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File: 1506150583942.jpg (352.93 KB, 2896x2896, 1111aaaaa.jpg)

No. 391360

Aly's deleting forever (!) She has a life to live and Donnies to eat, take that haters! But oh no, she doesn't want to disappoint you lovely girls - and she needs your words to find the strength to eat that late night chocolate bar! Thanks for the courage, girls!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aly_sjourney/

>>Ma is her only friend and still taking her photos
>>Pa just wants a normal daughter but instead has Aly. Supposedly abuses her according to Aly - she needs your kind words to overcome this!
>>Got a job at a sports store - no wait she's an intern at a legal office - no wait, she works for men's fashion - no wait, the milkshake place needs her to make new flavors!
>>She needs at least 10 comments or it's time to repost / commit sudoku
>>Went private, kept saying she was going to delete but recently went public again
>>Uncle recently died and that means Aly needs all your attention and comments right now, this is all about her, can't you see she needs support? WHAT ABOUT ALY?
>>Black out images on the regular
>>Fatberto has moved to Milan for school- I mean for Aly of course! She's wife material, after all!

#recoverywin #inspiration #checkthegeotags

No. 391396

File: 1506160945229.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170923-115926.png)

post 1/3

No. 391398

File: 1506160964696.png (256.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170923-120006.png)

No. 391399

File: 1506160984878.png (279.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170923-120017.png)


No. 391400

40 minutes

No. 391404

File: 1506163036261.jpg (15.04 KB, 298x108, look a repost.JPG)

No. 391409

So no mention of the post by Jack's mum, no mention of how moving went, how Berto is, very light on the ground today i feel a bit of a melt down coming

No. 391416

I hope so. Today's a dull day with me. I need an Aly meltdown to make it more brighten.

No. 391417

File: 1506167339329.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170923-134806.png)

No. 391426


one split up small sausage, one egg and some dry ass eggplant

anas eat more than this and they don't call it a RECOVERY WIN (!)

No. 391435

I might be wrong, but I think that when she says internship she doesn't mean the one at the legal office (which i've never seen her mention btw) - she means a tirocinio/stage, so like a training program to become a sales assistant. Idk how it is outside Italy, but here it's -extremely- common. If you're aged 18-29yo and don't have proper experience, that's basically your only option. it's a temporary contract with a terrible wage (350€ to 600€ depending on your region, should be 500€ in Milan) and it only lasts for 6 months, maybe 1 year if you've graduated recently.
if I'm right, idk how she'll manage to live with her bf. with 500€ you can only dream of living on your own, especially in Milan.

No. 391441

she confirmed w an anon that shes workin at tressee and like i dont think she really is properly living w bert he has a roommate n shes just staying over

No. 391442

File: 1506174721023.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170923-154816.png)

No. 391443

File: 1506174735233.png (302.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170923-154832.png)

No. 391444

File: 1506174747028.png (286.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170923-154841.png)

No. 391446

now its 1/1.5kg away lol thats like a couple pounds and if she really wanted to gain it she could just eat more. shes obviously maintaining at just underweight

No. 391456

File: 1506178490218.jpg (560.67 KB, 809x1599, Screenshot_20170923-095302.jpg)

i hope she freaks out monday cus shes being pretty boring. ofc this perfect life is a sham tho

No. 391461

File: 1506180283353.png (63.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170923-045815.png)

She confirmed she's working at treesse, so training to become a shop assistant. Wow.

No. 391467

Holy hell this chick really went downhill didn't she? I haven't paid attention to her since last year when all she did was lie about eating the food she posted about. Didn't she get better at one point too?

No. 391486

Why does she think shes never comimg on IG again? I have a job and find plenty of time for IG/ social media and im pretty sure most people can balance internet and a job, life etc

No. 391487

If Aly goes of ig, what would i'll do with my life? and all HER support?? haha

No. 391490

no idea probably cus itll interfere too much w her schemes so she thinks she cant post

No. 391495

File: 1506184820984.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170923-171730.png)

No. 391507

she deleted this post i think

No. 391508

She deleted 3 posts at once because of no support

No. 391512

File: 1506186211611.jpg (246.08 KB, 1022x544, Screenshot_20170923-120237.jpg)

haters yelled at her hair (!)

No. 391514

I checked her comments like 2 seconds before she deleted everything and no one said NOTHING.. She is so pathetic

No. 391515

I wonder if this is her not very subtle way of asking for people to leave hair comments

Shes utterly desperate for people to beg her to stay

No. 391516

She's getting so mad

No. 391518

File: 1506187132783.png (1.16 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170923-181813.png)

She didnt even find haters probably pissed her off more

No. 391519

File: 1506187291703.png (48.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170923-182113.png)

No. 391520

File: 1506187352542.png (886.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170923-182149.png)

It gets better

No. 391522

File: 1506187380186.jpg (76.65 KB, 1080x562, Screenshot_20170923-192208_1.j…)

I find It so funny

No. 391526

She already deleted this post lol lol

No. 391529

Can anybody understand her latest story video?

No. 391530

File: 1506187663190.png (291.19 KB, 750x1120, IMG_4192.PNG)

No. 391531

Yes, my Saturday just got more brighten woo

No. 391533

File: 1506187693698.png (273.74 KB, 750x1072, IMG_4193.PNG)

No. 391536

she has just posted the donnies pic again

No. 391537

Her account is private now :(

No. 391538

Balls she went private and I unfollowed her this morning . I'm going to kill me.

No. 391540

>im ready to start walking on my own
20 minutes later
>i kill me

No. 391543

File: 1506188111073.png (599.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170923-183411.png)

Cant understand a word!

No. 391544

File: 1506188300953.png (682.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170923-183708.png)

I have volume turned up 100% cant figure ot I out

No. 391545

You're wrong anon, is "I kill me". lol
I thought she didn't care anymore of haters.

No. 391548

are they real tho?
so shes breaking done because shes not getting comments, she realllly needs to get a life

No. 391552

Didn't you see why she become private again? I was refreshing her page over and over again and I couldn't take a screencap (she became private so fast again!) but apparently someone started commenting every photo of her with the same thing.
Basically it was a copy-paste comment (I think) which was telling her that she keep deleting and reposting photos not because she had haters but no comments! That it was strange how she had few comments considering the number of her follwoers. Also called her out about wanting always attention and her mood depending on it and her obvious lies (i.e. about her father, friends and strangers being mean to her).

No. 391553

Moar, Aly!

No. 391554


something among the lines of : i'm here, i'm all alone I don't know what to do(……) everybody left me.

No. 391555

File: 1506188689526.jpeg (363.99 KB, 1257x1572, image.jpeg)

Part one

No. 391556

File: 1506188710154.jpeg (411.48 KB, 1239x1783, image.jpeg)

Part two

No. 391557

File: 1506188733311.jpeg (323.96 KB, 1181x1800, image.jpeg)

Part three

No. 391558

I LOVE it!! gets popcorn ready

No. 391560

Thanks for screencaps. Why did I unfollow…like she wasn't going to meltdown again…I'm stupid. I'm alone.

No. 391561

Thank you for the caps! It happened so quickly, I wish I wasn't blocked with my main account so I could see what happened exactly and how many photos commented haha

Worst part is that she turned private again but I can't agree more with that comment.

No. 391563

Alright, I sort of figured out what she's saying in her stories. It's not complete, so sorry for that.

video 1: hi everybody i'm completely alone. sobs
i'm worthless, completely worthless.
everybody left me.

video 2: All I could really make out of this one was that she was saying she's not always positive or smiling.

video 3: so yeah I went private again because I can't stand these people. They make me feel (muttering)

No. 391564

I thought she wasn't going to let the haters get to her?
Such a strong goddess our Aly is.

No. 391566

File: 1506189938689.png (699.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170923-190427.png)

Shes now asking if we want a video repost. Bored, lonely, desperate or off for another dinner date with berto

No. 391569

File: 1506190181713.gif (485.83 KB, 500x389, tumblr_mb9asoi7LW1qgcra2o1_500…)

No. 391571

By "everybody" does she mean the few usual people comment, or does she mean Berto left her? Not that it'd matter because he doesn't seem to spend much time with her anyway.

No. 391575

File: 1506190478880.png (137.76 KB, 748x1010, IMG_0627.PNG)

So… no one?

No. 391576

File: 1506190514486.png (767.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170923-191313.png)

Wow we got the video repost. She looks like trailer trash and if Berto just moved in surely theyd be spending as much time together as possible, drinking wine, making the house look nice etc she just hangs out at McDonald's all day

No. 391578

So is she on the floor at home crying about haters? And then walks to McDonald's to film a video? Or maybe the video was already filmed from earlier.
And yes, interesting how she's not hanging out with fatty, moving in her stuff cause she's totally moving out of her house.
She couldn't shut up about moving in with her boy, and now that he's here she wants to die, people are yelling at her hair and barely mentions anything about fatty and her.

No. 391583

Thank God this time I was faster and set up a fake account in the morning to follow her while she was still open, knowing that she always goes private, kek. I'm iiiin
Parismelodyraven followed me at the speed of sound, though. This is creepy, does she lurk Aly's followers list constantly to follow them the moment they follow Aly? Why?

It's *I kill me, anon

"Aasgaagsfgasa and I don't know what to do… Aavbhhdgstaa during the post sgagsagsga positive and sgafsgaafggaa. I can't stand people, they make me feel too bad"
I tried my best, anon

No. 391584

File: 1506192259729.png (942.84 KB, 785x909, Oh aly.png)

Gotta love our amazing feminist recovery queer who is almost at a HEALTHY BMI (!)

No. 391585

I wondered that too, within maybe an hour pmr followed me (my ig is extremely basic for following aly, so she unfollowed me a few days later)

Thank you for trying anon, got more out of it than me!

No. 391589

Hahaha, great oc anon

No. 391592

Much appreciated lol moment! More in future please, anon.

No. 391598

File: 1506194367072.jpeg (351.66 KB, 1277x964, image.jpeg)

Left is from today, right I pulled from the last thread.

No. 391606

File: 1506195579769.jpg (681.01 KB, 809x1842, Screenshot_20170923-143813.jpg)

aly, people only said stuff to you because you made up haters just shutup

No. 391615

>those three years don't define my life

No, they don't have to. But you certainly live your entire life on those three years. You're obsessed with those three years. Get over it.

No. 391617

i dont understand why she makes herself private, she gets more likes when public n the hater comments were faked by her so? i know she got real comments after that calling her out but they were only cus of her fakin the comments to begin with (!)

idk what shes gonna do on monday, if this job is real and she actually has to go and cant just go out and get lunch and ice creams i think she'll have a genuine breakdown (imagine me smiling evilly lol)

No. 391637

Alys devoid of any characteristics that'll ever make her complex. She's one of the most one dimensional internet people I've ever encountered.

No. 391653

File: 1506202159776.jpg (539.67 KB, 810x1481, Screenshot_20170923-162750.jpg)

kindly fuck off

No. 391654

>foodblogger career

No. 391714

File: 1506211654849.jpg (455.82 KB, 1013x1123, Screenshot_20170923-190539.jpg)

who the fuck are these people
she was gonna kill herself because someone "yelled at her hair"

No. 391732

This is the shit that irritates me the most about Aly, fundamentally. Like, no, Aly. No one feels pretty, perfect and confident 7/24. She thinks her eating disorder makes her sooooo "different" and she LOVES IT, but talks like it's the greatest torture of her existence. It would be different if she would just be honest and admit that she's internally conflicted about wanting to be rid of her ED and wanting to be defined by it, but she'll never admit a fault that isn't ultimately flattering or doesn't present her as the victim of her illness.

It's like she heard everyone saying "people would listen to you and engage with you more if you were honest about your struggles," back when she was faking weight gain and recovery, and took it 100% the opposite direction, and is now begging for ass pats every time she has a difficult thought. I don't know why we didn't anticipate this turn in behavior, in retrospect. Zebras don't change their stripes, and Alys don't lose their cellulitis (!). Aly doesn't know how to be anything but fake.

No. 391754

On Monday she's going to say something a long the lines of "I couldn't leave you girls, knowing how much YOU depend on ME so I will keep posting and spreading motivation(!)" and then it'll be "eatme&go I got with co workers" and "magnum that I got because The Boss let me out early". but omg please aly, prove me wrong

No. 391796

Tbh she’s cow status at this point, move to /pt?

No. 391804

She finally took time to think about her uncle rather than herself. Round of applause crazy bitch

No. 391810

I don't think Aly is pt worthy. Her milk is repetitive and hardly fresh. she repeats the same thing with the same photos, in the same outfits at the same places with the same food.
Don't get me wrong, she's one of the cows I post on regularly, I just don't think she's /pt material. She's entertaining to a degree but sometimes she's stale with the same ol same ol.

No. 391811

Finally had time today to watch this. I don't even think she's really crying. It looks really fake.

No. 391830

File: 1506245740407.png (160.11 KB, 750x1028, IMG_0632.PNG)

So she's back on insta already and has a big news update (!) for us. Can't wait.

No. 391831

File: 1506245851757.png (189.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170924-103518.png)


No. 391832

File: 1506245879791.png (170.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170924-103525.png)


Worth the wait.

No. 391834

I'd much rather see her with her boy, her drinks and being "normal" than fake tears and sudoku threats

No. 391835

just wanted to post it. So she's going to stay. I'm laughing so hard

No. 391841

What a SURPRISE (!) girls! I wasn't totally expecting that! How WONDERFUL and AMAZING is this?! Now we'll see her complain about her FR*AKING JOB and how mean can be the HATERS who don't understand how hard it is to BEAT anorexia (!) like the REAL Aly did (!).

…Honestly, I don't know how she can write like that.

No. 391848

File: 1506250432231.jpg (5.8 KB, 234x185, Screenshot_20170924-124829_1.j…)

Keeps getting lower…

No. 391851

How is she addicted to instagram? It's not like she has dozens of comments like other recovery accounts. She gets fewer and fewer likes and comments yet it takes a massive chunk of her day planning what she posts there.

How is her relationship so shitty?

How come she's never found lolcow?

How can she not know how ridiculous her poses and clothes are?

Mysteries of the universe.

No. 391866

File: 1506259696927.png (953.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170924-152704.png)

No. 391867

File: 1506259707479.png (159.76 KB, 720x735, 20170924_152732.png)

No. 391869

What did she want luck for? What's the month anniversary thing? She hasn't let me into her ig community yet. Hurry, Aly. I need your support.

No. 391875

Methinks 90% of those followers are fake/bought. Her real followers could be 1000, 1500 at max. See the number of likes and comments on her posts. A person with almost 50,000 followers would get much more interaction under her pictures.
So her number getting lower could be either her real followers abandoning ship, as well as the fake ones that get cleaned up by Instagram after a while

No. 391877

haha seriously we all knew

now, do you girls think the job is real? i still cant work it out

i think its more like a load of revovery/ed people followed her when she was spoopy n they have become inactive and also a lot must be bots and now her remaining active followers are either unfollowing or shes slowly blocking her way thru them and then there's us ofc

No. 391878

Congrats you were with your boyf, broke up, back together etc for 5 years on and off? Doesnt really work aly

Also support you ate pasta, again, good for you?

Go and get real interactions with real people you absolute joke

No. 391879

I think she signed up to a temp placement agency. That "catering" one could've been a placement but she thought it wasn't suitable or they didn't like her. We used to get kids in from an agency the job centre referred them to because they'd been long term unemployed. Some were ex offenders.

So I kind of figure it's that. She's either doing it for a short training thing or it's temporary and if it doesn't work out she leaves and then tries something else.

No. 391880

I thought only 14 year olds broke down relationships into months. I only remember my anniversary because its Halloween and we don't celebrate. Wow, me and my boy have been together since before Aly was born. I must be an enormous winner at life (or Stockholm Syndrome).

No. 391883

anon its their 62nd monthiversary have some respect

who breaks up w someone and continues to count the time like they were together(?)

No. 391884


He was always in her heart, anon. Always in her heart. How long before this nutjob gets knocked up like Crying Emily?

No. 391885

And not engaged, not living together, not even a priority over IG so how.many asspats does she want. Thank God there's no fatberto babies

No. 391886

Wow, Crying Emily is pregnant? Isn't she like 18 years old?

No. 391888

Yup but see her fb for updates or ana board she's not relevant here

No. 391889

They were facebook engaged! How much more committed could she be!

No. 391892

File: 1506265212495.png (980.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170924-155431.png)

New leggings for work
Such a professional place to work

No. 391893

File: 1506265243772.png (844.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170924-155434.png)

No. 391895

oh my god leggings!! for work!! you are a legend aly!!

No. 391897

File: 1506265786638.jpg (588.18 KB, 810x1481, Screenshot_20170924-100718.jpg)

why does she think that shes "detached" when shes documented everything that shes done today? and also constantly talked about her ED

No. 391904

oh she deleted this post
all she had was 2 comments n one was from ember lol

No. 391905

So a repost then so people comment on her arse.

No. 391906


Its reposted EMPHASISING new bigger size leggings because despite being underweight 1 1/2 kgs from healthy weight shes in bigger clothes and you need to give her support !(!)

No. 391907

Like she needs support when she posts a video and picture of her larger sized ass AND EMPHASISED it.

No. 391908


>Do you like the leggings dance?

…I..I don't know what to say, honestly. The leggings dance.

No. 391911

i think she'll repost it again maybe
>a hater said i was a fatty in leggings

No. 391912


in the leggings picture, who's with her? i mean, you can see another shoe in the other dressing room thats just on the right side, and also there's her bag hanging on there (if it's her bag, and not her ma's)

No. 391916

They're her shoes and bag, two black trainers

No. 391918

Hate how dogsandpos comment something, then Aly delete this post because had no comments (of course her comment count as zero), repost, and then she has the courage to comment once more on the same post! Where her dignity is?? She thinks Aly is a goddess

No. 391921

I'm really glad lousrecovery stopped following her. Aly takes the regular 4 or 5 people who comment for granted. She's the ones she should be trying to form some kind of online friendly relationship with if she wants support. She said she prefers quality over quantity yet prefers more comments from randoms than two from her loyal fanbase.

No. 391922

(they're* the ones….)

No. 391931

File: 1506272620148.jpg (53.09 KB, 366x380, 1441663736523.jpg)

Throwback to… well, apparently her dad has been always done with her.

No. 391937

File: 1506274833425.jpg (761.28 KB, 810x1902, Screenshot_20170924-123702.jpg)

everytime she mentions shes had sex w bert it makes me cringe and shes obviously upset about those leggings because shes mentioned it a hundred times but thank god you got your violin hips back huh aly

No. 391943

She's seen so little of him in 5 years that it's probably still a novelty when they make the beast with two backs. Also, she counts month anniversaries, so with the mind of a 14 year old she's going to brag about doing something adults do regularly without even mentioning it.

No. 391959

File: 1506277808814.jpg (82.21 KB, 749x242, ihadsex.jpg)

its Berto. They had sext before he took this picture.

No. 391961

LoL(no posting ember)

No. 391971

One comment in 1 hour. No-one cares Aly, bye!

No. 391972


i was just gonna say this, only like 70 likes too

No. 391982

I bet she still checks for comments while Berto's hauling himself on top of her.

No. 391987

File: 1506281737516.jpg (330.19 KB, 1047x879, Screenshot_20170924-143444.jpg)


No. 391988

Fuck*ng haters spoiled her whole dream Sunday [insert breakdown video]

No. 391991

she deleted the first comment and posted some sushi and complained about weirdos and mentioned her stories then deleted it. i dont have her stories tho cus im not in app

No. 391992

File: 1506282855374.png (542.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170924-215345.png)

No. 391994

File: 1506282971011.jpeg (151.92 KB, 1263x1648, image.jpeg)

No. 391995

Hahahhahaha well, have fun deleting all your posts, then. So much for having a "life"

No. 391996

She's stepping up her threat game lol

No. 391997

she doesnt even want dms now lol like what do you want aly! can nothing heal that deep dark soul of yours~

No. 392000

She is so pathetic, like someones recovery is different to yours, she could simply address them and say I don't only eat fast food but has to try and shame them in a story and be so dramatic about it. This is why you get no likes or comments

No. 392006

File: 1506284460408.jpg (525.59 KB, 809x1795, Screenshot_20170924-151955.jpg)

blah blah blah

No. 392011

File: 1506284779390.png (217.92 KB, 711x546, nightmarefuel.png)

D… Do you think she does the crazy eyes during sex too, anon?

No. 392016

File: 1506285427132.jpg (34.77 KB, 273x275, 1439954901752.jpg)

Yes, you gave more than McDonald shots.
You gave donut shots, fap shots, chocolate shots, cupcake shots, croissant shots. All healthy af.

Half an hour on 2,735 posts.

>new brighten beginning

Lol. Good luck with that.

No. 392050

omg almost an hour w no comments
shes gonna sudoku

No. 392103

Did she drop school? I thought she was studying something…

No. 392105

What foodblogging career? Girl if you wanted to be a foodblogger, you need to eat more than the same thing at the same 5 takeaway shops

No. 392125

She reposted this, literally just now. Isn't it pretty late for her?

No. 392127

File: 1506296346740.png (103.72 KB, 916x584, the fug.png)


No. 392128

idk…i've never really seen her do this. It almost like when a little kid says they are running away "don't ask me to stay"

No. 392129

??? shes obviously pissed at the lack of comments and shes not even gonna try to be coherent

oh man tomorrow! how long before she breaks down and posts? will she even go to work? will her boss be a sexist pig? will ma have to come n collect her when she locks herself in a changing room?

No. 392156

lol she's so mad no one is wishing her fair well. Wht does she expect when she has said this once a week? Even her followers are probably like yea ok.
She will post tomorrow. It doesn't matter if the job is real or not. She will want to tell her followers allll about her new life and that she is the best thing that has happened to that store. "

"They've never had anyone like me work for them! They even offered me a promotion!"

No. 392166

There is no way she won't be posting first thing tomorrow.

No. 392177

i think she's going to have a meltdown(!)

No. 392185

I have second hand embarassment. She's honestly such a joke. I like how we've all gone from just laughing at her and thinkig she's funny to legitmately hating her and thinking she's a shitty person.

No. 392196

And comments for this post? Please say no.

No. 392261

Write diary entries somewhere else, nobody cares

No. 392262

File: 1506317928528.png (290.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-24-22-37-33…)

6 comments on her clock post. 1/2

No. 392265

File: 1506317986061.png (276.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-24-22-37-37…)

Nothing too notable commented on it. I am excited to see what tomorrow brings!

No. 392283

File: 1506328221400.png (651.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170925-092904.png)

The excitement is real guys! She's off to work and will keep us posted

No. 392284

File: 1506328311541.png (969.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170925-092845.png)

Shes out building up energy for first job in BIG size leggings and BIG professional eyeliner flick

No. 392286

File: 1506329799062.png (204.25 KB, 720x1106, 20170925_105532.png)

No. 392287

File: 1506329812188.png (185.58 KB, 720x1047, 20170925_105615.png)

No. 392294

I was THE FUC*ING ENTHUSIAST about her leaving, and now? NOT.

Stupid bitch

No. 392330

oh aly, you are crazy
>cant use dms
>comment on my posts tho
thought she wasnt posting anymore? she cannot get off instagram its ridiculous

No. 392332

File: 1506346166163.jpg (38.17 KB, 480x768, B7HJ4CsIAAASPht.jpg)

>strugg(l)ed on the littlest centimeter of skin I showed

also whenever she mentions having had sex she reminds me of pic related but with sex (unfortunately I couldn't find any for that and didn't feel like making one)

I've been thinking that for awhile. She does produce milk on a daily basis. But as the other anon said her milk is repetitive. She's just enraging, not very lulzy, kind of missing the "lol" in lolcow.

No. 392342

I find her breakdowns very lol. I live for them, but I love ig crying faces amusing whoever it is.

I wonder what she's doing right now. Working must be draining for her. Probably be too tired for ice cream, shopping and sex on Sunday.

No. 392347

For real, she said once she doesn't respond to people because this is her own diary, but why doesn't she just write in an actual diary then???? Oh yeah, she's an attention whore.

She needs to fuck off with her "flabby belly" bullshit. Like when she talks about her hip dips, bloat, fat, huge hips, "cellulitis", etc. She's obviously thin and I'm sure she fucking knows it considering how narcissistic she is, begging for people to tell her "no ur not fat Aly!!!"

I wish one day she'd wake up randomly 300 lbs heavier lol

No. 392350

yeah i wonder what else she'll post like they'll either say shes amazing or someone will be rude to her

i really cant believe shes gone to work lol

i wonder if she'll use this job as an excuse to lose weight

No. 392352

Probably sobbing in a bathroom because her supervisor made a comment about the dress code and her eyeliner covering half her face, preparing a post about how her boss is sexist and wants to suppress her individual unique self.

No. 392353

Working 11-8 so she'll conveniently forget to eat lunch or dinner and start the decent back to spoopyness

No. 392356

If I was a recovering anorexic I'd be put off gaining weight if Aly's banging on about her flabby belly etc. The fragile anas are going to believe that's what fat looks like. She's so insensitive.

No. 392360

This evening she'll say that she's now living the Life, that customers said she was the best and also many boys asked her telephone number

No. 392383

she's acting like there's no one with anorexia who works 40 hours a week.

No. 392393

File: 1506359544492.png (65.35 KB, 736x354, IMG_0643.PNG)

Alright which one of you was that

No. 392394

File: 1506359640331.jpg (8.01 KB, 261x193, wow.jpg)

Anorexics don't work. Aly is special. She was permitted to work because she worked so hard to get 1/1.5kg close to a healthy weight to be allowed. The others just aren't working hard enough. If they did they could have all the things she has - McDonalds, leggins, ice cream and sex with a boy.

She's a winner and even more so because she struggles more than any other eating disordered person ever has or ever will. I'm so proud. She needs to be nominated for a brave person award.

>you look like you're stable
Damn, I hope that IS a farmer.

No. 392401

getting a job and having sex w a boy is the pinnacle of recovery!

No. 392406

Um are you new? I was replying to an anon who was uselessly and irrelevantly blog posting, I wasn't talking about Aly. Lurk moar newfag fuck, if someone writes a reply it's because they're commenting on the post they're replying to, not just randomly bringing up something OT about Aly. The fact that I even had to say that makes me want to bash my head through a wall.(calm down)

No. 392408

It's 8pm in Milan. She'll be leaving work now. How long til an upload? I bet she's been jonesing for that phone in her hand.

No. 392409

File: 1506362679781.png (3.31 KB, 276x183, images.png)

Um the post you were replying to was sarcasm and relevant to Aly bragging about sex.

No. 392417

I bet she's hoping for 100 comments and tons of likes and she'll come home to… 12.

No. 392418

Only 6 were written after she started work so 6. Would love to see her face when she truly realises out of 48000+ followers that NO-ONE CARES

No. 392419

relax anon, sounds like aly's gotten you a little too worked up today. this thread is about aly, direct your anger towards her, lmao

No. 392423

Imagine if working really does make her realise that instagram isn't important and she makes her life normal. I tried to do that (imagine it) but always get stuck when I remember THIS IS ALY.

Her mood might be over the stars (!) tonight after her first day, but working soon gets stale. Why does she take so long to accept requests. It's killing me being shunned by recovery queer.

anon might be feeling anxious for Aly.

No. 392426

File: 1506364181908.jpg (701.39 KB, 1022x1542, Screenshot_20170925-132833.jpg)

finally she can post her breakfast!

No. 392428

Let the spam commence. Don't forget to big yourself up, Aly.

No. 392431

"second breakfast" lol that's a snack

Btw is it normal to work 9 hours in Italy?

Um are you new? you completely missed the sarcasm in that initial comment, take a Xanax

No. 392432

O thank God she decided to make a comeback with her foodblogging career. Two careers!

No. 392433


She wouldn't crash so hard if she ate a more balanced breakfast. How did she cope all day without maccy ds?, donnies and milkshakes? Not surprised if her freak outs coincide with sugar crashes.

No. 392436

That person on ig she called out and shamed for saying you can gain on veg, fruit, pulses, protein, blah blah had a really good point. I still find it weird that Italy's breakfast is cookies. Her mental health would be so much better without so much processed food and sugar all the time. A few times a week, yeah, but anyone would feel like crap living on the things she claims to post. EAT A FUCKING BANANA, ALY.

No. 392437

8-9 hours is normal, yea

No. 392440

I noticed she posted a pic of her but deledeted that really fast

No. 392442

File: 1506365264788.png (905.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170925-194624.png)

No. 392443

File: 1506365300861.png (195.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170925-194630.png)

I want to see a before and after pic (of her destroyed hair and eye liner!)

No. 392444

Samefag but she reposted taking out the name of Treesse shop

No. 392446

this pose omg surprised she didnt try n put it in her mouth

No. 392447

1) why the fuck would she risk losing weight from standing/walking all day unless she's actively trying to do so? Like just eat an extra snack, you "ex anorexic"
2) looks like she already hates her job, considering she called lunch "freedom"

No. 392449

SO she met Ma for EatMe&Go?

Oh look, another tale about an ig follower who says hello to her. So popular. Must make up for lack of good luck comments.

No. 392451

She feels exploited for working eight hours and doing things that you have to do at pretty much every job like this? And getting paid for doing so?

No. 392453

Yeah, work makes you hungry. She'd want to eat more and that's not a problem being EX anorexic.

No. 392455

i dont think she'll hack it, i bet she quits in a week and says its holding her recovery back

No. 392456

File: 1506365850036.jpeg (370.53 KB, 1258x1659, image.jpeg)

Wonder why that might be hmmm

No. 392458

Probably cuz Jack Fisher's mom claimed she called the store lol

No. 392459

I'd bet she leaves soon.

Mustn't be bothered getting to know her co workers. It's kind of normal to go out and get lunch with someone and get to know them a bit or talk about the job. Instead she's at her usual place with her mother.

No. 392460

That would be pretty epic.

No. 392462

Even more than 9, I know people that work 12 hours a day

No. 392464

It would be so funny if hoards of her followers turned up to watch her at work. Just to creep her out.

Her post this morning was about how shes so ex anorexic because blah blah blah and now one shift later shes doubting herself. Shes so weak and such a fraud!

No. 392474

on the post of her 2nd breakfast someone asked her what she does for work and i swear someone replied saying she worked at treesse but now that reply isnt there?

No. 392475

I was wondering the same thing. Who took this picture during her lunch hour?

even cleaning?!? GOSH!


No. 392476

Does she thing the store can see her post if she @s it because she's private so they can't.

I'd love to see Aly mopping the floor.

No. 392491

well that was pretty boring
you let us down aly

No. 392523

Wait til the tiredness and exploitation gets to her. She'll soon cave in.

She hates it.

No. 392575

File: 1506378937898.jpg (637.52 KB, 809x1801, Screenshot_20170925-173318.jpg)

shes being so ridiculous about having a job like wow you fold tshirt n cleaned the toliets. anorexia is defeated! and ya we all knew you werent goin nowhere bitch

No. 392588

she laughed at the haters today but yesterday she cried like a 6 year old who was told 'no' to a new toy.
she's so unbothered by random strangers she made a whole post dedicated to them, and even lived her whole day around proving them wrong. and continued to stay private. because so unbothered guys(!)

wow aly. you're such an inspiration to strong women everywhere.

No. 392597

She's acting like she just won a nobel peace prize….. not doing something that the majority of her population did when they were like 17 lmao

No. 392604

never forget that she was going to kill herself because a friend commented that she used to be anorexic or when she was going to kill herself because "someone" yelled at her hair…

and ya its like when she ate dinner to prove her dad wrong when he was mad that she wouldnt eat (!)

No. 392666

Kek indeed she does get to me and so it brings my tolerance level for "stupidity" super low.

No. 392767

File: 1506416239429.png (850.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170926-105539.png)

No. 392768

File: 1506416255442.png (1.11 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170926-105542.png)

No. 392769

File: 1506416273076.png (209.21 KB, 720x1142, 20170926_105643.png)

No. 392770

File: 1506416282614.png (80.35 KB, 720x434, 20170926_105628.png)

No. 392790


>lost 'beauty' and 'perfection' points

>tell me i'm pretty and perfect

Subtle, Aly.

No. 392791

>one hour only break
Most jobs give you only 30 minutes of a break ffs

No. 392793


Imagine her coming back from work and notice only One comment under her post, she will totally freak out and maybe leave work forever

No. 392795

Shes so proud she actually went to work today > i didn't give up even though legs ache

Proving how spoilt shes been up until this point! 22 and first job. What happened to uni degree type job?

No. 392803

That's so true. Also, an hour of break is very long for the kind of job she has. I can't it imagine it not being long for Italy as well.

No. 392809


And then there are people who usually have to work through their lunch break, eating at their desk.

Welcome to the real world, Aly. It gets worse when your wages have to be handed over to a landlord and supermarket checkout person.

I like to remember that post where she's saying she's "living the life" because she's she's eating crisps and drinking cocktails longing by the pool.

I also like to think of her being told to clean the shop.


No. 392810

(lounging* not longing)

No. 392817

File: 1506429972070.png (753.86 KB, 720x1044, 20170926_144432.png)

sighs in Italian

No. 392819

…and every other language of the world.

This is tragic. But it makes me happy!

No. 392820

File: 1506430274243.png (674.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170926-145037.png)

No. 392821


Fabulous! Sat on the floor in the stock room!!

You can do it Aly. You make me proud. You're my role model. You got this. etc.

No. 392822

File: 1506430381898.png (842.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170926-145247.png)

No. 392823

it's her second day jfc

No. 392824

File: 1506430516452.gif (743.95 KB, 500x233, yesss.gif)

No. 392826

And she's only been there four hours today.

No. 392828

Already huh? Is she even gonna last a full week?

No. 392830

No make up and pony tail?
Isn't that what she said in her post?

No. 392831

And isn't Summer, christmas, or any holiday where is the real rush :/
I thought that this was the end of Aly's thread 'cause she finally gain LIFE (!) but, nah… Repost during work? Is the same bullshit but without 8 hours.
Aly's Misery is my breakfast.

No. 392837

File: 1506432950172.jpg (379.65 KB, 1030x978, Screenshot_20170926-083404.jpg)

…its just a shop

No. 392838

File: 1506432957689.jpg (59.36 KB, 499x572, fb.JPG)

She posted this on her facebook. So, what will you decide your ending will be? Stay at work or back to donnies and faps?

No. 392839

Almost 22 and she knows practically zero about life. :ol, "just a shop". What was she expecting work to be? Glitter and unicorns?

No. 392846

I can almost smell the breakdown after she reads these comments

No. 392847


Yeah, she'll be seething at this one
>I would encourage you not to eat junk food like French fries.

No. 392854

Lol right.

can we just talk about how her poor parents funded her tuition, probably hoping that she'd graduate and find a job that makes her good money + a career that makes her feel fulfilled, instead she chose some bs degree (yeah I'm sure you find joy in literature, Aly), dropped out, and is doomed to work in retail and donut shops for the rest of her life (sadly her entrepreneurial skills are most likely garbage, not that she'd wanna make a difference in the world anyways cuz it's all about her). Literally the second fucking day of working she needs help from strangers to continue on. Hopefully Berto has a good job so she can leech off him.

Fuck off Aly, millions have suffered from mental illnesses and have gone on to make something out themselves. It takes extra work, sure, but she puts in ZERO. She has NO goals for her future, no interests, no hobbies, nothing that she's passionate about, and puts on some facade as if she's not miserable with everything, and doesn't do shit about it. She thinks work & fake recovery = her entire life. And tbh it is, but it doesn't have to be, but she's an idiot

I'm so happy that she thinks she's doomed to misery. She ruins lives and cares about no one.

No. 392855

haha right! she wants people to feel bad for her and they're like um thats normal. shes obviously gonna quit cus shes not the strong, brave ex-anorexic she pretends to be

No. 392858

While I agree, studying in Italy is not that expensive (just because I feel that some American readers here might forget that). Google says 850-1000 Euro per year, which is not free, but reasonable compared to the US.

It doesn't seem like her parents struggle for money, but I still think they hoped Aly would do better than that…

No. 392859

Are there student loans in Italy? Like here in the UK you borrow the cash to pay your way through uni/fees then you pay it back when you start working.

She said her dad lost his job and that's why she had to drop out (fucking awful father! how dare he!). Her mum seems to have some job in publishing? Aly used to hang out at Ma's office at the weekend and call it "work".

No. 392860

I'll predict.
"?? Guess what? Confidence is NOT about weight, food and bodies (!) and TODAY I left my job. Proudly, because IT STILL WAS WORTH IT. ? #recoverywin. I feel like a BOMB after first day of work ?? but I miss you my #EDcommunity so i prefer to STAY (!) in home, counting ORGASMS (!) and not calories, until I reach a HEALTHY BMI ?
Love, Aly"

No. 392863

I think she'll get pregnant.

No. 392866

I hope.

No. 392867

Didn't know that thanks, I'm not from the US though so I don't know about them either. My point wasnt about the money it was like you said, about them thinking she'd make something better of herself!

Also, that money still could've gone to more frequent therapy sessions lol

No. 392870

something about how she put herself first too

nah i bet berty double wraps

No. 392871

I get the sarcasm lol but does anyone remember if she really did get mad at her father at that?

Anyways yeah there are grants, bursaries, scholarships, etc in Italy. She also could've gotten a job herself, loans from banks, etc. It's hard no doubt and requires a lot more effort and hard work, but if someone was stubborn, they can do it. So many people have. Yes, even struggling with a mental illness. And we all know the type of person Aly is, she probably "broke down" and just gave up. And now she apparently wants to make something of herself and "live life"? Now?? When she's more fucked up than she was? Riiight.

No. 392873

File: 1506436445802.png (63.56 KB, 735x380, IMG_2382.PNG)

which one of you did this one? Aly never sees the sarcasm from this anon lol

No. 392876

Nah, she didn't get mad at her dad, but knowing how Aly writes it sounded like she was accusing him (or that might just be me because I hate her and like to think the worst).

She dropped out before he even lost his job though. For a while she was saying he had problems at work and bitched about him in general. I can't imagine she really wanted to be a student anyway. She seems to have zero interest in academia (or much else).

I love when farmers don't get detected for ages.

No. 392879

I think it's a farmer, but I have met people like this in real life before. One of them is a stay at home mum at 20 now. Sorry for the blogpost.

I don't even remember that! It's also weird that she chose literature, she never talks about anything she's read or uses quotes from books or anything…

No. 392882

File: 1506437074394.jpg (54.23 KB, 960x720, 12289516_886200818135908_79244…)

lol! the secret behind the 'lookin at maw fewd' pics

No. 392890

I'll never get why some lazy ass bitches think that staying at home with babies is going to be an easier life than working. Babies would be 24 hour full time.

Aly seems really careless about everything though, so that's why I think she'll get pregnant. For some reason I think of Berto as a quickie Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am kind of lover who doesn't really care for contraception and thinks she's not fertile anyway if she doesn't menstruate.

Idk how much of a Catholic they are, but what if they don't use contraception ~scream emoji~ and she wouldn't contemplate an abortion. I know sometimes getting knocked up can change someone for the better (hope this is the case with Emily), but I can't see it with Aly.

No. 392891

PS that cake looks good >>392882 It looks like a big vanilla slice?

No. 392895

Can you imagine Aly as a mother?
>ignores kid to be on Instagram all day and take pictures of herself
>is emotionally dependent, asks for kid's support, cries all the time
>won't get up in the night for the kid, won't cook because too draining, won't help him with homework
>emotional abuse + possible physical abuse since she was "beaten" by Pa Casati
>basically your typical narc parent with also body dysmorphic disorder, possible ED and bipolar
No no no, she would fuck up the kid's mind badly.

No. 392898

Zoom in to her brother's face.

T __ T

No. 392903

File: 1506439536475.gif (331.95 KB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

> asks for kid's support


No. 392910

I think if she had a baby her obsession would switch to the baby. Like, instead of using anorexia for attention, it would become the baby.
>ex anorexic and proud mother
>gosh! It won't stop crying, hope in your support.
>a good mother? oppinions?
>he looks just like me! Suggestions?
>I only get comments on my baby. Is that all you think of me?

Also, she would probably have a breakdown everyday from becoming "fat"

No. 392913

File: 1506441235091.jpg (111.06 KB, 575x394, fdffdslknfs.jpg)

now…she deleted the part that says "repost"… so that people don't notice she does this shit? This bitch makes me question my sanity and she's the crazy one.

No. 392915

I was just going to post this put you beat me to it. Aly is legit incapable of parenting a child. She can't fucking work RETAIL 3 hours without wanting to quit. Also

> force feeds child so she's the skinniest one in the family

> threatens to kill herself unless kid behaves
> hates kid one hour, likes kid the next
> runs away from home when parenting gets overwhelming
> incapable of loving child
> doesn't bring child to a doctor bc how dare they take the attention away from her and be sick!
> child grows up fucked up and mentally ill
> is in denial about child's mental illness, aly is the only sick one here!
> aly # 2 is created

Honestly if she has a kid during her instagram career and shows signs of this BS, I'm calling the italian CPS on her, no kid should have histrionic, unempathic, self-absorbed, heartless (etc etc) Aly as a parent

No. 392916

Shit, she'd actually be a perfect candidate for Münchhausen by Proxy with a child.

Please never get fertile again Aly.

No. 392917

it would start from her just being pregnant
>endless baby bump posing even at week 3
>delete/repost because mean comments from no one on how she'll get fat later
>block anything that isn't constant encouragement that she won't get fat after her pregnancy

No. 392922

Oh, Girl! Mover your ass, you're at work! She won't change NEVER!

No. 392927

She seems surprised she actually has to work at work! Her fantasy of being a strong independent working woman has been crushed 1 1/2 shifts in because not enough breaks and too much actual work.
Berto will be so proud of her, after his 4 years of uni graduating historical science and her nearly completing one year, now folding other people's clothes

No. 392931

File: 1506443568075.jpg (819.78 KB, 1056x1533, Screenshot_20170926-113108.jpg)

much happened! she probably ate lunch w co workers or something

No. 392934


"Co workers" as in her mum?

No. 392960

Yeah she said that she wants kids, ugh. She'll prob relapse during her pregnancy bc there's no way she'd put someone else before herself (not even her child (!) ) the number on the scale will go up, she'll breakdown, starve and purge, become snoopy, and ultimately have a miscarriage. If there wasn't a baby involved, this would be great, awesome karma. Though a child not being born is debatabley better than being raised by her, the kid would probably get messed up and end their life in their teens after being abused and manipulated and hated by their mom anyways

No. 392962

I bet the kid would get dumped on Ma, and like the mug she is she'd go along with it. Aly would get it out sometimes when she discovers clucky women on ig give the baby likes. Then she'll complain the kid gets more likes than her.


No. 392965

You just described Lainey, kek.

No. 392983

>I was woked 5 times by night with the baby wanting attention. Just because I no longer show bloated belly of pregnancy doesn't mean I'm not struggling. Does anyone else experience this?

No. 392986

>> Blackout post
>> After last post of Alice Jr in the morning (see stories): I am tired af of not getting support of my recovery and just get comments of my baby. I am worthless pig. Guess I will skip dinner. To punish me I not give my baby dinner. Breakdowns are REAL. This account was opened for my REAL followers to give me support for eating and recovery. Not for haters yell at me tell me I have a "beautiful" baby. No one care to tell me I am beautiful. Guess I thought this account worthed more. I kill me now. So sorry. Goodbye.

No. 392992

In her kinda defense, it is just her first few days and she's physically weak and not used to working full time, so in theory it would make sense for her to be overwhelmed and whiny at first but slowly toughen up and get used to it…but this is Aly we're talking about.

No. 392997

Why is our EX-anorexic so weak? People who doesn't work out like Aly can manage retail just fine, she's not working construction. It's a little uncomfortable standing for a long time sure, but no one makes a huge deal out of it like she is. She could've just been like "Standing up for 8 hours gave me a sore back!" and then just moved on, not all like "Idk if I can do this. Plz support me. I want to give up"

No. 393000

True but she's also still a lot more atrophied than the average person, even if they don't work out. I'm not trying to whiteknight just not surprised that she's physically tired. I wish she would exercise outside of work and eat something other than sweets. She might even enjoy her job if she did.

No. 393006

Yea I agree but I think you just misunderstood me, my point was just that she's obviously overexaggerating. Everyone is tired and sore initially after retail/being a cashier/etc, hell I'm tired after coming home from a desk job. I just really doubt she's "I can't go on, I'm about to give up" sort of tired like she ran a marathon

No. 393009

File: 1506451194973.png (182.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170926-193934.png)

Here comes the relapse

No. 393011

File: 1506451260131.png (750.06 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170926-193929.png)

Im tempted to remind her bought biggest ever size leggings so no of course no weight loss but i dont want to get blocked - dilema

No. 393013

Is she wanting people to tell her she looks thinner? How the hell does she think everyone else in the world works and doesn't end up emaciated?

Berto saying she looks like she's lost weight is his foot in the door to dumping her again!

She walks a lot, so it's not like she's sedentary. She's just bored and idle.

No. 393015

oh totally i see what you mean now. she probably just has that standard work tired feeling. i almost enjoy that type sometimes if i don't have much to do when i get home. it can be kind of gratifying. also if she had some kind of muscle failure or almost passed out or something we'd surely hear about it.

No. 393017

double post but how the fuuuuuck do you "forget to eat" with an hour lunchbreak?! Especially when your life revolves around food one way or the other!

No. 393018

Tf she didn't lose any noticeable weight in like 5 DAYS lmao shut the fuck up cunt, as an ex-anorexic she should know you can't lose anything noticeable in that short period of a time even if she ate nothing. she's trying to get people to tell her "yeah aly u did lose weight:(".

She's too much in a hurry to eat but not to type out a 8-paragraph post. and lol how we're someone who knows here. We sure are, we know you better than both you and your therapist know you. someone tell this bitch to take a xanax or 10.

No. 393024

The fact she's wearing clothes that aren't tight af probably make her look slimmer and anyone looks slimmer wearing black leggins as opposed to bare legs.

No. 393025

i can almost see what they mean that her legs look thinner but it's probably the black and maybe she didn't drink much water before and now she has to because she's moving around more so she's lost a little water weight.

No. 393033

Yeah that's exactly it. She always wears skimpy shorts that don't fit and make her skin seem to "ooze out" as if she's heavier, but she just wears a size too small. Everyone looks thinner in black leggings.

No. 393034

File: 1506452309786.jpg (188.27 KB, 987x462, Screenshot_20170926-135620.jpg)

you cant lose that much weight in a week n also shes only been working for 2 days now? lol she wants to lose weight obviously

No. 393039

>>393034I love how straightforward that person is. It feels like you've been sent to the headmistress for dicking around and she's all, now, now, disrupting class will not get you anywhere…it's not clever, it's not funny, get your head down and work steadiy and quietly.

No. 393041


No. 393044

She probably associates being this tired with times she wouldn't eat, the same type of lethargy equals weight loss in her mind.

Her weekend was.full of icecream chips 3 course meals so unless she's not telling us something there's no way she's lost weight in such a short space of time.

Berto maybe doesnt know how to complement her without her freaking out at him so it's safe to focus on weight loss rather than something that can be misinterpreted

No. 393046

Love this! Aly will absolutely hate this no bullshit approach

No. 393050

Im looking forward to her days off

No. 393060

She obviously wants someone to tell her to stop working so she doesn't ~jeopardize her health~, that's why she keeps banging on about weight loss.
She probably tells Berto the same all day long and that's why he "told her" she looked like she'd "lost weight", just like her followers are now being manipulated into doing so.

No. 393079

File: 1506455849287.png (206.85 KB, 750x1110, IMG_0649.PNG)

Part 1

No. 393081

File: 1506455946398.png (257.76 KB, 750x1089, IMG_0651.PNG)

Part 2
According to her logic, everybody with a job has anorexia. You're not special, Aly.

No. 393086

eat a bigger lunch? come home and have dinner?? eat dessert? do you not know how to eat recovery queen?

omg guys i WORK 8 hours a DAY and ONLY have 2 days off!!

No. 393087

Bitch if you're hungry bring a granola bar, take a quick bathroom break, and put it in your fucking mouth. You're too stressed out to chew? Then drink a fucking smoothie.

How can you NOT continue gaining with a fulltime job? Breakfast before work. Lunch during your break. Dinner after work. Snacks in between. How is she so stupid?

No. 393089

She starts at 11 so breakfast or 2, snack, lunch at work (an hour is enough time to eat a huge amount) dinner pudding easy

No excuses. She'll find one but there really isnt a lot to it

No. 393106

If she made herself a packed lunch she wouldn't ~forget~ to eat it and she'd save cash. She has mini breaks (probably cig breaks for smokers), so eat a damn protein bar.

Pretty sure some of the staff might have/have had dietry requirements, like if they're diabetic. Having a snack isn't difficult.

I've never worked anywhere that doesn't have a kettle so she could drink a meal replacement thing if she wants to gain (lol). Or get some of her old ana favourite Ensure Fortimels.

Jesus, she wants someone to hold her fucking hand through life.

Useless bitch.

No. 393107

Exactly, no one would say anything about her drinking a smoothie/ juice/ protein shake. She could even ask to split her 1 hour break into two 30 minute breaks.

No. 393111

File: 1506459077411.jpeg (35.09 KB, 1221x379, image.jpeg)

No. 393116

And even if they did say anything, I'm sure she could explain that her doctor needs her on a certain amount of calories a day and go into as much or as little detail about the ed as she wants.

No. 393126

File: 1506459779058.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170926-151929.png)

Gum, anyone? I just find it funny that he takes out his gum to kiss her… it's weird to me.

No. 393127

Is it not a cicg turned inward?

No. 393129


No. 393130

lol i guess he was expecting a full on face sucking sesh

No. 393131

Someone should tell her kissing burns calories.

No. 393132

Hmmmm, could be. Darn it

No. 393153

I think Aly is going to relapse as a sort of punishment for her cold-hearted therapist, family and followers who all 'made' her get a job. You all told her she was going to be okay working, but she clearly isn't! Because she is a super special ana snowflake(!) who is just too ~*fragile*~ and clearly can't work like the rest of the population. Do you feel bad for not letting her continue her lifestyle as a leach already? Better buy her donnies with a frap and take million pictures of her staring at them!

sage for speculation

No. 393195

Tbh, I had a similar idea. She wanted to prove that she's still a sick, fragile ana by fucking up work.

If she was honest with her psychiatrist and whatever team she has they probably would've advised against her working full time yet. They don't know her like we do, and anorexia is the tip of the iceberg.

I don't think she'll last more than a month at this.

No. 393208

well lots of people gave her useful advice and if she has any common sense (debatable) then she should be able to work out how to keep eating n not lose weight so we'll see if shes just determined to go back to her old ways

i think she'll quit soon too tho

No. 393234

File: 1506471982255.jpg (17.82 KB, 275x255, office_mini_fridge.jpg)

One of the first things you learn working full-time is how long 8 hours actually is and how much food you need to bring with you. Most offices have a fridge, can she honestly not stock up on a constant supply of snacks? It's not grade school, if you don't feed yourself no one else is going to do it.

No. 393258

You weren't sure if we knew what a mini fridge was? Lawl

No. 393260

Huh? It's just a random picture I added, chill a bit.

No. 393329

she probably was honest, i'm sure she was all like "i eat 3 meals a day and gained 20kg and and challenge myself to fear foods everyday!!!" and they were like oh ya she's not snoopy anymore, she can def handle working. they prob mostly asked her about food related issues and she's in denial about how fucked up she is outside of her ed (i bet she thinks her suicidal thoughts if you can even call it that are a normal part of ed recovery) so she probably does really think she's doing great lol

relax anon, everyone needs to stop directing their frustration towards other farmers and direct it towards aly smh

No. 393437

File: 1506504506347.png (203.06 KB, 750x1100, IMG_0652.PNG)

She shared another pic of her in that slutty ugly outfit, stuffing her face with mcdonalds. Hooray!!

No. 393438

File: 1506504647601.png (255.52 KB, 750x1086, IMG_0653.PNG)

Also, reason no. 372845 why she "fell into anorexia": she lost 5 kg when she started working as a waitress and liked it so much that she kept losing weight. What story will be next (?)

No. 393440

Touching her teeth with mcdonalds! I thought she would've posted something about another traumatic day before work.

It's odd that she feels the need to upload old photos and bikini shots.

Oh right, she's off today.
>I don't want to be seen as a chronically paranoiac person

Too late for that.

Drop the anorexic thing, Aly. Just try for one day to not mention you're an EX anorexic. That'd be a great start. We don't care about running commentaries of the history of your weight losses and gains.

Slutty outfits today then.

No. 393453

With all the crap she eats I'm honestly surprised her face isn't breaking out and all red

No. 393456


1 hour, 36 likes, 1 comment, lost another 100 followers

No. 393458

File: 1506509642054.jpeg (174.37 KB, 1291x1634, image.jpeg)

Followed by this

No. 393459

File: 1506509677006.png (72.52 KB, 750x1091, IMG_0654.PNG)

Ladies and gentlemen: welcome to aly's daily breakdown! Enjoy the show!

No. 393461

that's exactly what we predicted. She's gonna quit her job for her "recovery" and put HERSELF (!) first just like every feminist would do.
I'm rooting for you, my loathed recoveryqueer

No. 393464

I think she's actually loving the job because it helps distract her from food. With all that free time before all she would do is pick food places and go eat out, plan her next snack etc. She's obsessed with food and only an external enforcement like a job can help her control her intake. She would have physically relapsed a thousand times over the holidays if she could have (we all know that because she's been as unstable as ever), but she couldn't restrict for too long. Note how the black post happened on her "rest day", not in one of her working days. In which I expected her to complain WAY more due to the hyper low tolerance person that Aly is, but she didn't. And the only explanation I can find is that she loves that it helps her restrict. I don't think she endures it because they pay her since she's never mentioned to be concerned about money. All her worries revolve around weight.

No. 393466

I've not been to Italy for a while, but I remember I could eat a doner kebab for 3 Euros and I'd get a huge meal with bread, sauces, veggies and meat. There's no way you won't stay at your weight if you eat that. She could just have it for dinner after work and cook herself some rice or pasta to eat for lunch, either cold or hot if they have a microwave at work.

No. 393470

How did I sound frustrated though? Ha I ain't. Just pretty odd to add that picture is all… no milk or humour associated. Y'all know the purpose of the farm or? Sounds more like you two need to chill.

No. 393480

File: 1506517092374.png (276.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-27-05-53-12…)

I think people are getting tired of her shit.

No. 393482

File: 1506517233942.png (331.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-27-05-59-18…)

Here's the post for those who can't see (is she still private?). She really really needs a hobby.

No. 393493

File: 1506519132987.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4590.PNG)

No. 393496

Does this bitch really start crying because she doesn't get comments from strangers on instagram so we can motivate her to eat lunch? fucking lol!!!! "did i do something wrong" kek

No. 393498

That eyeliner!!!!! It wakes up my OCD

No. 393501

why is this girl applying so much makeup if she doesn't know how to do it without it even looking somewhat acceptable… and wtf at that lipstick, why does she think emphasizing both her eyes and lips makes her look good? she looks better w/o her garbage makeup what is she doing

No. 393502

Her breakdown is the proof she didn't talk to therapyst and phsyquiatrist due to work. Her team could call to the nutricionist to make her a meal schedule. Also if she's really in danger for relapse, the bosses have to know Aly has an ED and help her having her intakes.
Aly is lying (like forever) she doesn't want she was anorexic but She's still messed up

No. 393505

she posted a pic of her eating chicken and then deleted it before i could screenshot

No. 393507

File: 1506521946503.jpg (745.88 KB, 810x2248, Screenshot_20170927-091734.jpg)

oh here it is again

No. 393508

File: 1506521997816.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170927-091746.png)

got her some nutritious fried chicken

No. 393510

She reposted it 4 times so far

No. 393513

haha so for alys day off she is going to sperg

No. 393534

It's gone again, only dogs commented. I wonder if they will be pathetic enough to comment on the new one

No. 393536

File: 1506525561194.png (184.74 KB, 750x867, IMG_0656.PNG)

Fucking idiot

No. 393539

The last line of that post is "glad to be back on track" lol does this bitch ever have a good day? just eat the chicken aly

No. 393543

She's regressing. There's that,old hand in hair pose making a reappearance.

No. 393545

File: 1506526551746.jpg (659.73 KB, 1379x1381, Screenshot_20170927-093406.jpg)

Now it's this

No. 393560

ridiculous bitch

No. 393561

She ate. So what's her deal? She freaks out while working because she can't eat. She freaks out on her rest day and eats.

At this point i don't think she struggles that much with ED. I think she struggles with having a sad life with no friends, no hobbies and no life goals. And her only true means of validation is comments(not DMs) on her photos.

She is by far the most pathetic, sad little person I've ever encountered.

No. 393563

File: 1506529331593.jpg (703.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170927-182023.jpg)

Hey guys, she's gonna explain how "delish" her fried chicken was!!! Cant wait

No. 393565

File: 1506529619091.png (225.7 KB, 750x1087, IMG_0658.PNG)

How many panic attacks does she have in a day?

No. 393570

i'm sure she has no idea what a panic attack really is like, she probably just feels shameful and full and gets kind of anxious and starts crying bc no one's giving her attention and calls it a panic attack

No. 393575

Delish. Another throwback.

I want a follower to say yeah, give up. You tried.

No. 393578

seriously like what doesnt she struggle with? i thought she was only going to update with important things but we've seen this goddamn chicken like 10 times now. is this supposed to be inspiring for someone in recovery? she just shows people how even though youre wr you can still obsess over your weight and food

No. 393583

File: 1506530755385.jpg (600.96 KB, 810x1826, Screenshot_20170927-114420.jpg)

trying to convince yourself?

No. 393588

What's wrong with her and thinking that one bad moment = ruined day? "today I failed but tomorrow is a new day" umm there's still time in this day left?

all her thinking errors, contradictions and defense mechanisms are so obvious they'd make a psychologist fall asleep. How simple minded is she, someone who just took psych 101 could see right through her

No. 393635

File: 1506534960156.jpg (11.46 KB, 198x247, Screenshot_20170927-195404_1.j…)


No. 393639

File: 1506535170873.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2476, Screenshot_20170927-115703.jpg)

I guess he gave her some advice

No. 393641

Was.just about to post

She's just dismissed every follower who gave advice and support, disregarded any comment because only fatberto can convince her to eat. What a rude and ungrateful selfish bitch.

If i was an actual fan follower id be pretty annoyed with her latest post, hoping dogspos sees this and realises

No. 393643

so, she demands support from followers but then says that the person who stopped her giving in was bert? why didnt you talk to him before? and why are they meeting up at a cafe if they live together?

No. 393648

She doesn't live with him. She is still living with her mom. I'm really sure Berto moved with a roommate and Aly just visits. I don't even think she has slept over yet.

No. 393663


He's her man though. A man. Men are always right. Besides, he's packing on the pounds so he knows about gaining weight.

He also knows about aly's recovery account. An eX fan of hers told him.

No. 393670

how'd you know that he knows?

No. 393672

A couple of months ago Aly blocked a girl on ig and she sperged out. I told her Alys a bitch so at least you know. She said she told the bf about her account. Idk if she really did but apparently he blocked her. That's all I know.

No. 393676

oh ok. he probably doesnt even care

No. 393678

He doesn't strike me as particularly bothered about Aly's world.

No. 393687

File: 1506539761345.jpg (250.58 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20170927-211251_1.j…)

Oh my god! I found out that dogsandpositivity is a child lol, I always imagined her in a completely different way, maybe that's why she is immature and cant see the reality

No. 393691

is she married?

No. 393692

I saw her on Aly's facebook friends. Tbh, she looks how I imagined.

She lives with her girlfriend.

No. 393696

File: 1506540541852.png (442.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170927-202821.png)

Shes not a child

Shes 25 with a girlfriend and a life

No. 393697


Yeah, her facebook says she's been to uni and she does volunteer work. That filter on the ig pic makes her look a lot younger. It's even more bewildering that someone smart could fall for Aly's bs.

No. 393700

so is she schizophrenic or borderline?

No. 393703

Idk. I can't see her instagram and on her fb she seems really stable, normal and … nice. Same goes for her girlfriend. Whatever it is, she's doing a good job dealing with it but she's wasting her time if she thinks any of her advice is going to rub off on Aly.

No. 393704

she's down to 48.7k

No. 393706

Can you post a screenshot plix?

No. 393707

i bet shes gonna brag about them having sex again today

No. 393708

File: 1506541656013.png (5.4 KB, 413x109, aaaaaly.png)

No. 393709

>My boy loves my booty so much we just did anal (!)

No. 393710

File: 1506541683106.png (45.27 KB, 214x236, aly 1.png)

No. 393712

Haha, oh fuck. I thought you meant her weight was 48.7 kg. I'm a dick.

Hello little bunny

No. 393721

File: 1506542334072.jpg (862.75 KB, 1037x1411, Screenshot_20170927-145718.jpg)

thank god we got this pic of a brownie
what is she even upset about today? like just eating in general. i give her like 1 more week at work

No. 393731

seriously. panic attacks make you feel like you're legit going to die, can't breathe, high heart rate, the shits etc. wouldn't she milk all of that to no end if it happened?

No. 393733

I'm not sure because if it's a full blown panic attack I don't think even she would feel well enough to spam pictures.

Wow, much fuel there. A brownie with her boy.

Is she back at work tomorrow?

No. 393742

I swear this bitch dresses like a high schooler from the 2000s

No. 393743

File: 1506543712528.png (86.53 KB, 912x702, aly sc.png)

she's not gonna last a week in this job

No. 393744

aaaaand it's been deleted

No. 393746

Exactly, if she ever experiences a real panic attack she'll probably have like a 3-month long existential crisis, considering how much she exaggerates all of her emotions lol

No. 393750

File: 1506543994156.png (53.86 KB, 594x526, aly sc 2.png)


No. 393753

hahahha I'm laughing so hard I really hope this bitch does relapse. What's she gonna relapse over? Haters? Hahah. It's been literally TWO DAYS of work. I hope she quits her job next week and wallows in extreme shame over the fact that she's literally incapable of working retail for longer than 7 days.

No. 393756

File: 1506544260289.jpg (196.59 KB, 982x524, Screenshot_20170927-152830.jpg)

this person is getting more n more irritated w her each time i see her comments

tbh just relapse aly, i just cannot care about her at all. she needs to be committed

No. 393757

Anything she doesn't want to do in future she's going to use the excuse of being EX anorexic to get out of. Two days at work and she can't hack it. What a loser.

No. 393758

where does that hola_pikachu pop out?
I mean, she does seems a nice girl, but i don't catch if she is an Aly's fan or truly getting mad.
She's commenting Aly's pics since a couple of days, i don't think Aly likes it if hola_pikachu post two comments in the same photo, you know: OCD's

No. 393760


She's gonna have zero patience on this, like reposting every 5 minutes

No. 393761

Why she resposted if the only change was the #tb hashtag?

No. 393764

If it stops her wearing shorts and knee high socks I'm all for her relapsing. And if it stops the smooch pics because Berto leaves her again.

No. 393768

what she should do is keep working cus she'll get used to it and itll prolly be good for her to accomplish something for the first time in years, work out a meal plan so she can eat throughout the day and get a regular therapy appointment but what she'll prolly do is quit and go back to normal on insta

No. 393772

I bet she doesn't go to work tomorrow.

No. 393773

File: 1506545870592.jpg (410.22 KB, 1007x978, Screenshot_20170927-155702.jpg)

No. 393775

File: 1506546289377.gif (1.82 MB, 357x296, rock.gif)

No. 393783

File: 1506547238565.jpg (162.31 KB, 978x403, Screenshot_20170927-161851.jpg)

oh shes gonna be ticked off no one cares about her health

i wish she couldnt block people cus i like seeing people be matter of fact w her instead "you got this"

No. 393790

Her followers aren't the ones who need Aly's fake #positivity and #motivation. They've got their heads screwed on tighter than Aly's ever will be.

It's disturbing how weak of character Aly is. Every single mental I've known really gives work placements a shot and yeah it's good for your mental health to feel you're actually participating in life even if jobs are boring.

I can't figure out what she does want from life. However sketchy, doesn't everyone have at least some idea? Does she want to be at home with mummy going out for a McDonalds every day. Is that IT?

No. 393795

i dont think she has any idea
like this is the girl who said her favourite tv show was tv series lol she probably doesnt think too far ahead or she would be going back to school or something like that

No. 393805

She needs tough love. Her dad tries but Ma won't do it. She needs to be kicked out of home. Even followers try it but she blocks them. I'd kick her out if she was my kid.

No. 393815

File: 1506549249182.png (2.52 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170927-164100.png)

Her OCD really comes out in her eyeliner.

No. 393832

I'm sure she's been wanting to lose weight again for like a year now. She just wrote this so that when she basically has an all-clear to lose weight without people asking her why she's losing weight in recovery, cuz now she's officially relapsing

So much for EX anorexia

No. 393842

i dont wanna see her get spoopy again, that stretched out skin smile is disgusting.

shes gonna keep being unbearable..oh how do i eat a snack at work, wait now i dont wanna eat…im the only mentally ill person in the whole world

No. 393847

I wonder how many times to the nearest 100 farmers have said Oh, fuck off, Aly when they've seen one of her posts.

No. 394070

So shes worked two days missed a couple of meals and shes about to relapse?

This is no different to her previous form of lying to her followers only shes a higher weight now. She's so strong that a missed meal equals complete meltdown, panic, thinking she's suddenly dropped a ton of weight. She's worse than shes ever been mentally. And throw in the bulimic tendencies now, she'll find it hard to go back.to just not eating now she's actually obsessed with binge foods

No. 394073

ha! I bet you're right. guess we will find out soon

No. 394079

why the fuck is her eyeliner lower than her lower lash line? what the fuck

No. 394083

File: 1506590432560.png (207.37 KB, 720x1098, 20170928_111931.png)

No. 394084

File: 1506590448956.png (191.81 KB, 719x1096, 20170928_111911.png)

No. 394085

File: 1506590461597.png (61.96 KB, 720x340, 20170928_111949.png)

No. 394087

i just wanna block her myself
like all these little bitchy replies to the comments she got
how'd you lose 2kg from "movement" when you only worked 2 days? she must have been eating barely 500 cals to lose that much

No. 394100

File: 1506601919858.jpeg (230.2 KB, 846x1804, image.jpeg)

No. 394102

It's probably a xanax. I know I'd need one to kiss Aly

No. 394109

File: 1506603405370.png (192.02 KB, 750x1098, IMG_0663.PNG)

She worked af and now it's time for a healthy snack ??

No. 394110

File: 1506603532915.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0662.PNG)

No. 394114

>there are no "fluctuations"
Yes they are, you moron. +-2kg is completly normal and depends a lot on your carb and water intake. I know we all know she's nowhere anywhere near to recovered but this once again proves certainly that she isn't, obsessing about numbers on a scale.

No. 394116

Oh Lord, I've never noticed that shitty tattoo before, surprised it's spelled correctly.

No. 394117

File: 1506604074909.png (159.36 KB, 732x1104, IMG_0665.PNG)

No. 394118

File: 1506604111802.png (239.66 KB, 750x1040, IMG_0666.PNG)

No. 394123

In the interview she said she wanted to be a journalist. It was recorded a year ago, and she dropped uni so maybe she gave up.

Speaking of the interview, I wonder if that therapist is the same that she's seeing now. She seems specialized in orthorexia (she was featured on another tv interview on the same subject) and both doctors are familiar with Aly's story. Which is weird, because Aly has never mentioned orthorexia, and has never ever posted pics of healthy food. Why would she lie about that. does she think it's not as cool as anorexia? She even goes into detail saying what her meals were like (and it's nothing like what we've seen in 2 years of ig), and that she never went to restaurants. Nothing adds up.

Also, I laughed when she admitted feeling ~superior~ because her food was ~healthier and pure~.

No. 394130

Jfc I was the one who mentioned fluctuations, she liked the comment, and now she goes ahead and writes a passive aggressive little comment referring to me. This makes me rage so much, like fuck off you cunt. 2kg is absolutely normal over the course of a week unless she's aware that she's actively restricting close to 0 cals/day to lose that much weight in one week

No. 394132

File: 1506606436329.jpg (151.62 KB, 1080x787, Screenshot_20170928-153258_1.j…)

In my opinion, keep living posting 3 pics a day, writing always the same papyrus about how sweet your life is isn't useful if in reality you feel like dying. Better leave the social networks and concentrate on how to have your life back. It's useless to act like a victim here on instagram, your followers don't hate you but I think they are just tired of these endless contradiction and hypocrisy. I hope you could meditate and feel better

No. 394134

File: 1506606591231.jpg (9.59 KB, 180x209, Screenshot_20170928-154758_1.j…)

No. 394136

She got that fap during a break at work? Why is she dressed like that then?

She used to mention orthorexia all the time. We've all discussed it here. It was right after she mentioned the interview. At the same time being mad at other girls eating salad.

No. 394137

On her first day, she changed out of her work clothes to for a lunch photoshoot. What a sad sad life. Imagine you're at work, it's your first day and your coworkers have invited you out to eat during your lunch break, but you refuse and so you take off your work clothes, put on those skimpy clothes and call up your mom to take pictures of you eating a donut.

No. 394138

File: 1506607207532.jpg (712.52 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170928_075747.jpg)

I have a feeling she knows what she's doing. She likes pissing people off

No. 394141

Doubtful, especially since she posts "breakdown" pictures of herself and goes private/blocks people when she's really pissed someone off. she doesn't seem to have the brain capacity for self-awareness.

No. 394146

4 pounds is a lot to "accidentally" loose in less than a week. Especially when you're already a thin person.

No. 394151

No wonder she has no time to eat, shes getting changed in and out of shitty clothes for most of it

Proud of your new job aly, so proud you won't go in public wearing the uniform?

No. 394152

And her weekend was full of food, lazing around wearing no make up i remember correctly

2kg is a lot of weight to lose in 2 days unless shes lying again about either her intake or throwing up

No. 394153

Either it was normal fluctuations, like she weighed herself after a huge meal and then next week she weighed herself early in the morning. Since she got soo defensive over the idea of fluctuations, I'm sure she actually loves the idea of losing weight and knows that she tried to lose weight. She probably ate like 300 cals this week

No. 394154

So she's wearing a black top and a red thing over it
and she has to use leggings for her work.

yet, shes wearing shorts and high thigh socks here with another jacket

i don't know if she's crazy enough to change clothes or

No. 394157

File: 1506609219381.jpg (67.38 KB, 992x180, Screenshot_20170928-092210.jpg)

using the word voluntarily cus a girl commented the other day saying she was voluntarily losing weight also i just really liked this word salad

how can she think this is a good snack to have like a bunch of sugar, get like a protein bar or something. ppl gave her a lot of ideas how to eat during her work day and i bet she ignored them all

yeah she acted like a total bitch and all those comments went over her head and she went back to being a victim

No. 394160

File: 1506610005970.png (513.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170928-154555.png)

A more appropriate lunch from 12oz coffee joint for example

No. 394163

oh my god… is this really the kind of lunches the offer…? and aly chooses a fucking donut and frap? I think she has reverse orthorexia now lol

No. 394164

File: 1506610349205.png (465.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170928-155134.png)

Yep and all sorts of bagels pots etc

No. 394165

Those bagels look SO much more appetizing and tasty than her crap. Did she completely deprive herself of fast carbs for 2 years and now her body is craving them constantly? Even if so, she's been eating junk for a year now, isn't it time for her body to start stabilizing and being hungry for like… eggs? nuts? lol

No. 394166

A salad or fresh veg?!

No. 394167

She is changing clothes! she said so herself on the first day. see >>394137

No. 394177

Why does she do that with her lips? It's so unnatural

No. 394180

File: 1506612339894.jpg (544.75 KB, 809x1217, Screenshot_20170928-112021.jpg)

Sage for not Aly but, Dogs ate something interesting..

No. 394187

uh shes kinda weird

No. 394189

now that i think about it are aly and jasmin elizabeth no longer creepy instagram friends?

No. 394194

Fucking EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW! Pupae and worms?! I know there is a whole 'eating insects' movement but it squicks the fuck outta me.

No. 394196

I think those are mealworms? My hedgehog ate those. Ugh, I hate when people wrote rEdiculous. While I'm here I'm fucking sick of unicorns.

No. 394200

Why the fuck would anyone feel the need to do or post this

No. 394202

Thank God

No. 394205


I recognize that bagel! So she's Dutch?

No. 394206

Not that ano, but yep she is.

No. 394219

File: 1506617256996.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4600.PNG)


No. 394222

shes sanacking on two mints?

No. 394227

Don't make fun, our queen just had 30 FULL CALORIES as a snack!

No. 394232

Yeah, I was incredulous that she managed two. After one I'm totally stuffed and buzzing on all that energy it gives me. I need a FIGHTER tootat if it gives me those powerz.

No. 394234

File: 1506619066270.jpg (48.5 KB, 800x800, 4661-Ferrero-Kinder-Schoko-Bon…)

It's not mints it's two chocolate balls… I mean it doesn't improve it very much either way.. Ive never seen a human consume this much chocolate and pretty much nothing else

No. 394235

File: 1506619087850.jpg (220.77 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170928-121357.jpg)

Oh I'm not anorexic anymore?!! I'll show them!

No. 394238

5 min later she's complaining about loosind 2 kilos, wtf! Why she ask support if she doesn't take the advices? All the morons that comment on her pics are saying to her to eat protein bars, shakes, nuts and she's eating a choco that maybe has 30 calories?

No. 394239

Christ! Chocolate is even heavier than mints! She'll make up those lost 2kg for sure by midnight.

(Btw, I don't believe she lost 2kg)

No. 394243

She didn't lost that weight, in sunday she bought LARGE SIZE EVER (!) f*cking leggings, if she had lost weight this couple days maybe is cause she's sweating so much, so it's water weight, pretty normal when you go from eating junk-watching netflix to work in retail 8 hours a day.

No. 394261

Lol @ her changing her clothing on her breaks for her photo shoots. Her uniform is baggy and unflattering and doesn't show off her super small but recovered body.

The fact that she chose pure sugar over a bagel sandwich with nutrition shows she's anything but recovered. That bagel would have filled her and kept her full for a while. Fucking frap and a donut?? And two tiny pieces of chocolate. Watch…she will faint at work and cannot continue working.

What a dumb infuriating bitch.

No. 394264

Do you think she ignores advice because she's a)arrogant b)a wind up merchant wanting to piss people off c) other (state reason)

She wants to lose weight so her therapist will say that she should stop working. She uses starvation/restriction to manipulate. First for attention (she admitted), and now so she can fuck off any real future and spend her days getting her mum to take camphone shots of her holding chicken and chips. That's what she's been doing for so long - posing with a burger or chicken. And THAT is tragic.

No. 394271

it's a mix between a) and c) (manipulation) imho.
if you follower her through a day, she often has a whole narrative planned. doubts -> breakdown -> triumph. anything that doesn't follow her vision gets ignored or blocked.
she doesn't care enough about other people to piss them off on purpose. only aly matters to aly.

No. 394272

Why the fuck does she always whine about being hungry constantly and is all confused about why that's happening to her? How does she not know that sugary crap = quickly digested? I've never met an anorexic as uninformed about food as her

She ignores advice because she doesn't want to believe anything other than what she believes now. Lots of people are like this. She just has a huge ego and is terrified of losing everything she deludes herself into thinking because she unconsciously identifies her miserable ideas. It's what she knows best, and she's afraid of losing what she knows, losing her big ego

No. 394273

Why does she do this weirdass smile? It's not even a duckface, it's like shes pushing her lips really hard together… if you try to do this yourself in the mirror you look like such a dipshit.
How can she not see it looks dumb and she looks insane?
sage for it not mattering at all, it's just really strange she cant see it

No. 394274

yeah its all ego like the other day she asked for advice on how to eat during the day, people replied with obvious ideas and she eats…2 chocolates

No. 394281

File: 1506624289833.jpg (557.94 KB, 810x1459, Screenshot_20170928-134330.jpg)

>give me your opinion so i can ignore it

isnt she out of work early too?

No. 394287

File: 1506624616099.jpg (825.23 KB, 810x1502, Screenshot_20170928-134853.jpg)

alys new place to be obsessive feat cute italian guy

No. 394293

jesus fucking god does she really think normal people who work vaguely non-sedentary jobs all eat 3k cals a day??? like seriously, you are not a professional athlete or doing heavy construction work. you're folding clothes.

i think she's using her home scale and it's calibrated differently than her doctor's scale, or just a shitty scale. she actually mentioned the scale being off at…some point like months ago, which i can't be fucked to find, but she def mentioned it. and i've def had cheap home scales that show vastly different weights within two minutes if you set them on different surfaces or even just stand in a slightly different position on the scale. you'd think a ~longtime~ ana like or recoveryqueer would be aware of shit like this but her stupidity is boundless and she seems surprisingly naive about a lot of standard ana ~tricks~ or w/e.

dogsandpos legit comes across as special needs. her affect is really off.

No. 394297

File: 1506625505317.jpg (357.71 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20170928-195845_01.…)

In July, she claimed she was eating 4000 calories a day, today she claims 3000 is her highest intake since about… EVER.

She talks such nonsense, she can't keep track of her own lies.

No. 394298

Lol right… I mean, she thinks walking like 3km is an extreme workout that burned off breakfast, lunch, and dinner (!) "high movement" has she never done laundry at home??? Oh yeah, prob not, Ma C does everything for this princess

As if she's actually eating 3000 calories a day anyways. I'm sure whenever she eats over 1000, she just rounds up to 3000.

No. 394304

is she really trying to say that she lost 2kg after 2 days of working? does she walk like 30000 steps a day?

No. 394308

he's trapped! we need to get him out of there!

but seriously farmers can't be the only ones who have stumbled upon this shit

No. 394313

This gets me too.
>How can she not see it looks dumb and she looks insane?

How can she not see her insane poses with food aren't fucking stupid? She thinks they're "fascinating" and "beautiful". She's wired up all wrong.

Oo, now he's nice. I do love that skin tone.

Home scales are shit, you're right. Depending on where about in the room I put mine I can be 2lbs or more heavier or lighter. The floor's not level or something. The scales she uses she says were in Ma's closet.

Housework in general is knackering. It's a real workout. Can't imagine Aly even knows what a duster is.

Yeah, he needs to be rescued and transported to my nearest Costa Coffee.

>this new job I truly love


No. 394334

File: 1506629702751.png (62 KB, 740x1069, IMG_0671.PNG)

Something that YOU would NEVER (!) do, right Aly?!

No. 394335

um you were talking about calories in that post

No. 394336

3000 calories is too much. That's the amount you keep telling us you eat. Repetitively.

No. 394338

File: 1506630341936.png (129.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4602.PNG)

Bloody hell. Post deleted 2 seconds after this.

No. 394343

lol this is classic aly letting a helpful comment go straight over her head

No. 394344

File: 1506630943846.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170928-153332.png)

i dont understand this like shes been posting food pics the same as always but all of a sudden shes been eating a lot less calorie wise?

No. 394345

What is it exactly she wants people to do?

No. 394346

shes going to eat more because shes working, and is basically an athlete now and wants people to say thats a good idea i guess?

No. 394352

She wasn't this much of a pain in the ass when she was spoopy.

No. 394353

File: 1506631400982.png (512.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170928-154224.png)

No. 394355

File: 1506631532729.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0672.PNG)

No. 394358

She also reposted the choco bons post

No. 394360

Confirming what she's been told. People only followed her for thinspo.

If she's asking for help because she's losing weight (…) why is she being pissy that people are writing to her about it? It's like saying, Oh I've just been to Marakesh! then complaining when followers ask what it was like.

No. 394361

did that year of anorexia rot her brain or something?

No. 394365

File: 1506632479081.png (144.53 KB, 640x996, IMG_4603.PNG)

She worked for 3 days jfc

No. 394371

lost everybody? she got a ton of comments when she asked for help, she didnt get lots on the post shes complaining about cus it didnt make any sense
"should i eat more because im working" yes aly

No. 394382

File: 1506633953635.jpg (220.85 KB, 978x545, Screenshot_20170928-162416.jpg)

her morning reply is gonna be "muh social #anxiety"

No. 394385

File: 1506634463133.jpg (575.67 KB, 810x1552, Screenshot_20170928-163314.jpg)


No. 394386

Fuck the text, let's just look at the moon in awe.

No. 394393

She's begging for comments and opinions and then gets upset at her followers for exactly what she's asking for.

What does she want?! "Oh Aly you are doing everything correctly, you are perfect and a recovery queen, so skinny but recovered skinny but healthy, but not bloated or anything. You're not greedy, you don't have to change a thing! Keep doing everything you're doing! You're so pretty and an inspiration!"

That's not how the world works.
I am blaming her mom for this coddling bullshit.

No. 394402

File: 1506635850522.jpeg (256.79 KB, 446x1874, image.jpeg)

I think this is the most I've ever seen her interact with a commenter

No. 394405


No. 394407


LOL she deleted all those comments. What a recovery queer!

No. 394409


I'd actually hate her less if she kept comments up. Her whole profile's so fake. At least that Cooney spoop keeps all her comments up like she doesn't give a fuck. I wish Aly would do the same (and it'd be more entertaining).

No. 394410

theyre still there on the chocolate post

haha yes

No. 394418

I'm fighting so hard not to comment. Shes really confusing. For real, she uses the word ED, Anorexia, and #'s recovery, in every single post…what the hell else are people supposed to comment on? what the fuck does she need help with? what exactly is it?

No. 394421

Haha, I asked the same question above.

It's the same how she calls herself a ~foodblogger~ but gets annoyed if her food pics get more likes and I once was blocked for discussing a recipe with someone. It was relevant to the picture (something she had in Budapest).

Don't comment. I'm kicking myself for unfollowing an hour before she went private again. She hasn't accept my request since and it's a legit account I've requested from.

No. 394430

it's because she's fuc*ing insane girls (!) she has her understanding of what people say and do completely parallel to the rest of us

No. 394435

when was the last time this girl ate some protein? a salad? some fruit??

No. 394438

She must suffer with terrible constipation

No. 394441

Omg I hate it when I write 10 paragraphs 3 times a day to nearly 50 thousand followers and then my social anxiety gets in the way of typing out 10 words on my phone to 1 follower! Ugh

No. 394451

is it even social anxiety when its online?

No. 394454

Years ago I knew a guy online who had social anxiety so bad he had to be home schooled. Online you'd never know he had problems, so…

No. 394464

yeah like online its easy to talk to people cus you just type? and like someone just said, she can post pics of herself and huge text posts but cant reply to a dm?

ofc she does reply to some when she can be bothered, i think her problem is that she cant um be assed lol

i dont think she understands that people take thought and time to reply to her when they might have problems too but she never comments on another persons posts like seriously has she ever done that?

No. 394487

File: 1506646001106.png (29.67 KB, 455x513, IMG_4618.PNG)


No. 394495

File: 1506646933397.jpg (13.95 KB, 207x152, 1.JPG)

No. 394532

I have a theory about why she eats so much junk. I think it serves a few purposes for her. 1) she clearly is still hyperfocused and therefore experiencing anxiety about meals, so having high calorie foods means she doesn't have to eat as often; 2) eating lots of junkfood is a way to avoid suspicion of relapse, since a naive person would say she must be recovered if she is not afraid to eat junk food; 3) it helps her feel temporarily full. The third point is where her plan falls apart, since shes not getting sufficient nutrients she gets hungry and binges on more high calorie foods. Now she struggles to keep to an appropriate weight but also can't do that realistically long term on this kind of diet. Tl;dr these are her new "safe" foods but it's fucking her over in the long run.

No. 394539

I dont think it's 3 bc sweets are the least filling foods ever and I'm sure she's realized this, it might be the opposite, she doesn't wanna feel full and bloated. I think she was just obsessed w "healthy food" and now thinks recovery is the opposite and transferred her obsession over to junk. she's pretty deluded about a lot of things

No. 394550

When I was in the worst part of my ED, i often ate sweets with high calories but condesed weight, in example a snickers is aprx 60g but 250 cals, this gave my shots of energy without bloating, maybe Aly begun like this and now she lost control.

No. 394560

So she had time to take a pic of her nibbled on candy?

No. 394654

This. I do know it's pretty easy to go a while on just a candy bar. Or, on my period a few times I've eaten nothing but chocolate for like a day. But after a while, you start feeling like shit. I really don't understand how she doesn't feel so sick all of the time eating this stuff. If not the sugar, the vitamin deficiencies have to be taking a toll. I don't understand it. And she's been eating this way for so long.

No. 394660

High sugar foods don't make you feel satisfied or full. Thats why at times, eating dessert after a big meal isn't challenging. I think she eats all these sugary foods because it doesn't make her feel full. That's why she always feels "greedy" or "guilty" after eating her chicken or hotdogs. She never feels guilty after eating a donut(at least it's not as common from what I've seen). And who gets full after eating a medium McDonald's fry? She never eats their burgers…why? Because she doesn't want to feel full. She enjoys the feeling of being empty because she feels "small".
She's everything BUT recovered.

No. 394663

File: 1506666085024.png (72.74 KB, 720x587, 20170929_071955.png)

Ive pissed off the recovery queer by asking her a shit load of questions today and offering LOTS of support (obv just to expose her craziness) for eg

No. 394666

Shes sad because shes beem asked about caloriesa when all she does is bang on about how many or how little calories shes eaten.

She wants followers to show an interest in her real life so she gets asked questions and gets super pissy about people not focussing on her ed

She gets a ton of support and advice about how to survive at work and dismisses it all for two small choc balls

I cannot stand her anymore. Absolute crazy cow. Mental.

No. 394679

File: 1506670378889.png (186.86 KB, 744x1088, IMG_0673.PNG)

So she deleted everything, including all the supportive comments she got. How nice of her! Maybe that's why you get less and less support, because you piss people off with this behavior. She's such a selfish, dumb bitch.

No. 394683


I really CANT understand why the same 4 people keep commenting her posts when she treats them like shit. They really don't love theirself, they have no dignity and they don't understand that Aly won't ever change

No. 394692

File: 1506674963643.png (194.54 KB, 749x1096, IMG_0676.PNG)

Looks familiar? This is her newest post

No. 394693

File: 1506674974383.png (128.2 KB, 720x737, 20170929_104826.png)

No. 394694

File: 1506675000993.png (197.28 KB, 720x1035, 20170929_104843.png)

No. 394695

File: 1506675015101.png (118.62 KB, 720x665, 20170929_104901.png)

No. 394696

Second time she posted this today. it was already posted and deleted earlier

No. 394698

File: 1506675086384.png (283.39 KB, 742x1106, IMG_0677.PNG)

1. she threw up half her bfast (so… one cookie?!)
2. she describes her mood as "one day to the stars, the other down the heel." WHEN does she EVER has a good day?!
3. reposts so far: 1

No. 394699

I hate how she calls everyone "honey"

No. 394702

So, the junk-food thing.

I can only talk about my own experience of how one can slip from anorexia into BED. (sorry for the blogpost)
Recovering from anorexia always involves being extremely ashamed for eating. In order to deal with the guilt, you'll start to tell yourself "I need this. I deserve this. I've starved myself for so long, I need to gain weight anyways" and all that stuff. In most cases, that's exactly what everybody else will tell you. So once you let go of control, you'll find comfort in eating all the food you didn't dare to eat before. Especially since you don't need to worry about having an impact because hey, you need to gain weight anyways, right?
So it becomes some kind of habit or even addiction. So even when you reach a healthier weight, you won't be able to stop. And to cope with the shame of knowing you can't stop despite not "needing" it anymore, you'll go on telling yourself it's okay and necessary because you're still ~recovering~. Which is
in addition, a lot of people with EDs have quite extreme personalities, so it's either eating everything or nothing.

No. 394703

File: 1506676464349.png (939.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170929-111338.png)

No. 394704

well number 2 is a lie because shes been sending me dm's

No. 394705

She doesn't need her followers, she needs to stop reposting and deleting her comments/ photos. She needs asspats but deletes half of them. I really don't understand what she wants or needs them to say?

No. 394712

did you comment about that on her picture? because she already deleted it

No. 394715

What a bitch!! Doesnt want followers to know shes just ignoring then. She doesn't like hearing the truth either.

No. 394726

File: 1506687283871.png (185.47 KB, 742x1084, IMG_0679.PNG)

Imagine you want to go to Eatme&go to grab a snack, but the door is blocked by a psychopathic, stupidly grinning bitch who stands there for like 5 minutes, taking 100 pictures with her awful sugary food. That would be so irritating to watch.

No. 394727

File: 1506687663386.png (249.88 KB, 750x1100, IMG_0680.PNG)

"Still underweight and damaged body"
Bitch you don't look underweight AT ALL (no I'm not saying she's fat, but it sounds like she thinks she's still a fragile boney anorexic doll, when in reality shes a few 100 grams away from normal weight)

No. 394730

>a drop blood/panic presspressure

No. 394731

fucking autocorrect
*pressure is what I meant to say

No. 394735

She seriously acts like she is the on person with/recovering from an eating disorder that has ever had to work before. She clearly just wants someone to tell her to quit her job and is probably freaking out because no one will. It's really not that hard to figure out eating around a work schedule…

No. 394736

I hate her "almost fainted"s
that's the drop in blood pressure she's speaking of and that happens to fat and skinny people, young and old people, especially when you're sitting or lying down and get up suddenly.
also if I didn't know I'd get blocked, I'd comment that if she vomed this morning that shit is x10 more likely and it doesn't have to do with being underweight. normal-weight and fat people also feel like shit after throwing up.

No. 394740

every time I read the comments of her dumb stans (have a wonderful day! thinking of you! You can do it!) my brain automatically forms them into something offensive (have an awful day you pretentious shithead, thinking of you and hoping you have a lush breakdown). At this point I think it's self defence because otherwise I'd probably explode from raging so much

No. 394743

Her arbitrary use of "af" bothers me af

No. 394751

Sage for blogpost but getting a job actually helped me recover from my ED as it involved moving around + heavy lifting + long hours, made me recognise my body needed fuel.
How does Aly think everyone else manages to eat while working a full-time job. It's nowhere near as hard as she makes it out to be. I wonder if she really is as exhausted as she says, then again I suppose worrying about Instagram comments all fucking day must be very draining.

No. 394756

sage for kinda a blogpost but I think it's different for everyone, my experience was just that I deprived myself of sweet stuff and then my body seemed to naturally crave it, it went away after like 6-12 months tho

lol I'm dying! do you know how annoying it is to see ~instagram models~ take photoshoots holding ridiculous stuff like once I saw someone holding a watermelon at the beach. I bet everyone laughs at her when they see her, it's great

No. 394757

"Eat me and go" sounds like a prostitute service.. sounds about right for what alys wearing these days

No. 394759

i think she wants to lose weight and this is why she isnt trying. yesterday she ate highest intake ever~ but today shes almost fainting? and yeah shes being so fuc*ing dramatic about it im constantly rolling my eyes

No. 394761

She always claimed to have healthy food and just posts photos of the extras but now im starting to think cookies (3) and a donut/shake is all she eats in the day. Possibly sushi sometimes in the evening. So no wonder shes having crazy ups and downs all the sugar highs and lows.

No. 394763

I bet she's driving her co workers bananas." Oh can you do this for me af, I'm too fragile being underweight".

When that happens what you do is "accidently" bump into someone so their coffee spills everywhere. I wish I had that opportunity.

When does it get cold in Italy. I want her af to stop wearing shorts and socks. Also triggered triggered triggered by the reappearance of those awful, tacky peace sign earrings. That shirt's having the same effect af.

No. 394764

So um how does she know that none of coworkers had/have an ED?

Is she unaware that there's people out there who work FAR more stressful full-time jobs (a 10 year old can fold clothes sry) who are going through FAR worse than recovering from an eating disorder….? No offense Aly but running to the bathroom to eat and constantly thinking about food doesn't make it impossible to work…retail…

There's people out there forcing themselves to work with drug/alcohol addiction, severe depression, people who are in the depths of their ED, physical illnesses, panic attacks (I'm talking about real panic attacks, not Aly's fake ones), personality disorders, I could go on and on. It pisses me off how she thinks her ED recovery renders her unable to function cuz she's been spoon-fed by Ma her whole life.

No. 394765

File: 1506694585249.png (1.42 MB, 1068x1408, 2017-09-29 10.12.57.png)


>or hiding myself in the bathroom to eat

Picture related

No. 394766

>There's people out there forcing themselves to work with drug/alcohol addiction, severe depression, people…

Yeah, there're back to work schemes for people who've been off sick long time/have health issues (mental or physical) where they get placements. I've known a few and their condition was way worse than how Aly is now and they manage it. Of course the employers know about their difficulties so that's taken into account, but I'm sure Aly's told everyone about how she's an EX anorexic still 1.5kg underweight who was fed by tubes and looked into the face of death blah blah. Is there anyone who complains as much as this bitch?

No. 394767

i feel like shes really dragging it out like either dedicate yourself to recovery or dont like. she obviously was eating to gain but then started maintaining, still underweight, and gave up like a normal person would increase cals but aly just does nothing? she wants to cling to her ed so bad and im so sick of the back and forth between recovery queer and sad little frail ana

No. 394769

Why would you tag your job in a self hate post?

No. 394770

I really hope she gets fired even though that's what she wants. There're young people who'd be grateful for a full time job (and staff discount if they're into skating/sports). Idk what the employment situation's like in Italy, but it's really difficult getting full time retail here. Even if her wages are a bit shit, she's 22 (almost) and lives at home. I'm torn. I want her to suffer by working but I also want her fired.

No. 394779

i dont think she'll get fired but she'll probably quit soon

No. 394781

File: 1506697582669.png (281.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-29-08-04-59…)

Every post now she gets called out by someone (finally). She'll never change of course, but it seems people are sick of her complaining so much.

No. 394786

She's private, so luckily for other people they can't see her shit if they don't follow her.

I can't with her expressions. It's like after anorexia she lost her ability to pull normal faces in pictures.

No. 394788

File: 1506698374488.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4604.PNG)

No. 394790

my god i really hate how she thinks her followers are like her own team of therapists
>girls support me
>girls you supported the wrong post
>girls what did i do wrong
>girls last post please
like as if everyone is just sitting around praying that she eats

No. 394802

I cant get over how she freely tags her job in her disordered posts. If she didnt want them to know she is/was anorexic why tag them. Is she going to tag them in her suicide/throw up pics too?

No. 394806

they cant see it rn thats why

No. 394807

You know how companies send out freebies to instagram-ers if they promote cosmetics or clothes? I wish a therapist would give aly some free sessions.

She still thinks people can see all her hashtags, so I'm not sure she knows that these work tagged pics are private either.

No. 394826

This fucking face. God I want to smack her.

Called it yesterday. She's pulling out the fainting card. I don't know if she will actually quit her job tho. If she quits because she can't "maintain her weight" then her followers will really be done with her. They offered a ton of advice and she takes none. Eats shit and then quits. That's not someone to look up to for recovery inspo. She's lost that title. She's now just Struggling-and-barely-recovered-Aly. And her followers seem perplexed by her change in behavior over the summer.

Quitting her job will loose all her support. So I'm really curious what she's going to do.

No. 394828

> So I'm really curious what she's going to do.

I'm thinking she'll say her therapist and doctors insist she leaves because of undetected damage to her system or because it's detrimental to her mental health.

I can't see any other way she can get out of it without looking like a loser, even to the most gullible alytards.

No. 394830

File: 1506705432808.png (799.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170929-191648.png)

No. 394831

oh a snickers great idea
lemme guess bert will give her some advice that shes desperate for and hasnt recieved from her terribly unsupportive minions uh i mean followers

No. 394832

"Here, babe. Nibble on this snickers bar in the bathroom. I know how hard you work and you need the fuel. ily!"

No. 394833

Fuck your healthy snack advice darling followers, I'm eating chocolate and you can't stop me ~monkey covering eyes emoji~ My boy has the best advice ~lovers emoji~

No. 394834

Look at the tiny bite she's taken and is obviously holding in her mouth

No. 394835

Close to a toilet to spit it into.

No. 394836

This crazy bitch i swear
Imma go to milano and smack her stupid ass looking face

No. 394837

Can't bear to touch it

Such an ex anorexic

No. 394838

why does she eat in the bathroom???? it's CHOCOLATE. not like she brought out a 3 course meal beside the cash register

No. 394840

File: 1506707197796.png (93.14 KB, 322x366, amama.png)

Let's make a calorie counting with Aly
3 Oreos Mocha (200 cals aprox)
>She throws up
She hadn't lunch, apparently, because she posted something from yesterday.
>muh tummy after vomet… anyone else who has been thru same??? ?
It's like… 7pm there, and she took one bite of a snickers. (~20 calories)

Wow. let's just… log it and round it to 3000.
PREDICTION: She'll go home, and post something about her low intake today, but that she still fights and she's a pro recovery queen, even though her stomach hurts after throwing up (!)
After that, I see a post about her weight still dropping. like… in two days?

No. 394844

I'm going to throw migraines into the mix. She's going to have a migraine soon.

No. 394846

>i have lost another 2kg (!) any opinion on how to sanack during the day?
tbh she doesnt even need to snack at work just eat more than fuc*ing cookies for breakfast, have a big lunch and dinner and a ice cream pint for dessert like all the anas do

No. 394853

I just wish she tried different foods. If she ate cous cous with something (roast veg eg) and drank more fluids that'd fill her up while it looks like she's not even eating a lot. There're stacks of "superfoods" that're good for you but high in calories (I think quinoa's one), so if it's portion size she's bothered about she should eat that with things. Don't they have baked potatoes in Italy because those things are filling. I don't know why we even bother because she's only going to keep with her donnies and unikorn faps.

#blackout post tonight? #breakdown and crying for two hours after chat with Ma?

No. 394854

(Oh yeah and she should snack on nuts)

No. 394858

File: 1506709569455.jpg (80.74 KB, 528x737, aly.jpg)

So, Aly's badly applied eyeliner and lipstick, and her horrific clown eyebrows irked me so much that I did a quick makeover.
As I thought, just fixing the eyebrows alone would make an entire world of difference. Bonus: nice eyeliner flick.

(Would've used a better face picture but she never uploads selfies)

No. 394860

EX-Ana-chan here.
Most of ana-chans out there, don't like high calorie dense foods as nuts or rice, stuff, because most of us prefer volume eating. I'm asuming aly doesnt like to fill up with a lot of food that is calorie dense (yet she is up to eat her donnie darkos and drink them faps.) I guess she can't give up the sweet stuff, because when i was recovering, i would still eat a lot of junk because "I had to recover", and my body started to be skinny fat and i had no muscle at all. So, had to change my eating habits and i'm recently starting to notice more energy and shit.
Aly had a nice skin before this "recovery", despite the fact she was just skin and bones, literally. But if you make a close up to her face, it's full of acne and spots that might be caused because of her sugary and high fat snacks. Which also, can be even worse, because if she's restricting again, most of her food is junk, so, no protein at all, and she might get even more flabby, tired, and might even have blood problems.

No. 394861

She actually would look pretty if she did her make up like this and did a better effort with those eyebrows.

No. 394866

The nudish lip shine suits her and goes without saying the eyebrows make a ton of difference. The colour to her cheeks works well too. Not sure about the eye colour (probs personal preference there), but big difference again for the eye liner.

No. 394867

>yet she is up to eat her donnie darkos and drink them faps

Yep, that's what confuses me. I suggested low quantity/high calorie because I thought she was okay with calories WHY IS EVERYONE SO FOCUSED ON CALORIES!!!!!1

I don't eat anything with added sugar because it's THE thing that gives me acne, so I can believe that's what making Aly break out. Shame she doesn't eat things with natural sugar instead. She must know what she eats is rotting her insides, but there again she smokes so it's not like she cares really.

No. 394868

File: 1506711028272.jpg (505.28 KB, 810x1208, Screenshot_20170929-134941.jpg)

speaking of donnies

No. 394869

On her own. Like a big girl.

No. 394870

File: 1506711152412.jpg (583.41 KB, 1055x1223, Screenshot_20170929-135125.jpg)

No. 394871

File: 1506711168228.jpg (507.27 KB, 810x1320, Screenshot_20170929-135137.jpg)

No. 394875

Berto probably got worried bc he knows she's incapable of doing anything that a 10 year old couldn't do and thinks she's going to threaten to kill herself bc folding clothes is too stressful

Her father probably said "this is too much for a tired woman like you" and she changed up his words to make it seem like her dad is so ~misogynistic~

No. 394882

she probably said oh i had to lift heavy boxes all day in storeroom so he says is that too much for you?

No. 394884

this is such a prime example of aly's mentality.
she thrives off of other people worrying about her.

>too much for a woman
girl, you work in a store. i see more women do jobs like hers than guys. such bullshit.

No. 394889

All we know about Aly and her mental state and inability to do life is more than the man she's been in a relationship with for 3 years (5 lol). He's suddenly worried and so he gives her a SNICKERS. That'll cure everything, mate. Keep ignoring the rest because all she needs is a Snickers for energy.

What a useless pair of dicks.

No. 394914

File: 1506718330315.jpg (613.22 KB, 810x1504, Screenshot_20170929-155101.jpg)

No. 394915

File: 1506718505846.jpg (331.17 KB, 1028x773, Screenshot_20170929-155336.jpg)

oops watch out
they're right, she's asking for snack ideas? bitch you got told yesterday

No. 394916

Why the hell does she need to hide in the bath to eat a snack??? She poses with food in front of dozens of strangers all the time???

No. 394931

Maybe cause it´s not allowed to eat in the store. Many jobs don't allow eating or even using the phone, i think treese's is one of those because all Aly's stories are from the bathroom or the backstore

No. 394932

A nutritionist would be a step back in her journey???? Bitch what the fuck??? I'm soo done. Nutritionists aren't just there for anorexics

No. 394933

I was the one who comment this, hope my english isn't trash. Btw I think I'm ready for Aly blocking me, haha. :(

No. 394935

well if she does you went down heroically lol

p sure aly thinks you HAVE to eat unhealthy and thats the opposite of an eating disorder. a dietitian or nutritionist could really help her, show her high cal healthy foods, foods w idk vitamins and minerals in them maybe?? shes just gonna go get a protein snickers and think thats good

No. 394937

I read this thread and I do find some anons here are way too mean… making fun of her appearance is more than just mean, it's so primitive. I wanna know how you all look like. If you're having actual friends you don't gossip about.
Anyways, Ive been commenting her pictures hoping to reach her. I feel deeply sorry for her and understand how shitty it can be to be stuck in a weird OCD, I experienced it myself and smoothed it out a bit.. but yes I'm afraid she wouldn't read my stuff anyways, it would be more useful than some wannabe-recovery teenarger advice

No. 394939

I've always worked in retail (clothes shops) and food and drink wasn't allowed in the actual shop front because you're handling clothes. There's always been a backroom for breaks and to eat your lunch and I don't understand why she doesn't just go there during a break.

The treesse store looks really modern so if they haven't got a general area for breaks/lunch I'd be amazed. I think she's being awkward and she's just looking for attention and pity.

No. 394942

Lolcow isn't the place for you honey.

No. 394944

What are you doing here….? Read the rules of gtfo

No. 394947

aww there, there.

No. 394948

File: 1506722790348.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6103.PNG)

I just can't with her faces.

Theres this IG page called YouDidNotEatThat where they would repost skinny models who pretended to take bites of garbage food. And most of their faces looked like this. Puffed up as if there was really a bite taken out of whatever junk they were eating. The page is gold but inactive.

Pic related.

No. 394954

That page kept liking her posts something like 18 months ago! I'm not sire if they ever reposted one of hers though.

No. 394961

File: 1506723488772.gif (405.4 KB, 500x259, oh-honey.gif)

hope you reach her lmao

No. 394963

im not here to fight. I think this place is interesting. Interesting to know that mean, entirely negative people exist, making fun over an innocent person who did never make fun of you or harmed anyone. You're indeed so depressed you go into a website to make fun of mentally ill people, of their face etc. just imagine her reading all this. I can't even send her this link otherwise she'd freak out even more and feel shit. Like, do you wish her to happen something bad? What is your point?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 394967

You are against the rules, this shit of been kind is for facebook and sort of social networks, read the rules and gtfo.

No. 394969


No. 394979

Go be a white knight somewhere else. Telling us we're being mean isn't going to suddenly awaken us. We are well aware of what we are doing.

Go suck aly's malnourished ego with comments and gtfo.

No. 394984

this is so dumb like i know theyre gone now but we're only "mean" cus aly is a toxic, narcissistic bitch. people might comment on her terrible makeup but mostly we just hate her as a person because she deserves it like wow really hope they get through to her with their positive comments lol

No. 394985

But… she is harming people and she has. Thousands of young suggestible teenagars follow her. Have you even seen how she guilt-trips and manipulates people who care about her? Obviously you know nothing about Aly and if you do, you're deluded yourself too. Yeah, I wish something bad will happen to her. I'd love for her to read this and "break down" like the attention-seeking unempathic selfish bitch she is. Go back to Instagram

No. 394989

i cant even imagine what she'd do if she saw all her threads lol it probably would just gain her a lot of sympathy because people are idiots but what would she do? shes already private and theres no way she'd delete

No. 394991


Never forget Jack, the young guy who recently ended his own life because of Aly's actions.

No. 395038

File: 1506733691691.png (24.25 KB, 287x384, edcomm.png)

wow! very much support from #EDCOMMUNITY

No. 395039

Also i got a feeling that a couple of these are trolls or something, i see you farmers.

No. 395041

well ones you lol

No. 395042

I'm still waiting for her to accept my request so it's not me even though I was the one upside (!) who said she should eat nuts.

Her followers are probably more mentally recovered than she is. Why she's so bleeding stubborn idk. Oh wait, she doesn't want to gain.

No. 395043

I would actually comment her posts if she accepted my request though, it would be very fun though she would blocked me asap

No. 395050

We should have a Dear Aly instagram profile where we leave comments for her and she can't block them.

No. 395081

File: 1506738823491.jpeg (125.65 KB, 750x427, 705F8EEE-184C-4004-AB44-9F9B40…)

Another one gets the block
Another one gets the block
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one gets the block(Yeah)
Hey, Aly’s gonna block you too
Another one gets the block!

No. 395083

File: 1506738973295.jpeg (55.52 KB, 750x257, 3B9392D3-CE8B-4D46-B225-F2E3B7…)

alright which one of you fuckers posted this lol

No. 395087

This is great.
Should have called her 'Honey'.

No. 395100

I was thinking about this yesterday, how she used to call cakes and chocolate"extras" but now she exists on that crap. Whoever took her off a meal plan so early is an idiot.

Thanks for the earworm btw. Damn you. I want to #breakfree

No. 395122

I love this farmer their comments are gold

No. 395149

She liked that comment omg

No. 395154

File: 1506761514167.png (227.26 KB, 746x1069, IMG_0683.PNG)

And she just keeps on ignoring the tips for healthy, filling food and stuffs her face with sugar and fat.

No. 395157


The proof that she just asks random questions just to have her posts commented, she probably doesnt even read the answers till the end

No. 395171

File: 1506770670630.png (712.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170930-132214.png)

will it ever stop

No. 395172

File: 1506770776262.png (94.08 KB, 1080x842, 20170930_132515.png)

I had to think of our EX(!) anorexic Queer.

No. 395173

File: 1506771091456.jpg (473.35 KB, 2896x2896, 20170930_132955.jpg)

So i just compared 2 of her pictures (left is some months? ago, right is like 2 days ago) and she's obviously been losing weight again

No. 395176

You can't really compare two entirely different angles. She looks the same weight to me.

No. 395184

File: 1506775627061.png (960.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170930-144541.png)

No. 395185

File: 1506775640023.png (162.94 KB, 720x863, 20170930_144627.png)

No. 395186

File: 1506775711401.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170930-144801.png)

No. 395192


Probably she spends half of the time in the bathroom writing captions for her posts/taking selfies for her stories, that's why her boss yelled at her lol

No. 395199


That's some Suzy Berhow eyeliner kinda shit right there

No. 395202

>white-knighting aly

I'm seriously flabberghasted, if one person on this board deserves the hate she gets it is Aly(!). She's an offensivly horrible human being.

No. 395210

lol this pic
shes crying and not gonna eat because her boss "yelled at her" stop being so pathetic

yeah it probably was "aly can you get off your phone" thats why she cant use it for the rest of the day

No. 395213

File: 1506781506714.png (13.68 KB, 279x185, wewlad.png)

she obviously did >>395186 so she can leave her work and write a post "Don't let ANYONE yell at you my girls ! (!) #RecoveryWIN " with a donnie and a fap

No. 395220

does anyone else notice that alys followers have to treat her like a child like some of the comments she gets i imagine them takin a knee "oh honey what happened! oh no but youre so strong and brave" and then SOMETHING ELSE GOES WRONG and they gotta run to her "your boss said what! theyre a big meanie youre an angel please eat!!" like how shes acted lately has really lost her her strong af recovered queer title now shes just a pathetic girl who cries in the bathroom eatin a snickers. and like i get being upset if your boss yells at you but cmon just deal with it thats life

No. 395230

I think all of these are farmers lol

No. 395232

Saturday 's generally the busiest day. She doesn't say why she was ~yelled~ at. She was probably slacking.

I thought she'd like a female boss being a #feminist.

No. 395240

>considered as a over overload of proteic energies, what would you say?

she is full on transforming into a bot that translates chinese to english. wtf even is this? i have never seen someone's language skills get steadily worse over the course of several years. it pretty much proves she doesn't interact with anyone else at all in her ~ed community~ bc english is such a dominant language on those accounts and she would be getting more natural sounding if she actually read and responded to others' posts.

lol i assume either her boss was like "aly this is your 10th break fucking around on your phone in the stock room, quit it" or else it was literally a generic busy-day boss comment like "dude pick it up we're slammed" and she victimized herself again.

i hate her "i'm so dizzy" shit, she pretends she didn't act like she was totally healthy with no symptoms when she was actually skelly and now that she's weight restored she invents all these issues to try to cling onto her frail ana days.

No. 395243

So, the first picture is earlier at work, in her uniform. Second is in her street clothes at lunch after being yelled at? Also, why is she completely changing her clothes at lunch? She complains about not having time to eat, but she can change in and out of work clothes during Lunch?

I'm thinking she was yelled at for coming back from lunch late bc she is changing clothes in the bathroom.

No. 395249

she said shes dizzy from low blood pressure right? like how would she know her blood pressure? and if it was that its probably just from being dehydrated

No. 395250

File: 1506786607651.jpg (471.24 KB, 1009x1509, Screenshot_20170930-091739.jpg)

why is this person saying that Aly is in a gastronomy? What do they mean?

Also, this person changed their name and picture. They were monster.pikachu before.

No. 395253

Your last point, yeah. She'd totally cured herself of all the problems she'd had. She was so proud of that and now she's behaving like when she passed out in front of her brother when she was major spoop. Pft.

No. 395254

Sounds like a vegan.

I think they're a bit confused and think she's working at a food place?

No. 395262

One of her captions yesterday said she was running late. Her boss is probably "screaming" at her (more like telling Aly to knock her dumb shit off) because she's probably taking a million bathroom breaks to look at her phone, changes out of her uniform into street clothes and then back again on her lunch, probably complains a lot about feeling sick.

We all know how Aly is. Now try working with her and being her manager.

No. 395348

Might be an Italian user? We do have "negozi di gastronomia", so maybe they're abbreviating like that.

No. 395352

shes german
i think she said thought you worked in a store but now its gastronomy so i guess she thinks aly works at eatmeandgo seen as shes always there idk

No. 395353

She should be out of work now. Has she posted anything? I feel her belly is full of stones and she'll cry a lot tonight.

No. 395356

not yet
shes probably killed herself

No. 395359

shes got 21 comments on her last post about her boss yells(!) most were aly get off your phone tho

No. 395360

File: 1506796337702.gif (448.51 KB, 320x193, niiice.gif)

No. 395362

Oh, but she's off tomorrow. She can have another dream Sunday of shopping, ice cream and sex.

No. 395371

File: 1506797335215.jpg (660.09 KB, 810x1360, Screenshot_20170930-134717.jpg)

she got nugs for lunch

No. 395373


Don't tell me she's pretending she took followers advice and took a packed lunch.
Gotta win that place back in their hearts somehow. Bet she even had a protein bar and an avocado. ~strenght emoji~

No. 395377

File: 1506798114639.png (23.4 KB, 285x348, aly ur just lazy.png)

no aly, yr just lazy

No. 395380

Two young women crying together at work. How pathetic does that sound.

No. 395393

File: 1506799458604.jpg (849.56 KB, 978x1235, Screenshot_20170930-142235.jpg)

this was the stupid fucking picture that came w that post and her q for the day is should she accept berts dinner request even tho today was a fail

No. 395395

File: 1506799657641.jpg (323.96 KB, 1023x858, Screenshot_20170930-142558.jpg)

so, whats the betting that the "boss" didnt say shit

No. 395396

That question's way too deep to come up with an immediate answer. I'll put aside all my other thoughts and come up with a reply which I think will please Aly.

That's an old picture, right? She was wearing different clothes in her crying face work one.

No. 395401

I'm sure it was just her who cried, not the other girl. She just had to make it seem like her boss is an evil sociopath (!) and not only made her cry but another NON anorexic!

Boss "screaming" = boss raising his voice and changing his tone lol

No. 395402

I've been a shop manager and ass. manager and I never screaming at anyone. That's not what they're meant to do, thick bitch. They're there to make sure shit gets done and you and the new girl were probably fannying around on instagram or texting boyfriends.

No. 395403

yeah this is from the classic aly collection which you can view on the Mcdonalds Milano Lorenteggio Drive tag

No. 395404

(I'd scream at Aly though. I'd target her and break her. Good thing I don't do retail anymore)

No. 395405

Ahahaha. I love how you phrased that.

No. 395406

File: 1506799921144.jpg (23.3 KB, 640x360, d7f.jpg)

I'm cringing at just imagining that, jfc
She's so pathetic, like, i bet she's the only who cried. Fucking bitch needs to learn some about life since her brain died for about 3 years of starvation, OF COURSE SHE'S NOT AT SCHOOL, she has to be fast, because it's a shop.

No. 395408

I hope she's on a work trial and she fails.

No. 395410

the boss said i wasnt….quick enough ?? it has been the worst thing to EVER happen to ANYONE

No. 395424


Wouldn't someone normal flick the Vs behind the bosses back and mutter "oh, fuck off" under your breath? No, she make Aly cry. Poor, dear sensitive honey. #fragilebonez

No. 395440

File: 1506803864911.png (766.83 KB, 1200x799, shouting.png)

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??????? ????

No. 395442


That guy's passable as Aly.

No. 395444

If I was following Aly I swear I'd comment that her supersensitivity right now is more than likely her hormones and she'll be getting her period back soon now her body's healthy.

No. 395452

Not to defend her, but I think that what (she said) happened is entirely possible. In Italy there's often this weird situation of subjection at work (not always, but often) - employers can treat you like crap, overwork you, yell at you in front of customers humiliating you, do illegal stuff like making you work without a proper contract, for more hours than the ones the law indicates, and can fire you without a legit reason.
Not a good way to start for our recovery queen…

No. 395453

isnt that how it is everywhere

No. 395464

In German-speaking Europe, things are definitely not like that. Even students have protection and rights (workers have even more). I didn't know Italy was so different.

No. 395465

lol what. I'm from Austria and it's exactly the same over here

No. 395466

File: 1506807272329.png (1.26 MB, 1200x1177, alybe4.png)

I really thought she was going to look like this.
NOT (!).

No. 395472


i'm from another mediterranean country with similarities to italy and yeah, once you get a little south and east of europe people aren't that distant and properly-spoken; people even in tiniest positions of power look for excuses to berate their subordinates, nobody gives a fuck about the law and rights of the people who are below them in the ladder. so it's entirely possible that her boss yelled at Aly, probably for constantly being on IG, probably just because he/she can.

but still, she's working retail 8 hours a day, with a proper lunch break and two days off a week, which isn't how retail usually works (as far as i've seen). so she could, you know, just shut the fuck up and apply herself for 4 hours twice a day.

No. 395474

File: 1506808642785.jpg (878.77 KB, 810x2069, 20170930_165508.jpg)

i was looking through the mcdonalds tag and thought i'd post this classic #tb let me know in your opinion girls

No. 395478

File: 1506809170116.jpg (776.77 KB, 809x1455, Screenshot_20170930-170356.jpg)

ugh im feeling nauseous and aly posts this pasta porn, vom

she went to dinner guys! we can all rest easy tonight

No. 395482

Hasn't she posted this before ?

No. 395483

Yes, douche managers are everywhere, what makes the difference is how often, and if workers can protect themselves against those dicks.
In Scandinavian countries, for example, workers have proper rights and employers need a very good reason to fire you.

No. 395486

she just reposted a different pic of it too

No. 395488

I think she gets the same meal or, is reposting the picture and didn't eat dinner

No. 395489

Sorry I didn't comment 17 minutes ago. Please forgive me. I was helping my 99 year old granny into bed but next time ill leave her on the floor. You are very talented as well as very beautiful and wawawaaa those long legs. I wish you were my bff irl! #persongoals

No. 395493

File: 1506810756052.jpg (719.58 KB, 809x1461, Screenshot_20170930-183049.jpg)

New pic.

No. 395502

I don't believe she went out. No pics of her n Bert. All whited out background.

No. 395508

idk thats a classic aly pasta dish, devoid of any ambience~ she could just been reposting an old pic too tho so who knows

No. 395511

She always zooms in on old ones (like this). She must think it makes the food look less recognisable.

No. 395512

File: 1506811859058.png (881.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170930-184722.png)

Old pic from old thread. I think she reordered the same dish.

No. 395518

ofc she gets the same thing

No. 395522

Oh I noticed that her follower count went up so she must have accepted a bunch of requests, aren't they in for a treat hahah

No. 395525

Yes, i noticed the same, she had 48.6k in the afternoon and now shes up to 48.7k

No. 395530

She didn't add me. Still says requested. Oo what a bitch.

No. 395608

she truly is this era's susan b anthony. way to fight the patriarchy, you "hot blonde babe."

No. 395618

>now, im not a feminist because im ugly, in fact im actually incredibly beautiful so says every man who has ever seen me. im a feminist because uhm idk women have feelings or something. i have them too and im also hot

No. 395729

File: 1506844586479.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6111.PNG)

Well…she had a different restaurant tagged. And it looks like the same exact dish. While I know traditional dishes call for similar ingredients, little bizarre it looks like an exact copy. Example…I go to a couple different Thai restaurants and both have a different looking pad thai. Same with Mexican food and tacos. A taco is a taco but everyone prepares it differently.

I think she lied about her dinner.

No. 395731

I do too. The picture is just too similar. It also looks like it was taken during the day somehow

No. 395732

File: 1506845100166.png (107.05 KB, 750x910, IMG_6112.PNG)

I decided to look up "la conchiglia" and found it funny how it's right next to McDonalds.

No. 395805

File: 1506866215817.jpg (674.55 KB, 810x1864, Screenshot_20171001-085501.jpg)

aly wants advice on uh psychology?

No. 395806

File: 1506866258590.jpg (551.86 KB, 810x1391, Screenshot_20171001-085525.jpg)

and yet again on what food to buy

No. 395826

Its because she knows if she asks a question in her posts, that she will get more responses. We all know she thrives on the comments not just the likes a post gets. Not enough of either and she will delete and reupload.

No. 395827

File: 1506871446373.jpg (775.94 KB, 1324x1465, Screenshot_20171001-092214.jpg)

People are giving her advice too. But she still feels like shit

No. 395832

File: 1506871824478.jpg (307.55 KB, 732x814, Screenshot_20171001-092833.jpg)

She dyed her hair again with some henna she had at home, it looks the same

No. 395833

i wish she would get it cut it looks awful

No. 395834

File: 1506871978741.jpg (615.71 KB, 810x1803, Screenshot_20171001-103036.jpg)

do normal girls eat fries??
now shes swearing at her boss behind their back lol thought you were upset and crying

No. 395836

Why does she always take pictures like she modeling in a food advertisement? Like she's never actually eating the food, she's just holding it up riiiight near her mouth. It looks ridiculous. She's a food blogger not taking photos for a McDonald's print ad. It just looks so weird. It would be a trip to see aly and her mum in public with a bunch of food taking power photos of aly pretending to almost eat said food, snapping photos in playgrounds and sidewalks for 2 hours then throw the food away and wildly start messing with her phone/laptop so she can post it asap alongside 3 paragraph caption of how she needs moar love and begging for likes. Awkward man.

No. 395837

Hair looks just as shitty as before and her teeth are looking the same color as those fries. Bleh.
I doubt she raised a middle finger to her boss when his back was turned. If she did, wow what a brat. Even -if- I believed her boss literally screamed at her, acting like a 16 year old who got scolded by her parents is unprofessional and cringy.
Notice how anyone who shows any authority over Aly, she says they scream and abuse her? What a victim.

"My boss yelled at me because I'm slow and spend too much time hiding in the bathroom. Abuse! -middle finger- not my fault!"
She couldn't say "although I'm new and still learning, my boss was stern about picking up the pase. I guess I have been slacking off a bit as I am not used to such work. I'm thankful I have a job because I'm an adult with a 20 foot umbilical cord."

No. 395839

I can't believe people still use henna in 2017. I'm not surprised the colour hasn't taken because it's so difficult to apply. Get a box dye like ~normal girls~

The personality trait I dislike most in anyone is when they set themselves up to be a victim. Anything bad that happens to her is never her fault and she never takes responsibility for her own actions.

She doesn't see her friends much now does she. How they stuck with her for so long idk. I'd run a mile after being in her company for 30 minutes.

No. 395840

it literally looks like an ad haha "aly loves our cheesy fries. why dont you grab some the next time you come by your local mcdonalds" and then aly winks with the fry pressed to her lips

and yeah such a food blogger, she only goes to mcdonalds and eatmeandgo and like who wants to see a pic of a mcdonalds meal?

No. 395847

What a stupid human being. She believes she's a ~~~reaL WomEN~~~ very different and unique just because she eats ~cHeeSy FriEs~ as a #snack

No. 395850

File: 1506874433123.png (116.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2446.PNG)

Lol she just dm'd me

No. 395851

File: 1506874526138.jpg (130.71 KB, 459x448, 1496848012540.jpg)

>may you help me about that?

No. 395852


Lol now she literally begs for help One follower by one throgh dms… How low she can go? Maybe paying for comments, so sad

No. 395853

Give her really bad advice.

No. 395856

The funniest part was that my acc is clearly fake farmer account and i always give her really obvious fake motivation. what should I say?

No. 395858

Say something which is actually really bad for her but completely sugar coated and with lots of emoji

No. 395859

Don't reply straight away. After a few hours say sorry you couldn't reply sooner but you've been out with friends (to make her feel bad about being a Billy Nomates)

No. 395860

File: 1506875782485.png (180.87 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2447.PNG)

She send me that like 5 hrs ago so I went ahead and said this lol

No. 395861

File: 1506875799776.jpg (37.89 KB, 530x298, unnamed.jpg)

No. 395862

That's amazing

No. 395863

Oh my god tell her to quit her job because her health is #1 priority ????

No. 395864

i almost feel bad for her because of how pathetic this is lmao

No. 395867

Spamming DMs for comments isn't something I've heard of before. Her mentalness has been turned up a notch.

No. 395868

Someone should say she has to quit her job because we miss her too much during the day and cant make it with only (!) 4 updates

No. 395871

File: 1506877653027.jpg (488.35 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20171001-120613.jpg)

yeah you like them because they pay attention to you not because theyre your friends

No. 395872

i think her having a job is an interesting change in the aly show tho like of she quit it would just go back to magnums and fake haters

No. 395874

I'd ask if she ever considered a career as a counsellor because she's so good and more helpful than any therapist has ever been at giving great advice how to deal with eating disorders.

She might then start to do some basic googling and start banging on about wanting to do courses and start copypasta paragraphs from medical sites.

Feed that ego.

No. 395875

new video up and deleted again after 2 minutes

No. 395876

Uhm okay you guys, when did we start talking about sabotaging people on here? Aly is fucking crazy, we all know that, but I think it's a bit much to talk about DM'ing her shit to fuck her up even more or suggesting things just to humilate her, see her fail or even try to make her quit her job or go backwards in progress.
She's doing fine being batshit on her own, I don't think there's any need pushing her just to laugh at her.

No. 395880

Aly isn't just some innocent mentally ill girl that we all prey on for jokes, are you unaware of how manipulative she is? There's thousands of young suggestible girls following her, and she guilt-trips all of them. are you new or have you been following for a while?

No one sent her anything bad tho, that response that I sent was perfectly fine and non-humilitating/didn't even give her bad advice.. either way it's her choice whether to act on what we tell her, it's not like she'd quit her job cuz of one anon unless she actually kinda wanted to

Anyways, I think she needs to hit an actual rock bottom before ever showing signs of actual improvement

No. 395886

>Either way it's her choice whether to act on what we tell her

She never takes advice anyway. She knows what she wants to do, asking for advice is just a way to get comments.

No. 395889

exactly, the only way you can influence Aly is by giving her NO advice, she'll then black post and maybe skip dinner

No. 395892

I want to add to this that the proof is how her genuinely concerned followers (like the wk we had here a few days ago) spend time to write advice to her. Then she slaps their faces by either outing them as being "haters" or tells them their advice is useless because the only person she gets good advice from is her boyfriend.

Obviously she doesn't take his advice either or he wouldn't have left her last time.

No. 395893

File: 1506879653589.png (1011.91 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2263.PNG)

New video. Can't understand a damn word she's saying.

No. 395894

For real though, someone should contact her work with screenshots.
Imagine the milk if she got fired omg.

No. 395895

File: 1506880073864.png (81.12 KB, 632x989, IMG_4623.PNG)

No. 395896

i thought summer was over. take your shit to pull

i always cringe at her sitting on the damn tables. her sweaty thighs right where people eat…

No. 395898

File: 1506880387655.jpg (37.21 KB, 448x453, Screenshot_20171001-195157_1.j…)

No. 395900

still with the mcdonalds cup? did she even eat something? because apparently if she's with ma casati, shes not finishing those fries.

No. 395902

File: 1506880751047.png (41.96 KB, 540x446, tumblr_inline_os8e19lTZY1trutd…)

1. Telling Aly to make a livestream on instagram
2. Ask her a bunch of stuff about food or just telling her she looks "better" at a healthy weight, or uncomfortable stuff.

No. 395903

i think shes just thanking people for support and says she loves them

No. 395904


Same here with people sitting on tables where people have to eat. Only a degenerate would want to put their food where a vagina's just been.

No. 395905

Even her videos are repetitive. Does she play with her hair at the beginning?

No. 395910

Well, hopefully she isn't sitting there counting her calories after counting her orgasms (!)

No. 395913

Of course she did. It's so fucking awkward I could barely watch.

No. 395914

I wish she would go blonde again tbh. Ginger is definitely not her color, she was prettier with blonde hair.
But I bet that if she heard this she would say that "I want her to conform to misogynistic standards of women" and that "Red is better for her cause it's the color of fire and she's a fighter"

>i love ur makeup I try to make my eyebrows look just like yours
You went all in, kek

>Guess what? A video day anyway yeah I'm so happy because I have written to you personally and everybody was feeling to me in this difficult period of transition and changes, it's not easy it's not over but yeah you've been so precious so thank you so much, I love you to pieces, really thank you
Also, she always starts her videos with that exact hand-in-hair pose. OCD at its finest

No. 395915

Sono stato vicino ad Alice da molto tempo fa, dal momento che il suo peso era di 35 chilogrammi. Mi ha spesso chiesto di sostenere e di uscire con lei, e mi ha chiesto diverse volte per fotografarle. Le mangia, ma non l'intera cosa, e cammina molto e usa una bici blu. La maggior parte dei posti che lei conosce già conosce, quindi chiede sempre i più bassi opzioni di calorie e non aggiungere olio o burro. Potete chiedere bagel o pane una base di thinslim un giunto di caffè 12oz o paleo, diabetici, opzioni senza glutine che sono molto basse calorie. E il suo cognato Emanuel è quello che lavora al treesse sport, lei lo aiuta a volte come sostituitore, ma ha acquistato una camicia con il logo.

No. 395918

Se puoi leggere questo forum, puoi scrivere in inglese. Grazie.
(If you can read this forum, you can write in english. Thank you.)

No. 395919

>everyone was feeling me

Have you seen her with dark hair? She suits it more than any other colour and I think it was natural. I thought she looked too trashy with blonde, but the dark hair really suited her dark eyes.

No. 395921

>I've been close to Alice long ago, since her weight was 35 kilograms. He often asked me to support and to go out with her, and she asked me several times to photograph them. Eats, but not the whole thing, and walks a lot and uses a blue bike. Most places you know already know, so always ask for the lowest calorie options and do not add oil or butter. You can ask bagel or bread a thinslim base for a 12oz or paleo coffee, diabetic, gluten-free options that are very low calories. And her brother-in-law Emanuel is the one who works at the sport, she sometimes helps as a substitute, but has bought a shirt with the logo.

No. 395923

>has bought a shirt with the logo.

Well, well, well.

Thank you, Italian anon.

No. 395928

File: 1506882708444.jpg (20.96 KB, 402x252, 1.JPG)

Aly recently added this girl. I figure it's one of her followers on ig. I wonder how she feels when she sees this girl posting her bonez?

No. 395929

Holy shit. Is this actually true? Please tell me it is. That would be hilarious. Insane, but hilarious.

No. 395931

Looked up Emanuelle. Looks like he's the brother who got the good looks. It doesn't say he works at that place, but it says he's studying so it's possibly true that he works there as well.

I wish this anon would tell us more. P sure she's been here before and written in English about Aly's ike.

No. 395932

File: 1506883493949.jpg (6.55 KB, 200x200, ike.jpg)

bike* not ike

No. 395935

aly still works at treesse tho right?

No. 395938

eh. about the italian writer: i actually would never ever want to be friends with you. just imagine would tell her about this site and shed immediately know who you are. shame on you.

100% shes trying to fund excuses to lose weight. i dont really care because i myself would like to be bony but shes a bad liar. a bad bad liar >>395928

No. 395941

Lol right.. any italian farmers here?…. her bashing her boss like this over insta is so fucking unprofessional it's ridiculous

If this is real holy fuck

No. 395942

sage your blogs and don't shit on people who give us milk.

apparently she works there as a "substitute"?

No. 395945


She might be working there covering people on holiday? It's too early for seasonal work. Idk because Aly seems genuinely miserable about this job so I don't think she's faking her hours.

No. 395946


I'm italian, well I guess he is a fake because that was not correct italian at all. Looks like he used Google translate or something and translated that really bad

No. 395947

Please never post again you fucking retard. No one cares who you'd be friends with or why.

No. 395948

sorry but what kind of friend would go on lolcow and post such a thing???
id rather understand if someone told me this on instagram but wtf why here? sounds kinda fake. also i dont believe she throws her food away - then how would you explain her weight gain?

No. 395949

>>395947 says probably the same person that used google translate

No. 395950

>>395946 thank you. it sounded like fake anyways

No. 395951

Whoever it was knows Bert's bro's name, but then so did I by basic search of her fb friends.

No. 395952

>>395951 at least they tried.

No. 395953

Please go and be a whiteknight somewhere else.

If a farmer would see her in real life and post what they witnessed aly doing it would be okay as well. So why should it not be okay for somebody who had to pretend to be friends with her to tell us what they (apparently) saw?

Oh, and learn how to sage.

No. 395956

>>395953 this is no whitekinging and idc about grammar/spelling as long as you get me.

really? a farmer? in rome? MEETING ALY? fakers gonna fake

No. 395957

all of your posts are easily identifiable as YOURE THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESNT SAGE YOUR POSTS. for the love of god, sage your shit. ¨

lets keep the focus on aly, yall.

No. 395958

Rome? What the fuck are you talking about? Just fuck off already

No. 395961

Where are all these randoms coming from. Okay, not ALL, but we had the wk the other day. How did she find this thread? Now there's someone posting who p much posts like a newfag.

No. 395962

HAHAHHA at least you're funny.
Was that correct my dear?

Yes. Don't you sometimes have the feeling that everyone in her comment section is fooling her?

(WAS THAT ALL CORRECTLY SAGED? Please give me some advice #sagesoldiers)

No. 395963

aly is from rome

No. 395966

this thread is becoming boring anyways

No. 395968

She's not from Rome and you're fucking annoying, just leave already jfc

No. 395970

you better fuck off you ugly fuck(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 395981

File: 1506886757639.png (570.56 KB, 720x1057, 20171001_203839.png)

Berto or emmanuel, who would you rather

No. 395986

File: 1506888394036.png (666.42 KB, 720x1021, 20171001_220533.png)

when actually, she just received one single comment

No. 395989


I think she should just take her ass and vj germs off that table.

No. 395992

Oh look it's only her 703745th threat to delete her account

No. 395993

so you know this is just her saying it about herself

No. 396003

File: 1506889839558.jpg (775.15 KB, 2048x2048, D5022D1E-0992-4870-9C96-F37B66…)

sage for no new milk but lol @ this hair transformation! that brown (natural) hair suited her well…

No. 396007

I am the anonymous that wrote in italian. I am not very familiarized with English speaking so that's why i write in Italian. Sorry
I am no longer friend of Alice, she is a very toxic person, and her father is sick too, he had eating disorders in the past. Emmanuel is Roberto's brother, and he studies and works at Treesse Sports. Sometimes if one of us was not hungry or wasn't going to eat Alice leftovers she would start crying and making a scene. If you follow her account Alice_eleanor and search old photographies you can find some accounts that are from her brother and Roberto

No. 396009

File: 1506889903400.jpg (599.28 KB, 810x1636, Screenshot_20171001-153017.jpg)

GLOBAL UPDATE!! aly is anxious!

No. 396010

lol now i know youre making this up cus the alys dad has an ed was started in these threads

No. 396014

So what's the big deal here then for Aly? Why's she started saying GLOBAL UPDATE? AF.

Yeah, and we already know about her other account and her brother. Ana chan who wants bones is very bored today. She tried but, like Aly, failed.

No. 396015

If you have to bait at least make sure you know the language you're pretending to be writing in.

It's not true, that post was written in an awfully broken Italian.

No. 396017

File: 1506890715470.jpg (93.05 KB, 1014x1003, 1506889839558.jpg)

If she went brunette again and fixed up her eyebrows she would be very pretty lol

No. 396047

File: 1506894982125.jpg (369.34 KB, 978x1156, Screenshot_20171001-165337.jpg)

>everythings fine ill just keep holdin the frappe and doughnut everythings fine

No. 396048

File: 1506895399563.gif (2.12 MB, 500x281, Mara_Maionchi_disgustata.gif)

yeah, you're not very 'familiarized' with Italian either.
vai a scrivere fanfiction da un'altra parte, va', anziché rovinarci il latte (!)

No. 396053

File: 1506895907769.gif (999.38 KB, 400x220, maria.gif)

No. 396092

File: 1506901085762.jpg (272.85 KB, 1000x683, Screenshot_20171001-183557.jpg)

wonder if she'll be upset about this even tho its like yeah, why aly

No. 396182

i'm sure she does hate her body but she def has some histrionic traits which make her go over the top w her appearance and pics just to get attention and compliments about how strong (!) she is now vs before

No. 396458

I wonder if her face will ever lean out, she's still pretty small but if someone were to see just her face it'd be so misleading

No. 396472

Why she starts every video acting like the fries or the soda are telling her a lot of funny jokes? pretending that she's laughing immediatly before she begin to talk… puaj…

No. 396482

i agree with this. don't tip the cows it's pretty fucking basic

No. 396526


I have a theory about why she only eats junk. It might be a recovery thing for her, and when she has to eat 'normal' food it signifies she's not in recovery anymore and just eating like a normal person. For that reason there might be more guilt tied into eating normal foods than junk.

No. 396528

File: 1506928101554.png (283.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171002-080635.png)

No. 396529

File: 1506928136012.png (267.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171002-080645.png)

No. 396536

File: 1506930319518.png (292.26 KB, 750x1098, IMG_0701.PNG)

Oh no! Will they fair her?!

No. 396537

File: 1506930405476.png (152.1 KB, 663x827, IMG_0702.PNG)

Look at that beautiful, recovered, strong, independent little face.

No. 396539

File: 1506931350075.jpg (45.33 KB, 545x616, IMG_6125.JPG)


Aly with her first paycheck

No. 396588

File: 1506949233902.jpg (531.83 KB, 809x1394, Screenshot_20171002-075917.jpg)

this didn't happen..

No. 396593

holy shit she makes it sound like she's working for the fucking UN not folding clothes at a skate shop. like jfc aly ~i care too much~ really?? this is a basic retail job that apparently you're only doing as an "internship" (???) and you spend half your shift hiding in the break room posting chocolate and breakdowns on insta sooo

No. 396596

seriously and like she apologised to her boss cus she was slow and says she wants to learn but apparently that was a lie? lol

she also had cookies for breakfast so i wanna see if shes actually bought anything healthy to eat like she said she was going to

No. 396600

File: 1506951314259.png (181.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-10-02-08-32-32…)

No. 396610

Holy shit I was the one who suggested she go to her boss and say this and she dm'd me to thank me for the advice. As if she actually did it lol!!

No. 396617

you missed showing the lovely light person commented like 7 times

No. 396619


>you need nourish, not punish

english language is weeping right now.

No. 396627

Today she didn't post anything yet about her MEAL (!) or snacks in the bathroom… that seems that she continue eating chocos, fries and unicorn fraps but now in secret. She already said that she manage eating but nothing more, i think things above o simplily she skipped the meal.

No. 396633

night snack last night was 1 bar of chocolate and breakfast she had 3 cookies again lol

No. 396639

I fell asleep on this thread and when i woke up and pulled my phone off my face this is the first thing I saw and it made me kek to hell and back, thanks anon.

No. 396668

File: 1506964078955.png (839.06 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171002-190710.png)

No. 396671

ugh..is that…a bite size snickers

No. 396678

Where are the f*cking snacks she was begging for? ARGH! Yesterday she said she went shopping for the suggestions lovely girls (!) made her, today she's eating a choc that is enough only for a tooth

No. 396684

File: 1506965495865.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171002-182556.png)

these eyes

No. 396688

Wtf is up with this bitch and food. Every single picture she's holding up good but not eating it and make this weird face. Like before she takes any selfie or photo of herself does she have to grasp the nearest item of food to hold it up in the pic too? Always?

No. 396692

you must be new

im assuming she didnt buy them or she'll say she did but there wont be a picture of any of it

No. 396702

File: 1506966911324.jpg (627.8 KB, 810x1464, Screenshot_20171002-125340.jpg)

the pic for this post is yet another one of her w the unicorn frappe

No. 396726

Not new. I just can't get over the ptsd of that mug in every photo doing some weird mock food advertisement. It's just….weird man.

No. 396746

File: 1506975082149.jpg (103.31 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20171002-221040_1.j…)

No. 396758

every time i think her begging can't get any more blatant…it does.

how can she be so fucking dense as to not get that this type of shit is exactly why she's losing followers? like does she have literally zero self-awareness??

i'm so curious what she's like irl, both to strangers/acquaintances and to her family/bf. like she is so CLEARLY fucked up and cluster b (tbh it's not even armchair speculation at this point, that's how blatant she is) online yet she used to do a pretty good job of hiding it. a year or two ago she seemed fake and ana but generally sane. sooo irl does she come across as a slightly neurotic but generally NORMAL (!) person, or do her raging crazy eyes come across like they do online? does she manage to act passably sane with roberto or is she a total mess and he just tolerates her out of habit or bc he finds her hot or whatever?

i can't imagine dealing with her for even half an hour if she's at all like she presents herself online, with the clockwork breakdowns and the constant attention seeking. is this how it would be irl too?

No. 396763

I sent her a dm saying i liked her new hair (to keep her sweet) and she blocked me! Apologies for less screen shots now farmers, ill be relying on others for updates now

No. 396764

It says a lot that she doesn't have any friends any more and only hangs out with her mum.

Berto might be a fuck up as well. He certainly doesn't expect much in a woman (except good cooking).

I think she's like this irl. That's why people get sick of her.

No. 396767

File: 1506977148255.gif (472.19 KB, 160x160, love your hair.gif)

If we all do some witchy chanting maybe this would happen to her.

No. 396771

Why did she block you if you complimented her?

No. 396787

"And did almost nothing" wasn't she working? Isn't her job supposed to be hard? LoL what does she mean "did almost nothing"

No. 396789

File: 1506979585347.jpg (793.69 KB, 1331x1534, Screenshot_20171002-152415.jpg)

Enjoyed…IN PANIC!!


No. 396799

File: 1506981906124.png (45.68 KB, 239x234, aly face.png)

what the fuck is this face

No. 396801

if she's cluster B (i'm willing to bet thousands on histrionic) there's no way of hiding her craziness irl

Like 4 years ago she had so many friends, they have a group fb profile of themselves all partying and hanging out. Now… nothing. Her whole life is recovery

No. 396809

File: 1506982966150.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1307, 20171002_172056.png)

This image is old so sage but the lady in the background - her face is killing me

No. 396810

Oh my god. That lady's face is gold.

Speaking of gold, Aly's teeth aren't that horrible shade of McDonald fry-yellow. Curious why the sudden decline in dental hygiene.

No. 396822

I honestly think her yellow teeth could be because she's throwing up her food, that'll surely fuck up your teetn

No. 396827

omg fantastic find. that woman is all of us. i would love this as a banner image for the next thread with it zooming in on the woman's face lol.

i still don't think she's purging or she'd be talking it up excessively in her stories. she's literally trying to sound like she's relapsing rn bc she's that desperate for attention. but even if she were purging that wouldn't cause a visible change in her teeth so fast. bulimia doesn't really cause discoloration anyway, it just weakens the enamel so your teeth break more easily etc. discoloration is mainly from drinking beverages that stain your teeth (like coffee and tea), aging, general dental hygiene, and genetics. (and using or not using whitening products.) in her case it's prob just a difference in lighting/filters.

No. 396828

samefag but in the picture mentioned, it seems like the white adjustment is really high compared to her usual/current pics. everything in that image is more "true" white with less yellow, either from a filter/editing or maybe the light conditions.

No. 396833

File: 1506986854400.jpeg (53.82 KB, 565x800, BD75E0A3-1961-420C-90E1-1E42FD…)

She looks like madame Medusa here

No. 396844

Her teeth have always been off white/yellowish. She drinks a load of coffee at home (apparently) and smokes (okay, only one cig a day - why bother?) but all she needs is to buy a decent toothpaste or put some bicarbonate of soda in the one she uses now seeing how she doesn't like spending her money.

I find it weird that she's 22 and female and doesn't show off bathing products. Can't she go to the mall and bring back a haul of bath bombs or foams to show us instead of crappy pictures of her pretending to eat McDonalds.

I get the impression she doesn't care much about personal hygiene. She doesn't even know it was time to get that dead hair cut 2 years ago.

No. 396858

i don't necessarily understand your point, does every 22 year old female need to show off bath and skincare products? it's not like she runs a lifestyle instagram…she's a ""food blogger"" and from my experience, girls that aren't beauty bloggers don't really show off their bath products on instagram, unless it's something aesthetically pleasing like glossier/milk/lush or they're being sponsored. aly's whole page is centered on food and her "recovery" so it doesn't really make any sense at all for her to show off a lush haul on that account. i don't think she doesn't care about her personal hygiene, i think she just has no idea how bad she looks. i mean her hair is a very weird shade of red/orange and she dresses outdated and her makeup is atrocious, she has no sense of style or what looks good.

No. 396863

But she's not a ~foodblogger~ and it's hardly a recovery account. It's her posing dreadfully with donuts and in stories sperging about her boss shouting at her. Even recovering anorexics have a life. Even spoonies have a life. One time she showed us a Chanel nail polish she got for Christmas and it was one of her most interesting posts.

I'm not saying she should do that all the time, but she never posts anything ~self care~ which is supposed to be helpful in recovery.

I'd settle for a shot of some whitening toothpaste.

Every other recovery account shows some part of the person's life, but hers is so bland that a picture of a box of fags she's smoking would break the monotony.

No. 396916

File: 1507000389879.gif (201.57 KB, 500x284, retard.gif)

underrated comment. actually lol'd

I feel like Aly is trying hard to convince people that she's relapsing, but she's not. I know I'm tinfoiling here, but she comes across like she's trying to make her ED situation seem much worse than it is.

No. 396944

Her teeth are fine, so they're a bit beige sometimes and? It's normal. She's european, they don't have that sort of obsession over there.
>bathing products

No. 396946

You have a hell of a twisted view of "recovery" or "having a life" if you think it's about nail polish and bath bombs. I mean seriously? Self care is important, but those things aren't self care they're just superficial luxuries.

No. 396967

She won't relapse. She can't. I honestly think she's too addicted to sugar at this point and her routine. You don't get ass pats for being OCD and making dumb faces. Struggling with ED when all your followers suffer or are recovering from an ED is what gets her attention.

Also, not sure why people are triggered by my mention of the color of her teeth. I just noticed they looked really white in one photo compared to the rest. I don't think she's purging…I was thinking maybe all the sugar she eats might be rotting her teeth.

No. 396969

File: 1507012387823.gif (4.6 MB, 1026x1092, Thefuckisthis.gif)

No. 396971

All those dead hair ends… cringe

No. 396974

File: 1507016104962.jpg (86.04 KB, 610x458, 20140428-panfried-noodles-seaf…)

Making me hungry

No. 396992

Jfc. I'm not even going to try to explain. Your comprehension skills seriously suck.

No. 397014

Agreed. I've been saying this pretty much every time she posts about being 1.5 kg underweight, losing 500gr, or "restricting" or wanting to "throw it all up". She really clearly wants to hold onto her sick identity bc her anorexia was the most interesting thing about her and now that it's gone and she's replaced her irl friends and school and partying with insta, she has nothing left except the remnants of her ana fame in the form of 48.6k followers… And she's losing them rapidly.

She lacks self awareness but she does realize she was interesting to people when she was sick, so she clings desperately to that. She would love nothing more than to relapse bc she's def not happy at all at or psychologically recovered, so there's nothing to lose.

But she can't.

No. 397015

File: 1507027826880.png (1.31 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171003-124916.png)

No. 397017

File: 1507027843999.png (1.1 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171003-124918.png)

No. 397018

File: 1507027919066.png (196.15 KB, 720x1052, 20171003_125133.png)

No. 397019

File: 1507027982763.png (551.75 KB, 463x784, 20171003_125248.png)

No. 397020

As IF they'd let her run the shop on her own!! Shop probably closed for stock take/ restocking shelves

No. 397032


Wow, supervising a busy store AND taking selfies! She's a superwoman.

No. 397036

File: 1507031565834.jpg (277.85 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20171003-135040_1.j…)

I found this in the eatme&go tag and why was she fucking half naked???

No. 397037

I wonder who she would have been if she'd grown up in the '90s, without selfies and social media. Every day is the same thing: "I posted fries, donnies and a banana peel: help?" and then pucker and look like Norman Bates after he's eaten a whole lemon. That's possible now, but I wonder if she could have been more normal if she just didn't have the ability to waste so much time posing for her phone.

I mean, it's a bit like being an alcoholic and working in a liquor store - she's addicted to social media and she just can't stop begging for comments. I was half-expecting that working for several hours a day and being out all day would seriously dent her ability to post online, but she just doesn't seem to let go. I'm honestly impressed. How can she not just go out with her co-workers to socialise and forget Instagram? The first few weeks at least one would expect to meet a few people and get invited places.

No. 397043

I'll take a guess and say that's her bf reflection you can see in the glass?

No. 397061

Maybe she gets her teeth whitened once a year, after X months they slowly become yellow again.
(Or as other anons suggested, it could be filters)

Wat, this is nitpicky. If you don't post pictures of your bathing products it means you don't care about your hygiene? I don't get it.
Also, those useless bath bombs are not a thing in Italy

Look at how better she looks without that badly applied eyeliner and bright lipstick she often wears. Girl just needs to let her brows grow thicker, fill them in with makeup and shape them in a less clownish-round way

No. 397079

She's actually pretty without that horribly eyeliner she constantly uses. Here the only problems are the eyebrows, also she isn't using that red lipstick that doesn't match her skin or the smug face, thank God.

No. 397080

You took the words right out of my mouth! She looks so much better!

No. 397083

lolll what is this, acting like she was promoted to managing a huge department large finance company. her shoes department probably consists of her and one more person. i'm soo done!

No. 397084

She could scrub herself up (or down) and look amazing but she's still going to have that disgusting personality. She might as well have make up and hair to match.

No. 397091

Yea fatberto and her father. Her poor dad is standing there while his crazy daughter is half naked, nibbling a pizza, whilst berto takes a million photos.

I'd die of embarrassment if this was my daughter.

No. 397106

I'll never never understand why he tells her she dresses like a whore though. There's absolutely no way anyone could say she looks like shes looking to turn tricks here >>397036

No. 397142

That 100% isnt her dad, looks similar age to berto

No. 397157

I think so too, whivh honestly makes the whole thing even more weird.

No. 397163


No. 397273

File: 1507055502003.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4639.PNG)


No. 397293

Someone brought pastries in because its someone's birthday. She eats this crap every day. What's the serious topic?

No. 397301

it says a lot that she thinks saying "i feel like such a fake anorexic" is in any way pro-recovery.

No. 397307

I thought she was an EX anorexic

No. 397310

This looks like an Aly parody post made by a farmer.

No. 397315

Maybe she doesn't like eating around people? Seriously she eats this garbage day and night.

No. 397321

Aly really posted this in her stories. Unbelieveable right?

Why the fuck would she say she feels like a fake anorexic? like its a bad thing? I don't get it…Being a fake anorexic is better than ACTUALLY being anorexic…it is a recovery account after all…

No. 397340

All I can think of is she's been banging on about anorexia at work because it's all she is and now she feels a liar because they see her eating one of those.

No. 397412

File: 1507062317604.jpg (621.46 KB, 1047x1543, Screenshot_20171003-151944.jpg)

where is she w co workers and friends? and like did she pay attention to the meal tips people gave her

No. 397413

File: 1507062487638.jpg (1.18 MB, 810x2669, Screenshot_20171003-152635.jpg)

i immediately thought hot blonde skeleton

No. 397421

It looks like this post was deleted?

No. 397423

Did…Did she actually called herself a fake anorexic? Where's the fighter and proud survivor she claims to be now? Ugh I just can't stand her.


How many times will she repeat that she couldn't eat fries for years? She does it almost every week now. I think this new job only made her even more and more repetitive, I guess it's because she has less time than before and she does the same things over and over again.

I'm almost sure she writes all these things all the time for people who can find her profile by casualty, just like I did. I didn't know her, so I read one of those texts and I felt proud of this crazy chick just for a few days. I wish I could tell her that when you have IG private, your photos don't appear in the discovery page (same with the hashtags).

No. 397425

File: 1507063998288.jpg (66.35 KB, 809x172, Screenshot_20171003-155220.jpg)

No. 397458

Very repetitive behavior. I actually find her extremely scary idk about you, she makes me wanna throw up every time I read her stories/posts, it’s like watching a horror movie of a psychokiller murdering people always having the same pattern

No. 397459

this post is such a classic Alice Casati Hot Mess. the bizarre outfit (why is your hair going to a shit 80s party and your body going to a pinterest wedding in a barn and your legs going to a street corner and your feet going to walk around at uni?). bad makeup and pose. the same mcdonalds she visits 3+ times a week. the same awkward "foodblogging". the same garbled english ft misplaced legalese ("insofar" lolz). the same gratuitous reference to her "blonde skeleton" days. the same obvious projection. the same exaggeration of how long she was ill and how much she was "hospitalised".

"i've lost so much of my life" is such garbage. i mean honestly look at ashley who's been sick for a decade, and those older women who end up on interviews etc who've been sick longer than aly's been alive.

shut upppp aly.

No. 397463

And I feel very uncomfortable whenever I see her outfits, she has 0 fashion sense. Also wearing such tights (to make your legs look skinnier, doll like) means she wants to lose weight.
Her long speeches are like… idk how to describe - as if she was the most famous and praised person.
What are you proud of my girl? What ?
Your 400 calorie meals ? (1 snickers, chicken nuggets or fries per day)
Your 46k followers that laugh about you?

I wanna throw up inside her mouth really. She’s riding on a very very high horse.(???)

No. 397467

>I could tell my story to my coworker today

Bahahaha. Lucky person.

Couldn't move? Couldn't walk? Se was eating out at places every day with Ma although not eating. I wonder what she used to do with the food?

>in and out from hospitals


Meh. No. Fu*k off, princess.

No. 397469

Sorry for the third post wall:

She will be fired soon, I feel it and then she will go back into her comfortable life and talk about how exhausting her job was.
I wonder who the fuck pays for her food?
Living at your parents is nothing bad if you’re at least useful, but she seems to be a useless fuck. Her only value might be food and followers and acting like a celebrity. Like how does she spend her day ? What are her topics when she talks? Food? Recovery ? I believe so.. just by looking at her old pictures she always had a bloated stomach she used to cover or suck in means I imagine she was being eating 24/7 , chewing on something every second for her face to get so puffy

No. 397477

Sage you're posts and don't give yourself a name. I suggest reading the rules if you're going to post here. Don't shit up the thread.

No. 397478

this was weird. why the name? and i think her face got "puffy" cus she gained weight

yes she went into the hospital and then she walked out lol

No. 397492

Hey I’m sorry i didn’t know about the rules also I’m using the mobile version idk anything about that sage thing. Did it work now ? Also I used the name to maybe introduce myself as I’m new here haha
Anyways, no, I don’t think it’s from weight gain. Her face used to have an oval shape not round. If you start chewing bubble gum you’ll get what I mean.

No. 397493

or chewing and spitting, too.

No. 397495

I feel sorry for her parents that used to buy her all the fancy pastry each day. Can you imagine spending at least 5€ (7$) on pastry per day?
Chewing and spitting yes yes.

No. 397496

ok but it is from weight gain, its not bulimia cheeks and ugh newfag just write everything you want in one post dont keep replying to yourself

No. 397497

‘93 wasn’t my post…>>397496

No. 397506

I chew gum all day long and have done for aeons but my face looks … normal. I don't get how it makes you look puffy? It's not like it does much to the salivary gland that I've noticed ever.

(gum not an ana chan thing. dry mouth from meds and a smoker and bad habit).

No. 397511

File: 1507074995116.jpg (150.12 KB, 999x387, Screenshot_20171003-185502.jpg)

is this an elaborate farmer account or is this person just insane

No. 397530

Ahhh I do though but you have to permanently chew for at least one week not just occasionally!

No. 397535

I think it's a legit nutcase. If not, that's one of the best farmer alter egos I've seen on her account.

I permanently chew (except when sleeping)

No. 397536

File: 1507076402203.jpg (41.82 KB, 640x640, -shamanism-native-americans.jp…)

Can't wait to see Aly unleash her inner african panther tbh

No. 397620

Can we bring back Aly bingo?

No. 397626



When the hell is she going public again. I miss reading comments.

No. 397690

Everything this person comments is gibberish. This is the weirdest thing I've seen then say though.

No. 397692

Sure, I don't feel like making a bingo card though. aren't her days off wednesdays?

My predictions:

>meet up with Berto for dinner >kissing pictures

>guilty, felt a pig
>black post
>video in stories crying
>hope in your support
>bikini #tb
>motivation back!

No. 397693

File: 1507103602109.png (212.03 KB, 749x1101, IMG_0722.PNG)

I thought she doesn't work on wednesdays ?

No. 397694

File: 1507103985621.png (225.62 KB, 716x1135, 20171004_095748.png)

No. 397695

File: 1507104001316.png (71.61 KB, 719x454, 20171004_095825.png)

No. 397696

File: 1507104015170.png (218.11 KB, 750x1095, IMG_0723.PNG)

She had an anxiety attack, so she was late for work and couldn't have a second bfast (?) also couldn't pack her fun size snickers for work (!) now cries about her being a perfectionist and a foolish. Oh and because she's late, she has N O T time to write, hence that fucking textwall.

No. 397698

File: 1507104634878.png (69.27 KB, 745x370, IMG_0727.PNG)

Great advice, idiot

No. 397699

File: 1507104672276.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0726.PNG)

No. 397704

employee of the month

No. 397709

I can't do it but i can stand and pose with my split ends enough for boss to see,

Had time on train to grab some food do her make up and get her shit together

Her whole life is about her. Uncle died, makes it about her at funeral. Boyf, ma, brother, dad all have to sacrifice things to suit her/ stop her having melt downs/ fund her junk food obsession. Her whole IG is an obsession with herself.

She needs to do the opposite and make it less about herself and more about others. No wonder she has no friends left.

No. 397711

Good Lord, the orange hair is still triggering me. How can she walk around like that?

No. 397713

Damn, most whores would be ashamed to be seen like that.

No. 397724

My god she's ageing terribly. I literally can't with that hair, she needs to cut it into a lob and get rid of the piss orange asap.

I think her clothing/ makeup/ hair choices are indicative of her mental state.

No. 397727

File: 1507112355665.png (1.03 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171004-121332.png)

No. 397738

>fully understanding why her dad yells

No. 397741


I don't even have words at this point.

I do wonder why nobody noticed your "worst faint ever" tho kek.

also JFc stop with the crying face you look like the Grinch.

No. 397742

You can just faint and you can faint worse. That is, if nobody notices it. #faintawarenessmonth

No. 397745

If Aly falls in a storehouse and no one is around to see it, does anyone care?

No. 397746

The ancient riddle of the Sphinx:

What is that which in the morning cries futilely upon four feet; upon one foot holds a fry aloft in the afternoon; and in the evening sucks liquid upon three feet? -

On hearing that, Oedipus found the solution, declaring that the riddle of the Sphinx referred to Aly; for while pretending to be a realanorexic she lies four-footed on the ground, "fainting" on four limbs; while pretending to be realrecoverED she is one-footed with food at her lips; and while pretending to be in a realrelationahip she slurps Bert's saliva while raising one foot, forming a three-footed beast, a perversion of the Holy Trinity.

No. 397760

this is the face you make when youre trying to look sad and so she lifts 300 pound boxes? if youre fainting aly drink more water and eat more than cookies for breakfast, what happened to those healthy snacks you were buying? well shes gonna quit and go back to the norm

No. 397761


She rarely knows what day it is. Today it's Tuesday on the Aly calendar.

No. 397764

wow the end of this is kinda creepy
>i always love you
>youre my safe place
>my only relief

No. 397768

File: 1507123896647.jpg (1.03 MB, 810x2519, Screenshot_20171004-082955.jpg)

No. 397769

There is no fucking way nobody in a storehouse wouldn't notice you faint, unless youre literally alone in the bathroom. Come on Aly.

Also nobody carries items that heavy by hand anymore at work. She's so full of shit.

No. 397770

she's probably using a hand truck / trolley and calling that "moving and lifting"

No. 397771

I want to know how she knows what her blood pressure is and its usually fine to have lbp its when it drops that you might faint

Can't you just see her, waiting around out back, pinching her cheeks trying to cry and then finding that big mean boss "oooohhh i faainted!!"

No. 397776

Aside from the obvious bullshit it must have taken her a long time to write this super crazy caption. Her bathroom breaks have to be like 20 minutes and it's no wonder her boss yells at her

No. 397777

File: 1507125087807.png (198.07 KB, 750x1071, IMG_0730.PNG)

Now it's monday in italy

No. 397778

Not really, it's Wednesday.

I wonder why she needs to lie about those little things.

No. 397780

File: 1507125766297.jpg (1005.27 KB, 2896x2896, 20171004_075406.jpg)

She doesn't know what day it is

No. 397788

she always does this lol
probably forgets the words in english or something

No. 397790

nah it's because of her constant copypasta.

No. 397791

that was my other guess

No. 397794

What does "THE FOOD we 'scare' SAVES LIFE even means.

I know English is not her first language, but goddamn, the difference between "to fear" and "to scare" is too obvious.

No. 397796

give her a break she wrote this on the can

No. 397797

This made my day kek

Reminds me of that day when "she fainted" but 2 hours later she actually "almost fainted".

Supervisor didn't send her home bc 1) she didn't actually faint and told her supervisor she just feels sick 2) she never even told her supervisor. If someone faints, they're gonna get sent home. Aly is a big liar, trying to make all her superiors sound like jerks with no compassion

No. 397798

My guess is she writes these stories all in one go and posts them during the week, shes forgotton to check the days shes written about. Probably would have posted the fainting lie on Monday or tuesday if she'd remembered to

No. 397799

Nobody noticed so… i told my boss and she didnt give a shit

Thats right Aly she didnt, nobody does. You are not a delicate little petal anymore you are fine. Stop acting like a frail anorexic living from cookie to cookie when we all know you're full of maccy ds and donuts.

No. 397801

File: 1507127968314.gif (1.99 MB, 332x215, cagelaugh.gif)

I'm feeling a bad person for laughing.

Me thinks she simply has low pressure and those "faints" and "almost faints" are just that sensation when you feel dizzy after a physical effort when you have low pressure.

No. 397804

I'm willing to bet it's that feeling you get if you stand up too fast in the morning and everything goes black for a few seconds.

If she ever fainted for real, she'd be so disoriented and confused, not grabbing her phone to take a selfie and talk about her Worst Faint EVER (!)

No. 397806

its always hard to work out what aly has really done. i wanna guess that she had a head rush and told her boss i feel dizzy so they said get some water and a snack but i need you to stay cus we're short staffed

right, like you dont faint for 3 seconds and she probably would have hit her head too

No. 397807

sorry for samefag but i gotta say i thought if she really did get this job then she would be busy enough to realise instagram isnt that big a deal and slowly get over it but aly really is dedicated to that goddamn account, she lives her life around it, she posts from the bathroom to keep it going and updates pics of her lunch at like 11pm lmao if she could just put this obsessive behaviour into work or school she might be somewhat successful

No. 397813

Looool insane! The Nobel prize tomorrow is for you. Haha *sage

No. 397815

aw, glad someone liked them
I was thinking of doing a collection of philosophical sayings / riddles featuring Aly. Or retelling Greek myths with Aly & Dante

No. 397817

You have all my SUPPORT (!)

No. 397818

write sage in the email field anon

No. 397825

File: 1507131389585.jpg (48.69 KB, 736x736, 1f10264cc7ef359c4610758c36f182…)

low blood sugar? NO WAY (!) so i had this OREO cookies because…

No. 397827

*tiny bite taken from it

No. 397848

kek. but the fact that someone made and is selling a fake licenced item AND it looks like shit is triggering me more than aly gets by no ig comments.

No. 397892

File: 1507136317446.jpg (457.03 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20171003-084800.jpg)


No. 397903

File: 1507138224748.png (354.87 KB, 720x752, 20171004_192635.png)

HELLO Guys (!)
so, I was fainting the worst ever (!) but fortunately I had this awesome snack in my bag as I took your advice and bought myself some nourishing (!) snacks. I even had the time to perfectly put it in place in front of a white background and take 30 photos of it, all while my boss was yelling at me because it was a super busy day

No. 397907

its more like she has hundreds of these stock photos in her phone and thought hm ill say i ate this today

and ya what happened to the healthy snacks you were gonna buy? i want to ask her about it but she wont reply and i think she'd block me cus ive already asked a few times

No. 397910

Haha do it. Your Riddle of the Sphinx was epic.

No. 397911

Yeah.. I always wonder why the fuck all of her snacks has white backgrounds even if she didn't ate them at home (?) Like she opens it on her table to take like 1000 photos and then put it back in its place? I wouldnt even be amazed if she did so

No. 397912

Of course it's just a stock photo. I don't even believe she actually ate something. It's just kinda funny she writes as if she took the photo today

No. 397913

Oh I forgot sorry, that was for >>397903

No. 397915

>Drink some coffee and have a licorice, I do work when I'm sick so you will too.

I think I am kind of in love with Aly's boss. I find it interesting that at least two of the people in her life seemingly experience profound exasperation when dealing with her - Dad and Boss. I am also glad she is getting some sort of wake up call about the real world: No one except her mother gives a shit about her too-fragile-for-this- world delicate princess act.

No. 397916

some of her older chocolates looked like they'd been frozen, idk how to explain it, they just had the look of something defrosting lol

No. 397917

Yeah that's true. I remember once she posted some rusks with Nutella on top and I was so sure she shared the exactly same photo like a week before. I checked for that one and as I thought it had been deleted

No. 397918

File: 1507139208841.jpg (1.13 MB, 809x2485, Screenshot_20171004-124509.jpg)

poor selfless ana princess

No. 397919

She ate a shitload of sugar….and is wondering why she feels faint…maybe you should listen to your lovely ladies and fucking eat something that is not a chocolate bar.

No. 397921


I think about 95% of the reason she is having energy issues at work is because she eats shit like McDonalds food as a meal rather than something nutritious that won;t crash her blood sugar. She needs to get herself off her carb diet and eat whole grains and proteins for her energy needs. Of course, she thinks it is because she is a Recovery Queer. It's not: it's because her diet is horrific. It honestly kind of kills me to see her unironically eating french fries and donuts and ice cream as meals.

Also, for Italian Anons, is McDonalds considered kind of a cool place to eat in Italy? I am curious because she seems to really like it.

No. 397922

It was in the news a couple of days ago how Cadbury's sales have dropped rapidly (!) the past few years. Good job there's Aly to keep the company afloat.

I love her boss too. I love how she suggested licorice because mmm.

Her coworkers wanted her to go home. Hhahahaha. She must be a ROYAL (!) pain in the ass. She suffered AF though even though head rush. That's even more admirable than someone with epilepsy have a seizure at work.

Aly, I'd tell your boss that she's amazing and maybe ask her out for a coffee. See how it goes from there. My wise opinion is to stop being a pussy and do some fucking work.

At least she got the day of the week right here.

No. 397929

Honestly, her McDonald's looks amazing compared to the ones in the US.

No. 397932

Is she suggesting that her coworkers brought her sugary foods because oh poor frail goddess needs nourishment.

I can see it now…Aly in the back room, feeling faint. Her coworkers holding her hand, stroking her hair "here Aly, have this cookies (!) as you are so smol and suffer of a ED. Boss is so abusive with his screams. I'll go work and let you ask your IG lovely girls their opinions about their advices on intake, just to ignore them anyways. Ily!!"

No. 397934

File: 1507141342275.jpg (102.65 KB, 1200x630, McDonalds-Wedding.jpg)


In the UK it's a place for chavs and mostly parents who can't be arsed to cook a decent meal for their kids. Total chav.

She begs for attention online, so I can't see her being any different at work.

No. 397936

I thought no one saw her faint? why are her co-workers worried about her?

No. 397937


I missed that one.

No. 397939

she told them when she told her boss i guess? she also said she ate snacks that she brought in but now its her coworkers that brought them to her

No. 397941

Imagine trying to do your job and then this bitch shows up and is having a crisis on her second day and every day after.

No. 397944

I am italian and no, McDonalds is not considered cool at all, it's just the opposite. It is a cheap place and it's considered very unhealty here, it's ok to go there once or twice a month but not more, that's especially because italians are so proud of their food and they are right. We are used to a mediterrean diet here which is considered one of the best by dietitians because it is full of grains, legumes and good fats but Aly just doesn't give a shit about that

No. 397947

Yeah, I saw a documentary about Mediterranean diets. I think the subtext of showing it was to educate Brits how to eat better. It's such a shame she eats junk food when you've got really amazing food on your doorstep. She's a mystery.

No. 397957

That is more or less how McDonalds is regarded in the US too… ok to eat in an emergency or take take a kid as a treat, but really kind of shitty for the most part. She lives in one of the fashion capitals of the world, and dresses like that, and has access to all sorts of amazing food and cuisine (which many people in the US would kill to eat!)and she eats that crap.

I'd love to see her eating a fricking piece of fruit or a vegetable once in awhile. Her nutritional needs cannot have been met with the stuff she shows herself eating, and I wonder if she takes vitamins or other supplements. But she has never mentioned it to my knowledge.

No. 397992

I think all the sugar made her dumb, lose IQ really.
I don’t really remember where I read this but there’s scientific evidence that sugar really makes you dumb. It was tested on rats in a labyrinth and those who were fed with glucose solution had it much harder to find the treat than those who were fed normally.

She’s dumb. Her mind foggy, almost empty. Idk mybe even became retarded? I’m not being ironic here

No. 398011

File: 1507150997691.jpg (1.2 MB, 810x2927, Screenshot_20171004-160021.jpg)

"by night" is so irritating to me

No. 398015

I know her page is a body positivity ana recovery whatever page, but goddamnit how many times can she repeat herself and say the same shit over and over and over?
She's like a broken record

No. 398016

It's difficult trying to imagine she was this dumb before anorexia. Unless it's all down to her getting a taste of attention when she was ill and now it's an addiction. Idk. Sugar or attention made her dumb?

It's October and she's still posting bikini pictures.

I don't understand what she's going on about but I only scan read it because zzz as usual. I unrequested a follow. I'm going to do a profile with "recovery" in it. I might have more luck. Thanks for #GLOBAL UPDATES to farmers who post them. Ily into pieces.

No. 398018

She'll do it for eternity unless we manage to deprogramme her copypasta.

No. 398062

File: 1507155952457.jpg (181.84 KB, 996x466, Screenshot_20171004-172350.jpg)

except shes not really passing out

No. 398071

~reach out~ x 2

Has she been working for even a week yet?

No. 398091

i think she just started her 2nd work week

No. 398096

Hm you surely mean her followers of which some might even joke around and she’s taking it seriously…
but I really do believe it’s the wrong diet for years. She reminds me of an obese American using a scooter, watching too much TV and only eating junk food. I know one of those in real life and they seem to be empty and dumb, like aly.

No. 398209

What are you even talking about

No. 398248

File: 1507196174159.png (166.72 KB, 750x1067, IMG_0732.PNG)

Again cookies for breakfast. She must really hate healthy food.

No. 398249

File: 1507196293509.png (217.14 KB, 719x1126, 20171005_113714.png)

No. 398250

File: 1507196312424.png (55.24 KB, 720x311, 20171005_113732.png)

No. 398254

She desperately wants to quit her job and needs confirmation

No. 398258

she's definitely going to quit her job
Any bets on how long she'll last?

No. 398264

File: 1507198680071.jpg (69.95 KB, 750x563, 14f.jpg)


>I preferred to suffer AF

i know it's old news but honestly i'm so fucking T R I G G E R E D rn.

No. 398298

shes so irritating oh i cant see my boyfriend cus i have to…work, yeah its crazy but lots of people have to work and not spend 7/24 doing whatever they want. i mean idc let her quit so she can dedicate herself to gaining that last 1kg. itll take about 5 years

No. 398301

File: 1507207658189.jpg (1.18 MB, 810x2739, Screenshot_20171005-074447.jpg)

Is she serious? you post exactly the same as you did before. I've seen that 12oz coffee unicorn drink pic like 15 times

No. 398313

>and he is asking me more attention and time for us
of course you stupid bitch, if you aren't crying at work you are at home writing a book to post about your life on instagram full of emojis and opening 10 packages of cookies to take pictures of them all at once in a white background while pretending to faint because the package was to hard to open

No. 398314

File: 1507208954749.png (227.51 KB, 560x418, 759.png)

Of course she wants to quit, probably her friend or someone who ACTUALLY works there and helped her to get the "job" as a replacer might move or change branch office

No. 398316

>not freaking out about "gaining 1-2 kg" in one week
>I no longer think i need a thousand different shoots

someone tell her she looks good with that curvy body (S shape, but because of the pose, but just tell her)

No. 398318

File: 1507209398591.png (632.7 KB, 903x719, fucking skank.png)

isn't this the girl she added on facebook?
let the TRIGGER (!) begin

No. 398325

Purses on the dirty ground…. pet peeve. Gross

No. 398326

No. 398330

I dont think she'll quit her job bc then that means her father is right (!) but I think if her boss is as fed up w her as she sounds (wont let her go home when she "fainted" cuz she knows she's lying, screams at her for being slow) Aly's probably gonna get fired one day

No. 398341

I don't think she'll quit yet because she doesn't have to eat while she's at work and she doesn't have to see Berto and eat like a normal person.

If she wasn't idle, it'd be her dream set up.

No. 398342

Yeah, the one with Facehugger Mark II.

No. 398363

haha yeah when she says her bf keeps asking to see her i forget that she doesnt like him also um aly i thought you lived w bert so wouldnt he see you every day?

No. 398367

File: 1507213169527.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171005-091609.png)

i didnt realise it was her rest day, ugh its called a day off aly please

bert has one of those smiles i really hate like its a gummy smile ew

No. 398369

LOW GUM LINES! That's one of the things that make me go ick.

Looks like Aly managed to stealthily plop her scoop of ice cream somewhere before this shot. She NEVER finishes ice cream first, or ANY food first.

She needs to start dressing for the colder weather.

No. 398388

File: 1507215935867.jpg (690.55 KB, 1043x1546, Screenshot_20171005-100242.jpg)

is aly relapsing??

No. 398390

File: 1507215967384.jpg (1.17 MB, 810x2612, Screenshot_20171005-100337.jpg)

+ some fake positive bs

No. 398394

Looks like she spat that bomb out.

That's copypasta. She posted the exact same thing about no longer cutting her food up, asking if others do that, etc a while ago.

Second breakfasts prevent her fainting yet she claimes to faint?

Says she's barely eating yet claims she's gained.

Yeah, I do think she's relapsing. Slowly. This bs looks familiar.

No. 398397

It's still kind of warm in Milan, and often pretty humid. But yeah, soon she'll have to wear tights again.

No. 398400

I thought it was chilly with him wearing a jacket. I bet she still wears too short dresses. Kinda interested to see what she'll wear this year. Wasn't she still wearing those Glasgow estate grey heroin sweatpants last winter? Following Aly is like a timesucker. I can't even remember what she wore last Christmas, I still remember her looking spoopy but that must've been two years ago.

No. 398407

yeah im sure shes said about how she stopped breaking her food into little pieces before and "not afraid of fried food" like all you eat is fried food?