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File: 1675966935518.png (855.45 KB, 688x649, no neck munro.png)

No. 1764493

Meet the cows:
Jake Munro - Kaya's ex boyfriend, after dating for around a decade. Cheated on her with his girlfriend's tattoo artist's wife, Kat. Fancies himself a musician, though since his bandmates left, doesn't seem capable of producing music on his own. Used Joker-esqe makeup and mimicking other artist's makeup for attention on Youtube, but has since generally given the gimmick up as his popularity rapidly declined post break-up. Appears to be rapidly aging into the bloated corpse of a chav gordan ramsay due to a suspected alcohol and nicotine addiction. Has big dreams of being the next big V-tuber star. Occasionally scars us with his ugly nudes via a rarely updated OnlyFans account.

ToxicTears (Kaya) - Veteran goth youtuber, used to get hundreds of thousands of views, but her channel has dwindled down due to inactivity during the last few years of her relationship with Jake. Has a tendency to make a lot of excuses not to film, though seems to posting somewhat regularly again. Kind of an airhead, often anxious. Lots of old milk. Almost constant debate in thread in regards to her current cow status.

Kat Paine - Previously married mother of one, cheated on her tattoo studio owning husband with their client's (Kaya) long term boyfriend (Jake). You can find her posting heavily filtered lewds to her OnlyFans when she isn't tracing Disney coloring book sheets part-time at the tattoo shop. Her most popular phrases include: "Daddy! Shots!", "Drinks! Shots!" and incoherent giggling at Jake doing literally anything.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1715677

Updates from last thread:
>>1753822 Gareth, a previous member in the MUNRO band calls Jake out on his ego and for choosing to go solo.
>>1752635 Kaya goes to Nevada, USA and Jake brags about shutting himself away to learn how to make music in his bedroom.
>>1708771 Jake uploads a 2 hour and 15 minute video 'breaking his silence' and makes an utter ass of himself in the process
>>1708772 Kaya posts an Instragram story addressing Jake's video, says she'll be responding to it soon
>>1708797 Kaya posts a short video on youtube to say she's watching the video and taking notes, and will respond as soon as she can.
>>1708806 Jake's video had timestamps, suggesting he was stalking her socials and lolcow for every mention of him.
>>1708834 Jake says he's already contacted a solicitor (lawyer) about the items Kaya 'stole' from him.
>>1708841 Jake defends making his video because his 'character' and 'success' were being attacked.
>>1708847 Snacc points out Kaya's making her own video, Jake say's he'll respond to it.
>>1708872 Jake confirms the cops told him to stop trying to contact Kaya.
>>1709086 Twitter isn't having any of Jake's bullshit.
>>1709171 Jake's video is getting almost as many dislikes as likes.
>>1709190 Jake deletes all negative comments on his video, as per usual.
>>1709247 Kaya uploads her 3 hour response video the same night, says she might delete it and make a more composed video later.
>>1709606 The comments section of Jake's video is turning on him. >>1709608 >>1709610 >>1709653
>>1709658 Braindead Snaccs defend him on twitter.
>>1709667 The likes on Kaya's video already exceed Jake's with only half the views.
>>1709673 Roly posts his support to the video, confirms Jake's behaviour from past experiences.
>>1709699 Rotten Hollow posts support on Instagram. >>1709725
>>1709756 Jake's instagram starts feeling the hate.
>>1709802 More confirmation of Jake's shitty behaviour from random people who met them over the years.
>>1709943 Anon posts a detailed breakdown of Kaya's video.
>>1710001 Don't invalidate Jake's mental health!
>>1710106 Jake's plushie shows up for sale on Mercari.
>>1710200 More recap of Kaya's video.
>>1710213 Kaya debunks Kat's lies that she wasn't kicked out by Dean.
>>1710217 Jake can't keep up with deleting the hate on his instagram pics anymore.
>>1710226 A reddit thread about the drama is created.
>>1710293 Angela Benedict comments her support to Kaya.
>>1710307 Jake couldn't have let Kaya stay in their house because he needed somewhere to fuck Kat.
>>1710310 Melanie Murphy comments her support to Kaya.
>>1710343 Jake's brother comments on Kaya's video. >>1710344 >>1710348 >>1710357
>>1710354 Jake starts to respond to comments finally. >>1710373 >>1710385
>>1710377 More support for Kaya, this time from Vampirefreaks.
>>1710400 Jake is bleeding subscribers.
>>1710507 Emilyboo makes an Instagram story about Jake.
>>1710716 Jake says he'll delete his video if she does, asks people to get ahold of her for him.
>>1710730 Privates the video, gives Kaya 25 minutes to do the same.
>>1710757 Kaya wakes up to Jake's bullshit yet again.
>>1710792 Jake gives Kaya more time since she just woke up.
>>1710787 Meanwhile, Kat posts selfies.
>>1710867 Roly roasts Jake with a selfie.
>>1710881 Jake's ultimatum doesn't go over well.
>>1710897 Jake say's he's moving on, no regrets and hopes Kaya will private her video too.
>>1710961 Kaya isn't making any decisions yet, hopes he'll really move on, might keep the video up because abuse survivors have asked her to.
>>1711055 Jake's instagram is losing subscribers.
>>1711454 Jake bans comments on one instagram pic so people move on to another.
>>1711574 Jake decides not to move on, will 'address everything' instead. >>1711686
>>1711575 John's comment to the whole situation.
>>1711739 Kaya finds out Jake's plan to 'address' things, says she's just tired and wants to be left alone. >>1711741
>>1711788 Kaya says Jake tried to push her out of doing Youtube many times.
>>1712035 People are now tagging Kat in comments.
>>1712055 Luxeria shows her support for Kaya.
>>1712073 Jake was so nice to Kaya during a past medical emergency that she almost hoped she would have another serious health issue just so he'd be nice to her again.
>>1712087 Kaya posts about feeling sick after an 'eye opening' day, deletes story shortly after.
>>1712338 Commentary/reaction videos start showing up on youtube. >>1712342 >>1712343
>>1712423 Kaya confirms the Cops know about Jake's video.
>>1712451 Kaya's instagram story suggests something happened, but she never elaborates. Anons suspect the cops might be involved, hence the silence.
>>1712483 More evidence of Jake's creepy behaviour. >>1712512
>>1712513 Kaya is living in fear of what Jake will say next. >>1712515
>>1712770 Skat privates her OF Instagram.
>>1712935 Kaya says she's not doing very well mentally right now.
>>1712951 Skat's plagiarism gets called out on Twitter.
>>1713021 Jake's plan to destroy Kaya's reputation only brought her tons more views, subscribers, and Patrons, and lost him a ton himself.
>>1713039 People start posting hate on Skat's tattoo shops page.
>>1713308 Kaya is planning to go to therapy after everything that's happened.
>>1713391 Working copy of Jake's original Breakup Video is posted.
>>1713411 Kaya goes to the hospital for unknown reasons.
>>1713613 Jake gets his stomach tatooed, whines like a little bitch about how it hurt.
>>1713616 Anon finds pics of the tattoo.

No. 1764494

File: 1675966989623.png (1.22 MB, 789x831, kaya.png)

No. 1764496

File: 1675967051382.png (159.65 KB, 489x890, Jake1.PNG)

Jake is being unproductive as well, only rehashing his underages snaccs reactions to his garbage music

No. 1764501

>some shit came along just in time for me coming home that rained on my parade, to put it lightly

Honestly if it's about Jake, just be straight out with it.

No. 1764504


Jake really has nothing going for him kek
He bought all that expensive gear for VR but shelved it to get back into music… again

No. 1764507

Honestly cant remember the last time Kaya went over a week without complaining about something super bad and negative happening in her life, its like how much bad shit is happening to her or is she just whiny and exaggerating the smallest things? Because its not normal to ALWAYS have bad things happening in your personal life, especially now she is finally rid of Jake youd think it would improve but its still happening every other day

No. 1764511

Honestly i can imagine ending a 10 year chapter of your life can bring up a bunch of BS, like getting a stupid facebook memory or something can ruin a day

No. 1764525

Lolcow was down for me during this time but Jesus fucking Christ does anyone remember how bad Kayas kitchen(?) looked in her vlog, specifically the part where she has her parents over for Christmas. I would HATE to live with her. Even after months of living there it still looks like a war zone.

I have no doubt he is still whining about "his" laptop or camera or whatever the fuck it was. It's his one good reason (in his head) to keep in contact with her, so maybe that is making her days bad? But she did mention a lot of times that it has nothing to do with him so who knows at this point.

No. 1764526

wasn't she cooking a big holiday meal for her family at the time?

No. 1764541

Omfg that thread pic kek

No. 1764556

Why so agro? Pointing out Kaya is a whinge doesn't make people look like faggots lmao. Didn't realise filming yourself was so difficult that we should all be impressed. Why so emotive, do you sit sound doing fuck all all day too?

No. 1764567

I don't even follow this cow but that pic in the OP took me out lmao

No. 1764572

I was more amused about her including her mum in the vlog. I'm 100% certain she's the bad grammar sperg that posts in defense of kaya lol.

No. 1764622

To be fair, that is really good tinfoil! :o(:o)

No. 1764646

>>1764525 Yeah I wasn't sure if I was just being OCD about it but fucksake, it was messy.

Kudos to nonnie for the thread pic, I think you might just rupture a vein in Jake's forehead with that.

No. 1764712

From your lips to God’s ears, Nona…,

No. 1764734

File: 1675989668315.png (279.12 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 01-38…)

And just like that I lost the smidgeon of sympathy I gained for Kaya…

No. 1764759

sigh Of course she's one of those.

No. 1764779

File: 1675993336771.png (608.58 KB, 493x890, hmm.PNG)


I'm in the same agreement nonnies.

No. 1764788

No It's about some creep neighbour who gets drunk and pounds on her door at 2am regularly. She does not want to call the cops so he doesn't get angry with her. She was hesitant to talk about it because apparently he knows her social media. She is dumb as fuck. I saw the insta post but she deleted it before i could made a screenshot.

No. 1764791

File: 1675994813341.png (318.41 KB, 497x887, oh.PNG)

No. 1764792

>She does not want to call the cops so he doesn't get angry with her. She was hesitant to talk about it because apparently he knows her social media.

This bitch dumb. No reason for her to avoid confrontation just because some creep knows her socials. Making life harder on herself for no reason. Sigh.

No. 1764822

Thanks anon for making us a new thread! LOL I love the Jake with a Big Ed twist. That horrible little fat man is his spirit animal

No. 1764832

iirc she mentioned letting a drunk man in or opening the door to him some time ago, seems like he's got attached
(unironically I blame Jake, since she has no radar for violent drunks due to living with one for so many years, same way those who grow up in abusive households tend to pick partners with red flag traits which are familiar to them)
Idk what I would do here if it's a next door neighbour, maybe ask other neighbours for advice?

No. 1764842


Same Anon.
Perhaps I was too cold and detached in my response and I am apologizing for that. Seeing your perspective made me take a step back and realize… you're not wrong in your thinking/opinion nonnie.

>Growing up or living in an abusive household having no sense of a radar situation.

I also would have no idea how one would operate under that situation with that kind of background. …I can only hope she doesn't allow it to escalate further.

No. 1764847

She's been in the habit of entertaining older gentleman with her feet before maybe she thought she could make money off him lol. She should obviously phone the police if he's harassing her and calling on her at unsociable hours.

No. 1764848

File: 1676000854641.jpg (840.17 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20230210_001332_Ins…)

I wonder if they asked this because of snake and skat, kaya's reply doesn't really imply it though

Didn't she have an obsessed with with Harry Potter phase, crafting a Niffler and banging on about being a hufflepuff. Performatively doing a 180 for your troon followers doesn't gain you much kaya, it's a game from a franchise you've liked that mentions nothing about trannies in the content. Or is it still infused with twansphobe essence?

No. 1764873


She mentioned in her stories that that is not the personal thing that happened thats had her down

No. 1764885

What is she going to do with all her huffle puff stuff? She was so obsessed with being a hufflepuff and didn’t even read the books or watch the films lmao.
I remember in one of jakes vlogs while they’re in town checking the mail, and there’s shops and things to do all around. it’s a gorgeous sunny day but she looks kind of bummed out, no makeup, likely depressed, but Jake took the opportunity to appear as a “good boyfriend” and asked her what she wanted to go shopping for, and she sheepishly replies, “huffle puff stuff,” and cracks a shy smile like a little girl.
I was fooled by the gruesome twosome and the unhappiness of their relationship because he did make sure to buy her whatever she wanted, or at least filmed himself doing so. definitely not worth being abused over, but he had people believing he was a giver.

No. 1764890

She recently came forth about the things that had her stressed and the deleted stories via her Instagram stories:

To clear things up before drama starts: the recent things that had me stressed – and if you missed my stories where I said I deleted said stories – none of "that" has anything to do with my ex. These are separate things, so please; don't misunderstand and think it has something to do with that past situation and drama, and bring that back up because I don't need that. I got enough going on without bringing that back up.

No. 1764934

>She's been in the habit of entertaining older gentleman with her feet before
Nonnies? Shut the fuck up with this ancient and irrelevant tinfoil. Please.

No. 1764936

Yes lol. I'd say it's pretty forgivable to have a messy kitchen with family over during the holidays. Some people just are desperate to find fault.

No. 1764943

No. 1764944

File: 1676017074155.png (1.59 MB, 1518x810, QnA.png)

With Jake finally shutting up for a rare moment the "Kaya is the worst!" anons are really running wild with any scraps they can get I guess. Poked around and the rest of her Q&A was pretty boring, though she confirms that she isn't interested in or seeing anyone right now to at least put those tinfoils to rest.

No. 1764946

It's normal if you constantly feel sorry for yourself.the universe will give you ample reasons to keep you in this state if you think of yourself as a victim.tinfoil but I lived like this for almost 10 years, constantly horrible shit happening until I stopped feeling sorry for my self.sorry for blogpost

No. 1764965

The reason why I complain sometimes about her being whiny is because I hate Jake soo much and I want him to suffer. Which means I want Kaya to be fucking happy for once. If I was Jake I would be enjoying her constant "this bad this is happening, been in bed for days" stories.

Why can't she just complain to her millions of friends about how bad life is atm? Not saying she needs to be fake, but stop sharing soo much crap?

If the reason she shares soo much of her "bad days" is because she wants people to know the reason for not uploading then I call bullshit because there is ALWAYS something with that woman. I just want her to be better.

No. 1764966

Provide proof or acknowledge it for the tinfoil that it is and yes, shut the fuck up, desperate retard. Why are you obsessed with Kaya's feet.

No. 1764968

No need to apologize, hardly a blogpost. I think that's pretty true and a lot of nonnies here seem too hard headed to admit anything like that. Such as the ones who want to fault people for having any mess in their home, where people live and do activities kek. As if they never have dishes in their sinks or a pile of clothing on the floor or anything.

No. 1765005

At this point that anon probably is just a scrote with a foot fetish, seeing how they reaaaaally want her to start doing it "again".

No. 1765006

It's probably all still in that studio she does not bother to clean out, never uses and is still paying for like a dumbass

No. 1765007

File: 1676030964848.png (2.26 MB, 1342x1406, kaya_kitchen.png)

I went to the vlog anons were talking about and… this is what >>1764525 considers "bad" during the holidays? This is completely normal for holiday cooking, at this point I assume your house looks overly sanitized like it came out of the Stepford Wives or you have maids do everything for you. There's absolutely a lot of things to say about Kaya, but commenting on someone's kitchen while they're cooking a holiday meal isn't one of them. Try harder nonna, maybe you and foot fetish anon can team up and come up with better nitpicks sometime.

No. 1765079

How can I provide proof when it was the early 2010s and it was spoken about IRL. If you think it's just tinfoil why get so worked up about it? Is it cause you also know it's true lol. Mother like daughter.

No. 1765083

When you see her ma you sort of get it and why kaya was stuck "homeless". Her ma has her own handouts to worry about.

No. 1765092

This is an imageboard, you need proof. You can say anything but "trust me bro" doesn't mean we have to believe it. Plus it's 2023, stale proofless milk from 2010 gets staler every day.

No. 1765163

Kaya's feet anon is the new Sims porn anon.

No. 1765179

>mother like daughter
Wtf is that supposed to mean? Foot fetish anon really is retarded.

No. 1765224

Post proof or GTFO

No. 1765335

There’s a difference. Yes, people can get caught up in a hundred activities, and their living space can turn into a mess temporarily, for a fixed period of time. The keyword here is temporarily, not constantly or permanently. That’s firstly.
And secondly, as far as the "infinite bad luck" and "the world is out to get me" goes, sure, some people do have the worst of luck and unhealthy, unproductive coping mechanisms, MH issues that make everything more complicated, having grown up in a bad environment and not knowing any better etc etc. But normal people just live with that and deal to the best of their abilities. Perhaps vent to a friend or a loved one. But not use that as an everlasting guise for doing jack shit all the time.
Somehow none of those h0rribl3 most tErriBle things that just leave you petrified in bed to "decompose" for a week, that should not be forgotten about yet kept in secret, ever happen when she’s out and about and partying with her friends, or trinket shopping, or doing something genuinely enjoyable. It only ever happens when she’s back and expected to fulfil her responsibilities, or in need of extra money. That is the issue here, the underlying motive, not that everyone here thinking they’re perfect all the time.

No. 1765378

>Kaya deserves to be stalked by men because she might have done sex work 10+ years ago
scrote detected.

No. 1765425

File: 1676080295803.png (504.05 KB, 488x887, sad stump in an orange room.PN…)

No. 1765430

File: 1676080479068.png (536.32 KB, 491x886, orange boy shit.PNG)

No. 1765435

Odd how he and his "pussy" are no longer 'love-bombing' each other or her showing off his random affections he buys her

No. 1765438

Middle fingers are automatically activated at puberty and sometimes even carry into the early 20’s. You're 31 and showing your middle finger in pictures makes you childish, unpleasant person to be around Jake. It's not “edgy” or cute.

No. 1765440


kek he has begun to put himself in an imaginary personality category, nonnies

No. 1765443

Off topic, but I wonder if Jake knows how boring he is,Or do you think he blinded by he’s narcissistic attitude?

No. 1765490

It’s very, “FUCK THE HATERZ.” what a mature man who needed a mature woman whom he lost interest in already. can’t compete with the love he has of his own reflection.

No. 1765498

Is he squatting to hide his pudgy belly? And why does his one foot look like an infants size? Where is his flannel shirt? Lmao

No. 1765509

>I wonder if Jake knows how boring he is,Or do you think he blinded by he’s narcissistic attitude?

In my ignorant speculation I think he is blinded by his narcissistic attitude to even realize he's painted himself as a boring scrote.

No. 1765512


why is he squating on a platform looking table with his hamster sized foot

No. 1765513


>And why does his one foot look like an infants size?

>his hamster sized foot

KEK! Anons, y'all are cracking me up!

No. 1765550

Her ma only knew how to get money from her looks and then the government. Kaya has barely worked a job as an adult and relies on scrounging off of others.

No. 1765560

Nobody likes you, foot scrote.

No. 1765561

New video(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1765563

fascinating too that foot fetish anon pops up right after fake posts something that has everyone's attention. can't focus on him too long, gotta remind everyone that Kaya's mom gets government assistance!

No. 1765564

No. 1765565

I was able to watch it only for 8 minutes. He’s blabbering about how you’re not able to leave the job

No. 1765567

Jake's red pill Andrew Tate arc incoming. Since VR, music, family vlogs, streaming didn't work out he's clutching onto this phase.

No. 1765568

The new video was pretty much one big cope about how he'll never be rich and how the system is fucked.

Also fascinating how they're so focused on how Kaya and her mum make money. Who else can we think of that's obsessed with money?

No. 1765569

I made it half a minute. Is retarded editing the norm for YT now? Jfc.

No. 1765570

There is definitely some scroteposting going on in this thread for a while now. It's probably not a snacc, the few males fans he has wouldn't put this much energy into defending him. It's not his brother, his brother can't type for shit. It's not any of his friends, he doesn't have any, as he continuously reminds us.

No. 1765591

>It's probably not a snacc, the few males fans he has wouldn't put this much energy into defending him. It's not his brother, his brother can't type for shit. It's not any of his friends, he doesn't have any, as he continuously reminds us.

We know it can't be the “Shots” and “Daddy” spewing alcoholic Kat because she can't type for shit either. My tinfoil - by a long shot - is that its most likely Jake; someone who helps run the fanbased Discord; or possibly a delusional “snacc” who appears to be obsessed with him.

No. 1765598


hmm i doubt it but this one comes to mind >>1725918

No. 1765609

I honestly don't think it's Lady Allura. She doesn't know shit about Kaya or Jake's past, she only started showing up around the time Jake made his OF. This scroteposter seems to take things very personally and dredges up Kaya's past a lot.

No. 1765610

File: 1676106371860.jpg (425.9 KB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20230211-025939_Dis…)

Wouldn't doubt it for a second tbh, I'm in the very dead snacc discord and she's absolutely obsessed. Almost all of the posts in the thrist trap thread are from her, often multiple posts a week though it's slowed down due to him barely pushing out any content lately.

No. 1765612

She may be obsessed, but she has zero backbone. She'd probably have a panic attack just from making a post here. Also, we are talking about an obvious scroteposter, not a lonely femcel…

No. 1765613

Actually you might be right. Lady allura is American isn't she? The person who kept derailing the threads in the past and raging about kaya's often mundane bs claimed to have known her in person and called her friends "Belfast trash" repeatedly, defended binge drinking, etc. Is foot scrote possibly that very same anon?

No. 1765619

File: 1676108345818.png (3.62 MB, 3372x2632, Untitled.png)

My own personal tinfoil is that alot of the Kaya wank in this thread comes from this lady and her white knight of scrote. I've seen them orbiting Jake and licking his asshole every which way and discrediting anything Kaya had to say even with proof. It hit me just now that the typing style lines up quite a bit.

Also unsaged to bump CP, be careful nonnas

No. 1765623

Kek that ugly neckbeard definitely comes here to seethe.

No. 1765625

Sorry, I'm being stupid.
Is he with or against Andrew Tate?
I don't want fake in my yt algorithm

No. 1765644

File: 1676114596253.jpeg (48.79 KB, 678x378, FS7L-R9XEAYib0W.jpeg)

Random, but does anyone else remember Massive Head Wound Harry from 90's SNL? That's legit all I can see, with Fake's fucking awful head tattoo. What a bullshit poser. Ugh.

No. 1765646

I genuinely cannot think of a reason why he thought his neck and face tattoos would look good. He already has a very wide neck, turning it into a mush of scratcher tattoo work mixed with colored vomit just makes his features meld together. Tattoo artists are supposed to work with you on pieces and tell you what will look good where and what won't suit you well - seems he either just went to someone who wouldn't tell him no, or told the artist to do it anyway. And I'm sure Skat was there the whole time nodding away like a bobblehead doll, 'yes Jake honey that will look good on you, you're so tall and not short and not a manlet, want another long island iced tea?'

No. 1765831

>fulfil her responsibilities

Hmm this sounds familiar

No. 1766025

Wow, he made that shit private quick. Was he getting backlash in the comments?

No. 1766035

He must have just done that in the past hour or so. The comments weren't even bad. Weird.

No. 1766137

File: 1676166978515.png (902.17 KB, 490x892, kek.PNG)

No. 1766178

File: 1676169990957.png (232.79 KB, 440x381, jake munro and the matrix.PNG)

Since he weirdly set the video private not long after uploading, here is a reminder that he did in fact upload it.

No. 1766200

Jesus he looks like he's strung out on hard drugs or just drunk off his ass.
Did anyone download it before he removed it?

No. 1766235

He's too much of a pussy to stand up to the Tate freaks in the comments, bullying adhd mentally ill women is fine though

No. 1766259

Did anyone see the stream? He looks drunk as hell.

No. 1766262

Bet he got a youtube strike from one of the two guys lawyers in his tumbnail

No. 1766506


It’s back up now, not sure how long it’s been up for though

No. 1766602

He looks like a smurf’s big toe.

No. 1766616

I can see in his future - kat dumps him and he turns into a misogynist, taking no responsibility for the situation and blaming women for everything bad that happens to him, just like every other incel moid.

No. 1766661

Admits putting out one song a month was an “outrageous claim.”

He's putting his music on tik tok now out of necessity.

Admits a lot of his mental breakdowns in his early 20s included him stopping work because it was hard

Also claims in his 20s he worked so much he didn’t have time to spend money

Generalizes all Americans get only two weeks pto

Rant about the matrix so far is about money

Says that schools teach unimportant things like math.

Public schools pumping out bare minimum workers

Somehow it’s about money again

Complains about Elon musk

More complaining about money

Starts regurgitating Andrew Tate philosophy

You can just not work and go travel and live outside of the matrix but in order to do so you have to be reprehensible to “normal” people. (I see where this is going)

You need to cut people out of your life that are going to make you look bad but everyone will say “ how dare you”

Confidently states “so that’s what the matrix is“

You can’t just go out and live in the woods, living off the land, because the land would cost money ( implying that’s not an option for escaping the matrix)

Talks about earning money again.

Social media is the easiest way to escape the Matrix because people will watch your old videos and you’ll still make money

“So that’s what the matrix is” again

Matrix attacks people for wanting to do and be better

Starts complaining about twitter comments

He says he’s hungover and did no research for the video

More talking about jobs and working

Says if he wasn’t tired or hungover the video would be more coherent

Says he’d talk more about Andrew Tate because of buzzwords and seo

No. 1766666

Y’all need to stop spamming retarded tinfoil

No. 1766675

>turns into a misogynist
He already is one.

No. 1766747

No. 1766750

File: 1676238769973.png (916.68 KB, 492x888, lets talk.PNG)

No. 1766785

That sounds so retarded that I wanna watch the video but he's so insufferable. He must be mentally declining hard.

No. 1766843

>schools teach unimportant things…
True, they'd rather give you dumb activities than teach life skills like finances and confidence building

>…like math


>The normie world is the Matrix and you need to escape, which you can do by being an edgy and different outcast, being an influencer is the easiest way to escape

Legit sounds like something a 14 year old would say because they're having a hard time at school. I'm to cool for my math homework, I'm gonna be an influencer that'll show my normie classmates!!

No. 1766844

How ironic, talking about education and I make a spelling mistake

No. 1766847

>The hairline

No. 1766945

File: 1676263464093.png (449.45 KB, 595x618, killstar.PNG)

ofc he still supporting killstar

No. 1767005

Yeah true, I just meant he'll become much more blatant about it kek.

No. 1767206

I fucking called this happening last year. Mark my words I'm right about the coke as well.

No. 1767216

Wonder if that's why she stopped making that cool niffler and left her Harry Potter phase few years ago

No. 1767223

Great he going become more of a narc ass hole then he already is.

Prepare for rage

No. 1767236

read about what the satanic panic actually was you dense, neckless fuck.

No. 1767247

If he was on coke knowing him he would brag about it

No. 1767388

This pic is years old. "Satanic panic" is trending so of course he unburies some old cringe pic of him from his "goth" phase to get some quick likes and views.

No. 1767586

Exactly what I was thinking, that's an ancient picture taken in the old attic/ Kaya's attic space, he just can't help grabbing desperately for any kind of engagement. It's super pathetic.

No. 1767860

Ah yes math and physics, unimportant things that lie on the base of every videogame you play you dumb cunt.

No. 1768086

File: 1676403840561.jpg (555.29 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20230214-114340_Ins…)

The only thing posted for Valentine's Day all day were some porn advertisements from Skat. Aw, does Jake not even get you generic flowers anymore?

No. 1768098

Well, that sure is brow-raising. Surely they would be love bombing each other on this day and not whatever this is

No. 1768101

File: 1676404805878.png (889.33 KB, 497x889, valentines day solo.PNG)

No. 1768113

He can’t afford coke

No. 1768115

Woooooof those roots look baaaaaaaaad.

>> Aw, does Jake not even get you generic flowers anymore

She has to go toOF for validation because she's not getting it from jake anymore

No. 1768120

Wtf is this "I've fallen and I can't get up" type of pose KEK.

No. 1768172

She looks so old here. And I am old myself

No. 1768175

She’s 35

No. 1768178

I know. But it's a rough 35.

No. 1768199

>She's 35
She should start acting like it. Something is so amusing about Jake's "little girl"/"sub" being both older and taller than him.

No. 1768217

Woof, those filters are really working overtime.

No. 1768227

I wonder if this is the room that would have been Kaya's studio in that house. It looks like the same pink she was painting it before she got kicked out.

No. 1768269

He's a total cuck and can't support his woman so that she has to do sex work.

No. 1768290

Agreed. Kat straight up acting like a submissive e-girl at age 35! in every post/picture and its weird af

No. 1768296

Lol yes. She turned Kaya's pink room into Kat's pink pole and porn room. Didn't even bother to paint it.

No. 1768367

can’t afford to get her hair done as often as before eh…
and that she’s in kaya’s pink room is so sycophantic.

No. 1768441

File: 1676442442616.jpg (208.68 KB, 1080x1231, 20230214_222701.jpg)

Just in case anyone here for some reason didn't realize Jake is already a misogynist.

No. 1768517

Nothin' says true love like posting advertising your OF (with assumedly max ten creeps on there) on Valentine's Day and not saying a word about your partner

No. 1768575

File: 1676465251348.png (14.5 KB, 612x134, whinewhinewhine.png)

It's funny because all he did post during the day was something about the new Flash movie coming out and him bitching about Rick and Morty.

He did like her most recent post on her IG from four days ago so I don't think they're over by any means, but he's clearly over the honeymoon period with her.

No. 1768765

File: 1676482486803.png (408.39 KB, 638x1060, Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 17.34…)

Definitely been reading here. They sound like teenagers on Bebo! And kek at the filter on his face.

No. 1768830

File: 1676486005772.png (292.7 KB, 504x915, rulostbbygrl.png)

kek she shared his share of her post. They both definitely seem desperate to prove the haturz wrong.

No. 1768833

A repost of his repost, kek. They truly are so perfomative. The way they speak to eachother looks so fake.

No. 1768878

>I can't explain how much you mean
She literally can't, she's not smart enough to articulate.

No. 1768961

cocaine being expensive is a bit of a myth, I lived in a crappy council block a few years back and there was a guy a few doors down pretty openly selling, god alone knows what it was cut with though

No. 1769036

Ah wow thank you for debunking the myth with your one peripheral experience

No. 1769061

File: 1676501886609.jpg (189.8 KB, 1080x1027, 707.jpg)

Here's Jake being a voice for ALL "creators". Notice how he keeps saying we instead of I, to avoid accountability. It is pure protection about how (in his warped little mind) ALL creators must sell out and make what viewers want in order to be popular. Jake, you do not speak for all creators. There are so many niche artists and creators out there. Real artists make art from their heart, not what they think will get views. This makes you just sound like a money hungry sell out/poser, not a creator. You don't want to create, you just want attention.

No. 1769066

Being able to make money as a "creator" is fully a privilege, not your right, Jake. If this is really how you feel, maybe step away from the title of "creator". Get a cushy job where you won't have to be freaking out about how much money you and your peers are making.

No. 1769075

sheesh, maybe it's time for a career change huh

No. 1769076

That's a lot of words for "I am lazy and boring"

No. 1769079

>>1769061 blah blah blah I am openly a sell out and only do it for clicks and $$$. No wonder his music blows too.

No. 1769170

He hasn't even TRIED in years to do something other than his reaction videos and the recent trainwreck where he was babbling while hungover and bloated. Risky content is better than no content and half-assed bloated, hangover content.

He's telling viewers what they want to see instead of letting them tell him what they are interested in watching.

And who the fuck is “we”? He has no Yt friends or acquaintances that want anything to do with him. He's so far removed from any sense of creator community.

I can't believe how much of a cow fake has turned out to be.

What a fool.

No. 1769199

lol baby girl

No. 1769254

Well he has a point, no one is watching his other content so the only way he will get views is posting the crap people will watch. But I appreciate it when creators stick to their original content. Like Angela Benedict. She refuses to do makeup tutorials even though they would likely garnish a lot of viewers. Though it seems now she's going to be taking on witchcraft as she's now decided she wants to explore that. Maybe the goth content is drying up. I don't think either jake nor kaya ectually even enjoy doing YouTube.(sage your shit)

No. 1769266

Not to be a bitch but can you newfag retards read the rules for snow before posting?

No. 1769311

Cry about it lmfao(sage your shit)

No. 1769323

How can you type all this out and not even think once, where do trends come from? Is it people trying to come up with new and original things? I guess it makes sense that something so simple doesn't occur to him.

No. 1769370

He does the cheap tiktok reactions because he can be lazy and his dumb teen followers watch it. He is incapable of putting effort into anything, there's tons of ways to be creative and grow a following but it takes effort and a creative mind.
What a whiney little bitch.
>I wanna make bike vlogs but people don't watch them
That's how it is, Jakeyboy. You can't just decide what's successful. He grew an audience of teens being drawn to his channel because he's an edgy (fake) goth youtuber with lots of makeup - so mainly for his aesthetic and lack of alternatives because there aren't many male goth youtubers. Of course his viewers aren't interested in bike vlogs. Jesus christ kek. There would have been so many ways to do something creative, even gaming. But he is so shallow and unlikeable, he just went the easy route and grew a userbase of braindead tiktokers. And now he complains that he's stuck.
I also think goth is not that popular anymore, you still see loths of it on instagram but it'll never pull as many viewers as a few years ago.

No. 1769397

He's gonna be like every other hasbeen Youtuber posting into the void unless he diversifies. All his content is tiktok reacts yet he doesn't use tiktok - it is the best place for an influencer to grow their audience right now, what he does is akin to running a "instagram reacts" facebook page in 2015, e.g. the time he should be jumping on a comparitively new, growing platform (Youtube started in 2006!) and making content for it, he sits from a distance throwing peanuts.
He could post bike content or whatever and the algorithm will serve it to viewers interested in that. There is no excuse of "this is what people want" like you could make videos solely of owls and Tiktok will find an audience for them.

No. 1769403

Exactly what this last anon said, his current audience isn't the same audience who would be interested in random bike vlogs. A mass majority of them found him slathered in his dead clown makeup spouting his "I had a good day because I made it a good day" shallow positivity. He's too stubborn and stupid to see that a lot of the fans who jumped ship did so because they began seeing through the facade when he started spewing nothing but negativity these last couple of years and then the video slapfight that occurred with Kaya that ultimately made him look much, much worse. He can bitch and moan all he wants about the internet meanies, and how it's totally the algorithm, but at the end of the day it's him that's the problem.

If he truly enjoyed and wanted to make his bike vlogs, he should just do it even if it doesn't get views. Find a new audience now that he is a rapidly aging bloated husk, I mean "british hunk" compared to the "goth daddy" he once was? It's hilarious that he seems to feel so entitled to views when his content was always garbage and low effort though.

No. 1769423

This, he was just lucky that at some point his low effort garbage gained momentum. Also like we've said a million times before, he only ever became popular because Kaya was popular before and he could grow an audience based off hers. Cows like him never even acknowledge the luck they had to be able to work comfortably from home and earning way more money than they should for what they do. No, they're entitled to it.
It's completely his own fault that he spent so much money on useless crap and failed to adapt to new trends and platforms like you said.

No. 1769497

He could do his bike vlogs on the side. Even if no one watches it eventually if he stuck to it and was actually offering content instead of driving around his house he could get a second type of audience. But that is too much work for Jake. Cant wait to see his "tiktoks" he was complaining about that he now needs to make. Probably will just cut and paste stuff from his streams or vids instead of making new things and cry why noone likes his tiktoks

No. 1769534

would be more amused at the monkeys dancing if it wasn’t so forced and pathetic. the fuck were either of them doing that she threw together this last minute ~look how happy we are~ post and he just slapped it on his story with that bold faced lie.

>the best parent

yea, the same dude who bitches that he can’t make content laughing at kids getting hurt cos it won’t be monetized, big fucking doubt.

No. 1769798

Cut your nose of spite your face jake

No. 1770174

File: 1676632559573.png (561.71 KB, 497x894, kek.PNG)

No. 1770175

File: 1676632599981.png (708.43 KB, 492x896, kek2.PNG)

No. 1770176

File: 1676632626059.png (602.77 KB, 485x890, kek3.PNG)

No. 1770177

File: 1676632690214.png (52.46 KB, 743x254, kek4.PNG)

No. 1770187


Anyone else find it sorta-difficult (and unnerving kinda?) to look at him because he appears to be dead inside? (And not the cute goff 'dead inside')

No. 1770210

Why is his music account still Munroband? Doesn't that genuinely mean a group of people?

No. 1770275

I can only imagine how stupid the result is gonna look kekekek it’ll just be him on every instrument, badly cut and pasted to somehow fit in one frame. This project is gonna crash and burn so hard, I bet he’ll never post the finished video because it’s gonna be unbearably cringe (as per usual)

No. 1770306

It's hilarious that he's trying to do this "one man band" act since nobody can stand him. Guess Kat didn't get any lovebombing or gifts for valentines day cause he's broke from paying for this music video? Kek

No. 1770359

>>1770174 Fake, you're not in a 'band' anymore.
You're a solo artist. A band implies a band of equals that share a vision, shared work, and shared rewards.

No. 1770365

File: 1676654636796.png (503.34 KB, 496x886, kek5.PNG)

No. 1770380

File: 1676655939561.png (665.12 KB, 490x887, weird face.PNG)

He is worse than Kristen Stewart when it comes to facial expressions

No. 1770450

He looks better with dark hair the grey and blue just washed him out

No. 1770456

I bet he got plans to start another tour and kat be bye bye towards next year. He going struggle restarting his music alone it a lot to do he would of benefited staying in his old group/ re forming a new one.

No. 1770463

Shits on tiktok
Only does tiktok content
Said he is uploading music to tiktok

Make up your mind.
If it wasn't for tiktok you wouldn't have any content to create or have income.if he wasn't so anti everything he would get more views. Tiktok is not the issue it's the poor effortless content you created over the last year every video Is the same it wouldn't be hard to add some bike videos in but that's to much effort isn't it and it easier to point fingers and bitch about it

No. 1770585

Not sure how he'd pull off a tour solo. He'd need to find a backing band and knowing how unpopular he is with everyone, it seems unlikely he'd manage to scrounge one up at this point. Would be funny if he pulled a "singing poorly over a backing track" tour tho.

He's going to be salty when he realizes tiktok doesn't pay worth a shit too. People think YT is bad, Tiktok seems to pay even less than it's competitors. I won't get into what social media pays the best since we already know he reads here. Lmao

No. 1770708

File: 1676689434968.png (596.49 KB, 496x888, poser.PNG)

No. 1770710

File: 1676689516843.png (430.89 KB, 496x884, poser 2.PNG)

Did he burn his flannel shirt or skin walking someone else now kek

No. 1770711

File: 1676689549888.png (721.83 KB, 497x889, oof.PNG)

No. 1770715

why even bother using a filter at this point

No. 1770797

Love that combination of careful angling, pants down low enough to show pubes to pretend he has hip definition, and very obviously holding his breath… Sorry Fake, you still look like a doughy midget with a headwound.
Also, the complete lack of any cohesion with his tattoos makes it look like a kid who just put on every page out of their stick on tattoo book collection.

No. 1770805

I'll agree with the other anon that the dark hair looks way better on him than the neon monsters Inc colors kat have been putting in his hair lately. The emo cut meets comb over look however is really doing him no favors.

Really wish he'd keep the shirt on. No amount of sucking that gunt in will give the neckless stump any sort of sex appeal.

No. 1770808

Didnt he say he would never tour again because its too much work? In one of his recent videos where he was throwing a tantrum.

No. 1770853

oh god, the cremated Jeffree Star palette. I'm dying laughing.

No. 1770855

agree about the dark hair, he looks better. the blonde/grey with colorful streaks make him look like an overweight middle aged lesbian. his hair style still makes him look like he wants to speak to a manager, though.
looks like he is feeling himself a bit more, painting his nails, they dont look tobacco stained, putting on his Jeffree star makeup, no talk of boozing it up every other day with kat. maybe he is realizing alcohol is aging and high in calories.

No. 1770878

He looks good when he makes a effort and looks clean

>>1770855 lol you described his old hair perfectly

No. 1770922

He’s skin walking some vampire guy on Instagram. Will take me awhile to find the guy but I thought it was him and not jake

No. 1771016

As much as I hate the bastard, I will admit he looks much better like this.

No. 1771032


I feel he is skinwalking as he is never himself

No. 1771033

While I think credit should be given where it's due and the hair color is a slight improvement upon what it was. I'm also worried for the nonnies saying he looks good when he's still a bloated little narcissistic manlet with a tattooed headwound. Are you all feeling okay today? It's literally just a little black box dye, nail polish and smudged eyeshadow?

No. 1771045

File: 1676739215584.png (1005.95 KB, 492x885, okay.PNG)

No. 1771047

File: 1676739286886.png (492.14 KB, 486x891, no upper teeth.PNG)

No. 1771048

File: 1676739378638.png (779.23 KB, 492x888, generic tattoo.PNG)

No. 1771056

File: 1676740409420.png (1000.27 KB, 496x892, kaya1.PNG)

No. 1771058

File: 1676740468536.png (614.96 KB, 493x886, wtf.PNG)

Everyone and their sister is now making music videos apparently

No. 1771204

>pooping myself
I cringed.

No. 1771209

For what band though i wonder

No. 1771315

File: 1676765490559.jpg (973.13 KB, 1080x1872, 55_Instagram.jpg)

The very attractive owner of Meraki, Mark, that Kat looked cosy with in past pictures tattooed her entire back today. My tinfoil is that they will cheat on their partners together. Seems extremely possible.

No. 1771327

File: 1676767105754.jpg (318.58 KB, 1080x1564, MARKM.jpg)

For reference, here's Mark. Seethe at those abs, Jake. Kek.

No. 1771344

Like she could pull that with her history.

No. 1771366

He looks like a school shooter wannabe

No. 1771368

holy kek this guy is exactly how stumpy little Jake wants people to see him. too hot for Kat tbh

No. 1771417

I would rather invest on improving my looks or just save the money for an apartment or whatever. She has a child after all.

No. 1771433

File: 1676777309888.jpg (10.87 KB, 400x400, 714f42207e2d70defa081bcc7a9b55…)

Is this picture flipped or is the kanji on the girl's forehead actually backwards?

No. 1771437

>work colleague
Vocabulary-wise they do make a good fit

No. 1771495

Now he gets to see that giant gaudy piece and think about this guy whenever doing Skat from behind KEK.

No. 1771500

File: 1676781780958.png (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 1170x2532, E69EDC7A-90AD-420C-AEA4-A0A47C…)

Not related at all but wtf is going on with my thread? After like thirty seconds , my screen keeps deleteing half of the conversation? Anyone else? What do I do?

No. 1771506

Whether or not she could pull that, you just know Jake's got to be crazy insecure knowing someone like that works with her and tattooed her entire back. Before the divorce, Dean used to do a lot of her tattoos.

No. 1771507

Make sure you don't have "hide saged posts for this thread" chosen.

No. 1771521

Thank you! I’m just a dumbass

No. 1771544

Kat is a lot boxier in candids than all her over-edited "shoots", I honestly almost didn't recognize this back as hers. Not such a thin hourglass shape after all is she?

You just KNOW that Jake is seething and malding over this beefcake tattooing his topless girlfriend's back and asscheeks. We all know how insecure he was about Willem Dafoe's rumored big dick and judging by the shadows of this dude's swim trunks he's a threat in that department too. Watch out Jake. kek

Not to mention Kat's history of cheating and hooking up with her last tattooing boss turned husband.

No. 1771592

What asscheeks?

No. 1771792

judging by the font on the book in the background I don't think its mirrored

No. 1771878

Maybe he was inspired by panic at the disco

No. 1771896

You have to mirror tattoo stencils so they appear the correct way around when applied on the client's skin. Looks like our man forgot that step.

No. 1772054

File: 1676845629698.jpeg (228.46 KB, 828x1338, 25AF0AE9-FB18-4B67-936D-4CEE1E…)

Why does it have a chest-vagina with teeth? Is it an homage to Fakes neck-dick?

No. 1772067

Because the wants to appear edgy, probably to make up for the embarrassing Disney tattoos.

No. 1772150


The same anons who think jake looks “good” just because he dyed his hair black and did his makeup and painted his nails are the same ones who think snaggle tooth stick figure kat had a body on her, is a “trophy” and irresistible vamp who can get with any guy. the bar is on the floor with these two when it comes to their looks. I guess some are trying to be “mature” and rag on their behaviors instead, or maybe we have a lot of normie posters who think full on goths look “weird and scary” and basic ass vaguely alt jake and Kat look palatable, but we don’t need to pretend they’re attractive to seem like we are objective and shit.

No. 1772170

KEK. Skat and her new boss truly are a match.

I was thinking the same, but then figured I was missing some context as to which character is being portrayed. It really does look like an angry chest vagina with eyes kek. Should colour it in blue to match with Fake.

What is the proper kanji meant to mean in English?

I don’t know, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt – perhaps it’ll somehow come together in the end, once the piece is finished. But so far it looks very poorly executed, as far as the design / artwork goes.

No. 1772237

It means oni/demon.

No. 1772404

File: 1676882481743.png (1.74 MB, 865x1054, acompletemess.png)

underbite really on full display here kek

tbh doesn't look awful at first glance, but the longer you look at it the more fucked up you realize it is. I think the deformed hand coming out of her clavicle and the backwards mangled kanji are the most hilarious parts though. Dude might be good at building muscle but he's absolutely shit at drawing unless the design is another cobbled together from internet flash Kat special. Really wonder how much of this mess can be salvaged when shaded and colored in. sorry for autistic mspaint picrel, but it's too difficult trying to type out every little fucked up detail without direct visual reference.

No. 1772439

Really unfortunate back piece lol good luck covering that mess

No. 1772455

Oh my god the mangled kanji looks especially bad now I've seen what it's supposed to look like. The hand as well really really bothers me, it's so out of place and weirdly shaped, the lines are so uneven, the proportions of her face are all kinds of wrong. Between this and the tracing and linework quality we've seen from Kat this studio seems pretty abysmal, I'd be surprised to find any talent in it if this is the quality of the work from artists they like to show off.

No. 1772554

I hate to say it, but she has an extremely masculine back! I literally thought this was a dudes back at fist , lmao and the back tatoo doesn’t help

No. 1772581

The large bottom teeth and small top teeth are driving me nuts. People always feel like they need to cover the ENTIRE back when it comes to back pieces and honestly it just fucks up the perspective especially if you’re going for a close-up of a face. Just scale that shit back a bit and the kitsune mask would have been in perspective. The mask is perfect size and the demon girl should have been scaled to match.

No. 1772585


There's hundreds of tattoo "artists" in the UK who can't draw at all. They trace lineart on their tablet, print the stencil then trace the stencil. It requires 0 talent. Thats why when they go "off-stencil" it looks so shit

No. 1772675

I'm actually so confused by the legality of tracing other people's artwork for tattoos? I thought tattooists who don't create their own designs are supposed to commission work from artists, then offer that as tattoos.

No. 1772705

>the large bottom teeth and small top teeth are driving me nuts
Maybe kat asked him if he could make it look like her kek

No. 1772802

Yes, tracing other people’s work and then tattooing it onto someone is plagiarism, and thus considered "illegal". There are slight exceptions to the rule, which apply to any sort of artwork – like when you add an element in as a homage, or as a part of a collage, or for context etc but there is nuance as to how you make those references without crossing the lines and stealing another person’s work. And also maintaining your own piece as original.
Also, there is stuff like tattooing a band logo, or like the symbolics of your favourite football club etc.

Ideally, or let’s put it this way – a respectable tattoo artist should provide their own original work, strictly their own designs, and that’s that. Even if, let’s say you want a Mickey Mouse, the artist should make their own artwork of Mickey, but in a way that it’s still obviously recognisable as Mickey. Not trace it from a colouring book. Same with illustrators, painters, fashion and merch designers etc. Or, like you’ve mentioned, you commission the author of "Mickey", or at the very least – ask for the original artist’s permission.
But mind you, not every tattoo artist will agree to tattoo another person’s work, even if it’s legally obtained or is the client’s own masterpiece.

No. 1772836

It’s actually shocking and equally sad to hear that tracing is commonplace among hundreds of tattooists in the UK. Where I’m from in Northern Europe such "artists" are marginalised and are basically considered back alley ink masters, so you know what you’re getting. No normal / decent-looking shop or even independent artist would allow for that.

Having that said, Skat’s piece does really come off as something executed in the way that you described. It explains why everything is disproportionate, warped, having placement and design mistakes, and various other errors that other Anons have pointed out previously. Not to mention the wonky lines. I don’t know, perhaps the guy has some sort of "technique" to somehow salvage the piece as he continues to work on it, but so far it’s pretty bad.

I was puzzled for quite some time as to what kind of shop would hire such an unprofessional, unskilled, talentless, good-for-nothing serial plagiarist like Skat, but it’s all starting to make sense now. Birds of a feather.

No. 1772878

I'm a burger and it's a mixed bag here tbh as I'm sure it is anywhere. There are legitimate and very talented artists then you have the scratchers with their wobbly lines and googled flash art. Kat's linework is absolute shit, but she's good at camouflaging it with tons of vibrant colors and dramatic shadowing. Not sure about whats his face, her boss though.

I am kind of curious if Kat is spending the multiple thousands of dollars for this giant back piece or if she's worked out some sort of "deal" with him. She only works part time right now and Jake isn't really making much outside the few hundred tossed his way each stream at this point. You just know if Jake had anything to do with paying for this tattoo they'd both be spamming it all over their social media.

No. 1772897

a hearty kek in your general direction, good ma'am

No. 1773004

he's probably tattooing her for free so his shop gets "exposure" to the three people who are subscribed to her only fans lol

No. 1773014

File: 1676952698922.jpg (518.22 KB, 2072x1252, tattscollage.jpg)

Yes I think you are completely right. It's a cobbled together mess. Also hilarious she now has a bigger demon tattoo than Jake has. He can see how puny his is every time they have doggy style sex.

No. 1773038


Ah man. Aspie nonnie >>>/meta/53136 is gonna be so triggered when they see this.

No. 1773109

Not to start a back and forth with kaya and jake stans but maybe he dud pay for the tattoo? They don't love bomb as much but they've been together over a year. To put yourself in jakes vain asshole shoes he's living with a partner and doing everything he did previously. His YouTube, his music, his gay attitude. The fact kaya hasn't hinted at anything romantic prob makes him feel like he's winning. Kat probably dumb enough to think she's famous or some shit now.

No. 1773120

Also the eyes are looking in different direction

No. 1773172

Why did my post upset you so much, when you can't even get right as to who I was referring to? Bringing up a 4 day old post from another board to call someone triggered, do you not see any irony in what you're doing?

No. 1773176

Quite bold of you to assume that they have any sex anymore nonnie

No. 1773190

I always get annoyed when people say Kat looks like a man. Think thats a far reach. But I also thought this was the back of a man.

No. 1773198

Just having a bit of fun, nonny. Most certainly not upset, but sounds like someone else is. How fitting; in a thread about the ultimate projector. Now THAT is irony.

No. 1773200

I was so confused when people were saying he looks good. He looks exactly the same as always. A dirty chav in a goff costume with heavy face tuning. These people are awful, why are y’all trying to be nice? The fuk

No. 1773209

Your posts make less sense the more of them you make, just get over the fact that I called someone out for a recognisable formatting style already.
I thought the girl was cross-eyed until I realised she had snake eye pupils. The way her head is drawn makes her look flattened.

No. 1773213

File: 1676980888719.jpg (110.35 KB, 619x351, Screenshot_20230221-040117_Chr…)

Omg it has an extra tooth in the middle. 5 teeth between the canines. KEK.

No. 1773230


Wow its not just that, it's happened because the canines are in different places on each side and also only one side has two pointed teeth. It could be corrected somewhat but this whole tattoo is so embarrassing.

No. 1773355

>maybe he did pay for the tattoo
Doubtful. Jake would absolutely want to show it off and "own the haters" if he had anything to do with her ugly new backpiece. Knowing his history I imagine he's probably pretty bothered by the whole thing considering this >>1771327 is the guy who had his hands all over his topless girlfriend. Jake is the extremely jealous and insecure type, plus knowing kat's history I really doubt he's suddenly okay with things like this and willing to shell out thousands for it too?

Not to mention Jake's monthly income would likely just barely pay for a tattoo of this size.

kek good eye anon. I really doubt any amount of color or shading is going to save this mess.

No. 1773397

This monstrosity also has the smallest chin I've ever laid eyes on, I need a magnifying glass to find it

No. 1773630

Okay nonnie. I was pointing out that multiple people in this thread use “Reddit” spacing and there’s no reason to sperg about about it. You made an idiotic comment about nuking this thread and rejoining it with Alt Cows because there’s “no milk” in this thread when there has been rougly 1500 post compared to the, what, 20 posts in Alt cows since the thread split up? And your respone to that was “wahhh Reddit spacing”. I was originally asking for moderation when newfags were spamming it up, which was triggering for you, and that’s okay! kek. But okay, nonnie. Okay. Moving along.

No. 1773691

File: 1677033210167.png (335.88 KB, 482x812, image_2023-02-21_192749147.png)

The pose he is doing is very douchey but that does seem to be Fakes thing.

No. 1773798

File: 1677038766376.png (114.94 KB, 249x300, Flowerhorn2-249x300.png)

He looks so fishy in that picture for some reason

No. 1773814

what is this expression kek. put on the laziest makeup, made sure he is the center of everything with his name behind him, the song title thrown in there like an obvious hidden object. oh yea, this is going to be great, can’t wait for him to bitch when it comes out & gets a mediocre response lol.

No. 1774122

Nice duckface Fake

No. 1774168

File: 1677073015885.jpg (225.11 KB, 1284x2282, 332034723_750420919679934_9327…)

Still managing to look ugly under all that editing

From Kaya's stories, it must be a relief after 11 years with that wet blanket to be around people who enjoy fun

No. 1774180

looks like a shitty Brando Ciesa ripoff

No. 1774197

Surprised he's using Distrokid to release his music. It costs around £30 a year minimum to keep his music on platforms. It's what the technical college music students are told to use when starting out. He really hasn't learned much since he did that pissy little music course as a teen.

No. 1774238

Wow, really glad to see her being positive like this. It's just an added bonus that it makes Jake seethe, but to finally start to feel free and excited about life must be doing wonders for her mental health.

No. 1774567

File: 1677107998356.png (629.37 KB, 490x891, jake.PNG)

No. 1774595

I find it odd he’s playing that game when all he did was bitch on MAG about Fran bow.

No. 1775166

His creepy thin lips and no chin make me uncomfortable. Whoever said school shooter vibes was spot on.

No. 1775537

File: 1677210533801.png (559.67 KB, 599x521, katshoot1.png)

so kat did another shoot recently…

No. 1775538

File: 1677210560160.png (461.67 KB, 540x516, katshoot.png)

No. 1775549

Dear god…(lolcow.farm/info )

No. 1775550

Her hair color looks … honestly not that great lmao , hope that’s a wig(learn to sage)

No. 1775556

LOL this is a great look for her! she should try it with regular hosiery like a robber.

No. 1775560

Holy fuck she's gone full fish, just like that one edit.

No. 1775562

File: 1677214161634.png (516.92 KB, 494x488, rebekah_kat.png)

the one anon that claimed kat was hotter than rebekah was lying lmao

No. 1775597

File: 1677220929539.jpg (840.34 KB, 1080x1878, KayaOF.jpg)

People have been pestering Kaya to make an OF. I honestly think it would be so great if she did, because it would be way more successful than Jake or Kat's OF account. Even if she made a no nudity account or a joke account for Sebastian. It would just be another example of how she is more popular than them.

No. 1775598

I don't think one is hotter than the other, they just look like a couple of basics that wouldn't make anyone with a sense of style look twice. They look like each other, just in slightly different flavors. Also Rebekah's lip fillers are abysmal.

No. 1775654

Rebekah looks more mature/put together and has a nicer smile and more youthful face.

No. 1775684

File: 1677236613690.jpg (140.41 KB, 432x792, RDT_20230224_10363011137851072…)

This just got posted on r/internetdrama and I thought I'd bring it here. It wouldn't surprise me remotely if this was true and it would explain why the documentary he claimed was gonna get made, wasn't made and what put the final nail in the coffin with his bandmates.

Also if someone had some spare time and felt like being super sneaky, they could pretend to be Fakes manager (ik he doesn't have one but they wouldn't) and call to discuss booking him for a future gig with the companies mentioned and see how they respond.

No. 1775692

File: 1677237435201.jpg (659.61 KB, 1047x1847, Screenshot_20230224_111658_Chr…)

Second part

No. 1775698

Watch out kat your boyfriend not loyal

This so gross glad you posted this on here spread the awareness and yeah makes sense he was hyping up a tour movie hopefully someone has the footage to expose him

No. 1775721

Didn't kaya say in her 3 hour video about jake that he used to harass her friends to the point she had no female friends?

No. 1775722


She did indeed, it was clearly deeply upsetting to her and rightly so. He has always given me rapey vibes but more and more proofs come out.

Also if anyone can find that post I'd be interested to see the comments, I haven't got a lot of time today and I burned through most of my spare time trying to figure out why the images wouldn't upload despite being within memory size regulations and ended up resizing them which worked.

No. 1775730

He gives me that typical emo alt 40 year old vibe that dates only 22 year old and humor is peepeepoopoo dicks.
I'm sure this will end up happening eventually

No. 1775767

>>1775721 Speaking of this anyone know if this is the reason peachymilk stopped being kaya friend as it was so sudden and they were super close?

No. 1775774

Remember Kaya posted a vague story on insta saying she found out about something and it made her feel disgusted.. do you think it was about this?

Wasn't he with Kat at this point?

No. 1775817

No. 1775824

Strange soon I posted this it got deleted by the creator? Maybe it not legit

No. 1775828

File: 1677255389979.png (83.5 KB, 1819x1094, unddit.png)

decided to grab the deleted OP comments

No. 1775834

File: 1677255836590.jpg (55.93 KB, 427x288, westminster.jpg)

No. 1775861

File: 1677257947017.jpg (297.27 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230224-165840_Fac…)

No. 1775879

lol WTF? She looks like 2023 madonna haha

No. 1775917

No. 1775930

Da fuq. She looks like Hatchet-face from Cry-baby.

No. 1775958

Im suprised he reached out accepted accountability and apologised. Well done jake now say sorry for to kaya and her friends

No. 1775973

So, did he apologize BEFORE or AFTER this Tim Rather person made the first post? If he apologized before, why even bother making that post if you're just going to back down about it? Also let's get this straight. Jake SEXUALLY HARASSED SOMEONE, a crime. An apology makes that okay?

No. 1775978

So if Jake apologised, he's aware that he sexually harasses people. Apologise to all the women you've harassed, led on, and lied to now, Jake.

No. 1775992

He probably apologised after they banned him.

No. 1776028


Interestingly it seems he reached out and apologised AFTER I posted the story here. Which says to me that he is lurking, saw it, knew exactly who was being spoken about and did behind the scenes damage control as the post I submitted was posted yesterday with the victim's direct permission, now today about 6 hours after I posted it here, the Facebook and reddit post has been deleted.

I doubt he would have seen the Facebook post as I doubt they'd have had him on their fb, that reddit isn't super active, nor do they often discuss Fake, that leaves here, we have had many past confirmations that he lurks here through his actions so its safe to assume.

No. 1776042

It seems like it was definitely after, as I found the original post about it on facebook last night after seeing it mentioned here, and went back to look for it a few minutes ago and saw that was posted. So it would seem like he only 'apologized' after he saw people talking about it, probably because he reads this forum.

No. 1776043

Looks like - eventually - we farmers are going to have to migrate to something else so he can't lurk and follow our back-handed advice.

No. 1776046

He lurks here daily, if not hourly.

Jake sexually harassed a fan while on tour in November 2021. Jake and Skat celebrate their one-year anniversary in November 2022. He was sexually harassing people while already in a relationship with Kat.

I truly believe that he had sexual encounters with fans on tour, likely young ones. There are a few that come to mind that I won't be posting because they may be under 18. I believe no tour footage was ever released because he's afraid that observant people will notice something. Tim Rather states that the harassment took place in front of many band members and his photographer at the time, K. They should step forward before it's too late, they can get in trouble for complacency. An apology doesn't legally make harassment okay.

No. 1776051

K, release the tapes!!

He definitely lurks, the fact it was deleted so soon after being posted here. Was it really an apology or did he threaten them? It was a warning post, not a "I want a personal apology" post and since when has Jake responded with kindness? We've seen how he flips his lid in the comments, the drunk posts he wrote about Kaya. Would love to see what he actually said to result in the posts being removed that fast

No. 1776055

>Jake reached out and apologised, which is a better outcome than going to court.
Yeah, for Jake. Not the victim. He undoubtedly messaged her by threatening or manipulating her into backing down, even if there was an "I'm sorry" involved. Damage control by any means.
>For the benefit of mental health, we don't talk about this event any further.
That doesn't sound resolved at all, sounds like she's being forced back into silence. As victims often are.

No. 1776092

I did wonder why the hell he hadn't released the tour footage when it is so very obviously past due, this explains a lot.

No. 1776223

File: 1677295328854.jpeg (106.96 KB, 1284x582, DA5E1F08-FA6B-4AB6-B81C-355FD7…)

Haven’t check up on Jake in a while. Great to see his channel is at an all time low. Even putting on that terrible clown makeup again didn’t help.

No. 1776254

>Discord memes
Man he's gone lower than the bottom of the barrel for his content, he's subterranean now.

No. 1776296

Absolutely. To both.
The fact that the initial post was simply a PSA (and the kind that mentions the incident itself just briefly and rather vaguely, and rightfully so), but quickly escalated to
> removing this per victim’s request
> "not to cause her any more stress and anxiety with this" and
> this won’t be discussed any further "for the benefit of mental health",
speaks volumes that the poor girl is absolutely terrified at the fact that Fake’s contacted her again. This definitely comes off as it wasn’t just some polite, nicely put together dm expressing deep remorse, but more likely threats and further harassment.

Actually, I’m pretty much convinced he started harassing her again, and understandably, she begged the the promoter to take it down out of fear that Fake will go on and / or take this even further. Because, what other reasons can there be? The post is pretty vague as far as details go, and just focuses on Fake being blacklisted. No names were named, he can’t sue anybody for anything as there were plenty of witnesses to this etc. He’s vile and absolutely unhinged. I really wish there were a way to make him bear actual responsibility for this.

No. 1776328

I'm pretty sure he kind of "apologized" , followed by massively guilt tripping her - along the lines how bad his actual situation is and that black listing would keep him from ever getting back on his feet. I bet.

No. 1776367

Maybe jude knows something or done something with him? She was his biggest stalker at one point all over his streams then after they met she completely stop talking about him and watching his streams

No. 1776373

Although we do not know if he apologised when it happened or now

But if he apologised recently that puts a strange thought in my head. The fact he knew who to exactly message with in few hours must mean he kept tabs on that individual? Potentially stalking them to see if they would realise the info. Like others are saying he could of threatened them for a while and they finally felt safe to speak about it just for them to get dismissed by taking it down. And just because he apologised it doesn't mask the fact what he did to the individual and others like Many of kayas friends as she spoke about before. More people need to call him out he doesn't deserve a get away card this is vile behaviour and can destroy lives.

I can only hope the individual realises an apology isn't good enough and puts their story back up for others to be aware of

No. 1776374

What the hell is this

No. 1776378

Him having popularity and going on tour gave him a huge 'god like' complex if you read past threads and saw him get so far up his own arse gives me the ick cause you full well know he though he could have any woman he wanted which is why I am not surprised this has come out

No. 1776379

File: 1677315444078.jpg (110.85 KB, 1080x604, Screenshot_20230225-085622_Gal…)

Nice jake your now a angry cheating abusive sexual harassing dwarf

No. 1776380

Embarrassing is what it is. Kek.

No. 1776386

>Jake reached out and apologised, which is a better outcome than going to court.
So, whatever sort of harassment he did was bad enough to take to court. And the fact that he knew exactly who to reach out to and "apologise" proves that it really took place and isn't made up. Jesus, Jake. You're a confirmed predator now.

No. 1776398

Does no one else think that this sounds maybe fabricated? There's apparently witnesses and it's criminal but then it gets posted on lolcow and suddenly jake has apologised and it's fine now. If there were witnesses how tf could have threaten her into silence have we not all been discussing how he's too broke to do anything for valentine's? Also this apparently happened last November, and it's a serious incident and it got mentioned and handled in a 2 day span a year after the fact like what

No. 1776404


If it’s made up he will almost certainly start shouting about it. No way would he let false harassment/abuse allegations stand.

Time will tell on this one but I suspect his silence will speak volumes.

No. 1776408

of course we don't know the full story but in a lot cases people tend to stay quite or pretend that the incident didn't happen until one day they can't cope with keeping it bottled up. A lot people come out later on because they fear being called a liar or bombarded by a fan base but this unfortunately effects the case. It would be beneficial jf the place he got black listed from or his old munro band members put up a post what happen and spread awareness or tell the full story

No. 1776409

He would of put something up with in the hour if it wasn't true and the fact that he reached out to the girl shows pure guilt

No. 1776418

There's no proof of anything though. A literal random made two posts.

If it's true his former band mates should confirm.

No. 1776421

Small blessing in disguise for the old members of Munro to not be associated with Jake anymore especially in light of all this.

No. 1776433

Guilt? He has no guilt for anything he does to anyone. Only concern for his image and career.

No. 1776469

I was about to put up a video about it then the statement got put out and I decided to scrap the video.

No. 1776475

Do it anyway

No. 1776488

You'd be awfully surprised at the amount of sexual assault and harassment men get away with every day because of "no proof". Jake is a known creep who has been called out already by multiple women and has worked with this company before on tour. Just because these dudes don't come forward out of the blue to back up claims against their ex bandmate doesn't mean it didn't happen. So many moids excuse others bad behavior or try to gloss over it because they were enablers who didn't do shit about it and know it makes them look bad or are creeps themselves. Jake has a history of inappropriate behavior, cheating, and harassment. Is this really such a reach that yes, it happened again?

No. 1776496


Fake has a planet sized ego and it’s very easily bruised. If the allegation were false or he thought he could weasel his way out of it he would have said something, he’d be screeching in the comments and gathering his ‘receipts’ to refute the claims. Truth is, he’s got form and it’s not that much of a stretch to think he got drunk on his own ‘celebrity’ or whatever whilst on your and got inappropriate with someone.

He was quite willing to fire bomb his own career to set the record ‘straight’ re Kaya so there is no doubt in my mind that he’d lose his shit over some ‘literal random’ making sexual harassment claims.

He’s guilty as sin.

No. 1776506

If so, typical for jude to stay silent. She makes herself out to be such an edgy activist but when an American friend apparently did something inappropriate with girls in her discord, she cut ties but was very vague and spoke out about almost nothing on the situation, even though she was in a better position than the victims to do so and used to keep harping on about saving the world.

No. 1776511

She stayed friends with someone who SA/abused a girl I can't remember his name but its on her threads.

No. 1776549

It would explain why him and k quit talking suddenly and why his band fell apart

No. 1776562

good catch I completely forgot about that. I 100% believe this

No. 1776592

idk if that's a good idea

No. 1776627

Learn how to sage and don't cowtip

No. 1776725

>You'd be awfully surprised at the amount of sexual assault and harassment men get away with every day because of "no proof"
I feel like the only people that would surprise are men, who shouldn't be here at all anyway.

No. 1776941

File: 1677377035426.png (1.11 MB, 826x823, lookslikeheisedited.PNG)

He looks so badly edited even his pores don't recognize him

No. 1776945

File: 1677377074727.png (620.4 KB, 486x884, alittlelate.PNG)

I'm almost offended.

No. 1777068

This 100%. Pure scrote mindset.

Kek at him painting over the mess of face tattoos kat gave him. Regrets jake?

No. 1777285

Why are we assuming he apologised after the post was made? The way I read it, OP was only posting about it now because Fake might start touring again.
Not to defend Fake in anyway, he must've tried to damage control then only because they were witnesses and maybe he realised he was being blacklisted.
To me it sounds like OP didn't reach out to the girl involved before posting and she probably panicked when she read the post. But I might be fully wrong about that, it's just the way it read to me.

No. 1777563

Notice how he going emo again for a cash grab while he got a new song

No. 1777592

what happened to never wearing makeup again because he hates it? how does he not get whiplash with how often he does a 180?
he is crazy as fuck. I would not be able to trust him out of both annoyance and concern. everything is says he just ends up contradicting as if he has no memory of his previous plans, opinions, assertions, and no sense of self. it's so flakey and aimless but he swears he is such a go-getter.

No. 1777640


Idk if anyone can be bothered, but if you wanted to super duper fuck him over for good, you could forward him recording him reading and profiting off Anne Rice's work to her publisher. She has historically sued people just for making fan fiction, she is likely the most anal author about her work and she would take him for every penny if she knew this was going on and all you'd need to do is forward what he is doing to her publisher or tweet to her or something. I don't think it would count as cow tipping as you wouldn't be interacting with the cow, especially if you did it by pm he'd never know you'd done it but she would 100% sue him into the ground which would be a beautiful turn of irony considering he threatens everyone who displeases him with legal action. Please someone do this, I beg.(No. Do not cowtip. )

No. 1777667

Considering Anne Rice has been dead for over a year, I imagine it'd be kind of hard to message her…
Though there may be ways to notify someone he's profiting off her work, but I doubt much would come of it.

No. 1777696


Oh crap I didn't know! That makes things a lot less likely to be helpful as it was her own raw rage at people using her writing outside of any words she had written. The manager of her estate might still care but not anywhere near as likely to be successful. Thats a bummer.

No. 1777764

This is cowtipping. Don't beg or advertise for this here.

No. 1777811

File: 1677435217909.jpg (318.7 KB, 1080x1872, 20230226_101320.jpg)

Toy motorcycles and tattoo guns. Since they want Isaac to be like them so much, next will be My First OnlyFans Playset™.

No. 1777925

What shitty gifts. I doubt any kid would have an interest in there parents life , much less a fucking toy tattoo gun? How boring are they?(learn to sage)

No. 1777927

First I was wondering why they choose the crying emoji to cover his face, then I realized that you thankfully covered his face when posting this screen shot. They went pretty fast to showing this poor child's face (in her story he turns his head so his whole face 8s shown).

No. 1778033

SAGE FFS. You bump the thread when you don't. You sage by typing "sage" in the space for email

No. 1778147

they will give him a ring light and kitty ears so he can be super cool like ma

No. 1778196

I did notice he edited/shaded out his jawline to hide his double chin

No. 1778197

File: 1677480204626.png (1 MB, 500x895, wtfff.PNG)

No. 1778230

He looks sad & tired.

No. 1778276

That's one good ol' butch lesbian

No. 1778280

pretty sure kat has been showing her kid’s face for a while, real nice to have on your page along with onlyfans adverts. fake didn’t start doing it until it was pointed out that it probably wasn’t a good idea & then has been inconsistent just like everything else he does.

he is definitely trying to generate interest to make monies; the fact he even has a patreon comes off as e-thievery as i don’t remember the last time he promoted anything from there. anyone know how poorly his side instagram for ~spicy content~ is doing?

this twat really went for the whole ‘haven’t been active cos i get winter depression’ right after he said it was due to learning some kind of programming & then due to this spectacular song/video he’s putting out.

No. 1778366

File: 1677509911686.jpeg (564.88 KB, 750x1207, 1C051FD3-115B-4064-9963-170EF9…)

The “spicy IG” sits at 806 followers and hasn’t been updated since he started it in October, but he also hasn’t updated his OF since then so there’s probably not much for him to post there

No. 1778372

"Hot goth boy shit" made me vomit in my mouth

No. 1778393

The headache pose kek. I wonder how many of the 806 are gay.

No. 1778449

File: 1677516592877.png (756.92 KB, 498x895, he looks like hell tbh.PNG)

If I didn't know any better I'd speculate he's been doing drugs. Cause holy shit.

No. 1778450

File: 1677516628796.png (427.55 KB, 593x526, kek what.PNG)

No. 1778452


personal tinfoil is yeah,he's been doing drugs to try and lose weight but it's making his skin shit, hence the return of the makeup. he looks ragged and meth-y in that photo, but as a burger i'm ignorant as to whether or not there's meth over there.

No. 1778455

Not really crack is quite easy to find I don't know if it would mess your skin up like that?

No. 1778457

File: 1677517862697.jpeg (430.2 KB, 1920x1920, 240243ED-6535-4C44-B02E-7A2C5B…)

I watched some this and I had to stop because this woman autistic rage in the chat

No. 1778459

Steroids maybe they give you spotty skin and body acne

No. 1778469

This would also be my guess, he absolutely seems the type

No. 1778504

Maybe but more like he wants to regain his following and to not look like a poser for his new music vid
Although I wouldn’t been surprised if him and kat did drugs at beginning of their relationship. I think his bad skin texture prob from lack of skin care and crap diet and smoking

No. 1778505

Oh and alcohol can fuck your skin up making you a dry bitch and extremely dull skin

No. 1778646

He has said before, in one of his videos, that all he does is scrub his face with a rag when he showers. Probably just uses body wash so that’s definitely fucking his skin up.

No. 1778723


Speed is super cheap in the UK, like really cheap. Its cheaper than eating to be on speed every day presently.

No. 1778736

File: 1677545220483.png (278.52 KB, 596x430, goth.PNG)

Desperate enough to attemp making a 'goff' song.

No. 1778740

File: 1677545559913.png (398.76 KB, 497x891, skat with messed up back tatto…)

No. 1778742

File: 1677545587584.png (368.6 KB, 497x891, skat 2.PNG)

No. 1778743

File: 1677545646893.png (457.3 KB, 500x894, smh.PNG)

Surprised she's advertising it on her main account

No. 1778745

ofc kat would exercise with makeup on

No. 1778748

File: 1677545815538.png (1.1 MB, 495x892, harley outfit again.PNG)

No. 1778895

thanks for sacrificing your eyes, also hilarious as it show how uninterested his followers are. anyone who pays for that or his patreon are getting scammed lol.

No. 1778898

Bc she looks about 50 without the makeup, kek.

No. 1778924

File: 1677560529890.jpg (458.48 KB, 641x1095, noasskat.jpg)

How is her ass so flat that it actually looks inverted? Like there is negative space where ass should be.

No. 1778935

>wearing a littleforbig onesie
More gross ddlg bs

She's probably hoping her beefcake boss will see it and be enticed kek

No. 1778993

Nitpick, but Her face is so underwhelming and bland. I feel like I have face blindness when I look at her.

No. 1779014

It truly always is the hard faced girls who lean heavily into pedo pandering isn't it. Lmao

Hope she grows out of this shit by the time her kid is old enough to find mommy's social media.

No. 1779022

If he was doing speed he wouldn't be so pudgy and might actually do something once in a while instead of being such a lazy fuck

No. 1779035

Tbh only reason I don't think he's on coke or anything either. He has the looks and personality, but he's too pudgy and lazy for uppers. Bloke is just a bloated and dehydrated alcoholic who might occasionally use roids when he's on his random weightloss/gym kicks.

No. 1779083

Yuck dirty feet clear your floor ffs

No. 1779115

She's desperate for traction on her OF account, but even posting on main doesn't work. Her OF is dead. I honestly think she uses it so much for validation rather than income. She seems to put more effort into OF than anything else she does, even though it's a total flop.

No. 1779166

When you do coke you want more greasy fast food. I knew people who didn't to coke daily and who were fat because they stuffed their face with junk all the time

No. 1779216

Her photos are not even that bad this picture prob the nicest she posted. but my problem with most the OF accounts is they are all carbon copies of each other with Harley Quinn or age play or d.va or school girl they all try act younger and relevant with each new popular character. If she posted sets that were ‘classy’ (lingerie sets) and more catered to her age ranges she could get more views rather then acting like a 18 e-girl.
>>1779115 someone said on her before she could have active followers who are not liking her posts but are still paying or dead accounts who forgot they are paying cause I can’t imagine someone clinging to posting nudes only for two likes per picture

No. 1779328

Think people tend to forget how many men orbit women online and if Kat is a tattoo artist she's probably got attention from randoms that have came into the shop she works at, plus just from school and growing up in Belfast, she probably gets decent enough attention. I know a girl in belfast with a far less Internet presence but she lives off her only fans through word of mouth.

Also her pole photos aren't horrible. Could you imagine kaya trying to hang upside down kek

No. 1779370

>could you imagine Kaya trying to hang upside down
Sure, with a little practice. Pole isn't that hard kek.

No. 1779374


In some cases and if you're hitting it super hard then yes for a lot of people but if you're kinda mid tier maintenance/boost dosing it, it can make you just kinda nervously internally and externally hyper and hyper fixated on creating shit things or playing like rythem video games or something. The effects aren't the same person to person, especially if said person had mental health issues like bipolar.

I do agree that steroids are much more likely, maybe occasional coke, I was mostly just responding to the person who asked about meth use in the UK, ik speed and meth aren't exactly the same but deeply similar.

No. 1779389

Considering the majority of likes & comments on her OF IG either come from identifiable snaccs or her photographer, I really don't think she has any orbiters. Maybe one or two kek. I really don't even believe that you "know a girl" with less traction than Kat surviving just off OF. She is probably doing things you don't know about on the side. OF takes 25% of ALL your earnings. Even if she had 10 orbiters tipping her daily she wouldn't be making very much. I think she just likes being a whore and getting attention rather than making money.

No. 1779701


Youre entirely right, I know a girl with a small online following, barely 1000 on any single platform where she can advertise safely and I was telling her about this whole fiasco the other day (I was making sure she knew not to watch Fakes shit and why) and I asked her how many followers she has and how many of them like posts consistently and it was 16 followers and 9 people who 95% of the time liked her stuff. She is cute and deserves it, doesn't do it even vaguely full time or expect it to be her income, yet her numbers are way better.

No. 1779817

File: 1677651131246.png (22.64 KB, 613x546, toybackpiece.png)

While I don't think Kat is outright ugly or anything, she's obviously not model pretty and most moids wouldn't bother paying $20 for a handful of implied nudes a month from someone who isn't. She's borderline illiterate, her shoots are repetitive and lazily rehashed egirl shit ("diva" cosplay kek), and she doesn't put forth any real effort to engage her very few orbiters as a SWer. It's pretty obvious she's not in it for the (maybe) $100 a month paycheck, but more likely as some kind of weird vanity project. She makes more tracing her disney coloring book tattoos easily. You're straight up delusional if you think she's making any kind of real money off her OF.

No. 1779851

I'm honestly not sure how she gets away with being an openly pedo-pandering DDLG SW in her professional workplace. She can call it "modeling" if she wants, but anyone with a brain can see it for what it is. Especially when she blatantly uses the DDLG tag and posts herself wearing littleforbig on her tattoo account. I've personally known more than one person locally who have been fired as soon as their workforce discovered they have an OF account. Maybe Merakitattoo is one big DDLG pedo ring.

No. 1779862

She might just tag it for likes and wear the Outfits cause a lot other OF users wear the same stuff. Tattoo shops are bit more lenient they are used to people be alternative and bit different rather then other jobs I don't see why a job would fire someone for a side job unless they were actively brining it into work because that's discrimination and can be taken to court

No. 1779871

NTA, but Jake and her have both hinted at a very ddlg dynamic in their relationship. I don't see it as something a trashy tattoo shop that embraces tracing and questionable skill level among their staff would care very much about it though.

No. 1779974

Lol big doubt. We know from Kaya he's as vanilla as it can get. It probably just boosts his narc ego to be "goff daddy" because it implies he must be sexually attractive and "cool". I doubt it goes much further than that

No. 1780169

File: 1677700669637.png (758.6 KB, 498x890, kek.PNG)

No. 1780188

Kek he's so easily impressed by the bare minimum.

No. 1780202

Is he sick or?
>she prepares his post stream meal and meds
>he does nothing for Valentines
Kat, girl, leave please

No. 1780204

He's easily impressed by a bare minimum act of kindness because it is so out of his own nature.

No. 1780563

File: 1677731591011.png (499.61 KB, 496x899, this is getting old.PNG)

It's obvious he takes multiple vids and uploads them based on him still wearing the same shit from Feb 24th.

No. 1780589

File: 1677734436280.png (17.14 KB, 713x190, jake_ytstats.png)

Not sure why he still bothers tbh. He's still steadily bleeding 2k-3k subs a month and can't even break 10k views on his recent videos. He really must be hurting to return and shit out the same old rehashed bs as before. Whatever happened to the "new content" jake?

No. 1780609

pardon if this is a nitpick cos there’s a kid in the house, but omf the state of the background. build that shit tip lol.

No. 1780622

It still gives me whiplash to see him being all cozy with this kid in his life when he hinged such a huge part of his personality on hating children and being child free. It just so seriously doesn't track at all. There's just something about how quickly he's pivoted to it that makes me wildly uncomfortable. It makes any of his happy family posts seem totally disingenuous and shallow.

No. 1780625

and tall and too old looking, nothing "girlish." isn't Jude Bishop also a big and tall ass woman, too? it's insane lol

No. 1780630

this relationship with a Mature Woman with a kid and acting like he's step-dad of the year looks like nothing more than a coverup for all the bad behavior, years of cheating on kaya and abusing her, sexually assaulting girls on his big rock star tour, etc. he thinks it makes him look like a good guy who is too involved in his new family life to have ever done anything unsavory. he thinks people are fooled as long as his remaining brain dead snaccs buy it.

No. 1780652

Tinfoil here, but I think all those meds are out because fake is hungover maybe?

No. 1780659

Agreed, everything about it is a red flag. He knows the clip of him saying he'd hit kids and the abuse/cheating scandal could ruin his career and reputation, so he's trying to make up for it by acting like a matured stepfather. The man wears a mask professionally. He even referred to Isaac as "my 3 year old" in a recent stream. Not Kat's 3 year old. Extremely questionable behavior. I think the only thing Jake likes about having Isaac around is having someone dependent to mold and influence. Not because he loves kids all of a sudden.

No. 1780660

>"needs a mature woman"
>dates an illiterate ddlg who traces coloring books for a living
Pick one, retard.

No. 1780686

Honestly I don't think he thought that far,just jumped on kat cause she gave him attention and now he's stuck since they moved in with him he has to keep the facade going kekekek

No. 1780698

It might not have been his intention but I absolutely believe he's attempting to use it to ( (unsuccessfully) leverage a better public image. It makes me think about the amount of shit he used to get away with doing or saying just because he was attached to someone like Kaya who is seen generally outside this forum as a nice person who is socially conscious and broadly unproblematic. I think he's attempting to use the " Goff stepdad" shtick in much the same way. " How could someone in such a wholesome relationship really be this much of an arsehole? It must be an act" etc. He gets away with a lot by people assuming what he puts out online is just an edgy persona and not his entire personality on and off screen.

No. 1780702

In his stream announcement he wrote he was “sick” but I’m pretty sure it was really just a hangover kek

No. 1780742

Why would somebody be using inhalers and decongestants for a hangover? Use your brain, anon. He's a jackass but is it really that hard to believe he could catch a cold?

No. 1780764

alcoholic drinks are full of histamine, and using antihistamines can help hangovers
not that this dumpster fire doesn’t have a cold, though

No. 1780800

Jude is average size but very hard faced

No. 1780809

Especially if the child is going to nursery children get colds and illnesses daily and bring it home so could explain why he constantly ill

No. 1780870

Nta, but his smoking/drinking and fast food diet would definitely leave him more vulnerable to be getting sick so often too. Kek at him eating pizza dipped in ranch dressing and oj for dinner though.

No. 1781525

File: 1677824984587.png (12.86 KB, 548x522, jakepatreon.png)

His patreon is still losing subs monthly too. All time low at 73 subs this month.

No. 1781570

this is so true… alcohol weakens the immune system.

No. 1781616

His steady decline in popularity has been an absolute delight to watch, I've never encountered anyone less deserving of an audience than Jake Munro. Every time his numbers decline it's like a nutritious meal.

No. 1781760

File: 1677859476215.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3464x3464, 0DBACC47-929A-4EFB-BF83-188B47…)

Looks like it’s alcoholic date night/afternoon again but this time with a mysterious third person

No. 1781776

File: 1677860229610.jpg (198.25 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20230303-161549_Ins…)

No. 1781796

filtered his face to hell and back lmao

he looks bored or annoyed he's not the only male and centre of attention

No. 1781805

He's a plus 1 again. He's probably gonna sulk the whole weekend

No. 1781813

he's obese

No. 1781847

File: 1677867023615.jpg (283.25 KB, 1080x2063, 20230303_100929.jpg)

She looks emaciated. Also kek at the hot dog legs angle. I thought people stopped using that angle in 2015.

No. 1781910

Some anons are clearly having a hateboner for kats skinny ass and it makes them sound like mad fatties

No. 1781927

it's not a fan site, who the hell cares. do you identify with her or something?

No. 1781947

>fully ignores the "he's obese" comment directed at Jake
Are you new here, or just an anachan? Why are you personally offended at the emaciated comment but not the obese comment kek.

No. 1781950

In no way is she emaciated kek.

No. 1781955

I think emaciated is an exaggeration, so is "obese". She is pretty skeletal/lacking assets though kek.

No. 1781983

File: 1677880751044.png (772.75 KB, 498x894, drinks time.PNG)

NTA, just confirming with this Annon that it's true. "Drinks time."

No. 1782154

Jesus, they’re boring. And ugly.

No. 1782221

Hilarious that in the room with the two of them he looks smug with a smirk and Kat can barely get a smile out. In the elevator Kat's happy and Jake's sulking. History repeats. The Kaya 2.0 saga.

No. 1782332

tbh my fav part is that she always has to bend her knees when taking full body photos with him so that she's only the same height and not taller. KEK

>He's a plus 1 again
>Jake's sulking. History repeats.
The honeymoon period is clearly over already if their sad valentine's day was any sign. His insecurities and misery are going to seep into this relationship just like the last unless kat is constantly complimenting his lil pencil dick and flabby no-neck body.

No. 1782417

Considering how miserable he was to Kaya and just in general while he was successful I cannot fathom how awful he must be to be around now that his career and popularity are nose diving.

No. 1782586

File: 1677961271140.png (821.13 KB, 501x897, aged like milk.PNG)

No. 1782587

File: 1677961302114.png (1.09 MB, 498x895, 2.PNG)

No. 1782588

File: 1677961333443.png (514.35 KB, 497x888, i can't stop laughing.PNG)

No. 1782590

File: 1677961396601.png (452.29 KB, 502x894, no wonder i laughed.PNG)

His own personal shitty tracing tattoo 'artist' is doing this weird tattoo that just threw me into a laugh

No. 1782591

Best he has dressed in a long time

No. 1782593

File: 1677961472246.png (458.18 KB, 498x895, missing teeth.PNG)

No. 1782594

stumpy legged dean skinwalker

No. 1782676

What is this!?

No. 1782679

File: 1677973161187.jpg (425.61 KB, 1080x1447, 5_Instagram.jpg)

Here's a better shot of the tattoo. It's like a girl with blowjob lips with a skull coming out the bottom with a broken jaw.

No. 1782680

Thank you, anon!
This motif is so bad.

No. 1782685

well the good news it’ll be covered by clothes most of the time.

No. 1782719

>blowjob lips + broken jaw
Creepy & misogynistic. Yikes forever.

No. 1782816

lol another day, another shit tattoo for jake.

No. 1782850

Is he bow legged, or just pulling a weird pose trying to lengthen his child legs

No. 1782880

File: 1677992055903.jpg (377.8 KB, 1080x1558, 52.jpg)

Jake & Kat did not attend the after party cocktails with the rest of the shop. Not only that, Meraki did not include Kat's booth in their story showing off all the tattoo artists booths. Everyone got shown except her. Maybe advertising her DDLG OF on her tattoo page was the nail in her coffin. No clue why she'd decide to associate that shit with her place of employment like that.

No. 1782889


This is super embarrassing for Kat. Tattoo artists go to these events and get fully booked up, and it's nearly impossible to get a booking. She obviously had no bookings so had to tattoo the person she's dating… And he's posting it so it looks like she is in demand. Kek.

No. 1782893

History is definitely repeating itself. He definitely wanted control over this situation and that's why he's getting tattooed. No doubt she couldn't join them because Jake needed to go back to the hotel room because his leg was sore.

No. 1782897

File: 1677994666625.png (1.56 MB, 1137x912, merakibelfast.png)

He's wearing that coomer loli hoodie tho

I'm not seeing any stories on Meraki's IG? Regardless, Kat is still all over their page so I highly doubt it. Also, the owners have these dolls of themselves in the tattoo shop on display too? I don't think they care about her lazy ass "implied nude" OF. It's more likely Jake was being his usual miserable self and didn't want her hanging around the beefcake boss who just had his hands all over his topless girlfriend or maybe he doesn't like someone else pictured. He was notorious for making Kaya leave events early or throwing a fit when she was trying to hang around other people if the attention wasn't revolving around him. Now that he's comfortable with Kat, he's probably just pulling the same old shit he's always done.

No. 1782905

The story expired before I got a screenshot. You're probably right, Jake probably didn't want Kat to drinking and cosying up or giving attention to anyone else… like Mark. Kek. Either way though, DDLG isn't a good look for any professional setting. Those figures seem like a joke to me, not some sort of declaration of their actual sex life kek.

No. 1782907

Hard agree. It’s definitely just a control thing on Fake’s part that Kat didn’t attend the afterparty. He’s too insecure and can’t handle her hanging around that Mark dude, drinking and having fun, even if both him and the guy’s gf (or spouse?) are present.

No. 1782916

this is like a flashback from the Kaya days when she was invited to influencer events and he tagged along and they had to leave early because he was grouchy at not being the center of attention. no wonder he had a sour look in the pic earlier with the other couple. I didn't realize they were at a tattoo event for Kat's work. he loathes when the attention is not on him.
and he's done the same phony sh*t with the "I'm so proud of my accomplished girlfriend." I remember him posting one of the few public compliments he has ever given kaya way back when she was on the BBC for a segment on goths, but in actuality he cannot be supportive, it has to be all about him.
Kat will see. it won't be the last time she is kept away from enjoying being part of a group and having the spotlight.

No. 1782919

I love how all of the events that he's gone to where he's been one of the invited people have all been ones where he's a plus one. Kek, he must be sore over that one.

No. 1783200

File: 1678050281995.png (825.58 KB, 499x893, uuck.PNG)

No. 1783201

File: 1678050343982.png (789.26 KB, 822x881, shit tip.png)

It always amazes me how quickly it takes them to turn a place into a shit tip.

No. 1783210

That looks pretty good. The colour contrast bewteen red black blue works well.

If she sticks to this style rather then the colouring pages she could be a good tattoo artist

No. 1783212


No inspiration to colour the torn face and instead lets it bleed into the colouring of the skull.

I'm underwhelmed.

No. 1783366

same, why is it all blue and red? I think it'd be more interesting if the face and skull were different colors. and I dont like the tattoo idea, especially on an abusive asshole like Jake.

No. 1783476

The face is drawing attention away form the somewhat decent looking skull. It just looks off with the weird shading around the eye and nose area. It doesn't make sense on where the light in the piece is coming form. Also what is with the random horn. Whether it is attached to the skull or the face it doesn't look right.

No. 1783480

File: 1678088672050.jpeg (251.96 KB, 1200x675, FBD4359B-41C3-4BD6-A62C-BB4453…)

bump for cp

No. 1783502

Why do you keep posting this everywhere? There is no cp?

No. 1783506

Nta, but mods probably deleted it already?

No. 1783516

It looks like a retarded Kyo face with a wonky anatomy,the colors are the only decent thing,looks like she tried to do an illumination effect and failed miserably

No. 1783582


Oh, trust us Nonnie we farmers noticed. This isn't news for us.

No. 1783689

NTA but I've seen cp on several occasions here. The mods are pretty on top so it gets deleted fast but I appreciate the bumps

No. 1783728

This isn't going to look good in a year. It's gonna be a red and blue mess. No wonder the shop owner didn't share it on his page.

No. 1783783

I feel like they didn’t share her tattoos because when jake uploaded his truth video/ kaya uploaded the response the tattoo shop got flooded with negativity and hate, they might have agreed not to tag her prevent that again? I prob wrong tho

No. 1783857

File: 1678138789309.png (25.97 KB, 597x245, boo-hoo.PNG)


No. 1783859

File: 1678138901506.png (766.5 KB, 491x889, what in fresh hell.PNG)

All she did was tattoo, seemingly, one person… you…

No. 1783860

easy on the filters fake, kek

and all for show, he all know he was jealous he wasn't the centre of attention

No. 1783861

File: 1678138996737.png (527.36 KB, 495x891, not articulate.PNG)

No. 1783862

File: 1678139184275.png (118.98 KB, 356x429, wtf.PNG)

Posted tonight via his fanmade Discord server.

Me, wondering… How many recordings did he make in one setting because the outfit, makeup, etc., is still the same…

No. 1783866

File: 1678139439643.png (60.05 KB, 771x694, stats.PNG)

No. 1783870


Right back at you, Fake.

No. 1783890

He needs to spend the last of his dwindling funds on some teeth for this poor woman. Jesus fucking Christ no wonder she never smiles.

No. 1783902

He looks like he’s shitting his pants.

No. 1783921

File: 1678144640569.jpeg (223.89 KB, 750x416, C8A0DB46-6DD4-4675-AEBF-65F1F8…)

Here’s the tweet that had replies that made him say he’s disappointed, it’s now deleted but you can still find some of the replies if you search for his name/through his own replies (I’ll add another screenshot in the next post)

No. 1783929

File: 1678145687730.jpeg (1.2 MB, 4096x2730, E2FD8751-882F-4466-B10B-6D0D85…)

I can’t figure out an adequate layout for the life of me so I’ll split it in two posts, I’m genuinely sorry

No. 1783931

File: 1678145820467.jpeg (1.29 MB, 4096x2730, D924E721-1BE9-467C-9385-60F5A8…)

There are a few more but I’m sure you get the gist and I don’t want to clog up the thread any further

No. 1783934

Of course he feels the need to pick a fight with an ex-supporter. Lixae used to be a regular. Keep digging yourself deeper, Jake. Soon everyone who once cared about you will hate you. Only a matter of time for the new group of suckers in your life to hate you too.

No. 1783940

Sorry if not saged,but omfg! Does she ever NOT wear makeup? I can’t imagine how bad her skin must be , especially in real life with all of the filters she uses! I’m actually kind of grossed out, thinks she takes her makeup off at night?

No. 1783985


She has been seen in previous posts exercising on a pole with makeup.

No. 1783994

File: 1678154757238.png (75.37 KB, 594x756, one.png)

For those of you who are too lazy to search kek

No. 1783995

File: 1678154782010.png (77.2 KB, 595x658, two.PNG)

No. 1783996

File: 1678154811897.png (98.51 KB, 591x752, three.PNG)

No. 1783997

when people say it's posted here, do they mean it's in this thread but was quickly deleted, or that they saw it on the main page? I dont understand how bump would help the individual thread but ive never seen it. I only come for alt cow milk, I don't go through the main page, now im scared to.

No. 1783998

"I can't condone self diagnosis"

Isn't this the same man who self diagnosed himself with bi-polar and "willed" it away?

No. 1784003

kek agreed. I know orthodontia is not a priority for everyone but the snaggle tooth is brown…

No. 1784008

Yes! He even mentioned in his 'Breaking my silence' video as well in past videos/live streams.

No. 1784009

why is he gatekeeping autism lmao
is he autistic or worried he might be? since when is mental health his cause? he treated his ex TERRIBLY despite her having an official mental health diagnosis from a doctor. he doesnt give a fuck about it. stupid phony asshole.

No. 1784011

maybe Skat's kid is autistic

No. 1784014

then he needs to educate himself about how ASD presents differently for every person who has it, as it's a spectrum, and many people reach adulthood not aware they have it because they were so functional and "seemed ok." and there's the opposite, people who didn't "seem ok" as kids, but are verbal and functional later in life.

No. 1784015

nah, it's much easier to be a massive douche and keep alienating his dwindling fanbase.

No. 1784022

File: 1678157862402.png (101.67 KB, 738x429, midline discrepancies.png)

Did a 'thing' I noticed – and I am glad you all have noticed it too! – to show how she has midline misalignment.

Like Anon mentioned >>1783890
>He needs to spend the last of his dwindling funds on some teeth for this poor woman
Because correcting this deviation and decaying tooth, it's highly treatable!

The browning tooth (that seems to be pushed back?) shows signs of tooth decay. And untreated tooth decay is drum roll higher in people who smoke cigarettes (alcohol also contributes and increases risk of preidontal disease.)

No. 1784071

So she only did one tattoo the entire "fest" and on her boyfriend no less, also didn't win any awards either. Yeah sounds like a super successful event Jake. Notice he doesn't praise her for her talent or anything else, but her "beauty".

The design is pretty awful and generic, the horn? zoom lines??? Whatever the fuck that is and the shading are all kinds of fucked up looking. She truly depends on going all out on coloring to try to camouflage her obvious lack of skill elsewhere.

Her teeth overall look really grey which is pretty typical for heavy smokers. Her mouth must taste like an ashtray.

No. 1784106

thank you dentistry nonna. I noticed that too, where it looks like her left central incisor is in the middle of her mouth, creating even more asymmetry. could it be that the tooth is capped? seeing as the lateral incisor is decayed, this makes sense. a capped tooth can make one tooth look bigger that the rest in the mouth. get this woman a dental plan!

No. 1784115

Doesn’t his latest ‘song’ get released today? Should the be on a charm offensive promoting something his work and not picking fights with the folks who pay his bills? This fucker cracks me up, he literally never learns.

Not gonna get into the tights and wrongs of self diagnosing but he lives in the UK, in Northern Ireland, he must be aware how fucked the health service is and how especially fucked the mental health service is. I have a couple of friends going through the process of getting their kids a diagnosis and it is an uphill battle and it’s even harder for adults, particularly women, to get taken seriously. He diagnosed himself with bipolar for fucks sake! And here he is trying to decide if popping off at a child, to his (for now) sizeable audience for views is something he wants to do. And getting pissy when told no.

There is no end to the sheer audacity of this manlet. None.

No. 1784151

Wait DIDN'T HE SELF diagnosis himself with Bipolar disorder….

No. 1784154


Kek this is hilarious what a idiot did he forget he self diagnosis now I love to see someone make a video on this

No. 1784158

Of course he deleted it what a clown

No. 1784167

He's such a fucking coward, if you're going to talk shit Fake, at least have the balls to stand by it instead of deleting it the second it hits lolcow. Pathetic.

No. 1784176

Jake is quite literally the last person on this planet who should be speaking with any kind of authority on mental health. This is also his problem: mouthing off about topics he has no place mouthing off about. You're a tik too reacts channel, Jake. You're not a mental health advocate, you aren't speaking to your audience with any kind of understanding or empathy you're using your platform to give your unwarranted opinion on something you know little about and then act surprised and disappointed when people call you out. Just Shut The Fuck Up for once in your life, Jake. When you're tempted to tweet a take like that you'd do less damage to your career by just flushing your phone down the toilet.

No. 1784180

Self-diagnosis IS retarded tbh

No. 1784181

File: 1678183686921.jpeg (247.08 KB, 1170x792, E6502473-9760-4FAD-A983-0E12BA…)

Looks like his latest assault on the ears drops at 9pm UK time.

Oh joy.

No. 1784194

No offense anon but you also don't seem like a greatest authority to be speaking on this topic either

No. 1784211

The joke is that he’d already deleted it before it got here, poor idiot must’ve been so scared kek

No. 1784213

He just needs to delete his twitter

No. 1784236

Once in a lifetime Jake was right

No. 1784245

I find it hard to say, but I do agree with Jake here. So many people on the internet diagnosing themself. It's not a good thing.

No. 1784269

They create new threads with cp that pop up on the catalog page. When you post an unsaged post it bumps the thread to the top so it pushes the cp threads down so they aren't the first thing you see.

No. 1784272

Agreed. People who self diagnose are also often wrong. Just like Jake who self-diagnosed himself as "bipolar" and "got over it". Anyone remember where he did the self diagnose thing? We should make a side by side thing of Jake contradicting Jake.

No. 1784276

It was in this video I wouldn't bother watching it I'm sure one the old threads alt 30? has a time stamp when he said it. But I could sworn someone said he said it before I may be wrong.

No. 1784330

This debate is actually retarded and not as black and white as you are all making it out to be.

No. 1784333

You can suspect a diagnose, but you can't self diagnose. I even read from self-diagnosing people "I identify myself as autistic" and the harm that's done with that is huge
Hate to say he's right with that. Why he thinks diagnosing himself with bipolar is valid is another story.

No. 1784344

No shit nobody can actually hand you a diagnosis other than a doctor. But nobody knows a body better than the person living in it, and unfortunately doctors don't always know everything. My good friend had to jump from doctor to doctor because they kept dismissing her symptoms. She was so sure of her diagnosis, so she kept going to new doctors and getting new tests. She was finally properly diagnosed after being told she's fine multiple times. She didn't "diagnose herself" but knew all along. Some people (mostly kids) seem to get ahead of themselves trying to diagnose not only themselves but everyone around them. Kids get caught up in things and say/do dumb shit, is anyone surprised? Like I said, it isn't so black and white.

No. 1784350

Yes, and despite being right the little dumbass had no idea how to have any form of conductive conversation or debate on the matter because he can't think beyond simplistic scenarios and opinions he can just repeat without expanding on ("sanctity of mental health" like it's a full statement). Can't even defend an easy point properly or at least explain why he actually believes this way. You can't have a conversation on the matter without bothering to discuss the other side's pov or experience. Jake seems to only be able to prove his point if the other person is being blatantly idiotic like a tiktok aspie or DID faker (can't even explain why just reading the DSM isn't good enough, it just is). He can't even take a moment to consider some people have good experience or are responsible with self DX (treating it more like a suspected illness and using it to jump into self treatment such as workbooks while waiting proper treatment), these people existing don't disprove his perspective but he doesn't know how to deal with the reality that some (like Kaya) can suspect a diagnosis and get it confirmed without there being any fakery. But he's just so mad Kaya was proved right he can't see past his anger even if he had the brain cells to form an argument or rounded opinion

No. 1784357

>"I identify myself as autistic" and the harm that's done with that is huge
Some of you are either chronically online or addicted to tiktok or something, because I've never seen ANYONE say anything like that anywhere BUT online/tiktok specifically, and I've only seen someone say something like that maybe once or twice. Then again I don't use tiktok KEK. You really think that's doing a "huge harm" to people? What a cushy life you must lead.

No. 1784399

There's a whole debate about self diagnosis and Fake isn't equipped to talk about it kek. There's a whole niche on tiktok for faking conditions for clout cos they want to ride the "everything is valid" train like genderspecials. DID, POTS, fainting, autism, list goes on. And when called out by people who have these conditions, they whine that it's gatekeeping and fakeclaiming. Sure self diagnosis is needed sometimes if you have nothing else, the culture of it on tiktok just takes it to a retarded extreme.

No. 1784407

Agreed. Let's try not to let this debate derail the thread. I'm sure there are better places to fight about it lol.

No. 1784507

You know munchies existed before tiktok and will exist after? Self-diagnosis is not limited to mental illnesses
Please say you know it, please

No. 1784558

File: 1678226905557.png (602.56 KB, 497x892, should be interesting.PNG)

No. 1784560

File: 1678226962117.png (906.53 KB, 493x896, odd.PNG)

No. 1784562

File: 1678227029956.png (559.56 KB, 499x893, barf.PNG)

Someone take one for the team and let us know how trash it is

No. 1784563

File: 1678227066208.jpeg (155.55 KB, 1618x950, 32FBA26D-E545-48B1-BCE6-78A70B…)

I’m taking one for the team and listening to his new song. It is TERRIBLE. Dude is looking bloated as fuck and is wearing some squid game mask shit. He crawls out of the sea at the start. He should crawl back in.

He can’t drum for shit. You can see the wrinkles in his back drop. It’s very low effort for the amount he’s hyped it up.

No. 1784566

File: 1678227109362.jpeg (137.81 KB, 1590x992, 6FE7491F-85FD-471F-B2A7-1D7779…)

Squid game.

No. 1784567

File: 1678227138389.jpeg (126.83 KB, 1609x1040, 129C6259-B217-4462-86D8-B4E345…)

Sausage arms.

No. 1784568

File: 1678227179440.jpg (12.52 KB, 320x320, 334282132_166270102488109_3684…)

his new 'band' pfp

No. 1784570

File: 1678227222633.jpeg (159.21 KB, 1609x1034, BE6B4FEE-59C5-4407-A652-875069…)

Wrinkled back drop. You go to all
The effort of 4k and you can’t get an iron on your big red sheet? Tsk tsk fake!

No. 1784578

This is the exact color scheme of his new tattoo. Dude has one idea.

No. 1784588

File: 1678228361826.png (353.65 KB, 942x527, Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 23-18…)

I can't get over how he looks like a beached whale.

No. 1784589

File: 1678228455374.png (197.58 KB, 568x299, ARK Survival Evolved.PNG)


Feels like he watched too many ARK: Survival Evolved game live action trailors. kek

No. 1784593

File: 1678228658523.png (394.24 KB, 467x857, the tattoo.PNG)

Here is the concept drawing. IMO I feel it's not that bad, but like other nonna's have pointed out… there are a lot of things she could have done differently to improve it. The colouring did NOT do it justice because the colouring made the horn look out of place where here we can see how it almost seems like it belongs.

No. 1784596


>He crawls out of the sea. He should crawl back in.

You're keelin me, Nonnas! keeek

No. 1784606

File: 1678229333961.png (81.29 KB, 817x232, MunroVEVO.png)

I didn't sage because I felt this was milk worthy.

This idiot went out of his desperate way to seem he is partnered with VEVO. The hilarious part is that there is absolutely NO verified or credited checkmark beside it as other legit 'VEVO' accounts have.

No. 1784617

A rotting beached whale at that.

No. 1784619

I don't think that is actually fake. I looks like someone ripped it off of his patron to post it early.

No. 1784634

Here's where it gets interesting.

If an artist already has a YouTube channel, their label or distributor can request a new Vevo channel with VEVO, which can be merged with their existing channel as an Official Artist Channel (or OAC). It will be marked as verified by the music note icon next to the channel name.

These requests must be made directly to YouTube via the artist’s label or distributor. All content uploaded to either channel will publicly display on the single OAC once the merge is complete.

Vevo does NOT allow labels to have a Vevo channel created.

He or someone else, may have went through a third party website called SpareMusic where they can pay a one-time fee of $49.99 USD, their request will be processed towards recieveing their own Vevo Channel. And then they'll notify him/them of the progress of the application which usually takes 2 weeks. Vevo's logo on the video, everything.

Refeshingly enough, the channel has not been verified as authentic (yet.)

No. 1784642

File: 1678231979377.jpeg (476.95 KB, 750x875, D9D2A375-61AE-45AF-BF89-FEE9D6…)

There is not one single bone to be found in his doughy face. Also, what’s going on with his skin, is it the lighting? He’s usually so heavy handed with the filters but lets this patchy redness slide?

No. 1784643

this is so nitpicky

No. 1784651

Agreed, I also don't get what it's supposed to prove? The angles of the lines seem totally arbitrary to produce a certain result.

No. 1784656


Hello, Nonnas! Same Anon!

Not nitpicking, but I respect your point-of-view!

There was nothing to prove upon uploading this other than to show that she simply has a midline misalignment and previous posts making comments on her teeth on why she doesn't smile often. Given the choice of photograph it's rather difficult to get correct placements of the lines due to the angle of her body, the positioning of her head showcasing her smile, and without proper radiographs.
The 'arbitrary' lines aren't made up or otherwise unreasonable but simply following the path of her philrum (which is the midline groove on the upper lip that runs from the top of the lip to the nose); and her nares (nostrils) to show the alignment.

Otherwise, I never posted it to shame the person in the photo nor to nitpick about her teeth. However, if she chose to get it corrected in the future she is in luck. :)( :))

No. 1784658

It's horrid. I made it to 0:47 then stopped the torment. One dimensional, grating and utterly devoid of creativity. Would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. So far he has 718 views and 265 likes.

No. 1784662

File: 1678234912636.png (592.97 KB, 496x885, here we go again.PNG)

No. 1784666


The video is 4 minutes long.
It opens up to a dull coloured, blue filtered, bleak ocean front. Then with horrid 'edgy' editing, it switfy cuts to the top of the ocean at 0:13 seconds. Showing viewers inshore waves.

At 0:14 - The 'edgy' glitch editing brings viewers to his hand playing a keyboard with the same dull blue filter with what appears to be the same ocean front playing as a background filter.

0:18 - We see the ocean again. With the camera panning out over it.

0:21 - It glitches back out to his hand playing the keyboard again with the ocean filter playing simultaneously with it.

0:24 - We see what appears to be him, randomly washed ashore with no context. Shirtless, in nothing but his boxers and pushes himself up all while not showing his face.

0:27 - It quickly glitches out again in that same 'edgy' editing to him wearing some sort of mask that looks like he bought off amazon (a digital face changing mask one can get for parties or concerts that is LED light adjustable), a hoodie, and playing the drums. The environment looks to be his studio but it's blacked out with what looks like 2 LED ambient floor lamps from Amazon giving off a reddigh/orange atmosphere.

0:29 - Cuts to him now wearing a muscle shirt playing a guitar with the same 2 LED ambient floor lamps from Amazon. He seems to have a hood up with the same weird Amazon Digital face mask.

0:30 - Shows him playing the keyboard the quickly goes back to the view of his hands.

0:31 - Shows him without the LED face mask standing in front of a 80s - 90s red backdrop, doing some sort of jig that resembles a gorilla having a seizure with his arms spread out like he's waiting to fly away before slamming his head forward into an invisible brick.

0:32 - Frontal view of him on the drums, then quick bursts of editing to show all the clips within seconds of each other. With a random view of the ocean again as the drums pick up.

0:43 - You see him in front of the red backdrop finally singing with dumb facial expressions.

Here are the lyrics, based on what I am able to make out because his editing is lax (andm y hearing is also probably trash so I'm not outting that possibility) when it comes to raising the vocals above the tunes.

Complex decisions
While lacking precision
But my foundation is our perception
But in the wake of our over-correction
Stumbling into an impossible perfection
(He then goes into growling and I can't understand it.)
Oh, the tide is turning!
Oh, (something) is burning!
(Something) damnation
(something) falls and the foundation!

I eventually gave up because it's really difficult to understand what the fuck he is singing and what story he is trying to give.
Over all, his video failed to tell the story and the video gave no context at all on how his 'character' ended up on the beach as he keeps it in his studio kek

No. 1784671

>One dimensional, grating and utterly devoid of creativity.
This is the best description I've seen so far
I'm sorry you gave it a listen but I thank you for taking one for the team anon
May your ears seek retribution!

No. 1784679

kek idk why but the lyrics kinda feel he's talking about his haters

I hope he releases the lyrics soon so I can tear it apart

No. 1784682

>0:31 - Shows him without the LED face mask standing in front of a 80s - 90s red backdrop, doing some sort of jig that resembles a gorilla having a seizure with his arms spread out like he's waiting to fly away before slamming his head forward into an invisible brick.

LOL wtf nonna

No. 1784688

File: 1678237336027.jpg (99.18 KB, 499x894, kitkattheskat.jpg)

A shame you weren't in it like Jude was in that failed cover video, Skat. But luckily, you weren't - because his video was trash.

No. 1784689

ayrt kek thanks nonners, I'm currently ear bleaching with my favorite tunes.

No. 1784695

Do you think he's wearing the mask to convey other band members?

No. 1784696

In a recent video of her Spooky Unboxing, Kaya mentions she is contemplating doing a 'Get Ready With Me'
or a Vlog so she can update followers on everything that's been going on since she's been gone for awhile.

And, that there has been progress made on the Sebastian Plushie.

No. 1784700

this is good tinfoil but one we can see his sausage arms and tattoos but you now got me wondering whyy he's bothered to wear a mask in the first place, you know??

i get the clips of showing the beach because the song is about a tide, but why show himself washed up on the beach with no clothes on and not go further to explain how he got there?
my head is spinning, nonna

No. 1784702

She mentioned she still has to have solicitors so Fakes clearly still bothering her

No. 1784712

I was just thinking this when I seen the opening video.

Majority of artists might showcase a short feature of shots that are designed to tell a story, similar to a short film in their music videos. Now I've seen some ridiculous videos over the years - obviously - but this…what the ever loving shit is this?

Obviously he is allowed to make it into anything he wants and the video doesn't have to make sense, but this video makes absolutely zero sense. I'm pretty good at figuring out the meaning behind lyrics and music videos, but this one - I just don't get and the song isn't perfectly crafted to get stuck in your head either.
I, for one, am more likely to rewatch a music video more if it actually has a story.

I watched it to it's end and all the video did was keep focus on him without going into a greater extent. I'm left on a cliffhanger of what happened to him at the beach.

Imma take a que from this anon and go bleach my ears with some faves!

No. 1784721


There was a previously mentioned post of him stating that his metal cover of Freaks - Timmy Trumpet was rushed or garbage after hyping it up for 6 months?

If this video and song is his best then I'm concerned

No. 1784727

Samefag - good attention to detail! That detail went right over my head, Anon, thank you. <3

I know in Ireland that a solicitor refers to a type of lawyer so I hope she goes over that, too!
Any tinfoil guesses on what he could possibly be bothering her about still?
(I honestly wouldn't put it past him to continue bothering her despite him trying to bury the past, so to speak.)

No. 1784730

File: 1678241895866.png (24.47 KB, 490x257, he chose to go solo.PNG)

Hopefully this answers any questions on this, Nonna.

No. 1784732

File: 1678241947436.png (164.88 KB, 536x615, truth about his solo career.pn…)

And this one, the truth about his solo career.

No. 1784749

File: 1678244176576.png (Spoiler Image,66.09 KB, 345x157, gointintotheriver.png)

>He crawls out of the sea at the start.
>He should crawl back in.
I hate how funny this is. All I could think of when I seen this is marge's "I'm goint into the river" keeek

Sounds like an amateur nu-metal band at best tbh. The spooky sounding synth is honestly kind of fun in a "might be stolen from a ghost song" kinda way, but the rest is giving trapt concert at a midwestern dive bar kind of energy. His vocals are weak and his lyrics are just laughable.

No. 1784784

Just listened to his song and it's… Meh. The keyboard sound thingy isn't thaaat bad (but not the best thing ever nor does it save the song) but the song in general is as generic as it can be, the music video is lazy AF and i find it funny how he has his face covered in the shots of him playing the instruments like "faceless band members" or something.
There were times when i couldn't quite tell where the beat was going, like this songs that have this beat and tempo and then they have a sudden change that leave you lost for a few seconds but you catch up to it quick but in this case i had a hard time catching up especially because he has this dramatic sudden change like at the middle of the song.
And don't get me started in >>1784570 shots… The background is oversaturated, hurts my eyes and he looks so lifeless, he tries to move his arms and his body a little bit but he looks lifeless, like he's trying to have a certain face while singing and just looks cringe, idk how to describe it tbh, he had more "emotions" showing in the closeups of his face that look like >>1784568
You can really feel it's a solo proyect and not a good one btw. Feels empty and dead… Did he really spent a lot of money on this?

Oh and it's just been 6 hours since he released the video and he has only 1579 views, 439 likes and 66 comments of snaccs kissing his ass atm, idk about the dislikes tho.

No. 1784794

File: 1678251367526.png (152.86 KB, 494x621, image_2023-03-07_215225040.png)

Am I going crazy or does it look like his eye are enlarged. Like there is a filter or something. It's very off putting as is his choice in colors for the video.

No. 1784796

The video is currently sitting at 69 dislikes.

No. 1784804

File: 1678252136661.png (33.01 KB, 1209x176, Tide comment.PNG)

No. 1784811


>Had I allowed more time

This always seem to be an issue with him, as if he has some deadline
despite hyping it up for what seems months before release.
He had the time to use compressions and EQ to create ranges for
those dynamics. For each part. There can be overlaps but obviously
he will need things to still have their space when making

>I prefer the guitar and bass tone shining through-

Welp, there we have it. This is one of the underlining issues-
he doesn't care that the vocals aren't loud enough.

>Vocals not being loud enough is a common complaint with metal.

>I'm not going to have professional quality, I just get as close as I can.
Wow. Ok, slow down there, buddy. This genre you just released isn't metal.
You come off more synth, dance/electronic and possibly nu metal.

No. 1784812

idk mate but I'm trying not to laugh at this image, and imagining this is how he approaches Kat when they kiss

No. 1784819

He's using special lenses, probably mini scleras (that have this big eye effect) to make him look like "evil" or something but he ends up looking like he's using a "kawaii big eye" beauty filter.

No. 1784823

File: 1678255677125.jpg (29.76 KB, 492x369, 7f0768599d72d0e9e4f358b83a3fb5…)

All I can see

No. 1784829

File: 1678257479069.gif (3.78 MB, 498x370, im dead.gif)

No. 1784838


And the excuses begin.

Claiming to not be a ‘professional’ yet at the same time he’s offering his production ‘skills’ for hire on twitter, not exactly advertising himself well is he? You too can have half arsed amateur production for £££!

And what the fuck is he on about that he’s on an island ‘surrounded by nothing and no one’? He lives in bloody Belfast, not some distant island yet to be contacted. Kaya goes to loads of gigs so there’s some sort of local music scene. Maybe you’re just a pretentious dick that no one really wants to be around Fake?

No. 1784840

The plush will be a hit cause it a cat everyone loves cat plushies

No. 1784874

File: 1678267496443.jpeg (139.92 KB, 750x654, DE45A09D-E75D-48A0-9C21-E39C73…)

Saged in case it’s not newsworthy but here’s what an ex-band mate has to say about them all “leaving” Muro

No. 1784882

>>1784730 He's such a fucking liar, he isn't playing the drums at all he's miming to a digital sample pack.

Hey Jake, since you read here - this is an instantly forgettable song by numbers and you can't write riffs for toffee.

No. 1784883

Did kaya upload her video same time as jake to take the lime light? Cause she always uploads on like times he has 'big events' or song realises or birthday video? Or this just tinfoil

No. 1784884

I listen to it it didn't even sound like his voice if it didn't have the video it would be underwhelming. It a song you would listen to once

No. 1784888

I like her new hair it like what she used to do


No. 1784933

File: 1678277493403.jpeg (368.72 KB, 750x921, 9422321B-016F-4045-9AF1-D1EF50…)

Gaz‘ comment is now gone, I wonder if he deleted it himself or if Jake is responsible.
Either way, Jake has left a lengthy delusional reply kek (picrel)

No. 1784936

His narcissism shines through even in a simple comment like this. Can he not talk about anything normally and factually?
>reverted back to solo
"Remember, I started this solo and having bandmades was just an era"
>songwriting needed to be steamlined
"Conor held be back"
>what's best for my passion project that I created over 10 years ago
"me, me, me, it's all me, my band mates held me back and I'm so much better solo"
>being able to write freely and independently
"Conor held me back, again"

He tries to spin it as a wholesome post about the sweet memories but the whole thing stinks of finger-pointing and implying how his creativity cannot be free when working with others. He's lucky he found people that tolerated him in a music project, at least show some respect for that.

No. 1784951

Why can't jake admit the truth? >>1784933

No. 1784977


Imagine being Skat with this huffing and puffing away on top of you.. At least it would probably be over quickly

No. 1785067

its been 19 hours and he's on 2.6k views LOL. Kaya's boring double unboxing has 10k in 21 hours

No. 1785080

KEK remember the last time he called something "amicable"? Yeah, he said the breakup with Kaya was amicable during the first breakup video. Jake, you already used that word in your lies. Come up with new ones.

No. 1785095

I wonder where the design for the tattoo actually came from. Considering she can't draw her own designs, either she traced it/spliced it together from other artworks. Or maybe she actually got artwork commissioned for once.

No. 1785108

Even his tiktok video got more then his song has

No. 1785137

Funny, isn't it? Considering how much he shits on the app (To each their own, but dammmn, yeah?)

No. 1785155

Ayrt of course I fucking do, faking things for clout has never been new whether it's a disability or mental condition or personality, just ask jake

No. 1785183

>over 10 years ago
And with nothing to show for it, yikes

No. 1785199

too lazy for any other styling perhaps lol. not that his look is anything, but considering how quickly the video was shot he probably had mad hangover face and couldn't be assed to cover it in makeup.

>I can't wait to spend more time creating…videos/artwork

literally what else are you doing?!? no asked for any of this, your supporters are dwindling every day and all the hype you put behind the ~art~ you've put out is overshadowed by your shitty attitude and all the glaring errors that get dismissed with over thesaurused replies. at least when he was vlogging his chores and shit he was doing something.

also super gross that he was sick right before going to that tattoo convention and probably shared his germs with everyone. can't wait for the shitty ~goth~ songs he alleged making for laughing in one of his stupid reaction videos.

No. 1785389

File: 1678336088987.png (19.99 KB, 843x228, thetide.png)

kek at the number of views and dislikes. I don't think this solo career is going to be your new meal ticket jake.

No. 1785398

ikr, he tries to come off so professional, mature, put together, polite and respectful, and time and time again just ends up being a massive narc and passive-aggressive fact-twisting jerk that he truly is.
Fake, seriously, with all the money you waste, just hire a pr person instead.

And KEK >>1785389
> Munro Metal
> latest single from the solo artist Munro
Had to really emphasise those for whichever "amicable" reason.

No. 1785421

I won't lie - the song isn't bad. In fact some parts of it actually sound good. His issues is that his horrible personality and actions taint everything he does, including this. If he wasn't such a dick, who knows, maybe he could make something of himself?

No. 1785493

Can anyone host or repost the music video so I can point and laugh without giving Jake the benefit of a view?

No. 1785515

Nah nonna give him the view with a dislike. That is, if you genuinely dislike the song. I sure as hell did.

No. 1785632

The fact you used “taint” and “dick” when referring to jake is perfect.

No. 1785739

File: 1678398398196.png (16.76 KB, 528x501, 64percentloss.png)

It's not the worst like his god awful "timmy trumpets" cover or whatever, but it's definitely not good either. I'd say there was potential if he was some kid in his early 20s, but as a 30 something year old man trying to scrounge up the remains of his decade old band into a "solo career" it's just kind of pathetic at a point. Ngl tho, would love to see how sad a new tour would be now that he's lost all his old bandmates and over half his snaccs. I just imagine a Johhny Craig situation, but smeared with bad clown paint. kek

No. 1785747

>He dropped us
This is interesting after reading his whole woe is me rant

No. 1785777

File: 1678401931341.png (1020.27 KB, 495x890, fancy a fag.PNG)

No. 1785778

File: 1678402047655.png (860.46 KB, 501x893, lazy eyed bulldog.PNG)

No. 1785798

File: 1678403962507.jpg (513.49 KB, 1080x1851, 9_Instagram.jpg)

Full makeup including false eyelashes even in the bath kek. She must be ugly as fuck without it. Also what the fuck is this horrible quality content? Blurry and so high in contrast that all the details are blown out.

No. 1785805

for a sec I thought she was lifting her tit right up and the blue bubble thing(????) is a censor of her nipple kek

she looks like a blow up doll and no that's not a compliment skat

No. 1785832

Jake yet again blurring his nonexistent jawline so bad it blurs his tattoos, yikes.

No. 1785840

Her arm is not doing her any favours posing like this

No. 1785860

It seems the Jake-hand-near-face pose is contagious and looks just as stupid and awkward on her than it does on him.

No. 1785901

Kek. Absolutely. The angle / positioning is so weird it almost looks as if it’s someone else’s hand awkwardly touching her face. Or someone sticking out a plastic tattooed arm onto her cheek as some odd dom thing.

She’s claimed on multiple occasions that she does modelling, semi-professionally to the least… well, for a model she sure can’t produce a decent-looking image of herself to save her life.

No. 1786054

File: 1678452798205.png (74.79 KB, 280x394, Eddy_scamming.png)

I can't be the only one who is instantly reminded of Eddy from " Ed Edd and Eddy" whenever I look at Jake

No. 1786078


Is that the actual size of her neck or the angle that makes it come off like a toothpick? The random arm looks thicker than her neck!

No. 1786083

I noticed that her neck looks very unnatural, she is definitely abusing filters to an extreme. Her neck and jaw don't look like that at all irl.

No. 1786107

Thank you!!! I've been trying to think who he looks like! Kek

No. 1786193

File: 1678474691693.png (3.21 MB, 2048x1536, 94556B62-1DF0-47CB-9B25-377461…)

I get resident evil 4 ramon salazar vibes especially when he used to wear that pirate jacket

No. 1786196

File: 1678474960751.jpg (382.74 KB, 1080x1020, Screenshot_20230310-190131_Ins…)

For reference his freak vlog 2 he even had a matching hat but here picture the coat

No. 1786198

lmao he looks repulsive

No. 1786202

ah yes, the black paint era. drapey pants are not for him, idk why he wears them so much as it accentuates the stumpyness. at least he was giving us laughable content then, his insufferable whining about things like not being able to style his hair (even though it is) just highlights his jealousy of other ppl’s abilities as they actually put effort to get the results they want.

No. 1786248

Those poses and paint never did any favours for his sausage neck

No. 1786256

File: 1678482230312.webm (17.17 MB, 1280x720, MU.webm)

Sorry about poor quality, tried my best to compress it to post here.

No. 1786281

Well I guess if they ever have their own kid it’ll have a normal sized neck..?

No. 1786288

Why does he low key look like social repose in this photo too

No. 1786373

File: 1678494533809.jpg (861.89 KB, 1080x1926, kek.jpg)

Nitpick but Skat's taste in music is so hilarious to me. Shit like Lil Peep, Blink 182, and Doja Cat. Your basic bitch has embarrassing taste in music, Jake. She is the furthest thing from goth, and the most basic form of "alternative" there is.

No. 1786379

It is a nitpick but… you are correct kek

No. 1786518

File: 1678520606205.png (845.45 KB, 499x894, the adams apple.PNG)

No. 1786527

KEK. you are killing me nonnies

God, I know it's redundant at this point, but it's wild to me that she posts selfies like this with her excessive underbite on full display. I used to think kat was kind of decent looking, but woof.

Also kek at troony Taylor swift. The wonky wiggly eyes and cauliflower ear are also a nice touch.

No. 1786541

Lol the clubbed fingers and dead fish stare

No. 1786570

Thank you to the Nona who posted the music video, sat my partner down to watch it as well for an unbiased opinion. He mentioned that with the way it was cut and shot it made it look like Jake was pretending he still has band members, the LED mask looked like a flimsy way to disguise the fact that he's decided to do all this on his own, "like he's embarrassed "

Also his lipsyncing is so bad, just completely not the right energy, during vocal moments where he should look like he's screaming or shouting he just looks like he's having a kind of casual conversation. Also all the stuff the other anons mentioned like his crumpled backdrop and completely unintelligible lyrics/vocals. Didn't hate the colour palate. I'd give it a 2.5/10

No. 1786588

So can she just not close her mouth because of her underbite then? Has no one told her how unappealing bared teeth are? It's giving dog with resource guarding issues, it's not hot.

No. 1786928

All the heavy heavy filtering she uses on her pictures makes me think she really hates herself. But she’s dating Jake so of course she must.

No. 1787030

this and he was flat out cruel toward Kaya for her taste in music which was not even bad. In the video “the boyfriend tag” he said her favorite music is “crap.”
I guess getting regularly serviced has him overlooking this, or maybe he subscribes to the idea that “hot girls don’t like good music” and kat is probably flattered to be considered a “hot girl” with no opinions that matter.

No. 1787032

Maybe she’s trying to get sponsored for some free dental work

No. 1787047

The song isn’t that bad if one likes the nu-metal of the early 2000s, and I can tell his influences are slipknot and korn rather than obscure heavy metal that never get radioplay.
the music video ruined it, though. the gesticulating and weird faces with uwu eyes was just cringe. and a more confident yet modest way to be a one man band would be to not show yourself in a weird mask playing each instrument.
at least he is keeping skat out of the passion project. It’s interesting that he featured Jude in the last one.
I think his fans will like the song and video.

No. 1787233

I honestly wonder how much better his music would be received by people who aren't loyal snaccs if he stopped putting himself front and centre visually, he absolutely loves using those shots of him, arms out like a bad Christ allegory in his music vids and photographs but it just screams " self centered musician loves huffing his own farts" it's not accessible to people who aren't wrapped up in his tiny cult, if I was just stumbling on him it would put me off severely regardless if I thought the music was good (it's not)

No. 1787239

File: 1678619547087.jpg (9.11 KB, 240x250, 17ec00ca40bd79920cd904b1f1f781…)

thanks for uploading it anon.
seems he felt "swole" at the time of filming because the video almost feels centered around his stubby arms. way too much focus on showing himself off.

No. 1787272

File: 1678630336623.jpeg (89.81 KB, 1170x493, 854B5A29-C5F3-4331-8DAD-B241BE…)

Says Mr Originality.

No. 1787320

It's called nostalgia Jake. They did the same shit with remaking 80s media too. Things cycle through and through. They are going to do the same shit with today's new media. This isn't as deep as you think it is lil guy, kek.

Pretty sure he can't open his trap without acting pretentious either. Gotta wonder if he's always been this level of unbearable or if it was aggravated by his brief taste of niche internet fame.

No. 1787534

To be fair he is somewhat right. The last 20 years there has not been much that's spectacular in general. But Jake, that includes your subpar boring shit you call a "music career". We all know what will be doing in 25 years, the same boring, uninspiring shit.

No. 1787640

Not to derail but, do you live under the same rock Jake lives under, anon? There’s plenty of musical innovation outside of the mainstream, but I doubt Mall Goth Daddy actually looks for anything, and just replays 00s nu metal playlists on a loop, with the occasional Billie Eilish thrown in for relevancy.

Jake’s comment comes across like Old Man Shouts At Cloud… he’s got all the charm of a miserable old demented fart at this point: just endless complaining and nothing positive to say unless it involves blowing smoke up his own ass or more cope about his girlfriend who has nothing going for her in life.

No. 1787703

Musical innovation like what?

No. 1787710

There is lots of innovation going on you just have to look for it.
Seventy Thorns by Kim Dracula
Sleep Token

No. 1787751

Sage your bullshit. None of that is musically innovative. None of those bands are doing something new. They have good musicians and some have a more distinctive sound. But that is something else entirely. It's nothing I haven't heard a 100 times before.

No. 1787795

File: 1678690937315.png (45.68 KB, 589x1142, his dignity kek.png)

No. 1787796

File: 1678691060758.png (161.54 KB, 498x892, uh huh.PNG)

No. 1787797

File: 1678691475298.png (306.28 KB, 706x829, kaya.PNG)

No. 1787816

She looks amazing

No. 1787869

I'm not the biggest Kaya fan but I can't get over how much better she looks without having Fake around, she looks like she did when she modelled.

No. 1787890

So much better, wow. She's giving Anjelica Huston vibes. As >>1787869 said I'm not the biggest Kaya fan, but I'm hoping she matures a bit and keeps improving.

No. 1787921

The difference to her now vs. when she was with Jake is staggering.

No. 1787922

File: 1678717742754.png (374.36 KB, 490x896, Kat's tattoos.PNG)

No. 1787969


No. 1787970


No. 1787988

I'd rather let the devil brand me over getting a fucking cheap run of the mill pinball machine Disney tattoo that undoubtedly already exists on countless other people KEK.

No. 1787990

Jesus, Kat is such a downgrade compared to Kaya at this point that I'm actually embarrassed for Jake.

No. 1788087

Tbh I feel like kat looked less awful previously? Her photos were a little more professional too. She went from run of the mill wannabe alt model to wall-eyed overfiltered OF thot in ill fitting adult onesies in just one year of dating Jake. The dude works fast.

No. 1788089

Samefag, but forgot to add in. She also went from shooting in different/various locations to just taking those awful filtered/edited selfies in Jake's garage and spare bedroom? It kind of makes me wonder if Jake doesn't like having her old male photogs hanging around her or something.

No. 1788101

yea kat, whilst nothing special or unique, looked "better" than kaya at first. She already looks run down and a mess and she hasn't even been with Jake that long?? kek. Little gremlin drains the life out of people. Kaya looks great now but remember she also overdoes it on the filters too. But hell, she actually has some semblance of personality unless skat

No. 1788125

>I'm so misunderstood and underrated because I'm noble and won't let corporations take my soul!
His songs just sound like generic nu metal, and he's been a tiktok reacts sellout for ages. Yawn.

No. 1788261

this is the best I've seen her look yet. she keeps getting prettier and prettier.

No. 1788300

Her expression kinda looks like she's smelling shit, but generally looks good like she's regained confidence in styling herself.

No. 1788314

She's used a filter to slim down her face her nose is edited

No. 1788320

File: 1678787048945.jpg (175.68 KB, 1500x1500, 71k0BNj9fL.jpg)

looks nice and well co-ordinated but all I can see is picrel

No. 1788330

File: 1678789371639.jpg (264.25 KB, 1079x1797, Screenshot_20230314-031917_Ins…)

Apparently Kat will be doing an entire leg sleeve for Jake. Would he ever date someone he can't actually use in some way? He uses Kat as an Onlyfans prop and for her tattoo work, just as he used Kaya for youtube exposure & clout. How about go ahead and try your hand at her retarded little pinball machine, Jake.

No. 1788331

Has she had her lips done? Even with out lipstick they look bigger then they used. She really looks so much better

No. 1788363

those stumpy fat legs kek

nice cropping out of his small dick too lmao

No. 1788407

From the latest TikTok bore -

"Don't forget to go check out my new music video that dropped recently, go check it out the link down below. Shot it all myself, edited the whole thing myself on that computer, recorded it on those guitars, did the bass, did the drums, did the mix, did the mastering, it was 100% single, solo, myself.

I probably suffered for it but I don't live in the US where I'm surrounded by talented dedicated individuals who can help me realize my dreams."

So not content to shit on his ex-band mates he's also trying to piss-off the entirity of Ireland and the UK beacuase we're all so untalented to be unworthy of exhaulting him to greatness - Jesus fucking Christ :O(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1788409


I think they're just very overdrawn. Of you zoom in you can kind of see her natural lip line

No. 1788411

Jake is fucking retarded, he could just hire someone from the US. I don't get what's stopping him?

No. 1788415

Definitely overdrawn, too much imo but overall the look is really striking. I really like the small studs she has, a subtle accent. I still can't believe the difference before and after Jake.

No. 1788471

i dont think those are small studs, she said in her most recent video she lost the balls of them so it's just the labret stud sticking out kek

No. 1788493


He’s really quite determined to shit on his former band mates isn’t he? I do hope they keep popping off in the comments. He thinks so very highly of himself, it would be interesting to hear what the other members really thought of his musical ‘talents’.

No. 1788506

The paying for it bit. He want people to help him out (for free) while he sit next to them and whine and bitch about everything they do at the same time as he get free lessons in how it is actually done so he can pretend he has been thought to do it by profetionalls nap now he is one.

No. 1788515

Maybe his american friend K stopped being his friend

No. 1788600

If he hates Belfast so much could he not do everyone on this island a favour and fuck off the America? Why does he insist so hard on living somewhere he claims to hate so much?
He has no ties here, no family, no friends, no assets, no property. His girlfriend could work in any trashy tattoo parlour in America.

No. 1788623

And if her mediocre tattoos don't work out in an artistically oversaturated place, she could just prostitute herself on the streets of LA! Huge SW scene there, she'll fit right in.

No. 1788629

kek i just imagine her coming home and fake berating her about their dick sizes. Like fake would be ok with that though, he doesn't mind her having an OF because he's views her as some kind of trophy and wants other men to be jealous of him. He would be seething if they actually flirted with her in person let alone had sex with her.

No. 1788664

>I don't live in the US where I'm surrounded by talented dedicated individuals who can help me realize my dreams.

More excuses to cover the fact he is not talented.
But please, do go on with your projecting.

No. 1788681

>mfw you realise the UK, home of The Beatles, The Smiths, Bowie, Black Sabbath, Gang of Four, and countless other classic bands is actually devoid of any artistic creativity or ability to produce music!
One day Jake will realise he's the problem, but it is clearly not today

No. 1788685

lmao at kat working the blade. maybe she'll get interviewed by soft white underbelly.

No. 1788748

Kek. Kat may be a Belfast 8, but she's an LA 3. She would stick out like a sore snaggletooth. Insane how Jake thinks that being somewhere like Nashville or LA will instantly make him famous. He thinks other creatives will fall right into his hands for him to use for his vision, without them having any creative freedom. He is actually delusional at this point.

No. 1788939

They could never get visas for America, she isn’t good enough to be sponsored by a studio and he would find it nearly impossible due to YouTube being his job/self employed. He’s probably looked into it, makes me giggle how angry he probably got about it. If he couldn’t even get the paperwork sorted no way could he get to the US.

No. 1788941


Jake dyed his hair dark right after someone made fun of his hairline here. He's also using the darker dye to hide his receding hairline, kek.

No. 1788945

File: 1678872224642.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.4 KB, 748x1247, 1678789371639.jpg)

Samefag but it looks like she's barfing her own skull out because she has to look at this.

No. 1788949

Ikr I can’t imagine hating a whole island so much and constantly shitting on it yet not doing anything to change like moving to idk England or America. It’s literally embarrassing. I live in Belfast too and it’s such a Beautiful place to be so much going on so many goth cubs and evens check kaya instergram and this proves it to. He just hates it cause he broken every tie he could ever had

No. 1788951

Whoops sorry guys my phone loves to auto correct I meant clubs and events

No. 1788953

File: 1678874679268.png (1.23 MB, 1174x935, jakeyt.png)

I'd believe it. He's noticeably been plastering his hair down his forehead all the time again too. Was wearing it spiked or pinned up most of the time before or just completely unstyled.

kek, can you blame her? For a guy who supposedly works out all the time he's got pudgy toneless thighs. Do some squats jake. Bulky biceps on your ham body is only making you look like more of a fat manlet.

No. 1788954

File: 1678874612450.png (1.23 MB, 1174x935, jakeyt.png)

I'd believe it. He's noticeably been plastering his hair down his forehead all the time again too. Was wearing it spiked or pinned up most of the time before or just completely unstyled.

kek, can you blame her? For a guy who supposedly works out all the time he's got pudgy toneless thighs. Do some squats jake. Bulky biceps on your ham body is only making you look like more of a fat manlet.

No. 1789010

File: 1678884581067.png (536.07 KB, 495x891, oof.PNG)

No. 1789013

File: 1678885149953.png (107.99 KB, 498x892, interesting1.PNG)

Nonnas, you two were right.

No. 1789090

facts lol, he was so obsessed with the silver (probably skinwalking someone) and was rocking that very boring style for a long time and then did whatever this is for his ~return to being a goth influencer~ and bitching he can't do anything with it 'cos it's so thiccccccccc'. lie to yourself dude, no one cares as much as you do but it's fun watching the monkey dance after it protested so much.

No. 1789221

File: 1678911877196.jpg (99.58 KB, 1080x1684, Kek.jpg)

The one cheating, homewrecking, knowingly dating a sexual predator, is now an expert on abusive relationships. KEK

No. 1789226

File: 1678912064664.jpg (48.35 KB, 1075x394, Screenshot_20230315-132620_Twi…)

Nobody will ever want to work with you again, Jake. They will Google you and change their mind. You're fucked, peasant.

No. 1789229

i think she genuinely views kaya as the abusive one and fake as the victim

funny that when kaya has said she's off to London herself? what a creepy stalker he is

No. 1789230

File: 1678912986516.jpg (43.94 KB, 1079x848, Sc_Chrome.jpg)

Jake, your purchased pussy still isn't happy with all the space you've provided her. Needs a bigger bath. Provide better.

No. 1789241

ew that profile picture she's using

No. 1789256

File: 1678916024574.png (28.8 KB, 599x610, hmmm.PNG)

No. 1789259

File: 1678916569405.png (6.09 MB, 1170x2532, 9E4E8D9C-BAD0-4F0D-9C2E-135280…)

No. 1789260

File: 1678916581620.png (6.09 MB, 1170x2532, 9E4E8D9C-BAD0-4F0D-9C2E-135280…)

No. 1789261


No. 1789262

File: 1678916617239.png (6.09 MB, 1170x2532, FECB61A1-16B9-496D-91C5-370CB9…)

No. 1789269

File: 1678917111323.png (Spoiler Image,4.59 MB, 1170x2532, D8B7EA75-D588-421B-90F1-E1006C…)

No. 1789271

Her ass is so flat, I can't even tell if that is her ass or her crotch

No. 1789272

File: 1678917202175.png (3.21 MB, 1170x2532, 235AAA33-A2BB-4D9C-AAB6-D7193E…)

No. 1789273

File: 1678917277894.png (572.67 KB, 1170x2532, 16AAF64A-BBC6-4A9F-9FF9-2CBB28…)

No. 1789274

File: 1678917332636.png (716.48 KB, 1170x2532, F6575A2A-5942-478C-9FD9-E19942…)

No. 1789276

File: 1678917374094.png (Spoiler Image,431.67 KB, 1170x2532, 48C41DC3-BD63-4D1D-962F-A0933B…)

No. 1789277

File: 1678917416108.png (571.98 KB, 1170x2532, 17F41C46-5BF8-4B50-A4DD-27C7E3…)

No. 1789278

I hope you didn't spend your money on this because like a farmer once said, all her OF pictures are about the same as what we see on her instagram

No. 1789279

File: 1678917496687.png (5.89 MB, 1170x2532, E2A76F2C-D38F-41F0-9C2D-E73E6B…)

No. 1789281

omg look at how big his forehead is kek

No. 1789283

KEK she is an actual bag of bones. Imagine letting her flat ass sit on your face, her bones would stab your eyes. And does she have a lazy eye? Holy shit she looks extra old and rough in this one. Straight fucked up. Zero class, zero ass.

No. 1789284

kek who are they kidding? we know fake is vanilla

No. 1789285

>the victim lies to friends and family to protect the abuser
>the abuser lies to friends and family to slander the victim
I mean she's right that this is exactly what happened, but she's clearly braindead if she believes Jake wasn't the abuser in all this. The guy hates his own family and "slanders" them plenty too, his now ex bandmates, doesn't even HAVE any friends? Like Kat, wake up and look around you. Kaya kept pretty quiet up until Jake tried to drag her for views, but failed. Jake has been nothing but aggressive, smug, and manipulative throughout the situation. But hey, keep trying to rationalize why it was "okay" for you to cheat on your husband for a taken man. It worked out so well for Holly Conrad, I'm sure it totally won't happen to you too. kek

spoil this shit retard. Good job at paying for her and Jake's next round of happy hour long island iced teas tho I guess?

No. 1789286

File: 1678917763844.png (Spoiler Image,520.29 KB, 1170x2532, 99DB7FE8-1D3D-472C-8D10-EDF0C7…)

No. 1789289

File: 1678918107360.png (Spoiler Image,725.71 KB, 1170x2532, 15531931-19B6-46BF-9304-A33A85…)

No. 1789290

File: 1678918163446.png (Spoiler Image,699.75 KB, 1170x2532, 6CE37B7D-6BE2-447B-A6D0-4BAE7B…)

No. 1789292

you absolute wankstain, spoiler this shit

No. 1789294

File: 1678918274971.png (Spoiler Image,610.51 KB, 1170x2532, 03A6B64F-E851-40C0-8C81-DFF1F5…)

No. 1789296

honestly it kind of looks like she's put on a little weight recently if you compare the older pics to the new ones. Really can't tell if her weight is just fluctuating a lot with her drinking habits or if it's filter and edit abuse tbh. Still absolutely zero ass to be had though. I've never seen a thong sit so flatly and completely visable before.

No. 1789302

Even her nipples are blurred into non-existence.

No. 1789322

Thanks I’m gonna need eye bleach now for all of those photos! Jesus , she’s
Got the worst angles ever

No. 1789324

Jesus Christ , this bitch ain’t got no ass, no tits, no curves, no class, no personality!not a womanly thing about her
She’s built like a rectangle

No. 1789329

That apron conveniently covering her fupa. The way she's holding her stomach like her IBS is acting up. Plus, dressed as a fucking cow, like the lolcow she is? This is perfect.

No. 1789330

Screenshot some of the comments on her recent pics, nonny. Let's see which snaccs are cucking KEK.

No. 1789337

how the fuck was Jake abused if this is what she's getting at? even if kaya did something unsavory, him screaming and raging and breaking things is domestic abuse, not "being a fat lazy bitch" or whatever Jake has Kat believing constitutes an abusive woman. and wasnt kat saying she wanted to slap kaya for "being lazy and fat" sounds like Kat is abusive herself.

I dont want to blog post but my alcoholic parent, who had many issues, had a similar definition of "abuse" because I was a child instead of a live in maid/servant.

No. 1789341

Tinfoil: I believe that with how much kaya has had a glow-up and is posting a lot more,I bet you her and Jake is posting these out of jealousy. lmao ew, good luck guys , I literally almost vomited at these pictures

No. 1789345

Naked and still looking like a troon.

No. 1789347

What happened to tasteful lingerie pics? lmao Putting everything on display for 6 likes. I'm sure she's not going to regret that.

No. 1789357


Bulldog look. Must be appealing with the clients.

No. 1789358

>>"I just want to live in stripper heels and lingerie"
then why doesn't she? it's kind of a pathetic sidejob/aspiration at her big age when she has another job she is supposedly "accomplished" in, with as little of an audience as she has online despite being with someone with a mid-size Youtube channel for over a year now.
most people start in sex work then get out. did she used to do sex work or something and tattoos was her out, but she misses the money?
and I realize this could be her "OF character" but I've seen too many pole dancing photos when she is her regular self and she always looks like a skank.

No. 1789359

the one on the bike looks like a concentration camp victim.

No. 1789362

LOL I love it. I think it's her paying homage to doja cat, because she's such a cool basic bitch like that.
but since she is a top alt cow, this is perfectly fitting. it should be in the next thread.

No. 1789364

You know, I'm all for supporting adults and their interests, they should lead whatever lives they like, but I seriously do not understand how a 30 year old woman isn't embarrassed by her actions. Let alone a mother. Kat should really be focused on honing her tattoo skills and not fucking around on OF for a mere six likes. I can't even imagine what her kid would think if he ever saw this in the future. Lay off the sauce you absolute cretin and act a touch more mature.

No. 1789372

File: 1678927626577.jpg (93.42 KB, 1080x1627, Lol.jpg)

Skat was very quick to private her whore account. They must check in here like, hourly.

No. 1789376

Consider it done. Minor humour tweakage is to be expected.

No. 1789377

i can already imagine that conversation with Fake kek

No. 1789378

Why would she private her OF account when she already posted her OF content on her main account
Shit for brains this Skat

No. 1789389

daddy's "little girl" needs a bigger tub to accommodate her tall ass body and giant feet. why is it always big people who want to be Lolita? it's embarrassing.

No. 1789400

Good I hope she saw all our comments and puts some fucking clothes on.

No. 1789412

didn’t he whine and complain about the storyline through all the play throughs on mag about this game when kaya played?

No. 1789413

Going to be weird when her son Issac gets old enough to know about the internet and searches his mom

No. 1789433

He did similar with Fran Bow and went back and played it on stream too. Funny how he hated everything Kaya liked up until he was no longer with her. Same seems to go for music? Kaya listens to a bunch of nu-metal and the direction his latest song took definitely mirrors that.

The poor kid is going to grow up with his mom being a clout chasing alt OF bimbo and his stepdaddy being a misogynistic and deeply insecure angry twat who caused mommy and daddy to divorce. Hopefully his next step dad is a less embarrassing manlet.

No. 1789436

seriously I thought it was going to be lewd/implied nude! wtf happened to her? I get that she doesnt have tits large enough to be scandalizing, and her nipples are white lol but I wasn't expecting to see her bare crotch! I guess she couldn't compete with the saturation of thots who actually have a body and can produce higher quality and more creative shoots. and still only 6 people care lmao.
she's living the nightmare of those who hesitate to have an onlyfans because they fear no one will want to look at them, and it's hilarious because she thought she had "won" by being some baddie side chick. more like pathetic haggardly aging mom next door clinging to her youth. it's extra cringe seeing her 34 yr old bony ass on a pole in Kaya's old pink room, in the house Kaya rented with Jake. no self respect, happy with leftovers.

No. 1789451

well that ~i did this all by myself~ tirade is certainly going to encourage ppl to want to work with him. why post this on twitter, go look ppl up & contact them. he already set the bar low but also claimed his next song/video will be better. looking forward to see what he pumps out as goth songs lol.

No. 1789454

Girls say they do this for confidence, however she's getting her cooch out for 6 likes. There is no confidence to be gained here.
I think they just do it to 1. compete with the porn their partner users (massive giveaway of a porn addict boyfriend) 2. compete with egirls they're jealous of and who will never notice them (skinwalking, well documented cow trait)

Objectively becoming a porn star for couch change is a terrible life move, but the people who do this are extremely internet addled and pornsick so they get something out of it mentally if not financially (clearly) in competing with the egirls and porn stars they feel threatened by, by being terminally online with coomer boyfriends. See also Sharla in the jvloggers thread suddenly doing porn after having a squeaky clean image until now. Insecurity is a hell of a drug.
Obviously some people are desperate for cash, but the vast majority who already have jobs and do OF for "confidence" definitely fall into brain addled/pornsick/insecure as above.
Also press L in the chat for the anon who paid for this.

No. 1789462

>Also press L in the chat for the anon who paid for this.
Still can't beleive someone paid her $20 for this skim milk, hopefully this will sate the desperate nonnies who wanted to know what her content looked like and we won't have to be subjected to this again. Also, It's pretty obvious she's not doing the "implied nudes" as any kind of artistic pursuit given how low effort they are. Honestly seems like she thought she could piggyback off Jake's supposed internet fame when they were doing joint OF content, then she just kept with it for the crumbs of validation and drinking money maybe? It's weird because the photos are hardly flattering and she could easily make as much money if not more off her awful little gumball disney flash tattoos. Maybe she's doing what Lori Lewd does and is hoping to catch the eye of a better man online using the "modeling" pics as bait. kek

No. 1789472

That wording too, "anyone wanna help me", is so unprofessional. Not "anyone want to work with me?". We know you're helpless and need the help, but nobody wants to give you handouts anymore.

No. 1789532

do you mean you think they self-leaked on here? to take attention away from kaya? interesting tinfoil… I'm seeing it. I dont think anyone here would pay the $15 or whatever to see her putrid crotch shots, unless some depraved moid posts/lurks here, which we know one does, and it's Jake.
maybe he thought we'd say "oh wow what a looker she is after all, when she doesn't have any clothes on! the decaying snaggle tooth and bull dog underbite doesn't detract from her beauty at all when her flat chest and vag is out. lucky Jake!"
I feel sorry for her. she has like 0 self esteem and I can see the desperation written all over her jowly face and bony body. Jake likes that, easier to exploit her insecurities to get his dick sucked regularly. he's not lucky, he is pathetic.
speaking of tinfoils, the other thing is maybe kat wants to "get even" with some man in her life who didn't want her to be such a ho, like Dean or her dad. isn't her dad a Pastor or something? maybe that's why it's so worth it to show her puss for pocket change for her happy hour "DRINKS! SHOTS!" what a dreamy rebel. kek

No. 1789533

Maybe it was Jake just to degrade her, considering he is into degradation after all.

No. 1789536

The lackluster nudes are one thing but her spelling is "anouther"

if you're going to post content for people online to spend money on the absolute bare minimum she could do is spell check her descriptions or at the very least run them past another human being before posting.

No. 1789574

File: 1678968308688.jpg (101.24 KB, 1080x804, 418.jpg)

Anyone know what this "is now phasing her out with a new girl" is about?

No. 1789581

the girl in the pic from March 3rd?
next day
wonder what's the source on this though,

No. 1789589

God help the poor kid if these threads pop up kek.
If Fake leaves soon the damage done ought to be minimal considering how young the kid is. Here's hoping anyway.

No. 1789603

That girl is obviously with the other guy in the photos, but the rest of the Tweet is true

No. 1789606

And Kat was with Dean. How do you know the tweet is true?

No. 1789629

The photos posted showed the icon of the profile leaking it. Nane begins with a G. Wasnt one of his former band mates called G something? Was it Gav? Felt like a few of his former band mates have posted if we're adding to tinfoil.

No. 1789631

Or maybe it was the faggot Grant lol

No. 1789656

File: 1678982004116.jpeg (114.25 KB, 1170x1345, 3F8798C0-B827-4100-84AF-36EA97…)

So k is still around. And about the only person interested in shooting his new music video.

No. 1789664

The kid has Kat as a mom. He is going to be damaged no matter what.

No. 1789666

If he is phasing her out it would explain why she's going full nude in a desperate attempt for validation and attention from any one.

No. 1789674

File: 1678984807771.png (344.5 KB, 2398x880, regurgitation.png)

At the end of it, I put where Skat regurgitated the same thing he said as she's clearly not articulate.

No. 1789682

This woman is going to be an absolute mess when he eventually cheats on her. She deserves it though.

No. 1789683

File: 1678985491995.png (1.15 MB, 998x890, London Event.png)

Kaya and company of friends on their way back to London, UK for the Event.

While Jake locks himself away to become some super solo artist and Kat doing OF in their bedroom, bathroom, and studio until their next outting for an alcoholic date.

It does, however, raise eyebrows as to the why Jake suddenly has a very specific interest in finding a London based videographer when Ireland isn't incompetent! (My tinfoil is that he has burned bridges and no one here wants to work with him in Ireland so he has no choice but to branch out… despite the odds against him on internet search. kek He's fucked.)

No. 1789685

he's stalking her the creep

No. 1789697

Reminder he hasn't posted a single picture of him on his bike at the ocean since that time Kaya was swimming there. Still can't get over how creepy that was.

No. 1789721

this honest to god looks like a trans for trans couple. his proportions are just so small and stubby and hers are just so lanky and harsh. not saying all masculine women look trans, but the dichotomy here is giving either "midget and giantess," "t4t," or "mother and child," all of which are disgusting.
(sorry to anyone who saw me fuck up posting this 9 times)

No. 1789730

lmao now that you mention it, he really does like a butch f2m, and she looks like a m2f…

No. 1789733

Tinfoil but maybe Kat posted that abuse story because she starts to get aware of Fake's ways? Aka sees herself as the victim.
Especially if it's true that he is having his eyes on another woman already.

No. 1789757

Don't forget the women he harassed while with kaya she even mentioned that he did something to a friend and it made her feel sick

No. 1789778

they're trying so hard to do this daddy/little thing but together, he makes her look long and manly and she makes him look short and soft and stubby, kek. his type of lanky, runway modelesque (in build) women when he's the bodily equivalent of an uncut chode just works against him and the image he's trying to create.

No. 1789791

Gaz, yeah. But I don't think it was him, I'd like to think people wouldn't be stupid enough to leak the onlyfans of your ex bandmate's new girlfriend under your real name. I've seen people do dumber shit than that though, sooo

No. 1789797

I remember seeing that! And having a panic attack thinking something malicious was about to happen to her

No. 1789800

File: 1678997829066.png (184.71 KB, 492x893, lumpy stumpy chode.PNG)

No. 1789802

File: 1678997935888.png (331.72 KB, 904x461, oof.PNG)

No. 1789804

File: 1678998066601.png (83.91 KB, 250x207, live stream.PNG)

No. 1789805

File: 1678998167696.png (24.35 KB, 393x709, live chat.PNG)

Only 10$ donation with less than 100 watching.

No. 1789807

I like that she isn't afraid to go without makeup. Seeing Kat constantly made up makes me think Fake requires it, or she feels so insecure she must be made up at all times. Quite sad really.
Kek his temple tattoo looks like a moldy meatball.

No. 1789809

Yeah! Kat was even seen wearing makeup during her pole exercises

No. 1789813


Here >>1778743 we can see she actually did advertise her OF content from her OF Insta on her main account.
'Little girl' girl running scared it seems.

No. 1789882


Shes also wearing it in the "bath" lmao.

No. 1789917

They're "poly"

No. 1789920

So you're saying Jake and Kat are poly now?

No. 1789935

I need the 411 on this pronto

No. 1789936

Oh, shit. He's 'putting her out' to date other women for a threesome?

No. 1789937

kek and this is why kaya couldn't have female friends, on top of all his creepy behaviour and assaults, he would insist on shit like this. Fuck i hate this cunt

No. 1789955

Information and receipts please!!!

No. 1789959

grant doesn't want to see that lmao

No. 1789963

agree… Jake has more feminine proportions than kat lmao. such short arms, and hers are super long. they look like a fat old butch lesbian and Jeffree Star from aliexpress.

No. 1789969

File: 1679016813036.png (262.19 KB, 1000x896, give it to us straight.png)

No. 1789976

I do remember kaya always traveling and being in his vlogs bare faced. I wonder if it's another aspect Jake found "disrespectful" "lazy" and "abusive" in the relationship. while kat looks like she probably sleeps in makeup or waits until Jake goes to sleep to take it off then puts it on first thing in the morning.

No. 1789977

File: 1679018032106.png (17.22 KB, 596x549, a thing.png)

The full post. However, nonnas, nothing yet on the information regarding:
>He's phasing Kat out with a new girl that he's bringing on their date tonight.

No. 1789988

When people do their research on Jake Munro-Goddard, they won't work with him after knowing he's a misogynist and repeat offender for sexual assault, with advanced delusionary narcissistic rage

No. 1789989

File: 1679019125796.png (12.9 KB, 620x522, Jake Munro-Goddard.PNG)

No. 1790004

I would not be surprised the little prick saw it as that Kaya did not want to make an effort for him to look nice.

No. 1790016

File: 1679022387438.jpg (562.62 KB, 567x932, IMG_1625621715.jpg)

Waterford tattoo convention, circa 2015

No. 1790028

I think she's saying the other couple in the picture with Jake and Kat are poly

No. 1790062

ngl Kat looks pretty cute here. She looks genuinely happy and healthy. Such a far cry from the gaping maw and unfocused eyes in her weird OF photoshoots. Maybe the drug speculations have some merit.

Tbh, could see Jake pulling a "one penis policy" kinda poly relationship with Kat. She seems like the type of woman who would be desperate to please and be bisexual for funsies. There's absolutely no way he'd allow his girlfriend to "disrespect him" by sleeping with another guy though. Not with how off the rails he went over Kaya just casually mentioning Willem Dafoe's dick. kek

No. 1790064

>Tbh, could see Jake pulling a "one penis policy" kinda poly relationship with Kat.
Agreed. We'd know about it if he did, however. He wouldn't be able to stop himself from bloviating about it all over social media like the twat he is

No. 1790096

Kek. He’s gonna go full onision. Dodgy threesomes and all.

No. 1790109

If this true I legit said this would happen like few months ago and I said kat would be a yes girl cause she don't want to loose what she got and she probably acts like a gay when she is drunk to get male attention. Hopefully kat asks to date other men lol

No. 1790154

Well he is basically the human equivalent of a moldy meatball.

No. 1790183

it would explain the unflattering thumbnails of her he always used and whenever he would pan over to her sans makeup she'd immediately hide her face, he probably made her feel like shit about it

No. 1790190

File: 1679059373369.jpeg (199.69 KB, 1718x1739, 5CFBDC9E-79D6-4D50-9DB2-39B594…)

No. 1790224


Who are they? Can anyone link their instagram or something?

No. 1790270

File: 1679069719671.jpg (67.49 KB, 1080x1594, 20230317_091340.jpg)

James Booth and his girlfriend or wife, Samantha. They have kids together. James can be found in Jake's stream chat pretty often. Samantha is friends with Kat, so therefore James is Jake's "friend" by extension. Considering James isn't aesthetic and doesn't have followers for Jake to leech, he has never been posted or tagged in anything. His IG is private.(don't post people who aren't cows or providing milk)

No. 1790271

File: 1679069836595.jpg (169.82 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_20230317-091509_Fac…)

Samantha is some normie that got a septum piercing a year ago and now fancies herself alt. Here's her with a very unflattering shot of Kat from their weird little Halloween party last year kek.

No. 1790291

File: 1679071716649.png (745.1 KB, 960x720, IMG_20171023688542.png)

Samantha M. (far left) & Kat Paine at the west cork hotel in 2017

No. 1790292

File: 1679071815839.png (685 KB, 1440x1430, IMG_201908104782.png)

Kat's friends, James Booth and Samantha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1790369

File: 1679081261608.jpg (274.08 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20230317-192512_Ins…)

Kaya getting cosy with one her tattoo artists he posted a story of them too. It's nice seeing her happy

No. 1790371

it's likely just friendly but god i hope they get together and fake seethes over it lmao. Who is this guy??

No. 1790374

File: 1679081485780.jpg (228.7 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20230317-192529_Ins…)

Posting this too cause she looks pretty and I want jake to see it

No. 1790381

File: 1679082315399.jpg (257.11 KB, 1080x2117, Screenshot_20230317-194422_Gal…)

No. 1790398

File: 1679086510978.jpeg (124.9 KB, 750x1042, 8806A99D-45B0-49A6-9057-63685D…)

For anyone wondering, he did the sigils(?) on her heels

No. 1790535

LMAO Kat looks so much like Jake here! wow, how does it feel to fuck himself?

No. 1790536

he's taller! how fuckin dare he lol

No. 1790573

Kaya should move to London and do a reverse Jake. I know he's Welsh or whatever but who cares. If I was kaya I'd move to London.

No. 1790580

same, she has so many real friends and genuine connections, it would be great for her career and a change of scenery while still being able to maintain close friendships she already has cultivated, and create more. also, if she were in a more populated area I just know she would be off the dating market. she is pretty, interesting, and kind. a total catch. she'd be married by next year and never look back on the angry ugly manlet and company.

No. 1790584


>gets super offended when anyone asks if she’ll do only fans

>posts underwear pics in bed


No. 1790592

okay so you're not allowed to post bikini pics etc unless you have an OF? dumbass

No. 1790595

Scrote logic.

No. 1790615


They make a nice looking couple.

And let’s face it, the bitch fit Fake would throw, simply because he’s tall would be hilarious.

Wouldn’t blame her if she was single for a good long while though, she’s been through the ringer and taking time to be by herself and build solid friendships after a decade long abusive relationship is probably sensible for her.

No. 1790710

Yeah I could see her being single for good couple years by choice I feel like she happier on her own its less drama

No. 1790782

File: 1679173902467.png (124.12 KB, 505x894, what in the heck.PNG)

Is this guy watching his own motorbike clips??

No. 1790826

File: 1679179457698.jpeg (115.29 KB, 864x1539, glow up1.jpeg)

No. 1790828

File: 1679179489024.jpeg (114.45 KB, 864x1539, glow up2.jpeg)

No. 1790844

Kek omg was she making out super hard with someone or something? How else does lipstick get that messed up? I actually love the club vibe. She looks like she's partying and not giving a fuck. It makes me miss clubbing. For some candid mid-rave pics, I'm not gonna hate on it.

No. 1790846

Samefag to add what's with the syringes tho? Edgy party favors?

No. 1790848

We've never seen this side of her, she's living her life and having fun
Good for her!

No. 1790870

Shots in syringes

No. 1791062

Whatever she's wearing looks gorgeous she looks very intoxicated and like she's having so much fun happy for her

No. 1791114

oh yeah, that's the club event where she's hosting! I hope she had the best time.

No. 1791126

The heavily smudged out lipstick has me dead because you just know she was making out with somebody. She does look surprisingly good despite all the hard partying though. keeek

No. 1791191

That's class she had her own event and to party hard. Imagine getting an entire event to host after a horrible year, you would get lit. Good for her.

No. 1791196

Haha look at that make out smudge! Love this for her, she looks so good. I hope Jake is fucking seeeeeething

No. 1791198

File: 1679212717936.png (365.67 KB, 515x846, monsterqueen.png)

Looks like she's friends with Chris again, wasn't some anon saying they had a big falling out? It's kinda funny to see Kaya living her best life, hosting events and surrounded by friends new and old. Meanwhile Jake has been radio silent now for days minus a story of him… watching his old motorbike rides? >>1790782

No. 1791205

Who's Chris?and she looked great even with the lipstick all over her face this party looked fun as hell

No. 1791322

Isn't Rotten Hollow Jude's ex?

No. 1791462

Yep. Wonder what jude thinks about kat.

No. 1791502

I’m loving the irony: Stumpy tosses Kaya into the cold Belfast night without warning because “the fat bitch is lazy, abusive and holding him back” (the Gospel According to Stump). 18 months later, Kaya is living like the rock star that Stump thought HE was poised to be, while he’s lost virtually all his money, clout, fans, career and reputation. Most ironic of all: If he’d just kept his narc mouth shut and not tried to blame Kaya for everything, she wouldn’t have aired their dirty laundry.
But a narc’s gonna narc - it’s in their genes. Hey, maybe it’s actually his Ma’s fault, huh?

No. 1791559

It's definitely poetic. If he hadn't fumbled that first "we broke up video" so badly and just let kaya keep mum, most people wouldn't have paid as much attention to the whole ordeal. Instead he couldn't resist trying to intimidate her and escalate the situation until kaya had a break down and spilled every embarrassing detail. It didn't help how he wanted to parade around his new peice of ass so quickly too, and on OF no less? Everything that has happened he's ultimately done to himself. I wonder when and if he's still going to do that whole vtuber thing he has thrown thousands of dollars into or if the latest vtube avatar thing ended up a scam too. Still can't believe he thought it was a good idea to go to fiverr for am artist kek.

No. 1791597

lol I almost forgot about his amazing vtube career where he bought all that equipment and decked out a new studio for it which so far I don't think he has used much at all lately. We're mid March. He promised vtube by January.

No. 1791637


Honestly, I hope Jake ignores the kid until he and Kat break up. The less he's involved the better because that's less of a chance for him to mess with that boy's mental health or self-worth.

Does Kat have primary custody or is her son with his dad more?

No. 1791646

He only shelled out on equipment, the reason he got scammed is cos he skimped on the avatar though it's the most important part. And he'd just asked for a boring avatar of himself which is redundant. He'll likely never start and also wouldn't be successful if he did. Any venture he tries is mostly a fail. Except tiktok reacts, which is why he keeps churning them out I guess.

No. 1791753

File: 1679274457839.png (1.68 MB, 1522x832, 0000093434.png)

Kaya has been posting a ton of stories out her out with friends, shopping and getting dinner at the Devil's Botany. Some dude even bought her a bracelet. kek

No. 1791784

Looking at his instagram, Definitely not bad looking, I think this is wonderful! I can’t wait to see Jake get pissed over this lol(sage your shit)

No. 1791827

Kaya's stories are definitely popping off. Going to some very interesting events and places and hanging out with a lot of interesting alternative people. She's actually living the lifestyle while Jake is working on his "goth songs".

No. 1791834

I'd be embarrassed if I were Kat. Imagine your bf not only spending, but getting scammed and losing thousands upon thousands for some random childish hyperfixation that he's too old for. Something that he has stopped putting effort and interest towards already. That money could have went towards a bigger bath tub or prettier teeth for Kat.

No. 1791868

yup, he couldn’t resist hyping it up, paid for that hilarious avatar or whatever & hated it. it was one of many things he was totally going to do. forget how many videos he claimed would be put out weekly but feel like he already failed. must be busy with those ~goth~ songs lol.

he definitely has a gross crush on that one vtuber he’s shown in the tiktok react videos & probably thought he could either virtually hookup with her or collab.

No. 1791902

File: 1679295779025.png (631.04 KB, 508x914, mummies.png)

>I'd be embarrassed if I were Kat
If this is a bouquet he got her it looks like he's already skimping out on buying her the nicer bouquets already too. Gone are the days of receiving multiple bouquets of a dozen roses and trips overseas. Her man is too busy throwing thousands away on literal action figure toys and getting scammed online for his latest ego project. lmao

He always ends up defaulting to the same old tired "goth reacts" to _____ memes because it's brainless and easy content to pump out with little to no effort. He has his last handful of dedicated snaccs do all the work for him and then sits and films maybe an hour of "content" before splitting it up into three different videos to drop every week. Tbh, he's kind of only prolonging the inevitable at any rate, sure he's making at least a little money off these react videos (1k a month at most) but he's still steadily bleeding subs and people are losing interest. Kaya's content isn't anything exciting either, but she at least seems to be getting out there and engaging in the lifestyle she's promoting, hosting events and networking a ton. I do hope she'll start using it to make real content soon though, even just vlogs would serve her channel well. People seem to genuinely love to see what she gets up to and her having a good time.

No. 1791907

Samefag but I feel like I should also add. It's nice seeing her surrounded by pretty female friends again now that she doesn't have to stress about Jake trying to creep on them constantly. There were definitely a few in her recent outing you just know Jake would have tried to make his next Kat if he could.

No. 1791912

I was just going to reply that Kat isn't like the other girls you need to spend top dollar on, she is content with gas station bouquets of flowers and happy hour cocktails. drinks! shots! such a cool girlfriend.
I don't recall her receiving multiple dozens of roses from Jake ever. he prided himself on being her Rich Influencer Boyfriend, so where are those bougie $300 preserved boxes of roses that last for over a year? if she enjoys flowers so much, that'd be well worth it. but no, he is a cheapskate.
I've noticed he never spends money on things she would enjoy just for herself. the vacations, dining at Kaya's favorite restaurants, the cocktails, and hotel getaways are for his enjoyment, too. that's not a great sign that he's her True Love.

No. 1791926

File: 1679299256921.png (1.01 MB, 1011x820, lmaomybad.png)

You know what? You are right, I went back through the old threads and these were the only bouquets I could turn up. I don't know why I had memories of him getting her nice looking dozens of roses, but this sad scraggly bouquet is all I could find. This is all she's received over the past year or so too it seems. Still the old love bombing days definitely seem over. Even their last anniversary was pretty sad in comparison to all the flashy trips and dinners to all of Kaya's old favorite places back when they first went public.

No. 1791931

My tinfoil is that seeing as she didn't tag Jake in this highlight, he didn't buy this for her. She bought it herself.

No. 1791954

Honestly I'd bet money it was Dean, I've seen this happen with separated couples where the dad still gets flowers on behalf of their mutual son especially since he's obviously too young to do anything for her. If that IS the case I cannot imagine that going down well with Jake At All

No. 1792062

File: 1679324308494.jpeg (743.7 KB, 3464x3464, 02C7EED1-930E-4305-8DCF-146462…)

All comments on her OF. Her comments basically just consist of Meg and Lady as well as her responding. $20 is nothing to me, but wow this was boring as fuck. I hope their drinks were better

No. 1792064

the saggy cone boobs kek

No. 1792069

I can't even imagine how embarrassing it is to go full nude for 2-3 likes

No. 1792071

Yeah that’s old news, in some q&a video she did in 2019/2020 when this whole “transphobia” shitstorm started someone asked if she was still a Harry Potter fan. She said no like the fake fan she always was and called Rowling a cunt and an old hag for good measure. Bitch was literally seething over it.

No. 1792072

Typical kek, a woman exclusively supported by other women in her "sex work is work" arc. Of course no scrotes gonna subscribe if she's not degrading herself totally. Unless you're already part of the pretentious sex as art crowd you're not gonna get people to pay more for "artistic nudes"

No. 1792079

Of course, Allura is there. Sucking up to Kat better than Jake does. kek.

No. 1792087

I'm sorry but what is that picture in the top right?! It's not flattering or sexy..

No. 1792115

File: 1679332067261.png (216.09 KB, 501x894, jake looking like dean.PNG)

I can't unsee how he's looking like Kat's ex-husband/separated spouse, Dean (at least in this picture)

No. 1792119

File: 1679332324294.png (117.44 KB, 496x897, jake seething.PNG)

No. 1792143

That's pathetic. Good to know she puts troon dick above women

No. 1792144

I know he's not, but that guy looks like a TIF lol

No. 1792168

File: 1679336527424.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.76 KB, 1080x677, Screenshot_20230320-112017_Chr…)

It looks like she's wiping her ass after having a shit.

No. 1792170

It is funny as fuck that her two commenters are female snaccs giving her non-sexual comments like "I love your top" and "you look stunning". Kek, she wouldn't have any subs without Jake's fan base. What an absolute OnlyFail. Men aren't even attracted to her kek.

No. 1792301

good point, anon. the bouquet is not a romantic mix of flowers, it could have been from Dean or a friend, family member, etc.

No. 1792309

File: 1679353328660.png (149.94 KB, 655x878, sid_.png)

I am convinced there is not one more person involved in this whole situation that is more pathetic than lady allura. She seriously seems to spend all her free time and money simping for these two losers, it's a little absurd.

He's kind of sort of cute minus the absolutely retarded eyebrows. I get that he's going for an elf look what with the ear surgery and all that, but it does him absolutely no favors. Still, he's got a nice jawline and an actual neck (+ decent tattoos?) which is an obvious step up from Jake. kek

LMAO. Entirely new version and angle for the classic "I'm pooping" pose. She genuinely looks deformed here, like her ass just melts right into her backroll and hanging titty?

No. 1792314

File: 1679353944835.jpg (38.9 KB, 508x674, IMG_20230321_021224.jpg)

Men really shouldn't be allowed to style themselves.

No. 1792316

lmao, the truth. He looks better already. Either way you just know Jake is probably going to seethe that he's better looking than him. This one doesn't have to paint or tattoo a jawline on.

No. 1792317

I dunno if they’re standing, but if so — looks like he’s taller than Kaya. Kek.

No. 1792324

File: 1679355889646.jpeg (153.49 KB, 1168x1186, 883927DC-8981-434F-ACED-776968…)

Off topic
Omg! He has a neck, he seems to be a nice person, he aslo seems to have better posture than Fake !!!!his tattoos are already 10 times batter than Fakes already fading monstrosity on his neck !
Maybe I’m just being a fan girl, I hope he and kaya grow together!!!

No. 1792326

File: 1679355991272.jpeg (353.01 KB, 1169x1467, 2B55AEC5-DEA5-4646-829F-E6CDE4…)

And he’s taller than Kaya, lol, jake will
Be pissed

No. 1792332

File: 1679356362523.png (106.61 KB, 427x766, lamiann.png)

I hope Kaya teaches him how to do his brows. Really seems like she's got a great group of friends out in London now though. Curious to see what's in her future.

No. 1792335

the more pictures i see of this guy the more im convinced this is a tif… short, small shoulders, receeding hairline, top that looks like a binder, chin fluff. this HAS to be a tif

No. 1792336

Short? If he's taller than Kaya he's at least 5'11

No. 1792337

he just looks short in that mirror pic, maybe its the angle?(sage your shit)

No. 1792342

File: 1679357363734.png (284.84 KB, 1021x722, 00345634.png)

H's literally the tallest one in >>1792332 and there's a photo + clip of his very male, no top surgery scars having chest. He does look kind of TIFy at times but he looks a lot more masculine in other photos where he is in less makeup.

No. 1792347

File: 1679357718484.png (414.35 KB, 1170x2532, 69F4EADA-FD25-47AC-9D44-9DA5F4…)

I think I like this picture the best I honestly think he looks like a bit feminine is because of his makeup , regardless, he’s has a jawline and extremely chiseled features.gorgeous man(sage your shit)

No. 1792367

no wonder a man as insecure as Jake is cool with Kat doing onlyfans, other men dont even subscribe to her, it's just his own female fans sucking up to him through her! it's all just an extension of him, nothing she is successful at to show him up or cause him to feel threatened.

No. 1792372

damn if he isn't a tif then i might not be a lesbian after all

No. 1792386

Nah nonnie, sometimes I think semi femme goth men can be cute too if they could pass as a goth butch, but the reality is their maleness will be too obvious in person offline which will ultimately be off-putting and unattractive. I definitely read him as a TIF at first glance too before peeking at his instagram. I also get kind of gay vibes off him as he seems a bit flamboyant and seems to hang around that kind of scene, but he might just be bisexual? Either way, it's kind of cute that he bought a surprise bracelet for Kaya, I do wonder if he was who she was making out with at the party.

No. 1792388

File: 1679362861063.jpg (48.25 KB, 500x400, jareth.jpg)

I feel like he's trying to do David Bowie's eyebrows from Labyrinth, but it looks off.

No. 1792401

IMO he looks more like Daniel Ash.
Also idk if i just have brain worms but he looks ftm

No. 1792404

There is a procedure called keyhole top surgery which leaves no scars. I’m still not entirely convinced. Something about his facial structure is uncanny valley and his style screams Tumblr sexyman

No. 1792419

>is wearing platforms in picture
the classic manlet cope, goth edition.
i hate his tats - particularly the belly one. it makes it look like he has stretchmarks. other than that, he seems okay for a guy but nothing worth creaming yourself over kek.

No. 1792422

File: 1679367239228.jpg (75.87 KB, 759x463, sid.jpg)

So I can't dispel the "ftm" thing entirely, but looking at his oldest tagged photos it seems he's likely only in his very early 20s as multiple people in the group photo have their ages listed 21-22 as of rn. Both of these photos are from 2018, so roughly about five years ago. My best guess is that he's also 22 as these appear to be his school friends? So unless he got keyhole top surgery at 17, I just think this is a younger still somewhat babyfaced man.

No. 1792436

I’m sorry , I’m can’t help but cream! It’s my deficiency cream every 15 minutes

No. 1792449

Can you imagine how pissed Fake would be if Kaya started dating a man younger than himself? Kek

No. 1792466

Kek so he was a total normie a few years ago? Wonder what happened.

No. 1792475

File: 1679374365486.png (211.21 KB, 674x856, 2018.png)

It's been like 5 years and he was a senior in HS back then most likely. Judging by other tagged posts, he was already wearing new rocks around this time in 2018, but definitely seemed to dress in a much more casual way. It looks like he's also a regular attendee at slimelight for quite a while now and I believe their age limit is 18+, so it's likely there where he cultivated his much more alternative look over the years. He works as a piercer now too which probably makes it a lot easier to dress however he likes. Anyway, this is pretty much all the information available on his IG so there probably isn't much more milk to it unless Kaya brings him up again in the future. kek

No. 1792507

To be taller than Kaya he must be fucking tall. Girl is like 6’ or something.(learn to sage)

No. 1792511

I mean there are kids who medically troon out at that age. And the small shoulders, skinny limbs, ugly brows and basic alt tiktok kinda styling makes me wonder. But could just be a feminine male, jake has tif proportions after all, let's wait and see I guess.

No. 1792529

I feel like anon who think any slightly feminine male must be a TIF don't live in the UK or Ireland, it's normal here (also the joke about British men breaking people's gaydar, he's not gay he's just British etc)
There's zero masculinity culture here and more masculine stereotypes and behaviour are associated with poor people (knackers, chavs) and generally avoided by men. Obviously we have our gym bros too but nobody is scared about having a pretty face or a weak body kek

No. 1792538

She's 5'10". Men don't have to be giant to be taller than her.

No. 1792540

Idk nonnies he comes off just gay to me. Bit twink like because he seems more “dainty”.

No. 1792551

There is a sickness amongst gender critical people where they will go to great lengths trying to convince themselves that very normal obviously cis people are secretly!! trans!! when it gets to the point you're analysing the width of people's shoulders and enhancing images to try and spot non existent surgery scars it might be time to tone it down a bit. You're just making yourself insane over something imaginary.

No. 1792555

>cis people
Go back

No. 1792567

Sorry janny, but wot? It was saged, so it was not meant to provide milk. And since when is posting the people relevant to our cows lives off limits? It happens consistently in most threads. People discuss pretty much everyone they're seen hanging about with. What makes James off limits? Unless there have been changes in the rules that I'm unaware of. Like, this Sid person isn't a cow or providing any milk, but look at how people are discussing him.

No. 1792579

A lurker complained I bet

No. 1792584

Thanks, anon. My thoughts exactly.

No. 1792590

He’s dating Jean Louie Castillo isn’t he?>>1792540(sage your shit)

No. 1792643

This describes Jake. 10/10

No. 1792654

File: 1679416152525.png (18.8 KB, 590x860, hmm.png)

No. 1792661

Exactly. It derails the entire thread over a rando just because anons think they scent troonery and completely forget where they are.

No. 1792666

File: 1679416788862.png (592.35 KB, 501x895, fake got fat.PNG)

Aside from the retarded filter, he is becoming more and more like this thread pic.

Idk if his objective was to distract from the fact he has gained weight or what but it's obvious he as.

No. 1792669

File: 1679417093122.png (582.38 KB, 502x894, fake got fat 1.PNG)

No. 1792671

File: 1679417136255.png (266.29 KB, 503x893, jake got fat 2.PNG)

No. 1792676

His tits are bigger than Kats, kek.

No. 1792679

The filter he's using makes his skin look even rougher somehow kek. It isn't doing it to skat

No. 1792683

100%. When you're this paranoid that random strangers might be secretly trans, it's time to log out and go touch some grass.

No. 1792684

he's so festy

No. 1792685

File: 1679418184623.png (551.95 KB, 495x890, hotel.PNG)

31 minute drive from Belfast

No. 1792686

Hell, I remember he used to almost always do Kaya wrong by using the bad filters on her and her hiding her face. (Memory may be serving me wrong, too, so don't be afraid to correct me on this)

No. 1792689

why is every outing between these two always have to involve drinking??

No. 1792695

File: 1679419089916.png (51.3 KB, 495x897, o.O.PNG)

No. 1792696

File: 1679419149244.png (100.24 KB, 498x890, and i oop.PNG)

No. 1792699

As much as I agree with how ridiculous it is to be to be focusing on whether this rando is trans or not, I wouldn't pin it on "gender critical" people. There are just a couple nonnies here that are obsessed with claiming people are trans or trans-looking. They're just desperate for milk to talk about kek.

No. 1792702


Both of these nonnas saged their posts, and James and Samantha are relevant to the cows of Kate Paine Mclaughlin and Jake Elijah Munro-Goddard. (They were even featured in pictures with these cows.)

Sid, also, isn't providing milk yet others are freely dicussing him as if he is.

No. 1792708

>You're just making yourself insane over something imaginary.
Troonism in a nutshell.

No. 1792732

Is Elijah Jake's middle name? I swear I thought he said it was Elliot on a stream once.

No. 1792745

People discussing if someone is a TIF because there is NO FUCKING MILK is not "a sickness".

>cis people

Bitch what? you're in the wrong fucking place for this retardation

No. 1792747

Don't confuse the transvestigation crowd from youtube, a bunch of actual baby boomers that use Paint to draw lines and triangles over pictures of hollywood celebrities and who claim that women such as Cameron Diaz and Charlize Theron are trannies, with actual Gender Critical thinking. Sounds like you're doing it on purpose, that or you really don't know what you're talking about.

No. 1792754

Are they chasing shots with cocktails? Kek.

No. 1792758

Alcoholics dream date.

No. 1792771

Samefag; You're correct nonna, apologies for that! My mobile device autocorrected me.
His middle name is Elliot.

No. 1792836

Those are pornstar martinis, they’re served with a shot of Prosecco on the side to either pour in or drink separate

No. 1792846

File: 1679435381210.png (691 KB, 501x897, rip no ass.PNG)

I can't unsee this now >>1792168

No. 1792849


I'm not meaning to knitpick at all if it's seen this way, I'd be bothered knowing the tattoo lines on my posterior were uneven

No. 1792873

kat and her makeup in the pool. more drinks! shots!
really though, her under eyes look so much more baggy and old because of how much makeup she wears and she's aging horribly because of all the booze. that's not "putting in effort." taking care of yourself is "effort." vapid bitch.
and Jake looks like a bloated neckless drunk. where's the effort on his end? pissing away money on hotels and liquor? what a provider.

No. 1792883

his tattoos make it hard to tell if he has a neck

No. 1793020

Not to derail even more but since milk is dry rn I just wanted to say that in my experience, the people who are obsessed with trying to find trans features on normal people, are mostly TIMs and straight men. In the case of TIMs they are obsessed with trying to point out relatable features on normal "cis" women to justify their own appearances. In the case of straight men, they make jokes about how women in heavy makeup or with a baritone voice must be a troon, because they are misogynistic.

No. 1793025

Maybe it’s Jake himself ,

No. 1793085

his wording seems misleading (or maybe it’s just me) but the song has top plays FOR HIM, it’s certainly not beating actual musicians.

love this, girl just wants to have fun & ppl wanting her to hookup or date can go write fanfic or something. she has mentioned before she isn’t looking & if she did happen to be with someone she’d probably be more private about it.

No. 1793105

It really looks like he's got a total 1 inch of neck. He could have gotten tattoos around his shoulders/collarbones to create an illusion of a longer neck, instead he made himself look like a turtle.
careful mentioning how dry it's been, sends the newfags into a complete spergnado.

No. 1793135

> love this, girl just wants to have fun & ppl wanting her to hookup or date can go write fanfic or something.

My thought exactly - when Kaya does hook up with someone, my bet is she’s going to keep it very quiet (at least in the beginning) because look how fast we rush in to dissect any guy she’s photographed with without any idea who they are to her?

No. 1793204

The chubby little baby arm kek I can’t

No. 1793236


(Tinfoil) Why do I feel Jake treats her as some odd trophywife by doing this? Idk, you'd think there would be more pictures of them together instead of always taking glorified 'sexy' pictures of her on their alcholic getaways at hotels

No. 1793237


(Tinfoil) Why do I feel Jake treats her as some odd trophywife by doing this? Idk, you'd think there would be more pictures of them together instead of always taking glorified 'sexy' pictures of her on their alcholic getaways at hotels

No. 1793377

He has been treating her like a trophy and object since day one. Before he had even shown her face or introduced her as his girlfriend, he solicited her by posting to his IG asking if anyone wanted to see "us have sex". He didn't even specify who "us" was. It was immediately after the breakup with Kaya and it was during their first vacation to Barcelona and where the famous "pussy" screenshot came from. When someone asked what his favorite part of his vacation was, he replied pussy. Not "my company, this woman" literally anything else would have been better. Anyone remember that? She is nothing more than an object that he is using for free sex, free tattoos, and to try and fix his image from child-beater to father material. Open your eyes, Skat.

No. 1793405


Probably for the best. A Japanese Vtuber got bullied off twitch for publically saying she was thinking about playing the game.

Honestly, as much as Kaya loved Harry Potter before, maybe she's echo-chambering now to prevent people from attacking her.

If you want details, look up Pikamee

No. 1793410

this was posted on her instagram and not his. seems like she is the one who wanted to share the pic so the followers can be like, "what a gorgeous bathing suit!" - lady allura. "you're such a beautiful boss babe!" - Megg.
I'm sorry but I just don't see the "trophy wife" thing, I see Attention Whore. and Jake can't afford a trophy. he won't even buy her anything but booze and cheap flowers. at least Kaya got any Hufflepuff crap and Kawaii accessory her heart desired when they went on trips, and she didn't even have to take off her clothes or put out lol. I think Kat's appeal is that she acts like she is unconditionally horny.

No. 1793412

The whole tinfoiling started because she was quite obviously making out with someone at the party and then the following day he was buying her a bracelet despite having just met. I 100% agree though that it spiraled, but the "he has to be a TIF"! anon just wouldn't let it go despite contrary evidence. It's very possible he might have been who she was making out with, but unless we see him making a return in the future, it's not that milky of a "what if" just yet. Either way it's nice seeing her having a good time and being surrounded by men much more attractive than no neck jake.

Everything this >>1793377 anon is saying is accurate. He reduced her to his new "pussy" right in the beginning of publicizing their relationship, back when Kat was still very much married too. I feel like this also shows still to this day with how he shows her off or only likes her photos of herself on her tattooing page, never any of the actual work she's done.

It's definitely less "trophy wife" and more so trophy sex toy if anything. He wants people to see that he's got access to a supposed tall and skinny "model" again. The irony of it all is that Kat appears to be rapidly losing her looks or something while Kaya is finally regaining hers. Apparently being around Jake drains your lifeforce or something. kek

No. 1793439

File: 1679524161606.jpg (278.86 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20230322-152425_Ins…)

I'd love to see Jake be bold enough to do something like this but he doesn't have the balls.

No. 1793516

He would get absolutely annihilated and I for one would love to see it

No. 1793606