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File: 1684795970912.jpg (14.87 KB, 275x206, 1681998027206.jpg)

No. 1832500

Since 80% of the previous Jake and Kaya thread was just baseless speculation and Kaya just isn't that interesting anymore, I'm splitting off Jake into his own thread.

Meet the cows:
Jake Munro - Kaya's ex boyfriend, after dating for around a decade. Cheated on her with his girlfriend's tattoo artist's wife, Kat. Fancies himself a musician, though since his bandmates left, doesn't seem capable of producing music on his own. Used Joker-esqe makeup and mimicking other artist's makeup for attention on Youtube, but has since generally given the gimmick up as his popularity rapidly declined post break-up. Appears to be rapidly aging into the bloated corpse of a chav gordan ramsay due to a suspected alcohol and nicotine addiction. Has big dreams of being the next big V-tuber star. Occasionally scars us with his ugly nudes via a rarely updated OnlyFans account.

Kat Paine - Previously married mother of one, cheated on her tattoo studio owning husband with their client's (Kaya) long term boyfriend (Jake). You can find her posting heavily filtered lewds to her OnlyFans when she isn't tracing Disney coloring book sheets part-time at the tattoo shop. Her most popular phrases include: "Daddy! Shots!", "Drinks! Shots!" and incoherent giggling at Jake doing literally anything.

>>1808524 Allegations about Jake's behaviour on tour come out, he threatens 'legal action' on person who puts a video up.
>>1808526 >>1808527 >>1808528 Jake makes a response, publicly names the Victim.
>>1808858 The video about the allegations gets put back up.
>>1809547 Jake starts deleting/privating old vlogs and videos with Kaya in them.
>>1809574 It backfires and tanks his Socialblade score.
>>1809793 Jake's instagram is now at 80.1k followers.
>>1811571 Jake boasts about a bunch of 'Branded Content' he has in the works.
>>1811773 It's just a punkrave 'collab', as usual he takes the worst pictures ever for it.
>>1812214 Kat shows off one of the sketches for a tattoo.
>>1812320 It's terrifying.
>>1812680 Jake gives off Oompa Loompa vibes in his punkrave ad on his latest video.
>>1812676 In addition, he also rants in a stream about how 'unfuckable' his parents are.
>>1814063 >>1814092 More blatant art thievery by Kat.
>>1816425 >>1816491 Ol' Stumpy has a tantrum during a livestream when someone says his 4070 isn't that great a gfx card.
>>1816511 He then proceeds to be an absolute creeper to a character in the game he's playing.
>>1817336 Jake finally makes a studio tour video. No one cares.
>>1817389 Summary of the video.
>>1819042 Some comments from the video.
>>1819420 Kat makes a spelling error on a tattoo and doesn't seem to notice.
>>1823295 Jake makes his VR Tuber Debut…
>>1823319 It's bad.
>>1823412 Really, really bad.
>>1823420 Comparison of the old 'scammer' model vs the new one.
>>1824239 Even the old fan made mock up is better than the shit he paid for.
>>1824344 During his birthday stream Jake boasts about how many view he'll have by this time next year.
>>1824663 Second Vtuber romp.
>>1824744 Dropbox link for those who wanna scorch their retinas without giving him the views.
>>1824839 He's bleeding youtube subs now.
>>1824844 Drunken Birthday vacation 2.0
>>1824850 Can't forget the Long Islands.
>>1824852 Kat filters their pic, jake does not.
>>1824880 Cheaper restaurant/room this time, wonder why?
>>1825387 Day 2 of drunken vacation
>>1825391 Hanging out in the same places as last time.
>>1825598 Meanwhile, the Vr Tuber videos aren't raking in those huge views he thought they would.
>>1825729 Kat is sporting a ring on her left hand that looks suspiciously like an engagement ring.
>>1825815 Vr tuber comments are…mixed.
>>1826729 A Random Snacc encounter in the wild.
>>1827224 Jake decides to do a live VR stream.
>>1827263 Comments section is super cringey.
>>1827268 Some quotes from the stream.
>>1829104 The return to OF no one asked for.
>>1829153 1 like in 2 hours. (And only 2 almost a week later.)
>>1830119 Even discord doesn't care.
>>1831977 Kat leaves a selection of toddler snacks at home for her hard working man.

Aaaand that brings us up to current! (Hope I did this right!)

No. 1832553

File: 1684802669626.jpg (94.1 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20230522-173952_Twi…)

Thanks for the new thread nonny!
Jake is streaming VR as Patrick Bateman and quotes him "you can always be thinner… look better" and follows with "that is such a true thing to say". He has been openly fatphobic and starting to lean back into subtle pro-ana rhetoric again. I wonder how that makes all his fat snaccs feel, like Lady Allura and Maz.

No. 1832574

why am i not surprised this fat turd looks up to bateman? you just know he fucks kat while looking at himself in the mirror like his hero lmao

No. 1832664

>been openly fatphobic and starting to lean back into subtle pro-ana rhetoric again
I'm sure that'll go over great for his new demographic of basement dwelling furries kek.

No. 1832669

File: 1684818293332.jpeg (110.12 KB, 750x1035, 6B3FA2B2-7CAB-4D32-BA6D-05EF09…)

He posted this on twitter a few days ago, the level of delusion is mind boggling

No. 1832671

Jake working at Tesco while desperately trying to get a vtuber career going would be the ultimate arc to this entire saga. Please let this be a thing.

No. 1832689

File: 1684821742280.jpg (114.2 KB, 1080x1860, Cope.jpg)

He's always trying really hard to play up Kat's appearance and how she's so hot and "his ideal body type" and everything. In fact, thats pretty much the only nice thing he ever says about her. That she's hot. Tbh seems performative to me, like he's trying to convince everyone and himself that he's satisfied with his Aliexpress basic alt girl. While Kaya is out and about getting lucky with gorgeous goth people, I can't imagine he's not jealous to a degree. He had no down time as a single person like Kaya has. He got tied down to some glorified coloring book tracer with horrible music taste immediately kek. Didn't get to taste the fruits of the single life at all while Kaya is mingling and socializing more than he ever will.

No. 1832692

Every time he looses weight he goes anti fat people but soon he put it back on he so fragile even if you mention weight or exercise he goes off on one.

Ironic what did he tell kaya after breaking up? You have to get a job Ha look at him now. He end up loosing his loyal snacks to the change in content

>>1832689 I purely belive he only likes her cause she easy and thin and probably doesn't say no to him where kaya was bit more vocal in what she wanted to do/didn't. I'm so glad kaya posting all these pictures her with hickies,Kissing girls,parties everything that jake wanted I bet he hates seeing it lol.

No. 1832717

Does Jake follow slimelight? There's something so uniquely delicious about the thought of him being exposed to Kaya having fun against his will. The amount of cope the man is huffing re: his VR is hilarious enough, watching Jake fail is a joy.

No. 1832741


What was it he said to Kaya? She’d have to get a ‘minimum wage job’ like it was the worst possible thing? Oh how the tables have turned!


No. 1832746

File: 1684831754372.jpg (81.8 KB, 509x812, asif.jpg)

Doesn't he have to stream for 7 days to become an affiliate? He has over 50 followers and has streamed over 8 hours, but the guidelines say you have to stream 7 or more days in a 30 day period…Which he hasn't done?

No. 1832747

File: 1684832250366.jpeg (271.71 KB, 1170x1596, IMG_3351.jpeg)

He’s released another single. No video as yet…

It’s fucking awful. Truly terrible. It starts off with a sample of someone saying ‘you’re born alone, you die alone’ and just gets worse from there.

No. 1832748

File: 1684832409843.jpg (155.46 KB, 1243x1080, Tesco Employee.jpg)

No. 1832751

Kek this creased me up

No. 1832755

>>1832669 I don't know much about vtubing, but isn't part of the idea that you are creating a fun character that isn't necessarily depicting a real person? I don't see how he is going to attract new fans through this stuff, surely someone stumbling across him for the first time will look up his name and get put off by his bad rep?

No. 1832756


Nominating for next thread image!

No. 1832772

Anon the thread just started, chill

No. 1832773

File: 1684836766597.jpeg (12.27 KB, 275x184, 1485725512719.jpeg)

I wanted to resurrect this gem from the first thread. Maybe he needs to give himself a rewatch kek

No. 1832775

Yes, stumpy. It's youtube that's ruining your channel. Not people waking up and realising what you're really like.. the delusion is real

No. 1832789

It really doesn't seem like Jake knows much about actually being a Vtuber, what the culture is like, what other Vtubers are like- he's just inserted himself into a niche with 0 research and assuming it will be successful because…? He doesn't exactly have a shining personality to hinge his content off in fact most of the time he's an ordeal to watch, constantly bitching and talking down to his audience with this huge false sense of grandeur- he's actively unpleasant, the fact that it's a little weirdly rigged uwu anime avatar being a deplorable prick with bad posture instead doesn't seem like much of a selling factor and also really doesn't seem like the kind of vibe most average VTuber viewers are after.

No. 1832792

Watched his newest vtuber video so no one else has to. It's highlights from a stream, mostly him overreacting to a silent hill map where literally nothing scary or bad can actually interact with you, and then doing a lot of cringey twerking and hip thrusting and lewd gestures while playing mini golf, also shirtless for some reason…
The cringe was so bad. I don't know how people are watching four hour streams of this…

No. 1832833

"way too busy to mention it" doing what? Having a VR headset on? That doesn't count Fake lmao

No. 1832838

"way too busy" to put effort into promoing the only shred of remotely profitable work he has, the only thing he has going for him is having a single crumb of musical talent and he squanders it.

No. 1832841

does he have a neck when he starves himself? maybe he should go back

maybe he’s embarrassed of it, as he should be

No. 1832850

>I'm gonna make it even if I have to work at tesco until I do!
Why is he acting like some undiscovered artist with actual talent when all he's talking about is fucking vtubing. Ngmi.

No. 1832900

I think he downplays his music cause he knows it poor quality

No. 1832981

Seeing some mania in these Tweets, like nobody is forcing him to make videos to 5k views, if he dreads it the content will be unenjoyable anyway. It's good he finally is having fun but his attitude about it seems manic, especially as mentioned before in these threads, the best place for growth and views is Tiktok. Instagram too if you're good at clickbait, but he is focused on Youtube like it's 2014.

No. 1832983

>Didn't get to taste the fruits of the single life at all while Kaya is mingling and socializing more than he ever will.
You have to be an actually pleasant, interesting and intelligent person to do well socialising and mr "slight criticism sends me into a tard rage" was never gonna enjoy his life the way actually bearable people can. Remember Kaya's mum posting old photos of him standing gloomily around during parties in his Jeffree Star phase kek

No. 1833055

Definitely something going on with him, mentally. And he’s doing a live stream of reaction videos with his avatar right now, on top of that. What’s the point of “rebranding” if he’s just going to do the same asinine shit he was doing before? He’s just clinging to his past glory, hoping to claw it back somehow.

No. 1833069

File: 1684878381461.jpg (84.05 KB, 1080x1191, Screenshot_20230523-141120_Dis…)

He's talking really fast and not really holding a conversation with the chat but more like rapid firing his manic stream of consciousness at people.

Anyway, he has been working on a new avatar.

No. 1833078


Jesus Christ. That thing is horrific!

No. 1833130

I thought this was a shitty IMVU avatar kek

No. 1833151

How did he manage to get even LESS of a neck?

No. 1833218

Jesus his body looks gross in that pic. You just know he probably considers that his peak appearance though.

No. 1833234

“Dis boi” looks like a sleep paralysis demon.

No. 1833279

kaya was his ideal body type, too, when she was a teenager… he doesnt care if someone is pretty or has sex appeal (I don't see the "young scrawny cybergoth kaya was gorgeous" hype. I actually think she looks best now with a more romantic vampira look), as long as they're skinny. and if they have boobs I guess they're "too fat." it's so triggering as someone who had an ED and believed this as well because I was a dancer and boobs and curves ruined your "elegant line" and you needed to be light enough to land quietly and pick up, etc.. I wonder if Kat even menstruates and if Jake sees no period as a bonus?
well, hopefully Kat never gets pregnant with Jake's evil seed because I could see him totally icked out by her changing body, and she carried huge with Isaac. I know she got her weight back down to even thinner than her pre-baby body, but 9 months is a long time to be gaining and having interesting discharge/hemorrhoids going on down there, and Jake will lose his boner for her the second she sprouts fatter tits and "shows." also Kat needs a lot of "you're so hot!" validation obviously with the onlyfans and pole dancing, maybe that's why it didn't work out with dean.

No. 1833300

the ending where he’s pretending to step on the viewers & asking if they like ‘being under daddy’s boot’ or whatever gross shit he said, super puke.

No. 1833301

the ending where he’s pretending to step on the viewers & asking if they like ‘being under daddy’s boot’ or whatever gross shit he said, super puke.

No. 1833369

Thank you for the new thread anon! Finally free from "belfast trash" anon constantly derailing threads too.

He's been streaming past midnight to have it count for two separate days so he could get affiliate quicker so he can access receiving bits and sub money sooner. He said so in one of his "cyberpunk" streams.

How does it just keep getting worse and worse? Is his fakeboi snacc Aiden reworking his ugly avatar for free? It's hilarious how Jake was ragging on Kaya for "scamming her fans out of money and gifts" when his snaccs basically do just as much if not more? Maz might as well be his social media manager at this point and does most of the clipping of his streams for him as well as running his entire discord. Worst part is that she's actively paying HIM to do so? It's even worse than working for free. lmao

No. 1833447


Maz (I think, the one who just traces fanart) he credited for the tattoos on his avatar, I guess she traced those too for im to use on the skin.

No. 1833595

Here's the thing I'm fairly certain these people are just asset bashing these models together and using basic photoshop brushes hence why the makeup looks like baby's first deviant art post. Seeing how the neck goes into the head screams 'I looked up buff male body asset' on the unity store (a lot of models will have big butts since VRchat is full of degens) but it's wild that he didnt just go into VRC and find one of the literally thousands of 'edgy boy thirst trap' models and either use that or commission the person to retexture an existing one with his makeup. it IS funny to see him keep getting these models that look like they came out of one of those old Steam GreenLight games tho.

No. 1833602

The hair strands as well, the way they're all extruding from the head at weird angles- the horrible black void of a mouth…that makeup is tragic IRL and translates so, so badly on that model, it's funny how much it highlights Jake's insecurities IRL, neck longer, hair lusher, skin smoother and younger etc.

No. 1833661

Of fucking course he chose the ugliest of his recent hairstyles for this model

No. 1833710

File: 1684953833119.jpeg (321.25 KB, 1170x2131, IMG_3358.jpeg)

Dunno if old milk but aside from one picture where she has her hand over her face, it seems he’s scrubbed Kaya entirely from his instagram.

No. 1833742

I can 100% guarantee you the only reason that pic is still up is because it shows a connection between him and another well known influencer even if it is a hundred years old.

No. 1833782

He'll see this and take it down though, you're forcing him to clout-chase somewhere else. Sad day!

No. 1833904

No gonna lie, he actually looks good in that photo. It’s sad to see how much he’s deteriorated in such a short amount of time.

No. 1833905

No gonna lie, he actually looks good in that photo. It’s sad to see how much he’s deteriorated in such a short amount of time.

No. 1833919

File: 1684966975785.png (412.99 KB, 491x498, 1676238769973.png)


Holy shit, he's so self-conscious about his receding hairline! Wtf even is this hairline? We made fun of it in the last thread. He must read here every day. Fuck you Jake, your hair and yt career are never coming back.

No. 1833921

It's so patchy haha I hope he starts losing hair on the crown of his head soon. He'll start shaving it and covering it in tattoos and blame it on that.

No. 1833925

File: 1684967509553.png (397.62 KB, 492x500, 1678226962117.png)


He started combing it over or editing it to not look as bald. Now I can't unsee it.

No. 1833995

File: 1684974985213.png (226.94 KB, 1135x850, jakeglitch.png)

It's kind of funny because when he was on stream talking about how he wants to start using steroids for fitness purposes he claimed he has no issues with his hairline yet. I'm honestly kind of skeptical that he isn't using them already considering his obvious pro-steroid stance on the matter, feels like he is more so fishing to see how his fanbase would react. Here's the clip of him talking about steroids and "other people's experiences on it" from an unusually first person narrative. Curious as to what other nonnies think, do we think he's playing off already being on them?


No. 1834045

Also interesting how he goes on about how he could kill someone with just one punch by "smashing their brains like watermelons". It really mirrors what Kaya said in her "telling the truth" video about how she was scared of him when he was mad and that he could probably "kill her with one punch" if he snapped.

No. 1834047

He actually said that?! That's psychopathic

No. 1834051

Around the 1min mark. He's talking about roid rage and how you can't act reactionary on steroids because "Especially as a 32yo who has been working out in the gym for 10 years… Especially as a 32yo who has been working out in the gym for the past TWO years on a shit ton of gear that makes him extra super human strong. Can't be doing that. Their brains will smash like watermelons." Almost sounds like a confession to him being on steroids on and off for the past two years to me?

No. 1834057

fucking yikes, that’s not a very family friendly vibe to be putting out when someone’s child is living with you. not surprised he would be in favor of using steroids, bigorexia saga when lol.

No. 1834064

File: 1684983481493.png (130.18 KB, 512x921, finalstream.png)

Looks like this shitshow new avatar is going live next stream and babyhead is getting retired already.

No. 1834075

File: 1684984713853.jpg (55.82 KB, 739x713, ohgodwhy.jpg)

He prefaced that it's broken at the moment, and not finished, but…Dear god…

No. 1834076

File: 1684984810455.jpg (45.01 KB, 548x683, whythefuck.jpg)

Another view. Apparently the eyes don't work yet and the mouth wasn't moving. Even for a proof of concept this is…so bad…At least the baby head avatar had a sort of stylized look to it but this just…It's a sleep paralysis demon.

No. 1834078

File: 1684985307715.png (257.9 KB, 1444x590, how.png)

lmao actual fucking jumpscare nonnie

I guess the head is back to being semi proportional, but holy shit. How does this keep looking worse? Seems like he's slowly moving away from it looking anything like him too? Went from a creepy babydoll head to a haunted porcelain doll head. kek

No. 1834079

Wait, sorry to samefag, but looking again did he just slap a new head onto the 1st version's body? The tattoos look more like version 1 than 2. Did all the comments around the absolutely ridiculous body proportions finally get to him that he actually is going to make use of the old "scammer" model?

No. 1834087

I wondered that too, but they look more clear on the new one, and the neck is also…shorter somehow?
Wanna know the best part? The new av is FIVE FEET TALL. He actually said that in the stream.

No. 1834091

If he and Kaya thinks he could kill an adult with one single punch, imagine what sort of damage he could do to a toddler with just one little snap.

No. 1834097

I just remember some anons thinking Kaya was overreacting when she said that, but now it just makes me think it was her repeating some shit he said to either scare her or brag about how strong he is. Either way his behavior is unhinged and the last thing he needs to be on is steroids when he already has a long history of violent outbursts and a possible bipolar diagnoses. Really hope he never has an outburst around the kid, especially given his previous comments about how he believes in physically punishing children.

No. 1834149

File: 1684994188693.png (150.76 KB, 500x375, B52796FB-5764-408A-8455-EE5422…)

It’s less chibi but it reminds me of these cheesy 90s porcelain faces that people had on their walls

No. 1834153

Well if he is taking them he get shunrken dick and balls and it ruins your sex drive causing permanent erectile dysfunction with added paranoia depression and anxiety the steroid 'feel good' only lasts a short time.

No. 1834155

$400 for an avatar that he only used for a few videos/streams before retiring it. The man is terrible with money.

No. 1834157

Omg how did it get even worst! At least the baby face one is viewer friendly. That new one ugly as shit I never seen such a bad design I can see he going for the knock of joker vibes. Funny thing is he probably would been better of keeping the scammer one. I Wonder how much this new one cost? I bet it take him a week before he goes back to baby face one.
I noticed with the baby face one he been cheerful and almost cutesy talking in a way I can almost bet with the new avatar he start talking like the joker or being creepy having a full personality change.

No. 1834163

File: 1684995970238.png (41.91 KB, 413x234, outwiththeold_inwiththenew.png)

kek. We need a vtube version of a "steal his look" meme.

He acknowledges the psychological effects, but said he "isn't worried" about any of the physical ones in the video clip. He seems pretty well versed on how to use them and how they might affect him, but it really just feels like he's trying to convince people it's totally okay for him to be shooting this shit up for vanity muscles. Hopefully his balls shrink to the point he won't make the mistake of getting kat pregnant.

He claims to have made the new one himself, but did credit Maz for the face work on stream. I think he's just swiping assets and mashing them all together into this new abomination.

No. 1834169

I have a Joan Crawford/Mommy Dearest one lol

No. 1834183

alog but this bullshit is making me wish I was a big man so I could test his supposed extreme strength. My guess is anyone male over 5'5 would knock him out within 4 minutes. That man does not look strong in the least, tard rage doesn't count as strength either. He thinks he's so big and strong when he has (checks notes) demure women and small children around, try that with literally any man with real muscles. So delusional. Have we seen much of his house recently? Who's to bet he's still smashing stuff and punching walls like Kaya said he was when they lived together?

No. 1834195


This is really worrying. He says when he’s on about cycles that you look really good when on steroids and that ‘everyone respects you’ he is OBSESSED with respect.

Total tinfoil but I think he’s started to confuse respect with fear, he’s tried money, he’s tried fame and none of them have garnered the respect he thinks he deserves so now he wants people to be afraid of him, if they’re afraid of him, they’ll do what he asks and if they do what he asks, then they must respect him.

The idea of Fake, on steroids, with his well documented anger issues, with a child in the house is absolutely terrifying.

No. 1834220

File: 1685011078002.webm (5.62 MB, 520x518, 1669574866461.webm)

No. 1834240

JFC what an absolute sack of shit. I pray that Kat doesn't let him strike her child… this dude needs to be sedated, kept away from children and animals.

No. 1834251


Video won’t play for me. Can anyone clue me in?

No. 1834278

It's an old video where Jake says that children should be hit/physically punished

No. 1834316


Thanks anon. The idea of that man being on steroids around a kid who is arguably at the most annoying age (he’s like what 3 going in 4 now? toddlers can be absolutely feral and they give zero shits about it) is really concerning. He can’t keep his temper around a games controller, how’s he going to hold it together when the kid is dancing on his last nerve and he’s all roided up?

No. 1834338

>Total tinfoil but I think he’s started to confuse respect with fear

In >>1834220 he says he respects adults because they could hit him for being an asshole, so it follows kids will respect you if they know you'll hit them, which means he's equated fear with respect for a while. Also implies he doesn't respect people if they can't beat him up. Playground bully Andrew Tate ass mentality. Reposted this bc it turns out the video I was trying to remember him saying this in was posted to the thread kek.

No. 1834360

His logic is really hilarious in essentially says
In response to being asked what’s frowned upon that you wish wasn’t
>we should physically educate our children
>you slap dogs when they do something bad, why not children?
>if I do something bad as an adult people will hit me, so again why not children
>makes a slap noise then imitates a child crying
Dean it’s time to get full custody brother

No. 1834370

File: 1685041344744.jpg (93.66 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20230525-115825_Chr…)

He tries so hard to claim things like this are a joke. Lately he keeps talking about how "nobody gets his jokes". Like no, what you're saying just isn't funny dude. Or maybe what you said didn't go over well so you have to play it off as a joke. He must believe people are seriously dumb not to notice his true feelings behind all the misogynistic and violent "jokes".

No. 1834386


If I was Kat I’d be concerned about Dean going for primary carer, he’d have a good case. She’s shacked up with a fella who has a history of anger issues, a potential bi polar diagnosis, has talked about ‘physically educating’ children as a means of punishment and is now talking publicly about potentially misusing steroids. Sadly though I think she is exactly the sort of pick me who would ignore all of that. Hopefully Dean isn’t a dead beat.

No. 1834392

The thing is the only way this could even remotely be a joke is if he gave off the opposite kind of vibe but the man is so incredibly negative, violent, angry and toxic that it is fully 100% believable that he means it when he says that kind of heinous shit. I look at Jake and I see his content and I think " yeah,that does seem like a guy with a hair trigger temper who would be fully comfortable striking a child" he doesn't exactly scream stable home environment.

No. 1834422

In the stream with all the steroid talk, Jake goes on and on about how he felt he needed to get in shape for their vacation because Kat is "so hot". He also said she was super into him getting bulky, so it's likely she's more focused on appearances than his actual health, much like he is. She's been shown to be a social climber who targets "successful" men, so as long as things look good on the outside and she doesn't have another dude lined up already, she's sticking this one out. Right now she's only working part time, living in his house, using the gym in his "personal studio", etc. so it still seems glitzy for people on the outside looking in. I genuinely believe that once Jake does go completely broke we're going to be seeing a change of heart from her, though it would be hilarious to see her stay by his side as a Tesco employee. kek

No. 1834433

>it ruins your sex drive
Maybe that explains why he's choosing to spend 6 nights a week alone in VRland rather than at home with his trophy OF whore and her cunt dropping or plastering his body all over the internet.

No. 1834450

File: 1685049825254.jpg (24.91 KB, 1080x283, 20230525_141817.jpg)

Jake has a new sugar mommy. Anyone know who this Clair Niven is? She has been dropping thousands per stream and isn't even a snacc, no green name. Just some total rando with money dropping it for no reason. Kek, retards shouldn't be allowed to be rich. She should research who she's supporting. They need someone to manage their funds, because if you have that much money and you had half a brain cell, you'd realize there are a lot more righteous and intelligent places to put your money. Jake would never ever dream of donating someone $50, unless they groveled with thank yous on return. Remember when he did that "donating $100 to random streamers" video and he didn't get a the thank you reaction he thought he deserved? He ended up talking massive shit about how unthankful that guy was for his $100.

No. 1834455

I know it's an old strategy to self donate for content creators in the past (especially for camgirls) to help drum up donations and get better numbers. I wonder if that's the situation here at all, definitely seems off and I've never recalled a Clair around before. kek at "please keep your clothes on" though.

No. 1834482

yes, Kaya confirmed this in her response video where she said he'd get angry about his height like at least once a week and say people don't "respect" him because of it. it's not like he was even around that many people to be complaining about relationships lacking respect, and it's not like they'd pat him on the head like a child when he did interact with people.
what does he think respect means? I think you are right, he wants people to cower in fear. when he went out in his faux goth attire they probably stared at him for looking ridiculous. now with his ugly face, neck, and head tats he looks like unstable white trash who got the shitty tats in prison. that's not a "cool" thing either, Jake, as those who spend time in jail were stupid enough to get caught.

No. 1834538

File: 1685058794678.jpg (41.38 KB, 1080x419, 20230525_165326.jpg)

Yeah this "Clair" person is definitely just some troll account. Probably Skat from the other room.

No. 1834588

Is there a way to fake donations? I can't imagine someone paying $500 just to shitpost, definitely seems sus

No. 1834665

I saw part of the stream. Jake’s reactions seemed genuine, honestly. Tinfoil, but part of me wonders if Kat might be ‘donating’ her own money back to him without him knowing in order to keep him going. I imagine the loss of income was probably making things tense at home, so making him think he has a mysterious sugar mama might be a manipulation tactic on her part to smooth things out. Again, pure tinfoil.

No. 1834675

Ladyallura was donating so many subs that twitch had to pull from random people not even watching. I had randomly checked his twitch channel days earlier when he was offline, but when she gifted subs during that stream I was apparently gifted one. I went in to my settings and removed my benefits for it. No way in hell I want my account associated with that fuckwad. Wonder how many of his subs are random people who aren't even fans of his, because of this.

No. 1834699

This actually happened to me too. I was gifted a sub on YouTube during a stream while I wasn't watching. I only realized it happened because I was emailed about it.

No. 1834704

He was reading all the names out live, too. Bitch don't say my name, I never consented to being associated with you. Ugh. I had to look up if its possible to reject a gifted sub.

No. 1834710

File: 1685073837931.jpg (193.89 KB, 3464x1155, annoying.jpg)

well the horrible spelling and aversion to cussing certainly reads as Kat kek, that would be some crazy tinfoil though

No. 1834753

File: 1685078174520.jpg (129.02 KB, 388x425, 7NAyu4m.jpg)

That would have been premium dairy but sadly it looks like she's a real person. I found her channel pretty easily - she's got an overweight German Sheppard and she is subbed to Kaya as well.
She types like a fucking 10 year old - no wonder she watches Jake.

No. 1834771

File: 1685079730181.gif (4.15 MB, 350x350, 5390EF7F-3261-4BBD-919E-DC0E13…)

Wait she paid him 500$ to keep his clothes on?

No. 1834784

Donates to tell jake to keep his clothes On LOL

No. 1834812


The huge donation and the way she was trolling in Jake's chat makes me think this is pretty Sus, there's something fucky going on with Claire. Maybe something like an old account that's been hacked or someone pretending to be this person maliciously to rack up debt in donations- all of which is more believable than someone genuinely dropping 500 on Jake Munro in this economy

No. 1834813

Yea I was wondering if she/whoever did the donation and then disputed it with their credit card company or sth to get it back. That it’s Kat is rather unlikely. She’d probably post something along the lines of “shots!” Or “daddy!” kek

No. 1834859


Also I feel like Claire's writing is still a lot better and clearer than Kat's. Kat gives off genuinely dyslexic vibes, Claire just seems clumsy

No. 1834895

Claire and Kat are cut from the same cloth - the alternative version of an aging Live~ Laugh~ Love girl.
However Claire seems a bit…simple. She's dumber than Kat. She keeps talking about literal shit and her request for Jake to keep his clothes on seems to come from a place of genuine innocence rather than sassiness.

No. 1834922

File: 1685106350600.jpg (11.25 KB, 633x506, PphDS35.jpg)

I checked Fake's Patreon before and he took down his 'goals'. He must have realised his dreams of Patron funded travel and touring are dead in the water so it's pathetic to keep them up. Also, it was easy to guess how much he was making on Patreon by looking at his ever decreasing goal percentages (this is what helped the Graphtreon algorithm guess his earnings accurately). I think we can confidently say his first goal was $1000 (he's too full of himself to have a goal with three digits) which means that when he was at his lowest percentage (74%) he was making roughly $660 including tax (if my math is mathing). His patrons will take another hit as the new month rolls over. He's really putting all his eggs into the Twitch basket but there's no stability there.

No. 1834924

File: 1685106612843.jpg (269.94 KB, 3464x1949, Shit Saga.jpg)

>she's got an overweight German Sheppard
So her dog got fat and sick from being fed her shit and died. Truly an incredible story of setup, confrontation, and resolution. Jake's newest sugar mommy, everyone.

No. 1834954

Christ what a disgusting human being. Is this her idea of funny?
I found her pics on social media (through her husband's FB as she very freshly deleted her account) - she looks a rough late 30s and she's married to some dude who looks 60. I think we found out where the cash is coming from - some leathery old sleazebag who'll give his princess whatever she wants as long as she continues to touch his penis.
Jake must be over the moon that he got on the radar of a cashed up and dangerously bored simpleton.

No. 1834976

File: 1685116286011.jpg (462.13 KB, 1315x382, Vr3Ew55.jpg)

The new avatar reveal. It looks like a snake with a comb over.

No. 1834984

Continuing your tinfoil, is that why she sent him a card congratulating his streaming success, even though his meagre success has been dwindling ever since the breakup?

No. 1835030


Jesus wept It’s worse than the memoji one!

No. 1835058

File: 1685124191641.jpg (221.44 KB, 476x385, 0Tt10uI.jpg)

Forgot to post this before - the FB pics match the profile pic, heavy shooping and all. The Youtube account she donated from is active, she just changed her pfp and channel art today. I'm doubtful someone hijacked her account, I think she's just an unhappily married outsider who's desperate for attention and excitement and happened to come across Baby head Munro. She's not even thirsting for him like the other senior snaccs - she's just an attention/novetly seeker more than anything.

No. 1835070

lmao. Every version of this thing looks worse. I forgot the price of each one but how much money has he spend now on this shit?

No. 1835161

I kinda feel sorry for her. I wish she’d rather spend the money for herself that fake snake with a comb over

No. 1835166

Donald Trump going through his emo phase.

No. 1835181

File: 1685134817319.jpg (180.79 KB, 1080x1508, 20230526_140011.jpg)

And just like that, it's gone. What should we make our puppet do next, nonnies? How about delete all your pics with John. He hates your guts, dude.

No. 1835183

He can delete his whole account

No. 1835194

KEK called it, he is so obsessed with this place. I wonder how much time he spends each day scrolling and trolling lolcow.

No. 1835202

Hate to burst this tinfoil, but he just posted on Instagram. He does that edgy "always at 666" thing. If there was only one photo of Kaya left on his wall, makes sense he'd delete it before anything else. He's been doing this since the breakup, most likely.

No. 1835244

File: 1685141685586.jpg (44.79 KB, 1080x525, Instagram.jpg)

Except he's continously let it drop below 666 the past year or so. It's pretty obvious he watches here and even heeds some of our "advice".

No. 1835277

Yeah it's hardly tinfoil at this point. There have been consistent examples of us pointing something out or making fun of something and then it disappearing almost immediately. He values our opinions very much, kek.

No. 1835300

Probably because we are a larger and more active audience than his meager handful of snaccs

No. 1835543

File: 1685192914152.jpg (203.44 KB, 1080x1794, body check.jpg)

she types like a fucking boomer. and that anorexic body checking pose kek.

No. 1835546

she's got real chunky arms for an anorexic kek

No. 1835554

That’s what i was thinking Kek she needs to do some pilates at least

No. 1835577

File: 1685199420636.jpg (253.19 KB, 1077x1919, jakekatwedding.jpg)

It's even more obvious on the side that she doesn't have any tattoos on too. You'd think she'd have at least a little muscle tone from doing pole as her fitness routine or carrying her toddler kid around. It's honestly pretty weird at her weight.

No. 1835584

File: 1685200092869.jpg (383.72 KB, 1080x1921, wedding.jpg)

Bonus pic from the wedding they attended. Jake's lil gut and kat's underbite on full display.

No. 1835599

File: 1685202758603.jpg (266.01 KB, 1200x1500, Creepy.jpg)

Jake has been following a bunch of weird hypersexualized vtubers/anime girl content creators. Considering his insane body standards, fake things like this are probably what turns him on. Moids are so sexually retarded kek. No wonder he spends so much time in VR, he's probably watching straight up hentai. There's a pretty big market for that considering most VR users are fail males.

No. 1835614

kekkkk wtf? i'm bigger than her and have smaller arms. maybe she's just an odd one who carries their weight on the upper arms lol

and can someone tell me what the actual hell that face is meant to be on her arm?? it looks like a retarded knuckles (Sonic)

No. 1835665

Good grief, it's wild seeing the changing porn trends of the 2010s.
It's weird he'd follow a dommi-mommy with huge, pendulous breasts on Twitter when that's the opposite of what he's attracted to in real life. I guess it's not too dissimilar to when women get off to himbo anime beef cakes but date skinny guys with gamer boy arms in real life. The difference is that men are much more likely to go full coomer-brained on this shit and let it ruin their romantic/sex life.
Jake's been watching hentai for a long time now - he would repost a lot of shit he was into on his Tumblr (wish I screenshotted) and I'm pretty sure at one point he spoke about how hentai was enough to satisfy his sexual needs so he didn't need as much physical action.
I guess it's not really surprising why someone like him was drawn to VR in the first place…

No. 1835675

>and can someone tell me what the actual hell that face is meant to be
I see some kind of clown with a rose as hair but my brain recognizes his nose as his mouth kek idk know nona

No. 1835682

please let this be a thing, this would be absolutely hilarious! how fucking ironic that he has to eat his words…

jfc nonnie, that's pure nightmare fuel right there. it looks like a 14 year old emo got their hands on photoshop and vroid studio kek

wait, he thinks we slap dogs when they do something bad? no the fuck you don't??? that's animal abuse, my dude. he can't even be trusted around animals, much less children. jesus christ.

massive fucking kek at someone donating $500 just to tell him to keep his clothes on!

No. 1835709

maybe he is getting into steroids and supplements for her use as well kek. she has muscle development from pole, but is likely bloated from all the drinking and KFC and kids snacks. it's only a matter of time before she starts wearing permanent sweaters things and shrugs like Kaya to hide her arms once Jake stops aggrandizing her hotness and starts being competitive about looking thinner.

No. 1835727

Lmao that picture and their pose look like a poster of a spinoff of the TV show Buffy vampire slayer or something. Embarrassing

No. 1835844

>It's weird he'd follow a dommi-mommy with huge, pendulous breasts on Twitter when that's the opposite of what he's attracted to in real life
My tinfoil is that he only said he doesn't like bigger breasts is because Kat has small ones. Kind of like how when he was with Kaya, he would reassure her that the "daddy" shit was just a joke. But now he's openly into DDLG.

No. 1835855

who the fuck wears a leather jacket as a main part of their outfit to a wedding where everyone else is clearly dressed really smart?! Even Kat managed a smart dress (can’t tell well enough from the photo but it looks more appropriate than what stumpy is wearing)

You can clearly see another guest there wearing a waistcoat and shirt, but Fake is clearly to eDgY to dress smartly for a wedding

No. 1835880

allegedly he also said he prefers dumber women in a stream! bc kat is dumb as rocks. when he was with kaya he was like "I find intelligence sexy!" and that's when he was actually doing well on social media because many thought he was a stand up guy who valued women for the "inside" stuff, too.
most men never admit they like dumb women, they'll use euphemisms like young, naive, ingenue, "soft" or "submissive" etc. but kat is older than he is so she has no excuse due to age lol
also his obsession with the nurse from silent hill, it's not like it's a flat chested character. and kaya I remember reviewed some kind of bra to make her boobs look bigger, she wanted bigger ones, and would say at least with weight gain she had boobs now. and he teased her for not having any "bounce" the way big boobs have.
he is such a lying liar with his supposed new interest in "mature women" who happen to be stupid, and not have any boobs and no curves except for in their bingo arms.
Jake, Kat isn't a "hot trophy gf" she is too average to even be "washed up," and makes you look desperate and it's why your career tanked. you should have been a single fella, not a home wrecking douchebag, and your life and appearance of a life would have been better, too!
it's amazing how he screwed himself over in every angle. kek!

No. 1835901

File: 1685246094165.jpg (26.72 KB, 1080x190, Screenshot_20230525-143623_You…)

Between all the poop comments, she said this out of nowhere. Maybe her husband gambles and she's throwing money away to get back at him lol.

No. 1835937

"Somewhere productive" pfffffffff

No. 1835963

They’re probably in deep depth when he gambles and she throws money at fake to keep his pants up

No. 1835992

When was kaya intelligent?

No. 1835998

You're missing the point. The point is that he has been known to totally change his personality/opinions based on who he's dating and what he thinks she wants to hear. Weird how that's all you have to say to that whole paragraph though.

No. 1836000

Ignore her. She's intentionally missing the point and focusing on kaya in order to derail

No. 1836005

Kek cannot unsee this. Dat lighting.
Standing next to doughy Jake makes her cheekbones and defined jaw look much more masculine so she'd probably have to play Spike.
>Most men never admit they like dumb women, they'll use euphemisms like young, naive, ingenue, "soft" or "submissive" etc.
Absolutely, they secretly value the shallow stuff like looks, being super agreeable and lack of experience more than they want to admit. Kat is already in her mid-30s meaning she's already gone through her major growth and changes so, unlike an 18 year old, her personality is fixed at this point. A 35 year old who is mentally and emotionally stuck in her early 20s (when she peaked in life) is probably Jake's perfect woman then.
He's become a lot more mask off since the exodus of most his younger snaccs so I'm not surprised he finally admitted he desires dumb women on stream.
Some nonny noticed he only praises Kat for her 'hotness' and body and it's dead accurate. He did call her the "most accomplished woman I know" in IG stories once…but that seemed like a dig at Kaya more than anything. I laughed when he called Kat his 'best friend' in a recent vlog…Of course she is, she's your only friend!

No. 1836014

File: 1685266770639.jpeg (47.59 KB, 858x611, C117374D-710E-40FE-BFE4-C6050C…)

Surprised no one mentioned this he talks about his a fury now and dragon dildos, collars and him twerking uwu and showing of his thick body ‘mount me’

ugh I can see where this is going

How long until he chooses a fury avatar and hyper sexualises it

No. 1836016

He really should have waited to do his "vtuber debut" until he was sure about the avatar he wanted to use. He familiarized people with the old bobble head daddy dumpy one but then got so self conscious about the comments regarding the baby head and big ass that he quickly threw together an even shittier one that is a total eye sore and hardly works. He was not ready.

No. 1836023

At 2.24 he said I would love to do vtubeing but I got nothing to hide i don’t need vtubing I already look like a anime boy. Ironic as he now hiding behind an avatar with a baby face.

No. 1836033

File: 1685269321139.jpg (89.58 KB, 2220x732, animepfp.jpg)

That reminds me of his classic "anime pfp" burn he attempted at a hater. I made some revisions to it.

No. 1836035

I assume he's just fucking about with different avatars ( I would rather stick pins in my eyes than check for myself) otherwise the only other logical explanation is it's yet another market he's trying to break out into, people online do talk about how furries are a lucrative online demographic

No. 1836038

File: 1685270802628.jpg (370.75 KB, 2032x474, rW0tkIO.jpg)

Nonnas, the new sleep paralysis avatar was live on Twitch 14 hrs ago. Head over to JakeTwitchStreams if you want to see it in motion (if you don't plan on sleeping tonight…), I grabbed some caps before.

No. 1836043

he looks like he as tits in the side view kek, accurate

No. 1836047

File: 1685272702607.jpg (361.99 KB, 1684x608, 0M4hyOE.jpg)

Kek at the fake freckles and blackened teeth that make him look toothless. He's made some weird aesthetic choices and now the avatar looks off - it's reminds me of a k-pop idol who's had too much plastic surgery. I guess it's an improvement on the last model?
He said he's added some updates to the design that we'll see next time - he has new hair, clipping issues with his clothes have been fixed and he will be able to emote more (right now his eyes are a bit emotionless).

No. 1836061

Lets be honest Jake is just a shitty “model”. Everything that’s gonna be based on his “design” is going to look like trash. The face paint, the body, tattoos all crap. He needs to start from square one and make up something completely different.

No. 1836106

its amazing how everything he does is below par or complete dogshit yet always expects validation.
>A 35 year old who is mentally and emotionally stuck in her early 20s (when she peaked in life) is probably Jake's perfect woman then.
Because thats where he is now, and will remain 10. 20 years from now.

No. 1836187

File: 1685299133182.jpg (300.37 KB, 1080x1882, Emo Alice.jpg)

This is so fucking ugly and cringe. Her work and aesthetic is embarrassing.

No. 1836191

File: 1685300079668.jpg (1 MB, 2727x1234, GxcgjXh.jpg)

While searching for Jake's old tumblr I stumbled across the Sim's porn account by accident and noticed some things (before anyone gets mad I'm not the anon you think I am). I wasn't around for the MAG days so I didn't realise they made sex avatars in their own image (among a virtual gothic polycule).
It's hardly shocking that Jake gave himself a swimmer's build, brooding model face and blonde hair a la 2013 Jake (the placement of the piercings was the only way I knew who it was based on) - I guess he's been virtually living out his ectomorph, pretty boy dreams for a long time. I can see a resemblance with the VR avatar - a super femme face with dainty features and a slim body. However even after revisions his current avatar still looks like a soulless masquerade mask which is particularly jarring in his shadowy Silent Hill world - it desperately needs some shading and dimension like the other avatars.

No. 1836208

The picture is dumb but she inked it well imo

No. 1836213

Also not THAT anon, but that wasn't a sim of Jake. That was just one of the characters they made for that specific project, who unfortunately looks a little Jake like. Kaya had actual sims she made of her and Jake that she played on MAG and they looked different, though I can see why you'd think those two sims in the front would be them. If they were meant to resemble them, resemblance was as far as it went, since they made up personalities and little bios and such for those sims apparently.

No. 1836217

I wouldn't even say she inked it well. The lines are so blocky and thick, which is an easy way that tattoo artists hide their shaky lines and inability to do detail. The color looks like she took a fill tool on photoshop and haphazardly filled in the empty spaces with one color. The shading makes absolutely no sense, doing an ombre within the color is also an easy way to trick the eye into thinking there's more dimension. I've seen doodles by an 8 year olds that look better than this. It looks like a pile of shit.

No. 1836223

File: 1685303620223.jpg (581.45 KB, 3345x2271, die88wt.jpg)

How is that emo? That's hipster Alice.
She should do the Elsa designed after her next. Aliexpress Alt Elsa.

No. 1836248


Thick lines are the best in tattoos, they hold much longer and less likely to bleed. You don't know what you are talking about.

No. 1836251

You're being very generous comparing it to a k-pop star who did too much plastic surgery.
Or maybe it shows how old I am because all I see with this new avatar is Jeff the killer from the classic Creepypasta stories kek

No. 1836299

File: 1685309597414.jpg (23.82 KB, 1080x251, Screenshot_20230528-143401_You…)

Clair is back and donating $2k+. She needs a financial caretaker.

No. 1836347


omg kek at the side view. his avatar has bigger tits than most girls i know. his avatar really does highlight all of his insecurities, and the way he's overcompensating for it kek

how does he think that the most recent model is an upgrade? it's straight up terrifying. i would take baby face model over nightmare fuel model at this point, honestly

No. 1836349

If he's actively aware of other vtubers and how their avatars look, why and how does he think his goofy avatars are any good? Or maybe, cos he only follows them for the 3d boobs, he thinks it's just about making it look hot, and clearly he thinks dumpy joker is a hot look on him.

No. 1836355

LMAO he is delusional like Jude bishop, who also thinks she looks like a "real life anime girl." WTF. they were each other's true match.

No. 1836358

Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, that's just what a tattoo artist told me once about really chunky lines. Maybe they were saying that to try and make other artists look bad or something, idk. But I still stand by my opinion on colors and shading.

No. 1836385

wow is Jake ready for his sugar mama era? he is out of money, and current mama brings no sugar. you can't pay the bills with "love" and "friendship." imagine the money she'd give to an actual boyfriend, chaching! first class plane tickets to the USA!

No. 1836446

Uhm, no. Look closely.
The linework is wonky af. Look at that poor eye, the hat, and the tattoos – those are especially bad. However the linework is executed poorly overall, in its entirety. She couldn’t even manage to do the thicker lines properly. It’s as if she was drunk while doing this.
Then, the Nonna in >>1836217 is absolutely right – the shading, the light / shadow makes absolutely no sense. Aka executed with error.
And lastly, the figure is disproportional as per usual. And fair enough, it’s a cartoon, cartoons can be intentionally disproportioned. But if you look closely, you’ll see that this is not the case – it’s not a conscious design choice, but an obvious error, lack of skill and knowledge.
At this point, I don’t understand how she even gets clients still.

No. 1836451

I’m sorry, but this is straight up degeneracy.
Also, if he honestly thinks that this is a "job" or a career prospect that’s gonna rake him money in, he’s clearly retarded, royally.

No. 1836490

File: 1685334999386.jpg (637.95 KB, 3464x2309, fake artist.jpg)

This edit has been around for like a decade. So she adds a hat and glasses and calls it good. She fucking BUTCHERED the tattoos from the original too. How does she manage to take already horrible existing art, and then make it even worse?

No. 1836493

File: 1685335288642.jpg (728.14 KB, 3464x3464, yikes.jpg)

Kat, retire.

No. 1836505

>the anisa jomha white power elbow spider web tattoo
I know Kat's just copying from the original drawing but damn

No. 1836612

its ok. not decent, not great, just ok. while thicker lines do hold longer, when you compare it to the edit its clear she did that to hide janky lines, which is clear with the hat and details. how shes drew alice's glasses make no sense perspective-wise. and as stated she failed miserably with alice's tattoos because when you compare it to the edit she opted not to do the smaller ones and details because she knew she would fuck up. the shading looks incomplete and what is that grey thing on alice's arm?
overall i give it a 5/10 at best, but depending how much she charged for it, 3/10.

No. 1836674

>>1836612 that grey thing is probably part of another tattoo

No. 1836970

The longer I look at it, the more I see Alice's hair coming over her shoulders as bruised ballsacks in Kats rip-off.

No. 1837303

File: 1685422192962.jpg (128.04 KB, 1080x811, 654fti_YouTube.jpg)

So he made an entire video out of getting huge donations? I don't know what sort of person would want to watch a man be donated $2k+ for 4 hours of playing literal videogames and dancing around like a retarded cartoon. I haven't watched the video, but if I'm adding this up correctly he has made more than $10k in less than a week for 4 hour work days. Meanwhile most of his viewers are breaking their backs with normal jobs, longer hours and less pay. I can't imagine it doesn't sicken some people. Seems like a weird thing to make content out of.

No. 1837314

Honestly something doesn't really add up with the sudden influx of all these massive donations again after he was only making maybe $50 a stream for quite a while there. His sub count is still tanking, his views aren't up either? Something smells awfully fishy here and it definitely feels like he's trying to inflate how much he's being donated to get more attention on himself in hopes it gets even more donations? Twitch does "hyped trains" so self donating would definitely be beneficial to him.

No. 1837331

>he has been known to totally change his personality/opinions based on who he's dating and what he thinks she wants to hear
Slightly off topic but going back to this. On a stream someone suggested that he do a Smash or Pass, he said no and that everyone would be a pass because Kat is the only girl he would ever want to fuck. Such a weird stance for sex pest Jake, who's constantly sexualizing EVERY female character he comes across. Especially bc everyone knows those Smash or Pass challenges are purely hypothetical and for jokes. I think Kat must be extremely insecure for Jake to be needing to reassure his "I'm taken" stance to an extreme degree. Like ladies, come on. We all know that any man who says there's nobody in the world he'd like to smash other than his girlfriend either has zero sex drive or is fucking LYING. Kat has to be legitimately retarded to believe all of his sweet little lies. But I'm starting to think that considering Kat's insecurities, she probably looks for the unrealistic Disney-like romance where a man only has eyes for her, sweeps her off her feet, and could NEVER possibly do her wrong. But she knows deep down that money-hungry hentai-horny serial-cheater Jake isn't that, so she needs this constant reassurance that she's "so hot and perfect and he could never possibly have a boner for any other woman". The facade is honestly so funny and interesting to behold.

No. 1837354

Not wanting to do smash or pass when you’re in a relationship is actually a green flag?

No. 1837358

Meanwhile he still talks about wanting to fuck Midna and Harley Quinn while streaming and follows a bunch of porny Vtubers, weird. He's just trying to rebuild his image from cheater to couple goals again and putting on an act. Don't be fuckin naive.

No. 1837403

I’m not naive. Just pointing out that its not a bad thing and probably not really milk? I get he’s vitue signaling but the anon made it sound like he should be doing the smash or pass?

No. 1837408

It's being pointed out in depth the way he's two-faced when it comes to pretending he only has eyes for Kat when anyone who is familiar with Jake at all knows that he's a porn brained coomer and that it's just not true and never will be. You are naive, because you see a man's lies and facade as a "green flag".

No. 1837419

associating the words green flag with Jake Munro at all is a red flag in itself

No. 1837598

File: 1685472912691.jpg (Spoiler Image, 545.86 KB, 862x608, a65thRQ.jpg)

Summary of video
>Reveals new avatar and points out that his butt is normal sized now, it's taken 40 hours of work and still needs more tinkering–says he realised he has to make his own facial expression animations
>The avalanche of gifted subs starts (there's 100 by the end of the stream)
>9 mins in – Clair’s first $500 donation
>Clair’s second $500 dono –Jake promises a 12 hr stream next week (6 hrs on YT, 6 hrs on Twitch)to honour her generosity
>The third dono comes through - Clair pays $500 to say, 'No thank u please keep your clothes on'
>He says yesterday was his first affiliate stream on Twitch, wants to become partner ASAP
>Jake positions his VR camera up high so he looks like a little kid before thanking his audience, yells 'Uppies, UPPIES!' while jumping (I think he was trying to convey humility…but it’s weird), says Kat is working out downstairs
>“Other streamers get jaded with $100, but me? I just do this because I love it. (Camera zooms into his face) I don’t do donation goals or say ‘hey, give me money’. I’ve streamed for free a looot!”
>Less than an hour in and he gets his fourth $500 dono from Clair (she makes multiple accounts to donate these huge sums)
>He says his avatar was made from assets and he had to learn Blender and Unity to put it together, he credits Maz for drawing his hair, tattoos and makeup
>Wants to be able to change his look with the click of a button (just like Filian!!!) in order to play dress-ups in clothes and makeup from his old music videos
>Someone called ‘Bob Your uncle’ donates $200, Jake nervously laughs when he realises 'Uncky Bob might be Clair…’
>Tries to play 2 games but fails as they are both multiplayer, tries to do a comedy bit making light of his friendlessness and ends up looking pathetic
>Finally finds a solo horror game called The Smile Room

No. 1837608

File: 1685473811778.jpg (51.68 KB, 369x549, fLoxfiD.jpg)

$2200 from one person…through 5 accounts…during one stream…
I've only seen this kind of simping from men - Clair is an anomaly. Enjoy it while it lasts Stumpy, although I'd be nervous if the bulk of my earnings came from one chatter.
Clair is going through mania and/or was born or married into wealth. Once she moves on to her next hyper-fixation Jake's fucked.

No. 1837665

You think Clair is another obsessed troon lol

No. 1837753

he's trying to become a Wife-Guy again (he was like a G rated sexless Wife-Guy with kaya, inseparable, referenced her, no flirty references to anyone else other than his fan base, HATED e-girls, etc.) and it's always the Wife-Guy who is having a torrid love affair with someone else.
LOL @ "no one else I'd ever want to f*ck" if Belle Delphine or any of the hot 22 yr old E-thots he pretended to make fun of invited him to their bedroom he would be there to check out their ahegaos in real life. this guy is porn sick and nasty. no way he going to be together forever with approaching middle age Miss Skat when he found her by cheating on his 10 yr old relationship.
he is insecure and capable of doing anything to feel better. he thinks 31 is over the hill, see who he cheats with when he's 40 to prove he's still got it. I can understand why he'd reassure Kat so often, as she knows she can lose him how she found him. remember how his mod was like "we need to respect he is in a relationship" when someone tried to meow at him or something in the chat? lol

No. 1837765

clair… go shopping… take a vacation… buy some jewelry. donate to the millions of actual worthy causes out there. why are you giving all your money to a scumbag like Jake? he does not appreciate you. he'll just start complaining when he doesnt get money. he feels entitled to make this every time for minimal effort. get yourself a real sugar boy who is actually cute.

No. 1837835


I truly dont think this is real. He JUST SO HAPPENS to get someone willing to drop $2k on him right when he's trying to become a D-Tier Vtuber? This is a stunt to try and jumpstart his career.
He gets to brag about making a bunch of money at the same time no one will be 'mad' because 'wow look at this loser hater wasting their money' if it was a fan people would be more judgemental and even the 'digs' are such soft punches only a 12 year old would be upset.

Why else would they be sending such high amounts and making separate accounts to keep sending them? It really makes no sense.

No. 1837929

Jake may just be lucky that this woman is getting revenge on her gambling husband with these donations. Based on anon's research upthread she's real (kinda reminds me of Trisha Paytas in both appearance and behaviour)
Cut forward one month when her husband checks his credit card statements and reverses all the charges, hope Jake isn't spending that money yet

No. 1837963

File: 1685498338215.jpg (61.73 KB, 588x512, 8Z85xkY.jpg)

Do you guys want to see something sad?
Amy Lee tried to celebrate a milestone (happy 3yrs and 2 months I guess?) and have a moment with Jake but was ignored when Mumma Clair started waving money around.
She paid $10 to repost the same message before she finally got some acknowledgment from him. I know it's sad that a 50+ yr old woman wants to draw attention to a 38 month sub milestone but it clearly means something to her: she's Jake's most loyal snacc and watching his streams and supporting him probably gives her the purpose and sense of community she's missing IRL.

No. 1837973

There is something weirdly sad about seeing his most loyal snaccs give him a percentage of their income. That's not even the first time Amy's messages have been ignored and she tries to repeat them. I think that Amy probably annoys Jake deep down and he tries not to let that show. He has no problem shitting on snaccs who don't give him donations but he has to walk on eggshells with Amy and Lady Allura, can't risk losing his biggest supporters/mods. No doubt he looks down on them though.

No. 1837988

Something is definitely off about the whole thing. Why would she even need to make five separate accounts to keep donating? Why haven't we've seen this Clare person before? Something isn't right.

She's one of his most dedicated mods too outside of Maz and Aiden's weirdly obsessed selves.

No. 1838028

> I don’t do donation goals or say ‘hey, give me money’
He can’t really survive a stream without throwing an indirect passive-aggressive jab at Kaya, now can he? Move on.

To me, this seems rather odd too. Some never-before-seen woman appears out of thin air and suddenly throws all this money at him, creates multiple accounts, writes up some gibberish etc. That’s not how things usually work.
And she’s allegedly thirsting over what? A poorly done Emily Boo lookalike cartoon? It’s not even him in the stream, it makes no sense.
Also, I apologise, but judging by the photos >>1835058 she doesn’t come off as a person who can afford dropping 2,2k on a random stream. Even as a form of revenge.

This seems staged. How did the Nonnas find her accounts? Were they linked? How do we know it was actually her and not someone (Fake) posing as her?

No. 1838032

The weird thing is she isn't even thirsting, she's usually fairly aggressively telling him to stop being weird like when he was asking for "uppies" or to "keep his clothes on". Besides that she's usually just ranting about poop? Clair seems more like a troll or schizochan at best to me. Would be VERY curious to see if those donations end up contested if she is actually a real person and not some kind of bizarre sock-puppet self donation scheme.

No. 1838108

File: 1685515608490.jpeg (309.16 KB, 1170x1986, IMG_3406.jpeg)

Not quite sure what he was trying to achieve by making a whole video dedicated to him being donated thousands of dollars (about £1776 after conversion) but it’s not improved his views any…

No. 1838111

I thought that too but the person donating saying keep your clothes on doesn't sound like jake if it was him it be constantly you look young or show us your muscles. I'm on the fence with this it's just very odd his YouTube lowest it been in years why all the donations now?

No. 1838112

File: 1685515732829.jpeg (74.42 KB, 1170x795, IMG_3407.jpeg)

And only 31 comments and 340 likes. I wonder what the dislikes are?

No. 1838115

Idk if this been said already but jake removed his top videos with his ex finally can no longer profit of her

No. 1838122

Took him long enough. I wonder if it was hurting him too much to see how popular that body of work used to be compared to now. His VR thumbnails look so goddamn tacky I know I wouldn't click on them in the wild

No. 1838138

He's got like 10 dislikes rn, even the haters aren't bothering to watch his garbage anymore. He's already down to 427k and still losing a steady 2k subs per month. His vtube attempt isn't going to take off no matter how much one lone insane scat fetishist donates and sockpuppets. He's basically got nothing if she suddenly disappears as quickly as she appeared or her fun money runs out. Really this whole thing is just prolonging the inevitable.

No. 1838225

Agreed nonny. I don't think that Clair girl is a real person, the pictures could have been taken from any social media site to make a fake Fb account.
I have an icky feeling that that money is not legally acquired and that somehow, the person behind "Clair" decided to throw that at a small Youtube channel inconspicuously (because the algorithms don't care for Youtube channels that are slowly losing traction) for I dunno what. But there's definitely another end goal there.

No. 1838309

Call me a terminally online terf who thinks everyone's a tranny but she (or her weight + filters) gives me a tranny vibe. Could be an old washed up HSTS who lives with his rich closeted moid whose brains has been completely fried by the drugs they consume. It would explain the sudden dropping of cash on a new hyperfixation as well as the lack of brain power behind the messages. I could imagine this being Tim Petras in a few years honestly.

No. 1838348

Yeah you’re right, it’s giving terminally online terf. Jesus Christ

No. 1838384

Oh, Kim Petras wishes he'd look like that now. She gives me the same vibes as that crazy German woman who claimed Eric Harris was his husbando an posted videos of her hugging a pillow with his face printed on. Anyway, the donations are suspicious as fuck but I do love the fact that he wouldn't even touch with a ten foot pole the women that simp for him. It says quite a lot about his audience.

No. 1838400

File: 1685555786884.jpg (709.01 KB, 1362x892, KFB2lSD.jpg)

As much as I want the 'Kat is Clair' conspiracy to be true there's good evidence to suggest Suga-Mama Clair is real…but I will admit I have some doubts.
I looked up 'Clair Niven' on IG and found her straight away (girl loves a duckface selfie). Her full name is on her account so I quickly found her husband: they share the same name and they follow each other. She has not made her married name public on other platforms so I blurred it out in the pic and she's not a cow so we don't need to reveal it. From there I found her husband's FB and his account is legit (he has almost 4k friends and the pfp matches his IG). I already posted the couple pics earlier and there is direct mention of Clair's name on there as well. There are clues that his wealth may come from property.
The Clair Bear Youtube account was established in 2017 and has a handful of vids. The earliest video was posted on Dec 2019 and shows a dog playing in the snow with people talking in the background, you can clearly hear someone saying Clair's name. All the other videos were posted in 2020 except for one that was posted in the last 3 weeks (some Disneyland footage). The three year break looks a bit suspicious but neglecting your personal YT channel isn't unheard of. The time she posted that video seems to line up with when she got obsessed with Jake and in the last couple of weeks she has changed her pfp multiple times - this looks like the behaviour of someone who’s very aware of their YT presence (she is probably lurking).
Searching her full name on Google pulls up a search result for a now deleted FB account where you can still see remnants of her bio where she boasts about all the international travel she's done (did she really have to go to Antarctica?). It didn't go unnoticed that she has a pic of her Benz as her channel art on Youtube – like Jake she likes to flex her wealth and be obnoxious. She’s clearly someone who doesn’t have to worry about money so maybe it’s not surprising she dropped thousands on stream?
Lol her IG pfp disproves your theory

No. 1838422

I stand corrected then, just ugly fat kek. I guess I also just couldn't imagine a woman doing this shit, felt like a moid on twitch. though i really should know better after watching onision's paypigs

No. 1838427

It's probably because Clair's head is so fucking huge or that man's head is tiny. It looks completely off.

No. 1838461

Underrated comment. Love this.
>>1837331, >>1837753
He reminds of Jake's hero Ryan Reynolds, the ultimate Wife Guy™ (with a shady past). Remember when he cheated on Scarlett after meeting Blake on the set of Green Lantern? How could you wreck your marriage over the human equivalent of unsweetened porridge? He had a long history of dating charismatic, talented and gorgeous women close to his age like Charlize and Alanis but ultimately what he really wanted was the bland, trad girl 10 years his junior. He loves the #couplegoals life and excessively praising his wife with his trademark brand-safe, Imgur humour. It's always variations on 'thanks for being the most beautiful wife and the best Mom to our kids!' (more like 'thanks for being a hot, young mombie to our 4 crotchlings and letting me project my hero Dad complex on you'). It's nauseating when these types reap the benefits of being beloved, loyal hubbies for their careers and egos and cheat in secret - opportunistic scum.
I think $499.99 may be the max amount you can donate in a single stream on Twitch (the maximum to a single creator for the week is $2000 I believe). Twitch doesn't seem to care if you make multiple accounts to work around that though.

No. 1838471

>since she isn't a cow
Is Xena the dog that supposedly died from "eating her poop" from her "sometimes I poop on the floor" story? Honestly this woman seems more of a cow than some cows who have their own dedicated threads. Shame she doesn't have more active social media outside endlessly talking about poop in Jake's streams, I bet it would be a goldmine.

As far as I can tell there is no limit on donations on Twitch, so there is really no reason she should be making all these sock puppet accounts if the donations are legitimate. I'm seeing mixed information on how much of a cut they take though it appears to be anywhere from 30-50%.

No. 1838493

Terfs don't think everyone is a tranny, you're just weird.

No. 1838512

Samefag to add that baselessly accusing women of being troons is a very TIM thing to do.

No. 1838702

Okay, that is a pretty thorough investigation, Anon. Thank you for your time! Shame though, that it does look like an actual person donating from her actual account, and not some imposter…
However, I will stand by my "wealth" argument still. Not on a single photo nor video thumbnail, which showcase their home (I presume), does it give the impression that they’re even upper middle class, nor tbh much of a middle class, simply (though I guess it also depends on where you live). They don’t look poor, but also not with all that money to spend on a single stream. And the Benz is probably just an image off of Google.

What if it’s just some mistake? Let’s say Clair had a bit of day, was drunk off her arse, or high as a kite, or just simply not quite feeling herself, and you know, that wasn’t a conscious choice? Maybe she truly did get interested in Jakey boi, but spent one too many dollars by accident, or due to being under the influence or smth? Would also explain all the nonsense she’s typed. Maybe she weren’t okay at the time being. Things happen, kek.
How do these Twitch donations work though – can they be revoked?

No. 1838732

File: 1685585338825.jpeg (174.05 KB, 1480x828, IMG_1038.jpeg)

Feel like I need to lighten the mood a little. Let’s enjoy Jake’s new and improved avatar, with its janked up hands, and oompa loompa legs. To keep it relevant to the Clair debate, she was mentioned in the comments. Someone was kind of demanding that she get in there and drop more money.

No. 1838774

them rubbery hands lol. why is the cut of the shirt so low, it would look so dumb irl.

No. 1838832

The third last comment talks about Clair giving him money. Is she already infamous in his stream?

No. 1838838

File: 1685599692727.jpg (27.63 KB, 1080x291, Screenshot_20230531-043536_You…)

>well Clair better start throwing money at him
Damn, really talking about a human like they're some sort of cash dispenser. The Gothic Ace is a regular and has been known to be retarded with money as well. Making multiple donations so that Jake can pretend that the sound jump scares him.

No. 1838846

File: 1685601401779.jpg (102.54 KB, 1080x1113, GGH_IG.jpg)

He frivolously deletes comments but always makes sure to leave rare ones that diss Kaya. I hate men that refer to women as "upgrades" as if they're a shiny new computer part or something and it pits them against eachother unnecessarily.

No. 1838858

File: 1685603733132.jpg (1001.82 KB, 1236x988, vV1RAdu.jpg)

Notes from the May 30th Twitch VOD (sugar baby edition)
>Celebrates the 100 subs milestone on Twitch – gifted subs start stacking up during the stream (more than 150 are purchased, mostly by Clair)
>At 1 hr in he celebrates a ‘Level 10 hype train’ after Clair gets into a money-spending frenzy, the chatters go nuts
>Between 3:38:00-3:43:00 he visits ‘The Fungeon’ and adopts the Velvet Thunder fursona …things get disgusting really quickly, he talks about making an under-aged ‘pup’ dance in a cage until it dies while he fucks a pig on the bed amongst other degeneracy
>He mentions that his Velvet Thunder short on YT (edited by Aiden) was immediately restricted due to content, implies he can’t make any more clipped content with the fursona
>At 4:00:00 he checks his phone for notifications as his VR wrist screen thing was broken for the last hour, after some silence he says he has just seen the donations from Clair and Amy (more silence and staring follows). He is in genuine shock at the amount and will not say how much out loud (it might have been a direct dono via the streamlabs link – pic included), he thanks them sincerely
>He makes an emotional speech, “Today it was especially hard to leave the house, it’s been tough on Kat and I’s relationship. Don’t worry, we’re not in any trouble…but I work from 10pm to 2am and that’s mummy and daddy time you know?”…”I only finished the Youtube video at 8:30 which meant I only had half an hour to get to the studio to set up for this stream so I missed out on valuable time with Kat”

I noticed that Clair was absent from yesterday's stream - there was noticeably less activity and buzz. His success is dependent on Clair's chaotic presence and spending or else things fail to get off the ground.

No. 1838859

honestly feel like we're watching this middle aged woman have some sort of psychotic break.

No. 1838871

>complete upgrade
Ridiculously disrespectful and also false. not that we can rate Kat fairly since being a cheater, drunkard and serial tattoo tracer kinda makes it difficult to be unbiased.
Like even if she was a decent person she could have stepped in at the point Jake made Kaya live in a freezing studio during a pandemic, she just sat back and watched all that go down. Then putting her child in the household of this manbaby with serious anger issues. So yeah it's impossible to rate her fairly since her personality is dogshit but regardless, that comment should not be left public and it's very petty of him to leave it there

No. 1838876

>paying to compliment someone
making money from parasocial connections isn't new, but I feel like people should get more than a highlighted comment for their money, streaming perks are highway robbery

No. 1838881


I reckon old Jakey Boy may have got himself his first bona fide nutter! Sure the others have been a bit loopy but on the whole mostly harmless fools who are easily parted from their money, but this one, this one I think has potential to be a full on lunatic. She’s dropping thousands and it won’t be long before she starts expecting things for it. What those things will be I couldn’t tell you, ‘Queen of the snaccs’ maybe? Recognition as the official liner of Fakes pockets? She’ll want something though. This should be fun!

No. 1838886

>He makes an emotional speech, “Today it was especially hard to leave the house, it’s been tough on Kat and I’s relationship. Don’t worry, we’re not in any trouble…but I work from 10pm to 2am and that’s mummy and daddy time you know?”
Then I'm sure she'll LOVE the 12 hour stream today, kek! Nothing hot about your bf spending so much time playing VR imo. She's probably insecure at the thought of him jerking it to 3d anime girls.
Also, fucking puke at "mummy and daddy" time. He really fancies himself Isaac's father, even calling him "my/our kid" at times.

No. 1838902

Underage pup dancing until it dies??
Wtaf is this?! This is disturbing

No. 1838913

There's something so peculiar about her…
She drives a very nice car and has been to every continent on the planet…but she's got the mental age of a 16 year old on Red Bull and laughs about poop. It's obvious that the wealth doesn't come from her and it doesn't look like she comes from old money either. From the tacky displays of wealth I get nouveau riche vibes from her.
Judging by the age gap between her and Fat Hulk Hogan I think she might be a sugar baby. Initially she probably loved the status and freedom of being a childless, woman of leisure who got wined and dined by a grateful old divorcé but now she looked like a chronically bored 40 something woman with no friends or passions. Finances may never be an issue for her, but money can't buy you purpose.
I think she's going through something right now so I do feel some charitability towards her. She's only been acting unhinged for the last three weeks so maybe she'll calm down and return to her senses soon.
She wasn't too mental on the stream 2 days ago: her thoughts were much clearer and her spelling had improved. Maybe she's slowly coming down from her mania? Fundamentally she's still a stunted person. I think she has been shaped by a profound lack of discipline or responsibility which makes her seem quite childish and simple.
One day Isaac will learn about his selfish mother's cowardice and how it ruined so many lives around her. She left that relationship with zero class: threatening to slap Kaya, getting fired and being exiled from friend groups. That retard deserves everything that happened to her.
The Clair arc has been nuts nonna. She just came out of nowhere and no one knows anything about her yet she's quickly become one of the most entertaining characters in this shitshow. You can tell Jake is just as weirded out by her as we are and interacts with her carefully. There were a couple of moments where she scolded him for being sexual or childish and he quickly apologised in this meek, serious voice like a little boy- "Sorry, I didn't mean it". His whole shtick is that he's inappropriate and horny so it's funny seeing him put his tail between his legs. It's still unclear whether Clair is actually offended or whether she doesn't realise her tone makes her come off as aggressive sometimes.
He was trying so hard not to laugh as he made up this fucked up shit on the spot. How is it funny to talk about a puppy sex slave forced to dance and piss itself in a cage? He also talked about furry anal gang bangs and bathing in a bath full of cum. That's some nasty coomer shit.

No. 1838921

jake the degenerate

Now is he faking being into this fury shit or is he into? it cause that so over the top and immature about it I honestly think he into it.

And admitting it hard day in relationship the cracks are showing aye. If his work schedule is 10-2am when does he see kat and the child? Assuming she works full time and the child at playschool

No. 1839123

I thought Kat only worked part-time.
On days she is working it seems he only has a few hours with her and Isaac before he has to be at the studio at 9pm for streaming. I think Saturday is their only family day.
He's doing his 12 hour stream now if anyone is interested. His 6 hours on YT just finished and he's heading to Twitch now.

No. 1839127

File: 1685647215501.jpg (29.36 KB, 1080x335, 20230601_121813.jpg)

Kat is always using Aiden/other mods as some sort of third-party messenger to communicate with Jake while he streams. And then Aiden spends $2 just to relay her message? This isn't the first time that she does this. His mods are always like "Kat says hi!" however she's NEVER come to say hi herself. It's bizarre.

No. 1839128

he really feels like he can say anything ~in character~ and it’s not going to come back on him. also he makes his own ‘work schedule’ and can shut it on how ‘hard’ that is for their totally not in trouble relationship lol.

No. 1839142

File: 1685649751550.jpg (526.64 KB, 934x435, sl5bOEy.jpg)

Got some screencaps of the YT stream.
He barely got any money in the first 4 hours, mostly chump change and gifted subs here and there. The most he got was two superchats worth $20 and $10.
Eventually Clair arrived on the scene and donated $300. A mystery newcomer called 'Desertrat Gaming' showed up and gave $350 all up - this is the first time someone has out done the Queen. Desertrat has a snacc badge next to their name but I've never heard of them before. Chat suspected it was Clair undercover but they protested, 'My name is Will. Not suspiciously someone else lol lol love ya jake'.
Jake visited some really cool worlds - a Japanese palace with cherry blossoms, a fishing world with clear blue water, a realm with Eldritch horrors amongst lots of others (much better than furry sex dungeons and in-world cinemas).
Ew I hate this. of course Skat uses the public discord to try involve the snacc pacc - it must be some grifter tactic that Aiden is too dumb to see through.

No. 1839556

I haven't ever seen his twitch streams; can anyone confirm that the really weird sex shit (I know he's always been inappropriately sexual, I'm specifically referring to the VERY weird stuff being discussed in the last few days) started around the time this chick started donating? Becuase if so, I'll bet anything that this is a humilation/findom kink being acted out. She makes him humiliate himself sexually in front of an audience and he gets massive $$$ rewards for it. She's 100% communicating with him via private messages to discuss what she wants him to say. And then she disciplines him in front of his audience for being a naughty boy. Also seems like a weird coincidence that he talks about weird sex stuff that kills a puppy right around the time he gets crazy amounts of money from a woman who talks about shitting on the floor and then her dog eating it and dying. I feel like I'm going to hell just for being made aware that this situation exists. Those two are going to, like, super hell if they are in fact doing this in front of an unconsenting audience in general and one that includes minors in particular.

No. 1839570

I think you're onto something. Reminds me of that jazz metal cover band or some shit where the lead singer mysteriously pissed on a man from the audience's face out of nowhere, while he coincidentally had a gopro cam attached to his head ready for the occasion. They obviously arranged it beforehand for $$$$ because it was his specific fetish. Basically sordid goings on behind the scenes that the audience are unknowingly exposed to.
Definitely would explain the bizarre nature of his furry comments and her huge donations.
ref for random pee story: https://metro.co.uk/2021/11/15/brass-against-frontwoman-urinates-on-fan-during-concert-15602883/
>In response to people asking whether the concert-goer knew what was going to happen, the band insisted: ‘Yes. Several comments made about peeing prior to it actually happening. Invited to stage.’

No. 1839590

Considering Clair's poop fixation, maybe that's why Jake kept fucking farting during the 12 hour stream as soon as she started donating kek.

No. 1839605

I wonder if Kat is catching the ick for him yet. I know I would if my bf took up a hyperfixation in VR and anime girls. No doubt she'll push through the ick as long as he's still bringing in decent donations though.

No. 1839648

You can go to his Twitch now and watch all his VODs (previous streams), there's no paywall to access old content like there is on his Youtube. You have to put up with some ads but everything is still up there so far. Go to https://www.twitch.tv/jaketwitchstreams.
>Between 3:38:00-3:43:00 he adopts the Velvet Thunder fursona and things get disgusting really quickly…
Find 'VTUBER VARIETY MADNESS' VOD and jump ahead to the timestamp above.
I think it's unlikely that Jake is a full-on degenerate who jacks off to underage puppy vore - I know he's making a mockery of furries and the sexual depravity of the more extreme parts of the culture. It was supposed to be a gag…however I won't lie, it made me really uncomfortable when he had to mention the 'barely legal pup' being forced into sex work until it dies. It was that little detail that made him crack up the hardest (it's almost as if young women and children don't face this reality everyday). Most of his chatters love Velvet Thunder and encouraged it. I don't think Clair made any comment about it though.

No. 1839657

File: 1685712870348.jpg (247.69 KB, 1080x1846, 20230602_063033.jpg)

Jesus she is gaunt. Her jaw/neck look like they'd snap in the wind, or by a tap from Jake. The weird face shrinking filters she uses really accentuate it. I'd tell Jake to feed/provide for his malnourished twig better, but he can't even feed himself. He constantly brings up how little he's eaten that day as if it's an accomplishment and how "skinny" dancing around in VR is going to make him.

No. 1839659

There is definitely something fucky about her face, especially when you compare it to her wedding photos. She has probably had work done, is undereating, and abusing filters.

No. 1839662

File: 1685714085210.jpg (493.21 KB, 3464x2309, botched.jpg)

she got that filler "mustache" big time, a lot of her friends and the women at Meraki get work done so it only makes sense that she would too. Clair's donations going to good use.

No. 1839698

File: 1685717784471.jpg (297 KB, 664x679, UWFouVp.jpg)

12 Hour Stream Pt II notes
>He resumes the stream on Twitch (you can see him breathe a sigh of relief when he sees Clair is present) and a spending frenzy ensues, there is a 'level 15 hype train'
>Jake mostly spergs about J-Rock, sits in the in-world cinema and does escape rooms
>He mentions that his Portugal trip and tummy tattoo were cancelled because of some bullshit about healing with the VR body gear
>Jake thinks all his Twitch followers, different from subscribers, have been gifted 1 month subs, a chatter says any excess gifted subs will go to (unwilling) randoms on Twitch lol
>Clair tells a fascinating story about dog shit and reveals she's 33 (with the mental age of a 12 yr old and the face of a haggard, middle-aged barfly)
>Ends by saying he has a wedding with Kat this weekend and may not stream tomorrow, also mentions that his family day (Saturday) may move depending on his schedule each week
>He confirms he will do a RL reaction stream once a week on topics of HIS choosing, he also got shitty at a chatter asking him about playing video games ('ok listen…it looks like I do have to keep repeating myself') - says he will eventually play games as a 2-D head and in his in-world form

No. 1839732

File: 1685722489875.jpeg (130.72 KB, 880x1200, 52712987-3C62-4158-8D53-49CA0F…)

She looks like jeffree star kek

No. 1839796

It's honestly kind of bizarre how gaunt her face is and how shapeless she is overall when she has those lunch lady arms. She might just be one of those girls who carry all their weight in their shoulders though? Tbh earlier in her appearance in the threads I thought she was kind of cute, but she's been looking particularly rough and dehydrated lately judging by >>1835577 and >>1835584 Jake really seems to suck the life out of ppl

No. 1839801

Looks like she has an eating disorder? I know jake all about weight loss atm maybe she joining him or triggering her

No. 1839961

It's funny to me how Jake has spent so much energy talking shit about content for short attention spans like Tiktok, when VR is literally EXACTLY that. The world hopping, changing avatars, spending mere moments doing/talking about something before moving on to something else, being able to change yourself and your surrounding in a moment. This sort of content is MADE for short attention spans.

No. 1840021

Idk how anyone without a short attention span could ever stand watching his muse Filian.

No. 1840042

agreed, it's uncanny. same super skinny body type, the tattoos all over, and masculine face caked in makeup, green hair. she needs to get a Gucci track suit and be an impersonator.
I dont know how looking like a manorexic is an "upgrade" to Jake and his male fans, it makes me question if they are hetero, not that there's anything wrong with it, kek

No. 1840043

File: 1685761570114.jpg (44.34 KB, 640x640, Doq9HjTXgAEwhQV.jpg)

He's supposedly bisexual and was a big jeff fan at one point kek

No. 1840067

He literally skinwalked him in his pink hair era. Tbh has there ever been a time he hasn't skinwalked somebody? Jeffree star, male counterpart to kaya when he started youtube, game grumps for MAG, casey neistat fir vlogs, rotten hollow (who happens to be jude bishop's ex) when he returned to doing makeup, kat's husband dean… He's not creative enough to be inspired by them so he straight up becomes them

No. 1840142

Omg our favorite goth couple Skat and Fake

No. 1840153

File: 1685782115444.jpg (226.85 KB, 1162x1549, 1658254143858.jpg)

reposting this gem from an old altcows thread. kek

No. 1840155

File: 1685782535595.png (613.86 KB, 756x448, spot-the-difference.png)

this was made pre headwound tattoo, but it's honestly kind of uncanny at this point.

No. 1840176

These two act like borderline ana-chans. Jake made an interesting comment on stream yesterday:
'If I made a female version of my avatar, it’d have to be my ideal type of body on a woman. Everyone in VR chat wants a 4ft 10 chick with giant titties, the tiniest waist and a huuuge ass – I don’t want that. The female version of my model would be the kind of girl that I like, which is my gf - slim, elegant and beautiful'
If any other guy said that no one would bat an eyelid but we all know Jake and how he projects his self-hatred and orthorexia on to others - this reveals so much more than being 'loyal' to his bony gf.
Once someone mentions weight or diet in chat it sets him off - he loves divulging in his obsession. On stream he also talked about how he weighs his food and how he's actually been losing weight since he started V-tubing ('I lost half an inch off my waist so far, that's a lot maaan').
He did some boring calorie counting on stream and mentioned that he doesn’t go to gym to get huge, he just wants to get fat off his body through strict exercise and diet.
A masterpiece. Just like Nate Schwandt Jake is also a vain man-whore with a wandering eye.

No. 1840180

>'If I made a female version of my avatar, it’d have to be my ideal type of body on a woman.
Yeah this faggot would have trooned out by now if he had his "ideal body type".
>Everyone in VR chat wants a 4ft 10 chick with giant titties, the tiniest waist and a huuuge ass – I don’t want that. The female version of my model would be the kind of girl that I like, which is my gf - slim, elegant and beautiful'
Unashamedly promoting his ana-agenda and body shaming his biggest fans, many of which are short and chubby women. His content is so fucking unhealthy for a woman's mindset and he doesn't deserve a platform to spread his insecurities.

No. 1840185

Such a classic way that misogynistic men try to compliment insecure women: by comparing them to other body types/women in attempt to put them above others. Of course retarded Skat would fall for that dark manipulation tactic/pickup artist type of moid shit, guess it works on people like her. That is so fucking sad.

No. 1840235

One of Kaya's stories in her 3 hour relationship video was about how Jake went to eat some chicken in the middle of the night, he left it on the counter so it went off, in the morning she pointed it out and said 'aw, your chicken' and he went absolutely crazy, iirc he was smashing plates and she had to run across to a neighbours house holding her cat to escape.
This does suggest he has food issues to me, like his late night binge was caught and he was so embarrassed he lost it.
Kat probably does represent an ideal body to him since she's thin, and he has basically never been thin except for briefly when he was skinwalking Jeffree star. And Kaya used to be very thin.
I would guess he's probably a binge eater/bulimia and he tries to exercise it off.

No. 1840372

File: 1685821515424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 573.06 KB, 654x1327, j3qpGnT.jpg)

I've skim-watched a few of Jake's streams to make my hate collages and I'm starting to see the appeal of VR: there's basically infinite worlds to explore and you can take your time to interact with each environment and have some unique experiences. VR streaming won't give you immediate gratification like TT or IG 'reels', but with the right streamers guiding you it has the potential to be much more immersive and entertaining. Chat can ruin the experience (it depends hugely on who the demographic is and how mature they are) but that's a problem on most streams. I can see V-tubing overtaking gaming streams soon enough - it can get really boring watching gameplay while the talking head in the corner zones out and barely engages in communication, at least VR gaming has a bit of novelty and engagement to it.
I tried to watch Filian before and hooo-ly shit I didn't make it 5 minutes… It's just a cat girl who talks in a loli voice, wears predominantly school girl clothes and accidentally flashes her crotch to chat. The comments in chat are frequently sexual and she likes to respond with this coked-out, camgirl laugh - YUCK! How are these streams not 18+?? This is sex work and she is a pedo-factory.
I wonder how long Jake has been watching her. Interestingly her fans are called 'snackers'…

No. 1840386

File: 1685822981581.jpg (61.28 KB, 1079x910, Screenshot_20230603-130955_Chr…)

"Daddy wanted to fuck Tinkerbell"
What the fuck, Jake.

No. 1840434

peak parasocial relationship happening right here

wouldn't surprise me tbh. He's usually salivating and ranting about mcdonalds and other garbage tier food late at night in his streams.

I honestly wonder if Kat is going to start having late night guests over while he's "hard at work" vtubing since "mummy and daddy time" isn't happening outside photographing grotesque OF content every other Saturday.

It's pretty obvious he's been watching filian for a while now, the "snackers" thing is pretty damning and he's constantly trying to get her attention these days too. Dude is clearly a degenerate hentai watcher and that's further proven with his weird little girl sex roleplays with kat and the vtubers he's following. He really shares a lot of parallels with Onision to me tbh, I really hope he and Kat never actually have any kids of their own.

No. 1840468

next she'll be wearing a white wig & tail and the caption will be "Daddy wanted to fuck Filian"

No. 1840490

I checked twitch follower website, filian is the only account Jake follows lol

No. 1840502

I meant the ones he follows on twitter, but his filian obsession is still so weird.

No. 1840517

kek no on Twitter Jake follows a bunch of hypersexualised Vtubers clad in latex with physically impossible body types and jiggle physics
and also Filian, the loli in a schoolgirl outfit known for her pantsu shots

No. 1840519

File: 1685837679252.jpg (531.74 KB, 3464x2309, coomer.jpg)

This account that he follows posts literal VR porn and now he wants to fuck Disney characters. Jake, touch grass.

No. 1840568

lmao what a "gorgeous" girlfriend that pretty goth boy has.

No. 1840572

LMAO slim, ok, beautiful is not the word, and Kat has only ever been arguably elegant was on her wedding day to another man LMAO, even then the Great Gatsby theme was kind of Kardashian from wish.
her typical fashion sense is so tacky, her tattoos are juvenile, the porn thing and type of porn costumes (a cow, stripper, wannabe Belle Delphine gamer kitty girl and now tinker belle) isn't exactly peak sophistication lol.
if any other guy said this, I'd assume his girlfriend is extremely insecure and mad that he was caught lusting at whatever the body type he is bashing to make her feel better. the specific criticism makes me think he hates women who happen to be on average, short, and have curves. he is calling that less than elegant is making him sound like a gay fashion designer. he is a Troon lover. if I were a MTF I'd be feeling super validated right now, like I have a chance with him due to my lanky proportions.

No. 1840578

"If I made a female version of my avatar, it’d have to be my ideal type of body on a woman, which is my gf"
His content creator coomer to troon sex worker pipeline is starting.

No. 1840645

Having to tell everyone that his ‘preferred body type’ is his girlfriend screams insecurity to me.

It’s very clear that their relationship is built on very shaky ground, they barely knew each other before her and her kid moved in with him, he’s not at home much as he’s constantly streaming to try and restore his income as his channel is tanking and without Clair (with whom he totally has some humiliation kink thing going on) he’s fucked and will have to ‘work at Tesco’. He knows she’s got form for cheating. She knows he’s got form for cheating. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 1840646

He said all the same shit about kaya and people were calling for them to break up years before they did I wouldn't hold my breath. Kat and jake have known each other a few years and now have been together for over a year. He'll drag this shit out for years if Kat maintains a job and if he gets her pregnant.

Also any slim anons find it hilarious that Kat gets called bone rattling. How fat are some of you

No. 1840685

File: 1685873288205.jpg (111.24 KB, 1080x1373, tVaKHUe.jpg)

I need brain bleach after reading that
I wouldn't be surprised if Jake follows porny V-tubers in hopes of 'collaborating' with them one day on Fansly. He wishes he could make the same money as them without taking off his kit.
There's nothing wrong with having a thing for lanky women (even Kaya made a TikTok about how she likes 'really skinny guys who look like they're dying') but Jake talks about it like it's the most important feature in a partner - commitment to staying thin and undereating is a virtue for him. It's one thing to appreciate your partner's body in private but it's weird when his thin fetishism creeps out whenever he publicly speaks of Kat - I can't really think of personal attributes he has praised in Kat. It's funny how Jake struggled to find a nice thing to say about Kaya's features in the Boyfriend tag video but he could probably list all the body parts he likes in Kat with ease.
It's tragic that Jake and Kaya both stopped being each other's type within the first half of their relationship.

No. 1840776

>daddy wanted to fuck tinker bell
Ew I hate it when she calls him daddy. I have no idea how DDLG has become so normalized. It's a kink rooted in incest (daddy has obvious implications) and non-consent (because little girls, which implies child, can't consent). People should start calling it what it is, an incest/pedo kink.

No. 1840875

all this talk of him constantly bringing up Kat's body type and comparing it to other people reminded me of recently when he randomly dropped Kat's height & weight while streaming, I think like 5'7 and 130-something? in retrospect that seems like kind of a weird thing to randomly just say, almost like he's putting feelers out for anyone new who might fit his "ideal body type", or to shame his female followers who aren't that, or both

No. 1840897

>like 5'7
Does that mean jake is even smaller than 5'7 since he appears to be a little shorter than kat? Male height doesn't matter to me because I'm lesbian lmao but fake clearly has body image issues about both height and weight, kaya has said he's raged about his height often. He claims 5'9 but is bro 5'6?

No. 1841034

I really have to wonder if the sims porn was his idea given his obvious interest in all things hentai and porn at this rate. Would not be surprised if he stoops as low as to make porn with his shitty vtube avatar.

It's literally age play shit which is basically pedo rp. Absolutely disgusting, especially for two mid 30-somethings raising a toddler together.

It's really hard to say at this point because there are photos of him and Kaya beside eachother and seeming the same height if not him slightly shorter. Kat always seems to be bending her knees a bunch in her photos to Jake while he stands up straight. Maybe he's just permanently hunched over like a gorilla from only working out his upper body? Maybe the dude is shrinking? I have a feeling Kat is taller than 5'7" and Jake is likely closer to 5'9" and is one of those dudes who "rounds up" though.

No. 1841041

holy shit! if she is 5'7" then he and dean are like 5'4". definitely proportioned like midgets, farmers have long suspected it, but Jake really wants us to think he is 5'9?! HAHAHA! kat is always wearing flat converse shoes with him and bending her knees in pics next to him. she is definitely taller than him. I dont know why but I thought she was even taller than kaya because she doesnt ever wear heels next to him.
no wonder he "prefers" tall women because women over there are all as tall/taller than he is. her weight is weird to randomly mention. most women wouldn't want to volunteer their weight, even if they like it because what if they go over… there's a lot of baggage about weight and measurements. it's a very backhanded thing to compliment on women.

No. 1841042

oh dear god nonnie, you're probably right that he came up with the sims porn idea. god help us if he decides to do some cringey vtube porn (though i think it's just inevitable at this point)

also massive KEK at the whole height thing. it makes so much sense and it's fucking hilarious

No. 1841049

he has said he prefers dumber women since meeting kat lol, so there you go. ideal body type, "beautiful", and dumber.
he actually complimented Kaya physically a lot in the beginning, called her pretty, sexy, liked her "good bum." the boyfriend tag was like 6 years into their relationship if I recall correctly, and while he struggled to say he found her attractive other than "tall, slim, goth, all my favorite things" after she looked like she was about to cry, he was saying she was really good at YouTube/social media and talented at most things she attempted to do (but wouldnt stick with like art and taxidermy). also he was proud of her for being in a segment about goths on The BBC. he's got a little coat tail riding in him. I'm surprised he is not trying to be a tattoo artist now.

No. 1841062

all I know is if my bf offered my height & weight to a room full of randos, I'd be extremely put off. not bc I'm ashamed of my body type but bc that's a super weird thing to do.

No. 1841071

Kat pretty obviously wants to be seen as a sex object/trophy wife though. Also they have a very weird parasocial thing goign on with their snaccs where Kat even communicates with Jake through them now? She probably gets off on feeling like all his fat old snaccs are jealous of her or want to be her.

No. 1841113

I've recently started watching Jacksepticeye and as I was skimming his past uploads, I noticed that a few months ago he started doing Resident Evil VR videos. Guessing that's where Fake got the idea to do Silent Hill VR, because his entire YouTube existence has revolved around desperately latching onto what a other famous person is doing. Honestly surprised he hasn't skinwalked Sean (yet), considering that he's one of the most successful gaming channels.

No. 1841124

I've thought this too!

No. 1841197

how is she gonna be a "trophy wife" if she's not even engaged to the loser? more like a participation badge live-in girlfriend who also has to go to work and raise a kid AND tend to jake's semi absent ass now that he sets his own schedule to be away from her and the kid. he may have been cucked into raising dean's son, but she is getting a whole lot of nothing out of the relationship. maybe that's why Jake is so smug. I said it before, the vacations are something for Jake too, he never gets her anything expensive for just her enjoyment. the nicest thing he has ever bought for her is a pole lol. they are such a low budget couple.
I hope she dumps him for being shady as hell with the "I hate big boobs, tiny waists, and big asses! I only ever want to fuck my gf!" and sharing her weight like a weirdo. she probably got the vibe that he jerks off to anime porn with those proportions because why on earth is he following those accounts, his public hate of e-girls and DDLG ended up being a kink of his, and so now he is over correcting to make her feel better about anime girls. it's embarrassing! he is not thinking of her integrity at all and is sharing that she is insecure.

No. 1841202

makes me think of recently Lady Allura was talking about how she subs to Kat on Onlyfans (surprise, surprise) and seeing Kat makes her feel jealous of her body and "flat stomach" and honestly that is so sad that Lady Allura feels the need to do that just to support Jake in every outlet that she can, even at the expense of her self esteem

No. 1841224

Someone or something made him hate his own body type so much, that he also hates it on others and wants them to suffer with his same insecurities.

No. 1841230


I’d bet pound to a penny that he is the image of his mother.

No. 1841233

File: 1685948742009.png (186.7 KB, 507x916, jakekatheight.png)

Here's a pic of Jake standing on his tippy toes and Kat bending her knees so he can appear taller. They both seem to be wearing similar shoes too? There's no way he's a whole 3 inches taller than her.

According to him both his parents are short, fat, and "unfuckable". Sounds like he takes after them both tbh.

No. 1841236


Does she? Because honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it's just what Jake wants- it's so glaringly obvious she doesn't feel comfortable in these outfits/doesn't understand the reference ( like when she tried looking like sexy D.Va) that's all Jake's influence. Before Jake her breadth of modeling work was way more classy and professional. Now it's tacky and pornographic. I fully Trust Jake to have cheapened and manipulated Kat into debasing herself in budget Disney costumes, he's going to humiliate and ruin Kat and her reputation and she's going to be too stupid to realize. There's a reason he prides her on her lack of intelligence, people like that are incredibly easy to manipulate. Same with the DDLG kink shit. I strongly suspect this is Jake's influence. Not saying Kat isn't a shitty person with poor judgement, just that Jake is no doubt making her exponentially worse and enabling that bad decision making because he knows she's too stupid to see the manipulation.

No. 1841309

He should just buy inner shoe lift rather than going on tip toes and her bending her knee. Kat looks nice in this

No. 1841331

Jake's little sister used to post about him and comment on things and I'm pretty sure he has posted her too sometimes. Anyone find that on his insta?

No. 1841333

While searching I found this old FB


No. 1841334

If you check the friends list of this acc look for Phoebe, thats his sister.


No. 1841380

File: 1685976059641.jpg (114.94 KB, 1077x1077, 20230605_073723.jpg)

don't give them advice and no she doesn't, she looks like Jeffree Star

Jake's "thinspiration" wow he really used to be unashamedly ana and is slowly leaning back into that and pushing it on his viewers. Funny how his thinspiration is some Asian twink with an entirely different genetic makeup than him. Also his old alliterative scene kid name was fucking retarded. Syn Scream, kek.

No. 1841408

She looks like the crimson chin!!!

No. 1841419

Quick take ss of anything milky before he deletes the account. Because, not to "hi cow" but…

No. 1841433

File: 1685986111917.jpg (864.8 KB, 599x1034, hpjnTO8.jpg)

That's Miyavi, a Japanese musician. You can see the chokehold he's had over Jake since 2004 - he's heroine chic personified, likes gender-bending, outrageous fashion and he's renowned for his virtuosic guitar skills.
He caught the J-Rock bug at 14 or 15 and continued to skin-walk Miyavi long after he stopped being a die-hard fan. He's copied Miyavi's look with the straightened bangs and hat a few times now and has admitted himself it looks shit on him (kek at the Johnny Two-Hats moment).
As he transitioned into his early twenties Jake tried so hard to remain as androgynous and small as possible and starve the man out of himself - it seemed like it was quite a dark chapter in his life. I think you are right nonna, he is slowly slipping back into pro-ana tendencies: Kat is his new thinspiration.
He has had life-long issues with self-obsession, delusions of grandeur and jealousy. He talked about how his younger brother was tall, skinny and sporty during their teenage years and how that jealousy caused a lot of tension in the house. Then he became a vain young man, drooling over models on VF and fantasizing about being a J-Rock star exploding mastubatory guitar riffs over screaming fan girls - he saw his body as an obstacle to that goal and did his best to punish it at the detriment to his mental health (and his relationships).
That's really sad, I'm pretty sure she's just a teenager. I hope Jake had the decency to shut down that unhealthy comparison straight away. Jake should stop talking about his gf's weight and 'hotness' unless he's trying to make his younger snaccs as miserable as he was at their age - what a nonce.

No. 1841436

File: 1685987780302.png (515.03 KB, 689x856, Schermopname (1158).png)

No. 1841437

File: 1685987837140.jpg (56.61 KB, 816x612, 192045_209109259115565_6354720…)

No. 1841438

File: 1685987883208.png (182.7 KB, 793x596, Schermopname (1159).png)

No. 1841439

Actually she just turned 24, she said so in one of his recent streams. And his other snaccs made some cringey comments about how they’re all only 21 and they don’t age

No. 1841441

File: 1685988093263.jpg (34.83 KB, 1080x545, Unlucky.jpg)

Jake Munro is still a bully, but his luck is running out. Some things change while others stay the same.

No. 1841493

That didn’t age well kek

No. 1841494

Nona scroll up a bit to >>1832773

No. 1841528

skinny legends. kat looks like she could lose a few compared to how Jake and kaya looked in this pic. but nothing lasts forever.
why did Jake start bulking up? his arms are SO stubby looking now. it's unfortunate that he went from one body extreme to the other. he is not going to get that waif boy look back at 30 something. he lost all neck lmao

No. 1841575

going through those old pics, he really looks like a mtf. maybe it's just the longer pink hair, but he just looks like a trans fag KEK or at least a gender-bender

and the way-too-low boxers to show his pubic bone… wtf???

that upper right pic of fake really makes him look like an anachan girl, damn. just waiting for the 'i'm transgender' video to come out (if he ever drops his shitty macho man persona…)

No. 1841593

Kaya is obviously at least an inch taller than him, maybe even two judging from this photo. It's very possible judging from >>1841233 Kat and Jake are actually the same height at around 5'8" but one rounds up to feel less of a manlet and one rounds down so she can be his tiny uwu babygirl. kek

No. 1841707

Jake says he was prepared for the shitstorm and repercussions to his career when the cheating scandal went public but I don't think he realised he left one cage for another one.
On stream he spoke about how 'the wee one' frequently woke him up with his crying and you could hear the slight resentment in his voice. In fact, he doesn't mention Isaac with the same warmth in his voice anymore.
I noticed Clair didn't show up in his last two streams so he barely made any money. His audience was mostly made up of the same regulars who come every day and toss him $2 or 100 bits every 15 mins or so.
Even after all the excitement of the 4 figure donos last week he knows that nothing is guaranteed. Most streamers don't jump in with both feet and no day-job: they take it slow and wait for it to become steady before they commit (especially if there's high living costs and children involved).
Even if one of them did want out of the relationship right now they wouldn't be able to afford moving out. Kat would have to move back in with her parents and Jake would have to go back to social housing (an anon confirmed Jake and Kaya previously lived in government subsidized housing area).
>>1841436, >>1841437
He would have been 19 here (nearly 20) - he almost looks like a child from how much he was starving himself. I think he was near peak orthorexia- running to and from work, only eating bites of food and highly irritable to everyone around him.
Kaya might have only been 17 here. I remember she constantly talked about dieting on her tumblr (even she looked like this) and was always sick and puking from illness in her teens. This made her already skinny frame look frail and you can notice it a lot in certain pics.
Their aspirations in modelling and stage performance during such a formative period really fucked with their heads and self-worth.

No. 1841720

sounds like he might have to get a minimum wage JOB, like he told Kaya. I'm front row here to see it.
Kat should move out. Jake's not a provider. living with her parents will at least get her consistent help with Isaac and she can save money, and play the field and not waste precious last years of her 30s being miserable with Jake the serial long term monogamist who is too stubborn and cowardly to just break it off and will eventually cheat when he gets too horny. I know the same can be said of her, but even she can do better than Stumpy Munro. Kat, get yourself a man that lets your 5'7" ass wear heels!

No. 1841762

File: 1686039128047.png (827.49 KB, 1282x680, jakesadge.png)

His views on YT have never been worse too kek. Here I thought it was bad when he couldn't break 20k views in a week, but he hasn't even crossed the 10k point in an entire month already. If claire's donations were legit, it's likely the only real money he's made in a long time. At this point he'd almost be better off taking that job at tesco. Maybe then he'd at least be able to have a little "mummy and daddy time" with Kat.

No. 1841787

The fact Jake actually used to be attractive is crazy, it seems to align with him being more confident in his bisexual gender expression versus now where he tries and fails to be macho and comes across like a TIF. He is too proud and angry to be his true self, that ship has sailed long ago but I think the pivot away from more camp/gay/bi expression is actually his downfall, he seems much more confident in these old photos

No. 1841805

What's crazy to me is that you see an unhealthily skinny looking young man in makeup with absurdly dumb looking hot pink hair and you think "attractive". Really not sure what being an anorexic J* skinwalker reads as "confidence" to you but ok.

No. 1841807

If he wants to be uwu skinny twink again why does he want to use steroids? Don’t they make you bulk up af? I wonder from all the ana behavior why he’s not skinny but such a little chub chub? I bet he’s secretly binging in his studio - oh and all these cocktails!

No. 1841833

in the smile room video i guess someone asked if he had eaten and he's like "there's several ways i could answer that but very little" or whatever and idk if he wants ppl to be concerned or he's trying to push the narrative that he's losing weight/toning while off camera.

pretty sure he's mentioned that he wants muscles with a lean torso but he wide lol. very curious of what he looked like before the alt stuff as he's built all of his aesthetics off other ppl and none of it seemed to be successful for him cos now he's a poorly designed vr thing.

No. 1841867

Something else I've noticed him mention multiple times is that he has no food in the house. So do they only order takeout? Kat doesn't cook for herself, Jake, or Isaac? Such trophy wife material kek.

No. 1841868

topkek definitely not. you know the healthy range for a given height is like a 70lb span right? he's likely on the lower half of that range here but probably not at the low end and most certainly not underweight

No. 1841881

What… he himself admitted was anorexic, he talks about how he and Kaya were hardly eating at that time. You know anorexia can look different on different people? Also, the span for a healthy weight is 30-40lbs not 70. It's not really even a question, look at that lack of body mass. Do you WANT him to be ana again or something? You the one who thinks skinny sissies are attractive? Get a better taste in men and eat your beans ana-chan.

No. 1841887

>"There's several ways i could answer that but very little"
I noticed that phrase too - he's definitely drawing attention to his new eating habits and weight-loss deliberately. He's always prided himself on being able to lose weight easily so I'm not surprised he's back on his bullshit.
I guess the V-tubing is a workout compared to reacting to content/playing games from a computer chair so I'm not surprised he's losing muscle mass but getting thinner.
He seems to swing between wanting to be a buff 'daddy' (Kat's 'type') and wanting to be a slender twink, forever youthful and able to model more extreme/femme styles.
He's really banking on the fact one of his vids or clips will go viral and he'll get thousands of subs over night. I've heard him encourage the snaccs to generate funny clips for his Twitch and I suspect he also encouraged them to gift as many subs as possible so he can force people into his channel. He has hundreds of subs now but it's unclear how many will remain after the month when they stumble across the comprehensive Jake Munro dossier.
>>1841787, >>1841872, >>1841881
He was miserable and tired when he was ana and he was incredibly uncomfortable in his skin when he was a fat normie in 2017. I think he looked best when he was average weight with eyebrows, J-rock hair, make-up (not clown paint but guy-liner) and 'bi-curious' fashion: somewhere in between the two extremes.
He's currently in his worst era looks wise - his eyes look really small and tired without make-up and his limp grey hair make him look so old. If he chilled on the gym supplements he could probably look a lot better.

No. 1841892

yes i think it would be funny if he was insecure enough to starve himself to try to look like that again, and it would be doubly funny to need to starve to be just slim and not underweight. check out the few male cows in the pro-ana thread like pencilnik or the new guy just recently posted if you want to see examples of actually underweight males

No. 1841893

>He's currently in his worst era looks wise
So true. I never found him attractive but he really “turned me off” when he got the penis eye chest tattoo and kept on going with the head tattoo kek

No. 1841905

He lost his mind and went full Gabbie Hanna (just short of livestreaming the tattoo and later ranting about the haterz)

No. 1841963

Judging from what has been said in streams, it seems like they mostly order takeout and keep snacks around for Isaac. We've all seen her "good job" note to him accompanied with toddler snacks and he's constantly talking about mcdonalds or other fast-food in stream. It's kind of no wonder he felt like he had to starve himself to get down to normal weight like in >>1841437 because he seems to eat a lot of trash.

No. 1841971

he honestly looks like he's aged 30 years, not 10. the gray hair and sunken tired eyes make him look far older and middle-aged.

also damn. not only is it unhealthy to eat out constantly, it's also EXPENSIVE. i don't know how much kat makes but i'm assuming it's not much–they could likely get groceries for a week with what they spend in three days, based off of fast food and delivery costs. no wonder he's so fat, kek

No. 1842076

he's fat because all he eats is takeout. I guess kat isn't much of a cook. more power to her, I hate when women are expected to feed grown men, but she does have a little kid to feed. but toddlers are picky, so not judging THAT, having been there myself. but Jake… if weight is so important, dude needs to learn to cook healthy things instead of eating KFC and Isaac's snack food. sauté some damn vegetables. and yes, alcohol has a ton of calories. he could probably lose weight so easily if he stopped drinking and ate healthy at least half the time. but he has no will power

No. 1842099

I agree the guy looks much older than 32, he's been looking old, dehydrated, and really worn out lately. Anytime we catch a glimpse of his real skin texture filter-free I'm a little horrified. Probably due to a mix of his poor diet, smoking, and drinking habits.

He complains about his stubborn belly fat too, but that's definitely due to his diet. He can use steroids all he wants, but he's still going to keep some fat along his midsection if he's eating fast-food all the time. Kat definitely looks more skinny-fat than she does toned and slim judging by her weird lunch lady arms too.

No. 1842156

Funny he brings up wanting to use steroids now when for the past fitness react videos he claimed that many people were openly using them and that it wasn't a real or legit way to work out and yet once again he flips on that and wants to take them now, mans made of salt

No. 1842159

When Kat got with Jake around the height of his fame right before the Munro tour, I wonder if she realized that a year later she'd be dating a VR addicted shut in and not a "rockstar". Bet that wasn't quite the glamour she expected.

No. 1842212

File: 1686114431082.jpg (572.81 KB, 563x1243, 1UsiJbi.jpg)

I'm surprised to hear they eat takeaway so much considering Jake lost so much income - I guess they're too good for frozen veggies and tuna bake (which any idiot can learn to prepare). If you're too lazy/unable to cook dinner why wouldn't you get ready-made meals? It's cheaper and healthier than the junk I assume they order. You're way less likely to make impulsive food decisions and you can look at the nutritional info for every option.
>>1835577, >>1835614, >>1842099
Bodies are weird and every woman is different, skinny in some places and fat in others. I've got thinner arms than Kat despite having a higher body fat percentage and a bit of a belly.
I'm reminded of a question in the Kibbe body types test where you are asked to catergorise the composition of your upper arms and thighs. I think she would fall under E due to the wideness and fleshiness despite being skinny overall.
She's also pushing her arm against her side in this pose and she's contracting her bicep which adds to the squish lol.
Picrel to demonstrate point.

No. 1842255

Fat upper arms in women if they’re otherwise skinny is usually caused by high estrogen. It’s very common and I don’t think is worth body shaming or nit picking for.

No. 1842280

All I'm saying is for a woman who is 130lbs at 5'7", supposedly "thin and elegant" and does pole as her main source of exercise, she has very little to show for it. She's not heavy by any means of the word, but her proportions seem like someone who restricts rather than exercises which is why it's mentioned along Jake's own take-out heavy/restriction diet habits. She appears to have very little muscle mass anywhere on her body.

No. 1842286

>Fat upper arms in women if they’re otherwise skinny is usually caused by high estrogen
I couldn't find a credible source on that one chief. I know it's associated with increased fat in the lower body and creates that classic ‘pear-shape’.
You're right though, it is nitpicky and all women will experience some age related sagging here eventually. I picked Natalie Portman for my reference because despite how petite she is certain anachans would look at her arms here and call her fat. When Kat lifts up her arms for photoshoots she doesn't have much excess fat or skin hanging down so they're not really 'lunch lady arms'. They just look unbalanced compared to the rest of her body as she has a boyish figure and her head is so small kek.
She had a toned stomach at one point but I don't know if she does her pole classes anymore. I get the impression she does it casually at the studio gym while Jack pumps iron and watches her for 'motivation'

No. 1842303

>>1842286 to build muscle she would need to be exercising hard and consistently at least a couple of hours a week and eating properly I.e. enough protein. I also think she would need to do more types of exercise than just pole. I can't see that happening

No. 1842325

nta but the pearshape body type usually has thick arms and legs. Never seen a pearshape woman with skinny arms, basically the middle is skinny and everything else is thicker.

No. 1842327

a pearshape body is nearly the opposite of what you said, bigger middle (belly butt thighs) but smaller upper body

No. 1842450

ayrt we have different ideas of what middle means aha, to me the torso is the middle and butt/thighs is lower body. Generally people with pearshapes have small waists in comparison to hips, but it is used as a synonym for curvy/overweight which adds to the confusion.

No. 1842470

The lower body refers to the hips, glutes and legs but in the context of describing a pear shaped body it's just referencing the thighs, not the full legs.
I have noticed in some medical contexts apple and pear shapes are only used to describe the middle. It doesn't help that the silly fruit body theory of the 000s had changing definitions for the shapes and have added to the confusion lol.

No. 1842500

Does anyone get annoyed when Jake talks about how tough his schedule is and the sacrifice he and Kat had to make? Night work sucks but he only has to do 4 hour streams in the comfort of a private studio. Try being a long haul truck driver or a mine site worker - now that's tough on a family. Also, I don't know why he drives home tired after the stream ends at 2am - wouldn't it make more sense to sleep 5 hours at the studio and drive home rested to be with Kat by 7:30am? He has a few hours with her before she heads off to work and then he has the whole day to edit videos, nap and whatever else he does. I wonder if he ever looks after Isaac when Kat's at the studio or whether the kid always gets sent to daycare.
I checked FB before and Meraki Tattoo is only open from Tues to Sat 11-5. Those hours are pretty family friendly and Kat only works part-time. Kat gets steady enough work from being a trade tattooist (not an artist but someone who copy-pastes) doing Disney designs so she may only come in on days a client messages her on IG.
Jake could definitely downsize from that 2 storey garage with 3 offices, 30 mins drive from Lisburn. He doesn't need all that space, he's wasting time travelling an hour a day and there's probably closer studios.

No. 1842557

It’s always weird and facepalm-worthy to listen to someone bitching and crying everyone a river over ‘muh though schedule’, when they’re self-employed. Especially the kind of self-employed Fake is – when you’re a streamer and low-production reaction video creator.

If your schedule doesn’t work for you – change it. It’s that simple. You’re the one setting it, there’s no boss that is dictating you when to do what at which hour, without any compromise. It’s entirely in your hands.
And sure, with things like streams there are timeframes that are better and more beneficial to pick, but there’s still plenty of room for tweaks. You can pick those out and plan together as a household – when one is streaming, another one is doing something else, and then you meet in the middle. And with things like YT you can be flexible to the max, because it only ever matters when the video will be published for everyone to see. Everything in between is improvisational.

But here’s the catch, you have to plan together, taking into consideration what your other half needs to get done, prefers, etc. And Fake the raging narc has no understanding of such concept – considering the other’s wishes. That, and also immersing himself in work is his obvious coping mechanism he’s had all this time. When there’s a situation that doesn’t sit well with him, he escapes into his studio to work his arse off, instead of facing the issue and looking for a solution. It’s just escapism, and the kind he conveniently holds against the other person later on, because he’s also a passive-aggressive bitch. It’s not down to scheduling but shitty coping mechanisms and lack of life skills.

No. 1842596

Not to go too off topic but I noticed he's been pulling more excuses regarding his scheduling ever since he dumped Kaya. I am 90% sure before this he was living comfortably and now since hes scrambling to get money back up and recover his channel he's either lying about being busy to seem like things are still good or he IS busy literally trying to scrape something up. Only weird anomaly out of this typical downfall is the donations recently but I'm not sure where to even begin with that…

No. 1842632

The studio is an entire hour drive from the house they are renting? Sorry Kat, I guess it makes sense she wouldn't have "much to show" for her work-outs as I can only assume it's rare for her to even make it out there. It's likely only doable on days Dean has the kid as it's not like Jake is going to stay at home with him to let her go an hour out on her own to work out. Which is obviously for the best given Jake's attitude towards misbehaving children and his very short fuse.

Jake's current streaming schedule on twitch has him out at the studio Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for four hours at a time. Does he have a set streaming schedule for YT? I can't seem to find one listed anywhere on his social media.

No. 1842634

In an older video, he specifically says that the “several hours a day” of time it takes to cook is a pain in the ass, and he doesn’t have time for it because he has to make videos. It’s a long term excuse, not Kat-specific.

No. 1842690

several hours? can't he look up 20 minute meals, or make a fucking sandwich? he's such a little boy. it's fine to say you hate cooking and so you outsource it, but he's acting like he's so busy and "has no time" then at the same time pines to be thinner. Jake, loosen up the schedule and realize your calorie deficit dreams, fast-food addicted fatfuck.

No. 1842759

Did anyone see the short on youtube he did where he was a cat femboy working in a cafe and talking grossly about anal sex, cock sucking, etc? He sounded full on gay.

No. 1842761

File: 1686222620895.webm (13.8 MB, 720x1280, SaveTube.io-DON'T EAT THE FOOD…)

Uploaded to not give him views
boy pussy shit so disgusting

No. 1842765

I didn't think he could sink this low for views but here we are

No. 1842774

To think that Kat lets this man around her toddler son. Horrifying.

No. 1842792

That avatar actually looks better than the shit he paid for lmao

No. 1842796

I'm still slightly shocked his "studio" was fucking huge. It's the size of the three studios I lived in combined. There is no need for it. The guy must be bleeding money and is too dumb to realise. No way is he making enough to pay for his rental house and that huge building.

No. 1842829

He's gonna look back on this content after a while and be so fucking embarrassed.

No. 1842851

Degenerates are never embarrassed

No. 1842883

I know right! It was the size of a decent sized house. He would been better of buying a house then constantly renting a studio. didn’t he at one point he had 3 studios or is the 3 studios the one he has now? Or have I just made that up

I feel dirty after watching that. Looks like he be going down the femboy anime fury porn any day soon ‘moist boy pussy ’ well we know what he been lGoogling at then. Looks like he just done one with howls moving castle shorts to get those weeaboos to find his content

No. 1842889

The size of his studio surprised me too. Then his 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home. His studio alone is like twice the size than the average American city apartment. But then doesn't he talk about how American housing is so huge and spacious? He actually doesn't realize how good he has it.

No. 1842909


It won’t play for me can one of you lovely Nonnas give us a description please?

No. 1842917

It's exactly as nona described. Jake is using an anime cat boy avatar to say "welcome to femboy hooters, let me give you a six inch hotdog to shove in your mouth, with my dirty my hands that touched my co workers asses." Considering how decidedly unsexy is OF is I bet this is the way he actually dirty talks lmao.

No. 1842955

Tbh it IS dirty. I have a strong urge to shower with acid after hearing him kek

No. 1843007

File: 1686259596760.jpeg (76.75 KB, 828x1109, IMG_1162.jpeg)

He started to get copyright claims, too, apparently?

No. 1843018

>Howdy folks welcome to femboy hooters. I'm simply named green. I've got the moistest boy pussy in the whole place. (slurping sounds) What can I get you? How about one slice of pizza? Here you go, would you like to eat it off my ass? Oh, I know what you want. You want a nice big 6in hotdog. Yeah, stick that in your mouth. Uh, we also have literally a burger patty touched directly with my dirty femboy hands that have been touching asses all day… of my coworkers! Yeah, my coworkers that work real hard. Oh, look there's one right here. Oh hey coworker how is it going I'll stay down here. Could you serve the customer that's up there? Hi my name is red, nice to see ya. That was my coworker green that's down there. (whimpering moaning with slurping sounds) Never mind what he's doing! Let's see what I got down here that I can give ya. We have some uh, anal beads? (picks up dango) That can go on your hotdog. There you go anal beads and a nice long sausage! You came to the right place.
This 32yo man really thinks this is peak humor and good enough to clip as a promo for his twitch streams.

He's been getting hit with it on Twitch too, entire areas of audio have been cut from his streams due to using copyrighted media.

No. 1843026

He's live on YT now.
He talked about how he finishes his streams at 2am but stays in the studio to scroll Youtube for 45 mins before speeding home in 15 mins (he emphasizes he goes so fast his tyres smell of burning rubber when he arrives home). He remains super wound up post stream so he goes to the living room and watches V-tuber compilations while making art (I've never seen him create artwork lol). He climbs into bed at 4 and sleeps until Kat wakes up at 9 (quite the lie in with someone with a kid).
Oh, and Clair is back after a little break and donating the big monies again, $300 within the first 10 minutes or something. I can't be fucked watching anymore but it might be a milky one: he's really sleep deprived so he might be more unhinged lol.

No. 1843077

Honestly the more he goes into detail about this stuff the more it sounds like he's doing coke. Does steroids have similar side effects or symptoms. Meandering about and chatting for 4 hours until 2am shouldn't have you so "amped up" that you literally can't sleep for the next 3 or more hours and drive so fast your wheels are burning. This sounds like coke-head energy.

No. 1843082

I used to laugh at the stupid tinfoil about Kaya being on drugs, but with Jake, I actually would believe it. Maybe it’s the steroids he’s been talking about.

No. 1843089

>He remains super wound up post stream so he goes to the living room and watches V-tuber compilations
By wound up he probably means turned on from his snaccs thirsting over him and by vtuber compilations he probably means virtual hentai.
>while making art (I've never seen him create artwork lol)
The art must be the wankstain he leaves.

No. 1843096

File: 1686267116893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.84 KB, 600x909, Andy-andy-sixx-and-black-veil-…)

I realised fake has the same man baby torso as Andy Biersack did (idk about current Andy) picrel

No. 1843124

I'm leaning towards steroid side-effects myself. I usually don't put much faith in the drug tinfoils, but his behavior is so bizarre it's hard not to think he's on something. Also I'm going to go ahead and tinfoil that his hour spent "researching" vtubers before bed is actually code for him having a late night hentai fap session very à la onision. He's already got the same sense of humor as him. kek

No. 1843129

…what the fuck did i just watch? i need bleach, stat. how does he think this is funny?? how is it worth views??? he's really going downhill, and fast. this is so fucking cringe. it's only a matter of time before he starts doing gay furry femboy vtuber porn, i say it'll be a month max before he goes down that rabbit hole.

very good point nonna. his studio is absolutely huge, it would be a really nice space to live in honestly. i'm looking at apartments currently (i'm from the us) and one, they're tiny, and two, they're expensive as fuck. he's very lucky with that big of a studio space… that he doesn't seem to use much of the space for anything but storage. kek

sorry, he turns a 30 min drive into a 15 min one? i hope he gets pulled over one of these days and maybe even gets his license suspended. i agree with the other anons that he's likely on something. maybe not coke or hard drugs like that, but this is not normal behavior.

No. 1843178

wow. usually when kids sleep in that late it's because they are put to bed really late. does Isaac go to bed at like 12 am?

No. 1843186

lol same I dont wanna sound like "taking coke" boomer anon but he does sound like he is on stimulants. maybe it's ephedrine which is common in weight loss pills and it makes it so you stay up all night. he's gotta be taking something stronger than caffeine because it's hard to stay up all night as an adult.

No. 1843222

File: 1686276782897.jpg (24 KB, 1080x274, garbage content.jpg)

A comment from his femboy hooters clip that he deleted.

No. 1843244

kek, I feel you anon. Staying up late by choice is one thing, but continuously "choosing" to only sleep at 5am until 9am because you are so "amped up" from playing around solo in VRchat rooms is definitely off. It's not like he's out at a gig or anything either? What's there to be "amped" up about for hours scrolling youtube notifications and vr compilations by choice? Wouldn't put it past him to be on diet pills if he hasn't actually gotten on steroids yet.

No. 1843251

preserving this comment as well (different anon) in case it also disappears. it’s fowl he posted this video on instagram where he also touted ~family friendly~ content and likely has a lot of underage followers.

No. 1843253

File: 1686280345253.jpeg (100.42 KB, 1289x866, IMG_5343.jpeg)

dropped pic

No. 1843259

Forever shooting himself in the foot tbh. He's still losing the usual 2k subs a month on YT and from what I've seen on Twitch the only new face is Clair which is interesting. She doesn't seem like she's previously used Twitch much otherwise either.

No. 1843274

File: 1686282612204.jpg (223.88 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20230608-204550_Twi…)

He has another new regular, some they/them vtuber with an obviously female presenting avatar and personality kek. She's been chatting regularly, thirsting over his avatar, and in his discord helping him figure out how to be vtuber.

No. 1843281

Just peeked at her twitch profile and she only reached affiliate around the same time Jake did. Her avatar is just as janky too? I don't see how she's going to be much help to him tbh. She's as new to it as he is, but without the small snacc following he's brought over from YT. Feels more like she's likely using him as a way to pick up a few new followers if anything.

No. 1843356

>>1843274, >>1843281
Jake has spoken about how he'll eventually be streaming with 'trusted V-tubers in his community' so I'm sure Catsper will be his first collab.
Jake's getting his first VR paycheck soon and wants to update a lot of channel and pfp art, emotes and some other stuff I can't remember. He also realised he needs to pump out more regular content on IG reels, YT shorts and TikTok if he wants to get on the algo but short-form content is clearly not his strength. He went on a bitter tirade against zoomers today even though they are the prime consoomers of VR and V-tubing. This is not gonna go well…

No. 1843366

Yeah Jake has invited "Cat" to join him in VR. I'm sure Kat is going to love Jake playing with this new "Cat" who thirsts for him kek.
As soon as he starts posting this dumb shit on tiktok he'll officially have become what he hates, short form content for short attention span zoomers. He's going to end up despising his own content once he realizes this isn't the key to fame, as usual.

No. 1843370

Having so much obvious contempt for the demographic of people that like and consume the kind of content you make is like a really unique form of self harm that errodes the psyche and honestly it couldn't be happening to a more deserving specimen. He hand crafted the shit sandwich he's currently eating.

No. 1843381


Either that kid is going to bed late or he’s up and bumbling around by himself while Kat sleeps till 9am. Kids his age need around 11-12 hours of sleep per night, some are still having a daytime nap too. So best case scenario the kid is going to bed at 9pm and sleeping till the same time roughly the next morning.

No. 1843483

This is the gayest thing I've ever read, he definitely watches gay porn. Like the amount of focus on dicks and asses.
Was just wondering how people are taking this…badly kek

No. 1843727

he will delete comments and keep going cos he can’t help try prove ppl wrong lol.

skipped through his new cringe gross comment reading video. makes comment about how easy it is for women (assuming in porn) to lay there & do nothing & then criticize the man’s performance. goes on rant at end that ppl aren’t watching vtube content, blames youtube, says he’s going to keep doing it as it makes him happy and he’s passionate about it, major fucking cope.

apparently he will be doing one face vid a week but no reaction or tiktok related things.

No. 1843818

File: 1686358366331.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230610_015338_Ope…)

>they them
>avatar looks like a typical edgy instathot

Every time

No. 1843873

>makes comment about how easy it is for women (assuming in porn) to lay there & do nothing & then criticize the man’s performance
Typical inexperienced vanilla moid comment that they seem to parrot all the time. Their idea of great sex is a few pumps in missionary/doggy and done. If it's a reference to his personal life, that's one way to say your sex is boring. If he means within the porn industry, that's totally ignorant. Women bear the brunt of labor within porn all the time.

No. 1843882

I’m sure this is exactly the kind of ~famous rich YTber / musician boyfriend~ Kat has left her stable, non-delusional, "true love" (or whatever it said) tattoo artist and shop owner husband and father of her child for. KEK The karma must be burning.

No. 1843883

kaya warned us he is painfully vanilla and selfish in bed.

No. 1843884

lmao I know right? such a cool exciting boyfriend, not embarrassing and immature at all.

No. 1843984

File: 1686388755170.jpg (151.04 KB, 653x443, 15U1slk.jpg)

Oof it's worst than I thought. This is more stale than the alt-tiktoks videos (at least then he can talk about 2000s music and subcultures). I can see the PHub comments series losing steam pretty quickly after the horny 14 yr olds get bored and move on - there's not enough to talk about and he rehashed a few of his grumpy old man opinions we've heard a million times before. Still, he must be elated this newest video got 3.5k views, he usually struggles to hit 1k in 12 hrs.
His return to IRL react content coincided with another dip in subs kek - no doubt he'll get mad and take it out on his fans in an upcoming video. The majority of his subs left because of him and are never coming back so I don't know why he's taking his rage out on the remaining snacc pacc (who already donate in every way they can and watch him daily). His negative energy drives away most of the newbies who continue not to sub.

No. 1843985

Well when she got with him he was slim popular on YouTube on tour had loads money he most likely was a upgrade but now his mask is slipping he gained weight not as much money YouTube going down the pan and clearly doesn't spend as much time with her. Got called out by his ex and multiple YouTubers for aggression narcissistic behaviour and even a alleged sexual assault during tour. His band members all ditch him. Older content like how he spoke about hitting kids resurfaced not long ago. She must be getting alarm bells or regrets leaving her ex husband and breaking up the family for what.

I wonder if she tells people that her boyfriend a YouTuber. I would be embarrassed telling people that my bf did this new content or letting them see his channel the first thing people watch would be a shorts video these days. Before the tiktok he used to strive to have unquie content which was different from others what happened jake?

He become what he hated a sell out

No. 1844038

>>1843985 I know the end of jake and kat's relationship will make him sink even lower but can't imagine what that would even involve at this point. Funny thing is if he just put on a fake personality and tried to act nice his vtubing thing would be working better.

No. 1844093

don’t want to give him any ideas but that terrible fem boy skit he did is definitely worse than him making shallow makeup/outfit content and talking about how awesome his music career was going to be.

didn’t he have plans to shoot a music video last month? he barely promotes it cos he’s too busy convincing us he’s so passionate about vtubing lol.

No. 1844132

I didn't think of that angle until now, but now I really wonder how fucking awkward it must be for Kat that he's doing this weird sex shit. Her friends, family, coworkers, etc must know who he is and I'm sure at least some of them watch him on occasion, of only out of curiosity. Imagine people you know IRL watching your boyfriend talk about weird furry sex where puppies dance in cages and piss on themselves until they die. It will only take ONE person Kat knows to see that and start spreading gossip about them. I almost wonder if it's his way of trying to isolate her from other people; he's going to start making everyone she knows super uncomfortable to be around him.

No. 1844134

Sure lets just forget Kat started to do onlyfans and doing the dlg shit, dressing up as anime chars and doing e-girl shit isn't weird or awkward for everyone who knows her. They were made for each other. They are both cringe and gross.

No. 1844154

Tattoo shops are very sex positive, accepting spaces so I hear it's a common career choice for people who have formerly done or currently do OF, camwork and stripping…but Kat would still be a black sheep in their industry.
It must be weird if your tattooist-of-10-yrs colleague cheated on her husband to pursue a Youtuber and start an OF under her full name in her mid-30s. Most of her childhood friends, colleagues, clients and family have seen her naked (even if some of them didn't want to they might get sent pictures by moid trolls) and that will forever change how people perceive you. It hasn't affected her career as much as it hurt Jake's but she'll have to worry about Isaac being bullied because his mum does public ddlg shoots. Uh why couldn't she have stuck to dom/sub, it's way less creepy.

No. 1844165

>Uh why couldn't she have stuck to dom/sub, it's way less creepy.
Agreed, I honestly have no idea how she gets away with being openly DDLG without friends and family questioning it. It's not just a dom/sub dynamic, it has actual pedophilic and incestuous implications and it's weird that people accept it. I think maybe she gets away with it more because she doesn't FIT the part. She's older than Jake, has a child, and visibly looks mature and doesn't have a hint of neoteny in her features. That will lead people to naturally treat a woman with more respect because misogyny and double standards. But maybe that's why Jake is always trying to push his preference for "tall elegant milfs" lately, maybe they are finally facing judgement about it.

No. 1844263

File: 1686429526079.png (4.61 KB, 912x158, keeek.png)

>Jake uploads new face video
>people start unsubbing even faster

No. 1844407

File: 1686444967834.jpg (106.19 KB, 1080x1972, 20230610_175633.jpg)

So now Skat has True Love on her knuckles for Dean, and Daddy's on her lip for Jake. Some jokes just write themselves.

No. 1844415

What a perfect illustration of the difference between Dean and Jake. Dean was her true love, Jake claims ownership by branding his kink onto her.

No. 1844486

I think the end of kat would do him a favor, professionally. the type of person who watches him with a crush doesn't want to hear him drool over some other chick who he cheated on with his ex of 10+ years. wholesome guy with a girlfriend he doesn't show any PDA with = yes! what a catch. wannabe porn slut he was cheating with on said girlfriend = no thanks, I think I hate you now.
he would have probably been fine if he had just been single for a while. but no, he continuously shoots himself in the foot every time with his "kat is so hot", "kat has the perfect body here is her weight and height", "kat keeps in shape doing pole," no wonder he keeps dropping subscribers. no matter what, as soon as I see someone I like even just a little bit act like they like someone else, the ladyboner is gone. finished. no one wants to vie for attention from some average guy on the internet anyway and spend their hard earned money to buy that alcoholic bitch more drinks. the ones who still support him need a psych evaluation or a conservatorship, god damn.

No. 1844501

isn't her dad like a priest or something? I wouldnt want to give her any money to help her with things if I knew this degenerate was in her life and could benefit from my resources. yuck.

No. 1844505

honestly kind of funny when you consider that lip tattoos rapidly fade. Unlike her "true love" that's with her for life, much like her child with Dean.

No. 1844541

Hecking momo jumpscare what is that

No. 1844544

File: 1686464638897.png (76.04 KB, 511x917, cope.png)

Jake shared a clip from the Joe Rogan show saying, "Let me tell you this joe. You will never, never in life. Meet a hater, doing better than you." The absolute cope of it all. We've all seen how strung out and desperate he's been acting with his measly 2 likes on OF and utter inability to break 10k views on a YT video. kek

No. 1844643

There's something hilarious about a person who had well over 400k subs on YouTube being unable to scrounge up at least a few hundred OnlyFans subscribers. Looks like the most likes he ever managed to get on an upload there was 99. Is there nothing this man can't fuck up?

No. 1844743

File: 1686506705164.jpeg (89.7 KB, 1290x686, IMG_5353.jpeg)

that’s his own fault for hyping it up and then delivering the lowest effort, terribly lit and posed pix that made him look bored and dirty. he’s been taking ppl’s money for months with very little content, completely abandoned that side account he had for ~spicy content~ and probably turns ppl off on a daily basis to where they are actively disappointed that he’s not the hot gawth daddy they initially followed and are leaving in droves.

meanwhile his viewers are “concerned” about him so no stream. maybe sitting in a room screaming at videos or games for hours on end attempting to regain lost revenue and whatever status he is trying to get on twitch is why he’s ‘burnt out’.

No. 1844802

Jakey boy was getting all angry and bitter in his newest Twitch stream.
He goes on his edgy rant and you can tell he's trying to hold himself back so he doesn't go full white trash like last time. He says there's no way that someone with 400,000 subs can be getting 1k views on vids and that Youtube is playing games with him. He did acknowledge branching out and making different content can adversely affect a channel…so why doesn't he look at the full picture and connect the dots? Huge shift in content + public cancellation resulting in a loss of 60-70k subs + weeks long breaks from content creation + playing unpopular games + moving over to Twitch = dying channel.
He emphasized that he's never going back to TikTok reaccs and that alt-TikTok is irredeemable garbage. When he laughs at e-girls and calls them cringe someone in chat points out his femboy Hooters video is cringey as well. The mini silence when he reads the comment but doesn't respond is delicious.
He made two incest jokes within five minutes - something about family porn and having sex with his cousins (he thought it was a good time to advertise upcoming OF material right after making these jokes).

No. 1844803

Some bonus quotes…
>'Tens of thousands of people still like my content, I got 6,500 likes on an Instagram photo! Do you think I'm fucking stupid? Get fucked. I'm gonna ram my thick, hard cock down Youtube's throat until it chokes with my V-tuber content'
>'I could happily watch my brother die over and over again in some kind of Black Mirror horrorscape'
>'Aiden or Maz, can you message Kat and ask her to buy me a pizza when I get back'
>'When your gf is a milf you can't top that…unless you've got a sex doll made from Kinder Bueno chocolate'

No. 1844828

He's definitely gone full onision now where he leans into being a weird loser, like incest jokes and fantasising about his brother dying (even though his brother has been seen standing up for him online within the last year) man has serious issues and not in a cool, interesting way like he imagines

No. 1844830

He's definitely gone full onision now where he leans into being a weird loser, like incest jokes and fantasising about his brother dying (even though his brother has been seen standing up for him online within the last year) man has serious issues and not in a cool, interesting way like he imagines

No. 1844896

This weird stumpy chode's ability to avoid taking responsibility for anything is legendary. If he really wanted to become a Vtuber, he should have just created a second channel and worked on it as a side project until he was sure it was financially sustainable. But NOPE. Had to go and gamble his entire future on the assumption that his audience was willing to accept a completely new (and fucking weird) channel concept. That sort of thing has ruined plenty of content creators who didn't already have all the extra baggage working against them. I can't believe Jake didn't see this was going to be the final nail in the coffin. And jesus christ, his "goth" reacts to tiktok shit was the easiest, lowest effort shit to churn out. How goddamn churlish to refuse to do it and then cry about how youtube is plotting against him.

No. 1844970

>He says there's no way that someone with 400,000 subs can be getting 1k views on vids and that Youtube is playing games with him.
Love that he conveniently forgets how he managed to lose around 70-75k subs on youtube in just the past two years alone. How he is still currently losing thousands each month with no end in sight. But of course it's not him and his horrible mismanagement of his online "career". No, it was totally his lazy ex girlfriend! The haters! YouTube is out to get him! He'll keep pointing the finger at anyone but himself. kek

The parallels between him and greg are amazing to me at times. Both of them have the same gross sense of humor, like it's never developed beyond being a teen boy listening to eminem and watching south park in the early 2000s. Both seem to have similar gross tastes in porn and hentai (and seem to lock themselves away from their partner in their "studio" to partake in it kek). Both have absolutely no business being around children. Both have obvious anger issues and similar body image issues. The obsession with RESPECT. It goes on and on. Oh, and can't forget his rapidly diminishing fanbase that is quickly only becoming only the most inbred backwoods terminally online mfers being the sole source of his income. Really cannot wait for him to reach the "selling the studio and moving into a smaller house" portion of his downfall tbh.

No. 1844996

lmao NOW he's leaning into the MILF scenario after over a year of trying to "sell" his sex life as some "Dom daddy with a sexy little baby girl." too late. not everyone is as stupid as he is with bad taste. it's gotta hurt!

No. 1845006

yknow nonnie, as bad as kat and fake are… i think people are more willing to not bat an eye at of/ddlg shit. as bad as that is, i think it's because it's so common to do sex work. hell, ddlg is a really common fetish/kink/fantasy/whatever for people, as shitty as that is.

i think people are less willing to turn a blind eye to gay furry vtube tiktoks that are borderline obscene. anywhere on the internet, where literal children can find it. at least kat's onlyfans is behind a paywall, and iirc her of insta is private? at least there's some effort there to hide it from kids. for jake with those retarded ass tiktoks… yeah. a literal 13 year old could find that shit on their fyp. he makes no effort to make age-appropriate content for his allegedly 'family friendly' channel.

>tens of thousands of people apparently like his content
>6,500 likes on insta
that's… only six thousand likes. not tens of thousands. how fucking retarded is he, he can't even do basic math? fucking kek

i think he forgets that when you point one finger at someone else, three fingers are still pointing right back at you kek

No. 1845022

Why does he hate his family so much? Hasn’t he done the exact thing by cheating and being a narcissist and took all the savings (the house ect) like his mother but what his brother done? Such a horrible low thing to say you be happy to watch your brother die over and over even if you dislike them. His brother supported him not that long ago

No. 1845032

It’s just projection. He hates himself so much and wants to give his family the fault for his unfortunate genes.

No. 1845231

He has good reason to hate his mum after what she did to the family and after she left I doubt she even wanted to keep in contact. He's spoken about how he was mostly angry at how she played his Dad yet he'll never acknowledge he turned into the same beast as her. He'll say the circumstances were different but he was the same selfish, secretive bastard gaslighting his 'loved ones' while quietly planning to jump relationships. Mate, you fucked Dean's wife while she was married and it was confirmed you were sexting her weeks before - you're a homewrecker who broke up Isaac's parents.

He's talked about how his Dad is very superstitious and into woo-woo which hurt 'muh rational brain' and how his bro was a loser who was wasting his life and potential. I can see why it might be frustrating to spend lots of time with them but these are not compelling enough reasons to cut all contact from his family and shit-talk them online. We've all seen his bro reaching out on social media and I'm sure his Dad wants to see his self-exiled son after a decade: it's sad to watch Jake ignore them.

He mentioned that he never talks to his sister despite the fact she's the only sibling he 'likes'. Wouldn't you make an effort with the only family you have in this world? Back when he started becoming successful why didn't he use his wealth to buy his sis a plane ticket to see him? It just shows you what he values most in this life.

As much as I dislike her I think Kat and the wee lad could be the key to Jake's salvation and reconnecting with his family. His family aren't perfect people but clearly, neither are him and Kat. They're never going to be best buds hanging out every weekend but he can at least have a good enough relationship where they can come meet Isaac or he can fly to Wales and have a lad's weekend. I hope he's learned some lessons from his break-up, one of them being that family has been there from the start and will continue to be there after all the hard times. He might as well get over himself and make an effort before his Dad kicks the bucket.

No. 1845382

Abusive scrotes like Jake don't change for the better due to a partner unless their partner breaks them. It's the only thing a person like that responds to because every action and thought they have is marred by the mentality that makes them abusive in the first place. They need to be properly broken so you can start with a good foundation or you'll be building on toxic sludge that will infect any good habits you create. It's why abusive scrotes can't be sent to couple's therapy or they end up learning manipulative techniques. They essentially need cult deprogramming or a mind break

No. 1845424

He just posted another VR compilation video. It actually started out pretty funny, and I watched it through to the end. And then he had to ruin it with that nasty furry crap. What’s sad is, regardless of his real life shittiness, he has the potential to be legitimately entertaining. He just sabotages himself into failure.(sage your shit)

No. 1845454

Learn to sage, snacc

No. 1845472


>As much as I dislike her I think Kat and the wee lad could be the key to Jake's salvation and reconnecting with his family

Fuck off. That's on him and him alone to fix. Stop trying to use women and children as some sort of thunderstone to evolve shitty scrotes into half decent human beings.

No. 1845636

Great summary, Anon. What’s amusing though is if Fake despises his brother so much (to the point he’d blissfully watch him die an endless amount of times on a stream) solely on the grounds of "he’s a loser who’s wasting his life and potential", then it’s the toppest of megakeks, because he’s projecting SO hard. No wonder he fantasises witnessing his brother’s death on repeat, we all know he’s a fiercely self-loathing bastard.
Fake, we all know you’re reading here, look at what you’ve turned into >>1842761 >>1836014 . YOU’re the disgusting loser that’s wasting away his life and potential, and all the resources you’ve accumulated over the years. It’s you. And maybe a sprinkle of karma. Bloody kek.

No. 1845648

nah, if Kaya as sweet as she was and good with connecting with others (compared to Jake) couldn't get Jake and his family on good terms, I don't think Kat will. Jake has never been more "I'm on loner island and I like it that way!" than he is now that he has Kat and Isaac. I think it's giving his narc brain more "inspiration" to run away from his family and try to build something else with some other guy's kid and exwife. but he don't got any money lol so this isn't going to last. if his family had something he could use them for, maybe he'd be more interested.

No. 1845704

We only have Fakes word for it that his mother was as terrible as he makes out. As far as I am aware his siblings have neither confirmed nor denied his story. I am inclined to think that she wasn’t the best though, purely because of Fakes glaringly obvious Mummy Issues. Something definitely went wrong there because his need for the women in his life to ‘respect’ him comes off as him needing to be mothered in order to feel valued. He may not see it but he’s definitely trying to replace Mummy with his romantic partners. Dude needs therapy and to deal with that shit.

No. 1845705

Dude needs therapy full stop. Look at his content now and tell me that's the work of a stable mentally mature 30+ year old man. You can't. The vtubing should really be seen as the call for help it is if he doesn't have some kind of humiliation kink.

No. 1845708

Seriously. Jake was one of the lucky few who had a shot at making a lot of money as an "influencer" and he completely blew it. There was a year or two there where Kaya said he was making a LOT of money and was spending it as quickly as he was making it. It's hilarious he blew through it buying a bunch of toys, vacations, home & studio rental, and other nonsense instead of investing in a house or other responsible things. He's got very little to show for it now and he's only going to keep running himself further into the ground if his content is poorly regurgitated "boy pussy" jokes and a cobbled together abomination of a vtube avatar. Honestly, you love to see it. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. keeek

No. 1845825

Also very amusing to suggest that a woman that broke up her own family is the key to reuniting Jake with his, kinda seems like she's good at the opposite of that. I doubt his family want anything to do with him after he has been shitting on them publicly for so long. And violently too, fantasising about his brother dying? Doesn't he have a song called matricide too? That's grounds for disowning, can't come back from that shit

No. 1845984

Honestly the way he talks about his family I'd want nothing to do with him at all, it says a lot about the patience of his brother to still want to even attempt to fight his corner after the heinous shit he's said about them. I feel a tinge of sympathy thinking about an older Jake, I can imagine him bloated and wrinkled propping up a bar somewhere lamenting how fucking lonely he is because he's alienated himself so totally from family, from friends…he's so unpleasant to be around that no one will stay, I wouldn't be surprised if Kaya ends up being his longest running human connection. I don't see Kat sticking around for over a decade. He's just so pitifully sad and he does it to himself.

No. 1846015

kek. Can definitely see him ending up one of those bloated beer gut having old men you see hanging around the pub bitterly telling stories about how they used to be somebody. He already goes on constant angry rants about Gen Z and how everyone else who isn't him is stupid.

No. 1846024

Holy crap I never thought of it in those terms, but you're right. Kaya will absolutely go down in history as his longest relationship by a huge margin. I doubt Kat will stick it out even 5 years. Imagine Jake as a 40+ burnout in a shitty workaday job he hates, ranting about his glory days on YoutTube. And those awful head and neck tats blurring and faded so that they look even worse. I mean we joke about her looks, but I'm just picturing what kind of girl he's going to be able to pull once Kat's gone and he's even more of a melted, bloated, wrinkled stump than he is now.

No. 1846168

Maybe Jude will finally get her chance.

No. 1846202

File: 1686704678034.gif (1.35 MB, 320x240, daaaayum.gif)

No. 1846204

File: 1686704944662.png (211.07 KB, 497x894, delusional.PNG)

>I have the strongest face in FBT vtubing

How delusional is this idiot?

No. 1846293

tbf I think he’s meaning to say "physically strong", like a face that withholds the most amount of gear weight for hours on end.
But he is delusional nonetheless kek.

No. 1846372

Did he rig this up himself? Surely the weight balance is going to be insanely unpleasant, if it doesn't just slide off his face then his neck is going to suffer surely? You don't support that shit with your head, you're supporting it with your neck and spine you absolute knuckle. I've heard of people adding weight to their VR rigs to make it more balanced but at the BACK of the head, not adding yet more bulky weight to the front

No. 1846421

lmao more wasted money on shit he don't need and will use twice and then never ever again.

No. 1846441

>>1846372 I have a vr headset and yes you are totally right, you add to the back because headsets are always front heavy. What a plum

No. 1846475

>>1846204, >>1846372
Yeah, I caught the start of yesterday's stream where he talked about how he rigged up the Elgato on the headset for superior sound quality. He said he's never seen it done anywhere else and basically right after he said that the adhesive came loose and dropped the mic. He dicked around for 30 minutes while he desperately tried to MacGyver it back on and got super cranky at anyone who suggested using tape (chill Jake, they can't see how bulky and heavy it is and they were just trying to help). He didn't have any back-up glue or adhesive tape in the studio so he finally caved and used his shitty older mic lol.

No. 1846621

Lol dumbass does not even know how to glue things. Jake if you read this, if you use an adhesive for something that might have to carry some weight best to let the glue dry and set for 48 hours before use or its going to come off you moron.

No. 1846633

Also it would be better to glue something heavy on top of a headset and not bottom
something something gravity

No. 1846659

lmao. Clair's money well spent. Good to see he's still buying and ruining his semi expensive equipment.

It's okay, dude's thick tree stump neck might actually be the strongest in FBT vtubing.

No. 1846660

since it’s about halfway through the year, let’s see where jake is with his various ~projects~

onlyfans: last post may 17
patreon: last post april 24
music ig: last post april 28

he actually updated the stupid side ig to promote his onlyfans shit, most of which can be found for free.

patreon bio is still out of date, the linktree on his twitter takes you to shows he did last year, and the one on his ig has looked the same since he made it despite claiming it’ll look “prettier”.

no music video or new merch; he went on that rant about finally being able to create music without being held back or whatever and dropped it in favor of making sex jokes as vr characters.

No. 1846666

Gotta love a dude who immediately goes to sexual violence when he doesn't like something. Absolutely fucking horrific.

No. 1846775

I would be surprised if he bothers with OF again after the utter embarrassment of only ever getting two likes on his big "comeback" post. kek

Patreon and music probably just fell to the wayside while he's up all night roleplaying as femboy cats and furry dungeon masters or whatever is his new "passion project". It's hilarious how he obviously thinks so highly of himself but this is going to be his legacy.

No. 1846898

Imagine dating a dude who boasts so often about how thin or slim you are. What an absolute waste of space. I really enjoy checking in on him every few months to see his follower count continues to dwindle and he’s getting no where near as many views as he was averaging before the break up. I didn’t think it could get much worse for him until his “Breaking my silence” video. I think he is attempting to switch to this vtube stuff because if he thinks he will eventually be able to conceal his past.

No. 1846902

File: 1686820564538.png (1.23 MB, 1459x866, katofx.png)

not to nitpick kat's body or anything, but she honestly looks like she's been putting on some weight lately too? I wonder if he's been bringing up how much he adores her slim body so often lately as a way to keep her thin. Really hope she's not pregnant again.

No. 1846906

File: 1686820845938.png (113.93 KB, 511x917, katpainedesign.png)

bonus kat update, this absolute mess of cobbled together flash art she traced off the internet. Yet another floating disembodied hand coming out of a collar bone.

She's also been posting more solo selfies and photos of her alone with Isaac with no Jake in sight. Has me wondering if he's began sleeping during the day to make up for his late nights in the studio "watching vtube compilations" after streams.

No. 1846913

Never been a fan of nitpicking Kat's body but her "art"? Absofuckinlutely. Just LOOK at that hodgepodge of stolen IP's and tacky aesthetic. The floating hand, the nails, the face proportions, the sad little last second spider I'd wager was probably the only original work she added to it. It is embarrassing and her studio should be absolutely ashamed of this plagiarist

No. 1846916

Same anon, sorry to double post but I also just noticed the tiny ear, the fact her jawline cuts through the copy paste skull earring, the floating tuft of sideburn and the random compressed oval shape on the cheek which I think? Is meant to be a reflection? But makes no sense… god the more I look at this mess the worse it gets.

No. 1846917

Same anon, sorry to double post but I also just noticed the tiny ear, the fact her jawline cuts through the copy paste skull earring, the floating tuft of sideburn and the random compressed oval shape on the cheek which I think? Is meant to be a reflection? But makes no sense… god the more I look at this mess the worse it gets.

No. 1846918

Same anon, sorry to double post but I also just noticed the tiny ear, the fact her jawline cuts through the copy paste skull earring, the floating tuft of sideburn and the random compressed oval shape on the cheek which I think? Is meant to be a reflection? But makes no sense… god the more I look at this mess the worse it gets.

No. 1846920

Same anon, sorry to double post but I also just noticed the tiny ear, the fact her jawline cuts through the copy paste skull earring, the floating tuft of sideburn and the random compressed oval shape on the cheek which I think? Is meant to be a reflection? But makes no sense… god the more I look at this mess the worse it gets.

No. 1846951

That anatomically fucked up spider, too. It's web is coming out of it's head. Also: why is the moon tattoo on her shoulder oozing?

No. 1847075

File: 1686849946054.jpg (192.96 KB, 1080x1794, AZDJODn.jpg)

This IG story is a couple of weeks old but does anyone else get grossed out by Kat's tongue piercing? Is it migrating or is the placement just super low? Doesn't the risk of enamel damage increase when the tongue piercing is that close to the tip?
Peep the double row of shark teeth

No. 1847077

It does look like it could be too far forward but it could also be poorly fitting jewellery making the piercing look more projected. Or maybe a mix of both.

No. 1847107

It could also be from messing around with the piercing, like fiddling with it too much I mean. It can loosen the gap a smidge and then leave the piercing hanging off center due to gravity.
That is unrelated to Fake's mic/VR set thing, but her being just as incapable of not fucking up something she spent money on like that tongue piercing feels like they really belong together.
Over 30 years old and the both of them and both incapable of not fucking up one thing they invested money into, or thinking things through.

Sure you still make mistakes in your 30s, but doors/opportunities to patch things up/make a real living also start closing on them.

No. 1847200

been there, he made my friend cry bc all he could say is "look how skinny" I was, the way he would rub it in her face wasn't ok, as she was a bigger girl. then when I gained like 5 lbs he noticed and started telling me my stomach is "getting bigger" and he likes girls who have flat stomachs, all matter of fact like that's how you can talk to a girlfriend. he had me pegged as some ana-chan who would do anything for his validation, but I made him cry right back. men who do that are so fucking fragile, they think you'll be elated to be called "thin!" and cry when they say you're "not thin," but when you throw it back on them, theyre the ones who feel "abused" by you and your "shallowness" lol(not your personal blog)

No. 1847207

File: 1686870058967.png (345.25 KB, 724x905, 8953489.png)

I mean, Jake basically did that to Kaya despite them getting fat together. He puts a ton of value into Kat's slim figure and perceived fuckability and has said very little about her "good qualities" otherwise. God forbid if Kat were ever to actually gain weight, though I stand by thinking she already is judging by recent pictures like >>1846902 not that I think it's a bad thing, but that Jake absolutely would.

No. 1847367

lol yes, he blamed Kaya for his poor body image especially his neck LOL, because she didn't compliment him enough? but Jake would flirt with her friends and other strange girls in front of her, and cheated on her. that's a lot worse.
yeah Jake likes women to be so skinny that they lack any curves at all. Kat is rounding out in places. it could be a positive thing, maybe she's trying to quit smoking? but Jake would probably rather her continue to take the risk of emphysema and cancer if it means less eating so less body mass going to her breasts or hips. jerk.
honesty he sounds very gay designer when he talks about big boobs, tiny waist, and big butts being inelegant, only likes tall slim shapeless women. no one has ever kicked a hot chick out of bed for having an exaggerated hourglass figure.

No. 1847373

Honestly she's probably putting on a little from his bad habits if anything. She's up late trying to order him fast food (usually McDonalds or pizza from what I've seen in stream) around 2am before she gets to bed, she might be eating some before sleeping or having the leftovers the following day for lunch while she's caring for Isaac solo and Jake sleeps in. Her sleep schedule is probably suffering too from having the guy crawl into bed around 5am every day when she's trying to get up around 9am to take care of Isaac. Lack of sleep can increase your appetite too. Even if she isn't putting on any real weight, their current lifestyle sounds pretty miserable for her. I wonder if she's beginning to regret cheating with Jake yet.

No. 1847458

Funny how Skat hasn't bothered sharing or commenting on any of his VR Instagram posts. Sometimes she'll at least spam her little string of emojis or share his posts to her story. She probably hates this VR shit deep down, kek. Doesn't seem like her cup of tea in the slightest.

No. 1847472

Doesn't seem like most people's cup of tea tbh, especially his particular inappropriate edgy perverted gothboye brand of Vtubing, it's a cringy niche within a cringy niche

No. 1847760

Awhile back Kaya was filming some stuff with a band for their music video, and it just dropped today. It completely blow's Fake's whole 'there's no good people to film music videos here/you have to go to the UK/US to make good music videos' theory out of the water. Its not high budget or anything but its well done enough, proving that its entirely possible to film decent music videos in NI.

No. 1847826

Agreed. And their video was able to tell the story while Jakes… never did. Jakes 'music video' started us off with him washed up on the beach and that was it. Confirming Jake once again half-assing everything.

No. 1847828

Kek, washed up. An unintentional metaphor for Jake himself.

Also, the music video for anyone who cares: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dlgYcrhYsQw

No. 1847835

File: 1686961704275.png (4.88 KB, 570x104, wtfright.PNG)

I never knew this thing happened but it's horrible.

No. 1847906

Jake had Kaya in a few of his 'music videos', but like all things he had Kaya in, he seemed to not care how she looked. Never made an effort to choose good shots of her, etc. The 3 rings video especially. She looks great in this band's video. I hope he's seething over how much better this clearly not big budget video filmed in NI using beautiful scenery, looks compared to the high-concept-low-effort shit he edited.

No. 1848000

Blows Fakes whole ‘there’s no music scene/videographers/anything’ in NI narrative out of the water doesn’t it? More like there’s no musicians, videographers or anyone who wants to work with him because he’s such an insufferable twat.

It’s not bad! Definitely better than anything Fakes ever shot, Kaya looks good as well. It’s a shame it’s not gathering more views because the seethe would be real if it was doing better on that front than the piss poor efforts he puts out.

No. 1848041

Ikr I live in Belfast everytime I hear that he has said that I baffles me! We have so many alt clubs and places where really awesome punk and goth bands play almost weekly, so many nice filming locations and cause we have dull weather most days and clouds it make for a cool atmosphere for video for like a spooky vibe we have graveyards galore and ruins abbandond buildins forests ect. If he bothered to go out and make friends like kaya doing he would been so much more successful in getting similar alternative people to work with but no he just sulks and complains giving more reason for people to stay away from him. Even if he found no one in Belfast there was nothing stopping him from visting London to see the clubs ect but he wouldn't be able to do that now cause he prob run into his ex and her gangs

No. 1848045

Would you? I would be ashamed to share my boyfriend videos if he was doing vr femboy hooters pretending to suck someone off saying meatballs look like anal beeds or talking about a fury pup pissing pure cringe something you see a edgy 14 year old joke about not a 30+ grown man who living with a child. Even his new avatar just cringe to look at. Now I would LOVE to see a popular youtuber react to his shorts and say how cringe it is cause if he watched this a few years ago on his tiktok reacts he would have a few comments about it.

No. 1848071

During the last stream while asserting his position as an "ass man", Jake also couldn't help making weird comments about breasts again, as usual. Saying "dudes who are into boobs have problems", whatever that's supposed to mean? Seems like some direct cope stemming from Kaya's confidence in showing her breasts now and her recent obvious bdsm bruises.

No. 1848108


It’s his mummy issues showing again. He doth protest to much.

No. 1848208

Jake's never shown himself to care for kayaks body image issues, maybe it's skat that he's trying to make feel better

No. 1848210

Samefag I mean kaya lol

No. 1848225

That’s such a weird position to take anyway. Straight men are generally attracted to breasts because they’re a sign of fertility, same as wider hips and generally feminine attributes. Every coomer has their “preference” but there’s nothing wrong or weird about men finding boobs attractive. Fake is just so narcissistic that he thinks something he doesn’t personally find sexy is somehow wrong or bad, worthy of being shamed. Newsflash Fake, the woman you’re dating has a bum that nobody would write home about. For a self described ass man you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

*sorry for double post forgot to sage

No. 1848246

something wrong with men for being attracted to secondary sex characteristics exclusive to grown women… only into asses, which men and children also have…

Jake is a raging closet faggot confirmed

No. 1848269

>Saying "dudes who are into boobs have problems",
When you're so in denial about your homosexuality you think straight men are weirdos for liking boobs. Reminder Kaya mentioned in her 3 hour response video that he would never give her oral. Liking boobs and vagene is very weird!!.

No. 1848288

Didn’t he say in the past he’s bi? He probably dreams of being a tiny ana twink uwu and is ashamed he’s the opposite of it. Still makes me feel sorry for Kat just a tiny bit.

No. 1848425

Kaya and kat have flatter chests than him atp, wonder if he's jealous

No. 1848451

He might have been bi when he was younger, but considering how vanilla he is supposedly and how self conscious he is about his dick size, no way in hell he's ever hooking up with a guy that doesn't look very feminine. Fake needs to feel like he's the alpha male, even if his gross furry VR stuff says otherwise.

No. 1848687

File: 1687103869364.png (243.06 KB, 703x964, Screenshot_20230618-165758.png)

No. 1848727


Obviously we don’t know the ins and outs of Deans involvement he could be a total deadbeat for all we know but it really feels like she’s just replaced him wholesale as the kids father with Fake. And referring to the child as a sticking plaster? Yuck. That kid deserves better. Not to be made somehow responsible for his step dads well-being.

No. 1848754

Dean gets kid as well .dean is very good father.just her trying make fake look good(you need to reach the Homo sapiens-sapiens level of human species to be able to post here )

No. 1848779


Good to hear. Makes it even worse that she’s trying so hard to push Fake as step daddy, the lad has a dad, be a grown up and acknowledge him on Father’s Day. Oh wait, no, Fakes ego couldn’t handle that could it.

No. 1848827

On stream Jake said Dean got the kid over the weekend so Kat must have made this post to validate Jake as a loving and involved father figure. It's all sunshine and rainbows now but in a few years Isaac will be old enough to use Google and it's not going to end well. Nonnas should blur the kid's face even if Kat doesn't.
It was unfair of Kat to bring Jake into Isaac's life so soon after her marriage break-up but as the most hated woman in Belfast she had little choice. I don't know if she's on good terms with her family anymore, especially with her father being a minister, and I'm sure Dean's family want nothing to do with her every again.
We know little about Dean but I know he runs his tattoo studio 6 days a week so maybe the work load and hours took a strain on the marriage. If there had been abuse Jake would have definitely alluded to it in his November video (he just said it was 'Kat's story to tell' and moved on very quickly). Jake on the other hand had domestic violence allegations made against him and we know his harassment of Kaya escalated to the point police were involved.
I hope Jake does get help for his emotional regulation issues, for the kid's sake but also his own. He recently brought up that story about seeing a psych at age 24 and being told he may have bipolar but not escalating that potential diagnosis: that was almost 8 years ago. There was signs of some growth on that stream. He did acknowledge he there is 'something wrong with him' and that he's probably neuro-divergent and should seek help for it instead of self-medicating by ranting on stream. He admits he drives people away and finds it hard to sustain IRL connections which is why life is simpler for him with less people around him.

No. 1848835

It wouldn't really blow up in the Belfast music scene, sluts are a bit infamous for having so many sexual predators in the band. Local bands tend to need home support first, hence why Jake's god awful shit isn't big here. The scene knows…

No. 1848840

Really? What did they do? I wonder if Kaya knew that before appearing in the video.

No. 1848841

A sticky plaster … wtf
That's not even cute nickname its almost a insult

No. 1848846

I doubt it she hasn't been in the scene that long, the drummers name is Gary, he's slept with a lot of underage girls when he was 17-20ish, the scene is full of dodgy people there was a post on FB of all the Belfast bands who got exposed 2 years back, sluts cropped up a few times in discussion.
mike the singer all I know of him is he goes for younger mentally ill girls fucks, leads on and chucks.

No. 1848860

Mike allegedly fucked a 15 year old when he was 25, not to derail I'm just saying that we shouldn't put our eggs into that basket just to annoy stumpy

No. 1849065

File: 1687145862499.jpg (1.53 MB, 915x1405, UlXxsRL.jpg)

>>1848846, >>1848860
How disgusting…allegations like this are so rampant in some scenes. It's like these men just throw away their moral compass if sex is involved. This just reinforces the fact I will never allow my future daughter/s to attend a show without a trusted adult - children should not be exchanging phone numbers with these grown men or attending after parties.
I'm sure none of the victims ever reported the sexual assault/child abuse and that window has long been closed.

I did some digging and I think it's a bit eerie how much Jake looked like the lead singer a few years ago - neck paint, similar make-up and hair and matching clothes. I think the S.l.u.t.s guy and his shock/horror looks preceded Jake by a couple of years at least so I guess we know who copied who. Has this ever been noticed before?
Bonus snacc who recently cosplayed Jake in the bottom right.

No. 1849106

We'll see if the stream realization brings him somewhere or nah. I reckon he's just like Onision, incapable of admitting a wrong to make amends. So while he can attempt to try and not fuck up with new people, there's no way Fake will ever patch things up with people in NI he might have had a chance to make a collab with for his music.

It's not bad to be selective of whom you hang out with as friends, and whom you spent time professionally. But Fake has to start from scratch, and without neglecting seeing a therapist for his anger issues.

No. 1849158

Before enlarging image I thought it was just a collage of Fake. I love how more and more of his skin walking is unearthed. I thought when he got back into makeup after his chav vlogger phase he was only copying jude's ex rotten hollow, but yeah it's this guy to a T as well.

No. 1849332

File: 1687188922842.jpg (100.29 KB, 660x989, DK0HNvPXcAAXJvk.jpg)

I'm not sure if they're copying each other so much as they're both piss-poor copies of this guy.

No. 1849387

Yeah Kyo is defs his biggest inspo. I see the influence of Marilyn Manson and Chris Motionless as well (who Jake hates but only laughs when asked to elaborate why lol)

No. 1849675

I could never point to anything super concrete to back it up but I've long suspected that Jake was influenced by some of Baby Goth's music videos for a while (the one I'm thinking of in particular seems to have been deleted from her channel so it's hard to go back and post caps). And I think Kaya likes Motionless in White, so that's why Jake was being cagey. I feel like some of her outfits have been inspired by their Werewolf music video. She made a similar jacket to the red ones the band wears, and one of her club outfits feels inspired by one of the women who first enter the graveyard at the beginning of the video.

No. 1849787

File: 1687231718927.png (138.28 KB, 512x850, someday_I_will_wear_your_skin.…)

Jake was passionately caressing pics of Kyo on stream just week actually. kek

Chris Motionless has the audacity to be over 6ft tall so by Jake's standards he's probably a stupid cunt for that reason alone. Kyo is only 5'3" so obviously less triggering to his stumpy short man with a short dick body image issues.

No. 1849794

File: 1687233096744.jpg (183.96 KB, 1434x732, nobodyaskedforthis.jpg)

Apparently he has a wheel he spins/goals of some kind now. "Stream naked and post proof on OF"….God please don't. Some of these goals are just…So ridiculously dumb and pandering.

No. 1849811

File: 1687236584026.png (427.42 KB, 497x688, jakejumpscare.png)

kek at all last ditch OF promo ones "50% off OF" and "stream naked with OF proof". Just imagine this stumpy lunatic hopping around with his flaccid little shrimpdick flapping about is hardly appealing OF material. Or is he admitting RPing as the child molesting furry character "velvet thunder" gets his dick hard?

No. 1849830

He is literally the poster child for why people shouldn't get face and/or neck tattoos. And that shitty haircut helps not at all.

No. 1849855

>>1848846 yeah Mike was also fucking his cousin about about 10 years ago. His gf at the time found out and leaked their private messages allll over fb. A lot of people know that about him. I also know a woman who had sex with 2 or 3 of them one night at a party. They like to share.(unsaged derail)

No. 1849860

File: 1687246498706.jpg (50.81 KB, 1080x1079, 3032_Chrome.jpg)

"Stream naked" actually already happened, I'm surprised nobody mentioned it because it was milky. He started the stream naked, and his snaccs seemed pretty into it. But after a little while he randomly admits that he actually has NO kinks, doesn't like foreplay, and just needs a few minutes of penetration to finish. People in chat started calling him vanilla and he got upset about it, and shortly after went and got dressed.

No. 1849867

kek? Please tell me this was on Twitch. Do you know how far into the stream this was?

No. 1849870

So this Mike guy is into underage girls, mentally unwell exploitable women and incest? What a fucking degenerate - toss him in burning hot oil. I'm going to try find that evidence he slept with his cousin, Northern Ireland is small but not that small. This guy sounds worse than Jake.
This man is desperate to get his kit off! Keek. Only a small part of his fanbase thirst for him so he needs to stop trying to merge the OF and VR together. However I have noticed when you click the VR category on Twitch there are a lot of streamers (particularly femboys) who pander to a horny audience. If that's the case Jake is better off making ~spicy content~ as his virtual self.
At least he's open about the fact he's vanilla. Kaya's been posting pics of people covered in blood kissing and choking memes on her IG stories for months so it'll be interesting to see if she actually likes that shit with her new play partner if she's never had a chance to experiment with that before. She's 30 so she should be less susceptible to meme-ified, porny sexual violence trends that younger women get pressured into by boys.

No. 1849872

Pretty sure on Twitch, it was whichever stream was on Jun 14th. It was within the first hour of the stream. He doesn't seem to be keeping up on uploading his past broadcasts though.

No. 1849874

Oh shid you're right, cunt's been on a deleting spree. I know Twitch deletes old VODs after a certain time but he knows we've been trawling his vids for tea and cringe. I guess his videos won't auto-upload to his channel after streams anymore.
A while back he did mention he wants to eventually archive all his old Twitch VODs on a Youtube playlist behind a paywall.

No. 1849881

I see he is having so much fun and making such original content that he has 6 react options on his wheel lol

No. 1849907

There nothing wrong with not having kinks and being 'vanilla' but to just only have sex for few minutes is pretty sad for kat. they only have sex and he the only one that gets anything out it exactly what kaya said. Thought he was all about pussy with the Tounge emoji? If I was her I would be pretty upset and then to find out he naked while streaming makes you wonder why he is so into velvet thunder and the femboy shit he must be getting off while live yuck. The fact he got dressed after getting embarrassed proves it tbh.

No. 1849924

This is so funny, the combination of streaming naked, being absolutely depraved while vtubing followed by admitting he's vanilla and putting his clothes back on. Nothing wrong with being vanilla but after going so far the other way recently, it's just odd to randomly announce it like he can't even stick to his shitty persona

No. 1849926

I know this is unsaged proofless, but actually my first impression of them hiring Kaya (who looks beautiful in comparison to these guys) is they thought they'd all have a chance with her while filming, she's actually quite reserved in terms of relationships and sex and has stated she doesn't do hookups so they wasted their money kek
She looks great in the video though. Most musician scrotes have shit morals so it's unsurprising if true

No. 1849985

Yeah prob cause she pretty and has a large alt following and is known in the area now hopefully they don't take off

No. 1850185

Chris also succeeded where jake couldn't, with a generic nu metal type band, and has fans fawning over him who are slightly less unwashed than jake's. That makes him a doo doo head. Same reason jake seethed about MGK, just like jake he is ugly, fake alt and untalented but managed to get Megan fox and a lot of fans.

No. 1850472

Absolutely off topic, but am I the only one that feels like Kat might be an Disney obsessed adult? The extremely childish Disney tattoos, the creepy “daddy” language ,and the constant state of using emojis, while misspelling nearly every word?I feel like if there were a Disney theme park around, she’s go like every week(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1850480

Put “sage” in email field and don’t use a name anon
But yea I think you’re right. Just one more proof she doesn’t have many brain cells.

No. 1850944

Jake said the only reason MGK is famous is because he is "tall, thin, and attractive." Jake has such bad taste when it comes to men and women's looks lol

No. 1850945

He was just live on twitch a bit ago. Looks like he's not saving very many of his streams. And his schedule is sun-fri…That's not a very maintainable schedule for someone who's such a 'family man' if he's not even getting home until the wee hours of the morning. He really is desperate for this vtuber shit to take off. Reminds me of the MAG days where they'd overwork themselves and then he'd rage over how little views it was raking in. (And most of those were probably due to Kaya being a part of it.) I can't wait for him to realize this isn't gonna make him famous.

No. 1851109

Yeah, looks like he's caught on to people watching for milk and is deleting them as soon as they are over. Not even a "rewatch" option like he has for his youtube subscribers. He knows he's embarrassing himself for minimum wage at this point. It's honestly kind of sad. kek

No. 1851130

He's still using the content for his YouTube videos tho, he's finally found an even lazier way to put out videos then reaction vids. They're so fucking cringe just in ten minute highlight form, I can't imagine how bad four hours streams of that shit are. His humor is just so cringe and gross. There are people who can pull off the kind of crude, ovee the top humor he's trying at, but he's not one of them. It just comes off creepy and sad and embarrassing. Which is sort of Jake Munro in a nutshell.

No. 1851385

File: 1687468421144.jpg (123.27 KB, 572x528, pcXNtPh.jpg)

Jake is live rn and it looks like he's back into gaming streams - he's in his home studio with the PS5 hooked up to his PC. He looked relieved to be working from home again but it sucks for Isaac trying to sleep next to that chatter at 1am.

No. 1851447

This Claire person is a sad sack of shit to be giving away this much money to this person.

Its honestly pathetic…(namefagging)

No. 1851476

File: 1687478351269.jpg (27.85 KB, 607x516, yUmfTCl.jpg)

Jake was about 2 hours in and I saw she had donated close to $2000 (I thought Kiedra Gerl was one of her alts but it looks like a real person, the rest are all here though) and the snaccs went wild like they used to during the cultish #breakthejake frenzies. Clair is crazy but I do like the fact she's got Jake's balls in her hand and can end his career if she wanted

No. 1851484

>you guys make my day less miserable
>here's to all of us having a bad time
Maybe the anon tinfoiling she's donating large amounts of money to get back at her husband was onto something. Maybe she's blowing through his money during a messy divorce or something?

No. 1851691

I think that anon might be onto something. A messy divorce or he cheated and she's blowing his money on some rando stream guy she found. I feel like some of her comments are mocking Jake but he can't ban her lol

No. 1852034

File: 1687569755449.png (61.02 KB, 493x900, pls no.PNG)

No. 1852038

File: 1687569983973.png (13.76 KB, 599x295, his retweet.PNG)

Seen that he retweeted this little gem. kek.

No. 1852041

Yet he's the one who (quite literally) sabotaged everything himself.

Also you're not a special snowflake, Jake; everyone is different when it comes to their childhood memory. It's normal. kek.

No. 1852110

Jake Munro is not like the other boys! Kek

His lone alpha wolf bullshit is always funny too. If no one can stand you, your bandmates all left, everyone else sided with your ex girlfriend, etc. You might be the problem Jake. It's also kind of notable he's constantly shitting on his fans and family when they are the only people outside Kat who seem to support him.

No. 1852195

Has he heard of false memory? He can’t possibly remember all this shit.

No. 1852336

Seems like folly for someone with a reportedly very good memory to make such a garbagefire of their life via their own poor choices, (thus probably spends a lot of his time feeling angry and remorseful about the past) but there you go.

No. 1852531

For a man who styles himself as someone who doesn't need friends he still makes a point of retweeting shit like that, I always thought it was incredibly sad how weirdly proud he is to have 0 friends, now I just think it's pathetic. The man loves to victimise himself over things that are directly his own fault, his own choice, his own shitty personality and overbearing ego that pushes people away.

No. 1853081

File: 1687728142121.png (1.1 MB, 706x881, doggo.png)

I can see she tried to apply the contours of a chest plate on the dog, if anything I honestly thought she fucked up and left a line behind.

Also his poor arm is all janked up.

No. 1853135

File: 1687734602412.jpg (770.33 KB, 3464x2309, mediocre.jpg)

I thought color was supposed to be her only redeeming factor as a tattoo artist? The color looks horrid. Here are the traced and layered images she stole, too. Her practice of haphazardly collaging other people's art together is so funny because you can always tell that's what she does. Her designs lack any sort of cohesion and creativity at all.

No. 1853316

How has she not been called out by any of these artists yet? I mean this is blatant. You can't just change a few details and pretend it's yours. I would be so pissed off to find out someone had done that to my artwork. Especially when it's such a bad job as well.

No. 1853377

Her best one was the WORDWIDE dinosaur. The fact that her own shop shared it and no one noticed the worst spelling mistake ever the shop clearly is one those ‘don’t go there’ tattoo shops. But she could easily say she hasn’t copied the artist she copied the Disney character that’s how lot of these colourful Disney tattooist get away with it just awkward that it the first Google search and you find what she stolen. Every single colourful Disney tattooist Is shit at tattooing it always bold fat lines and bright colours. If you look at this for example they tend to distract poor line work with bright colours >>1853135 you can see she made a mistake in between the dogs chest and left a line and on top the dog head a random mistake line going onto the scarf, the colours on the coat are patchy and the dog ears and she didn’t finish the black outline at the bottom of the scarf, the right patch of hair is more neon the the left side and she forgot to colour a small patch of grey on the dog paw around her fingers. I feel like she needs to get her eyes tested maybe it time for glasses kat?

I could point out at least 15 things about this one >>1836490

No. 1853382

>>1853377 I remember seeing a photo of Kat sitting at home wearing glasses, would be so her to not wear them to work for vanity's sake and then not be able to see what she is doing. I also think she rushes all the linework to get to the 'fun bit' I.e colouring

No. 1853395

I'd love to see her work on a tattoo fail video

No. 1853437

Someone needs to send this shit to Roly. I'd fucking die if I saw her stuff pop up on one of his tattoo fail videos.

No. 1853657

One of the dogs frontpaws is so much bigger than the other

No. 1853726

File: 1687812343159.jpg (181.76 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20230626-134059_Dis…)

An update from Jake's discord regarding Clair specifically, without actually specifying her. Every time she donates the chat starts popping off. Hilarious and ironic how Maz specifies comments like "adopt me" as cringe, while Clair is the one talking about diarrhea dripping down her leg and and feeding poop to her dog. Jake is just trying to protect his precious new pay pig the best he can. He really sucks Clair's pussy every time she's in the chat. I noticed snaccs that have been there for years come in and get ignored, then Clair comes in and Jake makes a HUGE deal. He's blatantly picking favorites based on how much they donate.

No. 1853802

This is particularly funny at the part where Maz says "this community is one of the most kind, caring,….blah blah blah" because that community has literally torn each other apart about someone calling another member "normie". They are mostly just as bad as Fake is.

No. 1853908

If Clair leaves he's financially done. People will accept a lot of weird sex stuff on the internet, but fecal fetishes are a hard no even for most kinky people. His remaining supporters are dwindling and as soon as Clair gets bored and moves on, he is sunk. There's no way the few snaccs he hasnt aliented yet can cover his bills. As for trying to relaunch as a vtube channel, by throwing in with Clair he's robbing Peter to pay Paul. She's paying his bills, but at the expense of starting his vtube career by associating himself with shit fetishes and borderline bestiality.

No. 1854065

It's hilarious because the dude has clearly always thought he was better, more worthy, or more talented than everyone else around him. He's lost any friends he did have including his bandmates, he's basically begging people on social media to reach out to him for vtube collabs now. His current content is somehow much worse than even his laziest "tiktok reacts". It's honestly been kind of hilarious to watch him stoop this low and consistantly make an utter fool of himself. Clair's generosity is only prolonging his most embarrassing "career" death throes. Much like with Onision's fanbase this temporary channel of income is most definitely going to dry up as soon as the last few big spenders get bored and go elsewhere for their cheap laughs.

No. 1854381

File: 1687892284804.png (377.94 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_20230627-195910.png)

No. 1854466

N01curr, jake. N01curr.

No. 1854490

Almost as if it is an overpriced prop for you to drape yourself over whilst fooling no one about how much of a wasted investment it was. The man truly has no concept of how pathetic and cringe he looks when trying to show off

No. 1854509

He looks like Gordon Ramsay

No. 1854559

Don't insult Gordon like that. But he does sort of look like if you tried to make a Gordon Ramsey doll and then gave it to a small child who then drew all over it and left it outside for a few weeks in the elements…

No. 1854651

File: 1687920285803.jpg (289.75 KB, 1079x1810, gone to shit.jpg)

Looks like his IG has officially become a shitposting account? Just dropping dookie after dookie of drivel.

No. 1854726

File: 1687937510871.png (690.36 KB, 575x768, truluv.png)

dude is definitely aging like milk. Added his new tattoos to that old edit from one of the old threads. The Gordon Ramsay comparisons are still alive and well I guess. kek

No. 1854742

File: 1687941030225.jpg (587.15 KB, 3464x2309, wankingtofurriesconfirmed.jpg)

Take a look at this account that Jake follows on Twitter. Absolutely fucking grim what he's become.

No. 1854743

File: 1687941710743.jpg (Spoiler Image, 977.16 KB, 3464x3464, furryporn.jpg)

More examples of what this account that he follows posts. Spoilered for literal furry porn. So this is what Jake "no kinks" Munro is into now.

No. 1854746

fucking yikes. No wonder he's been making so many furry "jokes" and even came up with a horny degenerate furry character of his own. Kat, is this your man? So embarrassing.

No. 1854771

>>1854381 honestly the vr headset isn't going to help the forehead wrinkles either, they pull the skin on your forehead down which is gonna make it more crinkly over time kek

No. 1854922

Men who are into furries in their mid-thirties are failed male specimen with broken brains and broken sex drives.

No. 1854993

File: 1687980974575.jpeg (90.17 KB, 1170x796, IMG_3559.jpeg)

Yet another avatar in the offing…

No. 1854995

File: 1687981023317.jpg (575.09 KB, 3464x2309, 508.jpg)

Today is Kat's birthday and Jake is spending it going on a vtuber thot follow spree.

No. 1855014

File: 1687983296238.png (499.55 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 22-14…)

lol that's the only thing she's posted. Guess the love bombing is over. All that is left is probable debt and furry porn.

No. 1855020

something tells me he's been into it for a long time, look how quick he took up furry characters for vr shit and immediately went into degenerate sex talk with it. the fact that him talking about the 'puppy' in the cage etc is immortalized as part of his streaming highlights, idk how that is allowed on the internet but pls save it cos that will be one of many things he's said that is going to come back on him.

No. 1855023

Kat is soooo manly. really lends credence to the idea that Jake is just a raging closet faggot…

No. 1855037

File: 1687985539732.png (131.33 KB, 501x903, jakeprestream.png)

Jake is posting again. He uploaded some clip from VRchat moaning about furry asses 20 minutes ago then this. I'm beginning to think he completely forgot Kat's birthday, it's already like 10pm over in Ireland. Wonder if Kat won't order his nightly chicken nuggies as a result. kek

No. 1855046

File: 1687986554809.png (333.51 KB, 861x699, furrybootyjake.png)

Dropbox link for archiving purposes

Seems like Jake spent Kat's birthday sleeping in after streaming final fantasy all night. Waking up to spam follow furry and vr e-thots, then off to watch himself work out in the mirror before streaming some more degen shit tonight from the studio. Curious to see if he love bombs her over the weekend to make up for this. He's live now on Twitch if anyone wants to tune in.

No. 1855100

He's shit in bed irl according to kaya and by him saying he only needs a few mins of piv, and judging by his OF does not know how to be sexy at all. And then mentally he's into loser shit like furries, and thots that look way younger than him. Though he's aged so shit so idk how much of a stretch that second one is, the girls he's following just look younger than he is. He's hated on egirls in his tiktok reacts but also jacks off to them, typical moid.

No. 1855138

agree… she looks like a drag queen next to her friend, and it's not just bc she wears a lot of makeup, her friend is also wearing a lot of makeup and unnatural hair color etc. kat is big and tall with a man jaw. I bet she is taller than Jake.

No. 1855139

ut oh, skinny noodle arms with no boobs but a "bubble butt" Jake must be smitten by this creature. she also looks a lot younger, poor Kat. and on her birthday. but you lose them how you get them.

No. 1855262

File: 1688021384864.png (403.2 KB, 1626x873, jakestreams.png)

Stream highlights from tonight:
>Jake got scammed again, I missed the details but it appears to be VR related again
>It was Kat's 35th birthday, he got her "a big card" for her birthday and called her "an old lady" lel
>Blamed Isaac for not being able to do anything else for her b-day saying he was "grumpy" all day
>also worded it as "we got isaac today" so it appears her and Dean have shared custody.
>promised to post the "big card" to instagram after the stream but never actually bothered to
>says he's been very busy preparing a single and a cover recently
>Also mentions he's participating in some kind of VR "talent show" in attempt to get Filian to notice him
>said meeting loli VRtuber Filian irl would "be insane" and would be like "knowing the face of god"
>said he's bringing Kat "somewhere special" next week to make up for her birthday. Said She's stuck working in the tattoo studio "all week".
>Said that his gift to Kat is "time together" and that is what they always gift eachother
>Has a meltdown over the lighting in a room because "it will look SHIT in YT shorts"
>Next world isn't open to public, he whines about that for a few minutes and tries to break in but fails
>bitches a bunch about the trending worlds always being the same
>Third world sends him into another mini meltdown about it "looking like shit" reeee
>Goes to 7-11 world and throws hotpockets and doritos all over the place for the lulz
>Says he misses Japan, only "kind of" misses the USA
>continues boring world hopping, wheel spins and lands on "story time" eehs and uuuhs for 15mins
>Finally something interesting happens, he tells the full story of his trip to Berlin.
>Basically he got pickpocketed by an old German woman at the bar he was eating chicken nuggies at.
>He missed his flight in the morning because he was "still drunk". Didn't notice his wallet missing until he had to pay for his taxi.
>Was still drunk most of the way home, said he only sobered up "5 hours later".
>Complains about Germans and said they are all rude, like the French. Doesn't want to return to Berlin.
>Also complains about Germans not speaking enough English. kek?
>Says he might "cut the stream short" because 33 viewers isn't enough and will ruin his viewership stats that he is trying to raise
>Goes to a Zelda Majoras Mask world and proceeds to spend the next 20 minutes exploring it while talking about how much he hates Zelda games and calling them bad.
>Hosts a watch party for some "to catch a scammer" video. Interrupts the video to sperg out for at least 20 minutes about VRtube scammers on fiverr again.
>says hackers must get "mad pussy" and goes on and on about how cool hackers are
>starts to go through random VR avatars to do new character skits for IG reels and YT shorts
>sexualizes the female avatars, "hehehehing" while jumping up and down to exploit any jiggle physics
>Weird drawn out storyline about gay knights and a child abusing bus driver as "skits"
>Jake doesn't know who Professor Layton, Jolyne Cujoh, and other popular media characters are
>Spends over one hour randomizing VR avatars and doing the same boring or awful skits the entire time
>Raids some new VRtuber girl with jiggle physics named Kelly, her content is equally as "lol so random"
All in all this stream sat around anywhere from 20 to 30 something viewers and he only got 11 new subs, 10 of which were all gifted from a single snacc. No other donations except maybe a 100 bits thrown his way. He blamed this on him not promoting the stream enough and seemed pretty put off about it. It was an extremely boring watch, but I guess we at least have confirmation on Kat's age now.

No. 1855282

duh she is 35, she was born in 1988 as her Kat Paine 88 monicker suggests. idiot anons were like "more likely she just likes the number." then I remarked, she "likes" 88? only a white supremacist would choose that number (retorted by "zomg what does that have to do with anything, not everything is a DoG wHiStLe FoR nEo-NaZiS") for being chronically online gen z trash, some people are so stupid.
anyway, wow if their gift to one another is "time" why cant they just spend time together on her real birthday? I know the kid makes things unromantic but they could have done something family oriented, bought her flowers, dinner with friends AND the kid, they can like sit at a high share and eat some fries and color at a restaurant, or got a sitter, watched a movie and opened a bottle of wine late when the kid is sleeping and gave her birthday sex… most adults just need a little bit of affection and appreciation on their bday and go to work the next day, it doesn't have to be a huge week long rager of a vacation, but he'd rather be streaming unsuccessfully instead of giving his old lady birthday kisses and head. trouble in paradise?

No. 1855297

File: 1688026602004.png (951.85 KB, 940x628, kimreiko.png)

I'm definitely not surprised she's 35. It's weird that anons in old threads didn't believe it as she absolutely looks 35+? I thought the "our gift to each other is time" was laughable too. Both of them work jobs that allow them to make their own schedules. Jake is a failing YouTuber/VRtuber and Kat is a (usually) part time tattoo artist, part time mum. It's a little absurd they don't regularly have plenty of time to share with each other. I'm kind of curious if Kat is picking up more hours at the studio to make up for Jake's failings. He also did an awful lot of talking about buying more expensive VR equipment because he wants to get another new avatar "Jake 3.0" and have full eye/mouth tracking. According to Jake he is currently using buttons to change the expression of this creepy mask avatar he's currently using.

It's also wild to me that Jake spent all of Kat's birthday following and interacting with various e-thots, working out by himself in the studio, and salivating over furry and young anime girl avatars. He even raided this girl and went on about how nice she's been to him and how he's excited to talk to her more. Happy birthday Kat! lmao

This girl's content is super cringe too, here's a clip of her stream and her thanking Jake a bunch:
>if you guys aren't following Jake I'll punch you in the BUTTHOLE

No. 1855298

>His gift to Kat is time together
They aren't even two years in yet and we've already hit this level of tightassery, imagine your boyfriend following coomer Twitter accounts and streaming while ignoring you on your birthday other than one (1) card, definitely has got too comfy already. Where does Clair's husband's money go? Couldn't Jake have bought her a necklace or some shit?

No. 1855299

File: 1688026986343.png (5.63 KB, 609x168, lel.png)

Sorry I called her "kelly" in the highlights, she goes by "kim reiko". Watching the stream all the way through has melted my brain.

No. 1855307

Jake and Kat are just emo Gordon Ramsey and Jeffrey star

No. 1855309

Calling it now he will take her to Galgorm. Find it really weird that both he and Kaya still go l their for birthdays when it was a special place they went to together. It’s like they are trying to show to each other they don’t care lol

No. 1855311

Christ if I was Kat I would be absolutely furious - your boyfriend would rather stream degeneracy to a captive Audience of 20 people than spend any time with you and your son for your birthday? He's there drooling over furries and anime jiggle physics and connecting with younger women while you're stuck alone at home, presumably waiting for one of his mods to message you about dinner because he's begun delegating the simple act of communicating with you to someone else. He couldn't have streamed earlier in the week? Worked on his music some other time? He makes his own schedule, out of him and Kat and Isaac's dad he is probably the only one that dictates their own hours and commitments and he can't even be bothered doing that for a special occasion? If Kat isn't cheating on this reprobate then she frankly should be, he talks a big game about respect and can't even spare a crumb of it for his supposed "love"

No. 1855373

Just shows Kat cares mostly about money… we know how this will end when Jake goes broke

No. 1855408

I would not be surprised if she's doing more hours tattooing to cover that she's lining up the next guy or at least to get money to cover moving out. Maybe she's trying to get back with the husband to.

No. 1855518

I’m secretly rooting for her to break up with fake and get a new dude or bei g single would be a bigger W kek doubt it though

No. 1855526

>going on a thot follow spree
He did this around the time he broke up with Kaya, too. Went on a follow spree of e-girls, goth models, moms, and poledancers. Kat should be wary.

No. 1855542

Jake reminds me of that dwarf from the disturbing anime Midori when he got called a 'a short arse' by his audience after he talked down on them he goes on full rage meltdown and uses a weird form of magic to punish them lmao

No. 1855544

File: 1688069275764.jpg (11.11 KB, 300x168, images (4).jpg)

No. 1855547

Nah she deserves to stay with him and have a bunch of ugly ass crotch goblins together she is a piece of shit pick me and i just hate her that much. Fuck that cheating ragedy ass whore.

No. 1855572

She's a brain dead pick me and a single mum that means she has low asf self esteem and is insecure which explains how:

-1 she's legit dressing up like a teenager trying to be cute and uwu innocent while being a middle aged bitch with a kid.

-2 Fake won't stop screaming to his fans how he only has eyes for her and would NEVER dream of fucking another girl

-3 She still stuck by fake even after kaya exposed his cheating and shit behaviour to 300K + people online.

I bet money she's convinced that he would never treat her like he did to kaya cause she's so not like that "fat useless bitch ex" and that she's thin and "hot" enough that jake would never wander around or check out other girls kek

I hope he makes you a single mom of 4 kids with a scrotum sack looking belly and a busted vag from a fourth degree vaginal tear,Skat.(reddit spaced spergery)

No. 1855622

She also stuck by him when he was outed for sexually harassing women on tour..

No. 1855631

File: 1688079022495.jpg (135.91 KB, 728x505, 2ydtKTO.jpg)

Is this his first VR stream with 'friends'?
Does anyone know anything about these losers? Their mic qual is sinfully shit and they're boring af, typical weeb trash. Anyone who appears aside Jake must be desperate for easy simp money from the likes of Clair.
( KittyMcPancake5 , ZOMBI3GUTS and chocovaniart )

No. 1855658

File: 1688083411859.png (596.85 KB, 1044x856, 23903290.png)

Just some random group of twitter degenerates with bigger followings than him. One is some lolicon catboy vtuber (my apologies to those who know what a tenga is), then there's yet another basic e-thot, then you have the edgy guro artist. Exactly the types you'd imagine would associate with someone like Jake tbh.

No. 1855664

>lolicon catboy…guro artist…
Seek therapy.
You're right anon, it sounds about right that he attracted these types.
I wonder if Catsper, or whatever the fuck he/she/they is called, was spurned. Maybe he's reluctant to stream with snaccs.

No. 1855679

File: 1688086496075.jpg (691.55 KB, 3464x2309, cringe.jpg)

>into lolicon, hides face, broad chest with no breasts, speaks in an over compensating high pitched voice
yeah this one seems like a man. they only stopped in for a tiny bit during the stream and then left due to "internet issues" kek
his three guests seem like a trio of streaming buddies and Jake is trying to self insert

No. 1855681

File: 1688086877584.jpg (229.41 KB, 1080x1549, fugly.jpg)

and the pretty boy cat prince demon senpai who tries to sound sexy with a deep and gravely voice is actually just some total uggo in cringey gaudy cosplay
no wonder these inbreds need to hide behind avatars

No. 1855710

File: 1688089953479.png (137.06 KB, 516x921, 2891219.png)

kek, I think you are right nonna. Remember when Jake was calling Kaya's friends "belfast trash"? He's really scraping bottom of the barrel for "friends" these days. The pedo catboy "kitty mcpancakes" definitely sounds like a whole mouth breathing neckbeard too. I missed the gross loli larper's voice though.

Kat's IG story is full of seven stories trying to fill her time slots at the studio tomorrow. Still no birthday card post or any more mention of her birthday. I'm fully expecting a budget stay at the galgorm like >>1855309 said. Isn't that what they did for their last anniversary too?

No. 1855714

Wtf anon, innocent children don't deserve that. And 35 is not middle aged kek.

No. 1855715

File: 1688091579485.png (166.21 KB, 440x790, kittymcpancakes.png)

Yeah he definitely looks like a lolicon. Interesting that the "girlfriend" never shows her face but he will.

Agreed, that anon is doing too much. Kat is a homewrecking skank, but that post is weirdly scrotey.

No. 1855820

I’m not a scrote I just happened to watch kaya’s entire heartbreaking video and I think that Skat deserves every bit of misery fake could give her not to mention how seeing fake lose his freedom and income from having kids with that crusty ass pick me would be poetic. Fuck them both.

No. 1855825

Fake is probably already sexting other girls at this point but skat is so retarded she thinks a guy that was sexting and flirting during an entire 11 year relationship would uwu change his ways when he meets the ‘hottest girl in the world’ kek You better go check your ‘daddy’s’ phone Skat and confront him he probably won’t start punching doors and yelling at you at all kek

No. 1855832

NTA but 35 is way too fucking old to be larping as ‘daddy’s little baby girl’ especially when you don’t look youthful at all have the face of a scabby alcoholic and a kid.

> muh innocent children

As much as I hope fake and skat’s DNA doesn’t get spread I admit it would be precious to see fake drown in poverty and go get himself ‘a minimum wage job’ while seething that his ‘thin trophy ‘ gf is wrecked from childbirth kek

No. 1855843

Kitty McPancakes is the most retarded fucking handle I've ever seen and Jake should be embarrassed for associating with these losers.

No. 1855846

He had the nerve to shit on Kaya’s friends while hanging out online with degenerate lolicon neckbeards kek at least kaya’s friends seem pleasant

No. 1855904

I hate everything you just said I don’t want to alog but fake should be sterilized not be having children so you can get a laugh at him working at tesco fucks sake

No. 1855920

It would be amazing if kaya turned her life 180 and became thin again,started going to college for high paying career, found a hot tall goth guy who is agreeable and lived her best childfree life with lots of money and sex God that would make fake and skat explode kek but I know I am living in a fantasy

No. 1855923

Idk anon I think seeing him work at tesco would definitely be worth it kek

No. 1855966

No, it won't.
Fucking hell, some of you are too invested in some internet drama.

No. 1856115

Kaya is fucking a troon and dressing like a drunk prostitute lately. You can flush that hope she's going to 180 down the crapper.

No. 1856131

He just went live 20 mins ago.
He announced Jake 3.0 is in the works, he got in touch with a VR chat avatar maker along with a whole team of people. He's also making a lore video with his 'friends' and song to go along with the debut.
Clair is in the audience today and gave him 20,000 bits and 35 gifted subs. Jake said he will be going to L.A. at the end of the year and 'can't wait to meet Clair and some other snaccs'.

No. 1856190

>Jake said he will be going to L.A. at the end of the year and 'can't wait to meet Clair and some other snaccs'.
So Clair, a total rando who showed up only weeks ago who is now the star of his show and main source of income, is literally funding a huge trip just to meet her. Anyone else get the feeling she's paying him to travel and fulfill some sort of sex work? Like some scat or findom stuff…

No. 1856196

I think that Jake is into furries and troons now because he realizes it's the only community left that's autistic enough to accept him.

No. 1856239

Sounds like either stumpy midget rage or skanky onlyfans prostitute kek >>1856115

No. 1856280

wait he's gonna go meet the batshit crazy poop fetishist? that actually sounds sketchy

No. 1856401

Idk how Kaya is better than Kat when she stuck by Jake for alot of the bullshit and had to let things come to a boiling point to even consider leaving the dusty behind.

No. 1856411

This thread was specifically made in an effort to stop the incredibly stupid and annoying Kaya bad Vs Kaya good circular debate, please God please stop trying to revive it. I am asking so nicely.

No. 1856419

File: 1688204290455.png (264.94 KB, 1049x769, irlvsvtuber.png)

>16yo girl gets into relationship, stays with manipulative abusive partner for the next 10 years
>34yo married woman cheats on husband and father of her child with man in a very long-term relationship
C'mon anon, you can't be serious. Kaya obviously has her own shortcomings and that's why she is still discussed in the altcow thread, but Kat is actually a massive piece of shit all around. There's a huge difference between staying in a shit relationship because you feel trapped or due to sunk cost fallacy as it's all you've ever really known and being a full ass adult woman with a husband and child who is known as a serial cheater at this point. I don't agree with the scrotey borderline a-logging anon upthread, but let's not act delusional. If you really want to dunk on Kaya so bad though, the altcow thread is the best place for it.

Anyways. I never realized "Jake 2.0" was actually modeled after one of his old makeup looks as the avatar manages to look nothing like him. Also, Jake is considering growing his receding hairline out now? Scraggly neckbeard era Jake is nearly upon us, he's already got degenerate terminally online crew.

No. 1856420

>>1856401 take your kaya crap to altcows

No. 1856422

Kaya turned 30. Your timeline is off.

No. 1856428

File: 1688206635926.png (43.01 KB, 490x145, omnomnom.png)

My bad, she was 17-18? Regardless the point still stands.

No. 1856436

You’re fucking retarded. Kaya met Jake at the age of 16 a literal child and got manipulated and abused into staying with him while Skat is a grown ass 35 year old fucking cheated on her husband and created a broken household for her kid to grow up in and chose to cheat with a confirmed misogynist,domestic abuser ,cheater and narcissist out of all the men out there. Kat is literally a gigantic piece of trash and her and fake deserve each other she even left her hair all over the house for poor kaya to find she disgusts me. Not saying kaya is perfect but you can’t seriously equate being lazy due to mental illness to all of the above.

No. 1856438

There is a fundamental difference between someone trapped in an abusive relationship and someone blowing up their entire family unit to be with said abuser.

No. 1856439

Not sure what you are on about the other comment was right about Kaya. She's also constantly whining about doing her job but is able to go out and party. She's regressing again and losing subs on patreon.

No. 1856446

This isn't a Kaya thread, it's a Jake and Kat thread. Stop derailing it with this shit and take it back to altcows. This thread was specifically created to get away from the infighting, victim-blaming and just general 'which one is worse/they're both bad' arguing that the last thread Jake and Kaya thread devolved into.

No. 1856452


Several people appear to be telling you that they don't want to hear it, maybe take the hint.

No. 1856476

Yicks on several fucking bikes kek this bitch has zero self awareness. You’re not an uwu youthful wittle baby girl Skat you’re a mid thirties adult woman that looks like a crusty 40 year old from all the alcohol divorced mum get a reality check kek

No. 1856479

Kek having the IQ of a twelve year old doesn’t mean you’re eligible for larping as a little baby girl you gotta at least look like one. Ffs even when young pretty girls do DDLG it’s still gross but when middle aged moms do it it’s on a whole level of disgusting kek

No. 1856482

Oh stfu. If someone mentions poor little Kaya others can respond with how she's doing. The only reason a jake thread was made was because 3 of you loons decided on your own when a thread was about to be locked. You aren't the fucking lolcow police. No one is derailing. People are giving context.(infighting, derailing)

No. 1856484

Imagine simping for an ugly ass midget with a god complex that’s shit in bed fakes army of desperate troons and pick me’s are so pathetic kek

No. 1856506

You seem to be awfully invested to defend a cow that dates a troon and dresses like trash. No one is simping for Fake by pointing out a cow is a cow. You need to go outside and eat some grass.(infighting and derailing)

No. 1856515

for some reason I get the feeling that Jake & Kat have more than three haters

No. 1856522

Let's just ignore these detailers now. They are just looking for attention.

No. 1856556

>>1856419, >>1856428
Nonnas are right, Kaya was 16 and Jake was 18 when they met online in 2009 and they had their first IRL meeting at the end of that year. These early interactions would have been documented on Bebo, VF and Myspace but they are now lost to the sands of time so I just have to go off things said in the boyfriend tag and whatnot.
>Idk how Kaya is better than Kat
I don't like Kaya but you should read through her old Livejournal from Oct 2010 - Jul 2011. You can see how hyper and childish (in a rawr-x way) she was when she first got with Jake. Kaya basically moved in with Jake straight away when he came to NI in 2010 eventually dropping out of college that year and being unemployed until she was 21. While initially fun the realities of poverty hit them hard: Jake's rage and inability to hold down jobs, welfare, depression, rocky relationship etc. Her parents really fucked up by letting her move out before she finished education, she would have really benefitted from living with them until she matured and could support herself. I have zero respect for her parents, they've also been letting her do fetish photoshoots alone with creepy men since she was 14 or 15 where she was illegally supplied alcohol and driven to sometimes far away locations.
Bad parenting decisions led Kaya to become stuck in perpetual teen-hood but at the very least she didn't get married to Jake, have babies or cheat. On the other hand Jake and Kat were so 'checked-out' and selfish that they had to line up new partners and cheat.

No. 1856568

For the last time you autistic fucking retard dressing up as a slut and dating troons is not comparable in any way shape or form to being a literal domestic abuser, cheater, narcissist, sex pest, DDLT degenerate, Onlyfans whore.(infighting and derailing)

No. 1856645

>go outside and eat some grass
We're the farmers, not the cows. kek

No. 1856682

Why do you hate Kat so much? Are you mad Jake picked her over you? When did she domestically abuse anyone???(infighting, derailing)

No. 1856716

File: 1688249742456.png (616.15 KB, 720x1099, Screenshot_20230701-231641.png)

No. 1856733

Jake is nailing the Karen haircut.

No. 1856748


Filtered the wrinkles out like crazy.

Isnt' Claire German btw?

No. 1856758

File: 1688255811565.jpg (436.11 KB, 1079x1743, Screenshot_20230701-165717_Fac…)

lurk more and you'll see why we hate Kat, weird accusation about being "picked" tho
Did Clair say she was German? She's from Cali kek.

No. 1856767

Judging by kayas livejournal posted >>1856556, Kat'a body looks like what Kaya wanted herself to look like when she was younger. Her 20 journal entries are pure cringe and her wanting to be underweight while admitting to being unhealthy and lazy. Also speculation she slept with someone while dating Jake in the early days. Frequent comments about other women's looks.(derailing)

No. 1856784


LOL I read German Shepherd and got confused. Sorry!

No. 1856844

Yikes. Kat looks ten years older than Jake in this picture. And Jake has the crazy eyes of someone who is high on something. Not sure what expression he was going for, but definitely not as flattering as he probably thinks it is.

No. 1856849

File: 1688267326943.png (859.39 KB, 516x922, kat_bday.png)

Damn, looks like they did jack shit for her birthday tbh. They met up with two of Kat's friends, but there's no dinner, no drinks, or anything else in sight. Just a couple shots of them sitting on a couch.

The alt thread is >>1854114 anon

No. 1856851

File: 1688267447146.png (1.29 MB, 1022x899, kat_bday_.png)

Most of the birthday posts just look like this. And here we thought he'd at least gift her an overnight at the galgorm.

No. 1856853

File: 1688268001860.png (885.98 KB, 514x915, kat_35bish.png)

birthday selfie

No. 1856856

Not having eyebrows makes his face look almost infantile. Maybe he should get Mark's wife Rebekah to tattoo some on.

No. 1856857

File: 1688268345599.png (511.12 KB, 559x706, katshein.png)

Also find it hilarious that her big birthday was having a couple female friends over and flexing in a $22 SHEIN outfit. We still haven't even seen the card he got her for her bday. The bar is so low it's on the floor kat.

No. 1856859

Yes she was annoying and vapid in her LJ but my point was that she was only 17 and her parents made some questionable parenting decisions when she was still a minor. Her Mum encouraged her to follow in her foot steps and become a model but Kaya could have been raped during her unsupervised modelling gigs at 15 and 16. On her LJ Kaya talks about hanging out with much older people who supplied weed and alcohol and waking up in her underwear at random house parties. She also talks about being given free stuff (like a latex nurse outfit) from moids she met on VF and hung out with IRL, there's unsavoury implications about what their intentions were…
She was doing mostly unpaid shoots and there was so much emphasis on looking 'fuckable' and thin which is why she put down woman as a hobby and was obsessed with diet pills and weight-loss. Why do you think she still struggles with body issues and self-esteem to this day, 8-9 years after she got fat? For years the main thing Jake and her mum praised her for was her body.
Her parents should have kept her at home until she was 18 and made her finish some kind of qualification so she wouldn't be reliant on some random Welsh kid with anger issues - what the fuck were they thinking?? I've never cared for her Mum and her 'baby-bird' bullshit online, she was a shite mum who allowed her daughter live with Jake at 16 and did jack-shit to protect her(derailing)

No. 1856921

File: 1688282668446.jpg (165.3 KB, 577x581, Screenshot_20230702-002333_Ins…)

damn so that heavyass VR headset is leaving an indent in his head already lmao

No. 1856952


She looks like a legit tranny idk her face always gave huge troon vibes

No. 1856953

I bet he was flirting with her friends on her birthday too kek

No. 1856956

Disgusting, she really looks haggard and older af here it makes me wanna barf when I remember that these two are into Daddy dom/little girl shit.

No. 1856966

>>1856857 why didn't he spend some of his clare vtubing money on kat? Remember when she gave him those kid's party snacks and wrote that note saying how proud she was of him being given loads of cash? I bet she thought that money would go towards a mini bday break away and/or multiple pairs of drinks kek.

No. 1856968

You could have fooled me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1856998

File: 1688303439568.png (367.55 KB, 1334x750, EF67CB2C-F394-49A2-B11E-7D024C…)

Idk if anyone else noticed this but fake is eerily similar to onision and social repose

No. 1857025

if anyone is a cow it's >>1856682
idk this post is reading snacc/Kat stan/cowposter to me

No. 1857031

Why does he look happier next to this rando than his actual girlfriend kek

No. 1857048

File: 1688312137720.jpg (181.99 KB, 1080x1285, 20230702_074719.jpg)

Jake posted a clip shitting on JK Rowling's writing style, and at the end he says "you hate JK Rowling because she's a terf, hate her because she's a bad writer" which lowkey implied that she should be hated for being a bad writer rather than a terf. Jake received this comment, which he deleted. Honestly it would be so unexpected and based if Jake were secretly a terf, but he's probably too misogynistic to think critically and in depth about the trans movement. Also, could you imagine if a woman said what he said? Troons would be saying it's a dogwhistle, labeling her a terf faster than you could blink, doxxing her, cancelling her, etc. They take any tiny hint of terfism from a woman and blow it up, but men seem to get away things like that.

No. 1857095

He was probably just trying to be against the grain. Like oh you all loved her books and just hate her now for her beliefs, while I hated her all along!

No. 1857106

Very on brand from him. He’s always been an “I’m not like the other boys” kind of person. Definite main character syndrome.

No. 1857135

Yup, he about to be looking like Frankenstein

No. 1857160

The fuck, has he always had eyes like Pepe the frog, or is this a weird new development?

No. 1857397

File: 1688373962412.png (17.7 KB, 532x154, isntitironicdontyouthink.png)

funny that he's always deleting comments yet he retweets this.

No. 1857398

File: 1688374144384.png (708.03 KB, 513x917, itslikeraaaainonyourweddingday…)

bonus sad boy no sleep selfie

No. 1857414

File: 1688381210283.jpg (1.89 MB, 3464x1949, ZOMBI3GUTS.jpg)

Rich coming from someone who immediately bans people for having a different opinion, like when that person disagreed about a computer part. Anyone who knows Jake knows that this isn't true at all, he actually has a really hard time understanding differing opinions. He's just trying so hard to put on a front for his new VR co-streamers. I almost wrote friends, but we all know that Jake views them as commodities and opportunities rather than friends.

Speaking of which, since the other two were posted, I looked into that zombi3guts girl a little more. She's overweight and constantly posts about how depressed she is. If there's anything we know about Jake, that's just the type of person he hates. Fat self-loathing women. So obviously he's not interested in being friends with someone like this beyond what she has to offer, which would be VR clout/collabs and gore artwork. Once his new "friends" start spending more time around him, learning about him, and see the tweet about "hiding behind an anime profile pic", it'll die out like the rest of his relationships, both work and personal.

No. 1857417

It's very obvious he's only using this group to try to establish himself in the community and so he can have someone show him popular co-op games, participate in his dumb skits, etc. We all know he absolutely thinks all three of them are beneath him, but they are a means to reel in new followers as they all have decent twitter followings and eventually, maybe even help him get filian to notice him. Still keking over him comparing meeting Filian irl to "knowing the face of god". As if Filian's content isn't just brainless nonsense and loli avatar pantyshots. It's so very telling.

Still no other sign that they did anything else for Kat's big 35th birthday. I'm beginning to wonder if they're even going to bother with their next anniversary at this point too. Yet Jake's planning a trip to LA to meet with sugarmommy clair? Something is definitely off here.

No. 1857501

Don't insult pepe like this!

No. 1857692

LMAO what fucking friends? how can he even say he identifies with this comment without having a single friend and admitting to liking "dumber" women these days (likely bc they wont have any disagreeable opinions)? and he is first to delete any comment that isn't licking his ass. he is crazy AF and doing mental gymnastics trying to act like he doesn't have friends because THEY couldn't handle him disagreeing WITH THEM. he is like just stuck being a 13 yr old and never learned how to make friends, socialize, respect the female gender as people, and be happy for others. he can't do any of that.

No. 1857731

I'm watching Jake's 8hr stream atm. He said he bought some expensive camera stuff and he will resume vlogging soon, starting with a trip to Croatia in August. He also said Jake 3.0 will debut in Halloween and as a canon event he wants to kill Jake 2.0 in spectacular fashion. There's an implication it will look different (I thought only the tracking would be upgraded).
He said he's struggled in male friendship groups his whole life and was never fully accepted or invited to group events. He usually had an easier time with females (mostly Kaya's friends and now Kat's mates I guess) but he struggles with boundaries and being insufferably arrogant so they eventually leave him too. I noticed he seemed to attract women who have also been rejected by their female circles, they have some kinship with him despite the fact he can be really rude and snarky to them.
Ever since childhood he said he'd mostly draw anime art on his own and he'd spend a lot of time in his room with his door locked, avoiding his family and playing games.
He said he'll be streaming Fortnite with someone soon, mostly likely the KittyPancakes neckbeard guy. I think the two other ladies will eventually stop associating with him, they'll resent him soon enough. Watch this space.

No. 1857765

>got scammed again somehow
>buying new expensive VR tracking equipment
>trip to Croatia in August
>planning a trip to LA to meet clair and other snaccs
I guess we know why he didn't bother to get Kat anything other than "his time" and "a card" for her birthday. kek

He struggles with male friendship because he's always aggressively competing with other men, if not outwardly, inside his head (the "willem dafoe's big dick" meltdown for example lmao). Probably why he doesn't mind being around this loser "kitty mcpancakes" because he's immediately "the alpha" in comparison. The only women who can put up with him for any extended amounts of time was his heinously depressed long term girlfriend or brainless pick mes like Kat and Jude. All of his "mutual" friends with his ex ditched him as soon as the break up happened and so many of their mutuals openly talked about how they only put up with the guy because he was her boyfriend. The guy is a literal misery machine and I can bet you that Kat is feeling it right now too, especially after that bleak birthday celebration.

No. 1857936

I know it's been mentioned already but the fact he's paying for trips abroad, more VR shit etc and Kat got "his time" (while he ensures he's streaming during weekends and evenings) for her 35th Birthday. It really doesn't take much to find some special present, he could have just ordered it online even. This woman bulldozed her marriage for a relationship with a manchild who can't even wrap his head around the concept of giving his girlfriend a birthday present.

No. 1857955

File: 1688465041847.png (409.89 KB, 533x576, lolicatgirls.png)

The thing is he used to do things for her birthday and make a big deal out of it with her and him sharing the same posts back and forth endlessly on their insta stories. On her actual birthday he also spent all his time following horny vtubers and OF girls on twitter, working out and posting vanity selfies, and acting thirsty over avatar jiggle physics on stream. Of course he pushed the blame onto Kat for "working all day" and also them having the kid and him "being cranky all day". When snaccs were asking how he was going to spoil Kat, he wrote it off as "we're celebrating this weekend". Tbh, we saw him act similarly in the past with Kaya. I genuinely think he's already flirting with other women and chalking up their issues and lack of intimacy lately as him working so hard and the kid getting in the way. Kat is likely holding out on him hitting it big and I'm sure Clair's money is convincing her it's going to happen. It's going to be a spectacular shitshow when history inevitably repeats itself.>>1857936

No. 1857960

File: 1688465761314.png (583.88 KB, 531x969, kittymunro.png)

Jake is even flirting with the lolicon neckbeard now.

No. 1857966

I love how fake is slowly treating Skat the way he treated Kaya by flirting with other girls and shit kek it's so satisfying especially when Skat probably thought she was hot shit and fake would keep doting on her and spoiling her old ass now he's spending his time thirsting over onlyfans thots and playing video games.
kat you braindead pick me cheater he only used you to get a dig at Kaya and show off how he moved on and how he's dating his 'ideal' body type he doesn't give a fuck about you or your crotch goblin in his eyes you're just a 'new pussy' kek

No. 1857977

He literally called her an "old lady" on stream even though she's only a couple years older than him. I have a feeling he was initially excited by kat because kaya had completely given up on herself at that point. Kat must have seemed so mature and put together at the time in comparison, and she (being a pickme) was obviously desperate for his attention going as far as to play into their sad little dd/lg larp. It's pretty obvious his interest is waning and he's not agonizing over them not spending time together like he used to. The fact he's outright admitted to intentionally staying up 4 or more hours fucking around online before crawling into bed with her after stream says an awful lot.

No. 1857982

He jumped to the easiest option tbh he was very desperate.
The way he would always flaunt how much sex he's having now and how his gf is 'the hottest' and 'the love of his life' it all screams insecurity and a pathetic attempt to make Kaya feel like shit even more. The way he responded to kaya finding hair and cum stains on the bed and sofa by saying that HE bought that bed proves that it was all on purpose he wanted to use skat to hurt his ex.
Their relationship will keep escalating and it's a sight to behold dating a single parent while you have no kids is always settling for less and it's starting to hit him kek

No. 1857990

It's still crazy to me Kat moved in with him so quick when she has a small child. That kid will be really confused why Jake no longer cares and will disappear soon. She destroyed her marriage and secure job and income for this clown.

No. 1858064

File: 1688485071720.png (4.86 MB, 750x1334, 89A73D51-A35D-45AE-900F-52CD3A…)

I’d love to know if this is Galgorm yet again

No. 1858074

> Happy birthday baby girl
> Is dating a mid thirties alcoholic with a kid

No. 1858075

> Happy birthday baby girl
> Is dating a mid thirties alcoholic with a kid

No. 1858076

> Happy birthday baby girl
> Is dating a mid thirties alcoholic with a kid

No. 1858108

In yesterday's stream Jake mentioned that he and Kat were getting massages because 'she deserves it' but didn't mention the Galgorm (and you know he can never resist the urge to flex otherwise).
He barely mentioned Kat and the kid in that stream, he was in a bit of a mood. He was 4hrs late to his 12hr stream (a spin the wheel 'perk') and took the longest time to explain that it was because Kat made him babysit Isaac at the last second for an hour which led to him getting stuck in peak hour traffic. Oh, and he also had to buy snacks.
Also, did Kat really have to do hair, lashes and full make-up for a massage? Girl probably hasn't been seen without makeup since she was 14. This is what the insecure bully girls turn into when they grow up.

No. 1858109

>baby girl
Meanwhile she's bending her legs and still looks taller than him, again

No. 1858124


Called it. Creepy as fuck going there a week after Kaya did.

No. 1858150

File: 1688493661036.png (354.8 KB, 717x1215, Screenshot_20230704-190202.png)

No. 1858155

She’s a certified piece of shit and deserves to be with an equally horrible person >>1858124
I hope kaya never bumps into them one day

No. 1858159

Looks like Fake Muncuck is starting to realize that kids are a burden to your career/job advancement lol I hope Skat makes him babysit more the idea of him suffering is hilarious

No. 1858161

I can already picture him seething on the verge of a chimp out when that kid won’t stop screeching and being a noise pollution trying to distract himself by looking at way younger onlyfans thots kek

No. 1858196

File: 1688498786924.png (927.47 KB, 850x418, galgorm.png)

they are definitely at the Galgorm again. You can easily recognize the weird walkway structures and the matching roof behind them. Judging from her ig stories he actually did man up and get a nicer suite this time and not the cheap room like the last time. I couldn't find the exact pricing, but it looks like he spent at least 1k on booking this? Also, it seems like you definitely have to book this particular suite out many months if not a year in advance. It might explain why it's so randomly in the middle of the week and not on her actual birthday. So it's likely he booked this prior to him ignoring her for vtubing and twitter thots. Kat seems the type that this kind of occasional lovebombing will make her stay forever though unless she found better. I do have to wonder if she was working so many extra hours lately to help pay for the trip or to help cover bills while Jake is throwing his sugarmommy money at a dozen other things under the guise of it being "investing in his vtube career".

Love that he wants to call him and kat "mum and dad" but when it comes to watching the kid in any real amount of time with kat not present he's extremely bitter and angry about it. How dare kat and isaac prevent him from spending every waking hour of his life poorly roleplaying as a furry catboy online or salivating over anime girl jiggle physics. You can definitely hear the resentment beginning to build up in his voice these days.

No. 1858238

File: 1688504252603.png (1.42 MB, 720x1239, Screenshot_20230704-215842.png)

No. 1858247

Tranny face kek

No. 1858248

The thin greasy hair and horse face do give major troon vibes ngl

No. 1858255

File: 1688506869061.png (762.02 KB, 513x917, katfilters.png)

she's been editing and filtering herself super heavy lately.

No. 1858273

It's probably the jake effect turning her more insecure as the weeks go by.

No. 1858274

kek at the fat arms

No. 1858276

He already did that no wonder she tries so hard to larp as a youthful uwu baby girl in cat girl and tinker bell costumes instead of embracing her actual age

No. 1858395

Considering his taste in VRtubers, VR avatars, and the e-thots he's been following lately it's fairly obvious why he has her roleplaying as young/teen characters and calling her baby girl.

No. 1858459

I dont want to trigger anyone but she is looking… healthy. I think it's a positive thing to not be a bony ass, but she's almost getting some breasts here, a little back flesh, got swoll arms, etc. Jake the douche who failed at manorexia and wants to live vicariously through a stick figure he is dating, might not be as attracted to her as he was when she was a Skinny Legend.

No. 1858486

File: 1688543064540.png (2.1 MB, 1165x875, katpaine.png)

ngl I don't see much of a difference from before except maybe she looks a little softer, but that could be lighting/posing.

No. 1858495

It be interesting to see if kat opinions changed on jake/kaya where before she wanted to slap kaya for lies and how she treated jake but now kat been with jake for what 2 years? She must have seen the rage, the neglect , the body dysmorphia projection. She must notice how the last few months he changed since the vr and fury shit and how he talks about her son and how he clearly doesn’t want to be around him or left with him ever. How he rather be streaming for 12 hours straight than spending time with her on her own birthday or during week. And the sexual assault allegations not that long ago and following all these thots rather than spending time with her and the kid. I do wonder if he tried it on with her friends like he did with every single female friend kaya had.
Is one love bomb flowers once in a blue moon worth it kat

No. 1858499

Skat is a retarded pick me she still thinks her not having ADHD and not being fat wil shield her from fake’s abuse.

No. 1858500

I love it when some retards on here said kaya dressed like a hooker while Skat is posing in thongs on her onlyfans kek the hypocrisy is off the charts.

No. 1858510

She's going to stick around as long as she doesn't have a better man lined up as an escape plan. She's jumped relationship to relationship for a while now, supposedly she cheated on her boyfriend with Dean when he was her boss at the tattoo shop? There's a pattern here. Jake was actively trying to cheat on Kaya all those years and probably would have loved to ditch her years back for almost any one of her friends, but no one wanted him until Kat came along. He's in it because he had limited options, wanted to rebound off Kaya to rub in her face, and she serves a purpose as his trophy "baby girl". Kat's in it because she was clout chasing and gold digging, but got stuck with him and is just trying to ride out the few benefits of being there. It's all about appearances and status for the both of them over all else.

Some of Kaya's clubbing outfits are pretty trash, but we've all literally seen Kat's everything at this point. That thong pic is from her public instagram too. Anyone can go wandering through and see 90% of this woman's body for free.

No. 1858517

It's not mutually exclusive. You can think Kaya is lately dressing like a cheap hooker AND think Kat is trashy and creepy as fuck for being a mother with a ddlg only fans. I'm starting to see why the handful of you wanted to split the threads. You're a bunch of Kaya stans having a fit every time says something bad about Kaya the cow.

No. 1858525

File: 1688550615418.png (32.13 KB, 1113x537, jakepatreon.png)

There was an anon defending Kat upthread and insisting on going on and on about what Kaya is currently doing even though it's entirely irrelevant to Jake right now. The anon you are replying to is just laughing about the hypocrisy of that anon doing so in light of Kat's public thong pics. It isn't that deep nonna. The report button exists and you can report WKs if you feel like that is the case too.

Anyway, to get back on subject, Jake's patreon is still bleeding subs, hitting an all new low of only 61 patreons this month. He's also down to 425k subs on YT and still losing the usual 2k a month.

No. 1858527

I never said kaya's clubbing outfits were not trashy i think they look awful but you gotta remember that she only dressed like that to go party in fetish clubs with other people who dressed similar while skat IS an actual prostitute on onlyfails and posts pics in thongs on her public insta. It's not a fair comparison is all

No. 1858528

He shit his own bed by posting that terrible 'breaking my silence' video Kaya wasn't going to expose his ass even after everything he did to her he could have gotten away with everything but the narc in him couldn't resist the urge kek

No. 1858529

She said that she took out clips of the video that she thought were 'too damaging' to Jake i wonder what they were about

No. 1858530

He continues to shit the bed too. All of his new VRtuber content is performing terribly, only getting a few thousand views at best and doing equally as poorly in comparison to his old content on instagram as well. I'm honestly surprised his two "face" videos did okay on YT and managed to break 10k views, but even that is pretty abysmal compared to what he used to get.

No. 1858535

Trying to criticise the way Kaya is dressing and calling them a prostitue when the person you're comparing them to literally does sex work is pretty funny.

No. 1858542

The state of the nonnas in here probably looking like dogshit, picking on Kat like incels do. She has a great body, great tattoos, has a sexy SG look. She's a mom and looks better than you all. Stay mad.(derailing wk)

No. 1858547

>She has a great body
Has skinny legs with fat arms and a flat ass and chest
>great tattoos
Is covered in ugly tattoos
>has a sexy SG look.
Has a long tranny face and greasy thin hair has no lips
>She's a mom
Is a legit a shit mom risks having her kid around a man with confirmed severe angry issues and cheated on his dad creating a broken home
>looks better than you all. Stay mad.
Is a 35 years old alcoholic that posts heavily edited nudes to her onlyfans and larps as a teen daddy's little girl

No. 1858553

Oof Skat is triggered kek maybe if you were not such a trashy pick-me onlyfails whore the farmers wouldn't have a major dislike towards you.Go get impregnated by Jake.(infighting)

No. 1858554

KEK justify your decision to pay for her overpriced OnlyFails any way you need to, snacc.
Her great tattoos are fucking cringe, have you seen her hilarious back tattoo and Mulan thigh piece? At least the tattoos on her body aren't as bad as what she's putting on others.
SG is outdated and will hire literally anyone with a hint of alt. Set your bar higher, coomer.
>She's a mom and looks better than you all.
Implying moms don't usually look good while assuming what we all look like? Scrotes stay scroting.

No. 1858555

Speaking of Skat's onlyfans can someone take one for the team and leak all her shit wo we can have a good laugh kek

No. 1858557

File: 1688557994395.jpg (339.47 KB, 1080x1894, 20230705_045019.jpg)

>wears heavy full face makeup and falsies to the pool
Literally for what purpose? What a waste of time. Do any pictures of her even exist without makeup? Jake's old lady definitely looks at least 40-45 without the makeup and filters. Probably with age spots and everything kek.

No. 1858559

I think she would rather make her face look like a troon even more with the heavy makeup over looking old kek

No. 1858592

File: 1688564401875.jpg (86.84 KB, 1045x274, Screenshot_20230705-064121_Twi…)

He's desperate for randos at this point.

No. 1858627

>>1858196 it seems like a massive waste of money / a dull thing to go to the same spa hotel over and over. They seem to have no interest in any kind of culture at all. Even shopping or gigs.

No. 1858635

No WK but agree with this anon, it's getting a little bit desperate in here with the appearance nitpicking.

No. 1858738


Jake would never go to a gig. The only music he likes is his own.

No. 1858740

I don't think he likes his own music he often shit on it soon it's been released saying he knows it bad and should just delete it

No. 1858776


It’s very clear that the ‘talent’ in his band were the other musicians. He’s useless by himself
Metal by numbers.

It would be interesting to hear what they would do without Fake running the show. He was clearly very threatened by Conor. I’d be interested to hear what Conor thinks of Fake. They don’t follow each other on anything anymore as far as I can see.

No. 1858800

It's crazy that he's literally taking just about anyone at this point. You just know that if he were to regain any kind of popularity he'd be ditching kitty mcpancakes and the rest of the nobody twitter degens for filian and the 3Dtube elite in a heartbeat.

>Not to WK
>agrees with anon saying Kat has great tattoos, body, and is suicide girl sexy
Pick one nonna. That anon wasn't even calling out nitpicking and was straight up WKing her. I don't think Kat's body is bad at all, but we don't have to pretend like we all agree or that she's not somewhat busted in the face, has awful tattoos, etc. There's also a report button if you want to report nitpicking? ultimately it's for the mods to decide.

I don't know how he would even manage a gig at this point. He has no manager, no friends left in the community, no backing band, etc. He'd literally be one sad guy doing karaoke over a backing track of his own shit music at best. Basically Jonny Craig, but without the goon squad backing him up. kek

No. 1858845

File: 1688588792359.png (477.1 KB, 1055x712, munrotwit.png)

Just realized that this means they only stayed the one night per usual. At least this time he got her the nicer room and dinner package. Also funny how he's immediately liking memes mocking gold-diggers with children when he had one right in his arms just hours earlier.

No. 1859006

SG like suicide girl? how 2006 of you. first of all it's Suicide Girl not Suicide 35 year old who is aging like milk in the sun. and I've never seen one with a Disney tattoo, which is the opposite of sexy or cool. and if you think she's so great, spend time with her instead of trying to network with e-thots and who are younger and more buxom if you "hate boobs" so much.

No. 1859007

legit looking so much like Jeffree Star in a bikini, it's crazy. way to manifest!

No. 1859018

he doesn't seem to have money for shopping these days kek. he used to go shopping with kaya ALL THE TIME. it was annoying how much sh*t they bought. I do think it's so weird that this "alt" couple doesn't attend any live music. typically alt people like music. and it's romantic to go to concerts, have someone to snuggle and dance with. he has said he cannot enjoy music, but I wonder if they don't go to shows because he wants to avoid making a scene by coming on to another girl. Kaya had said he would ruin every ocassion by trying to flirt with someone else.

No. 1859038

Yeah, and what happened to ‘a single out each month of 2023’? We’re at month #7 now, where’s all the new music he promised that’s all ‘lined up to be released’?
What about all his supposed work as a producer for other artists? The 24/7 hard work he’s allegedly locked himself up in the studio for during winter? When’s that going to see daylight? Anything??
He’s so pathetic and full of shit.

No. 1859046

That post is pure misogynistic moid cope. Jake is known to talk about how women have such high standards for men which is why he feels the to be fit and rich, but these are standards that he's imposed on himself while simultaneously pushing them on others. Women are known to be a lot less picky with appearances, but he's the one always talking about his extremely specific tastes. Ask Jake his type and he'll say "tall, skinny, ass, model". On a recent stream during an ass-man rant be literally said that "ass comes first" in a woman, and then quickly followed by "personality can help" with a snicker. Meanwhile you ask a woman her type and she'll be like "funny, reliable, smart" or something corny like that. Make it make sense. God fucking forbid a woman have high standards like Jake does and isn't afraid to state her standards when looking for a partner. Talk about double standards. Not to mention, a woman with a bio like that will help weed out the predatory men on dating sites. Dating apps are basically like 50 predatory men/troons seeking to harass people to every 1 woman actually seeking a relationship. How dare one woman state her standards while the 50 men message women about how they want to rape her with their bros.

No. 1859050

It’s crazy for a rational person, but not the kind of vain, hypocritical, social-climbing attention whore of a person Skat is.
First of all, she probably didn’t have much of an option to choose from when Dean kicked her out. Move in with her parents? Couch-surf with a child at her friends’? Fake had a nice spacious house, so seems like a win-win. Remember that she works only part-time.
And second, at the time, she was definitely convinced that jumping onto Fake is an "upgrade" – him being "rich and famous", and giving her that social media exposure, her being an "award-winning artist" and "model", kek. Definitely seemed much more lucrative and appealing than her stable and secure life with Dean.

No. 1859057

Moving in with him was definitely initially a "win" for her even though it's likely to be short lived. He was showering her and Isaac with expensive gifts and taking Kat out on constant trips, vacations, dinners, etc. She was only working part time and he was home often, showering her with attention. The honeymoon period is very obviously over and the trips are getting fewer and farther in between, Jake is behaving more negatively towards her and even sounding resentful at times towards both her and her kid. He actively chooses to spend all his time terminally online lately, VRtubing or supposedly in his own words spending hours each day online "researching" other VR and Vtubers. She's still "hot" to him right now because she's thin and performs for his attention when he wants it, but it's pretty obvious his eye is already wandering. He strikes me as the type of guy who is always looking for something "better" because he feels like he "deserves it". He spent his entire relationship with Kaya, even when she was young and thin, cheating on her or attempting to cheat on her. Kat's lucky no one outside of his smelly looking snaccs want him. lmao

I do still wonder why Kat doesn't "model" anymore outside the rare OF photoshoot she does in the spare room. I'm still tinfoiling that Jake got weirdly jealous over her male photographers and so she stopped to appease him and avoid his shitfits.

No. 1859091

I know he got Isaac a little motorcycle toy, but what expensive gifts has he gotten for kat that wasnt also a gift for himself, like a trip? ive only seen him buy her gas station flowers. I dont think "drinks! sangria!" and "shots!" count. he seems cheap to me. I dont know what she sees in him.

No. 1859095

So far the only actual gift we've seen him get her is a stripper pole. Yep. Says it all.

No. 1859104

thanks for the reminder anon, he was also supposed to do a bunch of goth songs, claimed it wouldn’t take him long to do and even said they were well in the works months ago. he wanted to film a music video in london and it never happened, just like many things he hyped and failed to produce.

he also said munro as a music thing would be brought into the vr stuff but considering he’s wanting to change his avatar again and dumping more money into expensive equipment, he probably won’t do that either.

No. 1859108

Actually, now that you mention it, he really hasn't seemed to gift her anything outside grocery store bouquets, cards, and a stripper pole. All their trips involve or benefit him and it's hard to say how much he's actually paying for these days too. Considering Kat is out here flexing her Shein >>1856853 birthday fit and wearing that same skirt every other day, it really makes me wonder if she's a little tight on cash herself these days.

Tbh it feels like he just wanted to get a single out every month to try to prove to his ex bandmates that he didn't need any of them. Just like how his views and subs on YT were all his own and not from him being Kaya's boyfriend. He is convinced he is the star of the show and is destined for greatness because he feels he deserves it. Dude definitely suffers from more than just that bipolar that he "cured" by thinking positively. lmao

No. 1859271

>>1859091 that motorcycle toy was also all about Jake. The only thing he could think of getting the kid related directly to himself, and made the kid look like a mini-jake. Narc gift if you ask me.

No. 1859323

File: 1688670925777.jpeg (613.53 KB, 1170x1912, IMG_3600.jpeg)

Whining about the weather again. If he hates NI so much why doesn’t he just leave? Let’s not kid ourselves that it’s love for Kat that keeps him there, he can’t afford it because he tanked his own career.

Be careful though Kat, you and the kid give him the perfect excuse. He can’t leave because you can’t, because you have a kid with another man, you’ve trapped him. He’s choosing to live somewhere he hates because of you. You’re holding him back. You don’t respect him. Sound familiar? Don’t worry. It will.

No. 1859364

Why does he even care so much? He's spending the majority of his summer in the VR studio, pretending to see sights and have a life instead of living one outside while the weather is still nicer than it will be once the seasons start changing.

No. 1859373

Man been complaining for 10 years about NI just fucking move already nothing keeping you there only yourself. Go to London or some shit

No. 1859376


He whinges when it’s cold, whinges when it’s wet, whinges when it’s hot. He must be exhausting to live with.

No. 1859377

Can you imagine absolute fit he’d have if he heard a woman say “height comes first” in a man?

No. 1859419

He can't afford London.

No. 1859428

exactly. and for kat being a much better fit for him romantically, he sure isn't showing his best side, like being generous and giving gifts she alone will enjoy. maybe it's him being true to his initial "ya boy don't simp ya boy don't pay" mentality. but that's his girlfriend now and has been for a while. nice gifts for her to enjoy is the decent thing to do instead of "time together" when he is the one putting a barrier between that as he creates his own schedule.
I don't think money is an excuse because he buys himself shitloads of expensive VR crap.
I dont think Kat is benefiting from being a "trophy" the way some anons describe. she should keep working so she can take care of her son and leave the narc and his negativity behind. but she appears to have her own issues… she fell for Jake's cheap flattery because I guess hearing about how hot she is was more important than co-owning a tattoo shop, keeping her marriage vows, and giving her son a secure family life.

No. 1859478

He's harped on about hating NI since the moment he arrived, but what has he done about it? At the start maybe the complaining made some sense, he only came to use kaya as an escape route from his family and not cos he loves the place, but for over a decade he's bitched about living there while doing fuck all about it. After leaving kaya and his 1 connection to NI being gone, he even goes and ties himself to another NI chick? He did wanna move to Barcelona for some reason but that was clearly some impulsive shit. Dude just loves to complain

No. 1859572

I think he actually was serious about moving to Barcelona. Like that was the one single occasion when he actually consistently tried to do something about his disdain towards NI. He’s still butthurt it didn’t work out, and now he doesn’t even have that foot in the door anymore, not even speaking of Kat and her son. Now he’s doomed to stay.

No. 1859578

Kek, no kidding. First world problems when most places around the world are experiencing record high temps lately too. Jake can and will complain about anything.

Cue "willem dafoe's big dick" tier untethered rage. No door in his general vicinity would be safe from his stumpy wrath.

Kat was pretty obviously just something for him to obtain and show off. Now that he has her and the newness is waring off, he has to come to terms with the inconvenient and possibly negative aspects of her life. He'll grow resentful like >>1859323 said, he's already showing telltale signs, he really can't help himself. I definitely think Kat thought she was signing up for a life of constant travels, being wined and dined in other countries, and getting to show off her "influencer" boyfriend. I imagine the reality is sinking in for them both now.

No. 1859581

File: 1688706905677.png (850.82 KB, 1160x725, fortnight.png)

I keep missing his streams lately so no real milk that I know of or updates, but it looks like he's still streaming often with the lolicon neckbeard and the fat guro fanatic. They even managed to rope him into playing fortnite, something he's expressed is beneath him in past streams. It's like Jake is regressing. lmao

No. 1859676

I checked in for a little bit. The chat was pretty slow and having totally different conversations to what Jake and his company were talking about. It all seemed pretty disconnected. They were all mostly just screeching uncreative dirty jokes, like I mean real head empty type of jokes like where someone says "come here" so then they make cum jokes for the next 5 minutes or something. Think Jake's humor, but dumbed down a huge degree. His guests definitely have a preexisting friendship that Jake is trying to squeeze into, which seems to be working thanks to that good old fashion narc charm. Jake has talked about how he's able to "fit in with any friend group by understanding their mannerisms". I could tell that he was biting his tongue at times. Weird that his choice in friends are cringey millennials now. Or maybe he doesn't have a choice and this is just his best option at the moment.

No. 1859704

not sure who came up with the idea but he was definitely using kaya to leave and thought the move would be the thing to make his content better. cue all the things he was totally going to do there like his ~freak vlogs~ and showing off the clothes horde we rarely see now that he’s jake the vtuber.

anyone know the timeline of him throwing a fit that he wouldn’t be able to move & the relationship ending? just curious as i felt that he would have dumped her as soon as they settled in barcelona.

No. 1859879

If I remember correctly he decided for them that they were going to move to Spain, I remember in one of Kaya's break up vids she mentioned she was hesitant and disliked that Jake told everyone at a party it was going to happen before she'd even decided she wanted to go and mentioned a friend spoke to Jake about her trepidation and Jake said something along the lines of " anyone can be manipulated" or something to that effect. They then ended up not being able to move thanks to a killer combo of Brexit and COVID so I seem to remember Jake's rage was directed mostly at the factors outside his control rather than at Kaya.

I do agree though: he'd have cheated on her in Barcelona

No. 1859970

File: 1688777466358.jpg (322.28 KB, 1080x1700, 2TNgyvW.jpg)

Kat body-checking during her one night stay at the Galgorm

No. 1860002

Absolutely, he was just using her. If he wanted to relocate so bad, it could’ve been any place in the world, but it was specifically Barcelona, not even just somewhere else in Spain, but specifically there.
And that whole story about it being his favourite city – I call it bs. He doesn’t speak any Spanish, he openly stated his disinterest in the culture, didn’t seem to really care about things like all the beautiful architecture, the local scene etc – but psyched to move specifically there regardless. Smells eerily of a NI 2.0. He’s only ever cared about the idea of an escape, sunny weather, and getting hammered.

Like I said, he just had a foot in the door with Kaya, so that is the only reason why it was Barcelona specifically. He would’ve used her the same way he used her to move to dreaded NI in the first place. Barcelona didn’t work out, so he decided to use her to move to his new house instead. In his mind they were long over, but he kept pushing the idea that they needed this new family nest to kickstart a new better life. With new furniture. Once he got what he wanted, he kicked her to the curb.

No. 1860026

File: 1688785987786.png (980.09 KB, 715x691, 00000-923.png)

She's built like an ever so slightly thicker Pumpy.

No. 1860030

>before I ate my body weight in food
KEK yeah like Jake would ever allow that to happen without swatting her hand away, like he did to Kaya when she was reaching for food at a party once.

No. 1860032

Kaya's dad moved to Barcelona and they went there in the first place to visit him right? So Fake's way in was probably that. Don't you wanna be closer to your dad, and also take me with you?

No. 1860158

Jeffrey star troon face

No. 1860216

File: 1688823400213.png (447.19 KB, 879x438, img_00032852.png)

the make-up/angle is really doing her no favors lmao

No. 1860245


No. 1860246

Jake is still bleeding Instagram followers, last time I saw it he was on 81.5k, now it is 77.2k. I can't imagine all the vr crap he is spamming is helping much kek

No. 1860390

He's still losing 2k a month on YouTube too, it never stopped. His vtube videos only get a few thousand views typically, there's just no audience outside of his couple hundred snaccs. He got really lucky Clair wandered in when she did because otherwise he'd be struggling a lot harder without her donations. Even his old loyal snaccs aren't really "breaking the jake" these days it seems.

No. 1860641

Since he gets so few views…like if you get 5k views per video and lose 2k subs per month, how many people see his content I wonder and dip out? Like lets say 10k followers see his content (with the way social media is now, this is likely) 5k watch it and out of every 10k people, 2k unfollow. So 2/10 viewers are so offput they go out of their way to unsub/unfollow at the sight of him.
The fact he's been looking at stats like this for a year and still not tried to pivot to something people actually want to see.

No. 1860678

Emily boo has more subscribers and views than him and she has recently taken a bar job because yt isn't sustaining her. How on earth does he survive?

No. 1860712

He survives on denial.

Knee deep in debt I'm assuming

No. 1860733

At his peak he was apparently making a lot of money, according to Kaya more than she ever made. It's probably why he was so cocky in that initial break up vid, he wasn't expecting a backlash, he felt he was on top of the world in that moment. After his numbers began to plummet and his plush didn't get funded, we saw him harassing Kaya desperately for old equipment, likely to sell. He goes on to sell his bike. He's likely burned through most if not all of his old YT money at this point. He's on his last leg and drums up this grand idea to relabel himself a vrtuber and go viral. He's making less than min wage off YT, Patreon, OF, etc. alone. But the snacc subs and now Clair keep him just barely afloat. Kat is paying at least half the rent for the house, maybe even the studio too since she uses it as a gym. I wouldn't doubt he's in some kind of debt judging his spending behaviors, but I think he's also making just enough to scrape by right now. Problem is his fanbase is dwindling more every month, he's alienated a lot of his old fans with his new content and his content isn't good, interesting, or clever enough to lure in any real hardcore new snaccs. I bet we're going to see him move out of his rented house or studio in the next couple years.

Ngl, he really does seem the type who would take out a loan or something because he fully believes he's going to go viral sometime soon and be able to pay it back. kek

No. 1860906

He's also a big spender, I mean the guy got ripped off on Fiver once or twice now? He bought a shitty PC hardware part that people told him it's not good hardware and he blocked them and started cussing them out.
The guy is literally a teenager in a 30+ year old's body, he thinks because an item has two or three zeros behind it that it's always trustworthy and a good investment.
To add to this, he most likely puts all his eggs in the same basket (probably doesn't have a side bank account where he saves money for a rainy day), the moment Clair or other snacks drop him, it's back to a 9-5 job for him.

No. 1861093

File: 1688933516108.jpeg (449.65 KB, 750x866, 27CCC168-63C5-4B47-9FA3-916B44…)


No. 1861123

No. 1861172

He's got a Dead by Daylight gameplay video on his channel where he meets his new collaborators for the first time. You're right nonna, he put on his best show to be as edgy and charming as possible and they lapped up every cum and piss joke like the drooling idiots they are. He connected with Pancakes the most but I noticed he talked over the other two women a fair bit (surprise surprise).
>Jake has talked about how he's able to "fit in with any friend group by understanding their mannerisms"
He may be good at hooking people in but he'll never be able to keep them. In Jake's mind these people are strictly professional partners but he craves friendships and will eventually try to form a deeper relationship. He'll start dropping the word 'friend' soon enough and I bet he wants to visit them IRL at the end of the year. However just like how his bandmates went from colleagues to friends to strangers I think we will see a similar progression here.
>I do agree though: he'd have cheated on her in Barcelona
Kaya would immediately flee back to Ireland in tears and Jake would be forced to return a year later when the scandal bankrupts him/Kaya's Dad threatens him/his mistress leaves him. In every universe he's with Kaya he cheats (even in one she stays stick thin) and fails.
Yeah he'd definitely be one of those Brits who confidently uses the little Spanish they know but never bother to learn any more than that.
I challenge Fake to visit a Spanish city outside of Barcelona.
Despite all the baby girl shit and the ddlg dynamic Kat is more or less an equal in terms of paying bills. Jake may bring in the big dono money but she has more long-term stability as a tattooist. Jake audibly breathes a genuine sigh of relief when Clair (his boss) joins a stream and he has said he finds it incredibly hard to get car insurance or move house due to his work. I can't believe he has a son to feed but he stubbornly does v-tubing full-time and constantly upgrades gear despite only being in the game 2 months. The only reason Kat is still with him is because she's getting child support from Dean which means Jake doesn't have to get a call-centre job to make ends meet.

No. 1861200

>Jake has talked about how he's able to "fit in with any friend group by understanding their mannerisms"

Isn't this socio/psychopathic tendencies?

No. 1861250

I thought it's what a narc does to artificially make people like them and stroke their ego, which would check out with Fake

No. 1861282

So, Clair’s still in the game? So she actually is more of a conscious loyal snacc, not some unfortunate person, who throws money at Fake every time she’s having an episode? How much does she donate him these days, per stream?

No. 1861349

is clair a snacc/patron who pays for his content behind a paywall? she definitely qualifies with her huge donations. I dont know how she has so much money that she thinks throwing it at Jake is good use of it. wouldn't she rather buy some nice jewelry or something? travel? VIP concert tickets? invest? what a dull existence. I can see if Jake were a good person, but he is the last person I'd want to support, especially during his degenerate era. maybe 3 yrs ago if you're stuck inside and lonely during the pandemic and you saw him go viral being a wholesome goth guy with a likable easy going girlfriend who also went viral for her goth videos.
how on earth is he getting a big spender fan these days? it is unbelievable to me. but he is genuinely glad when she is in the chat I have read, so she's real. but ugh.

No. 1861373

File: 1688964223230.jpg (899.36 KB, 3464x1682, Clair Lore.jpg)

Speaking of Clair, she's been expanding beyond just talking about poop lately. She's been dropping what she calls "Clair lore" where she brags about accomplishments and makes big claims. She also said that she has a Rolls-Royce. At this point, I think she is mainly donating for the attention and ego boost. The whole chat kisses her ass, and Jake might as well worship the ground she walks on. I've never realized he was capable of brown nosing so hard. Clair probably loves that. She must not be getting nearly enough love and attention in her personal life for her to feel the need to spend thousands for this type of attention. It's actually sad to behold, considering we all know Jake wouldn't be giving a single shit about her if she didn't have the money. He'd be judging her retarded spending habits if he wasn't the recipient. Probably thinks she's a fool and terrible with money, and that he hit the jackpot. He only acts like he cares about her life because she's paying him to. She is still donating hundreds up to a thousand other other stream or so. She's probably thrown away like $20-30k by now.

No. 1861412

>I've never realized he was capable of brown nosing so hard.
Isn't this exactly why he never liked having a normal job? He hated having a boss/authority figures to kiss up to? Honestly any normal job would be less degrading than what he does now.

No. 1861425

I don't think Kat is getting any child support as it seems like her and Dean have split custody right now judging by Jake's comments in previous streams. It's not uncommon with divorced parents of young pre-school age children, but it could possibly change in the future once he is going to school. I don't even think she could get any kind of alimony as they weren't even married for very long.

kek, so she's basically paying thousands to hijack the Jake show to talk about herself and sometimes poop? She gives me strange vibes, like those type of con-men on true crime shows who compulsively lie and use stolen credit cards to try to impress people and back up their outlandish claims. Who knows what the reality of things are outside of her obviously being the only major thing keeping him afloat right now while he desperately tries to go viral as a vtuber.

No. 1861438


You may get spousal maintenance if one spouse has a significantly higher income than the other but this is usually for a limited time and I doubt is the case here.

If Dean and Kat have 50/50 custody then he most likely isn’t paying child support currently. This may change as the child starts nursery/school like you say. It only really truly works for the child if the parents have really good communication and co-operate with the other. I can’t see Fake liking that very much or Kat being capable of having enough sense to see maintaining a cordial relationship with her child’s father as a positive thing. In my opinion however, it’s almost always to benefit the parents rather than the child. Kids do better with a stable home and plenty of time with the non resident parent rather than being shuttled between two homes, two sets of rules etc never feeling truly settled. I wouldn’t want it for my kid.

No. 1861454

File: 1688987444374.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, 48642214-5850-4759-BDA9-D5BD4F…)

Jake’s also back with the body checking content

No. 1861457

Dude trying desperately to make his torso look longer

No. 1861520

I've truly never ever seen such a weird looking torso. Also, he's still posting terrible """""thirst traps""""" just like he used to do when he was with Kaya so I guess Kat's attention and "love" isn't enough for Mister wide-necked narc

No. 1861529

I have never understood pulling your pants down this low to look like you have a pronounced Adonis belt, it just makes his love handles look that much more obvious.(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 1861536

>>1861454 can someone please explain why he always rests his hands on his tum tum or his weird side indents?! It just draws attention to them.

No. 1861578

Probably because if he lets his arm hang to the side it will show off his freakishly short arms. The man's practically built like a normal sized midget.

No. 1861620

I dislike him even more for posing his bitch-ass in front of miyazaki movie posters; don’t ruin those movies for me.

No. 1861622

Now post a picture where you're not breathing in so hard you're about to choke, kek. Trash physique for someone who's meant to be really into working out.

No. 1861635

They're Kat's posters, she has a pretty basic and generic taste in anime.

No. 1861647

How do his tattoos already look decades old? The only one that stands out is that silly stomach tattoo that just serves to highlight his belly button. And that one being so sharp makes the lack of other tattoos around it even funnier.

No. 1861649

>Kids do better with a stable home and plenty of time with the non resident parent rather than being shuttled between two homes
Agreed, there's not a single person who looks back on living in two homes as a child with fondness, you absolutely need to be settled one place and visit another. But that would mean one parent conceding which they obviously aren't doing right now. Considering Kat is the one who cheated and left I would suggest the main home be Deans, Kat definitely doesn't strike me as a good mother based on everything we know about her (cheater, homewrecker, art thief, and onlyfans thot, and the glimpses we have seen of her personality which seems to be alcoholic dumbass) but obviously we don't see her parenting and she could be good at that one aspect.

No. 1861708

It looks like someone lazily slapped on his nipples, like stickers or something. I cant unsee it

No. 1861823

Was watching Jake's Twitch stream just before and heard a messed up story. Jake told the story of when he and his friend watched porn for the first time as 4 yr olds. Jake tried to put on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video but his parents had taped porn over it, an explicit and hardcore scene involving a man and two women that Jake could recall in crystal clear detail. He remembered watching it for a while until someone finally ran into the room and switched it off. He implied it was used as a marital aid the night before and that they clearly didn't hide it after they were done.
I hope history doesn't repeat itself with Isaac and his porn star parents…
I wish I had a screenshot but I was watching on my phone and couldn't grab one.

No. 1861831

Samefag. It happened in his parent's bedroom so it was their dirty mistake and failure at parenting.

No. 1861894

she sounds like someone I know of who claimed they held several PhDs, were an AI professor, an author, a highly regarded poet, artist/painter, lived all over the world, athlete, speak several languages, and worked in Politics. but they are currently a real estate agent and their daddy cut them off this summer, and they almost got evicted.
it's likely family money and family purchased accomplishments and opportunities to brag about and embellish online or to anyone who will hear it.

No. 1862087

It's weird how he has that dog-ear indent under his armpit like TIFs get after top surgery. Anyone else remember when he got butthurt over someone commenting on his "sagging nipple" placement and how to fix it with chest exercises? kek

What a weird story to share with people, especially going into graphic detail? If it's true I can imagine it's partially why he seems to have such a weird relationship with sex and why he found it appropriate to craft a whole pussy out of play dough at a child's birthday party. The more I know the more I worry for the toddler who lives part time in that house with him.

No. 1862089

File: 1689058775479.png (598.04 KB, 625x724, thatlineworktho.png)

New Kat tattoo horror I forgot to post earlier.

No. 1862094

File: 1689059930502.png (19.5 KB, 533x224, surejake.png)

Also, kek at Jake retweeting this. As if we don't have evidence of his shit behavior on top of so many witness accounts from ex-fans and acquaintances alike.

Bonus, he's officially down to 424k on YT which now makes it almost 70k YT subs lost since the initial break up video dropped. Only 560 of which bothered to follow his twitch channel, his usual viewer count on both his YT streams is around only 30-60 each stream. His Vtube videos seem to only net him 3-5k views a piece, while his rare face vids at least manage 10-11k views. No new music, no patreon updates, no OF updates, etc. either.

No. 1862124

Also the clovers and letters on some of the cards, especially the front card are touching the edge of the card. Also the linework is awful as usual. Truly astonishing.

No. 1862129

>>1862089 I refuse to believe that she was not 'hungover'(i.e. still drunk) when doing this. All that space and the letters are all either touching or nearly touching other lines! This will age into a blob in a couple of years. Kat should be ashamed of herself, though she obviously never feels shame for her shitty work (or shitty morals)

No. 1862132

This is her normal work. Usually it's not that obvious because of the colouring which hides the severity of her shittyness. But this is just a line tat so it's all on display how bad she sucks at her job.

No. 1862134

I was thinking the same thing about his dog ears, kek. Even his nipples look haphazardly placed like TIFs. With his stumpy physique, anger issues, body insecurities and toddler like tantrums he's very TIF passing. If he wants a new grift after the v-tuber schtick, he should just lie about being FTM.

No. 1862137

>>1862134 this stuff is so boring, stop it. He is not trans and never said he was.

No. 1862138

>he should just lie about being FTM
At least then maybe he'd start fitting in with his new crowd. Most of them are troons. Maybe he should just troon out like Chocovania, then he'll get more views and attention which is ultimately what he wants over anything else in life. So might as well.

No. 1862139

Show me where I said he's trans, retard. I just said that's unfortunate enough to look that way and joked that lying about it could be a more lucrative grift.

No. 1862167

Couple details I wanted to correct. It wasn't a TMNT tape that his parents taped over, it was a blank tape. And I don't think he said it was hardcore porn, he called it "artsy".
But that story left a sour taste in my mouth. The way he told it like it was such a funny story and a good time. Absolutely bizarre. In reality it can be extremely damaging to a child's psyche to see porn at such a young age. No wonder he's grown up with such a sick sense of humor, severe sex drive/relationship issues, and body dysmorphia.

No. 1862376

It might have been repeated exposure too. Sadly, because of how ridiculously easy it is to find porn online even when you're not looking for it, I found it myself as a 8 year old or something and that's not an uncommon experience. Turning out to be like Fake is less of a common experience though, so I wonder if there's more to this.

No. 1862392

If you add to this, his bizarre comments about his parents being "unfuckable" and wanting to kill his brother it definitely sounds like an early parenting issue that may have led to this insecure, sex obsessed manchild.
I read a Twitter thread years ago where hundreds of people were chiming in to agree that overhearing their parents fucking when they were kids traumatised them, I think it's not just porn but the awareness of your parents doing this (a child sees it as an extremely bizarre act) which causes mental damage. He probably has more than one story like that.

No. 1862728

File: 1689136952740.png (1.3 MB, 1068x592, jakemstream711.png)

definitely feels like he's been editing his photos or using a muscle enhancing filter at least. This is how he looked on tonight's stream. Going to give a rundown of the stream when I can, but it seemed like a very boring 4hr game playthrough with very little interaction, donations, etc. When I checked he capped at somewhere around 60-something viewers at best, no new snacc subs either.

No. 1862752

File: 1689142255057.jpg (96.09 KB, 1080x637, 20230711_231019.jpg)

Clair doesn't seem to have shown up, but this person who has been donating lately came in and dropped about $500 and gave out some memberships. Idk how people are comfortable seeing someone given $500-$1000+ just for a few hours of playing some little videogames.

No. 1862814

File: 1689157414615.jpg (3.34 MB, 6000x2000, Creepy Clair.jpg)

There is something legit creepy about Clair to me. The way she takes all her selfies from the same angle, makes the same face/poses, her demented editing skills, her crackhead makeup, the high key psychotic look in her eyes.

No. 1862823

File: 1689159906216.jpg (2.55 MB, 4243x2828, ewwww.jpg)

As it turns out, Clair's relationship with her husband is that of a Daddy/Baby Girl type relationship. So that explains why Clair zeroed in on Jake.

No. 1862828

File: 1689161381191.jpg (414.47 KB, 1080x1670, 20230712_042850.jpg)

Clair is early-mid 30's and Thomas has adult children that are around Clair's age if not older. Thomas must be at least 65, this is an old picture of him. Jesus, that age gap. Always grosses me out when men date women who are the same age as their daughters.
Sorry to derail, but since Clair is sharing her "lore" I figured I'd add to it.

No. 1862897


She's clearly like 350lbs++

No. 1863042

He looks better with smaller arms makes his body look like a normal shape. Also potential return of anachan saga?

No. 1863067

File: 1689191215253.png (1.14 MB, 750x640, jakeytstream711.png)

So the stream was actually extremely boring, but I'll give a quick recap regardless:
>"Just woke up from a nap." Sounds extremely tired or drunk, slurring speech, brit accent much heavier. Says he's exhausted.
>snacc compliments his blue hair, he says it's the same color as "when ya boy went viral!!!"
>admitted to ignoring chat in past streams for "the goobs" (kitty mcpancakes and co.)
>First $100 donation from Kiedra rolls in. He makes a massive show over it, pauses game.
>Still heavily slurring his speech, voice cracking. She donates another $100 and it sounds like he might cry.
>starts doing a valley girl voice and saying "nyaaa" a bunch? Like straight up anime weeb cat sounds.
>Tons of boring gameplay with Jake mumbling over it, someone in chat finally asks if he's drunk and he responds with a tiny "nooo"
>Starts going on about how he needs a new graphic card for his home PC
>gets killed in game, blames being bad at the game on him playing on a keyboard and not controller
>"fuck why did you miss the ledge you dull cunt" literally shit talking the character he's controlling like it's her fault he's bad kek
>More weird indistinguishable voice skits, this time with moaning, more "nyaaa"s
>Even more bitching about his graphics card and frame rate
>Kiedra drops yet another $100 and Jake says "wow" a dozen times, Keidra then gifts 10x memberships
>Jake starts gushing about Kitty and says he needs to meet his persona "slutty momodi"?
>uses a voice-changer and proceeds to do some awful skit as this character saying "I'd suck your fucking dick dude" as if to Kitty. yikes
>falls in a hole in game, blames the game again, has a mini meltdown "I pressed the fucking dash button!"
>proceeds to immediately dash off a ledge into a hole again, stays silent this time, except for a deeply sad, heavy sigh. kek
>bitches about his graphics card again, said he needs other pc upgrades, but that he is "saving" right now for multiple avatars including a 2D avatar because he and Kitty "have plans"
>another meltdown about framerates "this is the last time I buy a secondhand graphics card!"
>Kiedra donates yet another $100 towards "a new GPU" leading Jake into saying he needs to replace both PCs motherboards too, among other computer parts
>Says PC is making a loud noise, graphics card is overheating, is going to "start bringing the one from the studio home with him every night"
>still ignoring most of chat just to listen to himself talk, more boring gameplay, more bitching
>someone other than Kiedra finally donates, but it's only $2. Jake realizes it's been 4 hours and says times up and goodnight.
All in all not very milky, but it seems Clair has some competition. It was interesting though, not one uttering about Kat or anything, just Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. Imagine your man choosing to ignore you for a lolicon neckbeard.

No. 1863068

File: 1689191388784.png (1.28 MB, 1053x588, doubtful.png)

I don't know, he's looking anything but anachan in this stream tbh.

No. 1863098

Good grief, the alcoholic bloat's got him looking like a lil Michelin Man in the making, kek.

No. 1863123

Didn't he just buy a new graphics card like a month or two ago?

No. 1863147

Apparently he brought that one back to the PC in the studio to run the VR stuff off of. It was funny because a snacc was saying that graphics card wasn't very good and he was getting defensive over it again, but didn't ban anyone this time at least. Tbh it felt a little like he was just fishing for donations, especially with how he started mentioning all the parts he needs after that last donation. Considering he made $500 in donations in this one stream, I don't understand how he's still stuck "saving up" for everything. His rent + the studio rent and everything else must really be burning through his money right now. Or maybe the other nonna was right in tinfoiling that he is in debt right now. You would think the thousands Clair has been donating would be more than enough, but he seems to be spending it all as quickly as he is making it.

No. 1863168

File: 1689199611708.jpg (153.19 KB, 1080x369, Screenshot_20230712-034851_Twi…)

So I guess this is no longer happening?
Also, in one stream he said he was trying to make his stomach flat for when he gets his tattoo finished soon. Then in the VERY next stream, he said he's forgoing all tattoos this year to spend the money on VR instead.

No. 1863229

There is no way he's not in debt. The rent for a 3 bedroom house and that huge garage/studio complex must be easily over 1800£ a month. He spend thousands this year alone on vr avatars he will never use again, vr equipment. He had more than one motorcycle that needs insurance. The electricity and water prices aren't that low.

No. 1863251

File: 1689205648755.jpg (994.75 KB, 971x1918, TikTok Garbage.jpg)

Jake has been quietly uploading all his VR garbage to TikTok and getting as little as 500 views. What happened to "TikTok is so easy to get views on"? Officially a quantity over quality sellout. Yet he still has the audacity to talk bad about people who use the platform and alt TikTokers, as if his use of the platform is somehow totally righteous and better than theirs. It's like he lacks any self awareness. He's throwing shit at the wall on every outlet possible and desperately hoping something will stick.

No. 1863253

File: 1689205794822.png (1.51 MB, 991x668, Kat's recent upload.png)

Kat posted this 3 days ago.

Why are you even a tattoo artist when you FORGOT his fucking cane

No. 1863258


Has he been getting his tattoos removed on his upper right arm?

No. 1863260

I'm having a déjà vu. Isn't this an old cover-up or did she fuck up a similar tattoo again?

No. 1863264


His avatar looks like an emo clown version of Insane Clown Posse

No. 1863266

File: 1689206633759.png (251.96 KB, 800x308, Kat's recent upload part 2.PNG)


Same-fag. I'm not sure but here is the post

No. 1863268

File: 1689206741051.png (585.22 KB, 799x706, Kat's recent upload part 2.PNG)


Sorry, here's the full version!

No. 1863269


I could have sworn we've seen this before…

No. 1863290

Kat made a post of the Yoda a while back, but there was a recent video clip of the full sleeve cover up.

No. 1863380

>>1862823, >>1862828, >>1862814
She's very overweight and her bloated face makes her look much older than 33. That 30 year age gap between her and Hulk makes me sick…what do they even talk about? She married someone in their mid-60s so they are obviously gonna have more of a Daddy/daughter dynamic rather than a best friend or team mates dynamic meaning so their relationship will always be unfulfilling. No wonder Clair watches Jake almost everyday, she craves the laddish banter and cultural references amongst people closer to her own age. It's clear she has little to no IRL friends and may not 'hang out' with Hulk very much so she has to fill that void online. Most women grow out of that 'Daddy' phase by their mid to late 20s (if they have this kink) but Clair seems like she'll be one of those fucked up women doing DDLG in their 40s. I can't believe her self-esteem was so low that she married this old fart.
He said the studio was dirt cheap as it's in an industrial estate (probably why he can't get takeaway delivered there and has to buy snacks at the shops before his streams). In an old stream I remember he said it was around £500 a month. Unfortunately for him the rent went up in the last few months which is why he considered renting out rooms but he's been quiet about that for a while.
I have no idea how he affords that new-ish, 3 bedroom house in Lisburn with all the holidays and shit he buys. Kat is an independent contactor who can't work full-time due to a child and Fake is self-employed and mainly relies on one subscriber to pay his bills - the stability is not great here.

No. 1863406

File: 1689217148890.png (637.1 KB, 639x664, jakemutates.png)

Only caught the second half of today's stream. No sign of Clair again though he still has her old donations scrolling up top of the stream.
>usual world-hopping with assorted "skits" and obnoxious voices
>goes on angry rant about the rain and how it prevents him from going out and doing anything fun
>avatar keeps glitching out horribly
>casting couch joke
>more world-hopping and dumb skits including one about old people's kinks
>Jake twerks in front of the moon
>zooms in on his avatar's ass and makes a fart sound
>"sorry that was super juvenile" Lady Allura: "You are just being you and we love it!" kek
>naruto runs around, keeps applying a video filter and dancing randomly
>happy birthday grimace joke at the mcdonalds world
>plays skeeball for a while
>ignores chat bringing up kat to talk about how much he wants to play videogames tomorrow
>spends last 20mins of stream laying down on a couch
>says he will start performing his own songs in VR and provide karaoke versions of his songs?
>Says he isn't planning on doing shows for a while because he's in the process of writing "a bunch of new shit"
>has a new song coming out, hasn't named it yet, admits he's getting lazy with the mixing
>apparently had promised snaccs a new vlog, but says he doesn't know what to vlog.
>says "every day is pretty much the same, I wake up, mix or edit, discord with the pals, then me and kat fuck… around. hehehe. Then I'm here in the VR studio streaming. Like I actually work, I'm inside all day doing stuff for work."
>says that he wishes he had vlogged the galgorm stay, and says that they accidently got that nice suite room. As in, he wasn't intending to book the nicest room for Kat's birthday, but it was the only one available at the time.
>He and Kat are going on vacation in about two months to Croatia again
>Says it's cheaper to go then because it's "off season" said they did the same thing for last years visit.
>Ends up promising to vlog Croatia. Said they booked the same time, same hotel, same everything.
>Said he hates traveling. Says he hates seeing other British people when traveling.
>"The types of English dudes that go to Barcelona, such pigs." (kek the irony)
>Says he's planning to go back to Barcelona sometime in winter because it's off season and the best time to visit.
>Starts gushing on about "Eros" another scantily clad catgirl vtuber he's been following
>Raids Eros, she's aggressively lol so random and straight up says "sorry I'm so awkward and a little weird tehehe"

Only snaccs in chat talking at all were Lady Allura, ZombieSpooks, and someone named Pukee77. Though I'm pretty sure JadedSphinx was there moderating. There were zero donations, new followers, or anything of the sort while I was watching. Also, big kek at him finally talking about Kat on stream after so long, but it's only to mention their sex life or upcoming vacation.

No. 1863410

He definitely has conveniently forgotten this promise. In today's stream >>1863406 he mentioned a new song, but that it's still unfinished and untitled.

Yeah he had been for a while, but stopped. He's talked about getting new work done as a coverup. But as another anon mentioned, he said on stream that he's putting off tattoos for a while to afford all this VR stuff he's supposedly got planned.

Must be hard to rent out the rooms when you have no friends and are incredibly vocal about how much you hate Ireland and it's people. kek. I fully suspect we're going to see him start selling off all his equipment again as soon as Clair and other big spenders get bored and move onto their next fixation within the year or so. It's no wonder he's latching onto Kitty so desperately these days. Just like he did with his bandmates to use and discard once they no longer served a purpose.

No. 1863417

This is giving my AI art vibes because the cane is there but like not.