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File: 1514678659004.png (Spoiler Image,349.37 KB, 473x357, 1512526012174.png)

No. 457531

Read the rules before commenting, especially 4 and 3.5b.

- Previously had a stoner blog known as shay-gnar and switched over to sex work when it became popular.
- Below average looking tumblr / camwhore.
- Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
- Claims to be a CSA and rape survivor and uses dd/lg and rape fantasies to work through her trauma.
- Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to it because she's a porn star.
- Uses drama as a way to market her content
- Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex and films it.
- Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
- Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.
- Has made numerous racist jokes, including calling a jewish person "baby hitler", and making a parody of Trump's "grab me by the pussy" claiming it to be satire.
-Starts drama and throws a pity party when people call her on her shit


4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

4.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

Violating the above rules will lead to a swift permaban.

No. 457537

Ooooweee that thread picture though LMAO

No. 457829

she really needs to try putting apple cider vinegar in the bath to deal with her vag problem. like seriously, that and shaving with a mens razor and coconut oil could really help, womens probiotics etc. just look up any "hoe tips" on tumblr, esp the ones about shaving down there. stop shaving against the grain! jfc its so simple. buy some fucking tend skin! boom no more red bumps and ingrowns.
but i think shes in major denial. like sis, there are low cost gynos please please please see one if you're any kind of sex worker. she just keeps making choices no normal person would make in this situation. sage for pussy sperging lol

No. 457910

File: 1514723326255.png (70.68 KB, 640x712, IMG_6085.PNG)

She can't even follow the most basic hoe tip which is to drink water/stay hydrated. Tf

No. 457925

how do you link the last thread on mobile?

No. 457963

shaynas 21, she was born 1996

No. 457964

File: 1514736438508.jpeg (914.59 KB, 1242x1298, AC12EC66-01E1-4400-AA5C-EBFC93…)

this is hilarious because she’s had this for months. and she likes to act like she has so many fans who will follow and support her anywhere but she still doesn’t even have one supporter on her onlyfans that she’s had almost 4 months. It just proves that people just like her as a tumblr slut and nothing else. one day she and her “fans” will realize she’s just boring and cookie cutter like every other aesthetic pink girl sex work blog on tumblr. she will never be original, and she will fade as quickly as she rose.

No. 457967

she’s 20. she just had her birthday a few months ago. she was 19 last year. we’re not here to argue her age.

She’s only 20, because she has stated before she can’t go to a bar yet or buy her own alcohol.

No. 457977

she's 20 and her birthday is june/july 1997. I remember her turning 18 a couple months before I did.

sage for nitpicking. who cares

No. 457999

+ On tumblr a lot follow for the drama/trainwreck and a lot are leftover inactive accounts from the stoner blog days.

No. 458058

File: 1514747559690.png (158.39 KB, 912x1407, Screenshot_2017-12-31-11-12-03…)

So she leaves today or tomorrow does she even have enough funds for this?

No. 458060

Having bambiedoll in the title might make it show up if you search her manyvids name fyi

No. 458101

Probably why her chest and face acne is so bad who the fuck never drinks water. That’s gross, her vag must be musty as hell. And she probably leaves her age as 19 to appeal to her pervy pedo followers.

No. 458205

this is a fact. as soon as she turned 20 she removed all traces of her age from her tumblr/twitter/instagram, stopped answering questions about her age, didn't post about her birthday, and stopped drawing any attention to her "young" age. trying to maintain the "teenager" status for as long as she could. too bad manyvids lists your age publicly.

No. 458247

File: 1514765475372.jpeg (63.86 KB, 1231x302, AB10F455-B586-42F7-81FA-E5C4CC…)

lmao here’s your answer

No. 458249

File: 1514765534588.jpeg (759.67 KB, 1242x1958, 168E05C8-9B63-486A-9206-9E405F…)

oh and this too. this chick does a begging post every other 2 days it’s really sad. she doesn’t know any other advertising methods besides begging.

No. 458253

bitch get a fucking job ahahah

No. 458255

but she’s a ~*super famous*~ porn star, dontcha know? lmao

No. 458266


Lmao, $5 is still too much for this shitty porn. Every video is the same - masturbation with hitachi, that’s boring.

No. 458276

How shit do you have to be to make one of the most intense vibes boring

No. 458281

she doesn't know how to invest in her money and is constantly spending it she could have been saving for montreal to help her job but instead she was flying all over the country and spending money and having to do public transit.

shes so successful and yet constantly asks people to buy her content becase she "spent too much money" lets not forget the hair fiasco and she even went as low as begging for food (pizza mind you) which, if you were so successful why would you have to do that?
I hope she has a return flight booked it would be too funny to hear she got stranded and was broke with no money in a different country/on the other side of the continent

No. 458855

File: 1514824570958.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1942, C194C839-9DEC-4DBE-8920-F86A39…)

Here are the other girls she’s gonna be with at the loft. She looks like a chick who took a silly selfie and happened to pop up on there lmao

No. 458878

She is gonna milk this baby/little girl/underage/pedo-appeal thing for all it's worth.

No. 458896

File: 1514827198061.png (Spoiler Image,240.36 KB, 589x666, twitter.png)

Hinting to the other MV girls what she wants to do maybe…? Thoughts?

No. 458903

If she sticks candy in her vagina it’ll be 10x worse than in already is. just imagining her pussy with a sugar derived yeast infection on top of her acne and ingrown hair is making me throw up in my mouth.

No. 459013


Ewww I bet her piss smells fucking terrible and dehydrated… I feel so bad for the hotel maids that were subjected to scrubbing her radioactive urine off the floor of that room she filmed the piss puppy video in

No. 459168

File: 1514851241862.jpeg (51.76 KB, 750x475, 8D8A6493-97D8-43EF-B778-2AB1FE…)


lol @ pretending she’s only 19

No. 459171

File: 1514851349866.jpeg (82.67 KB, 750x530, 17A1F889-B963-45E5-A0FB-843B09…)

And on today’s episode of things that didn’t actually happen. Everybody can tell when she’s blatantly lying and she just makes herself seem even more stupid and boring. It’s likely that she was sitting home alone begging random old dudes online for attention.

No. 459277

they misspelled her name lmao

No. 459321

um, no they didn’t? Her manyvids name is Bambie Doll.

No. 459602

File: 1514908093836.jpeg (86.6 KB, 750x518, E5C47772-5EE1-40F8-8BD2-EE17A3…)


It’s hilarious that she’s acting like her ~hard work~ and ~super successful business~ got her invited to the MV loft when really she had to apply to go. A bit like when she said that MV contacted her to ask her to do a takeover when she applied for that too.

No. 459735

File: 1514917670529.png (Spoiler Image,370.5 KB, 592x609, detangle ur hair.png)

Hank made it to the loft ya'll

No. 459790

she’s on cam now. https://www.myfreecams.com/#stupidbaby

She’s doing the same shit she always does, sitting on cam staring at her computer and taking selfies. You’re at the MV Loft at least do something different!

No. 459802

Screencaps yo.

No. 459806

File: 1514923037654.png (679.75 KB, 995x1336, Screenshot_2018-01-02-11-56-44…)

Choking herself lol

No. 459807

File: 1514923050287.png (664.44 KB, 970x1323, Screenshot_2018-01-02-11-56-54…)

No. 459810

Lmao Idk what's funnier , her picture or your comment calling her hank hill

No. 459811

God she sounds so condescending and full of herself. She's got that nasally voice that says haha I'm a skinny white girl look at my privilege teeheee I'm better than you

No. 459813

for once she doesnt have to do this stuff herself, given maybe the other girls aren’t ~ready to go yet~ but really just call one of them in to pull the rope.

No. 459814

Is she done now

No. 459815

she just sitting there taking selfies waiting for money. engage, be exciting, you’re at the mv loft ffs

No. 459821

Lmao calm down there buddy she's just trying to cater to pedos by sounding young (or attempting to sound young atleast)

No. 459822

File: 1514923945954.png (Spoiler Image,223.4 KB, 477x359, Stupidbaby MyFreeCams.png)

Nothing going on, she keeps tapping on her tits and looking at the screen

No. 459827

I mean goodness gracious it's like some of these cam whore's don't plan out or put any thought into their content, they just turn on the camera and be boring

No. 459856

File: 1514925941311.png (618.43 KB, 963x1101, Screenshot_2018-01-02-12-44-44…)

The way she's sitting on the cover the MV heart looks like period blood

No. 459859

"I can try to stick this down my throat or I can edge for you or I can punch myself in the face" -Shayna

No. 460023

File: 1514936328295.png (40.63 KB, 592x226, is this even a question.png)

Is anyone going to be shocked when it turns out to be schoolgirl strip tease?

No. 460026

File: 1514936386366.png (Spoiler Image,394.87 KB, 596x640, ryan and shayna.png)

No. 460061


I wonder if any of them know the shitstorm they’re about to be associated with.

No. 460108

lmao I am so excited for the drama she's bound to start, act all sweet until she get home and then hate on the other girls because she's ~so much better and prettier and kinder and more successful~ and they were all meanies to little old shaygnar

No. 460119

Do you really think she'll be drama-free until after she gets home though? These others girls are way more serious performers/entertainers and leaps ahead in building their fanbases. She's got to feel out of place. I know she will probably rely more on the weird kinks (mostly pedo-fantasy) to get attention but they can only go so far.

No. 460233

I think she's smart enough not to be a bitch to the other girls' faces, because that will affect how much money she will make while she's there (if she's bitchy enough the other girls won't want to work with her, make videos, cam, or do anything with her.) she'll play cutesy little sister barbie while she's there, milking the ~youngest, dumbest, cutest~ act she always dreams of, and then as soon as she gets home be like waaaah the other girls didn't do everything I said they should and didn't focus on making ME money, they were soooo selfish and cruel (and not in the 'good' kinky way she always talks about), they should've realized what a privilege it is to work with me :'(

No. 460731

File: 1515006134379.jpg (Spoiler Image,110.47 KB, 719x1280, shoot.jpg)

Photo of her photoshoot. What is on her nose tho?

No. 460743

It’s highlighter. she has no idea how to do makeup except the cake it on technique.

No. 460744

File: 1515007151663.jpeg (232.16 KB, 1242x1785, 9FF8F718-D09B-4E50-B1A8-C1983A…)

Do people honestly find that face attractive or sexy?

No. 460746


It's highlighter. Ya know, the shit Insta hoes use to make them look shiny and "better". Looks like dolly finally branched out from her horrid daily makeup. Although she used wayyyyy too much. She either did all by her big girl self or begged one of the other girls to cake her face for her. Let's see how edited these pictures come out.

No. 460748

it’s funny because she highlights but doesn’t contour lmao. like highlighter only works when you contour other areas. otherwise it just looks like you put shiny powder on your face for no reason.

No. 460750

God she's so shiny, it just ends up looking like sweat or white paint ?(read the rules)

No. 460760

It sounds like the editing guy is gonna have a lot of work on his hands lmao I wondered if this was a modeling trick or something but it sounds like it's not. Wtf was she thinking?

No. 460771

Is she a lifeguard? Only reason I can think why her nose should be like that

No. 460777

was this before or after they edited?
if it wasn't editted and her ass acne healed and razor bumps went away she might could pass for a butterface, the makeup and hair roots make her look more horrendous, imo she should go with a medium toned brown hair color, lose the highlighter and pigtails, it doesn't fit her at all

No. 460790

File: 1515011044205.png (427.77 KB, 594x717, podcast.png)

Podcast tonight should be interesting.

No. 460865

File: 1515017901944.jpeg (145.43 KB, 565x958, 3B9F3D2C-4EA0-4A06-9069-46C941…)

What even is this face?

No. 460868

>>460865 she looks like a mime

No. 460870

File: 1515018051180.jpeg (315.48 KB, 750x1044, F627131F-4F9F-4802-B905-4BE699…)

She’s going to be doing a food stuffing video but remember all those times when she claimed to have an eating disorder?

No. 460875

She thinks she’s being cute and smol and adorable but she really looks like a 35 year old mom. she really does not have an attractive face at all.

No. 460903

What is Shayna going to stuff, some chicken nuggets and pink wine?? Also I saw one of the other girls has a farting video, I guess burping was something similar that they could all agree on.

No. 460933

lmao the photographer thing. once again on things that didn’t happen.

God damn shayna is so good at lying she should hook up with Trump. Based on her video she enjoys his comments so it could work.

No. 460935

food stuffing is usually a fetish that larger girls do. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a food stuffing video with a really thin girl. Not sure how it’s gonna work exactly.

No. 460939

The Kyra girl is a large girl and does stuffing vids regularly.

No. 460957

She’s going to be live in 10 minutes here: http://live.manyvids.com/stream/takeover

No. 460981

Any caps?

No. 460985

anon's link doesnt work
it redirects to a blank page

No. 460988

it’s in Eastern time. The live feed should be up in about 20 minutes. 8 pm EASTERN.

No. 461023

lmao you guys she’s wearing the wig

No. 461026

File: 1515027727633.png (1.37 MB, 1334x750, C33192AB-C762-4C0B-9952-4E8DC9…)

No. 461027

File: 1515027764358.jpeg (212.16 KB, 1200x1076, BB4447BE-9F96-4A89-9E88-6D71B9…)

No. 461028

File: 1515027782693.jpeg (134.25 KB, 675x1200, 3400A070-8D00-4C30-AD3F-5FA994…)


No. 461036

she just admitted she’s only confident when she wears makeup, lmao.

No. 461037

This is so sad. She's talking about how she is self-conscious without makeup and doesn't even recognize herself without it

No. 461038

She looks and sounds like she's one of the other girls' little sister who's trying really extra hard to be cool enough to keep hanging with the big girls.

No. 461040

Did anyone catch what her one word to describe her brand was? I heard everyone answer but her. Everyone talked over her lmao

No. 461044


It was “bubbly”…

No. 461052

Shes surprisingly not as hot-messy as I expected
I lowkey think shes holding her own

No. 461058

Until she just shouted “haters make me famous”

No. 461060

Shayna just more or less said: i am a perfectionist and i belive that being a doll is the utmost form of perfection and it's about realizing that i'm not perfect but i can still be a doll anyway

No. 461061

She’s just mentioned the forum dedicated to her ha

No. 461062

"I have a forum dedicated to slandering my name" lol hey girl

No. 461063

We just got a shout out!
"They have forums dedicated to me!"

No. 461067

Shayna says 3 people she went to high school with participate in here and were messaging her family about her

No. 461068


She’s also just said that she’s obviously doing something right for everybody to hate her so much. If lying about being raped and being a CSA survivor is doing something right then yeah, Shayna, you’re doing greaaaaaat!

No. 461069

File: 1515030446510.png (102.07 KB, 196x319, x.png)

No. 461071

Trump must be doing many right things by that logic.

No. 461072

File: 1515030536611.png (1.12 MB, 1334x750, 3B600084-5F76-43E3-BBB9-0316CF…)

Her face when they’re talking about how shitty it is when a new girl asks somebody for advice and they refuse to talk to them. Uh oh Shayna! That’s you they’re talking about!

No. 461075

That was also her face when they all were saying how they work hard to keep drama/negativity off their social media. Do they know she breeds it?

No. 461084

when asked what her goals were? first words that came out of her mouth "I have no goals"

No. 461124

the other girls answered for her basically. they were like "that's not true! you have goals! your goals are to experience new fetishes, branch out, try new things" and she was like "oh yeah! that! I want to try new things and attract more people when I do those new things" like gf how do you not know what you want to do in the next year? you just live paycheck to paycheck without any vision of what you'd like to accomplish? yeesh what a sad way to work

No. 461136

She has no problems with money y’all! She’s laughing constantly as she says and she’s so secure she doesn’t need to worry about personal or career goals. She’s legit set for life! Porn is just a hobby pretty much.

Those requests for money for her hair, transport, food, clothes, drugs and yeah — asking for money to keep her afloat in Quebec? Just her bimbo personality on fleek and live. Shes so smol and intelligent. Why would you need goals when you’re a wealthy porn star? Kek

No. 461147

she took pics without the wig, why is she wearing it now?

No. 461191

Im seriously side eyeing any of these girls if they filmed/made content with her. How can they make eye contact with that vagina and be like "looks fine to me."?

No. 461197

the videos she described didn’t sound like they were doing anything involving genital contact. So they’ll probably see it but don’t have to actually touch it themselves.

No. 461256

ryan posted a pic on twitter from the podcast table of her and the other two girls without shayna in it lol. they're already cutting her out of shit because she fucks with their professional vibe

sage because I don't know how to save pics from twitter so I can't post it, but if anyone else does it's pretty funny

No. 461260

because her hair is so busted. that photoshoot looked like she just has brown hair and was wearing blonde extensions as pig tails… why didn't she bleach her roots before she went????? oh right because she doesn't have money for that. even though she could buy new lingerie and shit beforehand.

No. 461265

She said she spent so much money preparing for this trip. On what? You would think fixing her hair would be priority. Or at least getting a new better looking wig.

Her honest answer about having no goals surprised me. But she's always talking about her work ethic and moving up in her career so why did she suddenly have no goals? Also trying new fetishes to gain new customers… didnt't she post about how sex workers should stick to their niche and she was not interested in branching out?

No. 461267

File: 1515042429242.png (1.49 MB, 988x1407, Screenshot_2018-01-03-21-04-18…)

No. 461268

File: 1515042468644.png (459.6 KB, 1005x907, Screenshot_2018-01-03-21-06-17…)

Aw look at her she does look like the little sister trying to be cool

No. 461270

thank you my friend. I laughed out loud when I saw it. they look like real professionals, I totally understand why they didn't want t(wiggy) in their pics lmao

No. 461271

That's the first thing I thought. I almost wasn't sure if it was her

No. 461272

Haven't seen a makeup-less Shayna in ages. WTF
(reposted my comment since the other one was deleted)

No. 461274

File: 1515042638272.jpeg (26.85 KB, 174x275, 1512559230981.jpeg)

There was this gem in the last thread

No. 461275

She's even sitting back there pretending to be engaged in her phone

No. 461277

The blonde in the back isn't Shayna

No. 461278

Shayna is behind her. Peep the bow thing from her wig.

No. 461279

I definitely see her now (sorry!)

No. 461280

>>461278 the way theyr both sitting the bow looks like some weird head band for the other girl

No. 461282

oh shit! you right! so that means she /could/ have been in the pic but they literally just didn't tell her that they were taking one! daaaaaamn the drama begins already!!!

No. 461283

wow good eye anon

No. 461298

It just occurred to me it probably bugged Shayna during the podcast when they gushed over that girl Ryan's naturally beautiful hair. I didn't hear Shayna get any compliments on her hair or anything else.

No. 461306

That’s 100% her life! If she doesn’t beg one day, she won’t be able to make it through that day. Bitch has one of the saddest lives whilst trying to convince others that that’s what their life is like

No. 461321

Samefag to say- I hope that cause she mentioned the thread the other girls look her up, read/see exactly the kind of person that she is and they are smart enough to stay clear after the videos they do! (or even better for us, decide not to do them anymore)

No. 461323

She probably wants the girls to check the thread and feel bad about her
Why else would she have mentioned it?

No. 461549

She apparently wants everyone who was watching to check for the thread??

Something that makes me laugh is she said she is proud that she was able to move out of her parents house to across the country on her own at 19 years old. Okay but plenty of young adults do this? She was living rent free at home and camming secretly using the internet connection her parents paid for in the house her parents paid for eating the food her parents paid for and taking showers once a week in the water her parents paid for and etc etc etc. it'd be concerning if despite this she was still unable to move out.

She also posted about how you have to spend money to make money. The truth is Shayna had to leach of her parents and sell herself in their own house in order to make herself feel like she's actually worth something.

No. 461552

Also…. remember the times shayna has said that to get into sex work you must be willing to tell your family and expect to not keep it a secret. That ryan girl talked all about how her family has no idea what she does and they think she cleans houses for a living. Where was shayna's strong opinion and passion on the subject then?

No. 461616

Shayna does not have passion, at all. She sometimes has strong-ish opinions, but she rarely stands by them.

No. 461636

she doesn't "sell herself", she sells a service. it's physical labor, just like mowing someone's lawn or working in a shipment warehouse. sex work doesn't mean "selling your body", it means using your body to provide a service. end that toxic narrative

No. 461643

she is selling an image of herself though. she is using her body in order to sell these services. sex work is more than just a service. image is a HUGE part of it.

No. 461647

you could also consider physical labor as selling your body. because you’re selling your strength, time, and basically your body in order to complete said labor services.

No. 461696

It's neither here nor there. She was utilizing her parents resources to work in a way that they did not agree with and she knew that and so she did so secretly for as long as she could, leeching off them anyway and then moving into her boyfriend's parents house to do the same thing until that no longer worked out. Then she went back to her parents again for a little, then wants to be proud she managed to save enough money in a year from having minimals bills if any and wants to pretend like she started from nothing and worked her way to mega success or something like that.

No. 461705

She constantly acts like she worked her ass off to get where she is. But everyone knows all she did was ride off the following she got from when she was actually somewhat interesting and attractive, and actually somewhat nice. She loves to act like she started from the bottom and like she’s sooooo original.

No. 461706

File: 1515087639882.jpeg (950.12 KB, 882x1595, 57D230B5-6595-46D9-BF66-9AA91B…)

I’m starting to think that she thinks this face is cute/attractive. kek

No. 461757

File: 1515091014990.png (780.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6097.PNG)

Here's a hilarious vid of shayna trying to dance lmao ENJOY!!!

No. 461767

File: 1515091669244.jpeg (75.06 KB, 1024x576, AF23015C-5F68-434A-9472-C8563B…)

This is obviously her new ~super cute~ facial expression.

No. 461771

This has been her go-to face for years

No. 461847

That's embarrassing as hell

No. 461890

this is fucking hilarious. you can tell she has no ass too lmao.

No. 461901

She surely did fuck it up though

No. 461991

prostitution is very different from all other kinds of physical labor because the body is necessary. you would pay just as much for a robot mowing your lawn, but when you wanna pay to fuck a girl you pay for their body not a service disconnected from the body itself. sage but stop trying to make "sex work" a thing its not sane to pay for consent

No. 462022

you're not paying for their /body/ though, you're paying for the sex. or the image, or them to talk to you in a sexual way. that's not "selling your body", that's selling a service that requires physical labor. not all sex work is full service (what you call prostitution, which is a derogatory term for full service sex work.) if someone was truly "selling themselves", or "selling their body", that would be more like selling themselves into slavery, since they're selling their body, implying it wouldn't belong to them anymore. which is an inaccurate description of sex work, because sex workers' bodies are their own and they're simply providing a one-time service, be it virtual or otherwise. if you paid a robot to mow the lawn, you wouldn't get to keep the robot afterwards. The price was for the labor, not for the robot's body.

sage for this bullshit having to explain whorephobia to people who view bodies as objects

No. 462027

This argument is so unnecessary. If Shayna was mowing lawns to earn money she would have been able to stay at home and there would be no problem between her and her family. The point is she was an entitled young adult brat still living at home and using her parents resources to do something they did not allow in their home. Why is this difficult to grasp?

No. 462058

Who knew BuntyKing had such low standards.

No. 462090

that concept has been grasped, and I agree, it's so blind of her to say "I built myself up from nothing" when she literally had more than a lot of people do before she even started. I just am not here for the ugly "sex workers sell their bodies" shit because it just isn't true

but yeah. not trying to continue to derail. she needs to recognize how privileged she is, was, has been, since even before beginning sex work. like you're a skinny little white girl, you're going to have an easier time in this line of work than any person of color or even someone without the """ideal""" (I use that term VERY loosely) body type.

she says it's all her hard work and effort, when in reality she's had stuff just handed to her because she was lucky enough to be born into a middle class white life. being a sex worker isn't easy but it is easier when you can live off of mommy and daddy's money and then rely on your white ass to get racist customers, who wouldn't give a much harder-working, more creative, more talented POC sex worker the time of day.

No. 462101

They’re doing the loft takeover

No. 462104

Technically, bodies are objects…

No. 462108


You're really ID-ing yourself here for anyone in that field. I don't know who you are but it's pretty easy to figure out based on your posts. (I have literally no interest in this topic but just a heads up)
As an aside, while I like your description, there is an emotional and biological connection along with the service, whether intentional or not. It is a service but with so many more extreme layers of nuance it than simply "mowing the lawn."
It's like comparing painting a portrait to brushing your teeth. One is more complex and involves giving the person something of yourself, that personal part of you whether physical or metaphorical.

No. 462118

File: 1515112239813.png (Spoiler Image,467.16 KB, 771x439, takeover.png)

MV loft takeover

No. 462128

Shayna is hyper af and acting a fool and thinking she's edgy because she likes anal and low-key annoying Ryan

No. 462137

Kek she just had to run off camera for five minutes to take off her sweatshirt and not pull off the wig on camera

No. 462140

someone keeps tipping to have Ryan kiss her but she won’t do it lmao

No. 462142

File: 1515113595884.png (Spoiler Image,511.5 KB, 771x438, wardrobe malfunction.png)

Right before she ran off camera to not embarrass herself further

No. 462146

Oh don’t worry she’s back being a mess lol

No. 462159

File: 1515114140187.png (Spoiler Image,700.33 KB, 1214x574, no kiss.png)

The guy tipping to kiss

No. 462160

File: 1515114174981.png (Spoiler Image,779.41 KB, 1228x606, no kiss 2.png)

The guy tipping to kiss (2)

No. 462164

Lol yeah I knew right away who this was. Like, girl you need to chill. So quick to get defensive.

No. 462165

File: 1515114603675.jpeg (6.36 MB, 4032x3024, 05844D3E-00F6-4727-A0B2-141F91…)

Hank hill is doing an MV takeover guys

No. 462169

The fuck is this pixel blob? Get your potato phone outta here

No. 462170

File: 1515114904267.png (Spoiler Image,464.01 KB, 773x438, 1.png)

No. 462171

the lighting is absolute shit and it’s hard to get a good photo. ffs chill out

No. 462172

she was dancing like she had rickets and/or special needs

No. 462174

who takes a photo of a computer screen when screenshots exist.

No. 462175

because some computers take shitty screenshots. get over it.

No. 462180

I'm so sorry for Ryan, she's trying to make the show sexy and she's sweet to the viewers, and then there's Shayna making everything awkward/cringy and completely unappealing

No. 462187

Is there a link to this?

No. 462190

I thought Shayna was doing Skype stuff she just said no when Ryan asked

No. 462192

No. 462193

Basically all shayna has been doing is shaking her non existent ass

No. 462194

File: 1515116368085.png (Spoiler Image,456.74 KB, 1080x574, IMG_20180104_173814.png)

No. 462198

File: 1515116468684.png (Spoiler Image,566.49 KB, 972x575, IMG_20180104_173828.png)

No. 462200

File: 1515116504138.png (Spoiler Image,489.34 KB, 847x776, Screenshot_2018-01-04-17-37-03…)

Sorry forgot to spoiler

No. 462201

Basically it's white girls twerking (or in Shayna's case trying to twerk) to rap music with the n-word all throughout it

No. 462202

File: 1515116623527.png (Spoiler Image,519.89 KB, 934x878, Screenshot_2018-01-04-17-42-57…)

No. 462203

File: 1515116678968.png (Spoiler Image,487.72 KB, 772x431, twerk attempt.png)

Twerk attempt

No. 462204

File: 1515116685329.png (Spoiler Image,488.05 KB, 942x804, Screenshot_2018-01-04-17-43-04…)

No. 462209

File: 1515116869822.png (3.71 KB, 350x123, dotheynotknowyet.PNG)

pussy play in 541 tks

No. 462210

Submissive Bambi just called someone a dirty little slut. And someone just mistakenly said "damn their pussies probably look good up close =)"

No. 462212

File: 1515117018564.png (Spoiler Image,500.12 KB, 543x429, 1.PNG)

No. 462213

"are you telling me my awesome twerking isnt getting them hard?"

No. 462214

Ryan literally had to tell Shayna "Dolly just calm down for a minute"

No. 462217

File: 1515117245940.png (Spoiler Image,499.96 KB, 563x440, 2.PNG)

No. 462218

File: 1515117257817.png (Spoiler Image,586.78 KB, 566x421, 3.PNG)

"my babies"

No. 462221

File: 1515117397934.gif (Spoiler Image,2.75 MB, 428x424, dd527bdfc555b753473b4cbf4545aa…)

No. 462222

and being the token skinny blonde white girl

No. 462223

Anyone else catch Ryan make a stinkface at Shayna when she walked away?

No. 462225

Lol all she knows how to do is use a cheap glass toy in her ass and her hitachi on her clit and pretend to cum kek

No. 462230

File: 1515118155307.png (Spoiler Image,515.53 KB, 769x437, shayna spanks.png)

She has spanken.

No. 462231

lol she just went to spank Ryan and is like “this is not what I do, this is not me”

But remember when she was advertising her ~*dom*~ services and she was so serious about ~*domming*~

No. 462233

time for pussy play

No. 462237

File: 1515118352205.png (Spoiler Image,280.16 KB, 278x401, myuglyass.PNG)

"you guys have to deal with my ugly ass now"

No. 462238

She has spanked Robin before too. There's photos on Robin's Tumblr of her ass with Shayna's handprints on it.

No. 462243

File: 1515118727727.png (Spoiler Image,238.39 KB, 276x404, 4.PNG)

No. 462245

File: 1515118753399.gif (Spoiler Image,3.87 MB, 378x430, 9908c54ecabcf9ddfd804856290697…)

No. 462249

File: 1515118818445.gif (Spoiler Image,5.72 MB, 410x448, f2a4645dba0d2333605ad19630d4e6…)

shes gotta copy ryan lol

No. 462256

Shayna makes this boring

No. 462258

File: 1515119159164.jpeg (77.86 KB, 772x434, BCA5D777-40C7-44C1-8DD0-B1106C…)

No. 462262

File: 1515119336227.png (3.64 KB, 367x62, barf.PNG)


No. 462264

tbh she’s absolutely terrible at camming and being engaging. the only reason people tip her is because she’s blonde and petite.

No. 462266

feel bad for ryan

No. 462267

she’s really nice and sexy too, and where are the other girls anyway?

No. 462268

They were there briefly at the beginning then dipped out. They don't answer anytime someone's asked where they are. At least I haven't heard them answer.

No. 462269

shayna is learning SO MUCH from this stream with her, it's funny. "oh yeah! that's a good idea! oh yeah let's do that!!" and ryan is like… you're just distracting people and losing money for me…..

I bet if the other girls do a takeover without her they would make so much more money

No. 462271

File: 1515119792722.gif (Spoiler Image,4.62 MB, 324x390, 991f42c0cc9cba79bc34bbc4289a86…)

No. 462273

I am cackling at the finger guns over the pussy lmaoooo

No. 462275

i cant stop laughing

No. 462278

I was counting on you to capture this golden moment. Thank you sir/ma'am.

Agreed but honestly Shayna's not catching on quite like she should.

No. 462282

mkay type "sage" for that in the email field

she is literally saying the randomest, least sexy shit. ryan is actually interacting with the chat and being cute, shayna is like "LOL U SHOULD TRY TO SUCK A COPS DICK, THAT'LL GET U A FEMALE OFFICER" like how is that gonna turn people on???

No. 462283

the girls are off filming somewhere

No. 462286

File: 1515120298679.gif (Spoiler Image,2.88 MB, 284x374, a56ecc0fb75fd42c107bafebb28a6f…)

so engaging

No. 462288

Either it’s the lighting or Shayna’s pussy doesn’t look infected for once

No. 462291

it’s because she’s used to just being on cam and getting tips for doing nothing. this time she actually has to do something and she’s like “whuuuuuuuttttt”

No. 462293

that's what I've been thinking! it looks like it's healed a bit, maybe she hasn't been shaving every 10 minutes and the burn has calmed down a little bit

No. 462296

She probably was practicing good hygiene for the week leading up the trip.

No. 462297

File: 1515120571197.gif (Spoiler Image,3.94 MB, 364x412, 0897500ca47f898f134b3a270d61e1…)

also shes been sitting away from the screen for about 3 minutes

No. 462298

probably had a shower

No. 462302

File: 1515120836244.jpeg (Spoiler Image,80.24 KB, 772x432, A85D7617-95F0-4647-A14A-344D91…)

Ignoring everyone while Ryan keeps the show going

No. 462303

she's resorted to just complaining that no one has tipped enough. that shit don't work gf it just pisses people off

No. 462304

lol all she knows how to do is beg

No. 462307

File: 1515121253492.gif (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 202x340, f984575d6a99e7a5fe06d8ee844fd2…)

No. 462308

File: 1515121321285.png (Spoiler Image,176.53 KB, 276x360, hey baby.png)

No. 462309

This thread has been comedy gold for the last few days

No. 462310

never mind, her pussy is def still raw

No. 462311

watching her do that pussy play was the laziest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. at least Ryan was fucking herself so she enjoyed it. Shayna was literally just sitting there making stupid faces and putting her wand in not even halfway.

No. 462313

EXACTLYYYYYY she wasn't even pretending to enjoy it. ryan must be so disappointed

No. 462316

File: 1515121550513.gif (Spoiler Image,4.01 MB, 306x338, 3bd86d1ec665668e8a47a74d575aa1…)

No. 462319

Of all the great posts tonight, this one is the best. I can't stop laughing.

No. 462320

Have you noticed that she hardly fucks her pussy though? Even at home she's usually just shoving things in her ass and buzzing her clit with the Hitachi. Makes you wonder if she's got something that makes her pussy uncomfortable like what is the deal Shayna

No. 462322

yah cos that’s super attractive and something I’d pay money to see. Kek

No. 462323

like if people are paying to see you do that, fucking deliver

No. 462325

If it went one second longer I would have gotten the rest of her expression

No. 462326

Putting that dildo in her mouth then back in her snatch is a great way to get infections. Tongues are covered in gross plaque and most people don't use a tongue scraper
Saged for obvious reasons

No. 462332

Ok I’m sorry but this is hilarious and the least of shays worries in terms of her poor abused snatch. As if people around the world aren’t constantly putting toys/dicks in their mouths and then in their cunts, or using spit as lube.

No. 462336

I saged it for obvious reasons anon lmao what would you call that anyway, germfagging?

No. 462339

not that anon but

>because some computers take shitty screenshots

is one of the oddest arguments I've ever heard

No. 462343

I personally haven't had to rake a screenshot on a computer in forever but if memory serves me right, isn't it as easy as ctrl alt print screen?

No. 462344


No. 462346


yeah, but it's hard for some people (who have never used a computer before) to figure out how to get the image from the clipboard into a jpeg file. MS Paint and MS Word are clearly witchcraft tools

No. 462348

Download gyazo

No. 462350

>MS Paint and MS Word are clearly witchcraft tools
We don't speak of the devil's magik

No. 462393

Anyone else notice how before they started pussy play Ryan said she was gonna go wash off her toy…and shayna didn't. You'd think she'd take the hint. Also someone suggested they both suck one dildo and Ryan immediately said no, smart girl for not wanting shaynas nasty germs

No. 462415

I did notice that too along with Ryan refusing over and over again to kiss Shayna (lets be real, Shayna would have done it without thinking twice). I found it interesting too that Ryan kept calling Shayna's ass small and then she even told her she has fat pussy lips.

No. 462430

File: 1515129702992.png (623.79 KB, 648x645, 1.png)

The nose stripe again

No. 462431

File: 1515129763608.png (Spoiler Image,465.01 KB, 594x643, 2.png)

Shayna never felt so smol

No. 462433

File: 1515129811619.png (45.74 KB, 593x188, 3.png)

And finally… is this a hint of drama?

No. 462446

Doesn't seem like it tbh. Looks like she was annoyed with the dudes treating her like the other non dom cam girls but I'm hoping maybe there's some Luke warm milk there

No. 462472

>Any way that isn’t the upmost respect
Damn she is so full of herself. If you don’t like it then don’t get on cam, dumbass.

No. 462545

mad shooped ass. she wishes. ppl are gonna be way disappointed when they buy the vid

No. 462566

File: 1515152537452.jpg (391.09 KB, 1080x1080, IXa6S76gjsKE3y5U70WF.jpg)

this is the most unfortunate photo of all of them

No. 462580

That isn't even any of them

No. 462645

She's a dom that's how they're supposed to talk

No. 462650

In a lot of ways she doesn't act like a dom tho

No. 462656

At least she's not punching herself in the face lmao

No. 462705

who cares this thread isn’t about Harlow money it’s about dumdolly

No. 462756

Probably why most the caps had just Shayna in them and not Ryan as well

No. 462779

File: 1515180797047.png (1.17 MB, 1140x641, derp.png)

No. 462786

File: 1515181346769.png (82.34 KB, 602x661, tumblr.png)

These posts are from her Tumblr and might explain her appearance today.

No. 462787

I wonder if any of the girls will check this thread and contribute

No. 462899

the reason she can put away so much alcohol is because she drinks so damn often. you work up a tolerance. plus she’s not even really that tiny, she’s like 5’4-5’5 and like 110. She’s pretty average.

No. 462938

File: 1515191399336.jpeg (179.55 KB, 1242x913, D437CC35-BFB3-4286-B5A5-F9BBF4…)

Kinda funny how she reblogged this after people said the other MV girls were talking about how important it is to help new girls… (which as we know has NOT been shay’s stance)

No. 462953

File: 1515191941003.gif (964.65 KB, 275x210, E9FE6A9A-17F5-4496-B3A1-5C7AAB…)


how low has she fallen I didn’t think you could get lower than daddy uwu

But momokun skinwalker daddy uwu takes the cake

No. 462966

The fuck are you talking about that’s just a girl she was at the MV Loft with. And I don’t recall her calling any of them daddy.

No. 463679

File: 1515275087709.jpeg (161.24 KB, 750x937, 631B6BD9-F61C-4450-AB34-1F5790…)

doing her “I’m cute” face. Take away the emojis and she’s still just a basic bitch

No. 463680

wearing beat up uggs, black leggings, a cheap wig and cheap gloves, and a knockoff Barbie bag. yah she basic AFFFF

No. 463724

Even real Barbie is side eyeing her fake ass.

No. 463796

File: 1515283849991.jpeg (163.12 KB, 493x346, 87CE36E8-3208-4474-8A91-874A4B…)

you guys. her face. lmfao

No. 463832

Hahaha that wig hairline… Ugly ass headband cant even keep the damn thing in place. Shayna i promise you would look better with your natural fried mess, even if it is only 1 inch of hair.

No. 463857

seriously how can she walk out of the house with that Neanderthal ass hairline? bitch look up a YouTube tutorial on how to put on a wig ffs

No. 464107

File: 1515327342944.png (42.55 KB, 590x227, eleven.png)

………..Is she really saying she might make a porno about a fictional underage character? Am I reading this correctly????

No. 464112

She's gonna get so much shit for that. Living for the Drama (as usual), I see.
I'm curious though: Is she gonna wear a bald cap? Because that would be hilarious

No. 464125

I'm hoping she's finally going Britney and is gonna shave her head.

No. 464131

At least it would be a clean start for her hair. She'd look much better with a buzzcut.

No. 464150

This has (sadly) been done by Riley Nixon and I’m sure plenty of others - which is just as troubling/upsetting - but for some reason shay doing it would be 20x worse. Please don’t. Also what is with camgirls doing alien vids? Too much highlighter + a metallic bodysuit and some crazy colored lipstick and you’re suddenly an alien who wants to suck earth dick we get it.

No. 464187

because it’s easy. that’s why. it’s easy to put on a holo body suit and pretend you’re an alien.

No. 464190

File: 1515341585332.jpeg (243.48 KB, 1242x678, CF7217AA-6F8B-49F8-A7A5-F1D6B6…)

I really hope she doesn’t start sexualizing actual real life kids. If you’re an adult and wanna pretend you’re a kid for whatever reason sure go for it. But don’t try to cosplay ACTUAL underage people in your PORN. That’s crossing a line you can’t come back from.

No. 464205

You do know that we can see that you voted for that option though? Don't be such a fucking hypocrite

No. 464218

you can’t see results unless you vote. I wanted to see the results. Get over it.

No. 464263

should have voted for the non-pedophilic one, then. there were two options.

No. 464289

bitch can’t even spell demogorgon right.

No. 464377

File: 1515357839760.jpeg (151.97 KB, 750x995, B38E3CD7-69DE-469D-B0A2-8FCBA8…)

I knew I screenshotted these for a reason

No. 464378

File: 1515357875612.jpeg (178.35 KB, 750x932, 5287EDA5-3646-4BED-AA5A-CBD002…)


No. 464379

File: 1515357908523.jpeg (92.86 KB, 750x556, FB7F749C-F9D4-47EE-99BF-779881…)


No. 464380

lol always starting drama, then people explain why she’s having said problems, and she deletes it. If she’s not getting absolutely everyone’s sympathy then she deletes it.

No. 464382

File: 1515358124461.jpeg (247.41 KB, 1242x1305, 9223C7E9-A236-4497-A12C-F8B8D1…)

She basically just admitted that she didn’t even think the idea out. I’m certain she doesn’t think out any of her videos and just goes with the first take for all of them.

No. 464417

She obviously had the intention to make it. It was her own idea and she thought it would be feasible for her to do, meaning she considered the logistics at least somewhat on how she would execute it and market it and how it would be received by her audience. It was her alone that offered it as an option to her customers/audience. Also she used the character's name in the twitter poll, which would give us the idea that it would be the title of the video or at least pretty similar. If not then there would likely be some sort of reference, whether direct or indirect, of who she was roleplaying in the video, in the title or description at very least.

We see here once again she issued a non-apology for her obvious fuckup and refuses to acknowledge or take responsibility for her own trash behavior. The only thing she is saying she is sorry for is that her audience took it the wrong way, because she obviously (eye roll) didn't do anything wrong.

No. 464418

File: 1515361673262.png (40.96 KB, 498x432, backpedal.PNG)

she backpedals so fast

No. 464420

is this her trying to ~*~change~*~

No. 464422

File: 1515361826364.png (34.96 KB, 490x381, keeptalkiing.PNG)

if you dont care for the drama why do you write paragraphs about it
she running low on sympathy points?

No. 464424

It's like clockwork. Do/say something shitty/racist/bigoted/predatory/pedophilic and then claim she's the victim when people call her out. And then there's always a non-apology thrown in for good measure.

No. 464425


Is she really pulling the CSA card again?

Is she REALLY saying that because she is a woman she cannot be wrong or hateful or mean-spirited or bigoted or abusive/exploitive/harmful?

No. 464426

yes she is

the proof is in the pudding
or in this case the post

No. 464428

File: 1515362153105.png (15.53 KB, 485x235, loll.PNG)

if you were trying to be the best dont you think you'd stop making half ass apologies when you get called on problematic things?

No. 464437

Something I noticed when she did the MV podcast is that the other girls have their own actual personality separate from their sex worker persona. Shayna or "Dolly" is the only one who does not differentiate between who she is versus her porn persona. IMO she should seek counseling for her self-esteem and personality issues plus her depression and substance abuse and all the supposed past traumas if there are any and just… learn to make herself right from within. If she wants to claim her past traumas and mental health cause her bad behavior, then fucking do something real about it. Until then "I really try my hardest to be the best person I can be" is just not believable.

No. 464448


Like… roleplaying Eleven is deemed exploiting children to her now but “baby dolly” videos aren’t because… ???

No. 464460

File: 1515364245673.png (27.32 KB, 498x319, roll.PNG)

No. 464470

File: 1515365096848.jpeg (255.26 KB, 1206x839, D52EF8D4-BE3A-4A97-A122-3A7C4F…)

and that’s why you start petty drama

No. 464473

Do we think someone actually did this or….

No. 464497


No. She’s more than likely lying.

No. 464637

Soooo… anyone else think she probably had a bad time at the loft? She hasn’t even mentioned it since she left and you’d think she’d be bragging or people would be sending her asks about it. Maybe it was bad and she doesn’t want to answer?

No. 464638

Seems reasonable honestly. If it went well she’d be talking about it nonstop and how amaze it was

No. 464644

File: 1515375917227.png (45.93 KB, 720x311, glad it's over.png)


>>It was a good week

That's all? Just a good week? Not "an amazing way to kick off the new year" and "a career-boosting opportunity to be grateful for"? Just a "good week"? Sounds pretty convincing…
>>I'm glad it's over
…I guess it was not that good, was it?

No. 464890

File: 1515400008406.png (446.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-01-08-01-19-15…)

she doesn't sound too happy with MV in general after her trip

No. 465026

How does she send full, non compressed videos without manyvids or other video service sites is what I want to know. That doesn't even sound right

No. 465044

It’s super easy. you can use things like file compression software and dropbox.

No. 465085

File: 1515433309613.png (278.23 KB, 581x440, wig versus hoodie.png)

MV included the moment leading up to her hoodie struggle in their promo for the takeover video.

I'm still trying to understand why she chose that hoodie for the takeover knowing damn well she can't get it off her head without the wig going with it.

No. 465136

Curiosity made me go watch the preview and…. the fake ass sounds shay makes when she gets “spanked”. I cannot. I hate porny impact shit when they barely get hit and are like “ooo! Ahhhh!!”

No. 465178

No. 465191

File: 1515442169744.png (Spoiler Image,545.67 KB, 925x704, screenshot.png)

MV Loft is selling the takeover video for $19.99. Shayna mentioned on her blog she will be selling it too. Can someone please post that screenshot, I don't have Tumblr.

No. 465240

File: 1515445259174.png (112.39 KB, 1006x1157, Screenshot_2018-01-08-13-00-44…)

No. 465295


I can’t see her being allowed to sell the video through manyvids for her own profit when they’re already selling it.

No. 465526

She's selling the same price as mv

No. 465666

File: 1515469850655.jpeg (197.63 KB, 1242x994, 82737705-BCAD-470F-8D19-0BEB71…)

….what… ?

Here’s me wearing pink jerking off on my bed. Here’s me wearing pink jerking off on my bed with something in my butt. Here’s me wearing pink jerking off in my bed again. The pink cage is the only place it gets different… and it’s still fucking PINK

No. 466073

pretty sure she sent that ask herself just to brag about her "creative" vid ideas

No. 466174

Seriously I'm always annoyed that girls like shayna who have already taken the step to put themselves put there and be camgirls but can't think of any half decent fucking ideas and only produce half assed content. Oh my fucking god. If you're a camgirls working with your body why would you fucking half ass It?? Wouldn't you want to present yourself in a good/unique/visually cool way??
Shaygnat if you read here sincerely how about schoolgirl, pink ditzy nurse, goldilocks, a princess locked in a tower with one of those bad Dragon dildos as the main piece, a double penetration video could rake in the bucks, if she had any makeup skill she could do that thing where you draw joints like a doll onto your arms and legs and literally make herself a sex puppet which I think would be unreal. Like i may not like her aesthetic but there's so many videos you could market with it and she chooses to use a Hitachi wand and make verbal sounds that are identical to cleaning a window

No. 466241

It’s because she has no idea what she’s doing. she doesn’t write/script out any of her videos, she just turns the camera on and attempts to sound sexy and uses the first take. She doesn’t think she needs to improve, she thinks she’s already perfect. THATS the problem. Until she learns that, she will just stagnate until her popularity runs out. I’m sure she does have some ideas, but can’t execute them properly because she puts no planning into her videos, as I said.

No. 466334

“sounds identical to cleaning a window” thank you for this

No. 466472

File: 1515545391784.jpeg (181.84 KB, 750x1199, 55739ED8-9A32-46AE-A9F9-0C9C94…)

Is it just me or does she almost kind of sound like she thinks someone will actually offer money for this???

No. 466645

I wouldn't be surprised if she sent herself this ask in an attempt to get perverted old rich men to offer her money in exchange for a germ-infested stuffed animal that has seen way too much.

No. 466907

File: 1515626408699.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 79584581-30B9-4770-9CDE-9BCF9F…)

“Bambie doll” since when???? Sounds like an aspeckamongdots wannabe

No. 466929

Yeah I find it funny that not shortly after one started calling themselves that the other followed

No. 466931

File: 1515627453400.png (186.85 KB, 924x1575, Screenshot_2018-01-10-15-36-26…)

Makeup compliment kek

No. 466932

File: 1515627533846.png (98.07 KB, 1012x916, Screenshot_2018-01-10-15-37-03…)

More begging for porn props this time it's a latex cutout suit. Thought she had a pink latex
Shayna just cut that up

No. 466970

She doesn’t have the stuff she needs for her next video? step it up!

No. 467032

seriously why put a video idea out there but then not have the props/outfits necessary to make it? her vids are so half assed it’s pathetic. I’m really not sure why people continue to buy them.

No. 467034

not sure if she realizes that her makeup now makes her look like a 34 year old mom with a Xanax addiction. I prefer the “I don’t know what I’m doing but that’s okay” shayna instead of the “I’m perfect and don’t need to change a thing” shayna.

No. 467063

Ok so she’s begging for a cheap outfit yet also just bragged about buying a bad dragon toy in another post. Aka she has hundreds to spend on a dildo but can’t manage 30$ max for a leotard.

No. 467066

She has literally no shame

No. 467082

I love how she makes it so obvious that she reads this thread actively. Of course she wants a dragon dildo after someone here mentions it, how else would she ever come up with ideas? At least she’s consistently unoriginal and pathetic.

No. 467109

She could at least give credit where credit is due.

ATTENTION SHAYNA: On behalf of this thread, you're welcome. Hopefully this gets your creative juices flowing and you will be able to come up with your own idea next time!!

No. 467112

I am honestly curious which bad dragon she got tho. There’s so many alien ones

No. 467121

It's pink. Are there a lot of pink ones?

No. 467125


You can get a custom color for all styles just costs way more.

No. 467126

Yeah and she probably got it completely hot pink so it’s gonna look god awful.

No. 467315


No. 467319

Yeah, because it's not like she could have thought up the idea on her own or anything. ??‍♂️(don't use emojis)

No. 467361

1.we have never seen her put any creativity into her videos until just now
2. Sage your shit and stop using emojis

No. 467376

Right. She happened to have the exact same specific idea one day after it was posted in this thread. Surely just a coincidence. Even though she mentions this thread often enough to let us know she reads it all the time (what narcissist wouldn't?)

No. 467439

Lol she just entered the MV Awards half assed 2 days after it started. Such a great business owner.

No. 467475

>no sage
shayna at least try to blend in

No. 467504

well based on her body of work, she hasn’t thought up one original video idea. she wears an outfit, turns the camera on, and says the first thing that comes to mind while doing her usual routine (rubs tits, tries to act sexy, plays with hitachi, fucks butt/pussy with a thin dildo, uses hitachi to “cum”, fake orgasm)

So ya I don’t think she magically came up with a good idea on her own.

No. 467714

She’s on cam looking like a drugged out whore


No. 467724

She's trying to twerk… she should have paid Ryan for some lessons.

No. 467727

Lol she straight just left cos no one was tipping

No. 467728

Didn’t even say bye just turned her cam off lmao entitled ass hoe

No. 467729

She looked too fucked up to be camming anyway.

No. 467731

I hate how she does nothing, doesn’t even attempt to interact, goes on her phone, and then says why aren’t you guys tipping me and leaves

No. 467751

File: 1515708052307.png (45.71 KB, 1035x355, 20180111_135613.png)

She actually was high, kek.

Wonder if she'll stop wearing that dumb, ratty-looking blonde wig for awhile once she gets her hair done today?

No. 467773

Get on cam for a couple hours is a hilarious ambition she had. She was on for about 10 minutes before she called it quits. I guess when she gets "rly high" her work ethic goes out the window.

No. 467837

Y no caps

No. 467964

File: 1515724159570.jpg (76.49 KB, 500x667, 2abb86a3-803a-4b27-8d20-4a1648…)

Her new hair.

No. 467993

Honestly it looks decent but it’s still damaged af in there

No. 467994

Her MV name has been Bambie Doll for over a year. Where have you been?

No. 467997

damn, working while on drugs is a sure way not to make money, like c'mon that's not smart business practice in any way

No. 468012

Her hair dresser deserves an award and an outrageously big tip for this miracle she performed. I know those extremely damaged chunks are tucked away strategically under there but the rest came out decent for once. I'm hoping this means the god awful wig will finally be laid to rest!!

No. 468505

File: 1515789217484.jpeg (237.13 KB, 750x1116, AC7DF1F5-9C19-49A2-8D21-5391CB…)

On today’s episode of things that never really happened.

No. 468506

File: 1515789429690.png (407.88 KB, 1242x2208, 256AEFFE-284E-48C6-9E30-B69B6C…)

I can’t acesss her account on my computer, because it’s been suspended but some of her tweets are still saved on my mobile timeline

No. 468525

lmao she sends those questions herself. The same with >>466472 she just manipulates people to give her more money. sneaky, too obvious though.

No. 468561

File: 1515793880441.jpeg (417.64 KB, 750x1026, 53CF3565-6A8F-4731-A079-A2F5FC…)

New drama incoming? (1/3)

No. 468562

File: 1515793901359.jpeg (292.91 KB, 750x864, 011720E3-F92B-4C1B-9A18-C4E2B6…)


No. 468564

File: 1515793924690.jpeg (393.38 KB, 750x1030, 29DA00FC-47EC-4345-81BA-50A752…)


No. 468614

she makes good points and she isnt being a cunt, i like her. take shaygnar down!

No. 468712

File: 1515801403429.jpeg (196.22 KB, 1242x647, BC3274F0-FC4F-41B5-9E72-C0E0D0…)

Lol LSB is getting in on it

No. 468737

I know we already know this is 0% true - but also if it happened she would have posted a million selfies with the stuffies/gawking at zoo animals.

No. 468753

ALSO she’s up for MV top 5 profile thing.. how is this allowed when half her videos go against TOS…

No. 468761

MV doesn't care, once again, case and point Lana Rain

No. 468775

Yeah I mean I know they won’t kick her off but giving her awards is a whole other ball game idk.

No. 468788


My theory: She knows she will not win. By entering late she can always blame not winning on entering late. She is doing it for the promotion/marketing aspect only.

No. 468825

Her winning is not based on votes alone. To get NOMINATED you have to be in the top five once the voting period ends. Then MV decides who wins. You’d think she would understand that before entering, but she thinks that if she gets in the top spot that she automatically wins lmao

No. 468837

File: 1515809371279.png (138.67 KB, 562x525, Paid Votes.png)

Thank you for clarifying that.

Man, she sure is giving away a shit ton of content for paid votes. Is this what desperation looks like?

No. 468964

She did go to the zoo and aquarium, it was on her premium. I’d post screenshots but I didn’t think to take them. I doubt she was invited by some random man though.

No. 468976

I bet my ass that Shay sent those anons herself. This is exactly how she types and I doubt anyone would be interested in whiteknighting her

No. 468986

It could be. But also the "why are you shaming dumdolly when she's a csa survivor??" one sounds sarcastic/insincere/trolly because it's such a dumb notion that someone should be able to get away with toxic behavior just because they claim to be or indeed are a csa survivor. To me it seemed like that anon was just trying to get that person to elaborate on why it's a bunch of bullshit.

No. 468987

File: 1515861738359.png (769.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180113-083917.png)

She has a new Twitter account. It's dumlildolli

No. 468991


Does anybody know why her other Twitter was banned?

No. 468996

She claims she got sooo many votes for the manyvids contest that it spammed her twitter and so she got suspended. I thought she made a post on tumblr saying this but now I don't see it.

No. 469000

File: 1515862457673.jpg (243.44 KB, 1080x835, Screenshot_20180113-085216.jpg)

Apparently for no reason as claimed by Shayna, but who really knows?

No. 469003

File: 1515862705390.png (58.15 KB, 713x358, 1.png)

Here are 2 more asks this person answered regarding shayna

No. 469004

File: 1515862741158.png (87.09 KB, 717x430, 2.png)

No. 469008

Does she know that Twitter rules state: If you attempt to evade a permanent suspension by creating new accounts, we will suspend your new accounts.

No. 469011

File: 1515863264485.png (95.96 KB, 528x390, Shayna cannot follow rules.png)

I read the twitter rules and if I had to guess the reason she got suspended (permanently?) it is because of this. Or this may have been one of several reasons.

No. 469198

it’s not that she can’t follow rules. it’s that she thinks she’s too perfect for rules to apply to her. she’s a skinny white entitled cunt who thinks the world owes her everything for showing off her diseased pussy.

No. 469400

Lmao some of her nasty ass daddy vids are on a site called “incestflix”


No. 469445

File: 1515892763906.png (Spoiler Image,949.37 KB, 1094x786, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 8.18…)

She must have scabs on her cervix from slamming those claws in there(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 469455

This video is absolutely cringe-worthy from the moment it starts all the way through. It's so bad that towards the end I was trying to convince myself I had gotten through the worst of it, but unfortunately I was wrong. Right after she fakes an orgasm and pulls the dildo out from her ass, you can see some shit (POOP) smeared between her legs and on the Hitachi wand. Go look for yourself and tell me if you see what I see.

No. 469470

File: 1515894857601.png (Spoiler Image,1.92 MB, 1600x900, dumdollydaddyshome.png)

There's definitely a…mysterious brown patch that wasn't there before. She's right on the money with the awful porn acting those, that extremely fake-vaguely annoyed orgasm, the baby voice that changes octaves 5 times, her scary-hilarious facial expressions. I love how her wig was falling off when she was slapping her face though and you could see her headband/cap underneath lol.

Who filmed this though? At one point the camera shifts as if someone was holding it and the footsteps?

No. 469471

The camera shifts because it goes out of focus. In the majority of her videos the camera is constantly focusing and you can HEAR IT. It’s the most annoying thing ever and shows her level of incompetence.

You can barely hear her as well, but the smacks are hella loud. You’d think she notice and reshoot like any competent person but no, she just leaves it so the buyer has to continually adjust their volume. Get a mic with all that money you claim to make. Get your pussy disinfected while you’re at it.

No. 469472

can someone tell me wtf was with that random jump cut when the door closed?

No. 469483

Her acting probably really sucked and she didn't want to refilm any of it so she just cut part of it out. Plus it signifies the moment "Daddy" gets home and starts doing the reprimanding we see from there on out.

No. 469488

File: 1515896559784.png (Spoiler Image,659.6 KB, 816x1355, Screenshot_2018-01-13-18-21-53…)

This face is not cute why does she make it she looks constipated

No. 469490

Though her hair looks way better now wowza

No. 469500

File: 1515897640744.png (3.46 MB, 2208x1242, 715E9F45-08CE-4B83-A1F7-D29B7E…)

Our 35 year old cool mom is back guys, I don’t think she’s leaving for a loooooong time. “I read 50 shades of gray and I’m really into bdsm now like the kids on tumblr tehe!”

No. 469502

it’s like a split second I couldn’t even tell what happened. and since her voice was so low I couldn’t hear her. does she even understand how to edit or does she just throw shit together with windows movie maker?

No. 469504

she needs a nose job.

No. 469508

File: 1515898363638.jpg (449.09 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nxcznkaiXZ1rmiw96o3_128…)

Came across this gem from when she was a basic wannabe-goth chick living it up in white suburbia a couple years ago.

No. 469512

i think she has a cute nose(sage)

No. 469519

This was…. Really hard to watch

No. 469521

File: 1515899671842.png (Spoiler Image,342.11 KB, 516x917, IMG_20180113_191407.png)

Those wings though

No. 469549

those aren't wings, thats the whole damn bird

No. 469553

those aren't wings, thats the whole damn bird

No. 469554

Anon ….. I love you

No. 469557

That's the best thing I have heard all day.

At least the eyeliner has somewhat improved since then. Hopefully her porn acting can do the same.

No. 469564

the way she never uses lube for anal weirds me out. her asshole always looks like she's gaping it or whatever, it's disgusting and super stretched out from all that forceful penetration

No. 469584

Wait she doesn’t?! Does she at least use spit….

No. 469590

She's said before that she just uses the "juices" from her vag (disgusting) but I haven't seen her do that in a lot of her stuff. Pretty sure she said she hates lube

No. 469595

File: 1515905111025.jpeg (Spoiler Image,77.88 KB, 780x574, 8D5CC64C-BF0F-4B4B-8BBA-A28AA7…)

Jesus that was… something else. Why would you film these faces and be like “yes this is it, publish this they’ll love it”

No. 469736

File: 1515924029992.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, censible shuckle.gif)

No. 469800

File: 1515935043695.png (94.45 KB, 898x445, trash.png)

She was trying to look like a child, that's why. She thinks if she makes her face look stupid it means she is a child. This is an age play, father-daughter incest-fantasy porn, remember?

No. 469806

>squeaky excited mouse
well at least she admit to being a rodent

No. 469843

File: 1515944883729.png (Spoiler Image,940.72 KB, 940x1079, Screenshot_2018-01-14-07-47-10…)

Looks like her eyelashes are not on properly

No. 469856

I pull of my pink bottoms to reveal my pretty little cunt,

I think you mean “scabby”, Shayna.

No. 469861

Who is the "daddy" in the ending of this video?

No. 469908

them crocodile tears tho “I beat myself so hard with this cheap leather paddle that I’m CRYYYINGGG can’t you see how upset I am?!”

Tbh I’d be crying For real if my pussy looked like that. Still don’t know how she thinks that’s normal.

No. 469951

File: 1515954791866.jpg (97.36 KB, 1076x660, Screenshot_20180114-102630.jpg)

She'll be on cam again today

No. 469977

File: 1515956876989.png (2.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5226.PNG)

she seems unbothered, does she not realize now people have even less reason to give her money when they can see her shitty porn for free?

No. 470000

File: 1515958368238.jpeg (362.76 KB, 1242x1362, A32C2355-A9D3-43DE-8514-614699…)

This is like. Super fucked up. As a masochist / someone who bottoms for intense scenes… the reason for doing this stuff shouldn’t be “because of all the attention people pay to me”. Like obviously she does a lot of shit that is fucked and bad but that’s like. Super harmful and legitimately upsetting. She just puts up with kink because it means someone is paying attention to her. Wow.

No. 470012

File: 1515959782290.png (110.76 KB, 500x287, C51EE4C6-7E91-4B29-930D-501F2C…)

>tfw the thread gets super sad

No. 470018

File: 1515960148040.jpeg (Spoiler Image,62.17 KB, 586x406, A1F2FC84-638B-4E84-AA91-170C62…)

Took this incredible screenshot(nsfw needs spoilers)

No. 470023

For real dude. Not trying to bum people out posting that but just like a “holy shit” moment for me reading that.

No. 470031

I got you anon. I think I check this thread so much because I want to see Shay get out of this somewhat unscathed - I was in a similar situation albeit not drawing as much drama and attention. If she can get out anyone can. Use your sex money for a therapist Shay, a good one!!!!!

No. 470033

I know she had a lot of allegations in the past where she claimed to have gone through this this and that, but what I'm wondering is what REALLY happened to her be so desperate for attention and willing to put up with abuse to get it

was she bullied? was she just always second best growing up? with june, she is still an attention whore but doesn't go through great lengths to get it

No. 470046

From what I understand, her stepsister is a relatively successful model who probably gets way more attention than her and positive attention at that. Plus her mom “apparently” cut her off for becoming a cam girl (I think it’s probably because of something else)
But big picture, she’s basically lived the life of a normal, happy, middle-class white girl.

No. 470059

I know right? That's just her doing that whole "Uhhh I'm a abuse survivor pls don't attack me for >>469800"
Like, she's literally in time for that because she just saw that lolcow post where someone is attacking her for being posted on Incestflix >>469400 and now she's trying to avoid getting flamed for doing incest porn

No. 470095

THIS. I mean, if you're going to give public access to your most intimate self, wouldn't you at least present it in the nicest way possible?? Sloppy camgirls give me secondhand embarrassment lmao

No. 470127

I agree with this. While what she wrote is sad because it's a sad mentality to have, it's hard to feel bad for someone who only brings up things like this when their toxic behavior is being questioned. Like, before we go too hard on her, she wants everyone to remember her brokenness. I'm sorry but I can't believe she is really this broken knowing about her cozy childhood and privileged upbringing and the stories she has shared about "abuse" from her mom that weren't actually abuse but just normal punishments kids/teens get when they misbehave. But if she really is this fucked up, then she has the opportunity to get professional help yet she refuses to. I think she romanticizes the idea of being broken and helpless and wants so bad to be oppressed and abused so that people will feel sorry for her. She has learned that it's better to get negative attention than none at all, and knows all the ways to garner people's sympathies at times when she is being called out. She is toxic. Also I remember her questioning why men only see her as a sex object. Gee, I wonder why. When you let people use and abuse you like that for sexual pleasure I can't see how they could view you as an equal but as weak and an absolute pushover and doormat good for one thing only.

No. 470138

Did anyone notice around 4:19 where she has a brain fart and forgets to edit it out?

No. 470148

No what happens? Cap? I can’t watch that again haha

No. 470154

I refuse to watch again too but I think that was the part where she got out of character for a second and started to get up, but then she laughed at herself and got back into character.

No. 470383

Exactly lmao, she says “sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to disappoint you” which I thought was hilariously Freudian, and apparently she did too. Caps wouldn’t rly do it justice

No. 470474

File: 1515988492797.jpg (90.36 KB, 1069x618, Screenshot_20180114-195057.jpg)

Can she make any other retorts besides "haha ur dad!!!!"? Like, it isn't witty or cute, it just looks pathetic and retarded

No. 470485

Wait, I was that anon you replied to but you picked up on something really deep here I totally missed. What happened was incredibly Freudian! After she said that line, she froze for a few seconds, then looked straight up. At first I thought she forgot what she was doing (brain fart was mentioned earlier) and that she'd looked upwards as people do subconsciously when they are trying to remember something, but re-watching it now after you point that out I see a different story. Now I see the moment where she is about to crack from her emotional pain as that line makes her think about disappointing her actual father and she looked up to stop from crying.

I listened a few times but I can't make out what she mumbles quietly to herself right after that (maybe "shit"?) when she suddenly starts to sit up. A split second later she convinces herself to laugh it off and lay back down to go through with the scene. She keeps smiling though and it takes her a few moments to get back into character.

(Deleted and reposted to reword some parts that might have been confusing)

No. 470499

File: 1515989877943.jpeg (41.95 KB, 700x376, 711F6C91-F19A-4094-9752-4F5DE3…)

Jesus man

No. 470529

File: 1515991608489.png (131.83 KB, 1019x1078, Screenshot_2018-01-14-20-45-50…)

No. 470535

So she invested like. 200-300$ in this video now. Can’t wait to see the outcome. I wonder if it’ll be shot on her bed..

No. 470537

File: 1515992552828.png (Spoiler Image,823.81 KB, 1074x610, help.png)

When your daddy issues hit you like a ton of bricks and you look to Jesus

No. 470539

According to her, she went to Michael’s and got props and everything. Hopefully she will try something new.

No. 470542

Ok so she actually spent like 200+ on the dolls kill site alone (re: a post on her tumblr) plus the 40$ makeup and the 150$+ dildo. So she can drop like 300-400$ in a few days but has to beg people to buy her pizza or help her get her nails done…. I don’t get this shit

No. 470549

How do you guys know she hasn't actually been through abuse for sure? How do you guys also know she wasn't ever actually raped? Like is there evidence of this or is this all speculation based around what she posts? I'm genuinely confused

No. 470562

Take ten minutes to actually read her threads. There's proof.

No. 470563

Tons of milk on this was lost in the first thread that got deleted.
This comment summarizes some basics you can start with

No. 470578

In the original thread there was an anon who went to school with her and they mentioned how she cheated on Connor and did drugs and got caught

No. 470580

File: 1515997028107.jpeg (562.01 KB, 1242x1500, 04308A4E-3072-429E-9400-1E6F47…)

Oh no she actually has to gain followers! She can’t just rely on her huge following anymore haha

No. 470583

File: 1515997239922.gif (768.9 KB, 320x180, Stanley.gif)

>"crack from emotional pain"

No. 470587

Shayna, learn to sage for God's sake

No. 470588

Didn't she buy followers? Isn't there a way to check that?

No. 470719

The reality of it is that most of the followers on tumblr are from her stoner days and are no longer active accounts. That is why she can't get anywhere near as many twitter followers as she has tumblr followers. She's clearly delusional about the size of her fan base.

No. 470734

Look, this is not to say she was abused or suffered any sort of trauma. She herself has clarified she has never been physically abused, and the stories of her alleged childhood abuse amount to nothing more than the measurements her mom tried to take to stop her from doing drugs, especially at school, (grounding her lol) and from abusing her internet privileges as a minor (taking away her computer lol), and then from her mom trying to intervene in her choice to become a cam model once she turned 18 (suggesting other jobs she could apply for). I'm pretty sure a lot of decent mothers would do the same thing.

The emotional pain that we catch a glimpse of is not from abuse or trauma, no, but she has talked about feeling like she was partly to blame for her dad stepping out on her mom and ultimately replacing her and the family with a new one. She must also feel like a huge ass disappointment to her father now with how she presents and sells her images online as well as how she lives her life in general (e-begging, uncontrollable shopping sprees, drugs, meeting creepy men for photoshoots and sex, etc) I know she has claimed in the past "oh my dad doesn't care what I do as long as I can pay my bills" but that is incredibly hard to believe. What father would be okay with that? Not many on this planet.

No. 470735

File: 1516019042398.png (39.66 KB, 718x267, 1k.png)

She is willing to take some stranger from the internet's virginity for $1000.

No. 470745

File: 1516019438221.png (119.97 KB, 707x491, harmful and toxic girls.png)

>guys are typically harmless
>girls are some of the most harmful and toxic people
>I love girls
>claims to be a feminist

No. 470756

what makes her think she is worth even that much lmao? Rodent isn't worth more than a street hooker

No. 470758

>>Now I see the moment where she is about to crack from her emotional pain as that line makes her think about disappointing her actual father and she looked up to stop from crying.

Dear lord…

No. 470777

If I remember correctly after she said "I didn't mean to disappoint you" and slipped out of character, she laughed and said "yes I did". I think it was just her being bratty like she always says she is

No. 470822

Sage goes in the email field boyo

No. 470834

do you really need to do a psycho-analysis on WHY she does what she does? No. She’s fucking funny to watch crash and burn. She’s hilarious to watch be delusional as shit about her own life and success when she’s still just a basic ass bitch. Its amusing to watch her incompetence in making simple porn clips. We don’t need an analysis.

No. 470843

File: 1516031982081.jpeg (184.59 KB, 1242x638, C4FE6536-5AF0-4CD5-B14E-4C6FD4…)

Maybe take your own advice shay. You think everything you do and say is heaven sent, and prophetic.

No. 470847

File: 1516032063316.jpeg (132.66 KB, 1242x511, D6A61E86-72D9-4AA4-8C1F-E1F878…)

more pandering and trying to make people feel bad for her. a normal day in the life of shay. mental illness is ~*edgy*~ guys, never 4get

No. 470888

you don't need to but it's part of the discussion on her plus it's not the first time it's been brought up, see this comment from the previous thread:

I fully agree with you this shit is entertaining as hell.

No. 470905

Yeah I think the psychoanalysis is just part of the fun. Like a cam-girl case study.

No. 470908

Imagine wanting your virginity taken by this ratface and she pulls down her panties and presents all those BEAUTIFUL sores. Oh yeah much worth a grand. I almost hope he does it.

No. 470932


This bitch needs some botox. Jesus christ.

No. 471005

Exactly, if you don’t want to read it then don’t

No. 471015

someone’s cranky their long winded, boring as shit, 4 paragraph comment didn’t get read all the way through. boohoo.

No. 471070

Yeah I forgot, I'm on mobile and didn't check the field

No. 471133

I wouldn't be surprised if she starts e-begging for it to make herself more dollified

No. 471624

File: 1516069300520.jpeg (137.95 KB, 750x732, 92AA42ED-ACDF-4F7A-BBBB-69529E…)

She “has an offer” no big porn company is going out and scouting MV girl # 312

No. 471645

File: 1516070329805.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, 3E416A37-63DC-4BAE-86A6-EE8A40…)

What the fuck are theseeeee

No. 471661

I mean… im all for ripping her apart but, they’re normal looking feet… my feet look like that because I walk around barefoot a lot and don’t moisturize them and put them in special socks every night like a middle aged woman.

No. 471666

Look like blisters from uncomfortable shoes

No. 471687

They’re obviously callouses. Again. Pretty normal. Although I guess not normal if she gets pedis fairly regularly?

More importantly can we talk about the MV award thing and how she’s aiming for profile of the year, aka the most aesthetically pleasing profile (from what I understand)? Why does this category even exist

No. 471738

With her puppy picture as entry….. Because that's aesthetic. Not everyone is into the gross porn you do Shayna

No. 471767

Kek, she reblogged a post that said pedophilia isn't a kink. Who do you think your primary audience is, Shayna?

No. 472184

File: 1516102066134.png (1.8 MB, 1125x2436, B16C4231-37F5-4238-A6C4-287201…)

it's pretty daft

No. 472192

This is why it's safer to say you're into age regression and role play by just PRETENDING an adult is a child. Just don't use an actual child, that's a crime! It's so clever how they've worked around that issue.

No. 472194

This category exists for people like shayna who's actual porn sucks but theor overall profile has a certain aesthetic and coherent theme. I guess my confusion comes from why people voting for her when her genital sores are literally all over her profile. I didn't realize that was considered aesthetically pleasing.

No. 472200

Excuse me, they’re pink polka dots on her pussy. Didn’t you realize thats an ~aesthetic~

No. 472308


Something about this trailer really creeps me out. I think it’s her voice. She sounds drugged and tired and like she’s trying to be cute and innocent.

No. 472494

she was just on cam for less than 20 mins just laying in her bed holding a crop. boring af. she seemed annoyed at the viewers

No. 472499

She seems to be really struggling with the cam side of things. Why does she even bother if she has such a bad attitude about it.

No. 472515

I. Am. Wheezing.

I can't wait for the barrel of laughs her alien video will bring

No. 472526

@ whoever said their feet look like hers… Okay jurassic Park creature lookin ass toes

No. 472527

She probably fucked / sent free content to someone who works there… it isnt that difficult to figure out lmfao. You are sounded just as dumb as ‘dumdolly’ over here.

No. 472539

You didn't even select a post to reply to and you make no sense. I assume you're replying to one of the anons who said no porn company would have her, and realistically she doesn't have enough of a presence or following to be noticed by any notable company. Regardless of who she fucks, since they can easily find better looking girls with actual work ethic. You seriously think her free content would convince someone to think, yes, this is it. Let's make this raggedy haired, immature, pedo catering girl with a pussyful of oozing sores be our next star, even though she can't produce decent content, stay in character, take care of herself or represent herself decently online. Hell yeah this is the girl for us!

No. 472545

Not to mention anyone they hire is a big investment and they're aren't going to invest in people not wiling to commit or put in the work. They see plenty of porn, some mediocre free content is not going to pull any strings with a porn company. The other anon sounds kinda silly and naive.

No. 472580


Can you bitches take this somewhere else?(mini-modding)

No. 472583

Can you sage?
Why would we take discussing Shayna somewhere else but here?

No. 472822

File: 1516152695201.png (Spoiler Image,901.86 KB, 1032x1548, Screenshot_2018-01-16-17-30-42…)

Being a findom again

No. 472844

I think you mean attempting

No. 472966

is it considered cow tipping to report her new twitter for dodging a suspension?

No. 472975

Cowtipping is defined in the rules as the following and doesn't seem to include your concern.
>4.3 Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm. (cowtipping)

No. 473003

Sorry if I’m mini modding, I just hate bitches like you driving this thread off topic.(ban evasion)

No. 473009

How was anyone taking the thread off topic by discussing shaynas porn “career” that’s literally what this thread is about.

No. 473031

this is true, but stupid mods will ban people for shit that isn't actual cowtipping all the time.

No. 473038

Calm down with the “bitches” you sound like a 12 year old who is trying to be hard. If anything, you’re the one derailing shit.

I wonder if anyone Shay has ever successfully done the findom thing. I also wonder if people being like “can I send you money?!” Are ever real

No. 473052

Ok shibari sperging but I legit hate how every fucking camgirl ties a shitty munter-hitch filled futo like this and it’s like omg such legit rope much shibari.

No. 473068


Does having her leg bound in rope have anything to do with her posing as a fin dom or is she just mixing two different concepts/kinks into one?

No. 473075

Shibari derailing (>>473003 pls don’t shit on me) but where do u find ur legit shibari guides o rope anon? Help a girl out

No. 473078

Right like…wouldn’t she want to be threatening to tie THEM up? I’ve never seen a findom who was also a bimbo, they generally portray themselves as p smart even if they aren’t…I think she just wants to look cute and figure out what gets the most notes.

No. 473090

It legit makes no sense for her to be tied up while taking on the Domme role.
I intitially learned from looking at tutorials on tumblr, signing up for patreons that do them, and getting books like Midori’s or a basic shibari guide one with cartoon drawings on it - I forget name now. I took lessons in person after that stuff proved useless beyond beginner status tho. You can also just YouTube “shibari tutorials” and go for it.

No. 473184

Any bet Shayna saw LSB doing a bossy/little thing and hopped on it with her findom bimbo? Could be Reading into it but I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 473191

File: 1516171399072.png (165.35 KB, 992x1404, Screenshot_2018-01-16-22-39-21…)

No. 473280

dude, she probably just forgot her next line, it aint that deep

No. 473290

this is satire, right?

No. 473334

She could have cut it out though, there were tons of jump cuts in the video. Why would she leave that one? Just another mistake or?

No. 473405

the spanking was especially unwatchable, are they all like that???

No. 473435

Seems like it’s just a mistake she forgot to edit out. You can see her getting up to look at something, probably a script of some sort. She probably didnt even bother to watch all of her own work so she didn’t fix all her mistakes in editing.

No. 473438

her next line. lmao as if she actually writes/drafts any kind of script. she comes up with this crap on the spot and uses the first take. that’s why is so shitty.

No. 473442


lmao. hey dumbass that’s your bedroom not a studio. you live with roommates in a shit apartment in Seattle you don’t have a studio lmao

No. 473449


No. 473450

That is so fucking funny. Who calls their bed/bedroom a studio? Shayna, your "studio" is a major fire hazard.

No. 473457

File: 1516207337974.png (134.52 KB, 640x1052, IMG_6148.PNG)

Even her new friend is letting her know it looks like crap. She's saying it in a fun and teasing way but she's for real, it looks awful.

No. 473482

girls who don’t have real studios say that they have studios lmao

No. 473483

tacky should be her stage name at this point. tacki dolli

No. 473909

File: 1516234772761.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 750x1334, 6507527F-0C23-4EC6-B9DE-610FCD…)

Think she reads this thread?

No. 473944

nice self post. make your own thread as well why doncha

No. 473949

yes because only on lolcow do they talk about hank hill asses.. who tf even is that girl lmao

No. 473958

she’s best friends with littlesativabug. but yeah that hank hill ass meme has been around forever

No. 473968

This does seem like a self post but yeah. Almost definitely. She's called out shayna plenty of times and is always hilarious about it.

No. 474008

File: 1516241235414.jpeg (367.02 KB, 1242x1562, D5C71AD8-25DE-484B-BE6A-C91702…)

Shit is getting real romantic on the ol’ shootin bed you guys.

No. 474035


She got her hair done 6 days ago and hasn't washed it yet. When y'all think it's gonna get washed?

No. 474048

Didn’t even think about that. I give it another week.

No. 474062

“mom tries to make sexy video for husband to spice things up”

No. 474148

File: 1516248331905.jpeg (Spoiler Image,213.86 KB, 1242x1379, A8FE0EA3-A706-4BE6-9CD9-9B79CA…)

Honestly? She looks like an adult in this one, and pink isn’t the predominant color = some progress? Still sticking with that glass wand and vibrator on the bed thing though…

No. 474174

File: 1516250361398.jpeg (80.92 KB, 750x566, 121E9BC1-CE20-4A9A-B02C-3289FF…)

it’s her job to keep track of her customers in case anything goes wrong so why is it up to them to provide proof of purchase again? she puts no effort into her “work”

No. 474188

Well shit. When it rains it pours.

No. 474299

her having some kind of vague script makes more sense than her having a mental breakdown over disappointing her father when she's been disappointing her father for her whole life already.

No. 474321

thought it was a tranny at first

everytime I see one of these screenshots, i always wonder.. what will she do when she is in her 30s. Her life will be completely fucked up, nobody will hire her for a job, she might get issues getting an education or getting friends, she won't be able to use her body anymore to please her blind, disgusting audience. her life is bound to go downhill, and its her own fault.

No. 474344

Color me ignorant but I never realized snap chat does not allow pornographic content (since so many people do it anyway). Honestly though Shayna always goes off about how paypal isn't a sex worker friendly service to use, but neither is Snapchat yet she uses it? I guess it's fine to her since they can't take her money away like PayPal can, only followers. And now she's making another Snapchat like she did with twitter after getting banned for not following guidelines there, which is also against guidelines to do once you get banned. If this is going to be your line of work and you want to always brag about how respectable it is, then like maybe use the legal and permissible platforms out there for you instead of ones that specifically prohibit everything you do on there

No. 474466


lmao, new outfit, same routine. but that makes it a Valentine’s Day video now cos she’s wearing red lingerie and there’s hearts behind her. oooookkkaaayyyyyy.

No. 474475

god that buttfucking looks AWFUL

No. 474476

File: 1516291186812.gif (Spoiler Image,1.81 MB, 540x304, DA768E43-B59A-472F-BD41-F05F87…)

How. is this. sexy.

No. 474507

File: 1516294641290.jpeg (304.24 KB, 1221x1067, 57563BB0-BC56-4A23-9719-30E92A…)

maybe you wouldn’t be getting kicked out if you didn’t spend your rent money on a trip to Canada. Or if you didn’t leave your cat for your roommates to take care of all be time. Or if you wouldn’t such an unbearable cunt 24/7 that thinks she can do no wrong.

But no, the world is just being horrible to shayna for no reason. Feel bad for her everyone.

No. 474529

Ya need to spoiler this shit anon.

No. 474542

File: 1516297227602.png (108.28 KB, 1023x1285, Screenshot_2018-01-18-09-37-42…)

Roommates leaving her to fend for herself

No. 474543

File: 1516297267111.png (97.19 KB, 915x1067, Screenshot_2018-01-18-09-37-24…)

Depressed Shayna is definitely a bit more milky

No. 474575

So basically anyone could say they had her Snapchat before and get it for free cause she’s too dumb to write it down

No. 474589

No because she's asking the customer to provide proof of purchase. If you can't prove it you're SOL.

No. 474591

Lol she’s going to be out a lot of people then, I doubt most people still have proof

No. 474618

Sooo based on this description she’s literally self harming and making porn out of it.

No. 474619

File: 1516302158544.jpeg (143.84 KB, 1242x852, 2D817146-BADC-44D3-A69D-50A817…)

Dropped pic my bad

No. 474620

File: 1516302245749.jpeg (105.74 KB, 1242x760, B12A1E89-F3D0-4EB3-BF47-3976AE…)

Also. This is just. Idiotic. And honestly sexual harassment?

No. 474767

File: 1516308710003.png (37.58 KB, 247x348, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 3.45…)

welp she's finally admitted she doesn't get off on sex

No. 474805

Depressed Shayna tells all, I love it! Although this was obvious to anyone who's watched even one video of hers, I'm glad she's finally admitted it. I remember another cow sadbaffoon admitted the same thing not too long ago, I wonder if this phenomenon is common in sex workers.

No. 474822

the phenomenon of not wanting to have casual sex??? it’s pretty common…

No. 474827

No. Of not getting off from sex.

No. 474891

she just loves that shitty windows movie maker pan and zoom feature

No. 475071

Her needing to move in a couple weeks explains the desperate attempt at findom here >>472822

No. 475263

File: 1516345185538.png (Spoiler Image,111.92 KB, 266x146, 2414212.PNG)

I just realized something. According to MV's upload guidelines, "
No Asphyxiation - You cannot suffocate or insinuate altering someone's breathing in any way (Ex.: choking, strangulation, hanging by the neck etc.)." And yet in one of her previews..

No. 475284

MV literally doesn’t care

No. 476076

If she can’t afford to live in Seattle alone how the fuck does she think she can live in LA alone???

No. 476110

She asked for someone to adopt her in either Seattle or LA, so she doesn't think that she could afford to live in either one alone.

No. 476150

And instead of looking online to find a roommate where she wants to live, she just half asks for one online because she’s lazy.

No. 476435

File: 1516491551089.png (229.35 KB, 1004x1754, Screenshot_2018-01-20-15-38-10…)

No. 476771

File: 1516544136314.png (Spoiler Image,655.62 KB, 878x495, red and inflamed.png)

Sis, go see a doc

No. 476772

File: 1516544222524.png (Spoiler Image,622.16 KB, 876x495, red and angry.png)

She gets no ingrown hairs on her legs, just her genital region?

No. 476777

File: 1516545253347.png (131.07 KB, 287x434, twitter.png)

She's now including her tumblr name in her twitter bio and bragging about her 124k followers.

Her profile pic gives me the giggles because it's just a heavily photoshopped/filtered image of this same awkward chick here >>460865

No. 476778

Why even mention your 124k followers on Tumblr when most of the time you fail to hit past 5k notes on a post? Most of those followers are either bots or inactive, nothing to brag about

No. 476843

File: 1516551477069.jpeg (181.1 KB, 1242x791, 68715352-20E4-4308-AEC2-408DD7…)

Sure shayna, were all very scared of the power you think you hold. On the internet. Where all you are is a trashy whore, and no one actually gives a shit about you IRL.

No. 476844

I want to message her SO bad and tell her to either get laser removal or stop shaving and waxing all together. I seriously feel so bad for her vagina and am sincerely worried about it.

No. 476847

Everytime someone mentions how her vagina looks to her she just retorts with lame "I fucked ur dad!" jokes, so good luck, anon

No. 476865

File: 1516555036782.jpeg (Spoiler Image,553.3 KB, 1242x2095, 4C654336-E881-4BD5-A83E-EF5667…)


No. 476867

File: 1516555110104.jpeg (Spoiler Image,563.44 KB, 1242x2087, CEE11CFA-686A-46BC-BD51-29DBF9…)

Because you know, she’s NEVER used the victim mentality in order to get money from people! Or asked people for drug money. Or asked people for money so she can “feel better”.

No, she’s just a pure little angel who would neeevvverrrr do that.

No. 476870

File: 1516555507709.jpeg (85.69 KB, 750x759, FECF2583-738E-417C-AA3E-5F08E4…)


And if you scroll down her page for two seconds you come across this. She’s such a hypocrite but obviously that doesn’t matter because she’s such a ~smol baby bimbo~

No. 476874

oh duh it’s her ~*brand*~ so that makes it okay. silly me!

but when anyone else does it they’re greedy and obviously not using it for reasons stated.

I think she wrote this because she’s realizing something about herself.

No. 476877

Why do these people all spell like that, it's genuinely hard to read.

No. 476895

File: 1516557088721.jpg (200.67 KB, 1280x719, fb550438-36e3-49ac-9725-80e4ed…)

I spend an extra 5 minutes trying to read anything Shayna writes in an attempt to translate it in my head. It makes her look seriously illiterate, kek. I guess that's her whole schtick though? Being a "dum lil baby barbie dolly".

No. 476899

She has really bad face & neck pudge and double chins i soo many of her photos for being someone who isnt overweight. She has a lot of BAD angles. Face especially. she really needs to learn her angles and how to model and lighting/shadows , and more appealing poses if she's going to continue doing this "model" thing.

No. 476977

This bitch sounds like she wouldn't give money to a homeless person since they might use it for drugs.

Does she not remember just last month when she spent a shit ton of money shopping right before her trip >>448692
that she obviously could not afford because she then resorted to begging >>458247
because she was fucked and couldn't make enough sales from her videos and raffle, despite all the promoting she was doing.

Or what about the month before that when she begged for money for a shuttle from the airport because she had spent all her money on drugs. >>434850

Pretty much every time she tries calling someone else out, she is describing herself. Denial much?

Please Shayna, remind us of how stuck up and privileged and entitled you are again. It has not been clear enough yet.

No. 476980

>rich handsome man from LA
why would a rich handsome man from LA pick Shay as his plaything when he can get girls that are a thousand times prettier than her, that actually takes care of themselves?

Shay, you look like a street-hooker

No. 476982

Ofc she follows Himeka

No. 477269

File: 1516581434713.png (69.7 KB, 744x494, IMG_5606.PNG)

Nice to see bigger cam girls speak out about the dumb shit she says

No. 477298

File: 1516584006808.png (500.62 KB, 660x1614, Screenshot_2018-01-21-17-19-43…)

No. 477317

The fact that she claims to be an abuse survivor yet can’t even sympathize let alone empathize with abused people who use GFM is honestly so telling.

No. 477333

File: 1516586579864.png (573.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5607.PNG)

Another fuckmestupid ask

No. 477419

This person is spot on. Shayna herself said here >>434850
that when she went home for the holidays she spent hundreds of dollars on oil to help her cope with ~the stress~, and then proceeded to ask for donations. But God forbid someone in an actual unsafe living situation ask for monetary assistance and have the nerve to cope with their stress in a way she does not agree with? Translated from elitistbabybimbo-speak she said here: >>476865
>If you have the nerve to ask people for their hard earned money you better get your priorities straight and stop accepting money if you're still spending money on weed and/or alcohol, etc.
Reality is Shayna does this all the time, but apparently it's okay because… she's not in an unsafe living situation and she asks for donations on tumblr?? Oh and she exchanges the donations for porn, I guess.

No. 477516

File: 1516609636960.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1078x1636, 20180122_002621.png)

Shayna made it to top 5

No. 477663

File: 1516636235887.jpg (Spoiler Image,796.31 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180122_074839.jpg)

Please refrain from either that makeup or that filter. This little video is so cringey

No. 477714

File: 1516639800904.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.22 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_oj6g61UHDw1rmiw96o1_128…)

"I'm not a little don't label me with your kinks"

No. 477751

She's the type of "Barbie" that's not only a knockoff, but some little kid tried to give it bangs with some dull scissors

No. 477776

with cheap knockoff clothes from amazon and Walmart!

No. 477873

The"barbie" that gets sold at the dollar store and her name is "Bambi" and it's obviously a knock off, her head probably falls off and has those soul less eyes, and she only costs $3 your mom went last minute Christmas shopping and picked that up "my kids won't notice" and then they take it to school and get made fun of by all the other girls with real Barbies

No. 477874

What's with the heart under the eye why do so many girls do this or dots?

No. 477880

File: 1516648989118.jpg (26.75 KB, 560x420, c56a57b3-813f-4481-a518-37fccd…)

Electra Heart knock off.

No. 477907

Do you guys remember her "Califoinia" Dream Barbie sweater? And the "Resect Women" t-shirt???

No. 478035

Yes, literally the peak of fashion. I wish someone would repost them ):

No. 478201

File: 1516662845948.png (401.34 KB, 750x1334, C52D04B5-D1F8-48D1-9583-7F3347…)

Not sure that’s something you want to be bragging about Shayna…

No. 478210

She fucked our grandpa now, great!

No. 478213

She just leveled up, next thing we know she’s gonna hook up with your great grandad’s corpse for his old life insurance policy

No. 478232

No. 478236

I would so fuck a hot old dude tho

No. 478242

Is her next kink necrophilia

No. 478243

I'm sorry but this picture infuriates me. Just. What.

No. 478255

File: 1516665683004.png (1.22 MB, 1037x1136, Screenshot_2018-01-22-15-53-29…)

I'm looking

I wonder how scout is

No. 478282

File: 1516667780100.png (Spoiler Image,762.22 KB, 823x992, Screenshot_2018-01-22-16-33-28…)

Could only find this one so far.

No. 478284

File: 1516667802555.png (Spoiler Image,867.28 KB, 833x1102, Screenshot_2018-01-22-16-33-33…)

No. 478317

File: 1516669627997.jpg (Spoiler Image,972.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180122_170530.jpg)

I think both were captioned dolled up

No. 478320

I'm done I could only find the sweater

No. 478323

horrible eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrows. rodent face, neanderthal forhead, wrinkles.

No. 478330

Dude… I know you don't like this girl but she doesn't even look bad in either of those photos… Nor does her makeup lmao. I don't like her as a person but if you want to critique her looks, those aren't the photosets to use lol. She isn't really hideously ugly she's just very average.

No. 478336

I concur anon I think she looks good in these pics because she tried. I think any time it "looks good" is because she actually put effort into it. Not saying the makeup is good but it definitely makes her look better

No. 478381

She doesn't do a great job at her make-up but her eyeliner looks better because she's had practice. It used to be so much worse lol. I wish she'd like… Try using eyeshadow with her liner for once in her life.

No. 478392

Shayna is in survival mode right now… What are the chances that most likely she's out with this old guy because she's looking for a hail mary to be able to stay in that area since her roomate is moving out and she has nowhere to stay. She's blatantly already said she's only interested in money in exchange for any sexual contact and companionship. That is PROSTITUTION. It's so sad that is her ideal situation, and something she has been actively trying to seek out and do. Shayna has already decided on REAL prostitution as a viable means of making a living. She's thrown out scenarios and prices before, and has answered Anons about basically doing real prostitution. She's been talking about it for some time now, and has most likely already done it. Would make sense with all the men she has "met" and "encountered" while living in WA. It's not just taking naked pics of her vagina and posting it on the internet and begging strangers for attention and money. It's sexual encounters.. sexual acts for money… That is how sad and pathetic she has become. It's so sad and disturbing, that she is in her situation by choice. She didn't start doing this by necessity, its vanity, ego, and money for the least amount of effort, unless it contributes to her ego and delusions. Well maybe, now she needs to because she spent all the money she supposedly made on pink things so she can't even afford rent or her own solo living situation. That is just SAD.

No. 478446

This. Except the last part, because she could call up her parents at anytime and they'd get her moved back home in a jiffy. There's no real necessity, just her own desire to constantly rebel against everyone and everything to prove she's special.

No. 478484

Agreed. I scrolled through a lot of her archive and there's a definite line where she changes and it's sad

No. 478768

I genuinely feel bad for Shayna. She has become a much different and significantly less happy person than she was 3-4 years ago. Watching her transition to what she is now is unfortunate. She was never some great person but, she seemed so much happier before. She looked healthier… She looks so incredibly pale nowadays. Her face is gaunt and she has insane bags under her eyes… Which is probably from the stress she deals with. It's sad and I feel bad for her but I really wish she would stop blaming everyone else for her problems and take a look in the mirror. She doesn't want to take responsibility for any of the shitty decisions she's made. She can say how much she enjoys where she is in life now, but I don't think she's fooling anyone. Idk if she reads this thread but I genuinely do hope she can find a way to get help. I know she isn't happy and it's very sad because she's trying to fake it but I can tell that deep down, she's hurting. She needs healthier coping mechanisms. She needs a different lifestyle.

No. 478857

File: 1516724336881.jpeg (Spoiler Image,810.56 KB, 878x1577, 43E48381-A552-4587-957F-0857C4…)

I really don’t understand her snapchat. She makes people pay for access, than makes people pay MORE to see her naked and stuff? $10 for a 10 second closeup is ridiculous, and $40 for cum show where you probably don’t even cum? It’s a huge ripoff.

No. 478885

Scarlet is not a bigger cam girl nor does she have any right to speak out on this, anyone who actually knows her knows shes a terrible person so she needs to shut the fuck up, the ONLY reason she's chiming in is because she feels personally attacked since she e-begs constantly and expects people to fund her con shit instead of working harder for what she wants.
Saged for not shayna but really shut the fuck up scarlet you have no say on any of this, you cow.

No. 478918

Um scarlet/fuckmestupid is a stripper. She’s been a sex worker longer than shayna. She also sells her snapchat.

No. 478920

Sage is in email not name or subject fyi

No. 478941

when you’re on mobile sometimes you accidentally put it in the wrong box. sorry.

No. 478944

File: 1516728509096.jpeg (508.41 KB, 1242x1145, 29C217A9-82B3-40AB-B8B7-7D4DF2…)

Not a sex worker though? Okay anon. Tbh you sound like Shayna’s ass eating cow friend Robyn.

No. 479020

She doesn't have the right but Shayna can call out anyone anytime because she thinks she knows how to do kink and sex work because she went to the Loft and is "big" on manyvids , and most likely prostitutes herself

No. 479059

File: 1516734591964.jpg (172.27 KB, 719x1280, IMG_6258.JPG)

No. 479061

File: 1516734692535.png (Spoiler Image,291.24 KB, 552x965, IMG_6260.PNG)

The story about her "date" with grandpa.

No. 479067

To be honest I think grandpa just had to poop and needed an excuse for taking a little while in the bathroom ('I'm going to scope out a place to feel you up?' Like, is this middle school??)

No. 479076

Reading this just made me cringe. Surely there isn't people out there who think this is sexy, edgy or anything except sad? Just reminds me of those crappy fanfics teenagers write

>i put on my floral combat boots and picked up my pink Barbie purse then my OAP boyfriend tried to tweak my nips in public

>so sexual

No. 479092

>Just reminds me of those crappy fanfics teenagers write
immediately made me think
Her outfit rundown is straight out of My Immortal

No. 479169

File: 1516740596387.gif (4.9 MB, 845x437, o5ECfhL.gif)

No. 479172

File: 1516740650903.png (33.46 KB, 167x183, 05c4ab21-f1cb-45f3-a5cf-e44723…)

I have a feeling that either none of this actually happened, or it happened in a much different way than Shayna is narrating here. As other anons have said, it sounds like something straight out of a shitty fanfic lemon.

No. 479212

I honestly find it hard to believe an OAP would use the term snack buuut that's just me

No. 479252

Lmao she admitted to being a FSSW in an ask so yeah, definitely prostituting herself…. Its sad that she's putting herself in the dangerous position of prostitution because she CAN when most girls who are prostituting do it because they HAVE to. I cannot wait for 25 to slap this girl in the face. I also feel really bad bc grandpa's gonna get the herps from her. Her poor hair is so fried, next step is ‘07 Brittany for her

No. 479367

File: 1516747944813.png (135.58 KB, 1080x1193, 20180123_124716.png)

Will Shayna even be able to get a job outside of sex work when she's older? She's not going to community college to at least get a degree to fall back on when the sex work gig inevitably dries up when prettier, younger girls come along and "daddies" start paying attention to them instead of her. Her presence online will be immortalized in the form of her porn due to the nature of the internet itself. And as stated before, she doesn't have to live like this, she chooses this lifestyle as an act of rebellion.

Do any other anons think she'll eventually take the an hero way out once she finally snaps? She said in pic related that she'll be dead before she's 30. It's probably a joke, but it's still kinda alarming to me.

No. 479419

not gonna lie her old man date sounds really kind of creepy and off. Either its completely made up, or it happened in a completely different way, almost sounds like it could have been sexual assault that shes spinning to sound cute cos shes embarrassed

No. 479420

Love u anon bb <3

I couldn’t handle her blog long enough to find them, props.

No. 479434

imagine being in your 20s and going dressed like that to a date
holy fuck that is like reading fanfiction written by a 14 year old.

No. 479437

I agree this is way too detailed for her to cone up with unless it's an exaggeration

No. 479441

It was so gross. But the line between shay-gnar and dumdolly is so cringe. There's so many pics she doesn't reblog anymore even found pics of her and Connor when he was "daddy" and can confirm her pussy sores are only recent. (Well 6months recent)

No. 479446

On one hand I cringe at her awkwardness here but on the other I feel like she's intentionally trying to look 12/13 years old. You know, like the tween who is playing dress up trying to look older. She looks like she took the kitchen scissors and gave herself bangs and put on makeup for the first time and rummaged through her older sister's closet and came up with this look, all on her own.

No. 479453

File: 1516751619234.jpg (258.18 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20180123-155229.jpg)

Kek, those delusions of grandeur

No. 479564

Didn’t she JUST get her hair done? How does it look so brassy already??

No. 479600

She obvs doesn’t use toning shampoo and you have to if you want to be as blonde as she does. Prob why her hair is so fried cause it goes brassy and she thinks that means she has to bleach it again

No. 479628


NOTHING about this is even memorable. This is like describing paint dry in real time. It's obvious she doesn't have much in her life when it comes to human interaction or anything social that isn't thru a computer screen.

I have so much pity for her. And it's legit just real sympathy, but then she does something and says something so ridiculous again.. that can't have excuses.

For someone who has basically given her entire "self" to the point of nothing left. She has gotten and gets absolutely nothing in return.

Like this is a date worth writing about? lmfao. She's a perfect example of online persona that never matches her in real life.

No. 479652

it sounds like she just wants to get into FSSW so she can be edgy or to make what she does more valid or something. It doesn’t seem like she’s done any research on the subject except for reading brat-grrls blog. I don’t even think she realizes that brat grrl is in the UK and does FSSW legally, while it’s only legal in Nevada and Arizona in the US.

She’s the kind of person who wants to do fssw in order to play victim even more. She WANTS something bad to happen to her while doing fssw so she can complain about it and tell other girls they don’t know what it’s like. she wants something that will make her different because she knows she’s basic AF.

Maybe one day she’ll stop calling people who further their education stupid and realize that what she’s chasing is a false dream.

No. 479676

File: 1516762790420.jpg (114.69 KB, 1079x740, Screenshot_20180123-185740.jpg)

55k a year but she has to e-beg for old men to buy her pizza and to pay her expenses for her?

No. 479685

Says she made 55k this year but she can’t afford to live on her own? Hmmmm

No. 479686

File: 1516763120783.png (2.08 MB, 1242x2208, C83123F5-30C7-46F7-B1C4-76FD78…)

Claims that she has made 55k in this year alone but she can't; pay for her hair, get a visit to the gyno, get a Dermatologist visit, BUY PIZZA, afford to live alone in Seattle??? I cannot truly believe she's supported by REAL cam workers/sex workers

No. 479691

She also begged for money for transport home from an airport..

No. 479727

55k in a year working from home yet still always broke and looking like a hot mess? Nah I don't believe it for half a second. Someone who makes that salary can afford to get their hair done regularly and not butcher it from getting it done out of someone's ratchet salon in their home. They can afford high quality hair extensions. They can go on a few vacations a year and have a nice car. They can get superior quality skin care products to help with their adult acne and see a doctor to treat their genital "ingrown hairs".

If 55k a year is true, she hasn't a single thing to show for it. Show us your bank account statement and prove it if you want to claim such an absurd thing.

No. 479736

Do any anons have a guess as to what she actually makes annually? We know it's obviously not 55k. Shayna loves to make shit up and exaggerate a lot.

No. 479739

File: 1516765892436.png (214.84 KB, 1003x1693, Screenshot_2018-01-23-19-51-14…)

No. 479741

Like 15-25k? 30k at most.

No. 479744

File: 1516766243639.png (Spoiler Image,524.36 KB, 723x592, cam.png)

She's currently on cam. Whose bed is it?

No. 479746

It's all of our grandpas, anon. Who else?

No. 479748

If she really made that much on this, she'd be right up there on the IRS' shitlist next to Onision for not filing. I bet if she was asked about her tax refund, she'd say something ridiculous like 15k.

No. 479749

She should turn the music down on her streams. You can't hear what she's saying half the time. It looks super unprofessional for a "55k a year" camgirl

No. 479759

No. 479761

Her laugh makes me think of this

No. 479763

Hi, I was a camgirl and didn’t plan to live past 30 either, if Shay has all the self hatred issues I do she’ll end up in hard drugs eventually and will most likely be dead before she’s “old”. The only thing that allowed me to see past that mindset was getting sober.

Sage for blog

No. 479770

Hey anon, thanks for the insight. I am so happy you got sober and turned your life around. I hope Shay can humble herself and do the same before it's too late.

No. 479774

Why can't she look at the camera when she cams it's weird that she keeps looking to the side where her computer is
Sage for nitpick

No. 479775

Me too though, sincerely. I see myself in her and it drives me nuts! I totally would have said the same thing she says here >>479739 if my mom my sent me something like that. I can tell she’s an alcoholic already, coke will prob come into play esp if she’s trying to do fssw (I’m coke Barbie! I’m just a dum lil coke babie! giggle) Just…SHAY GET HELP CHRIST SAKE WOMAN

No. 479779

It's shown that girls who are in the top 20 of MV can make upwards of $20k monthly…… Even with her contest entry and being a finalist, shes 300 or something, so my guess… If shes not prostituting herself out, maybe $600/1K max
I don't buy it. From the proof of her tips on her cams, how lowball she goes for those coins on snap and even to the begging? She's a poor "cam model" too afraid to admit mommy and daddy were right about achieving goals the right way and who were obsessing with her sisters career who models legally and under safe conditions(i wish the first thread still existed)

She's trying really hard to fit in on Tumblr, a place that doesn't matter. A place where everyone will forget her but reblog her pictures. She said in her MV Loft interview that she has NO goals??? Giiiirlll, give up, go home and realize that you have ruined ANY chance at a future. Everyone sees she has herpes( dont believe me, go look in her pictures, you can definitely see when they started, and fyi ingrowns dont cause open wounds nor to get huge sores in the same place kek)

No. 479780

She can’t be making more than 20k from camming. Even that seems like a stretch. Seattle is an expensive place, but she doesn’t seem to have a super nice place, and doesn’t live alone. She rarely travels, and if she does it’s home and her parents pay I bet. She doesn’t own a car, doesn’t have student loans, doesn’t buy nice things, and yet still has to beg for pizza and manicure money.. idk man… if I made 55k in a year I’d be living way nicer than Shay is

No. 479784

"I don't get what they mean by special skills you're supposed to put on your resume? Like, playing the flute with your nose?" Special skills PERTAINING to the job you're applying to, fucking idiot.

No. 479793

Nice grab, friend, but you absolutely have to sage this.

No. 479795

i knew i was forgetting something and you meant spoiler

No. 479796

File: 1516769179988.png (Spoiler Image,119.72 KB, 208x249, kek!.PNG)

there we gho

No. 479797

This bed looks familiar. Someone beat her on it for content before.. one of those “building up tips that count toward number of spanks” nights.

No. 479799

File: 1516769225957.jpeg (458.72 KB, 750x480, 8BABBB44-FA48-4663-9D4C-CC5636…)

Yeah, there’s no way. Generally, camming is your main income if you’re taking the Shay route and she’s got 48 people in her room tonight…top rooms generally have AT LEAST 150-250 (for comparison: Kickaz has 600-700 tonight and is practically an MFC legend/veteran). Shay has one guy tipping and talking, albeit some nights are like that, but I’ve never seen her room rly full. There’s no way she’s making $10k+ from Snapchat and tumblr begging…
Plus she doesn’t utilize MFC share! It’s like their own built-in ManyVids?! For someone who literally refers to camming as her business, you would hope she would be more business-minded (inb4 “not Shay” I know, wishful thinking)

No. 479802

"does anyone have a lot of money and live on the west coast and want to adopt me?" bats eyelashes

No. 479804

File: 1516769479582.png (Spoiler Image,185.9 KB, 327x232, lol.PNG)

award for most exaggerated faces goes to

No. 479805

"i have problems and i dont use my bedroom as a bedroom im really weird" what…?

No. 479806

she's sugaring (being a sugar baby) definitely im not sure how that is to prostitution but her date post was really gross

No. 479807

What is HAPPENING here

Context necessary. Does she mean she just uses it for porn?

No. 479810

sorry she was talking about how she needs two rooms one for work and one for sleep because she needs to start separating them

No. 479813

early september was the last time she had sex and anal sex

No. 479814

There is no way she is actually sugaring. You have to be charming, intelligent, put together, actually practice hygiene, etc in order to actually pull any money as a SB. She likely gets gifts in exchange (aka cheap amazon things) and MAYBE the dates with this old dude that may or may not exist end in tips, but she would definitely be posting about that. “He felt up my nipples in the elevator then slipped a 100$ in my nonexistent coat pocket”. As if she’d leave that out.

No. 479816

shes talking about how she got cheated on i wonder if she means connor cause she cheated on him did she not?

No. 479819

"Im a nice girl"
"humble too"
"I know im the most humble no one is as humble as me im probably the most humble person youll ever meet"

No. 479820

Didn't she recently post about how she hasn't had sex for 6 months though?

No. 479821

"I can fuck anyone I want essentially, and get paid for it"
Sounds like FSSW.

Yes. She's not good at counting.

No. 479822

she just said her trump video has made her 500$

No. 479824

shes talking about how it was satire and people got upset and she liked making a mockery out of it

No. 479825

Yeah but like. 500$ over how many months…

No. 479830

$100 for her vape pen w the cartridges that shes smoking on cam

No. 479834

She mentioned the CBD helps her “not be sick in the morning and helps with my headaches”
Why is she sick?

No. 479836

She's referring to her supposed cannabis related illness. I guess the cure is more cannabis.

No. 479838

File: 1516770644997.jpeg (61.16 KB, 1242x640, 0F78957E-7B1B-4B1A-8A29-B3EF0E…)

Wtf kind of business strategy is this…

No. 479841

cartridges are $40 each

No. 479844

Yo why is this relevant tho. We all know she spends most of her money on drugs.

No. 479845

cbd does have different affects than regular thc she probably has this illness from not hydrating herself properly (even tho she was drinking gatorade on cam)

No. 479846

cause it's nice to get how much she says she spends >>479844

No. 479849

Shayna always makes the most retarded businesss decisions. Like, everything she does is so
backwards, I'm surprised she never learns anything.

No. 479856

I'm paraphrasing her:

i have one video from the loft and i'm not entirely sure when it's coming out. but it's awesome and i'm extremely excited about it. it's a slutty schoolgirl type of video. it was a lot of fun because we had to stop in the middle of filming because someone laughed at a joke I made during filming. I like making porn that keeps people entertained and makes them giggle. it was like slut training 101 and I had 3 assignments, one was to make myself cum. I made myself cum with my vibrator then I said wow that was a buzz, and the cameraman stopped filming to laugh.

No. 479867

I thought she did like 3 videos at the loft… two with other girls.. or at least one?

No. 479872

she has one video coming out.. One… Every other girl that goes to that loft makes DOZENS, a few professional and then a bunch of personal… What did she do the entire week? She begged for a bunch of money on stuff to wear and hair and nails…. But instead she went up there to live in the lap of luxury for a few days and freeload. Hence why it "wasn't her scene"… She's literally the pot that's calling the kettle black

No. 479876



No. 479879

Lets not get ahead of ourselves calling the MV loft “the lap of luxury” lol.

No. 479885

File: 1516772621129.jpg (368.12 KB, 797x1046, Screenshot_20180123-214236.jpg)

For anyone who is lazy to look that up

No. 479892

Has anyone kept count of how much she's made tonight? I feel like it's under $20

No. 479893

She smokes huge joints and does dabs constantly.. I doubt this is a real thing for her. Even if it is, she won’t quit smoking to fix it.

No. 479897

V true, i meant to post quotes around it, because we've all witnessed that its not impossible to get there if shay of all people can go lol

No. 479899

This, and from personal experience those “porn mansion” things are never really that nice. They look shiney and new and fun, but everything in them is cheap, plastic, and fake. They are also usually pretty filthy in reality.

No. 479903

That's right up Shayna's alley, you'd think it would be her scene.

No. 479914

Come to think of it, none of the girls that accompanied Shayna posted any videos from the MV Loft

No. 479915

Her goal was originally at 3000 tokens and now she has 849 left till completion. Roughly she has made a about $110

No. 479921

None of the girls she went with released videos, but the group before them and even after them were posting content from that loft. Unless they're keeping them and selling them as customs? But I don't see why any of them would go up there for their job(porn) and not participate in the job(making porn). Its supposed to be an opportunity for exposure…. Is that exposure just shooting a live show? The same thing they can do from home? Haha

I seen where that Ryan girl was pulling so many tips from people in her solo cam sessions.. She did the one with shay and didn't get any tips whatsoever

Sage here just in case it doesn't pop up in the email section again, bare with me.

No. 479936

Her sessions are literally so boring to watch. People pay money for this? All she did was sit around, talk and sing along with the music she was playing. She does no penetration, just uses her Hitachi wand and spins a roulette to decide what "sadistic" thing she has to do to herself. I honestly don't see the appeal.

No. 480051

File: 1516795452584.png (48.36 KB, 631x188, IMG_6262.PNG)

Anon, I don't get the appeal either but at least she had a wonderful time being paid to beat herself up. To be honest this is her schtick because she doesn't know how to use her sex appeal or provide entertainment in any way that's not self deprecating. The way she obesses over playing her shitty music is baffling to me. Every time I've watched her cam there's someone asking her to turn her music down because they can't hear her. It's almost like she purposely tries to be bad at this.

No. 480182

>Fifty shades of infected vulva

No. 480186

some girls make a bunch of vids with other girls at the loft, yah. but you only get one professionally shot video and one pro photo shoot. but it’s not mandatory or anything. it’s just a great opportunity that she should have taken. Or maybe the other girls didn’t want to work with her given the state of her vagina. Or they didn’t want to work with her because the 3 other girls that were there did mainly dom services, and shayna doesn’t know shot about being an actual dom.

No. 480202


55K is not a lot. But for someone who brags and boasts about their income all the time… she CAN'T even afford her own rent? She constantly has to beg people for anything and everything, and always has an "excuse" as to why she can't afford something… but yet she makes soo much money.. right?

She can't even afford to dye her hair BEFORE going to Canada, which she said was the "biggest thing to happen for her 'business'"? She calls it her "business" yet with all she "invests" into it, it never improves. Her props and clothing are low quality and cheap. Her decorations are low quality and cheap. Her toys and her vag look like they smell. And she wears a dollar store plastic wig.

Everything in her life is ego and vanity driven. That is her one true incentive beside money. As long as it contributes to her ego, and she gets paid, she will do it, so I don't understand why she always looks so horrible. You think she would try her hardest to look her best. Even the faces she makes in her vids are pure comedy. It's painfully CRINGE, awkward and the LAST thing i would ever even associate to sex.

It's confusing, because she says she's put in so much to make her business better, but I've yet to see it. And I realized it's because Shayna just has a super cheap and low taste level. She has no class what so ever. So in her head she thinks she's improving with any new items or pieces she spends "all her money" on. Also… just because it's pink doesn't mean it matches and should be worn together. She seriously needs to learn how to dress a little better. Everything about her screams CHEAP. & It's not the fact its all pink or girly, bc I've seen girls dress really nicely all pink, but Shayna has the worst fashion sense. I crack up when she calls herself fashionable, lmfao. Like is she being sarcastic?

I know her disgusting vagina has been discussed at legnth…but it should be the number one priority, for being a cam girl, but she fails at that as well, it CONSTANTLY is infected and irritated with boils, pimples, whitehead, crust, in grown hairs, etc. Her only solution is sitting FAR from the camera. There's a reason why most, if not all her videos don't include the close up shots that everyone in her field have in their videos and photos. In the rare instances that Shayna does include a shot that slightly isn't as far away as normal, you understand why she doesn't showcase it.

No. 480203

There's a illness called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome where it makes you sick in the morning, I had it and the only 'treatment' was stopping the daily bongs/joints unfortunately. It's strange because weed in general is a great anti emetic. The syndrome only ever occurs in people who smoke it pretty much daily for years.

No. 480204

If Shayna could see herself how other people do, she would be so embarrassed, change her name and disappear to another place.

I wonder what she's gonna do if she has to move back to MA. She already moved away from the area she grew up in because everyone knows what a liar and huge joke she is. Shayna is not the successful model or whatever she thinks she is, or has herself convinced of. LOL! Shayna is not and does not.. have, or do anything that would garner the least bit of envy, admiration, or respect from anyone. Which is so funny because she constantly reposts that she is so sucessful compared to her old classmates. Like that avocado toast post? A House?.. Girl, you can't even afford rent! You are a laughing stock that shows her rancid vagina to strangers online dressed as a pig and pissing on the floor for a living and still… is so broke you can't afford and have no choice but to take the bus. hah

No. 480208

File: 1516814832175.jpeg (152.65 KB, 1242x532, D8CA7DCA-C753-44E7-97B8-4AF8B7…)

Lmao proof she’s been reading the thread recently. Hi shayna!

No. 480213

She says this as if it's a normal thing to have a bunch of people support you and pay your bills. I don't know about you all but I pay my own bills. Anyway, she obviously does give a shit because she actively reads this thread just to see what a bunch of "losers" have to say about her. Meanwhile the losers get to enjoy plentiful free entertainment from her trainwreck of a life that she willingly posts all over the internet. We then go back to our normal lives and we're not losing sleep over it, unlike her.

No. 480264

File: 1516818828335.png (76.81 KB, 995x890, Screenshot_2018-01-24-10-33-04…)

Does she snort stuff actually, I wonder

No. 480265

File: 1516818876071.png (133.98 KB, 1030x1048, Screenshot_2018-01-24-10-33-56…)

Get ready for the begging

No. 480266

File: 1516818927795.png (128.67 KB, 939x1078, Screenshot_2018-01-24-10-35-08…)


No. 480267

File: 1516818947373.png (221.32 KB, 980x1423, Screenshot_2018-01-24-10-35-02…)


No. 480268

File: 1516819009718.png (200.58 KB, 969x1466, Screenshot_2018-01-24-10-35-57…)

She got asked about not fucking herself 1/2

No. 480270

File: 1516819027971.png (105.02 KB, 982x919, Screenshot_2018-01-24-10-36-04…)


No. 480274

>What is HAPPENING here

If I didn't know any better my answer would be exorcism.

No. 480281

Well we would try to tell her, but it’d just end in how she fucked our brother, our dad, our grandpa, etc. even though that’s a 12 year olds lame joke. With that 55K she needs to start seeing a therapist to separate reality and her illusions. That fact was proven when she said she needs to start separating her work from her personal life. She gives away so many saddening details of her life, lbut you can't feel sorry for her because she is still stuffing her face with a silver damn spoon… Even for being a poor girl in Seattle who literally lies about every aspect of her life for an internet persona…

from someone studying in the medical field, she has a severe infection that needs taken care of. It disappears and comes back. It’s noticable and she’s isnt fooling anyone?

Hi Shay! Enjoy moving back to Mass and reality smacks you in the face to run into those high school boys in your fantasies with their smoking hot girlfriends while you’re all alone kek nobody wants to pay your bills for you because we aren't your mommy and daddy and we sure as hell can have an opinion without throwing OUR hard earned money at you. You're 20, pay your own bills… Or get a job that can cover that expensive living without an old man by your side. We get it, you "work super hard" changing your themes every week for a new video. You lie in the same bed, with the same toys, making the same immature sex faces looking like a mix between Stephanie and Sportacus from Lazytown. We aren't envious, we're sick of seeing you perform bare minimum and call yourself a hard worker.

(saging here bc it never works anywhere else)

No. 480293

She was actually "thinking really hard for an answer" to whatever she was asked at the time

No. 480296

I'm still of the belief that she doesn't do vaginal stuff because whatever's wrong with her puss makes it hurt to touch.

No. 480297

File: 1516820214897.jpg (653.95 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180124_105454.jpg)

Anon you make a good point

No. 480298

I accidentally nick myself a lot while shaving and my vulva doesn't look even half as bad as hers does. It's just weird that she supposedly hasn't slept with anyone since September and hers looks that bad. Could it be infection from not cleaning and sanitizing her toys properly after each use? We know that after she did anal in one video with her glass dildo it smeared feces on her Hitachi and leg area. I doubt she cleaned it off the wand afterwards, gross as that sounds.

No. 480300

An inflate of herpes doesn't that make vaginal intercourse painful?

No. 480304

I think it's been pretty well established that it's probably not herp, it's most likely just super irritated from constant shaving. At most, she might have some sort of bacterial issue from anal contamination.

(deleted and reposted because I forgot to sage and god forbid we ever bump a thread here)
(also to people who keep saying sage in the post itself, just so you know, that does nothing.)

No. 480313

It’s from constant irritation. possibly bacterial vaginosis/almost definitely contact dermatitis. She shaves and waxes way too much, which makes her skin vulnerable and her vagina unable to do it’s job of self-cleaning and all around protecting itself. She wears cheap panties (aka not cotton) and clothing that is almost always too tight, which is also terrible for the vaginal ecosystem. Her hygiene is lacking, and we all know her toys don’t get cleaned well. It’s a breeding ground for irritation and infection. It’s not even just her labia being irritated and upset with ingrowns and pimples, her entire vulva is swollen and angry. Including her mons pubis (the area above the labia). SHAY IF YOURE READING THIS; please go to the gyno and get a pap. Please stop shaving and waxing and let your vulva heal itself. Please invest in toy cleaner and wash them before and after each use. Please pee and clean your vagina with warm water (NOT SOAP OR PRODUCTS) after every masturbation session or sexual encounter.

No. 480318

File: 1516822239225.png (Spoiler Image,698.31 KB, 983x772, Screenshot_2018-01-22-16-29-46…)

Yup didn't always look like it does now

No. 480323

File: 1516822360278.png (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 971x1287, Screenshot_2018-01-22-16-29-30…)

Still no spots. Can anyone figure out when they started popping up?

No. 480326

File: 1516822507206.jpeg (Spoiler Image,247.03 KB, 1344x1235, A49AD216-5782-477D-8853-83CDD7…)

compared to now. Seriously this is alarming.

No. 480327

File: 1516822521929.png (Spoiler Image,682.02 KB, 994x903, Screenshot_2018-01-22-16-03-40…)

She'll never go back to the bush but she really should at least until everything calms down

No. 480330

Oh my god it's so angry

No. 480339

File: 1516823061993.jpeg (685.02 KB, 1242x2208, 08224E3D-F616-4D3E-A8F7-F99737…)

I'm still going to be convinced its herpes because of this exact information. And knowing that she hardly cares for hygiene anyways.

No. 480345

I'm guessing she shaves either everyday or when stubble starts popping up. Shayna, please at least give it a few days between shaves, jeez. I know that the "daddies" who give you money want to pretend that you're 10 and naturally hairless, but please think of your vagina.

No. 480346

Alternatively if you insist on hairlessness, invest in laser hair removal!! Groupons are everywhere.

No. 480347

Having genital sores doesn't exactly scream 10 years old either. She should take some of that 55k a year and get laser hair removal. It would be so worth it for her if the shaving/waxing thing is indeed the cause of or a major contributor to her sores.

No. 480355

An anon the other day (who has been infected ) confirmed that what Shayna has looks like herpes so if it's coming from someone with experience ….. And that description hits Shayna right on the head

No. 480360

Former MV girl here. I only did it for one year (not putting too much effort into it) and made just under 10k. I had a lower score than her, but not by too much. I’d say she’s made 15-20k, her score fluctuated a lot so it’s hard to say.

No. 480361

Thanks anon. So 15-20K from MV… I doubt she makes much from MFC. The remainder would need to come from snapchat sales and gifts/donations people send her. Add in any FSSW she may be engaging in. Could it possibly total 55k?

No. 480367

She claimed to have 400 SnapChatters and after it got deleted and reported she's back to 150 apparently

No. 480372

I think if she made 55k a year she'd be able to afford a studio apartment and wouldn't be as concerned with her living situation right now as she is. She said she had about 400 SC followers. Her price for SC fluctuates though due to her giving it out if someone buys her a pizza or something. I'm just very doubtful she's making that much.

No. 480373

No problem. I agree, I don’t think she makes much of anything camming. She’s not good live and doesn’t understand how to entertain a crowd. I’m going to assume she’s used sites like whatsyourprice.com or respond to/actually does those creepy craigslist ads like “need someone to clean my house in their underwear”. I think she’s made around 30k cash but is counting all of her gifts she’s gotten and gift cards and rounding up to 55k (which is absolutely an exaggeration).

No. 480569

File: 1516840390718.png (53.35 KB, 1257x695, ref 1.png)

So I looked up the MV loft submission form; and its not much. But given the odd mix of girls she ended up with while at the loft; I'm thinking she sold herself as being a "pink findom". And once she got there the other girls realized that she wasn't at all.

No. 480577

I would love to see her application versus the other girls'. Or just hers and see why she claimed she deserved an opportunity at the MV Loft.

No. 480618


almost all of these are tagged with "Age regression". Are you kidding me? Didn't she throw a giant fit about being labeled within certain "communities" that link themselves to this?

No. 480620

File: 1516842783579.png (99.21 KB, 623x411, IMG_6270.PNG)

No. 480621

File: 1516842823078.png (24.81 KB, 632x194, IMG_6271.PNG)

She already deleted this post

No. 480623

I hate how she’s like “bring me back to sanity by buying me stuff” yet gets mad at people who ask for money to get out of an unhealthy living situation like bitch SHUT UPPPP

No. 480684

File: 1516848497042.png (133.93 KB, 944x1189, Screenshot_2018-01-24-18-46-14…)

Of course she doesn't want a bathroom she doesn't have any use for it. She pees on the floor and never bathes herself who needs a bathroom

No. 480688

File: 1516848549769.png (106.29 KB, 1041x973, Screenshot_2018-01-24-18-44-53…)

No. 480713

File: 1516849586959.jpeg (174.97 KB, 1242x800, 0D2EF62E-3082-494F-8260-175617…)

Ew what that’s fucking gross

No. 480752

Quit your pearl clutching anon, plenty of people meet other people through tumblr, report back when you have real milk

No. 480782

Different anon here but this is Shayna we're talking about here who posts pictures of her infected genitalia on her tumblr. If these 3 people were recent then they saw what the sores looked like in advance and fucked her anyway.

No. 480793

She doesn't have bumps there because she had just started shaving/waxing her cooch. Sores like hers take a decent amount of time to develop. She probably started getting razor burn bumps but decided to keep waxing/shaving anyway. Let's be real, she absolutely gave HERSELF an infection. I really wish she would see a gynecologist or give her vagina a break forreal.

No. 480825

File: 1516858506987.jpeg (316.5 KB, 1242x1311, 3E6D0C4A-42EE-4D82-BB57-A5A97D…)

>isn’t here for followers
>brags about follower count

No. 480864

>"this isn't the blog it used to be"

Uhhh technically it is. I find it hypocritical for her to bitch about something like this considering she decided to keep her old blog and slowly revamp it while retweeting old stoner style pics of herself in order to keep her followers. She was appealing to her old followers happily enough until she had enough new gross ddlg ones to tell her old ones to go fuck themselves.

No. 480939

She's going back to MA in a couple weeks. Around same time she said she has to move out by. Could she not find somewhere to move to yet?

No. 480959

File: 1516886650504.jpeg (258.38 KB, 750x926, D6F07B43-9745-4D54-A0B2-699752…)


It might. It seems like she hasn’t been keeping it together lately. If she’s seriously asking for roommates on tumblr I doubt she’s found somewhere to live. She clearly doesn’t have the money to live on her own, but she’s spending what she does have on flights back home.

No. 481120

File: 1516903533667.png (181.56 KB, 1035x1170, Screenshot_2018-01-25-10-03-39…)

Wait you mean your crowds that you were such a big influence in?

No. 481123

File: 1516903564360.png (156.06 KB, 996x1447, Screenshot_2018-01-25-10-04-03…)

No. 481145

How does she not realize she is literally describing herself, once again?

She brings this up every chance she gets. We get it. She's loud and annoying as fuck. But she needs to stop pretending like she got "enough attention" because everything she's done from HS on has been one cry for attention after the next.

No. 481242

She already deleted the post before I could grab it but she asked if there were any lawyers she could fuck in exchange for their services. I wonder if she found one or changed her mind.

No. 481244

Considering she already deleted that shows she's self reflecting. Calling everyone else cattle?? Does she even realize shes the biggest cow of them all? She CATERED to the stoner side, Tried catering to the witch aesthetic every time she went to Salem, she sits and stirs up drama with random lower blogs who try telling her REAL facts that shes incohrently dumb to, and NOW tried catering to "Bimbo Barbie Slut" girls who would rather cry for randos to send them money versus getting off her Hank Hill ass and supporting herself. You really want to make feminism noticed Shay? Be an empowering force for women, not some dumb ditz with no goals and aspirations. You're too ugly for LA, you're too dumb for the rich old men, you're not aesthetically pleasing to look at and.. You're committing a felanous crime by not telling your partners you have herpes. Like… No wonder mommy doesn't want you at home.. I was potty trained by 2… You're 20 pissing on the floor lol

Where do you thrive? Oh, you dont know?
Where do you see yourself in a few years? Oh, dead?
What do you want to achieve in this lifetime? Oh, "trying new kinks"?

You literally hopped into cam work and sex work because a majority of the stoner crew on tumblr did. You did it because random people told you that you were attractive right at or right below the age of 18. You did it to rebel against a greater education. You did it to show you could.
Her going back home is going to be a crazy awakening and im sure we will all bare witness to its mess hahaha

No. 481264

She also posted (and deleted I think) about somebody who claims "peace love and empathy" starting shit with her. I'm pretty sure that's Jess…

No. 481281

File: 1516911304385.png (264.66 KB, 966x927, Screenshot_2018-01-25-12-13-23…)

I had an unrefreshed page of her archive

No. 481285

File: 1516911598801.png (353.39 KB, 858x1001, Screenshot_2018-01-25-12-16-46…)

Could be that was a shit storm. Also could grab this too to back up anon

No. 481342

File: 1516916083881.jpeg (211.66 KB, 750x791, 1E3043A9-F40A-41DF-B841-0EA7E2…)

She’s sending herself anons again.

No. 481368

She didn't even try to change up the writing style to make it look like she didn't send herself the ask, kek.

No. 481370

File: 1516917853231.jpeg (107.02 KB, 750x493, 791637E4-1EC9-4DF5-8EA1-C9A5CD…)

It looks like more and more people are calling her out.

No. 481388

Harlowmoney and Kyra Kane are at that meetup together, I wonder if they’ve said anything about Shayna now they’re out of the mv loft and she isn’t around

No. 481393

What are you even talking about, you’ve gotta post screenies or a link or something

No. 481401

File: 1516921192999.jpeg (170.79 KB, 750x914, 5972BC55-76ED-4BD9-B13F-C143F1…)

Remember when she tried to label herself a lesbian. All of her fantasies about women actually have to do with men. She’s not even gay she is one of those bitches who only likes girls for male attention it’s so fucked up to actually gay women

No. 481408

File: 1516921469652.jpeg (259.68 KB, 750x965, 8A74B0A2-3174-4CB2-B6EE-C96B1D…)

Was referring to the girls that were at the MV loft together with shayna. The ones that walked off in the middle of the disastrous live stream with shayna and Ryan, just curious that now they’re together at this meetup and she isn’t there what’s being said about her

No. 481409

Self post much?

No. 481410

File: 1516921694941.jpeg (163.69 KB, 1242x362, E6F0EE20-1BCC-4097-A7A2-D62F8D…)

Lol she’s gonna get four videos done you guys. It’s 3pm in Seattle but she’s gonna get 4 videos done.

No. 481411

They didn’t walk off, they weren’t there from the beginning of the stream.

No. 481412

They actually did, I watched most of it. Pretty sure someone made a comment to one of them that they didnt like, and they left the stream to Ryan and Shayna which was a terrible idea.

No. 481424

Ok what drugs is she on?

If I remember correctly they also claimed they had a shoot to go do. Not sure why a shoot would be scheduled the same time as the MV takeover though.

No. 481444

File: 1516924371972.jpg (180.01 KB, 719x1280, IMG_6291.JPG)

She has MOLD growing on her wooden paddle that's she's using in her new video. Would it have killed her to disinfect it first? And could she really not afford or be bothered to buy any real roses?

No. 481450

I’m not sure she understands how to clean anything, are we surprised when she doesn’t even managed to clean herself?

No. 481463

I caved and sent her an ask begging her to please see a gyno.
She ignored it.
I don't care for her, but feel bad for her puss.

No. 481483

Holy moly does this one have her own thread?

No. 481519

i think she also has some kind of fungal infection in her inner thighs and around her buttcrack, as evidenced by that repulsive discoloration.

No. 481527

File: 1516930464374.png (Spoiler Image,113.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6292.PNG)

New porno looks

No. 481542

Never heard about fungal infection causing descoloration, but aging, hornonal issues and rubbing thighs cause it. Her age is showing through her pussy lol

Better become hairy

No. 481560

Hot mess looks™

No. 481562

No. 481573

My guess is she’s gonna be in that SAME studio bed, with the SAME hitachi on her crotch, barely teasing her anus with the SAME glass heart dildo, with the SAME terrible sex faces, and the SAME lame lost look on her face kek

No. 481634

File: 1516936583189.png (102.32 KB, 1039x1377, Screenshot_2018-01-25-19-09-48…)

Thesaddesthoe is now this

No. 481642


should be pinkpussypimples

I give this "rebranding" a week; two at the most when the new blog gets no attention.

No. 481661

pinkpussypimplepopped immediately came to mind for me

it could also be pinkpussypooped >>469470

No. 481662

is it just me or is she gettintg chunky? Also she blinks so weirdly and looks dumb af

No. 481684

her weight fluctuates by like 5 pounds sometimes, but idk about chunky… untoned yes, plus some tummy bloat and she does carry her weight differently than when she was 18. saying she's getting chunky though is a bit of a stretch.

No. 481685


Saw >>481527 and immediately thought the same. She looks much…wider than usual

No. 481689

I don't think Shayna would be nearly as much of a lolcow if she would actually put effort into what she's attempting. Shayna, if you're reading this please put more production value into your porn and stop doing gross ddlg shit to pander to weird old men. Please actually grow up and take care of your health (mentally and physically), your appearance, maybe go to school and stop starting drama all the time. Like damn, she brings so many of the bad things that happen to her on herself.

No. 481711


I think that's her attempt at acting like a doll, void in the eyes, and doll like motions, but she just ends up looking like she has downs. Also her weight, she's definitely not fat. She's 5'5 with an awkward shape and very very un-toned. Her lack of a defining waist or hips and her small tits just make her look lanky.

She also has the worst face/chin/neck fat. That's why she doesn't spam the pics she gets taken by professional photographers vs. ones she takes herself. She always looks like shit in professional photos, especially her face. She's got that double/multiple chins and no neck. Imagine being a photographer and trying to shoot her. Shayna's trick is to video herself and use the stills from those as her photos. When it's a photog they probably have to go thru so many shots to even get the few good ones she has, and even those are horrible.

No. 481720

She already deleted this post and is resuming normal “drinking a bottle of wine and dabbing all my oil” activities

No. 481721

File: 1516943885393.png (873.92 KB, 1019x758, Untitled.png)

No. 481726

What’s this from?

No. 481745

And she’s doing the trade porn for pizza deal again. That didn’t take long.

No. 481809

Yeast infections in the skin can cause discoloration. :-)

No. 481815

This is correct. Jock itch is more common in males but can happen to women too, especially ones that shower infrequently, wear tight clothing, and reuse dirty underwear (I'm sure dirty sex toys applies too). It causes skin discoloration as it's a type of ringworm (fungus).

No. 481843


You're talking about someone who can be seen picking dirt off her toys and picking dirt out of her mouth after she sticks her dirty toys in there. She also uses her own spit as lube, then puts her toys in her gaping ass, or gross vag hole then licks to clean it. I bet she's also licked it clean after she's stuck the plug up her ass. I'm pretty sure she's done it on accident before. lmfao.

No. 481866

File: 1516978396989.png (271.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180126-065146.png)

No. 481867

File: 1516978417596.png (275.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180126-065210.png)

No. 481911


I wish i could find the picture(on the last forum for sure), but in one of her recent promos(2 months) she has a long wound/red open sore next to her vaginal lips. It has disappeared and shown back up. While a yeast infection can cause a type of itch and redness, which is clearly seen, it wouldn't cause sore like spots. I may try looking for it, and reposting it to show.. If, and i really mean if, its a yeast infection alone… Shes had it for about a year. Which could also make sense.
Her nails are a breeding ground
Her toys never properly cleaned
Her cooch never looks nice
She doesn't eat healthy
She doesn't drink water
She hardly bathes
She's constantly consuming alcohol (which could be a big reason she looks puffier)
She's all around unsanitary…

No. 481914

Aaaaactually, with light searching, i found



No. 481917


I was looking at her MV, and every preview that shows her vagina, she has boils, pimples, whiteheads, they have NEVER cleared. Before, she had a HUGE bush, so noone knew what was underneath all that hair. She also said she was never going to go bare, until that one dom told her to shave it off. No wonder why she refused to shave/ wax before. It's starting to be apparent that she may have always had these infection / outbreaks.

No. 481920

that’s not the first thread lmao

No. 481921


There were 2 or 3 other FULL threads that were deleted before this particular one.

No. 481923

One of the other past threads were archived, text only tho. None of the pics load.

No. 481926

you wouldn’t get infections like that with hair. the hair literally keeps the infections away and helps keep your vagina clean. Even when she did have a bush she had horrible butt acne. She has super greasy skin too as you can see in her pig vid preview, that marker literally wipes over her oily skin it’s nasty.

No. 481928

She had that huge purple boil/growth on her anus when she still had a bush. Yeah she doesn't bathe, her face is super dry tho, its always flaky when she wears makeup

No. 481935


I just realized that going completely through it, i was mislead by a comment on the V2 saying that it was original and when i clicked on it and tried searching through it, i realized that the person who posted it to the V2 didn't know there were more. Myself included, so ill take the shit for it. I've been here since that thread, so i assumed it was the first one as well. Im sure if you search, you'll find links to the older threads, seems to be the only way of finding them.

No. 481947

What do you think "V2" means? Version

No. 481960

No i was just using the definitive in the title, to make sure it was understood that i pulled it from the thread before this one, but okay lol

No. 481970

Where are her professional photos anyway? I wonder if she’ll release the ones from MV loft

No. 481973

File: 1516987141242.png (14.65 KB, 261x407, Untitled83.png)

No. 481977

File: 1516987469654.jpg (110.31 KB, 258x852, jbdjd.jpg)

Kind of like the time she wrote a that long rant about how people don't understand how hard it is to be skinny. lol! She is the number one hypocrite, she always contradicts herself.

No. 481987

hey shayna remember when people tried to address you privately about how awful your trump video is and you decided to ignore them? but you hate dragging people right, and love taking care of drama privately. Ooookayyyy

No. 481989

I fucking despise how she always has to say, “unlike OTHERS on this site” so people knows she’s different and not like everyone else. stfu bitch we all know who you are.

No. 482019

File: 1516991458654.jpeg (113.4 KB, 1242x578, E116E118-C544-4353-9DED-5AA9BC…)

asking for money yet again. to get her pussy waxed again so she can take shit selfies.

No. 482020

File: 1516991551885.jpeg (202.83 KB, 1242x741, 14AEB709-1944-46A8-BF67-85E3ED…)

So she gets super mad when people call her out for not going to school, but then rips on people who spend their money on school as if what she’s doing is somehow better? The narcissism is strong with this one.

No. 482021

File: 1516991615400.jpeg (985.61 KB, 1242x2129, EC95E67A-CFC0-40BA-8F67-7B12DB…)

And remember girls, if your boyfriend isn’t comfortable with you camming, then he’s a controlling abuser and you need to leave him so you can go make porn and not educate yourself and be alone.

No. 482024

File: 1516991857705.jpeg (286.55 KB, 1242x1046, 17A24D76-C780-4367-A271-FBF340…)

one reason why her videos suck, drunk editing.

No. 482032

Same goes for if your parents don't support it or don't allow it in their home when you still live there

No. 482040


No. 482046

If even a few stray hairs fgrow, she has to get the whole thing waxed lmao

No. 482048

yah that’s def not abusive. it’s someone else’s home and they just don’t want that in their house and you need to be respectful. Idk why her and like every other tumblrina wants to make everything out to be abusive. are they looking to be in an abusive situation? I don’t get it.

No. 482057

File: 1516994470299.jpg (79.65 KB, 1076x389, Screenshot_20180126-111734.jpg)

Anonymity has nothing to do with how valid a statement is, you're just grasping at straws to find any way to deflect criticism instead of trying to improve yourself. Lazy Shayna, as always

No. 482085

Imagine throwing thousands of dollars away at university to make triple what you spend on going to school in the long run while……. She throws thousands of dollars away on cheap amazon clothes, dumb stuffies, and cheap dildos kek.

No. 482092

She doesn't even need to start off at a university. She can go to community college, which costs significantly less than uni, and then transfer to a university later on. So there's no "it's too expensive" excuse for her.

No. 482119

I don’t think she’s on pornhub

No. 482123

She deleted this post.

No. 482127

File: 1516999753986.png (96.16 KB, 992x1007, Screenshot_2018-01-26-12-40-45…)

No. 482147

JFC pot meet kettle. How can one person be so hypocritical? Or is only okay when she "criticizes" people?

No. 482161

Who is she even making all these posts about right now?

No. 482171

File: 1517003263764.jpeg (375.37 KB, 2048x1600, E58755A3-3506-41A6-B80A-0E6624…)

I wanted to hunt this down so there wasn’t a text without any proof.
But that’s definitely her video, and it’s linked on pornhub

No. 482173

Possibly crownvetch >>481370

Hm but she probably didn't upload it to pornhub someone else did.

No. 482250

File: 1517010934101.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.52 KB, 1024x574, 80E15918-1F4D-41B6-8736-BF155D…)

It’s whore-riffic

No. 482255

What the fuck is she wearing?

No. 482256

It looks like she skinned one of her stuffies

No. 482258

Omg it's her octopus one

No. 482263

You missed the part where she literally calls it her trashiest piece of clothing. At least she’s on her decided brand?

No. 482272

She’s vacuuming what looks like childs panties on Twitter, admitting she's taking them to the post office… I feel sorry for the worker handling this smelly box, gag.

No. 482275

“Admitting” is the wrong phrasing here. She’s not ashamed of this (nor is selling panties normally something I would consider gross or shameful) but she should be, considering the state of her poor vagina.

No. 482317

Very good point, anon. I don't mean that im disgusted by the fact shes selling panties, i just feel really unsettled that they look childish? They look like panties I'd find in my teenage sisters clothes.. Maybe I'm alone on this, but why not sell thongs, cheeky short styles, bikini style panties? … But no, childlike panties? It just gives off a creepy feeling to me personally, it feels like she really caters to men who actually want to target children

No. 482333

>>482317 caps ?

No. 482342

File: 1517019445849.png (285.57 KB, 605x707, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 9.15…)

No. 482388

File: 1517023895020.png (567.22 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180126-212048.png)

Does anyone know what giveaway she's talking about? Not that I'm surprised shay would do that kek

No. 482405

That argument is flawed on so many levels.
>Tubesite: "If you give me your content I will spread and promote it and give you a share of the profits"
>User: "Ok sounds reasonable, here is my content"

>theblackelf: "[all tubesites] operate on stolen content, specifically ride off of the performers' SEO to gain traffic"

No. 482416

it’s flawed sure, but it is true that most tube sites use mainly stolen/pirated porn. it’s majority professional porn though, you don’t see a ton of [stolen] amateur stuff unless they’re really popular in the amateur scene.

No. 482437

This was from a while ago, maybe a couple years ago. Shayna put up her used bong named "gypsy" for a giveaway she was doing. She got a lot of shit for giving away a used bong.

No. 482439

That's true for some of the lesser moderated tube sites but Pornhub (and her sister sites) run a pretty tight ship when it comes to pirated porn IIRC.

No. 482443

Its not 1999 anymore, porn is no longer a valuable commodity, there are a lot of "piracy parallels" between music piracy and napster and youtube and porn piracy going on today.

No. 482467


Mmmm, smart porn girls know how to hit pay per download sites (like Manyvids/Clips4sale/IWC), membership sites, and tube sites like Pornhub/XVideos that have revshare and capitalize on each if their strenghts. PH will even transfer views from pirated vids to model accounts and pay them the $$ that the pirate would have earned. I make goooood $$$ off Pornhub.

Sage for blogging bc I'm a porn anon but there are soooo many references for Shayna to learn to market herself better. She's cute (enough for her niche,) her pimples are treatable, and I just have zero sympathy.

No. 482675

File: 1517068644636.png (1.25 MB, 1242x2208, 774AD45F-30EC-4889-9A7B-CC9AF2…)

Giveaway scam 1/4

she held a giveaway, and kept lying about why she couldn’t send the items. Astr0zombies never received anything.

No. 482676

File: 1517068674373.png (1.98 MB, 1242x2208, A3604228-3C05-4FB0-B532-94C43A…)


No. 482677

File: 1517068705581.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2208, FE964A42-66EC-4209-AEB7-7F3739…)


No. 482678

File: 1517068760986.jpeg (496.71 KB, 1242x2104, ADCC6040-95A2-4F1B-AEE1-20B57E…)


No. 482690

lmao wow shayna is so shitty. this is just another one for the books on how she constantly deceives people, doesn't follow through on promises, and will do shitty things to get attention and followers, like doing a giveaway for an ugly old bong that she had no intention of ever actually sending out http://whospilledthebongwater.tumblr.com/post/131575309342/my-first-giveaway

No. 482702

she hasn’t even responded to it she’s just talking about how other people are soooo rude but not her kek

No. 482706

File: 1517071674024.jpeg (159.78 KB, 1242x601, 9B0354C6-3DB6-4D8B-BAA7-5EC3DB…)

No. 482712


Typical Shayna. She is a LEACH! and the ultimate user. She's ALWAYS been like that. She leached of Connor and his family until he finally got sick of her shit, dumped her and kicked her out. Also, Shayna NEVER got kicked out of her parents house, she left by choice and moved in to Connor's family's house so she could get away with not having to do anything or answer to anyone. When she couldn't leach them for anything else, She moved back home to her dad's house, filming herself ass fuck dildos for random stranger's under her dad's roof. All she did was get drunk all day doing shitty cam sessions she didn't even break even on and scouring the internet for her NEXT victim, while also scamming other people who sent her clothes and not holding up her end in exchange for them. She also fucked over the people who signed up for her shit but never gave what they paid for, or stopped uploading content to like her kink side blog and her snapchat she used to charge "pay per month" on that she never maintained or managed properly so people didn't even get what they purchased. After leaching her father, Shayna found someone else to leach off of in WA. She was begging her followers for a place to stay so she could move out to WA area so she can follow some random Tumblr dude. That's what she's doing right now, she's been there almost a year… now that guy she went across the country for can't stand her, and she constantly cries about how she gets fucked over, and how she's not ever enough for someone, and how he doesn't love her back or show her the love and attention she needs and how she feels "oh so used". Now she is currently doing the same thing and begging her followers again for a new place to stay because the person she's been leaching off this past yr is moving, and leaving her to fend for herself. Most likely because she realized what a pathetic, delusional, lying, using, backstabbing, dominating cunt Shayna is. Good Riddance!

No. 482746

I remember when she first started the private blog. Once more people started paying for it she literally stopped updating it. And then she was STILL selling access to it, and not updating. And months later she was like yah I’m not gonna sell my private blog anymore. So for months she was taking peoples money and not putting out any new content. I wonder how many people still haven’t gotten paid vote rewards.

No. 482817

File: 1517080674206.png (3.52 MB, 1242x2208, 48D5B02E-2F47-44A6-BC64-676089…)

Maybe I'm just being an asshole, but I've never paid $30 for one WHOLE SET of lingerie… That seems kinda cheap, and would mean possible cheap fabric. Would that explain the vaginal issue?

No. 482828

It is definitely a contributing factor. You’re supposed to wear this stuff as a fun one-off - not all day every day like she likely does.

No. 483227

She's gotten whole lingerie sets for less $30 on amazon for sure. But 100% cotton underwear is the healthiest for your vagina and is not that expensive so it's not really about price. It's the overall lack of self care that's the issue.

No. 483513

File: 1517107577484.jpeg (51.97 KB, 640x360, 0DE4E6D1-D2AB-4A83-B071-522050…)

not sure if she realizes that it’s too tight. also she turned off anon since the whole astr0zombie thing kek

No. 483519

File: 1517107697336.jpeg (616.56 KB, 1234x705, B95A80B7-26BB-45BC-B0A6-51540E…)

You can tell she’s sucking in so much she’s holding her breath. And her hair ALREADY looks like shit again.

No. 483521

File: 1517107869534.png (Spoiler Image,680.35 KB, 610x714, alien.png)

It's going to be for her alien vid

No. 483529

these were literally just posted.

No. 483558

File: 1517110188843.jpg (266.55 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n9xxe01BfA1rmiw96o1_128…)

A suuuuuper old pic of Shayna from her Tumblr (3 years)

No. 483579

When she said alien body suit, I pictured a green man suit with a pussy cut out or something. I'm disappointed

No. 483596

Oh jeez, that bodysuit is not doing her body any favors at all. It makes her waist look so shapeless and rectangular.

No. 483597

she still looks just as drugged out, but she at least doesn’t look dead inside like now.

tbh she’s cute/average, but I really don’t think she was ever gorgeous or stunning. she’s just always been your basic average cute girl. maybe she knows that and just wants to do something to make her stand out, even if it makes her a horrible person. (I’m not saying doing sex work makes you a horrible person but the things shayna does for the sake of her image make her a horrible person)

No. 483630

Drugs or extreme delusion? Ugly as shit

No. 483640

Wait what astr0zombie thing??

No. 483650

She looks stoned on weed and that's it really

No. 483665

File: 1517116922088.jpg (25.9 KB, 240x275, tumblr_ozbi3oVtsu1wz5h7jo1_250…)

Anyone remember this post she made before Christmas

No. 483844

File: 1517145701349.gif (538.89 KB, 500x275, giphy.gif)

No. 483879

I'm fairly certain virtually everyone gets back rolls if they arch their back as hard as she is in that photo. I'm also fairly certain everyone would get back rolls if they combined the ridiculous back arching with clothes that are too small. I wish y'all would criticize her for things that are legitimate like, idk how skinny a girl is supposed to be? In no way shape or form is she fat lol. She has a normal body, she's actually skinnier than most people. Let's talk about what a bad person she is instead.

No. 483884


These photos aren't flattering. It makes her look super bulky. Like a body builder. She litterally looks like a man in the bottom photo. She's been trying to "contour and highlight" lately but she doesn't BLEND! Please blend!!!

No. 483919


She’s not fat but she’s not skinny. Her body has no tone because she’s lazy and only uses her muscles when she’s fucking her disgusting ass or punching herself in the face. Other than that she’s completely inactive and that’s why she has no definition to her body. Just skinnyfat. It would help if she stopped trying to squeeze herself into children’s clothing and clothes three sizes too small but then she wouldn’t be catering to the pedophiles that pay her bills.

No. 483955

File: 1517158703272.png (17.19 KB, 526x462, hypocrite.png)

>"not 2 sound like ur grandma but it’s kind of awful how the internet has given ppl this false sense of thinking tht everything they say is important & worth saying…like maybe jst shut up 4 a while & realize not everything needs a reaction"

She's a biggest example of this. Shayna's life is the internet. It's given her the false sense of thinking she's remotely important or special. She lives online in a vacuum of self propelling and self perpetuating delusion that she's been living in ever since she started using tumblr 6 years ago. Discovering tumblr getting attention from random people online was the start, regardless if it was negative attention, she lived for it. From posting inappropriate photos and videos of herself when she was 14 yrs old in her underwear, doing drugs, being drunk, etc.. to random strangers all for attention. Always saying and doing "risque" things that she thought made her look cool and badass. This was 14 yr old Shayna and NOTHING has changed!

6 years later she's a 20 yr old posting naked photos and videos of herself fucking her unsterilized vibrators and dildos with her pimple, whitehead, crustly boil infected vagina and gaping asshole dressed like a pig pissing on the floor, and she's still so broke she can't afford to dye her roots and she has to take the bus. She NEEDS to do these "risque"/ extra things because she can't stand alone otherwise. There's nothing special about her. The only reason people still stay to watch is because they know she'll do the nastiest shit for free, and use her tumblr, and previews as a FAP content. In reality, she's just an average girl, average looks who's only talent is matching pink with pink, able to take dildo up her ass and able to hit record, upload & post. And someone who has fabricated a whole made up narrative of a trumatic, "abuse" filled childhood in attempt to give reason and excuse for her shitty actions and decisions as a garbage human with shitty circumstances.

She's the bottom of the barrell cam girl who can't even have close up shots of their pussy because it's so ugly, disgusting, and diseased. But she keeps on shamelessly posting because her head is so blown up by her tumblr follower count filled with inactive accounts and bots, and the majority from her weed days who she forced and subjected to her gross porn, followers who NEVER signed up for seeing her disgusting puss showing up on their dash! Like how fucking inconsiderate, unethical, and super fucked up. But Shayna has no shame, as long as it fuels her ego, she'll keep doing it. Even her OWN community on tumblr can't stand her. There's a reason why so many other popular personalities on tumblr have voiced their criticisms on her.

If you have the stomach to scroll past the pimpley pussy pics and hilarious faces she makes, you'll come across posts where Shayna voices her illogical, hypocritical opinions. She always rants about things, and a week later, she's voicing the complete opposite. She's done this countless times to the point that it's her personality.

She legit thinks that she's important, yet she's just a laughing stock. There is NOTHING about her, nothing, she says, does, or posseses that anyone would ever desire or respect. It's all in her head. Her life is pathetic, to where even the mundane social interactions deserve a post on their own on her blog because it's the most exciting thing to happen to her, and she has this false mentality that EVERYONE wants her or wants to be her. (No Shayna, the checkout clerk was just giving you a store promo that they give everyone…) Everything is either exaggerated and blown out of proportion or a COMPLETE MADE UP LIE! Like pushing the false narrative of a traumatic childhood full of abuse at the hands of her mother. (Never happened)

No. 483983

I wonder what Shayna was really like in highschool. I remember an Anon saying they went to highschool w/ Shayna and how she was always doing and saying things bc it made her look like a badass or rebel of some sort. Like disrespecting a teacher in front of everyone. & Shayna has prided in talking about being a bitch talking shit back to girls bc she was defending another girl. Shayna has also said she was just a loser who smoked pot. So no wonder why sne voicariously lived thru the internet. She never got that attention in real life. Also maybe why she has so much resentment for her classmates. She's always making posts about doing better than everyone else she went to school with. KEK!

Sometimes I wonder what Shayna would have been like w/out Connor. I wonder if she would be worse or better. Like he was her only friend in highschool and after. And he's how she met Jess and Colleen, basically her only friends. Because Connor's younger brother was dating Jess. Even Colleen was best friends with Connor's younger brother and they all hung out. Shayna didn't step her blog content up until she met Jess, who also had a tumblr and who posted really good photos. This was when Shayna's tumblr started getting traction was when she and Jess first started being friends. Shayna always posted pic w/ no make up, and always looking disheveled and didn't start trying until she started posting those pics and smoking vids w/ Jess.

No. 484008

File: 1517160780922.png (17.6 KB, 519x281, smh.png)

LOL! Maybe bc you wear a purse that literally says "Barbie" and your hair is legit plastic. LMFAO It's hilarious that she's flattered by this. That head of hers is so inflated that she's unable to see reality. You wear pink all the time, and you have fake ass blonde dollar store wig. Doesn't mean they think you're pretty or that you look like her.

No. 484014


LMAO! “The difference is we can’t meet up to fight about it at lunch and that kinda sucks”
Please let this be in reference to Christy calling her out a couple days ago. I’ll drop back into high school mode and give Christy $600 for this considering they now don’t live too far from each other…. Shayna can barely stand on her own two legs, I would hate to see what would’ve happen if she actually came face to face with the girls she has screwed over/treated like shit/belittled.

Anon, you’ve basically taken the words from my mouth with Thisbe whole comment. Nail on top of the head!

No. 484031

It's a meme you dip

No. 484050

File: 1517162723812.jpg (65.31 KB, 594x316, 864800339383.jpg)

For her to have this dream and also post about it is so telling. This is the shit that fuels her ego? Like she really thought this needed to be shared… and why?

She really thinks she's some successful hot shit "model" or "porn star" and everyone that hated her from high school and all the boys who never gave her attention and "the forums full of haters" (>>461061, >>461062 )all want her and want to be her now. BAAHAHAHA! Anyone here want to trade their pride and dignity for a puss filled boils all over their diseased vag and loose ass hole that's plastered all over the internet FOR FREE? And have to beg random strangers so they can afford pizza and eyeliner? Who here wants go be the biggest joke in their hometown and on the internet and known to be a compulsive liar who lies about their mom abusing them, and someone who has absolutely zero credibility that people even question your rape story.

No. 484056

How long do you think she's gonna be able to keep from turning Anons back on. She's def turned Anons off bc of the Astrozombies giveaway thing. But she's gonna miss the attention she gets from Anons. She'll cave soon.

No. 484087

Something about this video creeps me out. She looks and sounds out of it, tired, drugged. it looks like she used to first take and didn’t even write down any sort of script or plot line. It’s just weird.


No. 484102

I definitely agree. There’s something really off putting about the look in her eyes. Is it drugs? Or just being emotionally dead for so long that her face is reflecting that? Either way I’m sure Johns who fuck seasoned fssw are familiar with the look

No. 484109

not all fssw are on drugs and dead eyed. plus shayna isn’t even a true fssw, she’s a basic ass wannabe fssw. she lets old men grope her in elevators and take her to dinner once every 2 months so she can get out of her house.

No. 484156


Shayna has romanticized the idea of FFSW (full service sex work) in her head.

She literally thinks it's like the Pretty Woman movie with Julia Roberts. She's just delusional.

Her dead eyes are an improvement from the ridiculous faces she usually makes.

No. 484169

File: 1517169144104.jpg (89.34 KB, 821x583, jdjb5.jpg)

She's still looking and can't find her next victim to use and live off of. What's wrong Shayna? I thought you made so much money. You shouldn't have a problem finding a place then.

No. 484188

File: 1517170245030.jpeg (128.77 KB, 1229x377, 18B89A55-3FD3-472E-84BE-0BF296…)

the fucking tags tho. she was just complaining/judging people asking for money because they don’t like their living situation and need to get out. and now like 3 days later she’s doing the same thing she claimed to despise.

No. 484189

File: 1517170315561.jpeg (Spoiler Image,256.89 KB, 720x1280, EF66D85B-FDB0-49A1-A273-C3A8FF…)

tbh this is probably the ugliest fucking picture of her I’ve ever seen.

No. 484194


Beggars can't be choosers. She is using that person. That person got sick of her shit.

Exactly!! She made a post criticizing people who make gofundme's. But yet a few months ago, she was talking about starting one a few times for her "porn"

No. 484236

It's funny that she's 20 years old and still talks about high school every chance she gets. I'm pretty sure most people she went to high school with don't think about her or really anything to do with high school anymore. They've gone onto college and the real world and have had way more educational, professional, and social experiences by now.

Maybe she should have waited to criticize people who ask for assistance in getting out of bad living situations because now she just looks like a total jackass asking for help and it will only get worse when she starts begging for money. Not that looking like a jackass is beneath her though, we all know it's not.

No. 484535

File: 1517185819257.png (1.5 MB, 918x826, buttpimple.png)


Hahah! She probably had nobody in her room, forgetting that cam sessions get screen capped and recorded! LMAO !! fucking classy Shayna!!!!

No. 484813

File: 1517198716824.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, 6CE95DE9-21FF-41C9-BFCB-B88D96…)

"Gonna make a wishlist for people to buy me new apartment things when its not guaranteed that ill even get it"

So essentially…. She's setting up a way to get funds for her new place to get away from her shit living situation…. And is selling her content cheaper but also avidly partakes in drugs…


No. 484833

Does Shayna have a license and car? I've read all these threads, but can't recall reading if she actually has a driver's license or just leeches rides off people.

No. 484867

I kind of assume no? To both? I doubt she would go out of her way to get a new license when she moved from Mass., and she definitely didn’t move with a car.. and certainly can’t afford to buy her own (or isn’t “grown up” enough to anyway)

No. 485050

Our 55k a year girl can't at least buy a used car for a few thousand? Hmmm

No. 485122

She has a license but no car. She used to have a car while living at home in mass. It might have been her parents car but she drove it. Someone here will be able to recall what happened to the car.

No. 485123

Sorry for samefag. She probably does not have a WA drivers license but I'm not sure.

No. 485207

It was hers she crashed it

No. 485223

I don't understand what's so different about begging for money/help without a GoFundMe vs making a GoFundMe. She begs people for money/gifts off of her Amazon wish list constantly, and acts like it's different than making a GoFundMe because she compensates people with her "porn". I think it's really low to judge people for making GoFundMe's in general but then to turn around and act like what she's doing is any different…. People choose to donate to someone's GoFundMe, like they choose to spend their money on you. People who make GoFundMe's respect themselves a lot more than someone who is willing to sell herself and her nudes/ "porn" for a fucking t-shirt that says Barbie on it.

No. 485226

File: 1517240667515.jpg (338.63 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20180129_074240.jpg)

No. 485257

Shayna is hypocritical trash but no need to put down people who sell sex/sexual content regardless of what it’s for.

No. 485337


She use to have an old used maroon Honda, that she was super ashamed of to the point that she stopped taking pics of her manicure on her wheel where the Honda logo was. And she always prefaced anytime she talked about her car with "I know its shitty /old," and always had to acknowledge that she thought it was trash. (after someone made fun of her for driving it)

She said it was broken into and then she said she got into a car accident. This was after Connor broke up w/ her and she had to move out of his family's house. So she moved into her dads. She was constantly begging for money at this time(more than usual) Saying they took everything she had when someone broke into it. She was telling followers she needed money to get her car fixed, and begged for help, I think a few people sent her stuff, but she never ended up getting it fixed.

People were calling her out because she was crying begging for the money for her car, but then the next day was bragging about shit she bought for herself. First she says she can't afford to get her car fixed and begs people for money, but then she makes posts saying she just treated herself to some new lingerie.

I don't think she's gotten a new car since she moved to WA, so for the past year she's most likely bummed rides or taken public transit. (makes sense why she made it such a big deal not wanting to take the bus home from the airport, and why she was begging people for money so she can take the shuttle)

I'm not sure if she was even ever on the lease of the place that she's staying in now. Shayna's such a scumbag liar and scammer! She always does this! She's trying to garner all this sympathy, and asks for free shit. Didn't she already receive pink house stuff from the first time she begged for them and kept spamming her wishlist?

No. 485344

File: 1517249103456.jpg (602.14 KB, 1280x775, tumblr_p3b3p98rmZ1rmiw96o1_128…)

No. 485345

the last car she had was a green SUV, she has a bunch of archive pics of her smoking in it

No. 485346

File: 1517249136125.jpg (157.14 KB, 633x997, 3364711.jpg)

No. 485349

File: 1517249238930.jpg (29.82 KB, 527x269, 4787558.jpg)

No. 485350

she just posted that she applied for her first apartment, which means yah, she never signed any paperwork or documents to live in the place she’s at now. fucking scumbag bitch, acting like she has her shit together.

No. 485355

From what date?

No. 485364


Yep, she just took advantage of one of her followers, moving in with them.

She's probably trying to do the same right now, except most everyone on her tumblr already know what a manipulating scumbag leach she is!

I bet you she's gonna find someone from twitter/ IG …people who don't know her like the people on Tumblr.

No. 485370

File: 1517249884765.png (16.86 KB, 525x399, screenshot-9597221.png)

Yep, Shayna just said fuck you to the people who paid for it.

( >>482712 , >>482746 )

No. 485375

um you can definitely upload videos? is she so dumb that she doesn’t know you need to upload it to a site like xvids? cuz Tumblr player sucks. she’s been on tumblr long enough that you would think she would know this. fucking moron.

No. 485377

I think she's about to move into a super tiny studio apartment because no one else wants to take her in

No. 485384

Lmao but she NEEDED two full bedrooms right?

No. 485387

File: 1517251551356.png (59.96 KB, 640x337, IMG_6392.PNG)

Beggars can't be choosers

No. 485390


she could turn her bathroom into one since she has no use for it

No. 485395

File: 1517251948051.jpg (51 KB, 338x600, cute.jpg)

she was definitely WAY better looking and in better shape in 2015. this was from december '15, she started sex work in april-may of '16. you can tell she's gotten really lazy, just based on her attitude and skinny fat.

and looking through her archive, i think the green SUV i mentioned was actually connor's car or possibly her dad's.

No. 485402

File: 1517252326531.jpeg (684.15 KB, 1242x1138, 03C3563B-6204-4C22-918B-FA409B…)

is this supposed to be funny or something?

No. 485405

Seems like she genuinely thinks she's idolised by everyone she went to school with. I'd be surprised if any of them even knew / cared about her porn.

No. 485408

If anyone she knows/knew actually wants to buy or see her porn I guarantee it's only for the lol factor and not because it's good or she's sexy.

No. 485412

In her head I’m sure she’s like, “haha this is SO perfect, I’m gonna be making so much money haha I’m amaaaazing!”

No. 485461

File: 1517254417872.jpg (443.31 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20180129-113133.jpg)

I think Shayna seriously needs counseling. Isn't it considered rape if your senses are incapacitated to such a degree?

No. 485486

no, it’s called sensory deprivation and it’s a very common practice in BDSM.

No. 485492

I don’t necessarily think “consensual non consent/rape play” is okay or really heathy, but if both parties are consenting and it’s been throughly planned out, with safe words and such, I don’t see why it’s a problem or why someone should need counseling for participating in a consensual act.

No. 485499


Look at the tags for that post!
It's here >>485349

No. 485513

Because you can't use a safe word when you're drugged.

No. 485518

if it’s a muscle relaxer you definitely can. unless it’s something that knocks you out, it’s fine.

No. 485524

Well, knocks you out or impairs your judgement, like alcohol. Injected muscle relaxers (unless it’s a really large amount) won’t normally impair judgement.

No. 485609

File: 1517259352113.png (22.86 KB, 517x447, 6775433.png)

So she got her apartment. Wait until she has to choose between paying her rent and buying all the pink shit she usually spends her money on.

No. 485711

Not to mention internet and utilities(camming is a lot of electricity with all the lighting And electronics used daily) either she will beg a lot more or she will be homeless in three months and I can't guarantee she will have her cat still by then.

No. 485781

Don't forget now… Its Shayna we're talking about…. She'll cut her utilities in half by either A) pissing on the floor and throwing it away or B) using the same litterbox as Ribmeat LOL

Its more than likely a studio apartment, because thers's no way she makes enough to live in even a 1 Bedroom in Seattle. Hell, her dumbass probably thinks its an apartment with a studio attached haha

No. 485807

Lmfao omg that would be hilarious. “Um, I signed up to get a STUDIO! Why is it so small? Why is there like a mini bedroom? I wanted a studio, WTF!!”

No. 485822

Personally I can't wait for the stories about the men in her building wanting to fuck her. Or the movers or maintenance/cable guy, etc.

No. 485840

File: 1517267259645.jpg (52.07 KB, 561x617, 856473.jpg)

No. 485847


I'm guessing it's the guy she followed all the way to WA. &Then that Ginger photographer she flew to California to "make content" with. & then if you count her "hot af g/f" who ended up looking like a turkey with downs.

No. 485860

File: 1517267772159.png (11.45 KB, 567x225, 746483.png)

She never thinks any of her thoughts thru, like you already said they graduated 5 years after you. So how are driving them to school?

Also, her dad owns a camaro. Her daddy issues run so deep. She prob goes crazy to the thought of his new daughter driving it.

No. 485877

I honestly feel bad for her. Either she's either really stupid or grew up thinking shit like this is normal but either way it's sad as hell to see someone do this to themselves

No. 485919

Is Shayna's step-mom really young and super hot and this actually happened to her? It's so oddly specific and there's for no good reason for it. Like why would you hypothetically want to humiliate children/teens who have done nothing wrong to you?

No. 485922

anyone notice how she can’t decide how she wants bambi spelled? half her stuff has just an i and the othe half is ie. what a dumbass

No. 486066


No, but her stem-mom has a daughter (exact same age as Shayna) and a younger son (close to Shayna's little brother's age). Her dad took them in & live with him at his house

No. 486072

It's her whole thing. "Gonna steal your daddy", "your dad's favorite", "gonna fuck your dad". Speaks volumes to how replaced she felt. Someone basically "stole" her daddy. So she fantasizes about doing the same to other people.

No. 486406

the title of this alone makes me wildly uncomfortable. imagine the shit that would came up if you searched this.

No. 486531

File: 1517289707344.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5773.PNG)

Long before the bleached destroyed hair

No. 486545

I went to school with shayna and strangely enough transfered to the school shaynas step sister went to. Her step sister is the typical snotty rich girl who bullied everyone whereas shayna hung around the typical scene kid group - jess , jess's sister , etc . I doubt they get along but shayna is older than her by two years

No. 486581

File: 1517293263762.jpg (30.71 KB, 300x300, not-this-shit-again_fb_1224286…)

Are we really gonna do that whole "Poor Shay is just trying to compensate for being rejected by her dad" thing again?
Because that's not a justification for fetishizing child abuse

No. 486592

Her dad bought her a snow mobile for Christmas she's fine.

No. 486595

What she does is beyond ddlg shit though… the “I fucked ur dad” thing is constant and is a reality to her. It’s not sympathy inducing, she just sounds like a sad broken record.

No. 486652

Woah dude wtf
She looks like a different person all together

No. 486754

Shayna occasionally talks about wanting tall, pretty, mean girls to bully her. I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying.

No. 486779

Nobody is making excuses for her or her shitty behavior lol. It's a simple fact that she has abandonment issues and projects her feeling about herself/her family onto others. Shaynas home situation is pretty sad, regardless.

No. 486789

I know you guys don't think Shayna was actually sexually assaulted, but the way she caters to pedophiles and sexualizes her age regressive states kinda says something different to me. I know the rumour is that it happened when she was in highschool, and that she wasn't actually raped, but lying. In my opinion, you can't go by one person who "went to high school with her" saying something different. A lot of sexual assault is played off as something different than what it really is. I wish there was legitimate evidence when it comes to the belief that Shayna is lying.

No. 486838

>victims act out their abuse through sex!

this tumblr meme has to stop. i will link studies if anyone wants, but just know it's not only super rare that people actually do that, the idea comes from romanticizing mental illness/abuse and the intense ddlg trend.

No. 486850

File: 1517328232530.png (266.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-080253.png)

No. 486853

File: 1517328331665.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-080328.png)


No. 486854

File: 1517328460174.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-080614.png)

I wonder if she. Knows how to file reports probably not

No. 486856

File: 1517328543162.png (Spoiler Image,852.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-080829.png)

No. 486858

Holy shit she looks like speck

No. 486862

holy shit can you stfu with the comparisons to speck she is literally NOTHING LIKE SPECK. speck is a redhead, fat, alcoholic stripper wanna be. Shayna is ugly, basic, skinny fat, half ass porn making cunt with delusions of grandeur.

The only comparison is that they both call themselves Bambi. I guess ugly basic bitches like the name Bambi.

No. 486864

They have the same round pudge face and chucky smile

No. 486866

I don’t agree that people “act out their abuse” but it’s pretty common for abuse victims to feel worthless/damaged and therefore act in ways similar to Shayna.

However I don’t think it’s applicable to her… I think she had a serious case of bored surburban teenager and now it’s just become her personality.

No. 486867

File: 1517329867198.png (56.17 KB, 947x646, Screenshot_2018-01-30-08-27-32…)

No. 486874


Her home situation isn't sad. Shayna's been provided with everything. She's the one who chooses to lie and create drama, pretending that her parents are either absent or abusive. Her parents love her and care for her. Shayna's just an entitled selfish leach who wants excuses for her shitty behavior.

No. 486878

there are people that do act it out (in a way) in order to kind of come to terms with it. but it’s not a very common thing.

the way shayna speaks about abusive situations and people who were abused tells a lot. She fetishizes them and their abuse, no sympathy or empathy. She chastises people who live in abusive living situations and ask people for help, but exploits abusive situations in order to get people to give HER money. You’d think someone who was actually abused would have way more empathy/sympathy for abused people, not calling them out for the way they use their money/deal with their situation.

She’s not a victim, she’s an exploitative cunt.

No. 486883

exactly! her parents don’t agree with what she does but they still get her plane tickets back home, they still allow her in their home, they still have visits and stuff. If she was in an abusive family they most likely would have shunned her, not paying for plane tickets, not helping her out in anyway.

I’m almost certain she gets some help from her parents still while she’s in WA. I’m sure they know this is just a phase and she’ll come running back home in a little while. This is probably just what she does, tries to be edgy and different and rebel and then come crying back to mommy and daddy when it doesn’t work in her favor. She’s privileged and she knows it. But being a privileged, basic white bitch doesn’t make people want to give you money. You have to victimize yourself so people think you deserve it for some reason. It’s manipulative behavior.

No. 486892

LMAO one of her new vids is out and it’s a JOI lmfao


No. 486896

Her hair looks so unwashed in that video. It's sad.

No. 486898

The trailer alone is cringey as hell

No. 486899

everything about that video is sad and half assed. she sounds like she’s trying to be cute but she sounds tired and drugged like usual, and it sounds like she’s just thinking of what to say off the top of her head and just going with it.

No. 486908

I haven't seen any evidence that she's washed her hair since she last got it bleached.

No. 486915

How lazy do you have to be to not at least take a shower every other day? It would only take up 20-30 minutes out of her day. And she should be showering before she makes porn, it just looks so much better that way.

No. 486931

it’s gross cos she has greasy AF skin, take a shower dumpster slut

No. 486945

“I guess for now the best you can just do is watch” feels like “Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided…” for some reason

No. 486964

File: 1517335650764.png (642.05 KB, 875x494, even the flowers are fake.png)

The fake roses have got to go. They look so cheap.

That was definitely an awkward sentence but then again she barely graduated high school, so it's understandable. But let me guess, the best we "can just do" is watch her Hitachi herself and dry fuck her butt.

No. 486969

If that's her bed she sleeps in I would be very bothered having fake, plastic roses rubbing up against my skin. Would be very uncomfy. I'm hoping she just removes them from her bed when she sleeps

No. 486981

But then she would have to do work every time she wanted to do anything other than sleep she probably sleeps in her cage that can be her second bedroom for her studio apartment!

No. 486984

Have some respect for sex workers, it's her ~studio~ not a bed. Reminder that Shayna has insomnia and doesn't sleep well at all. Maybe fake and plastic is comforting to her.

Was just about to say this. It's possible she sleeps in her pink dog cage.

No. 486992

she doesn’t even sound like she’s into it at all. JOI is all about what you say, and how you say it. Does she research anything or does she just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks?

No. 487009

File: 1517338025348.jpeg (805.99 KB, 1242x2083, E47CC191-6737-4CE2-BDE4-1FEAE3…)

idk if any of you have seen her “new apartment” wishlist, but she really thinks someone is gonna spend $50 to get her a child’s play tent, and that she’s actually gonna have a place to fit it in her STUDIO APARTMENT.

No. 487014

the thing is almost 5 feet in height (53”) and almost 5 ft in diameter (55”) where the fuck is that gonna fit in her studio apartment lmao, is that gonna be her new bed?

No. 487016

Agreed. I don't know about you all but I can barely even hear what she's saying. How can one jerk off to inaudible instructions?

No. 487026


90% of this board has had a "sadder" home situation than this spoiled cow. She's just desperate to be sooper speshul

No. 487031

I almost want to buy it and upload it here so we can all collectively cringe

No. 487083

If you tell people you make "bomb ass porn" enough times a few are bound to believe it at some point >>485402

No. 487086

Ew that kitchen stuff is so cheap. You couldn't be bothered to make a wishlist from an actual home store? Like Amazon is not the place to buy all your home furnishings and kitchenware. And if you're not even going to pay for it yourself like girl make a pottery barn wishlist, crate and barrel, restoration hardware. Stop aiming so low

No. 487096

she wouldn’t know good quality anything even if it smacked her in the face.

No. 487125

Please PLEASE do. Extra points if you leave a negative review so we can see if she deletes or blocks it. She hasn’t even posted about this video on social media which is weird, but maybe not cuz it’s “off brand”

No. 487129


I want these "studies"

No. 487130

You can't delete reviews just block user

No. 487140

This is the blog from earlier they changed their url and there's about five reposts of Shaynas pics

No. 487147

File: 1517343849404.png (1.02 MB, 1242x2208, BEB6737B-17E7-4DD0-A1DB-C39417…)

Her "fans" are just as psychotic/delusional as she is lol.

They savagely attack any one/thing that is against shaynas word with absolutely no evidence as to why they're attacking someone…. Who says its not shayna stirring the pot? Would people really want to steal her photos for anything other than a laugh?

No. 487425


The fake voice she uses in her videos is so disturbing, especially because her REAL voice is so very MANLY. It's super low, very deep and booming. The very last thing to soft and delicate.

Links are videos of her talking for reference.



No. 487447

How does she manage to look so gross?? Her skin, everywhere, is just screaming to be washed… any amount of exfoliation… I'm nauseous

No. 487470

damn if she went on full obnoxious bimbo aesthetics she would do so much better than with this fragile cute doll thing

No. 487490

it’s really not that manly? her voice is actually fine in this video, I’m not sure why she doesn’t just use her regular voice tbh. It’s not nearly as annoying as the baby voice she tries to use. She just winds up sounding like a 35 year old Mom trying to desperately reignite the spark after 10 years.

No. 487491

Seriously though why does she always look dirty and slightly greasy

No. 487598

What is the reason why she always emphasizes not leave any info in payment notes?

No. 487611

Because many payment processors will shit down your account and ban you from receiving funds if they know you’re using it for sexual/adult services.

No. 487612

shut** lol

No. 487616

This is so weird and hilarious. This blog was just a random ~aesthetic~ blog until they randomly decided to start trolling Shay and followers. Farmer?

No. 487618

File: 1517369171278.jpeg (366.91 KB, 1242x877, 956BAC9F-19CE-4CA9-A8C6-945633…)