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No. 205005

There is already a thread revolving Venus in the /Pt but its dedicated to mostly her mother. We haven't got a Venus thread as of yet just focused on her and after the complaining in the /Pt I decided to make one.

> Venus youtube celeb since she was 11/12 years old

> Has been on various tv shows, travelled country to country by her mother speaking fuck knows how many languages
> Never went to school/was homeschooled
> Her mother Margret basically used Venus for $$$
> Venus escaped her crazy money sponging controlling mother and leapt into the hands of her visa cough husband Manaki
> Currently resides in Tokyo now living life and still hiding from her mother who continues to try stalking/harassing Veenos!
> Venus is still social awkward but may gradually be making friends alas Taylor R

The journey of the kawaii khalessi is still on going…

Youtube: /venusangelic
IG: Venus_Angelic

No. 205006

Sorry for errors (on my phone and this shit aint easy)

No. 205007

Why you always salty, mmmMMM oh my god stop being saltyyy~

No. 205008


this was a bit cringe. i don't see why there couldn't be a venus thread? it's not just for shitting on her believe it or not. we can talk about her instagram updates that don't have to do with margo and all that

No. 205009


Thats why Lolcow has becoming annoying when it comes to Venus. While the one for her mother has Venus involved in it people moan if you derail or if you talk shit about Venus.

What really annoys me is that 5 minutes ago people used to bitch about Venus so so much but now 2 minutes later its all "how dare you say that!" Or as the other anon says "you're salty!". Nah people are allowed to have their own opinions, thoughts ect. Not everyone is taken by Venus even though shes moved away from her mother. Some people still just dont like her, but oh well.

But yeah we can just throw in Venus updates in this thread, videos and discuss properly. Makes sense.

No. 205010

she started using YT when she was 13, not 11-12.

No. 205011

I think Venus videos are still 100% akward and cringe worthy. Like the content didn't got any better after she escaped from her mother

No. 205012

10$ you made this thread just because she's befriending Taylor, some of you are so obsessed with her. It's insane

No. 205013

God finally.. I know she went through much and i am aware her mother is evil as heck but this girls videos are so so so hideous. And i mean even the current ones who she made withouth the influence if Margo. I get that people feel a lot of sympathy for her but judged only by her media appearance this girl is just cringeworthy. No doubt she is trying to look as nippon-y as possible (check the photos of the latest youtube space tokyo event where she met Tay and Kumamiki etc) and the way she talks and bites i to food makes me want to slap her idk.

Also, there's something about Manaki that i find creepy af.
but ooohh shhhh no one is allowed to say any of this loud because her mother is evil and its all her fault.

No. 205014

Lol thought exactly the same, anon.

No. 205015

You guys are adorable :')

No. 205016

You're the one bringing Taylor up though… This is Venus' thread so talk about Venus.

No. 205017

Where's the milk?

No. 205018

Tfw you have nothing to talk shit about so you discuss about having your feelings being hurt by anons on an image board kek

No. 205019

Even though she's escaped her mother and started anew, she's still an annoying Weeaboo who's trying to milk being a 'living doll' for as long as possible. I thought she stopped with that persona as it's very much linked to her mother until she started up selling merchandise focused on being a doll & posted her recent makeup video. The fact she lives in Japan now and is with Manaki just fuels her kawaii uguu dream. She's not improved at all and still acts like a child.

No. 205020

Can all the whiteknighters… Fuck off?

Its bad enough trying to say anything alone about Venus these days without you lot poking your noses in.

No. 205021

Why do you think I saged and censored, anon?
Anyway, let's talk about Venus!

No. 205022


There is plenty to discuss. It doesnt always have to be negative thats the thing. Now stop with the "ur so salty and jelly" bs because you cant handle having Venus criticized.

Dakota still had a thread and whete the fuck is here milk these days? We all know shes a micro cock sucking A* weeb who still photoshops. But we proceed to still keep her on float here. Taylor again who has not much drama but relevant is still bitched at and moaned about on here. So why not Venus? Shes relevant, she's popular. Why not her? Again doesnt always have to be negative. Not everything has to be negative.

No. 205023


Its what pays her bills anon. Aside from Manaki working all of Venus's old videos and added drama alas being a amwf couple which is the trophy within the kawaii world all adds and boosts Venus's ego.

Her videos… Some i can stand and others I cant. I think her eating ones are ridiculous but arent all Mukbang videos? I would like to see Venus drop the doll shit. I want her to go back to school, vlog properly and even though I think Tay and Sharlz might leech off her popularity more so. It would be kinda nice to see her vlog outside and come out of her shell.

But i do think part of why they want to know Venus is to gain some fame. They would do the same to Dakota is they had the chance but both are as socially awkward.

Thats why im 50/50 about Venus and Tays relationship atm.

No. 205024


Finally someone else who finds Manaki a creepy bastard. Something is off about the guy…

I dont know what it is fully because he seems alriiiiight but I get a weird vibe.

No. 205025

>still acts like a child
>Doesn't get better
You're one salty bitch.

>creepu manaki pervert
Next time you call veenoos a bully?

No. 205026

She is mentioned in the op, anon.

Make it 20

No. 205027

She still needs to find her way on youtube imo. She tried the mukbang, the "do things with husband/boyfriend/pet", the beauty tutorial and now the "my makeup routine". It's not vlogging, it's not giving good content. it's kinda annoying, especially her peanut persona.

No. 205028

Yeah where the fuck is the milk, she's sometimes cute, sometimes annoying, who cares

No. 205029

Manaki could be a cow but in what way

No. 205030


Within time


Why do we care about Tay? Why do we care about Mira? Why why why anon?

Venus has a thread.

Run along now

No. 205031

What kind of videos do farmers think she should make?

No. 205032

>let's make a thread about Venus we have so much to talk about!!!
>durrhurr what kind of videos should she make gaiZ

This is pull leveltier shit

No. 205033

I see no milk flow

No. 205034

File: 1472409318027.jpg (72.24 KB, 400x267, Brett-Cole-India-06575_medium.…)

No. 205035


Calm down samefaggers

We get that you don't want to have the kawaii queen slandered but yet Tay and Dakota are bitched about? Fuck off.

Venus is as lulzy as the rest.

No. 205036


Ones where she isn't eating like a twat and acts normal for a change because it isn't cute anymore. She's almost 20.

No. 205037


gomenasai for ur butthurt

No. 205038

No milk. Pathetic thread.(samefagging and shitposting. stop it.)

No. 205039

i love the symphony of butt-rustling going on in this thread

No. 205040

>Venus is as lulzy as the rest.

and 34 posts about nothing proves it

No. 205041

Taylor isn't lulzy at all, neither is Dakota.
The only reason the two have a thread is because as soon as you lock the threads some PULLfag is going to spam the board with unfunny memes ("CHIPMUNK FACE AHHH~~~")

No. 205042


Samefagging detected

Go back to PULL

No. 205043


Then why can't we have a thread via Venus to discuss? Videos and shit? Everyone else seems to throw those two under the bus. But yet they can't take the heat when Venus gets a thread. Either its a bunch of kids from PULL or her sympathising white knights who feel they must defend her all the time.

This board is getting worse. If you're offended then too bad so sad.

No. 205044

Except I only posted the first of those. Nice try. Maybe you should provide milk and stop being salty people think your thread is shit.

No. 205045


Its because the ones who love to praise Venus and how dare u say anything about her! parade around maggot's thread and yet people on that thread said "anon make a thread for venus!" so when it happened all hell breaks loose

despite the fact there has been anti-venus tumblrs, blogs ect ect for years now. what difference does this make?

No. 205046


It isn't my thread though retard?

Its not just for milk. Didn't you read upwards? Its for things other than milk. Also milk will no doubt come now that Venus is getting together with the other bunch of jvloggers. This shit is all in the making anon, be patient.

No. 205047


"Stop being salty"

In other words "I can't handle people talking bad about kawaii Venus!"

No. 205048

No. Your thread isn't enough. There's nothing here. It's pointless, there's literally nothing of interest in this thread other than you being a sperg and samefagging anytime anyone tells you how shitty this thread is. It's really pathetic.

No. 205049

File: 1472410977627.jpg (85.71 KB, 720x513, 922943.jpg)

No. 205050


taylor has a thread - barely any milk and the girl is genuine

kaka has a thread - she's been in hiding for months

kota - only shoops but no milk

venus's mother has milk alas venus was always surrounded by milk and has milk worthy things

I think she's pretty relevant

No. 205051

You're so butthurt you can't handle the truth, that your thread is completely unnecessary. I haven't seen such levels of autism since Sperg-Chan just couldn't let Taylor go.(same.fagging.)

No. 205052

Anons loving her be like "where's the milk"??? if all the things she is doing now were something Kota or Taylor were doing you'll be milking them in PT every day but nah, it's now your favorite weeb queen.

No. 205053

You're really boring. You have fun with that. Protip, if you don't add anything to make a thread worth looking at, you'll get called out on it.

No. 205054

File: 1472411677897.jpg (69.52 KB, 600x407, S.jpg)

No. 205055



Either >>205051 is some complete vagina on legs and can't handle that Venus has a thread plus continues to spam with "omg salty!" or its the cunts from Margret's thread.

We don't just have to talk about the bad things about Venus. Could talk about improvement and shit. That would be a start because for one I think her videos and potential could be a lot better. She's at 1M subs and her content is rubbish. Not saying that to be salty but its… no good! I for one actually think as boring as she is Taylor's videos are better. Sorry what I say offends the Venus supporters but not everyone wants to bow down to her pink glitter lolita platforms and kiss them.

What about her ED? Clearly there was one (is one? idk). Shit with Manaki at DisneyLand and I know people keep prying that off with "He's a genuine nice guy! He's good for her! He saved her!" yet he was some cretin who probably used to wank over her YT videos when she was like 14 because he's got an obsession with dolls. I don't even know.

But there is stuff to talk about whether people like it or not.

How many times do we see "omg her face is alien" on Kota's thread when its always the same but yet we stick it out? The thread is here and its staying.

No. 205056

File: 1472411705455.jpeg (57.75 KB, 600x603, image.jpeg)

Reported. Pls ban for at least a week. Would benefit their mental health as well.

No. 205057


arigatou anon-san

No. 205058

When someone finally makes a Venus thread because it's a No-No to discuss about Venus on Margo's thread (only if its negative because it's totally Ok to write ass licking comments like "ugh she looks beautiful, I love her, she's perf" or some shit like that) , you now invade this thread trying to make other anons shut up if they dare to criticize her.

No. 205059

problem isn't making a venoos thread, but OP hasn't provided anything worthy to start the thread. Basically the whole OP greentext revolves around maggot's actions while still being a minor.

No. 205060

Have to agree, the video where she showed the fried chicken vending machine was probably the only semi decent offering so far as it showed a bit of real life rather than cutesy, toddler eating huge puddings.

Maybe if she did more realistic videos on living in japan, visas, work, taxes day to day living when you are not 100% fluent and with no real company apart from your boyfriend. I get the vibes that manaki is just for convenience, Venus needed rescued and he was her only option. But who knows if they will start to have a more rounded relationship with time.

No. 205061

>What about her ED?
I remember she got really thin when moving to Korea, I also feel that it was about the time she started doing the eating videos? But she looks fine(skinny but not sickly skinny) to me now.

>husband Manaki

Is she and Manaki really married? I thought there was some problem with the marriage application so they aren't married yet.

No. 205062


Venus calls her fucking HUSBAND "PET", when he basically rescued her for living other 10 years with Margo.

Many here believe she only married Manaki for her Visa. Many criticize Kirsten or Taylor and several others for her Japanese boy toy hunting to get a spouse visa. I don't personally agree in some cases but in case of Manaki it looks exactly like that, when your own wife calls you pet and boyfriend it sounds like she's pretty much using you.

Venus just followed then unfollowed a ED account on instagtam, keeps binging gross junk food, write negative captions about many things, claims to drink only a warm yogurt on mornings to stay thin, it's a freaking unhealthy tip.. uh no ED where?? Leave her alone ignore her boohooo

She's a fucking adult and married but still dresses like a 12 years old girl, you laugh about Taylor dressing like a retard but it's fine if Venus do it.

These are just to mentiom a few …

You know what is pointless? You licking her ass and defending her while you criticize others for the same things she's doing.

No. 205063

has there been any candidate of venoos since she was at that foreigner event in Korea? She looked haggard as fuck which is probably why she wouldn't let Taylor show her in the video.

No. 205064

I don't get why everyone calls her smart? How, why?

No. 205065

She's not. If it wasn't for her husband doing all the papers for her a spouse visa so she can run away, she'll be still doing videos with Margo.

No. 205066

>Venus calls her fucking HUSBAND "PET"

In what context did she say this? Because "pet" is a term of endearment. It's used in the UK, where she visited and might have picked it up. Unless she collars him and chains him up in the yard, it's not a big deal.

No. 205067

I want a Tay-V Talk where Taylor and Venus sit down in their PJs with snacks after doing some silly challenge and then discuss about V's recent struggles with her mum and how she feels.
>yeah I've become a fan, suck it

No. 205068

She's not in the UK, she's in Japan and it's not a cute thing to say to your huusband. She clearly treats him like her pet in her videos, she always tries to make him look like the stupid one and she's in charge.

No. 205069

You're really reaching with this one.

No. 205070

She knows exactly what she's doing, calling him pet is something she's doing on purpose. No excuses.

No. 205071

>She's not in the UK, she's in Japan and it's not a cute thing to say to your huusband.
She used to live in the UK and she's European, where they teach predominantly British English.
Kindly shut up. And I think it's an adorable thing to call someone you love.

No. 205072

I think she's just trying to make herself a new persona, like with her yandere jokes and things. I think it's cute to call your partner a pet, but then again I'm not japanese so i don't know how they feel about it

No. 205073

They're different people; one has been banned for shitposting other places, but you need to stop derailing threads.

And, for someone likes to talk about samefagging, you sure do it a lot.

Lastly, for all of your complaining in multiple threads about wanting a Venus thread, no one is stopping you from doing this. We're attempting to stop your multiple thread derailment.

No. 205074

Yandere jokes? Fuck off weeb.

Venus is not from the UK she only lived there and she knows it's not a nice thing to say in other cultures, no reason to call her man pet and treat him like one.

No it's not a nice thing to say in Japan/many oyher places, believe me. just imagine the scene presenting your bf to the world as your pet. Common sense. Stop white knighting her.

No. 205075

Venus perfectly knows where is acceptable and where's not. In my culture is ok to call people names like "fatty" or "my old man/lady", it's supposed to be an "adorable" nickname for your bf/gf even if it's not fat, we use words like that for nicknaming friends and even people on the streets, however we know this is acceptable only in our culture, outside of it is not, we know where to use it and how and where not.

No. 205076

This was for you -> >>205075 , sorry wrong anon.

No. 205077

There is none. Shes reforming. Someine is stuck in the past.

No. 205078

If he doesn't give a fuck about being called pet, why do you?

No. 205079


No. 205080

I can use your same argument for all the other people you bitch about "uh it's her/his business why do you care??" This is so stupid.

No. 205081

Venus looks taller than Taylor or around the same height in their purikura picture, she's definitely not 5'4 / 1.65cm like she claimed.

No. 205082

Yeah I kinda wonder if she is around 5'7 too, if so I think it's kinda cute that she's tall but still dainty.

No. 205083

That wasn't even the argument. You're getting offended on behalf of somebody who does not give a single fuck about his nickname.

No. 205084

Just imagine the scene where a high profiled youtuber is acting as a character online. You know literally nothing about Venus/Manaki's personal lives, despite how much they put on the internet. If I was a betting lady I'd put money on Venus simply going through a character phase for her online persona.

Genuinely drop the pet thing cause it's derailing your own thread, it's the only "milk" you've come up with and it's pathetic.

No. 205085

No I don't find her cute at all, she looks like a giant hamster wearing a seifuku, fucking weeb makes me cringe.

No. 205086

Heard Venus is around 5'7 based on old pictures of her when she wad doing con appearances

No. 205087

Her videos are in English though, and she's European?
There are barely any universal pet names (yep, that's what they're called) in Japanese, except for like …anata.

No. 205088

Yeah she's tall, it's pretty obvious. I think she's actually taller than Taylor.

No. 205089

Why are you so hung up on Manaki appearing subservient to Venus? He's obviously strong, responsible and mature when be needs to be. He's not so typical, which is (likely)why Venus was attracted to him. She was never going to marry some normal bro. But he's also part of the otome kei danshi demographic, which is not that uncommon these days. I know several guys like that here in Japan. They all have normal, full-time jobs and healthy relationships too. They're weird by Western standards, but nothing nefarious.

We know so little about him besides him being an otaku, crossdresser and cat lover. He may enjoy being called "pet" and feeling cute when he actually has a lot of adult, "manly" responsibilities. It could be escapism or even kink. Who knows? But have you looked at Manaki's instagram or old tweets? He clearly enjoys this stuff.

Also don't forget that there are many anime and shojo manga fans in Venus' audience, meaning they love the senpai/kouhai, yandare girlfriend/pet boyfriend gimmick. Not everything is so serious.

No. 205090

*yandere. oops

No. 205091

That's why this is in snow, not pt.

No. 205092

I wish people would elaborate more on Manaki being a weirdo/ creepy. The only evidence I can sort of this is being a Venus fan originally and meeting her at Disneyworld one day.

No. 205093

The original post wasn't only about that tho, I mentioned some things to discuss but anons protecting her ass focused on the pet thing, and it was the less important point to me tbh. Like I said in the original post, ( >>205062 ) many here are just defending her ass but they criticize Kirsten, Kota, Taylor and others for exactly the same things the Weeb Khalessi is doing.

No. 205094

Something along the lines of him saying he fell in love when he started watching her videos (she was only 13). And him showing up at Disneyland (which honestly imo, isn't that creepy considering she's well known, and fans often do this with people they like).

He's only 4 years older, and the age thing doesn't really matter like that in Japanese culture.

However, he did consistently tweet her like daily for many years before they met. But eh. It wasn't bad stuff, although he did seem pretty obsessed from the start.

No. 205095

Venus has stated in one of her past videos (after the first channel take down) that she's currently attending school so there's that. Everything is just going to take time.

No. 205096

I know. And because he knew of Venus since she debuted, people automatically assume he was jacking it to her from day 1. But we have absolutely no proof of him expressing such thoughts when she was younger or leaving inappropriate messages to her. He went to see her at Disneyland after she announced it to fans, but I don't think he had any other plans besides a photo and an autograph, like a typical idol.

This whole pedophile thing really comes from what people imagine he was thinking/doing years before they met, but she was 17 going on 18 when they started dating. Didn't even have their first kiss until months into the relationship. Margaret said Venus was still a virgin when she ran away. That doesn't sound a raging pervert pedophile trying to rush Venus into something before she was ready. The only one looking to rush things was Margaret, as we saw in the old messages where Manaki talked about it being early to marry.

No. 205097

Was there any indication that Venus was private messaging him during the time he left all those comments? Or what his online activity was like concerning other accounts? I wasn't there to witness it, so I don't know if he was just a lonely nerd simply making small talk or being genuinely creepy. I think people underestimate Venus' popularity at that time and why some nerds could be star-struck.

No. 205098

The only people who criticize Taylor for her style or anything other oh-so-milktastic~~ are the annoying, nit picking tayfags from pull, or someone random who thinks baggy clothes don't suit her.

Kristen gets criticized for yellow fever because she was really hunting japanese men just to stay in glorious nippon like kota. Venus wasn't hunting for a boyfriend, she just happened to find someone who likes her and who she likes who happened to be japanese. They did get married quite suddenly, tho.

Venus dresses like how a young woman interested in kawaii culture usually dresses like, not like a fucking 12-year-old. If her style is one of the only things you find to talk shit about, well shit.

The ED thing is true though, but it's really not milk or even snowflakey if she doesn't keep on giving shitty advice or flaunting her ananess.

I don't really mind a Venus thread because I have always had a interest and a liking to her and her weeb shenanigans, but some of you anons are just reaching and being complete faggots. And somehow the thread came up just moments after Tay had Venus in her vlog, coincidong? The reaching and faggotry says no.

No. 205099

Are you Hispanic/Latina? Because "viejita" and "gordito/a" are terms of endearment that would not sound appropriate or very endearing in English. Not sure about other cultures. Sage for ot.

No. 205100

I get she needs friends ect but Venus is basically being fed cotton wool balls by her audience.

"Go easy on her!"

Oh please.

No. 205101

The problem with past claims like this is we have no idea if it was Venus… or venus-because-of-Maggot.

It has been stated that Maggot had control over all Venus' online accounts, so she could have claimed venus was shorter to fit in with the kawaii living doll image.

I don't actually recall Venus ever physically stating her height where it's clear it isn't Maggot behind the keyboard

No. 205102

There are so many channels that just follow YouTube trends like this… why wouldn't Venus join in too? I'm sorry, would you prefer to go back to her eery music videos where she looks like a child prostitute that her mom made her do?

The people on here saying she hasn't improved since margo got out of the picture are insane. She's come out of her she'll completely and has turned out to have a good sense of humour and fun editing style. You guys are reaching and I'm 100% with the anons saying its rabid Taylor fans. You're all nuts.

No. 205103

Venus ain't as lulzy. Dakota shoops herself into an unrecognisable fetus, desperately clutching to fame. Venus uses glowing filters sometimes but it's hardly lolcow worthy. Taylor has had weird plastic surgery and came to be from copying the fetus so that makes her interesting.

What has Venus done that's even lolworthy? It's been revealed that all the cringey shit she used to do as a young teenager was staged by her bitch mom so it's not even fair or interesting to poke fun at. She doesn't shoop excessively and show off, or shovel filler into her cheeks. She just sits at home making videos with her bf while her crazy mom spergs out about it.

This thread is a reach.

No. 205104

>>mentioning Taylor AGAIN

No. 205105

Here we go again with "venus has no milk"

Fuck off shes got plenty of milk

No. 205106

Dakota has NO milk either? When we the last time she did anything lulzy? Years. She shoops and dont act as if Venus doesnt shoop herself into an Asian. Shes desperate as fuck to fit in and dont pull that "buh beauteh standards!!!" Shit either

No. 205107

File: 1472565158789.jpeg (114.66 KB, 750x908, image.jpeg)

seriously you people think this is hilarious?? hahaha so goofy venus! hahaha

No. 205108


not a venus fan but tbh its interesting to see her other faces besides the ugu doll ones in her videos

idk gives her more life

No. 205109

File: 1472565319424.jpeg (134.31 KB, 750x1042, image.jpeg)

and samefag here but c'mon.

No. 205110

I imagine Margo was very strict on her for what she could post on her IG and such. She's finally able to be herself. Maybe its a little try-hard and dumb, but compared to the shit other snowflakes do here, I'm not clutching my pearls about it.

No. 205111

This whole thread is just people fighting over bullshit instead of talking about Venus, clearly there isn't much to talk about. RIP you guys with the hateboner up your ass over Venus.

No. 205112


There is anon? >>205109

Lets talk about Venus's kawaii dumb looking IG pics

No. 205113


kek when people cry over Venus having a thread

get over it

No. 205114

she's a big annoying weeaboo.

No. 205115

what point does does one become a weaboo and not just one who loves the country and culture. Because i'm sure a most of us here have at one point. Venus has learnt the language, how to cook and immerse herself in the country and has a Japanese husband. Her general personality is pretty cringe (tbh marg may not even be lying about the autism or whatever she said) to me but I wouldn't put her down as a weeb myself.

No. 205116

are you serious? have you seen her old videos? and now don't tell me that it was margaret telling her what to do.
those "back to school" video it's
oozing with weeabooness

No. 205117

Could you elaborate instead of throwing out weak statements. You're making the thread look bad. Use adjectives or something.

No. 205118


reach for the stars anon.

No. 205119

Venus is living the weeb dream half the fuckers in the gaijin in japan thread live.

Japanese spunk rocking around Manakis ball sack for her future sloth eyed mongolian hafu child she may throw into the tarento world becoming the beloved Maggot.20. 1M subs of delusional teenagers who feel sorry for her and young girls who think marrying a man for visa overseas is the right thing to do to achieve your dreams and run away from your problems.

Money in her bank from her teenage wreckage shes got on Youtube.

Language skills due to her mother dragging her around the world depriving her daughter of proper schooling and socializing forming her into a shy, anxious damaged young woman.

Venus has the life guys and whoever disagrees is a jelly salty sack of shit on legs!

No. 205120

"sloth eyed mongolian hafu child" … yikes

No. 205121

(Cant reply properly on my phone)

^ you've seen PDR-san right? Mimei's visa. Hes half and his brother. Hapas come out looking weird as fuck. If venus has a kid it will look more like Manaki than anything.

I remember that black woman jvlogger who has had two babies to a jap man and jesus christ. I thought the black gene was powerful but the asian gene is one strong motherfucker. Some bruce lee DNA they have.

No. 205122

File: 1472582756232.jpg (25.89 KB, 300x314, mig.jpg)

True. Rule of thumb for Hafu kids is that they end up looking mostly like the japanese half except with huge awkward gaijin noses

No. 205123

Yeah, a lot of haafu kids don't look anything like those half-Japanese celebrities everyone fawns about. >>205119 is being too optimistic.

No. 205124

She's from Switzerland right? Swiss people are all fucking weird. So are Venus & Mommy

No. 205125

File: 1472583469360.jpg (26.35 KB, 535x810, 12552964_1050339814986338_7451…)

>and now don't tell me that it was margaret telling her what to do.
>anything produced by Venus before she ran away
>not entirely caused by Margo

No. 205126

File: 1472583571568.jpg (15.13 KB, 192x171, 1453501296496.jpg)

now that's a heaping load of assumptions you're making there

No. 205127

File: 1472589372869.jpg (24.43 KB, 736x503, c7546987c67c5b53522c5f7f1e28b7…)

No. 205128

I think that Venus videos are pretty lazy and boring (even if some blind people here hailing her as a genius…c'mon…). But I hate vlogs in general and I'm not the target I guess.
But let's be honest Venus is not a cow anymore.

No. 205129

>Venus has the life guys and whoever disagrees is a jelly salty sack of shit on legs!
This reminds me of what people use to say about Kota

No. 205130

just because she has a Japanese husband and lives in Japan is okay for her to be a typical weeaboo and saying faito, having a yandere persona, going around with fake school uniform (and not for cosplay)?
have you seen her instagram? she's not talking about culture and country - all she does is acting like an animu girl and calls her husband "sempai". So, yeah, that's how weeaboos act.

No. 205131

The way she is acting as of late in videos makes her look really pompous and unlikeable. She has a tone in her voice that seems big headed and it's highly annoying. Not sure if anyone has picked up on the character change.

No. 205132

I really don't like how she makes her videos, but it's not particularly lulzy imho. I'm definitely not her demographic…

I just wish she would improve her English, I hate her accent.

No. 205133

Same fag but to put it in better words: Why is she acting like a total douchebag in her newest vids? Especially in the newest one - why is she giving attitude when all she's doing is spinning an egg.

No. 205134

How? When did she seriously complain? When she joked about having marshmellow arms?

No. 205135

No her sharp tone of voice, acting mardy and eye rolls.

No. 205136

File: 1472660569228.jpg (44.05 KB, 460x300, 15dab75a183faa78bb95546dfa0eb1…)


>acting mardy

No. 205137


She'd rather focus on improving her Japanese than her English it seems. It's broken and still off, but at least it's not as shit as Margo's spoken & written English. Venus can write perfectly well thank goodness.

No. 205138

No. 205139

Hahaha that's one way of explaining it. I forget how words that seem normal in Britain really makes no sense to other English speaking countries.

No. 205140

Thanks for fucking reminding me that they haven't released music in like three years.

I agree, she isn't really bringing down any kind of community which is usually part of my litmus test for what I consider a cow.

No. 205141

File: 1472759915261.jpeg (249.62 KB, 750x1167, image.jpeg)

I wonder why she delete the last part of the caption

No. 205142

Because she probably has anxiety from all the stress of everything happening so she'll be seconding guessing everything she does.

She'll write something that sounds depressing/sad because letting it out makes her feel some relief then she'll realize it was a bad thing to write and will think she shouldn't let the bad stuff out like that for her fans sake and change it.

No. 205143

Poor thing. She making it worse

No. 205144

She looks like Margo sometimes, lol.

No. 205145

I get the feeling you are the same person/peopleinsulting her this way. Of course family look similar, but saying this about her is unnecessary. She's nowhere near as busted and has forgiving proportions. She may look a bit goofy, but eyes, nose, jawline, forehead and even mouth are all MUCH better.

Poor Manaki. He really wasn't prepared for a fraction of what Venus has received over the years. I remember him deleting a comment a while back calling himself ugly after receiving a series of compliments. Maybe he was bullied as a kid about his looks/being dorky?

No. 205146

>lol a child looks like one of their parents
Quality post

No. 205147


She's allowed a personality since Margrog is out of the picture and has revealed a dark/sarcastic sense of humour. It's not an attitude at all. She's just free and being herself.

>>news flash: children resemble their parents

No. 205148

It's kind of weird that she announced she's uploading 3 videos each week, but doesn't go through with it. Didn't she do a lot of videos while her channel was down? And she was going to upload a video yesterday but she accidentally deleted it, which seems like a lie because it's such a rookie mistake. What do you guys think is up with that? Why does she make promises she can't keep and doesn't really upload videos that much anymore even though she said it makes her super happy?

No. 205149

She's 'deleted by accident' a few times or 'lost the file'. She makes it seem such a chore to make one shit video eating candy or spicy noodles.

No. 205150


Maybe she was so excited that her channel was back and over estimated the workload of making three videos a week. Clearly the girl has no creative bone in her body if all she's going to do is sit at home and introduce ~crazy Japaneezu snax~. Pretty sure she said she made a lot of videos when her channel was down, but all her videos are recent ones and you can tell because the hair changes coincide with recent Instagram posts.

No. 205151

Why does she even bother, she doesn't seem very committed to YouTube even though she makes out she can't live without it.

No. 205152

Hold up, did Manaki delete his Instagram or something in the past few days? It no longer appears when clicked on in Venus's selfies with him, unless there's a site glitch of some kind.

No. 205153

I think she likes making videos but is just serverly uncreative (props cos she's used to being mangos puppet) I think she doesn't really have what it takes to be a youtube star (these days so many youtubers have 1 mil subs) she's nice and can be funny but she needs somthing more than her kawaii shtick otherwise she will be trapped in the youtube niche box

No. 205154

Because people have fluffed her ass too long over Maggot drama so now she thinks she's empowered and can do no wrong. Seriously, this is a kid without any supervision whatsoever of course she'll turn into an egotistical brat if she keeps pouting face on insta and jewtube and getting money for doing fuck all.
At least when Maggot was slavedriving she had to put effort into doing interviews and making appearances every now and then.

>travelled country to country by her mother speaking fuck knows how many languages
It really amazes me how people can be impressed with her gypsy lifestyle and having no decent fluency in any of the languages she speaks. Her word choices in japanese and english are awkward and don't make sense, on top of her pronunciation being absolutely grating and at times illegible. Her grammar is often riddled with errors and spelling mistakes.
Like just because she happened to pick up speaking a language from immersion and takes 10 minutes to write crappy insta captions doesn't make her unique.

No. 205155

lol it's funny how you feel bad about Manaki and his feelings but you are here bitching about others on other threads. Stop kissing his flat ass ewww… there's a reason why Venus doesn't want him in her bed.

No. 205156

When did she say she didn't want him in her bed?

No. 205157

Stupid anon, no one said you said that… ugh Mana/Venus's ass kissers are the dumbest type of white knights.

No. 205158

Peenoos "accidentally" deleted her new video file, but don't worry kids she's going to upload it tomorrow when her new (and only) "friend" Tay Tay's new vlog is up too.

No. 205159

What the actual fuck are you talking about. If she never said they don't sleep in separate beds then how the hell do you know she doesn't want him sleeping in her bed? I'm not even an ass kisser, but you're just saying random shit out of nowhere. Go and rub off that hate boner sweetie

No. 205160


Stupid anon, that last part was when I said "there's a reason why she doesn't want him in hiss bed" was a fucking joke, that weeb randomly decided to confess the world why they sleep in separate beds, it was a completely unnecessary thing to explain. I joke about her wanting him in a separate bed because he's fugly/ have a flat cold ass…

But don't worry anon I know she's just pretending to be an innocent little dolly but we all know she loves to have eggs and winnie for breakfast in bed.

No. 205161

You don't know what kind of activity I have on this site or what I write elsewhere.

But here you are, making more baseless claims. Do you not have a normal sexlife? Beds are not the only place to have sex and you have no idea how Venus and Manaki interact off the Internet. It's not weird to have a separate room for filming and keeping extra stuff either.

No. 205162

And it's weird how you created an image of what his ass looks and feels like. I don't think any Venus stan has ever done that.

No. 205163

It's obvious they can fuck in other areas, stupid anon… ugh learn to read : It was a JOKE.

No. 205164

I'm not that weeb's stan I think it was clear.

No. 205165

he deleted bc of the hate

No. 205166

I know, but its just funny considering her situation.

No. 205167

Venus always had that dark sense of humor tho, only you can think it's something new, she and Margo shared many characteristics, they behaved very well, looking well educated and nice during interviews but if suddenly there was something they didn't expect both of them acted all offended and started to be very sarcastic. Venus is well known for looking down on other youtubers on social events. I think her "Venus Angelic Fall in dream" video (Mr Yan episode) is the best example of her real personality, she's very direct and has a strong character, just look at her facial expressions when they are having dinner. You need to separate her online persona on her main weeby videos from her behavior when is around others, she has many videos showing dark attitude, she always was like that, her dakr sense of humor amd behavior is not something she revealed only after escaping from Margo. Both are professional bitches and know each other well.

No. 205168


about the mr yan incident… pretty sure if a bunch of old farts are hitting on you and talking about marriage to your underage ass, you just don't keep smiling and nodding at them, do you?

No. 205169

In COMPARISON to a Venus Stan. Not even they think about that. You have to be over 18 to post here, you understand?

No. 205170

That's obvious, genius. If you read like a normal person, you'll see I'm describing her as someone strong and direct during that episode, she had to be, she also knew how to play the innocent little girl in the right momments. Her atittude and behavior, and that dark sense of humor, is not new. Only that sempai weeb game is new, and is fucking annoying she calls her husband sempai.

No. 205171

I find amusing the whole

>omg she's an annoying dumb weeb only 12 yrs old may find her videos interesting

>omg what a cunt two faced bitch showing a bit of personality how dare she

No. 205172

Are you 12? you're sounding as insane and unreasonable as the Taylor sperg

You bitch against everyone that they must be venus fans if they disagree with you and that you're just being critical of venus but you're legit sounding insane.

No. 205173

What if it's one of vexxed's 7 twitter followers who decided to come here and sperg things up a little

No. 205174

Probably. The terrible spelling, baby insults and weak baiting make them sound like one of Vexxed's child followers.

No. 205175

Yeah because everyone who criticizes this weeb must be a Vexxed's fan. Dumb anon.

No. 205176

If weeb is the only descriptor you have for the girl then you're clutching at straws. Until she kills her husband with cats and uses the pity fund for kawaii surgery before running off with Taco to join Game grumps theres not really much milk outwith her mother. She's generally harmless if a bit cringey

No. 205177

If you wanna stay safe and not get in trouble yes you would play along. The girl was underage, in a foreign country, all alone and she never has been a confrontational person. Mr yan could have done whatever to her, when you end up in situation like that you dont start fighting people cause you probably will be the one that gets screwed. Remember the police in japan usually dont give a fuck about foreigners so no protection there either.

No. 205178

I thought you had to be atleast 18 to post here

No. 205179

Venus is perfect and people who try to nit[ick anything are margo tier pathetic.
>#spergfest thread

No. 205180

You summed that up well. I don't understand why Lolcow is turning to PULL-tier arselicking when it comes to Venus.

No. 205181

i see no arse licking here. venus is cringey as fuck, great. what else is there to say??

No. 205182

Remember when she was vegan??? That was totally her own BS and not margos. People should stop the arselicking

No. 205183


Can't forget the time when she was younger when she joked about "have you ever seen a fat doll? lololololol". Not arselicking but her mother had to have played a role in her diet & general eating habits all the time they were living together. Not sure on the mukbang though, as Venus obviously loves eating ALOT and makes her eating challenge videos now more entertaining rather than sickening to watch like she did in South Korea when Margo was around.

No. 205184

>Venus (more liek peenus amirite XDD) is a weeb and I hate her
>Venus is perfect no milk here
>Manaki is a creep tbh
>lol salty
>no u

This thread is cringe.

No. 205185

It belongs in manure. It's just people sperging over who is and isn't doing any arselicking.

Anyway, I was watching her videos last night. Some candy videos and something about vending machine fried chicken. I find that I can take Venus in small doses. But too many of her videos in a row and I get annoyed. But I'll still take her videos over Margo's any day.

No. 205186

idk which thread to put this in anymore. New vid anyways.

No. 205187

she looks very aged in this video. lighting and poor shade of bronzer/foundation perhaps?
hearing her speak english sounds like she has a mouth full of cotton

No. 205188

I'm saging this because late but you are lying. She wasn't 13, she was 16, and it's in the old Venus threads here inc caps.

By all means critique Venus if you want but this thread reads like some of Margo's favourite lies. Literally other threads in this same site prove that "fact" wrong.

No. 205189

yes, 45 at least

No. 205190

yeah, i was gonna say, especially at the beginning of the video she was looking like her mom

No. 205191

she always sounds like she's yelling

No. 205192

cant believe its not in manure, this thread is full of weebs who are just jealous they dont have their own jap dick and want to take it out on a poor girl whose been abused by her mother the majority of her life

No. 205193

Oh don't say jap, I thought it wasn't big deal bc I saw someone saying that on Kirsten thread and explaining and people said it wasn't big deal so I asked my husband and told me it's actually still very offensive and sad, I told him people nowadays just say jap because it's easier, but he told me 'people should never forget history, it's important to know' so yeah, about the jealousy of the japanese dick… well I think you can't generalize. We have the right to have this thread since we cannot say anything on Margo's thread. To be honest I don't even believe she had such a terrible life, yes Margo is a crazy bitch obsessed with money and fucking needs to get a job, but I cannot blame on Margaret for evrrything Venus does now.

No. 205194

Some people here live/have lived in Japan or have a relationship tho, if her stans just leave this thread alone and let people discuss whatever they want this thread would be less aggressive, her stans derail this and other threads when trying to protect her ass, let Venus prove she changed, her fans are just annoying.

No. 205195

She's forcing her voice in her videos like always, she doesn't talk like that in public, idk why she keeps forcing her old online persona… for someone who started a "new life", she's still making the same mistakes.

No. 205196

File: 1473105832421.gif (431.75 KB, 500x276, tumblr_lj7a6jKcEB1qa6spbo1_500…)

there's no fucking milk

can't you boys shut up until Manaki reaches his final form

No. 205197

Boys? Manakis final form? lek.

No. 205198

Do you have evidence of her real voice?

It'll make your claim more valid instead of coming off like a bitter 12 year old.

No. 205199


Her voice hurts my ears… I've not watched her videos in ages and this was just… Why is she dressed in one of those dodgy uniforms? Why do people think this is cute? It's just creepy. She isn't of high school age anymore, not even there and with a Japanese husband too. It just screams… all sorts of wrong shit. But whatever. Tumblr girls did it too ect ect.

This is why Venus never drew me in… she tries too hard and its painful. Glad she's got a new life but its always so cringeworthy watching her. You know those presenters that host little kids tv shows where they have to be enthusiastic? Its like that. Yet her audience is like fucking young women and teenagers.

Venus should go for becoming a Japanese preschool teacher or kids tv host. She'd suit it.

No. 205200


Who cares what she sounds like anon? It used to annoy me when people thought she sounded Japanese years back. She sounded swiss and I don't know how people couldn't tell! How deaf have you got to fucking be.

No. 205201


Manaki is a bore. I don't know why people are either jealous or bothered about him. His only purpose to Venus is shelter and those two tiny hairy sacks in-between his hollow legs that carry millions of uguu totemo kawaii swimmers. Those are her meal ticket to spawning a possible future model or tarento = more yen, more future in glorious nippon.

No. 205202

can you reach harder

No. 205203

Uhm yes, we don't need to prove this we know it from years ago, watch her old videos when she's among other adults and she also talks different in Tay tay's vlogs. Anon this is a well known fact, she forces her voice is nothing new. Stop saying 'you are 12' to everyone who has a different opinion than yours.

No. 205204

Tbh I don't think she's going to be hired as a model/talento, she's married and soon will be in her 20s, two main components that are a No-No for someone who has very few experience in this area, too late for a start. Plus all the experience she had on TV and modeling resulted in drama, bad bad publicity. She'll stick at her yt videos.

No. 205205

Is this margo

No. 205206

She doesn't have to get a TV/ magazines/fame realted job tho, she can still study something at a university, she's earning money now that she has her channel back so she should use some of that money to study something while she's young, I hope she can go to a school in Japan and make friends there, it's the best thing she can for herself in my opinion.

No. 205207

File: 1473112714757.jpg (25.34 KB, 311x314, 1469418946728.jpg)

It's that man hating femnazianon again that's always defending her kawaii uguu fantasy girlfriends from their imaginary opression

No. 205208

'people should never forget history its important to know' so using that logic anon, venus was sheltered her entire life and controlled by a known narc who threatened her, threw a knife at her, and hit her, along with many other emotionally crippling things throughout her childhood, maybe, just maybe shes a little awkward from being so sheltered, she talks funny because shes been carted around from country to country since she was was what, 13? she has weird interests bc being cute was her only outlet from her intolerable home life? ya'll literally nitpick venus to death for the most trifling shit but get butthurt bc of the term jap on a forum,fucking retarded logic

No. 205209

>she can still study something at a university,
Jesus man, she didn't even finish high school. All these 'universities' Margo sent her to were just paid language courses to get visas.

No. 205210

the problem with this thread is that it's going to become a full-time forum for people like mimii or those who fangirl after vexxed. I appreciate there are real people here but this thread was amistake. like for taylor, discussion of venus as a youtuber should be rolled into the jvloggers thread. otherwise this thread will be hijacked daily by people who are trolling the rest of you.

No. 205211

I agree, Venus on her own is a weeb however she's not interesting or even ridiculous enough to deserve her own thread, this shit would normally dry up but since Vexxed is going to send his total of 4 minions here to come shit up PULL, we're going to have a lot of fuckery going on this thread. Venus' shit with her mom deserves to be in the Margo thread but Venus by herself just doesn't deserve to be on anything other than the Jvlogger thread bc she's pretty boring imo. And tbh everyone always asks why she doesn't do this or that, maybe she just wants to lie low and stay at home for a while, I don't really see her as the type to actually want to model or partner up with people like these other youtubers.

No. 205212

Dude. Do you live in Japan or have you even been here? She's a standard otaku, and even though she's a weirdo to the mainstream, she has lots of company. So many mid-twenties otaku women wearing seifuku or even cross-dressing on weekends, playing the burikko angle and frequenting sweets cafes. Like nothing about Venus is unique or unusual in that community.

Check out a Nico nama stream sometime and see an average to below attractive 30 year old woman, in twin tails, talking like a slow child while doing a LP or a masked girl conducting her broadcast in character, with the most ear-splitting anime girl voice. I don't understand why anyone expects Venus to go all normalfag, hook up with a bro or humorless salaryman and drop her nerdy interests. She's playing to the same audience she always has. But that doesn't mean she's acting like a screaming, disrespectful retard off camera.

And Jesus butt-fucking Christ. Who keeps getting hung up on the pet names? You sound so uptight and boring.

No. 205213

It's not a mistake, everytime someone said something about Venus on Margo's thread the answer was : Make a Venus thread. So this is the space for that.

Jvlogger thread is about Sharla's group, Venus is only friends with Taylor, not exactly part of that group and not exactly a vlogger, so no I don't thibk she fits in there. Actually when anons talked about her there the answer was: Make a Venus thread. Not all of us feel like enjoying her videos and actions, we can discuss about her just like you do with any other girl. I hope you understand.

No. 205214

No. 205215

I was watching it a few momments ago… that video reminded me of something my 4 years old niece watchs, is like one of those videos of people unboxing candy and products for children , that kind of shit gets a lot of views. The funny thing is that all those candy is not for a little girl, Venus bought it for herself. So yeah V chan, answering your question.. yes you are old for that shit haha

No. 205216

Oh Jesus I'm so sick of the whole she's to old to like this or that crap, some of you anons can be really close minded and petty sometimes, she likes cute shit so what?

No. 205217

Lol, I don't even think Dakota's whiteknights were this defensive.

No. 205218

She asked that, we only answer her question: Yes you are too old for that Venus.

No. 205219

You see, anon, there's a thing called subjectivity.

What you may perceive and think may not apply to others. Perhaps you have yet to understand that.

No. 205220

It's only trinkets and candies. If she takes care of them, she can pass them on to her future children. Otherwise, they serve as cute decoration.

It's not like she's going adult baby with a shitty diaper and "Daddy" talk. Do you want her to start collecting novelty condoms to prove she is adult enough for you?

No. 205221

I agree. There are some legit concrit in here and I can understand people not liking Venus, her videos and such but some of this shit sounds like eurofag mimii, Ass Labrynth and Vexfag supporters. This thread is shit at the moment.

No. 205222

>>future sloth eyed mongolian hafu

The racebaiting needs to stop.

We've heard the complaints and many reports about this thread; at some point it may be best to combine Venus with the jvlogger thread if there's no milk. But for now the thread can stay.

As you were.

No. 205223

File: 1473336332864.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160908-130216.png)

She's so fucking bad at photoshop. Look at those arms - especially the crook of the elbow. Terrible.

No. 205224

Tbf jewtube is a pretty common nickname for YouTube

No. 205225

I feel like there's one person with a hate boner for Venus ITT who keeps reaching desperately. Her "elbow crooks" clearly aren't shooped… her arms are different widths because they're at different angles.

No. 205226

What if it's Margo

No. 205227

Yep >>205223 is trying to sound like an authentic farmer, and is not carrying it off too well

No. 205228

Margo would love that this thread exists

No. 205229

Omfg. I swear every time I post anything that isn't putting her on a pedestal and worshipping her I either get blamed as being Margo or Vexxed. She has clearly shooped her arms to make them thinner but not liquefied her elbow area or forearm to be thinner. Y'all fucking nobheads keep crying wolf.

No. 205230

File: 1473365426455.png (196.18 KB, 911x184, littlesister.png)

Her fans are really puzzled by Manaki's omelette IG pic and the caption lol.

No. 205231

if your beliefs line up with margos or vexxeds, you should re-evaluate a thing or two

No. 205232

>>if your beliefs don't lick her arse we will always be a bastard and call you out about it.

No. 205233

I really don't want another 16-hour sperg fest about manaki calling venus his imouto on here. the last one in the marg thread gave me ass cancer

No. 205234

I dislike how the Margo thread and this thread overlap… I too cannot be bothered to hear about the imouto thing again…

No. 205235

Same with vexx thread, should have just kept it contained to one thread.

No. 205236

Not everyone is a photoshop queen and its bot like its Kota level.
Overreact much.
Its barely noticeable

No. 205237

Honestly, I think Venus is a pretty genuine girl.

She isn't that milk worthy but she does get pretty cringey in her videos.

I think she's doing some great things with her life nowadays tho

No. 205238

?? I'm not seeing it

No. 205239

I think she probably just used some beauty app like Beauty Plus, nothing drastic but her legs are clearly different sizes and it's easy to see how the rest of the photo employs other basic beauty app tools. It's nothing against Venus since pretty much everyone who knows about those apps uses them these days, though, and wanting to present yourself well in extremely public settings/photographs isn't some unusual behavior.

No. 205240

shes still a weeb

No. 205241

You don't find it more amusing the part where everyone does a 360 and is all OMG POOR VENUS!!!!1 SHES SUCH A KIND SOUL after giving her shit for a while?

No. 205242

are you daft lol the world isnt black and white, having sympathy for someone because they were being emotionally and physically abused by their narc mom doesnt mean you want to crawl up their asshole either. opinions change, try not to be so buttblasted about it

No. 205243

that's a 180.

No. 205244

Never said they want to crawl up her ass.

Never said the world was black and white either.

I see you like pulling shit out of your ass though.

Vitue signaller. You're still a piece of shit for being on this website. But please, keep pretending to be a nice guy on lolcow, lol.

No. 205245

Virtue** :))))00(:))))00 )

No. 205246

Yeah I was debating in my head whether to use 180 or 360, I went with 360 because I thought lolcowers were too stupid to understand the common 360 didnt really make sense.

No. 205247

Whoa man, control that edge

No. 205248

File: 1473506274493.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, giphy.gif)

No. 205249

Fucking hate this gif. So overused.

No. 205250

I don't think you know how to use edgy properly.

No. 205251

Venus eating Mcdonalds again… she literally eats at macdo twice a week.. sad.

No. 205252

That drama is already annoying and boring and Vexxed is getting attention from that so don't keep it alive, just let that cancer die and move on. Venus is with Manaki now: new chapter.

No. 205253

Holy shit. Second so hard. And it's from fucking tumblr, too.

No. 205254

Yet she's still skinnier than you

No. 205255

How is eating McDonalds sad?

Their artisan chicken sandwich and egg white delight are hella macro friendly

No. 205256

WHAT!!!!! She eats food?! Like a person?! Who does she think she is!!!!

No. 205257

We don't know for sure how often she eats there a week, and McDonald's is very popular in Japan. Two times a week, for a single meal won't kill her. We know she does like cooking, though.

No. 205258

Eating mcdo once in a while is Ok, but it's sad when you eat their shitty burgers twice a week, and she's not eating that sandwich tho, she can do better.

Who said "eating food is bad" ? Her poor food choices is the main point, not the act of eating.

Actually, No.

Well, she posted many Mcdo selfies this week, and it's starting to look like something she does often so yeah. Yes it is popular, but it doesn't mean it's healthy and the world knows mc burgers are cheap junk food.

No. 205259

Have you ever been to a Japanese McDonalds? Its not exactly the artery clogging grease-buckets like in the US

No. 205260

There are body builders who eat mcds everyday, mcds isnt the problem

No. 205261

Yes, and it's still junk food, they know, the world knows.

They have a specific diet and follow instructions, not Venus's case. Her eating habits are just bad, very poor choices. We don't know what else she eats but based on her videos and what she posts on IG, yes, it's a unhealthy lifestyle. Ask any nutritionist.

This is not supossed to be an insult, I'm actually kinda worried.

No. 205262

>We don't know what else she eats but based on her videos and what she posts on IG, yes, it's a unhealthy lifestyle.

exactly, we don't know everything she eats so how can we make a leap in assumption to say whether her diet is healthy or not???

No. 205263

IOW, she's pretty much the same as EVERY OTHER TEENAGER in the developed world.

No. 205264

This shit right here is why this thread is trash.
Its full of reaching and assumptions.
Eating McD isnt a problem. Japan's McDs is so different than America's. And who cares if shes eating McDs?! Its not you.

No. 205265

Based on what she posts that's what we got, that's they way she's portraying herself. Most of what we call evidence here about others is based on what they post, Venus is no exception. She actually has a video talking about how she stays thin, which consists in having only a warm yogurt for breakfast, ask any nutritionist if that's a good idea.

No. 205266

File: 1473581294729.gif (779.81 KB, 500x270, 3673_600.gif)

who gives a fuck, let's be real
You wouldn't give a fuck if a random person where starving or eating badly why feign some "concern" for her. Fat people are disgusting, bottom line, I don't care about their health and I don't pretend to, I just don't like looking at them but Venus isn't fat so who really gives a fuck?

No. 205267

You think is trash because you obviously are doing your best to defend her, if you could just read without thinking everything that doesn't sound pretty is just "trash". Japan's mcdo is crap, we can say it's different from America's, but still crap, they know it. Venus eating at Mcdonalds and other crap restaurants pretty often and her binge eating videos are a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 205268

This is not about if she's fat, it's about how unhealthy her lifestyle looks like and what she claims in her videos.

No. 205269

Why does she need to have a healthy lifestyle? What has she claimed? That she doesn't have an eating disorder?

No. 205270

You literal have no idea what venus eats or how she spends her days.
Her lifestyle seems pretty normal to me. Most folks in the world eat at fast foods evety othervday. Its easier and cheaper. And she hasnt made a binge watching video since she left Margo.
Her eating habits arent my concern. Worry more about her mother's obsession with her and pray she jumps back to the river she came from so Venus can live easier.

Hell this thread barely talks about her actual posts and are full of tards like you concern trolling.

No. 205271

Because it's supposed everyone should have a healthy lifestyle and be in a good physical condition to stay away from hospitals and live longer maybe? dah there're many basic reasons why you should have a healthy lifestyle.

No. 205272

This thread is about Venus, not Margo. That's why we have two different threads, if you want to discuss about maggot, she's in PT.

This was about her actual posts, she just posted a selfie eating Mcdo AGAIN.

No. 205273

She has videos talking about what she eats and what she does to stay thin, it's not an assumption. She explained it herself. Lol

No. 205274

File: 1473582411295.png (15.42 KB, 1003x175, ss (2016-09-11 at 01.24.38).pn…)

Dont shit talk mcdonalds, this has less fat than two eggs

No. 205275

So yeah, basically we're back at, "who gives a shit.
Whatever I'll be back when we have a legitimately big reason to dislike this chick, I personally have a shittier lifestyle and eating habits than Venus bc I am a college student who lives on beans and rice so I'm not going to sit around playing concern troll.

No. 205276

Sorry, but Venus is not eating a chicken sandwich, she's eating mcdo burgers often and all sorts of crap, full of trans fat and satured fats.

No. 205277

So you go to the gym every other day, never eat fast food, drink 2 lt water daily, have a 5 step skincare routine, get all your vitamins and veggies, go to doctors for a check up every six months, etc etc etc?

Because if you don't that's hypocritical. Where do you draw the line? Are we all doing wrong and deserve to be shamed if we don't do that?

I'm not even defending veenos, just think that since she's not a health guru she has literally no obligation to lead a particularly healthy lifestyle.

No. 205278

Which video? Did she claim to be a health guru and knows how to add 7 years you ones life? If not fuck off. Eating McDs isnt gonna kill you any faster than awhole lot of other shit.
And you are getting asd blasted that she eats

No. 205279

I'm a college student too and I eat healthy and do exercise, you can always find time and a way to improve your lifestyle.

Yes, that's basically what I do, included the etc etc. I'm not hypocritical, that's why I'm telling you.

Venus is not a health guru, she called herself the guru of cuteness, I don't see the cuteness in eating a bread the size of her head, I don't think it's right to eat only a warm yogurt for breakfast, that's why people like freelee and other youtubers roast people who talk about their crazy and unhealthy tips or diets, if you go to the comment section of that video, you'll see a lot of people saying that's a terrible eating habit.

No. 205280

Health nut anon, you're getting crazy. She's not going to post every boring thing she makes, especially when her fans are young kids who love junk food. Did you consider that she may not be posting her everyday homemade meals because they're not as visually stimulating to 15 year olds? Unless she masters presentation for the healthier stuff, junk gets more comments.

Another thought: Manaki usually comes home very late/early morning. Picking something up at 24 hour McDonalds on the way home is not unusual for late-night workers and maybe Venus stays awake to share with him.

No. 205281

Lol so u r saying it's easier to buy gross burgers instead of a salad (mcdo has salads and grill chicken, even apples) or a bento from 7eleven or something less shitty than a mc burger? Honestly I'd never let my husband buy me that shit for dinner that often, I respect my body, There are more options even at night tho

No. 205282

Do you have a working husband?

No. 205283

who the fuck calls mcdonalds mcdos

what backwards country do you hail from

No. 205284

Healthy food is visually stimulating wtf IG is flooded with kawaii bentos and all sorts of healthy yummy food but you think teens only like to see and eat shit? how stupid that is?

No. 205285

HER fans. Not you. Not me.

No. 205286

It's actually makudo マクド. It's tge common nickname in Japan.

No. 205287

Name too long, it's just an abbreviation, if you google it, McDonalds appears in the results.

Yes, actually, but I prefer not to give details about this.

I know that, I like Mcdo. nitpicking

No. 205288

She has 1 million subscribers, not all of them are stupid, she's not doing it for her fans lol, she's posting crap because she likes crap.

No. 205289

Herusu-chan, you are getting too riled up over this.

Do you openly hiss at people who walk out of fast food restaurants? I mean, fat asses are one thing, but thin teenagers letting loose once in a while? You're judging her real
life, not just online image, from just her instagram.

It's absolutely bonkers that a simple McDonald's burger in her hand sets you off and makes you decide she's a gross pig with one foot in the grave.

No. 205290

You have some reading comprehension problems then. She said she eats ONLY 1 warm yogurth for breakfast to "stay thin" which is BS, it's a crap tip, ask any nutritionist if you can binge food often and then have a restrictive calorie. All of you defending her obvious shitty lifestyle is just sad, I know you like her but you can't defend her even for what is obviously wrong. She has to change that or she's going end up in a hospital again.

No. 205291

I just answer what you all write to me.

It wasn't a simple burger , I was pointing out she's eating burgers quite often, and you all raged over that tiny comment because you cannot stand someone not talking only pretty things about her. it's not a gross pig, it's just a very unhealthy girl.

No. 205292

People are more raging that you insulted McDonald's, not Venus

Pick your battles and shut up

No. 205293

Yeah… now this is only because I insulted McDonald's LOL. Sure. If you read again, you'll see they were witheknighting Venus all this time, if someone says something they don't like to hear, that anon is immediately attacked by her white knights. That's why people get tired of this thread, it's not because there're are not things to say, it's because no one can say anything about her, even if its constructive criticism. If we talk about Venus, everything is normal and totally ok. Why only this aplly for Venus? why not for the rest here in snow? So based on her whiteknights logic /Snow/ shouldn't exist then.

No. 205294

File: 1473589712469.png (3.32 MB, 1520x2149, perfect body challenge.png)

>"if she doesn't keep on (…) flaunting her ananess"

Yeah. It's not like she made a video, proving how she's having the 'perfect body' just to tell her audience "Hey it doesn't matter!"
No, but really… why dedicate half your video to showing how you can do all those things when it doesn't matter? And lbr, she does look pretty proud when doing those things. It looks more like an extended body check than anything else.

No. 205295

Because her tryhard fans are just glad she ran away to live with her now "sibling" and all the shit she said a few months magically disappeared.

No. 205296

I don't remember any other girl on yt doing this "perfect body challenge", actually Venus was the first person I saw doing it.

No. 205297

You fucking Westerners and assuming even that the food items in Asia are equally "shitty" or "junk food" as America need to learn that even if there are same brands in Japan, the recipe and level of shitiness is significantly different.

No. 205298

>Yes, that's basically what I do, included the etc
Really? I'm glad for you, seriously. Still, although health isn't subjective cuteness is, and like it or not, some think eating a bread the size of your head is cute. Mostly people who distance their cute from the real life and just think it looks cute without thinking of how it affects the body, because who cares about a kawaii girl's 2D body?

And anyway, even though I admire your good habits (I'm trying to build some myself) nobody has a moral obligation to follow them. It sounds silly to criticize her for that alone.

No. 205299

If you think that was Venus's idea and not Margaret's you lack critical thinking skills.

No. 205300

Her idea or not, she does look proud. And lbr she's not good enough of an actress to fake it, not to that extent. Fuck off, whiteknight.

No. 205301

By any chance, isn't mcdonalds anon the same anon who thought Venoos eats 3kg puddings and 100 chicken nuggets in a daily basis? kek

No. 205302

Going down the slippery slope of what facial expressions should be generalized to equate to certain feelings or way females carry themselves, kiddo. What are people supposed to look like when they are proud? Seriously, you sound like someone who will tell others, oh that girl had the look that she wanted to be raped.
… :|

No. 205303

chemist here with extensive physiology and nutrition edu.

Saturated fats are very misunderstood.Its understandable though, maybe people avoid fats and carbs and sugar because they have little understanding and nutrition education is limited.

Educate yourself- many think shit like adkins and paleo is good for you kek

No. 205304

What? Anon take your meds.

No. 205305

In Margos thread
Anon1: Venus is cringy!!
Anon2: This is Margos thread don't derail, go make a Venus thread and sperg in there!!

Venus thread is made
Anon1: Venus is cringy!!
Anon2: There's no milk here!! and proceeds to get overly defensive

What gives? Why do some of you anons keep bumping this thread?

No. 205306

Lol predictable answer, white knights always say everything was Maggot's idea, when you can't defend her anymore, just blame others.

Like anon said, her idea or not, he does look proud in that video.

Anon, there're anons literally criticizing Mimei because she has greasy hair, or Rachel pronuncing Jun "wrong", and you crying when someone says anything about Venus? You're in lolcow not PULL.


Chemist anon, no one said she needs to avoid fats,carbs and sugar, those are necessary too, read again, I said her diet is full of trans fats and satured fats which we all know eating those quite often <- this is key in that comment, is bad for your health. nice try.

No. 205307

No one is bumping it, this thread is here for a reason but overly defensive white knights are trying hard to protect her ass and are making of lolcow their Venus's delusional official fan base. Not so many threads ago they were discussing every single detail.

No. 205308

It's a good thing then that Nutritionist isn't a protected term and any random can claim to be one.
Dieticians on the other hand…

No. 205309

New video

No. 205310


Its because they can't handle people talking shit or anything negative about the kawaii queen obviously.

No. 205311

I wonder if Venus will ever get her own line?

Zoella has that new line of hers and bath shit.

But Japan hasn't shown her much interest since day one.

No. 205312

No Anon, she will never get any line unless it's self produced. Look at her shirts for example; even that was a flop. Nobody cares about her enough, she's not very popular in the grand scale of YouTube.

No. 205313

What a boring and pointless video. Her content is going to shit again (even though it was never great to begin with).

No. 205314

Zoella has a whole fucking team (gleam) behind her pulling the strings while she sits on her boney butt eating fast food and taking naps. She'd be in Venus's place if she was on her own. Mommy Margo was the management for Venus, but she wasn't good at it.

No. 205315

I'm beginning to think amwf couples are even more supercharged by fetishistic weirdos (on both sides) than wmaf ones.

No. 205316

Nobody in Japan gives a fuck about her.

The people who care about these crazy gaijin girls are either predatory men like that """"music manger"""" of yukapee or a subset of a subset of a subset of otaku faggots.

The internet amplifies niche opinion and gives a false impression of what is mainstream.

To most Japanese, watching anime past a certain age is pretty weird - let alone being a non-Japanese "youtube idol" whose entire purpose is to seemingly suck up and kiss ass and ingratiate themselves among ordinary normal japanese.

No. 205317

>The internet amplifies niche opinion and gives a false impression of what is mainstream.

Smartest thing I've read all day.
So now the question is, how do we really gauge out public opinion of things if the internet grossly represents some niche groups?

No. 205318

New video, another spicy eating challenge…

No. 205319

go outside

No. 205320

going outside won't tell me what the majority of japan likes

No. 205321

don't be obtuse

No. 205322

I wonder if Venus is still in contact with Taylor, have either of them mentioned eachother since the last video?

No. 205323

I think they might have contact outside of the ''public eye''

It seemed to me Tay was genuine in getting to know Venus
And venus does not seem eager to join the j vlog crew
Taylor seems the type of person to respect that and not push it.

No. 205324


The video Venus and Taylor did together seemed more like something they did because people kept suggesting it. If anything Venus seems closer to this Tsuruko person on Instagram.

No. 205325

File: 1479780764332.png (714.93 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2016-11-05-23-27-56…)

The other day I was watching outfit ideas on yt and I remembered Venus had a nice style back then… I think those videos were the best.

No. 205326

File: 1479782118458.png (407.5 KB, 720x489, Screenshot_2016-11-21-20-23-42…)

Fall looks video was the best.

No. 205327

Why not post this in her new thread and not the one that hasn't been bumped in a month?

No. 205328

oh she has a new thread? thanks anon

No. 205329


you mean, this thread?


No. 205330

I still don't get it, are people so obsessed with her they're trying to stop her thread? ffs. i know she isn't very milky, but she has her lulzy moments and more irrelevant people have threads.

lots of people are hating on her latest video because she starts it with eyebags and acne, and ofc some people got butthurt over it. i dont think that matters much but the message she tried to send at the end needs to be rewritten. "it's not about how much make you apply, but HOW you apply it" … um, I guess she tried to say it's not about makeup at all, but failed.

No. 205331

Because anons think she is that special, but she is not. According to their logic, having a crazy mother makes this cow untouchable but nope, Lola and Claire have a thread because her crazy mom decided to posts pictures of her children who can't even agree or disagree, and they actually progress faster than the Palermos/Okadas.

No. 205332

Also who the fuck that anon thinks she is … telling lies here and there discuss that in her "NEW THREAD" Anon is a cow herself.

Tay has a thread in snow, but this even bigger cow has one in b? KEK

No. 205333

To be fair the Hartley taters thread condemns the mother more than anything. The taters have a few memes made but I think the general consensus is that farmers feel bad for them.

Venus really should be over in /snow/ though. This thread isn't /b/ material.

No. 205334

Ikr, and still they have a thread in snow. Tay is in snow, Dakota and her baby alien shops are in snow but only Weenoos is in b because anons and a drunk farmhand have become very fond of a cow.

No. 205335

and you fuck explain how these posts here:
And the criticism she received in Margo thread of a stupid tutorial pissed you off that much.

You should be banned for lying about the "new thread" just to save her ass of some criticism and some innocent posts about how good she looked there.

No. 205336

I agree Venus should be in /snow/. Did admin ever explain why she's in /b/ while Claire, Lola, Tay and the others are there? I wasn't really active here when Venus ran away, so I have no idea how things unfolded on the site.

No. 205337

It was a time ago,

During Margo drama it was impossible to say anything at all about Venus in Margo's threads, only cringe comments like
"I want to befriend her"
"She is beautiful"
were allowed by them and farmhand was banning users for derailing the thread with their super mean comments about her.

Make a new thread if you want yo talk about Venus was Farmhand answer to this issue. Anons obsessed with Weenoos repeated this same comment over and over again too, so one day, I guess one anon had enough and created a new thread. Description wasn't the best, but it was something.

Immediately and as expected, that group of anons cried again and started derailing the thread and making complaints in meta till the point the same biased and drunk farmhand came and moved it to b/ claiming Weenoos had "NO Milk" lol

Discussion continued a little but it triggered anons that much so they started bumping old threads in b in order to bury this one. They also made several false accusations of people who have been users for a long time.

For months, the thread was quiet and no one wanted to say a word again because it was a mess, sometimes I saw anons complaining in Margo thread but were immediately censured as always, this was entertaining to watch so I decided to raise my voice too, tired of their shit.

It would have been better if they had allowed people to speak and express their point of view, but Na, they think Weenoos is that special kek

No. 205338

File: 1480012688154.png (56.64 KB, 658x388, Screenshot_2016-11-24-12-28-49…)

For the record
No Milk

Tay has milk, farmhand? Ash, Claire and Lola suffering is milky to you? Get your shit together, peace out.

No. 205339

Oh my god who cares

No. 205340

You care since you are here.

Keep bumping those old threads, this shit is going to revive.

No. 205341


Thanks, anons. Yeah, that seems pretty fucked up.


You obviously care since you popped up to complain. Shoo, shoo.

No. 205342

File: 1480031194350.png (39.26 KB, 537x279, Screenshot_2016-11-24-17-43-39…)

Why is her official acc still private? Is it because she doesn't have the blue verified badge anymore?

No. 205343


I'm so tired of Venus defenders she is not special. She acts cringey as fuck.

No. 205344

Her behaviour is cringey, but there's something about her that still bothers me to this day: those fucking yellow teeth of hers. I watched her latest video where she made her teeth yellow on purpose and laughed my ass off. You didn't even need to do that, they're fucking urine yellow already. I know the Japanese like crooked teeth but do they like them yellow as well? I know she can't fix some things like the beak she calls mouth, but go see a dentist, pls.

No. 205345

Oh no! That's a myth, they criticized Dakota's teeth for the same reasons in a Japanese forum. I've never seen a Japanese girl with super yellow teeth like hers, usually only older men with yellowish teeth but YOUNG girls with that almost neon tone? never, maybe not pearl white, but nothing like that. it seems like she has very poor personal hygiene, her hair looks greasy all the time too.

No. 205346

That moment when you realize Manaki has better teeth than Weenoos KEK! and he had braces, they do care.

No. 205347

wtf, so why can't she use some of her YouTube money on that? She needs to stop buying sweets and circle lenses and get those things whitened.

You're actually right, I had never thought about it before. Visa husbando has better teeth. I think he generally looks better than her tbh, and I'm not that into asian men. Not saying she's fugly, she just needs to take care of herself a little more.

No. 205348

File: 1480129041870.png (27.35 KB, 720x250, Screenshot_2016-11-25-20-44-58…)

Another disaster…

No. 205349

And even worse, if you try to say something, her fangelics uwu say stupid shit like

"Bleaching is just an american obsession!"
"Drinking tea stains uwu"

I never bleached my teeth and they're not blinding white but neither corn yellow. They're normal.
And I drink tea since I was born, it's just called HYGIENE and no, having teeth THAT yellow is not normal.

Jfc, her fans would defend her even if she killed puppies, by seeing "Leave her alone!!! ;_;"

No. 205350

9k dislikes ? Ouch… Yeah, I watched the video and it was shit. I legit don't know what she thinks sometimes when she titles some of her videos. This one reminds me of her perfect body challenge, heh. Barf.

No. 205351

New video with Manaki. They're actually really cute together.

No. 205352

Jesus, just who are these PULLtards who constantly give people shit for their teeth? Some people have yellow teeth naturally, it's a common birth defect where the enamel of the teeth doesn't develop correctly and you can't fix that with bleach, you'd need full crowns or veneers. Unhealthy teeth usually have brown and white spots on them and/or a grey hue, not a yellow hue. Cosmetic dentistry is also expensive as hell, not everyone has $10k lying around for a complete smile makeover.

No. 205353

>muh natural defects
So? People are also born with horribly misaligned teeth and jaws that require intensive bracing and surgery to fix. That said, how do you know what she has is genetic anyway? She's admitted to bulimia and she never talks about dental or doctor visits, we have no reason to believe it's not just neglect.
It's not retarded to care about your teeth and want to have them fixed. It shows you care about your health and prioritize it.
Venus is going to regret buying j-fash fads and not investing now and then for dental consultations.
>unhealthy teeth are only the types with black or brown spots
Yes, but also yellow teeth can disguise harmful plaque that can lead to periodontal disease. That's why even people with normal teeth can have gum disease. Yellowing can be helped with routine dental cleanings, which Venus doesn't do.

Do farmers have bad teeth or something? I've seen the worst excuses whenever teeth comes up. Take care of yourselves and stop justifying that shit as muh genetics.

No. 205354

We don't have bad teeth, you're just unnecessarily salty.
I've seen you on the other boards and you seem to have this weird obsessive hateboner for Venus. Does the fact that she's married to a jap tickle your jealous weeaboo butthole that much?
Get a life.

No. 205355

Because I called you out for making excuses about bad teeth?
>I've seen you
Fucking WHAT. This is my first post in this entire thread and only because I went on /b/ and saw this stupidity at the top. This is Kaka levels of samefag conspiracy kek

No. 205356

Can you even point out what was so particularly hateful about that post?

No. 205357


Her teeth are gross get over it.


This anon has a weird obsession with Venus and gets angry when anons say something about Weenoos. Anon thinks farmers who don't like everything Venus does are literally the same person. Someone came up with a tin foil hat theory that Kiki hates Venus (wut? I've never seen Kiki talking about Weenoos at all, Anon is just paranoid) even though admin confirmed Kiki was not that poster in Margo's thread.

No. 205358

>I've seen you on the other boards and you seem to have this weird obsessive hateboner for Venus

Conspiracy chan, How can you know this in an anonymous forum? wtf. Why do you assume anons commenting here or in other boards are the same person? did you see how many dislikes Venus got in her last video? fucking 9k! and she has like 30k in one of her yellow face tutorials. As you can see, Weenoos is not exactly the most likeable person in the room, so deal with it.

>Does the fact that she's married to a jap tickle your jealous weeaboo butthole

Not every girl here is into asian men and actually, many in lolcow don't like WEEBnus kek

How old are you again?

No. 205359

File: 1480206085501.jpg (94.77 KB, 720x725, IMG_20161126_201705.jpg)


Why constantly insist on calling her HUSBAND boyfriend? Does she do that to look "cuter" ? Does she have fans who don't know she's married?

No. 205360

Lol at people trying to defend her ugly yellow teeth. Regardless of genetics or any other bullshit you want to say to excuse her for her that, she has money to fix them. If she doesn't, she needs to stop buying kawaii crap and save for a dentist. Good lord. Anons comment on things like thigh gaps, eyebrows, eye color and more – why can't we talk about her ugly teeth? Fuck off.

No. 205361

She said in one of her vids that she does it because she is still so young and it makes her awkward to say husband. I mean she did marry for a visa so.

No. 205362

Reminding her audience that she's a married woman is probably a turn off… Cute young virginal weeb wearing kawaii desu outfits doesn't go well with the idea of being an adult woman with a husband

No. 205363

That is pretty unusual not to feel comfortable admitting that the man you are with is your husband though.

No. 205364

So marrying the person she allegedly loves and telling others she is married to him makes her uncomfortable..? Please. She is definitely comfortable with showing him since he appears in many of her videos now. The poor guy used to seem so nervous in them. He's the uncomfortable one, not her. Why not call him husband which is way more accurate than bf?

Everyone who follows her knows they're married at this point, no need to try to hide it or whatever she's doing when she refuses to acknowledge him as her visa I mean husband.

No. 205365

Does Venus wear a ring? Not sure if she does or if that's common in Japan but would be interesting to know. Like you said, that behaviour is pretty unusual.

No. 205366

Their teeth dont look yellow at all in tbis video….which makes me think it was only lighting and editing. This video was super cute to me and I don't see anything wrong with them marrying for visa they want to stay together. What's the big deal?

No. 205367

Venus, in the past pictures, didn't have her teeth SO YELLOW.
So no, no muh natural defect, sorry you delusional fangelic.
Her teeth are gross, she eats a fuckton of sweets and tea, they stain, she doesn't fucking care.
Gross, period.

No. 205368

Actually, yes, when she gets closer to the camera.

No. 205369

You're crazy

No. 205370

How so

No. 205371

File: 1480215747744.png (672.3 KB, 660x490, weenoosteeth.png)

just to make sure, here are her teeth in her most recent videos. still gross.

No. 205372

I love the way that she started to semi-permanently wear dark circle lenses to look japanese desu uwu

Nice try, still white.

No. 205373

What really destroys her face (besides her beak) are those horrible eye bags. Ffs. They don't look good, they age her so much. Does anyone think that looks good? Can you explain how? Awful

Also she should stop with the bangs (she looked better without them in the ugly makeup video). She looks her age and that doesn't make her less kawaii~ or anything. Ofc she won't, but should

No. 205374

But a-anon, bangs are so KaVaii!

No. 205375

yep. So uguu かわいい uwu~
she will never really change that hairstyle. I remember her video on otona kawaii. She should really try a grown up look, she'd look way better. Shes still the same tryhard as ever.

No. 205376

but she wants to be cute and kinda retarded forever!!!

No. 205377

No, she doesn't. Manaki spends all his money in crap instead of a nice ring for his WIFE. The only rings she wears are those plastic rings she got from a candy box and fake jewelry.

No. 205378

File: 1480286378985.png (914.07 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2016-11-27-16-28-44…)

Manaki described Venus as a gross, selfish bitch.

No. 205379

File: 1480286480281.png (857.56 KB, 1280x607, Screenshot_2016-11-27-16-29-33…)

I can totally imagine Venus bashing other girls.

No. 205380

File: 1480286768809.jpg (963.04 KB, 1280x1280, 20161127_164349.jpg)

I think farmers can't be wrong, she IS gross. Manaki confirmed it.

No. 205381

So the sad self obsessed kawaii persona is really her identity, aghh

No. 205382

File: 1480293339752.png (706.05 KB, 641x562, venusmargo.png)

I was going to post this is margo's thread but i guess venus shouldn't be mentioned there, so im gonna post this here since its mostly about venus and its nothing really new.

I was reading the recent comments anons made on her margo's appearance and how the old hag looks ugly and tired.
I always laugh when i see people criticizing her looks and then calling veenoos gorgeous uhuu kawaii goddess uwu
veenoos looks exactly like her mom, just add a few decades more and remove her heavy kawaii makeup, cute angles, circle lenses and filters.
Both have the same face (if you cant see that youre either blind or delusional)

if margo looks like this now imagine how weenoos is going to look in a few years after she hits her mid 20s with all the crap she eats and her supposed lack of good hygiene.

her genetics arent good.

No. 205383

Ugh, ignore my typos. I'm tired af.

No. 205384

File: 1480294661517.jpg (32.07 KB, 532x355, 1488263.main_image.jpg)

no she doesn't. even in that super exposed image at the top right, where you literally only see the color of their hair and lips, you can make out mayo's massive penis ball tip nose.

No. 205385

Yes, they do. They have the same face shape, lips, eyes, facial features, etc. I do have to agree that their noses are different. You only think margo is wayyy uglier because of her super wrinkled and saggy skin.
Venus still has time to saver her looks if she starts taking care of her skin, etc. but she does look like her mom, unfortunately.

No. 205386

File: 1480295425835.png (258.52 KB, 483x357, Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 01.1…)

No. 205387

Her nose is smaller, but I agree, Venus is Margo's mini-me.

Margo's nose is bigger but Venus does look almost exactly like her. Also, this picture is not a good example at all, Venus had blonde long hair, fake lashes, a tick layer o foundation and makeup and posing like a corpse, I mean "doll".

No. 205388

kek, >>205386 is really not a good example because Venus' face has a shit ton of makeup on, plus a bunch of dolly stuff glued to it. Remove her filters, props, cutesy stuff and look at Venus bare face and you will see margo.

it's not an attack on Venus, just a fact. you may not like her crazy momster but genetics don't lie.

No. 205389

Margo never kidnapped Venus at birth, and Venus has never been a princess, both are cows.

No. 205399

And… back to /snow/.

Where flakes, weebs and shoped jawlines belong.

No. 205406

new to the venus thread her at /snow/ so pardon my newfagness

but what is the general consensus on possibly bulimic venus? i thought that issue she had with her stomach when she was hospitalized was pretty much the confirmation of all the speculation considering it's the most common complication with bulimia. it explains her disgusting yellow teeth too, which to me seem to be getting shorter. would also explain her super haggard face.

No. 205412

Well we don't exactly know, but judging by her obsession with food, videos and instagram, and that story, it is a possibility, sadly. She also accidentaly followed an ana-chan's instagram account.

No. 205416

>but what is the general consensus on possibly bulimic venus?
Pretty much confirmed when Margo first sperged out and initially dropped the shit on Venus's bulimia among other things. While Venus denied a lot of the other terrible things Margo accused her of doing, she never really denied having an eating disorder.
Would explain her swollen face, yellow teeth, sparse hair, and malaise to not do anything but sit in an apartment and record herself. She's not a healthy looking young woman and she looks so haggard in >>205380. Spitting image of her mom!

No. 205422

I would develop an eating disorder too if I had to live with Voldemort

No. 205425

File: 1480304542925.png (Spoiler Image,1.65 MB, 1218x848, weenoosteeth.png)

don't forget she eats a bunch of crap on camera. like the pudding challenge. that could also explain why her teeth look awful.
Pic related: venus' teeth x bulimia teeth

yay, shes in the right place now
right where she belongs.

No. 205428

Wonder what her excuse is now.

No. 205431

It's harder to be a kawaii living doll if you're a fat whale, anon. That's it.

No. 205432

File: 1480305351720.jpg (19.95 KB, 530x278, images (4).jpg)

Ugh yeah, that and/or very poor personal hygiene.
the worst part is, Manaki has better teeth and he eats crap too! so no excuses. Ugh imagine to kiss THAT?
Run Manaki, Run!

>yay, shes in the right place now,

right where she belongs.


No. 205434

And it's very difficult to actually eat a healthy diet and exercise when you're a kawaii recluse. So yeah, I see your point how she could only ever function in extremes.

No. 205435

you can clearly see the difference there NOW and THEN

Then: yellowish but normal
NOW: Sweet corn, basically.

a kawaii recluse? she is now living with her husband not her momster, no excuses, her teeth and diet got a lot worse now, you are fucking blind.

No. 205439

>her teeth and diet got a lot worse now, you are fucking blind
? Take a deep breath from being contrarian for a moment and realize I'm just talking about her diet and being facetious in response to anon's comment that she only has a choice between bulimia or being a hamwhale. I posted >>205416 and completely agree she's as worse than ever.

No. 205442

Not >>205435 here but anon is probably a bit paranoid because blind fangelics defend her whenever someone says anything remotely bad about ~*Venus~*<3. Forgive anon, pls.

No. 205443

Looks like normal yuropoor teeth to me

No. 205447

Ignore the last part then, but I think it has always been her own bad decisions regarding food.

Indeed, they are extremely annoying and their answer for everything is Margo made her do it!1! Weenoos is a survivor!!1! So yeah, forgive me and any other anon in the future not buying that shit.

No. 205449

This whole "Venus is a survivor so don't be too harsh on her!1!1!" is such bullshit. I'm sure many of those anons are fucking self inserting (boohoo, I live/d a fucked up/lonely/shitty life! Oh but Venus broke free and now she's living life with her asian husbando ^-^ oh yay there's still hope for meee too! go Venus, go~)

Seriously. We have snowflakes here who clearly have mental illnesses, shitty parents, depression, etc and no one is making up excuses for them.
Example: Claire and Lola who don't even know they exist and whose only pastime is shitting themselves get so much hate compared to Venus, lol. Her mom is fucking nuts too, by the survivor!!1 logic those girls should be untouchable

No. 205450


No. 205454

i can't believe margo FORCED venus to not brush her teeth AFTER she ran away. true fighter. save her.

lmao. anyway sweets aren't gonna make your teeth as BRIGHT yellow as she has them. coffee has a better chance.
>That whole sugar-will-rot-your-teeth-out thing? It’s a bit dramatic but kind of hinged on fact. The sugars in delicious treats like cookies and hard candy (and even snack foods like chips) latch onto your teeth and become the main meal for the bacteria in your mouth. When the bacteria feed off these sugars, they release acids that lead to tooth decay, which may be dark and cause back holes in your poor teeth.

bulimia causes EXTREMELY yellow teeth in a relatively short period of time. teeth will stain a bit because of food but with bulimia you constantly have pure vomit splashing against them every day and sometimes multiple times a day. that's going to cause extreme yellowing that's beyond daily brushing. you could eat sweets and soda daily but if you're brushing them daily they'll never get as bright yellow as venus has them. and venus didn't have them this bright before, so she knows how to brush her teeth and i don't doubt she still does. it's just not enough. the stomach acid has probably made the teeth so weak that they'd break off if she brushed them more than once a day.

No. 205456

Kiki and Dakota too, general consensus is they have terrible parents so let's all just leave them alone and move their threads to manure. Oh and Kiki didn't write those comments about Taylor, sperg chan was her Mom!!1!! Her mom was jealous of Taylor because she got a Japanese bf!1!

Like seriously, this is their logic.

No. 205461

Venus is a tryhard weaboo who's living the dream cause she got to marry Visa senpai. She's not very milky atm but she's still a good source of keks. Her videos are still as cringey as ever. Special orange contour edition.

No. 205463

Totally agree. Before the whole Margo fiasco everyone was ragging on Venus but after that everyone was like "wehhh poor Venus everything's not her fault it's all maggot the witch's doing!1!! support the kawaii brave strong survivor~~ v_v" and then start supporting her. Venus is lucky that her mother became the scapegoat when I'm sure plenty of her fuckups were all her doing. Those anons have mommy issues so they sympathize with her kek.

No. 205474

But I'm sure everyone would forgive Kiki and kaka too if someone could prove it was her momster behind all their wrongdoings, kek.

No. 205475

What does she do all day? She could be a farmer here defending herself in Margo's thread and bashing other living dolls or weebs like Himezawa, Dakota, or Beckii.


No. 205480

Of course not anon, Venus isn't mean! She's *~pure*~
Her and Mana don't even kiss uwu

No. 205482

She is so cringe-worthy but I feel completely entranced when I watch her videos. I think I enjoy the cheesiness. Does she have a job or just primarily leeches off said husband?

No. 205488

no, she doesn't. unless you consider YouTube a job. if you do, yeah she does.

No. 205535

I'm pretty sure she's studying Japanese

No. 205553

No legit job. Also she has NO degree so she'll first need to go to uni to ever be able to find a job higher than waitress, kyabajou and so on.

As far as I understood she self studies it. Unless she's planning on doing n3 or even better n2 she won't really benefit from it, except for understanding her husband better.

To the one who asked about the ring thing (can't find your comment sry mobile internet is a snail)in Japan it's not very common to wear a ring when married. It's a western thing.

Also, how can people still defend her? She has been out of the claws of her psycho mom for nearly a year now and still all she does are super cringy, mediocre youtube videos with no real content. Like the quality of her videos didn't exactly went better.

No. 205625


You are right. I thought the quality of her videos would change after she got her channel back, but nope. She still posts crappy makeup tutorials and mukbang challenges. I think the only really interesting and really cool video she's made after getting married to Manaki was the purikura one, which is super disappointing.

No. 205628

Venus seems very sweet, and she's still very young so has lots of time to figure out her career. Her video quality being "poor" or being into cute stuff doesn't make her a cow, or even a snowflake.

No. 205632

If Venus isn't one you should go cry in other threads because we have a bunch of those non snowflakes, non cows here like Taylor/Claire and lola. You think she's sweet, I think she's cringey.

Venus is a kawaii super filtered, sweet corn toothed YouTuber with zero skills who can't do a proper makeup tutorial and got to marry Visa husbando and fulfill her weaboo dream and stays home stuffing her face/doing mukbang challenges and buying cheap Japan ugu kawaii crap. there's still plenty of lulz and keks she can give us.

No. 205640

that movie is actually about a narc woman exploiting her "daughter", anon is dead on.

No. 205643

Very young? She'll be 20 next year and has not even a high school diploma. She doesn't have 'much time left' to figure out what she wants to do with her life in the future if she ever wants to get into a legit job. Like she doesn't even have any practical experience in any kind of job field

No. 205649

>got to marry Visa husbando and fulfill her weaboo dream
That's kind of missing a part of the story though isn't it?

> She'll be 20 next year and has not even a high school diploma.
You're talking as if that was her fault somehow.

>She doesn't have 'much time left'

Yes she does? In what world do you live for 20 to be late to decide what one wants to do? You must be either very young and arrogant or old and bitter.
Venus could easily get a part-time job and go from there, yes she's kind of fucked up regarding education and going to university is probably out of the question, but having no formal education is not such a big deal.

No. 205651

I'm only two years older than her, but shit she needs to learn how to be realistic. With twenty one should have at least done some part time jobs and so on

No. 205652

Maybe she does something else besides YouTube. Let it be a part-time job or school. We don't know exactly. And maybe she doesn't want to share that online.

No. 205654

Yeah it's her fucking fault because she's been with Manaki for 1 year and hasn't done shit to get her HS diploma but wear onesies and cat ears, and of course not brushing her teeth.

You guys will reach to the moon to protect this weeb, ffs. These aren't even lies, just facts.

No. 205659


how the fuck is she gonna get a HS diploma at 20 in japan? Some of you are talking about how the girl should be in university but she hasn'thad a solid education since she was a small child.

No. 205660


In Japan, anyone can take the high school equivalence test (koukou-sotsugyou-nintei-shiken) and if you pass, that will be equavalent to a high school diploma.
Anyone can also attend part-time high schools (teiji-sei-koukou) to study and enjoy school life and hopefully graduate in 3 or 4 years.
You can find more details in the Japan-guide site.

Venus hasn't done anything because she probably doesn't care much about her education tbh. She just wants to speak better Japanese to communicate better with her husbando and watch anime

No. 205665

File: 1480343180954.png (165.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161128-102422.png)

More info just to prove getting a HS diploma is possible

No. 205675

To pass that test she has to have HS knowledge which she unfortunately lacks. School doesn't seem to be a priority for her right now.

No. 205680

Even if she didn't have a proper education before this she certainly doesn't seem to be TRYING to get one now. She's just continuing her weeby life and not really improving herself or her content. Besides, she doesn't have a job right now other than Youtube and I don't think it'll last. This "kawaii" shtick can only last for so long, especially since her looks are degrading.

No. 205681

this anon >>205659 seemeed to think it was impossible for poor venus to finish her education in japan. i was just pointing out that no, it isn't.
if she wants to stay forever without a hs diploma or not that is a totally different thing.


Agreed. Just give it a few more years and her skin is going to sag just like margot's kek.

No. 205688

Dude a HS diploma in Japan implies mathematics, biology, Japanese proficiency she probably doesn't have, and also the ability to read classic Japanese for literature and such, and she never studied all of this that much. She'd probably pass English and nothing else if she tried. Even if she wanted to she wouldn't be able to self-learn so much in only one year. Not to mention her first year in Japan hasn't been particularly peaceful until recently.
Also we don't know for sure what she's doing or not. She had a lot of books about Japanese grammar and other things in a recent video, don't know how much of that is actually being used but at least it might be a sign she's trying.

I agree she could have gotten a job by now but if youtube is getting her enough money there's no urgency. I'll say it again, 20 is not old at all. And youtube-famous people having never worked because they got successful before graduating HS/uni is far from uncommon. Also she has worked before, doing modelling. I doubt she has a career in that though.

No. 205695

There are international schools in Japan that teach in English (I think there are Korean ones and Chinese ones too), so she could go to one of those, but it would mean she'd probably have to save up money to be able to attend.
It is possible to study for 3 years and do the JLPT 1 (which is grammar even Japanese people don't know + kanji), so if she tried there's no saying she couldn't do it. It would just take a lot of studying and willpower.

I feel it will be interesting to see though.
Typically a school year starts in April, so hopefully we'll see some updates on if she's going to finish high school then.

As for a job, she already had a modelling thing on instagram right? Maybe she is doing some modeling, or she is working on the side. I mean in the video she asked if Mana was practicing dancing when she wasn't home, but that might just be because she's away filming, or she's still in language school. We don't really know anything about her life other than what she posts.

sage because just speculations.

No. 205703

I did wonder about this, I wonder if she does sit there all day secretly bashing other Youtubers.
I also wonder if she is controlling of Manaki, is he allowed to talk to other girls?
It'd all make sense because her childhood would've left her feeling incredibly insecure, but it's still no good and I bet she does stuff like this.

No. 205704

Oh yeah I didn't think of international schools. But I wonder if she'd be able to attend classes meant for high school students, some schools don't accept students after a certain age. In any case if such schools offer to try to get a HS diploma she could go for that.
She's probably N4 or N3 level right now, I'm kinda hoping she'll try to get N3 or N2 soon.

>I also wonder if she is controlling of Manaki, is he allowed to talk to other girls?
If a girl over 5 years younger than him can tell him what to do then I'd feel sorry for him, kek.

No. 205706

When we say she should get a job or classes, it's not only for the money, she literally has nothing to do at home, only low quality videos that take a few hours to record and edit and doesn't even try to improve her content, it is crap. She could also attend some kind of lessons like piano, koto, ikebana, origami, painting, sports, yoga.. there are many things to do.

Also Venus has been showing N2 books on her shelf for years, if she studied as much as she says, she would have passed N2 level a long time ago.

Almost a year and no job, no courses, no school, no friends, only Manaki and a gross lifestyle.

No. 205734

It's sad to see she's not using her freedom to do anything productive or truly interesting. She just sits on her ass all day and makes crap videos for YouTube…just like when she was with Margot. Truth is Venus is boring af.

No. 205736

I'm pretty sure she's very jealous and insecure and probably controls what he does/watches him closely. Iirc she seemed very upset a few months back on Twitter because he had touched a girl before, or kissed someone else before meeting her. I don't really remember the details or what happened exactly, so if anyone wants to explain things pls, you'd be welcome

No. 205737

Instagram* not Twitter

No. 205740

idk she seems fine with him having anime waifus

No. 205743

It can be difficult to acclimate to sudden freedom after being in a controlling/abusive home situation during your childhood and teens. Especially if you were socially isolated and weren't given real life skills. It might just take Venus some time to get used to being an adult and start working/go back to school.

No. 205752

Be honest, do you really think Venus wants to complete her education? No, she's fine with being a kawaii waifu and having a YouTube "job". It's been a year, that's time enough to do more, at least a little, even as a friendless shy person.

Not saying she should worry about her intellect – everyone has different priorities, but it's just fucking sad that education doesn't seem one of hers.

In the end no one really knows shit about Manaki but the fact he was way older than her when he developed a crush on teeny weeny weeby Venus and found a way to save her for momster and marry her.
If you stop to think about it, this situation isn't good. It's quite creepy that she seems so dependent on him. Anyone who's ever had at least one serious relationship that came to an end knows you shouldn't rely 100% on your SO for money, etc.

When the kawaii princess persona finally wears off, who can guarantee he won't dump her? Is YouTube such a reliable source of income that she doesn't need a diploma, especially when she's a foreigner in a distant country?

No. 205753

Most probably she doesn't really consider herself to be an adult so that'll definitely take time.

No. 205756

What are you talking about the "boobs and butts" weird caption she made?
Saying she was being mad/jealous is a complete stretch, the sentence made no sense. To me it seemed more like Manaki was telling her to go out and find girl friends.

No. 205760

and the worst part in all of this is that while we all laugh at Margo because she's struggling financially, that can be Venus's future too if she gets dumped and is no longer uguuu kawaii~ enough to get enough money from YouTube. Go study Venus, you don't wanna be homeless like your mom.

No. 205763

Yep. It took me 3 years to be able to work when I left my very toxic mother. I was younger (17), so maybe it will take less time for her ? Anyway, I don't see her working soon. It's already a good thing she makes videos (even if it's not really good).

sage for blog post

No. 205767

I'm sure it would be incredibly hard for her to find work when both her English and Japanese are subpar. Not to mention getting into colleges when her education is already all over the place. I hope she can at least figure something out for school

No. 205777

>Yep. It took me 3 years to be able to work when I left my very toxic mother. I was younger (17)

anon here >>205449, you were totally right!

>I'm sure many of those anons are fucking self inserting (boohoo, I live/d a fucked up/lonely/shitty life! Oh but Venus broke free and now she's living life with her asian husbando ^-^ oh yay there's still hope for meee too! go Venus, go~)

No. 205796

You don't need any English skills for a job in Japan, the English requirements are pretty low. She might have to take a English language test to be able to prove she knows English though (a lot of Japanese people do and they pass even when their English isn't very good).

She could easily get a job in a restaurant as a waiter, her Japanese skills are good enough for that, and speaking 3+? languages would be good in Tokyo if there's a lot of tourists.

No. 205812

Self insert is really the only explanation if you stop to think about it. That would explain perfectly why people who were hating on weenoos before now don't wanna read anything bad about their ~princess~
>>205763 shows exactly what some other anon said about mommy issues.

>Misfit/NEET/Mommy issues anons

>Feel shitty
>see another Misfit/NEET/mommy issues weeb succeed and get husband visa
>Weeb is going to live happily ever after away from bad mommy
>Self insert
>"y'all angry anons have to understand it's not Venus' fault that she has yellow teeth/don't want to study/still makes shitty videos/sits on her ass all day!!1"
>"Its her moms fault!1"
>"Don't be too harsh on Venus, she's had a bad life!1 you don't know how bad it's like to live with a monster uwu shut up!!1"

Also, just a reminder:
Not kissing Venus' ass =/= liking Margo

No. 205820


Reminds me of when there were so many self insert about parental issues when Kota first moved to Japan kek

No. 205822

No. 205823


When Dakota got a work visa:
Thank God Dakota ran away from her abusive parents!1! She is ashamed of her family!!1 (Dakota actually talks a lot about her family)

When Weenoos got a spouse visa:
She ran away because Margo was abusive!!1! Survivor!! She is making fun of Margo on instagram!1


No. 205827

is that blush or eyeshadow

No. 205828

Of course everyone here is going to think this video is the shit, kek.

>I don't know how it's like outside of Japan

When she literally lived in a bunch of countries lol. You really have no idea?

No. 205830

Is that orange thing eyeshadow or contour? Kek.

Honestly Venus cute makeup is getting way out of hand. Girl needs to stop with the aging eye bags at least

Well, what does Venus have to do to stop being so adored and loved by self inserting meets? I mean, even if Venus popped up here and turned out to be sperg-chan 2.0 i think she'd get away with it. Lol

No. 205831


No. 205832

>I don't know how it's like outside of Japan
I swear sometimes she could be PT material.

Venus, you are not Japanese and actually Manaki is like 26, are you going to say Japanese men don't get married in their mid-twenties?

No. 205834

File: 1480375304892.png (714.62 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2016-11-28-17-11-37…)

Why was that granny licking a potato scene necessary? Ugh

No. 205837

Of course it was necessary. Potato licking is quirky~ owo

No. 205839

Her sense of humor is kinda strange.
Yeah, the 'goal' for Japanese women is to be married before 30 (if they want to get married at least). So I'm assuming 25-35 is a normal age to be 'married'.

No. 205846

What I like the most about this video is that the comment section really got to her, kek.

I swear the second most popular topic in that comment section was their sex life.
Next video should be: Why my boyfriend and I don't have sex tehehe >.<

(As if. I don't think Manaki would be married to her for a year without requesting sex at least once month. I do believe he waited a while to have sex with her tho, as she's so speshal~)

No. 205857

Young couples are normal too, like in any other country, some people get married at a very young age, her explanation was BS.

He is a creep, he always says and does weird things in front of cameras, he openly claimed he felt in love with her because of her ass. I felt so much secondhand embarrassment.

If those questions trigger her so much then she should stop calling him bf and just call him Manaki if it's too difficult for her to call her visa Husband. This is her second video about it.

No. 205860

In what video did he say that about her ass?

No. 205863

File: 1480379611415.png (637.69 KB, 640x1136, fHHeW5n.png)


She really does get offended by questions about sex or anything related to it. Her views on it are very immature & she talks about it like a child. I remember this meltdown she had while speaking of Manaki a few months back. I can only think he spoke about previous girlfriends or his past sexual experiences and it got her pissed.

No. 205866

The truth or dare one.
He does say it's a joke afterwards tho. Which was kinda obvious when he said it too.

No. 205867

Why is her sex life anyone's business here? If she doesn't want to share, just leave her alone. You don't go to people and ask them randomly about their sex life.

No. 205869


Seeing the two of them fuck would be like seeing that dodgy daddy kink porn. Where the girl acts all baby like and whines as he's pounding into her. But Manaki aint exactly the 'daddy' type is he?

If he didnt have a cock you would just think he was some pubescent Japanese girl with short hair.

No. 205870


Mate I dont even think manaki has had sex tbh

I think the pair of them were virgins when they met

No. 205876


Couldn't care less about her personal life, but when she throws a fit online about it the way she does, her far too invested fans will just keep pestering her about it regardless.

No. 205879

Youre just speculating, >>205870 because he looks like a social inept walking visa.
>>205863 looks like the real answer to this matter. She's clearly upset, which is understandable since she obviously has issues when it comes to sex, but sad because it shows she lacks maturity.

No. 205880


Well… yeah anon? He does.

No. 205881


He'd be a great boyish lesbian. Mute the video and you'll see what I'm talking about.

No. 205886


No need to… I can envision it too!

No. 205887

He is a creep. But not necessarily because of the jokes he makes on camera. He is a fucking creep because he is way older and "fell in love with her" when she was a young teen, and then ~saved~ poor Venus from her mom. Now she depends on him to basically everything she does. She married her older fanboy who was obsessed with her and now lives with him in a foreign country without education and relatives or close friends around. How fucking creep is that? If Venus wasn't so kawaii with her equally kawaii BOYFRIEND Manaki, everyone would be going nuts over this situation.

No. 205900

Honestly felt the same way when I first heard about them getting together. The biggest thing was the fact he was a fan of hers originally years prior. And it worried me that she was jumping from one codependency relationship to another one.

But, really, I do think he loves her and cares about her. They're only 4-5 years apart really, which isn't that big of an age gap.

Venus is just very inexperienced in relationships, and theirs is definitely not normal so its odd for people who are used to "normal" relationships to see a married couple not being comfortable calling each other husband and wife despite being married for a year now.

No. 205902


i really don't see it as creepy, is that weird? plenty of relationships have age gaps and as long as they got serious when they where both legally adults it's not too bad. he's only 6 years older right? lots of 18 year olds hang out with older people or hang out with their cousins friends when they visit.
maybe im a bit bias though because he just seems so innocent. he seems very polite and respects venus and they seem more like 8th graders than adults. if you look at his instagram he just seems sweet and still young, it's not like he's a 30 year old japanese jobless neet shut in going for his waifu.

No. 205904

I'm fairly open about age gaps since I most of my relationships have large gaps. So I never pass judgement unless its an Onision/ Lainey situation when the guy clearly grooms the girl. But I honestly don't think Manaki is at all capable of grooming lmao

No. 205905


Maybe you think that anon and her amwf raving white knights but some of us just think he's a creep

No. 205909


idk, i guess just the way a person acts can make me decide wether it's creepy or not. a sleazy way older man who can't get girls his own age so purposely targets naive young girls is a big nono to me but honestly, he just seems like another young 20 something year old working a job and being respectable.
maybe it's because venus tries to pull of this whole pure persona which makes Manaki seem the same way. he also looks young and has a baby face, but maybe looks can be deceiving.

No. 205910

Initially, most people thought she was talking about Manaki's experience, but later on people believed she just worded it badly and actually meant Manaki wanted HER to make female friends(told me about getting in contact with other girls). It looks like the bewbs and butts part was an awkward attempt at humor. If you think about it in that context, it makes sense. She feels like a loser for being afraid of making new friends. Having no previous sexual experience would not make you specifically feel like a lonely old lady, but waiting all day for her husband to come home because she has no gal pals sure would.

No. 205912


Taylor, Claire and Lola good! Venus bad!
Are you the same person doing this?

No. 205925

No one cares about her sex life anon, is the way she acts, the things she says, the fact that she had to made a new video about it, it triggers her and that's funny.

>because he just seems so innocent.
I LOL'd with this one. Innocent?
He makes half jokes because he knows how fucked up is their story.

He is a creep. The age gap right now is not gross, but it was when everything started, even Venus called him stalker.

No. 205930

Conspiracy chan, those are different anons, The Claire&Lola and Taylor examples are used by many anons.

>Taylor, Claire and Lola good! Venus bad!

No one said such a childish thing.

No. 205937

Still butthurt because Venus is in snow again?
>>205930 is right. I'm one of the anons who mentioned them, but I wasn't the only.

No. 205953

Venus whiteknight confirmed for shitposting in the starter pack thread on b.
Outed herself by using the same phrasings and didn't even deny she wasn't the samefag.

No. 205959

Thats not very surprising. Some anons are still triggered cuz she is out of snow. That's pretty sad though. Does Venus matter so much in your life you have to white knight in totally unrelated threads? You have Margo thread all for yourself, no one even says a ~mean~ thing about Venus there anymore to avoid triggering you people.

No. 205971

I don't care about her sex life, but do you think that she ever got educated about sex and where the babies come from stuff like that? Margo was raised as a Catholic right? And I know lots of Catholic children who aren't allowed to join biology lessons about sex. So maybe that's why she seems so immature about it, because no one ever explained the basics to her?

No. 205978

Lol oh my god, is that really your theory? venus grow up on the internet, shed probably know how babies were made even if margo didnt want to explain that to her.

No. 205979


seriously, anon. kek. thank you for the kek.

No. 205981


Anon, Margo thread is in /pt/.

No. 206001

The internet or porn don't equal a real education about sex though. Wikipedia can't give you the answers that a teacher could, you can't go on discussion about it and so on. And I do think it's a validate point taking how she acts now and before about this theme. I highly she's ever been 'interested' enough in it to google for it

No. 206004

File: 1480398552783.jpg (76.43 KB, 720x589, IMG_20161129_014723.jpg)

No. 206020

File: 1480401027836.png (491.91 KB, 720x568, Screenshot_2016-11-29-00-22-43…)

Here anon, take your innocent and pure sweet angel with no interest in sex (righht) who was raised by a satanist who turns out to be a fanatical catholic and the rest of your theories to Margo thread.

No. 206028

lol in the US maybe.

No. 206051

KEK @ you & your raging Venus hateboner, especially since you're obviously the same nut(s) who tried to get the 'let's all jack off to the Venus hate' train going in Margo's thread and were politely told to fuck off so you ran over here to get it going. You're looking every bit as obsessive and rage-filled as margo on one of her psycho rants.

Sure, Venus is weird and makes cringey videos, so what? Has she scammed or cheated or stolen from anyone? Come to your house and personally hurt you? There must be a happy medium between mindlessly worshipping her at one extreme and raging obsessive hatred at the other. There's plenty to snark about here without sperging like a psycho. Seek help, rage-chan(s).

No. 206056

File: 1480409723069.png (1.99 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20161129-034103.png)

and just to trigger you further, here she is on Snapchat, still not giving a fuck about you or any of your lil hateboner buddies

No. 206057

With her new nails too. seeethe on, fuckers

No. 206060

Her hair looks disgusting

No. 206063

File: 1480411213836.jpg (202.88 KB, 1168x1820, PSX_20161121_202750.jpg)

>she literally has nothing to do at home, only low quality videos
>She just sits on her ass all day and makes crap videos
Lol, you don't know shit about what she does all day other than what she chooses to share on SM, which is next to nothing.
Guess you missed this on instagram stories recently tho, about a photoshoot she had..

No. 206064

File: 1480411679538.jpg (276.14 KB, 1920x991, PSX_20161129_042443.jpg)

Something else for y'all to choke on, besides your own bile..

No. 206065

File: 1480411741448.jpg (194.47 KB, 1194x998, PSX_20161129_042525.jpg)

stay mad, MF'ers

No. 206066

File: 1480412012865.gif (496.84 KB, 500x269, giphy (13).gif)

bwahahaha suck it salty bitches

No. 206068

Is Venus PULL's new flavor of the month after they got tired of Taylor? This thread reeks of them

No. 206070

File: 1480416036476.gif (51.35 KB, 199x300, 1434280197949.gif)

you know extremists on either side are equally embarrassing. you're not helping the situation at all.

No. 206077

nah, they suck up to le queen Venus' ass just like lolcow does

No. 206078

How do YOU know that, hmmmm?

Lol. Dude, I barely started posting in this thread and haven't yet clashed with anyone. Peace.

We definitely do not know what she does, where she goes or who she talks to in her spare time. It sure would be cool if she shared some hobbies or regular daytime activity, though. But maybe she doesn't want to alienate her young, goofball fans with not-so-cute interests?

I didn't know Venus generated so much fervor!

No. 206104

Stop embarrassing yourself. Pretty sure you posted in another thread too, I recognize that dumb "bwahaha"

No. 206108

Read >>205937

Read >>205959
>You have Margo thread all for yourself, no one even says a ~mean~ thing about Venus there anymore to avoid triggering you people.


No. 206111

>Venus is weird and makes cringey videos, so what?
We can say the same thing about most of the flakes.

Did you finish attacking anons here?

No. 206119

So the obsessed anon(s) in Margo's thread jumped to Venus'thread now?

Fangelic-chan, people are going to criticize your idol sometimes.
Grow up.

Do you want a list of names of other snowflakes and cows who have money and fans? Their popularity doesn't change anything, they're still pathetic and cringe worthy.

So is Venus.

You're embarrassing yourself.

No. 206123

Fangelics are on disability,
They can do this all day 24/7.

No. 206128

File: 1480429885826.png (278.28 KB, 397x423, BWAHAHAHA.png)

fangelic-chan's face while proving the haterzzz wrong ^ BWAHAHA

what an embarassing samefag. these posts are very immature, i hope you get your ass banned. you're obviously not over 18. if you are, im sure you make your parents very proud of you with your nut sized brain


No. 206131

File: 1480430653241.png (22.68 KB, 873x172, vnsratio.png)

from the same video.

just thought it was interesting to see how venus is so loved and cherished that the people criticizing her in this thread must be completely insane. she's obviously above any sort of hate. no one would dare ever say they dont like the shit the posts.

i mean, except for those 15000 people and counting

No. 206138

She acts like a tit so obviously people are bound to dislike her shit

No. 206150

idk about the rest of this post but iirc there was already a venus thread in /snow/ at that point
my best guess is that you were the one who 'had enough and created a new thread. description wasn't the best, but it was something'
so what you mean is that you made a thread in /pt/ with a shit OP (/pt/ is only supposed to be for the cream of the crop, come on), probably failing to provide proper links or reasons why Venus should be criticized other than 'look at what a weeb she is!' and then got mad when they moved your thread to /b/ instead of having a shitty duplicate in /snow/.
if it was actually a big deal with as many users being upset about it as you claim, that's the reason we have /meta/; to facilitate discussion on topics like this between staff and userbase.
it's not a big deal, but you felt personally slighted by staff because you wanted to keep bashing Venus in Margo's thread even though their association with one another has discontinued.
>farmhand was banning users for derailing the thread with their super mean comments about her
that is pretty much the definition of derailing a thread, though. like, once Margo was revealed to be the kappa river monster, pretty much all of Venus's 'milk' was assumed to be a byproduct of their relationship and she's kept her lulziness to a minimum since then.
well, up until this 'ugly girl to cute girl' transformation video, anyways. the whole thing was pretty tasteless. i'm expecting to see some backlash from her fans because i'm sure that there's gonna be some 'i have cystic acne/yellow teeth/eyebags and this made me feel really bad about myself!!' tumblr-esque outburst about it.

No. 206156

>routine dental cleanings
I actually have to wonder about this, because they moved around so much. I know in the UK there's free health care, but does it cover dental as well? And how would you integrate into that system if you were there illegally? Venus & Margo never seemed like they were rich, but they did seem like they spent their money on a bunch of unnecessary weeb/video shit instead of prioritizing things like education or having a nice place to live. I know in the US, professional cleanings are about $100 a pop without dental coverage, so a lot of poor people put them off as 'unnecessary' until there's a problem.
then again, idk what Venus was making from Youtube monthly. they probably weren't 'poor' straight-up, but if Margo was holding the purse strings, I can definitely see her spending that money on travel expenses, on herself, or on overpriced cutesy shit for Venus's 'career'.

No. 206161

>pretty much all of Venus's 'milk' was assumed to be a byproduct of their relationship and she's kept her lulziness to a minimum since then.

so? drier snowflakes have threads, that was discussed a bunch of times already by multiple anons so i'm not going going back to explain why you or other anons saying Venus isn't that milky doesn't matter.

also, >>205959
>You have Margo thread all for yourself, no one even says a ~mean~ thing about Venus there anymore to avoid triggering you people.

If some fangelics are getting so triggered by the super ~mean~ comments made here, please hide the fucking thread, geez.
Venus is still brought up in Margo's all the time where people don't say anything negative about her anymore.
Stay there if this thread bothers you so much.

No. 206162


Most people here don't love venus. But she's not much of a cow, and it's certain now that most of the cringy milk before she ran away was Margo's and not hers. She's clearly not the worst weeb, she's a not a tumblr-tard. I'd say having a mother like the kappa river monster makes her look like a normal likable person.
I guess both her hardcore fans and haters here look stupid and pull-tard tier.

No. 206165

File: 1480434223594.png (252.18 KB, 657x395, hellokittytoothbrush.png)

even IF that was true, it wouldn't matter anymore.

she's been living with Manaki for 1 year. Isnt it enough time to take care of your dental health now that your evil mom isn't stopping you from seeing a professional? kek

Buy some strawberry toothpaste, a cute toothbrush and go to the dentist, ffs.

No. 206166

it's not about whether Venus herself has dried up at this point, it's about whether it's appropriate to discuss a low-activity snowflake in a cow's thread after their association has basically been terminated, or whether you should save your ire for the threads that are specifically designated for the person that you want to criticize.
Sage because, like I mentioned, if you really are that bothered about it, you should make a post in the General Complaints/Issues thread in /meta/, instead of here.

No. 206175

saying good things about venus is fine here, this is her thread after all. the problem is that we have cunty anons here who can't read anything remotely bad about her without flipping out and shitting up the thread with "bwahaha saltyyy bitches venus is on instaa not caring bouchuuu"

Maybe if that crazy fangelic gets banned we can have some sort of peace here between anons who like her and who dont like her that much.

No. 206176

Professional cleanings and even whitening toothpastes actually don't remove surface stains overnight, esp. if your oral hygiene has been neglected for an extended period. her best bet would be to have whitening treatments done, but those can get pricy. the site i looked up quoted the 'professional' whitening service as about ~$200, but the price range went all the way up to ~$1,500 for 'perfect whitening'.
maybe she just doesn't think it's that bad, idk. most people don't have sparkling white news-anchor-style smiles anyways.

No. 206188

Her friend Luna Slater should handle this to her

No. 206189

Btw of course Manaki was/is a Virgin when he met her.
He started to stalk her when he was already a 20 y/o man, since, in my view, he couldn't get same age meat at school and saw in Venus a girl who since was totally obsessed in Japanese crap and thought he could get away with fresher and totally-loving meat. Tbh I think that Manaki kinda tricked her in "Hai binasu Chan letusu meiku a promise desu, anata will live in Nihon to watashi demo you have to say that you daisuki me, okay?"

No. 206190

Lmao anon stoppit desu

No. 206193


ok, I'm found of venus too but jesus christ, you on her payroll?

No. 206197

You're so sensitive. You can't even tell who you're responding to so you're just attacking anyone who is remotely positive. You really look nutty. (I'm not the spammer, btw)

Now go meditate at your altar of the Taylor-Claire-Lola Trinity and admire your lovely toothbrush collection, ya goof.

Venus certainly will need teeth bleaching or laser. The damage is done. If she can afford hair care and nail appointments, she can set aside ¥40000 for an in-office whitening. At home trays are a better option. She needs to lay off the black coffee and tea quite a bit, though.

Just a thought: Food stains and bulimia have been suggested, but is it possible Venus was on medication for an extended time during this year? This degree of staining is fairly recent, right?

No. 206200

kek, anon. venus teeth are rotting, but I think a dentist could save them. Luna on the other hand..

sage 'cause irrelevant lul

No. 206201

ah fuck, sorry. i was laughing too much and forgot to sage. lol

No. 206202

it would be hilarious if angry fangelic-chan anon sitting at home was posting from Japan, hmm…

sage because I'm just tinfoilhatting

No. 206237

Your reading comprehension is crap.

I wrote that summary but I'm not the anon who created this thread. It wasn't posted in /pt/, it was in /snow/ because farmhand told people to do so if they wanted to discuss Venus.

Anons posted her videos in Margo's thead so people discussed it there too but you all cried when it wasn't something good. Immediately and as expected, when a different anon made this thread, you all cried and it was moved to /b/,and you all cried in /b/ too and even lied twice about anons bumping it last week. "She has a new thread" kek

Get your facts straight.

No. 206245

This person also insists that we hate Taylor and believes we all are Kiki. lol

I don't know why she isn't banned yet for her absurd amount of shitposting, derailing, lying, chimping out, all her tinfoil hat theories and constant attacks.

You can say good things about your favorite weeb, that's not the problem, fangelics are just attacking people and doing the same old, that's why some people are being a bit paranoid, forgive them.

No. 206249

File: 1480447987384.png (511.29 KB, 720x720, Screenshot_2016-11-27-21-10-27…)

This was like the time Kota followed kittyphina kek!

I'm totally healthy and definitely not lurking ana accounts

No. 206255

pretty sure its obvious she has an ED just by looking at her youtube channel lmao

No. 206263

Because most women here are insecure sluts and cant grasp that some women are different.

No. 206266

What the fuck is your problem? You're wasting your own time you massive hypocrite. Are you seriously saying every snowflake here has scammed, cheated, or physically hurt someone to get here?
People get here because they're cringey fucking weeaboos. Suck it.

No. 206268

But wait, didn't fangelics just rage post stats about her youtube views and subscribers so doesn't she have oodles of money for shit now what with her doing ~professional~ shoots?
Lol, there's just no consistency!

No. 206269

File: 1480451523116.jpg (378.65 KB, 800x637, image.jpg)

Get a hobby dear

No. 206270

Take that pill for yourself. Ugh.

No. 206272

No, it's because she is a dumb bitch. Her visa knows it:

Suck it like Weenoos >>205834

No. 206275

I'm not the one acting like an angry spastic on an anonymous forum because someone doesn't share her big lesbian hatecrush for Venus Palermo
You could use one too

No. 206280

So, how much tax goes off of the YouTube money actually, does someone know that? As she's married and has a spouse visa both had to show that they're paying their taxes properly.

Also, her main audience are pre teen weeb girls, so the CMs she gets are mostly tailored to those. Which means no political stuff which would actually get her some decent income. At best she's at 2k a month, at best. That's not very much considering all her spendings.

No. 206281

Shame she cant fund nice clothing and make up tbh

People with shit tons of moneh i.e chinese students always spend it on total crap

No. 206286

>reading comprehension
considering that you never mentioned which board it was created on in >>205337, let's just chalk it up to 'I'm not a psychic'.
If you're not the OP of this thread, it's even weirder that you're so outraged by the fact that it got moved temporarily to /b/. I mean, I'm only catching up now, but I'm seriously surprised it didn't end up in /manure/, since the OP straight-up does not meet the quality level that is expected for /snow/ or /pt/. It's not even that people 'cried' whenever anything even slightly critical was said about her, but when the content within the thread has literally devolved into shit like: 'omg guys look she's eating a burger from mcdonalds how unhealthy'–that's not milk, or snowflake-y, that's not even lulzy. It was at the point where the nitpicking in the thread was cringier than the individual actually being discussed, so I can see why someone might be like, 'this is a shit thread, let's move it'–as was requested in /meta/ by more than a few different users. just check out 3311 in Gen. Complaints, and how many people responded in agreement. It's the Berry Tsukasa situation all over again. If Venus wasn't such a long-term cow, you probably wouldn't have this thread at all.

So what are you complaining about, exactly? If you're mad that the thread got moved because 'you all cried about it', well, >>205337 sounds a lot like a tantrum to me. And you got it back where you wanted it in the end, so your theory about biased farmhands 'protecting Weenoos' doesn't hold much water, either. Or are you just upset that whenever you post something like 'ugh Weenoos is such a dumb bitch she looks like an old woman and her teeth are disgusting' you actually face contention instead of the chorus of parrots 'kek'-ing at your savagery and wit that you were hoping for?

No. 206287

Venus should focus on a little more mature content, maybe aiming late teens to women in their middle 20s. Drop the overly childish kawaii persona and go for a more refined yet still cute content. I'm sure she'd be taken more seriously if she did and gain more followers because lots of young women still like cutesy stuff.

No. 206288

I don't know, but she's all about the money. Her videos are worse than ever and she cares more about the views than her actual content and reputation, look >>206131

Don't blame the audience, I believe all audiences deserve quality and not only selfish shit, bad make-up tutorials and drama.

No. 206291

Can you fucks stop arguing? Let it go. Let's get back to talking about her content instead of keeping this stupid drama alive. God knows I like to argue, but it's been over a day.

Sage because irrelevant.

No. 206292

Kek, ignore the fact I forgot to sage that shit.

No. 206294

Holy shit where did all these people come from?? You people are basically grasping at straws here. Hating on every little thing Venus has or does.

She has no milk. Get over it.

No. 206295


Ikr? Real kawaii stuff not that crap she thinks is kawaii. She's not going to change her style soon, though.

No. 206297


One of her best recent videos is the purikura machine one. I thought it was really refreshing to see her outside doing something that her audience would actually enjoy doing too if they had a chance to be in Tokyo. It was fun and I'm sure she enjoyed herself doing that too (a lot better than eating a giant pudding on camera uhh)

All the makeup videos were bad. She was never good at it but her skills have really gone downhill lately.
Hopefully she's gonna do more videos outside soon.

No. 206301

Like a vlogger? That's ok as long as she doesn't make another childish joke like in her Pikachu video.

No. 206303

>I'm not the one acting like an angry spastic on an anonymous forum because someone doesn't share her big lesbian hatecrush for Venus Palermo

No, you'd rather act like a fat sperglord dindu because people cringe at her shit videos and say she has bad teeth. Booooohooooo

No. 206304

She could vlog and explore cute/interesting places in Tokyo. No onesie or Pikachu ears, pls.

No. 206310

File: 1480457280817.jpg (272.46 KB, 646x464, 1265349067449.jpg)

>"Meanwhile, Mana wants to poop but weenoos got her head stuck in the toilet"
pic related

man, I think she just sticks to ott pastel kawaii because that's what her whole gimmick started with and she doesn't know where to go next. you can tell that she's branched out since she was a kid, but her fame peaked when she was essentially loli/virginal fetishist fap material. Now she's older, she's married, and she's less relatable to both her young female weeb audience and also the old creepy Mr. Yan market. the smart thing to do would be try to work her videos into a niche that would appeal to other housewives, or at the very least, a weeb audience closer in age to herself.

No. 206312

>she's married, and she's less relatable to both her young female weeb audience
>try to work her videos into a niche that would appeal to other housewives
I think the idea of appealing to other housewives is really good, but I don't think she'd be taken seriously unless she went through a major transformation. If she decides to go for a qt housewife persona she may be successful, but not a weeby housewife.
She should start with a house tour.

No. 206418

File: 1480472354587.gif (974.32 KB, 500x268, tumblr_m1ju2ix49u1r317bvo1_500…)

Looove all the tantrums. So triggered. So cute.
Laughing SO HARD.

No. 206421

File: 1480472687567.jpg (33.79 KB, 360x153, PSX_20161129_212308.jpg)

Here, try some of this, babies…

No. 206424

File: 1480473200850.png (23.33 KB, 580x143, Screenshot_2016-11-27-20-32-51…)

Stay salty

No. 206426

File: 1480473457651.gif (960.66 KB, 245x250, fire_community.gif)

>this thread

No. 206427

Weeb is back in snow where she belongs, fangelics are triggered, forgive them.

No. 206431

File: 1480473734911.gif (497.13 KB, 499x281, tumblr_n72aboPrwk1r317bvo1_500…)

My hateboner for WEENOOS will not be thwarted. YOU CAN'T STOP MEEE

No. 206432

File: 1480473908346.gif (528.65 KB, 598x473, giphy (1).gif)

Weenoos is ugly
Weenoos is ugly
fap fap fap

No. 206449

Please stop sperging.

No. 206834

File: 1480543854316.png (605.74 KB, 720x1028, Screenshot_2016-11-30-16-00-10…)

Farmer Weenoos

No. 206840

She's really cute in that picture.

No. 206842


Wouldn't this deeply offend Mira ? "Japanese house wife series". I think the niche she's in is fine since she is fairly childish and seems to be doing fine with catering to kids.

No. 206846

I've always liked her eyes. She has some makeup tutorials without circle lenses that I like, (there's nothing wrong with circle lenses but I'm not really into the whole cutesy thing) but I think she should work harder in her foundation and concealer routine, it is shit.

Does she edit her skin or is naturally or is it naturally like that?

No. 206859

But she doesn't look cute when she acts childish, she's just cringey. Sometimes she talks about topics that kids can't really understand and that triggers some people, she should better change her style and content, she is already half way. She can still be cute and talk about kawaii culture related stuff, though

No. 206864


She has a nice wide eye shape but remember guys she doesnt actually look like this really. She always takes pictures from a downwards angle and looks average at best but than again so do most people when they're not in selfies.

It loos shit because kawaii fashion is literally just pounding on any old crappy colour, circle lenses and just calling it cute because brands, certain colours and the trend. Venus doesnt even have a specific style anymore… its just random cute shit thrown together. It was the same with Dakota at the beginning there was no lead? Just "its a doll style" and anything will do but she had that school girl bow thing going on at the time so maybe that was a bit of her persona niche. But Venus never really had any apart from doing tons of different things. Its good she's exploring but I can't wait till she just sticks to one style and it suits her properly.

No. 206869


Is it mean of me to say she's probably too lazy to change completely .. ? I mean she gets more views then any of the other weebs do by doing those cringey childish videos, so why bother changing and putting in more work if doing less and acting a fool gets you the same pay out..

No. 206877

I feel like Manaki is the type of husband to just completely let Venus do anything she wants to him. He just seems… useless? like he would just sit there while Venus pisses on him or something.

"ar yooh readeh mana-chan?!"



The pair of them are squares

No. 206878

Idk man I'd watch a Venus cooking show, she seems good at it. Not the tabasco chicken nugget shit of course.

No. 206886


Isn't that Yuka's thing ? heh.. " I'ma pee on you onichan "


AH ! right, I forgot she likes cooking. I don't really see cooking as a "house wife" thing only thought. I was thinking of shit videos of her teaching you how to clean. ( though if she made a video : how to clean up after a river kapa. I'd totally watch )

No. 206889

True. She is like lost and her new videos are like super random and disorganized.

yeah maybe you're right but, would you do that if you had a big audience? Ok, I need money… I'm going to drink tabasco, they watch it anyway that's sad.

No. 206895


Its Venus were talking about. I doubt she really cares all that much at this point, as the childish cringe fits with her "kawaii yooong doll" persona she's had going on since ever. People wont change unless they see something in their behaviour that needs to, in other words, Venus sees nothing wrong with her content and will likely carry on with it. Its also hard for one to see how bad it is when she has blind followers supporting everything she does.

No. 206931

>Venus doesnt even have a specific style anymore… its just random cute shit thrown together.
You're right, anon. The ugu kawaii living doll died a long time ago.

Also I wish she'd change her hair, she always has suuuuper long hair (I know, i know, extensions) and I'd like to see her with a different hairstyle, like shorter hair. Or just without bangs. I personally think she looks better without them. She looks cute but her age.

Her eyes look prettier without circle lenses but i don't think she's going to drop them anytime soon, unfortunately.

No. 207002

>she's probably too lazy to change
This one word describes her totally– LAZY. She's halfassing everything and doesn't even seem to give a shit anymore. Like the boyfriend truth or dare video, sure they're adorable together blah blah blah, but she can't even be arsed to put on a decent outfit or wash her hair anymore (that stupid pink top, old skirt and bare feet? ughhh.) Not to mention every fucking video is sitting on the floor in front of that damn white loveseat piled witb plushies. I guess as long as she's pulling in views and $$ she'll keep spamming out the same tired shit but I really wish she'd just quit at this point because it's just gross.

No. 207348

I didn't pay much attention to her ugly to beautiful video but thanks to anon in Margo thread now I know that she made her teeth (more) yellow with a bouillon cube. EW??? What does that part have to do with makeup and the message at the end of her video? one of her worst videos so far definitely. Was that one of her "tons of ideas for the next 6 months"?

No. 207353

besides walking around the city she hasn't shown any new ideas iirc. it's the same binge eating crap, horrible makeup, manaki uguu. rinse and repeat endlessly.

I think we all understand the message behind her video but it was really poorly executed and the title made it confusing. ughh, cringe.

I agree with >>207002
I think Venus has become super lazy and doesn't truly care that much about her content anymore. she has fangelics who won't leave her and ~love~ everything she does, and while i think she enjoys making videos for fun, she doesn't seem that worried about delivering her best anymore.

No. 207371

First I thought it was funny, but now I realize it was a super bad idea, she is literally chewing a bouillon cube. Fail

>she doesn't seem that worried about delivering her best anymore.

Maybe it's because she already achieved what she wanted.

She said in My strange addiction that her life goal was

"to live in Japan and be as famous as Britney Spears"

Well, she got her visa. (But not Weenoos Spears yet, though)

No. 207379

>made her teeth (more) yellow with a bouillon cube. EW???

That kind of idea is like straight out of low cost cosplay. Then again I remember she used tape on her face to make it more asian one time.

No. 207412

She makes comments like this:

Oct 20, 2016 I hope you like seeing Japan trough a more vlog-y lens, because there are so many places I want you to take, and so many cool things I want to show you about Japan! Not just busy places like Akihabara and Harajuku, but maybe things you wouldn't find in every travel guide, hehe!

and people get all excited and WOO HOO VENUS!!
then it's back to business as usual on the floor in front of the kawaii white loveseat. I don't hate the girl but it's just so frustrating. So much she could do with that channel and the following she has now that she's free and living in Japan but she doesn't do shit, plus she gets people's hopes up REPEATEDLY and doesn't deliver. MEH.

No. 207426

Would you say her channel was better under Margo's ideas and supervision? As if her mom made Venus do her best and edit to her standards.

I don't like Margo but I feel like Venus doesn't have anyone's expectations to live up to now so she just dicks around. I think she needs to work harder than ever as soon as possible, because she isn't gonna be kawaii forever.

No. 207545

Probably because she used to see YouTube as a job before, so she'd put more effort into making videos. You're right, she's not going to be kawaii forever, so unless we want to watch Venus grow older while wearing onesies and buying cheap cutesy crap, she better improve her content.

No. 207554


Oh god, Venus at 40 still wearing onesies and squealing at the screen about cheap dollar Japan toys.

No. 207610

Taylor is meeting up with Venus tomorrow and they're going Disneyland, I wonder if we'll see Venus in the vlog this time, rather than at the side/out of view.

No. 207888

Where are you seeing this?

No. 207891

Taylor mentioned it in yesterday's vlog. She also wrapped a christmas present for Venus.

No. 207907

So pure.

No. 207912

Taylor and Venus are so cute I hope they get to be hang out more. it makes my cold heart melt just a little

No. 207913


Venus get your nails done or remove at least the last few fake nails, it looks so bad!

But beside that, befriend taylor was def a good thing and I hope tay will have some good impact on her.

No. 207914

Taylor and Venus are rather cute together.

No. 207916

I get strong big sis, little sis vibes from them. It's really adorable. I like seeing Vee hanging out with someone for a change and I'm happy that its Taylor and not those other scrubs lol.

No. 207918

It's impossible for me not to love this. I truly think they get along well and Venus is becoming more comfortable. Maybe more of this could be the confidence-boost she needs to improve and increase her content. I actually don't get the feeling she is lazy and not creating anything, but she could be frustrated with coming up with new material and probably scrapping much of what she comes up with. Hasn't she "accidentally erased" 3 videos already? I feel like that happens a lot.

No. 207922


Tay is after a sub boost and Venus is gradually trying to live a little

I dont dislike the pair theyre okay but even if they former a duo no doubt theyll do something cringeworthy and create a newfound drama within the next few years. Everyone liked Sharla and Mira until that went tits up.

No. 207926

>I'm happy that its Taylor and not those other scrubs lol.
Agreed as fuck, the others would just be polite at best with Venus (not friendly and nice like Taylor) and at worst they'd be obviously uncomfortable and treat her like they would a retarded baby.

No. 207927

But it wouldnt surprise me if Venus got warped in with them all in the future. They ALL seem to mesh together and its only a matter of time.

No. 207932

More people liked Sharla, but I think that Mira was definitely the less popular of the two because even before we knew the extent of it, Mira was a jerk.
I don't really foresee that for Tay with anyone because she's really chill and kind of a get-along-girl.

As for Taylor and Venus, I think they are cute af. When they are together they seem to exist in their own kawaii bubble of silliness. It's adorable. Agree on the big sis/little sis.

No. 207933

Lol nah drama will go down if it involves Venus

People were keen about Sharla and she turned out a mess.

No. 207934

Am i the only one who isnt cooing over them? Like yeah its nice and all but so whay? Girls hang out all the time and are cute

No. 207936


yeah, seriously. When one comes off, the rest have too as well. She gets nice designs but when she jusy let's them all fall off naturally it's nother a good look.

The vlog was so adorable though.

No. 207937

woah the stark contrast between maggot's era videos and now

I don't either at all,but at least Venoos finally got a sane female friend in her life (aside aunt Zsu).

No. 207938

Right when I was wondering how their friendship was going. It's nice to see them together

No. 207947

Ah yes Venus who has had not an ounce of drama (other than her mom) since she left her mom. SO much drama.
The only possible drama is if Margo tries attacking Taylor or something in which case Taylor's an adult who can handle that shit (and her company would probably shut that down)

No. 207952


Thats kinda what I meant anon but it still could happen anyway. Venus isn't all that innocent and its depressing how many people lick her ass. She's boring and tacky Taylor is slightly glamorous despite being loaded, has somewhat of a style sense and modelling career.

I can't believe people are envious of the pair of them. They're okay but Im not going to sit here and coo at how wonderful they are because I dont think they are.

All I'm saying is that it wouldn't surprise me if she happens in the next following year or so. It always does, its the Jvlogging group guys. Someone always stirs something up.

No. 207953

To be honest I'm BORED of Venus and Taylor and the rest of them.

Cant we have a new fresh pair of faces on the scene in Japan for a change? Its always the same people, the same girls getting work done, moving or just getting up to no good.

Im tired of having to feel like I should praise these cunts because they have money and live in Japan with thus past dramu.

No. 207959

the school uniform thing is so cringey!

No. 207960

>so pure
pure like this? >>206020
it was only a regular day at Disney. They had fun together and it was cool but I don't see how is 2 adults having fun at Disney is something pure.. cringe.

>Lol nah drama will go down if it involves Venus
If she refuses to change.

>People were keen about Sharla and she turned out a mess.

Actually PULL used to love her when she bashed Mira, but that talked a lot about Sharla and Rachel too, and that only caused more drama. Now they have a thread too.

People who have the urge to tell their problems to the world (FB, YT, Twitter) and make excuses to do so instead of trying to solve them in private are exposing themselves to all kinds of criticism and must accept they could be making it worse.

Melodee and Kim problem is a good example of this; Kim and Sunny were shit talking Melodee in public, but Melodee was smarter and contacted them in private to solve the problem no matter if they were trying to ruin her image.

That's how you avoid drama.
That's how you act smart.
She didn't make excuses to attack them online too.

Hope Venus, Margo, Mira, Sharla, Kim and Rachel learn to keep their shit private and avoid drama.

No. 207972

My thoughts exactly.

Boring and cringey.

I'm tired of Jvloggers dramu, Venus dramu and Taylor trying hard to clean her image (yes, that's basically what she is trying to do for her) while Venus just sits in the loveseat to eat crap and make her husband join her cringey shit too. Venus and anons that keep praising her for literally doing nothing and treating her like a rescued puppy make me cringe.

No. 207973

You might find it cringey but it's not a completely weird thing in Japan, nanchatte seifuku is an actual trend. I would find it more cringe-worthy if it was completely out of place, but there it's rather acceptable.

No. 207974

Anon said Cringey not weird.

No. 208000

File: 1480794035774.jpg (599.34 KB, 1503x852, 1e474a260d3f5c1dfa1a3ae49e0b88…)

Kind of OT, but I downloaded a game on Steam and it said this. I wonder if it was a jab at Venus because I don't know any other "living dolls" who ate on camera.

No. 208012

Love Venus but the exposure was way too bright for this video

No. 208031

I love this. This is perfect.

No. 208035


But she's a foreigner anon, its just sad and the fact that grown men go along with it like Manaki is worse.

No. 208036


Dramu will still happen anon with either one or the other

like it or leave it

Weebs in Japan cause shit no matter how darling they appear

No. 208040

it's a common trend at disney

No. 208042

It's just fashion. You can like it or not, but there's nothing "sad" about it.

No. 208048

It's an actual fashion trend in Japan

No. 208049

ooh and aah… SHE still looks cringey

No. 208051

Everyone knows that it's an old trend in Japan that even some weebs have moved on from following. Doesn't mean it's safe from criticism.

No. 208058

well apparently some anons here didn't

No. 208076

I want to like the video but ughhh… Yeah, I agree with >>207972
It's fucking boring and cringey. too bad.
But maybe I'm just tired of Jvloggers dramu too. (And their deformed eye bags and crazy circle lenses)

No. 208084

File: 1480810637668.jpg (337.42 KB, 1655x1069, PSX_20161203_191446.jpg)

>the school uniform thing is so cringey!
So cringey and it's far from the only cringey Japanese pop culture trend. Pic attached is one Japanese girl group, AKB48.
They're all in their 20s, dressed up like 5-year-olds at a pedo beauty pageant. SO fucking creepy and that shit is HUGE over there. ewwww

No. 208088

File: 1480811136244.jpg (292.65 KB, 1187x1425, PSX_20161203_192248.jpg)

Venus dropped an f-bomb. Lol

No. 208089

File: 1480811163747.jpg (70.49 KB, 484x433, anotherwannabeweeb.jpg)

looks like that kittirain wannabe is copying Venus. first a nerunerunerune video, now a truth or dare video. she even has someone else in there. maybe a sister?
Is this the new weeb trend? copy the Living Doll Veenoos to try and achieve her kawaii weeb dreams!

No. 208091

File: 1480811336022.jpg (57.51 KB, 1200x417, PSX_20161203_184951.jpg)

Manaki dropped one too, hahaha
"kawaii af"

No. 208093

Everybody copies everybody else on YT, this is not news.

No. 208117

honestly that is just as disgusting as those ddlg people. but maybe worse because it's become so mainstream people think it's fucking normal..or even cute.

No. 208118

she looks very classy

Venus copied her videos from others too. She didn't create youtube.

No. 208134

Seriously vomit-inducing, the little anklets especially put it over the top for me. And it's all "teehee giggle-giggle" soo little-girly and cute (except it's NOT, it's fucking pervy and creepy.) I stg I don't get how it's so GOALS for some people to want to live there, if I had to move to Japan and be surrounded by this weird cringey shit I'd have to consider slitting my wrists.

No. 208145


Agreed, anon. So would I. Maybe most people will grow out of it like (most ex) weebs my age. I remember thinking kawaii desu shit was the bomb 10-12 years ago when I was in my early teens. I can't understand people who don't grow out of it. and before someone says "it's just my taste; it matches my personality", etc … No one ever said you couldn't have a shit taste/personality

Repost Sage for ot

No. 208149

What game is this?

No. 208150

>pearl-clutching at people liking cute shit, and comparing it to dd/lg
We get it, you're too grown-up and pure for such ~*cringe*~. Calm down, anons.

No. 208157


literally who?

No. 208171

If you can't see absolutely anything off about grown ass women behaving like dancing little girls tehehe uguu and just thinks that's *~qt~* then you're probably spending too much time on the fucking internet, kek. Comparing it to DDLG maybe was a bit of a reach, but there's definitely common points

No. 208172


I hate dd/lg and I consider myself a puritan but for slim young women, I think nanchatte is really cute. Maybe I spend too much time on /cgl/ and looking at jfashion. I think it is cute to wear for occasions like going to disney world with your friend? It's a uniform but to me it doesnt look school-girl or little-girl-ish because those kinds of outfits have always been popular in mainstream japan fashion. Disclaimer, I don't wear jfashion myself, I find my demeanour is "too old" for it, but for someone like Venus or the other girl it looks cute? Especially since Venus' entire shtick is "I hop on all Japanese trends!"

It's such manufactured outrage tbh. There is so much more important blatant pedo shit to rage over, dont understand why people breathe fire over innocuous shit like this, but let other stuff fly.

No. 208173

…how does this look like 5 year olds at a beauty pagent? you're projecting… they look like grown women

No. 208193

exactly the nature of pedophilia and dd/lg is that it's sexual lmao the whole kawaii scene has always been about high pitched voices and dolls and acting sweet but it's not sexual. i mean like, you'd think anon has never heard of j-fashion before. the schoolgirl uniform trend has evolved as a cultural symbol in japan to the point where it's subjective to see it as related to childhood. i mean kyary pamyu pamyu wears randosesu's and seifukus that doesn't mean she's pandering to pedophiles or supporting the dd/lg scene lmao.

No. 208199


i feel the same way. i thought the school uniform fashion was for girls that already graduated school and want to look cute, youthful and reminisce of their highschool days where they couldnt dress as cute because of the school's strict uniform rules. i thought what venus was wearing was fine, i've seen a bunch of young japanese women wear the nanchette or w/e style at disney land. imo it's less cringey than cosplaying like a lot of westerners do at their disneyland

No. 208213

well yeah. plus seifuku stuff has leaked into real fashion in japan and most of asia, with the sailor-type collars and pleated skirts and jumperskirts… its stupid, like saying Lolita (which is a victorian-inspired fashion, not pedo stuff) is pedophilia. its not… its intricate fashion that looks nothing like little girl stuff

its funny because you have western girls going around wearing tiny tiny croptops saying "i have no tits" and necklaces saying daddy and other shit and they look far more sketchy than anything ive seen in japan

No. 208217

File: 1480830606652.gif (67.2 KB, 300x200, unnamed.gif)

>How does this look like 5 year olds at a beauty pagent? You're "projecting" they look like grown women


No. 208219

1. those thighs do not come on women underaged those are fully developed women. they have some big ass thighs

2. they are wearing outfits with a-line skirts? so? a-line skirts are super popular in japan and considered classy. and the socks, idk, youre reading too much into the socks. i wear socks like that on a daily basis and im in my 20s too.

ive never seen a little girl dressed like that to be honest. ive seen a lot of anime characters dressed like that though.

No. 208227

I think they look cute as fuck. What do you want them to do wear slutty outfits and twerk on stage like american female pop artists? Lmao.

No. 208228

yeah considering America gives birth to creepy women that actually infantalize themselves, like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus, I don't see the problem with girls dressed girly…

No. 208229

Ugh you can do this all day. Nanchatte seifuku IS cringey af no matter how popular it was in 2010, people already moved on. She was wearing the whole outfit not only the skirt or socks.

That's actually slutty, who do you think is the main audience? pure girls ? KEK you are so naive.

No. 208230

That's your opinion I guess. To me she looked fine. I'm sure she looked fine to most people who aren't elitist stuck up weirdos

No. 208231

This is not an American VS Japanese style discussion, no one is saying American style is better. Focus on Weenoos shit.

No. 208244

File: 1480835163778.jpg (327.42 KB, 1576x790, PSX_20161204_015832.jpg)

You think grown women dressing up like this isn't creepy or cringey or pervy as fuck? Lol.
And comparing this to Americans like miley cyrus etc. is irrelevant. Yeah they're trashy and slutty but at least they're owning it, not pretending to be cutesy little girls. This shit makes my skin crawl.

No. 208245

Projecting much

No. 208246


you do realize that not-so-long ago, this is how all women dressed? or at least slightly like this? fashion changes, but at the same time i dont know any little kids that dress like this

No. 208247

File: 1480835552962.jpeg (193.15 KB, 750x1124, image.jpeg)

Nanchatte might be a dead trend, but you commonly see big groups of teens and young adults visiting Tokyo Disney in uniform styles. It's just a popular Disney look. Picture related

I think Venus looked adorable. It's a theme park after all. People want to look cute and take photos with cute characters. This is different from just wearing a school uniform as your normal everyday style

No. 208250

even in wenis's video there was a group shot where they stood with like 5 other girls wearing nanchatte… dead trend my ass….

No. 208253

>ITT: westerner buttmad that every country doesnt slobber over their fashion ideals.

>You think grown women dressing up like this isn't creepy or cringey or pervy as fuck?

Nah I think it's creepy and cringey that 6 year olds can buy booty shorts, mini skirts and string bikinis in the states. If anything I'd prefer someone dress younger and nice than that creepy as fuck bs. Just because you're too much of a dead close minded prick doesnt mean that people dont get to want to be cute and frilly after they pop 18. jfc.

No. 208254

im not even a weeb like most people on this site but i think that in the US when girls dress like underaged sluts… theyre sexualizing young girls. all of that daddy shit and the crop tops with suggestive phrases like "babygirl" or "im flat chested xD" from dollskill are SO fucking creepy. the western world has adopted this disgusting "prostitot" style.

whereas in japan and other countries yes, sometimes 20-year old girls will dress youthful like the pics posted itt. but they aren't sexualizing youth? they arent even trying to suggest they are young/underaged… theyre just wearing cute fashion and being OTT girly. nothing about it is sexual.

if you think it is sexual to dress like this: >>208247 >>208244 THAT is projection and THAT is indicative of something wrong with you. maybe americans are just obsessed with sexualizing children and thats why they thing a woman wearing an ornamental, modest-looking, poofy princess dress (that children dont even wear these days??? have you been outside???) is sexual. maybe thats indicative of the way you think about children. if you look at those girls and see "sexy" rather than just "oh, she's being cute and princesslike" you're the sick one, not them.

No. 208255


I was coincidentally there the same day as them and I can confirm, tonnes of grown ass women wearing nanchatte seifuku.

No. 208258

its the difference between a girl having disney princess figures and pillows and decorations all over her apartment and owning a disney princess vibrator and using it during sex

one is just someone who is attracted to the aesthetic because they have tacky taste or just never outgrew their tastes (and i mean, taste is like a butthole everyone has a different one)

the other one is like… overtly sexualizing childish things. that's what pedophilia is. not simply just enjoying the same things kids do?

No. 208261

You are talking to her stans, don't waste your time with them..

>I was coincidentally there the same day

kek sure.

No. 208264

Cute things aren't gross or pervy lol. You're the ones who associate femininity that's careferee and not overtly sexual with childhood or dd/lg. You're the ones who are sick here.

No. 208266

>Cute things aren't gross or pervy

Annoying af. I couldn't care less about nanchatte seifuku, I don't care if it's a trend or not.

This is not an American VS Japanese style discussion, Focus on Weenoos.

No. 208269


No, both you are ignorant as fuck and projecting your warped Western ideals about sexuality and childhood so hard. Somebody doesn't have to be a Venus stan to tell you that you two(?) are wrong.

And YES. It is a common, fun way to dress up at Tokyo Disneyland. You know what else is popular? Pairs or groups of girls in coordinated, head-to-toe Disney character outfits. Are these girls also indulging perverts because of their childish styling? Do kigurumi also freak you out?

No. 208271

The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns
I downloaded it out of boredom waiting for the next sales.
It only had that one reference though, so I still do wonder if it was about Venus…

No. 208272


Do you want to slap someone in the name of Venus anon?

No. 208275

Isn't it the same as going around in cosplay? She looked a lot like she was wearing a Love Live costume.
I'm not seeing the point of this whole argument.

No. 208286


As far I remember it's a PULL User in her late 20s?

No. 208297

I actually didn't know they were there until she said 1st of December on her video.

No. 208320

Yeah, she was a member of the old pull. Idk about her age, she did look like she was in her late 20's/early 30's though.
I remember she tried to become an idol and would use pull to promote her dance videos.

No. 208325

Please stop derailing guys. Why don't you make a thread on /b/ to debate around that topic?

No. 208330

What's ok to wear at stage then? nun clothes? burqas?

In Tay's video even the female performers wore super short puffy skirts in front of an underage audience. >Oh no those sluts are corrupting the kids!!1!

sage for taking the bait

No. 208371

Blah. It isn't the clothing its self but rather who wears it and for what that makes it sexual/sexualized.

For example Venus wore it to be cutesy and young looking which is cringey, but whatever.

Dakota/Koti wore it in pictures with her legs spread and face shooped to look like a toddler. This I'd see as catering to pedos, as she's posing suggestively and seemingly trying to be sexualized.

Maybe I lack a dirty mind, but when I see people dressed in kiddies clothing.. I don't instantly think "sex". I instantly think "retard" and then I move on with my day. To me it just depends on how the garments are used. ( IE : skimpy show all / legs spread / suggestive poses ) Anything can be sexualized, but it doesn't mean the item its self is, unless it is an actual tool/item for sex/foreplay.

Anyways, I found her disneyland video rather boring as she didn't really show us much. I sorta expected better, like a tour or reviews on rides and food.. All we got was cluster fuck of random shit.

No. 208375

I agree.
If she was wearing this in another country, f.ex. in Europe it would be cringey, but the location is fine for that outfit.

Japanese fashion in general is a lot more cutesy than western fashion. They also have a lot of different styles. But cosplaying in public is always weird as fuck unless you're actually at a con or it's Halloween.

No. 208401

Yes it does sound like she is talking about Venus.

>One of those eccentric, Self-proclaimed living dolls who get thousands of subscribers for eating food on camera.

That description = Venus

No. 208404

Fucking agreed. Can we get back to the goddamn topic.

No. 208406


Finally someone else who thought the video was pointless as fuck

No. 208424

>when I see people dressed in kiddies clothing.. I don't instantly think "sex". I instantly think "retard" and then I move on with my day

kek same. Japan is no different, people just won't say it out loud.

>I sorta expected better, like a tour or reviews on rides and food.. All we got was cluster fuck of random shit.

I forwarded around and assumed she was saving content for another video. If not, what a waste.

No. 209208

File: 1480987214711.png (597.88 KB, 720x952, Screenshot_2016-12-05-19-16-48…)

A lot of people in the comments are like wtf?

So pure.

No. 209211


I know their probably just joking around … But I seriously hope we don't end up down the road having a "Kawaii sex tape" leak..

No. 209216

More like HALF joking. They always make jokes, like the time he said he fell in love with her ass or the time Venus herself called him stalker.

>But I seriously hope we don't end up down the road having a "Kawaii sex tape" leak..

"1 night in Venus"

No. 209219


>one night in Venus

Oh god the internal cringe that gave me. That mixed with her horrible/terrifying cosplay makeup.. NOPE.

No. 209232

I feel like this is normal couple joking but just comes off bad because she's "famous"

…or maybe I have misconceptions

No. 209236

everything surrounding venus seems fake as fuck to me. the worn out kawaii persona, the same old cute stuff, the over the top… everything. Venus is a character she herself has built over time and even though now she's living away from her mom she still keeps it up. I know youtubers often do that to sell to their audience, but it just doesn't feel, idk, real or like her personality anymore. It used to be.
I wonder if she wants to "grow up" now that she got to a certain age but feels like she can't. Mana obviously fell for the kawaii doll also.
I know I may get hate from devoted fangelics, but something just seems off to me (and yes, I've been watching her for ages)

sage for tinfoilhattery (even though i dont think im really tinfoilhatting on this one)

No. 209238

like this picture, for example. the plushies, the creepy husband's joke, the V. idk. It just makes me sad even though she's smiling.
sage for samefag

No. 209242

File: 1480992173899.jpg (46.56 KB, 600x600, b5fc49661ac354c41ea482d41a51ae…)

Manaki IS a creep. Why does he always have the urge to make sex jokes? She is dressing like a 12 years old girl and is lying in that cringey bed, why would you do that joke?

Seriously, this is the Venus Angelic starter pack.

No. 209247

how is she dressing like shes 12? youre that sperg anon from earlier who thinks anyone who doesnt dress like a hoodrat is trying to dress like a toddler… LOL

No. 209252

Many anons partcipated in that diacussion, I actually asked you to stop derailing with that nanchatte seifuku shit.

No. 209253

I agree that he's pretty creepy, but most people just think he's cute… WHY I will never understand. He's an adult man who married his favourite YouTuber and he was obssessed with her. Now she doesn't have any family members in Japan and basically doesn't have anyone she can truly count on (forget about Taylor and their busissness madeup youtube friendship that will probably collapse soon). It's just Manaki. How is that not worrisome?
I know the age gap isn't as bad as before now, but ugh.
Nasty "hentai camera man mwahaha!!1"

No. 209255

business* >>209253

No. 209269

File: 1480993894635.jpg (146.11 KB, 500x478, i-married-my-stalker.jpg)

Like, literally…

No. 209278

You never made sex jokes with anyone?

No. 209279

That's kind of what's sad about Venus, she doesn't have friends that aren't using her.

If shit hits the fan and associating with her becomes truly problematic, they'd drop her quick and then all she has is Manaki.

No. 209280

i think me and my bf made the same joke that manaki did once….

really very concerned, are all these anons underaged? chill guys…

No. 209284

True. And tbh marriages usually don't last forever anymore, which makes things ever sadder.

Did your boyfriend stalk you when you were a minor and then made those jokes to the entire internet while you were sitting on a bunch of kids plushies? kek. You can't compare your situation to Venus' on this one. There's a specific context to their situation and why his creepiness is being brought up

No. 209292

Uh, they're both consenting adults making sex jokes, it's not like Wenoos is a 5 yr old child bride. And I hate to bring this topic again but asian fashion =/= pedo ageplay clothes. You sound worse when Margo raved about Venoos must stay virgin and pure forever.

No. 209293

Yes, but I'm not the one pretending to be an innocent living doll. Her kawaii innocent online persona and sex jokes aren't a good combination.

>everything surrounding venus seems fake as fuck to me. the worn out kawaii persona, the same old cute stuff, the over the top… everything.

Yeah, same opinion here…

No. 209299

Sorry, but I wasn't the anon who brought up fashion earlier today in the thread.
I stand by my opinion. Also, criticizing Venus or Manaki =/= agreeing with Margo

No. 209302

with kiki being spergchan in taylor threads i wouldnt be surprised if margo was the spergchan in penus threads

No. 209306

>True. And tbh marriages usually don't last forever anymore, which makes things ever sadder.

It's just a visa husbando for her anon, she can apply for a permanent resident visa after 3 years of stay.

You call "sperg" everyone.

No. 209309

Agreed. People flipping out about slightly dirty jokes need to calm down and leave their caves. Sex is a normal part of a healthy relationship. I get that Venus' image kind of revolves around her being innocent and childish, but they are a married adult couple. He's an adult man, who is sexually attracted to his wife? Oh no, the outrage!

No. 209310

I'd totally believe it if she had enough money to pay internet bills haha. Idk what's up with the anons seeing everything as pervy. Come on, bitch is almost in her 20's.

>Sex jokes? THE HORROR!

>Dressing cute? PEDO BAIT!!
>Liking weeb stuff? GROW UP!
>Laying on bed with plushies? WHAT A SLUT!

No. 209312

sorry if you can't see anything wrong with him displaying his "hentai" persona to her preteen, mostly extremely young fanbase. lol guy is a fucking creep, accept it.

and stop calling everyone samefag and sperg chan, ffs. it's only going to start again the same fucking drama when the thread gets divided. accept that others anons have different opinions on venus and suck it up.

No. 209315

After six years, honey

No. 209319

You got it totally wrong, no one thinks that way, more like:

SEX = Ok
Sexual attraction = Ok
Sex jokes = Ok

Childish shit + sex jokes = Not ok.
Adult stalking a teenager = Not ok.
Innocent online persona + swearing + sex jokes = BS

She is not coherent.

No, if you are the spouse of a Japanese national, an approval can be made after 3 years. Don't call me honey again, cunt.

No. 209320


dude this is 2016 not the 1800's, believe me kids as young as 6 nowadays already know what sex is. No one is saying you're not entitled to your own opinion but come on there's no need to wring hands and be all prudey over a stupid sex joke.

No. 209321

>dude this is 2016 not the 1800's, believe me kids as young as 6 nowadays already know what sex is.

Not the same anon but that was probably the lamest way to defend her ass, stop making excuses.

No. 209323


I think Mana comes off as some kind of stereotypical kinky Japanese guy that's into Lolita. I find the whole thing kind of gross tbh.

No. 209326

I didn't call anyone anything. Manaki can be whatever Manaki wants to be, he's a grown man married to a grown woman. All he said is that he is a pervert with a camera, anyone who blows that up into more needs to grow up. Preteens are exposed to a lot worse than that watching commercials, listening to the radio, flipping through a magazine, watching a pg-13 movie. I mean, really, you are reaching, anon.

No. 209328

call it lame but it's still a fact.

No. 209333

No, anon is not reaching.
What part of
>accept that others anons have different opinions on venus and suck it up.
You didn't understand?

Lame af. Nowadays kids know what sex is anyway, so let's support anything this weeb says and does no matter if she contradicts herself.

No. 209337

Margo go pay your internet bill, lmao, stop shitposting about yer grown ass daughter

No. 209339

you're really looking too far into this.

No. 209340

Manaki is his own person. I do think he's a little bit of a creep given how they met, but it's just a dumb joke. Venus is an adult, her online persona and her personal life are different things, her having a sexual relationship with her husband is normal. A man making jokes of a sexual nature about his consenting wife is hardly milk.

No. 209342

File: 1481004189998.jpg (35.01 KB, 600x446, CCGw7vdWYAIOPWf.jpg)

okay anon explain us that big contradiction that upsets you this much

No. 209348

Stay paranoid.

We explained it several times. Your reading skills are crap.

No. 209391


the living doll thing died when she left Margo. I don't see her parading that persona anymore so explain us where's the contradiction.

No. 209400

stop being an a-hole. Margo is too dumb to English like that. It was mentioned earlier in the thread, but you're probably so butthurt you forgot about it:
>accept that others anons have different opinions on venus and suck it up.

I'm a different anon, by the way. Sorry for ruining your Margo sperg-chan 2.0 dream

No. 209403

Sure, it "died".
>LIVING DOLL takes off makeup.

No. 209467

>We explained it several times

Why aren't you speaking for yourself, Mormon-chan?

Lol. Your posts are distintive. And you quote yourself… ew. You're so repetitive and stubborn that you remind me of Mira. Heh, Mira, is that youuuuuuu?

I REALLY hope you are underage to be this warped. There's no damn way you are in a functional romantic relationship right now. Do you even ENJOY sex?

FYI: Mild sexual jokes with your partner completely normal, even when you have cute image! Manaki's jokes are so typical for 20-something Japanese males(and males elsewhere) anyway. That photo he took even resembles idol gravure. I wouldn't be sursprised if that's why he wrote the comment.

Are you autistic?

No. 209468

*^distinctive. Samefag.

No. 209478


Theres nothing wrong with it per se, but I guess some just wonder why they're cracking sexual jokes publicly for everyone to know. I crack sexual jokes with my significant other, but I don't drag strangers into it. Some people like keeping things personal while others are fine with publicly displaying, and Venus did grow up on the internet. Poor girl never really did know what "private" means as Margo put everything out there on the line.

No. 209505

>The title has "Living doll" in it, therefore Wenoos is is still into the fad!!!1!one!

Lol you sure told me. That wasn't even a damn tutorial it's a fucking parody of her old persona. Sorry for not sharing the same hateboner pal.

>Poor girl never really did know what "private" means as Margo put everything out there on the line.


No. 209556

Lol for how long more are you going to blame the nasty momster for everything Venus does nowadays?

When Venus does something shitty it's because of her mom. always.
Get a grip.

You people are so fucking retarded. I honestly think you can't understand it because you don't want to, most likely because deep down you agree too. It was explained seberal times it's not about sex itself, but the combo of Venus kawaii cutesy persona + Manaki's creepy behaviour and past + very young fanbase that make public sex jokes so gross.
Why some anons here feel are tired of reading your excuses for literally everything Venus related.

I'm not >>209403 and >>209348 by the way. Just letting you know beforehand you fucking fangelic spergs scream samefag.

No. 209557

*Why some anons here are

No. 209571

This whole post. Thanks.

>Lol for how long more are you going to blame the nasty momster for everything Venus does nowadays?

Kek this is the ultimate excuse, Venus is doing something stupid again? just blame it all on Margo.

>most likely because deep down you agree too

Truth hurts deep inside.

>Just letting you know beforehand you fucking fangelic spergs scream samefag.

Actually yes, they are the butthurt spergs always trying to derail the thread.

Fangelics = spergs, endless source of tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, samefags.

No. 209575

You know, it's not because you don't like something that it's gross. It's okay for people to be human and not a persona. One can be cute AND make sexual jokes. If anything, it shows they're not taking themselves seriously and that's quite refreshing.

No. 209576

I don't really see how this is creepy, it's not like he made an actual sex joke. As if anyone who's even vaguely familiar with Venus/the whole weeaboo thing doesn't know what hentai is.
Some of you overreact to hell and back.

I seriously can't tell whether it's one person going around threads calling anything vaguely cute/feminine "creepy" or "dd/lg", or if we have a sudden influx of obsessive weirdos.

No. 209579

You are stupid.

1. In fact, Mira defended Venus.
2. Not venus stans =/= same person.
3. You are fucking paranoid.

>You know, it's not because you don't like something that it's gross.
What? That makes no sense.
Fucking READ. Anon said

>it's not about sex itself, but the combo of Venus kawaii cutesy persona + Manaki's creepy behaviour and past + very young fanbase that make public sex jokes so gross.

>One can be cute AND make sexual jokes.

No. That's a gross combo.

Manaki calling himself Hentai is not
"Refreshing", That's not new, people know he is a creep with a loli complex.

No. 209586


I don't recall saying everything was Margo's fault.. But things like "she's my pale virgin pure daughter" were not things I ever recall being on Venus' accounts. Those type of things are just embarrassing, especially for your own mother to put on display. I was just saying that somethings Venus probably wanted to be personal ( being a virgin if actually true ) didn't end up being personal because Margo used it as a selling gimmick for her daughter.

Most things I do find Venus is generally at fault for : Crappy videos,crappy picture,editing,persona,fashion,ED,Living doll crap… ect

But when it comes to odd topics like whether she does or doesn't have sex , being a asexual, being a cheater … Those are out there because she has a vile demented mother who is grossly obsessed with her own daughters sex life…

No. 209587

Oh look, another "this is my real voice guyzzz" video.

Always original.

No. 209588


Why does her wig look so greasy ?

No. 209590

That's a wig? I thought she dyed her hair.

No. 209595

Except that she is not living with Margo anymore. Venus decided to expose those details, she is 20, stop blaming Margo for her own weird decisions.

I noticed that too she has very poor personal hygiene, her natural hair always looks greasy too.

No. 209598

I love this wig (and tbh have been searching for it with no luck fml), but ugh it doesn't look like she takes very good care of it. :(

No. 209614


Eh, not living with Margo doesn't make her at fault for what Margo says either. A tiny sex joke ( not even cracked by her ) doesn't equate to her putting it out there either. Face it, the whole reason people even discussed her sex life is because of the crap Margo claimed. I'll accept that we don't actually know if Venus was fine with it being put out there, but its out there, and didn't come from her mouth. I personally think they both could be at fault … Maybe Venus just rolled with it as "virgin/asexual" fitted the bill.

Her hygiene is very unfortunate … I don't know much about wigs, but how in the fuck do you get it to look that greasy ?

No. 209635

Actually people always related her content, behavior, pictures and style to sexual topics, that's why BOTH of them, Margo and Venus were typically overly defensive during interviews, Margo was always like, "it's just an innocent hobby", "oh she is so pure because she never argues with haters", and Venus always responded things like "Ugh I'm not even 18 leave me alone~", "I naturally look like this" Venus seemed to be completely fine with the innocent living-doll persona tbh.

Anyway, both, Margo and Venus are overly-dramatic, sketchy, attention seekers that say a lot of weird shit they shouldn't.

>how in the fuck do you get it to look that greasy ?

Manaki said she wipes her mouth with her bare hands. Maybe she doesn't wash her hands, her nails are a mess…

No. 209638


Oouf …. Oouf …

New question : Is she mentally stuck at 5 ? Sounds like she's got the tables manner of a child.

No. 209639

Do you really expect her to make an original video at this point? A year ago she said we should expect new and better content, but that was total BS. It's always the same lazy video editing and same old ideas recycled over and over, and she won't change because fangelics like every little shitty thing she posts. Venus is a cringe worthy bore and I've grown tired of watching her act like an animu character all the time yay yay \( ^o^ ) yayy.

Too bad because months ago I was really hopeful that her channel would get better. Hope is dead.

No. 209640

Of course she is. That's what sells to her fans, anon

No. 209649

She's really growing on me. What a cute little fucker

No. 209655


Hahaha, hope never really existed for me. I never liked her from day one since I found her persona (personality) to over to top and annoying. I guess thats also because I was never into "kawaii/cute/anime/girly" things either..

No. 209674

File: 1481059304578.jpeg (35.6 KB, 733x386, Tags.jpeg)

Her sketchy tags kek

No. 209678

The freelee one is my favorite haha

No. 209686


What the fuck is with her constantly tagging "music video" …

Can't you report people for improperly tagging videos ?

No. 209699

Her tags are absolutely hilarious. Gotta love how she tags everything as doll

No. 209713


just like momma taught her!

No. 209714

Anon who said
>and here I thought the living doll thing died.

I saw that. Venus is a self-proclaimed living doll, she has a doll tag in all of her new videos, no one is forcing her, she has always been very proud of it.

Good question. I'm checking other videos and I can confirm she uses the tags doll, music video, tutorial, how to, Japanese practically in all of her new videos.

I found a filthyfrank tag in her purikura video lol

No. 209720

And here we go again with the Margo shit. No one cares why, if someone taught her or if it was her all the time, she is still doing shit and that's what matters.

No. 209724

File: 1481063492898.png (1.57 MB, 1664x1042, Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 5.27…)

>Venus is a self-proclaimed living doll
Venus got some minor fame for being a living doll and was one of the major pioneers of the trend. so i wouldn't call her self-proclaimed, not when there are hoards of average Jane nobodies who have given the title to themselves.

No. 209728

Ok. Call her a pioneer if you want to, but those tags are hilarious.

No. 209730

She was never in the Barbie group, that was Dakota and Valeria's group of Russian cosmic weirdos.

No. 209736

nah, i watched the whole thing from the start. Dakota and Venus were the first living dolls who kicked everything off. Both of them were really just weeaboos who used Japanese/Korean makeup tricks for bigger eyes and shit and it made them look like dolls to some people.

Valeria was literally a kota-clone, her haters taunted her that Dakota was prettier than her so she started trying to look like her. she managed to get her own spin and surpass Koot's popularity because she's a far bigger attention whore and overall crazy. There was also Anastasia Shpagina. Anyone that comes after that, including the other Russians, are just wannabes who shamelessly tried to get in on the attention. some of them did it better than others and got their 15 minutes of fame. but they were still just wannabes. as far as i'm concerned those original 4 were the only "living dolls" who actually earned the title instead of purposely seeking it out.

No. 209751

I'm not talking about who copied who, we already know Valeria tried to copy Dakota,and Dakota was trying to look like Vlada Roslyakova and other models combined with kawaii shit.

I'm talking about the Barbie image, Venus never had a Barbie style, she was only a living doll.

No. 209761

it was a joke you fucking dingbat

No. 209826

File: 1481081764643.png (363.41 KB, 834x514, xsjdjewknj32.png)

I know she posted this a few days ago, but lol. How creepy is this? I wonder if Manaki really likes to take these kinds of pictures or if Venus makes him do that so they can be a kawaii couple on the internet. I remember back in the day when they started dating and he was super shy and lowkey.

No. 209841

He was probably goofing around and she snapped a photo of it. It's not that serious.

I'm sure anyone who begins dating a YouTuber is going to be shy at first when it comes to being on camera.

No. 209846

Maybe he's sad because that stuffed animal is the closest thing to ass he's going to get.

No. 209885

You didn't even directly address what I wrote. You're not operating with all your brain cells intact. You're writing MOST of those posts. I didn't say all of them. And your silence about how you're projecting your own sexual dysfunction onto Venus is telling.

Here's another thing: nerdy guys who take pictures of girls, especially cosplay and gravure, are called 変態カメラマン/ hentai cameraman in Japan, even if the pictures are not pornographic. It's slang and you can even Google the term to see Japanese joking about themselves and others for tame photos. Do you not understand the cultural significance of his joke?

It just looks like a dark joke.

No. 210009


He looks like a toddler in time out. I'll never understand that appeal of looking childish or "cutesy" …

No. 210086

Stupidity is what they sell anon.

No. 210112

I don't hate her (she seems to be nice I guess) and I don't care about her teeth/Manaki/sex jokes…blablabla…but I just can't stand her content anymore.
She could make pretty interesting videos about cooking (recipes/tips on a "cute-housewife-in-glorious-nihon" mode) or vlogs about lil trips around Tokyo, but no, she's stuck in front of that white couch with the same unoriginal and lazy contents.
I know some youtubers which work a lot on their video (original music, animations…) and they've far less subscribers than her.
Nowadays, dramas and stupid personas pay more than talent and I frankly find that unfair and sad (look at Gerg/Kooter…etc…etc)
And the thing that really gets on my nerves it's those who praise her as if she was a fucking genius (even here sometimes).

Sage for slightly OT and awful english (sorry guys I really need to improve but reading on lolcow helps a lot^^)

No. 210219


TBH I'm still convinced that when she was with Margo she bought Subscribers. ( pre 1mil ) Kinda like how Koot's bought a bunch of IG followers when she got close to 100k. Venus' fans were unhappy and complaining about her gross eating videos and were dropping like flies and unsubbing… Then magically her sub count started going up thousands within the hours. This Drama alone drawn in a new crowd too, but its only a matter of time before they realize how gross and lazy she is.

No. 210253

Same, anon. I recently unsubscribed. I felt kinda sad doing that because I like the past Venus and was a long time follower, but recently her content is boring, lazy and overly recycled. Just the thumbnails were making me cringe so hard. She never seems to progress or show any kind of improvement. Never.
the cluster fuck of people praising her for literally nothing adds to my growing disinterest for her.

Sage cuz blogish

No. 210273

File: 1481163420719.jpg (297.21 KB, 1196x1610, PSX_20161207_192841.jpg)


No. 210282

Legitimately curious to know if Venus has life experience enough to give advice/help people. I really doubt she'd ever pick a real problem in the first case, but anyway. Hopefully her answers won't be super kawaii fill your life with cuteness yay all ur problems will disappear (>v<)/ ~~*

No. 210283

First place*

No. 210290


Lets hope her life advice isn't the same as her weight lose advice .. " Just drink microwaved warm yogurt,Teehee"

No. 210331

Hello! I'm Venus Palermo and I'm going to teach you about life"

No. 210358

I can already guess what she's going to say. Be positive! Surround yourself with cute things/things you like. Be strong! Be yourself! Subscribble!

No. 210366

I agree with you guys but on the other hand Venus is someone who fled from her crazy abusive mother at the age of 19 and I think that deserve some credit.

Lots of adults can't flee from a spouse, let alone family (let alone her single parent, only family who isolated her!) and we still see how truly unhinged Margo turned out to be.

Seriously props to Venus for being so mature at 19, not engaging once with her mom, not making up drama for views or answering the fucking cruel stuff she's been sent by her own mom. Can't believe how strong she is in that regard ! I think she can safely advise people who are in abusive relationships bc the girl took her stuff and fled to another country all alone.

No. 210379

Maybe she can start by using a higher res image…

No. 210527

I would never listen to any advice coming from a drama queen tbh.

No. 210531

Dear Venus,
Someone is stalking me. This creep stole my undies. What should I do? - Stalked minor

Miss stalked:
Why don't you marry him? I'm so glad I did it, I got a visa. Subscribble!

I'm your typical teenager and I want to study abroad. I want to study fashion design in Paris, but my parents don't let me. - Parisian dream

Dear Parisian dream:
Buy those tickets and skip university, you can study at a cute cafe in Paris. Follow your dreams Teehee I love fashion too link to her shop

No. 210532


Dear Venus,
I've been struggling with my weight and dunno what to do.

Penus : Drink warm yogurt and subscribble to see more about what I eat.


No. 210544

Weenos, I'm a weeb like you and my parents say I'm too old for this shit. I hate them. - Weeaboo*

Dear weeaboo:
Ugh unfriend them on fb and escape to Japan, here weebs are free. Faito!!

No. 210555

Dear Venus,
I'm fat but I keep scarfing down rolos. I need to stop.. -Rola

Omg Rola is that you? You need some thinspiration, I know a lot of ana chan IG accounts you might like, lol one sec.

No. 210809

fuck anons, y'all are killing me kek. these really sound legit.

Honestly, thinking about Venus trying to give people advice is at least an amusing idea. I know for sure that she won't give people any type of solid answers, but at least she's thinking of new content, i guess…?
nuff of fucking mukbangs, is my voice cute and dead fish eye doll makeup, please.
Her channel just isn't dead because 14 year olds exist and because her former haters (mostly sad neets apparently) self insert watching "uguu brave Wenoos broke free from her angry mum owo she's happy now with kawaii husband in glorious japan, maybe i still have a chance chuu"

I'm looking forward to it. Don't disappoint us again, Venus. Bring better content like you promised~

No. 211107

You guys made my day! A parody video would be so fun!

sage cause adds nothing to the debate

No. 211404


Or… She's just pulling her fans legs again and doesn't make the video.

1) She never made a draw my life video like she promised for the 1mil subs … Instead we got bullshit "omg guise I'm still growing so, so I can't. Tehee"

2) Email me proof/picture of what my mom has said and I'll try and cover everything in a video. ( or something like like ) AND NADA ! Not even even a "I changed my mind .. "

3) Every time she does something highly requested by the fans we get trash. Like when she said how she stays in shape all she did is microwave yogurt and say she's naturally thin. ( which is BS )

And now she wants her fans to email her personal problems … Reading thru emotional heartfelt letter/emails from her fans can take hours upon hours to do. Bitch is fucking lazy, and if she does do something she'll just pull out fake advice questions she came up with rather then reading someones email.

>>3 paragraph heartfelt email


>>Self written question

Yuuuuppp ..

No. 211405


I think she would deserve more props if she was independent she left her mom and went straight to a man. Anyone can do that.

No. 211409

without fulfilling the visa requirements and no work qualifications it was either marrying her boyfriend or getting fucked by multiple men in exchange for money like her mommy dearest.

No. 211446

Wtf are you always this dramatic? Tbh I think she moved to Japan because that's the ultimate weeaboo dream and she had a chance. Maybe that whole Margo-Venus drama was another teens vs parents case, not that ~Venus is a survivor~ shit.

This reminded me a little of.. Lindsay Lohan's family drama kek She has bad teeth too btw

No. 211451

>mariza was a fangirl before getting with pewdiepie
>suzy was an arin fangirl before marrying him
>all of markiplier's gfs were fangirls before getting with him
>countless youtubers met their S/Os because of youtube

idk why people think manaki is the only weirdo

No. 211455

Because this is Venus thread, and Manaki, her husband, is a creep. You can discuss other weirdos in their threads, or make a thread about other weirdos.

No. 211728

> Maybe that whole Margo-Venus drama was another teens vs parents case, not that ~Venus is a survivor~ shit.
^^ um… are you new here? You seem to have missed that whole part where the girl's mother went after her online and irl like a psycho banshee from hell, nonstop, for EIGHT FUCKING MONTHS.

No. 211770

Yeah, no. This is not just another run-of-the-mill "teen vs parent case," you clueless fuck. Where were you for the past year, in a cave somewhere? Fuck off with this "no big deal, nothing happened, nothing to see here" fake-ass narrative you're trying to spin here.

No. 211780


so what? that's old news.

you say that as if crazy parents were such an unsual thing. yeah, margo is fucking nuts, but venus is living with manaki, shes been with him for a fucking year and doesn't seem to talk with her mom anymore. let that shit go.

having crazy/abusive parents is really bad, but not unusual. many snowflakes have shown to have crazy family members too, but do we excuse them for their behaviour or feel super bad for the poor survivors? No. I'm sure that many anons here in this thread have super shitty parents too, maybe even worse than Margo. I just won't tell my long story here because I don't want to turn this comment into a blog post but I literally had to run away from my home too.

It's always Margot's fault when Venus does something retarded. Jfc.

Stop with the survivor shite.

No. 211781

unusual* >>211780

No. 211887

Whatever, it's still far from "just another teen vs parent case." You're seriously underestimating the amount of psychological & emotional damage being raised by a raging narcissistic personality disordered psycho like margo can wreak on a person. It's not something you just "get over" once you separate from the situation. And it's pretty amazing to me that Venus doesn't have far more serious issues than just being reclusive and weird given what she's been through and the bizarre way she was raised, so yeah I give her a lot of credit for that.

No. 211892

That's a different anon actually.

Reclusive …seriously? Kek

>It's always Margot's fault when Venus does something retarded.
Always. That's the official excuse for all her sketchy shit now.

Margo must be a very powerful Hungarian witch that can control Weenoos from far away.

No. 211898

Margo has fucked up parents too. Can you imagine having your father saying on instagram that you are practically a bitch without god and whatever the fuck else he posted?
The entire family is fucked up and Venus is no exception. She likes the drama and the attentions created by this situation.

No. 211900

Exactly Margo had it rough and has some kind of mental illness as well. Sick of the Venus pity.

No. 211912

Dude knock it off with the false equivalencies. Margot is a malignant narcissist who alienates everyone unfortunate enough to come into her orbit including her immediately family.
I don't think Venus likes drama at all. Most people with N parents don't. They've seen enough drama and bullshit to last a lifetime.

No. 211916

Papa Ferenc is super fucked up lol actually aunt Zsu said they had a very tough childhood. They should start a Keeping up with the Palermos channel.

Kek Venus actually tags her own videos as "drama".

I loved how she used a "Freelee" tag in one of her binge eating videos, she was literally craving for attention, imagine all those fucking views! she is all about the money tbh.

No. 211952

File: 1481459315314.jpg (245.37 KB, 1077x1690, lbicVWM.jpg)

Bwahahaha!The best part of teaching English to your partner.

No. 211977

I've always get strange vibes about Venus.
I think that she likes to play the "innocent rescued uguu puppy" card but she's manipulative as Morge.
(Emo instagram statuses (then… deleted), fake promises, lies (deleted my videos by accident! Teehee! Sorry guiz!"), clickbait tags…)
She don't have any talent and she owe her "fame" to dramas and living-doll/pedobaiting stuff so she's seeking to stay relevant with other tools. → my 2 cents

But as I stated before, I'm not a fangelic/hategelic and I don't care about her person.
I just can't bear those who excuses her crappy content with these "Omg! Survivor!" "How you dare critisize her work! She's raised by a shitty mom!" bs.
As other anons have said, many snowflakes have shitty parents or have gone through painful experiences…it's not a fucking excuse.
And it's not like she was a cancer survivor or something.

No. 211979

*How dare you"
sage and sorry for all my typos

No. 211981


wtf am I looking at ? Is that actually Venus in the comments calling him a "fucking perv" ….

Their humour is fucked …

No. 211985

It's just a joke, what's fucked about that?

No. 212041

Meh i've also called my boyfriend that jokingly.

I wonder if people really believe Venus is still an untouched virginal innocent flower who blushes when her husband touches her waist.
They've been going at it for sure and Venus is simply keeping her sex life private (like most sane people would)

No. 212046

I forgot to mention I was a different, anon. I was >>211780 but not >>211404 >>211405 or any other anon earlier that day.

Agreed 100%, >>211977
I'm not a hategelic either, and honestly I used to be a sucker for Venus. The only thing I dislike is how people can't take any criticism on her.

I'm glad she's showing who she is now. Hopefully she's going to drop the uguu kawaii angel doll shit soon.

who cares about you and your boyfriend? fangelics bring up their boyfriends all the time in this thread and compare their situation to Venus'. stp being retarded, there's a whole context to why people see Manaki and Venus as a creepy couple and it's been explained why more than a hundred times.
Stop self inserting.

had to delete this comment a minute ago for highliting the wrong anon

No. 212095

Hi Weenoos!
Someone is reading us…tbh I wouldn't be surprised if a stan turns out to be Venus herself or Tsuruko or one of those fucks kek

Agree, something is really off with that weeb. Hardcore weeaboos are usually sketchy attention whores.

"One night in Venus" could be recorded and waiting to be leaked.

No. 212110

File: 1481486470604.png (62.33 KB, 281x500, 30d8669808c5b82871a2e1.PNG)

His response

No. 212117

File: 1481486983721.png (880.23 KB, 720x1129, Wn.png)

Is she wearing brown circle lenses? She looks so weird here and her hair is shit again.


No. 212130

>Her hair is shit again
And when hasn't it been shit? It's always been horrible and fried. Except for the illusion of extensions and wigs she's always had bad hair.

No. 212132

She looks like a grandma

No. 212193


You're too kind.
Her wigs look greasy and her extensions looks ratty, so the only time her hair looks alright is when she filters/edits the fuck out of it.

No. 212275

There's some asshole anon in these threads that keeps pushing Margo's claim that Venus is a sad asexual that can't please Manaki, so some people do have that view.

All of Manaki's jokes are a hallmark of a guy who went from late-bloomer virgin to a guy getting some on the regular. That boldness(in Manaki's case) doesn't come from deprivation, but the two of them also are nowhere near as vulgar as Margaret is online. They just look playful and comfortable.

Didn't those hentai figurines Margaret was selling belong to Venus? I like Venus and I still think she's a secret pervert who enjoys talking rough or crude with Manaki. I never thought she was an innocent flower.

No. 212279


>All Manaki's jokes are a hallmark of a guy who went from late-bloomer virgin to guy getting some on the regular.

I'm fucking dying. I'll never be able to scrape this from my mind while reading his comments now.

No. 212304

How is it fucked? They're two adults in a relationship joking around. I make joking comments like that towards my boyfriend as well.

No. 212369

Venus made a man out of him… on a bed of stuffed animals.

No. 212431

You connect everything to Margo, seriously you are obsessed.

I've seen that anon(s?) here saying that maybe Weenoos and Manaki don't have sex, I don't agree but I can think of many reasons why they believe that, it has nothing to do with Margo.

No. 212446

KEK omg now that I read that again I
can't stop laughing

>Manaki, the late-bloomer virgin.

Anon please tell us more.

>Venus made a man out of him… on a bed of stuffed animals

and her seifuku pyjamas.

No. 212449

File: 1481524043088.jpg (568.69 KB, 909x909, 201.jpg)

>Her wigs look greasy and her extensions looks ratty, so the only time her hair looks alright is when she filters/edits the fuck out of it.
You are right.

No. 212453

They'd look better if she washed them or at least shook them out instead of just plopping it on her head straight out of the package.

No. 212471

I have the impression that she smells like cooking oil.

I just noticed that Weenoos follows Marina Nagasawa, maybe that kawaii+hentai sick combo is goals for her.

No. 212477

File: 1481531295809.jpg (240.17 KB, 1534x2048, aca5c2ea0654d33a6732cfc82fc2d0…)

I didn't know who that was, so I went to google, and now I'm disturbed because that girl literally looks like an 8 year old with tits. wtf.

No. 212498

What's with you? That's literally nothing.
The anons ITT clutching their pearls whenever Venus isn't G-rated has me dying.

No. 212500

File: 1481536424091.png (33.29 KB, 615x112, Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 9.54…)

Yikes at some of these headlines. How uncomfortable.

No. 212545

Obsessed? Which anon do you think I am?

MARGARET started the asexual rumor. MARGARET and her stans criticize Venus and Manaki's sexual expression while encouraging Margaret's. MARGARET was selling the figurines that Venus onced owned.

There is a direct link to the subject being discussed. Do you understand?

Um, that's it. He's a late-bloomer who is awkwardly expressing his sexual freedom with his equally nerdy girl. He's no Don Jaun and it's funny. Don't you know any nerdy Japanese guys or sheltered kids?

Now here's an image just for you: Venus and Manaki smashing after their Nerunerunerune video. Don't forget Manaki's candy glove. You're welcome.

No. 212547

*Juan. Forgive me, amigos.

No. 212606


Am I the only one who feels like this is all Venus ? Like she's writing all this to herself sitting alone in her plushy surrounded room … Like I just remember the awkward emails he wrote to Margo in english, and I'm not saying he couldn't improve since then… But I slightly doubt he's writing any of those captions. I honestly think she runs the IG account for him.

Most English learners usually say "I" rather then " I AM" since " I'm / I AM " doesn't exist in their vocabulary. Also his use of grammar "," when he's self learning as well as learning off of V.. eeeh, I don't think he'd be that far along …

Maybe I'm just being nit picky, but this comes across as bored little V wanting to put out this perfect kawaii risky relationship image.

( Maybe V is the late bloomer and this is her feeling like hot shit after he made a house wife out of her )

No. 212612

Manaki: Weenos 2.0, already being forced into corners for photo ops and having his account controlled by kappa monster jr?

No. 212614

what? most esl people I know use "I am"

No. 212616

The fuck? Are you saying he shouldn't be able to use verbs because he's not bilingual? "I am" is literally the first thing you learn, because you learn how to say your name and age first.

No. 212628


I didn't say she was controlling him, but cute try there.


He's not attending classes though, and has a full time night job. I just doubt that someone who is spending there very little free time self learning is that far along. Plus he went from posting in Japanese and feeling self conscious about people not liking him to cursing and posting the same way V does.

Most I've bumped into don't use "I'm", but they were self learners who were slowly learning on their own and not thru a language school.

Its just a shitty theory that she runs both accounts … No need to get upset and think I'm attacking your precious V.

No. 212636

You're REALLY reaching

No. 212650

They learn English in school. I am is probably very easily translated to "私は" so Idk why you say it doesn't exist in Japanese. It's harder to teach the word "my" like "my name is" rather than "I am name".

Regardless of this, he's speaking mostly English with Venus and she's probably teaching him, so chances are they will use similar words, or if he asks her for help, it will look like she wrote it. I mean sure he could let her run her instagram, but I feel it's reaching to say he has no say in what is written, however Venus may help him translate what he wants to say in English for his captions.

> sage because this is retarded

No. 212653

>You connect everything to Margo, seriously you are obsessed.

I agree. some anons here are legitimately obsessed with Venus and defending her persona. Everything is Margo's fault, no matter if they've been apart for over 1 year and that she literally doesn't have any contact with her mom anymore. Venus can do no wrong. Fangelics flock to defend her.
That's why Venus doesn't fuck her husband, brushes her teeth, takes care of her horrible skin, tags her videos with Freelee, and is a lazy YouTuber who keeps pushing the same old shit to her fangelics even after breaking her promises of improvement.

No. 212664

> I just doubt that someone who is spending there very little free time self learning is that far along.
>that far along
>the very first thing you learn in English classes
He went at least to middle school. He learned this.

>No need to get upset and think I'm attacking your precious V.

We're just pointing out how retarded your theory is. None of the post you're replying to even mention venus.

No. 212669

I think that both sides, the stans and the hateboners, are obsessed reachers. You anons are way milkier than venus, keep it going guys!

No. 212671

>Venus and Manaki smashing after their Nerunerunerune video. Don't forget Manaki's candy glove. You're welcome.

I believe that she is a sick pervert who likes the weird hentai+kawaii combo and that she fucks Manaki in that cringey love seat (eww) but some anons believe she doesn't fuck him, they have their reasons, deal with it. No one has to think the same.

Ikr that fucking obsessed anon thinks that not kissing her ass = Margo stan lol

Freelee shouldn't give her the attention she wants but at the same time it could be fun if she makes a video roasting her for giving sick tips and all the crap she eats.

No. 212852

You're every bit as creepy and obsessed as Margo was during her months-long psycho rageboner. Even creepier in fact, bc even margo seems to have moved on while you don't seem to be able to.

No. 212854


Agreed. This bitch is insane and she thinks she has a fanclub here.

No. 212856

>Ikr that fucking obsessed anon thinks that not kissing her ass = Margo stan lol

Who? Where did you read that?

No. 212904

I think discussion started here:

>There's some asshole anon in these threads that keeps pushing Margo's claim that Venus is a sad asexual that can't please Manaki, so some people do have that view.

I'm a different anon, I don't agree with that theory, I don't think Venus is asexual or something like that but I think anon's reasons to believe they don't have sex aren't connected to Margo's beliefs.

Then anon started with the Margo and her stans shit again ~ >>212545
>MARGARET started the asexual rumor. MARGARET and her stans criticize Venus and Manaki's sexual expression while encouraging Margaret's.

and that's why I said Not kissing her ass =/= Margo stan

I'm not even the anon she was talking about.

No. 212905

Different anon, but wtf you're saying that about >>212852 ? Because they are criticising your goddess? Grow up. Not everyone likes Venus and there's no need to say people like Margo or even sympathise with her.
As far as i remember no one in this thread has even taken Margo's side. The only thing they brought up is that people excuse everything Venus does because of Margo, or blame her for everything… Which is, honestly, fucking retarded. Stop being such a cunt.

No. 212907

Correction: saying that about >>212671

No. 212971

File: 1481610000286.png (759.42 KB, 720x959, Screenshot_2016-12-13.png)

Wait, what video? Is this from a…
a) Draw my life video
b) Venus Advice video
c) How to learn Japanese video
d) Random new idea

No. 213095

It's for her drunk make up look.

No. 213169


>You want to wear as natural or less makeup as possible

Proceeds to cake her face.
This amount of makeup has to look caky and awful in person. Nothing about this gives off natural makeup/no makeup look either : Mascara,eyeshadow,2 brow products,layers of concealers and coverup and dark lip tint with lip gloss … Not to mention the weird bee stung my eyes/pink eye make up.


We'll never get a draw my life video as she's "forever still growing ".. Plus probably doesn't want to do anything that could potentially trigger Margo.

No. 213198

Shes doing Igari makeup now after all this time? Old news. She lives in Tokyo, she could do something fresher and more in than Igari which was relevant like 1 year ago.

No. 213202


Didn't she do this a year ago too ? With the blush under the eyes makeup ?

No. 213209

I seem to remember a similar video…

Pure theory here: Maybe she is redoing some of her older videos, to do them how she wants… Rather than how Mother Maggot wanted them.
It would explain why she hasn't done anything overly new and seems to repeating things

No. 213214

She always wears that type of makeup (beer for kids, weeabo and otaku, cosplay shopping, etc). I think you are right, but I don't know what specific makeup tutorial

No. 213218

Even if that was the case (and i really don't think it is – stop dragging fucking Margo to EVERYTHING current-Venus) she said she'd give us nice and new content, so she shouldn't be redoing old stuff, at least not without giving her loyal fans an explanation. YouTube is her "career" after all.

No. 213235

File: 1481654357898.jpg (36.52 KB, 640x480, 1481465944371.jpg)

>all these anons implying that living with a Margo for all of your life (minus like 2 years) isn't going to deeply affect your actions later in life

No. 213251


>All these anons licking Venus' asshole and whiteknighting whenever she does something retarded and blaming Margo for it, who doesn't even talk to her at all anymore.

Seriously, Venus not doing nicer and more interesting videos now is Margo's fault too? People said her content was better once she left to be with Manaki, and now one year later it's getting worse and it's Margo's fault again? Kek.
Fuck off.

If you want people to see Venus as a grown up, which I'm sure you do, stop trying to blame her mother for literally everything.

No. 213263


No. 213307

So it was another makeup tutorial and not one of the videos she promised…

Anyway. Do you have to make a fuck me face when you drink? lol

No. 213315

File: 1481659020808.jpg (85.28 KB, 720x1280, Bikini_725060604196059_8344868…)

This chick has nothing on Venus. And btw, I don't see an appendix scar anywhere.

No. 213332

Weird… you're right. Didn't she say she had a huge scar that looked like a scary grim? She said that on her Insta ages ago.

No. 213344

pretty sure this pic was taken before that?
But I might be wrong.

(thought it happened after she left margo, margo is obviously standing next to her in this pic so that's why)

No. 213348


I searched through her insta and the pic is definitely from August 17, 2014; hence an old one

No. 213349

You're right. This is an older pic. But when she was in the Hospital more recently for her abscess, she said she had already had her appendix out. I don't remember any mention between when this photo was taken and the abscess surgery, of her being sick or needing surgery.

No. 213360


Or like the rest of her in this picture she shooped the scar off. Unless you believe her skin is naturally blurry.

No. 213364

Guess we can't really know if she's making it up or not unless she posts another bikini selfie. And like the other anon said, she might have shooped it out to be more kawaii.

No. 213384

Why is her hair so gross and yellow, can she not afford toner? Major pet peeve of mine

No. 213494

Because this was taken during Margo era

No. 213520

Her hair still looks like shit, check her IG

No. 213587

Is this >>212117 from Margo era too?

That picture is edited af.

No. 213685

No. 213911

>wtf you're saying that about >>212671 ? Because they are criticising your goddess? Grow up. Not everyone likes Venus and there's no need to say people like Margo or even sympathise with her.

No dear, I didn't say anything about >agreeing with Margo or >sympathizing with her. What I said was this:

>I believe that she is a sick pervert who likes the weird hentai+kawaii combo and that she fucks Manaki in that cringey love seat (eww) but some anons believe she doesn't fuck him, they have their reasons, deal with it. No one has to think the same.

is AS CREEPY AND OBSESSED as fucking Margo at the height of her ragefest, and even creepier in fact, because while even Margo seems to have gotten over it the creepy fuck(s) posting this shit can't seem to.


No. 213968

Of course the other pic is not as old as the 2 year old one, wtf are you trying to say? Anon asked why her hair was yellow and gross, and the answer is that margo did her hair that way. What does that have to do with how she does her hair now, or are you trying to say that margo didn't dye and do venus' hair? I can taste the hate boner from here, s2g

No. 213994

I can make the difference between Venus in person and her fucking work.
And her content ain't become miraculously good since her runaway (old cakey makeup trends, fugly drawings…) Be honest!
Shitty parents isn't an excuse for crappy/cringy content ( >>211786 >>211812 ) It's functioning for all snowflakes and your Kawaii Godessu is no exception.
Deal with it or go back to PULL or another fangelic forum.

No. 214026

Agreed. I feel like anon is projecting her own weird sexual urges onto Venus because she too wishes she had a kawaii Japanese husbando.

No. 214031


Because all the people you mentioned were adults and both agreed to the relationship.
Manaki started to stalk Venus when she was fucking 13 and him 19-to-20.
She was a little more than a child, he was an adult.
I can understand if they met like now, because 20-27 eh, it's a bit too much but can work, but you wouldn't be creeped out if your college roomate started flirting and stalking your thirteen year old little sister?

No. 214089

I thought he just followed her on social media and sometimes replied to her on twitter, but w/e

No. 214134

Stay mad. I was trying to say: This photo is recent and her hair looks like shit now too.

No. 214161

Are you angry? Breathe. Read this again: >>212904

I actually agreed with you, I believe they have sex like most married couples, told you I'm not that anon you were talking about.

I said she is a sick pervert, because someone else/you? said "I think she is a secret pervert" so I agreed with that too.

Then I told you some anons don't think the same, deal with it"
And boom now I'm the "obsessed" one when the rest of the anons here already told you that you are obsessed with Margo and anons criticizing Venus. You are arguing with everyone here. Hide this thread.

No. 214164

I don't know how many times I've seen this explanation but anon keeps whining.

No. 214390

You breathe, hon. I wasn't addressing or talking about your post >>212904
Learn to read.

No. 214411

File: 1481771844682.png (3.71 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0979.PNG)

OMG when she pulls & stretches the skin under her eyes with that sticky tape to make those fucking tear bags I literally gag. That skin is so thin and fragile, she's gonna destroy her face. STOP IT.

No. 214412

File: 1481771895751.png (3.37 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0972.PNG)

No. 214414

File: 1481772174013.png (2.27 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0968.PNG)

And those nails, jfc on a cracker. Half of them have fallen off and the remaining nails are ragged and dirty. I criiinge

No. 214418

File: 1481772504004.png (2.02 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0966.PNG)

Ugh Venus, just ewww

No. 214419

File: 1481772624425.png (2.83 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0971.PNG)

On a positive note, her bathroom sink looks pretty cute and I like her hair like this.

No. 214431


No. 214443

oh sweet jesus
I thought that tape stuff was only for upper eyelids
Isn't that uncomfortable as hell under your eye??

No. 214451

Maybe you are confusing some anons, well, it doesn't matter.

This is a normal thread, if you like Venus, fine, believe it or not no one here "hates" her really, this thread is for discussing Venus actual content and stuff but not a fan club, that's what it is and nothing more. You are going to find comments or theories you don't agree with in every thread and you can't really blame others for your own words and actions, that's the concensus.

Well, this is how I see things.. actually I like this thread because no one is actually wishing her bad luck or something negative, people just want her to improve her content because it is shit, and stop being shady… and maybe, just maybe, do something about those damned teeth.

No. 214464

idk if that's what it's supposed to be used for but she jams it under her eyes and sticks the skin together to make those fake bags. goddddd

No. 214582

File: 1481801189391.jpg (62.66 KB, 220x123, Ebrrpjt.jpg)

Yo. You just referenced a quote from me at >>212904
and are attributing it to this anon: >>213911

I haven't posted in a few days…

Also, wtf?:
>when the rest of the anons here already told you that you are obsessed with Margo and anons criticizing Venus. You are arguing with everyone here

The rest? How many anons specifically made the claim that I or "Venus stans" are obsessed with Margaret? Wasn't that just you in response to me(Margaret Margaret Margaret)? Just because other anons also said they think Venus is being coddled and Margo blamed for everything doesn't mean they are agreeing with your every word.

It would be real nice if you stop and only reply directly to individual posts instead of your imagination. Danke.

Igari makeup style is still going strong among young Japanese women, though there are slight variations. The site for C-tive cheek color has a few examples of igari make techniques. https://www.koji-honpo.jp/c-tive/products/cheek/

I usually think Venus' makeup tutorials are pretty awful, but she didn't do anything wrong in this video. My only criticism is that she needs to get more familar with how japanese eyebrow products work with her new eyebrow shape. The peeling tint does not seem to be working well with her eyebrow color and texture. Maybe her application method is bad, but a powder kit may work better. It almost looks like smudges of curry roux in the video.

No. 214588

>she didn't do anything wrong in this video. My only criticism is
Does the undereye tape/tortured stretched skin to make fake eyebags bother you? It makes me twitch.

No. 214591

The tape was made for upper eyelids but I've seen plenty of people use it under their eyes. I think Taylor even did it when she started doing eyebag makeup
Though, the difference from them and Venus is that she is incredibly rough with her skin.

No. 214600

I wish she'd understand those eye bags don't look good on her and make her age

No. 214622

She reminds me of Abipop here. This link it's the pose and expression mixed with blond hair.

(sage for no contribution)

No. 214706


And she already has puffy eyes: >>212449

No. 214714

There are actually tapes like this especially for undereye bags though they're the same as for the upper eyelid just more expensive

No. 214732

File: 1481833858667.jpg (465.97 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-12-15_15-27-19.jpg)


No. 214743

Yeah this. No reason to believe he actually stalked her.

I do think this thing with japs loving young girls is weird as fuck though obviously. BUt its all still harmless. I've seen far creepier actual pedo guys commenting on her stuff

No. 214974

I wonder how Margo would have reacted to Venus spilling coffee on a white couch? Probably not as coolly as Manaki.

No. 215770

Definition of stalking:

"unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group towards another person, that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear."

^^ Not "following someone on SM" or "going to a public event to meet the person you're following/a fan of."

Whatever the age discrepancy (some) people love to clutch their pearls over, it's obvious at this point that Manaki had no nefarious or prurient intentions toward Venus. There was no "stalking" here. Can we just get over that myth?

No. 215793

File: 1481954051498.png (60.94 KB, 198x142, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 11.5…)

she looks so old here what in the world

No. 215810

Looking more and more like her mother

No. 215826

File: 1481960805702.jpg (150.92 KB, 1074x1702, stGuy3G.jpg)

^lol. For the teeth-obsessed anons.

Watching it again, yes, that kind of gives me the shivers. One miscalculated jerk… yikes!
But as a tutorial, she actually followed exactly what is in current magazines and makeup books.

Omg, guys. Unless you have proof of kawaii dick pics sent to underage Venus, stop claiming Manaki was a dirty stalker. Tbh, I would stop supporting him if there was evidence that he acted inappropriately in the beginning, but dating(if you could even call it that) her at 17-18 and, according to you-know-who, not consummating their marriage until she fled back to Japan, there is no proof he was a stalking predator. A fan meet-up, approved by her mother, is not stalking.

I appreciate that she shows her real face like this, even if she looks stressed. She looks a bit dehydrated. It shows that she isn't trying to fool anyone like Dakota(who I don't hate). Looking like Margo can't be helped as they are, you know, related.

No. 215828

Much as I hate to say it, I have to agree. It's more & more striking and (to me) borderline horrifying. I feel bad for her.

No. 215831

She looks so tired. Think all the stress throughout her life is finally starting to show.

No. 215907

Anon, I'm europoor and believe me, Venus just has bad dental hygiene.
In Europe yes, we don't have much fluoride in the water because high levels of it can cause poisoning, but, because of it, we have fluoride-based toothpaste (almost all of them) and fluoride chewinggums.
So we can consume fluoride at the time we need it (when brushing our teeth, but not for cooking etc)
Venus simply doesn't care, period. Americans are so fast assuming shit about countries they don't know stuff about.

No. 215921

For the 1,000,000th time, tooth color has ZERO to do with "hygiene." Fuck off with your ignorant bullshit.

No. 215922

>tooth color has ZERO to do with "hygiene."

Holy shit, you're so far up Venus' ass you can see the nerunerunerune she just ingested

No. 215923

So if I drink gallons of tea and coffee without brushing and my teeth get brown it's "genetic" and you would say "it's normal"?

No. 215924

Uhm yes it does! Try not brushing your teeth for a week anon and you'll immedeatly see the difference

No. 215927

Just as obesity has zero to do with bad alimentation.
What is it, then?

No. 215930

My sister is 12 right now, thats just a year younger than Venus was back then. Just the thought of one of my college friends showing even the tiniest bit of interest in her i wanna barf! In what else other than her looks would he been interested in, care to tell me that?!

No. 215932

File: 1481987424533.jpg (75.65 KB, 500x476, tumblr_m8d42aCvjI1qjcf3p.jpg)

No. 215951

You could be right. She oftens stays up very late or posts in the wee hours of the morning. Anxiety from all this crap(and loneliness) could give her insomnia too.

I didn't write anything about my own personal thoughts on her hygiene or teeth color. Just showing how she responded for you guys. Progress! Maybe potential video!


Vagina would be his only interest? For one thing: He's an otaku into cute and girly things who was likely on 2ch or other popular forum during the boom of foreign otaku. Foreigners that love Japanese things, especially if they are not unwashed ham-lords, are a big draw and Japanese media can never get enough of people who praise Japan. Do you not remember Venus' rise in popularity at the time? Lots of people were watching her or talking about her online. Not everyone was thinking of doing terrible things to her. From the few old comments that were found, Manaki only wrote about encouraging her Japanese language study. Don't you think She-who-shall-not-be-named would have pulled out all of the creepy, damning texts or posts from Mr. Pedobear by now if they existed? She had access to everything and could have destroy him.

Again, give proof that he actually did something bad besides following an Internet curiosity on social media. Not just assumption.
In before "Venus stans wouldn't accept proof anyway!"

No. 215969

It doesn't matter of he did something or not. Just a stranger man liking a child is fucking weird! If there were to be a child that is very good at a certain type of sport that you also like and you decide to become such a big fan of that child that you even wnat to meet up, it would still be considered creepy, because why should an adult admire/idolize a child?!

No. 215975

Venus called him stalker too, though. It's more for the fact that he was a HUGE FAN of Venus when she was still a young teen and followed her for so many years no matter she was making content mainly for young girls. Now both are adults, but the age gap was important back then.

Manaki's behavior and interests are very weird imo. Not trying to convince you, it's ok.

>lol. For the teeth-obsessed anons.

LOL. I think she drinks too much coffee. Next thing she needs to buy: Shampoo for oily hair… and something to repair those nails. Sorry, but I agree with the other anons, it's just that her personal hygiene isn't good exactly.

No. 216234

Do you know anything about Japanese pop culture? They're obsessed with cutesy kawaii girls, the guys included. It seems creppy and weird to Westerners but it's a thing over there so Manaki is far from unique. Being a fan of Venus the Living Doll does not equate to sexually fantasizing and lusting after her underage flesh. Hard to understand for Westerners, but this is Japan. They're 'different.'

And again, "stalking" involves "obsessive and unwanted contact that makes the person feel threatened or fearful". None of which applies here, so can you get over this shit already? Manaki is not a "stalker." That's just another one of marge's (many) attempted smears.

No. 216446

You are full of shitty excuses. Don't waste your time.

No. 216454

File: 1482049904391.png (248.55 KB, 584x477, BrightSmile.png)

Pls kiss me, senpai

No. 216455


No. 216484

Poor dear is going to look so much like her bitch mother as she ages,damn

No. 216491

You seem upset, dear. Also confused. Facts =/= "excuses." Get over it.

No. 216492

Someone's bitter. lol

No. 216521


I think Venus should stick to the Vlog type of videos - idk this was weird.

No. 216523

Something that sticks out for me is when Venus' incubator was pushing for him to marry Venus, he was hesitant seemed like he wanted to wait until she was older. He also expressed that he include Margo in their future until she showed her true colors. Yes, he is odd and childish, but also protective and traditional at times. I know a lot of guys like that here in Japan(not pedos!), so that's mostly why I'm biased towards him.
Even Margo previously called him a family man type and praised his character.

All I have to say is that I really like her wig.

No. 216542

I agree with this. I think Manaki would have preferred a more traditional approach to their relationship. Honestly, Venus probably felt the same. Neither of them are comfortable referring to each other as husband and wife and it makes sense since their relationship was rushed. It seems like a marriage out of necessity. They both saw it as a way to get Venus out of her situation with Margo.

No. 216657

Margobsessed anons,
Margo thread is in /pt/

No. 216665


Is she using that stuff on her teeth again ?

No. 216704

File: 1482093991657.jpg (292.15 KB, 1197x1703, PSX_20161218_154335.jpg)

the "dopest in the house"? What is happening to our kawaii venus??

No. 216705

File: 1482094094874.jpg (304.79 KB, 1193x1701, PSX_20161218_154259.jpg)

look marge…PARFAIT! Lol

No. 216706

File: 1482094186150.png (359.53 KB, 651x487, SSYT.png)

Not the bouillon cube this time.
That's how her teeth really look under natural light. She had that putrid yellow tone in her "first vlog" too, but the light there was different.

No. 216711

not that anon but on certain gestures her chin and mouth look just like margrot's. Thankfully she didn't inherited the butt nose and dead beady eyes of her mother.

I also thought we were going to get more of these…

No. 216715


I can't believe you idiots still watch her. I stopped watching her videos long ago… they're all daft as fuck.

No. 216719

LOL everyone can buy a parfait. You are so childish.

Weenoos eating crap as usually, good for her white smile… ugh imagine her breath.. omg senpai RUN!

Not that anon but she has that butt shape too, just smaller.

No. 216731

So if WEENOOS ever does fix her teeth, how traumatized will you "eww, her teeth!" trolls be? You'll have nothing left, lol. Mass suicide?

No. 216742

File: 1482097035562.gif (542.95 KB, 500x220, unnamed.gif)

Kek oh no anon, she is busy eating shit.

>mass suicide

That's probably what her stans are going to do if she asks them.

Weenoos: My life is miserable. Sweet fangelics, go kill yourself.

Fangelics: boo bye bye boooo! jump

No. 216749

You'll have no reason to live if you lose that. No reason to go on. Start preparing now, anons. I say this with love. I have concerns about your mental health.

No. 216764

Hi Venus

No. 216769


Why you so triggered by Anons pointing out how gross her fucking teeth are ?

Really makes me wonder if you're so sensitive that you probably have some nasty ass teeth too.

Go brush your teeth Anon, and stop complaining about people nitpicking about what shade of yellow/green Penus' teeth are.

No. 216771


i was just gonna post a screenshot. i dont hate or like venus but i keep up with her because she's a classic cow, but damn her teeth are yellow. when people started commenting on it i didnt think it was that bad but they gradually got worse and now im just cringing. i drink a lot of tea so my teeth aren't pearly white either but i would never let my teeth get to that shade, it's disgusting frankly. girl needs to go get some teeth whitening done with that youtube cash.
i don't know why she wouldn't either, it'll make her look cuter and more youthful. don't all bloggers have bleached teeth anyways?

No. 216782

Oh hi Venus!

That stan is triggered by everything. Things that anons say and make her go insane:

Shit video
Gross teeth
Bad hygiene
Her content is still shit
Obvious ED
Manaki is a creep
Visa husbando
She looks like Morge
Kawaii-Sex-Bitch combo
They don't have sex
Blatant lies
Her cosplays are shit
Your theory is BS

And so on..
Stan logic: if someone doesn't like her, that person must be a troll.
I have seen this person in other threads always connecting everything to Margo when no one actually cares about the Hungarian witch, it's someone very active in the kiwifarms, sometimes she writes exactly the same there and here.

No. 216804

I forgot to mention it… I love how she changed the thumbnail of her video when it was like 5:00 am in Japan.

She is lurking, confirmed.

No. 216893

File: 1482112422521.jpg (216.74 KB, 1440x1268, PSX_20161218_204453.jpg)

>when Venus' incubator was pushing for him to marry Venus, he was hesitant seemed like he wanted to wait until she was older. He also expressed that he include Margo in their future until she showed her true colors. Yes, he is odd and childish, but also protective and traditional at times. I know a lot of guys like that here in Japan(not pedos!), so that's mostly why I'm biased towards him

pic attached is Manaki the Pedo Stalker talking about his pervy pedo obsession. Lol

No. 216898

Tinfoil hat time:
>It must be just ONE crazy stan in all those threads making all those comments

No. 216899

LOL wait..

I thought that anons said the person behind that e-mail was Margo impersonating Manaki.

No. 216901

And even if that is margo, how does that show he's obsessed/a pedo? It's literally him saying that they need to talk as a group and he wants to hear what Venus has to say because she is a teenager and young??

No. 216910

Read again, no one said ALL of the comments, just pointed out there's an anon that gets extremely butthurt and connects everything to Venus' case, it's a fact kek

If you don't agree, it's ok, but don't try to convince people, you won't.

No. 216915

LOL then don't use that as a proof dumb bitch, you said that was Margaret, now you say it doesn't matter if it wasn't Manaki LOL

No. 216917

Seems like you're the ones who are triggered. Calm down, it's not that serious.

No. 216955

So, are you basically saying that MostPeace was in fact Manaki?

Woah… stop with this shit while you can anon, your long-standing beliefs are about to crumble to ashes.

If I were you, I would withdraw that as evidence now. Do you really want to validate the Kappa's evidence? be careful…

No. 216971

File: 1482116976287.jpg (166.07 KB, 1161x1443, PSX_20161218_220056.jpg)

She's posted screenshots of real emails before, like pic attached. This was a real one.

>And even if that is margo, how does that show he's obsessed/a pedo?
My comment was meant to be /sarcasm/

No. 216975

>So, are you basically saying that MostPeace was in fact Manaki?
Yeah, it was pretty much established at the time that it was Manaki.

No. 216985

File: 1482117566145.jpg (339.88 KB, 1200x1590, PSX_20161218_221338.jpg)

Oh look, a live chat! You can tell her to brush her shitty teeth up close and live, right in her face. That should be extra gratifying for you. Tues. at 6am jap time, don't miss it!

No. 216988

Oh.. that means that part of the evidence she provided to Vexxy is real then? What if the rest is real too?

No. 216992

OT but I wonder where she got that coat, I think it's cute.

No. 217004

File: 1482118266701.jpg (27.06 KB, 511x288, SB.jpg)

I have better things to do, Anon.
Please, send her my regards and this link http://www.pgshop.com/pgshop-brand-crest/

No. 217028

>no one said ALL of the comments, just pointed out there's an anon that gets extremely butthurt and connects everything to Venus' case
And it MUST be just ONE anon, every time. Right?

>Hi Venus
just like >>216731
^ was totally Venus!

My comments were out of amusement at you "EW her teeth!" babies. You on the other hand were lightning quick to jump on that and quite agitated as well. So who's triggered here?

Oh and I rarely comment on KF and when I do it's just on margo, not a single one Venus-related. Does Venus even have a thread over there? I've never seen one. Sorry to blow your theory, tinfoil hat anon.

No. 217035

Yeah, that's you.

No. 217041

File: 1482121133690.jpg (257.62 KB, 1346x1056, PSX_20161218_165044.jpg)

I like it too but I think it's a sweater. She has a fur-trimmed coat that's similar that I think is pretty cute too.

No. 217042

File: 1482121240999.jpg (212.13 KB, 1357x1073, PSX_20161218_165111.jpg)

I like the new clothes she's gotten recently. Her style is really cute.

No. 217113

You sure, anon? Think about how satisfying it would be for you & your little buddies, SO much better than just hanging out in her YT comments. I mean you know she reads them but you don't get to SEE it in real time, right? LIVE. You could have a real impact, cause that little bitch some real pain, right there in front of you. Mmmmm…delicious.

No. 217115

Calm down

No. 217116

You're the ONLY ONE who has a problem with it. The only person who writes like this and tells people to leave the thread/go to Margaret's thread.

If it's relevent to the topic, Margo WILL be mentioned and you can't do anthing about it. The whole reason you and others keep saying defamatory, unproven shit about Manaki and Venus is BECAUSE of Margaret's claims. How hard is that for you to comprehend?

If it triggers you that much, let's keep using nicknames for your darling instead. That's cool with me.

Talk about paranoid! You accused me of being "that person" before, then other anons of being me. Now you say they(me?!) are all over other threads AND a kiwifarms user? Funny that you admit to being so actively involved in all those threads and KF to form this theory.

Go look at Venus' IG and Youtube, PULL and KF, and look at all the people that like her or Manaki. People that think Margaret is an abusive Narc who damaged Venus. People with Narc parents who heard about Venus only recently and relate to her. There are a lot more of them than people like you. Yet you keep pretending there's no way more than one person could write supportive, empathetic comments to her here.

Sorry, you're delusional.

No. 217121

File: 1482125357495.jpg (304.04 KB, 1800x1723, xdk0pnZ.jpg)

This is from the thread from 5 months ago. The person believed to be Margaret impersonating Manaki created an instagram account using his yahoo mail address as the username. This is where the confusion comes from.

No. 217122

Haha please, stay mad.

A kiwifarms user? No kek,
that's you.

No. 217124

You just said that to >>217028
who is not me. Wish a mod would step in soon.

But thanks for showing everyone what a loon you are.

No. 217130

kek Do you know how many times anons call other anons Margo/Vexxed/drop a name or confuse an anon with other anon? Kek

No. 217131

File: 1482126131470.jpeg (94.98 KB, 620x938, image.jpeg)


I can't help but be skeptical of this being Manaki's email, because his English is bad. He doesn't seem able to write more than a short sentence in English, pic related.

No. 217138

The person who believed his email account was fake was behind that IG account?

No. 217139

The email is in pretty broken English though, obviously not a native speaker. It sounds like something he would write, possibly with the help of Google translate. And we know from morge's comments that she's emailed with Manaki before, for example all the times she said "Manaki emails me to forbid me to contact Venus." I think it's real.

No. 217143

That mostpeace91.yahoo.co.jp IG account was margo at her most deranged, pretending to be Manaki in some posts then slipping into posting as herself in others. Good times. That was right around the same time she posted the email from Manaki too, as I recall. Btw the IG account (mostpeace91.yahoo.co.jp) is not exactly the same as the email account (mostpeace91@yahoo.co.jp)

No. 217146

Kek, you killed me with the boo bye-bye boo

Why can't fangelics just accept she has ugly yellow teeth ? It's not a lie, people aren't reaching. Maybe some anons keep bringing that up again because of how triggered you guys get, Jesus.

No. 217165

File: 1482129901321.jpg (866.82 KB, 400x400, cZjjq8a.jpg)

Please write that again in English.

I support Venus and I know she has badly stained enamel. It looks like she wants to do something about it(Youtube comment) so we'll have to wait and see what happens. As I live in Japan too, I see a lot of young adults who have food-stained teeth, so likely no one here has said anthing to her about her teeth and she remained ignorant. However, even minor Japanese celebrities are into teeth-whitening now, so she has more incentive to think about her public image. I hope she documents it.

I was too slow to respond so thanks for answering first. You're right. His email is real and the instagram was just someone impersonating him.
Don't forget this too:

No. 217173

Haha, the only mad ones are
squealing in rage that their god-given right to hatepost on WEENOOS is being questioned.

and this poor sap
>Hi Venus
whos's totally sure I must be WEENOOS.

No. 217269

I wonder why she didn't go to Taylor's birthday spa/lush trip.

No. 217273

different anon, but you are just embarrasing yourself. just let go and stop arguing, fuck.
>squealing in rage that their god-given right to hatepost on WEENOOS is being questioned.
it seems you can't take any criticism. lots of people here don't lick venus' asshole like you and she constantly gets a bunch of dislikes