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File: 1720475157259.jpg (113.49 KB, 521x672, aaaaa.jpg)

No. 2012701

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.
/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/2037097

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)

Gender Critical Writings and Websites:
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a Nigerian gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

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Thread #131: >>>/snow/1987643
Thread #132: >>>/snow/1995251
Thread #133: >>>/snow/2003406

No. 2012707

kekk love the threadpic

No. 2012720

File: 1720478175187.png (1.21 MB, 1079x1635, Screenshot_20240708_153510_X.p…)

ok but why is he being held hmm? i dont think japan will just detain people unless they've committed a crime…

No. 2012721

File: 1720478270939.jpg (190.7 KB, 642x1389, 20240708_153515.jpg)

heres the full pic

No. 2012724

I really hope it's just a drug charge (Japan is strict about those) and not because he harmed a woman.

No. 2012726

The whining about medication being withheld makes me wonder if he had drugs or prescriptions that are illegal in Japan. Prisons don't just deny you your life saving medication for fun- maybe his HRT doesn't have a proper prescription. Maybe he's carrying around psych drugs that aren't approved by their medical system. Maybe I'm reading into this too much and he did something as retarded as getting on the women's subway car. Who knows. Trannies are never innocent.

No. 2012729

when he said "life saving medication" the first thing I thought was that he's being denied hrt lol

No. 2012732

thank the lord I don't have to see that disgusting tongue in the previous op anymore.

No. 2012735

Best thread pic we've had in a while. Thank you, nona

That's definitely his HRT, kek.

That agressively scroty-looking jaw kek. What did he do is the real question. And why do they need random people to call? Isn't it enough that one person gives the alert? I don't know much about Japan, but they don't seem to be a country that would randomly detain you for no reason. I hope he didn't assault a woman.
Sane kek. Absolutely hated it.

No. 2012736

File: 1720480645824.png (272.35 KB, 1080x702, Screenshot_20240708_161512_X.p…)

apparently he had some public fight with his dad while vacationing in japan. i like how this dumbass is trying to say that getting in a physical altercation in public in a foreign country only gets you in trouble if youre a tranny

No. 2012740

so what im reading here is that this bpd-kun tranny is on a psychiatric hold almost certainly for threatening to kill himself and the hospital is trying to make him take antipsychotics or other sedatives and not providing his illegal bathtub estrogen. all in all: lmao and kek.

No. 2012741

hes not in a prison, he is in a public psychiatric hospital, lol. definitely not as simple as situation as this tweet >>2012736 is making out

No. 2012749

God, you and me both. Hated seeing the last thread and skipped the whole thing because of that pic

No. 2012873

>visibly trans
More like visibly insane and threat to society.

No. 2012940

File: 1720535733041.jpeg (713.07 KB, 1693x1592, 6CCA5766-540C-466D-9264-08869F…)

troon checklist
>understanding of female self-lubrication comes from hentai
>humblebrags about his ~female orgasm~
>reddit posts were written with one hand

No. 2012942

I will never not rage at them claiming they have periods and pmdd…this dumbass couldn’t even get the basic biology of periods happening once a month not once a week. If this wet broccoli opened a damn biology book he’d also know that hormones fluctuate throughout the month, they drop and rise unlike his constant same level of horse piss.

Also if you’re leaking that much from your dick see a damn doctor, you’re not wet, you’re dying.

No. 2012950

I feel sick. What is he wet with?! Genuine question. I assure you sir, your nothing like a cis woman.

No. 2012952

File: 1720538555667.jpg (518.42 KB, 1125x1384, tumblr_8db4f248c7fdf306073f1ce…)

No. 2012954

Stunning and brave

No. 2012955

Room temp IQ art. Completely boring uninspired sculpture that just exists to show acorn dong with the word “WOMAN” underneath

No. 2012957

File: 1720539250601.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1853, Screenshot_20240709-113121.png)

No. 2012958

File: 1720539293794.png (411.31 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20240709-113029.png)

No. 2012966

>administration should know better than to place someone in a facility around males which would make them “feel unsafe”
So should every “frightened” male get to live and room with female prisoners for their own comfort? Men in prison attack and rape one another constantly, every weaker male is rightfully afraid and at risk. Why does the fear only count if you decide to grow your hair into a ponytail and go by another name, things which you can change in a few minutes?

No. 2012986

File: 1720544966940.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2999x3999, 1A53E07A-AA7B-42F0-BB10-812391…)

Tranny admits he posts in female dominated imageboards, doesn’t realize that is maximum scrotoid behavior and proves his male socialization.

To any tranny that hate reads these threads: you will never be a woman. Kill yourself.

No. 2012990

File: 1720545485673.png (31.08 KB, 423x120, 3V0PdgR.png)

found in the wild on discord, he literally has a mustache kek

No. 2012991

File: 1720545590114.png (70.26 KB, 246x275, 6765340.png)

No. 2012992

Great, maybe he will stop being a fucking fatass and a waste of space and resources.

No. 2012994

File: 1720546236187.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x2560, 24-07-08-11-53-23-937_deco.jpg)

These men are so delusional

No. 2012995

Jesus Christ now I see why most of them don't even try to get bangs, that's disastrous.

No. 2013012

The manliest face I've ever seen. It's always comical superposed with their pornified idea of a woman and their male body that no amount of surgery can hide.

>Hottest woman on the planet walking around in fetish gear

They cannot help being male kek. They truly aren't aware woman don't tie their worth to their appearance? That is a uniquely male thing to do. And the usual mysogyny that a pair of tits and makeup = wimin!

No. 2013023

They always think throwing on a shein corset, random “goth” hot topic crap and some fetish gear makes them automatically sexy and more womanly than women wearing a tshirt.(sage your shit)

No. 2013027

Holy crap. The thinning hair and ayy lmao moid facial structure is pathetic. The horrible makeup application really ties this together.

No. 2013030

File: 1720555083105.png (4.09 MB, 1879x2724, Untitled29_20240709155608.png)

also his mlp comics are drawn with the talent of and humor of a band kid deviantart retard

No. 2013051

>rightful chris-chan and weird al comparisons tick him the fuck off
>"check out how fucking good I look"
>"I'm hot shit and I deserve to acknowledge that!!!!!"
Reality hurts so much, doesn't it? He should've stayed a weird, fat brony.

No. 2013063

>The Chris-chan phenotype kek

No. 2013064

>FEMALE orgasms are full bodied and removed from their genitals!
>MALE orgasms are when the penis cums and it feels good!
I could not even read past this retarded way of thinking. May every tranny 41% swiftly.

No. 2013066

I thought chris chan had his own thread.

No. 2013069

File: 1720560667606.png (556.34 KB, 596x1004, image.png)

poor mom.

No. 2013071

>just like I always fantasized.
I hate men so much, it's unreal.

No. 2013074

Someone needs to go there with a sledgehammer.

No. 2013075

Kek, chris is a stunning sexy tranny too, it's a compliment clearly!

No. 2013078

I thought the same. If I lived there I'd destroy that thing without a care of the consequences.

No. 2013091

File: 1720565436584.jpeg (91.81 KB, 828x397, IMG_6583.jpeg)

Troon blogger comes out against beastiality/incest kink. Unsurprisingly, he’s now getting callouts & even people saying they don’t believe he’s actually ~transfem~

No. 2013094

rev up the ywnbaw banners!

No. 2013097

File: 1720566177129.mp4 (3.57 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_@hashtagcassie_17205…)


No. 2013098

> men being absolutely shocked and bewildered that "females" can simply coexist

No. 2013099

File: 1720566616840.png (311.81 KB, 720x700, Screenshot_20240705-214027~2.p…)

No. 2013102

OP of that tweet should just walk under any bridge where junkies like to squat, the long-haired rat man of his dreams would happily ruin his life for free.

No. 2013104

>Tfw the police in glorious Nippon don't let you assault your father in public

No. 2013106

>having sex
This was actually a rape wasn't it

No. 2013107

See Crystalcafe, this is what happens when you allow troons on your board.

No. 2013109

Well the drawings cute at least

No. 2013110

Ikr, we should crop/steal it

No. 2013111

I think it'd be a cute banner, but idk if it'll be allowed because soyjaks are banned

No. 2013112

File: 1720568003009.gif (451.29 KB, 500x385, man hate.gif)

Honestly him using Marceline as his pfp is what offends me the most. AGPs have completely ruined the whole concept of being a SSA alt girl with their creepy voyeurism. It's so obvious that they just view women as porn categories, and that "goth" and "lesbian" are their favorite tags on pornhub. Makes me want to vomit.

No. 2013113

>bragging about PMDD

No. 2013114

It deadass looks like used a crayola marker as both eyeliner and lipstick. And that he used his non-dominant hand to apply it.

No. 2013116

It's sweat from his self-induced hormonal imbalance and lack of hygiene.
Boo fucking hoo. I bet his parents didn't feel very safe being bludgeoned to death, either. Imagine how unsafe the women in that facility felt being housed with a man that beat his parents to death.
Why would he assume it was someone hoping to sexually assault him and not just someone hoping to murder a sexual deviant? I thought they felt "unsafe" at all times? Wishful thinking?

No. 2013117

I love his autistic ass explaining to the other person that comparing TiMs to CWC is offensive. Duh you retard, the person clearly said it to insult you. Also kek at
>I get this comment a lot
To be fair though, he doesn't look like CWC. He looks like if CWC and Gabe Newell had a tranny lovechild.

No. 2013119

I think it's cringe and sucky. Why are grown ass women eating spiral lollipops like children from the 1800s? Why are they drinking from a children's teaset? What the hell is going on with that weird attempt at the GnR logo? This seems like a moid drew it, frankly.

No. 2013122

they aren't "grown ass women", that's soylita… yes i used to spend a lot of time on there…(sage your shit)

No. 2013124

File: 1720569249057.png (7.62 MB, 2921x2818, Untitled1476_20240709195122.pn…)

No. 2013125

Like the other anon said, it's soylita. The other girls are her variants, so they're technically soy "lolis"

No. 2013126

I like it

No. 2013128


No. 2013133

it sounds totally fake, and for the mother's sake I hope it's just his fantasy. Why would anyone be sending around pictures of him crossdressing unless it was him sending the pictures? which if it did happen, does that mean he sent the pictures to his mother?

No. 2013141

How do these creatures pretend they know our biology when they don't even know what a period is or how women "get wet"

No. 2013144

>omg I feel totally unsafe just like you real wommanz ~~~
Don't air tags only work at a certain distance anyways?

No. 2013159

File: 1720573793005.jpg (107.48 KB, 1170x1195, GR-nUU4XEAACAmF.jpg)

we need a kikkomi version

No. 2013166

I actually haven’t heard of dykebreaking, sounds like a pornsick male thing

No. 2013167

File: 1720577489829.jpg (234.9 KB, 1232x1022, ew.JPG)

How many of these are complete lies he used to cope? lmfao how could a male body even self lubricate

No. 2013174

trannies love their shein/aliexpress "goth" garbage

No. 2013180

>I've passed as cis during a pelvic exam
is he not telling his doctors that he's trans? what kind of obgyn would even look at a rot pocket and think it's a vagina? is his obgyn checking his prostate?
>I can take a fist
nobody asked
>it self lubricates, cleans itself, and has the correct microbiome
what's his source for all this
>normal vaginal muscles
>but mine are STRONGER
lmao can't even pretend to be a woman he has to be a woman with an ultra strong vagina
>doesn't tell people he's sleeping with that he's a tranny
assuming they can't tell, that's rape. He's admitting to rape.
>nothing feels out of place
how would he know
how many of the "women" he's been sleeping with are tims

No. 2013183

>fantasizing about committing corrective rape
Justgirlythings amirite fellow women?

No. 2013185

Actually disgusting. Shit like this just reminds me that not only are trannies so distinctly moids, they’re the lowest kind of moid

No. 2013190

My guess is they mistake pus leaking/oozing wound sores as discharge kek. Reminds me of how incels on 4chan and such genuinely think that vaginal discharge is the same bodily fluid as pus and refer to it as such kek. Trannies are so stereotypically male and incel in everything they think and do.

No. 2013194

>my inside out dick rotpocket is self cleaning and smells and tastes great!
>I can take a whole fist if I want!
>it’s not a piercing! it’s a vagina! it’s totally not an artificial lifelong wound that closes up if I don’t dilate it, aka exactly like a piercing

No. 2013214

File: 1720590066117.png (11.93 MB, 2408x3808, um.png)

worst thing ive seen in a while, nonas

No. 2013216

This person is a biological woman who’s obsessed with trannies.
Look up their username on Twitter.(sage your shit)

No. 2013221

File: 1720590808457.jpeg (869.26 KB, 1125x1349, 55007893-9D64-465D-8D70-239BCD…)

Idk if anyone has heard of this but a 14 year old TiM was killed after meeting a man over fucking grinder. I don’t hate this kid and if anything I feel bad for this kid but I’m just posting to say fuck the lgbtq for pushing this trans shit and this hookup culture shit onto children. Like ofc it’s already bad this kid has been most likely groomed into this perverted sissification shit but he was on fucking grinder to top it off. Fuck that piece of shit who killed and claimed to have raped him and fuck every single pedofilic faggot who groomed him and lead him to to his death.


No. 2013223

Ngl I feel bad for underage tims, I think most of them (alongside underage "femboys") are grooming victims

No. 2013228

And like clockwork they'll blame women wanting their safe spaces.

And shit a 14 yo on grindr? Wtf?

No. 2013229

File: 1720593966252.jpg (255.55 KB, 1080x1920, 1000029200.jpg)


No. 2013230

File: 1720594018339.jpg (330.4 KB, 1080x1920, 1000029199.jpg)


Get your eye bleach ready

No. 2013231

>And shit a 14 yo on grindr? Wtf?
Having traumatic first sexual experiences at young ages is treated like a badge of honor. Just another grooming tactic to get their hands on vulnerable kids.

No. 2013232

File: 1720594788522.webp (34.33 KB, 475x356, jpYACplO9HrOX35_e8jawBysR6HpLA…)

Any "self-lubrication" is likely shit from a perforation connecting their axe wound to their poop chute. Not to promote scrote farms, but there is an entire dedicated thread with plenty of examples (primarily from Reddit) of frankenvag.

No. 2013233

he looks like hes going to strangle her

No. 2013234

go on, spoonfeed me the link.(retard)

No. 2013235

Trans ideology made a 14 year old boy think meeting up with creepy men for validation hookups is normal. I bet the man who did it was also trans himself tbh

No. 2013237

why would terfs do this?

No. 2013238

I need to alog so bad you have no fucking idea

No. 2013242

>"express my true self"
what this means to normal people: being gender non-conforming, coming out as homosexual, pursuing their own interests/careers instead of what's been pushed on them by their parents and society.
what this means to troons: revealing your fetish like a deranged mass-scale e-exhibitionist

No. 2013245

it probably is, the way he emphasizes "exposure" and everyone supposedly knowing he's a sissy feels like it's ripped from a sissy public humiliation fantasy

No. 2013255

File: 1720603748055.jpeg (450.92 KB, 828x1299, IMG_5928.jpeg)

Theyre such fucking caricatures. Also
>im a second wave feminist at work, fighting men to get taken seriously
Stfu stfu stfu

No. 2013256

I saw a lot of posts about this the other day but didn't SS sorry, a lot of these guys are trying to say this is a hate crime and another reason why they aren't safe… A child met a pedo on the internet and was murdered by them, it's not a hate crime. Pretending to be older than you are and meeting strangers online is a fucking stupid idea

No. 2013268

>Autistic moid thinks other men don’t take him seriously because he’s a woman
>Other men definitely just think he’s an autistic faggot
Many such cases

No. 2013280

This is why kids shouldn't be given phones like candy.

No. 2013282

>hottest woman on earth
>literally a man
congrats you're a faggot

No. 2013284

disgusting, very very disrespectful…

No. 2013285

The tumblrinas constantly call him a “hot woman” and he looks like a man with long hair. He doesn’t even look like a TIM. I don’t know how they can stomach lying this much.

No. 2013286

>we’ve all heard of dykebreaking
We sure as hell haven’t. I’m not a porn-addled moid and I don’t know what it is but it sounds rapey and homophobic.

No. 2013287

Cope: The Post

No. 2013289

No. 2013293

Kek I hope trannies take this serious instead of the obvious larp it is. They might actually kill themselves by bleeding out.

No. 2013315

File: 1720624812223.jpg (188.53 KB, 662x1280, tumblr_42e488731c449ce95da3833…)

My first troon seen in the wild kek, stumbled upon him on a second hand marketplace sub. If the picture didn't give it away, the caption might have. 1/2

No. 2013316

File: 1720624840212.jpg (216.02 KB, 848x1280, tumblr_41a02255a953e4e54f73d1b…)

No. 2013327

That masculine chin/jaw is killing me

No. 2013340

What is that with troons ALWAYS having dirty mirrors? He has a decent room (for a man), but the mirror?

No. 2013341

File: 1720631700273.png (1018.85 KB, 631x1046, hot tgirl dyke.png)

"Hot tgirl dyke" is a strange way to spell "dad at the bbq"

No. 2013344

File: 1720631966845.png (Spoiler Image,354.19 KB, 993x822, raphe line.png)

Don't open this spoiler while eating. It's not a photo but it is disgusting.

No. 2013346

This poor kid was definitely being abused in some way long before this happened.
To be fair, I'm sure the fact he was a TIM did play a part in him being targeted. But not for the reasons the troons want to think. His killer saw a vulnerable mentally ill child who would be easy to manipulate.

No. 2013351

>and he spanked my ass
>and the picture determined… THAT was a lie!

No. 2013360

File: 1720636491463.png (700.59 KB, 769x775, jumpscare.png)

New nightmare unlocked.

No. 2013366

because at the end of the day it's ethot cosplay, I've yet to see a troon dressing as a normal, everyday woman but jeans and t shirts don't give them the euphoria, I guess. Their clothes are plastic garbage because deep down they all know it's a costume.

No. 2013376

haus of decline???

No. 2013416

File: 1720647388121.png (1.13 MB, 1021x1396, 24107.png)

sorry to break it to you nonna, but there are troons who do that, they're just far far rarer than the shein agp skinwalkers.

its mostly because:
a. they need at least two or three feminine/androgynous features to pass since they can't rely on heavy clown insta thot/e-girl makeup or fetish gear (ie. no neanderthal browbones, no gigachad jawlines, needs to be skinny, below avg. male height, have slightly wider hips or narrower shoulders)
b. they need a shit load of money and a whole team of good plastic surgeons to get as close as possible to a "feminine" body and face, and even then they need to be very lucky in the above category to have a chance
c. a normal style requires far more grooming and upkeep than coomer styles do, from actually learning makeup and fashion to the constant surgeries they'll need to have, which 99.99% of males, even the non-mentally ill ones, simply haven't been socialized into like women have
d. they need to be at least somewhat well adjusted, or at least know how to fake it, because being someone who is into mommy dommy puppy play coomer shit and e-begs on twitter for groceries destroys the whole image. they also need to unlearn at least some masculine mannerisms and learn some feminine ones, which doesn't interest them, unless the feminine mannerisms come from porn.

picrel are two examples closest to this that i found, especially the second one, i remember seeing a bunch of his selfies on reddit a few years ago and he's one of the only ones who looks like he actually tries to put in some amount of effort into this.

No. 2013428

File: 1720652669370.gif (730.04 KB, 498x370, no-you-aint-sandy-cheeks.gif)

>I am a second wave feminist

No. 2013429

>14 year old on Grindr
This is the parents' fault. No normal 14 year old does this shit. Seconding the anons saying that the kid was probably being abused long before this.

Also, it's a moidlet. That's why this is a news story. If it were a girl the same age (especially a non-white girl) it wouldn't have made the news. That's the real problem: young women are raped and/or murdered by straight moids every damn day, but a moidlet is murdered by another moid and suddenly people are mad at fags specifically, as if male violence as a whole isn't the problem.

No. 2013431

This sort of shit ruins my day more than the gross posts tbh. I can’t put my finger on why.

No. 2013435

Luckily the DA released a statement saying that the state wouldn't be pursuing hate crime charges. The killer was openly gay, and while plenty of gay moids dislike troons, this guy actively sought this kid out for sex. Either the killer knew the kid was underage and intended to kill him after sex to avoid statutory rape charges, or something happened during their meeting that made the older guy decide to kill the kid. Maybe the boy refused to have sex or maybe he revealed his age after sex, and then shit got violent. Who knows. But there's no way in hell this is a hate crime.

It's also really suspicious that the parents waited almost three days to report the kid missing. He's almost certainly young enough for an Amber alert. If he was supposed to walk home at 9:30 (which is retarded, why is a child walking home alone at night) wouldn't his parents have been worried by 3:40 am, the time the kid entered the killer's car? These parents are asleep at the fucking wheel if their kid is wandering around outside at 3:00 am and meeting men on Grindr.

No. 2013436

The second one is filtered nonnie please, it doesn't even have the same eyeshape anymore kek.

No. 2013438

The "even doctors can't tell" lie always floors me. The number of people who spread and believe it really tells you how abysmal sex ed is right now. An OBGYN is going to notice that there's no cervix! The purpose of a fucking pelvic exam is to check your cervix! Not to mention that your goddamn doctor should be aware of your surgical history. If any gyn in the history of humanity has ever said this to a troon (which I doubt), they're lying to flatter him. Not to mention that troon wounds never, ever have correct looking labia minor. I've yet to see one that has.

No. 2013439

This post kind of makes me want to get a concealed carry ngl.

No. 2013467

Do it, if women are legally allowed to own guns they should.

No. 2013473

They "pass" because they filter their photos to hell and back.

No. 2013475

File: 1720663587627.mp4 (3.33 MB, 480x760, ssstwitter.com_1720572343845.m…)

#tranny 1090490450 mansplaining what a woman is

No. 2013485

File: 1720665414149.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1086x579, angrydildo.png)

No. 2013500

File: 1720670545784.jpg (23.54 KB, 576x577, Socially-Awesome-Awkward-Pengu…)

>cis and trans women are the same thing
>we need words to differentiate between cis and trans women because they're not the same thing

No. 2013515

Do troons not realise our vaginal fluids/flora aren’t just something you can develop after flipping a dick inside out. The lubrication they experience is from their colon, not a vaginal tract. It is essentially an empty ditch.

No. 2013529

So if cis just means biological then why can’t we just say biological woman or just woman since trans is the separating label. Angry ass fag, I can feel his moid rage even on mute.

No. 2013541

File: 1720686189138.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3442x2696, IMG_9069.jpeg)

He has another tweet that’s gone viral because he said he literally takes pills everyday to prevent HIV lmao

At this point I assume anyone with “girl” “fem” “mommy” etc in their twitter handle is absolutely a troon.

No. 2013549

The skin of a women

No. 2013560

istg the tranny community (and a good chunk of the lgbt community) are full of dorks coming up with dorky ass terms for the most retarded things that the average person is never gonna give a fuck about.
thanks for confirming biological women. no person will say cis irl and get taken seriously.

No. 2013644

elphaba deserves her own thread, she's pure insanity!! she's ALWAYS out in the Manchester gay village and throws tantrums over being denied access from clubs because she has scabies. she is scaryyyyy irl and nasty online.(integrate)

No. 2013660

File: 1720712509247.jpg (28.21 KB, 567x323, FASD_Slide1_600x305.jpg)

I know nonas claim cows have FAS constantly, but in this case…

No. 2013667


No. 2013674

File: 1720716726533.png (80.45 KB, 807x979, sdfdsfd.png)

lord, this askAGP reddit is something else. reading the posts on there confirms they stare at normal women like serial killers when they so much as pass them at the grocery store just like trans women that they're somehow different/better than. (although, it looks like many of the members identify as both MtF and AGP which is… kek)
it's almost like the entire problem boils down to having a fetishistic view of women as objects, and you can't just be excluded from that by identifying as a gay man instead of a trans woman trying to invade our spaces… you still have the same pornrotted ideals.

No. 2013676

lol good news, fuck trannies(i accidentally cut myself while trying to ban this post)

No. 2013685

File: 1720719685794.jpeg (133.22 KB, 1080x1124, IMG_3432.jpeg)

Trannies can’t be feminists anyways but we need to start hitting retarded libfems with this whenever they start spouting their bs kek

No. 2013692

stay bleeding(ban evasion)

No. 2013697

File: 1720724027212.png (242.48 KB, 828x787, afab.png)

I love when troons push this rhetoric because it just makes them look so utterly delusional

No. 2013699

File: 1720724150847.jpg (345.63 KB, 1080x1138, 1000017955.jpg)

I'm both horrified such a subreddit exists and somewhat happy it does. Trannies documenting themselves transparently. Thank them for proving most of them are just freaky agps.
>Women in sport
>I want to be her while she's getting fucked
Fuck both of them. Leave us the fuck alone. It's so unnerving. Note how he uses passive language 'getting fucked'. Women having sex in their porn-rotted brains are always degraded, objects, receiving, passive. It speaks volume of the pornrot.
Adding picrel too. Barf. What else is there to say. Seeing women like objects to be fucked or used or leered at, just like true and honist wimin, amiright? And this one is also bizarre, like he's talking about wearing some woman's skin. Argh.

No. 2013706

>the female club

No. 2013707

File: 1720725572116.jpg (124.4 KB, 1438x1036, 1613010858693.jpg)

>as a trans woman i belong to the female club

No. 2013714

>I want to be her while she's getting fucked
My god I wish these freaks would all just commit 41%. I hate them so much it's unreal. How can any libfem retard read the stuff actual tims write and still support them? What kind of mental gymnastics do they do to say that this is normal female behavior.

No. 2013742

>"Please don't use AMAB and male/AFAB and female interchangeably. . ."
>redditard proceeds to use woman (gender) and female (sex) interchangeably
why are they so fucking oblivious??

No. 2013748

File: 1720732826390.mp4 (3.32 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_sfm22956mW1zz8bj5.mp4)

No. 2013749


long-winded boring trans activist loves the sound of his own voice(this is an imageboard)

No. 2013751

The whole point of trans is wanting to be something you’re not. This is a goal you can only achieve by spending money. They’re living life in “pay to win” mode. If I were a little more invested in tankie literature I could shit out an essay about this

No. 2013753

File: 1720733592494.jpeg (310.15 KB, 828x828, IMG_5940.jpeg)

>moid doesnt realize hes retarded and incompetent
>”must be misogyny!”

No. 2013754

It’s not misogyny for your coworkers to not want to see a man in a dress. These type of men seriously need to be institutionalized

No. 2013764

>very clearly a self centered piece of shit who doesnt care about women

No. 2013768

File: 1720736828222.jpg (177.45 KB, 1616x1392, GL1BhJwXQAAJvtg.jpg)

sometimes i wonder if these men are trolling

surely they can't be as stupid as they sincerely sound

(pic related lol)

No. 2013769

File: 1720736863955.gif (438.91 KB, 600x750, ezgif-3-21dacc723c.gif)

(unsaged retard)

No. 2013770

File: 1720737307456.jpeg (308.49 KB, 1284x656, IMG_1356.jpeg)

Female chasers are not a thing. Next.

No. 2013772

Moids are so nasty. I’m so glad I’m not a slave to my sex drive.

No. 2013773

They do exist but they chase TIFs not TIMs lol.

No. 2013774

what a delusional moid

those "cis guys" are fetishists just the same as he is(sage your shit)

No. 2013775

I don’t get it. I don’t understand how it’s acceptable for us to be afraid of men unless the man in question says he’s a woman, even if he’s enacting the same exact predatory behavior as ever other man. It’s the weirdest kind of cognitive dissonance.

No. 2013795

I haven’t read through the thread yet so idk if this has been talked about, but has anyone heard about the recent murder of Pauly Likens? He was a 14 year old who was brutally killed and dismembered by a man he met on a gay dating app, and the trans community are yet again (like with Nex) using the death of this poor child in their activist debates and calling it a transgender hate crime(lurk more)

No. 2013799

No because he's a child who was groomed by a pedo on Grindr. We don't need to discuss minors murdered by normal pedos.

No. 2013817

The show euphoria probably played a role as well

No. 2013825

File: 1720746909252.png (361.35 KB, 775x871, Screenshot_20240711_211429.png)

here's what he looks like, plus additional autism just from scrolling his post history

No. 2013826

The OP pic makes me kind of sad now that Shelley Duvall died today

No. 2013850

don't imagine the smell

No. 2013851

File: 1720750130851.png (1.33 MB, 1152x1352, Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 10.08…)


No. 2013853

I know I shouldn’t laugh but that seven head has me cackling(sage your shit)

No. 2013854

jesus this is horrifying poor boy

No. 2013857

men like this wouldn't know what misogyny is even if it tit slapped them across the face

No. 2013858

File: 1720751585008.png (15.5 KB, 900x105, father.png)

Sounds like the guy was just looking for some desperate dude to kill instead of actually wanting to date them.

Also from the same article.

No. 2013862

But we must remember it is actually the mean unwomen terfs who don’t want to fuck tims who are committing the real crimes that hurt transwomen. This murderer could be an egg who has internalized transmisogyny so maybe he just expressed his valid feminine rage!

No. 2013866

Oh well

No. 2013869

Jesus, that’s so fucked up. Nobody deserves that.

No. 2013886

Oh no. Anyway.

No. 2013893

sad. that's someone's kid. it must be so awful and embarrassing for the family to hear their kid was likely porn addicted and certainly groomed. no sane child is on dating apps and trying to hook up with adults. if his parents got him help instead of affirming the fetish this wouldn't have happened and they could have a living and healthy kid. this is what happens when you fail your kids.

No. 2013902

yeah, reading this article is pretty depressing. It says he died from "sharp blunt force trauma" to his head, so he was certainly beaten to death with something very hard-possibly a nearby big rock, unless he brought some sort of weapon like a crowbar or something with him. It also says that the young boy met with this man next to a lake, late that evening. Any adult knows already what a terrible idea it is to go and meet a stranger at night next to a lake-that's as horror movie setup as it gets. This kid was failed in so many different ways. He had 0 awareness of danger. Ironically, if this were actually a little girl, she would have been lectured a million times by now to never do anything like this, but his parents might have skipped that talk thinking a little boy would never find himself in this situation. Little boys are always given waaay more freedom and trust than little girls.

Them allowing him to dress as a girl and be chronically online is what costed him his life. No little kid knows anything about grindr from nowhere. He was clearly porn addicted. Sad. And even more sad that somehow, women and "terfs" will be to blame, instead of the kids parents. Little girls used to get lured away and killed like this all the time, but as others have said, since its a little boy, now its outrageous. Men always want to be women until they start to get treated/murdered like one.

No. 2013905

That hairline at 15 is BLEAK

No. 2013918

Any man who claims to be a woman is automatically 200% more creepy to me, the gay ones may be an exception though depending on their behavior.

No. 2013924

Yeah it's awful. I suspect this kid is actually a gay boy. Meeting older men in secret, this is what gay teens do when they are not in environments where safeguarding them is a priority. It's extremely common. Usually it stems from being in the closet and/or in a homophobic environment. It's bleak because even 'acceptance' of his trans identity didn't provide him with some kind of guidance.

No. 2013927

Damn roughest looking 15 year old

No. 2013928

File: 1720770864388.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4045.png)

A long post coming out as basically a faggot

No. 2013936

That sounds more like tranny fiction, kek.

No. 2013948

The comments on this video are so refreshing, ofc the troon is panicking they didn’t get the circle jerk they wanted from epic terf own. I wish I could send this women a fruit basket

No. 2013949

just in, no woman ever played portal before. they all only play stardew valley, and not even correctly!

No. 2013952

I really appreciate the women like Sonya who do this because I am too scared

No. 2013954

I don't have a tiktok account, please post a sc of the comments nonna!

No. 2013955

File: 1720777255466.png (286.57 KB, 597x517, kikomi.png)

The replies talking about how "cis women steal everything" kek, ironic. Kikomi is happening, biotrans is happening, it's happening.

No. 2013956

File: 1720777349594.png (15.98 KB, 321x166, kikomireply.png)

samefag but one reply that stuck out to me because it's so ironic, considering the havoc they've caused for women and lgb

No. 2013957

File: 1720778096531.jpeg (750.26 KB, 911x1475, BBEE4B4E-4766-4616-A6D0-C770A8…)

If this man was a drawing it would be called a transphobic caricature

No. 2013958

File: 1720778410446.png (965.26 KB, 1176x3368, sonya_epic_win.png)

Anything for you nonnie.

No. 2013960

What was up with all his copied replied comments to these girls too btw? Saying something along the lines of “tell that to the cis men priests” I didn’t understand his “gotcha” at all.

No. 2013962

Good for her, keep kikomimaxxing.

No. 2013976

This is the literal definition of 'seethe and cope'. He hates not passing, he wouldn't have filmed a whole video raging about how he akshually loves being called a tranny moid otherwise. The funniest part is that he passes more than 99% of his fellow AGP hons and is still so incredibly clockable. Let's hope that this will be seen by his fellow TIMs and pushes them further into reality.
He was just a kid, what a nightmare. Yeah, I know he'd have grown up to be a serial rapist like the other TIMs, but a 14 year old needs guidance from their parents and teachers. He was failed so badly by them, holy shit. I wonder if he was SA'd himself, or had some sort of trauma from being gay/bi.

No. 2013977

File: 1720784658224.jpg (574.12 KB, 922x1335, average trans date.jpg)

Lol. Love t4t violence

No. 2013981

honestly, this sounds REALLY sex-pesty compared to even the horniest moid, but I'm not a professional moid-handler so what would i know
If this is real, I actually feel bad for the troon

No. 2013983

Little girls experience this daily on social media and chatting apps. Better him than making a woman or girl put up with it

No. 2014007

Oh, please. This is blatant coom material. There’s a reason why he’s posting about this in graphic detail while also gloating about being a “victim of misogyny” in another post, on the lesbian subreddit of all places. He could have blocked the freak troon like women know to do, but he continued to engage because it makes him feel ~objectified~ like a real woman. No need to feel sympathy, it’s just his coombrained degeneracy showing

No. 2014010

Hopefuel ♥

No. 2014016

It’s a child you incel retard. Revelling in a child’s death makes us just as bad as the creep groomers which got off to making him dress as a girl. His devices should be seized and investigated, whoever encouraged him to go onto grinder and “explore his sexuality” is just as guilty for murder as the closeted fag moid that beat him to death.

No. 2014019

File: 1720795809799.mp4 (1.98 MB, 480x754, ssstwitter.com_1720795588975.m…)

Ultimately, regardless of how many troons are brutally murdered by other males, troons will always vilify WOMEN. They would rather shame, silence, and demonize women for peacefully standing up for ourselves than the actual psychotic faggots who kill them.

No. 2014020

nobody convinced him, male sexuality convinced him. gay teens are so horny they will take huge risks to get some ugly old dick

No. 2014023

If you lurked more, you’d notice a pattern of teenagers getting groomed by the trans cult and hypersexualized since the onset of puberty, since this entire movement is driven by adult pedo gooners that make autistic outcasted kids feel special and desired. I’m tired of anons diluting this thread with non-milk like the likens case.

No. 2014025

This is actually one of the biggest issues with trannies and woke culture in general. You can't be a masculine woman, style wise or body wise or face wise, you can't be a man with long hair or skinny body or a more feminine style, because people will assume you're gay or a tranny. This whole fiasco set us back way more than ever before. I have a masculine body because of genetics and I got called a tranny on the streets numerous times. I have male friends who are straight and simply have long hair and they got called gay and trannies as well. You can't be a masculine woman or a feminine man anymore unless you are gay or a tranny, according to society, because of all of this bullshit.

No. 2014026

that's because they're afraid of men. they aren't afraid of us and perceive us as easier targets to intimidate and harass into silence.

No. 2014030

File: 1720798483110.png (3.69 MB, 1284x3326, IMG_1376.png)

Oh cool they made a man a mod of a lesbian fashion sub

No. 2014042

>positive comments only please

No. 2014044

He doesn’t even know how to dress himself and he’s a mod on a fashion sub. Looks ugly as shit. Typical

No. 2014046

>-1 score
kek, tempted to go downvote him so it drops even more.

No. 2014049

I’m just catching up on this thread so apologies for necroing this post, but this kind of shit just annoys the fuck out of me. These men want to be so women so bad but have no idea how women work physically, emotionally, or any way at all. What woman walks around just soaking wet all the time? He describes it as like a SWAMP just like a “cis woman”. What kind of retardation is this. Do some men go tranny because they have had zero interaction with women sexually? And all body orgasms that aren’t in the genitals? I feel orgasms in my genitals, like wtf do they think happens when women cum? This is a log material and I hate it.

No. 2014052

never trust any troon who wears some variant of thigh-high socks. Ever.

No. 2014064

next thread pic please

No. 2014065

holy shit this pissed me off, even for this thread. where is this from?

No. 2014066

>Do some men go tranny because they have had zero interaction with women sexually?
Absolutely. See this post from the last thread, too >>2011206

No. 2014072

video is somewhat old, he ended up leaving tiktok because of the backlash lol

No. 2014075

>normal pedo
That's an oxymoron

No. 2014085

I know anons here like to try to one-up each other with manhate, but this is plainly retarded. This happened because the boy's parents had their heads up their asses. They didn't know what apps he was using, they enabled his gender nonsense, and they apparently didn't teach him that climbing into a stranger's car in the middle of the night is a great way to get murdered. A normal gay moid his age would have just jerked off at home.

No. 2014095

Oh boo fucking hoo. The way these middle class white, hulking heterosexual moids have never actually faced any sort of serious danger in their lives until they willingly chose this larp, and they're still probably not ever in any sort of real danger. No shit people are going to call them out on how degenerate and gross they are. The fucking cheesy stock Disney music slop is a nice touch, truly makes me feel for his stunning and brave struggle to just be his true and honest self. Fucking Christ the histrionics with these assholes.

No. 2014101

Sorry but I don’t care, if he’d grown up a bit more as a straight male he would have been a rapey porn addict like all normal straight men, and if he’d grown up more as a full tranny adult hon he would have just continued the cycle of abuse by preying on younger boys in the trans community. Men are awful I don’t see why I should feel bad when they get killed by other awful men.

No. 2014104

Stating the truth about males is not being edgy. Statistically he would have grown up to rape another woman or boy anyway, I don’t give a fuck about male suicide either for that matter. Less pedos, rapists, criminals and coomers in the world the better.

No. 2014106

File: 1720813988001.jpg (87.2 KB, 600x549, edgelord spotted.JPG)

I deleted because I didn’t want to instigate, but here I’ll post again since that failed.

Honestly, take it to 2X. Your seething over a dead 14 y/o has nothing to do with making fun of troon cows and it’s just pretty cringe.

No. 2014107

Is that not just teenagers in general though

No. 2014115

There is truly such a thing as a male autistic face. It's always so easy to see it's insane.

He looks like that gross hulking tranny who is always gorging on food (Nick Contino?). They always have the same tragic hairline, oily skin, greasy hair and retarded face. Why can't they just get therapy…it's so grotesque to hear him speak.

No. 2014119

The parents referred to him as their "son" to police. My brother trooned out at in his teens but got therapy after our parents caught him travelling to another county to stay at a 30+ year old man's house. There was nothing indicating this before he was caught accidentally.(blog)

No. 2014123

Fair enough, but my point about his lack of self-preservation still stands. When I was 14, I would not have arranged to meet a strange man in a park in the middle of the night, because my parents taught me about the dangers of rapists and murderers. Most kids know not to do that.

I think Grindr is to blame as well. I looked around, and there are a lot of posts on Reddit complaining about how many minors there are on there compared to Tinder. That's a huge moderation problem. This is isn't the first time a minor was killed by someone he met on Grindr, and it won't be the last if the media keeps obfuscating that the killer met the victim there in favor of calling it a "hate crime."(derailing)

No. 2014127

>”cis” women spread misinformation
The spaces where this supposedly happens are filled with screencaps and videos of the words these men willingly choose to put online. Where is the misinformation exactly? We’re just listening to trans voices like they told us to.

No. 2014171

okay and? you are presumably a woman and think differently than males. some of us are working from our own personal experiences of gay men we've known as teens who engaged in risky behavior, parental guidance be damned (and then later grew up to regret it!). myspace was the grindr of its time, this jeffrey dahmer chicken hawk issue is for the gay community to contend with, women's resources are drained. plus you are making the classic female mistake of casting your own positive traits on others whether or not there is evidence to support that this person was just like you. the original poster wanted to drum up sympathy for a baby gayoid fucking around and finding out when some of us are burnt out on male predation because it is so fucking common and want to reserve it for those more deserving, like women and girls who are not on apps searching to be abused to sexually self-harm while not getting finger-wagged to "do better" by those still struggling with libfem tendencies.(derailing)

No. 2014172

Thank goodness for this Italian mama.

No. 2014175

>brand deals and job offers
lol what shein?

No. 2014179

File: 1720829589370.mp4 (4.54 MB, 576x1024, faggotwithnovariesmadeitsoicou…)

I wonder why "fem presenting people" is being pointed out… These degenerate moids literally try to groom young girls into being self-objectifying porn addicts. Not to mention the faggot (@rip.and.claire) running this account is a trans"bian" with an incest game avi. Everyone is calling young girls "puritan" in the comments for not wanting to be objectified. i hate this psyop
Me too, kind of crazy how she ended up being in the threadpic right before she died.

No. 2014180

File: 1720829874555.jpg (522.75 KB, 1711x2185, GSIBerdWMAA7hJU.jpg)

we can spot your neanderthal skull from a mile away

No. 2014181

why'd trannies have to ruin roller skating too?

No. 2014184

File: 1720830099863.png (49.82 KB, 815x422, you're a man.png)

trannies are obsessed with reproduction. That's why they're after our uterus, vaginas and breast milk.

No. 2014205

File: 1720833199722.png (486.53 KB, 598x938, videogame.png)

>TFW videogames kill TIMs like Isekai trucks kill people.

No. 2014206

"But is not a fetish!", they cry. "I'll volunteer for these poor ladies!", TRA maidens cry.

No. 2014278

bc quadskating is getting popular w girls and they aren't content with pushing every last rational skater out of rollerderby. Fuck each of them individually for that. ttd.

No. 2014297

As a millennial, bless the zoomer girls and women who are standing up to this bullshit. I’m sorry my gen helped contribute to it. I hope more and more women wake up and become as “sex negative” as they want to stay safe.

No. 2014314

the cope is real with this one. how does playing a video game have anything to do with some random troon that got killed? KEKK

No. 2014315

Someone's mad women don't want anything to do with his weird nasty kinks.

No. 2014318

This kid was sleeping with adults and probably worse.

No. 2014321

The game has literally nothing to do with why those teens murdered him. The teens even said they murdered him because they wanted to kill someone they didn’t even acknowledge the trans part other than they knew he was lonely. True crime has probably influenced their motives more than JK barely hating on troons

No. 2014322

wasnt this troon so coddled by the school staff that he was known to be a creepy bully who would bully actual girls and turn up to school in short skirts and skimpy egirl wear?( which isnt even allowed in Britain) and the killers confirmed they didnt target him because he was a troon just because he was a easy target

No. 2014324

Evidence of that? I tried looking it up(lurk more)

No. 2014341

Weird blog but I was actually at the school about a week later coincidentally, I wouldn't say it seemed like that, there was a small shrine set up and a lot of children had left sympathetic notes and drawings. Mood was quite glum but it seemed like a nice school too, lots of people were wearing own clothes/stuff you wouldn't usually get away with

No. 2014353

File: 1720878855458.png (45.43 KB, 675x198, comments.png)

There was a teacher who was lamenting his style. Extremely weird for an adult to comment on a dead kid's style as something that was to be missed and remembered.
The killers also called him "she" so it definitely was not a hate crime.

No. 2014358

another day another male accusing JK of killing trannies

No. 2014365

File: 1720882321637.jpg (63.22 KB, 854x321, 527i536.JPG)

>"She had a real flare (sic) for fashion"
>"Her nails matched her phone case"
>"Customising her school uniform"

Their dress code is strict as hell. It also clearly states no nail polish at all. They even have a rule that says hoodies will be confiscated. It's so obvious the headteacher fetishised him and gave him special treatment. I guarantee any non-troon doing this same shit would have been in trouble for it. I couldn't even wear my skirt half an inch higher than the rules when I was in a similarly strict school without getting bitched at.

No. 2014376

File: 1720886898215.jpg (320.35 KB, 1080x700, IMG_20240713_170545.jpg)

You can literally Google and see pictures of students in their own clothes it's not hard, stop trying to play detective. Schools have different rules for upper years classes which at 16, you are

No. 2014384

File: 1720890933285.jpg (223.5 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20240713_054738_Chr…)

funniest shit i've seen in a while

No. 2014387

If you're spending $875 on your appearance every month and you don't work as a model or something like that, you are an insane person

No. 2014389

Once more showing how fucking stereotypical they are of what it means to be a woman, such a fetish for these freaks
>imagine you're trans and start off alone
So like literally any adult? Buying new underwear once a year is common regardless of age, but you wouldn't have that habit as a gross moid

No. 2014390

I was about to point this out, kek. He isn't a lesbian and he clearly doesn't even know how to dress himself, yet he's modding a lesbian fashion sub. Fuck Preddit.

No. 2014391

The hair metal guys behind him look more feminine kek

No. 2014399

That's weird, I've never bought a "tuckitup" and I'm still a woman. I don't even get my hair or nails done or use makeup, and people still know I'm female. Isn't that weird? Anyone else relate? How much are you all spending on tuckitups?

No. 2014402

I need a kikomi informercial on tuckitups.

No. 2014409

(are women doomed?)

No. 2014410

troon has to be a self-sufficient adult without logging into gofundme challenge (impossible)
also the way this person types just really angers me for some reason

No. 2014414

$200 a month? A year? Total? This is retarded.
Also a pack of underwear is like $20 you don't need to buy Victoria secret lace $40 each panties but that's besides the point I guess we are supposed to bankroll expensive fetishwear. How bout set up a godundme for a job interview outfit and office wear

No. 2014422

File: 1720899449706.jpeg (366.52 KB, 750x811, 0B4333A6-97AA-42B0-B6E2-4A183F…)

Trannies are so fucking stupid, I love how you can tell they interact with zero women from shit like this alone

No. 2014425

kek and we are supposed to accept that they are just like us

No. 2014433

>"Why am I getting clocked?!"

No. 2014435

You forgot
> loli avatar

No. 2014453

Lucky star is pretty popular with animecore girls, that’s the only skinwalking he did correctly

No. 2014460

File: 1720906192519.png (1.77 MB, 813x1448, AtTuaab.png)

No. 2014461

True, but loli pfp's are still a coin flip when you encounter them in the wild kek

No. 2014469

File: 1720910432596.jpg (2.01 KB, 64x64, Tumblr_l_553243371345129.jpg)

>get haircut at the local barber/hairdresser once a month (ten bucks at most)
>clip and file my nails every week (free)
>have never regularly worn makeup, no reason to own or buy any (free)
>buy affordable and comfortable clothing in the unisex/mens' section, probably get less in a year than this motherfucker wants to buy in a month
>already own enough jewelry to switch things when necessary (free)
>caring about what your underwear looks like as long as it does its job
>need nothing to hide any kind of dick because i'm female (free)
>still a woman (for free!)
>it's literally this easy and no amount of money spent will ever turn him into a woman(blog)

No. 2014470

What ever happened to kikomi-chan anyway?

No. 2014471

>be born with a clit (free)
feels good man

No. 2014476

I think she stopped using lolcow

No. 2014487

File: 1720914378830.jpeg (248.01 KB, 1179x479, IMG_8622.jpeg)


No. 2014503

$400 every month or two for makeup, clothes and accessories? This isn't how to be woman, it's how to be a hoarder. I guess I'm not a woman if I don't own 217 eyeshadow palettes? All these men do is consume.

No. 2014524

it wouldn't matter even if she was 350yo

No. 2014530

File: 1720924907728.png (458.38 KB, 831x1039, eww.png)

Aw thats sad

No. 2014535

The girl who killed him didn’t even miss gender him in her own diary entries, they were planning on killing some other boy but changed the target to Briana because he didn’t have as many friends. Anyone who says it’s a hate crime just wants the troon murder statistics to reflect that of women. Women get killed for being women. This troon got killed because he was mentally ill and a psycho could recognise that

No. 2014542

Wasn't that tranny who got murdered also following a bunch of sissification and porn accounts too?(sage your shit)

No. 2014544

Most high maintenance girls these days use press ons and do their own hair, waxing etc. like it’s actually seen as cool to buy cheap nails and drug store makeup. Troons just love over consumption.

Also women still need to buy bras, clothing etc. not to mention it’s normal to not wear makeup or do your nails hair. Just delusional

No. 2014558

File: 1720937735778.jpg (164.35 KB, 753x1707, passoid.jpg)

i really know the girl on the right, post had hundreds of troons seething und dilating because they genuinely can't comprehend a woman knowing what a passoid is but joking, saying they were going to decapitate her and genuinely acting like its cultural appropriation kekk

"gentrification" of hon next, it will break them

No. 2014560


No. 2014561

this is like snotty teen boys finding out some girls too have a treehouse

No. 2014564

lol we should start calling ourselves "hons" whenever we feel insecure, they'd DIE. I don't care what they say, they want to invade out spaces? we invade theirs.

No. 2014565

but how else could he be a woman if no spinny skirt?

No. 2014566

File: 1720939692754.jpeg (280.65 KB, 1179x1353, IMG_6197.jpeg)

Sorry for shitty mobile screenshot but I’m so distraught. How dare this troon use this beautiful poem (written by a woman) about the cruelty of humans towards animals and make it towards himself. He forgot the part about “being small” in the poem, doesn’t apply to him at all

No. 2014580

No way they just pulled a yoko ono LMFAO

No. 2014601

File: 1720963795237.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.27 KB, 834x625, 20200518_075711-2.jpg)

I burst out laughing when I saw this amazing designer vag and wanted to share. Gynecologist could never guess it wasn't real.

No. 2014602

Come on mod-chan, it was funny.

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