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File: 1508381228108.png (425.87 KB, 344x559, dontcringetoohard.PNG)

No. 405758

Read the rules before commenting, especially 4 and 3.5b.

- Previously had a stoner blog known as shay-gnar and switched over to sex work when it became popular.
- Below average looking tumblr / camwhore.
- Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
- Claims to be a CSA and rape survivor and uses dd/lg and rape fantasies to work through her trauma.
- Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to it because she's a porn star.
- Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex and films it.
- Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
- Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.
- Has made numerous racist jokes, including calling a jewish person "baby hitler", and making a parody of Trump's "grab me by the pussy" claiming it to be satire.
-Starts drama and throws a pity party when people call her on her shit


4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

4.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

No. 405760

old thread hit post limit.

No. 405953

I haven't participated or ventured into these threads lately, and she's become even more tragic than even five months ago. She clearly doesn't take care of herself at all, jesus christ man.

No. 405958

File: 1508435400613.png (111.93 KB, 669x785, 1508425186680.png)

Don't forget to link the old thread so that people can find them easier. I'm going to paste some info from the old thread to here so I hope people don't mind the mini spam. (1/2)

No. 405959

File: 1508435418534.png (110.8 KB, 670x768, 1508425300160.png)

(2/2) of this post

No. 405960

File: 1508435456953.png (Spoiler Image, 24.09 KB, 635x211, 1508425419954.png)

(spoiler for creepy stuff. basically saying she wants to be forced to use kids potty)

No. 405970

and that she wants someone to wipe her ass for her and clean her because she “can’t do it herself”.

Like look I understand the humiliation fetish and whatever but when you don’t actually take care of yourself IRL and expect others to do it IRL, than it’s not really a fetish anymore is it Shayna? It’s literally how you want to live your life, having other people look after you and literaly wipe your ass for you so you don’t have to think or worry about adult problems ever.

She lives in a fantasy universe and needs help, seriously.

No. 406000

I'm honestly come to the point she's just pretending to be this kinky similar to prettylittlevictim (idk if she's still around but she acted similar to how Shay is trying to act) and that brat-grrrl2 person.

No. 406006

Yah but brat grrl is an actual full service sex worker and understands how to seperate her work from her real life. she’s gross for sure but she actual knows how to market herself instead of begging for money and gifts.

No. 406012

Anyone notice how grammatically correct and how structuralized her sentences are I can actually read this without getting a headache

No. 406184

File: 1508467589697.png (Spoiler Image, 869.83 KB, 958x987, Screenshot_2017-10-19-19-46-00…)

No. 406210

at least the weight she's been putting on is giving her some sort of an ass now, even if a lot of it is posing.

No. 406215

Nah she's just arching her back really hard

No. 406331

yah it’s purely the angle. I have a flat ass and if I sit like that it’ll look like like have a booty too.

No. 406338

LSB is talking about deleting her blog but if she does who is Shayna gonna have obsess over

No. 406351

I wonder. Blk-barbie quietbella and literally any other girl she's called out?

No. 406353

You post here all the time can you seriously start posting screenshots of this shit or something? This is an image board learn how to use it newfag.

No. 406354

Put down the KFC Shayna, you're looking meaty.

No. 406355

Bro chill

No. 406357

File: 1508512355778.png (68.94 KB, 571x407, Screenshot_2017-10-20-08-11-40…)

Because anon didn't

No. 406364

File: 1508513848957.png (22.39 KB, 713x424, blkbarbie.PNG)

from blk-barbie's blog in response to the post shayna deleted >>405958 >>405959

No. 406380

File: 1508515163657.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 276.52 KB, 1242x1656, B4E754F5-CF9E-4918-B847-DE5A7F…)

further proof she isn’t a CSA survivor like she loves to claim when it fits her victim status. she retweeted this.

No. 406409

File: 1508517229106.png (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 619x864, sorryboutit.PNG)

sorry about your hideous face shayna.

No. 406411

Pink is such a horrid color on her fuck… She's better off just pretending to be an alt girl because at least black looks a little better on her. Pink makes her look super old for some weird ass reason.

No. 406424

i think its because she chooses light/baby pink which washes her out and makes the red spots/areas on her ass and pussy stand out even more. baby pink works well if you have pale, pale, skin OR dark skin. but shes not extremely pale nor is she very tanned/brown/black. so its a bad color choice for her.

plus her facial poses, wrinkling skin, bad makeup jobs, and unwillingness to take care of her skin/body in general, doesn't help either.

No. 406459

File: 1508525330230.png (Spoiler Image, 19.71 KB, 656x280, umwhat.PNG)

okay why would anyone want to see that? vomit

No. 406460

oof she still gets it waxed while it looks like that? no wonder she's covered in ingrowns

No. 406462

Is it just me or has she been especially greedy lately? she's asking for stuff multiple times a day every day for the past week.

No. 406464

yah cos she thinks she deserves it for some reason. even though she hasn’t been making content or camming or anything.

we all know she’s greedy AF tho and doesn’t care about her customers.

No. 406465

she gets waxed roughly every two weeks, which is SO BAD for your skin. she also never lets the skin just breath and relax by wearing soft cotton panties and stuff. She’s constantly shoving herself into tight pants and irriatating the fuck out of her vagina. Like how can that NOT be painful after a while honestly???

No. 406479

File: 1508529433059.png (Spoiler Image, 112.35 KB, 672x453, whothefuck.PNG)

1) you should be going to a professional who won't make a face when your vagina gets wet as a NATURAL REACTION.
2) kinda nasty that you go so often because you like seeing peoples reactions to your pussy
3) maybe her reaction is from seeing how fucked up the skin on your vag is and shes genuinely shocked that someone can be that dumb
4) shut the fuck up shayna

No. 406514

so edgy

No. 406608

File: 1508544358966.jpeg (183.77 KB, 1242x409, 0F0CB2EB-57F2-4913-8B79-518A5F…)

good job taking care of that fresh wax, shay

No. 406628

what they spend $6?

No. 406639

File: 1508547355969.png (181.78 KB, 955x1422, Screenshot_2017-10-20-17-55-22…)

No. 406640

File: 1508547642003.png (102.73 KB, 1080x858, Screenshot_2017-10-20-18-00-08…)

Spot on shaygnasty

No. 406651

File: 1508549086966.png (83.99 KB, 750x409, IMG_0643.PNG)

this bear looks like it's seen to much and wants to die.

No. 406654

lmao he’s been dead inside ever since he saw who he had to live with

No. 406655

I want to enjoy this thread but I have a pretty big bunch that the main posters ITT are littlesativabug and other members of the cringe gang. Really all of the DD/LG are cringy and messy. I can't help but feel embarrassed constantly reading posts where you try to attach nicknames like "shaynasty." Ooh that'll show her. So clever.

No. 406656

Have to add- this picture isn't bad and her feet are clean. Quite the improvement.

No. 406664

yeah it was an old nickname that popped into my head when i made the post, doesn't mean i "outed myself" or that i was "showing her"

Enjoy the thread, let others enjoy it too. Be the farmer not the cow.

No. 406666

>be the farmer not the cow
Noticing that a lot of the criticisms are repeating like a broken record and the insults sound like they come from adults with pacifiers in their mouths hardly make me the cow. But k.

No. 406670

then leave the thread? no one is forcing you to post here or even read it.

No. 406671

she’s gotten her pussy waxed tons of times, yet she didn’t know that she’s not supposed to do that? how much do you have to hate yourself to do that to your genitals though seriously?

No. 406676

oh eat a bag of dicks anon

No. 406677

LSB doesn't even post about Shayna on her blog I doubt she contributes here.

No. 406678

Exactly you don't even need to be here. Post in peace

No. 406686

File: 1508553770662.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.85 KB, 294x339, Capture.JPG)

Ironically a lot of the sex workers on tumblr are posting here kek. Like y'all aren't any better than Shayna.

Spoiler cause Shay is fucking nasty (talking about musty man buttholes)

No. 406700

>quote on quote

holy shit

No. 406703

Musty old man hole…

jesus christ.

No. 406709

File: 1508557506061.png (196.84 KB, 773x1585, Screenshot_2017-10-20-20-44-39…)

Now she's charging for cum denial

No. 406939

Because thread making anon never added the link to the original thread ? >>>/snow/344490

If there's any way to edit the top post you should probably add this in. Because you didn't.

No. 406964


Posts cannot be edited.

No. 406973


I think the name Shaynasty was first used in her very first thread which got deleted and it just sort of stuck.

No. 406992

Haha it's a nickname that got given to her from the thread. Of course the whole point of Nick names is they get used

No. 406996

File: 1508605004259.png (Spoiler Image, 484.68 KB, 962x811, Screenshot_2017-10-21-09-56-20…)

No. 407004

what a scamming bitch kek her hair isn't nearly as bad as she tried to make it sound. Notice how she hasn't gotten her hair done or mentioned it? probably stole the money for more children items for her "porns"

No. 407103

File: 1508616551310.png (137.53 KB, 1002x1194, Screenshot_2017-10-21-13-08-43…)

Now she's jumping on the Harley Quinn porn video train

No. 407135

File: 1508619734203.png (66.25 KB, 967x727, Screenshot_2017-10-21-14-01-44…)

More begging

No. 407141

Got her nails done though.

No. 407157

When will she learn her shopping wont fix the sad fact that is her life? she needs to go find some friends. It is a shame she doesn't have friendship with Colleen or Jess anymore.

No. 407167

File: 1508624000630.png (Spoiler Image, 849.84 KB, 1027x976, Screenshot_2017-10-21-15-11-20…)

No. 407168

Yeah she seemed a bit happier back then at least

No. 407191

She keeps sticking those nails in her mouth, and all I can think about is how gross that fungus underneath them probably is

No. 407224

File: 1508628415306.png (Spoiler Image, 980.11 KB, 989x1398, Screenshot_2017-10-21-16-26-19…)

No. 407240

That’s embarrassing. How can she put that out as payed content?

No. 407250

She looks high af

No. 407300

The pedo pandering…

No. 407660

File: 1508694735393.png (Spoiler Image, 38.6 KB, 677x622, ugh.PNG)

gets mad at people for "picking on her" for not going to college
proceeds to make fun of people who go to college

it's only wrong when shayna is the victim.

No. 407697

These comments from her are honestly so transparent. "Oh you wanna better your life durhur you idiot I'm so much better"
Like… Okay Shay whatever helps you sleep at night while you struggle and scrimp begging from sick old men while the rest of the sex workers focus on their futures because let's be honest, How long do you think your sex work will last you? What are your future plans Shay?

No. 407832

File: 1508712999635.jpeg (306.46 KB, 1242x1174, 1F3679AD-516C-4664-880C-6965FE…)

She’s gonna feel bad in about 5 years down the road when she’s getting continuously rejected by employers. I can’t wait for reality to punch her in the throat.

No. 407862

File: 1508714964430.png (Spoiler Image, 272.52 KB, 676x681, Screenshot_2017-10-22-16-19-06…)

No. 407931

File: 1508722637553.png (34.41 KB, 951x228, Screenshot_2017-10-22-18-36-23…)

Apparently she was trying to get a tattoo a couple of months ago???

No. 407932

(from her cam page)

No. 407963


No. 408003

Why does she think that begging strangers on Tumblr for money equates to sex work!?
Pretty sure someone going to college is better than someone trading their nasty nudes for shitty Amazon lingerie and kids underwear.

No. 408038

Right? Is she on hard drugs now? Her face looks bloated as hell.

No. 408114

I feel bad for her. She doesn't seem like a super terrible person, just incredibly misguided. She's making bad choices, however. I do wonder if she's on drugs of some sort now too? You can see it in her face? Hope she gets it together one day…. You can't realistically live life from sex work like hers forever… That's not a source of reliable income. That's one thing cam girls don't understand, and seem to ignore.

No. 408370

File: 1508793714167.png (138.63 KB, 750x918, IMG_0851.PNG)

The irony that she is always begging for money then acting like she has spare money is amazing

No. 408393

here's the link to her summer party barbie video. be warned: there's closeups of her genitals with sores.


No. 408411

Jesus, she looks like she has small pox!

No. 408424

File: 1508797615963.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 268.55 KB, 1557x1025, F6321372-20A2-4D29-9365-067FE4…)

Jesus would it kill her to add in some music or something? That has to be the most awkwardly quiet porn ever and the squeaking of her cheap pool Just makes it more ridiculous.. Even that could be okay though if her genitals didn’t look like they were so infected and sore not to mention the giant zit on her ass, does she do anything to take care of herself? How can something that raw and irritated possibly be appealing to anyone? Makes me want to go exfoliate for a week straight.

No. 408431

File: 1508798142097.png (Spoiler Image, 690.07 KB, 513x675, thatspoop.PNG)

that's……that's poop. vomit

No. 408456


i noticed that too… honestly, it's probably just dried period blood.

still gross, shay… fucking wash your clothes, ESPECIALLY when they're gonna be worn in a porno. ppl are trying to jerk off, y'know? lmao gag

No. 408460

FFFFLOL please someone tell me that was planned, That this is a fetish and that she didn't genuinely out herself wearing stained and dirty panties for a video people pay for. Amazing that people can live like that really.
I seriously doubt her denial of having an std/sti with a puss like that. That's concerning and incredibly disgusting to show as if its normal

No. 408477

It doesn't look like she has an STD. It looks like she gets pretty bad razor burn, and does absolutely nothing for it. If you are someone like myself with incredibly sensitive skin, you can't continuously shave over and over again. She's in sex work and probably doesn't want to have coochie hair, but she needs to give herself a break. It's like she gets razor burn and shaves over it and makes her razor burn even worse. She looks like she picks at it and that's why it's always so red and inflamed. They aren't blisters, they are irritated and infected hair follicles. She clearly doesn't use the correct type of razor for someone with sensitive skin. I doubt she uses conditioner or shaving lotion for people with sensitive skin when she does shave. She needs to wear breathable underwear and leave her ingrown hairs alone. If she didn't shave for two or three weeks and left the bumps alone, chances are they would go away. It looks like inflamed hair follicle, bc when she had a hush she had no sores (that I noticed) like she does now. She said she doesn't shave bc her skin is super sensitive and that is evident. She should stop shaving and leave it alone.

No. 408486

she mainly waxes, and rarely lets the skin breathe afterward and between waxes.

No. 408489

Brat grrl even told her she was basically dumb for not waiting in between waxes or something like that.

No. 408495

she literally got her pussy waxed and the SAME DAY she went on cam and told people she just got it waxed so that awful people and sadists would pay her to paddle it. she has so little respect for herself that she will literally not take care of herself so she can make a few extra bucks.

No. 408604

all this. She needs to get laser hair removal or just leave that shit alone.. it has to hurt.

No. 408614

What I don't understand though is that it extends up her thigh where she wouldn't even have pubes.
No matter what it is, it blows my mind that she has no shame in showing all of it. It's so disgusting

No. 408635

They aren't as bad on her thighs, I haven't even noticed/seen them. Its the same concept. She needs to take care of her skin. Razorburn and acne are normal, but the intense inflammation she causes herself is not. Again, I still don't think it's STD related. Just unhygienic/ doesn't know how to take care of her skin.

No. 408755

In the end it’s gross. She works in an image based business, yet refuses to take care of her image. Her hair is a wreck, her genitals are a wreck, her mind set is a wreck. She needs help to get out of her fantasy mindset.

No. 408806

is there something wrong with this video??? My sound is up at 100% and the video sound is up all the way and I can barely hear anything.

No. 409200

File: 1508951278361.png (Spoiler Image, 966.16 KB, 996x1189, Screenshot_2017-10-25-10-07-17…)

No. 409283

Why does she not even try to make the background of her snaps nice looking?

No. 409442

I wish I had taken a screenshot before she deleted it but her gf dumped her. She put “anyone else get dumped today? no? Just me? Cool”

No. 409447

File: 1508987597280.png (64.28 KB, 936x1073, Screenshot_2017-10-25-20-12-23…)


No. 409448

why wouldn’t she use it as a cash grab?

No. 409483

wonder why she dumped shaygnar. i mean who wouldn't, but who would date shayna in the first place and then what changed

No. 409641

File: 1509029716684.png (Spoiler Image, 38.12 KB, 750x382, IMG_0787.PNG)

Another post made about her "breakup"

No. 409658

"I love my girlfriend so much I'm so GAY everyone"

"nvm she broke up with me, I'm not gay anymore give me money cos I'm sad"

can I please just kill her

No. 409748

What was her girlfriends url? Tallbitchy something

No. 409766

thought it was tallbitchybrunette but I can’t find it

No. 409794

File: 1509049769425.png (4.04 KB, 553x129, shay dumdolly.png)

good god

No. 409800

lmao did her roommate finally get sick of her shit?

No. 409830

File: 1509053877228.png (99.08 KB, 750x1137, IMG_0897.PNG)

No. 409844

don't forget how x-tra super gaytastic she is everyone. remember how she said she wouldn't date men? lmao.

No. 409870

Maybe she means she got dumped by her roommate? either way good for him for kicking her out

No. 409874

File: 1509057151300.jpg (21.54 KB, 611x119, dumdolly.JPG)

she also said this

No. 409878

She got dumped by the guy she calls daddy that she barely talks about.

No. 409915

I thought she was trying to fuck her roommate but he didn’t want to. Girl needs to keep her story straight.

No. 409931

so her “daddy” that she wasn’t even dating “dumped her” and now she needs to move and is all upset? jfc this chick is a train wreck

No. 409985

where did it say she was dating her roommate???

No. 410121

File: 1509082860887.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 269.33 KB, 1241x1564, 735798F8-BCCA-485E-AB82-1071C2…)

>claims to be a CSA survivor
>reblogs shit like this
This is just so disturbing on so many levels. It’s literally catering to pedophiles.

No. 410132

How the fuck did she make it to Seattle?!

I must have missed something. This whole time I thought she was just in a different town in MA.

No. 410283

File: 1509119854434.png (Spoiler Image, 64.32 KB, 750x600, IMG_0908.PNG)


No. 410293

She's been in WA for over a year I believe. She didn't make a big deal about it and never actually mentioned fully she was in WA until a couple months ago

No. 410295

File: 1509120757954.png (97.54 KB, 616x652, Screenshot_2017-10-27-09-12-10…)

Looks like she's getting harassed lol

No. 410388

When is she not "getting harassed"

No. 410406

ot but that bikini is really cute, anyone know where to buy it??

No. 410422

File: 1509132942150.png (123.19 KB, 1242x1209, IMG_4390.PNG)

No. 410450

Amazon most likely

No. 410452

More like it's funny watching her constantly back pedal her own words

No. 410760

She's posting pictures of children on her page again. 3 little girls toasting beer cans. I don't care if its a meme or a funny pic, you dont fucking post pictures of 10 yr old girls amidst ur ddlg blog.

No. 410804

i used to be so jealous of her and honestly this thread makes me feel so much better about myself .

No. 411215

I don't think at any point in time it has been acceptable to be jealous of her. Anon, love yourself!

No. 411408

tbh she puts out a good aesthetic and to people that don't know her bullshit, her lifestyle can seem desirable. but once you get to see under the blog and sparkles and little girl shit, you realize she's just a really fucked up person who's narcissistic as fuck and lives in her own fantasy world. and begs for money constantly.

No. 411475

Lots of people that used to follow Shayna "I followed her when she was a weed blog and when she switched to ddlg I stayed following her but now I've noticed how mean she is and how she always victimised herself and I stopped following ages ago" or "I used to look up to her but now she's mean and annoying"
Paraphrased, but I've seen so many people say something along those lines

No. 411589

File: 1509309680907.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.12 KB, 608x747, shayna.JPG)

She honestly looked a lot better on the left when she was trying to act like Jess. The blonde she had was at least a lot better than what she had now.

No. 411642

she has never truly had her own style. It’s honestly like she’s still in high school looking for her style by copying other people/popular trends. tbh once this ddlg/bimbo trend ends she’ll probably just move on to whatever else is new and trendy and act like she thought if it first, like she always does ?

No. 411726

File: 1509327522479.png (238.61 KB, 1003x1701, Screenshot_2017-10-29-18-38-14…)

Dear God

No. 411730

@shay.. get a job… leave her alone

No. 411737

Sage goes in email not name anon :p

No. 411802

File: 1509339995014.png (790.18 KB, 1016x1200, Screenshot_2017-10-29-22-06-05…)

No. 411806

how much you wanna bet she’s not actually gonna sell the vid. she keeps saying she’s filming new vids then they never come out. they probably turn out really shitty and she’s too embarrassed to so she acts like she never filmed anything

No. 411909

i realized right after i posted it but thank u

No. 411932

lol she's said this about like 3 vids already, she's not gonna post shit. plus she posted a quick vid of her in the tub and the lighting is horrible to say the least. she's dropping on MV so steadily, that's the only part of her porn i enjoy. watching her status drop and then watching her scramble to make an onlyfans to try to get people interested again.

No. 411981

File: 1509384040866.png (Spoiler Image, 669.07 KB, 640x385, 91277AF9-0A6C-4388-A8C0-A18711…)


No. 411987


Does she not realize how fucking disgusting it is to not only smoke in a hotel bathroom but to get her blood everywhere too just so that she can say she’s ~*~edgy~*~. Doesn’t she realize that someone has to stay there after her and somebody actually has to clean that room?!

No. 411997

Jesus why is there blood everywhere!?

No. 412029

it’s fake blood my dudes

No. 412042


Hi Shayna

No. 412076

File: 1509398789288.jpeg (134.37 KB, 750x1179, C2811D38-6B75-4C16-BDAC-BDC547…)

Looks like she’ll be meeting up with this chick again.

No. 412081

Holy shit guys. Stop being daft. It’s clearly fake blood and for once she’s actually in the shower, just be grateful for that fact alone. Who really gives a shit if she makes a mess, she could literally rinse any mess away in half a second, and beyond that hotel maids are paid to clean people’s rooms and leaving fake blood in a shower wouldn’t be a problem anyway. They only really care when you permanently ruin their bedding or the upholstery tbh.

Sage for I don’t know why I am replying to retards. Shay is fucking annoying but it’s far more obnoxious reading stupid posts like this

No. 412082


And how do you justify smoking weed inside hotel rooms when people have to sleep there after you?

No. 412085

I’m not justifying anything. I’m just pointing out that it’s retarded to nitpick things like her using fake blood. Halloween is tomorrow, after all.

As for smoking weed I don’t give a fuck. If it’s such a problem to you, feel free to tell someone who cares. Saged, now stop replying unless you have milk.

No. 412093

lol weed doesnt stay like cig smoke

No. 412133

God why do people here always say this shit to the most stupid comments? It is clearly fake blood, this dumb bitch isnt going to cut herself to produce that much blood. Why would you assume it's shayna when anyone with half a brain would guess she bought some fake blood from spirit? Its almost halloween ffs. Maybe youre shayna bc youre clearly as dumb as a fucking stump just like her.

Sage for autistic rant.

No. 412139

File: 1509406562958.png (Spoiler Image, 11.21 KB, 658x134, blargh.PNG)

first this, more daily begging for money.

No. 412141

File: 1509406600154.png (Spoiler Image, 13.37 KB, 653x144, blargh2.PNG)

and then this crap directly after? you're not earning shit if you just beg people for it and they give it to you.

No. 412163

this is apaprently her best friend, VileViolet

No. 412165

File: 1509410364885.png (Spoiler Image, 569.4 KB, 633x376, bestfriend.PNG)

my dumb ass forgot to put the pic

No. 412179

>super white
>same tits
>bleached blonde hair with roots

No. 412186

I’m not gonna post a pic of her but it’s on her Twitter. She looks like a wet, abused cocker spaniel.

No. 412200

File: 1509416582276.png (729.04 KB, 990x1459, Screenshot_2017-10-30-19-22-00…)

Vilevioletmfc in twitter

No. 412201

Another less attractive derpy looking girl that Shayna can flaunt and make herself look prettier

Imo, the other girl has a more humble look to her

No. 412205

No. 412231

File: 1509421107134.png (51.72 KB, 979x623, Screenshot_2017-10-30-20-37-30…)

I hope she paid alot

No. 412236

Like what’d she think was gonna happen

No. 412242

Yeah, it’s hilarious to not clean up after yourself and to leave a mess for the maids to clean up. You know she most likely didn’t even bother to leave a tip. If I was the hotel maid and walked in on that gross scene I would freak out. The fact that she thinks it’s funny and something to laugh about shows her privelage.

No. 412270

>it's totally not a big deal

kek good what the hell did she think was gonna happen

No. 412283

File: 1509430005561.png (Spoiler Image, 963.07 KB, 999x1167, Screenshot_2017-10-30-23-06-17…)

Thank God for Spoiler

No. 412285

Wait isn't she underage drinking???????

No. 412289

lolllll is she seriously doing this shit w/a fucking bottle of andré. never change, shayna

No. 412321

One of these days one of the bottles she keeps shoving up her holes will form a vacuum and then she'll be majorly fucked

No. 412389

File: 1509456841532.png (98.17 KB, 750x865, IMG_1053.PNG)

No. 412405


when you watch the preview you can tell how disinterested they both are in each other. the lighting is awful and its all around half-assed.

No. 412408

i can't get over that she's charging almost $20 for this shit quality vid.

No. 412409

tip? what…tip? i only know tips when people give me money, not the other way around.

No. 412502

You say that like it's the worst part. Besides lots of people drink when underage :p

No. 412513

Yeah while being filmed for adult sites? Because this is in the rules?
6.1.7.That the following acts, actual and/or simulated, are prohibited under these TOS and are forbidden in connection with the Content uploaded by UPLOADER and shall not be present in any of the Content uploaded by UPLOADER at any time: (i) any portrayal of an individual that suggest or imply that such individual is under the age of 18 years of age (or under the age of 21 years in places where the age of majority is not 18 years);(iii) actual or simulated presentation or representation of any kind in violation of these TOS, including any Content violating the Upload Rules or the Forbidden Words of the Platform, such as, but not limited to, illegal or unsafe activities; bestiality; fisting; urination/defecation (golden/brown showers or enemas); incest; necrophilia; torture; extreme violence; physical injury; rape; genital mutilation; genital insertion of objects or devices other than therapeutic sex aids, such as dildos, vibrators, etc.; sleeping on camera; performing while intoxicated; any presentation or representation of illegal drugs

No. 412531

tbh fisting is huge on MV, same with object insertions and pee play. they're pretty strict about drug use on camera (even marijuana), feces, blood, extreme violence, necrophilia, and bestiality. they claim to be against hypno to but plenty of people have hypno vids. so yes while it may technically be against the TOS, they aren't going to do anything about it. they barely even did anything when a top MV girl was selling public vids with children in the background. so i don't expect this to get her kicked off.

No. 412550

yeah you wish, Shayna. how's that e-begging going by the way, can you make enough to pay for your college education, including tips?

she's selling pedo porn to anonymous strangers on the internet, getting objects shoved into her orifices on camera and glorifying being a dumb uneducated parasite, and you're clutching your pearls over "underage drinking"? grow up. most normal people start drinking way before they're of age.

No. 412556

umm actually its not shayna, but alrighty. MV isn't going to kick her off the site for her vids. yes, it's ageplay. you can say it panders to pedos all you want (even though it doesn't, because it's adults but you're stupid) but thats not milk. that's your own opinion.

if she's been doing this for over a year and hasn't gotten kicked off for it do you REALLY think its gonna happen now? people have violated the TOS many times and all that happened was their videos got taken down, but it's extremely rare that MV kicks people out for TOS violations.

what you're saying is bullshit, get some milk on her and come back later.

No. 412559

apparently when anyone makes a rational statement on here it means it's shayna defending herself. cos you know, shayna is the most rational person evaaarrrrrr.

No. 412738

File: 1509503831425.png (174.34 KB, 1242x912, IMG_4532.PNG)

No. 412794

File: 1509515933489.png (50.57 KB, 750x417, IMG_1090.PNG)

Screenshot from her free video. I'm just surprised she worked with someone shorter then her she's always ranting about being the smallest

No. 412822


one of you expects to get tipped while not tipping other people and the other goes WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN over the possibility of underage drinking while she's doing much worse (and milky) things. both of you are Shayna-level dumb, if not her. now sit down and shut the fuck up.

No. 413058

ummmm anyone wanna leak that vid tho

No. 413070

File: 1509558896989.png (Spoiler Image, 952.7 KB, 949x1335, Screenshot_2017-11-01-10-53-54…)

No. 413071

What, the free video on her manyvids? Go watch it for free

No. 413072

She probably paid her to be her best friend

No. 413089

Did she ever get her hair done? what happened to the money people already donated?

No. 413202

is she wearing that out to a restaurant? also her skin looks like it's begging for help under all that makeup. she always looks bad but she looks unusually weird here

No. 413222


I feel bad for whoever had to wait on her dressed like this.

No. 413226

File: 1509578083466.jpg (Spoiler Image, 268.25 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_oyrhuwHYJG1rmiw96o1_128…)


No. 413230


Do you think she pays for sessions with this “Seattle mistress”?

No. 413262

Doubtful. She’s too entitled to think she has to pay for anything. She’s probably either convinced her to do it for free or she’s making someone else pay it for her

No. 413265

I'm sure she has someone else pay because I can't see why a professional would do it for free.

No. 413270

File: 1509585983956.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 973x1569, Screenshot_2017-11-01-18-23-45…)

No. 413271

File: 1509586026212.png (Spoiler Image, 679.55 KB, 997x1077, Screenshot_2017-11-01-18-23-55…)

No. 413272

It doesn't seem like she got her hair fixed yet. I think that's why when she's not wearing that awful straw wig she wears her hair in pigtails to help cover up the missing patches.

No. 413276

the domme seems pretty trashy herself, where are her shoes?

No. 413277

File: 1509587091664.jpeg (241.44 KB, 640x749, 7CC04829-2CDE-4B16-B275-0FD721…)

once again on things that never happened

No. 413363

>pulled out of my vagina
no, that´s most definitely not what happened, Shay

No. 413469

File: 1509633237684.png (Spoiler Image, 17.02 KB, 671x249, dissociate.PNG)

she even admits that its not a persona for her job anymore. she admits that she's gotten so sucked into it, it's become her lifestyle. she needs help.

No. 413473

File: 1509633630987.png (780.23 KB, 673x540, mistressruby.PNG)

these are the rates for the Dom she was working with. either she's draining her bank account for this or someone is paying her.

No. 413476

Is… the cleavage crack photoshopped in?

No. 413532

theres no cleavage in the picture so…what?

No. 413542

File: 1509640554378.jpeg (204.04 KB, 750x1265, 2D7B8F56-4187-40AC-80BD-1E7514…)

Yet she literally always complains she isn’t getting enough money or attention… trying to start drama once again.

No. 413551

Wasn't neko-stoner posting in here also? fucking kek. Shayna lacks self awareness that she was just bitching yesterday about needing more money.

No. 413553

Here is a thing that I have found to be true: if you lose multiple friends in a short time span, and everyone turns against you, it's YOU Shayna. Not them. Jess, Marissa, Colleen, countless girls on tumblr….you are the common denominator, Shay.

Maybe stop thinking everyone else is a self bitch and look towards yourself.

No. 413557

File: 1509641537527.png (184.84 KB, 362x545, Capture.PNG)

Colleen is still friends with her actually. If you look at her blog you'll see she still reblogs pics with Shay in them and says she's cool with her.

No. 413560

Oh ok sorry. Didn't know that. I stand by my point for the rest of them though. I remember thinking this back when Marissa and Jess stopped being friends with her, and Marissa said she had never been treated so horribly by a "friend." I always thought that was a red flag.

Also, in those pictures…Shayna actually looks cute. She looks like a normal 19 year old girl. Kind of sad how she's become so fucked in a year.

No. 413564

File: 1509642009506.png (102.53 KB, 996x903, Screenshot_2017-11-02-09-59-38…)

Wait isn't this about you Shayna??

No. 413565

Like she's stupid both her and neko-stoners are gross trolls yet they try to make one seem better than the other. nah, you both are gross puppy losers.

No. 413569

….not rly milk but we should submit all the gross screenshots we have of her since her submissions are open(cowtipping)

No. 413571

Don't be an edgelord

No. 413732

File: 1509656734834.jpeg (291.92 KB, 750x1185, 94894622-2B3F-4184-8492-86F4CB…)

This is both disgusting and very worrying.

No. 413733

Is she dressed as a Nazi?

No. 413756

Where The fuck is she dressed as a Nazi?

No. 413767

File: 1509659985521.png (Spoiler Image, 92.67 KB, 282x193, snow DumDolly Shay Gnar V2.…)

No. 413776

The domme lass not Shay. Unless you can get a baby pink kiddies Nazi outfit I don't think we'll see her in one lol.

No. 413802

File: 1509664138239.png (375.51 KB, 681x1829, Screenshot_2017-11-02-16-08-33…)


No. 413803

File: 1509664178411.png (151.62 KB, 672x971, Screenshot_2017-11-02-16-08-40…)

It's really funny to me that she had to go to this extreme
They're both obsessed

No. 413807

File: 1509664394186.png (92.34 KB, 997x916, Screenshot_2017-11-02-16-12-46…)

When she posted this prior

No. 413811

Are you blind? Just because the cleavage isn't jutting out, doesn't mean it isn't there.

No. 413814

>successful at two lines of sex work
She isn't even successful at one at all.

No. 413863

Watching Neko-stoner and Shayna fight is like watching two retards scream at each other kek

No. 413944

File: 1509681112425.jpg (57.28 KB, 500x357, angels.jpg)

>dominatrix without heels

No. 413984

Sometimes I wish one of these old men she goes out with would take advantage of her like in one of her little “fantasies” so she can learn that being drugged and raped isn’t a fucking joke and maybe smarten the fuck up

No. 413997

Holy shit calm down man

No. 414131

They're right though. Rape isn't a kink… Being drugged and taken advantage of isn't a kink. It's nice and fucked up that someone would sexualize that crap. There is nothing sexy, hot, or attractive about being raped. Shit gave me PTSD and people on that stupid ass website turned it into a kink. I bet most of them have never been raped. It's an unhealthy coping mechanism to fantasize about being raped… Especially if you claim you have been. It's nice a and fucked. I hope her ass goes to therapy bc, she clearly needs help.

No. 414170


…ok but you're just wrong sorry. I've been raped and molested several times and I have rape fantasies. It is a common coping mechanism and a way for victims to "take control" of their trauma. Rape fantasies are pretty damn common among women especially. This is why CNC (consensual nonconsent) is a thing in the kink world. If you want statistics and shit I can link but I doubt you care.

sage for blogpost or whatever

No. 414259

Yeah consensual non consent is definitely a kink and there’s nothing wrong with that but what Shayna wants isn’t a kink. She literally wants to be drugged and raped as a fantasy and that wouldn’t be considered giving consent if you’ve been drugged. So I don’t think either of you are wrong. Consensual non consent as a coping mechanism and kink is a thing and is fine. Being drugged so you can’t consent and then being raped isn’t a kink and isn’t right.

No. 414262

Yeah that's definitely murky territory once the drugging thing is introduced. Agree there.

No. 414281

even if someone consented to being drugged, after they become drugged it would invalidate their consent. since they're not able to understand whats going on, or say no, or stop it if they feel uncomfortable. being drugged is not part of consensual non consent. plenty of people get away with it though. but it seems like she would use it to play the victim even more.

No. 414323

File: 1509729371866.jpeg (135.49 KB, 738x838, A5A9230B-7623-4920-BA08-B1CE4B…)

Playing the victim once again. Boo boo everybody is mean to me and I’m only trying to stick up for myself.

No. 414348

Someone makes one vague post about Shayna -Shayna makes 60 very aggressive blunt posts back, "I'm so bullied help me" -Shay when she's done making posts

No. 414357

what post is she reffering to?

No. 414477

Is she a prostitute now? Or doing what brat grrl does

No. 414478

File: 1509745516617.png (Spoiler Image, 443.3 KB, 618x1565, Screenshot_2017-11-03-14-44-54…)


No. 414480

File: 1509745531214.png (115.16 KB, 653x972, Screenshot_2017-11-03-14-45-00…)


No. 414495


Apparently she was away from her phone all night but wasn’t too busy to post about drama on Twitter and if you go to neko-stoners blog you can see screenshots of their conversations. I smell a liar and her name is Shayna.

No. 414596

So she went out to dinner with a sugar daddy with messy buns and a headband? Doesn't seem very professional…

No. 414597

I don't think she ever said he was giving her money at all. I think she just went out with an older guy.

No. 414598

Because this does not look like a rich guys bathroom

No. 414603


And a rich guy wouldn’t take her out with that hideous hair and gross dirty looking rope around her neck.

No. 414676

she wants to do waat bratgrrl does but full service sex work/escorting is illegal in the US. bratgrrl is from the UK so its legal for her. what shayna is doing currently is illegal in the US.

No. 414677

what was she even complaining about?? i read the post…what was about her??

No. 414745

If anyone makes a post about anything she's insecure about she acts like it's about herself. Just shows how insecure and fake she is and that she knows it. Like the college sexworker thing with LSB and the hair thing with blk-Barbie

No. 414924

she is such a funny shape. that looks like a dorm bathroom.

No. 414935

I agree, she looked (and acted tbh) so much better before she started doing all this weird shit. In those pics she has color in her cheeks, her hair looks natural, even pretty, and she's dressed nice. Basic, but nice. It's such a shame.
Sage for nothing new.

No. 414960

That stomach fat on her body doesn't even make sense lmao

No. 416178

File: 1509991964997.png (Spoiler Image, 894.51 KB, 988x1529, Screenshot_2017-11-05-11-08-18…)

She definitely had a session with the 60 yo

No. 416184

And she turned her messages off lol

No. 416333

Does anyone know why she turned off her messages?

No. 416336

File: 1510000201612.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 52.87 KB, 750x523, 6DC075FF-3B3B-41C6-A2B6-3AE362…)

No. 416542

File: 1510014342641.png (201 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7661.PNG)

Found this, it's from over a year ago when she still had the bush.

No. 416581

because drama.

No. 416582

and now she basically flips out if she sees stubble lmao

No. 416921

File: 1510046429020.png (136.67 KB, 750x874, IMG_1275.PNG)

Lab says she's tired of the drama after last time Shay freaked at her. Now she only reblogs herself so Shay started doing the same thing and says this she's such a follower

No. 417021

she should go back to the bush, at least in that way we can't see her nasty pimples.

No. 417090

Agreed. Idk why she thinks that pimples/ingrown hairs of that size are normal. A few here and there are perfectly fine and to be expected. But hers look infected and honestly painful.

No. 417130

she does this like once a month i swear.

No. 417131

no one cares about LSB or comparing her to shay ffs

No. 417436

File: 1510084667051.png (189.26 KB, 985x1273, Screenshot_2017-11-07-11-57-32…)

No. 417437

File: 1510084685302.jpg (Spoiler Image, 258.68 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_oz2ajns5dq1rmiw96o1_128…)

No. 417457


she looks like someone jokingly pretending to be sexy. or someone mentally challenged being posed for porn.

No. 417463

well she's definitely mentally challenged so, ya.

No. 417466

and lol MV doesn't approach models to do takeovers, they have to email MV and prove to them why they should get to do a takeover. so MV didn't ask her, lol what a little liar.

No. 417547


Her hair looks absolutely fried.

No. 417645

what's funny about it is that that's an old pic too. like before she was begging for money to get her hair fixed. it's always looked like a fried mess. girl can't take care of herself.

No. 417822

File: 1510098886385.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5927.PNG)

I'm not sure if we talked about wtf is on this

No. 417827

Srsly is that fucking period blood on her swimsuit?

No. 417834

Do you mind putting a spoiler on this? It's not that hard

No. 417848


that spot doesn't line up with the vag… it lines up with the arsehole

No. 417896

anyone watching this mess?

No. 417908

lol yes and its hilarious. shes just sitting around waiting for tips. thats not what you do on a takeover.

No. 417910

shes also on her computer half the time and not paying attention to anyone

No. 417913

and lol now shes taking selfies WTF

No. 417983

According to Shayna she was a ballerina for 10 years of her life and that is why she can put both her feet behind her head.

No. 417992

Her takeover is actually like super embarrassing to watch she’s so pathetic

No. 417999

Yeah and the faces she keeps making too like how can anyone find that attractive? Her “pleasure” face looks constipated

No. 418008

provide screenshots?? not everyone is watching

No. 418023

its funny because she's treating her MV takeover like a regular cam show. its a TAKEOVER for marketing, not a regular cam show where you can just sit and be boring.

No. 418024

File: 1510106204760.png (Spoiler Image, 883.89 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_2017-11-07-20-53-22…)

She also scratches herself a lot and it freaks me out like why are you so itchy???

No. 418025

File: 1510106227409.png (Spoiler Image, 980.71 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (21).png)

No. 418027

How embarrassing

No. 418031

File: 1510106468097.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.83 KB, 708x389, shaynasty.JPG)

No. 418039

File: 1510106858475.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.05 KB, 748x414, danny devito.JPG)

I have no words for the faces she makes

No. 418073

people find this attractive. never forget that.

No. 418080

and the music…so not sexy. johnny cash is not sexy music.

No. 418084

File: 1510108353106.png (754.93 KB, 1444x812, Screenshot (26).png)

also she will not look at the camera. she hasn't looked at the camera in at least 10 minutes. she just keeps talking to her computer.

No. 418093

File: 1510108677487.png (870.23 KB, 1229x691, Screenshot (30).png)

so much fun watching a chick text people on her phone. really gets me going.

No. 418098

File: 1510108771622.png (Spoiler Image, 839.57 KB, 1259x708, Screenshot (29).png)

her parents must be so proud. she also just asked "if i stick my butt in the camera and ask for money will it work?" she doesn't stop with the begging.

No. 418111

File: 1510109216225.png (Spoiler Image, 646.06 KB, 1027x577, Screenshot (37).png)

No. 418120

lol wow now shes making her viewers feel guilty that she didn't reach her goal. what a cunt.

No. 418127

ends with a fake orgasm, cool

No. 418128

she didn't even cum either.

No. 418135

WHY would she wear that fucking wig/headband combo…

No. 418138

… is she punching herself in the face?

No. 418149

yep people pay her $2 and she punches herself in the face.

No. 418216

Wow $1.50 raise

No. 418351

File: 1510122663884.png (Spoiler Image, 113.21 KB, 1242x746, IMG_5197.PNG)

From takeover

No. 418352

File: 1510122719639.png (Spoiler Image, 129.54 KB, 1242x813, IMG_5195.PNG)

No. 418377

wtf was this bitch doing she was supposed to be interacting with people not taking selfies and playing on the computer

No. 418389

File: 1510127157678.jpg (304.36 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_3371.JPG)

No. 418537

At least link the post to the rest of the screenshots https://wouldyoukindlynotbegross.tumblr.com/post/167099266016/details-of-my-conversation-with-dumdolly-i

Basically Nekowhoever made a vague post claiming you can’t be/present yourself as submissive then turn around and do findom. Shayna took it personally and these are just screenshots of the convo between the two. Not really milky, just shay confirming her stupidity.

No. 418731

Also confirming that she thinks everything is about her always

No. 418752

File: 1510165067835.jpg (585.32 KB, 4000x2501, image5a.jpg)

I cant believe people like that tragic looking wig

No. 418760

Daddymacoroni is a girl on Tumblr obbssessed with Shayna so her opinion is tainted

No. 418763

Erghh those nails are grotesque

No. 418788

lol she is insanely obsessed with her like she even started a seperate blog called daddymacaroni when shay started calling her dad. Her original blog is booootymacaroni

No. 418832

How funny is it one of her only friends was the top tipper

No. 418872

Because she doesn't shower. gag

No. 418901

Her vag actually looked not as infected last night

No. 419199

Men are fucking desperate. they don't look the girl, her personality or even the body. Just a hole, that's why shay get's away with her nasty ass vagina.

No. 419358

File: 1510212883332.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 529.97 KB, 750x1173, 2DEC5235-EBE0-4FCB-8319-CBC17E…)

just a reminder that there’s a video on the internet of shay-gnasty peeing herself on camera after she’s admitted time and time again that she doesn’t shower.

have fun attempting to get a job later in life.

No. 419359

File: 1510213538358.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 452.3 KB, 750x763, 4679463B-DEFE-4FBE-83FE-C057ED…)

but it annoys me how proud she is of herself for making mediocre piss porn and people are legit paying 12 bucks for it

it never bothered me until i wasted two minutes of my life watching that boring summer party garbage

No. 419518

the summer party video was just straight nasty. her porn is horribly boring.

No. 419559

This was pretty funny. Her voice doesn't fit her bimbo baby aesthetic.

No. 419614

She really should have stuck to the normie-hippie stoner thing. It fit her so much better - her voice, her face, her music taste, everything. She cannot pull off the "qt lil ddlg bby" thing at all. It's embarrassing.

No. 419702

She’s got a new video out. Looks the exact same as every other video she puts out, she’s not creative at all she just does the same thing in a different outfit

No. 419767

File: 1510262627418.jpeg (87.78 KB, 750x422, 5339F6B1-1335-4681-8BC3-B187E2…)

How is this face supposed to be sexy?

No. 419771

I'm starting to think that Shayna is sex repulsed or something. Every video she posts is the same as the previous, she fakes every orgasm she have and she seems to have the same unbothered attitude when she does sexcams like the "take over". Why she keeps going?

No. 419774

She’s ignoring asks about her hair so I’m assuming she used the money on something else

No. 419806

the trailer is absolutely hilarious. she sounds soooo uninterested, or like shes trying to be innocent sexy but its not working?

No. 419812

File: 1510265669069.png (123.38 KB, 905x422, morals.png)

If this wasn't about appealing to pedophiles, why would her "jammies" make "daddy" question his morals?

No. 419824

why would pajamas make anyone question their morals? its a chick in pajamas.

No. 419842

>gape my baby butt


No. 419845

And she says that she’s not part of the ddlg kink? Like??? Yes you are

No. 419868

Is there anyone in this world who uses the term "daddy" who isn't a Disturbed repulsive cunt?

No. 419888

easy way to find that out
are they speaking about their father? if yes, they're fine. if no, they're a disgusting pile of shit. there are no exceptions

No. 419894

i don't think she's entirely sure of what gaping her asshole means. i don't suggest you look it up.

No. 420050

Lol omg two videos exactly the same in one day! It’s so pathetic it’s hilarious

No. 420052

File: 1510286609564.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 267.53 KB, 640x359, FE2DD95C-CC6F-499B-91F8-F15DB5…)

No. 420313

Did she just cut her hair? I hope so.

No. 420416

Not even trying to be mean, she really does look like she's on some sort of drug. You can tell by her eyes, complexion, and teeth. Either that or she's sick with something she doesn't know about. She doesn't look well, at all. Hope she gets help, for a lot of reasons.. not just the drug thing.

No. 420431

This is the only good video she's ever posted

No. 420477

I agree and we see it more and more in her recent photos. It's almost as if there's a connection between sex work and drug use.

No. 420546

File: 1510344111407.jpeg (230.93 KB, 750x1093, ED196AFB-60C7-4E09-87AB-F9F3E3…)

No. 420547

File: 1510344165319.jpeg (232.25 KB, 750x1134, 6894210B-2A3D-4121-80D2-EDD549…)

I was dying, haha. Everyone started making fun of her and how bad she was so she ended up just logging off in the middle of her cam session lol

No. 420560

She also looks strung out as FUCK in these. Girl take some vitamins get thosethanks chemicals back working properly in your brain

No. 420570

Shay serving some "i'm having a breakdown but lemme go to wallmart first to buy some margarita mix to forget all my miserable life" looks
Also, wtf that pseudo-dom tipping just to insult her surely got her nuts because he isn't treating her like a "princess" lol.

No. 420571

File: 1510346127287.png (156.29 KB, 1003x1027, Screenshot_2017-11-10-12-35-06…)

No. 420573

Christ she looks full meth head street prostitute here

No. 420575

File: 1510346319197.png (349.59 KB, 676x522, Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 18.2…)

this is tragic

No. 420590

Damn that’s a lot of cellulite what happened

No. 420597

File: 1510347481702.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 81.32 KB, 750x510, 864BEE77-EFFA-4920-A022-074B0D…)

On cam telling people that it makes her cringe when people don’t pay her.

No. 420600

did she just delete those posts?

No. 420601

Hank Hill meme

No. 420602

Yeah in the last half hour

No. 420606

File: 1510348416930.png (Spoiler Image, 388.77 KB, 658x502, Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 19.0…)

I'm done watching this. She just looks at her phone and is so boring, not even kek worthy, just plain cringe and boring.

No. 420625

So it was all set up for attention. She's bad at sucking dick but she was being purposefully really extra bad.

Those fried off pieces in the front are tragic.

No. 420629

holy shit was that from today? she looks fucked up.

No. 420646


Honestly I’m so surprised at the amount of cellulite she has. I’m sure this is a new thing for her but damn.

No. 420652


She’s posted before about using hard drugs but since she moved to the ~*innocent baby*~ persona I assumed she was off them but recently she’s started to look more and more like a meth head. Her skin is terrible, her hair is friend and she always has dark bags under her eyes.

No. 420672

but that could just be from not taking care of herself and not knowing how to do makeup for shit. she's always sounded tired, bored, and uninterested in her porn. if she was on meth or cocaine you'd think shed be more upbeat in her videos instead of boring and tired

No. 420683

Guys. Realistically she probably can't afford hard drugs of any kind.

No. 420696

She's probably off xans all of the time. She could also afford H because literally everyone can. When I said I think she's on hard drugs, I definitely mean a downer of some sort. She is absolutely not on any uppers/speed. I think it's probably xanax tbh, and a lot of it. She looks really unhealthy and incredibly high. She looks like my friends when they're strung out. I know people don't like to admit this but, addiction and sex work go hand in hand.

No. 420700

Just cause someone’s a sex worker doesn’t mean they do hard drugs, I mean yeah she probably does but saying they go hand in hand is kind of dumb. A lot of sex workers including myself don’t do drugs of any sort

No. 420704

that is good but you are an individual whereas the percentage of drug abuse in sex workers is much much MUCH higher than in the average population.

No. 420705

Maybe so but this is about Shayna so let’s keep it about her instead of trying to bash on all sex workers

No. 420711

Where is it that I said all sex workers are doing hard drugs? Wah wah, go cry somewhere else pal.

No. 420718

The whole "daddy's little xanax nymph" persona is so trashy…yet so common on tumblr.

No. 420761


stop derailing no 1 curr

No. 420764

i can't think who else is so ~aesthetic~ trashy like Shayna though? most people are just on weed

No. 420882

File: 1510403252315.jpeg (85.4 KB, 750x673, 8C807872-A86A-499D-A93F-69AF7B…)

Nobody can deny she takes drugs.

No. 420932

I just want people to stop flattering and rewarding the bitch when she does something barely mediocre. Because now she thinks that when she pisses it’s worth $300.

No. 420948

Maybe speck and we all see where she's at

No. 420988

why do people on this thread keep comparing her to speck? they’re nothing alike.

No. 421048

cause there is a certain tumblr user who keeps commenting in here who always compares her to speck.She's already outted herself in the old thread on who she is

No. 421561

File: 1510474234944.jpg (242.2 KB, 1080x1156, _20171112_050933.JPG)

This is litterally incest wtf

No. 421564

What the fuck is wrong with her cunt?

No. 421570

holy fuck thats either the worst case of ingrown hairs ive ever seen, really bad vag acne or the herp

No. 421598

She's itchy due to the mites attacking her vag

No. 421616

File: 1510487815043.png (736.38 KB, 750x1334, 8B689C79-5221-406A-8A05-615E52…)

thoughts on her xmas raffle???
i personally wouldn’t touch the cookies. can’t touch anything her grubby hands have touched. especially since she has her xmas nails done.

No. 421617

why are you surprised dumbass she's been 'daddy's this' and 'daddy's that' for ass years now you didn't think she meant 'daddy' ~metaphorically~ didja

No. 421635


I think it’s fucking hilarious that a prize is a signed picture of her.

No. 421686

~literally~ incest would be her ~literally~ having sexy with her actual father. so no, it’s just roleplay incest.

Tbh if you’re gonna harp on her making incest role play porn, then harp on all the ladies who do. Because it’s actually really common.

No. 421694

I think they meant that the fantasy is one of actual incest, rather than the “step-daughter/step-dad” line mainstream porn sites try to sell. You’re right though, it’s not literal incest… because the video is just her masturbating, just like all the others.

No. 421719

File: 1510507157669.jpeg (168.17 KB, 750x859, 5F44FC64-6CF4-4848-A08E-17488E…)

Let’s see how long a ~*~no drama Shayna~*~ lasts for.

No. 421733

Such a difficult year in internet drama for poor poor shayna

No. 422125

Such a hard time for her rn when she picks every fight and no one believes she's the victim anymore

No. 422222

>3 polaroids signed & sprayed w/ my perfume
I don't know why reading this makes me eek.

Let's not forget that when she started all this "stoner nymphet gurl" Shay was very into Yungelita and since she is starting to gain more popularity maybe she snatched some more inspiration. Shayna just goes from trend to trend. I wouldn't be surprised if she suddenly goes artsy.

No. 422230


Tbh I think Shayna looks at what’s getting other girls attention and then copies it because she can’t stand anybody else getting any attention.

No. 422560

No. 422599

What the actual fuck. Why would she record that in the first place?

No. 422619

This is an image board, screencaps please.

I don't have a tumblr to get past the safe mode, anon.

No. 422628

Fine whatever. Baby. It's a video. Here it is on someone else's blog that isn't safe mode

No. 422642

drugs, i think

No. 422643

Thank you anonnie, why does she think anybody cares about such trivial bullshit tho

No. 422650

Because people like seeing her be stupid.

No. 422663

She seems high as shit yet again

No. 422677

She actually wears that cheap half turban wig cap thing in public? BY CHOICE? What is wrong with her? I mean her white trash ultra damaged straw hair is better than that. … or maybe not. Also, she said she moved to the west coast to fulfill her dreams? What exactly is her dreams? Can't she be an e-beggar grandma face, hank hill booty ugly woman that punches her face for literally cents from anywhere that has wifi?

No. 422740

Maybe it is an act of telling that to tumblr is to look dumb but she definitely is high on something, not marihuana. I bet she is doing xanax.
Sage for tinfoil.

No. 422817

Yeah I definitely think she's off the xans a large majority of the time. It's actually pretty sad. Looking at the person she was when I first started following her to what she is now… She's a mess. Her life is not on track. No god damn way this was what she aspired to be when she graduated highschool.

No. 422860


She’s said a few times that her dream is to be a stripper in LA.

No. 422870

Do you have any proof of her saying that? I never heard her say that once.

No. 422907


There was on the old thread. I can see if I can find it again.

No. 422943

She even lied and said she was living in Reno when she moved to Washington. Even her wishlist address says "Reno Nevad" still

No. 422944

She said she wants to be a stripper in vegas not LA

No. 422956

It was definitely LA cause she likes the Doors and wanted to be like “LA Woman” or something

No. 422960

Does anybody know why she moved to Washington? Did she have a 'daddy' there before?

No. 422984

File: 1510603063729.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 705.5 KB, 1228x836, 1565367B-5048-4E31-86F9-6A2D0E…)

has anyone seen this vid or just the preview? her voice in it is so creepy and unsettling, and the dry handjob she’s giving the dildo is painful to watch

No. 423024

wew that's one scary face

No. 423072

don’t touch my dick with that face. ever.

No. 423077

This is starting to go past funny and go to sad for me. She looks so…bad. Not even just ugly, but unhealthy and haggard and exhausted. She's only 20, right?

Nobody should look like this at 20. I had a terrible diet/sleep schedule when I was in college and I still didn't look that wrecked. There have to be drugs involved.

No. 423085

File: 1510609329877.png (43.14 KB, 750x368, IMG_1741.PNG)

No. 423094

It's sad she's slurring her words and forgetting shit and she thinks it's cute. Whose car is she in though?

No. 423108

because to rapists and pedos on tumblr, being dumb and disoriented is cute. And she uses that base to propel her work. It’s creepy.

She needs mental help. It seems like she can’t disconnect her work from her real life.

No. 423154

File: 1510612423394.jpeg (304.56 KB, 750x1184, F61438D6-D6CD-4181-95FD-B1357D…)

Shauna pretending that her life is better than it is when we know she never leaves her room and she doesn’t have any friends.

No. 423207

Classes and demos on what though? I'm trying to picture it…

No. 423253

File: 1510617421192.png (Spoiler Image, 859.67 KB, 1119x699, PNG_9724.png)

She didnt even make enough to be in the top earning takeovers on manyvids… so clearly she doesnt have the support or fans with money like she pretends. (nothing really new just kinda funny.)

No. 423259

Lol, and still she pretends to be very successful at sex work. Probably she has like 3 "fans" who buy everything from her, the rest are people who casually find her. her biggest audience from tumblr doesn't have the money tho.

No. 423295

Just for the record the MV takeover has only been around since August 31 and after trolling through the mV twitter I only found 58 promoted takeovers. There could be more; but thats what i found. So back to my point; dumdolly didnt make shit during her takeover.

No. 423409

File: 1510632748341.png (Spoiler Image, 698.88 KB, 895x906, Screenshot_2017-11-13-20-10-51…)

That face

No. 423410

File: 1510632783293.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 858x1490, Screenshot_2017-11-13-20-12-11…)

This piercing was fake yeah?

No. 423646

Yes, the septum was indeed fake. A lot of people used to do that, lol

No. 423679


oh my god look at that tiny tummy… she's got such a belly now

No. 423691

her teeth are so yellow then, too!

No. 423717

File: 1510675953821.jpeg (272.46 KB, 750x1035, DC4E6B3A-BD5B-4BE2-9FEE-780E2C…)

Honestly I can’t believe she went out in public dressed like such trash especially with that god awful wig and headband. Nobody’s hair can be ruined so much to justify that thing.

No. 423844

That wig, that horrendous outfit, that hideous bag and that unflattering selfie that reveals that she doesn't have any hips.

No. 423871

Real fashionista. leggings, ugg boots, and a jean jacket. If you’re going for “Mom trying to be hip” you got it.

No. 423872

Imagine this without the emojis though. it would be so visually boring without the emojis.

No. 423882

File: 1510687591851.png (Spoiler Image, 77.03 KB, 677x598, Capture.PNG)

lets all just realize that when she's not posing, her body really isn't all that amazing.

No. 423893

Ok I know I'm just as trashy as she is for liking that bag but I really want it. Any idea where it's from?

No. 423961

Probably amazon like the majority of her shit

No. 423971

Knock off ugg boots in the current year… smh this whole look makes me want to commit seppuku.

Yikes, anon. You need to get some better taste.

No. 424325

Uggs went out of style like 5 years ago. Wtf man

No. 424359

The saddest part is when people stare at her, she's so delusional that she's flattered people are looking. When in reality, people think she looks ridiculous. Of course people are going to look, WTF is that you are wearing on your head over your obviously fake plastic wig. She always looks so cheap its offensive. She's a taller frame that tries to dress cute, but it does not translate cute at all, it's
just creepy. Maybe if like a cuter girl wore that, it wouldn't be as cringe. She just does not pull off the "Barbie" aesthetic. She looks awkward. The "cuter" she tries to act the more creepy and uncomfortable she looks. Those fake uggs make her big feet look even more massive.

No. 424364

Can't this woman learn to take better photos? It's like she just points and shoots and uploads. On her blog, and her videos, several to most of them are so unflattering. She looks so bad. Like please take the time and take more pictures and choose the best one. Or do more than one take. If you're going to make this your career at least put some effort into it. She's not the prettiest, but she can make herself a little bit more attractive by simply putting in more effort.

No. 424372

Her being tall has absolutely 0 to do with whether or not she's cute. This outfit is ugly and it would be ugly if she were short too lol.

No. 424388

….. She isn't tall

No. 424390

No. 424393


She definitely is not short. She's tall-ish. She tries to pretend she's tiny, but she's not.

No. 424395

lol she said once she doesnt like girls shorter or smaller than her, it makes her insecure. like jess. ya shayna isnt short, or small at all, id say medium to medium tall build. she looks like shes actually grown A LOT. like height and weight and looks older

No. 424446

I thought she was 5'3. That's not tall.

No. 424520

yah she’s only like 5’3 or 5’2. Once you get past 5’6 most people consider that tall. At best, she’s average. Her looks are average, her height is average, her attitude is shit:l. She is nothing special trying to wrap herself in pretty pink packaging to make people think they’re gettin something special and new. When it’s just the same old recycled shit she’s been doing from day one.

No. 424526

Y'all are dissing her outfit like it's the worst thing someone's ever worn. Honestly, other than the wig, it's not that bad. Fashion is completely subjective. While many of us might not find it attractive, I'm sure there are a handful of people that do.

No. 424543


But she's not even doing anything with it.
Oh Shayna, you poser.

No. 424567

who cares. anything she puts on her body is shit simply for the fact its on her and she's basically a walking dumpster.

go wank to her somewhere else, maybe where people will actually care.

No. 424972

File: 1510794507744.png (10.27 KB, 260x310, 1.png)

Or its because your porn is all boring and the same? But sure lets blame tumblr.

No. 424974

File: 1510794610533.png (6.8 KB, 248x253, 2.png)

Also back to begging for money to buy props. You would think someone who "makes as much money" as she does wouldn't have to constantly beg for cheap amazon crap/video props.

No. 425156


She is NOT 5'2 or 5'3. She constantly lies about her height. She's said 5'4 recently, back in the day, she's said 5'5. I agree she is not tiny or short at all, like she so desperately wishes to be. I've followed her for yrs, her height shrinks every year according to her. hen you have height comparisons with her old friends like Jess, its obvi Shayna is way way wayyy taller than what she says she is.

No. 425161

Ill agree with that she isn't short. IDK why she pretends to be? WTF would someone want to be of shorter stature? She's medium, average. Not tall. Not short.

She said her gf was TALL, and when she ended up being on cam together, they were the same exact height. For weeks before she went to visit Shayna she;d always say my "tall, mean brunette gf". or "i love tall girls that mae me feel smoll". And when I saw them on cam together, her GF and her were the SAME height. and her gf was actually smaller size than her.

No. 425173

No. 425248

File: 1510811598013.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1800.PNG)

She honestly only looks like 3 in shorter than her when you look at their heads. Colleen just has super long legs and a lean body that make her appear even taller

No. 425254

File: 1510811950267.jpg (16.51 KB, 282x276, Capture.JPG)

worst cock gag ever

No. 425272

File: 1510813711901.png (30.91 KB, 275x157, 1509993931805.png)

No. 425439

Coming from a girl who is 5'11, Colleen looks a significant amount taller than Shayna. Shayna is probably 5'5, and 5 inches is a pretty big difference. You can tell in their body proportions. There is a picture of Shayna standing next to Colleen (not a video), and the height difference is, again, significant. I don't have the link, if anyone knows what I'm talking about, please link it. She blocked me a long time ago so, I can't find it, obviously. Ultimately, Shayna is most likely not 5'3. She is probably 5'4-5'5.

No. 425554

File: 1510847983290.jpeg (307.38 KB, 750x1106, 719E12F4-5380-4016-81E7-DEEBBE…)

Part 1/2

No. 425557

File: 1510848076608.jpeg (295.3 KB, 750x1121, FA620F51-B366-4BDA-9DE0-2AC0D4…)

Part 2/2

~*~no drama Shayna~*~ lasted like two days. What a shock. Maybe she needs to start more drama because her sales are so shit right now? Also she saying all of this about girls being bitchy when she’s literally exactly what she is describing, only she deletes it all to make it look like she doesn’t.

No. 425582

She's like a broken record. Shayna, if you can't handle what other people are saying then don't read it. If you can't manage that then just stop using Tumblr, jesus.

No. 425586

but drama is the only way people will buy her porn. if they don't feel bad for her they won't buy her porn.

No. 425593

File: 1510851139805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.43 KB, 724x128, saywhyt.JPG)

okay did she not just get it waxed like 2 weeks ago??? you're supposed to wait like 4-6 weeks between brazilians. you need to let your skin heal.

No. 425676

File: 1510856455643.png (938.15 KB, 750x1334, tumblr_oaa8frEWeO1rmiw96o1_128…)

I'm pretty sure this is the one you mean? but yeah, she's not tall, not short. Just average.

No. 425680

wow, seeing her look ACTUALLY happy really makes her face look 100x better

No. 425694


Her hair and skin looks a lot better here and she looks at least 20lbs lighter.

No. 425707

she doesn't look thinner, she looks healthier.

No. 425773

File: 1510861255141.jpeg (25.82 KB, 240x360, F924B908-465E-4F35-A238-983A72…)


How can you say she’s not thinner when she now looks like this?

No. 425784

because she's really not significantly larger. she just looks way more unhealthy now. ever since she moved shes become more sedentary. you don't see pics of her out and about anymore, it's just her in her bedroom. and she even says she eats junk food all the time now and she drinks alot.

No. 425812

I remember the video this is from. This isnt a good comparison, Shayna is standing farther away from the to the camera. to make Colleen look larger and her look smaller.
She always does that. Shayna s much taller than this photo. Yea I remember her saying "IDK y u guys think im short, im 5'5" back in her stoner days.. then she started changing it to shorter 5'4, then 5'3, then tiny then smol… it's one of her things. but i remember she is is like 5'5. She looks much taller now tho she prob grew like 5'6-5-6 1/2. People grow well into their 20's

No. 425832


She’s not larger but she definitely has a lot more fat on her than she does in the other picture.

No. 425933

She has such masculine hands. Super long and large fingers despite the pink manicures she gets frequently. They only draw more attention to how long and large they are.

No. 425950


She deleted this post already. She is always getting in arguments with females on tumblr, which I don't understand. Her audience is all females. Except for some randoms but those are from after ManyVids. I've noticed not a lot of guys think she's attractive. I wonder why a lot of males think she's gross. But I think it's only because her desperation is too obvious. I was on the fence about her before and actually defended her once. I showed my guy friend and he said she's not hott, and not even cute. "That's sad she's gota show off her vagina to the world n beg for attention, lemme guess, no dad?" I actually got mad at him. Pretty harsh especially the dad comment, even if it is true. It's funny because he had scrolled thru her me tag, and didn't know anything about her dad fetish. Just kinda hit the nail on the head about her not having a father and plastering her naked cooch to the internet for any type of attention. His other friends saw and agreed they'd never touch her w/ a 20 ft pole. I got curious and showed them her older pictures when she smoked weed. All they said was the weed was the only thing attractive about it. Guys are more critical than girls are. Shayna knows guys her age wont want her, thats why she goes for old guys. It's mostly girls that will even take a second glance to her. But all girls like looking at girls, despite desire.

No. 425954

Who was she even ranting about?

No. 425967


So hypocritical. She'll bitch and talk shit about other girls yet when she gets butthurt she'll vomit out paragraphs on how girls need to support girls. Oh Please! She's the first to talk shit about others and on things she doesn't know anything about. Can't take it? Don't dish it.

No. 425977

Imagine the day she gets just a little glimpse of reality… where she gets just a little far enough from her self made bubble to see things objectively. Like yes, you had all the support in the world, a family and what not, and still pretended to have problems because you wanted attention that badly. So badly that you would post pics and vids of you smoking weed to your blog. Then subjected all your blog followers to photos of your nasty cunt and sub par body. Then had the audacity to charge people to see more? Fucking gross. Then you move across country to get away from all the shit and start over, but then realize you're just as ugly and as alone as before because the source of all the pain, and fucked up shit in your life is yourself.

No. 425985

File: 1510875531623.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147 KB, 1204x740, interrogation.JPG)

lol the screencap for her new vid though

No. 426055

i genuinely wonder how much money she makes on a bi weekly basis

No. 426058

>I wonder why a lot of males think she's gross.

Oh, I don't know, anon? Maybe because of the hideous open wounds covering her pussy? Maybe the lack of tits and ass combined with the face of a crack whore? Maybe the sickening children's clothing she's always wearing? Or the weird faces she's always making that look more mentally deficient than someone with downs? The desperation is really only the icing on the cake.

Take it from a proud pussy lover. I wouldn't touch Shay Gnar with my worst enemy's dick. I would rather not be in the same room as her even if she had signed a contract promising to never derobe in my presence. Some men like her because she's super into DDLG and willing to please which doesn't mean much when there are such things as necrophilia in the world. The real question is, what do you find attractive about her, anon?

No. 426069

her porn gave me a boner and then killed it less than a minute after.(no1curr)

No. 426072

the main people that buy her stuff are fangirls, and old men like 55+ who like to fantasize about little girls.

think people like Roy Moore. those are the men who buy her stuff.

No. 426151

i can't get over how red and irritated and covered in sores her vagina is ALL THE TIME. her pussy is her bank account and she can't even keep it healthy oh my god.

No. 426162

Never sought her out, started getting her nudes on my dash that would show up over and over from her. Was already followed from back in the day.

No. 426262

The sores around her cooch….god damn. She should go to a dermatologist for something to help her skin heal during waxing or shavings. It's PAINFUL to look at. And foul looking.

No. 426706

File: 1510957327450.png (42.83 KB, 844x138, o ok.png)

Let me guess. It ends with her "cumming" using a wand.

No. 426962

She’s online right now and it’s horribly embarrassing. She’s got Christmas music blasting so loud you can’t hear her, she’s barely talking and when she does it’s so mumbled. She looks high as fuck too

No. 426963

She just turned down the music tho

No. 426981

god that sounds depressing.

No. 427163

File: 1511021880790.jpeg (207.87 KB, 749x1145, 9F2EB9E5-6E72-40D8-830F-9C17C9…)

A man comes to her house to do some work and she decides to masturbate while he’s there. How is this acceptable?

No. 427306

That is pretty disturbing. Shayna displays tendencies of sexual predation/misconduct… but she can get away with it because she's a smol baby obviously.

No. 427312


Exactly. Imagine if this was a guy who decided to jack off in the room beside a woman who came to do some work in his house? People would want him to be arrested.

I think Shayna thinks that she can get away with it because she’s obviously so irresistible to men and he probably wanted to fuck her anyway…..

No. 427532

File: 1511056601154.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.21 KB, 769x475, Screenshot_20171118-215453.jpg)

Jesus Christ she looks 50

No. 427536

File: 1511056961661.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.04 KB, 751x572, Screenshot_20171118-215750.jpg)

Treating yourself would be never touching her content

No. 427681

Imagine sending your own self an anon so you can post a hideous photo of yourself looking like a divorced 50-year old mom who drank too much at the office Christmas party

No. 427683

Imagine arching your back this much to make it look like you don't have a hank hill ass?

No. 427709

File: 1511101912437.png (Spoiler Image, 4.16 MB, 1824x3568, omg.png)


I feel bad criticizing her personal style, because I don't know if she can afford nicer clothing. I don't know how she grew up, but she doesn't have much taste. She always gravitates to very inexpensive items of low quality. Before I thought it was because she was broke and couldn't afford better clothes. I don't know what her excuse is now.

I feel like a dick talking about her face because I know she gets bashed for that frequently. I remember her saying she's watched several youtube toturials and still doesn't know how to apply make up. I know she isn't very pretty naturally, and she doesn't have very flattering features, but when she puts on makeup, she still can't win. But if you're going to use your "looks" for money. Please invest in them. I still don't understand how she doesn't understand this concept.

Please invest in how things look. I mean, that's your only source of income. If you can't keep boils, pimples, and open sores off your vagina(it looks like it's spreading) Then please find another alternative for income until your infection/irrittion clears. All she's doing is smacking and smearing it with her dirty hands, and those acrylic nails are a breeding ground for so much bacteria and viruses. They get caked in and stored in the nails. She already says she doesn't shower or bathe often. That's why her face, chest, vagina, asshole always break out. It just doesn't look attractive or healthy at all. I mean that is why all her media she posts have barely any close ups. the ONLY close up shots she has expose all the open sore on her pussy and asshole. (Does anyone remember that picture with that huge bulging purple red growth by her anus?)

Room decor, clothing, face, is one thing, but the sores all over her pussy? It's inexcusable! That is like going to the grocery store and having to pay the same for fruit that is bruised and rotting so bad it looks like a maggot might crawl out.

No. 427711

File: 1511102049853.png (Spoiler Image, 230.08 KB, 640x217, 1486062389487.png)

An older screencap of one of her cam sessions. A Very large pustous growth/boil on her anus. (This has been an ongoing issue)

No. 427726

Alright, I was saying a few weeks ago it doesn't look like herpes.. but there is no telling what the boil by her anus was. I can see that the boil also caused small, pimple like growths to form on her right labia, close to her anus as well. That looks suspicious. There's no telling what that is without examining and swabbing a growth/sore like that in person. She should seen a GYN, part of me feels as though she never has. It's incredibly wrong of her to be having unprotected sex with anyone (either genders) knowing that she has this on going genital infection going on. I wish she would be responsible and take herself to the doctor. If she has an STD, she has already more than likely spread it to other people. Even if she has something like a yeast infection causing all of these issues, she can still spread that around too..

No. 427736

See* but really, a large majority of people who have herpes are unaware that they have herpes. People like Shayna are why this statistic is so high. She wants to live in lala land and pretend an STD isn't a possibility, when she very clearly has something fairly serious and painful going on downstairs. All of the people she sleeps with, and all of the girls she makes her porn with, are at risk because of her irresponsibility.

No. 427737

You know… I bet she's never been a gyno. She would post about that shit and make a story up about how she was wet for the doctor or something.

No. 427742

I wonder if she's even ever had a pap

No. 427744

She's in denial because she calls this whole situation her "doll parts".

No. 427748

could it just be shaving cuts?

No. 427750

Aww. She's so happy it's finally hat/beanie season and she can use those instead of a weird headband scarf thingy to cover the unfortunate wig.

No. 427751

Barbie would take the time to care for her plastic self shayna sdhould too

No. 427813

That sore by her anus kinda reminds me of a syphilis chancre.

No. 427836

She doesn't shave. She gets waxed. Which makes this mystery even more frightening. They are puss filled sores. She has very bad hygiene on top of it which is probably why it never clears and she always has a perpetual outbreak.

Does anyone ever notice how the company she chooses to keep is white trash just like herself. That vile violet girl she did that bloody shower thing with. Their "porn" looked so dirty, dirty in an "unclean", "smelly" way even while flming in the shower/tub. Shayna's "tall, mean girlfriend" that was hideous and ended up being smaller than Shayna, she was white trash too. Even that Robin girl who claimed to be asexual? or w/e tf it was. whilst keeping a dd/lg kink blog w/ her bf. She looked smelly and dirty too. They all look smelly and dirty. Is anyone familiar with Shayna's hometown? Is it like a poor white trash area? Is she from somewhere ghetto? I mean they were all from different places so it can't be just where she's from.

No. 427838


She had a huge bush when she first started camming, and it was HUGE so maybe it hid all these sores /herpe /pimple /mystery puss filled sore. She should really consider growing it back. It might improve her sales perhaps.

No. 427846

File: 1511118440481.jpg (9.76 KB, 250x126, tumblr_osygk3wV6y1wpkuz5o1_250…)

This poem she reblogged offends me. She likes to pretend she has bigger problems that stem from child hood traumas. Like lying and saying she was a victim of child abuse by her mother. ( The original thread had so much overflowing milk and proof that Shayna lied about her mother "abusing" her, it was just her being an entitled brat wanting attention from the internet. While her mother was actually a very loving parent who wanted the best for her child, and Shayna just wanting to post nudes of herself online. She said her mom was a bitch and abused her verbally. It turned out her mom was telling her about places that were hiring, and this is what shayna considers abuse because she wouldn't accept her "job" as a cam girl. Some of the screenshots regarding this are still available on the archive site, just search her) She has posted about this countless times on her blog, all public knowledge

She has also said she was a victim and survivor of Child Sexual Abuse because of an older man she "dated"/ being "raped" in highschool. (An anon had posted proof she had lied about this as well). A lot of changing stories. The one common denominator is that Shayna likes to play the victim and she likes the attention it provides. She has no shame.

No. 427853

File: 1511119515453.png (159.66 KB, 540x1702, sw.png)

Notice the last two paragraphs. She gets called out. " i just wish online workers in general would stop wearing our rapes & assaults & murders as badges 2 highlight their oppression".

This goes hand in hand with this post. >>>/snow/427846 Shayna tends to do this a lot, where she lumps herself in with things and talks about it when she has no business doing so. She constantly exaggerates, but mostly lies all for attention.

A lot of SW's didn't have all the privileges Shayna had growing up. Or the support system she has. A lot of SW's, especially ones out in the street have no other options than the life they are choosing. Shayna does this for the romaticized/glamorized idea of it she had in her head where she pictured taking photos of herself and receiving attention and money from strangers and being able to buy stuff from amazon. Ugh. there's so much wrong with it but I need to walk away from the keyboard, I'm triggered.

This is her original post:

"i think ppl like 2 pick on sex workers bc they think we’re an easy target. “you don’t have a real job” “find a way to make money that doesn’t involve selling yourself” “you’re a whore/slut/disgrace” let me just tell u, we hear this shit daily. we are constantly being berated & tormented & teased & believe me when i motherfucking tell u it only fuels our desire 2 be great. we are fucking warriors. we don’t sit around & take the shit ppl say 2 us, we don’t stand idly by while our sisters get (literally) beaten, abused, harassed, stalked, or even killed. we keep fighting, we keep raising awareness, we keep killing it at our jobs on the daily bc we fucking believe in ourselves & no little ignorant ass opinion from a 36 year old man living in his mother’s basement or snide ass remark from a disrespectful 22 year old white bitch whos never worked a day in her life, will ever be enough 2 tear us down. we will keep pulling ourselves up off the ground, we will lend a hand 2 each other, we will get back up & keep kicking ass the way we know how. we will stick together & show the world our professions & careers are real as any other. fuck what they say, make tht money & show em tht success is the best revenge.

sex workers are some of the hardest working ppl i know & deserve all the respect in the world. a line of work doesn’t make a person any less of a person."

No. 427859

I saw this on Tumblr and, while I don't necessarily believe that brat-grrl2 entirely fits into the category of "no other support system etc", she is definitely spot-on when highlighting how little Shayna and her ilk have to deal with. You sit in your fucking room all day dressed as a 6 year old scrolling Tumblr and fiddling your sore-riddled clit with a wand, no one's making you do it and the power to stop any "abuse" you do suffer as a result of the stupid shit you put online is entirely yours. These internet sex worker types are the weakest fucking people I swear.

sage for SW rant

No. 427866

Sage for nothing important other than the fact that many online sw are putting themselves through university with this. University costs hundreds of thousands of dollars no one working a normal "college job" without parental fiscal support could do that. Shayna is trash because she's just choosing to do it because it's trendy but don't shit on everyone.

No. 427881

Most important rule of waxing is proper aftercare & brat-grrl already told her that. Proper aftercare = no underwear, no sex, no touching & rubbing your vag for 24 hrs after waxing. If she gets on cam few hours after waxing & she’s rubbing her cunt with never washed hitachi, she gets boils and sores. Her lack of hygiene is disgusting, imagine all the dirt under her claws…

No. 427883

I'm pretty sure her parents are well off or at least pretty cozy. She grew up in suburbia with all the opportunities and privileges one could dream of. Even though she barely graduated high school because she chose to rebel and be on drugs most of the time, she still could have gone to college with the help of her parents. She's never let her white teenage spoiled fucking brat angst go and here we are today.

No. 427887

She is going to get a serious infection one day. Her horrid vagina reminds me of CWC fake vagina saga, it's revolting.

No. 427889

if your comment was supposed to be replying to mine when I said "these internet sex worker types are the weakest people" then I'm not shitting on everyone who does it. Just the ones who end up on lolcow because they suck at it and embarrass themselves for no good reason.

Also, my point still stands about putting it online; probably not the best idea if you're going through university, because if you're selling your body for education, it must be because you want a white-collar job. What white-collar profession is gonna accept someone who used to flick it online for basement pervs? Not judging, just an observation.

/sage for clarification

No. 427892

That's why most people do it anonymously >>427889

No. 428031

just fyi that's not a poem, they're lyrics… melanie martinez lyrics, of course. it's like shayna doesn't have an original bone in her body.

No. 428053

i forget the name of this collab but if its real brand then its worth like $500+ if its just barbie then like $100 i think? its kinda rare cause i want it too

No. 428058

Shayna knows nothing about real sex work aside from what she reads about on Tumblr. She also wants to be oppressed so fucking bad. She should just do her own retarded thing and stop trying to speak for everyone as if she knows everything at the tender age of 20 as a white, skinny, blonde extremely privileged female.

No. 428067

File: 1511140462669.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1338x752, Screenshot (39).png)

how can any professional waxer wax her vagina when it looks that bad?

No. 428071

No. 428076

btw this is from her new vid. and it's just as boring, lifeless, and predictable as all the others. she can't act. like at all. she can't even act excited, or sexy. it's cruel.

No. 428079

She looks so oldddddddd

No. 428081

File: 1511141189544.png (Spoiler Image, 520.14 KB, 705x397, Screenshot (41).png)

wtf is sexy about this? 1/2

No. 428082

File: 1511141234189.png (Spoiler Image, 506.29 KB, 675x380, Screenshot (43).png)


No. 428086

She looks like hatchet face.

No. 428092

High shayna

No. 428099

i dont think shes super high i think its just the horrible makeup. she drew the eyeliner thick and angled downward, which makes her eyes look smaller and droopy. she also put nothing on the bottom to open her eyes at all. shes just unfortunate looking.

No. 428117

File: 1511143121409.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.59 KB, 691x191, butwait.JPG)

but wait shayna, i thought ddlg was gross and toxic? or was that only cos it was trendy to like ddlg and then hate it?

No. 428123


All of Shayna's clothes are knockoffs. She most likely got that bag for super cheap. She is very frugal. Who here remembers the misspelled words on the cheap shirts she gets online? She's had a few of them. hahaha CALIFOINIA DREAM! who remembers cali-FOI-nia barbie?

No. 428126

wait she’s claiming CSA for getting “raped” in hs? no offense but like… yeah you’re technically a child in high school but i dont think anyone considers that child sexual abuse, it would just be sexual abuse. im pretty sure child sexual abuse is for children 13 and under cuz im pretty sure if someone rapes someone under the age of 13 their charges are higher cuz raping someone under the age of 13 is considered rape of a child or something whereas 14+ is just statutory. rape is horrible of course and just bc you’re 15 or something doesnt make it less horrible but child sexual abuse is something way different. when you’re that young, your brain’s still developing, you’re so young you might not understand what’s happening, etc, etc. tl:dr; if she’s claiming getting raped in high school is her excuse for her daddy ddlg dressing like a child kink, i see no correlation

No. 428146

she claimed she was raped in high school because she cheated on her boyfriend. they were the same age. it wasnt CSA. people have asked her about it and she first used to claim her mom abused her, than it was her dad. she's full of shit.

No. 428154

She looks high but xanax high.

No. 428182

File: 1511149779759.jpg (412.63 KB, 799x1001, Screenshot_20171119-234554.jpg)

so much for spending money on your hair that you freaked out about

No. 428321

I actually kinda like her makeup, her foundation doesn't looked caked on with her giant zits underneath

No. 428403

get an eye test anon

No. 428461

oh come on anon, it looks good for someone who isn't an IG makeup artist, mostly the foundation/contour, but there's hate by association so no matter how good or bad she looks, lolcow will only think it looks bad

No. 428467

I was thinking this too. I think the low quality camera really helps her out. She doesn't look half bad when her wrinkles/horrific skin/eye bags are blurred away.
The beanie also helps that shitty wig a lot

No. 428476

Honestly, same. I get the idea that it's lolcow and all, but I'm struggling to see what is so horrific about her makeup.

No. 428715


Even if her make up is slightly better than usual it doesn’t hide the fact that she looks like a haggard 40 year old drug addict.

No. 428757

not really, I know people like to bash her looks a lot, but take away her dirty laundry, if you saw her in the mall with that makeup, beanie hiding her wig, and a good outfit most people wouldn't think much of it/think she's average or just think she's some cute 20 something yr old or whatever, nothing to be raving about how she's some 40 yr old haggard druggie or whatever

No. 428775

File: 1511220457325.png (101.25 KB, 729x414, IMG_1886.PNG)

Ya not haggerrd at all.. lol

No. 428785

I'm sorry but agree to disagree. If I saw her I would think other things. I'll keep them to myself because they're not nice, but I will say she doesn't look like an average 20 year old. She looks desperate for attention. I think in person you would really see the fakeness/cheapness up close for what it really is.

No. 428788

File: 1511221030817.jpeg (274.17 KB, 750x1334, 93844DEB-4F88-4E63-8AA2-95AD6D…)


I’m sorry but if I saw this monstrosity in the street or in the mall I would definitely not think to myself that she’s a “”cute 20 year old””

No. 428792

she doesn't though… not everyone thinks girls who don't look like models are haggard drug addict cretins
cheapness, maybe, hence why I said if she was well dressed, but her features are really average and her skin just looks like a normal teen with skin problems skin would look, nothing to act as if she's some wrinkly old rasin covered in zits, her skin is looking better though compared to her old pics

some would say cute, some would say nah, but to act as if she makes peoples eyes bleed is just a stretch, maybe because I actually go out and don't think the second a girl has a few zits and dark circles she's some old disgusting hag, also stop samefagging, I don't thinks she's attractive however she's not hideous as people say she is and how people will obsess over looks if you even DARE say she isn't that bad looking

No. 428816

I am absolutely convinced she has herpes at this point. I can't think of any reason there would be so many so frequently? The ones on her mons look like something else, so I can buy that they are from shaving and irritation, but the raised sores on her ass and labia?

Herpes hurts like hell and you are most certainly NOT supposed to masturbate during an outbreak; yet another reason I think she has it and a reason why they won't heal. She must be in agony 24/7. If you are reading this Shay, go to the gyno. Or Planned Parenthood. or something, for the love of god


Agreed. She should keep trying/practicing more full-coverage looks like this. Of course it's not perfect but considering how washed-out her skin usually looks this is loads better

No. 428817

but you have to admit her wig is a hate crime

No. 428823

hahaa true, the hair color in general, her hair looks like a trailer park 12 yr olds in 2006 and bleach blonde hair + dark brown eyes is a super unappealing combo, she should stick with brown

No. 428824

This reminds me almost of cash me outside girl


No. 428827


I have to agree with the herpes point especially after seeing that latest screencap from her Christmas video.

No. 428830

could be one of a few things, shaving incorrectly, STD, the way she removes hair down their is wrong, etc, in some pictures it looks a bit like a rash I got when I wore some underwear that had fabric I was allergic to, also didn't she said she waxed? she could be getting a rash/allergic reaction to the wax as well, for her ass and labia, she might have shaved them to as well, whatever is causing the bumps she should really stop doing so

No. 428882

She may be an obsessive skin picker. dermatillomania or whatever.

No. 428933

whut? bleach blonde hair and brown eyes is unappealing? have you never seen britney spears?

No. 428934

I mean like it's not an appealing combo especially if you are like most people and don't have a god-tier face, it's okay if the person is already attractive but if the person is average it just makes them uglier, or someone who already has the combo can just dye their hair or wear contacts and it will look better

No. 428941

File: 1511231718666.png (13.94 KB, 260x604, sha.png)

1) She is used to bumfuck,MA and WA. Imagine when she gets out to Cali and actually sees all the gorgeous girls that are a million time more attractive than she is or ever will be. And girls that actually put effort into their appearance and dont have shit growing in and around their vag.
Also, she's said so many times before she hates being around girls that are smaller than her, or younger. All that competition would prob drive her nuts. Expensive? California is like every state where there are different areas with different prices. She always boasts about the money she makes how is this a problem? Imagine all she can afford is some rat infested roach motel.

2)200 paid raffle entries? Ha! She's such a liar! She struggles more than she lets on. I doubt she even has 20.

3) Does anyone even know why she moved to Seattle to begin with? I remember her asking if anyone lived in WA last yr. Who is she leeching from? None of the photos she's ever posted from the time she's been living there have looked any at all appealing. She wishes she had a traumatic childhood/life so bad so she has a reason to be a fuck up. The reality is more tragic, lying and saying you were abused by your loving mother because she wouldn't "accept her job as a cam girl". She's lucky she has family. A lot of SW's come from such rough backgrounds. The holidays can be a tough time of the year when you don't have family like she does. Who remembers that photo of her with her nipples and see through shirt from a family dinner?

No. 428947

>And girls that actually put effort into their appearance and dont have shit growing in and around their vag.

I beg to differ, have you ever actually been to cali?

> Imagine when she gets out to Cali and actually sees all the gorgeous girls that are a million time more attractive than she is or ever will be.

jesus christ why are you so obsessed with bashing her looks? she may not be the most attractive to you but keep in mind attractiveness is subjective, you sound like some incel obsessed with bashing some ugly chick and assuming she is jealous all the time

>Also, she's said so many times before she hates being around girls that are smaller than her, or younger.

never saw her said that before, but younger? she's only 19

No. 428948

I mean like it's the worse combo, it looks like shit on most people and the people who do have it would like a lot better without it like it

No. 428949


Blonde hair and brown eyes isn't unappealing. It's Shayna's FACE that is unappealing. She just has a weird looking face, that simple. I don't know if she would look good with brown hair though, maybe not dark brown, but a lighter shade with some highlights. She has very pale skin darker brown would make her look pasty and unhealthy-er.

No. 428955

Lol she's at 255 so much for the MV score of 90

No. 428957

File: 1511232964894.png (104.48 KB, 968x1039, Screenshot_2017-11-20-22-55-34…)

* forgot pic

No. 428958

She used to have mousy Brown hair when she was 18

No. 428966

She's gonna cry when she sees all the models, actors, people in show business. Shay said she wants to be a stripper in LA. She's gonna be around so many pretty girls she's not used to. Especially all the younger, tiny blondes. She hates competition. The deleted thread had the posts where she said it, how she hates being around younger and smaller/shorter girls. Shes 20. I seriously didnt even know she moved til like few months ago. I wonder if she knows someone there. >>428955 How did her takeover thing go? I thought she said she was in the front page or sumthing

No. 428972

>younger tiny blondes
considering she's 20, I doubt she will run into loads of strippers younger and smaller than her

>She's gonna cry when she sees all the models, actors, people in show business

I mean, I don't think she's attractive, but to say she is gonna freak out if she sees all the actresses in cali is a stretch, and like I said, you haven't been to cali, there's plenty of uggos there too, it's not some model capital, shayna will be fine

No. 428990

Not that anon but you sound like you are trying to defend Shayna.
You would be IMPRESSED how many young-looking strippers are over there. The age isn't a factor, literally nobody cares if shayna is 20 if she looks like a 35+ trailer park mom with a yeast infection. Also, I think anon it's not referring that California is a place of beautiful ppl only but to the fact that a lot of girls go over there because of the opportunities in sex work, so there's more competition: plenty of girls who know their sex business stuff so they know they have to take care the looks. Aaaand to the other side you have shay who isn't capable of doing a proper aftercare for her vagina even if that is vital for her work.

No. 428992

I don't like shayna, nitpicking here is just annoying and how most of the thread is about her looks rather than actual milk, which she has a lot of, it's even more annoying when the "someone said shayna wasn't ugly" police come in and go nuts even if someone implies she isn't that ugly, there's tons of uglies in cali, even in sex work, shayna will be fine

No. 429004

yeah there are uglies in Cali but are they as lazy as shayna? with her porn/body/hygiene shayna cuts corners and looks a mess. her videos are lazy, her ideas are boring and never worth the money.

No. 429011

File: 1511237517904.jpg (157.83 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_inline_ozqwu7p7nI1rbth7…)

she is an admittedly jealous person who says she is intimidated by girls shorter and smaller than her, and girls who are younger. you have to be 18 to dance in california. shayna is almost 21, yes, she will encounter girls younger. she will also be around a lot of very attractive girls in los angeles that she isnt used to being around being from rural massachusetts. if she ever does go there, she will most likely be intimidated by what she sees.

the deleted threads had so much milk on them. someone new reading this thread wont be tuned in to all the things that are shaygnar. anyone have any of the old milk? that was 2 full threads deleted. there were screenshots of several posts from her tumblr where she mentions wanting to be the youngest/smallest, not liking to be around and getting jealous of tiny girls and younger girls, and her and jess. where is the old milk about the ca/csa and rape where she lied about all of it? anything new with that?

No. 429017

Seriously though, who here has saved any of the important milk that is missing from this thread?

No. 429031

well then she always change
when? it's cali, there's gonna be a large diversity of dancers, not just 5 foot blondes with big tits, and then use it her lying and being gross, not "omg shayna is so ugly she is gonna be so jelly" type shit

No. 429048


Plwaae stop trying to pick fights with everybody who has a negative opinion of Shayna or her looks and contribute to the thread or leave. It’s getting boring.

Sage for nothing new.

No. 429052

File: 1511242498847.jpeg (162.68 KB, 750x1052, F8D141DB-4AE1-4C6E-8F17-027988…)


These are the pictures you mean when she went to her family thanksgiving dinner with her nipples purposely poking through her shirt. I feel bad for the family.

No. 429075

Her family is probably used to it by now haha

No. 429080

I'm not? I'm just responding

No. 429212

how she begs her followers for things is utterly pathetic, she is now asking if anyone lives in the OC. thats how she moved from MA to WA, she USED/USING one of her followers! she is leeching off some girl that lives in seattle all so she was able to be by this guy she was obsessed w/ that doesn't give 2 fucks about her now. she deleted all posts regarding her last move. she's also been creeping this thread.

No. 429219

I thought her WA roommate was male not female? Who was/is the guy she wanted to be near? And how do you know she's been lurking?

No. 429231

Anon, are you new? All that info and caps are in previous threads.

No. 429261

File: 1511273974467.png (223.9 KB, 492x604, bag.png)


That's how she got her barbie bag.

No. 429270

I'm pretty sure they asked where not how anon

No. 429272

No shit, it hghlights the previous post on how she asks/leeches for everything

No. 429273

File: 1511275826855.png (741.41 KB, 721x1329, bm.png)

She "broke the bank" buying that costume? I've seen that same exact one with different color combo for 60. And even if the costume was in the upper range of around 100/150 USD. She brags about how much she makes, she clearly lies and exaggerates. Also, I bet noone is participating in her raffle. 200 paid entries? Yea right.

No. 429312

File: 1511282512843.jpeg (64.75 KB, 640x223, 8E0D398C-2111-48CF-A22D-B8317F…)


No. 429392

File: 1511291047469.jpeg (198.03 KB, 750x1103, 50F269E8-9B45-44B8-A681-BF4998…)


No. 429393

File: 1511291116240.jpeg (230 KB, 750x1106, B9BF8F75-CAB0-472D-ACEC-155370…)


She gets called out for being dumb as hell and not having a clue what she’s talking about and then claims she was being sarcastic which she quite obviously was not.

No. 429397

Are you kidding me?? ?? it's fucking obvious she was sarcastic smh

No. 429437


She was being sarcastic about living alone, not about the price.

No. 429449

File: 1511294963844.png (10.97 KB, 260x204, IMG_6037.PNG)

No, she was being sarcastic about both. ??

No. 429457

I highly doubt she thought she could rent a whole house for $900 after making a comment like this.

No. 429465


She’s now deleted both of these posts.

No. 429471

File: 1511296442225.jpeg (693.8 KB, 2896x2896, 1511296381171.jpeg)

Theres no way Shes had 200 even at the cheapest option she would have made 2k. I doubt it

No. 429476

um, do you mean $200?

No. 429505

Uhm…. 10 multiplied by 200 is for sure 2,000…. lol

No. 429534

Yeah it is but where are you getting those numbers lol

Cheapest option is $50 for 50 raffle tickets. That is $ per ticket. 200 tickets equals $200.

No. 429537

Oh and if you're saying the cheapest option is $10 for 3 tickets then she would have made $666. So either way you're wrong.

No. 429595

File: 1511306280526.jpeg (92.7 KB, 747x514, 53BFCCF1-81B9-444C-845F-D8F6D2…)

Yet another thing that didn’t actually happen.

No. 429601

She acts like she's so special yet a lot of smoke shop employees give discounts all the time.

No. 429602

Oh wow, they gave out discounts that they are supposed to give out… wow… I've never gotten a discount at a smoke shop, not once…

No. 429642

I’m confused as to how she can buy shit in smoke shops when she’s underage. I’m 23 and constantly get carded but idk do certain states not card people?

No. 429643

Isn't the legal age for smoking 18?

No. 429646

I think most places it's 18 but some it's 21.

No. 429664

Smoke shops markup all of their stuff so when you check out and are given a discount you’re excited to come back. It’s a fairly common marketing tool. Lmfao if she isn’t given a discount every time she goes to a smoke shop they probably don’t want her to come back..

No. 429714

Her body looks good here. Too narrow in the thighs but her body looks pretty nice here.

That outfit is really awful, regardless of the wig.

No. 429948

The shit she chooses to blog about are so telling. She is deeply insecure and craves attention so bad. I mean, its nothing new, she herself says numerous times she loves attention and needs it, but this girl's daddy & mommy issues run so deep. It's ashame the last forum got deleted. That thread was actually interesting where people were actually analyzing her psyche, and contributing, rather than just picking apart her looks.

No. 430074


900 a month for a home in Cali?

Is….is she joking?

No. 430154

yes it was a joke. she also clearly said she was looking into it too. she's an idiot but I'm fairly sure she knows it's expensive. let's move past this
I agree. this thread is a shitshow. she's a terrible person, she's proven that time and time again but this thread is constantly just bashing on her looks and it gets boring

No. 430186


If you hate this thread so much why do you keep coming back and posting every day to say how much you hate it?

No. 430277

It's true This thread sucks lately there's no real milk just nit picking stupid shit

No. 430281

No one's forcing you to read it, there's plenty of other threads.

No. 430282

cali is a big place, it's probably not near the big cities though, in some places in cali it's cheaper to live than a lot of hick town


No. 430286

Good job bumping it then. Either learn to sage or just quit whining all together, tard.

No. 430288

Most every thread on this website is nitpicky bullshit, why are you here?

No. 430290

Did you see where on the listing you provided as an affordable example it said cash buyers only? Surely Shayna does not have access to that much cash.

No. 430291

File: 1511390250401.jpeg (77.01 KB, 748x339, 56F4ABD6-867E-48A6-A56D-F3FF0D…)

She’s been posting about how happy she is to be going home to spend time with her family for thanksgiving but as soon as she gets there she plans to apparently smoke enough weed to pass out. Sure sounds like she’s happy to be spending time with the family!

No. 430316


I can’t find the posts but I remember when she claimed she was allergic to weed.

No. 430322

File: 1511394179900.jpeg (266.62 KB, 750x1285, 06D43CCB-8C80-4DD0-8E4B-7A593C…)


This is the post I was meaning. She claimed that she was hospitalised for a weed allergy and that’s why she had to stop. A few months later and she is clearly smoking a lot again. All she seems to do is lie for attention.

No. 430489

"In girls of smaller stature"

No. 430517

>also didn't she said she waxed?
Bitch gets waxed every other day.

No. 430537

i am fucking screaming "throwing up blood" are you fucking kidding me.

No. 430552

>“as someone who’s only 100 lbs”
um yeah no way. not an anachan but if shes 5’4 or 5’5 or whatever and was 100 lbs her bmi would be considered underweight and nothing about her looks underweight. she just looks normal like 120-130 range, idk.

No. 430646

She definitely did gain weight (10-15 lbs at least) since this post

No. 430932

you don’t throw up blood from smoking weed ffs this girl is ridiculous

No. 430975

She's so full of shit. No one I've ever heard of has had anything close to this experience when quitting/taking a break, the worst thing is general nausea/irritability and difficulty sleeping (plus cravings because you want to lessen those symptoms). She always needs to be the most special and victimized person about everything, ever.

No. 431372

It’s because she’s painfully average in real life. she has to be the victim in order to make people think there’s something special about her worth striving for. but all that’s underneath is a bitter little girl who is unhappy with herself.

No. 431432

File: 1511567873042.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 506.76 KB, 1033x585, 39410DEA-C82A-4AB5-B5DF-492D2C…)

does anyone actually think she looks excited or sexy in this pic? because tbh she looks so unhappy just to even be there

No. 431654

File: 1511613805549.jpeg (268.49 KB, 750x1281, 242A38D3-C0FE-4637-ADAC-FE95FA…)

It looks like she’s staying with theropegeek again for a few days. She posted about being excited to spend the holidays with her family but spends like two days with them, posts about wanting to punch them in the face and goes to meet up with some creep from tumblr. No wonder her family hate her.

No. 431657

File: 1511613997794.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 68.25 KB, 424x754, 6B901225-97AC-4127-BA4A-4849C2…)

Those ropes are going to be doing nothing for the sores on her vagina.

No. 431684

She looks like a large cut of meat, like a beef joint wrapped in net for marinating.

No. 431693

So her family flew her out there so she can leave and go get tied up by a racist asshole? edgy?

No. 431713

Can you post what she said about wanting to punch her parents in the face?

Shayna is 20 years old now. It's way past time for the teenage angst to go.

No. 431769

she grew up in the MA suburbs, her parents had a full college fund for her that she refused, she’s privileged as fuck and her family is still supportive and nice to her even after they found out she did sex work. So WHY is she so mean to them? Does she just need to have family issues to fit her aesthetic or something?

No. 431809

File: 1511639588871.jpeg (46.26 KB, 750x331, 87E19A98-EEBB-4B93-8398-93116C…)


Doesn’t specifically say her parents but that’s who she was having thanksgiving dinner with. I’m assuming it will be her parents because she needs to constantly portray them as abusers.

No. 431813

Sage cuz unrelated but how is theRopegeek racist… he literally ties up black, Hispanic, Asian girls often.

No. 431815

File: 1511641106386.jpg (193.57 KB, 719x1280, fit.jpg)

I was wondering if her nipple exposure caused a problem again at this year's family thanksgiving dinner, but if this is what she wore then it's a step up from last year.

No. 431827

Her being "allergic" to weed is the fact she never fucking drinks water. She gets headaches and throws up because her body is literally dehydrated

No. 431829

File: 1511642506066.jpeg (199.48 KB, 750x1034, 4130C6B0-D135-4705-9F79-813D35…)

Honestly this makes me feel a little uneasy. As much as she’s dumb as hell I can’t believe she goes to meet random dudes from the internet for sex in exchange for pictures for her blog.

No. 431831

Even if that's not the first time with him

No. 431832

> adorable blonde 13 years

No. 431837

sorry, I was incorrect. Not racist, fatphobic and transphobic apparently. You can look up his tag on tumblr and find it. Apparently it was a whole hot mess that happened with him.

No. 431838

It’s uncomfortable for the last part, particularly. he makes it seem like some of what he’s doing isn’t consensual. creepy.

No. 431841

“A bag of pot” lol but shayna is like super allergic guyz

No. 431851

Disgusting. Remember the Las Vegas mass shooter terrorist who checked into one of those fancy hotels carrying bags of weapon guns and ammo? Yeah… this dude is a fucking creep and fuck him for thinking it's adorable for pretending to carry a concealed rifle in his duffel bag stuffed with pipes and other creepy ass shit.


No. 431870

File: 1511645352879.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 79.4 KB, 483x790, B56DE3BD-00DB-47E6-8464-504426…)

I’m not sure if she’s trying to be sexy with that face or if she genuinely isn’t enjoying herself.

No. 431874

Lol it looks like she’s trying to be sexy and innocent and it’s not working lmao

No. 431880

Her arm looks so disproportionate, like bigger than her thigh and ass.

No. 431883

Her face literally looks like Justin Bieber wtf

I think she's going for the deer in headlights/distressed bambi look?

No. 431888

>adorable blonde 13 years
Why? Just why? Disgusting.

>Her face literally looks like Justin Bieber wtf
Lmao, can't unsee it now!

No. 431892

Isn't she still on the east coast? Did she borrow her mom's straightening iron or buy a new one or what? She said on her blog she forgot to bring her straightener with her, hence the wavy hair earlier

No. 431894


She probably just lied for a little attention

No. 431897

Jesus that is not a good picture of her, not that she has many good photos but that one in particular makes her face look awful. Looks way too big for her body (Seriously why is her face bigger than her ass) the angle makes it looks like she has an awful double chin, a mustache, and her coloring is like a corpse. She really need to find a different hair color to bring back some life to her skin tone, she’s so washed out and has a gray cast to her skin. She should also really stop scrunching her forehead to try and give herself bigger doe eyes, she already looks so much older without giving herself constant forehead wrinkles.

No. 431900

no ass

No. 431902

Hank hill ass 4 lyfe

No. 431943

File: 1511651796097.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 56.3 KB, 679x382, 677BC67A-1B16-44EA-86BC-C11D04…)

Sorry about your face

No. 431945

The ropes around her hands were too tight. Her thumb looks purple. I think she's just genuinely discomfortable. Predicament bondage is meant to be unpleasant.

No. 431956

Sorry about your hair*
You can really see in this pic all the short pieces of hair and how much fell out from the bleaching disaster.

No. 431971

she looks ugly as fuck wow. wtf has this girl done to herself in the past year? her skin is pasty and lifeless, she’s getting a double chin, her hair is falling out. she looks like she doesn’t care.

No. 431988

Anyone got a photo of this ropegeek guy?

No. 431992

he covers his face to stay anonymous, so no.

No. 432124

he is so ~edgy~

honestly, her face screems 'someone came into the toilet when i was taking a shit'

No. 432153


13 years his junior, not 13 years old.

No. 432178

File: 1511702633565.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.54 KB, 719x1280, thelittleshay.jpg)

She looks like thelittlefae/kiefeon here and it's creeping me out.

No. 432180

File: 1511702908775.png (Spoiler Image, 183.47 KB, 725x609, nasty.png)

God you guys don't you see how EDGY she is. She's been living that kinky lifestyle since 12 years old. Anyone know what surgery she had that would have taken 8 hours? I always had a feeling she was not a well/healthy individual.

No. 432190

well first of all, they wouldn’t have given her knock out meds in her IV and then continued to let her play video games. especially at 12.

And once again, she’s probably just lying for attention. like usual.

No. 432191

also really creepy to be talking about how you felt, sexually, at 12. “I felt it in my cunt” like ew no one wants to hear about your 12 year old vagina except for pedos.

No. 432196

File: 1511708291622.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1162x1750, 0EFEB282-4DC1-47EC-84DC-426340…)

she just looks so disinterested, like please get this over with

No. 432197

File: 1511708344523.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 917.8 KB, 1242x1570, CF0588E3-0F83-4F1F-9EBC-FE6362…)

No. 432199

File: 1511708699477.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 120.56 KB, 679x1200, D1407B7A-7133-40EC-B12E-713AD8…)

No. 432203

Why does is not surprise me that rope geek guy wears cargo shorts. Also is it just me or she likes guys with stubby fingers?

No. 432204

Sausage fingers, ew.

No. 432207

she likes guys and girls with bulldog faces and sausage fingers. tbh it’s probably just a way to get people to be like “wow she’s hot next to him”

No. 432221

File: 1511715263979.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.13 KB, 402x379, 30264C7B-1904-4BCB-B0C9-3B0536…)

Another dress that obviously doesn’t fit, it’s so tight on her boobs that it’s made them all lumpy

No. 432222

File: 1511715371993.png (Spoiler Image, 3.02 MB, 640x1136, 42018224-B03F-41EB-A9D4-2CF29D…)

Also in her dabbing video she kept making this face like yeah that’s super cute

No. 432226

Why does she wear so much make up if she wanna look like a *~child~*, isn't that kinda counterproductive?

No. 432386

Because she has an ugly face. Have you seen her without makeup?

No. 432442

Going back to the whole ‘getting surgery when she was 12’ thing. Did you notice she doesn’t have any scars? She’s clearly lying for attention.

No. 432461

Is that bubblebath

No. 432473

Tonsils maybe?

No. 432475

That doesn't take 8 hours.

No. 432533

Can i see her dabbing video anon? Cant access page.

No. 432550


Shayna's pussy looks like a meth addict all its own. I swear it looks like she picks at those ingrowns.

No. 432648

When I first saw this girls tumblr a few yrs ago, I knew she'd end up either a prostitute or something close to it. This was before any nudes or even suggestive pics, she was dating Connor, she smoked weed, and even before her "first" kinky pic of her and her teddy bear. This was before her kink blog or any kinky thing. She just exudes this desperation, her old boyfriend kept her somewhat of a decent human being.

No. 432684

File: 1511784228351.png (235.08 KB, 640x1136, 91216948-26F9-4BC2-9F6F-F4E269…)


No. 432685

File: 1511784357683.png (231.89 KB, 640x1136, 11ED8157-68A3-4688-B209-5FC09B…)


>no one has ever called me unhealthy in the process of insulting my body

Are we sure she lurks here??

Also this is such bullshit. BP but I was a UK size 4 about 10 years ago and I could never find clothes that fit. Fuck off with this thin privilege shit, silly bitch

No. 432709


Nobody’s ever called her unhealthy because of her weight because she’s not unhealthily thin or skinny as much as she’d like to believe. She’s skinny fat. She has a sim build but she has chub and is not toned in the slightest. She only looks unhealthy because she’s unclean and looks like a meth head. It has nothing to do with her weight at all.

No. 432751

But anon, she is a ~smol~ princess uwu

No. 433035

The message I get when I read this post is Shayna bragging about how smol she is. We all know she shops in the childrens section and/or wears clothes 3 or more sizes too small. Additionally Shayna has contributed to this so called skinny privilege problem. How many times in the past has she whined about feeling fat/ugly and how she doesn't want people to mention her weight and about how she wants to be the smallest girl and is envious of girls smaller than her?

No. 433439

File: 1511841034542.png (18.37 KB, 564x236, 867565880909856454343.png)

She's always inflating her own ego, calling herself a goddess, flawless, or gorgeous, but it still can't hide her crippling insecurities, the fact she has nothing and noone, and she's still fucking broke. Like these posts she makes, who is she trying to convince? Her audience, or herself? Or convince her audience that she feels this about herself… to keep pushing that delusion that she's super confident and loves herself and her life, when she really cries about how ugly and alone she is across America because everyone in her town knows how big of a loser she is and how her pussy looks like a meth face.


Yep anon, that's exactly what she's doing! It's her way of perpetuating her delusions. She does it all the time.

Shayna does really lie a lot.

She's could've posted that because she was having a fat day and needed a quick pick me up.

No. 433461

Nice, now she's also trying to convince herself and her followers that she's pretty. We get it Shayna: you want people to be aware that you are naturally skinny and pretty. We'll just wait for a post next on how you have pretty privilege and that even though it's hard to be pretty, ugly people have it worse.

I also think she wants to put up a front that her life is just so good and her only problems are petty/meaningless shit like this that 99.9% of people can't relate to. She's just that special and edgy.

No. 433466

I'm pretty sure Shayna has trouble differentiating real life from porn. She also exemplified this when she previously posted about opening doors for pizza delivery without clothes

or the mail man catching her half naked outside

I'm sure there's more examples, feel free to add.

No. 433505


I definitely agree that she can’t differentiate between porn and real life. Some more examples are posting about wanting to fuck her roommate and masturbating when there’s a maintenance man doing work in her house.

No. 433626

File: 1511883223642.jpeg (197.9 KB, 750x1044, 575F9590-F1DF-4CE5-B544-AA37D7…)

This entire post and notes contradicts itself.

No. 433645

“I want to have daddy issues so badly, why did i have to have a great life I hate everything waaaaaa”

No. 433657

File: 1511887283042.jpeg (70.47 KB, 750x425, 82CA0BBE-3586-403E-B174-D2CBBD…)

Begging her followers for drug money again. She’s so ~edgy~

No. 433673

File: 1511889169256.jpeg (181.58 KB, 750x886, A56AE3BB-3D01-4B4B-8BD4-DDFC7C…)

On today’s episode of things that never actually happened.

No. 433746

what I get from her is, “I want to live a crazy sexual lifestyle, but I don’t want to deal with any of the consequences or risks that come along with that lifestyle”

she’s never dealt with any real serious risks or consequences in her life from decisions that she’s made. she’s extremely privileged, one example being she cheated on her boyfriend, cried rape, and got off the hook. she wants this crazy pornstar lifestyle that she sees on the internet, with none of the risks involved. she’s fucking stupid.

No. 433773

So why is it she's running on so little sleep? She's mentioned recently she can only sleep a few hours a night. Is it anxiety? Depression? Physical illness? Regret? Drugs? All of the above?

No. 433883

well it’s not because she’s working super hard and is up all night because of it lol

No. 434535

File: 1511993298501.png (121.49 KB, 750x881, IMG_2416.PNG)

Oh Shayna ur such a ~cute baby~ doesn't even need to eat. Much skinny so smol

No. 434629

Once again we see Shayna has a shitty diet and lifestyle. She gets too little sleep, practically no nutrition, takes dabs galore when she supposedly has a weed-related illness, admits to taking other drugs sometimes, doesn't wash regularly and gets infected skin and picks at it, bleaches her hair improperly and has it fall out in chunks, etc. The list goes on.

No. 434707

Beta hands

No. 434849

File: 1512028003896.jpeg (233.48 KB, 640x646, BD555B33-FA1F-4914-B663-48129B…)

No. 434850

File: 1512028112317.jpeg (347.66 KB, 640x840, 7FD0D9EE-F209-40B4-881D-4E5C39…)

She “feels bad”? Yeah right she lives to spend money like an idiot and then beg for more from people

No. 434880

Shayna: In just one vacation spends hundreds of dollars on dabs, getting her nails done, and shopping at the mall
"I tried so hard to be good about money"

No. 434881

Forgot to mention "vacation" was paid for/made possible by family (flight, free accommodations–didn't have to get a room or buy food)
She makes so much money being a sex work right? Let the bitch pay her own way or take public transportation. It'll be a humbling experience maybe.

No. 434886


Not to mention that they paid for her to come and spend the holidays with them and she spends most of the time trying to get strangers to buy her drugs and in a hotel with a creepy old dude from tumblr.

No. 434951

“I’m too good to take public transit so I need my customers to pay extra money for me to take private transit services cos I DEEESERRRVEEE ITTTTT”

No. 435727

File: 1512146753152.jpeg (115.32 KB, 720x696, DF81BC70-5D49-40A2-857E-95A8CD…)

Calls herself a cute, young, self made girl who sells videos but literally makes at least five posts a day begging for money for drugs, transport, cheap Amazon clothing, to cure her depression etc.

No. 435745

"Self-made"……… that term refers to people who've worked hard and as a result achieved wealth and success, something Shayna has not. Not even close.

No. 435831

she’s not self made, at all. she’s tumblr made maybe. but she literally started sex work when she realized she had a big following from having a stoner blog and that people wanted to see her naked. all she did was take that popularity and roll with it. her videos are shit quality, and you can tell she doesn’t care and isn’t trying when you watch them.

I’m actually pissed that she decided to act like she worked her way up from the bottom like shut the fuck up bitch.

No. 435941

File: 1512168217999.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 162.77 KB, 1242x552, 8E664038-8E85-43CE-9A78-36C942…)

dumb bitch gets sick and can’t even take care of herself enough to go out to get her own fucking medicine and needs others to do it for her. she is seriously pathetic.

No. 435956

when you treat your body like shit, you get sick. i love karma. i guess we'll see more begging than usual though since she will likely say she's too sick to cam/make videos or whatever it is she does.

No. 435964

“I’m sick from loading up on drugs when I was with my family and now I need other people to take care of me waaahhh waaaaahh waaaaaah”

No. 436367

File: 1512236532313.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 83.62 KB, 792x1152, AB134F8F-0781-4665-9B88-8AA01B…)

LOL her ass!

No. 436368

File: 1512236550892.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 88.91 KB, 723x1013, 36E6FACF-4183-45B5-9AB4-A15F3D…)

No. 436375

when you have no ass (only skinny fat) and rope man squeezes it all together in a lump for you

No. 436377

Jeeeesus it looks like a knee

No. 436379

Her hair looks like shit no wonder she always has it in pigtails

No. 436380

Looks like bread baking around twine.

No. 436470

File: 1512249107982.png (480.25 KB, 690x701, omg this wig.png)

Shayna visited her brown-nosing #1 fan Robin while back home in new england. Robin is not a true friend though, because real friends don't let friends wear shitty wigs!!! Especially not with a rachel dolezal-esque headscarf.

No. 436474

File: 1512249456505.png (372.02 KB, 397x683, 1.png)


No. 436476

File: 1512249496494.png (355.24 KB, 394x659, 2.png)


No. 436477

I’m so sorry to whoever pays money to see this shit

No. 436478

Her ass cheek looks like a fat chicks elbow lmao

No. 436482

No. 436561

File: 1512259388059.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 515.1 KB, 1242x1259, B6E4D551-2511-4A78-AE8C-89F3B5…)

the ER wouldn’t send you home if you were puking up blood. which means she’s a fucking liar and trying to make people feel bad so they give her money. that’s not being business savvy, that’s being absolutely pathetic Shayna.

No. 436562

File: 1512259443861.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 235.92 KB, 1232x964, 03DBC102-B9A0-45DD-BB30-715B17…)

and then she posts this right after. and people believe her. WOW, no shame at all.

No. 436564

File: 1512259747859.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 902.66 KB, 1213x1136, E717F9C7-5972-4C2D-AE5A-BF6B86…)

ya you’re supposedly puking up blood but dabs are appropriate.

No. 436570

Going to the ER is expensive. If she actually did go, who's paying her bill? Obviously not her.

No. 436578

she’s young enough to still be on her parents insurance if she wants. plus she doesn’t have any disabilities besides being socially retarded, so if she has insurance it’s probably state insurance or something really cheap. plus you can go to the ER and theyll just send you a bill.

No. 436581

but if she was actually puking up blood the ER wouldn’t just give her fluids and pain meds and send her home. honestly how stupid does she think people are?

No. 436604

Puking blood means eithier internal bleeding or a stomach ulcer, both are very serious and extremely severe. you wouldn't recover in four days. Plus legally a hospital would not release her if either of these things were happening, even if she wanted to be released because of liability, due to how serious puking blood is. And they definitely would not give her pain medication because putting strong medication in your body while having intense stomach issues is a serious no go. having to process that intense medication through your system could put more strain on you than help. youd think she would at least google that shit before she tries to lie about it.

No. 436606

If she got actual prescribed medication especially any kind of prescribed pain medication which is a controlled substance her friend would not be able to pick it up for her because you have to go in with your ID..

No. 436612

lol this entire faux sick story is just gold. she’s so stupid and so are her fans.

No. 436614

Good thing she’s dressed like swine cuz her house is a fucking pigsty

No. 436620


98% certain that is Robyn's

No. 436623

it’s not. Robyn doesn’t need a piggy outfit, she’s already a pig :) someone got shayna that off amazon.

No. 436625


they meant Robyn's house not pig outfit. but even so I'm not so sure it is Robyn's place, I thought she had shit all over her walls and darker carpet. so whose house is Shayna whoring herself out of now?

No. 436628

If she really did vomit a lot she could have burst some blood vessels in her throat which is not a serious problem but it would cause some blood streaks to appear. although it would be a complete exaggeration to say "i was puking blood"

No. 436680

Yeah I was talking about the house. But regardless of who’s it is, she’s advertising her snap in the caption. As far as sex work goes, I’d consider it pretty unprofessional to have a dirty background in a picture you’re using to promote your business…

No. 436751

Pain medication would make any sort of stomach ulcer much, much worse. You do not get pain meds when you have that kind of a thing going on… Trust me, my best friend has Crone's Disease and I have IBS, lol. That being said, her vomiting blood could be caused by something else but if the story is true, there is a high chance that, if it isn't an ulcer, it is something much, much worse. Her story is false and it's pretty sad that she has to lie to support herself. Puking blood is incredibly serious, like someone said before: the hospital would NOT send her home. They would be held accountable if something bad happened to her… That would be a lawsuit and a half. So that's just a complete and utter like. Ridiculous.

No. 436764

What a coincidence, I've just been released from hospital after I had a severe bleed in my stomach from an ulcer (caused by longterm use of pain meds). They do give you meds to lower acid production in your stomach but they take several days to actually work. I was in immense pain, couldn't eat or drink for days and was mainly drifting in and out of consciousness.
No fucking way she had a stomach bleed and it was all magically healed by some meds.

No. 436825

She could be sick from the many STD's she contracted. This girl's so dirty, imagine all the shit living and growing on the countless objects she shoves in her vag. Ugh, and those nails, those nails alone! Nurses aren't even allowed to wear acrylics/gels because of how unsanitary they are, all those germs and bacteria living embedded in the nail/glue.

She prob needs to take a shower again… didn't she get sick last time she was smoking and not showering?

No. 436827

With Shayna… it could even be Munchausen syndrom. She is definitely someone who would fake illness to gain attention and sympathy. She prob wanted to feel cared for. She's fucked up/ desperate enough to go to the hospital to get that kind of attention, maybe she was hoping for another experience like she described with her medfet.

No. 436842

Lol that’s not true. Plenty of nurses wear fake/acrylic nails. dirt and bacteria don’t get embedded in the nail when they’re getting done? but you can definitely get embedded dirt under your nail and forget about it or not notice it if they’re super long.

No. 436847

File: 1512311724423.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 240.31 KB, 960x1280, A5917A87-4AF0-46E3-9F84-443531…)

do…do people find this attractive?

No. 436862


As a nurse I have to disagree and say that acrylic, fake or painted nails aren’t allowed not only for infection control but because they can look very unprofessional.

No. 436865

it could be a state law, not a federal one. but whatever, the point is is that shayna is gross.

No. 436917

Agreed. In the U.K. you’re not even allowed fake or painted nails if you work with food, because of bacteria and/or chance of it ending up in food. I’d be surprised if the medical profession wasn’t as strict.

No. 437021

pics or it didn't happen. also where's the medfet story to accompany this, what i would assume to be, super sexy hospital visit?!!

No. 437029

With Shayna being such a sex-postive and sexually open person, has she ever posted about getting tested? Or even re-blogged anything relating to the subject? It's important for everyone but doubly so for sex workers.

No. 437078

Except for the fact that she’s not a fssw, and fucking yourself with dildos doesn’t contract STDs. You don’t get an STD from masturbating. She also doesn’t do any mainstream porn or work with other porn actors or studios. She literally just sits in her room and films herself masturbating in different outfits. You can’t get an STD if you barely ever leave the house, and if no one wants to fuck you cos you have infected sores on your pussy from not washing. I’m 99% sure any sensible man would see that pussy up close and be like “nope fuck this bye”.

No. 437095


The rope geeks post insinuated that they fucked last weekend.

No. 437150

Screencap? I guarantee he fucks very few of the girls he ties/shoots. Not even saying this in a mean way. In the rope community sex is rarely the main goal/drive (outside of established partners/primary partners). People get together to tie and do kinky shit often, but it rarely means they fuck.

No. 437152

you don’t just say a statement like that and not have a post to back it up bro

No. 437177

No. 437221

nothing about that insinuates intercourse, bro

No. 437302

File: 1512347528328.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 104.83 KB, 669x1016, 8BA8433F-90EE-4C43-82B9-3294EC…)

lol that ass though. that shit is embarrassing.

No. 437308

That ropework on the lower half and makeup is so unflattering. Maybe just because she's chubby and ugly though.

No. 437317

Maybe I’m not eating disordered enough, but I wouldn’t call her chubby. I think she just doesn’t have any muscle mass. She’s average with a high body fat %.

No. 437322

she is naturally thin and eats mainly junk food, when she does eat. things like candy and coffee and cheetos and shit.

No. 437323

File: 1512349735148.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 113.23 KB, 634x950, 7A1E2651-4A2A-42CF-A148-B57588…)

someone fix her 36-year old Mom face please. how can anyone find this flattering or worth spending money on?

No. 437442


Depends where, any nurses that assist in OR, burn unit, and especially *neonatal nurses aren't allowed to wear acrylics or fake nails. Dirt, germs, bacteria DO get stuck and embedded, not when you initially get them done, but by the dirt build up between the nail and acrylic/glue/gel. The adhesive/acrylic naturally lifts and pops off little by little and the space it creates is a breeding ground for the most disgusting shit ever. You can scrub your hands, antibacterial soap, even hydrogen peroxide, nothing will get to all that crud hen you have a fake set on.

Makes sense why she always has an infection, or how come her outbreaks never seem to clear up. Hygiene, it's a simple concept, but a very important one Shayna has yet to grasp. Must be her depression, even simple tasks, teeth brushing, washing hands, face, showers, seem to go the way side. But this has been an ongoing issue for her.

With Shayna, I don't think that girl even cleans her toys. She took a trip somewhere and took a photo of her suitcase and her vibrator was stored with her filthy shoe bottoms directly on them. An anon had posted the picture. When she cams, you can always see her picking at her toys trying to get little bits of dirt off, and picking stuff out of her mouth. Especially for doing anal, she needs to get toy cleaner, specialized solution for intimate toys, glass, her licking/sucking makes it even worse with her saliva.

No. 437540

Nurses and doctors shouldn't be wearing acrylic/fake nails. Anyone working in health or food services SHOULDN'T be, that's not to say they don't. Not all medical facilities are the same, but having fake nails is a safety hazard. So, that person isn't lying, but like I said, policies are different everywhere. In my opinion, faux nails are incredibly unsanitary. I have yet to see a nurse with anything but PAINTED real nails.

No. 437543

God, shut the fuck up and kill yourself. Nobody cares about your stupid opinions. I hope you get banned for blogposting without saging. Retard.

No. 437547

File: 1512392901514.jpg (71.97 KB, 680x671, e2e.jpg)

>trump jokes are hilarious and topical
>racism and anti semitism is our brand
>dat edge

go back to /pol/ faggot

No. 437548

>thread designed for opinions
It's not though, you are a newfag if you think all threads here are designed to post our opinions, any threads on /pt/ or /snow/ are designed to talk about cows, we don't give a shit about opinions here.

No. 437551

>Lolcow is a 4chan clone.
No it isn't, retard. Go back there.

No. 437552


relax, anachan

No. 437556

File: 1512394246870.jpg (62.8 KB, 250x323, 1512076489660.jpg)

>you are just mad

Fuck off virgin, you are just butthurt we criticise someone you could potentially fuck, if you are not Shay, of course. Also her face looking old is a fact, not an opinion. Her genes and lifestyle contributed so her face looks fucked. But of course you think it's okay because you would bang a fleshlight on a broom already.

No. 437567

Did you find out about being controversial this week so you need to be at every moment?


>defending stupid snowflake whore

Just goes to show you are a mangina soyboy.

No. 437578

seriously can we get a farmhand up in here to clear away the chicken shit?

fuck off with your edgelord bullshit

No. 437584

lol seeing you trying to sound smart while being extremely pedantic and trying to assert dominance in a place that doesn't belong to you is really pathetic

No. 437589

Holy fuck, I think this is some of the most embarrassing shit I've seen on this site. I'm scared this is what I sounded like when I was an edgy teen…

No. 437608

lol all his comments are already gone, farmhands are doing really good lately!

back on topic though does anyone know whats been happening with shayner lately? shes been so boring is she still doing the weird ageplay shit?

No. 437655

File: 1512407979364.png (Spoiler Image, 325.21 KB, 719x1280, EA1B9788-BD4B-4C26-99F5-44C506…)

She always acts like everyone is out to get her cos she’s such a pure soul that never hates on anyone.

No. 437658

File: 1512408305324.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 56.68 KB, 640x360, 4E9B6186-C924-4D56-A8B6-487560…)


No. 437663

why did you spoiler these??

No. 437664

who fucking cares

No. 437676

Why did you not sage this??

No. 437679

I like how she's tryna style the whispies like they're bangs and the hoop earrings just make me crack up. 10/10 goofy!!

No. 437761

File: 1512419399790.jpeg (102.89 KB, 750x697, B47C319A-C3DF-472E-9585-2465A8…)

Do we think she’s reading this thread again?

No. 437836

File: 1512429115880.jpeg (132.93 KB, 750x589, F9665B42-3BDD-4CFF-BE9A-D352B1…)

Yes because I’m sure somebody who was rushed to the ER for vomiting blood a couple of days ago would be doing this.

No. 437867

lol, but remember the magical pain pills made everything all better! it fixed her puking blood and made her all better in 12hrs ?

No. 437885

The magical pain pills that someone else was magically able to pick up for her without her or her id present lol

No. 437937

File: 1512437483862.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 153.43 KB, 1225x482, 22B158BF-0502-4C1A-BDAE-2349CE…)

Can someone explain what’s gross and/or medfet about a girl masturbating and playing with a children’s plastic doctor set? What about that is medfet at all?

No. 438333

File: 1512499766898.jpeg (107.13 KB, 750x802, DED505F2-4451-42E2-AC8A-254CB3…)


The answer to your question is yes. She’s still doing the weird ageplay shit and is probably worse now than ever.

No. 438386

I hope she gets diaper rash and a hemorrhoid

No. 438405


She probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between that and her sores anyway. She also seems to be talking to a new guy drugmonsters. Does anybody know anything about him?

No. 438433

He’s just another sadistic tumblr dom that thinks he’s hot shit cos he plays with knives and owns a pistol and snorts cocaine. sooooo edgyyyy

No. 438435

Does he have sausage fingers?

No. 438446

No. 438510

I actually didn't mind his blog until I saw that they spoke. Do you think he knows about how fucked up she is? Someone should alert him.

No. 438530

Many people use the term "STD" loosely, but based off what people have said about her hygiene (including but not limited to lack of washing her toys/self, plus those nails..), I would not be surprised in the least if she has chronic yeast infections (also, those can occasionally be deeper within the vagina and less detectable). These also are produced from tight clothing, poor diet, stress, and other things. The vagina is very fickle with its bacterial balance.
Obviously she needs to see a gyno no matter what. Shit aint right.

Serious pain meds generally all have a shared potential side effect of nausea, so the only way I could see them giving her something like that is after supervision and ensuring the nausea was resolved, and then under continued supervision. Doctors don't like freely prescribing controlled substances, and she already looks like she's strung out, so…
Going to also call bullshit on that story.

No. 438531


If he associates with scum like her then he’s gone down in my ranks too

No. 438553

lol guys she’s on cam with her stupid wig

No. 438599

File: 1512521700286.png (Spoiler Image, 379.87 KB, 611x463, shayna clause.png)

Shayna Clause got some butt bruises

No. 438609

File: 1512522087589.jpg (Spoiler Image, 498.19 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_10112017_2059_MyFre…)

Her real messed up hair looks better than that crap wig,dunno why she wears it.

No. 438616

File: 1512522295037.png (240.08 KB, 427x362, wig.png)

The big wig reveal

No. 438619

Like at least watch a fucking YouTube tutorial on how to style a wig, it’s really not difficult.

No. 438622

someone spanked Hank Hill

No. 438629

File: 1512522740044.png (Spoiler Image, 235.8 KB, 394x366, bruises.png)

No. 438636

Y'all ever do dumb shit n end up with bruises that could pass as "kinky"? That's how I feel this looks.

No. 438643

Doctors don't prescribe pain medication for people who are puking blood unless theyre in an immense amount of pain, even then they would probably give them IV pain meds. Also, she definitely has some sort of infection and I was thinking it was chronic yeast infection as well. Which is spreadable as if it WERE an std as well. You aren't supposed to be having sex with anyone… And she shouldnt be using any of her toys… That's how that reoccurs… It lives on her toys and she keeps getting infected with the same exact thing. She also probably has the same bacteria living underneath her nails. I understand why accepting that you could possibly have an STD is scary, and I understand why she may have never gone to the gyno… But if she is going to be working with other people, she could be spreading it around without even knowing it. Yeast infections aren't considered an STD, but they, like I said, spread around like one. Even if she has herpes,that happens to people and I'm not judging her for having it, I'm judging her for her irresponsibility and carelessness when it comes to her infection. People like her are the reason why STDs spread around. You can't keep living in a fantasy world acting like you don't have a serious infection going on. She could get herself medication that would help her pain and symptoms, but instead she wants to be irresponsible and immature about it. People get STDs, it happens. That doesn't make someone dirty. What Shayna is doing is what makes someone dirty.

No. 438707

File: 1512525191090.png (Spoiler Image, 212.14 KB, 409x310, 1.png)


No. 438709

File: 1512525253112.png (Spoiler Image, 498.78 KB, 717x539, 2.png)


No. 438711

File: 1512525300280.png (Spoiler Image, 501.58 KB, 716x536, 3.png)


No. 438713

File: 1512525376215.png (Spoiler Image, 261.14 KB, 452x523, howdy.png)


No. 438725

She is such an example of being slim doesn't necessarily make you hot.

No. 438727

ew what's up with the lesions? is she poz?

No. 438740

File: 1512526012174.png (Spoiler Image, 349.37 KB, 473x357, YAAAAAAAAARG.png)


No. 438755

File: 1512526484483.jpeg (55.13 KB, 1280x720, A348FC96-3DB2-4CEB-A338-4ED0E3…)

yarrr harrr fiddle dee dee

No. 438794

File: 1512530581110.gif (1.55 MB, 293x218, BCC8E151-58BE-40AB-9638-8E2BBC…)

this looks so janky

No. 438797


The bruising? Possibly from her recent rope bondage session?

No. 438798


she said something about being bitten by someone for sexual pleasure. idk it's hard to listen to her talk.

No. 438817

I can’t stand that fucking baby voice she does

No. 438904

does she have leprosy????

No. 438964


She also posted about meeting up with some girls like two days after the ~rushed to the ER for puking blood~ episode.

No. 438967

File: 1512559230981.jpeg (114.33 KB, 455x720, 24972B45-9B5A-4C4A-A2FC-167AB5…)

How she looks without the excessive make up and editing.

No. 438968

File: 1512559288328.jpeg (161.46 KB, 720x960, 4E69BE92-0047-4B4B-8B7D-75EC1F…)

When she’s not taking her own photos and not in charge of the editing of them she doesn’t look like the ~smol skinny baby~ that she pretends to be.

No. 438979

The derp is almost kind of endearing. I prefer this shayna.

No. 438984

Definitely this. She she looks much more cute and approachable

No. 439008

File: 1512568564506.jpg (72.57 KB, 486x309, IMG_7695.JPG)

No. 439071

She looks average. Just average. Which is what she is. She wants everyone to believe she’s special and creative and interesting. But she’s just painfully average.

No. 439124

She's just your typical privileged white girl who wants to pretend she's edgy and troubled for attention. Someone called her trailer trash on her tumblr and she agreed.

No. 439147

well yah cos being a trailer trash dumpster slut and calling yourself a whore is super EDDDGGGyyyyy

No. 439285

File: 1512592259454.png (Spoiler Image, 338.79 KB, 355x655, psychic.png)

Naked fortune teller aesthetic with bonus skin spots

No. 439347

I’m not even sure what this aesthetic is

No. 439376

File: 1512603555743.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 64.54 KB, 640x360, 9F702CBF-1779-4756-BDC4-A67385…)

30 year old cool Mom strikes again. And forgets where a natural hairline should be.

No. 439466

File: 1512609105202.png (Spoiler Image, 635.43 KB, 798x557, before.png)

She's on MFC vaping and just agreed to drink half a bottle of wine for 200 tokens.

No. 439619


So that she'll get $400 to empty the bottle with the tease that she will fuck the bottle when it's empty.

No. 439642


200 tokens is only $19.99 so she’s get $39.98 to finish the bottle.

No. 439664

I thought 200 tokens is $10 for the model. She posted on tumblr that she sold her soul to the bottle of wine for $10.

No. 439670

Models are paid 5 cents per token.

200 tokens means Shayna gets to keep $10 (before taxes), while MFC keeps the other $10 since the person had to pay $20 for the 200 tokens.

Shayna is willing to get piss drunk and stick a bottle up her cunt for $20.

No. 439675

slaying that neanderthal hairline

No. 439687

File: 1512652513257.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 236.87 KB, 1242x744, DA0356E0-298A-4DFC-A4C9-3BFA6F…)

Never 4get that she was a ~super serious~ findom for like 2 days. but calling her miss is too much for her. such a convincing findom.

No. 440118

File: 1512713199766.jpg (42.62 KB, 500x375, tumblr_p0lsezXxXy1rmiw96o1_500…)

She is charging for Skype dates now. I doubt anyone is going to do this, especially when she already does interacts for free in her chat when she cams nude shoving highlighters and bottles begging for tokens on mfc. I wonder if anyone's even participated in her raffle.

No. 440122

File: 1512713968635.png (35.86 KB, 517x542, 3636646-39857677-9988747.png)

This actually makes me LULZ.

No. 440126

File: 1512714276954.png (15.05 KB, 255x403, 6387650112.png)

That sounds pretty close to her.

No. 440144

The esthetician that waxed her is either new or a dumb ass. I used to wax coochies, and if ever anyone's skin looked this bad we would refuse service until their skin didn't look irritated.

No. 440294

File: 1512750300471.jpg (91.96 KB, 421x750, IMG_7780.JPG)

Where to even begins with this

No. 440309


sage for late af, but this is because she has NO muscle tone whatsoever.

My real issue is with the rope artist. Why did he do this? I'm sure he knows how to work with many different body types, including skinny-fat flab, so you think he would have done something more flattering on her.

No. 440318

Damn I didn't know Shayna was a clown on the side!

No. 440321

What is happening with her upper lip/teeth in this one? I'm seriously confused.

No. 440346


Will those bruises remain through the new year?


It's like she's pulling her lip over her teeth for a blowjob.

No. 440496

File: 1512769522074.png (80.45 KB, 366x641, drama.png)

Shayna is trying to stir up some drama once again and ended up getting called out by another online sex worker for her apparent genital infection. Shayna posted about it to garner sympathy but she just looks like a total jackass and draws even further attention to her unsightly bits.

No. 440544

I love irony cause Kiefeon is just as disgusting as Shayna.

No. 440912


Nobody’s as disgusting as Shayna but once again Shayna is playing the victim and getting people to send anon hate to keifeon including (which I think was actually shayna) calling her trans

No. 440978


Her attempts to hide hairline with headbands are ridiculous. Nobody wears headbands like this, Shayna.

No. 441088

File: 1512851736357.png (468.97 KB, 750x1334, 12BA9970-5EDB-43F5-988C-0D898A…)

….so who’s going to tell her…

No. 441089

File: 1512851739710.jpeg (362.4 KB, 750x1179, 25983ABA-3F15-465F-ADBD-728A07…)

She goes on about how her mental health is bad and she has depression and anxiety or whatever because of her ~traumatic childhood and rape~ but uses the term psycho to describe somebody else.. Nice one Shayna.

No. 441099

Omg thank you literally just screen capped this to post it here.. SHAY U R ONE OF THOSE GIRLS.

I really used to root for her and sincerely thought about messaging her about vaginal health and how to be a better SW but like… she’s just so confusingly deluded…

No. 441131

It should be sadbaffoon to tell Shayna that she is OBVIOUSLY included in that exact group she described. What would make Shayna think she's not? Denial much?

No. 441269

File: 1512871863436.png (77.18 KB, 987x804, Screenshot_2017-12-09-18-09-11…)

She claims to be sick pretty often. Maybe if she ate healthier?

No. 441317

Could someone re-upload her videos to Dropbox?(no)

No. 441361

no, fuck off

No. 441655

Maybe if she just learned to take care of herself instead of drinking alcohol while you’re sick. that’s basic fucking knowledge.

No. 441658

File: 1512934067731.jpeg (509.87 KB, 1242x1990, CD6F2545-A1A7-4D7B-87EA-B2B61F…)

Check her newest word vomit. She doesn’t understand that ALL sales job are competitive. Sex work is a fucking SALES JOB. sex work is not around to empower women, that’s what feminism is for.

No. 441661

also it’s totslly “empowering” calling someone who doesn’t agree with you a pathetic bitch ass that’s insecure about her work because she “makes” it a competition. Sex work is a sale job making it a competition. I hate how she puts on this “I’m so positive and love all sex workers” facade and then the second someone disagrees with her or proves her wrong it’s “well you’re just jealous and hate all sex workers and just don’t understand” and turns herself into the victim. Someone please destroy this stain on sex work.

No. 441690

File: 1512937947738.jpeg (258.69 KB, 750x1140, 2089AFD5-395F-493A-95E6-DF8941…)

I guess she wasn’t getting enough sympathy from being ~bullied~

No. 441741

How is she always so surprised when people call her out on her shit? It is the internet, she has a large following, and she constantly stirs up drama/controversy.

No. 441751

Kek guess not cause she deleted it

No. 441830

Her drama free holidays sure didn’t last long (not like we expected it to)

No. 441833

lmao yep I’m so jealous of a broken, sad, ugly, syphillis riddled whore living in a basement hitting herself in the face for disgusting old men.

Shayna, no one has any reason to be jealous of you. We lead fulfilling lives. The depressing, hollow existence you scrape from your puss filled pussy is just a horrorshow we enjoy while in the bath, during our breaks at work or school. I feel bad for you that you’re so delusional, so set in your own self destructive ways that you are incapable of realizing how pathetic your own life is.

No one is obsessed. Do you realize that lolcow is made up of hundreds of people who pop by once a week to check in on the dumpster fires of the internet? You’re barely a blip on the radar. You’re just a cautionary tale.

No. 442321

File: 1513030864476.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 82.47 KB, 749x493, 134716C3-2699-4F82-A0F1-2873AE…)

She’s on cam right now with that awful wig looking bored as hell, listening to depressing music and not saying a word.

No. 442509

File: 1513054291970.png (Spoiler Image, 863.33 KB, 637x1237, 0293.png)

I wonder if she ever thinks about the real pedos who follow and resort to her. She promotes a lot of fucked up shit. All to be "edgy" because she can't compete with a lot of other girls in that field without some fucked up gimmick like pretending to be a child. She is literally a bottom feeder. Pandering to the lowest of the lows, and for what?…
( >>434880 >>434850 >>434849 )
She lies so much, and boasts she makes bank, but she has to beg for money cuz she's too broke and has to take the bus? LMFAO. If you're already naked showing off your diseased holes dressed like a pig, dog, and reindeer pissing on the floor to the entire internet and you're still broke… LOL. I feel sooo bad for her sometimes. She's such a joke. Shayna probably thinks having 1,000 is rich. No real investments, no savings, just a bunch of cheap clothes and discounted toys from amazon and dumb jokes about fucking people's dad's to hide the pain and fact that she's been replaced by her very own.

No. 442757

File: 1513102173898.png (Spoiler Image, 565.35 KB, 612x667, trash.png)

She absolutely thinks about the pedos who follow her. She depends on them to pay her bills and thus markets directly to them. Trash attracts trash.

No. 442771

Ever notice how she only ever does anal? I bet her vag is so infected that she can’t put anything in there and so she pretends like anal is the only way she gets off to make her seem more interesting

No. 442807

File: 1513107767989.png (Spoiler Image, 2.04 MB, 1334x750, CDD2504B-950B-4896-BBD4-9EF8CF…)

I’m sorry but how can this not be painful?

No. 442812

It's gotta be painful. This is precisely why keifeon said she hopes shaygnar gets her genitals fixed lmao.

No. 442816

She looks like the witch from brave here or tangled tbh lol

No. 442819

yah it's because of her hook nose and evil smirk

No. 442891

That honestly says a lot about her character. She’s so desperate for attention that she’s willing to cater to the lowest of the low in society to get it. It’s fucking disgusting.

No. 442929

She could do a poll any day where one option included an appeal to pedophiles and that one would win because of who her customer base is.

No. 443120

I would absolutely believe that. It probably hurts like hell to even touch it.

No. 443414

i didn't think men were stupid enough to waste their money on porn like this. i mean sure pedophiles, but like it is so bad. you'd think that it'd be better but it's all bad settings and so so fake.

No. 444656

File: 1513365512317.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 86.17 KB, 422x750, F8D4AEE8-FF70-49B6-AD3E-E62FDE…)

…. Her hair

No. 444761

A rabbit would happily live in that bed of straw

No. 444802

File: 1513376157661.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 4884E429-1DA7-4484-A978-206FD1…)

Her straw hair still looks better than this wig.

No. 444970

File: 1513392449380.png (Spoiler Image, 458.48 KB, 458x761, fun peeps.png)

I'm really glad Shayna recovered from the cannabis disease she used to have.

No. 444972

File: 1513392539837.png (Spoiler Image, 466.71 KB, 467x795, danger.png)

PSA: Don't do this.

No. 445004

she looks like an actual goblin… who finds this sexy

No. 445248

She should drop the baby thing and go into milf porn.

No. 445509

File: 1513468510050.jpeg (197.31 KB, 1242x588, E2D0FC54-52FA-4DFB-9405-4FA73E…)

once again on things that never actually happened

No. 445510

File: 1513468610686.jpeg (227.96 KB, 719x1280, 3FFE3655-5BF8-4A9B-B393-C3202D…)

where her hips at tho? tryna talk about how she has a booty and shit bitch shut the fuck up, skinny cunt.

No. 445512

File: 1513469103688.jpeg (989 KB, 1242x2119, CFC2A6CC-C776-4D0B-8BD6-35674A…)

“I’m upset that people give me money for no reason and then those same people JUDGE me for how I spend it!” shut.the fuck.up. you privileged. cunt.

No. 445516

so it’s not adorable and edgy to call yourself psycho anymore? its now an insult? Okay shayna.

No. 445518

File: 1513469711142.jpeg (271.13 KB, 1242x840, 8C44D2E8-60FA-4772-B8F3-F63F9F…)

she thinks her content is genius you guys. omfg.

No. 445520

deciding what to do with your video on the spot usually doesn’t make for good content. ever. unless your Robin Williams or an amazing improvisation artist, then no. also no one wants to hear cute rhyming while their watching porn? that’s fucking weird.

No. 445601

Her [facial] bone structure looks sick here though. It makes me think she could actually be quite interesting looking if she took care of herself.

No. 446032

File: 1513550488914.jpeg (133.93 KB, 1242x668, A4BB914C-4C24-48B7-8280-F9F9CA…)

Hey guyz, being gay isn’t edgy anymore, not using labels is what’s cOoooooOOOOL now.

No. 446312

File: 1513566781965.jpg (56.95 KB, 540x540, shaynta.jpg)


No. 446602


…she can't possibly think anything in this photo actually looks good, can she? is she going to be filming a video dressed like this?


this isn't a bad pic tbh, she looks so much better without the wig and tacky ageplay clothing. doesn't look as aged either when she dresses normally compared to when she tries to be baby barbie. take notes, shayna

No. 446660

this is the tackiest thing omg. and not tacky in a cute way.

No. 446661

it’s just the shadows, her face isn’t that chiseled.

No. 446790

I'm sure the amazon photo looked way better than the actual product she received. There are good looking "sexy santa" outfits out there. This is not one of them. It looks like a child constructed it with felt and hot glue.

No. 446837

I’ve seen the same outfit at Walmart, meaning she saw how tacky it looked and bought it anyway

No. 447157

File: 1513648657675.png (Spoiler Image, 358.96 KB, 592x476, asshole.png)

She really did this. Spoiler because picture of her asshole.

No. 447162

File: 1513648808737.png (52.86 KB, 585x244, poll.png)

Latest twitter porn poll. I'm betting on alien nymph because of her customer base.

No. 447174

File: 1513649252347.png (Spoiler Image, 616.89 KB, 879x501, lmao.png)

Somebody caption this.

No. 447199

just gonna change the outfit and call it futuristic? so creative.

No. 447200

It would be way too nice of me to compare this to IT

No. 447206

White trash clown porn?

No. 447214

ICP: Insane Clown Pussy

No. 447231

wait is she supposed to be a reindeer? this just looks like weird clown porn.

No. 447235

She keeps calling this her paindeer video or whatever but this chick couldn't even go down to the dollar store and pick up a cheap pair of red Christmas antlers? This is some weird clown porn for sure

No. 447294

Man, I hope this chick can figure herself out and be happy one day. The way she acts is not at all how she truly is and you can tell. She'd be happier with herself and her life if she would just… Be herself. She doesn't need to try to be this "Bambi bimbo" constantly. Separate your porn image from your day to day one. She clearly isn't happy. I really do wish the best for her..

No. 447336

File: 1513658185846.png (37.66 KB, 464x394, Screenshot_2017-12-18-20-36-09…)

No. 447610

File: 1513688585516.jpeg (45.43 KB, 750x471, 8CFFA654-250A-4862-816C-849FF7…)

don’t even think she can afford to feed herself at this point

No. 447669

File: 1513698535753.jpeg (73.21 KB, 421x750, 1DE47E9C-E232-4214-A442-11D65C…)

No. 447726

It's sad to watch this girl make a fool of herself. She's much like a train wreck that you can't look away from. And truthfully, she has potential..if only she picked a different aesthetic and carried herself better and got her coochie taken care of…worked out a few times a week…she could really be cute and probably take in a lot more money. I don't know why she and a few other.cam girls sells themselves shirt like this..like, if you're going to be a sex worker, cool , that doesn't mean you have to be so crikey and gross about it

No. 447727

^sorry for the typos but I'm sure you catch my drift

No. 447738

It’s becasue she doesn’t understand that sex workers can be more than dumpster fires.

No. 447743

This is the same bitch talking about how anons are jealous of her cause shes stuffing her ass for cash, but shes e-begging for a fucking pizza
Not shoes, clothes, luxury items etc
Just a single domino's pizza will get you a porn video from some sad probably high off her broke ass e-hooker,

No. 447755

She calls herself successful yet has admitted she has no money saved up or invested. She just spends it all.

No. 447757

I think the sad truth is that she doesn't believe she's capable of being anything more than a fool, so she plays into this whole persona to her detriment.

No. 447859

File: 1513712504541.jpeg (868.31 KB, 1242x1850, 836F8804-DA67-4BBF-9B3C-3E8A7B…)

yah a TSA agent isn’t going to freak out over sex toys. TSAs are probably the most unemotional people ever. Sex toys aren’t gonna make them blush, honey. #thingsthatneverhappened

No. 447877

it's true i was there and everyone was clapping

No. 447922

File: 1513717863077.png (1.94 MB, 719x1280, 2FD4E0F1-3BE7-4103-B92F-2A9669…)

after people called her out on her extremely problematic Trump video, you’d think she would delete it, no? Since she claimed she was “so sorry” for offending anyone. Yet she still pushes this sick video that encourages Trump’s disgusting sexual commentary. WTF is wrong with her? She even tweeted it to him, WHICH IS FUCKING GROSS

No. 448029

Nasty. It's even worse seeing this filth the second time around. She continues to sell it/potentially profit from it but is sorry it was offensive? Yeah okay.

No. 448090

Her body proportions are so strange here….

No. 448493

File: 1513793556252.jpeg (286.49 KB, 1242x953, 97F8436B-484D-4005-B3DE-C53016…)

what the ever living fuck? her ex broke up with HER because SHE cheated on HIM, WTF? now he was abusive to you? Jesus stop blaming your shortcomings on other people. Does she have some delusional mental issue where in her world she can’t do anything wrong?

No. 448513

Apparently if you don't let Shayna get away with doing fucked up shit then you are abusing her. Just like her parents allegedly abused her when they grounded her for literally doing drugs in school.

No. 448591

File: 1513800976349.png (167.95 KB, 1002x1142, Screenshot_2017-12-20-12-15-02…)

I highly doubt she even tips other models

No. 448592

File: 1513801011380.png (195.18 KB, 1015x1299, Screenshot_2017-12-20-12-14-05…)

No. 448594

File: 1513801136035.png (135.01 KB, 1003x1014, Screenshot_2017-12-20-12-17-39…)

Who's got her snapchat whats herbig surprise

No. 448629

Manyvids asked her to go to their headquarters and stay a week. Wish I screenshotted the snap but it's been over 24 hours. Not sure why she's making it such a big ~surprise~

No. 448656

She acts like they contacted her to go stay there but that’s not how it works, she had to email them asking to go and explaining why they should let her. I think it’ll be hilarious though cause they pick 3 other girls to go stay at the same time and I doubt any of them will want to work/film with her there when she’s so nasty

No. 448687

It’s not a week, MV Loft is only 5 days (with two for relaxing and enjoying Montreal) They pick like 3 other girls and you do interviews, SFW photo shoots, and they get to shoot 1 pro vid in the category they choose. It’s pretty much a big promo sesh. And yah, you have to apply for it. And I’m pretty sure you have to pay for airfare too. Let the begging begin. Again.

No. 448688

You’d be shocked at how many girls are dumb enough to want to shoot with her, knowing how grimy her pussy is. It’s all cos she’s popular on tumblr.

No. 448692

File: 1513810598875.jpeg (121.76 KB, 1242x672, 1C81D102-DCAF-4173-8183-B5D88C…)

Was she not just begging for money for nails and pizza like… days ago… what the fuck is going on in this girls life?

No. 448693

File: 1513810635855.jpeg (165.1 KB, 1242x1177, 9A3ED13D-F074-425C-A637-F856C1…)

Self absorption is so cool and edgy tho guys

No. 448739

File: 1513814250409.jpg (Spoiler Image, 526.11 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_06122017_0320_MyFre…)

That butt screenshot, it looks like her ass crack is about 2 inches long lel

No. 448743

File: 1513814505503.jpg (47.97 KB, 625x468, datasstho.jpg)

No. 448818

omg lmao is she on now?

No. 448829

File: 1513823804874.png (54.4 KB, 592x235, poll final.png)


No. 449218

File: 1513882600814.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 746.83 KB, 1242x692, 50C8F4A0-495C-4946-B7C6-55E31E…)

The faces she makes are just so uncomfortable to look at. why do people buy her porn, when she looks like this?

No. 449238

File: 1513883938628.jpeg (393.48 KB, 750x1193, E7557F06-7AF0-4AB4-8C69-85238A…)

I can almost guarantee this won’t happen.

No. 449241

why not?

No. 449242


Because Shayna is a compulsive liar.

No. 449243

but she did the MV takeover when she applied, why would it be different this time?

No. 449244

she tends to lie more about situations that happen to her, like the TSA smiling at her after he saw her sex toys. Or how her parents were abusive, shit like that to make her look like the victim.

No. 449252


No, she said that MV contacted her and asked her if she’d do the takeover when she actually applied to do it. Something similar probably happened with this.

No. 449272

but…she still did the takeover? so your point is moot. it’s not like she was lying about doing it or something?

No. 449318

Those other girls are not going to want to touch her vagina..

No. 449352

Here's to hoping they give all the girls an std test before this all goes down

No. 449355


Those inner thigh bruises tho. They will be around well into the new year.

Icky thought: the men getting off on seeing bruises that could be from abuse.

No. 449370

Shayna, if you're reading this please get some arnica gel for those bruises

No. 449399

Seconded. It will probably be Shayna's first.

No. 449695

The bruises are from consensual kink shit as stated by her. There’s plenty else here to judge, impact play is nothing.

No. 449744

B-but anon! Then how will all the hot daddies know she’s a cool edgy girl??

No. 449911

she just discovered how to contour. she still sucks at it tho, and doesn't know how to flatter her features.

No. 450322

File: 1513987876868.png (Spoiler Image, 421.37 KB, 622x528, Pink Pot Party.png)

Hello nipples.

No. 450397

face looks exactly like mariah's here.

No. 450426

Who the hell is that???

No. 450736

File: 1514023578560.jpg (343.03 KB, 1194x966, manyvidsuploadrules.jpg)

Manyvids supports her dressing/talking/acting/appearing like an infant/children? Incest &Abuse towards children even just simulated? I thought it was there number one rule. Using pacifier in a few vids and acting like a child, teddy bears, children's clothing, It's fucking disgusting.
I totally get all the types of fetishes. but Manyvids supports something like this? I thought you were not allowed to have weapons shown in Manyvids, yet she has that switchblade knife shown even in her preview. I'm appalled. Also, remember her first video ever was the hanging/rope suffocation video. Asphyxiation is against their rules also. Also her video of her smoking weed with the joint. She's consistently breaking upload rules. She's always pushing it too far, to have that extra edge to compete, but its disturbing. It makes me look at Manyvids different, it's obviously a platform that doesnt monitor its users or enforce their rules. Promoting someone who breaks multiple rules multiple times and still has and uploads videos where she against their terms of use.

No. 450738

File: 1514024074865.png (Spoiler Image, 2.04 MB, 1848x1512, weapon.png)


These are screenshots of her currently breaking Manyvids rules. There's so much of rule one being broken but I really don't wanna look at them to even post here, they are indeed disturbing and goes past the set of rules the site gives to creators and those who upload. Her very first video was a suffocating video where someone was controlling the noose and her how she was able to breathe. It was a shitty vid less than a few mins but it still violated rules. She as smoking a joint in her pin-up video, and that goth girl video that is a REAL switch blade. It is shaped like a gun, but it is a real blade. Weapons are definitely not allowed on Manyvids. Do they know they are promoting someone who is the worst example of their site?

No. 450768

Btw she lives in WA smoking pot there is legal recreationally so other than that fact you make a good point. It's been mentioned in her previous thread. Manyvids obviously doesn't care case and point Lana rain

No. 450769

Make an account and single handedly report her videos then.

No. 450770

Does she drink alcohol in any of her vids? She most definitely is under 21.

No. 450786

This. Rules on porn sites are really only there to patronize. Why do you think they don't even ask if your 18+ before entering anymore? Rape, abuse, cp, other criminal activity, they don't care. They just want money.

No. 450795


I realise that. But her bruises are further wank fodder for men who get off on physically abusing women and girls.

No. 450875

not really. Plenty of unabusive people enjoy BDSM, you can be sadistic and like to hit women consensually. People are allowed to enjoy that it doesn’t make them automatically abusive people if you enjoy that stuff. you’re just nitpicking at this point and adding nothing to the thread.

No. 450877

like there’s plenty of girls on the site that have huge ass bruises, that hit themselves or have vids just of them getting hit. like, your nitpicking is pointless dude.

plus if manyvids still allows a chick (Lana rain) who had videos of her masturabating at playgrounds with CHILDREN visible in the background, to still be one of the top earners, do you really think they’re gonna take down Shayna’s stuff for saying daddy and dressing like a kid? No.

No. 450911


Show me where I made a blanket statement regarding the kinks and paraphilias of all of her viewers.

Nor did I say that all people who enjoy consensual BDSM are abusive. I used to be heavily into the scene and worked as a dom. My statement was outside of the context of consensual BDSM and outside of the context of BDSM in general.

Just because her bruises resulted from consensual play does not mean that the people who find her bruises a turn-on do so from a mindset of consensual play.

No. 450913

Funny that the only vid of hers they took down was the pot pin up one

No. 450916

you assumed that the majority of people who consume her porn are people who are abusive. when there are a very very small amount of people who do that.

your statements are stupid and add nothing the thread. You want her stuff taken down? Then do it. Contact manyvids. But this isn’t milk so keep this bullshit off the thread.

Let’s get back to the good stuff, you are boring as shit.

No. 450987

>like to hit women consensually
That's still horrible. It's only marginally better than hitting women who don't want it, and it. absolutely does encourage abusive behavior (and then some). Fuck off, honestly.(infighting)

No. 451034

BDSM is consensual. Meaning a woman is consenting to being hit. Go make your own thread about how your anti-bdsm and it makes people abusive. Get your newfag ass off this thread or start talking about shayna the cow. Not about how much you dislike bdsm.

No. 451037

tbh you sound like a 15 year old who just learned about bdsm and think ageplay makes people pedophiles and that impact play makes people want to hit women all the time and be abusive assholes. you’re fucking stupid and adding nothing to the thread.

No. 451041

nayrt but ageplay is gross so please don’t put it next to bdsm. people pretending to be kids for sex is disgusting.

No. 451043

Doesn't fucking matter lol, it's still fucked up and encourages fucked up behavior. I'm not a newfag btw, I've been lurking here for years.

Guess what: it literally does! Fantasizing about fucking a child DOES actually make you a pedophile! Done derailing, but fuck both of you and your disgusting kinks.

No. 451084

Don’t you people get fucking tired of having the same old argument about ~ethics in kinkiness~ every other day? If you lurk here so much you surely must have seen how many times this has been brought up and how all it does is shit up the thread.
Inb4 “you’re just salty cause I said your kink is gross”, I feel negatively about age play and some bdsm practices too but this isn’t the place to act holier than thou over kink of all things.
Shayna’s nasty and weird and that’s what we’re here to talk about. Chill.

No. 451104

Shayna's kinks are some of the biggest things that make her so nasty and weird, why is it suddenly fine and normal when other people do it?

No. 451142

Sure maybe this is true when it comes to her and ageplay, because pretending to be a baby who jerks off and gets fucked is gross as hell. BUT I’d like to say, as I’m a woman who is a sadomasochist who bottoms and tops for very rough impact play: she’s not gross because she does impact and enjoys bruises. She’s gross because she’s gross - because she’s a confused, deluded, lost child with no hygiene.

Sage because same old shit defending impact play in bdsm but whatever

No. 451145

Ugh, farmhand please

No. 451205

hey if you’re an adult and acting like a child it doesn’t make the person fucking you a pedophile. are you extra retarded or something? If you’re 24 and act like you’re 5 you’re still legally 24 fucking years old so whoever fucks you isn’t a pedophile you dumb fuck.


No. 451209

exactly, Shayna is disgusting for just being her. Stop Talking about how much you hate kink and how it makes people gross. Shayna is just a nasty delusional person, we don’t need to bring her dumb kinks into itcos she’s embarrassing enough on her own. If you’re an anti-fag than go have your collective antifag wank over it on tumblr with the other teenagers.

No. 451223

Why are people discussing their own sex lives on here? No one cares, kinksters

No. 451230

kinksters get triggered extremely easily. when you call them out for being pedophiles/sick fucks they chimp tf out. they're just as bad as shaynus is tbh.

No. 451237

who wouldnt get triggered for being called one of the worst things you can call someone. fucking someone pretending to be a five-year-old is a lot different than actually fucking a five-year-old… because one of them is not old enough to even understand what is going on let alone legally consent. You can fuck someone pretending to be a dog, doesn't mean you are gunna go fuck a dog.

Shayna is gross because of what she does and says. if the only thing she did was pretending to be a child while getting screwed she wouldn't even be considered snowflakey enough to be here.

No. 451241

whatever helps you sleep at night, dog fucker(infighting)

No. 451244

Learn to sage and quit derailing.

No. 451245

Farmhand, for fucks sack ban this god damn derailing teenager POS

Can we get back on topic?

No. 451246

go to a tumblr anti blog and talk about how much you hate the kink community there. stop derailing our thread you fuck up.

No. 451247

you are so god damn stupid it’s frightening.

No. 451248

All the kinksters I've known are sick depraved people. They settle for the 25 year old trying to be a 5 year old because actual child porn and pedophilia is illegal and would get them in big trouble.

No. 451250

I'm not understanding why anyone would defend someone sexualizing children or infantile things

No. 451251

lol sorry you can’t understand the difference between a 20 year old pretending to be a child and an actual real child. Just because someone pretends to be a child doesn’t make them an actual child. And you know, normal people know this. But you’re a full blown retard so it’s probably hard for you to understand. If you like actual child porn then an adult acting like a baby isn’t gonna do it for you. Cos you know, an adult woman has breasts and fully developed genitalia. Maybe you wouldn’t know that cos you’ve never seen a woman naked in front of you.

No. 451252

The fact that a 20 year old is specializing children and things related to children is the problem. How are you not grasping this

No. 451254


No. 451255


Farmhands WTF

No. 451256

go make your own thread about it then, dumbass.

No. 451257


Stop samefagging you triggered kinkster, farmhand needs to get the both of you out cause you're both derailing the thread at an autistic speed.

No. 451258

ageplay sexualizes power exchange. namely the power of a parent over a child. these people aren’t seeing stuffed animals and saying “oh fuck yes stuffed animals I’m so fucking horny MMMM YAH baby pacifiers fuck I’m so horny!!!!”

ageplay is a humiliation/degradation tactic and many people enjoy that, sexually. get the fuck over it or make your own anti thread.

No. 451260

then hide saged posts newfag

No. 451261

File: 1514076215574.png (206.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0013.PNG)


No. 451263

File: 1514076263674.png (211.51 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0014.PNG)

Get back on topic or gtfo heres more milk

No. 451265

I hate how robin constantly has to reassure herself that Shayna is her best friend. Her head is so far up Shayna’s ass it’s ridiculous.

No. 451266

Her “business”. lmfao shut the fuck up shayna you fuck your infected pussy on the internet for old men in their basement. if that’s a business then wtf

No. 451269


If that weapon vid gets flagged she'll probably loose her spot in her Manyvids trip. That is if it gets reported.


Yea, and the suffocating ine, unless she took it down herself because i remember it getting a bad review for being too short and not worth the money.

No. 451270

Hopefully this sperg shows you guys exactly what makes kinksters so disgusting and lulzy lol. Shayna wouldn't even have a thread if she wasn't into this gross kink shit and the people defending or excusing it are just as bad as she is. End of discussion.

No. 451272

File: 1514076965571.png (44.1 KB, 508x556, 4497-00819.png)

Imagine her getting all excited for her trip to the MV loft, and gets told she can't go because she can't even adhere to their rules. I was reading the upload list and it says one flag is a warning and further action is taken if they get more.

No. 451273

lol she’s way more embarrassing then just her kinks. her delusions about her life are probably the funniest thing tbh. if she was just a kinkster she wouldn’t be milky enough to have a thread

No. 451278

lol do you honestly think MV is going to do that? one of their top earners who’s usually between the #1 spot and #5 spot had like 3 vids taken down cos she was masturbating at a playground with children visible (not blurred) in the background. She was never banned, never taken off the top earners, still is allowed to enter contests and upload new content, has done a takeover, and more. ManyVids won’t do shit if one video is flagged. They won’t do shit if 10 videos are flagged. They don’t fucking care.

No. 451279

That'd be nice, but like >>450877 said, if Lana Rain gets a pass Shayna probably will too :/

aren't those delusions always tied to kink (i.e. rape fantasy, prostitution fantasy, daddy bf fantasy, csa fantasy, stripper fantasy, etc.)?

No. 451282

File: 1514077629742.jpeg (680.51 KB, 1242x1324, 7451F651-EC3D-4F6A-9BB9-390827…)

“I have so many ideas for Montreal!!!”
and yet you have no video ideas, no promo ideas, just ideas about what you wanna shop for and how you want your nails done. real good “business” practice when you have to literally ask other people for ideas because you’re that uncreative.

No. 451287

no delusions about how “famous” she thinks she is, delusions about shit that happens in her every day life (like how the tsas we super shocked after they saw her sex toys), delusions about being abused, delusions that any and all criticism is just hateful jealous bitches, delusions that sex work isn’t competitive, etc.

No. 451296

anyone know whether or not she’d have to do an std test to go?

No. 451302

it’s not mandatory in order to go to th loft or shoot with other models. it may be necessary to sign a contract to work with other models. since it’s mainly for promo, meaning you don’t have to shoot porn videos if you don’t want to, it’s not mandatory to go.

No. 451305

it’s up to the other models weather they want to touch her and her red, infected, pustule covered thing she calls a vagina.

I really just wonder why her waxers would continue with a full brazialian when her vagina is already sore and infected. like why would any good waxer do that, knowing it would just make it worse?

No. 451308

I also want to piggy back this and add that there’s no way she even has enough hair to get a wax every time she goes and gets waxed. You usually have to wait 4-6 weeks or for at least 1/8 to 1/4 inch of hair growth to happen before waxing can be done. So yeah for real wtf are these waxers doing.

No. 451311

she probably goes to like 3 seperate places so that it seems like she’s waiting 4-6 weeks but she’s really not lmao. or maybe she shaves in between. which is even worse for your skin if you wax, shave, wax again, shave, etc.

No. 451313

all but 2 of those are still tied to her fetish shit and they're all pretty boring. tbh you sound like that kinkster sperg reaching to make a point. she'd be a regular annoying girl if she wasn't a kinky whore who posts creepy, embarassing porn of herself.

No. 451316

how are any of those attached to her fetishes tho??? claiming youre victim of CSA and that your ex boyfriend is manipulative and abusive aren’t kinks… it’s literally just another one of her pity parties so she can play the victim and people will give her money cos they feel bad.

No. 451321

Here's my conspiracy theory, she doesn't wax at all and just shaves at home. She never has any visible stubble, just sores. I think she lies about waxing so she can ask for money and maybe just to keep up this little illusion that she's some elite bitch running to the spa once a week. I mean unless she's only creating content on her bare vag days. You know, wouldn't she have at least some stubble if she was actually waxing? I bet she shaves every time she showers

No. 451322

She's a pedophile, it's only natural that she'd fantasize about being sexually abused as a child. Her fans probably think it's hot too.

You literally are that sperg lol, same weird typing style. Keep reachin' sicko.

No. 451327

what makes her a pedophile I really don’t understand

No. 451329

DUDE 100% believe this actually. It’s either this or th waxing + shaving theory. Either way shit ain’t right. I went to her MV a watched previews of her vids the other day and her shit is jacked up from mons to asscrack. How can she not be like “hey there’s an issue here” and take a step back?

No. 451330

sperg is a verb sweety. not a noun. go back to your tumblr antifag site now.

No. 451332

What's with the pedos coming out ofnthe woodwork to defend her behaviour. It's not normal or okay to sexualize children, which is exactly what she does with her age play

No. 451333

What's with the pedos coming out ofnthe woodwork to defend her behaviour. It's not normal or okay to sexualize children, which is exactly what she does with her age play

No. 451338

Hopefully while she's in Montreal another model will speak to her about her vagina and the health procedure required

No. 451339

BTW there's a kinkster thread go bitch in there

No. 451340

…It's used more than one way, dumbass. Not from tumblr btw, sick fuck. I just don't like pedophiles, which is exactly what ddlg fetishists are.

I think this one's been posting for a while? maybe this is reaching, but they say "cos" a lot and everyone who says that itt has a very similar typing style and they post about the same things. tinfoil: this is another ddlg camwhore with a vendetta.

No. 451344

I get that impression as well. Either way it's sick to defend her behaviour and says a lot about that anon if it isn't Shayna herself. And btw pedo anon, yes there is a kinksters thread but this is about Shayna who also indulges in the ddlg lifestyle and panders to pedophiles

No. 451349

Im curious when the diaper thing will happen with her. Place your bets?

No. 451354

hmm well she said she used pull-ups once and she wants a little girl potty. soooo…by summer 2018

No. 451355

is she wearing a diaper in the baby Bambi vid?

No. 451407

Nah def not. The closest she’s gotten is the pissing puppy video. I still feel awful for whatever maids have to follow her up after her hotel stays… the damn disrespect.

No. 451417

Oh def earlier than that, I bet within the first 3 months of 2018

No. 451430

Can't wait for all the posts about how they're bullying her for not wanting to touch it and urging her to see a doctor.

No. 451436

I wonder what drama this will bring

No. 451445

"i am soo done with sex wrkers trying 2 put each other down and being mean 2 each other u never see that n other girls"

No. 451448

i totally believe your theory, anon, it would fit with her whole wannabe-bimbo-on-a-budget thing.

No. 451472

Please take all infighting on BDSM to /ot/.

No. 451593

File: 1514131197750.jpeg (718.39 KB, 1242x1796, A6E1F446-DF3A-42AF-B339-97E7E9…)

remember, any criticism is just jealousy. Shayna could never do anything deserving of criticism!

Just remember shayna, people may buy your porn but it doesn’t mean they would fuck your pussy when it looks like that.

No. 451601

File: 1514131658462.jpeg (286.46 KB, 1242x950, 19B435B8-9FDC-4C25-9FC9-991263…)

“I’m perfect so my pussy is the only thing people can make fun of!”

Good try shay, real nice try.

No. 451604

File: 1514131797928.jpeg (821.2 KB, 1242x2012, EFA31E2F-F9B4-4E57-ACAA-291F3C…)

this is my favorite. talking about how she never starts drama for attention and it’s always other jealous girls. how she’s always good and kind but people are just mean to her for no reason. She would know about attention seeking behaviors though. She really believes she can do n