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File: 1681481306159.png (75.25 KB, 702x642, 1670650973413.png)

No. 1808521

Meet the cows:
Jake Munro - Kaya's ex boyfriend, after dating for around a decade. Cheated on her with his girlfriend's tattoo artist's wife, Kat. Fancies himself a musician, though since his bandmates left, doesn't seem capable of producing music on his own. Used Joker-esqe makeup and mimicking other artist's makeup for attention on Youtube, but has since generally given the gimmick up as his popularity rapidly declined post break-up. Appears to be rapidly aging into the bloated corpse of a chav gordan ramsay due to a suspected alcohol and nicotine addiction. Has big dreams of being the next big V-tuber star. Occasionally scars us with his ugly nudes via a rarely updated OnlyFans account.

ToxicTears (Kaya) - Veteran goth youtuber, used to get hundreds of thousands of views, but her channel has dwindled down due to inactivity during the last few years of her relationship with Jake. Has a tendency to make a lot of excuses not to film, though seems to posting somewhat regularly again. Kind of an airhead, often anxious. Lots of old milk. Almost constant debate in thread in regards to her current cow status.

Kat Paine - Previously married mother of one, cheated on her tattoo studio owning husband with their client's (Kaya) long term boyfriend (Jake). You can find her posting heavily filtered lewds to her OnlyFans when she isn't tracing Disney coloring book sheets part-time at the tattoo shop. Her most popular phrases include: "Daddy! Shots!", "Drinks! Shots!" and incoherent giggling at Jake doing literally anything.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1764493

Updates from last thread:
>>1753822 Gareth, a previous member in the MUNRO band calls Jake out on his ego and for choosing to go solo.
>>1752635 Kaya goes to Nevada, USA and Jake brags about shutting himself away to learn how to make music in his bedroom.
>>1708771 Jake uploads a 2 hour and 15 minute video 'breaking his silence' and makes an utter ass of himself in the process
>>1708772 Kaya posts an Instragram story addressing Jake's video, says she'll be responding to it soon
>>1708797 Kaya posts a short video on youtube to say she's watching the video and taking notes, and will respond as soon as she can.
>>1708806 Jake's video had timestamps, suggesting he was stalking her socials and lolcow for every mention of him.
>>1708834 Jake says he's already contacted a solicitor (lawyer) about the items Kaya 'stole' from him.
>>1708841 Jake defends making his video because his 'character' and 'success' were being attacked.
>>1708847 Snacc points out Kaya's making her own video, Jake say's he'll respond to it.
>>1708872 Jake confirms the cops told him to stop trying to contact Kaya.
>>1709086 Twitter isn't having any of Jake's bullshit.
>>1709171 Jake's video is getting almost as many dislikes as likes.
>>1709190 Jake deletes all negative comments on his video, as per usual.
>>1709247 Kaya uploads her 3 hour response video the same night, says she might delete it and make a more composed video later.
>>1709606 The comments section of Jake's video is turning on him. >>1709608 >>1709610 >>1709653
>>1709658 Braindead Snaccs defend him on twitter.
>>1709667 The likes on Kaya's video already exceed Jake's with only half the views.
>>1709673 Roly posts his support to the video, confirms Jake's behaviour from past experiences.
>>1709699 Rotten Hollow posts support on Instagram. >>1709725
>>1709756 Jake's instagram starts feeling the hate.
>>1709802 More confirmation of Jake's shitty behaviour from random people who met them over the years.
>>1709943 Anon posts a detailed breakdown of Kaya's video.
>>1710001 Don't invalidate Jake's mental health!
>>1710106 Jake's plushie shows up for sale on Mercari.
>>1710200 More recap of Kaya's video.
>>1710213 Kaya debunks Kat's lies that she wasn't kicked out by Dean.
>>1710217 Jake can't keep up with deleting the hate on his instagram pics anymore.
>>1710226 A reddit thread about the drama is created.
>>1710293 Angela Benedict comments her support to Kaya.
>>1710307 Jake couldn't have let Kaya stay in their house because he needed somewhere to fuck Kat.
>>1710310 Melanie Murphy comments her support to Kaya.
>>1710343 Jake's brother comments on Kaya's video. >>1710344 >>1710348 >>1710357
>>1710354 Jake starts to respond to comments finally. >>1710373 >>1710385
>>1710377 More support for Kaya, this time from Vampirefreaks.
>>1710400 Jake is bleeding subscribers.
>>1710507 Emilyboo makes an Instagram story about Jake.
>>1710716 Jake says he'll delete his video if she does, asks people to get ahold of her for him.
>>1710730 Privates the video, gives Kaya 25 minutes to do the same.
>>1710757 Kaya wakes up to Jake's bullshit yet again.
>>1710792 Jake gives Kaya more time since she just woke up.
>>1710787 Meanwhile, Kat posts selfies.
>>1710867 Roly roasts Jake with a selfie.
>>1710881 Jake's ultimatum doesn't go over well.
>>1710897 Jake say's he's moving on, no regrets and hopes Kaya will private her video too.
>>1710961 Kaya isn't making any decisions yet, hopes he'll really move on, might keep the video up because abuse survivors have asked her to.
>>1711055 Jake's instagram is losing subscribers.
>>1711454 Jake bans comments on one instagram pic so people move on to another.
>>1711574 Jake decides not to move on, will 'address everything' instead. >>1711686
>>1711575 John's comment to the whole situation.
>>1711739 Kaya finds out Jake's plan to 'address' things, says she's just tired and wants to be left alone. >>1711741
>>1711788 Kaya says Jake tried to push her out of doing Youtube many times.
>>1712035 People are now tagging Kat in comments.
>>1712055 Luxeria shows her support for Kaya.
>>1712073 Jake was so nice to Kaya during a past medical emergency that she almost hoped she would have another serious health issue just so he'd be nice to her again.
>>1712087 Kaya posts about feeling sick after an 'eye opening' day, deletes story shortly after.
>>1712338 Commentary/reaction videos start showing up on youtube. >>1712342 >>1712343
>>1712423 Kaya confirms the Cops know about Jake's video.
>>1712451 Kaya's instagram story suggests something happened, but she never elaborates. Anons suspect the cops might be involved, hence the silence.
>>1712483 More evidence of Jake's creepy behaviour. >>1712512
>>1712513 Kaya is living in fear of what Jake will say next. >>1712515
>>1712770 Skat privates her OF Instagram.
>>1712935 Kaya says she's not doing very well mentally right now.
>>1712951 Skat's plagiarism gets called out on Twitter.
>>1713021 Jake's plan to destroy Kaya's reputation only brought her tons more views, subscribers, and Patrons, and lost him a ton himself.
>>1713039 People start posting hate on Skat's tattoo shops page.
>>1713308 Kaya is planning to go to therapy after everything that's happened.
>>1713391 Working copy of Jake's original Breakup Video is posted.
>>1713411 Kaya goes to the hospital for unknown reasons.
>>1713613 Jake gets his stomach tatooed, whines like a little bitch about how it hurt.
>>1713616 Anon finds pics of the tattoo.

No. 1808524

File: 1681481396562.png (58.74 KB, 592x463, threatned someone with legal a…)


No. 1808526

File: 1681481496373.png (221.59 KB, 1170x1275, Threat 1.png)

No. 1808527

File: 1681481613576.png (204.1 KB, 1170x1275, Threat 2.png)

No. 1808528

File: 1681481742152.png (177.24 KB, 1170x1201, Threat 3.png)

No. 1808530

File: 1681481847402.png (197.32 KB, 496x891, dude looks strung out.PNG)

No. 1808533

File: 1681482191774.png (1.41 MB, 1385x881, what happened to your stepchil…)

I noticed this comment and realised I never see him taking pictures of Isaac or even mention him anymore

No. 1808536

File: 1681482425396.png (887.13 KB, 801x888, Kaya hanging with Kristian (Ho…)

No. 1808537

unrelated to Isaac but ugh god that makeup makes him look so grody and unwashed, he really does himself no favors

No. 1808538

File: 1681482473703.png (261.54 KB, 785x884, Kaya 1.PNG)

No. 1808541

File: 1681482584048.png (557.92 KB, 503x896, a confession.PNG)

No. 1808542

Is there any actual milk with these images anon? Or are you the same one who keeps posting uncaptioned Kaya screencaps anytime Jake does something milky and you finally learned to crop and change a file name?

No. 1808543

prob because he finally realized the doting step-dad shtick didn't gain him any fans kek

No. 1808545

File: 1681483355202.jpg (51.57 KB, 597x665, kek.jpg)

kek i guess we will see?

No. 1808546

Nice thread summary, OP.
I wanted to add a few things that were posted in Altcows so they're easier to find/reference:

>>1802572 Kaya insists her Patreon is for bills only and not supporting the making of her online content
>>1802625 Said Patreon mentioning funds going to videos
>>1803107 Kaya insisting her travel doesn't cost much and is mostly covered by other parties
>>1805139 Summary of Jake's new blog, whining about noone wanting to work with him and having to sell his bike to fund more mediocre music videos
>>1805341 Jake promising VR content again, this time in May
>>1806363 A video was uploaded alleging that Jake sexually assaulted Nicole from Eyes of Nocturne, but it was taken down due to Jake calling a solicitor
>>1806370, >>1806372, >>1806374 Original maker of video explains the situation
>>1806378 Jake immediately named the victim in response and claims that it was a "misuderstanding" that has been resolved
>>1806702, >>1806713 After this incident, Jake deletes a few videos from his channel that featured Kelly Eden
>>1807891 Proof of deleted videos
>>1808431 Some videos that featured Kaya were deleted also
>>1807146 Kaya admits during livestream that she traveled, partied, and got tattooed while sick with COVID

No. 1808547

Ah, nothing 'milky', and posts are saged. Not the anon you mentioned doing those things in past? but I can understand how annoying that must have been. Had these saved for any lazy nonnies to see she's seemingly doing well. Cheers!

I don't know but its been obvious for some time of his indifference.

No. 1808548

Sorry nona, confused you for someone else, I think you may have missed that the altcow thread was in use for Jake/Kaya stuff the last week or two and these were already posted there

No. 1808599

File: 1681492975903.jpg (73.34 KB, 1138x784, socialblade.JPG)

This is a no-brainer and not particularly milky, but I got curious about Fake's socialblade stats and he's still slowly bleeding followers with nothing to engage the current ones and not actively promoting himself. He's not gaining back the ones he lost either, nothing he does is making up for the hits he keeps taking. And as mentioned in >>1808546 he's having to sell his bikes just to make music videos that no one is watching and barely crack a few thousand views. His career is dead and he's either delusional enough to believe it isn't, or we're witnessing record levels of cope. Enjoy joining the workforce again Fake, especially with those shitty face tats!

No. 1808626

Jake's career is a steadily sinking ship atm and I think he knows it which is why he's trying to switch gears and go the vtuber route. He stopped wearing the goth get-up and tried to be a "handsome lad" but no one was into it so he reluctantantly went back to the clown paint to try to hold onto what followers he still had (I remember him posting a pretty bitter tweet about it even kek), but likely realized even that isn't enough. The problem is it's too late for him to try to pull a corpsehusband to "rebrand" because we've all already seen his ugly mug and know his drama. It's pretty obvious he's banking on MUNRO as a solo act/vtube persona to revive his career, but it's more likely he's just going to coast by for a few more years until he can't afford to anymore. Him selling the spare bike is a definite sign of his quickly diminishing funds. God forbid his half a dozen high tipping snacks ever get bored and move on he'd be in ruins. He's likely only making enough off YT and Patreon combined to cover his half of the rent rn. Those streams are the only thing keeping him afloat.

No. 1808794

It's amazing how he was doing so well by accident and thanks to Kaya and he then fucked it up almost immediately. His snaccs thought he was genuinely goth and loyal and mysterious. He showed he's none of these things he's just a chav in plaid.

No. 1808858

File: 1681536335359.jpg (80.49 KB, 1080x961, Cringey.jpg)

The video that had Jake taking legal action is back up.

No. 1809168

Crazy she was gonna get lipo in Korea cause she 'couldn't' loose weight

No. 1809191

Is it just me or does it stink like Cringey made this thread? Nonnies already voted on the thread pic to be Kat and that bio is awfully stilted towards Jake

No. 1809194

Nah, I'm the noob anon who made this thread/forum here and haven't seen a new one made in some time so decided to bite the bullet so we can all come together and get at it again (I had no idea wtf I was doing and just copy/pasted the last one for the 'about section' and randomly selected the image)

Im sorry nonna

No. 1809196

File: 1681584269774.png (83.07 KB, 493x888, kek.PNG)

She made her OF account on instagram public again kek

No. 1809198

File: 1681584448269.jpg (59.66 KB, 498x884, looking haggard.jpg)

No. 1809199

File: 1681584485332.jpg (63.23 KB, 503x891, poser.jpg)

No. 1809280

He's starting to remind me of Jared with the vague posts, this kind of vague posting is really dated these days. Generally people say what they mean within 30 seconds or a few words because nobody has the mental bandwidth for "coming soon" "mysterious" shit and even the things he schedules don't happen (song every month, vtuber reveal)

No. 1809316

holy filters batman

No. 1809321

Kek, posting on her work account again like the tactless bitch she is. It would be different if it were a personal/main account rather than for her work specifically.

No. 1809333

Uncle fester got a new toupee

No. 1809339

This sleek style is a lot more befitting of her than the tryhard poser "kawaii e-girl" she goes for sometimes.

No. 1809445

That isn't what she said nonnie, she said she had received an offer to go get lipo in Korea, but didn't take it and kind of regrets not taking the offer now. She said if she ever got the offer again she'd take it too though, but also still plans to get back into the gym.

tbh agreed. Her underbite isn't even noticeable when she doesn't do that weird gaping fish mouth thing. I was going to say this is actually a pretty flattering photo of her, but it also looks like she's straight up squatting with her whole coochie out? kek

No. 1809469

I have the dissenting opinion that she is still a thin haired ugly bitch and I can't unsee her shitty teeth, her mouth is always ajar. everyone looks better in a corset. weird pose, body checking in a corset while squatting. if she wants to be a better cam whore, she needs a pro photographer to direct her. every pose is so stupid and cringe. she's way past her prime to be amateur in a cute way.

No. 1809482

>if she wants to be a better cam whore
while I don't think anyone should aspire to be a "camwhore" to begin with I still don't get WHY she camwhores in the first place. She clearly doesn't make any real money off it and she doesn't even seem to do any kind of professional photoshoots anymore either? She makes as much off one of her traced disney gumball machine tattoos as she does off OF in a month. It's kind of bizarre she seems so determined to keep showing her pussy online for so little tbh

No. 1809547

File: 1681622746380.png (27.33 KB, 921x764, 030259934058.png)

Looks like Jake is on another deleting spree atm.

No. 1809558

File: 1681624791479.png (13.27 KB, 229x335, deletedvids.png)

Quick math using this screenshot from an old thread, but if he was at 750 videos just four months ago, plus the 15 videos he's uploaded since then, he's deleted 25 videos in total already.

Funny side-note, but Kaya has uploaded 11 videos in the past four months compared to his 15. Not as many less as a certain anon would lead you to believe. Her videos are often twice as long as his are too. kek

No. 1809574

File: 1681626544985.jpeg (69.99 KB, 661x745, C38A7CDF-57FE-4251-90A3-7AA1D4…)

His little deleting spree has tanked his socialblade grade. Not sure how accurate or representative social blade is tbh but seeing it go from B to D and knowing he’s done it himself is amusing. Just like everything else since the break up it’s his own actions that have turned round to bite him.

No. 1809597

She's just an attention seeker. Probably gets validation getting called a skinny bitch. Kind of funny she's posting on main again after kayaks photos from the last thread in which you could see she's still fat. Wonder who's been sperging so hard about kat's body?

No. 1809607

Happened to notice one of the videos he deleted was the 'vlogging in drag" video, conveniently after someone was making fun of it just a few weeks ago here: >>1797978
Kek, Jake really is our puppet at this point. The way he lurks and acts in response the things said here.

No. 1809618

Bit of a pathetic thought but since Kat is a moron and he had the most needlessly messy breakup possible with Kaya, (ensuring she would never dream of helping him) he is sorely in need of advice for his channel and we are the only ones actually offering constructive critique, hence him reacting to so much of this thread lately

No. 1809634

Judging from both his and Kaya's videos from the last bit of break up drama we also know that he's deeply insecure about basically everything (willem dafoe's dick for example kek), so I'm sure he reads here, rages out, and reacts accordingly. Probably why he is resorting to using a vtube avatar in the near future so he won't have to have meltdowns over anons on the internet calling him ugly, stumpy, and neckless. lmao

No. 1809690

>>1809482 probably sunk cost fallacy at this point - hanging on to see if it gets more successful so she can justify doing it in the first place

No. 1809716

File: 1681645719316.jpg (30.45 KB, 1080x725, wVuzJbO.jpg)

Following up on Grant after the tin-foil in the last thread. I did some more snooping and noticed some things.
He has three Instagram accounts: gthornetattoos is his work account, thistle_mourning is where he sells his crafts and his main account had the previous usernames grantr2d2 and grant.thorne but is currently hidden. He is still not following or followed by Kaya and has limited comments on gthornetattoos. Also, he hasn't posted to his TikTok for 3 months despite usually being quite active on the app. The evidence is stacking up that he is the one who sent her spiralling after her Vegas trip. Wasn't he one of her oldest friends? They've known each other for at least 10 years and he seemed to be an important character in her post-break up revenge arc. It was a public show of tattoos, photoshoots and TikToks - rather cute.

No. 1809717

File: 1681645977744.jpg (62.49 KB, 1080x929, 250i1Re.jpg)

He used to have 'Four Oracles Tattoo' in his bio but that's gone now. It's a bit vague whether he still works there but 4oraclestattoos no longer follows him and neither does its owner Kat Hardy. He had been working at the studio since Oct 2021 so its a bit suspicious to see these changes in the public business accounts. Interestingly if you peep his profile pic you can see he is twinning with Kaya.

No. 1809721

File: 1681646242377.jpg (32.93 KB, 1080x568, OVJtDqS.jpg)

The timing of this post on Kaya's FB was interesting: it was right after she 'spent most of February rotting in my own misery in bed' and it seems like a slight towards an artist she knows personally.

No. 1809725


Isn’t Grant gay? I’m sure I read on here that he is.

No. 1809730

Grant is actually not gay, that was a tinfoil that somehow became fact.

No. 1809731

The gay vibe is strong with him but someone in Altcows 21 said he identifies as 'queer' and was in a relationship with an American girl a few years ago. Is there proof he ever dated men?

No. 1809747

Not to mention Kat seemed to stop with the e-girl stuff and moved into lingerie right after it was suggested here on lolcow (i'm to lazy to go back and link the post).
I worry about how miserable, dense, and under the thumb she must be but then I remember that she knew all to well that she is a homewrecker with history, lowers my sympathy bar.

No. 1809757

It definitely seemed like something big happened given how he changed his name and has had his account on private ever since. He was the type to enjoy the attention on social media and seemed like he was pretty determined to make a name for himself as an influencer too, but suddenly all that stopped. Whatever it was must have been pretty terrible, but we'll likely never know.

No. 1809765

He is genuinely talented so it's a shame his tattooing career is up in the air. I'm sure Kaya wouldn't have ended a friendship after 10+ years without good reason and whatever happened deeply wounded her. I definitely sense Grant is worried about potential online wrath and retribution and will go into hiding for a few months until it blows over. That said, he can't be any worse than Fake.

No. 1809784

I wouldn’t call her classy, but I do appreciate that Kaya is keeping that business to herself instead of talking shit about former friends. Wonder how long that will last, though, because it’s obvious that her viewers are looking for the drama.

No. 1809785

I'm not entirely sure she will. She seemed pretty set on moving on after Jake until he made his hours long pity party, that's the only reason she spilled everything. Unless Grant makes the first move and talks shit about her I'm not entirely certain we'll see her address it

No. 1809792


Ah! That answers that then!

I honestly don’t think Kaya would have ever come out with a tell all on Fake if he hadn’t done it first and she was subsequently backed into a corner of staying silent and allowing his version of events to become ‘the truth’ or airing all her dirty laundry in public. She would have continued to vague post (which had the added benefit of driving him absolutely crazy) but she never would of put his Willam Dafoe inferiority complex on blast like she ended up doing. She had no need to, she was clearly ‘winning’ in the public sympathy stakes which is the only reason fake had his tantrum in the first place.

For all her faults she has at least tried to maintain a modicum of dignity during all of this.

No. 1809793

Jake at 80.1k followers on instagram, how many has he lost in the last year or so?!

No. 1809807

I'm not sure. She was nuts about Harry Potter and completely ignored it after she came to the wrong conclusion that "JK Rowling is a TERF bitch". It's not the same as a friendship but it shows she can easily see someone as evil and adjust her attitude. So it could be something bad or it could be something silly.

No. 1809817

How is vague posting relationship drama for views dignified, kek. She's built up an entire Patreon based on pity and now expects them to forevermore pay her bills. Kaya's a lazy user entirely on her own merit, hate him for his decisions but no need to blame Jake for her shitty work ethic. She could have decided she didn't want him mentioned on her feed at all after the breakup and worked to make her own money based on her own efforts, but she chose the craven, slovenly route.

No. 1809830

I have my own personal tinfoil that Kaya still likes Harry Potter but publicly denounces it since her fanbase is annoying and would scream she's a TERF if she still liked it. I don't buy that she got rid of her HP stuff since she doesn't get rid of anything really

No. 1809834


I don’t recall saying anything about her work ethic or her Patreon but go off…

There is a world of difference between making the occasional vague reference to your ex being a dick whilst never mentioning him by name and making several vitriolic posts directly naming your ex and then going off on a two hour rant about how they never cleaned your house.

If you stack up the individual actions then Kaya does come up on top in the dignity stakes. Even if it is a minuscule amount He’s literally showed his whole arse on the internet throughout this thing.

No. 1809835

Definitely a tinfoil, but since Grant is not gay, and there is a long history of her hanging out with him alone before the breakup, i wonder if she was fooling around with him. She did say she wanted to break up with Jake years and years ago, so it's not like she actually gave a crap about him.

No. 1809839

Nitpick all you want about how lazy she is, but like >>1809558 mentioned she's uploaded almost as much as he has these past 4 months. If not more if you count overall video time. Sure Jake also streams more often than her, but Kaya regularly does Q&As with fans and does a lot of other social media updates. Their content updates aren't as vastly different as you always seem to make it out to be.

Doubtful, he was hanging around and potentially seeing this pretty and heavily tattooed girl around the last year Kaya and he were friends. I can try to see if I can find the photos of them together, but they are likely deleted by now.

No. 1809849

My biggest hope is that she's outgrown it all together. I would always die a little inside when she would find Hufflepuff merch during the vlogs and run to it like a little kid, squealing. It's the most shallow engagement with the interest and The Wizarding World™ definitely knows how to hook in their fans for life through consumerism. Lately I have noticed that she's stopped obsessing over her over-grown child fixations so much and shifting her energy on new experiences like going to Vegas with new people and stuff that feeds her soul like urbex or swimming in the sea. I think the childish hyper-fixations were mainly distractions from the monotony, loneliness and anxiety of living with Jake

No. 1809866

File: 1681667917515.jpg (36.95 KB, 1080x306, Screenshot_20230416-105905_You…)

All of the above.

No. 1809871

You're forgetting the whole other job he does, nona. Music production isn't fast, obviously it takes up a large portion of time. I don't have to like his music to acknowledge that at least. He claimed he took a break from YouTube to work on that, so the fact that they've made roughly the same amount of videos in whatever period of time, plus he stopped uploading for over a month, doesn't exactly paint an "equal effort" picture. His usual workaholic upload schedule is three videos a week and three streams a week, seemingly interrupted by music production and some sort of side business regarding, if his pinned twitter post is anything to go off of.

No. 1809876

He could have said something that didn't sit right with her principles and, rather than try reconcile with that, she nuked the friendship. Total conjecture here but for some reason I really do think it's just a straight up case of betrayal; he crossed some boundary and that hurt her. As she said, something horrible happened while she was o/s and she found out on the last day of the Vegas trip.

No. 1809880

ntayrt but do you actually believe he's gotten any bites on producing music for anyone? After that horrid Freaks cover? And his "workaholic upload schedule" surely takes under 40 hours a week to complete.

No. 1809886


If he had gotten any bites on his music production side hustle he would be crowing endlessly about it. I’m not denying that production takes time, it does but I very much doubt he’s inundated with work on that front.

No. 1809892

urgh im so bored with 'kaya is lazy'. i've no idea comparative to most other youtubers but in the whole kaya vs jake thing can we just shut it down please? Kaya makes less but not that many less, they take more effort and she doesn't film 1 month or more in one sitting.

No. 1809897

Kaya herself pointed out that Jake IS work driven but the anon that keep returning to let us all know it smacks a bit to much of a certain neon haired troll doll…

No. 1809902

funny thing he's only work driven because he wants to be famous and not work a "normal" job, he thinks that's beneath him and he's somehow owed a living kek. The drive to succeed is there for selfish reasons only, he's not doing it to better himself or other people

No. 1809906

It's also been stated multiple times Kaya also makes an effort with her other social media posts, instagram reels and tiktok videos. She's not strictly a Youtuber and I think some anons focus way too hard on the YT aspect. Jake barely posts to insta and his twitter is boring and like >>1808599 shows he's hemorrhaging what few followers he does have. Kaya at the very least keeps her audience engaged on multiple platforms, Jake put all his eggs in the Youtube basket and those videos aren't performing well at wall.

No. 1809922

If Grant isn't gay Maybe he is the faggot that paid for Kat's nudes and leaked them here. He might not suck dick apparently (doubt) but he sure does act like a little bitch. Maybe kaya found out he's a shit stirrer

No. 1809924

Yeah I still stand by that same tinfoil, the G initial in the profile photo matching up with the timing of Kaya getting upset in Vegas was somewhat damning.

No. 1809937

What would Grant gain from that though? Why would him leaking Kat's nudes which made Kat look bad, make Kaya upset? Not like Kaya is the one now with DDLG porn cementified online for any friends, family, and future acquaintances to see. Do we not think she enjoys seeing people take the piss out of her old ex and his new pussy?

No. 1810080

I remember someone on YouTube being up in arms about Jake's leaked nudes and how even if he is an asshole it's not right, it's revenge porn, etc. so maybe kaya has that attitude about it?
also she probably just wants to move on and not be reminded of it all. if Grant did this, it's very shitty and I wouldnt like it either.
her vague liking of a post above was about "tattoo artists who dont creep on girls" maybe someone had allegations against Grant.
I really want to know the scoop on this.

No. 1810086

File: 1681693426825.png (140.59 KB, 495x893, hello filters.PNG)

Hello, filters

No. 1810087

There, I fixed his caps

No. 1810088

File: 1681693686739.png (129.63 KB, 494x892, 1681693426825.png)

Oops dropped image

No. 1810095

I think sharing nudes of your exes new gf without consent would definitely sully a friendship since it's such a scrotey thing to do, nobody wanted to see it either

No. 1810138

Kaya got home from Vegas right at the end of Jan. She made Instagram stories on the way home saying she was dreading some real life shit on her return. The OF leaks were dropped on Mar 16th so I don't think this is what triggered Kaya's month long depressive episode. I guess Grant could have leaked them elsewhere first then dropped them here over a month later? I'm doubtful though. Also, there's no way he would use his real name on Kat's OF - Jake would have recognised his name instantly and gone nuclear, publicly attacking him on all social media.

No. 1810144

I always thought Gareth was the most obvious source of the leaks. Out of all the band he seemed to be the most hurt, hurt enough to make that epic 'The Reason You Suck' speech under Jake's tone deaf confessional. I don't know why Gaz would go straight for Kat, I guess that's what scrotes do when they wanna hurt a guy. Once again, you'd be mad to use your real name on OF knowing Jake would ride to your house in manlet rage

No. 1810145

>there's no way he would use his real name on Kat's OF
You forget scrotes are stupid

No. 1810147

Looks like he gargled some rat piss just to feel something. Look at those dead eyes.

No. 1810188

File: 1681712056860.jpg (18.18 KB, 462x513, Gqx9Yws.jpg)

Was looking at the shout-outs at the end of Fake's latest video before: as expected his list of patrons are growing smaller by the month but he actually has a ton of members on his channel .
I'm baffled that people are clicking the join button and paying 4 USD to become an 'Official Snack' wretch - the perks are so basic. He has 369 members so that generates 1,476 USD a month of which Youtube will take a 30% cut. That means he gets 1,033.2 USD.
Kaya made broken promises about setting up Youtube memberships months ago but made some excuse about how she's still trying to come up with perks. I have no idea what she's waiting for - basic ass chat emojis and loyalty badges are the bare minimum you need. Now that she's posting more frequently she could easily get a grand a month too.

No. 1810191

File: 1681712785825.png (530.63 KB, 520x585, goodskinandmuchpissing.png)

lmao, he's so weird trying to pass off skin smoothing filters as "hydration". This is like the "no makeup" girls making their "woke up this way" posts.

Tbh the vibe I get from it all is that Grant had some sort of allegation come out against him around that time, but who knows what. That short tattoo artist girl that would hang around them both is still following Kaya and Kaya is following her, but no way to tell if she still follows Grant or not with him having everything on private.

No. 1810195

File: 1681713541871.jpg (65.29 KB, 1080x1984, k2yPrGb.jpg)

Grant and the dwarf are still following each other.
She's also following thistle.mourning despite the fact he deleted all his posts. Privated, no profile pic and a full-stop for a name…yeeeeah this guy is guilty or scared about something.

No. 1810196


$1000 works out at about £800 which with the cost of living being what it is over here at the moment isn’t a huge amount of money. The rent on a house that size will be high, it’s like what a 3 or 4 bed? Running it with all that equipment and lighting and keeping it warm etc won’t be cheap. My energy bills over winter have been about £300 a month give or take and I barely do anything, that said my house is older than Fakes so harder to heat, he may benefit from it being a newer build. Most household bills like broadband, water, Telly license, mobile phone etc have just gone up with inflation as well so I can definitely see why he’s having to sell stuff to fund music videos.

No. 1810202

>yeeeeah this guy is guilty or scared about something.
Or maybe he's just not a social media whore and felt like abandoning that account or taking a break or something. Not saying there wasn't some sort of falling out between Grant and Kaya… obviously there was. But am I the only one feeling like a lot of this tinfoil seems like a leap? Especially leaking Kat's OF pics. My personal tinfoil is that Kaya may have had a rebound with Grant around the time of the breakup and it created tension in the friendship.

No. 1810203

I know he's getting rid of the Honda Rebel and he probably got rid of that commercial space and parking unit ages ago (especially after burning the bridge with Gaz). I think he probably scrapes by with memberships, streaming donos, Patreon and music combined in a dual income home. He's struggling to stay relevant though and I predict the Vtuber transition will be a tragic miscalculation. I'll be waiting with popcorn.

No. 1810207

The bridge burning and social media blackout and potential dismissal and fallout from work all happened in a short space of time. I agree that the OF leak and Kaya's post are harder to connect Grant to but still a little sus

No. 1810255

Why would Kaya unfriend him for posting Kats pictures? Because it means he’s reading about HER too?

No. 1810262

Hypothetical milk isn’t very nourishing. Any updates with the recent allegations and lawsuit threat?(sage your shit)

No. 1810271

How much of those £800 needs to go to taxes as wel? Don't know how much taxes they pay there.

No. 1810288

It's very unlikely Grant was behind the leak. When you look at the timeline things don't add up and Jake would have definitely made a tweet or video fuming about it if he had solid proof.

No. 1810297

The basic rate right now is 20% taxed income, so if he's making £800, he's only getting £640 a month. That's a pitiful amount. Not only that, taxes in the UK also just saw an unexpected hike from what I understand from fiscal drag.

No. 1810298


As Fake is self employed he’ll need to declare all his earnings on his tax return and he’ll get a bill at the end of the tax year. What percentage that works out at depends on how much he’s made it can be from 20% to 45% of your profits. He’ll also need to pay his national insurance and if he has ANY sense he’ll be paying into a pension.

No. 1810302

It's 20% on earnings over around £12000, so you don't have to pay tax on any earnings up to that amount. So if he's only getting £800 a month then he'll be below the threshold. Just based on that number, anyway. Adsense & patreon may push him above it

No. 1810304

I really doubt he is paying tax on anything, or declaring it all, probably declaring less than 12k so no taxes. And writing off a lot of his expenses for tax, studio, car, bikes etc as he will say its for his work.

No. 1810306

File: 1681740167436.png (237.12 KB, 594x488, video reuploaded.PNG)

The recent update with the recent allegations and lawsuit threat.

Nothing has come from it regarding Jake, and prettycringey seems to have done their homework regarding the situation.

No. 1810315

File: 1681741834599.jpeg (328.57 KB, 1440x1439, 212068D2-551A-4104-9AE0-C27720…)

No. 1810332

And like clockwork, and unsaged and uncaptioned photo of Kaya appears immediately after even the slightest hint of something interesting about Jake is posted kek what a surprise. She does look like she's gaining back weight from her post-breakup weight loss though.

No. 1810336

Everything about this photo is awful. Kaya's inability to dress in a way that flatters her weight, her crackhead friend in the background, and the other friend being swallowed up by Kaya's "dancing". This should have been saged and spoilered, gross.

Kaya has been quiet all weekend, that I've seen. I had a look to see where this was from, it was an Instagram tag from monster queen.

No. 1810338

Is that a stripe of blood coming out of the left ones nose? Bit too much blow that night?

No. 1810342

I don't think she realizes that the way she really wants to dress isn't working for her and I can see now why she considered taking the Korean lipo offer. Her shape in general is very unfortunate and she probably thinks she's doomed to look like a fridge when some serious and dedicated time at the gym would do her some good. At least she's got her height going for, she could be tall and thin if she really wanted and worked for it - unlike Fake who is just doomed to look like a chode for the rest of his life

No. 1810344

File: 1681744032455.png (70.11 KB, 863x945, liposuction.png)

Saw this the other day and rolled my eyes. Figured since we had a good candid of her actual torso, it could add to the conversation. Any bets on whether she completely fails to start up at the gym again?

No. 1810350

The absolutely most I'll give her here is that she's honest about not wanting to work for it, unlike some cows like Momokun who lied about it and claimed it was from FitTea (as if anyone was gonna believe that) until she got caught. But say Kaya does get lipo - the minute she puts weight back on it's going to end up in lumpy and unfortunate area since you're literally removing the fat cells altogether, and it will get redistributed unevenly. I really hope she doesn't go through with it, this would end in disaster.

No. 1810354

I agree, nona. Kaya has zero discipline, so taking a short cut to weight loss would result in her gaining it all back immediately for the same reasons she gained the weight in the first place. it would be even worse the second time around.

No. 1810356

Kaya's insecure and Kat is thin, plus I don't think Kaya has said anything against Kat or even named her idk, but think she would be mad if her friends were the ones stirring up drama.

No. 1810359

I mean she's already losing her teeth to meth lmao

No. 1810361

Nah, that's just what British teeth look like lol

No. 1810362

Guess that's why all the British cows itt have missing teeth oh wait

No. 1810364

meth is a burger drug nonnie, it doesn't have the popularity in Europe like it does in the states. it's even barely mentioned, most drugs of choice here are coke, ketamine, and MDMA. light blogposting but I work in the courts and I have never seen a meth charge

No. 1810371

NTA but what about like MC Devvo? I mean I imagine it was just a put on scallie character and it's been years since I last watched but I always thought he was supposed to be a meth user

No. 1810377

People in Belfast are definitely taking meth

No. 1810378

Wasn't Monster Queen in London?

No. 1810379

From watching Kaya, she has said that they are both 5'10", so neither of them are short. She just often looked taller because of her platform shoes adding 3"-4".

No. 1810380

Maybe but those are her belfast mates. I'm just saying, where they're from it's very easy to get lol. I know several ones that take it it's an alternative to coke. It might not be the same meth in America but people take it the same way as coke here. Fuck sake my brother was taking it in his room when he was home for Christmas if we're blogging

No. 1810383

Semi-related, Fake mentioned in an older video (pre-pandemic I think, I can't remember and don't care to look) that his whole family is short and fat, and he's predispositioned to be wide and stout the rest of his life. Kaya's been thin before during her modeling days so she does at least have the ability to look decent but Jake's definitely doomed to look the way he does which is hilarious

No. 1810384

i said it doesn't have the same popularity, but you seem mighty defensive that her friends are meth heads with nothing to back it up other than some janky teeth. maybe lay off your brothers supply?

No. 1810387

Imagine admitting that your friends and brother are methheads just so your tinfoil on lolcow can be correct holy shit kek

No. 1810388

I'm not in the habit of putting shit up my nose. Call it gum disease then. Guess kaya just discovered a new found confidence that makes her feel sexy with her belly hanging out.

No. 1810420

She sounds a bit defeatist here which is disappointing but I guess it is to be expected. She's had such a shit relationship with her body over the years; the struggles with dieting, stints at the gym, dressing in cutesy styles that don't suit her body and feeling unattractive in her partner's eyes. Plastic surgery is probably common in her social circles so that would have definitely fucked up her body image. PeachMilky had a nose job and breast augmentation a few years ago and I think she was the one who gave Jake and Kaya that free trip to Korea which included surgery. I do remember Kaya being on the fence about the offer but ultimately seemed confident in her decision not to do it.
At the end of the day Kaya wants to maintain her current flexible lifestyle which means it will be very difficult to slim down the old fashioned way - catching up on life experiences is more important to her than regimented eating and fitness plans. Unfortunately I think she may have missed the free surgery boat for good.

No. 1810425

Pretty sure Lisa is a Kraut but she's been in Belfast for a while.
That b&w photo is super unflattering for all of them but she actually scrubbed up quite well for Monster Queen. Lisa and Kaya's make-up look much better when seen in color.

No. 1810454

please please please stop interacting with 'crack whore' anon. I come here because there are few spaces in the world where you can exercise that streak in you that wants to watch a bumhole of a man drown in there own mess. The argument will resurface ,it will remain unfounded, it should remain ignored in my humble opinion.

No. 1810464

Kek. Can't believe I missed this shitshow while I was at work.

100% this. "Belfast trash" or "crackwhore" anon has been desperately trying to spin this wild tinfoil that kaya is doing all kinds of hard drugs forever now (even in the alt thread in the past couple days). There's absolutely zero evidence of her doing anything besides drinking. Tbh a lot of the nitpicking and tinfoiling have spiraled out of control a bit lately without any receipts. Spamming random photos isn't really milk either.

No. 1810478

File: 1681760605484.jpg (11.82 KB, 834x568, EWmUFeN.jpg)

I'm trying to work out how much he gets through his other streams of income and it's impossible to tell how much he gets from Patreon. However there are lots of little clues online.

He's got 4 levels of memberships with the cheapest costing a buck and $25 being the top tier. His Patreon claims that the $10 tier is the most popular - press X to doubt. I think Patreon included a feature where you can lie about your top tier. Also kek at the FREE signed print in the most expensive tier.

No. 1810481

File: 1681760901644.jpg (95.34 KB, 1067x464, EzhuzdN.jpg)

By scrolling through his posts on Patreon you can see what posts are locked behind the higher tier sub paywalls and how many people have liked it. It doesn't give us exact numbers as not everyone in that tier will interact with a post but it paints an image. I think Patreon takes an 8% cut when you're on the Pro Plan (this plan enables membership tiers so I assume this is the one Jake has).

Exhibit A: Music
He covered the weeaboo anthem 'E-Girls Are Ruining my Life!' back in August 2020 and through the likes we can ascertain that he made at least $1,510 - pretty impressive right? Sadly his most recent cover 'Freaks' only made a measly $65 - that's not even enough to cover the costs of the music video.
Sad trombone sad effect

No. 1810483

File: 1681761106969.jpg (33.07 KB, 932x430, j5B5jXb.jpg)

Exhibit B: Audiobooks
In Aug 2020 75 suckers liked 'Interview with the Vampire Part 8' which means he made at least $750 just for reading out loud. Fast forward to Feb of this year and you'll see only 6 patrons liked Part 9 - that's $60 before processing fees. Kek at the time gap between Part 8 and 9.

No. 1810485

File: 1681761220072.jpg (8.73 KB, 584x532, 7aiYrGy.jpg)

His 'about' page hasn't been updated in years and the intro vid has been private for at least a year now. You can tell by the references to the tour and comedy-gaming channel that it was written pre-break up.
Jake, man…you've given up on your Patreon and it shows. Stop being a lazy bastard and sort out your page - it looks hella unprofessional.

No. 1810489

File: 1681761478406.jpg (9.77 KB, 655x653, s3lszZ0.jpg)

He has a list of monetary goals for his channel.
Do any of you nonnies know how to guess the targets?

No. 1810498

I have no guesses but thanks a lot for screencaping all this. I share my opinion with >>1810454 , I can't wait for this man to hit rock bottom.

No. 1810507

np, just trying to drown out the recent troll infestation

No. 1810557

It's super clearly smudged make up, probably lipstick from reapplying while drunk

No. 1810559

Meth is gaining popularity along with very shitty quality crack in impoverished areas in mainland Britain, no idea if it's the same in Northern Ireland, but it's becoming a real problem in England and Scotland.

No. 1810639

doesn’t he still have a space separate from the house to film the vr stuff? with the loss of revenue from deleted vids, waiting to release that content until may seems dumb.

also i like how the default vid on his youtube is a year old and is him coming off a “break” to promise a whole bunch of stuff, most of which never happened lol.

he’s not consistent with any of those things, you know he’d be sharing ppl who got the pix & idk when the last time he came out with new ~merch~ was, so paying anything over a dollar is a scam.

No. 1810672

The last merch I saw him try to release was around the time of the break up video. He was trying to release another plushy of himself, but didn’t get enough backing to get it made.

No. 1810705

His stats plumetting will never stop being funny, thank you for the screenshot comparisons nonny
>2020: 75 likes
>2023: 6 likes
From my estimates of other creators, about 1/3 of patrons will interact e.g. a video will be viewed by 3x the number of likes, but that only gives you uhh 18 patrons at the "most popular" $10 tier rn

No. 1810707

File: 1681783254313.jpeg (67.66 KB, 828x1183, F7FAEEEA-7258-4BBB-90CE-DB103E…)

Interesting support comparison

No. 1810712

Unfortunately the 0% funded E-girl one was a placeholder on the site for the first run he did, the one that was successful. I really wanna see him try another wave of the plush now that the breakup tell-alls have come out. I think he'd probably get 15-20% tops and that's being generous kek

No. 1810713

File: 1681784103440.jpg (69.79 KB, 500x891, youre boring man.jpg)

2005 called, to ask why the hell you think this game holds any relevance within the streaming community at this time.

He'd get more views if he streamed League of Legends, Halo Infinite, Hogwarts Legacy, etc., etc.

No. 1810730

god i fucking hate makeship. sometimes a creator (of some kind of actual project, not just commentary or streaming or whatever) i like will make one of their characters and that's fine with me. but 99% of the shit on there is so ugly and vapid.

No. 1810739

He's playing the remake that came out last month, it is pretty relevant.

No. 1810741

Hasn’t Kaya been saying she’s going to make a plush toy too? Like of her cat? Kinda wonder how that’ll turn out. If it turns out.(sage your shit)

No. 1810793

In her stream last week she said she's on the final stages of it, they made a sample but the company itself had some additions/suggestions to make it even better, so they did a mock up in photoshop and she's approved the changes, so now they're making the final sample plushie to send to her soon. Once she approves that the campaign will go live, I believe. I can't wait to see how fast that shit gets funded. The Narc Rage will be amazing.

No. 1810797

I'll buy it to spite Jake. I might even buy several. I hope they come through. it would be funny to recreate the post where he said his favorite thing about Barcelona was "pussy" and like 10 Long Island iced teas in the background kek. Sebastian the Vacation Pussy Plushie for when you have no actual friends. it could be a commercial.

No. 1810810

File: 1681800818551.jpg (52.11 KB, 316x161, jqH40u4.jpg)

Ya boy don't pay for pussy, but we will

Can't wait to see those narc tears

No. 1810817

I think it's been confirmed that he has at least 2-3 additional rental spaces besides the House he's renting. There's definitely at least one "studio" he still has set up for VR that's been sitting unused forever and the garage he uses for his bikes that Kat seems to do all her pole practice in as well.

The e-girl plush was the second plush that did not get funded, the Goth Jake plush is the first one that actually did and did extremely well, reaching 451% funding. I remember because it was heavily discussed in the old threads as it was happening and makeship even gave him like an extra week to try to reach 100% funding. This was pretty soon after their break up went public and his fanbase took a nosedive due to his poorly received "we broke up" video. I can dig up receipts from the old alt cows threads if anyone is interested, but it's old milk at this point.

No. 1810889

File: 1681821320221.jpeg (51.23 KB, 750x245, E2F7A5AC-3749-4464-87F1-732D6D…)

Here’s a little “explanation” why she’s been so absent lately, also interesting how she’s mentioning revamping her patreon, almost as if she’s reading here kek

No. 1810897

Kaya vague posting for sympathy? That's totally new and unprecedented. Wrapping it up with e-begging is a nice touch, though.

No. 1810900

No you're correct anon, I had my designs mixed up. It was in fact the e-girl one that failed and got a placeholder on the site, my bad. I was thinking of when the placeholder page went up and everyone thought he was trying another run of it

No. 1810912

What does she always need to visit a damn hospital for?? Panic attacks?

No. 1810916

File: 1681826066386.png (527.66 KB, 864x1529, tattoos!.png)

Looks like it, nona, if she's able to get tattooed not even 24hrs after such a thing. Totally sub to her Patreon so Kaya can get even more tattoos, though.

No. 1810921

She booked this appointment weeks ago, she's getting the back of her other leg done.
She was vague about why she had to go to the hospital but it seems like it was just a little scare and nothing to cancel a tatt appointment over.
Looks like she's going to a new studio that specializes in trad design.

Nice misspelling of nona btw, that didn't go unnoticed

No. 1810927

Quick, someone shitpost about Jake so the WK's don't claim we're distracting from the cheese they are splurging about.

I'll start: how dare he play resident evil 4??! Oh wait, someone already said that. Oh, I know! He missed a stream Sunday because of branded content filming. Grr, what a slob. How dare he do an off schedule stream instead to make up for it.

Or maybe we can like, wait for him to actually do something milky for worthwhile discussion. Idk, just a thought. This is a Jake, Kaya, and Kat thread after all. It's not a competition. They each take their turns giving milk, so if you don't like that one of them is considered a cow then you are on the wrong site.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1810943

I was just making a point that she's not gonna cancel an expensive appointment that she's probably put a down payment on. I don't know what you were expecting.

Milk has been dry lately, we'll have to wait until next month for the launch of Jake's VR career and Kaya's next round of partying

No. 1810956

chill out

No. 1810959

Unnecessarily aggressive right?

I don't even think anyone even brought up the missed Sunday stream (or cares). It was oddly specific, something an avid Jake enjoyer would say

No. 1810968

The endless back and forth of "You're a Jake snack!" and "You're a Kaya WK!!" is more boring than anything else

No. 1810971

Meth has been around a few years. A lot of people when they're out don't really know if they're taking coke, meth or amphetamine tbh.

No. 1810973

File: 1681834784909.jpg (226.74 KB, 1080x1672, EOALFRo.jpg)

Kaya's new tattoo

Her tattoos are a bit all over the place but I think this piece is beautiful on its own - it's incredibly detailed

No. 1810974

How's buying Kaya's plushie doing one over on Jake do anon forget he paid for the studio she stayed in for like a year lol. People need to stop paying kaya to exist dear lord

No. 1810976

very pretty!

No. 1810977

Maybe she had to get a pcr test to prove to her tattoo artist she's not got covid, wasn't it mentioned she had it?

No. 1810978

File: 1681834961387.jpg (161.79 KB, 1080x1842, GvK5D8p.jpg)

It's hard to tell from the previous pic but it's on the front of her leg and not the back, at least that's what it looks like some this Instagram story

No. 1811028

Comparing this work with Fake's muddy, scratcher tier tattoos are no contest. This is very well done.

No. 1811034

Agreed. His silent hill arm tatts are gonna age like shit. I can't believe that tosser is gonna get the other side of his head done - as if the unintentional head wound wasn't fugly enough.

Kaya's best tattoos are the conjoined twins, head thorns and hand spider. The bug sleeve is slowly growing on me as she adds to it. The leg sigils kind of remind me of that awful colour splash tattoo trend of the 2010s - I definitely prefer designs with clean lines.

No. 1811037

Why does the bigger head look like David Jason kek

No. 1811038

TIL baby skeletons are fucking terrifying

No. 1811040

You think that’s bad, you should see x-rays of a child’s jaw. All the adult teeth sitting on top of the baby teeth, like rows of shark fangs. They look like monsters.(sage your shit)

No. 1811045

Nooooooooooooo I feel physically ill now, thanks for that

No. 1811073

I think the big issue with Jake's tats is lack of lineart and style. He just gets colored video game boxart mush with no structure or stylization - which makes the tattoo even more expensive, since it's way more work for an artist to copy a piece with 1:1 colors (or attempt to) than just to do something stylized. With the bug sleeve and most of her other pieces tbh, Kaya's definitely kept with a consistent theme and stylization rather than a bunch of hyper-realistic colored blobs.

No. 1811086

If you're gonna be so off topic, at least learn to sage.

No. 1811110

I like the ghost best. didnt grant do that one?

No. 1811113

because Jake's last plushie failed miserably. I want to see him cry over her success.

No. 1811250

>Kaya goes to the hospital and briefly mentions it so people know why she was silent for a day or two. Continues posting regularly and going about her life.
>cue the one or two rabid anti-kaya anons screeching about how she's such a dumb lazy beggar
>Jake gets a cold and it's radio silence for almost a week before he even says anything, is gone for over a week total because he says he's worried about losing his voice because he has a cough.
>same rabid anons unusually quiet
kek. This is why people assume they are snaccs tbh. I agree the WKs are annoying too, but the absolute seething vitriol they spew over Kaya doing literally anything is strange when Jake is right there doing the same if not worse 90% of the time. The meth tinfoiling and ongoing derail is still shitting up the thread too.

No. 1811289

File: 1681867784817.png (1.42 MB, 1173x797, jakesleeves.png)

Honestly his silent hill sleeve has been absolute shit from the start as seen in older photos. I also don't get why he started getting the dragon sleeve removed and then left it all patchy for years now while covering the rest of himself with more awful tattoos. It definitely seems like he can't settle on any one theme or style, instead opting for something different for every limb or segment of his body. Honestly wouldn't be so bad if he actually got quality work done or didn't do color. So far the half finished Baphomet on his stomach is his best even though it evokes the krampus more than baphomet imho. lmao

No. 1811305

He sure did. Just realized he's actually done heaps; foot bats, back of neck spider, elbow ditch teeth, goth scissors and at least 4 bugs on her sleeve. He's new to the game and Kaya's basically a walking advertisement of his art - looks like it was mutually beneficial, even if Kaya did get mate's rates.

No. 1811366

File: 1681879998551.jpg (11.14 KB, 433x287, Screenshot_20230418-215039_Ins…)

Skat needs to work on her posing. Why is she like hulking out with her chest? Also she needs to start dressing her size, that corset is way too small. Yes they are supposed to cinch you, but they're not supposed to cause your fat to bulge out like this.

No. 1811374

Well we all know he lurks

No. 1811385

File: 1681884082943.jpg (97.31 KB, 993x1084, Wtf.jpg)

So unflattering, kek.

No. 1811404

Stop nitpicking her weight first she's to thin now she's got 'fat bulges' give it a rest

No. 1811406

No. 1811408

are you lost..

No. 1811425

NTA who already said something, but nitpicking a 4 day old Kat post isn't a great look and gives the annoying hateboner anons fuel. I get that it's not milky rn, but c'mon.

No. 1811475

Damn. Is she going through a glow up–glow up??

No. 1811481

>radio silence for almost a week before he even says anything, is gone for over a week total because he says he's worried about losing his voice
Praying tonight it will happen at some point

No. 1811552

File: 1681921116784.jpg (34.1 KB, 839x789, XF2976g.jpg)

He was at 106k before the break up and today he's at 80k - fantastic. I couldn't find any screenshot evidence for that one but multiple nonnies confirmed it in the Altcows archives.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the Graphtreon stats though - this one hurt the pocket and the ego most. A couple of days before the cursed 'WE BROKE UP, NO MORE ALT TIKTOK & 2022' video went up he had 347 patrons which went down to 260 on January 31 and 229 at the end of February. I love seeing the graph take a nosedive.

Someone screenshotted the beautiful moment he hit 491K on Youtube but fell back to 490K the next day…and never stopped freefalling

No. 1811571

File: 1681922985214.jpeg (65.24 KB, 1290x439, 9D3B7B86-D44E-4090-A0F3-91BB47…)

oh joy, can’t wait to see what this ~brand content~ will be so i know to avoid whoever agreed to work with this twat. like how did they look at his falling stats and go, yes we would like you to talk about our thing lol.

so busy and so little to show for it.

No. 1811630


Placing my bets on killstar, I noticed both Freya and Kaya have done hauls recently, they must be starting that up again.

No. 1811654

KillStar has been collaboratinging with big names like Avril Lavigne and Dario Argento lately, I highly doubt they'd want anything to do with a drama ridden manchild with a tiny following and zero influence

No. 1811726

It's probably vampirefreaks who are desperately trying to stay relevant.

No. 1811738

It's a punkrave collab

No. 1811741

Punkrave sells overpriced, ill fitting Aliexpress tier "goth" items that belong in the bin. Perfect for Fake, actually.

No. 1811773

File: 1681938897485.jpeg (1.11 MB, 4095x2730, 43D66D10-AF8B-409B-B042-1404AD…)

wonder how much they paid him for this garbage lol, their customer photos look better than this. why is his face so grody, wtf is it with him and that ~i’m cold~ self hug pose, he couldn’t put in a contact or something?

No. 1811778

Kek. Jake is desperately trying to stay relevant.

No. 1811781

I'm glad they haven't featured him on their main instragram account (yet).

No. 1811792

Skat has made her OF on instagram private again.

No. 1811798

Oh my god how did I never notice how short his arms are what the fuck

No. 1811804

His arms look so stumpy in that last picture, and lumpy in the second one. And I don’t mean in a muscular way, either. Is he trying to go punk now? Insults aside, I do like the vest. Pity the haul is squished into yet another asinine reaction video. If it were standalone, I actually would’ve watched it. Those reaction videos are just so damn stale.

No. 1811826

she is a cheating piece of trash, a shitty selfish mother, and a vain thirsty ass ho, we don't need to be nice about her weight. she should have been respectful of kaya but called her lazy and fat and said she wanted to hit her while cheating with her boyfriend. unhinged ugly skinnyfat bulldog looking bitch.

No. 1811843

File: 1681943649385.png (163.01 KB, 640x589, 234678.png)

It's funny because as anyone could see his patreon was already on a very steady decline for a solid year before he released that video and tanked it even further. Also funny that he went from a peak of 462 patreons all the way down to barely breaking 70 at the beginning of the past couple months. He seems to still be losing a few patreons each month so he's likely to drop down even further.

I don't like Kat either, but nitpicking her arm fat in a 4 day old post isn't milk. We already know she's a dumb cheating whore, you don't need to continuously sperg out about it.

No. 1811860

I think it's funny considering she keeps privating/unprivating her OF instagram account based on whether or not her pictures are being shared/nitpicked here. Keep making her second guess every horribly posed and unflattering picture she posts.

No. 1811867

File: 1681945504684.png (326.06 KB, 1170x2532, 4B551BE7-484D-456B-941A-9FA509…)

Punkrave operate an ambassador programme, is it possible cakes ‘isn’t actually as exclusive as he’s made it out to be?

No. 1811960

the conditions are basically have 20k followers and like spooky shit. he does not qualify for being “hot as hell”. will be interesting to see if they actually post him on their instagram.

did he mention a discount code in the video?

No. 1811984

exactly. do nonnas here identify with the "side chick" bullshit she's on because they can't get a whole man to themselves, and that's why theyre being so protective of Kat's body image? pathetic. she deserves every nasty comment said about her.

No. 1812034

File: 1681966136469.png (355.69 KB, 1402x909, punkrave.png)

kek, you are projecting so hard nonnie, who is this desperate for a scrote? It's not unusual in threads for body nitpicking to be a bannable offense tbh, kat just isn't that interesting of a subject so it's been pretty dismissible so far. Your nitpicking wouldn't have even been that out of place if it wasn't done across multiple samefagging posts four days after the pic in question was posted. Did Kat hurt you personally or something? She's a bulldog faced whore, sure, but you seem so weirdly invested in raging out about her.

He's done a collaboration with them before that resulted in a lot of negative comments on their post featuring him. They might not repost this one to avoid negative attention, or maybe they're also desperate for the interaction. The photos were pretty shit the last time though, you can't even make out what he is wearing.

No. 1812044

>samefagging posts
They aren't, I'm actually the OP of the nitpick. I'm going to keep doing it, too.
>four days after the pic in question was posted
Why do you keep acting like that was forever ago? Sorry I don't check the site daily, kek.

No. 1812047

So he got some free clothes instead of being paid. Massive ‘brand deal’ you got there Fake.

No. 1812096

I can’t bring myself to watch the video, but he has put a discount link in the video description so I think it’s fair to say it’s probably just some ambassador bs he’s claiming to be getting paid for.

No. 1812119

If he is the one blowing it out of proportion, imagine the backlash he would face if they 'the company' made a statement about him false claiming half of it all kek

No. 1812125

If any other of you nonna's or your friends or whatever have done this sort of volunteer work known as being a brand ambassador… I HIGHLY doubt this was a "paid partnership" as he claims.

No. 1812131

File: 1681995995123.png (694.18 KB, 1080x1890, Screenshot_20230420-075657.png)

saged for speculation but you think she's deep cleaning for elf boy to come around?

deep cleaning is some wifey shit for sure, and she's had plenty of friends over without the need for a "deep clean".

or maybe it's just a hit back at fake who says she never cleaned? kek.

No. 1812139

File: 1681998027206.jpg (370.12 KB, 1929x1447, MTXX_MH20230420_104209305.jpg)

Sage for autism, I got bored at work so here is some shit editing kek

No. 1812142

This is soo accurate. Amazing job! Next thread pic pleeease, fucking kek at the baby

No. 1812154


She's just lazy as fuck and will end up doing neither

No. 1812160

Holy shit I thought the pic in the upper right was actually him until I enlarged it KEK well done, seconded for next thread pic

No. 1812163

He literally looks like a midget in the second picture. He's so stumpy and ugly, what a little fat shit.

No. 1812173

If she's smart, she'll do the editing. If she does a recording, she'll just have yet another editing project weighing her down, then she'll get overwhelmed by how much editing she has to do, then she'll look for excuses to do literally anything else so she doesn't have to deal with it, and finally her squirrel brain will make her give up and go partying.

No. 1812195

>you'll be the one who doesn't bow to conformism!
By bowing to the conformism of goth in a box type clothes. Like someone else said, that type of thing is perfect for fake

No. 1812201

File: 1682007306671.jpg (302.38 KB, 1080x1127, HrQ2Qby.jpg)

You've hit the nail on the head - the neurosis is unbearable to watch sometimes. Hopefully she takes your advice.

Interesting tinfoil about the mystery guest but there's 0 romantic tension with elf boy. He's gorgeous but I reckon there's more heat between her and Spooks, her hot tattooist from London. They've hung out during her last two visits and they look pretty cute together. He 100% looks like what I envision her type to be - punk version of Marilyn Manson

No. 1812206

I had to unfollow her on all platforms. I can’t take her whining anymore. She’s like broken record.

No. 1812214

File: 1682011006564.jpg (133.21 KB, 1077x1744, 20230420_101430.jpg)

I really can't stand her soulless traced line art. How is she not embarrassed by this? ANYONE can do this. 5 year olds can trace.

No. 1812215

>traces normal picture but adds cartoonish "anime" eyes
KEK that does not look right

No. 1812225

all her "art" is literal coloring book pages, both her stolen tattoos and this

No. 1812245

File: 1682017868407.png (433.6 KB, 863x1518, Home Is Where The Work Is.png)

Couldn't even last two hours from that whining post, kek. It is a rare nice day in NI today, so for anyone else it makes sense to take a break and enjoy it, but all she does is take breaks to enjoy herself in some capacity.

No. 1812266

New video just dropped

No. 1812267

her skin kinda looks like shit honestly(sage your shit)

No. 1812271

I'm 2 mins in and she's high-strung af. Ugh, it's gonna be 20 mins of excuses and/or whinging isn't it…

No. 1812274

it is, she complained about no one messaging her till she started doing videos and then getting distracted, then having to set up the camera again, not having makeup to do videos but she said she's active in her Patreon discord again and they know why she was in the hospital, someone correct me if I'm wrong but it all sounds like wordvomit in my opinion

No. 1812275

yeah it's clearly just a litle rant video, not a magnum opus man

No. 1812276

yeah true, she says she had scarring in her lungs and fluid buildup

No. 1812293

This kind of unstructured rambling content could really work for her. She can record it and post it and that’s it done. Kind of like graveyardgirl and the chatty vids she used to do in her car. The one thing she has always had going for her, is her fan base seem to genuinely just like her and listening to her talk and will pretty much watch whatever she churns out. Fake on the other hand needed a gimmick to hook people in and every time he deviates from that gimmick his views drop like a stone.

No. 1812297

One good thing out of this video is that she's finally decided not to pressure herself with doing the same type of videos, the highly edited ones etc. (which we know from five she plans on doing, only one gets released and the rest gets put on the "To do later" pile, and that's even a generous comparison), and some old school unscripted YouTube vids.
I don't mind that, as long as she finally releases some regular stuff. Even just showing us some of the DIY jackets she used to work on or whatever. She's a content creator, and it feels like there's been a lack in creativity lately.

No. 1812311

While the people you are choosing to laugh at are not great people. You all are worse then them. Vile bottom feeders who's only sense of joy stems from this trash.

I hope some of you realize you can be better and don't need to drown yourselves in this toxic shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1812312

it's not "desperation for a scrote" it's called not being a misogynistic piece of shit who thinks it's cool to cheat their way into relationships that hurt another woman and think you come out on top as "not like the other 'boring' main girlfriends/wives" because you're showing your shit on onlyfans that's got no fans! LMAO
and if you were as good as picking up on "samefags" as you think, I'd be banned already, because I'm not samefagging, I was replying.
why is it so hard for you to believe more than one person would have something negative to say about Skat? meanwhile you're the one WEIRDLY invested in defending her. it reads like you either want her or want to be like her. the best way to make it go away is stop coming to her defense. you move, we move. get it?
thank you nonna. imagine thinking Kat is so unproblematic that you can't fathom anyone else calling out her armpit chunk or ugly ass face on lolcows. this isn't a body positivity board lmao.

No. 1812320

File: 1682027211189.jpg (12.8 KB, 222x286, KEK.jpg)

KEK. Did Kat run a portrait of them through one of those awful "anime" filters and then trace over it. The baby's face is killing me.

Curious to see who it actually is, but my guess is either the elf, the tattooist, or the cute Dutch girl she was making out with at monster queen. You might be right though nonnie, as this was the only person she went on a one on one outing with.

Calm down nonnie, it isn't that serious. No one is even WKing Kat here.

No. 1812326

Video summary for people who don't want to watch…

Starts off by saying she is filming on her phone as one of her camera batteries is dead (she has a total of 4, two are missing and one is at a friend's house). She admits that in the past this type of thing would make her abandon filming but she pushed through the discomfort as she needed to make content.

She's been stressing a lot about Youtube lately - she's always anxious about the type of content and timing of posting as she is losing subs. She says she has lots of exciting, big ideas for content but wants to hold off on making it because she feels it will have limited reach. Says she realises views and ad revenue are more important but she's hung up on stagnant sub count. Vows to pump out the content she wants regardless of whether it does well in the algo.

She says she's been shadow-banned on Instagram since Jan and she's struggling with the algorithm on every platform. She has a ton of vlog footage but it takes so long to edit that she feels she needs to film more short-form content to get out quicker (clearly she is struggling here). Says that she's mustered the motivation to do more vlog editing tonight and has plans to record a video tomorrow.

"It's the best of times and the worst of times" - despite all the fun she's been having there's a looming dark cloud waiting to ruin things, a mixture of things she can and can't talk about.

Recently she woke up with heart attack-like symptoms at 5am and needed to go to the hospital - experienced chest pains similar to the ones she had on stream a few years ago but much worse. Had multiple tests at the hospital - ECG, bloods, x-ray. Docs found scarring + fluid in her lungs however that did not explain the symptoms. She thinks she's gotten a new chest infection since she recovered from Covid, says she's wheezing all the time

She had some accommodation plans for London fall through, seemed extremely frazzled at the idea of renting a room rather than free couch-surfing. She's also worried about her rent increasing and confirms that she's still paying for the studio.

No. 1812328

it looks like that kid from the american Ring film lmao

No. 1812331

File: 1682028515111.png (287.4 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230420-230624.png)

No. 1812332

File: 1682028651625.jpg (74.81 KB, 900x690, p1aXCBS.jpg)

No. 1812408

Thank you for your sacrifice nonnie. I knew it she still has that studio. Such a waste of money.

No. 1812429

So optimistic, let's see how long gross whinge sessions keep people entertained

Losing subscribers already? Didn't last long.

No. 1812477

if that’s true let’s not forget he said he wouldn’t work with killstar or other brands that just want to pay him in exposure and/or merch. but ppl should totally do that to collab with him lol.

No. 1812548

I love this Steal His Look fashion mood board! the baby doll with long iced tea and the headwound tattoo is everything. I would like to see a Steal Her Look for the ladies, too! theyre not as legendarily horrible as fake, but they have their moments, like Kat's tired e-girl cat ears and g string, a pole, probably the same Long Island iced tea and smokes as accessories, Mulan tattoo on the thigh, and then Kaya's admittedly aliexpress goth club wear that's so cheap it falls apart, those fishnet bike shorts, spooky box jewelry, and bug tattoos. kek.

No. 1812614

The photographer, Darren Black, who took this and other highly unflattering Kaya B&W candids took down this post. I wonder why? Besides how awful it is.

No. 1812663

It was douchey of them to put up that pic where they all look like sloppy drunks lol. They were probably aiming for fat positivity or some shit but it's just an unflattering pic of someone with their gut out. Her hair looks good here though.

No. 1812676

File: 1682088150955.jpg (26.83 KB, 423x367, yFE9uRi.jpg)

Was watching Stump's latest video with the PunkRave ad and had to get a shot of this abomination - distressed, goth shit-catchers. I don't know why he continues to pick clothes that draw attention to how short his legs are compared to his body.
I caught a bit of his stream on Monday and there was this weird moment where he ranted and raved about how his parents are 'unfuckable' and 'unbelievably fucking ugly' and that it was a miracle that he is 5ft10 when his parents are 5ft4 and 5ft1. He was laughing like a lunatic but you could see the pain in his eyes - the short comments clearly still hurt him.

Oh, and for the nonna who was curious earlier he indeed has a PunkRave discount code in his Youtube description

No. 1812679

honestly i think it's a "i can wear this, my legs aren't that bad" denial sort of thing. like a fatty trying to squeeze into too small outfits convinced they're not as fat as they really are.

is he actually 5'10"? i recall some older photos of him with kaya and she was in platforms and he was considerably shorter than her, that didn't look like 5'10" to me lmao

also who even talks about their parents that way?? he's even grosser than I thought trying to sexualise them

No. 1812680

File: 1682088819940.jpg (87.52 KB, 722x407, bdwihvy.jpg)

At one point he does this little jig with the pants and I lost it.

He looks like he shit himself while waiting for the toilet.

No. 1812681

Punkrave still haven’t shared his ‘ad’ on their IG.

No. 1812684

There's always an excuse for why he looks short - the angle of the camera, Kaya's shoes, his proportions. I feel like there is a side by side pic of the two of them that proves that he was the same height or shorter than Kaya. Honestly no one gives a shit about height as much as him but his insecurity is textbook Napoleon complex and you can't help but laugh. When Kaya confirmed the big penis envy that sealed the deal for me.

Yeah I actually felt sorry for him when he spoke about his parents - he needs therapy so badly.

No. 1812685


He's a club photographer. 99% of the pics he takes are of sloppy drunks.

No. 1812697

File: 1682090827595.jpg (22.79 KB, 600x343, brahams.jpg)

It looks like Brahams from The Boy kek

No. 1812701

Children of the Corn type beat

No. 1812791

Giving serious Oompa Loompa vibes there. Wow is he ever stumpy. 5'10 isn't even that short, it's honestly an average height. He's just proportioned like a fat toddler.

No. 1812888

This post is a great example of why I dislike Kaya.

Everyone else with anxiety and depression is expected to follow through with their obligations no matter how stressful it is. They're not allowed to take off work at the drop of a hat, or turn in projects late, or any of the things Kaya uses her mental health as an excuse for. She has money. She has plenty of spare time. There is no excuse to not sign up for some therapy, or failing that, psychiatric assistance. As far as I know Kaya has NEVER taken any steps to treat her own mental health, but she constantly uses it as a crutch to excuse procrastination or just straight-up not doing what she promised to.

If you use your mental health as an excuse that often, and for so many reasons, then you need to admit it's a problem worth addressing. She has been wallowing in her own self-inflicted misery for years and people should realize that she's never going to actually get better unless she starts acting like an adult instead of a whiny teenager who thinks they can get out of their shift with 'my feet hurt, can I go home?'
So - probably never going to actually grow tf up unless she loses her patreonbux.

The hospital thing is also deeply sus in my opinion. If a professional can't find ANYTHING to explain her symptoms, it just sounds like she's evolving into a hypochondriac.


No. 1812904

File: 1682117013845.jpeg (Spoiler Image,21 KB, 200x445, 83603984-E80A-4C67-81C2-0AF70F…)

the whole thing was terrible but that part made me laugh, what was the point besides confirming he’s a stumpy troll. his lighting was the only thing he could bring into that empty space, no cool ~goth~ props or whatever?

also i was going to see when the last time he posted to onlyfans and found a bunch of nudes lol. not sure what has already been posted but this is one of the funniest and looks very shopped.

nsfl, not my screenshot

No. 1812928

That gaming chair literally dwarfs him and makes him look extra tiny. Like actually miniature.

No. 1812952

Kaya looks pretty compared to her friends, but it was a bad pic of all of them so that's probably why she may have wanted it taken down.

No. 1812953

This is such a low quality dickpic, definitely the kind people can get for free any time of day
I actually completely forgot about (brain protected me by erasing the information) his onlyfans, definitely played a part in his downfall.

No. 1812957

>I caught a bit of his stream on Monday and there was this weird moment where he ranted and raved about how his parents are 'unfuckable' and 'unbelievably fucking ugly' and that it was a miracle that he is 5ft10 when his parents are 5ft4 and 5ft1. He was laughing like a lunatic but you could see the pain in his eyes - the short comments clearly still hurt him.

He's actually mental, how could you describe your parents this way? Like specifically in sexual terms like unfuckable how revolting. As if the attractiveness of your parents means anything.

No. 1812970

LMAO cosplaying at humpty dumpty in this photo. wow so he hates short people? a couple years ago he was like, "tall women and short men go through the same thing in society. short women can get away with it because they are cute, but short men are just shunned" it was a weird thing to say because we know what a giantess Kaya is, but now that we know he liked destroying her self esteem, it makes sense. anyway, there is no way he is 5'10" with those proportions, I think he lies like most short moids. men will be 5'4" and say they are 5'8" because they know society is too polite to call them out on something so embarrassing and awkward. it's so painfully pathetic, but kind of funny.

No. 1812972

lmao it's the "mummy change my nappy" dance

No. 1812975

Kaya was taller than him and he couldn't stand it. He blames her for giving HIM body image issues. Kat is taller than him as well, but she makes herself small and stays in his shadow like a "good daddy's little girl."

No. 1812979

I actually remember him saying that he's 5'8 years ago and now he says 5'10.

No. 1812987

But anon kaya is catching up on missing out because she made the choice to do nothing for years. Don't you feel sorry for her? She's barely worked hard these last 10 years she needs a break!

No. 1812989

Jake's obviously porn sick of he's talking about how fuckable his parents are and I hope Kat chooses not to breed with him while he has such a weird mindset.

No. 1812999

The DDLG scrote sexualizes his own parents, who would have expected?! Anyone who watches his streams to any capacity would recognize that he's totally porn sick and coom brained. He also makes jokes about step-family porn all the time.

No. 1813054


I swore he was 5'5 5'6

No. 1813109

Hi anaon here that pointed out Kat does lace and corsets these days, and less e-girl stuff, and the timing coincided with a suggestion on the board that it would pay off much better for her.
Without addressing the fact that, if right, it means she (or he) is actually still trying to make her onlyfail happen, Jake actively admitted to lingering here. More of the criticism and mocking, less of the advise. Please?

No. 1813113

me again. if y'all gunna dish out advice then does lolcow have a term for the opposite of cowtipping? cow propping?

No. 1813118

take a moment to open the images in a larger tab and ask yourself what in the name of all that is good is going on with the top of arm. it looks like cellulite-aggedon. can that happen? what makes that happen?

No. 1813120

File: 1682149638557.jpg (201.17 KB, 847x423, 9pIJcHy.jpg)

That's his phoenix tattoo after a couple of sessions of laser removal. It was one of the first tatts he got and he never got it coloured in. He plans to have it covered up with new work this year.
It seems like he has a lot of tattoo plans this year for a broke guy - the rest of his stomach later this month, left side of face and head, his domestic violence leg sleeve by Kat and possibly a back tattoo.

No. 1813133

he looks so weirdly bloated and discolored in this screenshot, like some mildly waterlogged cadaver with its dick out. kek

>interacting with old posts
>trying to mini-mod
While it's appreciated you at least know how to sage, you might want to learn the board culture a bit better newfag anon.

No. 1813135

It just looks like he holding a dildo

No. 1813136

Ah so this is clear he chooses looks over personality. You know he not fuckable either looks like he got that from his parents genes

No. 1813160

File: 1682161317740.jpg (33.25 KB, 400x565, ZoozC2l.jpg)

man it took a lot of digging but this was the only older picture i could find of them together with them wearing more flat shoes… i can't tell if kaya is wearing flatter boots or not but fake is and she's leaning back and still appears taller than him. I'm not buying that he's 5'10"… I know kaya has said that is her height so i think he's maybe 5'8" at most?? what do you guys think?

No. 1813165

Great find anon, but Kaya herself has said multiple times he is 5'10". I wouldn't even begin to know where to look for that proof, but I remember hearing her say it.

No. 1813180

He spoke about his parents' genetics and decision to procreate with such venom: of all the genuine grievances he has with them he brings up the thing they can't change in such a gross, public way.

Kaya is friends with some of his family on social media so I've seen some recent pics of them. Jake made it sound like his Dad is a disfigured beach ball but honestly he looks alright for his age, in fact they look very a like in terms of facial features and body type. I think I saw a pic of his Mum but I'm not 100% sure it was her. He seemed particular hateful of her genetics and brought up that she's been overweight her whole life in the aforementioned stream. It's clear that the siblings inherited her tendency to gain weight easily but they look normal, not hideous by any stretch of the imagination.

No. 1813187

File: 1682168601836.gif (614.96 KB, 300x128, osh.gif)

No. 1813211

File: 1682173782805.jpg (261.19 KB, 569x896, 0JxDTVk.jpg)

I think I remember this shoot. This pic is really old, probably from 2013.
They rarely pose side by side like this. Stump does look shorter but he has a wider stance and he's tilting his head. The shadows and weird poses make it really difficult to get a clear idea.

I pulled up this classic pic from London Edge 2018. They're both standing tall and wearing the same NewRock Neptunos. Fake always uses so much bloody pomade in his hair so it's hard to see where the top of his head is. Kaya has a fair bit of volume here from the crimping but I still think it's obvious she's a little bit taller - not by much but enough to make Jake look like a hobbit if he doesn't wear platforms.

One of the best things about the response video in November was when she confirmed all the insecurities we've long suspected - at 1:01:10 she said he'd rage about his height weekly and complained it was why no one respected him. She also made that petty TikTok.

No. 1813226

ah, forgot about that pic! yeah you can see she's a tad taller than him and I know she has said she's 5'10" herself so he's got to be a little shorter. I wonder if he just went with that figure because it's her height and it sounds close to 6ft?? lmao

No. 1813241


She looks absolutely miserable in this picture. I bet this was one of the events she was invited to and he went as her plus one. I’m sure she said in her response video that he was deeply unpleasant at these kinds of events.

No. 1813250

It could be the event she mentions in her video, a bloke was chatting to her and stumpy accused her of flirting and caused a massive argument then acted as if nothing happened

No. 1813273

File: 1682183382122.jpg (249.92 KB, 672x479, arOVTLX.jpg)

If you think she looks miserable at London Edge in 2018, you should have seen her in 2017. I remember watching Psychara's London Edge vlog which features Jake, Kaya and some other familiar people and Kaya looks so sad. She has this forced smile the whole time and she's just a statue on the dance floor while everyone is enjoying themselves. Meanwhile you can see Jake in the background spending a lot of time with ReeRee and not really mingling with the others. Kaya confirmed she was miserable here in a later video but attributed it to body issues - I think that's only part of the story…

I think you're right. I found that story in her response video (timestamp 27:40).
She said she was invited to London Edge and Jake was her +1 that year. They were all at the after-party at Electrowerkz when a model approached her for a lighter and smiles. Jake exploded at her when they got back to the hotel, threated to dump her and refused to come to convention next day. The next day an upset Kaya tells a friend everything that happened. Her friend then tells her that Jake had been inappropriately flirting with her the whole convention. An hour later Jake emerges from the hotel as if nothing happened and slides his arms around Kaya's waist, much to Kaya and her friend's shock.
My tinfoil is that she's talking about London Edge 2017 and the friend was ReeRee.

No. 1813276

More evidence: Kaya has no video of London Edge 2017 on her channel despite it being an important, social event for her career. She has video for her 2018 attendance but it's mostly just her talking over clips of her shopping.
I could have sworn Fake used to have a London Edge vlog on his channel but it might have been deleted in the recent evidence purge.

No. 1813277

I remember that video, I felt really bad and awkward for kaya stood there while everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. fake was definitely eyeing reeree a lot throughout it as well which made it so uncomfortable, he's so gross

No. 1813278

I can't believe he had the nerve to scream at her in the hotel room - what an abusive maggot. He really does ruin everything

No. 1813283

Jesus, so he tried to get with ReeRee TOO?! Who HASN'T he tried his luck with? Fucking sex pest. That is a genuinely scary story.

No. 1813291

File: 1682186204174.jpg (51.64 KB, 1080x609, Screen_YouTube.jpg)

He was literally dancing next to/with ReeRee while Kaya stood there awkwardly.

No. 1813362

File: 1682196303375.jpg (778.43 KB, 4096x4096, 23-04-22-22-45-42-723_deco.jpg)

She says she's tired of being sick and gets something else bedore even recovering but still goes out constantly

No. 1813382

File: 1682199308854.jpg (75.76 KB, 923x994, 20230422_143231.jpg)

Has Skat gotten work done on her face? She looks different in her wedding pictures from a few years ago.

No. 1813408

It's kind of funny because even if he was 5'10" it's not that unreasonably short for him to be that deeply insecure about? Definitely leads me to believe he's slightly shorter than that (and Kaya) and is one of those guys who adds an inch. kek

This checks out tbh. Thanks for the related receipts. I kind of wonder how many other instances of him creeping on her friends can be documented.

She looks the same tbh, just not heavily filtered like we're used to seeing her. You can even see up close like this how her bottom lip sticks out farther than her top due to her teeth. If she did ever get work done she should get her jaw/bite corrected because it makes her whole jawline and mouth look prematurely jowly and old, especially with those marionette lines. I forget though, how old is Kat presumably again? In her mid to late 30s?

No. 1813419

Lip and cheek fillers, Botox brow lift. That’s for sure

No. 1813428

A movie theater yesterday, now a bar with drinks? How "sick" is she

No. 1813459

Nitpick but she looks nice here. Not as skinny (in a good way) but maybe I'm imagining things.

No. 1813536

File: 1682221531077.png (1.3 MB, 993x1252, katpaine.png)

I couldn't find what year her and Dean got married, but judging from a lot of her other pics she looks the same. She just looks very different because of all the filtering and editing. Top row are her more edited pics and bottom row are similar b&w images I could find. Middle is just a rare recent completely unfiltered or edited pic.

No. 1813537

File: 1682221705123.png (1.55 MB, 1429x856, clown.png)

OT, but while I was grabbing those other pics I noticed something I thought was kind of funny.

No. 1813541

File: 1682222201526.png (1.19 MB, 1270x819, kTjke.png)

She certainly has a type. It's funny how Jake started dressing like her ex and got face tattoos like him too after he got with Kat.

Also judging by this photo of Jake and Kat together and how much she has to bend her knees around him so they're the same height, we can only assume she's actually 5'10" as well? Or if Jake is hypothetically 5'10" is Kat on the cusp of 6ft? What a tiny baby girl. kek

No. 1813542

dont worry nonna, her onlyfans is not happening lol it would have already. she's not getting any younger. and Jake is not this internet famous connection she thought he'd be. she's going to continue to make a fool out of herself with DIY "photoshoots" and fake isn't going to spend money on creative help for his own channel/band/punk modeling career (LOL) whatever he's into. they dont have enough money for professionals to come fix them up, and you can't shine shit either way.

No. 1813543

dont worry nonna, her onlyfans is not happening lol it would have already. she's not getting any younger. and Jake is not this internet famous connection she thought he'd be. she's going to continue to make a fool out of herself with DIY "photoshoots" and fake isn't going to spend money on creative help for his own channel/band/punk modeling career (LOL) whatever he's into. they dont have enough money for professionals to come fix them up, and you can't shine shit either way.

No. 1813549

ew lmao sounds like he's legit mad that his dad isn't a 6'4" tall old stud with a 6 pack and 10 inch dick, and that his mom and sister aren't tall, slim, and leggy so he can fantasize about fucking them. it's normal and expected for siblings to talk shit about one another's appearance, but Jake sounds DISAPPOINTED that his family doesn't give him fapping material. so disgusting! and as if he's so good looking. he has literal midget proportions! he's so prone to bloat and weight gain, he's a manlet next to his preferred tall ass type of chick, and what bland average facial attractiveness he has, he ruined with those head and face tattoos and fucked up skin from alcoholism and smoking. nice going, ugly asshole. also his hair looks like a butch lesbian's all the time. he is the last person who should be roasting ANYONE'S looks.

No. 1813555

I think it's just weight loss. she looked like she had "happy fat" when she got married (not that she was fat, but she had hips and in other pics from that period her legs were not sticks like now). maybe the stress of the affair with Jake allowed her to lose her baby weight and then some. and now all she seems to do is drink and smoke, has aspirations of being a porn star/pole dancer, and Jake sucks the life force out of women which explains why she looks old AF from the face.

No. 1813556

LMAO I thought Jake was trying to relive life with a skinny Kaya look alike, but Jake is Kat's Dean 2.0.

No. 1813567

File: 1682226506409.png (189.37 KB, 536x331, dean2.0.png)

honestly jake's dean cosplay in his "breaking my silence" video is pretty spot on. kek

No. 1813573

KEK this is a hilarious observation.
So funny how Jake has NEVER been caught dead in plaid until Kat took him shopping. Sort of like how Kat has NEVER showed interest in being a "gamer girl" or "kawaii" until she started dating Jake. I guess that's what happens when two people who lack their own identities come together, they put on their skinwalker suits and pretend to be eachother's type.

No. 1813583

Re: Jake’s hair - in one of his older reaction videos, I remember him mentioning that he likes to comb his hair forward over his forehead because he thinks it makes him look younger. With a face square as his, the last thing he should do is box it in even more by hiding his forehead. Then again, he’s not really known for making good choices.

No. 1813610

To be fair, it's only Dean and Jake who look similar. The guy she cheated on and left for Dean was very tall and skinny.

No. 1813623

Ok this new information about insecure little Jake copying the atrocious fashion choices of Kat's ex makes so much sense. It seemed like he was sabotaging his own appearance for no reason but in fact there was this, very stupid reason. Incredible to see some of the worst tats with worst placement but be so insecure about your new girlfriend's ex that you copy them regardless.

No. 1813630

Tbh it's not even new, it was being tinfoiled when they first got together. The side by side comparisons make it so apparent though.

No. 1813636

I though she cheated with Jake on him?? Whos the third dude?

No. 1813639

File: 1682242839529.png (4.49 MB, 2370x1676, jmfans.png)

NTA, but it was discussed in a previous thread I believe. Kat supposedly had cheated on a previous boyfriend with Dean, then we all know she cheated on Dean with Jake. Not sure if there are any more details, but this anon seems strangely familiar with the previous ex, so maybe they have receipts. Does make me wonder a bit if she's got even more history cheating prior to Dean too though. Given how Jake was always trying to get with all of Kaya's friends and cheated on her early into the relationship, her and Jake seem made for each other. Just two serial cheaters "in love".

Had a peek at some fan photos from when he was touring and I feel like they are pretty telling. kek

No. 1813658

File: 1682246624950.jpg (393.74 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-04-23-13-43-25…)

No. 1813669

Jesus, that's fucked. She's very calm about the whole situation but I hope they'll be ok

No. 1813674

It could be from not eating enough before you drink but I agree it's a very stressful feeling

No. 1813676

Thanks again to men being pigs. Crap it happens to her. I hope she’ll be a bit more careful in the future.

No. 1813678


like kaya or no you cant ignore how utterly awful it is to see a woman apologise for any inconvenience she caused when (in medical opinion and all likelihood) she was spiked.

This is telling of an utter lack of self-worth and/or fear of disappointment - both of which she appears to display by result of an abusive relationship.

I for one hope this does not deter her lust for life. i don't want to see the goblin win.

No. 1813684

It's too much of a coincidence that it happened to her friend as well.
I hate that it's impossible to prove what drug is in her system. Hopefully the venue can review security footage and have those gronks identified and prosecuted. It makes me sick that these men are prowling about at all times - Kaya is so lucky she was with people who could help her

No. 1813687

I just read that on her IG. Tbh I agreed with >>1813419 when I saw the concert pictures yesterday. I understand trying to catch up on what she missed during her relationship, and that she didn't ask for her drink to be spiked, but she's supposedly wheezing the whole goddamn time since her Barcelona family visit.

My priorities would be elsewhere at the moment.

No. 1813695

Horrible this happened to her and her friend. I hope they will all be a tad more careful now with their drinks. There are disgusting scrotes everywhere.

No. 1813696

File: 1682252710897.jpg (347.4 KB, 1080x1919, img.jpg)

Another of her posts. Very fucked up that she feels guilty here.
As someone who has been spiked before, the most likely thing that happened is she collapsed on the floor and kept drifting in and out of consciousness. I was also partly paralysed and had difficulty moving my limbs for the next 12 hours or so. If you're spiked the idea is you don't become a sloppy drunk but you're basically an animal who has been darted, I agree it's sad she's worried about what she may have done rather than be angry at being spiked in the first place

No. 1813702

I respect her for taking this stance, a lot of people cause hysteria by being extreme with their experiences of being spiked.
Most spiking incidents don't involve drugs, it's usually a scumbag scrote putting vodka into drinks because it's almost tasteless and there's deniability when the girl who was drinking at a venue gets "too drunk" rather than foaming at the mouth obviously drugged from GHB.
I don't have any reason to believe she's lying about being spiked so I believe her, but her 'idk maybe I was maybe I wasn't, all that matters is working out how I got to A&E' attitude is refreshing.

No. 1813727

I’m going to hell for this but this just fits into her whining she does every day and “oh no please feel sorry for me” / “my life is sooo difficult “ shtick she’s always on. I can’t but roll my eyes at it.

No. 1813732

>he is 5ft10
Is he being honest there cos that's a little above average yet he has stumpy proportions that make him look 5ft4 and he seems to have an obsession with height. Well simply being taller like he wants won't fix bad proportions afaik, so stay depressed stumpy.

No. 1813771

File: 1682265623326.jpg (659.42 KB, 583x838, SzmwMOR.jpg)

Kaya updates her Instagram stories everyday (unlike Jake) and tends to overshare. She comes off as apologetic more than anything, probably due to the embarrassment from puking, stumbling and slurring her words around lots of people. It does sound like she was roofied from her symptoms.
It's easy for women to forget that venues like this are a hunting ground for scrotes with date-rape drugs in their pocket. For the sake of her young audience who think that the world is made from sunshine and rainbows, I appreciate her openness here.

It's interesting to see how much shoes, proportions and body composition can affect how tall you appear. Back when Jake was skinny-fat he almost looks petite despite being 5ft10. Kaya with her long limbs and slight figure looks so much lankier than Jake in every picture, even in flat shoes.
Ever since both of them gained weight you can see they've both struggled to find flattering styles. Kaya never leaves the house without tall shoes as she relies on them to lengthen her legs and look more willowy.
Jake really needs to stop piling baggy jumpers upon baggy crotch pants - it does his body no favours. He also does this wide toddler stance that pisses me off, it just makes him look so cartoonish and squat.

No. 1813782

God that is horrifying. Truly I hope her and her friend are alright. I also hope she takes it easy after this and focuses on making content at home versus the party scene for a while. No matter how much of a cow she is, no one deserves that.

No. 1813794

File: 1682269329427.png (395.88 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230423-180132.png)

No. 1813795

Who is the other friend? They were just the two? I wonder who hot them to the hospital

No. 1813800

Same, anon. Call me a cynic, but I find it hard to believe her and that she's not just covering up alcohol poisoning and embarrassing behavior. Why was she out drinking anyway, she's terribly sick and has been for over a month. Getting blitzed while sick is a terrible idea, and going out in a crowded bar while sick is also a terrible idea. It sounds like she's avoiding being alone with her thoughts, consequences be damned. She can't stay in the house alone for even one day at a time. And how often does she actually drink now? I keep seeing nonnies bring up her going out drinking, maybe she is developing a habit.

No. 1813809

I think the same ..but needs to watch herself when partying in London .

No. 1813821

You’re onto something anon. Do we know what she was sick with? I remember she had Covid recently but didn’t get better from it or what is it?

No. 1813822

File: 1682273441100.png (190.16 KB, 864x1525, Gig Friends.png)

She hasn't said, hasn't tagged anyone, and this is the most she showed them. Looks like three other people, so maybe it was a couples date. The only couple i know of that she is actively friends with in Belfast is Lee and Amber

No. 1813829

She said she was negative with covid by the time she got to London the second time, but i doubt that because she was only in Barcelona a few days when she was positive. But either way, her symptoms sound like long covid, which you don't always test positive for during. She tried to say it got worse after the hospital visit a few days ago and she thinks she picked up something new, but if she has long covid and stressed herself, those symptoms could have just flaired up because she refuses to stay inside and rest for very long. Editing is easy to do when you're sick, and she has loads to do for that besides.

No. 1813835

File: 1682274594723.jpg (284.46 KB, 1080x1920, KvcccOv.jpg)

It's someone who has a covered up a smiley tattoo.
It could be Lisa and her man? Lisa is not heavily tattooed like a lot of her other friends. I don't think Lee and Amber explore Belfast night scene very often lol

No. 1813837

I think that's a bar/club stamp anon

No. 1813838

Ah geez well I've just outed how much of a homebody I am

No. 1813846

She privated that stream where she admitted she got Covid and lied through her teeth about being negative by the time she got to London. A lot of her audience probably identify as disabled so she probably got some backlash outside of lolcow - she knew she fucked up. She's got that horrible cough that hasn't gone away for months and prolongs her illness but not looking after herself. Slimelight is fast approaching on 6th May.

No. 1813848

She doesn't private streams, she unlists them. Here is the original post with the link to it:

No. 1813906

you are right, Jake looked like a very small man in these old pics. I'd guess 5'6 with his proportions. he takes up a lot more space with his hulked out arms and bloated torso now. Kaya's posture has always been painfully bad. she never stands up straight all the way, always curves her neck a bit and her shoulders slouch forward. so next to Jake even in that pic above where they are side by side in the same platform shoes, I can confidently estimate she's several inches taller. Kat appears to be several inches taller than Jake, too. I dont think ive seen her wear platforms around him, she's always in converse.

No. 1813913

Agreed. I mean she used to hang out at people's place before. If she doesn't want to feel lonely, she could do that and maybe bring some editing work with her if she feels like she can't do anything if she's home alone.
Especially since she's feeling poorly, she got worse off going out than staying in with her ADHD brain.

Besides, as some people mentioned here, she's getting too comfortable with drinking, and drinking doesn't exactly boosts your immune system.

No. 1813915

File: 1682286408833.png (516.37 KB, 932x441, Schermopname (1148).png)

Bro is proportioned like a 2 year old baby, just catched the stream end on YT. Looking very uninterested and depressed lol

No. 1813920

kek those sausage arms, guess you picked up those unfuckable genes from his parents eh fake?

No. 1813961

Kaya has stated she's 5'10" and I'd be more inclined to believe a woman's stated height, back when I did online dating every single guy added 2 inches, bit embarrassing when they are shorter than you but claim to be the same height.
Jake is probably 5'7-8 imo.

No. 1813967

He should have stayed skinny. Muscles, fat or bloat all just make him wider which makes his stumpy proportions all the worse. Seriously he looks like he's got dwarfism but it didn't quite manifest completely

No. 1813988

agree, as a short woman I have stood next to a short man and he told me he was 3 inches taller than we both were. such an awkward thing to correct which emboldens them to lie. I'd call it out now, though.
KEK he would be such a mean dwarf, too. like one of those promiscuous ones who only wants to date "tall girls" and rags on the little person community due to self hatred. he already does the semi-midget porn hahahaha

No. 1814006

i truly don't believe kaya would lie about being spiked she's whiny but she's not a shitty person

No. 1814036

I think anons are missing the fact it also happened to her friend. Why would her having long Covid give her friend the exact same symptoms?

No. 1814063

File: 1682310517682.jpg (553.96 KB, 3077x2308, Actual Art Theft.jpg)

Kat's latest traced image. She does this thing where she flips it and then changes details very slightly. For example, added pointed ears, changed the facial position/expression ever so slightly, added fangs, etc. Then she finds other images to layer above/behind it, like the castle and bats. I don't know what non-artist needs to hear this, but that is a fucking pathetic and shameful practice. That does NOT make an original piece, that is still tracing. If anything, it's even worse and a spit in the face to original artists. I hope she gets caught and sued eventually.
BTW Jake, the piece on your leg is just another traced/layered/flipped piece. Still working on finding all the sources. But did you really trust your fake artist of a girlfriend to design you a tattoo?

No. 1814073

File: 1682311505608.jpg (208.7 KB, 830x797, sz8QrZt.jpg)

Looks like she got married at the end of 2017 (credit to the nonna who originally found this article a few threads back). Kat's a terrible human being but she made a beautiful bride - she looked her best here.
She definitely looks more full in her face and figure here but you have to take into consideration how thick the beading and material is on her dress. I originally thought she was pregnant in these pics but her kid was born in 2019 so that doesn't add up.
I always thought Dean was a big and tall guy but he's even shorter than Stumpy. Stump would definitely be the type to force his bride to wear flats on her wedding day - he can't be upstaged with his Demonias and fauxhawk.
Her face has hollowed out a fair bit since then from aging, weight-loss and booze.

It's so fucked that she's cheated twice, each time in such a selfish, social-climbing way - I'm surprised she still has female friends.

No. 1814076

why did she give him tusks and a unibrow? tbh after seeing this I'm definitely thinking she designed her own god awful back piece. The wonky eyes, wide face with a tiny ear, awkward hand floating close to face, etc. all looks very familiar.

No. 1814077

File: 1682312097265.jpg (77.91 KB, 1080x1503, Pathetic.jpg)

Source: some 11 year old Deviant Art post KEK.
She thinks she's so fucking smart changing the position of the layer ever so slightly so that the lines don't always match up perfectly, but it's blatant and always will be. She can't actually draw for shit.

No. 1814078

>the awkward hand floating close to face
Her technique is to trace a bust, and then find a hand from something else to layer and trace on top of the bust. That's why they always look a bit out of place/pasted on.

No. 1814080

File: 1682312579996.png (776.32 KB, 862x585, 23402340.png)

I don't think Dean is actually shorter as Kat seems to be wearing open toed heels at the wedding. She's likely close to the same height as Dean otherwise, he just has a similar bloated look to him as Jake. Meanwhile she has to bend her knees beside Jake? My best guess is Dean is either the same height or at most an inch taller than Jake. Hard to say without seeing Kat's full shoe. Jake definitely doesn't appear 5'10" to me unless Kat is 6ft. Also what are the real odds of all his female fans being his same height or towering over him at 5'10"? ( >>1813639 ) Are Irish women all giants? kek

No. 1814092

File: 1682313800282.jpg (735.61 KB, 3464x2309, Unoriginal.jpg)

This looks familiar!

No. 1814093

File: 1682313830713.jpg (202.18 KB, 1080x1419, Kat Paine Art Theft.jpg)

No. 1814102

File: 1682314564306.jpg (396.47 KB, 3464x3464, Feet.jpg)


No. 1814110

File: 1682315988873.png (3.47 MB, 2658x1740, not even subtle.png)

This is so blatant it's almost absurd. I wonder if Meraki tattoo Belfast is okay with artists like kat paine tracing and stealing other tattoo artists work.

No. 1814117

I don't know if beautiful is the word, but I do love the dress and theme of her wedding. she was wearing high heels on the day and is a very tall woman. if she wore heels and stood next to Jake she would dwarf him. she has said she loves "stripper heels." it sucks that he is so insecure that she likely won't ever be seen with him without flats.
yeah I dont know how she has female friends, but they all seem like clones of one another and not very bright.

No. 1814118

The anatomy is painful (pun unintended) I couldn't even tell what I was looking at initially, where the image on the left reads perfectly. When you steal other people's work and still can't get it right.

No. 1814120

File: 1682317918520.jpg (551.08 KB, 3464x2309, Plagiarism.jpg)

Couldn't be bothered to change the color scheme on this one either.

No. 1814122

Those fan selfies are the best proof he is absolutely not 5'10". 5'10" is an unusual height for a woman in the UK and Ireland, the average is about 5'5" so we can use those photos as pretty solid evidence (aside from the obvious short man syndrome he has) that he's 5'6" - 5'8"

No. 1814123

wow if I were the original artist or the client, I would be so fucking pissed. it's blatant copying
Kat just can't draw so it's just a shitty version. what is that, a pole or a hoop? and just adding more flowers doesnt make it your own, Copy Kat. she's so shameless she didnt even change the figure's tattoos or hair or leotard. incredible.

No. 1814126

LMAO those lips. How can she think that looks remotely okay to put on someones skin permanently.

No. 1814135

The highlighting and contouring is so fucking overdone, I can hardly make heads or tails of it. She's really bad at shading.

No. 1814145

File: 1682321188570.jpg (12.48 KB, 263x263, No Free Feet.jpg)

The other foot too lmfao omg I am crying at this.

No. 1814152

the lips. I'm screaming nonnie. This whole thing is a mess, definitely one of her worst. I can't believe someone is stuck with this disaster covering their entire thigh.

she gave her a lil pig hoof. KEK.

No. 1814155

File: 1682322998406.jpg (118.35 KB, 1080x1131, Screenshot_20230424-005712_Chr…)

Uhhh nonnies? Where is the pole going? KEK.

No. 1814173

File: 1682326510119.jpg (395.66 KB, 796x483, ctFTnH9.jpg)

I just realised Kat tattooed this eyesore on her friend Samantha who has already made some appearances on the threads. You can actually see Kat making this disasterpiece at the UK Tattoo Fest in Jake's lastest vlog.
The Belfast alt scene is very incestuous and it seems that Samantha was the photographer of the infamous 2016 Hex Bomb shoot. She has been photographing Kat for at least ten years and has stuck by her through cheating and bullying scandals - bffl amirite. She's given her lots of money to scratch ugly tattoos into her skin but this tattoo is probably the ugliest - the backwards farting butt cat.

No. 1814176

Maybe Kaya should use her influencer status and name the bar she got spiked in. I'm sure Belfast Live would write an article about it.

No. 1814178

jesus christ god almighty… in addition to all the other fuck ups including both feet, she got confused about the logic and direction of the hoop, made it a pole, but the pole ends up going up the figure's ass?! I'm dying, nonna. this might be one of the most unintentionally funny tattoo mistakes ever. it should be roasted on a YT channel like Roly's or someone.

No. 1814194


I think it's probably supposed to be a lollipop (aerial/pole crossover apparatus, basically a hoop on top of a spinning pole) but even then it's STILL fucked as lollipops are anchored to the earth so unless it's upside down it still makes no sense.

No. 1814199

He loooks like Rob Kardashian in his fatty phase

No. 1814220

You forgot she gave the woman in the picture balls and her pubes aren't shaven lmao

No. 1814243

File: 1682336359185.jpg (445.79 KB, 787x480, tKfSRn4.jpg)

Kat's tattoo style is just an inferior imitation of her ex-husband's craft. He actually has a distinct flair to his work and decent technique while Kat's janky clip-art looking scratchings don't reflect an artist who's supposedly been in the game for almost 10 years.

She steals other people's art, creativity, livelihoods and boyfriends. As Liz Lemon said, "You can't keep people with no shame down" ~

No. 1814264

File: 1682338641114.jpg (232.29 KB, 1080x1963, 20230424_131804.jpg)


No. 1814266

lmao what he hell is that anatomy, didn't even realise it was a howl tattoo at first.

No. 1814270

File: 1682339472055.jpg (273.85 KB, 1078x1917, 20230424_132815.jpg)

Samantha has a photography fb page called "Art Drenched Design" in 2016 she done a shoot with kaya and Jake together.

No. 1814284

You'd think Jake would be posing for the picture beside Kaya and not so far away.

Was this when Jake and Kat were already cheating on Kaya and Dean?

No. 1814300

It is safe to say to warn your friends that may be traveling up here in the future to avoid getting tattooed by Skat at all costs… cause… no. This is hilariously bad

No. 1814301

File: 1682342884362.jpg (205.32 KB, 1074x1054, 20230424_062342.jpg)

>I'm definitely thinking she designed her own god awful back piece
Most definitely. This isn't Mark's drawing style at ALL. It is 100% a Skat collage of random traced works. Knowing that she designed it herself, makes the fact that she chose Mark of all people to tattoo her entire back down to the ass very interesting. Pretty much anyone in that shop could execute that tattoo.

No. 1814308

Dean's color work is infinitely better. And that's the only thing that Skat is even supposed to be good at when it comes to tattooing, is the color. And she's not even really good at that, she's mid. Which is apparent when comparing to Dean.

No. 1814407

>Was this when Jake and Kat were already cheating on Kaya and Dean?

This is the official story from both sides of what happened in 2021 (saged for heavy autism) …

Jake's side: At 10pm on October 2nd or 3rd, he broke up with Kaya for the first time. He told her to leave for a few days to go stay in the studios. Two hrs later he texted to say sorry and brought her home in the car, crying his eyes out. He says he was not talking to Kat at that point and the last time he spoke to her was at a 2018 Halloween party.
In the weeks that follow he says he is busy with cleaning and tour stuff. Kaya does not change her behavior at all and that makes Jake feel numb to everything. He admits 7-10 days before the second and final break-up he starts flirting with Kat online. On October 21st or 23rd he had a big fight with Kaya and broke up with her the next day, 3 weeks after the first break-up. He was going to wait until after the tour to do it but he had reached breaking point. After the break-up Kaya left to stay in the studios and was out of house for a week before the tour. During that week Kat came over and started a sexual relationship with Jake. 2 days after tour went out with Kat

Kaya's side: She claims they never officially broke up for those two hrs at the start of October. She said he only asked her to leave the house so he could figure things out. Kaya thinks she saw notifications from Kat on his iPad before the "first breakup", if not very shortly after. She said she could tell that it was an inappropriate message and that they were talking back and forth. She did not open the sexual iPad texts because she had been scarred by a long history of searching his phone and finding evidence of him talking inappropriately to other girls . Apparently he would scream at her if she confronted him about it so she learned not to bring it up for the past few years. Immediately after seeing the notifications she indirectly confronted Jake, asking him if he was talking to any girls: he vehemently denied it. Kaya has no proof of when this incident happened but distinctly remembers telling a girlfriend about the texts at one point.
She confirms that they had an argument one night after he told her she was not coming on tour. She says part of the reason she was angry was that she didn't trust him to go on tour without cheating on her - Jake gets very angry at this. Kaya retroactively claims he was gaslighting her because she knows that his relationship with Kat had progressed by then. At 2am Kaya says Jake angrily storms out of the house without a word. She called him to ask where he went and he said he was in North Belfast. This did not mean anything to her at the time but she found out later from Dean that Kat lived in North Belfast. The next day he returned and they broke up.

There was tinfoil that Jake had been cheating on Kaya for a year but both parties dispelled that myth.

No. 1814415


Agree with this anon. A tea-leaf and a half and defiantly worth scorn as not just a poor artist but a thief.

But is there anyone who has sympathy or did she get what she deserved?

We know that Jake horded all his money once he earned more that Kat and that even before then controlled finances. If there is no returning to Dean and no family then imagine trying to leave him based on the coppers thrown at your onlyfail and your rubbish 'art'.

We know Jake reads here but if Kat did, she'd have ran a mile by now surely - if she could.

For all she seems a nasty piece of work when threatening to hit Kaya having stolen her long-term partner, Kat does not appear very bright and thus prone even more to easily being manipulated and controlled than Kaya may have. Maybe the silly moo genuinely thought Kaya to be the bad guy?

Ill also be amazed if any women - no matter a history of cheating would bear her all for so little online. I think it's his doing. Or at least by this point. its beyond degrading to do that to yourself.

And yes, this is a long rant with no milk so my apologies and my thanks to the anon that strives to find the art so we may mock the time away.

No. 1814418

sage my shit. i know!!! im sorry!!!

No. 1814549

They didn't dispel that myth Jake just lied. In the first "love collage" Kat made of her and Jake there were shots of them in bed with the colour hair she had a year before: dark brown and dark green. She had pink and orange hair during late spring till they started "dating officially" and then she had a blueish green.

We know they were cheating for a year. On top of that even someone as retarded as Kat is not going to leave her husband who she as a toddler with and who she works with in his tattoo studio for a 2 week fling with Jake the Stump.

No. 1814557

Sounds like you are mixing up the two different green hair dye periods imo, you got receipts for these claims? Since we are shredding aged cheese

No. 1814558

File: 1682370502485.jpg (51.81 KB, 1079x1019, Screenshot_20_Chrome.jpg)

Guess Jake is getting tired of her bony ass and is now having her "give the illusion of thick thighs."

No. 1814603

They were posted in past threads go look for them yourself newfag

No. 1814786

File: 1682400896719.jpg (162.38 KB, 640x554, p1Vp9hk.jpg)

I was just going off what was said in both videos. Jake is a lying prick but the 'cheating for a year' allegation is not waterproof.

I found Jake's Instagram story where he shows off his birthday gifts (from May 2022, before their second Barcelona trip). Unfortunately there's a filter on the video but you can see she has orange and blue hair in the photos. You can see her standing at the Sagrada Família in her orange phase.

When Jake went on tour (beginning of Nov) Kaya found blue hair on the bed - when she confronted him he gas-lit her and said 'believe what you want'. 10 mins after that Dean texts her, "Are you and Jake still together?".
Jake refused to tell any of Kat's side of the story but Kaya confirmed Dean 'caught' Kat and that she has text messages from him confirming that he threw her out of the house (she won't release them out of respect).

I think Kat and Jake were planning to tell Dean and Kat after the tour as Jake would have been too stressed to deal with it beforehand - that backfired big-time. I guess Kat thought she would have a month to plan her escape.

While I don't think they were fucking for a year, Jake could have been sexting for months - 10 days seem to short a time to spark an affair. If Jake really wants us to believe his story then he needs to provide timestamped evidence of the initiation of the affair (I'm sure his opener was classy as hell). He has a long track record of secretly chatting to girls online, maybe in the hopes of meeting Kaya's replacement. I wish these women would come forward with receipts.

No. 1814822

File: 1682404679920.jpg (329.04 KB, 405x665, ZGSxXPh.jpg)

Looks like it was Lisa.

Tinfoiling here but…is it possible Kaya and Lisa were specifically targeted that night?

No. 1814830

Tinfoil but kaya said jake did something to one her friends that made her feel sick (in her truth video) anyone know if this friend was peachymilk? Cause they were so close then next day they never spoke again

Was this the person jake cheated with early into the relationship?

No. 1814834

Kaya said Jake fucked someone from work early in their relationship.
Peachmilky met up with Kaya and posted pics to Instagram when she visited NI in 2017 or 2018 however Kaya was not invited to Sophie's wedding in September of last year. I checked Insta and Kaya and Sophie are following each other but I'm not sure if that's been the case this whole time. Peachmilky does not follow Jake.
I think Sophie was one of the many friends that Jake potentially creeped on - Vox, Ari (mainlyboredom), Kelly, Dre, ReeRee and more

No. 1814835

Dam if he didn’t love her and was trying to get with other women and fucking another woman why didn’t he end her misery and leave her early on in the relationship or even a few years ago

No. 1814839

I think we all know the answer to that question

In Jake's mind it was only lucrative to leave her once he'd gained a large enough following off of the back of Kayas audience. His mistake was assuming that audience liked him enough to stick around after he threw a hand grenade into the relationship. He rode her coattails to the end and now gets incredibly bitter if you point it out as if he didn't use to tag all his insta posts #toxictearsboyfriend

I know it would be major cow tipping to have it stem from here but I look forward to the day Kat's obvious art theft and tracing gets properly exposed, it is absolutely atrocious she's gotten away with it for this long. It's so fucking blatant.

No. 1814842

He relied on Kaya for emotional support and social connections. He had no family or close friends to help him start over so he was too pussy leave. Kaya should have dumped him once he started screaming, punching doors and cheating (this shit started early in the relationship) but got herself trapped in an unhealthy relationship. You can see they brought out the absolute fucking worst in each other and both exhibited self-destructive behavior. Obviously Jake was much worse in this case and showed classic signs of DV - he angered easily and would destroy property in extreme cases, blamed Kaya for his aggressive behavior, was jealous of her career, peers and friends, has a possessive and controlling streak and was very critical of of Kaya.

No. 1814854

Honestly, the dynamic reminds me vaguely of the projared (sex-pest) and holly conrad (pick-me) situation where Jared cheated on his wife and left her for Holly (minus the sad attempt at a poly relationship). I think Kat is the type who saw an opportunity to social climb into a relationship with an "influencer" who would shower her with vacations and gifts and took interest. Getting to "win" over another girl and be "picked" over the previous 10-year relationship was likely just an ego boost for her on top of everything. Her comments about Kaya's weight or wanting to slap her really screams pick-me behavior too. I feel like, like Jake, she's likely the type to flirt and put out feelers to find new relationships all the time too, especially considering her history of cheating. Makes me side-eye this >>1814301 situation all the more. With Jake's career taking a steep nosedive after the very public break-up and the vacations every other month drying up, she's probably back to looking for greener pastures. I imagine she'll be the first to cheat out of the two of them too since Jake doesn't seem to have many options outside his weird and often somewhat geriatric fans.

Exactly what >>1814839 said. He's been using Kaya all along and didn't feel comfortable dropping her until he was the one making bank, had a solid following, and had (in his own words) new "pussy" lined up. If any of Kaya's friends had taken the bait a year or two before her and Jake broke up I don't doubt for a second that he would have pulled the trigger sooner. Kat seems to have been the only one with low enough standards and a desperation for clout to actually see Jake as some sort of "prize" to be won.

No. 1814874

Jake did creep on peachmilky, the 4 of them with Sophie's ex would hang out at the house of the dad of PM ex to use his hot tub. PM ex bf told me and my friends that they thought Jake was bi because he was creeping on Mitchell too lol. Saw videos of jake and Mitchell being high using a lawn mower and jake acting gay af, then videos of them all drunk/high in the hot tub being obnoxious. I obviously do not have access to Mitchell's phone from 2014 so I can't post proof.

No. 1814879

File: 1682419836915.jpg (260.67 KB, 1080x1769, Holly.jpg)

>Jake doesn't seem to have many options outside his weird and often somewhat geriatric fans.
His only local option would be big old beak-nosed Jude at this point. Literally everyone else is out of his league or already privy to his bullshit. He'd never go for a fan unless they were popular online or something because they don't have clout to offer. Funny you'd mention Holly though. He has still been trying to keep ties with her over the years. If he started giving Holly the time of day, she probably would lose her mind considering how sad and homely she is now. But I'm sure that would be one of his last options, she's not nearly pornified looking enough for him. Oh also she's as cuckoo as the birds she enjoys so much. That would be a pretty crazy cow crossover though.

No. 1814885

I’m still surprised him and Jude didn’t end up together

No. 1814886

They almost did. It was at the point where Jude was flirting with him in chat constantly, going to his house, and going to the gym with him. But Jude is a fucking failure with nothing to show for her life. She doesn't have an education and can't take care of herself. She doesn't make content anymore or have a job. Whereas Kat has small boobs which is more his body type and she has the tattoo gig. So she's at least able to offer him cheap/free tattoo work while also bringing in some money. Kat is admittedly more put together than Jude. They are both dumb as rocks though.

No. 1814887

I think he chose kat to show her off. Suspicious they’re both into ddlg.

No. 1814888

I think the nose dive of his success was him joining OF and saying he just filmed a sex tape not even a few days after the breakup video. And in the video being so happy and saying how many plans he has just after ending a 10 year relationship.

On side note about his OF soon as I saw his nudes I lost interest in him ( I used to watch his videos during his peak cringe)

No. 1814893

I agree that some of the snaccs that he didn't lose due to the breakup he lost to his hard pivot to explicit sexual content, for anyone who was just following his socials for his music or game streaming for example had absolutely 0 context to explain why this musician went from standard edgy streamer/music content to blasting the eyes of his followers with his razor rash pube stubble and OF ads. It still baffles me that he didn't just make a new Twitter account for that stuff like myriads of other content creators have when trying out the spicy life.

No. 1814896

Double posting ( sorry ) but it really does strike me that he never considered the fact that not EVERYONE would be excited to see his mediocre dick pics, like that concept was inconceivable somehow. It speaks a lot to the type of person he is.

No. 1814969

I mean out the choice of jude and kat I would pick kat two. Jude a fake activists and hard-core vegan and lazy as fuck least kat works and keeps herself clean looking

No. 1814982

the fact he charges $35 a month for occasionally throwing out a sad selfie where he couldn’t look less interested, and oh hey his dingle is there, speaks for how highly he values himself. he made a separate instagram for this shit and couldn’t be bothered to maintain it. he wants the most from doing the least and acts all surprised pikachu when ppl aren’t groveling at his awesomeness.

No. 1814987

I may be wrong but I think Kat into it to be cute and for photos and saying occasionally daddy to jake but Jude is a another level of ddlg it’s vile she has bibs paci bottles rattles onesies wouldn’t be shocked if she worn nappies

No. 1814989

Yeah it’s the once you seen it that’s it move on to the next person

No. 1815043

File: 1682450505102.png (197.84 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230425-202116.png)

She is never going learn.next time it could be lot wrost .

No. 1815053

Twice a month? She definitely drinks more often then that. Reeks of denial

No. 1815056

The fuck you mean? It's not her fault she was spiked. She doesn't have to stay inside forever out of fear about it.

No. 1815060

I call bullshit on that, because the more often you go out, the more likely it’ll happen. It literally increases the exposure to those types of situations. She can’t possibly be that dumb!(sage your shit)

No. 1815061

Scrote mentality. Let's not victim blame women for rapist scrotes being rapist scrotes. No one should be at risk for getting drugged by a stranger when going out in public. Also, learn how to type apologist-chan.

No. 1815063

File: 1682451767434.png (180.32 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230425-204307.png)

No. 1815065

Sage your shit, also no shit doing it more increases the chance but are us women of the world supposed to just not go outside? Everything is a risk to us and we just have to accept it if we want to live. I seriously doubt she's not going to start being incredibly anal and safe during her partying now like asking for new bottles poored in front of her and all that. It happening once doesn't mean it's more likely to happen again and thankfully she has friends whom she goes out with so she has people to help save her again if more moids attack. Obviously some behaviours are riskier than others but to just let men have the bars to themselves is ridiculous, go out with friends and watch your drinks. Hell buy those drug testing strips to be safe before drinking

No. 1815066

Apologist-chan/illiterate-anon reeks of scrote.

No. 1815091

lmao I was just gonna say it smells like snacc in here

No. 1815108

Oh god forbid women go out and have fun with their friends like young people all over the world do, they should just stay inside and wear burkas until they find husbands. Scrotes FUCK OFF.

No. 1815122

She couldn't be tested at the hospital so we don't know if she was actually spiked or not. On her IG she has posted some videos she made AFTER her memory failed, that means she was able to use her phone for some time. I don't want to blogpost but I have passed out like Kaya and I wasn't spiked, I just drank too much and the next morning my mind had erased the final chunk of hours before going to sleep. Do men usually attempt to spike women just with the intention of messing them up? I thought they always tried to get them out of the bar asap so they could take advantage of them. I find weird that someone would spike her just to sit and watch her physical decline at the pub. She went there with several friends, that makes her an unlikely target for what I'm suggesting. I also find weird that her friend got spiked too. I feel very sorry for Kaya and her friend but the situation doesn't make sense to me, maybe someone can explain another theory? What's the point of spiking someone who can't be isolated?

No. 1815130

Did you miss the part where she said the doctors took her blood alcohol levels and they were nowhere near the levels of being black out drunk? Also the chances her friend was also admitted to the hospital with the same symptoms makes it highly unlikely. I've had a male friend who ended up drugged once, they don't always know who their targets are with or who the drink in question is actually for.

No. 1815132

Agree, and to add to that, she was drinking while sick, which isn't good for your immune system for one, but more relevant to this situation, you don't handle alcohol as well when you are sick. Can't speak towards the friend, but they commonly party and drink together so i wouldn't be surprised if they egged each other on and drank too much. It just doesn't sound like they got drugged, to me.

No. 1815135

“Wrost”. Looks like somebody went to the same school as Kat.

No. 1815140

No, I didn't miss it but as this anon points out >>1815132 , her inmune system could have been compromised after her sickness (perhaps her friend's too). Or maybe there was something wrong with the drink itself? I don't know, that's why I wanted to hear different opinions and not stick to the spiked narrative which she seems to fully embrace.

No. 1815142

That could be a lie, though. Their symptoms could be alcohol poisoning as much as they could be from an illicit substance. Not to mention the extreme embarrassment she is expressing, which could be read as "poor Kaya, drugged and traumatized" or "clearly knows she acted an absolute fool and is lying through her teeth to get ahead of negative social repercussions that could damage her job prospects". Without proof either way, I'm gonna stay skeptical on this one while acknowledging both are at least possible.

No. 1815144

If her blood alcohol wasn't high enough to explain her symptoms, then it wasn't her drinking that resulted in those symptoms. Her being sick previously wouldn't result in her friend having the exact same symptoms and also resulting in her being hospitalized. I'm not sure what is so difficult to understand here. Being spiked at a bar gig really isn't as uncommon as you might think.

No. 1815151

Apparently alcohol poisoning can be caused by binging alcohol or even drinking a normal or even smaller amount of alcohol too fast.

No. 1815162

Blogpost incoming but as someone who has had a somewhat similar experience as Kaya, the not knowing is one of the scariest parts. I was with friends, so it left me wondering who I could and couldn't trust in my own circle. It's the "maybe they did, maybe they didn't" mindset that has really fucked me up, and that was years ago already. The only thing I don't relate to is openly discussing it immediately after it happened. I was scared for a long time and kept my experience to myself, and finally shared my experience with a few people while later. I think it's good to tslk about what happened, and wish I would have been more bold at the time. Lowkey getting triggered by the debating whether or not it happened/victim blaming, kek.

No. 1815178

I'm really sorry that happened nona, I hate how incredibly common it is and I'm not a fan of how people are trying to write it off in here. It happens often, I know of at least two women personally who it has happened to, and it doesn't seem like bars and clubs make any attempt to stop it - like the lack of CCTV Kaya mentioned in her story. People are really reaching hard trying to discredit her here when it's a rampant thing, and it's why some women aren't believed when it does happen.

No. 1815207

anon quit being dense, it still doesn't explain her friend. you really think they'd both suddenly have the same shit happen simultaneously from a low amount of alcohol? Lol you sound like a scrote who thinks women who get assaulted are "asking for it".

No. 1815223

Speaking as someone who has blacked out before (alcohol, but same memory wipe effect) I was coherent and functional for a while after my memory stopped working right. It's not like you just shut off and can't function. Your memory just kind of stops recording after a point, and you can still seem normal or at least not completely effed up. And if her friends or someone else got them to a hospital, I highly doubt they were just normal drunk seeming. Obviously they were acting in a way not normal for either of them, and someone was concerned enough to get them to a doctor.

And Kaya hasn't said she's 100% sure she was spiked, she's maintained the 'maybe I was maybe I wasn't' stance, tho she said the hospital seemed to think it wasn't just being super drunk.

The embarassment and anxiety is something Kaya has talked about for a long, long time, regardless of drinking. It's something people with anxiety deal with a lot. And not having any memory of how you were is terrifying. People could tell you anything and you can't prove or deny it.

Tinfoil, but another scary thought is someone could have recognized her and thought it would be fun to fuck with her. She's a highly visible person and there's plenty of people shitty enough to do something like that just to fuck with someone.

No. 1815225

Wut? Just because you think Kaya is an exaggerator and liar doesn’t mean she was asking for it. I reckon she just drank too much and got blackout with her friend and is now embarrassed. It reminds me a bit of the phenomenon last year of people saying they were spiked by injection in clubs, which has been debunked by doctors and it turns out they just drank too much. But a few hours after there’s no way to tell since the alcohol/drugs have largely left your system. Kaya is a known liar and manipulator, I don’t buy this for a second. Doesn’t mean she, or any other women deserve it though.

No. 1815235

It's honestly sad to see you blinded so much by your dislike for kaya that you immediantly jump to victim blaming and absolutely refuse to even consider it's possible, especially given how nasty scrotes are and how common it is for them to pull shit like this. I wouldn't even wish this on kat or any other cow. It's pretty obvious this wasn't a regular "they got drunk situation" and many anons have come forward saying they've had similar symptoms or experiences when spiked. Her exaggerating or not, she was in the hospital and even her friend believes they were spiked.

No. 1815236

Don’t come on lolcow if u get sad then lol

No. 1815246

Now you're just being deliberately obtuse. You're the same anon that constantly derails the Jake discussion too, aren't you? "B.. but kaya!". kek

No. 1815253

and don't come on lolcow and expect farmers to side with a victim-blaming scrote.

No. 1815256

>don't come on lolcow if you feel a natural human emotion
Wtf lol ok sociopath-chan.

No. 1815270

File: 1682470079381.jpg (138.1 KB, 1080x794, PFspKhJ.jpg)

There's always an uptick in inflammatory comments after a failed Jake stream

No. 1815273

Even his pc hates him.

No. 1815275

I don't get why he keeps making these faces. It's one thing with his make-up on, it will look funny but without it just looks rough. He looks like an alcoholic or druggie or something

No. 1815299

File: 1682472793170.jpg (87.47 KB, 1284x2282, 343074977_768941724735279_4679…)

That one was so obviously from one of ye salty anons, because as she said a predatory fuck trying to drug and harm a girl is obviously the fault of said girl for daring to leave the house.
This one is obviously one of the anons raging about muh flights in this thread, when they're dirt cheap since it's such a short journey. Be less obvious.

No. 1815303

Still waiting for Jake to even have the balls to open up anonymous questions like this.

No. 1815308

>for anyone who was just following his socials for his music or game streaming for example had absolutely 0 context to explain why this musician went from standard edgy streamer/music content to blasting the eyes of his followers with his razor rash pube stubble and OF ads.
literally, it was so bizarre and unwanted, I think he just did it because Kaya rightfully advised against it during their relationship, and he wanted to prove her wrong (and failed miserably)

No. 1815316

That, and I think he was just pent up and horny and wanted to show his fans his dick. That seems to have subsided considering he abandoned his onlyfans and doesn't post suggestive pics to his IG nearly as much.

No. 1815335

same… Jude is a lot younger, seems to have a following on insta at least, or an onlyfans that isn't a total fail, and is an overgrown tall ass "goth" with face tattoos, who is also interested in DDLG. maybe she takes it too far with pacifiers and one-sies. and her boobs are pretty huge and he hates boobs because of his mommy issues/probably thinks women who have a big rack have too much body fat to be attractive to him.

No. 1815336

It's definitely hateboner anon. There's no reasoning with them. Definite scrote energy though.

It's kind of funny if you think about how he's done a complete 180 and is desperately trying to hide his hideous visage behind some cheap vtube avatar now. It seems like he really had some kind of delusions of grandeur when his career peaked near the tail-end of his relationship with Kaya (him calling himself Kaya's "rich boyfriend" kek). He was likely riding the high of the massively successful first makeship plush, the band's upcoming first real tour, and the "break the jake" streams. He had Jude and Kat actually reciprocating his advances too, so he likely thought he could just go on tour and sleep around while he and kaya were "broken up". When shit hit the fan, he double downed on making Kat the new girlfriend so he can spin a new "family man" image and try to pass off their affair as "tru luv". Now he's shot himself in the foot multiple times with the "break up" and "truth" videos, clearly struggling with his self image which ultimately killed his OF, and has lost subs/followers by the thousands, patreons by the hundreds, etc. Still lookin forward to his cringe vtuber arc tbh.

No. 1815349

It is beyond shitty someone took the time to victim blame her directly. it is NEVER a woman's fault if someone else spikes their drink.

No. 1815399

Did she name the club she was spiked in yet? Would be nice to know where it happened for locals.

No. 1815402

Call me cynical, but I reckon her and her friend had too much of a substance and both went to get it pumped out. That's why Kaya is so defensive because let's be real if she actually got spiked why is she not milking this more? Kaya has a free pass to be a victim and she's not taking it, something ain't right.

No. 1815430

Ayrt I said I feel sorry for Kaya and her friend, I just think that the situation could have another explanation since she couldn't be tested for that matter.
>Lol you sound like a scrote who thinks women who get assaulted are "asking for it".
You seem to be putting together different posts and pretending it's the same person. I would never suggest something like that. Don't be so condescending, anon.

No. 1815445

Pretty sure she's being defensive because she and her friend just got drugged by some scumbag scrote at a gig and people are victim blaming her for it, but hey go off anon. Tbh, I feel like she's handling it surprisingly well, it's an extremely scary situation to be in.

NTA, but I think some nonnies took the possible scrote anon's bait and got annoyed over it considering some of them have been victims of spiked drinks themselves or have known people who were. Judging by other nonnie's personal experiences and knowing what a couple friends of my own have told me about their experiences and symptoms of being drugged, I genuinely believe that's what happened here. Especially if Kaya's blood alcohol levels were not particularly high. Her being ill and drinking wouldn't account for her friend to also end up hospitalized, so that rules that out. Alcohol poisoning isn't the cause if her blood alcohol levels weren't that high. There aren't many other things besides a spiked drink that would cause these exact symptoms and experiences in two different women at the same bar, the same night, who don't have outrageously high blood alcohol levels. It's unfortunately very common at seedy pubs and clubs, all it takes is a moment and your drink can be compromised without you knowing.

No. 1815466

Someone put a snake in the hen house but your comment brought a lot of sense back into the thread, thank you. The accusations of lying and/or covering up a drug OD are baseless and quite sinister.
To the young nonnas here - what happened to Kaya and Lisa is a crime, whatever the intent and whatever the substance put in the drink. While there are always things we can do to protect ourselves, the guilt and responsibility lie with the perpetrator/s.

No. 1815477

I know Lisa from college and even then she mixed drink and pills, pcp, ket, weed and tramadol.

No. 1815481

Lisa had COVID same time Kaye had.as she was off work after London.

No. 1815494

File: 1682508178358.jpg (463.21 KB, 427x534, aifgY1j.jpg)

I looked up one of the bands that played and saw this on Instagram.
Does BYOB mean bring your own drink?

No. 1815499

Could be truth could went to get a ‘bump’ and got given some fake drug

No. 1815501

Maybe Lisa put party favors in her drink and Kaya had some when her back was turned. She has mentioned sharing drinks with friends before. Every drug addict I've known thinks they have their habit under control, but it poisons their relationships despite their best intentions, and i had Lisa pegged as a habitual user from day 1. Intentionally or not, Lisa could be the source for this either way. It was a super small venue, there were barely forty people watching the bands. It's not like she was in a huge nightclub in the middle of London, this is some podunk backwoods irish bar with a few lads about rebelling with their shitty punk music.

No. 1815502

Drinks don't get spiked by the barman (usually), so byob or bar doesn't really affect the end result
give it up, you think she would announce it on her influencer social media if she knowingly took some shitty drug?
Wouldn't take much for someone to surface a video for evidence. It is incredibly believable and fairly common to get spiked, it's a ridiculous thing to contest just because you personally refuse to feel concern or sympathy for Kaya.

No. 1815504



So much silly back and forth about was she spiked or did she get too drunk, maybe take drugs? If it was anything other than being spiked why on gods green earth would she post about it full stop.

"i took drugs and ended up in hospital but if i make up a tale my insta will get more views". pffft yeah right. 2 + 2 = 5

No. 1815509

And what "party favours" are you aware of that are commonly taken via putting them in your drink, shut-in chan?

No. 1815510

Maybe she did a bump of what she was told was coke and it turned up to be ketamine.
Makes sense she would be embarrassed and want to cover that up if she was falling over/stumbling around a lot.

No. 1815518

File: 1682513361282.jpg (671.3 KB, 1080x1736, lqPzAtR.jpg)

Looks like Kaya is picking up her mystery guest at the airport. Taking bets on who it is - Elf Boy, Gyaru Miley or Punk Tattooist?

No. 1815551


Male or female i don't think it will be anyone that she is having any sort of relationship, in the most casual or non-casual sense, because if she was seeing anyone she would keep it on the low. Sorry to poop the party because, yes, i would love it if it wasn't true if only because i want to see what toys jake has left to throw out the wee baby man-let pram about whoever kaya eventually dates. mmmmm soooo talll kek

abusive men never can let go of control. long after they supposedly moved on. he wants her be both alone and lonely.

hope there 'hot' anyway because mr 'lurky in love' might feel the need to shout about his new pussy being his true love bffl if he spots her posts and cant wrap his head around the above.

No. 1815605

I have a vague memory from somewhere that she said she's 5'4, and constantly does the omg I'm sooo small and delicate thing for her ddlg shit. And her OF is failing too, it leaked in her old thread and it was as unsexy as jake's.

No. 1815734

Looks like Kaya threw Amber a double surprise birthday party with her Belfast friends and Amber's old friend from America.

No. 1815826

File: 1682546181546.png (810.79 KB, 507x828, birthday.png)

And as soon as there's some sense brought back to the thread the snake is back doubling down on a new "she's definitely doing hard drugs!" and "her friend spiked their drinks for funsies!". Because you know, women totally do roofies for fun. The unwavering hatred this anon seems to exhibit towards someone as benign as Kaya stinks of vendetta to me.

Wasn't there some evidence of her actually being a bit taller? Maybe all her "daddies" have just been obscenely tiny manlets, but I remember her being the same height as they were.

Unfortunately nothing remotely milky, just a surprise bday for a friend by the looks of things. Like >>1815734 said.

No. 1815827

File: 1682546345500.png (393.45 KB, 505x915, bday.png)

It seems her and Kerri are still friends despite what the one anon was trying to say too.

No. 1816095

File: 1682582717782.jpg (229.62 KB, 1080x1903, TEv2Ph5.jpg)

This must be Kaya's way of giving back to Amber after she invited her to that Vegas getaway with her US friends. It's nice to see Kaya make such an effort to help organize a surprise: it wouldn't have been easy getting such a big group together. It mirrors a similarly elaborate surprise Jake did for Lee's birthday in a vlog which has since been removed from his channel…
Jake has definitely seen these photos on some throwaway account by now and I bet he's seething that Kaya got Lee and Amber in the break-up.
This was their most solid, long-standing relationship with a couple. It was a perfect union with both couples being quirky, creative souls who met through an LDR and who do YouTube for a career in NI. Jake pissed away all those years of friendship by not taking full accountability for his awful role in the break-up or acknowledging how toxic and harmful he has been to others over the past 10 years.

No. 1816108

I always thought it was funny how much disdain Lee always very obviously had for Jake, it's no wonder he took that vlog down.

Waiting patiently for the usual suspects to come in and start screaming over Kaya throwing someone a birthday party.

No. 1816114

It's also funny because that one anon is always rattling on about how Kaya can't keep any friends, but here we are. Seems the only person Jake kept in the break up was Kaya's old tattoo artist's cheating wife. With Jake gone everyone is suddenly making a reappearance in her life. kek

No. 1816159

exactly this, Kaya has surrounded herself with new friends and old and clearly has a support network. Mr " I am an Island" Munro has exactly one friend I can think of that he's made himself and it's K who is long distance, Kat's normie work friends and their spouses/partners do not count.

No. 1816169

Don't think Jake cared about Lee and Amber tbqh. Its literally the same group that was in Vegas plus her new little crackhead friends from Belfast.

No. 1816242

File: 1682608158687.jpg (61.77 KB, 671x356, uHkBF8W.jpg)

Jake has unlisted 33 videos from his vlog playlist. 33 out of 158…very sussy wussy

No. 1816265

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the last two times Jake even got to see K was the time where she was entirely too busy to spend any time with him in Germany and he ended up staying up alone all night eating mcnuggies and got robbed? And then the time he housesat for her while she was on tour or something? At least that second time he got to hang out with her on a speedboat for most of one day I guess. kek

So he's deleted at least 25 videos recently and unlisted at least another 33. Makes you wonder just how many other videos got deleted or unlisted when we weren't paying attention. He's also dipped under 429k subs on YT a few days ago and is still bleeding the usual 2k per month.

No. 1816279

Let's be real. If K was not a singer in a slightly succesful band and not a TIF with low self esteem there would be no friendship

No. 1816304

Uhhh you sure about that? Amber was the only connection he had left to the Game Grumps.

No. 1816306

the "little crackhead friends" reads like fake or skat kek

No. 1816320

He did the San Diego to Nashville car trip with Kay in January last year (the only time she had for him was a gross 26 hr moving trip across country where he could help drive/carry shit).
I totally forgot about the chickie nuggs and second Nashville trip - I rewatched that vid at 2x speed and it's saaadder than I remember. He said he spent a lot of time hanging out with Koli while K was touring or whatever. I was scratching my head over why a female would spend time with Jake and it finally clicked - Koli is K's gf, she was obligated to hang out with/follow him on Insta.
It's weird how hard he broadcasts that K is his bestie and makes this ridiculous effort to visit - it's the only time he's ever done that for someone and most likely because K never gave any pushback.
When I would watch his old vlogs I always thought it was so rude of him to remark that he didn't have or want close friends yet 2 seconds later he would be hanging out and rehearsing with his band. Mate, these are the people you spend the most time with outside of Kaya - how can you say that?

No. 1816335

File: 1682617796071.jpg (11.87 KB, 412x266, F6XkfEk.jpg)

While we're shitting on Nigel No Friends, I found this group while looking at a long abandoned FB page he had for his vlogging.

He's the only member…sounds about right…

No. 1816340

I imagine Game Grumps is suppose to mean something.

No. 1816345

Yeah, another day, another return of "Belfast trash" anon. I'll give that anon the time of day when I see a single ounce of proof they're all crackheads but so far there's literally nothing kek

No. 1816347

Game Grumps was an American comedy gaming YouTube channel that had its peak about 10 years ago and Amber made animation and promo materials for them. GG is what inspired Jake to do YouTube in the first place.

No. 1816365

Been living under a rock or something?

No. 1816379

File: 1682621289808.png (164.46 KB, 527x435, gamegrumps.png)

KEK. This needs to be included in the next threadpic.

Jake is still a huge Arin fanboy too.

No. 1816425

File: 1682625626277.jpg (306.9 KB, 699x237, JCYKYyf.jpg)

Ooo Stumpy is angry - I just caught him having a tantrum, 5 mins into his stream.
He got a new 4070 graphics card and someone in chat said it wasn't good (not in a troll way). This triggers something in his brain and he Hulks out, cursing out the poor chatter and blocking them. For the next 5 mins there are a lot of f-bombs…
Here are some quotes…

"I spent 600 cunt-fucking dollars on a new 4070 and this absolute fucking horse cock sucker says this"
Isaac audibly screeches in the distance
"Suck my fucking dick…go choke on dry shit, fucking idiot"

"Why do you insist on fucking my stream, YouTube…for FUCKS sake"

"How about you choke on my big fat fuCKing cock YouTube, does that make you fucking moist at the cleft, you fucking cunt?"

"Why is none of my FUCKING tech working?"

He then talks about how he wishes he could game on a Mac and it's PC that's the problem. He self-soothes by mocking meanie PC masterrace people.

No. 1816430

Meanwhile little Isaac is literally in the room next to him and can hear everything he says while streaming. All the cursing, dirty jokes, everything. Imagine being a kid having to fall asleep to that.

No. 1816437

Kek, thanks for sharing this, he looks disgusting on that screencap

No. 1816438


Someone can criticise Kayas friends without being jake, stop this

No. 1816442

"Little crackhead friends" isn't criticism, it's retarded tinfoil that a few hateboner anons keep pushing without ever providing any milk. Also, Jake himself has referred to them as her "little friends" so yeah, it's pretty questionable.

No. 1816448

If it was jake posting then it gives credence that he also doesn't give a shit about Amber and Lee then.

No. 1816452

File: 1682627460212.jpg (118.37 KB, 486x442, NQvcUaz.jpg)

He perpetually looks like he just stepped off a 72 hr flight.

No. 1816457

In economy class, but only after a failed e-beg that he's too good for economy and needs to fly business

No. 1816464

Kek, WHAT? Are you retarded? Do you believe everything people tell you? You realize he can pretend not to care, right?

No. 1816467

Kek. Remember when he said he got over his anger problems? Really makes you wonder how his doors might be looking rn if he had that big of a meltdown over someone casually stating a fact about a specific computer part being mid.

No. 1816482

Is that shirt the only thing that fits him now? Change your clothes you fucking chonk.

No. 1816491

File: 1682631625620.png (1.15 MB, 1258x688, jakestream.png)

Clipped it for you nonnies. Sorry if the volume is really low, I didn't want to blast Jake sperging out about horse cocks and moist clefts where others can hear it.


No. 1816493

The guy who said the 4070 was bad is absolutely right. It performs at a midrange level but its priced 600$ making it overpriced shite. Jake is a moron that keeps waisting money on stupid shit lmao What a moron

No. 1816496

It's crazy because if he'd just listen to people he could avoid having a lot of issues in his life that he does. It's really no wonder he has no friends.

Interesting how he said that his ethernet cable has been "compromised" and is torn. How exactly did it get torn Jake? Funny how he has so many technical difficulties and broken equipment. Really brings us back to when Kaya's shit was always broken when they were still together.

No. 1816504

I just spend some time thinking when I had an ethernet cable torn on my desktop and I think the answer is 20 years ago when I still had a cat. Since then never. On a laptop having borked cables is understandable but an immobile desktop?

No. 1816511

File: 1682633264381.png (968.86 KB, 1271x711, jakestreambonus.png)

>"daddy's here baby"
Here's a bonus clip of him being a creep as soon as a female character appears on screen. Of course he has Ashley in the emo get-up too.


No. 1816513

He’s precisely the sort of twat that sorts things from ‘price high to low’. More money than bloody sense.

No. 1816528

There's no way he's overcome his anger in that short amount of time.he either used anger because it terrified Kaya or he's still raging and trashing the house

No. 1816535

Probably what happened to that ethernet cable tbh. Interesting it's mysteriously torn apart the same time he lost his save file and was having technical issues. Kaya did say he used to fly into a rage and break things when his tech wasn't working.

No. 1816552

Holy shit that's a LOT of rage to be expressing in two short clips.

Honestly it's so nice for see him repeatedly shooting himself in the foot, they're stumps by now and he doesn't need to be made any more stumpy.

No. 1816554

Does anyone know what the 'shmack' about Kat was?

No. 1816570

File: 1682639880155.png (925.69 KB, 998x661, 230034.png)

No, since it was at the very beginning of the stream his mods deleted it very quickly. It might have been something about Isaac being in the room unattended? There were a few times you could hear Isaac screaming in the background, but Jake later said he was in bed, so who really knows.

Skipped along to the end of the stream and there's no new updates. He briefly mentions the Interview with a Vampire book reading and shills his YT membership for access to his old streams, but that's about it. No v-tube updates, music video updates or anything like that. All in all he got one $110 superchat from a snacc in a 4 hour stream. He somewhat sullenly said "it felt like the old days in here for a second" when the superchat was gifted too, lmao.

No. 1816612

Jake is quite literally the worlds biggest pussy ,immediately blocking them the moment someone mentioned his son? what a man baby(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1816618

Not sure if anyone even mentioned the kid or not, but also the kid isn't actually his kid. Someone mentioned Kat, and "potentially" talked "shmack" which leads me to believe it was a semi critically framed question or comment rather than just straight up shit-talking her. I just wonder if it was something as simple as someone asking where she is and why isn't she with Isaac who was audibly screaming in the bg or maybe even why Isaac wasn't in bed already. Who actually knows what was said though. Even Jake didn't seem to react to it though. The person he blocked and had the big meltdown over was actually the person who said his new overpriced image card was "bad" though. kek

No. 1816623

Techfag but that person was right - that particular graphics card is a terrible value and he overpaid like hell, especially since the price is inflated even more in non-American countries. He just doesn't like any criticism, fair or unfair.

No. 1816638

lmao I remember that, when he went to housesit/visit K. he showed a pic of him holding a hot dog, as if it's proof that people like him since they gave him something to eat.

No. 1816639

or it's the "taking coke" "taking meth" "taking weed" boomer anon. kek

No. 1816653

oh wow, was she giving Isaac a bath and let the water run?

No. 1816729

Thank you for the effort, archivist nonna. This will come in handy one day.
It's funny that the guy who frequently slags off low-life chavs displayed some pretty 'white trash' behavior himself. All it took was a comment and some technical issues to set him off and darken the vibe of stream. Your job is to entertain Jake, not put people on edge.

No. 1816777

agreed. I bet that he will lose some subscribers due to that. it's something that would turn me off entirely, to see someone I support totally raging at a fan with such abusive language and banning them. and it's definitely triggering seeing someone lose it like that. who wants to follow someone who is that angry over tech difficulties or an honest comment about something he bought? no thanks rageaholic.

No. 1816782

He would not be able to handle tech nerds if he flips out at the slightest suggestion of inaccuracy, nerd conversations are like 50% questioning accuracy and 50% supplying new information. I bet he bought that after 2.5 minutes of googling too, if he was actually well researched he would be confident in his purchase and be able to back it up rather than start spewing misogynistic cursing. Must be nice to be the girlfriend of someone who thinks "cunt-fucking" and "cocksucker" are great insults @KatPaine

No. 1816784

>Imagine being a kid having to fall asleep to that.
iirc Kaya used to have to listen to Disney playlists to sleep while he streamed and she's a grown woman, can't imagine how stressful hearing some unrelated loon swearing in the room next door would be as a kid. Awful

No. 1816785

I mean, he literally referred to Kat as just "pussy" early into the relationship and offered their sextape to the highest bidder on OF (but no one was interested I guess kek) and she still stuck with him. I'd kill to see what their initial flirting/cheating texts looked like because he's typically rather vulgar or grotesque about sexual things and she's borderline illiterate.

Hope whoever Kat cheats on Jake with is a better role model for the kid at least.

No. 1816802

Dumbass was WAY too ban-happy in this situation for someone struggling to keep/make subscribers.

No. 1816807

>I'd kill to see what their initial flirting/cheating texts looked like
Honestly, same. Because she basically communicates using emojis or tiny overused phrases like "awww", "xx", "you're so cute" anytime someone compliments her. She probably just allowed Jake to talk to her however he wanted and she replied in meaningless little blurbs like that. She seems unable to hold a conversation. He probably likes that, because it means she'll go along with whatever he says. In the stream he was talking about how he prefers dumber women. Kek. Way to admit your "pussy" is dumb. I don't think they have any truly meaningful conversations.

No. 1816812


He likes dumb women because they are less likely to challenge him. Plus he likes to feel superior. If she ever grows a backbone and starts questioning his behavior she won’t last 5 minutes, he’ll slap her back down into her ‘place’ quicker than she can blink. And lord help that child when he starts answering back. I really do worry about that, you can have the patience of a saint and still get exasperated with kids, he can’t handle his tech not working, there is no way he’s going to be able to hold his temper once that kid hits 5 and 6 and starts testing boundaries.

I felt so sad for the little boy, he’s trying to sleep and he’s got that manchild shouting obscenities in the next room. Nice Fake. Real nice.

No. 1816825

>In the stream he was talking about how he prefers dumber women

Why does this not surprise me…
Isn't the vast majority of his audience female? They're in a parasocial rut and need to wake up

>He likes dumb women because they are less likely to challenge him. Plus he likes to feel superior

And Kat went after an aggressive sex-pest e-celeb for her own selfish reasons too. Marriage was not quite as exciting as she thought it'd be and Mummy wanted to feel sexy again so she jumped at the opportunity to cheat when Jake sent her that first heavily edited dick pic. Then came the promise of fancy cars, holidays, bottomless Long Islands and being a porn star - so glamorous! She let her pussy do the thinking and ditched a 4 year marriage with a young child so she could live her best life but it wasn't long before the scandal ruined most of her life and the lust wore off. I'm sure when she wakes up to Jake's face in the harsh morning light she often wonders if she fucked up her life for good…

No. 1816832

Yeah mostly women and TIFs. I think TIFs like him bc they view him as some sort of realistic transition goal: short in height, feminine face, can't grow a beard or body hair for shit.

No. 1816874

Late but the way he stands up and walks away my sides

No. 1816875

that's funny because i remember in one of his early videos (we're talking 2017 give or take, when he first started seriously doing videos and was in that casey neistat phase) he said he finds intelligence "sexy" and doesn't like people with no opinions on anything. kek what a moron

No. 1816923

Nonna I’m pretty sure you’re the one and only person in this entire chat who actually gives a shit whether or not her friends are crackheads. Unless there’s proof Kaya’s partaking in it herself, it’s not fucking milk. It’s giving scrote energy.

No. 1816927

TIFs also probably relate to him because he's a sexist pig and TIFs hate women so much they mutilate themselves not being one. I've seen the most misogynistic bile spouted from TIFs online.

No. 1816939

Nta, not a scrote, and I'm definitely interested in the sorts of people Kaya surrounds herself with. Casual drug usage would make her already shit work ethic even worse, and she hasn't exactly been consistent while going to all the places drugs are commonly taken. This is a valid tinfoil, but there is obviously no proof, yet. And it's not like they splurged ad nauseum about it, so don't be so sensitive.
That being said, Lisa is all but a confirmed habitual drug user. You can see it in her face, she always looks haggard. Unless she has a terminal illness we don't know about, she has definitely abused in the recent past, if not currently. Kaya used to say she hates getting drunk, but now she does it regularly and lies about the frequency. "Atta girl!" her all you want for living her best life, but she isn't immune to developing a drug habit, especially when a close friend normalizes it.

No. 1816940

Tbf she does say alot of the time she doesn't drink so she can drive home. I don't she drinks as much as people portray on here

No. 1816945

File: 1682693037374.jpg (86.02 KB, 1077x1271, Screenshot_20230428-094430_Sam…)

>looks haggard so must be drugs!!!
Man, Jake must be on every drug under the moon to look like this then.

No. 1816952

The thing about Jake is he's not sexy. We all know he was in a sexless relationship for years. The man gets laid finally and starts an OFs ffs. He's such a virgin in spirit and mind. Plus fat.

No. 1816955

There was zero mention of jake, so stop trying to bait another WK fight. it's exhausting when nonnies splurge about who's the bigger cow. why are you so offended at the tinfoil that Lisa is an addict? It's not impossible. Nonnies successfully tinfoiled about the breakup before it became public, this is no different.

No. 1816960

I gave weed to some of her mutual friends years ago and then when I saw my friends the following week they showed me videos on their phone of them hanging with jake and kaya in a hottub getting high off my supply. They were under 25 then. If you think the two of them just stopped at weed and drinks when they had more money than sense you're naive af. It's not mad up kaya was letting men come round to her house in East Belfast for foot fetish shit. I'm pretty sure the real reasons she wouldn't go back to her mum's when her and jake split is cause she couldn't wallow in pity, self medicate and not generate income. She has to let her parents know her filming schedule now. Jake also looks like he's hitting the class As these days he's lost all his progress too.

No. 1816963

If all it takes to tinfoil someone is doing hard drugs is they look haggard then why is it an issue to tinfoil Jake is on them too? He's easily the most haggard looking cow itt. Your bias is showing anon. Kek

No. 1816973

Not biased, bored. There's a whole wall of nonnies going on about how they think Jake looks, the second something else comes up you've got to redirect. Just because I'm trying to stay on topic with the Lisa tinfoil doesn't mean your point about Jake isn't valid, try using more than two brain cells.

No. 1816987

There's a reason why he's still bleeding a couple thousand subs every month. So much for "I had a good day because I made it a good day". kek

>nonnies discussing new milk involving title cow itt
>old rehashed tinfoiling about a kaya calf
These two things are a little different anon. Interesting how you aren't bored of an old tinfoil, but are tired of new jake milk. Totally not biased though!

No. 1817007

No one's acting naïve, you on the other hand have repeatedly shown zero proof for any of this and your story has even changed a few times. Do you even have a photo? A screenshot? People have been asking for proof for several threads and you never provide it, you're a retarded shit stirrer lol. This is why no one believes you

No. 1817010

Seconding this. I guess retarded foot-fetish anon is back. Post fresh milk or sit down and shut up.

No. 1817013

lol love all these anons (or is it the same one? idk) coming here with "i know / went to college with/know a friend of a friend of [insert name here] and they're a junkie!!!1111!1" with literally no proof. Any of us could say the same, give us receipts or fuck off

No. 1817015

Pretty sure his mod Aiden is a TIF. Can anyone confirm?

No. 1817021

I actually personally know that anon. She does hard drugs and eat shit, and because of this became super retarded. One time she tried to make foot porn, but no one was interested in it and now she's obsessed with it.

Source: trust me sis

No. 1817028

at this rate we'll have Sims porn anon back by next thread

No. 1817031

This year has been wild…from illiterate anon trying so hard to formulate thoughts to accusations of Kaya's faked drink spiking to the blatant seething over club promo work. Jake definitely put together some secret war room on discord and started some hardcore campaign

No. 1817034

b-but anon she ACTUALLY used ketamine and now her and her friend AND her friend's husband are using getting spiked as a cover since that's totally normal behavior! Kek we need a Kaya tinfoil containment thread where they can all accuse her of being on crack or meth or whatever the drug of the week is, the rest of us can stay here with some basis in reality

No. 1817050

File: 1682704260623.jpg (81.58 KB, 1080x1370, Discord.jpg)

Apparently a they/them genderspecial. Funny picking the name Aiden though.

Honestly would welcome a containment thread at this point. "Belfast trash" anon and "they roofied themselves for fun!" anon can talk themselves in circles if they aren't the same retard. Boomer "do weed" anon can join in too. kek

No. 1817073

A separate thread would be great, as cows they have nothing to do with each other anymore except for when nonnies make anecdotal references that cause tension itt more often than not. Plus the retarded "burying fresh milk" claims can finally stop.

No. 1817076

Be cool if we could split the thread when this one is finished. There'd probably be a lot of cross posting though.

No. 1817079

>as cows they have nothing to do with each other
Although a seperate thread could make this one more cohesive, I don't think this is true. They definitely have something to do with eachother, and probably always will as long as they are both "influencers". Even long after they get over everything that happened, the internet will still associate them with eachother. Jake still has his "breaking my silence" video up which creates direct ties to her. If he really didn't want anything to do with her anymore, he could start by taking that down.

No. 1817120

I'm missing Simporn anon

No. 1817262

For the love of fuck nonna do NOT summon them

No. 1817336

New video from Flake just dropped and it's cringey af

No. 1817353

File: 1682735759543.png (249.79 KB, 1258x707, studio.png)

Here's a dropbox link to the video for any nonnies who don't want to add to his views.


No. 1817355

File: 1682735981847.png (230.26 KB, 749x706, stumpy.png)

why is he built like this. keeek

No. 1817357

File: 1682736081556.png (275.38 KB, 1268x704, shittip.png)

also the absolute state of the place

No. 1817358

What a shit tip.

No. 1817363

File: 1682738304040.jpg (123.62 KB, 347x234, QaZGu9E.jpg)

"Sometimes the most bands can do is just perform and shit - deal with it. You pampered, privileged, uninformed little ffff-"

You're neither young or charming enough to pull off the attitude. It's giving unsettled Karen more than rebel.

No. 1817365


No. 1817367

That his studio? Jesus, looks like a bum's squat hole.

No. 1817368

File: 1682739300832.jpg (22.54 KB, 282x340, 1647930909444.jpg)

he looks like that one photoshop from an earlier thread. my sides nonnies.

No. 1817375

Photoshop? What do you mean noña?? These are standard proportions for gremlins of his variety.

No. 1817389

~ Video highlights ~
3:51 - Shows off pole that he bought for Kat (watch out girl, he'll expect it back when you eventually cheat on him)
4:16 - Shows off potential podcast room upstairs - says he doesn't actually like anyone so he suggests people who have friends can rent it from him
4:30 - Kicks away some boxes before showing off the 'storage' room (read: shit tip), makes claims it'll be a recording studio or rehearsal space one day
7:42 - VR room tour and unprompted disrobing where he shows off his mutant baby man body
11:18 - Had plans to have a gaming channel set-up in that room but no one can stand him enough to join him
13:27 - "I'm moving away from reaction content but I'll also continue to do reaction content when v-tubing" - lol

No. 1817391

What a lonely vlog. He's the only soul to be seen throughout the whole thing, talking to his camera like it's his only friend.

No. 1817395

File: 1682742148930.png (247 KB, 969x702, lmaowhytho.png)

ngl I skipped through and missed the disrobing bit. why the fuuuck did he find this nessicary lmao

The whole video feels like he's just trying to show off his toys and how "rich" he most definitely still is. Not losing subs by the thousands and having to sell his bike to afford to film another music video or anything. Nope.

No. 1817426

I can’t get over how impossibly wrinkly his forehead is… like a hairless cat

No. 1817442

File: 1682751824451.jpg (79.91 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230429-030542_Gal…)

Hot goth Boi

Mans a thumb

No. 1817444

File: 1682752763452.jpg (54.52 KB, 1080x622, 52013c5f6a2e284247dd53ea384bf1…)

Not only is he a thumb, he's Dan's gross club thumb.

No. 1817448

Big toe Munro

No. 1817454


It’s giving stumpy! Kek, he’s got bigger tits than Kat.

I hate how he acts like having no friends and being so insufferable that no none can stand to be around him is some sort of achievement.

No. 1817458


If your neck is as wide as your head, you’ve gone too far mate. Christ on a bike! Big toe realness.

No. 1817462

File: 1682756375676.jpg (253.83 KB, 1010x840, Y19M3B7.jpg)

His studio is freaking massive - the ground level with the gym and garage (which looks like a rundown Mexican slaughterhouse) and the office level with 3 rooms. Wonder what the square footage is on that: that can't be cheap in a cost of living crisis, especially now he can't go halves with Gaz.
I got some caps of the garage before the break-up and it looks like he's had it for close to 2 yrs now as he filmed Demonic Headcase there. The VR room was originally gonna be a place for Gaz and him to film motorcycle content but he's gone through so many changes in plan and broken promises I forgot that.
He got so shitty at Kaya for storing her stuff there when he had a whole ass room to himself (the biggest office). Remember Jake, she threw out her furniture and brought her stuff to the garage because she thought she was moving into a big house with you - I think she's entitled to have a few months to sort and collect her stuff and scooter after she found her home.

No. 1817464

God his entitled asshole energy is so unfiltered when there's literally no normal people in his videos beside him, I could barely make it five minutes in. All that space for such a tiny little munchkin of a man and yet it is also somehow not nearly big enough to contain his mammoth ego. Everything he says is somehow a humble brag and it makes me want to pop his head like a cyst. Interesting that he'll show clips from the music video he produced when he still had a band but conveniently fails to show his most recent solo work he also happened to have filmed on this location as a wonewy wittle boye, you'd think he'd be taking the opportunity to promo his new work, you know, like an actual YouTube creator might. It always annoys me to no end that this idiot has one job and he does it so badly.

No. 1817466

File: 1682758057866.png (403.44 KB, 1139x938, studio_before_and_after.png)

kek thank you for these before pics anon. Really drives it home how much of a pigsty he's made of the place since then.

No. 1817467

Thank you for this anon, I like to point and laugh but would rather peel off my skin than give that man any kind of validation

No. 1817479

His tattoos faded so fast? Swear he only got them done a year ago?

No. 1817480

What’s the point having a bunch empty rooms that he hasn’t filled up in 2+ years what a waste of money

No. 1817495

Omg that place is fucking huge. He has 3 large rooms on top of the garage it must cost a lot. He only turned one into a studio the rest is empty after 2 years. You are right nonnie he made it sound like Kaya's stuff was in the way and she was making his life complicated. What a prick

No. 1817507

File: 1682775163404.jpg (430.95 KB, 1336x841, Ifq7yFs.jpg)

It looks like it costs roughly £500-600 a month. In the last year and a half Jake has barely made content there apart from the Tide music video, the PunkRave 'haul' and the few seconds of it we see when he picks up his bike (3-4 vlogs). I guess he would argue he's been using the personal gym there and that he was trying to get the internet sorted there…but it's still been a long time and he's sunk thousands into it by now. It's mostly been a pricey motorbike garage and storage unit all this time. This isn't to dissimilar to when Kaya didn't fully complete her studio space transformation or film anything in the 'green' side for 10-12 months.

I did a bit of digging and it looked like at one point Jake was paying for 6 spaces - garage, new house, Kaya's studio, his music studio, the gaming studio (which Kaya also lived in) and the clothing studio. It's crazy how lavish his spending was then between the properties, bikes and tech - it's not surprising Kaya got into a serious shopping addiction at this time. They are both clueless with money and it shows.

Jake must have got rid of everything except the garage now. Kaya still has her studio which I'm surprised by. They've both had their creative spaces all this time and it's equally frustrating to see them squander it's potential.

No. 1817508

The fact he would basically make Kaya cry daily screeching at her to clean when this is how he keeps his own space
(aside, as someone from London I'd love for that much space for art projects and photography, absolutely wasted on this turd)

No. 1817510

Is his next Onlyfans post going to be "Wideboy visits the casting couch"?

No. 1817517

Honestly I'm surprised he showed the whole place: the VR studio is furnished and tidy but the main office was a tip and the garage was lined with Jake and Kat's shit. It does make him look hypocritical af but knowing him, he'd probably justify it by saying a "work space" rather than a living space. I think he posted this as he desperately needed content after a dry spell.

No. 1817524

File: 1682777094332.jpg (145.83 KB, 1080x1957, LMlWxgL.jpg)

I've got no sympathy at this point. She was heading the right direction by making the car chats video when she was struggling with focus and feeling ill but when she went out to a gig the next day I lost my patience. She's been repeating the pattern of getting ill then going out and making it worse for a while now. Actually, I think she said she's had her cough for 2 months straight and constantly has to have lozenges on her. Her will-power is non-existent despite a paid gig coming up in just over a week.

No. 1817529

You are not supposed to drink when you are sick, it lowers your immune system. She did this to herself. I absolutely have zero sympathy for her. Watch her still be sick come the next event and go anyway.

No. 1817543

Is she seriously that dumb? She was twice in the hospital this month. Maybe take an actually break Kaya and rest for a week.

No. 1817569

He comes off so insufferable in this video. Look at all my expensive heavy weights! It's a ~ necessity ~ for my ~ physique (lol) ~ ! Look how much I bench! No1curr you fag, get to the cutting stage already kek

Ty for the dropbox nonnie

No. 1817581

It also does not help her that for some reason she's now dressing in lingery and fishnets as clothes and runs around in that in winter/early spring in fucking northern Ireland.

No. 1817614

I also wouldn't be surprised if she has long covid, she's caught it a few times now and each repeated illness raises the chances of long term health issues, it's possible she hasn't been sick with repeated colds but just one long ole corona.

No. 1817656

Welp, one thing cleared up his video claiming he has no anger issues (which we all know is BS). If Jake doesn't have holes in the walls or doors of his place with Kat, that's probably because he got himself a punching bag now.

No. 1817663

Well, there was that part in the middle of the video where he inexplicably started to insult the viewers in a weirdly aggressive way before cutting off…
The whole video was just confusing, honestly. The “studio tour” veered off to focus on his motorcycle specs, then on a sudden strip down to brag about his muscles, then on trying to justify the mostly empty rooms. The sad part was the focus on money. Did anyone notice how he kept switching between bragging about the expensive shit he buys to complaining about how expensive everything was? He wanted to show off, but it all just made him look desperate for validation.
I don’t know. This whole video screams “midlife crises” to me.

No. 1817768

File: 1682814043740.jpg (49.57 KB, 504x912, uuuh.jpg)

I definitely get that feeling too. He's obviously incredibly insecure and depends on his snaccs to stroke his ego. It's why he immediately goes into meltdown mode at the slightest bit of criticism or even just someone telling him the truth about his overpriced equipment. It's probably why he can't keep any friends outside Kat and why he says he "doesn't like anyone". He hung out with Kat's friends husbands that one time in his studio so he could show off his toys to them and then never again. Kat gets a pass because she's his "trophy" girlfriend and seems to be mindlessly agreeable.

It's also kind of sad how he always shares these very parasocial fan stories on his instagram, but he doesn't actually interact with his fans in the discord at all and mostly ignores them in streams if they aren't the ones who drop superchats or gift subs. With the exception for the ones who trigger him of course. kek

No. 1817779

File: 1682815975648.png (24.26 KB, 415x723, its7.png)

These are his only five messages left in his discord. The first being his "it's 7 inches" in regards to someone calling his dick "cute and small" in one of his OF pics. I completely forgot all about it and it's funny all over again.

No. 1817816

this was bad, boring and shows how much of a mess his life is. has all that space and can’t even decide how to make use of it, spends money on things to bring the best content to his subscribers (kek), still whining about not being able to do the music video he wants, wehhhhh. what happened to being a one man operation and how he’d do everything himself just to get stuff out?

really enjoyed that comment about how shitty ppl come into his life, leave and continue to be shitty so he doesn’t want to associate with them.

No. 1817829

>Did anyone notice how he kept switching between bragging about the expensive shit he buys to complaining about how expensive everything was? He wanted to show off, but it all just made him look desperate for validation.

He is definitely one of those "expensive=good" people. He's one of those gearfags who think a Marshall stack and Gibson is worth bragging about when all they can play is shitty AC/DC songs. I bet he pays for expensive ass Protools when Reaper is much cheaper and will do what he needs for the music he makes.

No. 1817832

File: 1682827532101.png (191.05 KB, 468x324, urblocked.png)

excuse you anon? He pays $79.99 cunt fucking dollars every month for pro tools ultimate because he's a real musician and you have the audacity to tell him to use Reaper? Go choke on dry shit. Enjoy your block.

I'm sorry anon. kek

No. 1817876

lmao, he probs would block over that
also, he's looking super rough these days. anger is not good for your skin boo boo.

No. 1817888

File: 1682839417082.jpg (35.74 KB, 1080x375, Screenshot_20230430-082259_You…)

Who gonna tell them kek

No. 1817889

File: 1682840505994.jpg (64.19 KB, 583x316, YljOSeZ.jpg)

He's lost a lot of control in his life and it shows in his content- he's tetchy, extremely defensive and is horribly condescending to his audience (he blamed them for not 'appreciating' the new content he tried). Compare a pre-break up react video to a more recent one - the energy is quite different. He just went mask off in the newest video with the outward almost threatening aggression and flexing as a defense mechanism. I think that's why the video came out after 10 days, he was tossing up whether to show his true form.
We caught his tantrum on stream this week by chance but it makes you wonder how often he flies off the handle at minor shit and rage.

It was so funny when he kept trying to explain why 'The Tide' didn't do well - it's such a cope that it's the money holding him back. He's made heaps of low-budget music videos for Munro and they've all done pretty well. 'Pursuer' came out in 2020 and was filmed by the band. It's obviously a product of Covid as they are all in different houses but it's got over 100,000 views.

No. 1817897

His steadfast belief that HE'S the magic ingredient to a successful project and in fact it's everyone else's fault he isn't incredibly famous by now will always be incredibly funny.

This man is so delusional and desperate to be famous I don't even think he realises how much of an off-putting shitty unpleasant tiny little snot bubble he's being, he doesn't realize the reason his solo work isn't taking off the same way is because Jake on his own? Terrible. Jake being supported by people with actual talent to share and and an actual ability to creatively collaborate? Profitable. It means they HAD a product more than just a few parasocially desperate snaccs would buy. It was incredible that Munro as a band managed to get as far as it did despite the massive weight of Jake's ego, now he's Barry no mates and too clouded by the smell of his own farts to realise he might be the problem.

It is truly so pathetic to see him essentially being one of those one-man-band attractions in a cold empty room clanging symbols together with his knees to the applause of one person.

No. 1817913

The music with his band was already unoriginal, dated, tacky and uninspired, but him on his own is just so painfully bland and unworthy of attention that I can't even say it's bad because that requires actually engaging with it enough to judge it

No. 1817917

File: 1682851159847.png (155.6 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230430-113837.png)

No. 1817920

She really just doesn't get how to be an adult does she.
Stop trying to fish for people to offer you a place to stay, save up like an actual human adult and stop expecting everyone to foot your bill.
Can't afford a hotel? Don't go.

No. 1817921

She knew to post the flight prices this time kek
Agree. Usually you have friends where you know you’re always welcome. If she has to ask this way and expects charity it comes off as begging or guilt tripping people.

No. 1817936

She's lucky she knows people in London but she shouldn't abuse that generosity - I cringe when she says she stays with people for 'free' on top of the free drinks and flights. In past threads people said she tested her friendship with PeachMilky by bumming too many lifts. I hope at the very least she treats her friends to meals out and buys them decent gifts. She's in a very unique position where she can be sick (or have a depressive episode) for weeks but continue to stay at home getting paid by her 632 patrons. I'm pretty sure she can hold off on the tattoos for a few months and be able to afford a hotel room split with a friend.

She's definitely coasting on pity 18 months since the break up. That charity will eventually dry up if she makes these clubbing travels a monthly thing while saying she's stressed about bills.

No. 1817987

If she's stressed about bills she should get her lazy ass over to that studio she still has full of shit, clean it out and end the rent instead of flying to London to party.

No. 1817997

Hooooly hell. When you’re already a short and wide person, you should not wear horizontal stripes. It’s confusing that a dude who is so painfully self conscious can put these clothes on, look in a mirror and go yep this is what I’m wearing.

Yeah he sure proved that he totally cured his anger issues.
Very calm, much zen

Yeah it’s getting a little bit much. She could even turn being sick into content so there’s no excuse at all. She could do a “what I do in a day when ill/to feel better” vlog or something. Make some soup for fucks sakes.

If you see this phaythness, for christs sake, go outside and talk to another person. Have a conversation.

OR how about stay the fuck home until you’re not ill anymore? No one wants you spreading your plague around public places.

No. 1818019

>seriously considering making myself more ill than I already am so I can whine about it for pity later, instead of doing anything about it

My sympathy for her just keeps slipping away, I wonder why

No. 1818027

File: 1682874627991.png (361.25 KB, 1080x1080, A for Effort.png)

She broke her two day streak of trying to stay home, nonnies. This is starting to give "uncontrollable mental disorder" levels of dysfunction, with how hardcore she is self sabotaging right now.

No. 1818039

Better yet, why doesn't she finish the pink side of the studio and film content there? She's been settled in her new house since May 2022 so what's stopping her from driving to the studio to work? Partying and (prolonged) illness is the answer. Her junk pile is there too.
She must be swimming in cash because that studio costs around £500 a month.

No. 1818040

She's at a seaside town one hour from her. It's a very smart idea to breathe in cold sea breezes on an Irish beach when you're ill.

No. 1818094

File: 1682884820856.png (1.03 MB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230430-205752.png)

Brooklyn Bay Diner Unit 2, Port Retail Park, Redlands Rd, Larne BT40 1AX

No. 1818174

this is weird nonnie

No. 1818179

Hope that’s not Jake being a creep-ass.

No. 1818180

File: 1682895612078.png (315.63 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230501-000047.png)

No. 1818183

cankles ahoy!

No. 1818186

I don't even think it's any mental disorder, just an entire adulthood of no discipline and routine. I don't believe her "ADHD" either, I can see why it was hard to get a diagnosis even while they're being given out like candy. Imagine being well into adulthood and your problem today is that you're bored of being in bed. You didn't feel like working, so you didn't. Multiply by ~10 years and this is the result.

No. 1818204

So she's still sick and now without a coat in thin dress in the rain in fucking Ireland. Seriously if I would be a fan by now I would have had it with her bullshit.

No. 1818221

She literally has boots covering her ankles?

No. 1818250

I'm not sold on it either. If she does have it, then it's wildly out of control and she doesn't care, since her life is enabled either way. If she doesn't have it, then she has seen enough ADHD memes to appropriate a mental disorder that would otherwise explain her complete lack of discipline in every aspect of her life. Either way, she is incapable of the self control needed to be an independent, functioning adult. She does a good job pretending though, the neverending complaining pulls in enough people to keep her lights on at least. More, actually, since she still has that £500 studio (fancy storage unit).

Maybe she has a different mental illness though, because you'd have to be retarded to walk out in the rain all day after being sick for two months straight.

No. 1818255

b…but anon, her boots are totally fat! It's also definitely milk!

I don't know, she definitely acts like an unmedicated person with ADHD. She's clearly impulsive, distracted, has executive disorder, etc. It's not a reach at all that she'd have it. It's definitely no excuse though and she needs to reign those behaviors in and make herself a routine or schedule. Not to armchair, but it wouldn't surprise me if she also has some c-ptsd from her 10 years of living with Jake as he stomped about smashing their shit and screaming. It's not uncommon for people who lived in stressful or abusive situations. She's always panicked and apologizing when she thinks she's done anything remotely wrong, even when she hasn't. Her constant chasing of adventure and going out is also pretty obviously tied to her new sense of freedom after the relationship ended, she seems to be kind of chasing that bump of serotonin it gives her. Girl just needs to get a good therapist and get properly medicated tbh.

No. 1818265

touch grass nonnie

No. 1818273

Tinfoil bc I'm bored but what if the nitpick-anon who is always picking apart Kat & Kaya's body is Jake. We already know he has insanely unhealthy body image issues and standards. What if he purposely pics apart Kat's pics here to sow seeds of insecurity within her so that she stays skinny and trying to look good for him?

No. 1818278

She admitted to doctor shopping to get her ADHD diagnosis but I do believe she has it. She comes off as very polite and well-spoken but when she gets candid she has spoken of struggles unique to ADHD (easily distracted, avoiding tasks that take sustained effort, unable to prioritize tasks appropriately etc). She's also talked about being very loud and bouncing off the walls as a child. Most of us have been watching her for a long time and we've seen go through something much bigger than "Youtuber burnout" - she has complex inner turmoil relating to things like hypersensitivities, perfectionism and low-self esteem which affects her emotional regulation and productivity.
All this was exacerbated by the fact she had an unstructured childhood with too many freedoms and was spoiled rotten by her mother. Post-school she was not expected to join the workforce or attend further education and she didn't start working until she was 20 (she said she couldn't get one earlier because she was somehow too young). In 2014 she had the luxury to muck around on YouTube as a full-time project until she finally got monetized and after many years got into a steady rhythm. When she treated YouTube like a job and consistently pumped out a dozen Spooky Boxes and some Killstar hauls she probably made just enough money to get by but it's probably what killed her drive to do it.
She is the way she is from her neurodivergence but also from her unstructured, solitary lifestyle and being enabled by Jake and others.

No. 1818285

Not everyone posting is Jake.

No. 1818287

Nothing about Kaya screams perfectionism.

No. 1818361

She turns 30 next month and she still doesn't realize she's losing income by going out for adventures at the rainy beach when she's still sick. Slimelight is in less than a week and I'd keep the fuck away if I saw her there.

I think she definitely struggles with it. Why do you think she doesn't film on days she lost her Canon batteries? It's because she doesn't want to film on her iPhone and would rather wait to get a higher quality picture with her Canon, missing her deadline. There's plenty of examples where the 'conditions aren't perfect' for success and then she delays projects and disappoints people. I think her excuses are more than just laziness, there's deeper reasons why she does this to herself.

No. 1818366

I truly think Jake tearing her down for so long turned her into a people pleaser and when she feels she's letting someone down even a tiny bit, her fans included, she falls apart. She'd do well to speak to a therapist who specializes in abuse or is traumainformed, since it's clear that relationship really destroyed her sense of worth. I do feel for her somewhat. Living with that narc for over a decade would fuck up anyone.

No. 1818367

I called it tinfoil for a reason, retard. We already know he lurks incessantly, is it really hard to imagine that he'd post too?
I didn't even say everyone who posts is Jake, just that I wouldn't be surprised if the nitpick-anon was him trying to sow seeds of insecurity. That really so farfetched?

No. 1818370

We've questioned whether she should be a full-time influencer for a long time. She has a sweet but highly sensitive disposition and the internet is an awful place - it's not the best job for her. I always saw her working with animals for a long-term career tbh.
Her fans have fully supported her in the break-up though and now she has the money to put towards ADHD treatments, therapy and looking after her physical health (her recent heart issues must be at least partially related to stress). I see the recent partying as a sort of cry for help - it went from being a celebration of independence but now its an escape from responsibilities, one and a half years on.

No. 1818378

It's just wishful thinking Jake is the meanie calling Kaya fat itt and he's also pitting the two girls against each other and trying to make Kat thin. When really it's just culture on lolcow to comment on cows appearance. Kaya would be familiar with the concept since she use to be pretty active on PULL

No. 1818380

Kaya's codepedent. She was with Jake and now she is with her friends. Even when she's ill and should rest she can't cope being separated. She should invite her mum down to stay with her, I don't get how mother and daughter both don't work and they don't visit and care for each other when sick.

No. 1818383

I seen this mentioned few times before do you know what she was active on was it her own forum or others? And is there any proof saved and what was she saying on it

No. 1818392

Getting some bad vibes from some recent posts so apologies in advance to normal nonnies
>One hour from her
ok stalker chan
After looking at her stories she's in a spacious, hilly, green location and not actually on a beach. Is it a crime to take a fucking walk?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Why are you posting the address you fucking weirdo?
The amount of videos he's privated or reacted to after being posted about here is literally in the dozens, my bet is the posts about her finances are him since he made a whole video about the same topic, Kat is probably here too since she's a shit for brains pickme

No. 1818413

I'd like to see proof too. Even if this was true this would have been at least 10 years ago. There's lots of evidence of her body-shaming on tumblr from this time though - she's definitely no angel

It's a famous beach in NI. She also posted some Instagram stories where she did some GoT tourism nearby. Some of us have connections to the region and can recognise these areas.
I am not the nonnie that posted the diner location earlier: that was definitely over-stepping the line and I 100% disavow that. You'll notice that clipped-edge screenshot anon usually posts without comment.

No. 1818416

Clipped edge screenshot anon is illiterate anon, they've been here for years, it's absolutely mental to post the address here like, this is a woman's gossip board but the scrote chans are infamous for being connected to irl crimes so the intention seems malicious, what the fuck is their damage

No. 1818447

The address drop was absolutely unhinged wtf

Also the anons clutching their pearls at Kaya not wearing a jacket please calm down you should be watching your blood pressure at your age.

No. 1818453

i dont get what the address thing was about?? and who was circled in the photo?? just bizarre

No. 1818456

Lisa could actually be seen carrying Kaya's patchwork hoodie for her in the Instagram stories so let's dispel that one lol. Kaya's an idiot but she wasn't exactly walking around in slip dress.
Also I just need to say…There's so much unproven tinfoil about Lisa being an untrustworthy junkie but it's clear she's the mama hen of the group - I can see her looking out for the group when they get a bit wild

I think Kaya put the circle on there in the original post. The image is cropped but there was a song about dinosaurs playing in that story.

No. 1818477

Unpopular opinion because this thread is full of Kaya WK's since the breakup, but I've known women like Kaya, and she doesn't seem sweet to me at all. She has always seemed like a typical two faced mean girl- shallow, frivolous, condescending, selfish, impatient, and entirely self absorbed while being unable to handle criticism. Her friends are all useful tools and she throws them away when they aren't working for her anymore. Like how she constantly uses IG stories to try to bum accommodations from mutuals, and how most of her friends are tattoo artists. I wouldn't be surprised if she dumped Grant because he didn't like the way she used him constantly for photo shoots. Her "sweetness" just looks like a manipulation tactic to me, and if you don't see it then congratulations on never being used by another woman like that.

As far as "partying being an escape from responsibility" goes, nonnies seem to forget there was two entire months between the breakup and the breakup videos where she was actually doing nothing. Not working, and definitely not laying there heartbroken since she has admitted to having no feelings for him for years. She was upset because she had to actually work and take care of herself and took those two months to even acknowledge she had to do that, and that was because of an arbitrary deadline fake set because that's when he wanted to post his breakup video. She was looking for a rental, sure, but NI is very small, and she has admitted that there wasn't very many options for her to chose from within her parameters. She stayed in that gaming studio for nearly eight months and barely posted videos. She got settled in her new place and now does everything she can to leave it.

Another rarely acknowledged fact is how often she was hanging out with Grant and Kerri when she was supposed to be moving house before the breakup. She wasn't some sleeping beauty trapped in a tower, she is a lazy cow who spent a year avoiding work and went all "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" when her chosen scrote decided he didn't want to drag her ass through life anymore. She is a grown ass adult who cries and e-begs on the internet to get what she wants, which is now a proven personality trait independent of scrote influence. It's obvious which of you nonnies are here because of the breakup, but other nonnies who have been here longer are well familiar with her behavior patterns and don't bother excusing it. She lives a privileged life and finds every reason under the sun to complain about it.

No. 1818505

>this thread is full of Kaya WK's since the breakup
Or maybe some of us have been here the whole time and seen what a leech Fake was and how much of a hinderance to her he was. Lolcow isn't a hivemind and not everyone who doesn't vehemently hate her is new.
>I've known women like Kaya and she doesn't seem sweet to me at all
Oh okay so all of this wall of text is just projection then, good to know.

No. 1818614

This 100% tbh. I really think a change of pace would do her some good. Even a part time job could help add some structure to her life. A job in something like animal care would probably feel more fulfilling and help with that need to constantly chase that sort of serotonin high she gets from partying and going out. I don't think her lifestyle now is completely unreasonable (yes lazy and unstructured, but not horrible like some), but it's pretty obvious she's chasing a feeling and seems lonely or unfulfilled when she's home alone. She needs direction and therapy.

You really wrote a whole essay.

Right? Not a kaya WK, but I find her somewhat boring and fairly benign. Jake was clearly some form of abusive, is openly misogynistic, was the one who cheated with a married mother, tried to shill his bad porn etc. I get they are both cows, but c'mon.

No. 1818617


I agree with you, and just as you predicted, the Kaya WKs are out. They're on the wrong website. This is a thread to shit on Kaya and Jake, why do people think they have to defend every single post that criticizes her?

No. 1818625

Agreed. Kaya herself keeps saying she's catching up on missed out experiences but it was entirely her choice to be unemployed for nearly a decade. Hilarious that she needs a break from doing nothing with her life.

No. 1818626

Tinfoil. It's not Jake and his friends posting, it's coming from the other camp.

No. 1818635

Those responses are really what you'd consider WKing? Honestly seems like you just want there to be infighting.

No. 1818662

Tbh all the more reason we should separate the threads. They've been split for well over a year. I'm here to laugh at big toe Munro trying to flex half naked in his shit tip studio and sperg out in his streams. I really don't care about kaya going for a walk or her ankles.

No. 1818666

So now anyone who doesn't think she's scum of the earth like fake makes her out to be is a white knight? The world isn't that black and white anon, I can feel empathy for her without thinking she's the greatest person. And quit redditspacing, you're outing yourself as a newfag
yeah the Jake milk has been pretty good but then we get a retarded paragraph about ebil Kaya and posts about her ankles and rumored foot fetish work (which we've still yet to see a single shred of proof for). So yeah I'm all for separating them, I'd rather read about an actual cow than one that's devoid of milk.

No. 1818668

Good god lol you complain more than Kaya.

No. 1818717

I dont think it's just one person picking on Kat, but the fact that he bought her a pole to "stay in shape" made me groan so hard. sure, it's "sexier" than a treadmill, but it's the same message he is sending to an already skinny woman who looks like a walking skeleton. Kat doesn't need a pole routine to stay in shape, to be healthier she needs to quit smoking and drinking and eat some food. but he doesn't care about how fit she actually is, he just wants her to keep her weight off, which is shitty. he has body image issues and should know better. and he is actually fat and stumpy and will never not look like he needs to lose a few, so he has no room to be making demands that a woman stay skinny for him.

No. 1818753

>the fact that he bought her a pole to "stay in shape" made me groan so hard
I def side eyed that too. You bought her a pole to stay in shape but no other actual exercise equipment? Like you sure it's not just so you could have your own personal stripper whenever you wanted? Kek, the man couldn't be more obvious.
Also, wasn't that his Valentine's present to her? Like "happy V-Day Pussy, stay skinny and slutty for me." Kek.

No. 1818783

File: 1682982007366.jpeg (52.51 KB, 580x657, 5A50812F-2FE8-4702-B9D6-F55369…)

I was actually thinking about that the other day when I saw this old photo of Jake and Kaya. His treatment over was a lot better when she was a skinny little twig. He used to have an old video talking about how much he loved her. Once she started puffing out, his treatment of her in those videos started to have this vague undertone of scorn. Meanwhile, he was sitting there looking like the Pillsbury doughboy. I wonder how long until we start noticing that with Kat. She doesn’t seem inclined towards getting heavy, but the background radiation of being pressured to stay thin might start getting to her.

No. 1818787

that and the fact those were the early days, so he was in the "lovebombing" phase. her weight gain just made him lose patience more quickly i think

No. 1818852

lmao no kidding, people still think you get sick from being out in the cold? boomer anon strikes again.

No. 1818859

Jake doesn't have any friends, wtf are you talking about lol

No. 1818862

Wasn't this picture from one of their first days out in NI? Kaya would have been 18 here and Jake 19 or 20 - these would have been the best days of their lives. When they first got together both had little going on in their lives (Kaya was doing nothing after school and Jake was unemployed in Wales) so their online romance took center stage. When they moved in together initially they seemed very happy together when there was zero stress and everything was novel. This was the 'mean girl' phase of Kaya's life where she enjoyed her status as an sporadic alternative model (probably the first time she was celebrated for being a super tall/lanky girl) and was definitely spending too much time on tumblr and bullying fat, 'unaesthetic' people. They naturally settled in a traditional dynamic where Jake was the bread-winner and Kaya was a stay-at-home gf who worked when she wanted.
Then 'second puberty' and depression from full-time adulting hit these two pretty hard in their early 20s. Jake had more experience with self-sufficiency and had worked a few jobs before he came to Ireland but his anger issues still exploded and unfortunately Kaya was victim to that rage.
Very few people stay together in their 1st and 2nd relationships because your motivations, goals and interests change a lot in that transition period between your teens and mid-20s. It's clear that these two didn't grow together and, as they started working together more closely, it really tested their relationship - you can just watch the resentment grow over their online career. Kaya has also hinted in the break up video that she stopped finding Jake's appearance and aesthetic attractive and it's obvious that Jake felt the same, probably for a very long time.

No. 1818866

Stfu you fucking retards. If you are sick you should be outside let alone without a jacket. yes you DO get sick when you don't dress warm. It's called a fucking cold or lung infection you absolute Kaya WK'ing inbreds.

No. 1818876

Don't get it twisted - I still think she is an irresponsible woman-child.
Kaya the once chronic home-body suddenly can't bunker down at home and watch every single episode of 'It's Always Sunny' for 2-3 weeks in bed while she lets her body recover. She essentially gets paid sick leave because her brain-dead Patrons pay her monthly regardless of video output. She can even do half her job in bed, social media. For her that means posting memes with the caption 'SAME', a video of Sebastian here and there and some nostalgia post from 2013.
She made the call to go back to London that second time while sick and came back at the start of April. We're now at the start of May with a new round of partying due to begin and she's still sick. She says Jake is the reason she lost all her friends but I think a lot of them couldn't put up with her behavior anymore.

No. 1818878

I saw that, in Kaya's very first videos with Jake I believe they are still on her channel, he is using this soft breathless voice and he says in every video, "love you baby." in the zoo video he calls her "sexy lady." if he holds the camera he focuses on her teeny tiny ass and even does an upskirt shot from behind. she is like, "what are you doing?" looking quite serious (and so young, she must have been 16 years old) and he is like, "but it's a good bum!" at the beach he tells her she's a mermaid and she looks pretty. he was a different person toward her in these clips. I believe part of it was to hide what a shitbag he is, and also opportunistic as he was using her to move to ireland and have a change of scenery, so maybe he laid it on thick to put his best foot forward to "love bomb" as other anon said.
kat may not put on weight easily, but if she stopped smoking that sure would certainly do it, or another pregnancy (God Fucking Forbid), and one thing for certain is she will age and it will show even more than it is already. what is he going to do, there isn't a way to shame a woman into looking younger, unless he likes the appearance of fillers and Plastic Surgery Face. I think he is a misogynistic scrote who thinks women are "cheating" by using surgery, though. he likely thinks they should be able to starve themselves and work out until their skin no longer sags.

No. 1818883

File: 1682993002982.jpg (241.25 KB, 1077x1714, Screenshot_20230501-210226_Ins…)

KEK. Anger issues anon, it isn't that serious. Not saying you are him by any means, but you sound like jake when he was having that spergy meltdown over someone saying his computer part was mid. Thinking kaya going for a walk and having her friend carry her jacket (two days after being sick) is boring or nitpicky isn't WKing. A lot of us are acknowledging her shortcomings too. Breathe.

Also part of the reason she went out (and took off her jacket) was to get photos for her collab with tommy vowles, a harness/jewelry designer who works with a lot of alt influencers.

No. 1818884

>not saying you are him by any means, but you sound like jake
Jake has also been known to call people inbred kek. (See his "inbred shit eating cocksuckers" Twitter screenshot kek.

No. 1818887

Grandma, watch your language and go ask your doctor (of modern medicine) if you don't believe it. Brace yourself because the common cold and lung infections are caused by mostly VIRUSES, not being cold. Viruses are typically spread through direct person-to-person contact or inhaling small droplets in the air. These droplets are often known as aerosols.

Once inhaled, the rhinovirus attaches itself to the cells inside the nasal passages. It then replicates itself, spreading more virus particles throughout the upper respiratory tract.

Exposure to cold weather does not make people more susceptible to common colds.Viruses, such as rhinoviruses and influenza, cause colds and the flu, not the weather.

Unless you are already immunocompromised, then there is some evidence of reduced vitamin D levels making it harder to fight off infections as it plays a major role in maintaining the immune system.

During colder months, people may also spend more time indoors. If these spaces do not have adequate ventilation, people may have a greater risk of breathing in aerosols from others with common colds.

But yeah, fucking Kaya, man!(infighting)

No. 1818964

"(two days after being sick)"
She's been sick ever since she took her trip to Barcelona, in her car ramble she admits to be wheezing the whole time, and to have some fluid in her lungs.
It's about as responsible to go on an "adventure" in her state as someone doing a hike after they sprained their ankle.

Especially since she's supposed to be at Slime light this weekend. She can't continue to go to those events halfway sick and contagious, this is a bad fucking look.

No. 1818973

File: 1683009848926.jpg (234.39 KB, 644x452, JlSOspH.jpg)

I stand corrected. From the date we can guess she's 16 or 17 here, leaning towards the latter (I have faith her parents waited until she finished school for Jake to come over).
Bonus comment that creeped me out. They went on the outing with some guy who's old enough to be her Dad. He looks like he's 40 - why is this old ass guy hanging out with a child?

No. 1818977

Isn't it interesting Kaya gets roofied and she doesn't moan about it which is completely out of character and it has had no impact on her wanting to go out and party, but when a couple of chavs touched her scooter she didn't even secure we all heard about it for months and it was a reason she couldn't work.

No. 1818979

Her car ramble was 11 days ago. She was sick in bed two days ago with allergy or cold-like symptoms which could have very well just been the tail end of her illness clearing up. Even so, if she's been sick that long, she's well over the point of being contagious. Her symptoms around the time of the car ramble sounded like bronchitis tbh? Which definitely can occur after having covid, but isn't really a contagious illness itself, but more so a result from another illness. Also, she went outside, with a jacket, and took it off for a photoshoot for a collab? The nitpicking is wild tonight, but I'll agree she hasn't been the most responsible in the recent past in regards to her health. Her walking around in public with covid was absolutely dumb, but that doesn't make her permanently a biohazard nonnie. kek

No. 1818983

Tip to spot a kaya wk is to see how they overuse kek.

No. 1818986


No. 1818999

Spoiler your shit retard

No. 1819031

Spoiler your disgusting shit

No. 1819039

I can tolerate wet sock Nikocado penis, at least it's not something more sinister.
All we can do is report and move on.

No. 1819042

File: 1683025249934.jpg (33.21 KB, 859x384, M96VllL.jpg)

Some comments from Flake's latest video.
I included the first one because it's good advice for people like Jake who can't retain friends.
I noticed he deleted the unsolicited gym advice one lol.

No. 1819063

Tip to spot a Jake WK: anger issues and use of words like inbred.

No. 1819065

File: 1683029671819.jpg (206.5 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20230502-051402_You…)

His latest video has gotten the least amount of views any of his videos have gotten in like 6 years. On par with the pathetic view count of his old vlogs. Back to square one kek.

No. 1819092

So he's exactly back where he started, I doubt he will be so lucky again given his propensity for making the absolute worst personal, business and financial decisons and never reflecting on his mistakes or accepting advice

No. 1819114

He's so unfortunate looking/shaped kek

No. 1819126

Kek at the hanging nipple advice

No. 1819127

It reminded me of the 4070 comment in that it wasn't a malicious comment but he still got annoyed. It's a little bit autistic yes, but you can tell it's a fan. It was a woman commenter as well so that probably hurt his ego even more lols

No. 1819158

Ah yes, everyone who uses a normal English word Jake has ever used is Jake now. Were you dropped on the head as a child?

No. 1819159

You can collab indoors. Your WK'ing is pathetic.

No. 1819163

Yo genius, how do you think viruses get the upperhand in your body and make you sick? If you cold weather does not make you sick why don't next winter you run around in shorts and tops only all winter. Let's see how great you will be doing lmao

No. 1819167

He's going to be seething about that well meant pec advice for at least 3 days lmao

No. 1819171

Yeah, because terms like "inbred" are part of everyone's normal daily English vernacular. Did your mummy drink while you were still incubating or something? Why are you so inconsolably defensive of the notion that Jake could actually be posting sometimes?

No. 1819180

anyone who thinks that Jake has the self control to lurk but not post here is an actual fool, if anything I'm sure he loves the opportunity to be anonymous and vent here

No. 1819185

Kek! So true

No. 1819187

Hey newfag, you can reply to multiple posts in the same post. You don't need to samefag 3 times in succession and shit up the thread.

No. 1819188

No one is denying Jake probably posts here. What people take issue with is when they call out your stupidity and you call them Jake.

No. 1819198

The minimodding and samefagging shits up the thread enough. Bumping posts off the thread preview only derails but doesn't stop farmers seeing posts criticising the fat cow.

No. 1819201

Instead of calling, what could be different people, newfag maybe you could make sure you don't double post your own bullshit.(infighting)

No. 1819203

How the fuck is pointing out that Jake uses terms like inbred stupidity? Have a snickers, nonny. You're in a shit mood today kek.

No. 1819204

The website glitched, you absolute fucking retard of a newfag.(infighting)

No. 1819207

Yet kaya wk were worried on discussion posts would cause infights. Only newfags are the stupid cunts that keep trying to shut down any discussion of a cow they like. Fuck off

No. 1819223

File: 1683048137847.jpg (106.82 KB, 715x391, 6bSsXcV.jpg)

Get your shit together moron. If you act like a retarded child we'll treat you like one.

No. 1819225

Can we all agree that they’re both terrible (hence why they’re on lolcow in the first place) and stfu? Most of us are here for milk. Not whining of who’s the worst person here, Jesus.(sage your infight)

No. 1819249

I was gonna post this earlier (tabbed out after the nikado porn) but to put the winter virus argument to bed, the reason why viruses spread in the winter is because viruses live for a longer duration at low temperatures, iirc 4c or under means the virus can survive in the air and on surfaces for a long time. In higher temperatures, even 15c the virus will have a short lifespan. So a virus that has been propogated through the air will hang in the air for a long time during the winter, indoor or outdoor, be breathed in by more people, who then can transmit it person to person while symptomatic. Obviously there is an issue when multiple people in a warm indoor setting are sick, but the primary reason viruses spread in the winter is due to longevity of viral cells in cold temps.
In the summer the indirect virus transmission is much more difficult due to the short lifespan. for the viral cells in the heat.
So in summary, it is not the clothes you are wearing but simply the environment you are in.

No. 1819269

File: 1683053069116.jpg (38.55 KB, 717x286, 06uxJGp.jpg)

That's the spirit. Both are lolcows and the internet's a stage - as long as they keep doing milky shit I'm going to point and laugh.
I checked out their Patreon accounts earlier and they're both tanking. Before the new month clicked over Kaya was at 632 patrons and Jake was at 78 (a loss of 38 and 10 respectively). They've both been super annoying this month and I hope that gives them a bit of a reality check.

No. 1819282

lol I'm glad they are both losing numbers. That 68 is starting to look really pathetic. Wonder how long he can keep that big studio compex he rents.

No. 1819291

I doubt he relies on Patreon the same way Kaya does, tbh. He doesn't even push it, the only time you see him post about it is when he uploads something to it. It's a bigger L for Kaya to be losing numbers, since her income sources are not very diversified.

No. 1819348

My favorite thing about the posts made here today are that people are pointing out that A) Jake’s most recent video was crap with low view age, B) Jake’s body is laughable, and C) Jake’s words and actions make him look stupid.

In one of his old videos, he shared his top three fears: Looking stupid, having people criticize his body, and being mediocre.

This guy must be living his worst nightmare every day!

No. 1819420

File: 1683072862835.jpg (198.66 KB, 1600x878, Huge Fail.jpg)

Nonnies just when I thought she couldn't get any worse at her own job. Meraki, get this failure of an artist out your shop. If anything, she makes your shop look bad between her controversy, being widely hated, and her extremely subpar work.

No. 1819452

This. Though they clearly lurk here, not every anon calling jake an ugly, thumb-shaped narcissist with anger issues is a kaya wk and not every anon calling kaya a lazy, e-begging leech is a snacc. Both cows suck in their own special ways and both are free game for criticism and nitpicks. If it bothers you all that fucking much, go touch grass.

No. 1819484

File: 1683079626289.png (14.3 KB, 1106x605, jake-kaya-patreonstats.png)

His only other income is streams and YT subs/views, none of which are doing much better. The one RE4 stream I caught he only made a single superchat that was $110 from a snacc that apologized for not tuning in for a long time. Otherwise his YT views should be netting him around $500 a month at most, and as another anon pointed out he is likely making around $1k off his YT paid subs. Factoring in the cost of renting his home and studio? It's pretty obvious why he had to sell his one bike already and is considering renting out spare rooms of the studio. Jake's slowly going broke right before our very eyes.

Kaya was making up to $7k off patreon right after jake dropped that last video putting her on blast that ultimately only resulted in people rushing in to support her. She's dropped down to making a maximum of 6k since, but is likely making quite a lot more than he is off patreon alone if you look at the number provided. Her views on her channel seem to be netting her close to what he has been making too even though he uploads less frequently. She would definitely be smart to start uploading more regularly and making YT membership an option to diversify like you said though. Her uploads and streams are so sporadic, she needs to buckle down and make a proper schedule if she doesn't want to squander away her support.

No. 1819488

Also important to note. Jake seems to be losing twice the percentage of subs on his patreon as Kaya is on hers even though he has so few to begin with. Jake is also still bleeding the 2k subs on his YT every month while Kaya's is simply at a stand still. Kaya seems to be getting away with being lazy for the time being, but Jake seems to be actively working against himself. Kaya just needs to actually start following through, but Jake? I'm not entirely sure if he can salvage his career at this point tbh. I get that he's attempting to do a complete image and channel "overhaul" of sorts by leaning into this vtube persona thing, but I'm not sure there's really a market for him there. Guess we'll see if it works? But honestly the whole thing along with his big music video plans just sound like another money sink at this point.

No. 1819588

File: 1683098048614.jpeg (136.39 KB, 949x1535, ECAA1BBB-EF87-44E0-AD0D-632F7A…)

He replied but deleted the comment not long after as usual

No. 1819595

It annoys me she has so many yet she hasn't uploaded on to patreon since January. Least jake uploads weekly

No. 1819597

File: 1683098829908.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.7 KB, 847x688, Screenshot_20230428-105848_Ins…)

They are both Thumb shaped

No. 1819600

File: 1683098963301.png (7.08 KB, 557x524, patreon.png)

Poor Jake. First he's traumatized by willem dafoe's giant pp and now it's danzig's saggy nips. kek

Just noticed if you click around the tabs, his hidden earnings appear. I tried with kaya's too, but it didn't work, I guess since she never had the earning visible like he once did. It looks like he's actually only making a little over $230 a month off patreon currently.

No. 1819602

>least Jake uploads weekly
Jake made a total of two posts all of 2022, and made two posts so far this year. The fuck are you on?

No. 1819605

Omfg she spelt it WORD WIDE not WORLDwide! How do you miss a whole ass letter

Sorry but dyslexic people shouldn’t be tattooists if you can’t spell or even copy your ‘own’ template and still not notice you spelt incorrect then there no hope

No. 1819607

holy shit, I didn't even notice and thought that nonnie was just poking fun at her sloppy linework. She really tattooed this mess onto someone's entire forearm, they can't even get this covered up. Multi award winning artist though! lmao

No. 1819612

NTA but he uploads his weekly streams on patreon

No. 1819614

File: 1683100597109.png (13.86 KB, 738x684, pat32.png)

That isn't true. The streams are available to his subs that pay for a YT subscription to his channel. The only content he offers on patreon are music clips and the audiobook readings he suddenly picked back up. People are mostly just paying him a dollar for a shoutout at the end of his videos, doesn't seem anyone is doing the $25 tier either considering >>1819600

No. 1819631

>getting an illiterate tattoo artist to do word art on your body
Does everyone in that shop have shit English skills? You'd think when a client wanted words tatted they'd recommend one of their artists who could spell so this didn't happen. She must be dyslexic actually since there is no way that wordwide mistake would be missed otherwise.

No. 1819637

File: 1683104811569.jpg (71.75 KB, 502x427, SrNxONh.jpg)

She's got a real thick turkey neck on her

No. 1819653

Not exactly a free print is it..

No. 1819654

I'm very confused by Jakes accent in his video ngl

No. 1819667

Jake and Kaya both have weird online accents for the places they live.

No. 1819669

Be careful with Graphtreon - it can be misleading…

As you can see Jake had his earnings public on Patreon between April 2018 to April 2019 (the green columns). I think at this time people could pledge whatever amount they wanted.
However, Patreon made big changes to the platform in April 2019 and allowed creators to make tiered sub levels and add perks. It's likely Jake added tiers and hid his earnings soon after (I'm not sure if this feature was always available or not).
This website calculates the 'Earnings' figure by analyzing the earnings per patron data between April 2018 to April 2019 (the green columns) and coming up with an average figure to guess the current number. In reality, the algorithm does not take into consideration the different tiers as it's going off old public knowledge. For that reason the $238 is completely inaccurate and there is no way to know exactly how much he is earning - only Jake knows that unfortunately.

However I think the graphs anon posted earlier could give us some clues >>1819484

Graphtreon has some weird, secret algo that generates the estimated earnings. I've heard mixed opinions on how accurate these predictions are but I think it can be useful. For example the most Jake can earn is $1700 if all 68 of his patrons paid $25 but the algo somehow knows this isn't likely and includes certain probabilities into its calculation.

No. 1819677

Go listen to Kaya and her friend Fifi talk in her last vlog - you can easily hear who has the stronger Belfast accent. I find it quite interesting that Kaya has lived her whole life in the same area of Belfast.

Kaya has largely lived life inside her bedroom doing a very solitary job, has quite a lot of foreign friends (specifically Americans) and consumes a lot of American media - I'm not surprised she sounds so American.

Jake has moved countries multiple times (England to Wales to NI) and done call center work mainly talking to people from South Africa. His life experiences have created quite a unique accent that distinctly sounds Australian. I've noticed in his 'react' videos (exclusively) he uses US words/pronunciations and generally sounds more like an American - it's all apart of the over-the-top persona he puts on I guess.

You'd be surprised how many youth in English speaking countries sound much more American on average just through cultural osmosis alone- in Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada…everywhere

No. 1819721

As someone who lives in the UK I've never heard, or met anyone with a fake American (but sounds Australian) accent like Jake, most people are proud of whatever regional accent they have.

No. 1819769

As someone who lives in America, anyone faking an accent isn't taken seriously. Like if someone talked in a somewhat British dialect, while having lived in America their whole life? That is an actual joke and doesn't make any sense. Weird how he gets away with that.

No. 1819807

File: 1683134791961.jpg (41.03 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20230503-182501_Wha…)

Didn't someone say she admitted she had covid on her recent stream when she went to slime/Barcelona/last vlog?

No. 1819814

It was this post. She has tried to say she tested negative by the time she flew back to London for Slimelight, but I doubt it given how she was positive in Barcelona then almost immediately flew to London after.

Here is the original post:

No. 1819827

Jake, unlike Kaya, hasn't stayed in one place his whole life. I think he's originally from SW England but moved around too much to get a regional accent. He has said in a past video that his odd accent is a hindrance because people in NI don't realise that he, like them, is from the UK. He plays up English or American twang when he wants to but for the most part he can't help how he sounds.

Expatriate-chan here. I've met a lot of people who've moved countries during their formative young adult years, as Jake has, and have an accent that's a bit all over the place.
He's been exposed to two very strong accents - South African and Northern Irish - and has an audience that's 50% American. You can clearly hear the influence on his voice

Oof that's a bit of a Jake moment - so defensive. Is she gonna pretend like she didn't have Covid directly before her VOLUNTARY trip to Slimelight (flights not covered)? Next time she can show her Covid test stick because her word doesn't mean much lol. By the way, do you have the link to the London vlog?

No. 1819837

She hasn't done the London vlog yet. She has complained that the files won't work the way they are supposed to and that's the last we heard of that. Another failed London vlog for the books, i suppose. At least this one wasn't prefaced by a London vlog donation goal, although being positive (but totally not, actually) with COVID isn't exactly better. This time, it's the typical "lol i suck at my job, but Patreon is a great way to pay my bills for me!!"

No. 1819842

Oh whoops I meant to say the stream with the 'failed goal' for the London vlog. I don't know if anyone grabbed the link before she unlisted it.

You're right though, both London vlogs will probably never see the light of day - it's been thrown in the too hard basket.

No. 1819851


There you go, nonnie. She mentions it a few times throughout the stream, but becomes more frank about it later on in the stream. You'll notice at the beginning she is very defensive about all the lolcow criticism she has been getting, kek.

No. 1819858

No. 1819859

good to see retards are cowtipping

sorry for possible spoonfeeding request, but I'm a half an hour in and I still can't find where she says she had covid. Do you know what general time mark because her anxious rambling is giving me a headache.

No. 1819863


No. 1819867

Thank you nonnie! So we do have verbal confirmation on her having covid. Does anyone know exactly how many days passed between barcelona and slimelight in london? Judging from her instagram posts she was in barcelona on the 25th, and slime light was April 2nd? I'm not sure how it works elsewhere, but where I am from and work, the time they legally make you quarantine now is only 5 days. Does anyone know what and if there are similar laws in the UK or London specifically? She might have technically been clear if it was 5-7 days after, but it was incredibly stupid and careless of her to be running around Barcelona sick still. I get that she didn't want to have to reschedule the trip to see her dad again, but she really should have.

No. 1819868

There aren't any laws in the UK anymore. The guidance is basically "if you have it try to stay at home" but nothing more than that

No. 1819895

File: 1683145940801.jpg (1.08 MB, 958x1027, Z7wqMfY.jpg)

Perfect, that's what I was looking for. I wanted to get more info on the London vlog as it was brought up in the 'exposé' videos in November and I wanted to know who was telling the truth. I've got timestamps for when they address it below:
I've had enough - Breaking my silence
Jake Munro - His lies, his abuse, and finally telling the truth

If anyone cares I've made a visual timeline of Kaya's London travels because I couldn't even remember what trip the infamous London vlog was promised for anymore. It looks like it was intended for the first time she went to Monster Queen in October last year.

No. 1819913

Please don’t insult us. His accent is nothing like Australian. As an Australian, it sounds American. Either way it’s fucking jarring to hear.

No. 1819924

"anouther" fucked up tattoo, "horp" the client noticed and that kat works on her spelling and drawing ability before fucking up more people's bodies with permanent ink. is she drunk, stupid, or both?

No. 1819989

amerifag here, and can confirm. it is thought to be a speech impediment.

No. 1820012

I'm going with both.Still can't believe she forgot a whole letter. Wordwide. That person must be fucking pissed. There is no way you can fix it.

No. 1820015

I think it was the October one. That's a lot of trips she did fuck all with.

No. 1820022

>can't draw
>only traces
>only knows how to color
>can't spell
No better than what an actual child can do. Are we sure Jake's "little girl" can handle an adult job like this? Someone take away her tattoo machine and get her a little coloring book and some crayolas.

No. 1820057

We are technically waiting on japan vlogs.. we shouldn't gold our breaths

No. 1820074

File: 1683161325493.png (Spoiler Image,184.04 KB, 504x904, plzstop.png)

Seems Jake went on a crash diet and somehow managed to lose a bunch of weight recently and yet somehow still maintains his freakish proportions and girthy neck. Oh, and he shaved his bush I guess. lucky us.

No. 1820077

File: 1683161626379.png (170.59 KB, 767x928, Editing Wiz.png)

A new double spookybox unboxing, yawn. Apparently Kaya forgot how to edit, because this whole video is fucked, kek. And here is a comment from an unlucky fan, i guess she isn't so sweet in person.

No. 1820082

tbh this reads more like an esl mistake and they mean they regret not talking to her when they saw her years back?

No. 1820128

>He's been exposed to two very strong accents - South African and Northern Irish - and has an audience that's 50% American.
Nah, the call center job was such a long time ago and not for very long. He lived in Northern Ireland with a Northern Irish girl for ten years though, and another NI girl now, if anything he should sound something between British and Northern Irish, his voice is fake.
Also his audience being American is irrelevant since they aren't speaking to him.
>his odd accent is a hindrance because people in NI don't realise that he, like them, is from the UK.
Northern Irish people do not consider Brits to be "like them" (check out Irish history for some fun reasons why) specifically if he has an Irish accent he would be considered "like them"
Also he has spent his entire time in NI shitting on it relentlessly and calling everyone chavs, so regardless of accent he is unlikely to be popular.
Weird thing to defend imo unless you are also a fake voice-haver.

No. 1820139

jake is full of so much narc rage he regularly shits on uk (and possibly other) ppl for their accents/pronunciation and how unintelligible they are.

it feels edited lol, still doughy in middle, this is also before the blue hair so not even new. between no brows and whatever is happening to his hairline, his forehead is comically huge.

No. 1820161

it looks like he forgot leg day lmao
skinny legs and stumpy ass arms and thumb neck-face. torso not even chiseled. the starvation only affects his legs.

No. 1820199

File: 1683173802406.jpg (44 KB, 333x526, lmao.jpg)

her new unboxing video already has more views than his studio tour. Jake is going to be seething.

No. 1820219

Lol Kaya caught in another lie. Must be hard to keep track of every fable she tells her parents and patrons so they keep okaying all her stupid decisions.

No. 1820221

That's Kaya all over, self centred. Official guidance in UK is 5 days off work from your first positive test, my work place still doesn't want anyone positive in but people are using the new guidance so as to keep earning money.

Kaya has the freedom to rest and recover and instead she has spent the past month out and about sick because she deserves to spend her patrons money on partying. Wouldn't be surprised if she's compromised her immunity and will develop severe long covid.

No. 1820224

August 2022 is when she got those stupid head tats? Her break up with Jake was in 2021? Jesus christ. When did she leave the studio again?

No. 1820229

You can respond to multiple people in one post samefag anon.

No. 1820234

Way to contribute!

No. 1820242

Maybe learn to integrate? We don't need you shitting up the threads with multiple commentary posts, it fills the threads quicker.

Also consider what >>1819867 said. She admitted to being covid positive in Barcelona, but was most likely not covid positive at slimelight as it was a week later. Not trying to WK her here, but it doesn't seem like she's intentionally lying, but more than likely believed herself not contagious after that week.

No. 1820263

Did he fucking edit his own neck out of the photo? LOL Big Ed looking ass

No. 1820284

Not much going on in this video, she said she recorded a video about her incident (bar drink spiking), but isn't sure if she will upload it because she doesn't want unsolicited advice. She mentions rent again, said she doesn't want to work on her home anymore because she isn't sure if she will stay there. Rent prices have exploded, and still continue to, so I wonder what she expects, considering how diffitult it is to rent a house as a single person with an "influencer" job.
bot bump moment

No. 1820297

In his 2 hr response vid he said he worked at an infosec company called Veritas for 4 years working the South African phone lines in his early 20s. Jake also addresses his accent in a video due to all the comments he gets (What's Up With My Accent?). He says his accent became more American when he changed his vocabulary for his audience (3:46) and he thinks the Aussie comparisons come from the melding of the English accent and US speech patterns/terminology (4.59).
Meanwhile Kaya has admitted she has a 'strange, mixed accent' and that she assumes most people in NI think she's American and even some Americans have too (Accent Challenge video at 1:03).
They've spent the majority of their 11 year relationship living and working together in a bubble, heavily influencing each other's accents and being admitted homebodies that shunned the Belfast scene to stay at home consuming lots of American media. They interact with American content creators and fans for work and have American friends (like Amber). Also take into account how young they were when they first lived together (16 and 18) and how their accents were still malleable at that time.
With their history I don't think it's that wild that they both sound the way they do. Jake is hungry for fame but I don't think he's been faking that odd accent he's had for the last 10+ years.

>Northern Irish people do not consider Brits to be "like them" (check out Irish history for some fun reasons why) specifically if he has an Irish accent he would be considered "like them".

Things are a bit more complex than that; Unionists would proudly call themselves British while Nationalists dislike being British subjects and consider themselves Irish (there's some who consider themselves both but there's lots of shades of grey too) .
You're right that people from the north will generally have a shared accent regardless of political/national identity and immediately recognise a fellow local when they hear it.
I'll amend what I said before: Jake said he was disappointed when locals often viewed him as American rather than English.

>s-sounds like anon is a fake voice-haver!

Ahh there it is, it all makes sense now. I'm getting major small-town, zenophobic vibes from you. Perhaps you need to get out and meet more types of people.
Autistic rant over. Back to the milk.

No. 1820305

File: 1683191524820.jpg (302.74 KB, 1080x1756, tXnp6Nb.jpg)

…Has Mark not noticed the mistake either?
This is not a good look for Meraki Tattoo

No. 1820307

File: 1683191945525.png (47.99 KB, 864x485, Screenshot_20230504-051428.png)

Saw this comment, and they are right. She started and ended the video teasing the prospect of dishing on the roofie drama that her YouTube audience doesn't know about.

No. 1820326

Oof harsh (tbf the woman probs had no idea what happened). I can't find the comment anymore so Kaya must have been deleted it.
Kaya brought it up in such a clumsy, hasty way with bone xylophone music tinkling in the background so it was confusing to anyone who didn't know what happened. It came off like she was trying to plug her Instagram by teasing drama fuel rather than discuss a traumatic event and the reality of going out at night as a female. I hope she does post the video - her real side is a lot more engaging and the story should be told

No. 1820356

>People don't care as much
But still be ready for advice, but remember, that people don't care, but they'll still write advice.
Not every comment/feedback is an advice. People can share their experience or give advice to other commenters or rant about women's experience and fears.
But, still, people do care, and they feel entitled to give unsolicited advice.
Honestly, that commentary smells weird, if you know what I mean.

No. 1820358

>you're a zenophobe if you don't think an adult caucasian man in his 30s having a fake American accent despite spending half his life in NI and half his life in Britain is sus
Quite the take, did you sub to his Patreon to hear his bookreadings or something? Why is this the hill you want to die on kek

No. 1820362

An easier fix but there's no apostophe in the Don't either, wonder how much that person paid to have typos permanently emblazoned on their body

No. 1820365

"people don't care as much as you think they do" is such ill intended advice in these times where people get doxed within hours of appearing in the background of a tiktok, where 5000 people can quote tweet dunk you in minutes, like she absolutely should be careful what she posts, especially if it's likely to generate 1000 asshole comments (which it absolutely would based on what some people were saying here, immediately jumping to denial and victim blaming)

No. 1820377

It was around week last year, nonnie. She uploaded her house reveal on May 10th.

No. 1820400

She's so right. Nothing more fucking annoying than this bullshit. Post it or don't just stop whining about the video Kaya. If it's to uncomfortable don't post it like all your long blogs you never post.

No. 1820465

She doesn't want unsolicited advice to avoid being roofied? Probably she doesn't want to trip herself up in more bullshit lol.

So she's been in a proper functioning home for a year now and not much has changed.

No. 1820471

I had a literal autistic shut in classmate once who probably grew up on American media because he had this pseudo American accent. Because of what jake is like I wouldn't find it hard to believe he did something similar, or he's skinwalking someone. In kaya's first ever vlogs he does have a british accent, and then never again.

No. 1820489

Ever since he started dating Kat, who has a heavy Irish accent, he has been leaning into that pretty hard now too.

No. 1820495

Jake strikes me as somebody who has a very fragmented cultural identity. He's hasn't visited Wales or his home town in a decade and has been estranged from his family for years (and continues to talk shit on all of them bar his sister).
I don't know why he alienates himself from his home of 14 years (crazy right?) and mocks the people around him - it's this weird defense mechanism born from the fact he's English, 'goth' and an intensely individualistic, public content-maker. He resents this country for his own personal failings and it shows. It's obvious he considers Belfast as a pit stop before more exciting places like LA and Barcelona where everyone will suddenly wanna be his friend and money and fame beckons!
If he ever wants to move on from his current shitty existence he needs to radically accept that Northern Ireland is probably the best place for him and start the 'family man' chapter in his life where he learns to be a better person for his partner and step-child. Staying in his lane, leaving Kaya alone and working in the bike garage rather than next to wee Isaac's bedroom is a good start.

Really? I mean, the woman seems to repeat the same 3 words (Sangria! Drinks! Shots!) so I don't have a great idea of her accent. I can't say I've noticed that change in Jake.

No. 1820504

File: 1683223153736.jpg (375.31 KB, 1080x1911, wE3FVCx.jpg)

Kaya is on route to London…with a saucy book

No. 1820513

I don't know why exactly but I had such a grossed out reaction to this. When has she ever posted anything about books she's reading? And this is what she chooses to post now? Is she trying to attract pervy scrotes or trying to put the attention away from her whining, lack of blogs and money issues while shes paying for that studio still?

No. 1820516

Ol gal is just pent up from a decade of Jake jackhammering her for a few minutes and rolling over. This is cringe to publicize though.

No. 1820519

She has been lowkey hornyposting in her stories. But straight up rape and assault fetish shit? What the fuck, I'm puking.

No. 1820520

She used to read very stereotypical dark romance classics (Poppy Z Brite, Anne Rice etc) but I don't know if she reads much anymore. This book is called Her Soul to Take and looks like straight up non-human erotica lol

No. 1820530

Interestingly it's generally women who haven't touched a man in a decade who like to read erotic fiction, so I think this anon has got it right kek >>1820516

No. 1820532

>he's skinwalking someone
He used to skinwalk Casey Neistat pretty hard prior pretending to be a hot goth boi, I get the impression he has this very fixed idea of what is cool even if it jarringly unsuitable for him, he definitely suffers from "America is cool" delusion, which makes me think he does not read the news nor know the slightest thing about actually living in the US, reading about people's medical bills alone is enough to erase that notion for anyone with a modicum of empathy

No. 1820619

File: 1683234701596.png (239.11 KB, 530x955, abuserssupportingabusers.png)

Apparently it's about some girl summoning a demon, the demon wants her soul, but they bang it out and eventually fall in love. Seems like 50 shades of grey but oOooSpOoKy. This is adult fanfiction dot net tier "literature" at best. You would think she'd have better judgement after dating an abusive man for so long, but I guess she just has shit taste.

On the subject of abusive relationship dynamics, did anyone else catch that Jake liked this tweet in full support of Johnny Depp being a poor innocent abuse victim? Not surprised he's in support and likely relates to the alcoholic misogynist womanizer tbh.

No. 1820651

I don't see the tattoo on their instagram anymore. Guess they noticed the mistakes as well..

No. 1820735

It's still up there.
How embarrassing.

No. 1820846

File: 1683250554116.jpg (91.62 KB, 2220x1034, Talunted.jpg)

No. 1820860

is she making a joke in response to the misspelled tattoo and her shit spelling being discussed on this site? it would be funny but it's not even an exaggeration, and she has fucked up on someone's skin with permanent ink, and has repeatedly with not even being able to trace the art she steals with any skill. too late to think of yourself a comedienne you trash bucket.

No. 1820871

just my edit for laughs, nonnie
she definitely doesn't have a single funny bone in her body and isn't nearly self aware enough to do something like that

No. 1821022

lmao you fooled me.

No. 1821024

Thought Jake would have heard Heard was vindicated on tiktok as some deranged Johnny depp fans got the request for the closed files in the American trial and it was all the abusive Johnny Depp shit that got him convicted at the first trail in the UK. She is a victim lol. Thought Jake was all over tiktok.

No. 1821032

File: 1683265394044.jpg (120.97 KB, 1080x1826, K5H9jJF.jpg)

I love that her fans are on to her bullshit. She has the audacity to use the raised eyebrow emoji like this is isn't a good suggestion for her. You can throw around pysch terms all you like Kaya, the point still stands that your output has slowed and you need help if you want to pump out higher quality videos quicker.
You have a captive audience who want to see you succeed so what better pool of people to pick an editor from? There's gotta be at least a few hundred out-of-work editors watching you. You could hire some homebound or disabled person who is willing to work for a lower rate for their Goff Qween. You'd be giving a job to a long-term fan who knows what editing decisions you like in your videos. Obviously you'd need to vet well and it takes a lot of trust to form a working relationship.

No. 1821037

Funny that she considers hiring an editor as expensive but trips to London are an expected expense for her fans to fund. Anyone want to bet her fans would rather their patron money go towards something that would actually equate to them getting the content they want? Honestly, does Kaya have even the smallest semblance of a 5 year plan? Does she consider the future or is the future to her just whenever the next time slimelight is on?

No. 1821039

Lmao. Executive dysfunction is just a term adults are using as an excuse to not work, get shit done, and hide behind. She’s not incapable. She does regular trips and has plans with her friends most days so it’s not like she’s bedbound and can’t do things like look after herself. Very curious how these ADHD sufferers only have executive dysfunction for work related things lmao. And don’t blogpost that you have ADHD and find it super duper wuper hard to do stuff wah! She’s just lazy and is using it as an excuse. If it was crippling her life that bad she would take her meds. It’s a convenient excuse.

No. 1821045

One of the few skills Kaya has honed over the years is victimising herself. Which just makes the most recent roofie saga so strange. Isn't it fascinating how her mind can push through a night out leaving her in the hospital as a non issue but she was incapacitated when a wild swan died.

No. 1821075

the passive aggressive tone of the question doesn't particularly read like an actual fan question tbh

She said in her unboxing video that she feels like it's often cheaper for her to stay in london than at home because she stays with friends, the tickets are cheap, and the venue is paying her to host the event, etc.

Hiring an editor would be smart though. She should clear out that unused studio and channel that money into something that would actually benefit her channel. Even if it were just twice a month for vlogs or something, it would be better than where she's at now and shouldn't break the bank.

No. 1821078


How can it be cheaper for her to eat out, travel etc in the most expensive place in the country? Vs eating cheap home cooked meals at home? Get real and stop buying her excuses.

No. 1821079

>She said in her unboxing video that she feels like it's often cheaper for her to stay in london than at home because she stays with friends, the tickets are cheap, and the venue is paying her to host the event, etc.
If I was her host friend and heard this, I'd stop having her over.

No. 1821080

Ikr? That anon was being way too charitable to Kaya.
Kaya has high living costs from living alone in a 2 bedroom house, the diesel guzzling Jeep Renegade (which she uses a lot), fairly regular meals/nights out, near monthly tattoos, expensive clothes (I noticed she was wearing $270 Naked Wolfe sneakers in her Vegas trip) and cosmetic treatments like waxes and hair salon visits.
The only reason London is cheap is because the club covers her flight (I think that's the extent of the payment) and she can stay at mate's houses while getting 3 tattoos during her stay.
Kaya is a spoiled brat with cognitive dissonance.

No. 1821083

inb4 her clothes are from sponsors, her hairdresser is her friend, she does cook at home etc etc actual frugal queen.
Her London trips may not be as expensive as assumed, but it's true that her daily living costs look to be way above average.

No. 1821090

Oh, and the $/£500 a month studio. How the hell do you forget about that giant moneysuck? She'd probably blame it on issues with object permeance from her ADHD and the stress from not knowing where to move the hoard piles too. Maybe she can hire her Mum to be her personal assistant so she can watch her expenses.

No. 1821096


Why does Kaya keep doing q&a's when she gets super defensive at reasonable questions? She should be more open to advice about things she obviously struggles with. Her responses are often quite rude and snippy, which is a weird approach for someone that lives off of her fan donations.

No. 1821097

Smells of jealousy in here, why don't you try and earn more money rather than cry on lolcow because a goth girl goes (comped) to slimelight a couple of times a month? Nothing she does exceeds what I have seen normal, non influencer friends do in their daily lives. You're out here hallucinating a lifestyle which doesn't exist. If a £45 flight, overnight stay and drinks makes you seethe with jealousy then work on your finances so you can achieve that too
Literally hallucinating "waxes and hair salon visits" when?? has she posted about waxes (never) and she regularly thanks her friend (one of those girls she hangs around with constanyly) for doing her hair, obviously for free
For the ableist anons who are probably the same broke bitch anons, she's explaining she doesn't hate editing like the anon question infers, she isn't using is as an excuse but explaining the reason behind her putting it off is not because she doesn't like it, adhd people put off things they love all the time.
You complain she goes out with her friends, then if she doesn't you complain she's lazy, just sort out your lives so this goth girl living a very ordinary life doesn't invoke such jealousy.(are you lost?)

No. 1821098

You're always smelling this or that in this thread, maybe it's the brown on your nose?

No. 1821100

Why are you defending her? this is a gossip board

No. 1821105

>this goth girl living a very ordinary life

No. 1821108

File: 1683279916659.jpg (37.78 KB, 367x367, p7AUoEV.jpg)

…Why are you even here? You sound lost. The private 'Coven of Toxic Tears' Facebook group is that way.
We'll talk about a 10+ year public influencer in her thread however the fuck we like and we have receipts to back it up.
Your 'normal, non-influencer friends' don't rely on public donations to pay for their partying and luxuries and neither do we. Her behavior invites criticism and ridicule whether you like it or not.

>Literally hallucinating "waxes and hair salon visits" when?? has she posted about waxes (never) and she regularly thanks her friend (one of those girls she hangs around with constanyly) for doing her hair, obviously for free

Kaya talks about treatments she gets in IG stories and chatty GRWMs - here's some evidence retard.
Also, I don't think it's ok to get services for free from her respectable, employed friends - that's undermining their labour and is extremely disrespectful.

>She's explaining she doesn't hate editing like the anon question infers

Editing is a big part of being a YouTuber: she's been doing this full-time for 10 years and not much has changed. If she finds she's stagnating then she actually needs to accept help but she's allergic to advice and incredibly stubborn. That's why her career won't grow how she wants it to.

No. 1821115

What I don't understand is why Kaya don't leave youtube if she don't like editing? She could stream, or she could put some crappy short tiktok videos that don't need much editing, or she could focus on her Instagram.

No. 1821127

Tiktok and Instagram pay no bills. She is complaining about the platform that actually brings in money from work, and she uses the other platforms to keep people interested in her. She wouldn't have near as many Patrons if she didn't use her life as a soap opera for people to tune into on Instagram daily, which is why she was berating her YouTube subscribers for not following her on Instagram.

No. 1821131

This made me laugh so loud

No. 1821132

She can still upload YouTube shorts people watch them over and over you could get triple the amount views from a short then you can regular video

No. 1821133

Don't be such a fucking retard. Executive dysfunction is a real thing. Though I often wonder if Kaya has it because she seems to have no issues to find her lipstick and put on make up and outfits everyday and seems to be able to go to parties and shit with no issues what so ever. I think she just has ADHD and lazyness.

No. 1821155

NTA, but this just makes it look like she got a wax one time over a year ago? Do you have other receipts proving this is something she regularly does or something she has at least done recently?

No. 1821167

>goth girl
She's an AliExpress woman, actually

No. 1821170

I like how they were so proud of their "receipts" when it is one singular screenshot showing she got a wax a year ago and had a bad time, describing it as "terrible" and "embarrassing" sure sounds like something she gets all the time, got me there!
>Also, I don't think it's ok to get services for free from her respectable, employed friends
Her friends offering to do services for free or mates rates/discounted (likely her tats are all on influencer discount for promo) is something they are choosing to do from free will, there is literally no moral problem here

No. 1821171

End of the day it is noteworthy how little Kaya has done in the last decade towards her own earnings. To get so defensive over a fan asking about an editor is stupid. It wasn't passive aggressive. People working for money isn't abuse.

There's entire threads to evidence kaya ebegs. When she got dumped her ex paid for her accommodation until May of last year. Now she's in a big house in Bangor one of the more expensive areas to live in NI, she hasn't earned it. Such a joke to actual working people the amount of breaks and time off from doing literally anything Kaya needs.

No. 1821178

Nta, and also not sure if it's from the content referenced, but i do remember her talking about being embarrassed at a wax because she got recognized before they started. The way she talked about it was definitely from the pov of someone who regularly gets that service, and really didn't want to actually have a connection like that with the person doing it.

Also, it's definitely muffed to use your friends for their services like that. I pay and tip all my friends who have businesses because i respect their work.

No. 1821179

Fact is that she can’t pay rent from free tattoos or hair cuts. Apparently her rent was raised recently so I’m just curious if she can afford to stay there. If she was really in financial need I’m sure she’d be lifestreaming soon kek

No. 1821192

She's definitely posted about her wax appointments here and there. It's not been archived because it's nonmilk. I don't really understand why saying that she gets these procedures is such an outrageous thing.
Does anyone have actual proof of her getting friend discounts then? Or is it just assumed?

No. 1821206

Thanks for confirming that for the anon who clearly didn't watch the TikTok. The only reason that Kaya brought up her waxing session was that something embarrassing happened but otherwise she's not going to update us every time hair waxed from her cooch lol. She has casually mentioned getting waxed before so I assumed she gets it from time to time.

None of us have proof. All I know is that Lisa works in a hair salon chain in NI. Her tattoo mates definitely give her discounts and I'm sure it's something they insist on because they like Kaya.
I will say that Kaya regularly shuttles her mates around to gigs and adventures so I will give credit where it's due. She has also said she likes getting people little gifts so maybe there is some balance there in kind gestures.
However, these services are definitely not free and if she is truly struggling to pay rent then things like tatts and hair treatments need to go.

I have professional working friends who are a lot more broke than they should be because they love getting regular manis, salon hair-cuts/colour and eyebrow shaping. They like looking and feeling good and are aware they can reign in the luxuries, but they'll never be questioned like Kaya because they're not public figures and have a stable, high salary.

No. 1821229

There's definitely money to be made from TikTok. Kaya is probably already in the Creator Next program as she has over 100k followers on TikTok, regularly makes posts and gets at least 1000 views every month. Once you're in you can make money from 'gifts', tips and affiliate marketing through branded content (advertisers find you on the Creator Marketplace). There's also a Creator Fund which, as of Mar 2021, distributes $300M to creators based on views and engagement. You need at least 100,000 views per month to be eligible and I noticed Kaya got 700k views on a video 2 days ago.

I don't know much about Instagram monetization. She has 161k follows on there so she has a lot of eyes on her IG stories. I find it a weird coincidence that she has the exact same number of followers on her Instagram as on her TikTok lol.

She defs needs to cross-post to shorts more and increase her earnings with basically no effort.

While I find her output on YouTube underwhelming I can see she's making a decent effort on other platforms post-Jake. Remember when Twitter used to be her fave platform? She almost used it like a diary during the pandemic and used it to talk about ADHD stuff a lot. She made the right decision to jump ship (even though Elon is currently trying to monetize posts on there, keyword is trying lol)

No. 1821322

>it's so cute
>oh that's really nice
>that's very cute
Nice to know her content hasn't changed either lol

Though is it just me or are spooky boxes lighter now

No. 1821334

Tiktok pays 2-4 cents for every 1000 views. So on an average of 15k tiktoks she gets 30-60 cents. Tiktok is dying just like vine because you can't keep advertisers happy and you cant pay your creators enough. It will be gone in 5 years tops.

Instagram does not pay anyone. you only get money from brand deals and things like that.

No. 1821356

File: 1683318545339.jpg (195.52 KB, 1080x1816, CBj0Nj6.jpg)

So it's confirmed one of the people she stays with in London is her tattooist. They went from a professional relationship to a personal one rather quickly…

No. 1821391

Is that part of interacting with kaya in London now, that she'll try to bum drinks and a bed off you kek

No. 1821507

I wish she wasnt so vague about tattoo creeps. if shed just spill some fucking tea she would get more views/money.

No. 1821526

Welp, views don't earn shit. I heard TikTok takes a 50% cut on the 'diamonds' you get from gifts. There are so many goths and alt people to compete with on there anyway so I guess Twitch/Youtube streaming is the way to go.

Kaya makes a huge point of the fact that she's not just a Youtuber but a 'content creator' however it was her apology video that quadrupled her Patreon numbers and saved her career. I think a large amount of her audience have been with her for a long time but a lot of them weren't giving any money or very little of it.

Her Patreon numbers are almost back to where they were at in November last year (before Flake made his 'clap back' video and she gained like 200 patrons kek). She knows people are morbidly curious about her break-up and hearing about any harassment or legal updates. Her car rants vlog did so well because the title alluded to new drama with Jake (ultimately it related to being at the mercy of algorithms).
She'll always be thinking about her next big video that will blow-up and get a lot of attention. Spooky Box and GRWM are her bread and butter but she needs sensationalized content if she wants to make money.
I think she will post the roofie video by next month and she's probably already thinking about how to make a video of the friendship bridge-burning, even if she just indirectly talks about creepy tattoo artists.

No. 1821613

So aside from the parasocial relationship she has with her fans what content does she provide them? What happens when she wants to date someone and said she'll be more private. She's literally a soap opera.

No. 1821636

Her room transformation vids and vlogs seem to do quite well. The only problem is that these videos require a lot of editing and, as she refuses to hire an editor, events that happened 3-6 months ago are still waiting to be put into video.
She's getting the most money she's ever gotten in her career (600 patrons) but a lot of her content is still very safe and familiar - GRWM, Spooky Box, hauls, Q&A. She can do the sitting-on-her-arse content AND experimental stuff because her patrons will support her regardless - she's not a slave to the algo anymore. For example she can drive back to the Antrim coast by herself and film her exploring some secluded beach or mountainside - that way she won't get distracted by being around people and she'll satisfy her cottage-core loving audience.

I don't know if she'll have another boyfriend for a long-time. I think she has a lot of trust issues from being cheated on twice by Jake. She was also cheated on by the bf she had before Jake (she famously mocked the other woman for being fat on her Tumblr back in the day).

No. 1821644

File: 1683355935314.png (643.77 KB, 511x912, kayaroly.png)

She's apparently staying with Roly for Slimelight this time around. Tbh tho, I don't entirely get why anons are so weird about her crashing at friends places. Like you don't want her paying for hotels because it's a waste of funds and you don't want her crashing with friends because she's a mooch? Her friends don't really seem to mind? But I guess we'll see if that ever changes in the future.

No. 1821650

Her carbon footprint is pretty wild with the amount of travelling.

No. 1821653

Ew she's getting a bit too comfortable with the brow-less look…she looks like a grumpy egg. She has nice skin so she doesn't really need make-up but w/o brows she's effin ugly.

Her travels overseas will become more frequent so I hope she doesn't over-rely on the same people too much. I hope she knows it's a given to foot the bill for meals out and tidy up when you stay with someone a few nights. Her social awareness is not great at times and she has this delusion she's super poor (yet she got 3 tattoos on one of her visits).
The most cringe thing was when her accom plans fell through last month and she was forced to reach out to 'mutuals' through IG stories to beg for a place to stay. You'd think at that point she'd just pay for damn hotel room for a few nights, even if it's a bit expensive or further away. She could even head home a bit earlier. By her own admission coronation week is a bit of a nightmare time to go to London.

Do you really think the girl that owns a Jeep (who mainly drives in urban Belfast) and that has sent more stuff to landfill than all of us on the thread combined gives a shit about the environment?

No. 1821665

What happened to her lips? Did she have them done

Yeah I noticed how good her skin is recently she used to have bad skin and made videos on it glad she was able to get that sorted I bet that nice for her
Yeah no eyebrows looks vile on everyone not that hard to draw two lines or even get temporary tattooed ones done in a salon, same with jake just grow them back already

No. 1821669

She's always had nice lips (it's her best feature by far) but I must say they have that 'filled' look here.

>Yeah no eyebrows looks vile on everyone not that hard to draw two lines or even get temporary tattooed ones done in a salon, same with jake just grow them back already

Jake looks really menacing with the face tatts, no eyebrows and a flannel shirt - he looks like a wife beater. Being jealous of Dean really fucked with his head and he has made some terrible aesthetic choices. Whatever turns Kat on I guess…

No. 1821682

Going to Slimelight tonight nonnies, will report back if I see anything

No. 1821720

she's clearly making a face/snarling which raises the upper lip and makes it look larger, seriously you anons will look for anything kek

No. 1821726

An expression which almost entirely loses its effectiveness without eyebrows, hence the commentary about her looks. But see this post >>1821100 since it's a great response to yours

No. 1821736

>not that hard to draw two lines
LOL your incredible makeup skills are showing

No. 1821737

Yeah American here, jake does NOT sound like us, he sounds weird as hell

No. 1821761

What’s going on with her lips

No. 1821764

you can tell from the wrinkling up of her nose, jfc. I'm not even trying to defend her, i agree with others here she's a lazy mooching fat slob and playing up the pity for money, but some of the nitpicks here are just plain retarded

No. 1821780

Think it's the rampant autism itt where they can't read an obvious comedic facial expression

No. 1821901

>draw two lines or even get temporary tattooed ones done in a salon
Are you seriously suggesting her to get tattooed brows when she shaved off hers?

No. 1821933

The level of weird nitpicking this thread gets has me lmao.

No. 1821941

8 overseas trips in 12 months is excessive. Only 3 of them were 'covered' for work.

No. 1821952

yes london is so very far from ireland. It's not like she's taking a private jet nonnie.

No. 1822072

No harm but its not a meme for people to actually be concerned for the planet. It literally takes the same amount of fuel to keep a small car on the road for a year in what her 20 minute flights to London do.

No. 1822104

why are you virtue signaling on lolcow of all places

No. 1822111

Cause kayas a big selfish fat lazy bitch

No. 1822128

Illiterate anon is here to break the tension lmao

No. 1822176

Sure, but someone traveling as much as Kaya does is miniscule in the larger scheme of things and is ultimately just virtue signaling. Just look at how much any real celebrity or CEO travels in a week or a month's time. It's such a silly nitpick and feels like reaching in the name of making milk where there isn't any tbh.

No. 1822184

Kayas not a celebrity. She's a lazy bitch. Who's looking after her cat while she's always away from home? She going to give up Sebastian before she kills him like her other pets?

No. 1822214

Her mom watches her cat. Someone already asked her this in a Q&A. Stop trying to make a dairy farm out of nothing, it's making you look really desperate nonnie. Kaya has done actually milky things, let's focus on that instead of making shit up.

No. 1822219

>Kayas not a celebrity
Obviously anon. Did you miss the part where it said "real celebrity"? She's a half baked influencer at best.

No. 1822228

Let's take morals out of it. The CEO or celeb is getting paid a shit ton to show up somewhere whereas Kaya loses money on her party travels. Yes her flights may be covered and yes, she might never have to pay for a drink (I hope she safely accepts drinks from strangers), but she's still shopping, having meals out, getting tatts and hopping on the tube while she's there. She's gets defensive about going to London in videos because she knows it's mostly been for pleasure not business and she's not been vlogging any of it (or releasing that footage at least). Actually…has she vlogged any trips since last year? This is the content her fans would love to see. They've been giving her thousands of dollars to see her flourish and party and deserve to see it. Instead they've been giving the same shit quality vids back when she had 150 Patreon subs.
The moaning is starting to creep back in her videos and it's evident she has squandered her Patreon bux (it's happened to many YouTubers) and needs to scale back her lifestyle.

No. 1822231

Honestly couldn't give a fuck less if she'd just make the vlog videos of her outings and trips. Then she can write it all off as part of her "job" as a content creator. I agree though, it's kind of a waste outside of hosting the events even though her dad was the one who paid for her trip to spain and her friends helped with the vegas trip since it was a big influencer thing. She's lucky to get to travel as much as she does and it would be some of her most interesting content if she'd stop putting off editing the videos.

No. 1822247

Didn't her mum keep her cat the months she was in the studio? Kaya giving up another pet confirmed

No. 1822250

The cat couldn't stay in the studios because it wasn't allowed to be there. Drop it already.

However Kaya and Jake did go through half a dozen reptiles, insects and rats when they were together. In previous altcows threads there are allegations that they didn't look after their pets well. Some of their snakes were a lot smaller than they should have been due to potential under-feeding and had squalid living conditions. Jake claimed Kaya was too lazy to clean Sebastian's kitty litter or feed him so he had to step in and look after her cat. I hope she's a better pet owner now but I don't think she should ever be allowed to hoard animals like that again.

No. 1822254

You're the same annoying anon that always tinfoils dumb shit and tries to pass it off as legitimate milk, aren't you?

Someone like Kaya def is best only having a single "humans only" kind of cat like Sebastian at most. Hope we never see her having another one of those animal hording phases and she knows better by now. I can't imagine Jake being exceptionally good with animals either given his behavior around the toddler and the mess we've seen around his home and studio. Wish Kaya would let us get more than just a glimpse of her place, but from what little we've been able to see, it seems she's at least smart enough to clean the spaces she puts on video or in her stories.

No. 1822255

Sorry but who the fuck are you to mod the thread? Her gay little q+a about the cat wasn't posted here? We're not all kaya fans following her socials. Cats aren't like dogs, they're territorial and easily stressed, hopefully her mum stays at her house for Sebastian, wonder how often the cat gets left in while kaya goes off. Maybe it would be happier with her mum.

Kaya seems very shallow and frivolous. She treats animals like aesthetics. She never really mentions then. Always thought she was an animal lover but idk.

No. 1822263

File: 1683439676937.png (976.69 KB, 1017x905, kuro.png)

NTA, but she literally talks about Sebastian all the time. You don't even have to watch her Q&As very regularly to know this tbh.

She's been out having dinner with another pretty boy alt model dude, named Kuro. He has a gf tho, so I don't think there's actually any real tinfoil to be had here, but I don't recall her hanging out with him before? Unless I'm somehow mistaken.

No. 1822266

File: 1683439900948.png (201.78 KB, 509x912, rolylux.png)

Also claims to have had a good work day while over at >>1821644 Not sure if she means another collab video or in general, but I guess we will see. Gonna kek if it's just her counting "answering work emails" as a good work day tbh.

No. 1822276

File: 1683440965385.png (152.49 KB, 535x472, pastweek.png)

Only Jake update is a complete lack of updates. It's been almost a full week since he's done literally anything. His last Patreon exclusive of his bootleg audiobook was two weeks ago. His studio tour video that flopped was just over a week ago and his last stream was last Sunday. It's been an awful lot of radio silence from him lately, even the discord is dead rn. No tweets or IG posts or anything either?

No. 1822281

I'm pretty sure he went to Monster Queen with her the first time. He's cute but like with Elf Boy I assumed he was gay lol. I'm still waiting on Slimelight pics so I can see their outfits


You're forgetting this amazing thirst-trap from 3 days ago nonna.
Didn't his supa-fast internet come through on the 5th? He's probably gonna go to Portugal first for his b'day then begin his VR debut.
I caught a stream where he said he was gonna have to start streaming at 3am NI time in order to try get more American viewers. That'll mean driving to the bike garage at weird hours or sleeping there in order to make his VR career work kek

No. 1822282

I definitely thought he was gay too until I found his fb. To be fair Jake looked super gay when they started seeing each other too. Can't tell if she has a type or ? kek

Oh true, he did get his super! fast! internet installed recently. I might have missed some recent stories, but they seem so few and far in between lately. At least with him streaming out in the studio poor Isaac will be able to get some peace and quiet when they put him to bed. No more Jake shouting about sucking horse cocks and eating dry shit or whatever he's always on about while the poor kid is just a few steps away in the other room.

No. 1822299

Saged for tinfoil but I’ve seen Andrew Kuro around a lot before on the online dating scene. Facebook dating, Tinder, Turn Up etc. For a long time in fact. Wonder if he’s a bit of a poly swinger or something? In which case, I probably wouldn’t rule anything out with Kaya.

No. 1822306

don't understand the weird nitpic about the plane trip carbon footprints the plane will be flying whether kaya is on it or not lmao