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File: 1482435051927.jpg (150.13 KB, 958x958, 1478830066967.jpg)

No. 220048

old thread hit limit

>20 y.o. heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief

>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles

>lurch's infidelity?

old thread

No. 220050

File: 1482435179614.png (17.36 KB, 479x207, CSQ7AwU.png)

from old thread, lurch is hitting up hot girl fb accounts

>succulent breasts


apparently beekman place is a street near manhattan. is that luna's dad's apartment? or where lurch goes to shoot up/get away from luna? either way, things aren't looking good for chief aerola here

No. 220053

… did he really post that on a public facebook wall? He's even dumber than I thought

No. 220069

Noooo this cant be real, its too idiotic

No. 220078

i refuse to believe this is anything but a troll

No. 220082

File: 1482439631029.jpg (79.99 KB, 600x285, lurch.jpg)

Luna's probably really regretting getting her fiance on facebook now. Part of me hopes this makes her leave him so she could maybe get her life together. She's still so young and its not too late. Lurch is a lost cause though.

No. 220088

I want succulent breasts to become a meme

No. 220100

Hold up though. When your friends comment or like shit it comes up on your main feed. Surely it would come up on her fb. Half my feed is crap people liked.

No. 220103

What if that girl has bigger breasts? That doesn't matter.

Luna has bigger areolas.

No. 220104

the anon who posted that screenshot hasnt said which profile they found it on. it does sound like lurch, tho, with the double ellipses and out-of-touch dirty old man typing

No. 220111

If that's actually where they live then good god him and Luna have made it extremely easy to find them (she's used her real name, address, shown the exterior of their place, etc) especially if you know the area I'd imagine. I can't believe with how much they use they're so open about it wtf. Not even counting them getting busted but doesn't that open them up for theft from other addicts??

No. 220121

what is this?

No. 220140

I'm sure Matthew finds Luna revolting and only keeps her around for the steady cash flow. They probably haven't had sex in over a year.

No. 220151

does heroin cause erectile disfunction? i think they don't have sex because they stink as fuck. and his dick is flaccid all the time. ewwwwwww.

No. 220176

File: 1482452216986.png (193.52 KB, 750x903, IMG_0420.PNG)

guys… what the fuck is wrong with him?

No. 220177


Ewwwww. I'm so glad I deleted him. He kept liking too many of my posts.

No. 220184

>>his yacht
lmao the one that luna said they were on for like 3 seconds?

No. 220189

She doesn't live there but her dad might, it's not hard to find her address because she uses it to get gifts from people. There might even be her address and some google maps images in earlier threads

No. 220190

maybe somebody hacked his account? or he's high as fuck

No. 220191

what or who is this ?

No. 220192

This is so gross. I can't believe I'm feeling bad for Luna.

No. 220194

File: 1482455420676.png (128.99 KB, 750x943, IMG_0425.PNG)

I felt bad for her and I sent her screenshots. This his her reply. That's fucking sad.

No. 220195

she won't leave him. she'll give him another (and another) chance if and when she finds out about his gross fb commentary.

He's too integral to her identity; he helps shoot her up, he wallows in their filth willingly, he's "her soulmate".

she can't be her broken, druggie babydoll without him

No. 220198

Damn, the denial is strong. I'd love to be a fly on the wall of her apartment…she's gotten so jealous when girls have just talked to Lurch before that i doubt she's as okay with this as she says she is lmao

No. 220199

that is so fucking sad, man. I think luna is really lulzy but I do feel bad for her. hopefully she will be able to get rid of that guy soon. she doesn't need his shit and tbh he's one of the biggest reasons why she's so fucked. she was super young when they met after all.

btw, don't ever let this type of shit be ok with you, anons. people pretend to be blind because of ~love~, loneliness or codependency but this shit isn't worth it. especially in a situation like shit when your SO is sexually irresponsible and can give you a serious STD you don't deserve. I've seen this happen to a couple friends and is horribly sad.

sage because no one asked for my fucking advice.

No. 220200

a situation like this*. lmao. i was so enraged, sorry for the typo.

No. 220236

Omg OP is frightening

No. 220237

aaaand this is why kids under 18 should never be in a relationship with a grown ass man. he probably wanted a random hook-up and he would've gotten one from any other grown junkie but luna clinged on projecting all her dope fantasies onto him. she's a crackhead because of him.

No. 220244

Yeah good god what a fucking mess.
You know he's gonna kick her to the curb one day.

No. 220248

this is so fucking sad. I know shes done some not so great things in her life but no one deserves to be lied to like that. . .

No. 220249

Let's hope that happens before they get "married"

No. 220254


what happened to "don't tip the cows"

No. 220260

File: 1482466134464.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1496, Screenshot_2016-12-22-20-07-24…)

No. 220261

Wowwww he gives no fucks about Luna. Im sure he was serious about trying to hit on these chicks and then played it off as a 'joke' to Luna who was 'sitting right next to him'. Because why would you joke around and post shit like that when you have a fiancé? How disgusting to let a man disrespect you like that Luna. And that shows you have no respect for yourself either. Disgusting and sad. Not 'aesthetic bby doll daddy dom' at all. Fucking shameful..

No. 220262

Showing off her pinned heroin eye and black eyebooger. Real nice.

No. 220263

File: 1482466389219.gif (1.95 MB, 250x250, 353453333.gif)

Ugh, her makeup is so gross and cakey. Reminds me of someone trying to apply thick makeup to a corpse to hide lividity.

No. 220264


Or it wasnt pinned but she turned the flash on so it would look that way.

fishhooks lips to stretch them out then make sure my pupils are pinned am I cute yet?

No. 220267

If I actually loved my fiancé and he commented on people like that I wouldn't be okay with it. I don't think anyone would be. Even if they were joking. This makes it clear they aren't serious about eachother theyre just dope dating. If my ex (who I always got high with, and we were 'engaged') I wouldn't have really cared either. Because being with him was about the drugs, not really about him/us. Seems to be the exact same with Luna and lurch.

No. 220295

i wonder if shes confronted him about it

No. 220297

jesus christ i know we shouldn't tip the cows, and i'm not going to, but when is someone going to tell her about this?? she can't NOT know??? this is sad

No. 220298

samefag sorry but by "someone" i mean a friend or one of the girls he flirts with

No. 220299


I think someone who is fb friends with him should comment under his creeper comments, "don't you have a gf?"

No. 220301

~fiance~ even, Luna has even gone about using his last name lately.

No. 220310

File: 1482478041450.jpg (20.71 KB, 500x278, She_don't_love_herself.jpg)

lmao there was actually no need to tip the cow. The lurch is so not-so-subtle about openly flirting with other girls so it's impossible Luna didn't know at least some instance of it. And she won't do anything because she clearly has no concept of self-respect.

No. 220582

File: 1482523450775.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1031.PNG)

Oh god sweet pat, the lady with cancer got Luna gifts she doesn't deserve

No. 220601

her dad lives 2 blocks from time square, she complained about walking. He doesn't live in Beekman place…its very expensive

I bet lurch wishes his father was actually this successful in real estate.
Remember he's from a wealthy town (short hills nj). Lurch's dad/roger probably fucked up really badly at some point.

No. 220623

Why are her eyes so small

No. 220625

holy shit, is that lurch's ancestry?

No. 220628

no idea, but his Facebook says he went to high school in Short Hills Nj, which is a very wealthy town and there was mention of roger working in real estate back in the day.

No. 220644

lurch calls it his "family's home" in the fb screenshot. he's prob lying to impress the girl (like what he said about the yacht/money in general), but it's possible he has some ties w that place since they share the same name

damn, i'm curious. so basically both luna and lurch come/came from wealth. lmao. gotta love dat unawareness of privilege, especially since she was jealously hating on bryce for her own wealthy family

No. 220648

It's so funny to me that someone like sea creature really thinks he would ever have a chance with a hot babe. Like even Luna, as ugly as she is, is way too good for him. He's never going to get anything better than that.

No. 220653

But what if she has both?
Them Succulent tiddies could have even bigger ones! Imagine the joy! Imagine the glory! Chief would be in in heaven, no more Heroin needed!

No. 220782

Hahahaha Holyshit…. That was pretty good. Lmao.

No. 220877

Too bad that angel pin isn't solid gold so you could pawn it for dope money. Amiright Tuna?

But in all seriousness who is Pat to her? Maybe she'll help this dumb bitch realize what a shitshow her life is and encourage her to turn it around.

No. 221070

File: 1482613627010.png (654.51 KB, 600x450, FrankMonicaShameless.png)

They reminds me Frank and Monica from Shameless.

No. 221089

Frank seemed to love Monica, I doubt chief feels anything for Luna

No. 221107

Yeah you're right (season 7 finale was great). But they've send the same crack/heroin/scam/theft vibes to me.


No. 221191

File: 1482635192411.png (41.19 KB, 540x358, Screenshot_2016-12-24-20-51-38…)

No. 221192

i bet she doesn't wipe

No. 221198

Ew? Why would she post that? Who the fuck cares about her nasty unwashed bacteria ridden shit.

And dumb bitch.. You probably can't pee because of the heroin use. But im sure you know this.

No. 221223

what is it about social media that makes people want to post shit like this?

i cant wait for her eventual yeast infection posts.

No. 221292

File: 1482645372292.jpg (135.63 KB, 540x775, IMG_20161224_215429.jpg)

How long do you think it'll take before this is filthy?

No. 221312

Considering Luna herself, probably one day spent sleeping on it. The girl is visibly filthy in every photo so all the dirt, sweat, makeup, dust from her disgusting house, and cat shit on her is gonna be rubbed into it immediately.

No. 221341


poor cats…

No. 221373

that's a really cute blanket. shame it's going to be ruined by this disgusting slob

No. 221437

Honestly Luna, make a drug blog to share these things on because FB does not want it

No. 221518

>>221070 omg stop, she'll consider that a compliment! frank and monica are both so much more attractive and so much cooler than lurch and tuna

No. 221593

I wanna see how high she is rightnow. Luna give us some Milk for Christmas. :) <3 lol

No. 221604

I know but I just wanted to make a stupid editing ;)
And we agree, Tuna & Easter-Island-Head are physically repulsive.

No. 221806

File: 1482748463603.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1046.PNG)

She got more gifts than me this year but I'm not bitter cuz look how her giant hobbit feet are shoved into those slippers ew

No. 221912

Lmao. Ugly. Those are horrible looking on her haha

No. 221917

Oh shit they look bad. I have those same socks from last Christmas and they have some stretch. I'm 8.5 so she must be a 10 or 11. Can't remember what size she said in that "interview" but it looks like an old lady shoved her gross feet in children socks

No. 221918

Yeah they definitely don't fit lol

No. 221963

She's a size ten her feet are ginormous

No. 221967

File: 1482775937842.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1048.PNG)

I'm so sure

No. 221973

this pic is so disgusting ew no one wants to see your man feet loon

No. 221980

I bet he stole them kek.

Anyways, do we know how tall Luna is? What about Lurch?

No. 221982

because obviously she is in control of how big her feet get right? get your head out of your arse

No. 221983

iirc luna is 5'9" and lurch is 6'2" or 6'3"

No. 221984

triggered hobbit alert

No. 221994

dude I for real thought this was a pic of lurch's feet shoved in those slippers…god luna at least try to make them look cute and take a picture of them somewhere there's not a blood stain, if there is such a place near you

No. 221995

Yeah, I hate to derail but size 10 is perfectly normal for someone her size.

No. 222002

lmao how big are your feet, giantess-chan?

No. 222025

big enough to smash your skull

No. 222062


Agree. I've had size 10 feet since 6th grade. I think she had those fucking slippers on backward. Idiot.

No. 222071

Wtf? They are not on backwards.

I'm 5'9 and I'm a size 7.5/8. Is that freakish?

No. 222082

what's with all the bigfoots in here?

No. 222091


I'm a size 10 too lol. Guess its more common then you think. :P

No. 222102

I used to work in a shoes department, and white girls usually have a bigger foot. I've seen girls from 9 to 12, and they were taller than me, about 5'7 and up. It's completely normal for her height. It'd be really unproportional for her to have a size 6 foot and be 5'9. Be real.

No. 222109

no one wants to see pics of ugly big feet tho, so since she posts them, we're going to comment on them

i'm so happy w my size 6, all shoes look good on me

No. 222115

Yeah I think the main thing is she shoved her hobbit feet into slippers that obviously don't fit then posting it on the internet.

No. 222116

well good your feet look good since your face is probably a catastrophe

No. 222117

There was no need for you to talk about your feet?
Unecessary as hell lol

No. 222121

Oh wow good for you size 6 omg!

No. 222122

nah, i'm cute too :-) lol @ all the giants coming @ me when they brought up their size 10s first, kek

No. 222126

No. 222128

File: 1482786705297.png (655.8 KB, 520x620, ok....PNG)

since we're on the subject of luna's feet, it reminds me of a screenshot i saved from luna's old blog.

right, so "pretty".

No. 222132

Her toes look abnormally long.

No. 222135

go back to tumblr

No. 222280


….the question is why do you have this saved?

No. 222293

her cankles……..

No. 222347

Not the op but I know I have a shit ton of screen shots saved on my phone/computer just cuz I'm lazy to delete them that's probably why

No. 222349

I'm sure she's developing some awesome edema if not now then eventually. I'm pretty sure she doesn't drink enough water and her body has no choice but to retain it and displace it. Also since she can't pee… she's made that evident. She does not pee or poop.
God the things she feels the need to post on the internet.. at least it's amusing to us. She has no other worth tbh..

No. 222360

It sounds like lunas on here trying to defend herself. Shut the fuck up. Why defend her and her sasquatch feet? The issue isn't that she has big feet and cankles, its the fact that she posts stupid, ugly ass pictures of them online for everyone to see and talk shit about.
If you wanna kiss lunas ass you know where to find her… And send her some dope money while youre at it.

No. 222365

I literally said that before AND the admins told them to stop.
Like the point is she shoved her feet in those ugly ass slippers that don't fit then posted a gross picture on the internet. That's the milk.

No. 222375

omg that bloodstain

No. 222377

I think they finally changed their bedding???!!!? Omg
Naturally already bloodstained but still.

No. 222380

I don't follow this cow or her threads but her face in this OP picture is so fucking unsettling. She looks like one of those people in a very unfortunate car accident or fire who had to have their entire face reconstructed or transplanted.

No. 222395

In three years she might change them again.
Surely living like that makes her sad? I mean when your bedding smells worse than a public toilet after 60 drunks have used it and is gritty with filth to boot you'd notice even if you were raised in a gross house. She can't just not see the cat shit she's sleeping next to or the mould that will absolutely be coating the grout in her shower and kitchen. It's not possible to not see it even if you're accustomed to being disgusting.

No. 222761

File: 1482876354485.jpg (86.36 KB, 600x800, dkRNuyC.jpg)

gem from her twitter account (she's not using twitter anymore :()

No. 222762

What is this nasty heel, jesus fucking christ.

No. 222767

omg this is repulsive

No. 222781

I feel like she's the hooker corpse in the trash piles from an episode of SVU

No. 222784

spot on

No. 222793

File: 1482882939279.jpg (54.83 KB, 750x516, khMTewE.jpg)


i laughed so hard I almost choked looool

No. 222795

Trying to find the right screen cap to make that a meme Fuck I have googled "svu dead hooker" "svu hooker corpse" "svu dead whore" "svu sexworker corpse" "svu trash corpse" etc and nothing

No. 222805

File: 1482885270839.jpg (34.06 KB, 1066x637, Law & Order SVU Rhodium nights…)

eh? I tried looking for episodes I could remember, I vaguely remember one about finding a strippers body badly burned on top of this giant light on the top of the building, but couldn't find a screencap or name of the episode.

No. 222806

File: 1482885292738.png (9.3 KB, 256x182, images (1).png)

I tried looking too. Why is it so hard to find?? It happens in like half the episodes!

No. 222824

Aw don't do that to Cragen he was framed

No. 222826

I'm thinking specifically of one where this old lady is walking her dog and she thinks she finds a fur coat in the trash but it's a dead ho

No. 222834

Also that hooker is way to hot to shoop into Luna. And those sheets far too clean…

No. 222837

wtf i do not want to think about cragen having sex omg

No. 222850

No. 222871

All these comparisons of Luna to a hooker. She'll be so flattered. And im not being sarcastic… She'll really like it.

No. 222874

File: 1482894182128.jpg (83.56 KB, 550x535, IMG_1062.JPG)

She truly does wish to be Wendy, doesn't she? She pulls that look off at least.

No. 222916

I would compare her to a slug however its an insult since they are in better shape..and cleaner than her

No. 222967

I would compare her to an old woman's prune juice shart. But then if the prune juice shart underwear were thrown in the garbage. That's her.

No. 223095

She's more like a dirty mop after wiping sticky dog vomit. Stinky, dirty, nasty mop. Sprinkled with some dollar store glitter.

No. 223099

This sounds like her poetry

No. 223194

File: 1482957078863.png (961.95 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1067.PNG)

No. 223199

is that 5$ claire's ring?

No. 223208

I'm so sure also rose gold is so tacky she would..

No. 223211

i cant really tell if there's a halo of gems around the main piece. i'm sure it doesn't, but i can't help but think the blurriness is hiding it.

at any rate
Looks to be very close
This hefty boy is what i would wrongfully guess if i could confirm the halo

even if they stole and hustled he would never drop that much on her.

No. 223213

I bet she bought it for herself tbh

No. 223220

Fuck. This girl's life is so depressing. Both her and her bf look like they're melting and covered in grime, she lives in filth, steals stuff, is an addict, no one near her cares about her, and she's still trying so desperately to convince herself everything's going swell. Her bf is literally the ugliest 'thing' I've ever seen and he isn't even loving, helpful, etc. I hope she escapes this way of living some day.

No. 223250

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a response to her seeing how creepy Lurch is on FB. "See he cares about ME and buys me EXPENSIVE things!!"

No. 223264

She 1000000% bought that ring herself.

No. 223266

There's no way lurch would look for that on etsy. 0000% chance.

No. 223274

How is she so delusional…
I half feel bad for her and half don't, like in that "wow, you poor idiot" sort of way. Dunno how else to describe it.

No. 223286

File: 1482967058064.png (Spoiler Image, 355.04 KB, 474x1690, brycewat.png)

A bit OT, but people kept posting about how amazing Bryce is in the old thread, and mentioned her again in this one. Someone posted her tumblr URL in the old one, so I looked at her page to see what the hell was the big deal about this person and this is what I found.


What the fuck did I just read, and why is Bryce such an amazing person in the Luna story??

Spoilered for size(newfaggotry)

No. 223327

this was insanely gross and i was thinking to myself "wtf girl", but then i remembered this is a transwoman…… i think the comment i wanted to make about this fit better in the trans thread so… nothing to add here but barf.

No. 223333

Totally off topic and didn't even sage stfu dude

No. 223339

Can we not bring up bryce for better or worse? She has made it clear she wants to distance herself from the luna internet debacle and shes in a lose lose situation regarding having a childhood friend going on a tumblr kewl downward spiral

No. 223367

lurk more newfag

No. 223384

How cute. I remember how my drug buddy boyfriend stole me an 'engagement ring' once too. But yeah if its from etsy she found it herself and had ipad grandpa or poor pat buy it for her. She's incredibly pathetic. What a complete loser.

No. 223385

Her most useful property is her milk and she's not milking herself enough lately

No. 223643

if that rings worth anything they'll sell it off for drugs when money gets tight. Drug addicts don't keep nice things for long

No. 223645

I'm gonna go with it being a piece of crap though doubt a pawn shop would buy it even

No. 223721


They'd probably only get 5 bucks for it. And you know after she wears it for only a week its going to get grimy and gross as fuck.

No. 223763


Here you can find all pics Lurch commented…

No. 223767

can someone screenshot the best ones

i don't have fb

No. 223771

File: 1483038522336.png (176.59 KB, 701x708, Capture _2016-12-29-13-05-50.p…)

No. 223772

File: 1483038697081.png (143.43 KB, 702x625, Capture _2016-12-29-13-07-08.p…)

Its pretty much a bunch of weird shit like that.. Complimenting porn bots and telling them how "beautiful" their tits are. All way prettier than Luna and in better shape. Obviously his comments aren't jokes like Luna claims. There are a ton of them. She's pathetic as fuck for overlooking this and making excuses for him.

No. 223781

File: 1483039473244.png (36.33 KB, 671x137, Capture _2016-12-29-13-22-40.p…)

This was his comment on some chicks ass. I wonder what lunas problem is that she's ok with him posting comments like this? She's probably just with him for the drugs. Lol at their "engagement".

No. 223789

has he stopped commenting since that anon >>220194 told luna about it last week?

No. 223798

I think his most recent comment was on December 23rd.
I Can just see Luna confronting him about it… "Uwu daddy please stop youre making me look bad online".
Or maybe she thinks his comments will make people feel bad for her and she thinks sympathy=cash/useless gifts.

No. 224010

This cow is getting dried up and boring.

No. 224044

File: 1483072859759.png (228.72 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6807.PNG)

I'm laughing so hard

No. 224071

He wants to beat the shit out of a dude for calling some random chick a ho but screams at Luna for spilling something on the carpet? Wooowwwwwww. Perfect relationship.. Luna truly is SO lucky, as she claims.

No. 224137

Luna and her bf look so bizarre, I just draw a blank when I see pics of them. I can't really picture what they actually look like even though I've seen mutiple pics of them and I don't think they manipulate their pictures much. It's like an optical illusion. I wish I could see a video of them.

No. 224204

Have you not seen the brilliant gif of him slapping her in the face with his dick???

No. 224223

Whaaaat :O

No. 224330

File: 1483126899163.png (117.59 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9035.PNG)

lurch is a possible paedo– check out this comment … posting the original pic next

No. 224331

File: 1483126952746.png (648.25 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9036.PNG)

No. 224351

She looks sixteen, at most. Lurch is fucking disgusting.

No. 224611


Poor Luna is getting too old for his preference now. 17-year Olds watch out hes gonna be looking for a younger cow. Yikes.

No. 224644

Damn he ain't got no type except young and vulnerable

No. 224647

Sage for tinfoil hat
But I bet he's gonna use her to bait a younger girl or has her convinced those comments are "actually jokes" (that's just embarrassing)

No. 224952

>"possible" pedo
he's a full blown disgusting pedo who's only interest is milking young and vulnerable girls for drug money

No. 224962

That and the "ho" was clearly meant to be "hi" since he commented again

No. 225580

File: 1483251216036.png (143.51 KB, 750x992, IMG_1090.PNG)

That's a new cat

No. 225589

Fuck this makes me mad.
I bet they stole it.

No. 225595

She didnt caption it? Are you sure its a new cat? Smokey is the grey one and the fluffy black one is the one that hides from her in the junk room I think..?

No. 225596

is that actually a new cat? they already had two cats, a gray and black one.

No. 225598

They're like creatures of pure sebum

No. 225601

The cats look fairly unhealthy. The black one has an especially unhealthy coat.

No. 225668

Yes pictured is smoked but the other one, pepper is bigger and grey with white, not that cap

No. 225672


Pepper (the junk room cat) isn't Grey and white. Its not a new cat in that recent pic……

No. 225687

File: 1483288956320.png (143.85 KB, 702x378, Capture _2017-01-01-10-41-15.p…)

Hahahaha Luna ft. giant areola. Lmao

No. 225693

File: 1483290239788.png (189.68 KB, 749x1106, IMG_1092.PNG)

Oh ok

Pic related

No. 225695

I keep seeing it, makes me smile everytime.

No. 225698

Lmao I love this

No. 225702

Wait… This is the junk room cat, not the black one.
Hmm. Either way I don't think she got a new cat. Does she have 3 cats…? I always thought she did but then she started only talking about Smoky.

No. 225744

Two cats. Smokey and pepper.

No. 225760

I made it with love, so glad you liked it anons.

Hoping for a milky 2017 with Luna

No. 226299

i know this is really petty of me but it seriously bothers me that she makes them share the same food? i've had multiple cats in my life, and if there's one thing i know about cats, it's that making them share from the same bowl seriously stresses them out. they probably fight a lot honestly. cats are not exactly "pack" animals and enjoy eating in solitude. this is probably only one thing on a long list of things luna doesn't know about cat care but…. it's just a very pathetic and sad picture and i bet she thinks it's cute or something.

No. 226325

I bet you she thinks it's cute to watch her starved cats fight over the tiniest bit of food she gives them (I bet they share a 50¢ can of food) and she doesn't even share her dope with them!!! Rude.

No. 226330

maybe she steals a bit of the cat food for herself before she gives it to them :(

No. 226634

File: 1483414419743.png (152.4 KB, 697x928, Capture _2017-01-02-21-31-04.p…)

This is kindof old… But OMG.
Hypnosis of Luna by a molester/creep/pervert(there are several reviews claiming this) 'doctor'…. WHAT?!?!

No. 226638

No. 226642

No. 226662

so confused

No. 226669

Why? Matthew and his father know some sort of creepy 'doctor' who appears to be a con-man creep perv who puts people under hypnosis to "help" them. Chief wanted to get Luna in there for some reason, despite the creepy bad reviews. Its kindof scary… Luna needs to get the fuck away from him ASAP.. Seriously.

No. 226671

File: 1483419311212.png (172.77 KB, 675x988, whatthefuck.png)

What kind of doctor is open until midnight?

No. 227206

File: 1483517412970.png (50.29 KB, 639x436, IMG_1263.PNG)

follows kylie jenner dreaming of the perfect rich celebrity life

No. 227265

>Oh and for those who don't know it, he also started a dating business where he claims to have 30 plus years of 'personality profiling' and is capable of matching people to find their perfect match. Also claiming to use his own patient data base since it is his patients asking him to match him up with other patients. Highly doubtful but he put a full page ad in the New York magazine

Of course Chief would think this guy was a miracle worker. How would he even have the money to afford these sessions?

No. 227269

Double posting but no, I found the real reason Chief probably swears by this guy.

>Then he promised to get his rich clients to give me jobs, including voice-overs for movies, sales jobs, tutoring jobs, none of which ever came through.

>He said we were going into business together, but charged me for every "meeting". I saw, that he had tried to make a business arrangement with ALL of his clients.

No. 227366

There was a review saying that this dude/"doctor" told the person that he could set them up with a doctor who could write prescriptions… So maybe that's what he did for cheif and that's why hes kissing this dudes ass.

No. 227370

File: 1483546726224.png (140.91 KB, 655x600, Capture _2017-01-04-10-16-11.p…)

Hes a gun dealer, apparently. He probably has all these shady side businesses out of his "mediation service" office.

No. 227371


>When she told him he is not helping her as promised he told her she needed medication and he can send her to a Doctor who he uses to dispense prescriptions to his "patients".

No. 228898

requested to follow luna on instagram a month ago for possible milk but she won't accept my request.

No. 228923

wow same
maybe she's getting wise?

No. 228953


She never accepted me either. lol
@whoever is following her: has she posted anything recently? Or has she been dopesick and MIA.

No. 229003

She went outside with friends for once on New Year's but she's been pretty quiet the past few days.

No. 229213

File: 1483809676163.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1134.PNG)

Don't feel like cappin each dumb photo I guess her high school friend @rlyblonde decided to hang with her I can imagine she didn't do drugs all day though

No. 229214

Accidental spoiler image !

No. 229221

ugh I miss her blog posts, I hope she's got a new tumblr page

No. 229241


It looks like she gained weight…
And what.. No repulsive tounge licking new years picture with chief? ..Hanging out with HS friends again?
Dare I say maybe she got clean?

I know I gained a shitton of weight real fast when I got clean..

No. 229247

Maybe she didnt gain weight it just looks like it because we never see full-body pics of her, and also she has a very tiny head!! Which makes her body look bigger I guess

No. 229252

File: 1483816649582.gif (498.66 KB, 495x226, IMG_1135.GIF)

She wears really unflattering dresses too she really only looks thin when she shows off her waist. And her face is kind of tiny but her hair is so big.

Obligatory pic related

No. 229255

she has such a gross body

No. 229259

This "rlyblonde" chick looks somewhat classy and definatley not at all grubby, I wonder what she's doing hanging around smelly old Luna.

No. 229336

File: 1483826962481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.32 KB, 500x667, CZcwGj4.jpg)

she didn't gain weight, she's always been a fatty blob

No. 229346

Luna didn't gain, she just has a lot of loose skin

No. 229359

They were best friends in high school til Luna never spoke to her again prob cuz heroin/lurch

No. 229368

Those track marks

No. 229395

i wonder how bad her period cramps really were to want to do heroin

like was it just a convenient unprovable excuse, or legit

No. 229398

Holy shit, her thighs and arms make me feel bad for her. They're so lumpy but then, she could try toning instead of injecting.

No. 229407

File: 1483838971052.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.14 KB, 500x667, dfD5YD6.jpg)

Not sure what's worse. Her arms, her ass or that dirty door frame.

No. 229408

File: 1483839062733.jpg (82.15 KB, 663x1300, IMG_1142.JPG)

Liam's figure.

No. 229409

holy shit i've always been insecure about my upper arms but suddenly i'm grateful for them and for not having those full throttle lunchlady wings

No. 229411

also in regards to her instagram, she actually accepted my request fairly quickly but i couldn't handle more than a week or two of hate following, girl was dirtying up my feed like no other

No. 229511

the reason she started was apparently from her dislocating her knee or shoulder as shes claim to have done a billion times, not period cramps. she actually posted on her fb today about dislocating her knee again and its snowy outside so apparently she cant go anywhere because she cant walk around.

No. 229562

She's built like a hefty trash bag…poor girl, no wonder she's a lunatic.

No. 229847

File: 1483895265786.gif (550.22 KB, 500x281, giphy (2).gif)

>full throttle lunchlady wings

No. 229914


No. 230012

That's bogus. No one starts doing heroin because they have body aches. She was desperate to get into that "junkie lifestyle".

No. 230032

She did say she begged him to shoot her up too cuz he would only let her snort it. He's been portion controlling her since day 1.

No. 230034

To be fair, snorting is much better for someone doing heroin for the first time than shooting up. I get what you mean about him portion controlling her, though.

No. 230048

I really wish she'd get back to blogging, her only use on this earth is her milk to entertain us literally name one more thing she's good for

No. 230148

I honestly couldn't think of a single damn thing… She doesnt have a job, contributes to society in no way, dope dating a pedo who doesnt really give a shit about her, doesnt talk to her family except for when she needs something from them, can't even bathe and take care of herself, and she's not even happy with her life yet does nothing to try and change it. She could atleast entertain us and re-start her personal blog.

No. 230152

That's all I'm sayin yo come on tuna

No. 230195

Luna could be interesting but I guess she doesnt want to be. She just posts the same old stuff All The Time.

No. 230200

She really used to be better than this now she really is fading away maybe shit with lurch is real bad

No. 232000

haha yeah luna sucks right guys

No. 232101

File: 1484257063824.jpg (125.37 KB, 1080x1080, 3EaEbNV.jpg)

Ugh I feel sad bc we lost the most entertaining source of junkie milk

No. 232102

File: 1484257082383.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1201.PNG)

Insta update
Same shitty smile in the bathroom

No. 232106

Jesus she's a junkie, the least she could do is not be fat.
It's ez when you're on crack Luna.

No. 232108

Me too ugh come back tuna

I know I feel like she'd have to be thin by now unless she eats way more than we think she does cuz she's absolutely sedentary.

No. 232269

File: 1484277327203.png (22.46 KB, 510x322, luna copy pasta.png)

this reads like a copy pasta

No. 232281

>Luna your life is so riveting

No. 232289

Lmao what the fuck? How does someone fall over 5 rows of seats….? I don't think so..

No. 232340

The cotton eyed Joe? Like that's just a common thing? There's a dance to that horrendous song?

No. 232820

Does she ever make any posts about Lurch anymore?

No. 232909

She rarely posts anything interesting these days because bitches keep trying to force milk instead of letting it happen naturally. She probably doesn't talk about Chief that much anymore since that last anon contacted her trying to stir drama.

No. 232958

File: 1484405178488.png (159.1 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9336.PNG)


No. 234723

She looks crazy… I feel bad for her

No. 234739

File: 1484421570703.jpg (44.96 KB, 497x306, ijijiji.JPG)

No. 234742

>my family is not the type I can go to
…doesn't he live with his father though?

No. 234754

File: 1484428030342.jpg (59.49 KB, 540x676, IMG_20170114_130530.jpg)

Looks like she's currently at her dad's.

No. 234762


Matthew is e-begging now?!?!?! Hahahaha. He sounds just as pathetic as Luna.
>I haven't slept in four days because of this impending doom
>cant even really eat a proper meal

Cant eat, cant sleep, cant pay rent. #JUNKIEPROBLEMS!
Sucks, huh? But that dope sure does feel good.

No. 234764

File: 1484431155554.jpg (46.21 KB, 1280x720, erroll-gluck.jpg)


This Errol Gluck is a lolcow in his own right. After reading some of his reveiws, I can't look away. He's completely batshit

"Dr. Errol Gluck said he could hypnotize me into eating less and losing weight. Not only did it not work, but he lied to me about the following.

1. He told me he could get me a job doing voiceover work for a big budget movie that was in production. It make absolutely no sense, because I have a massive speech problem.

2. He told me he could get one of his clients in the clothing business to buy my tee shirt designs.

3. He told me his client ran the Strand Bookstore and could get me a job there.

4. He insisted that I buy "prescription strength" nutritional supplements from him at high prices.

5. He tried to get me to take prescription drugs. When I told him "only an MD can prescribe drugs" he answered "my father's an MD, I can get them through him."

6. He told me he had a doctorate in theology, giving him clergy privilges. I said "what if someone admits to sexually abusing kids?" He replied "then I'll just kill them myself."

7. He told me he had a gun trader's license and was starting an arms dealing business in South Africa, and wanted to send me there as an employee. I told him "you've got to be crazy, people get killed there" and he answered "it'll be okay, I have a guy that was a Navy SEAL, he'll go with you." I still wasn't convinced, and I said "you're a hypnotist, why not make even more money hypnotizing the soldiers into not being afraid of the enemy?" His reply to that was "listen, you have your hobbies, and I have mine."

At this point I discontinued our "therapy." I'd kept going to his sessions for a year because I wanted those jobs he promised. But the $250 price per session would've been too much. I'd love to recover the money, and fortunately, I paid with a credit card so there's a record of the payments.

I contacted the NY State Office of Misconduct Enforcement, but since he's not licensed, there's nothing they can do. However, there were complaints about him for similar reasons in the last decade, and the information will be made available to official investigations.

I contacted the NY State Attorney General's Office of Consumer Fraud and have not heard back. If you've been cheated or lied to by Dr. Errol Gluck, contact this office and file a complaint.

Dr. Gluck may or may not have a PhD from an accredited university, but he's not licensed to practice anything, be it psychology, psychoanalysis, life coaching, hypnosis, etc. He eats while working with his clients (not very professional), talks to them about his personal life, and tried to get me to date his receptionist. Since he's not licensed, I'm not even sure how much of what goes on there is actually privileged"

No. 234766


Seems exactly like the kind of grimy person Matthew would associate with. I just wonder what kind of creepy/weird deals they made with eachother and why Matthew wanted to get Luna in there.

No. 234780

File: 1484433849821.png (1007.27 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1212.PNG)

Yeah that can't possibly be her bathroom

No. 234782

I like that she still holds her arm in the "DONT LOOK AT MY TRACK MARKS lookatmytrackmarks" pose even in long sleeves. ugh did zoom in to see if there was any blood spots though

No. 234784

Same as ^^ but take a second and try to stand like that, the most awkward post

No. 234787

Holding her arm like that also makes it look like her upper arm is smaller than her elbow (suh skinneeee) and makes her shoulders and biceps look less round, since they aren't smushed up against her sides like they would be when she's standing normally.
I think it's a poorly done skinny pose.

No. 234830


She is looking quite lumpy!
And yeah it looks like she's at her "evil" fathers house. Ill bet Matthew kicked her out because Theyre "short on rent". Or if she's there to steal and/or get money from him.

No. 234835

I like the colour of her bangs.

No. 234836

Her hair is so brassy lmao

No. 234838


It looks like she hiked up those sweatpants into her crotch. Camel-toe territory. Who gets camel toe in BAGGY SWEATPANTS?!

No. 235068

new iphone?

No. 235081

So suprised at how clean the mirror is whoah. Oh wait. This is her dad's isn't it…

No. 235175

wish she'd stop using that one filter, it makes everything look more disgusting than it already is

No. 235255


I wondered that too. Could be the reason she's at her dads. So he could buy her new shit. Now she can pawn/trade her old one for drugs. I mean "rent money".

No. 235256

Yeah, I know they're brassy but I think that orangish wouldn't look bad either

No. 235352

She has to hike them up to make her waist look small and hide her low hanging gut fat.

No. 235360

Kinda surprised she's never gone the camwhore route to ebeg

I mean there is that video of lurch slapping her in the face with his soft dick…

No. 235365

The part of Luna that hikes her track pants up over her sagging stomach and holds her arms out madly in order to make them appear a little less round knows that she can't make $10 camwhoring.

Hundreds of prettier girls are out there doing it and making next to nothing. Luna could get on camera and masturbate til her fingers bleed but there's not a soul who'd pay to see that. Lurch is the only one interested and he gets it for free.

No. 235374

LMAO this bitch can't pay her rent and Lurch is "starving" but she can afford an fucking iPhone 7 Plus, I actually spat out my tea

No. 235425

im seriously wondering how she's supporting her heroin addiction now. she desperately begged so damn much on her old blog that i really can't see her stopping. is she stealing maybe? or hooking?

luna is too unattractive to cam. she would have to appeal to people with mombod fetishes… i don't see it happening

No. 235457

Loads of people agree that the things she 'finds in the bin' are stolen from either stores or people she knows. I think it's often the same story with her 'gifts' of a half-used lipstick or eyeshadow palette. Nobody gives someone rubbish like that but plenty of people steal a lipstick they like from a "friend". She may have been another gofundme scammer, and she's not above straight up begging for money on her blog, Instagram, and facebook.
She's never indicated she's worked a day in her life so I'd say she's mooching and stealing, then complaining loudly and publicly when she is t given enough charity to suit her liking.

No. 235669

Im sure Matthews father gets some sort of monthly check which I can see them taking from him (maybe telling him that its all going to his/their bills) and I wouldn't be surprised if Tuna and Chief also get some sort of monthly government check. Luna also gets foodstamps, which im sure she sells to shady people for cash. All that probably isn't enough for their $80+ a day habit though, so who knows. I wouldn't be surprised if she sucks dick for money/drugs for the both of them.
Oh, and I forgot about the money tunas dad gives her every month. Not sure how much that is though. Maybe she's begging more money out of him and iPad grandpa lately. And this Pat woman she's talked about, too.

No. 235676

I don't usually read this thread but I swear this picture creeps me out every time I scroll by. Like why are her eyes so wonky? What is that eyeliner? What the fuck are those lips? That microbiome under her pit? Is that a third arm growing out of her chest between her tit and the alien tattoo? Die she have _three_ hairy armpits? And why does her face look like it's in fucking 2D?
Sorry for the dumb post I'm high af right now

No. 235708

>I'm high af right now
So was Luna in the picture.

No. 235732

Matthew?!? Is that you!?!?

No. 235740

Lmao the first time I saw OP I think I was high af too I just DONT understand it those lips

No. 235748

she's on at least a few fb 'support groups' where she sits and complains to people who "validate" her. then she begs for money lmao. also she still messages people privately for money

No. 235846

Ew Matthew just sent me a weird message >Idk you but I'm having major problems -my name- nice to meet your acquaintance

He added me months ago
So fucking creepy too ew I don't like it

No. 235847

Didn't mean too sage ugh

No. 235851


No. 235856

File: 1484620467239.png (42.66 KB, 750x626, IMG_1219.PNG)

Literally exactly what I posted but

No. 235860

I have no idea how sea creature even found my facebook but he sent that to me as well

No. 235864

Idk whether to talk to him or not it might be funny but it makes me feel filthy that he's even looking at photos of me so

No. 235901


Take one for the farm. Ask what kind of trouble he's in this week and defriend if he gets creepy. Uh creepier than usual.

No. 235912


This is so weird?!? Haha. He must be desperate and dopesick! I'd reply if I were you.. see what kind of milk flows.

I wonder about his situation with Luna atm. He probably kicked her out because she can't get him dope money and that's why she's currently at her dads. Tbh I can't stand this chick but id be glad to see her get away from sea creature. Hes a fucking creep.

No. 235947

File: 1484630810372.png (4.69 KB, 140x70, haha.PNG)

dude he started talking to me too!! just a few hours ago.

No. 235949

if my boyfriend was an older man who liked adding younger girls online and starting up random conversations with them i'd be really uncomfortable with that sort of behaviour. what a fucking creep.

No. 236023

I'd be uncomfortable having a heroin-fueled bog body as my boyfriend no matter how he behaves

No. 236093

She came home from her dad's after a single night like always she clearly went there to beg from him etc which I mean, Matthew could have forced her to do. Although if I were her I'd way rather be at her dads it's so much nicer and I bet theres food in the fridge etc

No. 236112


This is such gold, kek. I was so tempted to do this but I live in the same county as these dirtbags. Surprised I've never run into either of them.

No. 236126

File: 1484677625459.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1220.PNG)

She's hanging out with some friend she never mentioned and she's out for sushi ??

So broke n sad Luna

No. 236141

File: 1484680466301.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1229.PNG)

Her fucking high school friend's grandmother got her a gift for Xmas wtf this girl is given so much shit she must appear so desperate wtf

No. 236150

She definitely looks homely, but she looks fairly normal here? Like, if she washed her hair she could look almost nice.

No. 236194

She's a friend from highschool. Some old pics of them both if you scroll down enough on her instagram

No. 236245

File: 1484690601597.png (2.47 MB, 1750x1196, sushi.png)

she actually looks good here but kek at the comments. her followers are so delusional. what have luna or (especially) matthew ever done that would make them admirable?

No. 236250

She's so gross but her hanging with friends her own age lately makes me hope that she'll wise up to how despicable and creepy Lurch is this year and leave him

No. 236255

why does she have a fork on her plate at a sushi restaurant…………………..

No. 236256

File: 1484691777275.png (677.61 KB, 1033x559, milkiena.png)

Why am I not surprised that this is the type of person who admires a swampbog like Lurch?

No. 236263

nah whenever she goes out for dinner the other person always pays for her. usually it's bryce, i'm guessing she's mooching off this girl too

No. 236279

Definitely. She probably even squeezed some cash out of her for "rent" I WISH MY FRIENDS GAVE ME DRUG MONEY !!!

No. 236296

Its so fucking strange to see her out with normal people doing normal shit instead of hiding in her smelly shithole apartment with lurch while he portion controls her drugs.
I feel like they got in some sort of fight over drugs/money, he temporarily kicked her out, she went to her dads and it gave her some freedom to do some normal shit. I don't get why she isnt dopesick though? Maybe it wasnt that bad and she got thru it in a few days while at her dads?

No. 236345

Some restaurants give one to you if you can't use the chopsticks. I can't say I've ever seen anyone eat sushi with a fork before, so fucking weird.

No. 236361

File: 1484702935833.png (836.71 KB, 719x1022, yikes.png)

She didnt even wash off her caked on makeup before putting this mask on, yuck.. And it looks like she put that on Chief while he was nodded out and then she woke him up right before taking the pic. Haha.

No. 236362

I hate these masks so much. Like, go on and use them, but why do people feel the need to take a photo with them on? You look like shit and it's annoying

No. 236363

If you cant use chopsticks, then you can use your fingers. I've never seen anyone else a fork

No. 236376

They're so retarded they didn't even fold down the part that covers your nose… you can see it's folded up underneath the mask smh

No. 236378

Is she actually retarded? The fact that she just slapped on a face mask with a full face of crusty makeup on is so grimey- I feel that it would just melt her makeup further into her pores and make her skin worse lmao.
Also I thought this was a picture of them with luncheon meat on their faces at first glance

No. 236380

>Also I thought this was a picture of them with luncheon meat on their faces at first glance

wouldn't surprise me, they dirty af

No. 236386

There's a bowl of rice right next to her, you blind people

No. 236390

>implying rice is supposed to be eaten with a fork

No. 236394

Yeah she clearly doesn't care about healthy skin. She probably put that mask on just to take pics. I bet she never washer her face.. She just cakes more on day after day.. Minus the stuff that gets rubbed off on her pillow. Imagine how gross a normal person would feel if they did that.

No. 236405


Have you never eaten at a fucking Japanese restaurant? They give you chopsticks to eat with, not forks.

No. 236415

This was straight up frightening omg

No. 236416

She looks normal and almost passibly attractive here. I'm so used to seeing those wonky eyes and pasty-ass cracked lips that it's weird to see her looking okay from afar.

No. 236417

omg finally I can be the anon who knows things about things. I work in an Asian restraunt that seems pretty similar to where ever they are (typical little bit of everything Asian and then full sushi bar) and there's always rolls of silverware on the table in case you a) don't order sushi at all or b) order salad or something to go with your sushi. chopsticks and soy sauce dishes are brought to your table before your sushi arrives. Yeah it's not the "correct" way but plenty of people use forks to eat their sushi (and egg rolls? which annoys me so much Jesus fucking Christ just pick the thing up) it's not like we're sitting in the heart of Asia, it's America. Of course people are gonna disregard everything and use forks if they so choose

No. 236422

Thank you! I was getting annoyed with these chopstick nazis never seeing a fork at an Asian restaurant.

No. 236432

Looks like their own. And Matthew never goes with Luna to her dads house. Creepy fucker probably isnt allowed. I doubt there was ever rent money needed, they were just desperately looking for dope money. Luna probably got some cash from evil father and sushi friend, they got their dope and now all is well between them.

No. 236435

File: 1484712444800.png (290.16 KB, 478x664, fd4733eba2206762970f74bb327f31…)


No. 236439

?? So weird. Haha. It seems like hes just trying to get his name around Facebook for some reason…?

No. 236441

I love that he's so out of it he doesn't care it's euros

No. 236465

He "can't afford his rent" but thinks some cheap knock off raybans might be "kick ass"? Lol ok Chief.

No. 236471

Looks like she finally got new bed sheets and blanket

No. 236473

File: 1484717841888.png (3.24 MB, 1439x2241, 20170117_233637.png)

No. 236475

I wouldn't call her friend normal anon. Not a junkie maybe, but still fucked up enough to own a pacifier.

No. 236514

I'm sure she 'found them'

No. 236527

Cue tuna drug induced selfie spam and omg a pic of her nasty bedside table

No. 236556

File: 1484733645494.png (194.79 KB, 230x643, 81112c8fbb524f8cad838d663858e1…)

ok is matthew looking for a sugar daddy

No. 236560

Even with new sheets everything has that grimey look to it like if you laid down you'd see roaches scatter.

No. 236566

I ship it

No. 236639

I could see him doing shit with a guy for money. I wondered if that's some shit he did with that creepy hypnotist Dr. Gluck dude.

No. 236642

File: 1484757918974.png (192.74 KB, 712x774, Capture _2017-01-18-10-43-43.p…)


No. 236646

Omg his ebegging is next level

No. 236647

File: 1484758577378.png (188.1 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1245.PNG)

He sent me this

No. 236649

File: 1484758599522.png (174.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1246.PNG)


No. 236650

I asked him if it was hard to find jobs in New York lol

No. 236654

He can walk to the Bronx for dope but he can't work because his leg hurts?

No. 236661

He also hasn't directly asked me for money he's just sending whiney stuff like this?

No. 236662

Lmao I wanna know who 'attacked him' and made him cry????!?
Hey man that's a long walk!! I sent him job listings in the Bronx

No. 236664

Thanks for digging. Now I can't stop imagining Lurch as the city's least persuasive Re/Max realtor.

No. 236670

I'm waiting for him to straight up tell me "no I want money without putting in any ounce of work"

No. 236671

haha he's definitely working up to that. It's like he's barfing up a really long preamble to the pitch.

>if you could just give me a burger today…

No. 236676

Im half waiting for luna to be exposed behind the lurch facebook profile as her new way of e-panhandling. Regardless he sure types like a 20 year old on tumblr

No. 236897

I just ditched him some of my super seriusss issues and he's given me no asspats also the injury was EIGHT YEARS AGO. he'll probably use it as an excuse for life. Also dude was probably trying to get insurance money by getting hit with a cab only damaging his leg? I've seen that exact move before by a junkie. Also the hospital drugs. Some people who just do pills will constantly seriously injure themselves for hospital drugs. I've even heard from someone they used to get they're dog hurt for the DOG TRAMADOL omg

No. 236898

*dished not ditched

No. 236900

I wonder what on earth personality Luna would/will adopt without Lurch in her life.

No. 236972

File: 1484795523257.png (415.35 KB, 484x740, WbOnojm.png)

No. 236984

? Cuz he liked it ?

No. 236986

he commented "good shit" lol…

No. 236987


Lmfao what?!? Why is he admitting to (enjoying) crack use?!?!

No. 237069

does he not realize that's an anti-crack post

No. 237128

Oh I missed that LOL

No. 237163

late but he messaged me at 5am and said "hey hun" was he just mass texting all the girls on his fb friend lsit?

No. 237176

File: 1484845570339.png (200.69 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1257.PNG)

Definitely. He's pathetically telling me crazy shit. I don't wanna post all of it cuz it like shows who I am mostly cuz I was basically explaining how my situation is also awful but I am not begging lol he still won't directly ask me for money

No. 237178

File: 1484845727585.png (212.47 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1258.PNG)

Just like what dude?

No. 237180

>some people will spend more energy not working than working a job

I think he meant 'spend more energy trying not to work' which is exactly what hes doing. Wouldn't it just be easier (and more productive monetarily) to go get a job (even if its just entry level or minimum wage) than to try and beg money out of people online?! He sure is pathetic. Has bad excuses for everything.

No. 237206

Does he think youre just a random chick who added him on FB or does he know you know him thru Luna and her bullshit?

No. 237209

The crack dope synergy must have him feeling like jesus to think this message reads as anything but insanity

No. 237218

When someone I know was mixing crack and dope, they'd exaderate and come up with these bogus blown out of proportion stories and talk about all these pipe dreams (ugh, no pun intended).
Didnt think Chief does crack though? Just Luna.. Maybe she really is behind his account and that "good stuff" comment came from her dumbass.

No. 237222

Early 30's? Isn't he like 37?

No. 237233

umm what is this? you posted this before with the name "Magda" and email "fleamarket19@yahoo.com" - which i googled and it brings up this page
which clearly lists YOU as "Chey".

Pathetic. Nobody cares. saged.

No. 237238

>friend of Luna may potentially be lurking thread
>lets shit on her before she can give us any juicy information!

No. 237241

lmao god forbid i be someone who let chey use their email or care for her & fucking hate luna and wanna spread gossip. lol bye

No. 237250

what did 'magda' post? i can't see

No. 237253


Blah blah blah Chey is "clean" but it's probably a lie she tells her "friends." I don't really believe that she would be dumb enough to use her own email to shit on Luna–They're still super close.

No. 237266

Nope me and Luna aren't FB friends he has no clue who I am

No. 237384

This doesn't make sense. Why would you let chey use her own email? What?

No. 237394

Who the fuck is Chey?

No. 237397

What post are you referring to…..? Nobody cares about what?

No. 237441

Chey Addison

No. 237458

Okay…….? What does she have to do with Tuna and this thread?

No. 237468


chey is one of Lunas internet friends who got hooked on drugs to loose weight and she fills in her eyebrows really shitty. tumblr - sadurday. milkier than luna right now so whatever

No. 237471

Learn to sage newfag.

Seems like someone is trying to either self-post or derail with all this Chey talk? She seems pretty irrelevant.

No. 237542

I saw deleted post, it said something along the lines of "her best friend has been clean for 2 months so she doesn't have any junkies to hang around with. And Chief Aerola is 35"

Would have been nice to have some insider knowledge on Luna, but clearly it was better to call her a dumb junkie.

lol you and >>237233 seem to care a real lot about this nobody. Make a Chey thread if shes that milky. Nothing to do with Luna.

No. 237572

He's definitely 37 about to turn 38

No. 237646

File: 1484948123251.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1268.PNG)

Ew gross pls teach your cats some manners?!?

No. 237648

File: 1484948188830.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1267.PNG)

Oh wow thank u so much Tuna

No. 237657

Doesn't milk give cats diarrhea? Gotta christen the "new, semi-clean" quilt with fresh cat shit?

Hahaha nice how she wears the same exact outfit for like over a week. Fucking disgusting! And duh, her Bernie sanders pin.. She didnt even vote and trump is president now, get over it…

No. 237665

Cats are indeed lactose intolerant, something many people don't know due to cultural conditioning to think cats drink milk all the time.
However I think the last time they got sick it was from her changing their food suddenly, something that is very stressful for cats and avoidable by doing a bit of planning and buying food in advance/mixing new and old when you know you're gonna run out etc.

Also fucking EW >>237646
CATS MOUTHS ARE SO DIRTY, they literally stir their shit and piss around with their paws and then lick them, and now she's gonna put that spoon in her mouth. This thread makes my skin crawl every time without fail.

Sage for blog about cats, holy fuck this girl is nasty

No. 237671

She just needs to do her makeup differently, fix her hair color and wash it, wear a bra, and use a different filter and she'd look so much better. At least she doesn't have cakey corpse lips there, though. I wonder what happened to her cherub necklace that she always wore?

No. 237682

File: 1484954189046.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1270.PNG)

Here's some cakey crack lips for u

No. 237699

Is all/most of this her real hair? I can't fathom why her bangs look like they're a different color than the rest of her hair, but not different enough to seem intentional. And theyre greasy or something. Is it like… there's product in them that changes the color?

I actually think the rest of her hair looks really nice though, it's thick and shiny but messy in a cool way.

No. 237704

Nah her roots been growing in she's naturally brassy

No. 237706

I dunno what you're seeing, but her hair looks dry as hay, tangled, and damaged as fuck. Yet slightly greasy? It probably smells like cigarettes and cat shit.

No. 237707

Gross, you think her hair looks nice? Looks fucking disgusting to me. And it looks like its turning green now. It only looks thick because its so gross and damaged from bleaching it.. Its all poofy and nasty.

No. 237711

She reeeeeaaallllyyy needs to trim her ends bitches try growing their hair out and don't trim it cuz they're afraid of losing length but honestly set those ends free pls
And it makes your hair grow more?

No. 237713

I feel like she would make an amusing looking puppet

No. 237763

It looks like she wets down her bangs and combs them straight. Her hair is so greasy, that's why it stays stick straight afterward. Yuck, bitch. I'm a hair stylist, and I would not want to touch that greasy pile of shit.

No. 237779


I don't understand how she doesn't feel absolutely disgusting? Dirty, greasy, chalky feeling hair that hasn't been washed in days/weeks, caked on makeup that probably never gets washed off… I would feel absolutely disgusted with myself and for fucking sure would not take and post selfies. What the fuck is wrong with her…? Even on drugs, I wasnt as fucking gross as her…

No. 237805

File: 1484979335524.jpg (36.78 KB, 642x380, 1_Gemma-Ward-2013-642-380.jpg)

lol be mad

Okay but the rest of her roots aren't brassy. Besides her grease bangs, much of her hair in >>237682 looks so thick and stiff that it seems kind of like it might be weave? I dig it but it doesn't look like something that would grow out of a white persons head, it reminds me of the wig they put gemma in for this vogue cover.

No. 237807

I like her hair there too! It reminded me of this photo shoot with early 2000s models

No. 237889


Those aren't euros. It's Pound Sterling.

Source: my country's currency

Also sage

Also, Luna has been boring as hell since since she deleted lilcherub1996

No. 237909

surely this will Stop Donald Trump!

No. 237926

Why do they keep having their cats drink from their cereal and lick their spoons? Dirty fucking scrubbers

No. 237984

True. She's not interesting anymore, just gross and unhygenic.

No. 237989

I think you all must be kidding.
Her hair looks really bad.. I don't see any similarities between her hair and that pic of Gemma Ward. Tunas hair looks like that because its 1.) damaged as fuck, 2.) dirty as fuck, and 3.) looks like she just brushed it and so it gets extra frizzy and poofy because its so fucked up. And look at those scraggly-ass ends. Least she could do is trim that dirty mop.

No. 238047

God sometimes I just want to send her soap but I know that bitch won't use it

No. 238079

File: 1485052260848.png (107.47 KB, 540x552, Screenshot_2017-01-21-21-27-08…)

Oh the terrible price of being sketchy as hell
(Don't they only ever take the train to go to the Bronx to cop?)

No. 238082

File: 1485052436218.png (420.19 KB, 540x776, Screenshot_2017-01-21-21-28-37…)

"Broke, foodless, shopping with church giftcard"…. somehow ends up taking selfies in a clothing store declaring how proud she is of doing enough drugs to wear a crop top in public

No. 238083

I wonder what she stole from that store.

No. 238087

Lmfao, my first thought too when I seen that pic! Haha. And also. SHE WENT OUT IN PUBLIC IN THAT OUTFIT?!? Gross, that's the same one she's been wearing for like a week+. She looks grubby as hell, it looks like she went out in her pajamas.

What would she have done if Matthew got arrested? I mean drug-wise. Cos we know she'd pout about it online and say that Chief did nothing wrong.

No. 238110

I can't believe she went out in that week old outfit I bet she smells so bad she's so suspicious she must be high af to think she looks good in public like that enough to take a ~*body posi*~ selfie while definitely shoplifting
Can't wait til she gets arrested for the first time. Her mugshot will be priceless.

No. 238138

every time he's not been around she's gone into detox because she doesn't go out for herself so unless she started, she'll be moaning about how sick she is and how much she's throwing up until the sea monster schleps his tentacles back to the apartment and over to the bronx

No. 238139

oh yeah I'd pay to see what the bottom of those sweatpants look like

No. 238142

Lurch is still messaging me I've been talking back trying to get milk which I'll post if I get but it's mostly been done he's vaguely asking me for money but I'm not taking the bait obv but earlier he told me "we split a granola bar"
They TOTALLY went food shopping y'all.

No. 238146


Gotta watch for the new ugly selfie showing off whatever she stole from that store and then saying it was a gift or found in the trash.

No. 238154

File: 1485061758846.jpg (138.87 KB, 1300x953, IMG_9503.JPG)

anon please give them money so they can eat, lurch was lying about the granola bar. Luna sent me a picture of their real dinner that they split :(

No. 238156

I feel like the guy in the black t-shirt and the hat is loss prevention.

No. 238164

File: 1485063027525.png (704.13 KB, 819x577, lunasweatpants.png)

No. 238169

I have a flat tummy and I still would not dress like this. Why do my people think low rise sweat pants and a top this cropped are acceptable public attire

No. 238171

same. I think she's going for that junkie ~*a e s t h e t i c *~. She clearly has more than one outfit, too, so I'm surprised that she just wears the same one 100% of the time. Like, you know she sleeps in that shit, too.

No. 238175

She looks legit handicapped.
Those are high rise. Gotta keep that fupa hidden.

No. 238177

Not to mention there's what looks like bloodstains dotting the sleeve. So gross.


Gotta "find" some stuff that she can claim she got out of a dumpster.

No. 238235

File: 1485083414076.png (856.06 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1290.PNG)

Sry Luna I think you meant $Free.99
It's silly if she's stealing cheap ass lotion tho.. but I can't imagine her being able to spend $4 on not drugs or junk food or cigarettes..

No. 238277


Why would you put anything that is only 3.99 on your face??

No. 238307

>iPhone 7+

top fucking kek

No. 238327

I bet shop security have to follow her around in every shop she goes into.
She looks gross

No. 238420

This looks like its from the dollar store or some shit. She complains about not having any money for food… And then claims to spend money on useless face cream. But im sure she stole it.. Probably from a thrift store or some junky/shitty place that doesn't have security cameras. That's why its an off brand and in Spanish.
She doesn't have the balls to steal nice things.
And she looks so grubby and shady as fuck, no way she'd get away with stealing decent stuff. She just has no class whatsoever. Nasty.

No. 238438

Even if she wanted to/tried to blend in, I doubt she could. She doesnt know the first thing about dressing any other way than like a trashy piece of shit.

No. 238444

I still can't believe she wore this outfit out in public. Now that ive seen the whole body pic and the sweatpants/shoe combo… Oh My God.
Her sweatpants are so stretched out from wearing them for a week straight. Look at the knees. She looks like she sleeps in an alley..

No. 238452

Wait… Are these her shoes? (I don't think they are because they look like Nike) She's just trying them on in the store? I wonder if her smelly fungus feet stunk up those brand new shoes.

No. 238453

I work in retail and I would call security the instant Lunas set foot in my store. She looks like a drug addict, which I guess is what she wants.

No. 238454

The Walgreens website lists this lotion as $16.50.

No. 238459

So maybe 3.99 at the thriftshop. I don't think she'd steal from a walgreens, too many overhead mirrors, cameras, and nosy employees.

No. 238463

Aren't those the ratty sweatpants and shirt she's wearing in >>237648 >>234780
Is that the only outfit she owns these days?

No. 238477

Lol if she ever got caught shoplifting and was put on probation and had to do regular drug tests.

No. 238490

After weeks of wearing only one thing I wonder what determines when its time to change clothes.
Maybe when the armpits in her shirt rots out? When her pants smell too much like piss?

No. 238498

File: 1485123591979.png (812.86 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2812.PNG)

Most recent post. Trying to lay some ground work for sympathy / begging posts?

No. 238500

Why is the poorly-wrapped bandage poorly wrapped on the outside of her leggings?

No. 238517

File: 1485127804567.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1291.PNG)

No. 238518

Oh wow, little bites and some fucked up strawberries. Fantastic.

No. 238519

What is it meant to be doing? It can't be for a wound, it's too poorly wrapped to be for a sprain or strain.
Does she really think winding a dirty bandage around her pants is going to make someone give her more money for heroin and cheap beauty products? This is kys tier pathetic Luna.

No. 238520

She seemed to post that right after she posted how she is too disabled to protest lol

No. 238521

yeah i think it looks alright too.

No. 238522

File: 1485128506196.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1292.PNG)

LOL ya both look like trash

Also check that cash money coming out his wallet.. she's so good at contradicting herself

No. 238524

Silly Luna, she should have gone out with her bandage and begged like a proper panhandler.
Is she too proud to straight up just ask strangers for drug money or is she still entertaining the idea that she's somehow not a panhandling scumbag two steps away from sucking truckers cocks in the alleyway next to the box she lives in in order to get her next hit?

No. 238526

File: 1485128790084.png (50.2 KB, 514x514, fuckingmatt.png)

No. 238528

File: 1485128975957.png (195.14 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1293.PNG)

So I've just been letting him talk to me for days and he's kinda milky

Any requests?

No. 238530

She thinks that thing looks good? Gross. Where are his lips? Why is he making that face?!?
This bitch seriously gives me secondhand embrassment.

No. 238531

gets paid from what job
ask him where he gave all that money to lol

No. 238533

I like how he knows down to the exact cent how much money hes donated. Haha.

And no don't ask him dumb shit like that. Be smart about it and get something milky.

No. 238535

Ok I hate cops too and for good reason, but what I hate even more are punky douchebags like Matthew who think theyre the shit. Dude, your almost 40 years old and your acting like some punky immature 17 year old boy.
Hahaha if Luna panicked and almost cried from Matthew getting hassled by the cops imagine what a mess she'll be when she gets busted stealing or for having drugs/paraphernalia. Hahaha.

No. 238537

File: 1485129888476.png (25.73 KB, 517x333, sure luna.png)

No. 238538

luna made a new blog, its angelhair1996

No. 238539

How does she not realize how ridiculous she sounds?!!! She posts selfies of herself shopping and trying on shoes and then complains she can't protest because of her "disability"? Drugs are really fucking with her brain.. She seriously just a dumb babbling braindead dumbass. Shes a complete joke.

No. 238542

File: 1485130414623.png (46.71 KB, 692x749, Capture _2017-01-22-18-12-52.p…)


No. 238545

No. 238551

guys, seriously, imagine if she tried to shoot sets like budior style in their dirty apartment. I feel like you'd ask for nudes and she'd take her usual crack bathroom selfie but plus a nipple

No. 238552

i didnt reply to like 5 of matthews facebook messages and he just sent me this:

"Damn wtf happened to you?? Where are you I'll come and bring you home safely!! If your in danger write how are your new tennis sneakers if your fine send me a picture of whoever your with.. Hun for some strange reason I consider you a FRIEND and am worried about your well being.."

No. 238554

Too fucking funny!!! What is wrong with this dude?!?!

No. 238556

I mean…. Maybe there's people with a fetish for pasty, cottage cheesy, fat drug addict with giant areolas, saggy tits, and dirty skin? Shes so repulsive!
Id throw her a dollar or two though if she posted some crack smoking pics/vids.

No. 238558

Nude selfies with her cat shit covered blanket carefully draped to hide the saggy, pimply skin of her thighs.
Bathroom photos of the reflection of her droopy ass, stained granny panties lifted into a wedgie on one side to show off her crack induced weight loss.

Awkward shot of her on all fours, again, on the filthy bed, tits hanging down in sad tubes, saggy belly skin hanging almost as low, wearing nothing but those disgusting pink striped tube socks she wears for weeks at a time and that one other pair of panties she owns.

Chief areola is the cameraman/director. They are shocked when nobody rushes to purchase snapchats of her areoles or unwashed cooch.

No. 238561

He will save any damsel in distress for either a nude photo or a cash handput

No. 238566

….What? That's an old pic that's already been posted here. Am I missing something?

No. 238570

That's exactly how they would be! Vomit. Who does she think would pay for that anyway? Her only followers are tweeny girls. And I can't believe she thinks she has a decent enough body to do that.
Its not that shes fat.. Its that Shes super flabby and just grotesque looking. She has no muscle tone at all.

No. 238573


oh shit, sorry
i didn't notice that it was posted before

No. 238575

Angelhair making me think about how her hair looks like greasy noodles

No. 238581

Matthew: I have an uncle that used to tell my parents we were going to the movies or whatever and would take me shooting.. I actually got pretty accurate, maybe it has something to do with my athletic background but my point is I deliberately live without a firearm in my place because of my mental health issues.. My depression or bpd gets real bad sometimes and I don't want to be able to walk into my room and insert a magazine roll a round in the chamber flip the safety off and squeeze one off in my mouth.. So many women like don't want bf or gf because they can't get a proper one.. However your real smart and funny and your like super attractive you should have no trouble finding a bf if you want one.. Please be careful with guns and any sort of a firearm.. All these other assholes can play in traffic but there's something special about you!! I'm actually being genuine rn Hun..

No. 238583

Oh wow he "has bpd" too just like Luna?
And YOU POOR ANON! Looks like Lurch is developing some kindof creepy crush on you!
This could be milky.

No. 238588

Oh god, lurch has you in his sights anon. And wtf is with his paragraph, is there context to the conversation or is he just spouting random shit? Does everyone Luna associates with have to have BPD?! Do you think they argue about who is the most special snowflake, with the worst BPD?

No. 238593

Good job at going along with it btw. Maybe he'll start opening up to you about his addiction.

No. 238597

File: 1485137104084.png (105.44 KB, 750x751, IMG_1294.PNG)

He's telling me all sorts of stuff I have no idea why he said the second part probably because I told him I have no money lol

No. 238600

File: 1485137236712.png (112.09 KB, 750x806, IMG_1295.PNG)

I've offered him nothin he just keeps going

No. 238602

Btw there's at least 2 of us posting convos from Matthew lol he's a busy gremlin

No. 238603

Hahaha lurch is literally just leaking the milk all by himself, and well done anon, keep up the good work! I did wonder how long it would take for him to flat out ask for money

No. 238613

lmfao he said he hit an NA meeting on friday but it was "a drag because everyone was mad old"…….

No. 238614

im talking to him on my fake facebook account that only has pictures from like 2011 lol

there's context to this lol i made up a weird story about having a stalker and needing a gun

No. 238641

Lol hes saying he hasn't eaten since Thursday because he has no money, but Luna just posted a pic of him clearly showing money in his wallet >>238522

Messy and just dumb, they are both such bad liars.

No. 238644

Maybe suggest he goes to a food pantry? Wonder what excuse he'd make up about that.

No. 238666

File: 1485144755199.jpg (Spoiler Image, 237.35 KB, 932x960, 620341e1-8e63-48de-9fb7-0f127e…)

I predict lunas nudes end up looking like the idealistic piece of art

No. 238667


No. 238672

It's uncanny. She'll even have obnoxious references to Hole and Courtney Love in her nudes I bet.

When it fails miserably she can just say she's not succeeding because patriarchy and beauty standards not her own disgusting, melted candle-woman body and total abandonment of hygiene.

No. 238685

she's signing her pieces luna schu. Shes in lala land about their relationship

No. 238689

so happy she's started blogging again and we've found it. the milk with lurch lately has been top tier but I feel like the blog brings so much potential for the future

No. 238690

But chief wanted to strangle a cop because they upset Luna! That is ~*~Tru Luv~*~
Honestly, he was prolly pissed off that he has to deal with lunas pouty crybaby shit after because the cop upset her.

No. 238692

Shes doesn't seem too active on this one though unfortunately. However it looks pretty new so maybe it just needs to be given time. Im still bored with her…
But I hope no one fucks it up and spooks her off Tumblr again. She probably lurks here though, so she knows we found it.

No. 238694

True..wishful thinking. Honestly though it isn't hard to imagine her getting comfortable if we leave her alone. plus I vaguely remember her saying she doesn't/tries not to look at the hate after being linked to something, so although she may give in and look occasionally i have a feeling it's not a thing she does on a regular basis.

No. 238710

There's been a lot of cowtipping recently but I don't think anyone really cares enough about Luna or her dramu to tell her or spam her tumblr.
Usually it's only the GOMI fans and underage kids who jump on her asks with the "LOlololOl heroin" stuff.

No. 238736

>Id throw her a dollar or two though if she posted some crack smoking pics/vids.
That's not actually a bad idea. There are plenty of basic girls that sell nudes of them smoking weed and they do okay because "omg weed n boobs amirite", it's a niche she could fit into.
She'll have to sell really cheaply because she isn't a qt slender teen and I don't actually trust her to actually push the cool weed aesthetic rather than the pitiful heroin junkie look

Alternatively, bitch never washes so she might as well start selling crusty panties. If she can get over her delusions of being uwu perfect angel and start titling stuff like 'nasty smelly unwashed', it would bring in a little beer money
Someone send her some gentle asks about this lol

No. 238745

i think if she does start drug blogging again or doing anything milk worthy it'll be on that blog. when you look at her likes on the angel hair blog she's already liked shit about heroin and a picture of some girl shooting up

No. 238777

>I feel like your Siamese twin rn
Top kek. Run, anon, before you wake up with his head attached to your shoulder

No. 238871

File: 1485197432720.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1296.PNG)

Ew wtf tuna why post this
Also it's like day 12 with that outfit

No. 238872

they have so much fucking shit i just wanna dump half their stuff in the garbage like.. look at how hard they are trying to shove stuff in the corners and still have a functioning bedroom

No. 238873

Is she winking or?
Also, dem lips

No. 238875

Lol at her fake Gucci hat that makes her head look smaller and her body look even bigger. And change your fucking clothes! Nasty ass bitch, there's a mystery stain on her shirt and its so stretched out from wearing it weeks straight. She gives me the heebie jeebies.

No. 238878

Eugh. I bet she has lice.

No. 238887

She just dumped a bunch of pics on her new Tumblr. I have a feeling things might start getting pretty milky, Shes getting more comfortable already.

No. 238888

The first photo she posted in the outfit. You know that shirt was already dirty when she put it on…

No. 238890

is luna friends with ginger bronson?
she's been liking a ton of her posts

No. 238892

She idolizes her but they're not friends

No. 238897

File: 1485201239474.jpg (144.5 KB, 540x748, tumblr_ok8yq5XR081w3kwovo2_540…)

She looks straight up out of her fucking mind. Unbelievable that she went out in public like this.

No. 238900

File: 1485201455129.jpg (113.71 KB, 540x720, tumblr_ok8yx4oG3u1w3kwovo1_540…)

She doesn't even know how to stand like a normal person anymore.

No. 238901

File: 1485201487388.jpg (49.97 KB, 400x533, tumblr_ok8z5sI0gW1w3kwovo2_400…)

No. 238904


Is this her only friggin outfit? She's so gross. it's not even remotely cute. Looks like she slept in a dumpster, the colors make her look dead and her boobs are saggy af

No. 238906

that is one of the oddest side profiles I've ever seen

No. 238921

Is he dead? She would insta her od'd boyfriend lol

But no he's not dead, still messaging me.

No. 238923

File: 1485206288067.png (1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1303.PNG)

Ok Luna

No. 238926

okkaayy thats a bit of an over reaction…

No. 238930


imagine how long that "organization" lasts before she, idk needs to move the random stuffies and brushes to get at anything else???

i hate her "i cleaned!" posts so much like no… youre just parading around your garbage for internet likes.

No. 238931

you know he was dozing from heroin and she took a picture because she romanticizes the hell out of his addiction

No. 238932

imagine: luna dressed in 8-9 day old clothes, with her unwashed and unbrushed hair pulled up into a greasy ponytail with a dirty grey ribbon and disgusting caked on makeup. standing with her creepy, sketchy, gross easter island head boyfriend with his dollar store 2edgy4u sunglasses and patented hat pulled down to his eyelashes. tuna turns to lurch and asks "can you please take a picture of how cute i look today?" he makes unintelligible mumbles. they spend 10 minutes trying to get the exact right angle of her waist, saggy boobs, stained clothes. they think she looks so good she could sell nudes on tumblr. a cop sees matthew smoking on the train platform with his greasy crack head girlfriend half his age, and pulls him aside. Tuna shakes and cries, her whole world is over! she immediately stops taking selfies to connect with facebook via data on her iphone to complain about the cop talking to him and how poor and unfortunate they are.

No. 238954

I mean… Not really. Look at her outfit? She looks like she should be walking around with a grocery cart full of aluminum cans screaming at strangers as she passes them. Those sweatpants are extremely unflattering and it looks like her udders might fallout the bottom of her shirt of she isn't careful. those glasses look rly dumb on her and the purple lipstick? Yuck.

No. 238956

100% accurate. These two are like some kind of junkie parody.

No. 238967

These pics of her (only?) outfit are made that much better by Lurch's–ahem–preferences in women: fit, brunette, clean, basically everything Tuna is not.

No. 238969

I love smoking crack and spazzily rearranging things. While cleaning, I found 2 hidden cameras in my wall so I had to pile my hoarding material against them so they coulsnt watch me anymore. Without crack, im just so lazy and useless.

No. 238973

File: 1485214907883.jpg (506.06 KB, 1280x1704, tuna.jpg)

No. 238975

She literally only wears that one outfit anymore. You just know she hasn't changed her underwear since she first got dressed.
I didn't think people were actually this dirty by choice.

No. 238984

I kept trying to find where her bra strap ended and wow, that's pretty bad. Tighten those straps, Luna and maybe you'll stop sagging to your elbows.

No. 238988

Shes probably been atleast a little bit dopesick in that outfit atleast once since she started wearing it, and has been dope-sick-sweating in it… Combined with regular body odor and then the extra sweat that comes with smoking crack… I imagine she smells extra stanky right about now. I feel bad for anyone who has to be near her in public.

No. 238991

invest in a better bra luna.

No. 238993

When she posts pics like this its like playing "I Spy". Im tryna find the:
-Crack Pipe
-Empty Baggies
-Chore Boy

No. 238995

All that sickly chemical sweat, all the oil and salt from her skin and hair, the stench of her cat-piss mansion clinging to everything.

She probably smells like a dead goat

No. 238996

I like spotting the hole merchandise she includes in every picture possible. She's so obviously trying to be what she thinks Courtney love was it's pathetic.

No. 239048

Clean…? Yet there's a very easy to see, thick layer of dust all over that stereo in the back. If this cluttered, dirty, dusty mess is the result of her cleaning "for hours"…

No. 239060

I've never been one to rag on Luna's tits but they are truly saggy as fuck and look flat like pancakes in this pic. Get a push up Luna for god sakes! It will do wonders

No. 239376

besides a pushup bra, what hope do her pancakes actually have at this point. she's young enough. what if she started working out after smoking crack?

No. 239381

tbf she has tall roots and a low base which give the illusion of them hanging lower than they do

No. 239400

What do you mean?

No. 239409


Her boobs "start" high on her chest but end low.

I mean that's the case for some people, my boobs sit low on my chest but they're perky as fuck. Hers are flappy. It's like globes vs pancakes.

No. 239482

Working out would definitely help her massively over all, but she's still going to have loose skin and stretch marks. The best she could do is get a breast lift, not sure if she needs a tummy tuck, butt lift, etc. but generally when if there is a lot of loose skin that's the best course of action. There are lazer treatments and skincare routines that would help a lot with the stretch marks too.

Too bad she's a lazy junkie and will never see anywhere near the kind of money she'd need to pursue any of those options.

No. 239502

that's pretty excessive…

No. 239508

Not really. It's really the only long-term solution to having loose skin after losing a lot of weight. It's unfortunate, but the truth. I'm not saying that Luna has enough loose skin that a tummy tuck/butt lift is the only way either, but I would definitely recommend a breast lift for her, as her chest appears to be the place more heavily hit by her weight loss and what I'm assuming is unfortunate genetics. Lazer treatments are even that excessive and they work wonders for anyone who has any kind of discoloration issues due to scarring and/ore stretchmarks.

No. 239510

Aren't even* that excessive.

No. 239512


Who are you and why are you here…???

No. 239513

How else is anyone meant to get rid of the loose skin? if Luna lost the last fifteen kilos she'd likely be eligible for an upper-arm tuck, tummy tuck, breast lift for sure, and maybe inner thighs.

She's not small and she was a huge fatty before the crack diet.

No. 239619

if they're so broke why doesn't luna sell her fucking iphone 6 or her macbook? i understand poor people can have nice things and that's fine, but they said they're in a dire situation. those things would be the first to go.

also, how do they have wifi/internet access? i'm pretty skeptical that they have enough money to pay for that. maybe they're using someone else's wifi or something.

luna, just please move in with your dad. break up with matthew, suck it up when your dad yells at you, use his money to go to college, and then live by yourself comfortably and safely you stupid bitch.

No. 239628

just another person on this message board who likes bitching out Luna? girl is a fucking mess but for christ sake you guys over react on here sometimes.. dont get me wrong she looks like a frumpy shit but i'd hardly call her 'out of her fucking mind' for wearing grey track pants and a pink top in public lmao.. like if u think she's nuts for wearing that in public u should go outside more

No. 239643

Sincerely, someone who dresses like that in public.

No. 239647

different anons but it is extensive to say a 20 year old woman /needs/ to spend like what? 30 grand? on a breast lift, tummy tuck, butt lift etc along with lazer treatments. that's unnecessary, she's not trying to be a playboy model. there's tons of milk on luna but you seem really hung up on aspects she can't change about her physical appearance. she has normal baby feeding boobs lol

No. 239648

have you ever stepped foot on like a university campus or been downtown in a large city? her look might be attention grabbing in a small town but she wouldn't stand out in downtown new york lol..

No. 239653

Clearly, you did not read the original post if you think anyone said that she absolutely "had to" get any of those things. An anon asked if exercise would help fix her sagging breasts and I replied that while exercise would over all do Luna wonders, that it would not do much for any loose skin that she may have from losing weight.

However, Luna's breasts, or body for that matter, are hardly the norm for a woman her age. She was morbidly obese and lost the weight from smoking crack and being a junkie, her body is a result of taking extremely poor care of herself. If you think she's normal looking, I worry about what you must look like.

Sage for derailing.

No. 239660

D'aaaw. Chief looks like someout out of a Junji Ito manga when he's snoozing, dreaming of Tuna's big nips.

No. 239665

morbidly obese?? lol ok

No. 239670

File: 1485346108159.png (Spoiler Image, 898.46 KB, 798x1125, nope.png)

You're the same anon that's being stupid in the Kiki thread right? Just stop your low effort posts and learn to sage. Idiot.

Not even the same anon as before, but yes, she was definitely morbidly obese.

No. 239702

I do agree Luna was really fat but morbidly obese?? If you're trying to prove that with that picture, sorry but it doesn't. It just shows she was pretty fat with a lot of cellulite. Maybe she was fatter than that, I'm not saying she wasn't, but your pic doesn't prove your point.
And no, I'm not a hambeast. Maybe I'm just used to seeing super fat Americans and because of that she looks a relatively small blob.

No. 239705

her body is soooo disgusting holy shit

No. 239741

Trigger that shit its nightmare fuel

No. 239742

Point taken. Can we agree on obese but not morbidly? There's mostly fit people where I live so I think I exaggerated.

Nowadays I'd say she's overweight.

No. 239744

Her dad pays for internet and give her at least $200 a month although I bet it's more and he definitely upgraded her phone for her and the phone store probably made her turn in her other phone? I'm not sure. He's taking care of her though. None of these situations are dire lol.

No. 239746

She's never in "downtown New York" unless she's at her dads. She lives in Mamaroneck and cops in the Bronx I am positive she sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 239769


>Lives in Mamaroneck

>Cops in the Bronx

If you know anything about NY this explains a lot. Good info anon

No. 239795

What do you mean

No. 239814

File: 1485372898185.png (54.88 KB, 750x258, IMG_9473.PNG)

i really hope she goes inpatient

No. 239831

An "at home psych evaluation" I really hope that's on the phone and no one has to go into her filthy dope cave

No. 239834

I think she's out of her fucking mind for wearing it after she's already worn it multiple days in a row. She's been wearing it nonstop for what, a week at least?

No. 239837

Lol crying @ filthy dope cave

No. 239839

That's not morbidly obese what the fuck is your problem??
Morbidly is like 300+ pounds, I swear you freaking Ana chans need to get over yourselves
I mean, yeah she's fat, yeah she was over weight, but morbidly obese? Cmon now you're just grasping at straws for insults when there's already so much we can laugh at her for

No. 239841

Awful lot of Luna defending going on in here suddenly…

No. 239845

No morbidly obese is like a bmi of 35+. Luna was definitely not just overweight. The definition of obesity isn't relative just because 300 pound monsters exist. Fat is fat, and so is Luna.
you've got the same kind of figured I you're mad, that's fine but it's retarded to act like you've gotta be immobile to be called fat. Take your feelings elsewhere fatty.

No. 239849

Morbid obesity isn't 300+ pounds. It's the literal medical label for someone who is 100 pounds overweight. Luna has almost no muscle tone, which would make her lighter on the scale than a similar-sized woman with muscle, but before the crack diet she looks like she's 100 pounds overweight.

Close, but it may have recently changed because currently 35-39.9 BMI is not a label medically to describe morbid obesity, unless that person is suffering from obesity related illness, like type two diabetes or hypertension. I don't think Luna has obesity-related illnesses.

Generally for someone Luna's age, 40 BMI and higher would be the classifier for morbid obesity.

These labels get absorbed in common usage so we end up with people who think someone isn't morbidly obese until they hit some magical, circus tent number. Welcome to America! We're so fat here we've lost any sense of what being terribly obese looks like. Some people still think Tess Holliday is a size 22. With that distortion it's easy to see how people may not think young Luna was as fat as she was.

Luna was probably morbidly obese when she was younger, both in terms of BMI and in terms of being 100 pounds overweight. Sorry defensive-fat-anon, but she really was.

No. 239855

There's at least 2 different anons here. It's absolutely possible she used to be morbidly obese but I don't think her pictures from the last couple years reflect that. You said she probably was so you're not really sure either. Not that it matters. women have every aspect of their appearance torn apart and criticized and I find that a bit sad.

No. 239857

So don't come to a website dedicated to making fun of people?
And let's be real, no fat person actually cares about themselves or they wouldn't be fat, so why should other people care if they get their feelings hurt?

There's plenty of body positivity places you could hang out if you want a girls only hug box and ~Le beautiful cuuuurves~ bullshit. In the real world, fatties gonna fat and better people are gonna laugh at it.

No. 239867

You're a real cunt arencha? And I like how you aren't hiding it!

No. 239868


No. 239870

We aren't just shitting on Luna for being fat or gross though. She's a thief, a scammer, a junkie, and an over all bad person. The way she looks is tied into her behavior though, how she eats, is lazy, doesn't bathe, smokes crack, etc. If she was just an average every day fat girl with bad hair, we would all care less.

And like >>239857 said, this is a gossip forum, we're all here to judge people, that's the point. Maybe this place isn't for you if you get sensitive anytime someone calls a gross person gross?

No. 239872

It's been awfully newfaggy in here lately.

No. 239876

Someone's feeling bad about being overweight. It's okay, tumblr and HAES is there for you chocolate-chan.


Newfags, why so shocked? Did you expect a feminist echo chamber where everyone calls everyone's rolls beautiful and inspiring?
This is a different kind of circle jerk entirely.

What's with the constant pouring in of crybaby newfags? How hard is it to understand that this is a gossip board, and that nobody is here to pat anyone's ass?

No. 239880

Nobody's feelings are hurt ya poor bb. You're just a cunt. Don't worry though, Luna is too! You're in good company here.

Anyways back to our scheduled programming…

No. 239886

Keep it up tubby. Be careful though, you might burn a calorie by being offended.

If you really think pointing out someone's obvious obesity and anons stupidity in expecting something else from a place dedicated to shitting on idiots makes anybody a cunt you're a special kind of simple. I'm being a cunt when I say that Luna is a waste of resources and should OD or an hero already since the world already had too many fat junkies taking up space.

No. 239887

Yup there's tons of milk on her but y'all focus on the most unnecessary shit that details the thread.

No. 239888

I think you'd benefit from therapy lol

No. 239889

You'd benefit from fucking off and not crying because some junkie loser is getting called fat. What are you trying to achieve here?

Back on topic, I'm genuinely wondering if Luna has showered or changed her clothing yet. Seems like she's been wearing the same clothes for a fortnight and her greasy hair doesn't indicate any bathing. I'm surprised she doesn't have dreadful acne and more rotted teeth considering her total lack of hygiene. Any bets as to whether she will clean herself before February?

No. 239895

Just report this faggot. I'm p sure it's Just Breathe Nicole.

No. 239899

Ugh the pageant girl who looks like a pancake with teeth? Of course she's gonna defend the lardos, she is one.

Honestly the rate of newfags, cowtippers, and white knights is getting so bad. What kind of adult cries about bullies ffs?

No. 239900

Then post the milk instead of crying in the thread? Stop derailing, or at least sage your posts.

No. 239902

Clean herself? No
Get a new ratty outfit from the chief's ex girlfriend closet/one he pilfers from someones car - yes.

No. 239946

Omg I just had a thought, what if lunas "gifts" and the things she magically finds in various bins are things chief has lying around from Facebook hookups?
It's not as if their relationship is healthy and his collection of pretty-girl fb friends suggests at least attempts at infidelity. Is Luna wearing shirts left behind by hookups during their relationship as well as his ex girlfriends clothes?

No. 239997

Didnt she say she has makeup (and maybe clothes) from Matthews stripper friend. Who knows though if chief and stripper ever dated but id assume they hooked up.
And I cant imagine anyone from FB would ever go to meet chief irl, yikes. Lol. But I suppose there are some people/addicts who are desperate enough to meet him if he offered drugs or to go party together.

No. 240007

Looks like the crack is already starting to drive her literally crazy.
But seriously I wonder what this means for her. Is she just in it for whatever meds they might put her on? Has she really gotten so fucked up in the head from the drug use and is finally recognizing it?
Woudnt they drug test her if she did go into some kind of program?

No. 240020

Oh anything hooking up with chief is pure scum for sure. He's not pulling anything other than the occasional greasy crackhead on the side. But for sure Luna is wearing their clothes.

I wouldn't put it past her to have started using crack to fit into the clothes of chiefs thinner former girlfriends tbh. Lord knows she's insecure enough to think it would validate her.

Also- Chief and Luna probably can't smell themselves anymore. so they've got no idea how badly they smell whilst they're wandering around grocery stores, touching clothes and produce in stores.
Whenever Luna borrows clothes from someone, they would end up a 'gift' simply because the owner wouldn't want it back after she wears it unwashed for weeks whilst sweating out her cheap, filler laden drugs. The reek of vomit, sweat, piss, dead skin, oil, vaginal discharge, and smoke on her must permeate Kevlar by now.

No. 240023

File: 1485402932095.jpg (390.49 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_okcweouD9S1w3kwovo1_128…)

Looks like this poor cat is getting super skinny. Bitch can't even steal some decent cat food for him or take a few bucks out of her drug money to buy some?

No. 240027

His coat looks like shit too. She needs to give it better than the cheapest kibble so she's got an extra five bucks for her hit but we all know she's too selfish to actually look after a pet.

No. 240036

The only time he probably eats is when they let him lick out of their empty dirty bowls. And the occasional small can of wet cat food to be shared between the 2ish cats she has. Ive never seen a bowl of dry catfood kibble in the background ofany of her posts. I hope she atleast gives them bowls of fresh clean water…

No. 240039

Pfft she won't expose herself to clean water so the cats have no chance. They probably get whatever dribbles they can from leaky sinks until the water bowl gets its weekly fill.

No. 240047

Id hate to imagine their litter box. Do they even have one?? I highly doubt they spend money on cat litter. Oh my god.

No. 240052

Can Tuna even remember to feed it every day? I'd forgive her for shoplifting if it were to feed this poor animal.

No. 240063

you new here? shes always been upfront about being fucked in the head and claimed a million disorders. from what i remember she says she has bipolar, bpd, ptsd, and anxiety atleast and shes constantly pity posting about her "bpd"

one time she made a post about how men shouldnt yell ever and it should be illegal because it triggers her and a bunch of people on tumblr bitched her out for a few days

No. 240066

Nope not new at all. What im saying is why is she deciding that right now she needs to start some sort of hospitalization/program.

No. 240067

Because she thinks she has a million mental disorders… she's almost certainly got at least one of them anyway. She probably can't get as much heroin as she wants, feels shitty, and wants either some sedative/hypnotic prescriptions or she wants somewhere to give her three hots and a cot until chief gets some more cash scraped together.

No. 240068


Also, I know firsthand how dope and crack fuck with a person. I wonder if that shit is finally really getting to her and she knows it and wants to get clean, or if she thinks its just her BPD and fuck else she claims to have that is causing her to feel the way she's feeling (she posted on her Tumblr she's been thinking alot about suicide).
Is she too dumb to realize that drugs fuck with your mood like that…

No. 240070

That made me think… Your right she probably really is just dopesick and wanting to die because she has no dope and doesbt know when shell be getting her next hit. Maybe she's just talking out of her ass about the outpatient shit. In the midst of being dopesick she made the home appointment because addicts always make promises to themselves like that. Chief will come up with dope, she'll get high and decide that she's okay, she doesnt need hospitalization.

No. 240090

Not too dumb too deeply in denial about how she's chosen to make her life this shitty just because she liked kurt cobain and hole. I'd be suicidal too if I forced myself to become addicted to heroin and crack just to play out a shitty tumblr aesthetic fantasy whilst all her former friends are growing up, getting educated, married, kids, homes etc.

If she doesn't constantly enforce her belief that her life is cool and edgy and interesting and deep she's gotta face the fact that she's ruined her life, her prospects, her meagre looks, and any functional relationships she had on top of all the damage she's done to herself via the drugs and disgusting lifestyle. Luna doesn't want to wake up and smell the cat shit on her pillow she wants to keep telling herself it's just like a beat poet or every manic pixie dream girl with a grunge theme ever.

No. 240094

Sorry but are there no laws over there that can get that poor animal removed from that house, it looks so mistreated. And the fact she wants a third cat? Surely there's something that can stop this

No. 240100

I'm sure that there are animal abuse laws but who's gonna be creepy enough to get involved unless one of the anons who messaged chief come back.
Nobody other than overly involved creeps are gonna invade her real life. Besides, you'd need an address to give to animal control.

No. 240103


Im honestly not interested in invading her life whatsoever but it's hossible seeing her post pictures of an abused animal on her Instagram and talk about getting another one, knowing that there's nothing I can do to help it. Like I know this shit happens everyday all over he world but most people don't post photos of it for everyone to see

No. 240106

Kitty will be fine. I'm sure there are plenty of mice for it to eat, and it'll escape one day.

No. 240143

You still can't do anything without her address. I do not recommend trying to find it. It's awful to see her neglecting her animals and being so blantantly oblivious to what caring for an animal requires, but there's nothing to be done other than hope they get raided since they're so obvious about their drug use and someone removes the cats or they escape. Considering they have very little incentive to stay in her trash palace they'll most likely run away once their hungry enough.

Plenty to catch in the city and there's bound to be roaches and rats amongst lunas floordrobe.

No. 240159

her address has already been in the threads.

No. 240164

I'm still not recommending searching for it or anyone providing it. That crosses the line of egregious stalking.

No. 240184

Oh god, I work with an animal rescue group and that poor thing looks worse off than most of cats we find on the street

No. 240271

File: 1485448665587.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1328.PNG)

God why

No. 240272

Yay a new outfit halleluu

No. 240277


She looks a little… Downsy.

No. 240278

That lipstick application lmao

No. 240291

It's unfortunate she's not actually going for some sort of horror look cuz like I see that but she thinks she looks like a cute nymphet Courtney and that's just sad

No. 240293


Why did she do her lipstick so shittily? Its so uneven, messy and terrible.

No. 240296

Not saying you should do anything with it but she's posted her own damn address multiple times for the world to see. #34657 why I'm surprised they haven't been arrested yet.

No. 240308

cause people can call the cops on onision to take away his kids but its stalking to try to save cats from some junky whos handed her address out like candy for free shit. ok.

No. 240380

I don't see what harm a call to the humane society would do. Those cats are clearly malnourished

No. 240488

the only harm it would cause is the milk in luna's threads drying up. i'm pretty sure that's kind of the only reason people are saying not to report them. she'd probably get freaked out and become more secretive. but because the health of an animal is at risk, i don't see the problem with it.

No. 240506

If she's so dumb, inconsiderate, selfish and addicted that she starves her cats and then posts pictures of it online then they should be taken away. She can't even take care of herself she needs to not have these cats.. she isn't responsible enough and apparently doesn't have any drug money she can spare to feed them. Unbelievable that she gets $200+ monthly from her father and she wont even spare any of that money to take care of living things that fucking rely on her for food and water.

No. 240508

File: 1485481346596.png (166.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1333.PNG)

From her bff Chey's tumblr lol it seems so directly aimed at Luna I'm sure she loved that

No. 240509

Hahahaha nice. I hope Tuna sees that. And then starts blogging about her addictions. Milkyyy.

No. 240518

File: 1485482336012.jpg (920.08 KB, 3002x2251, 2XjckSB.jpg)

His profile looks like a Mo'ai head.

No. 240535

We use the term "Easter island head" but yes correct
Mixed with a cigar shop wooden Native American

No. 240685

guys, the cat could just be old…

No. 240736

He wasnt that sick looking in recent previous pictures.

No. 240739

That one is younger than the black one.

No. 240916

File: 1485558989300.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1342.PNG)

Her wink thing is so funny it makes her look so dumb

No. 240931

Jfc, I wish Tuna would just "find" a well-fitting bra in a "dumpster" or whatever already. This ain't a good look.

No. 240942

She doesn't seem to have a good idea of what is not ill fitting though :/

No. 240943

She got that jumpsuit years ago and it still fits tight, what dope weight?

No. 240947

Lol @ her udders plopped onto her arm/leg. And her wink reminds me of when I was on drugs and it kept feeling like I had something in my eye.

No. 240958

What the fuck is going on with her cleavage? Is that "fold" just the top of her breasts lying on top of her sternum? The more I look at it, the stranger it gets.

No. 240989

her boobs lack volume on top (from what i've seen) so it's mostly skin and if you press them together to try and make cleavage you get that weird triangle of skin.

No. 241007

She is completely revolting. The wink, dirty tracksuit, yesterdays makeup and the "Y" cleavage is not a good look- she really needs to get in the habit of bathing once and a while among other things

No. 241013

She eve said their shower is fixed so she's choosing to be filthy ??? Why bitch?

No. 241045

What I don't get is how isn't she bothered by her itchy, dirty scalp…?

No. 241081

Eh, most women with natural breasts will experience Y-cleavage when they bend over or forward like that. It also happens when natural large breasts are hoisted up in a push-up bra. Breast tissue doesn't always look like a two globes meeting in a perfectly straight up and down line. Luna's body shape is unfortunate but even if she had never been fat and at some point exercised, that forked cleavage may still have been unavoidable.

I watched a video of a woman picking what she called "cradle cap" out of her friend's scalp. It was satisfying in the way that watching people squeeze blackheads or using Biore strips can be but it was messy and when the girl brushed her hair and shook her head it was like she was inside a snow globe. All those clumps of crusty scalp and skin dust is what I imagine happens when Luna brushes her hair. I imagine that foul bedroom is teeming with Luna's scalp clumps.

Luna has potential. She's always gonna have stretch marks but they will fade with hydration, moisturizing and skin brushing. If she just basically stopped doing all the extremely disgusting stuff she does she could be a cute girl but that is extremely unlikely. But imagine if she exercised, ate properly, slept well, showered, washed her clothes, got sober and followed some good makeup tutorials. She'd look like Mandy Moore's less attractive sister.

No. 241123

not having your cleavage be a straight line is normal and a lot of people have that. if we're going to make fun of luna, let's make fun of things that aren't completely normal.

No. 241124

No. 241161

Tbh ive never seen that on anyone besides old women who want to try and show off cleavage..

No. 241184

i think it's just more prevalent in women with a large frame and boobs that sit further apart. which, considering all boobs are naturally different, is normal.

No. 241186

File: 1485614501070.png (77.47 KB, 750x567, IMG_1344.PNG)

lol I'm sure this helped so much

No. 241323

Cue begging posts from Tuna or Matthew saying they need money to "take their poor cat to the vet". Though we all know any money suckered out of her followers would 100% go to drugs. I hope her cats aren't sick from crack smoke or any secondhand bullshit from her drug use.

No. 241326

if they don't get sick from the crack I'm sure the fact that tuna and lurch smoke cigs in their room all the time will fuck those cats up if it hasn't already. poor kitties.

No. 241329

File: 1485647439751.png (1008.51 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2953.PNG)

Here's the picture of the poor cat

No. 241330

She asked me for $20 last night on fb…lol

No. 241332


This one looks even worse off than the Grey one… They've never looked this bad in the pics she posted in the past… What the fuck is she doing to them that they've went downhill so fast? This is sad as fuck… I hope they get taken away from her. Those poor cats look sick and miserable. Luna is a fucking cunt.

No. 241334

Screenshot? Did she come right out and ask or did she just hint around at it? Haha. What did she say it was for?

No. 241335

What's going on with its right ear?

Poor cat looks ill, dirty, and depressed. ): Its coat looks awful too

No. 241340

askin for money with piles of shit all over the place. im sure that disgusting heap of clothes could fetch a few $

No. 241350

It looks like its all shriveled up. Its caused by some kind of disease or trauma I think… The cats ear gets all puffy and swollen and if its not treated it shrivels up. I googled it and every website recommends the cat is taken to a vet when the ear is swollen/before the tissue dies and shrivels. Luna is neglectful and it might even be considered animal abuse, which I think is now a felony offense.

No. 241352

Kitty's ear has always been like that in the photos I've seen. Is it a rescue cat? It probably lost the ear before Luna got it.

No. 241353

They probably have that gross musty old clothes smell. And btw, Wtf?? Are they hoarders? Or just too lazy to get rid of stuff. Honestly im very surprised to see that its all mostly folded and not just in one giant heap.

No. 241354

Actually nevermind, I take that back. Its barely folded and it looks like there's a heap over to the right of the picture.

No. 241364

Nobody's gonna buy the musty stretched out sweat stained cat-shit rags Luna calls her outfits. Half those piles probably have cigarette butts, empty syringes, and cat turds in them.

No. 241365

yeah or one of their many iphones, mac laptops, tablets… Im actually sure she has a ton of crap she could sell off. We've had to sell off cds, dvds, small trinkets, appliances.. one time I even sold off a pretty cigar box. they have so much crap theres no real reason they should be begging for 10-30$ here and there when they could get it easily from posting ads on craigslist.

No. 241371

How easy is it for the humane society or some other institution to remove neglected pets, or at least visit and offer assistance? It's awful to see the poor things in such horrible shape.

No. 241378


I think just providing names, addresses, and photos of the cats/living situation would be sufficient for them to look into it

No. 241380

I wish I lived near her so I could offer to buy the cats from her. She'd sell them in an instant if it meant having more dope money.

No. 241382

I really wanna interact with her because she's in an embarassingly similar situation than ive been in and im clean now, it might be milky if I could start some sort of friendship thing with her but I called her out on her drug use way back when, but I wonder if she remembers it/my username and wouldn't reply.

No. 241389

Will you bitches stop trying to cowtip, what the fuck. She just started being more open again and you're already planning to ruin itm

No. 241391

Tbh she's just really boring since she doesn't talk about her drug use anymore. All she does is post shitty selfies. But im not gonna cowtip.

No. 241397

How is she so immature and sheltered if she's been living this ~hard~ life for a couple years now

No. 241419

They're way too emotionally involved in this. How anyone gets this dedicated to some filthy junkie is beyond me.

No. 241444


lol right? from what I gather she's a dime a dozen junkie.

No. 241445

If she's randomly asking people for money then I may randomly ask her for some xanax or something cuz I know they sell all 3 of their scripts [even tho tbh Luna would be better off on bars than heroin and crack but whatever]
she's sent me drugs (not heroin but stuff she was trying to sell/get rid of) I was so surprised I actually got them it was such a gamble but she was honest for once one time and didn't even try to rip me off

Sry for blog but I feel like that's milky tbr

No. 241449

everyone who is obsessed with no cow tipping is definitely more invested in luna than anyone else lol. you guys are way too worried about your tuna milk running dry.

No. 241460

File: 1485671823458.jpg (105.38 KB, 640x640, IMG_1354.JPG)

Can u milk a tuna though ?

Sage cuz I'm sorry I'm awful

No. 241472

Lol it's not about keeping the milk flow steady it's about not crossing the line of casual observer to weirdo stalker or just a plain old can't-help-themselves meddler.

There's no need to stir the pot, so why get involved?

No. 241502

Because the well-being of helpless animals is more important than clucking over some random junkie's selfies on an imageboard every 5 days?

No. 241505

How far are you gonna reach to deny that it's weird to get involved in a strangers life?

People trying to strike up false friendships with her and Luna aren't about saving her diseased cats.

No. 241506

Her and lurch*

No. 241512

Who denied that it's weird?

It is weird, and I'm strongly opposed to cow tipping unless someone's in danger, pets included.

Though it's weird enough to gawk at the minute details of some random stranger's life with other strangers on an internet forum, so I wouldn't be one to use weirdness as an indicator that something is negative.

No. 241539

She sent you her scripts in the mail…? I have a hard time believing that. What 3 scripts do they get?

No. 241547

Cats are self sufficient animals, and if they've managed this long, they can do so until they escape. You're just looking for any reason to interact with her. Knock it the fuck off.

No. 241564

Her cats are indoor cats. How are they supposed to get nutritions and a proper amount of food if she doesn't provide it? What idiotic comment is that?

Also, her cats look terrible. Something must have changed recently, they've never looked like this. I'd love for someone to offer to take them in or something if it's possible.

No. 241568


If that was at all true, there wouldn't be any animal abuse cases involving cats.
Domestic cats aren't self-sufficient, and if they're too sick to leave, they're not going to leave.

No. 241569


I doubt she'd agree to let someone else take them in. She clearly has no idea how to take care of cats and probably thinks this is normal.

I think just an anonymous tip to the Humane Society of Westchester would be enough. Let the professionals decide how to get those cats out of there.

No. 241584

At least Matthew and his dad get a Xanax script they sell every month.

No. 241603

File: 1485709098372.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1356.PNG)

Omg that looks horrible also she put that shirt back on?!

No. 241604

I agree. The cats are old and, yeah, I'm guessing they are fed the cheapest food, but that's not a crime. If they are taken away they'll likely be put down and Luna and Lurch will just replace them. Leave the cats out of this.

No. 241606

Isn't she a natural blonde? Why is her hair so dry? Especially if she hardly washes it and doesn't seem to heat style it either.

No. 241608

Her hairs naturally super dirty blonde (lolz) but she's been bleaching and toning the shit out of it for years

Can someone call the human society to rescue her hair?

No. 241610

This, honestly. Like your sentiment is understood and appreciated but really there's nothing you can do to help and you should leave it alone unless you wanna go ALF on their asses..

No. 241615

Her face is actually filthy with all that old makeup and her pores are screaming for help

No. 241617

every time i see her concealer lips i scream internally. also, what the fuck is that hair

No. 241619


There's a difference between being fed shitty food and not being fed. That gray cat looks like he hasn't eaten in days, which is more than enough to suspect animal abuse.

No. 241622

If you're really that concerned alarm authority, but please stop shitting the thread up with this

No. 241629

How do you get pink that patchy when you're already blonde? Did she use Splat or something from the drugstore?

No. 241640

Duh. Do you think she went to a salon? Fuck no.

No. 241642

I just want want to use one of these we wipes or whatever they're called and wipe her makeup off, fucking hell she constantly looks dirty and it's making me feel uncomfortable

It also looks slike she didn't have enough dye to dye the whole hair?

No. 241645

I think she tried to color just the bangs and like 2 streaks on the sides. I've never seen someone do such a shitty job.

No. 241648

What the fuck is she doing to get her clothes so dirty? Is she nodding off when she's trying to eat? Should we chip in and send her a bib? I know there is a certain level of dirtiness to the whole Courtney Love aesthetic. But it's a curated dirtiness - carefully ripped dress, sooty stain around the hem, mismatched and dusty blacks. What Luna is doing is basically a toddler who has no adult to wash her clothes and to keep her out of her mother's makeup bag.

No. 241659


Is she going to have a breakdown when she realizes how shitty this looks and that she's gonna have to bleach her hair again (and then it'll break off even more) to completely get rid of it?

No. 241660

she's so doped out she probably thinks she looks like charlotte free. if you're expecting her to be self aware that's never gonna happen, as evidenced by her shit makeup and disgusting clothes lmao

No. 241663

File: 1485720412466.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1358.PNG)

Honestly this is probably what she thinks she actually looks like..

No. 241664

God she looks like she's all one color like a bad filter omg her skinnnnnnn

No. 241673

I posted a screenshot but deleted it in case she figures out who I am, but she asked for money for a cab to take to her psych eval because she can't take public transport because of her knee.

No. 241677


Also I'm pretty positive she doesn't lurk here at all or I'd probably be blocked by now..

No. 241678

How old are they? Are they actually elderly, or do cats follow lolcow's 'everything beyond early adult is ancient' ageing conventions? Either way, they shouldn't look like this unless they're at death's door.

No. 241679

yup my 16 year old cat looked like this before he passed. i don't think they're that old. but the 'humane' society is a kill shelter so idk if they're worth contacting.

No. 241680

I believe the black one is 17 and the gray one is 14 apparently Matthew has had them for 10+ years and they existed in that apartment before she moved in there from her mom's

No. 241681

oh nevermind then

No. 241686

If this is already known then sorry, but this blog has the same DP and URL is the tag line as Tuna's new one?


No. 241687

Lol yep that's the one she was using previous? What?

No. 241734

File: 1485732493312.png (324.42 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-01-29-18-26-28…)

She looks like an actual corpse oh my god

No. 241744

File: 1485734175770.jpg (12.22 KB, 210x240, princess-fiona-shrek-the-third…)

she's coloured like this

No. 241746

No. 241748

Lol she tried to rip me off on some xanax real hard
Not posting screenshot cuz incrimination n shit but she wanted to send me 10 for $100 cuz she was gonna mail them she had to charge $5 more?? Um?

Sry for lack of evidence, u don't have to believe me.

No. 241752

A) Why would you pay that much for xans in the first place. B) Did you find this thread before or after this happened? C) Any other stories about her?

No. 241763

What then fuck is wrong with her face? It looks waxy and green. She looks fucking terrible. Idk why she dyed her hair pink. She looks worse than ever…

No. 241772

This bitch looks like a prop from House of Wax.

No. 241786

Honestly I'd be surprised if she was ever taught how to use cutlery correctly, let alone to care when her food or drink slops down her front. She probably dropped some greasy sugary junk on her shirt, slurped it up from the fabric, and carried on for the next week. Looks like she wipes her mouth on her clothes as well tbh.

She probably doesn't even know that she's disgusting because nobody irl ever told her differently until after she'd accepted it as normal. She'd be the girl who calls someone OCD for washing their bedsheets more than monthly.

No. 241790

lol I did not pay that much I turned her down but she has sent me suboxone for cheaper than usual before I've never 'donated' to her just done this we don't personally know each other we've been mutuals for a few years

So she turned down money but it wasn't much and I'm sure they sell it p easy

No. 241794

She fucking gets suboxone?!? Damn ill buy some from her. But I can't believe she sells to people online. Wouldn't she be paranoid about it?

No. 241800

What she just like mailed you Subs inside of an envelope? Or did she disguise it somehow?

No. 241815

They were wrapped in an envelope

She doesn't have a script for it she didn't want some I have no clue how that came to be tho she didn't advertise or anything I can't believe I trusted her but she came thru lol

No. 241941

File: 1485761042388.jpg (Spoiler Image, 330.98 KB, 960x1280, http://36.media.tumblr.com/199…)

lmfaooo found while looking thru my old saved tumblr photos, too good not to post

No. 241966

I'm usually pretty desensitized, but I wasn't expecting to ever get this close of a look at her vagina. It looks diseased, it looks like it smells like rot… I'm actually slightly nauseated.

No. 241970


dat herpes sore

No. 241982

File: 1485767783352.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

She was too lazy to shave the bottom…

No. 241983

Thank you for ruining the rest of my day

No. 242043

I don't understand where she decided to shave and not shave? She probably did it without looking in the shower (this is from when she bathed occasionally and had sex with lurch and owned a razor)

No. 242053

Maybe I just haven't seen enough vaginas, but I've never seen one with labia majora that hairy before…like with hair growing so close to the minora. It's hairy all fucking over.

No. 242060

It's cuz she's chubby most chubby girls have fat labia major

No. 242097

What a fucking horror show! Oh my god that's disgusting. And all those long scraggly hairs on her leg? She's repulsive.

No. 242125

File: 1485795500477.png (363.46 KB, 540x773, Screenshot_2017-01-30-11-55-19…)

I can't stand how she takes photos of Roger when the paramedics come, this isn't the first time and I just think it's so ignorant and disrespectful

No. 242129

This just happened/is a now photo? Can't quite tell because like you said she's posted pics like this several times in the past.
And yeah Luna im sure youre
>really scared
…. But only until you shoot up and nod out, and maybe even smoke your crack right out in the open because he isn't there, amiright?

No. 242130

new photo*

No. 242133

What goes thru her fucking mind to make her think "I need to take a picture of him thru the window without him even knowing"? One time an ambulance had to be called for one of my family members and no fucking way did the thought even cross my mind that "I need to get a pic of this". She's such an insensitive bitch.

No. 242139

I wonder how they even noticed he had a stroke. Im sure theyre holed up in their shithole drug dungeon of a bedroom most of the time.
What if Rodger falls or something happens to him and theyre too fucked up to notice and help him and he dies right there in the apartment?
I don't understand why he isn't living in assisted living. Lurch and Tuna probably wont let him.. Then they wouldn't get his prescriptions and monthly paychecks.

No. 242141


"If I post this pic people will feel sorry for me and send me money for dope"

No. 242146

Didnt she do the exact same thing the time paramedics had to take Roger in an ambulance? I think it was a GI issue that time

No. 242178

She probably lives such a boring life that this is exciting to her. All she does otherwise is sit around her house waiting for Matthew to shoot her up. She's got no life.

No. 242187

yes and then she posted a horrendous selfie of her outside sticking her tongue out with some sort of caption about how shes worried and stressed out about roger

No. 242201

Poor old man, he's better off in the hospital instead of the hell hole that is that apartment. Surely adult welfare or something could step in and remove him for his own safety? Even if they scrambled to hide all their drugs before calling 911 the state of the living situation is bad enough.

No. 242218

File: 1485812938786.jpg (184.13 KB, 750x933, n5vcEGH.jpg)

Yeah, this one.
Didn't found it this the caption but it said something like "this sucks lol".

No. 242221

Shit like this was where i lost my empathy for her however many months ago

No. 242222

I wonder what's up with Roger now I feel like they make him live in a closet under the stairs and only feed him old pizza crust

No. 242244

File: 1485816438147.jpg (437.07 KB, 1440x2560, Snapchat-1336186412.jpg)


Lmao called it

No. 242249

Damn she is fucking pathetic. It went from a 'mini-stroke' to pneumonia? Honestly I wouldnt be surprised if this is an old pic and she had it saved up for when she's hard up for dope money and needs some sympathy to beg for money.

No. 242253

Hey her supposed home psych evaluation was today? No mention of that any of her social media? I figured it was a lie or some sort of drug/dopesick delusion.

No. 242264

am really surprised that she ain't sellin pussy for dope lmao
she's probs too lazy for that

No. 242268

sage but anon im gonna need a link to that video

No. 242287

It looks eerily similar to the prior picture. If anyone wants to go back and find it. See if the EMTs are wearing the same outfits

No. 242301

File: 1485821259735.jpg (541.21 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170130_160423.jpg)

Sage for nitpicking but that ring does not fucking fit lol

No. 242317

Is there snow on the ground in NY right now?

No. 242345

File: 1485824133230.jpg (158.6 KB, 500x625, IMG_2096.JPG)

this is the only photo i found from the time he went and she posted that selfie of herself afterwards, so i guess she is telling the truth about him going to the hospital again.

No. 242360

Im pretty sure there's another one that was taken high up from a window.

No. 242365

Regardless what a piece of garbage for posting pictures of a sick old man to get drug donations

No. 242366

Matthew has different clothing/hat on

No. 242370

File: 1485826572444.png (97.74 KB, 275x240, 1469206368085.png)

Looking thru the old thread for the other ambulance pics and totally forgot she posted pics of her crack.

No. 242376

yeah, matthew has different clothing on and the man helping him into the chair in the pic from today isn't there.

No. 242378

or i should say, the guy pushing him in the chair. my bad.

No. 242380

sure shes fat and mobrid, but not morbidly obese

No. 242385

I wasnt saying that she re-used the pic, im saying maybe this happened awhile ago, she took a pic, and then saved the pic for a time(now) when she was out of dope money, and needed sympathy points/an excuse to beg for money.

No. 242386


This is obviously a different pic, I know. But did she only post a pic of him and an ambulance once before? I thought it happened at least 2 or 3 times before and that there was another time where she posted a pic she took high up thru a window.

No. 242399

That was posted almost a week ago, why on earth would you start the argument over how fat she is again?

No. 242413

Has Chief posted anything about his father being in the hospital on FB?

No. 242425

oh, i see. i feel like there might have been, but i can't find it. if anyone knows where an archive of her old blog is then it'd probably be on there. i've just been googling her old urls + "roger" and clicking the links that are related to her posts about him. so that's the only pic i could find.

No. 242431

File: 1485833765397.png (831.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2839.PNG)

Reposted image with new caption and more sympathy grabs

No. 242432

>cognitive heart failure
Can't even get the name right…

No. 242440

No. 242442


What the fuck happened to the 'mini stroke' story? Come up with better hustle for getting your dope money youre pathetic as fuck. Using your boyfriends sick, elderly father to try and get DRUG MONEY? Get a fucking job you lazy piece of shit!

No. 242450

By the way… What the fuck is Matthew wearing? Looks like a long black mumu dress and a stretched out hoodie…. Or some kind of black clown suit…

No. 242474

File: 1485841533190.jpg (1.09 MB, 1385x1788, Screenshot_20170130-224130.jpg)

Haha. No shit! Those are total clown pants.

No. 242479

I bet her asshole is a nightmare.

No. 242528

She deleted the post again.

No. 242636

LOL wearing Luna's filthy stretched out sweat pants ??

No. 242690

File: 1485889930829.png (818.4 KB, 704x858, Capture _2017-01-31-13-09-57.p…)

Omg she's actually in the tub?!?! Probably just in there to nod off, shes not gonna try scrubbing the dirt and rot off her skin. Also, she's showing off the bruised track marks on her hand, nice.

No. 242697

wow, first bath in three years? i can't believe!

No. 242707

File: 1485891942273.png (4.97 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1485891856120.png)

Looks like she's trying to copy the girl on the left

No. 242708

Shes in the tub but clearly still has make up on, luna just wont stop being disgusting. Just think of all the make up and gnarly foundation and shit shes soaking herself in eurgh

No. 242714

That pale lip colour is utterly vile.
Girl needs to exfoliate her damn skin, looks dry as shit. That texture on her nose.

No. 242718

That bar of soap looks so unused.. neglected lil soap bar

No. 242723

File: 1485894727975.png (278.2 KB, 1007x583, what the fuck.png)

That is a school uniform, I'm gonna puke.

No. 242724

What the fuck, that girl looks 11-12. Someone needs to handle this dude.

No. 242725

WTF hell no

No. 242726

Lmao a bath to "take the edge off" I'm so sure

No. 242731

Lol at the person who wanted to place bets on lunas outfit and hygeine. Its jan 31 and shes both "bathed" AND changed her clothes. She sure showed us.

No. 242733

No offense meant by this… Why black out their name? It's a public post.

No. 242736

She's not involved and it's also against the rules.

>Don't post personal information of people who may be related to a certain person but aren't directly involved. For example, if you are posting the info of someone who you feel has done something wrong, do not post info about their uninvolved family and friends.

No. 242739

I'm not gonna post the name of a potential minor who has nothing to do with this.

No. 242743

Can you just imagine the bathwater? All greenish gray and dirty with all of her sweat and body grime frothing together while she swishes around and then stagnating and separating when she nods off? And if she puts her head underwater, all of that salmon colored hair gunk is going to mix in too, as well as her 10 day old foundation and lip concealer.

This cunt needs a solid 30 minute shower with actual soap and shampoo, not a goddamn bath where she can just soak in her own filth.

No. 242751

Isn't this what she did last time he went to the hospital? Begged for money to go visit, begged for money to bring him home, etc.

No. 242763

I mean, mini strokes are a thing. They're called transient ischemic attacks.

No. 242764

That soap behind her looks unused. What a surprise.

No. 242779

Lurch's dad more than likely has Medicare or something of the like >>242751
If people still donate then fuck all, they deserve to be swindled.

No. 242792

a cult robe?

No. 242804

Yes but medicare wont cover for fast food/the cost for luna to visit and deliver said fast food because hospitals dont feed people.

No. 242849

File: 1485912177038.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_2017-01-31-17-17-40…)

No. 242850

File: 1485912256194.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_2017-01-31-17-18-51…)

what shes been posting all day

No. 242851

File: 1485912306257.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_2017-01-31-17-18-34…)

No. 242854

File: 1485912377078.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_2017-01-31-17-18-17…)

No. 242855

File: 1485912448573.png (1.87 MB, 1080x1492, Screenshot_2017-01-31-17-19-08…)

those triangle boobs and explosion armpits

No. 242865


what art school did she flunk out of again?

No. 242868

her concealer lips look so tacky, i imagine things getting stuck to them constantly. wtf kind of look is she going for?

No. 242884


No. 242893

Did anyone catfished the sea creature for more milk? It's that considered as tippin' the cow?

No. 242910

I'd really like to see what Luna actually thinks her art will come out as after she spends 5 minutes on something and also is she actually happy with that? She has much ''better" pieces lol
But really she must be delusional these are really bad she gets like half a point for originality but I think it's original because it's just very bad. I can't believe people have paid her for it and to make specific art for them? Wtf? People have such poor taste I don't understand

No. 242936

Wasnt saying that there's no such thing as a mini stroke, I was saying that that's what she first said, and then in here second and third posts it was changed to pneumonia, with no mention of the mini stroke.

No. 242950

Are all those posts still on FB or did she delete them on there too?

No. 242962

Yes, that falls under tipping.

No. 242980

>>Lost a hat for a year
In her apartment…

No. 242983

Her hair looks like a wig (I'm not saying it is lol) but it's so dry and ratty wig-textured looking, and it looks like it just sits on top of her head sage bc non contribution/nitpicking

No. 242984

I…. haven't rly been paying attention to recent pics of her and holy shit I seriously thought it WAS a wig until you said that. It reminds me of girls who go to cons with ratty wigs that they never brushed.

No. 242993

Why would you assume Luna's copying her? Peachy-colored hair isn't a new thing.

If one of their cats died I wonder how long it would take them to find it.

No. 243017

That's… not too bad. It's a beanie, it can easily be accidentally tucked away inside a bag or with clothes and stuff you don't use often. Or under furniture. You ever lived alone?

No. 243032

I don't understand how her lipstick looks like that on her lips…unless she's putting half the tube them. It always looks like there's little hairs on her mouth too.
really grosses me out

No. 243111

Hahahaha what does living alone have to do with it? And Luna lost it because she is a disgusting unorganized hoarder. Maybe she put it somewhere when she was high and couldn't remember.

No. 243113

When you live alone fewer objects are interacted with than if more than one person shared that same space, therefore things get lost more easily.

I know that's what you meant by that post, I'm just saying it's a silly thing to say when it happens to literally everyone. Normal people also get drunk or even high and forget where they put things. You don't have to be a heroin addict to lose a hat. You're being ridiculous.

(And I realize I am overreacting, I'm just tired of the absurd posts you farmers make calling people out for the smallest things)

No. 243117

>When you live alone fewer objects are interacted with than if more than one person shared that same space, therefore things get lost more easily.

lol wat

No. 243120

File: 1485965966252.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1393.PNG)

Why is she wearing that outfit again??????

No. 243128

So she doesn't do anything all day every day except for get high and play on her phone? She doesn't have a job, or school, or friends? I'm just trying to wrap my mind around her existence.

No. 243131

Looks like that cat is plotting his revenge and escape. Good luck, kitty.

No. 243134

File: 1485967047024.jpg (8.34 KB, 213x219, _20170201_173618.JPG)

>"Stop touching me with your disgusting hands AND GET ME SOMETHING TO EAT, FOR GOD'S SAKE"

No. 243175

There are three people living inside that apartment so not exactly living "alone".

No. 243193

File: 1485979390604.png (2.02 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170201-120122.png)

No. 243195

No. 243200

instead of playing games she should be scrubbing herself god

No. 243210

ew notice how the strands are sticking together with grease…it looks like her hair hasn't been washed in 2 weeks

No. 243312

File: 1485991891559.png (415.21 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-01-18-30-51…)

Oh my god she looks ridiculous

No. 243332

File: 1485992471432.jpeg (21.87 KB, 206x244, image.jpeg)

No. 243334

File: 1485992649550.jpeg (57.31 KB, 450x337, 6464565.jpeg)

Nice tard sweats and shoes. She literally looks like she escapes the tard home or something.

Also, lol pic related.

No. 243414

That's so fucking nasty, she doesn't even wash her hair? Why bother even having a bath if you're just sitting in filthy bath water without some goddamn soap?

No. 243426

Wow I don't follow this cow but it's below pathetic that her clothes are visibly dirty like this. How long do you even have to go without washing your clothes before they look this bad? I bet she stinks like yeast infection and ball sweat.

Love yourself. Wash yourself. God damn.

No. 243430

What I don't understand is that she's choosing to be this filthy like she's not homeless and has a shower she could easily be cleaner but she hasn't seem to have done laundry in over two years sooo

No. 243431

Because junkie A E S T H E T I C S

No. 243444

Just looking at this makes my fucking scalp itch. Didnt she JUST dye her hair pink, and it looks this dirty already? Let me find out she didnt even wash the pink dye out? And it looks like she is going bald. And to all those sickys here who were saying how "nice and thick her hair is": it sure fucking is not thick! As I said.. It looks like that because its damaged as fuck and poofy.

No. 243445

Also, hahaha she's not even in the tub here. You can see she's wearing a shirt. She was probably just in the bathroom to smoke some crack.

No. 243448

She's obsessed with breaking bad, I wouldn't be surprised at all if that's where she got inspiration from. And OMG those sweats are hiked up so far you can see her socks! DERP! Completely looks like something from the tard home.

No. 243467

Luna please love yourself for once and get a nice pair of joggers if you want to wear sweats 24/7 instead of these horrific old man sweatpants…

I looked at the pic again and the fact that you can SEE her dry dandruff scalp is making me gag. That's not normal at all.

No. 243583

I love the sassy hip and smug smile; you just know she thinks she's killing it.

No. 243610

sage 4 blogpost
seeing the current small parts of her life she thinks are appropriate to share really tear me apart . she's so unhealthy it's almost to the point of terrifying . literally her mouth & hair are things she takes vanity in but she's denying the key flaws … the crusty mouth - wipe off that disgusting goop, drink a gallon of water for fucks sake & take a vitamin ! go outside & get some sun it will do you a whole world of good, eat a bowl of vegetables once in a while . by not getting her dead hair cut off, it's making her scalp's sebum so off balance that it looks dirty & frizzy at all times ! it falls out like crazy
what appeal does looking like actual trailer trash have ? this is coming from someone who actually lives in a trailer park . doesn't she get that she could take out that clunky septum " jewelry " & begin to look like an actual human again … she could get away with so much more if she tried to work with what she's got & be a relativity cute femme girl instead of pretending that grunge isn't dead or maybe just drop the whole ego ???
it is irritating that she used to do ootd posts where she had a large collection of normal clothing but now she's given up on any real style & proudly wears the same ill-fitting 2003 era free church clothes drive b.s. !
I used to be a very jealous of her million dollar inherited stoner art girl online presence back in the funeralhome420 days … now it genuinely makes me want to cry how wasted she is. guess what I too have E.D.S & ptsd you can get actual federal disability for it but it takes effort & that for some reason is out of her range of thought .
if she would just stop hiding behind the veil of lies & grandeur delusion & get the hell out of that relationship she could turn it all around ! god someone send her to rehab & save those kitties before she dies an unhonorable in that shithole apartment where there's a virtual overwhelming evidentic trail of her addiction & completely unhinged brain & scummy behavior & lost hope & thievery & eventual death … please stop showing off your neglected souless habits & get it together before Matthew murders you Luna
p.s. get back in dbt therapy

No. 243611

I would rather look at a chunky pile of diarrhea on a dirty newspaper on a subway platform than this image.

No. 243691

File: 1486070207629.jpg (108.28 KB, 540x695, IMG_20170202_131402.jpg)

So apparently she found this tape in their apartment, do you guys think it's possible Lurch might have had a kid a while ago? I might be reading into this too much but why else would they have it?

No. 243695

You could tinfoil hat in another direction and wonder if it has to do with his own awareness as a child predator.

No. 243700

I think they just hoarde a bunch of useless random shit.
Or who knows, maybe Matthew has it because hes such a creep he once looked into getting a job as a school zone crossing guard so he could creep on kids and this was given to him as a training vid.

No. 243789

I don't think they ever pawn anything (I mean we've discussed it) they also have cable??? Wtf even just me being poor and not a junkie can't afford cable??? Like I have someone's Netflix lol. Lurch probably needs it to watch his sports ball r somethin.

No. 243790

No shade but I don't think you know what sage means

No. 243793

They're way too lazy to go pawn anything, I think. About the most work they wanna do for money is pathetically beg online.
And Luna isn't the 'poor little junkie' she tries of make herself out to be. Her father pays for everything she needs. And gives her $200 every month. But that isn't enough to get her and Lurch the drugs they need and thats probably why Luna talks shit about him. It'd be funny if he completely cut her off monetarily.

No. 243804

What does it mean, then?

No. 243813

I am not a google

No. 243834

you put it in the email field jesus

No. 243929

tbf you can't expect someone who puts a space before all of their punctuation to know what sage means

No. 243931

Yes, anon I've lived alone, but I never lost something in my home for more than a couple days. Hoarders aren't normal people, and if you can't find something in your home for a year…and you spend basically your entire day just sitting at home, well, that is an issue.

No. 244035


it was probably donated in a stack of vhs movies, i collect vhs tapes and people give me boxes of everything they dont want and i have to sort and give away all the random useless ones like these. its likely someone gave them all their old movies as a friendly neighbor charity case thing (pretty much everything she has is given to her apparently) and they just dont bother to clean out their house or donate or pawn anything ever because that is.. super obvious.

No. 244043

kinda late to the party, but Luna prob wears that outfit 24/7 because she thinks it makes her look skinny. Remember how "proud" she was to be showing her midriff off in public (aka hiking up her sweats so high they cover her muffin top/fupa combo and reveal a stretch of somewhat taut skin)

She's never gonna take it off.

No. 244198

She hasn't posted anything new about Rodger being in the hospital?

No. 244248

She's deleted the post about him now from her insta aswell

No. 244255

File: 1486167338795.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1408.PNG)

She deleted it from her insta in <24 hours

God sometimes I have to look at her pics real hard to figure out whats going on like an optical illusion

No. 244256

That's so strange. Wonder if the whole story was bogus. Or if he really is in the hospital…. She only mentions him when she needs to use him to beg for money? She's a cunt.

No. 244258

"Glamorous" is about the last word id use to describe this frumpy slob. Haha, she's so delusional.

No. 244261

Holy fuck! Zoom in on her eyes.. Does she photoshop her eyes to make them look droopy? Look at her iris', Theyre not round….

No. 244272

Yeah at first I thought I seen a round boob in a push up bra, so I had to do a double take and seen that it was just her shoulder, not a boob at all.

No. 244278

>not a boob at all

That made me ugly laugh

No. 244290

how can you just live with a flyaway in your face like that?? i move them immediately because its super annoying to have some random long hair in your bangs? or did she purposefully put it there for some god awful aesthetic reason

No. 244301

Maybe she seen a pic of Courtney Love with gross strands of hair hanging in her face and Tuna thought she ought to give it a try.

No. 244305

File: 1486173130808.jpg (73.2 KB, 300x467, IMG_1409.JPG)

She's said this is her absolute favorite photo of her so..
there's her #goals lmao

No. 244352

She posted a poem on tumbly today here it is
>i feel the vibrations and they scare me, door opens 
silk pillow cases, india ink, milk honey tea
lavender ribbons, orange kittens
floral blankets, rain that pitter patters
a doe with a white spotted torso 
i hope i always fall asleep surrounded by
fluffy cats and your
long dark hair, and here i am, i’m 
laying awake all night, a
heart full of fear, always hoping for
the right combination of words for you to
whisper into my skin
nose pink, kissed deeply by the frost
freckles a reminder of the
days spent in the sun, honey please
don’t clip my wings
doll face you’re hurting me don’t
worry tho i’ve never had a real family
television has never
hurt so much, all i can think of are
razors on my skin, but
baby wrap me in wool scarves, i don’t wanna
live here
my bones have finally broken, these
nails are too short
they’re bloody again, every spike which
enters, thorns on roses
she brings at least one drop of blood to 
rise up to the surface 
like blood on snow
what’s it like to be a success?
thunder clap, teary eyes
maybe i’m not so real this time
i predicted it all
to my therapists dismay 
i’ll always be a loser on this side of the street
but honey, my knees won’t let me
cross over
one day at a time, pierce me.

I wanna do a side by side comparison with ginger Bronson's work. Which is worse???

No. 244359

Her "poetry" is so rough to read. And its so fucking stupid… Just a bunch of special snowflake words and ramblings.
Also, Tuna just 'liked' a bunch of ginger bronsons shit on Tumblr, too. Ew.

No. 244366

>here i am, i’m laying awake all night, a heart full of fear, always hoping for the right combination of words for you ta whisper

Lol. She can't sleep cos she twacked on crack and she's laying there waiting for Cheif to wake up from his nod and tell her that he saved her some heroin.

No. 244375

>i’ll always be a loser on this side of the street
but honey, my knees won’t let me
cross over

Here she is again blaming/saying her drug addiction is because her knee dislocates on occasion. "Yeah I got into hard drugs because my knee hurts sometimes, not because I think 'junkie aesthetic' is cool".
Why didnt she just use the health insurance that she probably was/is covered under by her fathers insurance to get her knee issue fixed? Dumb bitch. Your 'bum knee' is your heroin hardship story? Haha ok.

No. 244392

File: 1486182853479.png (384.97 KB, 1219x1896, IMG_1982.PNG)

I love it when cows collide.

No. 244395

lol wtf i had no idea nicole followed luna

that's hilarious. both are utter trash

No. 244408

O m g


Luna prob sells Nicole some adderall so she can keep making shit tunes

No. 244445

Damnit, that's only going to encourage her filthy ass. BTW is she still planning to go into treatment?

No. 244454

Of fucking course she would use Hole lyrics to go with her uggo pic.

No. 244499

I highly doubt she was ever serious about going into treatment. She was probably dopesick without cash when she decided to do/say that. She got money, got high, and got over it.

No. 244556

I want Nicole to write a horrid song about Luna

No. 244674

By the way she has insurance through her dad which I imagine is decent but she threw a fit cuz he changed insurances (probably because of his job) cuz her psych that makes her feel like a snowflake/gives her benzos didn't accept that insurance but im sure plenty of places do accept it and she could go inpatient whenever she wants. She probably even has dental insurance but if I was a dentist and she came at me with that nasty ass mouth I would decline her business omg ew

No. 244714

He actually is in the hospital for pneumonia

No. 244718

How are you so sure?

No. 244805

File: 1486242963059.png (359.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1420.PNG)

I love it when she tries to be into politics but she's too dumb/has no idea what's going on

Like nah Luna, you're still worthless.

No. 244830

File: 1486244609660.png (24.5 KB, 720x426, Capture _2017-02-04-15-42-03.p…)

Lol. Bitch is finally getting something right for once. Except I woildnt call her a weirdo, just typical 'special snowflake' trash.

No. 244899

File: 1486252719004.png (22.8 KB, 707x324, scn_739362056729200.png)

Okay Tuna.

No. 244907

Oh my god how productive you are tunachan, someone get this gremlin a metal!

No. 244911

File: 1486254740483.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1426.PNG)

She says Anna Nicole is her idol all the time but she's trying to marry a poor old man instead of a nice rich one near death. If she was rich she'd be an ugly Anna Nicole maybe I could see her carrying around a dead husband in an urn

No. 245330

From my little experience working at a sally beauty it looks like she tried to put pastel pink over her natural hair instead of bleaching it. You're hair pretty much has to be white for pastels to look good.

No. 245339

This. It looks like she didn't even bother to tone it either.

No. 245410

I had no idea angelhair1996 existed. I thought she was only on saferthanheav3n. How was it found?

No. 245432

Idk someone posted it. It's her current active tumblr. It's only existed for like a month
Also "angel hair" keeps making me think of pasta which reminds me of her hair

No. 245465

File: 1486328080184.jpg (Spoiler Image, 655.64 KB, 1080x1080, 1486327730533.jpg)

Why does she insist on adding those godawful black squiggles

No. 245490

This is her best in a while lmao I at least kinda like how her face came out? She usually just draws a literal triangle for the nose

No. 245523

File: 1486332424444.png (127.01 KB, 1080x753, Screenshot_2017-02-05-14-01-47…)

No. 245525

File: 1486332517704.png (2.31 MB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_2017-02-05-14-04-08…)

she posted another huge painting. she also reshared her 4 eyes orange devil vomit saying she wanted to sell it and to "make her an offer. its big." and no one has commented.

No. 245537

The cat was probably sick of being around crazy smelly drug addicts and when rodger got home the cat was prolly like "thank god, someone whose sane and doesn't reek".

No. 245557

Am I biased or is her 'artwork' actually pretty shitty…? It looks like she just rushes thru the shit so she can try and sell them for dope money.

No. 245570

Not too bad coming from her before she went overboard on the squiggles.

If she's serious about selling her artwork why can't she give out the measurements instead of just saying "it's big"?

No. 245588

Lol at her just signing as 'Luna' now… What happened to that last name she was using that wasn't hers?

No. 245602

you can tell she's never seriously sat down and drawn from life or studied anatomy or proportions, but I think she has capabilities. her coloring would be cool if she had a foundation to build upon. that being said, it still looks shitty and I would never pay money for it lol

No. 245653

its sad because i think her art has some interesting qualities but it looks the exact same as it has for years. there has been absolutely no growth in her ability or style. i wonder what it would have looked like if she didnt drop out of art school for a drug addict pedophilic swamp creature.

also side note, she posted a couple of hours ago that she washed her hair today and she liked how it faded… she dyed it on the 29th and today is the 5th. the thought of her stench after a week with no shower is nightmarish

No. 245917

Lmao the gray bubbles aka filthy bath water

No. 245918

Surprised she washed her hair at all tho

No. 245944

Ah yes, the knee that she busted when she went "tripped" over FIVE ROWS OF SEATS during cotton eye joe.

No. 246028

Hahahahahaha that sounds so comical and ridiculous. And yet, Tuna claimed it happened to her.

No. 246071

She probably just rinsed her hair out in the sink..

No. 246111

File: 1486413606773.png (1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1433.PNG)

>livin in a shithole

Good job Tuna!! You're right!

No. 246133

Why does she look like Amanda Bynes when she had her schiozphrenic break down here? At least Amanada had a good reason to go in public like this.

No. 246157


Oh my god. Now she's gotten even more delusional and thinks its 'aesthetic' and cool to be a piece of shit loser living in a shit hole apartment.

No. 246160

She's reading here now for sure. She posted about how her art is improving after you said this and now posting about her tits. It's too much of a coincidence

No. 246163

File: 1486421171312.png (86.85 KB, 715x669, Capture _2017-02-06-16-43-29.p…)

Whoa. I feel bad for this crpl-pnk person. Grody crotch rot Luna just randomly put it out there that she dated this chick. If I were crpl-pnk id be so embarrassed.

No. 246165

File: 1486421619338.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1436.PNG)

>clean hair
>milk fuck

God she cannot stop posting on IG right now she's posted 20 pics just today

No. 246175

"Milk fuck"? Yeah sounds like shes lurking here. And why does she keep posting pictures of her gross scalp? Her hair is clean but it still looks fucked up?? Why??

No. 246178

Maybe she just found it? I think she'd freak the fuck out a little more Tuna McMilkfuck

No. 246188

I don't see her freaking out after lurking here. I see her quietly obsessing over it and over herself and shitting out posts to try and improve herself and control what we say about here. She's been talking shit about herself lately which maybe she thinks is funny since its the shit we say about here here..

No. 246198

Lol her hair is not clean. It's just brittle dry. The gross roots of her hair look super oily and dirty. Thats why its clumpy

No. 246202

She's shitposting all over her own insta it's kinda funny

No. 246237

She's been more active on her Tumblr too. What kind of stuff is she posting on insta? Anything worth posting here?

No. 246244

File: 1486428660078.png (716.52 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3050.PNG)

No. 246247

File: 1486428876476.png (979.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3051.PNG)

Was ment to spoil alert that last photo too sorry guys

No. 246250

File: 1486429031344.png (246.52 KB, 640x1085, IMG_3052.PNG)

Six posts about hole/Courtney/Kurt in 5 hours ~but I don't wanna b Courtney guyzzzzz Wah Wah~

No. 246251

File: 1486429118719.png (135.64 KB, 640x1088, IMG_3053.PNG)

Sorry for the flood guys her Insta is so lolsy right now though

No. 246260

Whoa granny tits. And didnt she used to post pics of her bare nasty utters with captions like "free the nipple" and "body posivitve" or something? Why the change of heart Tuna? Lurking here change your mind or something?

No. 246265

I like go she always conviently hides/crops out her track marks. Lets see them Luna! Haha. And your crack pipe too. I'll pay you for your crack-smoking vids.

No. 246310

File: 1486435018644.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1443.PNG)

Omg no girl, look at her hands, use ya eyes ho

No. 246335

SICK. Check out her very hairy leg/cankle! I seriously want to send this bitch a pack of razors, anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner, actual body wash and a fucking loofah. We all know she wouldn't use it though. How can she stand to live with herself, being so gross and unhygenic. Its not just the long leg hair, its every selfie she posts.

No. 246337


Is that a fuckin Hitachi vibrator on the floor in the background? brb vomiting

No. 246348

No. 246357

Oh, disgusting. You know that fucking thing has never been washed. Hopefully she's never used it and just has it for aesthetics. Probably 'found it in the trash'.

No. 246360

she's begging people on facebook (pm) for money now.

No. 246361

She probably found it in Chiefs apartment and it once belonged to his ex. Haha.

No. 246364

File: 1486439966657.png (93.81 KB, 457x230, Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 7.54…)

whoever saw this and has been trying to get her ex-gf to spill more milk, way to fuckin go

No. 246365

why are the people in this thread too stupid to not tip the fucking cow jesus christ

No. 246394

File: 1486445087201.jpg (299.97 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_okyzz2QblI1w3kwovo1_128…)

poor cat tbh :-/

No. 246398

she is soooo fat holy shit

No. 246404

You can see the cellulite ripples thru her leggings– which are too small for her and stretched so tight that Theyre see-thru when she forces her sausage legs into them.

No. 246406

improved?? her "art" looks exactly the same.

No. 246415

I think being fat is the least of her problems, drugs and desperation to achieve an unattainable aesthetic are probably the worst things she has going for her. A lot of former druggies have come forward in Luna's threads and seem to live vicariously through her so I presume they're the ones tipping, dat tainted milk tho.

No. 246451

Honestly disgusting. I want Nicole to never write a song again she's the absolute worst, I'm not shocked she's friends with Luna. Sage for off topic.

No. 246469

oh my god…that is actually disgusting.
I'm pretty sure she mostly uses dry shampoo on her hair but, Luna, you have to wash it sometimes

No. 246540

File: 1486483607801.png (1.88 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-07-10-06-01…)

No. 246557

File: 1486484429175.jpg (590.96 KB, 908x727, 8372482.jpg)

I don't know what's worse, the hairy legs or the dirty shoes and socks.

No. 246563

EWW! How high was she when she decided this looked good? Look how disgusting and dirty (omg those gross pieces of hair) that white fuzzy material is on those slippers. And why does she keep showing off those hairy tree trunk ankles? Is she going for some sort of new aesthetic…..? Repulsive.

No. 246593

File: 1486486227834.png (1.98 MB, 1440x2061, 20170207_174833.png)

Oh honey…

No. 246595

The position she's in is soo weird why couldn't she take a pic of them with her legs down and not in a weird spread eagle pose

No. 246601

File: 1486487007081.png (14.84 KB, 712x236, img_862528949254.png)

Wonder if this is in response to her lurking here and not liking what she reads. lol. She's posted something before this one about how she's still cutting. Bitch is breaking down over something.

No. 246605

File: 1486487591895.png (1.3 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-07-11-11-15…)

Fucking ew.

No. 246620

Looking spooky as fuck. And look how greasy and matted down his hair is.

No. 246625

What is possessing her to take a picture in that nasty grey rag with her droopy titties out next to a bunch of gross towels I'm sure have gone unwashed for months??? Don't do drugs!

No. 246626

this man is so disgusting, the greasy sheen on his face makes it look like hes melting

No. 246628

This poor kitty. His ass probably smells better than Chief Areola.

No. 246631

File: 1486489646689.png (26.05 KB, 750x274, IMG_1447.PNG)

That's it? That's easily $200 lol
Why does she think holidays are magical where money should be dumped in her lap for no reason?

No. 246634

She definitely was spoiled by other family members growing up she acts like it

No. 246649

Get a job, bitch, and pay for it yourself. Does she expect to be supported by other people for the rest of her life? She knows nothing about being an adult and that's kinda sad. She depends on her family to pay her bills, depends on the governemt to feed her (food stamps), depends on little teenagers online to fund her drug use, and depends on her pedofile boyfriend to get the drugs and shoot her up. She can do absolutely nothing for herself. How pathetic and embarrassing.

No. 246732

She is so disturbing, And I can't tell if she's really that weird looking or if she makes herself look that weird, but she freaks me out sm .she obviously has arrested development from when she started using and now she's just stuck w the stupid "fantasy" she had at that age

No. 246745

>too poor to afford food
>spends all their money on drugs
>is fucking huge

Something isn't adding up.

No. 246746

Right? I always wonder how they can claim that they've not eaten for a couple of days yet Luna is chunky as fuck and hasn't lost any weight in months and months despite sucking her crack pipe like it's Courtney loves teat. The food they get must be all high calorie junk and pre-prepared crap and it looks like Luna has more than enough to shovel down her flabby maw.

No. 246766

Lol yeah she posted earlier about going to get a candy bar in the rain at 11 in the morning

No. 246792

Yeah totally starving. All starving people choose to buy a $3 candy bar instead of a $3 bag of rice to sustain them. Totally something people do.
I doubt this heifer has ever been truly 'I haven't eaten food in six days' hungry before. She wouldn't be so thrilled to waste money and rely on the charity of others if she knew what it was like.

No. 246801

File: 1486513320825.png (197.18 KB, 750x866, IMG_1452.PNG)


anyone remember when she was saying how the ONLY grocery in her town closed? But this is in walking distance
Oh and she can walk

No. 246998

ive noticed a lot of the time they specifically word it like "i havent eaten a proper meal" its sneaky as shit cause apparently they mean to say "i only eat fatty snacks and desserts"

No. 247001

They haven't had a proper meal because neither of them is willing to get up and chop some veggies and seat some chicken. They live off snack foods and whine when someone doesn't hook them up with a weekly roast dinner

No. 247021

it definitely is. i remember a while ago she was crying about not eating in a while, they finally got some money (i think from donations?) and they both just bought themselves ice cream cones… and then she's asked people to buy them pizza cause ~she hadn't eaten in so long~ (and someone did) and then on thanksgiving she was crying about not having enough money for dinner, someone donated, and i'm pretty sure they had chinese take out? it's fine if you're broke to spoil yourself with bad food once in a while. i'm broke and SOMETIMES i'll buy myself a $5 pizza. but that seems to be the only thing she buys with "her" money. when was the last time she ate a veggie that wasn't on top of/in processed food?

No. 247055

jesus christ he literally looks like an adult junkie version of an anencephaly baby. spooky as fuck

No. 247068

can you guys spoiler her picture for the next thread?

she looks the way sour milk and period blood smell and i can't stand seeing her face

No. 247300

sage 4 blogpost

Luna girl, PLEASE get a haircut your scalps sebum is so horribly off balance ! I know your hair is soooo cripsy, it's falling out / breaking off all over the place . get a multi-vitamin too it'll help it grow back & make you less hungry. stop wasting your money on " at home " hair treatments . your hair is so damaged & porous that anything you do yourself will just come out splotchy . invest the money in a professional hair dresser instead of getting shit tattoos, or whatever
it's worth it .
whatever happened to you using those 5lb hand weights everyday ?
what else are you doing with all your " chill " life ?
get hydrated at the very least your skin & mouth will thank you for it you won't look so crusy
just take care of yourself if you wanna be a real blonde bombshell like you always claim

again, get out of the shithole apartment b4 Matthew murders you

No. 247948

File: 1486653106276.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1473.PNG)

I'm what is ANGRY CHAIR??? (in her bio)

No. 247949

Your heart is in the right place but she's a selfish drug addict. Do you really think she gives a fuck about anything except her next hit? Also, being filthy and grungy is her A E S T H E T I C so I doubt she cares.

No. 247953

It's an Alice in Chains song.

No. 247983

Oh excuse me lol

No. 247992

>when you're so basic you recite songs from almost 30 years ago

No. 248011

Didn't mean any disrespect anon! Just trying to help.

No. 248135

File: 1486676215230.png (74.38 KB, 750x579, IMG_1477.PNG)


No. 248144

File: 1486677155241.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_2017-02-09-13-49-23…)

No. 248145

File: 1486677263180.png (957.43 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_2017-02-09-12-58-41…)

look at her commenting on that katie girls instagram. theres tons like these

No. 248149

>you rang?

No. 248163

it looks like she really took a bath! look, her foundation looks pretty fresh! omg I can't believe this

but… she's wearing that nasty top ew

No. 248211

Yep, it's actually really shitty. Looks like an edgy elementary schooler painted it.
Complete lack of anatomy knowledge and painting techniques. She has zero eye for what is aesthetically pleasing.

No. 248218

This.. Along with her mentioning/bragging on Tumblr that she dated some chick… Wtf? What's she trying to do? Or has she just lost a bunch more brain cells?

No. 248303

File: 1486693970731.png (12.79 KB, 498x177, ok.PNG)

seems like there is some trouble in paradise…

No. 248306

Oh my god… These people need to stay off social media while theyre high. Or atleast post something milky instead of just sounding plain crazy.

No. 248313

Luna threads always motivate me to drink more water.

No. 248336

Lol he's crazy he'd cut off his dick for a pile of drugs

No. 248337

100 % sure he's quoting the film Fight Club !

No. 248349

There was an actual crime committed where a woman cut off her husband's penis while he was sleeping and threw it out her car window. Pretty sure he's talking about that crime.
Google isn't hard to use.

No. 248368

Why the fuck is she so obsesed with the 90s? i was in HS in the 90s. People like her got mocked and made fun of all the time even though grunge bands were popular, but grunge fashion was not "cool enough", grungey punks, skaters and goths were outcasts and looked down at, if that makes sense. She would have been a cheerleader bimbo in the 90s snorting up coke with her dad's money.

No. 248383

stretch marks and stink lines?

No. 248389

i think Tuna and the easter island head have a more open relationship than they let on. both of them leave sleezy comments on other peoples photos hitting on them

No. 248397

She actually looks legit cute here.

No. 248408

I agree. It still wonder why her face looks so deformed in the OP. It's like her nose is starting to resemble Lurchs and like her face is caving in or sliding to the right of her head

No. 248420

Bad shoop probably. She seems to try to edit her face shape a lot when she's not hiding it with her hair/hands.

Face looks cute, hair looks like Trump's discarded toupee. It's so fried and awful.

No. 248451

Cuz her bf had a nine inch nails tattoo duh

No. 248454

ew, that skin

No. 248458

>>248408 i know right i keep thinking she looks more and more like lurch, the most recent pictures where she is covering most of her face with her hair could be him in a wig

No. 248461

lol trump is sooo bad for things he's said about women but ur so much better while making fun of his hands??

No. 248462

change!! your!! clothes!! even if she doesnt have a lot of clothes herself she could always borrow one of matthew's shirts

No. 248463

She has TONS of clothes maybe they're finally all filthy? She doesn't seem to know how to do laundry

No. 248471

why dont you believe her? it makes sense to have a lot of those at once. i have bpd, ptsd, anxiety, and a few others

No. 248482

I think she just has a social disorder that makes her anxious and the drugs don't help

No. 248494

lol i remember that girl from the lil peep drama. someone should make a thread

No. 248529

stop replying to old posts all at once. you're cloggin up the thread with things we've already talked about and don't need to bring up again. at least sage it

No. 249136

File: 1486837579083.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1494.PNG)

Somebody's at Daddy's fancy apartment. Better watch those (literally) sticky fingers, Father Tuna!!

No. 249217

Not that anon, but I don't believe you either.

No. 249234

How often does she go over there? Like once a month? Is it always around the same time every month? That's probably when she needs him to get her scripts refilled and pick up her monthly $200 spoiled bitch cash from him. She only uses him for when she needs something, what a cunt.
And also, that cat looks pretty disgusted that Tuna is in their house.

No. 249248

took such a long shower after reading all the threads. that girl is bloody disgusting, i've been following her back in her funeralhome420 days and i always knew there was something off

No. 249334

File: 1486865349833.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1498.PNG)

Lol where is she she looks "nice"

No. 249336

Not the anon you replied to either but that's kind of ignorant of you then? it is literally possible to have those things all at the same time. Not saying Luna does but I don't get why you're implying it's that far fetched?

No. 249340

What a bizarre pic! Lol. Who is Charlie? Did her "evil" father take her out to eat? She looks better than usual but still trashy and frumpy. Has she ever mentioned a Charlie before..? Hes kinda hot.

No. 249349

People have all those things because they don't actually go to get diagnosed. It's like saying you have the flu and a cold and allergies at the same time because you have a cough. The same symptoms fit all the diseases, but no psychiatrist worth their salt would ever over-diagnose. More likely Luna (and the anons defending it) are looking it up on webMD. Claiming you have multiple illnesses, especially psychological ones, is just makes you look like a teenager who's screaming for attention. And I'm just an anon on the internet, but I don't believe anyone who over diagnoses themselves.

No. 249414

diff anon here. dude…google comorbidity. It is absolutely possible to have different diagnoses with overlapping symptoms, especially mental ones, and especially when you consider most people will see different doctors over the years. along with other factors.

sage bc unrelated to Tuna's disgusting bullshit

No. 249491

File: 1486891131439.png (2.11 MB, 1866x1198, tuna.png)

No. 249524

oh god she looks like her painting now

No. 249532

This. Lots of disorders also have ones that often appear with them, OCD and ADHD are more likely to be diagnosed in the same person. Tourette's and OCD are same too.

No. 249545

Poor Charlie. Also it looks like she wore that same shirt with bra showing through and sweats to a restaurant.

No. 249563


Who cares, shut up tbh. It's obvious Luna has mental problems that are made way worse by her drug use but she's too derpy to realize how badly drugs fuck you up. So she thinks she's a ~broken bpd bby~.

No. 249574

You can have multiple times of cancer at the same time tho

You probably just don't think mental illnesses are real right? Alternative illnesses?

Sage for off topic/what a dummy

No. 249590

You're talking out of your ass anon, comorbidity is a thing and it's not uncommon to have multiple illnesses that play off each other.

No. 249596

File: 1486913223335.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1501.PNG)

The caption LOL

No. 249600

As if you don't wear dirty, ripped clothes at regular basis, Luna.

No. 249601

File: 1486914636429.png (901.92 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1504.PNG)

1. ew
2. She's gonna get nirvana and Alice In Chains lmao and "live through this" how uncreative can she get? She's just trying to match lurch, that's her whole personality

No. 249618

File: 1486916929768.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_2017-02-12-08-21-04…)

she did a picture dump of 20+ pics yesterday and today, mostly aesthetic pics of her feet or cats or lollypop or pictures of grunge artists, im posting the ones i thought farmers would like to see.

No. 249620

File: 1486916987361.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_2017-02-12-08-20-53…)

No. 249621

gross, as if there isn't enough rubbish in that shithole of apartment. now she's saving up that dry and sleazy ass hair

No. 249622

File: 1486917078222.png (924.44 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_2017-02-12-08-21-52…)

No. 249626

File: 1486917145881.png (745.11 KB, 1080x1607, Screenshot_2017-02-12-08-22-10…)

No. 249627

LMAO i bet she enjoyed that. or is zaddy lurch the only creepy guy allowed to hunt her

No. 249628

File: 1486917196343.png (1004.81 KB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_2017-02-12-08-22-38…)

No. 249629

File: 1486917287274.png (538.06 KB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_2017-02-12-08-22-54…)

No. 249630

wonder where she "found" those

No. 249633

lol a lot of them are often had at the same time by many, and i was severely abused as a child so that's why im so messed up

No. 249635

yeah someone please make a peep thread, im bad at keeping up with him and toopoor

No. 249637

that unblended nose highlight tho

No. 249642

Live Through This is an album by Hole.

No. 249644

No. 249646

I wonder when the last time she even had clean underwear yuck

No. 249728

sage for off topic but, she stops putting "schu" on her art, compliments her ex girlfriend, makes lewd remarks on other people's pictures, and keeps hanging out at her dads place… i hope this is a sign of her breaking things off with lurch. it definitely seems like she stalked this thread at least once recently. i hope she saw all the creepy ass things lurch has been saying and she's being smart and leaving him. obviously that's probably not going to happen but even though she's a piece of shit, i'm hoping she turns her life around before it's too late.

No. 249737

That, along with >>249629 realizing its GOOD to change your clothes is about the only positive shit happeneing with her lately.. Maybe she's finally at least thinking about crawling out of the shithole she dug herself into. She also hasn't been talking shit about her dad lately either. If she wants to get clean and leave lurch, I think itd be somewhat easy for her.. She seems to ha e a good support system and if she talks about it openly online she'll have even more support in getting/staying clean.

No. 250101

File: 1486952366941.png (34.5 KB, 720x346, Capture _2017-02-12-20-15-40.p…)

Getting an excuse all set up for some e-begging for (drug) money, Tuna? Get a job. And stop smoking crack and you wont have to worry about people "fucking with you". Haha. Crack paranoia is so funny when youre not the one paranoid.

No. 250111

Guys. I dont even think she's doing drugs anymore…

No. 250176

File: 1486959217607.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_2017-02-12-20-12-10…)

No. 250182

File: 1486959612341.png (88.44 KB, 1080x700, Screenshot_2017-02-12-20-15-12…)

yeah i dont think so

No. 250183

File: 1486959653407.png (837.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-12-20-15-58…)

No. 250184

File: 1486959722658.png (138.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-12-20-17-05…)

No. 250185

File: 1486959799870.png (96.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-12-20-17-12…)

No. 250186


Interesting. But that she says she "needs to hear about" Courtney Love is lame as fuck. That she's 20-something years old and obsessing over an irrelevant celebrity is pathetic. She seriously needs to get a life….

No. 250199

Ew, unfortunate. Lurch is the only thing she thinks she has and so she's clinging onto it and brainwashing herself into believing that its some great relationship. A relationship between 2 addicts is rough and add in the age/maturity differences and whatever else… Yeah right good luck. On her old personal blog she always talked about how shitty Matthew treated her, and I highly doubt its gotten better. She probably lives for the moments when Matthew is high as fuck and is nice to her right before he nods out.

No. 250211

Then what's with all the track marks
Also she acts like she's on drugs

No. 250470

What track marks? The bruises/marks on her hand that could actually be from something else? and she acts that way because she thinks its unique/cute/cool.

No. 250475


If anything we need evidence that she isn't or stopped using. Her not talking about it doesn't mean shit. People who are addicted to drugs don't just wake up one day and say "Eh this isn't really fitting my ~aesthetic~ anymore" and quit right then. If anything wouldn't she want to milk her "recovery" for sympathies and maybe donations?

No. 250488

Obviously getting clean is a process. No one said she magically quit overnight for "aesthetic purposes".

No. 250490

She recently posted that she needs $480 for an electric bill and vague paranoia garbage. Her eyes/pupils are off center in almost every picture. She takes pictures of herself with a glop of highlighter on the tip of her nose which is so discernable from the rest of her face it looks like she took a nose dive in talcum powder. What about anything recent shows shes no longer using?

No. 250492

Is it because shes proud of changing her undies? If so lol

No. 250498

Her lips look like dry dog butthole. :-(

No. 250564

File: 1487020205108.png (110.4 KB, 1438x669, croppedImage_1487020021737.png)

No. 250565

Jesus fucking Christ bitch. Stop "finding" things and get a fucking job and pay your bills. She couldn't be any more worthless.

No. 250566

lol bitch can't even google
Also cool you "found" a longboard in the winter in New York, I am so sure.

No. 250567

haha, ok Luna. more like they stole one and are now trying to find out how much that longboard is usually worth to see if they can make any money off of it.

No. 250568

I googled it and there's not much about it, but it says its electric. An electric skateboard left out in a snowstorm and she took it…..? Founds fishy, Tuna.

No. 250571

Lmao. I hope the person she stole it from somehow is directed to Lunas post about it And that person calls the police on her. Hahahaha. She'd have a breakdown if the cops showed up at her door looking for it.
Watch her delete that post now because she lurks here.

No. 250576

no one's fucking with you, Luna. conserve your power, turn your lights and TVs on when you leave a room.

she prob doesn't even have to pay the electric or ANY bills in that apt tbh

No. 250585

Is she… Under the impression that you wear clothing and use sheets until they're so dirty that they're unusable and then you just buy new ones?

Those socks and undies look brand new, not freshly washed imo.

No. 250616

She acts like wearing clean underwear is a treat or so esuper special actor self care, not just basic hygiene so she probably has no idea that sheets are supposed to be washed weekly or that people even wash towels and such. She's never gonna realise it's abnormal to be dirty and smell constantly of piss while she's living for her aesthetic.

No. 250623

Theyre definitely brand new. Theyre spotless and unwrinkled. Her dad probably bought them for her while she was with him.

No. 250631

no one's fucking with you, Luna. conserve your power, turn your lights and TVs on when you leave a room.

she prob doesn't even have to pay the electric or ANY bills in that apt tbh

No. 250632

>>250631 oops, I meant turn your lights and TVs OFF*

No. 250639

Lol like…
>I finally changed my old crusty crotch-rot underwear, ~*I FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON*~

No. 250646

File: 1487027177829.png (559.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1511.PNG)

Lol this is what she looks like..

No. 250651

Your hair NEVER was pink looney, it was orange this whole time because you put pink dye over disgusting yellow/orange hair. And You dilute the shit out of that dye, you can't get ~pastel pink~ hair unless your base is almost white. Or maybe you're just doing that bc you're cheap as fuck? You need a fucking toner.

Sage for hair rant

No. 250654

Lol. She got them during the aerie buy 10 for $30 sale. I give them one wear before they are crusty

No. 250658

She has high standards for filth I guess cuz you know she hasn't had clean underwear in two years

No. 250662

I bet she has crotch rot. She looks so smelly and filthy.

No. 250663

I cant believe she wore this outfit out to a nice dinner with her dad and his friend.

No. 250675

Those black squiggly lines on her art are actually stink

No. 250677

Never would have guessed Aerie. They look like something you'd but in 5-packs for 6 dollars at a discount/dollar store. Did her dad buy them for her? Lol a 20something undie shopping with her father.. Not embarrassing or pathetic at all.

No. 250794

File: 1487049628167.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_2017-02-13-21-19-41…)

No. 250796

Girl be stealin

No. 250813


No. 250876

The floor

No. 250877

I was getting really hopeful she would leave Lurch but it's just not happening. Even if we stir the pot she'll just double down on dope until she becomes numb to it
Such a waste of her youth

H&M, not Wallmart?
I mean, they aren't expensive but still

No. 250888

Starting to realize why she wears baggy sweatpants everywhere. She's probably cramming all her stolen socks and panties into them.

No. 251017

File: 1487087950636.png (260.11 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_2017-02-14-07-54-49…)

No. 251019

File: 1487088024908.png (667.11 KB, 1080x1447, Screenshot_2017-02-14-07-53-54…)

No. 251023

Lmao what a bitch

No. 251025

File: 1487088468348.png (977.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1527.PNG)

No. 251029

ahhh yes time to pick the dirtiest rag for chief areola #romance

No. 251070

I checked her liked posts on tumblr and no surprise, tons of heroin pics ew

Also I thought that dope = crack, not heroin?

No. 251090

which tumblr ? the angelhair or saverthanheav3n ?

No. 251158

Lol she had to post another pic of those ugly underwear so she can show off the tags? I think she's def lurking here- that pic wasnt even ~aesthetic~. But Theyre from h&m.. I think she for sure stole them, that place is crazy easy to steal from, even a derpy junkie like Tuna could pull it off.

No. 251173

Ive always called heroin dope, but it varies from city to city..

No. 251197

Dope is the generic word for a lot of drugs. You'll even see people use the word dope for marijuana.

No. 251213

Did Chief have a seizure after seeing her areolas?

No. 251251

File: 1487097088232.jpg (113 KB, 1080x1349, 90b0764f-100b-4a4f-9f89-c7dbf5…)

Shes so plastered looking in this pic. I wonder if lurch put her drug goodies in the chocolate box

No. 251253

Lol probably!
Or maybe she put on ones of those dirty pieces of lingerie for him, he seen the saggy granny tits, hairy cottage cheese legs, sweaty hairy armpits, and crusty putrid pube bush and thought "oh HELL no".

No. 251264


No. 251277

wow !!! they can afford v-day gifts ???? i thought they were literally starving to death a day ago !!

No. 251280

I bet chief found those in the trash too, just like her other gifts.

No. 251326

That would be the ideal Kurt/Courtney ~aesthetic~ so probably.