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File: 1490399911610.png (987.16 KB, 750x832, 1490292250483-1.png)

No. 276683

Old thread >>>254820

>20 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief

>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles

newest milk:
>refuses to get rid of a poisonous plant and save her cats
>visible arm infections
>begging for birthday gifts while simultaneously begging people to buy her shitty art
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce her

No. 276686

I honestly can't believe she still has the plant.
A small part of me hoped she cared about her cats dying horrible, painful deaths if they end up consuming more of it.. but.. she truly just doesn't give a fuck about anyone or anything other than herself. :/
I already knew this it's just hard to come to terms with it since I have a cat of my own and cannot imagine being so fucking heartless.

No. 276688

one >>55077
two >>171004
three >>190985
four >>220048
five >>254820

No. 276691

File: 1490400743187.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_2017-03-24-17-09-11…)

No. 276692

Eh, I have three cats and two peace lilies, and in the decade or so that I've had them all, my cats have learnt not to eat the plants. I don't recall them ever giving them more than a sniff and maybe a nibble, and they've never gotten ill, so it's not like having the plant is going to definitely, for sure kill her cats.

>granted, my pets do get regular feeding, and they go outside to eat grass sometimes so

No. 276694

Her face looks almost… albino? It's all one color and she has no eyelashes.. jesus christ this is a hideous picture. She can't even straighten out her septum ring?

No. 276695

File: 1490400950600.png (359.7 KB, 712x992, disappointedsmile.png)

No. 276700

w-what's…wrong with her lips?? Her front teeth look like they've become stuck to them.

No. 276704

Is that white mascara?

No. 276705

If I recall correctly it's only certain types of lilies that are toxic to cats

No. 276706

File: 1490402180267.png (1.88 MB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_2017-03-24-17-09-33…)

no its fucking foundation smeared all over her face

No. 276707

Just looks like she slathers foundation all over herself to me.

No. 276716

No, when you don't wash off mascara & it gets all clumped to your lashes (we've established she doesn't wash her face) & it attracts all her cake ass foundation / powder. Ugh.

No. 276717

File: 1490403124656.jpg (52.86 KB, 500x637, IMG_4958.JPG)

She could be so fucking cute, especially with those multi-colored eyes. She would just need a good skincare routine with a decent exfoliant two times a week to get rid of her accumulation of dead skin. She would need to shower every day and wash her hair more frequently, too. Dark hair suited her much more than this washed out bleach shit, and would be less upkeep and therefore she would damage her hair less. She also totally needs a trim on her dead ends, too.

If she applied makeup in a natural-looking way, and applied less of it and actually used blush and chopstick, and dropped the nude lip colors, her face would look so much better. Washing herself out does her absolutely no favors.

She needs to lose weight in a healthy way and hydrate herself. Washing her clothes, taking care of her basic hygiene needs, and eating healthy would improve her life so much. She seems to have some sort of care for animals (excluding her stupid goddamn peace Lilly plant), so maybe she could volunteer at an animal shelter. She could learn how to work some sort of job and get valuable skills from it.

However, this would all require her to kick her heroin addiction, break up with Lurch, kick her other drug addictions, clean up her life, move in with her dad, and grow as a person. I wish that these things would happen. But I'm not sure if she's able to do something like this.

p.s Luna, I think something like this would look really good on you.

No. 276718

The setting powder all over her eyelashes and mustache really pull this dirt ball look together.
Also she probably hasn't brushed her teeth in like a month so her lips are sticking to all the plaque buildup..

No. 276720

Stop talking shit about your mom because she can't afford to give you dope money, nor should she.
Entitled spoiled dumb nasty goblin.

No. 276735

that nasty fucking table wtf

No. 276740

she really needs to stop taking selfies with the flash on or whatever she does, it makes her look even crustier than she already is

No. 276742

She won't do anything like that. She likes being stinky, dirty, disgusting. She thinks it's edgy and nonconformist and 'real'. In lunas mucky little world it's cool and intellectual and grunge to be the embodiment of filth. Her yeast colonies are directly correlated to her wisdom and the piss mouthwash is poetry. She's too stupid to realise even miserable junkie losers like kurt cobain didn't enjoy or take pride in being nasty trashy bums rejecting responsibility and hygiene.

No. 276776

EWWW OMG. She looks so fucking nasty. Her top lip is actually like split or deformed. And she's not wearing eye makeup? Fucking looks like she's wearing white eyeshadow, because there's white shit all over her eyelashes. Ugly as fuck. Worse she's looked in a while, whyd she upload this? Lol
Also it looks like her nose piercing is rejecting or migrating out or something.

No. 276780

That image is clearly edited so it's a perfect mirror image.

No. 276782


rejecting…? it's just crooked lmao

No. 276787

It looks lower on the left side and Idk how to explain it but the left side by the piercing looks saggy or like there's a bump. But maybe its always looked liked that because its done shittily and pieced at an angle instead of perfectly straight across?

No. 276788

Are you dumb? I wasnt referencing the mirror image pic. There's a fucking split/deformation in her lip.

No. 276799

Beautiful I feel like most of that could be her tumblr heading

No. 276802

Lol those fake eyelashes. I can't wait till she attempts to put them on. Im sure it'll be a bit of a disaster.

No. 276808

I bet she'll think that she looks great in them too lol.
They would start falling off and she probably wouldn't even notice.

No. 276809

If I found Tuna's ig and knew nothing about her I'd definitely assume she was a troll. Girls aren't just gross like her.

No. 276815

I can't understand how she thinks her nastiness is some kind of cool aesthetic. And didnt she just include in some poem about how she cakes on foundation? So she does that shit on purpose.. Bitch needs to steal herself some BB cream instead of thick nasty foundation.

No. 276822

I can't wait to see how crooked and droopy they are and how long she tries to wear them for. You know what's terrible? Falling asleep in fake lashes.
I'm surprised she doesn't wake up every morning with her eyes crusted shut with make up and constant conjunctivitis from being so filthy shes giving herself e.coli from Lurch's shit stains..

No. 276825

File: 1490414773852.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_2017-03-24-21-01-41…)

then why post this?? her fourth selfie today

No. 276827

I'm pretty sure she gets high and takes all these selfies she always posts them in chunks she probably "feels ugly" cuz shes coming down or something/loses her crack confidence

No. 276829

I wish she was more snarky just so she'd use it to take the piss. It makes me sad that I'm wasting my writing on blurbs about an actual orc though.

No. 276832

I'm sure she's snotty af in person she's just terrified of internet confrontation. She claims she doesn't "read hate" but you know she does, she's so self obsessed. Maybe deep down she knows she only has half a brain cell.

No. 276839

I reckon she'd be pretentious as fuck in person, always trying to come across as deep and artsy and 'clever beyond her years' but in reality she's an uneducated halfwit who's fried her average aptitude and intelligence to roughly the same level as a clam.
She could t handle a confrontation any better than one of the munchausens sows, and would probably hide behind lurch, figuring out how to turn the encounter into some scam to get some more teenagers pocket money.

No. 276844

The fact that she's only ever around brain dead ass Lurch gives her no reason to think otherwise, I'm sure.

No. 276848

holy fuck what is on the lower left hand corner of that towel

No. 276850

Bleach stain

No. 276854

she's had that piercing for years and it's always looked like that so i think it was just pierced really bad.

No. 276862

File: 1490417187832.png (146.28 KB, 750x1240, IMG_2141.PNG)

I put this in the last thread when it was self saging

She posted this pic of her cat "cleaning" herself and, correct me if I'm wrong but, my cat's hair isn't all matted and gross like that when she cleans herself??? It's like her cat's saliva is gross and sticky from shit and dehydration
Ugh it's gonna be so sad when they both die which she'll justify cuz they're both older (13 and 17 I believe)

No. 276869

File: 1490418612042.png (161.41 KB, 750x1055, IMG_2148.PNG)

1. Is he nodded out on that poor cat? Wtf
2. I swear his hair is cleaner looking than hers sometimes and if that's the case, damn Tuna you're nastier than your 40 yr old pedo junkie boyfriend/keeper

No. 276882

you obviously cut off the caption that said "cat kisses"

No. 276887

File: 1490420149117.png (165.63 KB, 749x1102, IMG_2149.PNG)

Lol found a some retro tuna scrolling through tumblr, milkier times

No. 276896

>shooting up
>on your birthday

What a god damn fucking loser.

No. 276926

Makes me wanna fuckin puke, dude.

No. 276933

Kitty looks okay to me, but he/she could be neurotic.

If they really are 13 and 17 year old cats, that makes even more sense. Cats tend to start looking kind of raggedy once they hit their teens. It's pretty normal for them to look… not the best? lol

I'm no fan of this nasty bitch but her cats look fine to me

No. 276934

File: 1490429388728.gif (517.48 KB, 147x162, wh.gif)

this is the saddest shit I've ever seen

No. 276944

lol it took me a long time to master eyelashes. go ahead tuna.

No. 277091

God, I forgot how young she is

No. 277103

Im sure Tuna is an actual pussy. She seems like the type of person who acts all badass but when shit actually happens she's a little pussy bitch. Because remember when Chief was getting searched at the trainstation and she had a crying fit? Haha.

No. 277129

why to they have children snowsuit?! what the fuck
(look at the top of picture)

No. 277135

The cat still has to live in filfth like a stray and is exposed to all kinds of shit. Place is probably really dusty, too. While it has a good weight we don't know how much water they get, what kinda food they get and if it fits them, if they get check-ups from a vet every now and then, if they could have vitamin deficiencies, if they have good, happy kitty lives, etc. Most of this is speculation but I think it's likely that Luna and Lurch might not look after them too much. Hell, they can't look after themselves and their place, that's already a red flag for me. I agree though that many older cats can't really be judged by their appearance, that was a good point, anon

No. 277142

They stole it awhile back and put it on Matthews childhood teddy bear. Who knows why. Because theyre braindead, or because they just steal whatever they can because theyre hoarders.

No. 277148

Pretty sure she's gonna get a bunch of gifts from her "asshole" dad and then complain about how mean he is/has been to her… cant waaait

No. 277149

File: 1490468258327.jpg (128.44 KB, 355x402, uri_mh1490467253456.jpg)

Matted fur pretty prominent in this photo

We already established it's a Peace Lily (possibly noticable by being called that in most mentions) and toxic for cats, lurk more

The thing that's really dumb is her blatantly lying about throwing it out. At least make a post explaining you changed your mind.

That's cool that your cats don't do blogpost-chan but we know that both her cats ate from the Peace Lily. Whether it kills them or not, letting them do so is irresponsible.

She needs to 1. stop lying 2. prove she makes an effort to keep the plant out of her cats's reach and/or watch her cats's behaviour and act accordingly 3. not lie about it 4. stop lying 5. did I say not lie

No. 277152

I'm pretty much certain at least one or all of her cats must have a respiratory infection. Cats are very susceptible to this and often are born with the virus but it only gets worse when exposed to smoke/dust/mold/etc. Which I'm SURE they're constantly surrounded by.. :/
I'm just sad for the cats because they deserve a better home. They shouldn't be involved in Luna's bullshit.

No. 277162

File: 1490469764286.png (1.64 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1490469653949.png)

$25 for clothes that'll be shit stained in about a week.

No. 277175

What the hell are those sweatpants? At first i thought it was a pic of her wearing just underwear.
Those are an XL? What a heffer, Theyre tight as fuck on her and how they get eaten by her leg/crotch fat looks fucking horrible. Can't she see that they don't fit and look like shit on her…?

No. 277182

File: 1490471440515.png (853.2 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_2017-03-25-12-49-35…)

No. 277184

nice chipotle bag too. obviously not hurting for money right now

No. 277190

I neglected the smoking, my apologies. You're right!!

No. 277200

What's happening to her inner thigh in this pic? Looks pretty gross… Are they stuck together or is that just the position of her blobby leg fat…?
She does not know how to choose flattering clothes or take a flattering pic at all….

No. 277203

That carpet pattern and couch. Are they in a hotel room?

No. 277206

I'm the same age as her and I can't imagine ho it feels to have the body of a middle aged woman. How can she so happily take photos??? Ugh

No. 277210

Why does she always have to talk about what she buys? She could just upload a picture without mentioning that they're new or how much they cost

No. 277213

To be fair AA runs suuuuppper tiny

No. 277215

Maybe she's at her dad's? It is the weekend

No. 277219

I noticed the couch too. But I don't think its a hotel room.. Maybe she's home alone ventured out of her drug hole. Or shes at the house of whoever bought her the Chipotle and clothes. Because I doubt she'd spend her money on anything other than drugs.

No. 277222

File: 1490474044152.png (701.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4972.PNG)

I think she's may be at her dads house
I'm gonna guess her dad got her Chiptole and the AA clothes

No. 277230

Yep that definitely dad's bathroom. I'm surprise she doesn't ask him to pay to get her hair done those roots are not cute

No. 277235

File: 1490474758431.png (137.46 KB, 750x1087, IMG_2165.PNG)

Did that law just change or something? She's also been smoking since she was like 14 and finally, Lurch won't buy her or give her cigarettes?? Damn that's cold

No. 277236


No. 277238

I wonder how bad her abscess is on her right arm since she has it hidden in every single picture. Also is that another abscess on her hand or just a bruise/blood from shooting up.
Hey I wonder if Matthew gives her dope to take over to her dads every weekend so she doesn't get sick. I bet not.

No. 277241

>21 to buy cigs
Must be a nyc thing because in the rest of NY state it's 18. Ironic how they make it hard for kiddos to pick up smoking but the state can prevent fuck all from them picking up a heroin and crack habit. Hah.

No. 277242

Seems like the only time she gets washed is at her dad's house.

No. 277243

>bathing with her nasty hair and coats of makeup
Why bother?

No. 277244


>Blog post

>mentioning that it's not a deathwish from experience

I know you want to find every excuse to cowtip and claim Luna is such an awful petowner, but you're reaching and everyone can tell. Until we get some solid evidence that she's neglecting or otherwise mistreating her animals, you're just looking for an excuse to bitch.

No. 277247

This is a really good post and you found a great resembling (clean, well-kept, polished, pretty) model. I'm always glad to see these typa hypothesis posts because I tend to make them, too. You made some great suggestions, too.
I feel like that's why Luna still has followers. People feel she could be cute if she tried, sucks she only tries to be addicted to heroin and her usual insufferable, self-victimising self.
What bugs me is that there are clean, hygienic addicts.
Or at least they can make an effort to be and look clean on their better days. Obviously, her head is not in order either but hygiene and looking clean is not that unattainable as she makes it seem?
On the other hand, I think she makes herself look dirty by accident, too. All it takes is for her not to take care of her hair well, clog her face with make-up and put on wrinkly, stained clothes. Then it doesn't matter if she showered because it won't look like it.

She could fix her hair in three months by having her dead ends trimmed (even if she'd have to rock shorter hair again), having her natural hair colour dyed once, cleaning her hair from silicone coats with a shampoo that does that and using henna for hair dye from then on and using proper shampoos and conditioners (I'd also suggest natural cosmetics here but that's just me) and leaving it alone otherwise for a while. The advantage of henna is that it doesn't break up hair to put the colour inside, it lays around it as a coat and that can improve damaged hair sometimes, make it shinier and smoother, too.

No. 277250

Ntayrt, but plants aside:

How about the fact that the nasty bitch has taken pictures of how she leaves uncapped syringes all over the floors? Or how neither she nor daddy dearest ever vacuums, and I'm sure that cat hasn't been to a vet in forever. The bitch has admitted she'd rather buy dope than food for herself so I doubt the cat fares much better.

Filthy drug addicts shouldn't be pet owners. Period. She should be ashamed for keeping an animal in that squalor.

No. 277266

Lolololol, the only one reaching here is you. Did my valid response anger you? How is recollecting correct info about her behaviour and criticising it "bitching" and wanting to cow-tip? You're assuming my stance on her petownership and overestimating my investment in this.

>I know you want to find every excuse to cowtip and claim Luna is such an awful petowner, but you're reaching and everyone can tell.


Why does it hurt your feelings if I talk about her cat in a way you'd like to censor? Why are you invested in disproving she could be a bad pet owner and assuming I want to / need to prove anything about her petownership? Do you know what blogpost means? You're a Luna-tic, pls sign off


No. 277288

>LOL U MAD tier response

Okay, cowtip-chan, whatever helps you feel superior to a washed up druggie.

No. 277292

Her cats are old, their hair isn't going to be perfect. It isn't proof she is mistreating them.

No. 277305

guys just kiss and make up already!!

No. 277307

no it doesn't lol

No. 277312

because that's all there is to her. her self, her bf, her things (bought or stolen) and her poor status.
if she was more open her drugs would be way more prominent. she has no real personality so her social media is broken into chucks of all what she knows.

No. 277327

This is cute. Okay, I'm sorry, cowtip-chan. Let's agree that Tuba is a proper wreck.

No. 277331

it does in some articles of clothing. i have a skirt from them that's too small, a shirt in the same size that's a perfect fit, and then a sweater in the same size that's too big. i think their sizing is all over the place.

No. 277334

>I got three pieces of clothing for $25

Not impressive at all.
Why isn't this bitch shopping at a goodwill or other discount thrift stores? She lives in motherfuckin NYC, so she can't even use excuses like "i live in bumfuck and nobody donates anything trendy."

No. 277345

Doesn't matter to her because it seems like her Dad is taking her shopping every weekend now and ofc hes paying for everything.

No. 277354

File: 1490487711471.png (29.52 KB, 640x339, IMG_4454.PNG)

please leave moana alone

No. 277363

No. 277373

Still doesn't explain how she got cigarettes as a fucking child and also her bf is QUITE OLDER THAN 21 and he goes out every morning for dope (LMAO my phone autocorrected dope to food) and he always has cigarettes I think it's hilarious and sad he won't even let her have cigarettes, start sucking dick Tuna like a proper junkie and someone might give you $10 to buy a pack of fuckin newports

No. 277375

Plaque dick

No. 277379

so shes going to her "terrible drug addict murderer hep c calls her a cunt and yells at her that ONE TIME he slapped her for drooling on him" fathers house every two weeks now it seems
and everytime she comes back with random shit no doubt hes giving her money for "bills"

also i seriously doubt she can last a night or two without dope at this point but she did previously say he always smokes her up and gives jer xanax and shit like that he has perscribed

No. 277384

Yeah he used to always send her with a shot or two I imagine she shots herself up now it's been so long it used to be only him who would do it also she always leaves and comes back like super early in the morning no doubt for her ~medicine~

No. 277388

Didnt tuna say recently that she barely smokes cigarettes anymore (hey I didnt like cigarettes when I was on crack either tuna!Haha) but if she barely smokes why would she even bother buying a pack for herself when she could just bum one off Chief when she wanted one instead of wasting precious dope money on a pack.
Or maybe Chief told tuna to pick him up a pack with evil dads money.
Or maybe she just wanted another excuse to mention when her b-day is. Im thinking its that one.

No. 277402

lol yep, this is obv just another way for her to mention her bday

No. 277406

You're probably right
I forget that she's absolutely insane like she's not on the same moral level of regular people

No. 277534

damn it anon i keked really hard at this

No. 277547

she doesn't live in nyc, her dad does

No. 277560

did roger die or something

No. 277585

Doubt it. There's be a flood of 'pity me' and begging posts if he died. She'd turn it into a drama all about her and how they need even more money for dope and to try and keep rogers apartment.

No. 277599

Yup, just how the fat has settled on her inner thighs. Shudder.

No. 277617

OT as fuck but that girl honey martin in your recommended friends is such an asshole.

No. 277618

does she walk around her dad's house wearing that? seems pretty inappropriate

No. 277622

File: 1490526809946.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1600.PNG)

Saw this and thought of chief and tuna

No. 277627

It's 21 to buy in Chicago as well maybe it's just the major cities riddled with shitty teens

No. 277654


No. 277697

luna's room except with pink and purple sheets a shit stained korillakuma and the shoes are grandma slippers from etsy

No. 277751

I had a weeeird ass dream the other night that Luna was trying to rob my house. Sage for pointless post.

No. 277798

File: 1490556979957.png (237.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-26-12-33-58…)

so in love uwu
apparently matthew "works"
also "my days"? is it now a regular occurance because she needs a vacation from the shit hole every two weeks?

No. 277804

Dad's not days.

No. 277807

copping dope for him and some other junkies so he can bum more heroin off them

Cool job

No. 277810

She probably knew he had dope and was happy to see him because she knew he had dope and she was dopesick.
And Matthews "job"? Doesn't he run drugs for his dealer or something..?

No. 277822

Oh shes back from her dads, did she post pics yet of everything she took from him this time?

No. 277869

File: 1490562595374.png (124.3 KB, 750x1048, IMG_2176.PNG)

Omg leave the poor cat alone you moron

No. 277877

File: 1490563192028.png (145.51 KB, 750x1083, IMG_2177.PNG)

She has a pretty identical pair of 'sweatpants' but I'm sure they're too dirty to wear again cuz that how clothing works

No. 277880

File: 1490563307671.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2178.PNG)

Ew the caption tho

No. 277893

The fact that she feels clean after that, and she always seems amazed by the feeling of clean underwear makes me want to puke.

I've known an untreated schizophrenic homeless woman who bathed more frequently and changed underpants daily. She had a whole system around town for hygiene. Why the fuck does Luna think it's cute to spend a month wearing the same pair of disgusting pissed-out knickers?

No. 277916

>with a foot bath
Brb gonna puke

No. 277923

i own this same top
i feel like i should maybe burn it now.

No. 277926

I want to vomit. That is so disgusting and grimy. And that she posts about it like its some cute aesthetic thing and that she feels nice and clean after….? Oh my god. She is fucking repulsive…
Also, Ew all her lumps and bumps in those sweatpants.

No. 277933

Okay I know somewhere in the last thread (maybe thread before? I know someone remembers too) her shower was broken, they got it "fixed" and it's broken again so soon? It's been a couple of months maybe but just confirms the fact that it's got to be a shit hole…or maybe the shower never actually got fixed? WHOS SHOWER FUCKS UP THIS MUCH?

inb4 gagging thinking cleaning out a shower drain clogged with their hair

No. 277935

File: 1490567459236.png (162.23 KB, 750x1095, IMG_2179.PNG)

This post is from last year I posted it to show the same sweatpants as here (from today) but obv she couldn't keep anything clean that long so she needed new ones cuz she can't laundry

No. 277938

if you think it's inappropriate to wear a crop top around your dad you got some problems

No. 277940

Who tf brags about washing themselves this much? Like occassionally I'll go a day or two too long without washing my hair then it feels extra good when I do but like, not every time? She talks about it like it's a luxury.

No. 277942

Its not just the crop top its the poorly fitting exposing how saggy her tits are, crappy stained ill fitting pants, etc, and theres too much crop,I saw this comment and expected that it was only a few inches of midriff turns out its disgusting

No. 277950

I don't think she would she probably put on long sleeves to cover all the track marks? I'm sure she pretends she's not doing heroin around her dad

No. 277953


That law only applies to the 5 boroughs, not new York state. Doesn't she live in like eastchester? She can still buy her own smokes there, it's the dumbest law ever.

No. 277964

File: 1490569265859.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0532.PNG)

Why is she crying? Are the cats finally ill maybe :/ ugh

No. 277972

yeah god can you all stop overreacting about the cats?? they look fine. theyre old ass cats. their fur isnt going to be perfect. this is getting really fucking nit-picky and reaching

No. 277973

Matthew surprised her on the train home from her dads, they took a weird bath and shot up probably with a good old fresh bath. don't worry anon, she's probably just feeling ~*so full of love light and heroin right now

No. 277978

How can they even break something they don't even use

No. 277979

Awww I think the cat looks cute here. It's nice she's paying attention to them.

No. 277981

Bath post was from almost a year ago.

No. 277996

File: 1490570996379.png (637.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-26-12-34-07…)

No. 278009

Lol is that lurch in the foreground preparing a hit?

No. 278015

File: 1490572346538.jpg (57.43 KB, 530x530, IMG_9899.JPG)

WHOOPS my bad

No. 278116

Cat-chan plz just STFU
If the cats were ill their eyes and noses would looked fuck.
Like Anon said; they're old cats and pretty resilient.

No. 278140

File: 1490579327116.png (155.66 KB, 477x712, wat.png)

No. 278141

Wow she is so well rounded and edgy.
Im like 98% sure she only fake-cares about stuff like this.

No. 278144

File: 1490579844810.png (401.48 KB, 482x710, no he's not.png)

probably the only clothes he owns tho

No. 278146

File: 1490579884955.png (439.32 KB, 485x702, i hate myself.png)

No. 278147

File: 1490579939864.png (37.75 KB, 486x325, girl why.png)

No. 278153

Oh fuck off dude
Every problem in your life is caused by your own hand.

No. 278156


lreal talk she could just break up with Lurch, quit drugs but she loves that grunge aesthetic too much

No. 278157

What happened to her extreme "im crying because I love my cat so much" love feelings? Hahaha. She's coming down off her drugs already? Wow sucks for her.

No. 278159

Gross how these two live in unflattering sweatpants. Atleast lurch finally changed out of that yellow stained long underwear outfit tho. Yuck. He prolly ODd and pissed in them or something.

No. 278177

Probably couldn't make it to the juice carton in time.

No. 278185


No. 278186

File: 1490583017371.png (64.36 KB, 502x330, whiny loser.png)

No. 278216


hahah aw good thing she got her medicine! for real though i think roger takes care of the cats when he's not in the hospital or whatever since they're his cats, right? like lurch was kind of a kid when they were kittens and has been a pretty irresponsible baseball genius his whole life..

No. 278217

what do y'all think would happen if chief died?

No. 278218

He totally is! You can see the needles!

That shirt…
Is that where he sells the copper he steals?

God bless you, anon.

No. 278219

She'd milk it for donations for forever and find some new loser to hole up with and get drugs from.

No. 278223

File: 1490586102205.jpg (203.9 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_4950.JPG)

I FUcking can't with this cunt

No. 278229

File: 1490586576594.png (210.06 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-03-26-21-36-41…)

"queen of the cotton shot"

No. 278230

Tuna would lose her shit and probably move in with her father. I doubt she would go get dope on her own so she'd get clean. Either by sitting it out at her dads house and doing all his meds or she'd ask to go to rehab (that would be aesthetic and cool for her). She'd move on fairly quickly after getting clean because they aren't really in love, Theyre dope dating.
Or she'd kill herself upon finding lurches dead overdosed body.. But I highly doubt she has the balls for that.

No. 278297


"fuck me til i'm dead tall boy"


No. 278309

thought they were both "sex repulsed"

No. 278310

File: 1490599243680.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_2017-03-27-00-19-45…)

No. 278312

File: 1490599301859.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_2017-03-26-23-04-24…)

No. 278313

File: 1490599373331.png (1011.24 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_2017-03-26-23-05-16…)

No. 278314

File: 1490599467707.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1656, Screenshot_2017-03-26-23-05-04…)

she posted 20 pictures to her instagram today

No. 278317

20 pictures? she really needs that attention huh? i have bpd and understand that wanting attention is part of it but her obsession with attention is ridiculous. lmao

No. 278322

How long till she starts camming?

Or maybe street prostitution, seems like that'd better suit her ~aesthetic~

No. 278341

She'll cam. She'll talk as nauseum about how hard it is for her as a "sex worker uwu" as though she was working the streets in Alaska in winter, in between lazily peeling off her crusty reeking lingerie,(second hand from an overweight middle aged housewife attempting to save her marriage) for either nobody or one or two morbidly curious farmers. Once she figures out that nobody wants to look at her naked even for free she'll quietly abandon it,smoke loads more crack and try again once she's lost more weight but hopefully not her teeth.

Futures lookin bright Luna.

No. 278344

>Futures lookin bright Luna
so bright Chief has to wear shades?

But really, why does he let her stay around? He's not getting sex, she's not getting donations anymore, everything he sells for drugs gets split with her, and looks like her dad has caught on and buys her stuff instead of handing her cash. Why does he let her stay around if she's not helping him?

No. 278347

Well for one thing he's never going to get any better than Luna, but the main thing I presume is that she has family with a bit of money and that Lurch knows already how to manipulate her. When the money from her dad totally dries up, people are more likely to give to a poor young girl than a slimy old man, and he can always try talk her into sex work.

No. 278388

How did she even met chief? She wouldn't have access to heroin if it weren't for him. I would be kind of afraid of getting murdered if I met with such a character. Like he's a 40 year old drug addicted man and she is(was) a naive college girl sheltered by middle class daddy. Things turned out not that bad if you think about it. She probably thinks she's now living some kind of fairytale.

No. 278391

read the first thread. i numbered and linked them all at the begining of this one so that everyone could stop asking these dumbass questions. she would still have access to heroin. and youre the one who sounds sheltered by the way, "id be afraid of getting murdered if i met with that kind of character" he was a 30 yr old heroin addict and dealer not ted bundy.

No. 278394

she also met lurch before college and lived with her mom not her dad.
before that she lived with her grandma.

No. 278435

How are they too big? Is she just insinuating she has to use the drawstrings? Like most sweat pants that fit?

No. 278438

Found it, I've followed the threads since the start I just missed the full story that was in a tumblr ask she answered. Calm down Luna

No. 278440

sure anyone sick of dumbass questions and people not lurking enough and stupid theories is luna. makes sense.

No. 278441

I thought at first too that she meant the shorts were too big. But on second thought I think she must be talking about her granny legs/stomach/crotch.
Whyyyyyyy does she hike all her sweatpants up into her crotch/leg creases it looks so fucking nasty.

No. 278445

to cover her saggy belly skin oviously

No. 278454

She should just wear the sweatpants down lower like how theyre meant to be worn and then just put on a longer shirt. Jfc this bitch.

No. 278473

File: 1490634414101.png (149.82 KB, 1080x943, Screenshot_2017-03-27-09-20-56…)

No. 278475

File: 1490634541230.png (868.31 KB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_2017-03-27-09-22-42…)

this was posted right before a post asking people to buy her art, and not long after her bragging about her AA stuff.

No. 278476

File: 1490634583435.png (88.65 KB, 1080x489, Screenshot_2017-03-27-09-22-52…)

the only comment on her begging for art sales posts

No. 278479

>"I'm sad and also my b-day is in 8 days, please buy me stuff!"

No. 278480

Woke up to a random message from lurch on facebook. I guess he may not have deleted, or he brought it back. Nothing milky yet, but odd as I'm not even in the same country.

No. 278495

This is seriously so pathetic. Who even says shit like that on Facebook? What "horrible things" has Luna even seen?

No. 278497

herself in her grimy mirror

No. 278505

Lmao he thinks she's "too tall." C'mon Luna I'm 5'10" and I wear heels if someone like Lurch said I was too tall to wear them I'd probably laugh in his face. But he makes her ~so happeh and full of confidence!

No. 278516

>Who even says shit like that on Facebook?

Self-victimizing assholes, that's who.

No. 278547

File: 1490643800658.png (628.27 KB, 817x600, tuna.png)

i cannot man

No. 278552

i think her stretch marks are particularly etched in her skin because she dropped like 30 lbs at the end of last year when she was finally outted for scamming everyone for drug $$$ and was fucked for a good 3-4 months w/o the income tumblr gave her but it creeps me out anyhow

No. 278555

i mean i don't doubt that she's an incredibly depressed and sick individual lmao. are you serious. making an aesthetic out of her miserable existence is probably her only way of coping with the fact she's a 20 year old crack addict who willingly jumped into the arms of a cheating sea-urchin looking pedophile heroin addict because she thought it was cool. she lives in filth, rarely bathes, has a disgusting deflating body, is sick from constant drug abuse, rarely eats, and has no future. and to top it off the one thing she was convincing herself was worth a life of decay is constantly cheating on her. and if she leaves him she's homeless. plus she looks like she's in her 30s so yeah no shit she feels older she looks older too it's because she's a fucking crackhead.

she's a scamming attention seeking thief but i don't doubt for a second she thinks about killing herself at least once a week. hell, i'd pull the trigger for her.

No. 278562

Gross. I bet she caked on extra eyeliner before she cried so she could get a nice aesthetic uwu pic. Looks like she's all out of drugs. Id cry too if I was out of crack.

No. 278576

Well bitch. You should feel old. You graduated high school like 3 or 4 years ago and have done absolutely nothing with your life except hook up with an old man pedo and get addicted to heroin and crack. Never held a job… Doesn't have any skills. And what's even more pathetic is that you picked this life. Happy b-day, your quite the loser!!

No. 278624

her hair is so orange and crusty

No. 278641

Lunas dad gives them money, Luna fawns over him and he likes feeling like some irresistible Adonis because heroin makes them even stupider,chief can't get his dick up so isn't worried about getting it wet, removing her is hard and letting her remain a lump on his couch is easy.

No. 278645

People saying 'no' when she demands attention/money/drugs
The usual thing that traumatises anyone with online BPD.

No. 278655

Yeah, but literally every single one of those problems is her own damn fault. She could fix everything if she really tried. She can't get back lost time nor lost experiences. But her life is this way simply because she chooses it to be. Which is why I have absolutely no sympathy for her.

No. 278659

Also where tf do you get the impression that if she left Lurch she'd be homeless? Her father would obviously take her in. If she went to school or got a job, I bet he'd be even happier to take care of her. Additionally, if she went to school she would probably get financial aid and might be able to live in her own place. She could rent something if she got her own job, or she could pay her dad rent to live in his swanky loft. Her life isn't hopeless. She just pretends it is.

No. 278758

I think Lurch thinks he's Luna's age. He's got arrested development. He has been to prison and I can see him as someone who doesn't really register his own age or any kind of moral code at this point anymore. In the drug blog, Luna mentioned how Lurch worked for a drug dealer. Seen his age, I'd guess he has been doing this for closer to two decades.

As for her dad, I don't think he'd take her in. He's fine with her visiting on weekends, but that's it. Luna, again in her drug blog, talked of how she sells her meds to him. If Lurch were to kick it and Luna were to get clean, I'd wager she'd be out on her ass, all alone.

As sad as it is to type out, I think Luna will always be in a circle of drug use and odd boyfriends. She'll always dope date, she probably already sells herself on the street. This is pure speculation, but her moments of self loathing could be connected to that. I seem to remember (NOTE: my recollections) that she put up a photo of herself in her leopard print coat with a caption like 'I can not belive I just made 400 dollars!'. She has been half assedly offering nude pictures and alluding to doing cam shows with Lurch for money.

No. 278858

File: 1490662540988.png (208.37 KB, 750x1232, IMG_2202.PNG)

How much you want to bet someone ordered this for her and she's not thanking them.

No. 278861

I remember a post like that and I think for a minute she was asking people for money on the street with a sob story but that's from my memory so

No. 278866

You get stretch marks from weight gain, not loss.

No. 278880

You can get them from both

No. 278883

Your skin doesn't stretch when you lose weight. She got all her stretch marks from quickly getting fat not her recent crack-induced deflation. Use some common sense.

No. 278885

OH now the poor bitch has a swollen ankle? Psh.
These new pajamas she got looks like something a grandma would wear. She really has terrible style yikes.

No. 278898

Lmao! I just remembered… What happened to Tuna saying she just wanted her nails done and some shit for her birthday… And now she has this long-ass wishlist! Haha. Greedy dumb cunt.

No. 278910


>an angel tattoo and my nails done

She's fucking dumb.

No. 278943

A year ago when I was an idiot I sent her 25 bucks and she never thanked me, literally nothing

No. 278950

I see her not publicly thanking people because she doesn't want anyone knowing she got donations/shit so she can pout that she needs more and thinks people will feel sorry for her. But not even thanking someone through DM? Just shows she's a selfish greedy entitled piece of shit.

No. 278971

He might have deleted FB, but not the messaging app. "Tessa" wasn't from the same country either, she was supposedly from Germany, but that didn't stop him from pursuing her. Who knows what's going on in Chief's head anymore.

No. 279020

File: 1490673757168.jpg (60.69 KB, 540x524, 090.jpg)

this looks like chief

No. 279042

Haahaha. Totally does.

No. 279050

File: 1490674888328.jpg (70.18 KB, 500x500, IMG_9635.JPG)

No. 279104

What horrible things happened to her? Is she talking about the time Cotton Eye Joe launched her across a baseball field? Or the time she had to walk 2 blocks to her father's place instead of taking a taxi?

No. 279107


How much longer until they start using wet wipes to clean themselves?

Also, why even bother with body butter and bath salts at that point? It's like polishing a turd.

No. 279211

Tuna says she's "sex repulsed" now, so I doubt that she's whoring herself out on the reg. Not saying that she hasn't in the past, but I think she would have used being a ~sex worker to affirm her trash-chic aesthetic, she doesn't have any shame.

>> As for her dad, I don't think he'd take her in. He's fine with her visiting on weekends, but that's it. Luna, again in her drug blog, talked of how she sells her meds to him. If Lurch were to kick it and Luna were to get clean, I'd wager she'd be out on her ass, all alone.

I don't get this logic. Do we have evidence that Luna's dad is actually an asshole? I thought that was Luna being Borderline. I mean he seems to give Luna a lot of money and stuff, why would he let his daughter sleep on the streets if he's got the space to have her there? That's literally the coldest.

Luna's Dad isn't spoiling her just because she sells meds to him. He could find a guy that sells him meds that doesn't stay in his house for days and demand thrift clothing like Luna does, if he really wanted.

I've been keeping up with Tuna way less time than most anons here, but I've never seen any romance between her and Lurch. Other than the couple of gross pictures with Luna sucking Lurch's dick, I've not seen any chemistry between them. At all.

Everything "Matthew" has ever said on Facebook about Luna was written by her. The bullshit posts Luna puts on Tumblr about how much she loves Matthew aren't fooling anyone. Recently, she's honestly shown more concern over her ex Peter than Matthew. I just don't get why she's still there.

Lurch is a fucking scumbag looking for an opportunity to replace Luna with some other impressionable idiot he grooms on Facebook. Luna's all used up and gross now, I don't blame him for wanting to replace her.

I hope this goes somewhere funny again btw, you should see what desperate shit Lurch will do for titty pics.

Read the thread >>277981

No. 279212

shit. Samefag, I meant to sage.

No. 279223

Wow this seems dead on.

But I think that she could be whoring herself out which disturbs her and fucks up untill she gets high, and she calls that sex repulsed. she doesn't have a libido but she'll still fuck for money/drugs.

No. 279234

>Futures lookin bright Luna
>so bright Chief has to wear shades?

Underrated comment right there

No. 279238

>hell, i'd pull the trigger for her

what the actual fuck tho

No. 279249


i'm the idiot who sent her the copic markers. they were all duplicates of colors i have and she was going on about her markers drying out and needing new art supplies. i want to say there was 12-15, so not exactly $100 worth as i previous though. sent with priority mail and even wrote a nice encouraging letter to keep making art. we communicated through tumblr messages and after i sent them off aside from a "i can't wait!" message when i told her they were on the way i never heard anything back. in fact i wasn't even sure if she had gotten them, even when the tracking number said they were delivered. i decided to wait about a month to see if she replied to my message about telling me when they showed up and she never did. it was a good three weeks later that she posted a picture of her holding them (if i remember right) and the caption was "i don't remember who sent me these but thank you so much omg", something like that. no mention of my username in the post. not my biggest concern butshe couldn't just check the messages we sent back and forth and thank me through that? or even looked at the note where i put my username down as my signature?

it was a good yet very unfortunate lesson.

No. 279252

did you find her through this thread?

No. 279275

it's actually depressing how she makes washing into a special occasion, as if it's not something that people to daily. the way she talks about how nice it is to feel clean makes me think of people treating themselves to a fancy meal and i JUST….. do drugzzz really rot your brain that much?

No. 279283


like discover her here first and send her stuff or am i misunderstanding this? i found her through tumblr years ago when she was posting under "funeralhome420" because i enjoyed her "look" and posts about mental illness at the time. continued to follow her through the name changes and such. it was probably nearly two years ago that i sent the markers.

No. 279285

File: 1490718588196.png (193.35 KB, 750x1199, IMG_2203.PNG)

Why can't she brush her fucking hair like even a little im really surprised it's not all matted and tangled maybe it is underneath in the back. I have long straight hair and if I don't brush it daily that's what happens.

No. 279299

I used to have her hair texture when I bleached my hair…. I think its brushed in this pic. But then she makes it look messy and tangly on purpose. In the pics when it looks crusty, that's when its not brushed. Ew.

No. 279313

Sometimes i think its because she lurks here and wants to drive home the point "LOOK LOLCOW, I LOVE BATHS THEREFORE I BATHE" without ever showing us otherwise. But who the fuck really knows.

No. 279317


What grosses me out is her insistence on putting foundation on her lips, like she is deliberately making her face corpselike. We get it, Luna, you're a dead woman walking, you edgy bitch.

Her "aesthetic" bugs me, because she could legit be attractive. Most her problems could be relatively easily solved (especially if if she started by dropping about 170 punds of dead weight from her life), but it's even easier wallowing around in her own self-pity, I guess.

No. 279368

File: 1490725934952.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170328-142925.png)

I'm shocked noone posted this kek worthy post. Why the fuck would anyone care about her tumblr follower count.

No. 279385

No. 279414

File: 1490729146449.png (158.88 KB, 750x965, IMG_2204.PNG)


No. 279437

U put Dennis Reynolds to shame right there

No. 279500

Sounds like a bad attempt at humblebragging. "Oh poor me, having 10000 followers was ever so stressful"

No. 279506

It was, while she was able to exploit her tumblrfans for money and wishlist crap her numbers provided a broader base of people taking an interest in her in general. Including people who were privy to her bullshit antics and those who began to expose her.

No. 279509

babe no it's her teeth blending into her lip

No. 279511

File: 1490736722474.png (111.38 KB, 640x877, IMG_2928.PNG)

Lol @ her liking all of lilpeep's posts lately, stellar taste in men tuna

No. 279512

File: 1490736983904.png (113.97 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-10-57…)

No. 279513

File: 1490737435546.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1267, Screenshot_2017-03-28-14-41-54…)

>gets brand new shirts
>wears grimey old shirt

No. 279518

they probably don't use wet wipes for anything right now. luna probably has dry toilet paper stuck in her crack for a month before she finally bathes

No. 279523

File: 1490738318215.jpg (662.89 KB, 1512x1512, Instasize_0328145725.jpg)

the ankle saga

sorry for the bad collage im on mobile

No. 279526

File: 1490738404246.png (146.96 KB, 1080x868, Screenshot_2017-03-28-14-52-35…)

to be continued…??

No. 279529

yet even Lil Peep's lyricism is better than her shitty poems lol

No. 279535


…no, you definitely can get stretchmarks from weight loss, too. i know it sounds counterintuitive but that anon is right.

No. 279537

>strong when it comes to pain

Girl you are so weak you blame your heroin addiction on these things

No. 279540

But stretch marks are from your skin stretching and ripping due to rapid weight gain??
Maybe they are more visible when you lose the weight as your skin sags and doesnt shrink back but they were made before hand.

No. 279546

no, fgs just google it. you lose collagen fibres in the skin from rapid weight loss causing ruptures.
different biological causes but same outcome.

No. 279580

>the time Cotton Eye Joe launched her across a baseball field

jfc that's so fucking funny

No. 279594

I did google it as i am the original anon to start the stretch mark shit. It says from yoyo dieting, puberty, rapid weight gain, pregnancy, cushings disease and marfan syndrome. unless you count yoyo dieting as losing weight, which i wouldnt and it isnt what tunas doing anyway.
Sage cause this is ridiculous topic

No. 279647

Found someone on IG(I don't wanna post their @ cuz I don't want to put them up here I guess) who also got a ME heart banner tattoo and I looked at the comments of the photo she posted when she got it and saw Luna just commented "same" what a selfish brat like she's the only person to have a super basic tattoo??

Sage cuz no photo

No. 279691

File: 1490753691885.png (827.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4715.PNG)

No. 279693

Looks like she accidently stuck her finger with a needle. Also.. Does the caption say "how much does the average person cry"? Hahaha. She's gonna try and out-cry people now.

No. 279698

She probably shot up in her hand

No. 279721

By the directed of the blood drop,definitely shot up in her hand and let it drip for the ~aesthetic

No. 279727

File: 1490756804041.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_2017-03-28-20-04-37…)

yes and it says "i cry more than once per day"

picture not related

No. 279728

>implying her hair now isn't completely fried to shit

This girl has lost all touch with reality

No. 279776


can't she just uber

No. 279858

File: 1490777799879.png (254.46 KB, 750x1334, 1489382027298.png)

Is it possible this is about Lurch?

I mean, she likes the whole DD/LG thing in her relationship? Maybe I'm reaching, but her biodad obviously loves her.

sage for shitty theory

No. 279863


>taking care of me

you mean shooting up for you Tuna?

No. 279900

I could see all those things being about lurch, he seems like quite the psycho. But I think its about her actual dad because she loves talking shit about him and even though he buys her shit, takes care of her bills, has her over to his apartment all the time, gives her weed and his scripts, she thinks hes "evil" because she likes to feel like "poor Luna".
Its funny how she acts now like Matthew is this great amazing guy when on her old drug blog she would talk about how he'd treat her like shit and scream at her for little things. No way things have changed.

No. 279916

File: 1490789288162.png (Spoiler Image,210.58 KB, 605x356, Capture _2017-03-29-07-05-13.p…)

Okay I didnt want to reply to this because its about an old pic.. But I don't think its her teeth. You can see her teeth behind it and theyre a different color than her deformed lip.

No. 279919

>"my ankle is swollen, can you buy me something for my birthday (3rd of april and i was born during a lunar eclipse)"

this bitch

No. 279961

>my dad hates my mom
This is absolutely about her real dad. Goes hand in hand with her saying stuff like "Thanks to Roger for being like a dad to me, I never had one"

No. 279967

File: 1490800172299.png (277.21 KB, 1080x1689, 2017-03-29 08.08.18.png)

No. 279968

File: 1490800234294.png (677.36 KB, 1080x1682, 2017-03-29 08.07.11.png)

No. 279969

File: 1490800348102.png (149.61 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_2017-03-29-08-04-32…)

No. 279995

But what are you doing to contribute to that goal, Tuna? I mean, aside from taking advantage of peoples' kindness.

No. 280009

She means she can't wait till her dad dies so she gets his money.

No. 280043

Fuck ew her response to I'm sure whatever actual valid feelings a person chose to express to her she's literally just a bad person inside and out

No. 280128

>I cry cos of mental illness not anything else

Really Tunafish Sandwich? So you only cry over literally nothing? Or you just cry about yourself?

No. 280130

>>280128 guessing you've never had depression because yes sometimes you do cry over literally nothing, or at least it feels that way

No. 280131

I hope she gets written out of all her family's wills. The way she wants them to drop dead for her inheritance is disgusting. She shouldn't get a cent from anyone tbh

No. 280135

Greedy bitch already squandered a million dollar inheritance.

No. 280144

True I didn't mean for it to come off that way but to be so nasty about it

I do suffer from depression so I guess I'm being an asshole too cuz I do cry over anything but that includes politics (our president is currently an evil dumb millionaire from a comic book or some shit) and things about life etc also I imagine she cries a lot about drugs just tbh

Sage for being a dummy

No. 280159

File: 1490822559399.png (Spoiler Image,176.04 KB, 750x1110, IMG_2210.PNG)

That mouth

No. 280161

Is she blind? She looked much better before what the fuck

No. 280171

It's been said over and over again, but how… How on earth… does she think those lips looks good? If she wants to be like Courtney Love she should get some red lipstick. It'd make her look 10x better, that's saying a lot.

It'd be so easy for her to achieve the heroin chic aesthetic. She lives in New York; I practically live off of bodega coffee and bananas, it's 75 cents in my area for coffee, around 50 for a banana. That's a filling meal for barely over a dollar. It'd be so easy for her to starve herself on this whilst writing cheesy poems about going to the bodega at midnight in just a hoodie. Cute, right Tuna? Get junk sick & walk around Brooklyn aimlessly. You already have the drugs, you just lack the look.

No. 280175

the worst is she HAS good colours of lipstick. people have sent her so much makeup. she'll take 1 picture with a new shade on and wear bleached asshole lips crusted in layers for 4 more months. she will take pictures of her expensive makeup sitting on her science experiment bed not being used for aesthetic!!!

No. 280178

nah that's a reach. she's talked about how her dad has hep C and hates her mom ect. it's definitely about her dad.

No. 280183

File: 1490825837370.jpg (44.94 KB, 450x236, surejan.w1200.h630.jpg)

>"really helped my beauty"

No. 280203

She doesn't write proper English I imagine she sounds like a mumbling asshole
She really used to be smarter than this when she was in high school and actually did work it's a shame she's been dumbed down so much not just from drugs but not using her brain at all. Its probably incredibly atrophied. If some how she lives to get old, she will be so goddamn out of it she won't be in her dads fancy apartment, she'll be in a nursing home. At like age 50, honestly.

No. 280208

are you…are you serious?
the old thread is gone, I was going to look it up for myself, but can you provide deets? this needs to be in OP next time if true

No. 280212

Supposedly her grandmother left her a million dollars when she died and she got it at 18 and blew through it in a year some how. I can't believe it was a MILLION DOLLARS cuz that's like insane but that's what some people claim

She claims her mom would steal it to pay their rent. Which I think she claimed was something like $3k a month for a shitty apartment like she has now.

Gosh none of this sounds real, what do you mean the other threads are gone??? We rly should put that in the OP cuz like wtf

No. 280231

File: 1490831300344.png (539.68 KB, 720x893, 20170329_194717.png)

l a d

No. 280233

>>280231 oh my fucking god those pores i want to cry

No. 280235

File: 1490831487885.jpg (113.61 KB, 445x503, 56607233.jpg)


No. 280237

File: 1490831514630.png (812 KB, 720x862, 20170329_195101.png)

that gap is bigger than my future

No. 280241

threads aren't gone

No. 280253

File: 1490832681662.gif (998.09 KB, 500x368, scream.gif)

I can't

No. 280267

It's not even about the mustache it's your disgusting skin you refuse to wash omg

No. 280274

Geez this barred out instagram dump is intense how tf is she so fucked up on 2 mg of xanax??

No. 280282

File: 1490834111742.png (1.17 MB, 720x1123, 20170329_203413.png)

sorry for the spam dump but she says this maybe idk stop doing fucking drugs?

No. 280289

File: 1490834433897.jpg (428.68 KB, 700x542, Raw-Honey-Cutting-the-Combs-2.…)

Imagine dragging a credit card across her nose…

No. 280292

omg fuck

No. 280312

or her doing a pore strip, it would be terrifying pulling that shit off

No. 280318

I would watch a video of her thoroughly cleaning her face it's like a medical mystery under all that

No. 280321

I don't use drugs, but is that octopus thing a crack pipe…?

No. 280327

weed pipe but id imagine u could use it for other stuff

No. 280330

It really never ceases to amaze me how little a person can love themselves to let such filth accumulate. She has to smell absolutely rank. Like pit sweat, hot breath and Frito corn chips.

No. 280335


i compiled it in the second comment in this thread so it can go in next op

No. 280336

Agreed. I feel like if she scratched her nose all those blackheads would sit underneath her haggard nails.

No. 280348

That looks like sebaceous filaments to me, everyone has them. She really piles on foundation tho, so they become more apparent and wrong-looking in a close-up.

No. 280359

"Sebaceous filaments" just means waste deposits and obviously they have accumulated over time cuz you guess it, she really cakes on that foundation and it does make it look worse but it's still BAD

No. 280364

Nah tuna has a proper crackpipe. Unless she broke it which is possible. Remember her scrapbook page with with the crack rose? Haha.

No. 280379

Lots of women have a moustache but those fucking pores oh my godddddddddd.

No. 280380

Fuck you for ruining honey for me.

No. 280384

File: 1490842929649.jpg (64.09 KB, 630x480, 394539862.jpg)


its a weed pipe and if you see someone using it for crack they're a dumbass, but crackheads are retarded and don't actually know anything about drugs

pic related, it's a proper crack pipe for vaporization. it also comes in a "straight" version without the bulb at the end

No. 280399

File: 1490844650175.png (174.75 KB, 640x1001, IMG_5172.PNG)

Someone please save that poor Rilakkuma

No. 280400

File: 1490844699056.png (162.8 KB, 640x1004, IMG_5171.PNG)

She's going on a pic posting spree rn

No. 280407

Ugh her hair is so fucking dirty. It looks like she has matte pomade in but its just dirt and scalp oil. Vomit.

No. 280408

I'm afraid it's beyond saving. The kindest thing we can do is humanely euthanize it. In a fire.

No. 280419

Looks like the granny night gown and that cheap hello kitty necklace are her new outfit to "live-in"…

No. 280428

SOMEBODY PLEASE GO HOLD THIS BITCH DOWN AND SCRUB HER FACE. and wear rubber gloves, I wouldn't want anyone touching that with bare hands.
Those bumps aren't hard to get rid of you disgusting cunt.. All you have to do is exfoliate. With a fucking wet washcloth if that's all you have. Does she take pride in being absolutely gross and repulsive?

No. 280437

her hair makes me want to take a 2 hour long shower fuck

No. 280441

i think she genuinely wants to get off heroin but is in so deep, and has spent so much time glorifying and romanticising it that i think she'd feel stupid straight-up complaining online to her followers that she wants to get clean and it makes her feel worse. i think she is VERY aware that she can't live like this forever but is too deep in heroin uwu trash bby aesthetic to do anything

also, does anyone else think luna is staying with Easter island head because of his possibly (fake) inheritance? the inheritance he told 'tessa' about? i reckon that's why she's sticking with him. he's a a loser but has promised her a cut in his inheritance when/if that ever happens? just an idea.

No. 280445

she has posted TWENTY FOUR pics on IG today!

No. 280457

I'm getting uncanny valley vibes from this. Holy shit. She looks like a creepy doll made from human parts.

No. 280469

I couldn't even finish my meal when I saw this

No. 280497

Wowwww. Is she on a crack binge?

No. 280556

This is an oil burner. It's for meth, not crack. No one uses these for crack. Crack pipes are glass tubes and some chore boy.

No. 280564

File: 1490861280944.png (367.6 KB, 720x1111, 20170330_040713.png)

Apparently it's from Xanax, I'd assume. Or a mix of sorts.

No. 280611

ehh, she seems to average on around 20 pix on IG day sooo. kinda goes to show how bored the girl must be! she never goes anywhere or does anything. instagram is probs her only contact with the outside world. it made me sad today when she posted all these pix of her in different outfits like knowing she sits round the house all day just changing clothes and taking photos of them for instagram..

No. 280663

she's dead inside jesus christ

No. 280690

Why do you think she wants to get off heroin? Everything in this post is wrong

No. 280692

Selfies are like her highest form of "productivity" or whatever you want to call it. It's so pathetic. Like in >>280399
The caption was "trying to get more pics with my cute wall!" Like what ???

No. 280711

You only want off when you're withdrawing, high those kind of thoughts and self awareness don't exist

T. Former addict

No. 280740

I bet tuna decorated her crack pipe worth cutesy stickers. Haha. She should post pics, that's so aesthetic.

No. 280749

File: 1490888147815.jpg (42.47 KB, 570x428, diuc.jpg)

pretty sure its just a bowl, you can check out etsy they have tons. she prob uses it to smoke weed.
>pic related: $45 bowl i found on etsy that looks the same

No. 280753

Yes its obviously just a weed pipe. Why is anyone debating that.. You don't smoke crack out of a pot pipe. If Tuna doesn't have a crack pipe then she's smoking her crack out of an antenna or off a soda can. Dumb tho when she could just go to the gas station and buy a 3 dollar pipe.

No. 280755

File: 1490888987306.jpg (57.8 KB, 501x558, IMG_8118.JPG)

Tunas bf

No. 280758

Why is she taking xanax? I wonder if Matthew makes her take "tolerance breaks" from heroin so then he has to use less on her, and there will be more for him. She probably would twist that into some cute relationship thing instead of seeing it for what it is, which is a greedy junky move.

No. 280778

I think she just has it around cuz they have scripts and they sell them and she took one.

No. 280791


Xanax and other benzos boost the effects of heroin and other opiates, and vice versa. Basically it gets you 2x as high and all they have to do is take an extra pill they have scripts to already.

No. 280796

Okay. Explains her disgusting moustache/nasty nose pic. Did she leave that up? Or did she delete it after coming down.

No. 280798

I just checked and it's gone lol

No. 280832

Am I crazy or has her nose gotten way wider?

Imagine how nasty that pipe is from Luna slobbering all over it with her unwashed mouth. And you know she never, ever cleans it. It probably reeks of hobo cavities.

No. 280833

Wtf, it does look likes her nose is wider.. Why? Maybe its a filter she uses..?

No. 280891

you have to be 21 to buy cigarettes in all of california. its become the next effort in reducing tobacco use in the US.

No. 280907

File: 1490901616624.png (77.82 KB, 474x442, xanax.png)

No. 280923

I wonder if the people commenting know that Luna is a heroin addict…

No. 280932

Didn't she say the EXACT SAME THING about heroin at one point

No. 280951

Apart from dressing up in her filthy room and being a complete waste of air what does she do all day ? It amazes me how she can stay inside all day without being productive.

No. 280953

File: 1490905400204.png (37.94 KB, 640x283, IMG_4787.PNG)

No. 280954

File: 1490905509020.png (79.21 KB, 640x681, IMG_4788.PNG)

No. 280963

>my looks

gurl good luck with that

No. 280977

She's certainly remarkable looking…

No. 281006

God the way she goes on like that on Facebook is so embarrassing

No. 281077

File: 1490914793504.png (113.54 KB, 506x464, toopoor.png)

No. 281082

File: 1490914910513.png (174.64 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_2017-03-30-16-53-46…)

No. 281091

File: 1490915232780.png (104.91 KB, 1080x809, Screenshot_2017-03-30-16-56-22…)

says the girl who just made a big deal of buying herself 25$ worth of aa clothes and a $12 dress

No. 281093

File: 1490915306639.png (476.79 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_2017-03-30-16-59-06…)

No. 281095

File: 1490915407052.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_2017-03-30-16-59-19…)

No. 281116

I know she can't help her lips, but everytime i see them i want to scratch my skin off. They're just so ewww.

No. 281119

ya, she inspires me to shower daily

No. 281123

ya, honestly i find luna pretty cute in the face, but wtf is with the teeth shaped upper lip!

No. 281129

File: 1490917587396.png (2.11 MB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_2017-03-30-16-56-37…)

No. 281159

Omg I could not even get past the first line of this without wanting to hit her

No. 281166

File: 1490920116782.png (185.28 KB, 750x980, IMG_2216.PNG)

Besides she's still really scary but the improvement of wearing a darker lip, with the right amount of product, makes a pretty significant difference, comparatively.

No. 281178

This is so fucking rich coming from her

If you only are every three days you'd actually be thin, you fat spoiled rotten brat

I can't stand this cunt

No. 281182

is this a new pic? it's actually really nice looking, especially in comparison to how she usually looks

No. 281190

she's such a piece of shit. she's exactly like all the privileged assholes she's speaking of.

& what the hell is she talking about when she says on all the money advice websites she goes on, it says "ask your parents for help"? I have a whole pinterest board of saving tips and "investing for dummies" type links bc I'm a heroin addict in recovery who now has a significant amount of saved money for the first time in my life. NONE of the pages/articles I've seen have mentioned ANYTHING about asking your parents for financial help.

No. 281209

she actually looks nice in this pic. i like the outfit (don't like how it's showing her bra though)

No. 281245

She's such a fucking hypocrite.

You choose to be "poor", instead of bathing yourself you choose to smell like shit for the ~aesthetic~
You choose your dirty ass drugs(which you mooch money off of people) and use it on that instead of food and everything else.

Sage for rage but holy fuck I want to chokeslam this junkie cunt.

No. 281281


>pick one: rent, food, laundry

she conveniently left out the heroin, I wonder why?????

No. 281292


Her "social commentary" post is so plain and hollow. Shows just how narrow her view of the world is. She tries to come as deep and interesting, when in reality just reflects the thoughts of a really short mind. Her words projects the privileges she has in every post of hers.


And then this…. Openly saying how much she wants to be famous. This is truly laughable, no doubt she is a lolcow.

If Luna ever reads this, then: congrats! You're actually (kinda) famous. You've got some people talking about you in this board. Sorry you can't achieve more of this. Maybe if you worked in your "art" which is horrendous, you could thrive something more. Your paintings and poetry are awful, mostly because it's the same as the words you say: hollow and dumb. Nothing memorable, since there are lots of stuff like that out there. If it were bad but at least had something groundbreaking then it would be a different story. You know the shit that's so bad that's good. The thing is your stuff doesn't have it.

No. 281295

posted from rose gold iphone 7 plus

No. 281301

Un-fucking-believable. She's at her dads house EVERY FUCKING WEEKEND almost to get money from him, go shopping, and take things from around his house. I wanna smack the shit out of this bitch. She's not poor. She'd never be homeless, if she got kicked out, her dad would take her in. Lurch might be on the street though and maybe tuna would wanna go with him because shed think that would been so cute and aesthetic. I wanna call this cunt out so fucking bad. (Don't worry I wont actually say anything to her.. No cowtipping)

No. 281305

because when she's coming off heroin she posts endlessly about how depressed she is and i think she is aware of the fact that heorin = depression but has too much pride to say it

No. 281443

File: 1490940038144.png (295.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-30-17-55-53…)

she deleted that giant status but i got some screen shots of the comments before she did

No. 281445

File: 1490940131952.png (293.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-30-17-55-25…)

this was all i got. wasnt expecting her to delete it

No. 281448

File: 1490940231238.png (220.17 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_2017-03-30-23-58-26…)


No. 281457

Because there's always always always money for heroin. Being without it isn't an option.

No. 281459

It's her "medication" as she says, obviously mandatory kek

No. 281471

lmaaaaooo. luna! you fucking publicly talked shit about bryce don't you dare cry about people not wanting to ~defend ur honor~ because people disagreed with your stupid fb status. holy shit she's irritating. i can't believe bryce still associates with luna and buys her things. luna doesn't deserve shit. i wonder the exact amount of times she'll ask for gifts/mention her bday on facebook before the actual day

No. 281583

Yeah she just posted it I guess Bryce gave her fancy lipstick

No. 281623

>is anyone sending me a bday package.
i love it.

No. 281629

Lmao god she's so oblivious to how dumb and spoiled she sounds

God my life must be worth nothing! No one sent me birthday packages this year! Or ever, as an adult? Wtf. What worth does she thinks she has that she deserves so much ???

No. 281698

If she cant afford to do laundry or feed herself, how does she have enough for internet and phone bills? Luna doesn't understand what it is to be poor if she has the ability to post on Instagram and Facebook 200 times a day

No. 281700

It's possible to steal WiFi from your neighbours.

No. 281719

Her dad pays for it

No. 281733

she also has fucking tv, an ipad, a mac, an iphone recently upgraded - with a phone plan that has data on it so she can play pokemon go with her cotton eyed joe joints and live facebook lurchs run ins with cops at train stations.
shes a demented spoiled brat

No. 281788

i followed luna in 2013 up until she deleted her old tumblr last year, and i randomly got the urge to google her to see what happened and found this series of threads. i'm not surprised, just disappointed because i used to look up to her a lot back in the day. i figured i would try to fill in some of the gaps with what i remember from her posts

she started off as a fashion blogger and would post ootd pics, was also really into bands like the growlers, together pangea, hunx and his punx, fidlar, etc and went to a lot of shows in nyc. was a chainsmoker and would use weed and acid recreationally with her friends. her art/poetry were basically the same as now, just without the word "daddy". she actually ended up going to rehab for a month during her senior year for smoking weed which is kinda funny in retrospect

at the time she lived with her mom and the place was a dump, not as bad as lurch's but sad nonetheless. she had a ton of ashtrays around her bed that she never dumped out and caught her bed on fire at least once. her clothes were also really beat up but not nearly to the extent they are now. she also had a cat named buddy that is now long deceased, he also had a lot of health problems towards the end, but again not nearly as bad looking as her current pets and i remember her actually taking him to the vet several times. i don't think she was getting support from her dad at the time? she was just paying rent with her inheritance money from her grandma and doing odd jobs since her mom was always strung out. she didn't beg for money online either yet but she definitely overspent on clothes/shoes/etc and would make passive aggressive birthday posts to get gifts from people

she started dating peter from late 2013 to early 2014 i believe, they never met but she made a ton of sappy posts and wore a ring to symbolize their future engagement or something. lurch started selling her mom drugs and was crashing at their place a lot, and she hooked up with him at least once before she and peter broke up for good. it was really creepy from the get-go, she was posting about how she remembered him from growing up and that he had a crush on her since she was 13. she would sneak out of the house a lot and post pics of them having sex outdoors. then she went to college/got hooked on cough syrup and xanax/dropped out of college//moved in with lurch and the rest is history

like i said, not surprised to see her on here, just really disappointed that she hasn't made any effort to get better. also sorry for the length of this post guys but this is a pretty sordid tale and i wanted to share everything i remember.

No. 281804

Yeah she used to be involved with thepulpgirls zine thing, I think you can still find some of her old stuff on their site.

No. 281805

File: 1490990699240.png (278.99 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_2017-03-31-13-58-12…)

does this confirm she reads here? everything she acknowledged was recently talked about in this thread

No. 281808

I kinda relate to this post, unfortunately, but imagine posting something quite so pathetically sad and personal on facebook?! For all your friends and family to see?! Cringe.

No. 281839

File: 1490992495896.jpg (248.27 KB, 1365x1365, IMG_2463.JPG)

she was so cute in 2012, look at her freckles and clean face, normal looking lips despite the dark lipstick…

No. 281849

Get your eyes checked, she has always looked haggard and weathered. She looks older than my mom in this pic.

No. 281854

Wow, never even knew there were freckles hidden underneath that cakeface.

No. 281899

Wasnt it recently mentioned here about how shes 21 and hasn't done anything besides graduate high school? Sounds like the nasty cunt lurks here.
And this post of hers makes me think that shes dopesick/coming down. Haha. She always acts like she wants to improve her life but then she finally gets her dope and shes back to her normal piece of shit self.

No. 281915

I don't believe she went to rehab for a month in high school she would mention it a lot more for street cred and I've never seen her mention that

No. 281922

Girl why would people buy your overpriced shit art?
All of these issues she's caused herself and I'm sure as soon as Matthew shot her up she did not want to have a part some job at "this place"

No. 281926

Rehab is expensive, it wouldn't fit with her "I STRUGGLE SO HARD" narrative. Also people would ask why, and she could tell the truth, which is embarrassing (rehab for weed), or she would lie, which could make people less sympathetic to her.

No. 281931

File: 1490996231155.png (223.04 KB, 750x1109, IMG_2225.PNG)

The blanket lives… ew ew ew

>I'll give you at least ten dollars off

Oh wow oh great I'm definitely gonna buy your art now with such a discount you could get two of her paintings for almost $300

No. 281934

Yeah, and she didn't even conceive any babies on the staircase of the rehab either!

No. 281944

File: 1490996953216.png (2.03 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-31-16-45-48…)

I know it isnt finished yet but this looks so fucking bad.

No. 281946

File: 1490997070552.png (383.61 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-31-16-45-17…)

She sounds retarded.

No. 281948

im not saying it looks good… but it looks SO much better without her thick cartoon black squizzle lines.

i love she talks like its hard physical labour

No. 281965

She hasn't done the outline yet

No. 281966

Wtf is this

No. 281968

what happened to the site

No. 281969

>>281931>that pile of nasty crusty clothing on the floorOnly fire can cleanse this place.

No. 281970

??? fix the site change it back this isnt funny

No. 281971

>>281970ok the robert patinsson thing is pretty funny

No. 281972

lmao good one admin-san

No. 281974

Ugh, It's some kind of April fools joke right?

No. 281975

Yep, the ol' switcharoo.

No. 281976

File: 1490999721268.png (Spoiler Image,158.68 KB, 404x337, tumblr_inline_omtnods4cq1qg1mt…)

give us our site back, my eyes can't take it anymore

No. 281990

You might not want to put your email linking to your Bleach roleplay Facebook account on an anonymous imageboard, kiddo. Bit late now though, I suppose.

No. 282015

File: 1491006671316.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-31-18-26-42…)

No. 282016

File: 1491006713470.png (2.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-31-18-25-56…)

>i spent SO much time on it

No. 282017

File: 1491006799673.png (249.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-31-18-28-27…)

No. 282018

the fact this is now PULL triggers me
You can keep the rewards, I'd just as soon stay sick - The Cramps, "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns"

No. 282019

File: 1491006857366.png (288.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-31-18-28-34…)

No. 282031

sage for OT but I hate it so much that everyone these days just calls themselves an artist/ designer/ photographer etc. and expects to be paid for their non-existing skills. She doesn't know anything about art and no one that does would follow her for hers, so how does she expect people to magically know whether she spend 20 minutes or a whole hour on it.

(Also, she literally just posted it before she started complaining, why can't she just wait a day for people to even see it)

No. 282035

>he cannot mention how much I'm eating
>a gift

Tuba that's fucked up that man is mean
~I'm a lucky girl...whose dream came true
but underneath it all...I'm just like you~

No. 282037

Is this my identity now??

No. 282042

Where is she getting cake from since she just posted that she "treated herself" to food after not eating for 3 days. Maybe she just meant that she didnt eat because of a crack binge. And also, she probably just assumes that since its her birthday, someone with just show up with cake. Like its a given. Like shes fucking five years old.

No. 282044

Exactly like you know she wouldn't even make herself a cake from the box she'd just be like "omg it's my birthday and I'm STARVING cuz no one got me a cake for my birthday!!! guess I'll die, please donate so i can order dominos cuz it's my birthday!!! Ugh I hate rich people, they ALWAYS have cake and they never give me any!"

No. 282045

I was actually following her back at that time too and she was in rehab but I didnt know it was just for weed lmao cause I remember all the photos she took there/her always having to take drug tests and etc
#1 Supporter of: Yaoi and all things slashy & perverted.

No. 282066

There's a part of me that wants to buy all of her art on her birthday, then to cancelling payments. Imagine the excitement and disappointments.

No. 282067

Lmao that would be hilarious.

No. 282197

that would be so fucking funny hahahahaha

No. 282200

who the fuck goes to rehab for weed lmfao what a loser jfc

No. 282201

seeing a 20 year old with this mentality is unsettling. thank fuck for darwinism

No. 282210

I feel like she tries to convince herself that he's being cute and teasing when he's cruel to her, otherwise she'd have to accept that he's just a mean person.

No. 282224


>Weed rehab


No. 282256

>she actually ended up going to rehab for smoking weed

Fucking hilarious

No. 282265

why the hell would you go to rehab for weed of all things

No. 282298

My cousin actually had to do this as his sentence when he got caught smoking weed by the police at 16. But I believe that only happened cuz he lives in super backwoods Bible Belt small town Kentucky. They let him off early cuz it was going to affect his graduating from high school a year early with honors lol.

She lives in NY, and her mom was an addict who didn't care if she smoked weed and cigarettes in the house. And you know if she had a run in with the law it would be in one of the details she lists in her awful ginger bronson ripoff poetry like how she was conceived on the stairs of a methadone clinic.
>running from the law since I was 12
Or some shit u know?

Also did you see the icon of Lurch n Tuna??? shes made it to the lolcow hall of fools lol

Oh and her birthday is only like 63 hours away omg where are all her presents!!!!
~I'm a lucky girl...whose dream came true
but underneath it all...I'm just like you~

No. 282310

her lips still look crusty and gross tbh

No. 282312

Luna pls stop caking on foundation and let your natural skin free, your freckles are adorable.

No. 282317

I think she was caught with drugs at school or they drug tested her and even though she was doing harder stuff at the time (nothing like now, just xans and kpins and coke ocassionally), she somehow got in trouble for weed. Even she recognized the irony at the time. So it was completely out of her control, she used to bitch about it all the time, and this was back when she was coherent and actually interesting so it made for good blogposts for a couple months.

No. 282334


No. 282345

File: 1491079669322.png (226.74 KB, 750x1241, IMG_2231.PNG)

This is literally too much

No. 282347

what a spoiled brat. and she's still gonna be begging for more gifts.

No. 282353

Whose John? And you know she's gonna just cake on this nice makeup and make it look like shit.
She's online all day why doesn't she watch some makeup tutorials.

No. 282356

I like how she says nobody ever gives her gifts like that when her dad bought her a brand new rose gold iphone and will buy her another new one as soon as one comes out. I hate this entitled cunt. And didnt Bryce just buy her some nice lipstick for her b-day?

No. 282375

I doubt she'll even use those. They're probably just going to sit on her vanity and gather dust.

No. 282400

Yeah and he bought her all those thrift store granny dresses. I'm also assuming someone bought her the blue nightgown.
That package includes over $50 of make up and shit wtf.

No. 282402

No. 282408

>>Luna was posting about how she remembered Lurch from growing up and that he had a crush on her since she was 13

>>One of Matthew's presents to me is he cannot mention how much cake I'm eating

>>I don't shave my legs and don't like to shave other places but only do cos I feel like I have to

Lurch is such a pedo creep ugh…

No. 282409

File: 1491088654297.jpg (76.02 KB, 900x482, luffy_crying_ep_451_2_by_noree…)

The fact that she has freckles under all this shit…

She is SO greedy for presents!!! Makes me think if farmers had sent her soaps and shit, she probably wouldn't even be concerned. Just another case of ~I wonder who sent me this gee I really don't know~

No. 282416

File: 1491089587180.png (168.33 KB, 750x986, IMG_2232.PNG)

She is blind. I can't wait till she looks through photos of how she looks now..
if she lives long enough/actually changes.

No. 282417

Wow, she actually looks pretty cute on the left.

No. 282420


The hell…she looks gorgeous on the left with the green hair and freckles. Anyone have other pics of her with this style?

No. 282421

She actually looks like a real person here.

No. 282428

She does look good in the pic with the green hair. Looks completely different. Shat the hell happened to her, howd she gets so gross? Really just from the drugs?
Also check out her red teeth-shaped lips in the other pic. Lol. How do lips get like that?

No. 282455

her nose always looks so different, it's like its gotten flatter and wider as the years have gone?

No. 282465

Left doesn't even look like her, crazy.

No. 282468

I love that post of the gifts she got from whoever the fuck John is and she's all "haven't gotten non drugstore makeup in soo long" but then the other day she's complaining about people acting like they're poor and how she can't eat. I've never gotten non drugstore makeup IN MY LIFE and she's saying how it's been "so long" got her like it's just a common thing to be buying expensive makeup. She infuriates me.

No. 282473

For all the people wondering how she got so many followers/things sent to her, this is why. She used to be moderately (tumblr) cute, and was in a few artsy fartsy indie photosets. This is how I personally remember her and why how she is now is so fascinating.

No. 282518

I have that too Faced pallette. That's sixty dollar eyeshadow.

No. 282520

>overpriced Too Faced palette
>couldn't bother getting some nice $9 Essie nail polish

This is me, All of me and I want you in anyway I can. That I love you.

No. 282523

Sadly I feel like it'd go to waste even if she used it, she's just so shit at makeup overall.

No. 282536

Yeah and she has no clue how to use it she'll probably try to put it on her lips

No. 282710

File: 1491152551681.png (125.17 KB, 750x917, IMG_2236.PNG)

I'm so sure, Tuna fish salad.

Also cue
>omg I got a da but no games I'm so sad please buy me Pokémon games for my ds it's just SO IMPORTANT to me wauuughhh

No. 282713

and how did she get that gift card? god i hate this bitch, she always complains about being poor but is materialistic and spoiled as hell

No. 282715

File: 1491152751254.png (192.61 KB, 750x1093, IMG_2237.PNG)

Oh wow I had no clue it was your birthday tomorrow. No idea. I can't believe this is my first time hearing that it's your birthday. </sarcasm>

No. 282742

holy shit, are all of her fb/insta posts from last 2-3 weeks about her fucking birthday? nobody gives a fuck, you stinky materialist cunt

No. 282751

Seriously I've spent years not buying new clothes before (because laundry is cheaper) and still look cute mostly but she can't possibly do laundry. You know that's the argument she would use.

She doesn't need anymore clothes she needs some laundry detergent. Maybe a roll of quarters?

No. 282772


Yeah it's always the same dumb excuse. Buy clothes because there's no money to afford detergent.

She could put some of it in her bday wish list kek. Or make the friend that buys her crappy dresses to get her a bar of soap instead and a visit to the laundromat. But no, stupid Tuna is too materialistic and doesn't give a shit about the real value of stuff.

No. 282791

She's so fucking gross, like I would say she could also attempt to clean her goddamn bathtub and wash her clothes in that if she can't go to the laundromat(kek she can but she won't).

But she won't do that either, she's gotta maintain her ~smelly heroin chic addict~ persona up.

No. 282801

If she was as poor as she says she is she would've pawned her MacBook, iPhone 7, iPad, etc!!! Or she would've used her gift card to order some essentials like toothpaste (lord knows she needs it) or some fucking face wash

No. 282811

Try cat feces, a mixture of animal and human urine, dirt from wearing her shoes in bed, and old blood from her track marks.

No. 282819

She hasn't gotten non-drugstore makeup in "sooo long" while she has a $54 Urban Decay palette visible in every photo of her dusty vanity

No. 282834

I live fifteen minutes away from her and there's Always detergent in the Target clearance section around here.

I don't even want to think about how much she and Lurch must spend on going to the city. You know they don't have a monthly pass…

No. 282871

Her apartment is an ashtray

No. 282877

Seriously, they probably spend a stupid amount on the Metro North

No. 282905

She should have given her amazon gift card number to her dealer in exchange for some dope or crack. Damn, too late now. She'll be kicking herself nexttime she's dopesick.

No. 282907


She's probably reading in this and kicking herself. Imagine the poetic inspiration that would obtain.

No. 282945

Wanna bet she posts something at midnight EST about her birthday and reminds people to buy her things cuz
>omg it's been my birthday for one minutes (even though I was conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic under a lunar eclipse) and none of my family got me ANYTHING and I barely got any packages!!!! Pls donate.

No. 282951

Wow, I've been following Luna since the first thread and i didn't know she wore shoes in bed. I probably forgot/missed that. Jesus, what's wrong with her? I wonder if she does basic stuff like brushing her teeth (from seeing her pics, no) since well, she has no money for laundry detergent, so she probably doesn't have money for toothpaste either, right? How does this girl even live?

No. 282975

She has toothpaste (ive seen two tubes in her bathroom in her selfies, she probably doesn't brush tho), and she can afford to do laundry, she just chooses not to. She could wash them at her dads house, have him take her to a Laundromat, or even wash her stuff in her sink with soap and then airdry it. But she's too busy getting high and trying to be aesthetic. She's a pathetic, lazy cunt.

No. 282983

At first i assumed she scammed amazon somehow like by saying she ordered something and didnt receive it or some complaint, but I highly doubt she's charismatic enough to pull that off. She said its from Xmas so its probably a gift from family or one of her tweeny followers.

No. 283001

Everytime i look at this thread i just get sad. Luna could've been a cute girl who has a decent jod and doesn't need donations on the internet, if she just was willing to. That's what makes me angrier, she can just get her ass off that junkpile she sits on all day and become a better version of herself, but she JUST DOESN'T WANT TO. fucking lazy bitch.

No. 283041


remember that photo of her HK toothbrush still in packaging

No. 283051

File: 1491198819945.png (526.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170403-015135.png)

How dare you guys say she doesn't brush? Kek

No. 283095

Let's be real. She and Lurch probably swiped it out of a car or something.

No. 283146

underrated post

it looks like her face just slowly got wider and wider over the years

No. 283208

File: 1491227229297.png (223.35 KB, 749x1107, IMG_2256.PNG)

Lol she doesn't even drink also

It's APRIL 3rd YALL! let that whiny ass birthday milk flow~
Also she bought them at like 9 am. I love her priorities. But I guess she thinks it's a national holiday or something.

No. 283216

File: 1491227567198.png (138.68 KB, 750x1058, IMG_2257.PNG)

Bitch shut up that spider is far cuter than your horrifying self.

No. 283227

I can just imagine her going to the store in a dirty nightgown carrying a grimy piggy bank

No. 283240

As far as her instagram goes, no one has wished her a happy birthday yet excluding those who did weeks ago who got confused cuz she was begging for presents.

No. 283242

I know the day is young but you know she's freaking out

No. 283263

File: 1491231762609.png (32.21 KB, 497x173, ds.png)


No. 283279

Wonder if these will just sit around and collect dust for aesthetic or if she'll actually drink… Can you imagine a drunk tuna? Ew Haha.

No. 283288

GREAT! Now she has something else to do while she's sitting on her ass all day, being a loser and not working! Has she mentioned anything else about the "part time job down the street"? Of course not.

No. 283319

Also, she could have used the gift card to order food from Amazon. Sure, it's packaged, but she just eats garbage anyway so what's the problem? God damn, she makes me fume.

No. 283325

File: 1491240002431.png (949.41 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5392.PNG)

It's habbening

No. 283327

File: 1491240043469.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5393.PNG)

"I never get any presents"

No. 283336

That necklace is fucking hideous omg! Haha. I thought the cheap dollar store babies were way smaller and that wouldn't have been so bad… But these things are honkin'. Is she gonna a legit wear this ugly thing?!

No. 283347

File: 1491242913710.png (939.15 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5400.PNG)

It appears so

No. 283348

Whoever bought her this is going to hell

No. 283350

I wonder how she got this cake it's probably upwards of $30 to get that cake and the writing idk could be more

No. 283352

She got 1 happy birthday comment lmao

No. 283353

You can buy these babies in a 4pk from China for like $1 and that chain is dollar store quality too. I like how she has literally had this thing for how long and one of the middle babies is already missing both arms….

No. 283354


she could have done the amazon fresh free trial and got groceries. my first thought process as well

No. 283355

Its probably from her "evil" xanax dad.

No. 283357

I didnt notice the missing arms! Lmao. Shes only had it for a few hours and its already falling apart.

No. 283358

Ugh, Luna. If you're using a fucking piggy bank to pay for beers I doubt they want to spend the extra time asking for your card. You look like a dirty granny anyway, I'm sure no one thinks you're 21.

No. 283359


right especially that early in the morning hahaha its not like she went to a club

No. 283360

ahhhh but don't forget guys shes soooo poor she struggles to get food!!!!! she practically starves!!!!

No. 283361

File: 1491243927238.png (825.46 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5403.PNG)

Sorry I don't crop my screenshots guys, too lazy. I'm home sick today so this is probably the most interesting thing happening right now.

No. 283362


damn you know her hair must be bad cos she shows us her nasty hair all the time hahaha did she even repink??

No. 283364

Lmao I wanna see her ugly fucked up too short bangs. Was probably high on crack when she cut them and went overboard.

No. 283366

Watch her still find something to whine about despite having gotten nearly everything she'd begged for.

No. 283397

the arms missing on one of the dolls was the first thing i noticed. what a waste of someone else's money. how ungrateful do you have to be to ruin a present you've had for like a day. you can just pop those arms back on though, i hope she kept them so she can fix it and didn't just chuck 'em.

No. 283433

It's fixed in the new one

No. 283445

she just took the middle doll off altogether, assuming it didn't just fall right the fuck off lol

No. 283460

Lol really? What a hunk of junk. This bitch should start focusing on quality instead of quantity. It was obvious that it was cheaply made in the etsy pic. But I guess tuna only cares about hoarding all the shit she can.

No. 283472

She probably popped them out so they aren't catching on each other constantly.

No. 283474

If her bathroom looks that awful just from a tiny portion I can't imagine the rest.

No. 283476

God damn it who got her the ugly ass baby neckless

No. 283477

how is luna's voice? is it raspy? links?
ive never heard it and id like to know if her voice matches her looks

No. 283483

The baby necklace looks so cheap holy shit, I wouldn't pay more than $2 for that thing.

No. 283508

No. 283511

File: 1491253396671.png (494.81 KB, 815x603, Screenshot (87).png)

No. 283515

File: 1491253708263.png (136.12 KB, 1080x873, Screenshot_2017-04-03-15-03-29…)

i understand why she would want to celebrate her birthday by accessing a 21+ place with her ID but why the fuck does she have to be such a cow about everything

No. 283516

File: 1491253754435.png (581.24 KB, 1080x1169, Screenshot_2017-04-03-09-17-15…)

changed the caption on this too.

No. 283518

File: 1491253792095.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_2017-04-03-15-02-10…)


No. 283520

File: 1491253875917.png (970.29 KB, 1080x1539, Screenshot_2017-04-02-23-57-52…)

i seriously thought she just smeared everything on with her grubby fingers imagine what that 1 brush looks like.

I wonder what these brushes will look like in 4 months, if she even uses them

No. 283523

File: 1491254058555.png (2.81 MB, 1080x1607, Screenshot_2017-04-03-15-12-59…)

how pathetic lmao

he didnt comment

No. 283526

I'm screaming. She's literally bragging about getting a Petsmart engraving machine dog tag.

No. 283527

For someone who "never gets any presents" she sure got a lot of clothing, cake, cookies, jewelry, high end make up, flowers, cards, an bday wishes. She always gets art supplies in the mail randomly and her bitch Bryce takes her shopping every other month for clothes and McDonalds. This cunt is so entitled, tbh I wish she would OD already. Happy birthday cake face trash smelling cat abusing heroin junkie loser filth LUNA SLATER.

No. 283530

Soo… She's apparently starving but she can scratch up money to go get alcohol that she doesn't even want? Stupid cunt. And odd that she called lurch her bf and not her fiancé.

No. 283533

File: 1491254768632.png (222 KB, 750x1097, IMG_2265.PNG)

That time when Matthew had better taste than Tuna

No. 283536

I wouldn't comment either, that whole caption is cringe. I bet she speaks the same way she writes.

No. 283538

So is that how they try to deodorize their sty? With a car freshener kek

No. 283543


If her teacher sees this, I imagine he looks at her and thinks "what a fucking waste (of space, of time, of effort… just a waste of everything)." I don't even know her or follow her that much, and I sure do.

No. 283546

>>Sees his old AP high school student
>>Finds pics of her getting dick slapped in the face by an Easter Island statue and needles poking out of both arms


No. 283547

File: 1491255624986.jpg (104.67 KB, 500x667, c621bf33-e37c-4d7f-80a3-e70dbe…)

wow she actually used to draw semi decently. enough that I'm not wondering who the fuck would pay for this

No. 283552

>they didn't even card me
No surprise there, you look 40.

No. 283556

Considering that she probably was a few years younger when she drew this (I assume), there's definitely potential. She understands varying line thickness, shading and clothing. Man, too bad that she ended up like this.

No. 283558

this reminds me of Taylor-Ruth style comics, that were pretty popular on tumblr about 5 years ago. she had a lot of potential, this is a little sad

No. 283568

She sounds kinda bratty but not high pitched whining. She speaks out of the side of her mouth a lot. And the tone rises at the beginning and falls at the end making her sound whiny tho. Or like eeyore if he was a gross nasty girl.

It's been a while but I tried to describe it the best I could.
She updated her IG finally I wish she'd used the story function.

No. 283569

That's her high school or right after high school work

No. 283581

File: 1491259944829.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1675, Screenshot_2017-04-03-16-50-30…)

No. 283582

File: 1491259979528.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_2017-04-03-16-49-28…)

>look at all my shit!!!

No. 283584

File: 1491260050247.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1669, Screenshot_2017-04-03-16-50-18…)

No. 283589

shes been liking lots of truecrime shit posts all day on tumblr

No. 283591

Oh shit, did she actually do a poster for Nobunny? She used to be so into burger records bands, I'm surprised she doesn't consider that an accomplishment. Too bad she lost all her personality when she met Chief, and suddenly "Alice in Chains saved mah lyfeeee,,,, 90s alternative 4EVAH"

No. 283637

Luna please don't pile on mu
Show the world your freckles
Luna please stop doing H
It's really, really bad for you
And you might end up in shackles
Luna dear, please clean your room
The filfth is not good for you
Luna it's bad to lie and cheat
For the sake of others,
Deal with your greed
And take off your shoes
Before sitting on the bed
Luna please stop doing H
Or you'll end up dead

No. 283643

These are literally stickers from a dollar tree…

No. 283656

I wonder if she feels annoyed when she gets ugly shit that she doesn't really want. Or if shes just happy to have more junk to add to her piles.

No. 283659

I feel like she was more tolerable, mostly because she was interesting when she was in high school. She actually has a life and friends, so she didn't just sit in her room all day and post on the internet. She wasn't as much as a brat cause she didn't have a heroin addiction to fund, and her attitude was tolerable because she was 15 years old, so she was a young teenager, so it wasn't abnormal for her to be a little immature.

No. 283671

Heroin tends to make you happy with every little junk

No. 283678

She wasn't this dumb she had the ability to absorb information but she's been an aesthetic queen for so long she's a completely fake mess now.

No. 283685

Fucking kek.

No. 283687

What did Lurch steal from the gas station for her? Or did he just give her a little bit extra dope than usual?

No. 283714

No. 283717

I hope he gave her a dozen gas station cash register roses

No. 283718

>> the "sorry mom" pin

No. 283722

She just had an ~awful mood swing~ and said good night I hope it wasn't cuz Matthew told her she ate too much cake

No. 283724

lol I've noticed it before you know she doesn't see the irony just the aesthetic

No. 283725

i love that lurch doll right in the center!!

No. 283726

Edgin out over there huh

No. 283728

True Tuna didn't post anything like
>my fiancé gave me this beautiful filthy teddy bear from the sewer

Probably was extra heroin but she's feelin bad now so idk

Poor tuna got a bunch of crap over a hundred dollars worth but forgot to ask for dope money

No. 283730

Lmao that's Marilyn Manson but yes thank you for that thought

No. 283739

>anon was joking

No. 283755

i'm on moblie, but i'll try and link it. if it doesn't work, go to her second thread and search "youtube" there's a few vids of her singing on a yt channel


No. 283756

>>Western Union receipt taped to the wall

What's that all about I wonder

No. 283758

Lmao. I bet her heroin addicted ass enjoyed piling those giant pink frosting roses into her ugly face.

You mean she didnt post anything all "uwu look what my lovely perfect caveman looking fiancé got me for my b-day". How strange.

No. 283773

Pardon my shitposting

No. 283775

Ty, kind anon

No. 283780

Found'em. Seeing her move and sing is so weird.

No. 283786

File: 1491276603386.png (473.82 KB, 813x589, twofriedeggsnailedtoawall.png)

y i k e s

No. 283788

File: 1491276688901.png (415.66 KB, 821x593, absolutelydisgusting.png)

>that blanket

No. 283793

her thigh fat is making me ill.

No. 283809

She hasn't had an eyeshadow brush in years? fucking vile…

No. 283816

I wonder why she never does instavids

No. 283819

religious people make me sick

No. 283826

File: 1491279152107.png (114.51 KB, 1151x1004, IMG_2763.PNG)

No. 283831

No. 283832

I doubt shes religious. That wouldn't be very edgy. She just has that stuff for the aesthetics.

No. 283835

Tru she claims like 3 different religions when it's convenient for her when she needs to look oppressed. She also doesnt know what rosaries are for I talked to her about it once I think but yeah the only thing she loves about Catholicism is paintings of cheribs and cute icons. She's said a bunch of times that her family is Jewish and
>were in the holocaust

Her birthday seemed so uneventful She got some garbage gifts but I'm sure she's gonna get some fancy shit from her family who ~never gives her anything~
Bet she goes to daddy's this weekend and cleans up. And I don't mean bathing in filth.

No. 283839

are you just going around, namefagging, drawing shitty pics of cows? jfc kys. You already touched the MooMoo thread. leave

No. 283840

i remember her being vain when she was like 15-16, she posted a tonnn of selfies and they were just basic headshots not like ootds. she also dyed her hair a lotttt. the green hair pic is how i remember her looking like (she was never thin but her face looks it)

tbh i'm more shocked at the fat tavi gevinson era than this courtney era. why on earth did she ever think that looked good

No. 283841

File: 1491280955407.png (551.6 KB, 1278x676, 20170403_224038.png)

Tuna's secret.
Also, those bitches are tone deaf. Tuna sounds like a little kid. Just when I thought she couldn't be more annoying.

No. 283848

Someone is triggered

No. 283856

Oh my god please stop you couldn't even stop namefagging right

No. 283857

when the salt gets bitter

No. 283868

File: 1491282133004.jpg (530.32 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_onukxyYBrP1w9gu3po1_128…)

No. 283871

The GameGrumps one was funny but self-posting with your user is violating a global rule and will get you banned

No. 283908

I think there's a lot of girls like that who post tons of selfies as teenagers. Most of them grow out of it. But it doesn't seem like Tuna has.

No. 283912

She couldn't move around. There's only like two spots in their apartment she can stand for a photo without revealing used syringes and cat shit. Videos will give away that she's a junkie, which would lead to less donation money.

No. 284058

DA: stop posting your shitty warm-ups everywhere, fag.

No. 284071

>>I'm so poor I can't afford laundry or food
>>I don't drink alcohol
>>I'm going to buy two bottles of beer

No. 284084

This is really weird. She had potential to be better. I mean she cant sing but she can kind of play guitar? I guess I can see why she was likeable before. Heroin. Not even once.

No. 284095

No, your art is shit and you aren't even funny.

No. 284136

why do wanna be (and actual) indie grunge singers have to sing like they just gargled sand? this sounded so bad

No. 284156

This is her senior year of high school near graduation

No. 284202

So she got like zero happy birthday comments on IG, did she get anything on FB? Lol her tween following doesn't even like her anymore. Or they all started on heroin and od'd idk

No. 284206

Lol at least someone is growing up

No. 284221


She also does the witchy/satanist thing when it's convenient to her. Not in any meaningful way, just a few pics of candles and gemstones and talking about how "spiritual" she is

No. 284228

yeah she got like 10-20 comments somewhere wishing her happy birthday and sending her pictures of cats and stuff. a few people said they were sending her packages/to let them know when it gets there

No. 284247

does luna have a snapchat

No. 284252

But what he really wants is to be covered in pussy. God, she'd do since better without him. Maybe she'd finally grow out of the grunge thing and improve her life

No. 284260

Yeah but she hardly uses it

No. 284272

she better start asking people to send her bras

No. 284294

>clean juice

She looks cute here in my opinion although the closed eyes make it a bit hard to tell. Obvs fat to lolcow standards but I don't really mind. Her eyebrows are too dark and not too well drawn but okayish and we can actually see them. I like this hairstyle on her since this colour does something for her complexion. Hate the cigarette … but ~grunge~
She looked pretty normal here, me likey

No. 284321

>fat to lolcow standards
What are you implying?

No. 284328

File: 1491340983257.jpg (206.2 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_oe181owhb31vgit5fo1_128…)


found that blog on tumblr today, just searched funeralhome420

No. 284335

File: 1491341309491.png (2.48 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-04-16-25-38…)


No. 284341

She looks like an edgy grandma.

No. 284366

So… no re-pinking, huh? Shame. And this photo has me confused, is her nose genuinely messed up like that or is it just dirty? I'm hesitant to use the term 'attempt at contouring' because I mean, really, but damn Lunes.

No. 284382

Almost everyone who gets posted on lolcow is considered fat unless they're so fucking thin they look scary. But Luna was definitely fat in that picture, I mean, look at those thighs. And i say this as a fat girl. I do agree she looks very cute despite the bad eyebrows.

No. 284417

God I regret looking in her eyes

No. 284419

sound of a toilet flushing

No. 284420

Maybe she wanted to be "one with lurch" so she fucked up her nose
Kek idk but it looks fucking weird. Has it always been crooked?

No. 284427

File: 1491347418190.png (435.19 KB, 626x684, 1491276688901.png)

what are those stains?
how can you lie in something that filthy??

No. 284434

File: 1491347790962.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1205, Screenshot_2017-04-04-15-35-54…)

you forgot the kek worthy caption

No. 284435


wait, this is luna? her eyes look bigger than usual.

No. 284436

File: 1491347831224.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_2017-04-04-15-35-02…)

>posts 10 selfies anyway

No. 284437

File: 1491347861700.jpg (235.46 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_onwlu5VPR41w3kwovo1_128…)

Two pictures from when she was 16 were posted on her tumblr and lbr, she was very cute, it's a real shame.

No. 284438

File: 1491347875385.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_2017-04-04-15-35-34…)

No. 284439

File: 1491347877768.jpg (133.63 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_onwlu5VPR41w3kwovo2_128…)

The other one.

No. 284441

File: 1491347942697.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_2017-04-04-15-36-31…)

you gave up everything in life but heroin and your pedo creep stinky ass ugly boyfriend tuna thats what happened

No. 284443

File: 1491347971938.png (365.65 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_2017-04-04-15-40-10…)

No. 284445

File: 1491348032980.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_2017-04-04-15-36-22…)

No. 284446

File: 1491348096594.png (71 KB, 1080x408, Screenshot_2017-04-04-15-36-14…)

No. 284453

File: 1491348309644.jpg (44.95 KB, 549x408, LMAO.jpg)

When cows collide

No. 284463

FFS Tuna, you got all of the product into your sideburns.

No. 284472

What the fuck is this aesthetic?
Those ROOTS!!

No. 284473

She looks like a greasy corpse.

No. 284476

File: 1491350158209.png (1 MB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_2017-04-04-17-29-26…)

shes been obsessing and posting about this drag queen from ru pauls drag race since yesterday and now this. inb4 she identifies as nonbinary because she has no actual personality just mimicks people she perceives to be cool

No. 284477

File: 1491350208742.png (157.8 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_2017-04-04-17-28-15…)

No. 284478

File: 1491350340365.png (294.86 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_2017-04-04-17-58-10…)

No. 284479

File: 1491350446984.png (1.87 MB, 1080x1686, Screenshot_2017-04-04-17-58-03…)

caption for this pic

No. 284482

She probably has a few hobbies in common with Adore so it fits.

No. 284483

Is that… THE juice carton??

No. 284487

She has so many records but does she even still have a turntable anymore? It used to be on that piece of furniture if I remember correctly. If it broke or she sold it or whatever she should sell off her records, I'm sure she could get money for that. Or, instead of getting a billion little tacky things for her birthday she could've asked Bryce or someone for a new turntable.

No. 284499

I guess that came out wrong. Yes, she was fat to any standards, not just lc's. My post became a lil warped there because in retrospect, I personally couldn't care less about her weight because anything is better than being hooked on drugs. That's all

I also dislike she celebrates her weight loss cause the price for her cool drug diet (is she aware of that???) is pretty much her every last bit of life quality.
She is so insecure and has this warped beauty ideal and it would suit her better to admit that having more weight on is infinitely, worlds better than what she has done to herself.
Like that radical stache and flaw loving is pretty ridiculous considering she idealises her drug abuse like that because ~muh weightloss~ (again, is she aware that's linked??)

Like if you asked highschool senior Luna if she would like to throw her life away and live in filfth and hopelessness to become thin, she'd probably agree and go down the same road again

That's why I was suddenly hesitant to call her fat and stuff because it's something that was already in her head at the time and damaging her personal integrity

No. 284506


No. 284525

File: 1491355749583.png (198.95 KB, 750x1111, IMG_2299.PNG)

That's a really good way to put it, anon. She would absolutely choose this life again. She never wants to do anything she doesn't want to. That is her life. It's not that she can't do things, she choosing not to.

Pic related to next pic/post

No. 284528

File: 1491355827639.png (178.28 KB, 750x902, IMG_2300.PNG)

Tuna you look so much better like this please give your skin a break. I'm sure it's still pretty nasty without the advantage of the purple lighting.

No. 284536

Her natural hair color is reallyyy dark. She would look a lot better with her natural color imo. This orangy-pink blonde doesn't suit her skin tone at all. Like, you can just tell from this pic how her natural hair color would bring out her blue eyes.

No. 284538

Her face was way orange, but the green hair looked cute on her. Also, I like the head band.

The highlighter (even though its a weird purple color) helps to make her face look less dead…but she really needs to shave or epilate her face. It's really hairy. But I hope she keeps up the highlighter and blush, it's a good look.

I don't like this look personally, but why does her blonde hair not look fried here, but now it looks fried to hell?

No. 284539

because she's been bleaching it for 5 more years on top of this

No. 284544

Yay! So glad to see her cleaning up. The cats will definitely appreciate I'm sure.

Luna looks soooooo much better/younger here! She seriously doesn't need to cake on so much makeup.

No. 284545

Doesn't bleaching on top of bleach make the hair turn to spaghetti though? If she hasn't just been touching up the roots, I'm really surprised her hair hasn't fallen out.

No. 284549

depends how much/how often she does it. plus how greasy she lets it get will help, particularly as it'll be quite protecting pre-bleach

No. 284552


No. 284553

It's private, sadly

No. 284555

I don't think she's bleaching already bleached segments, then her hair would be white and also the roots would still be different even bleached/dyed and there would be severe breakage. But I could be wrong
I thought bleaching for years generally impairs hair health, of new hair, too (unless you're a pro in caring for it).
Also, her diet and water intake must have become worse in that time and that affects hair health, too

No. 284557

Oh wow she really does look like she just took a hit

No. 284559

This actually looks like "angelhair"

No. 284561

File: 1491358007056.png (50.69 KB, 335x595, IMG_2301.PNG)

Lol that's what I've been thinking ever since she changed her URL

This photo is like a fucked up allusion I thought her left tit was her arm fat wow

No. 284564

Save that shit for posterity!

No. 284571

That video! Her twitches, I'm genuinely disturbed, good lord…

No. 284572

File: 1491358589846.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1404, Screenshot_2017-04-04-20-05-34…)

she really didnt clean or rearrange anything

No. 284573

File: 1491358618579.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_2017-04-04-20-08-16…)

No. 284575

oh GOD that was awkward!!!! cringed my face off

No. 284578

File: 1491358664165.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_2017-04-04-20-05-40…)

No. 284580

File: 1491358716095.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_2017-04-04-20-08-48…)

No. 284582

File: 1491358766681.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_2017-04-04-20-05-14…)

No. 284583

Aw fuck, is there anyway someone can share it here?

No. 284584

File: 1491358805267.png (28.51 KB, 1842x703, aaaaa.png)

uhhh… Is this just me?

No. 284587

File: 1491358852960.png (267.15 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_2017-04-04-20-04-23…)

she recently liked a post by chey on tumblr saying she was missing heroin, and now this. stop trying to drag everyone into your dirty little hole with you

No. 284588

yeah dude, looks like she blocked you

No. 284589

wrong username.

No. 284591

Eww, her hair looks like its gone stiff from how dirty it is

No. 284592

Shit, my bad. I didn't know she'd changed IG usernames between the two most recent threads

No. 284595

its not like her username isnt plastered in screen shots but ok

No. 284598

>has theist cancer
…has what now?

No. 284599

File: 1491359198557.png (751.07 KB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_2017-04-04-20-23-41…)

im trying to figure out how to save this vid on my phone but heres the caption for ppl who cant view it

No. 284602

think i;ve used that previously, i'd do it myself but she hasn't accepted my follow request

No. 284603

Either what anon >>284602 said or RapidSave app if you're on mobile.

No. 284606


No. 284611

k i finally got it downloaded whats the easiest way to post it here from mobile anonymously

No. 284614

Mixtape.moe should work from mobile

No. 284619

I can't believe she thinks this outfit is "brilliant". Its the ugliest thing shes worn in awhile… And that black choker makes her look all hunched and like she has no neck.

No. 284620

She's 100% tried to contour it, you can see the un-even contour on her cheeks.

No. 284627


No. 284630

Christ, that was tedious and boring to read.

No. 284632

As cracked out as she is, she looks so much better without the lipstick. Very plain, but better.

No. 284638

I kind of felt bad for her seeing her all cracked out and breathing weird. I'm disturbed.

No. 284640

She calls Layne her guardian angel. Bitch, he couldn't even save himself from ODing. You're fucked!

No. 284655

woa, Luna's tweaking the fuck out. Are we sure this is crack high and not meth high? Not that it makes much difference.

also lol @ the fact Luna needs strong stimulants to motivate herself to clean up the grime.

No. 284664

tbh she has a nice look if she would just leave her face alone. her eyes are a really nice almond shape and she has high cheekbones which probably are more pronounced now since she's been losing weight from drugz but still. she doesn't realize if she just stopped trying so hard she would look so nice? it would take a bit of getting used to but it would be so worth. 2 bad all she cares about in the world is looking "pretty".

No. 284668

So gross. That hilighter really brings out her facial hair.. And YUCK how caked on it is.. Look at her laugh line.. There's a giant crack.

No. 284690

she's an addict, what do you expect

No. 284695

wait, what? please explain. I'm an idiot

No. 284696

Who wears slippers on a bed??

No. 284698

Uh… Youre attempting to be an adult by re-arranging furniture…? Maybe you should fill out some job applications you worthless piece of shit. And stop blaming everything on mental illness.. Its the heroin, crack, and whatever else youre abusing you stupid bitch.

No. 284699

Lol. The one matthew pissed in one night and Tuna accidently drank.

No. 284707

Lmao I loved her cracked out video. She should just do one showing herself smoking the crack… It'd be more aesthetic than the one other crackhead on Tumblr whose posts her smoking vids.
Also, how long before she comes down and deletes that off her insta?

No. 284715

File: 1491367087220.png (95.81 KB, 243x196, clearlyelephants.png)

>elephant necklace

No. 284723

File: 1491368013264.png (404.17 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_2017-04-04-22-49-03…)

she posted the video to fb

No. 284725

File: 1491368099150.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1699, 2017-04-04 22.51.21.png)

No. 284726

File: 1491368155257.png (323.45 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_2017-04-04-22-48-23…)

No. 284728

File: 1491368221044.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_2017-04-04-22-46-26…)

someone said her rilakumas were "well loved" and this was her response

No. 284732

File: 1491368421014.png (196.81 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_2017-04-04-22-42-14…)

No. 284740

No. 284747

File: 1491369326664.png (36.41 KB, 750x644, IMG_9940.PNG)

chief ayylmao

No. 284758

No. 284761

sleeping meds…

No. 284763

Is he still alive?

No. 284767

Someone put a pair of sunglasses over his eyes

No. 284818

I wonder if those weird neighbors from hell are just people like Luna who feel like re arranging their room on a high at 2am, because it's obviously going to change their life.

And not just ya know. Maybe stop doing drugs.

No. 284838

i didn't expect her to sound like that for some reason. that video was kind of sad though. i hate seeing people tweaking like that.

No. 284847

wtf is "theist" cancer?

No. 284848

I think she meant throat cancer.

No. 284869

is "the shark baby in a bottle" the empty tequila bottle? she sounds like a hoarder. that is just trash.

No. 284898

>one other crackhead


No. 284904

This photo has gotten more comments (all positive) than any of her selfies in like a year

No. 284917

She looked better but why is she yellow? Did she have a liver disease or is it some bizarre banana-coloured makeup?

Why does that shade even exist?

No. 284923

Holy shit. 'I worked hard to grow my hair'. She literally thinks that she has expended effort to make her hair grow. There's no hope of her ever doing shit if she acts like her hair growing is an achievement. I mean, how is it possible to be so lazy? She's never gonna stop being a piss-sipping, shower-hating, crusty, stinky, filth-monster with no friends other than her armpit fungus and fleas, schlepping around that hovel until they're evicted or lurch finds a prettier, younger, dumber child to replace her.

People could throw all the money, rehab, and attention in the world at her and she'd still do nothing but bitch and moan, collect rubbish, and ignore soap. She's vile

No. 284959

That color is classic "I don't know my color I'll take this one" that was my first make up mistake but I was in middle school. It mostly happened cuz I would take my moms foundation who was several shades darker than me.
And we didn't know about blending shit back then I was probably using lipgloss for eyeb shadow and eyeliner for lipstick (jk, I definitely was).
But again, I was probably 12? My mom taught me what blending is and noted that I'm not the same color as her lol(blog)

No. 284962

Great blogpost, nobody fucking cares

No. 284967

i havent been here in a while & im catching up holy fuckk this is terrifying i had a full body shudder

No. 284974

>she thinks growing your hair out is an achievement? wow she's worthless what a vile person!!

you need to calm down. take a break. go to the cool down corner.

No. 284975

She looks pretty insecure in those old photos. That's probably why Lurch went after her. He could manipulate her and drug her up. What a fucking creep.

No. 284990

Clearly he's been wearing sunglasses lately to hide the fact that his eyes have disappeared

No. 284996


oh goodness.

No. 285008

File: 1491411240696.png (907.89 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_2017-04-05-10-51-34…)

uploaded a short video of her "clean" room

No. 285010

God she posted a video of her room she "rearranged" this morning and it's just a video of their trash room filled will crap shoved in every crevasse I doubt she uses any cleaning products or even a rag to wipe things down ew

No. 285014

He looks like some kind of cryptid. Spooky.

No. 285015

Wonder if she smoked crack and then moved everything around like a superhuman. And Wtf.. Isn't her "bed" just a mattress?

No. 285018

File: 1491412123569.jpg (34.99 KB, 480x599, 646465.jpg)

What the fuck is that mountain of shit in the corner at the end of the video? Jesus Christ, "clean" room. Okay, Luna.

No. 285021

what the actual fuck? Tuna looks… CUTE behind her cakey ass makeup, corpse lips and grasy bangs??
man, if only she kept her face this way.

No. 285030

This is disgusting.. Why would she post this? Bitch must be cracked out again. That fucking dresser… None of the drawers even close. That red filing cabinet thing that's falling apart. And then that fucking nasty heap of smelly unwashed clothes? Are you fucking kidding me tuna.. Youre proud of this…!?!

No. 285037

i want to say seeing her want to rearrange her room and change things might be a sign of her wanting to change herself because that's what i did before i beat alcohol addiction, but we all know she's just high and bored.

No. 285042

i noticed that too, it's sad to know that's what luna's living for right now… internet validation

No. 285098

At the end of the video there is a large aerosol can of OFF. It's a potent bug killer. Classy.

Also what the fuck in that weird khaki corner? It reminds me of the heaps of sleeping bags thrown around when you pick up your stuff when you start in the army.

No. 285104

>Such house wife goals

No. 285161

File: 1491423276356.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_2017-04-05-14-11-15…)

This is kind of cute but kind of horrifying and she's gonna hang it on her wall and stare into everyday like it's a mirror

Also who are these mystery people "Trevor" and that guy John who sent her cookies? She seemed to get more presents from them than her actual boyfriend

No. 285166

everything is fine to me but the nose, it looks like gonzo from the muppets…

No. 285170

The wonky eye makes me kek

No. 285188

well it is supposed to be of her. she got them wonky crack eyes

No. 285240

File: 1491432632312.jpg (127.17 KB, 1080x1344, FB_IMG_1491428815950.jpg)

"cats like the new room"
it's still so filthy I wanna scream

No. 285269

Think you missed the main point there, pal.

No. 285278

File: 1491437079088.png (119.63 KB, 240x320, IMG_6356.PNG)

No. 285289

File: 1491439008186.png (3.08 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1491438283436.png)

She's 21 and fighting with kids online I can't

No. 285290

File: 1491439035659.png (661.61 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170405-171544.png)

No. 285295

says the fucking 21 y/o heroin addict lmao

No. 285317

>being edgy is ridiculous
Lmao that's pretty funny coming from tuna. Its so dumb when she fakes outrage. Does she identify with rape survivors because of that time she got her butt touched at a concert?

No. 285332

Did anyone manage to reupload the vid she took recently where she seems cracked out & speaks in it?

No. 285340

No. 285341

oh woops
seemed to be hidden under all the birthday drama!

No. 285398

no, i understood the point. but to use her being proud of her hair growing as proof of her being lazy and useless is just a reach. there's so many other things that make her lazy and useless and a vile person. that's not one of them.

No. 285409

File: 1491453823145.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170405-173603.png)

Says the one who named their blog "junkiehunnie"

No. 285410

"please keep going" the reach on this. fishing for compliments much?

No. 285414

ur taking offense bc ur an actual addict and wish you could stop but you are too scared to not work and not be lazy. tuna ur a buffoon.

No. 285416

It's all the other things with the hair as a tipping point imo. That's what really set in for me just what sort of person she's chosen to be. Obviously there's hyperbole, but it doesn't make what was said about throwing rehab/money/everything being futile because of her personality untrue.

No. 285428

Holy shit
I can't even

No. 285429

Them Bones by Alice In Chains

No. 285434

she's not even fishing. she's outright begging for compliments. i can't even imagine being so pathetic

No. 285556

Does she not realize that addiction comes in more forms than just drug addiction…

No. 285560

Woww she is so fucking dumb. More fake outrage? Because she's a cool heroin addict and knows everything about it and likes to lowkey make that known? Bitch this is obviously an ad for Makeup. Its not an ad for drugs. Ugh this cunt is retarded.

No. 285723

She never said it was for drugs. She just said that you should not downplay the seriousness of addiction, e.g. you can't really compare someone that is addicted to drugs to someone who is 'addicted' to make-up. I agree with her, but think it's hilarious that she's so hypocritical because she's constantly romanticizing addiction.

No. 285739

You completely missed her point and have made yourself look super dumb. oh the irony

No. 285743

File: 1491509842693.jpg (470.8 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_oe17qaRjI51vgit5fo1_128…)

the most depressing thing about luna's old pics is how she's always out on the town/with friends. now all her selfies are only with lurch in the same disgusting house day after day

No. 285805

ok but the guy on the left looks SO uncomfortable

No. 285808

She seemed like she actually had fun and felt herself more and may have been genuine at some point

No. 285819

File: 1491517954068.png (469.21 KB, 714x646, send me shit.png)

No. 285824

Happiness only from materialistic things. I don't blame her but I see her pattern.

No. 285828

Someone in a dire situation could benefit from that voucher and she has the gall to mention it when she's surrounded by shit she bought only recently… she enrages me so much.

No. 285866

File: 1491522767951.png (828.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1744.PNG)

Mhhhhmmmmmm lovely filthy floor you have there Tuna fish salad

No. 285867

File: 1491523138619.png (287.76 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_2017-04-06-16-55-53…)

sure you do tuna. these comments getting to you?

No. 285869

File: 1491523174761.png (217.48 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_2017-04-06-16-55-17…)


No. 285871

>i am super good at writing

No. 285874

File: 1491523666293.png (813.66 KB, 1080x1629, Screenshot_2017-04-06-17-01-20…)

>that I'll never use!!!

No. 285875

File: 1491523704890.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_2017-04-06-17-02-49…)

imagine how disgusting this is just 1 day later

No. 285877

>I just bought a $50 (used) DS but i can't afford cat food so im going to use a small (why does she feel the need to include the word small?) 10 dollar voucher someone else probably needs to buy cat food and makeup because i only have ~one day of powder left~ even though i never leave the house unless to score.
> send me stickers to decorate my new DS!

she also made a post on fb saying she might get grand theft auto. this chicks priorities i swear to god.

No. 285878

Brushing your teeth for 5 minutes is way longer than you need, it'll do more damage than good.

No. 285896

So many parts of this are funny
>Matthew hates books

Girl I'm surprised he can read. I'm still doubtful tho.

>I'm a really good writer I took special classes

Your writing is terrible and shows no skill or respect for grammar (not in the cool artistic reasoning) you make your self look so stupid everyday
>when she makes sure to say it's used every single time
It was still $50!! Idk what video games cost but they aren't necessary also she has a fancy phone, iPad, and MacBook she could be playing games on for free.

I think it's some band neck beard

No. 285899


how can she live like that

No. 285904

I want to vacuum there soooo bad…

No. 285910

She's the type of person I wish emergency rooms would turn away so they could help legitimately sick people who dont have a choice but to be sick. You walk into the average ER and junkies like her stupid ass are clogging up space and are a large reason wait times are so long.

Either go to rehab or just OD and do the world a favor. Waste of time and resources.

How about instead of asking for all these toys and outfits, start a REHAB fund. If she doesnt want to, she deserves her shitty life of filth and emptiness.

The people who support her are fucking idiots. There are children dying of cancer and you send THIS BITCH a fucking ds and games?? Really?? She is proud of being a spoiled and lazy junkie. She is one of the least deserving people on the planet to get gifts.

If she turned her life around, I would be happy for her and wish her well. Until then, the waste of space doesnt deserve shit but ridicule.

Sage for rant.

No. 285912

Why does she look like Lord Farquad hit up the Salvation Army though?

No. 285988

the ds isnt even a gift she bought it herself with a "gift certificate she forgot was in her email from christmas" as if she doesnt check it every single day for paypal donations and shit, begging online and selling her pastel puke scribbles is her main source of "income"

No. 285990

sorry, samefag
but besides mean murderous junkie daddy I mean

No. 286006

"Comment on this status I made"


No. 286019

Does she ever interact with other, normal people whose behaviour could make her see how disgusting her own actions and lifestyle are or is she totally isolated from normal people?

No. 286081

video games can be quite costly if they're new or haven't ever been used. hopefully she just gets used ones. even then they can cost around $20, which she could just use for cat food and groceries which are way more important.

No. 286085

> he hates books
> reads wiki articles

Clearly very smart.

No. 286125

Unless she's getting old as fuck games most stuff for a DS is $40-$60 (new Pokémon is $60) I mean you can go to like GameStop and get super old games for $10-$20 but they would be like old kids games and shit.

No. 286126

lol I caught that too. Like reading wiki articles don't make someone smart. If that was the case anyone with a fucking cell phone would be a god damn genius by now.

No. 286128


Nah she didn't get a 3DS the regular DS games are in fact pretty cheap at this point.
Her version of the DS is more than a decade old at this point.

No. 286177

At this point noting is old enough or cheap enough to justify spending at this point. At this point as a matter of fact, in fact at this point to be a matter of fact, in my factual opinion, what is bothersome is the denial of spending any amount of money on things that aren't necessities while accepting vouchers is the problem.

>sage for annoying post.

No. 286181

…What drugs are you on anon?

No. 286205

I didn't say it was a good thing that she spend the money on a DS instead of idk food or cleaning supplies, however I wanted to clear things up.

I think it will be interesting to see if she is going to sell it again at some point

No. 286263


I agree, she's pretty awful. But I don't think she should die or be denied healthcare.

I just hope she gets clean and leaves Lurch, goes to school and makes herself proud.

No. 286278

File: 1491593421508.png (9.7 KB, 435x242, aaaaaa.png)

That's a regular DS lite, newer model due to its colour, came out in 2006. It looks like she's playing Animal Crossing and she also mentioned getting Mario Kart.

She honestly probably got it ALL on that amazon giftcard. Used games don't hold their value, both of those games are over 10 years old.

tbh I find it bizarre she bought childrens games. Animal Crossing is definitely orientated at children, as is anything with Mario. There are plenty of JRPGs and real games on the DS but she chose shit. Hell, Mario Kart's main great feature is that it's multiplayer, but she hasn't got anybody to play with. Her taste in everything is the worst.

Sage for autistic game sperging, I loved my DS when I was literally a CHILD over ten years ago.

I don't think she'll sell it. She hasn't sold her phone or iPad and they're worth significantly more. Her vinyl records are probably worth more than that heap of shit, Tuna overpaid for it.

I'm a britfag so I don't know any American pawn shops, but they'd only give her £10 for it here, which is like $13 max.

No. 286283

Animal Crossing is a nice relaxing game, got it on Gamecube originally and I still love playing New Leaf as an adult. Feel like you're being quite picky here.

Anyways though, she never ceases to amaze me with her begging for weeks for birthday items, buying junk, and then complaining about not being able to eat for days. I know it's been said a thousand times but her priorities are messed up.

She seems pretty self reflective lately, makes me wonder if she'll get help. Don't think it would be any time soon though.

No. 286370

File: 1491599358202.png (1.91 MB, 1080x1628, Screenshot_2017-04-07-14-05-30…)

for fuck sakes.
she was supposed to go get a voucher for cat food now she is buying fast food.

No. 286387

>>285904 me too, imagine how good it would feel?? Like one swipe of the hoover would make such a difference

sage for vacuuming fetish

No. 286389

"autistic sperging" is right, just because a game is childish or easy or not a fucking JRPG doesn't mean it isn't fun/enjoyable for adults.

No. 286398

Animal crossing is popular as hell with adults. Dat reach.

No. 286691

Yeah I'm 21 in college getting my bachelors and I still play animal crossing on my DS. So it's nothing to bitch about the games she got just the fact she got them then bitched about not affording cat food.

No. 286713

learn English holy fuck.

No. 286717

She doesn't have to sell to a pawnshop. There is eBay, craigslist, Amazon marketplace, among other places. Pawnshops are only for people reallllyyy desperate for cash, because they pay practically nothing here in the U.S. too.

No. 286718

Her lip lines are really prominent. "This bitch" needs to change her foundation. Nice to see she is wearing better lipstick at least lol

No. 286776

Yuck. I would never eat at McDonalds, and I sure as shit wouldn't be bragging about it online. Classy.

No. 286801

File: 1491629946807.png (74.67 KB, 750x1027, IMG_2343.PNG)

She posted a video of this long receipt looking thing but it kind of looks like music??
But what did she mean "things I get in the mail" lol she would complain about fan mail not being good enough.. in fact she has

No. 286826

if you haven't already realized, she's a begger not a chooser. Also this threads not about you

No. 286857

Well aren't you precious and special for not eating McDicks. Congratulations on being so brace.

No. 287157

>>286826 this a joke right? "she's a beggar not a chooser" ???

No. 287178

File: 1491690225841.png (1.16 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-08-17-18-26…)

She's back at her "abusive" dad's apartment, i wonder what she will tote home this time!!!

No. 287302

Tuna sucks at writing, her caption was really choppy and hard to read. Lay off the crack. And she "used to" have her grandmothers necklace? Hm wonder what happened to it. Pawned it for dope money? Wonder how long she'll have this ring, it looks like an antique.

No. 287304

Tuna sucks at writing, her caption was really choppy and hard to read. Lay off the crack. And she "used to" have her grandmothers necklace? Hm wonder what happened to it. Pawned it for dope money? Wonder how long she'll have this ring, it looks like an antique.

No. 287350

I guess since she can't pretend to be a poc, she can pander via her dead jewish grandmother who was totes a black panther.

No. 287376

Sorry, I'm not a trash person.

No. 287398

>implying that eating at the most popular fast food chain in the world makes you a trash person
top kek, anon. impressed by this level of autism.

No. 287411

File: 1491719589187.png (138.72 KB, 750x1097, IMG_2350.PNG)

I mean it's not stealing if it's cute right??

No. 287474

>no pipe or papers

Um what happened to the octopus one?

No. 287493

Hahaha under the picture of the weed with her talking about what to smoke out of, so far an apple, a watermelon and a potato were ways people suggested she smoke. Like she has any fresh food at her house, let alone fruits and veggies.

No. 287520

lol she'll probably just use a can.

No. 287551

It grosses me out to think that she's gonna rip up that nug with her grubby sweaty hands and then smoke it. barf.

No. 287575

No kidding. She probably forgot she just posted it in a pic and wants one of her dumb followers to be like "ill buy you a new pipe tuna!".

No. 287584

She should take food from her dads house instead of weed and clothes that dont even fit her.

No. 287639

agreed.. if I were her I would be asking him to take me grocery shopping. He seems to buy her random things that she wants, I'm sure he'd be happy to buy her things that she NEEDS like food and food for her cats. but nah. she'd rather get weed or shoes and jewelry

No. 287687

>>287398 diff anon but if you eat mcdonalds you are indeed a trash person, guessing you're american

No. 287696

Sage your bullshit derailing; no one gives a fuck about your hateboner for McDonald's.

No. 287697

Fuck off speshu snowflake no one cares about your off topic, autistic food superiority

Talk about unwarranted self importance

No. 287699

File: 1491758671318.png (903.18 KB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_2017-04-09-10-22-49…)

the other stuff she posted yesterday at her evil dads

No. 287700

File: 1491758705427.png (689.76 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_2017-04-09-10-22-58…)

No. 287709

>i get a lot "of what makeup do you use" questions
Who the actual fuck is asking what makeup she uses as if it looks good? Her skin is fucking crust city.

No. 287714


this is definitely like, new unused makeup her dad just bought her, I doubt this is actually the makeup she uses…she posted Wet n Wild a little while ago…

No. 287716


Probably so they can avoid those products lol

No. 287721

She's at her dad's, it's probably at home.
I'm sure her dad has papers but if she stole the weed she doesnt want to ask for one??

No. 287743

Matte liquid grey lip

What, your crusty concealer lips don't make you look dead enough?

No. 287744

its very obviously new makeup he bought her, she was recently talking about "needing" more foundation powder.

No. 287748

idk why the fuck she thinks its a good idea to wear that ultra matte foundation on top of her already dry and chalky skin lmao I guess thats why her foundation looks so fucking disgusting

No. 287888


why would her father give her anything that important

No. 287951

Cuz she probably took it from him which is like so so fucked.
She posted a copy of the DVD Dogma (lol) saying she borrowed it from her dad then within the hour posted a pic of it with "her favorite presents so far"

No. 287953

This must look real ugly on her since she hasn't posted a pic yet lol

No. 287968

File: 1491779053832.png (175.21 KB, 750x1105, IMG_2359.PNG)

They do look horrible. Good thing you posted a pic of it on the internet or we would never know!

No. 287970

Even chavs would be horrified by this and christ, she's living in a legitimate hoarder house. Look at all that fire hazard back there.

No. 287990

Which one lol
Waiting for her to accidentally set her highly flammable hair ablaze.

No. 287999

Why would she wear those ugly-ass basket ball shorts pulled up that high, jeez

No. 288012

she wants to get a yeast infection i guess

No. 288033

her head looks way too tiny for her giant body in this pic

No. 288043

Her entire appearance is just one big amalgamation of awful, yet easily fixable, attributes. She looks like if ringworm was a person.

No. 288053

Why does she do that weird frowny face in pictures it's so odd?? And her tiny head compared to those thighs and those bangs jeeeesus

I'm so bewildered

No. 288061

She needs to show off the thinnest part of her waist but cover her tummy fat

No. 288063

Then she should get some jogging shorts at least

No. 288068

File: 1491785254810.png (135.37 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_2017-04-09-17-29-06…)

No. 288070

File: 1491785305046.png (89.13 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_2017-04-09-17-30-27…)

No. 288072

File: 1491785419188.png (962.34 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_2017-04-09-17-45-47…)

sure you did tuba. you found your favorite color vans in your size in the middle of the street.

No. 288073

Probably want to suggest her things that work better. BTW, I use the Fit Me! foundation and it's amazing, works just like the high end stuff I used to buy.
I also have a couple of these (more natural colors), and they work well. Luna just has terrible taste in colors and piles on wayyyy more makeup than necessary (she is actually cute without all the makeup on so it's a real shame).

No. 288076

File: 1491785511501.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_2017-04-09-17-42-57…)

what a pretty backdrop
so aesthetic

No. 288081

File: 1491785662202.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_2017-04-09-17-45-02…)

No. 288083

>>your favorite color vans in your size in the middle of the street.

There is a good chance they aren't even her size. From what she's posted, it doesn't seem Luna cares much if shoes fit her (sometimes wearing shoes a few sizes too large…).

Btw, I hope she didn't buy the pink Easy shoes in that poor of condition…they look really worn.

No. 288088

It's good to see she's wearing a more suitable lip color here, but it would be nice if she'd try wearing a bra and laying off the crop tops until she looses the excess weight. Also, the necklaces are really cringy…

the track mark in her arm…almost as bad as the reappearance of the juice container in the background…………lol

No. 288091

Fuck off loser, if you don't like it, don't comment, you angry farmer(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 288102

What is she implying ???

Antibiotics for that abscess on your arm or fishing for pain pills?

No. 288104

Sounds like she's implying her dad yelled at her over something (maybe the cops and/or her doing illegal drugs?) and saying that she's scared of men yelling. I wonder if Lurch has ever yelled at or hit her, I wouldn't doubt it.

No. 288110

She opened up a lot on her junkhun account that Matthew does yell at her for nothing and how sad it makes her but she's just like "if Matthew wants me to do something I will" she's completely under his control and he's not even nice to her. That's why everytime he does any tiny thing for her like fucking boil water for pasta, she spergs out about how much she loves him cuz I'm sure he's a grumpy mean motherfucker most the time. Also I imagine Luna being SUPER annoying obv.

No. 288113

As someone with knee and joint problems myself, these are nowhere near good for walking around in since they offer no support and the bottom is like thick cardboard. she'd need heavy duty insoles + braces on her joints to be able to walk around in them for more than like a few hours. How much of her chronic pain is her just not understanding cheap shitty shoes make everyone hurt?

Her eye makeup isn't doing the weird droopy thing for once.

No. 288115

File: 1491787994939.gif (1.91 MB, 329x319, flashback.gif)

>the reappearance of the juice container

No. 288119

Braces and orthopedic shoes don't fit her aesthic :/

No. 288120

This could almost fit her shitty aesthetic if she went with ONE necklace and had a different neutral background. She's so frustrating

No. 288134

This looks really cute! The two necklaces are obviously overboard but this looks like the return to the old, pre-chief Luna. Now all she's gotta do lose Chief & the H and she could be cute & Tumblr trendy again.

No. 288138

How can she say that spending $25+ on makeup is worth it when she's constantly trying to say she has no money for food. And when she literally goes fucking nowhere so she doesn't even need makeup. Does she not realize how fucking bogus she sounds…? I hope she had her dad buy her a bunch of cat food for her poor cats. I doubt it tho. Fucking cunt.

No. 288141

why are you on lolcow if you get triggered by people saying your shit art is shit? you're too sensitive for this site

No. 288145

are you 13? this is horrendous, and not funny at all. kys

No. 288149

>This looks really cute!
Anon, you're scaring me.

No. 288151

File: 1491791806660.png (171.97 KB, 750x1098, IMG_2363.PNG)

>we put stickers on it
Like it took both of you or your cracked out ass just did it. Also, cool burner phone.

No. 288164

What the fuck is this meant to be?
That necklace is Cassie from skins tier trash, her expression and hair makes her look like an actual muppet, those shorts are ugly and I can smell them from here. There isn't one good element to this look she's trying. It's such a forced 'look how quirky I am wow fashion rebel amaze' outfit.

No. 288269

That's right, we haven't seen her arm with the abcess in a while. If the antibiotics she's claiming to get are for the abcess then that thing must be massive now, think about how long she let it go for. We saw how bad Chief's leg got before they did something about it, I'm sure this is no different. And this is coming from a former addict. It definitely is common to "self drain" the abcess to avoid medical costs, but I think I've only seen addicts let their abcesses get as bad as Chief and Tuna's twice, if that. They're very deep in their addiction. Chief is shooting up in his inner thighs and groin, Tuna has moved to her hands and (I think) wrists, sometimes her forearms.

No. 288274


My money's on her father having realised his mom's ring was "mysteriously" missing.

I can't get over how fucked that is. What's worse is that, if she still has it, she'll likely end up hocking it for drug money at some point or it'll vanish into the hoarder den that is her home. :/

No. 288282

This sounds like psychosis from crack maybe? Thinking the cops wanna "interrogate her", then sobering up and replying to the other comment that thing about her dad is scary and she hates being yelled at (because "her dad made her scared of men" and she was "sexually assaulted"). She couldn't just delete the status, she had to reply to a comment on it with something that fit perfectly in with her stupid "daddy issues" part of her aesthetic.

No. 288349

Others have already pointed out the most obvious horrors here, but I'll chime in to mention that those Adidas cropped jumpers are sometimes more expensive than the usual ones that go for £50-60 and then the overpriced and unflattering shorts on top.. what a waste of money on a tracksuit for a human blob.

No. 288436

It's not cropped it's a regular sweater that's kinda big on her she just tied it up to show her precious waistline

No. 288456

trying to be too poo

No. 288460

scum emulates scum

No. 288472

I bet those are Lurch's and covered in his dick cheese ewww

No. 288490

File: 1491836932339.gif (8.26 MB, 1080x1287, Tuna Juice.gif)

No. 288492

why don't they just fucking throw it away. ugh, giving me the heebie jeebies. nice gif tho

No. 288495

tbh tho, her wearing that grey lipstick adding some colour to her lips and having her bangs a little shorter than normal is an improvement of sorts. I think she'd be nice if she let her hair go it's natural colour, wore an actual coloured lipstick maybe more in the red or burgundy shades and toned down the foundation etc

No. 288525

All her lip color makes her look worse. She should just do lowkey eyeliner like she sometimes does and grow her bangs out. She looked 10x better than normal in those cracked out pics she posted with her bangs back and no makeup on. Those pics were taken in the dark tho, so maybe im wrong and she's actually fucking hideous without makeup.

No. 288555

File: 1491846368343.png (1.7 MB, 1414x2138, tmp_19697-not cute-1407240276.…)

No. 288561

Gross. She looks like someone's old washed up mom that's been tanning

No. 288564

Holy shit that looks bad

No. 288571

File: 1491847960340.jpg (43.51 KB, 614x400, 1471251070019.jpg)

wtf is this even??

No. 288581

Jeez, this picture really puts how she looks now in perspective.

No. 288585

She looks like someone Hulk Hogan would date in this picture.
So his daughter, basically.

No. 288586

File: 1491849623881.jpg (148.65 KB, 459x594, 177285941.jpg)

>>288555 the resemblance to lauren harries in this pic is wild (british celeb, transgender woman famous for being the posh little boy on antiques roadshow)

No. 288660

Why is Lurches finger down that poor puppy's throat? Ugh. I wish these fuckers would stay away from animals.

No. 288667

File: 1491855971892.png (595.74 KB, 484x703, webcam.png)

No. 288669

File: 1491855992226.png (488.6 KB, 494x676, rly dirty.png)

her captions give me life

No. 288675

>but it's rly dirty
then go and WASH IT. how is she incapable of doing fucking laundry? its one of the easiest tasks to get done around the house. not some kind of sorcery to wash a shirt. what is she doing with her underwear?? wear the panties for a week straight until theyre so crusty they literally break?

No. 288693

>>Why is Lurches finger down that poor puppy's throat? Ugh. I wish these fuckers would stay away from animals.

Ewww, why would anyone do this. WTF is wrong with Lurch!?

No. 288695

o don't be ridiculous. i hate both of them but srsly.. puppies bite fingers. it's not like he's forcing him to throw up or some shit. the puppy is just biting his finger. lol.

No. 288696

>>but it's rly dirty

It actually looks cleaner than most of her clothing to be fair

No. 288705

If I remember correctly, they don't have a washing machine or dryer in their house and have to go to a shop to get it done. She doesn't want to spend money on it and it's also probably 'too much work' for her or she can't because of her 'bad knee'.

No. 288733


k but why tf does she need money for makeup?? she doesn't leave her house

No. 288740

She could do laundry at her dads house (or have him take her to the Laundromat) and have clean, fresh clothes every week. But she decides not to i guess? Maybe clean clothes don't fit her aesthetic or she's too lazy to even gather up dirty laundry.

No. 288763

File: 1491861652453.jpg (36.99 KB, 600x528, 140.jpg)

>she looks like if ringworm was a person

No. 288764

Or she could wash them by hand.

Or go naked, even that is better than digging up a shirt that's been missing for months from a pile that hasn't been washed for years after it was worn for weeks on end.

No. 288770

Hmmm,I wonder how she manages to shoplift while looking and smelling like a rotten garbage dump.

Wouldn't the stench alone serve like an anti-burglar alarm, alerting everyone in the radius of a few blocks of her dangerous presence?

Or maybe it's bad enough that anyone who smells her coming from afar runs away in terror, and she is left with derelict stores to casually pick her booty.

No. 288787

Fucking kek.

No. 288802

I think I'm roughly the same age as her, and my tits don't fold or droop or seperate, like what is wrong with hers

No. 288804


So how long til Matthew is dealing and pimping out Luna?

No. 288810

just bad genetics + weight loss

No. 288875

nothing is wrong with her breasts honestly. all boobs are different. i'm 2 years younger than her and my breasts aren't completely saggy, but they aren't perky either. it's just genetics, and the fact that she's lost weight. when you lose weight and you don't work out, the fat from your boobs leave but the skin stays. even if you don't have loose skin anywhere else on your body, like 98% of the time you will have loose skin on your breasts. it's life.

No. 288880

File: 1491870538700.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_2017-04-10-17-16-04…)

ugly everything

No. 288883

File: 1491870629954.png (567.6 KB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_2017-04-10-17-16-22…)

youre not the working poor tuna. you have to beg for money for "bills"

she shared this the night before showing off her dunken donuts coffee on instagram

No. 288888

What the hell is wrong with her face?! She looks like a pig. And she has a booger flake in her nose.

No. 288892

Okay yeah farmers go on and on about how her nipples are yearning to touch her knees but nobody cares about your sad tits. The thread isn't here to make you feel better about yourself or ooze insecurity on everyone else just cause your chest aged 5x faster than your face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 288896

Stop lashing out on her, she's not Luna.

No. 288897

jesus christ all they were saying is that nothing is "wrong" with them she just has ugly tits by the luck of the draw

maybe go exfoliate and come back when you're less angry

No. 288901

>>288892 lmao judging from the salt content of your post you're the cow who eats mcdonalds for every meal, stop projecting you are the human equivalent of a saggy tit

No. 288906

Tbh, you sound like you have sad tits too.

No. 288931

hi i'm the one with the sad tits. i was just using myself as an example to show that there's nothing actually "wrong" with her boobs, she just got a bad deal when it came to her genetics. if you think they're disgusting that's fine.. i really don't give a shit. but to say that something is "wrong" with them isn't true unless she has like some titty disease. but knowing her, who knows

No. 288959

I don't think their issue is that Luna has unattractive saggy tits and giant areola. Its that she's always tryna show them off in stupid little bralettes. She needs to scoop them up into a padded supportive bra with underwire if she wants to look decent (which she does, she apparently hates her boobs now and wants a boob job). Instead she lets them flatten out and sag in an ~aesthetic~ bra thing and then complains about them.

No. 288961

File: 1491882210129.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_2017-04-10-20-39-22…)

she documented taking a half an hour to paint a large canvas today and considers those squiggle lines she always does "neat"

No. 288962

File: 1491882261342.png (969.32 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_2017-04-10-20-39-43…)

No. 288964

File: 1491882383164.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_2017-04-10-17-16-43…)

No. 289037


If she didn't have that septum piercing and applied the lipstick better, I'd actually think she looks cute.

No. 289039



No. 289049

You're annoying lol

No. 289060

>Titty disease

No. 289061

i just ate mcdonalds please fuck off

No. 289062

No. 289063

tits get saggy. its what happens with weight gain/loss and genetics. it happens to everyone in time, it'll happen to YOU. stop treating everyone with a bit of tit sag like a sea witch.

No. 289068

Why is that lamp covered with her ugly jewelry

No. 289076

there are so many other things to be bothered by

No. 289078

The point is that nobody is here for anons diary about her own boobs holy shit. Make a breast-sagginess thread in /g/ if that's what you want to talk about. This is a thread for Luna, not to compare breasts.

No. 289085

Looking at her hovel makes me itch. And will someone please throw that hideous baby doll necklace in the trash? It's creepy as fuck.

No. 289093

File: 1491906912610.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1776.PNG)

That towel……. those tits…….

No. 289094

Can anyone tell me why she's so obsessed with the 90s grunge look? The side ponytail, the Kurt Cobain hard-on, just everything. Was she even alive when Cobain died?

I seriously never thought I'd see the day when the 90s was suddenly the hip trend with the kids. At least Tuna hasn't found the summer we all dressed futuristic in those metallic fabrics.

No. 289108

>>Was she even alive when Cobain died?
The clue that answers that question is in every one of her tumblr and instagram usernames: she was born in 96 so no…

No. 289115

fucking kek

No. 289116


chief would remember kurt's death… and birth

No. 289121

Found the Kiwifag. Take your pearl clutching back there. No one on lolcow cares what you have to say.

No. 289131

That towel has never once been washed since the start of Luna threads. I always notice it, and each time gag harder as it gets nastier. It's always the same towels hanging there, they never change them and never wash them, the filth is just most visible on the black one.

I'm so fascinated by her living conditions. They glitch my brain, it just keeps echoing "but… how does she live like that? how? how? …how? …HOW?"

No. 289135

But I clearly remember the side ponytail being popular in the 80s, didn't see people wearing it in the 90s. I was surprised when she started wearing it, it doesn't have anything to do with the grunge style AT ALL.

No. 289165

i literally brought it up once. and i saged it. at least my comment had something to do with luna, while yours was just crying about me. you gotta chill out and stop taking this shit so seriously.

No. 289168

File: 1491922444574.png (160.17 KB, 778x1663, IMG_2374.PNG)

She looks like she's in a modern take of "The Little House On the Prarrie"

No. 289169

She's pretty young here, you can see potential in her face. Had she only lost weight normally, through diet and exercise and not gotten addicted to heroin she could look hot today. Hell, even when she had the short blonde hair and was still fat pre-heroin she didn't look completely awful, despite the bad styling.

2 sad.

No. 289170

File: 1491923357635.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.34 KB, 236x236, tunatitties.jpg)

Some women, one way or another, have prematurely sagging breasts. Most women have the tact to cover them up with a good bra, but Luna goes out of her way to show off her "Moses-parting-the-Red-Sea titties" and shouldn't be surprised when people laugh at them.

No. 289187

Literally trying to rip off Basquiat so so poorly

No. 289188

Swore she wasn't wearing pants but then I was like "where the cottage cheese thighs?"

No. 289198

>I guess since she can't pretend to be a poc, she can pander via her dead jewish grandmother who was totes a black panther.

Jews wont have it though lol. You can have a Jewish relative really far back and still be considered ethnically Jewish as long as it's a direct maternal link. Grandmother, Father, Luna is broken by a male.

No. 289240

File: 1491933152836.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_2017-04-11-10-51-13…)

sure tuna

No. 289241

>reward for cleaning the whole apartment
>shows dirty countertop in pic

Alrighty then

No. 289242


c'mon now. That's a wood desk(?), it's not filthy, it's either stained or chipped. There's not so much you can do about that. While I doubt her apartment is in any assimilation of "cleanliness", it's just what white-painted wood does, dude.

No. 289244

it's pretty clear that she said that to explain why it's not inherently wrong for tuna to have saggy tits (and if it were, it'd be the least of her problems). no need to be this fucking dense

No. 289245

Cleaned the whole apartment hahahahahahahaha I highly doubt it. Unless she got super high on crack and went on a cleaning binge but even then I don't see that happeneing. And she said the other day that she didnt have a pipe hour her weed. Holy fuck she's dumb.

No. 289261

File: 1491934995693.jpg (157.56 KB, 1080x1349, FB_IMG_1491931295876.jpg)

look at her filthy face are those finger streaks?

No. 289262

…there is clearly gunk in the groove

No. 289263

She said that when she was at her dad's and didn't bring her pipe. Now she's where she lives and has access to it. Use a bit of logic please.

No. 289271

Proudly treating herself with weed she stole from her dad. Soooo deserving.

>cleaning the whole apartment

Hahaha, yeah right, suuure that happened. In her drug-induced hallucinations.

No. 289288

File: 1491938230655.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1781.PNG)

Don't even know where to look first, her divorced tits or the mountain of clothes next to her. Cleaned the house my ass

No. 289305

Don't be so hard on her, she said before they don't have enough drawers for all their clothes so she folds them neatly and piles them up like in pic related

No. 289308

I hope you're being sarcastic

Holy shit look at all those track marks

No. 289317

man, fullbody pictures of luna are especially weird to look at cause she doesn't really carry any of the fatness on her face? like, looking at her from the shoulders up, you wouldn't really guess that she's overweight.

No. 289324

yeah, fucking duh. thanks for explaining that women have different tits and pointing out to us that luna's are dreadful. stop posting about this shit.

No. 289359

Whyyyyyy does she insist on doing her eye makeup like this? It's so bad, it just ends up making her eyes look droopier.

No. 289436

She just liked a bunch of grody shooting up gifs and junkie posts on tumblr.

No. 289438

File: 1491948276187.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9709.PNG)

Ripped and dirty

No. 289443

File: 1491948464069.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9708.PNG)

Tuna doesn't look so horrible here

No. 289445

File: 1491948726417.png (1.41 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-11-17-10-13…)

No. 289468

dios mio

No. 289477

Not sure I'm reading this right… Does she think a drug addiction will make her prettier?

No. 289504

why the hell would she post a half blink
of course youre fucking ugly

No. 289507

its almost like shes replying to >>289359 with the caption

No. 289508

her eyebrows are soo tragic

No. 289513

She looks like a reconstructed corpse.

Of course, anon. Heroin chic~

No. 289522

I struggled to decipher the meaning of that rambling caption too. But then I realized what state she must have been in when she posted that.
It says nothing except for:
>I'm soooo high I can't even

No. 289527

her makeup is so bad it hurts my soul. those eyebrows… but i think she would look good in that pic if her makeup was different (or maybe if she had none at all?)

No. 289537

the chokers she wears only serve to accentuate this, she looks like someone took a moderately thin person's head and photoshopped it onto a dumpy body. the face makeup being a different shade from the rest of her body doesn't do her any favors either

No. 289556

File: 1491956324682.png (84.04 KB, 640x479, IMG_5302.PNG)

No. 289562

File: 1491956649437.png (71.09 KB, 640x492, IMG_5303.PNG)

No. 289574

File: 1491957531858.png (92.8 KB, 640x600, IMG_5301.PNG)

No. 289595

I'm on a diet and whenever I have the urge of eating I look this thread

No. 289604

I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this.

No. 289622

i wanna see her left inner arm sooooo bad omg how bad was it last time she was still showing it?

No. 289638

She looks like Lurch omg

No. 289640

Cuz everyone knows drug addiction makes you a total cutie

No. 289650

Kek whenever I want to do uppers I look at this thread and the craving goes away.
>Thanks tuna

No. 289653


what part of the world is that?

sage for off topic geography fag

No. 289657

The Red Sea, friendo.

No. 289708

File: 1491976798521.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_2017-04-11-22-10-46…)

>cleaned the whole apartment

No. 289712

Who the hell can live with a floor/carpet as grimy and disgusting as that? I would rip it out with my bare hands if I had to. That shit cannot be saved. It probably has 20 different cultures living and breeding in it.

No. 289715

If this is considered "clean," I'd hate to see what she considers dirty.

No. 289727

I think she meant to type:

I feel so fucking ugly. I'm amazed I'm so fat considering my past (and present*) drug addiction. I still look ugly.

* Translator's added comment

Drugs sure as fuck have destroyed a lot and will annihilate the rest very quickly if she doesn't get help soon.

No. 289738

Has Luna mentioned Roger at all since he went to the hospital 2 months ago?

I'm triggered by how filthy that pipe is.

No. 289756

see >>289574 but I think that's about it. No wonder his health is so bad, look what he's living in and breathing 24/7.

No. 289777

How the fuck does she look at that picture and all the clutter and think, "yeah this is a cute picture to post". Is it just because she's high or is she actually mental?
And how long until those piles avalanche and she's trapped underneath. Hope she has her phone on her when it happens so she can take selfies underneath it and ask for donations so she can be dug out.

No. 289778

How the fuck does she look at that picture and all the clutter and think, "yeah this is a cute picture to post". Is it just because she's high or is she actually mental?
And how long until those piles avalanche and she's trapped underneath. Hope she has her phone on her when it happens so she can take selfies underneath it and ask for donations so she can be dug out.

No. 289783

>cleaned up
>her "neatly arranged plushies" everywhere
>dat hello kitty begging for sweet release of death

No. 289795

Thanking someone for grooming them and addicting them to heroin. I guess he did change her life forever. FFS.

No. 289830


It was bad, it was like a brown gaping hole.

Anyone have the picture of Tuna where you can see her gaping hole/infected abcess/gangrene/WHATEVER??

No. 289864

its in previous threads why is everyone so fucking lazy lately?

No. 289867

File: 1492011773422.png (43.48 KB, 1080x442, Screenshot_2017-04-12-08-08-29…)

totally worth broadcasting to the internet

they buy the worst groceries. they reek of people who are used to a kushy life who just have no clue how to buy groceries that last or have any sort of idea how to make being poor easier. and she is always trying to claim some sort of weird poor person street cred, when she documents them buying cocopuffs and $4 containers of fruit punch and fucking AA clothes and a 40 dollar ds to fill her empty days when she could be actually doing stuff to make her life easier

god i hate this bitch

No. 289869

File: 1492011838355.png (57.87 KB, 1080x565, Screenshot_2017-04-12-08-08-33…)

then why do you try SO HARD to be ~ugly cute grimey trashy~ aesthetic

No. 289871

File: 1492011946649.png (1.88 MB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_2017-04-11-22-10-32…)

she always has to sprawl out as much stuff that she owns as possible. those are ALL of her sketch books. theres no reason for them all to be out on her nasty bed even if she was actually drawing

No. 289872

File: 1492012026975.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1691, Screenshot_2017-04-11-22-11-25…)

No. 289873

I feel so bad for anyone who spends their own money on her.

No. 289874

pat, aka the old lady with cancer who spoils luna with shopping trips?

No. 289877


I read this thread every time I need motivation to clean my house.

No. 289889

Why does she even own those manga tutorial books when all she draws is the kind of shit that looks like every "Tumblr Artist" aesthetic out there?

No. 289890

Looks like she seen the "Depression Meal: eating dry cereal" post on Tumblr. Guyz now not only is she poor, but depressed too! She is so unique.

She tries way too hard to get aesthetic pics and she always fails. And sick, that crusty stained pillow. How fucking nasty. I bet that's years of dopesick sweat.

No. 289939

and the pat who bought her her precious birthday cake who she tagged in the facebook post im sure.

No. 289947

File: 1492022240410.png (57.98 KB, 640x388, IMG_5299.PNG)

No. 289966


>put old bed linen back in

the return of the unwashed lilac moon and stars-bedsheets

No. 289972

She could get an used vacuum cleaner & chest of drawers for free from craigslist or gumtree but I guess she's too dumb to do that

Imagine the crunch sound with every step on carpet lmao

No. 289980

>and i, trying to write poetry
…keep trying.

No. 290314

I feel like she has really bad vision. If shes smoking crack it would get her cleaning, but if her vision is fuzzy enough maybe it legit looks spotless to her. Maybe she cant see how crusty her makeup is…she thinks shes flawless

No. 290316

File: 1492051044638.png (975.94 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_2017-04-12-16-40-16…)

No. 290317

File: 1492051128386.png (171.5 KB, 465x392, Screenshot_2017-04-12-16-40-16…)

No. 290319

This poor cat looks so filthy and greasy. Look at all that stuff stuck in it's fur…

No. 290320

File: 1492051232634.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_2017-04-12-18-54-45…)

No. 290322

File: 1492051307450.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_2017-04-12-16-40-44…)

No. 290325

File: 1492051396952.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_2017-04-12-16-40-56…)

No. 290326

Her reflection in the mirror lmfaooooo.
Did she not notice that?

No. 290333

She's clearly fucked up

No. 290334

Her real skin is way cuter than her fake gross piles of foundation.

No. 290336

lol ew is her stomach peeking out? pull down your shirt ffs

No. 290355

What the actual fuck. Seriously, what could she POSSIBLY be looking at that would require that kind of reaction? That is so creepy.

No. 290356


the fit of this bra is…extremely odd. wtf is going on w/ her left boob?

No. 290359

calm the fuck down, she's yawning?

No. 290368

she actually looks cute in this. pls tuna, ditch the terribly applied makeup.

No. 290379

Maybe Lurch is licking her pussy while she takes a photo of their pussy…….

No. 290382

File: 1492061668119.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, abcess.png)

>Anyone have the picture of Tuna where you can see her gaping hole/infected abcess/gangrene/WHATEVER??

Here you go.

ty anon. Not sure how I missed that.

No. 290384

That's the first thing I noticed as well. Vacuuming would help. Professional cleaning would be better. That stuffed animal needs to go through the wash. The things scattered about need to be put away. I'm not sure how this picture relates to "cleaned the whole apartment" unless this is a "before" picture.

No. 290394

but they're both sex repulsed right now, anon

No. 290402

They have a vacuum. It's in the background of one of her selfies at the end of the last thread.

No. 290421

…and a good part of the crunching noise comes from stepping on bugs. We know they have an infestation.

On the bright side, the cats will always have something to catch and eat if (when) they blow the cat food money on dope. Maybe that's how they've been getting fatter.

No. 290462

I wonder if the only reason she has been posting her makeup-less selfies every night is because we were saying how she probably doesn't wash of her pounds of makeup every night.

No. 290478

I honestly feel that Luna is really cute. I think that gad she dropped Lurch, she could become a really great person. She was groomed by the piece of shit who's now helping her ruin her life.
A lot of women have done shitty things in their youth but have managed to turn their life around. I hope that Luna will be this case.
IDK why, but I just like her, in a way - even though her shameless ebegging, living in pigsty etc.and other ways are despicable.

No. 290565

File: 1492106907413.png (107.62 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_2017-04-13-08-56-55…)

No. 290569


same, i think all her e-begging and shit are almost forced by matthew.

No. 290572

Jesus, she's such a pathetic retard. She just sounds dumber and dumber on every new fb post.

No. 290584

File: 1492109245934.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_2017-04-13-08-57-35…)

you literally get packages like this tuna from people you rarely even thank stfu

No. 290586

File: 1492109327421.png (2.23 MB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_2017-04-13-08-57-27…)

No. 290591

Aren't cigs super expensive in NY?

No. 290593

I dont. What is lurch going to do with makeup, trinkets and womens clothes? Lurch has been supporting his habit doing whatever scumbag shit for however many years. Luna is LAZY and comes across as really entitled. I think her tumblr notoriety got to her head and she tapped into her followers for quick cash because it was easy. That and those stupid my life is in shambles e-beggary crap was fairly common on tumblr.
I do feel bad for her to an extent because of how young she is + the opportunities she clearly has available to her. Shit - i think shes kinda pretty (aesthetic aside). Lurch is definitely contributing to her dope life cycle but who here can deny getting dope/listening to music by people on dope/living in a dope hovel isnt what she really wants.

No. 290596

*is what she wants

No. 290598

depends on where. In the city, a pack is about $12.50. Minimum in the state is $10.50 per pack. But everything is more expensive in the city compared to Long Island and upstate NY.

No. 290607

File: 1492112893542.png (685.09 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5788.PNG)

really curious as to what her antibiotics are for

No. 290609

Probably for the infection in her arm, shit looked nasty. When you're pinning yourself every day (especially in that dirty crack den) it's inevitable that one of the marks will get infected.

No. 290631

Lookin like the girl from the ring

No. 290689

Its definitely for her abscess. If it was for anything else, she'd be talking about it constantly and milking it for attention and sympathy. And she's been trying to hide her abscess. Not so aesthetic huh tuna? Her dad probably seen it and made her go to the doctor.

No. 290700

this ponytail looks ridiculous, she looks like an idiot

No. 290704


Your'e probably right, I just hope she gets sober and leaves him. He's obviously toxic and abusive.

No. 290706

i kind of like her cry baby dress its weird how she carries her weight you never notice how big she is till she stands up

No. 290756

File: 1492135281880.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1618, Screenshot_2017-04-13-18-53-37…)

No. 290757

File: 1492135357477.png (84.97 KB, 1080x573, Screenshot_2017-04-13-18-53-42…)

No. 290758

File: 1492135410162.png (145.09 KB, 1080x835, Screenshot_2017-04-13-18-53-58…)

No. 290759

File: 1492135464676.png (107.52 KB, 1080x683, Screenshot_2017-04-13-18-55-42…)

No. 290760

File: 1492135536157.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_2017-04-13-18-55-00…)