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File: 1683098648980.jpeg (64.65 KB, 764x960, IMG_8232.jpeg)

No. 1819594

No. 1819615

File: 1683100708589.jpg (82.05 KB, 609x661, gilead.JPG)

kick off the thread with the most handmaiden of all handmaidens, the queen of the handmaidens, getting so close to the point that she said the quiet part out loud and yet she took a hard left anyway.

No. 1819621

Why have separate bathrooms at all, then, if males are supposedly going to rape women no matter what? Social etiquette and shame were the main thing keeping men out of women's restrooms before this, but trannies have no shame and have made it their goal to completely erode away those social boundaries. Twenty years ago, if a man went into the women's room, he'd be pepper sprayed or get his ass kicked by someone's boyfriend. Good luck doing that now that someone can just evoke Tranny Teflon and be defended by scrotes and handmaidens who will happily vilify women for not wanting to change her pad in a stall next to a moid masturbating.

It's such retarded logic. Fuck it, why have changerooms at all if rape is apparently inevitable? Let's just change out in the open in the parking lot. Never mind that sexual assault is a crime of opportunity! Let's just get rid of all of the tools and social conventions women have carefully acquired to avoid victimization. Let's also take all the doors off of our houses, since burglary is already a crime and criminals are going to do it no matter what uwu.

No. 1819626

She's so close to getting it but I don't think she will unless she or someone close to her has to face a violent troon for herself.

We know transwomen statistically regardless of hrt and surgeries have the same violence pattern as other males. We know the vast majority of transwomen are attracted to women. We know transwomen in jail are more likely than cis men to be in for sexual violence. We know transwomen are physically bigger and stronger than females on average. We know openly wishing cis women specifically harm is openly accepted in the trans community, and the supposedly "innocent good ones who just want to pee" aren't even condemning the larger majority in fear of backlash from their own community. At the very LEAST transwomen are just as dangerous as cis men. And she admits cis men are a constant threat.

I don't think it's possible to argue with someone like her who openly denies reality, but she's the kind of person you can use a cautionary example of how brainwashed TRA are. It's funny how she says she will always be afraid of men, but not transwomen while at the same time saying she accepts any man who says he's trans as a transwoman. Makes me wish every single man around her would come out as tru and honest trans at the same time to see how people like her react.

No. 1819628

File: 1683102733914.webm (606.41 KB, 576x768, Download (11).webm)


No. 1819634

File: 1683104336287.png (264.56 KB, 420x700, lol.png)

No. 1819642

File: 1683106355870.jpeg (111.13 KB, 828x1166, IMG_4339.jpeg)

saged because not milky enough but i came across this retarded tranny who fakes a typo to come across “cute” kek

No. 1819645

File: 1683107005352.jpg (207.61 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_2023-04-27-14-51-46…)

gore posted don't scroll up

No. 1819649

kys scrote

No. 1819651

File: 1683107655437.png (22.94 KB, 275x275, 1651428297460.png)

No. 1819652

File: 1683107725477.png (28.11 KB, 500x606, suspect a scrote.png)

No. 1819660

File: 1683109673275.jpg (372.39 KB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_20230420_175029_Ins…)

gotta love the Obviously A Woman uniform of fishnets and a schoolgirl skirt at the shooting range. very practical and not a result of moid coombrain

No. 1819662

Only the most sheltered and coddled women could ever have this pattern of thoughts. She doesn't fear men, she says that because she thinks she's supposed to. No woman who truly understands male violence could could get to her conclusion.

No. 1819671

Kek the contrast at this photo

No. 1819682

didn’t even tuck the skirt under his sweaty man ass. you do that to make a barrier between the ass and the seat. that’s Skirt Wearing 101

No. 1819690

If I ever had a son and found out he was an agp I'd kill myself. I couldn't live with the guilt that I'd brought such an abomination into this world.

No. 1819693

File: 1683118498450.jpg (67.67 KB, 1080x696, FvMQuQ8XwAAKkYA.jpg)

The misogynistic coomer brain just having to add that tall women are only being seen as doms. What a stupid fucking thing to say these moids make me wanna alog every day

No. 1819694

Ot but I hate that "denial is a river in Egypt" quote. Its incorrect and sounds like a retard who doesn't understand idioms just parroted it to sound like a baddie w/o understanding what it meant.

No. 1819695

Of course he only equates them as doms as he only sees women as living sexdolls and wants to be a " woman" to live out his coom fantasies

No. 1819698

He knows he doesn't blend in, considering hes wanking right next to them

No. 1819699

File: 1683119406204.jpeg (101.41 KB, 828x826, IMG_4342.jpeg)

breaking news real women do not enjoy nerdy things, they only think about runway fashion and makeup

No. 1819717

File: 1683123281313.jpg (517.13 KB, 1079x3250, Screenshot_20230503_013301_Red…)

Great thread image kek

The girlies at r/actuallesbians are becoming increasingly tired. The peakening is upon us. Picrel

Reveddit link since every other comment is removed. https://www.reveddit.com/v/JustUnsubbed/comments/136296r/just_unsubbed_from_ractuallesbians_the_most/

No. 1819733

And of course it was deleted, because the troons weren't controlling the narrative.

No. 1819736

File: 1683125837621.jpeg (109.73 KB, 685x955, IMG_1637.jpeg)

I wanted to repost this from seeing it at the end of the last thread because it’s just so crazy. I have no idea if Eddie Izzard is actually touching himself, but the contrast between the women who are dressing for comfort versus the moid dressing for coom is fascinating.

No. 1819739

No woman is shoving her hands down her pants in a public bathroom in front of strangers to readjust her vagina.

No. 1819744

Yeah, I don't honestly think he is touching himself in that way but it's still inappropriate for him to be there in the first place and adjust his clothes (best case scenario) in front of women. He knows he will get recognised and no one will dare voice their discomfort.
>nooo we just want to pee
this man has been dressing this way his entire adult life and using the men's room. It's purely opportunistic to suddenly start using the women's toilets, just to feel power over women. He definitely gets off on their shock and discomfort. Vile narcissist.

No. 1819750

Kek nonnies weren't lying at all the actualtransbians sub is riddled with moid "lesbian" anime and troons
The memes kinda reminds me of some unfunny coomer comics about a lesbian couple that makes rounds on reddit that have "mommy sub goth and the dom short femme gf", I don't know the name but nonnies probably know which one I am talking about

No. 1819752

Nice grenade tattoo, freak
>reeee im blessed with a tall body
>reeee tall women are DOMS and im a SUBBY SUB
Terminally online.

No. 1819753

Of all the tattoos to put on your skin for the rest of your life you choose a grenade??

No. 1819758

You can spot them from far away just by the inappropriate fashion choices, a while back I was walking through town with my husband, it was fairly cold and I had on a coat and jeans and wasn't wearing my glasses. Far away I saw this woman walking opposite to us, I could see she had on a miniskirt and a mesh crop top and I was like "wow that woman is not dressed for the weather". Then we got closer and I realized. Usually it seems they either pick the most mismatched fashion that seems to miss the mark for the aesthetic they're going for, or wear stuff totally inappropriate the occasion like when Dylan Mulvaney wore "hiking heels". They just seems to not quite understand how women dress

No. 1819763

>You can spot them from far away just by the inappropriate fashion choices
Definitely. Last week at the supermarket I spotted high heels and fishnets in the corner of my eye knew right away… sure enough when i looked up it was a gross middle aged man in a terrible wig, disastrous eyeshadow and distasteful short dress. It was kind of amusing to watch him charging about so ungracefully and seeing all the women in the supermarket instantly peaking upon witnessing this fetishist.

No. 1819777


No. 1819780

The tranny at work was no joke wearing fucking Halloween tights as leggings. Silver glitter glue spider webs and spiders all over his stupid fucking lanky legs. We work with caustic chemicals

No. 1819787

A similar thing happened to me recently, saw a very tall woman from behind wearing a miniskirt on a cold day when other women were in jeans and coats, then got closer and saw the troon flag on his bag. Then the fashion choice all made sense.
As another anon said earlier, they don't dress to blend in, they dress for coom.

No. 1819790

did this man really just say tall women are only allowed to be doms?

No. 1819800

Nonnie do we shop at the same grocery store? One time I saw an obvious troon waiting in the checkout line and he was wearing a hot pink wig and a bodycon minidress.

No. 1819802

File: 1683134006789.jpg (79.67 KB, 1080x1096, FvNPs_5XwAI64BA.jpg)

No. 1819811


No. 1819824

File: 1683137160905.jpg (129.71 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20230503_115906_Ins…)


No. 1819825

File: 1683137214309.jpg (88.67 KB, 1079x1080, Screenshot_20230503_120125_Ins…)

sexual dimorphism is crazy

No. 1819834

File: 1683140002491.png (207.02 KB, 1180x1524, Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 2.51…)


still following the wiki edit drama and this has me feeling sick to my stomach. a violent man raped and murdered a woman and her two young girls and their main concern is "she was ALWAYS a woman!!!". i'm sorry, how do you even know that for sure? i thought gender was a spectrum? i thought anyone can be whatever they feel like they are at that time?

i hate this so much. i feel boiling, alogging rage towards this person.

No. 1819835

wtf he can literally see over the stalls

No. 1819839

That troon who has the audacity to call himself Stacy and comfort that other scrote when they're selfishly breaking apart relationships for a fetish. You just know he named himself that because of the incel meme attached to it.

No. 1819840

Yes, but he doesn't know that, because he's a man and he doesn't have a vagina, so he's not taught to be extra careful about bacteria, especially near the private area.
Also doesn't care about leaving his own gross germs everywhere.
Also proof of his male brain that likes violence, at least if it was a woman (women can go on shooting ranges, whatever) if it was a woman she wouldn't dress like that to a shooting range, like you said.

No. 1819854

>invading women only spaces, often with little girls in them
>pressuring lesbians to date their ugly asses
>destroying lesbian dating apps
>closing lesbian bars
>grooming literal children into becoming drag queens
How could this happen to the T? Why would LGB do this?

No. 1819869

File: 1683143911330.jpg (92.41 KB, 465x1024, 9f11a78a-f343-5a53-a4e5-78e7ab…)

they are so fucking male

No. 1819880

You're not "subby," you're just lazy in bed and want someone else to do all the work. Fatass.

No. 1819888

When he just assumed that he'd automatically gain a husband as part of the waking up as a woman scenario, I checked out. Multiple things wrong with coming to that conclusion.

No. 1819899

>I shed a single tear before my entire body erupts
Sounds like someone describing the last moments of a victim of a natural disaster or bombing.

No. 1819903

I'm supposed to buy this guy was just born with a woman brain? If you take away the intense sexual fascination with her own body what other interest does this guy have in being a woman?

No. 1819905

Imagine being 7 foot tall and having cocklovers reverse simp over you and still having AGP.

The most AGP thing on the internet and that's saying something

No. 1819906

Absolutely nothing.

No. 1819907

Samefag but have the troons ever tangibly differentiated between them and transracials like Dolezal? Or even the furry freaks and otherkin?

No. 1819908

He has his magic auto firming breasts, which respond to touch like a dick

No. 1819909

i love how they always imagine that they would be these beautiful and fit women and not their actual female counterparts

No. 1819910

Nonna didn't you know womanhood is entirely defined by what porn stereotype you happen to fit? You can only be a bimbo, a slut, a horny anime teen, or a big tiddy mommy dommy according to troons.

No. 1819911

disgusting. yet another example of even gay men sexualise / pornify women. and the strict gender role reinforcement.

No. 1819912

realizing that there's a porn category for literally anything a woman can be (blonde, brunette, ginger, young, old etc.) was what blackpilled me

No. 1819914

Hair colour, race, age, consenting, conscious, coerced, animated, the internet truly has every flavour of porn for moids to coom to

No. 1819920

File: 1683147285961.jpeg (302.94 KB, 1170x1447, A6F2C919-6997-4718-BF9A-03E808…)

This was posted in a group that is predominantly occupied by local women/is supposed to be a safe space for women. I am so tired of pandering to the whiniest and most vocal minority. We aren’t even allowed to start our posts with “Hey babes!” anymore because it’s not gender neutral.

No. 1819921

I just made a sound that I can only describe as a hiss. Wtf is this

No. 1819927

Sounds like something straight from menwritingwomen.

No. 1819928

Why do people allow these freaks to maintain their fiction of being a gender when their idea of being a gender is solely sexual and they sexualize the concept of being that gender? They're just coomers into sissy porn for fucks sake

No. 1819959

i’m in a moms group on facebook that doesn’t allow us to call each other “mama”
absolute clown world

No. 1819962

i’m in a moms group on facebook that doesn’t allow us to call each other “mama”
absolute clown world

No. 1819963

File: 1683151651419.jpg (28.02 KB, 540x552, 20230503_170317.jpg)

No. 1819964

Yup, the last troon I saw was a man probably in his 60s wearing a red party wig, a literal bra as a top and some neon leggings and high heels. They basically all dress as whatever bizarre porn stereotypes they wank to. How can I believe TWAW when no 60 yo woman on earth would be caught dead in that?

No. 1819965

>my left breast which immediately firms up

So he has cocks for tits?

No. 1819969

>just below my left breast, which immediately firms
uhh, that's not really how breasts wor…you know what? nvm

No. 1819972

File: 1683152211798.png (78.65 KB, 898x1542, MRA in a dress.png)

Check out this negative-integer-EQ tranny in the comments, writing essays about how feminists are too mean to men and everyone on Earth is secretly bisexual. Setting aside the blatant homophobia, women have been docile and conciliatory to men for millennia and that didn't accomplish shit. Women in the UK had to burn down buildings for the right to vote. Being nice to scrotes doesn't work.
Also kek at
>She seems to believe women are genetically the weaker sex and must be protected and segregated from the genetically stronger and more aggressive sex, men.
Yes, she's correct. Hormones have an effect, but they don't override a persons' socialization and genetics. Case in point: the majority of MtFs in prison are doing time for sex crimes, while only two percent of those charged with sexual assault are female. Sixty percent of women in prison are survivors of sexual assault.

No. 1819973

They are literally incapable of imagining womanhood as anything beyond porn and sex. The MALENESS of it all is astounding. Even normie "cis" moids aren't as utterly, monstrously male as these "woman brained" moids.

No. 1819980

File: 1683152984674.png (553.79 KB, 785x777, British Cycling considers bann…)

No. 1819981

Kek nonnie they truly have no sense of fashion. Last week I saw one in one of those long slip (?) sexy dresses, while he was an ugly 6'0 middle aged moid who had severe balding

No. 1819988

File: 1683153665978.png (726.55 KB, 2050x3140, 1682924943306.png)

8 hours in photoshop

No. 1819993

I feel like there's been some discussions lately about how fluid male sexuality is, to me that post reads as an AGP who is so sexually invested in "being" a woman that the most female thing he can think of is having sex with a man. His sexual interest is clearly concentrated on femaleness. There needs to be a study on prison gay AGPs, we already know that number of "lesbian" troons is way higher compared to the number of "straight" ones, but I honestly think that half of the latter are just men who have convinced themselves that the ultimate way to fulfill their female fantasy is by having sex with a man.

No. 1819997

File: 1683154257132.png (79.03 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20230503-185104-892…)

Gawd I hope she saves herself

No. 1819999


I will never get over how fucking bizarre it is that troons insist on acting like women's bathrooms are this magical coven of sacred sisterhood. Why tf would you care that the social vibe in a BATHROOM is "uptight"? You're there to piss or shit, no woman or man goes to the bathroom to make friends lmao. Also I feel like sometimes when women give what are obviously fake superficial compliments to trannies in our bathrooms, it's the "fawn" option of the fight/flight/freeze/fawn prey response. They're trying to suck up to the tranny because on a primal level they are aware that they are alone in a private space with a man and that's dangerous, and are trying to be overly friendly to neutralize the very real threat of violence. If it's not that, it's a handmaiden who has bought into the idea that it's her responsibility to cater to male feelings and validate men 24/7, especially if he's larping as a woman.

No. 1820001

I could tell this was written by a man because men literally can't contextualize what it's like to have an aggressive man whose got 80 pounds on you be sexually interested. It doesn't matter how "strong" I am if that guy wants to attack me it's fucking over. He's never been on the receiving end of this, I used to live alone in an apartment and had a guy who came around at night and peeped in my window, I called the police but its useless they come around take a statement but thats it. that shit feels incredibly vulnerable. But I guess I should have just given him the benefit of the doubt or been "stronger". But yeah when poor little transwomen start commiting sexual assault at the same level as women, then they can stay in the women's shelter.

No. 1820009


start copy pasting post in mtf without saying where they're from and post them in the males writing women sub to see how many Tras start making fun of it without realizing it originally came from a troon kek

No. 1820019

File: 1683155810301.png (104.42 KB, 695x678, Oli London on Twitter.png)


Yes trannies should totally be allowed in women's safe spaces just look at what they fucking do with tampons. Fuck this is so gross.

No. 1820021

File: 1683155938065.jpg (72.37 KB, 888x499, 7kg9js.jpg)

No. 1820026

gay men can explicitly call out & criticize TIFs for attention seeking behavior and directly state their attraction toward biological men (without having to phrase it as an attraction to XY chromosomes or the male phallus/post-op trans male phallus) and reddit okays it with a YASSS QUEENS SLAY. Meanwhile lesbians so much as hint that they kinda sorta are not interested in male genital or someone who isn't sexually interested in them and they receive troon essays and bans.

this is semi ot but I hate the acceptance and encouragement so many TRAs and activist types have toward bans on social media, obviously it's one thing to ban people for vile behavior and statements that violate a space's rules (which are generally rules made more in accordance with discrimination and hate speech laws so as to not get the social media site taken down). It's completely different to ban people for having a different fucking opinion like what we frequently see with women (especially lesbian women) on reddit. There's a small handful of sites that house nearly all of public discussion online, getting banned from just one severely limits a person's ability to interact publicly online if they so choose. But because these websites are private companies, it's all okay. There are incredibly few women's only communities, and hardly any with the reach subreddits have, and women still get banned from essentially public discussion because they politely and kindly didn't pander to men. It makes me so livid that it's seemingly standard to censor women online at the behest of angry men and troons (also angry men).

No. 1820029

File: 1683156825888.jpg (90.83 KB, 1080x716, FvONkSFWIBQgbwe.jpg)


No. 1820030

Women do enjoy nerdy shit, the thing is you can often clock a troon by interests alone. But also, men and women usually enjoy things in different ways, and that includes stuff like Star Wars and makeup. But these troons will never ever have "feminine interests" because they're unable to enjoy things in the way women do. No matter what traditionally feminine things they adopt as their "autistic special interest" they'll always be clocked by the way the enjoy it and interact with women who have the same interest.

No. 1820031

File: 1683156867199.png (11.09 KB, 677x372, Mx. Amanda Jetté Knox on Twitt…)


No. 1820033

File: 1683157141736.webm (1.48 MB, 480x964, 1683149367863.webm)

No. 1820034

File: 1683157216693.webm (5.71 MB, 320x568, MalesInDisguise_status_1653444…)

I can't decide who has the most punchable face, this dude or dyldo

No. 1820036

Hopefully this trans genocide happens in every American state and the rest of the world follows!

No. 1820039

File: 1683157556340.png (18.41 KB, 498x535, 40809 - SoyBooru.png)

we can only hope(don't post soyjacks here)

No. 1820048

Ew ew ew ew cringe bimbo mindset

No. 1820049

lmao at the "not ITV" to protect his job.
>The Counter Terrorism Unit is a collaboration of UK police forces working with the UK intelligence community to "help protect the public and national security by preventing, deterring and investigating terrorist activity".
sounds like a good use of these resources.

No. 1820050

troons don't want to be average women, they want to be literal male fantasies come to life. b/c pornsickness. women and men don't differ physically by such an enormous degree in reality, and many women are very far from approximating some shitty idealization. It's why troons say that they don't envy regular women they only envy the most attractive women, as those are the ones they fetishize and what is essentially the most valuable in men's eyes in general.
like 2/3rds male messages in OkCupid went to the top 1/3 of women according to the blog that the people who ran the site wrote. men who claim that most women only want to date the hottest men are literally projecting.

No. 1820051

his voice is like nails down a chalkboard to me. I just can't. something so evil about the sound of it.

No. 1820061

I want them to fight to the death

No. 1820063

>the hormone profiles of trans men make them act and look like men and also make them stronger and more likely to commit sexual assault
If that were the case, the rates at which trans men commit crimes, particularly sexual crimes, would be similar to those of men. Yet they aren’t. You know who DOES have similar to greater rates of committing violent sexual crimes? Trans women. So yeah, I have much less concern over sharing a bathroom with 5’3” Aiden, even if she does take testosterone.

No. 1820064

File: 1683159811899.jpg (140.53 KB, 714x1350, a48om953g78i9h.jpg)

dude keeps taking L after L

No. 1820071

Can't wait for the day he finally gets outed as a full blown pedo with terabytes of CP on his computer. He comes across as so sadistic and scary, I'd feel genuinely unsafe anywhere near him.

No. 1820073

I cant think of a single gay person who likes this man. I was told about his patreon being weird as fuck like two years ago I think? Like if even gay men are like this is sus instead of yas kweening you then they sense something

No. 1820075

KEK based Sister Michael. and his snivelling backtracking is pathetic.

No. 1820078

Hilarious how this is acceptable now.

No. 1820080

Fuck Himdia, Siobhan McSweeney is absolutely hilarious and has 10 times the talent of any troon.

No. 1820091

Dyldo is fucking annoying, but Jeff is another level of hell entirely. He has the mannerisms of someone who has acquired a taste for human blood and will kill again. Haunting.
Also why does he put such pale concealer under his eyes? It looks like pure shit.

No. 1820092

This is literally just like when male authors try to write women.

No. 1820095

File: 1683163497888.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.35 KB, 420x276, IMG_8097.jpeg)

Naw, let those freaks do it. Hopefully it’ll give ‘em TSS.

Spoiler image for TSS victim. Sage for nta

No. 1820097

Everytime I see this guy it's like there's this weird seething background radiation of anger, it always sounds like he's about to yell at you or get in an argument even if he's just shilling his patreon. I'd legit be scared of talking to him

No. 1820101

What I don't get is why is he so fucking mad, he's a non binary scrote, he's also gay. This conversation has nothing to do with him, his lifestyle or anything oh..wait.
It has to do with women. I guess that's why he's so pissed. Notice nobody seethe about issues that effect men being addressed that way. Nobody goes, "well Trans women have prostates so don't say it's a male issue!" Not as often or loud as they do about any use of the word "woman/women".
He's seething with anger with each word

No. 1820106

File: 1683164464903.png (182.84 KB, 606x680, kev hamm consquences of her ow…)

Trannies have doxed the ladies that were silently protesting on the bench. Pic related is one of the men who saved the bench so the troon could sit on it, wanting to slap women…for sitting on a bench.

No. 1820107

Jesus, these people have no life

No. 1820110

File: 1683164698929.png (292.68 KB, 598x604, kev hamm id 2.png)

No. 1820112

File: 1683164838676.png (8.46 KB, 598x277, kev hamm doesnt condone violen…)

No. 1820113

this has meme potential, what would the caption be?

No. 1820115

“Can see over the stalls”

No. 1820116

spontaneous human combustion

No. 1820122

Are these women actually doing this because of the tranny or? They just seem like old ladies that felt like sitting. Especially considering they are all old and more likely to sit because of joint pain.

No. 1820123

They all probably watched the Amanda Bynes show with the re-occuring skit called "the girls room" and went from there. And hearing about DRUNK early twenty-somethings girls in bar bathrooms. Smh

No. 1820125

Even if it was a protest they weren't harming or yelling at anyone like moids like to do. The tranny even has an office of his own but he's justbsitting on that bench for asspats.

No. 1820127

It's isane that this man sticks his nose in women's issues but doesn't do the same for men's issues. What makes him the authority on what women find offensive?

No. 1820131

They are so retarded, it's funny that the top makeup youtubers are troons and gay men. Its becoming less of a female hobby and more of another male hobby.

No. 1820132

I bet if you casually said you love eating eggs he'd flip out and say "what do you mean by 'eggs'?!"

No. 1820136

File: 1683166979140.jpeg (170.9 KB, 750x1052, IMG_8243.jpeg)

the only real boy in a group of aidens kek

No. 1820142

File: 1683167577714.gif (1.83 MB, 480x360, BYUbrkjuaB-aNYsIjYnMdJ-VPsc=.g…)

>be with Aidens.
>They don't even respect his gender.

No. 1820164

File: 1683169508106.png (88.19 KB, 1054x1029, 20230503_230022.png)

how much do you wanna bet "trying to talk about anything that doesn't give me dysphoria" is loli tier anime girl coomer shit. he could've just said being surrounded by coomer gaydens is annoying but why'd he have to expose his homophobia lmao. how are gay men "dysphoria inducing" to you?? malebrained af.

picrel is insane to me as a long time tumblr user. lesbian circles in 2016/2017 and even as late as 2018 were pretty good with recognizing social sexism and sexism in media and stuff. now mingling in the same lesbian circles gets me posts like this. no females to be seen anywhere on this post but the reblogs (that aren't other troons laughing it up) are all just women with no tags. depressing

No. 1820192

I’m so confused. It looks like a public bench, why would it matter if he sat on it last week or five minutes ago? This entire thing is legitimately confusing me because I don’t understand what they’re mad at these women about.

No. 1820194

I’m so confused. It looks like a public bench, why would it matter if he sat on it last week or five minutes ago? This entire thing is legitimately confusing me because I don’t understand what they’re mad at these women about.

No. 1820198

Sounds like a fanfic, I don’t believe it.

No. 1820207

average TIF vs average TIM

No. 1820209

Feel like I've just seen something illegal.

No. 1820213

>feel the water run through my long hair
>jog packing upstairs
>yoga class
>pour myself a glass of wine
>preparing dinner(after a long day of doing nothing)
this is less what his ideal day as a "cis" woman would be and more what he thinks the ideal "cis" woman should be, should have long hair, large breasts, does yoga but not anything that gives gross icky muscles, is a stay-at-home wife, also rich enough to be SAHW and not be a gold-digger, truly the most freakish combination of AGP and HSTS. Also, kek at
>new-found flexibility
you're not inflexible bc you're a man, it's bc you're in terrible shape.
>playing with yourself all day
that's not much different from what they already do, jobless freaks.

No. 1820225

File: 1683180066234.png (27.1 KB, 1006x520, r_ actuallesbians is full of T…)

This is some tranny that went on the based lesbian sub full of actual lesbians and thought it was the transbian sub because he didn't notice the spelling. He's mad over real women on the HER app not liking to be told to like dicks. What gets me is that these guys keep calling it "transphobic/TERF dogwhistles" when those women are literally calling them men in dresses, they haven't realized yet that the so-called TERFs don't give a shit if they're called transphobic bigots kek.

Being a woman among TIMs is a hundred times worse. having to hear about them sticking dildos up their ass all day, them talking about having gay TIM sex and masturbating to futa while self-inserting as little girls in lolicon hentai, them defending pedophilia, infinite conversations about their dick in true male fashion, plus having to hear horrible things about real women all the time, and feitshizing anything related to femaleness and femininity, without them respecting your humanity or giving a shit about your point of view since they're all incels. Suck it up tranny
>"you don't want to be biologically female"
How's that triggering? It's the truth. If the troon had been born female he would hate it. Moids will never get it.
>whenever I try to talk about anything that doesn't give me dysphoria they get mad
If this is even true, I wonder what kind of topics could warrant such a reaction.

No. 1820227

The only case where I support Aidens. Get his ass themlets!

No. 1820228

Lmao I can’t believe they’re blowing this into a doxxing campaign. They sound like elementary school kids screaming “SHE STOLE MY SEAT!!!” in the lunchroom

No. 1820252

That's why Blanchard & Bailey call it pseudo-bisexuality or meta-attraction - they want to enact the role of their fantasy of womanhood, including having sex with men. They may continue to pursue women simply because they're attracted to women but it may also be their preferred female archetype to roleplay. This can also extend to other characteristics that they fetishize, like religion, culture, race, disability, etc.

No. 1820253

Nonna please I'm eating breakfast

No. 1820255

"For a lot of reasons" do tell why motherhood and pregnancy is not synonymous with being a woman

No. 1820256

I guarantee he jerks off solely to porn involving women getting beaten

No. 1820258

men are such degenerates, to a stupid degree. this is the kind of retarded shit that makes entire species go extinct.

No. 1820265

File: 1683185485891.jpeg (566.86 KB, 3464x2725, DFF5CE91-A919-4CFE-9882-133C76…)

i went to actuallesbians for a courtesy scroll and it’s true. It’s mostly trannies and some normal women trying to avoid them. Also a lot of the “transbians” on this sub seem to have made being a supposed lesbian their whole personality which is very telling

No. 1820269

>I know trans lesbians aren't lesbians but actually straight men because you can put 50 cute ones (doubt) of them in a room and they all complain about how hard it is to find a cute single GIRLS and all go home alone because none of them are attracted to other men even if they're "cute"

No. 1820270

men treat lesbians like a male subculture, it’s disgusting.

No. 1820271

If this happens to a group you're in just start a new one that doesn't fuck with the gendershit and advertise it in the first group before leaving it. You won't be the only person who wants to leave, most people are rolling their eyes at it so if you provide a better alternative they'll take it.

No. 1820275

Of course not, because they can't kek
Usually they'll try to deflect and shift the blame saying something like
>"you are racist and transphobic for even asking that omg you're so stupid, it's so obvious that they're totally super different things you're just too dumb to get it, just google it because I don't owe you my time and it's not my job to educate you"
They panic because they can't actually justify why they're different since they're actually very similar, just that trans-racial is more plausible than being transgender so it makes them look bad.
They do actually think someone must have figured it out and said it in a way that proves they are right, but none of them have so you get the "emperors new clothes" effect where they're all convinced they're right but the proof doesn't exist and never did but not a single one of them could be bothered to fact-check it.

No. 1820277

So he's being bullied by fujoshis who view him as their token gay friend. I refuse to believe that this person is older than fifteen.

No. 1820287

Literally doxing grandmas for using a bench in a public building, jfc. At least they're old enough to the point where the internet doesn't matter as much and this probably won't affect their income. What are they going to do instead of trying to get them fired? Ask the government to stop sending them social security checks?

No. 1820289


>Rowling a misandrist

Literally her beloved main character is male and she's written several loving and good men in her series (and some bad guy ones) she's had loving and good women and bad women as well. (Umbridge is easily a top ten villain for me.)

I would say that JK understands that people come various shades of grey and are complex beings. But she also understands that men, especially bad ones? Perpetuate crime against those they can take advantage of and that's women and children. And yes. We need protection. It isn't sexist to point out who the mass offenders are out of the sexes. Its men. It'll always be men.

I'm so tired of troonery screaming not all men. They pay lip service but don't actually care about women. They just want to steal womanhood and co-opt it for their dumb coom shit.

No. 1820291

I love how recently males are trying to use misandrist as an insult kek.
Usually the one being told they are a misandrist will just lol because it's absurd or say 'yes'

No. 1820293

old men are so weird

No. 1820294

I'll take my redtext for this, but I reported those tweets for doxing/harassment. They're trying to get her fired and harassing her family because she sat on a tranny's favorite bench. I'm done.

No. 1820296

So the government responsible for him being in danger is actually protecting him?

No. 1820299

File: 1683190045671.jpeg (Spoiler Image,87.15 KB, 828x849, IMG_4428.jpeg)

>sleepy girl

No. 1820316

File: 1683194163257.jpeg (295.55 KB, 1241x2142, IMG_0774.jpeg)

Tranny recording himself crying to sad music in his car kek. I have no idea what he’s talking about and pretty sure he’s making shit up. He’s the same worm who claims women don’t know anything about our bodies because we don’t accept that his constipation cramps and diarrhea are periods.

No. 1820318

Show me one actual living holocaust survivor who said this. Show me one who actually cares about trannies. Fuuuuuuck them all. I’ve had enough of them hiding behind actual oppressed groups. My mom and I are putting up “TERF” shit on every local bulletin board, including one at the library so they think twice about “drag story hour”. If you see me doing it no you didn’t.

No. 1820319

someone probably manipulated some poor old person into confusion about what trans people even are and coerced them into saying what they want to hear

No. 1820323

Godspeed, Nona. Please stay safe.

No. 1820332

Appreciate what you and your based mother are doing.

No. 1820349

You leave Lola out of this, that fish is hotter than most trans women could dream to be.(sage your shit)

No. 1820350

Under new drag laws (all these laws are shit and I don't agree with them fyi, they are all from the same rollback 100 years grab-bag and nobody benefits, but) people performing drag in public outside of adult entertainment venues is a felony. This person looks male even from this screenshot so like most non passing trannies, are in zero danger. It would more likely affect the "good" transwomen who actually get surgery, have long hair, and put some effort into passing. Most AGPs can just go into (or stay in) boymode and be magically freed from all danger, same as it ever was.

No. 1820351

Do they really think they will make people feel sad for them by showing their grotesque self crying in their car kek

No. 1820376

Nasty thought but he could also be a pedo in florida scared of the consequences of being caught doing something to a kid and trying to act like it's a "slippery slope" law that is going to combine itself with the anti drag laws (which are unfortunately seemingly quite anti gnc too but at least are unlikely to affect females).
A lot of pedos are coming out of the woodwork due to that recent death penalty law because deep down all pedos know they're probably going to end up raping some kid, if they didn't want to they wouldn't continue jacking off to kids in the first place. They see a law about mutilated child genitals and cry about the consequences to the perpetrator because doing this is the dream and goal of their existence

No. 1820379

I hate the really violent woke types who want to hurt people but remember they're supposed to be the "empathetic" ones so they start the sentence off "normally I don't condone violence" and then advocate tracking down and beating dissenters. They always do it at women too you never see them talk about beheading Matt Walsh


Same, tifs are huge doormats for tims while tims just laugh and shit on tifs. No way a tif would tell him to kill himself while he just sulks off to weep online


No. 1820384

File: 1683204846841.png (1.83 MB, 1268x1112, Untitled.png)

>combine itself with the anti drag laws (which are unfortunately seemingly quite anti gnc too
i think people can tell the diff b/w a drag act and a gnc man, nona

No. 1820392

Nonnies, I know this gets talked about on the daily, but I can’t stop thinking about it. As someone who used to be a TRA, the one thing that turned me wasn’t anything related to bathrooms or sports or anything like that, but it’s the fact that TIMs will never be able to truly understand female sexual oppression. There isn’t a woman on the planet who hasn’t at BEST been sexually harassed and at WORSE been sexually assaulted. And every time a TIM posts about how much he wants to be catcalled or raped, it emphasizes this fact that they don’t understand this fundamental aspect of female oppression. From birth, the fact that we have a female reproductive system determines our life trajectory as “lesser than”, from how we are socialized and treated as small children, to how we are accused of seducing older men if we dare to wear a tank top or shorts as teens, to how we are expected to be obedient to men even as we get older. The fact that TIMs can’t emphasize with these experiences or actively get off on them is horrifying since they so desperately want to be us and claim to understand us. In the eyes of males, we are made to sexually serve them and be a vessel for their offspring. We aren’t seen as real people, only transactional objects, and it’s obvious that the men in these threads never lose that viewpoint of women. They don’t even want to lose it. They relish in it, they get angry at us when we point out it is the root of female oppression because to point it out ruins their fantasy. And then we’re expected to grovel at their feet, like we always have been, simply on the basis that they’re male. I think maybe if we saw the same thing in reverse (between TIFs and men), it would somehow feel like less of an issue, but it remains clear that as women, we can never shed our oppression no matter what we do, even if we take hormones and get surgeries to try and become more like men. I’m sorry to type all of this out, but I hope it’s a good reminder for anyone who is still on the fence. Once you start comparing the thoughts and behaviors of TIMs to the majority of other men out there, it becomes impossible to not realize they’re one in the same, the misogyny is all there and I’d argue it’s often even worse in TIMs because of how often they actively fetishize our pain by yearning for it so badly and telling us off when we dare to speak of it.

No. 1820393

>jobless freaks
No need to be rude, some of them play with themselves all day on the job too.

No. 1820403

File: 1683207723583.jpeg (106.9 KB, 1284x881, IMG_6478.jpeg)

They are so disgusting.

No. 1820406

Where the fuck are they seeing posts calling dick gross? Every other post is some coomer meme about their dicks or getting lesbians pregnant over a cutesy underage anime girl. If a lesbian dares mention pussy positively without also including how much she loves dick they have these meltdowns. I refuse to believe they're actually this delicate and it's not just playing the victim to guilt lesbians into praising their nasty dicks.

No. 1820408

Totally, and testes are just like ovaries in a sack out front, and men are just actually women, just exactly the same thing. Why even be "lesbian"

No. 1820413

Late but op you're fucking hilarious

No. 1820414

He's almost certainly ex military. There are so many vets that transition. Like they don't feel like the man their recruiter said they would become after enlisting so they just chop it off. There could be some TIF psychology at work too, since many are assaulted or raped by other men while they're active duty.

No. 1820420

File: 1683209436762.jpg (13.92 KB, 222x293, 6492df8db1a8a11ac81e9719205707…)

No. 1820425

The original OP said the wrong subreddit name in his title. You’re right in that r/actuallesbians is super friendly to them, but his link goes to the subreddit that was made as a response to actuallesbians. It’s used by mostly real women, so of course anything they say will get called transphobia by moids larping as lesbians.

No. 1820429

File: 1683210394980.jpg (628.14 KB, 3750x1908, RDT_20230504_07251444323321837…)

Heeeeres dankgrrrl!

No. 1820432

AYRT thanks for the correction, is it r/lesbiansactually or whatever it's called? I'm worried as that one becomes more well known they're going to deliberately try and take over it by just spamming it endlessly with tranny memes. r/AL never used to be as bad as it is now and it's going to encourage them more if they think it's a 'TERF' space. If they don't manage to take it over they'll probably try and raid it and get it banned instead.

No. 1820433

Looks like a psycho killer.

No. 1820437

Exactly. How is misandry a bad thing? I think women have a right to hate the people who try to keep us underfoot.

No. 1820446

The trannies lurk here so I would not post names of spaces that are not trans friendly as they will brigade them

No. 1820452

Nayrt but I think they’ve already spread all over reddit. All subs cater to men. Even one of my hobby subreddits is full of them and everybody yassqueens their ugly no-effort asses

No. 1820459

you can't even read hobbydrama anymore without somehow everything turning into "it's the terfs fault!". It's honestly impressive.
Not to mention twox, which is its own kind of wild place but it's so annoying to watch a post of the most female problem ever be filled with "as a transwoman" comments

No. 1820460

There are subs that regularly talk shit about troons. I'm not going to mention them because of the troon lurkers but they exist.

No. 1820484

Kek, he looks so fucking retarded.

No. 1820517

File: 1683225513001.jpg (174.77 KB, 1080x1521, FvRlbRmWAAAXco4.jpg)

Some of these trannies are actually dangerous and one comment away from hurting someone because they wont worship the ground they walk on

No. 1820523

>I will not hesitate to misgender back
This is the irl equivalent of that one episode of American Dad where Roger gets revenge on Hailey by going "NYEH" sometimes. It's not the weapon they think it is

No. 1820526

Funny, but this is the MTF thread

No. 1820531

Wrong thread but I honestly can hardly see what a spoiled probably young woman will do that could be dangerous, the chances are really low even with all their tough guy act. She might just cry and ebeg, and maybe dox her parents and make them lose their jobs, taking herself down with them, because these people really lack the ability of thinking ahead and love fucking up with people that provide for them. Male trannies are a different story, nothing worse than a spoiled man.

No. 1820555

A bunch of autistic retards and rejects that not so secretly despise each other and resent the cool kids, which ones going to be the next school shooter?

No. 1820561

File: 1683230486856.png (316.72 KB, 493x670, obese predator.png)

TIM exposes himself in a woman's changing room and escapes conviction because he is "too fat" for his dick to be visible.

>350lbs TIM

>exposes himself to women and girls
>sexually assaults a woman who takes pity on him
a handmaiden that assumed he was on the receiving end of transphobia and not legitimate sexual assault allegations
>bunch of other incidents and previous convictions
>gets off scot-free because he is fat

No. 1820570

File: 1683231001801.png (28.3 KB, 911x412, pinknewsbollocks.png)

(samefag) lmao Pink News had covered this story in defence of him. they really don't give a single shit about women's safety or feelings.

No. 1820575

i feel you nonna. what peaked me is my ex constantly telling me “women have it so easy you can just make an onlyfans!!” cue him trooning out, skinwalking me, and then creating an onlyfans shortly after we broke up. they really just fell on themselves.

No. 1820576

tell* i’m retarded

No. 1820604

In my experience when talking to troons who ask why i'm a terf when I had been sympathetic to them in the past, the one thing that makes them the most mad is when I tell them the honest truth: that they themselves were what peaked me. I was ready to go full handmaiden for these freaks but it was their own actions and tomfoolery that peaked me. And when you tell them this, they get so pissed lmao. They expect you to say that you were peaked by something they can refute, but they can't refute their own actions. And it just makes them so fucking mad, it's great

No. 1820610

incel moids found a loophole to victimize women with impunity while handmaidens will clap like retarded seals and say it's their civil rights

No. 1820617

File: 1683234354397.png (106.77 KB, 1406x1688, wamenprivilege.png)

i don't know how anyone born female can read this shit and not fucking peak

No. 1820629

>A duck is just an enlarged clit
You don't pee out of a clit (not that this grotesque male would know that.)

No. 1820632

File: 1683235510743.png (23.16 KB, 986x469, My brother keeps stealing my l…)

From the previous thread: in /MTF OP would have been called a terf and told her to let her "sister" use her clothes.

No. 1820634

Even the Neopets sub is infested with troons, though it's mostly thembies and TiFs. There's no escape.
I still think someone should make a sub called "LesbianPotterheads" or something like that, where troons feel compelled to avoid it simply out of their autistic hatred for JKR and you don't have to explicitly tell them to go away. It's not against the rules if the people you don't want in there ar choosing to stay away of their own volition.

No. 1820642

>when you're considered a predator, than hurts like nothing else
It hurts because it's true, lmao.

>Being born a woman is the same as an rich person who inherited their fortune

Yes, I'm sure that's how it feels for all of the young girls who will now be forced to give birth because abortion is outlawed in their state. Or for the Cambodian women who are trafficked into China as mail order brides because China fucked up it's population's gender ratio by killing millions of female babies. Or for the thousands of women whose rape kits gather dust in evidence rooms. Or for the little Somalian girls who have to be forcefully held down while someone saws off their clitoris with an old razor. Or for all the women who've lost daughters, sisters, and mothers in "honor killings." Yes, I'm sure they all feel extremely fortunate, like they're basically rich. Prick.

No. 1820644

Yeah I saw this user all over. They basically responded to every comment with the enlightened bisexual attitude. What a twat

No. 1820650

I was pleasantly surprised when he got downvoted to hell. I think he made the mistake of saying out loud what a lot of trannies actually think: everyone is secretly bisexual and anyone who claims to be exclusively into one sex must just be choosing to feel that way. They truly believe on some level that there's literally no excuse for people not to fuck them, that if they're undesirable, it's somehow everyone else's fault.
It's such incel shit. I remember seeing a post years ago on r/niceguys where everyone was clowning on an autistic neckbeard for saying that it's ableism when women refuse to date him. This is the same damn thing, except now everyone is agreeing with the "niceguy" for some reason.

No. 1820653

Fucking autocorrect changed it to duck. Guess that's what I get for phoneposting.

No. 1820659

>I will not hesitate to misgender back
Ooohhh so scawwy kek

No. 1820661

indeed. Sage for spergy blogpost but I was one of those women who had known a handful trans people in my life in the early-mid 2000s in gay circles and they were tolerable, usually just HSTS and lesbians dealing with other issues that exacerbated their identity crisis, mainly sexual assault. So while I never saw them as "true" men and women I humored them because it was obvious they were going through some mental crises, they never tried to encroach on my spaces or tell me what fucking genitals I could be attracted to. Even the HSTS were open about the fact that they were never going to be "real" women, bottom surgery was never going to be like the real thing and they didn't care because it made them feel better, and they were fine that the only men that wanted to sleep with them were gay or bi, not straight men. Sure, whatever, that hurts no one, you're an adult.

It wasn't until this new wave of troonery in online spaces leaking out into the real world that I started peaking. Being called a bigot on a lesbian dating app because I didn't want to have sex with a man in a dress, being policed in my own lesbian and women spaces, etc. What a lot of TRAs don't realize is that a lot of women would be totally open to them doing whatever the fuck they want to do as long as they

-don't police or invade women's spaces
-acknowledge that a neovagina or whatever is never going to be like a real vagina and expect us all to lie to them and say it's totally the same
-make women's rights all about them
-don't show their ass with their rampant homophobia and fetishes
-don't groom children into changing their bodies forever at age 14 because they were drawn into a hugbox cult

and they couldn't even be bothered to do that. So now, all their "allies", which are mostly women, are starting to peak due to their own behavior. They're losing their own audience not because some alt-right moid politician are calling them freaks, but because they are acting like freaks. It is literally their own behavior that is causing their undoing and they honestly can't cope with that.

No. 1820683

Muh social construct. When are people going to start standing up to this idiotic doctrine?

No. 1820699

KEK as if sane people would give a toss about being ”misgendered”.

No. 1820702

File: 1683240302573.jpeg (150.82 KB, 750x1057, IMG_8259.jpeg)

oh boy, I have news for you…

No. 1820706

Kek this is clearly a creepy chaser trying to get a sub of troons to pat his back and tell him he's straight and his friends are transphobic. However, men do try to convince other men how straight it is. I remember that Tyler Posey dude got mad at his friend because he said he felt weird when he found out the person he was trying to screw was a Troon.

No. 1820707

File: 1683240836464.jpeg (211.36 KB, 750x1997, IMG_8266.jpeg)

the comments KEK

No. 1820709

>a dick is a really big clit

I want to barf, kek

No. 1820710

Do they think scrotes who are actually straight care if their dick sucking friend doesn't want to be gay? As much as Trans bully women, men bully the fuck out of Trans attracted scrotes. Kek. I've seen multiple black scrotes outted for Troon fucking and they've said they lost close friends and family.
Ive seen dudes openly mock dudes into troons.

No. 1820719

Moids in dresses always love to also assure that fucking a “femboy” isn’t gay. Moids want to suck dick and get fucked in the ass but being gay is somehow more degenerate than fucking a moid in an ugly wig and a skirt.

No. 1820740

Congrats on being a faggot, faggot. Men are so vile. Of course youre gay if youre a moid and like another moid's cock and balls lodged up your throat. Gay retard.

No. 1820756

File: 1683245540231.png (111.88 KB, 697x250, true and honest.png)

letting these spermsacks in our bathrooms is such a great idea. they just wanna pee/poo/film us without our knowledge, bigots!

fellas is it gay to suck dick?

No. 1820758

File: 1683245645923.webm (Spoiler Image,10.74 MB, 404x720, 720P(1).webm)

true and honest woman

No. 1820767

How is Reddit not considered a porn site?

No. 1820768

File: 1683246123797.jpg (14.82 KB, 450x450, f8f8f8.u5_(1).jpg)

Why is it moving like that?

No. 1820770

they have absolutely no idea what being a woman's like.their mental illness and obsession with being PERCEIVED as female somehow cause them to ignore that they can't change sex regardless of what they do. because it takes so much work to make a male appear female on a purely superficial level, they develop this mentality.

No. 1820775

Looks like those weird heelless stripper shoes and he doesn't know how to properly walk in them.

No. 1820776

I think they're meant to look like hooves because he's roleplaying as a horse lol

No. 1820834

Few words give me as a visceral negative reaction as this one does. I swear to Christ, I want to throw up in my mouth every time someone uses this word to describe a penis.
And what the fuck does it even refer to? The fact that these sickos can't get fully hard? Seems like it's them trying to make a half-flaccid dick sound appealing and failing miserably.

No. 1820851

File: 1683251007212.jpeg (370.89 KB, 750x2407, IMG_8269.jpeg)

do these pathetic moids have any goals or aspirations other than looking like prepubescent boys? how can anyone be this vapid? what a waste of a single brain cell.

No. 1820854

we can only hope this pedo offs himself soon

No. 1820856

File: 1683251320121.jpg (42.49 KB, 1174x532, IXdsRDx.jpg)

Presented for your enjoyment without further comment.

No. 1820870

He thinks he's serving Gaga, but he's poorly imitating Goddess Bunny (rip).

No. 1820873

File: 1683252602716.jpg (125.02 KB, 750x1073, FvPJ1w3aAAA2k8V.jpg)

No. 1820875

File: 1683252691941.jpg (185.2 KB, 1416x980, Screenshot_20230502_203308_Twi…)

No. 1820877

File: 1683252842840.jpg (259.13 KB, 1284x1453, FvPMicgakAEbqf4.jpg)

what's going on with Australians?

No. 1820885

File: 1683253101807.jpg (67.51 KB, 1000x667, 1000.jpg)

>how much editing do you want on your photo

No. 1820893

>Coming out as a terf to troons
Don't do this irl nonny. These freaks are violent rape apes
You can tell almost all troons don't believe their own bs, otherwise, being "misgendered" wouldn't bother them at all

No. 1820894

actually one of the stupidest things I've ever had the displeasure of reading


I don't "come out" to them nona, they always ask when I turn them down for dates at bars or on apps. I never willingly volunteer that information

No. 1820896

File: 1683253614679.jpeg (52.77 KB, 1037x652, IMG_8270.jpeg)

samefag. even in this shitty screenshot i took of jazz jennings next to the creepy woman he went on a date with, you can see he looks nothing a woman, he looks like a fat little boy. is this what agps have in mind when they whine about not having puberty blocker induced micro penises? is jazz living the agp dream? it looks more like a nightmare, but they’re too stupid to realize that.

No. 1820899

So much fucking whining. These privileged fucks have never experienced any sort of meaningful hardships in their life.

No. 1820908

File: 1683254606436.webm (1.34 MB, 576x1024, Download (12).webm)

No. 1820916

Shit's insane down there, idk. Kek at them blurring Riley's face when he's already known on Youtube for his video essays demanding that lesbians try dick.

No. 1820919

File: 1683255884083.jpg (108.95 KB, 820x1081, f1142ef10137cea0fdc11fccfeb7ee…)

lol @ the fridge body

No. 1820922

File: 1683256045939.jpg (42.36 KB, 541x649, FvM0qvQWIAoZxS3.jpg)

No. 1820923

File: 1683256113625.png (1.41 MB, 1009x1217, Ricci Tres skateboarding man.p…)

No. 1820931

File: 1683256362551.jpg (153.55 KB, 1199x921, kim1.jpg)

Here is a tranny next to Nicki

No. 1820943

File: 1683256999318.png (1.26 MB, 1200x1200, 23962097.png)

Trannies need to stop buying into the myth that chemically castrating children will automatically make it easier for them to "pass" as the opposite sex in adulthood. Nikkitutorials was a "youngshit" and he still grew up to be a gigantic ogre. Jazz's chemically-induced micropenis created complications for his stink ditch surgery, the same complication that recently killed another "youngshit" TiM. The actual hazards outweigh the negligible-to-nonexistent "benefits," yet they persist in pushing it on kids because they live vicariously through young troons. Disgusting.

No. 1820944

File: 1683257167825.png (19.21 KB, 796x400, (MTF) I'm realizing how little…)

No. 1820945

Are those holocaust survivors in the room with us right now?
They crave victimhood and it’s abhorrent for them to compare themselves to people who survived legitimate crimes against humanity vs troons who have most of society licking their “girl cock” and their definition of a hate crime is lesbians telling them “no”

No. 1820946

File: 1683257362972.jpg (564.03 KB, 1538x2048, D6J7DmnXsAYaQ29.jpg)

Imagine being so ugly your hair doesn't even want to be a part of you

No. 1820948

File: 1683257594582.jpg (762.53 KB, 3000x1688, 042223-drluke-hero_ebdrei.jpg)

Lmao Minaj is over ten years older than him and she looks so much better. Her flawless makeup and heart-shaped face next to his hideous drag makeup and square-ass jaw. He looks so frumpy next to her, and Nicki isn't exactly always on-point herself, so that's really saying something. Knowing Nicki, bet she did this collab specifically because he makes her look more attractive by comparison lmao.
I'd ask why Petra keeps working with rapists and rape apologists, but we all know why. He's a man and men don't give a fuck about sexual violence against women.

No. 1820949

File: 1683257620290.png (146.41 KB, 1080x1447, markup_1000001216.png)

>most frequently used sites
Tony hasn't discovered lolcow yet

No. 1820951

File: 1683258213417.jpg (74.39 KB, 680x993, 2g28p6.jpg)

Something something rent free. Fuck males for lurking here and on ovarit. Men have free reign over the entire fucking internet and the still insist on invading the tiny handful of places online women have cultivated for ourselves.
He can go ahead on lurk on Kiwi, though. As a misogynistic male, he's right at home there.

No. 1820953

File: 1683258304679.jpeg (499.37 KB, 1325x3106, IMG_8280.jpeg)

nikkitutorials looks like a deep sea monster next to actual women. so much for youngshit passoid.

No. 1820958

File: 1683258719777.jpeg (253.71 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_8281.jpeg)

he’s aging like fine milk left inside a car under the sun.

No. 1820959

And his hairline e is receding

No. 1820960

Alternatively, DW could say "That sign won't stop me because I'm a girl"

No. 1820962

He is just so ugly, I don't get it. Qt one point I thought he looked like Troon Poppy, but now he's just very ugly

No. 1820963

File: 1683258870425.jpg (55.14 KB, 720x753, Screenshot_20230429-055918_Bra…)

A+ review from a tranny

No. 1820964

File: 1683258883286.jpeg (84.56 KB, 750x1252, IMG_8282.jpeg)

those soulless eyes.

No. 1820965

Homeboy looks like a clean-shaven Randy Quaid.

No. 1820966

he needs something to read while he seethes and dilates.

No. 1820967

He looks like a 65 year old with plastic surgery. Nikita also looks pretty old. I don't get it, he's really aging rapidly
Same like how jazz gains weight but his head stays the same. They age/gain in a weird way

No. 1820970

Is it because the micro penis doesn’t have enough skin to turn inside out and turn into a vulva? Kek. Maybe when enough of these kids grow up they’ll start advocating against it but until the nobody is going to openly admit to shit.

No. 1820971

Clearly autistic male

No. 1820974

Clearly autistic male

No. 1820975

Is it because the micro penis doesn’t have enough skin to turn inside out and turn into a vulva? Kek. Maybe when enough of these kids grow up they’ll start advocating against it but until the nobody is going to openly admit to shit.

No. 1820976

File: 1683259227810.png (45.82 KB, 773x1057, from 2006.png)

This article is from 2006, women involved in any kind of sport have been getting the short end for a long time.

No. 1820977

File: 1683259408038.png (42.83 KB, 288x463, Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 20-55…)

Newest Jeopardy champion another tranny.
Thought something was off with the voice. And then of course he's a 'data scientist'. I hate that I feel like I have to second guess any slightly odd looking woman these days.
Hope he doesn't win too many more or I'll have to stop watching again. Already can't watch the new tourney because of Amy.

No. 1820978

File: 1683259288106.png (45.82 KB, 773x1057, from 2006.png)

This article is from 2006, women involved in any kind of sport have been getting the short end for a long time.

No. 1820988

Does he dilate to his own thread on there?

No. 1820989

That…thing got laid somehow?

No. 1820991

like it's hard to get sex from a man

No. 1820994

go off nona but nicki's husband is also a rapist lmao

No. 1820995

>reviews lipstick
>no real photos of product just selfies
>overtly sexual
men are ridiculous and predictable

No. 1821000

Any time I try to watch a vid on mobile it's fucked up, choppy, slow, and won't load. Why is it that when I clicked this one, it is the only video that loaded immediately crisp and clear

No. 1821002

Did you miss the part of my post where I called her a rape apologist?

No. 1821005

>secondary sex traits are more important than reproductive organs

No. 1821012

>I wish I could have the perfect body I’m supposed to have
Why do they all say this like they are owed this? Yeah dude, you and literally every person on earth wishes that.

No. 1821018

australia is like a hellhole of english bureaucracy first and foremost and canadian tier idpol in the two biggest cities because upper middle class metropolitan australians have severe cultural cringe about and want to distance themselves from the hick rural population who remain largely homophobic/sexist/racist but have zero political power (because our media psyopped them out of unionism and into retarded capitalist liberalism). also we inherited the stupid anglo value of the stiff upper lip so no one ever wants to complain or mobilise to change anything. hate this place. i could go on and on about this wasteland

No. 1821031

Nona, did YOU read what you wrote? Lol

No. 1821035

File: 1683265842456.jpeg (129.61 KB, 750x910, IMG_8285.jpeg)

even from a young age, moids believe women exist to mock them or tempt them or whatever nonsense they want to project on us. just by existing, you’re hurting a moid’s ego somehow.

No. 1821042

Christ, that is the most misaligned lazy eye I've ever seen. Parents didn't even care enough to fix that shit.

No. 1821048

File: 1683268524514.jpg (264.33 KB, 1364x2048, 5c7e0defb09c07f4c192c01c0c4c6a…)

Wait a second, I know this face

No. 1821057

There was one in the last thread with a really bad lazy eye, too. Not sure if it's the same troon or a different one kek.

No. 1821061

Correct. Patients with a microdick (ones who grew up on blockers for instance) have to resort to the more dangerous procedure where a piece of the colon is grafted into the wound. An eighteen year old recently died during this process.

No. 1821076

Sounds like something people should definitely talk about more often. Are less people getting bottom surgery these days anyway? I feel like most trannies are too big of coomers to commit that far, hence the constant talk about girldick.

No. 1821081

>make me look like a (Chris)tine McConnell skinwalker

No. 1821082

what in the selfpost

No. 1821084

someone add these to the list of photos of TIMs next to black, brown, and asian women(also add in the Ellen pic >>1820943
, these dumb fucks think people don't know the diff b/w a feminine bloke and a gnc woman)

No. 1821089

File: 1683274959251.png (180.28 KB, 900x658, SpotTheDifferenceTimPetrasAndR…)

and now, time for our favourite game…

No. 1821091

File: 1683275243979.png (378.59 KB, 788x491, Round2.png)

Round 2!

No. 1821094

the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 1821119

Nice comb over

No. 1821120

nonnie i thought it was supposed to be a bunny kekkkk

No. 1821124

Sometimes I wish I could contact those girls and women to warn them that those troons want to wear their skin. Maybe that way something nefarious would be avoided. I really think one day one of them will murder the women they envy

No. 1821125

"I'm male and I like to suck dick, but I'm being called gay for it?" you can't make this shit up lmao

No. 1821135

>people refuse to use 1 braincel to realize secondary sex characteristics are more important than genitals
??? We're programmed to be attracted to people with the opposite set of genitals because that's how reproduction works. If anything being attracted to dresses and make-up is weirder, its social programming to be attracted to the unnatural aspects of femininity

No. 1821144

It has been very obvious from day one they only want to skinwalk as women because they find the female body more aesthetically appealing than the male one. The put it on a high pedestal as the ultimate beauty of the human body. (Telling they only think of copying woman deemd conventionally attractive by social standards). Jealous and envious they want what they don't have. They don't actually care about the shit woman go through on the day to day basis because they're female. None of us choose to be born that way and there's no option to opt out. We make the most of it yet we're also suppose to feel sorry for moids that want to be us because they unironically believe in having a "woman's soul in a male body"? Lol. Lmao even. The fact that there are handmaidens that go along with it because even they'll claim their womanhood is because of identifying as one and not because, you know they're female. I feel like all more people should wake up that there's no real basis for this trans stuff. The definition of gender isn't even coherent or agreed upon even though it was literally just another word for bio sex not too long ago.
Saging for rant

No. 1821146

Also true. The vast majority of trannies (regardless of where they're AGP or HSTS) never get the chop. That's why they get so asshurt when normies ask about it.

No. 1821153

They rarely get bottom surgery to begin with due to the complications of the surgery and most admit they aren't dysphoric about that area to begin with. Plus so many of them do sexwork as a full time job and they know damn well they would lose clients if they got the chop. The men paying for their content only like them because they project their "irl futa" fantasies onto them

No. 1821159

Is that Matthew Perry?

No. 1821184

File: 1683299424096.png (32.6 KB, 583x743, Screenshot (221).png)

more by this retard

No. 1821193

Do they ever read stories about women's journeys in life or do they really just try to relate with other men? I guess they really can't relate to women and our struggles so they only focus on "trans women"

No. 1821198

File: 1683300843717.webm (2.46 MB, 1280x720, 6Mmolxqbbunmupij.webm)

>I normally don't sing outside of the shower (& lullabies to my cats), but being comfortable singing in public has long been a transition goal, and I'm feeling bold.

>So this is me, being trans, being brave, and sharing just a little bit of my voice.


No. 1821202

Used to watch Contrapoints as a handmaiden and his video on the “mouthfeel” of a “feminine penis” is more or less the very first thing that peaked me, kek. What a disgusting concept, eww

No. 1821231

This case horrifies me as I'm one degree separated from these fucking rapists. I knew a tranny back in my handmaiden days who dated the father. Whenever I see news about them, I wanna alog

No. 1821248

the cringe is strong

No. 1821260

Professional singer here to say GIANT kek lmao. But of course asspats for the retarded tranny doing his “””passion”””

No. 1821265

I don't think it's a selfpost, anon. That looks like PhilosophyTroon to me.

No. 1821272

the more feminine he tries to look, the more manly he becomes. it's fascinating and amusing.

No. 1821278

File: 1683310571361.jpg (221.63 KB, 1300x1009, exclusive-laverne-cox-left-and…)

>no way a lesbian isn't attracted to Laverne Cox
lol, I'm sure lesbians would rather date this TiF than Mr. Cox.

No. 1821282

wish we could save the trouble and kill them both. Not bc they’re trans btw but anyone who produces CP should be thrown into an incinerator.

No. 1821284

Somewhat off topic but is there a list of musicians on Spotify I can use to block as many as possible? Or at least the bigger ones so I can get Spotify to stop putting troons in my playlists.

No. 1821285

Little does he know that the women are just being nice to him and would openly call him a male if women weren't told to be nice and if mentally unstable men weren't so scary.

No. 1821289

Lmao am a lesbian, can confirm. She still has kind female eyes even with her weird pervstache.

No. 1821331

File: 1683316234679.jpeg (163.13 KB, 960x1560, IMG_5312.jpeg)

the plaque on the teeth, the disintegrating skin, the dead stare

No. 1821344

File: 1683317147796.jpeg (281.08 KB, 2048x1551, IMG_1639.jpeg)

I had to look up Mia Mulder, the other guy he mentioned. Such lesbian, totally doesn’t look like an average failed male. What lesbian wouldn’t immediately fall for this?

No. 1821359

No. 1821369

He literally looks like a normal long-haired male with nice skin and good features, kind of effeminate. He has it better than most transcels, tbh. I'm sure tons of straight and bisexual women would date him, but I guess the tranny coom is more important.

No. 1821374

They honestly have more in common with gnc men who have to deal with constant hate for how they dress and act. Feminine men may not be oppressed but it's still seen as a taboo and discouraged in most parts of the world

No. 1821379

File: 1683322067007.jpeg (184.28 KB, 750x1708, IMG_8297.jpeg)

half the posts on the motherfucker sub are about dicks, how womanly.

No. 1821384

I think its so funny they get surprised that the hormones make their dicks limp and their sexual drive fly out the window, when that is literally the most common side effects of those hormones. Youd think they would be told that at their very first consultation

No. 1821385

I'm sorry, all I see is Adam Ferdinand, also isn't this troon like 6'6 or something?

No. 1821394

File: 1683323506353.png (232.74 KB, 800x610, Palace_Enuches.PNG)

>Castration at a young age can delayed puberty and lead to taller stature due to the absence of sex hormones like testosterone, Testosterone is known to play a role in the regulation of bone growth and density, so lower levels of this hormone may allow bones to grow longer and thinner, resulting in increased height.
So most trans kids(i.e grooming victims) will be even taller then the average man

No. 1821398

File: 1683323863853.jpeg (129.36 KB, 634x1024, IMG_8298.jpeg)

sexual dimorphism is insane.

No. 1821402

File: 1683324208836.png (5.76 KB, 677x133, Rep. Zooey Zephyr on Twitter.p…)

that ratio lol

No. 1821403

File: 1683324148712.png (5.76 KB, 677x133, Rep. Zooey Zephyr on Twitter.p…)

that ratio lol

No. 1821410


i just left a big tech company literally for this reason. a troon on my team was so jealous of me that i was starting to fear for my safety around him. instead of doing his work, he was obsessing over me, and saying increasingly bizarre stuff. the last time i was unfortunately stuck in a meeting with him, he took the opportunity to tell me all about the new gun he just purchased. i escalated this (and other fucked up stuff he said to me) up the management chain, but it turns out that it's very hard to fire even the most deranged men in big companies. i decided that i didn't want to be around for when he decides to shoot up our workplace and found a better job instead, filing yet another HR report on my way out. if you encounter a troon irl, just gtfo. they are dangerous.

No. 1821413

> found a better job instead, filing yet another HR report on my way out.
queen shit.

No. 1821414

File: 1683326383629.jpeg (43.36 KB, 750x403, IMG_8299.jpeg)

for fuck’s sake.

No. 1821417

why would you do this as a professional with a job holding public office

No. 1821420

what is the best way to deal with a tranny at work? i would grey rock and avoid him at any cost, but maybe that’s not enough.

No. 1821428

doesn’t the same thing happen to dogs that get neutered too early kek

No. 1821434

File: 1683328210807.png (356.69 KB, 671x806, REDUXX on Twitter.png)

When will it stop?

No. 1821435

what is it with trannies and having no shame? no one who was raised properly would post this online

No. 1821436

File: 1683328411493.jpg (237.27 KB, 1080x1801, FB38.jpg)

No. 1821437

File: 1683328580642.png (9.43 KB, 606x305, 1682876244930.png)

No. 1821439

File: 1683328750562.png (123.79 KB, 677x534, good.png)

based ladies

No. 1821440

This Lupron thing makes me so mad. For the nonas who don't know, Lupron is used a lot in treating symptoms of endometriosis. I used to use it to treat mine, and about a year ago my doctor had me transition to another treatment because Lupron was becoming scarce. This was around the start of the pandemic when a lot of troons weren't coping well with the loneliness and thought being a woman would be better. Lupron is being taken from women who need it to be given to teenagers as hormone blockers and it's so bleak.

No. 1821444

File: 1683329406121.png (1.35 MB, 1422x1148, on Twitter.png)

we could probably start a collage of these news stories.

No. 1821445

File: 1683329457105.jpg (715.95 KB, 810x7543, Screenshot_20230502-214348_Chr…)

No. 1821454

Jesus, why is his face like that? Meanwhile I’m over here wearing oversized shirts to the gym because I hate being gawked at by dumbass moids.

No. 1821457

>>1821436 he looks like the wish version of He-Man

No. 1821467

I don't mean to put you off if it's working for you nona but have you looked into the studies on lupron's long term effects? I have endometriosis too and looked into it but found the information concerning. lupron has been linked to a looooot of problems. it was put on an FDA watchlist they recommended that you don't stay on it for a long time.
Not surprisingly, recently they decided to suppress this information and there are new "studies" which claim it's perfectly safe so they can make trans bucks. but people are still reporting the same issues. it's dodgy af
This article mentions a woman using it for endometriosis too.

Not to deter from the issue at hand of transitioning being given priority over women experiencing pain, but just wanted to mention this too in case you weren't aware. Sorry you have to deal with this shitty disease as well.

No. 1821468

File: 1683330643033.png (116.71 KB, 1532x679, Anthropologie Featured Man To …)


No. 1821474

thank you for this nona I had no idea!! sorry for OT

No. 1821476

Grey rock doesn't work on autistic males, your neutral acknowledgements are read as approval/interest and your silence is just an opportunity to continue rambling.

No. 1821479

File: 1683331823939.jpg (169.78 KB, 1080x1240, FvYYq1CXgAoz4Xh.jpg)

sounds like a being a pedo to me mate

No. 1821480

The other brands under the parent company, Free People and Urban Outfitters, been doing this for a while but I’m surprised they tried it with Anthropologie because that demographic has always seemed like rich suburban republican women.

No. 1821488

>I know in my heart I’m a toddler girl
Too late you are already a pedo RIP

No. 1821489

Can someone explain to me why people have adopted the word sapphic instead of just calling it gay or lesbian

No. 1821490

File: 1683333794346.png (464.35 KB, 686x744, on Twitter.png)

No. 1821491

File: 1683333830166.jpg (169.99 KB, 1077x1126, FvXvceUX0AMqE4M.jpg)

No. 1821492

Actually I'm horrified of the possibility that so many pedophiles are going to decide they're transgender instead of just regular sick ol pedophiles and get innocent people hatecrimed and hurt

No. 1821494

Seconding >>1821467. People who took it for precocious puberty (its original, on-label use) reported bone problems later in life. Lupron is nasty stuff, and your doctor is a fucking bastard for prescribing it to you without telling you about the side effects. If the trannies want it, they can have it.

No. 1821496

File: 1683334351591.jpg (308.47 KB, 2027x1333, FvRW2DFWwAE7C1c.jpg)

He's doing it again. He's using the same straight at the camera pose like last time kek

No. 1821497

File: 1683334377511.jpeg (10 KB, 320x320, IMG_2390.jpeg)

>your neurodivergent

No. 1821499

Cox defended rapists and mansplained vaginas. I'd sooner fuck Shayna than his chauvinist ass.

No. 1821500

File: 1683334537762.png (1.06 MB, 1295x865, Aster Olsen on Twitter.png)

Not only are his balls hanging in that first photo, he puts his dirty shoe on the counter.

No. 1821501

congratulations, you got fatter

No. 1821502

Looks like the only change is that his hairline receded a little.

No. 1821503

>Good features
Anon his hair looks like he washes it with turpentine. It's like he's from a timeline where conditioner was never invented.

No. 1821505

>If the trannies want it, they can have it
sadly it's being used on GNC and gay kids right now as a puberty blocker, which is why there is such a huge attempt to cover up the past FDA warnings. the media are so hellbent on making it seem like a risk-free life-saving option for children who cannot possibly consent to any of this, purely for profit because we know it's harmful. it's truly maddening.

to the nona who was taking it, hope you're not scared by this info as plenty of women are fine from taking it for shorter terms. but maybe get a DEXA scan to check your bone density if you're at all concerned and take up weight training or something to help improve the density.

No. 1821506

Why the fuck do so many of them have lazy or crossed eyes? Inbreeding?

No. 1821510

File: 1683335430590.png (65.96 KB, 682x638, WDI Canada on Twitter.png)

Wait how can the tranny win an award and be on the board of directors at the same time? He would just be giving himself the award.

No. 1821514

Probably a search term to find stuff about the actual lesbian experience that’s not porn or sex that trannies infiltrated. Like how gae was being used on tiktok to circumvent a ban

No. 1821515


No. 1821516

File: 1683336210432.jpg (130.25 KB, 1038x1110, FvCdbEhXsAEY4Hf.jpg)

At least he's honest.

Most MTFs seem to think they're like fucking anime waifus after like a day of hormones. Are they just delusional?

No. 1821517

File: 1683336290837.png (355.21 KB, 677x594, Twitter.png)

This is all for show, I don't believe they will ever do anything that prevents troons from competing in women's sports.

No. 1821518

really though what are they expecting hrt to do lol, plastic surgery?

No. 1821520

>>1821516 went from a little British boy to Weird Al

No. 1821524

He puts absolutely 0 effort into his appearance in the second photo and wonders why he looks awful. I mean most troons will never pass but he could at least try to brush his hair and wear clothes that aren't an oversized shirt and some jeans. Btw what is going on with his noobs? Why are they halfway down his torso?

No. 1821528

Don't forget that the dumb shit trannies do allow homoophobic politicians to attack the entire LGBT community.

Most people are fine with gays getting married. But they aren't fine with their daughters seeing dick in the locker room, or having to compete against giant jacked boys.

No. 1821532

File: 1683339225660.png (137.69 KB, 717x605, Mother in legal fight to save …)


No. 1821533

File: 1683339335371.jpg (102.23 KB, 1024x768, D6ECRpeW0AE31wO.jpg)

No. 1821540

Are you certain this is a TiM and not one of those fetish crossdressers?

No. 1821541

There's a difference?

No. 1821542

I wish you great things at your new job, nona
>said increasingly weird things
I wonder if he straight out admitted he would wear your skin or become you but in this fake larping flowery language troons love

No. 1821543

don't bother, it's tainted! god these people are such narcissistic freaks. what is the obsession with continuing on. humanity is irredeemable.

No. 1821544


Of course they are -___-(-___-)

No. 1821545

Crossdressers just like wearing women's clothes. Some go by a female persona and wear/ fake tits, so it's essentially watered down drag. They don't demand to be treated as women since they know it's just roleplay and a fetish. I know you may think the difference is minimal bcs one is self aware and the other or unironic but it's there. It's like saying troons and femboys are the samee because they all have the same shit taste in coombait anime AliExpress fashion

No. 1821546

I’d rather see a regular man vs. a tranny. Don’t know how this is supposed to successfully market clothing towards the target demographic of women however, all it does it highlight how unflattering this dress looks on a male body.

No. 1821548

I literally don't understand why designers can't just make dresses and other feminine clothing tailored to male bodies? They can also sell it online if they know it's not gonna be popular in the men's section of retail stores. Woman's clothes are made to fit the female form. no shit it's gonna look unflattering on a male. In before some troon goes "WhAt AbOuT cIs WoMaN WiTh tHe SiMiLaR bOdY??" yeah no, even women with a rectangular body type look distinctively different from a man built like a fridge

No. 1821551

What a fucking liar. The holocaust survivors are all old and I'm sure they dont give a shit about men in fetish gear screeching on the internet.

No. 1821552

exactly. they do it for male lingerie, even custom shoes. but i bet the trannies wouldn't want to pay the money for something that fits them, because they just want to buy some cheap clubbing outfit in store and hope they turn into a hot chick when they put it on.
plus it ruins the idea that they are a wimmin if they need special wimmin clothing that fits, and not off the rack department store women's clothing

No. 1821555

Yeah, if anyone is ever bored and doesn't mind running into weird or sexually explicit photos, look around on flickr for a while to see how cross-dressers are. the line is thin and squiggly but the line is there. It's a fetish but just while in dress, mostly. Versus a trans which is also a fetish but far more demanding and a 24/7 thing.

No. 1821556

The store doesn't need to have advertisements with men directed at women. If men wanna wear dresses, good for them but they shouldn't be included in advertisements.

No. 1821557

He would still use the women's changeroom at the gym I bet. He's just as horrible as troons.

No. 1821558

File: 1683342652222.png (239.27 KB, 684x1002, poor baby.png)

No. 1821560

These dumb fucks would just stutter and call you transphobic and run away if you tell them "if the tranny stopped taking hormones, what would happen"
The sex hormones don't change. They are there on some level until death. If the body starts spitting out testosterone and facial hair spurts out and voice lowers when you stop taking pills, what does that say?

No. 1821561

Fukin ugly ass lima bean head.
Feel bad for the kid. Came into this world to be raped by their father.

No. 1821579

men are retarded kek, they think they can just become hot girls that easily. doesn’t even bother to learn how to do makeup to mask his man features, lose his pot belly, style his hair and wear some flattering clothes. these idiots think the hrt will do all that for them. you can tell they have no idea what being is a woman is like because they pay zero attention to the details of most women’s appearances, they just think long hair and boobs = all it takes to be a hot woman. some actual women will never be conventionally attractive even if they try, what makes them think they’re gonna be hot when they’ve spent their whole lives as schlubby autistic dudes?

No. 1821589

I thought he was actually a male ballet dancer though, not a TiM. Not defending their decision to use him but idk how it fits here.

No. 1821596

>Btw what is going on with his noobs? Why are they halfway down his torso?
It weirded me out at first too but I think it’s actually the lighting and his arm casting a strange shadow on his body.

No. 1821597

Who is this emilaila person? Why are handmaidens like this?

No. 1821599

File: 1683348626644.png (120.75 KB, 720x1242, Screenshot_20230505-232726~2.p…)

No. 1821601

File: 1683348749028.png (139.98 KB, 687x1060, Sadbh (pronounced Sive to rhym…)

I'm glad the tranny got fired for this

No. 1821603

File: 1683348796125.png (18.02 KB, 668x463, Jo Bartosch on Twitter.png)

No. 1821608

Samefag, figured it out from the posts. Apparently she's a cyclist named Emily Ehrlich. Couldn't find much else about her. I know it's unfair to say this, but Handmaidens always annoy me the most for some reason.

No. 1821612

One thing that's really becoming prevalent is how abusers LOVE to hide in the Trans movement and make perfectly harmless lgbt people look a fool. Because the community is used to being marginalized they are a
(Often) fraid to call out offenders because they feel it gives the community a bad name–the problem with this is that much like the same behavior with Christianity, offenders are going to flock to it like a safe haven. You want to abuse someone? Claim they are a terf (regardless of if the actually are, it doesn't matter) and they will take your word for it and that means they were asking for it. You want to remove the credibility of your victim? Pretend to be an imitation of the kind of person that was once lauded as being docile and only looking to improve their own comfort. If they do not start pitchforking abusers and rapists in their own community vocally and calling out obvious creeps pretending to be transgender I really do fear the far right are going to incite serious violence and it will be a far worse version of pizzagate with longterm consequences. Sitting aside your personal beliefs about transgender people, it will have a butterfly effect on the LGBT community as a whole. GNC people are now being othered as a political enemy, a sign of mental illness, always automatically assumed as "pronoun people" by fascists. Even when you have a visceral dislike of people who identify as transgender, you cannot eradicate them or make them go away so being an adult and shelfing your anger or disgust long enough to try to reach a middle ground seems to be the healthiest thing to do for yourself. Culling the degens from harmless people would make a complete difference in the direction things are heading, truly not taking everything at face value and vocally disapproving of the sexual deviants and refusing to respect rapists/pedophiles pronouns should not even be considered transphobic at all. If they stop giving people like Dylan Mulvaney (obvious psyop) a platform or rewarding the bare minimum without question this wouldnt have happened in the first place. Above all deciding language that hints at sexual assault/degradation, harassing women, and crude misogyny is suddenly okay because you disagree with the person's beliefs is the easiest way to slowly alienate a mass amount of people. Now anyone who wants to be even remotely gender nonconforming is going to be labeled a groomer because they were too busy talking about curbstomping terfs instead of the weird men in eyeshadow talking to children all the damn time and claiming their acronym. We have to bring back bullying creepy people.

No. 1821627

Fine they want to feature a man in a dress but was the crotch shots really necessary? Would we get the same crotch shots with a woman?

No. 1821629

File: 1683352358790.jpg (41.1 KB, 1050x322, Screenshot_20230430_214048_Chr…)

Even before puberty, the differences between boys and girls start at age 6 and continue. Male and female bone density varies significantly, with even the laziest man having thicker bones than female athletes. This difference affects endurance and injury recovery. Furthermore, males have larger and denser muscle fibers, with more nuclei (myonuclei), allowing faster and easier muscle growth and retention. Their lungs and hearts are also bigger, allowing for greater oxygen and stamina capacity due to also their larger hemoglobin levels, and along with their increased lung and heart size to pump oxygen more efficiently. Men's hands and feet, as well as many other factors, differ from females, making them better suited for sports
It's so stupid why anyone would argue that men and women should be in the same sports

No. 1821630

He looks like a TIF in the first pic kek

No. 1821632


No. 1821640

Yeah, it was retarded back then and it's still retarded. Many of the people saying it were literal kids. It's not hypocrisy for a person to change a worldview they had as a stupid kid.

No. 1821641

Do you have more context for this anon?

No. 1821642

File: 1683355643583.jpg (266.95 KB, 808x1688, tumblr_b0718b3f4ad9456c2125f83…)

Lol, they see it as too similar to themselves.

No. 1821654

men threatening violence on women, what’s new?

No. 1821655

File: 1683358649096.png (31.21 KB, 340x209, 1648973794950.png)

No. 1821656

what years of porn addiction does to a man

No. 1821667

this is so nasty no wonder they are scared about the stricter laws against pedophilia

No. 1821680

File: 1683365623187.png (63.19 KB, 539x502, Captura de pantalla 2023-05-06…)

here are handmaidens dick riding the trannie who got fired for wanting to be a fed and threating others on social media with a rifle. And here is the same troon posting about the woman who got him fired on social media playing the victim.


No. 1821689

QLD is putting up with this? seriously?
fucking melbourne and sydney covid-refugees coming here and trooning out/buying up our property makes me genuinely so furious. rural qld with they/thems and buttplug-wearing Lilith's makes me want to alog so hard

No. 1821692

The Stav Precedent

No. 1821695

Nonna where on Earth did you find that monstrosity?

No. 1821696

CDs are just as misogynistic and degenerate as TIMs. one in the same.

No. 1821697

Very normal mentally healthy individual

No. 1821698

I'm a disabled woman and would really like to know more about this case. please post context!

No. 1821699

Because the human body has a natural aging process and cycle largely reliant on its endocrine system. When you destroy that starting as a child, you're throwing that process out the window.

Look at moids who start doing steroids as teenagers and look 50 when they're 30, 80 when they're 40 and die before 50

No. 1821702

File: 1683370337071.jpg (24.32 KB, 1080x230, Screenshot_20230506_065034_Gal…)

this man is scary but what's more is he's absolutely insufferable. here's what he said to Kelly after he gave an explanation as to why he called his job (Kelly is pro gun). Kelly is a man, btw, and the woman in the picture that this dude's followers are shitting on in his wife. the misogyny is no surprise

No. 1821703

Jesus what an L

No. 1821704

Nonnies is it just me or is the thought of using your own mothers eggs really creepy?

No. 1821705

File: 1683370747639.jpg (134.32 KB, 1054x1453, Screenshot_20230506_065914_Chr…)

and now people are implying Kelly's wife should be punished for his actions??? they're ridiculous

No. 1821709

File: 1683371662541.png (47.53 KB, 604x444, freda.png)

nta but here is the context in picrel

No. 1821711

File: 1683371717530.jpeg (286.6 KB, 2560x1440, wallace.jpeg)

samefag but someone shared some candid shots form his videos and… kek

No. 1821714

samefag again just to clarify, he went after this woman because she requested "single-sex care".

No. 1821721

>I have a transgender 7 year old
>I have no reason to think her identity will change

So absurd, if the TRAs were a little less insane they wouldn't create so much ammo for rightwingers (who have just as little concern for children's welfare as these narcs, but prefer you become a child bride or child labor over transing out)
Like the actual sane opinion is in the middle where we concede people who cannot legally drink, drive, vote, take out a loan etc, cannot make adult decisions pertaining to their lifelong health and fertility
>She will never create sperm
How long does she spend thinking about her child's sperm daily?
>Freezing your eggs so your son can pretend to be a mommy to his own mother's egg/resulting child
This is so obviously all some weird fetish for everyone involved, why would you want your son to be a mother to your child/his half sibling? Absolutely fucked and pedo coded
>or a better option is pretending to be the mother of your sibling's child
Still very weird and fucked up! These freaks literally spend all day thinking about their children's sperm and eggs, god. The reality is instead of all this fuckery they should simply wait until the child is old enough to know what they want to do with their body and if they want to have kids which means back off for ten years, you fucking pedo

I wish I could yell at these people in person, they need some actual sane people talking them out of the cult they're in ASAP

No. 1821723

i guess it's because they feel guilty for permanently sterilizing their child, but like… they could just not do that

No. 1821724

That's weird…Japan is still one of the places where sex separation is common, even essential like rush-hour trains, bathhouses and hotels. This gotta be a Goldfinger situation agian where a bunch of (white male) foreigner trannies are forcing their way in to women's spaces in Japan.

No. 1821727

Right, if all you can think about is how you are sterilizing your child maybe? at some point they can connect the dots and realize that is a ~mistake~ like they are so close but so far. I bet every time they seek advice 100 trannies and pedos cheer them on, literally just talk to some normal people

No. 1821734

>If they do not start pitchforking abusers and rapists in their own community vocally and calling out obvious creeps pretending to be transgender
We're well past that, they have ALL been loudly supporting tranny pedos, rapists, murderers since the beginning. I have not seen ONE tranny or TRA be like "hey rape/pedophilia/murder is bad even if a tranny did it" like as far as they're concerned they're above the law. Chris Chan and countless other revolting subhumans were "misgendered" they will not revoke entry to the club or exclude a transgender pedophile, rapist, murderer or any form of abuser. Abusers are welcomed with open arms.
There is no trutrans.
You seem like a libfem who will be peaking in a few months once "they are all abuser, pedo men protecting each other" sinks in fully, see you then babes

No. 1821739

Telling them about side effects would probably be transphobic kek

No. 1821744

kek, same. lack of proper breath support, lots of unhealthy singing habits in general. men are so delusional and narcissistic

No. 1821749

File: 1683380710268.jpeg (93.13 KB, 636x820, IMG_4380.jpeg)

Straight women calling themselves lesbians are so embarrassing, once again when people see you two together, they see nothing but a straight couple. Fuck off with this “femme4butch” shit that ugly ogre of a male is not a butch and neither of you will ever be lesbians

No. 1821750

File: 1683380765817.jpeg (98.04 KB, 685x738, IMG_4382.jpeg)

This shit is almost too funny

No. 1821751

File: 1683380822643.jpeg (40.91 KB, 750x491, IMG_4385.jpeg)

No. 1821758

There's cp along with the words trans rights being spammed by a tranny on another women centered website….

No. 1821763

File: 1683382591716.jpg (960.36 KB, 3085x2840, Fva_izJaAAAguL4.jpg)

Honestly I feel bad for tony's kid.

No. 1821765

File: 1683382958217.gif (2.62 MB, 469x302, Big_Boss_Crying.gif)

I'm reporting. I don't know what trannies think when they post cp, it really hits home that they are all pedophiles. Wow you have folders full of rape images and gore, that's awesome, so femmebrained I wonder if it's you-know-who posting it, since he's already been outed as a pedo

No. 1821767

kf is down right as this comes out. tony is never beating the ddos allegations

No. 1821768

File: 1683383925551.jpg (365.87 KB, 2014x2206, FvcHmpCWIAMwZrm.jpg)

You braver than me, I had to nope right out of there. I couldn't take seeing those kinds of pictures.

No. 1821771

File: 1683384199832.jpg (166.44 KB, 2048x1194, FvczxSyWwAExYpB.jpg)

the unlikely couple

No. 1821772

File: 1683384241071.jpg (174.37 KB, 1080x1452, FvcxNDUWcAIdxHz.jpg)

No. 1821773

File: 1683384297530.png (9.49 KB, 673x226, Miss Freda Wallace on Twitter.…)

another of his brilliant takes

No. 1821775

I only saw the first two, but afterwards I just hid behind the pictures of gore and reported the other images as soon as I saw the button, and hid immediately. I hope that tranny gets arrested already.

No. 1821779

Wish I had seen this post before. I reported it all. I won't go into detail, but it wasn't just child abuse, which further cements the point: These are just sadistic pieces of shit who want to harm and kill anyone vulnerable. You really would have to be a fucking idiot to trust this group with a child, a vulnerable adult, literally any living being on this earth. They harangue us about their "oppression" while wanting to destroy anyone innocent.
Almost every day, there's some glaring reminder of how insidious it is that we're lead to believe these are "oppressed victims". I genuinely feel like I can never go back to a non blackpilled after all I've seen. We can't even openly go on about the full scope of it, because the average normie cannot fathom how much they've been lied to. It's too much. They'll just call us "bigots" up until the very point that it personally happens to them, or they're forced to see the same shit that we do. I'm sorry to rant, but jesus fucking christ I keep thinking I've hit peak trans, and then there's some new peak.

No. 1821782


No. 1821783

also trannies:
>spams cp
>spams dead children
>spams gore
Uhh, why won't anyone suck my girlcock?

No. 1821786

Matt? From supermega?

No. 1821788

No human or animal is ever safe with a fucking tranny, and the biggest joke is that they'll still insist that you hurt them the most by not validating them or playing blind to their shit. I'm glad the law is clamping down on them, something needs to. I just wish more was being done.

No. 1821789

>KF down
>CC being spammed with abuse

No. 1821790


Nonnies please give details here(sage your shit)

No. 1821792

I thought KF was down alright! I wanted to check in on the Foodie Beauty thread (dont judge me nonnas please)

No. 1821793

I'm going to spare you the details. It's being raided with the worst images I've ever seen, and I've been on the internet for a long time

No. 1821794

Interestingly I'm seeing all women online getting pinkpilled at once this year, literally so many threads, comments, posts, videos from women finally realising #Itisallmen with mountains of evidence. Since most of the world were forced to be online during the pandemic, we ended up with this melting pot of every kind of person all reading and watching and reacting to the same things on tiktok, twitter, Instagram, and it really is a mass pinkpilling I've never seen the like of. There will be a few #notmynigel and a few men trying to protest against the thousands of comments, posts, videos, evidence piling up every minute, but generally women are now in agreement the vast majority of men do not care for women and would happily see us suffer.
This is all to say, it doesn't take much of a logical leap from pinkpill to peak trans. If the vast majority of men are like x, why are trans"women" the exception, especially where they have statistically proven themselves to match or exceed male crime statistics?

No. 1821796

Just that there's a certain truth to trannies being pedos.

No. 1821798

CP + Gore? Animal abuse? All of the above? My morbid curiosity is killing me nonnies(sage your shit)

No. 1821800

File: 1683386008931.png (18.05 KB, 507x826, cc.png)

No. 1821801

Samefag but I'm not clicking on those links and I'd ask you dont do so either nonna

No. 1821803

NTA, but all of the above. There's shock and disgust at first, and then it's just "Oh. This is evil. These are evil people". I don't recommend looking at it, just know any distrust you feel for trannies is affirmed by reality.

No. 1821804

Is it 4chan trannies just doing it for the shock and the kek?

No. 1821805

Anon above says it, cp, dead children, gore, you do not need to see that to know how bad it is. I didn't look and I advise nobody else does, why be mentally scarred because some pedo rapist wants you to be? They tell us who they are every day.

No. 1821807

File: 1683386391934.png (42.24 KB, 1430x636, TRANNY.png)

Tranny can't resist urge to talk about masturbating his female penis on random post in bad roommates sub

No. 1821808

Sage for spergy/personalposting but I love antagonising my libfem friends by asking stuff like "so it's not all men, according to you?"

It's moid behaviour but I honestly cant help myself, the contradictions between their libfem beliefs and their handmaiden behaviour for troons is insane and its more insane that they cant see it

No. 1821810


They don't even bother to pretend to type like women. There's lurkers on LC who put more effort in

No. 1821813

I've been repeaked in ways previously thought unimaginable

No. 1821814

What more do you need to know

No. 1821816

It's just my morbid curiosity telling me to look and my brain telling me not to

No. 1821817

I remember one of those times this place was down for maintenance and some of us went to CC. A anon in CC's MtF/TiM thread argued that TiMs are less dangerous than regular moids. I wonder has her opinion changed after this cp spam.

No. 1821818

Well it's been all cleaned up, so

No. 1821820

The world was/is filled with brilliant women, that they would deem as “terfs” that have accomplished so much for other woman. What has a tranny ever done for real women?

No. 1821821

Saved from myself by reading NFL news. I feel like a moid

No. 1821822

Peak them

In other news, KF is still down. I wonder if that's the troons too

No. 1821823

Oh darling it’s not been totally useless, because of it you’ve shown the world what a creep you are and also provided us some laughs.

No. 1821824

It’s not just online. I didn’t think the mass peaking would happen this quickly but it really does seem to be kicking off. A lot of people from all different walks of life have been independently opening up to me irl about it lately; blue collar men, creatives, academics, millennials, gen X, boomers… mostly people who are barely online at all. It’s happening.

No. 1821825

Blue collar men have always been peaked. The actual working class, for all their bullshit masculinity and retrograde views of women, have always had the right track on the troons

No. 1821827

Yes, it used to be common sense that straight men who crossdress are fucking creeps and predators. Now it's blasphemous to even consider.

No. 1821829

Remember that drag, for centuries, was entertainment in working men's clubs and the army etc. It was essentially womanface, the XX version of minstrel shows. It's like between 1980 and 2010, it stopped being a joke and it came back as a 'legitimate' identity

No. 1821830

I'm talking about full-time crossdressers, trannies, tranvestities, etc, all and any of the names they used to be called before they became True and Honest women

No. 1821831

Anons, I have a conundrum. I've come across a "community" of very fucked up trannies. I was vaguely aware of them because of an anon posting about them in the past. They are absolute horrorcows, think Reddit trannies but worse. I didn't even manage to screencap enough of what I saw before it became too much, but I still have some content. I've been sitting on this for a while, but I feel like I can't anymore. I want to post about them, because all of this affirms everything we've been saying about these people. The issue is, I'm worried they'll delete and go into hiding if it's all brought into the light. Some of them know about KF and CC.
I don't know if I have a strong enough stomach to infiltrate them the way I'd need to in order to keep track. What's the best way to go about this? I feel like there's some strong political use, but I have no idea how to make use of it.

No. 1821833

Why do you want to know? Just the vague notion of what’s being posted is turning my stomach. And why didn’t you Sage? Kinda sus not to be overly paranoid…

No. 1821834

Nonna with the best will in the world, this is an imageboard. This is not Neptune Spear. Post the troon freaks. If you want to garner more content first, feel free, but I'd post now: there's a point of diminishing returns where like 5 screenshots hit hard, 50 will just get lost(sage your shit)

No. 1821836

File: 1683388330815.jpg (265.39 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_lv05rkr7vK1qfsw3bo1_r1_…)

I'm so sorry you had to see that crap, holy shit. Thank you for the warning, not that I was going to visit CC right now anyway, but it probably prevented many other anons from going there. I also have seen horrific gore and CP before and I unfortunately can imagine what those pictures were like. Sorry for the following sperg but it just makes me so angry.

How do troons think saving dozens of horrifying pictures of sadistic abuse towards children is an own against TERFs? Against anyone? What fucking actual woman does that just to win a retarded internet argument? No woman does that, only males.
>Oh yeah let's permanently traumatize those transphobic bitches with pictures of child gore, they deserve it for not thinking I'm a real woman when I put on a wig and masturbate when I'm wearing high heels, lemme go into highly illegal pedophile and sadistic websites and save the most brutal pics I can find to remind them that I'm a woman and they shouldn't tell me I'm not
>You don't think I'm literally a woman? You think I'm a threat to your safety just because I'm a degenerate male? Time to show how much of a violent and psychopathic pedophile I am!
They're actually insane. We all know they're mentally unstable but insane is a better way to describe them here. It's not just the traumatizing women for having normal opinions part, it's also the fact that they seemingly feel nothing looking at those pictures, and in fact seem to enjoy looking for the worst, most depraved, most evil things they can find, and use it as weapons as a form of online terrorism (because that's what it is, terrorism, they're trying to intimidate us into shutting up with the use of pictures depicting extreme, grotesque violence, and constantly, directly threatening GC women with murder and rape for expressing their non-violent views publicly). It speaks volumes about what is going on in their minds.
Time and time again they prove they are actually dangerous to anyone that's less powerful or physically strong than them. Women who don't believe their lies or entertain their delusions aren't threatening their lives, it's the other way around. It's so fucked up that TRAs blindly believe and support the idea that not indulging their tranny fetish is akin to genocide, especially when trannies are the ones who are most openly, aggressively advocating for violence, ever since the "Die Cis Scum" tranny and until now with the fed wannabe tranny. These TIMs are fucking inhuman like all other sociopathic moids. I'm so fucking angry right now because not enough people have realized it yet.

No. 1821837

ayrt. I agree. But a large proportion of my leftwing blue collar circle has gone from “obviously men can’t be women but I’ll pretend they are to be polite and other than that I see no reason to talk about it at all” to being actively pissed off. A boomer I work with came into work the other day and launched into a fuming rant about Dylan Mulvaney. I was surprised he even knows who he is. These are terminally OFFLINE people.
Pantomime too, sketch shows, Dame Edna, etc. We’re on terf island so laughing at men in dresses is literally part of our culture. You can’t take away a hundred years of comedy overnight.
This hasn’t truly gone away here either. Obvious AGPs are definitely still seen as perverts by a lot of normal people.

No. 1821843

It's just their porn folder.

No. 1821845

>“obviously men can’t be women but I’ll pretend they are to be polite and other than that I see no reason to talk about it at all”
A lot of people used to be like this until recently including me. Because trannies keep shooting themselves in the foot and exposing themselves as fetishists like other nonnas said earlier in the thread. And the more trannies there are, the easier it is to truly know them. I actually do agree that more and more people are starting to open their eyes on this.
The good news is that not all zoomers agree with gender ideology either so those who support troons are probably not the majority right now.

No. 1821849

It's just the spammer's porn folder, probably

No. 1821855

Ya I know that's why i said those troons enjoy saving the pics

No. 1821864

Post on twitter at least there it can be seen by normies.

No. 1821867

ayrt & yes, that’s exactly my point. It’s not even just the obvious fetishists; a lot of people I’ve spoken to just don’t like the Orwellianism of it all. The emperor’s clothes are fabulous, war is peace, man is woman and it’s literally illegal here to say otherwise.
A lot of us are done. We smiled and nodded and said the pronouns, we tried to keep up with the daily language change and the slippery slope of eroded boundaries, but it’s all gotten so patently absurd at this point that people are struggling to maintain their suspension of disbelief. Add the constant deranged haranguing on top of that and you have a perfect recipe for rapid mass peaking, cooked and served entirely by TRAs themselves. Bellísimo, chef’s kiss.

No. 1821868

File: 1683390522977.png (721.57 KB, 770x567, cathug.png)

thank you for the warning about CC nonnies and hugs to anyone who saw the images which sound very upsetting. last time I saw something like that it made me depressed for weeks so I appreciate the heads up.
there is no hope for moids. like others have said - you think you've already peaked as much as you can peak but then there is yet more peaking to be had.

No. 1821869

Archive as much as you can. Including their profiles, any other profiles they have under the same usernames, etc. What are they doing though, being so extremely misogynistic regular troons would find it offensive or something like being pedos?

No. 1821872

I always thought troons were weird but I didn't have an active hate for them until they started being shoved into face and taking women's safe spaces.

No. 1821873

I think elon's taking over twitter has helped a lot by having tranny hate accounts stay up.

No. 1821881

yup, this. i didn’t become a “transphobe” by listening to transphobic ideas. they peaked me themselves, all you have to do is observe their actions and listen to their words and you see them for who they really are

No. 1821885

You can archive some of it before posting and sharing both archived links and photos.

No. 1821888

I am glad I didn't visit CC today, the nonnies did a huge favor but I feel sad that you had to witness awful things. I hope the farmhands are on alert if any troon decides to do the same shit here.
I don't get how posting nasty things like that would makes us change our minds fight for "twaans rights". That just repeaked me way more and gave me a huge urge to a-log. It just confirms that they are soulless evil people and that they should be shunned from society and kept far far away from women and children, not the contrary.

No. 1821892

stopped visiting crystal.cafe when it became obvious a lot of the posters on there were seething tranny spermsacks from /tttt/

No. 1821909

go back

No. 1821914

The amount of unsaged posts in the last few hours is suspicious.

No. 1821916

deleted my a-logging but go back where? i'm a woman and i've been using lc since 2015.
anyway the tranny pedo sperging was removed from cc but from now on i'd just suggest saving favorite threads instead of using the catalog, it's saved my eyes more times than i can count.

No. 1821922

This sent shivers down my spine. Admins better be on the lookout

No. 1821924

I wanted to believe this, but seeing millions of women cape for Depp after that trial really put a damper on my mass pink pilling prophecy(sage your shit)

No. 1821925

What comforts me is that there's at least a non-zero chance they'll get caught, and since possession of CP will land you in jail in most countries, the tranny spammer would go to jail as well, hopefully men's.

No. 1821930

File: 1683395927823.jpg (222.16 KB, 1205x1124, comic troons.jpg)

An incomplete list of comic artists who draw women/lesbian centric stories who have trooned out:

> Dave "Daisy" Kelly AKA Shmorky, author of Purple Pussy

> David "Daisy" McGuire, author of Gastrophobia & Persiaphobia
> Ross "Sophie" Campbell, author of Wet Moon, Water Baby, Jem reboot, Shadoweyes, & a lot of weird furry fan art
> Arryn "Senna" Diaz, author of Dresden Codak
> Josh "Jackie" Lesnick, author of CuteWendy & Girly

Honorary mention because I don't know if they trooned out before they started the comic or after:
> WocGirl (sorry couldn't find his real name), author of Moon Over June
> "Sophie" Labelle, the creep who traces real photos of toddlers to draw fucked up shit

(Pictured: Shmorky, Diaz, Lesnick, & Campbell)

Bet there's way more and I'd "love" to keep track of this phenomenon.

No. 1821934

Agreed, especially the ones asking for “details” about what was being spammed on CC. I’m always afraid to refresh /snow/ these days, I’ve definitely seen things that are now burned into my brain. It’s disgusting handmaidens will cape for these freaks when they genuinely enjoy a) CP/gore/etc b) forcing women to see it.

No. 1821935

File: 1683396793122.jpg (346.11 KB, 1196x1108, u3CTgUZ.jpg)

Women live with daily scrutiny and invasions of our privacy because we are born female. Meanwhile TiMs get upset when they are scrutinized for their actual behaviour and personal choices.

No. 1821938


I recommend you guys use an extension or app that automatically blurs images for the sake of your mental health because this cp and gore spam is getting worse.

No. 1821948

Typical troon projection, nobody is as obsessed with genitals as they are. I honestly do not care whether they still have their dicks or replaced it with a festering crotch hole, they should be kept away from women spaces and children.

No. 1821949

fucking sage your posts

No. 1821960

These threads have so many unsaged offtopic posts it’s crazy

No. 1821966

What the fuck, she didn't even do anything besides be in the guy's fucking profile picture. The person who got the troon fired turned out to be a guy, so now they're just looking for a woman to harass over it, because women are somehow always to blame. Misogynists.

No. 1821968

JKR has donated millions to charity, helped women escape Afghanistan, and founded a DV shelter. What have you contributed to society besides complain on TV, Fred?

No. 1821969

>Makes a gigantic fuss about how much they hate their sex characteristics and want to change them
>"Why do the evil cissies keep asking me about how I'm trying to change my sex characteristics?!?!??"
They're mad because they're never going to get their dicks removed and they know that people wouldn't support trannies if they knew that most of them fully intend to keep their penises.

No. 1821973

Saging really is more a guideline than a rule at this stage

No. 1821980

File: 1683401433990.png (32.48 KB, 1322x556, Screen Shot 2023-05-06 at 1.24…)

This dude is just desperately trying to use his time in the sun to make a few bucks. He knows legally he doesn't have a leg to stand on. He was a probationary employee, he signed a contract agreeing to a code of conduct, violated that agreement on a public account where he had his name and the fact he was a gov't employee. He fucked up and he knows it, but if he keeps misrepresenting it as bigotry towards a poor twans girl he can get some $$. There's still smooth brains insisting he's got a slam dunk lawsuit and he cant even get the ACLU interested kek

No. 1821990

Ntayrt and OT really quick, it’s a rule, it seems like a “guildeline” now because newfags can’t follow directions and don’t know how to integrate. Are you retarded? I feel sorry for the jannies. It takes half a second to sage your shit, that’s why it’s irritating when newfags don’t do it.

No. 1821994

Holy shit, even the tranny infested ACLU won't give this guy the time of day? Did Chase Strangio 41% or is even she not retarded enough to take this case kek

No. 1821999

File: 1683404235474.jpg (1.11 MB, 4096x3072, cavetrannygrug.jpg)

This guy is my fave tranny of all time, he's so tragic it's absolutely hilarious. Looks like someone shaved and put a dress on a Neanderthal.

No. 1822004

"an unnecessary drive-by?" um it's called representation in media and it's the most important form of social justice that exists? keep up sweetie

No. 1822007

Oh, look, it’s the wacky inflatable arm flailing tube MAN.

No. 1822012

good match in looks or personality. drug dealer/clownish govt official is going to be very funny, mazel tov you crazy kids

No. 1822017

Brian Jordan Alvarez character

No. 1822023

File: 1683406557755.jpg (126.64 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20230506_070934_Chr…)

pretty entertaining stumbling across random, low-reach TIMs like this. no matter if no one's paying attention to his tweets, the delusion still manages to shine through

No. 1822024

File: 1683406666132.jpg (198.41 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_20230506_070858_Chr…)

>not even kidding a little bit
kek we never thought otherwise sir

No. 1822038

File: 1683408090591.jpg (224.49 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20230506-115314_Chr…)

>TERFs belong in the same class as pedos

No. 1822042

File: 1683408224456.jpg (46.95 KB, 1080x580, Screenshot_20230506-135214_Boo…)

>AGP is just female sexuality

No. 1822043


I will never understand how people are able to sleep in rooms like that

No. 1822045

File: 1683408363356.jpg (80.09 KB, 810x1268, Screenshot_20230505-095450_Red…)

TIM sniffs his own panties for "girl smell"

No. 1822050

there’s men out there actually murdering trannies, but yeah, spend your energy on hating women who ultimately have no power

No. 1822052

No sheets. Not surprised. Absolutely vile.

No. 1822056

yes, real women jerk off to the thought of being a woman everyday, AGP is normal and not in any way perverted or a sign of severe porn addiction

No. 1822058

>distorted world view
>they need copious amounts of therapy
The projection is unreal. I felt the pure unadulterated envy flowing from his big vascular hands typing this out. They hate us so much because they subconsciously know that we're right. TERFS live rent free in this dude's head. It must hurt so much inside knowing that he will never be a real woman lolol

No. 1822067

File: 1683410668755.jpg (49.88 KB, 1023x596, distorted worldview.jpg)

No. 1822069

i just noticed this, but the males of reddit twitter account is gone? does anyone have any idea what happened?

No. 1822082

This was MalesOfReddit's third suspension so I doubt she gets her account back. She has or had an alt she posted under when she was suspended the 2nd time but I can't remember it.

No. 1822083

File: 1683412358613.jpg (89.93 KB, 827x895, tumblr_a80c0940b89f445004ae4ee…)

No. 1822086

>a particularly vulnerable group of women
trannies are privileged men, and by “targeting” they mean rightfully exposing their depravity and misogyny. hate us all you want, tranny fucks, we’ve done nothing to you except hold up a mirror to your own disgusting behavior.

No. 1822095

File: 1683414899660.jpg (208.85 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20230507_011504.jpg)

This ogre is another so called transbian

No. 1822107

First non-hyper greasy TIM I’ve ever seen. He’s taken at least one shower in the last week unlike literally any of his peers, I’ll give him that.

No. 1822109

This image pisses me the fuck off. I’ve literally been filmed up skirt and posted to a porn site without consent. The horrifying thing is I found out through a moid EX friend (for obvious reasons) who recognized my outfit.

No. 1822110

So much projection. They were the ones posting cp on CC today while nonnas were reporting it.

No. 1822116

File: 1683418379430.jpeg (59.9 KB, 563x923, color blind.jpeg)

Looks the same way the red trails always look to me; then again men are more likely to be color blind than women lol.

No. 1822123

>I hate TERFs more than conservatives
Of course you, it is because we are women.

No. 1822127

File: 1683419927089.png (351.55 KB, 610x407, frommars.png)

that illustration is absolutely a fetish thing. ugh.
it reminds me of "Sophie" From Mars complaining that Andy Ngo "took an upskirt shot" of him and posted it online.
turns out it was picrel. a video that HE himself posted on his own twitter kek, clearly wanting people to see it. and his profile picture is literally an upskirt shot of himself.
(a nona posted more about this in the breadtube thread).
it's such a pornbrained AGP thing to do.
this is horrific, sorry that happened to you.

No. 1822132

may Allah smite him. mashallah

No. 1822150

just stark misogyny when he's wearing a symbol of women's oppression, and presumably getting off on that. he doesn't have to cover himself as a man but can choose to pretend he has to when it (his fetish) suits him.

No. 1822161

kek why does it look like kids are looking up the dress?

No. 1822186

You forgot Rosaliasomething, the one that made Yu+Me. She's now a TIF.

No. 1822195

Thanks nona. It was pretty traumatizing and it still makes me sick thinking about it, mainly because it’s probably still out there somewhere even though the website did take it down when I reported and asked. But we know nothing on the internet is ever truly gone. I hate how this sort of thing is becoming more and more common.

No. 1822211

maybe he can go to iran and live peacefully as the fetish he always wanted to be.

No. 1822217

File: 1683429385405.jpg (149.29 KB, 1080x1177, Screenshot_2023-05-07-06-16-03…)

No. 1822218

That is fucking disgusting. I'm sorry you had to go through that nona. The moid ex friend must have been a porn addict if he was sifting through that kind of content. Fucking ew, one more reason to avoid being friends with men.

No. 1822226

File: 1683430778298.png (10.54 KB, 500x259, 07036cec416e2802ffa4ddb5b1e6d2…)

picrel: that user

No. 1822229

At one point I wouldn’t have seen anything wrong with this at all, It’s legitimately terrifying how insular tranny internet microcosms are, lonely kids and teens look for somewhere to fit in, find these communities and begin to identify with them, it happened to me at one point, worm free now, seriously dangerous mind melting shit, it’s an epidemic.

No. 1822235

File: 1683434229539.jpeg (76.95 KB, 1107x1040, IMG_7364.jpeg)

Their face blindness is wild.

No. 1822238

>Looks like someone shaved and put a dress on a Neanderthal.
kek im dying, he looks so happy too

No. 1822241

Ackshually the feminist part is protecting particularly vulnerable groups of women (female prisoners, rape/DV survivors, little girls in public restrooms etc.) from mentally ill adult men, but thanks for playing!

No. 1822244

I had a moid as a best friend in college. We hung out all the time and he was even my roommate at one point. I would’ve described him as a nice chill guy. One time I was playing games on his computer and opened a random file only to see a bunch of vile abuse porn titles. “Crying Russian girl raped on beach” was one that stuck in my head.

Never trust a male.

No. 1822251

File: 1683437435364.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.74 KB, 482x428, 4d9f1825-fab8-508b-a33a-e592db…)

Because nobody's into that.

No. 1822258

But there is? What a weird question.

No. 1822260

Literal neanderthal

No. 1822262

this picture peaked me and it feels like it was a million years ago

No. 1822264

No. 1822265

the mutants are breeding

No. 1822271

bumo bc 'p

No. 1822324

File: 1683449533292.jpg (67.62 KB, 1200x675, ungabunga.jpg)

I mean all Neanderthals likely wore dresses (leather tunics) so he looks like he arrived in modern times and misunderstood the fashion rules for moids.

No. 1822361

File: 1683462548031.webm (16.72 MB, 640x360, k9hVQi65ekw4ZKsh.webm)

saw this being shared on twitter, and it does not surprise me. Most TRAs seem to base their argument on an irrational need to feel like they are on the right side of history and are progressive

No. 1822363

Because it's probably nearly impossible for most post op people. They can barely dilate due to pain. Now they have impotent rage

No. 1822366

File: 1683464257276.jpg (226.49 KB, 1080x1662, Screenshot_20230507-084809_Chr…)

Poor doggo

No. 1822367

Those are some ugly ass mfs, good lord lmao

No. 1822369

The real reason is that men who are into TiMs prefer them pre-op. The dick is the main attraction in t-girls.

No. 1822371


No. 1822376

Even that poor dog is Vietnam staring into the distance(sage your shit)

No. 1822386

File: 1683468117886.jpg (405.78 KB, 2409x1865, FvhOBP1aYAAZSz3.jpg)

No. 1822387

File: 1683468162164.png (265.02 KB, 677x628, Twitter.png)

No. 1822388

File: 1683468317164.jpg (340.17 KB, 1440x2189, FvXQVB2WYAILOjc.jpg)

No. 1822392

File: 1683468837096.webm (13.98 MB, 480x270, SheilaGunnReid_status_16549298…)

No. 1822405


She must have deleted that vid IMMEDIATELY. Haaaaa

No. 1822407

That is very sexual, that's a sexual fantasy that is not how women do it.(sage your shit)

No. 1822412

File: 1683471640170.jpg (140.91 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20230507-104707_Chr…)

TIM boasts about punching a woman in the face:

No. 1822413

File: 1683471681642.jpg (299.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230507-105245_Red…)

No. 1822414

File: 1683471723572.jpeg (106.89 KB, 828x1063, IMG_2807.jpeg)

No. 1822415

Off topic but are you from the sharty by any chance?

No. 1822416

Besides the stupidity of advertising women's clothes for men, those bras look hideous

No. 1822420

21 years old?? I swear these violent men troon out younger and younger. I work with a troon who just turned 19. It's insane.

No. 1822425

The model poses for men’s underwear too but no bras for sale in the men’s section. Nor were there any women posing in jock straps either. Where’s equality in that, huh?!

No. 1822430

I just fucking hate when companies or whatever put trannies next to POC and disabled people, or turn POC into trannies. It feels gross, like we’re being treated like mentally ill people by being put next to a moid in a dress or a woman with a patchy beard.

No. 1822433

>the seahorse shirt

No. 1822434

They usually kill themselves before thinking about filming porn because no coom = no life. It sadly doesn’t happen often, and there must exist some post-mutilation porn for sure, but I refuse to do any research on that.

No. 1822435

Diaz’ real name is Aaron, Arryn was the name he used during his short-lived pre-trans enby phase

No. 1822440

File: 1683475586508.jpeg (54.29 KB, 750x822, IMG_4411.jpeg)

No. 1822441

File: 1683475455946.jpeg (54.29 KB, 750x822, IMG_4411.jpeg)

No. 1822442

File: 1683475806939.png (37.55 KB, 500x674, tumblr_napkjaYK9m1qhqxfro1_500…)

lmao of course the amputee fetishist trooned out after being called out of being a perverted freak

No. 1822444

File: 1683475886785.png (44.24 KB, 500x640, tumblr_napkjaYK9m1qhqxfro2_500…)

i really wonder how his critics feel right now are they going to clap like retarded seals and support the brave and stunning tranny or do they stop and think that this shit doesn't seem right

No. 1822445

im noticing a LOT of AGP troons are wasians. is it bc they're on average middle class/upper middle class? their insecurity about being an asian male? fetishization of asian women or just an attempt to escape finding an identity as a mixed person? long chu is a good example

No. 1822449

Goddamn, sorry to read this, that must have been a nasty shock to see from someone you obviously trusted. Whenever I see someone "not my nigel" and how their brother/dad/boyfriend isn't like these guys…yeah not to you. Unfortunately this exists in all of them.

No. 1822450

I'm just over here cackling that he's trooned out into skinwalking his own character. I guess the attention from his shitty redesigns of Vidya Gaems between biannual posts of new pages on his webcomic wasn't enough for him in the end.

No. 1822460

File: 1683477725122.jpg (116.46 KB, 1080x836, FvhkLviWYAERX9f.jpg)

No. 1822482

File: 1683480096983.jpg (65.42 KB, 546x872, Fvim-voXwAAb3MV.jpg)

No. 1822484

File: 1683480161524.png (1.05 MB, 1514x1118, Danni on Twitter.png)

when you try to make a point but you miss the mark.

No. 1822494

Is always "male seahorses give birth!". No, Sherklock. When mating, the female seahorse deposits up to 1,500 eggs in the male's pouch. A single male seahorse cannot give birth.

No. 1822496

> “hey mom come be part of my fetish!”
> Reddit why won’t my mother participate in my fetish?

Absent father strikes again! People get on womens cases when they have “daddy issues” but when men have daddy issues it becomes everyone else’s fucking problem. When are men going to wake up and recognize that their choices are the true source of their own (and 90% of everyone else’s) misery.

No. 1822504

File: 1683482528658.png (104.77 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4351.png)

Accidentally admitting it?

No. 1822524

His username is fetishsaleswoman but he swears it is not a fetish

No. 1822526

You know what they say. Semen encrusted clothes maketh the woman.

No. 1822528

Embarrassing profile pic, are you a tranny yourself?

No. 1822533

Bet she put the sticker there herself as an excuse to post this nonsense and virtue-signal. Congrats Shannon, you just earned two Male Approval Points™ from your local underwear-stealing pervert.

No. 1822534

That transphobe's name? Albert Einstein.

No. 1822541

Knew these threads attracted NLOTs. Retards with anime profile pics, face the wall.

No. 1822542


>only giveaway

No. 1822544

>got her ass

No. 1822577

File: 1683489293240.png (14.23 KB, 133x179, Screenshot 2023-05-07 215553.p…)

still clockable kek

No. 1822587

File: 1683489815160.jpg (234.54 KB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20230507-150116_Twi…)

This is kinda sad to see. He looked fine before. Wonder what made him decide to "explore his gender identity". Whatever that's suppose to mean but it's a trigger phrase for trooning out

No. 1822588

This isn’t unique to Western media, there are a (surprising?) number of Japanese manga artists who have either bent the knee to troons and included trannies in yuri/lesbian manga or male artists who’ve trooned out themselves. I’ve compiled a short list of ones I’ve happened upon, I can share if anyone is interested but JP artists are way more secretive usually with selfies so it’s less spicy.

It’s weird to see this shit invade when so many Japanese people are homophobic and misogynistic as hell still. Even in relatively normie JP spaces online I’ve seen tranny stuff leak through and it is just…strange. Though it’s funny to see posts from terminally online JP trannies where you can tell exactly where they’ve picked this up from as there straight up aren’t words in the native language for tranny shit so it becomes a jarbled mess of Japanese and trannyisms like ~euphoria~ and “transmisogyny”.

No. 1822591

File: 1683490743014.png (41.44 KB, 600x358, AfC79o9.png)

>sad to see
>looked fine before

No. 1822592

Pornography and its consequences.

No. 1822599

sorta OT but the unionic use of "chud" is sending me, like I remember when it was just a dumb inside joke for r/chapotraphouse users, then it spread to to other coomer leftist reddit spaces and then it stopped being a joke and now they just use the term unironically now.

No. 1822617

File: 1683493275890.jpg (27.15 KB, 429x600, matilda.jpg)

I'm heartbroken that the troons even got to Matilda

No. 1822618

I meant that he looked like a well built guy. Now he just looks like some blown up sex doll. Porn addiction really does alot on the male brain. It actually is sad to see(sage your shit)

No. 1822623

sage, can you even try to act like you belong

No. 1822634

File: 1683495773076.jpg (162.99 KB, 1080x1310, Screenshot_20230507-173059_Chr…)

schadenfreude kek

No. 1822642

I hate you nona, this made me picture the mental image of a man pulling "several long hairs" out of the flesh of his inverted penis hole. what a terrible day to know how to read.

No. 1822648

File: 1683496979008.jpg (156.28 KB, 1032x1519, sabrina.jpg)

I downloaded HER and I'm going to dump pictures of every blatant scrote I come across.

No. 1822649

File: 1683496912035.jpg (156.28 KB, 1032x1519, sabrina.jpg)

I downloaded HER and I'm going to dump pictures of every blatant scrote I come across.

No. 1822652

>not knowing how to sage
>saying someone else doesn’t belong.
Nta but the irony kek.

No. 1822662

File: 1683498317358.jpeg (67.55 KB, 598x720, 8CD01409-B50E-483F-950E-F1152D…)

No. 1822667

>a cute and hilarious fact about me is that I was very recently the sort of man who committed hate crimes. tee hee!

No. 1822675

Holy shit

No. 1822684

It’s alarming how often they say things like this or straight up admit to having nazi/alt right/white supremacist phases. I don’t know how anyone lets that fly.

No. 1822704

I probably wouldn't even be surprised if this fucker (the guy saying chud) trooned out kek

No. 1822705

They always look like psychos.

No. 1822711

He's saying his past self would've violently harmed his current tran self, which still is definitely a weird flex. And yeah you're right >>1822684. I often see that alot, especially from white tims. they'll weirdly admit they had a neo Nazi/alt right phase before trooning. They frame it like it's some kind of "character development" they should be applauded for overcoming(sage your shit)

No. 1822715

andrea long chu had an asian ex-wife, wrote essays about his problematic fetishization of her as a huwhite and wishes he was asian so he kept her last name since it's so useful in his line of work. he does a little race-faking in his repertoire, truly a renaissance troon

No. 1822718

they are worthless men with no skills so try to compete with women for simpbux

No. 1822732

Seahorses can also breathe underwater, maybe they should try that out

No. 1822737

File: 1683507129412.jpg (161.53 KB, 1080x1529, aless.jpg)

No. 1822740

Wait, Long Chu is fully white? I always assumed he was an especially doughy and unattractive hapa. Link?

No. 1822741

File: 1683507181264.jpg (225.14 KB, 1074x1541, hehin.jpg)

No. 1822743

File: 1683507216948.jpg (217.63 KB, 1080x1509, her.jpg)

This is a lesbian, according to HER

No. 1822746

File: 1683507335344.jpg (156.54 KB, 1080x1513, woman.jpg)

No. 1822749

File: 1683507422551.jpg (245.44 KB, 1080x1527, scrote.jpg)

No. 1822750

look, I didn't want to believe any part of him was asian either but wikipedia says his dad is half chinese

No. 1822755

File: 1683507575953.jpg (187.14 KB, 1079x1516, IMG_20230507_175934.jpg)

No. 1822757

The image on the right is photoshopped so hard I genuinely thought it was AI-generated at first. Lucinda should sue this guy for stealing her weird style of nose-shoop.

No. 1822758

File: 1683507717826.jpg (158.6 KB, 1080x1526, moid.jpg)

>pushing his moobs together so it looks like cleavage


No. 1822759

Okay no need to flood the thread with ugly trannies imo, we already know they're there unfortunately

No. 1822761

File: 1683507967637.jpg (126.53 KB, 1020x1508, Maamm.jpg)

Just one more

No. 1822763

Thought this was Shayna for like 2 seconds when I saw it on the front page oh my god (sorry Shay)

No. 1822767

Where did 'chud' even come from? The 80s sewer monster movie?

No. 1822769

>The 80s sewer monster movie?
Yes, actually. From what I read one of the Breadtubers, The Serfs, called alt-righters C.H.U.Ds as a joke during a stream and the name stuck.

No. 1822773

?? she saged

No. 1822774

not sure what app this is or the requirements but this seems like a regular guy. Yeah he's blading and a little chunky but that doesn't mean he's a tranny. Straight girls go on grindr to be annoying so I wouldn't be suprised if this was the same.

No. 1822776

Are you blind?

No. 1822779

You just had to do her dirty like that, come on.

No. 1822781

File: 1683510268479.png (12.06 KB, 157x141, Screenshot 2023-05-07 214429.p…)

Dios mios.

No. 1822783

don't be stupid nona

trannies on her is not new milk nona, we already know they are like 80% of that apps userbase. at least sage if you're going to spam these ugly moids

No. 1822785

the app is called "her" and it was supposed to be a women-only, no men allowed app. their definition of woman includes trannies tho.
the moids who run their social mddia accounts recently had a full meltdown about how lesbians need to accept dick or they're evil terves who should get killed

the picspam is annoying tho. her has been notoriously infested with troons since forever

No. 1822787

Can straight girls on Grindr be reported, though? Straight guys are openly allowed on HER if they say they're queer.(sage your shit)

No. 1822789

sage this. to answer your question, grindr users can't report a woman for being a woman, but the difference between grindr and her is that if you tell off a woman messaging you on grindr or tell a gayden to fuck off you won't get banned. on her, you will absolutely get banned.

No. 1822790

Of all the vagina and boob nitpicks, this has got to be the meanest thing anyone's ever said about Shayna kek

No. 1822805

File: 1683514231312.jpg (407.64 KB, 1440x3446, Screenshot_20230507-214608_Twi…)

Who's gonna tell ari here that 1. He doesn't pass and 2. Men literally wouldn't care.

They keep talking about how they're more likely to be beat up if they used the men's room but compare this to say gay men who outwardly flamboyant or androgynous dudes with long hair, makeup, and nails. Is there any statistics that show they're also in danger from other men in the bathroom for the way they express themselves? Cause I don't really see it as much as they claim(sage your shit)

No. 1822807

i feel so bad for True and Honest lesbians in this day and age. it’s been widely known since the dawn of time that lesbians don’t like dick, but now lesbians are being expected to take some dick since it’s attached to a man in a wig and programmer socks. it isn’t fair at all

No. 1822808

File: 1683514737348.jpg (188.03 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_2023-05-08-05-25-03…)

Where tifs got this idea that homosexuality/lgb rights organizations were all invented by trannies, and not just trannies, but male trannies specifically? Troonism literally didn't exist until recently (castrated and abused little boys from the past don't count)

No. 1822811

File: 1683515398099.jpg (184.28 KB, 742x742, 2019-pride-Stormé-DeLarverie-…)

They think stonewall rights was the beginning of lgbt rights liberation and constantly credit Masha P Johnson for starting it with "throwing the first brick", when in reality, marsha wasn't even there on the night of the riots. Plus marsha was just a gay man who was a drag queen. He said this himself. Nobody actually knows who threw the first brick, but it was rumored to be Storme DeLarverie, a butch lesbian who was also drag king. Even if it was Masha, it would've still been a gay man and not a trans woman. Trans at that time wasn't really used the same way it is now. It was mostly another term people would refer to crossdressers or drag performers.

No. 1822816

TRAs consistently misgender and misrepresent LGB individuals from history. it’s such a pathetic attempt at establishing legitimacy towards their ideology.

No. 1822832

Here's a recording of Malcolm/Marsha explaining how he didn't got to Stonewall till after the riot started. It's @3:02 if I didn't embed right.

There's a interview of Malcolm/Marsha I saw on YT a year or two ago where he was presenting male with a haircut and wearing a wife beater. He rambles on about how he's a boy, girl, drag queen, etc. However he never said he was a transsexual. Dude wasn't all there and clearly did hard drugs. I wish I had saved the interview, I'm having trouble finding it.

No. 1822849

Yeah he totally looks like that irl

No. 1822856

File: 1683520786775.jpg (96.3 KB, 1200x675, 03yPU2007c_fYq9R.jpg)

Another delusional freak

No. 1822863

you're right, and also 3. it's not our fucking problem, his safety is not more important than women's safety just because he decided to put on a pink top and get surgery. he always uses that same dramatic picture/pose, conveniently hiding the fact that he's massive and can defend himself. also one of TRAs' arguments is that "predators can already enter women's restrooms anytime" so why do they act like it's their safe space?

No. 1822864

fucking "queenslanders don't stand for these views" you don't speak for me you fuck. queenslanders hate this shit and just want it all to stop. fucking melbournites/sydneyfags coming up here and shitting it all up with their politics and gentrifying fucking everything
trying not to alog so fucking hard rn. might move to WA and live in a desert cave

No. 1822867

WA nonnie here
Join us

No. 1822868

I fucken WILL, this state is mad turds now. escaped NSW for this reee. hope you are safe and happy lovely western nona!!

No. 1822903

CP don’t look

No. 1822909

File: 1683532346461.jpg (24.82 KB, 500x290, 238b9c292b24712ee7ec25d0aae50d…)

@the pedo that posted (don't scroll up)

No. 1822910

File: 1683532375090.jpg (25.52 KB, 500x273, 6a891cdea6cef490900a0491caf028…)

No. 1822912

CP don't scroll up

No. 1822923

holy fuck lmao this is SO out of touch with the average queenslander. this sort of thing is a disgrace to the labour party, completely alienating to the workers they should be representing in favour of unemployed consoomer trannies. no wonder libnats keep regaining power despite their abysmal track record
how the hell is this happening here? i know absolutely no one who takes trannies seriously outside of little pockets in universities, even among university educated professionals theyre a joke

No. 1822924

File: 1683533354991.jpeg (134.39 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_5301.jpeg)

omg wtf I can’t he looks exactly like one of my country’s ”top” politicians down to the lazy eye. Is this a dirty secret identity kek picrel

No. 1822927

File: 1683533775349.png (204.12 KB, 1224x942, 1676716665460.png)

cp dont scroll

No. 1822928

four posts were enough nonita

No. 1822932

Ugly ass smug anime girl pfp? Definitely.

No. 1822938

File: 1683535067575.jpeg (114.89 KB, 750x893, IMG_2454.jpeg)

No. 1822943

Someone save that kid.

No. 1822948

literally lipstick on a pig. no amount of heavy makeup, filters, cheap e-girl wigs worn sideways(?) and too small push up bra, padding, and tape tricks will make this creature look like an actual woman.

No. 1822949

>describes their own negligent parenting at length
>his punishment
ok. Maybe watch your kids you fucking dumbass

No. 1822959

File: 1683536392875.png (56.87 KB, 1522x740, Screenshot 2023-05-08 030000.p…)

someone needs to save this child. This is absolutely evil and despicable.

No. 1822963

Oh come on now, don’t be so mean to pigs, they are cute! this guy is digusting.

No. 1822966

imagine your dad who’s currently wearing ill fitting women’s clothes and is trying his hardest to mimic woman’s voice by doing a high pitched tone, telling you that he’s posting you on his twitter account. The fact that he’s this open to mocking his child online as a punishment just reminds me of those narcissistic family vlogers who posted every aspect of their children’s lives online without letting them have any privacy at all

No. 1822982

File: 1683540461851.png (188.84 KB, 662x461, pws.png)

saw this sticker a few months ago outside the brisbane womens hospital. it stayed there a few weeks.
and a few months further back saw a "transwomen are men" sticker at a park in a far out suburb.

No. 1822986

The good thing is this man is stacking up evidence for the case the child's actual mother will likely have not long down the line
>neglecting child to the point they go to the park on their own without you noticing
>You have not taught them basic safety like using their helmet, or possibly the helmet is illfitted or some other reason they don't use it which you should deal with
>instead of being sympathetic and describing how you treated their head injury(!) you shame them to strangers on Twitter on your tranny account
>You then thank the strangers for their negative reaction, because orchestrating internet pileons around a 9 year old is magnificent parenting
Yeah enjoy your lost custody, bucko

No. 1822987

Samefag, just noticed this fucker changed HIS SCREENNAME to mock his child's injury, another one for the list, it went from Tanya Foster to "GooseEgg Transgirl" probably trying to SEO that shit since this narc will take any attention he can get

No. 1822999

Can’t trans away deadbeat dad behavior

No. 1823000

File: 1683544126419.jpeg (Spoiler Image,108.06 KB, 828x1258, IMG_4786.jpeg)


No. 1823003

a very male and fatherly reaction to your child being injured

No. 1823004

FUCK YES! so nice to see QLD nonas hello hello! austists (australian autists) unite lmao
I printed a bunch of adult human female/radfem stickers today on that good weatherproof vinyl shit and you best believe GC is getting inundated with terfery. funnily enough it's pretty fine down this way atm I rarely see troons cause beach town (probably, mostly brazillians and stoners and wageslaves) but I'm shocked every goddamn day to hear of the Big Trans Agenda in QLD. they must just mean brisbane and outer suburbs cause rural QLD I cannot see having a bar of this.
for non aus nonas (most of you lmao) rural QLD is almost southern?? idk how to explain it but it's like QLD is texas and NSW/VIC are cali and NYC
like old Daryl who goes to the pub religiously to play keno will see a troon and absolutely either be baffled or bully them. Daryl doesn't have the time, and neither does Maryanne cause they have jobs and kids and lives. ffs how is this real?

No. 1823007

Normal parents would just toon away his scooter and videogames for 2 weeks and not post their injured child on social media for clout, but that is a troon so retarded decisions and narcisism are the norm for him

No. 1823008

Someone come get your grandpa back to retirement home

No. 1823056

The difference between these posed shots and his actual appearance in video and candid is alarming. Troons are so entirely online that they truly believe a single photo is how they are perceived in reality. Like sorry sweetie when you exist on the mortal plane there is nothing that can be done about your xy visage

No. 1823071

File: 1683557578367.jpeg (120.6 KB, 1600x800, CA359206-4E93-4860-AD2C-D7CD01…)

It’s literally that episode of South Park where Photoshop is taken as reality. Clyde bragging about how hot his girlfriend is by showing off a Photoshopped pic of her on his phone (despite her being right beside him).

When they say people can never clock them -it’s never true when you see them in person/video/etc.

No. 1823078

Kek actual question, do real SSA women use that orange-white-pink lesbian flag? I feel like a lot of women (except for "sapphic" spicy straight girls) avoid using it because it was co-opted by trannies.

No. 1823082

nobody who isn't virtue signaling or using it as a gottem doesn't have it on their bio. no self respecting lesbian I know even uses twitter let alone the bio system. so fucking cringe
real lesbians are (not to be crass but) getting laid, not looking at twitter. getting married without a thought to these seething men trying to wear their skin. lesbians IGNORE them lmao

No. 1823095

I’ve noticed this too and I think everything you’ve mentioned tends to be involved esp the identity issue. I would guess that a lot of them have fetishist white dads and opportunistic Asian moms and that this twists their minds in a way they are too stupid to figure out how to cope with. I’ve noticed hapa girls have identity crises too if they don’t form a strong enough relationship with their culture of origin but they usually theyfab out rather than fully troon out like the boys do

No. 1823096

I’ve noticed this too and I think everything you’ve mentioned tends to be involved esp the identity issue. I would guess that a lot of them have fetishist white dads and opportunistic Asian moms and that this twists their minds in a way they are too stupid to figure out how to cope with. I’ve noticed hapa girls have identity crises too if they don’t form a strong enough relationship with their culture of origin but they usually theyfab out rather than fully troon out like the boys do

No. 1823098

File: 1683561703706.jpeg (48.14 KB, 750x620, 7A19FB73-0739-4E96-9F9A-79B4EA…)

KEK from soy to tranny
Men are a fucking meme

No. 1823099

File: 1683561764648.jpeg (48.14 KB, 750x620, 7A19FB73-0739-4E96-9F9A-79B4EA…)

KEK from soy to tranny
Men are a fucking meme

No. 1823133

File: 1683564735513.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.69 KB, 810x1690, Screenshot_20230319-112557_Chr…)

Check out his profile:

No. 1823146

File: 1683565766942.jpg (1.12 MB, 4096x3072, ungabunga.jpg)

Mr. "Sexy" Sabrina looks microcephalic. I've never seen anyone with a bigger jaw than skull kek

No. 1823149

The uncle mug in the background.. kek

No. 1823183

Exactly. A single photo can involve angles, lighting, filters, etc. but it can’t account for irl size, shape, mannerisms, gait, voice, or a number of other things that make up a person.

No. 1823185

Not an answer but I fucking hate the discourse surrounding the lesbian flag. It’s so stupid and once again, telling how this discourse only happens to lesbians.

No. 1823203

>It’s weird to see this shit invade when so many Japanese people are homophobic and misogynistic as hell still.

Not weird at all when you consider Japan's history of pederasty and third gender bullshit.

No. 1823215

Grindr changed this policy in 2021, they do ban users for not liking boypussy (or listing any sort of preference)

No. 1823232

bleak. At least if men are being affected by TRA shit now they'll actually listen to what women have been saying for the last decade. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

No. 1823239

The way he puts way too much foundation in a wrong shade aswell makes it look even more like he is wearing a mask or prosthetics

No. 1823257

File: 1683576810093.jpg (1.45 MB, 3024x1926, 20230508_160718.jpg)

sorry for the shit pic & sperg im at work and for some reason they only ban the twitter app not the website. anyways this man is fucking evil and he should have that kid taken out of his custody. his son definitely sustained brain damage or some other serious injury if the swelling is that big and already developed what i hope is a bruise, but may be something much worse. someone else commented that he's pushing medical neglect on his child and he responded "medical neglect for a bump on his head?". he MADE HIS CHILD CRY and felt nothing. i know moid autism is neanderthalic but how can you be this cruel to your own baby. i hope this kid gets the help he needs at school or something and someone sends him to the ER before his brain is permanently fucked like his dad's.

No. 1823262

Anyone heard the new Him Petras & Nicki Minaj song that just came out? It samples "Better Off Alone" and has a very 2013 vibe. Hon Petras tries to show what a silly, sexy real womam he is while singing about ridin it all night.

No. 1823265

He tweeted that he got doxxed. I hope someone calls child support on his abusive ass.

No. 1823277

File: 1683578774853.jpg (406.04 KB, 2160x3840, 20230508_164548.jpg)

fanart of the quasi 16 year old player character and the 20 something ginger guy tifs love. lmao.

No. 1823280

Not only is Kim pretty stiff in this video but out of sync for half of it. Giving me flashbacks of that ballet dancing troon who has all the grace of a mouldy orange.

No. 1823290

Posting your kid online without their knowledge is gross, but by the time they're old enough to find it, if they ever find it, they probably won't care.

Posting your kid online and telling them the whole world is laughing at them after they've hurt themselves is fucking deranged. Can't even imagine how that boy must be feeling.

Hope CPS looks into this, you know even worse things are going on if this douche is so oblivious he thinks these explanations are better than nuking everything and apologizing.

No. 1823291

he can barely move because of the wound in his crotch.

No. 1823301

what’s the deal with him? I’ve been seeing negative mentions of him on radfem spaces, I know he’s an author but I can’t be bothered to read any of the stuff he wrote

No. 1823307

File: 1683581209897.webm (1.92 MB, 224x400, 1683540096981684.webm)

Why are they like this?

No. 1823308

annnnnd this is why some people should not be allowed to have internet

No. 1823309

File: 1683581506256.png (42.34 KB, 906x457, perry_chu.png)

He's a typical porn obsessed moid who said that sissy porn made him trans. Image is from a book review written by Louise Perry.

No. 1823311

classic AGP "author" - talked about his immense white guilt as a white man who fetishized and objectified his asian gf to the point where he didn't see her as a person, just her race and sex (self admitted). he's 1/4 asian or something so he uses that as his claim to fame, alongside his serial killer notes saying being female is being a subservient hole and that womanhood (again, he said this himself almost word for word) is a blank mind and an "open asshole". or something along the lines of being able to be fucked, tims have a truly bizarre complex around having a "hole" (wound) that won't get shit on the bed or give them HIV.

No. 1823313

lol thanks nona got to it before i did

No. 1823314

It would sound like shit even without the troon there, terrible song.

I wonder what his real singing voice sounds like? He talks like a prepubescent boy, so clearly the voice is the music video has been edited to hell and back.

No. 1823320

File: 1683582200581.png (178.23 KB, 680x521, Ev2uIFXUUAA3_2K.png)

Just found another one of his gross quotes about femaleness and getting fucked.

No. 1823339

I love how much Kim talks about sex when we all know sexual dysfunction and inability to orgasm is so incredibly high in people who got on puberty blockers early on. Not to mention if theres even any depth in that axe wound

No. 1823341

I love how much Kim talks about sex when we all know sexual dysfunction and inability to orgasm is so incredibly high in people who got on puberty blockers early on. Not to mention if theres even any depth in that axe wound

No. 1823354

File: 1683584215053.jpeg (74.94 KB, 620x413, IMG_8104.jpeg)

It’s that Habsburg jaw.

No. 1823356

I forget their name but the trans women who took the place at that ballet school really annoyed me. I swear there is like thousands of people trying to get in every year and they accept that guy whose routine is disjointed, stumbling on the floor.

No. 1823364

Why tf is he starting to look so puffy?

I’m sorry Nona, that’s heartbreaking.

No. 1823371

Just wen't on the CC anti-pornography thread, and saw amount of photos of Women Against Pornography. They literally flooded the streets. There must be a way we could bring this back? Any way we can radicalise handmaidens? As someone who was one as a teenager, it was the behaviour of the ones I knew personally that did it. Any way we can exacerbate this? Do some form of cutesy pink and pastel blue standard frame around their nasty exclamations and paste it everywhere with an effective hashtag? I've seen anti-troon hashtags have limited reach but they've usually been obvious and dull, I think we need to meme magic this shit

No. 1823379

I think it helped that younger men now proudly broadcast all their hateful and hypocritical shit all over social media, as if women can't see it. The PUA guys 20 years ago knew to keep all the hate and slime covered up, and never admit to the manipulation they were doing. Even the scuzzy Rush Limbaugh types knew they had to try to pretend to keep things "family values" in public. Now they brag about being worthless deadbeats who suck women dry.

No. 1823386

I can’t believe there are still women who haven’t peaked yet when trannies keep turning out examples like him. Genuinely felt a pit in my stomach as I read what he had to say

No. 1823402

It's peak clown world to have a sexless eunuch singing porno pop to an audience of women, who have to spend years learning to choke down visceral disgust and pretend to want the acts in the lyrics.

No. 1823408

File: 1683590468226.png (13.22 KB, 720x299, Starbucks sack trans worker wh…)

No. 1823409

How can someone involved in politics publicly post this? Idgi. And I thought he was dating Tony/Erin? Finally admitting he's a man or…?

Why do you think a person's "culture of origin" is the culture of the country their mother lived in for 20 years, as opposed to the country they themselves grew up in with their parents? It's great if they can be in touch with both cultures but the discourse around race and white vs. POC probably causes more identity crises than just being mixed

No. 1823416

File: 1683591134645.png (94.26 KB, 681x1032, Pop Crave on Twitter.png)

Did anyone hear of this?

No. 1823421

the name they picked for their show is telling. also i like how their lgbtq cause is supporting out of work drag artists

No. 1823424

File: 1683592746391.png (101.69 KB, 677x733, Screenshot 2023.png)


Don't the police have nothing better to do?

No. 1823426

File: 1683592830251.jpg (212.12 KB, 1080x1400, FvpABbtXgAAGUUK.jpg)

No. 1823428

Looks like a gorilla with a wig and makeup. How the hell are men so faceblind that they can unashamedly post embarassing photos like these.

No. 1823429

The coom overrides everything else. They're slaves to it.

No. 1823431

He grabbed that wig out of the Amazon box and tossed it up in the air and wore it exactly how it landed.

No. 1823432

This is horrifying. It's always so much worse when the scrote was actually attractive before. It makes it so much more creepy for some reason I can't explain why. It invokes the same feeling as cute animals being tortured for me.

No. 1823435

rip Melissa. She pretty much has to since she played Ursula.

No. 1823438

For me it's like, when someone looks creepy before then it makes sense. People who look like they don't take care of themselves automatically give a sense of unease so if they transition its just going from one type of creepy to another. When it's someone that looks normal it's like a plot twist, someone who you thought was normal turning out to be the biggest creep of all.

No. 1823439

Samefag. Just saw it happened already a few days ago. If anything juicy happened can a nonny lay it all out here, please: >>1257470

No. 1823444

Sadly too many brain dead coomers and liberal fem handmaidens who think that sex work is “liberating” and “their choice” without realizing that all sex work is degrading to women (and even men) and coercive due to capitalism and classism.

Men will never stop consuming it. It’s why prostitution is still a thing because women don’t want to starve and men are gross.

No. 1823445

I mean it’s Germany. They’re super coomers and fetishists.

No. 1823448

File: 1683595272149.png (586.54 KB, 917x854, 1683580270855733.png)

No. 1823449

a fucking telethon? Hollywood would rather do whatever this is than reboot an actually important telethon, like for the muscular dystrophy association. irritating

No. 1823451

this! it's the plot twist for me too. he looked like he had a normal social life, yet he threw all of it away by publicly dressing like a total freak just for the coom instead of keeping it in the bedroom which means his level of degeneracy must be very high.

No. 1823484

I feel like asking these idiots:
> If sex work is work then everyone’s surely ok with their boss asking them to suck their penis right? Or give a hand job to a client? Because sex work is work right?

No. 1823513

call me hateful bigot, then. i can never see a difference between overly effeminate gay men and trannies

No. 1823524

May be one of the first times I'm seeing someone describe a person with xy chromosomes and dick n balls as a "woman" and not "trans woman". There legitimately is little to no differences between the two aside from what they call themselves(maybe sage your shit next time)

No. 1823535

I feel like Kim Petras is basically a living example of the Afghani practice of bacha bazi adopted for the modern Western world.


No. 1823537

File: 1683602476305.png (133.71 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20230508-225407.png)

>obsessed with porn, "whore" in username, Redditor

You don't even need to check the profile to know, but

No. 1823538

File: 1683602561796.png (104.25 KB, 1080x2025, Screenshot_20230508-231642.png)

profile is exactly what you'd expect, men seriously believe the only thing that gives them away is appearance

No. 1823548

Its s trick question.

No. 1823554

I'm always clocking trannies on reddit before clicking their profile. It's funny if they think it's not obvious.

No. 1823556

File: 1683604134477.jpeg (266.63 KB, 1232x2048, Fvp3R5aWwAEHkMf.jpeg)

I hate how troons get to post pictures in slutty outfits and keep their jobs while real women get shamed for inappropriate behavior

No. 1823559

File: 1683604283733.jpg (1006.87 KB, 4096x2731, Fva_lRYaQAAiNx8.jpg)

It's the yellow teeth for me

No. 1823563

Tony can't hide how elated he is that his boyfriend being a political martyr is getting him so much attention. Go home, Tony. Go take care of your son.

No. 1823571

Tony has a witch profile in this pic

No. 1823574

They both do

No. 1823578

they are so ugly, I used to wonder why it seems to always be these ugly ass white men to be the"Face" of this movement? They claim it's oh so important. I'd think, "Wouldn't they bring out the most passing troons, dressed nicely, well-spoken to represent them? "

To look in the mirror at rottening yellow teeth, thinning limp rat hair, greasy uneven skin, in frumpy ugly outfits, to DEMAND we see them as women and be aggressive and hateful.It's funny and as much as people hate "White women" and "Karens" I rarely see anyone pointing out how every single famous trans activist, whose well known and highly covered is a White man or..a white "woman".
An fucking angry aggressive one. Nobody calls out how Dylan has gotten more attention, money and praise then troons who have been famous for years in just a year. I often wonder if it's because POC troons are worried about different things. Most of them aren't transbiens or "Jail gay". They are HSTS, trying to pass or look like a drag queen to get dick. They are either legit sex workers, trying (and failing) to stelth through life, or legit to mentally ill/poor etc. to be caring about that kind of shit.
I'd think at the very least it'd be troon on troon converation about all the "White transwomen" constantly getting platormed.

No. 1823582

File: 1683607435754.webm (2.63 MB, 320x350, sbux tran.webm)

Here's the video for any nonnies who don't want to click through

No. 1823584

I think about this all the time. Honestly these two and Dylan look like they could all be related and they all have fucking creepy faces (and all white troons have the same nose for some reason). I cannot bare to look at them anymore.

No. 1823589

>"Wouldn't they bring out the most passing troons, dressed nicely, well-spoken to represent them? "

lol troons like that don't exist

No. 1823591

File: 1683608409471.png (662.62 KB, 1182x685, Capture.PNG)

Im sure they can go find some young trooner with pounds of make up, surgery, probably one like Dylan whose a gay scrote, who wants to act, dress him up, make him look like a drag queen with surgery and give him a script.
Then again, I guess it's realistic. Most are walking around looking like sewer rats. It's like how Sims 4 constantly is shoving troons into things, but they just dress a clearly male sim in female clothing, throw a wig and make up on and call it a day.
Kek. Why even try when people will eat it up?

No. 1823605

File: 1683611532677.png (10.71 KB, 631x415, Screenshot 2023-05-08 225047.p…)

Yeah, I think a lot of trans people don't want to actually be the opposite gender, they just want to be trans as an identity. Wouldn't a girl who wants to be a boy just play a male sim, not a transmasc one? That's why they brag about thingsl ike binders.

By the way, here's some more milk. Why does that women keep on pissing off troons? She just streamed a game.

No. 1823613

File: 1683612796401.jpg (89.92 KB, 1080x673, Screenshot_20230508_170001_Chr…)

there's so much to say about this tweet kek. God I hate this guy

No. 1823614

ntayrt but no shit it's a trick question. I'm guessing either a lost gen xer or tranny posted it.

No. 1823615

File: 1683613098052.jpeg (96.12 KB, 1125x877, 1FF0D1AC-DF79-4906-AFDA-D781D4…)

No. 1823618

>Lydia feels like a straight man to me, not a gay woman. Impossible to relate to
are you sure about that buddy?

No. 1823621

>Twans women shaped this community
Yeah, which is why it's sucked so fucking hard in the last ten years. Everything revolves around AGPs' feelings now.

No. 1823622

File: 1683614144614.jpeg (36.9 KB, 319x639, IMG_4826.jpeg)

KEK reminds of one episode IASIP where frank was trying to make sure people didn’t think he was a pedophile by mentioning how he doesn’t like little kids. Just ended up making himself look more and more suspicious

No. 1823623

rank and aggressive behaviour, clapping in her face and calling her "karen". glad he was fired. Good for that woman for standing up for herself

No. 1823624

This is why Blaire White is so effective. He's about as passoid as it gets (whether you can personally clock him or not idc, he at least looks and sounds feminine enough in his vids) and he's actually got the balls to make fun of the ones crazier than him so a lot of people feel comfortable about him. If the far left had someone more like him it'd work more, but the only ones I can think of like him are tifs, all the tims are delusional and ugly and the ones that actually pass lay low to not get noticed on purpose.

No. 1823625

omg the nerve of this unhinged tranny telling a customer that she's "trespassing" (?? she's not) right before taking someone else's phone from their hands. he knows he's the one in the wrong here and not "Karen" otherwise he wouldn't mind this being filmed (also this video is proof that most "Karens" are shat on simply bc they're women who stand up for themselves). this shit is infuriating but i'm so happy he's been fired hahah. Thank you for embedding the video nonna!

No. 1823626

Every picture of their proposal seems so performative and fake, like it was done for a PR stunt. I call them breaking it off in a few months. Doesn't Tony get a "girlfriend" every other month? Seems like he can barely hold down a relationship.

No. 1823634

Male autists should not be allowed near children after they turn 18. This fucking schizo was too busy screwing around on Twitter and LARPing as a game dev to supervise his son, and the son hurt himself. If your kid isn't wearing a helmet and is sneaking out of the house, that's your own retarded fault for not getting off the goddamn computer and taking him to the park. Why in god's name would he think he was in the right after his decision to publicly humiliate his son online reduced the poor kid to tears. As if being injured wasn't an adequate consequence in and of itself. Fucking sociopath, hope the kid fucking abandons his ass the second he turns 18.

No. 1823639

>It’s so stupid and once again, telling how this discourse only happens to lesbians.
To be fair it’s not happening with gay men because none of them ever even acknowledge the toothpaste flag. It’s a TIF thing.

No. 1823640

I don’t think they’ll even last long enough to get married. A divorce would be inevitable if they do.

No. 1823651

What is the trick

No. 1823655

File: 1683618676393.jpg (190.64 KB, 1080x1432, FvhONHAWYAIwL0K.jpg)

No. 1823658

guy on the left is HSTS, Mr. Willoughby is AGP.

No. 1823662

>>1823614 i think the point of the meme was to criticize the TRAs that claim you ought to know the difference between a homo man and a transwoman and should always believe the men that say they're women, i thought it was obvious from the use of "hateful bigot"

No. 1823669

File: 1683622309631.jpg (185.73 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20230509-044547_Chr…)

He's apparently an "expert" on conservative women now. Salon article published yesterday referenced him referencing Dworkin. It's his latest schtick, appropriating radical feminism. Noticing more and more troons doing this lately.

No. 1823671

It's so funny to think the right is essentially what they see when they look at a woman, we are simply brooms wearing wigs, a minidress and lipstick to them.

No. 1823676

Wish I could send this to some woke people I know who think misgendering should be illegal and is a hate crime

No. 1823677

>Wouldn't they bring out the most passing troons, dressed nicely, well-spoken to represent them? "

I feel like all the pretty gay men just decide to be pretty gay men, they don't need to change laws to try and convince people to fuck them.
Transwomen are primarily ugly men who nobody (including other men) wants to fuck, they think they can appropriate an identity which gives them access to lesbians and handmaidens to fuck.
Attractive men can get sex without having to literally warp reality to convince people into it. Ergo, there are like ten attractive trannies in the whole world and the rest of the would-be-trannies just decided to be gay men instead.
Even Dylan is ostensibly just a very desperate gay man, he was such a typical twinky theater gay before his weird rise to fame. They can't really get anyone more attractive than him.
Kinda gives away the absolute zero support for trannies among the gay male community, it's only libfem women and other trannies who support them.

No. 1823679

i'm sorry but this is so fucking funny, he looks like a parody of a troon

No. 1823686

File: 1683624613234.jpg (168.97 KB, 1564x1564, 1683615787269842.jpg)

Nerd Manlet death is eminent

No. 1823687

File: 1683624742831.jpg (98.36 KB, 687x875, stinky.jpg)

Never hire trannies. Starbucks is a very trans friendly employer, their health insurance benefits cover gender affirming care. Yet, in less than a week Starbucks has had problems with two trans employees. This was posted on the Males in Disguise twitter 6 days ago. A Starbucks tranny employee's co-workers reported him to management for having a bad odor. The manger also smelled the odor when talking to the tranny about it. The tranny was asked to go home but instead tried to hold a small protest outside the Starbucks with a co-worker.

No. 1823692

I hate the fact that more than 2 manlet nerds I had a crush on in the late 20000s ended up trooning out, so I I feel extra validated seeing this

No. 1823695

>a scrote was forced to use deodorant

Like um, yeah?(do not use emojis )

No. 1823697

It's possible he and other troons got the penis inversion surgery using the colon and that he smells like actual shit because of it. Doctors should be more real with troons, they can't realistically work in any customer oriented job if they smell like literal shit, and that's a known outcome from using the colon and isn't due to mistake or botchery. Especially working with food service, you wouldn't want anyone who smells bad to have any involvement with your food.

No. 1823702

Out-of-work drag artists? Why are they treating drag queens like they're essential workers? Can they not find a gig that doesn't involve gyrating in front of children?

No. 1823731

Sage for semi OT but I literally stopped getting expansions for sims 4 after the furry wolves and the aggressive troon pandering. I’m hoping someone on like loverslab mods it to take all that gender woo out kek I fucking hate the options to make male “identifying” sims pregnant etc. it’s bad enough they make us pay for every fucking little pack, please stop pandering to degen males when the majority of sims players are women.

No. 1823740

>it’s love
I’m fucking disgusted. If my husband ever treated any of our kids this way I would divorce his ass and report him for abuse. Sickening.

No. 1823748

i assume out of work drag queens means that they look more busted than usual and they’ve never been on RPDR so no one wants to see them lip sync to some Lizzo song.

No. 1823761


This shit is dangerous. The isolation during covid accelerated this all so quickly. Everyone got used to living in their heads and only caring about their appearances on screens. They larp the mental state of their rp character into existence and then they don't feel as bound by their body dismorphia or trauma.

No. 1823774

File: 1683639016520.jpg (Spoiler Image,119.67 KB, 602x1144, 1683638746923064.jpg)

No. 1823775

Why do they always use TERF wrong? I'm fairly certain the vtuber isn't a radical feminist

No. 1823786

I generally am someone who's tolerable with tims and even feel sympathetic for the ones who are suffering with dysphoria. even then I would still think that trans women aren't women, rather that they're "transwoman". Men who take on the social roles/looks of women and live that way. It's revolting but they like the idea of being a "girl with a dick", or having the outwards appearance of a woman while retaining their male genitlia. That's where the best or both worlds narrative comes down to for them.

It doesn't surprise me many transition not to be woman but to be "transwoman". There's a uniqueness factor of the way that they are that natal woman don't have. There's also the fact that not being "cishet" is seen as much cooler and hip with the zoomies. I dislike using the word but for the sake of arguments, being "cisgender" is viewed as boring and conforming to social gender norms, while being transgender is seen as liberating and free of those norms. For people who hate gender norms, it's a no brainier they'd identify as trans.

Because of this you'll often see gnc used interchangeably with transgender or nonbinary(no1currs)

No. 1823788

the terminally online furry trannies feel predatory like you were in a room with a wolf but the normie looking agps feel like you're there with a chimpanzee.

No. 1823792

Your second paragraph is why so many of us who are "gnc" are being harassed by people assuming we are trans, and why we are also harassed by a different group when they realize we are NOT trans

No. 1823795

File: 1683642415000.jpg (995.94 KB, 3072x4096, 23-05-09-23-24-59-524_deco.jpg)

Tim tried to say that trans women can't get periods and the comments are so goofy

No. 1823797

100 percent. I never realized how naive I was was to the depths of male depravity until the past few years. In the past, I thought there were a few bad apples here and there but now I know they’re all like that.

No. 1823798

File: 1683642574619.jpg (927.12 KB, 3072x4096, 23-05-09-23-30-38-061_deco.jpg)


Comments in question

No. 1823802

I can see why he photoshopped the nose

No. 1823803

He looks like he’s entering one of those “ugly walks” or “ugly competitions” frats would put on where the guys would dress up to try and win ugliest “woman”.

No. 1823805

that doesn't even look like the same person on the left? did he have massive surgery done?

No. 1823806

I think it was because she streamed Hogwarts Legacy and they all flipped their shit over it. Iirc she had an automod on that was banning any kind of words related to trans rights or fighting about it, which I think she claimed she didn’t actually know about or was a site wide thing at the time of the game’s launch. I can’t remember all of the details, but it definitely started with HL.

No. 1823807

why are these men's hormones being cycled in the first place? to achieve the period like symptoms??? if they even happen? if they specifically cycle the hormone's to mimic women's cycles that is creepy asf

No. 1823808

why am I not surprised men would invent and enjoy such an activity.

No. 1823811

File: 1683643616038.jpg (352.87 KB, 810x2548, Screenshot_20230509-102712_Red…)

AGP denial comment of the year so far:
>"You don't think women masterbate in women's clothes? I only change out if I get stuff on my clothes and don't want stains sinking in."

No. 1823818

They have no clue how a period works, they are just repeating some half-truths, wishful thinking and outright lies. I hope their bodies all fail soon from fucking with their natural hormone production so they have to stop calling it period symptoms.

No. 1823824

my period is 6-7 days of bleeding and a week and a half of PMDD hell beforehand, these limpdicked fucks inject home-made troonshine (with particles and shit and dust floating in it because stinky males going to be filthy) and then whine they feel funny.
good. feel terrible. and when it finally hits that the damage you've done is irreversible, I hope it's nice and hard. (that doesn't count as alogging does it?)

No. 1823832

I’m in the same boat as you nonna, PMDD and long periods, and I fully want to a-log as viciously as possible but I’ll settle for the satisfaction that these moids will ruin their already horrible bodies quickly and irreversibly.

No. 1823833

That artist is actually amazing. She made a noticeable tif using only a handful of lines and no shading. Most people have trouble differentiating their men and women characters without using hair.

No. 1823834

For his own sake, I hope that man is lying about being 24. He has the bloated tired look of a man in his late thirties.

No. 1823837

Bro. If you want to cross dress as part of the theater or in your own home that's fine, but don't bring your fetish out in public like that.

No. 1823860

File: 1683648691468.gif (133.71 KB, 800x1715, D13DBAA6-4A13-4D89-8EDD-11A794…)

show this image to any troon who claims to have a period

No. 1823897

File: 1683652197328.png (Spoiler Image,190.76 KB, 800x2258, vXxo5qB.png)

I'm amazed Jeph Jacques hasn't trooned out yet. I dropped QC when the main character started dating a weird troon. Although it did spark a bunch of hilarious edits

No. 1823898

sorry for OT but is 6-7 days really considered a long period? Mine is like 14 on 14 off and I knew that was longer than most but I thought everyone else was on for like a week.
>it’s p much the same minus the blood
>a period is just a hormonal cycle
This argument makes me wanna a-log. All men have hormonal cycles whether they’re on exogenous hormones or not. Do all men have periods? No. Do any men have periods? No. Menstruation is literally defined as
>cyclic, physiologic discharge through the vagina of blood and endometrial tissues from the nonpregnant uterus
Men could never.

No. 1823901

Silvervale was the vtuber who made a tweet/said during a stream she won't be intimidated by twitter freaks into not streaming HL. TRAs took it as her calling trans people freaks and have hated her since.

No. 1823903

I noticed that in response to all 3 incidents (her, Pikamee and the gfsomething streamer) who just all happen to be female of course, that they're actively gaslighting others on what happened. I've noticed them saying everything was actually just alt-right false flag operations as if the GCJ sub didn't do anything but harass people who played the game. Not to mention that one guy who made a website where you could see what evil harlots dared to play the game.

No. 1823912

Yeah unfortunately. Women can't be tomboys or hard butch anymore without some progressive asking what are your pronouns or being immediately assumed to be some from of tif. They really push gender non conformity as part of the "trans umbrella"

No. 1823916

kek the title makes it sound like he’s roasting himself, either on his looks or his male aggression.

No. 1823918

I’m really sorry to nonnies who have to deal with this. I would have lost my absolute shit by now if people continuously assumed I was a pronoun person for having short hair or shopping in the men’s section. It’s asinine.

No. 1823919

Bit OT, maybe a troonspiracy… Honestly kinda surprised Porter Robinson hasn't trooned out at this point, he makes music that basically lures in troons. Maybe he knows that and hates it, but he knows he still likes what he does, he just has to pander to them a bit to keep the peace. I can only hope he's secretly based. Wasn't his brother Nick a he/they at one point? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else

No. 1823921

Any of the symptoms they are experiencing have nothing to do with menstruation and everything to do with the fact that they’re juicing their male bodies with estrogen and their systems are freaking out accordingly. Plus, for the ones who gain moobs, how is soreness there related to period symptoms in any way? Of course your body will ache when things grow or stretch. That’s how it works.

No. 1823922

Samefag, just checked he finally got married to his fiancee. He cut his hair for it too, maybe he's normalizing himself

No. 1823923

This one kind of reads like bait to me tbh.

No. 1823924

File: 1683655188153.jpeg (202.78 KB, 1280x828, 5FDAE211-03A1-47B4-83A6-86FB22…)

They really do think this, btw. Not all will admit it but by the way they act and refer to non hyper feminine women as “eggs”, they do think the only way to be a woman is by being feminine. Picrel circulated on tumblr as gospel for years.

No. 1823925

File: 1683655197527.jpg (149.94 KB, 1075x958, FvrkZnkXgAABj6j.jpg)

12 years of marriage about to be lost because a dude wants to live his fetish fantasy

No. 1823930

I don't feel too bad for him. At least the wife will finally be freed from it

No. 1823932

>going to be not a man
So you admit you are a man now? Kek they’re so stupid.

No. 1823939

File: 1683657183264.png (49.57 KB, 1080x971, Screenshot_20230509-203312.png)

Ding ding ding, you got it!

No. 1823940

>no one can tell you how to identify
>unless I call you cis in which case you have no say in it

No. 1823941

>Idina Menzel
I shouldn't be disgusted and shocked and yet I am.

No. 1823946

Because it's basically true. Both parties transition to try and "escape" their gender roles instead of just living life as a normal human being. Most MtF are like "Chad" material men who can't live up to their height and most FtM are the most hyper feminine girls you'll come across, who also feel like they can't live up to their gender roles.

No. 1823955


oh my god, yes! i forgot about ol' Jeep Jorks, he's got all the makings of a future hon. throw him on the pile!

No. 1823971

god damn the world would be a better place if men got therapy and actually worked through their issues instead of subscribing to the most ill minded beliefs

No. 1823976

kinda infuriating ngl

No. 1823981

nta but I didn't know they were brothers–Nick is a known sex pest lol

No. 1823986

File: 1683662614642.jpg (100.27 KB, 1000x563, vu38IX1.jpg)

No. 1824005

File: 1683664550669.jpg (63.98 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_oae8osjB3Y1s8tih…)

Always be suspicious of white dudes who write about stronk (eventually lesbian) women, they always give in to the AGP.

Looney Troons have been on the ground floor of webcomics from the beginning, with original anime coomer weirdo polycule egg cracker JDR here:

No. 1824008

File: 1683664656161.jpg (171.28 KB, 1079x1792, Screenshot_20230509_023526_Chr…)

No. 1824015

unrecognizable! this young man seemed to have a good handle on basic hygiene and didn't manage to give off any glaring signs of bad fashion taste from a headshot alone

No. 1824030

Holy shit, I forgot about this cow. He truly was ahead of his time, trooning out because of autism, forming a prison-gay polycule with other scrotes, and blowing his entire fortune on plastic anime garbage. He truly was the Kevin Gibes of the early internet.

No. 1824038

File: 1683665771428.jpg (102.39 KB, 978x758, REEEEEEEEEEE.JPG)

"I have been taking drugs for 7 years and still I have failed to turn into the big titty waifu of my dreams. What gives, Reddit?"

No. 1824039

File: 1683665773733.jpg (233 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20230509_225617.jpg)

Troon try not to be disgusting in public challenge

No. 1824048

File: 1683666235041.jpg (284.79 KB, 1200x1082, 1683665610625.jpg)

OP has a year's worth of egg meme in his profile and TIM who takes his women's clothes off before doing the deed appeared to be a legit femboy, crossdresser, or boymoder.
OP thought women only need to shave or Nair once a month for hairless skin kek.

No. 1824052

>read the reviewed studies
WHERE? If they said what he claims they do or even just existed in the first place, he'd fucking link them, or at least say the title.

No. 1824055

>masculine women and feminine men under the transgender umbrella
Good lord.

No. 1824056

See, I would like to call this man a sad incel who has never talked to an actual woman, but this is also the fault of porn (where having pubic hair is probably some sort of fetish) and society's/media's obsession with only showing hairless women no matter the situation. Just look at the comments on any picture or advertisement showing a woman with visible leg or armpit hair, you'd think she is covered in dirt from head to toe the way it upsets people (mostly moids of course). I wish we would normalize female body hair.

No. 1824065

Reminds me of when Jazz Jennings had a meltdown after he found a hair growing on his armpit. He thought women didn't grow hair.

No. 1824067

Because he’s clearly OWED larger breasts because his female family ostensibly have them? So much to unpack here (that I don’t want to)

No. 1824073

God moids are fucking retarded when it comes to female body hair.

No. 1824074

File: 1683668678318.jpeg (97.96 KB, 938x1140, 08F9448C-03A2-496C-924B-4367CC…)

except Lady Macbeth prays to God to make her a man because as a woman, she has no power. Lady Macbeth isn’t dysphoric, she is explicitly angry about the fact that she cannot be as powerful as she wants as a woman. it’s a commentary on woman’s place in society at the time and regardless of what Lady Macbeth says, that still doesn’t mean that pronouns were used. like it’s not even a good comeback.

No. 1824078

File: 1683669098961.jpeg (192.94 KB, 1170x1747, 4D31D3EE-15AC-465C-B911-B0E68D…)

I feel like the only troons who “pass” are the morbidly obese ones. I keep seeing this one everywhere with scrote meme pages that wouldn’t otherwise acknowledge mtfs as women calling him a “her”. And of course they’re using it as fodder for saying how women have huge egos nowadays even if we aren’t conventionally attractive (because god forbid we have confidence). God I hate moids

No. 1824087

Lmao a weak male literally cannot fathom the idea that women deal with pain on a weekly or even daily basis just to meet arbitrary beauty standards. We don't actually have a "higher tolerance" for pain naturally; It's something women just get desensitized to over our lifetimes as the truism of "pain is beauty" gets drilled into us over and over. Back when I used to wax my bikini line, I got to a point where pulling it didn't even make me flinch. Same with tweezing my eyebrows: I hardly feel anything anymore. And I'm not even particularly hairy; there are women out there who wax their arms and upper lips, too.
The hilarious thing is that even a super hairy girl is still identifiable as female, whereas most trannies don't even "pass" at maximum effort.

No. 1824093

File: 1683670603063.jpg (177.54 KB, 1079x1444, 20230509_181015.jpg)

No. 1824095

shayna teeth

No. 1824099

File: 1683671378911.jpg (125.15 KB, 1170x857, 5438.jpg)

No. 1824106

I suddenly feel so much better about my body seeing this image

No. 1824111

kek why did they make this image look as depressing and uninviting as possible

No. 1824117

It's because at a certain level of fat, men and women start looking the same: a shapeless blob on two legs

No. 1824119

That's not photoshopped?

No. 1824120

File: 1683675058391.jpg (14.34 KB, 300x360, 1683248196059197.jpg)


Not mention also that these kids ignore that, even if Stonewall was the beginning of LGBT rights liberation or whatever, there were more stances that reaffirm the rights for LGB people, being the AIDs crisis during the 80's and 90's, the death law for gay people in Islamic countries and many more, but they're so stuck with Stonewall that I'm not even surprised that they use it as a way to say "Stonewall made possible that gay people could get married on 2015".

No. 1824122


Holy fuck, did DaddyOFive's twat became in trannie now? I'm surprised he didn't say "it was a prank!".

No. 1824127

Makes me so pissed he called her "karen" in the most fucking condescending demeaning way. I'd never call an older woman Karen, even if she was being rude to me. They can't leave the sexism at the door.

No. 1824134

>you're not a doctor
and you're not a woman lol

No. 1824135

jesus fuck that's a troon? i genuinely did not know. i guess that making yourself look this grotesque is the only was you can 'pass'

No. 1824139

I hate when make these dumb arguments that so obviously rely on the person they're talking to not having a working knowledge of whatever they're talking about.

No. 1824149

I fucking hate the "Karen" meme. It's just thinly-veiled misogyny and an excuse to shit on women who stand up for themselves.

No. 1824152

File: 1683679535422.png (325.63 KB, 640x480, 1683247864431245.png)

"No, see, is only to shit on WHITE woman who stand up for themselves! Since POC women cannot be a Karen at all. They do not have the privilege to stand up on their own!"

>picrel me when I hear that poor excuse to use that meme.

No. 1824154

Old, but fascinating.

No. 1824155

File: 1683680363486.jpeg (205.28 KB, 1125x1500, sad face.jpeg)

I have never faved anything pro-troon on Twitter but they are always infesting my feed

No. 1824161

File: 1683681297089.png (125.07 KB, 782x863, Screenshot Capture -.png)

No. 1824162

File: 1683681411629.jpg (324.95 KB, 1536x2048, FvfBTu2WIAEpxgj.jpg)

No. 1824164

"growing up/being alive is inherently a miserable and traumatic experience" sure is a take

No. 1824165

File: 1683682237730.png (46.3 KB, 684x706, J.K. Rowling on Twitter.png)

trannies getting desperate

No. 1824166

File: 1683682325802.png (913.79 KB, 648x1158, sd.png)

'course they do

No. 1824167

File: 1683682380139.jpg (330.65 KB, 1280x853, trandb39dae45a0a6cfd_d63a1bf3_…)

I'm genuinely curious to see how tranny ideology will do in other countries, especially in countries like Japan and Korea that already have to deal with pervert moids spying on them in bathrooms and trains. I can't imagine this will make it easier when they already get backlash for calling men out on their behavior.

No. 1824169

File: 1683682451016.jpg (24.21 KB, 400x400, 5zR_xweJ_400x400.jpg)

this is what it thinks it looks like

No. 1824170

File: 1683682490829.png (139.67 KB, 571x523, Screenshot 2023-05-09 213704.p…)

what it actually looks like

No. 1824171

trannies love them filtered to hell face.

No. 1824173

File: 1683682935913.png (382.33 KB, 699x642, Firefox_.png)

How many is it now? troons can't keep telling us that they have lost their strength when they keep winning.

No. 1824183

File: 1683683957724.png (97.58 KB, 691x561, faye on Twitter.png)

No. 1824188

File: 1683684208652.jpg (208.19 KB, 1098x1292, FvdG2KjXwAI5qln.jpg)

No. 1824193

This man seems like the type who would blame his daughter if something ever did happen and he thought he could gain more social media clout by calling her a bigot

No. 1824199

He named himself "mermaid" with a new age spelling kek.

No. 1824200

Korea has one famous trans person (became famous via YouTube but is known enough to be invited to television shows) and because he is unproblematic and not unhinged he’s very well received. But US trans shit would never fly there and imo wouldn’t even be able to take root

No. 1824213

head grazing the top of the car

No. 1824219

You know goth was a thing back in the day for expressing nonconforming identities? As well as scene? It was and should remain fashion. Now people are harming their bodies and everyone around them for this latest trend.

No. 1824220

Yeah I feel like plenty of non-Western cultures have transsexuals. They’re just a bit more tolerable because they’re seen as men who present feminine. No one is shoving gender shit down anyone’s throat, demanding we pretend they’re “real women” or letting them compete in womejn’s sooet

No. 1824222

As well as hair metal, etc.
Those decades had people playing around and having fun. This current era of whatever this is, isn't fun and playful. It's insane people thinking they're the Mariah Carey of life and their delusions matter.

No. 1824226

I also don't think these GNC people can pull off androgyny elegantly. Androgynous people will dress either of the sexes, be confusing, and wouldn't care what you called them or freak out if you perceived them as either a man or a woman. We need to get back to that.

No. 1824234

> Sometimes I think about just going back in the closet and returning to just living my life on autopilot as a man
guess what, retard, it’s literally impossible for you to become a woman. when the novelty of masturbating in lingerie wears off, you’ll still be the same depressed moid, except uglier and more degenerate.

No. 1824254

> these GNC people can pull off androgyny elegantly
obvs, few people are born physically androgynous

No. 1824255

Korean feminists (the most radical ones) wouldn't never allow a TIM to join them in a Women march for sure. I bet they wouldn't even buy the "I'm a woman too", like they would think "see? This is why porn is dangerous!".

No. 1824267

I think trans shenanigans would have a hard time penetrating any collectivistic culture. I’ve recently peaked and it hasn’t been fun realizing how bad it truly is in America. Kind of regret peaking bc saying anything publicly is social suicide and I’d be worried a trans person would actually be violent to me irl if they knew how I felt. Like most women would not threaten to shoot you or curb stomp you for disagreeing with them.

No. 1824270

This shows what exactly is so stupid about trying to read trans stuff into history. People back then didn't "pray for sex reassignment" because they knew it wasn't possible.

No. 1824293

> everything they hate has to be good
what is this fool saying? no one hates trannies more than they hate themselves.

No. 1824301

The fun truly is all gone. About 20 years ago, at least some of the people with neon hair and goofy clothes were lighthearted people having fun. And the ones who weren't like that definitely wanted to be that way. Now it's just wall to wall sour NO FUN ALLOWED busybodies. There's no joy left in anything.

No. 1824305

>march taking place in tokyo japan
>all their signs are in english
uh, what? is this an astroturfed march?

No. 1824308

this was my first thought too, and how tiny the tifs are lmaoooo

No. 1824312

kek that too, also how big the tims are. can't miss the massive hands and neck of the one wearing the flower crown

No. 1824314

All of the trans clubs where TiMs hang out in Seoul are on a road called “Homo Hill” in Itaewon where all the gay clubs also are. MtFs in Korea are under no delusions that the only men they can get are bi or gay men and they know straight men want nothing to do with them. Lesbian bars are mostly situated in another part of the city near Hongdae, and absolutely do not let trans women in, or any men for that matter. But tims don’t even try to get into them because they know it wont work. Only trans woman I saw trying and failing to get into Pink Hole once was a foreigner and when he complained to the bouncer that he was totes a woman and real lesbian they told him to get lost or they’d call the police. Sage for korean radfem sperg

No. 1824321

File: 1683710720778.webm (673.03 KB, 576x1024, Download (9).webm)

No. 1824323

why do they always go straight for genitalia/the coom? so male brained, your rotpocket is against god's design.

No. 1824326

It's not a pocket moid it's a fucking organ and will never compare to your hair ridden open wound. God I fucking hate these coombrained moids

No. 1824342

File: 1683714108983.jpg (172.55 KB, 1080x1396, FvwX0LaWIAEhGPd.jpg)

Sure buddy

No. 1824354

Kek nonnie you should've linked the video

No. 1824356

I've been looking for this, thank you!

No. 1824357

What TRA claim gets you all the most? For me it's when they act like it's totally normal there's been thousandfold increases in people (mostly teens) seeking transgender related care.

No. 1824359

File: 1683716614973.jpeg (387.04 KB, 1010x1500, EC0BA2BF-0199-47F9-ABF9-3399DA…)

“Trans genocide” claim, which sounds horrifying until you google “number of trans people killed in US”, or, worse, “number of trans people killed in UK”. Picrel expands on it.

No. 1824364

Because it's just men calling women feminazi. It's the same old same old, just from the men who pretended to like women for sex but still don't see us as people. They couldn't handle society shifting to see sexism as bad, so they invented a new way to do hate women with the added benefit of profiting off of mens porn addiction and desire to sexually harass.

No. 1824365

Reminds me of the Dragun thing where moids were seething about it being sexist and double standards, when it was a gay men with other men being lead on a leash. They make up all the things they blame women for kek.

No. 1824367

the male urge to call any woman he doesn't like jealous and busted, they just can't help but be men kek

No. 1824372

Yeah it's gotta be the Twitter users saying they're being genocided, while also claiming to be communist, often claiming to be pro China where there is currently a real genocide happening right now. But surely John Campbell Jr the 4th, of Delaware, in his AliExpress slave labor orphan hair wig, posting from his mother's data plan, understands suffering more than any Uyghur concentration camp victim. Sorry gotta go my UberEats McDonald's is here. Last time they shorted me two nuggets because of transmisogyny. Please give reparations.

No. 1824378

I saw a gen X gay man who's violently pro-trans explain it away by saying older people his age are just too traumatized to come out as trans. He's projecting his own gay vulnerability onto undeserving fetishists who want him to fuck vaginas as a gay man or he's a transphobic bigot. It's so weird to see them cape so hard for people who are extremely openly homophobic

No. 1824380

That cutting up and sterilizing mentally ill children will in ANY way help them. That one gets me the most, I can't believe people get tricked into thinking it's normal and acceptable to think that way. It's absolutely horrifying and puts history in perspective.

No. 1824392

This is the kind of thing that specifically pisses me off. Women who are going through these things need other women who can relate and provide support and are experiencing or have experienced the same biological processes or potentially suffered the same trauma. No one wants some fetishistic moid coming in to read about their most vulnerable moments. God, hate these selfish assholes sometimes.

No. 1824405

kek havent seen him around in ages, has this devil been purged from tumblr or does everyone just ignore him now

No. 1824407

the “trans girl periods uwu” is what gets me the most. out of all the aspects of womanhood you wanna play dress up with, you choose periods? i have to kek

No. 1824410

Rarely, some men can have underdeveloped uteri along with dick and balls.
That disorder is actually somewhat common in some dog breeds, although it's a lot rarer in humans due to lack of selective inbreeding.
But even a man with a vestigial uterus isn't going to have an actual menstrual cycle, just sometimes rare spotting. Which is good, because the blood doesn't have the usual exit kek

No. 1824411

the discourse around troonism is so America centered that TRAs in other countries just adopt English language slogans off of twitter instead of trying to even translate them. I'm from Northern Europe and the pride here, in addition to being literally renamed "pride" instead of what it used to be called in my language, is full of idiotic English signs even though most of the participants are locals.

No. 1824413

File: 1683725585475.jpg (89.04 KB, 1080x740, FvwVH2mXgAA-QdN.jpg)

You can call your balls ovaries as much as you want, it doesnt change a thing

No. 1824414

Legit I had some troon in a discord go on about his first HRT period. Cringe. And troons really do love just posting their dumb shit into chat for asspats. Nobody cares. It's infuriating that they get pandered to… all the women in chat were all 'awwhing' over the troon. Women who have actual periods. The absolute dumbest.

No. 1824420

cant believe the sad state of affairs now where tomboys and women who don't feel like dressing up get harassed for pronouns, just because some sad little girls got called ugly once and now call themselves "non-binary", or guys with a troon fetish demanding to be called a woman. the autists have really shitted up lgbt and gender discourse