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File: 1701766908857.jpeg (511.66 KB, 828x1291, 1701285269413.jpeg)

No. 1938223

AKA Heather Sparkles / Heather Michelle / Heather Explores / Kitty Ravage

Previous Thread >>1878489

IG: @haunted_butterfly
@graydayscurio (online shop, still to take off)
@heather_explores (old account)
TT: @heather_explores
YT: heatherexplores19

Heather Steeles is a 33-year-old former retro toy collector/Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber reincarnated as a self-proclaimed spooky Victorian summer goth nice girl on an eternal quest for the Ryan of her otherworldly dreams. Her persecution complex, constant negativity, obsession with her "influencer" status on social media, and frantic love-bombing behavior shows no signs of slowing down.

All the “Ryans” in order:
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she was negative. Tried to lure him back by being negative on her instagram stories.
>Ryan 6: ChaseRyan. Dated for like 2 weeks LDR and were supposed to meet IRL but he changed his mind after he realised she’s batshit.
>Ryan 7: Femryan. Stated dating the second time they met irl. After multiple breakups, Heather decided to end things for good because he wanted to go to a party on Halloween instead of going to the cemetery like all of their other dates.
>Ryan 8: ChaseRyan round 2. They finally met in person but he was also seeing someone else and ultimately chose her instead.
>Ryan 9: CharmRyan/GhostRyan. He got the measure of Hag pretty quick, and confessed to ghosting her cause she was still using Tinder and living her life on social media.
>Ryan 10: BomberRyan, which sparked and fizzled within a week. >>1186214
>Ryan 11: OldRyan, ryanectomy performed in less than 48 hours of this one being on the scene.
>Ryan 12: Revengeryan / Ryanhumrevenge -@Rumhamrevenge, older alt photographer who's been hanging out with Heather. Not a true ryan because he's not a spoopy boy she wants to fuck, but comes in and out of the picture like the other ryans. Their relationship is weird and they've shared hotel rooms, but Heather doesn’t think he's a keeper for some reason. >>1288115, >>1288582, >>1289256
>Ryan 13: PapeRyan. An old friend who she lost touch with ‘because of muh stalkers’. 13, unlucky for some, certainly unlucky for him. It seemed like she had finally found a decent match but it lasted mere weeks, Hag blaming their break up on his religious beliefs.
>Ryan 14: BloodRyan aka Lurch. Heather met her match with this one- just as impulsive, insane, childish and melodramatic as she is. He promised the world, but after she quit her job and moved cities to be with him, he booted her out of his home after only a week…is he to blame? Is she? Heather claims the split was due to her plant collecting hobby, which Lurch was jealous of.
>Ryan 15: BrianRyan aka BRyan. After an initial pre-Christmas date, Hag was sneaking pics and declaring love for this new Ryan. Off-the-peg forest and sigil tattoos, painted nails, thinning hair and 2012 piercings. Heather refers to him as a "psycho" and claims she was too caught up in physical attraction to recognize his "toxic behavior."
>Ryan 16: ClockRyan. A resident of Long Island who she met over an app when he was visiting her area. She fell immediately in "love" and followed him back home, visiting NY with him over a weekend. He broke it off after about a week, apparently due to getting back with his ex.
>Ryan 17: BabyRyan. Met him on some dating app and he lived 2 hours away. Calls him her "baby boy." Dates him for a few weeks at most and manages to pull off a pregnancy scare in that time. BabyRyan breaks it off in response to the "accidental" scare.
>Ryan 18: AxeRyan. Heather matched with him on an app a year ago and forgot about him. She then matched with him again but offline about a month ago by attending the same spooky paranormal convention. He's a "Certified Paranormal Investigator" and is completely smitten by our summer goth princess.
Ryan 19: As yet unnamed, a new entry as of thread creation date, after a dry spell following Ryan 18, 19 is her "soulmate" and, well, scroll down for more.

Last thread recap:
>>1878490 AxeRyan helps her with her car
>>1879424 Still thirstposting
>>1879551 Heather says AxeRyan is kind to her
>>1879602 Heather hilariously covers his face with a sticker
>>1881578 They share a car lunch date
>>1883207 An owl in ode to Ryan's past
>>1884922 Heather posts a couple selfie
>>1885866 Heather claims to have lost 70lb by going vegan and is going to try again
>>1886011 Sad meme posting
>>1886727 Still baiting for Ryans with memes
>>1886836 Baby fever
>>1888436 Some unenthusiastic stories
>>1888475 More sad meme posting
>>1888925 She says happily ever after is not possible for a girl like me
>>1889008 Sad selfie, announces single status
>>1889047 More sad selfies
>>1889052 He had tagged her only yesterday in Facebook images
>>1889538 They get back together again (it has been like a day)
>>1889628 He posts a horrible racist meme, anons and Heather band together in disgust
>>1889877 More sad meme posting
>>1890841 She says she has an addiction to junk food/more foodposting
>>1891194 Foodposting
>>1891232 Heather actually broke up with this dude on his birthday
>>1891545 More sadposting, she swerved this dude so hard kek
>>1891585 Anon reposts some ancient Heather milk, everyone in the screenshots seems like an asshole
>>1892062 Even more sadposting
>>1892091 Heather replies to a mildly critical Youtube comment from a year ago
>>1894361 Disgusting foodposting
>>1897776 Even more sadposting
>>1898918 Spooky wife Ryan callout
>>1900288 "Girls when the guy they like isn't worth it" meme kek
>>1901017 AxeRyan expresses disappointment at being back on the dating scene
>>1902031 "I used to be a babe" it's a photo where she looks identical to every other photo of Heather in existence
>>1902104 Apparently dudes don't like her "anxiety" this claim is never addressed again
>>1903364 Heather either invented a dude or risked her life driving in the mountains at night with a man she met mere hours earlier, anons can decide which
>>1903390 Anon posts receipts that she made up the story
>>1903786 Videos talking about tulpaRyan
>>1904114 Feeling blessed about TulpaRyan
>>1905005 The most flattering selfie Heather has ever posted (actually!)
>>1905506 TulpaRyan only wants to be friends (also he doesn't exist)
>>1908034 Anon transcribes Heather's very bad takes on Eugenia Cooney
>>1909833 Heather loves her new ouija board
>>1911058 Ouija board scares off these dudes apparently
>>1911282 Heather continues to mystify with what she condsiders Goth fashion
>>1914248 Anon transcribes another Heather ramble
>>1917844 Photo of a crib with caption "who wants to have a baby?" Kek
>>1918081 Dating apps are awful
>>1921391 Anon transcribes her stories
>>1923254 Men are scared of ghosties
>>1923719 More stories transcribed by helpful Anon
>>1927115 More sadposting
>>1928639 Finally some milk about AxeRyan, he sounds weird
>>1928971 Heather's roasting of the weird poly replyguy begins
>>1929011 Poly replyguy's fuckshit opinions
>>1929124 Heather's response
>>1929265 Heather once again got a new haircut/dye with a 5% difference, anons squint to try and see the change
>>1929291 Heather posts a very amusing and based rant aimed at the poly replyguy
>>1931403 loveposting about an old Ryan
>>1932734 Ryan 19 appears, her "soulmate"
>>1933052 He's "exactly like me"
>>1933943 They talked for 8 hours and the vibe is unreal
>>1935306 Plot twist he's terrifying
>>1935308 "All along I believed I would find you"
>>1935316 "I would find you in any lifetime" meme

No. 1938227

File: 1701767958294.jpg (2.44 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231205_171957838.j…)

Her new Ryan looks one hell of a lot like JF Gariepy.

No. 1938239

File: 1701770807531.jpg (3.2 MB, 2138x3802, new-ryan-spooky-music.jpg)

Thank you for the new thread, Nonna ♥

Here some of the pictures I saved of the new Ryan and her unbelievable most played spooky goth songs of the year.

No. 1938243

That's the most basic bitch playlist ever. So much for being a goth. Why doesn't heather like Neuroticfish, Solar Fake, paradise lost, assemblege 23 and Ashbury heights?

No. 1938280

She probably never heard of those bands, like I never heard of the bands she listens to. It's just so funny that she claims to be the spookiest goth girl out there and then listens to Taylor Swift, but maybe she thinks Taylor Swift is goth music, who knows.

No. 1938288

>>I did not kill Mama sparkle… sometime, a woman, disappear, in to grave yard…it is her choice, to stay, in bando…
Now that's a spooky boi!

No. 1938305

I hate him already. His face in the top left picture is that of someone who thinks he’s really hot when in reality he looks like he peddles cell phones at a mall kiosk.

No. 1938326

has she ever dated someone this old? he doesnt look like her type.

No. 1938335

What an awkward pose in that couple photo…also, he looks like her dad. I’m going to lose it if she starts calling him a “cute boy” on sm.

No. 1938336

I said before in the request thread, but I will repeat; this man has malicious intent and i can feel it already. As much as I love laughing at a cow, I hope Heather isn't violently hurt. This feels like the beginning of a murder documentary.

No. 1938345

What is his name? Any info publicly available?

No. 1938377

I’m 100% certain this man is a “warlock”. Looks like an edgy magician. This could be very milky. She’s prob going for older guys now because she thinks (correctly) they are even easier than younger ones.

No. 1938382

File: 1701796172427.jpeg (660.14 KB, 1179x1248, IMG_8732.jpeg)

No. 1938392

seems we have TeacherRyan now(Don't post about people involved with the cow as long as they're not actively creating milk.)

No. 1938397

Maybe I'm speaking way too soon but this guy seems like the best she has done and he does seem to have the same hobbies and interests. Maybe it will work out and she will be happy with him, who knows. He also doesn't look that old, considering Heather is in her mid 30s now.

No. 1938398

Wow he’s ugly as fuck

No. 1938416

A BA in history political science? He's going to figure out really fast that they aren't "exactly alike" when she doesn't know shit about fuck.

No. 1938435

Yeah he is going to sick of her nonsense real fast I think. I give it at least a month though.

No. 1938439

Yeah, I don't get why nonnas are acting like she's out of his league or something. She's dated much uglier deadbeat Ryans, this guy might look a little creepy behind the eyes and older than other Ryans (babyryan & femryan), but so does she?

You underestimate how much moids like to feel like "the smart one" in relationships. Maybe he'll enjoy mansplaining simple subjects to her as she twirls her damaged dry hair and teehees at him.

No. 1938461

yeah, he might be ugly, but at least he's not lurch ryan

No. 1938482

I was thinking the same thing, her lack of any knowledge beyond the extreme surface of any topic is going to be apparent very quickly.

No. 1938483

Kek the angle of his pose and smile here are eerily similar to Heather's.

No. 1938491

I want to put my prediction in this might be the one that gets her pregnant.

No. 1938492

It's worth mentioning that he just changed it specifically to be more similar, the previous pic was the one in nonna's images >>1938239
He is definitely doing the sociopath "I'm just like you" mirroring so he appears to be her "soulmate"
I've spoken to guys like this who will enthusiastically pretend to like the same things you've mentioned you like and act like it's a great coincidence, pretend to have exactly the same upbringing etc. They wait for info from you and then spin a tale around it. I'm sure he is doing the same.

No. 1938496

OR, he gets to teach her and that makes him feel valued.

No. 1938498

I can see that happening. I can also see Heather taking it as a sign of him establishing dominance and calling his attempts to explain history "abusive" kek. But she'll already be pregnant by then so it probably won't matter.

No. 1938510

I agree with you, Nonna. I don't think he looks nice or charming, but I hope he isn't as creepy as his eyes look like in some pictures. Heather has her flaws (many of them), but compared to other cows I don't wish for her to have a bad ending.
My prognosis is that this relationship will last until the first two weeks of January and then she will be back at her "I'm too weird"-speech.

that's one of the things I'm feeling, too. And he is a teacher at a catholic school, if he agrees with their ideas of the world, he probably thinks he is a man that can teach a woman the way to live.

No. 1938514

oh, they are so perfectly “random dumb lady who works at Target and loves shopping” and “random boring high school teacher” but they think they’re Heathcliff and Cathy
my poor sides

No. 1938517

he’s legit a ghost hunter and a Civil War reenactor

No. 1938523

he’s 36. how old is she? 33? 34?

No. 1938690

File: 1701831183195.jpg (503.64 KB, 1079x1841, Screenshot_20231205_215303_Sam…)

He might be perfect for her

No. 1938734

fingers crossed she doesn't fuck it up immediately then

No. 1938737

My guess is that she’ll split on him like no other previous Ryan. When she realizes he won’t magically fix all of her problems and she can’t blame it on her hobbies being too weird she’ll lose her fucking mind. She needs to be miserable to feel normal and someone actually good for her at least at first glance is ironically going to destabilize her more.

No. 1938759

Why does TeacherRyan look like a deepfake of Lucas Werner

No. 1938962

File: 1701883374616.jpeg (461.52 KB, 1179x1125, IMG_8860.jpeg)

She’s known this dude for two weeks and they live 2 hours way from each other.

No. 1938973

File: 1701885292390.jpg (94.47 KB, 1357x758, trishhhhhh.jpg)

>Crying on my kitchen floor

No. 1938984

If he's not getting major red flags from even just this post then he deserves the wildly disappointing ride he's about to embark on.

No. 1939011

Yeah, this won’t last. She thrives on being a victim, and as soon as she gets bored of being happy, and runs out of past drama to rehash, she’ll create some beef with this guy out of nothing.

Are these two following each other on insta? Because if they are, and he’s seen all her crazy on full display and still wants to dick her, then…he deserves everything he gets.

No. 1939140

Just thinking about what nona said in the last thread >>1901799
> I think it's clear by now that the RyanQuest is basically the external tool Heather uses for her own emotional regulation, since it provides reasons for big peaks and throughs in quick, perpetual succession, which allows her to always stay in her comfort zone.
> When she actually gets with a Ryan that's chill and not into drama, she gets umcomfortable and starts freaking out because she doesn't know how to live with herself if she's not going through these wild mood swings all the time. In the end, the hamster habit part of her brain wins and she dumps the Ryan so she quickly can get in the comfort zone provided by the RyanQuest again.
This is kind of a buzzkill, it drains the romance out of it! But I think it's true. If it is then none of them will last, and it's probably even less likely as she's selecting now for sociopathic traits ("love my hobbies and devote yourself entirely to me and my need for intense and immediate intimacy") or doormats, which kinda guarantees a bad outcome.

No. 1939160

File: 1701907969953.jpg (454.39 KB, 1152x2048, bc7aeac2e41a02b1f1f28f5391cc7e…)

Her actual issue is most obvious in the Stories she posts immediately after a breakup, she comes across like a gambler, addicted to the highs and lows just like this nonna says. A key component in being a lolcow is zero self reflection. Instead of analysing why she feels a certain way, every single emotion and need is pinned on a Ryan which leaves her free of the responsibility to solve or work on her emotional issues.
(Bonus same as above but posted on Instagram, I like how she omits the fuckboy she got with in January from this narrative kek)

No. 1939334

A loving relationship of one week kek what an accomplishment. She doesn’t know shit about him and he lives two hours away but go on Heather.

No. 1939409

>she comes across like a gambler, addicted to the highs and lows
When we look at her recent shopping behaviour, we see this "addiction" very clearly. She wanted to stop buying stuff, how long did it last? 48 hours? And the amount of stuff she bought these past few days appears to be her way to compensate the lack of drama (daily highs and lows) in her new relationship. She is also always lying to herself, instead of acknowledging that she can't deal with her emotions and has a shopping addiction, her shopping addiction isn't that, she just buys all the stuff for her future online shop.

No. 1939410

One of my favorite Heathers is "Now That I Found Love Heather," I like to imagine her making this exact face while dispensing relationship advice to the ladies in the Target break room.
> "Back when I was single…"

No. 1939634

He’s a decent catch for Heather. Educated, stable 9-5 job, not a shut-in autist living in his parents’ basement, also loves spooky knickknacks etc. So what if he isn’t cute? None of the Ryans are, and hot guys with lots of options won’t tolerate Heather’s crazy for more than a night anyway. If he isn’t a sociopath (and that’s a big “if” considering he jumped into a relationship with her in a few days), this is the type of dude a normie PA Swiftie who works at Target would marry. But she’ll either dump him or scare him off, just for the emotional high of doing manic femcel livestreams crying about dying alone.

No. 1939647

One thing that stands out about this Ryan from recent memory, is that she says he is just like her. I haven't heard her say that before. Thus far she hasn't adopted any weird ass new interests or changed anything at all, really. If he really is just like her, down to moody drama posting, holy shit. Either they'll combust in epic fashion or she'll actually get married. Time will tell.

No. 1939669

File: 1702003355158.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1179x1739, IMG_8876.jpeg)

A public post no doubt for the Ryans she thinks are stalking her.

No. 1939670

heather stop BUYING things and SELL what your HAVE, jfc

>my man


No. 1939683

I know she doesn't spend much on other things, but how does she have so much disposable income?! I know she was in debt years ago from killstar hauls. She had a whole storage unit full of things she's never sold. I'm so confused.

No. 1939706

>storage unit
I hold on to hope that one day we'll see those toys for sale, one day
I thought they were gone-gone when she posted her empty unit, but that was before it was revealed that she just moved everything to her mom's house kek

No. 1940021

100% agree with you nona, completely. i feel like that's how things will pan out.
it would be nice if this new ryan were to make some sort of change, but i genuinely think she craves highs and lows like >>1939160 said. her antics scare them off, and if he isn't as deranged as she is, he'll be scared off pretty quickly.

kekkk nona i love this so much

No. 1940115

File: 1702054807153.jpeg (250.27 KB, 1179x885, IMG_8882.jpeg)

This dude must be just as insane cause this shit is wild.

No. 1940122

I feel like this is headed for an even bigger disaster than the other Ryans but hopefully I'm wrong. They've literally known each other for 2-3 weeks?? Either she's going to scare him away talking like this, or he's as big of a BPD nutjob as her. She was calling him her soulmate before they even met in person, when they'd been talking online for a few days. This would be a red flag for any mentally normal scrote.

No. 1940134

Fucking what. Is there something in the water in Gettysburg?! Her friends are as crazy as she is, even if he was joking.

She’s gonna go nuclear when he finally tries to end it with her.

No. 1940143

She should be studied for the way she plows through her relationships. She's known this man for weeks and already talking about marriage. It's terrifying!

No. 1940155

I checked the last thread and 14 days ago she posted he liked her Facebook dating profile. So they have known each other for 14 days.

No. 1940217

File: 1702074313280.jpg (6.21 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231208_172513555.j…)

She's buying stuff for their future house. He must be as bonkers as her to see this and think it's ok. This will be great

No. 1940317

It's okay, we already know she'd love to get pregnant. The only thing that would top the BabyRyan pregnancy scare saga is the real thing to make sure TeacherRyan can never escape from her.

Perfect cup for taking turns drinking one another's blood.

No. 1940360

lol this is why I read the Heather thread! She lives on another planet surely like a week for Heather is a year to anyone else, she completely deadpan says she's getting married soon like they have been dating for a long time and didn't only become Facebook official 8 days ago

No. 1940361

She does not have the room to start hoarding homeware for their "future house" but I'm loving how crazy this all is already

No. 1940364

Samefag that screenshot says 3 days at the top, but the date says November 1, That date is actually before they even met which was 14 days ago >>1940155 they added an extra month to their already extremely short "relationship" to make it one month and a week. So weird if she did that intentionally >>1938239
The original date was correct, so it seems like she changed it later.

No. 1940375

So I guess it’s settled that he’s just as insane as her, or is at least willing to play along with her insanity to get laid (which is just as bad imo.) This is gonna be so milky.

No. 1940401

he’s a ghost hunter, a Civil War reenactor, and he has a private museum
the man is as crazy as a box of frogs

No. 1940402

Honestly I was bummed by the lack of a Halloween Ryan and was losing faith in our hag's abilities to wrangle another boring rando into a whirlwind romance, but this makes it all 100% worth it. Cheers.

No. 1940408

None of those things make him crazy, though. It’s just dating Heather that puts him in that category. And I still think he hasn’t seen the worst side of her yet, which is why he’s allowing all this weird nesting/marriage talk two weeks in.

No. 1940515

>none of those things make him crazy
ghost hunting is by definition crazy because ghosts don’t real(derailing)

No. 1940568

NTA but that’s kind of unfair. God isn’t real either but having religious beliefs doesn’t make someone crazy. Spirituality is personal. Anyway I doubt most ghost hunters believe in ghosts any more than people who play DnD believe in dragons. Think it’s mostly just some shit to do.

No. 1940619

christmas is a spooky ghosty sort of time as well, a ryan for christmas is probably the best consolation prize we could've hoped for.

No. 1940747

They look like brother and sister kek

No. 1941083

Same. I really hope this one lasts for a while and judging from her posts and how enthusiastic he seems, he actually might. She's so incredibly boring when she's alone, her endless crying and scrolling through dating apps gets really mind numbing after a while. Hope they do something "cute" for christmas.

No. 1941534

File: 1702321952570.jpg (323.38 KB, 1080x1687, 29474739.jpg)

That's not why people dislike you. She blames anything except the fact that her personality sucks.

No. 1941536

I find it interesting she posted this to her Facebook too and deleted it. I am assume her “love” doesn’t use instagram.

No. 1941541

I can't stand it when she talks about her abuse and all of her "stalkers". If you're so worried about it, make your shit private and quit being a retard online 24/7.

No. 1941542

I am, actually, very happy because I can freely express free speech.

No. 1941588

If she was happy and free she wouldn't feel the need to state that. She also doesn't seem to understand no one cares kek.

No. 1941593

nobody hates you, we just think you’re a hilarious trainwreck

No. 1941608

I feel like when she posts this she actually regrets getting divorced somehow, like that is all she really did. The toy community moved on, nobody cares, she literally got one very mild comment on Youtube in a year, even us lolcow bitches all want her to find love and stop doing the Heather cycle. So where's the hate? I think these posts come from her remembering her marriage and, despite that also being a trainwreck, regretting leaving her terrible moid since it has taken so many years of dating every 5/10 moid within 2 hours driving distance to even find this serial killer soulmate dude.
She actually had an easier time while married since the husband was the fallback, that's actually what she's looking for now.
(I am only just realising this after reading like 30 posts like this from her about the "progress" she's made and her imaginary haters)

No. 1941619

has anyone here ever said that she should be back with her ex husband and her finding "independence" from him is the worst thing she ever did? She is seeing ghosts, for real, all I ever see here are other women telling her that she shouldn't rely on finding "the one" and work on her emotional problems, no one would want her to get back with her ex or move in with her mother again. Just get offline for a week or two, Heather, it helps to get a new perspective.

No. 1941652

>rebuild my life into the one I always dreamed of
I know she doesn’t mean this and she’s just high on a new Ryan, but it’s wild to think about given that she kind of hates her life and out of her two (2) whole dreams/ambitions she doesn’t have either - a Ryan (that will last) or a baby. I also doubt she has a 401k or a single friend in the world, but at least… she owns a bunch of garbage? Big pivot from her old life where she owned a bunch of garbage.

No. 1941716

but anon! That was silly childish toy garbage! now she owns big girl spooky antique garbage! She's very special and unique and she had to cheat on her husband and go through those two dozen ryans as a road of self discovery. Now that she has found her true self (and tru luv) she can now become what she was always meant to be, a baby factory to a mediocre man. Such an inspirational journey.

No. 1941764

when she gets knocked up in a few weeks, do we think Heather will continue girlbossing at Target or will she go full Stay At Home Mom @ Mommy spooky tradwife? I guess it all depends on whether Ryan sticks around…

No. 1941887

It’s called a hobby anon. Marvel movies, Twilight fanfic and medieval larping aren’t “real” either but people still enjoy them.

No. 1941926

I wonder how often she repeats this shit to her ryans. I assume that is one of the reasons she is constantly getting dumped. Imagine having to listen to her supposed trauma over and over. If you do anything besides pity or coddle her you're the bad guy.

No. 1941927

Eh. Early threads heavily favored her husband due to him posting pretty much 24/7, even after he got catfished by that farmer and complained to her that Heather didn't like having sex with him because he had a tiny cock and was always strutting around the house in the nude waiting to pounce for sex. If that didn't make him stop then I wouldn't be surprised if he was still all up in Heather's DMs and asks. He did with his ex-gf too, he's seriously obsessed and I do believe Heather in this one aspect if she says she's still getting that sort of comments.

No. 1941983

To be fair heathers obsessed with proving people wrong. She harassed her ex before Adam and publicly humiliated him for the whole time her and Adam were dating in the Bay area. She's very petty and vindictive and probably reached out to Adam at one point to rub a Ryan in his face. That's just speculation though but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case.

No. 1942055

okay, I didn't know that, wasn't around for the earlier threads. Thank you, for spoon feeding me, but we do agree that in the last few threads people weren't anywhere close in favour of her husband, right? So, she is trying to be the victim again, she could after all block everyone harassing her on social media, except she finds her "stalkers" here.

No. 1942135

This exactly. And she would never dream of going private because then potential Ryans couldn’t see how goth and spooky she is.

No. 1942145

Havent been here since last thread, read to catch up and see this medfag projection bullshit.
This is (lastRyan) is a serial killer, just watch … from the last thread. Why are anons so unhinged these days?

No. 1942146

Does anyone else feel like that pro Adam poster smells like moid? Particularly a moid named Adam? No…? Maybe it's just me then. Every single time that anon posts I just get a little hunch, but whatever.

No. 1942168

Same fag and correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't defend Adam? Never said anything positive about him just stated that it takes two to tango and they're both highly unhinged and it wouldn't be a far stretch suggesting that she has probably rubbed a Ryan in his face a few times. Especially with how she's always about "I'm free living my life u can hate all you want". She has to have drama in her life and I wouldn't be surprised if she would go out of her way to generate it herself.

No. 1942289

is it possible to have a ryan yoy breakdown… i want to see how many ryans a year(spoonfeeding, retardation)

No. 1942309

Do you think a moid who agrees he is your soulmate, changes his profile pic to be more like yours, floats marriage (or at least doesn't knock it back) all after knowing you for two weeks is totally sane and trustworthy? Also just look at him kek. You must have no instincts whatsoever if you don't see anything weird here

No. 1942310

Where's the pro adam poster, all I see is people speculating she wants a new husband (which she says herself all the time) and speculating he used to post here in the early threads and is probably still trolling her. I haven't seen anything sus itt since his troon buddy made a youtube compilation and linked it here ages ago.

No. 1943199

File: 1702601560781.jpeg (338.42 KB, 1179x1042, IMG_8988.jpeg)

She is so boring these days.

No. 1943211

Good, she should retire from being a mad cow and go live a chill normie life.

No. 1943215

She has said this about each Ryan lol.

No. 1943238

They matched only 3 weeks ago which is longer than most of her recent relationships. This is gonna be so milky no matter what happens.

No. 1943304

It's normal if you have BPD and/or are over 40.

No. 1943307

Three weeks ago…? Feels like a lifetime ago already with all these deep and meaningful status posts…

I really want to say that I think it’s going to blow up in a big way when this Ryan finally bows out, but I think it’s more likely that it’ll just fizzle and she’ll just quietly stop mentioning him at some point in the new year and start complaining about dating apps again. Either way, it’s going to be hilarious.

No. 1943359

I will say, she hasn't said quite this exact stuff about any previous Ryan and iirc she didn't change her Facebook profile photo to be her and a ryan before (correct me if I'm wrong) - Did she do this for Lurch? Clockryan got all the I will Love U Forever shit but she stopped that after he blocked her. OnisionRyan got some of the "I was waiting for you" stuff but he was gone after a week or two.
This particular phrasing is new, but based on past events I'm not gonna assume it will last. However I would love to see a chaotic Heather marriage arc for 2024.

No. 1943382

Did he like that post or respond to that? The profile picture is interesting but it looks like it’s from their first date. We can’t forget he lives two hours away so she’s basing this on an almost entirely long distance relationship that has spanned a very short amount of time. Typical embarrassing batshit Heather.

No. 1943384

He doesn’t react to anything she posts on Facebook unless she tags him and he has a pretty active account for this museum page.

No. 1943424

there is no way this relationship will survive the first time she does a Civil War reenactment event with him

No. 1943469

she is more intense, but that's because her lovequest had been dragging on, making her desperate (especially because she says she wants children), rather than the quality of this particular ryan. though this one is also a hoarder so who knows.

No. 1943707

I wouldn’t be surprised if he cools off as she ramps up the crazy. If so, expect more milk by Christmas.

No. 1943719

You're so right. He has to play the part of young ghost general/future father to Baby Eliza immaculately or in the rubbish he goes.

No. 1943766

Given that he lives two hours away, I thought they would interact more online. Maybe they’ll last longer because of the distance and him not seeing her weird status updates until it’s too late…

No. 1943855

He’s active on his Facebook. There is no way he’s not seeing her stuff. I think he’s choosing to not react to it.

No. 1943880

What is the end game here if there is one, with him living so far? He has a business where he lives so she'd have to move. I wonder if Heather is considering that

No. 1943905

She already moved for Lurch so I'm sure she is considering it. He might prefer the distance because he can do a lot of the "dating" over the phone, maybe that was the situation with Lurch.

No. 1944052

I don't know about boring but that is one of the saddest posts I've ever seen.

No. 1944109

File: 1702783534567.jpeg (305.05 KB, 1080x1919, IMG_8718.jpeg)

Romantic night out sifting through piles of trash.

No. 1944114

Theyʼre so ugly.

No. 1944132

Raccoon energy

No. 1944281

He’s making that face again, he thinks he’s being so sexy kek. I don’t know what it is about him but he looks like he sits at home drinking cheap red wine while he watches anal porn.

No. 1944288

This man loves himself more than anything.

No. 1944303

that smirk makes me feel uncomfortable, considering hes a teacher to minors.
This man has bad intentions, I wish she could see it.

No. 1944340


No. 1944341

I find his expression unsettling too, like I don't think every anon here sees it (somehow) but I know some of us see it. He looks so menacing.

No. 1944415

hes's got that weird ProJared-esque slightly smug self satisfied look on his face

No. 1944569

File: 1702885264036.jpg (43.1 KB, 1280x720, thesmize.jpg)

No. 1944743

Is it partly because she's taking every selfie so she's standing in front making The Face and he looks like he's lurking menacingly behind her? Every single one!

No. 1944748

kek it's so fucking creepy, it makes me think they're trolling. but i can't imagine heather being self-aware at all. maybe it's coincidence, but i do wonder if he knows yet or if he's been lurking, since ryans always seem to find their way here

No. 1944753

File: 1702928117972.jpg (100.41 KB, 661x530, an adult man named tyler.jpg)

He's even made it his profile picture. I think it would be strange if he hasn't found the threads yet. I google everybody I meet, you'd think he'd be doing a little research by now. But then again, I'd also think it was strange if he did find the threads and stayed with her in spite of the savagely waving red flags.

No. 1944757

they’re perfect for each other, weirdass self-obsessed hoarders with incredibly boring day jobs

No. 1944795

File: 1702936671561.jpeg (339.33 KB, 1179x1100, IMG_9057.jpeg)

Guess the new guy likes some sort of “nerdy” hobby.

No. 1944829

He really looks like a teacher at a catholic school, but funny enough, they both have the same eyes, so, guess it is a match.

No. 1945749

File: 1703140338115.jpg (690.71 KB, 1784x1589, truly haunted.jpg)

No. 1945830

Every picture of them together looks like from a 90s horror movie, just put some shadow over him and the background and you have a movie poster with the killer lurking in the back, kek.

No. 1945857

They both look completely deranged.

No. 1945877

God, when she is not using her chosen face angle or filters she is quite the creature. This guy has to be the creepiest looking Ryan she has dated. The dark circles and sinister grin freak me out. He also looks like he smells of too much axe

No. 1946004

they are perfect for each other
“we saw you from across the cemetery and really liked your vibe”

No. 1946012

File: 1703202874755.jpg (241.25 KB, 751x1292, TeacherRyan.jpg)

This caption was calling me, he is so effortlessly creepy kek(fan art)

No. 1947206

She has been suspiciously quiet on Stories, any updates from Facebook nonnas?

No. 1947250

File: 1703543440208.mp4 (1.78 MB, 720x1280, Heather and a very narrow tree…)

Samefag, she has answered the farmer's call and posted this. Looks like someone else's house, if this is TeacherRyan's I think this means he's a keeper (audio is just music so no clues there)

Also is that tree meant to look like that or are they both too retarded to know you are supposed to unfold it?

No. 1947251

File: 1703543625242.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1179x1900, IMG_9192.jpeg)

She has posted nothing on Facebook either. Just weird boomer memes and uranium glass pictures. This was just posted.

No. 1947252

File: 1703543690230.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1179x1860, IMG_9193.jpeg)

Here is some of his house, too. They are definitely getting married.

No. 1947254

I know she's just awkward, but her posture and weird posing makes it look like she's being held hostage. Heather, is there someone threatening you behind the camera?? Blink twice!
the paper plates KEK

No. 1947258

Wonder who the four people are.

No. 1947259

He is really stuck on that hug from behind pose, I bet it's something he did with an ex girlfriend and he got fixated on it because it's every photo.
I will give him credit for looking 40% less menacing with the help of a ringlight. (wonder if he is reading kek, Ryan's always find the threads)
The paper plates are pretty good supporting evidence for the "too retarded to fold out the tree" theory. Gonna assume it's two roommates or maybe even parents since Lurch lived with his parents and she wasn't offput.
Seems like he's all in, I'm happy she's met a fellow loon who wants to go from 0 to 100 within days of meeting.

No. 1947261

This picture looks so "wrong", I can't explain why it, but it just looks like both of them have a plan to kill each other.

Was just tipping that. Does he have his parents for a visit or are they feeding Heather's dolls?

No. 1947264

Lol nona, yes that is a "skinny tree" for cramped houses.

No. 1947286

Eating with your family at Christmas is normal, nona, it doesn't mean they live there with him.

No. 1947300

God what the fuck is wrong with this plump chipmunk looking mother fucker. He looks like the type to fully enjoy dating needy delusional women like Heather to boost his main character syndrome. The way he looks at the camera while she's completely lost in delusion…

No. 1947315

It's the picture they post in the thumbnail on TrueCrimeDaily or Chris Hanson before the moid's sentencing lol

No. 1947328


the faces of 2 people who sit around enjoying their own farts. "ah yes, aren't we so interesting? nothing like the rest of the mere mortals. let's once again discuss how different and special we area"

No. 1947338

I couldn't have asked for a better present than this ominous picture with Hag and DeadEyes!Ryan. Merry Christmas, nonnies!

No. 1947387

I don’t like his expression he looks like one of those daddy dom weirdos

No. 1947389

Chubby guys often do this pose to hide their own bodies

No. 1947416

He fucking does tho. His expression in every pic I’ve seen so far is so menacing lmao. God don’t let THIS be the Ryan who impregnates her…

No. 1947438

Y'all they are literally perfect for each other. I think it'll still be a milky relationship but I'm thinking long haul with this one.

No. 1947499

I don't get why nonnies are so caught up on his creepy eyes when hers are just as unhinged looking. They're perfect together right down to his hilarious skinny spookyboi Christmas tree and sad paperplate Christmas set up. This Ryan would probably even enjoy her "cooking"? I'm kinda rooting for ol' deadeyes.

No. 1947506

Probably because unhinged women are mostly only danger to themselves, unhinged men are dangerous to literally anyone else. But I sure do hope this one is unhinged a la Heather and just weirdly obsessed with history and not unhinged in a murderous way.

No. 1947514

Eating with your family is normal but eating with your family and a random chick you picked up last month isn't kek, like presumably it was people who live there and can't go elsewhere.

No. 1947517

DeadEyes!Ryan is good, it is his defining feature after all, maybe we should change his nickname
Yep, male crime stats don't lie

No. 1947528

This is random but I was reading old threads and was reminded of the speculation about her last name. Did she change it when she moved to California? Seeing her old pic in the Type O Negative shirt and her rant about how big a superfan she was made me think she changed her last name to Steele because of Peter S. That would be such a Heather thing to do, but was it ever figured out/discussed?

No. 1947699


I went to HS with her. Her last name has always been Steele.(learn to sage)

No. 1947793

Was she like this (obsessive) with guys in high school? Was she just a goth for Halloween one year or was she actually more than a spewky summer Target goth at some point?

No. 1947863

Thanks, nona. And sorry you got redtexted for answering my dumbass question. I remember her claiming that she had to "produce paperwork to prove" she was a Steele that night the police came so I wondered what was up with that.

No. 1947874

There was a rant somewhere in these threads but her conclusion was that the police thought she was cRaZy enough to commit her for not taking her husband’s last name. Doubt it actually happened that way, but cops are assholes so who knows.

No. 1948013

File: 1703742138455.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_20231228_004013_Sam…)

They seem perfect for each other. Let the new year bring milk in the plenty. (Honestly though, hope she's found her match and she disappears)

No. 1948100

File: 1703780450594.jpg (345.6 KB, 1080x1920, 347YVJUG.jpg)

Ok this is actually cute, I hope her and ol' mad-eyes have many happy years together

On her stories they went for a walk in a foggy graveyard on the day after Christmas (didn't save because we've seen similar before)
and looks like he goes antique shopping with her virtually daily, she finally did it kek

No. 1948109

I give this about 5-6 months. They're similar enough they will last more than a few weeks. They're also crazy enough they won't endure a relationship once the novelty and initial sparkle start to wear off.

No. 1948143

Agreed, although if he's a teacher he surely has patience to spare and deals with dramatic bullshit and insanity on the daily…but will he put up with it from a grown woman?

No. 1948157

He looks like someone who will pull some insane controlling bullshit at some point but Heather might just be trad-wifey enough to stand by her creepy ever-looming boyfriend. She can keep her in her twin bed and bring him vegan slop to eat while staring at all the clocks and trinkets of Ryans past.

No. 1948203

I think it could honestly go either way. After all, she did manage to get married before so it's not like there hasn't been anyone who's put up with her long-term. Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part, but I think this one could last a while. And if not, then the milk of the fallout will be delicious as usual.

No. 1948308

She is a cheater and her drab, pathetic existence revolves around worshipping cock. It is beyond me why any of you would wish her well, she deserves all of the suffering that is coming her way.(calm down)

No. 1948483

Which Ryan is this kek

No. 1948642

Because edgy weirdos and damaged women who self-harm through obsession and self-reinforcement like
are the new normal here the last couple of years. It used to be policed to avoid this sort of femcel shit and make it harder for people to defend cows or deflect. See here how Heather, documented through how many threads as a nutcase, is somehow going to be a victim at any moment. And more broadly, some of the horrorcows we've documented over the years that were definitely a threat to everyone else and also women. Still the cancer spreads.

Someone says this about every Ryan. Heather isn't a helpless damsel kek. I remember some unhinged anon getting themselves worked up the last ryan was going to go full domestic abuser. Turned out to be a doormat who bent over backwards trying to please her.(infighting)

No. 1948755

People who think "women are the real enemy" are sad pickmes repeating moid garbage. Men do the majority of recorded crime. Trying to act like Heather is dangerous in any way is pure retardation, can't believe you are trying to shill that.(infighting)

No. 1948810

File: 1703971600825.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1179x2074, IMG_9233.jpeg)

He covered his dead eyes with 2008 ladies sunglasses.

No. 1948813

ho lee fok i saw this on the front page and thought it was shane dawson kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1948848

kek, I hope they work out long term. They are so looks matched and autismo matched it's kind of ridiculous.

Have you not seen shane dawson in the past decade or something nonna? He's twice as hefty and pink as ol deadeyes here.

No. 1948862

She Weekend at Bernie'sing him.

No. 1948926

No. 1948930

While he simultaneously has There’s Something About Mary jiz hair.

No. 1948982

File: 1704003522786.jpg (882.96 KB, 1152x2048, 415549962_17980742639629033_52…)

These are actually pretty nice pictures of Heather which I assume this dude took, will post the one of him also

No. 1948983

File: 1704003574968.jpg (926.35 KB, 1152x2048, 415348271_17980742669629033_63…)

No. 1948984

File: 1704003720789.jpg (875.65 KB, 1152x2048, 414420653_17980742699629033_58…)

No. 1949058

You said exactly what I was thinking kek what even is that style I bet his students absolutely shred him

No. 1949077

Cutie. She is probably on cloud nine right now. Hope she gets at least a few months of her Heather-brand happiness out of this relationship before it implodes.

No. 1949124

He's so ugly. If that creature approached me in public I would call the police.

No. 1949140

He has got a bit of an Elon musk-type face

No. 1949146

I think this man loves himself more than anything on the planet.

No. 1949147

Nitpick, but they both seem to have quite large heads compared to their bodies

No. 1950278

File: 1704297827313.jpg (420.89 KB, 1152x2048, 416895079_17981177027629033_64…)

This feels like one of those pictures where something is off but you can't place it for a second and realize it's a face swap.

No. 1950315

They may be pyschos and way to vain, but I gotta admit; she seems happy

No. 1950339

She definitely seems happy, I wonder if a little test-the-waters baby scare to be coming up around the corner. He's already her "soulmate" so it just seems like a natural progression (for Heather, not a sane person).

No. 1950454

I think she only shit tests publicly if the guy isn't giving her as much attention as she wants. I don't remember her doing anything weird like that with the guy she moved to Gettysburg for

No. 1950482

File: 1704331583614.jpeg (676.2 KB, 1179x1706, IMG_9349.jpeg)

No. 1950501

it's a tinfoil but i really feel like they read these threads together

No. 1950549

getting a transfer through Target would be too logical I suppose

No. 1950560

Him wearing sunglasses after we are criticising his eyes constantly kek
It does seem she's happy and things are going normally, a plottwist I didn't expect.
Hopefully if she moves it isn't a disaster like last time.

No. 1950568

File: 1704347448113.jpg (391.38 KB, 1152x2048, 417007600_17981273966629033_45…)

This is cute, unironically happy for her that she seems to have found her match after all these years

No. 1950576

Two can play at that game, SunglassesHidingTheDeadEyes!Ryan.

No. 1950591

She’s still in the bpd idealization phase nona. Give it two more weeks. Kek.

No. 1950607

i love when people say this and then it implodes weeks later because.. it's heather. she's planning to move for him, either he will get sick of her or she will get bored of him, she will be "stranded and homeless" in a new town, the cycle repeats

No. 1950683

Exactly. Sure she’s happy now. They live two hours away from each other and have no real stakes in the relationship. If she moves in with him three weeks after meeting him then she’s still batshit insane and her friends are just as insane for suggesting it.

No. 1950721

What were her responses?

No. 1950733

I see she learned absolutely nothing the last time she moved cities for a guy. I’m glad Heather is incapable of learning though, more milk for us!

No. 1950754

File: 1704390060090.jpeg (541.85 KB, 1179x1467, IMG_9350.jpeg)

No. 1950815

File: 1704399126482.jpeg (684.53 KB, 1179x1423, IMG_9358.jpeg)

No. 1950820

Lmfao there it is! Everything she does is so predictable

No. 1950821

Does he like or interact with these posts?

No. 1950823

>he’s my family now
I…I’m a casual Heather pop-in reader and now I’m about to go back to thread 1 bc What kind of insane behavior KEK. It has been like 3 minutes.

No. 1950828

I’ve never seen him react to a post from her. Even the ones he’s tagged in. He is mostly active on his own Facebook as well so I have no idea why he chooses to not at least interact with her posts.

No. 1950830

PA anon here, the funniest part is this guy lives in Altoona, not particularly far from Harrisburg or even Pittsburg. She is still in Central PA, just slightly more to the west. She’s announcing this like she’s up and moving to Phoenix AZ

No. 1950838

i am also a recent heather reader and i have gone back in reverse chronological order on the threads and it is a ride. i wish i had started a timeline of ryans

No. 1950863

she’s moving in 42 days after they matched on Facebook Dating >>>/snow/1932734

No. 1950998

it’s not that i’m surprised to see her repeat this pattern, it’s just the behavior itself i find so wild every time. they way she calls every single ryan the love of her life and starts making future plans to upend her life after like two weeks is so bizarre. these are strangers lol

No. 1951100

I am crossing my fingers praying this Ryan is her ForeveRyan, she looks so happy and they do seem like a match. They're both dumpy little troglodytes but they're a matched set so they somehow make each other look better when they're together? Her eyes lose the crazed sheen when he's around, at least.

But I can't shake the uncomfortable feeling that once he's got her under his thumb, the mask will come off. For your own sake, Heather, if he starts pushing your boundaries with light BDSM or crossdressing, GIRL RUN. I know your instinct will be to light aflame and ask to raise any hoops he tells you to jump thru but numerous nonnas have stated that they get the gut feeling that something about him is JUST NOT RIGHT.

I dunno, maybe I've gone soft in my old age, but Heather has grown on me over the years. She's foolish but harmless and I hope the same can be said for the Ryan she's throwing it all in for.(tinfoiling)

No. 1951108

Maybe I’m projecting but Heather is someone I can see myself in but she’s like…if I never got my shit together and grew up. I feel for her and I also don’t think she’s terrible, just very immature and kinda stupid. I root for her because I want her to get her shit together but also when she crashes and burns it’s like a car crash, I can’t look away.

No. 1951133

I hate how so many people are rooting for this dumb bitch here.
Newsflash: if you feel sympathy for her, it's probably because you relate to a vapid, airheaded woman who desperately tries to be quirky and interesting and that is opening her legs for any mediocre moid that comes her way.

No. 1951146

Agreed, the whole point of her threads is that she never learns and just goes through the same cycles over and over. She hasn't grown in any way, she's already doing the same shit she always does. She'll be crying in her car and bathtub before you know it.

No. 1951212

I'm betting the nonas rooting for her are newbs because as someone who's watched her dumpster fire of a life from the beginning, one thing is certain about our Hag: the core of who she is never changes.

Will she break her current lease? It's not cheap to do that. I can't remember when she moved to her apartment or if she ever stated if she signed a yearly lease. What on earth is her backup plan if she has to move out of creeperryans place? Reckon she'll start another GoFundMe at that point? We know the girl doesn't have any savings because of her shopping addiction. Mommy dearest has already permabanned her. Hagitha will always be my #1 comfort cow because I am consistently mindblown over how she lives her life.

No. 1951287

pickmes never prosper, that’s the law

No. 1951338

I get why people are rooting for her, she’s pretty harmless as far as cows go, but it’s a waste of time. She’s gone through this exact cycle like 20 times and there’s no evidence to suggest this time is different. This man is basically a stranger.

No. 1951405

She's not harmless. In previous posts it's stated how much of a bully she is. Any community she ends up in is very rude and a bully to the girls. I don't think she deserves the rooting but at the same time if she ends up in another "abusive" relationship that'll be more milk.

No. 1951448

File: 1704531496781.jpg (474.66 KB, 1152x2048, 416864697_17981567906629033_75…)

I thought this was something else for a second
>He's my family now, we want to be together forever
She's cute but not cute enough to pull off this level of crazy, I always think these people who make grand statements don't actually know anything about the person. What's his grandma's first name? Did he ever have a fight at school? What was his first crush's name? Things you would probably know before saying something like that.
Maybe he's trying to avoid them showing up in his friend's feeds? I don't use Facebook but I assume they push liked posts to your followers like every other platform
>they're a matched set so they somehow make each other look better when they're together?
They do look good together, he kinda balances her out and makes her look more feminine somehow.
>numerous nonnas have stated that they get the gut feeling that something about him is JUST NOT RIGHT.
Agree with this too, he may just be the phenotype that is setting off our detectors and not actually doing anything bad? I don't want anything to happen to her but definitely several of us had this reaction to him

No. 1951454

Lmao I just had a heart attack scrolling absent mindedly. Can you imagine? Sucks to get covid though; I wonder if Deadeye will take care of her?

No. 1951504

Harmless? Just by looking at her I can tell she's the Mean Girl type. I bet she acts cutesy and sweet with moids, but is a treacherous hellmonster to any girl.

No. 1951550

Horrified pause in scrolling aside, I think we'll be getting milk in the near future. Her DeadEye SoulRyan lives 2 hours away, and we know that she mentally crawls up the wall when she doesn't get the attention she thinks she deserves. If he's not tending to her 24/7 during her sickness, I can see her imploding the relationship early.

No. 1951615

Holy shit did this pic catch me off guard.

No. 1951735

Both Harrisburg and Altoona are in central PA though?

No. 1951760

She posted some now deleted stories of her talking about being sick. I assume he wasn’t texting her enough so she needed from social media validation.

No. 1951761

File: 1704591230591.jpeg (291.5 KB, 1179x817, IMG_9384.jpeg)

Here is why she deleted them. So predictable.

No. 1951781

oh fuck is she already fucking this up with Stage 6 Clinger bullshit

No. 1951784

so she infected him, a teacher, who will infect his students.

No. 1951788

Or he gets a mini vacay from work… just saying…

No. 1951936

File: 1704640110790.jpeg (547.04 KB, 1167x1988, IMG_0591.jpeg)

It’s ironic (and predictable of Heather) to engage in “positive vibes only,” now that she has a boyfriend. She really knows how to rinse and repeat a cycle without learning or growing.

No. 1951978

I don’t know, Heather, what would you possibly have done? Deal with it and take care of yourself like a grown woman instead of putting your supposed soulmate and everyone you both come into contact with at risk…? Impossible!

This is a staggering level of selfishness, but I shouldn’t be surprised by anything she does at this point.

No. 1952108

i hadn't checked the thread in a while and i'm surprised they're still together. he doesn't seem to mind having his picture constantly taken. hopefully heather can keep her bpd under control and this will work out for them.

No. 1952118

Seriously?! This is the pic that you really love? Dude looks completely indifferent.

No. 1952206

Most teachers are going back soon though.

No. 1952250

the poster meant “if he gets COVID from Heather, he’ll get a mini vacation from work while he takes sick days” not “he’s still on vacation”

No. 1953281

File: 1704899030420.jpeg (637.12 KB, 1179x1592, IMG_9423.jpeg)

Okay Heather.

No. 1953286

>state job
Bitch, how tf are you gonna get a state job with only retail experience how delusional is she this absolutelnarcissist

No. 1953288

Isn't garbage collection a state job?

No. 1953292

Imagining this 5-foot, out of shape whiner working in a warehouse is giving me a good chuckle.

No. 1953311

>to afford rent for a bit
It sounds like she's hoping to find a cheap apartment and break her lease to move into CreepRyan's place as soon as possible. Good for him for not immediately letting her move in though, I guess.

No. 1953318

This is basically a rinse and repeat. She did this to the guy she dated before Adam. Granted they were only dating for about 4 weeks before she flew from PA to SF with just her ps3 and no clothing except for what she was wearing. I bet you shell cheat with this dudes best friend after 3 years.

No. 1953356

there are two Target stores in Harrisburg and one in Altoona but god forbid she request a transfer

No. 1953377

Or use Indeed or go to the state website and look at the employment page or even just Google. Is she that lazy/stupid? It almost feels more like she's trying to advertise that she's moving to be with her brand new boyfriend but is using a long and obvious job explanation as the carrier for the announcement.

No. 1953379

Who goes to social media to ask for retail job leads? It’s not like you have super specialized skills kek. Look up jobs online and apply, stupid.

No. 1953382

She really just wants her new boyfriend to see her "struggling" so he'll just let her move straight in with him. Kind of feels like he wants her to move closer but not in. She'll never get a job if he lets her move in before she has employment.

No. 1953385

Yeah, and I think their relationship won't turn out well in the long run. He doesn't like her very much, or at least not enough to let her move in.

No. 1953406

He is being realistic, at least. Who would let a new partner move in so soon? If it doesn't work for this reason, then it was never meant to work, which is the status quo for Heather.
Yep, I feel this way, too. She is trying to worm her way in, and if she doesn't get a job or is seen "struggling," she thinks he will cave. Unlike Lurch, he doesn't have Mommy as an excuse to tell him to kick her out.

No. 1953410

File: 1704915392635.jpeg (198.14 KB, 1179x750, IMG_9426.jpeg)

Here is more evidence of that.

No. 1953462

This is straight up fucking embarrassing.

No. 1953469

I mean they've only been together like two months? Pretty reasonable to not want to move in together that early.

No. 1953470

Of course she hasn't had any leads, she's not going to qualify for anything paying 20/hr with just a handful of retail experience. The only job I feel like she could get is a waitressing gig and even then it's pretty obvious she wouldn't last more than half a shift. One mean customer and she'd be in full blown hysterics.

No. 1953486

… and the exhaustive investigation comes to a close after an agonizing "few days looking"!
Have we formalized Heather's Law yet? "Anything Heather does is almost always to attract moid attention." Sometimes it's a specific moid. But it's always just about moids.

No. 1953494

It's just more of her mental illness mania. Even if she was just casually looking for apartments, I still think that would be nuts but there's no harm in browsing around. But the desperation to live with or nearby someone she's been dating for a month immediately is so jarring. I completely agree with the anons who think she's putting on a struggle show for a sympathy move-in invitation.

No. 1953823

File: 1705000855036.jpeg (309.83 KB, 1179x1044, IMG_9441.jpeg)

No. 1953852

Good lord

No. 1953863

Jesus Christ. She’s unhinged.

No. 1953866

Love that she asks these things like her followers are google or something. Wonder if she's already fired or she's scheming to get fired in order to secure free money for a bit. It's very obvious she's looking for another codependent Adam situation where she will be taken care of and is already pushing for ol deadeyes to fill that role. Going to be hard to do all that on a teacher's salary.

No. 1953882

>scheming to get fired in order to secure free money for a bit
I think it’s this. She is so off her rocker.

No. 1953889

I have to wonder what her moid thinks about this. If he hasn't had a million warning signs already this one should be the big red flag ick. She'll be crying and ranting soon I'm sure.

No. 1953907

I like how nonas are assuming her boyfriend is some sort of normal scrote who is setting boundaries with Heather. There is a reason why this dude was single. He is likely enabling her crazy. He gave her a dead animal skull wreath for Christmas. He is likely just as unhinged. He probably lives with his parents or with a roommate, which is why she can't directly move in.

No. 1953917

This post was up for maybe 20 minutes before she deleted it. Everyone was telling her she will get unemployment cause she was with Target for so long. I don’t live in her state but I would assume it all depends on why she got fired.

No. 1953924

Can't she google a damn thing? I'm not in the US, but I guess you have every legal stuff written online to look it up, right? How hard would it be to just search for the answer?

And I honestly think that her new Ryan will go with all the stuff she is coming up with, he is a teacher at a catholic school and he looks creepy as fuck. He is probably in the age range that he wants children and a stay-at-home mom for his children, maybe it's his idea that she quits her job and moves near him? I know, she is unhinged, but he doesn't seem to be any less unhinged than her.

No. 1953952

In PA I'm pretty sure if you're fired for willful misconduct you won't get any benefits. So basically if she purposely tries to get fired she will be denied benefits.

No. 1953989

Would guess roommates because his parents would have real plates for Xmas dinner and chairs that don't look like they were found on the side of a road.
Or a random skull in the living room

No. 1953991

File: 1705021385722.jpg (61.81 KB, 518x484, rdc.jpg)

So this explains it, either he still lives with his sister (and until recently his grandma) or recently moved out, probably the latter, hence all the garbage day furniture and paper plates and sad tree.
> There is a reason why this dude was single.
Seems so lol

No. 1954033

I'm reading this as he lives with his mother.

No. 1954041

This definitely reads as he lives with his mother still, which is likely why she's experiencing some difficulty in weaseling her way into living with him. Maybe she thinks with getting an apartment close by, she can convince him to move out of his mother's house even though the dude is 37 years old and should be out on his own already. I'm expecting some fun "future mother-in-law" drama in the making in the near future.

No. 1954042

Oof I'm dumb, you're right. Mother and (now deceased) grandmother.

No. 1954046

Oh, and his father (or step father), Walt. I missed that in the first read, too.

No. 1954058

oh no nonna, that's her (his mother) maiden name.

No. 1954059

yes, grandma lived with mom and mom’s husband and Tyler

No. 1954213

Of course he lives with his mom hahahha

No. 1954311

Honestly, and forgive me if it's off topic, but a lot of people are living with their parents because rent is boogas. And a lot of parents are choosing to live with their kids because it's cheaper. There's no shame in that. But there is shame when you're looking like the next creep around the corner

No. 1954348

File: 1705096433555.jpg (1.6 MB, 1719x1480, ACS_20501.jpg)

I don't actually think the bones are creepy, I just can't stand the Hobby Lobby-looking girl calligraphy their names are in. Imagining him writing that himself is kind of funny though.

No. 1954357

A 37 year old teacher living alone can likely afford it in a downmarket place like Harrisburg. But who knows, he might have dependents, or recently divorced, or maybe he's the only one working in the house and they're ill or something. Lots of possibilities though none of them really great things if your mental illness has fixated on him being your eternal soulmate and you're pondering #YOLOing at your job to get fired and collect unemployment so you can move closer to him.
It's always her doing these dramatic gestures, not the Ryans, and I wish I could sit her down and force her to think about why.

No. 1954544

He is a Catholic school teacher. They barely make more than a full time Target employee.
37 year old scrote living with his mother is pathetic. Sure, it is hard times, but I'm not giving this one the benefit of the doubt. Most men living with their mothers at this age are having their meals made and laundry done by their mother as well. Considering his hobbies, living situation, and overall demeanor he is probably a Norman Bates type

No. 1954655

can confirm, men who live at home don't do their own washing or cooking usually.
I'm hoping there is some backstory here where he moved back home after a breakup or something and it isn't that he never left his childhood home in 37 years

No. 1954676

I cannot wait for the saga of Heather vs his mom, that could make some delicious milk

No. 1954708

As pointed out, he's a teacher. Teachers make as much as a store clerk and get respected less.
This is 2024 and there's still people mocking an adult man who lives with their parents? Then I suppose none of you ever complains about the job market, the economy, and the price of rent?

No. 1954731

I don't see an issue with the fact that he lives with his parents, especially in this economy, but I don't think Heather will be able to weasel her way into moving into his parent's house this time.

No. 1954745

From what I see, he actually attended the school he teaches at.
Anyone see "Election"? Serious Dave vibes here: the guy who becomes a teacher because he never wanted to leave high school.
> This is 2024 and there's still people mocking an adult man who lives with their parents?
Anything else?

No. 1954792

>This is 2024 and there's still people mocking an adult man who lives with their parents?

I'm sorry your scrote is also a loser who lives at home.(pointless infighting)

No. 1954838

I get that the housing market and inflation have things pretty fucked right now, especially post covid. Is it possible he fell on hard times and had to move back home during the pandemic or was living at home to help care for his grandmother before she died, yes. But does that also completely rule out he might be a 37yo man who lives with his mom and may have never moved out in the first place? no. This could be extremely milky if that is the case. Heather has made it clear her end goal is a husband and a baby ASAP and him living with mommy while pushing 40 is a massive hitch in her plans.

It does go on to show how much they are alike though too. Heather was living off her mom for a while there too. They really do have so much in common. kek

No. 1954844

File: 1705195364078.jpeg (406.21 KB, 1179x1116, IMG_9484.jpeg)

Meanwhile she’s going thrifting? It’s all over her instagram.

No. 1954862

She is so selfish.

No. 1954866

File: 1705202588895.png (3.05 MB, 1506x902, typhoid_heather.png)

>I especially don't want to spread this strain
>is out spreading "this strain"
kek. never change heather.

No. 1954890

>From what I see, he actually attended the school he teaches at
Imagine if he not only never left school, but he never left his childhood home, man is living in a Twilight Zone of unchanging life. Heather is probably the most exciting thing that's ever happened to him

No. 1955077

I wonder if she even had Covid. It’s not like it’s hard to find a picture of a positive test, and just five days later she was asking about unemployment. And in the middle of her big job search, just seems a little sus.

No. 1955108

Statistically based on wastewater analysis, 1 in 3 people in the US have covid right now so I'd say it's pretty likely true. It's the second highest covid surge since the pandemic started.

No. 1955193

File: 1705279681626.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1179x2127, IMG_9497.jpeg)

And look who spread “the worst Covid she’s ever had”

No. 1955206

Too sick with COVID to go to work but not too sick to go non-essential shopping. You're a selfish disgusting bitch Heather.

No. 1955211

File: 1705284059508.jpeg (313.72 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_3591.jpeg)

Rocked her world so much that nothing seems to have changed for her.

No. 1955448

If she's unemployed, how does she afford rent AND waste money like this? What'd I miss?

No. 1955486

Iirc she's in debt.

No. 1955583

Bet she doesn't even have covid, she's just laying out of work for as long as possible in hopes she'll get fired. She wants to cause drama because that's what she does when she gets a new Ryan (i.e. fake pregnancy scare). Because just being obsessive isn't enough for her, she has to manufacture a reason to be pitied or rescued.

No. 1955586

File: 1705371074756.jpeg (539.72 KB, 1179x1188, IMG_9510.jpeg)

Girl what

No. 1955588

This is just obnoxious, even after a cold you still feel kind of shitty for a couple weeks

No. 1955593

The beginning of a Long Covid Saga?

No. 1955601

I'm jumping OFF the "people who hate her because she's a spoopy goff" train and ON to the "people who hate her because she has long COVID" bandwagon.
She works at target, she's not unemployed. She's trying to become unemployed so she can get paid to orbit around her new Ryan, who lives 2 hours away.

No. 1955737

Heather is too stupid and attention seeking to scam like she suggested. If she does get fired for this act, and attempts to claim unemployment, her pictures she couldn't help posting, of antiquing during her sick days will be used against her claim. In addition to her posts about possibly getting fired etc as clear proof it was planned. It doesn't matter to delete them now, they're archived.
And if the overworked government employee somehow misses all the reasons to reject her claim, at least one of her HUGE group of haters, will certainly call in tips to the PA Unemployment Fraud Hotline on her behalf.(don't even think about encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1955820

Calm down, Adam.(hi cow)

No. 1955833

No one will do that, just like how no one calls her BS out on her social media. Plus it's in the lolcow rules to not do this. People here from what I've seen don't seem to be vindictive towards her, they're rooting for her which I find sickening but that's just because I know she doesn't deserve all the support because she's such a dense person. With that said, again no one will go out of their way to report her.

No. 1955850

This is such a retarded mindset even if you hate Heather (and if you HATE any lolcow you have mental issues and need to log off).

The obviously best outcome is for her to get unemployment so she can move to where her new Ryan lives ASAP so the milk can flow. This is the funniest and the most mentally damaging outcome to Heather bc it speeds up the car crash phase of this relationship

No. 1955904

>her haturz
Are you lost or new here anon? We don't support cowtipping and we don't identify as "haters" either. That's Heather speak. kek

Agreed, I'm not rooting for her, but it would be nice for a longer Ryan cycle this time around because we desperately need fresh milk. The unhinged eight hours a day dating app scrolling got old quick. Axe Ryan wasn't even that milky outside of being ugly and gross, baby Ryan only lasted only a brief moment due to her almost immediantly chasing him off. Here's hoping the deadeyes era will be interesting, looking forward to the live-in "future" MIL making an appearance.

No. 1955982

Same, I'm rooting for her dreams to come true on this one: she gets fired like she wants, begs Deadeyes for housing, and moves in. It will be so good.

No. 1956239

File: 1705517232694.jpg (362.81 KB, 1152x2048, 419739759.jpg)

Then stop fucking going shopping every day?

No. 1956249

File: 1705518380922.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1179x2147, IMG_9524.jpeg)

No one, ever, in anyway, thinks her wanting children makes her a freak. What an insane way to think.

No. 1956314

Considering her relationships never lasted very long, I'm sure her jumping straight into "are you willing to give me a child" pressuring was absolutely met with some discomfort from her tinder moids. Absolutely shocking behavior on their end obviously. How could baby Ryan leave her in her (entirely made up) time of need?

No. 1956328

Tinfoil she asked herself this question because she just loves talking about wanting a baby and wants everyone to see how superserious they are already. I mean she literally chose a picture of a bride and groom for this. THAT is what makes her a freak.

No. 1956358

Once again, purposefully misunderstanding why she gets made fun or rightfully criticized. It's not her hobbies, or the fact that she wants kids.
I don't know how someone can continue to be so blind and never want to change, even when her life is obvs miserable due to mental issues and a terrifying personality disorder she refuses to acknowledge.

No. 1956371

If cows were self-aware, they wouldn’t be cows.

No. 1956403

So her soulmate is a teacher and now she's unhappy with her job and looking to work for the city as well. I wonder if he got into her head or if this is Heather trying to be more like him. The target job has outlasted dozens of Ryans, but it's not good enough for TeacherRyan, I guess.

No. 1956418

I stg she said she DIDNT want kids before? Maybe I’m misremembering though

No. 1956453

Being a teacher is a loser's job anyway.(derailing & bait)

No. 1956461

What's wrong with teachers?(derailing & bait)

No. 1956575

They get paid as much as a store clerk but have even less job stability and respect.(responding to bait)

No. 1957543

I think the feeling like a freak comment is about her being such a spooky goth and not the kids thing.
So I guess he agreed to have kids together already? I guess if you know you know, good luck Heather

No. 1957550

File: 1705800084014.mp4 (275.59 KB, 720x1280, 01247.mp4)

He got her a cute cake…

No. 1957551

File: 1705800132065.mp4 (583.55 KB, 480x854, 08765.mp4)

I thought this was an old clip, it's a long time since she dressed like this

No. 1957552

File: 1705800212685.mp4 (1.2 MB, 720x1280, happy heather.mp4)

She looks very happy, we may finally see the end of the Ryan cycle.

No. 1957569

Oh wow, she’s back with the goffik Swiftie drip. Maybe she actually is chilling out at least for a bit.

No. 1957580

File: 1705805777668.jpeg (226.77 KB, 1179x685, IMG_9577.jpeg)

No. 1957588

Is this the sister she claimed was trying to murder her? She gives off "only child" vibes, so it's a shock to see her talk about siblings.

No. 1957591

What is the point of this? She's such a child. If I was Deadeyes Ryan this would be another sign to run.

No. 1957603

Heather is annoying af, but damn her ex husband is also a fucking creep moid

No. 1957615

It's a long time since anyone has dressed like this. Fucking 2014 ass fit.

No. 1957627


HMMMM… that looks like buttercream. something tells me that is NOT a vegan cake with vegan frosting. when did she quit pretending to be vegan?

No. 1957674

Happy? Her eyes look as dead as her new Ryan's.

No. 1957695

When she's right, she's right

No. 1957697

>Adam got remarried
Poor girl. Adam is as much of a cow as Heather and should have gotten a much bigger spot in these threads, let's just hope he doesn't start making threads on his new girl when things start going awry.

No. 1957702

I think the opposite. She'd convinced herself that all of her mental health issues can be fixed by quenching her man hunger and bagging a moid. This has never worked, not just for her (20+ Ryans suggest as much) but for anyone.
Nobody gives her a "hard time for getting away from him," she has repeatedly admitted she has no IRL friends and (other than us) the people who follow her now don't seem to have been doing so for very long. In the last week she's claimed that everyone views her as a "freak" and condemns her for divorcing her ex. These opinions and the people who harbor them do not exist. Having a moid who doesn't bang her and leave her during her next BPD meltdown hasn't and can't fix this.

No. 1957741

I was thinking that too. Her sister is 13 years younger than her? That can't be the one. So she has multiple sisters? Very surprised.

No. 1957919

File: 1705870868303.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1179x2110, IMG_9643.jpeg)

Engagement ring?

No. 1957920

Idk if this man just has a resting bitch face or what but he always looks like a murderer sneaking up behind her. I actually kind of like Heather, she's one of the more harmless cows and I hope it works out for her.

No. 1957926

Looks like the sort of fella who has secrets but of a kind that won't affect her. Best case scenario kek.

No. 1958044

why are their pictures always like this? it's like he is her proud dad, not her boyfriend.

No. 1958116

They’re too fat to fit in the frame next to each other

No. 1958119

Awww looks just like the ring from a year and 6 moids ago that she wanted Bryan Riffey to buy her.

No. 1958120

File: 1705896299697.jpg (232.69 KB, 1066x1618, Bryanryanring.jpg)

Sorry, forgot pic

No. 1958138

So she’s suddenly over her ‘lingering’ Covid symptoms?

No. 1958200

Assuming the Covid symptoms didn’t work anymore for who she was trying to manipulate so she’s all good now.

No. 1958300

Good eye, anon, looks to be the exact ring.

No. 1958333

They do look different, but opal does that in the light. You are probably right though. Still funny how similar they are. Wonder where the locket is in all this.

No. 1958344

Assuming it's a real engagement, what is DadRyan's goal here? The only men who are this desperate to lock down a woman they just met are criminally insane.

No. 1958370

Could be other reasons
> 37
> lives at home
> makes $35k a year
> spends spare time collecting junk for a museum that doesn't exist
Could be a lot of reasons!

No. 1958417

File: 1705985109612.jpg (51.09 KB, 570x804, il_570xN.5469937113_2obu.jpg)

I don't think it's an engagement ring. I think it's more like this one. It looks like there is a bone in the center of her ring.

No. 1958548

I don't think they're engaged, she would definitely already be posting about how he's her future husband by now. With just rampant shitposting of Taylor Swift songs over stories about finding her forever person and how she's always known she would find him.

No. 1958586

It’s moonstone, I have a moonstone engagement ring and it appears blue when exposed to direct light, otherwise it looks transparent and colorless.

No. 1958924

I am thinking it's a promise ring, she'd definitely announce an engagement if there was one
This would go with the bone collecting theme of their shared shrine, so I agree with this guess too

No. 1958936

Thank you, that's what I meant but I realized too late to delete. I'm wondering what's going on inside that tit window, something looks off but I'm scared to zoom in.

No. 1959017

File: 1706137061154.jpg (523.4 KB, 1076x1298, Screenshot_20240124.jpg)

The only thing going on in that tit window is cheap lace.

No. 1959188

File: 1706185137461.jpg (294.45 KB, 1076x1298, face.jpg)

No. 1960679

File: 1706552785177.jpg (338.59 KB, 1152x2048, 423327363.jpg)

Is the reason that they repeatedly take this exact same pose/picture because she's the one initiating all the selfies or are they both complete autists.

No. 1960680

File: 1706552907712.jpg (524.36 KB, 1152x2048, 423315876.jpg)

Samefag but he already look kind of unhappy with her, like he's just tolerating this.

No. 1960766

I think he just has an expressionless face, like the statue behind him literally has virtually the same expression.

No. 1961121

> the last thing you see before you hear "Go ahead and grab a menu and seat yourself, your server will be with you shortly…"

No. 1961284

File: 1706728198279.jpg (327.29 KB, 1152x2048, 423315928_17984715770629033_48…)

No. 1961291

God, she's such a broken record. I don't understand why she feels that "content" needs to be made, can't she just enjoy what she likes without showing the internet? It's not like she has a real audience anyway.

No. 1961390

File: 1706757059390.mp4 (3.66 MB, 720x1280, 02837262.mp4)

The dolls are back

No. 1961392

File: 1706757244161.jpg (734.93 KB, 1152x2048, dolls.jpg)


No. 1961395


No. 1961441

he looks so dumb and so smug at the same time… he has an armored skeptic look. also wtf is that roadkill wig hairstyle

No. 1961442

Love that phrase. Looks like he's teasing the thin. Here's what it naturally is.
Wait is she editing his hairline or him?

No. 1961447

it does look edited… it's probably her

No. 1961452

File: 1706776880086.jpg (3.04 MB, 4096x4096, 37.jpg)

Asking for job and unemployment advice. Meanwhile she's hoarding/buying collectibles. Imagine spending $90 on something you haven't touched in 6 years and pulled out of a box yesterday

No. 1961489

I think he uses hair fiber spray like toppik.

No. 1961563

Kek, she's totally using a fill tool to cover up any thinness near the front, but she's so heavy handed it just looks like an extremely cheap lacefront now. Ngl I thought he was one of the "better" looking ryans lately (not cute by any means just not an affront to the eyes like many), but now that I'm looking it's also pretty obvious she's smoothing out a lot of wrinkles. Just look at his forehead in some pics.

She must feel like ol deadeyes is her next Adam. She's already regressing, trying to go back to being unemployed, playing with her old dolls or shopping all day, and making "content" again. She must feel secure.

No. 1961769

It looks like he has a terminal illness that he’s hiding.

No. 1961927

Fucking kekkkk

No. 1963605

File: 1707348462547.jpg (505.33 KB, 1152x2048, dress.jpg)

She bought the white one. I feel like the harness is from a completely different outfit. I hate it. Sage for doll dress nitpick. Also, shes throwing money out like shes not trying to move asap. $91 on a doll, must be nice

No. 1963608

>91 dollars on a doll
That's for the outfit nona, the dolls are like $400+ which is worse kek
Also I own that volks harness and it barely fits the dolls it's supposed to fit so surprisingly not on Heather this time

No. 1963620

File: 1707350914527.jpg (595.53 KB, 1080x1410, Hdbakt.jpg)

I meant $91 for a doll, as in their outfit. And based on this ad by volks, idk why you bought it either. That might be on both of you lol(doll derailing)

No. 1963807

Thanks for clarifying your wording. Also who gives a shit about the ad? But I brought up the full price because she could easily sell them and make back quite a bit if she's having money issues but she won't(doll derailing)

No. 1964593

File: 1707594155438.jpeg (74.58 KB, 645x968, Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 2.39.…)

No. 1964600

The baiting begins. No official announcement from deadeyeRyan and very little activity on social media.

No. 1964652

>hey spooky, can I wear this ring on my left hand?
>ugh yeah…sure?

No. 1964711

Yikes. Wonder if she'll move in with him and his parents. That work out so well for her before.

No. 1964726

File: 1707618192996.mp4 (592.32 KB, 1080x1920, my husband.mp4)

Just a meme repost by Heather but the caption is interesting…

No. 1964728

File: 1707618241207.jpg (757.89 KB, 1152x2048, 427161593_17985929480629033_72…)

Bonus photo of them looking very happy

No. 1964746

Goddamnit Heather. If you'd moved a bit faster, you wouldn't have broken halloween anon's heart.

No. 1964780

Girl please stop using that grey eyeshadow. I just see engorged ticks. It's not flattering or moody or sexy or whatever. Especially with no liner or mascara, it looks ugly. You can enhance your empty dog eyes with colors like purple or green. Maybe even oranges and coppers if you're feeling frisky.

No. 1964847

>empty dog eyes
KEK nonna. Honestly dogs have more spark and life and awareness in their eyes than Heather…but yeah there are so many better ways for her to wear makeup.

No. 1965325

File: 1707773536652.jpg (252 KB, 1152x2048, 4278280_n.jpg)

Tinfoil that something is not quite how Heather envisioned it as the selfies (new and old) are slowly beginning to creep back in. She usually seems to do this for male attention and to show whatever RyanPartner she has at the time that she is so unique and desirable. Maybe the engagement is taking too long kek

No. 1965341

Not only that but these are from YEARS ago, which I also find weird

No. 1965509

File: 1707821552095.jpg (35.72 KB, 693x529, eggshell.jpg)

What does she have against his forehead lol

No. 1965613

He's got fairly deep lines on his forehead and a thinning hairline. Nothing too crazy for a man of his age I guess. Kind of sad/funny she's desperately trying to edit him into a younger looking "spoopy boy" to fit her delulu "image" of the perfect spooky couple though. Can't imagine what she'd have done to Ryan Zs hairline if he had actually given her the chance.

No. 1965909

you think he gets to taste heather? You think he cums on her face????

No. 1965912

also do you think that he shits on her chest!?!?!?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1966004

File: 1707935683242.jpg (231.71 KB, 1080x1920, 02111.jpg)

I wonder if she got him anything or if she just expects gifts for herself. I don't recall her ever being very giving.

No. 1966006

Samefag but I just realized she seems to be at his house a lot and hasn't posted about how proud of herself she is for assembling a cardboard Target shelf lately. Maybe she wasn't getting fired quickly enough and had to just quit.

No. 1966079

Speaking of Ryan Z, I’m surprised we haven’t heard her talk about him in a long time. Guess she’s finally let that go, good for her

No. 1966185

Desperately want to know which of her exes is now posting this vile sex stuff in the thread all of a sudden

No. 1966339

I hope it's deadeyes Ryan/MaryRyan/There's Something About Ryan stirring the pot.

No. 1966374

Pretty obviously an ex or that ugly troon that hates her and is besties with her ex husband. Maybe it's axeryan though? he is the most recent ex and had an awful "sense of humor" on par with the sperg out above. Seems like most of her other exs have mostly moved on already.

No. 1966386

I absolutely howled Nonnie.
Since she's been so quiet and not posting cringe hand holding pics with tswift songs maybe she's actually feeling happiness and contentment with DeadEyes? What do we think fam?

No. 1966387

Ngl Im rooting for her

No. 1966409

i have the tinfoil they're lurking together and he's coaching her on how to curate her social media pages so this thread will dry up… or something. i think when it inevitably collapses it will make the next bpd meltdown even funnier. overall, she seems happy but i don't think they will last a year, maybe year and a half tops?

No. 1966420

They're too busy trying to have a baby.

No. 1966569

I worry you’re right, and I have a HUGE unsubstantiated tinfoil rn that this new Ryan has pedo tendencies of some kind. It would explain his dead eyes and why he chose the teaching field. What if he is eager to knock up someone as idiotic as heather so he could have access to a child. I know this is absolutely insane so don’t come for me kek(unhinged tinfoiling)

No. 1966600

This is so weird. You need to get over your issues with men.

No. 1968020

File: 1708451123325.jpg (563.72 KB, 1152x2048, 428624916_17987028284629033_64…)

She's so obsessed with herself kek. Also I call bullshit.

No. 1968070

File: 1708460524223.jpg (204.68 KB, 1152x2048, 606887.jpg)

This is so embarrassing.

No. 1968115

Husband?? What is this dumbass going on about.

No. 1968223

oh gag we're already at that stage? it's been what 2 months?

No. 1968550

File: 1708567022030.jpg (793.17 KB, 1152x2048, 98.jpg)

Does that say $98?? I know this isn't a cheap hobby but I thought she was looking at unemployment?

No. 1968580

Yes it does. Not only that, but I was curious so I did a quick search to see roughly what she paid for the new doll. Between that, the other weird vampire-child doll she has in her stories that I’m assuming is new, the clothes, and the $98 dresser, she has most likely spent hundreds, if not over $1000 already. It’s even worse than when she went into debt buying killstar clothes hoping it would make Ryan Z love her. She still hasn’t learned lol

No. 1968769

I don't understand why she doesn't simply get her dolls out of storage instead of this manic spending rampage she's on. I get the impression that she isn't working any more, where is this money even coming from? It just seems like she's going off the deep end with the dolls right now, maybe it will finally alarm dead eyes ryan enough that they'll split up and she can cry about how it was because of her special interests.

No. 1968781


The one doll she got recently itself goes for 150000 Japanese yen (1000 dollars) before shipping to the US, it's unlikely she got it for cheaper within the US.


I think she owned the other dolls already… but holy crap if that's the "cheap" furniture she might as well have splurged on the more expensive stuff, because it's kind of ugly.(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1969195

File: 1708704790275.jpg (1.8 MB, 2304x2048, 655216.jpg)

Yes keep buying more shit Heather. What about all her fucking money problems? What is seriously wrong with her kek I think she's banking on moving in with BlurryForeheadRyan so she doesn't care about her rent any more.

No. 1969355

It’s a child’s dresser, it’s not even full size…I’m starting to think that this weird doll mania lately is her way of playing happy families with current “husband” Ryan and scoping out his feelings about having a real baby (since full on posting a pregnancy scare didn’t work with the last one). Creepy.

No. 1969371

Think she could be actually pregnant?

No. 1969386

>going to paint her face myself
Judging by her makeup "skills" this poor doll is in for a terrible time.

No. 1969812

She couldn't keep that secret for longer than an hour

No. 1970076

File: 1708924817580.jpeg (857.07 KB, 1119x1626, AA576B8D-B7E0-4446-9154-9A1240…)

No. 1970174

A $2k+ doll. I can't imagine how much she owes on klarna/afterpay/affirm.

No. 1970394

> I expect to lose some followers
I feel like she’s going to be just as whiny as she was when she lost followers after going from pastel 80s fancy toys to “goth” urbex. $2000 investment and suddenly she’s changing her content to bjds after not touching them for years. This has to be some kind of baby fever.

No. 1970500

File: 1709049933094.jpg (147.86 KB, 1152x2048, 430085383_17987810237629033_13…)

Trouble in delusional dream land?

No. 1970772

She doesn’t have any of those things though

No. 1970803

File: 1709136020563.jpg (36.45 KB, 337x480, 2bee34b4adb9655df707ef33d14b10…)

I don't understand why she's doing this. Obviously they're not actually married, so is she just practicing saying "husband" to feel it out? Does she want people to think she's now married? Is it all some huge sad desperate attempt to make past Ryans jealous hoping they'll see it and want her back?

No. 1970846

One of the major ex Ryans just had a baby, I wonder if she’s spiraling

No. 1970871

Funny you saw "husband," I saw "calling some guy who lives 2 hours away to help her move furniture"

No. 1970880

Ha, fair. Crazy either way though.

No. 1971004

she thinks she's being ~cute & quirky~ but I really hope she's not selfish and braindead enough to actually be doing this
and if she is, I seriously hope he's telling her off

No. 1971142

File: 1709224417908.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1290x2172, IMG_0312.jpeg)

Lil Peep? Is she brain dead? I thought she didn’t give shit about films and anything pop culture.

No. 1971146

kek, it's probably the only movie she knows and she things it's the perfect movie for a desperate in love weird goth girl like she is. And she needs the attention she will get, some people might ask her about the movies she likes so she can make stories about how she hates pop culture…

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