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File: 1503623674069.png (332.13 KB, 600x600, 1502935127927.png)

No. 379099

Aly is our inspirational recoveryqueer and we are her hordes of haters (!) We simply don't understand her F I G H T against food and being a stable human being #survivor

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aly_sjourney/

>>Anybody who leaves a comment that doesn't involve asspats will be deleted and blocked
>>Her friends - I mean - Her Mother is always there to enable her and take a "photo shoot"
>>Father supposedly abuses her, don't you feel bad for our poor queen Aly ??
>>A recovery role model like Aly doesn't need a job
>>If you don't give her enough asspats she WILL commit sudoku so you better feel guilty about not commenting on the 7 photos at McDonalds
>>She definitely won't comment on your profile, don't worry
>>Black out image means she's serious, guys (!)

#recoverywin #positivity #tellmeimpretty

No. 379105

File: 1503624000394.jpg (96.76 KB, 978x925, Screenshot_20170824-201858.jpg)

i wonder how low
can she go

No. 379147

It's funny how many followers she's losing between people getting fed up with her shit and her just blocking literally every other person, it seems. Seriously, I feel like her numbers wouldn't be going down as quickly if it weren't for how quickly she blocks people (for commenting the most average things but aren't about aly).

No. 379232

That suicide thing happened in the movie "to the bone", the Netflix movie Aly keeps referencing. The main character had an art account on Tumblr I think, and one of her followers killed themself. I don't know if Jack Fisher is real, but ya, coincidence right?

No. 379278

Can we stop ragging on her for deleting that comment.
In b4 hi Aly, but it IS her page. Everyone following her at this point is doing it because they are either stupid, masochistic or for the lulz.
She is not equipped to deal with this bullshit and it's literally unbelievable that someone would off themselves because of her. It makes sense to delete it, when it's so clearly bait.

No. 379282

File: 1503640140824.png (138.47 KB, 754x1030, aly_sjourney1.png)

Yea they do seem to clearly be bait considering both accounts are completely void of activity. The only thing on the moms account is an image with a desc that is the same exact thing she commented to Aly. They don't seem real at all. And Aly loves spotting fake accounts so she probably noticed right away.

No. 379320

File: 1503649615461.png (138.43 KB, 720x1104, 20170825_102527.png)


No. 379321

File: 1503649627200.png (40.08 KB, 720x288, 20170825_102552.png)

No. 379322

I texted lousrecovery explaining to her why aly deserves no support, that's her response.

No. 379323

Have you messaged dogposivity, or whatever their name is, as well? Without those two (the "lovely girls!), idk what Aly would do with herself lmao

No. 379326

not yet, but I'm planning to. Taking away her loyal followers step by step..

No. 379335

so did this girl give you permission to post her private message here?

No. 379361

File: 1503657546210.png (284.48 KB, 750x1184, IMG_0088.PNG)

Aly has addressed the events of the last 48 hours in this post and is apparently spooked the haterz know her real name and gave her yells on Facebook. Is anyone friends with her on there?

No. 379368

Oh, thank GOD some people decided to give her something to talk about. Isn't it wonderful how these things work out fine, in the end?
Couldn't possibly have happened at a better time: even her followers were complaining that she was posting the same shoot over and over again and that she's on Instagram too much, but now she can talk about this until the sky falls down.

All's well that ends well.

No. 379369

Unless an anon says they contacted her on fb I'm going to go with my hunch Aly's bullshitting with that one.

No. 379371

Reminds me of that Twitter story about a girl who ended up dating a douche who had organised something like 10 dates in an evening to "optimise time".

The girl found out and then stalked the area and just befriended all the other girls and warned them and had a party elsewhere.

No. 379382

She will only stay private for a few hours or days because she won't get as many likes as she does when not private ..

No. 379391



No. 379397

actually you realize that most of her followers are young and mentally ill, and that many of them don't follow her for the lulz? and the ones who take her seriously are arguably the sickest of them all? it's not that of an unbelievable situation. clearly jack fisher most likely isnt real, but this is something that could very well happen and she needs to be made aware of this..

Lol and she should be scared, she's making her entire life public for the world, and it's not that difficult to find her information, I cant believe she's surprised that this happened. If she had even half a brain cell she'd be a little more careful, having nearly 50k followers on IG.

No. 379423

is she serious
did she even read what people were saying? im glad i was blocked before and i dont have to look at her stupid face anymore

yeah but it wasn't all farmers getting at her and its not like people wanna hear about this either

No. 379432

File: 1503672181577.jpg (620.32 KB, 2896x2896, 20170825_084024.jpg)

She responded a little this morning in her transformation pic. I couldn't fit it all in. But, this is it basically.

No. 379434

Huh. That is probably the most humble and thoughtful postings I have seen from her. We'll see how long it lasts, I guess.

No. 379441

She's not in strict contact with the followers who care, see lousrecovery case. She asks for support because she needs validation. If she thought someone could be wiser than her, she wouldn't delete everything that's not an asspat. She doesn't accept the critisism. She doesn't care about her followers, she just likes that they care about her. She's just trying to gets more praise. Not thoughtful or humble at all.

No. 379442

meh shes still the same
if she cares so much about her followers how come she doesnt follow them or comment on their posts, shes "nice" to them rn cus she wants them to keep coming back to her

No. 379444

File: 1503674189821.png (1023.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170825-083320.png)

This in stories…bikini shoot posted right after

No. 379445

suprise surprise
shes probably gonna post soon about how she cant eat her snack but if they check out back post maybe she'll try

No. 379448

File: 1503674483556.png (693.18 KB, 1276x1481, IMG_4397.PNG)

Update guys! Aly decided to go to the water park… again. Fuck, this chick is so predictable it's just sad now. She posts about "omg, so bloated, should I go?!" But ALWAYS does. Then gets ? To take 8000 photos of her sucking in her sugar loaded gut in a bikini. Everything about Aly is fake. Goddamn it's making me extra ragey today.

No. 379453

She needs to hurry up and make her account public already so her "haters" can start commenting again without worrying about getting blocked, I love the drama

No. 379468


>But this is my diary

Basically Aly does not give two shits about anyone else because her IG is for her and no one else. She doesn't write motivational crap for other people, she does it for her. She does it because it makes her sound "strong" and her followers like that. So they kiss her ass and give her compliments about how beautiful and not bloated she is.
Diaries are private and for the one person alone. IG is not her diary. It's where she goes for her validation and to show everyone how perfect and awesome her relationship with her boytoy is, how brace she is for stuffing a hotdog in her face, and to brag about her "millions of friends and pool parties".

Her IG is to make Aly happy and no one else. She doesn't care about her followers at all. And nothing about these comments says anything about her caring. They are all excuses and reasons why she does what she does.

No. 379489

I hate how she calls belly fat "bloating". She says she's all body positive but can't acknowledge that her stomach isn't flat because it's getting a lining of body fat and not because she needs to fart.

No. 379497

I hate how she obviously sucks in for photo's. Someone so body confident wouldnt give a shit. Accept you're at healthy weight Aly and no longer a spoopy princess

No. 379507

Where have all these new Stans come from, namely jasmin_elisabeth98, neon.water, finding.iris, some others? It's so obvious they're "new" to our recovery queer. If only they knew her history.


No. 379512

File: 1503683454628.jpg (136.69 KB, 575x612, sheseemscreepy.jpg)

idk, but the Jasmin one seems creepy. I've seen her comments increase everyday, and every so often include wanting to be friends in real life. She asked Aly if she accepts friend requests on facebook.

This is one of the reasons i'm surprised Aly didn't know that people know her real name. Hasn't she posted it before?

No. 379515

She must have done or else we wouldn't know it!

That girl's profile pic is scary too. It's like she's hoping Aly is her savior.

No. 379527

ive seen that girl befriend other people on instagram too
i wonder how long it will take her to realise that aly couldnt care less about her

No. 379564

File: 1503689681841.jpg (301.51 KB, 540x1024, Screenshot_20170825-121244.jpg)

So I guess Aly is going to a high school reunion to prove she's better now. I didn't know they did reunions in less than 10 years of graduating…do they?

No. 379567

well it could be one that people have just organised by themselves like not with the school. again i doubt shes even going and probably is just having dinner with her mum

No. 379569

Why does she feel the need to prove anything to a few girls who she says gave her shit at school? She wasn't even thin then.

I've never been to a reunion. I mean, if you didn't bother to stay in touch after you left then why bother now. Why doesn't she do what everyone does and look them u on fb..oh yeah, she wants to show them she's successful and her life is epic.

No. 379625

im so sick of aly she irritates me like no one else and i hate how if you try to explain to people what shes like you end looking like a bitch, sorry but having a mental illness isnt an excuse to treat people however you want. nobody went after her irl or on facebook they just told her how it is but it doesnt even matter cus she never changes and probably just gave her more word salad for posts. ah! /sperg

No. 379654

Same reaction when people tried saying what,a scamming bitch Ash was. If you're mentally ill its a licence to be as rancid ad you like

No. 379763

IDK what's going on with my IG but I have 36 posts in a row from her and it's so disturbing seeing these almost identical images of her over and over
Also, I really don't think many of her pictures are taken on the day that they're posted, but I can't actually tell because she looks virtually identical in each photo… she's such a fucking nightmare of a mess

No. 379775

yeah she uses pics of different days just so she can write about something
im blocked rn so i cant see lol did she go to the reunion?

No. 379871

File: 1503716071423.png (287.74 KB, 1044x546, excitement.png)

I don't get to see the stories, but she said she's going because of course she would.

Threw in the bonus joyful Aly splashing in the pool pic for you.

No. 379873

(lol soz i fucked up there, it's 4am)

No. 379887

omg its not that deep aly

all the stories are gonna be her sitting alone somewhere

i hate you aly lmao

No. 379930

She really can't keep her story straight, can she? When it suits her narrative she was ~so popular~ and the "hot blonde" all the boys loved, but then she turns around and says she was "bullied" and miserable and everyone called her the "anorexic blonde" (what's her obsession with being fake blonde anyway?) even though she didn't have an ed in high school.

She always bitches about how no one reads her captions but she's lucky they don't, bc if they did she wouldn't be able to get away with how she totally changes every aspect of her past to suit her drama of the day.

No. 379988

File: 1503728262115.png (905.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170826-001107.png)

She didn't post anything but this in her story. I looked up the hashtag of that place, trying to find Aly in the back somewhere. No luck.

It's a bar with loud music and lots of drinking and being goofy. I just can't imagine Aly partying without her mom for very long. I think she had one drink and left honestly.

No. 380093

File: 1503754144108.jpg (24.43 KB, 423x139, success.JPG)

Yes, but she impressed the barman by downing THREE (!) cocktails and eating chips. He even gave her his number. If this happened, that's enviable proof that she's hot and an amazing person.

No. 380099

made everything funny! and then everyone started chanting my name and then the most popular girls who BULLIED me said aly youre so pretty now hang out with us and everyone cheered

No. 380107

And the name of that barman? Albert Einstein!

No. 380124


so the previous struggles became meaningless but how long till another breakdown over fried foods, its goes on and on and on

No. 380138

File: 1503759520055.png (409.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-26-07-56-43…)

Doesn't she get donuts all the time? 1 kg has not made a difference in her body image. This girl is so crazy!

No. 380147

love how hater comments are still bothering her. i think i said to her that youre weight restored now i didnt say no one cares about you because youre weight restored, stupid cow. why cant she just accept that if youre eating to gain that you are going to gain

yeah she ate a doughnut yesterday and a kg is like 2 pounds!

No. 380165

I don't get it :/

No. 380168

Someone did actually make a comment though saying nobody cares about her now that she's a weight-restored anorexic and that people mainly followed her for thinspo (the screenshot is up there somewhere ^^ I'm too lazy) So I don't think she's referencing your comment

No. 380169

oh i didnt see that just used to fake quoting

well it is true

No. 380171

Samefag here, sorry it was actually in the previous thread here:


No. 380172

File: 1503762788359.jpeg (137.69 KB, 1263x1788, image.jpeg)

Not sure if anyone else caught this, she deleted everything pretty quickly.

No. 380174

haha i knew it would happen
wish she'd learn that instagram is never gonna give her what she wants

No. 380178

File: 1503763329732.jpg (37.74 KB, 672x167, Screenshot_20170826-100021.jpg)

LoL she goes to a high school reunion and these are her accomplishments.

No. 380181

File: 1503763796584.jpg (42.01 KB, 664x173, Screenshot_20170826-100622.jpg)

Also… what about the weight thing does she need help with? is she so bored of talking about it that she doesn't even know anymore?

No. 380183

>what are you doing right now?
have you checked the 12oz coffee joint tag on instagram?

No. 380184

Me again sorry…

I just noticed her likes have been cut in half since going private. That's why she's sad.

No. 380192

Her use of the word OF bothers me. She uses it mostly instead if FOR and FROM, "I suffer of an eating disorder". Yes, I am triggered every. fuc*ing. time. I want to shut her mouth off.

No. 380195

File: 1503764668169.png (29.69 KB, 468x164, wp_ss_20170826_0003.png)

No. 380210

>im aware nobody wants to help me
isnt that just a slap in the face dogsandpositivity

No. 380332

File: 1503776043675.png (1.21 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170826-112340.png)

I have a few things top post. 1/3

No. 380334

File: 1503776182340.png (854.79 KB, 720x980, 20170826_133504.png)

New video. Nothing new in there LoL. 2/3

No. 380337

File: 1503776267207.png (1.06 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170826-133216.png)

And finally, is this supposed to be proof she has friends?

No. 380363



Those are such simple things which would say someone who you haven't seen for a long time…What did she expect? I think she's playing a role for IG…I can't believe this girl is so intense in RL. Imagine if you meet a girl who one day is a survivor (!) a fighter (!) and all that and just in a few hours she's ''worthless'' and people ''don't care anymore''.


So if everything was wrong, Aly-nspirational, why did you post it 5 or 6 times and need people to read it so desperately?

I came to the conclusion that 7 comments per photo are enough for her.

No. 380387

Thanks for the posts. This one's really creepy. I imagine her pretending to do something inside her bag while trying to be all stealth taking a sneaked picture.

ATM I'd settled for Aly binning those awful peace earrings.

No. 380416

I took a look at the restaurants official page, and apparently most of their sushi menu is filled with vegetables and has lower calories than average sushi. That bottle it's just filtered sparkling water. And I bet Aly isn't gonna eat that much because STRUGGLING (!). But hey, it's a RECOVERY WIN (!) for our recovery queer.
Also, i think those are the same friends she ate sushi last time, which wasn't a really big portion though, at least for Aly.

No. 380419

Alice doesn't faint. Alice claims to be a super delicate flower, but she is actually always sticking to her bike and walking shit ton with the excuse of "stress relief".
Wouldn't be surprised if she did the c/s thing.

No. 380528

when I was looking at her previous posts earlier, I said to myself probably going to be a blackout post shortly. then I saw this and now I'm dead. she really is like clockwork.

No. 380567

lol me too anon
p much we could predict her whole day, everyday

No. 380717

File: 1503828663741.png (41.29 KB, 452x204, wp_ss_20170827_0001.png)

Perhaps not calling ~deep ~ comments dumb would be a start.

Good morning, you anonymous queers. Anyone got her stories post? Thaanks!

No. 380719


>Perhaps not calling ~deep ~ comments dumb would be a start.

It's incredible how she thinks that deleting and reposting the same photos over and over again just to gain more comments will change anything. She's so desperate for attention it's not even funny anymore. This girl needs some serious therapy before she can thinks of herself as a role model.

No. 380722

c/s? why are you talking like you know her?

No. 380724

What's c/s?

No. 380725


c/s means chew/spit

No. 380765

File: 1503840572813.png (2.42 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170827-072520.png)

The stories are not that interesting. Instead of the stack of oreos she posted, it's an empty space where the cookies would have been. I forgot she said she was spending the night at a friend's.. so there is this boomerang of her arriving at home?

No. 380777

seriously like what does she want people to say? i think its probably the quantity that shes after like if she got like 7-10 comments then she wouldnt repost it

No. 380797

File: 1503846106847.png (124.41 KB, 640x660, IMG_5156.PNG)

LOL wut?? Mistranslation there aly hahaha

No. 380802

sorry samefag but she has therapy whats she gonna say? i dont get enough attention irl so i obsessively post on instagram but im just as empty and vapid as ever…shes just gonna say i was upset about getting a donnies but then i powered thru and got a mcchicken

No. 380807

what's "none densitometry"? Fuck me, I could probably understand Chinese better than this waffle.

No. 380811

Probably bone densitometry

No. 380814


Bone densitometry.

No. 380815

Bone Densitometry (DEXA).

It's essentially a bone density scan. Considering the severity and duration of her anorexia I would not be all that surprised if the results suggested osteopenia or even full blown osteoporosis. If I was in her shoes I would be nervous too.

No. 380816

more ana points for aly

No. 380824

File: 1503849691107.jpg (449.69 KB, 1317x1304, Screenshot_20170827-095748.jpg)

You can't imagine.

No. 380837

File: 1503850125195.jpg (280.38 KB, 683x677, 20170827_100549.jpg)

Look at this shitty background blur. Did she do that or is it automatic? Were the trees really taking that much attention away from her face?

No. 380840

not WKing but I have a feeling someone mentioned in the other thread that it was a new iphone camera feature or something? might be wrong about that though.

sage for not contributing anything

No. 380847

I wish I could reach in and grab that SOON →
and ram it painfully up her arse, jesus god if pisses me off.

So someone called her a fatty. She went to a garden centre with Ma (that is definitely a shot taken by her) and she's closing her account. Again. Great progresses.

No. 380855

It's the new depth feature on iphone

No. 380877

It's pathetic that she keeps pretending all these new friends are taking her out when it's obviously her mother. She's so desperate to be normal she has to pretend she's doing usual things.

Doesn't her boyfriend see her lies on ig? I wonder what he must think of it all.

No. 380886

I don't think he knows about or follows her recovery account. She has a personal one that he follows, she hasn't updated in like 6 months.

No. 380887

is this a recent fatty? lol is some hater actually shown to be saying that? cus fatty seems like an aly word, its like when she says someone says shes not classy

No. 380889

Really? It doesn't add the effect to the whole picture?

No. 380890

ohh someone should show him her insta

No. 380895

File: 1503853530735.jpg (43.99 KB, 323x474, fattyfatfat.JPG)

I've been looking at her comments on and off but didn't see anything negative. She's hearing the voices in head again.

P sure that'd be considered cow tipping but it'd be helpful if he did know, like if SHE told him. Really, why hide it - oh because it shows him she's still majorly fucked up and lies out of her booty.

No. 380909

yeah thats why ive resisted doing it lol

i dont think even any farmers have called her a fatty, it bugs me that no one questions how its always that word ya know and she says texted to make it sound ambiguous. ugh i hate her. her followers dont pay much attention i guess

No. 380919

I think that a small percent of farmers (ana chans) from the old ED threads would've called her "fatty", but most of us who've posted or said what we'd written to her is about her being a shitty person. I know her body fat's all awkward right now, but she's far from fat. I would've thought any old anas would've deserted her account by now. I don't even think Ash would go that far tbh. So, yeah, lies for attention and comments.

No. 380945

Samefag is when you're the same person who posted something, I posted the photo lel lurk moar

No. 380949

Ohhh she meant to say bone! I figured she meant like a bone density scan, tbh I had never heard it called a densitometry. And nah she wasn't sick for very long I'm sure it'll be fine

No. 380952

The duration of her anorexia? Lol she had a super short duration, and especially because it only started when she was 18 her bones had time to develop through her teens well already. Osteopenia or osteoporosis typically only occur in patients whose anorexia started when they were younger and had a much longer duration.

No. 380959

i deleted my first comment cus i made a mistake so yeah now the samefag makes no sense

yeah i dont think any of us are hating on her for gaining weight or body shaming. we just hate you as a person aly

No. 380962

File: 1503856818603.png (535.17 KB, 457x686, UNFORTUNATELY.png)

> we just hate you as a person aly

Nobody wants to see you skele and die. Your suffering is OUR suffering. Believe me.

Now she's telling us to eat and feel "hella bomb" in our own skin. Only bomb she is is a walking ticking time bomb.

And she's still all…
>Rather if you look chic and pretty, or someone calls you "fatty" (true story ??)

No. 380969


It pisses me off how fake she is. She only gets most of the comments because of her deleting and reposting the same shit again. Out of pity, that's it. She likes to hear how she's an inspiration or a role model out of strangers when in RL she can't even talk to her boyfriend about her ED or makes going to a pool a big deal (!). Such a fake girl, honestly.

>in the face of that ASS*OLE who texted me early ''oh you've become A FATTY!…!''

I'm soooo tempted to ask her to give us more information about her hater (name? IG? something?), just as she does in stories when people comment and she decides it's okay to screenshot everything and shames everybody…But I'm afraid I'll get blocked asap hahaha.

No. 380977

shes literally claimed that someone texted her saying "youve become a fatty" before, like a week ago

thats how i got blocked i said like "who are you quoting now" lol she'd just block or not reply

No. 381010

Wow, so Aly's threads are allowed back on the farms again? Happy day!

I've been following her IG here and there since the old threads got banned but though I'm happy she's gained weight her whining about not enough attention/comments was making me rage and I needed an outlet other than my husband, who doesn't understand why I follow her if she pisses me off so much.

Does she honestly think that by threatening to close her account she'll guilt people into commenting more? Her life is an empty shell outside of IG. She's like those crazy girlfriends who threaten to kill themselves if their boyfriends say they are leaving.

No. 381036

Welcome back! She threatens to leave so followers will tell her not to because she's ~inspirational ~ and read lovely things about herself. It must make her feel wanted and it feeds her ego.

Idk why I love her pissing me off. There're a few others who I'm the same about and I have no answer when asked if they piss me off so much why do I follow them. Probably a PhD thesis waiting to be written there.

Alys totally the kind to emotionally blackmail her bf. Perhaps that's why he sticks with the useless cow. ?

No. 381057



>We set ourselves and our identities up against what we are not. As much as we draw inspiration from role models, we also learn through people around us who we do not want to be. In ancient Greece and Rome, there were always gods or deities that were designed to be hated. They existed so we could hold them up against ourselves and say “let me remind you of what I am not.”

No. 381071

Aly doesn't have bones at this point anymore. She has candy canes and candy bars.

No. 381076

Aww and Aly wants so hard to be a role model.

Yeah, I see how that explanation works. I'll click the link when I'm on my laptop. Interesting, innit.

No. 381086

File: 1503869780952.jpg (79.34 KB, 720x540, 200298_1831703002443_3168903_n…)

She actually used to look fine.

No. 381088

>those awful eyebrows and gaudy accessories present back then

It's like she was born with them

No. 381090

I think I spot a time turner necklace…Aly the Harry Potter fan? It's hard to imagine her with interests.

No. 381102

Anyone with access to her account have any updates on her and her blackout post/hard day ? Did lousrecovery stop commenting on her photos?

No. 381107

File: 1503871611347.png (553.4 KB, 611x530, icanseeyourbuttaly.png)

I don't know either, she went private and i can't see anymore. I tried following but apparently she won't accept anyone lmao

dropped pic

No. 381124

I will summarise. (Don't worry, she won't stay private long):

Aly woke up with a headache and guilt about sushi. She said she was only going to eat one Oreo because she didn't get comments until her 3rd repost. She posted an old donut at McD's pic.

She posted Oreos. She could eat after support.

(jasmin_elisabeth98 starts her scary commenting. Lousrecovery is now gone).

Aly posted a pic of herself at Amsterdam cafe eating chips/fries. She's on her own at home and hates it. She doesn't deserve to eat.

Kissing/bikini pic. She's going to see her therapist on tuesday and wants to go to Rome to see her boy for the last time because he's moving to Milan to be together forever.

She ate pasta and posted a pic as proof.

Bikini picture. She urges everyone to eat because it's great.

A Twix.

Out with "a friend" (her mum) at a garden centre eating candy floss. Someone online called her fatty.

An ice cream.

Old bikini pic eating chips/fries. She says she loves eating.

Picture of sushi (pre packed).

She does a #sundaytransformation with a TW. I can't comment on it. I can't see it on my laptop or phone. The non spoopy pic is bikini at the pool.


My jaw is hanging open at that pic. It's E P I C (!) hahahaha!!!

No. 381126

File: 1503873347080.jpg (59.37 KB, 405x598, that hair!!!.JPG)


I see the spoopy pic. Here hair is gross.

No. 381135

HAHAHA I like it anon

No. 381137

File: 1503874557794.jpg (515.81 KB, 1390x1304, Screenshot_20170827-165420.jpg)

She got deleted? What is she talking about?

No. 381140

But why did she always look so much more put together when she was spoopy. Like I know it sounds awful but I feel like she looked so much better then just because of that! Like her hair/makeup/outfits everything were just so much slicker and idk I just don't understand how her ability to put herself together dramatically declined so much

No. 381141

Nah she just says that sometimes so that it doesn't seem like it's always her crazy ass that deletes and reposts. She used to actually never admit to doing it herself. Always said it was "Instagram" deleting her stuff, because it was too "scaring" and "real"

No. 381142

Can confirm that lousrecovery no longer follows aly so I guess whoever spoke to her here
made her realise that she was wasting her time.

No. 381145

kek you cant wear clingy outfits if they have nothing to cling to, they just fall down

No. 381149

thats good im glad
i dont think theyll ever convince dogsandpos

your hair tends to turn to shit when you get spoopy

No. 381167

this so much. I've been saying this for ages (!) but she honestly used to put herself together well when she was skinny. her style wasn't great but it wasn't bad, her clothes actually fit even though it must have been hard to find/tailor things to fit at that size, and her hair and makeup looked much better and less dated. she didn't make the crazy faces either or pose as weirdly.

I think she's just incredibly uncomfortable in her body now and refuses to accept the weight gain by buying new clothes. and somehow she thinks the obnoxious hair and makeup distract from her body or something???

Who even knows though, she so clearly hates her body but it's also totally up her own ass and thinks she's gorgeous so it's clear that logic does not apply

No. 381189

Oh she is 100% uncomfortable in her body, and to be fair that's expected from any amount of weight gain. It really puts it into perspective just how skeletal she was if she's gained what, 40-something pounds? (that could be wrong) And she is STILL thinner than the majority of the population.

What chaps my ass is when she feels the need to mention her bloating and stretch marks in nearly every fucking bikini photo. I don't think I've ever actually seen a stretch mark. But she points at all of her perceived flaws and talks about how they're beautiful and she owns them blahblah. Yeah honey, if you truly accepted yourself you wouldn't feel the need to OBSESS over all of those "flaws"

No. 381233

Her problem is she doesn't know who she is and she's forcing … some fake personality on herself. Before skele she looked quiet and pretty much uninteresting All she knows is her neighbourhood and her family and two friends she's know since childhood.

Now she wants to stay not independent by clinging to some man like a leech.

It'd be great if she took a year out travelling and working her way like a bar in Spain or a Kibbutz set up. She can't even travel to the clinic without her mother or spend an afternoon alone.

She must have some trace of a personality but she's been too sheltered to develop it.

I'd be miserable as sin too if I was her, but I'd do something to change her nothingness. And she expects us to believe she's deliriously happy with a life that's centered around a donut shop and supermarket sushi.

No. 381428

Yeah, lou told me I opened her eyes and she'll stop commenting since it hurt her aly never sent her anything back

I tried to contact dogs from 2 accounts but she never responded

No. 381429

She doesn't look bloated. She's confusing belly fat with bloating

No. 381484

File: 1503917276721.png (93.07 KB, 744x465, IMG_0093.PNG)

For those here who don't follow or are blocked: Aly out here posting several times a day about how that f*cking asshole called her a fatty (!)

Lousrecovery is still following but not commenting.

Dogsandpositivity is a delusional nutcase who will never give up.

No. 381485

File: 1503917313010.png (240.64 KB, 750x1131, IMG_0092.PNG)

No. 381486

File: 1503917327192.png (206.95 KB, 748x1208, IMG_0091.PNG)

No. 381487

File: 1503917521120.png (50.47 KB, 739x253, IMG_0094.PNG)

No. 381504

File: 1503920741357.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0345.PNG)

And she wonders how people found her facebook profile.

No. 381509

haha wtf she's literally circled her last name

No. 381512

Maybe she's doing it because of what happened with her FB? Acting as if she doesn't care anymore about sharing her personal info, even when she's still private. Maybe she can imagine people thought she freaked out about the whole thing and now it's trying to convince her followers of not being scared anymore. You know, being a ROLE MODEL (!).


Thank you for the pics. I still can't understand how her followers -specially those who comment almost every photo- can't open their eyes and see how she's always talking about the same things, which may or not be true for days. It took me only like three? two? days to realise that something was wrong with their posts, it's like a loop.


I actually feel bad for Lousrecovery. It's so clear that she's sick and needed to prove herself caring about Aly (and other people, I imagine), it made me feel so frustrated. A few weeks ago I messaged her encorauging her about her recovery and she was the sweetest, responded her message in just a few hours and she seemed actually grateful about me writing just a few sentences. Aly thinks we're haters because of her body image or appearance, but we're so pissed of because she's just selfish about the whole world around her, at least that's what pisses me off the most. How she treats people and twist things to seem the good and inspirational (!) one here.

No. 381629

yeah um no one called you a fatty
youre literally shouting at yourself you crazy, crazy bitch

No. 381667

Those few lovely girls aren't enough for Aly. Must be a slap in the face to them to read stuff like that. I know lousrecovery was hurt by it.
And Aly thinks she's losing followers because she's not posting "as much chocolate as before".

No. 381697

File: 1503938355300.jpg (191.1 KB, 1355x459, Screenshot_20170828-103744.jpg)

Here we go again

No. 381703

my god shes like a broken record

No. 381704

She makes me rage to no end jfc

No. 381718

I don't even want to repost the picture from this, but, dude… this girl. I swear she has ballooned her boy so quickly to avoid "being attacking by him starving" with only 3000kcal a day. She keeps reposting this picture and he's so dumpy and mashy, and you can see his ducky-fat pad inverting penis waddling it's way up his swimsuit. She has no shame. I know feel Dante's anguish…/sigh

No. 381730

her social blade doesnt update cus shes private i guess but shes at 49.4 now i wonder how long she'll stay private oh wait shes closing her account for her real life anyway

why cant either them buy clothes that fit properly?

No. 381747

when will dante return from the war? i feel like hardly anyone is around anymore who remembers those LUSH, OILY (!) days when we hoped to sight our patron saint instead of dreading another aly/roberto pda shoot.

still can't believe lousrecovery actually left. wonder if any of her other followers will notice and mention it?

her "i'm gonna leave!!" act has been going on for literally a year now right? i'm pretty sure it was last summer when she made a big deal about how she was going to leave aly_realrecovery and post on alice_eleanor instead. and then after a week of not immediately getting 50k followers with her #blonde #f4f hashtagging she crawled back and renamed it aly_recoverylife. she's the fucking sisyphus of the instagram age.

this could be the next great novel, somebody jump on that shit

No. 381753

Dante hung out at aNhero cafe. She doesn't go there any more. I wonder what he's doing right now apart from being hot. Imagine if he was having an affair with Ma C.

No. 381762

File: 1503945877920.png (1.59 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4092.PNG)

Pa C ruining her day with the truth, oops.

No. 381765

File: 1503946315970.jpg (472.61 KB, 1770x1770, IMG_5200.JPG)

Lousrecovery just commented this on Aly's recent post

No. 381769

File: 1503946537200.png (182.72 KB, 640x889, IMG_5201.PNG)

And in other things that never happened…

No. 381790

The nurse probably congratulated her on her recovery and this is how Aly translated it.

I feel so bad for lousrecovery, but I wouldn't have bothered commenting or DMing Aly if she ignored my DMs more than twice. Aly won't even care.

No. 381797

agreed, I can't imagine a nurse using the word "grassa" unless she was severely overweight. she obviously twisted her words for pity points.

No. 381801

yeah it shows how disordered her thinking still is, its p common for people recovering to hear "you look fat now" when someone has said "you look better/healthier" and ofc aly loves to twist things

and how many times is she gonna say that eds arent all about your weight, yes aly we all know this

No. 381813

Ma Casati must be a damn saint. The woman must scream and throw things behind closed doors after a full day of walking on egg shells around Alice.

No. 381816

I need to see this picture, lmao.

No. 381821

File: 1503951651997.png (723.04 KB, 739x430, hunk of the month.png)

No. 381823

File: 1503951745735.jpg (21.24 KB, 362x265, nsfw.JPG)

No. 381841


No. 381845

File: 1503953056404.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.48 KB, 485x532, acorn.JPG)

Be grateful he's not wearing these "cotton slim man boxer brief underwear inner pants shorts" (free shipping)

No. 381847

No. 381850

These would probably be loose around the crotch area on him.

No. 381857

This drives me fucking BONKERS. "Would you miss me or it may help?" This bitch is so cluster B, it's so blatant it's not even armchairing at this point to state it. She literally has no concept of holding conflicting views that can both be true. YES Aly, people can miss you AND leaving instagram can still be the most helpful decision for you and everyone else who follows you. Both things can be true.

No. 381859

I still believe our Lord Dante will return to us, one day.

No. 381870

its because she thinks shes the patron saint of eating disorders. theres just a queue of people waiting to touch her hair clip

whats really obnoxious is that she doesnt comment on other peoples accounts or return dms so when she says would you miss me she means would you miss coming to look at pics of me and leaving me comments

No. 381890

Sage for conspiracy but do you think she guilts him into eating a lot/gaining weight because she doesn't want to feel "greedy"? Or maybe even gives him her left overs (aka half the meal she probably didn't eat)?Also I think she's fattening him up so she looks/feels smaller in comparison.

Dude has enough spare tires to keep a Vespa afloat.

No. 381891

Same fagging as I remember watching a dr phil episode or something where these two twin girls had an ED and one of them always had to be heavier than the other. Even if it was half a pound. I wouldn't be surprised if Aly was the same way but with her boyfriend.

No. 381911

I've said this before so I agree with you. I think she makes him order his own food, and she orders just as much, but doesn't finish it so he finishes for her.

No. 381924

She doesn't really see him often enough for double helpings to make him gain that much so idk what's going on.

When she was anorexic and not in recovery (before spoopy)he was slim. It's not middle aged spread because he's way too young. He looks like he's let himself go though, even with his grooming and he used to try to look hot on ig.

Perhaps he doesn't bother looking shit now he's back with Aly, like he doesn't have to try now.

No. 381925


I once saw a documentary about a girl with anorexia nervosa and she said she became so obssessed with food, she started worrying about of much others were eating. If she could, she'd feed them as much as they let her, just because she knew she couldn't enjoy food, so others enjoying it would make her feel better. I also agree with the whole ''I'll look smaller/thinner'' thing, even if she's doing it in purpose or not.

No. 381926

Doesn't bother ABOUT looking shit*

No. 381930


What's worst is the people who BELIEVES what she says. Sure, it's completely normal to go to an hospital for an exam about something related to your ED and one profesional telling you ''you look fat enough''. So normal to go walking in the street and find some old friends who tell you almost the same thing ''blablabla you're fat again''. Sure, Aly.

Anyone noticed she deleted her story about her father? I'm sure she didn't expect Lousrecovery comment to get more than 35 likes. Some girls commented Lou about being a kind person and received some likes too. I'm sure that may hurt our INSPIRATIONAL (!) role model a little bit.

No. 381937

Yeah, the believers get to me too. I like to think they're newish followers who don't know her track record rather than that people can be that gullible. Her method of manipulation is so transparent but you can bet her "victim" posts get more comments. I feel bad for her dad. I hope her bro has a good relationship with him because living with Aly and Ma must be so awful.

No. 381943

Lou actually stopped following her. Her comment has 44 likes now, including aly.

This is weirdly disturbing.

No. 381981

right. it doesnt even make sense for a nurse to say that and what about a text saying "youve become a fatty" lol i dont understand how people can believe her, these comments are ridiculous

it doesnt suprise me that people like lousrecovery even on another instagram, cus she replies to people and is kind and friendly. aly could be like her if, well nevermind aly has no personality. i hope she doesnt manipulate lous into thinking she cares

No. 382144

File: 1503975700632.jpg (158.94 KB, 700x632, rrsHkEV.jpg)

Miraculously healed

No. 382146

File: 1503975745704.jpg (84.02 KB, 1062x314, 20170828_205847.jpg)


Sage for not being about Aly.

No. 382155

She's uber creepy. I'm not sure why because her profile pic tells me she loves her bones.

No. 382158

File: 1503977327083.jpg (12.88 KB, 288x70, 1.JPG)

I wanted to add this img to that post, but I thought I'd have to trawl through too many of Aly's pics to find it but it's from Saturday (I think). She mus be DMing Aly because here she's talking about something she told her to watch. She's writing as though they're besties but I bet Aly hasn't DMed her back.

Aly's at the therapists today. I wonder if she's mentally miraculously cured and she gets asspats for doing so well. Then on Wednesday onwards we get more pics of her and acorn nob at the pool kissing. Yay!

No. 382189

For those with access, please keep us posted. She's not accepting any new followers which is strange. She won't accept my request. Maybe she will actually stay private for a while this time. Hard to say.

No. 382192

I requested to follow after she went private. It took like 2 or mor days before being approved so she still might approve you. Her follower count is dropping fast, she's currently at 49.4k so I'm sure she WANTS more followers. Too bad we're all "haters" lmao

No. 382284

File: 1503991461366.png (129.64 KB, 1242x402, IMG_4195.PNG)

New commentaries on papa.

No. 382291

Took 3 requesting attempts and 2 days until she finally accepted my request, don't give up anon (!)

No. 382340

File: 1503997681566.png (45.37 KB, 568x432, hasgtag update.png)

The latest. She has stones in her stomach and she's meeting "a friend".

No. 382344

File: 1503997776346.png (271.35 KB, 750x1155, IMG_0096.PNG)

SOS lmaooo @ her dad calling her a crazy bitch

No. 382371

This. A lot of anorectics love to feed others and get anxious if others are not eating when they are eating. It's a known thing. I don't blame Aly for her obvious anxiety about how much others are eating, but she's got to get it under control. It's possible her bf is being deliberately overfed or forced to participate in her weight-gaining meals against his will.

No. 382461

File: 1504017180068.png (1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170829-163150.png)

No. 382462

File: 1504017201001.png (999.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170829-163159.png)

No. 382463


What the hell is going on with her forehead?

No. 382464

File: 1504017399430.png (186.3 KB, 720x1074, 20170829_163535.png)

No. 382465

File: 1504017416132.png (91.5 KB, 720x442, 20170829_163603.png)

No. 382468

Samefag, I really don't want to post all of her posts from today since it's so repetitive and tiring but today's been basically:

fight with dad
don't wanna eat, give me support!!!
could finally eat
gonna see therapist
therapist appointment went good

but what's new

No. 382469

it's a video, she's "smiling"…

No. 382479

File: 1504018176722.gif (4.65 MB, 720x1280, Idonteaticecream_ikissit.gif)

Made this .gif of the stories. She says "sharing in a little moment with you" she kisses her ice cream, then makes the dumbest face ever…

I think she manipulates therapy to validate what she wants because she doesn't go enough.

No. 382482

no weight goals? they want her to maintain at 18.5? who are these idiots

No. 382485

No weight goal. Just get your period basically..

No. 382487

>I think she manipulates therapy to validate what she wants because she doesn't go enough.

She doesn't go enough; her relationship with food is objectively pathological and she needs a lot of work in therapy on that. She's been told by "lovely girls" she needs to go more. She's stubborn about it for some reason, I guess that is part of her illness

I mean, I don't approve of her dad screaming at her, although I understand why he does, and notice it always seems to be centered around meal times– I can just imagine her sitting around the family dinner table and picking at the meal that has been prepared. But he isn't wrong in what he's trying to say to her: that her food obsession is "crazy" and she's making problems for everyone (including herself) with her refusal to address them. His delivery method is terrible though. He sounds like he's been driven over the edge by her and her food issues.

No. 382488

she definitely needs weight goals, getting your period back would happen over time ive known girls that take over a year at healthy weight to get it back, desperately clinging onto a barely healthy bmi isnt gonna help

she kisses the ice cream jfc

No. 382490

still better than sticking a hot dog up her nose or holding a burger at her chin

No. 382491

What makes you think that's even what he said though lol? Like who fucking knows what's even true with Aly

No. 382496

yeah its hard to believe anything she says. i think she exaggerates everything

No. 382543

File: 1504022695102.png (2.7 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170829-100307.png)


No. 382546

is she tryna make this like a pint party? she looks crazy

No. 382549

File: 1504023024829.png (862.41 KB, 1440x2064, 20170829_100809.png)

Wtf indeed Aly… why didn't she just respond directly? Why make an entire new post for them?

No. 382553

File: 1504023340944.png (123.55 KB, 1080x679, Screenshot_20170829-171206_01.…)

They didn't even say she looked happier on the right.

No. 382555


This actually made me laugh. She sees what she wants to see, that's all. I can't screenshot now but someone commented this in the WTF pic

>@orkdoopIdk Aly. A lot of your followers are still suffering. So maybe that's what their anorexia brain thinks? I don't know…

I think it's what ALY'S BRAIN wants to think. That she's happier in the before pic, when she was so sick. If not, why is she getting this offended? Why she becomes all defensive? If she already knows that's not true, why the need to remark it? I think she's scared to admit she was happier before, when all the people gave her the attention she wanted.

No. 382581


>She sees what she wants to see, that's all

my god shes nuts lol seriously she just reads between the lines and comes up with her own thoughts 2+2=18.5

No. 382588


And for what? To get comments of strangers of IG telling her how beautiful / amazing / wonderful she is. People she won't ever meet. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, her family, her friends don't mean nothing to her because she claims that ''nobody'' cares and that she wants to die. FFS, if she could leave her phone just for a few days and start living her REAL life instead this whole lie.

No. 382589

I swear I'm not a violent person but I so badly wish I was in Milan and could just give her a big fucking slap to the face and tell her to grow the fuck up and get some real god damned therapy because she's delusional as fuck and makes things a hundred times more difficult than they need to be or both her and everyone around her.

No. 382607

File: 1504026780883.jpg (557.41 KB, 1063x1766, Screenshot_20170829-111119.jpg)

For real.

No. 382615

File: 1504027374685.png (379.12 KB, 668x392, kkfnlkf.png)

Lies, lies, lies…I think she's gone for real, living in a parallel universe full of donuts, hot dogs, Mcdonalds, so much HATERS (!) and where everyone's against her except if they leave a comment praising her posts / hair / smile. Don't comment on her body though! That's not what this account is for! Just because she posts four photos of her in the pool don't mean a thing! She's such a good FEMINIST (!), don't you know? Her account isn't only about weight, BMI and scales…She's only doing 5 or 6 posts about the same because that's completely normal, guys! Don't be haters!

No. 382620

was this comment >>382607 on this post >>382615 im glad people are calling her out on it

No. 382622


It was! I think the same person commented almost the same in the WTF photo (which she already deleted).

No. 382624

ohh theyre gonna get blocked lol dont question the queen when she says someones hatin

No. 382625

File: 1504028287923.png (3.32 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4205.PNG)

Did you say, Delusional? /swirls delish oil bomb unplanned 20th snack drink inches from face while not daring to budge that throwback effortlessly at ease posed face

No. 382628

Wait, she's actually met that creepy girl from Finland
Or is she pretending to be having some kind of cyber date with her? In any case it's weird seeing Aly notice, let alone interact with any of her followers.

No. 382635

Makes me feel sorry for lou.
Maybe she found someone just as crazy as her with this new girl tho.

No. 382638

Her new thing is asking for opinions since she thinks that's a form of "interaction" with her followers. Even tho she makes no effort to respond or value their opinions.

Someone should post their opinion that she should brush up on her English and understand the dude said "right up there" not "on the right" and he was literally saying she looks good and happy. And that she needs to stop being so defensive.

No. 382644

Not sure if it is nitpicking on my part, but am I the only one thinking she is drinking quite a lot the past weeks?
I mean sure on vacation and a glass of wine here and there but she is drinking at least a glass every night or more. Not saying she is an alcoholic by any means, it just stood out to me the last few weeks.

Maybe it's part of her FUN(!), MEDITERRANEAN WOMAN, WHO CAN DO IT ALL - type of persona.

No. 382655

It's completely normal to have a glass of wine or drink with your meal every day in Italy. Heck even in Canada it's not weird

No. 382656

Kek how old are you

No. 382661

>has anyone experienced something similar?
>actually couldnt care less

No. 382672


You guys are right, as I said I was quite unsure about that.
Not a huge casual drinker (going out sure why not but lets be honest she isn't going out much unless it's with ma) and it just seemed odd because she didn't post that much about it before.

Thanks for clearing that one up.

No. 382699

File: 1504033475213.jpg (79.67 KB, 652x277, Screenshot_20170829-125955.jpg)

Bruises huh?

No. 382705


Notice how her dad always beats her before she leaves to visit her boyfriend?

No. 382713

Aw sorry you seem sweet. Sorry I'm in a shit mood today and Aly and her shit just makes me that much more irritable. I didn't mean to be rude to you, sorry anon!!

No. 382717

jesus christ aly if he hits her then where? and why doesnt ma stop him, i get like a slap across the face some parents are like that but she makes it sound like hes punching her
will someone please say dw aly ive called the police for you lol

No. 382726

What even is this expression?? She unironically looks like the Joker.

No. 382729

Tbh he probably just grabs her arm or something. Between her tendency to lie and exaggerate, and her super shit English, I have huge doubts that it's anything like she presents it. He probably used to spank her when she was a kid and now is just generally rough and gets in her face and yells.

Anyway she's a fucking adult. She could move out instead of leeching off her parents and cocooning herself up in her dependency on her mother.

No. 382739


Everything is fine! Hope you'll feel better soon!
And aren't we all enraged with her shitty behavior?

No. 382743

We'll see the horrific bruises for ourselves with tomorrow's bikini shoot.

I too wish the OMG REPORT HIM TO THE POLICE thing would happen again. Remember last time she quickly said he apologised and gave her a hug and they lived happily ever after.

No. 382854

right let me see her with a black eye and ill apologise for calling bullshit on the beats

No. 382874

She probably was happier before, they way she has destroyed her body through the years with donuts, frapinos and oily (!) pasta it seems like her nonsensical Instagram essays is just her trying to convince herself. Fuck this is so sad

No. 382911

Are you such a dreamer?
To put the world to rights?
Ill stay home forever
Where 2 and 2 always makes a 5

Ill lay
Down the tracks
Sandbag and hide
January has April showers
And 2 plus 2 always makes a 5

Its the devils way now
Zhere is no way out
You can scream and you can shout
It is too late now


You have not been payin attention

No. 382916

ive always thought that her motivational (!) posts were for herself

idk why you didnt sage this but damn i love radiohead

No. 382953

File: 1504066687777.jpg (11.74 KB, 233x280, crazy_aly_ash_grey_tshirt.jpg)

Even though she was obviously fucked up to be skele, she really seemed more stable (although still a compulsive liar). Although she said she covered her body with shame at that weight, she was wearing short skirts and tights and wearing bikinis.

I really do think she was "happier" in a way. She didn't have to make any life decisions, she was waited on because she was sick and she didn't need to be independent.

Now she's physically healthy she's freaking out because she's got to have a life but being a horrible person all she's got is her chubby boyfriend. She's miserrable as sin.

Predictions for the next two days:
- anxiety in the morning
THIS WOULD BE A++++ if she took that empty wheelie case to the donut shop again and says her dad came to take her home to apologise. Is she crazy enough??
- "I won't be here much because I'm away…" but posts loads
- aqua centre/by the sea
-"bloated stomach because I just ate"
-"stretch marks"
-boyfriend's acorn bulge in too small shorts
-she's lonely/black screen post
-she's had 3000 calories
-at least 3 kissing photos a day
-cheap seafood restaurant
-lets everyone know she's had sex
-delusions about living together

No. 382954

yes everything haha
i think she'll only do dad apology if someone says about reporting him hitting her to the police or something

i also think she might do a dramatic "here i am, at the train station" "bought my ticket, im gonna go , im really gonna leave rn, im leaving"

No. 382975

I think she will be in a really good mood. Saying stuff like "nothing else matters" or "anorexia is in the past now" she's always like that the first day with the boy.

No. 382984

"count orgasms, not calories!"

No. 383014

I don't understand why she counts anything at all. Just enjoy stuff and let it happen as it comes to you, man.

No. 383022

File: 1504087957357.png (204.48 KB, 747x1067, IMG_0355.PNG)

"Oh donut, you so funny!"

No. 383028

File: 1504089916414.png (51.86 KB, 460x260, wp_ss_20170830_0001.png)

Another non existent comment.

No. 383037

am I going crazy or did she delete the picture and reposted the same caption with a different picture? Not enough comments for our recoveryqueer?

No. 383065

File: 1504097045092.png (169.54 KB, 750x1107, IMG_7965.PNG)

Um, I see nothing in the previous post that would cause her to flip out like this? Jesus her English is such shit I can't cipher out what she's saying half the time.

No. 383071

What did the comments say?

No. 383097

She already deleted it, but when I glanced at them it was just the usual asspats "You've got this!" "Rooting for you!" type of shit.

No. 383112

File: 1504102089072.png (162.99 KB, 749x1068, IMG_0356.PNG)

At least she has embers support hah

No. 383125

File: 1504104515702.gif (3.44 MB, 360x640, Imissedmytrain.gif)

Made another .gif

"Hi guys, Ive been missing train because of a bad panic attack, and ya, I had the bag ready, but I wanted to keep this video because it's ok to not be always ok. And ya, thank you for your support…and I have noticed I have a terrible face, but ok, tears are ok, and let's try better next time kiss "

I wonder how many takes she does for these.

No. 383131

She will probably be the reason Aly finds us.

No. 383137

I feel like Aly is one of those cows who will give more milk once they find us. lol

No. 383138

Funny how she has these awful public breakdowns yet that hideous winged eyeliner is never smudged

No. 383153

i assume the train is actually just late or she got there early

No. 383158

this is hilarious
>quick support me before the train leaves! quickly! say im beautiful and strong!

No. 383201

jasmin_elisabeth98 is the new lousrecovery. But -in Aly's words- a thousand times dumber.

No. 383234

File: 1504114131386.png (1 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170830-112555.png)

Is her mom seriously waiting with her at the train station? Where was she during the panic attack? Now she has to waste more time waiting for another train?

No. 383244

what was she panicking about? seeing bf and not being able to restrict?

No. 383256

File: 1504117240594.jpg (365.05 KB, 682x1120, Screenshot_20170830-121813.jpg)

Sure Aly…

No. 383269

she always mixes up her motivational word salad, first pain destroys you now youre coming out of a storm and yeah, goodbye aly! hahah

No. 383298

She got 16 comments out of it, not including a hater comment she deleted.

Instant flip flop! She deleted the part of her caption where she said she's saying goodbye and leaving.

No. 383303


No. 383304

She'll post again and say "this is my account and I can do what I want".
She knows what gets her attention; saying she'll delete, saying she looks fat and bloated, saying she's having a hard time/break down and then powering through it with a candy bar, and her obsessive need
to post her triggering "transformation" photos three times a week.

Her repetitive word salad about SCREAMING FOR RECOVERY and how ED thoughts are hard doesn't give her any attention.

No. 383305

aaaaaaaaaaand two more posts!

No. 383310

my god why does she do this?! (i guess thats rhetorical) like people want her to leave insta for her own sake lol i just wanna grab her and shake her

No. 383316

She's spinning her anxiety attack incident as the first time she's shown her followers that she "failed". Out of all the whining and black screen/crying posts she's made, having a panic attack is the only understandably scary one that she's ever made yet she's saying it's the only time she's "failed". (Posting a video about it is pretty pathetic though. That's Crying Emily territory).

I wish she'd stop saying DRIVE BY. Does she know what a drive by is?

No. 383319

you fail everyday hun

i remember an anon said she was confusing drive by with something else but i cant remember what it was..

No. 383321

Second time she's taken her stuff to the train station but hasn't caught the train. What's she playing at?

No. 383322

(sry forgot to sage)

No. 383334

has she managed to board a train yet?

No. 383336

No, she's trying again tomorrow lol.

No. 383348

omg did she do a fake out for pity?

No. 383370

Either that or she's particularly fond of the place Ma buys her lunch at.

No. 383390

Time? All she got if time. Jesus fucking Christ does she have a job even? School? All I see her do is hanging at the pool, being only grrl (!) at bar, donut shit, McDonalds filming crazy eyes, making out with her fat boyfriend and going to her fave magnum place or whatevs. Aly, you got TIME

No. 383433

she doesnt do anything
i think she might tutor english sometimes tho? lmao

No. 383480

She deleted her last bikini pic. I didn't bother to read all the caption but I think it was basically explaining why she wasn't leaving because of the support she had in her break down post about leaving, so ???

No. 383483

i wish her account would get deleted or something so she'd be forced to get the fuck over instagram

No. 383507

I just came to say that pic is now missing too. I hardly read the caption either because they are getting harder and harder to read all the time, but you know I wouldn't put it past Aly to have spent the day faking a meltdown for pity points and love since her account is still private and she gets fewer likes and comments each time she does that. Which actually makes me worry that she's more obsessed with IG and clearly has few real life supports than we realize.

No. 383509

i wonder if she did too
she posted throughout the time she said she was having a panic attack and why was she even having a panic attack? she definitely is obsessed with ig all she has is her bf and she never seems to really be happy with him

No. 383567

Her temp thread during site downtime:

No. 383568

I wonder if maybe he cheated on her or was dating another woman while they were on a break. She doesn't seem happy with him but in the same breath tries to convince everyone how perfect they are together and how much they love each other. She's probably too ashamed to say anything about it and could be why she has so much anxiety. She's extremely insecure.

No. 383576

Phew. Without motivation from our recovery queer I would feel insicure and kill me. I definitely wouldn't eat because of stones in my stomach.

On his fb or ig he's posted a few pics of himself with a girl and they seemed pretty close. I know platonic relationships with the opposite sex are possible, but it's a possibility they were an item.

No. 383617

Aly used to go on dates with other dudes too though. She posted about it while she was still bones, before she broke her leg.

No. 383643

Yea but this is Aly we are talking about. Even if both of them dated other people, in Aly's eyes it was more damaging to her than to him. She's -always- the victim.
Her weird anxiety about visiting her boyfriend is bizarre. More reason to believe shit will get worse for her when she "moves in" with him.

No. 383650

File: 1504170060939.png (81.61 KB, 889x466, 16482631082017.png)

For those not able to view her account
The last 24 hours included:

>>Gonna leave on the train - but didn't

>>Cookies for breakfast
>>Donut and pose, fries and pose, magnum and pose
>>prepackaged sushi
>>Two bikini photos

And today she says she's leaving again. Okay, Aly.

No. 383652

LIVINING (!!!!!!!)

No. 383654

She honestly doesn't reread any of her captions. English isn't her first language, you would think she'd put a little effort to make sure she was saying something coherent but nope! Not our Aly! She doesn't have time for that, she's LIVINING guys! Kek

No. 383661

File: 1504172494372.png (1.13 MB, 720x1280, 5g5ynAk.png)

Well fuck me, she actually managed to make the train.

No. 383693

File: 1504183723003.png (1.06 MB, 715x1173, 20170831_134707.png)

What a hoof!

No. 383701

Looks like her vag is really far in the front.

No. 383702

While that is a pretty severe camel toe, it's also just the bathing suit extending the wrinkle higher up. Kind of obvious.
But yea, that's a nice catch, I didn't notice it at first, yikes

No. 383704

File: 1504186402726.png (149.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170831-143241.png)

Gotta be a cow?

No. 383730

tbh all of these could have been written by farmers lol

No. 383731

So who wants to bet her ticket was for today afterall

No. 383755

File: 1504194203711.png (21.63 KB, 468x107, wp_ss_20170831_0001.png)

She did this again. There was one comment by dogs& but obv she's a zero.

No. 383759

And, of course, the dogbitch leaves another asslicking comment. She's so incredibly dumb. Also why does she always write "iT"? Why capitalize the t?

No. 383760

That always pisses me off as well!

Is she even in Rome? Her bf must be a zero too.

No. 383764

how does dogs keep supporting her when she gets this in return? idek what to say about aly anymore im just always annoyed and prepared to slap her in the face

No. 383790

File: 1504197594510.png (14.29 KB, 455x120, wp_ss_20170831_0002.png)

She's hovering around her comments because she's deleting some like these

No. 383798

File: 1504198032512.jpg (119.26 KB, 526x424, Screenshot_20170831-104455.jpg)

I think this bitch is going to catch on that Aly doesn't care sooner than we thought.

No. 383812

what does she mean by "this is not a drive by?"

No. 383833

how many times has someone said this to her tho? she literally does think that people should value her more than their own mental health

No. 383854

a million times. Its usually a sign of when people start to realise she doesn't care what you say.

No. 383943

File: 1504212141644.gif (Spoiler Image, 932.16 KB, 324x576, Gross.gif)

It's gross how she makes her boyfriend pose the same with her everytime.

No. 383944

um rob your ponch is showing

No. 383957

She's incorporated her bent knee pose into their shoots. Looks like she's about to knee him in the bollocks.

No. 383972

File: 1504215729657.png (826.56 KB, 714x590, crazylady.png)

Here're some story ss for non followers. Those eyeeeesssss.

No. 383977

woah they crazy

i feel like she regrets every other meal, does she not worry about triggering people who follow her? (i already know the answer ofc) like you have to keep your struggling consistent lol dont pretend youre happy about eating in one post n then break down in the next. i know its hard in recovery but what is goin on in her head. wish she'd just completely relapse so she could get all that crazy looked at

No. 383978

File: 1504216463405.jpg (42.24 KB, 270x290, mansonscarysanpaku.jpg)

why do so many cows have those mad, mad sanpaku eyes? ugh

No. 383981

ah charles manson, the first cow

No. 383987

I'm not one of those people who get off to killers, but I think he was hot at that age.

She went to some really cheap Spanish restaurant that had menus like you get at Pizza Hut with deals. I reckon she makes these triggering posts with the intention to trigger. If she felt that bad she wouldn't have gone on to eat that main course slop whatever it was.

Some parts of Aly's mind are so predictable and transparent, but others still make me think WTF.

No. 384023

File: 1504221255323.jpg (285.58 KB, 701x740, Screenshot_20170831-171151.jpg)

>I did it this time

…Did what?

No. 384046

i guess she ate it? she always makes food look so unappetizing with the white background not that mussels look good anyway

No. 384055

File: 1504982062599.jpg (352.93 KB, 2896x2896, NORMAL.jpg)

Testing Testing…

No. 384061

omg this pic is all you need to know about previous milk lol

No. 384076

(Ahh I missed the original lolcow )

On Aly's latest picture
>Honest opinion (!) Do I still look underweight?
This is going to be a shitfest. So far only 3 lovely girls have commented and are telling her that duhhh of course she does she's still a smol fragile ana!

No. 384087

Yay! I missed original lolcow too. I couldn't post from my phone because the strolling cow wouldn't stop,loading

ANYWAY she just posted that the donut shop's offered her a job. Ha.

And no, she doesn't look underweight. Nobody's going to say it because Aly would sperg out.

No. 384096

File: 1504989156292.png (275.3 KB, 750x1210, IMG_2177.PNG)

wut? how did they just send her an email to start working there? did they just randomly approach her and ask for her email because she's "so cheerful" and visits there a lot? Otherwise they must've seen her IG promoting their food.. so they know about her ED and her "struggles". I'm so confused. Anyways, I thought she just got two jobs… now she's considering a third?someone shed some light on this

No. 384111

What's a colloquium?

Why's she making a big deal about the idea of (only an idea because I don't believe it's a reality) of working in a donut shop and being an EX (!) anorexic? Thousands of women with EDs work in catering. She really likes to think she's special, doesn't she.

Here's what I think has happened. She's had to look for a job because she's draining Ma's wages spending it on take out food. Her boyfriend's probably told her she needs to start saving and so needs a job. The fashion brend job doesn't exist. This legal department job doesn't exist. The other job was more than likely clearing tables. She was useless so they sent her home. She asked the donut place if there are any jobs going and they've said drop by on Thursday and we'll talk about it.

If she'd been thrown 3 jobs her way in a week I'd be even more pissed off about Brexit because I'd be going to Italy and carefully sifting through all those career opportunities that just land on my lap.

No. 384114

File: 1504992278582.png (500.9 KB, 354x587, entrails.png)

This pizza looks like the topping's been swept up from an operating theatre's floor.

finding.maisie asked her how she can afford to keep eating out. Today everything she's eaten's been from cafes and cheap restaurants.

No. 384124

>swept up from an operating theatre's floor

The fuck does that even mean? If the meat you're eating doesn't look like meat I'd be concerned.

No. 384125

A "colloquio" is how we call job interviews or school meetings with your parents. For whatever reason, the Latin root evolved like that for us, while I've seen it used only for seminars in English. I guess it ends up being a false friend.

No. 384150

I'm not the anon who first said this…but to answer you, I don't think they are talking about eating meat that doesn't look like meat. They're talking about how this pizza looks like it's topped with crap you'd find on the floor of a theater. I could be wrong

No. 384162

It means that meat look HUMAN.

No. 384164

Yeah, it looks like scraps of really low quality meat. Like, wtf animal does this come from?

No. 384180

than ever? thought you ate 4000 a day on holiday

yeah i agree with you. i dont think she'll ever get a job tbh there will always be an excuse

No. 384229

The excuse for the donnie shop will be that they force (!) her to wear an apron and those stupid little hats. I'd like a shoot of her wearing that tbh.

No. 384272

i cant work there cus it triiiggerrss mee!

really this is so made up, oh my god. why would you ask a customer who is talking about job interviews to a job interview? she just wants it to sound like shes super popular and living this brand new life when really she ain't got nothing. cant wait for tubby to get there

No. 384315

Why the fuck would they assume she would be great at making new milkshake flavors, just because they overheard her talking about needing a job?

No. 384316

I was just about to post how there's no wY she'd be inventing new shakes. If it's a chain, which I think it is, they have a set menu of shakes. She's full of so much shit she needs some laxatives.

No. 384318

Edit REPOST X. Yeah it's a chain. I just visited the website. The only ones inventing new shakes will be EXPERTS, not randoms.

No. 384326

File: 1505025344898.jpg (92.16 KB, 652x331, Screenshot_20170910-002840.jpg)

This person claims to be a secret sample maker. They apparently make Starbucks drinks. Isn't that weird considering what Aly is claiming about shake inventor? Or am I reading to much into it?

No. 384338

Even if she did get offered a job and took it, she wouldn't last long. She wouldn't be able to do her usual lunch shoots at McDonald's or Eat and Go with Ma. She would go insane not being able to have her routine. You think think corporate is going to be cool with her taking her lunch break posing in front of her job, while her mom takes a million photos?
She's such a bad liar.

No. 384344

That profile's flaky as hell. At least two of the few followers are made up accounts. They're following some ED recovery and bodyposi accounts. Could be a farmer or could just be someone who found Aly and her faps so followed.

No. 384357

File: 1505035468359.jpg (73.34 KB, 692x614, role model.JPG)

Family sitting at a table eating their McDonald's being all normal. Aly's Ma taking multiple pics of her pretending to eat fries looking like a twat.

Today's quote:
>dance in pants on your illness's grave


No. 384364

File: 1505038931005.jpg (13.64 KB, 300x66, 1.JPG)

She only got two comments so deleted it (and so there'll be a repost). This was one of the comments.

No. 384378

File: 1505041931478.png (1.48 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4336.PNG)

She's reposted her morning pic three times now, with 1-2 comments each time, so obvs her logical solution is to starve herself and guilt-trip followers.

No. 384396

>you can only help me by commenting at least 10 times hurry im starving myself!

No. 384411

File: 1505052316874.jpg (45.16 KB, 480x223, IMG_20170910_160210.jpg)

Of course Aly, you don't have a phone to contact people but you can upload stories and such…How much worse she can get?

No. 384413


No. 384414

>What's a colloquium?
She meant a job interview.
As an Italian, I crack up everytime she says "solar" like in >>384096 … She really uses Google Translate shamelessly. Even "sunny" would make more sense while being closer to the Italian term. I love Alyisms.

No. 384425

is this just an excuse not to reply to dms? lol i thought she loved her followers! i love how she pretends that she doesnt wanna obsessively post all day

No. 384455

File: 1505058901116.jpg (968.26 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170910_095303.jpg)

This is really pathetic…no DMs, but comment anyway

No. 384462

Yes! And maybe an excuse to that girl who always tells Aly to write her on Whatsapp if she needs something. I think her excuses are just pathetic at this point.

No. 384465

>idk if I like my body, quick! comment on my swimsuit photo! I'm so insicure about my body idk if I should post only8 or 9 photos of it!

No. 384469

I insist she needs a job and more obligations (like having to keep a house tidy, paying the bills, etc.).
If she had real problems she would slowly start to become more resilient and would realise that getting confirmation from random people on the Internet on whether she's fat or not really isn't satisfactory in the long term.

No. 384476

she really needs to get her hair cut

i hope people question this like i cant use dm but i can post stories on the app?

yeah if she just got off her phone for like 1 week she'd see its not that important although we are talking about aly n she operates on a different level to normal people

No. 384488

File: 1505062239760.png (46.59 KB, 367x169, mymymytelephone.png)

I don't know if the person who posted the second one would see this but I'm LIVING for that comment!

No. 384497

ugh these haters

No. 384518

File: 1505068500090.gif (764.27 KB, 500x378, IMG_5992.GIF)

No. 384529

haha has she replied to what they're saying or just deleted?

No. 384568

File: 1505073475045.jpeg (64.8 KB, 479x554, wtf.jpeg)

As always she didn't say anything, just liked the comments…I'm afraid some day I'll get blocked because I like those comments too. With Aly, everything's

Right now she reposted this and, seriously, this girl infuriates me. She makes ZERO sense. Fuck them but I'm suicidal. She talks about it as if it's nothing and I actually think she deserves to experience something hard in RL so she knows what's actually suffering or/and pain. She's so desperate for comments or attention that she HAS to claim she wants to kill herself or purge and that's just pathetic for an ex-anorexic (or other people, by the way) who claims to be so proud of who she is. So hypocrite.

No. 384570

I wonder how much time will pass until she post something in stories if she don't receive any comment or less than she thought, just wait for it.

No. 384577

so pics on her stories counts as none? this fake hater thing is ridiculous. all the real "hate" she gets is people calling her out or just questioning what shes saying, no ones just commenting "bitch"

No. 384580

File: 1505074100987.png (516.72 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4337.PNG)

aaand she's deleted the post. It'll be up again by the time this uploads though

No. 384581

>I could spend a whole day without guilt or fears

Apparently she forgot about her father yelling to her this morning and the decision she made of not eating lunch until she got received some help from her ''lovely followers''. Her lies only make me more angry, she doesn't even do the effort to make it credible.

No. 384582

she prolly got a bunch more yells (!) from weirdos

No. 384583

File: 1505074269320.png (163.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4338.PNG)

Samefag, it's like clockwork. Only now she's "suicidal af"

No. 384585


Ugh, I'm sure the only comment she received (which was from her) was so hurtful…You know, all these hashtags she post just mean NOTHING (!) so HURT (!) much INSICURE (!!!)

>not going to eat snack after dinner

>bc much pain, so suicide
>eat it anyway
>help anyone? everybody forgot about me? I'm all alone here?

No. 384588

I know I've mendtioned this a couple of times but
FUCK this bitch makes me rage

No. 384593

She's at 19 likes and 3 comments. None are haters so far…will she repost again?

Maybe her and Jasmine got into a fight lol

No. 384598


SAME. Sometimes I feel kind of bad because she makes me hate this kind of internet persona she is? I don't know how to explain it. I can't stand her even when I don't know her (luckily). At least I can't stand her lies, or how she tries to get attention by guilt tripping all the people who follow her. I think she wouldn't make me this angry if it wasn't for her ''I have no one'' ''everybody forgot about me'' thing. People actually spend time of their days to comment, even if just a few seconds, they're encouraging her. And what do they get? A like, at most.

No. 384600


>Maybe her and Jasmine got into a fight lol

Or maybe this girl didn't believe the whole ''broken phone'' thing. She actually tried to help Aly and reached for her everyday, trying to talk to her via Whatsapp or something. I bet Aly got bored because this way she couldn't get attention or post more on IG.

No. 384604

>suicidal af
lmao no one said anything to you!


No. 384609

I think that girl is a creep, I would make up crazy shit to avoid her too. LoL I can see her being as overbearing and needy as Aly.

No. 384611

File: 1505075656369.jpg (179.27 KB, 702x649, Screenshot_20170910-142654.jpg)

I have a lot to say, but like and comment on my previous picture first.

No. 384612

File: 1505075693155.png (21.15 KB, 290x352, ad.png)

No. 384617

File: 1505075942079.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170910-143757.png)

No. 384619

File: 1505076140470.jpg (312.16 KB, 978x764, rp.jpg)

She deleted a bikini pic she posted and even though I'm almost sure she'll repost it again, that's what she said. Maybe she's actually that crazy and she's hearing voices and seeing things that don't exist. Or she's a pathological liar.

No. 384623

Parts of Tuscany are flooded badly, and people have died…but Aly feels fat and wants to die because lovely girls don't care.

She's lost 1000 followers too, which I find very satisfying.

No. 384624

This is why I hate her. She doesn't do this to "help" anyone. Yet, she keeps this profile going using that reason.

No. 384626

this is what makes me so irritated w her, this is all fabrication. i was gonna say maybe shes translating wrong or something but then she says they were fake accounts
>i dont look so anorexic to need support
isnt that something shes said herself before? ughh i hate her

No. 384629

File: 1505076912425.png (1.04 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170910-145306.png)

No. 384632

>everything was great but then 2 fake accounts called me a bitch and now i want to kill myself

No. 384634


Her lies remind me of what a child would say if getting caught doing something. Who in their right mind would believe that a stranger left her a comment saying something like ''you're not thin enough to get attention'' ''too fat for comments'' ''not skinny, not support''?

No. 384639

For today, at least for today, she should "stay silent (!)" and stop threatening sudoku over someone on the internet calling her a bitch. In Livorno a whole family died because of the flooding, including a 2 year old child, and only his sister survived. Aly is literally a sheltered spoiled brat with narcissistic tendencies, too self absorbed to care about the world, because in her mind the world should always help her.

No. 384646

File: 1505078310070.png (182.5 KB, 720x1010, 20170910_231708.png)

she posted this 9 hours ago
am I going crazy or did she post the same fucking speech just about 2 weeks ago?

No. 384649

>body fat
probably so, ive seen things she writes over and over

No. 384687

It's similar to something she's already posted. I wouldn't be surprised if mentioning she doesn't have her period back is another way for Aly to remind everyone she's still a delicate Ana. I'd be surprised if she ever does post about getting her period back.

No. 384694

In July she wrote "until I get my period back again properly". I took that as meaning she already got it back but probably irregular.

I'm no sensitive snowflake, but it's really pissing me off how lightly she throws around "suicidal".

No. 384701

when she says suicidal i think she means really upset in the dramatic way a teenager would. she has too big an ego to kill herself, like she said "you would miss you"

No. 384858

So far I've created 5 sock puppet accounts (4 of which are blocked by now) and parismelodyraven followed each one of them after following aly. what the fuck.

No. 384864

File: 1505120987140.png (17.32 KB, 436x107, wp_ss_20170911_0001.png)

Same happens to me and twice she requested after I only liked a post!

In other news, Aly's decreased her BMI overnight.

No. 384876

She did that to me when I followed Aly when she went private the last time. I blocked her immediately. Don't need a bunch of psycho anachans flooding my IGs. Aly is enough for me and even she's too much at times .

No. 384891

I wish I didn't follow Aly. I hate looking at what people I actually like are posting and it's all heavy on Aly pics. I only followed when I knew she'd go private.

On her latest she said her first post had hate comments. I was watching closely and I don't even need to say it but there were no hater comments.

I wish dickheads would stop telling her haters are idiots because it only encourages her to do the fake hate routine again and again.

No. 384894

She's deleted that post now.

No. 384895

Yeah, not a soul wished her luck.

No. 384896

File: 1505132692819.png (17.9 KB, 480x108, wp_ss_20170911_0007.png)


No. 384897

hah just wanted to post this

I don't even know what to say anymore really

No. 384899

well, I do wish her luck

luck with fucking off (!)

No. 384901


>I feel so worthless I'm just gonna repost two more times

She's ridiculous. People tell her to answer DM's ALL the time but she only wants comments on her photos. Before maybe it would help to gain popularity and to appear in the discovery page (that's how I found her), but now it's just pointles. I'm so tempted to ask her how does she do it to delete the hate comments that fast because I receive some hate too (not true lol) and wait…But I'm sure she'd block me / repost the photo again.

No. 384903

She went to an interview wearing a dress that ends at her crotch. Timeline doesn't really fit though. When exactly did she go?

Freethefuckingflan replied. Aaaagh, stahp people! Not replying is good therapy for her.

No. 384904

I report her suicidal posts. I pray to Jaysus she gets deleted.

No. 384905


>In other news, Aly's decreased her BMI overnight.

I noticed that too. I think she's so desperate to being seen as an ''ex''anorexic still recovering that she has to lie even thought a few days ago she said her BMI was between 18.5 / 19. But she doesn't care about numbers (!) right?

No. 384907

it's parma ham you cretins

No. 384916

File: 1505136286131.jpg (38.59 KB, 514x269, popular.JPG)

No comments yet. Will she delete? Will she Sudoku? Stay tuned ❤️

No. 384925

i hate people who demand others to care about them like it doesnt work like that

heres hoping

No. 384932

File: 1505141101191.jpg (188.5 KB, 713x670, Screenshot_20170911-084306.jpg)

Being suicidal is a lifestyle!

No. 384934

shes suicidal when she survives?
also aly a healed scar is a um, scar

No. 384936

File: 1505141483744.png (59.69 KB, 636x1005, IMG_4343.PNG)

So recovered. So normal.

No. 384939

girl is losing it
is this all over instagram comments? seriously?
if she would just try n fill her life with other things she could get over all of this im sure, but she refuses to

No. 384940


So much hate = 3 comments or less.
I keep reporting all these kind of photos and when she tells she's suicidal and all but she's too fast deleting and editing those things..Ugh.

No. 384942


She tries so hard to be inspirational (!) that she forgets to make sense at all. What surprises me the most is her capacity to claim she wants to kill herself at first and then post a text promoting how a person should keep fighting and all.

No. 384945

She's deleting posts like crazy right now, her post count decreases each time you refresh her page lmao.

No. 384947

Also…If a 21 years old girl needs people from IG to tell her to eat a freaking chocolate bar / muffin / dinner…That's just fucked up.

No. 384952

>im a survivor
>im living my real life like a normal girl
>i want to kill myself every single day

No. 384954

File: 1505143118163.png (940.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170911-091753.png)

No. 384956

Me too, hehe

No. 384957

how long did she faint for? 20 seconds? she hasnt stopped posting

No. 384958

Damn, I jumped the gun, see added "shared a post to react, but ended up ignored again…I feel so alone. Hopeless"

No. 384960

File: 1505143513870.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4344.PNG)

God I wish she would just fuck off.

No. 384961

shes just ridiculous
people do actually care about her n she dismisses them

No. 384962

File: 1505143902681.png (69.07 KB, 749x370, IMG_0501.PNG)

Wtf is that comment

No. 384963

I love when no one comments.

No. 384965

Low blood sugar on 3000 (!) calories a day of fraps and donuts. Lol i'm out. I hope she relapses soon. I wouldnt wish that on anyone but Aly, she obviously needs to hit a much lower rock bottom or like, have a 5 month existential crisis after a mushroom trip to start wanting to make some changes. Even her #TraumaticExperience where she got hit by a car wasn't enough

No. 384966


Seems like a 10 years old with a phone.


She's stuck in a parallel universe when people don't have school / work and can comment all the time, so that's why she probably thinks she's alone there. Everyone's actually living in the real world.

No. 384967

File: 1505144276338.png (131.57 KB, 750x506, IMG_2179.PNG)

BITCH i thought you DID faint. actually Aly, we do know what "you're fighting", you write your entire life on instagram

No. 384968

Damn, beat me to it. I'm not surprised her dad yells at her, she's unbelievably overdramatic.

No. 384969

"dont even look like i should recover" is something she says about herself, shes not even creative enough to make up fake hater comments like who says to someone "you dont look thin enough to recover" it doesnt even make sense! shes so mad that shes weight restored. i dont get why she doesnt relapse when her thoughts are so disordered

No. 384971

I was going to say, she probably stood up too quickly and got dizzy, her mashed potato brains got an idea for asspats "I fainted!' And thus we have our theme for the day: low blood sugar

No. 384973

Omg, me too. I think it's the only way to get through to her.

No. 384976

Did anyone else see that video the Jasmine stan linked on her bio? It's a video she made for her body.

No. 384977

The thing about Aly that really pisses me off is when she makes her word salad about "putting yourself first for once". The bitch doesn't think about anybody but herself! She's the centre of her own cuckoo universe. Say if her town flooded or w/e she'd take it as a personal attack bc she wouldn't be able to go get a magnum to make it all better. Urgh.

No. 384978

File: 1505145531007.jpg (20.03 KB, 285x249, bmi 17.5.JPG)


I'm 100% on his side. Of all the cows/snowflakes on here, Aly's the only one I wish lived near me. I'd do so much stealthy surveillance because I'm itching to know what happens in her life 7/24 behind all the bullshit. I could make a documentary about her.

No. 384979

do you remember that post she made about how she found it hard to recover because she always put other people first? lmao sometimes i think aly is a sociopath, im only like half kidding

No. 384981

I've posted in the past how I wonder if she's a sociopath. She really has no feelings for anyone and I reckon the reason she "loves" Ma so much is because she's an enabler.

No. 384986

Aly's life is so fucking sad

No. 384988

Probably more along the lines of having NPD tendencies, not ASPD. she does seem to have zero empathy

No. 384989

File: 1505146888439.png (26.47 KB, 742x201, IMG_2188.PNG)

Yet another suicidal person in her comments, Aly gives no fucks. How dare someone make it about them, not about her. I wonder if she'll delete this one. remember Jack?

No. 384994

File: 1505147697274.png (694.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170911-103351.png)

Crying so hard I can't taste the ice cream

No. 384998

yeah that makes more sense. i just go to sociopath cus of her lack of empathy but theres more too it than that. i dont mean to be an armchair psych lol its just that shes so weird i always wanna figure out what her deal is

No. 385003

I hope Jack pulled through. #prayforjack

No. 385009

File: 1505151917622.jpg (73.62 KB, 662x661, fascinating pose.JPG)

And wtf is this pose about?

No. 385010

File: 1505152202061.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4347.PNG)

Alcoholic Aly strikes again. With the hard stuff this time, strawberry daiquiris (!)

No. 385012

File: 1505152504050.jpg (37.89 KB, 349x639, noooo.JPG)

Don't jump, Aly!!!

No. 385014

She really is stuck in a mid-2000s parallel universe.

No. 385017

it's the "don't contact me in private, because I'm using an old phone that can post pictures and stories but I can't even open DMs" pose.

No. 385031

i wonder how she feels about losing two thousand followers, crazy i assume

No. 385032

Everytime I see a new Aly post my brain farts loudly. I literally only check this thread knowing that I will be mad because of it.
It's like self harm coming here at this point.
Funny thing is that I used to go gentle with her because she's mentally ill etc.

No. 385034

>I lost everybody out there
is she finally admitting that she has no friends irl?

No. 385039

She posted that?! HAHA! Omg…

No. 385040

File: 1505157789826.jpg (40.21 KB, 652x184, Screenshot_20170911-132146.jpg)

You ask for help literally everyday

No. 385044

>follows less than 1% of her followers
>pretends she cant answer dms
>never comments on anyone elses posts

No. 385049

File: 1505158578953.png (32.46 KB, 332x542, 1235611092017.png)

She's NOT a role model and never has been. She's mental jfc.

No. 385050

So she deleted this whole post?

No. 385053

Idk if she deleted and reposted the status but yea I still see this caption on her Instagram. The photo of her sitting in her bathing suit, wearing a robe.

No. 385056

File: 1505159196832.png (558.02 KB, 599x600, ewewewewew.png)

Am I the only one who feels disgusted seeing her bite marks? Idk, maybe I'm just weird but? See the marks from her teeth just skeeves me out for some reason, idk why. Sage for nitpick but I just fucking hate the posts with such visible bite marks. And it's just hers that bother me… Maybe because she bothers me.

No. 385057

>at least on here i can be me
yes and we're all so grateful

so shes currently "drunk" and isnt going home for dinner. what about those liquid cals aly

No. 385058

She's not going home tonight? So she's like a 5 year old who runs away from home because they didn't get their way.

When is she supposedly moving in with her boyfriend? She hasn't mentioned him in a while it seems. She wouldn't shut up about it for weeks.

No. 385059

maybe cause is a really tiny tiny bite, maybe a more natural one, but maybe she doen't want to share her saliva, ewww…

No. 385062

Last time she talked about fatberto, they argued because he thinks Aly can't drive and anti-feminist (!) stuff, later she posted one of those horrendous photos were they are kissing but the quote wasn't new, she just copy/paste a past post about getting back her period.

No. 385064

File: 1505160797818.png (803.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170911-141123.png)

No. 385066

was he coming like 18th or something? hes moving for school so it has to be soon, its prolly why shes freaking out so much recently

No. 385067

What does she mean with "nobody is hopeless"? it's supose to be positive?

No. 385072

File: 1505161405637.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4350.PNG)

No. 385129

guys did she eat dinner dont leave me in suspense!

No. 385135

File: 1505168877784.png (579.36 KB, 720x1097, 20170912_002646.png)

A real recoveryqueer (!) doesn't skip dinner!!!

No. 385165

File: 1505172640091.png (949 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170911-172419.png)

I love how she thinks we're to stupid to know what pic she needs comments on.
>check out the crossed leg #tb

Then she felt we needed more help, pic related.

It's like leaving a string of texts to your crush like, "leaving my house now, call me" "ok, just got to work, I thought I heard the phone ring but false alarm, call me"

It's so desperate

No. 385168

oh i hope she gets hardly any comments
can't get over how fucking stupid she looks just holding a fry up to her face

No. 385180

>>"self care salmon"

No. 385184

File: 1505174135812.png (35.06 KB, 333x599, 127611092017.png)

She got 5 comments, guys! Now maybe she can eat and continue fighting (!) #recoverywin

Honestly, though, what constitutes enough comments/likes for her?? I can never tell lol

No. 385187

i have no idea but i think 10+ is good much recovery, theres nothing in between then 3 or less = a hater left a comment and 0 = repost and suicide

No. 385389

It's just so odd how she completely denied any symptoms of having an ED ever before, such low blood sugar/fainting/lack of periods etc. Even back then she never really hinted about feeling depressed or wanting to starve.

But now that she seems to be at a healthy weight, it seems like she is clinging so badly to her eating disorder that she is making up shit to get attention even though she avoided that shit like the plague before. She is truly a piece of work.

No. 385394


I wonder if she will start turning to alcohol more now to cope.

No. 385396

No. 385398

Sage but - Newfags, this is not the temp board anymore. Don't blank post. You can exit out of a reply. This is annoying me so much since we moved back tbh.

No. 385420

It's a new brand of dildo. The salmon shape makes the experience that much more scalable.

No. 385424


Ikr…She always has an excuse for not eating / being poorly / feeling sad. Even some people who are giving her support tell her in some comments that the only one who can change it is her, but Aly needs her lovely followers (!) as always. Someone said maybe in this thread or another one that being anorexic was the best thing to ever happen to Aly and I thought that couldn't be possible at first, but now I don't know what to believe. When she was that bad, everyone paid her attention, everyone had to do what she wanted and talk her the same because…Well, she was ill. I'm sure she loved of people had her as an inspiration, how everyday people checked on her to see how she was doing. I'm sure if she could return to those days, sometimes she'd do it. Just for a while. She keeps telling her BMI is lower and lower but she doesn't go to the doctor inmediately, nor her therapist. She can say whatever she wants about money and jobs and blablabla, but if she - or her mother - has money to pay for take away food or snacks and all, they'd have money for therapy. Hell, I don't even have the money to always have snacks and chocolate at my house and also to order food out. At least, not every day.

I only knew of her at the beginning of this summer so I can't fully understand how bad she was before but now it's just frustrating to see how much she wants to get attention and pity of other people. What pisses me off the most is that she actually has the nerve the say she doesn't have anyone or that she's alone when she's so desperate for comments that she doesn't appreciate. Who in their right mind would think that it's okay to say ''almost no support'' or ''almost no one commented'', just to ask for more attention? I mean, behind EVERY comment there's a person who spend some time of his/her day to left her some encouraging words and what do they receive? Photos deleted, reposted, saying how she's ''alone and worthless'', a like at most or -at worst- a delete and block.

When I first found her profile I read only a few posts and I felt actually bad for her, so I write DM's maybe three or four times. I felt kind of helpful. Until I realized almost one month and a half later (I already found this site) that she didn't even read them! It makes me so angry how people like me try to reach for her in an attempt to actually helping someone, even if it's a stranger and this crazy chick just couldn't care less. It's not that I expected her to notice me or something, but a simple thank you would be appreciated, not this kind of guilt she tries to inflict in everyone reading. I'm sorry for the long rant but I know this girl needs ACTUAL help (a medical one!) and what what she does to others instead of getting it, it's just…Infuriating to me.

No. 385431

File: 1505211456780.png (201.42 KB, 720x1116, 20170912_121700.png)

repost bc only 2 comments lol

No. 385433

16 mins into repost only Jasmin Stan comnented. Does this mean Sudoku post?

No. 385434

(oh now there're two boo)

No. 385436


I'm sure it'll be something between ''I'm such a failure'' ''didn't care to anyone anymore'' ''had a shitty day yesterday and today nothing has changed''.

No. 385450

File: 1505218856788.png (184.42 KB, 640x1001, IMG_4387.PNG)

Our recoveryqueer would've literally died without strangers' kind words (!)

No. 385454

File: 1505221028725.png (879.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4388.PNG)


No. 385459


No. 385460

>> kicking ourselves into the butt

No. 385477

I understand how it happened on tempcow (start typing, change your mind and leave the page, it posted anyway). But, here, you actually have to hit "new reply" button to leave a blank post. It's %100 intentional. So..ya, wtf

No. 385480

Totally agree. Back when she actually looked really sick, she was never sad, ever. And posting a lot more "real food" but never gaining. Then she "shattered" her leg. That's when you could finally see she was starting to gain. Now she can't stand it, no attention, feeling fat, because she won't deal with her mental problems.

No. 385484

>when she was that bad, everyone paid her attention, everyone had to do what she wanted and talk her the same because…Well, she was ill. I'm sure she loved of people had her as an inspiration, how everyday people checked on her to see how she was doing. I'm sure if she could return to those days, sometimes she'd do it.

exactly like shes a narcissist, her ed made everyone care about her she was the centre of attention now she keeps asking if shes lost people or if anyones still there and talking about how shes v much still ill and needs help because she cant get over it and actually be healthy or a "normal" girl. her ed persona is really wrapped into instagram too which is weird

No. 385485

File: 1505227194744.png (1.58 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4389.PNG)

"Thank god I'm posing with something I don't have to pretend to eat"

No. 385494

cant wait for it to get cold there so we can stop seeing her in a bikini

No. 385532

File: 1505237478933.jpg (90.24 KB, 697x330, Screenshot_20170912-100859.jpg)

>so what if I need and pretend gaining

No. 385536

File: 1505238344043.jpg (1.2 MB, 810x3113, Screenshot_20170912-134317.jpg)

Guys she got a job (!)
No more restricting or sudoku!! Life is amazing and she's totally not a liar (!)

No. 385542

Can't wait for her to complain about the uniform

No. 385548

File: 1505239992486.png (579.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170912-130948.png)

shes gonna work here?
>this time it really will be a drive by
lol right…so shes gotta come up with some excuse before tuesday. what are we betting on?

also love how crazy she is, yesterday she was gonna kill herself cus "someone" called her a bitch now the previous struggles became meaningless cus she has a job..

No. 385550

So, she works from home for men's fashion brand, got sent home from the catering job, is an English tutor, and possible milkshake inventor, now this skate shop? Haha!

No. 385552

If she's telling the truth I'm happy for her

No. 385565

A skateboard shop, a store that sells sportswear. WTF? At least she might get a discount on some better clothes than she wears … IF she actually got the job. I thought it was for the legal job. Two interviews for retail?

No. 385566

No. 385567

File: 1505242597329.jpg (66.69 KB, 536x312, oops.JPG)

I read some reviews on their facebook page with google translate. Seems the staff are pissy, so she'd fit right in.

No. 385576

i cant really keep track i thought it was an internship for a legal department, maybe thats another job as well but i guess she wont be doing that anymore cus the skateboard shop is a drive by

kinda hope it is true, im not happy for her cus i think shes an awful person but itd be good for her to stop being on insta all the time. idk if i believe her tho

No. 385590

She's claiming she will still be able to go to her favorite spots. This makes me thing she's lying. So she can just pretend she got a job for asspats. Her profile is private so tagging the company won't arouse suspicion. I almost want to look at a map and see if the place really is close by.

I hope she's not lying but she's lied so many time who's to say.

No. 385592

I was going to do google maps to see if that store really is near Eat & Go.

What about her "catering job"?

No. 385598

It's on the same main street as her eat me and go spot. Most retail companies(high end is often a different story) usually don't hire full time unless you're a manager. Maybe it's different in Italy?
I don't know. I guess time will tell.

No. 385600

She could've just picked a store near Eat Me and said she's working there. Fuck me, if I could speak Italian I'd be phoning that shop when she's "at work" (!)

No. 385601

i wouldnt put it past her, itll probably be obvious if shes not really working cus she'll post the same amount

No. 385769

File: 1505261519419.png (320.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170912-144012.png)

It's 4 minutes away
wouldnt it be hilarious(ly depressing) if it's all pretend? I would actually like to see her have a real job though, wonder how she would cope

No. 385836


I don't think she would cope with a full time job right now. She's got more than anorexia going on in her head. From personal blog experience, a 4 day a week job when I thought I was ready after major mentals as too much. I stuck with it because I had rent and bills to pay, but it's easy for Aly to quit.

She's not ready for full time. HOWEVER, she said the menswear brend job which seems to have vanished, was full time and…yeah.

A part time job would be good, but 9-5 6 days a week (7/24/18), nah. Too stressful for someone still very fucked and not used to actually doing work.

I'd like to see her progress and I'm not just being a bitch, but the things her dad told her is troof.

No. 385886

>Most retail companies(high end is often a different story) usually don't hire full time unless you're a manager.

They do? You just get a contract for 1-3 month contract and if they like you they renew it (with another 1-3 month one=, if not you're out. You still get to work normal hours (like 7am - 3pm) and 5-6 days per week. The only people who work part time (so less than 8 hours per day/not the full week are students)

Wouldn't be surprised if she's lying.

No. 385921

File: 1505297843759.png (1.07 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170913-121601.png)

only 2 comments in 1 hour. Feels bad man

No. 385938

How strange. I've been looking at ig for 30 mins and nobody said that. It's almost like she's lying. How unAly.

No. 385954

File: 1505306235423.png (815.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4399.PNG)

She's so sensitive I can't believe it. There's no way she'll be able to handle a full time job.

No. 385961

calling people out who are just tryna help is gonna get you so much support aly

>i cant believe in myself

No. 385972

The funniest part is that there are people out there who are struggling with eating disorders, recovery, other illnesses, etc who do manage full-time jobs in far more stressful environments because they know they need to sustain themselves and Aly's clearly not going to be capable of even working, it's probably going to start to "interfere with her recovery", her supervisor might give her some critisism and she'll quit because "my boss made me suicidal (!)" lmaooo

No. 385973

>thats when my manager said that i was a fatty who didn't dress classy (!) so guess what i did? i quit ! i decided to be the knight and save myself! i did it girls i put myself first

No. 385995

File: 1505313881691.png (73.55 KB, 640x926, IMG_4400.PNG)

No comments in 16 minutes, she's gonna sudoku for sure(!)

No. 385998

she feels fat for what she wrote?
is aly having daily breakdowns now

No. 386004

File: 1505315311032.png (135.02 KB, 750x646, IMG_2195.PNG)

Reason #809 for her anorexia: lack of love and attention

No. 386006

her "i fell into" triggers me everytime lol
yeah you did it all for attention, like rn, makes sense

whats "i eat to sick attention"?

No. 386010

File: 1505315961109.png (213.46 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2017-09-13-10-16-46…)

Maybe she'll block, screenshot in stories, and black post.

No. 386011


It's not like anyone is begging for an Aly Mukbang.

No. 386014

incoming "girls ive decided not to leave"

No. 386019

"And post more about A L Y (!) and less of E D" and more babbling…

No. 386020

People really are commenting less and less. Good. I'd absolutely love to see what she'd do if they'd stop commenting altogether.

No. 386026

i wonder how many inactive or bot accounts make up her 49k followers

No. 386029

Already 48.9k :v lmao!

No. 386035

File: 1505318346875.png (1.66 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4405.PNG)

No. 386036

"I hate the world, want to sudoku (check my last post)"

No. 386038

I never thought I'm the type to really hate an online personality but here I am

No. 386040

File: 1505319011182.png (47.02 KB, 720x325, 20170913_180813.png)

please tell me this person's just being sarcastic

No. 386043

Seems sarcastic, if not i suppose he/she is stupid.

No. 386053

i think when she says shitty people (or whenever she insults fake haters) she really means her followers for not commenting

No. 386060

i always knew her makeup was bad but surely this is a new low

No. 386072

This person often comments incoherent things. Usually in response to her abusive dad. I don't think this person speaks English.

No. 386076

File: 1505324133965.gif (1012.47 KB, 504x896, Junkfood.gif)

"Hi guys! I've been wanting to relate to everything about food, junk food, about, no, we do deserve it, and I will write something more because ???? ??? ??…to support you"

When she takes a bite if the ice cream, talking about supporting you, she sounds very sarcastic lol

Anyone know what she said? I couldn't make it out.

No. 386080

I will never understand the constant need of ex-anorexics to brag about the nasty food they eat.

No. 386090

what is going on w her eyebrows? when she frowns it looks so weird like theres a bunch of extra skin?

No. 386093

File: 1505327226656.jpg (178.27 KB, 703x490, Screenshot_20170913-122406.jpg)

It triggers me when she reposts, and sticks her depressed rant on top of her inspirational post…how can she not see how disingenuous she looks? She reaaaly doesn't?

No. 386096

File: 1505328286083.jpg (556.91 KB, 1200x1215, Screenshot_20170913-124121.jpg)

Lol she deleted the part about "recieved none" after this comment.

No. 386103

I've already reported that sh*t. lol

No. 386106

>i will never heal
>it will happen, can you believe me?


so she gets a 2 hour break or she works 7 hours with no break? this is her gettin an excuse ready right. cant wait for tuesday lol
>coworker said i was one of the most beautiful girls he ever saw but why i eat so much? this is why im a feminist(!)

No. 386121

File: 1505331001164.jpg (32.27 KB, 331x235, right.jpg)

someone should start quoting her own inspirational words in the comments to her. Like how prank callers use sound boards from tv shows or whatever. see if she even notices.

No. 386131

>gonna tell you more

No. 386159

File: 1505334726218.jpg (91.82 KB, 1200x176, Screenshot_20170913-142855.jpg)

Does anyone here actually believe she will be gone this time?

Every time she does this there is a part of me that believes her…

No. 386168

so god damn ridiculous that she thinks you cant have an instagram and a job(!)

i dont think i ever believe her, i cant imagine her giving it up cus shes been so dramatic recently as well. i think she'll be like "ive decided to keep this account open so you can find motivation in previous posts" that she did before her trip n a bunch of times before and then just keep posting as normal

No. 386180

12 posts + the blackout today..

No. 386186

She just wants people to say "don't go! You're my inspiration!!" But most say "yes, go! Stop using IG!" And then she gets upset "wow I guess people want me gone. I'm fat and ugly and greedy". And the next post is her saying that IG is her diary and she doesn't have to go anywhere.

It's the same story every month.

No. 386200

She looks special needs here.

They're over plucked. Her eyebrows must be really bushy naturally.

No. 386207

yeah shes definitely gonna stay on insta and i think maybe she'll pretend to go to work for awhile, it'll be easy cus she goes near it everyday and then quit cus its interfering w her recovery/people there are sexist

im v distrustful of her lol if she really has this job ill be amazed

No. 386282

At this point I'm safely going with my belief she's trying to maintain at under 19. She's going to start losing. Winters almost here so it won't be too noticeable because she wont be walking around in a bikini (hopefully).

Lack of gushing about her bf moving to Milan is telling. I sense friction (I'm in psychic mode) and it's obvious she doesn't want him around because when he sees she's restricting he'll dump her again like last time. No way will she gain any more weight.

What would you say, darlings? Hope on your comments.

No. 386291

honey you're so right!
yeah boy coming was supposed to be the end to all her struggles i remember her saying she wanted her ed to be gone by the time he came now does she even talk about him except saying they had that fight about him not wanting her to drive or something? cant wait for next week when it hits the fan

No. 386292

I think your right about her boyfriend. He makes her miserable

No. 386307


Lovely girls agreed. Sick of the assholes though. I actually had texts from farmers calling me fatty. I want to drink into alcohol and kill me.

But remember LIFE IS AMAZING #inspirational.

How sly she must be keeping her account private from the boy. Not that he cares because her cooking is better than restaurant food.

No. 386367

Funny how she hasn't mentioned her stalker neighbour. Perhaps she confronted him and told him she could be wearing tanga and glitters on her butt with a pizza slice in her mouth and beer in her hand and still loving and respecting herself! Then she gave a strike into his butt and he apologised, offered her some fries and the whole city applauded! Afterwards, every shop in Milan offered her a job bc of her solar heroism.

No. 386444

Yeah I had the same thought about the whole boyfriend thing yesterday. Wondered if they already broke up since she doesn't even post their cringy pictures anymore

No. 386446

File: 1505377823034.png (501.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170914-103008.png)

No. 386456

File: 1505381508845.png (204.16 KB, 720x1142, 20170914_112929.png)

So that's how the whole thing will play out..

No. 386460

Hm. How would they know she'd been offered the job.

No. 386506

File: 1505393023569.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1492, Screenshot_20170914-133828_01.…)

The caption on this says her stretch marks are too notifiable. All I see is an ill-fitting swimsuit. Why doesn't she buy clothes that fit?

No. 386508

File: 1505393130921.png (295.04 KB, 1080x1554, Screenshot_20170914-134411_01.…)

No. 386511

File: 1505393849173.jpg (32.08 KB, 502x252, swim1.jpg)

Ew. Christ. Idk how women can wear bikinis where they constantly have to dig the fabric out of their crack.

If she's so bothered about stretch marks, she should wear something like img. Tbh, she should wear one of those anyway because she'd look slightly less gross.

I don't know how I'm going to deal with having to look at Rob all the time when he moves. They're a really disgusting couple. I need to calm me down and not #relapse.

No. 386513

How the freaking much is cute this shoot?!

No. 386514

File: 1505395329006.jpg (96.26 KB, 688x398, Screenshot_20170914-071922.jpg)

Who wants to bet this boyfriend shoot will be reposted? Only 1 comment in 30 min.

No. 386515

What is that?

she won't leave Instagram because her therapist thinks it's better if she doesn't have a job?

No. 386516

she said her job started tuesday now it starts the day after, not that weird but how did her therapist know about her job? and yes, theyll say she cant work and aly will be so disappointed

im also bothered by her maintaining at an underweight weight its fake recovery again

No. 386517

they may be right. how long would she last in a job, spending all her time fucking around on IG and asking her colleagues to take photos of her striking stupid poses in the break room?

No. 386524

her therapist doesnt know how crazy she is about ig and i would think they'd think her working would be a good idea no? it'll be really obvious if "they" stop her working because we know the job is either not real or she wants to get out of it

No. 386529

File: 1505397039542.png (72.29 KB, 750x1094, IMG_0524.PNG)

Here we go again

No. 386532

File: 1505397184165.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0525.PNG)

From her stories

No. 386533

File: 1505397317572.png (160.73 KB, 750x1074, IMG_0526.PNG)

Too bad she will delete this before dogsandshit can read that comment

No. 386535

Fuck off, Aly. Which was the dumb comment? The one arguing the case for MM?

No. 386536

she'll say "a hater called me a manipulative bitc*"
i feel bad for maisie shes always critical of aly but keeps tryna talk to her? jus leave girl

No. 386537

Haha. She's closing her account, guys. For real …

No. 386538

Fuck! I've been blocked…rip finding.maisie, best sock puppet there ever was….

We had some good times, Aly.

No. 386540

File: 1505397902499.png (169.85 KB, 750x1050, IMG_0528.PNG)

No. 386541

File: 1505397935394.png (216.7 KB, 737x1082, IMG_0527.PNG)

No. 386542

wait, Maisie was a sock puppet account?

No. 386545

ahh bye aly!

No. 386547

If she's gonna delete her account, why bother sharing photos of her day first?
I swear more people are rooting for her to close than to stay open at this point

No. 386548


Yes :( I mean, I originally started it to talk about my mental health problems, but everyone was so fake..I half am very supportive of actual accounts who are trying to get better (which is really why I made it) and the other half is for trainwrecks like Aly.

No. 386549

Aww!!! I liked her comments. Ive had 3 other accounts blocked too. Ive got only one left im trying to hang on for the milk lol

No. 386551

I just KNEW Maisie was a farmer! Awww, I liked her but it's incredible you got away with it so long. Maisie will always be in my heart.

No. 386552

Aw hi maisie :) didn't know you were a farmer too, i was the one who tried to reply to your comments on aly's ig and always ended up sending you a dm lol

No. 386555

She deleted rebecca's comment.

No. 386556


Aw, thanks guys. I really tried to push her to understand her idiocy, and sometimes it worked, but I guess I pushed it too far this time. I have no way of seeing the milk as of right now, so please keep the screen shots coming!

And by the way–DM girl, totally knew you were a farmer haha.

No. 386557

File: 1505399002081.png (190.26 KB, 749x972, IMG_0529.PNG)

And also the part about closing her account. Dumb fucking bitch

No. 386559

File: 1505399242225.jpg (94.99 KB, 807x596, tramp.JPG)

Now she's okay and not giving in. She's still healiling and looking shite in tight green shorts and awful, AWFUL wing things on her eyes.
How punchable?

No. 386560

File: 1505399412580.png (198.03 KB, 745x1075, IMG_0530.PNG)

This day is getting better and better omg

No. 386561

What the fuck is she on about with Minnie Maud? As far as I can tell she stuffs her face with a TON of calories and carbs daily, ignoring micronutrients, and definitely doesn't exercise..

No. 386562

wait so she doesnt agree with minnie maud? i thought she was following that


No. 386563

Maybe it will come a surprise you guys omg i'm so excited i hope it's a video of her sitting on a mcdonalds table and stuffing her ugly face with fast food!

No. 386564

No. 386565

Aren't those three the only "kind girls" left that still commented her posts? They have finally seen the light, lol.
Who will support our favorite feminist (!) now?

No. 386571

Someone just tell Aly her FEAR (!) food chicken bites from mcdonalds are only 150 friggin CALORIES (!) such recovery win and totally unplanned!

No. 386573

File: 1505400440669.gif (731.27 KB, 289x296, output_yBkR8y.gif)

10 pictures and one video during one visit.

No. 386574

I wonder how would she react if an account of someone recovering (really skinny) would ask her for tips to cope or stuff.

No. 386582

File: 1505401077348.png (150.34 KB, 750x1018, IMG_0546.PNG)

So much is going on today

No. 386583

Who takes these pictures? Surely ma is busy working, she has no actual friends and fatberto is absent so who? A random diner being harrassed

People have asked in the past and comments were ignored or other ig users tried to support which really pissed aly off.

No. 386585

File: 1505401146162.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0535.PNG)

Just eat your fucking ice cream jfc

No. 386586

She answered this yesterday exactly the same as canariosillbando has

But prove haters wrong by doing a video taking a single bite and flicking that dreadful hair

No. 386588

File: 1505401387585.jpg (83.58 KB, 670x377, it_stephenking.jpg)

Guess who!

No. 386589


No. 386594

if i had the skills (and also had photoshop) id shoop her in a storm drain, calling dogsandpos over sayin she cant eat dinner unless she gets some asspats and then um she eats her? lol idk

No. 386611

File: 1505403708621.jpg (18.56 KB, 371x265, aaaaaagh.JPG)

So, giving herself "challenges" is her latest
way to attract followers. Pft.

No. 386618

her face is genuinely frightening
she probably sees other accounts doing challenges and wants to pretend shes serious about recovery too

No. 386623

I often criticize her or give her hard advice, she really disturbes me, i'm fed up, i often hate her, but i am not a bitch with her. I recognize the comment of wildest.photography is really stupid, even coming from a hater. And now he continue his bitchy comments but that's fine, I think he doesn't cares if Aly block his account.

No. 386626

You are correct he has 2 other accounts one being made and the other his troll acount

No. 386629

huh? i think its more stupid to take 20 pics of yourself holding a fry near your mouth. she could just post a pic of the food but instead she has to be in it

No. 386638

Ya, many things are stupid, and "dumb comments" that are really dumb finally exist because the first "dumbest" person is Aly, she wouldn't had to cope with stupid comments if she were not like posing with all stuff near her mouth.

No. 386647

File: 1505408697457.gif (1.24 MB, 324x484, SupportME.gif)

No. 386649

File: 1505408822712.gif (3.18 MB, 357x357, Ohididn'tseeyou.gif)

Me again…ya the surprise was a video of her sitting on a McDonald's table.

No. 386654

how can it be a surprise if its always the same thing? also jc girl get your hair cut those split ends are awful

No. 386662

File: 1505410291033.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4430.PNG)

I wonder if the staff at McDonald's recognise her each time she sits on the FREAKIN TABLE (!) and takes a video. Her eyes honestly scare me.

No. 386685

Jesus how can fatburto even handle that lol like dam is the pussy that good? My girl hasn't bang me in like 6 months and I'm still with her.(This isn't a blog)

No. 386694

No. 386696

>how did her therapist know about her job?
I think she meant to say "he learnt about the job", not "knew". in Italian we'd say both with the same verb.

No. 386705

good to have you here italian anon

No. 386715

File: 1505421856411.png (100.98 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20170914-223951.png)


Also finding.maisie thank you for trying to make this crazy girl see the truth… I liked most of your comments and I wish I could stay as calm as you were all this time.

No. 386720

File: 1505422841722.jpg (307.27 KB, 540x883, Screenshot_20170914-145416.jpg)

This really got to her I guess…and that chicken nugget STILL couldn't make it into her mouth lol

No. 386726

File: 1505423684122.jpg (82.49 KB, 605x914, funny-english-translations-t-s…)

the way she writes reminds me of those mistranslated chinese shirts with random english words

No. 386728

show them haters by eatin aly!
that post is almost a parody of her

No. 386733

Who called her a crazy bitch? lmao this isn't eating!

No. 386737

I need to print this on a t-shirt

No. 386741


>this life is too short not to feel the hella bombs while stuffing our face at a street foods


No. 386742

File: 1505427652711.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4432.PNG)

Aly.. you.. you literally let the "haters" win by doing that.. you dim cunt.

No. 386747

so, was there really an ass*ole?

No. 386753

File: 1505429970489.jpg (15.26 KB, 296x85, 5.JPG)

I think she means this comment.

No. 386760

Jesus I know alys first language isnt english but youd think she would at least put alittle more effort into proofreading

No. 386761

Yes, right here >>386753


No. 386763

she must be thrilled when theres a real hater

No. 386765

I love how this post is 2 hrs old and no comments

No. 386781

holy shit she looks like Young Hooker #4 in an SVU episode, that Eliot Stabler interviews after Young Hooker #1 gets murdered, and when he asks her for info she's like "maybe i'll remember what he looked like…if you can hook me up with a fix" except instead of crack she just wants her scaring (!) McChicken Bites or whatever, so he buys then for her but then she can't remember anyway bc she was too busy posing w donnies, and then in the next scene Munch and Tutuola find her murdered with her phone still in her hand and the camera on and it gives them the lead they need to catch the perp

these are their stories

No. 386822

File: 1505443522061.jpg (52.2 KB, 319x533, thanks anon.JPG)

I'm guessing this is a farmer? Ty for supplying some fuel to Aly's rages tomorrow!

No. 386849

File: 1505450233428.png (283.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-14-21-33-18…)

More people calling her out on not ever responding to comments/dms. It's hard to even fathom how narcissistic this girl is.

No. 386859

Is there some sort of cow gene than renders lolcows completely indifferent to normal feelings of embarrassment or shame? It's almost like sociopathy or some shit

No. 386874

File: 1505454657537.png (160.43 KB, 739x862, IMG_0550.PNG)

As if aly would care! Yeah, good for you that you survived a hurricane, but Aly mastered a FREAKING hella bomb STREETS FOOD CHALLENGE (!) she's so much recovered and kicking ana in the butt!!

No. 386899

File: 1505464664186.png (459.72 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4433.PNG)

She mad

No. 386900

okay so I got blocked for liking a critical comment
this was my 5th account

No. 386901

File: 1505464721693.png (765.49 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4435.PNG)

Part 2, she's so far up her own ass.

No. 386903

I'm almost positive we're down for a lot of dramatic stuff today from our recovery queer. I can't wait! She'll make this day a lot more exciting.

No. 386904

For real?! Omg i've got to be so careful from now on, i don't want to get blocked.

You know what's funny, her asslicking followers complain that they don't get a reply to their dms. I wrote some critical comments in the past and SHE sent me a dm!

No. 386907

File: 1505466154720.png (206.15 KB, 750x1066, IMG_0555.PNG)

The drama intensifies (part 1)

No. 386908

File: 1505466178115.png (157.67 KB, 749x934, IMG_0556.PNG)

Part 2

No. 386909

She already deleted the post! It had 2 likes and 0 comments. Maybe will come back with an UPDATE (!)

No. 386911

She deleted and reposter the exact same shit twice already!?

No. 386912

thank you for posting all the screenshots, I don't know if I can be bothered creating account number 6 right now..

No. 386914

Yep. She really wants to be told how important and inspirational she is. I hope no one comments and the crazy escalates.

No. 386915

File: 1505467039793.png (90.56 KB, 750x1125, IMG_0557.PNG)

First black post today!

No. 386916

I honestly want to see her freak out. I remember feeling sorry for her in the beginning but by now I genuinely think she's a bad person

No. 386917

Wow, I think that's the earliest she's ever blackposted.

No. 386918

You're welcome. I'm extra careful these days so she doesn't block me and I even "like" her pics from time to time so she won't get suspicious haha

No. 386919


Oh yesss. Thankyou again!

No. 386920

Two only lovely girls commented on her black post, so she deleted it.

No. 386921

Sorry Aly, darling. There's been another terrorist attack in London. Excuse me for sending my thoughts to the commuters involved rather than how irrelevant you feel.

No. 386922

File: 1505467884764.png (225.24 KB, 750x1107, IMG_0558.PNG)

Jfc she really keeps me busy

No. 386923

Aaand this post is back, except without the first sentence. Holy shit, it's the first time I'm witnessing her deleting in real time, she's so fucking crazy.

No. 386925

File: 1505469554540.png (113.55 KB, 750x615, IMG_0559.PNG)

No. 386930


This shirt is the best thing I've seen all day, thanks anon

No. 386937

File: 1505474024751.jpg (240.66 KB, 600x799, dk.jpg)

For those brave blocked farmer with no access to Aly, here's her latest blurb (she's posing with a chicken nugget). I haven't read it all because…yeah.

>aly_sjourney(Pls read until the end) Luck is gonna kiss you. The wheel is gonna turn. I wish you that, to you all. #tb ? and #update : I want the last chapters of my diary to be POSITIVE (!) and even if not always requited, my love for the friends I found, it's true ? This kiss is not for the 'curious' but for the amazing you ?

?? I'm always so attacked about my 'real life' that it seems I spend my days on here posting and writing ? Not. You know: you can suffer of various mental issues and 'normally living' out there:
- I finally found a full time well payed (and it seems pretty nice) job.
- I'm on a relationship since 5 years and it will turn from long distance to short-distance, he's gonna move.
- I've some lovely friends with whom I'm celebrating my hiring this evening ? + a caring mother and brother.
I'm anyway recovering from an ED.
I'm anyway meeting a therapist each 3/4 weeks.
I'm anyway happy ??
?? The wheel has turned: since next week ? I'll have everything desirable. I don't know how to handle it ?
That's why my therapist wants to meet me on Tuesday, weight me and talk with me ? cause he's afraid I may freak out/relapse even tho the joy (or maybe BECAUSE of it ?)
1️ If I do write on here and share food posts/Recovery topic IS NOT because they're my whole life and I'm SAD if people followed me only for thinspo and other sh*t ?
If they were 'curious.'
But I'm a PERSON.
I'M FUCKING AFRAID AND EXCITING at the same time ? I'm both these 'Aly' ?? and the recovering one is shaking. If I still have someone to ask help to I would need so much an encouraging word ?? 2️ If I do write and give you #motivation is as well because I want you to believe that recovery is possible. That it gives results. Rewards. That the wheel turns.
Idk if it is helpful but: can you remember who I was when I opened this profile? ?? Well: Recovery CHANGED everything and let me add IN BETTER ?
I wish you my same achievements and even more, with all my soul.
I hope to still have some precious you ❤️

I love when Chinese/Korean people wear t shirts and don't know what it says because the manufacturers have obviously just copied some English words. This kid's either a Dead Kennedy's fan or he doesn't know English.

No. 386978

thank you anon! Currently trying to set up a new account and waiting for her to accept my request kek

how likely is it she'll actually leave next week?

No. 387002

File: 1505482001103.png (114.04 KB, 459x608, wp_ss_20170915_0003.png)

As likely as the Pope turning Muslim.

Latest in 2 parts.

No. 387003

File: 1505482029734.png (99.9 KB, 449x600, wp_ss_20170915_0004.png)

No. 387006

File: 1505482242096.jpg (97.58 KB, 600x600, IMG_0562.JPG)

I really, really want to punch that stupid, ugly face.

No. 387010

ooh what did she say?! did she block you also?

No. 387012

so how come 3 comments isnt enough?

>That's why my therapist wants to meet me on Tuesday, weight me and talk with me ? cause he's afraid I may freak out/relapse even tho the joy (or maybe BECAUSE of it ?)

so do guys think that her "therapist" is gonna say to her she shouldn't work and she won't?

No. 387031

I'd always think wateroffaduck is a farmer, that "getting back (of a hurricane (!) online for a little and see your beatiful face kicking all bad thoughts out" lmao!

No. 387036

Is she trying to say she had lost more than 2k followers in the last month and even more because she blocked them personally? wth
Btw, today I've been blocked :v for liking a "dumb" comment

No. 387038

I was blocked this morning too for also liking a semi harsh comment. Too bad I accidentally used my personal, but oh well. I readded her on another one, don't wanna miss all the fun ha!

No. 387040

lol yeah shes trying to pretend thats why her follower count dropped not you know, because of her awful personality or blockin innocent farmers (!)

No. 387041

File: 1505484993965.jpg (27.76 KB, 234x368, kq.jpg)

Her English always gives me strong Duwang vibes.
>"Food in our mouths feels the fucking good"

No. 387046

No, I asked if she received hate because she reposted the same pic twice (of course I knew it was because she didn't get enough likes and comments). Then she sent me a DM and explained that she didn't receive hate, but felt extremely insecure and not good enough. I told her she should see her therapist more often, then she said she'd like to, but it's very expensive. I replied that now she has two jobs, it should be possible to put some money aside for therapy lessons. She thanked me for my advice and support and was actually pretty nice

No. 387086

Or she could stop spending money eating out

No. 387101

i dont think it would even help her tbh you gotta wanna change~ i think that her biggest problem (well one of them) is that shes lonely and bored, she hangs out w her mum she doesnt like her bf and her only outlet is instagram so she goes nuts on it

No. 387132

I just made a new account as a back up. How long does it take for her to accept usually?

No. 387133

I have been trying for days now, and it's one of my legit accounts, public posts as well

No. 387139

yeah i would think youd need an account with posts and followers not just an empty one, idk why she wouldnt accept one that looks legit. shes been private for awhile now wish she'd go public again

No. 387143

I even made it a few days ago and have been steadily posting on it and randomly got a few followers. Idk how legit it looks. LOL guess we'll see

No. 387148

File: 1505494328580.png (241.89 KB, 749x1028, IMG_2201.PNG)

No. 387151

File: 1505494488353.png (229.52 KB, 734x1188, IMG_2202.PNG)

"if you've never suffered from an ed you probably think I'm crazy and narcissist" …. what does having an eating disorder have to do with being able to notice her insane behaviour? Fuck off Aly. and lol at how she's asking people if her pics are vulgar for "opinions" as if she won't delete and block the first comment that's neutral let alone negative

No. 387153


She blocked me too! I'm travelling right now so I didn't pay attention to my phone (you know, living real life!)and I didn't thought about her in all day.
For a lovely (!) minute I thought she finally deleted her IG… I got blocked because I liked a "hater" comment… How pathetic she is, living a life where everything can be solved with a block (at least to her).
Actually I feel kind of relieved, this girl only makes me feel angry and frustrated. Thank you in advance to the people who will keep us updated. <3

No. 387175

>tell me im pretty
>tell me i look great in a swimsuit

this whole post was like some manic girl screaming in your face. shes so happy? uhm breakdown in 3, 2, 1

No. 387234

File: 1505505007731.png (1.6 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20170915-134341.png)

I think she doesn't let any of her "friends" take pictures of her bc I never see her in the geo tags posted by her "friends" I would think 21yr olds go out to party, take pics, and tag each other, tag the location ect…but nothing with Aly…

No. 387245

yeah like whenever she goes out w friends you never see them (!) the reunion, the pool parties etc.
i kinda think shes just out with her mum lol

No. 387252

She was obviously at the cocktail bar with Ma.

Next update will be how many calories she's eaten.

Going with the girls. Good old recovery queer!

No. 387262

She couldn't even post them in her stories they don't exist

No. 387284

File: 1505511216968.jpg (561.39 KB, 1200x863, Screenshot_20170915-153131.jpg)

I guess she's done posting about her "night out" lol

No. 387389

who are your friends aly what are their names

im ashamed to say im excited for her new job/bf breakdown next week she better not disappoint n handle it lol

No. 387395

she had more friends/more of a life when she was actively anorexic and supposedly so ~miserable~ than she does now when she's weight restored and supposedly so ~happy and living~

like truly how can she think anyone believes her "i'm so happy i have everything i want my life is amazing i love myself" bullshit when she has nothing else going on and screams about sudoku on the daily? how is she literally dumb enough not to realize the amount of cognitive dissonance she has going on?? i sincerely don't understand this

No. 387469

Today she'll be banging on about what an amazing night she had as if going out for spaghetti is the most thrilling thing that could happen in life. Her life is great because she goes out once a month with "friends".

After a day of being all up, she'll crash again.

Cocktails with her mum and, sorry but, seafood with her mum. Pretty sure a few of us here have/ had major mental health issues and it actually doesn't take that much to start doing life things again even if it's a struggle. I think what stops her from doing life things is her shitty personality not winning her new friends.

Oh, wait though. How long before she's invited out with her new co-workers, like the ones who've suddenly disappeared invited her to a paella party?

No. 387514

I can't believe I have been blocked because I liked a """hater(!)""" comment, I'm sorry my number 1 source of entertainment has gone ahaha. Hope I Will be updated with her bullshit here

No. 387530

File: 1505558595930.png (32.73 KB, 475x191, wp_ss_20170916_0002.png)

At times I'm grateful I don't have a like comments option on a windows phone.

Maybe ppl are too afraid of saying the wrong thing, you ignorant mare.
She had no comments after an hour so reposted shit about worrying about calories with this added.

No. 387537

Do you think she will eventually go public once again? I think it's strange that she is managing to tolerate all this loss of followers and afetr all she likes the drama in order to ask for attention lol

No. 387542

Idk. She's lasted private for linger than I'd ever expected.

No. 387550

The Jack suicide thing really freaked her out.

No. 387595

yeah its because you're wr that people dont care to comment
not that youve blocked almost all your active followers or that you screenshot n insult them in your stories OR that you say their comments arent enough

No. 387610

When is she going to make her profile open again? I miss her cringe videos, but I don't want to give her my follow - and as other anons said, she doesn't even accept follow requests. Dumb strategy, for someone who wants likes, comments and followers so much to dedicate her whole life to it…

No. 387633

File: 1505574675398.png (132.03 KB, 640x906, IMG_4450.PNG)

JUST EAT THE FUCKING CHOCOLATE instead of scraping at it with your teeth for a picture.

No. 387644

keep waiting for her to say "the worm has turned"

No. 387662

File: 1505579246276.jpg (360.81 KB, 540x1059, Screenshot_20170916-102208.jpg)

>so embarrassed for the style

Sure Aly, im sure we won't be seeing more of that style over the next few days.

No. 387666

I am sure this is an old picture anyway.

What's the point in all the hashtags if she's private anyway?

No. 387674

File: 1505580064281.jpg (11.01 KB, 267x47, lol.JPG)

Her followers must share the same non existent sense of fashion. Really, how is this a good look?

No. 387676

Haha! You're right I forgot about that. I wish I could point it out but I don't want to be blocked.

No. 387680

File: 1505580299019.png (1.6 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20170916-103959.png)

Ya Aly, you're the only one. Very special.

No. 387683

File: 1505580512918.jpg (616.3 KB, 839x1378, Screenshot_20170916-104713.jpg)

>so embarrassed

No. 387685

File: 1505580625036.jpg (4.42 KB, 290x174, images.jpg)


>chocolate ice.


Look at her hands though. Bitch needs some hand cream, and look how far away from her cuticle her nail polish is. God. She makes my flesh crawl.

No. 387691

how could they tell her whether or not she could work? shes 21 not a minor or in ip and like so many people recovering have jobs and she said she already signed the contract like shes gonna say to her "job" the day before oh cant come in too anorexic like…you just know theyre gonna say she cant and oh well she'll have to keep her account

im really annoyed by this constant job lie just get a job aly it could be part time stop bein a crazy bitch

if she really goes to work i may faint (!)

No. 387707

She's not aware of that, methinks.

Say it in the most sugarcoated way. Like "Hey Aly, your words may inspire (!) other young girls, but since your profile is private they won't be able to see your hashtags and reach you"

No. 387720

File: 1505584680809.jpg (18.3 KB, 321x156, fuck me.JPG)

No comments so REPOSTED with this hoping on comments saying she should ignore haters zzzz

No. 387736

lol 32 min. and STILL no one cares

No. 387737

File: 1505586359997.png (2.12 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20170916-122436.png)

She seems just fine to me

No. 387738

Great, innit. Even the dumbest of her followers didn't fall for the pretend Miss Piggy comment.

No. 387748

File: 1505587476238.png (70.07 KB, 640x994, IMG_4451.PNG)

Oh for fuck's sake, Aly.

No. 387752

File: 1505587798893.jpg (5.6 KB, 275x183, jesus wept.jpg)

No. 387753

its really to bad shes getting comments(4) now on this….I wonder if she will start leaving them up just to save the comments? or is it enough that she got them, and shes ok deleting them?

No. 387755

The other day she said she printed out nice comments from a post. I bet she keeps a scrapbook of nice comments with all her beautiful pictures in them.

No. 387761

She's currently deleting and reposting (2x) a sickening paragraph about her feminism.

No. 387763

File: 1505589126068.png (194.66 KB, 634x1023, IMG_4453.PNG)

No. 387772

It takes somewhere between 3 days to a week for her to accept it seems. But she accepted my request after like… 4 days? I used my legit account, though. Just be patient. I also don't like or comment anything at all. Safest way to go, unfortunately.

No. 387777

I had one sockpuppet account accepted one time she went private. I had no followers and followed a dozen people, then I uploaded a shit load of black posts just so it looked like I was actually posting. She accepted (later blocked for saying something I didn't consider offensive -ha!). Be prepared to get a request from Paris Fucking Melody.

I've been so tempted to comment or like on this account I'm using now, but I'm blending into the 40k masses of silent followers.

I used one of my blocked accounts to pinch one of her old usernames. I might do something with it.

No. 387778

(should add, my sock puppet was private)

No. 387807

I remember the comment she is referring to its this one >>386822

They were saying the picture with her boyfriend is inappropriate. and acting insecure while posting bikini pics is not authentic.

But over 2 days she has morphed it into "someone said posting my body in a bikini is inappropriate"

I wish I could say something about it. Its so hard not to comment lol

No. 387811

File: 1505593907848.png (744.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170916-142503.png)

I wish she would go back to screenshoting comments. I don't believe this "piggy bitch" nonsense

No. 387816

File: 1505594135223.jpg (179.46 KB, 709x598, Screenshot_20170916-143308.jpg)

Now I guess someone called her a whore? For those socks? LoL she called herself a whore.. she was the one embarrassed to wear that outfit. I'm sure we will see more of it in #tb tomorrow.

No. 387827

What is it about her and Fatty Rob where they have to wear shorts tight enough to see every nook and cranny of their genitals? Is she still buying a dress size too small because she's in denial about looking normal size now?

No. 387836

I think so, when someone says that her clothes don't fit anymore, she takes it to mean you're too fat to wear a dress. everything is an insult with her..

No. 387859

She accepted one of my accounts like 2 days ago, the same day I accepted. It had like 30 followers, was private, and no bio. So idk she's just really random with her follower accepts

Whenever she gets critism she literally talks about that hater for a good week straight. And then claims how haters don't bother her and how she's above them. She's such a joke

No. 387860

Sooo…her "therapist" is going to tell her she's not ready for full time (even tho she supposedly has other jobs) and doesn't recommend she work. And Aly will take her "therapists advice" instead of being a grown ass woman and work the damn job.

It's obvious she lied about the job offers. She just wanted people to say they were proud of her and yay her! And since people paid attention last time she made a stick about her interview with the men's clothing store, she has to stick with the lie.
Her therapist can't prevent her from working. He might say I don't think your ready but a good therapist wouldn't say that. If we believed her, she already has a job. What does full time or even a second/third job have anything to do with her mental state of mind?

It's all a lie. It's so sad and pathetic.

No. 387866

ikr like its so sad. i cant imagine being this pathetic and im pretty pathetic tbh

No. 387877

A therapist would encourage her to work. She's no longer physically ill where her health would be in danger. If the stress gets too much she isn't going to suffer because she lives with her family.

Bit personal blog but the first job I got after a long period of much mentalness was the scariest but the best thing I ever did. Scary because if I fucked up I wouldn't get my rent paid and be homeless, but good because it really does you good to be around different people and actually doing something.

I don't think she wants to do anything though. Basically she's an idle bitch who wants everything handed to her on a plate. She thinks she's above having a job.

AAAaaand I really can't see how they thought she'd fit into that particular shop - sports and skatewear?? Wtf does she know about the products? It's like asking someone from 1890 to work in an Apple store.

Okay, while I'm here I'm listing my biggers ~triggers~ she gives me:
- sticking her pinkie fingers out when she's holding things
- doing that one leg (usually the right one) bent pose
- ANY video. I can't watch her actually moving. It's horrific.
- her wing eyeliner that looks like Amy Winehouse applied it while she was off her tits on heroin.
- HER VOICE. There are more triggers, but these make me slam childrens heads against the wall.

No. 387890

different strokes for different folks. if her therapist knows about her IG (which I can't really imagine), they'd be encouraging her not to think about work yet because she's miles away from being able to handle it, and when she inevitably fucked it up (!) that would be a big setback, could trigger relapse, and so on.
all this is assuming the therapist is actually real and not just a handy deus ex machina

No. 387898

Oh, of course. She's batshit crazy, but nobody seems to have picked up on that. She must save it for instagram. I wouldn't offer her a job in 1000 years. Not just because of personal bias but I know the days of training would be wasted when she leaves (which she will/would if it's a real job) and I can't imagine she'd put any effort into it. And she's mentally unstable and I'd find her rocking in a corner clutching a donnie and fap.

Either her therapist ifshesgotone is really incompetent or she's an amazing liar irl.

No. 387899

OH! I just had a thought. I wonder how long agothis (if it happened) night with the girls was planned. If it was to celebrate her ~sister's~ new job, what if she wanted to take the attention away from her and so made up that she's been offered a job too.

No. 387901

Her therapist is some young ED specialist who sees her like once a month. This is not enough sessions to develop a proper relationship with her therapist, not to mention that Aly clearly has a lot of issues unrelated to an eating disorder. A psychologist who specializes in personality disorders and sees her 1 or more x a week and has a lot of experience with other Aly types would be able to see right through her, but if she's just seeing some shrink who presumably just asks about stuff surrounding her ED issues, and Aly's all like "oh ya everything is great im eating 3000 calories a day :)" there's not much hope there

No. 387922

but~ do you think shes really seeing them? if i remember the post did she say they suddenly called and then she mentioned the job n thats why they wanna see her? if they tell her not to take it i think we can safely assume that none of this ever happened. i really wanna know, i cant wait (!)

No. 388082

ah, I thought that guy was from before and she had since moved on. that explains a lot.

No. 388119

File: 1505646282597.jpg (39.73 KB, 292x330, 1.JPG)

Today Aly is celebrating the anniversary of the day she was given that transfusion at hospital because her fake recovery after the June hospital stay was proved to be a fake recovery. Over dramatising as usual. She was being "fed by tubes", which was really a transfusion. Still, makes her sound more or a #edwarrior I suppose.

No. 388139

Tbh, I actually can't believe that she wasn't put into longterm treatment and tubed for a long time. That seems to happen to most anorexics well before they get to her lowest weight. Is the system in Italia that shitty?

No. 388143

Farmers were asking the same question in the old thread when she was admitted!

It sounds like the medics were just patching her up physically and then they expected the mental health team to do the rest.

I can't comment on the system in Italy, but they seem to do the same thing here in the UK. If you're out of danger, you can be discharged

I can't believe it was TWO YEARS ago! I've wasted so much of my life on lolcow haha.

No. 388144

File: 1505652296383.png (1.05 MB, 938x601, 1442414522776.png)

I meant to post this too. FLASHBACK!

No. 388153

I don't know how the system in Italy handles the issue, but here in Austria I was able to refuse treatment even at alys level of spoopyness

I feel like they are way stricter in the US and UK, at least from what I've read on Instagram and so on..

No. 388156

Yeah, in the UK you get sectioned and there's no problem with your/your family not being able to pay for treatment because of the NHS.

If you continually don't show up for appointments though, however spoopy, there comes a point where you get left alone. I've mentioned in the past how an Ash tier spoop I was friends with never went for appointments and so they wrote her off. If she collapses for whatever reason they do the "patch her up" thing, but since she hit her mid 30s all the medical people have just given up on her. I think this is pretty rare tbh. She doesn't even have family who'd intervene in any way.

No. 388158

aw happy aly hospitalization day everyone!

No. 388159

File: 1505659325769.gif (1.74 MB, 719x477, happy aly ip day.gif)


WOO HOO!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (!) especially if you're woman.

No. 388160

File: 1505660150028.jpg (74.45 KB, 652x255, Screenshot_20170917-084819.jpg)

I hope we don't have to start following her on Facebook…

No. 388161

File: 1505660262026.jpg (45.29 KB, 584x217, Screenshot_20170917-084438.jpg)

Also this comment was under an earlier picture. So far she hasn't seen it

No. 388162

Stupid move taking her ED to facebook. She's asking for trouble and drama. Not that she'll leave instagram. Anyway, Alice Casati, we've been looking at your facebook for over two years (!).

I can't find that, but yay for whoever got that one past her even though it's cruel.

No. 388163

Italian here. As soon as you're out of danger, you're discharged.

No. 388164

It's still there under the #tb pic with the socks at McDonald's

No. 388166

well this is just dumb and puts us haters in a bad light

youre not goin anywhere aly

No. 388167

Must be the same in most places. Hospital's where you're supposed to do that anyway. Got to say that the psychiatric side of hospitals are piss poor though but it's not like they can pump you with a chemical and you're suddenly all cured.

Ta. Going to have a look for myself (!)

No. 388168


JFC it's a guy and not a farmer (as far as I can tell)

No. 388174

File: 1505661603503.jpg (360.47 KB, 652x883, Screenshot_20170917-091540.jpg)

She also said she shared this pic on Facebook. But I don't see it. Is anyone actually friends with her on fb?

Dont know why she would share this over there since she said she felt a whore in it.

No. 388178

File: 1505662132335.jpg (390.36 KB, 652x883, Screenshot_20170917-092602.jpg)

She decided to wear them again with one of her "dresses" it was meh with the shorts…but now this is hooker territory.

No. 388184

why didn't she just buy some tights?

i guess she wants "real" followers to message her so she'll friend them on facebook i wonder if she will reply to any of those dms oh also guess she got her phone fixed and doesnt have that broken dm phone anymore

No. 388188

I wear black over the knee socks over 100 denier black lycra tights in winter, but Aly looks like she's a hooker who can't afford thigh high boots.

No. 388191

Why is she fake eating candy floss on a bridge?

No. 388195

The candy floss might be replacing the donnies as food to post with. She did the same pose with candy floss recently when she went to the garden centre with her mum…I mean "some friends".

I'm not on facebook as a real person (only use it to place Alphabetty Saga) but wouldn't want to follow her anyway. It's irritating enough having her dominate my ig feed. She seems to add anyone on there though. I went to "recently added" and they look like random Italians.

No. 388206

Yeah, she definitely just remembered because she saw it on facebook memories. It's definitely not like she sits there keeping track of all of her ED event anniversaries

No. 388306

File: 1505678489102.gif (1.96 MB, 576x1024, Checkoutthehappiness.gif)

Dancing in the car listening to that song by Charlie Puth "attention"

I wasn't believing it fully, but her mom really does drive around everywhere with her…

No. 388332

so much happiness! i thought should would have black posted a lot more on her special day

No. 388336

So sad. It's great if a daughter has a close relationship with her mother but this is really sad. It's not normal (and I know "not normal" can be good, but this isn't normal in an unhealthy way).

She's been unusually calm today. More than likely the calm before the storm, so fasten your seatbelts!!!

No. 388416

! Servus! Were you around when Aly used to post bastardized Kipferl that looked like mini croissants?

On topic: I do think she's gearing up for a relapse. Candy floss has almost no calories.

Following her on FB will be exhausting. I hate making realistic looking fake accounts there, and I don't want her to know my real name.

No. 388420

I thought candy floss was raw sugar.

No. 388436

ah guys i cant wait lmao
what are yalls predications for next week? therapist says she cant work (!) aly cant believe it she wanted to sell skateboards, fatberto proposes he wants aly to be a kept woman in his tiny apartment hes living in w his friend

No. 388449


Aly is going to need lots of support because her anxiety is over the stars.

Hmm…predictions. Oddly enough, that's a bit tricky because it' depends on her moods and they're erratic.

If her meeting with the shrinks say she can work she'll be all manic and ~motivational~. If this job's fake then she'll say they've suggested she's not yet weight restored (BMI 16.5) and it'd be a bad idea to work full time.

All will be amazing with Fatbob for a while.


She has meltdowns at work but says the staff were sexist or some other bullshit. Aly calling at Fatboy's place will cause friction between him and the friend who he's sharing with, or she'll be jealous he pays too much attention to his friend because he wants to go on lads nights out and not Netflix with her.

I. DON'T. KNOW. but (!) whatever happens her ig feed will stay exactly the same. Food and smooch pics and Fatbob's ever increasing waist size.


No. 388473

Her mom looks like she's lost weight.

No. 388474

you know Embers ugly ass is just in her DMs, begging for a shoutout, using fake positively to manipulate Aly. Shits too easy.

No. 388477


For next week: therapist supposedly tells her she's not ready for a job, so she doesn't start working.

Long term: Roberto dumps her when he gets a good hard look at her hysterical personality and untreated mental illness. And also when he realizes she is one bad day away from relapsing. I think she has started restricting calories again. All these food pictures are exactly like the ones she took when she was a skelly. You never actually see her eating any of it, just playing with it.

No. 388480

Servus, thanks for making me laugh anon. Never seen that word written on this website before.
Yes I was, I think I've been following Alys thread for well over 2 years now (what am I doing with my life). It really kinda bugged me. Didn't she post something about eating "wursts" as well?

No. 388491

She's blatantly admitted to maintaining, so she's going to lose weight anyway because she doesn't ever want to be sick Aly the weight restored.

Ohhh, Fat Boy will definitely dump her. They argue like fuck now and she's miles away from him. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL SHE GETS ALL STALKERY OVER IT.

I can't even remember who brought Aly to our attention. She appeared in the ana thread one day and that was it - hooked! I came here for Ash originally, but I don't even check her ig any more. Idk, just let her die in peace now she's not begging for wishlist items.

I hope another milky snowflake along the lines of Aly appears though in case there's a 100000000000000000th in 10 chance (7/24) she does get her life together and vanishes. No one else here grabs me right now. The Munchie thread's too technical now and the anas are meh. Aly spoiled me.

No. 388494

(how many times did I see NOW in that post ffs)

No. 388629

Predictions, I feel like she will stop talking about the job, leave us to wonder if she has a job. Like the men's brand. Then somehow the boyfriend moving will be under whelming because they will argue and she won't talk about it. Lots of feeling lonely, and black out posts. Hopefully I'm wrong and it's really interesting.

No. 388649

I don't think she will relapse. She had an eating disorder later than most women, and she's been gaining slowly but still very steadily.
I think she wants to relapse, but can't.

No. 388703

I agree, she obviously is dying to relapse but her mind's not in it. She's too addicted to the donnies.

No. 388717

File: 1505727083801.jpg (41.87 KB, 300x404, fake.JPG)

Ohhhhhhh, she was faking the calm.

She needs strength to survive this Monday.

No. 388736

File: 1505735653694.png (253.66 KB, 750x1096, IMG_0577.PNG)

I swear I've read the exact same shitloaded textwall before?!

No. 388739

Yup. It's copypasta. Third time she's used it. She stuck the MY MEDITERRANEAN BODY SHAPE shit in between the fashion world rant.

No. 388754

File: 1505738872623.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0580.PNG)

That's not a good look Aly. All those fries, burgers, icecream, chocolate bars etc. are starting to show(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 388756

I actually think it looks like she's been losing some of the weight she gained again?

No. 388758


Oh God, of all the things she is, she's not fat.

No. 388760

Not yet.

No. 388776

I was thinking the same thing. I've been thinking she looks thinner for a while now.

It could just be the angle or tight ill fitting denim shorts, but her butt and thighs look smaller than in more of her older donnies and mcdonalds fries shoots.

No. 388779

File: 1505743176564.png (3.63 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2017-09-18_11-57-14_PM.p…)

No. 388780

Tbh I think that the anon said that she basically has no muscle mass, which is true. I also think she should include more healthy foods in her diet, but you know, better than relapsing.

But she's definitely not fat.

No. 388782

File: 1505744902649.png (243.84 KB, 750x1068, IMG_2273.PNG)

What kind of psychiatric professional would be like "No Aly sorry you still need to continue focusing on recovery and ONLY recovery, you may NOT even think about anything else!"

and wtf, "They will decide if I'm allowed to work"? If she literally feels like she has zero control over her own life and career, maybe she should've checked in with her doctors before applying to jobs?? jfc this is so fishy

No. 388790

She's not fat at all, keep that ana shit away from here please.

However everyone knows you're not going to be healthy eating only junk and chocolate… most people who recover from ED starts out eating snacks only and not real food.
But honestly its still better than eating nothing, hopefully real food comes in time

No. 388796

File: 1505747121552.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170918-090324.png)

Is she serious? Or is she talking to the granola bar?

No. 388797

the thing is they couldnt tell her what to do anyway shes an adult, shes not in hospital care all they could do is give an opinion and yeah theyre not gonna say oh no aly you need to eat 7/24 not go to work! its just so fake and we all knew she'd come up w a story to stay on insta like can you imagine coming up w slightly elaborate stories just to continue w your sad and empty life

No. 388799

File: 1505747471435.jpg (220.71 KB, 550x854, Screenshot_20170918-090924.jpg)

This auto correct. LoL

No. 388802

>guess some hater thought itd be funny to say i eat like pig (!)

that apology for it lmao

No. 388819

Lol I wonder how Fatberto would feel if he saw this, Aly met up with and is worried about looking greedy around her ex

(realistically she probably just saw him from across the street and made this up)

No. 388820

Nah, nowhere near fat. Her fat distribution's really wonk which is understandable. If she did gain more and the rest of her body caught up with her hips she'd have a really great figure. Her face isn't all puffy like before, so I guess it takes time for her body to take shape. I don't defend her about much, but she's nowhere near fat.

That's got to be one of you lot.

No. 388849

File: 1505750137549.jpg (140.59 KB, 678x412, Screenshot_20170918-095159.jpg)

Awww poor Aly.

No. 388852

What shit who told her? That she looks like Jessica Rabbit?

No. 388857

what did someone tell her? (literally nothing?) that jessica rabbit thing sounds like a song lyric

No. 388865

File: 1505751211451.png (933.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170918-095654.png)

That Jessica rabbit thing was posted before her "breakdown". She's mad because no one said they would miss her lol

No. 388869

So she writes that you deserve feeling the hella bombs but pleads for someone to tell her eating fries isn't greedy. Great #motivation there. So authentic.

No. 388883

what's funny is that she isnt goin anywhere haha this bitch is crazy. why can't see understand that people scroll instagram, maybe speed read her post and then go to school or work or w/e, her words don't resonate with anyone if she really did close then no one would care, i mean there would be an aly shaped hole in my heart but i'd make it through

No. 388920

File: 1505753332076.jpg (286.63 KB, 677x766, Screenshot_20170918-104354.jpg)

I hate how vague she is… no one can tell what she wants. She says
>I had a breakdown but maybe it was the situation (stories)

So I check stories, and she's eating ice cream. I don't understand what "situation"… the eating fries and granola? That ist a "situation"…unless she's talking about her ex…

No. 388923

ugh probably maybe "he said" something about her weight

No. 388926

File: 1505753711030.png (99.14 KB, 732x478, IMG_0581.PNG)

She hasn't seen this one yet

No. 388930

Not fat, just not toned. She should regain some muscle and lay off the sugar-heavy diet.

No. 388933

It's interesting, if you think about it - she feels greedy for eating fries but she doesn't detect the greed in wanting to be continuously reassured by people on her Instagram.

No. 388934

she reposted the last pic because no one commented

No. 388939

P sure Aly added dogsnpos to her facebook. Doesn't look like many requested her info. Can't post details but you know where to look.

No. 388940

File: 1505755613530.jpg (1.34 MB, 2896x2896, IMG_20170918_110648.jpg)

Wich one is her ex? #1 or #2 ?

No. 388941

Both (!) but she definitely doesn't get on with #2 any more. She looks like a corpse on that one with him.

No. 388953

she finds like the ugliest italians to date

No. 388955

#1 looks Neanderthal
#2 looks like a criminal
#3 looks like a Jim Henson creation (esp. the eyebrows)

No. 388979

Does someone know how many followers she has one day before her TURN OF THE KEY (!)??

No. 388981

File: 1505760205351.png (56.66 KB, 750x1096, IMG_2278.PNG)

No. 388983

how low can she get

No. 388989

theres 3 comments on the "previous post" all supportive. I would say 3 is "at least some"

No. 388991

3 is like zero to her
i think it would have to be at least 10 to defeat her ed

No. 388993

File: 1505761551545.gif (493.52 KB, 504x896, Imbetternow.gif)

She will be back to this soon.

No. 388998

It's nice to see that her face went back to normal, and no longer puffy from refeeding.

No. 389009

Dont know why she never accepts my request for following her, I tried with two differents account. And they didnt even look like fakes. Maybe she doesnt accept no one anymore

No. 389070


>I will never turn my back to someone who's asking for help

you do tho…..EVERY. DAY. And the people who do ask for help even call you out on it when you bitch about receiving no support(even tho you clearly DO get support. i.e all the DMs you obviously get and IGNORE)

What an infuriating bitch.

No. 389103

File: 1505771865395.jpg (102.23 KB, 694x846, OhAly.jpg)

No. 389110

Yeah jfc I'm thisclose to commenting "I don't think Jack and his mom would agree with you there"

No. 389120

From my experience there's like a strong divide between Italian guys and girls. The average Italian dude is much uglier in comparison to the average Italian girl. You see lots of beautiful girls in the streets, then you see the guys and feel just… underwhelmed. It's like a genetic thing.
Even in those pictures of Aly's exes and current bf you can see she's the most attractive in the couple

No. 389129

she changed her icon to the pic she said she looked like a whore in lol

did she respond to that person who was sayin she wasnt leaving etc? i mean respond by a post ofc

No. 389130


I find lots of average girls getting compared to Jessica Rabbit just because they dye their hair red.

No. 389187

File: 1505781941485.jpg (436.42 KB, 694x987, Screenshot_20170918-171831.jpg)

I hate this picture, from her outfit, to how she's holding the cotton candy, to her other hand holding her glasses, to her stupid horse leg…so normal Aly.

No. 389189

oh my god seriously, she looks like a fuc*ing idiot. i just always imagine her mother takin picture after picture of her like ma please just stop its ridiculous

No. 389195

Right? imagine doing that pose, or actually just do it, even of no one's looking you'll feel stupid

No. 389259

oh god the anons who said she'd keep wearing those things was right.

No. 389273

She's worn them two days running. Please not a third day. Don't know about you, but I wash socks after one wear because ew.

No. 389289

2 different pairs. One has grey double stripe at the top. The other is just one.

No. 389296


She's not wearing that stupid hair clip, so maybe thigh highs are the new hair clip.
Even tho she "looks like a whore".

No. 389298

This is why I suck at Spot The Difference puzzles. Relieved to hear this tbh. I'm dealing with the scaring white stains she had on the dress she wore a few days without washing.

No. 389299


She says Pa says she looks like a whore. I'm wondering if it isn't him who says it (like haters don't call her "piggy") and it's her thinking she looks like one.

TODAY'S THE DAY OF THE THERAPIST MEETING (!) She's going to need lots of support to eat her breakfast cookies.

No. 389301

Fat berto would be pissed at no.1 most probably as they're friends. Well on fb anyway. Sloppy seconds for fatberto

No. 389302

Does she realise no job = no living with her boy. Unless she assumes he'll fund her obsession with donnies and floss and live like a not-so-spoopy-anymore princess

No. 389304

That's the guy she always referred to as her "best male friend", but recently (before being reunited with her ~boy~) she said she tried to reignite something with him (or something), but they really fell out. That was the first time she'd ever mentioned she'd had a relationship with him.

She expects he'll fund her habits, just as Ma does except he's been proven not to be the enabling type, so stay tuned (!)

No. 389305

File: 1505811038166.png (486.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170919-094922.png)

Waay back on her fb but face sucking him here

No. 389306

The "best male friend" was #2 the criminal. Out of all three I'd probably choose this one here if I really had to. The Neanderthal.

No. 389318

File: 1505814779834.png (621.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170919-105149.png)


Aalice_casati is not aly

No. 389319

File: 1505814809438.png (1.03 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170919-105212.png)

No. 389320

File: 1505814948909.png (46.89 KB, 600x448, Untitled.png)

I saw her on facebook when I looked for other Alice Castati's in Milan and wondered if it could be her.

Here's the latest for those who can't see her updates atm. Pic is whore socks at Amsterdam chips #tb

No. 389333

File: 1505822039849.png (16.66 KB, 291x339, offtowork.png)

Surprise, surprise! The therapist actually allowed Aly to work! Stay tuned to what happens next!

No. 389335

No more fears? No more setbacks?? Who is she trying to kid! Delusional

No. 389336

thanks for keeping us updated anon. She still hasn't accepted my request.
This is actually getting interesting? Because what I predicted was "her therapist not being okay with her taking the job". But now she's actually forced to work and therefore leave ig. How will she put up with that?

No. 389337

Perhaps I'm projecting too much but I think it would be very unlikely for a therapist to tell her not to work. She's not likely to go for anything horribly stressful and being out and about instead of always glued to her phone is only going to be good.

No. 389339

Lol. How long has she been 1kg to weight restored?

She didn't ever need permission to work.

No. 389340

I think she'll be secretly pretty pissed that shes been told shes well enough/ able to work etc no more claiming shes weak fragile queen of the eds

No. 389351

She probably set the meeting with the therapist in hopes of getting dissuaded from working. But no such luck and she can't stay a leach anymore. I wonder if she will relapse/fake-relapse to get out of responsibilities…

No. 389352

File: 1505825670912.png (161.34 KB, 640x757, IMG_4477.PNG)

What the fuck is this outfit?

No. 389359

the worst thing about aly is how, no matter how you look at it, she has it better than most people ever will. sure, perhaps she tells the truth and pa casati is an abusive monster. but hell, it's not like she's forced to interact with him. regardless, her family's well off enough for her to eat out every day and she would look pretty as f if she paid any attention to dressing like an actual 21th century human being. instead, she fishes for compliments and tries to ride on her 5 seconds of "GUYS LOOK I USED TO BE A SKELETON" online fame. it's going to be a rough day for aly when she realises that while she was posing with donnies(!!) and building her kingdom of naive ana-chans, other people her age were wrapping up their studies and, you know, making actual friends.

No. 389360

the permit to work? lol so they said yeah sounds like a good idea
rly thought this would be her excuse to get out of it but ok close your account n start work aly hahah

again everything is solved

No. 389374

It's me eat me and go aly!
yes, its awful. Why has she bought so many knee highs?

No. 389393

She seems to be in a good mood today, well see she got only 2 comments on her last post where she's licking her sandwich

No. 389397

File: 1505831774869.jpg (164.19 KB, 677x549, Screenshot_20170919-083431.jpg)

She's upset about her uncle under a bikini photo.

No. 389400

the reminder to comment at the end lol

No. 389409

My uncle just died. Here, have a pic of me smiling and posing in a bikini!

I can't believe that stupid bitch

No. 389413

>Death or Life. Being a coward or fighting.

Great poetry there. Meaningful.

No. 389414

File: 1505836216293.png (1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170919-094922.png)

I feel sad for her family though

No. 389416

oh did he actually pass away? was it her dads brother or her mothers? i cant remember if she ever said

No. 389419


Sad, but it's always a relief when they've been suffering with terminal cancer.

She probably didn't say. She's only ever mentioned her uncle for pity points.

No. 389423

i left a comment asking her before but ofc she never replied. i wondered cus she said both her grandparents died from cancer and also her dad survived it, if its his brother thats an awful lot of disease on one side of her family. girl should really stop smoking, its giving me like 2nd hand anxiety

No. 389453

File: 1505841649863.jpg (95.26 KB, 1000x592, u.JPG)

Yeah, fuck your uncle now. Have an ice cream and talk about YOUR suffering.

No. 389455

File: 1505842108245.png (1.08 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170919-112537.png)

She just doesn't want to make anyone sad. LoL

No. 389456

File: 1505842204112.jpg (135.88 KB, 707x459, Screenshot_20170919-112651.jpg)

Also, I thought she decided she was closing. What is she still thinking about?

No. 389458

File: 1505842593405.png (11.59 KB, 268x188, images.png)

>No 'yummie foodies'

Goody woody.

No. 389459

no fear foods? i thought she was afraid of fried foods just last week

i knew she'd do the "i should keep account open for inspiration" she really thinks shes that important

theres no way shes gonna "close" its so dumb how shes pretending shes completely cured and still not desperate for attention online even tho every other post is asking for account support~

No. 389469

"death or life. coward or fighting" someone inform this stupid bitch that she's going to inevitably die one day as well. like fuck her ego is big

No. 389472

Can't wait to see the "new Aly". Hope it involves a new style with a bit of good taste.

No. 389536

File: 1505855348604.png (196.42 KB, 750x875, IMG_2288.PNG)

"suicide attempts" lmao she's the type of person who thinks suicide ideation = attempt

No. 389540

>look at how much i suffer!!!

No. 389541


it's like she's trying to do that thing where hipster kids wear ugly clothes on purpose and it's ~fashun~ but since she doesn't have one original interesting bone in her body and still has the fashion sense of 00s the result is… this.

No. 389542

Oh, cry me a river. FFS, three years of anorexia. I'm not undermining how shit eating disorders are, but three years isn't really a long time for the condition. She wasn't alone. She had her mother who took her out to buy her food to get her to eat. She had her mother to cater to every whim during that time. She was never abused as a child or faced enormous difficulties a lot of ED sufferers had.

>I'm not so special

Nobody said she was?

She HAS been lucky. Her mental health team sound shit, but no way was it Aly who weight restored all ~alone~.

The way she writes it's as though she's all recovered when in the real world she's more of a mental mess than when she was starving herself.

She IS fucking lucky she survived for 5 years. Some of us have been battling mental illness for decades without the support she has.

Anyhow, let's see how she's getting on a week from now.

No. 389548

she makes it like a competition and there are a lot of people who have been ip more than once and she only went to get her vitals up, can you imagine how many pics she has of her ridiculous tube in her nose

when is fatberto coming?

No. 389549

Yeah, she used to put HOPSITALISED X 2 on her profile. Always a sign of someone wanting ana points.

Fatty's coming on Thursday, the day she (apparently) starts working. Fun, fun, fun!

No. 389562

yeah i hate when people put their like ip stats up and theres always someone whos had it worse

"oh youve been ip 5 times? ive been 37 times! i was born in an inpatient hospital!"

yay cant wait
>now that my boy is here the previous struggles have become meaningless
>girls i want to kill myself

No. 389606

I don't know if the IP count bragging's the same or slightly less tragic than the ones who put SUICIDE ATTEMPTS X 20 (usually on self harming accounts). Like, must try harder or gtfo.

I hope Aly stays because I don't want to miss the details of her new life. I'd find it so motivational. What would you say, girls?

No. 389657

If she leaves, I'm afraid i'm going to start R E A L L I V I N G and that's horrible (!)

No. 389662

>today i learnt how to fold the shirts properly. with everyone fold of the harm i defeated anorexia and claimed back my LIFE (!)

No. 389696

File: 1505880691182.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2772.PNG)

This is crazy

No. 389699

that ice cream looks good tho

No. 389711


that would almost be kind of endearing if she actually turned herself into a decent worker through her own motivational speaking. ah well.

No. 389718

I had high hopes for her when she finally got rid of the ramen hair at least… I wonder why? Because there's no way in hell she realized how bad it looked on her own.
Fashion & attractive are highly subjective for sure. She's not ugly by any means. But she lives in Milan. The fashion capital of the world. I just… how? I mean it would be good for her not to care about beauty standards and all, but she obviously does care. She would 100x more attractive if she ditched the shitty makeup and wore a god damn potato sack than whatever this mess is.

No. 389719

thats pretty classic Aly tbh

No. 389735

I wouldn't find taking pictures of your icecream that cringy, if it wasn't because its not only the exact same icecream store everytime, its the EXACT same spot and angle.. is this considered borderline instagram OCD? lmao thats such weird precision!
I wonder wtf the owners think, seeing her taking a picture everytime from the same spot.

No. 389737

The hardcore stoners I know don't even eat this much ice cream on a weekly basis.

The OCD positioning of these ice cream photos is triggering. I hate OCD shit like this. I think that's why I hate Aly so much. The bent leg, the pinky out/hand positions she always does, the same poses in the same spot/chair/table with the same outfits.

It's maddening.

No. 389743

Translation: don't use all your support on my uncle, im the needy one! Me me me!!!!!

He's died but she needs you to give her support to keep eating ice cream.

When will Fatberto resort to using sick days and holidays to go on photoshoots with aly? I give it a month until he loses his shit

No. 389749

File: 1505898885497.jpg (47.59 KB, 377x322, 1.JPG)

She's taking the first day at work off.

No. 389750

Definitely saw this coming, but god she's ridiculous. I'd bet money we will never hear of this job again. Also it's strange we've heard nothing of her boyfriend and isn't he supposed to live there now?

No. 389751

He's supposed to be moving there tomorrow. Maybe she'll delay that.

It'll be interesting to see what she posts today seeing how she's deeply grieving. Surely doesn't want donnies and Amsterdam chips?

No. 389765

Lol, she just deleted a post saying she'd been outside eating Ritter chocolate this morning and she uploaded this instead

>aly_sjourneyHave been outside all the morning and basically survived on this package of @chupachupsworld chocolate ??

No. 389777

File: 1505910394291.png (273.24 KB, 750x1018, IMG_0593.PNG)

Her uncle died, but comments on instagram are still her number one care. S T U P I D B I T C H (!) I ? like her.

No. 389786

ok don't eat then
like as if comments would change how you felt about someone passing away
only this bitch

i dont think she can stop him coming cus hes coming for school right not just to be with her

No. 389787

>can't start work because of uncle
>can post constantly on instagram

No. 389789

Reason #89384 for her anorexia

Jfc that's not a fucking eating disorder lots of people lose their appetite when grieving. She thinks she "punished herself" because her grandma died. It's always about her. How dare it be about anyone else! It's never about how she worried her family, her friends, about what her mom must have gone through, it's just about HER struggles (!) She needs to seem sooo sick, the "2 x hospitalizations", the "feeding tube", the "suicidal thoughts since a young girl", now this. Aw Aly you were ana at age 13, poor Aly!!

Fuck Aly. I feel terrible for her mom or dad, imagine your brother dies and your shitty self-centered unempathic daughter is typing on her phone all day, threatening not to eat to "punish herself".

I used to pity her like 2 years ago but she's actually a really shitty person and I'm so happy that she's a cow. She ruins people's lives and gives no fucks

No. 389790

It's like she's opting in and out, trying so hard to be perfect tiny frail anorexic even though shes a binge eating bulimic mess

Sort it out woman esp if you're wanting fatberto to respect you as a feminist

No. 389812

File: 1505918901952.png (206.69 KB, 750x1087, IMG_0599.PNG)

You gotta love our recovery queer

No. 389816

"lets hope i will be able to keep everything in my stomach" with that stupid monkey emoticon is she serious lmao and an angel for her uncle??? i thought she was spending time with her family shes just getting doughnuts and um is ma takin the pic?

No. 389817


>uncle dies of cancer, family is grieving and asks aly for support

>aly wants to kill herself because no one cares about her now that uncle is dead

No. 389818

I wouldn't put it past her to be jealous that she's not getting all the attention, npd~

This timed out so well for her so she wouldn't have to work. I bet that she won't be able to go in because of all her obvious sadness and REAL emotions for others so she loses the job or, we never hear about the job again

No. 389819

Surely those socks need wash by now?!

No. 389821


My mother passed away due to cancer when I was 18 and I swear I only have blurry memories of the days after her passing away. I couldn't even touch my phone for more than a week, only if necessary. This bitch only wants all the attention focused on her and it infuriates me how she uses her uncle's death to claim for comments. Aaaah I think I've never hated anyone as I do with this girl.

I don't want anything bad happening to her, because I know life's gonna hit her so hard she's going to live everyday with the mistakes she made / still makes to this day. Her sad life, focused on stranger's comments and junk food, obssessing about all that and not paying attention to actual life.

No. 389822

she hasn't got time to wash her socks her uncles deeeaaaaad

No. 389827

sorry about your mum anon. yeah, you can tell she doesn't really care about him shes completely self serving when she talks about him.

she puts so much effort into her instagram but if it was deleted tomorrow nothing/no one would be affected except there would be a crazy girl screaming about losing her insta

No. 389832

Guyssssss aly is accepting people again!! just had 2 fake accounts added by her

No. 389835

Sorry about your mother. I can understand why her behaviour would irritate you in particular.

No. 389838

shes public again
ugh i actually prefer not seeing her posts tbh

No. 389846

Jfc!!! Uncle died, guarenteed way to get more comments/likes …ho public. Such a manipulative bitch!!!

No. 389852

Thank you. <3 I appreciate it.
It's just that this girl's always claiming for attention and pity when she's the one making her ED the center of her universe. Okay, I get that we all have our problems, but she always has ''someone else'' to blame for it?

She talks about how insicure (!) she felt all the time and worhtless NOW that she's recovered? Not when she didn't eat anything and kept losing weight?
She wants to be seen as a rolemodel and some kind of hero but she's not, she can't be if she's acting as she's acting everyday. Furthermore, she has to believe it HERSELF. I.e., if I can go on with life with my mother's passing away, I don't care if people see it as something to be proud of, I care about my feeling and how I do it because at the end of the day I'm the one who has to deal with that pain. I understand that people can think I'm strong, but I don't need it to ''not breakdown''.

She's only making excuses to relapse, or to have people worried about her and that's just pathetic when we all know her mother is ALWAYS by her side, when she's still in a relationship with the same boy for more than 4 years and when she didn't die. It's hard to think about it and sometimes I feel kind of harsh because I don't know her but what I can't tolerate is how she tries to make everyone feel guilty about her ED.
We're not her parents, nor her doctors, we're not her to tell Aly ''c'mon, just eat now''. We shouldn't be blamed when she doesn't get more than 3 comments. She had and ED and didn't eat because she didn't want to, not because of her father, her friends, the boys who looked at her, etc, etc. The day she starts to see it (if she does someday, anyway), she'll start living as miserable as she can.

No. 389855

I think she went private again? It's like when she's reposting and deleting things, she can't make a decision…Mmmm.

No. 389858

She's posted 7 times today and said she's out with her friend. Is this what she's going to do tomorrow, when she's supposed to be working but can't? I wonder if bert will take her to get seafood pasta

No. 389863

Because -of course- when her ''friend'' meets her to distract her from her uncle's death, she'd be totally cool with the fact she's constantly with her phone.

I'm actually curious about how this whole ''living with my boyfriend'' thing will work out. Will he realise that she's 7/24 on her phone? Will she breakdown in front of him and instantly post a photo of her crying?

No. 389887

File: 1505924289193.jpg (103.78 KB, 573x499, Screenshot_20170920-100511.jpg)

This is the first time I've seen dogs say anything other than "your doing great!!" There are also other comments similar to that second one. And Aly has deleted all the "repost" captions about throwing up.

No. 389890

File: 1505924500982.jpg (230 KB, 708x827, Screenshot_20170920-101843.jpg)

Also this

>not deleting

>always be a proud member of the ed community

Wtf? She's basically saying she will never be over it? Or what

No. 389896

>"Who is Aly without her ED?"

Lol, indeed…

No. 389901

File: 1505924786303.png (1.02 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170920-102323.png)

No. 389902


So she won't be censoring comments 7/24? That'd be interesting.

Poor girl. Grieving so hard.

No. 389905

Yeah, she's going to come back and update 13 times a day. Lmao

No. 389918

File: 1505926431366.png (1.19 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170920-175118.png)

Meal out with drinks, good news coming.. death of uncle obvs old news already

No. 389921


Good news? She's throwing those thigh high socks away??

No. 389924

Her plea for attention is cringy, but her uncle's dead, so no use crying for him. The living usually grieve for themselves and for those who were close to the deceased. It's useless crying for the deceased even though there are situations where it feels more justified (young, untimely deaths, murders, idk)

No. 389925

This made me laugh. Previous story was that she "only managed 4/6 nuggets" now she's stuffing her sad face with icecream.

No. 389926

I just hate how she uses his death as and when its convenient for her

No. 389929

oh yeah, I hate it too. He was just a prop and an excuse to beg for attention.

It's disgusting, but somehow it disgusted me a million times more when he was still alive.

No. 389933

File: 1505927260852.jpg (72.75 KB, 690x239, Screenshot_20170920-110443.jpg)

I imagine they said "I hope your feeling alright, I'm so sorry about your uncle" she's like "huh? Oh ya, that. Yes I'm devastated"

I can't roll my eyes hard enough over >I finished with my ED

No. 389936

>I really need some honest opinions ❤️

Sure you do, Aly.

No. 389938

wait is this internship different from the clothes store job?

No. 389940

But she's not even grieving for her family. She's just making it all about herself. I thought her family "need her" and now she's going out and doesn't give a fuck?

No. 389944

I don't want to sound awful but he was only her uncle. It's not like he featured heavily in her life. Every time an aunt, uncle, cousin or bfs family member was diagnosed with cancer or Alzheimer's/died during the past ten years I get on with it and support relatives without asking the world for pity. She's really grasping at straws to use an uncle as an excuse to get sympathy.

If it was her mum or brother that died I'd feel terrible for her, but it's an uncle.

No. 389948

Nah I agree, she NEVER mentioned her uncle before he got sick and she made it all about her. It's as if they saw each other less than once a year, they obviously weren't very close, and when you see a relative that rarely and barely know them, sure you might feel sorry for your mom/dad but not "postpone a job" and threaten to kill yourself and starve like Aly did.

No. 389969

Am I wrong or fatberto should have come today? Where is he?? Lol
And there's a thing I never understood, will she "work" in the donnies and fraps shop or in the clothes store?

No. 389973

or the legal internship? Is that what she's talking about? Bitch can't even keep track of her lies.

No. 389976

I think he comes tomorrow

No. 389990

well i thought she was working at the skate shop, treesse i think, but now shes saying internship which was at the legal place? so, um i dont know

No. 390028

File: 1505935389397.jpg (336.23 KB, 540x1188, 20170920_132218.jpg)

No. 390036

shes afraid of him coming cus she hates being with him lol i wonder how long itll be till he gets irritated with her

No. 390045

File: 1505940286102.jpg (112.27 KB, 978x300, Screenshot_20170920-154315.jpg)

I think I'm going to unfollow cus I hate her lol

No. 390046

Oh how #feminist. Thin girls aren't "sexy". Double standards much. She says you can't insult a full figured woman but bashes skinny. Wait til she goes public. She's going to feel my ire.

I'm thin (not Ana chan) but physically healthy so genetics or w/e. I also don't starve. Everything's so black and white to her. She's so hypocritical.

I pray we don't have to see her boy in tight shorts.

Good to see her devastation quickly passed.

No. 390048

And she says if you're anorexic you CAN eat fries. It's oh so easy.

No. 390049

File: 1505940514413.jpg (345.66 KB, 999x966, Screenshot_20170920-154600.jpg)

oops forgot this
if she does go public I think we should all fight the urge to be a hater cus she literally thrives on it (mainly talkin to myself here)

No. 390051

File: 1505940688962.jpg (262.65 KB, 916x911, Screenshot_20170920-155000.jpg)

you too can be this happy

No. 390053

Damn, that hater was right. Knee socks made her super sassy.

>won't be vain

No. 390059

I agree. Knowing he was her mother's brother, I think she should at least show some sympathy to her own mother and be with her right now, not posting all day as if she's the shit because it's so obvious how fucked up she is. Even if she couldn't care less about him, she's just ~that~ desperate for attention, it's pathetic.

No. 390062

I don't do speed.

No. 390084

File: 1505944349053.jpg (104.32 KB, 1023x576, aly.jpg)

Remember when her brother was ill and she threw a hissy fit because her Ma had to stay home and they couldn't go out to pretend to eat until Pa got home? Well, if it's Ma taking these pictures imagine how shit that is. Her brother's just died and her daughter's making her go out to take pics of her grinning at chips.

No. 390110

wow really hope she did go with a friend cus thats disgusting if she made her mum focus on her pathetic shit at this kinda time

No. 390137

Umm I'm pretty sure a sweet, caring, empathic girlfriend with "anorexic habits" is a lot better than self-centered EX anorexic (!) Aly

No. 390140

he dumped her when she was anorexic so she probably thinks that its fundamentally bad to be anorexic in a relationship. i think thats why she hates being w him or why she gets anxious about seeing him cus she cant tell him about all the crazy, tbh thats kinda sad (well if its really whats going on) but i dont like aly and its hard to feel bad for her

No. 390231

File: 1505963966838.jpg (1.32 MB, 809x2147, Screenshot_20170920-221633.jpg)

No. 390236

File: 1505964407135.jpg (1.25 MB, 802x1997, 20170920_222444.jpg)

it's like a fever dream

No. 390279

Normally you take a couple of photos and choose the best one, aly thinks they're ALL fabulous

Am i only one who looks for people photo bombing in the background ?

No. 390281

wait is that just all the instagram pics for that location, not her page? imagine the poor soul who stumbles upon this because they did a geotag or work there or something

No. 390287

I look for photobombers in her pics, and I look for Aly in other people's pics. lol

No. 390294

No. 390298

It must be so weird for the staff to see her come in every few days, then take her food outside, pose with it until it's cold and disgusting, whilst whoever she is with is forced to take the same photo day after day.

Someone works there daily, sees this shit going on for months, and they can't even ask her what the fuck she's doing.

No. 390306

I'm sure she feels like she's best going there and getting her photos taken bc she thinks people will pay her attention and ask who she is. It's hilarious to think how she probably thinks people wonder about her when actually they're probably concerned about this girl going to the same place and spot every week and taking tons of photos instead of eating her freaking food.

No. 390315

Sometimes I'm tempted to go there just to observe it all and take in people's reactions. You know, have the full experience: a donnie, fries and icecream (!) and then write poetry about the nymph that appears and has her appearance captured and sprinkled all over Instagram.

Or something.

No. 390322

Today's the IMPORTANT day where Aly shows us what anorexics could have if they recover - a fat boyfriend to kiss for pics!

No. 390362

Just noticed something really weird. She is claiming that 12oz coffee joint is a new place she just discovered? Yet we all know she had thousands of photos of herself there, all ridiculous poses holding donnies and fraps and that punchable smirk on her face.

Now she has deleted all of the ones taken prior to today… as if trying to fool us into thinking she's never been before? When she literally just said they asked her to work there "to create new milkshake flavours". Wtf… just why…

No. 390371

Where does she claim its a new place shes discpvered?

No. 390385

File: 1506000669766.png (188.17 KB, 750x1028, IMG_0604.PNG)

I bet they're already fighting.

No. 390388

Someone's fries and cocktails..

Stealing other people's food and drink now Aly?

No. 390390

File: 1506001280320.jpg (886.58 KB, 810x1702, Screenshot_20170921-083923.jpg)

>a new terrifying one
lmao how long till black out post today

No. 390394

That pose just strikes me as so weird. He always seems not to know where to put his arms and there's so much space between them. They're almost never kissing with their bodies facing each other, rather than the camera and he very often seems to have his arms dead at his sides, not caressing her or hugging her.

No. 390395

File: 1506001733766.jpg (484.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170921-144713.jpg)

>i know how to survive on my own

Who are you trying to kid

No. 390398

she keeps pretending that she dealt w this all alone like aly you cant be alone for even one minute

hes probably used to the routine i imagine that would take the romance out of it
>bert its time to kiss me in front of ma for 10 minutes again

No. 390399

No. 390400


I'm a cashier and sometimes people will come into my restaurant, buy food and do Instagram shoots in the lobby. It's happened a couple times and everyone at the job thinks it's hilarious. I cant even imagine working at a place where someone comes in EVERY day to do it. Haha. They are totally making fun of her.

No. 390401

File: 1506002938482.jpeg (117.04 KB, 1256x1655, image.jpeg)

Here we go

No. 390402

She deleted the black and the post with Berto. Guess a repost is Domingo…

No. 390403

Moving in day, barely half way through and she's having a meltdown. Berto moves in on Thursday, out by the weekend.

No. 390404

I can't wait til she goes public to see the hilarious surge of "haters" commenting and so I can actually like critical comments on a fake acc without worrying about getting blocked

No. 390405

Coming* not domingo lol stupid autocorrect

No. 390406

File: 1506003435812.png (973.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170921-151620.png)

Repost claiming a friend made a comment about people only caring about the anorexic aly

There was literally no time between the original post and this one. Someones got voices in their head

No. 390408

In the black post she claimed the problem was the lunch, now she repost saying that the problem was a comment… That makes no sense

No. 390409

i dont even understand
"a friend" (irl?) said she was anorexic? like he walked by and shouted that

yeah shes talkin to herself

lol anon i thought you were doing an alyism

No. 390414

I saw the entire old post from the moment she posted it to the moment she deleted it and the ONLY comment was dogsandpos being all ~go aly!!~. What a lying bitch, dogs must have lost a lot of brain cells being ana if she thinks Aly gives a shit about any of her comments and continues to worship her. I'm glad lousrecovery saw the truth.

Remember when she was all like "I look for quality not quantity"? righhhtt

No. 390419

Berto Fattytori's arrived! This is gonna be fuuuuuun!

No. 390420

File: 1506004547498.png (131.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170921-093428.png)

or, i hate being with you roberto

No. 390421

File: 1506004548006.png (72.13 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20170921_0001.png)


No. 390423

oops snap

No. 390425

it's already gone…

No. 390426

We're so greedy for the milk we pounce on it!

No. 390427

File: 1506004908713.png (12.87 KB, 293x278, last.png)

and reposted again with new intro!

No. 390428

Keep what?

No. 390432

idk anon, maybe she means her IG?
also, Aly, people wouldn't know you as 'the anorexic' if you did ANYTHING ELSE in life. jfc this bitch. I know there was probably no comment and she is making it all up bc crazy, but… literally all you do in life is 'recovery'. What else should people know you for when there simply isn't anything else?

No. 390433

File: 1506005195104.gif (448.12 KB, 168x130, 129508641869.GIF)

Well this is very mature, normal and a great new start. Her boyfriend's actually living in the same city and she's asking for help on instagram.

But still….(see img)

No. 390436

haha i was like black out post! black out post!!!

what i read from this is that she wants to be the anorexic who people care about, well i guess everyone got that tho. she really cant stand being with berty she always freaks out with him

No. 390438

Oh dear. Only one comment so far (lol)

No. 390444

Btw is so cold in Italy and I'm wondering how see keeps dressing with shorts and mini dresses, that's just stupid

No. 390447

Yes, but other people can only see them when she's not private. I don't follow her and if I visit that page I don't see her pictures

No. 390456

File: 1506007164412.jpg (423.01 KB, 1022x1057, Screenshot_20170921-101623.jpg)

this comment is p good, shame it wont actually do any good though

she has 3 comments rn hahah

No. 390457

I'm holding on for a crying stories post.

No. 390474

I Thought that she's already strong enough to give a F*CK on haters… :v

No. 390479

File: 1506009730997.jpg (30.95 KB, 319x243, who cares.JPG)

She def needs support guys.

No. 390480

File: 1506009918153.png (740.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170921-100120.png)

No. 390481

No, no, I like this Domingo thing.

How many black posts before she goes Domingo? Is Fatberto going to go Domingo? Did she go Domingo on the icecream?

No. 390483

File: 1506010080126.jpg (370.12 KB, 1006x1039, Screenshot_20170921-110611.jpg)

thats not even an insult just like an observation and uh aly you reposted something 3 times and said you were dying inside! oh my god

No. 390485

I wonder what he thinks of Aly's World of 12oz Coffee Joint, EatMe&Go and ice cream? He'd better get used to it. Who's paying for it, hmm?

No. 390493

Little does the friend know that Aly is 1000x more fucked up now than she was when she was all snoopy. But honestly how did that "bad" comment affect her so much, obviously people remember her when she was snoopy and the notice that she eats more/has gained weight.

Aly is so obsessed with "having an identity", whatever the fuck this means. People aren't static unconscious rocks where you can look at them and say for certain "that is solid and black". Hobbies and interests change for everyone, life events occur, everyone is constantly changing, how can you know "who you are"? You're completely dependent on your environment, you aren't solely in charge of your own identity, that's absolutely ridiculous. I don't see the big deal about not knowing who "you" are and having some kind of set identity.

It honestly might help really her to read up on mindfulness or even Buddhism (the basic values and ideas) to accept herself the way she is but Aly is so completely deluded, egotistical and unaware of everything, this isn't even "oh this poor mentally ill girl", there's plenty of people with EDs, other mental illnesses, personality disorders, etc who are aware of their past and present actions and emotions and thoughts, aren't drowning in denial, accept their situation and are actively working on bettering themselves.

No. 390495

Her problem is she doesn't have a personality as such. She has the basics, but there's nothing about her to speak of. If you're describing one of your friends to someone it's usual that you can gush about what their interests are, what they do with their life, their sense of humour, their style, their likes and dislikes. Okay, we don't know Aly irl, but we've known her for TWO YEARS PLUS and the only thing we know is she's a borderline borderline case who's dependent on other people for asspats. Oh, and apparently she likes to travel. Two years and that's all we know about her.

When you have a mental illness, at your worst you can feel you're an empty shell of the person you were. With Aly she's always been an empty shell. I honestly don't know anyone in real life who's as much of a blank canvas as Aly.

No. 390496

File: 1506012740091.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0605.PNG)


No. 390497


No. 390499

File: 1506012852700.png (38.79 KB, 750x750, IMG_4401.PNG)

Kek before she posted that story she posted this blackpost

No. 390500

Btw, I thought she was claiming her boyfriend's room was her new place because she was "unpacking".

No. 390501

I kill you too. Oh god, this is lulzier than I expected. Poor Bertie.

No. 390502

File: 1506012935466.png (86.36 KB, 750x758, IMG_4402.PNG)

Then changed it to this when she didnt get the response she wanted.
Then she has deleted it.
THEN she posted on her story.
Kek this cow is fucking nuts.

sage for samefagging but relevant

No. 390503

If this was a 16 year old I'd understand, but…

No. 390506

What a pathetic life

No. 390507


But, that's what happens to literally everyone who dealt with a mental illness for a long period of time. It's normal to lose your hobbies and interests when all you thought about was calories for 5 years. Aly needs to accept this and stop being so obsessed with finding herself because that will happen naturally when she recovers. Unfortunately she's nowhere near recovered (from an ED and her other issues), so it's not surprising that she's a blank canvas. She needs to find the motivation to better herself, and it doesn't seem like there's much hope anytime soon.

No. 390508

What does this even mean?? Her english is so shit lol.

Also not thrilled about the onset of the knee high socks. Will these be the new hair clip??

No. 390509

where you gonna run bitch you aint got no friends

i wanna ask her like why does he trigger her so much but i dont wanna get blocked

No. 390510