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File: 1612194835958.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, 1611883727988.png)

No. 1148062

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447
Fifth Thread >>929121
Sixth Thread >>967636
Seventh Thread >>1031322
Eight Thread >>1087783

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness– which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past year, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

Heather has alienated herself from all her old friends, but continues to act like everyone was just a bad person and she’s a victim who fled from a terrible life. She used and manipulated several people in her life, and spent her 20s being a homebody mooch, then went on to claim she was “living in a hellhole with an abusive husband” in order to garner pity for a Gofundme and claim she was going to be homeless. She is now living back at home with her parents and has a job and a car, but continues all her usual crazy and continues putting all her energy towards seeking approval from “boys” and her followers.

She has tried to start up her Youtube channel again, but doesn’t seem to have any consistent plans despite claiming otherwise. Keeps coming and leaving YouTube ad nauseam.

Other characters (because the “Ryans” can get confusing)
>Adam: Heather’s ex husband. Not a stellar person himself, cheated and lied too, but Heather seems to exaggerate the “abuse”. Funded her and bought her gifts. Dating since 2012, engaged 2016, divorced 2019.
>Adam’s new gf: “Hates Heather”, according to Heather. Heather used the new girlfriend’s visit to springboard into a breakdown about how she was in danger and going to be homeless.
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she was negative. Tried to lure him back by being negative on her instagram stories.
>Ryan 6: Chase. Dated for like 2 weeks LDR and were supposed to meet IRL but he changed his mind after he realised she’s batshit.
>Ryan 7: Femryan. Stated dating the second time they met irl. After multiple breakups, Heather decided to end things for good because he wanted to go to a party on halloween instead of going to the cemetery like all of their other dates.
>Ryan 8: Short lived photographer boyfriend
>Juliet/Dera: Former friend who put Heather on a pedestal. Heather took advantage of this and used Heather to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re not longer friends. Juliet has come out to explain what happened and reflect on it.
>Sisters: Younger and older. Moved out to Cali where she met Adam at the start of the last decade under claims her elder sister was trying to kill her.
>Parents: Claimed her parents wouldn’t take her in because they voted Trump. Finally admitted to living with her mom. Says her family didn’t accept her dark aesthetic so she adopted the pastel aesthetic to be accepted by them.

Last thread:
>Her coworkers came into the thread to defend her
>Said she’d stop oversharing on her stories but a few days later she was back to her usually antics
>Claimed Adam had her stimulus money and didn’t want to give it to her
>OnlyFans coming February 2021
>Adam shares a screenshot to defend himself
>Last few posts in the thread infighting about whether Adam does or doesn’t post in threads
>Still living with mommy, still hoarding and still posting rants on her stories on an almost daily basis

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FreyaBunny19

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heather_explores/

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@heather_explores

No. 1148073

God damn anon, you got in there real quick. I'm making an OP pic…now for next thread, or just for posterity.

Was gonna name this one 'The Only Fans Caravan', as it's what we're all waiting for, isn't it?

No. 1148082

Also last thread:
>In addition to Ryan 8 aka CharmRyan or GhostRyan, we welcomed the potential Ryan 9, BomberRyan, which sparked and fizzled within a week.
>Ryans confirm via anons that it's her shady use of her Tinder shaming that turns them off. >>1094622 We speculate that the potential Ryans are douchelords anyway.
>Traps house spider as new 'pet'. becomes obsessed about buying exotic jumping spider. we hear no more of either after 24 hours.
>Leaves toner in her hair too long and dyes the ends granny rinse purple.
>Boudoir Shots cause a sensation in the sense that her 'stalkers' send photos to her mom, she loses friends.
>Becomes TikTok daily poster queen after a couple of shares go viral.
>Later announces her grand plan is to use her following on Tik Tok as a springboard back to YouTube
>Loses her shit when nutso Christan leaflet is stuck on her car >>1137442
>Many spergs about how genuine she is and has been practising Wicca for years, how she manifested things, also convinced she's seeing signs and numbers everywhere.
>Buys a ton of prarie dresses and wants people to dress up with her holding chickens for a new photoshoot. We never hear about it again.
>Pretends armed criminal is on the loose in her backyard
>Stimulus check drama here: >>1144812 Repeats accusations about Cuck Lord ex-husband, her produced receipts to show he had paid her. She looks like idiot. Never addresses what really happened after threatening legal action, YouTube exposé etc.

No. 1148083

File: 1612196425602.jpg (230.08 KB, 3259x704, tinfoil (1).jpg)

Sage for tinfoil but the anon defending Adam happens to use the same quotation marks that Adam's girlfriend used when she posted here.

No. 1148116

I’m not even on the same continent as those three. They’re quotation marks. I didn’t realize using them was exclusive to one person. What a stretch. Also, I’m a super gay man if ‘that helps’(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1148122

lol in the previous thread weren't you a full-blown lesbian? Yes, we are sooo convinced, you truly are a genius mastermind honey

No. 1148129

File: 1612199467836.jpeg (460.34 KB, 1242x841, F064F11E-F5CE-46EB-A2E7-FBC4BC…)

I’m assuming this is the reply you’re referring to? Yeah not me

No. 1148131

File: 1612199500530.jpg (442.22 KB, 800x600, WorldofHeather.jpg)

for future use…

No. 1148146

I dig it. Terrifying eyeball collage: so uniquely Heather.

No. 1148162

Stop anon, you’re making fun of a disabled person! kek

No. 1148175

Girl, you need your own thread if you think using punctuation is reserved for Adam or his girlfriend exclusively. It's getting really sad.

No. 1148178

Not to tinfoil but it sounds like a larp and we know who would put this much effort into bringing the attention back to Heather.

No. 1148184

At this point you're either trolling hard or merely Heather herself in a manic state. Be more subtle.

No. 1148189

Can the anons who keep derailing about Adam and the one agro anon tinfoiling that everyone is Adam/Heather both stfu please.

No. 1148200

Good callback, anon, I got it. Kek.

No. 1148201

File: 1612204570053.jpg (100.3 KB, 404x650, ufhfdjkhshkjdfsjhfkj.jpg)

It's not about using quotation marks, it's about the kind of quotation marks used. The only anon who uses them is the one that is always defending Adam.

Yeah exactly, no one would try this hard to prove they're not Adam unless its him or his gf. Who would bother to make post elboate stories about how they're not Adam? No one has any issue talking about her other exs who are less involved in her drama but suddenly adam is off bounds.

Anyway, back to Heather. She thinks she's adulting by cleaning snow from her car. Then spent 4 stories to talk about how she focuses on positives despite getting triggered by a single negative comment when the rest of the comments are praising her.

No. 1148205

Absolutely this. Thank you- whichever anon is losing their shit thinking that anyone who wants to keep the thread topic..on topic is Heather/Adam/the gf, please stop with your conspiracies. Some of us are just here for hagther milk. Honestly, trying to say that someone using punctuation PROVES that that anon must be one of the aforementioned…that’s a whole new level of crazy.

Let’s get back on topic. No ones talking about Heather’s sad attempt at a “motivational” Instagram story, where she just sounded like she was losing her mind.

No. 1148215

Using punctuation is not a calling card. Nor is defending yourself. That's beyond asinine.

Back on topic, Heather truly is manic right now. Another Ryan must be in the works. If she isn't crying or spewing vitriol by 6:00 PM tonight I'll be impressed.

No. 1148231

>defending yourself on imageboards

No. 1148255

File: 1612207192742.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 410F4D9B-35F7-4BC3-98E3-48D838…)

>it’s going to be a good day because I say so
Cut to Heather sitting in the Target break room stuffing her face with potato chips and candy, blubbering.

No. 1148275

>>stroking my prop baseball bat

No. 1148282

>another Ryan
this is milk
>her ex that is currently actively posting about her on his social media and has made it clear that he lurks if not more
this is not milk


If we can discuss her exes and still make memes about her string of Ryans that she hasn't talked to in the longest time, then we can discuss Adam. He's not a special ex, all her exes are fair game. I don't care if some people are only here for "Hagther milk" because most of those super emotionally invested pseudofarmers are her crazy ex-friends who keep on whining about how much she twaumatized them. They need to back to their support groups or wicca hangouts, some of them should be posted about too, your fixation on some random sperg that was friends with you for a few weeks a few years ago is insane. All of Heathers current and ex-bfs are relevant because they're conduits to her drama.

No. 1148289

Adam kicked all this drama off, if anything we need to check up on him more. He's already been shown to self post.(derail)

No. 1148384

> I don't care if some people are only here for "Hagther milk”

This is a Heather sparkles thread, can you not read? People can and should be annoyed about derailing, it’s not that deep.

No. 1148395

i don't thnk it's derailing to discuss her HUSBAND who is intimately tied up in her drama and has posted here in the past. no one has gotten this defensive when we've been discussing her other Ryans and their orbiters.

No. 1148410

What is derailing is all the infighting. Pls stop.

No. 1148470

>no one has gotten this defensive when we've been discussing her other Ryans and their orbiters.

This was my point. Thank you.

No. 1148507

File: 1612218040577.jpeg (2 MB, 1284x2403, B96D9835-6B37-457F-83C8-CA2122…)

Sage for nothing new but I saw this and I was surprised it wasn’t done by Heather already.

No. 1148516

OK but you didn't actually sage. It goes in the email field.

No. 1148533

no one's ever derailed to this extent over any of the infinite Ryans, just let it go

No. 1148538

Kek this is actually pretty funny. I imagine Hag woke up after her prairie dress bipolar spending episode, looked at the many pieces of horror and couldn’t remember why she even bought them in the first place. Funny that we’ve heard nothing about them since.

No. 1148549

Thank you, I wasn’t sure how that worked.

No. 1148627

I have to ask, does she live somewhere that usually doesn't get snow? Her ig stories are just her finding it so quirky how snow works, covering her car and shit like that.

No. 1148648

She lives in the Pittsburgh area.

No. 1148660

Yea that doesn't really tell me anything t. Eurofag but i will google that shit, i assume it's just her acting like a child.

No. 1148665

It's Pennsylvania and they're no strangers to heavy snow, put it that way.

No. 1149015

>100s of posts about each of her Ryans
>A couple of posts along the lines of: Hey remember how Adam was her main stalker and started this whole chain of bullshit in the first place
>"Why is anyone talking about Adam???? This is a heather thread!! You're just jealous of my vagina!!"

Yeah nothing weird about this at all.

No. 1149233

My tinfoil was that one of her potential ryans must've liked a photo of another woman wearing something similar, so Heathz had to rush out and copy the aesthetic…. but now she's on to the next thing already. We're due for another ryan soon.

No. 1149287

I used to live one town over and the snow there is consistent but not awful. The bad infrastructure and terrain causes more problems. Pittsburgh and Washington are very hilly.
It was a lot more like if you don't agree with me you must be Adam and that's not a discussion at all. I'd love to know why she hates him so much but that would require an actual discussion.

No. 1149315

she said that she was going to do a photoshoot with them but i don't remember her saying she actually did. Maybe the photoshoot was with bomber ryan but they broke up before it happened.

You can read the first thread because thats where Adam was heavily discussed and there are screenshots of him how he was/is shitty to her.

No. 1149337

Hateboner anon behaves like she is/was personally involved to some extent, which is more intriguing than Heather's boring ass snow posts. We all know Adam is a douche.

No. 1149903

File: 1612311792531.jpeg (673.71 KB, 1242x865, 146AB18B-E356-471D-AA85-45EF29…)

Sperging hard in her stories right now about people lurking her to post on here. Basically she got one - just one - comment on her TikTok asking why she’d blocked someone’s account and she’s gone on a massive rant.
Her reason for blocking is that they are random accounts that don’t follow her, so they must be screen recording and posting on ‘gossip sites’. Doesn’t she get that anons can lurk her stories without her seeing?
>reeeeeee this isn’t a free service you are not paying me for content I will block you if I want reeeee

No. 1149921

File: 1612312514274.png (1.95 MB, 828x1792, 4DE88772-4FD9-4097-9A4E-2B1D02…)

>the block button is there for a reason. im allowed to feel safe on the Internet
>these fuckers think they have a right to get into my head! like they rent a piece of my head space
>im too damn old to deal with these children

lol all of this over a tiktok comment

No. 1149949

File: 1612314058623.png (2.34 MB, 1242x2208, 617E792B-F871-4F93-B64B-6167ED…)

Someone on Tiktok upset her, picrel is saying she doesn’t care and the having 8 more stories about not caring and coming back to YouTube…. then goes on to some stupid hoarding bullshit she has.

No. 1149958

I am perplexed at this page & all of you posting. You say about this woman that no one cares about her life yet there is literally thousands of lines of maybe 3/4 people monitoring her socials & posting it. It's not even the trolling or the cruel comments. It's the fact yous have kept this up for clearly a long time. You do realise that this harassment & if she did find this page, or knows about it, she could report it to the police, they can obtain an IP address & find you all in real life & you will get prosecuted. I am sure majority of the posters have family & jobs. This isn't anonymous and these sort of threads lead to suicide sometimes. It's ironic you talk about this woman so much yet go on & on about how she obsesses over being stalked or her "haters" when you do the exact same thing to her. It's mental.(k)

No. 1149975

Lol KEK yes go report us all to the internet police.

No. 1149979

ok romygeller

No. 1149981

Sorry grandma but people are free to discuss information publicly (and voluntarily) disclosed on the internet.

No. 1149985

They have brought a law into Australia where yes, they have the power to turn over IP addresses & they prosecute people with hefty fines or jail sentences. They are campaigning for this in the UK & I am sure the USA will follow. You talk about this woman everyday screenshotting her life & it's weird. I'm not so worried about her, I am concerned about all of you guys who follow her religiously to post shitty comments about her everyday. Does it make you feel better for a short time? I don't like cruelty to people. Given other people who have taken their own life after threads like this, imagine she did god forbid, you all would be shitting yourself and wishing you could go back. Why be like this? If you think you are better than her, and she's so unstable, just leave her alone.

No. 1149996

Did Heather talk about us at work again?

No. 1150000

My advice to you all, get off social media so much & live your real lives. Concentrate on yourself & do better instead of wasting hours on this thread berating someone on the internet.

No. 1150003

Get a load of this faggot.

No. 1150006

nice. Homophobic language next. You guys are incredibly tolerant aren’t you. Said it before & will say it again, this is bullying.

No. 1150007

Okay Romy, whatever you say. Understand that not everyone in the world thinks like you, and not everyone is so chuffed to just let toxic and manipulative people continue through life burning community after community and "friend" after friend with zero repercussions. Get this (I'm sure you are the type to only want to see the good in people, so you're gonna have to think outside your little hugbox on this one): Heather has trash-talked every community she's been a part of and has taken advantage of the kindness of people just like you on multiple occasions, all well-documented in these threads. Wouldn't you want other people to have some warning if there was a manipulative liar in their midst? Heather wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. Just know that the next time you wanna come in here defending her. I hope you don't actually know her irl because she'd throw you under the bus in a second if it would benefit her.

And no, there's nothing the government can do about these forums. Nice fear mongering tho.

No. 1150009

Hi Romy, are you Adam?

No. 1150011

these quads aren't very based

No. 1150013

You guys are literally breaking the websites rules (what sort of website is this anyway) because I if I gather right…. the person you are berating shouldn’t know about this page & some of you have commented that her work colleagues know about this? So I am deducing she knows about this page….. it’s supposed to be “anonymous” right so by a technicality you can berate her all you want & she will never know yet it seems she does which defeats the purpose of this whole thread or whatever threads. Do you not wonder what you are doing wasting hours of your life spent on this when you could be doing something else? It just seems wasteful for you guys if you hate her so much why waste so much time on her?

No. 1150014

You would think that someone who has been a content creator for 10 years would have more of a backbone. This comment isn't even rude and it set her off on a 30 story tirade.

No. 1150021

If she doesn’t keep mentally well, do you think this is right to berate her like this? It seems not even “revenge worthy” it’s just cruel as this point to keep it up for so long.

No. 1150027

Berate. That word you are using? I don't think you really know what it means.
What we are doing is talking shit, in private, to each other. About a public figure. She posts publicly, so people get to talk about it. Gtfo.

No. 1150034

This thread is weirdly fascinating (not really the woman you are picking on) but just you guys in general, how much you hate her yet all you can do is talk about her. I just don’t get it. It seems a waste of time but it’s obviously not for you guys as you seem to get something out of it. Does it make you feel better about yourself for a while? I am truly trying to understand what grips you people to really keep this up for nearly a year or more. I’ve never encountered people this hung up before & keep it up for so long.

No. 1150053

Gossiping about problematic public figures is fun. Almost everyone participates in gossip to some extent. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years, too. It’s human nature.

Most of us drop in once or twice a day at most to read updates and have a groan or a laugh. It’s not that deep and not a big time sink. Our lives hardly revolve around Heather, as much as she’d like to believe so.

No. 1150054

Looking forward to it

No. 1150057

Just shut the fuck up.

No. 1150058

this whole site is not about heather. also, every time you post you bump her thread to the front page so people who dont care about heather can see it, potentially luring people to this thread. point the finger at yourself ms gellar

No. 1150059

File: 1612318518906.jpeg (31.97 KB, 400x400, 76B54ABE-02A9-4924-9C3F-FF6506…)

No. 1150064

Night Guys xoxo talk soon

No. 1150073

Or is it? Guys you dish it out good. I applaud your long life fueled campaign against this lady. But maybe time to retire. It’s very time consuming I can imagine keeping tabs on her.

No. 1150075

Shut the fuck up bigbird

No. 1150081

It's funny anytime someone comes in here thinking they can change our opinions. This is a forum where people can speak about a public figure. It is her choice to come here and read it. We keep our comments off of her page.

No. 1150084

File: 1612319376649.jpeg (179.53 KB, 1400x1400, 5F9C8474-3676-4C52-9FF9-B73D9D…)


No. 1150091

Every time you post, you unknowingly put this thread about Heather on the front page where people who otherwise wouldn't see it will now be aware of it.

No. 1150093

I love seeing moralfags going full retard by posting long ass blocks of text expecting to be the voice of reason that will make everyone suddenly stop doing what they’re doing.

No. 1150103


No. 1150111

File: 1612320467908.png (511.5 KB, 874x1564, Screenshots_2021-02-02-21-46-0…)

Heather is so full of herself. I have less than 500 followers on instagram and I get spam accounts "viewing" my stories all the time.

No. 1150112

LMAO what is a VPN? I hear a knock on my door, could it be… The cyber police?? Oh no, I'm gonna be sentenced to 80 years of forced labor in Australia for bullying Heather!

No. 1150496

Retards?? Wow you guys just keep sinking lower. So I take this thread not only bashes someone for nearly a year as yous l have nothing to do with your life, but you are all homophobic & use derogatory language like that. It must be fun being yous, all bitter & twisted like that, rotting inside.(Namefag; low quality posting)

No. 1150504

Men: post thousands of comments about how they want to rape, abuse, torture, and murder women and children every day on the public internet
This person and the world in general: silence
Women on lolcow: Hey look at this story a public internet figure posted publicly on her account, one of the 70-100 stories this public internet figure has posted only today, here's my opinon where I do not wish any harm on this public internet figure and am just commenting on the words she said and the ongoing timeline, all of which the public figure has openly shared with the world on tiktok.com and instagram.com
This person: REEEEEEEEE

No. 1150554

Who is this person? Go away “Romy” or one of Heathers alias or someone else. Are you Big Bird? Heather is very delusional. Yes we make fun of her here. Am I a bitch in real life? Maybe. But Heather isn’t exactly the victim she likes to make out. She isn’t ugly okay I know I’ve said in the past she looks like a horse but I didn’t mean it. It seems cruel okay I take your point but she could be really pretty if she stopped with the crying face every two minutes.

No. 1150581

Tell you what. If heather pays back the money she scammed off me with her fake gofundme, I'll stop posting here. How about that?

In the meantime, you're wasting your energy. Every time you post here you bump the thread to the top of the main page, thus drawing more attention to it.

If you want to help Heather so badly, tell her to get offline and get therapy.

No. 1150614

Go on Romy, tell us how you know heather. Tinder match? The only fan of hers left?

No. 1150619

Heather scammed me too. I want my $30 back. I don’t earn much money & I felt really bad for her as I believed her claims at the time. I have added interest to my claims so she owes me $50 now. I need money for dental surgery. My teeth are protruding out of my face at an odd angle.

No. 1150748

So are you going on the thousands of other threads and defending them? Or only heather is a victim, again?

No. 1150762

Hell. I'll stop if she donated the money she scammed out of me to a women's shelter. That was what she originally said she'd do after she was caught lying about being homeless the first time.

I don't think I'm the only domestic abuse survivor in this thread who fell for her bullshit and thought they were helping a fellow victim. If you want to make an improvement, explain to Heather how asking people for donations under false pretences and then spending the money on shoes is a bad look.

No. 1150787

File: 1612371039651.jpeg (764.3 KB, 750x1090, 6051ACD5-0179-48A0-9C97-99D172…)

Is this kooky cunt claiming to actually see ghosts, or am I reading too hard into things? I know she says she "talks to dead people" when she's trying to be qUiRkY but I always just assumed she's saying that just to say it. This is unhinged.

No. 1150813

She's on some stupid ~empath witch~ bullshit that a lot of women are into nowadays. If she can talk to the moon and the ghosts chilling in her room, then it's not exactly shocking she'd claim to see them kek.

No. 1150820

File: 1612372852450.jpeg (16.35 KB, 255x321, 16F976E5-42FB-48FD-BE61-7788BF…)

No. 1150826

she has claimed to have seen ghosts before. i think she mentioned this was one of the reasons she "dumped" one of the ryans, since he didn't believe it

No. 1150833

I'd be interested in hearing all of the reasons she has broken up with the multiple Ryans over the years.

No. 1150835


You give away your age easily. Unless your one of those people who also has minions humor. Your “insults” will be forgotten the second you leave. So please, do us a favor Grandma.

No. 1150837

Oh Gawd not the I see Ghosts. She really believes she has special powers. I think she tried to get most the Ryan’s into the ghost stuff & they’ve all fled to the hills. She tried to float a pencil once. She failed.(emoji)

No. 1150841

kek! Did she try to make a pencil float? She really believes she has superpowers.

No. 1150844

File: 1612373704260.jpeg (203.3 KB, 900x1200, 2CCEC401-3038-4558-90ED-8F0C1C…)

This is me (Grandma) & my bestie.

No. 1150848

Feck off Big Birdie.

Yeah it was during one of her witchy fazes. I cringed so bad. She was telling her followers to send good thoughts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1150862

Sorry but wtf is going on with the newfags and wks in this thread?

No. 1150875

Hi Angels xx

No. 1150878

Heather cried to some people again. Probably her coworkers. Either they feel genuinly sorry for her or they want her to do better so they won't have to pick up her slack at work.

They'll probably keep defending her until she scams them out of money too. Then they'll either fuck off or join the rest of us.

No. 1150880

I will never join you my bullying mates. We will never be one. I am Frodo, you are Smeagol, frothing at the mouth about someone called Heather.

No. 1150885

Hey. The person you're defending scammed people on gofundme by falsely claiming to be homeless, and claiming to donate the money to women's shelters. She spent it on shopping sprees instead. She made her friend give her a ride in a blizzard to cheat on her husband. When this ended in a carwreck she just fucking left her friend, didn't offer to pay for any of the damages or even ask if she was injured.

This might not be the hill you want to die on.

No. 1150888

Oh fuck off. Also learn how to read LOTR.

No. 1150889

Heather, you can do better
There's a posse of large butch looking ladies on a thread
They lurk under your bed
Sitting on their phones
Screenshotting all alone
Hugging their pillows at night
As they stare into the sunlight
The sweat glistening on their brow
Wanting to know what Heather is doing now
No friends, no life
No one wants them as a wife
Do better warned Big Bird
Don't waste your life being a turd

No. 1150895

Why y'all still wasting your life on this thread? Is it gonna bring you justice? Is it gonna right wrongs? No, it's just gonna make you more bitter & lonely.

No. 1150897

Oh ma Gawd!!!! Please STOP NOW! It amused me to begin with but now this is really bugging me. You are relentless. You are scaring me.

No. 1150900

ok I'll stop.
I don't wanna scare anyone.
Big Bird is a friendly bird.
Sad thread ladies are pitiful.

No. 1150902

It might warn other people not to trust her with their money.

I used to support Heather. And she spent a lot of energy gaslighting me. Finding this board has actually been really good for me.

>There's a posse of large butch looking ladies on a thread

Wow. Somebody who refers to "butch ladies" as an insult but still somehow think they have the moral highground.

Pot, meet inarticulate kettle.

No. 1150910

One in the same
The delicate ladies on the thread
Want Double Standards bestowed on their somewhat large heads
We bash one woman all the time
Aghast, we cry, when we in turn are bashed,
We insult, we stalk, we lurk
Yet come at us, & suddenly we revoke.
How Dare You! We've been scammed.
We willingly handed our money over the internet & then cannot accept blame for our actions
We can't control the one they call Heather
So they come here to dwell.

No. 1150911

Hey. Remember when Heather hinted that her ex husband was a pedophile pervert who was trying to hit on her underage sister? But instead of leaving him to get him out of her sister's life, or even confronting him, she just sort of discouraged them from hanging out until her mother finally banned him from the house?

She sure seems like a great person worth defending.

No. 1150915

File: 1612376988338.gif (4.86 KB, 220x122, 37B24601-5340-467D-86D9-796D9B…)

No. 1150917

File: 1612377056055.jpg (192.75 KB, 1080x1072, 20210203_193027.jpg)

Now you're getting it.

Bitch all you want. But don't pretend to be better than us.

No. 1150919

Hey… remember when we talk about things we don't like actually know the truth about but like to make out it is the truth because we want to bully someone so bad.We are hurting and sore, burnt from giving money over willingly, can't get over it & use that as an excuse to berate someone we claim we don't care about yet obviously we do because like we are on here all the bloody time instead of living our own lifes and taking it upon ourselves to be a Jesus like figure trying to "enlighten others" when we should just move on with our lives but we like can't as we have nothing else in our lives but Heather.

No. 1150925

And on that note I bid you adieu. Until tomorrow Heather stalkers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1150926

If you know "the truth" please do explain it to us Heather… ehm, Romy.

No. 1150927

Nobody is frothing. If you think that people who exploit the kindness of strangers, repeatedly lie for sympathy, and use former friends (risking their personal safety), among many, many other things, while attributing every criticism of their behavior to what color they're wearing, you're either a well-intentioned idiot or straight up simp. Heather is not a good person and advertises it every chance she gets. Go subscribe to her OnlyFans if you're that determined to enable your lady's cringey and selfish behavior.

No. 1150928

Oh god anon. That sent me. Really hoping this is a prospective Ryan attempting to charge to the rescue.

No. 1150933

Stop responding to bait and just report so the mods can come clean house.

No. 1150936

>>Heather is not a good person
>>Go subscribe to her OnlyFans

Okay, Heather

No. 1150937

I really wish Hagster would hurry up with the onlyfans already. If she thinks youtube is mean, she should meet that crowd.

Wonder how her mom will react.

No. 1150943

I think we should just not mention her family. It's against the rules & I don't want to lose this thread Anon.

No. 1150946

It's way more likely to be the cow herself.

Is everything literal to you? Hateboner-chan? It doesn't even exist yet as far as we know.

No. 1150950

And knowing Heather it will never happen. The Onlyfans will go the way of her toysales or her dark travel show or her paranormal videos. She'll announce it with great fanfare, and then forget about it.

No. 1150955

I definitely hope it does happen so she can blame her interpersonal failures on being discriminated against as a sex worker.

No. 1150956

>>1150950 Or wanting to be a model.

No. 1150958

I am a beautiful lady. H.

No. 1150965

Keep promoting me ladies. I do all this stuff to keep you from going mad. I know how sad you all are.

No. 1150967


Keep bumping the thread so that it'll come up easier in google searches. We'll wait.

No. 1150968

Why are there trolls ITT and why are they only ITT? Creepy.

No. 1150972

File: 1612379248766.jpg (104.83 KB, 941x403, 20210203_200609.jpg)

May I suggest that the lovely Anon who made the collage for the next thread pic (>>1148131) include this screencap in it somewhere?

No. 1150982

Stop astroturfing and go back to your respective hole.

No. 1150983

Shouldn't you be too uniquely Heather for this board?

No. 1150992

Tons of unwanted retards came in from somebody posting the leftcows thread on twitter

No. 1150996

I know, but I don't believe that the leftcows posters are in the Heather thread. Maybe it's Heather.

No. 1151005

Hey Heather. How is Timmy?

It's genuinly hard to tell if it's her just because she is so predictable. Pretending to be Heather is very easy because she always repeats the same "I am amazing and that's why people don't like me. I am strong and beautiful, and that scares people off. It's not my horrible personality" mantra.

There's a reason the Heather cycle exists.

No. 1151008

File: 1612380149121.jpg (225.16 KB, 1080x1779, 20210203_142109.jpg)

I think this could actually be her? The typing style is remarkably similar. Anyway screenshots are forever, Heather. The last post was something about a police report and to "sleep tight, cows" but I didn't catch it.
Even if it's not really her, this is still funny as fuck so I'm posting it

No. 1151009

Don't worry Anon. I'm capping too. Just in case.

No. 1151010

File: 1612380292469.jpeg (436.21 KB, 1400x687, 7E73E380-2ACD-49B9-AB86-EBB131…)

Here’s the screenshot anon.

No. 1151012

If it is her, her posts about creating a "trap" will actually make it harder for her to take any kind of legal action. Not that she could to begin with. But framing herself as an active instigator rather than a passive observer is a pretty dumb move.

No. 1151016

Please, I want to see the police reacting to printout of people gossiping on the internet. Film and livestream it all please Heather, if this is really her.

No. 1151023

I think that might be the most interesting content she has ever made. Watching her bother the police during a pandemic to explain that people on the internet were mean to her. And yes, in the same screens she herself admitted that she felt she was in control of the situation the whole time. But officer, it was awful.

Fraud accusations? Nevermind that. See where they made fun of my driving?

No. 1151024

Ironically the most unhinged posts I've ever seen in this thread are these ones from her supporter, who is writing literal poems

No. 1151033

I mean, with the trail of destruction Heather leaves in her wake, you have to be pretty unhinged to still support her.

I really wonder if it is a wouldbe Ryan trying to win our fair goblin's favour. If so she'll probably reject him because his bigbird poems aren't spoopy enough.

No. 1151037

Heather does love men who are into poetry so I could see this being a Ryan

No. 1151038

If she's paid any attention to crime stats she'll know crime has literally doubled in some states in 2020-2021 versus 2019, but I'm sure they'll have the time to survey every post in a women's gossip forum.

No. 1151041

It actually seems too unhinged to be a woman, but maybe I am giving whoever it is too much credit.

No. 1151042

Hehe. I'm sure it's the next CSI spinoff.

No. 1151054

Shit. Did you guys catch that last post? Pretending to be an anon who has seen the error of their ways?

It was pretty obviously fake. Now I know this is Heather. She's the queen of the dirty delete.

No. 1151059

Due to the sperg's continued and constant ban evasion, their posts are now being deleted.

No. 1151061

Thanks Farmhand. Much appreciated.

No. 1151119

This poem has incredible gimp girl energy.

If it's not Heather, it's clearly someone she influenced in some way to come here considering they only took issue with this particular thread. I'd like to think she's not quite autistic enough to think spamming big bird photos is a "topkek" troll moment, but maybe I'm granting her too much credit.

No. 1151122

Okay. This is clearly me hoping, but…

What if it's a wouldbe Ryan? And he turns the same bigbirdspaz energy on her when she inefitably blocks him?

Come on bigbirdryan! We're almost rooting for you.

No. 1151148

C’est moi. I shall.

No. 1151150

Sounded like a scrote to me. Multiple mentions of “ladies” in a condescending way. Retard verse.

No. 1151155

Bless you Anon.

No. 1151210

lmao i like your poems romy. the big bird thing is kind of scary though.
you're right, most of us don't rly have a vendetta, we just think she's funny and i guess people feel they need a justification for it
but look at one of the collages of her crying stories and tell me u don't think that shit's funny

No. 1151307

Sounded to me like one of those women whose only goal in life is to be someones uneducated baby mama. The funny thing is tho that Romy probably spent more time posting on this thread in a single day than anyone else who actually uses this thread does.

No. 1152099

Real ironic saying lolcow is a bunch of stalkers who should be persecuted when Heather stalks men 24/7 and obsesses over them, posting them on her story after only a week of dating
Then continously using the bitter and lonely argument when Heather can’t stay in a relationship for more than a week and is divorced and pushing 30 with no husband, kids, or even her own apartment.

No. 1152108

Which Ryan are you referring to anon?

No. 1152378

I'm assuming they're referring to RyanZ. She stalked him at work.

No. 1152394

File: 1612481162037.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, DB7B1E2E-ED83-4413-BC22-D47BBE…)

So she basically got her money from Adam - all of it - is feeling flush, bought some expensive antiques shit, feed and substrate for her kidnapped house spider, and now has not a care in the world.
Cue major depressive episode when money runs out in about one week. She never learns.

No. 1152925

Wtf happened to her first spider? She spammed about it for about 2 days then we never heard about it again

No. 1153063

This is still the first spider, he molted and she made me him a new cage and got him crickets instead of fruit flys

No. 1153177

In an alternate universe where Heather actually wants to improve and be not miserable:
Save that stimulus money. Pick up some extra shifts at Target.
Shouldn't be long until she can put down a deposit on your own apartment …
But in reality it's gonna be dumb aesthetic trinkets and killstar forever.

No. 1153425

Yeah tbh that $600 stimmy is enough for a deposit on many apartments? A lot of places take half of first month's rent. But of course she's just going to blow through it on more junk she doesn't need while letting her previous retro toy horde rot away in the storage unit. Classic Heather.

No. 1153426

File: 1612564309706.png (6.21 MB, 1242x2208, FC5ACD32-2951-4F83-AD9A-D6B785…)

I’m calling it - she’s currently making a YT vid about the spider.

No. 1153454

"Help me … She never stops whining … Help …"

No. 1153477

File: 1612567198038.png (5.77 MB, 1242x2208, 42E4CD7E-36EB-4375-9226-784DA4…)

Imagine seeing Hag’s face peering down into your horrible jail cell every morning. Hearing the lid being screwed off, seeing a glittery flash of her talons, hearing the baby voice.

No. 1153478

Up now: Another rare 3-day weekend. Nobody wants me around. Going to stop it all to not be alone. Catch them all!

No. 1153495

Can’t believe I wasn’t right about the spider vid. She’s doing another fucking shelf tour. Jesus. The pitiful weeping in bed earlier was just the most pathetic she’s ever been. She’s an actual child who wants to remain miserable as fuck forever.

No. 1153595

Guys Big Bird has returned!

No. 1153596

File: 1612579947779.png (Spoiler Image,468.72 KB, 680x718, 66DF71FE-879B-4F96-A26D-3BA472…)

No. 1153599

Hi Cows! Leave me & my jumping spider alone. How sad are you coming after a little hairy friendly little spider. You are all ugly.

No. 1153600

Shut up, fat

No. 1153601

File: 1612580313453.jpg (205.39 KB, 599x597, 1578465096808.jpg)

This u?

No. 1153603


No. 1153606

who fat? Did you fall over on your way running to the ice cream van & drop your phone mid type? Are you ok anon?

No. 1153610

Is she drunk?

No. 1153612

yeahhh drunk on love.

No. 1153614

The tard is here again, farmhand

No. 1153615

or did you mean the anon who just typed out shut up, fat - do you mean are they drunk cause that makes sense too….

No. 1153616

Are you autistic or new to dumb bitch memes, dumb bitch?

No. 1153617

Heather is live rn so I doubt it’s her.

No. 1153619

Can you fuckle right off, newfag?

No. 1153620

imagine calling yourself farmhand. That’s such a hills have eyes nickname - children of the corn - wickerman cult vibe.

No. 1153621

you know what a farmhand is? sage your shit, ugly

No. 1153622

Fuckle thanks for the cool new word peeps

No. 1153623

guys it’s been great chatting’ gotta go live some real life now. You know unlike yous still on this forum obsessing over the H.

No. 1153624

File: 1612580931777.png (126.44 KB, 271x400, 837B1263-FD64-4B2E-8E24-5790C1…)


No. 1153625

Who let the boomer on the computer again

No. 1153656

The boomer will go away eventually. Just stop responding to their spam. Just report and ignore.

No. 1153721

>says we have no life
>posts more than anyone else

No. 1153727

Good to have confirmation on that.

No. 1153746

Current regular sperge about coming back to YouTube, picrel is her saying she doesn’t care with 10 more stories explains why she doesn’t give a fuck. It’s boring and I sped through most of it.

No. 1153747

File: 1612590930782.png (4.59 MB, 1242x2208, 8E3D344E-32DC-4ED8-B275-89E3D3…)

Lol samefag, here’s the pic

No. 1153757

File: 1612591955957.jpg (773.99 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210206-010720_Ins…)

Another rant on the SAME SHIT.

"I'm a content creator, im supposed to make content"

Says who? I've ever seen someone have their head so far up their ass like she does.

"I never got over the fact that I was canceled on youtube"

So go make another channel, a brand new channel. Oh wait, you don't want to do that because you didn't have enough views…

So you bitch over the same shit year after year and yet you're surprised you're still stuck in the same place?

Please just remove yourself from the internet permanently.

Your haters.

No. 1153766

File: 1612592567398.jpg (268.08 KB, 1080x1758, Screenshot_20210206-012307_Ins…)

No one wants to hang with you heather, get the hint already.

No. 1153770

File: 1612593004427.jpg (797.17 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210206-012532_Ins…)

"A lot of bad things have happened to me over the years, they haunt me and I could of moved on from this, but I didn't, everyone else have moved on except me"

You hit it on the dot, all the men you spread your legs to, all your friends that you've used have moved on from your bullshit, and you wonder why every day your alone? All those bad things that have happened were your own doing, it started to hit rock bottom when you did the gofundme, cried yourself a river to get money from people all to spend it on killstar when people wanted to help, that's where you showed your true ugly colors

The energy you put out is the energy you will get back in return. Clearly you need more positive energy after 2 plus years of the same bitching.

No. 1153771

If she had any motivation to be anything but a leech she'd have already gotten into the storage unit and started selling off the stupid plastic garbage she's hoarding. It's either mommy or a new "boy" for her because she's completely incapable of running her own life. Gotta have someone around to do things like order pizza on the phone (scary!) or pay bills (spooky!). That 600 bucks went straight to trashy lingerie for her new weirdo grandma pics to bag a nonexistent man. Heather is a 2 with dreams of being a sugarbaby.

No. 1153810

imagine if she simply actually made content (besides endless whiny insta stories)

No. 1153822

File: 1612600032348.png (3.94 MB, 750x1334, 236479CF-4A7A-4670-8CC7-361556…)

Another Oscars speech to herself in the mirror. Kek, I love these

>how do you resurrect a channel?

>I don’t know, but…I know that…the magic of that channel…was me
>it wasn’t about the ‘things’, it was about the passion
>it was about the girl behind the camera…and in front of the camera
>and I’m still that fucking girl
>I still have my dreams
>I’m damn fucking proud, and it’s time to take this grown version of me back to YouTube

Right? Imagine just shutting the fuck up and getting on with it.

No. 1153826

File: 1612600386863.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, 6B5813D7-0EA3-4E42-8348-704D07…)

>I’m the architect of my own life
>I can destroy it and build a whole new one
>Can’t wait to see what I do next!

>So…I just re-downloaded Bumble…and Facebook dating


No. 1153850

>Heather is a 2 with dreams of being a sugarbaby.
Not only that, but she expects the dude to drop all of his interests/hobbies/friends and put all of his energy into her "wild and extreme passions" which appear to be strictly limited to: graveyard walks in the same three rotating locations, blowing her target paychecks on junk in dusty antique shops, and taking pictures of her wildly gazing at you from various locations including said graveyards and varying aisles of the Target she is currently employed at. Truly it is a mystery why she is perpetually single.

No. 1153871

No heather. It was definitely about the things, you were boring at best. im sure many of us are still waiting for you to sell off your Kawaii plastic shackles.

No. 1153933

Hey you guys. You’ve all been busy haven’t you the last few hrs (not a boomer!) nice Sherlock skills there you sad sad lot. It’s ironic at best how you big gals run H. down yet yous aren’t that much better.

No. 1153938

If getting a divorce is the most traumatic thing she's ever had happen to her (besides her fucking up her own social life).. I mean.. thank goodness she's living with mommy (never got kicked out like she cried over btw) because she's far too fragile to face the adult world.
Traumatic for her is looking for men on tender and sabotaging a hit it and quit it.

No. 1153940

*Tinder not tender you moron.

No. 1153941

Whose the boomer now???(ban evasion)

No. 1153952

That's exactly her problem. She thinks she's single because of her "extreme alternative lifestyle" that includes going to the same 2 cemeteries every single day and not the fact that she refuses to go to a bar or have a SINGLE night in watching movies instead. I also find it kinda funny how she thinks she's going to find a spoopy goth explorer boy that hates smoking weed as much as her lol.

No. 1153953

Why are you such a nonsaging faggot?

No. 1153955

Excellent summary, anon. Had me grinning.

No. 1153956

The only extreme thing about Heather is her standards.

No. 1153962

good lord, get this girl a fucking journal – this is word vomit you write down for yourself, not the internet

it's weird, from what I've seen from those old vids, her personality is more like an "ooo this is interesting I think sigh" instead of passion?
list your shit heather

No. 1154004

Not even 10 hours and she deletes her story lol

Is it sad that we know her better then she knows herself? This is a constant documentation of how she has spiral downward in the past 4 years. All her failed relationships,friendships, that's all her fault, not the internet.

All the men on the internet and in her local area im sure are aware of how psycho you are. Yes, everyone has moved on except for you, because you refuse to change, you think you have the golden pussy and thats far from the truth.

You're photography and videos are a HOBBY, NOT CONTENT. You don't have sponsors, you don't have people begging you to produce "content", hell, you don't have fan mail anymore, you need to separate your past toys life to now. You show your HOBBY, not content.

But keep living in your delusional mind.

No. 1154007

Right? I can never get behind the perpetual statements of…
>As a content creator
>I was cancelled
The two things are absolutely connected because a) what content and b)ergo you have nothing to be cancelled.
When someone is cancelled there’s generally pages and pages of gossip and news etc. With Heather, there’s a few people who got pissed at her, then forgot about her. That’s it.

No. 1154127

I have distinct recollection of watching her videos despite the actual person in the videos (I found her annoying on a more superficial level back then, but I could get over the irritating speech impediment and absolute non-commentary) because there just wasn't anybody else filming vintage girls toys videos with good lighting. So no, it wasn't about you, Heather.

No. 1154139

A fucking men. Heather had very neurotic on-the-spectrum vibes and that was during her prime likeability. Now she's impossible to feel sorry for.

No. 1154277

She only wants to be a content creator because she wants to be famous and she thinks its easy money. If she truly wanted to create then she would just do it and stop complaining about views.

Occasionally she seems to get a shred of self-awareness but instead of using it to improve herself, she just reverts back to being a victim and doing nothing to change her life.

The absolute delusion of thinking that people watched her for her stale personality. People watched you because they liked toys and there weren't many people creating similar content. Why would people watch for her when the focus of her channel was the toys? It's telling that people stopped watching when she stopped uploading toy content.

Exactly, it's either her way or no way. She could compromise and stay in to watch a movie about a topic she enjoys, go for a coffee date and then visit a graveyard… But no, the only options are graveyards and antique shops.

No. 1156150

Heather, is it possible to take a break from social media? You can be creative without it. See, that doesn’t sound like something a hater would say does it?

No. 1156235

File: 1612819930671.jpg (126.5 KB, 1080x1920, 146994770_1397807067223391_533…)

You wish

No. 1156257

I'm confused. What is Instagram restricting Heather from doing?

No. 1156351

File: 1612825552632.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, 4F5C6C4D-4E0B-4F54-A54E-E28C1A…)

Okay so she took (almost) half a day off IG to spend time with her only female friend (wonder how long that will last). Comes back fully enabled after talking BoYs with said friend.
>everyone is just a fuck boy
>I’m not a basic bitch
>this generation is just dead inside
That after getting excited about some blonde country boy who she fetishises. Which is funny as she comes off as a total femcel.

No. 1156481

>It's already 9:07

Checks clock… it's 8:59

No. 1156635

sage for no milk. she is just annoying. https://streamable.com/dn4e5z

No. 1156994

File: 1612884925695.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20210209-102704~2.p…)

Fucking kek she finally crashed her car. Surprisingly though it doesn't look like it may have been her fault?

No. 1157020

Nothing ever is her fault according to Heather. I can't wait to hear more about this.

No. 1157023

And she only recently bought those snow tyres OOF. Rip Heather’s little ‘sports car’

No. 1157024

File: 1612886283826.png (2.43 MB, 828x1792, 08F574B4-34B4-4AB3-B780-6803E4…)

Surprisingly seems to not be her fault

No. 1157087

Looks like she was rear-ended so it wouldn't be her fault

No. 1157125

This reaction had me laughing. We really do laugh at Hag pranging her granny sports car, don’t we? Kek.

She’s being surprisingly chill about it. And about the guy that did it.

No. 1157272

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a perpetual, exaggerated victim appear so relieved and thrilled to have an actual event happen to them. Where are the tears and hysterics? Oh yeah, they’re buried in the thrill of the prospect of having a topic to add to both her list of grievances and personal accolades. No tears or freak-outs here, just smiles and wide-eyed enthusiasm for the future of this tale. What a survivor.

No. 1157274

File: 1612902716796.png (4 MB, 750x1334, E932DA6B-0ED7-44F4-8480-2C6A2B…)

She's actually claiming that she knew the accident was going to happen right before it happened, y'know because of her Danny Phantom powers and mystical witchism. This woman is absolutely undateable. I like that she actually requires her mummy at 31 as a caregiver, bank and housing. She's never going to be able to afford an apartment and I hope that the ghosts tell her that sometimes just to watch her rip out her hair.

No. 1157282

File: 1612903280447.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, 23836D5E-A352-4F98-B452-482E6E…)

Sorry to double post, but here's the look on her face when she claims that she "might have a back injury" but says she doesn't think anything is broken, kek. Goes to her pseudoscience chiropractor in two days. This woman loves being a victim, she can't even help but smile when explaining this all because she says it isn't the one at fault. I bet she'll be milking this for the next few months. That brokeback-grin is something else.

No. 1157312

I cannot believe she managed 80 stories out of this minor fender bender, it’s really unbelievable. Anon is right, completely fucking undateable

No. 1157363

File: 1612909520118.png (4.46 MB, 1242x2208, 208C60B5-E92D-4E77-AF91-E7BCE0…)

She is sperging out about people spying on her account saying she deserved it??? Ok. Just ok. No one said that here. Delusional.

No. 1157368

She’s a cow on command.

Step 1: doesn’t have a freak-out as she has for every minor, or even imagined event
Step 2: lurks here and sees she’s being called out for oddly not having a freak-out
Step 3: revs up a freak-out

No. 1157370

File: 1612910367727.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, C2C3BC2D-1474-45B8-8647-28A725…)

She's finally crying because her insurance company might total her car because the cost of fixing it might outweigh the cost of replacing it. Soooo dramatic.

No. 1157373

File: 1612911260310.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, D1E12BCD-0142-4090-AF67-CC67F4…)

>Hey, fuck you, particularly you.
Kekek. This is just ridiculous. Only Hag would make her second hand granny wagon into a symbolic love story car.

No. 1157376

File: 1612911398801.jpeg (29.53 KB, 749x135, 1FDAFFA7-C13E-4C64-9749-FE1F9A…)

Here’s our current count…

No. 1157383

Lmao she already deleted all of them

No. 1157393

Whatafuckingjoke. Honestly, what is the point? Kek.

No. 1157488

Taking bets. How long before she begins claiming severe disability ad nauseam?

No. 1157500

I genuinely feel bad for her on this one, it's a shitty situation for anybody. Maybe she'll finally sell her toys to cover some of it lol. Too bad the guy that hit her wasn't a cute Ryan or something.

No. 1157525

File: 1612919181959.jpg (805.98 KB, 1079x1751, Screenshot_20210209-200606_Ins…)

"I am once again asking for your help"

Here we go lol

No. 1157528

She doesn't even know if that piece of shit car is being totaled or not yet, it's awful that this happening to her but the drama

No. 1157530


She's doing the exact same thing she did with her gofundme. She wasn't homeless, yet she made a gofundme because she said she was going to be homeless and on the street the next day or in a shelter where she was in actuality, at her moms.

No. 1157550

I was feeling bad for her until she went apeshit and spiraled into misery

No. 1157562

Do I feel bad she got into a car accident? Yes. And from the looks of the damage, it definitely wasn't her fault, and thats not a fender bender either.

That said, she has to wait and see what the insurance company says. She's jumping the the gun.

However, I DONT feel bad whenever she asks for help and money. To ask people to buy your prints is the gofundme situation all over again. You asked for money when your next step was moving in with mom.

You're asking for money essentially again and you still live with mom. Sorry,you don't get my sympathies with that.

She needs to relax and just wait for a final result instead of blabbering on the internet like a 10 year old. She makes herself so undesirable and weak when she makes these 100 story rant videos.

No. 1157569

File: 1612921372559.jpg (291.18 KB, 1079x792, Screenshot_20210209-204211_Ins…)

Once again, trying to have the internet feel bad for you because you don't know how you will financially recover. Grow up and be an adult and stop looking for pity from everyone. Accidents suck, and no one deserves it. But for fuck sake, grow up and stop begging for help and fight your own battles.

No. 1157583

>back is absolutely killing me!

Walks around flailing arms while recording yet another rant.

No. 1157648

She keeps repeating that she was parked at a red light when this happened. Does she mean parked and not simply stopped as in brake while in drive? Does she actually put the car in park when she's at a red light?

No. 1157657

For some context for anons who don't live in PA…
we're in the middle of a really rough batch of weather were there is so much snow and ice that it's just miserable.You can see there's a decent amount of snow on the ground, and underneath that is just ice.

It's not her fault she got rear ended, but most reasonable people are avoiding leaving their houses. If she wasn't going to work, she shouldn't have gone out.

Sage for PA/weather sperg

No. 1157675

She was going to work. As much as we're amused by her insane antics, I'm gonna mini-wk for a second and say that this was 100% not her fault. There was really nothing she could have done to avoid it. It is funny though and she's gonna milk it for the next few months as something tragic to cry about. kek

No. 1157703

Yes, she got rear-ended on her way to work. This is the one problem in her life that actually isn’t her fault. Will she overdramatize it? Of course, but it still sucks.

No. 1157922

File: 1612964559281.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2146, Screenshot_20210210-073102~2.p…)

Surprised no one's posted this yet. God, she is so fucking dramatic.

No. 1157961

this is fucking hilarious oh my god
>i would just sit in your seat and listen to music because i felt so secure there

No. 1158014


>the spirt of the old man, I’m sure he was watching out for me

Dudes in heaven land partying with homies.
He doesn’t have time for watching some random girls ass all because you owned the same car.

No. 1158019

I'm sure when he was dying his last thoughts were of the shitty mom sports car he owned. He loved it so much he would look back at it from the great beyond to make sure its new owner was treating it right.

No. 1158103


In her stories she also compared it to "putting my dog down."

No. 1158172

Is it a car or a tulpa? Fuck, this got weird fast. Heather repeatedly refers to it as she also. I guess when you alienate everyone around you, anthropomorphising and romanticizing objects becomes your only option.

No. 1158176

Jesus, she's got a whole set of stories on IG. A few weeks ago, it was I am gonna stop coming on here, yet within a few days back to the rants.

P.S. I am glad she is ok

No. 1158208

The queen karen of lolcow karens.

No. 1158223

Bahahaha she is the Karen
It's always someone else to blame
Geezo I think I would be driven nuts by her.
By the way I think she thinks her followers are fans
It's embarrassing
Ranting about her life, or her various Ryan's
Delusional to the end
It's so immature
Seeing a 31 yr old woman acting like that
Back on the stories
Answering all her "fans" (followers)
Claiming I have this amazing life
K then live it, instead of being on IG 24/7.

No. 1158321

Anon, I’m with you. This is pure Hag hilarity. She’s lost her damn mind…again.

No. 1158328

Was… was the car her one female friend?

No. 1158371

i lost it at that line. and the funniest part is knowing she is 100% serious and really believes that

No. 1158390

Her car is her only female friend
Even that surprises me
And who was that woman then on her IG stories?
That's pitiful
Hey you are my "friend" but my car….
Eh it's my closest gal pal
Run Heather's cameo appearance friend!! BBIB

No. 1158406

File: 1612992502637.jpg (100.47 KB, 828x1312, H.jpg)

I think she's got an addiction.

No. 1158450

Anon why are you writing in poetry format

No. 1158453

I think this is the big bird boomer that was attacking us before. The way they write, never sage and there is a little big bird in that photo above.

No. 1158460

File: 1612994844052.jpg (102.24 KB, 828x1296, po.jpg)

Adios Suckers

No. 1158461

When you don't sage we can see you're selfposting boomer.

No. 1158463

You are a snazzy little sager fatty boom boom. Let me hear you go wahooo wahooo

No. 1158465


You mean "sage" like this.

Watch the "boomer"

No. 1158467


this genuinely made me laugh so thank you anon

No. 1158468

As the board's bird lawyer, imma have to ask you to step the fuck down, boomerchan

No. 1158470

Fortunately their inabillity to figure out the mechanics of the board makes their posts easy to spot. Just ignore and report.

No. 1158477


Do you mean Big Bird's lawyer?

No. 1158487

File: 1612995926509.png (615.3 KB, 750x1334, 4F2AFFC4-CDB3-47BA-A4DC-AF6C4C…)

Of course…

No. 1158489


Cue the GoFundMe or cash app….

No. 1158490

That's why it's called an accident Heather.

No. 1158492


Onlyfans coming our way.

No. 1158495


Snorts like a little piggy wiggy

No. 1158500

Are you sure it's just a whiplash and not a broken spine Heather? Did the car hit you because you quit the toy community?

Finally something bad that is genuinly not her fault happens to her, and even now she throws away any sympathy she might garner.

No. 1158512


Do you want some ginger beer?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1158527

When she says medical care, does she mean an actual doctor? Or a chiropractor?

No. 1158528

Right? Her stories last night spiralled into paranoia that car workshop and insurers were wanting to fuck her over.
>will they let me get into my glovebox?
>they are $600 tires they maybe won’t even let me have!
Jesus fucking Christ, it’s your car Hag, even if it is written off. Go to the body shop, walk in, get your shit from the glovebox, tell them they are brand new tires you are expecting to have back and then that’s that.
Her mind is a scary place.

No. 1158559

She is acting like they will lock her baby up and throw it into the fire, with her screaming behind some guards or something. She just needs to call the shop, tell them what she will be needing from her car and that's about it.

No. 1158583

File: 1613001713396.jpeg (340.31 KB, 750x654, 75C01EC5-7F03-4B10-A316-27461D…)

Well the Spirit of Grandpa car is gone, for sure. Why is she treating this like a major life event? Dramalama.
>I just wanted to take a moment…
Latest post.

No. 1158605

yeah and a huge clue is the fact that the first letters of their poems spell "big bird is back" and "heather"

No. 1158657


If she was having to carry gap on a POS Mazda, I don't think "perfect" is going to be a fitting adjective in any of her car buying decisions.

No. 1158931

File: 1613055670261.png (4.37 MB, 1242x2208, 573E987D-4324-4071-83CE-74E3FF…)

Here come the water works even though she got nothing but good news. Including help with her whiplash. If she really cried this much her glasses would fog up.

No. 1158936

File: 1613056134338.png (10.4 MB, 1242x2208, 708A6093-7199-4702-B3A8-94ABC6…)

>spoke to workshop woman who has been a real friend to me through all this
>I’ll be able to get money for my pAiN aNd SuFfErInG
>I lost consciousness last night
>I felt like my life had been taken from me
>lists all the things she wants in her new car
>immediate tears about the loss of her old car
Really sobbing now
>she had no back-up camera, no seat warmer…I didn’t care…she was beautiful…that’s all I cared about
>…and I really liked the key I had…it was so pretty
>but I’m gonna find my new Car Best Friend
I have never seen anything so hilarious and ridiculous in my entire life. Does Christopher Guest hand her a script every morning?

No. 1158953

now she's got another major tragedy to milk. cue "muh devastating car accident that changed my life and crippled me" saga

No. 1158973

Kek she’s gonna milk this “tragedy” as much as her last marriage.

No. 1159288

>Christopher Guest
Kek, yes, sometimes it's hard to believe this is a real person and not some parody of an overgrown woman child straight out of comedy full of that mockumentary style "awkward humor"

No. 1159376

File: 1613083769470.png (5.95 MB, 1242x2208, 93FC908A-C6E6-480F-8C20-605D90…)

At the car showroom. Didn’t take much of dangling a new shiny thing in front of her to get over her crushed Spirit Wagon.

No. 1159475

Off the rails in the latest vid. Title: I’ll never get over this!

[giggles] I don’t know how to turn down the heater in my mom’s car
[defiant] Not ready to settle with the insurance company
[defiant, becoming emotional] It’s a new fucking car
[sneering] I won’t accept their offer and I’ll fight this
[defiant, becoming emotional again] I have PTSD from this
[calculates] Car cost $6k and with interest, $9k(!)
[indifferent] I’m really scared
[becoming emotional again] I have mascara on don’t wanna start crying
[more emotional] I’ll love this new car as much as my last
[visits car] Goodbye old friend (as she touches the car like a casket)
[after visit] Hardest day of my life(!)
[sobs] I’m glad I went to see the damage (talking like she identified a body)
[defiant] I never had a man treat me right
[emotional] But that car saved my life
[sobs] And now she’s gone!
… blah blah blah rollercoaster for another 4 minutes …
[emotional] I might get a Subaru, but like
[sobs] I really want a Mazda

No. 1159488

>Hardest day of my life(!)

Well, sorry Timmy. Leaving you didn't make the cut.

No. 1159502

File: 1613094717218.jpg (611.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210212-035101_Ins…)

Wanted to post this just to say: some people have war in their countries, heather.

No. 1159510

Thanks for the dramatic rundown with the stage directions. I've seen enough Hag stories at this point that I don't even need accompanying images to visualize the histrionics. Pretty funny this way, actually.

No. 1159521

if her last stories on ig were out of context, i would have thought she had a death in the family. jfc she's so dramatic

No. 1159533

50% interest rate kek her credit score is trash, as if there was any doubt

No. 1159534

>I really want a Ma-ahz-dah
That sent me after the whole rollercoaster trip. I stg her brain is just one lone fly zooming around in her skull.

No. 1159540

File: 1613096665707.png (6.82 MB, 1242x2208, 8DC1BE36-14AC-4E11-B531-379280…)

Bury me

No. 1159602

She legitimately said she has ptsd from this. I just can’t take her seriously wtf

No. 1159665

I like to imagine through all of today’s car rants Heather’s mom is sad there in silence questioning her life choices

No. 1159680

File: 1613113333418.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1284x2387, FD1DFEDB-78F0-4582-BB64-25AB64…)

No. 1159683

Since the accident she has made 19 separate posts pertaining to it on her fb

No. 1159704

it's a fucking car

No. 1159728

How tf does her mom even deal with her obvious mental issues. It was a car not a person does she really think normal people get so attached to inanimate objects that they relentlessly cry and curl up in a ball over them. Why doesn't heather just get herself a body pillow it is probably the only thing closest to a human she will ever have a perfect relationship with.

No. 1159815

Maybe she should hit up the car-fucker guy from Personal Cows thread, lol. Finally a man for her.

No. 1159833

God, Heather really is my favorite cow sometimes, she’s just so weirdly wholesome. Like we got cows showing full butthole and pussy on the daily, cows neglecting their kids, cows doing every possible drug at once… and then here’s Heather weeping and rending her clothes in mourning over a fucking car. Never change, Heather (jk we know u won’t)

No. 1159842

Me too. All of this is exactly how I feel. I expect her to get out her widows weeds later today and have some mourning tintypes done.

>>1157500 was half waiting for the “kid” who crashed into her to be announced as a New Ryan.

No. 1159877

What's especially creepy to me is how she's constantly comparing her car to her ex boyfriends.

No. 1159895

My absolute favourite take was the passive aggressive way she described how much she loves and cares for “things” because she was booing about a totalled car…
>this should show you how much I care
>hopefully you can all see that now
Said at the end of her stories in a really stern “I told you so” way.

No. 1159939

File: 1613144894699.png (4.7 MB, 1242x2208, C3B3B4D3-D5CE-4DA9-B6DF-39CF0B…)

Here we go again, I’ll let script writing anon do the recap but it’s basically “I got good news, THIS IS STILL SO UNFAIR”
“My old car had no bells and whistles but we are soulmates…. but I need a back up camera”
I wish she would shut up about that specifically as if that’s a luxury
And then at the end
“I need a new phone too!”

No. 1159973

didnt she buy a new phone less than a month ago? Placing bets on her using the system to get money out of her ”back pain” and ptsd. Jfc

No. 1160024

This obsession with the back up camera has me tinfoiling about the actual cause of the accident…

No. 1160047

I felt the same anon. It’s either that, or she thinks somehow a back-up camera would have stopped the accident happening. Her incongruous fixations on things leave me so confused.

She didn’t actually buy it. She was doing loads of boring stories which was her way of justifying buying a 12 instead of what she could actually afford.

No. 1160145

I love how Heather was having a almost 5 minute rant and crying while her mom was driving her home from work or whatever. I would love to see what kinda face the mom was making while hearing her bullshit whining in the back seat key.

No. 1160159

File: 1613166110447.png (1.82 MB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20210212-162435~2.p…)

Fucking KEK she test drove a $14k car today. She's gonna have a rude awakening when she realizes how expensive that's going to be even if she somehow manages to find $1,500 for a deposit.

No. 1160183

File: 1613168515654.jpeg (233.46 KB, 1242x1626, 617E5472-35C7-4A58-A4A9-0FFBEE…)

In adult money it’s an average priced car with no down payment, but in heather dollars, she can’t afford it.

No. 1160206


I don't get it. Why doesn't this dingdong get a 4-5k beater if all she has to travel for us her Target job and to go to one cemetery?

No. 1160258

Kek. Seriously? Are we really asking why Heather has to have things she can’t actually afford? She says she has PTSD over losing an inanimate object. She’s materialistic as fuck. That’s why she won’t just buy a beater.

No. 1160287

File: 1613176921303.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, E3CAB4DF-969E-413D-BFC2-B64F67…)

She didn’t even drive it herself. Her mom was driving because muh PTSD.

Too true. Her latest stories are all about the money and include such insane gems as
>lists every single penny she is ‘due’ including $125 for her mom driving to/from work all week
>should I track down my chiropractor at home to make sure I’m not being screwed over?!
>I need to get the money I DESERVE
>I’m not a lawyer but…
>I’m just lucky I’m not paralysed

No. 1160409

>I’m just lucky I’m not paralyzed
Ah yes because getting in a fender bender would have paralyzed you kek. I also think her back pain issues are bs too. Just more excuses to add things to her list of “traumas” to talk about nonstop for years

No. 1160534

Could you for one second imagine being the unlucky bastard who hit her? It’s easy to make a mistake and slip on some ice, it could have happened to any of us, and then THIS is the woman you hit? Calling the insurance company 5 times a day, considering every expense possible as something she’s owed, saying she’s “lucky to not be paralyzed” over getting rear ended at a stop light. That poor, poor person.

I am not an Adam fan, but I can only imagine this scenario is remarkably similar to why she never signed the divorce papers. She didn’t want to settle! She is owed MORE, MORE, MORE!

No. 1160640

god fucking lord, I can't, I just can't. she's getting insurance paid out on her old car to get a new car. it's dead Jim, move on.
she's investing a LOT of energy mourning this thing when she really should be looking at cars

relying on mommy bux I see, no way her old car was worth anything close to that
also, I don't see Mazdas as "mom car"s, but Subaru? total Mom Car.

>She didn’t want to settle! She is owed MORE, MORE, MORE!
I 100% believe this, and she's going to try and drag out this whole experience with this vague idea of "I DESERVE MORE" but without knowing what or why.
Insurance is pretty speedy in my experience, they don't want to spend more time on this than they have to. Car totaled, pay out value, done. Mine even paid for a rental car while I sorted out buying a new one – wonder if Heather had that option?

No. 1160662

>won’t settle
Remind you of the divorce papers, much?
Bitch thinks she is owed, nay, deserves MORE, MORE, MORE every single time.

No. 1160680

She already mentioned that she turned down the rental car in exchange for $150 because "they didn't have any SUVs in stock" and she said she would've totaled the rental car too kek.

No. 1160732

File: 1613236712989.png (3.69 MB, 1242x2208, 79DAD3DB-AA47-4AFE-89E8-3306AD…)

Heather shut the fuck up you look more stupid that usual. It’s Presidents’ Day Monday, you will not be resolving this until Tuesday and I honestly hope you’re getting “tricked” by the insurance ppl. It’s a fucking fender bender dude grow the fuck up. You’re lying about your back for free healthcare, you already “had a bad back”
how convenient this all is for u huh?

And you look like a troon with no make up and hair that hasn’t been washed in 6 days making it look like a bad wig.

No. 1160737

File: 1613237224632.png (4.08 MB, 1242x2208, 00D084E7-1078-4340-8B73-FF1453…)

Story 87 of 100 starts a PSA for everyone she’s ever inspired to get their license Kekkekekekek
>don’t let this stop you
> wait I need to justify how bad this is still I GOT DA WHIPLASHES
>also I want a bike rack for adventures
>I LOST MY CAR I HURT MY BACK A LIDDLE it was so bad guys

No. 1160742

File: 1613237797993.jpg (753.17 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210213-123432_Ins…)

Omfg 4 days on non stop ranting about the fuckin car. Jesus christ heather, enough. It's being resolved, move on.

Also, take a fuckin shower you nasty ass. Your hair hasn't been washed in a week, thats why you're breaking out too. Fuckin gross.

No. 1160788

File: 1613241769915.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, 14E94250-FC98-445D-9ADD-25875C…)

I lost it at the PSA. In what world does she take it upon herself to do these self-centred, egotistical pep talks? I can’t imagine a single person benefitting from that.
Post motivational positivity speech she immediately flew low into
>I know you all think I’m being dramatic
Because you are
Also love that she started stories with picrel.

No. 1160944

The fact that she admits she doesn't wash her hair all the time is further proof of how disgusting she is. Go take a damn shower, you can tell when, especially on darker hair when someone hasnt washed their hair. And her hair is so stringy, pull it back or something, try to make it less obvious

No. 1161022

Wait, she actually admitted to not showering?? I thought anons were just making that up because she has a general disheveled frump look going on most of the time.

No. 1161035


yup. She said she hasn't washed her hair in a week. All this time she's been around people and even test drove a car as both a passenger and (barely) a driver. She's gross on so many levels.

No. 1161055

Not to wk this narc but not washing your hair and not showering are two different things. Is she actually not showering that whole time or just letting her crispy hair get oily?

No. 1161072

To clarify she said
>I haven’t washed my hair for just under a week. It still has the curl in that I did for going out with my friend, last Sunday.
Really not grasping what the big deal is. Yeah, it’s a bit skeevy, but it’s not like she’s saying she hasn’t washed all week.

No. 1161088

Ah ok, thanks. Maybe some anons don't know about shower caps.

No. 1161138

Sage for hairsperg, but light hair is easy to tell when it's greasy. It's a lot harder on dark hair

No. 1161141

Exactly. Many people don't wash their hair more than once a week. Especially if they have damaged hair or use semi-permanent dyes.

Your hair gets used to not being washed as often, and starts producing less oil. So it may very well be that she's just started washing it less. Or she may be a natural greaseball. But this in itself is not milk.

No. 1161173

File: 1613272597460.jpg (598.53 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210213-221711_Ins…)

No. 1161177

I don't see anything wrong with her hand tho…

No. 1161186

you can always tell when someone’s desperate for anything significant to happen to them

No. 1161188


She's wrecked alright, but it ain't her hand.

No. 1161190

there's nothing to show there, heather

No. 1161251

she'll try to combo this with the whiplash on her chiropractor groupon

No. 1161323


I’m more concerned about those cuticles.

No. 1161374

Bet she will soon blame this on Adam doing voodoo on her

No. 1161454

File: 1613319494459.jpg (823.72 KB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20210214-111844_Ins…)

Omg so fuckin dramatic about everything

No. 1161492

File: 1613325074525.jpeg (29.94 KB, 348x342, BE77B814-CD18-43D9-ACF3-E7369C…)

why is this her go-to sexy face

No. 1161497

Nobody loves you because you are EXTREME…ly boring, Heather.

No. 1161498

Topkek anon, thank you. Excellent work.

No. 1161510

just wanna be totally clear that’s from some reddit post and not me, kek. The resemblance to heather’s ‘model face’ is uncanny though.

No. 1161572

Hahaha it’s alright anon, I knew.

No. 1161954

File: 1613362882536.png (540.88 KB, 828x1792, F9A2DD4C-A6B8-4EE7-995B-4B3C44…)

>”life shattering events”

Heather, there’s people that are dying.

No. 1161955

sorry forgot to sage

No. 1161969

File: 1613364154055.png (905.07 KB, 864x1706, Screenshots_2021-02-14-23-39-4…)

Heather's been posting up a storm today of selfies to compensate for her not having a Valentine, but I just needed to share this caption because it's too fucking funny.

No. 1161984

> eternal optimism
bitch where?
She is so fucking dramatic. It was a fender bender but she is acting like the love of her life died.

No. 1162005

6 people died in Texas due to a major highway pile up, and Heather literally won't stop crying over a fucking fender bender. I can't stand her.

No. 1162071

>life shattering events
>beyond coincidence
Let me get this right. On a particularly icy/snowy day, a car slid into her car at a red light and another day, she slipped and fell because of snow/ice? And she thinks this is a hex and not just… the unfortunate side effects of shit weather? lmao.

You fucking called it anon.

No. 1162186

File: 1613397490142.jpeg (298.1 KB, 750x1036, 7CCE7E20-3C54-4A56-958C-1E565C…)

All I see here is Heather reading a book, sitting on the crapper.

No. 1162314

File: 1613414170194.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, 9787BFC1-3476-4F76-87FD-DAA088…)

She's claiming that she's been studying wicca for 18 YEARS and that she's been cursed by a witch. Also claiming that her poor broken body can't handle working anymore, disabled saga when? Jesus christ this woman is insufferable.

No. 1162335

File: 1613416383417.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, 3E30C104-955B-4446-850D-D786F1…)

How the actual fuck does she she manage to make everything so bitter and miserable all the fucking time.
>I’m about to see if this insurance company settles with me for muh PaIn AnD SufFeRiNg
>and if my insurance is going to take that from me or cut off my chiropractor care
>so I’m going to have to choose between being healthy and not living on Advil or a downpayment on a car
>I’m going to be left empty handed from this
She’s such a victim constantly. Why does she feel she’s owed for everything and then more. I have never in my life witnessed such a moaning, entitled grown ass woman.
>all the money is going to go to my car loan
Sorry but did she really think that once she’d finished with her “06” (also why is she obsessed with talking about 2006 cars, is it because she owned one and that’s the sum total of her car knowledge so she goes on about it constantly) and came to sell it that she’d get any significant amount of money for it? She should count herself lucky that they’ve valued the Spirit Car of the Old Man at that much and she’s able to pay off the fucking loan. Christ.
Can we have a pain and suffering count? She’s uttered the phrase twice already in this story alone.
>what if they take my chiropractor money away from me and I have long term illness from whiplash
>then I’ll have to get a LaWyEr
>I’d get a lot more but then it would take two years
>I have to get a car I need a thousand dollars
Hey, Heather. Get this - we don’t feel sorry for you.

No. 1162338

File: 1613417076882.png (2.86 MB, 1242x2208, 8ACA7FCA-9980-42C9-B5C8-CCF35E…)

Heather shut the fuck up and get a grip. If you’re such a devout witch get to it and fix your entire fucking sad life. You haven’t thought to even do a love spelll in the nearly two decades you’ve been Wiccan? Jfc this loser

And it’s settLED not setouled

No. 1162343

her entitlement has no bounds. she kept whining from the start how she was only going to get enough money to cover her car loan, but it sounds reasonable to me. it wasn't her money in the first place. with that settlement she can pretend like the car never happened financially and just start over on a new loan. what else does she expect to get? "medical expenses" on her sham bone breaking doctor to treat a condition that goes away on its own? i don't even feel sorry for her getting whiplash. it is a non-crippling injury that is easily preventable if you actually bother to learn to use your car correctly.

No. 1162348

All of this, 100% accurate.

No. 1162352

Welcome to the world where insurance companies are business and do not give a shit about your "pain and suffering" for a tiny accident.

No. 1162448

>I have to get a car I need a thousand dollars
Too bad she didn't save any of her stimulus check, or any of the larger paychecks she was getting over the holidays.

She lives with her mom and has no bills, how the fuck does she have zero savings?

No. 1162484

because killstar boots are life

No. 1162548

File: 1613435852228.png (2.8 MB, 1242x2208, 39C83A73-CF2A-4AB8-94DB-3C0033…)

Sorry heather the facts are none of us think you will get rich from this, you sound dumb again, we just think you suck with money and are playing victim…. again

No. 1162554

Why would anyone be in a situation where they make money after a car accident? Why would the insurance pay over the odds? What planet is Hag on?

No. 1162634

File: 1613444294188.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2208, AF469F55-AAA2-45FB-AA0E-AD4E21…)

She has now deleted all stories and is uploading a quote “crying on the internet video” ……… in a mask….. in her home by herself.

No. 1162648

Why does she think that having an all wheel drive car will prevent her from being rear ended while being stopped at a light? this girl has no sense.

No. 1162691

Same with her going on and on about getting a rear camera… you were rear ended and the accident was ruled in your favor. Why are you kicking up so much of a fuss about a rear camera?

No. 1163016

Love how she doesn't even pretend her yt is about anything but her rants now.

No. 1163065

Probs the wisest thing she could do considering all we give a fuck about is the drama.

No. 1163420

>I sat down with a woman who has been involved in this situation
Lemme guess, your mom?s

>I have PTSD from this
A chiropractor can't diagnose you, Heather.

She is going to get nothing or very little (under $500) for pain and suffering with her injuries. So she is going to be out a ton of money in the end, which I am sure will lead to more hilarious stories.

There is a whole process to getting Pain and Suffering to weed out munchies like her. I don't want to explain it here because I don't want to give her any info, help or loopholes so I won't specify what is involved, but she is screwed. She doesn't have a scratch and P/S does not actually reimburse for "PTSD" like she thinks.

If anything, the more she flips out about things to professionals, the higher the chance she is just going to be put in a crazy home.

No. 1163437

she is so dumb that she now wants to buy a $14,000 car that has 75,000 miles LOl. there are so many other options with way less miles + she's poor af and won't be able to fix anything if there's issues. all the guys that like her lingerie photos are telling her it's a good idea

No. 1163459

I'm so excited to watch her sob on her instagram stories tomorrow about how she got denied her new "dream" car.

No. 1163546

>If anything, the more she flips out about things to professionals, the higher the chance she is just going to be put in a crazy home.
Just imagine her talking to professionals about mourning the loss of her "spirit car" and how she is most absolutely cursed by a witch.

Not just her "dream" car, anon. Her new BEST FRIEND "spirit" car! kek

No. 1163737

File: 1613569921601.jpg (310.27 KB, 1242x2208, 150664339_226330292505652_8007…)

No. 1163739

File: 1613569988497.jpg (174.84 KB, 1242x2208, 151719030_431154431641761_3918…)

No. 1163740

File: 1613570031034.jpg (393.69 KB, 1242x2208, 150359927_460475684995088_1651…)

No. 1163743

Fucking kek came here to post the very same. What an absolute retard. And she wonders why she can’t find a man? It’s not because, as she keeps asserting, “they don’t want to be loved and taken care of”.
It’s because she’s creepy as fuck.

No. 1163747

Sorry if this has come up before, I watch her stories but haven't seen her mention anything about going to an actual doctor. If she wants money for pain and suffering, wouldn't she have to go to the doctor the insurance company chooses?
Yea, they are called winter tires, we all need to get them when it gets snowy.

No. 1163752

She’d rather take the advice from her chiropractor who definitely wouldn’t tell her she needs way more treatment than necessary for her devastating pain and suffering.

No. 1163788

I have no idea who this girl is, but I am reading up on this whole car fiasco, this girl is straight up retarded. She really couldn't buy a junker and instead is spending $14k on a car that's 3/4 of the way to 100k miles? New Mazda3s are $20k, that's only $6k away from what she's paying now… keep in mind her car is 15 years old, this is a super shit deal LMAO! The fact she traded in her old car for $2k means the damage was not that serious either. She literally can find a car from 2016 with all the special Bluetooth and possibly a rearview camera for about $8k.
Any car since 2018 is mandated to have a backup camera kek it truly ain't special, even then you can buy a backup camera for cheap and get one installed for under $300.

No. 1163793

We are truly watching the slow metamorphosis of a perpetual victim caterpillar into a middle-aged Karen butterfly.

No. 1163798

File: 1613576940738.png (1.08 MB, 1242x2208, 3D9A6CED-01F2-4733-8212-A16F14…)

She’s just a female incel, nothing special

No. 1163799

samefag, i'm retarded. she got rid of her 2006 and got a 2012 Mazda3. and it's still overpriced, they're usually going for $8k CPO.

No. 1163802

ayrt and idk, the insistence that everyone owes her money for her every inconvenience, sorry PAIN AND SUFFERING, tells me exactly the path she’s going down.

No. 1163864

I’m with you, anon. She’s skipped the middle part and zoomed straight over to Karen.

No. 1164290

File: 1613614024015.png (3.15 MB, 828x1792, 945893FF-FAA6-4F7F-AE3E-57A514…)

crazy bitch

No. 1164510

Now, I don't drive. So obviously I'm not an independent woman car buying expert adventurer like Heather is. But is it customary to select a car based on the door being open and it having an itty bitty wittle teddybear face? Because I assumed it involved things like mileage and maintenance costs and sensible financing options.

No. 1164596

No, aesthetics are all that matters.

No. 1164623

Yeah the obsession with "teddy bear faces" is weird and creepy AF.

No. 1164625

Let’s hope she just gets the fuck on with it then give us some cringe to bitch about.

No. 1164829

I wouldn’t call her a femcel considering she’s let so many guys hit it, more like a desperate pick-me girl who has zero self respect or dignity and is desperate for guys, comes on too strong, and gets pumped and dumped then ghosted in the end

No. 1164831

She is single and not by choice, that's what incel means.

No. 1164833

Nah, she's a mad femcel. She does have pickme traits, but the difference is that she doesn't cape for men and has a huge victim complex. She rages that men are shit and all fuckboys, which would be based asf, until she gets a boyfriend and makes a complete ass out of herself. Then cries about how men only want her for sex and how the whole world is against her. Blah, blah, blah.

No. 1164837

the truest consoomer cow
>cute teddy bear or a kitten
that's a mighty expensive teddy bear

No. 1164998

Agreed. Femcel. Also because whenever she gets rejected it's because "all men are fuckboys!" Rather than her being the problem.

That and the constant scheming and manouvering to meet and snare Ryans, rather than just trying to not be a shit person.

No. 1165783

File: 1613780150578.png (3.55 MB, 750x1334, DF535896-AFDE-47B1-A29B-532834…)

Well, it’s a complete 360 in a matter of a few days for Hag and the spirit car pain and suffering saga. She is now the proud owner of her dream car!
>the things that happen to me are so crazy, you couldn’t make it up
>walked in to pick my new car up at 2:22
>if you don’t know anything about aNgEl NuMbErS you should look it up
>I hate to think of my old car at the scrap yard
>this one is just so much better
>even if it did cost $20,000 in the end
>I’m so proud that I could pull this off
>I really thought someday I would get a new car but would still keep my old car
>bought myself a treat because of all the bs of the last week
It’s an antique doll. Delivers the next bit of rambling as if she’s the doll. Finally describes doll and it’s way too boring so skipped that.
Then a load more retail therapy shit including car in snow and other antiques stuff. Honestly, she should be thanking her mom endlessly for all the help she’s given her this week. I’m sure Hag has been insufferable, between meltdowns and her pain and suffering. Whenever I see that hand mirror (not the bent one) that she uses in her self portraits, I instantly remember how that was going to be a Christmas present for her mom. Guess Hag just had to hang on to it.


No. 1165784

File: 1613780274380.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 33D013E1-321E-4BB0-A7F9-7C03B9…)

The doll she had to buy as a treat for herself for being so brave. It’s basically Mini Hag.

No. 1165811


I'm dying, it's so fucking uncanny. That hair and tiny slightly open mouth, even the heavy bottom lashes. Just wow

No. 1165912


So the $20k new car wasn't enough of a treat? I can't with this chick.

No. 1166073

This bitch is so annoying, some people can't even afford a car and are struggling to not starve during this pandemic, and yet she's so negative and complaining 24/7.How about she buys a cheaper damn car and saves her money towards yknow moving out of her parents house?

No. 1166718

christ, where she get 20k? she still living with her parents?

No. 1166758

File: 1613839872294.jpg (100.79 KB, 1242x2208, 151378109_286363156257523_1382…)

It's called a car loan anon. She still lives with her mom.

How much longer is she going to be talking about her car? She hyper focuses on one topic and never stops talking about it.

No. 1166775

It’s really disgusting and disrespectful for her to claim she has PTSD from a fucking fender bender. She went from being a dramatic cow to be a (still dramatic) but downright horrible disgusting human being.

No. 1166802

I completely agree. She’s gross. To say muh PTSD was triggered…by snow. Gtfo.

No. 1166808

The maintenance on an Impreza is so much higher than a Mazda3. She's about to be in a world of hurt the first time something goes wrong.

No. 1166812

Not to mention that the debt she's racking up is pretty excessive for someone working entry-level retail.

No. 1166843

File: 1613854419533.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 9EE91D44-1762-4F41-8745-C6B92D…)

To think this lil bit of snow will be the least of her worries, and she’s already freaking out about it. I wonder if her PTSD has been triggered again because this black car is getting dirty and the silver Spirit Car never would have done that. Fucking kek.

No. 1166852

Not to mention that PTSD doesn't happen within a few days of the traumatic event. At least a month needs to have passed, with at least another month of consistent symptoms. That's what the P in post-traumatic stress disorder stands for.

If you're upset right after a bad event, that's not PTSD. That's just you reacting to yhe event.

Also, it's interesting jow she's super eager to use DSM diagnosis on herself, but going to therapy is for "crazy people."

No. 1166880

That was the most ridic part for me too. The very next day she was claiming PTSD.

No. 1166911

File: 1613864414205.jpeg (324.69 KB, 1265x1048, 37591F68-5797-45FD-A30C-A26D19…)

Hagther will never not remind me of Underbite Dog from Rude Dog and the Dweebs.

She’s off on a tragic story ramble right now. The new car buzz lasted all of two seconds.

No. 1166926

She must have already deleted it. What was the ramble about this time?

No. 1166936

Wow. That must be record time.
>so stressed about my new car
>if I’d have taken the snow tyres off my last car and sold them I could have made way more money
>maybe they would have fitted the Subaru which doesn’t have snow tires
Fucking eye roll at this
>my drive is half a mile long and I have to get up a hill
>the car did this weird thing and I crashed into the hill
Already pitched it kek
>didn’t do any damage
>mom says I just don’t know how to drive the new car but I’ll be fine
>I don’t think so I need to clear the drive
>it’s triggering my PTSD from the accident
>it’s a $20,000 car…did I get the right car
>I’m so sad about my love life
>I figure I’ll just be single forever

No. 1166953

File: 1613871882023.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, 91CA56D1-5658-4EA9-9C7C-059A30…)

Maybe her “visual impairment” is a disability after all.

No. 1166968

File: 1613873325743.png (2.53 MB, 1242x2208, 4E4CB97A-4061-4A56-8A6C-E35FBE…)

I almost posted this same thing, she looks so dumpy here it’s crazy, wtf.

She’s currently doing a haunted sperg but it’s so boring I keep clicking through and her eye is looking lazy

No. 1167285

File: 1613916060333.jpeg (340.11 KB, 828x1179, 956516B2-7C43-411D-B9CE-737DA7…)

>>1166968shes on a rant about being spooky

No. 1167298

File: 1613917832034.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, EA1F6B16-4E63-4FD2-B708-E6CB36…)

The spooky rant was ridic
>I’m going to piss people off now and say a cemetery can be haunted
>people say it can’t be because the souls go elsewhere
>talks through three bullshit ghost sightings which involved things growling in her ear and seeing a true orb not a bullshit orb which “everyone knows is just dust on the camera lense”
>etc etc

No. 1167325

>if I’d have taken the snow tyres off my last car and sold them I could have made way more money
damn already stressing about money?? why even get a $20 thousand dollar car in the first place then. LMAO

No. 1167379

She’s just fucking greedy. It’s comorbid with her enduring victim mentality.
>I need more more MoRe

No. 1167394

File: 1613930729054.jpg (59.95 KB, 300x300, your-house-isnt-haunted-youre-…)

No. 1167474

Her future tombstone shall be inscribed:

Because People

No. 1167985

File: 1614002547199.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 14EF4DBA-A430-482A-B345-7EAC8D…)

Oh honey, no.

No. 1167987

KEK "fine young man" does not sound any better than cute boy imo

No. 1168015

The shameless self-debasement never ends. Imagine being so lonely you unironically call yourself a big titty goth GF in hopes of snagging another pity fuck.

No. 1168034

When you do shit like this regularly and you wonder why people make fun of you and think yer crazy … hmm

No. 1168066

You're way past that phase and you're 30 heather

No. 1168123

she’s created Frump Goth, what an innovator

No. 1168228

File: 1614030439403.jpeg (634.83 KB, 828x1296, C7FB4D1E-BE35-4F3B-953D-1DE928…)

Is if Just me or does she switch from unstable ranting Heather to this weird personna of this “I’ve got my shit together” woman who pretends she didn’t have a meltdown 5 minutes ago.

No. 1168231

serving some high school guidance counselor looks there

No. 1168344

If there are ghosts (there could be) then I hope the ghosts fuck with the influencers setting up tripods to take selfies on their graves

No. 1168345

How is this woman 30 years old and there's people 10 years her junior who aren't sitting at their parent's house and posing in "sPoOpy" outfits for social media? Act your damn age and get a real career.

No. 1168380

She just learned to gas up a car, anon. Give her some time.

No. 1168729

Please tell me I am no the only one that’s seen her latest YouTube video. “I was in a car accident” no Heather you got rear ended. Also it bugs the shit outta me how she films with the reflection of the ting light in her specs

No. 1168746

Not to infight but being rear ended is a car accident? Also sage if you don't have any milk

No. 1168757

No I take your your point anon. It’s the way she says it as if she was in a serious scrape & it was a life altering moment. I grant you a video will be coming
On that too.

No. 1168821

Confirming what >>1168729 said. Hag literally said
>I was in a car accident recently
Fucking top kek. She’s such a moron. Why even bring it to your new SpOoKy HaUL. Oh yeah, I know, cause she followed it up with…
>so I treated myself to this doll

No. 1168823

You should learn to sage though. Type “sage” (minus speech marks) in the email field. Otherwise you bump the thread and it’s annoying.

No. 1168972

File: 1614121532512.jpg (239.37 KB, 1242x2208, 152424503_265630651737234_6974…)

just stating facts

No. 1169020

File: 1614125716580.jpeg (276.53 KB, 750x974, FDB9D092-F6F5-4CDD-BD2D-D356C8…)

Kek. I predict a mini breakdown at some point before the day is out. She just did one of those
>surely someone wants a goth explorer GF
posts, accompanied by typical Frump Goth plus Walmart Jeans photos. Here are some of the replies that will no doubt send her.

No. 1169025

File: 1614126182218.jpg (827.13 KB, 1080x1725, 20210224_012050.jpg)

I can't think of a single thing…

No. 1169037

File: 1614127846111.jpeg (274.29 KB, 514x501, D6D19B34-4668-4AE0-AE1E-40170F…)

Latest video is boring as shit. The people she hangs out with are losers. Her spirit box hobby is bullshit. Man…this is depressing.
Bonus photo from her pLz DaTe mE post.

No. 1169062

That video was depressing. She needs to seek help

No. 1169072

I mean, fuck, stop dressing like that and learn to tolerate things like watching a movie or going out to dinner instead of trying to make every second you aren’t ringing up trash at Target so fucking EXTREME and maybe?

No. 1169081

The video is so boring and the "voices" she is picking up are just beeping noises. Beep beep beep and Heather thinks it's a child's voice that says Gettysburg. She's a nut!

No. 1169178

Imagine being a tortured ghost of an orphan and having to deal with heather's bullshit too.

No. 1169274

Heather months ago: I don't just wanna have stuff, I don't want these toys. I wanna live life
HEATHER NOW: LOOK AT MY ANTIQUE doll, pictures of dead people, and all this other junk I bought 🙄

No. 1169583

Please can you save you are bumping the post & it’s annoying peace and thanks

No. 1169585

No. 1169588

yeah anon I saw it too, she was sat there with her arm just hovering above her head looking like a rotisserie chicken. It’s literally static & I believe in ghosts.

No. 1169618

The cycle continues because her life lacks fulfillment and she craves the sense of control that only objects, at this point, can provide. Heather doesn't actually know how to help or better herself. The strong independent woman nonsense is a facade. Everything hinges on locket-Ryan.

No. 1170017

File: 1614239804570.jpeg (539.41 KB, 750x1036, 791411E9-9A58-4F00-BF2D-DB6585…)

Heather clapping back at someone on TikTok really is as Karen as you’d expect.

No. 1170018

File: 1614239868461.jpeg (329.87 KB, 750x933, 7B7806D0-E386-4A18-8393-60FC75…)

Continued in comments.

No. 1170145

If you've noticed with heather, when people tell her the honest truth on things she won't respond, but when someone sweet talks her, she'll respond to the message.

She is constantly putting it out there that she is single. Heather, we all know, shut up about it. There's a reason why your single. There's a reason why men don't stay with you. And you know why but don't want to fix or address it. Continue enjoying the single life.

No. 1170159

File: 1614267827720.png (535.27 KB, 869x1661, Screenshots_2021-02-25-10-40-4…)

Lol she's totally not mad about this at ALL you guys. Now she's also sharing old clips of her walking through abandoned buildings just to prove that she's a real explorer.

No. 1170190

Kek came to post the same. She’s really unbothered and totally doesn’t care.

Yep. I’ve noticed. It’s all totally superficial.

No. 1170222

File: 1614273810813.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, 658BBCCC-8A50-4D14-AC86-5C02C6…)

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, she has the longest ass story up atm. If you miss it, or she dirty deletes, I’ll annotate it later. It’s the usual stuff. Plus this
>don’t mind me I’ve just been rinsing my hair
Attempt at a thirst trap.

No. 1170235

File: 1614274954360.png (3.82 MB, 1242x2208, 9AB2A8D2-7D1C-41EF-80C4-BFBA21…)

She is spirallllling bc of a care bear sweater. She is psychotic and she literally makes it up in her wild ass mind.

IMO someone only gets THIS triggered by simple things when said thing is true. She isn’t really Wiccan or goth or taphophile or an 80s toy fan. She said it herself she’s just heather, the narcissist, who only cares about something if she’s gonna get paid for it eventuallyz
Just have a hobby and enjoy it instead of pushing it on everyone else like we should give a shit why you’re so spoopy and weird.

No. 1170252

What is she complaining about? I can't see her stories today. Did someone say something or is it the usual drivel of her saying she can wear what she wants but people HATE her for it?

No. 1170256

I think it started when someone ok the clock app told her she want exploring cemetery’s or something I skipped a lot. Then she went on a rant about being 31 & not being allowed to be herself according to others. Pretty sure she has this rant about once a month. Claims she has fans, I was told I was crazy, everyone is fake, she’s a lost soul that can’t find love, people are materialistic, I want to wear my care bear hoodie without judgement, I’m changing my life blah blah, ranting on about her ex husband. So not missed much, just another dose of daily Heather rants.

No. 1170257

File: 1614276976969.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, 6489FA3B-80AE-4EAA-95E2-DEDF0B…)

This bitch went on for such a long ass time she managed three dress changes.

>muh ExTrEmELy aboosive husband

Who you cheated on
>my haters sent me death threats
I don’t think so
>said I was insane needed to be locked up because I stopped dressing like barber
No, cause you left your house to fuck men you just met
>Total bitch said I was copying her
She’s talking about Gabriella Regina - years old video on Heather drama is still up
>brags about being a YouTube partner
Like some fruit loop down the road who has a channel about roasting his own farts isn’t also eligible for partnership programme
>Adam and his new wife or whatever packed up my thousands of dollars toy room so I didn’t have to see them
Complains about this, like it was some hardship. Sorry, but wouldn’t a totally emotionally abusive person force their ex to do it themselves, and stand watching whilst they did?
>I went from influencing thousands of people to being hated
Bitch, please
>this is what it’s like for us YouTubers
>plus all the usual stuff

Heather Steele aka Sparkles aka Explores from Pittsburgh PA, you are disliked because of many, many things. But absolutely not because of the stuff you own. I dare you to mention your threadS (plural) on Lolcow Farm and perhaps your new “fam” can decide why for themselves.

No. 1170268

File: 1614277952575.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1080x1920, 1A29264B-8329-4E00-8642-6BF5EB…)

Samefag to say it’s actually four wardrobe changes in this epic story.

No. 1170292

So, is she complaining that her ex and his new partner did all the work/effort of putting all her trash in her storage unit so she didn’t have to? Who complains about someone doing something for them? She really is just a crazy, hateful bitch. No matter how any of the other parties mentioned act.

No. 1170309

That was one of myriad complaints. Her mom has given her permission to move the contents of her $200 per month to the house basement. Offered to move out of storage today. Kind offer, huh? Hag’s response…
>Well, I’m going ‘splorin!
Honestly, she is such a moron. She claims that if she collects the storage stuff, she’ll want to post photos of her collection, and will end up getting more hate. Okay, cause you don’t get any now, right?

No. 1170324

File: 1614281489803.jpg (622.26 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210225-142915_Ins…)

"I have to take care of myself because I have no one to take care of me"

Umm…your mom is taking care of you. You have a roof over your head and you got a car because of her. And you rant all fuckin day in her home. So yes, someone is taking care of you Heather.

No. 1170330

File: 1614281943086.jpg (740.79 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210225-143612_Ins…)

Why do you need a fuckin announcement that you're going to sell your vintage toys? Just fuckin list it on your depop, eBay, mecari, you DON'T have to list it on instagram, but she just HAS to dramatic and needs attention because she can't sell her vintage toys. Fuckin christ heather, just admit it, you don't want to sell it and that's OK!! Just stop fuckin bitchin about it.

No. 1170337

File: 1614282582585.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, A515A9D0-9001-481B-980C-6809C6…)

That’s the thing. If she would quit bitching we’d have nothing to talk about (Ryan’s permitting, obvs). If she just went about her business, quit droning on and on, stop bragging about basically nothing, no one would have reason to laugh at her bullshit. Her downfall is documenting everything she does. Keep your personal drama to yourself, Hag, put out your spoopy content, get on with your life.

In other news, she thinks an animal has pissed in her vehicle. Kek.

No. 1170353

Heather's hyperbolic excuses for every personal failure are so flimsy and yet she still doesn't grasp why people don't like her? Why does it always boil down to aesthetics? Whether or not you wear pink has zero impact on your social life past age 10. Being a whiny, self-centered, inauthentic drama queen that fixates on the dumbest shit is what makes you an outcast, Hag.

No. 1170373

File: 1614284786974.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, ED5483C2-C39D-4453-BC78-F1677E…)

>Let’s just pretend nothing happened. Yay!

No. 1170383

File: 1614285431963.jpg (608.47 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210225-153601_Ins…)

Shes trying to delete her rants


She bought the lil miss mermaid doll

But remember, she's too goth for vintage toys rolls eyes

No. 1170385

She probably bought it because the tiktok she made about it got lots of views

No. 1170393

i think she literally doesn't know what to do with herself other than shop. her only real hobby is collecting things.

No. 1170444

It’s so ridiculous, am fully laughing at her sorry ass. Best bits from today so far…
>her mom offering to solve the storage problem yet she instead spends money on more 80s trash she’ll need to store
>Sheetz. Again. Yet wishes she could be vegan.
>Posts earlier about experiencing VeRy DaNgErOuS explores as well as more sedate ones yet Karen over here buys a Subaru that she’s too scared to take down a fucking dirt track

No. 1170751

File: 1614309059628.png (1.14 MB, 976x1740, creepy.png)

>I wanted to take selfies every time we hung out… I wanna look at the selfies after we’re done hanging out because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
>It’s really fucking stupid of me and now I see why it’s annoyyyeeeeeng

No. 1170906

She’s fully lost the plot tonight.

No. 1170995

I notice whenever she does these outrageous long rants she loses followers, she happened to mention it too, a boy she liked unfollowed her after she posted the rants lol

She'll never understand how bat shit crazy she is and if the internet is seeing this, god only knows what the next guy she dates sees.

"You guys only see half of what goes on in my life"

Bitch, you post literally every fuckin moment of your life, including the moment you get out of the shower, face it, you're fuckin nuts.

No. 1171052

She self sabotages herself everyday. I am no psychologist but she drives men away herself as she has to openly share everything on her stories. It’s over sharing to the max. Whoever was the man she liked she’s driven away with these pity posts saying I’ll never get a boyfriend, no one loves my spoofy self, I just wanna hold hands & take selfies, I’d get it if she was 16 but not 31 acting like that. She comes off as desperate. I think she half posts these to try & get whoever is flavour of the month to message her & be like hey hit me up. And it doesn’t happen as she can’t keep these meltdowns offline. She has no friends to vent to. Every moment from getting off work, or walking around the cemetery she’s on her phone. That’s a sign she has no one.

No. 1171141

No contribution but i can't stand the way she curls her hair. Her hair is so thin and the curls make it so much worse!

No. 1171259

Agreed. I really think she needs to chop it all off and start fresh. It looks so fried and brittle.

No. 1171279

It's funny that she refuses to change who she is to please a man but she drives off a man with her true self. She rants and is constantly playing the victim card which is her true self.

No. 1171291

March is coming up soon…does anyone think Heather is going to mention the Only Fans she was going to start at the end of the month?

No. 1171296


ah, yes, as she said…
> make that titty money
on an IG post while she breathed heavily complaining she's not good at working out.

No. 1171298

File: 1614369473994.png (4.04 MB, 750x1334, 2445EC0E-70EE-4BE0-AA48-CB39C9…)

She clearly lurked here yesterday and took the advice to quit moaning and just get on with her hobbies etc. So what does she do? Start flexing her superior photography knowledge about dead people photos whilst mocking eBay sellers. It’s like she has three modes - whiny, fake nice and aggressively unpleasant. Anyway, cut to today, and she’s buying dead people photos one of which is clearly of victims of war/war camp photos. In her obsessive way she just buys all this stuff without realising how sensitive the topic is. It’s pretty gross. Had to laugh at her being self important
>who would throw photos away
>I am going to start digitising my photos to make an archive
Like no other archives in the world exist, and her Victorian family photos - without any recorded history or provenance - will matter in any shape or form. Yeah, it’s a shame things get discarded, but again, it’s like she’s making herself important by saving them. It’s the same thing when she talks about her one female friend, in that it’s never anything about that friend or their friendship, it’s always “oh I’m so annoying to have as a friend because I just wanna take selfies of us look how kooky and special I am.” Me, me, me ad infinitum.

Also in today’s episode of Heather Explodes…
>My ex STOLE my stimulus check
Also Heather
>Was gonna do taxes to fix stimulus going to my ex but I got distracted and didn’t do it. Again.
On spending…
>but the photos only cost a dollar each
>buys 20 of them
And finally…
>going to clear out the storage unit but my ex filled it so full I can’t get the door open
I know, we’ve heard this many times, but the fucking audacity of her complaint that her ex packed up
>he stuffed all my expensive plushies in a bin bag!!!
and then delivered, actually delivered, and filled her storage container for her…and she complains. Was he meant to take a whole load back home again, then drop off at another time of her convenience?Heather…shut up. Kekek.

No. 1171318

I don't know, her commentary about clearly-not-dead-people on eBay was way more entertaining than the usual barrage of oh woe is me and selfies. She was also willing to acknowledge some of her negative traits and that rarely happens.

No. 1171335

Why does she say she is grateful she still has all her teeth? kek I never laughed so hard. So random wtf.

No. 1171343

bc she lives in rural PA

No. 1171348

File: 1614374033188.png (1.83 MB, 896x1546, Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 2.12…)

Heather's hand sanitizer smells like cotton candy vape juice. She is now reminiscing about the boyfriend who vaped and she wishes his cotton candy vape juice was filling up the inside of her car.

No. 1171444

We know she lurks, so… no, you did not discover a photo of Nikola Tesla.

No. 1171452

Don’t you mean NikoLAI. Kek. She’s such a dumbass.

No. 1171479

Here's my question…

Why is there only some of her toy videos but she still has her furry vlogs up there and now her current shit? If you look back at some of the videos…she still bitches about the same shit today

No. 1171926

cause she still gets revenue money from YouTube on those. So she bangs on about her authentic self & id actually have a bit more belief for her if she deleted all her toy videos & stood by her spooky self but she keeps them up for money & makes her a hypocrite even though she apparently hates it all & felt stupid while making those videos (her words on one of her rants) not mines

No. 1171927

File: 1614437194330.jpg (582.9 KB, 1079x1461, Screenshot_20210227-094615_Ins…)

It wasn't true love heather. You got played, end of story

No. 1171947

>every boy
>with a sweet boy
Stay 15 years old, Heather. Never grow up.

No. 1171958

Who is her second love? Lurch with the neck tats? She was bashing CharmRyan last night saying that he was "not who she thought he was". Girl. You word vomited everything about your life to him in that meeting. He probably couldn't get a word in.

No. 1171978

File: 1614443411391.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, AECC671B-0C23-430D-B324-D4705C…)

She’s such a bitch. Honestly, iirc he was into her but thought her sharing stupid tinder stuff after they went on a date was negging him out, and he wasn’t cool with it. Then he saw all her online sperging and drama. So he ghosted her or cooled off at the very least, and now she’s all “I hate him, he’s a fuckboy, he’s a jerk” etc. The internet remembers, Hag.

No. 1171982

Exactly! She even had issues with men doing the same thing afterward. She just pushes the narrative to make it seem like she is always the victim.

No. 1171992

Why is she going on about him when that lasted a week tops? I wonder what triggered this.

No. 1171993

She was going through the footage of her trip with him for a tiktok.

No. 1172006

Those are serial killer eyes

No. 1172020

File: 1614447632241.png (2.87 MB, 750x1334, 9DBDB13C-B742-4B49-8F70-534CC2…)

I thought she was talking about RyanZ and Damien.

Yeah, it’s cause she was going through the abandoned turnpike footage. Funnily enough, as soon as she shared the timktomk I immediately wondered if she’d start blathering on about him. And her whole “look what I have to go through to bring you guys content” is the usual self obsessed bullshit masked as a ‘joke’.
Thinking back on the whole CharmRyan then BomberRyan thing…she never gives anything a chance. It’s 0-100 in the blink of an eye. Heather, get some chill ffs.

No. 1172072

I agree. I also think she was talking about RyanZ (theonetrueryan) and damien. Remember how when she was with damien she spent all her time stalking Ryanz?

Also, one's her twin flame and the other is her soulmate? Aren't twin flames soulmates too? I've never looked into this twin flame bullshit, but isn't the whole point that there's only one for each person?

No. 1172095

I feel like the first man she is talking about is Ryan Z. Didn't he take her to her favorite graveyard to dump her for his ex? And neck tattoo dumped her because she was too negative? How did Damien dump her?

No. 1172194

They were onn and off for a long time. I think he finally dumped her because she was still trying to fuck RyanZ.

No. 1172435

File: 1614489891288.png (3.14 MB, 1242x2208, C949B492-9E40-4EB6-B1A6-576572…)

She’s currently enlightening us why she’s on tiktok (bc she’s a failed YouTuber is her answer, kek) but she looks so much like Garth from Wayne’s world I can’t get over it

No. 1172441

she wants to meet people and collaborate to create content together, claims she's serious about this stuff but yet she did that collaboration with those 2 people in Gettysburg and hasn't edited and uploaded her version of the vlog yet. She got that ghost session up I guess but that wasn't the whole collab project. They got their video up within a week or 2 and heather can't get her version up months later if ever? Sure, so serious.

also, I suspect there will be a huge rant coming soon because she said she's getting troll comments on one of her tiktoks. she goes nuts over 1 "negative" comment and apparently she's getting a lot on this one, should be interesting.

No. 1172454

File: 1614491713258.jpg (650.86 KB, 828x1498, wheye.jpg)

there's something so unsettling about the combo of heather using her baby voice to make fun of her "haters" while slowly zooming into one eye for effect. she's done it in a few rants now and its like reverse ASMR to me.

also forever lol at heather insisting that "the negative comments don't bother me, honestly I think theyre just funny" while complaining about them over and over. There aren't even that many and most of them are to the tune of "this place is really dangerous, don't go there."

No. 1172458

File: 1614492418086.jpeg (Spoiler Image,6.32 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

Good point! If she was serious she would have her shit together enough to release video collabs at the same time as the others.
She straight up be looking like that momo challenge meme here.

No. 1172689

File: 1614525326031.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, 01022DFA-C421-4543-817F-D87073…)

Ikr. It’s hardly full-on trolling. She shits herself at the slightest thing. Her clap backs are so lengthy, split into various responses, like she goes away, comes back…
>and another thing!!1!
Some of the comments she’s getting picrel.

No. 1172699

File: 1614526434341.png (459.09 KB, 394x696, Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 8.32…)

The real reason she does tiktok is that her friend Beckie told her to. Heather thinks that she will meet a spooky Ryan by posting this spooky content. Instead she is met with a bunch of hate comments kek.

No. 1172849

Heads Up she’s on the way to the storage unit. Why doesn’t she just get the door open once & for all, laid up her car to the brim & take trips back and forth, dump all the crap in bags in her room & sift through it instead of moaning about it all the time how it’s costing her 200 dollars a month. Probably we’ll get an update she’s been unable to get in again…..

No. 1172855

The real question is how many other things will happen at the storage unit today that makes her even more of a victim?

No. 1172962

File: 1614549861140.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, 8612FE57-E921-4FF7-9557-F03259…)

I’ve been waiting for this day. She’s doing as much as she possibly can to fuck about before even getting there (picrel). She’s already done the whole blaming Adam spiel. I stg hell will freeze over if she ever admits to any of her massive fuck ups and faults.

No. 1173120

Her eyelashes are so thick they broke through her glasses and in front of her hair. Good advertising on a "spoopy boi respond pls" post.

> ghosted
> by ghosts
when even paranormal beings have had enough of you shit

No. 1173145

I find it surprising that she doesn't consider neck tattoo dude one of her loves considering it seemed like her longest lasting and potentially healthiest relationship? There was little drama with him outside of his weird ex acting butthurt here and him eventually breaking up with her. FemRyan lasted for a while too compared to the others, but it was nothing but drama the entire time.

It's kind of funny that she's basically outting herself as being kind of a "fuckboy" herself, jumping boy to boy without actually loving any of them. kek

No. 1173218

this photo is not flattering at all. Summoning the next Ryan. She looks like a witch the kind from the Wisard of Oz.

No. 1173219

File: 1614596747921.jpeg (221.5 KB, 630x834, 7977BE35-A490-4171-BE21-113798…)

It would have helped if I remembered to add the photo. Here is it.

No. 1173520

>mwhuahaha! I will curse your penis!

No. 1174639

File: 1614725310993.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 6F9DD2AF-8E63-40D5-9F6A-5574DC…)

Kekek Hag on the shouty in-car rant
>no more fuckboys!
>was chatting to guy on snap, sent me dick pic first day
>spoke for five hours on phone, kept asking for nudes
>was in my town after I got back from storage unit, wanted to hook up
>said no, didn’t want to, so he got distant and I knew he’d ghost me next day
>said he wouldn’t
>ghosted me
>not sending nudes fuck you fuckboys!!!1!
>y’all can pall for that
>muh car accident set back my only fans debut
>I’m not a quick hook up!
>I’m not a girl you only text when horny!
>I want love and to be the girlfriend
>was reminded of a certain ghost hunter FUCKBOY so much trauma
>ps I will still be doing only fans

No. 1174873

She doesn’t have any of her own tax records so apparently that means she’s being held hostage by her ex. Someone get this woman some life skills.

No. 1174874

File: 1614745133408.png (1.05 MB, 864x1769, Screenshots_2021-03-02-23-12-5…)

Lol she's on the verge of tears rn because she's trying to do her taxes and she realized she's going to need a form that Adam has. So she says "I can't do my taxes now and he's going to get my stimulus money". All because she clearly doesn't want to reach out to him.

No. 1174884

She already deleted the story and added a new one saying "after a panic attack and what felt like a HOSTAGE situation…" Hi Heather, we all know you still lurk here!

No. 1174954

File: 1614755208762.png (771.03 KB, 1242x2208, 5ED8AF50-B08C-4455-872B-8ABE85…)

She never actually cried.
On picrel is sago gage had to go to bed and then 50 more fucking stories of her fake sobbing forever

No. 1174955

Samefag. Sorry for not saying, but this is decent milk. Next stories are her claiming she’s lost all her rights as a woman bc she got married. Hag, I file my husband and I’s taxes, we just communicate and aren’t going through a bittter divorce…. what a weird reality she lives in.

No. 1174958

File: 1614755708079.jpg (677.42 KB, 828x1394, taxes.jpg)

Heather is currently losing her mind over her taxes. I'll try to get the greatest hits:
>her return got rejected because Adam claimed her as a dependent on his return (allegedly)
>repeatedly talks about how Adam is doing this to steal her stimulus money
>guess I'm going to cry myself to sleep.

Then, five minutes later:

>"Does anyone know what I can do? Can I go to the IRS? Will they help me if I cry?"

>tinfoiling that Adam hacked into her email account to get her W2s (????)
>mentions that Adam got into some legal trouble with the IRS in the past for tax fraud
>"Surely the IRS knows that I'm not a dependent"
>lots of crying that's just her whimpering and rubbing her dry eyes
>glitter eyeshadow filter through all the crying
>wants to call the fraud hotline on Adam
>marriage is so scary as a women, you lose all your rights and just become a slave to your husband.
>"we're legally separated, even if we're still legally married."
>she made $22,000 last year
>clearly has no idea how taxes work, yet tried to file them alone
>"I don't know, my mom knows a tax lady, so maybe if the IRS doesn't answer tomorrow then I'll reach out to her."
>Doesn't understand why accountants charge money for their services.
>"I just want my happily ever after."
>more paranoia about Adam conspiring to steal her money.

No. 1175069

Well, Hag…we’ve said it before- if you’d just sign the divorce papers, this wouldn’t be happening, but then you wouldn’t be able to keep playing that aboosed wife card and you just love that attention.

No. 1175085

File: 1614774798560.png (892.63 KB, 1080x2320, Screenshot_20210303-072705~2.p…)

Now she's posting screenshots from her text conversation with Adam.

No. 1175087

Why is he saying it is fraud to file separately? If they're not together it isn't

No. 1175091

File: 1614775072757.png (720.37 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20210303-073610~2.p…)

She posted them on her Instagram profile too. I love how she has no idea how crazy this makes her look.

No. 1175111

Adam is sketchy too bro I think. He’s maybe keeping money from her as I think last time her stimulus cheque was delivered at his address & he told her (allegedly) it never arrived. I think both are bad as each other. She needs to grow up, fucking deal with it instead of whining all over social media.

No. 1175114

All I know is that in PA, “legal separation” isn’t recognized so if you’re not legally divorced (aka papers signed and returned) you can’t file single, only married filing jointly or married filing separately. That’s all I’ll comment on this since I don’t know what actually happened, only Heather’s version And 5 or so sentences from Adam

No. 1175115

This. I know Heather is a womanchild who can't work out her taxes but I'm sure Adam loves it.

No. 1175129

I don't want to restart the argument in here about Adam whiteknights sucking his dick, but uh.. I don't get the Adam hate. I'm not from the US before someone tries to imply I'm him or one of his friends.

Even if he was an asshole like 4-5 years ago when he was Heather, why do anons think he enjoys making Heather suffer? He moved on with his life, got a new girlfriend, keeps asking Heather to sign divorce papers so they don't have to ever speak again, and even giving her financial advice in text??

He didn't have to tell her what forms to fill in, he didn't have to assure her the money would be sent. If Adam was a shady piece of shit wouldn't he just tell her to fuck off and take him to court?

If Adam wanted to steal Heather's stimulus check he could. Very convenient that Heather didn't mind Adam filing her taxes and doing all the hard work for her until she thought she was owed something.

This is all happening because SHE refuses to get a divorce and didn't object to him filing their earnings combined, probably because she gets some sort of monetary benefit from them being filed together.

No. 1175130


THIS!! she had the opportunity to sign the divorce papers but she wanted to be spiteful and not sign it and now she's paying the consequences. She wants people to pity her.

She needs to stop posting this shit between her and her husband about what they discussed in regards to her taxes. Clearly he is talking to her, she needs to be an ADULT and discuss this matter between the two of them. Unless she wants to make matters worse and pay a lawyer and go to court, all she has to do is go down to the IRS department in person and get this resolved. Instead, she seeks out to the internet like a fuckin idiot.

She also likes people's comments that baby her "oh heather, im so sorry this happened to you, go to the police" that's NOT helping anything, it's not helping the situation, she needs to go to the IRS and get her answers from there, not the damn internet.

She really is an attention whore

No. 1175132

File: 1614779754721.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, 066D98DA-4F0F-43FB-A1D6-D3ABA4…)

Thanks for the greatest hits, anon. To add, my favourite Karen moments
>I dId NoT aUtHoRiZe ThIs
>I hAvE bEeN rObBeD
Yeah Adam is a total douchebag and can’t help but be a patronising incel, I bet he’s loving this. But also, Hag, ya fucking moron. Okay he filed, he used the number so you can’t file. It’s just a computer says no situation, not a targeted attack on you. Like, an IRS rep isn’t sitting there monitoring you. Just fucking call them. I’m sure you can ask for a half hour phone break at work, you don’t work in a Victorian sweatshop. Or, another groundbreaking idea, call them on your fucking lunch break. I have zero sympathy for this fake crying woman child.

No. 1175137

File: 1614780183183.jpeg (280.56 KB, 750x749, FE617435-D109-481C-895C-6DF35B…)

Sorry to samefag but also…and not to WK Adam at all, cause as I said, he’s a douche, but he’s clearly trying to avoid that $2400 he claims they will both have to pay unless they file jointly. He’s couching it as if he’s doing them both a favour. He did give her the money from the last stimulus checks, so…he’s going about it in a patronising knucklehead way, but her love of being victimised and all the drama that comes with it is just too tempting for her not to cause a scene.

No. 1175143

I noticed in one of the comments someone mentioned why don't you serve him divorce papers if you don't want to be with him. She admits she had the opportunity to sign the ones he served her but didn't want to because she was scared and wanted a lawyer? For what? This isn't a scam for your car warranty call lol wtf is wrong with her lol well, if she gets that stimulus check she can serve him paper work but noooooo, why would she do that? I'm sure Adam is a scum bag, but he told you he filed for you, he wasn't be malicious or lying, why can't she just be a fuckin adult and talk to him. She wants a guy to fuckin cradle her cunt and do everything for her.

And also, Adam could of filed for her because she is mentally unstable and has the paper work to prove it too…she was put into a mental facility.

I feel zero sympathy. Just a big cry baby.

No. 1175160

File: 1614781937742.png (4.16 MB, 1596x1600, thisturnedoutwaytooshitty.png)

Shes still dependent on him just as shes dependent on everyone in her life

No. 1175163


I can't begin to tell you how perfect this is anon lol her ridiculous life all on one book cover hahaha

No. 1175166

Why would she? Of course she should get a lawyer. It was a messy marriage and divorce and he earns a ton of money and as much as she's a lazy spoiled leech, he sure loved it because he still lords money over her as much as he can and strings her along even when it comes to the money she's rightfully entitled to with no ifs and buts like the stimulus check. I have no doubt he'd try to fuck her over if she just signed the paperwork without legal advice. I don't see what's wrong with her getting a lawyer, she should just actually do it instead of sitting on her ass and acting like it's out of her grasp.

No. 1175180

How is this woman so childish just get your damn lazy ass down to a tax preparer and ask them for help yourself. I can't believe this 30 year old is this mentally and emotionally stunted. Mom probably will be babying Heather till she dies at this rate.

No. 1175187


That's her fault. She should of been on top of it instead of worrying about where to explore to next or take cemetery pictures. If she wanted out that badly she would of made every effort to get out of the marriage, including finding a lawyer.

No. 1175188

next thread pic pls

No. 1175191

That's what I said, newfag. I'm saying she should get a lawyer but she needs to actually DO it and not keep distracting herself with other shit.

No. 1175197

Seconded. That picture of FemRyan. He looks like a Pamela.

I can’t get beyond the fact that Adam was claiming jointly for some kind of married couples relief. Amerifags, is that a thing there? Neither of them communicate properly, he doesn’t state exactly what this $2400/$3000 he’s trying to save on is actually about. She’s an all caps responder with the Brain of Karen. What a shit show. Like >>1175180 says, get someone to prep your taxes for you, Hag. You’re clearly unable to ‘adult’ (cringe) yourself.

Howling at this ridic drama. Maybe I should sue her for the whiplash she’s given me with the latest 360. Kekek.

No. 1175232

File: 1614788214060.jpg (177.89 KB, 828x580, 1684532458.jpg)

I'm still lol at this 30 year old woman referring to her "mom's tax lady" as a source

No. 1175238

Future thread pic nom

No. 1175250

bless you anon

No. 1175264

File: 1614790535796.jpg (244.86 KB, 1078x1296, Screenshot_20210303-115357_Ins…)

I literally lmao with this comment lol

No. 1175272

And here we go! She's deleted her 2 posts about her taxes and her boo-hoo sob story fest lol

No. 1175287

Heather still isn't divorced from Ryan right? Why the fuck doesn't she just divorce him already?

No. 1175292


She's still married to Adam, not Ryan.

And she was served divorce papers by Adam, but she didn't believe that she had a 2 week window to sign the papers and send it back to him. She wanted to "hire a lawyer " to review these documents before signing them.

But taking pictures of tombstones are more important then separating herself from Adam permanently

No. 1175297

It is smart to get a lawyer to go over divorce papers and proceedings but as you said, she instead spends her time taking photos of tombstones and she thinks that if she ignores it that it will go away and fix itself.

No. 1175305

File: 1614792395423.png (867.32 KB, 1188x1140, self own.png)

She was wise to take this and others down. Nothing like a self-own when you're trying to play up your victim status.

No. 1175331

I mean…she was draining his bank account dry. Why even share this. Kek.

No. 1175353

Heather: I don't get it, why won't anyone date me?

Also Heather: Let me talk shit about my ex husband who I'm still legally married to on my Instagram feed.

No. 1175371

Also Heather: AND shit talk any "boy" I've dated. They are all fuck boys.

No. 1175398

>By the way, have you seen my Scary EyesTM? Also I will be doing Only Fans. And I also like to publicly breakdown from time to time. How much? Ohh, only about every other fucking day StOP BuLlYiNg Me!

No. 1175399


The problem is she NEVER THINKS BEFORE HAND. She publicly puts everything on the internet without thinking the consequences.

Eventually this will bite her in the ass, nothing is ever deleted from the internet.

No. 1175438

File: 1614801565566.png (322.31 KB, 450x602, Screen Shot.png)


True. Speaking of, my favorite self-own of hers may be the
>worthy rant
she posted yesterday where she talks about a stranger she met on snapchat and was talking to
>for a couple of days
Yet claims she almost immediately determined he wasn’t her type.
Despite this, she had a
>5-hour phone call
with him in which he repeatedly behaved in a way she supposedly found inappropriate.

>He kept trying to have these dirty talks with me and I was like NO

>I’m not giving you nudes

Then, astoundingly, she alleges that in fact on the first day they chatted, he sent her a D- pic.

The first day. Which means the rest she complains about happened later.

>Anyway, he kept apologizing, said he got way out of control.

[actual transcription]
>He’d bring up how turned on he was n stuff
>Then he’d give me less attention
>Things that trigger the shit out of me

The cringe is strong with this one. But wait, there was more!

>And then he was in my town. It was after dark. Wanted to meet up. I said no.

>Then he got distant.
okay, isn’t that a good thing?
>Then I texted him to say Hey look, I know you’re going to ghost me. It’s whatever.
>[mocking tone] He said no, I won’t do that.
>The next day he said I don’t wanna talk anymore. I hope you find what you’re looking for.
>I am looking for a MAN. Not a fuckboy. A MMAAAAAAAAN!

It only took her days, a d-pic, a 5-hour phone call, and more to take this incredibly brave stance of this ferociously strong and independent woman.

She’s a self-owning lunatic.

No. 1175475

I loved this too. Apart from it being so fucking desperate, this self-own is legendary. It contradicts so many of her
>I am a strong independent woman
>I love myself
pep talks. Love that she ends the whole fuckboy diss with
>ps I am still going to be doing Only Fans
Gtfo kekek

No. 1175493

File: 1614805516256.png (3.06 MB, 1242x2208, CF96C6DF-4094-48A4-9DC8-19A799…)

New spurging on how she’s an adult, she immediately mentions she doesn’t pay rent.

Cool, conversation over, you are not an adult at all until you pay some fucking rent or buy a house. I cannot hear her do a pity party for 40 stories bc she doesn’t know how taxes work.

I have filed separately while married in the process of a divorce. It costs A LOT more to file this way, and if she did a 1099 private contractor job for a year with him he FOR SURE did not get money for her taxes last year, you HAVE to pay at least a weeks worth of wages- it’s actually more a month but I’ll give her this- because they do not take taxes out like they do at her stupid ass target job.

I hate her, google some shit heather ffs

No. 1175496

yeah and she also says "Other than rent I pay all my own bills." What bills? "I pay all my credit card bills." Cool so you pay off the bills for buying tons of shit you don't need, probably with an obscene amount of interest on top. That's not being an adult lmao

No. 1175498

File: 1614805984661.png (2 MB, 750x1334, 55C51B4E-39DB-4AD7-BF35-712691…)

Speaking of self-serve…

>I work my ass off every day

No, you don’t. Being a nurse is working your ass off every day. Being a teacher. Being a mom-of-three domestic with multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Being an intern even though you have a top degree cause you want to get into a particular field. They work their asses off. You work a part time retail job. Get real.
>I’m trying to get a second job.
Not trying hard enough.
>I pay all of my own bills apart from rent
Actually howling. Rent is the biggest one, fuck face. Wondering if she pays for utilities or perhaps she just expects running water, gas and electricity to be free?
>Had to sort car accident situation out.
>I just bought a fucking car myself. Didn’t even need a co-signer. That’s because I’m an adult.
So are you saying you didn’t cry to the internet about wtf to do for like 4 solid days?
Also, I’m pretty sure your long-suffering mother helped you with ALL of this. The same mother that helped you sort your $200 a month storage unit.
>Defending buy strange objects, spending money, blah blah blah.
You wouldn’t feel the need to explain all of this to us if you knew we are all wrong. Lol.
>That’s the only thing I’ve been spending money on, on the side
Calling bullshit on this; as evidenced by all the other shit you buy then share online. We can write you a list. Hey, how’s that large framed double tintype? Or that light cube thing? Or the prairie dresses?
>While y’all are going to the bar on the weekend.
>I haven’t even bought groceries in a little while
I refer you to “I pay my own bills” and would like you to now admit your parents are feeding you too
>I don’t get my hair done
I thought you were just about to?

No. 1175504

DON’T GET MARRIED (unless you have kids or have been together past a certain point or together 10 years - then it’s ok) don’t get married. My favourite though was the hallmark movie crap “I didn’t get my happy ending - ….. (looks into camera) but I got my self . I actually burst out laughing.

No. 1175514

Is this cow really out here calling her ex husband manipulative for wanting to divorce her? Like everything else aside, him communicating and trying to coordinate signing the papers is him being manipulative? Kek. I can’t. She’s such a victim.

No. 1175525

File: 1614809228393.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 570D7660-777F-4B11-8EE4-1B80ED…)

Kek at her dropping words like ‘identity’ and ‘consent’ in both an attempt to be in charge of the situation and also further drive home her perennial victimhood.

Divorce papers saga
>I’m an adult!
>I only had two weeks to sign. Why didn’t anyone tell meeeee
Because…you’re an adult, you shouldn’t need anyone else to tell you. Read. The. Papers.
>Many fucking times I have reached out to Adam to say “hey I’m really poor, you make a lot of fucking money, you are in a different tax bracket to me…is there anything you can do to help us file this again…
The entitlement. Kek. The fact you’re a bum ass and he’s makes a lot doesn’t mean he owes you anything.
>I’ve just been so focussed on my life
Buying shit
The hand snatching is unreal. I’ve never seen her look and sound more like Kelly (Shoes).

No. 1175925

File: 1614860113117.jpeg (161.71 KB, 750x1200, 93D61C51-BFED-4125-9FB6-D77831…)

Peeped this on the clock app last night. Interesting that Adam’s gf would leave a nice comment for Hag (Dec 2020). Maybe she’s trolling but I think it’s genuine. No big deal but I raised an eyebrow, for sure.

No. 1175967

That is weird. I checked her profile and she is into urbex too. Has she always been into it? Is that how Adam and Hailey met? on one of Heather's pre-divorce urbex trips?

No. 1176002

You have to go back to thread 2/3 for that saga, anon. It’s quite rich in luls.

No. 1176331

How does one make a Heather?

I'm serious, this kind of hysteria combined with incompetence has to have some origin story in her upbringing.

No. 1176355

File: 1614896778006.jpeg (756.6 KB, 750x1334, A71CCDBD-00C0-4D67-AA48-967AB7…)

Oh, Hag. Literally one day after saying
>I never get my hair done
Getting my hair done by next week
>I never buy anything for myself

No. 1176414

I'm totally behind on the subject of Hagther crying over taxes.. But I don't remember this meltdown happening last year when it came to taxes. What happened between then? Because of the small chance that taxes might be owed and she won't get any money for more useless junk she can add to her hoard pile? Is that all she wants is just this stimulus money for more funds to waste? Any time she has brought up money Adam owes to her or whatever (from when I check in once a week), it's always stimulus money. If Americans didn't get any stimulus money would Hagther still be pulling this shit?

No. 1176442

Yeah, it’s the stimulus payment. She was happy enough to let him sort her taxes out when it meant she didn’t have to. But the stimulus money going to him has put her on this rampage of being “defrauded”. She also alludes to getting “money back” all the time. I still haven’t quite worked out why she thinks she’s getting a tax rebate on top of her stimulus check. She’s a dumbass.

No. 1176617

File: 1614925609381.png (432.2 KB, 530x630, pine cone love.png)

Another woe is me! rant.
>Impossible to date because of the hobbies I have.
guise! she’s so hardcore! we’ll never understand the complexity which is Heather Kitty Sparkle Plushy Razor Wicca Goth Frizzy Titty Explores.
>what the fuck’s wrong with me? why won’t anyone give me a chance?
>everyone I talk to will talk for maybe an hour? and then they’re gone?
I’m aghast at this exaggeration! That last dude talked with her for 5 hours! And that was after sending her a D- pic!
>I’m just looking for something so specific.
all she wants is someone to
>take me on trips to find pine cones. I just want pine cones! And to hold your hand! Is that so much to ask for?!
has anyone touched on the fact that she’s boring as all fuck? I believe I’ve spotted her problem.
she can’t find someone to drive her to barren places and listen to her yap in her poorly-decorated room at her mom’s place about stuff she knows little or nothing about.
>you guys don’t like me
>am I going to have that happy ending?
that would be a negative. why? because you are a taker. you give nothing that’s not with only yourself in mind.
>everyone else that has ever entered my life and is now gone, they all got their happy endings.

No. 1176720

Man, the Hagether origin story would be so interesting to actually hear about. It would sure be a good change of pace from the niche present crap she has been consistently droning on about.

No. 1176781

A couple threads back we got some insight into her teen years thotting it up in the online gaming community, including the boyfriend she dumped for Adam. I wish we could hear more about it, too, and maybe where her childhood went so horribly wrong that she ended up like this. Unfortunately it seems Heather knows those stories will reflect poorly on her.

No. 1176807

File: 1614952965752.png (3.37 MB, 750x1334, 38D9B3F4-0737-4F35-834D-D65BE4…)

All while editing pictures of herself…? Peep the reflection in her glasses.

Good summary anon. She drives me to distraction with her incessant whining and bullshitting. She’s a pathological liar, exaggerator at best, who can’t keep track of what and when she says it.

No. 1176811

File: 1614953168051.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, AB69A15B-F9C1-4600-A132-B6E700…)

Samefag to ask what happened to her bio dad? Is it straight up the reason for all her abandonment issues?

Also offering up this pic for future use. Context is she was HagSplaining about her latest obsession, Gustav Dore.

No. 1176833

I think that is just the reflection of her phone in her glasses? Anyway, her pep talks are always just her talking in loops but they are so fucking insane.

No. 1176834

Obv sage because historic milk, but relevant. Gaming posts from first thread >>738758 by friend of Hag’s ex before Adam (Scott).
Links to Hag’s gaming past

No. 1176950

File: 1614966946828.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 5012759D-F9BC-48A6-9A80-45806C…)

Ah you’re right, anon.
She’s done another 360 and is doing the positivity speech.

In other news…
Re pic, Hag, if you’re reading, do yourself a favour and chop those witches strands off your hair. Dye it a dark brown. Get a sharp shoulder length cut. Keep the side part.

No. 1176979

I wonder how many times she has said the phrase "this is just the beginning" in her life

No. 1177007

The phrase “talk is cheap” has never been more properly applied than when in relation to Heather.

No. 1177503

I have no proof of this but back in her toy community days she posted a YouTube video saying that her bio dad was actually a sperm donor? She tried to contact him some years ago but he was disinterested in her and didn’t like her. I can’t remember which video this was shared sadly

No. 1177792

I remember her saying that as well, but I think she meant it more as her dad was more of a sperm donor than an actual dad since he wasn’t in her life a whole lot as a kid. And when she tried to reach out to him he wouldn’t have anything to do with her.

No. 1177836

File: 1615051543331.jpeg (546.32 KB, 2048x2048, 71A806FC-895E-46D0-9FF5-CDB7B8…)

>Remember when I said I never spend any money on myself and that I work my ass off and that I am trying to get a job and move into my own place? Haha!

I took it to mean that too. So basically that is her entire issue. Wonder if her bio dad is the same as her sisters, or if she is the true black sheep.

No. 1178030

Is that another female?

Bets on how long this friendship will last.

No. 1178040

I know it's surprising but they have been friends for a while. They went to the Mothman Festival in 2019 together.

No. 1178045

She's so self-centered that her only friend looks just like her

No. 1178148

Saged for autism but they both desperately need to brush out their curls after curling their hair. It looks so goofy in that thumbnail kek

No. 1178218

I can't stand to watch the whole video, but didn't some people suspect they were possibly family members? They kinda look alike.

No. 1178899

File: 1615173750253.jpg (1.09 MB, 1057x1966, 20210307_192115.jpg)

So who are those dudes?

No. 1179012

They look too old to be anyone Heathers actually interested in, so it’s probably nothing milky. Then again, they are white and breathing, so maybe they’re not out of the question completely.

No. 1179040

In the same cemetery she always goes to? She must be dumber than I thought to have not seen all of it yet.

No. 1179066

Is she seriously only 5 ft nothing?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1179519

File: 1615236618722.jpeg (738.29 KB, 824x1316, 7CC84C5F-66BE-4EB3-8C74-522FA5…)

Happy International Women’s Day let me post a photo of myself to congratulate myself on being a strong independent woman despite the fact I have meltdowns on a weekly basis ranting how much I hate my life, I’ll forever be alone & wanting pity & compliments from strange men on the net.

No. 1179571

File: 1615240815576.jpg (948.16 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20210308-135930_Ins…)

No. 1179592

File: 1615242814255.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, 29716D26-A1A9-4458-98B3-EB97D0…)

Fuck me dead kekek actually wheezing

No. 1179605

File: 1615243441078.jpeg (668.97 KB, 828x981, AA3AAB59-CC5B-4837-AE8A-8C5618…)

and here we go… I am so alone. Here’s an edit of what in Heathers mind she looks like when in reality it is much much different.

No. 1179623

what guys don’t see in her is sanity and the ability to chill for a minute

No. 1179750

Every once in a while, I come here to see if Heather has straightened up her act or become a little better. I am saddened every time to see that this is not the case.

No. 1179901

For the 10,000th time –
It's not the hobbies. Photography, graveyards, and being mildly goth are NOT extreme.
It's the clingy, needy, terrifyingly self-obsessed vibe that any sane human can sense from miles away. And living with Mom still. And the whining.
That's what scares people off. It's not black clothes or enjoying graveyards, it's the palpable emotional instability.

No. 1180205

Another mini-rant up now. A classic attempt to preemptively dismiss the criticism she expects… or should I say desperately wants… to receive. Once again manufacturing a narrative within her own mind in an attempt to construct the facade of being wise and strong.

No. 1180208

Is this about her being offended that one person said she isn't exploring in a cemetery? This is a new hill she is going to die on.

No. 1180344

now it’s I’m gonna die my hair blonde & im gonna be a dick magnet. Yes Heather dying your mousey brown roots platinum blonde is gonna solve all your problems! Fuck me. You are not Ms Stefani. You are Heather . Unhinged. Emotionally unstable. As anon said above, it’s nothing to do with your interests, they’re not “out there” it’s you. Like that catfish episode with the girl who was I love with that guy & she’s like you were still talking to me - it was just the face that was different & his response… dun dun dun but it’s you…

No. 1180379

File: 1615328262681.png (2.39 MB, 750x1334, F192A486-E5F1-4A32-80DA-CD49BB…)

>in two weeks I’ll be a blonde bombshell
>you boys that wasted my time are gonna be ALL over me
>I’m going from drab to fab

No. 1180395

File: 1615330247415.png (432.19 KB, 488x662, doomed.png)

self-own extravaganza!
>so I can look young again
in other words, you don’t now, got it
>blonde bombshell makeover
just be you, right? Wait what?
>you boys that don’t give me the time a-day, that waste my time
which is it?
>you’re gonna be all over me
D-pic warriors at the ready
>I’m gonna go from drab to fab
in other words, you’re drab
>I just have to pretend to be normal
oh no! not that! you promised you wouldn’t!
>can I do it?
long pause
>can I start working out everyday? can I start eating healthy again?
gawd you can hear her getting fatter
>can I lie about being afraid of spiders?
>can I be a normal, nice blond girl?
that’s 3 things you currently ain’t
>I’m fucking doomed
>if I could be normal for 10 minutes, then we’re gonna move on to 10 hours, to 10 days
there are so many things to work on yet she chooses pining for a cock with ears as priority #1

No. 1180519

Dying your hair won't change your unfortunate facial structure and awful personality you fucking moron. Also I knew this bitch would eventually bend over for the sake of dick so much for staying true to her "real and authentic" self.

No. 1180652

>what guys don’t see in her is sanity and the ability to chill for a minute

She's like an extremely needy virtual pet, I always picture her phone calls/texts/messages as being off the chart. These Story posts are the tip of the iceberg, she seriously needs to chill and realize life can be good and peaceful even without getting constant attention and admiration. She needs to find internal peace rather than relying solely on external validation for her mental health.

You can still be a worthy person even if nobody has told you that this hour, day or week. It's sorta anxiety mixed up with extreme confidence dips with her, if she truly thought she was appealing and attractive she wouldn't spend every waking moment seeking external validation.

It's extra strange because she was more chill and happy while married, and while looking and behaving way more dumpy/normal.

I think in some ways right now she's performing a character; I can only assume she has a greater plan in mind where she upgrades her (to be) husband along with herself, but the level of intensity whereby she performs this plan and overdoes it every step of the way ensures it absolutely will not work. Men might be morons when it comes to women, but I think they can all see through the act to know what she really wants. It's why even when she finds fucking crazy guys who act the same was she currently does, the relationship still doesn't work because this isn't truly who she is. If it was her true self she wouldn't keep needing to enforce it by relentlessly announcing it every day in video and text form.

No. 1180732

KEK. She thinks dying her overgrown roots is going to solve all of her boy problems overnight? I'm glad that most of her delusions are fairly harmless cause she's clearly touched.

No. 1180941

Guise, relax. She says it was just a joke! She has a super great sense of humor. If she's known for anything, it's not taking things seriously and just breezing through life on the air of sarcasm. How could you not see that?

All those tales of loneliness and want? jokes. Sobbing that $600 could have completely changed her life? joke. When she thanks people for their support? jokes. When she insists everybody hates her? jokes. Complaining and not knowing what to do about the existence of dust? jokes. Having an extreme lifestyle? joke. Her history where she has repeatedly alleged she changed her hair, speech, attitude, behavior, and clothes for the men in her life? all jokes.

We'll know when she's serious when she cries. All her crying is super real.

No. 1180967

the joke was so funny she took it down for our sake.

No. 1181474

File: 1615439541137.png (446.08 KB, 532x882, guess again.png)

>I'm going to be so so pretty.
>It feels like someone is sitting on my face which is a pretty nice feeling

Next day’s rant…

>I don’t want a fuckboy. I want a MAAAAAAANNNNN!

Presumably to sit on her face.

No. 1181990

> all the women crazy enough to stand up
She takes pictures of rocks.

When she's talking to boys I imagine she goes unconsciously manic when she's, y'know, manic… and then judgmental normcore when she's in the down part of the cycle. Basically what she does every day on Insta, but worse because another person is desperately trying to keep up.

Just try to nail her down (heh) about sex. Pretty important thing people are trying to figure out about each other when they first meet and she's unable to maintain a consistent viewpoint for 5 seconds on it. One minute she's gonna start an onlyfans and she's thirst posting in dollar store underwear. The next she's ranting like someone's grandma about dick picks, hook up culture and "ew gross" people who have threesomes. What do you actually want, Heather? Other than silent, compliant, unconditional admiration?

No. 1182166

File: 1615502924449.png (961.41 KB, 678x1010, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 3.19…)

Her cemetery crawl didn't work out so she is going on a dead mall antiquing adventure. She is so extreme. Today's find is a book by Edgar Allan Poe that she will spam 45 Instagram stories with when she gets home.

No. 1182167


Holy fuck, dropping to the bottom of the page and having this pop up genuinely took ten years off my life

No. 1182171

Absolute nitpick but as I watching her stories, it looks like she left the film on the mask. The plastic you get with some masks that you're supposed to take off kek

No. 1182179

What difference does the hair color make? It's not going to fix the crazy.

No. 1182185

kek it does look like the plastic is still on it in parts.

No. 1182187

It does have that sheen, jesus she is dumb

No. 1182695

File: 1615554720936.png (1.33 MB, 864x1535, Screenshots_2021-03-12-08-08-3…)

Last night on her stories she showed off that she bought an already opened container of pasta sauce that looks like it was punctured by a pocket knife. Heather, it's not cute or quirky to show off how fucking dumb you are.

No. 1182826

She intends to get get a tattoo of Satan falling from heaven.
>some day

Can you imagine how hard she'd look sporting that tattoo when she again complains about how a 10oz bag of sweet potatoes contains only 10oz of sweet potatoes?
>what the fuck!

It's…like… a whole new perspective.

No. 1182862

File: 1615574744552.png (4.17 MB, 1242x2208, 17E1DECC-3622-4182-AFD6-4BF095…)

Kek was just imagining her as a 60 year old, with this as a tattoo, long since blown out into a mottled grey splurge on the top of her luncheon meat arm.

No. 1182911

Knowing heather, she's not going to do her research and just walk into a tattoo shop and ask for the next available artist. But even a skilled tattoo artist would have a hard time translating that into a good, readable tattoo. She'll probably want to get it super tiny too kek. Some art just can't be translated into a good tattoo.

No. 1183018

File: 1615588714961.jpg (304.03 KB, 1596x752, faces of eve.jpg)

Latest heavily filtered video. No, I did not alter the 3rd image. She’s talking about both her old and new cars and her much she misses her baby, not realizing she’s talking about her human relationships.

And in case you think that’s a stretch, immediately after smiling and speaking in that awful cutesy voice about
>new chapter, new start, new me, new hair
she wraps it up by shifting to a serious tone and says
>I have to let go of an old love that didn’t work out
>let go of all the trauma I lived through over the past couple of years
and then this nugget
>I’m doing new things now
[she pauses to recognize that what she just said is utter bs
>and I’m excited
more ego-boosting word vomit and mention of her
>$20k car loan(!)
for a car that apparently now smells of burning plastic
>it’s gonna be okay

No. 1183220

Catch it while it's hot.
She's absolutely gushing about someone she's spoken to in the last 2 days.
Apparently hasn't yet asked for nudes.
Basically been talking to some guy who said her interests are cool and responding like she just found jeebus.
She's going in heavy and the self-destruct is already set.
Stay tuned.

No. 1183275

why the fuck is she giving some sort of graduate speech about the pandemic being over?

No. 1183575

File: 1615647537885.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, 890490AF-7C83-43E0-914D-D35EE2…)

Derp face pre new Ryan. Please lord deliver us with fresh prey.

No. 1184966

File: 1615814767051.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, EC796C58-4E70-4D2D-91B9-942329…)

Hag’s in ‘being superior’ mode.
>what does it take to date you?
>only fans?
Put the two AMA questions together and invents her own reality of salivating bOyS just dying to date/fuck her. Let’s be real, if she’s not sending herself the questions, that’s gotta be a farmer asking about OF.

No. 1184972

Kek she started an AMA and all the questions are "OF?", "will you date me?" Or "Why do you have me blocked?" And "why can't I comment, I didn't do anything."

No. 1185103


Who would actually pay to see her onlyfans (if she created one) That makes me nauseated to think about it

No. 1185146

Desperate Incel neckbeards that even Heather won't give the time of day

No. 1185218

File: 1615836047428.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, 91B94E08-F528-4833-BA2F-920B98…)

…and real life versions of Onyx the Fortuitous, who wear cog-decorated top hats and renaissance fair quality jewel topped canes.

No. 1185243

>what does it take to date you?
Probably someone being sarcastic, calling her out on her bullshit. Constantly crying and begging for a "boy" yet rejecting every guy who's normal, has their own thoughts/interests/life, or dare to want to be physical. Doesn't leave many options.

No. 1185266

File: 1615838908596.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, 9A80C3F2-BC2E-4618-AFDC-F6390E…)

Okay but…Hag has taken an HIV test because she received an anon message last night telling her she’s at risk.
She’s Heather Explaining right now, IG stories.

No. 1185279

File: 1615839489335.png (3.04 MB, 1242x2208, 81F50142-909E-4846-B81B-C6DE0A…)

Our girl, always lookin out for us
Picrel is her wagging her finger at her audience bc it’s everyone’s job to stop the spread, sorry hag but most of us get tested regularly and make sure our new partners are as well.

No. 1185291

File: 1615840262471.png (320.17 KB, 534x752, HIV free for the moment.png)

Catch the new after-school AIDS melodrama and OraQuick product pitch!
>So I’m about to go on a rant

>there’s a lot of stigma
>people might not want to be my friend anymore
>this is important
>take this scare I’ve had and know this
some serious editing of superfluous, dramatic padding was needed here
>received text
>good reason to take it seriously
>what I’m about to tell you is that
get to it
>received text message from website where you can anonymously tell someone they were exposed to HIV
dramatically pauses and nods
>this is an HIV test
more serious editing of nonsense here, but it comes down to boy bad, scary time, product pitching
>good reviews
>results negative
>really good reviews
>very accurate
>seen YT videos of it
says poz people took it and it showed poz, so it’s
>super accurate
a sample of how much she repeated the pitch over several minutes
but most important
>I want you to be okay
obnoxiously phony
>but actually, it’s really good timing
and why’s that?
>I’m about to enter into a relationship
So if that Ryan’s lurking, go get some of that HIV-free cootch. It’s eagerly awaiting.

No. 1185303

Annnnnd it’s gone.

No. 1185310

This is one of her weirdest moments for sure

No. 1185326

imagine needing and wanting attention so much that youre lowkey happy about maybe having HIV. yikes.

No. 1185405


Tune in next week for the dramatic 8-minute reading of cancer screening results she got after a WebMD-surfing acquaintance texted her at 2am. Followed by an awkward PSA.

Brought to you by…


OraQuick - When you want to be super sure whether or not you're poz

No. 1185465

And she wonders why guys hit it and leave? Jesus christ lol just last week she was begging for a bf, now she might have one? She's a merry go round, everyone gets a free ride.

No. 1185474

File: 1615859180369.jpg (97.78 KB, 750x620, merrygoround_sochi-01-a.jpg)

No. 1185491

I can’t even

No. 1185497

File: 1615862838406.png (939.94 KB, 862x1719, Screenshots_2021-03-15-22-46-1…)

She posted this after deleting the hiv stories. God it must be exhausting to be heather.

No. 1185502

>most of us get tested regularly and make sure our new partners are as well.
no we don't

No. 1185519

You should at least be going to your gynecologist once a year..

No. 1185550

Weird flex anon. kek.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Heather should absolutely be getting tested with how often she's been hooking up with random tinder dudes.

No. 1185594

File: 1615882224914.jpeg (109.37 KB, 828x1296, 90D677AE-9804-42F5-9C13-F5137C…)

Seems like thing already fell apart with the new Ryan. She’s going on about how men are the root of all the problems in her life (sure) and she’s BISEXUAL! That means she likes WOMEN! It’s time to find a HOT GF! Surely women will be more likely to put up with the Heather experience?

As much as I’d love to see her wooing a Ryanette, there is absolutely no part of me the believes she could be interested in anyone without a dick. Can’t wait to see if this phase lasts past the night.

No. 1185631

NTA, but you might want to reconsider that. Or at least get regular checkups.

Oh god. Can you imagine Heather with a girlfriend? Considering her thinly veiled disgust when she discusses her "bisexuallity" and her hatred of other women, it'll be a bloodbath.

Good for the onlyfans bio though. If that ever happens.

No. 1185647

Lol who wants to bet it's because he saw her HIV stories

No. 1185704

Why would a gynecologist or run-of-the-mill STD checkup include HIV testing? In a lot of places, it isn't included unless requested and the results can sometimes take up to 6 months. Sorry for OT but I understand the OP's perpective. Who requests an HIV test from prospective partners? Heather says this shit as if she's ever done this before or ever requested one of her Ryans take one, too. She pegs me as someone who's too cool to request a condom be worn, so I guess it makes sense.

No. 1185741

Yikes anon.

No. 1185743

No. 1185758

>Why would a gynecologist or run-of-the-mill STD checkup include HIV testing? In a lot of places, it isn't included unless requested and the results can sometimes take up to 6 months.

Oh man. You need to talk to your healthcare provider if they offer STD screenings without HIV testing, and make you wait six months. Eek.

And requesting a negative test from your partners, or providing them with one, is actually pretty common. As it should be.

No. 1185800

File: 1615909377553.png (294.7 KB, 1242x2208, 146428C5-6806-4E4B-8A7F-09FFF2…)

A quick google search would let you know it takes about 20 mins or tops a few weeks. Pls anon, don’t make me think heather was actually right for putting out her PSA….

No. 1185843

File: 1615911973773.jpeg (365.31 KB, 828x886, A3812179-0DC4-44CF-8230-CEACFA…)

odd question but does Heather think she looks like the late Sharon Tate? She keeps posting pictures of her to her stories for a while & I get the vibe H. thinks she does. She doesn’t. Not sure Ben close.

No. 1185887

Probably. Given the "blonde bombshell" delusions.

Also, sharon tate is a famous teagic murder victim. So it's oh so edgy and dark and quirky of her to post about it all the time.

No. 1186038

File: 1615924915357.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, F6DBEC6B-2A84-4634-8983-AB5B17…)

Someone ‘local’ is trashing Hag, saying she has an STD and ‘something else’

>I just wanted to say for every person accusing me locally of having an STD, every one I’ve slept with in the past fucking seven months has been from West Virginia so if you’re trying to accuse me of having something and you’re trying to spread that around, ummm…you’re not from WV so who the fuck are you?

>the last time I was in a sexual relationship was five months ago
>the boy five months ago was from WV, then two months ago something happened with someone, but there was no risk with that, so

In other news…
>I spent way more than I intended, antiquing, on little containers with human hair in them
Spent loads of some old bits of hair in a box
>I earned it, I love them
>going to be changing my phone number very soon so whoever that random person from Pittsburgh who keeps texting me and fucking with me, I’m changing numbers
>I just have to wait until after a certain legal dispute I’m going through

No. 1186092

File: 1615927458559.jpg (561.29 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-164355_Ins…)

Before she deletes them…

No. 1186094

File: 1615927493089.jpg (687.19 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-164359_Ins…)

No. 1186095

File: 1615927532097.jpg (440.32 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-164412_Ins…)

No. 1186122

File: 1615929580152.png (1.53 MB, 828x1792, A1A1610C-1506-4D1E-A1FA-55158A…)

No. 1186125

File: 1615929954024.jpg (219.91 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-172441_Ins…)

No. 1186127

File: 1615930004025.jpg (514.56 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-172446_Ins…)

No. 1186128

File: 1615930057903.jpg (478.39 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-172519_Ins…)

No. 1186132

File: 1615930655984.png (1.32 MB, 828x1792, 995D3646-3FBB-4BB1-BB40-3C48CE…)

No. 1186134

File: 1615930706986.png (645.63 KB, 828x1792, F8C8E522-8415-4799-98BB-6EEE97…)

No. 1186135

File: 1615930742231.png (709.61 KB, 828x1792, 16105442-44E8-496E-9E72-9DE345…)

No. 1186154

File: 1615931933132.jpg (342.22 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-175904_Ins…)

No. 1186159

This is BomberRyan she is talking about, @ripe_with_decay. So he pumped and dumped eh. Or she dumped. Yikes.

No. 1186174

File: 1615933305970.jpg (375.09 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-182144_Ins…)

No. 1186176

File: 1615933370430.jpg (523.13 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-182105_Ins…)

No. 1186188

>feeling so much healthier and happier
The bitch taking HIV tests in her car, everybody

No. 1186193

I really can't get past her worship of all things goff and basic bitch taste in music though I've never mentioned it because shit like >>1185291 always comes up. wtf hagther

> why did you drop thirst every now and then until you fucked me and then ghosted me
you're doing Yahweh's work posting these anon.

No. 1186210

File: 1615935916085.jpeg (650.26 KB, 828x1302, 04E0CF44-10EA-437E-8248-EEBDB4…)

What I’ve noticed is she keeps posting her “adventures” online to prove to herself that she has got this life she’s always wanted when deep down she knows she’s got shit. The need to constantlypost every moment on her social media speaks volumes. She’s trying to convince herself she has this amazing life when it’s the opposite. I’m convinced she has fake accounts that comment on her page “wantingangel” I think is one that constantly gushes over her & the Q&A she did a few days ago pretty sure some of them questions were submitted by her. It’s pitiful in some ways but also a psychological 101’s dream

No. 1186211

File: 1615935938217.jpeg (534.88 KB, 750x1193, A2188FD2-323D-415A-AE68-1B0990…)

Cap from BomberRyan IG. He just posted this, from the weekend in Ohio(?) with Hag. Not to wk her, but she sure knows how to pick a mixer. I think it probably is him that’s been messaging her from an anon number.

No. 1186214

File: 1615936045412.png (767.04 KB, 783x831, Screenshots_2021-03-16-19-03-3…)

LOOOOOL seeing his face makes this whole situation 1000% funnier

No. 1186225

She did herself so dirty with that one. I think she’s putting it down to a lost weekend. They fell out pretty soon after, then she did a sly block, but, strangely for Hag, didn’t put him on blast…until now.

Maybe his caption refers to this texting stuff being nothing to do with him, hence Hag deleting her stories and saying she doesn’t know that it’s either him or FemRyan.

No. 1186228

File: 1615937084954.jpeg (628.5 KB, 828x1367, 146E745C-AA26-48E0-BF92-D20232…)

she really thinks she’s some sort of celebrity online. I can just imagine her sitting in her car in the empty lot prepping her “car selfie” inducing the life coach crap thinking she’s “someone” it’s all bs. Heather you aren’t famous, you aren’t Mariah Carey in Why you so obsessed with me, you are woman with bad hair who drives to empty parking lots & stalks the same 3 cemetery’s & puts yourself in more debt to buy tins with old dead people’s hair in them. That’s not living life that’s you trying to apply your weird online personna in real life & it not working. You are a sad case.

No. 1186237

File: 1615937515396.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, D11B6E0F-292E-41C2-A979-AAF69C…)

No. 1186241

File: 1615937744647.jpeg (460.07 KB, 2048x2048, E9AFB2BF-B5E7-4775-9B18-E6AEA8…)

This cap, both demonstrating her lack of any intellect whatsoever, and her inability to not spend money on literal tat, despite insisting she never buys anything for herself.

Those new hair pieces she just bought are such shit quality. I bet she paid through the nose for those scrappy bits of hair in old trinket boxes when she could have bought one good quality mourning piece on eBay.

No. 1186246

File: 1615938324068.jpg (837.97 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-194444_Ins…)

No. 1186247

File: 1615938420586.jpeg (779.01 KB, 828x1333, DB9CD5CB-043F-4C80-8F3C-0B8E1D…)

There is no way this woman is quitting social media.she can’t stay of it for more than two hours. It’s her only outlet where she pretend to be this influencer. She has no life to speak of & lives it all online. Heather if you are reading this. Quit delete your Tiktok & your IG cause I bet in less than a day you would be back once you realise there’s no audience for your rants.

No. 1186251

Absolute tinfoil, I know. But could the person messaging her be Clayryan's crazy ex messaging her? She certainly had the crazy vendetta energy.

No. 1186258

how the hell did she go from getting an HIV scare to suddenly she's grateful for a new beginning bullshit? She really needs a diary to write all this in, I doubt any of her actual followers read and care for these long posts

No. 1186259

Oh boi, another "I'm going to quit social media" phase color me impressed.

No. 1186260

>"the good karma I've earned"
>publicly blasts two people for what only one person is doing
>admits herself she has no solid proof either of these guys are the one texting her
>the two guys most likely have done absolutely nothing to her since they broke it off
>that doesn't stop her from threatening to post private messages and calling them scumbag fuckboys incapable of moving on

And yet again we observe the wild Heather projecting onto her prey

No. 1186279

File: 1615942217427.png (696.95 KB, 750x1334, FD0DCAFE-0D47-4CA5-947B-14A9C2…)

This, and also it’s suddenly a mic drop and flounce out situation again? Whatever the part of the conversation is that she’s getting, I don’t think she remembers that we’re not seeing it too. This literally makes no sense. Kek.

>HIV test

>my life is brilliant
>fuck boys
>leaving social media

No. 1186280

File: 1615942289991.png (240.57 KB, 750x1334, 16586C8D-3987-4D6D-AAB9-C86A5F…)

In addition to that she’s having some online convo that’s going well, so, wtf…this is all so unnecessary.

No. 1186283

the cope has reached levels that shouldn't be possible

No. 1186284

She's like a little kid "running away from home" and just hanging out in the backyard for an afternoon.

No. 1186290


Perfect analogy.

No. 1186307

File: 1615944904916.png (712.51 KB, 750x1334, 209E738E-684C-4B3F-A415-4AFCE6…)

Sorry but…what?

No. 1186309

>Never give up, Never surrender.
I give up, I surrender.

And guess what? This exact post wouldve been accurate each of the several times she’s done it before.

No. 1186318

Is this just a mass call out to her ‘fam’ to blow some smoke up her ass? She’s copped way more than this and hasn’t done her “I’m leaving” act. Tinfoil that her new - older - Ryan on the end of the phone is convincing her to ditch SM.

No. 1186385

Saged for no contribution but hallelujah, Heather is my FAVORITE pointless cow and it really made my night to come here and have a bunch of new shit to read. I hope that she actually does leave the internet because when she comes back in like, a day, her delusional self-affirmations are gonna be better than ever.

No. 1186496

she’ll be back in a day or less. You are right it’s a hint for all the furry boys who worship her in the comments & have two missing front teeth to flood her with messages telling her to stay. She’ll make a post about it “aw you guys I have decided I won’t let these bullies ruin what I love to post so I am staying” she did this about 3 months ago. It’s all for attention. Like the people that check in at the hospital but don’t state why they are there to drum up concern.

No. 1186499

My bet is FemRyan since he's the only guy who stuck around for a month, nobody else lasts nearly as long.

No. 1186520

he also talked shit about people on reddit

No. 1186542

File: 1615980730611.png (506.44 KB, 864x1486, Screenshots_2021-03-17-07-26-2…)

She's still posting this morning. And she also admitted that we're the main audience she was posting for in her stories all the time. Why won't you just take our advice, heather?

No. 1186581

So now she's thinking it MIGHT be from someone here? I highly doubt it since most people don't have her phone number here. What she doesn't realize is she is constantly shit talking about her exs, does she not think they don't check here or check her account to see what she's saying about them? If the relationship is over, shut your trap and move on, but she drags this shit out and wants sympathy.

I think with her running her mouth, one of her exs or maybe their current gfs sent her those messages. This could be a good wake up call and maybe you should close your legs and not open them to every guy?

No. 1186587

File: 1615985543157.png (608.92 KB, 750x1334, 15447697-DED0-49FC-BC4E-55923B…)

I’d like to see the texts she’s not sharing.

No. 1186597

She is a full-blown skitzocow

No. 1186610

She posted a couple of the screenshots but then deleted them last night. They were posted above by another farmer.

No. 1186611

She sounds so, so stupid. If you’re sooooo confident and happy you don’t have to justify yourself. Point blank, period, there’s no way around it, if you don’t care then you ACTUALLY don’t care- you don’t need 8 story slides justifying yourself every. single. hour. She’s my fav cow bc she’s such a loser.

No. 1186637

>making positive content
liar, liar, pants on fire

No. 1186651

If posting about your HIV status in your stories right after finding a new boyfriend who is "the one" (again) also note she has never posted about her HIV status before - if that doesn't count as self sabotage I don't know what does.

Maybe Heather is really a lesbian and this is why she actively fucks up every relationship? It would explain why she never spends time with women. Absolute tinfoil but her behavior is so conflicting. She did just announce she was bi >>1185594
so maybe one day she will go that way and have a relationship she doesn't intentionally fuck up.

No. 1186658

It's so hard to figure out what Heather really wants since she puts this huge act on to get a particular type of man (who is incidentally awful) then strategically fucks up every relationship with these guys. Half of them seem genuinely deranged like whoever is texting her right now (I'm the same anon who thinks it's FemRyan) and a few previous guys.

Like why try so hard for something that's awful and you don't really want? Maybe get another plan? This one doesn't seem to be working, see however many threads we are up to now for evidence. Surely all this evidence would be enough to prove to her this is a shitty plan and she needs to try something else. Either get new hobbies, look for a different type or man or woman, this is categorically not working and just making her life a drama-filled misery.

No. 1187036

Poor thing. Over 5.6k IG followers and exactly 3 people left comments telling her not to go. A few others just said they’ll miss her. Some half-heartedly.

No. 1187075

File: 1616027995898.jpg (736.98 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20210317-204004_Ins…)

Not even 12 hrs..

No. 1187082

Heather? Not sticking to her word? I am SHOCKED! Remember she once said she would delete all of her cotton candy prison videos from Youtube. That time she said she would delete her Instagram? Did she say that multiple times? She did! Heather if there is one thing you are good at it is not keeping your word.

No. 1187086

File: 1616029144796.gif (4.29 MB, 270x480, goodbye.gif)

Classic Heather Explains.

No. 1187094


She saw that and is now fishing for more. Any amount will be enough.

No. 1187101

File: 1616031654295.webm (10.35 MB, 640x480, Hallmark Movie Audition.WebM)


There are so many it’s hard to pick which example to repost. Here’s a snippet worthy of a Hallmark movie role audition.

No. 1187146

File: 1616037176984.png (579.91 KB, 784x1276, faux drama.png)

once again creating drama when it doesn't exist.

No. 1187152

I was just coming here to say “what the actual fuck is she talking about”

She’s basically saying she’s not gonna go dark lmao

No. 1187162

File: 1616038140689.png (2.02 MB, 1242x2208, 7ECFC22C-BB55-4EE0-878F-FC615A…)

Guessing ol boy she was talking to is over it bc of her slut shoot

No. 1187179

Complete nitpick, but it bugs the fuck out of me how she always says "whenever" instead of "when."
Is that a PA thing or is she just retarded?

No. 1187197

File: 1616041961013.png (666.53 KB, 808x1330, 8 seconds.png)

It took her 8 seconds to screen this…

No. 1187199

File: 1616042026144.png (14.82 KB, 402x174, yet.png)


… yet as of now…

No. 1187201

No end in sight.
Continues to type out a long rant expecting people not to notice that it’s basically just another of her video rants transcribed. You be you, heather. kek

No. 1187250

File: 1616053904633.jpg (480.45 KB, 1079x1779, Screenshot_20210318-034724_Ins…)

FINALLY, a guy telling her the truth. But she completely twists shit and thinks it's because he's slut shaming her. No heather, it's exactly what he said, you bitch and cry day in and day out and give yourself to every tom dick and Harry and yet, you think men will respect you? I'm glad a man finally said something to this idiot

No. 1187252

File: 1616053944372.jpg (389.02 KB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20210318-034739_Ins…)

No. 1187254

File: 1616053983882.jpg (373.69 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20210318-034750_Ins…)

No. 1187256

File: 1616054029717.jpg (384.09 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20210318-034802_Ins…)

No. 1187257

File: 1616054083854.jpg (380.82 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20210318-034811_Ins…)

I'm glad he's calling out other girls who are just as dumb as Heather.

No. 1187258

File: 1616054121586.jpg (376.2 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20210318-034824_Ins…)

No. 1187260

File: 1616054760947.jpg (355.24 KB, 1075x2280, Screenshot_20210318-040208_Ins…)

Am I reading this correctly? You lost your career over this? WHAY FUCKIN CAREER!!?? lol omg wow lol please don't tell me you consider instagram your career lol honey, what you post is a hobby, not a career. You are 31 years old working at target, at best you might get a 401k out of it. You are not a spring chicken anymore, to start a "modeling" career you're already too old and don't have the look, move the fuck on from that.

Want to empower yourself? Go to school and get an education. Go get a degree and get an actual CAREER, you need to learn the differences between a HOBBY and CAREER.

No. 1187262

He made some points, but I hate people who like to preach and say that the whole world is backwards and they're the only person with a brain. The narcissism is off the charts. Perfect fit for Heather.

No. 1187264

The women supporting women! facade is often a disingenuous form of sabotage and too many people aren't willing to acknowledge that. Heather, of course, never learns anything.

No. 1187277

Ngl, I agreed with most of his points, but he had me rolling my eyes with the "REAL MEN" bs. We can all agree that yes coomers will masturbate to just about anything. But you shouldn't be so insecure, oh excuse me "such a real man", that you feel like you need to stop your girlfriend from posting beach pics of her in a swimsuit because maybe some creep might think she looks hot. kek

He's pretty spot on about basically everything else though. And I mean, Heather's boudoir pics are pretty obviously for validation and not art, so he's not entirely off the mark.

No. 1187282


I agree, besides the whole bikini thing, he's right on the dot with everything else. Every damn day she's seek validation from people she's never met, her "boudoir " photos are literally just her taking selfies in lingerie, its not art. This girl has zero potential to do anything in life. She has no talents, no education,no trade. If she actually put herself through school school became something she would spend less time worrying about the internet and seeking validation from strangers.

No. 1187287

File: 1616060294482.jpg (180.02 KB, 1080x556, Screenshot_20210318-052748_Ins…)

Want to know why you've lost your damn mind heather? Let's break JUST this ONE paragraph…

1. At what point did anyone say you can't post on your own account? No one. It's your fuckin account, post all the damn tombstones you want, if people like it, great, if not, oh well.

2.Your whole life will be empty if you don't post on instagram? If you don't take photos of the same cemeteries every week? Maybe if you read out loud what you're putting out to the internet, you'll understand why people look at you as a psycho.

My two closest friends are photographers. One of the gets paid a great deal of money and the other does it as a side business for weddings and special events. If you want to be a photographer, and ACTUAL good photographer, you need to venture out of your comfort zone. But you won't, you'll just demand everyone give you respect and attention and that this is all a work of art because you said so.

3. What you've shown in the past 4 years is how weak you are. You're not strong willed, you're weak. You didn't leave an abusive relationship, you were forced out because you weren't doing it yourself. You need someone to hold your hand in every step in life. That's not a strong "independent woman" you have a lot of growing up to do, if that ever happens…

No. 1187360

It's her. She thinks she sounds smart, using her big words. Like throwing around "taphophile" and calling herself a "content creator."

No. 1187397

Shots fired anon

No. 1187413

File: 1616078826083.jpeg (333.77 KB, 750x1070, 2B05624F-21C8-4860-AAB5-BC335A…)


There’s also a riot going on in Hag’s comment section. Kek.

No. 1187434

Are we thinking this is the mature Ryan she was talking to? I know some of you agreed with some of the things he said but he sounds like an idiot. Man = Master and Woman = Must listen to the man. No thanks.

No. 1187451

He sounds like a total buffoon now but that doesn't mean he's wrong about everything else. Heather isn't doing herself any favors by larping as gen z. Spoopy feminist millennial men don't exactly run rampant, especially in western PA, lmao.

No. 1187534

File: 1616090348335.jpg (356.18 KB, 1079x1928, Screenshot_20210318-135910_Ins…)

Omfg heather are you serious? Lol

No. 1187544

who’s this crazypants tradKaren going off in the comments? kekkkk

No. 1187548

ew this guy is so gross, and the excitement some anons have for him is weird and scrotey

No. 1187549

that’s a dude? he sounds like Lori the Transformed Wife with his bullshit

No. 1187579

when you hate Heather so much you side with a misogynist loser

No. 1187595

I can't believe this meltdown all started because she got an anonymous text saying she could have gotten HIV

No. 1187600

File: 1616094867623.png (216.58 KB, 1286x412, 20210318.png)


That's what she does. And this is what she does too I guess. Follows people she alleges slut-shame her.

No. 1187622

This is a good example of the kind of fucking crazy guy she attracts, he was sounding relatively sane until these posts. We get it, you did a sad wank to Heather's odd "sexy" photos and now you want to tell her she's a bad girl but frame it as advice, all while ragging on random other women in the thread. Her main problem is far and away not the posting of completely unsexy lingerie pics. It's the self sabotage and 100 story posts a day. The fact he is so fixated on her lingerie pics certainly speaks for itself.

No. 1187726

File: 1616103801708.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, B33E404A-128F-43CF-B198-D05F10…)

Heather doing a story about how she’s not going to do anymore stories.
>my plan is this
>I will use reels
>reels for my exploring footage
>no more stories for me
>no more ranting for me
>it’s just going to be my art from now on

How long do we think it’s going to last?

No. 1187747


A story about not doing any more stories. Brilliant. Not quite as brilliant as the other dozen times she's vigorously insisted the same, but brilliant nonetheless.

No. 1187750


No. 1187866

why did she even assume the “you’ve been exposed to hiv” thing was real and not a prank
and for fuck’s sake, why talk about it on Instagram to whatever random strangers
she is such a goddamn mess

No. 1187906

To be fair, if I had slept with a decent handful of people and received that text, I would have been concerned enough to get tested. That was the safe, smart decision… well, getting it done at an actual clinic would have been safer and smarter, but whatever.

Now, posting about it publicly… lol.

No. 1187921

Agreed. A normal response would be to take it seriously and get tested. Not automatically think it was a joke. And definitely not plaster it over social media.

No. 1187959

Kek. I take back everything I said in >>1187277 this dude is as unhinged as she is. I knew something was off given the "real men" bs, but the fact he's still sperging out in her comments is as sad as half the shit she does.

Only one anon, who was the one who posted the caps of his comments to begin with, agreed with him entirely. It'll be okay. lmao

Yeah tbh, her getting tested was one of the more responsible things she has ever done. However >>1187921 is right that it was completely absurd how she broadcasted the whole situation. But of course she did, she's Heather.

No. 1188104

File: 1616161232146.jpg (873.26 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-093945_Ins…)

Omg heather , weren't you done with the internet? For fuck sake, go away

No. 1188105

File: 1616161266977.jpg (253.42 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-093954_Ins…)

No. 1188106

File: 1616161298659.jpg (466.86 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-093959_Ins…)

No. 1188107

File: 1616161322300.jpg (403.51 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094004_Ins…)

No. 1188108

File: 1616161345792.jpg (388.39 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094008_Ins…)

No. 1188109

File: 1616161376803.jpg (297.09 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094031_Ins…)

No. 1188111

File: 1616161469683.jpg (387.35 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094421_Ins…)

No. 1188112

File: 1616161496203.jpg (428.59 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094426_Ins…)

No. 1188113

File: 1616161530608.jpg (738.37 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094431_Ins…)

No. 1188115

File: 1616161553149.jpg (457.27 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094435_Ins…)

No. 1188116

File: 1616161654285.jpg (482.78 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094441_Ins…)

No. 1188117

File: 1616161675956.jpg (437.05 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094445_Ins…)

No. 1188118

File: 1616161788489.jpg (438.65 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094917_Ins…)


No. 1188120

File: 1616161832989.jpg (468.78 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210319-094935_Ins…)

She has to be retarded, there is no other explanation for why she keeps doing the same shit over and over

No. 1188121

Sending Heather DMs while he has a girlfriend: >>1187257. Classy.

No. 1188124

No. 1188131


Everything is a big ordeal to heather. This is why she'll never stop posting about her dumb ass life.

No. 1188133

>I’ve always known this would happen

What? You’d have to block some idiot, he’s not coming to kill you, you had a bad exchange via lame ass comments.

> I truly believ he was obsessed with me.

She’s such a big yikes, flatter yourself a little more heather. The guy was dming you and was tuned off by your slut shoot, just block his fucking ass you look more retarded than usual

No. 1188156

nah, he wasn’t turned off
that was classic scrote “how dare you make me horny” bullshit

No. 1188176

File: 1616167299627.jpg (1.88 MB, 1920x2560, 21-03-19-11-20-00-654_deco.jpg)

Heather "I don't trust anyone on the internet"

The type of idiots she trusts and gives advice to her that she's awesome

Heather "I love you guys so much,ya'll awesome! I'm never surrendering!"

Again…these are the type of people she listens to for advice…ya'll idiots

No. 1188182

This. I don't see why the anons here think this is okay behavior on his part. He is a moron. She should have blocked him but I am 100% here for her calling him out publicly after all of this shit.

No. 1188198


I don't think what he did is right, but she had every opportunity to block him and every other creeper but she doesn't. She likes the attention. I feel zero sympathy for her. The guy is right on a lot of things but what a woman does with her body is not ok to call heather out for. But this is typical heather behavior, she listens to complete weirdo strangers and wonders why she gets into the same situations she has for years.

No. 1188235

She’s so desperate to be viewed as a victim that she’ll allow prospective abusers to linger long enough to where she can tell everyone See? I told you!

She tries too hard, but at least she didn’t fall on her ass like when she tried to present the audio evidence against Adam which only ended up making her look worse.

Yet as of yesterday she was still following that unhinged closet incel’s IG. And despite all the defending people were reasonably offering against his comments, she deleted the post and all the original evidence entirely? That’s putting him on quite a pedestal. She's supposedly creating a new account anyhow, so why not leave that up? Now, all that’s left are her aftershock rants in written form with little context.

No. 1188258

I like that this guy thought he was a moral arbiter while trying to cheat on his gf on Instagram. Yes definitely gonna take all his advice.

No. 1188307

Not only that, she was following his ig this whole time as well lol

No. 1188384

Yeah. This guy descended into bottom tier garbage scrote real quick. As >>1187959 said, unhinged motherfucker.

No. 1188432

I just wanna add yes this guy was a douche bag who thinks he owns his girlfriends body yet was thirsting over Heather at the same time. The hypocrisy. But…. Heather is a fantasist who thinks she’s this internet celebrity who has stalkers & people want to kill her. Nobody cares about her platform but her & she drums up storms to gain sympathy & validation off strangers to build up her delusions. Remember she had to tell her followers she might have HIV something she should have kept to herald as it’s incredibly personal! Then it escalated suddenly to that everyone hated her & she was gonna quit, then when the pity hook didn’t work as our truth teller turned douchebag turned the tables on her & now it’s turned into I am being shamed for my body & she’s now using this as fuel to be “I’m a victim” probably over the next few days that’s all we’ll hear about. Likewise with the car accident she went on and on and on as it makes her feel important. She uses these bad things to try & gain attention & to be flooded with compliments about how “strong” she is & “brave” as no one in her real life sees her like that but an online image she can control & weave yet self sabotages at every corner.

No. 1188473

It's funny because her point would have been better made without all the extra over-explanation and melodrama tacked on at the end. Just post his DMs and out him as a loser who was creeping your inbox and laugh it off Heather.

She's so desperate to play victim she makes herself look stupid again in the end.
>muh health and safety

No. 1189253

File: 1616287903440.png (8.73 MB, 1242x2208, 80A80C86-9D23-4EFB-B1D6-086A80…)

And just like that, as if nothing happened…

>new make-up haul!

No. 1189288

Does she have the mumps?

No. 1189369

Fucking hate that unsexy lower teeth showing mouthbreather face.

No. 1189402

File: 1616328643964.jpeg (777.75 KB, 828x1261, F07C1321-472E-4C54-B6EC-B40DE3…)

She was quiet for a day & was only posting about antiques & make up, then again self sabotages with the “everyone hates me” what about all your new followers Heather who rally around you each time you have a meltdown to get validation? They will soon hate you as nobody likes the “pick me” girl

No. 1189499


To me it sounds like the guy she wasn't into didn't work out, so now she hates everyone once again.

No. 1189512

File: 1616342226143.jpg (778.98 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210321-115631_Ins…)

You took a what, 3 hour break from instagram? Lol pathetic

No. 1189592

I think she means she’s taking a break from now.

Yeah, I felt the same.

No. 1189623

Sounds great heather, no one asked. I hate her hair this way

No. 1190406

File: 1616430230359.jpg (138.04 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210322-122334_Ins…)

So much for her "break"

No. 1190415

Just came here to post this. I wish she could give us an example of an artist that "isn't accepted". For fucks sakes, even Henry Darger is accepted. Says a lot about her and her crooked, shitty, dime a dozen cemetery photos. She should honestly sell her camera and realize that nobody gives a fuck about pixels when nobody buys her prints and only ever sees her photos compressed on instagram. Her life is a joke and it isn't even that good of a joke. Just.. so boring and empty. It's nice to see someone like her get no rewards in life, tbh.

No. 1190433


Art is taking photos of tombstones, highly saturate the photos with photoshop since she doesn't know how to use a camera, and once in a while take a selfie of herself in killstar/lingerie in hopes of someone recognizing her "potential"

Again, she can post whatever the fuck she wants, but she needs to establish a hobby and a reality, she's not getting paid for this, this is a hobby. No one is begging for more pictures. She doesn't even have a sponsor for a company. She's a pathetic soul who doesn't understand anything.

No. 1190460

Can't resist lovebombing had she nabbed a decent catch, so yeah no new ryan as of now.

No. 1190806

File: 1616463065897.png (604.83 KB, 750x1334, 310D1C0E-C906-48BF-8260-D57922…)

We got a brand new low over here…

No. 1190808

File: 1616463205219.png (373.13 KB, 750x1334, E5B74F1D-2659-4DA9-ABB8-048BD9…)

Was the ‘side note’ to this ridiculousness.
So she stops talking in stories but still can’t manage not to throw shade by typing them. All the while congratulating herself on buying more gifts that she deserves. Whilst saving small businesses. Kek.

No. 1190810

You would think that she would read this back and reflect.

No. 1190814

File: 1616463373759.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, C030B473-3B9C-4C80-8E23-4F24AF…)

Special treat for you, anon.

No. 1190865

For those who've missed it, she's been dirty deleting like crazy the last couple of days. That TikTok post with the two girls in the mirror, vapid quotes, reflections, solemn selfies… There was a page post that must've only been up for minutes. She's a mess without her video rant outlet.

No. 1191348

File: 1616531197514.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, EC9CBB47-0F03-4C81-8C26-B28AAD…)

It’s as if she’s trying to find every alternative way of expressing herself as she would when vocally ranting. I can feel the frustration seeping through the screen. That TikTok share was ridic, two alt ethots who ditched their bf’s and now spend their own dime. Who fucking cares. So, she’s getting her hair done imminently iirc. How the hell is she gonna keep her trap zipped with that?

Picrel - this sulky face. Kek.

No. 1191417


Well, she's back to her tried and true method. There's a video up now talking about (yet another) new start, buying stuff, blah blah blah. That sums it up.

No. 1191421

what TikTok did she share? is it up on someone's Tiktok?

No. 1191436

No. 1191605

She deleted the starting-over-again (again) and lovelorn (again) video rants which began with
>I know I said I wouldn’t do this anymore
And she’s replaced them with images and clips (again) of
>remember when I was
this or that.

She’s as pathetic as ever.
Long live woeful Heather.

No. 1191730

File: 1616589595860.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, 5E7E64D7-4763-4838-ACFD-1C63BD…)

Some additional précis for anyone who’s keen…
>I know I’m not amongst friends here (Instagram)
>huge monologue about new iPhone/trading in old to get $$$ off/wants new number to stop harassment/can’t have new number cause finally speaking to Adam and has ‘arrangement’ re divorce or stimmy or whatever/doesn’t want to give A new number because…
>he will share my number online to haters
>I know people will hate on me
>I don’t care. Talk shit. I’m going to do my thing.
>I’m an artist
>Hair done tomorrow, I am having a makeover, need new phone to take lots of selfies of my new makeover/new me
>Equates the new New Start with having her hair done ergo that’s the New Heather
>Full of fake hopes and dreams which will obvs crash and burn within a few days
>I don’t trust anyone
>Does a load of annoying staring off camera in a wistful way/planning her latest comeback
>I need to stop now, everyone hates me, know I said I wouldn’t do stories but whatever, need to stop this rant now
>I just felt like talking as I haven’t got a single human on this earth that I can speak to
>monologue about buying a new top of the range iPad because NEED IT
>also had this weird ass freeze frame pic up - picrel

No. 1191736

File: 1616589964417.png (3.24 MB, 750x1334, 1AE2C094-74D0-49A4-9773-F626EA…)

Like this one. But why does she do herself so dirty all the time? The clothes. The hair. The lumpen pose. Just…no.

Also, forgot to add to >>1191730
>I’ve deleted ALL of my screenshot folder full of receipts from people who have fucked me over
>looking through them was traumatic
>but I know that I was right, I wasn’t crazy, I was in the right (as in, she was right in the arguments/drama)
>but I need to let it go
>there were some photos I couldn’t delete…I will never be able to delete them (talking about Ryan Z here, although doesn’t mention by name)
>reflects that she wishes she had done some things differently - subtext of this is that she clearly wasn’t right about everything as she previously said, and her screen caps had shown that. Of course she doesn’t admit this.
>kept some other caps/receipts that I might need one day

No. 1191777

God this is tacky. Free tip heather, you don't need to wear stars, moons, and multiple pentagrams all at once. Pick one at a time

No. 1191869

Heather's fashion style is the definition of tacky with how badly she matches patterns together. Makes me wonder if she really is somewhat retarded to not realize how badly her cords go together.

No. 1191901

For as much as Heather claims this is her style, she doesn’t carry any of it with confidence. She looks insecure half of the time she posts her looks; even when she puts on a smile. The pieces alone could work with the correct styling. But putting them together as she does is overload because she can’t carry it.

No. 1192208

File: 1616622256763.jpeg (671.76 KB, 750x1046, E85AC1C8-D985-4981-BBA0-F27A53…)

>The New Heather
Wtf look is she going for here? How is this fulfilling her desired alt aesthetic that she so wished for. How?

No. 1192209


It looks like shit. The blonde doesn't match the tips of her hair. It looks horrible. She needs to give up the blonde look, its not suiting her.

No. 1192224

Samefag to say to >>1191901, yes, exactly that. She looks like a sad clown in costume. It never looks right because she looks so insecure. If she threw together a stylish, all black/tones coord plus Victorian (real antique, not hot topic tacky shit) or vintage jewellery, stylish footwear, not monster teen goth trotters, she’d look better than fine…even with that hair

No. 1192249

File: 1616625025144.png (3.88 MB, 1242x2208, 05DE52DC-579F-40E8-A985-E60385…)

It. Looks. Fucking. Terrible. And how is she SUCH a bad driver?????? It’s so concerning she’s out in the world on her own. Ffs.

No. 1192264

THAT'S the hair that's supposed to bring all the boys?! It ages her and just looks so weird…

No. 1192269

delivering those Karen looks

No. 1192273

Of course she thinks touching up her roots is a major change! This is the cow who believes stalking the same 2 or 3 public cemeteries every day is ExTrEmE ExPlOrInG.

No. 1192288

That color ages her so badly. A darker color would suit her so much better and fit her goff queen identity.

No. 1192307

She secretly wants to dress like Taylor Swift, but doesn't want to give up her aEsThEtIc and lose her shot at those "cute goff boys"

No. 1192333

So with the new hair and all…do we NOW get the photoshoot with the ugly wallmart dress?

No. 1192368

File: 1616636564830.png (2.56 MB, 1242x2208, 6FE37DBE-816F-4099-B736-475D9E…)

She looks like a 65 year old tried to dye her grays blonde. It’s like coarse hay.
She’s such a pick me I’m uwu not like other girls it’s embarrassing

No. 1192370

File: 1616636650375.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, CBDB762C-C13E-4C12-8594-51E78A…)

There’s our Hag!
>Decides she’s done with drama blah blah blah she could be spending time creating art instead of sending receipts in arguments, rues all the time she’s wasted, when she could be creating.
>Says she wants to do a self portrait but has to get up early. Spends a half hour doing a Heather Explains rant.
>Totally unaware of the irony in everything she’s saying.

It’s good to have you back, Hag.

No. 1192375

File: 1616637082509.png (631.06 KB, 640x874, universe and god she says.png)

New vid
>I’m probably the most confusing person ever
as her brain is clearly undecided about going with the baby talk or valley girl
>I look like a Barbie doll
no, she doesn’t
her voice drops
>but I also want to be an absolute ghoul and be goth’s fuck
what a mess
>and I love Taylor Swift
voice rises again
>but it’s me!
tons of pauses

and catch this nugget
>there’s never going to be another me
is that a promise?

Then goes on about people not liking her and that
>it doesn’t matter to me
one of her biggest and most repeated lies

Goes on. boring. check it yourselves.
btw her hair looks terrible but you can tell she loves it as she keeps leaning forward letting it swing in front of her eyes.
She actually paid someone to do that to her.

No. 1192526

this pic is so funny im crying

next thread pic for crazy heather pls

No. 1192553

File: 1616664041073.jpeg (619.27 KB, 828x1265, 88071A9A-C507-41D7-A549-8EFF21…)


No. 1192558

she is infuriating. she said she would stop it all the mad rants about how “weird” she is & “she doesn’t give a toss” about what people think of her. When she was showing off her new hair, then it turned to “I’m so confused” I thought here we go, thrown in the bible at us, you literally will never change! The self pity is unreal & the excuses! If you want to make your “art” just get on with it instead of whining you are going to do it as guess what Heather dear, you aren’t doing anything. You sit on your phone, talking about how you are going to change your ways & get your life together & you never do! Remember guys a few days ago “new hair, new me” well that did shit. It’s so boring now the same record over and over. Admit it Heather you like being the victim as it gives you something to talk about. These last few days having to stay mute & show your life wasn’t fulfilling enough because you know it’s empty without the rants. Then you dipped your toe into the water & now your back to it like an addict. Your hair looks okay but it doesn’t match the ends & guess what you can like more than one thing. Whether that’s fBarbie & Eric Draven I don’t care. It’s not as unique as you believe.

No. 1192735

Some hair sperging from someone who knows what they're talking about: She should go for a bright auburn or a more brassy, bright blonde with no/less dimension, no balayage and all the shit she has going on, that just ages her and makes her look like a mom picking up her kids from school.
Maybe this is why her simps get so morally pious, her personality is that of a teenager yet she is sending out severe mom vibes with her image.
The pink she used to have suited her well.
She needs a new hairdresser since this type of style is totally unsuitable for both her online presence and her personality in general, it's obvious the hairdresser she goes to is used to doing mom hair and no other types of people.

No. 1192897

I wouldn't blame the hairdresser. Those stringy trailer park prom curls are what Heather insists on doing to herself so why would an unflattering dye job be any different? She's her own handicap and always has been.

No. 1192946

I Second this!

No. 1193121

File: 1616708001597.png (1.79 MB, 984x1726, 1616664041074.png)

She's losing it. Whatever's left.

No. 1193186

File: 1616712277897.png (3.06 MB, 1242x2208, C61E8422-7EA1-4285-AD3D-87BB88…)

Super hard to hear her pretend anyone wanted to have kids w her, too bad she deleted her receipts bc I’d love to see some proof on that Grammy Heather

No. 1193192

File: 1616713089514.png (2 MB, 750x1334, 0F0185B6-09AE-4117-84EB-83A09D…)

Haha. Loves it as long as it’s under the gloss of a filter.

Hag’s back in the stories saddle, which means all is well with the world. Today on Heather Explains…
>you won, my love quest is over
>I am going to be single forever
>you send me abusive messages calling me a whore
>well fuckin fine
>when I find the one you won’t say that
Contradicts herself in record time
Video cuts out mid rant
So, despite ‘coming to terms’ with being FoReVeR aLoNe…
>when I find the one you won’t be able to hold my you tube history over me
>when I find the one it’ll just be right and they won’t waste my time
>my love quest has been a giant fucking waste of time
>well fuck you too, I’m not going to be for people to like me, I’m not going to beg for love
Was offering to literally pay for a friend last week
>it will happen if it’s gonna happen but for now I want to put everything into my art
She’s really ramping up the I aM aN aRtiSts in the last week. What gives?
>so what are the positives?
>well, not being pressured to have children, which is WONDERFUL, because I don’t want to have children
>says it’s a real thing when chatting to guys and they ask what her life plans are
Kek so which is it? Guys are just fuckboys want to bone or they want you to be the mother of their kids?
>the right guy isn’t going to slut shame me and call me a whore for doing boudoir shots
>if anything he’s going to help me do those photos
>we’re gonna go on adventures together take photos together then lay in bed and look through our cameras together
>I still have that empty hair locket for someone so I can wear their hair round my neck every day

No. 1193269

what once was, what is, and what shall be, everlasting.

No. 1193271

God she is so crazy I just love her. So glad your back Hag! Every night when I come to check here for more crazy, you just make my nights!

No. 1193298

those glasses are so fucking tragic, especially with her new Disney Princess hair

No. 1193325

File: 1616724652276.png (1.32 MB, 864x1524, Screenshots_2021-03-25-22-10-0…)

Bitch, what hair? There's nothing left.

No. 1193326

File: 1616724700638.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x2560, 21-03-25-22-11-37-344_deco.jpg)

Oh god, the cringe!!

No. 1193328

narcissa wright vibes

No. 1193330


god damn she's crazy, I give it 2 weeks and there will be another Ryan

No. 1193400

File: 1616729802864.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 22B80E99-6743-4161-9AB8-E52696…)

But wait, it gets worse.

No. 1193413

File: 1616730769281.png (2.82 MB, 2048x2048, Hagchan.png)

Heather is just Chris-chan, but instead of a sonichu it's an empty hair locket.

She should try Chris' "Want woman" t-shirt technique.

No. 1193440

jesus anon, you really captured the naked desperation in her eyes

No. 1193532

File: 1616744906917.jpg (616.71 KB, 864x1524, MAKEUP_2021032609404506.jpg)

Ran this quickly through meitu and even this would be better

No. 1193902

Seconded, although I feel sorry about the time you spent doing this. The chin, also, immaculate. Kek.

No. 1193914

So she's turning to the comfort of creepy doll's now that she's abstaining from Ryan's?
God that's just creepy and disgusting

No. 1193944

You’re so right. If she had the balls to jump in and do something like this she would look 100% better. The battle with inner Karen is strong.

No. 1194040

Next thread pic

No. 1194293

File: 1616817229184.jpeg (283.12 KB, 750x1035, D1EF61F1-0DC7-440D-BEC9-BE8CA5…)

Thought she was wearing some sort of Victorian hood, then realised she’s just balancing a picture frame on her head.

No. 1195121

Posted and deleted a multi video rant, Heather Explains on how her Pc Sucks because Adam built it for her gaming phase, and she really needs a better one for her “photography career.” Says the iPad she has works but there’s no space left.
So she’s looking to upgrade to a MacBook. Then goes on to say it’s so expensive but she needs to treat herself to a new one.

No. 1195208

This only started caused she went to upgrade her phone and the shiny shiny caught her eye. She didn’t even realise how good the iPads had got until she peeped them in the shop. So, just another acquisition for no real reason.

No. 1195353

File: 1616903538571.png (492.75 KB, 532x744, art.png)

She’s quite clever. Boring the snot out of viewers for several minutes going on about her big changes in hardware while every couple of minutes offering reminders that she hasn’t yet gotten to her point.

Then she gets into how lonely she is, looking for someone to talk to, hang out…
>that’s why I end up rambling
>that’s how I’ve kind of ended up making an ass out of myself on IG
>every day
then becomes solemn and reflective in a softer voice as she looks away
>yes, that’s why I go on those rambles
>that’s why I post so much
>I just want to connect
Got that? She rambles and makes an ass out of herself to, um, connect with someone
>I’m lonely
>I’m trying to get used to lonely
goes on, lonely, single, not having anyone…
>okay, it’s bedtime

but wait! there’s more!

>no joke, I have a million ideas

face half covered bed vid

>just one more thing

complains about having to be her own model
>that’s really tough
she can’t wait to show everyone the creative image
>that’s been like locked away

>it’ll happen

>no time to be sad over like omg everybody fucking hates me

>omg I can’t get a bf
>like who the fuck cares

Nearly a quarter of an hour of this.

No. 1195358


This art seems even more brilliant now.

No. 1198358

File: 1617196101402.jpeg (2.28 MB, 1284x2246, 2C9377E5-EB3F-4233-ACA6-88F085…)

The prairie dress has finally made its appearance.

No. 1198373

Top notch christine-chan art drawanon, obv my nominee for next thread pic

No. 1198699

she tries so hard but just doesn't have it

No. 1198733

I can't get over how awful that dress is omg

No. 1198767

File: 1617225523040.jpeg (816.75 KB, 2048x2048, DEFA4636-9EC8-4451-B974-49A083…)

Fucking kek at Miss Havisham over here.
I think this might be her “breasts like daggers” moment.

No. 1198808

I like this photo. Grom the other one >>1198358 it looks like the dress would benefit from some kind of belt

No. 1198832

I’m fucking cackling holy shit

No. 1198912

File: 1617236178375.jpg (632.19 KB, 828x1121, IMG_5458.jpg)

This is giving me ChaseRyan and Nina vibes.

No. 1198932

Ayrt. Glad someone got it.

No. 1198947

this is horrifying. i know heather acts like she's the main character going through major drama, but the only movie about her life i can see being made is a b-rated horror flick where she is the subject of an urban legend that terrorizes all men of gothville, midwest. it starts with a tinder notification where the pic above is the first thing a victim sees. and then the stalking, crying, and ranting begins. every ryan gets woken up at 3 am with a thunderstorm wreaking havoc outside and heather calls crying and threatening and trying to lure the victim into her mom's house with the special killstar shirt she bought for her special boy… no ryan makes it out alive. or the ones that do become changed forever. sorry for this sperg, but this is all i can think about

No. 1198958

I was thinking the same thing!

No. 1198989

why do her hands look like they belong on a 90 yr old in these pics?

No. 1199097

That ring looks painful… what is happening to her hand here ??
Honestly I like this photo for the most part though. needs to learn to edit.

No. 1199198

I love that she’s taking 2003 deviant art pics in 2021.

No. 1199307

remember she bought multiple prairie dresses out of the blue for non existent friends to wear with her on a shooting right after e-begging

No. 1199336

Yes. Whilst holding chickens. Kek.

No. 1199347

File: 1617281737402.jpg (92.26 KB, 679x640, 7765478096.JPG)

and she offered to pay for friends. was this mystery person paid?

No. 1199412

It definitely wasn't that one girl friend she has, otherwise she would have mentioned her/shown her face. I'm guessing it was either a potential Ryan or one of those scrotes she occasionally takes pictures with.

No. 1199430

Needs a million pics WITH Heather in, not of the buildings or anything.

No. 1199472

File: 1617293662829.png (211.69 KB, 828x1792, 8C82B303-3230-4164-B907-58BCC0…)

No. 1199481

It has to be a potential Ryan. She likes to try to be secretive about Ryans until she traps them or they become fuck boys and she bashes them all over instagram.

No. 1199621

File: 1617304174151.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 03156548-E2B7-4E87-A056-4B323D…)

Holy fuck she’s trolling herself kek

No. 1199625

File: 1617304330359.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 1095A522-2FCE-40A1-8FB8-DEB2B0…)

Ahh I dunno, anon. Surely she’s learnt by now not to do this if there is a potential New Ryan? My guess is she took advantage of a friend zoner.

No. 1199656

inb4 “I’ve accepted that I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life” tomorrow

No. 1199668


The new dyejob totally makes her look more dateable. Imagine how terrible this photo would be if she wasn't a "blonde bombshell."

No. 1199677

i'd say she had witch hands but she'd probably like that. also kek @ "moderate"

No. 1199683

I have changed my mind. What is that one fat male friend with brown hair and glasses called? PapeRyan? We haven't heard about him for a while.

No. 1199689

File: 1617309194274.jpeg (97.22 KB, 750x289, 60FF4BD0-A08A-4D81-BBDA-A248E5…)

Hag succinctly summing up her entire ethos with this response…

No. 1199748

what does the moderate mean on that dating app?

No. 1199777

i believe it's her "political views," it's funny because she doesn't have any, no politics just ryans

No. 1199839

Gettin some real pixyteri doing her photoshoots vibes from her cringe pics of herself in a prairie dress.

No. 1199920

Like any right minded girl would want to introduce their normal guy friend to her? She really thinks she’s something special. No one is keeping you in mind.
Get a reality check, girl you are so desperate for that male attention. It is not attractive, you are not attractive.

No. 1200213

File: 1617363631846.png (3.88 MB, 750x1334, 61C4B8B1-A783-4B5C-9D98-BA40FC…)

>an eternal optimist

No. 1200283

kek, the Mother Bates look from Psycho really sells the caption

No. 1200293

So far I’ve had her pegged as Kathy Bates, Miss Havisham, and now we have Mother Bates. All accurate.

No. 1200321

Jesus Christ. Imagine you're a guy looking someone up before dating them (as you do) and you come across this. "WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE SECOND TO THE RYAN I HAVE IN MY HAED (WHO DOES NOT ACTUALLY EXIST)."

No wonder she can't find anyone. No sane person would want to put up with that, even some poor guywho wouldn't mind someone crazy and super-high maintenance (which nearly all men do not want someone crazy and high-maintenance, Heather. They want someone they can come home to and have a beer and a nice dinner and talk about their day, for the most part and maybe get laid). FFS

No. 1200675

Hey Heather….NEWS FLASH McGee, if you hadn't alienated all your friends, with your insanity, you'd still have friends. I was one of her Friends that she blocked when he broke up with Adam. She did a mass blocking spree when she left.

No. 1200707

Which Ryan does she mean as the one who got away? I assumed that the one who was also intoparanormal shit and exploring, but then I have no idea who was the Ryan that she was pining after instead.

No. 1200770

tbh y'all sound like terrible friends too. this entire board is sad and reeks of salty exes for some reason. always got a weird fuckin' vibe on this thread.

No. 1200784

>mfw your tagged post transports me to a thread about some kawaii/cute girl from 2014

No. 1201047

Has she turned a corner or this just another calm before another storm?

Not mentioned here in the three-day posting gap last week are the many video rants, comments and memes she posted and quickly deleted in that time. Maybe she had a tough time giving up that part of her persona. Granted she’s still spewing that lovelorn nonsense, but if this is part of a change to limit or ultimately end her perpetual crisis routine, good for her.

No. 1201065

It is a calm before the storm. She has been this person for years. She won't change. She just has moments of normalcy until a fuck boy fucks her over and she gets to be the victim again.

No. 1201081


Or she fucks them over with her insanity

No. 1201089

Anon, I saw them all but quite simply could not be fucked to comment or précis anything. There were some funny moments but it was basically the same old shit so guessed that everyone else was watching and thought the same.

Like >>1201065 I absolutely believe this is the latest calm before the storm. She’s trying her hardest to keep the crazy in, but it’s leaking out of her very pores. Kek. She always goes quiet every time there’s a potential New Ryan, so an explosion is due soon. Ryan related or just stir crazy explosion.

Also to add, >>1200707, this threw me as well. If the ‘wrong’ Ryan she was pining over caused her to lose the ‘right’ Ryan, is she referring to Ryan Z and the wrong and Damien as the right? Or vice versa? Or I am just totally misremembering?

No. 1201424

I noticed that Ryan Z’s gf writes her own poetry so tinfoil but I winder if that’s why she’s been so obsessed with antique books and maybe thinks Damian was “the one” and not Ryan Z

No. 1201494

File: 1617528901485.jpg (798.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210404-113307_You…)

Guess she's getting ready for her"youtube return" again.

No. 1201498

Sage for nitpick, but she has such a weird little hobbit body.

No. 1201503

She is very short. I personally don’t get why she always does the same pose for photos like this? For someone who wants to be a model soooo bad, she wouldn’t know her flattering angles if they smacked her in the face.

No. 1201556

Sorry for sperging but I can't stand her hair. She can't style it to save her life. Like why is half of it shoulder length and half of it long? And don't get me started on the way she curls it. Please Heather get a bob or a better stylist!

No. 1201683

i have the same garbage hair type as her & she needs to get all of it shoulder length AT MOST. otherwise it’s stringy and transparent. also dye it one color with a few babylights