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File: 1691559757352.jpeg (2.3 MB, 1880x1665, IMG_2795.jpeg)

No. 1878489

AKA Heather Sparkles / Heather Michelle / Heather Explores / Kitty Ravage

Previous Thread >>1834322

IG: @haunted_butterfly
@graydayscurio (online shop, still to take off)
@heather_explores (old account)
TT: @heather_explores
YT: heatherexplores19

Heather Steeles is a 33-year-old former retro toy collector/Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber reincarnated as a self-proclaimed spooky Victorian summer goth nice girl on an eternal quest for the Ryan of her otherworldly dreams. Her persecution complex, constant negativity, obsession with her "influencer" status on social media, and frantic love-bombing behavior shows no signs of slowing down.

All the “Ryans” in order:
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she was negative. Tried to lure him back by being negative on her instagram stories.
>Ryan 6: ChaseRyan. Dated for like 2 weeks LDR and were supposed to meet IRL but he changed his mind after he realised she’s batshit.
>Ryan 7: Femryan. Stated dating the second time they met irl. After multiple breakups, Heather decided to end things for good because he wanted to go to a party on Halloween instead of going to the cemetery like all of their other dates.
>Ryan 8: ChaseRyan round 2. They finally met in person but he was also seeing someone else and ultimately chose her instead.
>Ryan 9: CharmRyan/GhostRyan. He got the measure of Hag pretty quick, and confessed to ghosting her cause she was still using Tinder and living her life on social media.
>Ryan 10: BomberRyan, which sparked and fizzled within a week. >>1186214
>Ryan 11: OldRyan, ryanectomy performed in less than 48 hours of this one being on the scene.
>Ryan 12: Revengeryan / Ryanhumrevenge -@Rumhamrevenge, older alt photographer who's been hanging out with Heather. Not a true ryan because he's not a spoopy boy she wants to fuck, but comes in and out of the picture like the other ryans. Their relationship is weird and they've shared hotel rooms, but Heather doesn’t think he's a keeper for some reason. >>1288115, >>1288582, >>1289256
>Ryan 13: PapeRyan. An old friend who she lost touch with ‘because of muh stalkers’. 13, unlucky for some, certainly unlucky for him. It seemed like she had finally found a decent match but it lasted mere weeks, Hag blaming their break up on his religious beliefs.
>Ryan 14: BloodRyan aka Lurch. Heather met her match with this one- just as impulsive, insane, childish and melodramatic as she is. He promised the world, but after she quit her job and moved cities to be with him, he booted her out of his home after only a week…is he to blame? Is she? Heather claims the split was due to her plant collecting hobby, which Lurch was jealous of.
>Ryan 15: BrianRyan aka BRyan. After an initial pre-Christmas date, Hag was sneaking pics and declaring love for this new Ryan. Off-the-peg forest and sigil tattoos, painted nails, thinning hair and 2012 piercings. Heather refers to him as a "psycho" and claims she was too caught up in physical attraction to recognize his "toxic behavior."
>Ryan 16: ClockRyan. A resident of Long Island who she met over an app when he was visiting her area. She fell immediately in "love" and followed him back home, visiting NY with him over a weekend. He broke it off after about a week, apparently due to getting back with his ex.
>Ryan 17: BabyRyan. Met him on some dating app and he lived 2 hours away. Calls him her "baby boy." Dates him for a few weeks at most and manages to pull off a pregnancy scare in that time. BabyRyan breaks it off in response to the "accidental" scare.
>Ryan 18: AxeRyan. Heather matched with him on an app a year ago and forgot about him. She then matched with him again but offline about a month ago by attending the same spooky paranormal convention. He's a "Certified Paranormal Investigator" and is completely smitten by our summer goth princess.

In the last thread:
>Makes friends at Paracon >>1834391
>Complains about being sooooo isolated >>1835011
>Pride Month Advocate of the Year >>1835063
>Stupid handsome ClockRyan completely shattered her heart >>1835836
>Triggered by ClockRyan >>1836232
>Never talking about ClockRyan again by making a flurry of IG stories about him >>1836365, >>1836367, >>1836370, >>1836371, >>1836375, >>1836379, >>1836380
>Sharing her ClockRyan shrine progress >>1837152
>Our Victorian queen reminisces on ClockRyan's first red flag >>1837215
>"I'm so depressed, I'm gonna die alone. No one wants me because of my extreme alternative lifestyle." Yes, the extreme alternative lifestyle of going to Gettysburg, paranormal stuff, and antiquing while dressed in potato sacks. >>1837588, >>1837698
>Potato sack cosplay >>1837798
>Cries some more over ClockRyan >>1838515
>Still haunted by ClockRyan >>1838800
>Is "getting past the breakup situation" >>1839187
>Good riddance to Heather, ClockRyan finally blocks her >>839442
>A milky visit from ClockRyan's friend, Traffic Cone who was alerted to this thread by no other than ClockRyan himself >>1839490, >>1839490
>Heather finally moves on and gets herself a new date >>1840248
>Glad to be dumped by ClockRyan because the new date is a real keeper! >>1840769
>RealKeeper calls it quits after 1 date >>1840912
>"I'm always alone." >>1841623
>A wild NormieRyan appears!? >>1845488
>Etsy era forthcoming? >>1845492
>BabyRyan makes his debut with Heather recreating a photo she previously took with ClockRyan >>1848354
>Heather loves BabyRyan! >>1849633
>Submersible expert rescues us with her very important thoughts on the Titan tragedy >>1852023
>"I'm not crazy, I'm Heather, just accept it." >>1853227
>From BabyRyan to BabyDaddyRyan! Heather's pregnancy scare saga >>1853831
>Oops, bad news, turns out she just forgot when she has her period >>1855583
>BabyRyan escapes before there are any babies. Heather overshares about never using condoms with him >>1856546
>FYI I'm Single (Again) Era >>1856902, >>1857019, >>1857021
>Visits GhostRyan (RIP) >>1857130
> Overshares about the BabyRyan breakup and her pregnancy scare (again) >>1860756 >>1860757
>Summer goth >>1863316
>Goes to an event so spooky that she seemed to manage to make friends >>1865929
>"I promise I'm actually A very nice girl" >>1865932
>Taphophile community is taking away her Ryans >>1869486
>GooberGang era and AxeRyan teaser >>1872863
>Facebook AND lock-of-hair official with AxeRyan >>1873521, >>1875315
>Heather reflects on her fateful in-person meeting with AxeRyan by admitting that she originally passed on him online a year ago >>1875847
>Complains about losing "so many followers" when she literally only loses 5 followers >>1875847, >>1876938

No. 1878490

File: 1691560333602.jpeg (2.36 MB, 2615x1470, IMG_2798.jpeg)

It's almost like someone took an axe to her bumper. Wonder what she managed to hit.

No. 1878501

Reading the recap is a whirlwind. It's hard to believe she's managed this many ryans in just a month or two. I'm honestly shocked she hasn't had a real pregnancy scare yet considering her weird aversion to using condoms. Guess it helps that these guys aren't really getting laid elsewhere when it comes to the STD dangers at least.

No. 1878504

The way the plastic is pulled on the side looks like she pulled out (in reverse) too close to something and it caught and pulled her bumper partially off. All cars nowadays are mainly constructed with plastic so one everything breaks much easier as well. Honestly this happens to everyone at least once in their driving experience, it’s just usually done at a much younger age if that is what even happened.

No. 1878599

Thanks for the thread nonna, the recap is superb!
>he's coming up with a plan to repair this
This is really her ideal Ryan. She doesn't have to do a fucking thing, just fall asleep on the floor eating frozen junk food while everyone else does all the work.

No. 1878675

She has a pattern of manufacturing drama within a short time of "dating" a new Ryan (i.e. the fake baby scare). Wouldn't be surprised if she pulled up to a curb and did this herself bc he wasn't giving her enough attention.

No. 1878735

i like this ryan from what we've seen so far. i hope he sticks around longer than a week.

No. 1878835

RepairRyan must have a lot of patience. Or be a doormat.

No. 1878971

Nah, judging by how ugly he is, heather’s probably the first non greasyhaired white trash chick he’s ever pulled. He doesn’t know her yet. He’s in his “I’m so lucky” phase of dating someone visually out of his league. He’s trying to impress the cow.

No. 1879244

It's this, exactly. Heather is probably the hottest girl he ever pulled and he thinks he got lucky. Poor guy, like a lamb to the slaughter kek

No. 1879258

She will be moved in mooching off him soon enough. I kinda feel bad for him. Her “hotness” isn’t worth everything else.

No. 1879269

Men, or people in general, get what they deserve when they fuck a crazy person.

No. 1879424

File: 1691706955934.png (8.04 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3523.png)

I don’t think she’s into this current dude at all. A few days ago she was filming and quickly turned the camera away from him - different than how she tries to flaunt the other dudes

No. 1879467

I think you’re right. Also her eyes in these videos were psychoooo. She’s still thirst trapping, this isn’t gonna last. Sorry Halloween nonna, there’s still plenty of time for another.

No. 1879551

File: 1691722066980.jpeg (626.58 KB, 899x1592, IMG_2799.jpeg)

Well, they've already lasted nearly 2 weeks of being reciprocally Facebook-official with our friendless Heather meeting AxeRyan's GooberGang friends early on. Looks like none of this raised any red flags given that AxeRyan STILL wants to spend the entire upcoming weekend with her. I agree that they seem perfect for each other. I hope she keeps him with a spooky baby announcement.

No. 1879583

This is coded as "I don't find him attractive but he gives me the attention I want".
She also hasn't said "I love you" publicly either.

No. 1879602

File: 1691734826661.jpeg (235.81 KB, 1080x1919, IMG_2810.jpeg)

She's already making it sound like she could never find herself a boyfriend before him.

No. 1879629

I cannot keep up with this bitch. She has a new date every week. Is she fucking everyone in her state daily or what? It's like she goes to work but then goes right home to be addicted to her dating apps and fuck every guy on the first date.

No. 1879651

File: 1691752262317.jpg (246.07 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20230811-121150_Ins…)

Heather should date this guy if the current Ryan fails.

No. 1879652

He’s gay and has a boyfriend anon

No. 1879667

I mean, he’s goofy looking, but imo LurchRyan was much uglier

No. 1879694

In this pic he actually looks cute in a goober kind of way. Endearing actually. He seems very sweet on her and I hope she doesn't just rip him to shreds. He might be too good for her.

No. 1879708

>everyone said
Literally bitch WHO?

No. 1879726

File: 1691766519406.png (153.94 KB, 400x287, Sully and Mike on MagCover.png)

I like how she always sounds like she's giving a reflective interview about a man she met on a reality show where she conveniently retells her backstory every time she speaks for exposition and soundbyte purposes, she is definitely running her own one-woman dating show via Instagram
Also the sticker right over his face kek

No. 1879736

I agree LurchRyan was ugly. There's just a tone to Heather's posts about this guy that lacks the usual crazy obsession she usually expresses.

But this is making me think I was too soon to judge lol

No. 1879742

I know she's emotionally stunted but she just doesn't sound like she cares at all. Calling him "this one" doesn't help.

No. 1879747

This is 100% Adam 2.0 - even her saying she chased after guys for the wrong reasons (and it’s always been about her 9th grade crushing on them over their spoopy bs or looks/aesthetic) implies she thinks this guy isn’t attractive but he treats her well. I predict she keeps her dating aps and cheats on him or just breaks up for an “upgrade”. No guy that’s ever shown interest in this psycho lasted long.

No. 1879879

The way she eye-fucked the camera was absolutely psycho and horrible, all these videos with her "crying make-up" and having the same smile at the same minute, very cringe. I'm Halloween nonna and we have 81 days to go, so 11 1/2 weeks. For me it feels like she might have realised that he is the "best" she can get in the near future and sure, he isn't attractive, but Lurch was uglier and her new Ryan is around when she needs him. Honestly, I think she will fuck it up around mid September or after this weekend. I still hope that she is taking things "slow" this time and maybe this will last longer than a month.

No. 1879909

Don't lose hope, halloween nona!

No. 1880011

Snagged him at a con but we saw she was ghosted by a guy off a dating site days later. She's settling.

No. 1880058

Didn't expect to actually feel a little bad for one of her Ryans tbh. This guy seems absolutely smitten with her, but she's calling him "this one" instead of "the one" like she usually does. She only talks about what he does for her, not who he is. And she intentionally covers his face or obscures him? Poor gooberRyan is on a fast track to heartbreak. He might last a while though considering how much he seems to baby her, how she's banned from multiple dating apps now, and how she's ran through a large portion of available men that meet her standards in her area. Her options are getting limited.

No. 1880060

>she's calling him "this one" instead of "the one" like she usually does
that's a good thing. she's changing. the results will be different this time.

No. 1880064

Ehhhhhh. Idk. My bets are she's still on dating sites. If she isn't she's realizing he's useful and sweet. He seems very nice. But I bet she's not fully happy because he's not a spooky boi to her standards.

No. 1880088

File: 1691810616478.jpg (349.41 KB, 1080x1919, history is now hagstory.JPG)

Now she's not just retelling the story but also sneakily changing the details of how they initially met. First she said they matched on a "dating app" but now it's just some fateful Facebook connection stemming from her need for friends and totally not from her obsession with finding a new Ryan.

Tbh this event would've been the perfect time for AxeRyan to swoop in as her saviour from heartbreak.

Sounds like Facebook Dating was one of the last few places she could go to. I don't know how it works but I would assume her updated relationship status might not be a very good sell in a slim-to-none remaining pool of Ryans. At the same time, the fact that Heather's photo from their seemingly meaningful in-person encounter only includes herself does not bode well for this Ryan or Halloween nona. She's working overtime to convince herself why she's with him instead of the regular love-bombing.

No. 1880112

the dress is giving bridesmaid, the weird fishnet and unflattering mid-calf boot is just giving unfortunate. It's crazy how bad she is at dressing herself still.

No. 1880118


ok, yikes at all of this. "couldn't deny the fun energy" and "he understood things that others didn't care for" is hardcore friendzone language. not how you talk about your one true love. i feel genuinely sorry for this weird dude. i'd bet every dime to my name that she is still scrolling dating apps looking for her next kill. she's addicted to this little game she's created now and she's not going to let some guy's obsession with her get in the way of that!

No. 1880166

i think it's good that she's starting the relationship off slowly and having a basis of friendship. it's way better than what she usually does, saying she loves men after knowing them for one day. this thread always gets after her for doing that but when she does the opposite multiple people think it's somehow also bad?

No. 1880201

I guess many here think that her behaviour is just fake and she settled for him while still looking for something better. I hope that it's not the case as this is the first Ryan I've encountered that I would say is a good catch for her and that doesn't seem to treat her like a fast way to have sex. Maybe she really changed a bit, I fear she didn't, but we will have to wait and see.

No. 1880217

It's bad because she's not into him. She just likes the way he treats her and lowkey takes advantage of him.

No. 1880257

Not very firmly, either. This feels more restrained and scripted than usual. New Ryan in time for Halloween?

No. 1880272

One hundred percent this. It's astounding to see so many people think she's changed and is maturing. She's literally done no work to change or mature. From the way she twists things to fit her own narratives she will never change. This dude is good enough for now because they share a couple common interests and he's nice to her and we all know she hates being single more than anything in the world because she's announced it a thousand times in between ryans. Y'all can keep hoping but Heather's gonna Heather.

No. 1880365

Agreed. PapeRyan was the same, shared interests and very kind to her, but she moved on because she thought she could do better. This is that all over again. The guys she's obsessed with dump her, and she dumps the guys who genuinely like her. The common factor is that regardless, the relationship doesn't last.

No. 1880401

People should not feel bad for AxeRyan. He has been following Heather on social media for at least a year and has seen her unhinged posts including her pregnancy scare. He knows what he is getting into.

No. 1880405

Common, with her level of craziness, she most likely hides certain stories from certain people

No. 1880943

I agree, being crazy attracted to and obsessed with someone right off the bat is ironically a recipe for failure, whereas dating someone you’re kinda into but not head over heels for actually gives the relationship a chance to grow into something. If Heather were a normal person I’d applaud her for the new approach. She is not a normal person, and I’m sure she’s bored by the lack of drama and ready to bail at a moment’s notice.

No. 1881048

File: 1691959954704.jpg (3.03 MB, 1365x2419, romantic date weekend.jpg)

Agreed. I was rooting for them at the start but now she's been posting a lot of stories from going antiquing this weekend, all without managing to mention AxeRyan. Not only is he her willing photographer, he's also the one driving her around and enabling one of her favourite hobbies. The fact that she's more excited to post about materialistic things and herself instead of her catch of a relationship does make it seem like she's already either bored of him or thinks he's ugly.

No. 1881200

She’s just jealous of Ryan Z’s gf so she settled for any ghost hunter and started investigating her room. Let’s be real lmao. Dunno if other nonnies watch his channel but his gf has been in a bunch of his videos recently.

No. 1881225

He’s taking photos of her for her next dating profile lmao

No. 1881227

I love antiques and appreciate really old things too but I swear she buys the ugliest shit. Every time. Drives me crazy.

No. 1881231

File: 1691985957372.png (861.12 KB, 612x868, Screen Shot 2023-08-13 at 10.0…)

what is his channel name?

AxeRyan made a small appearance in her instastories. pic rel kek.

No. 1881236

Not a single hand holding pic?! Warning, this relationship will self destruct in 3..2..1..

No. 1881361

He won't be around long enough to make it to the spiral staircase.

No. 1881407

My tinfoil is that he is absolutely into her, but not into being posted on social media all the time. He probably limits his selfies and being posted. (Self esteem and privacy) She has to reproach how she “expresses” her love for him, and doesnt get to show him off. It totally would throw her off, but not necessarily mean a breakup. Shes got her own camera man, who isnt desperate for online attention from other women… sounds like the proper fit to me.

No. 1881578

File: 1692045541721.jpeg (337.06 KB, 1179x865, IMG_5943.jpeg)

She posts way more about him and their adventures on Facebook.

No. 1881588

>ate together in my car
>spoiled like this
why would you eat in your car and think that this is anything close to being spoiled? If all the stuff she has written so far about AxeRyan is true, she should keep him. I'm on board with nonas idea >>1881407 that he just doesn't like to be on display all the time and therefore there are little pictures of them together. And she will love for him being around and taking all the pictures of her, giving her all the attention she always wanted. I wouldn't even say that he is more ugly than she is, for me, they fit together perfectly and I hope we have some weeks without her "I'm so alone, everyone hates me, everyone wants to destroy my life" bullshit.

No. 1881598

Ah this is cute
She spends a lot of time in her car, eating, crying etc so it's him joining her in her habit basically.
So glad she finally has a guy to match her level of neediness, I think a lot of the BPD spiraling we see is because she gets anxious and lets her feelings snowball, he seems to be able to keep that in check by basically attending to her needs in a way where she doesn't end up anxious/thirstposting/attentionseeking/showing off/mad declarations and so on. This might actually last.

No. 1881646

Oh jeeze I was wondering when she'd make it over to The Dark Parlour in York. They have monthly events that bring alternative people together. She's been bitching and moaning for so long about how there are no goth things to do in Central pa and there are so many neat things happening all around her!

No. 1881672

Even if he is ultra needy and a clinger, gdi Heather do not fuck this up. He does seem genuinely sweet.

No. 1881869

Can't say something nice about AxeRyan without making it about other dudes.

No. 1882726

No highlight gallery on Instagram with pics of new Ryan and her together.
No actual public posts of new Ryan anywhere.
Relationship status isn't on front FB page.
No Instagram lives from her car even talking about new Ryan.
She's not flaunting this Ryan bc she's just not that into him.

No. 1882777

it's probably that and maybe AxeRyan really doesn't like to be in the spotlight all the time and told her that. There are people that dislike being posted on Instagram every second of the day. At least we don't have to observe her daily mental breakdowns anymore, until they break up and then the cycle starts again.

No. 1882930

Even if he didn’t like his pictures posted, surely she’d be mentioning him and showing pictures of his shoes or holding her hand. I feel like she likes him, but he’s absolutely a place holder.

No. 1883207

File: 1692284393525.jpg (112.62 KB, 410x728, not.jpg)

Has she always claimed to have ADHD? I don't recall hearing that before.

No. 1883220

Cant wait to see Heather in 10 years, on an episode of hoarders sPoOKy eDiTiON.
It will be on just in time for halloween!
She throws away and donates every item that has to do with an ex love of hers. But can she truly let go?

No. 1883226

Since when is being a human magpie a symptom of ADHD?
To answer your question, yes, she has claimed to have it before. She partially credits ADHD for why she can't read a book or watch a movie (the other reason being that she's "too real" for fictional media, of course).

No. 1883270

She also blamed ripping her bumper off her car on ADHD.

No. 1883292

How come she knows she suffers from ADHD but doesn't realize she's textbook BPD as well?

No. 1883300

In my experience, people are willing to share their diagnoses that are having a ‘moment’, used to be depression and anxiety, now it’s ADHD and autism—but they tend to be ashamed of their real problems and keep those close to the chest. ADHD is a trendy, handy excuse (for many) for being a useless ditz. BPD is unsexy and doesn’t carry social clout.

No. 1883310

Isn't this the bits of junk that she cried about collecting with train Ryan? The owl statue is also giving shrine vibes.

No. 1883546

Imo the flaunting is actually an anxious attention seeking behaviour, trying to show the moid she's serious and get a reaction from him. She doesn't need to go that far with this one because he reacts to whatever she's saying to him (e.g. help me with my car, I'm all alone at lunch, etc) before it gets to that point. I don't think she was expressing pride but rather using socia media as an outlet to demand attention when asking for it directly didn't work. Also Lurch was worse looking than this guy so I don't think it's that.

No. 1883862

Lurch was definitely uglier, but he was also covered in tattoos and had a well-reviewed solo metal project, so he was "cooler" and "edgier" than AxeRyan. Those things go a long way when it comes to attraction.

No. 1884065

File: 1692399660064.jpg (86.52 KB, 720x1280, A5461021C7A6EB40212CBAB4BCA6A7…)

Here's a new one for you nonnies. Looks like she's decided to claim autism along with ADHD all of a sudden.

No. 1884113

since when is being prepared an autism or adhd thing

No. 1884119

File: 1692406205780.jpeg (970.73 KB, 828x1102, IMG_2516.jpeg)

I wonder if Brady has autism, he definitely has that look about him

No. 1884126

He genuinely looks disabled I actually feel kinda bad

No. 1884130

File: 1692407684852.jpeg (512.54 KB, 828x804, IMG_2515.jpeg)

His teeth are fucking awful too, I don’t blame Heather for not wanting to show him on social media. She’s way out of his league and she’s nothing special

No. 1884141

As long as he’s a nice person I don’t think we should judge him on looks alone he has a big friendly smile on his face most of the time hopefully he can stop heather being so miserable all the time

No. 1884157

He seems like a nice guy and isn't ugly to me, none of her moids are my type (except maybe femryan roast me girls) so objectively he's fine as far as I'm concerned

No. 1884165

File: 1692412453109.jpg (290.8 KB, 1080x1919, how many more ryans before she…)

I still don't think she's that happy based on what she just shared in her stories.

No. 1884173

I agree, and he seemed pleasant in that initial clip she posted of him at the restaurant with his friends. If he's kind and stable and non-dramatic, I'm rooting for him.

No. 1884206

nonna honestly- he's not missing teeth, he just has malocclusion. braces cost a fortune, sometimes up to 10k, and a set of 6 front crowns can cost almost as much. find something else to nitpick.

No. 1884240

If Heather knew how to style herself and didn't look like some middle aged church mom wearing her walmart bought sunday best, she might be out of his league. Honestly though, I feel like they really match each other if anything. Typical looking small town couple. Also, even if he's kind of ugly, he seems unusually good to her? I usually don't cape for scrotes, but with Heather's track record she'd be smart to keep this one around unless she really misses all her "I'm too weird for love!" melodrama.

No. 1884402


It's not like he had a sugar daddy to give him dental insurance and pay for his braces/new teeth like someone else around here…

No. 1884428

>if he’s kind and stable and non-dramatic
I think we have found out why Camel isn’t that into him
it can’t be the looks, he looks much better than LurchRyan

No. 1884479

He really does seem like a genuinely sweet dude. You can usually tell by candids and he's definitely trying his best to be chivalrous based on Heather's limited posting. Let's just hope he's not a m'lady type guy. I predict his sweet, caring and fairly healthy approach to this relationship is going to turn her off and not be "dark" enough for her.

No. 1884709

that's just what guys from central PA look like.

No. 1884843


Trust no scrote. He looks like the missing link and he's from central PA, so I guarantee that he's still a virgin (from that area, either Amish or Quaker school or upbringing, sexless and repressed either way) and is kissing her ass because he sees her as his ticket to actually getting his dick touched for once in his life. Once she puts out - which she'll do right off the bat bc it's Heather and she's desperate to have a scrote give her attention - he'll start ramping up the abusive/controlling behaviors. Heather massively projects insecurity, desperation, and naivety, which scrotes are only attracted to because they're traits that scream "I'm easy to trap and manipulate."

No. 1884917

I might agree with you, except the major flaw in your argument is that literally no man wants to stay with her longer than a month or two, tops. Lurch was her longest since her husband, and that was only three months. Even stronger than insecurity, Heather projects absolute unhinged bunnyboiler energy.

No. 1884922

File: 1692512707153.png (497.39 KB, 526x564, hc.png)

Is this the first official picture of the happy couple?

No. 1884965

They're a looksmatch I guess

No. 1885077

File: 1692541045889.jpg (184.98 KB, 1440x1171, daf1f2649355be9331949d800b7926…)

he kinda look like steven bonnet from outlander in this

No. 1885094

Total Adam vibes man. If this does last it's going to end exactly how Adam did. I predict that it'll follow that path. She's going to mooch, feed off of him and use him till he's dry and then slap him with abuse accusations and beg for everyone fund her godund me to get out of the relationship.

Or maybe we are wrong. They do have matching forehead synergy.

No. 1885155

It's wild to see someone tinfoiling that the person next to Heather is going to be the crazy one here.
The (other) major flaw in their argument is that it sounds like they'd be putting exactly the same take on literally any guy she got with. They're not paying any attention to who he seems to be, they're just seeing 'male' and deciding it must be Onision or something

No. 1885488

0 chance he's a virgin since Heather has made it clear she rawdogs her boyfriends, also he seems quite social so it's likely he's had girlfriends before. You're trying too hard to find a problem, like how is he a paranormal investigator but also Amish tf

No. 1885584

She even turned her head in the opposite direction from the usual for a photo. True love will find a way!

No. 1885602

If anything he seems like a people pleaser, possibly to the point of being a doormat. If anyone is going to get ugly here, it's hag. I think >>1885094 has it right.

No. 1885837

Who wants to make a bet? I'll wager a drink of choice that this Amish-ass-looking autist will troon out as soon as Heather gets pregaganent with his defective offspring.

Provided they last long enough for a menstrual cycle or two.

No. 1885866

File: 1692647146460.jpeg (542.98 KB, 1179x1237, IMG_6075.jpeg)

I give it 5 days.

No. 1885897

This whole thing is just riddled with bullshit.

No. 1885909

Yea she didn't lose 70 pounds and she did not look sexy and glowing. She was still refrigerator shaped and it's her clothing style. Nothing wrong with being a little plump, but she's far from curvy and her body shape honestly just doesn't look good in her choice of clothing. She just wants to thirst trap people with push up bras and filters.

No. 1885950

70 days until Halloween.
This is holding longer than we expected, maybe we will be lucky, as this guy seriously lacks a backbone and seems to enjoy being her prisoner.

isn't she like 5ft? Would guess she is maybe around 145lbs at maximum? So, 70lbs would mean she was 75 lbs, that would be a BMI of 14.6… sure, Heather, sure. Next mental illness will be an eating disorder. I really can't wait for her "cooking" pictures, kek.

No. 1886011

File: 1692662755595.jpeg (382.9 KB, 828x1422, IMG_2564.jpeg)

Seems like the relationship is going well

No. 1886727

File: 1692769118856.jpg (130.83 KB, 1080x1919, someone.JPG)

It keeps getting better. Here's her latest story. She's already pining for someryan who wants to stockpile ammo and run around like a retard instead.

No. 1886737

Stockpile ammo and homeschool their kids??? Heather's a lot of things, but I never guessed she was a Ruby Ridge type. How is she going to buy plastic Halloween tat when she's living off the grid with her chickens and her white separatist husband?
Also, "someone"? Has the relationship with AxeRyan quietly fizzled?

No. 1886836

File: 1692793008669.jpeg (288.63 KB, 1179x759, IMG_6130.jpeg)

Yes. Heather. It’s not socially acceptable to want kids anymore. What a dumbass.

No. 1886838

I love her theatrics so much.

No. 1886839

This reminds me of PT's rants lol she cares so much about what other people think.

No. 1886842

That stockpile ammo and homeschool your kids, like does she wanna join a cult and live in a bunker? Because that sounds like a paranoid trad doomer's ideal.
Maybe she's starting to nag him for a baby already and he's rightfully getting spooked, she really has a way with men

No. 1886853

>due to my health issues
yeah, your mental health issues

No. 1886862

People will do absolutely fucking anything except pick up a weight and do work.

No. 1887322


come to terms with the "Fact" that it'll "never" happen due to health issues…. but you believed you were pregnant like 30 days ago, i'm confused

No. 1887635


I think >>1886842 is right that she started up with the baby talk and he's spooked. But her crying about not being able to have children is a red flag that she's trying to convince him that a condom isn't necessary since she "can't have children." She's established that she is hypersexual and does not use protection, so I'm tinfoiling this is how she's going to trap him. Spooky Halloween Miracle Baby Announcement arc? Grim.

No. 1887663

I don't think she even wants to trap this one. She hardly mentions him.

No. 1887752

I agree with all of that. I do have a feeling this Ryan has found these threads and is approaching dating Heather with more trepidation than we normally see. Especially if they've known each other for awhile, 100% he's Googled her. I wonder what Pregnant Heather would be like though kek.

No. 1887803

The baby obsession makes me think she's not over BabyRyan yet. I don't think it has anything to do with the current Ryan.

No. 1888097

File: 1692973560526.jpg (210.85 KB, 1080x1919, itsnotmilkybutitsmilk.jpg)

I know it's shitty to nitpick food but wtf is this. A bowl of milk? Did she just empty the whole container into a dish and let it melt? I'm honestly intrigued.

No. 1888098

Dude she needs to learn portion control. If she's going vegan to lose weight she needs to understand that something that amount isn't good for you. Unless it's the only thing she's eaten all day. Also it certainly looks vegan by unappetizing it looks.

No. 1888101

this is a thing, microwaving ice cream and eating it in this state
sometimes they pour milk over it for even more soupiness
fat YouTuber Amberlynn Reid does the same

No. 1888106

But she added walnuts… health!

No. 1888181

Heather would be the type of person to go vegan and not touch a vegetable

No. 1888188

Literal baby vomit

No. 1888436

File: 1693012559233.jpg (1014.22 KB, 1352x2402, uh oh.jpg)

ADHD queen with gross feet has had a mechanic Ryan for nearly a month now but still isn't sure if he's accepting of her true cemetery-loving self.

No. 1888451

The fuck?! What kind of relationship dynamic is this? I'm so confused. This isn't like her at all.

No. 1888455

File: 1693014780817.jpeg (274.84 KB, 1080x1919, IMG_2898.jpeg)

She knows. She already deleted all of the AMA stories.

No. 1888457

File: 1693014991311.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1179x1955, IMG_6159.jpeg)

And this one on her FB. Seems like she’s desperate for his attention?

No. 1888458

She needs a NurseRyan to tend to her in bed.

No. 1888463

Let us know if AxeRyan reacts to this post

No. 1888470

?? Didn't they meet through a paranormal society or whatever? He's still not sp00py enough for her? It does feel like she's happy to have someone to call "boyfriend" again but I'm not used to her being so… not manic about a guy.

No. 1888475

File: 1693017707624.jpg (164.2 KB, 1080x1919, download.jpg)

Seems like she's quite miserable with him if she still decided to leave this sadpost on her story.

No. 1888488

Idk she still seems pretty manic to me. I don’t really get the nonnas claiming she isn’t into this guy. She’s still doing the daily “muh boyfriend” rants, the baby trapping posts, dunking on the haterz for saying she was too spOoKy to get a boyfriend etc. I also don’t understand the anons saying this guy will stick around. None of them do, because the men don’t matter. Heather is the main character of her own story. The fact he’s unattractive doesn’t matter either, she rarely goes for attractive guys because who cares? They’re all interchangeable. Heather is the only person who matters in Heather’s world.

No. 1888545

I think because she's being normal and not posting weird declarations like I waited my whole life for you and all the usual shit she wheels out for guys she met that week, it's basically a perfectly normal relationship and she has nothing to be insane about for once.

No. 1888693

Why the fuck is this niggas skin pink(racebaiting autism)

No. 1888714

>painful and unattractive
What on earth kek maybe don’t wear fake leather boots all summer. Something tells me even basic self care is lost on Heather.

No. 1888755

I have to agree with the nonas who think shes not that into this guy. She's still thirst trapping, shes still sadgirl posting, no giddy cemetary pics with hEr PeRsOn. I think this guy is too nice and she's bored. She thrives off drama and will create it out of thin air.

No. 1888776

The lack of cemetery pics astound me. They've been dating, what, at least 3 weeks? With other Ryans, we were getting cemetery photoshoots dropped right away. Her and AxeRyan got together at a ~spoopy~ meetup, so what gives?

No. 1888779

Just correcting myself, it's been 4 weeks. Damn Heather.

No. 1888792

Right! Its her only interest besides antiquing. He's also not on her grid and she hasn't made any "I'm taken, sorry fellas" posts. She's still baiting looking for "someone" to live off the grid with and someone to be her nurse. I feel bad for this dude.

No. 1888820

I feel bad for him too. He seems helpful and nice and it looks like she’s just using him for handiwork. We didn’t even get a spiral staircase hands holding picture. This is not true love.

No. 1888925

File: 1693092757394.jpg (107.11 KB, 1080x527, Screenshot_20230826_193455_Fac…)

Guess it didn't work

No. 1888932

God she’s so fucking annoying and will never be satisfied, always complaining about something and self sabotaging, she really just deserves to be alone.

No. 1888939

This was the friendliest Ryan I've witnessed here so far and she fucked it up already? How horrible do you have to be to scare away a doormat?
On the other side, I hope she keeps up that behaviour until she reached her menopause and can't get children anymore, I would hate for any child to have her as a mother.

No. 1888947

accepts loneliness
48 hours later
"Anyone need a big titty goth gf with a shopping addiction?"
Calling it now

No. 1888967

what the hell did she do this time.

No. 1888977

She really sucks as an individual. Surprised at this point she isn't suicidal. She can't keep an ugly dude to stay with her.

No. 1888980

for some reason, this smacks of her dumping him instead of the other way around

I'd put money on she never was into him, dumped him, and is now playing the "forever alone" card

No. 1888989

Fucking this. Unless he wasn't as much of a doormat as we believed him to be and didn't take her crazy antics. If AxeRyan has enough self respect to dump her ass then she's fucked. Only the worst possible psycho would MAYBE be willing to stay with her. But… I'm inclined to believe she dumped him. Just not woefully pretty enough I guess.

No. 1888991

File: 1693102145919.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1179x1850, IMG_6171.jpeg)

Here we go. His interests are creeping in. She even mentioned in her stories she’s not “copying” his interests. And somehow blamed her self diagnosed, unmedicated ADHD.

No. 1888993

Shame it's been cut off so quickly

No. 1889008

File: 1693106508280.jpg (862.47 KB, 1079x1333, Screenshot_20230826_232257_Sam…)

You literally don't need to announce anything. No one asked.

No. 1889009

Sorry Halloween nonnie! You still have 2 months.

No. 1889012

Plenty of time. I want nothing but good things for Halloween nona. We'll get another pregnancy scare by Thanksgiving

No. 1889024

i'm only a casual glancer at these threads, but what really freaks me out is that she's pretty good looking, especially by moid standards, so there must be something seriously wrong with her if she can't find a single moid who can tolerate her

No. 1889029

This bitch is constantly saying she's
>come to terms with
or has
>come to accept that
and yet she never can seem to drop the subjects. It's rapidly becoming my #1 pet peeve with regards to her. I know it's a nitpick but phrases have meaning, Heather.

No. 1889047

File: 1693114868135.png (1.92 MB, 1044x1909, Screenshot_20230827-013954~2.p…)

Yeah okay Heather and nice try already showing off your typical thirst trap pictures while stating you're single. You really waste no time with the Ryan hunting.

No. 1889049

Can't wait for her to vague post about what scared off this ryan.

No. 1889052

File: 1693115442793.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20230827-014934~2.p…)

Just 6 days ago they seemed okay.

No. 1889053

File: 1693115488325.png (179.29 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20230827-014945.png)

Heather's reply kek.

No. 1889055

My money’s on the baby obsession being the final nail in the coffin. But I don’t get why she wanted to get pregnant by some guy she never really seemed that into? It’s like some weird sad grey area between a one-night stand at a club and an actual committed relationship.

No. 1889061

I wouldn't be surprised if she started a fight because he wanted to hang out with his friends for a night or was too tired to go antiquing all day. She lays it on very thick when she doesn't get her way.

Then again, I'm convinced every ryan that gets posted here probably gets a DM with the thread link from some vendetta-chan. Since he seems to have a decent job and a fairly normal disposition I imagine he would get spooked seeing all his info here.

No. 1889081

God, how many Ryans have we been through just this year? Five? I don't know how she's going to keep finding new Ryans at this point, her reputation has to be spreading beyond just the internet at this point.

It's always wild to me when nonnas think she's attractive, but maybe I've just been in these threads for too long and I can only see the crazy now.

No. 1889094

>We didn’t even get a spiral staircase hands holding picture. This is not true love.
ily nonnas
My bet is he was busy this weekend, she has dumped guys before for not prioritising her every day of their lives (femryan being the notable one for attending a halloween party without her)
There wasn't any build up to it, just an "I'm sick owo" story so I don't think anything actually happened.

No. 1889107

When some women in that age want a baby it becomes obsessive, they don’t really care who gets them pregnant. It’s why sperm banks are popular. It’s just about a baby.

No. 1889122

I'm very hopeful that she will fulfil my wishes and we get some Halloween graveyard milk with a ZombieRyan. She kept AxeRyan for 4 weeks, so she can do that again in October.

I somehow feel that the baby talk bullshit scared him away or he just told her that they are so early in their relationship that he doesn't know if he wants children with her and so she broke it off.

for me, she doesn't look attractive because there is something "wrong" with her face. She might be good looking for others by beauty standards but even as I didn't follow these threads I felt that she is unattractive because she felt insufferable and psychotic to me. But I have a thing where I look at people and can see the "crazy" immediately. But nonna >>1889024 is right, most men wouldn't mind her being a little bit crazy, because for them she probably looks very nice and she offers sex right away. So there is something seriously wrong with her if even the ugliest men won't stay around.

No. 1889140

I think her conventional attractiveness goes completely to her head. That, and she literally doesn't think anything wrong with her. Kinda hope her insecurities bubble to the surface and she butchers her face through plastic surgery so her outside ugliness matches the inside

No. 1889157


She is so not attractive. Half of her photos are nothing but filters and editing. The only thing that catches people's attention is her boobs. Because she just shoved them in every picture possible. I mean to each their own but if I saw her I'd turn tail and not make eye contact because she looks too much like a Karen and I don't got time for that.

I'm glad this didn't work out for her. Unfortunately from what I've witnessed she deserves to be miserable and single. But what urks me is how there's no change. She's been like this since 2009 and even with these threads dating back to what? 4 years ago? She's still the same. It's entertaining tho.

No. 1889185

The performative selfies with a tearstained face are all I need to know that this is all about drama and has nothing to do with genuine feelings. God, she's so shallow.

No. 1889189

I mean, she looks okay. The Bugs Bunny effect is strong in moids (anything with long blond hair = super hot, even if it’s a rabbit in a wig), so.

No. 1889214

She deleted her posts about being single from her stories.

No. 1889217

Probably he found her thread.

No. 1889285

I hope either AxeRyan or a friend of his participates like TrainRyan’s friend to explain what happened. I always enjoy hearing their sides, even though it’s basically the same story every time.

No. 1889388

They probably made up.

No. 1889498

Maybe he apologized for being busy over the weekend and not throwing all his plans out the window because she was pretending to be super sick.

No. 1889538

File: 1693223819809.jpeg (285.3 KB, 1179x1473, IMG_6187.jpeg)

They did. It said single allllll day and overnight it changed to this.

No. 1889541

So he actually IS a doormat then. Pathetic.

No. 1889590

She needs therapy so bad it’s insane. How can someone her age be mainlining this BPD push-pull scheme still? A toxic on-again-off-again relationship is a worse outcome than the two-week whirlwind romances. He’s going to doormat himself into some intense resentment and she’s going to get her feelings actually hurt for real.

No. 1889624

File: 1693237535489.jpg (424.13 KB, 2405x1091, 1 month old selfie.jpg)

I love the goobers in the background from the turnpike adventure and straw-wrapper-flinging-dinner-with-the-boys day that was now a month ago.

No. 1889628

File: 1693237846698.png (371.57 KB, 924x946, Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 9.52…)

He's a loser

No. 1889632

This is trash. Shocked Heather even has sense to tell him to delete it.

No. 1889646

Jesus. She deserves this redneck loser, and she’s the perfect drama queen nobody for him.

No. 1889655

Imagine bragging that you're locked down to Heather.

Oh fuck him. What a complete dick.

No. 1889657

WOW this shit is appalling. Heather had a talent for finding guys who flirt with racism, huh.

No. 1889685

Its not really a funny meme but are you pearl-clutching zoomers lost or something? I think it’s hilarious that she’s now on this weird tradgoth love quest and keeps running into this type of rightoid, but actually getting worked up over a meme is pathetic.(crybabby wk)

No. 1889687

Oh get bent you overly sensitive permanently offended sped.(unsaged, infighting, sensitive)

No. 1889701

Welcome to the new LC, unfortunately. It's a typical facebook boomer meme. But twitterfags gonna twit.

No. 1889707

Yikes, so this new hillbilly ryan is a racist? Fingers crossed her "health problems" truly do keep her from procreating with this loser.

No. 1889744

This thread smells like Central PA yinzer scrote.

No. 1889745

Cope, I’ve probably posted here longer than you.

Its sad, I only come back to check on a few cows these days, should’ve known when someone got banned for saying nigga upthread (lmao) that the laughs are behind us and we’re just twitter now

No. 1889749

Oh boo hoo bitch, no1curr how long you've been here. Go defend retarded moid "humor" somewhere else.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1889750

I will, enjoy your dying website. I’ll take my ban now.

No. 1889766

It’s embarrassing for a 30-something to be posting racist memes that only 15 year old boys would find funny. At best he’s an immature and “anti-woke” retard somehow sheltered from the prevailing narrative “racism is bad” of the past two decades and at worst he’s a complete unabashed racist. Even if it is just boomer-humor most adults have jobs with training that teaches them this is the sort of thing that gets you fired, so there goes any notion of him being a respectable “real job”-having individual. OP summed it up perfectly. He’s a fucking loser. Also anons have always rooted for Heather from the first thread so it’s not surprising they aren’t thrilled for her skinhead arc.

No. 1889804

So just because the prevailing narrative is a certain way, does it mean he has to go along with the narrative? His beliefs are none of our business.

No. 1889805

>B-but he’s supposed to support the narrative! Didn’t he go through the training??
So is everyone who posts in the tranny threads an unemployed loser as well? Dumbass take.(infighting)

No. 1889808

That’s honestly so gross, get him Heather.(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 1889820

No. 1889826

Are you actually braindead?

No. 1889856

File: 1693266674211.png (68.63 KB, 311x360, Gordo.png)

Her face shape and goofy smile will never not remind me of this

No. 1889862

the prevailing narrative that nuclear bombings aren’t inherently hilarious? go the fuck back to wherever you came from(derailing/infighting)

No. 1889873

Anon, it's nowhere near that deep. The sensitivity training thing is just straw-clutching, too. Him posting a shitty facebook meme is completely unremarkable.
You're just proving the point about pearl-clutching. Where do you think you are?(infighting)

No. 1889877

File: 1693272696939.png (620.84 KB, 1066x1566, Screenshot_20230828-213213.png)

Alright enough of the stupid shit a redneck posted on his Facebook. Heather hasn't mentioned a word being back with her boyfriend. At least she knows she's an emotional mess but still won't accept she's actually mentally ill.

No. 1889900

Not surprising tbh. She barely even talked about the relationship to begin with. I think Axeryan is just a place holder until a better Ryan comes along.

No. 1889925

He absolutely is but I'm still not sure why. Shares interests, lets her walk all over him, does stuff for her. And she's still trying to do a trade-in. She didn't even manage to scare him off or anything, just decided he wasn't good enough.

No. 1889973

bitch where???

No. 1889980

I believe the anon upthread that posted "nigga" got banned for racebaiting because she asked why heather's ryan's skin was pink.(derailing)

No. 1889998

She needs a Ryan who will diagnose & cure everything wrong with her all while flirting and making dirty jokes. Heather knows best that building mutual respect involves immediate unprotected sex and posting thirst traps. I just don't think AxeRyan is a good enough lay for her. >>1888458

She's probably threatened by AxeRyan's shared interests because it would expose her own significant "knowledge" gaps relating to paranormal bullshit. All of Heather's knowledge stems from her feelings. Whatever she feels becomes reality, and what she feels is a response to her disbelief in reality. AxeRyan is much more into Heather's claimed paranormal interest and probably keeps trying to educate her with autistic tangents. Heather knows enough as it is, and whatever she doesn't know isn't her fault.

No. 1890027

Imagine being so lacking in braincells you think appeasing 4chan scrotes and being racist "to be edgy" is in any way a representation of freedom. Go be a moron somewhere else, mass murder isn't funny. Racism isn't funny. If you hate the rest of humanity that much, fuck off and live on a mountain or something and spare us from your "wit"(infighting/derailing)

No. 1890028

What do you fucking mean prevailing narrative laughing about people being fucking nuked is not a "belief"
fuck all the way off, and once you've fucked off, fuck off some more, you waste of oxygen.(infighting)

No. 1890058

I only quoted "prevailing narrative" from the poster I replied to, idiot. And people can think what they want and joke about anything they want. Seethe.(infighting)

No. 1890063

File: 1693314368525.png (2.02 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_6224.png)

Has she always claimed she has PCOS?

No. 1890074

I think like a lot of women she hasn't used that exact label until it became about weight loss, kek. She has mentioned 'hormonal issues' and possible infertility. If it's true that doctors have discussed infertility, it would be pretty severe tho? Out of all the women I know who have PCOS, only one has had infertility as part of the discussion with her doctor and her body truly is 'falling apart' (massive body/facial hair issues, skin issues like acne and growths, really crippling pain). Who knows with Heather.

No. 1890078

Edgelord idiot with boomer humor confirmed. Impending breakup in 3.. 2..
All y'all pearl clutchers need to simmer down and embrace the milky flow about to hit us. This guy is a weird ass PA redneck and Heather is no educated and enlightened saint herself based on her past. I can't wait to see what happens next and what that idiot posts. Halloween nonna, you may just get that wish.

No. 1890093

She has always claimed PCOS but won't say anything else. She usually claims it out of the blue when it's convenient for her and can use it as an excuse to say she doesn't know when her period is and her manic behavior of crying laying in bed. It's stated in like thread 2? And only resurfaces when it's convenient for her.

She will use any excuse under the moon to not get help. She's reminding me of those crazy Karen's who see an illness, magically gets it then uses it for sympathy points and won't go to the doctor to get help. She will settle with a racist, she has dated several on her online days. She will go with anyone who will believe her "I'm so physically ill" trope and anyone who is willing to be a doormat for her such like her ex who flew her out to San Francisco at a drop of a pin because her sister was trying to kill her.

No. 1890154

>PLEASE be supportive
or you could just not share every fucking detail of your excruciatingly boring life with the Internet and not get trolled about it

No. 1890162

Who is she even asking for support? She says she has no friends. Is it the few males who think they may have a chance with her. She's fucking stupid. No one cares that you gained weight and have menstrual problems.

No. 1890234

The same people she imagines hanging on her every word when she makes An Announcement that she's single. Or that she's sad. Or that she will never be allowed to be happy. She's got a raging case of main character syndrome.

No. 1890832

>Just let me get healthy
Tell yourself, Heather.

No. 1890841

File: 1693417920439.jpg (376.49 KB, 1284x2282, 370716912_1026252298510809_895…)

Why does she keep begging people not to bully her? It seems like she's only addressing this site because I can't imagine one single person "bullying" her for trying to be healthy. And nobody here bullies her for that, she's a cow for a million other reasons.

No. 1890874

if her body feels the best eating what she is eating now, she would never had 6 years of junk food. Yes, it's hard to change what you eat especially if you are "addicted" to bullshit food your parents fed you with, but if you feel sick and unhealthy while consuming it, you will change back very soon to feel good again. She is just lazy and doesn't know how to cook. All the stuff she made this far has been ready-made boxes, nothing fresh as far as I can tell. And like nona wrote, no one bullied her for being vegan or trying to eat healthy, there is way more wrong with her than her diet.

No. 1890916

Weird, she usually tries to own the haters rather than beg for leniency. Could Heather crying pls no booly be her way of asking for asspats? Somebody who genuinely believes that someone else bullied her for eating healthy might feel compelled to offer congratulations or encouragement to offset Heather's imaginary pain.

No. 1891060

That's exactly the point. She wants to have WhiteKnightRyans slide into her DMs to tell her that she already looks good and should ignore any haters.

No. 1891109

she could literally just keep it to herself

No. 1891194

File: 1693484209967.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1179x2008, IMG_6290.jpeg)

Heather please just eat a vegetable.

No. 1891232

File: 1693489990177.png (581.86 KB, 1080x634, Screenshot_20230831-095327.png)

It was the rednecks birthday the other day and Heather didn't bother posting anything about it or showing off that she bought her boy so many special gifts Because she loves to spoil her boyfriends with gifts. This Ryan is the forgotten bastard Ryan kek.

No. 1891233

holy shit, she doesn't care about this dude at all. she was probably just mad that he had one day the attention was on him.

No. 1891237

>being vegan
The fact that she hasn't eaten meat for like a week (and even just a couple days ago said she used non-vegan yogurt in her dinner) and is already full-on calling herself vegan really makes her whole "I'm a goth" thing make more sense. She probably wore one black Target blouse and was like the darkness has consumed me.

No. 1891248


All she eats is mush - no protein to be found anywhere let alone a whole food

No. 1891361

she is absolutely one of those “why don’t I lose weight? I’m a whole-foods vegan!” while stuffing herself with vegan cake and chips people

No. 1891375

File: 1693511896603.png (774.96 KB, 746x1184, Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 1.59…)

No. 1891403

I can't access his FB profile, but is his actual birthday listed? I wouldn't be surprised if the day Heather decided to announce that she's single again happened to coincide with a day that he might want to spend with other friends/family.

No. 1891404

I don't follow him and you can't see the birthday on the profile unfortunately. The comments just say happy birthday from random people.

No. 1891449

every single one of these posts are her declaring these things to convince herself that they're true

it's incredibly transparent, and I give it a month

No. 1891469

File: 1693525311911.jpeg (265.11 KB, 1179x740, IMG_6299.jpeg)

Roommate? She will be living with that new dude in less than a month after quitting her job.

No. 1891471

Isn't her job just… arranging products on the shelves? Such a hard path lol.

No. 1891529

It was also her dream job

No. 1891545

File: 1693532848202.jpeg (245.44 KB, 1232x1080, IMG_2681.jpeg)

No. 1891571

she is so miserable with axeryan

No. 1891577

I’m actually surprised the latest Ryan lasted this long, especially since she treats him even shittier than the others. Maybe he just doesn’t have the self-esteem to cut and run from her bullshit?

No. 1891583

Or, he just uses her for sex and company when he wants and she just can't be alone and will live with that. No matter what it is, she is annoying and I hope she finds a roommate, quits her dream job and will be back with her mother in 6 months.

No. 1891585

File: 1693538609932.png (631.6 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_7900.png)


No. 1891586

File: 1693538712191.png (629.09 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_7901.png)


No. 1891588

File: 1693538810535.png (636.05 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_7902.png)


No. 1891590

File: 1693539030438.png (617.47 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_7903.png)


This is fucking VILE behavior, heather. You deserve to feel lonely while surrounded by “spirits”, friends, family, your boyfriend, whoever. I hope you have trouble sleeping at night, and do for the rest of your life. Or until you FIX YOURSELF.

No. 1891614

Seems OP is the anon who is always talking about her Kitty Ravage era. Is this a selfpost? I'm loving the mental image of Heather hitting her bf in the balls because he talked shit with another girl. I wonder if she's still physically violent with her Ryans? She always seemed to me to be more likely to hurt herself.

No. 1891626

Oh this is going send her into a spiral if she sees this.

No. 1891631

If that Reddit poster knows about this thread, then she knows that Heather is living exactly the life she deserves, and all by her own hand. Poetic justice.

No. 1891740

Wait she dumped him a few days before his birthday which means he was probably having some fun with his friends last weekend…because it was his birthday later that week.
>i was 18 and he was 26
>coomer boyfriend watching Heather's (blurry as shit on the internet back then) camshow
So she "stole" your creepy groomer boyfriend who seems to mostly online, sounds like a lucky escape to me. Unfortunately all this is typical of online communities, all the relationship shit between users goes deep, you gotta get out a whiteboard to start describing it in my experience. Also amusing when new people come in who don't realise what a shitheap the group is.
>I remember him calling me one time in desperation
Why are you such a sucker anon, moids don't call their rostor of women in "desperation" he was just keeping you as backup with muh abusive gf story, not like a man couldn't defend himself in a fight against a small, unfit woman kek. Girl can't even jog without huffing and puffing.
>cheated on him with his best friend
He cheated on you with her you moron, what is with this moid sympathy. embarrassing.

I would say op's story means all Heather's many posts about how she is "attacked and harassed" is projection, I do think her toxic moid ex is responsible for a lot along with his friends, but sounds like she did the same shit. Sounds like a bunch of assholes and anon is lucky to be away from them.

No. 1891746

scream why is the resemblance uncanny

No. 1891757

Heather stole your online boyfriend and sent you a couple mean messages 14 years ago. Nona, you are just as stunted and pathetic as the hag herself for holding onto this and thinking it's so traumatic.

No. 1891762


i think most males are "driven" by their desire for sex, but i don't think in this case it's fair to put blame on the guy. heather is a literal predator. she is on a constant trawl for Ryans and i think puts them in the position to raw her (as evidenced by her latest babytrap saga). i think males are too stupid to turn down any woman aggressively pursuing them and offering it up right away). i'll bet heather has spent thousands of dollars and 75% of her free time on this aggressive pursuit to collect ryans. she is a very sick woman.

No. 1891764

Kinda agree with this. Yeah, it seems like a crappy situation all round and confirms everything we already know about Heather, but…anon just decided to make a huge post about this on Reddit…15 years after it happened?

Anon, just move on. Don’t let Hagther live rent free in your brain anymore - close the tab, do your gaming thing, have friends and a stable relationship, and know that you’re already living better than she ever will.

No. 1891803

>literal predator.
Kek anon she's just cycling through boyfriends quickly, being desperate and lonely, but we see no evidence to say she is or could be a literal predator

No. 1891804

I really want to know why Heather would say her little sister wanted to kill her back then kek. Obviously it's a big lie to get these moids to give her what she wants. She's shown in in her old vlogs and the girl seems like a normal person. I would love to know what the sister would think about Heather making up crazy shit like this. Her family must be so relieved not to have this psycho around.

No. 1891811

This is very funny anon, dating apps are full of BPD moids who act exactly the same as Heather, they deserve everything they get. It's not like she's victimising some innocent sweethearts, men sign up to these apps specifically for free sex
>heather victimised these men by rawdogging them
Give these men some credit of basic sentience, nobody forced these guys to pursue her and stick their dick in her. There are many many hours of conversation and irl meetings before they get to that point.

No. 1891836

I know this is basically irrelevant but it's making me laugh how she refers to Heather as 'H' throughout as though trying to preserve anonymity, but I'm the title is like MY BULLY IS HEATHER EXPLORES AND HERE ARE MULTIPLE NAMES YOU CAN SEARCH FOR HER UNDER.

No. 1891842

Y’all are weird thinking it’s a self post. It isn’t, I stumbled on it on Reddit, and thought the way it described heather acting was canon and disgusting. I wanted her to know that since it’s obvious she reads these threads. If you have advice for, or want to shit talk, the person who went through it and have them see it, you’ll have to go to Reddit.

No. 1891851

File: 1693585394769.jpeg (487.35 KB, 1169x1434, 87D5A4EF-C45A-4BD6-8A25-154343…)

Lmao her post history is so whiny talking about going to therapy for Heather and ‘they hate me because I am a decent hamer’
Even having beef with a teenager at 16???
Girl log off(off-topic)

No. 1891859

Tbh if the sister in law faked ADHD and autism, she's probably a BPD-chan. So I wouldn't put it past her to lie and manipulate. Even if she's 16.
Or maybe the OP lied. Who knows.

No. 1891874

I went and looked and this post isn't about heather. It appears to be advice to another redditor from their own personal experience. If you read it it says "sister in law" and the post is in a thread about how kids bully. No heather or H mentioned so do your research.

No. 1891878

I can read. I am saying this OP is as pathetic as Heather for still dedicating time talking about her past bullying experiences to literal children on reddit and apparantly beefing with her 16-year old SIL

No. 1891886

Then make a lolcow for them, this threads about heather and you're filling it up with your odd beef with this annon instead of directing your comments and shit talk to the reddit posted like previous annon stated. You're confusing people and making them think this reddit post is about Heather when it wasn't.

On another note to direct it back to the thread topic, it seems heathers milk is slowing down. Maybe she's just posting the "I'm alone" etc. Etc. To keep feeling like she's relevant.

No. 1891909

File: 1693591349831.jpg (6.21 KB, 311x360, angles.jpg)

Corrected for glasses and preferred angle.(fanart)

No. 1892022

File: 1693605149101.jpeg (256.23 KB, 1179x726, IMG_6332.jpeg)

No. 1892062

File: 1693611858598.jpeg (135.29 KB, 1080x1920, 372662542_789567966504238_8847…)

No. 1892091

File: 1693617814694.jpg (223.99 KB, 1080x1919, download.jpg)

Boo hoo, Heather isn't allowed to be herself for a couple of dollars in advertising revenue instead of selling her soul to Target.

No. 1892106


literally where is the attack lol… she could have handled this like a genuine question but she's so focused on being on the defensive while reading everything, it's no wonder she feels like the world's victim.

girl needs to get offline and grow some self esteem and stop reading into everything with shit-colored glasses. you put yourself into the world, you draw comments from others sometimes. acting like this is bullying is so fucking denigrating to the idea of actual victims of bullying.

just…… how many years of her adult life will it be that the only advice that could possibly help is, "grow the fuck up, you idiot." the world isn't out to get you, you're just insecure, paranoid and projecting.(chronic newfaggotry)

No. 1892107

>on my couch crying having a panic attack ever since i got home
>types an instagram post in complete sentences
bitch has never had a panic attack in her life

No. 1892133

Why did she respond to a comment from a year ago and screenshot it after 1s?
Girls so bored with her new guy she has to create drama out of thin air

No. 1892169

Her posts are starting to remind me more and more of our queens schizo posts on facebook

No. 1892292

>comment posted 1yr ago
>reply 1second ago

Replying to one year old comments (which are incredibly mild, you should see what people say under Instagram reels these days) to pretend she's still relevant or ever was. Nobody thinks blonde hair and black clothes is shocking, millions of women dress like this every day

No. 1892295

>is 32(?)

So she plans on only living to 64 or…Seems like things are going too well so she needs to fabricate drama with "midlife crisis" (citation needed) and trawling old Youtube comments

No. 1892405

Jesus heather…you’re right you are the same person but you failed to tell the person you like to change your personas when you’re getting the attention you want from certain individuals or Ryan’s. You are still your annoying, miserable and manipulative self. Get a life Heather just like you tell your supposed haters you have.

No. 1892406

Bitch ever chapter of your life sucks. Get over yourself. You have an easy as fuck job and a roof over your head. She wants her perfect spooky boy still to spend her whole time on. Guess this guy has long work hours cuz we barely see him.

No. 1892759

File: 1693720266488.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x2130, IMG_1877.jpeg)

So she is going back to YouTube???

No. 1892775

>There is a chance

She won't

No. 1892858

Yeah, no she won’t. It kind of blows my mind that she thinks her audience wants this exact same selfie/angle/creepy dead-eyed grin all the time. Even with people I like I don’t want to see that.

No. 1892874

Okay but isn’t this the third or fourth time in the last year where she makes a “”big announcement”” about her channel revival that never happens?

No. 1892886

Yeah she always says that shit and never does it. I don't know why she's so scared to upload a video of she uses tiktok, Instagram and Facebook to talk about her life and thrift finds.

No. 1892893

File: 1693752832195.png (716.13 KB, 1048x1834, Screenshot_20230903-104934.png)

Lol she added another rebuttal. Heather your miserable with whatever you do.

No. 1892900

File: 1693753257445.png (437.59 KB, 1070x2120, Screenshot_20230903-110126~2.p…)

She's always thinking about it…eyeroll.

No. 1892934

if she’s thinking about doing YouTube again, it’s just for the lazy RyanQuesting

No. 1892935

kek, without ever reading a book.
All she does is collecting old stuff that will collect dust on her shelves and whine about how lonely she is.

No. 1893113

a comment that bothered her so much she had to not only reply once, but twice, over a year later.
is that one commenter the person she thinks about when she says she was harassed over changing her appearance? no one cares about that, she's just a bad person who drives everyone away lmao. she's so hung up on this idea that no one likes her "real big tiddie goth self" when it's her nasty personality that drives people away. she's not even goth

No. 1893772

Both the pastel vomit and dark edgy cinnamon roll aesthetics don’t suit her at all. Her face is too mannish and her build is too bulky for the pink hair fairy kei style she used to wear. Her attempts at being ‘goth’ make her look like an exhausted 35 year old Walmart mom permanently stuck in October. And the glasses do her no favors at all, just make her look older and more haggard.(unsaged repetitive nitpicking)

No. 1894361

File: 1694088452654.jpeg (546.76 KB, 1179x2077, IMG_6461.jpeg)

Jesus this is rough looking.

No. 1894389

Scrolling past my first thought was “did she scoop that out of a baby’s diaper?” Holy fuck vomitrocious kek

No. 1895378

I'm fascinated by her compulsion to post everything on social media. She acknowledges that it looks disgusting, but snaps a pic anyway, seemingly without any attempt to make it look the least bit appetising. Some photographer she is. Who is this content for? I wonder if she thinks about these things at all, or if she's so screen addicted that her body makes IG posts on its own.

No. 1895544

I think the latter, considering how often she posts 25+ stories of random crap she sees on store shelves. The other day she posted like ten different photos of spooky gingerbread house packaging, as though that would be remotely interesting to anyone. I doubt she even bought one, which might actually have made for a cute Tiktok of her building it.
Imageboard, I know, but the stories were so uninteresting I didn't think to screencap at the time

No. 1895649

File: 1694289449837.jpg (65.6 KB, 528x868, boring.JPG)

ntayrt, but you mean like the 3 or 5 or 10 videos she uploaded of this mug with the last video showing her drinking out of it and watching absent-minded into the infinite space of her room? I think she doesn't have anyone to share anything with and she also doesn't want someone to share anything with as a close person would probably tell her the truth sooner or later, that she is boring and no one is out there trying to destroy her life. For me, she isn't even looking for support or validation from others, it always seems that she looks out for negative feedback so she can post another video of her crying. yes, I included a picture, as it's horrible boring and now you have to suffer through that, too

No. 1896345

File: 1694398336313.jpeg (541.8 KB, 1080x1919, download~2.jpeg)

AxeRyan lives.

No. 1896352

She blocked me on Instagram a long time ago.. What has she been posting lately? I just find it so bizarrely out of character for her to not be gushing nonstop about her Ryan of the week. One has to wonder, what is going on in our Hag's frizzy little head about this dude..

No. 1896358

She's just been posting normal things, photos of spooky items and grass and whatever crap. No thirstposting, no crying, no attentionseeking like just normal sane behaviour (hence the slowdown in this thread)

Also various story viewers exist, just search Instagram story viewer (storysaver.net is one) if you want to check without any user id showing up.

No. 1896521

Her Facebook is insufferable as well. Nothing but boomer memes and Halloween stuff. Wonder what’s going on in her head right now.

No. 1896568

I literally howled when I saw his little Goober Toe creeping into the photo that Hag’s so carefully tried to stage manage.

No. 1896837

File: 1694493773907.png (808.07 KB, 518x918, h.png)

She looks so miserable. She seemed happier when she was single and begging for a boyfriend. The AxeRyan era appears to be making her depressed.

No. 1896859

The song on this story post is such perfect Heather NLOG bullshit. She really thinks she's something special.

No. 1896945

She really does look miserable, her facial expression almost looks disgusted. I wonder why she even posted this.

No. 1897086

File: 1694546110807.jpeg (465.51 KB, 1179x1125, IMG_6567.jpeg)

You can still gain weight with vegan food. If you’re over eating vegan calories, it’s still calories.

No. 1897112

>I've gained weight
Is she confused or stupid? Sometimes she really does strike me as being somewhat actually retarded. Also when did she lose 60 pounds? Mental gymnastics.

No. 1897287

>>1897086 sure, honey, last time >>1885866 it's been 70lbs, now only 60lbs. She is tiny, she would probably have been in a BMI range of like 16 when she would have lost 60lbs, but no, no one can calculate anything.

No. 1897289

From what she's posted her new diet is high in wheat (pasta etc) so she could be wheat intolerant/gluten intolerant and not realise it, which can cause a swollen stomach.

No. 1897347

The calories she is consuming are too much. She is eating some healthy but super calorie dense food. Chocolate peanut butter bars? A serving of pb is 200 calories and she is eating more than a serving. Oats with bananas and seeds in large quantities. A bowl of cooked chickpeas, a sweet potato, and a huge amount of avocado? Your calories still count even if it is whole foods. Also she is super short so she has less calories to spare. Eat some berries and greens, holy shit.

No. 1897394

So since she keeps bringing this up, I thought I’d put this out there. I actually remember when she lost weight during her first vegan attempt. She made a completely separate IG focused on her “vegan journey “ (because of course she did). If I recall it was a 30lb loss, which I think makes a lot more sense than the numbers she’s currently throwing out.
But the main thing she’s seemed to forgotten, was that in addition to changing her diet back then, she had made it a point to walk 10k steps every day rain or shine. I remember seeing clips of her actually walking in the snow with her little step counter going. And credit where credit is due, that’s got to be like the only time I’ve ever seen her apply herself to something.
Would love to know if any other anons remember this era— can’t remember the name of that account.(no screenshots & no sage)

No. 1897444

File: 1694602340387.jpg (321.1 KB, 1284x2282, 377235268_854616162675470_3677…)

Speaking of which, what on earth am I looking at here? Are these fried potatoes? Weird pancakes?
>yes I'm still vegan
Anyone can be vegan for a couple of weeks. We'll see in six months or a year where she is with this "vegan journey" of hers.

No. 1897467

It’s strange to me that she only seems to want to be on a vegan diet as an actual DIET, yet understands nothing about dieting. Weight doesn’t just magically drop just because you don’t consume dairy and meat. Nothing to do with pity for animals or awareness, reasons most people go vegan, just assumes if she only eats potatoes and a bowl brimming with “ice cream” slop she’ll suddenly be some svelte little siren. No effort at all, as usual.

No. 1897575

Throwback video. She said she lost 44lbs. This is when she started feeling sexy and decided to dump her husband. She mentioned someone in the beginning "that she can't talk about" Im assuming it's the first Ryan that she was cheating on her husband with.(learn2embed)

No. 1897579

File: 1694622288317.jpeg (796.39 KB, 1179x1640, IMG_6577.jpeg)

Who in the world is she talking to?

No. 1897582

Actually a high protein and low carb diet is better for weight loss anyway.(sage your keto sperg)

No. 1897605

She's obviously so bored in the axeryan relationship that she's desperately trying to create new drama to make her life interesting.

No. 1897619

She's posting videos in her stories (I can't remember how to upload, I'm sorry) saying this exact same thing now. Gunning hard for those 60 pounds still.

No. 1897629

Axeryan being not very conventionally attractive plus genuinely liking her means she has no external reasons to blame her miserable internal state. When things are going good is usually when the BPDchans start having meltdowns because they have to face the fact that they’re the problem. I bet she’ll dump him soon.

No. 1897644

My personal tinfoil is that axeryan gave her an ultimatum. Either they break up or she tones down the batshit social media posting. For all we know he found this thread and confronted her about it. He likely doesn't want her posting him to avoid the negative attention. He seems like a fairly private guy so who knows. I theorize that when the inevitable happens, ol' Hags will claim aboos and that he was controlling what she can/can't say on social media. Thus the miserable expressions and lack of ryan posting. I do wholeheartedly agree that she's not terribly attracted to him, however she likes his eagerness to do things for her and being taken care of.

No. 1897667

Mine is that she got caught on dating apps again.

No. 1897675

These are both so likely. It makes so much sense that the reason she's posting gross depressed-looking pictures is so later she can whine about "looking back I can see the sadness in my own face". And I highly doubt a serial dating app dork could stop cold turkey just because she's in a relationship. Good call, nonnas.

No. 1897702

ayrt oh that is very plausible. Honestly I'm leaning hard into that now you've brought it up.
I'm glad it makes sense, as that's the only direction I see this taking. Suppose all we can do now is wait for the looming milk spill and hope it's full fat and frosty.

No. 1897717

no one is saying this, this is just her fucking saying this shit to herself again

said it before and I'll say it again, she's going to drop this in a month, because she's only trying to justify this to herself
she loves this food
everyone says she can't do it
she's finally happy

all lies she keeps telling herself whenever she gets a new fixation lol

No. 1897776

File: 1694650420911.jpeg (224.36 KB, 1179x684, IMG_6588.jpeg)

Here we go again folks.

No. 1897778

can she just shut up? Even if she would move away it would be the same no matter where she lived. There are people that are vegan, "spooky", single and don't have friends/haven't seen other people in months that complain less than she does. If only she could see that she is the problem and not the world around her. I predict a baby in the next 2 years to fill the void inside her and I predict a teenager hating her mother.

No. 1897795

What did we learn here Heather? Having a boyfriend isn't the answer to happiness.

No. 1897806

Your life was meaningless, empty, and friendless back home too.

Also this feels like it implies her and axeryan broke up. Considering there has been no mention of him in awhile I am wondering if she broke up with him and doesn't want to say because she knows people will shit on her for it.

No. 1898057

She has zero self-awareness and doesn’t do anything different. With an almost autistic inability to try anything new, she goes on the same hikes, walks up the same staircase, posts the same boring pictures of graves with no context, the same slow motion tour of the shit on one side of her bedroom, even the same angles in every selfie. What else does she expect? She’s going to be exactly the way she is now no matter where she lives. She acts like eating vegan for a couple weeks is this life-changing step to self-care, completely ignoring that the ultimate act of self-care she could give to herself is seeking out a therapist. But she never will.

No. 1898076

Oh that'll be kek worthy for sure. I guess his gargoyle gang wasn't tragically pretty enough to be her new friend group, either.

No. 1898299

File: 1694732334738.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1505, IMG_2839.jpeg)

Did her and Racist Ryan break up or does she just consider him no one?

No. 1898348

They are still facebook official but who knows?

No. 1898370

He still has the same IG profile as here too >>1889624

No. 1898382

File: 1694738946303.jpeg (404.84 KB, 1283x1802, IMG_8245.jpeg)

Still together but we’ll see how long that lasts.

No. 1898384

This is embarrassing as hell (for her). I guess he's not planning babies and tattoos with her enough or whatever.

No. 1898389

Imagine posting this where he can definitely see it. Cringe.

No. 1898398

AxeRyan seemed to be really into her at the beginning, and also kind of a doormat, what happened? Heather is pushing even this one away.

No. 1898426

I bet the farm (kek) its because he doesnt want to be treated as a prop on social media and sets boundaries

No. 1898438

Have any of her previous ryan's hyped her up? (assuming this means post about her publicly)
I can't think of any, maybe bloodryan but they were together for longer. And clockryan posted a selfie with her. February (iirc) fuckboy replied publicly but lasted like 2 weeks. She doesn't hype him up either so??

No. 1898468

This reads like someone who's still with their lame highschool boyfriend fifteen years after graduating. Heather speedrunning relationships as always.

No. 1898557

>racist ryan
Fucking zoomers.

She's not just pushing, she's absolutely bulldozing him. If they haven't secretly broken up, he's reaching new levels of doormat.

No. 1898558


No. 1898573

this is really embarassing and you should feel bad that you posted it tbh.

No. 1898788

Honestly so ready for a new Ryan. This one is boring, looks inbred, and likes gross boomer memes. Wish she'd find a new spooky boy type in time for that one nonnas dream Halloween milk, but I fear she might have exhausted her pool of eligible ryans.

No. 1898799

they haven't even been dating long enough for her to stay with him because of sunk cost fallacy so she should just break up with him if she's at the point of posting this.

No. 1898918

File: 1694818661640.jpeg (222.06 KB, 1284x2282, IMG_2181.jpeg)

The cycle has restarted, wife instead of gf this time though. Watch out spooky 30+ year old “boys”.

No. 1898920

The fact that she’s doing this while still dating the fucking goober, so beyond immature

No. 1898923

No, this post is her way of saying she isnt with him. But her cycle and how she goes about dating men is immature for sure.

No. 1898927

Ironic that GooberRyan is also minister, then.

No. 1898930

i dunno i thought it was kind of funny

No. 1898931

Kek I'm seriously wondering if they're fighting and she's doing all this shitty posting to get him to come crawling back or guilt him into doing what she wants. Which apparently is marry her tomorrow or some shit.

No. 1898988

Lmao this bitch is so petty. I think she deleted this comment it's not on this post anymore. Well at least we are getting some milk from this boring hag.

No. 1898993

File: 1694832443496.png (567.85 KB, 1080x2050, Screenshot_20230915-071754~2.p…)

I noticed this morning the ugly bald dude was thirsting for Heather. Now I look back and the comment is gone.

No. 1898994

File: 1694832525589.png (370.79 KB, 1080x2241, Screenshot_20230915-224817.png)

Comment from ugly bald dude is gone. Plus he stupid response to the girl wanting more YouTube videos. Sure Heather.

No. 1899130

She’s so fucking maddeningly retarded. It’s not like she’s into the history of serial killers or the occult. She’s a middle-aged camel woman who likes to shop for antiques and take pictures of old tombstones. Quit acting so speshul. Ran off YouTube kek she just gave up because it was too hard.

No. 1899229

Constant victim complex that she tries to use to play the "damsel in distress" to lure in unsuspecting ryans. Her ex husband and his Troon buddy were assholes, but beyond that she's definitely a shitshow all on her own. This endless cycle of making drama, new ryan of the week, dating app addiction (and bans? kek), proves that she's never going to stop being a cow. Curious to see how it will escalate though. What's going to happen when even the ugliest goober ryans are too wary to date her? Her standards are already on the floor.

No. 1899433

File: 1694907548966.jpg (216.54 KB, 1080x804, Screenshot_20230916_193940_Fac…)

Single again confirmation? And she must be gagging on that sweet superiority.

No. 1899492


i would literally never go to a bar, GAG! pathetic! i prefer to sit in my stinky old lady room scrolling dating apps i pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for!

No. 1899528

If she’s this depressive and pessimistic about dating while she’s still relatively young imagine how bad her whining and bitterness is going to get when she approaches middle age and is fatter and more haggard and gets zero attention from any Ryans whatsoever.

No. 1899654

I can see her say " I wasted my youth away on so many fuck boys!! Now no spoopy young boy will ever want me I'm old and fat still!"

No. 1899665

Poor Heather, a bar is so below her, she can't even walk into one.
Does she know that you can meet guys from other cities online and if it fits, they might even consider moving to your city to lead a normal life with you? Maybe in 20 years she will look back and see what a whiny person she was and that her acting like she was better than most people was/is the reason she was/is alone.

No. 1899668

I’m dying to know the story behind her and this Ryan. They are still Facebook official. He doesn’t interact with her content there at all these days.

No. 1899682

So she’s going to talk shit online, share vague stories about red flags in her stories, and let everyone know she’s single and looking again but too afraid to remove him as her boyfriend kek. Grasping at straws.

No. 1899713

I don't know how to record IG stories but she currently is vaguely saying shit about her relationship. All she said is she is not happy with her personal life. It's been very lonely and confusing.she also had to remind everyone once again she's vegan! She's getting her hair done again! She's going to attempt to get contacts. In other words she's still the same miserable bitch and her current Ryan is not up Heather's ass like she wants so soon she will be Ryan hunting most likely. Kek.

No. 1899951

KEK I was fucking right!!
She's trying to guilt him into giving her all the attention oh please let there be epic milk flow from this. If any nonna can record that story I will be so grateful.

No. 1900288

File: 1695044797865.jpeg (779.76 KB, 1088x2000, IMG_0116.jpeg)

Honestly what a little bitch. Just break up and move on, but no she has to be an asshole and try to drag him for attention. How fucking embarrassing to be a woman her age doing this immature shit. No wonder nobody wants to stay with her.

No. 1900452

She deleted this.

No. 1900473

if she keeps up with that behaviour, she will be single again and should consider moving, because everyone involved with him will hate her and I guess he brought her into his friend group and knows more people in that area than she ever will.

No. 1900955

File: 1695153997495.jpeg (102.52 KB, 828x1437, IMG_2893.jpeg)

No. 1900982

Embarrassing ass bitch.

No. 1900987

Godspeed AxeRyan, she's not worth the drama.

No. 1900993


I hope AxeRyan finds a nice normal girl soon who gets on with his friends, posts her all over his SNS where she can see it and forgets loser Heather completely. Nobody in that town will date or hang out with her at this rate.

No. 1900996

She already broke up with him once, he might survive a second round. She seems to have almost nothing to say about this one, once she actually got what she wants, which is an equally nerdy paranormal person who treats her well, and absolute radio silence kek

She lives for the moodswings and drama, and the less suitable moids are better fodder for drama than a perfectly normal, decent (aside from the dodgy "joke" memes) guy. A lot like Pixielocks in that their main fun in life is riding their own moodswings and using the people around her as characters to bounce off or project onto, but the main character and most important person to the cow is always the cow itself.

No. 1901006

Yeah same. He's far from perfect but he seemed like he tried really hard and Hag was an absolute bitch to him. And I have a feeling she'll try to bring him back for another round when she realises nobody else wants her musty ass.

No. 1901017

File: 1695162698924.png (115.09 KB, 1080x958, Screenshot_20230919-183136~2.p…)

Sweet milk. I wish he did say more.

No. 1901032

Oooohh come over AxeRyan and spill. Poor guy… based on the post it sounds like she took advantage of him. Shocker. Also sounds like Hags wasn't ready to commit or make serious strides, a stark contradiction from her wife posts kek.

No. 1901046

good for you, AxeRyan, move past and heal

No. 1901049

Also you shouldn’t have to learn to love someone. I’m assuming he’s talking about her, and if she indicated she’s trying to “learn” to love him she’s even worse than I thought.

No. 1901050

File: 1695170165215.jpeg (316.36 KB, 828x1442, IMG_2900.jpeg)

How’d he nail it so quickly

No. 1901054

Lmao I wonder what in her profile prompted this.

No. 1901055

AxeRyan is more insightful than I thought. Wish you well, bud

No. 1901056

KEK I wonder if he's connected to anyone she's dumped
Heather you're burning through them and it's coming back to you

but actually what DOES her profile say that might prompt that response

No. 1901057

Tinfoil. Could he be connected to AxeRyan in some way? I guess word is getting around about her behavior

No. 1901067

He’s saying she needs to learn to love herself before she is capable of loving someone else.

No. 1901089

He sounds pretty bummed and surprised. even when a guy treats her well she cant control her raging personality disorders.

No. 1901100

I think it's a joke setup, nonas. Like 'selfish for KEEPING THAT ASS TO YOURSELF' or some dumb shit (maybe a less forward version, like pretty face or something, but who knows with moids). Heather is known to be obtuse about this too, though, as shown by the other pickup lines guys have tried on her through the apps.

No. 1901106

It was so obvious from the start that she was never actually into him. She was feeling lonely and desperate after the trainryan and babyryan fiascos and gooberyan just happened to be easy and orbiting around after paracon. She obviously wants someone with a little more edge like bloodryan or bRyan. It feels less about looks considering all of her Ryans have been ugly or mediocre at best and more about aesthetics since she's convinced she's still somehow "goth". Kind of hilarious because this inbred truck driver looking ryan matched her actual unhinged church auntie vibes pretty well. Here's hoping the next one is less boring and we get a spoopy whirlwind romance before the season is up.

No. 1901129

He seems so normal and reasonable in his response, damn. Definitely the best (as in not insane or a fuckboy) one she's got for a while. seems like he doesn't even know what went wrong.
This idiot is trying "negging" but he's unironically correct

No. 1901187

>apparently I’m on the dating scene
Definitely makes it sound like he was blindsided. Perhaps he saw her posts about being lonely/thirsty and confronted her about it, leading to her finally breaking up with him.
>I’ll find someone that has themselves figured out
>can’t learn to love someone until you learned to love yourself
Last line is clearly aimed at her. She confided to him at some point during the beginning of the relationship about her serial dating and insecurities, prolly going on and on about “how hard it is to love again after…” and her fat rolls, blahblahblah. His emotional maturity shines through this post, though. Feels bad, man.

No. 1901206

good for him, I think he can find another girlfriend without the mental health issues Heather has. Heather on the other side, how many guys can someone date in one city/area without scaring all the others and their friends away? With her interests and the limited circle of people matching her interests, she probably won't be able to date many more Ryans in the future, except she decides to move.

No. 1901316

File: 1695221944860.jpg (834.67 KB, 1080x1958, SmartSelect_20230920_100027_In…)

This is why she broke up with him. she thinks she's hot again

No. 1901317

File: 1695221967238.jpg (543.85 KB, 1080x1919, SmartSelect_20230920_100020_In…)

No. 1901321

100% that's her reason.

No. 1901324

Literally looks like all she did is learn some fat girl angles. Bending her arm up so it's not squished flat against her side, and sucking in her gut. Maybe she lost 5 pounds, this looks like it could easily be angles though

No. 1901360

File: 1695228942806.jpg (50.75 KB, 1280x720, 19142966_1387512204636116_7388…)

No. 1901390

I don’t see much difference (the second photo is definitely taken from a different angle/further away, unless she lost weight off her head, too…), but I guess it’s easier to lose weight than to lose a shitty personality. That’s the only reason I can think of that she keeps obsessing on her new diet of baby shit and melted ice cream…

No. 1901405

File: 1695234901327.webm (15.4 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000_1522210051853889_8346…)

Oh she is feeling herself. Definitely thinks she can do better than the goober now, which is hilarious because her appearance has never actually been the issue.

No. 1901416

Yup, here come all the thirst traps again. The video of her putting eyeshadow on was exactly how I imagined her doing her makeup.

No. 1901425

the way she smiles and eyefucks herself through the camera is so fucking psychotic. absolute textbook manic phase she's in right now.

No. 1901429

kek, I had to see that for myself and why is she putting orange eyeshadow all over her eyelid, it's just horrible

the amount of videos she posts daily in her stories that only show her face are insane. She doesn't show anything interesting about her interests or hobbies, she just takes pictures/videos of her face with the same expression every single day. I give it one day and we will have videos of her "crying" again.

No. 1901435

File: 1695240089150.png (528.13 KB, 422x602, spooky.PNG)

looking spooky, alright

No. 1901437

File: 1695240254983.png (683.79 KB, 436x677, Vegoon.PNG)

heather's magic vegan weightloss strategy: just don't eat anything that contains taste

No. 1901441

I can't wait for her to finally lose that 60 or 70lbs she claimed she lost the first time she lived vegan, lol

No. 1901473

wow she looks so much better with her glasses on…

No. 1901506

I can't wait for how ridiculous she's going to be after she gets her hair done. She always acts like it's some big reveal that people have just been dying to see, and it's just her maniacally petting her own hair over the course of 16 stories for 4 likes.

No. 1901525

Looks like Heather went back to her true romance- broadcasting every detail of her day on social media. I wonder how much of the breakup was attributed to the fact he didnt like to be posted all the time by her.
I hope AxeRyan reads this thread sometime. He’s better off finding someone who isnt obsessed with selfies and oversharing.

No. 1901587

Its definitely a case of the Arrested Development "Ok, Glasses on, Hair up… Wait, have we tried Hair down, glasses on?" bit.

No. 1901648

Clean your kitchen ya fuckin slob.

No. 1901688

Emotionally distant = Didn't text me compliments 40x/day or coddle the shit out of me

No. 1901710

File: 1695267898607.jpg (133.52 KB, 720x1280, 4047DF0CD86C08C3DB291BBC166F55…)

Content of the clip she posted is just these weird Aryans talking about putting other things above their relationship. More importantly, this proves what we all expected: she dumped him! Every time she's got a low-drama guy who actually likes her and shares her interests, she's the one who dumps them.

No. 1901764

She's such a self sabotager, while she was with him she improved her diet, barely posted drama and considered going back to youtube even. Of course she doesn't see the correlation with having a chill partner who actually likes you and improving your life. He probably took more than ten minutes to text back one day (because he was working or driving or some shit) and that was the end of it.

No. 1901799


Heather is one of those cluster B people that absolutely can't handle any degree of emotional stability. Her comfort zone is wild, perpetual mood swings, so that's what she (perhaps unconsciously) seeks out every chance she gets.

I think it's clear by now that the RyanQuest is basically the external tool Heather uses for her own emotional regulation, since it provides reasons for big peaks and throughs in quick, perpetual succession, which allows her to always stay in her comfort zone.

When she actually gets with a Ryan that's chill and not into drama, she gets umcomfortable and starts freaking out because she doesn't know how to live with herself if she's not going through these wild mood swings all the time. In the end, the hamster habit part of her brain wins and she dumps the Ryan so she quickly can get in the comfort zone provided by the RyanQuest again.

The worst part is, all of this is so fucking textbook. There are a lot of things that therapy can't do, but Heather's emotional turmoils are, if not entirely fixeable, at least treatable to a significant degree. But we all know she'll never go to therapy and will continue to go through Ryans at a record pace for our entertainment.

No. 1901841

So she was mad he was "putting other things" ahead of their relationship? Let me guess, he was tired after work some days and didn't come to baby her. Or maybe it was that he hung out with his friends without her once or twice. She is so pathetic.

Having an identity outside of the relationship with her is the problem. He could come have lunch with her 6 days a week and it wouldn't matter because he didn't make it 7.

No. 1901915

File: 1695318482828.jpeg (145.96 KB, 1179x503, IMG_6767.jpeg)

No. 1901917

Boudoir shots incoming. She seems to have skipped the "I don't need a man, my hobbies are too extreme, I'll never be loved" part of the cycle.

No. 1901922

she really chooses shallow validation from random tinder guys over a healthy relationship with someone who actually cares. she deserves her life.

No. 1901924

File: 1695319779388.jpg (105.22 KB, 1080x1920, download (1).jpg)

Aaand we're back to this.

No. 1901926

Shes so fucking retarded. She should spend this time on dating apps at the gym instead

No. 1901929

Thought I was in the Vicky Shingles thread for a moment. The delusion …

No. 1901978

She just dumped a dude 2 days ago and is already talking about meeting guys and bragging about getting asked out. What a callous bitch. Can you imagine if one of her ryans did that to her?

No. 1901985

This sounds so bad tho, I'd like to meet guys this weekend so soon after the breakup. Kinda makes her sound like a hoe even though we all know it's the emotional moodswings she's after, not sex.
Exactly this, it's sad and ironic that when she finally gets what she "wants" and achieves peace, she reverts to unhealthy moodswings and seeking approval from strange scrotes. Because that unsettled, rollercoaster moodswing life is what she is most used to.

No. 1902031

File: 1695336249897.jpg (216.98 KB, 1080x1919, deadfish.jpg)

She's basically just posting selfie after desperate, compliment-fishing selfie (and a really weird video of her talking to one of her dolls in a creepy voice, sorry can't upload). She seems to think that there is some perfect Ryan out there who's finally going to fall madly in love with her thirst traps, but with 15 lolcow threads (so far) under her belt, literally no sane person could find these and want anything to do with her. She's actually gross. Not "spooky", just scary and gross.

No. 1902034

I cannot tell the difference between this photo and one she posted yesterday, like she looks identical every day. Where does she even see a difference.

No. 1902039

Seems like Halloween nonnie is taking another L.

No. 1902040

Kek imagine seeing this and wondering what she looks like now if this is apparently when she was a babe.

No. 1902068

File: 1695342143673.jpeg (698.09 KB, 1179x2106, IMG_6774.jpeg)

This mentality is so fucked up. This person seems perfectly fine and interested in her. Please go to therapy Heather. Please.

No. 1902075


This guy is actually trying. He didn’t even do anything wrong except not share the same hobby as her. Holy
fuck she’s gonna be miserable forever.

No. 1902100

i've been rooting for halloween nonnie so much

No. 1902104

File: 1695346362556.png (339.47 KB, 616x1016, k.png)

She's starting to spill

No. 1902105

>the hell I endured and fought through
>it was your ex husband trolling you on burner accounts
Shitty, yes, hell, no.
I wonder what "attack" means in Heather's world because this dude seems very mild, maybe "you sending me 100 messages an hour is overwhelming, have you considered working on mindfulness to quell your anxiety" just a guess kek

No. 1902109

Jfc… Like this Ryan heard anxiety and was like "Not on my fucking watch, hag!"

No. 1902113

Translation: AxeRyan wasn't having the boo hoo party, and encouraged her to move on from her VERY distant past and seek healthy coping mechanisms. My dear man, you weren't dealing with an anxious mess, you were dealing with a cluster b nightmare circus that immediately turned on you when you wouldn't validate her speshul sad feelings and twauma. Consider that bullet dodged, kek. Keep telling on yourself, Hags, it's very amusing.

No. 1902124

there's time for like three entire ryan cycles before halloween, all is not lost

No. 1902126

Alexa, play “Another One Bites the Dust”

No. 1902139

nonas you are the reason i come to this thread

No. 1902207

I agree. Her lack of attraction is not about AxeRyan being ugly, he’s no uglier than Lurch or the others. But he presents as a basic PA blue collar guy and doesn’t fit her spooky goff boi aesthetic, even though he seems more genuinely into her paranormal hobbies than the others. Heather is also a drama queen and won’t be satisfied with a guy who wants a chill low-key relationship off social media. She’s just not gonna find an adult man who shares all her random hobbies AND fits her teen mallgoth fashion requirements AND has infinite patience for BPD meltdowns all within close range of her. She’s effectively priced herself out of her market.

No. 1902223

I feel like him being into the same hobbies worked against him. She's the spooky goth gf; the bf is supposed to have a different identity.

No. 1902233

I think it removed her ability to complain about being an oppressed goff into weird paranormal shit which nobody understands!!1 since that's what she hopped back on to immediately. >>1902068

No. 1902359

Didn't one of her Ryan's come in here and confirm that she frequently breaks down with "do you really love me"? I bet she labels that as "just anxiety" and got all uppity when AxeRyan didn't take the bait in the way she wanted him to, hence his references of learning to love oneself before you can love others >>1901017

No. 1902361

She's already deleted this and a bunch of other stories from yesterday. Now she's circled back to sharing stories of "when she was goth" i.e. the day she dressed up for Halloween, complete with Taylor Swift music. How is she so confused??

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