Tezuka and the Fleischer Brothers. The animation is nice in general (to be expected with a Genndy project.) Some of the VA performances aren't the best, but it's not intolerably bad. The setting is really nice, too; it's steampunk without being obnoxious about it; it's just a somewhat futuristic version of the 1800s, like in Howl's Moving Castle. Minor nitpick, I dislike that the female lead's name is "Melinda" and not something more timeless and fantasy-sounding. The show's name is also kind of bland and difficult to remember like I said before. Super minor stuff though.
It's so, so nice to see something that isn't Beanmouth style for a change. I almost forgot what an actual nice art style looks like in TV animation.

No. 1822278

Bump for cp, don’t scroll

No. 1822283

Really excited for this. Tartakovsky's Work, for me, is never the bare minimum in story-telling or animation- although maybe because it doesn’t have much competition in the first place.
Have to agree with the artstyle anon.
Idk why but most art styles, including invader Zim, suffered a little being animated in a modern setting, but for some reason Tartakovsky's art style doesn’t

No. 1822287

Genndy is my favorite creator but the style of this has too much going on. Earlier concept art didn't have the Steambot Willy inspo, which is a bit hard to look at especially full body shots. Rule of thumb is to combine not more than 2 elements of inspiration for one project. They should have kept it at just steampunk and anime

No. 1822320

Not surprising at all. The friendship with Michelle WAS fucking weird and the amount of access the fandom seemed to have to her (and the other CMC VAs) always raised red flags IMO. It was alarming to see these teenage girls attached at the hip with grown men at cons, in vlogs, fan events etc. I believe BlackGryph0n actually LIVED with the Crebers for a while until “the rumors got to him” and he had to save face.

No. 1822327

First episode is free on YouTube but the story is all over the place .20 minutes is enough run time but it felt like 2 minutes of story and 18 minutes of nothing exposition. Also weird how little character the back ground has considering genndy shows has some beautiful bgs ..

No. 1822331


and it was made by Craig McKracken who is married to Lauren Faust, a rare male creator who I found never moidified the cartoon and it was so good to grow up with. On that note I love that Frankie from Foster's is inspired by Faust and also created by Craig, throwback to that episode where she goes on a date and asserts all of her boundaries to that dickhead man.

They just don't make cartoons like they used to and there's more and more predators out there now behind them.

No. 1822360

How is this guy's reputation at all intact? He basically dated a 14 year old girl when he was 24, fucking pedophile. I hope she eventually comes to her senses and divorces him, but unfortunately she's unlikely to because he groomed her from such a young age. Depressing.

No. 1822375

Grey DeLisle continues to use the Azula whenever she can get away with it, lol.

So, this episode was entirely set up. And the difference between the Unicorn Warrior's designs and everyone else's really throws me off. It does a pretty bad job of explaining why Melinda's memories haven't come back. I hate these types of plots. I always want them to get the plot to be "we need to get our memories back" but it's always "our full memories aren't going to come back, how will we ever defeat the villain". And not loving forward to teh love triangle with Emma/Melinda, Winston and the blue Elf.

No. 1822451

I liked it, didnt hook me right from the start like Primal, but i can see myself enjoying it. I agree the pacing was weird and i am a bit sad it's steampunk inspired instead of dark fantasy inspired like on the first trailer. Genddy pls make another frazetta inspired show but with wizards and shit.

No. 1822468

File: 1683478490074.jpg (27.27 KB, 720x539, flpslz5m9pssadajxolx.jpg)

> it felt like 2 minutes of story and 18 minutes of nothing exposition
isn't that how genndy shows are in general lmao

No. 1822512

Take meds for your paranoia.(sage your shit)

No. 1822518


All I wrote is that to see the fetish shit you need to be familiar with these fetishes. Unlike you, I'm not, so I don't get triggered.(sage your shit)

No. 1822525

Anon, I think you should watch the second episode before you decide that there's a love triangle going on, because Winston literally dies at the end of it. I think the whole point is that Copernicus was forced to wake up when he shouldn't have, thereby giving people the souls who couldn't handle them (hence Emma not allowing the other consciousness to completely take over, and Alfred being a kid without discipline.)

No. 1822550

i mean, tons of medieval women were named tiffany
melinda doesn't sound jarring
madison or breighlee or some shit like that would be stupid

No. 1822551

>Rule of thumb is to combine not more than 2 elements of inspiration for one project.
wow i wish someone had told stephen king this

No. 1822651

>whole point is that Copernicus was forced to wake up when he shouldn't have, thereby giving people the souls who couldn't handle them
Yeah, but that should be explicitly stated. And why did waking them up early mess everything up? That's what I want to know. However, I expect no explanation for this and realize it's like wanting an detailed explanation of how time travel works in Samurai Jack and/or wanting to know Jack's real name. It still bugs me though. Amnesia/fractured memory tropes always annoy me if the person never gets their full memory back.

No. 1822676

Are you guys kidding me? The character design for it looks like shit. I absolutely hate when pretentious western artists try to do "anime" look-alike art while completely missing the mark and ending up with a weird distorted big eyed disney light look.
This is not it.

No. 1822679

where do you get ''anime inspiration'' from? she looks like she's inspired by betty boop, rather than anime, which makes sense considering genddy likes cartoons from the time. Filthy weebs, lmao.

No. 1822680

anon literally wrote
>you can really see the influences, like Tezuka
I just think that his best work, style wise, was samurai jack and maybe primal.
This one looks disappointing.

No. 1822824

The way the reincarnation stuff is being set up makes it seem creepy as hell. Like, their souls are just possessing innocent people. What the fuck. I think it's being set up like that on purpose though, to throw some twists in the story later on.

No. 1823061

is there something wrong with it being creepy like is that not allowed anymore

No. 1823188

You get me, I'm not that big of a fan of it either. I don't like that the woman's design is like Ashi's. They all seem so meh. I also wish he just kept the samurai jack and primal art style instead of this weird kind of Tezuka style

No. 1823209

Clone High revival official trailer

No. 1823216

You're right I think, it's supposed to be weird that they're posessing random people, because I think the girl is the main protag, and this first episode shows that she isn't comfortable with this reincarnation/possession thing, she is struggling with having the identity of the girl she possessed trying to come out sometimes(?) sorry if that made no sense kek. I kind of like her being the protag and not wanting to be a part of the save the universe stuff spoilers for spoilers in case someone hasn't seen it yet

No. 1823217

anon is probably an overly sensitive zoomer. they find something wrong with the most innocuous shit. not even trying to infight, its just become tiresome.

No. 1823229

wow, you're such a child.

No. 1823235

NTA but anyone with eyes can see zoomers are oversensitive freaks. Fandom has become unbearable for anyone over the age of 25

No. 1823236

yeah, noticing things for the last six years is pretty childish of me, sure.

No. 1823245

I found this unexpectedly interesting, this feels like a fresh breeze after so many shows last few years being mainly focused on being "relatable and inclusive" above anything else. Just an interesting story and concept doing it's thing, while I understand the critique of it being mainly fluff I kinda enjoyed getting a feel of how the world looks and using he environment as an explanation as to why they don't really question why a robot is rolling around the streets. Seems to be a lot of focus on "show, don't tell" and not treating the viewers like idiots and autists by over explaining everything. My main issue though is how the humans look and are animated, the animation in the wedding scene felt really cheap most of the time imo, and I hate the Betty Boop look on Melinda.
Now I only watched the 1st episode, maybe my opinion would change if I took the time to watch the upcoming episodes.

No. 1823317

NTA but PPG did have some scrotey coomer things in it such as Miss Bellum's innuendos and Sedusa.
Guy lusts after little cartoon "goth" girls of course he's a groomer type

No. 1823399

yeah i think that's the point. they're going to learn it's been creepy all along, like questioning who's really good/evil. the existence of a plot point does not equal a moral endorsement of it. otherwise there would be no way to have conflict.

No. 1823470

harriet tubmans design was better i the original

No. 1823472

>Guy lusts after little cartoon "goth" girls of course he's a groomer type
thats pan not saberspark

No. 1823542

File: 1683602947343.jpg (61.61 KB, 718x550, 1683597965088233.jpg)

the new designs are hideous the original designs for harriet and frida were fine, but i guess with those they wouldnt appeal to zoomies

No. 1823581

No you misunderstood I think it's great. I hope there's some fucked up twist like Merlin is evil or something. I really don't like the coomer bait fox woman character tho. Just seems like a ploy to lure in furries or something, cringe

No. 1823585

New Harriet Tubman is such a downgrade holy shit

No. 1823588

Unicorn warriors eternal seems promising but idk I just want Symbionic Titan back. If samurai jack can get a revival maybe it can too

No. 1823638

Agreed about Harriet but I wouldn’t have ever guessed the original Frida was supposed to be her unless someone told me. The new one is on the nose in an obnoxious way but I immediately knew what they were going for.

No. 1823968

I watched the first episode when it was leaked, it was very "okay". It's going to be weird with all of the woke shit

No. 1824063

I feel like being a “snatched hot bitch” would appeal to them right now though? How they look in the old screenshot is on trend for zoomers right now. Don’t know why they went with really awful designs for them. Frida looks a bit better but Harriet’s is really bad

No. 1824542

>Genndy Tartakovsky answers questions>

No. 1824548

Yeah, the wizard dude being the true villain is pretty obvious. I’m guessing the show will probably end with the warriors’ souls finally being put to rest and their hosts learning some kind of lesson after all of it. Hoping there’s no romantic endgame since genndy ain’t very good at writing those.
Glad I’m not the only one who thought the fox lady was gross kek.

No. 1824656

With a lot of the characters you can at least tell who they're supposed to be (besides Joan, maybe). JFK, Abe Lincoln, Cleopatra, Van Gogh, they're all pretty obvious caricatures. When screenshots leaked, I could immediately tell who Frida was because of the hairstyle, the colors, her unibrow, etc. New Harriet Tubman is just…huh? At least the old version had her head scarf from the historical photos we've all seen. I would have had no idea who she was supposed to be in the episode if they didn't announce "ITS HARRIET TUBMAN!" before she gets onstage.

No. 1824973

The fact that she got this much is already amazing, even if it didn't cross 100,000. I wonder she accounted for the kickstarter fees though. She's retarded if she isn't going to make note of that audience while they're still there and make a book. How does an art book out of a barely developed premise make sense? Also lol, decompress from what?

No. 1825306

meh the artstyle looks goofy blue elf guy is hot though
i wish they would finish symbionic titan already. i miss my husbando lance…

No. 1825565

>It should be explicitly stated
The writing shouldn't be dumbed down just because you're too retarded to pick up on extremely obvious cues. Copernicus is forcefully awakened when the robots dig him up and attack him. It's stated multiple times that there's something wrong with this resurrection. How hard do they have to beat you over the head with it for you to understand the central conflict? Christ, media literacy is abysmal these days.

No. 1826028

>And why did waking them up early mess everything up?
anon…this is what we're going to find out over the course of the show
like..this is what the show is about

No. 1826033


Anon >>1822651 feels like a product of our "here and now" culture, where every piece of info about the show needs to be laid out as soon as possible.

No. 1826072

>The writing shouldn't be dumbed down just because you're too retarded to pick up on extremely obvious cues
It was explicitly stated in the second episode, which I hadn't watched yet. So you're being an asshole just to be an asshole, have fun with that.

>anon…this is what we're going to find out over the course of the show
Yes, and if I had watched the second episode I would have known that. My mistake on only watching the first one and judging off that. I've just seen a way too many shows that setup a lot of things and paid off on none them. Anyway, second episode was great.

No. 1826134

NTA but you seriously can't expect people to read your mind and not assume you're a retard who's only experience with media is game theory explaining FNAF to you when you make a post like that

No. 1826270

I’ve been waiting for this since I was 13 and I’m so disappointed.

No. 1826304

File: 1683967227088.jpg (62.38 KB, 752x647, 54656456546.jpg)


No. 1826384

Genndy clearly has a type.

No. 1826541

Imprinted while watching Betty Boop cartoons as a tot, tragic but I suppose it could be worse

No. 1826648

I like Ashi's design as the "shadow cloak goth/dark girl" better than Melindas. I also think her onion/Ilana type of hair is adorable. But he also clearly likes to make these type of characters, and Mavis from HT can be in this chart too

No. 1827058

Cartoon Network wrote it off entirely in a particularly spiteful move, so we'd have to wait for Gendy to bring it back like he keeps saying he's going to.

No. 1827215

File: 1684097614703.jpeg (79.69 KB, 1170x582, IMG_4843.jpeg)

wtf tell me this isn’t true…

No. 1827316

apparently it is. They wanted to sell toys but didnt think the kids would want it because of the girl…

No. 1827360

File: 1684118629172.jpeg (332.32 KB, 1995x2048, IMG_4844.jpeg)

I like the concept but not a fan of rubberhose. At least westaboos are latching onto the show kek. Picrel.

No. 1830087

This is a pretty well known thing within animation, a lot of shows that don't sell toys well get cancelled. I think a similar thing happened to the green lantern show because the fanbase was primarily women and they didn't think they could sell toys to them which is confusing

A storyboard artist did a comic about it years ago I think it was giancarlo Volpe?

No. 1830261

Nimona teaser trailer is out. Thoughts?

No. 1830269

Meh. Looks better than the ugly ass comic at least.

No. 1830414

I like the animation, reminds me of Arcane

No. 1831009

File: 1684595908303.png (219.41 KB, 647x553, CAPTURE.png)

I was honestly expecting Elemental's to do pretty poorly, but damn this is on a whole other level, look like It's a disaster for Disney and Pixar.

No. 1831016

Why are they in the Imperial City sewers

No. 1831028

Wow I haven't even heard that this already came out, how bleak

No. 1831033

Newest episode of Helluva Boss is up

No. 1831037

Why do you guys think Disney/Pixar is taking so many L's lately? This isn't the first time they've had a flop period but I'm curious your thoughts as to why?

No. 1831043


I'm starting to wonder if their previous success was more generation specific. I was trying to find some older cartoons awhile ago when I found out the Saturday morning cartoon blocks are gone and so is the prime time and after school block. So I dunno maybe the younger kids don't relate to this stuff the same way anymore. I don't think it would've been the same for me had I grown up in tablet land.

No. 1831046

This episode had elements that could have made it entertaining, but fuck it has even worse pacing issues than usual. Even the voice acting is off.

No. 1831050

I mean, even if I try to think about it from the eyes of a kid dragging their parents to the cinema, nothing about the movie seems appealing.

No. 1831056

File: 1684602476080.jpg (37.37 KB, 434x287, lol_eel.jpg)

This is so fucked up it's primo kek material. I might just rent it from the library in a few months and fast forward to the cursed bits just to have a good kek

No. 1831098

File: 1684607156497.png (8.1 KB, 594x321, Leavethebilliondollarcompanyal…)

The cope in that comment section is crazy
>I-it's not a flop it just wasn't marketed well
>Well it's post-Covid so no one goes to movies anymore!
>W-well this isn't counting 3D and 4D sales, it's gonna make $500M!
The movie simply looks like shit. I wish they'd go back to Pixar movies being a collaborative effort rather than handing the reigns to millennials who have a (boring) story to tell

No. 1831100

Animated media makers should just either do drugs again or do harder drugs to make better stories tbh.

No. 1831111

File: 1684608089181.jpg (243.16 KB, 914x1543, IXEiGYwAWKoKgY.jpg)

While I appreciated the fact that the episode had some actual plot development, I found it difficult to enjoy because of the underlying misogyny. It seemed to me that Vivziepop and Brandon Rogers have a deep-seated dislike of women, with jokes kuje the nurse being retarded, an mother who was insulted in every way, and Stella's character being undermined by her own brother (who was also a sassy gay-coded character). Even Striker, received more depth than Stella, which was really frustrating.
In my opinion, Vivziepop's portrayal of female characters is even worse than the usual sexist male creators(who usually just ignore or sideline them)

No. 1831112

They tried to cry the same thing when Strange World flopped about how "i-it just wasn't marketed! They WANTED it to flop because they're racist homophobes!" as if there wasn't nonstop ads on TV and online about it. They just think that it wasn't "marketed" because it wasn't forced in front of their face on their tiktok

No. 1831116

File: 1684609053291.png (155.17 KB, 1186x660, Fireboy and Watergirl 1 OG Ima…)

If you've played the source material, you'll know that they're actually in the Forest Temple.(sage your shit)

No. 1831128

Will it flop worse than The Good Dinosaur? I don't think anybody saw this one, I didn't even see any trailer whereas Elemental got clowned on since its first teaser.

No. 1831132


Long review below.

Just watched it and it's a huge improvement over the garbage that was the last one. Thank god we saw a recurring villain actually return… only 5 more to go.

Once again the female characters are nothing more than accessories to remind us that the boys are in fact sad. Only Millie is even remotely likeable and she only has three personality traits:

-good fighter

Every other female character is retarded, flanderised or rude to the point where it's not even funny anymore. Just as >>1831111 said, even striker has more development than women we've seen for 5× the screen time.

Fight scene was way easier to follow than the motion sickness inducing shit from the previous episode. They were more dynamic and easy to follow. The transitions between both fights was a bit annoying sometimes but not unbearble.

I didn't really care much for the Blitzo segments of the episode. He shouldn't have been there past taking Luna to the doctor. If he was going to be there, we should have seen glimpses of him doing things that were plot relevant. That and he shouldn't be surprised that Stolas is able to get hurt: he knew the significance of holy weapons back in season 1. It's the exact reason why Striker was a threat in the first place. It would have made more sense that he said he thought it wouldn't be as bad. He knows it's possible to harm a prince but this is the closest to death he has gotten (that we know of knowing Viv's recent retcons).

That being said the amount of Blitzo×Stolas in the last few episodes has been tiring. We already know about their relationship in excruciating detail it shouldn't be so prevalent that every other character (with the exception of Moxxie and Octavia) get sidelined to talk more about it. The idea of Stolas' last words being 'Blitz' over his own daughter is such utter bs. We're supposed to be under the impression that his daughter being under threat was a sore spot for him considering his reaction to Striker's goading. If that's the case, he'd outwardly say he would miss her and inwardly regret not seeing Blitzo in his final moments.

Once again, the series has potential. The amount of effort and work going into it shows. But the character writing is inconsistent (if even present), the jobs the group do aren't shown and the world is haphazardly put together. The writing staff really need to take another look at their material and re-evaluate what they're doing.

No. 1831151

I don't know if it's always been like this but god, this felt even more fast-paced than the other episodes. Why does everyone scream instead of talking? Why are they all always irritated, acting sassy or being a dick? I get the characters are in hell, but do all of them need to have the same "bad bitch" personality? And they don't even say nor do funny things, it's like watching a bunch of dislikeable idiots yelling at each other. I don't understand how they managed to turn this series (that while not the most spectacular thing ever, has potential to be somewhat enjoyable) into some sort of edgy cocomelon, because I can't for the life of me believe that anyone above the age of 13 can watch this in one sit without getting a headache from all the visual and auditory overstimulation

No. 1831152

wow, a woman who grew up being intentionally poisoned by 4channers is a misogynist?

No. 1831157

>wow, a woman who grew up being intentionally poisoned by 4channers is a misogynist?
wait what? I thought Vivzie was a standard tumblr fujo.

No. 1831169

It's kind of funny how the Nimona teaser and the new Helluva Boss episode were released so close to each other, because both series - despite having differences in story and setting - are very similar. Originally, Nimona was focused on the female character leading the story but very quickly shifted entirely around the two gay male characters and their tragic love story.

No. 1831199

File: 1684619116456.jpg (54.48 KB, 568x566, FS4XtpSWYAMbNF8.jpg)

more "sad gay babies uwu" plot line. so boring. when striker was torturing stolas, of course vivzie had to use it as an opportunity to tell us the degenerate shit stolas and blitzo like to do in bed. her fujo writing is so embarrassing.

they haven't picked up a job in who knows how many episodes now. and why is stolas basically the main character now?? i hate him so much. he was unironically more likeable when he was only known as the arrogant perverted asshole that the main characters only need around for his book. i actually liked this show early on but now i only hate watch it. i expect hazbin hotel to be the same for me.

No. 1831209

Agree. I liked the early episodes where it was focusing on individual jobs and the core IMP group (like Murder Family, or I liked C.H.E.R.U.B. especially.) But it's reeeeally gone downhill now that every episode is focused on sad gay boy relationships or how apparently literally every character has abusive dads. I'm bummed, I really liked the first few and keep hoping it'll go back.

No. 1831223

in 2010 that was the same shit, just a different toilet

No. 1831262

This isn’t even out until next month, how are they able to figure this out? What are these numbers based on?
I do think it will flop, nothing about the premise is intriguing. It just looks like Zootopia without the marketable furry characters.

No. 1831266

To be fair it really didn’t seem to get the marketing push that Disney usually goes for, there was very little buzz in animation circles, even from those closely involved with the film. Supposedly test screenings were poor so I think it’s a combo of it not being very good to begin with and Disney taking the L with the marketing as a result.

No. 1831296

File: 1684634538994.png (Spoiler Image, 263.9 KB, 951x879, 1684522939902023.png)

they leaked the whole movie plot recently. Its so lame its funny.

No. 1831297

i literally cant wait to see this monstrosity(lended by my friendly green neighbour ofc) it looks so bad i bet the cgi is going to be hilarious

No. 1831302

>no one goes to the movies anymore!
lmfao didn't the mario movie just break some world records? cope. cope. cope. half of these pixar films coming out i have no idea about. they barely advertise about them IRL. last i remember turning red got recognition because of controversy, not because it was good or not.

No. 1831318

why is it so… bad looking? like the backgrounds look like video game environments from 15 years ago. Genuinely curious what went wrong here.

No. 1831330

Because Pixar overworked and over stylized everything in the wrong direction. The characters have the 2D Spider-verse toon shading faces and 2D stylized animation with more Disney tapered bodies and exaggerated fluid movements… Just make a 2D movie Pixar! The backgrounds and effects look like shit because they are trying to squeeze a 2D stylized film into the cgi box, and it's experimental and ugly. Make freaking 2D movie people, I hate cgi Disney trying to do the same "look it's LIKE 2D! Give us points!" with Wish as well.

No. 1831342

I need Disney to go back to making 2D movies so fucking bad. And without ToonBoom shit, obviously.

No. 1831353

Agree. First season wasn't anything amazing, but it was pure, chaotic fun with interesting ideas. I hope this season gets the criticism it needs for them to go back to the formula that made the show popular in season 3.
Like what is her plan? Are Stolas and Blitzo going to get together in the end of the season? What would that mean for the show's dynamic? Would that be the end? If they wanted fans in on the shipping they really missed the mark on what makes shipping fun; it's the pining from the fans, the hints (or what could be interpreted as), the will they/won't they, discussing theories with other fans etc. I'm not the shipping type but I have sometimes gotten into ones because the community surrounding it is fun. Having it shoved in everyone's faces is tactless and boring. She should just have made her ship stuff on the side instead, or just cut it out of the show and release it as "cut material" when the show is over or when it's taking longer to release a new episode to keep the hype up.

No. 1831356

Nah she’s a fujo who is obsessed with her own pairing and needs to make it as on the nose as possible to inspire the fan content she craves. Could have left things ambiguous and let subtext do the work but this is what happens when you have creators who grew up on tumblr and are afraid of being accused of “queerbaiting” running shows.

No. 1831456

The trailer for this played before GOTG3 and I legit thought it was some random horror movie with how bad the lighting was.

No. 1831599

File: 1684682365512.jpg (36.36 KB, 1164x521, FI5Pt6OWQAE-y3V.jpg)

Apparently Eugene from Try Guys will be portraying the gay love interest in the film. In the original comic, the character was a blonde, arrogant knight drawn in a gender-ambiguous style(a big early indicator of Noelle's fujotroon tendencies). However, with Eugene's casting, they have changed the character's race to Asian.

No. 1831620

Wait what's wrong with ToonBoom? I was thinking of learning the software

No. 1831665

Isn't Eugene the one that made a whole movie as a way to come out?

No. 1831704

It was a dance video/short film actually

No. 1831717

Late but at the very least the character designer was a woman and I distinctly remember one of her comics being advertised as "by the character designer of Totally Spies" here in France when I was in middle school. It was some deranged shojo manga shit with love triangles, bullying, sexual harassment and anorexia so let's just say I wish they didn't advertise it like this for my own sake kek.

No. 1831761

Is this based on a fairytale? The imagery with the stars and the donkey looked so familiar I think I read something similar as a child.
Anyway the world looks so inviting I love the mix of the forest and the medieval inspired town but I do hate Disney's 3D stylization. The potato noses and weird eyeshapes is so unappealing
>that donkey voice
granted I haven't kept up with all the recent animated films but what's wrong with cute characters with cute voices? they did the same shit with the live action pikachu movie where they gave a cute character the grossest voice imaginable. My tinfoil is that they are trying to pander to the manchild geek crowd by giving them a character they can relate to or they want to give a famous male actor a role just for the sake of it. The depressing part of the latter is that there are so many female voice actors who are specialized in cute voices and I feel like they are being robbed roles with these sort of casting decisions.
On a less cynical note I kinda understand why they didn't go with a high-pitch squeaky voice since that can get graining to listen to but there are so many other options when it comes to cute voices. As a kid I hated when cute characters had male voices so I do wonder if children are going to like this character. Personally I find this voice so off putting that I'm not going to watch it unless my country's dub completely changes the voice (which I doubt they will)
>it would’ve been cute if it had been a girl or woman’s voice so they could’ve been like sisters from another species
I love this idea unfortunately Disney hate their reputation as a company that makes girl movies so they are to pander to little boys. Besides Disney already explored sisterhood with Anna and Elsa so it will be a few decades before they attempt to do that again

No. 1831768


This looks like a list of completely normal things that are fetishized by perverts, not a list of perversions. If it's as "blatant" as you claim, maybe you need to reflect on your own mindset, friend.

No. 1831812

Weird. Why only change one character? Nimona and the bearded dude still look basically the same

No. 1831828

They changed him so that he would match the race of his voice actor. There's been a push lately to make the race of voice actor match the race of the character and vice versa.

No. 1831846

ntayrt but i think she's referring to the specific type of animation tweening that toonboom and other animation software makes. long story short it's heavily computer influenced and puppeted so you dont get the fluidity of 2D hand drawn animation. Ever watch a kids show and it looks like the characters arms are moving on a swivel and have no weight? it's basically that. but remember toonboom is a software like any other and if it's used right you can still make fluid and gorgeous animations if you put in the work. you should definitely still learn it!

No. 1831847

eugene is fat and ugly

No. 1831850

I agree, most of these don't even register as fetishes to me. Some tropes of superhero/fantasy stories seem to have massive fetish audiences (like body transformations and hypnosis) but I don't think the presence of these tropes makes a series fetishy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, Doctor Who, and a ton of other hero/spy/fantasy series all have these tropes.

No. 1831938

Are you guys feigning ignorance or just retarded? Its clearly fetish content

No. 1832016

I don't remember little golden books being so wordy. It's just another low stakes, one day romance, crying saves the day story.

No. 1832034

Wait what???(sage your shit)

No. 1832054

>Is this based on a fairytale?
It’s an original story. The star character is supposed to be the same star referenced in all of the OG classic Disney movies (Pinnochio, Peter Pan etc) so I assume they’ll drag a bunch of crossovers into it somehow
As for the goats voice I think they’re trying to be “subversive” lol

No. 1832149

I just watched this and it's a little better than the last one but it's still very badly paced.
The initial kidnapping scene is so awkward? For some reason there's some long pauses between some voice lines and not much emotion in them. Striker's entrance was very quick and kinda anticlimactic. It's suppoed to be a chaotic action scene but the music isn't very strong, some scenes are super fast while others are too slow, and no one besides the main characters reacts much, which is weird because Striker breaks through the window of a restaurant full of people (actually upon rewatching the sound effect of people being scared is there, it's just too low).
Some shots are just bad composition-wise. You can tell sometimes they want to show a cool pose/movement/expression but the character is on the side and there's just too many details on the screen. Like the scene where Moxxie fights with the other demon at the gas station, it's an action scene where the character make a lot of cool moves but you can't tell right away because it's too quick, the animation is choppy and everything is fucking red and orange.
Striker's character was very good and mysterious in the first episode he appeared in but he was pathetic in this one (also the VA is different, couldn't get Norman Reedus again I guess) and his defeat was lame. I expected to see him around more, maybe even have some of the previous episodes be a build-up to his appearance now.
Also someone needs to tell Stella and Blitzo's VA that they don't have to literally scream every sentence. But yeah, as other anons said, way too many mysogynistic jokes from NLOG Vivzie. You can say "it's a joke!!" but it's too much at this point, they've been repeating the same bitch/cunt/whore jokes for two whole seasons, yet there isn't one "misandrist", faggot or tranny joke.

No. 1832212

File: 1684769236051.jpg (130.59 KB, 792x792, 288203902_3315829658646405_576…)

>You can tell sometimes they want to show a cool pose/movement/expression but the character is on the side and there's just too many details on the screen. Like the scene where Moxxie fights with the other demon at the gas station, it's an action scene where the character make a lot of cool moves but you can't tell right away because it's too quick
I agree that their issue is that she is essentially copying scenes from better animated works without comprehending the core principles that make them effective. If you intend to create an action scene in an animated work, it is crucial to understand these fundamentals. which include things like squash and stretch, anticipation, and timing.
>way too many mysogynistic jokes from NLOG Vivzie. You can say "it's a joke!!" but it's too much at this point, they've been repeating the same bitch/cunt/whore jokes for two whole seasons, yet there isn't one "misandrist", faggot or tranny joke.
Most of the homophobic jokes in the show come from designated "bad guy" characters who are one-dimensional and quickly get beaten or killed. Meanwhile, pretty much the entire cast makes misogynistic jokes, and I'd be willing to wager that probably one-third of all the HB's jokes are based around misogyny or just straight up insulting women.

No. 1832287

I don't know how this thing got approved, any person could see the idea had no potential and the execution just made it worse
>every characters is both ugly AND visually boring
>trailer just depicts it as a standard romance start. No tension point or reason to want to see what happens next
>both characters look one dimensional (sassy fire lady and dumb friendly water guy)
What's the fucking plot besides these two get together?? Kids don't like romance stories and thats all this was marketed as. How did they screw up this bad?

No. 1832330

Another problem with this movie is the lack of a clear antagonist. In previous Disney movies, even the fake out villains at least pushed the story forward, but this one falls flat. It was alright when Moana did it, but now it's beyond cringe. No wonder people are more excited for DreamWorks and Illumination films. As the OP in this thread described it, if other studios are churning out mediocre films, then Disney is churning out below-mediorce ones

No. 1832382

I think another part of it is that those studios aren't really trying to create a groundbreaking or inspirational story for the ages. Just a fun movie that kids will want to watch on repeat because it's easy to understand.
Ironically that's part of what makes the classic Disney movies good: simple and fun.

No. 1832446

from the first trailer i think even the usa population was too smart to like this film. "elements DON'T MIX" that would have been edgy in 1966, like if there was a star trek episode with this element planet. but nowadays it's behind the times, cringe, and forced division that even very stupid people are past thinking about.

No. 1832447

i think they just thought "hey if the goat is an adult goat, let's give it an adult person's voice. no reason it would sound like hello kitty, if in goat-world it's a grownup, right?"

No. 1832463

lol gives the same vibes as the "I like the word moist" parody video, it's just too corny. Why would they even play the crying game to begin with I can't think of any scenario where it doesn't feel forced
From the trailers I got the impression that it's a sociodrama(and a boring one) with fantasy elements which doesn't appeal to kids at all. At least if they had gone with a more romcom route then maybe some kids might have been interested in it. Or maybe if they had played up the fantasy elements and had created a magic whimsical world instead of going with an modern urban setting. A magic world might had made the "elements don't mix" world building more passable too since you could devide them into magic tribes or countriesand it would have made the racism allegory more subtle but then people would had compared it to ATLA.
The concept doesn't look like something that appeals to kids but at the same time it looks too juvenile to appeal to adults. It's hard to judge when the movie isn't out but the marketing hasn't done much to convince anyone

No. 1832579

I don't agree with the implication that the show isn't homophobic simply because the gay jokes are only being made by antagonists. The gay characters border on being offensive stereotypes. I'm not trying to be all Twitterbrained and accuse everything I dislike of -ists and -isms, I'm just pointing out that it's clearly written by a sheltered, spoiled womanchild who hates women and obsesses over gay men without ever having actually met one, or even caring to give the character personalities beyond archetypes.
That said, I think anons in general have harbour way too much hostility for women who write gay male characters regardless of the quality of the writing. Vivienne obviously deserves to be clowned on for her shitty, cliched writing, but it's gotten to the point where anons accuse literally every woman who writes about gay stuff of being a fujoshi. Are women not allowed to write about certain things? Say what you want about fujoshis, as terrible as they are at writing men, their shit is still a million times better than any attempt a scrote has made to write for lesbians. Brokeback Mountain was written by a woman, is she an evil fujoshi?

No. 1832581

Also it's a shit analogy because the elements actually are innately hazardous to each other, unlike IRL, where racism has no basis in logic. Like… a fire person could literally kill one of the tree people by touching them on accident.

No. 1832590

File: 1684806998082.jpeg (111.59 KB, 864x620, Img_2023_05_22_18_52_49.jpeg)

Stop giving Vivienne "credit" for writing the show, this is hugely influenced by Brandon Rodgers who is the co-writer and voice of Blitzo. All of his YouTube videos are exactly this shock-humor of "I'M GAY AND SEXUAL" with lots of sex toys and punching women and kicking babies (props). Vivzie just adds the theater kid musical songs but all the humor is Brandon.

No. 1832622

the movie has a scene where they focus on clover's feet for literally no reason

No. 1832624

from the book it's basically just another generational trauma dump movie like turning red. The ''villian'' is the father that wants the daughter to follow in his steps and become the owner of the shop while she wants to be an artist. At least turning red had kaijuu fights this shit is the gayest straightest romance i have ever seen.

No. 1832643

>it's gotten to the point where anons accuse literally every woman who writes about gay stuff of being a fujoshi.
I get your point but it’s one thing to write about gay men, another to obsessively shoehorn in overtly ship-y content at the expense of the rest of your story. That’s what raises the fujo flags for me.

No. 1832679

In this thread, besides VivziePop and Noelle, who else has been accused of being a fujoshi? Both Viv and Noelle have been identified as fujoshi due to the obvious fujoness that permeates in everything they create

No. 1832796

Discarding the opinions of retards going "le ebil fujos" at everything, the issue isn't that she and Brandon write gay characters, it's that they do it horribly leaning a lot on the "yass queen" and "I'm gay and horny sex joke sex joke sex joke" type of characterization. And not only do they write about cringy tumblr-tier sad gay bois, they do so by also inserting a ton of misogynstic jokes in between which are intirely unnecessary (actually they would be necessary if the show was an actual edgy offensive adult show, but it's not, it's a mild juvenile story with sex jokes and curse words every two sentences which refuses to do any offensive shit unless it's women). Not even fujos hate female characters so much. Personally I wouldn't call her a fujo, she's a NLOG faghag who goes along with the openly misogynistic faggot co-writer.
>I don't agree with the implication that the show isn't homophobic simply because the gay jokes are only being made by antagonists
No, the fact that only the antagonists make offensive gay jokes says a lot. If the antagonist says it then you know it's seen in a bad light, but if the protagonists (who border on self-inserts at this point, look at Blitzo being the same as every Brandon Roger character) make woman hating jokes all the fucking time when it's not even necessary then you know the people writing this are misogynists. As I said before, if a show is truly offensive for the sake of being offensive, then you would see it being offensive and edgy to everyone, like gays, trannies, men, poc, white people, straights, children, whatever. But this show is literally just offensive to who Twitter and the average zoomer see as gross, so (white) women and children above all. The demons are shown not having morals, killing children and punching women going whore/cunt/bitch, but when it comes to the gay bois in arranged marriages with EVIL GROSS women and the troons they're suddenly acting like morals exist? The views of the writers come through very clearly.

No. 1832805

>Personally I wouldn't call her a fujo, she's a NLOG faghag who goes along with the openly misogynistic faggot co-writer.
She’s definitely a fujo, she’s not just obsessed with gay men as a concept the way boring straight girls who PRIDE themselves on being “faghags” are, she’s specifically obsessed with shipping and writing her sad gay bois like soap opera characters. She just happened to find an actual gay man who validated all of her fujoshit.

No. 1832814

Vivzie and Noelle both maybe fujos, but their two different types, as others pointed Vivzie is a far mote typical gay twitter obesseded/drag race watching faghag subtype, while Noelle is imo more messed up, Vivzie(and fujos like her) vicariously through gay men but they know its a fantasy, they'll mostly have lives similar to other upper middle class liberals but with Noelle its something in her mind, she's in love with being in a queer romance and genuinely believes that m/m and f/f relationships are the only love possible(if there is a m/f relationship it has to be between a girlboss and malewife subtype of male who doesn't even resemble a man) she was planning on sending Disney an idea about a princess being forced into an unwanted marriage with a selfish and arrogant prince and saved by a fierce female warrior. While Vivzie's fujoshi tendencies are a form of fun, for Noelle, it's a core part of her worldview, which could explain why she ultimately transitioned.

No. 1832824

turning red was straight-up offensive in the way it demonized loving parents. oh no, your mother wants you to be a normal person instead of a backup dancer, wow, so offensive. it was all projecting from a stupid tv and internet brain-poisoned writer. other CBCs lmk if i'm wrong, but she really exagerrated the "pretend to be white" aspect of her life. if you grew up chinese in toronto in that time you ran into dumb racists in north toronto suburbs, but it wasn't difficult to live AT ALL. there's been two chinatowns since the fucking 1900s, that movie was bullshit.

No. 1832896

sounds like you haven't actually watched turning red

No. 1832914

Based nonna. Honestly I find the tumblr smol sad gay boi to be the most unbearable shit in media written for women. It doesn't annoy me as much as lesbians written by men because I am one but honestly it is so tired and outdated. I wish someone who actually knew about nuance outside of 'gay character sad because x' taught Viv how to write. At this point keep her under supervision everytime she puts pen to paper.

Not trying to derail but the yaoi/bl fandom is infamously misogynistic because a lot of women who read this shit hate themselves, society's expectations of them to perform femininity and the way that women are constantly sexualised. They become fujo faghags to live vicariously through non-existent men who are written like teary eyed women for other women. Actually meeting LGB people irl would probably save a lot of these women/girls from this pitfall. It's like those weebs who've never spoken to an asian woman before and genuinely believe they're like anime girls.

No. 1832967

This! Rolled my eyes when they once again used "Good/caring parents bad, wild child good" thing that many of today "writers" are using for their shows lately.

No. 1832982


Turning Red was great nostalgia bait but fellow millennials have got to stop using kids movies as a replacement for therapy. Nobody cares you and your mom have issues.

No. 1833093

Pixar has had a sharp decline in quality since UP. IIRC all of the golden era Pixar films were pitched in one singular lunch meeting between all the higher ups with the farthest one they planned out being WALL E and it shows. The format just doesn’t work well for them anymore and they’re too afraid to take any real chances. Early Pixar films still hold up really well but their quality in the writing department has taken a nosedive.

No. 1833174

File: 1684887730027.jpg (164.77 KB, 1080x1693, RLtT8Wm.jpg)

Not really milk but Julia Pott (creator of summer camp island) got married to Ravi Ullman (phil from phil of the future). Not much milky about them other than her husband being an actor in the NYC hipster scene. He also dated alia shawkat, brenda song, zoe kravitz and Sarah steele.

No. 1833177

It didn't demonise the parents. The mother daughter relationship in turning red is similar to lady birds, close but they fight sometimes.

No. 1833178

Noelle is tumblr tenderqueer fujo. Vivzie is an old school deviantart/live journal fujo. Both cringeworthy.

No. 1833179

Was the child really wild or did she just want to enjoy a hobby with her friends?

No. 1833199

Everything about this picture is insufferable

No. 1833284

Anon, I'm >>1822525 and I want to apologise for clowning on you about the love triangle thing. Just watched the most recent new episode, and you were totally right. I'm never going to stick my neck out for a scrote's writing ability again.

No. 1833286

This is a good way to put it, kek. Although I think there's nothing wrong with being a fujo as long as you're self aware about it and you don't use it to express misogyny. It's just like any other fandom/hobby, where if you enjoy it casually and don't autistically obsess over it or make it your whole personality, you're fine. That's the most annoying thing about living in the age of internet fandoms– people don't know how to enjoy shit casually anymore, and they take retarded fictional shit too seriously.

No. 1833326

File: 1684904885127.jpeg (80.04 KB, 750x664, IMG_2407.jpeg)

I got some milk about Viv and merry gang of cringelords.

I was at the Hazbin wrap party at the animation studio that did some work on it.

>The gang of them rocked up and literally didn’t say hello to anyone for half an hour. Just came and took selfies with the cut outs of the Hazbin characters then went out in the balcony and talked amongst themselves.

>Viv was really sweet and lovely but I have never seen anyone wear a more mismatched outfit. She spent the entire night non stop taking photos. Spent 50% of her time staring through the phone taking pics or vlogging the group on a digital camera. Stuff like getting the group to dance for the camera and singing really performatively. You could tell they don’t get out much.

>Sam the background lead was obnoxiously aloof and had this deranged “I’m the hottest girl in high school” persona. The irony of all that being she looked dishevelled. Hair was a total mess, makeup was scuffed, she was wearing a shaggy coat that looked like it smelled. She spent the entire night rigor mortis in a weird fucking pose like a barbie doll so the coat could drape off her arms in a particular way. It truly felt like watching a high schooler who thought they were better than everyone parade around in front of a bunch of adults.

>Idk who it was but during the speeches people made, there was one girl in the posse that was so awkward she kept loudly interjecting to yell stuff. Half the audience was visibly cringing and laughing at her the further along it got. Like Viv she also seemed like a sweetheart but just had absolutely zero social skills.

All in all they were the maladapted, socially stunted animation types you’d expect them to be. No suprises there I suppose. I hold no ill will against them, just find it funny how much they fit the stereotype to a T.

No. 1833331

They sound insufferable.

No. 1833337

Was this the studio in Australia?

No. 1833339

>Sam the background lead was obnoxiously aloof and had this deranged “I’m the hottest girl in high school” persona.
From what I’ve seen this is what she desperately wants her brand to be but it always comes off as pathetic and cringe like she’s trying to LARP as Regina George despite being too homely to pull it off lol so I’m not surprised.

No. 1833367

Lol is Sam the one next to viv in this picture? Nice muffin top Sam

No. 1833385

File: 1684921299389.jpg (62.66 KB, 621x638, Ee2cFeJXsAEqDN_.jpg)

NTA but even though I don't disagree with the notion this show's downhill had a lot to do with this ugly faggot's presence in it you are both delusional if you really believe it was all him, it's most likely that he fueled and enabled vivzie's fujoism and misogyny and in turn vivzie enabled Brandon and allowed him to have a successful show for once in his whole damn career. I mean look at >>1833326 clearly this bitch apart from being ugly doesn't go outside enough she's gonna fawn over any hideous dicklet that gives her 0.1 seconds of attention lmao you seem not to know pickmes enough. Plus shes a fan of both shuwu and Blair white. I doubt their misogyny is subconcious or an accident.

>Although I think there's nothing wrong with being a fujo as long as you're self aware about it and you don't use it to express misogyny. It's just like any other fandom/hobby
Why do fujos have to derail to defend the honor of fujoshit every damn single time in this website in every damn thread anons try to point out the obvious coomerism and pornsickness induced misogyny and pickmeism being a fujo does to one? Get lost we don't care You Are Not Like Other Fujos, if you are so fixated with defending fucking yaoi past 16 you are likely a gigantic fucking loser. I bet many of the anons itt calling out Noelle and Vivzie have been or still have fujo tendencies themselves, me included, and that's why we can pin point where their behavior emanates from and we cringe hard about it. Being fixated with trying to defend something that's in the end of the day a porn genre makes you look like a terminally online loser. It's moid tier behavior.

No. 1833398

File: 1684923400772.jpg (53.68 KB, 640x480, 106372.jpg)

No. 1833403

So correct me if I'm wrong, Loona's voice actor's boyfriend died and she had a falling out with Vivzie?

No. 1833412

I don't think it's about the generation. The stuff they did previously like Toy Story and Monsters Inc. still hold up. Even tablet children can watch those. I think the problem is too many people who are obssessed with relatable self-inserts are in the industry. The worst part is these people aren't 1% as interesting as they think they are. There is also the capitalism aspect. The old pixar was more about experimentation and weird ideas. Now the most experimentation they have is banal and the quirkiness is surface level to churn more product. Every protag is boring and relatable and so cookie-cutter compared to a grumpy old man or a concerned father.

No. 1833413

I heard about the boyfriend dying but not about the falling out. She was commenting on one of Vivzie’s IG posts a few days ago.

No. 1833421

And why do you feel the need to scream "fujo!!!" even when everyone has already said the same shit a hundred times? Anon was right, some people are labeling every misogynistic nlog faghag a foojo when in truth fujos can enjoy their hobby while writing actual good stories and not hating women so much. It's a simple fact but you seem to have a problem with that. Inb4 you start shitting yourself and linking every tumblr fakeboy you know, you have a thread for that in /ot/ and fujos have their thread in /m/.

I think she's just too busy with mourning and handling her carreer so she hasn't been able to record new voice lines.

No. 1833432

I hate his humor and it's so obvious when his writing shines through in the show. It makes it straight up dumb show for edgy chidlren. It's really exactly same humor as the outdated YouTube videos he makes. I don't know why she works with him. I bet the show would still be shit but at least it won't be such a faggy sexist bullshit cringe.

No. 1833439

>I don't know why she works with him.
She's a woman hating faghag who unironically think he's funny.

No. 1833458

I barely recognize him. Did he get work done or something?

No. 1833566

I just wish she'd write a decent female character or develop the ones she already has. Hazbin hotel maybe has some hope since it got picked up by a studio, but maybe that's wishful thinking? I just get the feeling that she really is that quintessential millennial faghag who will try to offend everyone but gay men and troons, like an almost 2010s buzzfeed/tumblr type stereotype of a faghag.

All the talk of millennial writing has me thinking when we're going to see videos talking about gen z writing, because I wonder what the recurring things will be when they enter the industry and start pitching their stories. Like millennials have the quirky one liners (or is that gen x?) and the "I hate my parents"/"I was bullied for being x race" plotlines, what's going to be the equivalent that will be coming from the older crop of gen z?

No. 1833574

Probably stories about being trans/non-binary

No. 1833582

>Brokeback Mountain was written by a woman, is she an evil fujoshi?

There's a difference between writing about gay people and using them as dolls to make yourself happy. A fujo only thinks of their own happiness when writing because their primary interest in gay people is through fandom shipping. That's why fujos hate women who get in the way of their ship (ie: their happiness playing with their dolls)

It's easy to tell the difference between the two if you've spent any time in a fujo invested fandom.

No. 1833606

maybe not entirely western animation related but is anyone else sick to death of lin manuel miranda? i’ve heard he did the songs in the new little mermaid. i just want him, his stupid voice, and tired ass flow to go away.

No. 1833611

File: 1684949101077.jpeg (69.79 KB, 510x680, 1676197261535.jpeg)

>we don't care You Are Not Like Other Fujos
>fujo tendencies themselves, me included, and that's why we can pin point where their behavior emanates from and we cringe hard about it

No. 1833612

Yes, oh my god. I hate his rhyme schemes, and I hated the music in Encanto, especially Under the Surface. I'm not going to watch the Little Mermaid, though. I've never watched any of Disney's shitty live action remakes, and I don't intend to start lmao.

No. 1833736

I absolutely loved the music in Moana but everything else has been forgettable. I don't know why We Don't Talk About Bruno became as big as it did, it was the most irritating song from Encanto.

No. 1833802

File: 1684960595732.jpg (179.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Yes his wordplay is garbage compared to the melodies and lyrics in classic Disney films. Under the Surface has the worst rhymes ever, and We Don't Talk about Bruno is so bad that even one breadtube adjacent video essayist made fun of its culminating line "time for diiiiiner!"

No. 1833833

Omg thank you. I think his lyrics are annoying as fuck and I don't think they work in the settings of the movies. Surface pressure was the worst Disney song I've ever heard, it's just so cringy, annoying and tiktok-y?
I absolutely hated his work with Hamilton (both the songs and his voice) and to this day I don't understand how it got so popular at the time. Some super bad lyrics of that musical are still stuck in my head because of how terrible they are.

No. 1833835

could you link it? it sounds funny.

No. 1833862

Skip to 8:09 mins in, then the section starts about We Don't Talk about Bruno

No. 1833867

File: 1684963015841.png (77.96 KB, 1295x700, Screenshot.png)

Helluva Boss Episode 6 Leak, Once again, Vivzie reduces Millie's character to nothing more than her relationship with Moxxie and her role in protecting him. I don't even get she's trying to convey through these two. Millie, a tough and strong while Moxxie, spends most of his time being kidnapped and appearing helpless.

No. 1833899

>Viv was really sweet and lovely but I have never seen anyone wear a more mismatched outfit. She spent the entire night non stop taking photos. Spent 50% of her time staring through the phone taking pics or vlogging the group on a digital camera. Stuff like getting the group to dance for the camera and singing really performatively. You could tell they don’t get out much.

>Sam the background lead was obnoxiously aloof and had this deranged “I’m the hottest girl in high school” persona. The irony of all that being she looked dishevelled. Hair was a total mess, makeup was scuffed, she was wearing a shaggy coat that looked like it smelled. She spent the entire night rigor mortis in a weird fucking pose like a barbie doll so the coat could drape off her arms in a particular way. It truly felt like watching a high schooler who thought they were better than everyone parade around in front of a bunch of adults.

So they are theater kids, are we shocked?

No. 1833935

File: 1684968248782.png (513.32 KB, 640x662, angel-dust-prequal-comic-full-…)

As much as I would love to blame it on Brandon's bad writing he seems to keep everyone stupid in his skits viv on the other had seems to go out of the way to make sure woman are stupid and worthless and below the male Species. you can see it in her old work way before Brandon. Was there a reason to write this stuff like this?

No. 1834014

>A fujo only thinks of their own happiness when writing because their primary interest in gay people is through fandom shipping.
Hit the nail on the head anon. These writers are definitely more fujo than faghag

No. 1834015

The Scuttlebutt song he did for the Little Mermaid reboot is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard come out of a Disney movie

No. 1834032

let me guess she is too competent in protecting and rescuing him so she doesn't give him room to grow and shine.

No. 1834180

Ok this one was genuinely funny lmao

No. 1834205

I don't know about stories but it's interesting watching generational humor, millennials and genZ are actually really similar. Right now younger teen zoomers are going through the RANDOM1!1! humor stage millennials also had at their age. They follow Tate, millennials followed the antiSJW YouTubers. They sprinkle in gender and gay shit, millennials sprinkled in girlboss and gay shit. So I'd say in a few years zoomer humor is gonna be the exact same as millennial humor now (mostly depression jokes), I've even seen a few GenZ creators and my GenZ uni classmates in their 20s already morph into it. I'm a zillenial, 3 years away from being a zoomer so that's why I kind of follow both gens.

No. 1834390

It's more about the fact that Dinsey is a corporation and you can't really do anything without upper approval and keeping the stockholders happy. This is strange because the "safe" projects are not really making them money. Even back in the day, Chris Sanders literally had to make Lilo and Stitch in secret because it was "too weird" for Disney and he got fired while working on Bolt because his direction was too strange. I think everything is especially bad these days because it's the rich af creepy woke kids that can afford CalArts and SVA that are getting studio jobs and their existence is so hollow they can only see the world through their fetishes or woke internet trends.
>>1831356 Right she reminds me of Holly Brown in that they both clearly don't give a shit about fleshing out a good story, they just want to make gay porn of their OCs.
>>1831620 The only issue with toon boom is how media made with it is so generic and looks the same, plus there is a lot of tweening to save time. Read The Animators Survival Kit and get some of Aaron Blaise animation videos, you do not need software to learn, in fact, it hinders learning in a lot of ways.

No. 1834407

sorry for OT but what is that picture from?

No. 1834788

not the nona you're replying to but I think that's some image from Smile Guide/Poradnik Uśmiechu? It's a Polish YouTube series stylized as old TV programme and cartoons, done in creepy/surreal style. It used to be a sort of internet enigma but it was later revealed to be an art project. It even got its own merchandise. The creator still posts new stuff once in a while but I think it's not as popular as it used to be. Source: being Polish.

No. 1835159

File: 1685133011075.png (120.47 KB, 1289x708, CAPTURE.png)

The leaks from the episode 12 (which is season finale, while we are currently on episode 4) shows that the season will end with Octavia storming off in anger after learning that Stolas had been taking antidepressants in secret. The way the scenes are framed seems to suggest that Octavia is being portrayed as unreasonable for being angry at Stolas for lying to her and also cheating on his wife.

No. 1835283

>Making art for their own happiness
How dare they, those harlots! Don't they realize that women exist exclusively to cater to other people and prioritize others' happiness first?!

No. 1835307

Writing a story full of author wish fulfillment fanservice makes you a weak writer kek

No. 1835382

You're not wrong, but I find it interesting how wish fulfillment-driven stories aren't criticized nearly as much when they're authored/drawn by men. Yet people lose their shit and suddenly care about ~artistry~ the second a woman does the same thing (Twilight is a good example of this.) I'm not saying women should be immune to criticism for wish fulfillment, but at least hold men and women to the same damn standard.
Obviously major projects with commercial intent and lots of people involved (like Viv's shows) are fair game to criticize for wish-fulfillment among other shitty writing choices, but anons scream at (non-TiF) women for even just enjoying yaoishit or drawing it for themselves. How is that an issue of "writing quality?" It sounds to me like puritanical tut-tutting at women for having a fetish. Like… why. I want to know the actual reason why anons have so much vitriol for what amounts to bunch of female geeks just being kind of cringe. It's clearly something more deep-seated than "muh writing" or concern-trolling about how if someone looks at yaoi she'll immediately saw her tits off.

No. 1835390

>hazbin got picked up by a studio
Wasn’t it said that the actual professional writers pretty much had to scrap the whole plot of what viz planned because she was too focused on retarded gay ships and less focused on the actual setting and characters of the story? Wouldnt surprise me if she’s purposely writing helluva boss as a way to vent how she couldn’t write hazbin the way she wanted so she’s throwing all the ships and misogyny into that series instead

No. 1835399

Even John K knew better than to completely indulge in his fantasies and desires, and would concede to the studio's vision for certain aspects of his work. The problem with Vivziepop is that she's essentially writing fan fiction of her own show, without the fun adventures that originally drew people in and made them invested in it.

No. 1835402

You speak truths, anon. Every other show is 80% made to appease the writers fetishes and desire to have females sexualized and objectified left and right, to the point it’s disruptive and detracts from the watching experience. I can live with one woman squeeing about her yaoi OCs.

J. Vasquez was/is celebrated for trying to disobey the studio and the audience expectations and just do whatever the fuck he wanted to his show and ideas.

No. 1835414

The writing does feel very fan-fic-y, but I don't think it's exclusively because of the gay fanservice. The over-the-top teenage edgelord humor and dated DeviantArt-scene-furry-OC vibe of many of the designs also contribute to the overall fanart-esque vibe. Viv's art style and humor hasn't changed since she was a literal teenager on DeviantArt over a decade ago, and I think it makes the show feel weirdly anachronistic. I understand some people like that about it because of nostalgia, but for me, it's just distracting. Fwiw not all of the designs are dated; the devils with striped horns are cool, but the more animal-like characters are so obtrusive visually, they don't look like professional designs at all, they look like furry OCs. Imo all of the wage-slave demons should've been permutations of the base concept of red-body-black-and-white horns, with highly varied outfits and body types to distinguish them visually. No tacky furries.

No. 1835423

Pretty sure that’s just speculation/wishful thinking. I would be shocked if someone at A24 wasn’t trying to rein her in somewhat but they also probably realize that her uwu gay shipping shit is a huge part of the appeal to the online fan base that made them realize the show was worth picking up in the first place. Hopefully they find a balance, I think it has potential once they tighten the plot a little
>J. Vasquez was/is celebrated for trying to disobey the studio and the audience expectations and just do whatever the fuck he wanted to his show and ideas.
I haven’t seen IZ since jr high but his stuff was considered genuinely “edgy” for its time though wasn’t it? I ageee that people are harder on female creators but HB and HH aren’t pushing the envelope or defying expectation to say anything new or do anything groundbreaking with their stories.

No. 1835437

Oh no the poor gay boy!! Now even Octavia (which is always Stolas' daughter, not her own character) will be treated like a bitch because how dare anyone not support these sad gay boys. How many Stolas/Blitzo scenes (and the corny juvenile sex jokes that come with them) will we have by the end of the season?

No. 1835462

Since we're only on episode 4 and new episodes come out every 2-3 months, I'd say we'll hit the season finale by early 2024.(learn to sage)

No. 1835530

I know it's not quite related but this is why I can't stand looking at any sort of book related content, because half the time it's just shitting on low brow smutty romance books for women by women that were never trying to be anything more than that in the first place.

No. 1835550

File: 1685194561291.png (37.55 KB, 653x655, Screenshot.png)

It's a bit strange that you're bringing up misogyny when we're criticizing Vivziepop. Cause the most frequent complaint in this thread is how the female characters are undeveloped. Hell It would be one thing if they were just one-dimensional, but the amount of times the main cast uses derogatory terms about women is kinda upsetting, and it's okay to focus on a main gay male relationship, but it's not okay to ignore blatant misogyny. It's especially wrong to brush it off as a non-issue compared to insults against the gay males.
picrel is her admitting she sacrificed any potential character development of Millie by prioritizing Biltzo and Stolas

No. 1835552

This is my problem with Vivzie. If you're into silly gay ships (I understand, sometimes I am too) and you want to make your show where you can ship your gay boys all you want then go ahead. Fill every episode with fanservice, who cares. But if the only thing you care about is your gay ship then don't bring in women character just to shit on them every time you have the chance. You don't have to have the token woman that's badly written and called all sorts of slurs so she can't steal the spotlight from your favourite gay ship, you can just make your entire cast male and have fun shipping them all a la Touhou without all the misogyny. I feel like she wants to go full tumblr fujo but she's obligated to have some female characters to appeal to normies or males, idk what the fuck she's thinking.

No. 1835563

>idk what the fuck she's thinking.
You can tell that Vivzie never did grow from her phase as a teen yaoi fanfic writer, because their works always the same stuff that’s in fanfics such as villain easily gets redeemed because they’re sad with tragic backstory or way too much shippy moments from two characters who easily become a couple on the getgo

No. 1835566

This. I swear every time I open this thread it's people complaining about vivziepop's indie work not catering to their own demands and interests and instead being her self-indulgent project. It would be understandable if people were dropping valid criticism about the structure, design or overall writing of hazbin but every time it's "AGSFAGSDFS WHY IS THE MOST ATTRACTIVE MALE CHARACTER A HYPERSEXUAL GAY PROSTITUTE HOW DARE THIS RETARDED FUJO DO THIS AARRGH WHERE'S MY DEDICATED HUSBANDO CHARACTER" over and over again. Except this time people are licking J. Vasquez's asshole like he was a creative genius totally not showcasing his fetish all over the screen instead of the worst lolsorandumb sellout of the 00's. JTHM was the onceler of 2005.

No. 1835570

Literally who is saying this?

No. 1835574

No one outside of tumblr/twitter lol but I guess now we know who that anon’s favorite character is

No. 1835594

Literally no one is saying that lol. We're criticizing her for only making her stupid yaoi bait characters kiss or whatever instead of doing any real story telling or world building that could make her shows actually good instead of retarded

No. 1835628

literally nobody here is calling vivziepop's dr.-seuss-but-deviantart characters attractive

No. 1835631

i don't care about the yaoibait but i do find it fascinating how weirdly stunted and childlike vivziepop's work is. there's having roots in 2005 deviantart oc culture and then there's being mentally stuck there. even the way the shows use profanity and joke about sex is not how a grown adult would do either of these things, but it's like vivenne medrano is a grown woman with the brain of a 13-year-old who can only make "adult content" from the perspective of the child she was when she felt naughty and cool for watching stuff with fuckwords in it. It's so bizarre.

No. 1835759

Sorry if it seemed like I was defending the show's poor female representation– I wasn't. To go back to the Twilight comparison, Stephanie Meyer was terrible at writing women, and the book has a lot of her misogynistic Mormon nonsense baked in. But two things can be true at the same time: a piece of art can reflect a female artist's misogynistic beliefs, but misogyny can also be a major motivator for critics, particularly male ones.
I was speaking more generally an this phenomenon, and I clarified several times that it wasn't about Viv specifically. She definitely has an issue with writing female characters poorly, which is a shame because I think some of the initial concepts for the characters had potential. It's very easy to imagine a character like Charlie being really fun when written by someone with actual skill.
I think the OTT fanservice of HB really screws up the tone. The theme park episode gave me whiplash, because one second we're soberly dealing with serious issues about family and marriage, and the next we're Superjail in hell. They're trying to do the Rick and Morty thing of weaving in character drama, but it wasn't exactly well executed there, either, and R&M's writers are way more talented than Viv and Brandon. Bojack horseman pulled that off pretty well, but that's because it was the focus of the show, and the comedy was very secondary (and also typically relegated to characters other than Bojack). Plus the show built to that sort of thing; it revealed Bojack's history slowly. HB has no restraint and just heaped a bunch of sad backstory for a character we barely know on us.

No. 1835762

I'm fatigued by the endless fujo discourse, too, but you're being ridiculous. No one said or even implied that they're mad at the show for making their husbandos gay, wtf. The common thread so far seems to be that it's not integrated into the story or tone very well, and thus feels very fanservice-y and indulgent. People will probably disagree with this, but the problem isn't the gay stuff itself, it's the execution of it. On paper, I can totally see the idea of "guy sleeping with obsessive dude who has a crush on him so he can take advantage of his powers" working, especially if it was played off as a running gag instead of a serious plot point. But Viv and friends just don't have the writing chops or restraint to pull it off.

No. 1835933

John K is a turbo coomer sludge pedaler, please never give him any credit for holding back and not "completely indulge in his fantasies and desires." All his work is deranged and pornsick and extremely misogynistic beyond anything in Vivzie's fan service-y uwu theater kid indie cartoon.

No. 1835955

I was talking about his work on Nickelodeon.

No. 1835960

I mean who knows what shit he tried to cram in to his show before getting fired

No. 1835973

I really don't know why people keep bringing this up and think that a female creator owes them female-focused stories or else they're gender traitors or handmaidens or fujocoomers or whatever. Focusing on male characters isn't synonymous to having badly written female characters, it's just a different mindset. She creates works about characters that are appealing to women and mostly women only, they just aren't explicitly female. Hazbin wasn't a calculated effort to bring in viewers who want female characters and it never branded itself as such so it's a weirdly bitter point to even bring up when the supposedly badly written female characters even barely exist. I wouldn't want a character like Angel Dust (since he's the one the thread seems to constantly seethe over) to be one, it would be a tired, male-gazey trope to see a woman be coomerized and sexualized like he is.

Let's be real most of the time the "ree why are the female characters so bad and the focus is on fujoshit" is a codeword for "I can't self-insert or waifuize anyone so I hate it", especially when you're bringing John Kricfalusi as the shining beacon of having "reins on your fetish". The absolute brain fried lack of self awareness is stunning.

And hazbin is an independent project, not a mainstream TV channel show. So what's your point?

I don't know how people are accepting of Totally Spies being a thinly veiled fetish show yet fully overlook Ren and Stimpy.

No. 1835976

It's fine if you want to focus on male characters, but it's not okay to constantly bash the few female characters that appear in the main cast or as one-offs. It's alright if you enjoy the show; Pesonally, I enjoyed the first season. But the criticisms of the negative treatment of women in the show are valid

No. 1835980

wait they call the few female characters slurs? Every new thing i learn about this show just makes it sound like family guy but with somebody's le epic deviantart demon ocs

No. 1835985

File: 1685263173872.png (423.23 KB, 912x516, Screenshot.png)

Thus far, pretty much every female character have been insulted in the cruelest and most misogynistic manner possible, except for Millie, Octavia, and Loona. This is often presented in a way that is intended to be "funny", even when it involves insulting and offensive remarks towards young girls and mothers. Meanwhile, any insults directed towards the main characters are framed as unacceptable and deserving of punishment or hate.

No. 1835987

I mean, yeah. Whore, cunt and bitch are words that are used a lot. Millie doesn't get called that because she's basically Moxxie's doormat so she's fine. Loona is Blitzo's dog/daughter and Octavia is Stolas's daughter but she often gets framed as an emotional angry teenager because she has issues with accepting her gay cheating dad. In Hazbin there's the "don't get your taco in a twist" line from favourite gay boy Angel Dust to Vaggie, and female angels according to Vivzie were supposed to serve Adam and they all have names that have to do with "vagina" or "pussy" iirc.

No. 1835988

You really think Blitzo is attractive? Kek he's hideous and I hate that the show wants us to think he's attractive when he looks like shit. His head shape is so retarded and his voice is annoying. Characters like Stolas or Striker are definitely better looking.

No. 1835989

Nta but Adam isn't Angel though, he has nothing to do with them.

No. 1836001

ayrt and I see what you mean but
>This looks like a list of completely normal things that are fetishized by perverts
that's literally why they're paraphilias lol

No. 1836007

idk why you're caping so hard for hazbin when it's extremely misogynistic

No. 1836008

I think she was referring to Angel Dust but, man, do I loathe Blitzo's design. His long ass forehead is so goddamn ugly. He is by far the ugliest of the entire main cast.

No. 1836024

Oh shit you're right, I didn't read properly. Though my point still applies, Angel Dust isn't much better with the stick body and beanmouth face and crazy hair that look the same from all angles.

I know, but Vivzie made him look like an angel and according to her script he has an army of female only subordinate angels with vagina names.

No. 1836074

File: 1685278824239.gif (2.73 MB, 400x300, C9608C7F-ABF5-4D08-BF8F-C491D6…)

Why tf is Darla Dimple there? Helluva boss could never be cats don’t dance.

No. 1836077

File: 1685279977688.jpg (45.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

kek yeah she really made no effort in making her carbon copy of Darla dimple look unique did she?

No. 1836108

The disproportionate usage of misogynist language is a fair critique, but I think it's more about the need to be edgy and most English language insults being centered around bitch/whore/pussy/cunt etc in general than a conscious decision. The stories do have a lot of female characters though and they're not badly written or offensive IMO, just pushed aside. If anything I feel like they're played too safe and nice which makes them milquetoast compared to the male characters that are allowed to go crazy and be problematic and that's why they seem "badly written" to people.

I'm pretty sure her character is meant to be a homage, not a ripoff per se. IIRC Cats don't dance is Vivziepop's favourite film and a huge inspiration to her work.

No. 1836120

>most English language insults being centered around bitch/whore/pussy/cunt etc in general than a conscious decision
Uh? There are several insults that are not centered in misogyny and are used quite frequently too, like asshole, motherfucker, dick, etc. It is really not necessary to only use words like "bitch" and "cunt"

No. 1836162

This isn't just about fujoism anymore. You unironically like the show, and you know what? I can understand that. I also enjoyed Season 1 of the show, but I knew it had some issues. My hope was that by Season 2, those issues would be resolved. Instead, the show devolved into a fan-fiction of itself. If you look up the criticisms of Helluva Boss, you'll see that its mostly former/current fans who want the show to improve.

No. 1836174

>most English language insults being centered around bitch/whore/pussy/cunt
This is not at all true and an excuse for uncreative writing by stunted millennials who still giggle because they're allowed to say fuck on tv and their mom can't stop them

No. 1836201

File: 1685301376526.jpg (134.62 KB, 1284x1761, oh wow.jpg)

I thought you were kidding. Clitorissa, Pusscilla? Really?

No. 1836219

Nonnie if you don't want to see others shit on the show you like, don't bother with the thread. It's kinda sad seeing you so desperately defend HB. It's declined in quality vastly from s1 and it's pretty unlikely that they'll salvage it.

Here's a bulletpointed list as problems nonas in thread have with the show:
>poor writing
>blatant misogyny
>underdeveloped female characters
>too much shipping bs (faghaggery)
>millie is an accessory to moxxie
>inconsistent animation (especially in the mafia episode)
>immature humour (not even vulgar, just straight up garbage)

There's more but I'm too sick to bother with more of this.

Not saying you can't talk about a show's positive aspects but don't shit up a thread with blatant cope. It's annoying at best.

No. 1836221

File: 1685303537745.jpeg (93.59 KB, 395x600, 395px-Synaxis_of_the_Bodiless_…)

What's weird is that in the Bible, almost all angels are listed as male, except for two unnamed female angels mentioned in the book of Zechariah, along with some in non-canonical biblical texts.

No. 1836262

>but I think it's more about the need to be edgy and most English language insults being centered around bitch/whore/pussy/cunt
This is simply untrue. Fuck, fuckface, dick, dickhead, motherfucker, dumbass, asshole, faggot, tranny, there are A LOT of insults available. Instead they often use cunt/bitch/whore, specifically with women too. They even make them up and they're sex-specific like "titty haver", seriously? How can you not see how misogynistic they are?

>the stories do have a lot of female characters though and they're not badly written or offensive IMO, just pushed aside.

How are they well-written? You say they're deep but we don't see them do shit, so at this point all this perceives depth is just headcanon. The writers need to actually show us the female characters' depth instead of going "yeah she's super strong!" or "she's depressed and has a tough sad past" on some Twitter post or narrated in the span of one minute during an episode that's otherwise filled with male character development. Hell even the episode featuring Millie's family that takes place in Millie's hometown is focused around fucking Moxxie, Striker and Stolas. There were so little Millie scenes and she had to share one with the tim brother, how insulting is that? Kek and all of her scenes across the series are just her going batshit and killing everyone every single time. Not a hint of character development or depth.

No. 1836488

I don't think Vivziepop is trying to create a 1:1 of bible lore with her badly written fiction or anything, but this is so fucking stupid to anyone with even a passing understanding of christianity. Sure, Adam is a biblical entity a lot of people are familiar with, but he never had anything to do with angels. There is an actual cited leader of the armies of heaven, who is the archangel Michael, a sexless spirit, and in the catholic tradition specifically, the high general of Michael and the angelic armies is actually the Virgin Mary.

Instead of drawing on any of that for an ounce of original inspiration, she used her ignorance as an opportunity to make another source of in-show misogyny for no good creative reason. Amazing.

No. 1836501

why do these american white dudes who look like the man on the men's bathroom door (i.e. literally nothing, blank human chassis) always date these mile-long lines of a-list actresses/singers/models

No. 1836502

>90s vintage
jesus fucking christ

No. 1836503

it's so 2010

No. 1836504

everything you wrote about the millenial people is completely wrong kek

No. 1836506

all of hamilton sounds like cringe 90s "educational rap"
motherfucker should have stayed at the electric company where his hack ass belongs

No. 1836507

Out of everyone listed only Zoe is closest to A-list.

No. 1836508

bitch just keep your self-written porn to your fucking self, that's all anyone's asking of fujos.

No. 1836513

I don't think anyone's shoving it in your fucking face, bitch

No. 1836523

File: 1685343736301.jpg (42.57 KB, 564x705, 1c61d5071f228909b27280b266f769…)

I think he's cute

No. 1836526

This is such a shit design. Is this real? He just looks like dollar store Blitzo

No. 1836544

It's real, the concepts for Hazbin(?) characters were leaked a while ago. Vivziepop seems to have an autistic obsession with that kind of grinning pointy face with horns, so a lot of her characters end up looking similar. Adam is especially bad though, that silhouette fucking sucks.

No. 1836587

>being this defensive over her fetish for gay moids
Kek fujos are unhinged

No. 1836601

I recently rewatched some old episodes from Season 1, and I must say that they are vastly better when the show didn't take itself seriously and focused on the comedy and actual plot , which made it more enjoyable. However, one thing that remained consistent across seasons 1 and 2, both the good and bad episodes, most stories gradually progress from point A to point B to point C, but HB often abruptly shifts from point A to point C sometimes in 15 seconds. It's really jarring, and I think Vivzie needs to take a writing class or something, as rewatching some episodes becomes tedious. Also, I have to admit I'm not a fan of the voice direction for some of the characters. Despite the fact that the show has talented actors, but are given accents they can't perform or made to say things that don't match their voices. Fucking, Funimation did better job voice directing.

No. 1836763

Is Viv actually able to generate sufficient revenue to support HN through her franky subpar merch?

No. 1836799

Who's defending anything? Are the fujos in the room with us right now? Keep your projection in check honey

No. 1836813

Playmats? For toddlers?

No. 1836882

For gaming, obviously not for children.

No. 1836915

This shit actually sells out quick usually. Kinda of shocking

No. 1836918

For card games like MTG

No. 1837265

Lol thanks, I genuinely didn’t know. I was thinking they might also be craft mats because zoomies are into making “slime” and shit but that’d be a pretty niche merch item

No. 1837321

Tbf this is where the fact that the shows crew is made up of very “online” fandom types works to its advantage, the merch seems to be well thought out and “on-trend”, the kind of items you typically only see for big IPs at stores like Hot Topic and Boxlunch. I don’t even keep up with this show and I think the bandana set is kind of cool.

No. 1837338

I have already seen people irl with merch of these trashy ass shows. I'm surprised anybody buys it considering there is so much ugly and shitty merch such as the pinup coomer crap.

No. 1837477

File: 1685462847599.png (758.59 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot.png)

>'Elemental' Projected to Earn $40 Million Box Office Opening, Ranking Among Pixar's Lowest
Perhaps this could motivate Pixar to prioritize producing actually good stories.

No. 1837619

File: 1685475127871.png (133.81 KB, 1150x1302, e73085e0-c057-4342-8578-7d011e…)

Kids and adults love buying plushies of middle-aged men for $40!
It's sad that Pixar can't find it's footing again. Onward, Soul, Luca, and Lightyear we're forgot "flops."
I think Turning Red did well overall and will be remembered.
I wish they didn't make a movie every year, it used to be special when they released a new film every 2/3 years.
Coco and Inside Out were hits, I just wonder why Pixar/Disney won't stop making tons of live action reboots and forgettable IP every year when it wastes their money and everyone's time.

No. 1837660

The remakes are not for the average lolcow user, I can tell you that. They make those for Chinese audiences and to fit their government media standards. The reason why they're so butchered is because of the Chinese market.

No. 1837667

Even though it was very simple, I did like the message of Soul. Precisely one scene, where he remembers just sitting in a cafe eating a cake while it rains outside as one of the most fond memories of his life, even more precious than some of the 'achievment' ones. That unimportant but nice moments are what's worth living for (that simple thing helps me when I feel like shit about not doing enough).
I didn't really enjoy much of the movie's comedy and designs though. That plushie is funny as shit.

No. 1837747

Tbh, if there’s people wanting to fuck Sans, I’m sure there’s someone out there foaming at the mouth for that dude from soul.

No. 1837748

Is that the case with "The Little Mermaid"? I feel like it should've been common sense that that movie would be a dud in China (and everywhere else too really with how shit it is).

No. 1837850

this plushie makes me imagine some 2 year old who's obsessed with the movie and watches it over and over again and then gets that creepy ass stuffed 40 year old and names it baba or something and carries it everywhere until it's filthy and their parents are like don't you think baba needs a bath honey? maybe baba would like to go visit all the other toys at goodwill? and the kid starts screeching and biting with their sharp as fuck toddler teeth. kek.

No. 1837861

if they where made for a chinese market they wouldnt had cast a black actor to play Ariel. Chinese netizens unsurprisingly where furious about it and started adding filters to the trailer to make her lighter. Anyone who has any basic understanding of how chinese netizens operates(which Disney does because any big company has a whole team whose sole purpose is to tell them what appeals to foreign markets) would have predicted this reaction. The reboots are made for manchildren and womenchildren who consooms anything Disney and normies who will watch it for nostalgia's sake

No. 1838121

A dud everywhere else? The movie made a gazillion dollars lol we're in remake hell baby

No. 1838259

kek this made me cackle, nonnie

No. 1838354

This is hilarious, also the Soul/Joe plushie talks. Imagine a toddler screeching "I GOT THE GIG!" while flailing Joe around the supermarket.

No. 1838387

omg I can't believe they actually made this plush. I'm a firm believer that characters should not be designed with the intention of being turned into merch but weren't there any other characters they could have turned into plush toys?

No. 1838431

Actually it bombed in South America too and is getting tepid reception in Europe. It made 100 million domestically but Spider-Verse is gonna thrash it next week.

No. 1838449

I just looked and holy hell, it's doing worse internationally. Even the Aladdin remake had better international numbers. And other movies out right now also have higher international numbers, so it's not some hollywood boycott or disney boycott (GOTG3).

No. 1838640

Lmao imagine this becoming a beloved heirloom the kid’s parents bring up decades later “remember your Baba? You loved him soooo much and took him everywhere with you” and it’s just a middle aged cartoon man

No. 1838664

>I wish they didn't make a movie every year, it used to be special when they released a new film every 2/3 years.

No. 1839069

Yeah, unless it somehow takes off overseas in its second weekend (highly unlikely) it's a flop. People are tired of these boring, lazy remakes and making Ariel black destroyed any chance of China liking it.

No. 1839218

I wasn't even talking about porn? Why is this your response to a levelheaded examination of a double standard I noticed? Jesus, you say the word "fujoshi" and suddenly half of the anons on this site lose their shit. Baffling.

No. 1839222

Knowing Disney, they're going to take the absolute wrong thing away from this (like they did with Brave) and double-down on avoiding female-centric stories. Even though I hated the art style, I'm glad Turning Red made decent money so that studios don't have an excuse to keep acting like women are box-office poison.

No. 1839226

OT, but what's the deal with China and black actors? First the Star Wars posters that edited Finn out, now this. Please don't don't respond with unhinged racebait, I genuinely want to know what's going on. Maybe a SEA anon could weigh in?

No. 1839297

Its weird cause my sister went to china and she said the people were very nice and curious about her. But I only ever see chinese people getting mad about black people in movies online so I am very curious as to why that may be the case. I do hear that SEA countries are very particular about appearance and hold celebrities to very high standards so maybe thats why? Like a random foreigner is cool and interesting but some black guy in a movie is just too crazy or something?

No. 1839457

nta but its complicated, black people are just considered ugly in most of Asia, that's just a thing here, like they might no be hostile but they wouldn't watch a movie starring black people.

No. 1839508

Rebeltaxi launched his trailer for his indie webtoon and uh, yeah. I honestly don't really find the premise interesting but I dunno if it's because I'm not interested in the concept or if it's the fact that I just don't find his art style that appealing.

I know that Pan has been wanting to get his series off the ground for years now and after his trainwreck pitch to adult swim that didn't go well, he seems to be going about it working around it. I know that a lot of people here find Pan to be a creep but I personally don't have any hate for him. At the most I find him cringe but ultimately harmless. Anyway while the trailer didn't really grab my interest at all, I give Pan some credit for sticking to his dream.

No. 1839614

don't care he's still a coomer pedo.

No. 1839622

Nta, I just don’t get why everyone tries to pander to them when they’re so racist, like yeah, they’re a bunch of people but still.
Plus, Disney could just have their own Disney Asia or something like that so they could make their own Asian versions of movies, so they all stop being mad for not being catered to, while letting those that are not fragile snowflakes enjoy shit.
Like, idk, if it wasn’t for that weird Asian censorship that has to exist in Disney in particular, I think movies would be vastly different, maybe stories wouldn’t be so boring or writers would be able to be a bit more creative.

No. 1839701

It took me way too long to figure out what the fuck was going on in this thumbnail

No. 1839709

File: 1685719189261.png (350.35 KB, 651x657, Screenshot.png)

Least misogynistic Helluva Boss fan

No. 1839713

They don't realize the problem isn't an abusive woman, the problem is every woman is either abusive or has the depth of a puddle.

No. 1839791

Retarded response tweet aside, it's great to see more people calling out Helluva Boss for it's ship writing. Seen it in other comment sections when the show gets brought up that they think the writing went downhill this season. Viv might not take any of this to heart and just listen to her rabit fujo fans, but a part of me still holds out hope for her to learn a lesson.

No. 1839797

Is this character supposed to look like Bugs Bunny in drag

No. 1839864

>I just don’t get why everyone tries to pander to them when they’re so racist
It's China
>while letting those that are not fragile snowflakes enjoy shit
Almost nobody likes forced inclusion, worldwide
>If it wasn’t for that weird Asian censorship that has to exist in Disney in particular, I think movies would be vastly different, maybe stories wouldn’t be so boring or writers would be able to be a bit more creative
I'm pretty sure asian censorship is not the only cancer currently killing creativity in recent productions, hell, i would imply nepotism, gendies and retarded identity politics are the main problems

No. 1839875

Then why does China try to force inclusion of themselves in western content? Nobody likes them, and they're also weirdly both hateful and fetishistic toward everyone else in the world. Nasty.

No. 1839879

File: 1685739721756.jpg (30.84 KB, 724x543, meme-boy-gets-paid-4140-c9dfc8…)

>Nta, I just don’t get why everyone tries to pander to them when they’re so racist(sage your shit)

No. 1839899

She’s such a weird character like I can’t bring myself to hate her.
She was forced into this dumb marriage as much as Stolas was yet the show does acknowledge that.

No. 1839977

File: 1685751077118.png (277.49 KB, 1220x1126, itotallyremember.png)

Unicorn Warriors is great. the blue guy's a fuckin dick, i love it.

No. 1839982

People have been openly pushing back on HB for a while now. A few people have had tweets get over 25k likes calling the jokes shit and the characters vapid/fanfiction like.

No. 1839985

False equivalency, a character leaving another character behind in the story to get with a new character is way different than a persistent love triangle dynamic. Idiot

No. 1840029

>radfem anti-yaoi discourse from Tumblr terfs
What the fuck I thought it was wrong for non-tranny (TIF) women to fetishize MUH MLM RELATIONSHIPS according to TRAs?

No. 1840041

Honestly he really needs to just let it go and maybe salvage aspects from it for future projects. It's probably daunting trying to start from scratch but it's so painful seeing artists get stuck on one project out of this stubbornness to let something fail. This is all based on a webcomic that he started years ago when he was young and on tumblr. I get that he really cares about it, but creatively, things weren't meant to be. It looks like it would be a nightmare to animate and is really kinda a western Jojo ripoff.

Also he really didn't think through his public perception when putting things in his Youtube videos. Especially in a climate where saying one thing out of line can get you removed from a production. It seems really naive of him to say offputting things on his public Youtube channel, and expecting to break into an industry of very sensitive people. I think he has skill and like his 90s/2000s edgy aesthetic, but his attitude hasn't changed since he was 18 in it really shows.

No. 1840072

could you post some

No. 1840082

I really like her final design on the right. What a waste, using such a fun design for a boring, cardboard villain. Her design is better than Stolas' in my opinion.

No. 1840084

She's not wrong. Lolcow is supposedly GC central and you guys can't seem to shut the fuck up about how much you hate fujos. That said, the TiFs hate fujoshis, too, because they're NLOGs projecting their self-hatred onto others under the pretext of defending le poor fetishized fags.

No. 1840130

90% of /m/ is literally just fujo threads. anyway cartoon profile twitter calls anything that annoys them terfy

No. 1840133

it looks like tacky hottopic merch so it fits with the target audience

No. 1840247

lmao this person is a lolcow in their own right in the league of legends fandom(learn2sage)

No. 1840288

You're kinda exaggerating now come on, it's not 90% fujo stuff

No. 1840357

File: 1685819227402.jpg (1.01 MB, 1809x2868, CaXEBejBVvFCj5vJ.jpg)

So, I read the first two and last two chapters of Pan's comic, and it's not very good. The art would be fine if It was just illustrations, but as actual characters, the characters move like they're underwater(awkward and slow). Additionally, it's hard to differentiate between IRLs and the organics(the humans are multi-colored in this world), and the story doesn't have a strong foundation for a good plot.

No. 1840416

File: 1685826081657.png (259.89 KB, 1080x986, Screenshot_20230603-135813.png)

I just feel bad for him, his dream animated show concept is very "10th grade creative writing prompt" and it just doesn't have much appeal because it's all over the place. He's self deprecating and embarrassing to watch as a YouTube reviewer too. Maybe if Pan was a better artistic craftsman he could pull Loki IRL off but his humor and art style is just too underbaked. Helluva and Hazbin look much more polished and from a specific auteur.

IMO Pan could break into the industry proper but would probably be dropped just like Roiland because he's a coomer with no raw talent.

No. 1840545


To be fair I think it is overstated even in China itself because of the tabloids. A lot of people don't know that China has the same "anti-woke" click-bait tabloids and the racism is reported as if it's general opinion and not just Chinese TMZ. Virtually all the western movies that do well in China are big cgi action movies and Spider-verse is doing well. The lesson for the studios is probably to go bigger with the bright colors, explosions and spectacle.

No. 1840564

>I kind of applaud PPG for not pushing feminine characters as inherently weak.

femininity is the standard, it's delusional to pretend we are living in a evil butch no pink dystopia just because a woman isn't being praised for how well she contours or something

No. 1840582

>forced inclusion

very strange wording

No. 1840583

they're better off existing a bubble with little outside contact. Always something in the news about African colonization, government censorship, low birth rates, blah blah blah

No. 1840593

File: 1685851939966.jpg (67.56 KB, 869x488, t2ns3sn.jpg)

Am I the only one who actually likes the clone high reboot? I think they did a good job in addressing the sexism with joan vs cleo. I don't even mind the new designs accept harriet who looks like deviantart OC. Frida has the gives no fucks artsy vibes done well

No. 1840597

It’s not as good as the original season but there’s been a few really good jokes and overall I don’t hate it. Scud worth is still the best part IMO.

No. 1840841

File: 1685898536962.jpg (121.85 KB, 591x939, V1.jpg)

Vivziepop addresses her refusal to accept criticism 1/2

No. 1840843

Basically "keep your mouth shut and kiss ass if you don't want to get blacklisted."

Fair enough but for those who aren't interested in finding a job in the animation industry these tweets mean nothing.

No. 1840862

File: 1685901945501.jpg (179.84 KB, 591x1388, V2.jpg)

No. 1840881

What kind of criticism does she get because I only see “she’s stuck in her fujoshi phase” and it would be funny as hell if that’s what she’s complaining about

No. 1840884

File: 1685905243955.jpeg (77.43 KB, 828x645, B3413D4F-BA53-4A88-A722-1DD3C8…)


Hahaha what the actual fuck?

This is just an incomprehensible mess and so incredibly ugly.

No. 1840894


No. 1840909

>Lolcow is supposedly GC central and you guys can't seem to shut the fuck up about how much you hate fujos.
Why do you think gender criticals have to like fujos lmao

No. 1840964

>if you can't fathom that bad faith, misinformed, or incorrect takes on media could POSSIBLY exist
Is it really bad faith, I mean really? Is it bad for me to maybe, maybe suggest that if your self indulgent projects contain an ample amount of misogyny to accompany the gay men and no developed female characters, that you should do some introspection as to why? Maybe do a little thinking why you're okay with misogyny and not the 2000s tier fanfic writing? No? Blacklist time?
I wonder what prompted her to sperg out like this, but at the end of the day she'll just make another rehashed poor gay wittle babies episode, and it'll be really good this time I promise. Also Adam is GREAT character design.
Kek incoming coomer backlash. Also I didn't see the trans flag either, maybe it was also censored in my country or the place where I was viewing it?

No. 1840968


No. 1840980

Wait until you see his adult swim pitch. Imagine having the audience of Genndy and telling him the most depraved shit about your show. Pan’s part starts at 21:40.

No. 1841172

File: 1685938158800.jpeg (75.65 KB, 1200x1310, Andrealphus.jpeg)

Can I just say that I dislike the look of Andrealphus (easily Vivziepop's worst designed characters thus far), and he's like the fifth sassy gay male character who undermines a female character. It's frustrating that Stella can't even be an over the top villain, as her sassy gay brother(who is identical to her husband) has to one-up her.
I swear if we get Andrealphus's backstory before Stella's then I'm gonna to lose it.

No. 1841240


Holy crap, I’m pretty sure the second hand cringe took a good decade off my life just then

No. 1841300

I hate his sissy crossdressing drag queen vibe. Some parts of it are nice but it's still disappointing. She made Stolas an owl because that's how he's described in the Ars Goetia, and Andrealphus is supposed to have peacock elements so I expected him to be bright and colorful but instead it's this minty… gray gay bird in a skirt…

No. 1841303

did you mean to write sassy instead of sissy, cause those are two very different things.

No. 1841388

File: 1685978096059.png (218.57 KB, 1400x1490, Screenshot 4.png)

Your post made me realize that some of Viv's best-character designs were created when she had a specific direction to work towards. For example, the Goetias were inspired by the Lesser Key of Solomon (although it's likely she did nothing more then a simple google search) and she had something to work off of, resulting in more interesting designs.

No. 1841394

KEK maybe both

No. 1841559

Nothing about this movie seemed appealing to kids.

No. 1841578

From the Variety review:
>The metaphor here is clear: Plenty of parents pressure their kids to partner up within their race or religion (“Marry Fire!” Ember’s grandmother insists on her deathbed), whereas Sohn wants to show that the alternative needn’t be a bad thing … which every child weaned on American TV and movies has heard a million times already. The message may be obvious, but it’s a little tricky to follow quite how Element City is supposed to correspond to the real world, since there are practical reasons these different characters can’t mix that no amount of rainbows and butterflies can fix.

No. 1841877

The movie didn't do bad on its first weekend, but I bet most people that aren't obsessed with Disney watched it because "muh diversity" and wanted to "own the racists". Now that the hype is over, Spiderverse is gonna overshadow the movie.

No. 1842010

Two big shots from Pixar got fired (laid off), both were on the Lightyear movie but they did a LOT of stuff for the company before then. Angus MacLane was with the company since Gerry's Game and worked of every animated movie and TV special.

And Galyn Susman, who was with the company since 1990 and was the new mom who saved Toy Story 2 according to the YouTube video (and I've heard about the mom who saved Toy Story 2 after it was accidentally deleted many times just never connected this before).

No. 1842028

I don’t see any of these live action remakes being anything that someone is going to want to rewatch. I saw someone use the term “holocaust color palette” and holy shit, all of them look like a Holocaust films color grading.

No. 1842337

I feel like it could have been good if Pan wasnt such a tranny panderer. You can tell he's scared of drawing any girl that could be seen as ''sexist'' and that's why he went with those genderspecial blobs. It will still mog LS mark shitty tom and jerry in hs bullshit cartoon tho

No. 1842812

Lord Bung(SCP Confinement guy) has ended the series and deleted his channel, for those unaware he got addicted to painkillers. trooned out and defended his friend who was accused of grooming and rape

https://archive.org/details/lord-bung/ Archive for his videos. Includes the leaked ep 8 which is literally just softcore porn of his self-insert and the female characters swooning over him.

No. 1842842

Wait LS Mark is making a cartoon?? Or are you talking about his avatar? lol

No. 1842843

That's why I don't see the point of these remakes. Do people really see themselves giving these remakes rewatches like how we used to rewatch our favorite animated Disney movies back in the 90s to early 2000s via VHS tapes? lol

They're all soulless in comparison to the animated classics.

No. 1842846

Curious. What would you do to improve Harriet's design? I don't disagree with you, the colors are tacky and she just doesn't feel authentic for the show and as you, makes her look like a DeviantART oc.

I personally would give her a stylish looking bandana and just change the outfit color scheme because the outfit isn't bad per say, seems preppy inspired but the colors are what ruin it. I'm thinking making the shirt cream colored, shorts black or brown, and off white socks.

No. 1842869

yeah, check his twitter. It's some super boring SOL with furries.

No. 1842878

Is this why that super science friends youtube cartoon never updated? Because the lead animator took the troon pill and went off the deep end? Trans reverse midas touch strikes again.

No. 1842910

File: 1686249394327.jpg (62.34 KB, 813x478, iyhgkf.jpg)

just make her hair black and simplify her outfit

No. 1842915

File: 1686250305149.png (400.75 KB, 1080x1435, Screenshot_20230608-115101~2.p…)

I saw discussions of this online and people kept saying this guy made "4 minutes of softcore porn!!!" And it was extremely misogynistic and a self-insert etc, which lead to him deleting the channel.
But the clip is like maybe 2 minutes of cartoon nudity, and is very Superjail + sex comedy. The generic guy is literally slipping around a random government facility naked while of government agents (?) shower naked and try to help him while falling on his dick, and a buff woman gives him naked CPR. It's too sexual with all the blushing to be OTT like Superjail but I can definitely see the Warden slipping around naked in an endless shower scene full of naked women and men who somehow are all having sex with him accidentally.
Maybe the fandom is just a lot of kids and "Puriteens" and this joke doesn't land/ is out of character for the series.

No. 1842916

You can't be serious, I'm not a prude but this entire scene of women ogling connor came out of nowhere and it is blatantly fetishistic

No. 1842937

I have no context for this show's style and it's obviously extremely jarring for the fans who reacted swiftly and cancelled this guy's ass. It just looks goofy, like Oh Joy Sex Toy's art style plus sex jokes you'd find in Superjail.

No. 1842950

Jesus fucking Christ. I know he got addicted to painkillers but how the hell did this happen? I used to like confinement but I guess Bung completely went off the deep end. It's jarring to see such a drastic change in him. What the hell was he thinking with the last episode anyway? I guess the trooning out situation unbottled a massive amount of perversion, as it tends to do. And all supposedly stemming from a broken tailbone.

No. 1842976

New Elemental clip, anyone feel a spark of interest? Characters look better in motion, still don't get why they Pixarified Zootopia

No. 1842982

Are there any theories as to why?

No. 1843009

I was ready to agree with you on this but it's not played as straight comedy like something like superjail would do it. All of the characters are horny and grabbing their crotches and masturbating just from seeing the self insert character naked. It's really weird lol it definitely made me uncomfortable to watch in a way Superjail never did.

Did he really delete the channel over the backlash from this clip? I never paid much attention to him, but from what little I know this does seem out of nowhere for his work

No. 1843022

Samefag but I looked into it a little more and discovered why people are actually so mad at this beyond it being just kind of gross

Apparently Lord Bung has been "working" on this episode of Confinement for 4 years now all while still bringing in patreon money and promising the new episode was coming. Then after 4 years this is all he provides, gets criticized bc it's shit, and then leaves the internet over it, having effectively run away with 4 years of patreon money meant to fund the episode. Wild lol

No. 1843029

OOOH, it took 4 years of Patreon money to make that snippet of dumb looking animated porn?! A coomer-scammer-addict, who also trooned out… typical for an internet animator.

No. 1843061

File: 1686263776356.png (180.54 KB, 1293x720, CAPTURE.png)

vidrel is the full scene btw, this took 4 years and cost 150'000+ Dollars

No. 1843263

I liked confinement quite a bit but stopped hoping for any more after a certain point. Seeing this now is definitely worse than just letting the whole thing fade away

No. 1843429

File: 1686316646763.jpeg (384.23 KB, 1440x1796, CC540D35-AD29-4161-9FC9-E3DD33…)

Noelle is looking rough these days

No. 1843433

This is from that Elliot page documentary?

No. 1843452

File: 1686318966589.png (107.31 KB, 551x755, noelle hulu.PNG)

No. 1843458

Nothing says trans icon quite like becoming trans in the hopes your girlfriend will notice you again

No. 1843466

She looks like she's dying, trans joy my ass.

No. 1843518

god fucking dammit, i wanted to call her elliot page to take the piss then i saw >>1843433 and thought oh well, the joke was too obvious but it's actually backed by ellen. they all turn into quasimodo medieval shinjis that eat raw offals in puddle water behind the church

No. 1843541

So that was just a fetish video because calling it anything else is beyond dishonest

No. 1843603

File: 1686334800623.jpg (243.63 KB, 1080x1054, FvCKLWwAA4gm4.jpg)

I think the reason she's upset is that most of the criticism comes from people who actually enjoyed the show and praised the first season, but are critical of the writing of the second season and she can't ,orally fault any of her detractors, accusing them of being homophobic Christians.

No. 1843614

File: 1686335881595.jpg (74.44 KB, 768x1024, stella_helluva_boss_by_debussc…)

Stella is possibly the worst handled female character I've ever seen, she's just an evil "bitch" that the audience is meant to hate, she's not a fun evil villain either, she's just abusive and stupid. And with the introduction of Andrelphaus, Stella now becomes the secondary to push her brother as the bigger villain. So there can't be a woman as the main adversary of the cast, because she also only does this for a man, not herself. I wouldn't mind if she had been petty for petty's sake. But now she's doing it because a man told her to?

No. 1843734

File: 1686348651148.png (18.34 KB, 743x340, zakeno1.PNG)

Is zakeno truly an intersex? She's been a cow that I followed for a while, but never ever she mentioned being intersex before. I only remember trooning out and going on hormones. She's been posting a lot of concerning things recently 1/2

No. 1843735

File: 1686348672138.png (17.29 KB, 739x339, zakeno2.PNG)

No. 1843760

I have no idea who this is and I still know she's lying

No. 1843783

She's either a schizo, a munchie, or some combo of the two. Doctors don't just do shit to you unless you consent to it. This bitch is acting like she lives in a cage as a lab rat.

No. 1843839

File: 1686360392983.jpg (72.25 KB, 751x599, photo_2023-06-10_04-38-25.jpg)

She was mentioned in this thread earlier, >>1812098

I suspect doctors don't know what to do because she fucked her health up with HRT and possibly refuses to treat her or she refuses to get treatment herself (just a speculation of mine based on multiple stories of these people making strange, "gender affirming" or whatever, demands for their trans status).
I find it suspicious that she tries to push a contradictory narrative, where some tweets state that she has been denied care altogether, but then literally the next tweet is about being experimented on (picrel)

No. 1843840

File: 1686360452555.jpg (46.74 KB, 746x364, photo_2023-06-10_04-37-52.jpg)

No. 1843843

File: 1686360654978.png (19.03 KB, 742x364, surejan.PNG)

How "bad" you have to be so even your psychotherapist threatens to quit?

No. 1843859

File: 1686361685283.png (359.15 KB, 728x995, awkwarddancing.PNG)


Months old milk, but I don't believe it was uploaded here. There is clearly something wrong with her and nonnas who have mentioned above following hew for ages will agree that she massively deteriorated.
I can't seem to attach the video on here no matter what, so I'll leave this link where you can see her strange facial and body movements better https://zakeno.tumblr.com/post/715418079332614144/sorry-ive-been-gone-i-got-burnt-out-so-bad-i

No. 1843906

I’ve been following her for a while too and I don’t believe anything she says at all anymore. She’s out of her mind and just collecting diagnoses like Pokémon at this point and her art has gotten so much worse it’s sad.

No. 1844030

Noelle’s trooning out made me incredibly sad and defeated. I literally had been following her career since the tumblr days of her little hipster hobbit drawings, and was so proud of her successes because I saw so much of myself in her. I just…wish she hadn’t gone down this road. It’s depressing.

No. 1844077

Holy cringe this hurt to watch. I would think after this much time he’d be able to give a good elevator pitch on the pilot and have main character motivations more than just fucking cartoon characters. if it was sam Levinson in the room he might’ve had a shot

No. 1844198

File: 1686420131949.jpg (426.26 KB, 1280x2834, FvEc8WXoAM14TI.jpg)

picrel (which has been shared a lot on twitter) was very clearly made by a Helluva Boss fan who enjoyed the first season and thought it was much deeper than it actually was, but even they can understand the obvious flaws of season two's writing and the character assassination for the sake of BlitzxStolas

No. 1844199

Did she ever get this much attention and praise as a lesbian creator? Did Ellen Page? When the trans trend dies, and it will die, will they regret throwing lesbians under the bus.

No. 1844205

I know this isn't a big deal, but I still find it weird that Noelle changed the races of the two gay knights to match their voice actors, both of whom were originally white guys drawn in Noelle's downright awful art style. but now blackheart is south asian (because riz ahmed voices him) and goldenloin is east asian (because eugene lang is voices him)

No. 1844310

Kek this is spot on actually. It's sad that some cool concepts and ideas got thrown away to make space for cheap BlitzoxStolas shipping. Though if you know Vivzie you'd also know that that's what happens to every one of her works. She has cool ideas and starts off good but then she gets lost in all her tumblr teen tier shipping with characters who become flat annoying stereotypes as time goes on.

No. 1844559

File: 1686467145596.png (18.74 KB, 598x734, Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 03-02…)

So recently Matt Williames, who's one of the lead animators for Netflix's Klaus, retweeted Matt Walsh's new documentary. And a lot of these Nu-Animators started ostracizing him for it.

No. 1844565

Holy fuck he’s done for. Some “big” names in his replies. That said he’s an idiot for linking Walsh, he’s known for being a right wing christian zealot and easy to dismiss.

No. 1844567

Can you link the tweet or archive it?

No. 1844585

nothing wrong with artists raceswapping their own characters. They can do what the want with what they themselves have created. Making animated characters look like their voice actors isn't anything new either Disney did it too with some of their 2D animated movies

No. 1844636

there’s something so dystopian about the fact that a man made a documentary about what a woman is while criticizing other men for not knowing what a woman is.

No. 1844716

Yeah but it defeats the point of voice acting if you are staunchly adamant in making the race of the voice actor match the character.

No. 1844795

No. 1844800

not really. there's more to voice acting than just 'be asian'.

No. 1844838

She got the bussin no cap broccoli cut

No. 1844898

Matt Walsh is a sexist douchebag catholic tool and I hate that there's no one on the left saying common sense things like "a woman doesn't have a penis", so reasonable non-bigots are left turning towards this moid. Also LOVE how no one is calling this artist a terf and sending him death threats, which definitely would have happened if this was a female artist.

No. 1844935

File: 1686535664086.jpeg (74.91 KB, 668x677, IMG_1056.jpeg)

I can’t stop laughing at thus.

No. 1845103

That's not what the current narrative for voice acting is anymore. Now you have to match your character or else it's racist

No. 1845153

Right? Could you imagine how different Samurai Jack would be if he was black? I feel like the story would be more based around Yosuke. There's also the racist white guy's son from boondocks. I feel like that would change quite a bit as well. They're both voiced by black guys.

No. 1845292

Thats how rightoid grifters thrive. They see some ultraliberal nonsense like troons then leverage that but presenting some "dissenting but not too spicy takes" to drag the moderates towards them. At which point they try to slowly ease them into their batshit ideologies until they have a new cultist ready to hand over $$$ and give them infinite attention on social media.

The irony of all this being the EXACT behavior trannies pull is a irony lost on them

No. 1845317

File: 1686590875311.jpg (162.23 KB, 2048x1569, clonehighredesigns.jpg)

Sage for a Clone High sperg
I think it doesn't understand the humor of the original and it's jarring to watch. A lot of the humor is dated (the pumpkin spice/duckface/kylie jenner lips episode is something you'd have seen in like 2016) or simply lul so random. It's much more fast paced and on the nose which on one hand seems to be pandering to tiktok zoomers but on the other they routinely poke fun at them in a out of touch 'parenty' way (like the joke about zoomers not knowing what books are). I found the pop culture montage from the first episode cringe. Of course the original did have its weak moments like that too but the parts that were actually good balanced it out. The reboot has more misses than hits and the new characters are bad in every way. The idea of Frida replacing Cleo in a sort of generational gap way where the most popular at school isn't the hot Stacy but a quirky cool girl is a nice concept though and I wish the 'lul it's not the 2000s anymore!' aspect relied more on things like that instead of telling us directly that the x genre of music is not cool anymore or whatever. They'd still need to redesign the new characters though, aside from being ugly, they don't even look like they're from the same show. Picrel still sucks but it's so much better than what we got.

No. 1845326

This literally happened in Weimar Germany, where most people only think of the cabaret and nightlife culture. However, the state was extremely corrupt, with widespread poverty and issues such as drug addiction, brothels with children, and bizarre sex cults. The Nazis capitalized on this situation, presenting themselves as the solution to the perceived 'degeneracy.' While I am not defending Nazi takeovers, it is worth noting that an overly liberal society will produce reaction against it, there's only so much people will take.(derailing)

No. 1845344

Who even is the guy in the middle? Is it supposed to be Genghis Khan? Cause I honestly can't tell. He kinda looks like some white dude trying to be asian in cartoon form.

No. 1845387

From what I know he is meant to be Confucius

No. 1845473


the whole thing is sad. from the comments it wasn't really the documentary that peaked him. it was a 15 year old kid he knew that committed suicide after the treatments made everything worse.

No. 1845619

this looks like shit. noelle is a hack.

No. 1845698

File: 1686637518402.jpg (203.34 KB, 1170x1067, Fw44GtfaAAA6NG4.jpg)

This 4chan screenshot is also getting shared.

No. 1845735

The ironic thing about this is when Hazbin and Helluva were still starting out, they were praised for NOT having boring "uwu gay baby" characters, now look where we are.

No. 1845833

File: 1686665918872.jpg (2.19 MB, 8000x3000, hGocXs5nndioBxc.jpg)

WTF is this shit!

No. 1845861

Damn, that's a perfect interpretation but I doubt that matters to Vizie. Look how famous 50 Shades of Grey got even though it's just a smutty fanfiction of Twilight.

No. 1845933

The Harriet Tubman self-inserter on the crew’s husbando is John Kennedy.

No. 1846003

I really wanted more cute Joanfk and they could have made it funny too. These writers have no idea what they're doing. Watching the old clone high gave me some chuckles and this one is painful to watch

No. 1846023

It's honestly so upsetting seeing the show's decline.

No. 1846028

Rebooting Clone High was a mistake. The newest episode felt like the creators calling old fans of the show retards for not loving the new iteration.

No. 1846062

KEK oh no the fucking self inserter in the writer's crew somewhere, who are you Harriet Tubman-chan??

No. 1846088

I hate how normal people are so afraid of pushback from unhinged mentally insane troons they just leave the field wide open for neonazi grifters to peddle their insane bullshit by masking them with entirely sane and normal takes like "men arent women".

No. 1846115

feel like it's worth noting that he's just another conservative, there are actually a ton of big people in animation who are more conservative/christian

No. 1846138

KEK I love when writers put themselves into reboots so they can canonically be with their husbandos or waifus. Petition to get mephiles101 into the Spongebob writing team now.

No. 1846234

oh is this that crazy guy who draws comics about how much he jacks off and how he loves showing his balls in women's group therapy?

No. 1846237

he what..?

No. 1846318

i thought this meant that even if they are kissing their hearts are not into it really because they look sad

No. 1846322

File: 1686720118302.jpg (106.23 KB, 950x700, 32a704d7c0e97c642b20e1b0341a9a…)

nta but I think she's confusing lord bung with transgirlnextdoor, they have somewhat similar art-styles and are both asian TIMs who trooned out due to their obvious porn-addiction.

No. 1846339

File: 1686723072701.png (9.48 KB, 726x376, Screenshot.png)

you might be on to something, the main staff writer for this entire season was a woman by the name of Siena East who only has one short film writing credit for this gig(and some work on buzzfeed). She seems exactly the type to joke about white men but also lust after them

No. 1846353

I feel you anon, it sucks that Stella got shafted so hard to play second fiddle to her brother. She could've been a force to be reckoned with as a female villain, they could've easily made her be a Maleficent type character who stands on her own and has a reason for disliking her ex-husband. Her being pissed that her husband cheated on her would've been understandable enough but we all see what they did with that plot point…

No. 1846381

Sperging more about the designs, but the new designs are a good lesson in color design and how it can make the show more cohesive.

All of the original designs have very minimalist color design - skin color, black and/or white, one or two neutrals like brown or very desaturated blues and greens, and one saturated focus color.
The new designs have zero neutral colors outside of the skin tones, and 5-7 equally saturated, bright "focus" colors. If they replaced even half of the random ass colors with neutrals it'd look better, why the hell did they go so crazy with it?

No. 1846437

the way he's incapable of animating more than one character at once is insane lol – it's like everyone in this take turns moving. you might get an eyeball tracking another character or cutouts sliding around the screen at the same time but it's almost like no two people are actually animated simultaneously

No. 1846558

File: 1686765316579.png (175.39 KB, 880x580, capture.png)

I think the real ussies is that most of the writers are millennials who don't know what Gen-Z really is like, and only sort of exposure comes from isolated instances on twitter and so this is what they think zoomers talk and act like.

No. 1846586

I'll admit, I'm a zoomer and online enough to know most slang, but I have no clue what she's saying outside of calling someone (Abe?) a simp and I think "no fib" means like "no joke"

No. 1846626

A fib is a another word for lie. 'just got took' means 'just got scammed'. 'just got took' could also mean 'just got beaten up' but given it's clone high and talking about simps, I think scammed is the more appropriate meaning, but idk, I didn't even watch the original.

Fib hasn't been a popular word since actual boomers. "just got took" is boomer/gen x. So 'no fib' should be 'no cap'. I don't know what the zoomer equivalent of 'just got scammed' is.

No. 1846646

The original writing was spectacularly done and something that I feel more rooted in the original staff’s talent as opposed to just the era. The early 2000’s were a notoriously awful time for comedy and the fact that Clone High still held up is very much an anomaly. The new writing feels like every other generic millennial infested writer’s room nowadays. The humor is just so fucking corny and lame. Things were obviously going to change but the execution is still bad. It still has some good moments but it’s more about the VA delivery than the actual jokes. Cleo’s new voice is awful and doesn’t suit her at all. Also I don’t understand millennials thinking that the weird, artsy kids are somehow popular now? I think there’s less outwards cruelty in schools which is good but the most popular TikTok stars still look like the stereotypically pretty girl. Children are obsessed with good looking TikTok dancers.

No. 1846704

"mans robbed me fam/bro"

No. 1846705


I think a lot of the problem is that there isn't actually much zoomer culture or at least not the kind of stuff that is good for a show like this. It reminds me of how with degrassi and them running through genx-millenials-genz it became really apparent that once they got to zoomers the only really unique thing to draw from was the gender stuff.

No. 1846725

I feel sorry for zoomers who have to deal with a lot of media geared towards them having so much gender shit. A lot of our shows sucked too but sometimes I’ll try and watch something for people younger than me and be completely turned away by them trying to insert trans stuff for no reason. It’s always written like it’s historically been some huge civil rights issue like with race or homosexuality and it ends up being really cringey.

No. 1846763

File: 1686794734704.png (64.12 KB, 480x684, Screenshot 2023-06-14 9.57.49 …)

These replies are fucking embarrassing kek. Also gotta love the mid art shilling in the QRT's.
I don't think he's done for. No one is threatening to kill him or call his employer. If he were a woman, then yeah, he would be.

No. 1846831

File: 1686804324255.jpg (115.35 KB, 640x1136, Fxvpy24aMAA8Z03.jpg)

Its wishful projection, anytime I see millennials fetishize HOW "LGBTABC" are compared to previous generations I'm reminded of picrel.

No. 1846852

New Pixar movie, plot actually seems interesting and even the aliens are pretty interestingly designed but goddamn the humans look ugly asf.

No. 1846868

>I don't think he's done for. No one is threatening to kill him or call his employer.
No need, his employers will see this. Maybe he’ll get a job working on one of the Daily Wire’s animated series now.

No. 1846874

i have no idea what you are trying to say

No. 1846904

>no one replied
it's over.

I unironically think it might be a factor

No. 1846946

The year is 2023 and matricides are still funny to men.

No. 1846968

I thought it was mildly funny.

No. 1847076

File: 1686849966402.jpg (24.02 KB, 375x345, gap moe.jpg)

They made Clark cute… Maybe I'll watch it after all.

No. 1847097

Is it supposed to be a slice of life? Cause it don’t really look like a monster of the week or story cartoon.

No. 1847098

The "do I want to be [her/him] or do I want to be with [her/him]" problem is as old as time, it happens to straight people too (aka what people now call "gender envy") but isn't as acknowledged for obvious reasons, and it doesn't change the fact that some people are bisexual

No. 1847121

Her design is nice too

No. 1847156

The full trailer for Noelle's film Nimona, The Animation actually looks really nice and fluid, However, I've read the original comic and it was awful. But, people were so starved for "queer" representation back then, that anything that had implied gay romance and pretended to have "dark" or serious themes was considered groundbreaking.

No. 1847253

The visuals look great but everything else is obnoxious as fuck

No. 1847263

File: 1686875865664.jpeg (21.63 KB, 640x300, helluva.jpeg)

>"it’s not bad writing you're just homophobic!"
>vivziepop liked this tweet
Oh, fuck off. I don't know why they're acting like 'qUeEr tHeMeS" are new in the show either, every episode from the beginning is full of male characters saying gay shit the entire time. But fuck me for expecting a wacky workplace comedy set in Hell instead of fujo cringe shit, right?

No. 1847277

damn that style looks terrible. the og comic was terribly written but at least it had its own style (though that extremely 2010s tumblr style ages poorly).
this shit is atrocious

No. 1847310


I read it when it originally came out, and you're 100% right, at the time it was a week story with plot holes but provided people with gay angst content and an edgy girl character. But now that's a dime a dozen so I'm at a loss for why they felt this was needed.

No. 1847334

I thought I liked the trailer, but I think I just liked hearing "Not My Name". And, you know, I have never even heard of a male character who's main purpose in the plot was to be angsty and to get two female characters together. So I'm going to pass.

No. 1847366

To be fair didn’t production on it start years ago? It almost got shelved when Disney bought Fox

No. 1847386

File: 1686899042169.jpg (69.73 KB, 960x640, 12219526_10207460175009801_804…)

She's not black, seems like a reach

No. 1847387

File: 1686899300790.jpeg (28.02 KB, 376x815, images (1).jpeg)

No. 1847513

God what an obnoxious looking person

No. 1847535

I think the biggest issue with the comic was that it tried to depict Nimona as both an agent of chaos, who kills people without any remorse, while also presenting her as a tragic character with a melodramatic backstory about society rejecting her. The end result Nimona came across as a sociopath

No. 1847536

Looks like a smug version of Jim Carrey

No. 1847752

She’s upset that people want substance and a good plot rather than some stupid fujo shipping shit.
I hope someone takes the idea of hazbin or helluva but makes a better show without the shipping. And watch Viz seethe

No. 1847753

She’s upset that people want substance and a good plot rather than some stupid fujo shipping shit.
I hope someone takes the idea of hazbin or helluva but makes a better show without the shipping. And watch Viz seethe

No. 1847772

She’s upset that people want substance and a good plot rather than some stupid fujo shipping shit.
I hope someone takes the idea of hazbin or helluva but makes a better show without the shipping. And watch Viz seethe

No. 1848021

File: 1686995145736.webm (4.59 MB, 482x858, gringo.webm)

Is anyone else following the Oye Primos drama?
>Disney puts out a new baby show centered around a Latina
>She lives with her one thousand cousins in one house in "Terramoto Heights" (Earthquake Heights). One of her baby cousins is named "Cuquita" (slang for pussy). The whole show has piss filter and its title is gramatically wrong.
>LATAM people start clowning on this show, Disney pulls the theme song out of socials
>The staff starts to seethe
>The main voice actress puts out this piece of shit video on her instagram

No. 1848022

Shit I was literally about to post this, The show is literally the equivalent of that "hola amigxs" meme, the VA defended her self by claiming the Spanish language is a colonizer language and so it shouldn't matter if she messes up a few words.

No. 1848046

File: 1686998872158.jpeg (65.29 KB, 577x463, IMG_3331.jpeg)

I love seeing these people fail at their shallow attempts at diversity

No. 1848102

Lmaooo she sounds, acts and composited the video exactly like Caitlin Reilly's parodies of actresses on instagram

No. 1848109

well I mean its very obvious she based those performances on people she's likely encountered.

No. 1848127

ethnically she may be Mexican but culturally she is just another holy than thou, insufferably smug, valley girl.

No. 1848131

Kek why? Of all things why? The name is not only a slang for pussy, it’s basically calling a character “cunny”.

No. 1848160

substracting half a point for joo autism but this picture is a solid 9.5/10 and i will treasure its existence in my internet pictures folder, thank you nonna for sharing

No. 1848171

File: 1687018844057.png (544.38 KB, 1026x582, amigxs.png)

Using the excuse of not wanting to learn Spanish because that's the language of "colonizers" while speaking in English, its like a fucking parody
someone made this edit.

No. 1848175

File: 1687019552265.jpg (172.73 KB, 1080x1366, FypOl5bWIAIxged.jpg)

The creator really seems upset over this.

No. 1848180

I mean, language is fluid, yes, but that doesn’t mean this asshat had to shit on basic concordance rules to try and make a catchy name for a shitty show.

No. 1848190

What truly bothers me aren't the stereotypes, the yellow sky, the names, or even the poor Spanish, even if that is a bit triggering. It's actually the responses the cast gave. How can you be proud of your roots if you dismiss Spanish as simply a "conquistador language"? Spanish is a language of both the conquered and colonizers; it came from strife, and the people of Latin America made it their own. They take pride in their regional differences and in speaking a tongue that goes back to ancient Rome. That's why disrespecting the language, which is a key part of many Latin American countries and our culture, is so offensive. The way we speak Spanish is really important. That's why "cookita" became a thing. And I understand that many of the showrunners didn't feel safe appropriating the culture and language as children or teenagers, and that's why, as adults, they may not have the best command of Spanish. But another thing that not only bothers me but others is when people use Spanish for a product like they aren't trying. They just use their heritage for profit with the minimum effort because now it's more cool to be Latino than it was before. So, if you think Spanish is a bad language because it was imposed by the Spanish conquistadors and you can disrespect it as much as you want, why try so hard to use it in English, which is a native American language?

No. 1848201


She seems kinda naive in general. A lot of the people mad at her enjoy watching americans fuck