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File: 1500543372880.png (164.83 KB, 415x193, ty for this pic anon.png)

No. 356015

WHY ARE YOU READING THIS? Don't you know our stunning EX (!) anorexic needs your asspats??

No introduction needed, but this is where we're at:
-new smug face
-amazing full time job which isn't
-threatens Sudoku if she doesn't get more than 3 comments in half an hour
-never ending stream of shoots wearing a bikini because even though she's #bodypositive and loves her cellulitis and bloat, she feels insicure after opening herself.
-Ma C still enabling
-Pa C beats Aly mercilessly. Not.

!No hater comments from fake anons!

"I swear you I'm not crazy" - Alice Casati

Last thread

No. 356016

No. 356022

trying to move old thread here
is the a feed tube or a plastic straw taped to her nose? something about it looks…fake

No. 356025

She gained weight so her eyeliner had to as well

No. 356026

It's definitely real. They gave her a really thick tube at the hospital (heh) and not a dinky one like you see most people have.

In her latest photo (make sure you give support), she says she hates the darkness under her eyes and it's because she was anorexic. Bloody hell, who hasn't got dark circles?? There's a whole beauty industry (#fucksocietybeautystandards) that make undereye concealers. I personally use heavy duty Pwoargh Paint concealer. I've never even her sodding dark circles because her eyeliner's so ridiculous.

No. 356038

File: 1500551115667.jpeg (237.08 KB, 748x1301, image.jpeg)

At it again. I kind of want to post a terrible yell on one of her pics cause It'd be fun to get my comment featured in her stories.

>want to close in advance

Wtf does that mean?

No. 356048

I'm tempted to open an account and post late at night so it's not taken down for hours. I really want to tell her all I think of her. If I saw her in Milan I'd do it to her face.

Close in advance means she's shit at English. Oh god, what a dreary cycle she puts us through.

No. 356057

When she says "close in advance" she usually means closing her account. This time she's talking about closing it when she visits Budapest, but if she keeps getting hate comments she will close sooner, she threatens this anytime she travels

No. 356065

File: 1500554413518.png (53.35 KB, 414x216, teh fear.png)

No. 356068

File: 1500554817997.png (989.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170720-084400.png)

It's bizarre how her photos never match what she says. Is this a nervous face? Or something?
Its a boomerang in her story btw so it's animated.

No. 356077


This sentence… is this supposed to be English?

No. 356101

File: 1500559365751.jpg (490.46 KB, 810x1459, 20170720_085800.jpg)

she always says something along the lines of "i wont have time to be anxious etc" so, how many black out posts? what if Stranger Girl is cuter and slimmer than aly?!

No. 356106

I'm dying hahaha
I like you, anon.

No. 356142

File: 1500562921245.png (198.17 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5641.PNG)

Follower encourages ali to stop focusing on negatives and stop using the number of comments as a means of self worth. follower's comment gets blasted on her STORIES(!)
Follower starts to regret ever giving aly encouragement.

No. 356154

File: 1500563524193.jpg (69.87 KB, 200x260, brow1.jpg)

I swear to God she would look 10x prettier if she only fixed those clown eyebrows. They're so… high and rounded? And she looks constantly surprised.

No. 356165

did she already delete this?

No. 356173

Nah, I thought it had been deleted but it's on her recent bikini shoot. The follower made good points without being bitchy, but Aly's too far up her own ass to even consider changing her ways.

No. 356244

File: 1500572454769.png (364.42 KB, 750x1179, IMG_4171.PNG)

I wouldn't call that description OCD.. I but it is obvious that the bitch is disordered as all hell.

No. 356258

in the past shes described ocd as social anxiety, so im not sure she knows what it is. she does always post her chocolate pics with the same white background tho which is pretty obsessive

i used to have ocd and id always drive the same way to college even if it meant going out of my way and it would take longer i just did it because i thought something bad would happen if i didnt, that's kinda similar maybe? so it could be true but yeah either way shes still neurotic as hell

the thing is, therapy can really help you with ocd and anxiety but of course she wouldnt get help because shes such a goddamn martyr

No. 356265

File: 1500574564508.png (734.53 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4175.PNG)

So she just reposted this & added this cap to her stories and I can't help but wonder if it's because she got no comments after 30-40 mins or if she saw the screen cap here.

No. 356269

It's been suspected she lurks but no real hard proof. Honestly she's been asking all day if she should go private. She just wants validation.

No. 356272

prolly just imaginary haters

No. 356291

File: 1500577819544.jpg (355.2 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170720-140911.jpg)

you almost got it aly

No. 356330

If she ate better food and less sugar she would probably feel a lot better about herself. I know I feel like crap when I eat nothing substantial for the day. Healthy food makes you feel good. Eating 5 candy bars and drinking pure sugar (plus god knows how many cigarettes she smokes) is going to make you crash and feel like garbage.
But of course to her, healthy eating is just a gateway to disordered eating. Even tho normal EVERYDAY people do it regularly with no issues.

Being healthy is not an eating disorder, Aly. Eat some fucking veggies and put the candy bars down.

No. 356374

File: 1500586787710.jpg (33.84 KB, 978x158, Screenshot_20170720-163416.jpg)

on her transformations pic lol

eating heathily is orthorexia. what you need to do is eat mcdonalds every day, smoke, drink and never exercise! ed motivation if i ever saw it

No. 356407


> 'and i didnt throw it up'

FINALLY we hear what has long been suspected but never confirmed, that purging is in fact a behaviour that aly has used/still uses

No. 356412

File: 1500593082651.jpg (44.2 KB, 499x510, aly.JPG)

I was going to comment on that here too. The way she says it I'm thinking she means, "I didn't throw it up this time". Hmm.

Aly in 2011. She's not doing the smug face though.

No. 356414

yeah that was exactly how i interpreted it as well, hence the slight 'AHA! I KNEW IT' moment

also idk if that counts as a smug face but its certainly fucking ugly

No. 356416


It's a nothing going on in her head look which she tries to hide with her enchanting gazes in her beautiful shoots.

(meant to sage the post with the pic so duh @ me)

I thought the reason she was having breakdowns on holiday and not wanting to spend too long with her boyfriend was because she wouldn't get the chance to purge. Could be why she's so nervous about her holiday next week. Idk, it just seems logical.

No. 356430

idk i think she just meant that she has purged in the past like she just went to hospital control wouldnt they run tests that um, test electrolytes and look for other things that would be obvious if she was bulimic or do you just mean she occasionally purges? cus i could see that

No. 356516

A medical anon or maybe a one time ED anon said the drip bag thing she was wheeling around was some electrolyte thing. All I know is purging fucks up electrolytes. Aly mentioned her electro balance was wonk one time at day hospital control (!)

She's also said in the past she binged then starved for days.

Some bingeing tendencies are there anyhow and that's all I'm saying …

No. 356532

I think she meant because she was really anxious and she always says how her stomach "closes" when she is anxious and that she feels sick. As weird as it is to say, I don't think Aly is capable of self-induced vomiting lol I feel like she's too dumb and too "classy" to put her fingers down her throat

No. 356829

File: 1500646789287.png (763.6 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4187.PNG)

This shit makes me rage. Aly they asked a simple question. I mean shit I'm wondering the same thing, I could never consume the amount of sugar she does and not feel insane.

No. 356844

File: 1500650192500.jpg (438.92 KB, 1010x1090, Screenshot_20170721-101332.jpg)

so apparently aly is giving a motivational talk to some womans sister who has an eating disorder whilst eating a smartie like this, not that i believe this is even happening

No. 356930

File: 1500658853387.jpg (88.06 KB, 652x282, Screenshot_20170721-133732.jpg)

She moved zero? I thought she was at the hospital with Sonia and her grandmother. Also, why did they need Aly to help take them? Does she drive?

No. 356931

No no… Aly refers to her friend Sonia as "sister" and they needed help going to Sonias Grandmas dr. appointment for some reason.

No. 356983

File: 1500663606389.jpg (870.62 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170721_145856.jpg)

Her mom's face..lol

No. 356987

oh ok i didnt read about the friend

No. 356990

File: 1500664172056.jpg (74.06 KB, 978x220, Screenshot_20170721-140816.jpg)

can someone please tell her that cellulitis is an illness lol

No. 357000

File: 1500665548232.png (129.08 KB, 737x1093, IMG_5648.PNG)

Aly is losing more and more followers. She's down to 50.3k when just the other day she had 50.4k. And just a couple months ago 50.9k.

Aly mentioned this woman today and this face is very….familiar. She makes dumb faces and eats foods that Aly loves to post about. It's almost like Aly is trying to be just like this woman. She also bitches about how fitness pages end up on her explore page and calls it "ed-fuel". Ugh. Aly needs better role models.

No. 357005

People have quite a few times…Aly just ignores everything beyond people praising her. It drives me crazy because a simple Google search and she would fucking learn the difference between the two, but she's too busy being a selfish twat to actually learn anything new.

No. 357168

I've told her before… She liked and ignored the comment

No. 357450

File: 1500726606216.png (26.86 KB, 303x279, screenshot 2017-07-22 14.27.40…)

More and more people are getting tired of her bullshit.

No. 357454

She's gonna throw a shitfit because of this FREAKIN (!) TRUTH BOMB.

No. 357455

Samefag, she deleted the comment seconds ago.

No. 357472

Of course. Twat. I really despise her and am so over her pathetic bullshit!

No. 357474

File: 1500733170446.jpg (234.99 KB, 978x724, Screenshot_20170722-091514.jpg)

jesus christ aly you're going on like a 2 hour flight its not a big deal. shes so obviously blowing this out of proportion because shes irrelevant now. like yeah, going on holiday when you have an ed can be difficult but i dont think its enough to trigger a relapse and im sure they'll have a mcdonalds

No. 357484

File: 1500735169809.jpg (80.55 KB, 652x220, Screenshot_20170722-105013.jpg)

Is this proof she lurks here? Or is this coincidence.

No. 357496

lol i hope its a coincidence

No. 357503

File: 1500738281509.png (302.63 KB, 750x1106, IMG_4324.PNG)

She didn't get many comments on this so so she just reposted begging for help yet again because she's "breaking down!" Aly if you can handle a weeks trip at 22 with friends and your bf, don't go. Simple as that. Whining about it 16x a day on IG isn't going to make that better.

No. 357505

Why the fuck is she going to Hungary, clearly she needs to go to some random Midwestern suburb with her refined cosmopolitan palate

Going "abroad" omfg. She's going one country over on a 2 hour direct flight, there are people with commutes longer than this.

Where is bingo card Anon? Let's start one for the Budapest trip. I predict random street harassment, feeling triggered bc the "stranger girl" is thin/pretty/doesn't want to eat 24/7 and actually wants to walk around, fast food and other uninteresting food, angsty smoking on hotel balcony, 3468996 PDA pics, and that stupid black hair clip

No. 357514

I cannot believe she's making such a big deal out of the Hungary trip. I mean, I can because it's Aly, but Jesus Christ. If it's such a big deal, don't go. You're just going to be a drag anyway.

No. 357527

Why would she stop eating? Does she not like to eat around other people? Or is it because her mom isnt there to hold her hand and tell her she's not fat? Or because they won't have her usual 4 items of food that she eats? No McNuggets, no donnies, no oreos, no wonka chocolate or disgusting looking tuna stuffed rice wraps.

No. 357529

Can confirm there are lots of American style burger and pizza places in Budapest. It's pretty cosmopolitan tbh. The natives are more polite and helpful than most places and the metro is so clean she could eat her donnies off the floor.

Why doesn't she fucking google places to eat. It's Hungary, not sodding India.

Sheesh (kebab) lack of life skills, yo.

Yeah, as a ~rape survivor~ it pisses me off when she uses rape as something to further her pathetic, basic grasp of psuedo feminism. If she was actually using the subject sexual abuse/violence to pro-actively raise awareness of casual sexism I wouldn't mind, but she uses it to talk about how short she likes to wear her skirt.


No. 357554

I don't even think she thinks she's going to stop eating. Tbh all of her recent "omg almost relapsed"/"want to relapse" posts have felt super manufactured for attention. She's clearly addicted to her sweets at this point and I really don't think she even struggles with restriction anymore.

So this big fucking deal about the trip is just another opportunity for drama and to stretch out her recover warrior identity as long as possible even though she's at a healthy weight and has no problem chowing down on junk food five times a day. She is no one without her ed, which is really damn sad especially since she was an adult when she even became anorexic and it's only been a couple of years. It's not like she's Ashley and has legit been nothing but a skeleton for a decade since she was a teen. Ash might have had the potential to have a personality that she's lost. Aly just never had one at all lol.

No. 357559

haha yes can some kind anon make trip bingo? ill prolly make it wrong

No. 357566

Sad thing is that Ash actually has a personality (shittiness aside) and interests. She likes making things, putting together cosplay outfits, collecting things, Japan…it's sad she'll never have the opportunity to share those interests irl at conventions or visit Japan whereas Aly has no interests yet is able to do anything she likes.

Anons, throw some bingo square ideas at me and I'll make a board tonight/tomorrow.

No. 357572

nice dubs. just some ideas-

>self arming

>only 2 lovely girls commented
>muh feminism
>going private
>crazy eyes
>overly sexy family photos
>passive aggressive screenshot of hater comments

No. 357583

Some ideas:
>smug face
>reposts of a previous food pic
>black pic
>asking for more attention
>"more details in my stories"
>humblebragging (for ex. "just because I'm a pretty girl…")

No. 357594

File: 1500751789986.jpg (24.76 KB, 273x168, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.JPG)

She crossed the pre-holiday I WONT POST FOR A WHOLE WEEK bingo box already.

I'm sighing so deep and despairingly.

No. 357610

File: 1500753478685.jpeg (159.66 KB, 1257x1625, image.jpeg)

Black post already checked

No. 357615

File: 1500753731881.jpg (33.28 KB, 460x276, no words except these two.jpg)

No. 357619

>ill be me
>for one week

No. 357622

File: 1500754210052.png (180.3 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5656.PNG)

So happy her followers are taking notice

No. 357626

File: 1500754423970.png (179.82 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5658.PNG)

Snagged this comment just before she deleted the post.

What a baby.

No. 357629

I wish she'd left that black screen up. If those comments were made within half an hour of her posting, imagine how many more she would've had in 24 hours.

Now she's going to baw baw about haters.

No. 357633

Really glad somebody got the screenshots I missed one before she deleted the post. This shit is getting absolutely ridiculous and I'm glad that people are finally calling her out more and more on it

No. 357640

File: 1500754989330.jpg (25.83 KB, 290x178, 1.JPG)

Someone posted this on the last pic. Looking forward to Aly's next post. Ooo the suspense.

No. 357641

I just saw this. Can't wait for the "stories" post and comment delete, whining in a caption etc, good ol predictable Aly

No. 357648

File: 1500755956783.png (189.94 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5659.PNG)

This was literally up for one minute and now deleted.

>sry girls it was the alchol

No. 357651

She has reposted it four times now, with so,e chocolate picture in between

No. 357653

File: 1500756215608.jpg (14.62 KB, 279x71, obsessed much.JPG)


An apology from her's pretty impressive though, although it'll change nothing.

dogsandpositivity needs to be taken to the vet and euthanised. Insipid cow.

Love this autocorrect/typo.

No. 357654

Must have missed the other times. Noticed it back up again. The fuck is her deal?
I feel like I'm going crazy just watching her IG.

No. 357655

I know a mother's love is supposed to know no bounds, but I wonder if Ma secretly wanted to hold Aly's head under the water until there were no bubbles when she was leaning in close at the baths.

It must be traumatic to live with her. Does Rob not know this?

No. 357657

Lmao, that was fast.
Some other idea for bingo card:
>threatening to go private/delete the account
>framing "hateful" comments in her stories
>deleting "hateful" comments
>saying she won't post for some time when she does the opposite

No. 357692

File: 1500761049061.jpg (318.4 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170722-165941.jpg)

No. 357709

Bingo suggestions:

>kissing her boy

>mounting her boy
>bikini shoot
>pic from behind looking out at scenery
>naked in hotel bed
>"count orgasms not calories"
>"other girls…vs. me…" speech

No. 357713

File: 1500764242432.jpg (78.69 KB, 673x291, Screenshot_20170722-185337.jpg)

What the fuck kind of math is she trying to do here?

No. 357715

File: 1500764584667.jpeg (127.61 KB, 872x1035, image.jpeg)

I will properly edit later. Unfortunately I actually have a life.

No. 357976

lol clearly she's trying to demonstrate that she's lost ~so much~ of her life to her millions of years with an eating disorder. but she looks like an idiot bc she then casually subtracts a fucking DECADE for smoking. like…if you're so traumatized that you lost a couple of years to your ED, then drop smoking if you actually think it will shorten your life that much??? Fuck.

ty anon!!! may the oddities be ever in our favor

No. 357979

double posting but lol at "actual boyfriend", I know she's done one of her usual false cognate guesses (attuale in Italian = "current"in English) but it still reads entertainingly

No. 358060

File: 1500801314883.jpg (20.69 KB, 452x208, aly recoverynolife.jpg)

Ha! "Only two lovely girls commented".

Here's one from overnight she just deleted (img). It's past the point where I immediately think comments like this are from farmers. Her followers really are turning and it's GLORIOUS.

Predicting bad start to the day.

No. 358064

File: 1500801423615.jpg (26.96 KB, 307x347, social blade.JPG)

(keeping track of her social blade)

No. 358067

File: 1500802329315.jpg (12.38 KB, 274x52, little cracks support.JPG)


Morning pic. She's suffering.
>I don't think today I'll take pictures (I don't even know if I'll be able eating)

Nice that she supports women who have little cracks. Admirable.

No. 358070

File: 1500802687380.jpeg (532.09 KB, 1260x1631, image.jpeg)

Does her mother seriously think this is normal?

No. 358073

Ew. She's been eating greasy fries with her fingers then she runs those greasy fingers through her hair. Dirty girl.

No. 358074

It's how she flattens her hair. The fry grease combats the crunchy spaghetti hair.

No. 358107

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! I can't take it anymore!

Okay we need to start illustrating the reality of this girl's account. Someone needs to make a sattire IG 2.0, and post all these post-and-delete's and omitted comments and all the new (post #realrecovery) bullshit she pulls. You anons who are religious about following her new posts and screenshotting comments sure to be deleted, anyone up for it?

No. 358215

IME and from observation of others most people with AN go through periods of binging and/or bing/purge episodes even when in the depths of primarily restrictive AN.

So I wouldn't be surprised at all if she is engaging in some bulimic behaviours now as I doubt it would be completely alien to her.

And I know weight restoration results in odd weight distribution, edema etc but her face is so bloated it does make me wonder.

Like, even with the weight restoration nothing about her ED mindset seems to have changed, no matter how much she "shouts so loud!" her new found love of food and her body…

Of course it's all speculation on my part but her mental state seems so out of hand right now I can't imagine that frenetic energy limiting itself to thoughts alone.
Binging or B/P tends to be about immediate relief of turmoil whereas restricting is more methodical and less "here and now".

Like, she has such intense emotional responses to everything- and clearly hasn't been taught any healthy coping mechanisms as her "treatment" has being laughably shite (her therapist doesn't seem to have a bloody clue)- it just doesn't seem likely that she isn't still engaging in ED stuff.

IDK, obv it's different for everybody, so sage for blogpost and armchair diagnosing

No. 358219

File: 1500821678238.png (317.78 KB, 1080x1348, 20170723_095122.png)

shes posts 9 times today and this was posted and reposted as i clicked on it

everyone remember aly how she was, a deranged attention seeker, cus she wont be able to post for at least 3 hours while shes travelling

No. 358225

File: 1500821903791.png (569.34 KB, 814x564, Alice.png)

Does this count as "saying she won't post for some time when she does the opposite"? Check.
Also I smell "repost" from the Schoko Bons closeup pic. And pic related is both "bikini shoot" and "repost". Triple check for the bingo game

No. 358230

File: 1500822367980.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

She has absolutely no shame and it makes me rage.

No. 358232

"asking for more attention"=check. You can fill her bingo card in less than an hour.

No. 358234

nice. i think you should add in like stranger girl triggers aly and maybe mcdonalds budapest lol

No. 358260

File: 1500823341150.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Maybe I'm nitpicking but is Aly too feminist to wash her clothes now? I donut know how much more of this I can take.

No. 358297

Oh man. And I thought her ritualistic cookies/chocolate pics positioning (white background, food on foreground, package on back preferably to the right, 2 pieces piled up and top one has a tiny bite) was insane. But now I just realize that she went more than once to the same spot near that Mcdonalds to take at least 7 pics with the same pose, food placement, angle, and almost same dress (which is the only difference, else I wouldn't have noticed these pictures were from different ""photoshoots""). I wonder if she went ~OCD~ about the cars not being parked in the same manner.

No. 358309

File: 1500825346808.jpg (48.16 KB, 930x594, zzz.JPG)


No. 358314

File: 1500825407250.jpeg (87.85 KB, 640x1005, image.jpeg)

Boo hoo poor baby. What will it take to get it through her thick skull that the Internet isn't just an infinite supply of asspats?

No. 358315

Did anyone see the "yells"?

No. 358316

File: 1500825544051.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5662.PNG)

Posted a minute ago. Clearly having a meltdown. /s

No. 358321

There were no "yells". She's just not getting as many comments as she would like so she has to resort to this crap.

No. 358323

That thumbnail.
Oh, she's turning into an alcoholic. Poor Aly. All these demons.

No. 358338

File: 1500826126511.jpg (18.76 KB, 296x101, Capture.JPG)

I don't even know what the fucking question was.

She's doing this meltdown out at dinner with Ma?

No. 358342

File: 1500826258682.jpg (77.78 KB, 978x178, Screenshot_20170723-110705.jpg)

yeah i think its cus she only got 2 comments. if she was a normal person she would make 1 post saying like im feeling anxious about going on holiday but she just cannot control the sperg

her question is whether or not to post her video right?

No. 358343

File: 1500826359127.jpg (85.21 KB, 1297x264, Capture.JPG)

Lol. I hope everyone says no.

Any Italian anons here? Google is wank at translation.

No. 358347

(google was better at translating the rest)
>Rebeccapontormi_A purpose, the HATERS as you call them are the ones who insult you, not the one who writes an opinion under your photo. For you, they are all HATERS. Let's go

No. 358360

File: 1500827034781.jpeg (248.29 KB, 1154x1410, image.jpeg)

Got a couple versions, sage for kinda spamming

No. 358362

File: 1500827049252.jpeg (240.6 KB, 1154x1379, image.jpeg)

No. 358363

File: 1500827053430.png (49.38 KB, 745x323, IMG_5663.PNG)

Could you imagine being Aly's therapist and getting a call from her, freaking the fuck out because no one said they wanted her to upload her "farewell" video??

Not sure the point since we all know she will still post 15 times a day.

No. 358364

File: 1500827069270.jpeg (249.02 KB, 1139x1387, image.jpeg)

No. 358368

The square about the stranger girl ~triggering~ makes me wonder if Aly finds other females threatening. I get the impression that apart from her "sisters" she doesn't get on too well with women and hangs out with men. I want this girl to be really hot. Please, please be hot.

Haha, classic. Why does she even ask if people want to see her dumb video because she posts it anyway.

No. 358374

File: 1500827516193.jpg (23.57 KB, 413x368, heeeeres alllyyyy.JPG)

so she uploaded it. it's amazing.

No. 358393

Black pic-CHECK.

"You didn't like my comment so you deleted it and blocked me? The best part is that you only seek the support you like, where people tell you you're pretty, good and cute. You never know how to handle constructive criticism and reply to it. You just delete the comment, problem solved. Maybe those 50000 followers you seek support from got fed up of feeding your ego since as soon as you get the first constructive criticism you get mad."

No. 358400

File: 1500828702916.jpg (6.96 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

Grazie, anonimo

I like google's "puppy" translation.

How can Aly not feel like a complete twat getting her beautiful hair off at nobody saying they want to see hr video?

The way she feels must be a tiny, tiny bit like when a pop star's fame starts to wane. With Aly I wonder if we'll get a Britney Spears moment.

No. 358425

Am I the only one who can't ever watch an entire video? I always try but close it halfway or sooner. She is so cringey I just can't watch it. Although I always grab a crazy eyes cap just incase lol.

No. 358445

The funniest thing, crazy eyes aside, is her broken English and pronunciation, and her tone that is always the same. "Haigaizz"
Also, the staring-at-food face you can see in the beginning of EVERY video

No. 358452

File: 1500831915539.jpg (140.71 KB, 720x1280, 420ac333-f6e7-4806-a298-4e3fa5…)

yeah she did it again

No. 358507


Does she think she's 'broken'? She's NEET and yet she can still go on holiday abroad.

Sage for blogging but it's really bugging me. Yep, I'm just jelly that she can go on holiday with her imaginary job and I work 9 to 5 and can't afford holidays. hAHA

No. 358515

File: 1500837202094.png (13.86 KB, 296x82, screenshot 2017-07-23 21.05.46…)

Be careful, haters. Now Aly has her own personal bodyguard.

No. 358518

File: 1500837439365.jpeg (97.54 KB, 1224x526, image.jpeg)

Oh geez.

No. 358536

File: 1500838725561.png (3.12 MB, 1800x1370, IMG_8998.PNG)

Sage for OT

No. 358556

File: 1500840853877.jpg (142.98 KB, 978x465, Screenshot_20170723-151204.jpg)

shes down to 50.2k but at least she has them lol

No. 358706


No. 358803

Someone earlier said they were a recovering alcoholic and it made them mad whenever Aly said it was the "alcohol" that made her crazy because she needs to be responsible for her own words or stop drinking and stop blaming the alcohol.

Sage bc I didn't screenshot it

No. 358844

File: 1500875916213.jpg (78.4 KB, 698x499, 21 maccas in budapest.JPG)

There's a 12 step programme for eating disorders. I doubt she'd benefit because she can't take advice. That commenter was 100% correct, but Aly's NEVER, EVER taken responsibility for her own actions.

Anyway, fun holiday starts today. Here are some tourist spots I found where we're going to see some beautiful shoots from Aly.

Enjoy your brain, balls and bones burger, Aly.

No. 358854


Haha, what?! How quickly did she delete and re-upload these? They're almost exactly the same except for the emjois.

She seems really fucking manic and the thirst is seriously insane.

sage for just being gobsmacked

No. 358889

EEW! I see it too, gross!

No. 358891


No. 358920

File: 1500892605934.jpeg (198.66 KB, 640x1073, image.jpeg)

Is it me or is Aly's analogy of "bombs about to explode" pretty fucking dumb considering recent attacks in Europe etc? Then again, she probably wouldn't know anything about that, if it's not about her then she's not interested, after all.

No. 358930

It's just you, this isn't America where people get triggered for everything.

No. 358933


aw man… she doesn't look so good. like she's about to break the fuck down. i guess that's why ma c. was expecting bombs at the train station

poor kid

No. 358936

File: 1500895088349.jpg (24.49 KB, 634x688, cock.jpg)

It's a really common phrasing in Italy, so the connection to recent events doesn't really offend most people in Italian. I guess it doesn't translate well literally.

Also, what >>358933 said: generally speaking, we don't get offended at the same amount of stuff in Italy.

It's a bit like calling someone a cock: you don't really imagine them looking like a huge cock.

No. 358971

I didn't take the bomb thing as insensitive (and I'm in Manchester), but that's possibly because knowingly Aly she really us the centre of her world and wouldn't think of not Aly world events.

Remember how she didn't even mention the Paris bombings and that was really THE first European bombing that targeted a mass of randoms in public?

A car clipping her leg is made to be a world disaster, but real disasters are off her radar.

Oh, and she's not going to be doing ig much in future. O rly?

No. 358973

File: 1500900736370.jpg (326.71 KB, 980x978, Screenshot_20170724-074906.jpg)

no idea how she thinks she can do this, shes posted 3 times already about how shes going to stop posting so much and all the people saying goodbye to her lmao

No. 358983

>will you keep looking for my words?

Nobody reads the captions. Even dogsandpositivity only pretends to.

What was the shit gift she made her boyfriend? I don't see stories on my windows phone.

No. 359035

I wish there were an easy way to archive someone's instagram account. I always get annoyed when people start deleting pics (as she threatened to do).

No. 359207

She's only posted 6 times saying she's not going to post. 10 times less than usual.
Her reasons for posting on vacation will be: taking a much needed rest (!) and currently have wifi so I thought I'd share STORIES(!)

No. 359232

File: 1500920876954.jpg (859.88 KB, 987x1182, Screenshot_20170724-132149.jpg)

so natural
also i dont think you can count years you were broken up as years you were dating
um also who took this

No. 359251

is imgrum still a thing? i remember using that for something like what you mentioned.

No. 359264

No. 359275

Imagine if the new girl had to take it and then she'll also get talked about behind her back.

No. 359276

For someone who ~yells so much shit being a feminist and body-posi, she so transparently has no concept of herself outside of being desired by and desirable to men. Her entire existence feels centered on making herself feel wanted.

She needs a hobby.

No. 359307

Those shirt dresses she wears are so trashy it kills me. It's not the length so much, although her vag looks like it's barely covered, but just the fact she's wearing a tshirt dress and nothing else. No shorts or leggings or a cute mini skirt.

It just gives off the vibes of the oversized massive beer tshirts girls wear to bed. Which is acceptable attire when you're home and don't want to wear pants.

No. 359320

those dresses ride up really bad too (sorry i cant think of a nice description for it lol)

yeah she has like zero personality and obviously has identity issues. her whole thing now about how shes not gonna post cus shes gonna live life instead lol like she doesnt have a real job or go to school or have friends, all she does is go out to eat

No. 359347

Ha. I wear those to bed in summer and they're not even as short as the ones Aly wears. Her look's gone from disgusting cheap accessories to trailer trash. She needs to wear tights or something, 80 denier lycra ones. Saying that, they're going to a fancy restaurant and her shining knight's wearing a pair of disgusting shorts with a white shirt.

These pics where he's picking her up are really sad. It's true, she really makes herself look needy and being with a man validates her whole existence. He must be nuts. How does he not know she's a nothing of a person?

No. 359359

Because they only spend a couple days of the month together. Once they move in together he will get the full force of her insanity. And he will realize she just uses him as a prop for her "perfect Instagram life" and self validation.

No. 359361

oh shit im in manc too whattttt

No. 359384

After a week living in the same place she'd be back at Ma's saying he hit her. He's been to stay with her family though, he's seen her instagram, she makes him do these poses, he MUST know she's demented.

Alright, Our Kid? We need a Manc cow. We could put her under surveillance for the sake of lolcow. I pray for that.

No. 359390

>…and a big ass hairclip that women usually wear at home
Her fashion sense is tackier than Yumi King's and her clothes always look like they're going to be a fire hazard if anyone walks past her with a lighter in their hands

No. 359398

File: 1500930479100.jpg (30.19 KB, 500x274, IMG_5670.JPG)

All I can think of is Liz Lemon and her chip clip when it comes to Aly's new founded hair accessories.

No. 359412

The mini dress itself doesn't bother me that much, but paired with those heels and clown makeup it really screams stripper.

No. 359424

Thing is, she lives in Milan… You see models walking in the streets everyday there, how can you not learn anything?

No. 359432

Okay I don't understand how the length alone doesn't bother you lol and exactly like you said, it obviously rides up. Half of her pictures you can see her butt cheeks coming out. Like how is her actual assholr not showing when she walks? Would she not have to be constantly pulling it down? There's no way her ass cheeks at the very least aren't hanging out

No. 359471

Personally I could never wear anything that revealing out in public, I don't care how banging I might think my body is. I've seen 200lb girls wear shorts that show under butt. More power to you I guess ?
Sure, it's trashy to wear clothing that short, but I can't judge the outfit just on the shortness alone. If it was a cute ass dress I'd probably have a slightly different opinion. STILL TRASHY if your bits are hanging out but Aly's outfit as a whole is just….revolting.

I'm sure my logic makes no sense. But yea…shortness alone isn't why her outfit choices of late are trailer trash tier.

No. 359529

File: 1500941698735.jpg (17.69 KB, 336x413, bodycondress.JPG)

Everything about her just looks cheap and I don't think she can help it.

I get the feeling that if Aly had big tits she'd be accentuating those with lower cut tops. I don't understand why she wants to show so much ass.

She's into #bodyconfidence and google "black bodycon dress" and you get things like img. Figure hugging, but not trashy.

As opposed to (next post)…

No. 359530

File: 1500941730752.jpg (27.54 KB, 286x444, classy.JPG)

…this, which is Aly style.

No. 359818

Sorry to ask but is she uploading those videos you are talking about on IG or does she have a yt channel?

No. 359825

she looks like a 2007 myspace hoe

No. 359830

why the fuck are all italian women psychopaths who care too much about their body

No. 359839

It's the sun. It fries our heads (and hair) and leaves us like empty shells.

No. 359857

File: 1500986604227.jpg (29.4 KB, 388x313, christ.JPG)

I'm getting to know how it must feel to be Aly's gynecologist.

No. 359881


"Can you please hold this selfie stick while I bite this cookie?"

No. 359884

File: 1500990302005.jpg (977.38 KB, 1015x1547, Screenshot_20170725-084243.jpg)

shes manages to make every meal look old and congealed

No. 359923

Take your spergy hate boner for Italian women elsewhere, it's already the second time

She's wearing some lycra shorts down there, right? I refuse to believe she goes around with dresses that short and nothing underneath, in plain daylight, in Italy

No. 360012

File: 1500999091556.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4414.PNG)

Things are going pretty better guys!! God I wish she'd just speak and write in Italian.

No. 360028

watching her fashion choices is literally like moving slowly backward in time. every time she gains a kilo she moves back one fashion season. we're currently in 2004

No. 360030

What's happened here? She's sitting eating a … thing…wearing wet clothes?

I'm curious how she never tans/gets sunburn. She's out in the sun quite a lot and stays pasty white. How's that possible?

No. 360033

Sure doesn't look like she's wearing shorts underneath. And if she is they sure aren't doing anything

No. 360036

p sure she's wearing a tank over a swimsuit, eating some basic pastry. exciting~

idk, she's tan in her pre ED pics and some of her earlier ED pics even. that plus her family all being pretty tan makes it seem like she's able to tan. I just think she doesn't actually spend much time out at all, she only goes out to do her shoots and then goes back inside. what a life

No. 360053

File: 1501002246782.jpg (573.41 KB, 810x1229, 20170725_120246.jpg)

i predict a blackout post

No. 360106

This obsession with comments, get locked in the loonie bin jfc

No. 360153

Here we go again….

Probably has like 3 drinks max, gets "drunk", then gets a hundred times more neurotic. Then she blames it on the alcohol like it's noooo big deal that she threatened sudoku because hey she was just drunk lolollol!! It's not like she chose to drink!!!!

If she's sooo set on recovery and self-improvement and if she had even the slightest self-awareness she'd stop fucking drinking lol. She's obviously not dependent on alcohol, if it makes her feel so depressed and impulsive why does she continue getting "drunk"? Oh yeah - she's a fake

No. 360168

File: 1501012583088.png (529.46 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Presumably a farmer wrote this, made me laugh a bit

No. 360169

File: 1501013046406.jpg (382.82 KB, 1000x948, aly.jpg)

noticed teh yellz from this person too

No. 360196

File: 1501015083239.png (247.55 KB, 1506x1580, IMG_4381.PNG)

This commenter kek. They have a point. I wonder if she makes him pick her up to feel "light" and assure her that she's not gain d too much.

No. 360219

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to spend time with someone like this.
>"Hey anon, take 30 pictures of me posing in the same spot with some food or drink, or hair in my hands"
>"Hey anon, make a video of me in front of McDonald's saying something in broken English"
>She's constantly looking at her phone, scrolling through her insta page, calculating the number of comments and likes
>She gets moody because "not enough support" and spends the rest of the evening brooding

But she's also clearly unstable, so… I don't know. Her mother should really stop enabling her, for her daughter's sake.

No. 360251

File: 1501018544289.jpg (32.52 KB, 672x378, gsoh.jpg)


The picking her up thing looks ridiculous because she's tall. Is he shorter than average because she just looks … big … compared to him, and I don't mean her weight.

If she was 5ft 4in or under it'd look okay, but she's a tall-ish girl and it looks weird like she's disabled.

I don't get it anyway, and it's something she's done with him since before their break up. I'd feel a total dick if I had pictures of me being picked up by my boyfriend. Is it meant to be ~romantic~? It's weird, or is it me?

He needs to lose the facial hair. It does him no favours.

No. 360703

File: 1501056007961.png (119.66 KB, 598x177, screenshot 2017-07-26 09.57.15…)


No. 360711

she looks normal height, it might just be because you only see his upper body, but she looks fine (besides her shitty outfit)

No. 360787

File: 1501070295044.png (125.57 KB, 640x1085, IMG_0963.PNG)

Can she go anywhere without turning it into a photoshoot?

No. 360798

File: 1501073308970.jpg (78.72 KB, 822x617, lol.JPG)

Of course not. She just took a picture of a fucking sarnie at the airport. Can't lie, it looks good.

I was stalking Aly's fb and it was difficult to see what the boyfriend actually looks like because every one she's glued to his mush. I wish one of them would get herpes or a cold sore.

(Please let the stranger girl be hot).

Oh god, while stalking I found this. I don't think the cringe factor of this one can ever be beaten.

No. 360808

> herpes or a cold sore

lmao same thing

I would never make fun of a recovering anorexic for gaining weight, but her obsession with food is an entirely different kind of ED now.

is she still in school? is her family rich? how can she afford all of these trips. I feel like she's been on vacation for like 6 solid months now, save that two week span where she pretended to not get a job

No. 360837

She swerves around the issue, but it seems like she's dropped out of uni. People ask but she never replies.

The money for trips and food and whatever else is sponged from her parents. I don't get the impression they're rich, but both parents work so I suppose they're in a better position than most.

Even when she moves in with her boyfriend (sure, Jan) it'd probably be him out working to pay the rent while she plays instagram all day.

It's not like she spends money on clothes or decent make up/hair dyes. I just imagine her being a massive leech who thinks she's entitled to free stuff.

No. 360877

She's at least upper middle class judging by what I've seen in all her threads. She's dropped out of uni and has no job, living the dream until someone reminds her that she should do something with her life now.

No. 360886

its sad like on her pics with her bf shes like this is what you recover for and she doesnt have anything. if he broke up with her i bet she'd lose it, well even more so

No. 360909

She now said that she'll update us in Budapest if she can find wifi. Of course.
And she was asking if they had Starbucks? Does this bitch think she's going to central Africa or something?

No. 360927

File: 1501084699828.jpg (748.75 KB, 810x1675, Screenshot_20170726-105719.jpg)

and it begins

No. 360932

It's possible she's still in uni and currently off for the summer, though I'm not sure what the academic calendar is like in Italy. I do believe that she was taking classes last year, just like a super light schedule. The job was obviously bullshit and she has fibbed around that by referencing her tutoring and pretending to be referring to a more full time position.

P sure her family is just average for living in a large Italian city. They don't seem to live extravagantly, they go holiday to the seaside every summer but that's really it and their home looks normal middle class. Honestly aside from treatment Aly's life isn't expensive, her living at home doesn't cost her parents much, I would imagine. Not that this is an excuse for her to do nothing ever, but other than her daily donnies her only extra spending is an occasional trip to Rome and her tutoring money probably covers that.

No. 360939

her accessorizing makes me want to self arm

No. 360944

File: 1501085721701.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170726-121055.png)

Sage for samefag but I cannot even deal with all these makeout pics. I don't even mind PDA at all irl and I don't mind kissing photos if they're in a context that makes sense (like New year's or ONE pic somewhere pretty on a romantic holiday) but the non-stop face sucking for the camera in random restaurants is just too much bc it's so clear that it's not motivated by genuine affection but instead just a need to show her followers that she's wanted by a ~man

No. 360948

Hope she gets stuck in traffic because of the fina wch going on
Sage for bitterness

No. 360966

>that gut

I wonder if she secretly hates how fat his body is

No. 360969

what the hell, ana-chan. show some respect for the gut

No. 360973

ive never seen a genuine photo of them together

are they both wearing a size too small lol

No. 360990

maybe dadbod is her thing?? who even knows when this is a girl who thinks chip bag hair clips and giant peace sign earrings are a good idea

No. 361009


Italy doesn't have Starbucks, so I guess that's why she's asking.

No. 361048

She's not even in treatment anymore, she seriously needs weekly therapy and her family can clearly afford it, but she chooses to not to. Shouldn't health be the number one priority?

Going on vacation won't enlighten her and cure her of all her mental health problems.

No. 361053

File: 1501094186469.png (36.38 KB, 507x590, IMG_5494.PNG)

Nani the fuck is this picture

No. 361060

Newfag much? They most definitely have them in Italy and she has posted hundreds of pictures of her with Starbucks ??

Ur dumb bye

No. 361063

She reused an old starbucks plastick cup.
If you use their store locator you'll see that there are none, not even in Milan or Rome. The closest ones are in Austria/Germany. Why are you being so snarky torwards anon, geez

No. 361081

No. 361102

Love it when someone calls another poster an idiot and proceeds to make an idiot of themselves

No. 361110


Except I'm Italian.
So I know if we have Starbucks or not.

Yess!! I can't wait.

No. 361117

File: 1501100330093.jpg (130.45 KB, 1006x339, Screenshot_20170726-151536.jpg)

jesus christ girl
alys already been on a bunch of trips this year already, just because this one involved an hours flight its somehow a pilgrimage to the perfect life

No. 361145

File: 1501102235615.png (153.77 KB, 640x1001, IMG_3766.PNG)

The fuck is she even trying to say

> how much does weight your eating disorder? How much does weight freedom?

Aly, how much does weight your brain?

No. 361160

I don't think it's a spergy hateboner. I'm an Italian woman myself and I 100% see where they are coming from. It's wildly different from America, and people are a lot more rude and abrasive here, very shameless. Lots of girls are vapid and self obsessed, and very skinny bodies are still on trend here.

No. 361185

tf is this girl even trying to gain here? like there's no way she actually believes aly's bullshit, and her recent comments (like the one a farmer screenshot last week where she said sth about "i worry that i annoy you" or "i comment every day but you never reply") make it seem like she knows aly doesn't actually give a fuck. so thennn…???

is she just hoping other people will click through and follow her? does she still think her beloved aly will finally follow her someday? is she actually that fucking lonely?

so many questions, so little logic

No. 361189

>calls someone else "newfag"
>is totally oblivious of the old news that Aly has reused a Starbucks plastic cup one million times

She has the same syndrome as Aly's, which is writing so much and saying nothing of substance. Birds of a feather

>It's wildly different from America
It's not. Have you ever been outside?
>Lots of girls are vapid and self obsessed
You can hear any other "notlikeothergurlz" snowflake from UK, Russia, USA etc. say the same thing.
>very skinny bodies are still on trend here
Absolutely not true. Stop spreading BS.

No. 361192

sage for samefag and noncontrib but god damn my ultimate dream conspiracy theory would be that aly actually died a year ago when she was ~run over~ by the car and since then her account has been run by someone else. they've been posting older and older pics of her to fake her weight gain, thus explaining her reconciliation with an old boyfriend and her backwards-moving fashion sense. this ghost-poster also has shittier english than skele-aly did, which explains why her posts have gone from semi-coherent to google translate tier. the poster has now grown bored of aly's recovery journey and is throwing in the black posts and attention yells in order to entertain himself + set us up for the ultimate internet death.

once aly's 50k fans have embraced her utter insanity (who knows what this may eventually include. extremist political action? competitive eating in the name of #feminism?), Fake!Aly will meet her end, either choking to death while trying to eat a donnie and kiss her boy at the same time, or else when her dress gets so tight she dies of strangulation.

then there will be 13 black posts in a row, finally not deleted.

the very last post will be a selfie of the true genius behind two years of Fake!Aly performance art.

his name?


No. 361196


>rude and abrasive

>very shameless
>Lots of girls are vapid and self obsessed

sounds like new jersey tbh

No. 361200

lol my god anon

No. 361203

File: 1501108484314.jpg (19.79 KB, 272x275, IMG_6127.JPG)

No. 361293

File: 1501119560598.jpg (17.7 KB, 310x317, 1457899200823.jpg)

No. 361304

Got damn! If we still had /creme, this post would belong in there. Epic keks, based anon!

No. 361364

Are you this upset I'm just shedding a light on the more superficial side of Italy? Really?

No. 361430

File: 1501135706369.gif (1007.24 KB, 390x319, aly without ig.gif)

I bet she's jonesing to post on instagram.

Maybe she's been kidnapped and taken to a red room like in Hostel. Bids for her were high considering her intolerable personality.

Perhaps the stranger girl has a low bullshit threshold and she's gone n done her in!

No. 361551

File: 1501161071979.png (893.07 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3774.PNG)

Hahahah yes Aly, THAT'S why you lost followers

No. 361578

You didn't "shed a light" on anything, all you said is general stuff that applies to every first world country as if it was an exclusive Italian thing. There are self obsessed people literally everywhere, there are rude people literally everywhere. And skelly bodies are definitely not a thing here.

No. 361579

File: 1501165269456.jpg (277.25 KB, 978x708, Screenshot_20170727-091901.jpg)

does she believe any of the things she says lol oh and bikini pics comin up

No. 361588

From what I see on her stories, her legs are getting smaller. Or I don't really know, to be honest, since she takes them posing the legs.

No. 361601

File: 1501169336695.jpg (1.03 MB, 1034x1272, Screenshot_20170727-102744.jpg)

No. 361603

Why is everyone able to be normal, but Aly has to put on an insane smile while holding up an entire pie?

No. 361608

lol @ the photo bomb from the couple behind them

Aly looks fucking insane as always. how can she really think that's how normal people act around food when no one else ever does that? also enjoying the stranger girl looking at her like wtf

No. 361614

Poor girl, in a new relationship and now stuck with Aly for days.

I think I'd flip.

No. 361616


I thought this too. The others being so normal makes her look even more ludicrous.

Stranger girl IS hot. I would. Look Aly, proper curls that don't look like fried noodles!

No. 361618

looool, the girl beside aly looks so uncomfortable. It's a shame this would actually be a nice picture if she'd left the pie alone and tried to look like a normal person

No. 361620

its like she literally has to pose with the food lol it makes the whole photo look fake

No. 361622

Her boyfriend creeps me out but I'm not sure why. They're probably a good match. See, this is why I'd never do "couples holidays". Imagine being faced with Aly for the first time and having to live in her world of instagram for a week. I can't even put words to the expression on the boyfriend's friends face. He looks…bemused? The girl needs a hug. From me.

No. 361627

Aly looks so misplaced and insane. My sides hurt from laughing. I want to believe that girl with her tongue out is mocking Aly and her ridiculous posing.
How many photos of her posing with the pie do you think she made the waiter take?

New girl is cute af. She looks like Gina from Scarface.

No. 361633

She reminds me of someone but not her although she does look like her too (except Gina didn't have that olive skin I really find attractive).

Do you think that anyone ever feels embarrassed at Aly's behaviour? Even her facial expression's really weird and look at her pinkie sticking out. Really WTF.

The girl sticking hr tongue out reminds me of Jolty! I know which table I'd rather be at. I bet they're all walking on egg shells trying not to offend Aly, having to listen to her #warrior stories and have to keep stopping while she takes these dumb pictures.

Notice how Aly never gives people names? I'm going to stalk fb and find out cute girl's name. Pretty sure she wouldn't talk shit about Aly there, but we all know she's thinking Aly's a lunatic.

No. 361643

I wonder if Aly's boyfriend's friend and the stranger girl even know that Aly is posting pictures of them for thousands of people on the internet (not to mention that we're all nitpicking them here). Does she ask for permission or does she just post it?

Also, does her boyfriend even know she posts a billion pictures of them on her recovery account + life stories? He doesn't follow the alys_journey account and she never tags him on there… he doesn't seem like he's all that into social media anyways.

No. 361653

Can't help but notice that both the other couples foodnhave bites of out of but both Aly and her bfs are whole. Fuck I wonder if she waited until someone could take the pic to even pretend to eat some or if her bf knows to do the same. This whole photo makes me uncomfortable and I'm glad the couple in the background are mocking them, they clearly get how weird this shit is.

No. 361682

File: 1501182367583.jpg (869.9 KB, 810x2005, Screenshot_20170727-140133.jpg)

ugh aly thats not the right word
will she ever manage to post any scenery without herself in it?

No. 361684

But, anon, how does it testes happiness?

No. 361687

Don't turn this into the same situation that happened with the Shayna thread.

No. 361691

Testes apenis?

At least she's wearing tight

Idk the Shayna thread…okay just looked. Def not doing that. I didn't post her fb url, her surname or anything about her. A couple of pics to emphasise cuteness is all and I said it stopped there.

Stick the Shayna rule thing as a sticky or something. I didn't even see that shit.

No. 361692

File: 1501183349411.jpg (52.88 KB, 1065x217, Capture.JPG)

It was also in the rules you obviously never read

No. 361703

The rules change when mods do and that must be a new one. Seeing how every thread I've seen have info about friends of [insert cow] and links.


No. 361710

Is that the new girl in the corner there? Probably bored to death waiting for Aly and her boyfriend to finish their staged photo shoot. Aly has to be the worst to go on vacation with.

No. 362179

File: 1501239844804.jpeg (174.76 KB, 640x994, image.jpeg)

Of course Aly's coming up with excuses to spam Instagram while on holiday.

No. 362260

File: 1501252758397.png (684.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170728-103059.png)

I don't understand reposting the whole thing. Why not just delete the comment?

No. 362267

File: 1501255052528.jpg (91.47 KB, 978x242, Screenshot_20170728-101601.jpg)

>pls last post
if anyones doing the bingo lol itll prolly be done today

No. 362270

File: 1501255162563.jpg (809.45 KB, 810x1600, Screenshot_20170728-101519.jpg)

samefag but i had this screenshot too
im sure she let him know she skipped breakfast because of him too

No. 362272

Does it even matter if she skips breakfast? She eats like five sugary cookies.

No. 362291

Why is she dressed like it's October? It's July and it's like 30/80 degrees in Budapest rn. She looks so weird in dark flannel and jean jackets in the middle of summer.

No. 362295

Samefag but is she making her boyfriend's friend and/or Stranger Girl take these awkward makeout pics? "Hey just get like 100 photos, nbd, we'll just casually suck face until you have plenty of options so I can sit here slamming F5 on my Instagram page in order to be for validation from strangers and show them that I'm living in the moment, instead of actually living in the moment"

No. 362310

File: 1501261083651.png (200.09 KB, 741x995, IMG_5691.PNG)

She got her Starbucks and she doesn't care she's making the trip all about her and what she wants, because it's HER vacation.

She's being selfish for once in her life.

No. 362312

File: 1501261441442.jpg (323.84 KB, 809x862, 20170728_120228.jpg)

guys the haters almost ruined this but it took aly so much strength to ask to get starbucks! recovery win

No. 362315

oops i posted this at the same time

No. 362330

I didn't post the caption so it's a joint effort.

I feel bad and awkward for whomever is taking her suck-face photos with her boyfriend.
I don't know anyone who posts so many make out photos with their s/o. Or kissing photos in general. Is this a European thing?
It comes off as fake and forced and trying to hard to be like "look how perfect and cute we are!!"

No. 362332

"I am from Italy, where espresso was invented, and I am literally crying at the thought of drinking a caffeinated milkshake from an American fast food chain"

seems legit

No. 362333

I don't think it's a European thing, but I'm also older than her, so maybe it's a generational difference.

I think the only kissing photo I had with my BF when I went on vacation with my friends was something my friend took when we went to Gardaland together because she was making fun of us for being like glue. Otherwise, we all just took photos of places or us looking like morons when we got splashed with water or got scared at stuff.

No. 362336

File: 1501264067355.jpg (112.71 KB, 978x277, Screenshot_20170728-124256.jpg)

in my head i read the "love it" real intense
did anyone catch what the hater comment on this was?

No. 362357

My thoughts exactly. I had some of the best espresso and cappuccinos of my life when I visited Italy.
Starbucks makes me want to shit my pants with all the sugar and milk they put into their drinks.

Generational makes sense. its weird to me how Aly claims to have social anxiety, but has no issues making out and dry humping her boy toy in public. Or posing like an idiot with her food.
You either have mad balls to do that or are completely oblivious how gawky you come off.

No. 362459

File: 1501274575472.png (531.13 KB, 1536x1655, IMG_4382.PNG)

Stranger girl is super hot and looks great, Aly is that "friend", sucking in her gut trying too hard to stand out. I wonder what that girl thinks of all this.

No. 362467


Aly could have a nice toned body too, but she would have to stop eating junk food and actually put effort into her body.

But healthy = disordered to her. Exercise is the gateway to EDs!
God forbid you do a little cardio a couple times a week and eat a fucking salad.

Diabeetus and bloat is the true recovered lyfe(!)

No. 362482

File: 1501276609240.jpg (626.27 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_5694.JPG)

Photo on left is from today. Supposedly fries she got tonight. However…zooming in on the lettering on the box, it appears to be italian? Also the wood grain bench and daylight lighting suggests she took this from a shoot back in Milan, where the photo on the right is from. Box is different tho but the background is very similar.
Lying about her food intake and didn't eat her 5 Oreos in the morning. I think stranger girl is really getting to Aly.

No. 362507

Honestly, I feel kind of bad for Aly. She has an extremely unfortunate bodyshape.
No curves to be found yet a very noticeable gut even at a low weight. Probably pretty apple shaped at a normal bmi. She should actually start working out.

No. 362512

The anorexia has obviously made her muscles atrophy - just look at her chicken legs, there is very little there. She needs a good weight training program to build that muscle back up. If you look at stranger girl compared to Aly, they're actually a similar size but the difference is body composition. Stranger girl has nice muscle tone and less fat whereas Aly is basically bone and fat. Starvation and cardio will do that to you.

No. 362562

Please don't post just the pics, I just can't bear to miss a lush Aly caption! >>362459

No. 362572

File: 1501288169984.jpg (435.82 KB, 1016x1431, Screenshot_20170728-150313.jpg)

someones triggered

No. 362764

File: 1501304525433.png (398.64 KB, 516x515, screenshot 2017-07-29 06.56.44…)

So true. Her body didn´t look like this before (see her pre-ED picture in the orange bikini). She lost all her muscle and gained back only fat. Her body would probably look better if she didn´t eat only sweets, pizza and fries.
It´s amazing how she totally ruined her good looks with her ED and her "recovery".

No. 362791

>I love this place; I´m in tears
>Oh how much strength I needed to scream: "please guys STOP I want to come in"

How fucking awkward. Her blood-sugar yoyoing will make her wet her knickers whenever she faces the opportunity to get her next fix of fat and sugar

No. 362801

Agreed. I wonder if she looks back at old pics and realises what she's done to herself?

No. 362856

File: 1501326437318.png (14.58 KB, 289x110, screenshot 2017-07-29 13.03.57…)

Way more lanky? Way more flabby I´d say. Aly is not "lanky", she just lost all her muscles, that´s why she still looks thin.
How stupid is this asskisser?

No. 362870


Article about a woman who is using instagram for her recovery: do all of these people have crazy eyes?

No. 362904

File: 1501336116463.jpg (498.84 KB, 978x1412, Screenshot_20170729-084533.jpg)

>starbucks for we two, we only together
so shes having a hard time cus she lost followers but thinks she'll stop using instagram after her trip when you know shes gonna be even busier with all her friends and her job

No. 362905

File: 1501336197839.jpg (373.44 KB, 1014x918, Screenshot_20170729-084352.jpg)

No. 362913

She also has these super-high eyebrows, just like Aly! I never knew anorexia could mess with your eyebrows!

No. 362945

Oh God you're right, the lettering on the box is in Italian.
Anyway, her latest caption style is making me miss her good ol' LUSH (!!!) captions (sake emoji) where she described all the food she ate. I miss them so badly.

No. 362950

File: 1501340589201.jpg (828.92 KB, 809x1927, Screenshot_20170729-100101.jpg)

um aly we can see your ass

No. 362952

File: 1501340801840.jpg (112.2 KB, 692x1118, IMG_6947.JPG)

No. 362994

File: 1501347137783.png (228.21 KB, 750x1242, IMG_0159.PNG)

God damn she's crazy.

No. 362995

File: 1501347317545.jpg (320.3 KB, 716x1126, Screenshot_20170729-124926.jpg)

Wow. she usually posts this kind of thing in her stories. She feels alone? While on vacation with her boyfriend and 2 other people..

No. 362996

its the post about hot dogs lol
i thought her bf was super supportive

No. 362997

Either her friends don't know about her online bizz or they just feel really sorry for her. I bet it's her bf'a mates.

I'd just feel so uncomfortable hanging with a person like aly.

No. 362998

"I feel so alone even tho I'm on vacation with my super supportive loving boyfriend and amazing new friends I've made!"

She is seriously mentally ill.

Also, that hotdog photo makes me want to yack. Why would you put that greasy meat log so close to your face? She's been putting food under her nose in shoots and I don't understand why.

No. 363026

I must say, I feel so unworthy. Think how hard it must be to have one's holiday paid for by one's parents and having to eat hotdogs.
Truly, an inspiration to all of us.

No. 363046

File: 1501357095466.png (244.63 KB, 750x1134, IMG_5698.PNG)

She's posted about 4 photos of her sucking face with her boy toy. /vom
In a different caption she said she's not having a good time as she is having restrictive thoughts and keeps comparing herself to stranger girl.

Found this caption rather hilarious, since she was just QQing about how she wasn't getting any support from her followers. But now her followers and Instagram are meaningless because she's got such great friends.

No. 363303

File: 1501390139972.png (23.65 KB, 292x260, screenshot 2017-07-30 06.42.36…)

A hater´s reaction to this post.

No. 363320

File: 1501394180649.jpg (241.83 KB, 1076x695, aly.jpg)

this is what happens to your brain on "ana", kids. Never skip your fraps n donnies.

No. 363324

File: 1501394727750.jpg (56.07 KB, 318x364, aly bs.jpg)

~such feminism~

>the cute lady in skirt has been better than his boy-friend

No. 363398

File: 1501411670368.png (15.15 KB, 282x146, screenshot 2017-07-30 12.43.31…)

Well Aly, I think this beauty doesn´t exist exclusively on fries, chocolate bars and "donnies" . She probably eats healthy most of the time, that´s why her body looks so much better than yours, even though her weight is probably higher.

No. 363404

Man, she is obsessed with the other girl. I feel pretty bad for that chick, imagine having to put up with Ali and her crap for days at a time. At least the boyfriend sort of knew what he was getting into; the new girl was an innocent bystander.

Also, I bet Ali and the bf break up after this vacation, as he will have gotten a concentrated dose of how she really is.

No. 363408

The other girl looks like she has a decent muscle mass, that would need some nourishment to maintain and thus she won't get a load of flab on her even though she eats decently.

Aly on the other hand looks like she's just bone and fat. There's nothing there to hold stuff together, so she looks shittier by comparison. She could start some sort of regular exercise (swimming? Pilates? Yoga) and that would help her a lot.

I don't understand why she insists on gorging herself with sweet stuff and fried things all the time: once in a while it's fine, but there's nothing unhinged about eating vegetables and fruit and generally nourishing food. Whoever let her believe that her path to recovery was going from only eating "healthy" food and restricting to eating loads of sugars all day is a criminal.

No. 363431

File: 1501420910664.png (9.83 KB, 282x78, scree nshot2017-07-30 15.19.31…)

What´s so special about that? That´s what she does all the time when she´s at home: eating out and eating junk food.

No. 363435

They've been on holiday abroad before while she was anorexic but when they came home he didn't lea…oh wait.

>Whoever let her believe that her path to recovery was going from only eating "healthy" food and restricting to eating loads of sugars all day is a criminal.

I know of Minnie Maud from things written on the general ana threads and it seems like what Aly does now (load up on junk food), yet Aly said she gave up Minnie Maud because she gained too quickly. I thought it'd really put her off sugary crap.

Yoga would be good for her physically and mentally. Her medical team are useless at advice.

No. 363450

…Okay, which one of you is lousrecovery, because this can't not be a troll

No. 363520

File: 1501432532795.png (20.3 KB, 291x165, screenshot 2017-07-30.png)

Aly finally managed to put herself before everything else for once.

No. 363530

File: 1501434866820.jpg (514.62 KB, 989x1299, Screenshot_20170730-120908.jpg)

what the hell is she even saying in that post, the whole thing is confusing me. she puts others first so she couldnt recover? um aly

No. 363534


My mind boggles trying to figure out what could've been her demands while she was around these people. I don't understand either.

She's only been there 4 days, right? I bet it's felt like 4 weeks to the others.

What two years is she talking about? Does she mean two days? They wanted to eat healthy food but she dragged them to McDonalds and Starbucks?

So, I've learned nothing about Budapest. Haven't seen one building. She didn't even describe the taste of the food or her opinions about it. Did she buy souvenirs? Did she do any tours? What was her room like? What was the view from her window?

Why does her tubby bf go along with all this crap? Doesn't he feel second hand embarrassment?

No. 363576

File: 1501440940739.png (71.06 KB, 750x298, IMG_5703.PNG)

She deleted the photo of her, her fries and her boyfriend because NO 1 CURRR

No. 363577


>nobody cares about me and my boy.

yes aly, fucking yes.

No. 363594

I read about this Minnie Maud method: does it have to be horribly unhealthy food, though? Or only unhealthy food? Surely, one could fit a few veggies and fruit in such a diet? I mean, she could cook variations of pasta, meats, eggs and such and pack a decent amount of calories. Or am I missing something? Salmon is pretty fatty, too, but at least from what I understand it's got a different kind of fats that helps in other ways.

I don't know, I just think there has to be a way to reach a certain calorie intake without going for processed foods all the time. I'd be constipated to the point of no return if I ate like she does.

No. 363627

I did physically recover with the minnie maud method and it mainly focuses on the high calorie intake, not where those calories come from though. Ed sufferers aren't stupid when it comes to nutritional info so i guess it's up to yourself, family and your medical team to plan your daily meals. I ate healthy and unhealthy food - mainly focusing to reach a high calorie intake cause that's what the body simply needs after a long period of starvation

No. 363690

File: 1501455878864.jpg (709.84 KB, 2896x2896, 20170730_164945.jpg)

A thousand questions about the chips? LOL you mean 4 comments and one question asking if they taste good…god damnit Aly

No. 363814

I get why she doesn't post any shots of scenery or anything other than her face or food. Because a beautiful building or nice landscape takes the attention off of Aly.

GOD FORBID people are interested in something other than her.
She has to be the most self centered, self obsessed person I have ever encountered. Holy shit.

No. 363871

Right?! She is such a fucking headcase. I am infuriated regularly by her selfishness and willful obtuseness. She expects people to give her a very specific sort of response, and if you deviate from her expectations, the sky is falling. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK she makes me rage.

Here I have a new game…let's call it
"The World According To Aly: 10 Commandments Edition!"
1. Instagram is the supreme most important thing in LIFE. Thou shalt always be logged in and waiting fervently for new posts from Me.
2. Thou shalt comment on every single post I make.
3. Thou shalt praise Me and give Me asspats constantly.
4. Thou shalt never ever offer con/crit.
5. Thou shalt rave about how brave and strong I am.
6. Thou shalt ignore when I post the same motherfucking picture 13 times and comment every time or else!
7. Thou shalt never try to teach me anything or offer advice.
8. Thou shalt pretend along with me that every fucking thing I eat is a meaningful moment or inspirational!
9. Thou shalt beg me to stay when I put up black posts and threaten to delete.
And last but not least,
10. NOTHING AND NO ONE is more important than ME ME ME! Are you with me girls? ILYSM my darlings!

No. 363875

I saw a comment asking what the curly fries were made of. Someone replied and the two made another comment about the to each other (ie no asspats). She deleted them.

So >>363871 yeah. Spot on.

No. 363918

Thanks for taking the time.

No. 363962

File: 1501511887045.jpg (584.91 KB, 978x1513, Screenshot_20170731-093435.jpg)

she always eats out why does she keep pretending she finds it difficult
can you imagine how many #throwback pics theres gonna be

No. 363969

File: 1501512452425.jpg (17.58 KB, 385x84, dogsandnegativity.JPG)

That's a great typo. A+

No. 363970

Yup, that's been a constant thing since ~recovery~. Suddenly she's "proposed" to "eat outside" and she's nervous and needs help deciding what to do because it's unplanned. Next photo she says she's going.

She wants to "close the door on ED" apparently. Lol. She gets triggered by people commenting on food pics because it makes her feel greedy, writes all holiday about how many calories she's eaten, how she's comparing herself to hot body stranger girl, how she wants to restrict, how she feels lonely , how she isn't active enough. How is that ANYWHERE near ready to close the door on an eating disorder. As soon as she gets home she'll weigh herself, black screen and say fuck it I had a donut. Rinse and repeat.

No. 363974

File: 1501512757676.gif (383.57 KB, 406x193, puppetpsl.gif)

PLEAAASE don't edit, pleeaaase. omg haha.

No. 363991

File: 1501515185886.jpg (996.07 KB, 1037x1491, Screenshot_20170731-103030.jpg)

so dinner is stressful because of the calories but this is fine?

No. 364004

If I knew I was going out for a meal in a few hours, I'd go for something light during the day.

She's so confusing. Does she really have no idea about how to eat? I know an anon wrote earlier that they saw her at a cafe and she had two bites of something then left, so does she leave most of what she posts?

At her stage of recovery I'd think more about getting some muscle tone back than gaining weight.

Idk loads about nutrition, but when I see her food I can't help but think it's going to be damaging to her body. If not now then in the long run.

She said her high cholesterol wasn't fake news yet it started her ED ~eye roll~ She can't be that concerned with all the fried food she eats. I wish she'd discover meat substitutes. I don't mean go veggie or vegan, but to balance out nutrients. Quorn and shit is really good (I impressed my doctor with my good cholesterol reading because I eat substitutes - give me asspats NOW!)

No. 364008

File: 1501517125073.jpg (36.71 KB, 674x124, Screenshot_20170731-100225.jpg)

Who looses weight on vacation?

No. 364011

File: 1501517339724.jpg (10.82 KB, 292x173, yay i lost weight on holiday.j…)

Someone who got food poisoning from eating dodgy seafood!

BUT she hears it CONSTANTLY, like 7/24, day and night, never ending, so it definitely happens.

No. 364013

(and oh yeah, I suppose they do if they're on a cocaine binge on hols)

No. 364020

What a load of shit. She hears guys and girls saying "nevermind all the cool adventurous activities I just did on vacation. You know what the best thing was? I lost so much weight!" ??

I have -never- in my life heard this. If weight is mentioned, it's usually laughing about how much food was actually eaten.

No. 364030

The sign of having had a good holiday is gaining weight. I only usually get a long weekend break but it's the only time I eat a cooked breakfast, eat on the go then go somewhere nice for food at night. If a bakery looks good where you go it'd be ridiculous not to sample the carbs.

It's like saying, Oh I lost weight over Christmas. Riiiight.

No. 364032

File: 1501518803101.jpg (413.06 KB, 967x1201, Screenshot_20170731-112807.jpg)

she'd rather count orgasms than calories!
>ate 4000 calories

does she not know how to count calories like how was she eating 4000 a day, that just seems ridiculous

No. 364033

>slept 4 years

Why do we need to know she had sex?

Idk how I could eat 4000 calories. Just quantity. Why would she need all that?

No. 364049

Speaking of sex, the boyfriend must have been disappointed

No. 364050

File: 1501521533466.png (33.93 KB, 750x182, IMG_5784.PNG)

I can't with this lmao

No. 364062

>so does she leave most of what she posts?
Apparently yes. In her earlier threads an anon got to speak with an ex friend of Aly, who confirmed that she used to take pictures of some friend's plate at dinners, because her plate was always the smallest and she wanted to pretend she ate a lot to her followers. Don't know if she still does it, but I think she does.

No. 364073

She's said this orgasm thing before. She's desperate to give the impression her relationship's amazing when it's probably the opposite. Still, at least it makes her look like a winner at life, huh. Everyone needs a man, right?

I'd forgotten about that. How do her friends (inc. bf) not know about her account? Or at least have a word with her about what a maniac she is on instagram? Seeing how she spends so much time around them doing ig and her ED is all she is you'd think they'd hear nothing else about what she's posted and all the inspiration she gives and praise she receives.

Img: I really hope she wears knickers. You can see her ass cheeks here. I hate winter, but I'm looking forward to not having to see Aly's flesh.

No. 364074

File: 1501523772233.jpg (43.49 KB, 407x344, jesus.JPG)

dropped pic

No. 364093

File: 1501526310356.jpg (41.73 KB, 270x255, IMG_20170731_123122.jpg)

She has booty short type thing on under. I wish she would throw that skirt away.

Of course Aly would spin it into "they said I'm to fat to wear short skirts!" No Aly, that dress is made for a child. It doesn't fit, how can she breath in it?

No. 364109

shes at 50k now
blackout #tb soon

No. 364119

Let alone 7-12 pounds as she said, like maybe 3-5 POUNDS would be possible albeit odd and rare, but who the fuck loses 3-5 KILOS on holiday?! is she fucked? Okay that's a dumb question.

No. 364122

I highly doubt that she's counting calories. This number is so high it's unbelievable. Unbelievable in the sense that she really didn't eat 4000 calories and she just throwing a super high number out there to make it seem "oh look at me so recovered and eating like a normal person!"

She has no idea what a normal person actually eats Calorie wise. It reminds me of being a little kid and thinking five dollars is $100 because you have no concept of money

No. 364198

File: 1501538901799.jpg (75.75 KB, 583x542, vomit.JPG)

She used to wear that when she was a spoop. Perhaps it makes her feel like she's still skinny because she can fit into it (even though it's an elasticated waist).

Whatever she ate tonight looks like it was thrown up by someone on Brighton beach.

No. 364207


Her obsession with talking about sex and orgasms is so awkward. It would be normal to talk about this with your close girlfriends or even in like a group therapy session, ie "#recoverywin I'm enjoying sex again" or sth. But to constantly drop this info in public posts to her 50k followers? It's so forced.

This, you know she tries to convince herself she's still thin as long as she can still fit into some of her sick clothes. This skirt seems to be the last item standing bc it's got a fully elasticized waist plus it's supposed to sit at the hips or low waist, and she has it stretched out so hard it doesn't even having the ruched look it's supposed to and it's practically up to her boobs. She needs to throw it out. She'll look better in clothes that actually fit her.

No. 364213

It's all the more awkward because we've seen them together and don't really want to get mental images of them at it.

The way she talks about sex the way girls at school would. I suppose it made them feel grown up because they'd recently lost their virginity and had a boyfriend they were having sex with. Aly's 21 though. As for orgasms, she'll be faking it like a lot of us.

No. 364225

>> >"count orgasms not calories"

u called it

No. 364232

Anon also got these
>kissing her boy
>bikini shoot
>"other girls…vs. me…" speech

I bet the other couple bitched about her "oddities" behind her back.

No. 364235

File: 1501544154149.jpg (307.12 KB, 652x1039, Screenshot_20170731-172055.jpg)


No. 364250

Yea Aly…it's called being normal and healthy. Normal people also have days where they feel "gross" and "fat" (period bloat, anyone?) we just don't obsess over those thoughts, do a photo shoot with junk food, and/or beg for reassurance or validation from Instagram as a means to cope.

You are not special. You're just crazy.

No. 364306

File: 1501554368723.png (12.65 KB, 287x110, screenshot 2017-08-01 04.22.07…)

This hater has a point.

No. 364364

lol holy shit for real though. I bet her boyfriend doesn't even know all the stories + photos she shares of him to her 50k followers, he doesn't seem to frequent insta a lot or even follow the alys_journey account. Plus how she recently posted about something she claims she never told her boyfriend. Jesus I'd rage if I had an SO like Aly and I found out they were posting all about me to the internet.

In Italy it seems to be legal to publish photos of others without consent but still…

This honestly pisses me off so much. Aly literally has no fucking clue about anything that goes on in stranger girl's life- they JUST met. Stranger girl might be dealing with a lot of difficult shit in her life, and Aly is all like "she's sooo HAPPY (!) and FREE just because she's smiling and eating like a normal human". How the fuck would Aly know if she "feels good in her skin" because she ate hot-dogs? Does Aly feel good in her skin, eating big macs?

Imagine being stranger girl, struggling with a lot of issues and then reading what Aly wrote. Double standards much? If someone was like "wow Aly you must be so happy now that you look heavier" there would be a nice blackout post following up.

No. 364478

The "count orgasms not calories" thing, maybe it's a common bodyposi saying but I'm 99% sure she took it from bodyposipanda. She follows her and copies a lot of phrases from her, it has been mentioned in the last thread already. Of course Aly's bland as fuck and has no originality, what did you expect.

No. 364490

It's legal if it's public persons or if you take a photo of a public situation without focusing on any individual.

In any other situation, even if it's on social media, you should obtain the person's permission. If it's a minor, you need to ask their parents. If there's no permission, the person portrayed (of their person if they're a minor) can ask for the removal of the picture. If any damage results from the posting of the picture, the person portrayed can ask for compensation.

Were someone to publish someone else's image without their consent to gain a profit or to damage them, they would be liable of illicit treatment of data (sorry for the crappy translation, I don't usually use these terms in normal conversation, so I'm less practised with them) and might end up in jail for up to 3 years.

I'm guessing people just do whatever the fuck and give the impression these things are legal to outside onlookers, but they're really not.

No. 364545

File: 1501586461886.png (962.02 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I wonder how much of her holiday was spent worrying about her follower count. Seems her mantra "count followers, not orgasms" is more likely.

No. 364548

File: 1501587383382.png (35.01 KB, 296x313, IMG_0053.PNG)

Normal people take several selfies and choose the best one to upload to Insta. Aly uploads all of them, no matter how ugly. FOR GODSAKE GET IT TOGETHER ALY.

No. 364584

File: 1501595505258.jpg (169.23 KB, 978x481, Screenshot_20170801-084835.jpg)

oh she was being pensive anon, lost in super important thoughts

i thought she already reached a healthy bmi? how long is she gonna stretch out worrying about weighting herself

No. 364603

She really thinks it's the chocolate? Not the whining and the guilt triping? Not to mention all the people she's blocked. She knows all her chocolate pictures are reposted, why would anyone like to see the same Butterfinger more than once? But ya, it must be the lack of chocolate pictures.

No. 364624

File: 1501601496455.jpg (150.87 KB, 978x747, Screenshot_20170801-103001.jpg)

yeah its the chocolate aly, not your terrible personality

No. 364626

Sad part is that people actually believe it

No. 364634

File: 1501603308641.jpg (78.49 KB, 463x619, tick that box.JPG)

It gives me pleasure to keep skipping to her social blade stats and see her lose followers. Definitely the chocolate.

She posted a buttful of holiday snaps on her fb. Still looking at food like a twat and the one post she does with her bf, BUT some nice scenery pics. Odd she didn't share those on ig. Aly Bingo winner anon gets another win with this pic of her with her back to nice scenery.

No. 364636

She just HAD to be in it. Never change Aly.

No. 364667

File: 1501606908094.jpg (524.37 KB, 810x1235, Screenshot_20170801-120011.jpg)

guess whos back on her bullshit with an even shorter and tighter "dress"

No. 364669

now that shes back in her comfort zone she can dress like this.

No. 364677

She's has to be pulling that thing down every second she walks.
Wasn't she just freaking out like a month ago about how men were harassing her in the streets? And now she's dressing skimpier than ever. I try not to judge girls who wear ass-baring or chest relvealig clothing, but holy shit who just leaves their house like this?
Nothing wrong with a short dress.
Everything wrong with half of your ass hanging out.

Respect yourself, Aly.

No. 364682

File: 1501608333460.jpg (175.14 KB, 704x621, 20170801-102414.jpg)

what decision is she's talking about?

No. 364689

File: 1501608997990.jpg (27.87 KB, 387x139, real world.jpg)

There's a way to wearing short skirts/dresses that makes it not look trashy, and it's tights or something. I'm not surprised she gets comments from her dad. He must know what a lot of men are like and really worry about her getting attacked when she's flashing her half her ass.

I wonder if comments like this ever put things in perspective for Aly? I don't think she ever even contemplates that some people can't afford Magnums that cost 4 Euros.

Fuck knows. She's totally lost the plot, so don't worry about it.

No. 364701

File: 1501609963092.jpg (746.37 KB, 806x1846, Screenshot_20170801-124940.jpg)

what is she even saying here!

No. 364703

File: 1501610047377.jpg (138.06 KB, 978x331, Screenshot_20170801-125119.jpg)

samefag but dogsandpositivity is so pathetic oh no aly you dont look recovered you look so ill

No. 364727

File: 1501612834013.png (487.59 KB, 1075x1685, 20170801_203659.png)

Whether or not to weigh herself.

No. 364737


Here's a question, Aly. Why do doctors weigh you? To make sure you're not underweight or overweight or losing or gaining weight suddenly. It's an indication of possible illness if you're not in a weight range that's healthy for you.


Your mind is still ED crazy.

Fuck me, she's so tiresome. I don't believe for a second she didn't hop on the scale as soon as she got home. What would you say, guys?

No. 364739

File: 1501614690767.jpg (249.44 KB, 978x605, Screenshot_20170801-140938.jpg)

ugh its like she can't keep track of why she became anorexic

No. 364844

honestly at this point if she stopped posting entirely for a week, or just posted 1x a day like a normal human, she wouldn't be losing any followers (or really few). her extreme amounts of posting without content, and her need to post every freak out, is what's making her lose. if she just posted like 1 actually cute selfie a day, or even that plus one actually interesting food pic, people wouldn''t be running away en masse.

No. 364845

this dress. how does she think this is a good idea? waiting for >>361192 to come true

No. 365175

File: 1501683936752.png (842.53 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I don't even know why she's mad at this comment.

No. 365189

oh good its her last post

No. 365195

>"big hips and butt, as every Mediterranean girl"
Isn't she from Milan? Mediterranean what

No. 365205

Right? She's literally saying in that post how she's continuously hungry right now. What is wrong with this girl?

No. 365206

she thinks 4000 calories is normal i guess lol

No. 365209

File: 1501687546178.jpg (564.82 KB, 805x1460, Screenshot_20170802-102301.jpg)

i feel like shes realy running out of stuff to say lol blah blah blah blah blah so hey girls whats your opinion?
and so she did weight herself?

No. 365218

I hope you're being sarcastic, if not - Milan is part of Italy, which happens to be part by the mediterranean sea

I'm probably being stupid rn

She's been saying the same thing over and over for almost years now

No. 365230

File: 1501689925063.jpg (61.51 KB, 652x226, Screenshot_20170802-095400.jpg)

Really? She literally said she's "fucking hungry" and doesn't know if it's normal, asking for opinions. I wish I could ask her what was so wrong with the comment,
But id be blocked. I fucking hate this bitch

No. 365248

File: 1501691901989.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

My guess is she actually weighed herself and her bmi is above -gasp- 18.5. I almost feel sad for her as she's not mentally recovered at all.

No. 365254

god you're right, her posts are almost word salad tier recently. i have no idea what she's trying to communicate other than that she's massively miserable at her current weight and won't admit it

No. 365283

File: 1501694596841.jpg (209.26 KB, 978x668, Screenshot_20170802-121537.jpg)

she never learns

i dont understand why she bothered putting on the weight if she still had disordered thoughts. i know just being weight restored doesnt erase an eating disorder but usually you work through the issues as you gain the weight back, she just went straight to pretending everything is fine so she could be recovery queen

No. 365320

She definitely needed some sort of iop/group treatment, instead of doing it all on her own. She didn't learn any coping mechanisms or healthy ways to deal with her eating disorder doing MinnieMaud.

No. 365326

File: 1501698047862.jpg (376.63 KB, 810x1185, Screenshot_20170802-131433.jpg)

>well dressed
oh and the "random" pic is her posing

i feel like the only way she can go now is to relapse

No. 365330

I think instagram is her (unhealthy) coping method.

Honestly I kind of just want her to relapse. It seems like nobody in her life knows about her instagram, so nobody knows the extent of how crazy she actually is. If I found out about anyone I knew doing this, I would be like what the fuck, crazy bitch? She obviously isn't recovered mentally anyway.

No. 365368


Its somewhat well known that anorexics arent really able to change their thought patterns until they become weight restored. The lower their weight is, the more rigid their thinking tends to be, which is why someone like Ash or Bella or Paris will have a much harder time recovering than say.. any bulimic. Aly would probably be better off if she continued to gain and get therapy, but alas. it sounds like she stopped going to therapy.

No. 365637

File: 1501727794788.png (17.03 KB, 293x167, screenshot 2017-08-03 04.32.58…)

Some hater told her the same.

No. 365639

Basically you are totally right, but there are some ex-anorexics on instagram who are weight restored (or even more than that) who still spend their entire life attention whoring on instagram, constantly seeking for validation and confirmation from others.
They may be physically recovered, but not mentally.
Some people are just addicted to getting asspats on instagram…

No. 365797

This. I have found it interesting to see that some people in the IG #spoonie community have recovered from AN or an ED" in their bio and seem to have just shifted their specific illness obsession to something less stigmatized. It makes me uncomfortable. I think a number of them are self-inducing or are faking being sick with some chronic illness because it's a cover for continuing AN, or they have managed to shift their focus from AN to that illness. The obsession and thought patterns do not change at all for many people with ED's.

No. 365904

File: 1501757350113.png (264.54 KB, 750x1094, IMG_0054.PNG)

thank god donnies and mint faps can't arm us

No. 365913

File: 1501759120628.png (201.98 KB, 943x419, Untitled.png)

If the donnies are stale and the fap is iced and someone puts them in a sock and hits you, that would really arm you.

She's just booked an appointment with her therapist. Aly's taken a hater's advice???

Follower count during the past two days (img).

No. 365925

it´s not called "extreme hunger" it´s called "constant blood sugar spikes due to a shit diet that lacks micro nutrients and fiber"

No. 365952

As satisfying as it is to think all these people are getting fed up with her, anyone else feel these are likely largely just bots she's losing? Her follow base isn't THAT active

No. 365957

Jaquie, Chloe Print Lambert. The ones who want tubes blatantly want them to purge through.

No. 365979

File: 1501773428590.png (25 KB, 311x376, surejan.png)

Okay, Aly

No. 365983

File: 1501773732589.jpg (463.5 KB, 1004x1316, Screenshot_20170803-101819.jpg)

did she even go to therapy? his advice or whatever youd call it just sounds like her. either way she was just as nuts on holiday so idk what she thinks shes achieved

No. 365990

File: 1501775455564.jpg (135.32 KB, 689x428, Screenshot_20170803-093858.jpg)

She obviously doesn't tell them everything. Only what she wants them to know, so she can get them to tell her what she wants. I think it's obvious here in pic related.

No. 366000

File: 1501777569241.jpg (430.93 KB, 934x924, Screenshot_20170803-112432.jpg)

cursed image

No. 366005

What's the point of going to a therapist if you hide things from them? It's like going to a mechanic and telling them they can't look at the whole engine.

No. 366071

File: 1501784148828.jpg (327.27 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170803-131227.jpg)

No. 366080

File: 1501785611912.png (200.79 KB, 640x991, IMG_3853.PNG)

Aly, food is not sexy and neither are you.

No. 366083

lol shes so fake
suddenly everythings ok? but what will be the next problem you stretch out over 30 posts

No. 366087

File: 1501786157139.jpg (361.93 KB, 978x871, Screenshot_20170803-134654.jpg)

>tanga and glitters
whats its going to be…a throw back pic of her at a bmi of 10.6

No. 366094

I'm positive it's a before and after.

No. 366102

File: 1501787618892.png (122.84 KB, 378x237, Bj_zAslCYAAHyOV.png)

No. 366140

File: 1501791153097.png (Spoiler Image, 161.22 KB, 640x907, IMG_3854.PNG)

You called it, anon. Still claiming to be 3kg away from the dreaded 18.5 BMI. For a recovery queen she really fixates on that number.

No. 366151

wait a sec…. isn't the before picture old? There is another picture that looks exactly the same but the view is front on.

No. 366155

she literally said her bmi was 18.6 after her last checkup she probably deleted it off instagram tho

yeah ive seen that one before. girl probably only owns one bra tho

No. 366156

File: 1501792852171.jpg (120.47 KB, 689x332, Screenshot_20170803-143712.jpg)

Also, I have to wonder does she mean 2/3rd of a kg? LoL… or is she saying 2 to 3 kg?

And how would she know that if she threw her scale away?

No. 366160

oh balls it was 17.6 i thought it said 18
how can she be eating 3000 calories a day and still be underweight? i guess it could be true if shes just bone and fat now

No. 366174

File: 1501794368747.jpg (17 KB, 363x215, now.JPG)

I'm still not sure of her motives when she posts these old pictures. Is she really doing it for ~motivation~? I think if I'd been so ill I wouldn't want any photos of that time hanging around. Okay, maybe one if she feels she needs it to see how ill she was, but she has a whole bunch of them.

If she's doing it to get followers who want thinspo, it ain't working. Followers are still dropping like flies.

I don't believe she's underweight, but let's say she is. I don't think she's unhealthy still, as she likes to tell us. No way is she in any danger at her weight now, although with all that sugar she's a candidate for diabeetus. She's clinging on to a "still physically ill" tag for dear life.

No. 366187

probably to remind people that she was at such a low weight oh and for the asspats of course.

she just made a big deal about not weighing herself because it would be triggering or w/e but she feels ok to look at herself like that?

No. 366196

you are wrong, pic related

pretty sure by 2/3rd of a kg she means 0,6 kg which would be 1.32 lbs. It is more (!) than half a kg (!!!) you guize, she is still ~underweight~

No. 366198

File: 1501796056767.jpg (48.23 KB, 474x444, alyeats.jpg)

dropped the pic sry

No. 366315


Hypermetabolism maybe. She was still extremely spoopy like a year ago, and only just recently (6 months or so) started to look more normal. A lot of anorexics have problems with hypermetabolism in recovery and can't gain weight very quickly, but the response to this is adding more food to their meal plan until they start to gain again. Why she would have stayed on 3000 for this long and not going up is beyond me.

No. 366468

File: 1501852938370.jpg (132.66 KB, 978x437, Screenshot_20170804-082054.jpg)

girls on one big holiday

No. 366538

Him staying at her parents house with her will be like living together. Lol.

No. 366540

File: 1501866124545.jpg (607.99 KB, 810x1584, Screenshot_20170804-115951.jpg)

some more word salad

No. 366541


If Charles Manson had an anti-diet ig account, it'd sound like this.

No. 366546

it bugs me how she says we're not all the same and to be yourself but then says you shouldn't want to diet or exercise like does she not realise that exercise is good for your health. actually this is the person who thinks its good to eat mcdonalds everyday so probably not

No. 366550

Whenever I read Aly's rambles, I think "what the fuck are you on about?". I consider myself vaguely intelligent but she talks in random riddles and it's bonkers.

No. 366553

This bit
>In order to serving size I'm a family of four in the last period


Is she saying people eat less in Summer because they want to be ~beach body ready~? In the UK we get a week (maybe) of hot weather. Who the fuck wants to eat hot, heavy food then? Isn't it normal to have a decrease in appetite when it's hot? Even drinking lots of water or other fluids makes you not want to eat as much.

I'd say everyone needs a bit of exercise. Even 80 plus year olds have classes where they sit down and stretch their arms so they don't seize up. I cba to do exercise classes, but I make sure I walk enough just to get the heart pumping etc.

She really is craziness. She's said you can't enjoy life if you don't eat a crepe for lunch. So life is eating? WHUT? So much crazy I'm like….???????

No. 366556

I've noticed it's usually the first couple sentences that are her "live". then it goes into a positivity word salad, that i'm sure she wrote ahead of time, in fact i'm sure she has hundreds of premade word salads. then at the end, sometimes written in brackets, she will be "live" again.

No. 366557

File: 1501868137839.png (252.74 KB, 452x331, aly_sbite.png)

Pic related

Holy fucking shit, she was Ashley levels of spoop. She may be a snowflake but I'm really glad she's not on the verge of death anymore. That right pic is scary.

It's just that she's not really fluent in English so she uses the same only words she knows over and over

No. 366588

File: 1501871291786.jpg (43.63 KB, 978x130, Screenshot_20170804-132700.jpg)

No. 366600

File: 1501873356973.jpg (70.42 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-150721172718-634.d…)

No. 366601

Was she trying to say "according to serving size, I'm a family of four" meaning she ate a huge serving?

No. 366666

Reading some of her captions sometimes makes me wonder: is she on acid?

No. 366680

Check out those 6s!

If I didn't know as much about Aly as we do, I'd think she was on something. Her behaviour reminds me a lot of manic depressive behaviours, even down to what she wears. I'm not saying she is, but her dishevelled appearance at times, lack of self awareness and the way she perceives things…she's really mentally ill. How's nobody picked up on it.

No. 366725

lots of people have i think lol
her family seem to lack a lot of awareness as well

No. 366783


Lol, was this you, >>358518 ?

She does seem to get strange "insights" where she acts like she just discovered the true meaning of life, but the insights are like… "be happy".

No. 366791

kind of speaks to how exhausted and negative she must feel all the time. she gets one little breather of positivity and it feels downright spiritual to her

No. 366826


Dante decided to slip her some in the Cafe…

No. 366843

she isn't mediterranean (unless she's from south italy and moved north) and her hips and butt aren't big as all, considering anyone from italy will call her butt big, I doubt this entire post

No. 366846

File: 1501904710309.png (11.46 KB, 295x94, screenshot 2017-08-05 05.43.02…)

You WILL get blocked!

No. 366862

ouch! good ol' dogsandpositivity just got overlooked by Aly yet again.
That's gotta sting.

No. 366877

IDK, imo it reads like something a therapist would say once you de-Aly it.

It's basically the standard "you fall back into old, destructive behaviours too easily at home" combined with the ol' "you can't stay stuck in the past, you need to move forwards rather than continuing to see yourself as [fill in the blank]."

Although I do wonder if the therapist isn't planting the idea that it's time for Aly to move forward with her life *~on her own~* (caveat; if she went to therapy/if this is an accurate account of the session etc).

But if the therapy stuff is true I really hope that he'll start to discuss the idea of her moving out of the family home by learning to stand on her own two feet- without mum, dad and her brother there to prop her up.

Mind you, I don't think she's at all capable of moving forward (by moving out) at the present time- she's such a fucking mess.

She clearly needs some pretty intensive therapy to prepare her for leaving the family home and negotiating the world as an independent adult because it's obviously beyond her atm.

I reckon she'll also need competent ongoing support to help her adjust to her new life after she moves out too.
Otherwise she'll end up being completely overwhelmed by it all and she'll just run back into the enabling harms of her mum.

Honestly, if she doesn't get appropriate mental health care she will never succeed with any moves towards independence in the long term.

sage for speculation

No. 366948

Agreed anon.

No. 366972

File: 1501938913888.png (18.66 KB, 308x157, screenshot 2017-08-05 15.12.45…)

But…but, Aly is NOT posing at all!!!
Such haters. Lousrecovery to the rescue!

No. 366975


She doesn't realise that on holiday she was still obsessing over food and counting calories. She wasn't okay with food at all. Have we had a black screen yet today? It's going to happen. I can feel it in my water.

No. 366979

she keeps thinking she'll fix herself with over the top positivity and instagram comments like aly thats not gonna help you, youve been the same this whole time

No. 366980

File: 1501939943737.jpg (399.99 KB, 1070x1255, Screenshot_20170805-093002.jpg)

Aly liked this comment. And posted it on her story saying she agreed. She also claimed to have deleted "less meaningful shoots"

Aly then immediately posted a photo of some "creation" and "throwback" pics with food. So strong!!!

No. 366982

File: 1501940035482.jpg (47.67 KB, 291x374, 1.JPG)

I saw that post and I've seen that person write comments before. I was surprised she hadn't been blocked because she gives a honest opinion.

I'm waiting to see what Aly does with this. More truth.

No. 366984

haha she cant help herself
she was just saying this on her trip about how she wouldn't come back to instagram because life is out there to be lived or w/e and then um just stays exactly as she was

No. 367009

File: 1501945382280.jpg (836.64 KB, 810x1916, Screenshot_20170805-100148.jpg)

donnies solves it all

No. 367010

She probably wouldn't feel so terrible if she chose one good protein, one complex carbohydrate, one small fat, and some damn vegetables! Her body must be screaming for nutrents at this point.

No. 367011

>Food is not clean or dirty, it doesn't make you fat just like starving won't make you "skinny."

Starving doesn't make you skinny?

Wow, a medium (?) box of fries. What's that, around 300 calories? Big recovery win.

I'm already sick of that dress but looks like she washed it at least.

I want to chop her pinkie off.

No. 367012

(sorry the post was so long i couldnt capture it all)
p sure mcdonalds is bad for you if you eat it every single day

No. 367028

File: 1501949303543.jpg (581.33 KB, 2896x2896, 20170805_100726.jpg)

Had to post this. Look how over it stranger girl is lol

No. 367032

i didnt notice this was different to the one she posted before. imagine how many they took

No. 367039

Can you imagine how embarrassing it is to have a girl in your group continuously asking waiting staff to take photos of her looking like Norman Bates on speed and showing food to the camera?

Fuck I wouldn't be surprised if she gave her boyfriend an ultimatum and refused any further contact with the other couple.

In fact, fast forward a few years: imagine StrangerG gets married to Hostage Guy number 2 in >>367028 and they're forced to invite Aly. Everyone's having a good time, taking photos of the bride and Aly's souring it for everyone by asking every other guest to take photos of her with every crumb of food available.

In fact, fast forward even more - the Earth is a scorched wasteland: humanity has been decimated by a nuclear conflict of epic proportions and the few survivors must fight for any scrap of food. Aly, somehow, is still alive (part cockroach?) and taking "selfies" with her broken phone.

Also: is it stranger girl giving a fed up thumb up right next to Aly's chest in that photo?

No. 367040

File: 1501951277616.jpg (368.46 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170805-113901.jpg)

dont even need the text that went w this you could make it up in your own head

No. 367043

File: 1501952090490.gif (1.34 MB, 1920x1440, Can i eat now.gif)

I noticed that thumb thing too. And in this look at stranger girls other hand. Plus notice how stranger girl was cool with one pic, then done.

No. 367055

I love how girl with tongue doesn't move in the gif! I hope she kept the funny face in every picture Aly had taken here. O a bored day if I was in Milan I'd totally photo bomb every shoot she was doing.

No. 367068

File: 1501955181760.png (69.09 KB, 636x823, IMG_6871.PNG)

Aaaand a black post.
Really wondering how long she can continue living the way she does. Amazed she's sustained it for this long.

No. 367070

File: 1501955390116.png (720.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5733.PNG)

She's not getting many likes or comments on her photos and I think this is what sent her over the deep end. Plus the poor random girl who just wanted to eat her salad and triggered Aly.

No. 367080

I think its funny how a salad can trigger her. But this >>366140 is ok and helpful…

No. 367084

File: 1501957582968.jpg (398.78 KB, 978x1001, Screenshot_20170805-132310.jpg)

does anyone go back and forth more than aly? now its ok because that evil skinny girl probably never eats

No. 367098

Someone prettier than our goddess? This cannot be. How dare that girl be a size 0 and eat salad with no dressing. She should have at least 700 calories worth of dressing on that salad to make Aly feel better about stuffing her face with McDonald's fries and 3 candy bars.
Prettier girls are the biggest problem in today's society. Always triggering others. They should eat 4000 calories like our goddess because she is perfect in every way.

No. 367105

File: 1501959769310.jpg (577.25 KB, 810x1701, Screenshot_20170805-140138.jpg)

oh boy

No. 367111

has she deleted it already? I cant find it

No. 367119

File: 1501960910463.png (276.3 KB, 750x1191, IMG_5735.PNG)

She totally deleted this. What a cunt.

But it's all good now! Because her boy found an apartment in Milan. She no longer suffers from ana today.

No. 367134

how many times has she said "now its meaningless" just today
relationships dont fix your mental health

No. 367136

File: 1501961992994.jpg (87.84 KB, 978x798, Screenshot_20170805-143901.jpg)

No. 367151

Third time she's posted the same caption. Pool party tomorrow. Great.

Ooop so close to 50k. Congrats, Aly.

No. 367157

She also deleted this comment. She just uses other people's comments as a means for ass pats; positive or negative.

She obviously doesn't care about what her followers want, it's all about what Aly wants. She doesn't want to talk about her life because she has none. No job no school no hobbies, literally nothing outside her ED and Instagram. She's in total denial and beyond help at this point.
September will be an interesting month. Most couples (at least in the US) gain weight when they get married or move in together. I suspect she will explode.

No. 367160

File: 1501964286715.png (758.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170805-141524.png)

Why would she delete it when she agreed with it in her stories?

No. 367189

Why would she agree with the comment and take absolutely no advice from it? Because it doesn't work with Aly's life. Re read my post.
She deleted it because she doesn't really agree with it. But she can't "shame" that person because then Aly would look worse to her followers who are just doing what Aly asks; offering her their opinions.
So she uses the comment to show "look I really am interacting with my followers and really do care what you say!" Even tho she doesn't care at all and only wants them to say "you're perfect! You're not fat"

No. 367225

I thought she preferred to be "fat" and eat?

No. 367226

File: 1501972149763.jpg (17.52 KB, 421x227, 9.JPG)

No. 367231

whoa there anon. I'm on your side. Aly is ridiculous indeed.

No. 367247

if she ignores advice that could actually benefit her then more fool her

No. 367251

She lives in a dream world where she thinks that living with a man is going to make everything alright. She doesn't think of things like rent, bills, cleaning the toilet, being alone while he goes to work, etc. She's pinning everything on to her anorexia disappearing just because he moves to Milan. Everything will be a dreamy holiday on a sandy beach forever and ever.

No. 367254

File: 1501974151998.png (860.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170805-170019.png)

What are bills and rent?

No. 367255

Oooo, I don't get to see these story posts.

Well that says it all. Where does she think money comes from? Her parents really must buy her everything.

I find that post really offensive, but I'm going to keep reminding myself that it's Aly because what else can you expect?

Wait until she's eating things out of cans and picking her boyfriend's dirty pants up off the floor for the 100th time. Life won't be so "amazing".

That food looks gross btw. Plastic bowl and fork. Classy. 6 twists of pasta - why bother.

No. 367256

i cant imagine her doing chores n like cleaning up after him. she probably thinks its all orgasms and doughnuts lol

No. 367261

File: 1501975072487.jpg (83.13 KB, 600x450, aly's kitchen.jpg)

Count the skid marks not the calories (!)

Nah, I bet Ma cleans her room.

No. 367339

File: 1501985448450.png (96.47 KB, 640x859, IMG_4406.PNG)

The passive aggressive sarcasm here is cringe worthy but great hahah do you think Aly will catch onto it and be offended or actually not see that it's sarcastic?

No. 367355

File: 1501986992728.gif (4.15 MB, 473x681, mcdonalds slut.gif)

20 pics. all mcdonalds. no duplicates, although it is hard to tell.

there are so much more, if you can believe it, I made a longer one that was so large lolcow wouldn't let me post it.

No. 367357

probably needs to make 7+ posts about why shes a feminist to deal w this

>when you got all those ocd schemes

No. 367359

i like to think she brings like 3-5 outfits in the car gets one fry and drink and then has her little photoshoot/changing/switching her hair up slightly

No. 367366

this gif made me realise that she only ever gets a small fries or medium? but like nothing else except for some popcorn chicken once. what would that be like 400 calories

No. 367388

mesmerizing. how are all her tank tops the exact same length omg. that's a little freaky

No. 367389

>>hey guys i'm LOVING life and eating FAST FOOD even though mcdonalds is the SHITTIEST KIND!

You know for someone recovering from anorexia you'd think she would know what foods are healthy and what foods to avoid, like highly greasy shitty fast food. I really don't get why she post so much candy and really unhealthy food when she's suppose to be a "role model"(she herself thinks so) for loving life and eating whatever you want without any thought process into what it really is

No. 367395

well she pretends to have had orthorexia so i guess fast food is the opposite of that (and like the opposite of restriction) n looks like shes happy with eating

No. 367417

File: 1501998912227.gif (2.69 MB, 405x697, eatmeandgo_rightside.gif)

okay, and this is about 17 pics, no duplicates, from the right side of the table. As I was making this I noticed before her hair change she stood on the left side of this table.

and I have one more gif.

No. 367418

File: 1501999014717.gif (2.7 MB, 467x681, donutcare.gif)

this one is about 17 pics in front of the donut shop.

No. 367434

I am mostly disturbed by the fact her body and face is angled exactly the same in the photos.

No. 367435

not my place to say but seems like a leftover ana tendency to me. fuck she should just actually focus on her own recovery instead of jumping from her lowest point to trying to be a role model for others

No. 367447

Aly the ocd queen!

No. 367490

that one little wink in there creeps me out.

she probably has her foot outlined on the wall to get the position right.

No. 367519

File: 1502016337064.png (31.49 KB, 478x193, wp_ss_20170806_0001.png)

Aly's queer.

No. 367569

File: 1502023848982.jpg (388.92 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170806-075006.jpg)

No. 367571

Is anyone surprised her friends didn't invite her out last night?

Get ready for dozens of bikini pics at the pool again. Get ready for insicurity body comparisons.

You can do it, recoveryqueer!

No. 367572

File: 1502024105333.jpg (349.6 KB, 1018x863, Screenshot_20170806-075142.jpg)

as if she wasnt gonna go to the pool party um chance for a bikini shoot aly!
its so irritating how she always does this oh idk if i should go, give me asspats for motivation


No. 367580

Zero comments of praise 44 minutes in. It's almost like followers have caught on to her act.

No. 367594

>bloated belly full of pasta-porn


No. 367597

File: 1502029222633.jpg (110.27 KB, 993x237, Screenshot_20170806-091923.jpg)

she officially went to the pool!

No. 367601

Yeah, that left me feeling a bit uncomfortable but I'm not sure why.

No. 367606

File: 1502031221241.jpg (663.17 KB, 808x1872, Screenshot_20170806-095205.jpg)

so insicure

No. 367616

File: 1502031920137.jpg (82.21 KB, 580x537, wtf.JPG)



I clicked on the tag where she is and it doesn't look like pa-pa-paradise. It looks a bit boring and too many posers. This is the most interesting pic anyone's ever taken there.

No. 367621

File: 1502032376273.png (60.43 KB, 298x360, Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 4.12…)

she keeps putting her foot in it now and i'm glad. she'll delete this soon

No. 367625

She'll go on about how numbers don't matter than go on about being BM1 10.6. Her account's really poisonous. I wouldn't want to follow her if I was a recovering anorexic. I wouldn't want to follow her for stacks of reasons, but anyway.

> make the bash to begin guys

Wow, she's a real party girl. The life and soul.

No. 367626

File: 1502032834255.png (11.01 KB, 296x96, screenshot 2017-08-06 17.18.27…)

People are really getting annoyed with her.

No. 367632

ngl, she looks smoking hot here. Too bad she's either straight or more likely married to her ocd

No. 367635

Even if she was physically my ideal woman (she isn't), I wouldn't go there. I couldn't even be her neighbour.

No. 367639

You couldn't make this shit up. Bless our ana recovery queer.

No. 367646

File: 1502034852908.png (584.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3866.PNG)

Oh my.

No. 367647

uh ok

and then dogsandpositivity will say you go aly post whatever you want! <3

No. 367648

Sure, Jan.

No. 367649

so, you think you're really thin?

No. 367650

I've never seen anyone be this skinny but flabby at the same time…she really needs to exercise and build some muscle and stop with all of the junk food, but she wants to be a ~recoveryqueer~ and teach girls that they dont need to eat salads.

No. 367660

File: 1502035586788.png (231.47 KB, 640x1072, IMG_4408.PNG)

It blows my mind how inconsistent she is. I thought she was always the hot blonde babe that guys only cared about her because of her looks? Kek

Also now she's saying men whistling at her in the street is a good thing and means she's pretty and classy? Girl make up yo mind!!

Ps: aly fist fighting? Give me a fucking break she'd be crying in a ball on the ground if someone so much as pretended to poke her

No. 367712

File: 1502038136587.jpg (458.67 KB, 2048x2048, B343AA66-461B-46CF-92D7-D91E31…)

Can't you see how big of a piece of shit you are Aly? You want asspats and it drags others down. This girl needs ACTUAL therapy.

No. 367715

File: 1502038179221.png (222.64 KB, 1536x1032, IMG_4384.PNG)

Also.. this!

No. 367722

File: 1502038646341.jpg (64.84 KB, 638x455, no calorie tea.JPG)

She posted an "apology" which reads more like, "You misunderstood me you dumb fucks".

Also this
> Can you imagine how it felt to be the only one with ice cream ? and all the other girls with zero-calories-iced-tea?

Bullshit. On that place's tagged photos people are drinking alcohol and smoothies and eating seafood and tiramisu mmm

I see they do yoga there. She needs to book a class.

No. 367732

um so are her friends takin her bikini pics for her? seems awkward

No. 367738

There doesn't seem to be anyone else there. I didn't know she had friends apart from her "sisters". Bet she went on her own and it's self timer/tripod. I wouldn't put it past her to do that.

No. 367744

File: 1502040286205.jpg (336.59 KB, 2048x2048, 7F7B5784-C84F-4AE9-B18D-2ADBC4…)

I have never wanted someone to continue commenting more than I do this person. It was about damn time that people called Aly out on her shit and now it seems to be a veritable tidalwave of people realising she is full of absolute bullshit. Or cowshit as the case may be.

How long til she gets blocked i wonder?

No. 367748

File: 1502040526637.jpg (16.97 KB, 361x238, 1.JPG)

Aly's just earned 2 new followers. Unfortunately it's just some guy who takes pictures of scenery and a business account.

No. 367751

I honestly question the IQ of the people who do praise her. Like surely you'd have to be stupid af to not see how fake and manipulative aly is ??

No. 367758

she probably went with her mum

No. 367772

File: 1502041982793.png (237.58 KB, 750x1094, IMG_5743.PNG)

Aly just says she's fat because she wants people to tell her how skinny and beautiful she is.

She was just joking, being sarcastic, so sorry for hurt feelings, sorry I made you feel terrible

Look how confident and great I look in this bikini

No. 367798

File: 1502044785668.jpg (367.18 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170806-133831.jpg)

No. 367819

File: 1502048909616.png (13.63 KB, 429x85, wp_ss_20170806_0003.png)

She's really rocking coming out as queer. Is she now they/theirs?

No. 367839

File: 1502050449980.png (702.15 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5745.PNG)

Major hater.

No. 367840

File: 1502050479827.png (652.53 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5746.PNG)

No. 367845

File: 1502050665391.png (97.24 KB, 610x1062, IMG_2680.PNG)

No. 367849

"This shit" when everything said is how to do life.


No. 367855

Can someone explain how someone looks heavier than their weight? I'm not being a twat about Alys body, I just never went through an ED so don't understand how she looks heavier than she claims. Quite a bit more.

No. 367858

Muscle weighs more than fat and she has very little muscle at this point. Think of it like you have one of those balancing scales and you have to make both sides ten pounds, but on one side is only fat on the weight plate and on the other side there is only muscle on the weight plate. The amount of fat will be much larger in volume and the amount of muscle will be much smaller, yet they both equal ten pounds. Does that make sense?

No. 367859

So basically fat takes up more space to reach the same amount of mass. Hence why bmi can be a useless measurement because two people can be the same height and same weight but one may look much bigger than the other simply because they have more fat and less muscle than the other person. Just like when someone looks thinner than what they say their weight is but it could be because they have a lot of muscle and so that makes their weight higher

Sorry samefag here

No. 367860

File: 1502052568971.png (549.41 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3873.PNG)

This bitch I swear to god. Followers that comment anything that isn't asspats are branded "dumb haters". If her therapist says something she doesn't like, does she call him a hater too? Fucking hell, normal people can take criticism. She's batshit.

No. 367862

File: 1502052631378.png (506.96 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3874.PNG)


No. 367870

I get it now. You have educated me.

Yeah, the BMI thing I've never understood how buff people can be told they're in the overweight or obese range but it's muscle not fat. I didn't ever think of that with Aly for some reason.

Stranger girl looked like she weighed less than Aly, but she had a lot of muscle mass so probably weighed more? I'm so shit at biology.

I really hope she stops eating crap though. Her insides must weep.

No. 367895

File: 1502056229210.jpg (114.14 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170806-164937.jpg)

im glad people are realising what an awful person she is

No. 367909

These have already been posted on here…

No. 367910

Op here, yes you're exactly right! Stranger girl may very well weigh more than aly. Funny thing is aly would probably be thrilled with that but wouldn't have any idea that it just means stranger girl has more muscle than she does

No. 367919

File: 1502060005258.jpg (207.48 KB, 978x556, Screenshot_20170806-175200.jpg)

some more truths that'll get deleted

No. 367920

File: 1502060086164.jpg (217.46 KB, 563x1024, Screenshot_20170806-165306.jpg)

The comment section is blowing up on her latest post. Pic related and much more LoL

No. 367921

I discovered her IG because it appeared in my discovery suggestions and at first I thought OMG so inspirational! poor girl! so proud of her!…but then I stalked her IG lol and I just -knew- something was wrong with her…In just two days I witnessed two break-downs, how she felt like a fat PIG/COW, absolutely and completely worthless and then she posted like nothing had happened. A. Lot. Of. Pictures. With almost the same captions. Ugghh…I was so glad to find this site, I knew I couldn't be the only one who saw her this way haha
The amount of times I've been tempted to expose her but I didn't do it because I don't want to be blocked haha…Such a hater!! right?
I'm actually glad of what happened today, I can't believe this girl sometimes, she acts like a complete crazy person.

No. 367923

File: 1502060654299.png (22.94 KB, 287x375, a2.png)

Whoever you are..thank you

No. 367925

File: 1502061193669.png (32.82 KB, 304x541, a3.png)

I just can't understand how Aly doesn't see it this way, EVER. Like if she had never to face the truth, just maybe crossing her mind that maybe - maybe! - those ''haters'' are kind of right!

No. 367945

File: 1502062706913.jpg (246.88 KB, 570x995, Screenshot_20170806-173644.jpg)

I love that it keeps going. Unfortunatly it will all be gone tomorrow

No. 367970

yeah i always get excited seeing people calling her out but it doesnt really do anything

No. 367989

File: 1502066136712.jpg (37.17 KB, 428x480, deep.jpg)


Yup. Deleted then back to posting #tb pics of today and probably pasting a caption she already has. Of course she'll wake up in a bad place, but some asspats from lousrecovery and dogsandpositivity's going to allow her to eat some cookies for breakfast. She'll say she still feels bad with body image but she'll be brave and go for a donnie.

Meanwhile…Aly's still nuts.

No. 368013

Kek at how aly doesnt seem to realise that posting these comments on her story means that people read it and go 'OH WAIT THEYRE RIGHT SHE IS FULL OF SHIT'

sage for being a hater

No. 368047

File: 1502071772160.jpg (17.39 KB, 417x257, countdown.JPG)

No. 368104

File: 1502079279931.png (18.93 KB, 452x159, wp_ss_20170807_0001.png)

Posting this before she deletes it

No. 368119

who wants to start Aly bingo for when she wakes up?
>cookie photo of "breakfast"; caption says she feels like sh*t, stories(!)
>#tb from yesterday at the pool saying how she's sorry and people juat misunderstood her
>eats donnies
>blackout post- "no 1 currr"
>I feel like shit. I'm fat, tell me I'm pretty
>makeout photo with boyfriend "we're starting our lives together after 6 years. My life is perfect. What eating disorder?"
>stupid face and French fries; stomach full of pasta porn
>photo posing with donnies she bought at lunch with hypocritical caption about loving yourself and you don't need a salad to feel good

No. 368128

good ones, Ill add:
>changes, update soon(!) stay tuned. but first my everytime favorite cookies.
>I should close, opinions?
>hope in your support.
>I could eat lunch because of your support!

No. 368131

She needs some support

She was hoping for more support

Threatens to close her account

Changes her mind, but her account will be different.

It won't be different.

A crying shot in stories

A screen shot of haters in stories.

At least two #tb bikini pics from the amazing pool party.

The words cellulitis, bloated and stretch marks.
She hasn't blabbed on about feminism for a while has she.

No. 368134

File: 1502085379931.png (597.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170807-064942.png)

Anyone else notice her boyfriend seems to be piling on the pounds? Poor Aly probably throws a hissy fit if he doesn't eat more/ the same as her so she doesn't feel fat in her bikini

No. 368181

Can't forget that at some point she'll tell an imaginary story about some girl who looks classy while eating a salad, drinking coke zero, and talking about how she's lost weight. Aly will obvz shame this girl hard but tag it #bodypositive #feminism

No. 368226

lmao yes, the only iced tea i saw in the tagged photos was canned estathè, which is 98% sugar and definitely not "zero calories". there is a 0kcal version of that, but i've never seen it for sale anywhere outside supermarkets. it's definitely one of her imaginary stories like >>368181

No. 368234

File: 1502110757607.jpg (357.36 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170807-075814.jpg)

um none of those accounts were fake

No. 368235

Did she also block the person who wrote >>367945? That looks more like someone who's concerned about other people being affected negatively by her poor behaviour.

No. 368239

File: 1502111519146.jpg (143.3 KB, 978x416, Screenshot_20170807-080901.jpg)

they seem to have survived and uh idk what theyre doing now

i think she actually went with her mum i looked through the tag and i didnt see any big groups of girls, i didnt look too far tho but still i think it was a fake story

No. 368245

I hate how she's always asking for RESPECT (!) and SUPPORT (!) about her decisions but then starts talking about other girls and their choices as it was the most terrible thing for her…An ''ex-orthorexic'' (Until three hours later, maybe).

No. 368259

File: 1502116060155.png (186.17 KB, 750x1104, IMG_0211.PNG)

How much sugar do you think she consumes in a day?!

No. 368263

File: 1502116359501.jpg (8.76 KB, 259x194, this much.jpg)

I hope she brushes her teeth at least 3 times a day. I'm still dubious about how much she eats of a thing. If she ate all the chocolate, donuts and fries she ate she really would be very "bloated".

Hopefully this is a phase and she'll get sick of her diet. So many choices yet she chooses the same things day after day.

No. 368264

she SAYS she eats*

No. 368280

You got cookie breakfast, #tb bikini, boyfriend pic, donut pic.

No. 368289

File: 1502118220815.jpg (401.58 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170807-075735.jpg)

we're slowly seeing the story of how she ate these fries

No. 368319

File: 1502121283088.jpg (605.14 KB, 810x1582, Screenshot_20170807-105302.jpg)


No. 368324

File: 1502122259701.gif (5.44 MB, 720x960, how I ate a med size mcd frenc…)

This shit is hilarious. So I made a gif. Will she ever reach the bottom? let's stay tuned.

No. 368327

people must think she's insane, going to mcdonalds and changing clothes to pose outside with food.

No. 368329

File: 1502122597306.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3876.PNG)

You called it.

No. 368331

Amazing how she can claim she doesnt live through instagram and its only for her and she doesnt really care about it, then right after cry over only 4 comments like this.
Get real Aly, you have nothing else but insta.

No. 368341

File: 1502124146661.jpg (231.14 KB, 1011x565, Screenshot_20170807-113843.jpg)

ikr it wouldnt hurt her so much if she had anything else in her life

im still amazed that she has any content lol like how many times can she say we do deserve recovering

No. 368350

File: 1502125240302.png (18.95 KB, 523x236, 20170807_105923.png)

Right after.

No. 368355

File: 1502125605499.jpg (390.64 KB, 689x1123, Screenshot_20170807-110155.jpg)

Ya, get glasses. This picture isn't posed or perfect at all. I always sit like this. Totally caught of gaurd.

No. 368360

ok now theres no doubt in my mind that she went with her mum. this has got sexy pose for ma casati written all over it

No. 368364

File: 1502126181465.jpg (673.25 KB, 810x1552, Screenshot_20170807-121352.jpg)

theres a lot of these today. idk how she can call em fake or haters but im sure she will

No. 368365

>calls her perfect

Also, what's going on with the left leg? I know it must be a trick of light and water but I fail to see how

No. 368374

Distortion due to how light bends when going through underwater, then hitting the lower part of the leg, then bending again when coming out of the water.

No. 368402

File: 1502128743877.png (4.93 KB, 260x138, supernews.png)

I think we bingoed already

No. 368404

how does she actually get worse at speaking/typing English as time goes on? fuck

No. 368412

File: 1502129590747.jpg (481.54 KB, 810x1338, Screenshot_20170807-131108.jpg)

oh she um made up with her friend or something?
>youve come back from the dead
sounds kinda rude too lol

how many dms will she answer..

No. 368418

She's seen her friends recently, so why would they say that? More like:
Aly: You didn't invite me because you think of me like an ANOREXIC and I'm an EX ANOREXIC and I'M HERE, I'M ALICE AND I'M FUCKING PERFECT!"
(in Italian)

What a shame. I'd hoped she'd signed up for a class or something, but it's being all high school over friendships.

No. 368422

Damn, I was a blackout post away from bingo.
Good playing, anon.

Sad how Aly thinks acknowledging the "hater's yells" she's being uplifting and having her voice heard. But it just makes her look weak and victimized to her followers. I think it's the most damaging thing she's doing aside from posting bikini pics and claiming she's fat and bloated.

No. 368432

To me it makes her look like an arrogant twat who won't take advice that's glaringly obviously good advice. Not that I didn't think that before.

#transformation pic tonight?

No. 368435

the main comment has been stop using instagram and relying on comments and she thinks shes achieving that because she went out with "her friends" once, even tho she documented the whole thing! she even ended that post with "i owe you everything!" i cant win w her shit

im gonna go w dry humping her boy

No. 368437

Unlikely she will post a transformation pic as she only does it Tues/thurs/sun and she missed Sunday.

I'm guessing another #tb McDonald's shoot.

Also, she reached 50k followers again. Strange?

No. 368439

i always check her social blade cus im #obsessed and she was only like 20 below 50k before

No. 368454

She usually posts transformations on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, so she can use the hashtag.

No. 368462

i sent her a dm with my non hater account as an experiment

No. 368500

so chubby hubby isn't following her journey into insanity, and his IG has no photos of her beyond like four years ago. That said both their facebooks are a suck-face fest.

Potato phone won't let me attach photos so sage for non-contribution

No. 368546

File: 1502143984088.jpg (475.92 KB, 978x1355, Screenshot_20170807-171043.jpg)

is she serious w this?
>the less i post about food
>thinking you need 4000 calories a day
>scale trapped in closet

No. 368585

Is she saying she's eating 4000 calories a day? Wouldn't that suggest at least a pound gain a day? Roughly?

She is either lying about how many calories, or she's not being honest about how much she's burning or she's purging.

No. 368587


What if she means 4000 in a week? LoL

No. 368594

File: 1502148388876.jpg (157.41 KB, 536x1030, Screenshot_20170807-172346.jpg)

Now this is happening on her vegan chocolate picture.

No. 368599

its gonna trigger the goddess

i think on average 3000 a week is 1 pound gained per week, so yeah she should be gaining pretty quickly if shes eating that much and considering that shes a healthy weight now

No. 368623

1 pound is about 3500 calories. Divide that by 7 days a week, its 500 calories. you need to eat 500 calories OVER maintenance, everyday, to gain 1 pound a week.

Let us pretend Aly needs 2000 calories a day to maintain her weight. but, If shes trying to gain weight she would need to eat 2500 calories every day to gain 1 pound a week.

shes claiming to eat 4000 calories every day? if i'm doing the math correctly that's 4 pounds gained a week.

and it obvious shes not gaining 4lbs a week. shes not eating 4000 cals everyday. shes a liar.

No. 368641

She's back down to 49,993

No. 368658

shes said before that she eats 3000 normally and then trip was 4000, all the hotdogs by night i assume, but yeah shes probably eating <2000 and maintaining her barely underweight um weight
its kinda illogical for her to claim these high calorie intakes n then say over and over oh ive almost reached a healthy bmi

No. 368682


hypermetabolism anon. im not saying it is the problem aly's having but it could be. esp. if she only started gaining the weight back in the past half year. she would need an ass load of food that shes probably not eating.

No. 368692

Does anyone know how tall she is? She seems taller than most girls.

No. 368696

Shes 5'6" iirc

No. 368725

>I counted it as a joke this evening, with my mother

Great joke, counting calories.

OK now these comments ARE dumb as fuck

No. 368781

I doubt she actually has 4000 on a regular basis. People with anorexia over estimate the calories they eat plus she's probably rounding up.

But I do think she has been eating a lot the past few weeks. Her freakouts seem genuine. Plus the physical things she's describing, especially the extreme hunger she got so pissed at finding.maisie for pointing out, suggest that she's finally eating enough to have kicked her body into hypermetabolism or at least enough to kick off extreme hunger. Remember how like a year ago and beyond anons would always say her recovery was unbelievable not just bc she didn't gain weight but bc she never talked about any physical symptoms that come with drastically increasing intake? Well she's finally doing that. My guess is that a year ago she started eating enough to actually gain, but still not much, like a lot of girls do who have a lot of autonomy in their weight restoration. So she started gaining but it was such small increases there was never a big physical reaction.

And now she's reached what is probably a healthy weight for her body plus has developed extreme hunger while truly eating what she should have been eating to restore her weight. And she's flipping shit.

If she doesn't get better therapy she is either going to relapse or transition to bulimia or BED.

No. 368830

Aly's a notorious liar though. She could be existing on the fap and donut plus maybe a few bits of pasta. That'd be only just over 1000 cals a day. Plus she could be walking a lot to burn it off.

It's difficult to figure anything out when most of what she tells us is untrue, but I believe she's restricting again.

No. 368898

File: 1502212167761.png (3.95 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8679.PNG)

Hello Bulimia.

No. 368904

File: 1502213460389.jpg (247.03 KB, 525x928, Screenshot_20170808-112810.jpg)

After reading this she posts a story about gong out for wine lol

Sometimes I think she does things on purpose because she knows it riles people up.

No. 368907

I know she's crazy, but how do you feel fat after finding out you lost 1/2 a pound? plus im 100% sure that scale she found in her closet couldnt be very reliable, especially not by fractions of a pound.

No. 368919

Who takes a photo of themselves when they're upset? What next, photos of her shitting on the loo?

No. 368923

I don't do kg, so it was only half a pound she lost? Had she just had a dump? Half a pound?? That could be anything. After a period I weigh less because of water etc. Before having a wee in the morning I'm weigh more.

Those scales sound like some rickety old ones with the scale thing inside. Those are crap. Not that I believe she threw her digital ones out of the window.

Wow, all this over half a pound lol.

Why did Ma suggest she weigh herself anyhow? Bit of a fucked up thing to get her to do. Aly must only talk about her ~recovery~ at home. Tubby boyfriend's got heaps of fun waiting when she starts spending so much time with him.

No. 368924

>shitting on the loo

to lose half a pound, heh

No. 368951

File: 1502218608219.jpg (68.28 KB, 978x151, Screenshot_20170808-135358.jpg)

i thought it was because your dad abuses you/girls said your hips were too wide/boys never liked you

No. 368999

nah she lost 0.5kg which is 1.1lbs.
but still
hardly a HUGE!! #lifechanging amount

No. 369003

it's normal to vary that much from day to day.

No. 369046

I think that desensitization to high fat/high calorie food is important in recovery, but not more important than re-teaching what moderation looks like. If not, you end up with ex-anas binging on junk and freaking out that they're gaining weight. I get the risk of orthorexia, but bulimia seems more likely to me after re-feeding. I dunno, that's just my reasoning of it. I don't really know about these things.

No. 369063

She almost made it all Tuesday without a transformation picture.

No. 369073

So did her mother take this picture of Aly in distress, I wonder. Because that is all kinds of messed up if so. Actually, anyone taking it so Aly can post it is pretty messed up, but especially her mother.

Speaking of her mother, one would think she would be trying to get her severely mentally ill daughter to see a therapist more than once a month, preferably once a week. Or her boyfriend. The one person in her life that seems to be trying to push her or move her in any way is her father, and what we see of his actions is through Aly's unreliable narrator filter. Her posts the last couple of weeks have been especially whack.

No. 369080

its a selfie i think? she probably took it w her mum i doubt she was crying just had her hand in front of her face

idk people keep suggesting therapy to her, haters and non haters alike i doubt she'll go anymore often than she already does and she'll just stay a mess
hm thinking about alys life kinda makes me depressed… and want a doughnut

No. 369111

I think it is a selfie when it's in her stories. She's done vlog type stuff before, she was alone then.

It makes me wonder though about her normal feed. When she asks the waiter to take pictures. I wonder if it's in burst mode. Or if she tells them to keep clicking until she says stop.

No. 369159

So true, Aly's father seems like the most rational one out of everyone Aly talks about. Her mom enables her, her boyfriend is an idiot. Her dad "abusing her" is such bullshit, the "beatings" she get are most definitely spankings, which are extremely common in Italy, it's just a cultural difference. She just blows it wayyy out of proportion. If she was really getting beat, where are her bruises in her bikini pics? Sure he probably doesn't have the best parenting methods but at least he's doing something.

No. 369229

File: 1502267967640.png (132.55 KB, 750x607, IMG_5756.PNG)

I couldn't deal with Aly's BS and her flipping her shit over a fucking pound. Anyone with at least 6 brain cells knows you weigh less in the morning than you would at night or any other time of the day. Either her brain is literally mashed potatoes or she just saw an opportunity to be a victim and receive asspats. Even her followers are telling her to calm down about it. And some pointed out her weird mood swings; one minute crying in stories(!), wanting to vomit and an hour later "cocktails and snacks!". Then sharing photos of her smiling with her junk food hovering above her top lip.

This beautiful word salad could not be ignored though and I wanted to share it.

No. 369286

File: 1502279648434.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3882.PNG)

No. 369288

File: 1502279699648.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3883.PNG)

Poor recoveryqueer didn't get enough asspats this morning.

No. 369291

Oh wow.
Ive never noticed it before because she never posts photos like this, but see those two little pockets either side of her mouth that are kinda swollen rather than looking like the normal crease when someone smiles?
Hallmark of purging.

sage for rage

No. 369295

File: 1502280239911.jpg (148.36 KB, 760x221, bulimia face.jpg)

Nah, it's just round face syndrome. I have the exact same (I honestly had to stop scrolling because I thought this actually was my face for a second).
Purge swelling is more to the side of the face, at jaw level.

No. 369299

this is some Jenny Holzer tier nonsense

honestly at this point in her "broke downs" I think she would talk about it if she were purging. she always makes these dramatic "want to throw up" posts plus tried to make it sound like a single glad of wine is major alcoholism, not to mention all the talk about self arming when no cuts it scars have ever been visible.

she's so desperate for attention and to prolong her anaqueer status that I 100% think she would stretch one attempted purging episode into 10 posts about her ~bulimia~

No. 369302

glass* of wine
cuts or* scars

sage for can't type

No. 369315

File: 1502282739123.png (128.42 KB, 638x987, IMG_3884.PNG)

Aaaand we've got a blacked-out post.

No. 369317

If I was one of those ''few lovely girls'' she's talking about, I'd feel pretty useless at this point.
She's so self-centered she can't appreciate other people's efforts…Unbelievable

No. 369322

File: 1502283485565.png (41.6 KB, 325x610, a.png)

Some of the comments on her last photo…

No. 369324

>sabrina290394 Actually I always write..but you never look and you never answer.

No. 369326

What she needs is a job and chores to do. When you're left to be idle all the time you are very likely to worry about stupid stuff.

No. 369331

File: 1502284288455.png (44.14 KB, 326x655, kjhglm.png)

How much do you think her CHANGE (!) will last this time?

No. 369337

she got more comments on this than she has in ages

No. 369349

File: 1502287792167.jpg (152.57 KB, 1033x332, Screenshot_20170809-090812.jpg)

its gone now and has been replaced w some passive aggressive chocolate

No. 369375

File: 1502289473285.jpg (128.38 KB, 978x323, Screenshot_20170809-093623.jpg)

Losing 1 pound has triggered her so badly. girl needs help

No. 369384

File: 1502290734827.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3885.PNG)

You said it.

No. 369386

does she ever care about anyone else? does she help anyone else? why should anyone care that she feels alone?

No. 369402

>only lovely girls

only lovely, no intelligence

Wow, if my only regret was eating a Magnum…

She won't pay for therapy sp fuck her. Why should she get piss poor advice from dickheads like dogsandpositivity for free.

No. 369407

File: 1502294444367.png (55.59 KB, 310x976, tj.png)

No. 369412

She's afraid of him finding out how she controls her food intake and something? Great relationship. After 3 (proper) years together she still can't tell him her reason for not wanting him there.

Post a pic of them smooching so it seems like they're really in love and have a tight relationship. Gah.

No. 369416

Honestly I can't wait to see what she posts during what will almost certainly be a clusterfuck of a week-unless she weasels out of him visiting altogether!

No. 369417

She might do that thing like last time where she tells him to only stay two days. And she's talking about them getting a house together.

He's useless and she's neurotic. It aint gonna last. We should start an Aly Relationship Dead Pool and guess how long it lasts.

In other news she's down to 49,959 followers. 22 gone already today.

No. 369418

File: 1502296582038.png (213.15 KB, 750x1197, IMG_3612.PNG)

how long before this person gets blocked i wonder…
Aly will no doubt sperg out again and either post a passive aggressive story about it amd send her minions to bully whoever this person is or just block them
Kek the milk just doesnt stop flowing with this one
(Although part of me does wish she would just get some fucking therapy)

No. 369425

So Aly posts a pic of a Magnum!
>It isn't all about you

Every post today she's been begging for people to decide things for her. Now she wants her followers to
>I need all your encouragements to call my coworkers and accept
a dumb paella party.

I can't even…

No. 369426

haha i know
i predict a few hundred "should i cancel? i still have a few days to decide. give me your opinions girls has anyone faced something like this before?" posts and then he will come and straddling pics will be abundant

its really obnoxious of her to manipulate what people said (after crying no support) just so she can like disagree with something

No. 369427

what co-workers? everyone knows she didnt really get that job lol is she just going out w her family?

No. 369429

Co-workers = her mum again.

15 minutes in and nobody's given her paella party encouragement. Not even dogs&

No. 369436


>Am I the weird

yes Aly, you are the weird

this is getting to the point of ridiculous bc she clearly reads all her comments since every time something even looks slightly negative she puts it on blast. so she has to see that tons of ~lovely girls are telling her the same shit about therapy and getting away from insta but she just ignores it and keeps telling for attention.

No. 369445

I thought the people who worked at that shop she pretends she's employed at are all image obsessed and slim af. Now they're having food parties?

No. 369468

File: 1502302707823.png (144.44 KB, 750x993, IMG_5757.PNG)

the face of someone who's had two days of panic attacks and break downs.

I mean, it's totally normal to be posing perfect with your over priced ice cream bar when you're having such a hard time with life.

No. 369479

File: 1502303735018.jpg (81.64 KB, 700x393, LOOOOSER.jpg)

No, no, no, anon! She is being very brave! Even though the assault to her system's left her with chronic stomach acid and nausea, even though she can barely stand because the attack was exhausting, even though mentally she's in an abyss because the agony of attack after attack grinds a persons mind to fucking despair, she's managed to apply make up (despite shaking hands and numb fingers), slip into a classy long t shirt thing and go out with Ma to scoff an ice cream. Unlike the loser in this pic.

I'm #motivated and #inspired. Who needs valium when you've got pistachio sprinkled Magnums?

No. 369510

File: 1502307941096.jpg (173.51 KB, 692x594, Screenshot_20170809-133916.jpg)

I have a few questions about this one..

Why did she put her name in quotes?

Why is she saying she did the opposite of what she normally does?

Is "drive by" some kind of Italian slang? If so, for what?

No. 369511

File: 1502308148161.jpg (155.36 KB, 1036x383, 20170809_144629.jpg)

i really dont understand
did she forget her breakdown over pizza and magnums? the fact that shes posted everything shes done today? and "friends" dont you mean your mum

No. 369515

File: 1502308358437.jpg (487.83 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170809-145046.jpg)

forgive me for samefagging but god, that face isnt cute aly and notice how her mum has finished lunch and her drink while aly still hasnt taken a bite and her drink has separated

No. 369517

yeah, and why is her tone like it's so painful for us to see her take a break? when everyone keeps telling her to take a fucking break!

No. 369530

File: 1502309606402.jpg (25.12 KB, 640x360, drive by.jpg)

This is all bad English plus madness.

That place she had a spritzer at was a mall. No pictures with "friends" definitely means it was Ma again.

She likes to think of her followers as some kind of maternal figure sometimes. When she says things like I hope I didn't disappoint you, or I'll try not to disappoint you, like anyone gives an actual fuck what she does.

This is really tragic.

No. 369535

File: 1502310081594.jpg (1.01 MB, 2460x2460, IMG_3486.JPG)

After anon pointed out her bf's weight gain, I can't stop seeing it. Imagine the guilt he must deal with, he must have to eat 10,000 calories a day to avoid triggering her.
Left: June 9th
Right: August 9th

No. 369537

what if he's eating her leftovers? since she only takes one bite out of everything. but, if he doesn't also order and eat his own food, she flips out about diets?

No. 369542

File: 1502310415786.jpg (39.86 KB, 672x128, 20170809_142238.jpg)

No. 369558

File: 1502311307935.png (88.92 KB, 707x814, IMG_5758.PNG)

Ugh. Her faces(!) make "me" want to vomit up my own lunch.
I don't think she even enjoys food. She's just addicted to being ana recovery queer on Instagram. She looks like she's trying to eat fried bugs-on-a-stick.
It's just fucking pizza. Eat it and shut the fuck up.

No. 369564

File: 1502311920242.jpg (390.89 KB, 2896x2896, 20170809_145049.jpg)

So brave

No. 369565

File: 1502311936478.png (2.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170809-154813.png)

uh yum

No. 369581

That was probably what Ma ate while Aly had the cheese wrap thing at the mall.

You don't go to eat with friends for only an hour.

No. 369714

File: 1502327803467.png (98.98 KB, 640x452, IMG_3904.PNG)

Dear Aly, adding "-porn" to whatever food you're posing with does not make it seem appetising.

No. 369816

File: 1502338811856.jpg (48.83 KB, 298x381, a.JPG)

I googled "fish porn" to find an amusing img. Don't google "fish porn" unless you're really into fish…insertions.

Anyway, Stans aside I'm pleased people are starting to speak out. Another one here who thinks she should stop spending a small fortune on "eating outside" and pay for therapy. Will she do it? Will she fuck.

No. 369824

It needs to hurry up and get cold in Italy because I am so sick of seeing this girl wear shirts (no way these are dresses) with no pants. I, too, am very glad her followers are calling her out more. It won't change anything, but it is refreshing to see.

No. 369830

it's like she's in a feeder relationship with her ma, where she forces her mother to take multiple pics of her until she finally fucking eats

No. 369945

File: 1502363321616.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-10-04-07-55…)

Yeah sure Aly.

No. 369954

Is "not worth the candle" a real thing or did she make it up?

I see she deleted comments about her tubby bf and getting some therapy.

Prime example of one of life's biggest losers.

No. 369965


Hahahaha she's so addicted to Instagram bet she cant get through a day without checking her phone

No. 369966


You anons seem to forget Aly's recovery is from anorexia, not depression or something. All this "omgzzz im sooo fat (even though i lost weight)" or "omgzz im going to throw up all this pizza (the urge, even when she doesnt do it)" comes with the territory of being or having been anorexic. Sure, Aly parading it around and constantly talking about it doesn't, but numbers have a different weight (heh) in an anorexic's mind than a normie.

Sage for non-contribution.


Wow Anon, your panties really are twisting up in a knot, aren't they?

No. 369971

Dunno about Italian but "the game is not worth the candle" is a litteral translation of a French idiom that means something's not worth putting efforts in.

No. 369995

File: 1502372395740.jpg (452.93 KB, 856x1396, Screenshot_20170810-083636.jpg)

>asks for advice
>gets what she doesnt want to hear

she cant call em haters but shes gotta insult them some way
oh and shes gonna close! hahah bye aly miss you

No. 369996

Yes. "Il gioco non vale la candela" is a valid Italian saying, she means "it's not worth the hassle". I guess when people didn't have electricity playing a game meant using up a candle, so if it was a shit one, it was not worth it.

No. 369998

oh shoot i didnt read this properly
so shes pretending shes done with her ed and shes not closing and everything will stay the same, even better

No. 370004

How are Aly's loyal followers (dogsandpositivity etc) so fucking dense? Has she EVER commented on their instagrams with anything supportive? No, she literally only gives a fuck about herself and thinks if all 50k of her followers aren't jumping to comment and tell her how amazing she is within 0.5 seconds of her posting yet another pathetic photo of herself that she's been hard done by.

The cows I follow normally make me laugh but she makes me so fucking angry. She's an actual waste of space at this point in her life because she only cares about herself.

No. 370008


>The cows I follow normally make me laugh but she makes me so fucking angry.

Same here. I've grown to really loathe her. She's more arrogant as time passes and even Aly-isms don't make me smile any more. Even dickheads like some of the cows in the old ED snowflake threads like Crying Emily were frustrating and twats, but I didn't hate them. They were too amusing, but Aly's a pure bitch (in a bad way)

She's not going to change ever and she'll always be miserable. Her problem. Going bak to Crying Emily, I suppose she still has meltdowns, but at least she's sorted herself out quite a bit if facebook's anything to go by and good for her.

Thanks anons who explained the candle thing. I thought she'd been playing pick n mix with a dictionary again. (Going to spend an hour later looking up these sayings because I'm a geek).

No. 370013

File: 1502375766717.jpg (700.49 KB, 810x1548, Screenshot_20170810-093400.jpg)

same pic she always takes
>not an ig profile
>not a psycho
>not a slave???

No. 370019

That picture is probably days old

>It needs to hurry up and get cold in Italy
You're so right, even non-Aly related. We're experiencing actual Africa this week

No. 370032

It appears she photoshopped her abdomine and arms?

No. 370035

>a woman who hates exercise
didnt she claim to be ex-orthorexic not to long ago??

No. 370036

orthorexia is an obsession w healthy eating

No. 370039

I don't see it.

Plus we've said this a few times, Aly isn't smart enough to learn how. I really doubt she Photoshops.

No. 370041

yeah i think her top is just bunching up on her gut

No. 370059

Her head looks so tiny compared to her lower half.

She's doing the #bodypositivity thing and pretending to he ecstatic to prove the haters that she doesn't need therapy. Give it two days and she'll be black posting again.

No. 370061

The weird blurring on the background is the new iphones "depth" feature

No. 370084

I'd like to think she actually have other interests besides ED and she actually likes swimming…
But I feel she is obsessed with the pool to swim like a maniac and exercise-purge in a way. Her legs look a bit more toned in the pool shots than in those cafeteria shots from awhile ago, I think.
And um yeah. To pose in a bikini. Which she wants to play off as "I'm so brave and body confident!" yet she has a bunch of bikini photos of when she was a spoop (those that she keeps using in her transformation comparisons). I'm willing to bet she's always loved to show off her body lmao

She's so boring. Yet so fun to discuss

No. 370087

the original meaning of orthorexia was an obsession with a certain type of eating, this can be anything from only wanting to eat one type of food that they may consider in their minds, healthy (like all those people you see on TV who eat only potatoes)

lazy unhealthy fucks who wanna sit around all day and eat junk just changed the definition and calls anything or anyone that eats well orthorexic, I feel like aly just counted calories and made sure she had healthy food on her plate rather than actual orthorexia

No. 370088

Pissed off with Aly misunderstanding the word cellulitis so have sent her the NHS link explaining it all in PLAIN ENGLISH (because she could do with some help in that area too!!) And told her she doesn't have it

No. 370092

i dont think she even swims she just poses in the water

omg i know, she irritates me so much like shes triggered by losing a little bit of weight, people say get therapy, shes mad at them for suggesting it, is closing account, isnt closing account and says she no longer has an eating disorder. what!

No. 370095

File: 1502385635090.jpg (131.67 KB, 978x340, Screenshot_20170810-121821.jpg)

i wish someone would ask her why shes smokes, i would but i dont wanna get blocked

No. 370098

Nah it literally means being obsessed with eating foods they consider healthy and avoiding foods that they think aren't.

No. 370103

thanks anon, i thought it was someone obsessed with exercising while having an eating disorder!

No. 370171

File: 1502396682756.jpg (182.74 KB, 393x684, Screenshot_20170810-141503.jpg)

Obligatory #transformationthursday…

BUT what is this pose??

No. 370246


You're my idol.


Yes, yes, YES. I'm convinced she only thinks about herself and nobody else. I'm not saying she doesn't care about her uncle (in this case, which she sure does) or her family, it just seems that she does it when she NEEDS that IG attention, always pointing out family / friends problems when she notices people starts to call her out. Something - always - happens when she's at her worst, people comment on her photos and then she starts again being ''positive'' and all.

>She's more arrogant as time passes

At first I felt kind of bad when I started to despise her because I thought I was giving her too much importance but I just can't stand how toxic and harmful for people who cares about her she is (i.e. lousrecovery or similars).

No. 370274

File: 1502407614850.jpg (15.52 KB, 200x300, wormguy.jpg)

She reminds me of the alien worms on men in black movie

No. 370279

that post wasn't so much "my uncle is so sick, im upset about it, horrible disease in my family" it was "my uncle is sick, give me attention so i can go eat"

No. 370280


No. 370290

At first glance I thought she was holding a chunk of chocolate and looking at it. I might sound like a dick, but I'm so used to her posing with food.

No. 370346

File: 1502417746753.jpg (287.98 KB, 680x1014, Screenshot_20170810-200145.jpg)

Here is the sick uncle post. For those that can't find it.

No. 370378

File: 1502422920807.png (86.84 KB, 397x641, wp_ss_20170811_0001.png)

I can imagine the scene - there's her uncle dying of cancer and she's blabbing to everyone about her brave recovery and life is sweet.

Here's a hater, critic, judge wasting her time.

Are there any recovering anorexics ON INSTAGRAM who aren't attention seekers? Lolcow makes me think not.

No. 370407

Where are all the other people? Does she get there early for sexy pose with Ma then leave when non psychos arrive?
Is she not? Damn she's turning into one crazy woman

No. 370429

Is she holding part of that hotdog?

No. 370465

Oh my god she has the worst tan lines from those stupid tshirt dresses. The lower part of her butt is tanner than the rest since she always has it exposed.
That has to look so bad in real life. I wish I could witness the tragity in person.

No. 370577

File: 1502462222014.jpg (514.89 KB, 1005x1464, Screenshot_20170811-093425.jpg)

not sure why she thinks shes doing ok all of a sudden and why does she put leaving in quotations, we all know her instagram is gonna stay and wont change one bit

No. 370584

>A woman who doesn't scare food.

I beg to differ. I'm fairly sure every piece of food I've seen her pictured with was scared shitless. It's the crazed expression.

No. 370590

lol did you see her video? its just as good as the others. aly is leaving instagram!

No. 370597

Of course, she has to start her video fumbling around with her hair. That must be important to get her message across.

No. 370604

its so awkward how she does that
kinda petty but i hate how she parts her hair with like 95% of it on one side

No. 370607

>A woman who eats 3000+ calories a day peacefully

Okay I understand that this is part of recovery but seriously this attitude is fucked up. 3000+ calories a day for a normal woman is not any healthier than restricting. Neither is going to McDonald's every day.

Sage for rant but I was looking through #bodypositive accounts bc other than Aly's I've never interacted with that community and holy shit. It's like tons and tons of obese women talking about how being extremely overweight is beautiful and healthy and eating crap is fine. I definitely think everyone deserves to feel valid as a person regardless of size but given that obesity is a much bigger health risk in Western society than anorexia or ~feeling bad about yourself~, I seriously question the execution of this ~movement~. Like love yourself and everything but maybe consider moderation and not just happily eating yourself into a heart attack???

Sorry lol

And a huge percentage of anorexics go on to develop bulimia or BED, even aside from that.


No. 370617

yeah if shes still trying to gain then 3000 would make sense but i dont believe shes eating that much. people kept telling her to get therapy but shes decided that shes cured or w/e i kinda think she'll just relapse because thats what happens when you don't address the problem and just fill it w donnies

No. 370620

I looked at pictures people tagged her name in. It's all healthy looking food! She hasn't taken the hint.

She's destroying her body with what she eats. She was doing it with starvation but now she's doing it with cholesterol and sugar.

No. 370640

There's no way she's eating 3000-4000, she'd have gained a looot quicker and a lot more if she was honest about what she ate. She probably greatly over estimates or just flat out lies.

"peacefully" lol she definitely eats peacefully

No. 370662

File: 1502471243698.png (270.42 KB, 750x1154, IMG_5036.PNG)

Guess She got enough asspats on her "surprise video" that she's decided not to leave guys… I can't with this chick anymore

No. 370669

GOSH. i'm so shocked.

No. 370672

File: 1502471676053.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170811-131154.png)

She's still insane and idk what this pose is BUT. This is the most brutally her face has ever looked. It might even be a genuine smile, and she's ditched the lip color and the clown brows. Progress???

No. 370673

Natural*, not brutally, lol

No. 370709

No surprises there!!! I always wonder if she actually has the self awareness to know what she's doing is totally ridiculous/manipulative or whether she actually thinks she's being normal and reasonable…

No. 370710

so by not deleting she means continue using it right? like shes trying to make it sound as if shes not going to post anymore

No. 370711

File: 1502473205898.jpg (84.19 KB, 648x260, 1.JPG)

She looks way older than 21. Her skin looks really dry.

An Italian hater just posted this on this pic. I had to do google translate.

No. 370751


Wow. No makeup makes Aly look way less hagrid and like all she drinks is coffee.

I like this look on Aly.

No. 370768

File: 1502479389535.jpg (47.79 KB, 652x265, Screenshot_20170811-131834.jpg)

Why does she call it hidden news? What's hidden about it? The whole thing was about finding a house.

No. 370783

>Never stop beating it

Oh Aly, never change

No. 370838

are they sharing a house w roommates too? isnt that what you do when youre in uni not just as a couple idk

No. 370841

It's one of Berto's friends renting a room with him.

No. 370845

I should expand on that I was balancing a cup of hot coffee on my chest). Alys jumping the gun a bit. Her bf and his friend are renting rooms in Milan. She's not actually moving in with him.

No. 370890

File: 1502492734252.jpg (26.12 KB, 298x178, 1.JPG)

Now she says she MAY be leaving (on her last chocolate pic.

At this point I wish she'd just fucking leave.

No. 370906

Her likes to followers ratio is ridiculously small, it looks like she used a free follower app or something. She used to get over 1k likes on food pics and now her ~photoshoots~ get 200. Do lots of people follow her just to lurk and laugh? Or are they all just people who followed her a few years ago to look at her skele body?

No. 370923

She's lost her "real" follower base (girls looking for thinspo + the active recovery community) bc she gained weight, started acting crazy, and never built any relationships. Now her followers are probably mainly people hoping for others to notice them and follow, commerical and promo accounts, bots, and people who follow everyone in the tags she spams. I really don't think she's ever bought followers, she just doesn't engage with anyone else so gets no reciprocation, plus she posts SO much it probably pushes her shit way down the page in the insta algorithm. Even people who like her posts aren't going to like ten posts of hers in one day.

She used to post pretty food and not crazy selfies in cute outfits, plus she was skel. Much more user friendly than blackout posts and crazy faces.

No. 370956

File: 1502500191184.png (141.71 KB, 622x1050, IMG_3935.PNG)


What a brave recoveryqueer, what's the bet that she never mentions her dying uncle again? After all, it's nothing a donut can't fix, right?

No. 370957

I honestly can't think why anyone would follow her in the beginning unless it was for thinspo. It was obvious she was lying about pint parties etc. She would've got a lot of followers because of her tags and being one of igs spoopiest public accounts. She didn't tag anorexia on het other account so she had way less followers even though emaciated.

Even if an old real follower still has some kind of interest in her, the same old chocolate /donut pics would've worn thin by now.

If I didn't know she was legit crazy I wouldn't look at that crap. I think I look at her now for the disgusting outfits. The bad taste never fails to fascinate me.

Basically, I'm still putting myself through watching her because I'm waiting for the relapse/relationship break up.

No. 370984

File: 1502502370982.jpg (26 KB, 405x227, spill.jpg)

shes about to spill that shit all over herself.

No. 371014

She uses people to get ~so brave~ asspats from others. She's mentioned this sick uncle once before, ages ago, and nothing about him since then.

Next time we hear it'll be his death (if it's terminal), but no update on how he is. She'll want sympathy.

No concern for this uncle, it's all about how Aly's feeling.

Idk his situation, but he's either having chemo and radiotherapy treatment which is gruelling plus he's wondering if the treatment will nuke his cancer, or he IS terminal so he's dealing with the idea of imminent death and taking pills for incredible pain.

She's scoffing donuts and complaining that she feels fat and inferior to thinner women.

Like that. This is Aly.

No. 371028


I bet $10 for 6 additional months. Way to be narcissistic, Aly. Your uncle is dying and yet you want all the asspats.

No. 371197

File: 1502539431036.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3936.PNG)

Will she ever realise her followers aren't required to constantly cheer her up? Stay tuned…

No. 371199

How is she "throwing herself into life"? Her mum's on holiday and tubby bfs coming to stay. How useless is she?

What does she need luck for?

No. 371214

File: 1502542987301.jpg (372.29 KB, 1014x1044, Screenshot_20170812-080107.jpg)

shes already posted 3 times today lol
i thought she was recovered? i cant keep track

No. 371290

Why does she cover some of her pictures in her stories?

No. 371293

File: 1502556787735.png (1.38 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170812-104711.png)

If you have to remind us everyday that your normal…

It's like she's mimicking people in movies or tv because she doesn't know what normal really is.

No. 371294


I genuinely think she clings to that ED recovered person image so much because she's ''nobody'' without it. She says she's recovered, yet she still has meltdowns, anxiety and sometimes is scared of food / her new life. The only explanation is that she ACTUALLY is afraid of her life without an ED. What hobbies does she have? Going out and taking pictures, writing motivational texts, receiving comments from people of the internet. She thinks about herself as an motivational speaker and I'm sure she's happy with that idea, even if she has to claim even once in a while that she's weak and all that.

No. 371297

File: 1502557782365.jpg (13.66 KB, 275x249, 1494300181620.jpg)


No. 371315

File: 1502559647123.png (985.04 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3944.PNG)

Sure Aly, normality is the same as depending on ig "support" to function.

No. 371319


The thing is that she IS doing it wrong. People are getting tired of her always whining for attention, she says she'll change and then starts with the same crap again. ''Haters'', ''critics'', ''people who judges me''…What? We judge what we see, what she's doing almost 24/7. She's so deluded…

No. 371335

There's nothing normal about your behaviour, Aly.

Even Josef Fritzl's daughter adapted astonishingly quickly to real life when she and her children were given their freedom. Aly has an ED for 2 years and is fucking useless.

No. 371355

You mean 7/24 ;)

~ aly grammar 101

No. 371356

I just want to nit pick a bit. But that off the shoulder tank top thing bothers me because its an illusion of casual, when shes far from it.

No. 371362

File: 1502562940675.png (15.25 KB, 279x182, screenshot 2017-08-12 20.32.42…)

Poor Aly spent the last years working and studying so hard that she had no time to eat.

No. 371364

File: 1502563062853.png (170.05 KB, 720x1043, 20170812_123456.png)


No. 371366

That's not nitpicking, it's good observation that passed me by. It's like when she used to wish she was like the girls "who eat fries on the street". When she did it herself it was painful how she thought she was normal because she'd done it herself.

I feel second hand discomfort at how she's such a blank wanting to be more.

No. 371367

I sniff autism tbh

No. 371418

File: 1502570471172.jpg (265.06 KB, 683x743, Screenshot_20170812-143848.jpg)

I think she's lurking hard today anons. She's become obsessed with the word "normal"

No. 371424


Who doesn't post the same picture 4 times in less than 10 minutes? Nothing strange at all… (I have her notifications ON)

No. 371426


Nigga you serious?

No. 371428

LoL me too! I came here to say this.

What the hell is she doing?

No. 371430

how many times has she said normal today?

No. 371434

File: 1502572105003.jpg (552.58 KB, 2896x2896, 20170812_150642.jpg)

No. 371439

She replaced this picture with chocolate. For some reason…

No. 371446

I know it's been said before, but Aly is the only cow that genuinely pissed me off. Her obsessive posts 6 times a day consisting of how she's a H E R O and S U R V I V O R with endless paragraphs of her preachy shit it's just.. scary almost? Like I believe she's genuinely sick in the head and it's beyond me how her family and friends enable her behavior. It's downright psychotic at times it's like she can't comprehend how to act like a normal person that knows eating donuts day in and day out isn't a victory.

Holy shit Aly, get help

No. 371456

Yup, I've said it before too. There's something very wrong with her but I can't figure out what. How nobody's picked up on it idk.

No. 371461


Maybe in RL she tries so hard to act completely normal? I know people who are totally different in social media vs real life. We see how she posts 10/13 photos per day but not how she interacts with people face to face…Maybe her family / boyfriend / friends don't see it that ''bad''. Maybe for them it's just photos…

No. 371482

I imagine Aly makes daily life for those closest to her incredibly difficult. Personally, I think what she does to her social media audience now is what she's been doing to her mother for years. I imagine the tantrums behind every identical fast food photo she makes her mother take. Sage for stating the obvious.

No. 371516

File: 1502582374103.jpg (8.97 KB, 234x215, recovery queer.jpg)

Nah, she can't act normal. There's nothing normal about posing with a donut/ridiculous posing in a bikini for multiple pictures.

It's not like she was hiding her food shoot thing on holiday because she did that series where she's doing something with a pie or w/e it was.

Her ex best male friend ended their friendship twice, apparently over her ED although the last time she was ~recovered~. Her best friends didn't invite her out to a club last week. There's a reason.

I know stacks of people who fake happiness on facebook, but in reality I know it's all lies, but Aly does it differently. It's too extreme.

She reminds me of some people who I've been on psych wards with in so many ways. They were mostly bipolar although I'm not saying that's what she is.

I doubt her boyfriend knows she's convinced herself she's moving in with him. I mean, it's strange how she said he's moving in with a friend and she'll stay over sometimes and then she writes as if they're setting up home.

I wish it'd all fast forward so we didn't have to get through all the stuff in the interim. She's definitely fucked. I think she believes the lies and that's the scaringest (!) thing.

No. 371580

From my interactions with other wogs (some of my family is Macedonian and I grew up with a lot of Greek and Italian girls) there is very little acknowledgment of things like mental illness.
It's seen as more of an anglo luxury if ykwim- like, just being melodramatic and self indulgent.
So there's fuck all support within the community to reach out- it's private, family business. To go and seek outside help just isn't even thought of, you just tough it out.
So I wouldn't be surprised if people in her life can see that's she's not all there but maybe they're just waiting for her to grow out of it and simply get her shit together and their idea of "support" is by either being stern (dad) or enabling (mum).

No. 371595

fuck, sorry, I forgot to sage

No. 371807

File: 1502635748784.jpg (569.22 KB, 1021x1655, Screenshot_20170813-094506.jpg)

she reposted this exactly as it was earlier because she only got like 2 comments on it

her story was something about being fat and needing help, i couldnt screenshot it in time

wonder who you could ask for help other than instagram followers aly hmmm

No. 371817

File: 1502637614985.png (131.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170813-161820.png)

No. 371821

>aly dont worry you look hot in this pic!

No. 371858

File: 1502641438447.jpg (75.31 KB, 670x219, Screenshot_20170813-101731.jpg)

I have a feeling she's struggling to eat lately because her boyfriend is there. She can't get away with skipping meals with him. I think she pretends to be all better around him. I don't even think she loves him, I don't think he actually knows anything about her. She just makes up this fake person to be around him. He should be the one person she should share everything with, not Instagram.

It's that or he's just as dumb as we all think. She literally says nothing about his thoughts, hobbies, or why she loves him.

No. 371869

File: 1502642828570.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170813-114336.png)

what does she want people to say? idgi

No. 371871

I think he's dumb and he doesn't want to know about her illness. I think she's with him because she wants a boyfriend and doesn't care if she loves that person or not. Having a relationship means, to her, she's successful in some way.

She's posting black screens and wanting attention WHILE SHE'S STANDING WITH HIM. How fucked is that?

No. 371880

is this confirmation that she lurks here?

No. 371883

i dont think so, think its just aly being… aly

No. 371885

I wish she did lurk here. At least she couldn't delete comments.

No. 371886

Can you imagine Aly feeling and showing real selfless love for someone? I can't. She says "women don't need a man to save them" the same way she says "love your body, be positive, etc". She doesn't truly feel any of these things. I wonder if she's aware of this, or if she's very much so in denial. She must lack a ridiculous amount of self-awareness if it's the latter.

I bet she genuinely does think that a relationship will "save her" because she probably feels sooo abandoned and alone with no one, leading to relapses, so that obviously means being with someone = mental stability, right? She loves the idea of having someone love her.

When's the last time she talked about her boyfriend, unrelated to her own selfish problems? Same way as the whole thing with her uncle, how she made it all about her. When has she talked about something other than how her boyfriend makes HER feel?

No. 371891

its just coincidence that she would screenshot and comment on the same section of text that we screenshot and comment on, right after we post it here?

No. 371892

File: 1502646613845.jpg (42.62 KB, 478x531, lol.JPG)

Aly uses this as her linkedin profile picture. You know she's nuts.

No. 371896

This is aly we are talking about, if she read half the stuff on here the girl would be in constant crisis and we would have had a million blackposts about this site already. She thrives on attention, the people mentioned on here who lurk have a tendency to screenshot and post about it for MORE attention (see: the munchies).

So yes, i think in this case it really is just coincidence.

No. 371897

if aly knew about these threads she would lose her shit lmao theres no way she lurks she'd talk about it for attention for sure

No. 371902

File: 1502648466948.jpg (47.58 KB, 1021x108, Screenshot_20170813-131805.jpg)

hows that? youve been posting all day

hes pretty much her only friend amd connection to other friends. probably the only reason she invited him over was cus her mum is away and she needs someone to do things with

No. 371904

File: 1502649177377.jpg (18.5 KB, 219x228, aly.jpg)

She IS in constant crisis. I think she's sick enough to make posts specifically for us to rage over because she loves the attention, even the negative ones. At times I think we are her personal bank of attention. Her smug faces say it all.

I could be wrong though. I admit, I can see what you mean.

No. 371914

Sounds to me like she's hating every second of being with her ~boy~

Bet he goes home before the 7 days are up.

No. 371918

nah then she cant show off that she owns a bf

No. 371948



Da fuq? She has nothing notable to show for a job. Instagram doesn't do shit in that department, Aly.

No. 371964

* needs someone to take pictures of her

No. 372006

Trust me, if Aly saw this site there would be a whole other level of crazy breakdown going on, she would go bananas

No. 372016

File: 1502667879458.jpg (22.95 KB, 978x101, Screenshot_20170813-184248.jpg)

ok whos trying to cow tip after we just talked about her looking at this thread

No. 372037

I believe she's been cow tipped a few times before.

No. 372058

Not me and I've had 9 opportunities to do so. I would've thought she was vanish enough to google herself and it's bizarre she's never mentioned lolcow.

I always suspected Jolty was cow tipping, and someone who can not be named.

No. 372077

oh, he's actually kind of attractive, too bad his chub ruins it

also why is alys skin so… weird? something is so off to me about her skin I just don't know how to describe it

No. 372082

File: 1502678068241.png (2.66 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3526.PNG)

Pssssst, her skin is made of hot dogs.

No. 372187

Fortunately I just tried doing what this comment says and surprisingly lolcow doesn't come up on the first page either with "Alice Casati" or "aly_sjourney". Some (mostly asskissing) MPA threads come up with "Aly_recoverylife" but she probably already knows about them. Don't worry lovely girls~~ Let's just try not to cowtip

No. 372211

File: 1502704694091.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0068.PNG)

No he's really not, look at his TEETH.

No. 372232

File: 1502711848287.png (32.43 KB, 745x272, IMG_0069.PNG)

No. 372239

File: 1502713925222.jpg (990.16 KB, 500x325, eMdOgPz.jpg)

Realized where I've seen Aly's eyebrows before.

(no offense meant to Lucille Ball, whose personality, looks, and talent are far beyond what Aly can even dream of approximating.)

No. 372247

File: 1502716054420.png (6.81 KB, 268x46, Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-14 um 1…)

Who does she think she is???

No. 372250

Where's she say this am I missing a SS?


No. 372259

her last post, someone said she looked recovered or something

No. 372263

File: 1502717631070.png (776.97 KB, 711x1187, 20170814_143255.png)

She was asked why she struggles so much if shes not that sick anymore

She wasnt calling her followers assholes

No. 372266

well i think she was saying a follower said that to her so shes calling them an asshole or at least that's what a few people thought she was saying

No. 372271

Question: what are thermal baths and why does aly go to them so often?

No. 372275

File: 1502720615859.jpg (671.03 KB, 809x974, Screenshot_20170814-091945.jpg)

so, a total stranger took this? or a "friend"?
in her last food post she said she was "so lonely" now this just screams fake

i think its basically a heated pool and for bikini shoots and inappropriate pda ofc

No. 372316

They're natural pools, heated naturally, no chlorine etc loads in budapest, some indoors some outdoors. Am not sure about italy

No. 372317

File: 1502725569160.png (56.65 KB, 720x1013, 20170814_094432.png)

No. 372322

File: 1502725885180.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170814-104811.png)

you mean no one cares about a pic of you and your boyfriend? seriously what does she want people to say?

also whats the surprise gonna be? her n boy in bed together

No. 372326


Yeah, because our comments change everything, right? Because our comments make her eat, feel better about herself and don't skip meals. Because just a simple words show her how MUCH she means to everyone, according to her.

What irritates me so much it's that people don't call her out because she's not recovered at all, nor because she's weak or sometimes has humour changes (even though she thinks like that). People call her out because she's ALWAYS claiming that she IS recovered when she's clearly not, then people tell her how proud they are and how strong she is. But if she don't receive enough comments (lol) she's sick again, can't control herself and ''nobody cares about her''. It's the same old cycle: if Aly's an idol / role model, everything's fine. If not, she's ''disgusting'', ''fat'', ''useless'' (said by her), just to get sympathy. Lies, lies, lies, all around her feels like an illusion, something that's as real as her.

I just don't understand how some of her followers don't see her that way. I mean, I discovered her IG and at first I thought OMG poor girl, how brave, how strong she is!…Only took me a few hours to realize her true self. She's only lying not only to anyone around her but herself.

No. 372327

Aly, it's because people don't get compliments for doing normal things.

No. 372331

So far up her own ass. Like a tragic game show- shes giving followers prizes if they kiss her ass enough

No. 372332

If she thinks goong to a pool is a win then shes deluded. Shes been countless times with her ma, so called friends, in Budapest etc

No. 372333

It reminds me how that girl from the tv show Skins, in one scene she says something like ''when I stopped eating people had to do what I wanted''…I think Aly's mind is convinced that everything she does / eats is such a big accomplishment and I can't complain about that, but she has to understand that people can't comment on EVERYTHING she does all the time? Like…The first person that has to be proud of her is Aly and it's so clear she isn't comfortable with her at all, not even after gaining weight and ''recovered''.

No. 372335

File: 1502726682512.jpg (111.47 KB, 708x436, Screenshot_20170814-095952.jpg)

The prize is a bikini shoot!

Also, what is she trying to say here? That she fits into a bikini she wore when she was 16..but her bmi is not 19…

No. 372337

shes wearing a 5 year old bikini? well now she probably weighs 53kg

No. 372338

Sure, Aly. I still feel like every post she does about her wearing a bikini is to make body checks.

No. 372340

they are lol shes not fooling anyone

No. 372342

File: 1502727367820.jpg (280.97 KB, 1015x663, Screenshot_20170814-111333.jpg)

jfc aly just relapse already

No. 372346

The elastics probaby gone so no wonder it fits. Buy a new one already!

No. 372363

psst Aly it's bc you used to actually eat normally and move occasionally and now you constantly eat sweets and never exercise at all so your body composition sucks and you're larger and flabbier than you were before even tho your weight is a kilo less

the more you fuckin know

get a new swimsuit ffs

No. 372367

how tall is she again?

No. 372375

File: 1502729899960.jpeg (19.17 KB, 480x195, WhatsApp Image 2017-08-14 at 1…)

She wants to kill herself so bad the first thing she does is grabbing her phone and telling her followers about it. Boyfriend? Family? Friends? Who cares about all of them when you have -more and more- comments on your IG photos!

No. 372377

File: 1502730105312.png (192.61 KB, 640x990, IMG_3951.PNG)

Beat me to it, also pic related - she acts as though she's had a lifelong struggle with anorexia for extra sympathy, ugh

No. 372382

File: 1502730386396.jpg (72.44 KB, 716x214, Screenshot_20170814-110407.jpg)

She's the one talking how big she is…wtf

No. 372385

I'm concerned about her body fat percentage
I wish someone would explain to her that BMI is not the only indicator of health and BFP is important too. But she'd flip her shit

No. 372393

File: 1502730904957.png (73.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170814-181356.png)

Just an estimate but..

No. 372395

nobody called her fat unless she deleted it in 2 seconds

No. 372400


She said she received a text which actually means ''not enough people commented my other photos'' so I have to make up something to generate sympathy. No one can tell for sure if she received that text so it's perfect for her.

No. 372403

yeah shes pretending its someone on insta tho, or at least leading people to believe that. lol who texts someone and says "youre fat now" haha

No. 372405

ya, and if it was a text message by phone why delete an instagram post, then repost it…

No. 372411


I'm starting to believe she actually lurks on here and saw some of the comments, then made her own version in her head to tell her followers and receive such support about how ''heartless'' haters are.
If not, I can't believe how her followers never asks where those hate comments were, specially when Aly's known for posting screenshots in her stories and all.

No. 372413


No. 372422

File: 1502734596423.jpg (187.66 KB, 996x460, Screenshot_20170814-131454.jpg)

pretty sure she made up those hater comments cus i never saw them n she never posted them in stories

shes so bitter that shes weight restored now, its sad

No. 372436

Feel free to take offence but you've either got to be pretty stupid or lack a heck of a lot of insight if you think Aly lurks here. So fuck off with those "suspicions" they're stupid, unrealistic, and annoying kekkity kek

No. 372438

Nah, I still find him attractive facial wise, imo as long as teeth aren't looking like you chew on bricks in your spare time you're fine, I have less than perfect teeth myself
sage for OT

No. 372442

One post she think she's fat and wants to sudoku, the next she's a brave recovered warrior who likes her "soft body".

I don't get how her biggest followers don't see this. It's clear a lot of her followers do, as she loses more and more every day. She's so desperate for attention it's sickening.

No. 372481

File: 1502739574748.jpg (1013.74 KB, 809x2086, Screenshot_20170814-143742.jpg)

kek at this pic ugh
all the problems have gone away again, for the 1000th time

No. 372487

Last nights restaurant must have been dreadful if the "meal" she cooked has made him want to marry her. Looks bland as hell! This guy has such low standards

No. 372489

This made me laugh.
>Aly boils pasta and throws some shrimp on it
>Boytoy is now smitten and wants to know when they're getting married because Aly is such an amazing cook

Aly is such a bad liar.

No. 372496

Dont forget the sprig of coriander

No. 372500

File: 1502740529505.jpg (109.35 KB, 978x239, Screenshot_20170814-145403.jpg)

yeah this was pretty funny lol
>the previous struggles became meaningless
should be on bingo for sure

No. 372524

I thought our feminist queer would've punched him in the face. He wants to marry her because she's a good cook. A ring on her finger to signify he's her property. Aly time travels to 1930. Get the hoover out and he'd shoot his load immediately over her domesticity!!1

No. 372582

In her stories she said she was cooking WITH her boyfriend. Tubby probably made the pasta himself and said something along the lines of "Mmm, good" and Aly interpreted it to mean "I want to get married".

No. 372588

haha he probably said its like we're married or something

No. 372659

File: 1502816089661.png (176.27 KB, 638x988, IMG_3969.PNG)

Her poor mother.

No. 372667

I'm sure her uncle's dying wish was to watch his niece suck face with her boy toy.
Yea, you seem real shook up about your terminally ill uncle you're about to see one last time.

No. 372669

File: 1502816506816.png (2.43 MB, 1280x1274, IMG_6220.PNG)

Dante repost cause why the heck not??

No. 372670

can you imagine what a good time theyre having without her? they should just leave her back home and move on with their lives

No. 372672

File: 1502816757634.png (226.56 KB, 750x1124, IMG_5822.PNG)

She's really going to milk her uncle's illness for all it's worth in asspats.

>powerful close up

No. 372690

File: 1502817784896.png (2.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170815-073834.png)

this was in her stories like i guess she could have gotten her meal after everyone else idk

No. 372694

She sounds completely unhinged. She'd probably benefit from being inpatient because there's clearly so much shit that's going wrong even though she's weight restored.

No. 372721

Maybe…but the dish the guy has on the top right looks just like the "powerful" pasta dish Aly posted on her IG.
And they all seem to be eating when this is taken. In the states (or at least where I live) it's usually rude to start eating until everyone has their meal in front of them. And most restaurants will bring out all the meals at once for this very reason.
i suppose it's possible she got a salad first and finished by the time the entrees came out.

No. 372729

File: 1502821107025.png (19.81 KB, 288x169, screenshot 2017-08-15 06.54.47…)

"Supportive" is probably the last word on earth I would choose to describe Aly.

No. 372738

um because shes fake and manipulative? yeah i really wanna know the last time aly commented on someone elses posts or replied to a dm that wasnt specifically about her

No. 372739

File: 1502821584155.png (180.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5829.PNG)

She confirmed she didn't eat. She had to make it all about her.

No. 372746

File: 1502822121320.jpg (94.9 KB, 820x542, Screenshot_20170815-133429.jpg)

no one cares aly

No. 372754

File: 1502823012454.jpg (113.09 KB, 527x530, Screenshot_20170815-124721.jpg)

comments pointing out how she can still eat, why wait for tomorrow?

No. 372790

she honestly seems miserable to have her boyfriend around. Ever since he got there, shes been sad. Even right before he got there she wanted to tell him not to come.

No. 372814

File: 1502827496610.jpg (18.29 KB, 368x102, child abuse.JPG)

I bet she only wanted him to visit so she could "proof" to her haters that their relationship is solid (despite her never telling him the truth).

It's Ma's fault she didn't eat. Imagine a mother leaving her 21 year old daughter to go on holiday. Tsk. Someone needs to call child protection services.

No. 372819

if i was her bf n i read her posts id be really hurt lol like she keeps saying shes lonely and hes right there. ive felt lonely with a bf before and thats because i didnt wanna be with them but i bet she can't break up w him because he's her only friend and achievement now thats shes not thin

No. 372917

He might be as needy in some ways. If you know you're making your bf or gf miserable why would you stay with them. I couldn't stay with someone if they were as miserable with me as Aly is with him no matter how much I loved them.

No. 372976

Now she claims she turned anorexic because she was angry and because her grandpa died. What happened to because boys didn't like her/she was the hot blonde babe/her daddy beat her/she had big hips?

I honestly fucking rage at this girl

No. 372979

doesn't this completely contradict the idea that anorexia is a disease/mental illness that isn't caused by superficial shit? fuck

No. 372984

When she relapses, she'll blame the death of her uncle on it. The uncle she rarely sees.

Do you think Aly has any sincere feelings towards anyone else? I think she fakes it. She only uses Ma for photo shoots and her enabling. Her relationships with people must be really shallow.

No. 373050

Honestly, she's like, never mentioned this uncle before. I bet she sees him maybe 1 time a year, if not less? She's using this as an excuse to starve herself and get asspats. I understand being sad for her other family (which she doesn't seem to be lmao) or whatever, but no one who sees their relative this rarely will be so upset over their death that they'll relapse back into an eating disorder… (as if eating disorders are this simple anyways). Her being that distraught will be such bullshit. Correct me if I'm wrong about her seeing this uncle infrequently.

No. 373062

ive never seen her mention him because its all aly 7/24. i think this is her trying to share more of her personal life but ofc it goes back to eating disorders and i get not eating cus youre upset but like shes just so desperate to relapse she wants any reason

i follow recovery accounts of insta and like most of them eating 3000+ to gain do it and gain, aly seems to be keeping herself underweight. it irritates me so much like just relapse you stupid bitch so you can get some medical attention

No. 373080

File: 1502851270491.png (235.33 KB, 286x534, Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-16 um 0…)

This dress is so appropriate for this occasion…

No. 373084

he really needs to size up his clothes too, look at that spare tire

No. 373093

theirs is the kind of PDA that makes me temporarily forget that i actually like fucking

No. 373102

This always kissing pose is no different to her looking through a donut pose. He's an accessory for her shots.

No. 373105

Yeah i think that's why it's such a turn off for me. It's like looking at two asexual aliens doing a very clinical reinactment of human sexuality and romance.

No. 373113

you know that shes freezing in that position too lol and i think in that pic shes kissing his beard

the worst one ive seen is them at the beach and hes p much on top of her and you just know her mum took it, ew

is there a pic of them not kissing?

No. 373130

File: 1502856359888.jpg (270.72 KB, 687x535, Screenshot_20170815-220250.jpg)

Here you go. It's literally the only normal looking one…

No. 373140

Do you reckon she got her dying uncle to take this pic? I wouldn't put it past Aly at all.

No. 373165

Have you guys noticed when she's with her boy, she covers up more? She's been wearing jackets and cardigans with those "dresses" lately

No. 373169

It's been getting colder lately, so that could be the reason too.

No. 373181

File: 1502870688587.png (808.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170816-090044.png)

If her facebook is anything to go by, shes ptetty proud of her bikini body. All 5 chosen pics are of her… semi naked in a pool. No signs of struggles here

No. 373241

lol could she choose a more perfect set of pictures to look as textbook histrionic as possible???

No. 373282

>Studies Lettere Mod. at Universita statale di Milano
So Aly has a bachelor's degree? Modern literature is apparently a master's degree.
Honestly, I had no idea she went/goes to uni.

No. 373287

She lasted a year, relapsed, went back this Autumn and as far as am aware hasn't finised the course yet or graduated

She lives in hope

No. 373296

File: 1502893435608.png (173.78 KB, 745x791, IMG_1691.PNG)

what fucking house? Is this the place that tubby and his roommate are gonna move into? Why is Aly acting like she's moving in too? "I really hope we will like the house"… what!??

No. 373297

File: 1502893493849.png (759.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170816-152353.png)

No. 373303

no clue, looks like she may have dry patches with pink undertones
she probably doesn't protect her skin when going out in the sun


here her makeup could also have a lot to do with it as well, the eyebrows and liner make her look like her makeup was done by a middle aged working class woman, the crookedness can make her skin look uneven

No. 373305

atm tubby lives in an apartment with a roommate and he and Aly are apparently looking for a house/apartment to move in together.. or that's what I've understood from her posts.

No. 373310

Nah, I think he lives with his mom in Rome. Hes moving to Milan with a friend. And Aly will just be there a lot. That's what I understood. Maybe I'll go looking for the post later

No. 373311

File: 1502895089309.png (72.14 KB, 640x958, IMG_3986.PNG)

Talk to your damn boyfriend Aly. Not IG strangers.

No. 373315

File: 1502895502090.jpg (162.63 KB, 1008x350, Screenshot_20170816-095700.jpg)

she already deleted that but this is the same text

No. 373320

File: 1502896053429.jpg (63.52 KB, 296x320, aly.jpg)

I found this mention while digging through her posts (this is from August 7th). So I think I remembered that wrong and you're right. Apparently right now he's just visiting for a week while her family is away, I thought he moved there already because I don't care enough to read her captions that thoroughly.

No. 373327

She's so fixated on physical recovery and clinging to physical illness (see her thousands of rants about how she's still underweight!!!! and not weight restored!!!!), while ignoring mental recovery. the thing is, she IS physically recovered. she's at least the size she was pre ED and based on her old size and her family's sizes, it's pretty clear that her set point is right around the slimmest end of the healthy bmi range.

so she should start eating normally instead of yoyoing between 4000 cal days and then panic days of semi restricting, and stop worrying if she gains or loses a pound because her weight is not the issue anymore.

instead she keeps focusing on it, both to cling to her skelly queen days and to keep ignoring the real work she has to do, aka addressing her fucked up brain in some way other than embarrassing insta begging.

i would be thrilled to fund her getting a makeover and new wardrobe. for someone young with a decent figure and at least average looks, she makes herself look almost unbelievably bad.

No. 373330

File: 1502897536028.png (32.82 KB, 292x350, Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-16 um 1…)

How long before this post is deleted?

No. 373331

File: 1502897553329.png (14.37 KB, 292x128, Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-16 um 1…)

part 2

No. 373337

aly never replies to dms or the comments she gets so how does she even recieve support from people? like all she wants is someone to say youre so inspirational and you look great! oh but still skinny, i dont get it like how does her brain work

and i think aly thinks shes taking a break because shes not posting food pics all the time, theres no way she'd quit instagram

No. 373376

File: 1502901982615.jpg (429.49 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170816-114501.jpg)

No. 373388

File: 1502902846400.png (682.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170816-175942.png)

This make up looks like amy Winehouse post drug relapse

No. 373392

I can't deal with how small her head is.

No. 373422

She looked so much better with the blonde here than the trashy orange she has now

No. 373444

What's that black thing over her shorts? Is it a corset to hold her "bloat" in?

No. 373450

shes wearing a black tank with a crop top over it

No. 373451

Sry, meant to sage that. My phone's being a cock.

No. 373453

Jesus wept.

No. 373483

File: 1502914621660.jpg (317.19 KB, 978x883, Screenshot_20170816-151454.jpg)

does aly just say this bs to try and convince herself that things are alright? a few hours ago she was gonna skip dinner

No. 373492

good question. Because if she was in it for asspats only, wouldn't she ditch the "motivational" updates? just stick to the "I cant eat dinner" story?

does she feel like being motivational gives her just as much attention? or does she feel obligated to do it?

or are her emotions literally moving up and down dramatically all day everyday? When something "bad" happens shes knocked all the way down. But when something "good" happens shes 100% happy. shes got no middle ground.

No. 373499

>exploring the world

Magnum store near her house.

No. 373506

why does the way ally dresses remind me so much of how pop fans use to dress in 2011

No. 373507

In that pic she looks like she's trying to dress how girls who go to festivals do, but gets it really wrong.

Really though, a crop top OVER a top. What the fuck. Even those shorts look cheap as fuck (bad stitching) and the fabric's like what they use on jeggings and not proper denim. How can she get things so wrong.

No. 373541

File: 1502920389010.jpg (27.34 KB, 280x382, croptoppp.jpg)

lol yeah thats why I said pop fans in 2011
in the late 00s/early 2010s era people were big on things that cut off mid chest but wore a shirt under it, it's like for people who wanna wear crop tops but their mom won't let them so they found a loophole, as well as jean shorts

and they wore short ass tight dresses, did their makeup like aly does her, wear denim jackets, etc, not sure why she wears 00s outfits but eh

No. 373602

File: 1502926116063.jpg (148.75 KB, 560x900, boho shit.jpg)

Nasty. I didn't see that happen. Aroun d here mothers don't seem to mind that their pre pubescent kids walk around wearing make up so crop tops would be nooo problem.

I think she's going for a boho look? This crop top/vest combo reminds me of a post by an anon up there who noticed she's covering up because her boyfriend's there. I'm starting to think that could be happening.

No. 373648

I mean, she's probably aware of all these positive things she posts and realizes that they're true, but doesn't reaaally feel it, you know? It just hasn't clicked for her yet. I doubt she's purposely bullshitting everyone simply for asspats, that's a fuck ton of effort she puts into her captions. She's probably in denial though, probably thinks this is as best as it gets.

Ie. she knows these things, knows that if she wants to recover she needs to do and feel so and so, things she's on the right track, but she's just hasn't gotten that "click". Most likely doesn't even know that it should click.

Pretty common, especially in ED recovery, especially trying to recover without wanting professional help (therapy). With time and repetition, she'll seem to "grow out of her eating disorder", but she won't be any closer to feeling fullfilled, her underlying self esteem problems /depression/whatever else will still be there. It's likely she'll transfer over to another self destructive behaviour, stuff like alcohol abuse, self harm, promiscuousity, etc.

No. 373651

Why spew this motivational crap when you're just going to starve yourself?

She probably thinks it'll make her look "strong" while choosing to not eat.
Why should anyone believe in her words when -she- doesn't even believe in them? "I'll talk and talk all day about being a strong warrior and how I don't need to starve myself. and then I'll starve myself."

No. 373656

File: 1502929689172.jpg (89.09 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170816-192639.jpg)

No. 373675

Just watch, I'll bet after the week is over she will go back to her bodycon dresses, no jacket.

And I'll bet she seems happier too. I think she's struggling lately because she knows she has to keep up with eating in front of her boyfriend. Without him I'm sure she's gets away with skipping a meal here or there.

We shall see.

No. 373678

To add to this, have you noticed she cut back on the number of posts per day?

No. 373689

I hate those shorts so much, I can barely look at them, holy fuck. They look terrible on her, tight high waisted shorts don't flatter her figure whatsoever, disgusting fabric, ugh.

Yeah those shorts are high waisted enough for her to not bother with that tank top. Clearly trying to cover up her percieved round body with belly rolls and cellulitis which is supposedly beautiful (!) one day and shameful the next. Remember that tank top she wore at the beach with him?

No. 373696

File: 1502932812990.png (776.71 KB, 720x710, 20170816_191301.png)

Heh. January of this year.

No. 373701

aw this almost makes me feel bad for her, just stop bein a selfish brat alice
that combover tho yuck

No. 373707

Not having Ma around's thrown her whole routine out of whack. No 12oz donut shop. I hope she doesn't go back to the usual, but she will.

>Why should anyone believe in her words when -she- doesn't even believe in them?

I've always thought this. It's like she's put some paragraphs from a self help book in her own words and it's all positive and then there's a gap where she announces (more or less) that she hasn't copy and pasted and it's all gloom.

If she's not taking her advice, why should anyone else.

I've noticed in the tagged section that a follower's copying Aly's style on her new-ish account. That girl eats good food though. Weird how she sees Aly as a role model but she's actually doing better than her.

That red line dip makes me happy mwah ha ha.

No. 373721

>If she's not taking her advice, why should anyone else.
i think thats why shes losing followers because she spews her motivational word salad, which yeah i think she writes ahead of time/copies bodyposipanda or w/e theyre called, but then has a breakdown, oh dont call me recovered im not etc which can be kinda triggering if youre trying to get better yourself

oh and ya as soon as ma is back she'll be on the doughnuts

No. 373728

She probably compares herself to bodyposipanda, seriously thinking that she's becoming that heavy and trying to cope with her own weight gain by deluding herself into believing that she's just as happy as bodyposi too, even though she thinks she's huuuuge now.

No. 373735

File: 1502935127927.png (332.13 KB, 600x600, alysjourneytoautism.png)

No. 373748

Yeah, I noticed she'd started following some overweight recovered anas.

This is going to give me nightmares. Lol at the Magnum. Aww, I've missed these collages.

No. 373750

The irony is, that whilst bodyposipanda is definitely not a healthy bmi (which is a separate issue), she is one of the most supportive and caring accounts out there and worked incredibly hard to get to where she is today.

Aly could learn a lot from that woman and personally I think its incredibly disrespectful that she just copies her captions. Like fuck off Aly you actually have to do the work and earn the right to be considered 'motivational/inspirational/a role model'.

sage for no contribution and ot

No. 373755

File: 1502935916856.jpg (98.55 KB, 898x559, support pls.JPG)

I know of bodyposipanda because Aly quoted (and didn't bother to name) her, but I don't know how some of them get so many followers. Aly definitely steals her fake #motivational crap from others. Idk who this is, but this post screams Aly (except this one actually seems to be a honest person).

No. 373762

File: 1502936192394.jpg (91.09 KB, 930x585, 1..JPG)

It's more convincing when it comes from someone who isn't at the low end of a healthy BMI.

Aly's never had an original thought in her life.

No. 373923

I often wonder how long it takes her to write those captions, she must literally spend her entire day eating writing on her phone. Nightmare to eat with, constantly online, hours wasted on her phone instead of living a real life..pretty rude as well! Wouldnt be able to tolerate someone on their phone constantly while out eating or at dinner table etc

Guess shes never been pulled up on it for fear of upsetting princess Aly

No. 374076

File: 1502980207160.jpg (598.55 KB, 1011x1520, Screenshot_20170817-092715.jpg)

>talked to her bf about ed
>he makes her pasta
oh will she be able mananging a pool party! will there be pics of anything other than them making out

No. 374077

would be super funny if she dumped him because he didn't ~"support"~ her enough.
I wonder if she only rants with followers when they don't support her, because she apparently never rants over her boyfriend or anything related to her close relationships.

No. 374081

Came here to bitch about this. Really, a pool party is a challenge? She practically lives in her swimiswuit. Why does she even try to make this a big deal when anyone who has ever looked at her page can see that she has like 50 bikini pics from multiple pool trips?

If she wanted her ~omg so struggling need your SUPPORT lovely girls!~ to be believable she could at least fake worry about things that she doesn't do on a daily basis, such as eating an actual normal meals that doesn't involve donnies and faps, or…idk getting ready for fall classes and how she plans to balance her life? Or getting used to going out with her friends from before? I don't even know bc her life is so boring that I can't even think of anything, but surely there's something she can challenge herself to do in fucking Milan that isn't just posing in a t short dress in front of McDonald's Lorenteggio Drive.

No. 374087

File: 1502981786776.jpg (965.16 KB, 1030x1644, Screenshot_20170817-095507.jpg)

No. 374095

Wow someone needs bigger trunks! Feeder or what?! And he skipped breakfast… probably a good thing

No. 374100

oh god i think that's a nip slip. my eyes are burning

No. 374102

File: 1502983267576.jpg (42.21 KB, 542x159, Screenshot_20170817-091518.jpg)

Her life is exciting and full of adventures

No. 374103

He's so
close to being attractive… but that side gut wtf. Never seen such fat distribution on a man before

No. 374104

File: 1502983385292.png (14.64 KB, 436x79, wp_ss_20170817_0002.png)

It's a REwin now!

She fucks her eating disorder!

Anyone else not believe they're there with ~friends ~?

No. 374107

File: 1502983738872.png (23.65 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20170817_0004.png)

Why? WHY did you have to share that. Ew god no. I'm having break down.

No. 374115

oh yikes

yeah there's no friends. i hate how often she says pool party when theyre just at a public swimming pool

No. 374128

Pretty sure it's just a beige coloured cup

No. 374141

File: 1502987523761.jpg (165.24 KB, 1007x451, Screenshot_20170817-113028.jpg)

just eat your damn seafood pasta aly

No. 374142

how is it a recoverywin when she's done the things she does (swimming, eating fatty foods) a million times before??

No. 374143


Holy shit its not!! Bleach my eyes

No. 374146

File: 1502987874145.png (1.07 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170817-173726.png)

No. 374152

File: 1502988335721.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170817-173939.png)


How can she be this happy

No. 374156

She looks like she has Graves disease with those bulging, bug eyes. It was more terrifying because it was a boomerang.

No. 374171

dear god, you can see the psycho in her eyes.
its so unsettling.

No. 374186

her BROWS. they make her look SO crazy.

you can tell from close-ups like this that she would naturally have pretty full, thick brows (bc the clown lines she has have such length and arch; she has to have a lot to work with originally to make this shape, and they're not drawn on). if she grew them out for a month and then started shaping them in a way that didn't look insane and ultra 90s, it would do so so much for her looks.

please aly i'm begging you.

No. 374198


She always looks so manic! She reminds me of Jessie Spano in the caffeine pills episode of Saved by the Bell. In fact that's pretty much how I imagine her at every mealtime.

No. 374218

File: 1502994029383.jpg (785.58 KB, 810x1823, Screenshot_20170817-131717.jpg)

this pic is kinda weird why is she sitting like that and does she mean its her darker side cus shes sitting under a slide? lol and alys challenging herself by doing everything she always does

shes obviously not out with friends, well i would hate to go out with her cus she has to disappear every 5 minutes for a photo shoot

No. 374297

She looks 100x better when she doesn't have that bright lipstick and awful eyeliner on.

No. 374351

File: 1503009472287.jpg (136.96 KB, 978x351, Screenshot_20170817-173704.jpg)

you mean hardly any comments

No. 374459

I hope she doesn't notice and make a big deal about "the haters" who pointed it out and spew some shit about feminism and then start posting more frequent #freethenipple photos :/

No. 374489

File: 1503023499657.png (11.44 KB, 283x78, screenshot 2017-08-18 04.29.20…)

I don´t know what to think of this…is this a joke?

No. 374490

She hasn't done #alyfeminism for a while.

Nips aren't permitted on ig! She'd definitely get banhammered with her #freethenip campaign, so hope she goes for it.

Berto really needs to lose some pounds or get new shorts. I'm afraid there's going to be a wardrobe malfunction in his … area … if he keeps squeezing his packet into those undersized things.

No. 374492

were there actually any not so nice comments? I missed it if there was.

No. 374493

I keep thinking all the comments that're using U instead of you are dogs& or is it lousrecovery (whoever does U) being uber stalkery and trying to make Aly feel better with more comments.

That one's got to be taking the piss though. Only spoopy Ash has worse brows.

No. 374503

I've seen their comments multiple times, ranging from very obvious trolling to passive agressive remarks to normal compliments so probably a farmer lol

No. 374507


samefag but I found these now

No. 374709

File: 1503055116889.png (143.19 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7826.PNG)

Such a hater (!) can't believe anyone would be so cruel to the bravest ED survivor out there!
The best part is Aly liked this comment but didn't reply. I cannot stand her.

No. 374752

this "a hater called me fatty" is just a last ditch attempt at getting comments and asspats for being strong

No. 374755

File: 1503063070350.jpg (537.04 KB, 1033x1434, Screenshot_20170818-082923.jpg)

oh shutup aly, you definitely are fake and arrogant whats the symbol for that

No. 374756

she's asking people if she reached a healthy weight or not.. I'm fucking done lol.

No. 374776

File: 1503065709163.png (81.63 KB, 750x517, IMG_1752.PNG)

she deleted these. SUCH haters.

No. 374778

File: 1503066213623.png (316.31 KB, 750x1125, IMG_5347.PNG)

So she's reposted her last photo freaking out because she only got those two comments about the tattoo. I'm sorry but how unhealthy it is to breakdown every time someone doesn't comment 100x on your IG account. Something's gotta give, Aly can't keep doing this without a relapse or something else, she losing tons of followers every day and with every hater bashing post.

No. 374779

File: 1503066409053.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5349.PNG)

Honestly WHO does this… daily. How do her followers that still praise her not see how unhealthy this is.

No. 374783

how can she be so ridiculous, like comments come in on a post over time if you dont have a lot after 30 minutes then thats p normal its also early in the us right now blah blah stuff thats been said to her 100 times
she makes herself look pathetic w the reposts and it just proves that she didnt get hater comments, she got 2 and that wasnt enough = haters??