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File: 1487614493278.png (144.48 KB, 750x908, IMG_1617.PNG)

No. 254820

Old thread hit limit >>220048

>20 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief

>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles

Tumblr : angelhair1996
Insta: howl1996

No. 254846

Glad to see OP chose yet another picture of her where she looks like she melting

No. 254865

Im a different OP but omg she looks like that in every photo!!

No. 254867

File: 1487617718717.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1619.PNG)

Lol ok so your boyfriend stole her neighbor's decorations for you

No. 254869

File: 1487617790150.png (Spoiler Image, 83.25 KB, 744x660, IMG_1608.PNG)

lol she did not answer those obv but she also left the pic up with that nasty infected track mark

No. 254919

File: 1487622397231.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1624.PNG)

I don't see "school girl" in this at all maybe if she had pig tails but she looks more like she's going for a Scottish cosplay look which is confusing.
She has so many other LG things to wear like pink things that sayDaddy's girl etc

Idk maybe if she was wearing a collared shirt but she doesn't look like come ddlg school girl she's going for. She's also haggard af lol.

No. 254939

File: 1487625421240.png (1.86 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170218-193125.png)

I laughed way too hard when I read that, "eating disorder joke that hurt me." Line

No. 254940

He found them in the trash can in front of their shared front door.

No. 254954

loony doesnt seem to realize amy schumer is a fat ugly whale like her

No. 254976

File: 1487629740665.png (375.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-20-09-43-35…)

Lunee replied to this complaining that nothing was her size. How would you afford it anyway when you got no food monies Luna?? (Also cows colliding woo)

No. 254987

Yuck. Luna wearing this sexmonster chunkmidget's cast off clothing is something the world needs to avoid at all costs. Thank god these items are not in her size but let's all pray that none of it ends up in a dumpster for Matthew to "find" and take home.

No. 254994

I see in Tuna's pro-pic Sea Monster got her some extra special weeds for V-Day.

No. 254998

No. 255008

I think they're commenting on the flowers that Luna got look like he snatched them out from someone's overgrown yard.

No. 255011

File: 1487633318054.jpg (91.45 KB, 960x960, 16711914_1319196361492355_9081…)


The shitty flowers she is holding.

No. 255021

god damn, i actually feel pretty worried about her health right now. people are actually reaching out to her about it and she's so delusional and deep into her ~*~ uwu grungey junkie lifestyle~*~ that she won't even do the BARE minimum to take care of herself. that photo of whatever the fuck is on her arm, track mark, gaping hole, i have no clue what to make of it but it's the cringiest photo i've seen of her in a long ass time. like this girl will literally die for her aesthetic before she ever bothers to clean what looks like an open wound

No. 255056

File: 1487637225509.png (282.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1627.PNG)

Writing poetry about her ex bf she never met and she finally admits it in this poem

No. 255057

File: 1487637373061.png (244.99 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1628.PNG)


No. 255059

Wait til she cops a nice big case of cellulitis because of her disgusting injecting habits and equipment. It's inevitable really. I doubt she will take it as the wake up call it is but she'll at least be exposed to the idea of harm minimisation instead of treating her dirty kit as a status symbol. Frequent enough infections will hopefully kill her need for the 'more junkie than u' competition she entered in her head.

No. 255066

File: 1487639155329.jpg (187.74 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1536.JPG)

ewww look at that hitachi

No. 255115

How much you wanna bet that that thing has never been cleaned for as long as she's owned it?

No. 255144

File: 1487646935125.jpg (1.86 MB, 1432x2304, Screenshot_20170220-191409.jpg)

Don't forget the blood and dirt

No. 255172

thank you for the workout motivation


No. 255192

Fucking same. God, she looks so frumpy and doughy.

No. 255344

>your urine looks like gasoline
>I'll fuck jesus on the cross and swallow

Well there's my appetite for breakfast gone.

No. 255517

File: 1487704616368.png (746.38 KB, 718x1006, Capture _2017-02-21-11-41-33.p…)

She should stop with that hospital robe looking thing and those ugly ass brown socks that look like some kind of medical compression socks.

No. 255519

Also I guess her "bum knee" disappeared because she's going to walk to a church to suck some vouchers out of them even though she has money.

No. 255535

Why doesn't she have a bra omg

No. 255541

Can you imagine being a volunteer at a church and having to feed Luna as she obsessively takes selfies on her iPhone 7 and moans about how selfish her friends are as they don't donate every penny to her.

No. 255581

i actually think that outfit is kind of nice. if it weren't for the stains that look like cum stains, her outfit would probably look cute. this is probably the nicest outfit she's worn in a while. definitely a step up from her gray sweatpants and pink shirt she wore for a month straight lol

No. 255589

why does she always feel the need to tell people how much her clothes cost, and where and when she bought them?

No. 255592

she did have a bra, it was a white bralette that she never ever EVER washed or changed out of for months on end. i'm sure she'll steal another one soon and pretend she found it in the trash. inb4 "IT'S MAGICALLY MY SIZE"

No. 255595

I don't get why she never ever washes her clothes. How hard is it to save up some pennies for a laundromat or soak the clothes in the sink??? None of her druggy idols or tumblr idols look as fucking rank as she does.

No. 255601

all of her pennies are going towards drugs. what what little is left over, towards paints for the weird squiggle line bs she thinks is art. things wouldnt be so dire if she figured out her drug problems, but a e s t h e t i c. why make an effort when people are willing to drop a few little cents towards funding her lifestyle. maybe it wouldnt be so cow level if she were honest about begging for money when clearly she isnt starving or out of a bed to sleep in

No. 255611

I wonder how long it takes for a person who grew up reasonably affluent and lived as a clean person with clean clothes, linens and regular showers to turn into Luna. Like, did she go through clean-withdrawal as her skin and nervous system got used to living like a sewer rat? Her way of life is super-uncomfortable and counter-intuitive to human instinct, but I guess the drugs help make the transition from human to grubby hobogirl.

No. 255623

when my washer broke i washed my clothes in bathtub
she could buy 1$ laundry detergent and wash all her clothes/bedding/towels and hang them to dry outside but I guess she's too lazy to do that

No. 255640

File: 1487719082525.jpg (104.92 KB, 1500x1500, 69766_model_1.jpg)

Oh god, it kind of does…

No. 255657

She said she would wear that sweater til it falls off her body so… god she's gross.

No. 255690

File: 1487726467288.jpg (127.79 KB, 750x748, image.jpg)

looks like she deleted it now but fuck that looks disgusting…

she left this one up where is obvious lurch just shot her up in her hand. she's getting sloppy

No. 255691

File: 1487726932336.png (249.3 KB, 572x692, aesthetic.png)


No. 255698

jfc!! wipe the blood off at least!!

No. 255701

>getting sloppy

Bitch, she been sloppy! You look up sloppy in the dictionary and there's a nasty selfie of her and all her track marks.

No. 255703

This is beautiful lmao

I honestly feel the need to send her bandaids and cottons and isopropyl alcohol and a box of clean needles but she is thankless scum so I'm not gonna do that..

No. 255746

Yikes, those track marks.

No. 255765

File: 1487734235503.png (112.59 KB, 750x735, IMG_1649.PNG)

I know she changed her sheets like a month ago but if anyone wants to reminisce I found some other boring nymphet thing and she's got the same sheets and they're so much nicer omg she does NOT know how to do laundry. How was it done before she dedicated her life to that ugly old man and his heroin.

No. 255777

Cvs vouchers?? Hopefully for needles and cotton and not any more cosmetics for her to abuse

No. 255778

Lol I thought this was Lunas bed and almost had a heart attack because they were clean. But this other 'special snowflake' has like the sane stuffed animals as Lunee too.. Must be in the Special Snowflake Starter Kit.

No. 255780

She should use it on hardcore bodywash, shampoo and conditioner and facewash, but we know she wont. It would go towards some useless shit like more cheap makeup or some ugly ass socks.

No. 255782

Im sure she could wash her clothes when she goes over to get dads house or if he doesn't have a washer/dryer in his apartment im sure he'd take her to a Laundromat. But I guess she's too lazy to even do that. Ew imagine how bad all her clothes reek, and then she probably piles a shitton of body spray on to cover up the stank.

No. 255815

File: 1487740998622.jpg (733.61 KB, 4000x3000, heroin_not_even_once.jpg)

the dirty sheets saga never fails to make me feel like i need to log off and take ten showers, so i felt compelled to make this

No. 255827

She probably loves the look of her dirt and grime though. She thinks it looks cool and ~aesthetic~. Which is disgusting and fucked up…

No. 255833

those sheets are mad cute tho (when clean). where to cop?

No. 255836


I ordered mine in a different colour way on ebay. Look for star moon bedding, a double set goes for 20 euros.

No. 255857

I know people post stupid shit online, but uploading photos of your needles and heroin is a new level of idiocy.

No. 255882

Same. I think if a Japanese girl was wearing this, anons would be saying the outfit is cute. It's just because it's Luna (and of course, the outfit needs to be washed).

Ugh her "fiancé" is probably loving this seeing as he was hitting on a literal child on Facebook a couple weeks back. And that wound on her arm looks awful…Are they using some kind of giant needles or something…? I mean, I've never used drugs, but I've had my blood drawn like pretty much everyone and never had a giant bloody gash afterward…

No. 255923

That thing on her arm is probably some kind of nasty infection from using a dirty needle. Chief had a big nasty one on his leg awhile back, Tuna posted pics online and said it was an infection because he got hit by a car years ago.

No. 255925


I don't understand this. It must vary state to state, but I live in the US, and the CVS I frequent will give you insulin needles for cheap cheap cheap. My boyfriend thought he could suck the glycol solution out of a vape pen, so he bought a pack of 10.
Does this vary? Also, I realize that they can refuse to sell for whatever reason, so maybe Luna has burned a bridge with pharmacy stores that give that shit out like candy…

No. 255978

When I was an addict and tried getting needles from a pharmacy the pharmacist was a bitch and questioned the shit outta me and that coupled with crack paranoia was enough to make me never try getting them again. Maybe the same with Luna. But im sure chief could get some from a needle exchange.

No. 255983


the magnitude of that infection makes me quite sure she has hepatitis and/or something else that's eating her alive…

No. 255994


If you look like a junkie, they're going to question the shit out of you. Even if it's policy for them to give out clean needles or sell clean needles they might not if they think you're a sketchball. People hate drug users, why would they want to help? It really is up to the pharmacy, and where it is.

No. 256030

File: 1487788484414.png (115.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1654.PNG)

I don't even want to look at the prices she thinks people will pay for her garbage

No. 256047

File: 1487791706965.jpg (121.41 KB, 1382x672, trash.JPG)


the one on the bottom is also 85 $

No. 256107

Eh, that's a fairly reasonable price if the canvases are big. Her art isn't good but at least it's better than scamming her followers i guess. Though isn't she notorious for not sending shit out and pocketing the cash? Keep an eye on who buys this shit.

No. 256111

File: 1487800053161.jpg (146.72 KB, 1080x1278, tumblr_olsiuqa2ng1w3kwovo1_128…)

Did she wiped her asscrack with the front of this skirt before wearing it or what.

No. 256113

One the cats probably pissed on it and she wore it for the aesthetic.

No. 256120

i just sold a huge extrememly detailed painting for a lot less than her garbage scribbles and i will be so pissed if someone actually buys her trash

No. 256150

OT but you're probably underselling yourself, then, anon

No. 256196

Just because it's huge or detailed doesn't mean it's good.

Her paintings are not good, yes, but if someone buys them for that price, what's wrong with that? Plus, she does have her own style, which is great. She just doesn't know what she's doing, really.

No. 256222

Maybe she actually does find some of her clothes in the garbage.

No. 256290

Ewww that skirt. Does she need glasses, did she not see that giant stain? She looks homeless. But brownie points to her covering up her chunky grandma legs with leggings.

No. 256304

File: 1487820900241.png (598.47 KB, 713x704, Img_737529020.png)

Okay, so she admits that she goes out and walks (to get her drugs) everyday, but then her cotton-eyed-Joe knee starts hurting when she goes to fill out job applications or…….?
I like how she uses her bad knee excuse for things she is too lazy to do.

No. 256366

File: 1487824280107.png (931.88 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3787.PNG)

No. 256370


Sorry if this has been discussed: is she wearing Uggs? I have a pair that look identical to those and they cost like $150

there is no way in hell she just found those in her size

these are the ones I have (except I bought them a 3-4 years ago so idk if they're EXACTLY the same):

No. 256380

She actually looks cute here, I like the way her teeth look. She's not ugly, filth and cellulite aside. It really bothers me that she is bound to such an ugly and creepy man, I wish he was at least closer in age ughh.

No. 256389

I think she said she got (or was given?) "$150 boots for free".

Im sure she stole them from sonewhere/someone. Unless she sucked them out of that poor old Pat lady.

No. 256394

She's "bound to him"? I mean…. Not really… She could leave him and get clean at any time. She has her father who would help her get on her feet. And if she actually thinks she loves him, once she got clean she would realize that Ew, it was all drugs and what a piece of shit if actually is.

Why does Lurch often wear only one glove….? Does he think its cool or does he not wanna show off his nasty trackmarked hand?

No. 256396

Maybe he wears the glove for when hes walking around and has the opportunity to steal out of someone's car doesnt wanna risk leaving fingerprints on the car door handle.

Anyway, it looks shady and dumb as fuck.

No. 256398

Lol lurch probably wears the glove to steal cars and steal shit without fingerprints bc I'm so sure he has a long and colorful arrest record at his age and sketchiness.
I wonder where they get the money to keep them both not sick every day, several times a day. They must do something, bc even though they live in NY, and it's cheaper there, it's still a pretty penny.

No. 256486

RE: Lurch's hands.

He has been in prison so him avoiding all fingerprints makes sense.

Both Luna and Lurch used to have needle exchange cards back in her secret Tumblr. I think she doesn't show them due to the massive backlash last time. She also used to follow someone who sent clean needles to junkies.

But keep in mind this was then and this is now. Due to how severe and the amount of bad track marks she has, they have to reuse needles. I think they shared needles to begin with, Lurch would make one needle and inject Luna. She'd complain about this back in her old, secret blog.

It could be of course Luna is now injecting herself and making a mess of a job.

No. 256487

looks like a fucking corpse with that makeup on

No. 256508

What's with the third boob in the op pic

No. 256530

Can't imagine her actually going to the post office and wrapping it correctly and paying shipping

No. 256576


that bendy box next to her right

No. 256600

That's her sweater dummy

No. 256605

thanks for the information. That's so ridiculous; if you're that poor, you obviously aren't in the position to own $150 boots. How… selfish of her.

I wouldn't be surprised if he regularly robbed cars and houses (in addition to the begging online).

No. 256626

Her teeth in get most recent Instagram of her smiling! That's proper fucking rank

No. 256656

File: 1487884508879.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4397.PNG)

No. 256663

File: 1487885035487.gif (2.09 MB, 320x240, alrightalrightalright.gif)

this bitch

No. 256665


The stains on that top…

No. 256666


Good lord

No. 256673

Luna please for the love of god invest in a tooth brush and some laundry detergent
Hell you can even wash your clothes in the fucking sink with a bar of soap if you're too broke for laundry, ffs anything is better than just wearing your clothes until they're a mosaic of stains and holes…

No. 256682

OMG she has not flossed in so long there's like chunks of plaque you can see ew I'm gonna shower now I have been to depressed to do that for a few days, thanks Tuna

No. 256685

File: 1487887821428.jpg (99.99 KB, 1080x1201, tumblr_olufl7z2Y61w3kwovo1_128…)

Cool, another gaping track mark on her hand. Nice, so aesthetic.

No. 256686

File: 1487887972911.jpg (166.6 KB, 1080x1349, tumblr_olufmlo3pJ1w3kwovo1_128…)

Check her stained towel. Probably where she wipes off her shittily done liquid eyeliner. I hope. Could be shit stains too, I guess.

No. 256689

File: 1487888280902.png (160.08 KB, 706x1123, imedgyihaveabaddad.png)

This is about her dad, she said so in a post before this one. Ummm…is this the same dad who she goes and smokes weed with, goes out to dinner with, and gets xanax and money from…?

No. 256691

File: 1487888401749.png (33.94 KB, 700x338, peter.png)

Losing interest in Chief Tuna? Talking about peter alot lately.

No. 256695

File: 1487888462968.jpg (13.36 KB, 224x216, mcfucking kill yourself.jpg)

>mmmmmm disgusting teeth
>horribly applied lipstick
>caked on foundation
>blob of highlighter on nose
>raccoon-esque eyeliner


No. 256698


sorry samefagging but I'm actually dying at this hahaha

>my dads anger is a grenade with the pin pulled

sounds like a 13 year old who just learned what a metaphor is

No. 256699

Lol she sure did delete this fast

No. 256702

Yep she's incredibly ungrateful

No. 256707

LMAO when she snarks that her dad is a drug addict like she isn't?

No. 256715

File: 1487889242045.png (62.77 KB, 750x529, IMG_1667.PNG)

tfw a poem could be about your actual Dad or your boyfriend
(I know lurch wasn't around her whole life but it was still a hilarious thought)

No. 256716

Oh my fucking god. How do someone's teeth get that color and why do they look kinda see-through……?
Is that really plaque stuck between them?!?!? It fucking looks like bread caked in there or something. Can't believe she posted that Haha. I guess she forgot to edit her teeth in that pic.

No. 256717

I actually thought this was about Lurch when I read it. Could be… Who knows how long her mom has known him.

No. 256720

She doesn't bother washing her grimy cat piss and cum stained clothes, do you really expect her to brush her teeth? (and well all teeth are naturally kind of see-through but I get what you mean)

No. 256723

I mean.. Her breath must smell like ass and her teeth probably feel fuzzy as fuck from plaque. How can someone be ok with that? This bitch is retarded.

No. 256724

Found what looks like CP in her likes, naturally..

No. 256725

Wait, do we know if she has a biological dad and a stepfather?

No. 256729

Hail Satan

No. 256736

Guess we got our awaited crack aesthetic teef pics.

No. 256738

Also wasnt she giving that cracked out demon luna self portrait to her dads friend? Did he not want it or was she too lazy to actually follow through and get the painting to him.

No. 256743

Makes me think of Marv from Home Alone when he made that tape glove so he could steal change out of the charity bucks. Sounds like something Lurch would do honestly.

It's like she asks her self, "How can I make myself look as fucking disgusting as possible?" and then takes a pic to document her success.

No. 256746

File: 1487893208017.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

i think i found her hair inspo

No. 256760

This picture is fucking hilarious to be honest. I wonder if she even sees the irony of the slogan on the truck.

No. 256786

(whispers) it wasn't her that took that pic, she def knows it was a joke, she's just commenting that she lives near there and has seen different trucks make the same mistake

No. 256794

sage for pathetic post, but i know this feel, i dated a drug addict in the past. it doesn't necessarily mean she's lost interest in chief but it's pretty obvious she misses peter, their relationship seems like it ended really weirdly and she never got closure. so him texting her is gonna make her wanna know what the fuck is up even just to make sure he's okay

No. 256820

Her mom had a boyfriend she calls her "Dad" sometimes who is presumed dead. She speaks fondly of him but there's no evidence of him. The Dad she goes to see and talks shit about are the same person. She's incredibly ungrateful.

No. 256823


No. 256828

Wow, in that case, what a cunt. Does she realize she would be so much more miserable without him and his money? I hope he eventually cuts her off. She needs to grow the fuck up and learn how to start being an adult. I bet she doesn't even know how to pay a phone bill.

No. 256877

pretty sure she gave him the pink haired nose bleed hair brush pastel puke one

No. 256919

i'm in recovery from nearly a decade of bulimia and my teeth look fucking immaculate next to this girl's. the magic of drugs, man (and i guess combined with straight up refusal to be hygienic in any way)

No. 257044

BRB, going to floss

No. 257132

File: 1487967302541.jpg (137.75 KB, 1080x1349, tumblr_olw8msBD9O1w3kwovo1_128…)

Is that a hairy armpit I see? I guess I shouldnt expect it to be shaved. Ew that dress is all bally and old looking and im pretty sure there's a chunk of dried food on it. And lol is she sitting in the mud?

No. 257162

She's so scary looking sometimes

No. 257164

File: 1487971001045.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1674.PNG)

Spoilered cuz it's a photo of her floor

No. 257165


No. 257168

HOLY SHIT????? i thought this was outside too. her carpet looks like a literal dirt field i'm…. how…. does it get to that point

No. 257171

File: 1487972121144.jpg (177.45 KB, 794x960, 364a1b3f-4bb8-44ac-a7c9-f9ba88…)

shes had hairy armpits for a while

No. 257173

File: 1487972218375.png (1002.61 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_2017-02-24-13-30-20…)

No. 257174

File: 1487972305428.png (75.15 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2017-02-24-13-33-23…)

No. 257175

File: 1487972363807.png (16.16 KB, 1080x324, Screenshot_2017-02-24-13-33-33…)

No. 257180

Seriously that top is fucking disgusting. How does she not see how dirty her clothes are?

No. 257199

File: 1487975651400.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1675.PNG)


No. 257206

File: 1487976097677.png (2.07 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-24-16-40-07…)

Omg pl… Please Luna, for fucks sake, wash your fucking face.

No. 257221


No. 257228

She needs to scrub her lips, not just wash them!

No. 257240

Those clogged pores…those crusty lips…that mustache. It's too much!

No. 257249

Why did zoom in omg

No. 257252

File: 1487980004410.jpg (206.76 KB, 1200x1258, PicsArt_02-24-05.45.32.jpg)

Another cute pic

No. 257254

she's cute, she just needs a (few) baths.

No. 257256

She looks like she smells like week-old garbage and old panties

No. 257258

PLEASE. SOMEONE KILL ME. but I think her hair looks cute in this pic -_-

But ok Ew she is nasty as fuck. Her bumpy nose makes me want to send her some apricot face scrub.

No. 257261

File: 1487980435500.png (1.56 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-24-17-51-03…)

Those lips

No. 257272

Omg look at her eye too?

No. 257293

She photoshopped her eye to be that weird shape… Why…???

No. 257298

Oh my………
She likes the way this looks…?
She is so crusty sticky dirty chalky flaky and hairy looking…..
Im floored at how fucking disgusting she is. I knew she was nasty but this close up pic is a whole other level. Yikes….

No. 257312

Thanks for reminding me to go vacuum.. Jesus.

No. 257322

She doesn't shoop that pic is not shooped she's a fuckin freak

No. 257333

LOL HOLY SHIT why did she think that was worth posts at all???? oh my god

No. 257487

Luna there's a crack rock on your floor!

No. 257524

File: 1487997961973.jpeg (158.85 KB, 750x1287, image.jpeg)

Found this along with a bunch of heroin pics in her likes & hadnt seen it posted yet.

No. 257530

Definition of crusty

No. 257543

I hate how they used a princess plate, makes me feel kinda sad

No. 257575

Get over it tbh. It looks like a convenient crack plate.

Sage for OT

No. 257635

this is so tacky

No. 257701


she could have lot of potential if she actually took a little more care of herself

No. 257749

She looks like she sleeps in full makeup and just reapplies on top of it. That face has not seen warm water or a wash cloth in months

Also is that a booger on her septum ring? Barf

No. 257755

I know what you mean. Like a ruined innocence type of thing.

No. 257797

Did she unlike this now? Lol. Because her username isn't in the notes.

No. 257831

they probably did it for aesthetic and thats why theres also "cutie" type lighters and they took a picture. luna cant be the only aesthetic drug blogger, considering her entire personality is copy catting, and it would make sense she would follow as many of those blogs as she could find.

just wait for tuna to start posting her own cutsie drug layouts again

No. 257898

File: 1488050349470.png (43.49 KB, 873x726, 4654335647654645.png)

all i could find for chief areola's arrest record prob more but here. hope this is him idk his birthday but assumed this was him

No. 257982

Damn he went to prison??

No. 258013

prob him bc luna's said they have the same bday month, april (which is also the month they got together)

No. 258023

When is Luna's bday, does anyone know? How old is this girl?

No. 258029

i don't know her actual birth date, but if you take the fact that anon just said her birth month is april, and she ends all of her urls in 1996, you can make an educated guess lol

No. 258038

20. They were "official" the day she turned 18 her bday is later April I know she's a Taurus lol

No. 258122

i think shes an aries

No. 258124

i just… dont know how long her life can possibly go on like this?

No. 258152

Lurch somehow made it 37 years

No. 258290

That two plus layers of thick cake concealer on her mustache…

No. 258525

File: 1488107207287.png (Spoiler Image, 677.12 KB, 625x656, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 3.04…)

i don't think a single photo has ever made me feel so strongly motivated to go take a hot shower and exfoliate

No. 258564

Jesus christ thank god that is spoilered. Why does she do her makeup like that

No. 258618

God it's almost like she has to put effort in to being so disgusting

No. 258691

File: 1488135627750.jpg (9.31 KB, 316x268, holywater.jpg)

at first it was her lips that triggered my, but those fucking pores!!

No. 258719

Has she always caked her makeup on like that?
I was thinking maybe it was the crack… She just spazzticly does her makeup over and over while getting high. That's what I always did but atleast I had a boyfriend who would let me know to chill with the makeup. Why doesn't chief let her know that she looks disgusting…?

No. 258724

File: 1488139576407.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_2017-02-26-09-27-04…)

her fucking eyeliner omg

No. 258726

File: 1488139649008.png (972.68 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_2017-02-26-09-26-47…)

No. 258728

Well, at least these photos look to be somewhat better quality and less of that godawful grungy filter. Probably just the lighting but they look nicer and her hair doesn't look at yellow.

No. 258879

So she probably got an iphone 7 thanks to her father/stolen out of a car

No. 258885

If she was in the city she was probably at her dads again she's going almost every week probably squeezing cash out of him and stealing his drugs

No. 258886

jesus christ her room looks filthy af i would feel terrible just being in there

No. 258889

File: 1488151799515.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1684.PNG)

That highlighter on her face is doing her no favors if anything it shows how dull and filthy her hair is

No. 258899

Ugh she is so strung out in this pic

No. 258914

File: 1488154709334.png (303.99 KB, 707x683, Screenshot_2017-02-26-18-17-12…)

lol tf

No. 258925

It makes me sad to think she's my age and she's already fucked up her life this bad.

No. 258927

All those toothbrushes and razors but she's using none of them.

No. 258938

Wet n' Wild… Seriously? If you're gonna steal, why would you steal the cheapest makeup they make?

No. 258939


naw that heroin sweats

No. 258941

File: 1488157961722.png (47.08 KB, 720x440, Capture _2017-02-26-19-11-32.p…)

No. 258943

File: 1488157993839.png (24.17 KB, 712x266, Capture _2017-02-26-19-11-55.p…)


No. 258968

Thank god this is spoilered because I am beyond triggered . Since she's stealing crappy wet n wild foundation she should really go ahead and invest in an exfoliating wash or a clay mask ffs those are the worst pores I've ever seen. Need several long showers after seeing this.

No. 259018

HA HAHAHAHAHAHA aw Tuna you really never fail me

No. 259020

Living her DREAM hashtagLunaGoals

No. 259107

God dude what a piece of shit
She can't even handle people trying to empathize with her because she's so ~speshul and different~

Her face looks like it's fucking melting off

No. 259205

Let's not ruin this again

No. 259215


psh acid doesn't even count as a drug really. honestly she could probably use the internal reflection. and if she saw her saw III-lookin apartment while on acid it'll probably make her wanna clean it up

No. 259287

Luna if you're reading this, please leave Matthew and get clean.

No. 259725


that's black fucking lip hair

bitch needs to bleach em instead of shaving em

No. 259739

File: 1488221734478.png (840.43 KB, 718x1042, Capture _2017-02-27-12-54-05.p…)

Tuna.. There are yellow stains All Over that top… Can't you see them??

No. 259752

Looks like she might be actually wearing a bra that's dark gray or something

No. 259754

>can't afford to buy spot cleaner for shirt
>or even outright wash shirt
>destroys pants instead to cover stain with equally as gross patch

What it must be like in her brain. Then again she is sleeping on the nastiest looking mattress I've ever seen back there. It looks molded.

No. 259757

It's not even on straight. I mean how hard is it to line it up decently. Come on.

No. 259817

File: 1488230449889.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_2017-02-27-09-43-22…)

she got those pants less than a yr ago and everytime she nentions them she mentions how big they are on her

No. 259818

File: 1488230499229.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1675, Screenshot_2017-02-27-09-46-52…)

No. 259828

File: 1488231425819.jpg (Spoiler Image, 182.75 KB, 498x800, 14281745671_f9f5582004_c.jpg)

Saw this doll and it reminded me of her

No. 259841

Bitch, they're not too big. They fit her waist fine the only thing she's rolling them up for is because they're too long.

No. 259842

I'm so triggered right now.

No. 259873

Lmao it even has those weird droopy lower eyelids like tuna has

No. 259875

File: 1488237249240.png (994.59 KB, 709x992, granny_chic.png)

This dress does her saggy tits no favors. And look at her mirror it looks like its full of flicked boogers and popped zit pus.

No. 259881

OH my GOD, I have a dress super similar and your boobs are supposed to be above where it is gathered. Would have been cute on anyone else instead looks like what my grandma wears to bed. Does she realize how weird it looks on her?

No. 259882

Omg wow yeah her boobs are supposed to be up on that top part not down below the seam. It looks so bad!! I imagine it's too short too if she can't even fit her boobs in the top part like you're supposed to.

No. 259883

Yeah it looked like her boobs are supposed to be up by the buttons. It looks way too small on her, its probably way too short on her too.. I hope it thoroughly hides her rotten crotch.

No. 259884

Or it is a nightie for grandmas…

No. 259888

that dress must be for children or really small people because i can't see anyone having boobs that high on their chest

No. 259902


I feel like I thought the same thing a few seconds ago. I don't care how you look or what your art looks like, get clean and leave that dude. You got this.

No. 259917

Ughhh I can't tell if it's her bra or dress, but this just looks horribly misfitted, I have saggy tits but I know what to do with them, ughhh sorry, this pic is just sooo unflattering to both her body and the dress, and the boogery mirror!!!

No. 259980

File: 1488250717611.png (113.86 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_2017-02-27-18-54-15…)

No. 259982

File: 1488250792830.png (521.72 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_2017-02-27-18-54-32…)

toopoor is her own mess but doesnt tuna realize she posts pics of her 150 dollar shoes and expensive makeup? she literally just posted a picture with her grimey "no fun" hat

No. 259984

File: 1488250841967.png (194.18 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2017-02-27-18-55-12…)

her best friend using her most used argument against her lol

No. 259986

File: 1488250973422.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_2017-02-27-19-01-13…)

the hat she doesnt even wear on her head. also naming a picture where your slouching forward as "laid back" lmao

she also changed her insta username to match her new drug blogs.

No. 259987

Thanks for ruining my favourite pasta, Luna.

No. 260243

Someone sell her some clear. Maybe she'll fucking clean for once.

No. 260302

>I'm too busy working nine hour days

You mean working normal shifts? Still more than Tuna can say.

No. 260309

Damn is this Chey being shady af towards Tuna?

No. 260347

I don't think so. It sounds kinda like she's defending tuna a little saying that 'poor people deserve nice things too' and that shes "given" stuff. That post/screenshot seems a little out of context tho.

No. 260402

the comment is on her too poor status. theres no other context. i didnt cap the other comments because they were just random people blowing smoke up her ass

No. 260405

>mfw i have those exact same pajama pants

No. 260416

I didn't read it as chey defending tuna just telling her that just because one is poor doesn't mean they can have nice things. Idk

No. 260464

File: 1488307829069.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1714.PNG)

>fell asleep

It's pronounced 'nodded out' and you know it, Tuna salad.

No. 260525

File: 1488311105512.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1715.PNG)

One thing I don't think we've mentioned is that this bitch actually sucks her thumb which is just a whole other level of nasty..

No. 260530

File: 1488311296727.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1716.PNG)

She seems to specifically trims her bangs just enough to cover her eye brows which I think may be v horrifying as you can peep in this pic

No. 260534

her tooth is the same colour as her BROWN lipstick????? i can't get over how vain she is despite looking like a yeast infection personified.

No. 260536


No. 260548

She looks like a silicone halloween mask.

No. 260549

>a yeast infection personified

No. 260550

File: 1488313853582.png (Spoiler Image, 113.12 KB, 750x1255, IMG_1719.PNG)

I should just not zoom in on her it's damaging my mental health

No. 260551

File: 1488313961437.png (Spoiler Image, 99.81 KB, 750x1251, IMG_1720.PNG)

I can't stop why it's like staring at a car crash..

No. 260671

The likes on her tumblr are soooo gross, lots of pics of drugs and shooting up.

No. 260677

File: 1488320781768.png (533.46 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-28-16-15-45…)

One of her likes, lmfao, what kind of fucking points are these even???

No. 260758

File: 1488325840536.png (2.02 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-28-17-48-01…)

No. 260773

Looks like some kind of junkie phantom emerging from the woods at night in a shitty horror movie.
What the fuck is up with her hair….?

No. 260790

She needs so badly to trim like 3 inches off but she wouldnt do that cuz she can't fathom doing anything good for herself that might be just a little 'hard' for her

No. 260799

surprisingly her hair doesn't look greasy. it seems like recently she's been washing it more often than before.

No. 260846

She's dyed it a few times so 'that's like washing it' says Tuna

I love the painting she did with the gray bubbles/bath water she had no idea how funny that is I'm sure

No. 260851

What else does she have to say after the 'more' button? And who is her phone a 'gift' from? Her dad probably bought it for her but I wouldn't call it a gift, just him supporting her because she's a pathetic loser who can't provide for herself.

No. 260852

File: 1488331721436.png (105.52 KB, 596x794, IMG_1725.PNG)


Someone should make creepypasta about her my god so spooky I bet she glows in the dark with glowing stench lines radiating off her like her paintings

No. 260868

her hair looks like a cheep 5$ wig bought off of ebay

No. 260871

It looks like shes gotten obsessed with some goth chicks blog and is trying to copy.

No. 260873

it's just dry as fuck, the roots are still gross and greasy and clumpy looking…

No. 260897

probably toopoor

No. 260906

compared to other pics of her greasy roots, her hair doesn't look that greasy.. i have dry ass hair from years of bleaching and dying it and my hair still gets greasy from time to time. pretty sure she's just been washing it more because she's dying it pink.

No. 260911


Omfg ive never seen or heard of toopoor and I just looked up her insta… Def looks like tunas been lurking hard there and then taking some new selfies. And Tunas jealous that's why shes dragging toopoor about her Gucci. Lol!

No. 260941

Dude check out her thread on here she's got some milk
But that is so funny if that's what she's doing and I 100% believe it
God she's so bad, like, you wanna throw rotten tomatoes at her during at Marx brothers film

No. 260944

I hope she doesn't see this and pursues this cuz it's 100% plausible and Layla calls her out or some shit
Bite my tongue but ~when cows collide~
>title of the cow version of wrestlemania

No. 260945

omg tuna would just cry and hide and throw quiet pity parties with her small online circle

No. 260951

Idk I think she'd put up a nice big show about how she's hardcore and not privileged cuz she's a junkie etc and throw a great tantrum

No. 260959

Maybe tuna would write another badass poem about it like that poem about her "bad dad" >>256689

No. 260961

File: 1488339501215.png (163.58 KB, 749x1145, IMG_1730.PNG)

just pretending this is toopooh's response to Tunafish

No. 260963

Are there any hideous photos of Luna crying with snot and shit????

No. 260978

wtf lol

No. 261011

So I just read thru some of toopoors thread on here and wow… She seems even more desperate and pathetic than Tuna. Idk why tuna is trying to copy her. Maybe she aspires to be just as pathetic as toopoor.

No. 261040

Lol ive been following her for awhile and I dont recall any. Though maybe watch for some soon since it seems like a toopoor thing to do.

I hate to say that if I had to choose sides between Tuna and this TooPooh chick id have to pick Luna yikesssss!

No. 261061


Her dad is probably upset that his daughter is a heroin addict and fucking a gross dude to keep her habit up.

No. 261267

We never mention this but both her parents are probably real sad she's an addict like them but honestly they can't really say anything about it if what Luna says is true about them..
also she never speaks about her mom or tries to visit her and the last thing we heard about her was that she got clean but also she has no money for Luna to squeeze of her so she doesn't hang with her mom that she's "loved so much" in the past.. I don't think she's seen her mom for 2 years

No. 261303

Didnt she mention like a month or two ago that she went to see her mom and was happy about it and then mentioned that she uwu loved her so much and that sheath gonna keep in contact with her more often? And then someone here joked that they probably smoked crack together. I thought her mom was in a sober living place.

No. 261346

She was but this was all going on over a year ago I think

No. 261482

there was an assumption a while ago that it wa sluna behind lurchs facebook account. has anyone legit proof for this?

No. 261491

File: 1488397525213.jpg (24.44 KB, 394x101, dicklord.jpg)

sorry for samefag
but holy fuck if this is really lurch, he is a piece of shit and even luna deserves better.

No. 261503

>dope princess

No. 261510

He said this to u?

No. 261514

Jup. I messaged him first tho, a few days ago

No. 261529

File: 1488400790949.jpg (260.98 KB, 668x904, lurch2.jpg)

i can vividly imagine how he caught luna exactly the same way - "look at my ENORMOUS cock and my wealth and my drugs and you're the love of my life!"

No. 261538

File: 1488401428110.jpg (1.17 MB, 500x281, 043.jpg)

>my cock grows to like 10 or 10.5 inches…I used to try to use Magnum condoms but my dick was to big

No. 261548

This can't be real… This is written in such a comedic way, THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE

No. 261563

What the fuck are you doing luna ):

No. 261567

File: 1488402631698.png (29.32 KB, 300x100, mybeautifulsexydopeprincess2.p…)

No. 261568

Sounds like his previous posts/messages. I don't think Luna is behind it because its too detailed and consistent with what hes previously said.

No. 261572

Thats why i thought it was Luna… but he seems to be serious. He also thinks "Tessa" (fake account) will fly from Berlin to Germany to fuck him lol

No. 261577

File: 1488403224984.gif (1.23 MB, 245x175, tumblr_inline_oap17xwfTZ1qgwh1…)

>> There are a lot of liars on the internet but I'm not one of them..

No. 261589

i havent been on lolcow in a quick minute could someone please update me on what the hell happened?

last time i was here this girl got exposed & deleted all of her social presence/disappeared from the internet & now she is back at it?

No. 261605

berlin is in germany

No. 261606

This is so grimey what the actual fuck

No. 261623

Lurch isa fucking nutter! i can toooootally see how Luna fell for this shit. does she know he's out there in cyber space hitting on random girls?
OP of this chat - ask lurch about luna! maybe theyre in an open relationship. say 'um it says in your about me youre engaged'

No. 261630

I second this, mention Tuna!!! (But stay subtle girl)

No. 261674

i third this lol. you don't even have to say her name. like, if he was flirting with me and he was someone i'd never heard of before and i never knew of luna but i saw they were engaged id definitely be like "yo aren't you with someone"

No. 261702

There's like 4 threads worth of info about what's been going on in her life since she last deleted her blog. Just go read those.

No. 261709

No need to be quick, go enjoy the milk it didn't go bad or anything just read jesus kids today huh

No. 261765


I think I've found something that looks like luna in 10 years

& look at that lurch tattoo

No. 261766

In the old thread he messaged someone on Valentine's Day calling her Tessa but she said that wasn't her name and he said he was really high or something lol

No. 261768

Don't ever fuck up Sneaker Pimps for me again.

No. 261787

Lmao I can see that. Only it wont be 10 years, it'll probably be just one or two. She'll be all fucked up on crack and dope and try and sell something like this online as a 'striptease'

No. 261802

Nutty bar! I wonder where he's trying to go with this…? Does he actually think he'd go thru all this trouble to hookup with a girl?
I bet Tuna was "sitting right next to him when he wrote that" and it was "just a joke". Like last time. She's so pathetic. I doubt they have an open relationship, tuna would think that's edgy and would have at least mentioned it by now.

No. 261809

Omg Matthew is sleezy

What did you say to prompt this OP?

No. 261812

This is incredibly bizarre. Why is he so specific (like the exact date of his grandfathers death)? It sounds like a well thought out essay kindof, the way its worded. And then that random, fucking weird stuff about his dick…..? I don't get it.

No. 261814

No. 261818

For real my god he is so far gone y'all seen videos of him via Luna he's always mumbling incoherent shit he's being living this way 20+ years he must be so whacked out fucking catfish him I don't think this is tipping it the cow cuz we're just fucking with Matthew, harmless milking, right?
But please someone check out this guy irl it's such a fucking whack job just pretend to be one of those people from "Humans of New York" lmao
Sage for being wingnutty, it's that time of night !

No. 261831

I'm surprised she doesn't have a bunch of credit cards she maxes out and never pays I mean what the point if she plans on living like this forever? And anyone can rack up credit cards debt I imagine that's what toopoor is doing. Come on Tuna then you could buy Gucci sunglasses and ugly ass louie if you want

God it must be so nice to be her she really doesn't have anything to lose/worry about cuz she's obviously given up trying to live a good life

No. 261897

File: 1488436163783.jpg (562.54 KB, 1504x1356, fucktard.jpg)

my first message was just "i love yachts" and i slowly started to compliment him how handsome he is lol. pic related, he started talking about drugs tho, not me

the thing is: i asked him about a dick pic (god forgive me) and a voice message and he always tells me hes gonna send it once he gets home but he never does, thats what made me suspicious. that selfie is the only picture he sent me so far

but if thats really him i hope luna lurks here and finally dumps his ugly ass. bonus points for "you did more for me than past gfs" and "fuck these american girls" i honestly thought about messaging luna on fb and sending her these screenshots (without mentioning lolcow ofc), but idk

also not very interesting but (pic related) his father really seemed to be in the hospital again. he often mentions "family problems"

will ask him about luna

No. 261903

The fact that he wanted to know your opinion about drugs makes me really feel like this is the real lurch

No. 261912

He also cant seem to concentrate even a bit on the conversation - always ignores questions and starts talking about his dick. His brain is fried lol
I also thought about "flying to and meeting" him in NY so an anon from ny could watch but idk if thats too much

No. 261915

That's probably gonna end in him smashing something because he's frustrated. Let's not, he seems like a manic tbh

No. 261944

My first reaction was that she looked really cute and doll-like. Then I noticed this lump under her breasts, and realized the lump was her breasts. It's a cute dress, but only for a very petite, small-chested girl…

This guy is absolutely crazy…How long have you been chatting with him anon? Are you in your teen years (18, 19)? Maybe Luna is getting too "old" for this pervert.

No. 261969

Maybe I'm late but where can I find said videos?

No. 262003

seems like when hes cracked out he rambles creepy messages and comments to girls and when tuna is cracked out she layers on makeup and takes selfies and rearranges her random knick nacks and tapes.

No. 262015

File: 1488460176968.gif (963.57 KB, 335x190, 1486119152856.gif)

>I can taste your delicious pussy from across the Atlantic Ocean..

No. 262021

>I'd love to be your sex slave

D-does this mean Lurch is a sub? Oh god. I thought if anything he'd be a shitty dom. Also please bring up Tuna…

No. 262095

in a sad way I can see how this could rope in a very young girl with drug ideation and little actual relationship experience. Lurch is fucking disgusting and I hope Luna gets rid of him. Living with this creep must be miserable.

No. 262099

This is fucking insane.. I can't believe its real. Maybe he is trying to catfish Tessa for some reason. Why is he even still with Luna if he seriously means all this? Keeping her till he finds someone new or because he likes the money Lunas father gives her. Though $200 doesn't seem like it would do shit for their addictwould hope Luna lurks here, sees that, gets her shit together and leaves that fucking piece of shit creep…

No. 262108

What is this is all some plan between Tuna and Cheif.. Lunas gonna post this big ~uwu I just found out my fiancé is a piece of shit please donate money to me so I can get out of the relationship and move out~
Though she seems to be too dumb and lazy to come up with an ebegging scheme other than needing food or rent money.

No. 262112

Seriously be like "omg I just noticed, are you engaged? Or is that some old thing?"

Keep it simple, he's real dumb

No. 262140

File: 1488478742214.jpg (96.7 KB, 458x440, m.jpg)

his response to my question if im gonna meet luna too when we meet in ny. i also asked him if he would be up for a threesome lol, but he totally ignored it and even kept talking about "going out and getting laid" like shes not even there. this is so weird to me?

No. 262141

File: 1488478769243.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1759.PNG)

Is this a toopoor look she's pulling now? I really am rooting for that confrontation

No. 262142

Lmao no sorry doesn't he know what coke dick is???
Have you send him any revealing photos or is he completely talking about it his has

Lmao an eight ball of coke im so sure dope head

No. 262144

that tessa account is completely fake, ive sent him nudes that fit the profile picture and are typical "big boobs, thin everything else"-shit. i honestly cant decide whether i should find this funny or completely disturbing

No. 262152

it really seems like Lurch just??? Doesn't think about Luna at all, or does the bare minimum to keep her and her money within his reach. I wonder how many girls he's done this to, he seems like he's got a lot of practice.

No. 262157

This guy's a total poet.

No. 262160

Even better than the great Shay Carl

No. 262163


Forsure she's trying to copy toopoor haha. Funny since she talked shit about that toopoor person. Ive never seen her wear all black like that and after she posted that post about toopoor, she's dressing like this. Tuna just keeps getting more and more pathetic.

No. 262165

Lol he can't send a dick pic because he can't get it up.

No. 262168

File: 1488480830528.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 64.01 KB, 568x412, dick.jpeg)

spoiler for obvious reasons. lurch dick incoming

No. 262171

Yiiiiiikessss its still kinda floppy. Heroin dick. Real loving fiancé, Luna. Hes sending dick pics to a random chick that he seems to be obsessed with. Get the fuck away from him tuna, he sounds like a fucking psycho..
I still don't feel bad for her though, she's a dumb spineless cunt.

No. 262172

i feel kind of bad for her honestly… it's kind of sad.
lol @ him again talking about of drugs out of the blue: "That's just a semi I'm gonna send you one that's going to punish your pussy!! Once I start drinking and doing coke I'll be able to send you one that'll make you go "wow"!!.. Even though doing coke isn't my favorite drug or DOC drug of choice.. I'll do it anyway.."

No. 262176

Lol let me find out he bought coke just because he thinks it'll give him a hard dick just so he can send a pic. And wow hes fucking dumb he thinks alcohol will help? He never heard of whiskey dick?
I wonder where Luna is during all this. Is he gonna share the coke with her? Or hide it from her completely?

No. 262181

I can smell it through the screen

No. 262184


No. 262185

That was my first thought..

No. 262186

Omg stop

Wow this is ridiculous Tuna what are you doing
Maybe she'll take tips from toopoors break up annihilation…

No. 262188

File: 1488483767276.jpeg (288.07 KB, 660x1064, h.jpeg)

i can't. THEY WEREN'T AWARE THAT I AM A BASEBALL AND MATHEMATICAL GENIUS. (so they dont even shoot up that much anymore?)

No. 262189

He's also full of lies and doesn't want to admit he's just a shit junkie

No. 262191

but why would he lie? i told him im doing harder stuff too, if anything he would brag about his heroin habits

No. 262195

Hahahhaahahhaha, hes gonna negotiate his salary with the ny mets. This 37 year old guy with pictures of recent leg necrosis is trying to convince someone hes a professional athlete (and mathematical genius.)

No. 262199

Lurch is the real lolcow, jfc

No. 262202

I dont remember off the top of my head but a bit ago luna posted pictures of lurch's leg abscess on tumblr for pity drug money

No. 262203

i'm still trying to catch up on all this… mess, but has anyone ever tried telling luna about his shit?

No. 262204

Nah, I've been tempted but we shouldn't tip the cow.

No. 262207

She would just write it off as "a joke between him and her" like last time

No. 262209

File: 1488486032733.png (Spoiler Image, 673.01 KB, 640x1136, 1469376077202.png)

Here ya go anon.

No. 262212

This. Luma dug her own hole.

No. 262220

Reckon he ever injects into his dick?

No. 262240

File: 1488489037147.jpg (277.07 KB, 1022x759, 1482478652138.jpg)

I feel like this screenshot should be spoilered for vomit inducing reasons. He nasty

No. 262247

Bitch are you the one who won't take the time to read up on the last threads? It's milky and amusing af what do you have against reading? Also have you ever heard of ctrl+f ?? Are you new to computers? Maybe you are Luna cuz yr just showing a bizarre level of idiocy

No. 262249

The lack of actual medical terminology is impressive

No. 262250

Where's the titanium implant we have no evidence of? I think it's his knee/lower leg and this is his thigh(? He's weird af looking) the two afflictions should not be interacting she's awful at lying, I guess she's learned from the worst.

No. 262252

File: 1488489906617.jpg (45.77 KB, 681x445, IMG_1761.JPG)

Can someone please make this meme but with lurch instead????

Could include areola diameter algebra…

No. 262255

File: 1488490145738.jpg (36.8 KB, 641x331, IMG_1762.JPG)

Eventually more of Tuna's romantizaton is coming true one of em gonna get up like Buddy boy here

No. 262258

Sage samefaggin af but her wildest dreams are gonna be soon and she's gonna have her perfect real version of ginger Bronson's fake life

also omg Courtney Love would not like her at all especially like this, idolizing her life and relationship with her dead boyfriend.. she might after her rehab lol

No. 262289

I cant remember if this was before or after he got arrested at a protest for black lives matter.

No. 262297

after. and she said he got cut by a cat he was trying to help a completely seperate time a couple weeks before i believe.

No. 262351

The protest that wasn't listed anywhere online for the date and location Tuna said it did? That's probably one of my favorite lies of hers.

No. 262360

True,that was the height of her ridiculous e begging and robbing underage girls she's also blindly preaching she is a junkie with zero responsibility and her life is so chill, coercing young girls to shoot up idc if she doesn't say it outright she's glamourizing it always

No. 262365

I wish it still existed but when she was posting all her hits n stuff I asked her how she shoots up cuz I 'wanted to try' and she gave me shoddy ass instructions and like "my fiancé always shoots me up" but that wasn't still tru then wished me my best and told me how much better it'll be for me to shoot up!!!

Her ever claiming harm reduction is soo bullshit

No. 262367


Agreed, she is not spreading any helpful information whatsoever. Junkies gonna junk and there's "safe" ways to shoot up. No one who is being cautious and clean gets an abscess like the ones in her photos. I highly doubt they have clean needles and rubbing alcohol around, and that's just the basics.

No. 262368

File: 1488501412285.png (26.04 KB, 360x206, tuna.png)

'Tessa', do you have a better quality version on that selfie? I'm curious as to whether this is Tuna possibly standing in front of him while all this happens or whether I'm just reaching really hard.

No. 262380

that doesn't look like a person, it looks like a chair or something. you can see something green in the corner (probably a houseplant or a vase or something) so if it was luna, it wouldn't just be a black blob. it'd probably have some dimension and different colors.

No. 262388

Ew, pencil dick.

No. 262399

bent duck

No. 262409

Idk that's a p big dick cuz it ain't hard at all omg who would even pretend their doing coke to get hard? Boys are impossible to Fuck on most drugs it's so annoying

No. 262423

honestly, he does have a big cock. its not even completely hard in the picture. but can you imagine how smelly and greasy it is? ughh… gag

No. 262425

He keeps telling you the same things over and over.. He's dumb as shit. I really wonder though if he doesn't do dope everyday…. I don't believe it. This recent milk is mind boggling. It makes me wonder however often tuna does shit. I still think its some sort of catfishing plan between Tuna and Chief…

No. 262427

I can't make heads or tails of this pic.. What are those Grey and black/white striped bands? It looks like the elastic from boxers but it seems like his pants and boxers are all the way down… Isn't that his (extremely pointy) bent knee at the top of the pic….? And what the fuck is that pink wrinkly lip-shaped thing at the base of his dick..?

No. 262429


i think that they'd have to be at least a tiny bit smart to come up with something like catfishing.
i'm pretty sure lurch is just cheating on her and she's ignoring the truth because she'd rather be with him than alone. it's sad because she deserves more than a much older man who is addicted to heavy drugs, cheats and doesn't love her but yeah..

No. 262431


i think that they'd have to be at least a tiny bit smart to come up with something like catfishing.
i'm pretty sure lurch is just cheating on her and she's ignoring the truth because she'd rather be with him than alone. it's sad because she deserves more than a much older man who is addicted to heavy drugs, cheats and doesn't love her but yeah..

No. 262462

Just caught up with this whole story, holy smokes.

No. 262465


No. 262467

Whatever you say, virgin. It's average at best.

No. 262469

lol omg show us the giant dick you get on the reg! (For srs"

No. 262473

It's a thin dick. It's pointy and narrow like a test tube. Or an arrow. I dunno. I'm probably going to have nightmares now.

No. 262476

Yr one of those girls who like coke can dicks? Hope you got a big mouth hole

No. 262482

Are you really sitting here trying to defend Lurch's disgusting smelly floppy dick… like I understand dick size is a thing.. but this is LURCH'S dick we're talking about here…… the fuck are you doing

No. 262483

his dick is a good length but uh.. it's definitely a pencil dick. unless you also have a pencil dick, i don't know why you're defending his thin dick. LOL

No. 262489

We need to change the subject fast before I get nauseous lmao

No. 262501

Just in case anyone actually believes he ever played ball for any minor league, aaa, aa, a, etc team, I went through every Tampa bay Ray farm teams roster for the years he would have been 20-23 and then just did a general search for ANY shumacher and of course he's full of shift. Not that there was a chance.

No. 262525

The picture is taken from below. His dick is flopped off to his right side.

>What are those Grey and black/white striped bands?

Underwear and sweatpants.

>Isn't that his (extremely pointy) bent knee at the top of the pic….?

It's his side. His shirt is white and blends in with the white surface behind him because the picture's so bright.

Or the picture is photoshopped and that's the top of the pasted-on body.

>And what the fuck is that pink wrinkly lip-shaped thing at the base of his dick..?


brb puking

No. 262629

Luna used to always say "he had s shot at the big leagues But that's when he was hit by a cab lol

No. 262644


theres pictures of his dick harder here
its on the larger size of average but not a mammoth and attached to a greasy sea creature easter island head pathological junkie liar. let this be over with.

No. 262654

Dude sounds like a Tijuana Bible.

No. 262724

Thanks for leading me to the gif of him slapping her in the face with his dick n she likes it

Gosh such milky times!

No. 262763

lol wut.
Isn't tuna a Fatass too though?
Every pic you can tell she's got chunky arms and legs.
It's hilarious she openly complains about clothes not being in her size when she's also going around sayin how they have no money for food. She's starting to lose track of all her lies and now they're openly colliding hope none of her "fans" notice kek

No. 262956

Luckily her 'fans' be young girls romanticizing addiction and pedophillia lolz

No. 262994

so I added Matthew kind of just to see what would happen (I felt like I needed to see for myself how willing he was to make friendships with stranger girls) and he immediately added me back, liked 3 of my pictures, and commented on a status of mine about my dog who was sick asking how she was doing. obviously can't say I'm surprised, but I am asking myself who acts like this on the internet??

No. 263007

He did the same with me but then my account was terminated for being fake.
It honestly seems to me that he's trying to get his name around/interact with as many people as possible… Can't fathom why though. Its fucking weird.
He reminds me of a relative of mine who is mentally retarded. Im not even trying to be a bitch, they are just extremely similar.

No. 263010

Not trying to defend Luna but many poor girls are overweight, surprisingly. Cheap shit like candy, simple carbs and fast food are extremely caloric

No. 263018

Im pretty sure she eats junk food because dope addicts crave sweets. She has money. She used to (probably still does) have a food card. And she has a father who buys her shit.

No. 263021

(Anon you replied to)no I totally agree actually because I have a cousin who has a mental disorder, schizophrenia I think… not that I think lurch has this specifically but he does the same type of interacting that I've seen with constant messages and praise and seemingly unaware of how they're acting is not ""normal""

It's also weird because before this he was very separated from the social media aspect, all we saw/knew was what Luna shared. As soon as SHE set up the Facebook for him (which is also funny to me considering what's happening now) we get all this weird uncomfortable milk from him. He's like a 12 year old (on drugs) who doesn't understand the internet and is using it for the first time.

No. 263042

You forget she used to be so much bigger before she even tried dope. She eats junk food because she likes it.

No. 263282

File: 1488653165231.png (763.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4465.PNG)

*claims to hate TooPoor
*likes her photos

No. 263289

No. 263311

File: 1488658155220.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1800.PNG)

She got a plant that makes cats really sick when they eat it, they're also prone to eating it. I've heard of a cat who died by this plant lol sry Tuna when you wake up in a bed with dead cats

Also, omg what is this clean af shelf????

No. 263324

Is that a lily?! Cats and dogs can die by only inhaling that shit, not to mention eat it
I hope the cats won't go too close

No. 263326

I honestly can't believe Luna hasn't become a camgirl yet or someone who sells "content" via tumblr

No. 263330

I'm sure she doesn't care and will have dead cats in her appartment weeks before she knows
I would never tip a cow.
But I'd do worst. She's a piece of shit, there is no doubt 100% if her cats got sick just let them die and not take them to a vet for help.
She may pretend to with a gofundme but she won't actually save them.

Sry I'm so upset right rn sage

No. 263333

I always thought her an lurch would put out the most horrifying sex tape ever.

Ok this painting wtf the front of this things panties??
>paints it in a p much documented 45 min >admits she doesn't like it
>posts it for sale upwards $100

I used to have a weird fascination with her but now it's like a true disdain and I'm so glad I don't live anywhere near her, she needs to be smacked. Like literally, not heroin.

No. 263334

File: 1488662149325.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1803.PNG)

Forgot to post the pic I think I'm in a blind rage ?

No. 263469

The table is clean because it isn't in her room/shithole/drug den.

No. 263525

So there's like, a clean part of their apartment? Is it split half n half with Dad? It's just bizarre I don't think anything in that apartment could be so clean

No. 263531

Doesn't look like their apartment. Maybe Roger's room is less filthy though? At first I thought maybe it was her dad's place, but his place isn't only a couple floors off the ground level, so it's not his.

No. 263562

And thatgod awful piece is hers I remember it

No. 263579

File: 1488691452868.png (151.5 KB, 750x835, IMG_1829.PNG)

Lol is that a bowl of donuts?
It's safe to say Luna is in no way 'starving' at all

No. 263580

Samefag but I swear she has like 4 books she pretends to read everyday

No. 263590

If shes so hungry maybe people should send her giftcards or she should go to the foodbank

No. 263609

For some reason this reminds me of one of those dumpster dive finds. Maybe it's because the strawberries are still unwashed in the package and the background is a dirty bedsheet. But really, it's possible it's from a dumpster since Luna mentions Lurch finding stuff in the dump.

No. 263615

i thought they were banana slices at first but they do look like donuts. what's her deal with having to instagram everything she does..

No. 263627

exactly. no one would know how disgusting she is if she didn't post 5 different angles of her filth every goddamn day. but she can't even be bothered with strategic shots.

No. 263631

that looks mouldy? does she actually eat that stuff? she can't be this fat even if he ate ten meals of mould a day; so what's her deal?

No. 263632

LOL ty for a+ bitching. Seriously. It's not like Luna has 15+ threads to sift thru either

No. 263633

maybe she doesn't know? I kind of feel like someone should inform her for the sake of the cats

No. 263637

File: 1488706513910.png (206.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3271.PNG)

I'm not sure what this is about but…

No. 263641

best milk comes from cow-tipping. esp when it goes the milk's way <3

No. 263642

He's a goddamn lunatic

No. 263648

maybe this is about that tessa person? i went on his friends list and searched her name and she isn't on it.

No. 263656

I bet Luna lurks here and showed him.

No. 263658

The name of the profile is not "Tessa" (i dont even know if i befriended him), but i dont think its targeted at me/"Tessa"- although i didnt reply for a few days he kept messaging me

No. 263665

ohh i see, i see. i wonder if it's about this tread though.

No. 263678

thats what i thought too lol. maybe luna just told him shes been harrassed again on the webz but didn tell him she knows about his contact to other woman (maybe shes afraid of him too? or she fears hes gonna leave her? wouldnt surprise me tbh)

No. 263690


Luna, once again, if you're reading this - leave this weird ass motherfucker. He's actively finding other girls behind your back.

No. 263727

Is his profile gone? I cant access it with either of my accounts

No. 263728

dude i think it is. i was able to go on it yesterday night to check his friends list and it's gone. i don't even know them on facebook so there's no way he could've blocked me. lmao

No. 263817

damn! textbook example of why we don't tip cows lol. can you imagine what a shitshow the couple hours leading up to his fb deletion was at their place? i bet luna was pissed and flipping out!

No. 263818

also this marks the beginning of the end of their relationship.. taking bets now.. another 3 months maybe.

No. 263830

File: 1488741880830.png (12.14 KB, 541x122, 6857e83bbc2b52aafb218ae5cb2a64…)

these were posted 3 hours ago but on fb messenger it says he was last on an hour ago? i can't click his profile anymore though

No. 263850


can you still have messenger if you don't have facebook?

No. 263853

yes,there's the option to keep the messenger when you delete your account

No. 263860

Lol I bet this does have something to do with Tuna/this thread. What an insane spaz! I imagine this is how pissed he gets at Luna when she pisses him off. That's Scary and not normal, Luna, gtfo of that relationship while you still can…… Seriously..

No. 263862

lol yes, on their anniversary I mean her birthday oh wait those are the same day

No. 263867

Theory: Luna found out that he's messing around, forced him to delete his fb profile but he was smart enough to keep the messenger so he still can contact "Tessa" and all of his other flings

No. 263872

Oh my, watch out guyz, Chief Areola has your ip addresses and even though he doesn't know what you look like, he might find you and Idk, nod out ontop of you or something!!

No. 263875

I'd love to see his doped up, crazy, mangled knee, lurch looking ass try to fight someone. He's so cracked out all the time I really doubt he's get very far. Imagine the spin Luna could put on it, "my fiance was assaulted by mean people! plz donate!"

No. 263883

>When your getting out of your car to get your morning coffee and this big ass 6'5" 225lbs man approaches you and engages you hand to hand there will be no more words.. The talking is over the real world punishment begins
this is seriously hysterical and makes me think of the marine copypasta LOL what a fucking freak

No. 263886

He doesn't have messenger though, or it'd show up with the little blue messenger icon next to his name instead of the grey Facebook symbol.

No. 263889

File: 1488746667520.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_2017-03-05-12-38-53…)

this girl already commented telling her. she comments on a lot of her stuff.

No. 263891

File: 1488746704092.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_2017-03-05-12-41-05…)

No. 263892

File: 1488746774170.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_2017-03-03-09-04-59…)

No. 263896

Why post these? Learn to sage your off topic posts please.

No. 263898

did this bitch really call high kicking a sport…?

sage for OT

No. 263899

This chick is cool, pretty sure she lurks here. She was the one who leaked junkhun to me.

No. 263929


I know her via insta she's chill

No. 263933

Oh hey girl wassup !!

Y'all stop it!! I'm a sarcastic piece of shit not a cow

No. 263944

>pretty sure she lurks here
Yea, she made that very obvious when she forgot to crop out her profile pic multiple times and still hasn't changed it. Everyone fucks up, but unless you're as high as tuna, u change your profile pic as soon as u realize.

No. 263984

Awwww shit, awkward lol. Hun, you gotta be a lil sneakier than that, at least learn how to crop!! Eesh, so embarrassing.

No. 264041

I kno I kno I made a mistake leave me alone she trusts me ive gotten y'all so much milk

No. 264048

I hope she doesn't lurk here and figure you out! Are you two pretty friendly? Any chance you might be able to find out what Lurchs psychotic rant was about? Or is that Considered tipping the cow..?

No. 264056

We'll that probably ends now. Way to out yourself.

No. 264062

she didn't out herself. someone else did. also, if whoever posted those photos deleted them, i doubt tuna would find out who we're talking about.

No. 264065

Thank you

No. 264090

If you've read the rules you'd know that whoever posted them can only delete that post within 30 minutes of posting it, and an admin will only delete it if it violates the rules.

No. 264098

Yeah welll then lets just get over it cuz it OT

Now someone tell me how much she's selling that awful last painting on depop for omg if people buy her shit for $100 or whatever it's almost equated to toopoors fingernails

No. 264130

ah, i've read the rules, i guess i forgot about that. oh well.

No. 264140

He messaged me (Tessa) "good luck with that you piece of shit" so i assume either Luna lurks here or someone told her

No. 264147

lmao. You're the "piece of shit" that made him cheat on luna, obviously. Better watch your back next time you go to pick up coffee if you know what's good for you. He can track ip addresses, despite proxies being a fairly common thing and spending the majority of his day fucked up on heroin and I guess crack now.

No. 264156

lol yeah i'm sure he will use his enormous amount of money to fly to my country and fuck me up… oh wait

It wouldnt surprise me if hed make luna apologize to him for "reading" his messages like the abusive shit he is

No. 264177

Having had a lot of conversations with Lurch, what's your overall opinion on him and Tuna now that Lurch and Tessa's brief affair has ended? thanks for the self-sacrifice anon.

No. 264195

Hes a piece of shit that belongs in the trash tbh. I assume hes kind of manipulative (talking about his heritage, cars, yachts and even drugs to bait) and tries to lurk women with this shit - and it worked with luna. I also think hes got a really low self esteem despite all of this. It kind of looked like Tessa talking to him really pushed his ego though, but all in all hes just a lazy piece of shit that doesnt get his life together and lives off of other people

Also: his reaction, the last message to Tessa and the deletion of his account shows it was really him and not luna?

No. 264200

Im willing to bet my life on that it was luna that made the message and made him delete

No. 264215

I can't see Luna making him do anything. She probably cowers to him and does everything she possibly can to keep his psycho drug fueled ass happy. Because if hes miserable, he'll take it out on her. Maybe he deleted because he was so embarrassed that hes been completely fucked with and now doesn't know who he can trust talking to on there. I wonder how he found out.

No. 264224

>it worked with luna
is it at all possible luna actually believes any of the shit about his alleged inheritance? does she think when grandma schumacher dies, lurch/she will get at least 250k?

No. 264231

he doesn't seem internet savvy enough to find this thread on his own, so either luna showed him or someone who lurks this thread did. i really want to know how luna feels about all this but i doubt she will ever say anything. i'm sure she knows though.

No. 264253

Literally all he would have to do is google Lunas name.. Lolcow is the first thing that comes up.

No. 264264

File: 1488817750443.jpeg (16.74 KB, 739x241, image.jpeg)

could this be about Tessa?
Sage for extrapolation

No. 264268

I bet it is. I thibk she posted it right around the time of Chiefs psychotic episode. Let me find out Luna is taking his side in all this, feeling bad that he got played on FB and completely ignoring the fact that her "fiancé" is looking off some other female to spend his life with. Seriously Luna…? You piss me off, but you deserve better than that piece of shit psycho…

No. 264284

i know it's the first thing that comes up, but why would he just randomly google his girlfriends name? he just doesn't seem like he uses the internet enough to care for googling her.

No. 264289

File: 1488822874571.png (142.89 KB, 630x795, IMG_3918.PNG)

No. 264307

at this moment i wonder if he even knows her last name. im also asking myself if he sees luna as his girlfriend or even fiancé, i think shes kind of just there?

No. 264345

This pic is kinda old (just sayin').

No. 264364

Has she posted anything on her Instagram or FB since Chief blew up?

No. 264404

because thats like the first thing children on the internet do, they google their name and the names of people around them. when i was like 13 i wanted to know who had my name as a url. all my friends took turns looking at theirs. is this not a thing?

No. 264406

File: 1488838871829.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_2017-03-06-14-19-47…)

she just posted this but before that nothing. ill post her fb.

No. 264408

File: 1488838969074.png (409.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-06-14-18-44…)

i swear i saw her post "ill always love you" two days ago but if she did is baleeted now.
she made a status about eating annies mac and cheese and shared a bunch of animal photos and videos and tried to promote her depop.

No. 264410

File: 1488839007311.png (210.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-06-14-18-51…)

No. 264412

File: 1488839077676.png (950.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-06-14-19-00…)

No. 264424

What's the bottom one???

No. 264428

In her defense, strawberries go bad really fast. At worst they're sickly sweet.

No. 264437

>im ashamed ive been so mean
I know its just lyrics but it sounds to me that Lurch manipulated her into thinking that him trying to hookup with other women is all her fault and she believes him and blames herself.
She apologized to him for him trying to cheat on her? Real nice, have a nice life with that disgusting creep tuna. Or grow a fucking backbone and leave him you pathetic bitch.

No. 264441

How in the heck did you get her to accept your friend request on fb?

No. 264445

File: 1488842112014.png (349.23 KB, 540x764, Screenshot_2017-03-06-13-39-10…)

We all know what medicine is in reference to

No. 264455

File: 1488842553415.jpg (90.93 KB, 540x775, IMG_20170306_151820.jpg)

Pretty sure the "unlovable" is a new addition to her insta description. Think it's fair to assume Lurch is blaming tuna for him fucking up.

No. 264456

Luna: paint a pastel crack smoking picture, ILL BUY IT.

No. 264469

He is definitely blaming her for his bullshit. Hes such a pathetic, weak excuse for a guy. Completely repulsive and disgusting.
But….. Doesn't Luna have anyone in her life that knows what's going on and talks to her about what the fuck is going on? Maybe she's just too stubborn too listen to anyone.
But holy shit… She can't be happy in that relationship. I guess she'd rather be treated like shit by a pedo instead of being alone. Leave him, get help from your dad, and go to therapy to work out whatever you need to.
Cut off contact with Matthew, even though it'll be hard the first few months, especially because he's so manipulative and knows how to get to you to get you to do what he wants you to do. Exactly what my addict ex did to me..

No. 264480

Honest to god this is my favorite comment ever

No. 264481

Luna isn't gonna do anything as long as she can keep up her romantic fantasy. She'll twist it all around to make it feel artsy and raw and very much 'on the road' beat poet/roughed up genius beaten by life bukowski-tier shit. Her whole identity is built up around some hole songs, pictures of Courtney love, and an old trope from lit she's never even read. Giving it up is too hard for her, and will only get harder as she gets older.

No. 264491

It feels like she's losing interest tho? Like unless she's a have yr cake & eat it too type. I mean I know Lurch is there for aesthetic & drugs, but I feel like she's moving away from him + has a wandering eye. I mean, fuck. The whole situation is sad as shit but I'm constantly wondering how she doesn't get sick 24/7. Like legit sick, not dopesick. She looks like a walking UTI dipped in BV with a yeast garnish

No. 264494

>She looks like a walking UTI dipped in BV with a yeast garnish

Lmfao anon, disgusting and true!

No. 264495

She might move on from lurch eventually but only to latch onto someone exactly the same. She's dependent, unskilled, uneducated, unwilling to make an effort at anything, and has a personality with less depth than a sheet of paper.

There is no up until she gets off her ass and gets her life together.

No. 264496

No but honestly! Especially since she (claims she) has bad gynecological issues I cannot imagine the state of affairs down there

No. 264497

Agreed. I think the only thing stopping her from moving on is that she's a little hard pressed to do better than him right now. I definitely think she could, but it's not like she seems to talk to a whole lot of other guys, let alone ones who could provide her a place to stay and free drugs.

No. 264521

she used to follow me on tumblr.

No. 264644

I take Chris Corner's music very seriously. Kidding. But not.

No. 265039

File: 1488932500374.png (139.98 KB, 750x1013, IMG_1860.PNG)

She just bought these ? That's like $40 worth of canvas

No. 265118

they were probably given to her by one of her fans or "friends"
someone commented a couple weeks ago at most that they had art stuff to give her. too lazy to go back and cap.

No. 265557

File: 1489006486663.png (781.48 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_2017-03-08-12-53-03…)


No. 265558

File: 1489006568271.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_2017-03-08-12-53-14…)

I remember her whining about being sick and having a fever valentines day…….
I'm also pretty sure they were jacking cars, ive never seen that purse before and why arent they on the sidewalk?

No. 265688

I see a ring on her finger. Guess she's still engaged to the scumbag. Luna, you dumbass.

No. 265693

Is she wearing a fucking robe as a jacket?

No. 265706

Color match your butthole

No. 265716

caption says the pic is from valentines day so that could be old but I honestly think the only way she will leave him is "death do us part" ….which may be soon at the rate he's been going for the past few decades

No. 265724

She looks litreally homeless. I'd be so grossed out to see her in public.

No. 265725

I'm talking about the lipstick pic. That was from Valentines as well?

No. 265734

Oh shit my bad I just assumed you meant the most recent one, should've checked the >#
But it does looks like there's still a ring on her hand there. I feel bad for her being stuck to him like she is.

No. 265740

File: 1489019263446.png (813.37 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_2017-03-08-16-26-03…)

still wearing a ring

No. 265753

why the fuck is she taking pics of her teeth? what the fuck girl

No. 265755

Why tf does she even have these? What is her obsession with teeth, she even has the tooth tattoo on her finger? Damn, for someone who likes teeth so much you'd think maybe once in a while she'd maintain hers

No. 265861

Since when does she have creeper shoes? Theyre ugly as hell on her giant troll feet. If those 2 things were that close to my car, id be kinda pissed. It'll be funny when they get busted car shopping. Her purse is probably full of stuff they got from cars. This is the day she "found" that skateboard.

No. 265863

She's had them for a few years she serial online shopped her grandmothers million dollar estate away within a year, amazing. It's almost like the rest went into a hole in her arm.

No. 265898

File: 1489033401785.png (647.38 KB, 1080x790, Screenshot_2017-03-08-20-21-51…)

look at how gnarly they are. did they used to be pink or white?

No. 265906

I think they're pink velvet. I don't think they look that bad actually? But I guess if you thought they were meant to be white, they'd look pretty bad haha

No. 265907

She bought a lot of cute things off Amazon/people got them off her wishlist for her and she doesn't wear it anymore and I doubt it's because they're too big..

No. 265927


Luna, even if you're still wearing Bernie's badge, shitting on liberals isn't helping your cause.

No. 265930

I feel like it's on accident cuz she's bat shit but she makes it seem like she's a republican lmao but it doesn't matter she doesn't vote

No. 265937

everyone on tumblr is a communist who hates liberals now she's just following the trends

No. 265981

Anon are you fucking blind? They look like shit and really dirty and if they are pink velvet it looks like the velvet is coming off making it look white in some places.

No. 265989

Anon stop you're embarrassing yourself the white is the light hitting the fake velvet
She hasn't Luna'd them yet, they look fine

No. 266002

No. 266026

light bounces off of velvet a lot. i have a lot of velvet articles of clothing and some parts of it can look white or lighter than the rest depending on the lighting. referring to that other anon's link, her shoes look fine.

No. 266068

File: 1489067865016.png (163.36 KB, 750x1154, IMG_1880.PNG)

Wtf? Some crack paranoia? Whyy would someone want to hack you, Tuna?

No. 266075

Luna, you better make sure the location on your phone is turned off too, THE COPS ARE TRACKING YOU!!!

No. 266081


i mean, there was that massive cloudflare data leak and in the past likely due to other leaks ive had random ppl from like malaysia log into my twitter and fb and stuff so for once i actually dont doubt her

No. 266085

Lol her outfit is so fucking ugly. Why does she always wear sweatpants so hiked up that her ankles show? And what is that snuggie-looking jacket?!?

No. 266098

File: 1489073200068.png (32.99 KB, 540x231, Screenshot_2017-03-09-10-24-51…)

That shit is lethal to cats……

No. 266103

someone literally TOLD HER that plant was poisonous to cats. please tell me someone commented on that saying it can kill her cats..
actually, she posted the specific kind of plant it was when she didn't have to, and she posts so many statuses she could easily google the answer to, she probably knows it's deadly for her cats and is posting that for attention.

No. 266110

poor cat is trying to commit suicide

No. 266112

Four people said something about it being poison or to get rid of the plant, so in the event those cats end up sick (or dead) and she ~~~needs money to save her precious babies lives plz help uwu~~~ Welp…. hate to say you were told MULTIPLE TIMES…. god.. those animals deserve so much better than falling into a place to be used for money

No. 266132

I feel so fucking bad for that poor cat, I'm tearing up. Fuck this bitch.

No. 266136

Like someone needs to call animal control and report this tweet along with the fact that she's been warned they're poisonous. Not to mention the hoarding dirty rigs situation.

No. 266137

Are you fucking serious bitch??!?! Youre worried about the plant when you fucking were told that cats eat it and it fucking kills them?
This bitch shouldn't have any animals. That poor cat. If she fucking posts an ~uwu I need money for vet bills~ someone please go smack her upside her braindead head.

No. 266139

I think she's making it up. For attention, because she's mental, or as a setup for asking for (drug) money.
I googled it and it said
>When dogs or cats ingest peace lilies, clinical signs may be seen immediately and include pawing at face (secondary to oral pain), drooling, foaming, and vomiting.
If the cat ate it, this would be happening already and im are she'd take pictures and post them so she could get straight to the e-begging.

No. 266142

If someone knows their info I'll email their local animal control

No. 266152

File: 1489080635133.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_2017-03-09-09-29-28…)

posted 3 hrs ago

No. 266155

She is fucking bonkers. Her face reminds me of an old Chinese man. She knows that plant is deadly to cats but she doesn't care? I hope her address is somewhere in these threads so someone can report her.
Oh and imagine the cat vomit all over her room now that you now she wont clean up. It'll all just sit there and get dry and crusty.

No. 266156

This fucking cunt

No. 266157

Are the cats throwing up not a big deal to her?

No. 266160

Absolutely worthless human being

No. 266163

Its like she thinks its cute that her cats are eating her plant that she gave a name to.

No. 266164

it's so obvious she doesn't give a shit about those cats, and caring more about the plant seals it

No. 266172

can you (or someone else on this thread who follows her on IG) comment on that post saying they're throwing up because it's poisonous and it can severely hurt them? i want to see if she would acknowledge it or not. id do it myself but she never accepted my follow request.

No. 266175

Their address is apparently in these threads somewhere but I never remember seeing it.. (Did she once post pictures of bills that had her address/name on?)

No. 266179

Luna Slater
213 waverly avenue
apartment 2
mamaroneck, NY

No. 266181

I see two big chunks were taken out on the leaves. Wtf. She's a terrible cat owner.

Tinfoil theory but what if she's trying to kill the cats or not care about them because they aren't really her cats but lurches and wants to get back at him?

No. 266182


Only someone psychotic would do that anon. Guess her cats she fawned over on instagram are just accessories + objects to help her get drug money after all.

No. 266185

This photo is deleted now, maybe a cat died.
Someone call animal control or something they might be able to save them and take them away

No. 266187

I kindof thought the same revenge thing too. Or she wants to get rid of the cats so she can get a new, cuter, more aesthetic one.
And don't put anything past a drug addianytIMe speak from experience that people go psycho on drugs and do crazy shit. And i don't mean people on bathsalts trying to eat other people. Crack and heroin makes people crazy too.

No. 266189

Thank you anon.
There's the address man, remember; apt 2 is second floor. Wouldn't want to cause trouble for the poor people living underneath them

No. 266193

File: 1489084934991.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_2017-03-09-10-40-28…)

it looks like they finally changed their sheets. i wonder if they plan on washing the old ones or just throwing them in the garbage? or worse, just keep them in a pile somewhere?

No. 266195

Lol @ all those "how to draw manga" books they make for middle schoolers

No. 266197

OHGOD. White bedsheets? yikes. She'll probably just ball up the old ones and shove them in a corner.
And ok, start a painting and completely ignore the fact that youre killing your cats.

No. 266198

She deleted the post about her plant on instagram lmao, i want to punch this bitch in the face. We really need to get her cats taken out of that house somehow

No. 266199

Lmao at Chiefs boxers/pants in the background which are the same ones he was wearing in his dick pic to "Tessa".

No. 266205

I wanna punch her in the face too. I hope that anon who said they would e-mail the local shelter in NY actually does. And includes pics where someone was telling Luna the plant is toxic, and then tunas other 2 posts about the cats eating it and vomiting. Those cats probably live a miserable life and they always look sick.

No. 266213

I sent Luna a message on Facebook - I didn't mention the farms or anything, all I said was ''jsyk lilly is poisonous to cats and you should probably move the plant somewhere they can't get it''. Maybe that's why she deleted the photos? I hate tipping cows but I felt it was needed, I don't want her poor cats to die. (And idc is she sees this post, I used a throwaway FB to message her)

No. 266214

and include pictures in older threads where the cats look greasy and matted, and just generally sad and pathetic.

No. 266221

does it say if she's seen it or not?

No. 266223

Yeah, she's seen it but hasn't responded.

No. 266263

File: 1489091579219.png (59.56 KB, 540x433, Screenshot_2017-03-09-15-30-10…)

Even Chey told her. I feel like Lunas really lost a lot of her respect tbh

No. 266266

Nah that's the way to go about it. Besides, hopefully now she won't let her cats intoxicate themselves on the lilies.

No. 266272

She didn't throw the plant out. She left it there, pouted over being told off instead of being complimented,and will probably just yell at the cats for eating the plant.

She's too lazy to be allowed a pet rock, let alone cats.

No. 266273

two people commented on the pic telling her the plant could kill her cats. she responded to one and was talking about it and was acting like she didn't know/asking questions etc so she has acknowledged it. i'm guessing she really has been too doped out to see people commenting it on all her other pics and felt embarrassed she was publicly endangering her animals and that's why she deleted it

No. 266275

deleted my last post because i assumed she threw the plant out (because that's what any reasonable cat owner would have done) but then i realized this is luna and she probably didn't. didn't want to spread misinformation

No. 266283

I mean it's nice to hope she did chuck it and actually gives a shit about the animals but I don't think anyone can say they've seen her do anything that isn't related to propping up her paper-thin identity.

No. 266301

everything about this picture makes me angry

No. 266326

File: 1489096454251.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4513.PNG)

No. 266330

thank the lord she actually threw it out

No. 266340

why does this post feel like she has the BARE amount of empathy for her cats? like maybe i'm reaching but idk it reads to me like 'my cats are fine lol i'm dumb anyway enough about them tell me which cute nEW plant to buy that my pesky cats won't eat and die from'

No. 266343

>wastes money she claims she doesnt have on a poisonous plant
>someone comments its poisonous on the FIRST POST
>claims she didnt know like 3 days later or something
>throws out the plant instead of just putting it somewhere higher or giving it to someone who doesnt have cats???

also she's been complaining about being short on rent in private messages (dont wanna cap so I dont out myself to her) but it's march 9th?!

No. 266363

Doubt she's actually throwing anything out, I don't think they have trash cans from the look of her apartment

No. 266373

Hopefully she just returns it to the persons front porch she stole it off of

No. 266405

Glad she tossed it. How hungry are these cats that they're willing to eat poison?

No. 266410

Not defending Tuna but they're attracted to plants and their smells and tend to get at them if they can.

No. 266411

Samefag but also they were probably happy to be near anything giving off clean oxygen..

No. 266429

They're probably starving and glad to have something leafy green instead of candy or pizza or scraps of whatever fast food she buys

No. 266689

Lmao yes

No. 266767

I just sent the SPCA an email (they have their own animal control officers that deal with animal neglect and cruelty) and I'm waiting to hear back. Thanks to anon who left the address. I will post the correspondence once I get a reply.(cowtipping)

No. 266957

sage: bc this isnt only about
our dear sow luna….but Youre right on the money. I follow Chey's IG and luna is contstantly commenting on her photos, but Chey doesn't reply like she used to. Her response about the plant is the first time I've seen her acknowlege her in over a month or so…Luna even commented that she wanted to "fuk Chey with a strap-on" so if I were her, i'd wanna keep my distance from that trainwreck too..it seems like she's been trying to emulate Chey for years imo. which is pretty sad to begin with as the girl has dealt with a shitload and tried to help Luna as much as she could. no surprise she wants to cut ties. hell i bet this thread is what woke her up. Again SAGE SAGE SAGE rude mfs

No. 266961

Holy shit it isn't cowtipping to prevent poor cats from dying. It shouldn't be discouraged to save lives on this site.

No. 266965

I agree, this is a kinda dumb ban.

No. 266968

Completely agreed.
If I knew about this, even without the site I would probably do the same, we looked at those cats situation for so long without doing anything (where we actually could've) but the plant situation is taking it too far.
Let her ruin her own life, but those poor cats don't deserve this.

No. 266971

Yeah, really silly ban.

No. 266972

it wasn't considered cow tipping when people were baiting lurch on facebook. telling luna directly that people are going to investigate her for cruelty/neglect, fair enough. i would have liked to have had a follow up of lily-gate because luna rarely gets a dose of cold hard reality.

No. 266974

If not from anon, we'll get an update from Tuna

No. 266993

i have a friendly tip for you. you can't just SAY "sage" and have it be saged. you need to type the word "sage" into the email field and then post it. then it will be saged.

No. 267017

chey just recently got clean and seems to have been taking a good hard look at her life. all the stuff she and tuna used to bond over romanticizing is over. I'm guessing Chey's really disgusted by her "friend" now.

No. 267022

Thank god right. I'm really happy for Chey and if anything Luna should take some inspo from her getting clean and well (DESPITE THE FACT SHE WAS IN A SEVERE CAR ACCIDENT WHICH WAS PROBABLY A LITTLE MORE PAINFUL THAN A DISLOCATED KNEE…. but that's not my business lmao) luna should get clean and get her shit together and work with repairing her friendships and leave Lurch behind. She could totally still have a good life

No. 267057

thank you fr. i've followed Chey on social media for years & there's not a doubt in my mind that her addiction stemmed from that god awful carwreck (a public post by chey's mom on fb said that she had to be revived twice & was in the ICU for like 2 months last spring) we legitimately all thought she was going to die. not to mention it has to make her uncomfortable for Luna to constantly be talking about how thin Chey looks on her photos….not everyone wants to be thin. Some people just want to be alive and get as healthy as they can (plus she looks good af lately on her insta) its public: "empty___binch" or somethin like that. yall should really read Luna's comments. anyway sorry I'm just proud of her and wish she would cut this nasty crotchrot witch out of her life completely.

No. 267172

i used to shit on chey a lot because i thought her and tuna were just alike until i realised chey's addiction really does come down to it being a coping mechanism sine she almost died in a horrific accident unlike Tuna who literally brought this shit upon herself all for the aesthetic

No. 267223

chey was an addict way before the car crash… her mom is an addict too and chey's openly struggled with various substance problems on tumblr for years now

No. 267412

File: 1489213463431.png (343.99 KB, 496x485, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 5.08…)

saw this and thought of luna

No. 267431

oh my god LOL this had to have been made with luna in mind.

No. 267548

File: 1489247367904.png (121.29 KB, 749x937, IMG_1900.PNG)


No. 267569

She posted this photo on her tumblr and her hash tags were
>he still talks to me so sweet
>I was gonna say he's the only person I've talked to who has killed someone
>but my dad has too lol !


No. 267570

she's so obsessed with ~~heroin chic~~ if she ever gets clean she'll look back on this time in her life and shiver from embarrassment

No. 267630

except luna's actual teeth are an unsettling shade of pus green/brown.

No. 267670


No. 267677

I don't really keep up with these threads, does she really talk/has talked to Michael? He hasn't been out of prison for very long and she would have been a teenager when he got out so they have obviously never talked

No. 267681

Sorry! the reply above was me & I''ve forgotten my pw to delete it; phone's being shit. True though Chey was an addict but was mostly a binge drinker that experimented with sniffing opiates. She's actually said she was exactly 1 month completely sober when she had the wreck. IDK i just don't feel a lot of hate towards that. It really seems like she''s on her own too and I've never seen her beg for money like Luna. She just really reminds me of everything Luna wishes she was LOL. She's (albeit not amazingly) physically attractive, mildly talented creatively, working, and has a boyfriend in his mid-thirties that is actually handsome. I know Chey lurks here after that fiasco about her email address a month or so back, so I hope she reads this and decides to spill some milk.

No. 267704

She claims that he has. He follows her on IG, that's probably why she never deletes it. Anyone else remember this? She like aggressively commented on his IG and he answered her once or something?

No. 267737

File: 1489273656740.png (221.73 KB, 750x1068, IMG_1908.PNG)

So strange when she posts shut like this about her dad's apartment and belongings "this will be left to me" like he's on his death bed when he's obviously doing ok for himself and I don't think he does heroin everyday like he's not gonna be dead soon and it's far more likely everyday for her to drop dead than a person who doesn't shoot heroin with filthy needles and cottons etc ???? Such denial but like what a little brat?? Also she posted some more pics of stuff she's gonna steal, she's at his apartment like she is every weekend it seems…

No. 267745

Farmhands are pretty loose with bans. Getting lurchs dickpics is fine according to them lel. Site moderation has been exceptionally shitty for months.

No. 267761

File: 1489275393806.png (65.39 KB, 750x296, IMG_0390.PNG)

this explains lurch's transgressions 4 sure

No. 267763

God, what an atrocious brat. "Cant wait til my daddy dies so I can have his lux downtown apt and goodies" is all i see from her recent posts.

No. 267765

No. 267776

Yeah, heavy drug use tends to cause loss of libido.

No. 267777

Why the Fuck put this on FB ??
This is what yr tumblr is for Tuna

No. 267779

Is this from one of those "secret" groups she's in

No. 267780

Lmao, she thinks their relationship is great when lurch was JUST online trying to hookup/create a life with some random chick?!?
She's incredibly pathetic!! I cant even believe it.

No. 267781

Bitch stop trying to be ~uwu edgy~ by saying youre sex repulsed. Heroin destroys your sex drive. Its that simple.
Its like she just picks up trendy buzz words and phrases from Tumblr to use to describe herself.

No. 267782

Why does she go to her dads every weekend? This is the same dad she shit-talks, calls evil, and says gives her bad anxiety or someshit? Does she really go over there so often just to steal/get money &drugs? Or does lurch kick her out temporarily and she doesn't have any other place to stay..?

No. 267823

I'm willing to bet it's a combination of both, Lurch sending her out to get drug money and not letting her come home until she has it?

No. 267854

Yeah but her dad hasn't given her any reason lately that he's bad they always smoke joints together and hooks her up with drug money and xanax.

No. 267862

Yeah but she always used to talk a out how just talking to him on the phone would stress her out so bad that shed wanna cry. All of a sudden she likes go go see him every weekend? What changed? Maybe he finally started giving her more cash and shared his weed/xanax.

No. 267875

I think she's just more desperate.

No. 268064

Jesus Christ

No. 268066

File: 1489319076314.png (1.3 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170312-124353.png)

No. 268086

Going home?

Please let this be more than heroin chic bullshit posting / lyric posting, Tuna's been so boring.

No. 268091


Samefag but I don't think that's Luna/Lurch's bathroom? It's the same bathroom as >>234780 in her last thread and people didn't think it was her bathroom then either.

Luna's usual bathroom selfies for contrast >>232102

No. 268118

It's her dads we already established she's at her dads she already made it "home" aka Lurch's apt and is showing off what she swiped.

Ew her fucking hair tho

No. 268119

File: 1489327228162.jpg (136.44 KB, 395x635, 1684816_tumblr_ltw6igzBPN1qgq3…)

I wonder how much better (or maybe worse?) she'd look if she let her roots grow out all the way and got rid of that horrible yellow-pink mess. It'd definitely help the state of her hair and would fit better if she's trying to do the toopoor type of style.

pic related

No. 268123

File: 1489327542661.jpg (578.19 KB, 700x960, 1734308_IMG_3763.jpg)

And this. Besides the obscene amount of bracelets, I think she looks good here. I can't believe she went from this to >>238164

No. 268135

Is this supposed to be her natural hair color? Looks ashy af

No. 268138

ugh, those shoes and socks

No. 268143

she was a chubster, but all she had to do is lose weight the healthy way. I'm baffled these is the same person, she actually looks non-smelly in those. The white tights / granny dress are bad but not as bad as the dirty sweatpants / saggy tits look she has now. She had some potential if she had worked out and eaten healthily instead of doing fucking heroin

No. 268148

I don't think she's actually that much smaller lol

No. 268149

I can't even believe this is Luna. Her face looks very sweet and wholesome.

No. 268164

the same dad who "squirted hep c needles" at her LOL

No. 268170


michael will basically talk to anyone on social media who fawns over how great and relevant he is. it's def not bc luna is special or they're close.

No. 268176

nice track mark on her wrist.

No. 268177

Her hand is a wreck too and is that like a zit between her tits???

No. 268178

File: 1489335388423.jpg (126.22 KB, 540x774, IMG_20170312_091501.jpg)

"hundreds of years old" lol yeah okay tuna
Hoping her bringing her little drug box back into pictures like this means she'll start drug blogging again though.

No. 268215

That is the worst fitting bra I've ever seen. Her tits are still saggy and look how loose and baggy the side is.

No. 268224

i still wanna know more about matthew deactivating his facebook i'm pissed "tessa" wouldn't just let the milk flow tbh esp if she ain't giving us all the details of what he said when he deactivated?

No. 268233

File: 1489344224907.png (302.34 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2017-03-12 at 2.41.…)

anyone know if this is true??

No. 268238

Read the thread?? Lol

No. 268239

Oo I didn't know this happened

No. 268251

"my dad got me this book that is hundreds of years old lemme put my drugs on it"

No. 268260

Her thought processes are long past reason now lol

No. 268262

Someone getting sexts from Lurch is fine and not cowtipping but someone trying to prevent cats from dying is cowtipping? Retarded ass ban

No. 268269

It isn't our job to save shitty cats. If you have to be a hero, don't tell us about it.

No. 268289

learn 2 sage

No. 268292

what is that thing in the middle of her chest? its bothering me

No. 268293

A pimple?

No. 268294

The entitlement is disgusting. I hope her father has some secret second family that ends up getting all his stuff

No. 268302

She's such an awful liar. That book has a copyright of "1946" stamped right inside the cover, no idea where she'd come up with "hundreds of years old". Her copy doesn't even look like a hardcover version and only retails for around $15 online (in decent condition which her's is obviously not). The hardcover copy goes for about $30. Sage for book nerding.

No. 268307

So many books for someone barely literate

No. 268313

LMAO. That must have been some advanced civilization to come up with that kind of printing and binding hundreds of years ago

No. 268326

her tits look like two oranges in tube socks. i will never understand how someone can have such a vile looking body with personal hygiene to match, yet still think they're god's gift. i would say it was the power of crack but she's been like this for years, i've never known such a vain pos

No. 268337

my sister is exactly like this. but she is literally mentally retarded soo

No. 268339

Maybe she like knows the art is hundreds of years old but like doesn't she understand it's a book? Of xeroxed photos of photos of copies of prints of art that's ~hundreds of years old~

God I don't know i used to think I understood but I don't think I do anymore sage for blog

No. 268342

Lol whose shitposting?

No. 268384

lol wat who did her dad kill

and how does she know this guy

No. 268391


I remember ages ago she posted that he followed her on Instagram once he got out of prison.

I think she posted screenshots of them talking later

No. 268413

File: 1489361222385.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_2017-03-12-16-23-10…)

no wonder her eyebrows are so bad

No. 268414

File: 1489361307278.png (959.25 KB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_2017-03-12-16-24-43…)

she "grabs" stuff

No. 268416

File: 1489361371287.png (126.41 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_2017-03-12-16-22-34…)

still so in love with sea creature. cats still alive and there.

No. 268420

it almost feels like she wrote this as a response to recent milk here

No. 268424

File: 1489362026480.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_2017-03-12-16-39-06…)

why would you post this and how did it get 51 likes

No. 268435

at least it's relatively inoffensive considering she's posted a selfie with plaque chunks between her teeth.

No. 268480

It looks dyed anon.

Sweet and wholesome…? I wouldn't say so, but her makeup was 10x better for sure. I personally prefer the blonde hair on her though. If she went blonde, cut down on the makeup and wore a decent bra and less-grannyesque clothes, Luna could look pretty cute.

It's pretty annoying that she goes on about her dad dying though. It makes me really uncomfortable that she visits him and they obviously have a relationship, but she is basically praying for him to die so she can get his apartment/some books..UGhh

No. 268484

Ew… A giant nasty zit!!? I think. Pretty repulsive to include in a selfie but what else is expected from Tunafish.

No. 268491

Lmao.. What is that topknot thing? Its so fucking tall and looks dumb as fuck rofl. Even more tragic are those fucking tits. Theyre SO saggy. Doesn't she understand she needs a supportive, padded bra with underwire and wider shoulder straps to support those saggy udders? Stop trying to wear "aesthetic" bras– your boobs look ridiculous.

No. 268495

The "strong love" feelings she has are 100% from the heroin Lurch just shot her up with, of course bought with the money Tuna just siphoned off her dad. Its totally clear to me now that tuna is only with lurch for the drugs. Gave no shit about him and "tessa", and is happy now because he just copped her drugs.

No. 268501

someone needs to calm down

No. 268502

did anyone else notice she has ads on her blog now?

No. 268516


what do they look like? its likely tumblrs doing, theyve been forcing their own ads in on blogs that havent opted out for quite some time now

No. 268517

Nah I'm good.

No. 268544

>me and my bf are both sex repulsed lately
>me and my bf

Lunch didn't seem very sex repulsed when he was messaging "Tessa".

No. 268550

File: 1489377640979.png (99.39 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_2017-03-12-20-59-14…)

I didnt wait for it to load but looks like this

No. 268564

I'm pretty sure those are the ads tumblr themselves have placed on the webpage, with their whole wanting to monetize/profit from the site. No other reliable way to go about that.

No. 268569

Yeah Tumblr puts those ads on blogs. There used to be an option to disable them when it first started but now I cant find the option.

No. 268578

File: 1489382027298.png (254.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0430.PNG)

a very bad poem

No. 268580

Nope. Still couldn't get a boner though.

No. 268584

No. 268604

you literally cant be diagnosed as a sociopath its not in the DSM

No. 268605

out of of all the horrible things she's done, letting her pets eat something that WILL (without a doubt!!!) kill them makes me the angriest. these cats didn't choose to be her's.. :( they deserve so much better what the fuck!!!!!!!

No. 268625


- Is also a drug addict herself (by her own choice)
- Is also violent (don't have screencaps but anyone else remember her posting about how her 'BPD' also makes her violent??)
- Wouldn't doubt if tuna ALSO had Hep C
- Maybe not at gunpoint but also ROBS PEOPLE WITHOUT REMORSE

I really hope one day her dad sees all the things she writes about him/ how she portrays him because i'm certain if he did he would cut her out of his life completely. I understand she may hae not had a good relationship with her dad from the beginning but considering she is constantly mooching of off him and he basically if paying her rent/internet/phone bills and giving her drugs (or she steals them from him) she has no right to make points out of some of these things. Jfc tuna

No. 268637

the song austin powers writes about his dad not being there is better than this

No. 268642

She's only 20 and already has arrested development at about 15 years old. I'd say her bf is probably at that age mentally as well. Also it seems pretty obvious to me that she knows he talks to these girls on fb, he probably tells her that he'll be able to manipulate them into giving them money. She probably encourages it, if anything.

No. 268658

you could stick a pogo stick up someone's arse, chuck them in an elevator with a pen in their mouth and they'd write a better song on the walls.

No. 268716

'Sorosis' huh? Sounds serious.

No. 268752

LOL sry that but that's too funny she's so so dumb

No. 268755

Not trying to further rile anyone up but you just know those cats go hungry when they dont score. I thought she was more of an animal lover but the way she talks about her kitties/their "annoying" behavior is sad.

No. 268805

File: 1489424444913.png (105.45 KB, 750x1024, IMG_1921.PNG)

A little late this year but now comes the incessant going on about her birthday like she does every year like a child. She usually gets more gifts etc from family and fans than I get at Xmas and I'm not actively addicted to heroin jeez she's so spoiled it's so fucked cuz she's also living this la di da heroin addict life and it seems like her biggest inconveience is coming up with $100+ everyday for their heroin habits or get sick. She's never been homeless, she's never even been phoneless or without wifi.
Why is she so spoiled tho?

No. 268831

Clearly she only posted the date of see b-day so that people know and she can ebeg for gifts. Because the date is like 4 weeks away, and obviously the pink dye will fade by then. Shes so dumb, and is she ever going to grow the fuck up?

No. 268836

I bet it wont fade considering how often she washes her hair LOL

No. 268888


The thing that really fucks me up about this picture is that there's a bloodstain on the collar of that–whatever it is. Her veins are already so fucked that she's injecting into her neck. She's not long for this world if she's shooting there.

I dated a dude a long time ago who would go to cop in the South Bronx when it was the South Bronx (veryoldfag) and when we would go up the woman selling to us would always, always have a needle hanging off her labia majora. She couldn't shoot anywhere else because she was all scar tissue, all across her hands, her neck, everyplace. It was so fucked up, so gross, and ultimately so sad because I'm sure she's dead as fuck and this girl is headed the same way.

No. 268896


this is so lol

she's a JUNKIE she literally doesn't care about anything other than being high like talking about her washing her clothes or her face or brushing her teeth is all inconsequential compared to sticking a spike in her arm.

does anyone know if she hooks? her habit is substantial enough that it looks like she'd be right there.

it also looks like she lives in some dank hole, there are always so many addicts in places where the sun never shines, life is depressing, girl needs to move to fucking arizona or some shit.

No. 268905


Wait, what? Dude was dealing to her mother? No wonder this bitch is so fucked up.

No. 268909



I dated a dude a long time ago who would go to cop in the South Bronx when it was the South Bronx (veryoldfag) and when we would go up the woman selling to us would always, always have a needle hanging off her labia majora


No. 268933

I never noticed that. But im pretty sure its not a blood stain, it looks like she wiped some of her lipstick off on her shirt. (Because its too muck work to go get a tissue to use instead?)

Thats so strange to me.. When I was using I was getting high all day every day, but I still showered regularly, kept my house clean, washed my clothes regularly, and I made sure I didnt look like a junkie. All the other addicts around me did the same thing….
I understand when an addicts choices leave them homeless and without resources and so they dont look the greatest.. But Tuna has daddy's money, a place to live, no job so she has all the time in the World but still looks the way she does? I think she's trying too hard to fit her junkie grunge aesthetic dream.

No. 268947


Please stop. It's a fucking bloodstain from shooting in her neck.

>I made sure I didnt look like a junkie. All the other addicts around me did the same thing….

Thank you for storytiem.

No. 268948

It's obviously her lipstick

No. 268950


It was so weird because the first time I saw her like that I was appalled and freaked. After the tenth time it was routine and I probably would have been surprised if she hadn't. When you're a junkie you get used to everything.

I consider myself lucky in that I never shot, only snorted or smoked. It was still fuckall hell to get off of.

OT blog, saged

No. 268976

It's very clearly her lipstick, anon.

No. 268988

Dumbass. Its obviously lipstick. And I was saying that being an addict doesn't give you an excuse to be a disgusting gross unhygenic person. You can be high and still brush your fucking teeth! Lol anon.

No. 268996

File: 1489438538566.png (173.27 KB, 750x987, IMG_1926.PNG)

Ew it's like laying in a shit/vomit stain????

No. 269001

That poor cat looks sick and mangey. But Wtf is that stain? Its huge. Its like she found it laying in a puddle in the basement.. It almost looks moldy.

No. 269009

I feel so bad for that cat. She's extremely selfish to keep that cat knowing damn well that it's unhealthy. It LOOKS unhealthy. If she's so broke then how is she even taking care of the poor thing? It sure as fuck doesn't look like she even is.

If that cat dies or escapes, it'll be a blessing than living through the nightmare she puts them through.

No. 269024


All the addicts you knew were clean and kept house beautifully. Okay.

No. 269025

I bet this sad nasty pic still gets 50 likes from her braindead followers

No. 269050

File: 1489441429556.png (246.54 KB, 750x1240, IMG_1928.PNG)

This mouth though she's so scary
Scary fish lady
Tuna Terror

No. 269054

looks like she cakes on setting powder after she puts on lipstick to make it look matte and that's why it looks so crusty. I mean, I fucking hope that's the case lol

No. 269056

Lol, ew, god that upper lip is so dry and ripply. She also looks like she's missing a front tooth.

No. 269059

This is how her hair looks when its "freshly pink"? It looks the same as it was… Faded and blotchy.

No. 269109

Is this cat missing an ear?

No. 269111

Part of it yeah

No. 269178


>girl needs to move to fucking arizona or some shit.

Fucking cackling

No. 269183

File: 1489456220415.png (172.59 KB, 750x1236, IMG_1929.PNG)

Wtf bitch

>for the grocery

Yeah not for all those other special occasions you have?
They're so big, girl, how are you gonna walk in them? She's insane. Like crazy bag lady on the street crazy.

No. 269185

I'm not trying to defend heroin addicts but tbqh there are all types of them. a lot of junkies, especially early on, live lives that aren't conducive to just running to daddy for money & being a bump on a log 300% of the time. Her life consists of her bed / begging pops for $$ / doing whatever she can for money but like she's still not trying to find a job or do anything really. When I see photos of her out of the house I'm honestly surprised.

No. 269187


showing off xxxxtra room for stealing shitty nude lipsticks & random toiletries she'll post on IG that she "found"

No. 269189

Lmao she could not pull that off

Also why does she lift such shitty make up??

No. 269192


I mean I can't imagine she has access to quality shit bc loss prevention at any high end store would be on top of that shit immediately. Imagine her walking into sephora lmfao

No. 269195

can't wait to watch these socks decay into their next state of matter

No. 269199

File: 1489457242036.png (2.12 MB, 1440x2236, 20170313_210545.png)

Hiding those hand track marks now. Such an awkward pose.

No. 269206

>hides track marked hand with other track marked hand


No. 269210

Why would you take mens slippers that are way too big on you and aren't even cute? What happened to those fugly blue velvet fur slippers she just HAD to have that ipad grandpa eventually bought her. Its like she doesn't even care about what she gets, she just wants to hoarde and accumulate shit.

No. 269213

She looks so frumpy. And her hair looks like shit.. Its like she doesnt know what to do with it when its clean. It gets all poofy and pyramid-shaped and she thinks it looks cute..
Tuna maybe you can steal a hair straighter or some good hair products nexttime instead of the usual cheap makeup.

No. 269214

Omg yes lest we forget about the Riverdance shoes

No. 269215

Limp roots bc hair is fried… somewhat healthier new growth weighed down by her Brillo pad lookin ends

No. 269216

" freshly pink" fucking kek, her hair is so damaged that it's not even holding onto the dye anymore. Maybe after 20 hot oil treatments and a bottle of shampoo that's not dry Tuna could have her pink hair instead of this botched mess

No. 269222

she does not need a straightener, it'll just break her hair more. she needs a hair oil for the ends of her hair. tuna if ur reading this take my advice

No. 269296

File: 1489474618588.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170313-235317.png)

Mentioning her birthday again.

No. 269305

>smells clean
something worth mentioning in her life, standard in everyone elses.

No. 269307

File: 1489477386976.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_2017-03-14-00-41-56…)

No. 269310

File: 1489477634185.png (294.01 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_2017-03-14-00-44-44…)

No. 269311

File: 1489477735570.png (222.64 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_2017-03-14-00-45-16…)

No. 269426

Oh god theres crumbs and stains on that thing shes wearing. The stains we've seen so many times on other clothes, but there's actually something stuck to it.

No. 269428

Chu know bout that fresh scent of gain lmao

No. 269449

it was only a matter of time before she started stripping

No. 269460

Ginger Bronson wrote that, not Luna. Luna's just loving on the drug addicted stripper motif.

No. 269496

The stuff she writes sounds so dumb… Is it just because she IS dumb, or because she's high?
>smells clean
>extreme love
Lol that she mentions when something smells clean. I'm sure its a rare occurance in her life. And her new "feeling extreme love" phrase is pretty funny.

No. 269523

Ah, I see. I guess I should have said "it's only a matter of time".

No. 269529

hahaha honestly! holy shit.

No. 269536

luna would never strip with her ~chronic pain~ thats way too much work for her and she would actually have to show up. if anything she'll make other sad attempts to sell nudes online or start to advertise on craigslist for 20 dollar blowjobs

No. 269539

I don't think she'd have to post on Craigslist she could just kill 2 stones and street walk for a few hours in the Bronx when she goes to cop

No. 269546

Do you think they stocked up on heroin and crack before the blizzard so they don't have to go out in the snow? Haha

No. 269670

File: 1489519849680.jpg (17.28 KB, 561x181, NOOOOOOOOOOOOo.jpg)


No. 269695

LOL. Holy shit.

No. 269696


No. 269705

Samefag but the horror of this just sunk in. My spouse has the bad habit of pissing in bottles (gross, I know, I've tried to get him to stop, but we have a big house and when he wakes up in the middle of the night he doesn't want to make the trek to the bathroom) yet he disposes of it asap. But it seems Lurch left it in a place readily available for consumption… Imagine drinking his waste, his Easter Island head DNA, excuse me as I lose my fucking lunch. TUNA YOU ARE A MESS!!!

No. 269706

l m a o warm, dehydrated, and god knows what else sea monster piss. part of a balanced breakfast

No. 269709

OMG his urine is probably so so so vile (compared to other pee, yeah I kno)


No. 269714

How fucking drugged up do you have to be to not be able to get out of bed to use the bathroom? Not to mention leave it sitting there and how bad their place must reek for you not to immediately smell urine before you drink it?

No. 269715

WHY WOULD SHE POST THIS especially on Facebook oh my GOD

No. 269720

How do you pee in a juice carton? Isn't the hole extremely small? He must have got some piss on the sides of the box, too. Did she not fucking smell that? Jesus, they are fucking nasty.

No. 269725

These fucking people, jfc…
If you filthy goons didn't constantly leave food and garbage out in the open this nasty shit wouldn't have even happened. What a gross bitch, why would she even share this

No. 269751

Not gonna lie I am lmao @ her screaming and crying and spitting urine everywhere

I'm literally gagging as I write this but I bet Lurch's piss is similar to this old dog I used to live with, his owner only fed him gravy train which is really shitty and he loved to piss in this spot in the kitchen and I swear that pee was thick like viscous and the smell was so putrid. I bet that's what Lurch's pee is like.
Sage for blog and making myself literally throw up.

No. 269762

> so in love

So she'll just say that about anything

No. 269772

Ahhhhhahahaha ughhh oh god, they are just so REPULSIVE!! Why was she drinking from an old warm juice carton anyway??? Why can't Lurch make the 10 steps it takes to piss in the toilet like a normal human being??? God, how are they even still alive??

No. 269834

OH GOD NO! That's so fucking gross. Wait what if lurch put it there on purpose, you know, a way to punish tuna since he cannot sext Tessa anymore because of her lol

No. 269847

I have no idea how they're alive at all she posted that they left the window open during the blizzard last night and she woke up with snow in her hair? They're gonna get pneumonia ? Also isn't NYC where the fentenyl heroin is going on? Neither of them have OD'd?
I just don't understand why such awful people have such good luck
Literally they are alive by luck alone, at least I think so

No. 269852

No. 269858

How does she not think it's weird that he pisses in bottles?
That's a level of filth that's barely comprehensible. Who lives like that, lying next to a reeking container of piss thinking it's okay to be too lazy to go to a toilet?

No. 269880

File: 1489531564003.png (138.62 KB, 750x1031, IMG_1945.PNG)

Sry for my shit edit but where is the lie u kno?

He. Groomed. Her.

No. 269886

I know he groomed her but prior to that she surely had like 17 years of not sleeping next to bottles of piss and nobody else doing it either.
That or she was raised with her parents pissing in bottles and leaving it around frequently enough to not think it's disgusting now, no matter how much grooming he did.

No. 269897

Naw dude, she's just legit fried n fucked up, this is her norm now, she is living in a heroin matrix, sleeping in sweat stained sheets that haven't ever ever EVER been washed, posting pics of her filthy stuffed animals against a backdrop of hoarder filth, pics of her matted neglected cats sitting on old molded carpet covered in 10 yrs worth of grime. Lurch totally has her under his spell.. Ugh… I actually kind of feel sorry for her..

No. 269899

I do. She drank his pee.

No. 269910

Ew. Yes. I cannot fathom how foul that piss punch pouch tasted. I dry heaved the first time i read about it… but its still so gross that she keeps juice in her room over night and doesnt think anything about drinking warm pissy smelling "juice"
Do they only leave the room to score??? Imagine how many piss bottles Lurch secretly has around the room…

No. 269929

She'd be worth a bit of pity if she hadn't deliberately sought out this exact situation. Remember this is the girl who's career goal was to get addicted to heroin and live in a slum because she thinks it's rock n roll.

No. 269935

Drinking pee is pretty rock n roll
For gg allin

No. 269941

"my dad let me have them" ……….so you stole them.

No. 269942

because she was lying, anon. and so many people have mentioned fentanyl heroin in nyc since luna became a topic and i'm wondering the same thing, not because i'm wishing death on her but because heroin addicts have such a fucking high mortality rate ANYWAY

No. 269966

Naw man she leveled up her courtney love. Who is the pee queen now?

No. 270020

Lmao how disgusting!! And embarrassing… For both of them. He probably regularly pisses in stuff around their room and just leaves it there. You know how fucking bad their room must smell?!? Like an outhouse. These two are more disgusting than I thought. I bet this still didnt make Luna think "Hm, time to brush my teeth" though. Piss breath. Omg these two are a joke hahaha.

No. 270036

The apartment's already a goblin hovel of trash and used needles and now we're bringing piss into the mix.
I weep for their landlord.

No. 270053

I feel bad for Rodger. The stench from tuna and lurches drug den must be horrible. And if they really did leave the window open >>269847 the apartment must have gotten pretty cold. Were they so fucked up and passed out that they didnt even come to when it got cold..?

No. 270064

On one of her old tumblrs she posted that lurch peed out their window.

No. 270112

Why would anyone would keep an open juice carton outside the refrigerator?

No. 270114

W-where do their cats use the bathroom…? I think they are indoor cats? I don't recall ever seeing a litter box in any of the photos, and can't imagine them keeping one clean either.

No. 270139

That's probably what he regularly does except there was a blizzard so he had to go with the juice carton

I'm so disturbed that she did not smell the urine before it was to late omg

No. 270184

This is what I was wondering a while back. Maybe they make Rodger take care of the litterbox? I know tuna and lurch are disgusting but I can't see them letting 2 cats shit and piss all over the apartment. And ive never seen any cat turds laying on tunas floor. Maybe they let them harden and then fling them out the window.

No. 270187

it's not like we've seen every square inch of their house, it's not that hard to believe that they do in fact have a little box

No. 270190

If there is one they definitely don't keep it clean. And cats wont use a dirty litter box.

No. 270191

Their bed occasionally

No. 270192

If there is one they definitely don't keep it clean. And cats wont use a dirty litter box.

No. 270194

Maybe that's what the extra room is for

No. 270195

hahaha that was a good one anon

No. 270220

remind me to never read this thread while eating lunch


No. 270239

File: 1489608676632.png (36.42 KB, 272x406, IMG_1956.PNG)

She's so spooky looking, she reminds me of some creepy drawings I do sometimes

Her posture is not helping her tits at all (see: full pic) I bet she never stretches or does anything she must be atrophying like an old person

No. 270318

File: 1489615097333.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1494, Screenshot_2017-03-15-14-52-21…)

good posting the full picture dumbass.

she doesnt stand like that all the time, anytime she takes selfies in that place shes leaning over because shes very obviously leaning her phone in the same spot below her.
candids are probably the best representation of her posture.

No. 270348

File: 1489616237895.png (2.02 MB, 1080x1636, Screenshot_2017-03-15-15-16-18…)

No. 270356

agh the crotch

No. 270362

How the fuck does she angle her head to have her hair down her breast?

No. 270369

the way she styles her eye makeup is sooo unflattering to her already unfortunate eye shape , like it makes them appear actually saggy as opposed to slightly hooded

why does she keep half hazardly slopping unmeasured amounts of manic panic & conditioner in her porous fried hair ? SPLOTCHY AS HELL
it's hair color basics to not just unevenly stain already damaged blonde hair like that

does she just impulsively cut her own bangs to hide the fact that she can't figure out how to shape her brows ?

girl get it together long hair aint shit if it's not healthy

No. 270511

For real I've grown my hair out real long over the past few years and I keep it dyed (not bleached) and I had to learn to treat my hair well (oils and wrapping, Demi permanent dyed, brushing several times a day, TRIMMING IT a couple times a year) or it turns into a serious mess. Unless you have natural greasy straight white girl hair you need to do these things regularly lol

No. 270513

Cool, so we can deduct that the window was left open because lurch wanted to pee. He noticed it was snowing - said hell no and promptly pissed into a juice container on the floor. Luna drinks it the next morning
Window remains open whole time.

No. 270525

I swear she says this once a year with the same pair of jeans she wears once

No. 270526

Same fag but I'm sure her apartment is freezing how is she not in a sweater showing off some sweat pants and ugly socks??? I mean I know heroin keeps you warm for a little but like

No. 270540

those jeans arent cute but i think her body looks nice in this photo.

No. 270551

File: 1489636146622.png (134.37 KB, 750x718, IMG_1978.PNG)

This meme reminded me of Luna but I don't think she knows what systematic oppression is but that's the exact sort of thing she would do, string a bunch of words together she doesn't actually understand.

No. 270552

She's said she's not a feminist before which is so ridiculously funny

No. 270816

Probably one of her awkward high-on-crack poses. Probably had her head turned to the side and then had her ugly face to the ceiling. Imagine if she included that in the pic lol.

No. 270846

that's funny considering the only people who like her are rad fems

No. 270869

I wouldn't call them "rad"as much as impressionable and young lol
N all those nod squad blogs

No. 270897

File: 1489697129623.jpg (503.11 KB, 2048x2048, 66F2BC52-BE1D-401B-BFE4-073BF6…)

She reminds me of Big Edie in Grey Gardens, perfectly content to be in bed constantly etc

No. 270916


i'm gonna vomit omg

No. 270956

>that bloody used tissue on the hamper
>that roll of toilet paper on the bed

No. 271040

File: 1489708720931.png (484.43 KB, 527x592, Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.5…)

guys she's wearing that got awful granny body suit thing from those photos ages ago - you know the photos im talking bout? you just know she bought this from an op shop and didn't wash it before wearing it.

No. 271046

File: 1489709491902.png (151.92 KB, 715x1106, IMG_1990.PNG)

Proof she's not lost weight since becoming an addict, that thing still doesn't fit her
There's some p gross pics of her in it from back then
Also this photo, her body is the same. She's not thinner at all she just looks more malnourished and has a "gaunt" face she enhances with make up and filters

No. 271047

File: 1489709522229.png (159.96 KB, 750x1219, IMG_1989.PNG)

Same bra and tits too!

No. 271052


No. 271053

she w really looks a lot like Courtney here imo. Also the only thing that's changed is that she got a nicer phone.

No. 271055

Wow her posts today are awful lol

No. 271056

Holyshit, she looks dirty as hell.

No. 271059

those titties look clinically depressed

No. 271060

look, a bloody tissue to dab the blood from her injection sites

No. 271062

File: 1489711253386.png (167.79 KB, 750x1054, IMG_1995.PNG)

She literally repeats herself on like a yearly cycle of the downward spiral that is her life

No. 271063

File: 1489711275991.png (163.51 KB, 750x1072, IMG_1996.PNG)

No. 271066

These are both from Feb 2015

No. 271067

She literally has the body of my 70 year old grandmother.

No. 271078

File: 1489713670143.png (137.63 KB, 750x1143, IMG_1997.PNG)

Same. Exact.

No. 271084

File: 1489714839133.png (946.07 KB, 1080x1597, Screenshot_2017-03-16-18-21-35…)

sure. mirror.

No. 271086

File: 1489714887995.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_2017-03-16-18-21-00…)

No. 271089

File: 1489714981252.png (182.99 KB, 1080x1115, Screenshot_2017-03-16-18-21-05…)

No. 271090

File: 1489715064010.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_2017-03-16-18-21-28…)

No. 271091

File: 1489715150249.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_2017-03-16-18-21-55…)

No. 271094

File: 1489715455710.gif (1.04 MB, 268x268, 1487876859062.gif)

Okay????? Why would she think people would care???

No. 271098

File: 1489715803934.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_2017-03-16-18-21-13…)

No. 271101

She drank his piss.

No. 271126

Lurch always looks like hes trying to take a shit. Unless tuna gets a pic of him nodded out, when he looks dead. And oh my god, how annoying and immature Tuna must be. It'd be like going out in public with a 6 year old. But I guess maybe that's that Lurch likes. Fucking disgusting.

No. 271137


Probs bc he doesn't want people knowing how cracked out he is

No. 271142

bruh i think tuna and chief are like borderline hoarders. like ive seen the show and those ppl piss in bottles … they truly are disgusting… my god why do ppl piss in bottles that is sick. i caan understand if u were somewhere where u couldnt reach a toilet but the laziness is just shocking. I would have beat someones ass if they pissed in a bottle and i accidentally drank it????!!!! ….. fucking hoarders

No. 271145


No. 271147

honestly tuna buy some NEW LINGERIE….Not this vintage shit. it does nothing for ur body… amazon has tons of less than 10$ lingerie that is new.. i cant.,,….. EW

No. 271148

He wears headphones so he doesn't have to hear her. Only smart thing he does.

No. 271149

Right? Lol. And im sure she wiped allthat blood off on her blanket or clothes or something after taking the pic.

No. 271152

Right? Lol. And im sure she wiped allthat blood off on her blanket or clothes or something after taking the pic.

No. 271167

Asked my friend sitting next to me how old he thought the person in the picture was.

He said 45.

I'm shook fam

No. 271171

Poor thing destroyed her body before she even REALLY started destroying her body….

No. 271184

She looks like Bill Dauterive

No. 271239

How is it possible to end up with a body like this? What happened? Where did she go so wrong? Genetics?

No. 271316

She's literally never ever exercised

No. 271325

Looks almost okay here

No. 271327

File: 1489756259404.png (123.78 KB, 750x726, IMG_2005.PNG)

Don't zoom in

She posts the weirdest shit I guess whatever thought pops into her big empty drug addled mind is of value to her. Her moms pants? Why does she have her poor mom's pants? And those fucking slippers it's freezing there right now and she's wearing over sized shoes with no socks??

No. 271330

Drug addicts are some of the luckiest bastards in this world. I met so many who have OD'd several times and survived… I swear to god, tuna should buy a lottery ticket

No. 271334

Seriously nothing bad ever really happens to her just "lucky" things

No. 271342

Anyone else get really annoyed with these shitty stories she tells? Honestly, no one gives a fuck and I can guarantee that most of this shit is over exaggerated or a flat out lie. It's always "friend of my dad knows (celebrity)!!!11"

No. 271427

File: 1489770858751.png (242.83 KB, 750x1096, IMG_2008.PNG)

Omg it's a rats nest

No. 271429

File: 1489770999539.png (246.38 KB, 739x1112, IMG_2006.PNG)

I kind of actually like her in this photo minus her hair and lips and eye liner

That caption tho, you know she always posts about "needing help" when she's out of dope. I'm sure Matthew will be home soon and you'll be full of Extreme Love™

No. 271434

I kinda like this one too. She looks better when you can't see all of her greasy, tangled hair - plus, her face looks less like it's melting here. She looks more her age and a little less unhealthy. I really do hope she wises up and does therapy and/or goes into rehab but it's highly unlikely. And lol @ Nicole liking that post.

No. 271440


Most drug addicts aren't "lucky" like Luna, but I've met some who are and it's usually because whoever is enabling them isn't getting tired of it. Sooner or later their luck runs out. If she keeps shooting h the chances of her getting a fentanyl laced batch and ODing is pretty damn high.

No. 271451

File: 1489774296095.png (276.1 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170317-110856.png)


No. 271455

i will never understand how anyone could shamelessly ask for gifts like this

No. 271461

Pathetic how it started off as a shitty Tuna Poem and ended in some e-begging. Ill send this gross bitch some soap, facescrub, and chapstick.

No. 271470

I know. It's not even subtle.

Imagine what her reaction would be if someone just sent her soap. Not the sparkly fancy type either, just some irish spring or something.

No. 271473

No. 271476

lying in bed all day eating cake with her hands probably didn't do her any favors

No. 271491


she has such potential it's depressing. like she looks like emily browning so if she just lost the weight and cared a bit she'd be so cute

No. 271496

Lmao this is like the epitome of Tuna's bullshit wtf
Literally why does she think she deserves anything? She never really hates herself, she's obsessed with herself.

No. 271533

File: 1489781452463.png (754.16 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4567.PNG)


No. 271534

File: 1489781493965.png (991.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4568.PNG)

No. 271544

reeeally don't think a person who drinks "sooo much water" would have a complexion as shitty as hers

No. 271552

File: 1489782601620.png (83.32 KB, 750x902, IMG_2009.PNG)

Someone who posts here also follows this girl and she comes up every time they post a sc of Tuna's insta (yes it took me way too much time to connect these dots)
Any way literally sage cuz she's so boring but I guess she really really wanted to be posted here, I'm sure Tuna doesn't mind sharing her thread so this calf can have her precious moment lol

No. 271562

Why does she feel the need to make up an excuse for her bathroom selfies? We know youre in there smoking crack and heroin makes it hard to piss. She's probably had more piss in her mouth this past week than water. Im sure she lives off sugary juice drinks and soda.

No. 271564

oh boo hoo, we can just see her username in screenshots that an anon took of luna's posts. biiig deal.

No. 271566

File: 1489784252816.jpg (111.78 KB, 400x300, 67656.jpg)

Yeah from that one episode where he loses it and dresses up like Lenore

>Why do you keep calling me Bill?

No. 271575

File: 1489784999766.png (340.68 KB, 750x1032, IMG_2011.PNG)

Points for creativity on this one Tuna

No. 271578

That fucking right leg so much kek

No. 271579

File: 1489785092415.png (99.67 KB, 750x791, IMG_2012.PNG)

However yr crazy to think someone is gonna pay 135 actually wait you don't believe that cuz you're willing to haggle lmao I'm so so sure (she just wants cash AND gifts)

No. 271591

File: 1489786651022.jpg (39.01 KB, 561x394, utter cunt.jpg)

This pissed me off so much, how is she so shameless? How can anyone just ASK random people for presents with some stupid sob story?

No. 271602

Go to your blog's settings they'll be on the bottom

No. 271606

Why the fuck is it special cuz yr turning 21???? Why is it important to anyone that it's her birthday
I hope these little girls get caught spending their parents money on a junkie pseudo-adult that's brain washing them into thinking heroin is cute.

No. 271611

1. That sounds like an UTI
2. Why the fuck would someone post that online?

No. 271612

I like how she says she's not close with her family and so she doesn't get shit for her birthday… Ummm. Can I smack the shit out of this bitch? Doesn't she always get cash from her family for her b-day…? Also she's at her dads house ALL THE FUCKING TIME, and she brings new shit back to her drug den EVERY TIME. 21 years old? Congrats bitch, time to grow up. I can't believe you still expect birthday presents.

No. 271613

Because she's legally allowed to drink now? LMAO

No. 271620

Every addict I've known has been a hoarder. Shit, when I quit drinking, I was disgusted by my filthy apartment.

No. 271626

Has this cow posted her Etsy wishlist? Also I deadass wanna send her some heavy duty soap. What's her shipping address?

No. 271627

File: 1489788964494.png (Spoiler Image, 121.37 KB, 750x738, IMG_2013.PNG)

Her family also gets her stuff every year. She's gotten 2 iPads from them cuz she STEPPED ON the first one. She is spoiled. Choosing to live in filth is not what poverty is. Poverty is not necessarily dirty as soap is very affordable and accessible in our society.
Cherry on the nasty cake, spoilered cuz it's the back door to her crotch rot

No. 271628

Literally ITT not even that far back

No. 271634

I hate how that other girl is gonna send her shit for her birthday stating they have the same bday yet Luna doesn't even acknowledge that lol

No. 271636

I bet she gets multiple packages over the next month and thanks no one.

No. 271643

plus laundry detergent, plus toothpaste

No. 271645

Best not to expand pics of Luna to full size.

No. 271656

Ew those lace granny panties are digging in everywhere.

No. 271660

'NEVER give constructive or valid criticism to me it feels bad'

No. 271661

File: 1489792328313.png (26.65 KB, 513x133, do u liek me.png)

No. 271662

File: 1489792403332.png (29.63 KB, 509x164, advice.png)

No. 271664

File: 1489792540053.png (473.42 KB, 516x546, home.png)

if anyone wants the full photos i can upload them

No. 271665

File: 1489792568088.png (44.92 KB, 511x222, birthday.png)

No. 271682

Haaaha. Is she finally figuring out that she's a fucking laughingstock? It sounds like she lurks here.
HI TUNA! Take a shower, use shampoo and a washcloth, put on deodorant! Try not to drink any more swamp creature piss!

No. 271685

How cool and edgy of her, did anyone try to advise her? Lmao

No. 271690

File: 1489795593646.png (145.68 KB, 750x1100, IMG_2014.PNG)

Why don't cows understand why they are cows? Like don't wanna be a cow? Don't be one !! Also lmao like this tumblr is new she's just tired of having zero notes/followers

No. 271697


No. 271701

I feel like she has these things and doesn't use them I mean she probably doesn't have laundry detergent cuz she wouldn't do her laundry but we've seen stuff like soap and toothpaste in her bathroom she just chooses not to use them or uses them so occassionally and not when she should (like when her hand is covered in blood and grime but she wanted to instagram that instead)
She legitimately does not care how filthy she is I think thats a big factory in her being a lolcow

No. 271715

She would also lose weight if she drank a ton of water. Even eating shit, it would be a small amount of weight but it can help digestion. PLEASE TUNA DRINK FUCKING WATER. Lips that dry I feel like she drinks a lot of soda over a glass of water now and again.

No. 271716

Newport poster….air fresheners hanging on the walls and lamp…dirty stuffed animals….what the actual fuck

No. 271720

lol like its some great privilege. I really wish her new drug blog would surface.

No. 271726

She captioned this "bubble butt" on her Tumblr. OMG she thinks she has a bubble butt when in reality she has a flat, saggy granny ass. Proof that she's delusional/has alotta crack confidence.

No. 271738

File: 1489802712398.png (168.68 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2017-03-17-19-04-24…)

dear god

No. 271743

I'm vomiting.
But let me find out she asked one of her lame followers to say something like this because Tuna lurks here and is desperate to make people think that she actually doesn't smell like ass.

No. 271745

File: 1489803300088.png (805.79 KB, 1300x417, 8dd.png)

Fucking hell, she just gets grosser with each passing day.

No. 271772

Her shameless begging for bday presents is SO annoying. I understand wanting presents and if she was actually someone who never got presents or stuff for herself I'd maybe feel a little sympathetic, but she gets more new shit than I do and claims to be "poor". And she even goes so far as to say "care packages" or throw out her Amazon wishlist. Like maybe if she just posted a status about being sad that her bday won't feel special or something, even that wouldn't be AS bad. It just makes me so angry!! How can a person so shamelessly ask for gifts like that, I can't imagine!!

No. 271776

She's like a spoiled little 6 year old who makes a birthday wishlist. I can't believe she's 21 and acting like this.. She should be asking people to hook her up with job opportunities instead of "cute care packages".

No. 271780

oh my god i just remembered Americans can't drink til 21. so weird to think this girl is about to be 21 and has never gone out clubbing or just hung out in pubs.

No. 271842

lol wat…

No. 271931

homegirl needs to get sent some orange Dial soap and scrub until her skin is raw, she's filthy

No. 271939

omg, that shitty old TV. I bet that's part of her poor grimy junkie aesthetic, too

No. 272006

the rest of the world can legally drink at 17/18.

No. 272011

lets send her lysol wipes, laundry soap, face wash, and shampoo … "hey loone thought you could use these ! happy birthday"

No. 272013


No. 272015

So many different shitty Tumblr aesthetics that don't actually go well all together.
Heroine chic trailer trash, 90s grunge, kawaii princess or sad bbydoll angel?
Pick one, Looner.

No. 272020

honestly, i would love to see her meltdown upon being sent boxes and boxes of soap for her birthday instead of the gaudy baubles she "really wants". she'll have to face up to the reality that SO MANY PEOPLE think she's grimy and vile, and not the cute junkie princess she thinks she is.

if you have to ask for it, it's not a care package, lollllll

No. 272045

>didn't even wash it
>didn't wash it
>oh god

No. 272046

I've got a bag of hotel soaps/shampoos/body washes that look fancy. Think she'd take them? I'm serious, I will ship them to her if I can find out where to send them.

No. 272047

Dude I'm pretty sure she has soap she just doesn't bathe

No. 272048

Don't give her any more "fancy looking" or cute crap she will literally keep it around just to take pics of it when she's high

No. 272061

carbolic soap would be the way to go tbh

No. 272065

More like heavy duty disinfectant. The kind they use to clean those portable toilets…

No. 272083

does anyone know what lurch is holding here? black box with headphones and a dial it looks like?

No. 272092

>>272020 yeah like im saying get her Dial Soap, head a shoulder 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, PODS my Tide, umm clean and clear face cleanser. SHE DID SAY "CARE PACKAGE" maybe get her a scrubie … put directions how to use them and how often… she would be so pissed lmao . just throw the damn items in a box and right "thought you needed this, you filth monster. PS clean your fucking room you overgrown child. happy 21st its time to get a job."

No. 272099

Well they're fancy by her standards. They're just straight up bar soap and tiny bottle shampoos to us non-grimy folk.

No. 272107

this would only be appropriate if she was a findomme XD like bitch if you want to tell people to give you presents and money why don't you become a fetish model (findomme) to be exact… actually loone don't become a fetish model. you would be a disgrace to the fetish community. ummmm yeah youre pathetic

No. 272110

File: 1489850118486.jpg (76.87 KB, 561x686, cunt.jpg)

I'm so annoyed I actually hate her, this is so rude and entitled.

No. 272112

especially because she always says that she doesn't have money for food. She doesn't need more cheap garbage in her apartment

No. 272118

She's even gone through and commented on the ones that she likes more than others…

No. 272120

His fucking wallet

No. 272127

ok no one said it yet but this is fucking impossible for me not to see…. her septum piercing is done wrong & not only is it placed incorrectly but also WAY too low…. how can she not fucking notice its done wrong & most importantly how can that not fucking bother her ??? does she have eyes? holy fuck

No. 272129

wow, didn't even notice. my septum isn't placed nearly as low as hers. looks wonk

No. 272141

File: 1489852555085.png (222.2 KB, 749x1136, IMG_2016.PNG)

She's going to see Bryce, countdown til she comes home showered in gifts. I bet she takes Luna shopping.

No. 272210

I like how she posted this to get followers and notes and she still ain't got shit

No. 272223


I doubt people were actually asking for the list. Lol.

No. 272229

What's fucked up, is that they were

No. 272235

File: 1489862537024.jpg (50.87 KB, 600x600, barfdoka.jpg)

>wearing those gross looking shoes in her bed
>all that fucking trash in the background
>the fact that she's probably going to have everything paid for by her friend


>that ugly tumblr choker
>the baby necklace????
>pretending to be sooooo poor but only begging for actual worthless junk for her birthday

Holy shit Tuna enrages me. She's the most disgusting, entitled brat I think I've ever encountered. God, I hope she gets a slap in the face from reality soon.

No. 272239

last year she did the same nonsense on tumblr and posted pictures of her birthday crap hauls nonstop. She hardly if ever specifically thanked anybody, thats the extent of her self entitlement. This is a girl who during the height of her e panhandling would get upwards to $50+ in a single donation and would then procede to continue to act like no donations were given. No thank you whatsoever, ignoring the charity she went on about not existing in the hope shed get another 16 year old to send more $.
Yeah the sea creature has been revealed to be an even more exceptional piece of shit than imagined and yeah its sad shes frittering her life away in general. But shes a selfish turd

No. 272254

True she always says "thanks WHOEVER sent this" like as if she doesn't know??? If she says anything at all. And all those donations She never sent a single thank you even though it at least SHOWS YR EMAIL it not a little message from the person probably containing their tumblr/insta info

I do wonder if Lurch has groomed her to this point or is this some homegrown shit? She seems to ALWAYS get what she wants to the point that if she doesn't it's the end of the world, and she threatens to kill herself

Idk exactly what's real and what's not it she sure has turned into a nasty person.

No. 272255

found her address on whitepages. I am definitely sending her some disinfectant.

No. 272263

it was posted earlier in the thread anyway, like two weeks ago at most.

No. 272273

File: 1489865709916.png (199.65 KB, 750x845, IMG_2019.PNG)

Lol she bought her all those things WHAT DID I SAY lolwaits to take pics of all her haul before she even posts pics of her and Bryce that were taken earlier

No. 272288

Most Americans drink before age 21. It's just not legal.

No. 272289

You sound like a joy anon.

No. 272293

Luna has such terrible, cheap, junkie in a dark alley taste ugh…It's like the more used and filthy something looks, the more aesthetic it is to her…

No. 272296


No. 272300


No. 272302

How do u kno

No. 272303

File: 1489868736965.jpg (83.92 KB, 565x693, RRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.jpg)

Her begging is triggering me so much, I want to punch her in the throat

No. 272304

File: 1489868761033.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2020.PNG)

Nvm I looked on her tumblr NICE

No. 272306

Has she been robbed yet? I feel like any day now it's going to happen.

No. 272307


check out ALL the recent photos for used needles / heroin right next to her

No. 272308

this is legit upsetting she needs to stop also what's the price check on that necklace it's so so so not cute or aesthetic or anything

No. 272309


Looks like $25 on Etsy

No. 272310

What do you mean? Like on the street? Cuz idk ANYONE who'd want to venture into their drug den you'd probably catch something

No. 272311

Shit probably costs like $2 to make my god

No. 272312

File: 1489869132249.jpg (15.47 KB, 561x177, DIE.jpg)

I am seething

No. 272313

This dress looks cute on her and like it has a cami but then I clicked on it and noticed the giant stain on the front

No. 272314

Their apartment.
Junkies would venture in there I bet, Anon.

No. 272341

File: 1489871675566.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

Rotten, smelly, pee milk.
Tho she deserves a special place in hell for wearing shoes in bed.
AND for whatever tragic litter her cats have.

No. 272342

Nice heroin needles Luna!! You sloppy stupid cow!

No. 272360

AND she listed some junk on her instagram with the caption "cheap stuff that i probably won't get"!!!

No. 272363

She probably included them on purpose because she needed them for aesthetics.

I don't think these things are new, she just wants us to think they are? That one dress has a hole in the seam and I thought I seen her in that black and white pinstripe one before.
And why the fuck does she want new clothes and jewelry? The only place she EVER goes is with Matthew to score dope and you might wanna try blending in when your going to buy drugs instead of wearing gaudy outfits, dumb bitch.

No. 272367

My bad, Theyre thrifted, that's why theyre stained and holey.

No. 272372

Has Bryce ever commented on Lunas drug use? I would assume she's against her using dope, especially shooting up and it comes off as a slap in the face to Bryce to include needles in a picture where your showing off clothes that she probably bought you.

No. 272400

File: 1489874856944.jpg (33.22 KB, 300x100, goMeihuaTemp_mh1489874805315.j…)

No. 272441

File: 1489876890169.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0249.PNG)

She made like a 20 photo post on ig of all the stuff on her wishlist that she "probably won't get" lmao

No. 272442

File: 1489876927661.png (610.42 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0250.PNG)

She invented goth y'all.

No. 272451

She still has that dumb profile pic of Howard "does not like to be eaten" the Peace Lily who rots in the trash kek

No. 272474

"please don't feel like you have to buy me anything…by the way I'm a size XL…don't feel pressured to get me anything…by the way I love Hello Kitty"

how can she have NO SHAME?!!

No. 272479

Lmao Tuna thinks her style is unique? The only thing unique about her is how fucking disgusting and unhygenic she is. Otherwise she's a cookie cutter speshul Tumblr snowflake.

No. 272491

As far as we know, no. When Bryce was told that Luna was talking shit about her, Bryce asked them to fuck off kindly.

We do know that Bryce comes from money and has bought Luna things for years including tattoos and new clothes/make up.

No. 272494

No. 272509

Oh god she posted a photo progression of the last 4 years and it's so sad and gross.

No. 272512

God those sweat pants she posted are $40 is that "cheap"??? She needs to do her own laundry then she'll have all these "new" clothes again

No. 272525

File: 1489880008284.jpg (Spoiler Image, 712.19 KB, 2048x2048, 4EBE0693-2BCE-4930-87B4-3186B9…)

Sry I didn't post a pic lol
She just progressively gets grosser and meaner looking..

No. 272532

Accidental spoiler

No. 272558

Her fucking birthday is WEEKS away and she's mentioned it how many times already? Why is she acting like she's about to turn ten years old? My 8 year old sister didnt even act like Luna is acting right now about her birthday. Unbelievable that she's expecting/asking strangers online to send her shit. Like… Does she really need anymore useless crap in her already cluttered drug den? Smack this bitch in the fucking face.

No. 272563

Her "now" photo is honestly the worst of the bunch. And she thinks that she's improving……..

No. 272585

That dirty dishwater hair was actually worse than this pink mess she's doing but omg pls girl TRIM YR ENDS

No. 272591

File: 1489882101897.png (41.31 KB, 750x418, IMG_2029.PNG)

Bet you that person did it backwards

No. 272592

So sad cause even in the picture with the short blonde hair she looks dirty but still cute and then last year and this year took a fucking toll on her appearance so hard. She should be a poster child against intravenous drug use, her downward spiral scares the shit out of me.

No. 272616

File: 1489882912929.jpg (713.52 KB, 2048x2048, 3742F760-30FB-4AAA-97E4-D76885…)

Uhhh so I'm home sick really bored and dopey so I made this factual/portrait progression via her snap chat

No. 272618

**her instagram
Sorry I did say I'm p dopey atm

No. 272642

Her hair is the literal worst.

No. 272650

Tbh she looks doped up as fuck but still kinda cute on the lower left, as opposed to the strung out unwashed creature who gives no fucks about her looks that she is now

No. 272666

That was like a month or two after she started using heroin. The years have already been so hard on her. But we also don't know what she looks like clean with trimmed hair in clean clothes. She could just be covered in a layer of grime.

No. 272674

I assume the top two are before she startes doing dope with Chief Areola? She looks so much different… Like her facial expression. Now she just looks pathetic and miserable. But this is what she wanted! So good job Tuna. You succeeded in being a heroin addict with a nasty old man boyfriend. So aesthetic.

No. 272675

She ruined her body, there's no hope for her even if she does get clean. Pathetic.

No. 272679

I am assuming she has never gone to a professional for her hair. i would imagine she probably would start to get dope sick in the amount of time it would take to fix it. 2-3hours. or she probably couldn't stay awake during the process. im not even talking about her being able to afford it lol. im just saying like if i was her "friend' i would be like uhm girl you wanna get a trim/color? >>272616

No. 272713

Shes lost some weight but its harder to notice because the weight has just been replaced with clumps of loose and floppy skin lmao

No. 272722

sucks that the weight shes lost has been through starving herself and drugs because instead of having her skin gradually tighten throughout the weightloss she'll probably have to get it surgically removed if she ever wants it gone congrats tuna

No. 272729

Even then I don't think she lost more than 40 lbs back then she was really into her ED too she stopped being all ~body posi~ at the end of high school but now she eats junk constantly like she hasn't had a fresh vegetable in years maybe
Also it is so obvious how dehydrated she is like water's free tuna it's not that bad

No. 272761

File: 1489892485782.png (1.25 MB, 1440x1983, 20170318_205907.png)


Bitch thinks $40 for used sweatpants is cheap?! She is a huge fucktard.

No. 272764

Alternative style has been mainstream since the 90s. Shes a fucking child.

No. 272769

40 bucks PLUS shipping from Malaysia. She must be out of her goddamn mind.

No. 272793

And if she got any donations that weren't up to her standards she'd post something to the effect of "I only $20 in donations today.."

No. 272922

>What could I do to improve my life today? … hmm
>Oh,I know!!

No. 272923

>What could I do to improve my life today? … hmm
>Oh,I know!!

No. 272925

>What could I do to improve my life today? … hmm
>Oh,I know!!

No. 272942

File: 1489920823155.jpg (50.55 KB, 300x100, goMeihuaTemp_mh1489920694585.j…)

No. 272949

Nah, her style is unique, in that you don't see many people who look like her other than severely mentally ill, drug addicted, elderly hobo ladies.


No. 272959


No. 272968

she honestly looks pretty in the pic with the black hair and striped shirt, and…normal, as opposed to now. i used to love her blog when she was hipsville and seeing what she's like now is crazy. why does she not have people in her life telling her to stop dating that fucking weirdo and stop doing drugs?

No. 272971

File: 1489928876368.png (62.27 KB, 750x483, IMG_2035.PNG)


No. 272973

File: 1489929123112.png (171.38 KB, 750x1074, IMG_2036.PNG)

Definitely posting needles on IG now she slippin

No. 272978

File: 1489930690121.png (87.2 KB, 720x689, IMG_2037.PNG)

Omg she actually answered
"Computer work" is that what she calle e-begging ???

No. 272987

She answers "really??" like it's so freaking hard to clip ugly plastic babies onto a chain.

No. 273012

Maybe she was looking for her to respond with "omg let me make you one for free"

No. 273039

girl no one wants your overpriced art lmfao

No. 273076

I'm hoping she meant more like "it's really easy. You should just make one yourself you lazy cunt! What the fuck do you do for work anyway?"

No. 273079

LMAO she deleted them all off IG because Bryce just bought her all that shit she'll repost them in like 3 days asking for them again instead of trying to make the necklace but u know she's such a creative artsy type who invented style

No. 273081


fuck me thats sad

No. 273082

File: 1489949474991.png (490.15 KB, 512x643, omg.png)

how can someone live like this tho

No. 273083


there's 5 more pics like this with needles visible on Facebook too.

No. 273085

I'm puking

No. 273096

What? She didn't delete shit. She didn't develop shame and humility overnight.

No. 273101

please archive the fb pictures !

No. 273104

I post most things but eventually my phone is gonna try to kill itself from being filled with rotten tuna salad so idk

No. 273105

when i saw that ugly ass baby necklace i thought "just buy a chain and some small baby dolls from a dollar store and make it yourself" like, it's not that hard. im not even being biased, that necklace is just not worth the money. those dolls look like they were bought in a dollar store.

No. 273129

Get her address and call animal control to save the poor cats lmao

No. 273130

I don't know what's triggering me more. The fact that she's lying in bed wearing those filthy boots or that pigsty of a room. I honestly wish that I could fucking clean that place up myself.

No. 273148

It's a wonder no one's reported her to FB for drug use photos.

No. 273160

I feel the same. Any other NYC anons wanna go and clean her apartment? Lmao.

No. 273161

Does that count though? Just a small blurry needle and empty bag that's pretty much unrecognizable unless you do heroin or know people who do

No. 273174

File: 1489960693752.png (259.93 KB, 750x1046, IMG_2042.PNG)

Lmao tuna, thanks for the lulz

No. 273177

File: 1489960858773.png (678.92 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-03-19-17-58-15…)

No literally they're gone off instagram

No. 273182

She's too dumb to fill a trash bag, then cries

No. 273183

The garbage just wanted to be with its own kind.

No. 273186

File: 1489961547701.png (219.99 KB, 750x879, IMG_2043.PNG)

This is weird

No. 273188

U need to update yr IG app

No. 273202

I love how she says "_currently_ just not working". Like literally when was it that she last had a job?

No. 273214

Let's not turn into that unhinged "social worker" with the endless supply of vacuum cleaners

No. 273219

hahahah she was entertaining. gotta give her that.

No. 273224

Omg the begging is too much! My birthday is next week and the most I'm hoping for is nice weather. She's literally acting like a child. And a $25 necklace and $40 sweatpants are not fucking cheap, especially to someone who is supposed to be "poor". I've seen some of you call her entitled and that is the perfect word to describe her.

No. 273246

okay seriously who the hell is this sephora mae chick wtf?? this is a cow if I ever saw one, her fb profile is fucking full of crazy ugly pics, weird and horrible dance vids, trolls and fat-fetishists

saged because oh god why did I click that and has nothing to do with luna

No. 273270

File: 1489969613605.png (195.06 KB, 750x1129, IMG_2044.PNG)

She got this shirt like 2 years ago and has never washed it there's so many stains that could be so many things.

Since her clothes are just littered around in piled etc and they don't wash them you know there's shit stains (no dope>dopesick and definitely no TP) and t shirts used as cum rags and of course EVERYTHING is blood stained

>God I love ur aesthetic, so unique.

No. 273280

I Spy their cooker spoon! Lol
And that shirt is so fucking disgusting its full of stains, dirt, dust and cat hair. She's fucking nasty oh my god.

No. 273285

File: 1489970878208.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4688.PNG)


Shes such an entitled brat. I could never imagine begging my Facebook friends or Instagram followers for presents. Especially while taking pictures of myself in new clothes with fucking heroin needles right next to me.

How does she live in so much filth? How is her entire apartment so disgusting? She really needs to figure her shit out. She's a filthy, disgusting person, and im torn between wanting to help her or just being grateful that I'm not her.

sorry for soapbox

No. 273294

I found the spoon too! Lol this is a great game.

No. 273322

Lmfao. Is she eating pasta straight out of the kettle with a giant wooden spoon… In bed!?!?! That's fucking hilarious to me Idk why. I wonder how long that'll sit in their room before it gets washed. It'll probably get moldy and they wont even bat an eye about it.

No. 273328

I didn't even realize she has an iPad. I'm not saying that poor people can't have nice things, but come one, 'starving' and not selling things that are definitely not necessary such as an iPad.

No. 273329

I bet that's they're only pot and they eat a lot of pasta and probably just rinse it MAYBE and yeah I bet they don't have utensils at least not any other spoons..

No. 273332

Best part is this is her 2nd ipad. She stepped on her first one after leaving it on her deathtrap of a floor and then cried for a new one.

No. 273338

She also has the newest iPhone when her last phone was not broken, and a MacBook and her internet and electric are paid for

No. 273339

File: 1489975843846.png (42.55 KB, 750x327, IMG_2048.PNG)


No. 273349

It's in two weeks, not the goddamn day of, calm the fuck down Luna. It's like she thinks her birthday is a month-long event. She's so self obsessed.

No. 273377

Id yell too if I was tunas dad. He probably got angry at her because she's trying to hit him up for money again. And pathetic, im sure she called her mom up in the first time in ages to remind her that its her birthday and ask "when can I come get my birthday present from you". I hate this cunt. I hope she gets jumped for her birthday.

No. 273382

Seriously my parents don't plan my birthday cuz I'm an adult, that's normal, right???

Her poor mom tho probably all clean and she has this tragedy of a daughter

No. 273383

>I should quit eating

But I thought you were so poor broke you starved all the time any way

She's so thoughtless and dim and dillusional

No. 273395

File: 1489980820017.png (151.84 KB, 750x1180, IMG_2050.PNG)

Hey Tuna this is right up yr alley

No. 273415

Is she possibly diabetic?

No. 273419

Nope the internet would know about it by now considering how much she likes to whine about any illness she thinks she has

No. 273424

Oh, she has a birthday coming up? I had no idea! /s

No. 273443

File: 1489985158831.jpg (99.23 KB, 720x960, 1.jpg)

No. 273444

File: 1489985177583.jpg (65.09 KB, 720x960, 2.jpg)

No. 273447

File: 1489985237529.jpg (74.5 KB, 720x960, 3.jpg)

No. 273448

File: 1489985285687.jpg (81.35 KB, 720x960, 4.jpg)

all of these are from her Facebook.

She apparently went thrift store shopping

No. 273493


The cook in me is crying out at the sight of those several translucent half-ziti stuck to the pan. It's like, holy shit, woman, were you so off your gourd stoned that you forgot to put in water before the pasta for a few minutes?!

…Oh, wait. Actually I can see her doing that. Never mind.

Sage for culinary autism.

No. 273575

her birthday is two weeks away?
why is she making such a big deal of it now?

how old is she going to be?
birthdays really aren't a big deal and the fact that she's an adult I find really immature that she's crying that her parents don't buy her a ton of presents.

No. 273583

Quickly skimmed through the previous threads.

What fresh hell did this vile pos crawl out of? Jesus, there's absolutely nothing going for her, is there? What a waste of life and oxygen.

No. 273597

i really don't understand why she's so obsessed with herself/her bday. literally who care. it's like she thinks it's a national holiday everyone should be aware of. weird and spoiled mentality.

No. 273623

File: 1490018676320.png (28.22 KB, 718x267, lolz.png)

Nice that seeing porn makes her "sick" but she's perfectly okay with living in filth.

No. 273667

I bet chief misses her big areolas

No. 273669

Because she wants free stuff

No. 273671

Don't worry chief, one will flop out of her ill fitting bras soon enough

No. 273740

According to https://tinyurl.com/lb4gr4s there are actually groups talking about this girl. I don't think she's on heroin though, just extremely mentally ill.

No. 273753


wtf is that tinyurl i aint clicking it. use the proper link anon

No. 273755

We definitely know she's on heroin
Get ur sus ass out of here

No. 273780

File: 1490040618843.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 727x690, nasty.PNG)

It just goes to a facebook comment section on this pic, spoilered because I don't want to be responsible for your suicide

No. 273789

Lmao noo

No. 273891

if you see her videos its very apparent she has a bit of mental disorder/drug usage. shes just always lip sync / strip teasing with horrible make up lol. poor thing. honestly tho she does seem to have ALOT of confidence…. she did a new years eve video and at the end she talks about how to not mix drugs with other drugs lol. thanks

No. 273919

Y'know.. If Tuna really wanted to show off her dope and needles she could always submit her pics of it to a nodsquad blog that takes submissions. Guess she isn't smart enough to figure that out though, because she's showing it off allover Instagram and FB.

No. 273933

File: 1490057073610.png (137.81 KB, 640x895, IMG_4301.PNG)

No. 273935

I wish this was about Tuna but it's not so you need to gtfo

No. 273944

I always get scared when she posts pics of her cats sleeping because im afraid her caption is gonna be "Rest In Peace Kitty".

No. 273950

Omg I pray she wouldn't post a pic of her cat's corpse

No. 273953

cool! im still here

No. 273974

It'd be a miracle if she found them dead on the bed. They'd probably slink off into the piles to die in peace and Tuna would find them like that one lady on Hoarder who found multiple cat mummies in her 'collections' when they cleaned.

No. 274051

I can just picture her trying to make some halfassed segway asking for money or gifts to help her grieve or something

No. 274070

Or money for a memorial Haha. Remember when she asked for money so she could have a memorial for her aunt or someone who died like 8 years ago. Lol pathetic.

No. 274185

What has this got to do with Luna

No. 274234

File: 1490109531546.png (110.47 KB, 1080x725, Screenshot_2017-03-21-08-11-42…)

incoming fb dump
que begging for money related to this

No. 274235

File: 1490109583899.png (704.83 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_2017-03-21-08-17-12…)

shes so proud of how gross she is

No. 274236

File: 1490109681181.png (174.12 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2017-03-21-08-14-18…)

why not send this in a message? oh right because she needs to appear like a good person. Slade didnt even respond or like it at all

No. 274238

File: 1490109746997.png (104.4 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_2017-03-21-08-14-47…)

this is a comment on her "progression" pictures

No. 274239

File: 1490109811662.png (301.35 KB, 750x1239, IMG_2081.PNG)

Lmao who is buying this shit????
>this is how I eat and contribute to rent
And buy dope

No. 274240

File: 1490109841314.png (202.63 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2017-03-21-08-15-18…)

someone said they might have a nintendo ds light. I really hope she doesnt get it.
>i want to buy one for fifty bucks but i cant make rent or buy food

No. 274245

it looks like maybe 2 of her paintings made in the last year are gone at most. 2 people buying paintings is still too much but shes claiming she lives off art? you live off daddy and ebegging, not the less than $200 you ever made from your art

No. 274254

literally someone said that chick is tuna in the future in the thread bye

No. 274261

i swear all of these are grimey self portraits

No. 274270

File: 1490114463640.jpg (9.22 KB, 238x275, 1468464333666.jpg)

Lol at the bottom left painting she did with the eyeball rolling back. Def a self portrait. Pic related

No. 274296

I actually kind of like the one in the middle and the one to the left of it but def not enough to pay for it, especially not when she's charging like, what? Over $100 or something?

Also lol at the whole "please buy a painting I need money" and then the comment about being open to paying $50 for a ds. Girl needs to learn to keep her shit straight at least.

No. 274307

Oh wow i never made this connectiom. I thought she couldnt center the irises and did what luna does best (take the easy way out) and left one blank.

No. 274309


two years ago i wouldve jumped at the chance to buy a print of the four eyed hairy legged plant vag but now i know way too much about what a shitty person luna is and its not like she offers anything but 100 dollar originals. seems like some stupid teenage girls have way too much money to blow.

No. 274313

Definitely self portraits, the first even has one of her tattoos lol