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File: 1685036677265.png (461.58 KB, 662x781, 1684994412409.png)

No. 1834336

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No. 1834340

File: 1685037406171.jpeg (225.53 KB, 1286x1756, Fw1Eq9jaIAEVFxy.jpeg)

Seen several troons posting this. Guess stealing is okay as long as you have a cheap plastic wig while stealing.

No. 1834342

File: 1685037500681.jpeg (216.89 KB, 1125x1621, 1A38AEEC-EA8D-48B9-8368-26B9ED…)

The pony shirt, bro? Mf couldn’t even do a plain t shirt, it had to be the pony shirt lol

No. 1834351

File: 1685038867546.jpg (166.33 KB, 1080x1195, Fw_gNlaXwAAhFiT.jpg)

I love when the coomers ruin their own ability to coom

No. 1834354

>Smash capitalism
Lord Christ, shoplifting doesn't affect businesses a tinge at all. Of course troons will go the delusional route of "sneakily" tearing down a concept when the reality is the only effect is that it hurts the ones at the bottom.

No. 1834356

File: 1685039432977.jpg (224.22 KB, 2048x1152, Fw_WKtJXsAs2DYo.jpg)

The delusion grip HRT has on these moids

No. 1834363


I wish they would stop posting this kind of stuff everywhere that does any kind of labor advocacy. On top of the fact that you can tell probably 80% of them don't work it just makes us look like clowns. I don't even care about shoplifters and never try to catch or report them at work, but it's not a political cause.

No. 1834372

The OP linked the wrong previous thread. Here's the actual previous thread:

No. 1834384

File: 1685042114456.jpeg (95.16 KB, 1290x1042, 1685035557145.jpeg)

That's why most of them are "communists", for the "free shit without the labor".

pic from the prior thread: This is what paranoia looks like. If they're so scared of USA, they should go to Middle Asia, since is a "trans paradise" there.

No. 1834397

in the end it's good if they dress like that, you can clearly see what is wrong with them and avoid them. And it's funny how even his chin looks male, kek.

No. 1834405

File: 1685044784812.jpg (364.91 KB, 810x3377, Screenshot_20230525-152146_Chr…)

The projection, lmao:

No. 1834410

It's less "gender expression" and more mental state expression.

No. 1834413

I wish this were true. Imagine if you could just pick one of those based states to live in and never had to meet a single tranny.

No. 1834421

They never understand how much they play into conservative ideology when they say shit like playing video games all day and shoplifting is somehow dismantling the capitalist state and not directly strengthening it.

No. 1834440

Love how this man is still so straight he cannot fathom taking another plunge into his ass to find the prostate after the frankenwound attempt didn't work. He could only ever do it for one night of experimentation I guess kek
In all likelihood it's actually probably shrunk to nothing seeing as he's been on testosterone blockers and shit long enough for the big chop and stab

No. 1834444


Do they really not get that they were the ones who made this a big issue? What do they think all the awareness drives were for?

No. 1834448

Agreed, I personally have always preferred the retarded fashion sense because it's a giant warning/danger signal.

No. 1834477

File: 1685052501635.gif (Spoiler Image, 147.89 KB, 220x168, tenor-742089761.gif)

I want a vagina and I want it now! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!

No. 1834489

Plenty of people have avoided whole ass states in the us lonnnnng before troons were even relevant. Do they think they are special? Jim crow, fucking most of the south banning abortion. Do you think I as a women have the ability to travel anywhere I want without fear of assault and rape? Boohoo, people look at me weird when I trespass the women's bathroom. Cry me a river, moids.

No. 1834490

The contradiction of 'why is everyone so obsessed with genitals?!?!' and 'I NEED to have a vagina RIGHT NOW, and NOT having it RIGHT THIS SECOND fills me with inexplicable RAGE' is so goddamn creepy and horrific

No. 1834495

This is why I love living in Florida. DeSantis is based and I seriously hope he becomes president.

No. 1834512

Except for banning abortion, which also directly causes women’s deaths and lack of independence in life. You don’t have to praise a republican man and want him to be a leader just because he thinks a man in a dress is gross. Conservatives are not on our side, also the issues of them hating poors and denying any financial assistance to the lower class. Seriously, I fucking hate Biden but I know it would be so much worse with a Republican in office.

No. 1834516

If only. I live in one and still have to see them all the time. Mostly TiFs, but TiMs abound as well.

No. 1834528

Well maybe if penises weren't constantly being used to rape women, we wouldn't have to sex-segregate in the first place. Sorry, the safety of 50% of the population is more important than the feelings of like .001% of it. Or at least it ought to be.

No. 1834530

Gtfo moid. Banning TIMs is great but De Santis wants to enslave women. Fuck off.

No. 1834540

A woman was forcibly removed by a male cop from a restroom for being butch and then threatened with genital inspection from said male. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1834546

I don't see the big deal about abortion. If you don't have sex with moids then your chances of needing an abortion are basically nill.

No. 1834550

Women should have unrestricted access to their own healthcare, no matter what other people’s morality about it is. It’s not about having sex with moids, it’s about women having control over their own bodies.

No. 1834553

Even if no one consensually slept with a moid ever again there'd still be a ton of women needing abortions. Moids aren't exactly known for respecting women's boundaries.

No. 1834555

File: 1685061126041.jpeg (276.62 KB, 1080x1800, E3bKps5UYAUiTtd.jpeg)

This troon works at google and also 'breastfed' his child and said he got off on it btw

No. 1834562

What is that even supposed to mean? It sounds like he literally wants to come in and gaze at women through the doors or something. Like who says that?

No. 1834575

does maynard james keenan have potential troon vibes to anyone else? I’m a perfect circle (and admittedly, tool) fan, and I can’t help but feel if maynard was 20 something he would troon out

No. 1834594

Mods ban this moid

No. 1834610

File: 1685065484030.jpg (234.43 KB, 812x1333, cow.jpg)

Did we already talk about the lactation fetishist porn guy who wants to breastfeed a real baby?

No. 1834612

michael cera after watching too much anime porn

No. 1834613

File: 1685065586363.jpg (98.78 KB, 1080x756, Fw_i_x7XsAAdY3g.jpg)

yes check out the previous thread.

No. 1834615

File: 1685065651155.jpg (120.29 KB, 944x892, Fw_UtYaXsAwQhgh.jpg)

No. 1834619

File: 1685065890157.jpg (167.41 KB, 1079x1416, Fw-vlyPaYAEMSkP.jpg)

No. 1834621

I hope the fuck no one ever tells that kid what they did to it, imagine being 15 and wondering why you've been sickly your whole life only to find out it's because your dad with the sagging moobs who has to sit down to pee was more dedicated to his fetishes back in the day and he made you eat his secretions so he could get off on being a real life mommymilker hucow euphoric woMAN

No. 1834623

File: 1685065923435.jpg (324.92 KB, 1227x1440, hari-nef-chanel-2016.jpg)

Even high budget troons are ugly as shit.

No. 1834625

File: 1685065959815.png (611.77 KB, 793x852, Screenshot Capture.png)

No. 1834629

Oh no how will the kids survive without sex clowns reading books to them?

No. 1834631

>A woman was forcibly removed by a male cop from a restroom

No. 1834634

File: 1685066414104.jpg (144.51 KB, 1080x1075, Fw7f_vMXoAA1W_T.jpg)

No. 1834637

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GXIaHjZ-Ok&ab_channel=TheYoungTurks i can't find anything with just the video itself(learn2embed)

No. 1834641

I get that the whole point of the drag story time events is for liberal parents to virtue signal about how they're "teaching acceptance" to their kids, but as someone who's worked with kids I feel like children would find this terrifying? Drag queens have very clownish, often uncanny valley make-up, and kids are generally creeped out by clowns. Hell, I was even afraid of mall Santas as a kid. These people don't give a fuck about their kids' feelings, they just want to show how "open-minded" they are in a very public, attention-grabbing way. Normal people just teach their kids about diversity and respecting differences by sitting down and having a conversation about it like normal human beings.

No. 1834642

They're called farmhands, and there's a report button. Integrate.

No. 1834649

File: 1685067886215.png (106.41 KB, 796x661, Screenshot Capture - 2023-.png)

>trannies breastfeeding for 100s of years
>only 2 case studies coming out in 2021
The part he quoted only mentions one study. He conveniently leaves out the link to the study he quoted, could anyone find it? I tried google and it does not come up.

No. 1834652

In 9 months he went from living in some kind of facility to living in an unfinished garage or shed full of junk.

No. 1834657

Maybe he thinks 1985 was the Victorian era.

No. 1834660

File: 1685068987631.png (32.29 KB, 830x489, Screenshot Capture - 2023.png)

>tells lie
>gets mad when people mock him for that

No. 1834668

oh god, so he does have a baby??

No. 1834670

What a fucking retard. Sorry to a-log but I read one of those 2 studies and it’s extremely biased throughout the paper constantly shilling pro-tranny propaganda first of all, and that tranny had to take a shit load of anti-androgens to even produce a tiny bit of milk and it was concluded that it wasn’t nearly enough to feed a child. They have to do so much for a fraction of our power

No. 1834677

This shit was 7 years ago and in North Carolina not Florida. Thanks for posting the Young Turks coverage though. It's funny seeing Ana Kasparian clap for troons in this when she is now considered a terf for not wanting to be called a birthing person.

No. 1834678

>Nearly 100 years
Forget elementary biology, this guy needs to retake elementary math. How does a study from 1985 prove the truth of the matter asserted, which is that this nonsense has apparently been happening for a century?

No. 1834680

Learn2embed. Jfc, these threads attract so many newfags.

No. 1834681

Yes, and he posts pictures of it in the same Twitter account he uses to shill his lactation porn.

No. 1834682

the baby is from a woman he just met two months ago (more info in the prev thread)

No. 1834683

Post where he said he got off on breastfeeding, that's so gross(emoji)

No. 1834685

How come there aren't any more studies coming out? The last one was in 2018 or so.

No. 1834687

>What if they report as them using the child as a prop on a sexual account
Won't do any good as the troon isn't posting the baby on a pornographic site. Remember TiMs are a protected class now.

No. 1834690

clocked him in the Barbie trailer as soon as he reared his manly head kek. if it weren’t that it would’ve definitely been the Mickey Mouse voice. directors please stop shoehorning troons into media, you’re going to look dumb as fuck when even libfems finally stop going along with their delusions in 15-20 years.

No. 1834691

The one I’m referring to is actually from 2021.

No. 1834692

File: 1685072037099.jpeg (175.92 KB, 750x1145, IMG_8690.jpeg)

there are two types of men having sex with trannies: the chasers pretending not to clock them, and the guys getting raped by deception. most people in most situations can tell, but that doesn’t mean the occasional moid won’t get wasted and have sex with a tranny in a dark place thinking it’s a woman.

No. 1834693

How it started
>gender is different from sex
>hsts are the good troons
>start getting tax payer covered surgeries that women can't even get
>trannies aren't harming anyone
>trannies take over the rainbow flag
>drag queens are considered a protected class
>they start includimg children in their stripping routine
>women lose their spaces bathrooms, invading shelters and sports
>women lose their sex specific language
>now cis is used because women are considered a subsect of their own class to appease the troons
>troons wound holes are just like real vaginas!!
>changes definition of women and lesbians
>now trannies are trying to take over breastfeeding children with peer reviewed papers clearly having a bias towards catering to trannies
>everything centers around trannies now gays and lesbians are secluded

What's next? Will it just keep getting worse and worse?

No. 1834695

Okay fine: we can tell 98% of the time, but if given the chance, 100% of those would keep up with their rape by deception fantasies

No. 1834697

The two doctors that wrote that study are still resident doctors who started their schooling in 2019. I wouldn't trust anything that comes from them lol.

Another thing is this study didn't test the breastmilk on a baby. And they also didn't test the milk to see if it had the proper nutrients to feed a baby (neither did the other articles). Yeah these articles smell fishy.

No. 1834700

does tranny barbie come with a dilator and a douche, and his sister’s underwear?

No. 1834701

Holy shit. NTA but I haven’t been actively reading the posts in this thread but I saw those pics and just assumed it was a baby he had with a desperate handmaiden. If he’s not the father I wonder what the bio father thinks about his baby daughter suckling a strange man’s nipples?? The fact that it happens at all makes me think nobody in this kids life even cares

No. 1834705

File: 1685073312250.jpg (65.95 KB, 1080x1177, moowu.jpg)

The really weird thing is that his cis girlfriend (the mother of the baby girl) encourages him.

No. 1834706

> The use of language surrounding fertility and breastfeeding remains heterogendered, meaning that people who breastfeed are assumed to be straight and identify as women. This minimizes the experiences of people outside of society’s binary classification of gender (6). The use of misgendering language has a negative impact on the mental health, self-esteem, and social identify of those who identify as nonbinary

Yeah this part^ which is right at the beginning made me disregard the whole thing. They have an agenda and they’re not shy about it

No. 1834721

i don't get it personally, how is "drag queens coming in to read books to children" the first thing they came up with to "teach acceptance"? acceptance of what exactly? i don't think that DQ are representative of GNC people (or GNC at all), they're just men parodying women for fun/work, it looks like a costume and i doubt children will understand gender norms/diversity/sexual orientations better due to that.

No. 1834722

Man discovers how to shave in 9 months

No. 1834728

"I pass, I don't disclose and men can't tell!!" and "I'm scared of getting beat up by transphobic men on dates and in the restroom" are also mutually exclusive, dumbass troon.

No. 1834729

I'm sorry but what fucking parent experiments on their child based on one, maybe two positive studies? Especially ones that don't seem to give any form of nutritional profile.
There's no explanation except the Troon getting off to it as mothers who don't produce milk just suck it up and give formula instead and go to therapy if they have any personal problems with that
This is sketch as shit and not enough to even remotely claim it's truly safe for kids let alone nutritious. Parents going from worrying about hormones in meat to stuffing their kids with hormones from the day they're born

No. 1834747

isn't the eli troon that posted this also a rapist?

No. 1834749

Yeah that one

No. 1834757

You know that women are actually more likely to supper banning abortion that moids right? Anyways I think trannies are way more of a big deal than abortion rights. I don’t really see myself needing an abortion in the future.

No. 1834760

File: 1685078385531.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 70.19 KB, 750x937, IMG_8691.jpeg)

he’s so fucking gross.

No. 1834761

Go back to 4chan.

No. 1834765

If you don’t understand why abortion issues are more important than tranny faggotry just because you don’t personally care then you’re just another window licking tard

No. 1834772

It's not your baby you retarded faggot, it's your girlfriend's, and you've only been dating her for a few months. Who the fuck does that? Imagine if a guy started calling his girlfriend's son or daughter "my kid" after dating her for two months. Absurd. Fuck that retarded handmaiden he's dating for enabling this and putting the kid in danger just so she can look woke online.

No. 1834775

The kid's real father is probably a deadbeat, if the trailer trash mother even knows who it is. The kid is screwed however you slice it; even if its retarded mother dumps the tranny, she'll just rebound onto some other kind of predator or psycho.

No. 1834776

>If it doesn't apply to me personally, it doesn't matter

No. 1834779

File: 1685080756747.jpeg (164.58 KB, 750x930, IMG_8693.jpeg)

I'm a tranny moid in a tranny world
It’s patriarchy, now in panties!
I can flash my dick, harass you everywhere
Fetishization, is female erasure
Come on, Blanchard, let's go party!

I'm a dumb AGP in a pornsick sad world
Play dress up, steal your clothes, I’m a pervert.
I take pills, HRT, get installed a stink ditch,
It was botched, looks like shit, it’s infected…
Please fuck me, it’s my right, if you don’t, I’ll ruin your life.

You can scream and complain, I will destroy your sports.
I will act like a douche, I will send you rape threats
Come jump in, transcel friends, let us do it again,
Punch a terf, groom some kids, let's go batshit
If you dare call me sir, then I’ll scream "It is Ma’am!”

No. 1834789

File: 1685082093574.png (377.3 KB, 1455x1092, 21 sin título_20230526022224.p…)

Some new updates from pedo milk puss troon

No. 1834792

SOMEONE TAKE THE BABY AWAY.this is definitely a fetish for him fucking creep moid

No. 1834793

Jesus Christian I clicked on a YouTube video and it was about that stupid bitch Kelly ronahan… damn that girl had fuckin problems…. makes me happy to just be an escort and a drug addict…. hahaha dumb cunt…..

No. 1834794

Wtaf is this bullshit about "chestfeeding"? It's breastfeeding you fucking idiots…(tranny)

No. 1834815

looks like a literal gorilla with that browbone.

No. 1834817

wait. so the baby is already on formula, but this tranny wants to start ”producing milk” JUST to switch to the moobcheese? beyond fucked up

No. 1834824

Literal pedophile out in the open talking about his fetish, search his hard drive already

No. 1834828

Nona NO ONE sees themselves needing abortions, it's not something women plan for because they want it. A troon could enter the women's restroom, rape you and get you pregnant. Even a cis man could accuse you of being a transphobe and get you jailed, come out as trans and commit a crime himself to be locked up in women's prison with you to rape you and get you pregnant in jail. Abortions is a female human right.

No. 1834846

I hope this peaks the world but I know better by now

No. 1834854

I'm really hoping the attention these two sick freaks have brought upon themselves results in some action to protect that poor baby.

No. 1834886

How brainrotted does someone who is supposed to be an expert in women's healthcare have to be to support this? MALE BREASTS DO NOT HAVE MILK DUCTS. He's secreting something from his nipples, but it cannot be nutritionally equivalent to real breastmilk.

No. 1834892

Knew it. I saw him for a SECOND in the Barbie trailer and he stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the other women. I had to double take because I was 100 percent sure it was a man face at first glance.

They really cannot hope to ever pass. They still read male with a bunch of make up and hair pieced and whatever the fuck.

No. 1834893

KEKKKKKKK I used to think he was a passoid when he was younger, holy fuck aging is rough on these scrotes
exactly this, i have no idea how anyone on the "serious" left (like in certain high academia/political communist circles) can even pretend to care about this shit lmao. literally who fucking cares, even if youre dumb enough to deny the sexualised nature of drag it just not an issue
I would laugh at how pitiful and suspect this "study" is if it wasnt so fucking grim

No. 1834914

I had no idea who this was but watching the trailer made me do a double take because his face was so strange and off, that deep voice was so jarring too, I went back to replay the flat foot line because I was confused. Took me a second and then alarm bells went off, of course it’s a fucking troon. It’s crazy how much they stick out, especially when surrounded by actual women, even with their disguise.

No. 1834918

Seriously consider a different website if you're going to massage the balls of a misogynist moid at the expense of women because they have more sex than you and it appeases your single pet issue. Devastatingly retarded post. Go back to 4chan like the other anon said. The moidy, reactionary stench of your posts would fit in perfectly there.

No. 1834919

Wow what the fuck, I meant to reply to this, >>1834495

No. 1834925

"going out" outfit? that's the kind of slop most women throw on to quickly run to the grocery store or smth

No. 1834933

File: 1685108306257.jpeg (79.26 KB, 1449x728, IMG_6177.jpeg)

the decision to make him scream with his deep unmistakably male voice was so strange it’s almost like they wanted to play him being a tranny for laughs? I’m so disappointed in this movie though, I was looking forward to it but they have to include these pornsick bastards in everything now. They are invading every female dominated space -fictional or not- like insects

No. 1834934

File: 1685108332152.jpg (34.31 KB, 1080x425, FxDGGP0WIAI5voA.jpg)

Normally this would 100% be a troll but troons really are this level of gross

No. 1834935

It's just an excuse to swipe stuff while still claiming to be morally superior. You know they're just going to steal a bunch of nailpolishes and eyeliner anyway. Some of the most anti-capitalist people I've met have also been the biggest consumers, they have to buy some "aesthetic" and hoard material goods. If you really want to fight capitalism then stop buying so much useless shit, all stealing is going to do is drive up the prices for those who buy and make Walmart move out of the area, so now the only options are higher priced establishments.

No. 1834936

I knew it was going to be shit after they revealed Ken was going to be an ugly bastard. Didn’t watch, feels good to be right about everything.

No. 1834938

Stop. I don't like the abortion thing either but using hyperbole is super annoying. It's the same shit "terfs are literally nazis!!!" Like just say you disagree with his policies and calm down

No. 1834943

Said no female ever. It’s funny how troons manage to be grosser and more puerile than both gay and straight moids, yet expect anyone on earth to believe they’re women. Even teenage boys aren’t as sex-obsessed as troons.

No. 1834946

Feminism has nothing to do with nazism. Men have denied women's rights for millenniums and to this day girls and women are abused and killed every day for being born female. You are an idiot.

No. 1834947

Meatball Ron is a literal Guantanamo torturer anon, I wouldn’t put a fucking thing past him. The enemies of our enemies are not our friends.

No. 1834953

>me clicking all the replies in confusion
>reading the next post down
All is explained kek

No. 1834957

File: 1685112135188.jpg (112.01 KB, 880x1262, Fww4dy2WwAUZ0Xn.jpg)

Psycho moid texts this to his dying mother and then tries to run away from the backlash

No. 1834962

>Girl clothes
>Stole them from my sister's room
I want to a-log so bad.

No. 1834963

If this is real I feel terrible for the mother. she didn’t deserve that shit from her own stupid fucking son, RIP

No. 1834971

There was a ton of talk about him last thread if you want to read more thoughts.

No. 1834978

File: 1685116513838.jpg (60.53 KB, 570x428, jabba.jpg)

He should cosplay as this.

No. 1834981

The only thing I've seen this dude in is a short film about a creepy transbian using witchcraft to do some weird time travel shit to entrap his ex and make her fall in love with him again. To this day I have no clue they cast him intentionally as a giggle or if it was solely for diversity points.

No. 1834993

kek i’m pretty sure that movie was created by sam levinson, also after a quick look at his filmography through google, he seems to be in the idol. no wonder an industry tranny is friends with the creepiest director who basically makes soft core porn that sexualized young women to no end

No. 1834995

File: 1685118555296.jpeg (157.2 KB, 750x1055, IMG_3516.jpeg)

>hour glass, cutesy very feminine voice, slim, fit, aesthetically pretty face, look young for my age, etc
Couldn’t resist jerking himself off in a fake story

No. 1834996

File: 1685118913555.jpg (201 KB, 810x2155, Screenshot_20230526-122727_Boo…)

>You must be 100% supportive of the tranny agenda!
Lol, every reddit thread about this is already locked, removed, or heavily censored. And it sucks we can no longer see what's been censored since reddit permanently blocked pushshift from accessing their API.

No. 1835020

>Turns out she was heading into the bathroom to change her tampon.
Fucking degenerate coomers and their fake ass stories.

No. 1835029

File: 1685121864622.jpg (47.85 KB, 640x632, bun4b82cc_7510296f_640.jpg)

I wish they'd avoid the US all together

No. 1835045

Kek what woman goes to the bathroom specifically to change a tampon? Why would you need to give a reason why you were in the bathroom anyway? Troons are such bad liars

No. 1835060

>My baby
Unhinged. If the crazy handmaiden ever decides to leave his delusional ass, this troid would probably kidnap the baby.

No. 1835067

File: 1685124814191.jpeg (262.5 KB, 1170x1954, AC5BB874-12E6-4E0D-9C14-C09C5C…)

Dumb tranny on twitter tried to use this tranny getting beaten by police as a gotcha to transphobes…

No. 1835071

File: 1685124973801.jpeg (199.34 KB, 1170x1950, D7857491-CB22-43B7-8011-4D943D…)

…only to be fact checked by twitter itself. The Italian man getting beat was found to be flashing his penis at children. Now twitter troon is sperging pretending that the sources are wrong and it really is trans discrimination.

No. 1835073

Of course tech workers don’t believe in privacy.

No. 1835076

He has never not looked like the gay male he is

No. 1835081

It’s still worth the attempt. Their protected status can be revoked with enough of this pedophilic evidence

No. 1835093

No. I'm also a fan and the guy is your typical rock star. I've known a woman that dated a guy that was friends with the band and he's just your typical rock star moid who sleeps with fans. The 90s weren't about trooning (claims that Kurt Cobain would troon), they were about shock value, destroying norms and cynical apathy. A lot of the dudes wearing dresses or cynical apathy. Trent Reznor also had that feminine gender non-confirming shit during the 90s, then roided out for a few years when he got old and eventually married some woman half his age. Manson definitely seemed like he would have trooned, but he just became a fat rapist.

No. 1835102

would have been funny if you stuck to the one line but it's cringe and way too long and you can't write. C-

No. 1835104

File: 1685126523216.jpeg (64.74 KB, 1242x461, IMG_1209.jpeg)

Of course taking estrogen makes your penis smell like vagina. Tranny logic defies all reason.

No. 1835106

Yes there are other women out their whose lives revolve around making other women just as miserable as they are and they get a scrap of attention from men for doing their bidding

No. 1835176

Null covered the breastfeeding tranny in detail on his podcast today, was pretty interesting. He went over the different studies.

Starts around 27:20

No. 1835187

He transitioned to Ben shapiro

No. 1835200

File: 1685137553856.jpg (78.24 KB, 1080x585, FxFQr0NXgAAM2vl.jpg)

No you are not normal pedo

No. 1835207

Straight women have exposed themselves to Ru Paul TV until they intertwined their sexuality with it, the same way moids do gross ass anime and porn. Now they can't see anything objectionable with dumping it on children, because anything sexual in there seems okay and normal to them.

No. 1835229

Josh fanboys gtfo

No. 1835243

Even if it is a troll post, looking at upvote count reveals a lot(sage your shit)

No. 1835251

File: 1685142630637.png (160.74 KB, 793x668, 2023-.png)

First step to trannies getting their own category I hope.

No. 1835257

This is not milk but just a song that I felt was awesome and wanted to share.

No. 1835258

Most people believe that the moon phases are caused by the shadow of the earth hitting the moon, but that doesn't make it true. The majority of human beings are idiots, and most female idiots are handmaidens and/or pickmes.

No. 1835259

And once you finish that, here's a follow-up.
Again sorry, I just feel that these songs are great for those of us who see right through these delusions men.

No. 1835261

Can't take it away if it isn't his in the first place. His retarded girlfriend of two months is just letting him borrow the baby to pose for pictures.

No. 1835263

Twink death hits HSTSes like a load of bricks, lmao.

No. 1835266

Lmao I wish I could've seen the shit storm. Also she isn't a lifelong medical patient if she only had cancer for the last few months/years of her life. Trannies suck at comebacks.

No. 1835272

Why would he know about this and how the fuck is it even relevant to the story? Is he turned on by the idea of Albert Einstein here getting arrested on her period?

No. 1835273

I wish they'd all move to a remote island somewhere and leave everyone else the fuck alone.

No. 1835276

No one cares.

No. 1835285

sometimes i like to torment myself by listening to these long-winded tranny video blogs, but i gotta hand it to this one for making me want to blow my brains out as much as i want to now. his constant usage of kate beaton's comic, ducks, in comparison to his male experience offends me to my fucking core. after 3 days i finally finished the first video, the 2nd part is almost an hour longer, and he immediately opens with a cringe ducks narration i wouldn't doubt is voiced by some TIM he hired off fiver like quite a few of the narrations he had in the first video.
anyway, idk if i'm going to be able to make it through this one kek.

No. 1835288

As an italian: good.
People are already screaming at OMG, Queer Genocide! But I don't care. He passed days in front of a school, urinating and screaming he had aids, then he molested children. If he wasn't wearing women clothes, libs would've come for his head.
Once arrested, he faked being passed out and once in the police car, he kicked the officer and escaped. After that and only AFTER escaping and kicking the police officer (one of which has to stay at home dor 7 days due to the harm that mentally ill person did to him), they ran and beaten him.

No. 1835289

He kind of resembles Mr. Bean, lol

No. 1835310

Same, I have a connection to Maynard Keenan and he seems like a pretty normie masculine moid apart from his edgy stage persona. Definitely no troon vibes that I’ve noticed.

No. 1835312

I support her 100% but I wish this music was better haha. We need an all girl terfy punk band

No. 1835314

I was on ground zero when the kurt troon claims originated and the person who started that is a legit schizophrenic. It’s unfortunate that it kind of blew up and got latched onto by some other troons but it’s literally based on mentally ill delusion

No. 1835316


his video reminds me of the nonnas in the animation thread talking about how media is deteriorating because now it's regurgitating older media and bypassing reality as the primary reference point. except with these youtube videos it's 3 hour diatribes from people whose reference point is the study of society and not society itself. everything is framed through tired academic narratives because he honestly doesn't know much about the internal lives of either modern men or women, but is at the same time too educated to stop.

No. 1835322

File: 1685149851867.jpeg (79.63 KB, 688x997, IMG_4147.jpeg)

BPD "comedian" doesn't know how much a Barbie costs, accuses everyone who liked their Barbies of being rich and spergs out about not being able to go on vacations as a kid. Deletes the original tweets, made a thread (here: https://twitter.com/aedison/status/1662260600674697217) amounting to "actually I think I did nothing wrong, I'm sorry you feel that way tho" Mental. Side note: this person got famous because he was caught having overstayed a visa at the Canadian border and was detained at a men's facility.

No. 1835323

Retard doesn't know that cheap-ass discount stores carry, and have carried, Barbie dolls for years. There are very cheap Barbie dolls at dollar stores. There are also Barbie dolls in thrift stores. This is such a terminally retarded tweet, but that's trannies for you.

No. 1835335

Good god who cares

What a pretentious dickhead

No. 1835342

Not knowing that barbie has always had a cheap range which is affordable to any family is not very female brained of him.
This retarded take makes me think he has been fabricating reasons to be jealous of women since he was a child. Truly pathetic.
As a reference point, even now in 2023 the cheapest range of barbie at RRP is £8 in the uk, next prices are around £15. There's a lot of playsets and dolls under £20, that has always been the case. Why would the biggest toy manufacturer's most famous product be a luxury item? Literally every girl has at least one barbie, not just this total fabrication of it being rich girls.
Am yet to see a troon have an opinion that even borders on correct, or appears to have existed and occupied the same dimension as the rest of us at any point. They just sit in an insane hugbox circlejerk troonland of nonsense they literally just invented

No. 1835344

Nonna beat me to it, he was never a little girl so he probably wouldn't know much about how ubiquitous barbie dolls were or how much they cost. Just another male speaking on facets of girlhood without ever having experienced it firsthand and then getting mad when actual women correct him about it.

No. 1835346

File: 1685153028523.jpeg (98.68 KB, 1125x864, IMG_2249.jpeg)

>micro eceleb youtuber takes months long break for their "mental health"
>comes back looking like this
Every fucking time.
I mean he hasn't confirmed anything but cmon, that thumbnail…

No. 1835349

KEK naturally milan, i was wondering where this was, anon mentioned it in the last thread.
omg he was my dark horse bet for trooning out

No. 1835353

File: 1685153813050.jpg (216.55 KB, 1037x1743, FxF7OnkXwAAIt4M.jpg)

No. 1835367

File: 1685157256199.png (13.57 KB, 723x302, Screenshot Capture.png)

No. 1835369

Holy shit, that got a legit kek outta me

No. 1835372

>This retarded take makes me think he has been fabricating reasons to be jealous of women since he was a child. Truly pathetic.
This. It's just another variation of insisting that every woman and girl has always been treated "like a princess" by her family. Middle class scrotes will date women who grew up poor, and inflict this jealousy on them at the very same time that they're smugly looking down on the women for growing up poor.

No. 1835380

File: 1685158451058.png (554.92 KB, 845x750, Screenshot Capture 03.png)

Damn I never saw a pre transition picture of this Gollum, Dobby is cuter than him.

No. 1835397

We were so poor I slept in a twin sized bed with my mom until I was 5 and I still had like 20 Barbies lol. It’s just cope and mental gymnastics to not acknowledge he was a boy because then he’ll have to confront that he grew into a man.

No. 1835412

File: 1685163983130.jpg (433.32 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20230523_222909_Ins…)

>i, a gay man, have two gay dads

No. 1835420

trailer alone and its clear he cant act.

No. 1835425

How is this milk? The overwhelming majority of troons have straight parents.

No. 1835426

How does he look more like Michael Cera after trooning out? He kinda looked like a fat TiF beforehand. Wack how they pass less the more "femme" they try to present.

No. 1835428

File: 1685167600191.jpeg (64.11 KB, 828x833, IMG_1695.jpeg)

This is so autistic it hurts

No. 1835430

My mother grew up in actual poverty and was one of six children, but she still had a dollhouse and Barbies. The bougie thing for a little girl to have would have been an American Girl doll, which you could only get by mail order back in the day.

No. 1835438

Groomed by his pedophile kidnappers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1835441

lol because the 99 cent store, dollar tree, toy drives, and thrift shops don’t exist. poor people make it work sir stop larping. he must be seething at barbie being an exclusively a female thing and cant reclaim her whatsoever.

No. 1835442

Smells like the same retard DeSantis-posting to make posters here seem right wing. I think troons do this on occasion to make it seem like we can all be easily written off as conservatives.

none of us here are right wing enough to automatically conflate gay people with pedophilia so unless this troon was trooned as a minor we wouldn’t be jumping to this conclusion. Gay men being misogynists, hateful of effeminate men, and allowing their HSTS son to believe womanhood is his to co-opt is not surprising in the slightest anyway

No. 1835448

he grew up without women in his immediate vicinity

No. 1835450

makes me feel like they treated their kid as a dress up doll growing up

No. 1835451

Though this is true and based if the TIMs won't twist her words to their agenda into
>Because femoids want to be us
and TIMs might start to gatekeep.

No. 1835452

Because proper noun for "transwomen" is troon.

No. 1835453

Theres a TIM i know irl why although spergs at being called a man he is strangely okay with "TIM" and also his reaction to "only men can be transwomen" was a "gotcha you females wanna be us"

No. 1835466

File: 1685178096741.jpg (231.23 KB, 800x1069, MsNL02.jpg)

Old singaporean newspaper cutting about post-op regret (dated 2001).

No. 1835468

File: 1685178355332.jpg (65.81 KB, 1280x720, mr bean in room 426.jpg)

"Room 426, please"

No. 1835469

>i am a transwoman(technically intersexed but raised as a boy)
just being a short-dicked manlet isn't an intersex disorder

No. 1835472

Singapore used to be some "sex change harbor" some two decades ago. They completely phased out even mental healthcare (Gender clinics in SG closed) as of now.

No. 1835473

Are you a singaporean nona?

No. 1835476

Are you a super retard? Not heard of rape? Even birth control isn’t 100% effective.

No. 1835480

Woman presumably held tampon, troon gets everything in his head regarding her holding of the tampon.

No. 1835489

imagine if sam levinson troons out. i'm like 99% sure he's a chaser due to the fact that he has included them in several of his projects and they're always transbians.

No. 1835494

File: 1685181779555.jpg (197.96 KB, 975x1801, FxF7OaaWYAEVHG3.jpg)

This troon posted this pic of his cat to his social media with absolutely zero thought put into the fact everyone would freak out the cat is living in absolute filth

No. 1835501

Hope his cat is taken away from him.

No. 1835503

These I fucked your mom ”jokes” are so girly uwu

No. 1835504

Eternal adolescence.

No. 1835508

cites one article and thinks his job is done educating people. These fuckers are so dangerous.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1835517

Filthy fucks like that guy are part of the reason why rent is so expensive even for such shitty properties. Somebody is going to have to scrub food off the walls before priming the stains and repainting all of it, and probably replace some of the floor vinyl. And then he'll just go to the next apartment and shit it up, too.

No. 1835534

Troon doesn’t know that lots of girls got hand-me-down Barbies from their moms and older siblings, constructed their own dollhouses, even made clothes for them out of common household materials like tissue paper. Girls can be incredibly resourceful and creative and this troon will never understand.

No. 1835539

File: 1685192657372.png (40.96 KB, 1080x700, Screenshot_20230527-080305.png)

The HRT is working. Full retardation and him doubling down many hours later on victimizing himself, not accepting his own mistake of making a dumb statement.

No. 1835547

They can’t even fathom the concept of some kids having to wait for a birthday or Christmas to get something new as a gift.

No. 1835549

most people making fun of him probably don't even know he's trans

No. 1835553

Reminder that galactorrhea is (as far as we know) usually caused by hormonal imbalances naturally and can be induced through the use of drugs. All of them from what I gathered is safe for breastfeeding, however considering inducing galactorrhea on a regular basis like what this weirdo usually means upping the dose, this increases the chances of more amounts of said drugs to appear in the milk. These drugs include opioids, SRIs, antipsychotics and antiandrogens. It affects both females (5-32%) and males (5.5%). So it's very unlikely these moids are lactating mainly because genetic factors and are straight up endangering children by feeding them their junkie chestwater. Gathered all this info from an hour of reading wikipedia and medical articles from nih, etc.. Not a med professional at all but considering normal people are typically wary when it comes to what you're feeding your child and this fuck does this shit anyway despite the fact skimming for an hour tells you you shouldn't probably do it is telling. Sage for autism.

No. 1835555

Was supposed to reply to this >>1835553

No. 1835562

it pisses me off that women get shamed for having a can of diet coke while pregnant or breastfeeding but these men can have infants drinking their hormonal cocktail nipple discharge and they get fawned over

No. 1835565

File: 1685197590245.jpg (179.79 KB, 1124x1595, lady problems.jpg)

> Man is when can play vidya game for hours
> Woman is when vidya game make hands ouchie

I found this troon agreeing with someone saying that oppressive traditional gender roles are what radicalized them, go to their twitter and find this bullshit; fucking irony.

No. 1835569

Rent went up 30% in a year because of maybe 3 hours of cleaning work? He could get this apartment cleaned for probably $150 total kek. Don't simp for parasites.

No. 1835572

Nta but nonna was clearly being hyperbolic. Also cat urine and urine smell in general is hard to get out of anything and usually requires completely replacing things which can drive up prices.

No. 1835575

File: 1685199203388.jpg (41.33 KB, 1080x347, Screenshot_20230527-204944_Tum…)

as if troons are represented better in one piece. kek, oda showed the worse of trannies, multiple times in his manga, than jk had ever attempted with her tweets.

No. 1835585

Don’t say that. Even though it’s meant to be an insult about their mental/emotional state, they’d probably take it as a compliment and get off on it.

No. 1835586

File: 1685200441652.jpeg (151.39 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1680.jpeg)

That’s what I was thinking. Why do they like OP so much when this exists in it?

No. 1835587

Why is it always cats? Males are such psychos, even as kids they enjoy killing and torturing animals.

No. 1835590

File: 1685200841223.png (501.97 KB, 748x962, Screenshot Capture.png)

No. 1835593

why does this look ai generated kek

No. 1835608

So a man got to experience the lies of men. This used to happen in olden times and it still happens in communities where premarital sex is forbidden. No, honey, we're going to be married there's no point in waiting, nobody's gonna know, we can have sex. Then when she gets pregnant he swears he never touched her, he gets off scot free and she gets branded a slut.

This was quite a sad read. What I don't get is what exactly the scumbag stood to win by letting this guy chop his dick off. My only assumption is they tried to have sex and it wasn't like sex with a real woman so he dumped him. And why does he pay for the "beauty" treatments? So he won't get sued? Or is his way of showing the guilt? Men do that and think it clears them of any misdoings.

No. 1835610

they never get the idea that the stuff they inject is doing harm to their body because it isn't meant to be there. But sure, woman can't open jars or play video games for more than 1 hour a day, it's completely female to be weak and feel pain all the time.

No. 1835617

This is going to sound tinfoily probably, but I think it seriously has something to do with how men typically view cats as more "feminine". Hence why so many men who think they're masculine or alpha gravitate towards dogs or shit on cats for having boundaries (much like they shit on women for having boundaries). Many men who went on to kill women also started by killing animals, and cats/kittens are unfortunately notable for being common victims. It wouldn't surprise me if in some cases, men like this who live pathetic existences where they so desperately want to be women think owning at cat is a way to have ownership over some sort of perceived femininity, if that makes sense. Like I said my idea is a tinfoil but it's also pretty true that cats have been associated with women for a very long time throughout history (Bastet, witches, etc.). Maybe some of them genuinely like cats, but I feel like if someone genuinely likes cats they'll probably actually take care of them.

No. 1835622

Because it is.

No. 1835629

File: 1685207264210.jpg (103.19 KB, 946x616, FxJWJuQWYAQS9WU.jpg)

Autistic men really live in such a delusional fantasy world, we need to raise autistic men to be a bit more realistic about life instead of letting them run wild on the internet

No. 1835635

Well men are known to be extremely sensitive to criticism so I'm not surprised tims think they're being crucified every time they get made fun of for a stupid ass take like this one.

No. 1835639

Because they were retarded weebs before trooning and remain retarded weebs after trooning. Plus they get to crow about dunking on mean ol' JKR, a big ol' huff of cope for their shitty little selves.

No. 1835649

>I used to routinely play video games for 18 hours straight and now I have hand pain. Surely the cause of this hand pain is unrelated medication and not any psycho neet behavior that could have inflicted injury or overuse strain upon my hands somehow….

>It feels like… I should just let one of the last dreams I still hold on to die.
I was just skimming the post, but wow, what a tragic thought! What a poetic, pitiable lament! I bet it was about something really romantic and heartfelt. Now, time to go back and see what that dream was:

No. 1835653

We need to stop raising autistic men at all and bring back leaving disabled infants in the woods for predators to eat.

No. 1835661

Alright hear me out. Is it possible we are so far in the ai matrix that these TiMs are actually all generated deep fakes to keep people busy with the next movement/outrage? I just…. don't see how any of this is real. I can't see how this happened entirely organically without curation of information by advanced tech from an industry leader/politician owner. This whole….thing…. it just isnt real. It cant be. Right? I peaked a while ago but I feel like I am super cycling through all the stages of grief mourning a sane world…over and over.

No. 1835662

File: 1685209420794.jpg (116.6 KB, 1080x909, FxIY8gBWcAIlyR1.jpg)

Once again, HRT does absolutely nothing

No. 1835666

I've always said they should just give them sugar pills, they're already delusional so they'd get the full placebo effect without the long term health consequences of horsepiss. Though on the other hand I'm also all for retarded scrotes ending up with blood clots and brain tumors so what the hell.

No. 1835669

This is why it's impossible to compare autistic men to autistic women. I've not yet met an autistic man that wasn't babied and told his actions were fine, while autistic women are forced to mask and adapt to society.

No. 1835671

>We need to stop raising men at all.
Fixed that for you.

No. 1835674

AYRT, I feel you anon lol I don't mind R&B music but rock is my preferred genre and it'd be great to see some punk rock terfy songs but sadly I haven't come across any yet. I'll definitely post it if I do though kek.

No. 1835677

File: 1685211351147.jpg (23.81 KB, 452x348, lisa.jpg)

>just being a short-dicked manlet isn't an intersex disorder
KEK, I'm going to steal this to use it on these sad (ball)sacks from now on
Holy fuck, this is so hilarious. Love the horrified expression on the crawling dude on the right and the perv troon stares. Going to have to watch this now

No. 1835687

File: 1685213137917.jpg (256.32 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230527_134644_Twi…)

I just went to check, the community note is now gone. Any other nonnies on Twitter to confirm?

No. 1835690

iirc, this happened the other day with another tweet too: apparently if they report it enough the note will go away

No. 1835702

File: 1685215109605.jpeg (137.5 KB, 1080x1320, sportsdiff.jpeg)

Re: troons in sports, found a helpful infographic, kind of shocked at how high some of the percentages are, but then again. The idea that this could be reversed through a few years of HRT is ludicrous.

From https://macdonaldlaurier.ca/files/pdf/Dec2021_Fair_game_Pike_Hilton_Howe_PAPER_FWeb.pdf

No. 1835705

Yamato knows she's a woman, you uncultured swine! She calls herself a "man" because she idolizes Oden and she wants to be as good as he is. Besides no one in One Piece is a "terf", why would you westernize something like that?

No. 1835732

sage for blogpost but I love this comment. My sister and I used to beg our grandpa for his old handkerchiefs and we would sew dresses for our Barbies from them. Meanwhile our brother who ended up trooning out wouldn't play with anything unless it was Spiderman themed. Moids will never understand female ingenuity and creativity.

No. 1835737

More evidence for women engineering and tool making to be biologically innate to me

No. 1835747

He is 100% a chaser as well as a pedophile sex pest. I don’t think he’ll troon out but continue to make disgusting content for men like himself to jerk off to under the guise of “edgy art”.

No. 1835752

File: 1685224437694.png (536.1 KB, 565x676, 8F6448BC-B4F8-426F-A80D-E85A63…)

This post is so funny to me because his pain may be related to the fact that high E in scrotes causes bone brittleness and other joint and bone related issues, so there’s a very high possibility that he nuked his scary testosterone (no test weakens your muscles) and is getting pain from HRT effects.
Oh and their periods are GI tract issues and their ED/mental issues due to test blockers makes them suicidal.
In time my lovely nonny sisters we will have those trash scrotes have more and more illnesses due to HRT and they sterilize themselves on top of that. The less of those insane scrotes the better, hope to live to see it.

No. 1835763

Josh paid for the article that the breastfeeding tranny (timestamp is 32:30) is citing, if you're interested he discuses on his last livestream. And to no ones surprise it's not what the tranny claims.

No. 1835764

File: 1685226331865.jpeg (190.87 KB, 741x891, rentfree.jpeg)

This is true

No. 1835766

Already posted this and got yelled at for it, kek.

No. 1835769

Nonnies acting like they don't go on KF lol. It's a necessary evil, I don't get the problem. Josh paid for the article, I sure wasn't going to waste 30 bucks on troon shit.

No. 1835777

File: 1685228659985.jpg (206.56 KB, 1284x1323, FxIpuqgaYAEHNoC.jpg)

It's Always fyi

No. 1835801

as a classic troll, i just like seeing salt and people cry. this one is certainly an emotional hag.

trannies trigger people so much that sometimes i borrow their shtick because it makes people SO emotional.

and the opposite is true, i can act like a TERF and make an entire discord channel flip tables.

the past several years of this has been nothing but delicious entertainment for me. back in the day you had to do more work and involve deeper politics to make people cry this much over nothing, today it so easy and now with chatGPT i can shit out any amount of trolling i want about the culture wars with no effort.

josh is a little bitch, jizz dong-jones is a faggot crossdresser little bitch. also fuck every alphabet agency within the government (though i gotta admit glowies can really kick the hornets nest sometimes and it is fucking hilarious)

fuck everyone lol, primate evolution was a mistake but it sure is entertaining.(sperg)

No. 1835811

>bodies with female sex organs
Utterly revolting language, you know it's (male) trannies and not tifs who asked for this too. Who is it who thinks of women as "bodies" because it isn't women. May as well just call us cunts and roasties and be done with it.

No. 1835825


Disagree, I think "female sex organs" would raise a lot of TiMs' hackles; my own interpretation is that it's the company's befuddled attempt at clinging to what they actually mean, ultimately pleasing no one.

No. 1835841

Most kids had barbies around, they were battle-hardened naked sharpie-emblazoned relics of the 80s and 90s with a pixie cut standing straight on end. That was just childhood. Daycare, sisters rooms, cousins houses etc. They were sold at garage sells for a dollar or even less. Such a weird thing to craft to be upset about.

No. 1835842

File: 1685237300143.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2001, Screenshot_20230527_182442_Tik…)

not sure what he expected here

No. 1835845

>Bodies with female sex organs
So….females? What brand is this?

No. 1835846

okay now take the filter off tranny.

No. 1835847

When people started saying black bodies it was rightfully dogpiledby people who have common sense and see this as belittling and dehumanizing. This is just as ridiculous.

No. 1835848

I doubt he’s on the spectrum. He’s probably self-diagnosed because Munchhausen’s behavior isn’t uncommon in intersectionality activists.

No. 1835854

File: 1685238511140.jpg (148.18 KB, 720x1258, 1685238109220245.jpg)

Update on the lactation pedo: CPS won't protect the baby.

No. 1835856

File: 1685238799821.jpg (255.3 KB, 810x1962, Screenshot_20230527-214647_Red…)

Fucking incels. All of them. Wish people would see it.

No. 1835863

File: 1685240665858.png (1.12 MB, 860x862, takeelomonosho.png)

roasted torkey
salamooy(sage your autism)

No. 1835864

"Protect kids from predators, not from Transwomen" my ass.

No. 1835866

Yeah I didn't expect much from them.


No. 1835867

File: 1685240853168.jpg (114.04 KB, 1200x700, spoony_troony_house.jpg)

i found a photo of the house he "takes care of" while his wife works

No. 1835870

Not to mention that even if a family could not afford even a cheaper new toy: secondhand stores, hand-me-downs, and gifts from friends/family all exist.
All the tiny ways these moids out themselves as not having had a female childhood never fails to amuse.

No. 1835875

>guess who just got a subscription to AI and wants you to know they hate vaginas

No. 1835881

File: 1685243580455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220707-091950_Red…)

Kek, I remember this hideous goblin. I had saved some posts he's since deleted:

No. 1835883

File: 1685244050795.jpeg (754.73 KB, 3465x3465, AF3CE755-19EE-443A-A9E1-BBA494…)

Sage for skim milk but this is so fucking funny tbh

No. 1835894

what a beak. holy shit.

No. 1835895

>Denying a child a mother is the most evil thing in the world
Maybe the biological parents who gave the child away should have thought about that first lol.
>Plus gay men only adopt kids to make more gays
1.5/10 made me chuckle.

No. 1835899

I suspect they would if people keep reporting. This is sick, wrong, and abusive to that infant. They just don't want tranny backlash. We need to start being louder and more insistent than trannies its the only way to succeed.

No. 1835900

if gypsy rose was a creepy hon

No. 1835916

nonitas why do mtfs always have bad hair? its always really greasy, or their curls are brushed out, or its a god awful side shave or some other unspecified crime against my eyes i cant be bothered to list. drives me up a wall

No. 1835918

men suck at basic hygiene let along taking care of long hair.
the awful side shave styles are just in fashion for kweers and people trying to look quirky

No. 1835920

So these faggots just want to mooch off of a woman while she does all the work both in her job and at home. Moids are such parasites.

No. 1835923

thank FUCK for this hero

No. 1835924

the beak is bigger than the prick!

No. 1835927

I never wanted to a log so bad before this moment

No. 1835928

kek i'm so gutted, meanwhile the best you faggots could hope for is a festering wound that you have to dilate several hours per day.

No. 1835929

File: 1685252984760.jpeg (88.75 KB, 1125x900, IMG_4517.jpeg)

the stereotypical moid in a dress saying this about someone who’s obviously a woman…

No. 1835930

saying a woman "looks trans" aka "doesn't pass" is such a bizarre self-own they always do.

No. 1835936

"Looking trans" is inherently not possible for anyone but a trans person. It's some sort of bizarre cope. "TERFs are just as ugly as us!"

No. 1835943

Disappointed but not surprised, it's pretty rare for CPS to investigate people based on random internet people's reports. For any actual investigation to take place the report usually has to come from someone who actually knows them irl.

No. 1835952

File: 1685257221237.jpg (71.05 KB, 1080x574, Screenshot_20230528-024249_Chr…)

Stop saying things I don't like!

No. 1835957

Estrogen causes neurological issues such as migraines. Unsurprised by his mystery vision loss and headaches.

No. 1835961

hmm i've never been called sir or mister in my life even if i don't look like a neotenous anime blow up doll because sexual dimorphism is a thing and any person with eyeballs can tell the difference between an estrogenized man and an actual female. these ogres are running off copium fumes at this point.

No. 1835966

TRAs are the ones who use that rhetoric to be like “hurr durr women getting fake boobs and vaginoplasty is gender affirming” to refute criticism about their own surgeries. As if getting those surgeries for any reason that isn’t medically necessary isn’t actually fucked up if you think about it for more than 2 seconds

No. 1835974

Because troons think long hair = feminine. Doesn't matter how shit it looks. They don't realize the effort it takes, hell they already only shower once a week. I've noticed men who have long hair (mostly) take care of it and treat it well because they WANT long hair and like it. Trannies just think growing out their hair automatically makes them a cute anime girl and then they can get gender euphoria by dying it with the cheapest box they can find at walgreens.

No. 1835975

File: 1685261683391.png (27.34 KB, 1180x233, odd.png)

weird, i thought older women were "clocky cishons" according to troons. how can these trannies tell actual women are clocking them and giving them glares of death?

No. 1835978

Kek not sure about the "making more gays" bit but it's true that gay males are always shit parents and there's a good chance they're pedophiles because two men unchecked with a child and several fetishes (as gays are often hypersexual) will absolutely try to do weird shit.

No. 1835979

reminder that OP, Eli Erlick, is a confessed rapist by his own admission

No. 1835983

A lot of kids are up for adoption because they are orphans or their parents are unable to care for them even tho they would WANT to! That doesn't mean that the kid doesn't deserve a mother to love them. You sound like a gay moid, piss off. You'd never understand the bond between mother and child.(Derail)

No. 1835984

File: 1685263022202.jpeg (38.18 KB, 1173x362, IMG_4605.jpeg)

They identify as women, they know what it’s like to be a woman, they “feel” just like any other woman does… but openly admit women won’t accept them as one of their own. How can they insist that they /feel/ for sure that they belong while in the same breath talking about how they’re made to /feel/ like they don’t belong? Which one is it, predatory male? Picrel.

No. 1835986

Anthony from linus tech tips trooned out

No. 1835993

File: 1685264228937.jpg (69.86 KB, 994x719, 1685255862684397.jpg)

>i started taking hormones a little over a year ago(Sage)

No. 1836003

A man from every group is grooming out, which means that many men are proud to be open with their fetish and their friends support them. Imagine what those groups keep behind closed doors. All men.

No. 1836004

disappointed in myself for not seeing this coming. he's the quintessential neckbeard.

No. 1836031

File: 1685269178737.jpg (664.73 KB, 1060x2211, 1685268914041.jpg)

BPD troon goes mask off homophobe:

No. 1836049

File: 1685273763605.jpeg (222.68 KB, 1419x828, IMG_9995.jpeg)

Why are troons so fucking disgusting???
I saw the males in disguise account had posted this guy but heading over to his profile revealed the full extent of the nightmare. I have to post this pictures here because I cannot get over it. He lives in Dallas, texas apparently, and I just hope someone can identify him and save this cat. This is insane, that poor thing is stuck inside all day long in this filth and living with this creep. Such a sweet, beautiful cat, how I wish I could save him and take him far far away. It breaks my heart every time I am reminded. Is there anything we can do??

No. 1836050

I live in the south (in a big city so it’s not like I don’t see a lot of people) and have never seen a troon irl except for once at a cafe when I visited one of the most liberal cities in the country. This happening to a few YouTubers doesn’t mean it’s prevalent. Just saying this bc I don’t want people to spiral and lose grip on the fact that they’re still a tiny minority that are mostly cropping up in the same states/cities that encourage it. I’m very left leaning but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there are perks to living in rightoid land.

No. 1836051

Kek there are so few people who are willing to fuck troons (aside from other troons) and yet those retarded gigahons will lash out at those few bisexuals for being bisexual.

No. 1836052

This makes me so sad. No there is nothing that can be done. Animal services barely even responds when there’s proven abuse. The cat is technically his property. Hopefully he will grow a heart and rehome the cat to someone with better living conditions…

No. 1836053

My god imagine the deadly smell of this house. The poor cat is forced to live and sleep in filth. Men will call women's apartments or bathrooms dirty and then have a house in this state.

No. 1836065

File: 1685275477185.jpg (229.01 KB, 1080x1709, FxF-RlQWwAEVvlP.jpg)

This is his car..

No. 1836067

File: 1685275601069.jpg (238.19 KB, 1080x1697, FxIrQmzXwAUu1Lx.jpg)

You think theyll ever realize HRT literally does nothing or is the delusion simply too strong?

No. 1836071

File: 1685277507284.png (66.47 KB, 1098x710, Screenshot 4.png)

Troons don't be disgusting degenerates challenge(impossible)

No. 1836073

> Imagine what those groups keep behind closed doors. All men.
Aren't fujo's into that stuff?
>I’m very left leaning but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there are perks to living in rightoid land.
Kinda hypocritical of you nonnie

No. 1836083

kek he looks this busted at 23? incredible

No. 1836084

lol ot but how did i immediately clock this pic as australian….

No. 1836086

Did he edit his face? He looks older in the first three and younger in the last three. All of these sort of look like different people, why is his chin so small in the 4m picture? Different camera lens?

No. 1836087

File: 1685281708996.png (50.05 KB, 1032x760, 1685256805519620.png)

fucking hell

No. 1836088

This picture made me die laughing

No. 1836093

probably different focal lengths. phone cameras, due to their small size and different focal length from the human eye to compensate, are notorious for looking nothing like real life in close up selfies. i will say that there's definitely some editing on the 4m one; off the top of my head there's some airbrushing going on with the skin.

No. 1836094

why the fuck is he openly posting this to the internet? like why would he think anyone would want to see this?

No. 1836095

File: 1685282988265.jpg (1.3 MB, 4032x1960, troonery.jpg)

Women keep holding their Let women speak free speech events in the UK, and TRA moids keep coming to them and yelling angrily in their moid voices. This was a particularly sane sign they had that I just had to share.

No. 1836096

Source is this account, they also wield umbrellas because they're such big brave men who are totally not afraid of showing their faces.

No. 1836097

They always act like women are under no pressure at every given moment. They’re so fucking deluded.

No. 1836098

Is it just me or is that bald dude always appearing at these events?

No. 1836099

At least this one is on the right track. He’s right. Trans lesbians are straight men, so it’s no wonder he feels his sexuality is different from a lesbian’s.

No. 1836100

if a woman left a house in such a state while claiming to be the one who "takes care of it" she would be mocked relentlessly. he only gets away with it because he's a man.

No. 1836103

Imo sounds psychosomatic. That doesn't mean he's faking it but it just could be stress from not wanting to work and so on (I know that's kinda pathetic but it does happen) manifesting itself, I've heard of cases where people started losing vision and headaches are typical. Psychiatrists help a lot with that, along with psychologists.

No. 1836104

You’re lucky then, because I also live in a Deep South city and run into them fairly regularly. I used to work with both a tim and a tif, and while no one really took them seriously behind closed doors, we all still had to play along to avoid getting written up. Outside of work, maybe I just see them more because my interests have always been on the nerdier side. It sucks, but I don’t really want to give up things I like. And maybe there aren’t as many as in cities elsewhere, but they definitely exist in droves here still based on where you go.

No. 1836109

No. 1836123

oh, can we get a sign with "arm bullied kids" or "arm abused girls and women"? As if handing out weapons will help anyone and not provoke worse situations.

No. 1836132

Nayrt but I live close to a big city in a very right dominated state, and I never seen trans people day to day. However, if I go into the city for an independant theatre, quirky arcade bar, or anything really worth doing that isnt in the suburbs, gender having people are easily 1/20 or so depending on where you are. I even accidentally caused a tif to think I was checking her out, it was the first time seeing an obvious girl, very similar in stature to myself, with a beard that had been styled even…I did a double take and she then deliberately gave me little smiles and head turns and longer than normal looks. Props to the confidence, tbh. Usually its all men dressed as women. I do work in another large ish town not too far away, a college town, and so so so many younger and younger girls (like age 15 to 21 or so) are clearly on hormones with the weird voice and acne, it is mind blowing. The Tims skew older, like 25 to 60 kek. Idk which genre of gender revolutionary is more prevalent. Lots and lots of "thems" all female, too. My favorite gas station to piss and buy snacks on my way back home now has a very unsettling TiM cashier. Probably early 30s. Its all so…weird. But just outside the heart of these places, geographically I mean, it's like they all disappear. Like they all exist within a 2 to 3 mile radius. Then nothing. Id be much less weirded out by the cashier if the fake nails, makeup, and hair werr all that was going on with him but his weird little tube boobs jut out and are eye level to me and I feel like some ancient sensory organ can detect the very fucked up endocerine system of that dude and screams at me to run away. Like I can't smell it (barf) but there is a weird aura of wrongness wafting off of him, like a sickness, and its thicker the closer I get. Hurk. I want all this to stop. Sorry for the rant kek

No. 1836136

>Many transwomen put an extremely high importance on being perceived as no less female than ciswomen. So they only want to date a man who only dates women, because that proves he sees them as women
This is such a typical male way of thinking, dating someone just to validate their fragile ego. I've never heard of women who would date someone to prove something to herself.

No. 1836137

>I feel like some ancient sensory organ can detect the very fucked up endocerine system of that dude and screams at me to run away.
Lmfao I know that feeling well nona. I live in an American city that’s very densely populated with these freaks and even if I don’t immediately identify them as a tranny, I can tell something is off with them hormonally. The weird voices, bizarre chunky bodies with tuberous moobs… nothing about them exactly screams health and vitality

No. 1836150

Evil, evil women. Their eyes are so full of actual violence. Never mind the fact that homophobic men murder gays and TiMs. The real problem is unfriendly facial expressions on women.

No. 1836151

File: 1685291075434.png (1.99 MB, 1318x1316, 6BC72AE2-408E-4631-BC24-583A43…)

I hate obvious tranny artstyles

No. 1836159

i need trannies to stop co-opting the hot bpd female look

No. 1836160

Posted in r/nicegirls. Nothing like redditors pretending that this is anything other than a demented male with severe internalized homophobia losing his shit.

The thing I despise the most is mtf tranny behavior being forcibly put onto women as if it's our behavior. I'm not a man so I have no problem admitting when someone of my gender fucks up badly. I'm not gonna shield her because I have morals. But garbage like this all the way to mtfs committing crimes…it's all male violence. This was not a woman acting out and their crimes are not our crimes. Fucking disgusting. Barely disguised agenda.

No. 1836161

Even on a real woman, nothing about that look or bpd is hot to anyone but bpdfags who look like that…

No. 1836169

even in mostly leftist countries, you can see bits of "transphobia", slight slip-ups where they forget to pander to the troons, and you can see there's still some sense left in them. like an artist on twitter posting about trying to get better at male anatomy and the art is not of a ftm, and is liked by other twitter artists even with pronouns in their bio. or a post about a women-only group and the poster uses female and woman interchangeably, and none of the top comments are "correcting" her. all hope is not lost, nonnettes.

No. 1836170

File: 1685296038309.jpeg (83.65 KB, 992x558, GTY_June_Shannon_ml_140919_16x…)

He looks like Mama June from Honey Boo Boo

No. 1836172

>is there any hope for me?
do like other asian males do and go to a fucking gym and get better haircuts.

No. 1836173

There's nothing hot about BPD even in women. At this point BPD is just code for "I am insane and a terrible person" so the trannies can have that

No. 1836175

i went to a rural high school with troons in the deep south in the 2000s. there are no perks to rightoid land.

No. 1836179

I called this one a couple years ago. There's a video where you can see his basement apartment and it's filled with furfag shit and his spouse is a troon. Plus he's an Arch Linux user. It was inevitable.

No. 1836180

File: 1685298395328.jpeg (301.89 KB, 1242x1848, IMG_1247.jpeg)

Moid was probably screeching in a fake “girly” voice all day to goad her into snapping and then make her feel bad. He’s “non-binary” now but obviously testing the waters to troon out. Luckily all of the comments screaming about transphobia are downvoted since this is one of the few subs troons don’t flock to since most of them don’t even know what PMDD is

No. 1836185

File: 1685299032276.jpg (35.18 KB, 640x630, 1673707635671.jpeg.jpg)


No. 1836188

God I hope the troons don’t try to claim their have PMDD next. I’d beat the shit out of a guy for mocking a female voice around me, that’s all they’re doing after all.

No. 1836189

File: 1685299250938.jpg (248.61 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20230528-143557_Chr…)

I've never felt more sorry for a cat. Archiving his Twitter right now:

No. 1836192

File: 1685300143442.jpg (214.92 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20230528-145426_Chr…)

The cat is playing right next to a can of RAID!!!:

No. 1836193

>gooseworx is trans
I had my guesses, fuck.

No. 1836195


it's sad to see her get tied up in knots because she doesn't want to admit how deeply unsettling tim voices can be. it was one of things that bothered me waaay before i even knew trans was a thing and where it came from. i'm convinced there's some kinda underlying psychological aspect to because it's like an auditory uncanny valley.

No. 1836198

Don't compare him to an actual woman.

No. 1836205

He couldn't even put up a flag that wasn't dirty?!

No. 1836210

>I don't want to do this anymore because YOU made me feel bad
Her boyfriend sounds manipulative as fuck

No. 1836212

File: 1685302439192.jpg (72.38 KB, 995x720, troon.jpg)

No. 1836214

An oldie but still funny.

>Kek there are so few people who are willing to fuck troons
Trannies are so fucking weird about people who are into them. If a guy comes off as too eager to date or bang a TiM they accuse him of being a chaser. From what I can gather HSTS TiMs want a man who is:
1. 100% heterosexual
2. Has never been with a TiM
3. Is unable to clock them
4. Are ok being with them being trans when they disclose after months of dating.

I wish I could find it but not too long ago there was this street trivia video where the host asked people how much money they would suck a dick for. This one young guy responded that he would never suck a man's dick but would a transgirl's for free. Trans twitter fell in love with him but there where also trannies accusing him of being a chaser. Here's one of the twitter threads.

No. 1836218

that poor woman. even on a good day, hearing a tranny’s voice makes me want to snap. i can’t imagine having to deal with that

No. 1836220

Also live in the Deep South and encountered 4 trannies with my previous employer. It was job where I drove around town so maybe that's why I came across several troons. And then there was one of my co-workers, a lesbian, who was in the process of trooning out before she got fired for failing a random drug test.

I also have two distant relatives who are TiMs. One trooned out over a decade ago, got grs, and last I heard has gone back to presenting male. The other only recently transitioned.

No. 1836222

File: 1685303589165.jpg (27.98 KB, 680x551, 20221013_192702.jpg)

>my wife is a lesbian

His wife everyday waking up next to him:

No. 1836224

File: 1685303978023.jpg (118.47 KB, 1080x847, FxOlITMXgAE15Oj.jpg)

Theres legit a new post of pain and issues with neo-holes daily on reddit I dont understand why they keep getting this surgery

No. 1836227


i had trust issues with doctors before but it is still really fucked up to see them making up fake surgeries to give to crazy people. like why is it even legal to make a surgery that heals nothing, destroys healthy body parts and then leaves the victim in pain the rest of their lives?

No. 1836243

File: 1685305437695.jpeg (93.51 KB, 750x995, IMG_3553.jpeg)

I’m fairly certain he gets off to his filth, he’s also posted his car’s dash being covered in cig butts and the backseats being filled with Gatorade bottles.

No. 1836252

This is horrifying. Insecticides contain permethrin, a toxin that a cat's body is unable to break down with toxicity being fatal.

No. 1836255

They couldn’t even say “people with female sex organs”. Who approved this?

No. 1836266

Out of all things female it's fucking repulsive how they're so obsessed with having babies suck on their nipples.

No. 1836270

Oh it’s definitely a fetish, possibly a form of humiliation kink since living in filth should be humiliating and he’s so casual about showing it off. Probably keeps cum jars with MLP toys in them too

No. 1836293

This cat looks almost exactly like my cat and it's making me want to cry imagining him living like that. At least the cat looks relaxed and healthy but cats are pretty clean creatures, the gross crumbs and trash surrounding everything is just nasty and probably gets into his fur… The only upside is that the cat probably gets enjoyment from chasing bugs around in that place.

No. 1836296

Just my anecdotal impression but I actually wonder if troons are more prevalent in conservative parts of the country where there's more pressure on gay/lesbian kids and gender nonconforming straights to identify as being "really" the opposite sex. I live in NYC but I hardly ever see troons in the wild. Maybe if I were hanging out in Bushwick/Ridgewood or wherever the early 20s alt kids live these days it would be different, or going to LGBT events, but I'm straight and middle aged and spend most of my time in my neighborhood that's mostly working/middle class and not gentrifying too much, and in workaday parts of Manhattan. I feel like I see more troons in Grand Central than anywhere else, and in touristy spots like museums.

But on the other hand, I went on vacation last year in a small upstate town, and just on a trip to the supermarket I saw two troons, a twentysomething TIM and a teenage TIF. I sort of wonder if urban/hip parts of red states are where you get the biggest concentration.

No. 1836297

Credit where it's due, he gave his cartoon troonsona his chad tier cheekbones

No. 1836305

jesus christ, sir pls relax your eyelids.

No. 1836322

File: 1685312669016.jpg (117.65 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20230528-180312_Chr…)

>trans submissive slave
I'll spare everyone pics. His profile:

No. 1836324

because there's a brand of surgeon who is now just in it for the money. troon surgeries = big bux. not all doctors are like this thank fuck.

No. 1836333

you could snap a kids neck in front of cps and they wouldn’t do anything. This troons baby is just another casualty in the greater grift

No. 1836334

What on earth is fap deciders sub?

No. 1836336


My guess is it's the same reason a lot of anime nerds were kids from really conservative households in the midwest. A lot of families that moved to suburban islands with not a ton to do, made enough money to have internet, and were restrictive enough with normie media that when the kid saw what was actually out there online it became a formative experience.

No. 1836341

I don't know if they stay living in conservative parts or move away to troon, but troons statistically tend to be more conservative than members of their respective sexes.

No. 1836350

>I sort of wonder if urban/hip parts of red states are where you get the biggest concentration
This is absolutely 100% true where I live. I live in a red state but have relatives that live in California so I visit often, I've seen and met more troons in the more liberal cities of my red state than anywhere in San Francisco (but I do see way more openly/seemingly gay people in CA). It's doubly true around college towns or anywhere with arcades.

No. 1836357

So he “wants” to transition to become a woman but also his wife married him because he already was a woman and she’s a lesbian? Why do they always make up the most transparent lies.

No. 1836359

This form of non-logic drives me crazy, and it's pretty common. Like if a woman is unfortunate enough to hook up with some weirdo male, and that male troons out many many years later, the woman would be a lesbian, since the troon "has always been female all along even when presenting as male."

No. 1836377

At least he draws himself accurately

No. 1836425

This retard needs assisted/semi-assisted living. A social worker, anyone, to come around daily and make sure the space is habitable. Jesus this is bad.

No. 1836427

i can't take it anymore, run away kitty !!

No. 1836464

Guaranteed, he targeted this woman so that he would have access to her baby.

No. 1836486

File: 1685334227701.jpg (79.26 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_20230529-002113_Boo…)

I know r/twoX is a joke, but come on mods, at least standup to the blatantly abusive troons. All this troon does is attack women. Look at his profile:

No. 1836494

This unwashed autist is obviously full-on retarded. That poor kitty.

No. 1836495

You can see in this picture that this poor cat has a giant mat in his fur right in the middle of his back. Long-haired cats need maintenance that this obvious tard can't even provide for himself.

No. 1836497

Raid even makes a pet-safe version without permethrin!! With the big green lid, can’t miss it, nasty ass tranny

No. 1836500


i wish people would realize this is why gender ideology is not actually compatible with feminism. "cis" as an invective labels most women as oppressors in society who need to be torn down.

No. 1836514

File: 1685342160434.png (268.57 KB, 1348x722, iwannaalog.png)

Fucking retards

No. 1836515

File: 1685342250324.jpeg (141.09 KB, 828x1389, 16DA7E22-DAF6-4C36-B8C4-031C71…)

Troons genuinely believe women, gays and Muslims lived on easy mode in the Bush administration. Is it just because 90% of troons are Gen Z or is it pure narcissism?

No. 1836520

Yes I live in Texas and Austin is TIM central. Dallas TIMs are all WFH comp sci recluses but like the obese hoarder we saw earlier they exist. Just not seen out and about from my experience. TIFs and enby she/theys are out more

No. 1836521

It’s because they’re incels that just evolved and adapted to the social climate

No. 1836524

Also, is the logic here that trans people actually had it better back then?

No. 1836527

Who's gonna tell him the majority of conservative countries and people in the world are… non-white. This carries over to US immigrants and children thereof, so this statment is therefor inherently racist kek

Where is the fucking genocide? Where have you ever seen a conservative person talking about killing all trans people? I still haven't seen it, although granted I'm not a conservative myself. Is it their own suicides? So trans people are committing the genocide? Or is it the about 400 trans people who are murdered per year, in total, globally, in the entire world? Is that it?

No. 1836528

MTF art is the Ren and Stimpy looking style that every Newgrounds guy used

FTM art is the quirky muppet looking style that every tumblr SJW used

Troons are amazingly stereotypical but not in the direction that they think

No. 1836529

File: 1685345559270.gif (928.75 KB, 300x225, IMG_5171.gif)

troons keep whining about a “genocide” but yet… they’re all still here, continuing to be annoying as fuck online

No. 1836530

the good thing for us is that troon penis inversion surgery is only done on males, and it's one of the most expensive and experimental surgeries in the world so the greedy hacks who just want to experiment on other humans while getting rich all go there and leave us normal people alone with more sane surgeons

No. 1836531

Isn't it impressive how they turned the simple term of "women's rights" into a supposed dogwhistle?

No. 1836532

File: 1685346328550.png (52.65 KB, 549x555, fatty.png)

>>1835986(sage that shit)

No. 1836540

they always look like this lol

No. 1836546

nonnie, you should know disrespecting a tranny's pronouns and not offering them free hormones and surgery is basically GENOCIDE

No. 1836550

so anyone who talks about women's rights without mentioning troons is a terf now? this will only peak more women

No. 1836555

>women's rights are human rights
>why didn't they include trans women??
so you admit that you aren't women????

No. 1836558

File: 1685355863923.jpg (198.13 KB, 828x1095, FxPu7YDXsAs1AUP.jpg)

1.5 years after surgery and still having disgusting issues

Warning, dont read this while eating

No. 1836560

I've thought about this before.

If trans women demand representation, it means that they don't think women represent them. So even THEY don't really think trans women are women.

No. 1836561

File: 1685356483887.jpg (49.34 KB, 425x538, degrenrates.jpg)

nothing new but i like seeing twitter notes on these freakes kek hopefully they classify troons as a fetish too

No. 1836564

File: 1685357218457.jpg (87.8 KB, 994x719, eww.jpg)

No. 1836565

Kek did he expect this to go away eventually? It won't, neoholes will always accumulate dirt and he will always have to clean it out (which isn't a lot of work tbh, but for an autistic pornsick male washing himself is Sooo hard) because neoholes aren't organs, they're just narrow wounds. Vaginas are organs that self-clean and also have a unique bacterial flora that helps with it. Neoholes (like dicks, that's what they are) share bacteria with the colon, so fecal matter is always present and sweat and dead skin accumulate fast because it's a small hole in between a naturally sweaty place and can't self-clean.
The depressing reality for males in dresses is that once they chop off their dicks they'll have to dilate and douche for the rest of their lives, they won't be able to orgasm and will become incontinent.

No. 1836566

lmao great job nona

No. 1836567

Looks cute actually(male)

No. 1836568

Unhinged foid hands wrote this post(Male)

No. 1836571

the aggressive "terms change" to say a word they don't like is a slur, but they never admitted "terf" or "cis" is a slur despite them using it that way from the start

No. 1836572

File: 1685358432572.png (50.4 KB, 474x453, Die moid.png)


No. 1836573

File: 1685358524876.jpeg (11.18 KB, 274x149, 1648663764009.jpeg)

No. 1836574

File: 1685358900226.jpeg (54.48 KB, 1024x895, Frti7CYWAAErTAf.jpeg)

actually almost gagged reading this

No. 1836575

omg nonna love this

No. 1836576

File: 1685359226026.png (68.18 KB, 600x332, IMG_8477.png)

it’s hilarious how we can tell you’re male through text alone

No. 1836577

>fecal matter is always present
Anon made me even more lesbian

No. 1836578

ogh my god

No. 1836581

john wolfe next i can sense it. his wife is having a baby in like a month and we all know what that means.

No. 1836583

File: 1685361206478.png (12.22 KB, 585x228, 434535345.png)

Futas aren't fucking trans, what the fuck? Why do these people think they can claim literally anything that has fucked up sex organs?
>hurr durr muh cis people chiming in only i have the authority
Trannies really have the worst janny complex holy fuck

No. 1836589

File: 1685362029372.jpg (63.93 KB, 828x963, download (1).jpg)


Here's every single study he cites copy and pasted right from the google doc:

Lactation in Trans Women​
Two Peer-Reviewed case studies of induced lactation in trans women. Each case involved moderate quantities of milk production, and the childrens’ health was observed to be developmentally appropriate.

Peer-Reviewed survey of healthcare professionals’ experiences in inducing lactation in transgender women. Provider reports cover more than 13 direct cases and 17 providers with additional knowledge of programs for inducing lactation in trans women.

Peer-Reviewed studies demonstrating that through HRT, trans women’s breasts become anatomically and functionally identical to cis women’s breasts.

Peer-Reviewed analysis of the nutritional content in a transgender woman's breast milk. The nutrients in her breast milk were found to be better than reference levels in every category. This is consistent with the literature on the nutritional contents of breast milk from inducing lactation in cis women (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25288606/). Lactation has even been observed in cisgender men, and the nutritional contents of male milk is within reference levels for normal lactating cis women (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7462406/)

Domperidone, the galactagogue commonly prescribed for inducing lactation, is safe and effective for young, healthy women breastfeeding. This on women and not males breastfeeding a child.
“NO adverse events were noted in mothers or children”

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK501101/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK501296/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK501345/
Spironolactone, Estradiol, and Progesterone, the three medications commonly prescribed for transfeminine HRT, are safe to use while breastfeeding.

I hate this timeline.

No. 1836593

i don't see how any of this matters. the point is that no man would breastfeed a child for any other reason than him getting off on it. that troon is using a child as a masturbatory tool.

No. 1836598

>trans women’s breasts become anatomically and functionally identical to cis women’s breasts.
This is quite literally impossible, estrogen can't even grow proper breasts and bolt-ons aren't really functionally or anatomically the same to natural women's breasts. I would be careful with reading and trusting these studies because researchers don't care about children's well-being and they let all sort of shit pass as long as it can make them money. Researchers will say it's totally fine for a child to drink pus hormone cocktail from a man's moobs the same way they say it's totally fine to take a newborn seconds after its born and put it in the arms of some other woman (or man) with surrogacy.

No. 1836600

File: 1685363914957.jpg (34.51 KB, 456x650, Carl_Clauberg_1.jpg)

carl clauberg phenotype

No. 1836604

That all has to be bullshit. How can hormonal pus be as nutritive for a baby as actual breast milk? As far as I know, the alternatives to breast milk for the babies that can’t handle it, aren’t as nutritious as breast milk, which is why some babies get more sick than others, because breast milk was some important bacteria or the sorts.
In the end is really retarded to even link studies and such because I could look up a study telling everyone how bone breaking can define your jaw or how women with wide hips are better for having children, and it will have all of the scientific mumbo jumbo that’s being spouted in those links.

No. 1836605

Can they let the wound close? I wonder because I’m sure most of them must not care that much about dilating and such, because it means doing shit other than masturbating and getting their egos stroked online.

No. 1836606

This doesn't surprise or make me wanna eyebleach too much, were nonnies not familiar with the fact that male breasts are basically just undeveloped female breasts (like the entire genetic defect that is the male sex)? I came across lactating moids way before troon shit, iirc it can be induced with suckling too, albeit in very small quantities. Pus comes from infections, so it's very unlikely for it to be or contain pus. I'm more worried about the exogenous hormones troons are on, and, most of all, about why the fuck they want to breastfeed to begin with. That "don't judge!" a troon wrote after saying he got off on it still makes me shudder

No. 1836620

If the troon actually read these, why are they not scihub links already? The first one is behind a paywall so I assume the others are too. My university doesn't have access for some of these no name journals.

No. 1836621

It's embarrassing to the rest of us when you reply like this just so you know

No. 1836629

Most doctors are like that. That's why there's more plastic surgeons than family doctors.

No. 1836641

This is what peaked me so hard tbh. When they started calling women “oppressors” it blew my mind because never in my life have I had any sort of privilege on the basis of me being female, and men have made damn well sure I and other women have remained aware of that since childhood. This reverse uno thing they do makes no fucking sense because they’re the same men who have always been trying to keep us in our place. It’s mind boggling.

No. 1836642

They should fucking know that “women’s rights are human rights” was the original slogan. THEY are the ones who co-opted it.

No. 1836648

Agreed, nonnas have been calling it for a while. I think a few of us liked his videos in the past because he was relatively chill for someone who plays horror games, but he does too much crossdressing, and I’m pretty sure he’s defended TRAs before.

No. 1836654

oh god I gagged(sage your shit)

No. 1836664

That's a good point actually. He must not have read any of them if they're not there, just read the abstract if that

No. 1836676

>imageboard culture posted to an imageboard is embarrassing
back to twitter, retarded normie

No. 1836692

File: 1685377494692.jpg (348.12 KB, 810x2794, Screenshot_20230529-122022_Boo…)

TIMs make your average sexist man look like a feminist by comparison

No. 1836710

if this was true the would be more female celebrities than men, but there aren't. he literally pulled all of this out of his ass to go on an incel rant.

No. 1836712

A troon in one of the discord groups I’m in already did.

No. 1836722

>muh online culture
there is no such thing, don't be such a snowflake

No. 1836723

Lest we all forget nonnies, they used to tell us cigarettes were healthy and didn't cause cancer.

No. 1836744

I'd really like to know what they think "science is real" is referring to?

No. 1836745

File: 1685383282025.jpeg (108.03 KB, 959x842, FxQMPQ_XwAYYzUd.jpeg)

No. 1836748

File: 1685383614346.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.43 KB, 1080x995, FxT3S75WIAAPn28.jpg)

Ofcourse he had to show them next to his crotch

No. 1836751

Probably COVID and COVID vaccines

No. 1836760

File: 1685385356570.jpg (53.12 KB, 738x960, FB_IMG_1685384622310.jpg)

I saw this on fb and thought that the text fit for gendies more

No. 1836761

File: 1685385392238.png (829.84 KB, 1428x1857, 1685385256827.png)

Samefag. Well, equally, not more.

No. 1836762

Literally the same thing, both are religions based on feelings and zero facts

No. 1836764

well it sure isn't referring to science because they keep denying it

No. 1836765

Nothing gets me off like disgusting coomers dreaming the impossible dream despite inevitable failure. They see the wreckage of all the other moids who thought they could out-woman us only to end in despair but they think they'll be the exception. The thought of all those wasted hours spilling into years is always a pickmeup

No. 1836767

It's funny when the troons infight tho kek they can't help but attack ftms even though they're all trans

No. 1836782

>men getting their cocks chopped off and injecting horse piss because they're dumb enough to believe faceapp
the jokes write themselves

No. 1836784

good luck to this guy on his transition into a brown eyed person who has lips.

No. 1836792

No. 1836796

kek at the overacting like he's at some stage play or something

No. 1836797

I will never understand how they get that kind of results with Faceapp. We tried to use it with some friends while drunk and it changed absolutely nothing for me beside the shape of my eyebrows, while those people don't even look like the same person.

No. 1836804

No. 1836807

I think this is the girl filter on faceapp, so he didn't manually do this

No. 1836810

>male breasts are basically just undeveloped female breasts
Key word is undeveloped. Something that's undeveloped will not perform its function normally and won't produce milk that's of any use to a child. You talk about male lactation which does happen as a result of some kind of disorder, but these are healthy (but mentally ill) men trying to induce lactation with shit hormones and trying to feed the "milk" to a baby. And we call it pus because plenty of troons talk about their nipple hurting and being red/sore, and because whatever comes out of there is polluted by hormones and a bunch of toxic substances resulting from the troon's awful lifestyle (mothers are told to be very strict with diet and substances while pregnant but troons don't do that).
Claimimg that a man's nipple discharge can be even more nutritional than actual breast milk is actually fucking insane.

No. 1836811

Really? It made me look like a pretty convincing man with the gender swap filter.(Sage)

No. 1836822

>sees the word woman
>automatically assumes that this isn't referring to them
>but TWAW
>despite the fact that they can't relate to, identify with or empathize with women(Sage)

No. 1836824

nah, john is a huge normie for a game streamer tbh. defending TRAs is just a good move for streamers. helps secure your income. i feel like the crossdressing is just because he thinks it's funny and ironic considering he doesn't even shave to do it.

No. 1836830

For real. My male friend who tried it too still looked like a man even with all the dumb filters. It was just him but with makeup.

No. 1836866

File: 1685397505512.jpg (297.71 KB, 810x2099, Screenshot_20230529-145828_Boo…)

Based FtM! r/honesttransgender living up to its name for once:

No. 1836878

Well that is because you are already beautiful nonnie

No. 1836879

This actually happens pretty frequently and it pisses tims off to high hell. It’s not surprising that these women would recognize the same toxic male behavior that they’re used to since if you were born female, you’ve experienced it. How it doesn’t peak them more often I’m not sure though. I’m still glad when they speak up.

No. 1836886

Your summaries are highly misleading.

Produced 8oz per day
Claimed to be the sole source of nutrition for the first 6 weeks.
Pediatrician claimed that the development was normal.

my commentary: Newborn infants need between 14-28oz per day.

3-5oz per day.
Supplemental feeding.

Written survey, 82 respondents.
This exploratory study demonstrates healthcare professionals’ interest in breastfeeding protocols for lactation induction in trans women.

14 patients
Males who are chemically castrated and given estrogen therapy have greater acinar and lobular formation (milk ducts) than males who are given hormonal treatments for cancer.

Discusses breast lesions - an abnormal area of breast tissue (fibroadenomas, breast cancer, fibrosis, cysts and infections).
Benign vs malignant breast biopsy was 88:12 in trans women vs 90:10 in cis women. Since the indications and outcomes of biopsies in trans women were similar to those in cis women, it seems reasonable to follow breast care guidelines as developed for cis women.

Puberty and estrogen cause breast development.

jk everything hidden behind paywall
co-fed infant for the first 4 months

2 patients
compared the total protein, secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA), lysozyme, and lactoferrin to that of women 11 months postpartum.
Numbers again hidden but:
protein - elevated but declined over time (significantly for one, nonsignificantly for the other)
sIgA - declined over time, "approached the levels seen in the puerperal controls"
lysozyme - increased over time, "approached the levels seen in the puerperal controls"
lactoferrin - elevated and stable

my commentary: It is typical to exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months, then supplement for a year or longer. The composition of breastmilk changes depending on how often the mother feeds, so at 11 months the milk would not be the same quality as newborn. Disingenuous comparison.

The present study shows the presence of lactose, alpha-lactalbumin, and lactoferrin in the breast secretion of a 27-yr-old male. The concentrations of lactose, proteins, and electrolytes in the breast secretion of this man are "within the range" of colostrum and milk obtained from "normal lactating women".

my commentary: Again, the composition of breastmilk changes depending on how often the mother feeds. No details given on the control group.

Domperidone is a relatively safe drug, but it would be unethical and unprofessional to expose a mother and baby to a drug they do not need, and all measures to improve breastfeeding management should be made and documented prior to a decision to advocate its use.

Data available from 4 small studies on the excretion of domperidone into breastmilk are somewhat inconsistent, but infants would probably receive less than 0.1% of the maternal weight-adjusted dosage. No adverse effects have been found in a limited number of published cases of breastfed infants whose mothers were taking domperidone.

Limited data indicate that spironolactone is poorly excreted into breastmilk. Case of mothers breastfeeding during spironolactone therapy reported no adverse effects in infants. Spironolactone appears to be acceptable to use during breastfeeding.

Limited information on the use of estradiol during breastfeeding indicates that the route of administration and dosage form have influences on the amount transferred into breastmilk. Vaginal administration results in measurable amounts in milk, but transdermal patches do not. Maternal doses of up to 200 mcg daily transdermally do not increase estradiol or estriol in breastfed infants or cause any adverse effects in breastfed infants.

>Men can lactate, but cannot produce quantities necessary to feed the average infant.
>Healthcare professionals are interested in breastfeeding protocols for trans women. kek
>Chemically castrated men have more milk ducts than non chemically castrated men.
>Men who grow breast tissue with estrogen supplementation get breast cancer at similar rates to women.
>Puberty and estrogen cause breast development.
>Nutritional composition comparable to that of a woman 11 months post partum, and generally goes down over time.
>HRT and drugs used to induce lactation don't appear to be dangerous to infants, but data is limited.

No. 1836899

File: 1685402266622.jpg (153.83 KB, 750x1057, FxUgqFaaQAAc_tT.jpg)

No. 1836904

Limited data indicate that spironolactone is poorly excreted into breastmilk. Case of mothers breastfeeding during spironolactone therapy reported no adverse effects in infants. Spironolactone appears to be acceptable to use during breastfeeding.

All these studies are literally just referencing the one (terrible) study they did on the breastfeeding tranny.

Read this for a indepth review from a doctor

No. 1836906

I think she copied and pasted them verbatim from that sicko's google doc, but your summaries are very insightful for laywomen in thread. Thanks, nonnie.

No. 1836908

File: 1685402729205.jpg (84.79 KB, 1080x571, FxJXLzCWcAMjYqq.jpg)

Great idea lets completely erase the LGB part and just celebrate the troons.

No. 1836911

File: 1685403003166.png (195.79 KB, 1980x1155, fucked.png)

No. 1836913

File: 1685403237305.png (364.2 KB, 814x793, Screenshot Capture.png)


No. 1836950

Here is a podcast he's on. They both sound like CWC autists my sides hurt

No. 1836953

File: 1685406771586.png (270.73 KB, 806x1126, turd.png)

butt hole lips and straw hair. troons really dont know what hair care is

No. 1836958

i clicked it thinking you had to be exaggerating and nearly fell out of my fucking chair, holy shit

No. 1836969

The moron reposted it and got ratio'd again kek

No. 1836981

Ayrt, please listen through it. It seems like a fucking parody. We're so doomed

No. 1837024

No, they can't let it close. You could possibly get intensive medical treatment if you had a wound such as your typical everyday neo troonpoon, but it would have to be treated as a deep wound and I imagine it would require surgery. If a tranny were to stop dilating and just let his gaping wound close up, what is likely to happen is that the hole will close up but a picket will remain and then become infected, then I imagine next comes sepsis. Basically, any extremely deep wound can superficially heal but still have a pocket left unseen that festers and becomes horribly infected. Neovaginoplasty truly is a life destroying surgery, and it's no surprise they kill themselves very often after getting it.

No. 1837217

File: 1685415231703.jpeg (299.92 KB, 1170x1543, IMG_3347.jpeg)


No. 1837227

Samefag, at 37:12 talking about SRS. The troon who is neglecting his cat ("Stephanie Bri", see >>1835353) has a Freudian slip.
>Stephanie: It is not appropriate to ask a cisgender woman about her parts. You don't just go up and ask her what shape her labia is. Unless you wanna get a baseball bat to the back of the head."
>Robin: You just don't do that.
>Stephanie: Now you buy her dinner, you get her drunk, you can find out… autustic laugh maybe… wheeze

I want to a-log

No. 1837237

Richard Ayoade is that you

No. 1837254

i would imagine letting it close up would almost certainly lead to a fistula.

No. 1837257

Not funny to take a pic of a random person u see irl and put him up on the internet thats uncalled for

No. 1837258

just 2 dudes having a back and forth lmao

No. 1837259

YWNBAD (you will never be Angela Davis)

No. 1837261

Nta but that looks like a selfie that was presumably posted to the internet, why are you so assblasted

No. 1837268

File: 1685419050769.jpeg (638.94 KB, 2048x2018, FxT030hXwAgZSiz.jpeg)

The lactation guy has a MILF flag on his wall.

No. 1837278

File: 1685419717979.png (288.99 KB, 1280x1280, 09B4F901-44F6-4431-8C60-29FA8D…)

when you say you don’t want predators in your community and they hit you with that
>trans genocide

No. 1837281

File: 1685420120388.png (302.58 KB, 1280x1280, C2C39B60-8966-49BC-BD3B-D58ABE…)

No. 1837285

File: 1685420571192.jpeg (60.87 KB, 828x656, 624B5840-06AE-4338-9130-DEBCFA…)

also, OP of the original post has a reblog about liking incest literally RIGHT below it. these fucking people cannot pass as safe human beings for even a second.

No. 1837288

I always thought it was pretty obvious. When Little Runmo came out a friend showed it to me prefaced with "it's by a woman animator"; the whole way through I kept thinking that didn't seem right, and lo and behold when I looked up his Deviantart later it was obviously a dude. >>1836528 is right, TiMs do unsettling/creepy/provocative art in a way immediately clockable as male.

No. 1837292

This is from a troll account, newfag

No. 1837294


No. 1837296

i wish CPS would actually do it’s job and make sure the baby is as far away from this dude as possible. if an actual woman was posting about her baby on the same account she peddles her OF shit, it would cause an uproar, but men in dresses are a protected class these days

No. 1837298

ogreish male hands typed this post

No. 1837302

Gotta get that flag in there amiright? And the cow pjs too.

No. 1837313

i wonder how he sees himself. to me it's a 30something (?) man making a weird face

No. 1837317

A fun game is to replace "trans women" with men and "cis women" and "trans men" with just women. Same misogyny, different coating.

No. 1837318

File: 1685424137819.jpg (195.67 KB, 810x2820, Screenshot_20230530-011003_Chr…)

No. 1837319

File: 1685424284000.jpeg (81.8 KB, 691x940, 6C4BF89C-2602-41F1-B206-B02741…)

I found this particularly unfortunate-looking hon on twitter (@ItsMaeday_) who is extremely pornbrained and mods r/Iwanttobeherhentai2, r/realahegao and runs r/cumbath. He used to post and comment constantly in that really sickly and gross “uwu” style (see picrel.)

No. 1837323

File: 1685426576008.png (8.46 KB, 476x295, Captura de pantalla 2023-05-30…)

He's really bad at hiding his own hypocrisy and acts like he's better than Matt Walsh or ben shapiro, even making a joke edit about Matt. But then he posts himself in skimpy cow outfits in the porn he makes and says things like "cow achievement" while sharing a picture of himself wearing cow pajamas. This retard really thinks we're gonna buy the "muy autism" excuse for it too. Autism doesn't excuse you being a sick fuck naomi.

No. 1837325

File: 1685426795997.png (143.46 KB, 520x798, lurch.png)

he looks like a younger lurch from the tuna thread kek

No. 1837328

File: 1685427580421.jpeg (357.57 KB, 1542x2048, FvdtTl8akAEEuK8.jpeg)

Kek, he doesn't even try to pass.

No. 1837339

is this creep really saying that in a sex positive society we'd be more ok with incest? These people tell on themselves when they try and discuss sex positivity because it's always about their fucked up fetishes, not anything useful or universal

No. 1837342

I hope all tifs peak, detrans and evolve into their final evolution terfism. all they have to do is interact with tims

No. 1837346

File: 1685435491327.jpg (115.19 KB, 1080x926, FxTK8J6XwAAg340.jpg)

Still chasing that ~*AMAZING*~ female orgasm because theyve watched so much porn and have no idea how real women function

No. 1837379

Women's sex toy doesn't work on your dick like you were hoping, so weird!

No. 1837396

Oh nona dont you know, HRT transform the male penis into a girl-cock that functions just like a real clit!

No. 1837397

Eh, he's def upped the amount of crossdressing he does as of late and seems to be falling deeper down whatever rabbit hole he's in. Not to mention how defensive he gets about it. I'm placing my bets on him too.

No. 1837401

leave the frogs to biological women trannoid fuck

No. 1837405

he's always been overly-sensitive about comments he gets but he's been getting worse. something about him is weirdly aggressive now and i wonder if him being about to troon out is why.

No. 1837406

File: 1685453024489.jpeg (28.06 KB, 637x390, FxTEfRkWYAEMZD6.jpeg)

Noted Twitter cow EuphoriTori got caught with some suspect old tweets regarding the Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and George Floyd cases, dinging him with a black mark and throwing lefty twitter into a meltdown. Highlights include:
Keffals accusing everyone criticizing TIMs of being secretly transphobic: https://twitter.com/keffals/status/1663281294602821636
and whatever this is: https://twitter.com/GABAGOOLMODER/status/1662975356662431746

People are starting to get sick of personalities like him and Keffals and it's really starting to show.

No. 1837421

>there are so many people on this app who pretend to be trans allies but obviously have deep-seated issues with trans people and they are chomping at the bit for a trans woman to fuck up so they can justify being as abusive as possible
Ok dude now replace "trans" and "trans women" with just women and it's actually true

No. 1837424

Once a moid, always a moid.

No. 1837442

You understand you're defending sexual abuse of children by male pedophiles, right? Are you too stupid to understand the context of your sperging?

No. 1837444

god he's such an ugly faggot. once again, the incel to tranny pipeline proves itself to be real.

No. 1837445

I've watched him for years until recently and it's honestly shocking how much his demeanor has changed. And it feels like it happened in a fairly short time as well.

Just why are they so convinced about this? Almost every trans person that got murdered was a sex worker murdered by their johns. And even outside of that, if trans people have always existed then why is it now suddenly an issue for them to not be able to do things they weren't able to a few decades ago at most anyway (like hormones and surgery)?

No. 1837447

any updates from jamie lee curtis' troon kid? just wondering if the half-rolled thigh highs and adidas combo would make a comeback lmao
not asking for spoonfeeding just doing a bit farmhands pls

No. 1837451

> Almost every trans person that got murdered was a sex worker murdered by their johns
Exactly. If really wanted to stop trannies from getting murdered they would be against prostitution and the commodification of sex (which mostly affects women and children)
But instead they glorify the very reason those murders happen in the first place, people being treated as objects for the sexual pleasure of unhinged men. Why? Because they themselves are men and going against prostitution would be against their own nature.

No. 1837456

he looks so punchable

No. 1837464

These faggots love to cope by trying to latch on to the existence of intersex people, as if having an intersex condition is in any way related to thinking you're a woman because you watched too much sissy porn. Sometimes they even larp as intersex but they make sure to never specify their condition so it can't be disproven.

I think them acting like they're in any way comparable to futanari is just another iteration of them trying to legitimize themselves by comparing themselves to a group that has both male and female characteristics. And they get to flatter themselves, as if they're in any way comparable to a pretty anime character that's female except for their penis.

No. 1837466

>men who grow breast tissue with estrogen get breast cancer at similar rates to women
Euphoria moment

No. 1837474

How was she defending anything? She just summarized what the studies say.

No. 1837480

I'm crying why does he look like that guy from Maneskin

No. 1837488

No he does not, fuck you, never say that again, fuck you fuck you

No. 1837500

sorry bby but maybe get better taste. bless you

No. 1837506


yeah i feel like things have been threatening to boil over for awhile now. there's an irony to it because the tactics they use of taking over the moderation teams also shields the incels in wigs from having to reform and blend in. so now almost every story like this on the left is a trans person whos either some kind of rapist, pedophile or crypto nazi.

No. 1837509

File: 1685465302244.jpeg (50.36 KB, 338x569, 90F7D55B-B2FF-4390-BA93-55AD9B…)

No. 1837520

It's true, all the guys from Maneskin look like agps from time to time kek. The rat-faced one especially.

No. 1837523

No and yes, the rat-faced one and the lead singer are ugly but the drummer is cute idc

No. 1837571

File: 1685470722336.png (235.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230530-191648.png)


No. 1837573

not sure how screenshots from the daily caller are funny or milk in any way

No. 1837576

The funniest part was when he kept blaming his parents for how they raised him. Always mommy and daddy’s fault!

No. 1837577

Kek im glad I wasn't the only one who thought this

No. 1837581

>Healthcare professionals are interested in breastfeeding protocols for trans women
Of course they are, women breastfeeding is more or less a solved problem. Gotta get creative

No. 1837584

File: 1685471894814.jpeg (134.5 KB, 1170x909, IMG_3885.jpeg)

forgot my image

No. 1837586

>summarizing literal scientific studies, commenting on their limitations
>reeeeeee you're defending sexual abuse of children!!!
Don't be retarded, this is the kind of shit that makes moids say we're irrational. Even if it was physiologically safe, it would still be morally unacceptable.

Was he seriously expecting his literal dick to morph into a fully-functioning literal clitoris? These people believe hormones are literal magic

No. 1837615

Aja is insane but she is so fucking hot.

No. 1837620

"you need to apologize for owning a $10 doll once upon a time" says the person who bought a $50,000 face

No. 1837628

Did they get called out for “forgetting his age”

No. 1837730

File: 1685482624730.jpeg (320.62 KB, 750x2808, IMG_8811.jpeg)

agps are such a joke.

No. 1837738

File: 1685482994787.jpeg (80.89 KB, 544x680, FxQDVshaEAMjYE_.jpeg)

No. 1837743

The internet has done irreversible damage to moids, jesus christ.
>we are just angry men and never angry women!!!!!!1111
Because you are literally a man KEK.

No. 1837801

he is one of many scrotes that are an example of the far right/incel to troon pipeline. someone in their 20s even if they spend lots of time with parents has no excuse for picking up their shitty views, everyone is old enough to know better by that age. dude just wants to try and shift the blame off himself

No. 1837813

kekk because they act like stereotypical aggressive moids. Trannies are always threatening they'll shoot, beat up, attack, etc etc those who disagree with them. They're always posing with guns in their social media. Bio norm women don't act like that. Which is so ironic because these troons claim they have female brains kekk no amount of estrogen they pump into themselves can erase that male aggressive predator instinct in them.

No. 1837817

he somehow looks more masculine after HRT kek

No. 1837822

File: 1685487753471.png (115.37 KB, 728x763, Screenshot Capture -.png)

I hate this, i really do

No. 1837832

File: 1685487997572.png (91.54 KB, 849x572, Screenshot.png)

No. 1837852

>literally literal

No. 1837857

I stand in solidarity with the poor victimized 25-year old minor. he could not possibly be expected to have his own opinions by age 25.

No. 1837860

>bio norm women
Just say women, nona. We shouldn’t have to specify.

No. 1837862

File: 1685490442292.jpg (26.86 KB, 400x400, u1RjAUz.jpg)

sorry, I can't get over this, I'm still howling over how he is allergic to just saying I was wrong or I changed and it's always the fault of his parents for viciously brainwashing him at the vulnerable age of 23 no 25 no 37. but can we also talk about how this is his face and he self describes as a bimbo

No. 1837869

I was trying to show how the studies do NOT support the claims made by pedo trannies, or how small/biased/a joke they are. Even with the most generous interpretation it's still fucking nothing. They cannot provide adequate nutrition to newborns, and should not be exposing infants to chemicals we have very little data on.

No. 1837880


i kinda want to call bullshit on it. of course i can't prove it, but ime very few of those types actually have far right wing parents. the parents are usually just detached and the kid fucks themselves up on the internet.

No. 1837886

If anyone else has been curious, some Target employees have been posting images of the items getting pulled from stores

No. 1837896

I was peaked before but the breastfeeding stuff kills me. I breastfed and was told to be really conscious of my diet, medications, and supplements. Logic alone would say it’s not safe for a baby to take in the medication they take in. Normal amounts of hormonal medication would be fine because it’d be for a woman with a condition requiring it, on top of her body adjusting to childbirth, but they keep leaving that out when they say “it’s just prolactin!”. It’s also creepy because breastfeeding is not fun- it’s painful for a bit, you’re constantly worried you’re hurting your baby when you eat or take anything because your diet can make your baby sick, you always think you’re doing something wrong because everyone is ready to give opinions to new moms, and then people shame you for feeding your baby regardless of how you do it. They just don’t get it. It’s insane that the farther they go trying to say they get it, the more they reveal they will never understand what it is to be a mother, let alone a woman.

No. 1837899


it sounds like wasn't even the boycott or conservatives. they requisitioned what they thought would be batches of normal pride rainbow "love is love" stuff and were like "wait, what the fuck is this?" and axed it.

No. 1837900

Thanks! I was curious to know what they actually removed

No. 1837904

Didn’t everyone absolutely shit on target because of their awful fucking pride pandering the last few years? Like that rainbow summer suit? I feel like it has more to do with them being an out of touch joke and pulling back to not be so embarrassing than pulling back on trans specific stuff

No. 1837908

No, this year there was way way more controversy over the binders being on store shelves (I believe they were only online in past years?) and the “tuck friendly” swimsuits-both items coming in sizes small enough to be considered childrens

No. 1837912

You’re right, I saw some of the items pulled but didn’t really know the extent of it. Interested to see how this goes

No. 1837941

This is an imageboard.

No. 1837970

File: 1685498708897.png (19.22 KB, 590x455, terminal retardation.png)

>born morally lucky
Is this fuckwit seriously trying to suggest that a person is assigned not-bigoted at birth, and that it's a privilege to not have an alt-right phase? Trannies really are out here implying that a TiM can do whatever horrible shit he want to pre-transition and get away with it on the basis of muh gender dypshoria or muh political indoctrination. Fuck's sake.

No. 1837982

I wish her a very nice peak.

No. 1837994

the breastfeeding stuff infuriates me. as a first time mom, doctors and nurses just treated me like a failure because i didn't get the hang of breastfeeding. they shamed me for my low supply and ignored the fact that my baby couldn't latch properly bc her tongue tie wasn't observed early enough. and now everyone wants to give all this support and research and affirmations to trannies when actual mothers need all of that way more. if i had half of the support that this disgusting tranny is getting, i wouldn't have cried myself to sleep every single night for feeling so alone and shameful.

No. 1837996

These twitter takes crack me up. They act like only white people ever grew up in far right or extreme religious homes. Love how people are starting to turn on the white trannies and see through their victimhood bullshit. The first step into mass peaking?

No. 1837998

Interesting that the same retards who uplifted the fuckugly "progress" flag are now complaining that race is being lumped in with gay advocacy. Combined with the crying about "women's rights are human's rights," it's proof if proof be needed that trannies on the internet are overwhelmingly white males who have the same agenda white males always do, which is to prioritize themselves and play the groups they subjugate against each other.

The Reagan administration intentionally "looked pretty and did as little as possible" during the AIDs crisis because they thought it was Gawd's punishment for the gays. Hundreds of thousands of people died because they couldn't access the treatment that had not yet been approved by the FDA. People seldom refer to that as a genocide, or hold Reagan's base responsible for it. You little crybabies would never be able to cope with actual systemic injustice, especially not to that degree. The Republicans of yore weren't "less bad" just because you were in your father's left nut and not personally exposed to it.

Trannies and a complete lack of understanding of history– name a better combo. If they knew about the McMartin Preschool scandal, they'd know how unreliable kids' testimony is and how suggestible they are, and would understand why it's retarded to troon them on the word of therapists with agendas. If they knew about the lobotomy craze, they'd know how short the half-life of knowledge is in psychiatric, and how it's absolutely possible for "scientific consensus" to not only be flat out wrong but outright dangerous, and that surgical solutions to psychiatric problems are nonstarter. If they knew that le twans hero Lili Elbe literally died because some retard tried to stick a uterus in him, they'd be a lot less likely to glorify that nonsense today, meaning he basically died for nothing. They're pseudo-intellectuals who parrot talking points from other pseudo-intellectuals, and they don't care to learn anything that isn't spoonfed to them via Breadtube video essay.

No. 1838010

File: 1685502117807.png (17.03 KB, 524x433, epstein.png)

I can't make heads or tails of this post. Is he saying that Epstein was killed as the prelude to a general government bloodbath against pedos (and that this is a bad thing)?

No. 1838015

It's bad enough that they're calling it "genocide," but now they have the fucking audacity to use the word "pogrom." Holy shit. Being told you have to wait until 18 to take HRT with dangerous side effects is a "pogrom" to them. They're so lucky that most holocaust survivors are either dead or too old to use the internet, because otherwise their retarded asses would be dragged to hell and back for talking this way.

No. 1838021

Trannies want to be oppressed so badly that I can’t believe it’s not a fetish thing.
I’m pretty sure I’m just trying to make it too deep, but isn’t it weird that the majority of trannies happen to be nazi/had a nazi phase and now they’re appropriating the words used to describe the genocide of Jewish people? I never heard of that particular word “pogrom” until now.
Most people just know what’s a genocide and that the holocaust was a genocide, but knowing these autists with a special interest in antisemitism, I wouldn’t be surprised if they know every term that has been used to explain the holocaust.

No. 1838023

File: 1685503742790.png (219.17 KB, 1102x831, IMG_1292.png)

Trannies will create shit like this and generate over 3k notes from other coomer trannies yet have the audacity to claim it’s not a fetish

No. 1838026

I think this paranoid meltdown is trying to imply that Epstein’s murder was just mass focus testing for how the public feels about extrajudicial pervert killing? Invoking him in a ploy for sympathy is just insane. No shit people cheered when a pedophile died.

No. 1838035

Genderspecials feel the noose tightening around their collective neck because they ARE sex pests. They shouldn't be saying things about sex to other people's kids. They shouldn't be trying to get in private situations with random kids to "educate" them about sex. I don't GAF about their intentions, grown adults used to understand that good intentions don't count for shit, and a kid being able to suck dick ASAP after puberty is not a life or death crisis worth destroying your career and life over. These people didn't throw out religion, they just replaced it with worshipping sex 24/7/365.

No. 1838037

Genderspecials feel the noose tightening around their collective neck because they ARE sex pests. They shouldn't be saying things about sex to other people's kids. They shouldn't be trying to get in private situations with random kids to "educate" them about sex. I don't GAF about their intentions, grown adults used to understand that good intentions don't count for shit, and a kid being able to suck dick ASAP after puberty is not a life or death crisis worth destroying your career and life over. These people didn't throw out religion, they just replaced it with worshipping sex 24/7/365.

No. 1838045

thomas pritzker patriarch billionaire in the 11 member billionaire pritzker dynasty was reported in forbes to have epstein ties

No. 1838060

File: 1685508969035.jpeg (34.71 KB, 719x920, gross.jpeg)

Genderspecials feel the noose tightening around their collective neck because they ARE sex pests. They shouldn't be sneaking around trying to say things about sex to other people's kids.
I think it's also how in your face perverted the "pride" events have become. When you see men in public showing off every type of random obscene sexual shit, it's obvious that the gay men there aren't interested in "love", just sex. Most straight men are only interested in sex. But nobody takes toddlers to strip clubs or swingers events to teach them about how straight men "love" women. Functional parents eventually try to impress upon kids that sexual attraction ISN'T the same as love. Yet here we have creepos telling kids that familial love is the same as men's "love" a.k.a. desire to fuck a weaker person in the ass.

No. 1838061

the troon doth protest too much, methinks.
something about how often i see trannies screeching about how they’re “totally not sex pests/pedos!!!!” makes me feel this way

No. 1838072

File: 1685510734400.jpeg (124.82 KB, 750x875, IMG_8820.jpeg)

w t f

No. 1838074

i don’t see a problem with sexual deviants, especially pedos, being genocided. if only.

No. 1838075

i think we can safely say estrogen makes men psychotic.

No. 1838079

File: 1685511853808.jpg (106.3 KB, 1296x1296, il_fullxfull.4839071754_pfl5.j…)

The mods should remove the >30 minute ban on post deletion until the server stop shitting itself randomly.

No. 1838082

Oh please, scrotes are born psychotic due to their Y chromosome which is a defect in itself, and remain psychotic all their lives without the help of estrogen.

No. 1838085

good point, but it’s like estrogen gives them an excuse to be even more dysfunctional.

No. 1838086

I don’t agree with that map freak in the image you replied to at all, but sadly I didn’t see many people cheering when Epstein died., nor when Ghislaine was jailed.

The reactions from normies and tinfoiltards alike were actually really fucking weird. It’s almost like they viewed him as some kind of martyr and weren’t concerned about his own crimes so much as his connections and ranting about how he was murdered, almost as if they empathised with them. Idk but the entire dialogue around his death honestly made my skin crawl. The appropriate anger and disgust towards him was lacking somehow.

No. 1838087

Weird-ass fixation on underwear all perverts have

No. 1838088

I also felt people tried to excuse him because his victims were mostly mid teens to early twenties. There was a large amount of victim blaming and people (mostly scrotes ofc) implying that the girls had brought it on themselves, or that it wasn’t that bad because they weren’t ‘little kids’ at the time. In a way it really did feel like some kind of public social experiment to gauge public reaction to such things.

No. 1838090

File: 1685512720016.jpeg (421.13 KB, 1800x2700, Fw_dvY4WcAE86lj.jpeg)

Why do westerners think anybody really wants to read this type of anime fanfiction tier shit?
>So, it turns out I’m the reincarnation of an exiled Goddess from another world. With things having gone sideways in that world they summoned me back to save the day. The discovery was very gender affirming, as a freshly out trans girl, but… I do kind of have a life, so hopefully I can use all this power to get the job done quickly and go back to my girlfriends when it’s done.

>Except I have no idea what I’m doing, so this might take a bit… even with godly powers. Help.

No. 1838106

I don't see anything wrong with that onesie? Like the message is so general, and the rainbow in it isn't a flag, it's just a rainbow.

>Yet here we have creepos telling kids that familial love is the same as men's "love" a.k.a. desire to fuck a weaker person in the ass.

Where is anyone saying this? Trannies say a lot of disgusting things, but I've never heard them try to say that familial and romantic love are functionally identical? Genuinely, where have you seen people saying this? Also is your argument here that men can't feel love, therefore no gay relationship involves love whatsoever and is exclusively about sex? Because that's absurd. Men are selfish, emotionally retarded, impulsive perverts, but they're still capable of love. They just don't understand how to treat the things they love with respect, which is part of why they destroy everything they touch. If anything, males deserve each other lmao.

Is this some kind of /pol/ gayop to try and get us to be homophobic trads? Because that's not happening. Lesbians deserve to be protected and gay men are fine as long as they stay in their lane. Trannies and spicy straights are the ones actively causing problems.

No. 1838114

File: 1685516854381.jpeg (115.93 KB, 750x758, IMG_8823.jpeg)

what a weird way to say he likes smelling his own farts.

No. 1838117

do aidens masturbate with fleshlights to get “male” orgasms, or is this another agp specific obsession?

No. 1838119

There's a pretty clear mat in the cat's fur in this picture. It's right in the center of his back. He's also very scruffy and greasy looking in the other pictures. Dull, greasy fur is a telltale sign of health issues in adult cats. In the car pic, there are a bunch of empty cartons of cigarettes, so this hambeast is probably smoking in his home and exposing the cat to secondhand smoke. Hopefully the combination of obesity and smoking will kill him before too long.

No. 1838124

reminder that troons regardless of hrt + surgery have the same violence pattern as all other men and not women, but more of troons commit sexual violence specifically

No. 1838140

They always claim they smell soooo good and feminine now after HRT, I wonder if its all delusion and they actually stink (some of them definitely do) or if its because they have begun showering regularly and changing clothes because they wanna be "women". Aka they were just disgusting before it has nothing to do with gender

No. 1838143

It’s nothing but delusion. Maybe estrogen changes sweat smell or something but it’s probably just different, not necessarily good. The idea that they might smell like a woman turns them on so whatever they smell like will be good to them

No. 1838148

the idea that women have some kind of uniquely nice scent is so funny to me. if a woman neglects her hygiene she's not going to smell like a field of flowers. she's still a mammal.

No. 1838161

Why are you posting irrelevant image? A random design with a disney prince doing drag isn't milky.

>Just be you and feel the love
This shit isn't terrible. It has nothing to do with gay men doing puppy play or BDSM shit at Pride. Love doesn't mean fuck. Is your brain fried like the men posted here who think that wanting to fuck themselves is self-love?

No. 1838176


Did a spit take at "junkie chestwater" stealing that thanks

No. 1838185


I notice the news helps them with this because it refuse to ever point out a lot of the people outraged blame big pharma for all this. It's probably the most fundamental difference between now and all the other movements of the past because a lot of the religious reasoning is on the margins and the fights are over things like corporate merchandise, programming, and medical malpractice.

I read an article where they were talking about the target withdrawals being an issue with "rainbow capitalism" not standing by the lgbt community, but it's all rainbow capitalism. The modern community is a corporate product itself. Like the trans non-profits people tell everyone to donate to are just businesses that get tax dollars. Neither the workers or the taxpayers actually own the non-profit.

Sometimes I think this is the ultimate point of what the corpos are doing socially because if your identity is a corporate construct and the end of identity is genocide then most anti-corporate actions can be codified as immoral.

No. 1838190

It's like you didn't even read the post and just want to defend… something

No. 1838191

I don't know if the owner of
Philosophy Tube has been discussed here before, but I just came across this video.
>get recommended video about woman talking about stoic philosophy
>cool, this seems interesting
>something seems off with her
>body is kinda masculine but I'm not judging
>glad she is bringing up the perspective of women and slaves
>while wearing some pesudo-Roman glam outfit, wtf
>Is she wearing high heels, Romans didn't have those, which woman does that while talking about philisophy and oppression?
>Suddenly starts talking about how hot Roman moids feminizing and raping their male slaves is
>It's a man…
>Other ethics videos have him wearing a latex nun outfit

No. 1838199

you couldn't tell from the handsome squidward face in the thumbnail? kek

No. 1838202

File: 1685532681046.png (11.91 KB, 622x226, stunningandbrave.png)

Yeah I knew someone would say that, I should've noticed it immediately but was focused on what he was saying so it gradually dawned upon me.
Anyway he is full-on TRA and thought the girl who glued herself to the floor in Oxford to protest terven lesbian philosopher Kathleen Stock did a "beautiful" job.

No. 1838203

I saw the thumbnail on YouTube and thought "oh he's absolutely going to mention Epictetus telling people not to troon out and fuck their male slaves" because of course he would. No amount of horse piss pills will alter the Y chromosome and it's antics. Honestly, it was pretty disgusting of him to joke about it being a "forecefem" fantasy, but par for the course. Couldn't even come out as a troon without talking about Audre Lorde's biography featuring "a lot of girls fucking" like the creepy coomer he is.

No. 1838205

File: 1685533124064.png (79.86 KB, 613x411, delusional.png)

Ugh, this is what happens with porn-addicts and AGPs, they just can't hide it. The coomerism shows itself no matter the topic.
It gives them serious brain damage.

No. 1838206

>"no more dead trans kids"
literally where are these dead trans kids they speak of?

No. 1838207

Is he using a voice changer or did he go under the knife to tighten his vocal cords?

No. 1838209

File: 1685533448631.png (5.71 KB, 684x66, nonnie.PNG)

This is killing me

No. 1838211

He smells like detergent when sweating? Or they are very delusional or I am womaning wrong because my sweat smells like sweat

No. 1838228

I notice one of the comments saying they're an "intersex trans man" and how this would be the first time they would be aknowledged about their intersex condition and just it's so confusing.

Do any other medical conditions need to have dumb sweatshop made items to be valid? Like where's the ADHD candles, or autism shirts in target? I mean clearly that's the only way to show that people with those conditions exist!

No. 1838229

Can he stop comparing himself to women? He looks like a habsburg, not a beautiful woman with a strong jaw. I hate his beady eyes. He looks so male, not even somewhat androgynous.

No. 1838233

File: 1685537632497.jpg (384.18 KB, 2013x2048, MuQneSNY3LVG.jpg)


No. 1838236

Probably a voice changer, surgery isn't good enough, most troons are outed by their voices.

No. 1838239

>intersex trans man
99% chance it's a woman with PCOS.

No. 1838241

Meanwhile actual women in prison have to spend all their money on menstrual products or get charged with a crime for bleeding on the prison clothes.

No. 1838243

If it's morally unacceptab then why all the spam about how safe it is? The science is literally irrelevant because of the moral aspect.

No. 1838248

File: 1685539860821.jpg (395.17 KB, 3264x1977, GO AWAY.jpg)

man they're even in my crohn's sub. i thought this picture was a odd post and i clicked on the profile and yea. why are they all so weird.

No. 1838251

>Am I the only one inserting my dumb fetish into a forum about an unsexy chronic illness?

No. 1838255

ntayrt but i can't blame you, i sometimes just avoid thinking if a woman's actually a man in case it's actually just an unfortunate-looking woman.

No. 1838266

If only KF wasn't down, you could read his thread, he's extremely pathetic. He says he's a biological woman, but everyone knows he's trans because he transitioned recently and also doesn't pass at all. His parents are involved in the NHS so that's where his sour attitude towards it stems from. He is a terrifying ogre of a man with mommy issues. There's a funny rumor that he raped Contrapoints. Here's a vid of him posturing at pride.

No. 1838268

It's genuinely insane how thousands upon thousands of men all of a sudden want to be women. It's like those dancing plagues from the middle ages where everyone joined in for no reason other than everyone else was doing it until they dropped dead. The entire premise is so insane I don't understand how so many people don't bat an eye at this mass psychosis.

No. 1838275

it's 2023, Phallo, men don't have to play roles of women anymore.

No. 1838276

thank fuck there's a movement to sterilize them. a lot of people in the dancing plague didn't die and they spread their shitty retard genes down the line. i hope we'll do better this time.

No. 1838280

Porn consumption. I bet if someone plotted out troons and porn consumption on a map there would almost be a 1:1 overlap of the highest areas of porn consumption corresponding with the highest areas of trooning out.

No. 1838283

It really is. Kids can be influenced by their parents or trends or be gay, but the main reason for adult moids who troon out is porn and AGP.

No. 1838291

I wish I could read the thread, he seems like a huge cow.
>He says he's a biological woman, but everyone knows he's trans because he transitioned recently
He even has an offical youtube video up about trooning out, what the fuck?

No. 1838292

he claims that hrt and surgery has made him a biological woman and that it's unscientific to say that it hasn't

No. 1838296

It's funny because stoicism which he was teaching in the first video posted is all about accepting reality and your fate like it is. Amor fati!

No. 1838299

Lmao he doesn't realize that all the posts about muh feminine orgasm are just creative writing. No one told him that he's supposed to delude himself into thinking that horse piss gives him "orgasms" that are basically seizures.

No. 1838303

Lmao, he hasn't even had the chop iirc. The "surgery" he's referring to is FFS, which did nothing to make him look female. He still has a foot-shaped horse face, but now he just looks slightly botched. He's coping so hard, biological females are born with uteruses. "Females" are individuals with the physiology to produce ova.

No. 1838307

You couldn't immediately tell from the obnoxious tranny voice in addition to his horse face? Anon, I think you might be autistic.

No. 1838311

Nta, but your post should've been in meta, not here. Server issues have nothing to do with the topic of the thread (unless it's caused by tranny ddosing I guess.)

No. 1838333

this moid pisses me off so much it's insane. there was a video of him going around on Twitter claiming he did in fact change his sex because of permanently fucking with his endocrine system. even non troon moids with naturally high e levels are still male

No. 1838334

this moid pisses me off so much it's insane. there was a video of him going around on Twitter claiming he did in fact change his sex because of permanently fucking with his endocrine system. even non troon moids with naturally high e levels are still male

No. 1838351

File: 1685550257530.png (113.18 KB, 709x758, FuZsOBiXoAIjkhe.png)

I mean at least TRY to hide it

No. 1838433

Porn and incel mindset. Porn for the ones that think it's hot to become a woman, and incels for those that are convinced that being a woman is "life on easy mode"

No. 1838457

so being trans=sex crimes against children, so he said himself that being trans=being a pedo or did I read that wrong? And can those troons leave the Star Trek fandom alone? Or a least just care for the stuff Kurtzman ruined? I'm sick of them invading everything I love.

No. 1838478

I bet he thinks he looks like Megan Fox. His face is so disgustingly male.

No. 1838479

Don't forget the unchecked autism.

No. 1838480

Its okay nonnie. You and i can make a trek-terf fan club. Afab women only.

No. 1838482

File: 1685563353621.jpeg (202.23 KB, 750x1548, IMG_8828.jpeg)

don’t a-log, don’t a-log, don’t a-log…

No. 1838485

he’s such a narcissistic piece of shit, he can’t even see how ugly he is.

No. 1838486

FACT: all trannies deserve a-logging!

No. 1838487

kek, true anon

No. 1838491

Kek, I hope he never leaves that miserable life, he deserves it.

No. 1838502

God, how new are you here

No. 1838518

Really thought he was just having delusions of being a film actress until I noticed the corn emoji.

No. 1838524

File: 1685567471069.png (93.48 KB, 1053x1382, 4.png)

Shame on women for not liking when some coomer starts talking to them about furry torture porn out of the blue

No. 1838532

File: 1685567771996.jpg (415.31 KB, 1918x1922, 1680065928622.jpg)

Their argument is that Florida is potentially signing acts into law that criminalize various types of trans shit, and that the crimes would be considered child rape, which is being made a capital crime here. For isntance, they're seeking to make performing GRS on minors a crime (which it ought to be) and troons are worried that the doctors charged with that crime would be executed for it. But setting aside how hard it is to charge doctors with anything (especially in Florida where medical malpractice insurance isn't required) GRS on kids wouldn't be categorized as a sex crime anyway. More importantly, in the case of this capital crime law specifically, it's not just sex crimes involving children that's being penalized, it's (the traditional definition of) rape specifically, i.e., penetration. There are also bills coming down the pike that propose classifying troon/dragshit around kids as indecent exposure (again, not child rape), but I don't think a law like that would hold up to legal scrutiny anyway, because it violates the first amendment. The onus is on parents to keep kids away from that shit, and indeed, most of the kids being exposed to dragshit have TRA parents who force their kids to go to that shit so they can post pictures of it on social media and gloat about how woke they are.

The logic assumes 1) that all of these laws will pass and be upheld in legal challenges, 2) that criminal medical negligence and indecent exposure will be tried as "child rape," and 3) that juries will automatically recommend a death sentence for a tranny being "falsely" accused of a "mild" sex crimes. There's also the issue of how capital punishment is carried out; i.e., years of appeals and bureaucracy. Even if all three of the above qualifiers prove to be true, it would be at least a decade before the state would put a tranny in the ground for it. It's fearmongering nonsense that they're using to rally their base, and it's functionally no different than when republicans screech about guns being taken way every time a Democrat is elected to any political office.

No. 1838534

so sad, I block furries one second after finding out they are furries. If I'm not very close to a person I don't want to talk about their sexual preferences or kinks or what porn they watched 5 minutes ago, no matter men, women or troon.

No. 1838540

File: 1685568730419.png (511.85 KB, 1759x1605, Troonbag.png)

Kek, pretty much.

No. 1838542

what especially gets me is the part of him mocking a watered down version of women's reasons to not do porn. he could never imagine the sheer desperation and hopelessness that being treated that way will bring, because he can always distance himself from the actual misogyny of it all. it's an act for him. of course he can pretend it's fun. it's not really 'him' they're debasing in his fantasies, it's the charicature of a woman he pretends to be.

No. 1838543

I'm honestly astounded he legitimately seems to think that any 'pretty' woman should do porn and it's also just the social stigma stopping them. And not, you know, the rampant sexism, terrible people in the industry, and good chance at getting raped by way of the agreed scene turning a lot more extreme, or just because you desperately need to pay rent.

No. 1838549

I can't find it for the life of me but maybe one of you have it saved… anyone remember the reddit post by someone who worked in biohazard cleanup who wrote how "male" TIM suicides were? How they were usually really violent and bloody while TIF suicides were more in line with "female" suicides? Sorry for OT but this moid whining about his violent male tendencies being perceived for what it actually is reminded me of it.

No. 1838569

Or you know the sexual violence and being treated as a subhuman but TIMs see that as a good thing

No. 1838592

File: 1685573192741.png (205.15 KB, 912x974, Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 23.46…)

Cow/breast-feeding fetish tranny has just announced his engagement. Strange timing, seeing as his posts about inducing lactation reached a million views and was met with backlash.

No. 1838595

Those both look like man hands. Is his "girlfriend" also a troon?

No. 1838598

it's an actual woman he met a couple months ago and whose baby he is feeding with his diseased milk

No. 1838600

File: 1685573562518.png (119.82 KB, 877x839, FxedUQUWwAEbfdw.png)

I wish I had enough money to run women's rights ads on reddit so troons could get mad at them.

No. 1838604

The fucking tide is beginning to turn and I am all here for it

No. 1838608

Nothing is a bigger red flag regarding child safety then a parent instantly shoving their child into the life of their new partner, let alone on this level. Like that alone makes her a bad mother, even outside of the whole pretending to breastfeed thing.

No. 1838612

The troons done Reeeeeeeeeeee'd too close to the Sun, now that bored Christian wine moms and gun dads can't protest abortion clinics anymore, Bud Light and Target has made them aware of troons and their faggotry, presenting them with a new target.

No. 1838643

File: 1685577410589.jpeg (39.36 KB, 551x459, IMG_0081.jpeg)

something that always makes me laugh about troons is when they stand with their hand(s) on their “hips”, it’s always placed way too low because they don’t actually have any hips to guide them, and then it becomes even more obvious how unequivocally male their bodies are.

No. 1838646

they always give themselves away one way or another. the awkward posing that they clearly don't practice, the terrible makeup, the horrible hairstyles, the way they don't know what their best angles are.

No. 1838655

File: 1685578656544.jpg (343.46 KB, 1639x2048, FvUZ0UNXgAQ7A1H.jpg)

wasn't this the tranny that went on Dr. Phil?

No. 1838660

>didn’t see many people cheering when Epstein died
>almost as if they empathised with [Epstein]
>victim blaming sex slaves

No. 1838674

I'd bet a million bucks that the tranny is the one who proposed. He freaked out when someone called CPS him and now he wants to make his access to the kid permanent and guaranteed. Fucker. This is why you don't touch the poop.

No. 1838678

>Tranfugee joins Tumblr after Elon Musk buys Twitter even though Tumblr is even less moderated than Twitter ever was
>Realizes it's full of TERFs and "tmes" (TiFs)
>Chimps out about how everyone on Tumblr who isn't a Twitter tranny refugee hates them and is annoyed by them
Maybe stop colonizing female-dominant spaces and go back to your sausagefest Twitter and Reddit hugboxes, retard.

No. 1838705

Imagine if women who take hormonal contraceptives or have undergone cosmetic surgery publicly broke down every time they saw an article/ad against these practices. TIMs are so fucking weak, or maybe they just pretend to be so to push censorship to the max. How is it transphobic to help those who have been botched or misdiagnosed? There are troons who complain about their surgeries every single day on their own subs.

No. 1838715

File: 1685584362871.jpg (295.13 KB, 810x2368, Screenshot_20230531-214731_Boo…)

These demands for their forgiveness kek

No. 1838721

the lengths handmaidens will go for some shitty moid’s girldick, i wanna vomit.

No. 1838722

the pedo fuck is only dating this woman so he can abuse the baby.

No. 1838739

Men demanding reparations for a woman hurting their feelings by denying them their entitlement is the most male shit ever kek.

No. 1838746

lmfao keep dreaming trannies

No. 1838765

Troon academics deserve the gulag, no forgiveness

No. 1838780

y’all have been saying the tide is about to turn for years, and it keeps not happening. it’s gonna take a few more tranny shooters, more deranged men trooning out, and a massive wave of detransitioners before anyone who hasn’t already peaked does so, and even then, trannies are too profitable for big pharma and the powers that be, they won’t drop their favorite cash cow until shit hits the fan, whatever that will look like.

No. 1838781

def noodles finally trooned out.

No. 1838782

I think the split is just becoming even wider personally. Some people may peak but a lot of liberal types of people will feel compelled to support trans shit just because everyone else does. At that point it’ll take something big to get them out of that brainwashing.

No. 1838783

File: 1685590964648.jpeg (133.06 KB, 750x1386, IMG_8836.jpeg)

that girly moment when your guns make your dick hard.

No. 1838787

most people are npcs when it comes to politics, they pick a side and go along with whatever their political party supports, even if it’s fucking evil or makes no sense.

No. 1838797

You have to touch grass and interact with normies,the majority of normies genuinely can’t stand troons and gendies. The libs might humour them but no one truly buys into their bs apart from retarded predditors and twirerverse uggos.

No. 1838810

Your echo chamber is showing nona, most people dont really think about them, and being uncomfortable with the mentally ill doesn't mean you can't stand them at all. It's pretty common to know some they/them and respect that she has some kind of trauma, doesn't make her a leper

No. 1838815

Incel scrotes are on the increase since women don’t have to marry men to own land + pornsickness because they are ultimately coomer retards = becoming a tranny to either try and imitate their porn fantasies, or easier time accessing women to harass. Degeneracy is the usual conclusion of all societies run by and with too many scrotes in it. They shape it to enable coom using their wealth and power.

No. 1838821

Men's identify is constructed on the idea that they are better than 50% of the population, women. But now they have to face the reality that women are better than them if given the chance. So now we have men violently enforcing gende roles, the idea that men are superior to women. Men who larp as women are forced to do so by their ego. That's why they are always losers. The only thing left to save their ego is to be a better woman than women. It's a massive cope to gain access to women to abuse and fuck us.

No. 1838843

Twitter does this everyday to random people everyday but when it's a troon suddenly, it's bad. Not even trying to hide it i guess lol

No. 1838852

the internet and anime singlehandedly wiped out a generation of men

No. 1838862

I feel the way you do nona…it’s the money really. The money is too good and that’s what keeps the government involved. if they don’t kill themselves, they’re lifelong patients, and that’s just too profitable to let the trans shit die.

what I’m hopeful for is that within a decade or two, this will start to become an outdated trend that younger people will roll their eyes at and want to disassociate themselves with, and there will be enough detransitioners that their movement will be able to take on a life of its own and present more unified anti-trans ideas that help them to separate somewhat from being blindly used by conservatives as a tool against liberals. and while it may not “die” the way we want it to I think the vibe will shift, their “moment” will pass. They’re most afraid and hateful of detransitioners for a reason, I think they know in their gut that if they get their numbers up and some leadership going, detrans can ultimately be their biggest and most effective opponent.

No. 1838864

Samefagging but unfortunately I think the only reason detransitioners don’t have the power they need to meaningfully oppose tranny delusion just yet is because most of the ones coming forward are smart and articulate young women and of course people don’t take women seriously. So because of the world we live in and the way it treats women, I think detrans probably won’t be considered credible until more men who are not batshit crazy and are reasonably capable of expressing themselves become visible and outspoken detransitioners. Unfortunately that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack since most of them are insane and retarded, but I think it’s only a matter of time.

No. 1838865

This isn't Twitter.

No. 1838866

Ew, spoiler this shit.

No. 1838869

I feel like it's going to come and go the same way the hippie movement did, where most people gradually came to their senses as the fad slowly subsided, but a handful of crazies continued to cling to the phase for the rest of their lives. The only major difference is that people weren't sawing their breasts and cocks off at Woodstock (at least as far as I know kek).

No. 1838874

File: 1685607366425.jpg (182.45 KB, 1080x1176, Screenshot_20230601_100930_Tum…)

This is taking me out. Imagine being the single most coddled and protected group in pretty much every single western country. Imagine the lgb movements of countries without same sex marriage suddenly eroding to have trannys at the forefront screeching about the cotton ceiling. Imagine every single corporation falling over itself to represent and cater to trannies. Imagine raping women and children and it being swept under the rug completely because of your holy tranny status. Imagine your wretched community exhibiting pedophilic and zoophilic sentiments every single day and even acknowledging that is complete social suicide. I wish we lived in a world where perverts and child abusers are actually facing some legislation and resistance. Last sentence of picrel is totally true but it'll be normies saying that once there's not a single woman in any parliament or sports team anymore

No. 1838877

Happy pride month aka trans visibility month part 2!! Can’t wait to see how transbians will continue to ruin things for everyone else all month long

No. 1838878

Can't wait for the continuous mass-peaking of normies so that Pride can go back to being about the LBG.

No. 1838879

File: 1685608624633.jpeg (74.59 KB, 1200x675, IMG_8845.jpeg)

No. 1838882

trannies are also profitable for influencer grifters who get tons of followers, views, and donations for being pro-tranny. and trooning out to become an online activist is hugely profitable as well. there’s no money in being anti-troon, unless you’re a conservative moid.

No. 1838883

There was bi-lesbian and trans flags everywhere at the biggest pride of my country last year. LGB people were confused and angry. It was a mess. Men larping as women really flourish in conservative countries.

No. 1838884

I'm sorry but this is absolutely not true although I wish it was. The true normie opinion about troons is that they're harmless victims and almost exclusively very effeminate gay men

No. 1838885

File: 1685610128922.jpeg (159.58 KB, 750x1276, IMG_8846.jpeg)

>why can you report porn and not TERFS HURTING MY FEE FEES
cry me a fucking river

No. 1838888

As if tumblr actually has operating staff, the site is crawling with pornbots.

No. 1838898

File: 1685614244175.jpg (56.19 KB, 640x675, FrkFrt3aEAAmrOQ.jpg)

women assaulting trannies in womens shelters???? Dont make me fucking laugh

No. 1838900

>all proceeds from a theme park that only uses her IP should go to some shitty charity

They do realize right, that those kind of things involve more then 1 person? That JKR can't just say that's what they should do? I doubt she even has a stake in Universal studios.

No. 1838905

The way they just openly lie about stuff like this is insane. There's not a shred of evidence on Earth that supports the bs that real women are more of a threat than trannies. There's literally no proof to any of it because it's a lie and yet thousands of dickworshipping TRAs will still yap on like it's true. It's like they keep repeating it in the Hope's that it will become true, but women have never ever been anywhere near as violent as males throughout any point in human history.

No. 1838910

>tumblr has terfs in the staff
One staff member had reblogged Harry Potter on her own personal blog which created the narrative that tumblr is a terf site.

Anyway tumblr allows users under 18 to use the site so why act like banning porn is a bad thing? There are tons of 18+ sites out there full of porn go use them instead

No. 1838925

File: 1685619550136.png (10.28 KB, 647x347, Screenshot 03.png)

Starting to believe more and more that maybe "womb envy" is a real thing.

No. 1838930

It is 100% a thing in troon and non-troon males alike. They own more property, earn more wealth, hold more power in our legal, political and military systems than we ever have or probably ever will, and they still seething with hatred of us because they know that if they can’t find a woman to tolerate them enough to carry their offspring, they will Webber procreate and they will be the failed ending of their bloodline. Imagine living with the existential dread of knowing that it would take another persons permission and commitment for nine months minimum for you to carry in your family line. Cannot relate.
Also womb transplants are science fiction of the highest fucking order kek, the human body is very densely packed and you can’t just throw in an entire new organ for shits and gigs.

No. 1838936

They always keep talking about
>muh womb transplants
And it will never happen because in the end, the average moid can’t even take care of himself, now imagine a moid that gets horny while thinking about being pregnant, breastfeeding and giving birth, he would be too busy jacking off to give a fuck about the child, and that’s assuming he would only get more turned on by the fact that a baby would be crying near him, because usually moids run away the moment a baby cries since it’s a very annoying sound that makes you want to focus on the baby when you’re a real parent.
Just look at the pusfeeding tranny, do you really think he’s taking care of that child with the mom? Cleaning the child up and making sure everything is clean and safe? Of course he isn’t, he sends rancid tweets and pictures every second, the mother is there for him to do the real mom work while he jacks off thinking about putting a child near his hairy nipples, and posting about it for the world to see.
I can only imagine the huge mess it would mean if a moid has a child with a tranny moid, that would just be a death sentence for the baby.

No. 1838937

This is extremely ironic to me considering how many troons are former MRAs and incels and you don't see them paying penance via donations to womens charities or even acknowledging any feminist that has the audacity to focus on female issues. Like hello you were (and still are) a deranged male who terrorized women and all you did the compensate was change your pronoun and wear a dress. When troons are confronted by their incel past all they do is say "I changed uwu" as if that means something lmao

No. 1838941

Its not even possible on a cellular level, an XY body would immediately reject it.

No. 1838946

>womb transplants
i know good and well that trannies don’t want womb transplants to experience motherhood, they want womb transplants to fuel their fetishistic delusions

No. 1838949

>bi-lesbian flag
Didn’t know that was something that needed a flag.

No. 1838972

wait, I thought they wanted to be in women's shelters because they say being with me is too much of a high risk? but NOW they're admitting they're more likely to be harmed by actual women? lol lmao even

No. 1838978

File: 1685628661567.jpg (27.77 KB, 325x499, 51hZCokB7nL._SX323_BO1,204,203…)

sage for OT but radical feminist activist and biologist Renate Klein talked about going as far back as the late 1970s, male scientists and researchers, who were well funded by backers with questionable motives, invested tens of millions of dollars and years of resources in trying to create an artificial womb, essentially going against nature itself. They did this Instead of focusing on research to make natural births easier and safer for women. Klein also suggests that these fruitless attempts were driven by envy towards women to create life.

No. 1838979

In my quite large circle of family and friends it's true. The biggest thing is people want to be polite and won't say anything openly, but every person I know thinks the tranny shit is weird when I have an opportunity to discuss it with them. Most of this tranny delusion takes place with teens and 20 somethings, in schools (sadly), and on the internet. Companies support it solely for marketing purposes so I don't even pay attention.

No. 1838980

File: 1685628727313.jpg (220.25 KB, 841x1200, Ftg3jIHXoAMzUNl.jpg)

You could land an airplane on that forehead space

No. 1838988

File: 1685630387847.gif (2.95 MB, 841x1200, troonplane.gif)

No. 1838989

My sides nonna LOL

See >>1838930, it isn't the womb envy, it's the woman envy, not even female. Men want us to believe they envy only a part of us but they envy us as humans. Women have been oppressed for centuries and they are better people than men. They envy every women, even those without a womb. Calling it womb envy is playing their game because we admit that women's only worth is their reproductive abilities. Men hate every women, girls, women and old women.

No. 1838990

File: 1685630619532.jpeg (42.49 KB, 479x305, A27068FF-D874-4E9F-84E8-73878B…)

No. 1838994

KEKKK NONITA next thread pic please

No. 1838995

Omg I fucking love you nona that is brilliant

No. 1838999

This reminds me of a tiktok where this woman said one of her guy friends said that he would do so much porn and prostitution if he were female and the woman asked him what's stopping him from doing porn and sex work now? because tons of men would pay money to fuck him and the man said he couldn't degrade himself like that.

No. 1839001

File: 1685632444140.jpg (67.31 KB, 858x960, FufYX0nXoAQH7wa.jpg)

alok vaid-menon is a paedophile and a bad choice for a hill to die on

sage for old

No. 1839018

Also because women remind them it would never work. A tranny's lifelong goal is to try and one-up women and "steal" something from them.

Motherhood will only ever be an option for real women. A man could never.

No. 1839023

File: 1685634568848.jpg (238.86 KB, 1080x2444, Screenshot_20230601_114754.jpg)

Came across this Troon commenting in the wild.
>Asexual in bio
>His entire timeline is porn, mostly tranny porn
Gay man from the middle east thinks he's a woman and that his male attraction "doesn't count", many such cases

No. 1839025

File: 1685634698765.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122 KB, 1080x1750, Screenshot_20230601_115159.jpg)

Translation:thank you mama for my ass
Methinks you should complain at your father for this tragedy

No. 1839027

If any man ever said that I would avoid them like the fucking plague.

Looks like the groom is a TIF. So a normal wedding with extra steps.(sage your shit)

No. 1839043


the funny thing is it's all the same level of engagement when you think about it. most people trans or not just observe the stories and comment on them occasionally. someone could easily ask why there are no large or sustained trans protest over any of the bills.

No. 1839050

File: 1685639075585.jpg (745.84 KB, 3009x4095, IMG_20230601_161109.jpg)

Articles by a retarded tif handmaiden I posted in the tif thread. Crazy how women can go through so much abuse and misery and still screech about how poor twans wahmen are the most opressed people on earth.

No. 1839055

her post history is bleak. currently pregnant with a seriously deformed baby. which i'm sure has nothing to do with the hormones she's fucking around with

No. 1839068

imageboard share

No. 1839070

I posted about this sort of thing upthread (>>1838678) but I get so much schadenfreude from watching trannies who are used to getting their way when they report twansphobia on Twitter and Reddit cry about how nothing happens when they report posts on Tumblr. They left Twitter because they were worried that Muskrat would loosen moderation on "hate speech," only to go to Tumblr, which is notorious for poor moderation. You also can't see who someone else follows on Tumblr, so their retarded anti-TERF bots don't work as well. I hope they leave Tumblr, but knowing males, they'll probably throw tantrums until the site starts catering to them.

No. 1839077

Her child has moebius syndrome and that's it. I really hope it has nothing to do with her taking T. Poor woman and poor baby.

No. 1839085

Why do straight t4t couples always have such dramatic proportion differences? I'm looking at a family pic and while the guys look obviously bigger I would never think "damn my dad has such a giant moid skull".

No. 1839103

I wouldn't even let a real woman breastfeed my baby just because I started dating her. Handmaidens are putting children in danger for dick

No. 1839108

i for one support men getting medically experimented on. let’s commit troon genocide by donating them our uteruses kek

No. 1839111

File: 1685645414474.jpg (81.55 KB, 744x733, lifeofdegen.jpg)

she was posting degeneracy immediately after (since she says in the post she found out the previous day) the diagnosis, which is just… so weird? how could you bring yourself to care about r/femboys content when you've just had life-changing information about the health of your child?

the post history is riddled with pornsick shit

No. 1839113

it has to be the T. it can’t be healthy for the baby to be exposed to that shit.

No. 1839114


I honestly don't know why she believes "I prostituted myself to buy hormones I didn't need even though NHS was going to give them to me for free" helps her point.

No. 1839116

File: 1685646132396.jpg (128.37 KB, 810x1543, Screenshot_20230601-145743_Chr…)

Creep I just found who was whining about genital preferences

No. 1839118

File: 1685646361914.jpg (160.86 KB, 1200x675, Kornelia-Ender (1).jpg)

This has been known for decades: doped-up Eastern belt athletes and former female bodybuilders in the West who had children often had kids born cleft chins, clubbed feet, and various mental defects. Even though these women had stopped taking drugs for years, they still had these complications due to the steroids. So why should TIFs who are still using testosterone expect anything other then drastically worse results.


No. 1839121

A cleft chin is not a deformity, anon…

No. 1839126

Nonny, you know she meant a cleft palate or a cleft lip, ffs; tranny stupidity and inability to read isn't contagious.

No. 1839129

File: 1685647478386.jpg (119.36 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20230601-145028_1.j…)


Severe cleft lip and cleft palate, webbed fingers, webbed toes, doesn't move his face or eyes.

No. 1839133

I did not know. A chin and a palate are two very different things. My post wasn't confrontational, you don't need to react like that.

No. 1839137

don't worry nona i was confused too. some people just turn up the confrontation mean girl act to 100 when they're anonymous kek.

No. 1839146

God that's depressing, but for what it's worth at least from what I looked up it mostly affects the facial muscles and doesn't really affect the general development.

No. 1839155

File: 1685651398804.jpeg (128.29 KB, 1609x2048, 40F6FA9E-8C68-47D4-AF8B-C9A2D3…)

back at it again with the classic threats of violence. how dare normies catch on and be rightfully upset about the medical sterilization of homosexual and autistic children

No. 1839164

File: 1685652194242.jpeg (90.92 KB, 828x651, 877DA3E3-6A7E-4803-BDA4-BE6E81…)

if this is a dog-whistle to you (lol) and you feel attacked you need to seriously re-evaluate your life

No. 1839166

>we’re not going fucking anywhere
we are. we’re crossing the street to avoid you. we’re using the single-user toilets to avoid you. we’re going underground. we’re blocking and reporting you. just stay in your stinky polycules and leave women alone.

No. 1839179

A hit dog will holler.

No. 1839194

File: 1685655865033.jpg (112.42 KB, 658x1024, FxO3-2iaIAEXcOd.jpg)

Yes im suuuuure your coworker had noooo idea bro

No. 1839207

File: 1685657031772.png (3.95 MB, 2332x1925, 67C180A1-90E0-4F3D-8CF4-2CCE34…)


No. 1839208

File: 1685656962873.png (3.95 MB, 2332x1925, 67C180A1-90E0-4F3D-8CF4-2CCE34…)


No. 1839213

I love that these autists are so inept with social cues that they take everything said at face value. "Whaaaaaaat- you're a TRANS woman?! I never would have guessed!"

No. 1839214

This vid got recc to me and it's so wild seeing women defend males in women's competitions. I know this show doesnt attract the best audience but jesus get a grip

No. 1839231

File: 1685659380289.jpg (198.8 KB, 810x1557, Screenshot_20230601-183600_Chr…)

>Tranny fuckers are the straightest men because they care about the woman and not her genitals
Troon logic at its finest

No. 1839237

Anyone who thinks artificial wombs are within reasonable realm of possibility is delusional. Just like with any sort of foreign implantation, the effort it would take would either kill the fetus, implantee, or both. Its inhumane. Why anyone would want it is beyond me, regardless of reason. You cannot create the nutrients required to make a baby, you cannot carry a healthy womb, etc. Its psychotic. There is no reason to aim for artificial wombs at all.

No. 1839239

ALL men talk about how they'd be a prostitute or let their friends gang fuck them if they were women. They're retarded. They all bang on about what they'd do if they were women while having no clue how they would really feel if they were raised as women. They know nothing about danger, degradation, being objectified and potential prey your entire life. All men who say this are several screws loose of a toolbox

No. 1839241

I don't think something this hyper-specific and direct qualifies as a dog whistle. When people say they're disgusted by neckbeard furries with "girl"cock urls who sperg about headpats and fetishes, that's precisely what they mean. If their criticism bothers you, either change how you act, grow a thicker skin, or use a different website. Ideally all three.

No. 1839243

>Who is supposed to be attracted to trans women???
Chasers and other trannies. Hope that helps.

No. 1839247

Kind of wild how much people could get away with saying in the aughts before this stuff blew up.

No. 1839248

They really don’t seem to get how words are meaningless and material reality is what actually matters when it comes to sexual attraction.

No. 1839249

And like was mentioned, they could literally be doing that NOW if they wanted to. There is a market for men too, but they hate being objectified by other men. Somehow they cannot conceptualize that women also hate objectification.

No. 1839253

I don’t know why these troglodytes are complaining. Most ‘famous’ users on Tumblr are trans women who fit this exact description so clearly the backlash and scrutiny is a minority of people. Although, they’re beginning to grate upon more and more people after repeated callouts of racism and pedophilia, this smelly fuck’s entitlement is appalling. They want to violate children and lust after animals openly and they want you to be okay with it.

No. 1839260

File: 1685662512594.jpeg (237.19 KB, 1980x2640, IMG_3448.jpeg)

Of course it’s some fat balding white tranny who looks like this demanding JKR pay rEpaRaTiOns. They want to be oppressed so bad.

No. 1839290

A lot of them are also ex neo nazis, I don’t see them donating to holocaust museums kek.

No. 1839293

I hate the whole 'I live as a woman' thing so fucking much. If you have to say it, then obviously you're not a woman and you're a misogynistic male because you associate women with whatever lifestyle you decided represent them (even though a woman is supposedly anyone identifying as such and there are no rules, trannies don't contradict yourselves challenge). And chasers are the straightest because instead of liking the female body they like to find a male body behind the performance of femininity? This retard is coping so hard with the fact that he's a crossdressing faggot.

She most likely has mental issues herself tbh, any woman can get laid without going to such lengths

No. 1839295

File: 1685666020542.png (27.46 KB, 720x697, Screenshot_20230530-163837.png)

See a million posts like that all over the site and no one can fathom that people find them off-putting. Someone, especially a man, who uses what limited breaths we get in life to talk endlessly about porn and fucking animals is concerning and usually brimming with worse issues. Baeddel adjacent users are a million times worse than the horny retard variety of trans male and are able to proliferate freely there. Yet coming to their defence is the least you can do for cafab crimes.

No. 1839313

File: 1685667625893.png (65.08 KB, 431x466, Captura de pantalla 2023-06-01…)

A mentally ill man

No. 1839317

File: 1685667771118.png (41.55 KB, 453x462, er5678iop.png)

and here's this retarded ass meme.

No. 1839321

These sort of arguments are so retarded for anyone who knows any women outside of the OF self-promotion Twittersphere. Of the dozens of women I have known rather well in my life, none have been half as sexually forward or disgusting as natal males. We all know the difference. If a woman talks about sex it’s kinky to men, and nonthreatening to other women. When men talk about sex we all get creeped out because it absolutely consomes their every waking thought. A girl is fully capable of not acting on her every sexual impulse. Men, not at all. We all know, it is only polite little handmaidens who pretend not to see the difference.

No. 1839324

No chair is "born" as a chair, they're all made from trees. Meanwhile, men are born male and women are born female. Shit analogy.

No. 1839340

File: 1685669867645.jpg (124.27 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20230601-212704_Boo…)

>TERFs did this!
OP's a TIM just to be clear

No. 1839343

>only ebil bigots are attracted to genitals, sweaty. you’re supposed to be attracted to pure feminine souls floating in the ether. i know i look like a unwashed beast in a wig, but ackshully i’m a dainty little ballerina in a tutu because i say so.

No. 1839352

File: 1685670971688.png (25.41 KB, 350x142, IMG_5217.png)

saging since this tweet is a few years old and probably has been posted here before, but i saw it today

No. 1839358

It's because a lot of women never examine how we got in this mess in the first place, and immediately get defensive about stage 1 of male sex mania. See: all of ovarit and the women who still show up to defend crossdressers even after crossdressers got them banned from every mainstream website in existence.

No. 1839396

I used to lurk Craigslist personals for lulz and it was filled with men begging for cbt, often in exchange for money. I never saw posts of women looking for men to dom and abuse. Most women do that shit because they’re being paid and/or begged to by men. Many times those are the exact men who troon out kek. This person is making zero points but he really thinks he did something.

No. 1839397

File: 1685674356529.jpeg (959.87 KB, 990x6144, IMG_3457.jpeg)

Samefag but got curious and decided to dig.
Dude is a bloody menace.

Archive: https://archive.ph/2023.06.01-235011/https://www.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/zes71o/everything_sucks_and_i_just_want_to_vent_nsfw/

>trapped woman into troonacy right before marriage

>upset that his handmaiden isn’t yas kweening him hard enough
>”I can tell she’s not feeling it”
>whines about lack of sex and how his wife has lost interest in him (no fucking duh)
>frames wife as abusive screaming neurotic nutcase while painting himself as a meek victim
>”she proceeds to start yelling at me. Until I’m cowering and asking to get out in the cold in I have no idea where”
>you can basically hear the self pity dripping off each word
>claims to self harm (boohoo), apparently wife’s friend’s male friend also self harms (boohoo). interesting how there are only male victims in this story
>whines some more about not being invited to girls day despite being a hulking ogre
>tries to pressure wife into sex at the end of the day and plays the victim when she obviously isn’t having any of his shit
>whinges about how she’s going to divorce him

And then of course decided to dig further and it’s the usual trans widow backstory…

No. 1839399

File: 1685674711996.jpeg (566.77 KB, 990x3624, IMG_3459.jpeg)

(archive: https://archive.ph/2023.06.01-235319/https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/qwr32g/after_trying_on_my_girlfriends_dress_i_feel_a_lot/)

This guy checks so many of the typical boxes.
>decides to “borrow” then gf’s clothes without permission
>takes pics and posts them to reddit
>stays home/doesn’t work - his “job” is “keeping the house from falling apart, feeding the cats, and playing video games”. dude is a full on neet and trying to play it off like he’s a sahd
>makes everything about him and his dick and “can’t get past all the pain and suffering she showed” but also won’t stop stealing her fucking clothes behind her back while she’s at work
>tries to end this with dumb troon navel gazing

No. 1839401

I recently saw several posts on ovarit criticizing the use of male models to advertise women's lingerie and swimwear. They didn't seem to agree with the few comments about how "this is going too far, I see nothing wrong with this, they're just gnc!!", which was refreshing.

No. 1839404

In a mutilated man's body. Yes.

No. 1839405

File: 1685675443355.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1023.78 KB, 3024x4032, IMG_3458.jpeg)

Last one but his post history is just nerd shit (Dune, video games, etc), Taco Bell (not even kidding, he regularly posts to the LiveMas subreddit which is apparently a thing), and tranny shit, of which the majority is sexual in nature. Picrel is an “art” poster he hung (archive: http://archive.today/VvU4o) which is just straight up troon porn.

Fat autistic white failmale strongarming his wife, who likely is trying to bail (and he knows it), addicted to fast food and porn. Troons out after stealing his wife’s clothes. Mtfs really come out of the grossest fucking molds.

No. 1839408

With any chance I'll get, this tweet reminds me of how retarded OP is. The uterus can only function with XX chromosomes in the body, because it's composed of DNA made of XX chromosomes.
Troons will bring up the mouse experiment, however they don't delve further into the actual details. Male mice have had uterus "transplants", where the female mice needed to be still alive and attached to the male mouse. Any other experiment, failed, because the factor relied on the female being alive and still attached to the uterus.
A troon with a uterus will only end up with a pile of guts belonging to a random woman. It won't function.
There's also the story of Duane Walters, who his doctor claimed his uterus was functioning and he could get pregnant and he was getting periods because he sometimes bled when he peed. First, looking at the anatomy of a male and female, our sex organs look similar, just located in fairly different placements, however, they have totally different functions and the functions rely on specific sex chromosomes to function. So, his doctor was dead wrong and so bold to make these claims even after saying he'd never seen this before. He was not menstruating, he has cysts. He did not have a womb, it was his right testicle in a different place, which when he was born operated on to make his genitals look cosmetically right. Persistent Mullerian duct syndrome is what he had. Some information from "expert" doctors claims the organs can function, but it's impossible.

No. 1839409

>Man tries on his gf's dress and then cries about the things he missed
This retard is acting like his newfound fetish is in any way related to having missed on girlhood and womanhood (things which he would never have experienced even if he had been wearing dresses since birth). Also what does "I've always been interested in my mom's medicine and hormonal stuff" even mean? Grasping at straws to find "hints" that he was a troon all along. This man has the luxury to be a NEET financially supported by his gf (who was supposedly hounding him for sex according to his other post) yet the urge to throw it all away for the coom is still too strong? I don't get it. Bleak.

No. 1839418

If you carve a tree into the shape of an animal, is it suddenly an actual individual of that species? No, it's just shaped like the animal. Also, chopping down a tree and turning it into a chair kills it, so they're unintentionally suggesting that transition is destructive. Which it is, lmao.

No. 1839420

Stepping on scrotums is based. Shoving plastic dog penises up your ass is Haram. I rest my case, lmao.

No. 1839434

Reading this starkly reminds me the kind of life I would have had if I stayed with my troon ex and never peaked. Just like this woman, I would have financially supported him while he sits around at home and plays video games all day. They even have the same woe is me self-pity while painting themselves as a meek victim. I hope the poor girl leaves.

No. 1839444

I love how he went out of his way to namedrop that stupid fucking IKEA shark to show just how traaaaaaaaaaaaaans he is. Autism is a hell of a drug.

No. 1839446

>Me and Blahaj and 5 cats
Was a like a fucking punchline. I don't want to blame the wife here, but she's an idiot for going through with the wedding after he trooned out on her.

No. 1839455

This is such a fucking nightmare. I’m genuinely concerned that if I get married the guy will end up pulling this shit. I feel so sorry for the wife, it must be hell.

No. 1839460

File: 1685681298842.jpg (73.7 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_20230602-003436_Boo…)

The jokes write themselves kek: "euphoria smiles" = autogynesmirk

No. 1839462

That's the point, it's basically a moneypit, just a waste of time and resources. But men's ego won't let this moronic concept go.

No. 1839479

> Thousands of dollars worth of therapy later, she's doing much better.
of course she’s the one getting therapy. how much of therapy these days consists of gaslighting women and telling them they’re the problem, not the abusers in their lives?

No. 1839484

i can’t imagine the humiliation of marrying a tranny and having to support his lazy ass. this woman’s self-esteem must be nonexistent. whoever she is, she can do better. i hope she dumps the retard and starts living again.

No. 1839488

File: 1685684946717.png (131.34 KB, 1440x1998, 1612216922940_Original.png)

He browbeat her into “couple’s therapy” (which, from looking at r/mypartneristrans subreddit seems to be mainly paying a therapist to gaslight the wife into staying and supporting the tranny so he can live it up larping as a woman - rarely is it ever in the actual woman’s favor) and given the social climate most young 30 something’s are in it isn’t easy to leave your male partner because he trooned out.

That said she should’ve 100% left when he dropped the trans bomb while they were still just engaged. The red flags were already piling up (who supports their loser stoner boyfriend so he can stay home and play video games all day? Guarantee he doesn’t do most of the cleaning/cooking or looking after the five cats either). The tranny shit should’ve been the final straw for any sane, self-respecting person.

Trans widows seem to tend to be generally nervous/timid, usually younger (<30-35) or older (>50) who aren’t mentally prepared to smash everything they had in mind about their future to start over. A lot seem to struggle with self esteem as well and tbh a fair few are on the “homelier” side (nerdy, shy, etc) and maybe feel that the dating market won’t be kind to them a second time. You don’t really see trans widows who are confident, outspoken, self-assured, etc. Add to that trannies are narcissists and often rely on standard abuse tactics (DARVO) which whittle down most people over time. It’s scary shit as many women don’t even realize the toll it takes until they’ve been removed from the situation.

TL;DR never ever ever shack up with fat, autistic moids but especially if one troons out, know your self worth and clock out. Even the “homeliest” woman is going to be happier as a cat lady than shackled to an agp narc hon.

Picrel, the only women I’ve seen come out the other end of a tranner chasing the coom dragon are the straight or bi “queer” girls who want the clout of being “sapphic”/“lesbian” and dating a mtf. Otherwise this is basically the theme of most mtf-partnered women’s posts on the support sub and it is so fucking depressing, especially because they just get gaslit to hell that they need to support their “gfs” better, that any problematic behavior is because of “dysphoria” or “second puberty” so she has to be patient with him, etc.

No. 1839499

They got on our spaces and now they’re pissed we’re paranoid? I feel for the young lesbian being removed but moids need to know this is their doing. Feminists have always advocated for gender non conformity.

No. 1839503

bc the woman usually has short hair and the male has long hair, it further exacerbates the difference in skull size.

No. 1839521

That poor cat. You can tell just from the pictures that he’s in poor health from these conditions. His right eye is constantly half closed like it’s sore or infected, and his fur looks matted so his skin is probably bruised too. He doesn’t look relaxed to me, more depressed. He needs to be rehomed and given medical attention. Sage for animal sperging.

No. 1839542

Hope she can find the strength to leave, sounds like she has everything else going for her, at least she works so has financial independence and isn’t trapped. Any friends she loses aren’t worth keeping.

No. 1839558

Any link to post? I wanna read the comments

No. 1839563

>TL;DR never ever ever shack up with fat, autistic moids
avoiding moids like that is easy. what freaks me out are the normie moids who troon out.

No. 1839564

File: 1685698443506.jpg (419.32 KB, 2560x2560, 23-06-02-10-33-57-542_deco.jpg)

They always blame women for men's actions

No. 1839576

>Any link to post? I wanna read the comments
Here anon. Luckily someone had archived it:

No. 1839624

File: 1685708310394.png (27.46 KB, 936x445, Screenshot 2023-06-02 7.16.05 …)

went through his post history and he even complains because his friends are supportive about his hormone therapy but don't shit themselves in excitement when he wants to show off his pill bottle.

It literally is just pills, why would your friends care to look at them? "Omgg guys wanna see my heartburn pills", kek

No. 1839630

I knows troons chemically castrating themselved doesn't equal to actual medical treatment, but if a diabetic person acted the same demandind and entitled way over a vial of insulin, asking friends to be enthusiastic about, I would think that person is stupid and narcisistic

No. 1839643

> you can fit so much tiddy in here
Literally just incel coomers driven insane by their own pornsickness and lack of self control like animals. Cannot think in terms beyond porn.

No. 1839654

>Why won't my friends participate in my fetish???

No. 1839660

Troons keep bringing up these supposed instances where women are being assaulted under the suspicion of being trans as some supposed gotcha. I’m not even sure if this has verifiably happened, but do they not realize that this will just make more women peak? If it weren’t for the men dressed as women trying to invade women’s spaces this wouldn’t even be happening. That’s the most logical conclusion. Ffs.

No. 1839661

And who is doing the assaulting in these stories? I have a hunch it's a man…
>Brutally assaulted
Women don't brutally assault people. That usually only happens when you're a tranny and you think negative criticism or differing opinion is assault.

No. 1839666

File: 1685714761091.jpeg (340.1 KB, 1277x2591, IMG_7508.jpeg)


No. 1839682

why do troons look like serial killers half the time i see them

No. 1839683

That's the maleness.

No. 1839689

It drives me crazy how men are so against therapy for themselves. I’ve never had a male partner go to therapy even when it was clearly needed. They get so mad about never being able to “talk about their feelings”, but then never try to fix the problem and just continue to use female partners for emotional labor that professionals should be performing.

These memes are so confusing because I don’t even think they know what TERFs actually are. They have created a boogeyman who has nothing to do with radical feminism or it’s goals.

No. 1839718

What exactly does he think he passes as? An ironing board? If so, he's got the look down perfectly aside from the weird greasy growth on his gigantic man head. Faggot's got the medieval knight hairdo down tight though.

No. 1839725

File: 1685720919422.jpg (60.57 KB, 1080x642, italiantrannyman.jpg)

His face when everyone can tell he's male from a mile away

No. 1839742

File: 1685724805546.jpg (123.83 KB, 810x1193, Ftg4BKtWAAET3Da.jpg)

What a difference indeed, you shaved your beard…

No. 1839763

File: 1685727439440.jpg (30.16 KB, 702x540, 20230602_153542.jpg)

>I hack my biology
aka ruining your endocrine system for some sissy fetish

>in a world doesn't want me to

because strict sexist stereotypes, corporate wokeness and the profit-driven medical industry don't exist right

I love how tranny memes are always full of self owns lol

No. 1839768

File: 1685727694076.jpeg (237.43 KB, 1170x2016, A9E34606-9DD8-4A62-B6E8-17578D…)

No. 1839769

What's with them and this stupid shark?

No. 1839787

agreed she's hot but haven't been on radtwt or in those spaces in a year or two. why's she nuts? sorry for ot

No. 1839811

File: 1685732525194.png (53.64 KB, 1357x486, Screenshot_937.png)


No. 1839813

i guess i have a period every time i eat taco bell. the more you know!

No. 1839820

i mean i guess you can get stomach cramps from period cramps but causation doesnt equal coorelation man…
they should just pinch their balls off with elastics till they burst to show solidarity

No. 1839838

>we could have cramps, hot/cold flashes, cravings, bowel disruptions
Yes, women can also get all of these things while not menstruating. The difference is that women do not usually claim to be on their period when these things happen independently of menstruation because they don't fetishize the concept of having periods.

No. 1839840

No. 1839868

Period poops and period flu are real and they are caused by periods. And men don't have periods.

No. 1839873

File: 1685739222434.jpeg (58.24 KB, 750x598, IMG_8857.jpeg)

when trannies insult women telling them they look like men. the self-own kek

No. 1839893

this feels like a and everyone clapped type of thing

No. 1839896

it was featured in a same sex marriage ad from ikea and because to troons the colors remind them of their flag but in muted colors. they literally think everything pink, blue and white is trans coded

No. 1839897

File: 1685742017815.jpg (319.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230602-173642_Red…)

Holy shit!, OP is scary

No. 1839927

aka the pedosmile

No. 1839939

I do not care if they want to call them periods at this point. It’s a waste of time to go through symptoms, intervals, and intensity with them like it matters how bad their stomachs hurt before they shit themselves, and debate if they should use the word. It gives them attention and deflects from the issues surrounding periods that are specific to women, and that’s all they want. They are liars and exaggerators, I don’t care to know their perspectives on periods, or any other details, let alone if they do or don’t feel cramps. They view periods as something they can use as leverage, because they view femininity as something women hold over men. Periods are a part of that. Periods and the hormones that come with them are perceived as a reason to not be accountable, like the rest of womanhood to them. They view periods as the ultimate escape from being a man. They do not care about anything that women of any age or country go through during their cycles, let alone the ongoing political and social issues surrounding us- they purely view it as a tool we use to our advantage, and that’s how they act to our faces during these conversations and I refuse to participate in it. That’s it. What does matter to me is the fact that they want to act like periods simultaneously matter and validate them, but don’t matter when women point out how men use it to other, embarrass, or harass and insult women (and children) because they cannot and will never relate and they can’t handle that experience and knowledge being forever inaccessible to them.

No. 1839942

He looks like the Axeman from American Horror Story.

No. 1839950

This is a troony version of the (fictional) Winston Churchill joke about being drunk

No. 1839957

Sure, but women can also get diarrhea and the flu whenever. These symptoms can have causes other than periods. As evidenced by men also sometimes having these symptoms despite not having periods.

No. 1839958

No. 1839965

File: 1685749279521.jpg (187.11 KB, 810x1575, Screenshot_20230602-193752_Red…)

Tranny version of the combover kek

No. 1839968

File: 1685749998335.jpg (223.85 KB, 1889x974, FxpYT14XwAATe6P.jpg)

I want off this planet

No. 1839970

File: 1685750154123.jpg (76.01 KB, 800x800, tumblr_c0bb1f91471db0ece39417f…)

No. 1839979

I'm glad he's actually getting his dick removed though, tbh I'd rather taxpayers guarantee the lack of penis if they're going to allow men in. Unfortunately he can still assault women without a penis but at least he will have to deal with pain and dilations while in an unsanitary cell. Plus I'm assuming he's not getting his choice of surgeon so he's likely to be butchered too.
Obviously the better option is to not let men in but clown world and all

No. 1839987

File: 1685752369299.png (211.96 KB, 600x800, image (1).png)

No. 1839989

File: 1685752484491.jpeg (269.12 KB, 1125x1546, 1E9842E2-27A7-4973-9E76-742FD2…)

Oh sweet Jesus

No. 1839992

A pedo

No. 1839993

can you imagine being in prison and your tranny cellmate is dilating his inverted penis in your bed, soaking the sheets with lube and blood? that’s what’s gonna happen to the woman unfortunate enough to be locked up with this beast.

No. 1839995

wtf. actual pedo

No. 1839999

Pure retardation. It’s one thing to be dumbass handmaiden waiting for your troon husband to cheat on you when you have no kids, but she needs to wake the fuck up and goooo

No. 1840004

(sage your shit)

No. 1840005

i have a better idea, death penalty

No. 1840008

File: 1685755944264.png (79.61 KB, 1832x876, no fault.png)

apparently she's trying to divorce him but the troon refuses and insists on therapy. feel pretty bad for her, hopefully this will open her eyes eventually but i'm not holding my breath.

No. 1840010

Sorry to be that person but she literally could've just left. She chose to stay and boil in resentment even though her partners entire personality shifted. Nobody is forcing you to stick around. Cut that shit and move on and find someone who will talk to you about normal mundane shit with you again instead of everything having to revolve around deeply online memeing

No. 1840015

Next thread pic please

No. 1840027

File: 1685759769581.jpg (54.66 KB, 500x667, 7o32nq.jpg)

No. 1840031

File: 1685760327860.jpg (222.73 KB, 1290x1468, FrXvTRNaYAAGGh_.jpg)

>there's a trans teacher subreddit
dear lord

No. 1840033

File: 1685760350550.png (179.89 KB, 862x956, 1685555318712.png)

No. 1840034

i wanna a-log

No. 1840036

File: 1685760691664.png (160.33 KB, 1112x887, Screenshot 2023-06-02 195139.p…)

No. 1840038

File: 1685760799425.jpg (238.74 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20230315-170158_Chr…)

>there's a trans teacher subreddit
Yep, I remember cringing in horror when I found it:

No. 1840047

holy shit

No. 1840050

File: 1685762180162.jpg (105.23 KB, 700x516, diy-why-craft-fails-30-5a82c10…)

We have not gotten to the surgical precision required to compare what troons do to themselves to the process of woodworking. What they compare themselves to is a normal, and functioning piece of furniture. What they would be is more like picrel

No. 1840053

This is a stunt rDrama pulled. You got baited.

No. 1840054

File: 1685764459641.jpeg (11.38 KB, 250x333, C5F986C0-8EF3-41E5-B242-91F618…)

Nonnie, you’re giving them too much credit, they’re more like pic related.

No. 1840061

File: 1685766025157.jpeg (398.7 KB, 990x2442, IMG_3483.jpeg)

Funny how the only people who can call trannies out on their bad behavior is other trannies. If a “cis” woman says any of this she’s a terf, even tho it’s common knowledge mtfs are largely sex pest coomers. It only becomes a problem once it hurts tranners though, I guess?

No. 1840064

File: 1685766372244.webm (15.3 MB, 640x360, ZooeyZephyrTheView.webm)

He sure is milking his 15 minutes of fame

No. 1840068

If i must contribute to this discussion, you wouldn't believe how out of left field his trooning out was. Sure most breadtubers are automatically on the chopping block for for trooning out, but not so long prior to his transition he made videos where he denied ever feeling gender dysphoria or considering trooning out. I believe he was being genuine, maybe other anons might correct me on that one. Just right out the gate, bam. I honestly think he is trying to skinwalk contra moreso than an actual woman. I think he is discussed briefly in the breadtuber thread.

No. 1840073

Nice non-contribution, retard. I'd tell you to sage, but in this case, you didn't even have anything to say, so just don't post. This thread is a newfag honeypot I stg.

No. 1840074

Not to undermine his slightly sane post, but this schizo has been posted before. He uses the account to LARP as a couple, but the typing style and weird coomershit makes it extremely obvious that it's always him. Iirc "Ronin" is a cis butch "lesbian" he RPs as and Geisha is just the AGP tranny writing as himself.

No. 1840078

Cramps are caused by the cervix contracting. You don't have a cervix, you have IBS from eating nothing but tendies and Doritos all day.

No. 1840085


Please let this be the next thread pic

No. 1840088

The makeup artists on The View, no doubt some of the best in the country, couldn't even do much to make this dude somewhat passable. Also, his hair part continues to be tragic.

No. 1840103

they identify with predators

No. 1840113

These are the same retards trying to convince others that estrogen can make men 'grow' milk ducts.

No. 1840114

The worse case scenario is being a woman in prison and your cellmate being an uncastrated man who is practically untouchable due to his identity.

No. 1840115

I hate his wispy voice. You can tell he's trying so hard to sound like a sultry pornstar.

No. 1840132

File: 1685777940786.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 166.25 KB, 1584x2047, IMG_4533.jpeg)

i haven’t seen the new spiderman myself but its implied that gwen stacy is trans.

No. 1840139

Is this just bait? Months ago someone posted that image here saying its in the trailer, but the flag wasnt there in the trailer i watched at the cinema. Am i being blessed with some sweet censor

No. 1840144

KEK, this retard thinks the biggest issue is her husband wanting to have gay sex because that makes him a fetishist of other “sapphic” trannies. Not the fact that he acts inappropriately around children. Petty side note, I can only imagine what “”Geisha”” looks like. Transbians are so bad at picking out names for themselves, even worse than TIFs.

No. 1840170

File: 1685784817253.jpeg (523.81 KB, 990x2867, IMG_3510.jpeg)

Wow, I didn’t even look at the username. Insanity, he is dedicated to this bit too. Going back through his post history he claims to be “Latina” (lmao) and then complains about being fetishized for being a tranny and his race…while fetishizing Japanese women??? Like make it make sense my dude.

Also interesting that he claims to be “an exclusive top” and dating a ftm in an older post (http://archive.today/RobpA). Maybe she detransed, if it isn’t all a larp? Either way it’s just hetero PIV sex but the dude has long hair and limp dick so rip to her if she exists.

It does makes sense now why he’s so preoccupied with going to bat for ftms when mtfs 99.9% of the time don’t give two shits about ftms until it benefits them personally - she might be the one posting on his account or at the least influencing some of those posts. Mtfs reeing about gay male misogyny or female nbs being “misgendered” is basically unheard of otherwise unless they’re trying to get ftm brownie points.

Am curious though why he seems so hung up on chasers and ranting about people (even other “trans girls”) being obsessed with girldick uwu. Like is he aware of the optics and doesn’t want trannies to look like hypersexual freaks, or is he just whinging because his dick doesn’t work anymore? He writes these insane screeds about how people don’t appreciate ”soft” dick (picrel - archive: http://archive.today/ifP1B) which makes me lean towards the latter tbh. He also posts a TON about this topic, almost exclusively, across trans subs and specifically subs dedicated to tranny “chasers”, which comes off as a whole lot of tranny coping and seething.
Makes me worried for the kids because it’s not like trannies are called groomers for no reason. Even if he doesn’t touch them physically he might try to groom them into transitioning.

Also cannot agree more on the naming, at least Aiden/Kai/whatever ftm names are popular nowadays are pretty harmless. Even the female “nb” names aren’t grossly sexual, just cringe (shit like “Leaf” or yaoi boy names). Naming himself Geisha, even just as a username, is really a peak malebrain tranny moment.

At the least he’s not so delusional enough to post pics of his face on that account but usually those types are ugly in the most boring ways anyways.

No. 1840172

your point is understood nona but please don't call pedophiles and pedophile sympathizers "maps", it's so delegitimizing. obfuscating words is how we got to this point in the first place

No. 1840181

I don’t think they’re implying she’s trans. She has all sorts of social cause stickers in her room she’s a handmaiden basically.

No. 1840196

File: 1685792576896.png (342.43 KB, 652x637, firefox_Ovxhp6Qglq.png)

Reddit's front page constantly features messaging that anyone against trans logic is a facist

No. 1840210

File: 1685795510376.png (19.56 KB, 446x549, Captura de pantalla 2023-06-03…)

Retarded troon compares cosmetic treatment to actually medically necessary shit. More at eleven. https://twitter.com/MirrorHer/status/1664656109133606912

No. 1840225

theyd call a stump a chair and refuse to acknowledge that it used to be a tree going by their own logic

No. 1840229

its actually hilarious when they get surprised that their moobs get all lopsided and weird looking too, since they just develop gynecomastia instead.
also never forget and never forgive them using the term "budding" like the covert pedophiles they are

No. 1840234

I looked up rdrama but it seems like a dead subreddit, what's the context on this?

According to reddit, not letting people transition children is fascism while censoring dissenting opinions is democratic

At least if it's a diabetic the medicine will literally save them from going into a diabetic coma
They can use the suicide excuse but we all know its about as life saving as giving a woman a boobjob

No. 1840243

>also never forget and never forgive them using the term "budding" like the covert pedophiles they are
It skeeves me out so bad when they do that. Never in my life did I ever use that term for myself nor did anyone else for me, not even my mother or doctor. It’s so gross and a huge red flag.

No. 1840254

Even period poops are mostly caused by bad diet. Eat more fiber, stop having diarrhea.

No. 1840268

I'm sure all those women are lying… Stop acting like a moid.

No. 1840274

File: 1685805025965.jpg (43.2 KB, 500x500, eyoung.jpg)

This is Anthony's wife. Or "wife". Is he married to another troon?

No. 1840275

File: 1685805300354.png (1.21 MB, 712x933, Skärmbild (134).png)

Spotted in a cottagecore group I'm in. All the comments are "yaass slay gurl" etc. No space is safe.

No. 1840276

? Nonna it's caused by the proximity of the uterus to your intestines, they're right on top of each other. It has nothing to do with diet, except for in the troon's cases lol

No. 1840282

No. 1840283

File: 1685806452390.png (399.12 KB, 523x487, Screenshot 2023-06-03 173444.p…)

he has fallen off

No. 1840289

correct me if I'm wrong nonnas who like cottagecore, but a black leather fetishy collar/choker doesn't really seem to fit the aesthetic…

No. 1840290

correct me if I'm wrong nonnas who like cottagecore, but a black leather fetishy collar/choker doesn't really seem to fit the aesthetic…

No. 1840296

There are multiple trailers for most movies so I'm guessing you just saw one that didn't have that scene in it. The flag is definitely in the movie.

No. 1840300

File: 1685809512062.jpg (258.62 KB, 1080x1958, Screenshot_20230603_182521_com…)

Thats not how that works but whatever to feel special

No. 1840302

the art is as shit as the plot

No. 1840305

how does proximity to a uterus cause diarrhea? uterine cramping doesn't cause intestinal cramping and the two do not feel even remotely similar to each other.

No. 1840312

Yes it does and yes they do? All those muscles are connected and can affect each other. Also period poops does not mean specifically mean diarrhea

No. 1840317

It’s caused by prostaglandin hormones. You can’t really control it, the only times I ever get diarrhea are when my cramps are super strong and painful so it’s definitely caused by those hormones leading to cramps.

No. 1840318

>During your period, hormone-like substances cause your uterus to contract so it can shed its lining. This contraction is what causes cramping. Pain and other symptoms, such as nausea, constipation and diarrhea, can occur before your period starts.

No. 1840320

I get diarrhea every time my period starts… it has nothing to do with diet. I don't have any diarrhea outside of them and I eat pretty well. Just because you don't get them doesn't mean it's some kind of failing on the part of everyone who does

Cut to her using this for virtue points in any argument "as someone who has dated a transwoman/woman…"

Sickening. Obviously too narc to even care about whose in the room with him when he talks like that, then "I'm sorry you and they feel like that" can't even acknowledge his actions are the problem here, not their feelings.

No. 1840321

Nothing about this is "cottagecore" yet the moid still gets his balls licked. The absolute state of handmaidens, I swear..

No. 1840326

if he would be a woman, no one would comment on that picture to not have to insult her or people would give advice how to improve that look, maybe wearing a bra or losing some weight. It's so obvious that the standards for real woman and troons are so different and everyone seems to be too afraid to tell them the truth, that they look horrible and disgusting.

No. 1840332

>I'm sorry you feel that way.
The most male apology, never admiting fault and not actually sorry. All moids are the same.

No. 1840340

File: 1685815257200.jpeg (39.21 KB, 1199x397, IMG_4534.jpeg)

Captain Stacy has the flag pin on his jacket too, Gwen is probably a troon.

No. 1840341

It's due to hormonal changes and can, sometimes, be helped by taking supplements. I used to get horribly constipated every period because of hormones causing a drop in magnesium; no amount of fiber would help, taking magnesium supplements has stopped that for me. I'd imagine the diarrhea is similar, not sure if a supplement would help but my partner has this problem and she follows the BRAT diet when she gets her period to help: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast, try eating more of those things and see if it helps.

No. 1840342

the hormones released during the start of a period make (idk wtf they're called in english, long?) muscles react by contracting, uterus, the cervic and often the bowels and stomach even. I have endo and my bowels are stuck to my uterus so it's an actual diarrheafest whenever I do get my period now, but even normal healthy women get weird period shits because the whole fucking house gets shaken up by the earthquake that is menstruation.

No. 1840344

samefag but lmaaaoooo so in the alternate world Gwen comes from, is the trans flag like the thin blue line? Seems fitting.

No. 1840360

I haven't seen this discussed in either the mtf or ftm thread yet - maybe due to Matt Walsh's involvement although I don't know anything about him, just people commenting they don't typically like his stuff except the documentary kek.
The documentary What Is A Woman was released on Twitter, and it covers a lot of imo important topics like child transition, troon sports, transition regret, and the co-opting of "woman" by tims and this ultimately rendering the word meaningless.
The last line of the documentary was kind of cringe imo (hosts wife saying woman means adult human female "that needs help opening this" and hands over a pickle jar) but I'm mostly curious about what sort of impact it'll have if normies are exposed to the information in it. Last I looked it had 130mil+ views although Twitter is a niche

No. 1840363


honestly the weirdest thing in those movies and the recent games is how they want to tick every single box but can't say the cops are bad in any way or acknowledge any of the related politics exist.

No. 1840412

File: 1685825455009.png (94.21 KB, 1084x2986, Screenshot 0.png)

The comments from the Vasuh subreddit, regarding a twitter post from a woman complaining that a neo-vagina is nothing like a real vagina. This is more or less what the average twitter/reddit coomer male leftists reaction regarding standing up for their rights.

No. 1840420

I dont like Matt Walsh, its obvious all his talking points are stolen from Radfems but he uses them as a way to REINFORCE gender stereotypes, all while taking credit.
Making all people think that women who have those talking points are retarded pick-mes.
He also thinks 16 year old teenagers are “prime age” for reproduction, if anything he should be besties with trannies.

No. 1840429

The documentary isn't even good. Men like him and TIMs are the same. Always lying about women and enforcing on us what a woman is.

No. 1840431

File: 1685827494300.webm (10.15 MB, 576x1024, tranny.webm)

just another condescending man

No. 1840437

File: 1685828285931.jpeg (461.9 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4888.jpeg)

Why do all of them live like this.

No. 1840438

File: 1685828289104.png (122.5 KB, 796x1221, Screenshot Capture -23.png)

two steps back

No. 1840440

File: 1685828420512.jpg (223.17 KB, 1058x1200, FrXGIEXaIAcfGsf.jpg)

Of course the deleted comment was the only logical one.

No. 1840444

File: 1685828531904.jpg (307.86 KB, 1200x1703, MacTonight.jpg)

Moon Man looking ass

No. 1840446


The first one reminds me of what really put me off of a lot of the pseudo left back when they were doing all the atheism stuff. It's the whole "You're really just a flesh bag, how dare you attribute any higher meaning to anything. If I treat you like complete shit I'm really just being a realist" thing they do. It gets wrapped up in some new ideology every few years, but at their hearts they have a complete souless bugman mentality where every political movement they attempt turns into a way to turn people into commodities. Like what he's really upset with is the idea that womanhood can't be bought.

GC is a conservative belief in the same way the characters in a cyberpunk dystopian novel who still want the world before everything down to the clean air became a product are conservative.

No. 1840447

File: 1685828804620.jpg (342.87 KB, 1973x1009, FxeH8cuWAAAjJpH.jpg)

Troontube needs to stop getting so many surgeries or else he won't have a chin anymore.

No. 1840453


No. 1840459

He really is turning into Hontra, i thought it was him, creepy.

No. 1840466

File: 1685831841695.png (703.9 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230603-090815.png)

I hate this so much, I loved Gwen, they just have to ruin everything
I hate when I see these ugly boxy mfs using and stretching thrifted clothes that a beautiful woman could have worn. Also his face wtf lmfao

No. 1840471

I can't wait for the inevitable acab discourse

No. 1840475

for the sake of copium i'm just going to pretend that the tranny flags are there solely for virtue signalling easter eggs rather than actually implying gwen is a troon because i was really looking forward to this movie.

No. 1840476

kek, I remember that with Velam when they lesbian Daphne mixed-race lesbian cop moms.

No. 1840477

Gwen will come out as a she/they, and it will be so fucking funny.

No. 1840479

This is actually the most likely lmfao

No. 1840503

kek at the one bringing up the “feminine spiritual essence”. That’s literally what troids believe exist, rather than biological reality.

No. 1840507

File: 1685835595243.png (621.52 KB, 697x1128, Screenshot Capture (2).png)

It's not a women's fault if her sixth sense is telling her this man looks dangerous. Not like the other guys my arse

No. 1840509

File: 1685835750885.jpg (100.89 KB, 1392x1210, Fse4m02aAAUpuxu.jpg)

>because you reduced the requirement
um that's you tranny, we have men in our safe spaces because of troons like you