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File: 1510542797253.png (808.04 KB, 640x1136, BC123B95-434D-4FDD-B7E6-88CBA9…)

No. 422534

Jaquie Blake Beckwith, AKA chronically_jaquie, is one of the general Munchausen's/OTT thread (>>>/snow/387658) Munchie Queens.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronically_jaquie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helper_dog_harlow
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ

- She has a Patreon for people to pay her to be "sick".
- She appears to have a few genuine illnesses, but overall contradicts herself 99% of the time.
- She has a button tube but shoves crap food into her pie hole most of the day. Claims she cannot tolerate her formula, and has to get a special type, but can eat fried crap.
- She has a service dog (Harlow) who does tasks that she is quite capable of doing (like grabbing a blanket across the room).
- Her service dog does not get worked the way a service dog should.
- She will not respond to messages online (except on her Patreon) because of "safety issues" (though we're pretty sure it's because she wants money to talk to her).
- She will not allow people to send her mail because she is too sick.
- Refers to herself as a "genetic anomaly".
- Claims to have EDS, POTS, narcolepsy, cataplexy, autism, unspecified immune problems, a mutated mitochondria, and too many other things. Surprisingly, Factitious Disorder is not on her list.
- She appears to be copying Mary Fray.

She enjoys deleting comments that call her out, and has an excuse or explanation for everything, something that is found psychologically in pathological liars.

Everyone is tired of her, even her family, and some people in the Munchie thread, so here's a place to talk about her to your heart's content

Previous thread >>>/snow/409311

No. 422542

I've heard that Autisic people can be manipulative but they tend to not realize they're doing it until it's brought to their attention. She knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 422545

I found the comment in the previous thread really interesting - she always looks at the camera, but in the "all about my super special autisms" video it seems she's trying to act more autistic by avoiding eye contact with the camera! Good spot, anon!

No. 422556

File: 1510544409331.png (279.34 KB, 1334x750, IMG_4801.PNG)

She spells autism wrong in her video header and the first sentence of the video is "this year my medical team and I have discovered a lot more new diagnosis for my selves" I listened to it several times. She definitely says my selves and not myself. What the helll?

No. 422569

File: 1510545294814.png (729.23 KB, 720x720, IMG_4799.PNG)

Look at how normal she used to be. In a bikini, on the beach, in the sun with her boyfriend, wearing a little bit of makeup and honestly looking pretty great. What in the world happened that she has allowed herself to become a peeling lipped, puffy faced, Barbie car driving munchie?

No. 422580


crying for the poor dog's eyes

No. 422605


I feel like her smile has changed. Like she's tried to make it more autistic.

No. 422606

do you think Jaq ever sees this message board

No. 422607


Oh for sure. Look at the different between her bikini pic and the pic at the top of this thread (screenshot from her IG).. honestly if she's been intentionally trying to "look autisitc" that's offensive as all fuck.

No. 422609


It's like now she curls her lips under when she smiles? Maybe to make it look more tense/ awkward?

No. 422629

Do you guys notice how she has every single symptom for autism? Nobody is like that. This isn’t a fucking movie Jaquie. She’s literally describing a movie character.

No. 422655

And what's more is Autism is one of the most idiosyncratic disorders out there. Most people on the spectrum will have very individual or unique quirks, stims, favourite foods, obsessions or twiddle toys, which stay consistent.

No. 422679

I just posted a bit of a timeline for meds and IV saline because someone asked about it in the previous thread because I am an idiot and didn't read the whole thread before replying.

But if anyone is interested, see >>422673
There is also a link to the screenshots of her IV saline history and orthostatic hypotension developing into pots/leg pain developing into ehlers-danlos/etc. history.

No. 422691

I wonder if that’s the explanation for Jaquie’s munchiness? I have a mildly Austistic sister and cousin. The cousin is too young to be taken seriously but my sister is HELLA manipulative. She’ll straight up lie to people to get what she wants and doesn’t give a damn if that’s manipulation. However she seems to know when she’s doing it a good 80% of the time, but she doesn’t recognize it if it’s a manipulation she’s been doing a lot. Like she’s manipulated my parents into stuff for years and doesn’t even notice when she does it anymore.

No. 422694

We're not even sure if Jaquie has autism. I don't really see any autism in her and I've been around autism since I was a small child and I'm probably on the spectrum myself. I just can't see it in her apart from her pointing out some stereotypical 'traits' now and then.

No. 422711

As someone on the spectrum, with POTS, I can definitely say without a doubt Jacquie doesn't have autism. I followed her videos for a few months, her posture, the way she talks, isn't typical of someone on the spectrum. Disney would be a truly autistic person's worst nightmare. People with autism tend to have 'special interests' usually if they were interested in medical things, they'd go and get a job in that field, rather than be focused on injecting themselves with drugs they don't need and buying things like wheelchairs, walkers, IV poles, pulse oximeters & stuff to feed that obsession.
Those on the spectrum usually have problems with self care, Jaquie pays way too much attention to how she looks, no one on the spectrum I've ever met has been that self absorbed, vain & manipulative. She appears to be rather sociopathic, with the way she treats Judd & other people around her. She's also doing completely the opposite of what someone who truly suffers POTS would do. If you had super severe POTS, most of your time would be spent laying down, without the energy to go to the supermarket, pick up a camera or clean the house, let alone go to Disney. Her super severe 130 beats a minute is not high at all, notice how she didn't point the camera toward herself when she was filming that heart rate? A person with severe POTS doesn't freak out unless their heart rate is like 170. She's the most munchie person I ever did see. Believe she has antisocial personality disorder.

Sage for Rage.

No. 422721

Autistic people aren't intentionally manipulative, they don't have the social grace or cognitive empathy to do so (at least discreetly or effectively). A lot of neurotypical people think autistic people are manipulative. In fact, NPD/socipathy frequently presents in the same way as autism, so the two often look the same from the outside, even though they are fundamentally different. An autistic person doesn't view "manipulation" the way a non-autistic would.

Disney is not necessarily a "truly autistic person's worst nightmare", since autism is a spectrum. Probably not the highest on the list for "Best place ever", unless it IS their special interest. But plenty of autistic people can enjoy Disneyland/world within limits.

However, from the little I've seen of her in videos, it does seem like she has pretty good executive functioning, which is not very autistic. Also anon, you didn't sage.

No. 422766

Eugenia Cooney's brother has severe autism, and his obsession is Disney and only Disney. The family goes there really really often so that he can enjoy himself.

No. 422776

She has excellent executive functioning skills. Her ability to manage a YT site, Patreon page, all her medical appointments, home health needs, insurance, special diet for Harlow, the ability to organize her training from puppyhood forward, and so on, require a lot of attention and organization. Her medical binder is probably a work of art.

Patreon seems on a decreasing trend. It was at 218 in September, dropped below into the 190s at the start of Oct. (when people don't renew, I assume), crept up during the month, dropped again at the start of Nov. to 190s and now sits at 202. Janiece's is at 9.

What's up with the sudden obsessive interest in her blood sugar? Is this a continued Mary/desire for a Dexcom obsession?

No. 422777

Does anyone know this girl: https://youtu.be/smtdeq7T8Ic

Her chronic illnesses have become terminal and she has two accounts raising money for the service dog.

In her intro video, the first comment is from an MD who tells her to throw her pills away.

No. 422779


It's interesting that Jaq has such severe autism that she can't ride in a truck but she's never seen a psychiatrist or even a therapist. Even if just for her autism, someone needs to give her that same advice.

No. 422785

>>She has excellent executive functioning skills.
True. I have an autistic relative, they sure as heck wouldn't be able to do ANY of those things. Of course, it's a spectrum disorder and everyone is - very - different, but we don't see many autistic traits. Although I have to admit that it would be very difficult to judge that based on only her vlogs: you don't see much social interaction and apart from her SPD she hardly talks about it. Though that latter part may be suspect in itself: she tells us pretty much every symptom she has, but she never talks about e.g. difficulty in social interaction, or that she can't handle it well when she can't follow her normal routine. She doesn't seem to have any problems sleeping over at Janieces' or her fathers, for example. Or that Judd sometimes works late shifts, or even hospital stays which definitely provide a very different environment and routine than a day at home.

No. 422796

The only traits we see are the very textbook ones for autism, and not in the way someone with true autism would act. She’s really just a sociopath who wants an excuse to not have to behave like a decent human being, which is super insulting to people who actually have autism and are trying their best to interact with people and have meaningful relationships.

No. 422797


Maybe post her on the main spoonie munchie thread. She’s a good one -claimed to be terminal, says she has a lung disease similar to CF and she has a go fuck me for a service dog.

No. 422807

As someone with autism (I also research autism and mental health as a postgrad), I think it is very hard to say if Jaquie has ASD.
She has odd movements (her hand gestures) but these only start in later videos.
She claims to have sensory issues but rarely wears her headphones and we see that she previously owned t-shirts she now says she can't manage. As an adult you simply don't buy clothes you don't like whether you're aware it is an 'autistic thing' or not.
She has good focus and executive functioning however we see her struggle when the situation isn't in her control. She uses her symptoms to excuse herself or bring the situation back in to her control. Whilst people with autism aren't manipulative in the typical sense when you're in a situation you can't cope with you might do extreme things to get out of that situation.
Her 'special topic' or obsession could easily be chronic illness and social media.

Women on the spectrum are generally more able to 'camoflage' or 'mask' their symptoms and tend to copy other girls at school in an attempt to cope. This may explain Jaquie's obsessive copying of Mary Frey.

HOWEVER people with autism tend to follow rules to the letter, for instance medical advice. Jaquie repeatedly doesn't follow medical advice/ doctor shops. She also shows a very good ability to get what she wants from doctors, seemingly without slipping up and presumably whilst being verbal in all these appointments etc.

I'm very high functioning, I have degrees, I do research, however my executive functioning is less than Jaquie's and I require special support for medical appointments/ emergency visits and some minor adaptations at work.

Overall I don't think Jaquie does have autism, though she may be mis-diagnosed. If she went through diagnostics for an autism spectrum disorder they would have also screened for depression, OCD, anxiety and other common comorbidities/ differentials. So the fact she doesn't have/ doesn't share any mention of depression and anxiety (or the more fashionable OCD) is highly questionable.

saged, med/researchfagging blogging

No. 422816

Who was the anon that said she'd go back to having allergic reactions? Cause you called it.

No. 422822

Except that she can ride in the truck if he's taking to her say, Menchie's or Publix to get her cookie. Most of her "symptoms" of whatever disease she is playing up at the moment only occur when they are doing something that is not about her.

No. 422828

jaquie slumped over the table at the restaurant like an ass and judd's sister is all 'WE're being social'. No way she doesn't have Jaquie's number.

No. 422830


I suspect she has a mild diagnosed SPD, and has realised that this can be concurrent with autism therefore by her rules she must have autism.

No. 422834


I pray for the day Judd's sister finds this forum.

No. 422835

J said during the restaurant video that she's allergic to plants. That's a big assertion but did Judd buy her plastic flowers? If her wheelchair rolls through grass and she grazes a wheel when propelling, is she touching plant residue?

No. 422836



Some pollens from flowers (esp orchids I think?) can cause anaphylactic reasons, but GRASS? TREES? DAISIES?

No. 422848

What is her obsession with opening doors? She is in a manual chair and can use her arms normally, so there is nothing to it. It's not something you need to 'practise' FFS.

No. 422853

Has she ever said what kind of angioedema she has. I mean I pressume not drug induced but other than that it is caused by the most common food allergies (nuts, shellfish, milk, eggs), insect bites and stings and latex.

There is a genetic type "The fault affects the gene responsible for the production of a substance called C1 esterase inhibitor. If you don't have enough of this, the immune system can occasionally "misfire" and cause angioedema."

Other than that it is largely stress, be that mental stress or stress on the body due to infection/injury.

The way she describes it it is like MCAS and angioedema are the same thing but they really really aren't. Angioedema is literally the medical word for hives!

No. 422879


hello yes, it was me. In fairness, it's pretty easy to predict that Jaquie will have extreme health problems.

No. 422900

Exactly, the severity of her symptoms depends on how much attention she’s getting. She was getting lots of attention for all her tube feeding stuff and then the new wheelchair, but that died down, and then they went to visit Judd’s family, where things don’t always revolve around her (much different from her home life and her family), and now she’s having severe symptoms. How pathetic and self-absorbed kek

No. 422940

File: 1510600581193.png (39.71 KB, 868x263, jac.png)

how did she manage to get nebulized? there's a massive shortage in the US.
Also, a medicine she claims to take but never shows. You would think that a nebulizer would look great in a vlog and her "daily" treatment would be part of the vlog. It is for Mary.

No. 422947

"I…. lost my excitement at Vera Bradley"… that's because the rest wasn't about Jaquie. She is so predictable. If it's something she wants to do she has energy for it. If it's not or even if it's something she kind of wants to do but the attention is not on her 100% then she fades, or has symptoms.
I did notice that in truck when her and Judd were kind of joking back and forth that she said "no one listens to me" … and so she forces people to pay attention through a myriad of medical bullshit and escalated issues.

No. 422951

"That reaction, I have angiodema and I have mast cell activation disorder. And the reactions from both of them can look very, similar."
Okay but no one has MCAD. That's not a condition in itself, you have MCAS or mastocytosis or mast cell leukemia. Those all are MCAD, but are also different. She's so naive about the supposed conditions she has.

No. 422963

She does sick face from her (supposed) angioedema attack and is so nervous and serious blah blah blah and then her new computer comes in the mail and she is perfectly fine and giddy as shit.

No. 422965

which of J's illnesses is to blame for her constant lack of energy? how does she explain that she was exhausted from being pushed around in her wheel chair?

No. 422970

If I were Judd, I'd be so embarrassed around my family. His family seems so normal and probably expected him to have a normal life. How embarrassing to have your completely dysfunctional life on display– your "sick", attention-seeking wife who is manipulative and controlling and likes to video tape her whole damn day. I'd be mortified.

No. 422977

Wheelchair, mattress, computer, it never fucking ends. She needs to step back and think about how she's spending that money. Does she really want to use this money to play sick? Or would she rather put a down payment on a house? Invest in some clothes that aren't atrocious? Save some money for Judd to pursue his hobbies?

No. 422987

Cromolyn is just one medication used for mast cell, it doesn’t do a lot on it’s own. Plus it’s an oral med, not the inhaled version. But lots of people have neubulizers, so maybe it depends on the area?

No. 423000

I live in Tampa, and most drs here are super stingy with the nebulizer prescriptions. I don't think they're in short supply it's just not easy to get the prescription for one. Like, mine is 20 years old, sounds like an industrial air compressor and vibrates itself across the table when in use, but it still works so no new nebulizer prescription from the allergist or the gp. Then again, I'm not Jaquie who can somehow get prescriptions for literally whatever she wants at the drop of a hat.

No. 423001

I wanted to comment about sociopathic personality disorder with narcissistic tendencies last week but didn't want to step the line - one of the symptoms is actually excessive use of gestures whilst talking. Now that it's been mentioned already though, it feels uncanny that others here have thought the same thing.

No. 423004

Not sure what your background is obvs, but does she fit other symptoms or just that one?

No. 423007

She does fit other (many) symptoms as well.

No. 423008

Anyone else would have told Jaquie to put the camera away and enjoy the family time but instead Judd did some of the videoing! She was like a bratty child when she put her head down to nap at the table and he didn't say a word!

Last week was a pretty good shopping week for Jaquie–the mattress/bed, computer, sheets, hangers, squatty potty, tubie laundry bag, Vera Bradley wallet, etc. so this week will start with the new wheelchair dog leash, probably the redecorating of their bedroom (drapes, wall decor, new bedding), the hip and knee braces, etc. Unlimited funds apparently!

This week she will be most likely be back to the pain complaints to qualify for the Ketamine/Toradol injections ($500 minimum for the Ketamine alone), getting the Smart Drive wheelchair part, planning the surgery for the 2nd feeding tube, and trying to work in symptoms from her other chronic illnesses. Guessing there weill be lots of trips upstairs to drive the new bed up and down with the blah face because she is exhausted and in excrucicating pain (no pain sitting on the floor booting the new computer, tho). With Mary Frey in the hospital, she has to rev up her symptoms to overdramatize her own FD woes.

Angioedema attack but no visible symptoms? No hives, redness, swelling, throat issues—how bogus! My take on that is that she hadn't used that chronic illness in awhile and it finally moved to the top of her video checklist.

No. 423009

Sociopathic personality disorder isn't in the DSM. Do you mean Narcissistic personality disorder?

No. 423021

They both seem to have no regard (or maybe just give zero fucks) for other people's desire or lack thereof to appear on camera. They shove it in everyone's face. Family dinner? Camera. Celebration? Camera. Visit at their apartment or someone's house? Camera. I watch other vloggers who will either vlog up to the door step or occasionally vlog at a gathering etc but you can tell they are purposely not showing the people who are there. Most people seem to understand that not everyone wants to be recorded on their personal time for a YT vlog. But not Jaquie and Judd. They'll shove that camera in your face whether you are eating, riding in the car or sitting on the couch. They make me so ragey.

No. 423062

cromolyn is used as a nebulizer, but mostly if you have a lot of lung problems from mast cell. the nebulized version of it isn't available in a lot of places

No. 423209

Not in defense of Jaquie, but in the defense of people in wheelchairs because I’m one of them lol, it’s very difficult at first to open doors and it definitely is something you need to get the hang of/practice. So I can get why she’d want to practice. Yes she can walk but if she’s out with her wheelchair she’s not going to stand up, walk around, and then open the door. It doesn’t make sense. Again not WK just bringing up the point and answering the question I see fit.

No. 423212

Theres an oral solution as well that’s more effective for mast cell in general. But yes it does come as an inhaled medication as well as in eye drop form.

No. 423214

That makes sense for someone who actually needs to be in a wheelchair, however jaquie is perfectly capable of walking and opening doors in the normal way. She’s just lazy and wants the attention.

No. 423236

Nobody cares, medfag.

No. 423298

I was just saying if she’s GOING to be using the wheelchair anyways. Which we know she will. And shut up, people post way more “medfag” worthy 5 paragraph long excessive bullshit on here than I did.

No. 423303

eats a lot of veggies for somebody (with gp) allergic to plants…

No. 423315


I have hEDS and POTS (from Jaquie's plethora of claimed illnesses) and can attest that the fatigue that comes with them can be debilitating.
Her lack of energy, however, probably comes from her purposely running low feeds and having a really boring life. When you have nothing to do in your life except focus on how sick you are (and how to monetise it) I can imagine the boredom would be tiring.

No. 423317


Do we know what happens when someone (who isn't a doctor) stands up to Jaquie in real life? When someone says no to her? Maybe Judd's tried to put his foot down before and realised it's realllly not worth the fallout.

No. 423318


I don't understand why she doesn't train Harlow to open doors. This is one thing the dog could actually do with a purpose!!

No. 423339

You are spot on explaining her fatigue coming from boredom. Her only thought process is planning what illness she will feature on the next vlog. Absolutely no ambition to study, work, have healthy friendships, or think of others. It truly is a mental illness to have to redirect every activity or conversation back to herself.

No. 423343


It is. Ironically, i spend a lot of time advocating for better access to appropriate mobility aids. With my own wheelchair, I can leave the house most days. Without it I could only manage it maybe once or twice a week and I was far more tired, depressed from being stuck inside all day. The thing is, Jaquie's wheelchair doesn't actually change anything for her. She's still not going to be going out on her own, or reasserting her independence. It'll only be used when Judd is there to film her using it. Now she's decided she can't drive, she's pretty much confined herself to the house in the daytimes.

Was she not looking into doing a communications class? I can't remember if this was an online course or in an actual college. I have no doubt that if she does start it, she'll have to drop out because she's "too sick" (she'll lose interest basically).

No. 423347


In previous videos she demonstrated training Harlow to push handicap buttons, as well as how to "tug" a ridiculous contraption made of a carabiner and braided fleece that is apparently meant to clip onto a door so the dog can pull it open? It never ends.

No. 423350

File: 1510626736886.png (1.16 MB, 1306x840, Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 8.23…)

I want to bang my head on the table seeing all her special choclit melk

I guess every good eating disorder needs some bizarre safe foods (on top of the other crap she routinely ingests)

No. 423362

Fatigue my ass. She is full of energy.

There is a reson why her hand movements became more and more frantic as she got more and more sedentary.


No. 423364


So why not get the dog to do that? I'm sure you can get suction bars that attach to most surfaces.

No. 423365


And why is that, anon?

No. 423378

Replying to my deleted post? Sorry, I reposted to include the answer because I figured there would be someone who can't add two and two.

She is full of energy, and thus can't sit still. She's got to let it out somehow, so when she's pretending to need a wheelchair and has to restrain from moving her legs, she can't help but move her arms.

Makes sense? It makes perfect sense, unlike anything she says. Observe, don't listen.

No. 423380


interesting theory, anon

If that's the case, she's literally forcing herself to act "sick" for attention. Pathological.

No. 423385

Yup. She's the archetypal munchie. She should be a case study for med students. Imho

No. 423388

Samefag, let me correct myself, archetypal malingerer.
Pretty sure she knows what she's doing.

No. 423392

Lol I dunno if anyone else noticed, but at the start of the vlog today when Judd was talking about how they were going to the mall to look at bags, he did an exaggerated "blegh" bored face, but Jaquie edited it out. She left in just enough so that he could finish his word, but not the expression. You could catch the first half a second of it but that's it. Then it cuts to him starting the next sentence.

No. 423393

So I know the GP diet doesn't include much in the way of fruits/veggies. I'm not well educated on it, but it should still include soft fruits/veggies right? Like bananas, or fruit smoothies? Why doesn't Jaq ever make or order smoothies with healthy ingredients? Instead she has chocolate milk. Literally for breakfast every day. And if she's going to a smoothie place, instead of getting something healthy, she gets chocolate again. When at restaurants she has been ordering chocolate milk instead of food. Why not soup or a healthy juice/smoothie?

Side note, I wonder how much of her life story she tells waiters when she's ordering.

No. 423394


If she was legitimately only taking that chocolate milk orally and relying on the tube for everything else i wouldn't blame her for wanting something "fun" and tasty. But she's not.

There are fruits and veg GP patients with severe GP can have… juices mostly though, or vegetable broth (clear). Not very exciting. But her GP isn't as severe as that obviously as she can eat solids.

No. 423398

They had a little argument in the car when jaq said they should have looked at the GPS. Judd was just joking around and having her on a bit, saying that she never said that. But jaq got real mad real fast. She pretty much yelled when she said "you never listen to me!" Then turned to the camera and said "no one ever listens to me." And THEN she smiled a bit and played it off like they were just messing around. But she clearly got upset about that. That's kind of interesting. Also if that's made it into the vlog, along with her constant bits of verbal abuse towards Judd, I wonder how often Jaq blows up at him.

No. 423399


He does seem pretty under the thumb. And it's uneven - she can tease him about anything, but he can't tease her because it's HER vlog and she'll explain how he's just joking or something. Or edit it out.

No. 423402

The way she spells her name triggers me.

No. 423408

Sage your non-contribution and get a therapist. No one cares.

No. 423412

File: 1510633179418.png (416.66 KB, 544x516, yVBQCCh.png)

I don't really consider myself a psych fag, but I have had an interest in human behaviour and body language for many years now. Lately I've been specifically paying attention to Jaquie's body language when she's expressing legitimate frustration and/or anxiety, and when she's playing up her symptoms, specifically her pain and fatigue.

I've got a couple of screen caps to go along with this, but I'll start off with an example of what appears to be, in my opinion, a consistent gesture of real frustration and anxiety. In this clip she's actually talking about how she's nervous, in regards to her worsening allergies.

She will place her hand over her forehead, and often also run her hand through her hair.

No. 423415

This super BEC but does it bug anyone else how she makes a 'tut' sound after her comments? Like today at the restaurant she went around the table and said what everyone was eating and then got to herself and said "I'm just getting chocolate milk, I'm not eating. Tut" Fuck Jaquie, it's not funny.

No. 423418

File: 1510633668214.png (374.99 KB, 571x571, iBWaTxW.png)

(cont.) This is an example of what she often does when she's playing up her symptoms. She'll touch her fingers to the inside of the bridge of her nose, usually with one hand but sometimes both hands.

Interestingly, I've noticed she actually does this a lot when she's in one of her "sick face" episodes, when she's talking about how sick she is, and she gets distracted and excited about something else (like talking about new medical equipment or making a RLLY FUNNY joke) but then she remembers she's supposed to be "sick" and she'll do this gesture, maybe a pained sigh (like getting excited was painful) and she'll immediately revert to her droopy eyed, monotone sick face.

Sometimes she'll continue this gesture into her forehead holding and/or hair stroking gesture. But I've noticed that the touching of her fingers to the inside of the bridge of her nose only really happens when she's being dramatic and playing up symptoms.

This particular gesture is something that's pretty commonly considered a "tell" that someone's lying. I know someone who did this a lot when she was giving a statement to the police, and her laywer actually dropped her as a client because it was so obvious to everyone that she was lying (she was). Ever since then I've been paying attention to when people do this, and I've actually found it to be a pretty reliable tell. Jaq does do this a lot, and along with changes in her voice, her other mannerisms etc, we all know she's a terrible liar.

No. 423419

She’s so fucking overdramatic. If she actually has a real medical problem one day, no one’s going to believe her.

No. 423420


Yeah it really bothers me that she does that so much. I dunno maybe it's her "totally real autism" but I don't think she realises that it can be kind of offensive in certain situations. She does it a lot when she's being condescending.

No. 423422

File: 1510633925857.png (72.24 KB, 219x212, Zk9ETck.png)


She even made it the thumbnail for the video for fucks sake!

No. 423427

It’s like she’s making her life into a b-movie. I wonder too if she’s realizing her GP claims are shit and is going back to something more dramatic and attention-grabbing. If I’m having serious allergic reactions, I’m sure as hell not going to film it because I look like shit and also I prefer to prevent myself from dying instead, which I think is a common experience for the large number of people around the world with allergies and even mast cell. Jaquie doesn’t have illnesses, she has documentable episodes that increase her YouTube views. She doesn’t behave at all like someone actually dealing with chronic illness.

No. 423429

File: 1510634368964.png (294.35 KB, 472x519, 1eR4Key.png)

So today she had a super serious allergic reaction, they had to pull over on the side of the highway, administer IV benedril, she was freaking out, breathing heavily, sighing, wringing her hands over and over, shaking, rubbing her eyes, doing the "touching" thing demonstrated here: >>423418

Wow, what would have warranted all that, you ask? Her fucking wrist got pink. She got some hives.

No. 423431

She looks fucking psychotic in that picture.

No. 423435


The "tell" being the hand to the bridge of the nose…. this also covers part of her mouth and she's avoiding eye contact with the camera. Suspicious from a body language POV.

No. 423437


kek she actually looks autistic

No. 423439

I think anyone could see through Jaquie's body language, lies and deception. I thought she was just being over-dramatic with her "tell" signs, to try to push her point that she is just so sick, but actually I didn't want to believe she was straight out lying so obviously.

No. 423441

File: 1510635803319.png (122.25 KB, 618x356, Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 05.0…)

OK, who's shouting into the void on TheMighty?
(Not that it's not hilarious)

No. 423444

Great find anon

No. 423446

The only thing I see wrong with that comment is the fact that I don't think Jaquie even has conversion disorder. Conversion disorder is completely involuntary and is not fake or put on- symptoms are real and there's no deception about it. I don't think Jaquie has conversion disorder whatsoever.

No. 423451


No, she's OTT/malingering/astronomically self absorbed. It sounds like this commenter is a rabid Frey fan who's caught onto Jaquie but hasn't quite worked her out.

No. 423455

Here's something I thought about earlier-
Any medfags out there who take florinef? - It's a steroid that can worsen or mask symptoms of infection- at least that's what I was told. Jaquie is immunosuppressed and taking a med like that…

No. 423469

florinef isn't that big of an immunocompressant, which is why it's so often used for pots. it can be used by people with all immune systems. However if Jacquie is truly as immunocompromised as she claims she is (can't have a po box lol) she definitely shouldn't be using it.

No. 423476

I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to insert a video, sorry. If but if you look at the blood sugar crash video at around 13.13 she shows her blood sugar monitor thing and it says 65. But she says her blood sugar has already raised to 130 by that point and she's fine. Does that mean she can get that monitor to say whatever number she wants whenever she wants?

Also why would sugar water not raise her blood sugar but chocolate does the trick? Is it maybe because Jaquie is addicted to chocolate and sugar water isn't something tasty to chug when you're faking low blood sugar?

No. 423479

Iv Benadryl really isn’t that different from the normal pills. Plus, if she gets anaphylaxis that much (or at all), why doesn’t she have an epipen, which is the standard emergency medication?

No. 423486


I think she does have epipens? But even Jaquie knows using them for a small smatter of hives is overkill. The epipen is pretty intense from what I gather, and you're supposed to call the paramedics on top…

No. 423509

She managed to turn her “reaction” into a huge crisis anyway. Gotta get that drama for the vlog.

No. 423540

We're talking normal doors, right? Not heavy ones? At least I was.. The heavy doors I cannot open by myself anyway. I'm in a chair too, and I really don't see the problem. I have often trouble reaching the doorknob as I cannot lift my arms that far, but if/once I reach it, there's really nothing to it. Closing the doors, now there's something that can really be tricky. But even those I can do from my manual chair - and remember, I cannot reach. So Jaq shouldn't have any problems. And if IS a problem: why not stand up and open/close the door that way? That's exactly what I do when I use my powerchair (I can still walk two or three steps). Why wouldn't that make sense? I'd say it makes a hell of a lot more sense than using a public restroom with the door wide open..

This is interesting. There was a part in the video about the allergic reaction where I thought 'wow, she actually seems genuinely worried here. I'm not sure which part that was, but still. I agree that's it's odd how she seems to snap back into certain behaviors/demeanor sometimes, as if she catches herself showing things she doesn't want to.

There has also been some mention lately of how big of a difference there is in her demeanor in old versus more recent videos. I think her gesturing is especially odd when her vlog is more rehearsed, e.g. when she is explaining something about one of her many conditions. I also think it was interesting to see her on that episode of 'the doctors' and during that panel discussion, where she was a little nervous and her gesturing is much more like you'd expect from someone who 'talks with their hands'. Overall she looks more normal when she is less rehearsed.

No. 423542

File: 1510653206561.jpg (64.3 KB, 956x1057, MEpENfX.jpg)

I thought that was very odd too, but when I read your comment I looked it up and I saw it said "logbook" and a timestamp. So I think her BG meter has a memory function so you can look up what it measured at a certain time.

I think she blames mainly her narcolepsy for that. Although that doesn't add up, because she said herself her narcolepsy has been very well controled for a few years now and she already had narcolepsy when she was training Harlow and other dogs at Disney up to three days a week. So it's probably her POTS, too. And of course, EDS, mitochondrial disease, and who knows what else.

No. 423544

New Anon here, I've always thought Jacquie was full of it and her "ilnesses" have a number of inconsistencies. I can shed light on her anaphylaxis and liberal use of epipens. I have anaphylaxis and my allergy is to nuts. First of all, even though I've known about it my whole life I recently went to an allergist not a geneticist for blood testing and a script for cheaper epipens. When she has these "reactions" she never had any symptoms of a real anaphylaxis attack, swelling is a big one,she doesn't have hives or a closed throat. For me, I have swollen lips and throat within 5 minutes of eating the smallest amount of nuts. Benadryl is an antihistamine and there is no reason to not wait at least 10m to see the effects, particularly with a port! Before using an EpiPen. Because she clearly doesn't have anaphylaxis or a legitimate need fot one she will probably end up giving herself a heart attack.

In regards to her "epilepsy" it should be noted that plenty of anti psychotics fall under antiepileptic medication and they can also make you drowsy af, I think she's on an antipsychotic disguised as epilepsy medication

No. 423545

And angioedema means swelling which she has none of. She is such a liar

No. 423579

Judd was just too happy from his visit with his family so Jaquie had to bring his attention back to her. The camera being magically present, focused and right on Jaquie for her BIG angioedema attack was suspicious–did she set up the camera first, Have it trained on her, then have the attack? How could Judd have set it up and focused the camera on her if he was driving? If her reaction was that bad that he had to pull over, would a priority be to get the camera set up? Her wrist didn't even look red. Or did she just shift into Sad Jaq mode with the sad face, squinted eyes, monotone voice, barely moving her lips and fake an attack? Who else would give a crap to look at the camera if there was a possibility of your throat constricting and not being able to breathe?

I swear she has a written checklist of her maladies that she looks at daily to see which one she is up on the rotation to vlog.

No. 423649

They started filming after they had succesfully aborted the attack. It's not like they actually filmed her while she was pushing benadryl through her port. She's a little more subtle than that (although, I have to admit, not by that much).

No. 423680

Still it's a weird priority. Musssst capture muh sooper severe side of the road attack as much as possible. Musssst have drama in muh vlogs.

No. 423774

So today she 'freaks out' then eats a chicken pasta meal involving cream and 2 types of cheese. That is rich for anyone, let alone with GP!!! Especially meat and dairy together, it is even harder to digest.

No. 423785

I haven't watched yet but I love how the clickbait title is "i have MRSA" when it could have been "I have an infection because I don't take care my port"

No. 423796

If you have a port or any other line infection, you’re not blogging about it, because you are very, very sick and feel like absolute shit. Plus the fever and body aches and emergency port or line removal. Line infections are no joke, you can go from totally fine to septic in just a few hours. That’s why I don’t understand these munchies’ doctors handing out ports like candy. And why is jaquie’s port always accessed when she only uses once a week? She’s taking so many unnecessary risks, first with having a port at all that she doesn’t need, and then always having it accessed. It’s asking for an infection. But if she can vlog, she doesn’t have a port infection.

No. 423799


She's not actually claiming a line infection at all. She has an infected big toe and the swab showed MRSA. No big deal whatsoever.

No. 423850

She's fucking lucky she hasn't transferred it from her toe to her line. Who wants to bet though that if the "real" drama dies down she manufactures some by "forgetting" to wear gloves when playing with her port? Anyone? Bueller?

No. 423852

Given how much time she spends in hospital settings I'm honestly not surprised she would have picked up MRSA on an exposed wound.

No. 423856

If this doesn't end in a hospitalization I will be shocked. Especially with Mary being in the hospital rn.

No. 423862

She's always doing stuff without gloves. Every time she does her IV Zofran or whatever in public it's without gloves. How she hasn't had an infection already I have no idea. Maybe she's hoping for that sweet sepsis for the vlog drama

No. 423868

File: 1510686899020.png (566.55 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2017-11-14-19-13-12…)

Forgot to add image my bad

No. 423886

Not only does she not wear gloves, she’s using her port in a public place that I guarantee isn’t sanitized. I honestly do not know how she’s never gotten an infection with how careless she is, mrsa or anything else. She shouldn’t have a port if she can’t use and take care of it correctly

No. 423895

like why push iv benadryl through the line if you aren't gonna be sanitary? take some benadryl chewables if you're really having a reaction (it will work better if you're having an oral reaction too)

No. 423904

Chewing gum is not dramatic enough. And at best, you're only leaving one wrapper on the table. We all know how much Jacquie likes to put her medical waste out for everyone to see.

No. 423905

Because Munchie points. Anyone can chew Benadryl. Only sooper speshul Muchie's can push meds through a port.

No. 423906

Sorry, samefag

No. 423909

oh you right my actual mcas treatment of chewable benadryl isn't spoonie enough for Jac

No. 423910

Her hair looks gross in that picture. She looks dirty a lot.

No. 423921

Right. She used to be fairly pretty, at a thin to average weight, and taking care of herself and dressing nice. Now she always looks like she hasn’t showered, her face and body is bloated, and she dresses like the mix between a homeless person and a toddler. If you have energy to run multiple thriving social media accounts, go to Disney, and vlog every single little thing, you have the energy to shower and put on clothes.

No. 423927


She's after that sweet, sweet IV vancomycin

No. 423935

But Jaquie was TAKING IT EASY!!! Because she is so active on other days that she needs to announce that today is a take-it-easy day or no one would know it was any different than every other day that she wears her 24 hour preschool clothes, sits or sleeps on the couch all day, watches kiddie movies and makes the most outrageous non-healthy, non-GP dish for dinner. Probably went to bed early to pray for IV antibiotics or the coveted hospitalization.

No. 423937

File: 1510690434256.png (1016.71 KB, 1334x750, IMG_4817.PNG)

Especially with the new shower chair she bought a couple months back. "It's going to make me safer and more independent"
And the wheelchair was supposed to do that, and the extra walker for upstairs… she collects this equipment with the promise she will be able to do more for herself and others will have to do less but instead it's been a complete downward spiral in regards to her independence.

No. 423956

Ding ding ding!
I was hospitalized due to an actual mysterious infection or some shit after a surgery last year and wound up on Vancomycin and Rifaximin. That whit isn't fun to be on and feels awful. Even oral Vancomycin sucked. She's a dumbass.

No. 424010

Don't know how to reply yet but anaphylactic attacks don't just disappear after using a basic antihistamine like Benadryl. If she had a reaction like she claims, it would be obvious on camera. Angioedema can last for hours before going down, the purpose of a EpiPen or medication is to stop the active swelling. After a severe angioedema attack it is normal to have corticosteroids to reduce swelling, she hasn't ever mentioned that. Her hives also look like mosquito bites or scratches. I suppose like everyone else here I can't stand watching her lie

No. 424014

Most of the symptoms she claims just sound like mild anxiety attacks.

No. 424015

agreed. a real allergic reaction doesn't stop itching right after benadryl, it doesn't just magically make the swelling go away

No. 424021

File: 1510697348910.png (95.95 KB, 825x565, jacq.png)

This jenna person knows what's up. Her 'gp' isn't going to be helped with dairy.

No. 424033

"Jaquie isn't like most people", well we know that much. Kek
There isn't much evidence supporting Jaquie being immunocompromised, though. Jaquie has an agenda, and I'm pretty sure she has her next hospital stay already planned out in her head. She just has to pull it off now.

No. 424051

Gotta get me some of that Tricare insurance–that covers TOENAIL surgery! I could use a break from the job, house, kids and other ADULT responsibilities!

No. 424066

Thank you! I have been sitting on that for a while. Additionally, Benadryl will knock out mild anxiety well enough (suspending disbelief to suppose Jaquie is actually having any kind of symptoms in the first place and not just making it up). It's easy to get panicky thinking you might be having an allergic reaction with certain anxiety symptoms, and Jaquie would be a complete cow in this case too. Again, this is stretching to believe her about ANYTHING, which I hate doing, but it's a theory.

No. 424071

I feel like one of her (many) doctors should bung her on an antidepressant (they could even be clever and pick one also used for pain) and a low dose of benzos. Alternatively do they not have anywhere residential for rehab? In the UK we have a few (as in 2?) hospitals that do 6 week placements for complex (i.e. multiple) chronic illnesses, or where people are bed bound due to CFS/ME to get them on a program for PT, good nutrition etc. Also pretty hard to fool the nurses!

No. 424074

We all make life decisions. Maybe you should have gone her route.

No. 424081

Sage your non-contribution

No. 424124


I was on the highest pill dosage of clindamycin there is for an infection other antibiotics couldn't seem to kill and it quite literally killed the lining of my intestines. I was shitting blood and cramping for days without CDiff.

If they put her on one of the super strong antibiotics my money is on that she will end up in the hospital experiencing the stomach problems she so badly wishes she had. That shit is no joke.

No. 424150


Except what Jenna is describing isn't gastroparesis? Jaq has mild delayed gastric emptying (like many people do) and has doctor shopped until she got a tube, and now no one questions it because if she has a tube she must have GP.

No. 424200

Jaquie was talking about everything that's going wrong (her mrsa, allergies, two toobz) with the camera neatly set up in front of her (on a tripod?) And she was being very rehearsed. Talking herself into a panic over it and getting upset, only it was totally, obviously staged.

She said something about how she's getting very overwhelmed. Then guess what? A fucking JUMP CUT to Harlow jumping up on the couch and sitting on her. She's all "what's this?" laughs "you're not supposed to jump up here?" looks at the camera "are you here to cheer me up?" The whole thing was so fucking fake.

Then it cuts to her making dinner, talking about how she got upset, but she watched a Disney movie, played with Harlow, talked to some friends, her mom came over for a bit… And then she proceeds to cook pasta with chicken, a shit load of heavy cream, like a cup of parmesan and half a bag of shredded mozzarella.

No. 424203


Does she think all her viewers are idiots? She got her toob and gave up trying to fake GP.

No. 424226

She makes hardly any eye contact when she's talking about having MRSA, makes me doubt she has it

No. 424230

Watching her talk is like watching a bad game of charades. She mimics crushing pills and the motion of pushing a syringe. Who does that?

No. 424234


You'd be surprised. I have some experience in rehab settings and the number of times a trained counsellor would mention "injecting" and unconciously mime the action of shooting up… it was weird.

saged for completely O/T ramble

No. 424244

I didn't read all the old screencaps and analysing from the last thread, so I'm just going over them now.

In THIS post

Jaquie (as Harlow) says that Harlow goes to sleep in the cinema (not unusual, when I go out to dinner with my friend his guide dog naps under the table). Except she says that the dog will wake up if she needs to alert Jaquie to anything. This doesn't make sense - surely even legit medical detection dogs can't sense bodily changes to their humans while asleep!?

No. 424270

Y'all were not fucking kidding about that recipe. Heavy cream is so caloric (and honestly kinda pricey compared to other options for sauces). At least this time she admits to using a recipe but for somebody who loves to cook, she makes the most simple, shittiest recipes that seem to be designed for people coming home after a long day of work (quick, easy) as opposed to something she could during her long days home.

On MRSA, according to Resistance Open, about 49% of S. aureus in Tampa is MRSA so not all that uncommon if you're going to get an infection of it at all. (It's about 35% in my location.)

No. 424310

ehhh some can some can't. I have a diabetic alert dog and he is reliable and will alert like 85% of the time he is sleeping. Dogs have different sleep cycles than people. Their REM sleep comes in very short periods of time (a few minutes at the most) so while they likely will not alert in REM they will soon be out of REM and then some of them are likely to alert. In the world of Diabetic Alert Dog, the elusive dog that can trusted with night alerts is the holy grail. Some will never get there.

No. 424389


lol i have local mrsa and it's really not a big deal. i just have to use an antibiotic gel and wear gloves when i touch my feeding tube. When I'm admitted to the hosital they place me in isolation just to be sure, just like they do for everyone who has a positive swab. (we swab everyone here because we have so many farms).

about 30% of the total population has MRSA so it's definitely not something to be so dramatic about unless you get an active infection

No. 424399


Even Paul and Janiece have had it lol. Jaquie is making SUCH a bit deal out of it. She had to take a fucking mental health day and treat herself and do things that make her relaxed and happy. Because her life is so hard, and it's one thing after the other. But she's so brave you guys, so brave. Because even when she gets the deadly and incurable MRSA, she "keeps moving forward".

No. 424435

I find it interesting that both Jaquie and Janiece mention having service dogs before Harlow and Orion. How long can a service dog work before it retires? How long ago did this service dog thing start with them?

Also does anyone know how much younger than Harlow Orion is? Because Janiece said in her vet check up vlog that the vet confirmed Orion is not big enough/developed enough to do balance work yet. Jaquie uses Harlow for counterbalance all the time.

No. 424445


I'm not sure of the "average" but my last service dog worked for 8 years (unit age 10) when she was then retired due to arthritis. My program that I went through states dogs work for 8-10 years

Sage for service dog fagging

No. 424504


Orion is 19 months, Harlow is 28 months.

No. 424515


Jaquie uses Harlow for counterbalance which is considered a "heavy mobility" task in the service dog community. It is ethically advisable to have mobility dogs xrayed and cleared by an orthopedic vet and some people even do OFA. I don't know if Jaquie has ever mentioned this happening to Harlow, but I could just have missed where Harlow was cleared. Also I could be wrong but Harlow appears to be a bit bow-legged in the back, but I'm not an expert so sage.

Also I'll have to get some screenshots but the harness/vest that she uses to balance is not even meant to be used for heavy mobility work.

No. 424529

File: 1510759123874.jpg (565.88 KB, 1968x1196, QUEV3WG.jpg)

She says she had her cleared by a vet, though I don't think it was an orthopedic specialist. In her "all about Harlow" video she says that Harlow didn't do counterbalance until she was cleared by the vet at 18 months old, yet on her Instagram account we saw Harlow do counterbalance at the age of 12mo.

The picture is a repost from one of my long series about Jaq and Harlow, but it illustrates the point. Is is an imageboard, after all.

(My next post will be another picture from that series that's also relevant; I haven't figured out how to attach more than one picture to a post yet.)

No. 424531

File: 1510759434531.jpg (524.14 KB, 1968x1196, DQoPsUA.jpg)

Next pic.

If you want to look up the whole series, here is the longest, beginning when Jaq started her first account (Harlow's) and showing how she got most of her diagnoses. (And how she changes her own history often by changing her account of symptoms to fit a certain diagnosis.)

If you want to look up how she shopped around to get her IV saline and her port, you can click here:

No. 424542

Jaquie is a bad actress. She’s having an “allergic reaction” in her latest vlog.

No. 424554

As someone with allergic reactions I want to punch her in the face

No. 424565

wouldn't it be a great plot twist if this was MBP and Judd was actually puppeteering all of this

No. 424574

Jaw drop. Yes.

No. 424575


I'd watch that Lifetime Original Movie.

No. 424587


I mean, she did really start to spiral when he came home. What if he just adds a bunch of extra stuff to her pill boxes.

No. 424606

Or pushes something through her port or her tooob while she is sleeping. I mean she does leave that damn port accessed 24/7.

No. 424616

You guys really think this is a good explanation for her/their situation, or do you just think it's a funny theory to discuss?

Cause I find it kind of crazy, tbh. I think it's clear Jaq is the manipulator. Not that Judd is entirely innocent (at the very least, he is one big ass enabler), but I do not think for one minute that Judd is the biggest factor in Jaquies situation. Not in an MBP sense at least; his presence and his actions may very well play a factor in Jaquies psyche and could influence her actions.

No. 424621

Jesus Christ, when is this girl going to learn that severe allergic reactions are NOT aborted by Benadryl?!

Notice the face touching and not looking at the camera while she's talking about the reaction. Fake ass.

No. 424623

Not to mention the fact that the "redness" on her arm was clearly due to scratching. You could clearly see the fingernail marks on her arm.

No. 424635

So why is it that Jaquie was able to eat cream and cheese drenched chicken and pasta last night with no reports of vomiting or issues (and you know she would report that) but today she is supposed to be increasing her oral intake so she can be on day feeds only and suddenly can only manage four pretzels throughout an entire day? Bitch can eat when she wants to but if the tooob doesn't work or if she's supposed to try to eat then she can't? Her fuckery is exhausting.

No. 424657


Thanks anon. There's just so much wrong with this I can't begin to put it into words. I feel like Jaquie would have explained in more detail about testing Harlow's joints. She spends enough time showing us how she gets the blanket you'd think she could squeeze in that bit of info that would make her seem even more legit.

No. 424662


just a theory

No. 424680

I wish she would just admit she has anxiety problems. When my grandpa died earlier this year I could barely eat without pain because the stress flared my acid reflux. It's totally normal. sigh don't most chronically ill people go to therapy anyway bc it's highly comorbid with depression? Why not her?

No. 424725

Not to w/k but I assume Jaquie as done SOME research as in the cast Mast cell disease Benadryl can help stem severe allergic reactions because they aren’t true allergies - which is why something called a continuous Benadryl drip exists for people severe Mast cell disease that are in a constant state of anaphalyxis. That being said, she’s probably still bullshitting but it is semi-realistic that IV Benadryl would stop her severe reactions if they weren’t true reactions at all but Mast cell relatedness overreactions to various triggers.

>>424680 If she’s telling the truth about how anxious she is after her “reactions” especially she definitely has anxiety. I know people with legit life threatening reactions daily that don’t react as OTT and freaked out as she does after getting a few rashes. How the heck can she claim no anxiety when she acts like that???

No. 424742

I'm pretty sure she has no anxiety, knows it's the emotion she should be feeling so she tries to act it, using stereotypical body language - but she shows so many signs of lying, it's beyond funny. How does she expect anyone to believe her?
- my theory is that she doesn't feel anxiety because she's in full control of her situation- she knows exactly what's going on, whiten, why it came to be, and what she wants to get out of it/ how long she has to keep it up and how severe she has to make it to get her next 'present' or toy from a doctor.

On the other hand, she probably does have mental illness/es that she's keeping secret, which probably do come with anxiety. But does she feel anxious about her health? Probably not- so she has to act it

No. 424769

I feel like.. and I think this was mentioned before, that Jaquie had ONE real anaphylaxis attack in the past and now she’s just freaking out anytime she even gets an itch or a watery eye. Because if you go back in her previous vlogs she mentions that her very first episode of anaphylaxis was set off by the allergy testing. Where they stick you with all those needles. So I really feel like that was the only true one and everything after has just been anxiety that she’s going to have one but she doesn’t really.

No. 424770

Wait sorry, not needles I meant patches* I’m tired

No. 424780

I agree with this. If she was on a low dose of Xanax or similar I don't think half this stuff would get as much attention. But then she would likely lose viewers so I don't see that happening.

No. 424826

It's pretty obvious that she is calculating on how to get a hospital admission out of all this, setting the scenario with all of her disorders flaring–allergic reactions, can't eat (did she forget about the cheesy chicken slop?), joint pain (unscrewing the cap of her erythromycin bottle),etc. She is so desperate for a "Team" with all of her "we think", "we are trying" talk–like she has a team coordinating all of her supposed illnesses. CF patients like Mary Frey have a coordinated team including specialty doctors, respiratory therapists, social workers, dieticians, etc. and Jaquie would just LOVE to have her own team. All she has is the docs who she has shopped around for that will give her anything she asks for just for her good insurance reimbursement–no primary physician coordinating her care.
She is most likely a colonized MRSA carrier–someone who has asymptomatic symptoms but can activate the MRSA with invasive procedures (like the coveted 2nd tube that is on her Wish List or the special-Jaquie-high-risk-toenail surgery) or from already having invasive lines and tubes (port, GJ tube). She should be wearing gloves with ANY contact with those lines or with body fluids. She never wears gloves, not even handling the raw meat for the dog.
Again, she made sure the camera was on her during her allergic reaction, because that is the priority when your throat is closing. Holding out the camera on the selfie stick to film it. Pure shittery!

No. 424890

Jaquie’s wet dream is to be hospitalized with a team of providers attending to her every need and treating every “symptom” she has as an emergency. She desperately wants to be as sick as Mary, unfortunately she’s not sick in the way she claims, and even if she was, none of those things would kill her.

No. 424899

She "administered" her erithromycin, she "administered" her MRSA drug (that if I'm not mistaken she didn't name…?) after she "administered" said MRSA drug she got the rashes and "administered" IV Benadryl. What's with the use of the word administered all of a sudden? Usually it's "I pushed such and such through the tube of the moment" Da Fuq Jaquie?

No. 424913

So been wondering if she's claiming a diagnosis based on the ICD codes her shopped docs put on insurance claim forms.

Sometimes docs use ICD codes that are more 'serious' than the suspected diagnosis without a real ICD codes, 'cause they gotta get paid some how.

If I used all my ICD codes I have diagnosis, I have suuupeeer scary cancer.

sage for blogging

No. 424915

Well, now that Mary Frey is in the hospital for probably weeks, I am sure all systems will be pointed toward a "hospital admission" where many drugs can be "administered."

If she could just find a doctor literate in #MoltenBrainSyndrome, she could get hospitalized anytime she wanted because the symptoms are so crazy. I thought I was thirsty earlier, but it turns out, my #MBS was flaring.

Does anyone remember the video of J at a doctor's visit (I know…practically ALLL of them) but she was wearing sandals with a flower on them. Her toes are exposed and I don't remember seeing a band-aid, but maybe she had one.

Medfags speak…#MBS may be causing my common sense to kick in here, but wouldn't wearing those thick slippers at home daily keep an infected toe from healing? It would be a lot like wearing the same dirty socks for a week at a time.

Must go charge my hoverboard (official #MBS mobility device, of course).

No. 424919

That's a good question…I have a DX of "Vit D" deficiency (as does every other person where I live), but it gives me pause when I see it on my blood work orders.

And I bet she does shop her codes.

Sage for blog-agreeing.

No. 424923

Medfags…Do a lot of patients actually call the office as much as Jaquie does? My entire family sees one doctor and already I feel like I'm at that office all the time for kid shittery. I can't imagine being so relentless with everything. I can't see our doc putting up with it, but who knows what goes on in the back office.


No. 424937

Where I'm from, you have no contact with your doctor/s beside the office- you need to get an appointment for anything no matter how small. I always wonder about these cows when they say "I spoke to my team this morning" or "I emailed my team."

I suppose some doctors hand out email addresses to select patients, but I think about 99% of them will not give out phone numbers or email addresses.

Fair enough that someone like Mary can call or email her doctors and health providers, because she has CF and can't wait around in clinics to see a doctor.

Jaquie has said she emails her "pots doctor" and tells him absolutely everything that's going on with her- and she does the same in appointments because she "wants him to know EVERYTHING that goes on with me." So I wouldn't be surprised if she's emailing him 5 page essays of what's going on with her.

No. 424938

i only call my gp once a month to schedule my appts and if i need a refill on something like pain meds otherwise he has an email portal to use for less urgent questions like "should i feel such and such pain" which i only used twice for strange migraines that felt abnormal. i think jaq abuses that back office.

No. 424948


"Team" cows speak of probably consists of the doctor and the doctor's NP or PA that often are CC'ed when you email them.

I have email access to one my main doc but I try to not abuse that privilege.

On the other hand some docs are impossible to reach.

Cows must shop for docs that call/answer at the drop of a hat.


No. 424952

Where I live, a lot of doctors have patient portals. Within the same health system, some doctors will respond directly to patients via the portal, while some doctors will have their nurse respond. It can take up to 2 business days to get a response though.

No. 424965

Did some research today and asked my allergist if there’s a difference between oral Benadryl and iv Benadryl, and he said that there’s no difference in efficiency, but that the iv kind gives you a “buzz”, and when he’s prescribed it to people, many come back asking for more and more (consequently he prefers not to give to people any more). So the only added benefits jaquie’s getting from her absolutely-has-to-be-iv Benadryl (versus a pill or liquid like tbd rest of the world) are the attention and a bit of a high.

No. 424977


I think she claims she can't take Benadryl orally because of her gastroparesis and/or because it takes too long to work when she is having her very severe reactions.

No. 424978

I posted the question about asking questions.

We have our doctor's email address and his cell phone number. My husband uses email from time to time. [The doc and my husband are the same age, weekend warriors, and they bond over their pains from old and new injuries. Neither is growing old gracefully, lol.]

I just remembered this….I'm sure Mary Frey has a legitimate team because that's the way Boston Children's Hospital works. Mary is seen there monthly. We travel very far for my kid to be seen there once a year. A team of 4-5 specialists crowd into the room, each doc asks their own questions, they go huddle in the hallway, and then the main doc and case manager return with the plan. I do not get to ask any of the other docs any follow-up questions. It's all very diagnostic and sucky. My point of contact is the case manager, NOT the team, ever, so that's who Mary is probably emailing as well, I would think, but calls it her "team."

But this is how I picture most practices working, unlike the family practice. So maybe Jaquie has found a lot of one-doc offices that practice cowboy medicine?

Sage for going on and on.

No. 424995

If she’s having such severe reactions she can’t even put liquid Benadryl in her tube, Benadryl wouldn’t help. Plus, look at the shit she eats. She could swallow a couple tiny pills or a few ml of liquid, unless that’s somehow worse for GP than pasta with cream sauce and cheese kek

No. 425012

This is how I use our doctor's office. To me this is normal. Jaquie seems to call for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

The hurricane calls were the ones that got to me, though. Her GI's office is out of power and she calls and calls and calls until finally the on-call line is up and running. She reports pain near her feeding tube site.

OF COURSE the doc tells her to go to the ER because he's sorry he put the damn tube in because (obviously, now we know he didn't even really know where it should have been placed) and because he definitely doesn't know anything about buh-un tubes because his entire hospital didn't have any and all the nurses were oohing over it, plus he nor the nurses knew to check the level of water in it (despite the instructions in the patient booklet and websites everywhere). He wants to say he deeply regrets putting in the tube at all and wishes he had listened to the colleague that begged him to send her to a different GI, after he told the whole story to his colleague and friend between holes 9 and 14 because it took that long.

But now, terrified of committing malpractice, he tells her to go to the ER because their office has no power and if he tells her to suck it up and go to bed and she legitimately has a tube poking a major organ because of her unique anatomy, he then could get sued for malpractice.

Perhaps, to him, this is a nightmare.

sage for probably making things up. I'm sure Jaquie's doctor would not put in a life-sustaining tube unless she needed it. Eye. Roll.

No. 425061

LMFAO I love you anon. Thanks for that bundle of keks!

No. 425075

Jaquie: "Honestly I feel like there have been quite a few setbacks with my health recently".
SETBACKS? WHAT? Ingrown toenails? MRSA that she probably had all along, lying dormant? A "Jallergic" reaction? The toys just aren't enough to soothe her anymore.

No. 425111

Welp the toys are giving her side effects/ actual symptoms gasp. She doesn't want ACTUAL pain and suffering, that's Not Fair!

No. 425117


She explains on Insta, but honestly, I think reporting that she's "overwhelmed" falls into the same category as a regular person's humble-brag.

A "regular" humble-brag would be, "You would not believe how many times I spilled paint this weekend while I repainted my entire house." (Look at me! I painted my entire house in one weekend.)

In Munchie Rhetoric, "I'm so overwhelmed," means "LOOK AT MEEEEE, I have so many more doctors' appointments and procedures and drugs to ADMINISTER than you do, nana nana boo boo."

At least, that's how I read it.

Here's her Insta explanation. Try not to choke, especially if you are actually, real-people overwhelmed at the moment:

chronically_jaquieIVIG Round 4 happened on Thursday. ✔ There were side effects, but it was all handled at home - Success! ? Unfortunately I'm in quite the pain flare (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome issues, not IVIG related). Between that, my multitude of on going treatments, and frequent medical appointments, life is becoming overwhelming. ? Though we still find ways to enjoy ourselves among the chaos! ✊ I'm thankful for the support surrounding me, my Lord, and everything else that helps me keep moving forward! ❤
#IVIG #Thankful #ChronicIllness #Warrior #ChronicPain #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Immunodeficiency

No. 425122


No. 425151


Her language is slowly getting more and more clinical. So it's "administer" for "push" now. Like it's "my nutrition" instead of "feed". She's trying to make herself sound like a medical expert.

No. 425153


She just needs to take her pills with chocolate milk.

No. 425159

In the latest edition of #ThingsNotToFilmForYT, Janiece is learning about enemas.


I could not watch, but if you have insomnia, go for it.

No. 425162

why god why

No. 425166


I am sure her Patreons who are signing up to learn how to feed their dogs a raw diet will be asking the same question, anon.


No. 425414

Wut?? She supposedly has severe obstipation, and doesn't know what an enema is? She's very nervous about it, is afraid it's uncomfortable etc. Um.. I'm sorry, but if your obstipation is severe enough, you'll be begging for a double high enema.

I really don't understand why she's making such a big deal of this test. "No one has ever done it"?? I'm sorry? It's done literally every day in hospitals all over the world, you nitwit. Plus, that test is not even the least bit painful, it's hardly even uncomfortable. Literally the only reason someone would possibly be apprehensive about it, is that it has to do with your anus. So naturally, she shares it on YT.
Yeah, BIG suprise, if you have obstipation tests have to do with your bowels and your anus. What did she think, they would find out how her rectum works by having her dance the mamba in a Spanish air force uniform?

And you know.. I don't even think that these kind of things should never be discussed online. I've seen videos of people with ostomies showing how they change their wafer and bag, instructional videos of people who irrigate their colon or vlogs of people with SCI who use microlax daily as part of their bowel management, all done in a tasteful and normal way. Some light joking about it is also fine by me. Nothing wrong with that. But Janiece and Paul: this is just NOT the way you do it. Just, no. NO. It's just not.

No. 425457


Janiece, like Jaquie, eats terribly. As in people with perfectly functioning digestive systems would be either stopped up or having the runs kind of terribly. Is she lying to doctor about how she eats? Why is she not trying a better diet to get herself more regular? I mean, I know, it's because she's lazy like Jaquie and would rather have a bunch of procedures done that be responsible about what she shoves in her face but why is her dr enabling her? Janiece doesn't work as far as I can see. If she can spend time prepping raw food for her dog, she can spend the time research what a healthy meal for a human looks like.

No. 425463

Reminds me of this girl who was kind of new in our group of friends. She was recently in hospital, having tests for severe obstipation. Was scheduled for a colonic marker study and a camera pill and even was briefly admitted when she couldn't go to the bathroom for too long (don't remember how long - doesn't matter). Anyway, she was just out of the hospital and one of the other girls was to be celebrating her birthday. The new girl called her to ask what she would serve for dinner, because she didn't like almost any kind of vegetable, fruits, nuts, legumes, if there was rice it had to be white, pasta couldn't be whole grain, basically no whole grain options of any food available, even bread could only be plain and white, and the list went on.

When my friend told me about that, we looked at each other and wondered why she would be scheduled for expensive tests?

With Janiece, I don't know if she lies about what she eats. I wouldn't be suprised if the doctor didn't even ask her about it. Or Janiece somehow thinks she is eating "kind of healthy" and insists that her diet cannot be the cause of her problems. If you remember, she told us in one video that Paul could not eat any vegetables because of his Crohns. Assuming they mostly eat together, that would mean she doesn't eat veggies, either. I'm not sure what she does eat, but what she is showing us aren't exactly um.. the most wholesome kinds of food. But if even Jaquie wasn't sent to a dietitian before they poked a hole in her belly, why should Janiece see one? Clearly her obstipation is not so severe that she is having difficulty eating. She says she hasn't gone to the bathroom in so long that it's getting uncomfortable, but has no trouble eating ice cream to calm her nerves. I don't know, but most people find it quite difficult to eat at all when they get to the point where they are literally so full of shit that it's starting to hurt. Not Janiece though.

No. 425464

You put them up your arse, what more is there to figure out

No. 425527

Giving yourself an enema, Janiece style..

I didn't watch the whole video, didn't exactly see the appeal.. Thank goodness they didn't show them actually giving her the enema. But she did show how she had towels all over the bathroom floor in case she would 'leak'. They planned on her lying down on the towels so Paul could insert the thing (really Janiece??) but instead she lied in the bath.. why oh why? Just sit on the toilet while you insert it, like others people do. Or lie on the bed if you somehow find that position more comfortable. Good grief. We already established how Jaquie has zero common sense, but Janiece is a very close second imo. Wow. Just, wow.

No. 425536

The NHS (uk) is slowly starting to use emails. Mainly between clinicians (in place of fax). I have 5 consultants and only my mental health team and autonomic doctor use email. The others it is all old school phone the department/ if you're lucky you have that doctors secretary's number and you just hope your message gets to the right person. You usually don't get called back you would only phone to ask for an appointment/ to rearrange an appointment. You usually just get posted a new appointment. Appointments are just when the doctor can see you they don't take into account work/ childcare etc.

Additionally after peadiatrics (which you leave at 16/18 in the UK, none of this weird adults at 'such and such Children's Hospital' here!) it is very unlikely any of your consultant level doctors speak to each other, they all just write back to your GP.

No. 425538


She even mentions specifically that Jacquie told her she was going to leak and contributed to her being nervous about it. Janiece is still dumb as a rock - folks do small enemas all the time - but Jacquie is honestly such a bad friend for freaking her out about it.

No. 425540

I'm surprised that Jaquie hasn't latched on to some kind of psychiatric diagnosis by now. The MI munchie communities are seriously OTT and give out twice as many asspats for being "warriors" "battling" sooper invisible disabilities. Not to mention that unlike GP, something like anxiety or depression really can be vastly different between individuals; there's no 1-2-3 format for things you should do in order to control symptoms with certainty. It's the real motherlode of "sometimes things get bad for no apparent reason and everyone's disease is different u guize!!"

J's denial of having a mental health condition feels like internalized prejudice on her point at this point. She never even goes on a munchie rant about being tested or "evaluated" for possible MI by a specialist, she only repeats that she doesn't have it and moves on. It's when she doesn't over-explain that it seems more suspicious, no?

No. 425548


She probably doesn't want to admit to any mental illnesses because then she'd have to contend with comments saying things like she's not really having an allergic reaction, the tightening in her chest is just anxiety. As it is her minions will swoop in and squash that because "Jaquie doesn't have any MI and everything Jaquie says must never be questioned."

No. 425550

A psychiatrist came by during I think one of her hospital stays for anaphylaxis. Jaquie just said that they concluded that she was anxious during the reactions because she couldn't breathe, but "of course that is normal" so that was the end of it. She doesn't seem to understand that even if it is understandable to have anxiety or depression or whatever due to your medical illness, that doesn't mean that it doesn't influence your quality of life and also doesn't mean you couldn't benefit from treatment. It's like her over-use of "but that is OK" whenever she is frustrated or afraid or whatever. She needs to tell us that it is OK, because she doesn't want people thinking that her emotional state could have anything to do with her physical symptoms.

I have to say that I am not sure what to think of her allergic reactions. I still think they could be real, or some of them could have been real in the past. I find it hard to believe that she would have been able to fool a whole floor or nurses and doctors on three seperate hospital admissions to think she had anaphylaxis if she didn't have swelling and didn't have her throat closing. And somehow I doubt that she would go as far as self-inducing an allergic reaction that could kill her. I can believe that she massively exagerates it, but I still think it is a possibility that at least some if it is real. That might explain why she is so freaked out about it and why she treats every minor itch immediately with IV benadryl.

No. 425551

Jaquie needs a new intro. For one the old one is too long and annoying af. Also it doesn't represent her life at all. They don't go and do fun things. They don't play with the dog at the park. They don't hug and kiss and act affectionate towards each other. It should show her sitting on the couch online shopping, eating something fried and/or drenched in cream sauce, 'administering' some type of drug, riding in her new Barbie car and Judd bypassing her when coming home and going straight for Harlow. That would be a true representation of her life.

No. 425562

Savage, but true. Everyone comment on the new video about it kek

No. 425592

File: 1510851125644.png (1.21 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4837.PNG)

She titles today's vlog "How I suppprt my chronically ill Wife" yet this is the face he makes when she announces her IV antibiotics. And of course she's getting IV antibiotics. Mary is on her second course now. J can't be outdone. She will definitely be in the hospital before Thanksgiving at this rate. Goal!!

No. 425596

File: 1510851486152.png (1.21 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4838.PNG)

Getting ready to cook up tonight's dinner y'all! It's chicken, mushrooms, cream of chicken and cream cheese! Sooper safe!

No. 425599

I'm no expert but she's literally doing the worst thing you can do for drug resistant bacteria – not finish a course of antibiotics. JFC. Can anybody weigh in on this as a thing to advise patients to do? It sounds like she decided herself that she wasn't going to finish it and hadn't consulted with her "team" when she said it.

No. 425600

Did she show her eating it though? I don't remember.

And to be honest, I kind of doubt the merits of pointing out every day that what she ate wasn't the best choice for GP. It's kind of old news.

I do however find her obsession with food and with cooking interesting. It is often seen in ED patients who don't eat themselves, but who love to cook for the whole family. I mean, she says she loves to cook, but she's definitely not very creative with it. So I see her love of cooking kind of in that context.

No. 425602

It's interesting as well because of her supposed "crazy allergic reactions" most mast cell patients don't have reactions to just plants and drugs, the most common is food. It annoys me to see her cook with no problem then whine about getting slightly red from nothing

No. 425603

Um.. if we just assume, for the sake of argument, that she had a real allergic reaction, what would you want her to do? If you have an allergic reaction that involves any symptom that would suggest if might be an anaphylactic reaction and you call your doctor, the first thing they'll tell you is to stop taking it.

No. 425605

pre-medicate with benadryl, not stop the antibiotics

No. 425607

Every ounce of my being believes she faked that allergic reaction to get her sweet swwet IV antibiotics

No. 425608


And she didn't even think Judd would like it! Why the heck did she make something she didn't think he would like if he's the one who is allegedly going to be eating most of it since she only has a few bites.

No. 425612

Since Mary mentioned that she had Red Man Syndrome from a previous Vancomycin infusion, you can be sure that Jaquie will have it too. It's very common (medfag) and easily treated with her fave drug Benadryl, running the Vanco infusion slowly and flushing with high volume saline. No doubt that Jaq will be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital, though, because she's famous for her allergy performances and Red Man wouldn't be dramatic enough so undoubtedly she will have her version of anaphlaxis from the 2 antibiotics.
So happy she had an ADVENTURE today on her preschool fieldtrip, to see the mini-moos, and to have hearty laughs at Harlow at the dog park and after the bath–soooo funny!
Yet another healthy safe meal for GP!

No. 425617

I don't believe that to work in every situation. I'm not saying I believe this particular reaction to be real, just that it's not abnormal to stop antibiotics if you had a (potentially) severe reaction to it.

No. 425618


Her husband is never excited about anything she makes, kinda sad.

No. 425619

If it stops with benadryl it wasn't that severe

No. 425628

Not only that but it would be EXTREMELY irresponsible for a doctor to tell her to pre-medicate with Benadryl - from home no less - after she experienced a potential allergic reaction. Mary Frye is taking an antiobiotic right now that is known to cause her issues and she is being pre-medicated with Benadryl, from a hospital in case anything goes wrong. Sage for blogging but I am allergic to a couple of antibiotics myself and as soon as I reported my issue to the nurse, the directive was to stop taking them. Jaquie is an idiot but no doctor is going to tell her to keep taking a medicine she's potentially allergic to.

No. 425630

She could barely suppress her grin when mentioning that her IV antibiotics might have to be administered in the hospital for safety.

No. 425652


She also looked away from the camera for a moment and stroked her hair, two things she does when she's bullshitting.

No. 425657


He was sooo disappointed oh my god. And when she was making it she said she likes cooking so much because she enjoys feeding her "family", only just never likes what she cooks?

He literally said in today's vlog, "you always cook weird stuff"

And a while back he was eating southern takeout for dinner and enjoying the Fuck out of it, and said "why can't you cook food like this?"

He's always so whiney about it too. If that was my husband I'd feel bad and actually make an effort to do better.

But jaquie just says "well I like it." And cooks the same creamy chicken breast bullshit the next night.

No. 425684

She could bend to load the dishwasher but couldn't close the dishwasher door? Thank God for the service dog!
Judd claims she is pretty independent so he if she wants to cook and shower ALL IN ONE DAY he will jump in and help her in the kitchen. Really?

No. 425732

Anyone else notice Judd starting off saying "how I deal with" Jaquie when she's "sicker than usual" and correct himself to "help"? Kek

No. 425735

She said she didn't think Judd would enjoy that weird creamy chicken thing that she is calling Stronganoff. WHY would she even make it when she is tooob fed and her primary job aside from being a spoonie is to cook for her husband?

No. 425767

Because she is a sociopath and she doesn't give a fuck about anyone else's feelings or enjoyment except her own. She would get no joy from watching someone else enjoy something. So instead it has to be about what makes her feel better and what she will enjoy.

No. 425777

I bet Judd is over the moon that he gets to go visit his family in Alabama without her. He can finally enjoy something without her forcing the attention on her constantly. Though now that I think about it, I have this feeling these next few days will not be uneventful on Jaquie's end. She will likely manufacture some type of crisis just because he is away without her.

No. 425813


She cooks because she has an eating disorders and people with EDs like to be around food.

No. 425838


I think you're right there. While she is massively exaggerating a lot of things, she probably does have major anxiety about the one thing that could actually kill someone.

No. 425869

Judd also said, (4:09) "it makes loving her (laughs)–no, I'm sorry–it makes helping her so much easier".

No. 425872


Yup. But she's also playing the "dutiful wife" (Judd seems a pretty traditional type). But we see her do the same things again and again - same clothes, same "adventures", same repetitive videos. I'm wondering if she really IS autistic!

No. 425876


They don't necessarily like to "be around" food, but cooking for others is a huge thing (I still remember the cake my friend made for another friend's party, we called it the "Pancreas Killer") and also things like reading about food, reading recipe books etc.

No. 425880

Playing dutiful wife should mean trying to keep him happy though and repeatedly cooking things he doesn't like is kind of an eff you. I wonder if she resents her role even though she goes on and on about how much she loves to cook and how grateful she is to have him. It would seem that if she really enjoyed cooking and came from a family of amazing cooks, that she would try harder to show her gratitude towards him by making things he likes on a more regular basis. Instead of just on days like his birthday. ESPECIALLY since she technically doesn't actually need to eat orally and could always make a side of her precious mac n cheese for herself in addition to what she makes for him.

No. 425889


Maybe she doesn't know how to make anything else! And she's scared to branch out in case it goes wrong - she seems like one of those OTT perfectionists.

No. 425891

Even if it's made perfectly it doesn't really matter if the person you are making it for doesn't like it.

No. 426018

Or maybe she just makes what is easy to throw up. Greasy cheesy food slides right up and out!
Her GI doc told her she has to eat 30% of her daily intake—he didn't say she had to keep it down!

No. 426024

There are multiple antibiotics that treat staph and are different families (wouldn’t have similar reactions), even for mrsa. There is no possible way anyone would keep a patient on antibiotics they’re allergic to.

No. 426059

Are we supposed to believe she's at some kind of "goal rate" for day feeds? How much would that have to be, assuming she isn't running ridiculous low rates like before? Maybe someone started noticing that the formula wasn't being used? Hm.

She did spend a lot of time in the vlog over-explaining about how flexible and changeable her feed rates and times can be, so…pretty much setting herself up to be able to explain not running at such a high rate later.

No. 426063

No, tube feeding rates aren’t supposed to be that flexible. If you’re sick it’s okay to temporarily lower it, but that’s if you’re really sick, and you have to be careful because it can cause blood sugar crashes. But it’s not like she’s ever been at a normal goal rate or even close to it. A reasonable goal rate for someone who’s dependent or mostly dependent on tube feeding is 100 ml/hr, and jaquie’s never been higher than 50 ml/hr.

No. 426065

Also, she’s acting like having a local infection is some huge deal that’s dragging on and on super seriously. She’s not even hospitalized, which is usually immediate once you’re diagnosed with any major type of staph infection. But even so, I’ve had sepsis from staph more than once and was totally fine in under a week after being on antibiotics. Also, she has a slow infection it seems, which doesn’t sound like staph to me. Those infections start and get really bad fast, within a day.

No. 426066

Her Kate Farms formula is 325 calories per carton–to get 1300 calories over 12 hours, she'd have to run it at 108/hour. She was whining when it was running at 45/hour.

No. 426074

Judd had better be careful–at 3:30 in the vlog today he has an open sore on his wrist–her MRSA can make a beeline into his open sore and cause an infection. From touching her grubby hands, from towels they share, sheets, etc. Seriously–not joking this time.

No. 426080

And she claims her tube is how she gets the majority of her calories. Next she’ll be claiming again she’s gaining weight from it. Also, she’s shown it running at 35 or even 25 ml an hour. That’s slower than rates for j tube fed infants who actually have very very slow gastric emptying.

No. 426085

That’s cause this fucking cow eats all her calories! She literally shows it. Unbelievable.

No. 426092

You’d think that if you were faking being feeding-tube dependent, you’d at least do your eating-of-crap offscreen. She lies about as well as a toddler, which fits, because that’s how dresses, shops, and acts.

No. 426095


No. 426163

Since she's been on a higher rate she's suddenly interested in exercising… This could obviously be explained by having more energy, but she was still eating before, she wasn't "severely and dangerously malnourished", and it's not like her current 5-min exercise routine on the floor would've been hard before, she barely moved or left the house so she could have definitely done with it back then too.

Even when you feel like shit, have no energy, are in pain etc, you can still find 5 minutes to get through a few basic exercises. I would know.

And we all know jaq. She was probably just being lazy before, but noticed she was getting chubby, so she started working out again. (It's funny watching her because she'll dramatically clutch at her hip and make a dumb OTT pain face)

No. 426164


It's incredible that she used to be a black belt in karate. However did she manage it with her sooper severe EDS?

No. 426170

Just because she says she's met her top feeding rate doesn't mean it's true. I'm betting she hides a lot of what she really does behind the invisible cloak of the computer screen.
I noticed the hip clutch too during her intense workout and had to laugh—like she was overcoming an insurmountable challenge!

No. 426200

Yeah that’s totally an eating disorder thing. Having to eat more? Better add more exercise!! And yeah, she’s gotten chubby or at the least bloated all the time.

No. 426203

Exactly, even people diagnosed with eds as adults have had problems their whole lives with symptoms, including joint pain and injuries. Getting a black belt in any martial art would be close to impossible with eds.

No. 426266

Mary has been posting about Iv antibiotic reactions and anyphylaxis on Insta. Who wants to bet this is what Jaquie goes for next?

No. 426268

Screenshots muthafukka!

No. 426431

I have eds, and I've been told over and over by doctors that contact sports are a no go. I ignored it, because I don't make eds my entire identity and don't want to have it. I tore my meniscus and ended up needing surgery. It's plausible that someone with mild eds could push through any pain, but they'd likely end up getting injured. If hers was sooo severe, I have no idea how she would go that far in a sport and not tear something, especially with how much she over reacts to everything.
Sage for possible medfagging

No. 426514

Can anyone explain why Jaquie got a seatbelt for her wheelchair? I thought those were just for those who lacked trunk support.

No. 426568

No it’s normally something that just comes with the chair, especially with TiLite. Certain companies just order them that way. I didn’t ask for one and that’s how it came, I cut mine off lol. However it can be useful if you do off roading and are on uneven terrain (you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve hit bumps while someone’s pushing me and I’ve shot out), and it’s also for using the chair in a wheelchair accessible van, you need the belt.

No. 426578

File: 1510947920273.png (291.27 KB, 1237x1986, IMG_3459.PNG)

So, thoughts on today's vlog.

1) The poor CNA has to film medical tests now. I'd love a medfags opinion on how this test went (if possible from visual observation only)

2) Suddenly, she's apparently been having fevers from her toe infection (note that she hasn't complained about a recurrent 101-102 fever which is odd, not until after the CNA tells her that MRSA can cause them!). This fits her usual pattern of developing symptoms after* being told she either has or may have a condition.

Any other thoughts?

No. 426610

With a staph infection you’d have that kind of fever, but you’d also be really, really sick and not vlogging and going to appointments. You’d be in the ER and have positive cultures. But isn’t she on antibiotics? They bring your fever down within a day or two unless you have sepsis, which she obviously does not. And if she had a serious infection at all, she’s be in the hospital, which she’s not, even after going to all these appointments. Not to mention that if she had a staph infection that was causing the fevers, it wouldn’t have dragged on mild like this. It gets bad fast, and if you don’t get it treated within a day (or less), you get sepsis and can die. She’s full of shit.

No. 426619

Lots of people with the eds/pots/mcas triad have small fiber neuropathy, and any doctor who treats those, especially pots, will check for that. So the fact that her doctors didn’t think they needed to check is odd, unless they do actually think she doesn’t have those. It’s also thought by some doctors that small fiber neuropathy contributes to GP in those patients, so even more suspicious. The needles in your muscle nerve test (emg) is very common and done for pain and weakness and I’m sure other things.

No. 426626

Jaquie is setting the scene of her dramatic health crisis that will require a hospitalization. Tired, aches & pains, new numbness and tingling, and now a fever. Symptoms mysteriously appeared AFTER the toe culture resulted. Meanwhile, Mary is in the hospital, and having side effects (not anaphlaxis) from her Vancomycin and other antibiotic but she "feels safe". Predicting that Jaq will soon feel UNSAFE and have to be admitted. Buckle up for the ventriliquist talk (lips barely moving), the sad eyes, and the strained voice and gasping over her own antibiotic anaphylactic reaction (because Jaq never just has side effects). She probably already packed her hospital bag with her toddler outfits, and her "toolkit" crap. But don't worry, she will still be able to film all her bullshit drama.

>>426610 SHe just hasn't had time to read up on sepsis symptoms. Stay tuned…

No. 426654

Luckily sepsis can’t be faked. But I’m sure she’ll still try.

No. 426659

"We have a plan and I am thankful for my medical team"—and in case y'all forgot, she has Ehlers Danlos and is immunodeficient. But she recovered in 3 frickin' days from her aseptic meningitis in the past. It's a downward spiral from here on out. Pasychoshittery.

No. 426755

It's not a team if they don't talk to each other. And if they talked together they would figure out how fake she is.

No. 426765

A gi doctor and a gp that’s her “pots specialist” do not a team make. She tried to get a team at mayo, but mayo wouldn’t diagnose her with illnesses she doesn’t have so she quit seeing them.

No. 426784

Indeed! If you have MRSA and don't need to be in hospital for your own safety then you should not be attending any clinic/ hospital etc!

No. 426789

She was supposed to see a dietitian soon, not that they would create a "team," but hopefully they'll at least be in contact with the GI!

No. 426795

yeah that was me, I couldn't believe she kept looking away from the camera!!! she literally NEVER does this at any other time. only in her sooper speshul austisms vidya. also she said she has a hard time with body language yet uses it ALL THE FUCKING TIME, even while saying she has trouble reading body language!!!! she also acts like she doesn't understand simple sayings, that she would have learned by now. because most people don't get them when they are kids but slowly learn them over time, even high functioning autistics can learn them.

I knew she was gonna have an allergic reaction to the "oral" antibiotic. after the reaction on the highway I had a feeling this was gonna come back. it's so obvious she just itches an area over and over, claiming it's itchy from an allergic reaction, but really she's just creating the red spots!!!! I can ALWAYS tell when she's using a fake voice to act like her throat is closing or itchy, it's the same fake voice she uses when she says she's exhausted or in tErRiBLe pAiN…

also I don't know if anyone else talked about this but I also mentioned how I believe she is purposefully not eating as much as she could, in order to lose all function of her stomach and become sicker. I'm fucking positive.

isn't it also amazing how she somehow got on day feeds so quickly, when not too long ago she could barely tolerate a 10mL/hour flow???? lmfao. and right after talking about getting 2 tubes, HER TUBE ROTATED ALMOST ALL THE WAY AROUND AT NIGHT KEK!!!! God she is so bad at this.

I totally agree that she's gonna end up in the hospital VERY shortly.

obviously Jaquie doesn't think she has mental health issues, for two main reasons. one being that she is actually extremely happy with her situation, loves the attention and care, loves all the cool "toys", the money she gets, the followers, I mean the list goes on. she fucking loves it. yeah she gets bored easily with her "diseases" but she just combats that by scheming up new toys to get or worsening/new symptoms. two is she doesn't want anyone uncovering her narcissistic sociopathic personality and factious disorder. plus if she had any long period of time with a mental health professional they would notice she's not autistic, at all.

No. 426796

samefag but I forgot to say I also knew she would have a reaction to the oral antibiotic so she could get the IV kind!!!! she ALWAYS gets what she wants.

No. 426804

This will be hard to explain, but I've noticed that when Jaquie talks about "administering" stuff or if she's in the hospital explaining what went down, she sounds like she's on systems control at NASA reporting on launching a rocket into outer space. She always has an apprehensive yet excited/ very serious tone. You can so tell she loves every second of being in the hospital. Has anyone else noticed that?

No. 426811

Jaquie looked so disappointed that her antibiotics didn't come in the little ball that Mary gets kek

No. 426827

Feeding tubes twist around sometimes, and 99% of the time it’s not a big deal. Technically you’re not supposed to let it do that, but it happens to me all the time and has never been a problem. Also, no one trys for day feeds unless they’re doing “24” hour feeds. The majority of people try to do just night feeds, because day feeds are a pain in the ass, and I personally hate people seeing it and asking questions. Also, what adult likes carrying around a backpack, like a child? Oh yeah, our resident munchie toddler. (I won’t even get into how it’s ridiculous her feed rate is so low when she can eat all the crap she films herself eating).

No. 426828

She's sleeping on an inclined bed. How can she move around so much to set off the alarm? You can't sleep inclined on your stomach and I would think even side sleeping would be difficult at best. How is she moving around so much on her back that it affects her feeds?

No. 426829

It depends on the type of antibiotics. The ball is if it’s one that has a comparably large volume, like 100-250 ml or more, rather than types that are more concentrated and come in a 30-60 ml syringe. I don’t know what she’s on, but vancomycin usually comes in the ball, while daptomycin and cefazolin come in a syringe. The only other difference is that the ball infuses itself over an hour or so, while the syringe you push yourself over 5-10 minutes (much preferred by anyone who actually has a life). But the syringe doesn’t get you those special spoonie points, I guess.

No. 426830

Especially when her feeds go into her intestines…. With j tube feeds you don’t really need to sleep inclined, because the risk of aspiration doesn’t exist. Your pyloric sphincter is pretty much a one-way passage, even with a tube going through it like with gj tubes. Also, wtf is she doing to mess it up? Those bags have long tubing that you can literally wrap around yourself more than once, and adults tend to not flop around enough to get the tubing more tangled than that. And it’s hard to kind the tubing without it being shoved into a bag.

No. 426832

Maybe she’s not putting in enough formula and it’s running out, which would be pretty ridiculous since her rate’s so low. But I can see her only putting 200-300 ml in her child-sized feeding bag and having it run dry. Gotta get muh nutrition, all 400 calories per day kek

No. 426892

Like she’d actually follow through with that. A dietitian would see through her bs immediately, and also tell her to stop eating all her fatty, fried, and cream-laden foods.

No. 426915


$20 says she can find a dietitian who will easily buy her BS. She's an expert shopper.

No. 426916

Good catch anon. She was supposed to go at the end of October and then never mentioned a word about it. Which means she didn't go bc Jaquie can't have an appt without telling us. Or filming the ride.

No. 426925

Sage for off topic, but lots of adults wear backpacks? I wear one because it reduces neck pain. I just don't see the problem with backpacks? They're not just for children

No. 426941

Yeah I should’ve been more specific. Feeding tube backpacks tend to be kid-sized. And there’s nothing wrong with carrying a backpack as an adult, but it’s awkward when you’re having to wear it in a situation you normally wouldn’t, like at work in business casual clothes while also carrying a purse. Of course jaquie doesn’t have that problem since she dresses like a toddler anyways and hasn’t worked a day in her life.

No. 426944

True. All she has to do is find one who isn’t very familiar with GP, which is pretty easy to do, and then be her normal manipulative self.

No. 427036

O, wow, now I get her reaction. When she got the stuff out of the bag and was suprised and she said "o… they come like this" and she held on a syringe I was thinking 'yeah.. what's special about that? You get your saline flushes, your heparine etc. in a pre-filled syringe, why would you be suprised these would be the same??'
But yeah.. OK, I get it now.

And I agree with other anons that you could see the allergic reaction to her oral antibiotics coming from far away. That was SO friggin' obvious. I have to say I still don't get what it going on. She has a very localized infection; is it normal to get IV antibiotics for that? Of course she got oral abx first, but aren't there other abx that could be taken orally, and wouldn't they be a more logical choice?

Good catch, didn't even think of that. But I never understood how she can be tossing and turning violently with her supposed EDS. If you dislocate or even just hurt your joints in your sleep, your body tends to learn not to turn as much. She even said when she had 'feeding tube pain' because she slept on it wrong that after a while she didn't sleep on it anymore, so that couldn't be the cause of her pain. So she can learn not to sleep in certain positions when it causes her pain, but not when it wakes her up?

O, and regarding the new bed: have all of you caught how she didn't have any reflux issues from her feeds now that she is putting the headrest up? So she is sleeping in a position that is NOT recommended for reflux because it can make it worse (there's pressure on the stomach when you are in that position, that's why they recommend you lie in a reverse trendelenberg, which means the bed is still flat but the head end is higher) and now she is not having a problem that she can't have(1) because the feeds go straight in her intestines. Sure Jaq, sure.

1) obviously she can still have reflux issues, but she says she gets them from her feeds and this is one of the reasons why she wants to do day-only feeds.

Of course, everyone is different and preferences can vary widely, but isn't it curious how only munchies prefer day-only feeds over night feeds?

No. 427039

>>She was supposed to go at the end of October and then never mentioned a word about it.
I think that was when her feeding tube stopped working? Obviously, she was too weak to go because if her feeding tube isn't working, she can't eat what she normally eats. I wonder if she rescheduled it. I doubt it, because as you say, she doesn't mention it anymore. And even if she would find a dietitian who doesn't know about GP, it would be very hard to find one who doesn't know how to calculate calories. So unless she flat out lies, they will know something is up.

"What did you say your rate was? Wait a minute.."

No. 427083

Does Janiece's mom live with her and Paul full time or is it a temporary thing? She seems like a nightmare tbh.

No. 427124

File: 1511016942784.png (1.39 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4866.PNG)

So this the shot from her upstairs medical fridge yesterday and she says she's been sipping on a Kate Farms nutritional shake during the day. It's an identical shot from Oct 22 during the feeding tube "crisis" … does anyone really believe that she has drank 10 of those since Oct 22 and coincidentally has the exact same shot or did we just catch her in a lie? Also she hauled all of her new IV antibiotic supplies to the upstairs fridge with no mention of muh sooper severe POTS that prevents her from climbing stairs. Or in her excitement for that sweet sweet IV vancomycin did she forget that stair climbing is supposed to be a major feat?

No. 427125

File: 1511016970668.png (1008.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4867.PNG)

Oct 22 IG

No. 427128


Even the cartons in the door are turned the same way around (you can tell by looking at where the top openings are …)

No. 427130

The Kate Farms drinks must be the exact same ones as before. If you look at the bottom of them and where they lay in relation to the receded areas on the bottom of the mini fridge, they are in the exact same location. It would be quite the coincidence if she somehow put new cartons in the exact spot in the fridge.

No. 427131

I agree. And it's not the same picture, just look at the shelf above the shakes. So I think it's clear that she only drank one of them. I tried to find how many she got, but since she never said anything about ordering more or drinking them, I think it's safe to say she only got the ten when her tube wasn't working. That to me makes it very clear that she did indeed starve herself when her tube wasn't working. So much for her "I'll have to make every bite count now, so I'm only going to drink the shakes." I knew she was bullshitting, but now we have confirmation.

No. 427136

Spoonielife Amanda (the weird girl who copies Jaquie to a tee) has a new vlog and she starts it out wearing a Chronically Jaquie shirt and referencing her dog while saying "don't you think we're better together?" which is how the Freys start their vlogs. Normally this chick should be in the general munchie thread but most of her weirdness - rn anyway - is direct copying of J so it seems ok to mention her here. I didn't make it through the whole vlog bc I found her to be whiny and annoying. https://youtu.be/2RQm4rvir04

No. 427139

I tried to find if she said somewhere how many cartons she received, but couldn't find it. But as I was rewatching a part of one of her disasterfeedingtubevlogs, I noticed her eye movements.

Just watch it from about the 6.20 mark. She says: "it's not that I don't want to eat, that's not it at all" - while looking away from the camera. Then "I am a human being I love the taste of food" - watching at the camera, then "I just physically, cannot" - looking away again. Then she goes on how her stomach is 'partially paralyzed' and tells about her symptoms, during which she mostly looks at the camera. I think it mostly shows how that part is rehearsed more. But I would love to have a body language expert weigh in on her. Not only the facial expressions, but of course also her excess gesturing, which is discussed here often enough.

No. 427140

She also says she's becoming emotional but except for a couple words with that fake cracked voice she sometimes uses her tone, expression and overall affect doesn't change at all. She's so clearly rehearsed and bullshitting.

No. 427141

How can you get an ad blocker to watch videos- is it only for a laptop? Also, does it prevent them from making money?

No. 427142

I noticed that, too. Out of all her vlogs I think there has been only one where she showed a REAL emotion: when Judd came home from his deployment. Maybe there have been one or two other times, but they are few and far between.

No. 427144

It helps. It still adds to the views and the more views and thus to the snowball-effect of her getting more views of people who don't use adblockers, but at least she doesn't get direct add income from your view.
It depends on the browser you are using. It's not hard to find an adblocker for most of the widely used browsers, though I'm not the person to tell you exactly how and what for any browser out there.

No. 427147

I downloaded an ad blocker from the iTunes Store but it only worked for about a week so I deleted it.

No. 427151

If you watch the small embedded versions shared here, you will not be giving her ad revenue.

No. 427154

"red woman syndrome"

who called it??

No. 427155


lol that looks like she's standing in front of a red light

No. 427159

Of COURSE. Eye rolls for dayyyyyz.

No. 427161

She made the home health nurse film her???

No. 427162

O come on.. watch the video. She really gets red. And the nurse present confirmed it. Of course Jaq is a bullshitter, but that doesn't mean everything she shows us is made up.

No. 427166


Yeah seriously… no need to nitpick. I honestly see no way to fake this and she genuinely seemed to show a bit of concern/worry. I'm curious about other's opinions though because I could be 100% wrong.

No. 427169

File: 1511022706056.jpg (268.6 KB, 2736x1824, pqpxM9M.jpg)

On a different note.. she appears to have used another KF shake since yesterday. Could she have realized that people would notice? Or is it just a coincidence?

(P.S.: I didn't know if it needed saging, it doesn't really contribute since it's a still from the video already posted - can anyone tell me if posts like this need to be saged or not?)

No. 427173

So I googled 'red man syndrome'. See: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC270616/
Basically, the advice is to pre-dose with an antihistamine and to do the next infusion slower. Also, the risk is already reduced with a second or next dose. So it's a bit curious that her doctor would advice to stop treatment immediately. It could be they are just overly cautious because she is known for having more severe allergic reactions, but stil.. I did get the impression that it was mainly Jaq saying she was worried, as she said "it's a common reaction, but I just couldn't take it anymore".

But yeah, chances are she'll end up in hospital. Even though I believe this reaction to be real, the whole situation was just very predictable.

No. 427186

No this is actual milk so you didn't need to sage.

No. 427201

How fast did she push the antibiotic? Mary Frey made it clear that she thought the red man's syndrome was from running the antibiotic too fast. This time, it was a slower delivery and and no reaction.

No. 427206


In the Frey's recent before-hospital q and a, they talk about taking care of Mary's port herself. Jaq decides to discuss that same thing in this vlog, almost exactly how they discussed it. Huh.

No. 427216

Jac is just dumb. You don't stop because of the Red man's jfc

No. 427222


I'm going to assume/hope/pray that the nurse overseeing it made sure she didn't do it too fast… BUT did you notice that she asked the nurse about symptoms and the nurse didn't mention red man's (or it was edited out)?

No. 427319


When she was saying she'd been drinking one throughout the day, she said "ugh. This gastroperisis is… Not behaving" chuckles but the way she said it was just… So fake and rehearsed its actually cringey.

So she would've seen those shakes when she was visiting the fridge, saw one was missing, forgotten she'd already vlogged and photographed the fridge looking like that ages ago and thought she could get away with saying she'd drank that one instead of eating that day because her GASTROPERISIS IS SO BAAAD

No. 427322

(medfag) RMS is a common side effect to Vancomycin and usually symptoms are greatest on the first dose. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, it is treated with Benadryl, given slower (up to 3-4 hours), and often give saline before and after to dilute the Vancomycin in the bloodstream. If the person is symptomatic (redness clears faster than the itching usually), it can still be "administered", just following the above guidelines. It is more of a side effect than an allergic reaction. In the hospital setting, we sometimes see the redness last for a day or two, so Jaq's cleared extremely fast with the standard treatment. She wasn't faking it this time, but Vanco is the recommended treatment for MRSA and is not as effective taken orally for ANYONE, not just "GP Warriors"! If she truly has mast cell activation, she probably shouldn't be taking it unsupervised because the symptoms really could escalate but she could certainly go to an infusion center rather than a hospital. Still predicting she will get her "team" to admit her, because Mary is outdoing her right now. She will probably amp up the anaphylaxis threat and have them do a in-patient Vanco challenge, just like Mary had, checking blood pressure, pulse, etc while getting increasing doses of Vanco. I'm betting she will be using the "feeling unsafe" at home line, because Mary mentioned feeling safe in the hospital. The whole deal is that she has consistently overdramatized so many symptoms or so many illnesses that her credibility factor is zip.
It's a sad day though when a nurse jumps on the Jaquie bus and films her–in a hospital or clinical setting, that would be a HIPPA violation (referring to the patient privacy—not to her dog) and is very unprofessional of her.

No. 427376

Anybody else notice that she seemed almost… excited to have the real “red mans syndrome”??? She was like laughing and like seemed so hyped up from it that she was actually experiencing a real medical malfunction because she’s used to usually faking it lmao. It seemed like she was getting a high from the experience.

No. 427389

Like how excited she was to be in the hospital when she got her tube. She’s excited for any “real” illness, as long as it’s not too painful/uncomfortable (although I’m sure she doesn’t mind getting the ‘good’ meds)

No. 427395

File: 1511043291737.png (1.39 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3475.PNG)

Can't help but laugh at this guys comment. Yeah dude, I'm fairly sure she saw Mary Freys vlog.

No. 427408

Medfags…Mary Frey talks about the bacteria her lungs are growing. J has started saying, "the bacteria I am growing…"

Is that the correct description when you have a bacterial infection? For some reason, I can understand bacteria growing in lungs, but not as an infection.

No. 427423


Well I'm no medfag but I picked up on that too, that's weird. You wouldn't normally say that I wouldn't think. It's an accurate description of bacteria growth in lungs because they're basically perfect bacteria growing caves in someone with CF.

Jaquie got some bacteria in her ingrown toenail. It's no bacteria farm, not anything like a CF patients lungs anyway.

You would say "the type of bacterial infection" not "the bacteria I am growing"

No. 427456

Thanks - that's what I thought.


No. 427502

I just watched the video and isn't is so weird to watch Jaquie play with her port and saline which she doesn't even need? Also, she was stoked to have the RMS.

No. 427508


This seems so overblown. I've had infected ingrown toenails before and had them sorted by the podiatrist, they cleared the gunk out and sprayed it with iodine.

it's probably different because she's managed to get MRSA in her toe. Which TBH is her own fault for being in hospitals so much, it's very hard to pick it up anywhere else!

No. 427546


Did anyone notice when she's talking about accessing her own port in this video she says, "it's not that I don't trust other medical professionals", as if she herself is a medical professional?

No. 427562

Yes! I did notice this and wondered if I heard it wrong or if it was just my interpretation of what she said. Glad to know I'm not the only one who found the comment very strange.

No. 427609

I'm pretty sure Jaquie thinks of herself as a health professional for herself and super serious and special needs, but, let's face it guys, she has a port for orthostatic intolerance kek

No. 427658

Once again Jaquie does the dog raw food prep without gloves (even Janiece wears gloves). For someone with a supposed compromised immune system, why would she expose herself to bacteria from raw meat?

In her glee over IV antibiotics, she certainly had enough energy to unload the big box of antibiotic supplies. The nurse had gloves on for the antibiotic administration, but of course Jaquie didn't wear gloves—yet she brags about she is "very meticulous about sterile protocol". Her Red Man Syndrome was not a severe reaction—many patients have mostly face, neck and trunk redness (not usually legs) that can linger and fades over a day or 2. Hers resolved quickly.

It was extremely odd that the on-call pharmacist for the infusion company would call another doctor and not the prescribing doctor to report Jaq's Vanco side effects. She had to have given the pharmacist the other doctor's number because the pharmacy would only have the prescribing physician's name on the prescription. That would be like your CVS or Walgreen's pharmacist calling your gynecologist for a question about a prescription written by your internist. Makes absolutely no sense at all. Suspicious and possible lie–I wonder if it the number she gave was the family doctor that she manipulates for many treatments and referrals.
Jaquie then says how RMS is a common reaction—like she is a licensed professional with tons of experience.

FYI–MRSA is a superbug that is a staph infection that is resistant to common antibiotic treatment. It is not uncommon for us all to have staph on our skin and in our noses and not be symptomatic. Any open lesion (in this case her toe) can be infected with staph just from wearing sandals in public places–not just in hospitals. If the staph is resistant, it can spread to the bone and damage them. Infected people need to be hypervigilant in hand washing, in washing washcloths and towels in bleach and hot water, not sharing towels, disinfecting tubs and showers daily, and disinfecting shoes, sandals and slippers daily. Finally, bacteria breeds in dark, moist places, so airing out feet and not letting them brew in a warm slipper or shoe is a good precaution measure.

Sorry for medfagging—

No. 427661

Jaquie said many people mentioned the Red Mans Syndrome from Vancomycin but I didn't see a single comment about it on her IG or YT sites. Do you think she reads this site and that is how she learned about it?

No. 427662

I don't see why she wouldn't read this site, in all honesty. This site provides her with information about what she's doing wrong so she can refine her act, if you will. The only problem she has is that we are commenting on what she has already said or done after the fact, so it becomes very obvious that she's reading here when she changes her story or addresses certain points we've discussed or changes her symptoms and explanations to suit what we've said here. I'm pretty sure we have milk that it's already happened a lot. Also, I'm pretty sure she sees this site as something like she's reached a certain level of fame and has people gossiping about her online, which to be fair is true, but it's for all the wrong reasons!

No. 427664

I also noticed she let her saline tubes touch the counter, whilst it was still wet. Does she not know that there will still be raw chicken germs on the table, especially while it's still wet, even though she's wiped it? Disinfectant wipes will clean a lot of germs, but not all, and you're still basically just spreading them around… I also noticed in past super severe GP videos that she touches the toilet bowl and lets her hair touch it without a thought. I doubt she washes her hair after that and maybe not even her hands! I can't imagine what germs her camera is harbouring. I get it that she might clean the toilet well, but nobody's toilet is going to be 100% clean! Her hands will not be 100% as clean as sterile glove after chopping up raw meat and just using wipes to clean up… Even if she washed them 100 times afterwards, she could still have germs under her nails. I really doubt she's going to be careful about not spreading MRSA. It's probably how she got it in the first place- and I don't put it past her that she knew exactly what to do to contract it- have an open wound and take very little precautions.

No. 427668

She got it from a Mary Frey video because Mary had it before and gave a big discussion about how she would receive the dose (I can't remember the protocol, predose?…but def slow delivery) so that she would not develop RMS. She totally got this from Mary Frey.

No. 427669

She's probably so excited that Mary Frey is doing the same antibiotics right now and practically gives her a script to follow for videos. It's actually quite alarming.

No. 427759

Has anyone been able to watch?

No. 427763

I tried. But within 20 seconds she very creepily says how much she likes enemas and that she wants to have enema parties and I bailed so effing fast.

No. 427767


Janiece desperately needs to learn to edit. That vlog is way longer than it needs to be. She says she failed several parts of the test. She couldn't pass the balloon they put inside her. She genuinely seemed a bit upset at the end when she was recapping because she didn't expect to do so badly. She debates whether to tell her mom she went for the test at all because her mom says her stuff like she (Janiece) can't poop because she's lazy and if she put her mind to it she'd poop fine, she just needs 30 days to break the non-pooping habit. She also mentions she's had constipation issues since she was a kid and her mom never took it seriously then either.

idk Janiece is on her way to becoming as munchie as Jaquie but her mom sounds crazy on the other end of the spectrum. It's like she doesn't believe in doctors at all and thinks everything can be cured with prayer and positive thinking…

No. 427768

Do does this mean she's on her way to a colostomy bag?

No. 427770


No, the doctor says whatever she has going on he's pretty sure some physical therapy will fix it. She did ramble on about being worried it wouldn't be that easy but whether that was the stress talking or she's sowing the seeds for needing more drastic intervention later, I couldn't say.

No. 427787

In an earlier vlog, Janiece said her mom blamed her vestibular migraines on Janiece not being religious enough/praying enough. So, yes, crazy mother.

No. 427789

Jaquie got another new toy…

No. 427791

Well, if you ask me something isn't right. I do agree with the other anon that her mom is kind of crazy (she mentioned before that when she grew up, being sick basically meant you didn't pray hard enough) and I think that might even be the cause of her munchie-ness. But she is SO incredible OTT with everything.

First of all: I had that test, and there's nothing to it. It's not painful, not even uncomfortable, it can however be a bit awkward because there's something up your butt. I'm not easily phased by anything medical, but I can imagine that someone would be. But calling it "the worst medical test of my life"?? Come on, I can think of ten tests that are much worse. And she is being creepy about it, I agree. I mean: yes, if you are constipated a lot then having an enema makes you feel better. But thinking it is 'nice' and even going on and on about that on video?? No, that is too much even for me.

Second of all, she sees every health problem as a "chronic illness thing". She already said things like "that's chronic illness for you" when her stomach problems just started. I think it is odd when you call a problem you've only had for two weeks "chronic" before you know what's up. Even now, when the doctor told her this would be an easy fix and PT would cure her, she still says at the end of the vid "this is another chronic illness journey" (something like that). No. It's not. If she actually has rectal dysfunction, that is not an illness but a functional problem and it's not even a chronic problem. Also, she wants to await the results and then shove them into her moms face. Her mom basically says that it is her habit not to go to the bathroom every day, and she just needs to go and concentrate. With the testing, she could prove to her mom that it isn't her fault, it is that "my muscles just don't work". But.. that is not what rectal dysfunction is. It is not that the muscles don't work, but that you are not using them correctly. In a way, her mom is right when it comes to this particular problem: it is like a bad habit of the muscles. Not that it is her fault or that she would be able to think herself better, but what the PT will do is help her to train her to use her muscles correctly and to learn new habits. Treatment is retraining of the pelvic floor and behavioral modifications, sometimes together with a mild laxative. But Janiece thinks the test will prove her mother wrong. She also said a few times that she thinks the tests will prove she has rectal dysfunction, and that 'maybe they will find another problem as well'. I find that odd. Add to that the fact that she is already talking about this problem as part of a "chronic illness" and we should wonder where she is going with all of this. Her attitude to it is not normal, if you ask me. It could be that her mother is partly to blame for that, and the fact that her best and - as far as we can see - only friend is also a huge munchie certainly doesn't help. But Janiece is a grown up, and she can't blame everything on others. She needs to grow up and go live her life.

No. 427795

Yes, J, your toe had the same infection last weekend, but THIS weekend is the one that might require the ER trip. It's a good thing she doesn't have a trip with Judd planned.

Did she read the instructions? I doubt she is supposed to call Alert One while setting up the system. Apparently, someone finally told her since she's not trying it again.

No. 427796


This is harsh of me but I honestly think most of Janiece's OTTness comes down to the fact that she's not that bright. The way she relays to us what the doctors say about her health makes it seem like half the time she doesn't understand what they're telling her. Everything becomes a chronic illness with her because I don't think it's occurred to her that not everything is chronic illness related. Her other major problem is that she sits at home all day doing nothing but obsessing over her health issues and blowing them out of proportion because she's bored. She needs a hobby or a part time job or to start volunteering and get her mind off herself for a while.

No. 427797

Could it be that Jaquie likes the effect of IV benadryl? In todays vlog, she decides to push a little bit of benadryl before the other abx, which didn't cause her any kind of problem yesterday, because of 'her history'. That seems odd to me. Also, if she really thought she needed the benadryl, why not put some liquid benadryl through her feeding tube? It works just as well, it only takes a bit longer for it to work. So if you really have a severe allergic reaction it would make sense to use it IV, but as a premed? When no doctor told you to do that?

No. 427799

Lol it’s because she thinks she’s her own damn doctor

No. 427800

Absolutely. Her new use of the word administer. Deciding on her own to 'administer' the Benadryl before 'administering' the antibiotic… you can tell she's getting off on it. It's like a high of its own to her.

No. 427801

she always sounds like she's reading off cue cards

No. 427806

I'm surprised J doesn't have a hobby. I understand her medical stuff is her hobby to an extent, but what does she do the rest of the day? Watch TV? Why not read or play a game or something? Maybe she spends all her spare time investigating her "diseases". I'd love to see her search history.

No. 427808

Given how fast she seems to run through TV series, I would have to guess she literally does just watch tv and nap all day. (Oh, and cook things for babe that he doesn't like to eat of course.)

No. 427812

Plus the buzz from the iv Benadryl itself. But anything medical is for sure a high for her, look how excited she gets for any new toy or test.

No. 427814


I'd say the shit with her mom could be a major factor, environmentally and genetically. Being raised by someone who didn't believe her when she said she was sick may've forced her to be OTT to get the attention she needed. Then if her mom is obsessively religious, she may have some genetic disposition to also be obsessive. It'd be an interesting case study.

No. 427815


Then the exhaustion is likely all in her head. What else would she be so tired from? She gets her "nutrition" so she's not malnourished. She's not constantly having allergic reactions that would run down her system. So when she says she has no energy, it has to be ALL in her head.

No. 427823

The less you do the less energy you have. All she does is lay in bed or on the couch and watch movies/tv or sleep. Of course she's going to have zero stamina and fatigue very easily. She's completely deconditioned herself from everything except pushing the button on the remote. Now that I mention it, I'm surprised she hasn't trained Harlow to do that too.

No. 427829

Dimwit Jaquie is sooooooo symptomatic from her MRSA—which is NOT systemic (in her bloodstream or widespread). It is just in the toe tissue–if it was systemic, she would be violently ill. Whining about being rundown, fevers, and drained is completely bogus. The Jaquie Shitmeter just hit 10/10 for MunchBrain.
She's her own TEAM and self-prescribing the Benadryl for everything now.
Shits and giggles for her newest toy–the medical alert necklace, cuz "WE THINK IT'S A GOOD TOOL"–"WE" meaning Jaquie who is obsessed with "me, myself and I" which is her TEAM!

No. 427832

Her hobby is bullshitting people on YOU TUBE. YT is her friend, her family, her job, her psycho illness outlet–her LIFE. She has no interest in making (normal) friends, going to school, reading a book or reaching out to anyone who is normal. She is consumed with her chronic illness fairy tale and with Disney movies. Also she is so incredibly socially awkward, she would have a hard time fitting in anywhere outside her apartment.

No. 427834

File: 1511116344387.jpeg (261.76 KB, 750x1334, BAE5E470-84CF-48EA-A164-39B73B…)

Did anyone catch this?

No. 427845

Interesting. That is on Mary's vlog? Why? What did they react to?

Sorry I can't make screencaps right now, but was scrolling through the comment section on Jaq's latest vlog. People suggest she might just need the vanco on a slower rate as this mostly prevents RMS, but Jaq says "as of now I'm not gonna take it again" and elsewhere she says she would be less nervous for surgery then for another abx, because she hates the reactions. Just.. what?? Does she know what kind of meds you get during surgery? That's more then just an antibiotic, girl.

No. 427891

Reading comment replies now- I'll post screenshots.

No. 427905

File: 1511126295168.png (214.66 KB, 1664x1132, cj2.png)

No. 427909

File: 1511127477745.png (47.32 KB, 705x343, IMG_4880.PNG)

People keep suggesting that she cuts her hair - and honestly she needs it. But apparently it would be too difficult for her. Why is everything such a big deal for this chick?

No. 427910

I'm guessing her autism? The reason being, there are so many videos on youtube about autistic kids getting haircuts. But if she's using her autism as an excuse to not cut her hair as an adult, there are so many things wrong with that.

Not to mention, maintaining hair that long is hard work for anyone, let alone someone with as many illnesses as she claims. It's a wonder she hasn't hired a personal hair-washer.

No. 427912

She has bad split ends. It annoys me.

No. 427913

>>427909 I mean going to a salon can be hard when you have your head over the sink. For people with real neck issues, I don't believe her neck is as bad as she claims, if it is at all.But there are other options like having someone come out to your home to do it, or having a dry cut.

No. 427916

A lot of salons will spray your hair with water if you don’t want a wash, so that better not be her argument. Really I think she just doesn’t care.

No. 427917

Not to mention that she’s lazy as hell. She uses her wheelchair when she’s totally fine walking.

No. 427929

Today she got up, edited and posted the vlog, then went back so sit in bed with her tired droopy eyed "good morning", but then she was taking about someone's comment on the RMS vlog so it had obviously been posted for at least 15-20 minutes prior.

No. 427931

Jaq seems to enjoy being on the phone a lot. Is that supposed to even be possible with her super real autism?

No. 427932


Hang on, Mary "needs" power assist wheels and organic nutrition? No she doesn't. Just because Jaq has them and doesn't need them because she isn't disabled, doesn't mean Mary automatically needs them because she has a genuine serious disease! What a weird way to view the world.

Sorry not really on topic but just… what?

No. 427933


Ugh sorry I didn't take the youtube url out from my last post
I'll show myself out…

No. 427935

Whatever happened to Jaq using her patreon money to make her vlogs 'more accessible'? I noticed the CC on today's one was the shotty automated ones. How long has it been like that? Did she ever even try?

No. 427952

She uses the PATRON money to buy the bed, since she could only beg to get the tax written off. She has a shopping list of medical toys that she scams her "people" with tales of improving the vlogs when she just spends it on her toys.
She's on the phone with Janiece and her "TEAM"–she has no other friends. Oh, she also calls her mom to come babysit her.

No. 427965


She probably thinks that buying new "tools" (aka toys) is improving the blog - each new toy means more things to talk about in the vlog and distract from the fact that she does absolutely nothing every day.

No. 427973


My hairdresser comes to my house, and I sit in my wheelchair which has head support. It doesn't have to be done at a salon. Considering how many oldies Florida has, I'd be surprised there isn't a mobile salon near her.

No. 427976


Not sure re: nutrition, but I agree this commenter is a bit off in drawing that comparison. NEITHER of them need all the toys that Jacquie has!

No. 427981

There are more comments on todays vlog about how weird it is that Mary seems to have something happen and then within a week Jacque is saying she has it too. Its not weird when we all know Jacquie just copies Mary

No. 427986

Mary's blog or Jaquie's?

No. 427987

On Mary’s video that went up today

No. 428012


Since Mary posted some sort of collab picture (giving each other high-fives from afar) with Jaquie in it a few weeks ago it has probably led to more people noticing the odd similarities despite different diagnoses (although I am fairly certain that Jaquie's videos come up as recommended if you watch Mary's - because similarities). Anyone who is paying attention to both will see how Jaquie is so similar that everything Mary experiences Jacquie does a week later (I would love to see Jaquie try to get herself a vest).
I'm not sure if Mary is just too naive or caught up in her own world to see that Jaquie is pretty much directly copying what she does (while she has a definite life threatening diagnosis - she has her own set of issues and I think that the chronic illness vlogging "fame" has caused her to be even more OTT and not necessarily taking great care of herself). She probably considers themselves friends (when really Jaquie just wants to outsick Mary).

No. 428026

>>428012 I'm pretty sure Mary knows what's going on but ignoring Jaquie isn't the message she wants to send.
On a vlog some months ago, there were Jaquie followers commenting about how Jaquie's GP is far worse than Mary's and how they're thankful Mary's GP isn't as bad as Jaquie's… I don't think this thread existed back then- I might try to find the vlog and link it. This has been going on for a long time, and I'm pretty sure the Freys are aware of things- they've probably had comments and private messages etc.

No. 428063

Jaquie's blood counts are going to tank any day now, just watch. Mary see, Jaquie do.

It's wild that people are writing about it on Mary's vlog. There are at least 5 comment headers that mention Jaq.

No. 428094

I think the point was that Mary needs/deserves the treatments she gets, but Mary does not have a custom wheelchair and she has never tried to get one. She has a used one she bought in Scotland when she realized she couldn't do all the hills that were there. She uses it occasionally, but it's not a big focus for her.

Also, I believe Mary tried KF formula at first, but it didn't work for her. She actually wanted to mash up food and put in her tube, but was upset that wouldn't work, so she tried KF, which didn't work with her enzymes, so now she uses whatever she got at the hospital.

No. 428095

Today's Frey life discusses MRSA. They seem very careful not to mention the MRSA that Jaquie has. It seemed like a controlled discussion, but I could have totally been reading into it, of course.

No. 428101

Sorry, y'all, but I went to read Frey life comments about Jaquie…holy wow do people get the facts screwed up. Someone even thinks the MRSA is in her stoma. How did they get that screwed up?

Anyway, I saw this comment and had to post it as a public service. If you are a spider, stop RIGHT NOW, lol:

"Hubby just found out he had MRSA-CA (community acquired as apposed to hospital acquired) after being a spider."

No. 428104

File: 1511142425248.png (100.4 KB, 880x778, fl1.png)

These are the comments I found on today's Frey vlog

No. 428113

Can't do screen caps right now, but someone else posted, "Chronically Jaquie has MRSA in her foot? Maybe ask what her meds for it are"

And Mary seemed really careful not to mention toe-MRSA.

No. 428124

Why on earth would Mary ask Jacquie about meds to use when shes literally at a hospital full of actually trained staff

No. 428130

Anyone else notice that when she was playing with her new alert system crap she looked so excited and awake. Then the rest of the time her “sick face” was in full effect

No. 428132

Jaquie's "sick face" looks like Janiece's 24/7 low IQ face.

No. 428169

I can't believe she got a medical alert system. I'm surprised she doesn't have a nanny cam so Judd can keep an eye on her just in case she ~faints~

No. 428177

If she got that, she wouldn't be able to act normal or do munchie things when no one is home

No. 428185

So true. Good call.

No. 428202

Lol like pouring her formula down the drain and eating all the fried food she wants? Or… bending and snapping and walking all she wants because she’s perfectly fine??! That kind of stuff you mean?

No. 428225

So I was lurking some private service dog groups on Facebook and I saw some interesting things about jaq.
She was working with an organization called Trained and Maintained for a service dog before getting Harlow, but was rejected for being a fraud.
Also someone said Janice apparently talks a lot of shit behind Jaquie's back.
And she's constantly in spoonie's DM's trying to find out how to get the hottest toys on the market.
I basically found out that a large part of the service dog community thinks she's bullshit and someone even said they suspected Munchhausen.

Also I'm never returning to service dog groups its literally munchie safe space and everyone crying about "muh spiking HR"

sage for pointless rant

No. 428231

Mary would have not any reason to talk to Jaquie. Mary's MRSA is a resistant to antibiotic type of staph bacteria in her lungs which is mega serious for CF patients who already have compromised breathing from the excessive mucous they produce that blocks the airflow. She has an actual team of CF docs, Infectious Disease doc, Respiratory Therapists, Case Manager, Nurses, phlebotomist, etc. Her team evaluates her daily to see if he bloodwork and symptoms allow her to continue with her intravenous antibiotics. Even with her side effects, they decide if the benefit outweighs the risk.

The MRSA Jaquie has in her toe is skin staph and since she rarely walks her toe is not in big danger (doesn't interfere with any major bodily organ or function).

No. 428252

Do we have any more info/ milk about the fraud?

No. 428310

Nothing good, just some posts about the dogs not alerting to any of her "problems".

I saw a comment saying that the organization made an ig post complaining about Jaquie spreading lies about them, but I couldn't find the OP. TBH after looking at their ig, the organization themselves seem a little milky too…

No. 428311

I thought it was extremely telling that she has it programmed to call Judd/Mommy before calling EMS - it's her automatic attention summoner button. If it was truly for medical emergencies (I've fallen and I can't get up, my throat is closing up and I have no epi-pens) you would think having EMS be the first call would be a no-brainer. Call those loved ones AFTER help is on the way!

No. 428312

Post screenshot from the Facebook then if the I datagram account is go e

No. 428314


I'm already out of the groups
I should have thought of this before leaving kek

No. 428323


Janiece shit talks Jaquie on her vlogs (see: how pissed off she was about the matching blazers).

No. 428329


I thought that was weird too. They will call her "loved ones" if she doesn't answer right away– but if she's not answering, that likely means her throat is closed, so why would she want to call Judd? If someone calls Judd and says, "Jaq alerted but can't answer us now," he's obviously going to say to just call 911. why make a middle man?

No. 428363

File: 1511170873328.jpg (363.36 KB, 1992x1253, B6mbb8t.jpg)

>>I'm pretty sure Mary knows what's going on but ignoring Jaquie isn't the message she wants to send.

You know.. I'm really not sure of that. If she knows what's going on, why would she post this picture and this text? That really goes beyond 'not ignoring'.

No. 428367

I think Mary's just been reaching out to lots of people, another I follow received leggings as a present from her; it was probably done because so many people who watch Mary make comments about Jacquie. I can't imagine them actually speaking but it's probably one of those ~~good christian~~ things where they're sisters etc.

No. 428374

Mary has been getting comments on her vlogs about Jaquie for months. She probably watches them too. Unless she's really ignorant or it goes against her beliefs to question others, then she can work out a lot of Jaquie's inconsistencies and uncanny similarities with herself because Mary is quite bright and she has also been doing the chronic illness thing for a long time (her whole life). So what's your theory about the picture because I can't quite figure it out? It could just be as simple as the Freys seeing an opportunity to share subs and promote their merchandise or it could be something else.

No. 428379

I don't have a theory. I just don't get it. If I would be in Mary's place, I wouldn't want to be seen as someone who was in a way supporting Jaquie.

No. 428400


Mary Frey is truly ill with CF and its complications but she is by no means a 100% on the up and up in her vlogs. She definitely has an undisclosed/untreated ED and treats her husband quite poorly. (Another thing her and Jaquie share is a tendency to have a health crisis whenever their husbands' families come to visit to keep the attention on themselves.) She's not going to be calling out Jaquie for being a bad role model when some of that criticism could come back on her and expose her own issues.

I would imagine she's reaching out to Jaquie and other 'chronic illness warriors' because she's a savvy youtuber. Colabs and networking means more views and more merch sales for both of them. I don't think it's any deeper than that. She's just getting her hustle on.

No. 428428

Probably. And I agree Mary has some issues, but at the same time I don't think you can really compare her to Jaquie.

I find it funny that on the one hand we see munchies seeking out munchies (just look at who is following known munchies and you'll find more of them) yet at the same time a lot of munchies go out of their ways to point out "fakers", e.g. "fake service dogs" and vlogs/blogs about "illness fakers". We even see it here in the general munchies threads as well as this one.

No. 428429

Debit card time, y'all. Janiece and Paul have t-shirts for sale…

No. 428431

I'm dissapointed in Paul. I thought he was a pretty down to earth guy, but when he saw they could make money of this whole vlogging business, he hopped right on the train. He even was more excited about their Patreon page than Janiece was.

No. 428432

I spoke too soon. They are NOT for sale…yet.

No. 428439

i dont quite agree about the ED. CFers actually need more caloric intake and due to her coughing fits she is prone to throwing up. if you throw up so repeatedly makes the stomach valve weak and food getting pushed out of the stomach is even more probable.

anything else is OTT though. i like reading the gossip guru thread on her. she can do yoga and doesnt need oxygen but still lies around all day long like the lazy shit she is. others with CF that is more severe go to work. and also her relationship with peter is absurdly symbiotic
>we we we
personally i think she doesnt really watch other chronically ill vlogs. i remember commenting once something on of her videos. her only response was: "Do you also have CF?". After I replied with 'no' there was no reaction. She likes to have contact with other chronically ill people. she also has conctact with aspen (diabetes type I) from the daly tribe, but doesnt watch their vlogs. or she like the OTT justification of munchies.

No. 428442

samefag: even claire (CF youtuber) is seen going low key hiking with her dog (non service dog I think) and she needs oxygen 24/7 and mentioned doctors say her life expectancy is only 1 or 2 more year.
still mary acts as if she was bed-ridden.>>428439

No. 428462

Okay I’m sorry… I know this is not relevant to the shirts but holy shit Janiece is just sooo ugly. I can’t watch her vlogs because of the close ups of her triple chin and horrible monotone voice. Also PLEASE FIX your eyebrows girl oh my god. If you’re going to vlog at least up you’re appearance.. being “ill” is no excuse tbh.

No. 428473


I've seen people say the Mary ED thing before, but I don't see it. She's on so many medications and is so genuinely ill, I buy that she has no appetite. What am I not seeing?

No. 428474

Who was sick first of Jaq and Janeice?

No. 428475

Other people with cf have a normal body weight, though, even other CFers with GP. Mary runs her feeding tube slow with a smaller volume (she uses the small bags, max like 700-800 calories extra at night, but less since she runs it slow), so she’s not getting the thousand to several thousand extra calories cf people need. If you look at other adult cf patients, they’re not as underweight, and they work harder to stay healthy. Yes she has a legitimate and ultimately fatal illness, but she’s still ott and a terrible person.

No. 428479

Jaquie. Everyone says Janiece copied her. Jaquie has been sick since high school.

No. 428485

When did Janiece develop the problem with her ears and the vestibular migraines? I agree her illness definitely seems to have snowballed in the last six months or so. She went from pretty much only talking about her dog and raw feeding, avoiding all talk about symptoms and why she has a service dog to telling us in great detail about her poo issues among other things. I liked the old Janiece better. Dignity is a good thing.

No. 428489

Janiece was born with her ear problems.

No. 428507

Nice call anon. She addresses her captioning in today's video. There are way to many coincidences for her not to be reading here. Hi Jaquie, you munchie cow!

No. 428508

Haven't watched the whole vlog yet, but she explains today something about the captions. She says her Patreon goal has fallen short because some people only pledge a one time amount or only for a short amount of time. I'd say she forgets to mention that she is also been losing Patrons.

Just wondering: if a person leaves as a Patron, are they able to give a reason why they stop giving her money? Would she know why she is losing them?

No. 428511

Maybe you stopped watching early but she went on to explain that not every video can have captions because he Patrons have dropped off. So she can spend a shit ton on beds, Barbie cars, home decor and medical alert system but losing 10 Patrons (down from 212 to 202) somehow makes her videos to expensive to caption? BULLSHIT

No. 428515

The Frey Life started professional captioning in the last couple of days, which is probably the only reason she's mentioning it.

No. 428516

Yesterday Mary addressed CC so it makes sense Jac would do it too

No. 428517

File: 1511195939962.jpg (92.3 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20171120-162702_01.…)

Didn't she announce that she was on day only feeds recently?

No. 428519

She made a 'compromise' with her doctor: if she can eat 30% of her intake, she can unhook at night. If she can't, she has to run it at night at well. I don't really get why she cannot run it fast enough to just do either day or night feeds; supposedly she tolerates this formula so well that it was easy to reach her higher goal rate. But that's what she said.

No. 428543

The thing is, if she really cared about accessibility (she doesn't), she could do it herself since she already edits the vlog. Captioning is a job many folks do from home and pretty much anybody can apply to do it. She'd probably actually do it faster than whatever company she paid because she knows what she said.

No. 428547

Yup, that's what I said a while ago. I can imagine that doing it for old vlogs is a lot of work, so if she would hire someone to do that - or better yet: ask her fans to help with it - I could understand that. But her vlog is only 10-15 minutes long, she uses a LOT of rehearsed stuff explanations she has used before, so if she did it herself it would be faster. It's not like she has a job or goes to school, right? Vlogging is basically her job, she just doesn't want to actually work at it. If she really wanted to invest in something, she could get herself a speach recognition software pack. That way, she only has to correct that mistakes of the software and can save herself some time. But no, she has to hire some expensive company. And like another anon said: she can buy all kinds of shit lately while before they had to 'work it into the budget' first. But she can't pay for the captions anymore? Yeah right. Well, good luck with your hospital bed and home improvements, Jaquie.

No. 428619

File: 1511208749867.png (218.73 KB, 748x915, IMG_4881.PNG)

No. 428620

File: 1511208776160.png (164.33 KB, 729x738, IMG_4882.PNG)

No. 428646

Rev, her vid captioning company charges approx. $1/minute. This is fairly standard and she has a clear voice, non-technical videos (her med-speak would not be considered technical), so each video is approx. $15-20 to caption, or roughly $600/max per month?

No. 428664

Yep. You aren't missing anything. But she has to redecorate the house and buy new computers and a backup camera and wheelchair accessories and go to Disney and dude, that costs $$$$$

No. 428686

File: 1511213678302.png (35.82 KB, 1026x238, jacq.PNG)

Christ, she's doing a "nice thing", y'all. If she really cared about accessibility, you'd think she'd consider this the "right" thing to do, yeah? She's entitled to every comfort but actually things that make stuff accessible…is a nice thing she's doing for people. (Never mind that she's not even the one paying for it.)

No. 428691

Everyone should read the back & forth on J's vlog today with this Eco Fluffy Mama challenging J on not CC her vlogs. I'm sure Jaq will delete it soon. EFM even did the math on how much J is making from Patrons. J didn't like being called out and even her ridiculous BFF Janiece piped in her wif her gangsta talk. J got pretty snippy with EFM for exposing her. It's pretty shitty when you are called out on lying to Patrons, right Jaq? And you thought they all loved you and supported you financially until they realized what a scam you are running. Once they hand over the money, it's yours to go on your little shopping sprees for your medical equipment. No integrity or respect for the Patrons who blindly support you. J's vlog today was blatently begging for Patrons to support under the guise that she will use it to CC her vlogs. Bullshit Jaq! And Janiece–go take a nap…..

No. 428698

I am shocked it's still there honestly. And Jaquie is a bitch. Ending a snotty comment with "goodness" doesn't disguise the bitchiness. She's so passive aggressive.

No. 428702

the first comment from Eco Fluffy Mama is below. The starting "But…" suggests something was deleted beforehand? Thoughts?

Eco Fluffy Mama
5 hours ago
But you make a minimum of $250 a month for the 5 slots of executive producer tier and you've had Patreon for approx 6 months..so shouldn't they ALL be captioned???

No. 428703

LOVED the look on Jaquie's face in today's vlog when her mom comes barreling into the kitchen and wants some apple juice. Check her face 7:25-7:30. Jaquie even had to edit it because she was clearly ticked off that her mom wanted to drink her apple juice. Mom's not playing nice on Jaquie's playground. And her mom just glossed over Jaquie's comment that Jaquie needed the apple jucie for her low blood sugars.

No. 428704

I agree that it seems there was something preceding it bc Jaquie ends her "first comment" with I don't know how to explain it to you any further

No. 428706

What is her mother and/or Judd supposed to say when J points the camera at them and asks if dinner is good?

Her mom looked really surprised/taken aback when she was greeted by the camera.

And then Jaquie wanted her to stay and play a board game, but her mom needed to get ready for work the next day.

Her mom is a teacher. Teachers WORK at night. Jaquie is very child-like in her lack of understanding of what a teacher needs to do to prep for the next day.

No. 428707

I also caught how Jaquie said apple juice doesn't go bad. Uh… yeah it does. Everything spoils eventually especially if it's not full of preservatIves.

No. 428708

I feel like this is why everyone got so defensive on both sides. Part of the conversation is missing.

No. 428710

That was especially weird because before dinner Jaquie said she was so tired she could go to bed for the night and then suddenly she's disappointed that someone who works full time doesn't want to stay to play a board game? Okay J. Whatever.

No. 428712

Why the hell does she wear that "pendant" all the time? How many times in the last months have she needed emergency help? Because i can't remember seeing that

No. 428751


Because having the Medicalert toy is just another sign of how soooper sick she is. She doesn't actually need to USE it to prove this. Just HAVE it.

No. 428753

File: 1511218986319.jpg (3.45 MB, 3243x1910, IMG_4883.JPG)

She's getting called out for lots today…

No. 428767


kek, as if Jaquie's dad watches her vlogs. He's probably just grateful she's living in another house!

No. 428771

Yeh with her infusion, and feed (I don't know if she has a 500ml or a 1000ml bag) plus the weight of the backpack it is probably 2.5-3kg which is 5-6.6lbs.
In a backpack it isn't really a lot but equally it isn't nothing. It is recommended that children don't carry more than 10-20% of their body weight in a backpack. Whilst Jacqui isn't a child she is theoretically disabled therefore she is hitting somewhere between 10 and 20% when she has her feed and saline running.

No. 428784

She's got two pumps, two bags of fluid and the backpack itself. It probably is between 5-7 lbs total depending on what the pumps weigh. She last said she weighed around 120 though so she's carrying maybe 6% of her weight in that bag assuming it's a full 7 pounds.

No. 428787

Oh I totally forgot about pumps in my equation!

No. 428799

I looked up the bag and it weighs 1.5 pounds empty.

No. 428810

Has J ever mentioned whether her docs have ever suggested she NOT carry a backpack because it might exacerbate her neck/shoulder pain? She has neck pain so badly that she needs injections but she uses a backpack for hours each day?

Perhaps she doesn't really wear it that much and it's usually just on the couch by her? We know her YT biz takes a lot of time, but that would also seem to exacerbate her neck pain, too.

I have never seen her complain even one time about her shoulders or neck from the bag pulling or from computer work.

No. 428819

I mean if this pops up in the next few days then we'll know she reads here! She has never mentioned it.

No. 428834

Any guess as to what Judd day is going to entail? Is it just me or is it more about her than him? If he's worked five 12's in a row plus traveled out of state he'd probably just like a day at home, not have to chauffeur them around to his surprises. But maybe I'm just an ass..

No. 428837

I'm the anon who (yesterday I think) brought up Jaq not using the pledges towards her CC like she said she would. I agree she's probably just talking about it because Mary and Peter are getting professional captions now. But also, they're paying out of pocket. Meanwhile Jaq isn't following through with what she promised. She probably feels out-done, and I imagine she wouldn't want to draw attention to it because she doesn't wanna get caught out. She's usually very censored. She never brings anything up that might show her in a negative light unless she feels people are catching on already. So who knows, maybe she did see my comment here.

But what really pisses me off is how J and J were SO mean to that woman who asked about the patreon pledges not going towards CC, Jaqs subscribers were being nasty too and Jaq wasn't stopping them. And she was just asking because she herself needs the CC. She's exactly the kind of person Jaquie "kindly" wants to help. Yet none of the videos have been properly captioned (I know this because I use CC most of the time myself) despite Jaq accepting pledges for it, and showing us every day something new she's bought. New laptop, new bed, new decor, new medical shit she doesn't even need. But you guys, there's NOT ENOUFH MONEY FOR CC. And when someone just simply asks why there's still no CC, she gets ripped apart. This is sooo fishy. If Jaquie really was as genuine as she tries to come off, she wouldn't have responded so passive aggressively, deffensively, or mean. She would've been apologetic becuase someone who actually needs CC wasn't getting something Jaquie had promised months ago.

No. 428838

Doesn’t she just get fluids once a week? Why does she have to carry it around when she’s home most of the time, for a once a week 2-4 hour infusion? She could also save herself carrying all of it around if she switched to night feeds like the rest of world. But sure, haul around ridiculous amounts of fluid for no other reason than to show off, because there’s literally no other reason.

No. 428874

In her All About My Infusions vlog she says she does one liter of saline and one liter of lactacted ringers three times a week. She made this statement in June of this year. I don't know if she's increased/decreased since then.

No. 428880

She does the infusions every other day , as far as I am aware. Although before her feeding tube when she was sooper malnourished she increased to daily. And I think although i might be wrong , that when her tube 'kinked' and she was not using it she did them daily then too. that last bit though I might be way off.

No. 428896

Carrying even one liter of saline + pump in the over-the-shoulder bag provided by home health (yes Jaquie, you don't need your fancy altered backpack) threw my h-EDS shoulder out of whack a few times. So it surprises me that with how bad she claims her neck pain is + supposedly shoulders so unstable that she needs power assist on the Barbie car that she hasn't complained about the backpack making it worse! Or that she would continue to cause herself pain and injury.

"The backpack I need for muh nutrishun and salt water is hurting me sooooo bad y'all so I need a second wheelchair for my backpack!"

No. 428916

That thread regarding the CC in J's latest vlog is still going. I can't post screen shots but more people are chiming in and saying they've never seen CC but they're getting treated so badly by Jaquie, Janiece and Jaq's die-hard fans.

No. 428918

Carrying that much weight in any bag can be painful in eds, in the shoulders, neck, and back (and is why a lot of us try to do feeds at night!). Plus, she’s home literally all day, why does she specifically have to run her iv fluids away from home? She’s not even on gravity fluids, they gave her a pump. Normal infusions run 1-2 hours. And why in gods name does she need that much fluid when she can eat vegetables, pasta, cheese, chicken, fried shit, etc?

No. 428920

Hopefully people start to realize she’s using them for their money, and is faking. Maybe it’ll be a Sarah Smith fall from grace, and she too will have to accept that there’s nothing more special wrong than her obvious bulimia, and she’ll disappear. Although I would miss the milk.

No. 428927

Jaquie told a viewer that it takes "several hours" to caption one vlog- no it doesn't, unless you're typing at the speed of a snail.

No. 428943

File: 1511231840966.png (127.88 KB, 1156x822, cc.PNG)

Some of the comments. She has already threatened to delete the threat if it continues being controversial.

No. 428944

File: 1511231855460.png (90.72 KB, 1140x501, cc2.PNG)

No. 428960


Telling people how to spend their money IS rude - unless it's money given to you by other (mostly sick and disabled) people for a specific purpose that you aren't delivering on…

No. 428963

Couldn’t of said it better myself anon.

No. 428967


And under false pretenses. She’s used the money to buy her feeding tube stuff, her wheelchair, her fancy new bed, all to help with the pots and eds she’s specifically been told she doesn’t have.

No. 428973

Caption companies put their clients' videos in a queue and then as freelancers get to them, they get captioned. Typically, the videos get broken into 1-2 minute segments and the captioner might only work on part of the video. And then it gets put back together and goes through quality control check.

A 24-hour turn-around does not seem too long to me.

No. 428975

And also, it costs $1/minute…so less than $600 month (30 days x 20 minutes, but most videos are less than 20)

No. 428979

I'm talking about if you were to do it yourself

No. 428981

Wow. There was a comment in that thread totally calling out J and J on their bullshit, telling Jaquies supporters what a liar and a fraud she is etc. Saying stuff like "EFM you have scared Jaquie and she's scrambling to control the situation/defend herself" that's not a direct quote, I can't remember the exact words. Sounded like someone from here. I didn't get a screenshot but Jaquie deleted it pretty quick.

No. 428982

File: 1511234864781.png (68.89 KB, 1030x398, cc3.PNG)

This one?

No. 428985

Totally misunderstood you. Yes, she would be quick at captioning!

No. 428989


There's no reason except laziness she can't do it herself.

No. 428991


Yup that one. Thanks for grabbing it I was sad to see it deleted so quickly, it'd be nice if more of Jaq's minions could read that kind of stuff because there's WAY too much unconditional praise on her vlogs.

Props to whoever left that comment, I enjoyed the fuck out of it.

No. 428993

Oddly in all this controversy re: CC funding etc she has gained four new patrons. Suckers.

No. 429001

File: 1511236475636.png (313.18 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3569.PNG)

Oh, you poor suckered commentor. EVERY day is Jaquie appreciation day.

And I agree with an above anon who stated that all Judd probably wants after 5 12hr shifts and an out of town trip is to veg on the couch in his sweats and play video games with Paul. Instead he'll get to chauffeur around Jacqui in her Barbie car to god knows how many places. Maybe she'll have him take her menchies to get ice cream he doesn't like on his own dime?! Omg much excite!

No. 429012

Don’t worry, she’ll eat his too. GP only affects foods she doesn’t like, so her special ice cream loaded with toppings is safe.

No. 429053

Not so anon but yeah, I'm EFM regarding her CC issue. I actually commented on a video of hers 2 days ago which went ignored. There is no post before my "but" comment. I started like that due to excuses made regarding the CC. Thought I'd just clarify for you.

No. 429099

If anyone is interested, I applied through Rev for freelance work captioning videos- they give you a 3 hour deadline to caption a 2 minute video. It took a bit of fiddling around but I was able to caption and sync it in under 10 minutes- so a 15 minute vlog would probably take about an hour- maybe less once you get the hang of it. I can see where's it would get complex if you had a complicated video with someone that doesn't speak clearly or speaks extremely scientifically or with numerous speakers speaking at once in a dispute, etc, but for a casual 15 minute vlog with Jaquie doing most of the talking it would take around an hour, maybe even a lot less once you get the hang of it.

No. 429114


Yeah, an hour is a reasonable amount of time for her vids. It's not like transcribing one of Janiece's videos. God, could you even imagine? I'd want benefits, vacation days, holidays… But thank you for the company name. I will be working a new side job soon myself.

No. 429143

She bought her bed through financing, so - according to Jaquie - that has nothing to do with her Patreon money. Um… she does realise that 'financing' still means she has to pay for it, right?

And yeah, EcoFluffyMama (welcome here, another cloth user, I presume?) is 100% right. She said her main goal of her Patreon account was to get CC, yet she didn't. The only reason she adressed it was probably because Peter and Mary talked about it and EFM asked about it a couple of days ago. As someone else in the comments said: if she would rather use that money for her internet shopping she should do so, but she has to be honest about it. If she simply would have opened a Patreon account just to supplement Judds income, people wouldn't comment on it. It would still be trashy, but at least she would be honest. If you say you are going to use it for CC, that has to be your first priority.

And if she really thinks it is important, she should just do it herself. She is defensive AF because she has a reason to be.

No. 429148

Also with Judd in the armed forces doesn't that mean she has good insurance? And given all her treatment would hit her maximum out of pocket for the year quite quickly? (I don't really know how US insuranxe works.)
So people saying about alleviating the impact of her medical bills are wrong, especially as her dad is $$$

No. 429153

O, a quick question I had regarding her infusions. Someone mentioned the weight of it all (funny how she doesn't seem bothered by that, eh? She even wants to carry stuff around by day instead of just doing night feeds like everyone else) and that reminded me of something. When I first came across her vlogs I wondered why she didn't do her infusions at night, but then I thought that maybe that made sense as she would have to go to the bathroom more often so she would have to get up a lot. But when someone in the comments asked her if she had to pee a lot with her infusions running, she says no, because 'her body needs it'.

Now, I am not medically trained, but normally whatever goes in has to come out. If you're in hospital hooked up to fluids and you don't pee more as the drip increases, doctors start to worry for your kidneys. I don't know a thing about IV fluids for dysautonomia though and she claims her doctor says she is 'probably' hypovolemic because of her reaction to the infusions (never mind that the more invasive a treatment is, the bigger the placebo response and that your patient could have been dehydrating themselves, just stick in a port after two infusions if they say it works, right?)

Does anyone know if her claim makes any sense? Would she pee less if she actually was hypovolemic (wether she is or not - she could've looked it up and claim it for that reason, of course)? Or is this just another sign that she is dehydrating herself? I think this was before the feeding tube even, so she still claimed to be drinking 2,5 or 3L of water every day. It just was 'never enough for my body', dixit Jaquie.

No. 429175


Indeed I am a cloth user :)

That was my point that no one seemed to get. She started her Patreon for the sole purpose to caption. The idea I believe was leftover money would help supplement their income. But she makes money through merch and adsense. So there's no reason to use the Patreon money for anything else beside the captions. It drived me bananas she's deleted comments in agreement with me, which makes me look the only only with an issue.

Forgive me for a bit of personal blogging but it's relevant to her GP. She's had no treatment beside tubes. I've had to go through things like botox and I'm facing my stomach being removed due to my GP. I still have my NJ, I've been on a liquids only diet for 2 years but now can't tolerate that..so how, HOW is her GP serious?! This doesn't add up. Bit like her Patreon.

Saged for a bit of personal blogging to highlight her GP inaccuracy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 429182

I know this is a controversial thing here but I would appreciate it if I don’t get attacked cause I’m just trying to answer questions. I’ve been getting IV fluids regularly for about a year now for dysautonomia (and no… it took 7 months before they even came close to considering a central line - a port after two infusions WTF???) and I do think Jaquie’s not peeing claim is weird.

I do know some POTS patients infuse at night but the majority say that increases swelling. I’ve never infused at night but I could see swelling being a bit of problem from your ANS maybe causing third spacing - especially with MCAS which also causes third spacing. I’ve always run fluids during the day because, quite frankly, they don’t last for long. One bag run slow (which benefits more than fast) gives me good symptom relief for about 12 hours then my Urine goes dark and I stop peeing and start fainting again.

That being said I was majorly dehydrated wen I started my infusions - e.g. vomiting everything I drank dehydrated. But even with no other source of hydration my infusions STILL make me pee. I do have days were I pee more than others, supposedly when I’m already more hydrated, but I’ve never had a day where the infusions don’t make me pee at all. I feel like that claim is highly suspicious because even with no oral intake she should be getting fairly sufficient hydration from her feeds and her fluids enough to have the urge to pee a lot during them.

Just cause you’re not pee doesn’t mean you “need them” more than someone who does pee. It kind of seems to me that by claiming she doesn’t pee is her very uneducated way of trying to make it seem like she’s so severe and needs them so badly, but TBH she’s be better off developing a kidney problem to explain her concerning lack of output.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 429186

>>429175 too many things don't add up with Jaquie- it's beyond ridiculous.

Saged for weird question- what is a cloth user?

It's BS again- her explanation doesn't add up plus there's no way of knowing if she's actually hypovolemic without a radioactive test which they don't do any more. She probably just pees an average amount since she doesn't drink enough water.

No. 429188

It's not really controversial because we know Iv saline is used for dysautonomia especially in America… Elsewhere it's pretty much unheard, though, except for rare occasions. We question Jaquie because her story is extremely suspicious - I.e. An automatic port without a diagnosis of pots and doctors telling her she doesn't have it.

No. 429206

Just in case anyone wants more input from a (real) POTS patient…

I am very prone to low blood volume, low blood pressure, and other symptoms of hypovolemia. My doctor refuses to even discuss the idea of saline infusions, so I do the damn work and I commit to drinking water constantly throughout the day and upping salt/electrolytes. I pee every hour at least, sometimes more. If I slack just a little on hydration, that rate drops dramatically and I can easily go 5-6 hours without peeing.

Also, much like Jaquie my stomach has a hard time accepting medium-large volumes of water so I use my fucking brain and I take it slow. But it works. And my stomach can't handle half the shit she eats.

If jaquie isn't peeing often, she's not trying hard enough. Simple as that. If she really committed to it it'd be possible. If she can tolerate ice cream, chocolate milk, fried food, rich cream sauces, pasta, overcooked chicken etc… She can drink the fucking water. Her infusions are just another toy- oops, I mean "tool".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 429241

She’s probably met her out of pocket maximum, those run anywhere from $1000-$5000, however, I would guess that a lot of her treatments (especially the ivig) aren’t covered. Insurance is picky about what the will and will not cover, and things have to be documented as medically necessary for insurance to pick up the tab. And since she’s not actually diagnosed with a lot of what she claims, I’m guessing daddy is paying for a lot of it, so she can waste her patreon money on fun stuff and her ‘toys’

No. 429253

>> I will be working a new side job soon myself.
If you ever get to caption Jaquies stuff, please put in little fun bits, e.g. by putting <in monotone voice> before the text if she is particularly monotone that day. Please?
See it as doing a public service.

No. 429263

I mean it's not like that would be inaccurate…

No. 429314


(in monotone voice) I've just had such a hard day y'all, my headache is so bad… but I got this new thing
(perks up) it's an alarm system in case I faint which I do all the time and Harlow can push the button!
(monotone) this is just going to help me feel so much safer on bad days…

No. 429332

Her legs gave out walking from the apartment to the car. How? How does that even make sense? She's on "nutrishun" and saline and somehow can't walk 20 feet in 70 degree weather?

No. 429333

File: 1511285214850.png (53.74 KB, 1151x348, jacqemails.PNG)

Direct emails are somehow a safety risk for Jacquie, I guess.

No. 429334

Jeez anon, she can't receive emails due to her severe allergies and compromised immune system. Don't be so insensitive. Get with the program…

No. 429358


Now she has the Barbie Wheelchair, she's trying to justify the need for it.

No. 429360

How does she not realize that not everyone wants to share their medical issues with the internet? "You can only ask me questions if you're willing to broadcast your private information on my YT comment section."

No. 429369

She's not an expert in any way so really she isn't qualified to answer questions. Those people should be posing their questions to their doctors, or nurses or "team." Yes, Jaquie is an idiot and her excuse not to have email is ridiculous - safety? Like germs or stalkers or what? But really, if people are going to send her mean messages they could do that on YT or IG anyway. I don't get her objection. It wouldn't be that hard to have a separate account for her public life and maintain a private email for personal contacts.

No. 429372


The thing is, she does pass herself off as an expert. She "advocates" for herself (ie. pushes docs and other medical staff to give her what she wants).
I can understand why other (possibly actually sick) people want to know how she did that if they're struggling, and also I understand why she wouldn't want to tell them (because she wants to be the sickest).

No. 429373

Passing oneself off as being as expert and actually being one are two very different things though. She's full of shit and we all know it. She even knows it to some extent or she wouldn't lie and contradict herself so much.

No. 429387


right? she goes up and down the stairs throughout the day, stands for periods of time to cook or prep food for Harlow, but she can't walk to the parking lot? it's such BS, how is Judd not losing his fucking mind.

No. 429400

Judd carried her downstairs apparently…

No. 429406

This one time, but not every time. He's gone more than he's not and she seems to do just fine with stairs and cooking and cleaning. She must be trying to justify the medic alert button.

No. 429544

It's a toss-up on who's posting the most painfully boring vlogs–Jaquie or the ever-bland Janiece. Both do nothing all day. Enemas are not rocket science so don't require a tutorial. Constipation doesn't normally evoke a monotone, sleepy-time, critically ill drama in normal people.
Jaq's big coup was cooking yet another shitty chicken recipe with burnt potatoes. Judd's childish excitement over a video game. Jaq's drama over toe surgery–c'mon, it's not open heart surgery or brain surgery. Just trying to make an ingrown toenail with a localized infection an over the top crisis. Who gives a shit if she can't eat and needs the tube plugged in 24/7? Judd is home and salivating to go buy a video game so Jaq has to divert his attention back to her with her "fall".
Judd Day? Envelope #1–Drive me to my doctor's appt so we can keep the focus on me. Stay tuned for Envelopes #2 & #3. You're in for a great day, Babe!

No. 429569

Judd Day will include Crabby Bill's (the restaurant with the huge wheelchair ramp) buying a Star Wars toy from Target and not making him eat any carrots.

No. 429594

I was trying to convey my complete disbelief that she is so lazy and had her husband carry her when she can bloody well walk! Ugh, she is unreal.

No. 429596


Janeice is totally unwatchable. Her blogs are too long and too boring. Credit where credit is due, Jaquie knows how to edit.

No. 429597

Has she not heard of sliding down on you bum!? One can get all sorts of places without falling by remaining on the floor!

No. 429600

But muh syndromez y'all…

No. 429681


She's easily butthurt, so going down bum-wards is a no no.

No. 429736

Top kek thanks anon

No. 429810

every once in a while … I think of the people who stumble onto Janieceece's videos expecting to see helpful tips on feeding their pets a raw diet, only to be met with a hours of discussion about enemas and shitting. They must be so confused.

No. 429830

When my cardio scheduled me for a port placement I started looking up how to infuse on the go because I'm a student and also just hate sitting on the couch for hours while my saline runs. I saw Jaquie's video and found her trick with the Vibedration bag to be quite useful. (I have two bags and can loosen the straps so they fit over my school backpack if I'm still infusing and have to go to class.)

However, soon after that I stopped watching her videos because she was annoying AF and so obviously a Munchie. She has such an obsession with her medical status that I wonder if she has ANY friends other than her dog and Janiece because who the fuck would want to sit there and listen to her complain 24/7?


No. 429831


See, in your case it makes sense to infuse on the go because you have classes and presumably a life. Jacquie doesn't: she just sits on the couch all day vlogging or editing said vlog.

No. 429847

Kek let's hope no one gets confused and gives their poor dog an enema

No. 430066

Even though it's JUDD DAY, Jacquie has to play the martyr. "No matter how I feel, no matter what my symptoms…."

That's not how days work when you're sick. You can't pre-plan stuff and carry it out no matter what. But then again, she's not really that sick, and she's promised her fans a JUDD DAY! Lucky fans! I mean, lucky Judd….

No. 430071


I'm such a sucker. When she did that big intro about how she wasn't going to focus on her because it was Judd day, I actually thought she was showing a more considerate side of herself! LOL NO. As soon as she can, she's lying in bed bitching about how sick she is. :/

I gotta say Judd was a good sport about the whole thing even thought he clearly just wanted to stay home and play video games. Psst Jaquie, since you read here, if you really want to show Judd how much you appreciate him: spend some of your endless TV time watching the Star Wars movies and learn a thing or two about something your husband clearly loves. I mean come on, even people who've never seen the movies have enough pop culture osmosis to know they're called stormtroopers not friggin SPACE PEOPLE.

No. 430091

She claims she had relentless vomiting the morning of Judd Day and continued to puke throughout the day. Anyone else not believe that at all?

No. 430105

Had to roll my eyes at the convenient "hips subluxing" described right as they got
home. Got to make sure babe knows there's no chance of getting any strange on his special day!

No. 430106

I pretty much don't believe anything she says! But god forbid someone thinks she was symptom-free for even a few hours!
I get she is all about 'raising awareness' but even IF she actually had these conditions then honestly I really think you'd just not mention every detail all the time!
I have health issues and I don't tell my friends/ family every time I go to hospital etc or every symptom. There are times when I need their support but if every single time something happened I called them I wouldn't blame them for ditching me! If you have health issues then these things become routine and literally aren't worth mentioning. I know Jaquie has no friends (other than Janice) but imagine you met her for coffee and made the mistake of asking how she is?!

No. 430111

Strange means sex outside of your current relationship, not sex with your spouse. He probably had better chances of getting strange than getting some from Jaquie.

No. 430115

My bad, my inner grandma apologizes

No. 430122

File: 1511376673892.jpg (179.47 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20171122-173127_01_…)

What's the bets she starts wearing dresses more often, just so she can show off her precious toob

No. 430181

We were right about Judd basically wanting to stay home. Jaquie - gives Judd annual aquarium pass. Judd - oh so now I have to drive us to the aquarium. KEK.

No. 430185

How sad is it that jaquie is so much the center of everything that they have to name a specific day “Judd day”?? That means it’s Jaquie Day the other 364 days of the year. Maybe I have a rose colored view of the world, but I’m pretty sure relationships are supposed to be 50/50. Judd’s not innocent by any means, but GTFO dude, your wife is a selfish sociopath who will dump you as soon as you no longer serve her purposes

No. 430190

I don’t believe her either, especially when she says she’s been throwing up all day, because she looks fine. Obviously she’s purging sometimes (moon face), but she doesn’t look like she’s actively throwing up. Also, if you’re someone with GP who does throw up often, you drain out the bile, and you certainly don’t eat the shit jaquie does. Once the bile’s gone, vomiting usually stops, unless you’re a total moron and eat. If your stomach is empty, you won’t have vomiting. Of course we all know that jaquie is full of shit, so that doesn’t even apply to her. She’ll say anything to get those asspats.

No. 430195

Not only that but - I've been relentlessly vomiting all day but I pushed an IV Zofran so I can go on a date tonight. I am sorry that is not normal or believable. Her doctors need to rein that shit in because her behavior is crazy destructive.

No. 430216

Right. If she reacts that well to zofran, what's the feeding tube for?

No. 430226

And don't forget how incredibly constipating zofran is…… she must NEVER POOP…… maybe she can get a fecal bag next omg! No one has those so they are really sooper speshul! Plus, how does she get an endless supply of zofran anyway??? Insurances are usually really stingy with the amount of zofran someone can have per month.

Sorry for blabbering, had to ask.

No. 430231

And not to backtrack, but the "short" version of Vancomycin is Vanc, not Vanco as Jaquie loves to say. Please check how to say/spell a word before using it a million times. But I guess it is like her pronunciation of vi-at-mins, huh?

No. 430233

Most gastroparesis patients would be praising their higher power over and over if zofran was that effective for them, but I guess none of us would understand her sooner severe case.

No. 430249

Everyone notice how she never tells us how she subluxed her hip? This has been mentioned before, but the hip socket is pretty deep so it is hard to dislocate or even sublux a hip. Even if you (really) have EDS. Jaquie has never mentioned subluxations of other joints that are much more prone to instability, so that alone is at least a little odd. Clearly her hips aren't as unstable that they'd sublux with every step or even every day (let alone more than once a day) so there has to be a clear cause for a sublux. That means she would have to fall or at least make a wrong movement. But of course Jaquie doesn't know what makes a hip sublux (and I'm not going to tell her either) so if she would describe how it happened, people would be able to tell that a hip cannot sublux with that particular movement. But she never says "I was walking and then I almost tripped and I moved my leg in this or that direction too much and then it subluxed" or even "I fell down and it sublux". Today was even the first time she said it happened today, all other mentions of subluxations that I remember it was "last week my hip subluxed" or "my hip subluxed a couple of days ago" (and now I am sore). But then, if you go back to the vlogs/post of that last week, there is never any mention of how her hip subluxed 'today'.

No. 430250

The "vihtamin" pronunciation is really one of the most annoying things she does. I looked it up because it aggravated me so effing much and discovered that is how it is said in British English. And she was born in the U.K or some shit but literally says NO other words in British English and has zero hint of an accent so I have zero clue why she insists on saying "vihtamins"
Sage for rage.

No. 430251

Every time she mentions a hip subluxation I can't help but wonder if they were getting it on. Or attempting to. Can a hip sublux that way?

No. 430254

Depends on your position. I has been known to happen to EDSers.

But I don't believe for one minute that her hip subluxed. Or ever did. But it was odd that it was Judd who mentioned it in todays vlog. So maybe it is her version of "I've got a headache today, sorry babe". Because she basically says she has headaches (almost) every day, so she has to think of something more special if she isn't in the mood. Though somehow I wonder if she is ever in the mood. I don't know, for some reason I don't see her as someone who would really enjoy having sex. Sex is a not all about her, so that'd be a problem.

No. 430255

Now that would be funny……. and would also be somewhat entertaining to hear about. Napping on a couch, watching netflix, and preparing raw food for your dog with no gloves is getting old quick!

No. 430271


Yes well, hip subluxation is sooper speshul for sure. Christina Doherty, who gave Jaquie the dress feeding tube tip, has real actual EDS (and POTS and MCA) and her hip sometimes subluxes from things like riding in a car for too long. Obviously J has to have it too because that's just so cool!!

Funny thing, tho – Christina can't get Zofran anymore because "they only give that to cancer patients" (paraphrasing her there). Well, cancer patients and munchies, apparently. Also, even though Christina is practically bed-bound a lot of the time, she goes to physio several times per week and hangs out with friends and has hobbies (jewellery making, painting and crotchet). And she's never OTT – in fact, she only mentions her pain in passing, except when it's so bad she's nearly crying. And she does advocate for getting better and has relevant informational videos that aren't just All About MY So-and-So. Also, she got her port after Jaquie got hers, because she had a PICC line for the longest time to try out the infusion therapy. Like you're supposed to. Ugh.

Sage for ranting and OT and also this is my first post here so sorry if I messed it up…

No. 430298

Off the topic, but zofran is increasingly hard to come by. When I was pregnant I had daily vomiting until the actual birth, my insurance would only allow me 8 orally disintegrating zofran a month!

Sorry off topic

No. 430305

Agree. I know a guy who died six weeks from his liver cancer diagnosis and he could only get oral Zofran as well. So frign weird that she gets unlimited IV Zofran.

No. 430306

I have EDS and the only time I've subluxed my hip is whilst horse riding (which I do occasionally as part of physiotherapy).

I get IM cyclizine for vomiting but this is given in A&E (the ER). Some people do have it IM at home but pretty rare.

No. 430307

So sorry to hear that. It is so sickening when people who REALLY NEED these resources because they are dying or in really severe distress and pain, and they are not available because of the wastefulness or glutton of people who aren't truly in need.

Ranting but relevant comment.

No. 430309

I have had rectal compazine for vomiting due to migraines….. maybe Janiece would like some, with her new loves of enemas and such(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 430323

If Judd loves Star Wars and video games, why didn't she have him pick out new games and veg out at home? He works all day or all night, then buys the groceries, does the laundry, drives her ass everywhere and listens to her go on endlessly about her ailments. Instead, she has him cart her to the aquarium so she can show off her handicapped equipment at the aquarium. When Judd stopped to watch the giant octopus–his favorite display–he said, "yeah, Jaquie already rolled away". Then there was the public display of her port and feeding tube line hanging out of her dress at the restaurant, while she sat and watched him eat. At least he got to eat some beef and not her shitty chicken!
Of course she couldn't let it be a real day about and for Judd–she had to work in her "relentless vomiting from her horrible nausea", how she was "struggling", "testing her limits", maxing out on Zofran, and of course, mentioning her "texture issues", like she was some kind of hero for her sacrifies for Judd Day. Meanwhile cancer patients are puking and insurance won't cover Zofran, paraplegics or quadraplegics can't qualify for Smart Drive wheelchairs, but it is Jaquie who is the example and advocate for chronically ill. And her Patrons can't fawn over her or give her enough money to encourage this shit. Finally, a hip subluxation? Really? And you can lay in bed with the monotone, sad, poor me face—she would be howling at the moon in pain if it had really subluxed–the after pains are almost as bad as a subluxation. Judd believing her shit makes him one tick above a rock mentally.

No. 430333

She scolds him for "potty talk" when he makes a #2 joke which is rich coming from her and her bodily details. She also compliments herself quite a bit in giving him the presents.

Prediction for tomorrow's vlog – a "rest day" and at least 3 minute s minimum justifying why it's okay to have a rest day.

No. 430344

File: 1511396763881.png (4.64 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_3659.PNG)

I had to go back and screenshot this nonsense because I nearly spat out my drink. "I'm so weeeeeaaaak" wrestles a police officer

No. 430361

It’s interesting that they have her on very, low-level, safe drugs. Zofran is pretty ineffective anyways, for most people, yet jaquie’s never asked for something better.

No. 430387


Well gee, now that you suggested there might be something better we'll get to see her trying to get Emend by next week.

I would have to say the cringiest part of Judd Day was the card she gave him with the t shit gift about how he forgot he wanted it, but thank goodness his thoughtful wife remembered.

No. 430403


He has purpose as long as he brings in his salary and plays the role on camera. Also since Jacquie's decided she can't drive (YEARS after being diagnosed with narcolepsy and epilepsy and still driving), he is necessary to her. Also someone's got to make appreciative statements about her cooking, since everybody knows she can't possibly eat it herself!

No. 430409


kek yeah, even after taking nausea meds, I'm on clear broth for a day or so after a bad episode. It seems to give Jaquie a magical impervious stomach!

Also re: the never pooping. Didn't she say she had frequent diarrhoea recently? (Sorry for gross/TMI gut-fagging) If you are chronically constipated, often the only stuff that makes it through the blockage is liquid shit.

Sorry. So sorry. But not that sorry.

No. 430411


In my direct experience, yes. But in J's case, I suspect she just wanted some attention so threw it out there and waited for someone to say "oh you poor thing!"

No. 430415


Judd Day is actually "Jaquie is a brave martyr warrior" day. It's just an excuse to show how apparently caring she is.

I wouldn't be shocked if Judd lied about his work schedule just to go shoot some pool with his work friends or something afterwards. Guy needs some downtime that isn't "making videos of Jaquie time".

No. 430420

Jaquie gets a lot of her "what can I do/have next?' ideas from Christina. I wonder when Jaq is going to get her hip and knee braces because Christina has a closet full of various braces that she vlogged about, so Jaq can decide which ones she will manipulate for. Of course, she will have an allergic from the brace material, because Christina did. I can't wait to see Jaq decked out in her strap-ons over her day/night toddler clothes.
Whether she is constipated or has diarrhea,she is still full of shit! Maybe she and BFF Janiece can give each other enemas then crawl back into Janiece & Paul's bed and watch another Disney flik.
Yeah, I can't imagine Judd thinking, as he climbs into his truck after work, "Man, I can't wait to get home"–knowing what he's facing. ALthough lately, he seems like he enjoys being in the vlogs—Celeb?

No. 430423


Well, I guess he's noticed the Patreon and ad money rolling in. This (presumably?) means he doesn't have to spend his hard earned money on Jacquie's frivolous demands, but it does make him complicit in her bullshit to an extent.

No. 430439

MunchBrainFame is contageous apparently.

No. 430477

Of course, he gets to play the selfless knight in shining armor every day. I don’t doubt that his life is terrible, though.

No. 430484

He's gotta be in the blog to show off his mustache

No. 430505

File: 1511413504368.png (79.89 KB, 619x499, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 04.5…)

Her fans are just fucking weird.

No. 430506


I wonder if Kate Farms would send just ANYBODY an emergency supply if they asked nicely? I'm guessing not. It helps to have rabid fans on your side.

No. 430508

Is that a HIPPA violation?

No. 430554

I’ve always been suspicious about Kate’s farms; if your formula is so great, why does insurance usually deny it, and why are you advertising mainly on Instagram?

No. 430555

I don’t think it matters if you’ve already discussed your entire (fake) medical history on social media

No. 430562


They sent it to her for free as a PR stunt. It's probably in the paperwork somewhere they that reserve the right to talk about it on social media.

No. 430575


I wonder if they were just fed up with fielding endless phone calls and emails from concerned fans that they would callously let their fave YouTuber starve to death while her tube was "kinked".

No. 430694

If anyone else thinks Janiece looks "fleek" please explain it to me—more geek than fleek, Gangsta!

No. 430703


Just like Hidden Valley did. Maybe that's what she's really running through her t00bz…. explains a lot.

No. 430704

And they made sure to mention Black Rifle Coffee in the Judd Day video after his fantastic wife gave him the shirt he forgot he wanted. They are probably hoping for something from them too.

No. 430707


kek well it explains why she only needs such a low feed rate

No. 430712

As munchie as Jaquie is, I never thought she was drug seeking per se, just attention and new toy seeking, but now I'm really wondering if she's edging towards a ketamine addiction.

No. 430715


I don't think it's possible to become addicted from the infusions. It's more a psychological addiction (at least in the case of the street drug) than a physical dependancy such as you'd see in other painkillers like tramadol or fentanyl.

No. 430718

So Jaquie starts today's video by saying how sick she is, sick voice, coughing, sore throat etc. Then mom records her while she is loopy as shit after anesthesia and guess who doesn't have a sick voice anymore and sounds totally normal?

No. 430724


As far as I can remember she wasn't on prescription pain medication or even having physiotherapy so how the shit does she go from no pain management programme straight to ketamine infusions?

No. 430733

Isn't it odd that her blah scratchy voice disappeared once she got some medical attention? Or that she told the rheumatologist that she is doing her PT–when has she EVER missed an opportunity to video a "team' treatment? Maybe she is counting the couple of leg lifts she does on the yoga mat, clutching her hip.
Loved the bug-eye phoney baloney act after the ketamine and versed. Maybe she can get some ketamaine to shoot up with at home–she can magically eat when she is on it (cracker) even tho she had nausea, gagging and nausea. Then she had to come home and google nerve pain so she could blow up her symptoms on the vlog. The vog mask was completely open at the top–betting her cold will be worse on the next vlog when the family is there to see her Shit Show. Can't wait to see what braces she gets and how often she wears them because the neck collar might interfere with showing off her port and make it harder to flip her hair constantly.
Wonder if she will cook some creamy chicken and broccoli for Thanksgiving dinner for the fam. Yum! Probably not–she is really sick.

No. 430736

What disease from her giant list is the ketamine for anyway? I remember they used to do it just for CRPS, and then depression, what else do they use it for now? Holy shit I know people who have suffered for years and can’t get approved or pay for ketamine infusions.. wtf does Jaquie need them for?

No. 430737


I'd presume hEDS, which can be extremely painful (I know some people with it on prn morphine), but she obviously doesn't have it to this degree. And I've not seen her mention other painkillers before .

No. 430738

Severe nerve pain can be relieved by wearing the brace to stabilize hypermoblie joint movement (y'all remember she has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?) so it should be worn PREVENTATIVELY too, not just when she feels like it. Another doc's recommendation altered by your fave bullshitter to fit what SHE wants.

No. 430745

lmao i still can't believe she got surgery for a fucking ingrown toenail

No. 430746

It’s not commonly used as a pain treatment for hEDS, the normal treatment for hEDS pain is physical therapy, a mid-level painkiller like meloxicam or something similar, small doses of muscle relaxers, and occasional bracing (less is better as it can lead to more instability)

No. 430748

Kek that’s what attention whores do

No. 430749


Wait, WHUT? A general anaesthetic?

If she's actually sick (sore throat, cold etc as she was claiming) and has asthma, and it's an elective surgery , then it should have been postponed.

But of course she wasn't sick. I'm still naive sometimes.

No. 430751


I'll bet something she's going to come out of hospital with a fucking walker boot on.

No. 430752


no, jaquie is too special for regular old anesthesia so she got ketamine

No. 430761

Nah, she'll just have an excuse to be in the Barbie car constantly for the foreseeable future.

No. 430767


Side bet: she vlogs with her foot up on a cushion tomorrow.

No. 430789

in bed,so her generous father and aunt can come upstairs and sit vigil in sympathy of her TOENAIL surgery! No soupy chicken dinner for them! But Daddy, feel free to leave me a big check–I will need to check Etsy for decorations to order for my neck, hip and knee braces.

No. 430798


Braces (n/inc neck) should only really be used when you're using the joints involved, or when pain or dislocation risk is worse, otherwise your muscles grow to become dependent on them and they can cause their own problems.

So I expect her to be wearing a full set from now on until she starts experiencing new pains (caused by the braces) that must be the sign that her serious EDS is finally (oh my gosh you guys) … terminal.

No. 430824


Is it just IV Zofran that's hard to come by? Because I get the oral dissolvable version (which doesn't do shit other than make me cringe with the fake grape flavor)

I also wish Christina had a bigger following because she actively tries to live as normally as someone with her conditions can…rather than Jaquie who sits and mopes about the littlest things.

No. 430873

I'm so disappointed she doesn't have a pink walking boot!

No. 430883


Good lord don’t give her any ideas

No. 430894


She doesn't mope, she gets excited at the possibility of invasive treatments, attention, new toys. The "sick voice" is such an act. If she does mope at all it's because no one's paying her any attention but she can fix that by coughing a bit then injecting herself in public.

No. 430898

Can any eds fags/ medfags weigh in on her "extensive nerve damage" report?

The sick face changes throughout today's video were so weird, just saying.

No. 430906

She probably has carpal tunnel which is super common and annoying but not a big deal.

No. 430907


The "damage" is in her hand/wrist? I wouldn't be shocked, she holds the camera up so much - and injects into the port, types/edits, and her posture is shitty so I can't see her paying attention to typing posture.

No. 430910


The stretching of ligaments and subluxations can but pressure on peripheral nerves causing neuropathy, and many people with EDS suffer from Small-Fiber Neuropathy…But I've never heard of "extensive nerve damage"

No. 430913

Yeah, I thought it was odd that she called it "extensive nerve damage" and not an actual diagnosis like small fibre neuropathy or carpal tunnel which seems more likely to be what she has.

No. 430916

Small fiber neuropathy doesn’t affect what your limbs can do, she’s describing incredibly common carpal tunnel. And there’s usually no nerve damage in EDS outside neuropathy, and motor nerves aren’t usually affected.

No. 430918

Yeah I’d go ahead and say she’s a lying bitch on this one. She’s never mentioned any nerve conduction studies/EMG’s, small fiber neuropathy or anything of the sorts. I think she’s just looking for asspats personally. I’ve been following her story for quite a while. This is the first I’m hearing of this. Anon, who posted all those screen caps of her port bullshit do you see anything on her Instagram you can dox her on regarding this? To my knowledge it doesn’t exist. But someone correct me if wrong.

No. 430920

I didn't watch it, but there's one from some days ago called "nerve conduction study", so she has had a test done.

No. 430925

Also, she doesn’t have EDS or dysautonomia, which are the conditions responsible for neuropathy. Can’t have the symptoms if you don’t have the disease.

No. 430934

True dat.

No. 430963

I watched that vlog with the nerve conduction test and a thought popped into my head - "oh, I know why she wanted this version instead of the EMG with the needles - this results for this kind seem to be based entirely on self reported sensation data." So easy for her to wait a few seconds before saying "yup, I can feel that now."

No. 430964

A long while back (because she was still driving iirc) she wore a brace for carpal tunnel in one of her wrists. Can't recall how often she wore it.

No. 430966


omg you're exactly right. I assumed it was because the real nerve conduction test is unpleasant and painful, but yes, there's also no way to fake that kind because it measures electrical impulses.

anyone know what the kind Jaquie got is called?

No. 430971

She did and I don't remember the duration either but I do remember she made Judd take her to either Urgent Care or the ER while they were in Orlando a few months back because of her wrist pain and they gave her a brace then too. This bitch has issues. Every single event in their lives has to be taken over by a medical "issue"

No. 430973

Gotta justify the Barbie wheelchair somehow. People are catching on that she doesn’t have the two conditions she says she needs the wheelchair for (eds and pots), so she’s looking for a backup excuse.

No. 430978

At the same time, she doesn't have the conditions that would be causing her symptoms, so she's digging herself into a hole, essentially

No. 430987

It's basically just called a Nerve Conduction Study (NCS)

No. 430990

File: 1511489517619.png (246.88 KB, 736x1118, IMG_4935.PNG)

Janiece calls her husband a service human too. Wtf?

No. 431001

This is so weird! What's with the princess crown comment?

No. 431004

Her test was a nerve conduction velocity test but it only looked like the guy tested one area of her neck. The electrode was on her lower neck and he sends an impulse thru the electrode and asks her when she can feel the current down her arm. It's not really stronger than a static shock you getwhen you scuff across the carpet and touch someone. This was a nerve test, not the EMG where they stick needles into the muscles to see if the muscles are getting the signal. So her slow response coud affect the results–saying she has slow nerve conduction. Slow brain waves too, but that wasn't part of this test–just an ongoing observation.

No. 431006

I don't know I didn't follow it either. Unless she is talking about their other dog (the small white one idk what its name is)

No. 431010


It’s her kek. She’s having to dress up and stand up and act like a normal adult, as opposed to her normal spoonie princess mode.

No. 431014

MRSA surgery. Not ingrown toe surgery, y'all.

Second, YT has been demonetizing videos that it doesn't think meet some standard. There's a robo-algorithm making the call and YTers can ask for a hand review of videos that are not approved b/c of the number of subscribers she has, but I noticed that the MRSA surgery video is not monetized right now. This means that she will not be paid for views while it is not monetized and even if it is approved through hand-review, she will not receive $$ for views during the time it was not monetized.

No. 431022

How can you tell if it is monetized or not? Are all of her generally monetized?

No. 431039


From what I've seen in service dog groups, it's pretty common to use the term service human.

No. 431040

Does ketamine really do that to you? Or is she just that damn crazy?

No. 431074

Not only is that term super cringy, it’s a pretty offensive and dismissive way to refer to anyone, especially your spouse. It just shows how self-centered and narcissistic munchies are. People in their lives are only there to help them, give them asspats, and provide the cash to support their malingering.

No. 431094

There are so many things wrong with that term- it just shows that whoever uses it has some serious issues with respecting others and finding worth in others without them being there to serve them- it goes to a whole new level when that person is your spouse/ partner. It is soo creepy.

No. 431141

she probably just has carpal tunnel or thoracic outlet syndrome, just like 80% of the people with eds and a large chunk of the healthy population. You do PT, wear a brace, and deal with it.

knowing her she'll probably want another surgery. CTS surgeries are almost never a success in EDS since the hypermobility will still be there after surgery.

No. 431147

>>431141 what I want to know if this is enough to say "extensive nerve damage" instead of whatever she was diagnosed with. Surely she wouldn't have just been told "extensive nerve damage". it seems a little sketchy. I wonder if she said something common like carpel tunnel or TOS people would realise it's not strictly and EDS thing like she's trying to claim.

No. 431194

In Jaq's case, everything is over the top and there is a history of her modifying what the doc really said and what her personal munchie interpretation of that is. Usually nerve conduction tests are done in combination with
the EMG for the full picture of conduction and she only had the NCT. Plus she tells what she wants to tell and there may be only a thread of truth to that because she is so desperate to be ill.

No. 431232

Today's vlog: here's how I use dry shampoo when my munchie ass is too damn lazy to take a shower (for THREE DAYS). Or when babe isn't home to carry my pudgy ass up the stairs.

No. 431235

That's all she could come up with to vlog? That she hasn't showered in 3 days? Ate bread–a big mast cell trigger–except when it's not. Whatever fits the moment, Jaq.

No. 431236

Today's vlog: here's how I use dry shampoo when my munchie ass is too damn lazy to take a shower (for THREE DAYS). Or when babe isn't home to carry my pudgy ass up the stairs.>>431235

No, the highlight of the vlog was her going to to eat with her family and loudly complaining about nausea and how she absolutely can't eat food that touches other food she doesn't like. Not "won't"… "can't". Muh autism.

No. 431239

Urgh this pisses me off so much. She literally picks and chooses what bits of what illnesses she wants.
She supposedly has 'autism' but is fine in noisy places, fine going to appointments… (like HAPPY going?!)
I have Asperger's and my brother has autism and everyone with autism IS different but she geninely doesn't seem challenged by it. She also got through school with not diagnosis 100% fine etc. and without any mental health problems (supposedly).
Most people diagnosed late whilst they may have achieved at school usually have experienced substantial anxiety/ depression/ suicidality/ behavioural issues due to the environment and not knowing WHY they were different/ finding things hard.

There is thought to be a link between hypermobility and autism spectrum (and dyspraxic like symptoms) but arghhh

sage for ranting

No. 431318

I am sure that Judd's family is just overjoyed a the thought of having yet another Thanksgiving dinner with the munchie queen from hell…

No. 431319

Still the term service human is so fucking cringey and honestly kinda gross? I can’t imagine calling my S.O my service human

Sage for no contribution

No. 431330

With any luck, maybe she will take a nap on the table again.

No. 431353

i have eds with CRPS localized to my legs right now. not much you can do for it except work hard to desensitize the area by touching it and using the limb normally so it doesn't atrophy from being favored. sage even tho an edsfag was asked to weigh in.

No. 431356

I'm starting to get really annoyed with the way she thinks she's totally not complaining if she follows each whine with "and that's fine". "But that's totally ok."

No. 431377

I'm shocked Jaquie didn't show off a Thanksgiving t00b pad.

She got a kid's portion of the Thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant with her mom, dad and aunt, something that finally matches her choclit melk must-have.

Most of her munchie complaining is done 1:1 to the camera, and it's a short vlog at just about seven minutes. I think she's getting bored with whatever the drama was with her MRSA toe and is going to have some kind of big emergency in the next week.

No. 431413

File: 1511564128457.jpg (730.6 KB, 1069x1832, Screenshot_20171124-165109.jpg)

I think I found a Jaquie inspiration account. She talks about ketamine, how she prefers to be on a real food formula because it's better, how she has a team of doctors and she switches doctors a lot. It's like looking at Jaquie's account, but the person actually seems sick!

No. 431416

i have never wk before so forgive me but this girl is the sweetest and she's actually very sick. most likely jaq has stolen from her in the past if anything. saged for obvious wk. wont happen again.

No. 431425

sage because newb, but what is wk?

No. 431440


She’s sick, but still too ott for a normal person. Doesn’t belong on here, and isn’t crazy enough to be on the other munchie thread. Just your run of the mill, whiny spoonie who makes chronic illness look like a death sentence when it’s possible to be moderate to severally impacted by those illnesses and still have a life outside of IG. Move on and get back to the milk. We know jaquie copies people, and there are a million spoonie accounts that all look the same.

No. 431441


She can be sweet and yet still annoying. It’s the spoonie paradox. But nothing to do with jaquie.

No. 431459

So how do you know she's "very sick", then? People fake and exaggerate all the time. I'm not saying she is, but you don't know she isn't. Her problems could be partly self induced (anorexia) or she could be exacerbating them. You can't say someone's sick and expect people to believe you for no reason.

No. 431462

WK stands for White Knight. Means defending someone like a knight on a white horse or something.

No. 431470

Exactly, especially since it’s possible to have all those conditions and be at a healthy weight, while she’s for sure not. Also, just because you’ve got those illnesses doesn’t mean you’re “very sick”, and let’s not forget that there are plenty of people who think jaquie is “very sick”, when really she’s healthy and just full of shit.

No. 431487

I did a bit of research on Ancef (Cefazolin) as Jaquie said they gave her that during her “surgery”. Studies show that Cefazolin is ineffective in treating MRSA but will treat MSSA (methicillin susceptible staphylococcus aureus). Basically, it’ll treat a regular old staph infection but not MRSA. Why would she lie about that though? Regular staph sucks and can be dangerous, I mean, she was fine of course but she could have played the real thing up instead of saying she had MRSA.

No. 431496

J said it was protocol that she received it, which means it was not specifically treating anything. Receiving antibiotics during surgery is pretty normal in the U.S.

No. 431502

Or jaquie’s full of shit and just googled what the treatment would be if she had an infection, and didn’t pat attention to whether ancef treats mrsa or normal staph.

No. 431506

Yeah I’m leaning towards this. Does she not realize most people either take care of ingrown toenails at home or in a doctor’s appointment? Even when it’s infected, in my experience, you’re prescribed antibiotics and (sometimes) a topical ointment or solution. Then it’s over. No ketamine necessary.

No. 431541

There is ingrown toenail surger for people with chronic ingrown toenails. But that’s done at a podiatrists office with some local lidocaine and that’s it lol. You don’t feel a thing until the lidocaine wears off later on, obviously. But anethesia for ingrown toenail removal… that boggles my mind.

No. 431544

Well, it's pretty clear that Jaquie is very very fragile and any symptom she has or procedure done is extreme. Having done billing & insurance for a doc, giving her light IV sedation instead of lidocaine takes a toenail surgery from about $200 in the office to at least $2000 in a treatment center, so if the doc can qualify it by naming off the dozen illnesses she has to the insurance company, he can reap the rewards. The Ancef is pretty common in surgeries to kill prevent infection from the actual surgery, not just to treat the bugs she already has. The boot that she made such a big deal about is to keep the toe area open and the sole is rigid, so as to not bend the toes and put a strain on the stitches. But with her EDS, she probably can't move the toe joint anyway. Last medfag comment–for someone who doesn't heal due to muh EDS, she was over the cold in less than 2 days.

No. 431553


Isn't the point of CRPS that it is localised to one area though?

I've seen a few munchies online claim they have CRPS everywhere which just sounds bizarre.

No. 431572

Actually, toes are usually quite hypermobile in eds, and the slow healing is usually only in tissues, especially skin, but I completely agree that anesthesia for an ingrown toenail is extremely excessive. It’s not good for pots patients, and jaquie’s also claiming nerve damage, so shouldn’t her toe be less sensitive? Plus, eds patients usually have high pain tolerances, while she’s treating a toenail like she’s broken her leg. And yes, lidocaine can be less effective in eds patients, but you just use a larger dose more frequently, which is much safer than being knocked out, even if it’s light anesthesia or sedation. But jaquie’s got to justify spending $15,000 on her wheelchair somehow!

No. 431579

Yeah, people with pots tend to avoid any sort of anesthetic like the plague. But Jaquie doesn't seem to realise this and never reports any symptoms that are actually a true representation of the illnesses she claims. She bounces back from general anesthesia so quickly without a problem.

No. 431581

It’s almost like she just read the symptoms online and only copied the most recognized ones….

No. 431641

>>Anon, who posted all those screen caps of her port bullshit do you see anything on her Instagram you can dox her on regarding this?
You rang, m'lord?

She has mentioned it before. Long ago, I'll have to look it up though to be sure. It was I think shortly after they moved to Tampa bay, so that's about a year ago? She said she was to see a neurologist (I think?) to look into "possible small fibre neuropathy" because of the leg pains she has had since she was a child. However, as far as I'm aware, she never mentioned if she was tested and what the outcome was. She pretty much dropped the leg pain as well. During the time she was still looking for a POTS diagnosis and angling for IV fluids she posted once about Judd having to drive her to the ER because her leg pain was so bad. She has barely mentioned it, since.

Her pain symptoms seem to have changed from "leg pains" to "hip pain and subluxations and other joint pain." Her (possible) nerve symptoms seem to have changed from "leg pain" to "pins and needles in both arms and legs". Which, for the record, is so common in HEDS that most patients are never tested for any nerve disorder/damage unless they develop severe weakness along with it.

And as another anon said, she also mentioned nerve studies. One of her very recent vlogs features a nerve conduction study and she talks about having it had before.

I don't know what to think of it, to be honest. I find it odd that a rheumatologist would refer her for nerve conduction studies - maybe it's different in the US, but in most countries such tests would almost exclusively be asked for by neurologists (maybe with some specific exceptions, like tests for CTS might also be done for hand surgeons and orthopedic surgeons). I wonder if a rheumatologist would be able to interpret the results correctly. It's a very sensitive tests and results can be off if the patient even has cold hands or feet or if they are sitting in the wrong position. Normally the technician who does the testing would know how to carry it out obviously. But since Jaquie always seems to find doctors and other professionals doing things they wouldn't normally do, I tend to take pretty every suggestion of her 'team' with a pretty large grain of salt.

Apparently, she also has some problems in her lower back now that are causing nerve problems in her legs. Yet I cannot remember her ever mentioning lower back pain. We'll see what the MRI shows, my guess would be not much. Or maybe some incidental finding that of course gets blown way out of proportion.

No. 431708

I'm actually shocked she's never had an MRI of her neck with all the complaining about "muh servurr neck pain" and the high incidence of herniated discs in (actual) EDS patients.

I swear to god if they find an incidental syrinx she is going to be in heaven.

No. 431710

Today Jaquie's dad went to her mom's place for coffee because her and Judd don't drink it so they don't have any in the house. It's such a small thing but my god does it show how self-centered she is. Okay, sure, she doesn't drink coffee, no big deal. But doesn't at least have instant coffee hanging around in their kitchen in case they have guests who do drink coffee? Instant isn't great but it lasts forever and it's the bare minimum you can do to make your guests feel welcome.

No. 431716

True. I don't know anyone who doesn't have instant at the very least even if they don't drink coffee themselves. Just like keeping creamer if you drink your own coffee black. It doesn't cost a thing and it makes every family member, friend or repair man happy. But if you have a friend or family member who drinks coffee, it's even weirder if you don't have any. Most of my friends keep tea flavours they don't like themselves because someone they know likes it. Did she say they normally had it but were out, or just 'we don't drink it, so we don't have it'?

It is very telling though. Of course we know this because we watch her vlogs, but they never have any friends over. I don't think Judd even has any guy friends, except Paul. Jaquie of course substitutes real friendship with online asspats from strangers who watch her vlogs and make her think she has friends, but what's Judd's excuse?

No. 431722

Agree about the coffee but J & J wanted to leave for Orlando so she and Janiece could crawl into bed and compare chronic illnesses while watching Disney movies. Daddy is only good for one thing–$$$$$. At least that gives Judd's mom some hope that the Jaquie Shit Show will be limited at her house.
Janiece was bitching about people talking to or about her service dog. Her vlogs are the worst–she could edit them down to about 3 minutes tops. She is incresingly her chronic illness list almost daily.
Who would want to be friends with them? Jaq has YT & IG pals and Judd is a dudd!

No. 431723

They don't keep any in the house. She made a big deal of mentioning when her mom moved out that mom had brought her own coffee brewer because she and Judd don't drink it. When her mom moved out of course she took her brewer and now they are back to having nothing.
Judd's excuse is probably shame in regards to his relationship. Haha maybe, idk, but Jaquie doesn't seem like she would be very accommodating to his guests due to her sooper severe e'rrythang

No. 431728

With all those 12hr shifts I don't know when Judd would have time to make new friends outside of work. It's the kind of situation where having a stay-at-home wife who could do the heavy lifting in the social department and introduce to him some new people would be helpful… he gets to meet a lot of new doctors, I guess?

No. 431767

Interesting how her symptoms changed to better fit hEDS/pots/GP the more she interacted with people that had those and the more toys she got, almost like she was researching symptoms and then just copying them, but in a very textbook and not realistic way…

No. 431800

I can't believe she has created this unlikable image for herself and even if she wanted to crawl out of the hole she has dug herself into, I don't think she knows who to be. WHo is the Jaquie without the chronic illness warrior title? Just guessing she wasn't popular in school, didn't have many friends, etc. and has become a virtual shut-in and turned to anonymous media attention-seeking by claiming illnesses. Even Janiece didn't like her at first but has also fallen into her own illness rabbit hole, copying Jaquie. There are so many chronically ill claimers on YT and I think they compete for the largest number of subscribers, followers, patreons and the greatest number of supportive, sympathetic comments. She is so unlikable in this role, is so suspect for lying, and such an incredible bad influence on young girls who may be insecure in themselves and are copying her. One way to undo some of this damage might be–if indeed there is any truth to her diagnoses–to be the example or warrior that lives fully DESPITE any illnesses. Setting and reaching personal goals, overcoming symptoms, and/or putting the focus on helping others would absolve her somehwat from this nighmare she has created for herself. Or she could train service dogs for others. Or work for a hospital, because she certainly has a talent on ways to obtain insurance coverage.

No. 431822


Ironically, her "fans" will say the opposite - that's she's very likeable, selfless, brave etc.

Also re: training service dogs - can't recall which thread it was, but she has been kicked out of a few SD groups because of either poor training or lying about it.

No. 431855

You have to remember that Jaquie is likely to be unwell mentally if she's doing all this munchie behaviour on a daily basis to this extent (which she is), so it's not really like she can just switch it off. She has her whole world and identity engrained in this crap. But I agree she needs to save face soon before she goes any more extreme than she already is because people will be making munchie documentaries about her before she knows it.

No. 431856

File: 1511644463637.png (52.49 KB, 1306x376, tree.PNG)

This call out is good. In today's vlog she tries to justify getting a real Christmas tree despite her severe plant allergies because the fake ones collect too much dust. Sounds fishy.

No. 431861

File: 1511644861912.png (1.46 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4947.PNG)

We got to see her Thanksgiving toooobie pad y'all!!

No. 431862

>>can't have a fake christmas tree because they collect too much dust.

TF? That's hilarious. Absolutely bonkers. How stupid does she think her followers are?

No. 431865

Wtf is that even??

No. 431866

Supposedly a Turkey

No. 431873

Plus they can pick up a new 5ft fake tree each year for $5. If they don't want to do that, wrap it back up, put it in the box and no dust will get on it. If she's really worried which would be borderline paranoia- she could have her service human hose it down and dry it in the sun for a few days unless she's allergic to the sun too.

No. 431875

Adjustable allergies–for when the moment suits her.

No. 431882

Adjustable POTS, adjustable GP, adjustable EDS, adjustable heat intolerance, adjustable SPD, adjustable autism. Every single thing she claims to have she adjusts to fit what she does or does not want to do. If she wants to do it, then she can't live completely restricted. If she doesn't want to do it, it's all about muh sooper severe e'rrythang. She should change her handle to Adjustable Jaquie.

No. 431884

Holy shit this girl fucks me off, HOW could you have that many different illnesses? Her doctors must know what's going on… How could they not?

No. 431885

>Adjustable Jaquie
Thanks anon, you made my day

No. 431899

File: 1511647632461.png (152 KB, 750x1063, IMG_4950.PNG)

More adjustability. This from the chick who supposedly isn't safe to spend time alone, can't drive and just invested in a medical alert button.

No. 431905

File: 1511648354336.png (218.28 KB, 746x1185, IMG_4951.PNG)

Of course she doesn't have depression. She LOVES living like this. She lives to live like this. She's mentally ill for sure but definitely not depressed. That would be the normal reaction to someone who had 11 or so "chronic" illnesses.

No. 431911

I find that reply so creepy! A normal response would be we all have our ups and downs and everyone feels depressed etc…… she could have used this question to help her fan instead of using it to further prove she has no mental health issues…. and we all know that she does.

No. 431957

Yeah, talking with your eyes slit open, monotone voice with (cracked, dry)lips barely moving, and no expression is NOT depression.
"But that's ok"……
Maybe its the new chronic illness: Fakery Fatigue. It's very rare–only she and Janiece have it.

No. 431959

Adjustable Jaquie in her adjustable bed.

No. 431976


Real christmas trees collect just as much dust as fake ones. WTF is she on about??

No. 432024

File: 1511663531921.png (317.49 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0088.PNG)

Clearly she's got nothing to do besides sit around on social media. And I prayyyyyyy this was sarcasm.

No. 432026


I suspect her "cold" was a "feeling a bit under the weather", you know that sort of throaty headachy thing that isn't quite a cold and often doesn't turn into one? Either that or she'll have to admit she's lying haha

No. 432027


Someone please go point out how she got over her last cold quickly too.

No. 432039

File: 1511664954041.png (51.02 KB, 1160x214, lmao.png)

guess who's too special to have her "monthly" so she needs even more pills to stop it?

No. 432040


So…. she's on the pill (this does stop periods in some people right?)

No. 432042


most likely, but why say "I'm on the pill" when you can make it sound like your team ("we") is doing complicated medical things?

No. 432056

“Ha ha thanks for reminding me that I need to have even my colds become special and dangerous even though there’s vlogs of me being sick and getting over it super quick”. Also, lots of people with chronic illness get depressed, it’s normal. It’s normal to be upset that you can’t live normally even when you try, and not being able to take a break from frustrating symptoms sucks too (that must be nice, jaquie). There are lots of people who are actually dependent on feeding tubes and central lines and mobility devices that get fucking depressed, because it sucks and we don’t have the option to lay around and whine on social media until we get bored with acting sick. Also, with all her “chronic pain “, why has no one put her on an antidepressant? Actually really helpful for a lot of pain, including eds.

No. 432057

I completely support that, we absolutely do not need her reproducing.

No. 432059


She would probably insist she's too "medically complex' to have children. But whatever she claims, it's a good thing. We don't need her turning into a Munchausens mom.

No. 432064


It was sarcasm. $10 says her next cold will be much worse cause I reminded her.

No. 432068

She has said that pregnancy would be "extremely dangerous" for her.

No. 432069


No more than it would be for anyone else with her plethora of conditions. I know lots of people with EDS/POTS etc who've chosen to have kids, and even though I couldn't do it myself, it is not impossible and not specifically advised against by doctors.

Psychologically, though, it's probably best she doesn't.

No. 432073

Is she an idiot? EDS is a genetic disease, people with it have had children for years, otherwise it’d be wiped out, especially hEDS since it’s next to impossible to get it spontaneously. True, some people with EDS can’t have children, and some can but choose not to, but it doesn’t kill you it just lowers your chances of carrying a baby to full term and increases your chances of uterine prolapse. Unless she’s claiming it’s because of one of her other “illnesses”. Of course, we know it’s not an issue, because she’s not sick. Anything for more asspats.

No. 432074

Yeah, she’d actually have to care about and take care of another human being for once, her brain would probably explode

No. 432208

Lots of Janiece ragging on Jaquie. Some funny bits if you can get through it all…funnier stuff starts after Jaquie arrives.

No. 432209

File: 1511712453551.png (1.79 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4963.PNG)

Our resident five year old. Cookies and hot chocolate while the grown ups eat. And then she has small plates from their dinners instead of ordering her own. Even though she made a big deal about not being hungry and only being at a restaurant so Judd and his mom could eat.

No. 432214

File: 1511713934633.jpg (630.94 KB, 2237x1588, FpbNrPw.jpg)

Anyone see the most recent reaction to that comment? It's.. interesting, to say the least. I am not even sure what they are saying. Are they saying basically what we say (i.e. she loves the life she lives, so why would she be depressed?) or is it more a "you cannot compare the chronic illness experience from someone who has a good team of doctors and who is reasonably affluent with someone who has to worry about getting their much needed treatments covered because no coverage equals no treatment for most Americans"?

If it's the first, it's pretty well concealed. But as I said, I really don't know with this one.

No. 432215

Can they please stop taking videos of their fat ugly faces together? It’s just so unflattering. And nobody cares, just nobody fucking cares what you’re talking about. Especially Janiece. I can’t even believe she has viewers. Her existence on the internet is so pointless.

No. 432218

I would be so fucking pissed if someone constantly fails to order their own food on the assumption that they get to eat mine. Sorry, you're going hungry. Enjoy your "nutrition", bitch.

No. 432223

It's hard to say for sure but I would guess OP is smart enough to know that without some nuance, the comment will get deleted. Reading between the lines, personally, I get from that comment - she doesn't have to work and is completely supported. She seems to have zero goals other than being sick. She gets continual asspats from her fan base. She seems to hold some magic card when it comes to getting whatever medical treatment she wants regardless of how OTT or unnecessary.
Most other people with chronic illness on
the other hand, have to work, have to interact with the world, have insurance companies that battle and deny everything,
don't seek and receive attention from
internet strangers, have goals they have to give up or struggle very hard to meet, deal with frustration from family members and
friends in regards to their own struggles in
coping with a loved one with chronic illiness and being depressed is normal when you look around a compare yourself to someone
who is healthy.
Jaquie lives in a sitcom type of chronic illness world where even though she supposedly struggles, everything is ideal and perfect. She's a horrible "advocate" for anything.
Sorry for being so long winded…

No. 432225

I haven't seen the video, but I actually think it makes more sense to eat two bites of your SO's plate than order your own, if that's really all you are going to eat. I feel most of the time she does order her own. Sometimes to eat "more than she thought she could" because since her feeding tube she is mysteriously having a lot of "good days, GI-wise", but sometimes she just eats two bites and leaves it at that. Even if she gets a doggy bag and lets Judd eat leftovers the next day, it's still a waste of money to order food in a restaurant and not eat it. And I'm pretty sure that despite her insisting they never waste food, Judd doesn't always want her leftovers.

Not only does she have viewers, she even has her own fan base. I haven't seen any of her most recent videos as I find hers very hard to watch (let's be honest, as annoying as Jaquie is, she does know how to edit a video, while Janiece has no friggin' idea). Are her fans still sending them stuff for her dogs? I don't get it. I mean, I get that animal lovers want to do something nice for a pet sometimes. I once got a very cute home made cat toy from someone I knew strictly online because I was talking about a problem I had with my cat and she thought it might help. That was just nice. But having strangers sent you stuff every day? Making an Amazon wish list and putting expensive toys on it? It's weird and creepy. Not to mention greedy. If for some weird reason multiple people whom I did not know would want to sent me stuff and I received packages basically every day, I would be SO weirded out by that. I think I'd be afraid to tell people about it.

No. 432235

So.. does it pay well, being an interpreter?

Just kidding, I think that could be a good translation. But as you said: it's hard to say for sure. I think it's also possible that someone would be able to see that her drama is mostly short-lived, she gets always the high-end treatments and goes to a lot of doctors (and a different one if the first one didn't indulge her) without seeing the extent of her lies. It's possible. I just don't know.

No. 432241

We've wondered before if Jaquie reads here and I'm voting no because I don't think it's possible for Jaquie to be here and Janiece not to be. Janiece is very confrontational and rude in her YT comments, there is no way she wouldn't have posted here.

No. 432257

Muh serious GP, y’all. Toddler food-exempt as usual.

No. 432267

Amen to your perfect response.
And now she is going to call about the Smart Drive so she can do even less–all she has to do is steer. Steer where? Up and down the hall? She can't drive, can't lift it in and out of the house, etc.
As for her eating others' food, she could get a kid's meal (and eat it in her kiddie booster seat)and let them enjoy their own instead of always making everything about her. No worries about it being a waste of money–apparently money is no object for ANYTHING she wants.

No. 432278

OK, if you are sitting down, below is a link that shows how much Jaquie makes from You Tube. The first is the link and the second is her YT URL number. Try not to shit your pants.


YouTube Video URL: UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ

Janiece's YT URL: UCgX3KpWwWabNKiuLdqE4uUw

No. 432291

File: 1511724051145.png (508.88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4965.PNG)

Social Blade shows her as making a lot less. Is there a way to determine which one is most accurate?

No. 432292

Andif that isn't enough, here is her Instagram income:


Username: chronically_jaquie

No. 432294

Then why isn't she posting something daily? She posts maybe every 10 days. Maybe.

No. 432297

The big money for her toys is in YT.

No. 432303

Don't forget helper_dog_harlow
If that calculator is accurate, Harlow's is a lot more.

No. 432309

Wait that’s a huge gap though.. if I’m reading it correctly. If not correct me, she makes anywhere from 3k-53k a year? So basically it COULD be a lot or honestly it could be nothing?

No. 432311

The amount of money she rakes in for faking illness is absolutely disgusting. Also it’s insulting to people who are actually sick and don’t have money for things they actually need.

No. 432365

Screenshot that milk.

No. 432370

Posted this to the main thread, but meant it for the J&J thread…J's thanksgiving vid and Aubrey's hospital video do not have monetization running on them. Some of the Frey Life hospital vids also lack monetization lately. I don't know if they realize they aren't getting paid for these views right now.

No. 432381

Yes, it's a YouTube bot glitch. They have to submit their video for review to get approved for monetisation which can take a couple of days.

No. 432395


OK, but I put my own IG name in there and it came up with between $12-24 per post, but I don't make any money from my Instagram (I'm not an "influencer", so is this just estimating what I would make if companies paid me to promote their shit?)

No. 432486

It was me who made the comment on jaquis YouTube. I was pissed with how she “advocated” for that woman’s health. I hate seeing people post to get for medical advice. What I have said in it about myself is true. Jaq is 100% bullshit- I have two jobs and am an active person even though I look like Quasimodo. Telling people depression is a magical issue some get and some don’t and she is just fucked. I snapped. I just hid my anger in a nice post because I might be autistic but I’m not an idiot.

No. 432493

Welcome anon. How did I do in my interpretation?

No. 432502

Pretty spot on. If Jaq sees it, I expect she'll do a blog all about her headphones and start having a lot of trouble interacting in public for some reason.

(my sister has what we call facetious disorder, we expect because when I was little I had to run around in a back brace and see doctors all the time, so she got a little neglected. I have my own theory why Jacqui is how she is.
It is why I come to this forum, because sometimes I just need to go OKAY! Other people deal with this, too!) (that makes me sound like an arsehole, I know.)

No. 432512

Well, what's your theory on why Jaquie is like this?

No. 432535


Revisited this comment from her and I have to say I would doubt she even received any OT for her autism. Wasn't she diagnosed as an adult? I presume she would claim getting OT for her claimed sensory issues - it can be difficult getting insurance to cover OT for kids and OTs tend to be in shorter supply (the company I work for always has a waiting list for clients seeking OT). OTs that work with adults tend to have a different focus than the ones that work with kids so it would be even more work to find an OT that works with an adult on autism related issues. I am sure its possible especially with daddy's money but I doubt it. (Since any sensory related autism issues would be present as a child and not just magically appear in adulthood).
And she doesn't mention any speech tx, which would probably be easier to get and focus more on social issues that an adult with autism might encounter.
There really is no reason/benefit to an adult being diagnosed with autism except to help them understand why certain things may be difficult for them. Seeing as Jaquie does nothing all day and seems to interact with her small circle of helper humans just fine the diagnosis is just another fun thing for the list.

No. 432538

She received some OT for autism because she talked about what she was learning in at least one vlog.

No. 432541

Don't you think that she may not be autistic, especially since she was supposedly diagnosed so late? Instead maybe it' just that she is not the brightest girl–never picks up a book and her mentality seems geared to Disney IQ level. Also she is clearly socially awkward. When she doesn't "get" what Judd says, it just seems like her Little Girl act of being too innocent to understand. Granted she doesn't like her food to touch but neither do I–it is just a personal preference, not an autistic marker in every case.

No. 432558

If she is autistic, it wouldn't surprise me if she was diagnosed so late. At least in the UK girls are way underdiagnosed compared to boys because the way autism presents is different between the genders and a lot of what parents and teachers - the people who will notice and suggest evaluation - think of as autistic traits are really male autistic traits.

The thing that makes me think she has it and has had OT for it is that grating "thanks babe" thing she does while being especially demanding. It's like someone told her the socially correct thing to do is to thank them when they do something for you… and she interpreted it as long as she insincerely says thanks, she's in the clear to do whatever she wants.

No. 432590

just saw Janiece's "black friday pain" video and she's claiming that she's a size 2 in pants now. I guess it's possible that her bottom half is a completely different shape than her top but I'd say she's at least a size 6. She's still not as delusional as Jaquie but she's getting close!

No. 432597

I thought the same thing but then when she did her Black Friday haul, standing at the end of the bed, she looked a lot skinnier than she usually does. Weird angle optical illusion, maybe? Or she just dresses so badly normally we can't see her figure? I did have a chuckle when she was going on about how stylish her black friday purchases are - girlfriend has terrible taste. Not as bad a Jaquie but that's not saying much.

No. 432604

I don't think you can diagnose autism via a highly-produced YT video. But what I do know is that Little Girl Jaquie is slowly replacing Grown-Up Jaquie in her YT videos, and I can't tell if she is doing the thing that young 20-somethings sometimes do to garner attention from their boyfriends/husbands or if it's really about autism. If it is about autism, she has given herself permission to stop trying to grow up.

Contrast this video to any recent video. Little Girl Jaquie has taken over the vlog and has become a video star over the past 10 months. To make space for Little Girl Jaquie, Grown-Up Jaquie has had to give up driving (she drove the first time her first feeding tube clogged, so it hasn't been that long), dress Little Girl Jaquie only in v-neck t-shirts and leggings (someone here even calls them her toddler clothes), pout regularly around Judd and Janiece and provide obstinate faces when it suits her mood, request more often than normal that her parents play games [that they played when she was a child] in the car and at home, delight over a children's plate (and loudly explain that she won't eat foods that she likes if they are touching foods she doesn't like), order milk instead of tea or something age-appropriate at a restaurant, gush about the pinkness of her wheelchair that someone calls her Barbie cart, use headphones for noise when she remembers, eat foods that little kids eat (cookie cereal, chocolate milk, mac & cheese, white rice, mashed potatoes, and smoothies purchased at a smoothie place, not made in her kitchen) and pretend to love Disney.

Regarding Disney, neither Little Girl nor Grown-Up Jaquie appear to have no real interest in it. Her videos at Disney feature training Harlow, mobility challenges in her chair/with Harlow, and food, etc. It's never about Disney fun. Little Girl Jaquie will occasionally appear to discuss food, I mean churros and hating Dole whips.

Grown-up Jaquie is very task-oriented and gets things done. If she worked as your administrative assistant, the office would be spotless, your task list done, all of your appointments made, calendared, and confirmed. She runs a YT channel, several Instagram accounts, sells T-shirts, manages a Patreon page and the communication that it requires; she makes all of her own doctor's appointments, deals with insurance, works out things like their budget, financing for their bed, orders the groceries online; she manages her feeding tube and mega deliveries of medical supplies, accesses her own port (let's face it, she's articulate enough that her primary doctor follows her instructions); trains Harlow; learned how to post videos to sites like junkmedia.com that will sell licenses the videos so she can make additional money.

She is a savvy and shrewd business woman who takes care of a very real business agenda.

Eventually she will turn 27 and realize it's more fun to be a woman and then people will be confused when she starts getting angry because everyone treats her like a child.

No. 432612

saging to say this was interesting to read

No. 432633

I just have one question- we know she does all this. But how does she keep track of all this but claims she can't follow along with one of Judd's movies he has to watch alone?

I suppose it's quite normal and common to have a childish side- who likes to reminisce and still has guilty pleasures, like a man who likes to play lego or drive remote control cars with his kids, or a woman who endulges in Christmas decorations etc…?

Jaquie has two polar opposite sides though- she seems to have a never ending supply of mental energy, which is impossible for anyone with as many chronic illnesses as her, who claims to be so sick (all the time). She lives an extremely high maintenance existence and seems to have an alter ego as a chronically ill child? Sorry if my interpretation is off. But it really points towards an underlying personality disorder rather than autism, jmo.

No. 432661

Did you ever do any profiling work? (I think it's good!)

I have seen that video before, but not recently. Just look at the start of the video - only her introduction. Her demeanor is SO different if you compare it with her more recent 'sick-face' videos. It's almost a different person.

The personality disorder that is imo most likely to be misdiagnosed as autism is schizoid personality disorder. (OK, and avoidant, maybe?) And to be honest that's not an unlikely candidate in Jaquies case. The personality disorder that correlates most with factitious disorder is borderline of course, but that's not what Jaquie shows us. For one thing, she is way too happy with her life. Of course narcissistic PD has been mentioned and is a possibility, but based on what we have seen thus far, I would lean more towards schizoid with narcissistic tendencies than outright narcissistic PD.

I won't go into it too deep, but it is possible to see the way she uses her illnesses as part of the phantasy life that is often seen in SPD. Her relationships with health professionals may be a ‘safe’ substitute for real friendships and intimacy: it enables her to ineract with others in a way that never gets too personal and is more factual-based. Plus, it is all about her and she doesn't have to listen to their personal story or factor in their feelings.

SPD would also explain her flat affect. This is also the reason why I don't see her as a someone with true narcissitic PD: someone with SPD will rarely get angry, even when directly provoked. A narcissist has more inner turmoil and has strong emotions but won't always express them. They tend to be either very jaleous of others or think others are jaleous of them. Or both. People with SPD merely lack strong emotions. They are not sensitive to critism, as opposed to your typical narcissist who tends to be very sensitive to it but just tries not to show it. People with SPD often do have narcissistic tendencies though: they typically are not interested in what someone else has to tell, but would like to skip forward to what they want to talk about.

I’m not even saying I think she has SPD, I just think she could have. I also think it fits better than ASD, because it explains how she can have ‘autism-like’ symptoms and at the same time have high executive function that allows her to be this business-woman. People with SPD can be very good and effective in what they do, as long as they can work alone.
She would not be a typical case though. Her child-like behaviour is still a bit odd, although it might fit into the ‘phantasy life’ that SPD patients often have that in a sense replaces the real world and real relationships. Much like her medical obsession and the relationships with her caregivers.

I'm interested in what others think about it, though.

No. 432665

I have never paid attention to Judd's movie choices, but I'll go out on a limb and guess that some of these films lack plot lines that follow from beginning to end. In other words, if a person is not familiar with the entire franchise of whatever he's watching, figuring out the plot can be ridiculously difficult.

I don't know anything about personality disorder, so you'll have to say more, but I do know about 20-something year-old girls. I am definitely not one of them (old enough to have parented one at this point), but I work with this age group regularly and there's a cadre of them that like to play little girl and let their boyfriends take care of them.

In my experience, they usually grow out of it, and often, the boyfriend, who was more mature to begin with, is rightfully confused. All he was doing was what his mamma taught him to do–take care of/protect his girlfriend–and suddenly she's complaining that he's over-protective and smothering her.

But, two weeks ago, the girl wouldn't walk from class to the dorm alone and now she thinks it's controlling that he brings her Starbucks and waits for her class to dismiss.

So, that's my observation, but I'm not a psychologist.

No. 432668

Star Wars is a big sprawling franchise thing so I could see that being confusing but I think the bigger reason she can't follow the movies is because she's self-centered. We've seen time and again that there's days where she's 'too worn out' to do whatever Judd wants to do but miraculously gets a burst of energy when it comes time to do what she wants to do. She doesn't follow Judd's movies because action movies don't interest her and the thought of making an effort on her husband's behalf has never occurred to her.

No. 432669

These are interesting points about personality disorder. I'm not a psychologist, but narcissism is a word that floats around sometimes when she's hell-bent on talking about her issues like the professional who can't stop talking shop at the end of the day. People want her to, but she's just too focused (like a lawyer in the middle of a trial).

No profiling work…just a lot of experience with 20-somethings.

No. 432670

This. She's just not interested. Someone who can keep track of all her different symptoms and doctors should be able to figure out the plot, she just doesn't want to. That would be fine if it wasn't her husbands biggest interest. Anything you study gets more interested the more you know about it. You just have to get into it first. I have never sen a single Star Wars movie, but if I my SO or even a good friend was a huge fan, I'd make sure to invest some time.

No. 432672

Add to the list:
-Disney movies
-Brightly colored backpack
-Tubie pads
-Mini-fridge full of juice boxes
-Child-like behavior coming out of ketamine (Cracker!)

No. 432673

Oops, my typing got a little away with me there. Sorry about that. I think you guys can figure out what I meant to write, though.

No. 432676

I really think that makes a lot of sense, especially in terms of a phantasy life, which I think is what's going on. Factitious disorder has a high correlation with personality disorders. Her lack of depression would indicate shallow emotions and we know she has a flat effect.

No. 432677

A very good point about her disinterest. (I'm still holding out that some of these movies don't have plot lines that follow, lol), but your point is clear: Not being able to follow the plot is an excuse she can pin on autism and Judd is probably happy to go along with her claim because he can watch in peace while he enjoys an occasional adult beverage.

No. 432749

Aaaannnndddd, the tube is kinked again.

J was able to eat enough food so that she didn't have to run her night feed for the first time. She woke up to the kink.

The question is: Does the feeding tube magic disappear when a kink occurs, preventing her from eating anything until the tube is fixed?

I look forward to the discussion.

No. 432754

How does she know it's kinked? Did she already have imaging? It could just be blocked. That happens a lot sooner if you don't use it, so her not running it at night might explain that.

I really don't understand how her fans, Judd and her parents don't see through this. If she starts starving herself again, I mean. It's SO obvious. But who knows, maybe she'll even get them to do the surgery to seperate her tubes as an emergency procedure. And of course, she'll have to get ketamine again.

No. 432756


Those wounds on Judd's wrist >>426074 still have not healed, and the surrounding area appears inflamed.

No. 432764

I would almost guarantee it’s just blocked, as kinks are really rare, especially with the tube she has. And it probably got blocked because she’s purging through it, which definitely not what it’s designed for. Literally the only things that should ever be drained or vented are bile, liquids, and air. Not chunks of gingerbread cookies and hush puppies.

No. 432765

I forgot to include the title to the vlog, which explains it alllll: "ER Trip: My Feeding Tube Kinked AGAIN

So, yes, she's had imaging, and it's kinked.

No. 432766

I would almost guarantee it’s just blocked, as kinks are really rare, especially with the tube she has. And it probably got blocked because she’s purging through it, which definitely not what it’s designed for. Literally the only things that should ever be drained or vented are bile, liquids, and air. Not chunks of gingerbread cookies and hush puppies.

No. 432770

That person is smart… veiling the comment with lots of words to get a good point across - Jaquie has enough money and doesn't have to work, so she is not depressed.

When someone is alone with no money and a chronic illness, they get severe situational depression as a result of the anxiety from the situation.

When someone has their whole world catering to their needs, they feel secure and therefore don't have to have anxiety, thus preventing the situational depression.

Clinical depression is a whole other thing.

No. 432772

Her J-tube is blocked. She vents out of the G-port. So no, that's not an explanation. Besides, apparently she had imaging and it IS kinked.

Which is strange though, because her specific tube has anti-kink technology.

No. 432774

If you go to 8:58-ish in the vid, you can see two places on Judd's wrist. The lower place is raised and red. Doesn't look good. How long has he had that?

No. 432775

I doubt that’s true. It’s nearly impossible to kink the tube she has. And no one gets that many kinks even if they’re one of the few people it does happen to. I’m sure she fucked with it to try to get the surgery for separate tubes.

No. 432776

Fantastic post. I love it when people are clever with words and can get their point across without being brash. Words can be the best weapon sometimes (I know that makes me sound like a mean person, but there's nothing better than outwitting someone in conversation).

No. 432778

Is it possible for her to kink it deliberately?

I can't help but notice that this happened when Jaquie was scheduled to spend the day alone with Judd's mom. Suspicious timing, to say the least.

No. 432779

I wonder if she's checking the water level in the balloon? OR, here's another thought. We know from the vlogs that Dr. Doesn't-Know did not place the tube correctly and no no one told her to check the water level. Based on the amount of water she is supposed to use, it's the largest size tube for her brand.

So, is it possible that the tube is too large? If too large, the tube would spin even when the balloon is full, causing the anti-kink tech to kink.

And, Dr. Doesn't-Know already said the placement isn't good. Let's hope his colleague, Dr. Actually Knows will do the surgery this time.

No. 432786

I noticed it, too. But I think that'd be pretty hard to do. It is the internal part of the tube that kinks in her case, if she rotates or pulls it, she'll much sooner dislodge it and it'll curl back into the stomach. I would like to see what happens if it'd do that though. Normally people get severely nauseous and throw up their formula, but in her case, I'd like to know if she would notice it. It would be fun if one day her tube turned out to be in her stomach and she didn't notice it. She would probably notice it while 'venting', though. But we can dream.

No. 432795

Wait, she got only chocolate milk at lunch? Yesterday she ate enough so that she didn't have to run her feeds during the night, and tody she didn't even try? While she knows she won't be getting enough nutrition for probably a couple of days? That's stupid. Also, why not run the feed through the G-port on a very slow rate? She can drink chocolate milk (not to mention eat fried foods and cookies) she she'll be able to tolerate that at least. Even if it's only 20-30 ml an hour, if you run the feeds 24 hours a day that's at least something. If she thinks it'll interfere with her oral nutrition during the day and she'll be able to eat more calories if she doesn't run it during the day then she would get from running it she could do that, but at least hook up at night. Sheesh. Even 10 ml an hour would be better than nothing at all.

No. 432798

I am so sorry, anon, but your words of common sense are not compatible with the magic powers of this feeding tube.


No. 432819

Oh shit, you're right, that arm looks infected. Who wants to bet J gave him MRSA? If she did we know that she'll make a fuss about how it's not as big a deal for him because she has "muh EDS and muh immunodeficiency" and turn it back to being about her somehow.

No. 432820

I have not had time to watch the video but why does she have to go to the ER when the tube is kinked? How is that an emergency?

No. 432823

She claims it's because the ER is the only place that has the equipment to take scans with contrast (which is ridiculous, most radiology offices have walk in appointments for exactly this kind of situation). She just wanted to go home to Tampa Bay.

No. 432825

It is absolutely an emergency. Jacquie CAN'T get her usual oral intake if she doesn't have her tube working. Don't ask why, though. It's just bullshit.

Looking forward to Jacquie starving herself. I'm betting on her showing us one of those KF drinks that have been collecting dust in the medical fridge.

No. 432858

She is completely one track-minded. She can apparently only eat orally if she knows the tube is patent, whether she uses it or not. She shut down orally last time it kinked too. The location of her tube has been a big disappointment to her from the get-go—she originally thought she was getting a cute Mic-Key button in her lower abdomen like Mary–instead Dr. Doesn't-Know (love that!) placed it high under her ribs and with her adjustable bed, she probably bends just below it, making it prone to kink.
Once again, Judd's visit with his family got cut short. Emergency xrays? On a Sunday? When she can eat cookies and drink chocolate milk? Now Judd might have to take her to a restaurant b/c she can magically eat off his plate but not order her own.
Double tubes finally moved to the top of her wish list!
Sidenote: Mary just got approved for a Dexcom. Kinked GJ tube + inability to eat orally = low blood sugars/Dexcom trial. Just saying…

No. 432896

I’d be trying to off myself, too, if I was married to this cow kek

No. 432897

File: 1511811210677.png (1.1 MB, 1276x720, Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 1.32…)

What's going on with her nose here?

No. 432899

What does Judd get out of this relationship? Seriously, I don't understand how he can stay. Is he just trapped? Or does he really like Jaq?

No. 432903

Honestly, none of her tube drama fits what she says is going on. Those tubes are nearly impossible to kink if they’re put in correctly (which someone pointed out may be the issue, I’m willing to consider that), even if they spin around, and even if they’re not the kind with anti-kink technology like hers. Seriously. (Med fag warning: I’ve had the other brand of GJ tube without the fancy anti kink technology for a long time and have had zero kinks, and have been told that rarely ever happens). And now that it’s not working she can’t eat? Bullshit, we all know she’s barely getting any of her daily intake from her tube. She wanted the attention back on her. That’s when she has a “crisis” every damn time.

No. 432904

File: 1511811513168.png (3.67 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 1.37…)

Looks like she never officially changed her last name. Seems unlike her.

No. 432920

File: 1511812545463.png (2.29 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20171127-145303.png)

Judd has a giant lump on his arm.. wonder if he has MRSA from her

No. 432924


You're right about girls not being diagnosed in childhood as often. I was marked out as the "naughty" child, but I was undiagnosed until I was in college.

I'm willing to give Jaquie a pass on this, maybe she is actually autistic. Albeit very mildly, and knowing full well that she's exaggerating a lot of it (like the sensory issues - magic disappearing/reappearing headphones).

No. 432928

Ew, Judd’s got a creepy pedo ‘stache.
And jaquie’s an adult toddler…. Coincidence??

(Sage for total speculation)

No. 432931

He said he was doing it for No Shave November. Cops aren't allowed to grow beards. A lot of them have mustaches because that's all they are allowed to have. Calling him a pedophile is taking it too far. Wtf?

No. 432935

Omg it was a joke don’t tie your panties in a wad. Also, why are you wk Judd? Yeah jaquie treats him like crap, but he’s not innocent. He knows where the money’s coming from.

No. 432942

I don't normally wk for either one of them but calling someone a pedophile is a horrible "joke".

No. 432943

The picture is super hard to see, but in watching the vlog she does have a very pronounced horizontal line right above the bulb of her nose. It is super weird.

No. 432946

Judd can sit in the "custom" wheelchair built for Jaquie with no problem 7:25 in today's vlog about the newest kink … how is that possible if the chair is custom built for her and she is sooo much smaller than him?

No. 432953

Pinocchio's nose grew every time he told a lie………

No. 432957


Her hospital band has the last name "Blake" for those who can't see.

No. 432961

That is very common for Jaquie. It's because of the pressure of her vogmask.

No. 432967

For one thing, that chair is way too big for her. And another thing, females tend to have bigger hips. It's not too odd that a big guy can sit in the chair of a smaller female. Although in Jaquies case, her 'custom' chair has a very bad fit. It's far too wide.

No. 432968

She probably just has been too lazy to change her name. Jaquie doesn’t do anything that requires effort that doesn’t directly benefit her.

No. 432972

Judd's insurance certainly benefits her.

No. 432980

True. But they likely just have to prove that they are married, not that she has changed her name. >>432972

No. 432985

Don't some hospitals use your maiden name anyway?

No. 432989


I find it so odd that someone so obsessed with health would let their husband have an open wound like that. I'd be on my partner with the TCP and a light bandage to prevent infection! Maybe Judd just wants her munchie antics away from him though.

No. 432992

File: 1511816733562.png (22.36 KB, 603x114, Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 21.0…)

One of the only comments that she's replied to is about how someone else used to have problems with their tube kinking too, and guess what comes up…

No. 432993

Also quite a few commenters are concerned about Judd's arm, but she's ignoring that. Babe wants attention he can make his own videos, right?

No. 433138

The interesting thing is that surgery is minimized in eds patients as much as possible, other than her tube “kinks”, she doesn’t have problems with it, so why would putting another hole in her be better? No doctor would suggest than in a person who actually has eds, and no one who actually has eds would want an extra surgery. Of course, the problem would be easily solved by taking out the tube and making her eat, like she’s perfectly capable of.

No. 433148

More tubes means more Ketamine. All other sensible arguments fall to the wayside for her. Shame on her GI doc.

No. 433197

Do you guys think she has an addiction issue?

No. 433214


I don't. As an anaesthetic it's not given frequently (like a recreational habit) and it's not physically addictive like opiates, or benzos.

As for the psychological addiction side, nobody likes being in pain all the time…. but she isn't. kek.

No. 433228

I do think she enjoys the "freedom" of being able to act like a child while it wears off.

No. 433256

I know most people disagree, but I think she’s definitely got addiction problems. She doesn’t have the traditional, full-blown addition in the opioid-crisis sense, but she’s on ketamine and iv Benadryl, both which have psychological effects (like a high), and she’s definitely addicted to attention, getting medical toys, and probably purging as well. I’m sure if she tried real drugs or if they gave her painkillers she’d develop an addiction to those pretty quickly.

No. 433260

Also, separate tubes can be changed at home, just like a child’s g tube or Mary’s j tube, and she’d get to keep the old tube, and get to carry around an extra tube and I’m sure change it on camera and in public. Plus it’s twice the cutesy tube pads to show off.

No. 433267


Would she do the "surgery" herself though? I suspect she'd insist on going into hospital and wearing a gown for everything even if doing it herself were possible.

No. 433268

She said once before she wished she had kept her old tube. That's just gross and weird to me. Why in the world would anyone want to keep that?

No. 433273

In emergency rooms, Benadryl is commonly known to potentiate opiates and other meds, as well as giving a "high" of its own.

No. 433275

It is just so crazy, and most people with true chronic illness will never understand how Jaquie wants to see and be seen everywhere with all of her medical accessories. Most people with chronic illness spend their whole lives trying to look "normal".

No. 433281

She probably just likes the IV Ketamine, a compounded cream wouldn't be enough for her

No. 433285

That’s a good question, but it’s not even surgery. Parents of children with g tubes change them at home regularly, the most hospital intervention is getting it done at a doctors office. There’s no sedation or X-rays or anything, and it takes less than five. I’m sure she could demand the hospital do it, but then how would she film it? And they wouldn’t let her keep the old one that she wants so badly.

No. 433287

She's gotta have a low level addiction at least. Benadryl (even IV) seems easy enough to get since it isn't narcotic and she has already mastered fooling her doctors into believing she is allergic to or doesn't tolerate any anesthetic except ketamine. She is so slick with her doctors though that it is surprising she doesn't have a running script for narcotics, she must have either failed a urine screen or showed other addictive tendencies. She did munchie her way into a port though, which true drug addicts cannot be trusted with, so that just makes things harder to figure out. Hmmmmmm….

No. 433289

And doing procedure at home doesn't get the attention a "surgery" at the hospital gets. She needs all the attention she can get so she would never change her own tube like regular people.

No. 433290


Yes but she'd still call it a "procedure" at the very least.

No. 433291


I honestly believe that her day to day pain levels just don't warrant more than ibuprofen and that's why she's not on anything. Which makes it perplexing that they gave her ketamine infusion without trying some daily medication first.

No. 433292

That is true

No. 433294

File: 1511829124474.png (377.3 KB, 2514x1902, 68AB6409-E2BB-4AF4-857A-E42159…)

Here’s the tube that’s for the separate g and j (and just g or just j). You just stick it in and inflate the balloon, no X-ray or scope needed since there’s nothing to get in the right and wrong place. So switching it is easier, but twice the maintenance and twice the holes you need in your abdomen, which is twice the risk of complications of infection and stoma problems. That’s why combo tubes are usually suggested for eds patients, unless there’s a really good reason why a GJ wouldn’t work.

No. 433295

Eds can be painful, but most of the other conditions she claims to have aren't really chronic pain conditions (could be wrong just assuming from knowledge) she hasn't come claimed to have fibromyalgia or some sort of neuralgia or anything like that. She did try to claim the diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy, but she had the skin biopsy and never disclosed the results, so it can be assumed they were negative, since she shares anything in her favor.

No. 433296


EDS alone would warrant daily pain medication, IF it was as severe as she claimed.

No. 433297

Any self respecting doctor would make her do a serious oral intake trial before putting more holes in her

No. 433299

She must just be a bad example of EDS then, she can easily sit cross legged on the floor and reaches almost up to the ceiling without difficulty…..

No. 433300

True, but eds pain can be managed with non-opioid painkillers, and I’ve never ever heard of anyone getting ketamine for it.

No. 433301

Makes me feel horrible for all the TRUE EDS patients out there…..

No. 433302

So if she got 2 tubes, then her "kinking" issue would be gone?

No. 433303

There are very few treatments for small fiber neuropathy, and ketamine isn’t one of them. Also, why wasn’t she made to a long-term pt regimen? That’s pretty much standard for hEDS.

No. 433304

One hundred percent. There’s nothing to kink. I’m sure she could create another crisis with them,though. They’ll start falling out, or one that I saw another munchie claim a while ago, she’ll be “allergic” to them. I’m sure she’ll come up with something creative and as equally ridiculous.

No. 433306


Watch out for a "How I do my physio" video coming up in 3…2…

No. 433307


Yes, it can in most cases. But she doesn't even appear to be on these. Even when she's having "super severe pain" she doesn't mention popping so much as a Tylenol.

No. 433312

With the amount she goes on about pain then potentially she'd get daily pain meds BUT a lot of her reported pain is around 'subluxations' and the recommended treatment is phsyio, generally where you actually SEE your physio and if it is avaliable then hydrotherapy is great.
Additionally, contrary to what cows will have you beleive subluxations and dislocations are far LESS painful for us because everything is loose. You're literally talking a few days of an OTC painkiller with an OTC anti inflamatory.

Obviously there are people who dislocate at every movement but that is a seperate issue.

Also most people with EDS avoid surgery. For instance if your MVP isn't actually causing problems they don't operate on it. Shoulder completely unstable? It is unlikely surgery will result in improvement and that healing will never properly occur. Depends on the orthopod obviously.

Jackie is just a load of bullshit.

This is just a loaf of crap, this is wh in the UK you only get a PICC (even as a child) if you are having a LOT of access. NJ/G tubes are placed much more commonly and it usually is several years until something else is discussed (sometimes less if you're working or somthing where having such a visible health problem will impact on your career). Any known exceptions to this are pretty obvious uk cows discussed in other threads.

No. 433314

It's interesting too to point out that she claims to not have depression, but one of the main uses for ketamine these days is for treatment resistant depression. Guess she never read that web site…

No. 433317

Ugh she makes me so mad she is such a fake cow munchie!!!!

No. 433318

She is going to be sooper entertaining soon though when she "goes back to school" and omg did you hear when she said she wanted to have acres of land with Judd. Lots of room to ride around with her Barbie car!!

No. 433319

Judd will have to put his foot down at some point, he already works 12 hour shifts and does all of the grocery runs and laundry.

No. 433339


I agree. She doesn't need to be physically addicted to be addicted. Addiction treatment centers frequently treat people who don't have physical addiction/ physical withdrawals. For instance, marijuana. Marijuana doesn't cause physical, biological addiction, but the mental obsession/ addiction can be just as detrimental and is also considered an addiction. So yeah, ketamine might not cause withdrawals but she can still 100% be addicted to it or at least clinically obsessed with it.

No. 433342


I think she's just clinically obsessed with being seen as sick.

No. 433343


I think she's just clinically obsessed with being seen as sick.

No. 433346


That's called Munchausen's.

No. 433365

Unless she’s actually in a pt office, I wouldn’t believe it. EDS pt isn’t a joke, it’s hard work, and they won’t let you do it yourself for a few months at least.

No. 433371

People get addicted to purging, too, to the point it kills them. She’s obviously at least got an addictive personality, and discovered that being sick got her attention and money, and she probably gets a thrill out of manipulating people, since she’s a sociopath (yes I am aware that’ not something diagnosable, but still, it fits her perfectly)

No. 433372

hEDS PT kicks my ass and I used to be an athlete. She probably considers lifting a cookie to her mouth to be PT.

No. 433391

Jesus Christ can all of you sage your shit?

No. 433392

Medfagging here but to make an observation point: when people my age were getting diagnosed with POTS and related disorders about 10 years ago when it wasn't a fad diagnosis, mitral valve prolapse and recording your arrhythmia on a holster monitor for about a week was part of the criteria for diagnosis….. in addition to the tilt table test…… what happened to those things?? Please excuse and sage for blogging….. just a point.

No. 433395

Yeah from all that purging she is going to be ruining a tube a week and begging her patrons for dental implants soon!!

No. 433396

But you didn't sage. Writing "sage" in the post itself is not the same as saging. You have to write sage in the email field. Get a clue.

No. 433400

Real PT kicks your behind, but come on, Jaquie has her sooper speshul home PT regimen where she does a couple leg lifts on a yoga mat then grips her hip because it subluxed 50 times

No. 433405

Sorry I will re-read the posting rules because I am obviously not doing it correctly, sorry everyone

No. 433424


it's literally not a big deal at all, don't worry about it

No. 433431

It's obnoxious. Sage you really fucking non contributions.

SAGE and cool it with the samefagging. You're essentially spamming this thread with one line posts.

No. 433453

It literally is fucking big deal, it's an actual rule here. Read. Them.
Now can we all move the fuck on to some milk?

No. 433454

File: 1511841935149.png (88.27 KB, 1315x725, tum.PNG)

I bet this comment killed her.

No. 433460


With my cardiologist, holter monitor is still a thing. Mitral valve checking only gets done if you have a related connective tissue disorder (I get checked yearly).

No. 433468

fuck the word "tummy"

No. 433473

Saged or not your post is completely pointless. Go tell someone who cares.

No. 433483

Ironic since you're a non contributor who didn't sage their post

So is yours. That post is way more valid than yours anyway

No. 433496

What the fuck are you going on about? You realize there are a lot of different anons on here, right? My posts are all saged so seriously fuck off newfags

>>433460 Any cardiologist is going to check their patients for MVP. Its a common condition that's diagnosed with an Echo, nothing special.

It's also not typically a big deal unless you have regurgitation associated with it as well.

No. 433562

She's on Xyrem. That's why she can't use opioids.

No. 433564


I just checked the contraindications and as well as opioids you're also not meant to take Xyrem if you're epileptic (which Jacquie supposedly is).

But Ketamine is ALSO a CNS depressant therefore should also be off limits. It's all a bit suspect.

No. 433565

What would normally happen to a person with pots who takes ketamine- do you know?

No. 433569


Well, I fell down the K hole and couldn't walk for 3 hours.

But um, clinically? I've never had it in a prescribed setting so I don't know. Xyrem is for her narcolepsy not supposed POTS.

No. 433577

So ketamine theoretically would make pots symptoms worse?

No. 433580

I'm not sure what medically-administered ketamine would do. But Xyrem looks like it would make POTS symptoms worse.

No. 433593

Yeah I’ve been wondering about how ketamine would affect her supposed narcolepsy. Wouldn’t something like this make it worse? Can someone with more knowledge enlighten me?

No. 433611

My question is if ketamine is still medical if it’s given to someone with supposed pain who’s lying about said pain. Wouldn’t the only effects be the same as doing ketamine recreationally? Even if it is administered in a clinical setting.

No. 433634

Jaquie actually isn’t an American citizen, she has permanent residency which is why she hasn’t changed her name over.

Could violent self induced vomiting cause a tube to kink? With how I understand the way it works it has two tubes that run thru her stomach, one of which goes down into the intestine.

No. 433637

She did a whole vlog about becoming a citizen, showing the ceremony and everything…

No. 433638

Jaquie naturalized, so she is an American citizen.

No. 433644


From Wikipedia:

It is the drug of choice for people in traumatic shock who are at risk of hypotension. Low blood pressure is harmful in people with severe head injury and ketamine is least likely to cause low blood pressure, often even able to prevent it.

The effect of ketamine on the respiratory and circulatory systems is different from that of other anesthetics. When used at anesthetic doses, it will usually stimulate rather than depress the circulatory system.


Its psychoactive effects are highly dose-dependent.

No. 433648

I’m not sure about kinks, but it can make the j part coil up in the stomach. It’s not really a common situation where someone with a GJ tube would be making themselves vomit, since the whole point of the tube is to get in calories without throwing them back up again. Yet jaquie doesn’t have the tube for that reason, and is for sure purging, given her terrible teeth and moon face ( GP doesn’t cause that kind of damage). So I suppose it is possible, especially if she’s purging the crap she’s eating since it would undoubtedly clog the g port if she tried to “vent” it.

No. 433649

What do you want to bet that she told them she wasn’t getting enough ketamine to stop her pain, so they’d give her more. It’d be one thing if ketamine was actually a treatment for any of the things she’s claiming, but it’s not.

No. 433664


People can change names regardless of their immigration statues once married, that's got nothing to do with a woman taking her husband's name.

As someone with chronic disorder I decided to not change my name when I had the opportunity to do so - changing the names with all my doctors/surgeons seemed like a major hassle, potentially leading to mix ups that can affect my care.

Of course with everyone having EMRs, that's less of a worry but just 5 years ago folks still had paper charting systems.

Sage for blogging

No. 433676

Oh my lord I can't anymore after today's title. Everyday is an emergency it seems now. Used to love the channel until I slowly wisened up. Wish her well. Literally.

No. 433682

I wish I could remember the vlog but she did mention something about how she is officially a Beckwith now that she is naturalized but is going to stay a Blake for her medical records.

No. 433687

Is there any chance the surgeon could tell her to take the tube out altogether? Or since she was referred to him by her GI is he just likely to take the GIs word for it that she needs more tubes?

No. 433688

Yay, it's a fucking KF drink. I won.

No. 433693

Question: does watching the embedded video as opposed to watching it on YT directly add to the viewercount?
I know that watching the embedded video means she won't get any add money from it. But I find it annoying to watch such a small screen, and I already use an adblocker so that doesn't really make a difference. I am willing to watch the smaller frame though if that means I won't be fuelling her madness by adding my view.

No. 433694

Today, Jaquie is trying to make a decision about whether to get two tubes. Her GI says if she keeps her current GJ tube, it will kink again because her stoma had to be placed in a weird location because of her weird anatomy. GI doc says she needs to have two tubes. But, she doesn't know if she wants two tubes.


Isn't the decision fairly clear-cut or am I a dolt? Would her doctor really put in another GJ tube if it's only going to kink again? Or, can the doc use this stoma to put in only a feeding tube (no venting) that would not kink?

She goes on and on about how this is a personal decision for her to make.

I thought feeding tubes were life-sustaining (unlike, say an eyebrow lift) so wouldn't the kind of tube(s) she receives be determined by the U.S. expectations for "standard of care," not standard of patient desires?

On an odd note, she's not even flipping out at all about malnutrition like she was last time. She's not doing all the things–preserving energy. Just said at the end she's fine and the tube will be replaced in a few days.

No. 433700

>give me asspat, no suggestions please, only as spats.

No. 433701

(medfag)The Ketamine she gets has been used more for children (perfect for this girl-child) for procedural sedation. With it the patient is awake but drowsy and the effect of the Ketamine is that it lightly sedates and lowers pain receptors during the procedure and there is no memory of it afterwards. The biggest side effects are hypersalivating (too much spit), mild hallucinations, nausea and mild agitation while it is quickly wearing off. That is why she also gets Versed which alleviates the agitation and gives a smooth ride during and after the procedure. It is monitored procedural sedation, not general anesthesia, in which she would need respiratory assistance. She just has a prolonged pain relief from the small dose of Ketamine, which is a very individual response. Ketamine and Versed are given in VERY small doses and are short-acting so they wear off quickly. A larger dose could affect the respiratory system and in rare cases can cause a seizure. Using light sedation for these minor procedures is more to lessen anxiety because a tube change is really a minor out-patient-office procedure. The main concern with a j-tube is imaging to make sure it is in the jejunum and not coiled in the stomach.

Ketamine has been used in vet surgeries and as an illegal street drug is known as Cat Valium or Special K–and can be fatal when mixed with barbituates or alcohol or alone in larger doses.
Apologies if this is too much or unwanted medfag information for y'all.

No. 433704

Is moon face specifically indicative of purging? Does that not happen with "normal" frequent vomiting? Not WKing, just seems like this it nitpicky but I could be wrong.

No. 433716

If this GI doc is in it for her insurance money, he might push for the second tube. Or if he is ethical, he might still push for it just to stop her from frickin' calling his office every other day! If both docs said no, she would shop until she finds one who will oblige her.
She just wants a j button low in the belly like Mary Frey's—hers is a very short tube straight into the jejunum and she can change it herself at home and because it is so short it doesn't kink. The G tube would probably stay where it is because she just uses it to drain her semi-digested 'I can't eat' food from her stomach.

No. 433732

Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t know she naturalized already.

No. 433785

per Jaq today: "IVIG requires 2 days for me—the infusion day and then recovery day following because the day after IVIG I feel absolutely horrible and I can't do anything but lay around the house"—-and that is somehow different from any other day (laying around the house)? Sorry, not as effective a statement without her hand gestures.

No. 433791

Also, why continue with the IVIG if you keep having horrible reactions to it? Seems counterintuitive if it's just going to make her sicker (although I'm sure that's what she wants).

No. 433793

What I don't get is how she keeps repeating over and over again that you can go a while without eating but last time her tube kinked it was a national emergency and she had to stop vlogging and make every bite count. What is it Jaquie? It can't be both…

No. 433797

Frequent vomiting only occurs in GP if you eat if it’s that severe, or if bile builds up in your stomach (why non-munchies get GJ tubes, you drain out the bile to prevent vomiting), or if your entire gi has problems, which is why people in rare cases end up on TPN. Jaquie never had GP to start out with, so there’s no reason for her to be vomiting enough to cause that face and dental damage unless she’s purging.

No. 433798

Jaq doesn't want any suggestions or ideas, just support. Of course. Because what if a suggestion is just, "knock it the fuck off"?

No. 433800

Does she explain why she can eat when her tube works, but can’t eat when it’s kinked? Because that’s some magic I’d like to know about. (And obviously draining out what she eats isn’t the answer, because that’s not how it works with GP. You can get the food out but you’ll still feel sick for a while)

No. 433803

She doesn’t want them because a.) she never had a problem in the first place, and b.) even if she actually was sick, she doesn’t want to get better

No. 433804

why does she always call them "loved ones" other than "family and friends". it's like she's speaking off an emergency contact sheet.

No. 433810


Her explanation is that she reduces the nausea by "venting" stomach acid, and can therefore eat. Which of course makes zero sense, because if your GP is so bad your own stomach acid makes you puke you wouldn't even be able to smell food without feeling nauseous, because anticipation causes stomach acid to be produced. Let alone eat chicken a la ranch dressing.

No. 433812

Is it weird to anyone else that she gets so offended and seemingly mad when people offer her suggestions in regards to handling her issues? What is with that?

No. 433814

Did anyone here watch big brother this year, there was a munchie (or maybe MBP) queen Raven who said she had GP but never had any symptoms. she's about to get surgery, some of you may enjoy that shit show.

No. 433816

Jaq calls all the shots on her "we" team so she doesn't need any advice. Just please ooh and ahh in her comment section about how brave and strong she is—and feel free to sign up on her patreon page! Anything outside the compliments or pity is unwelcome and a big fat bother for her to read. She already has the agenda planned for her treatment. She's the "we".

No. 433841


does anyone here know anything about gastric pacemakers for GP? could Jaq theoretically get one if she was actually sick?

No. 433844

Theoretically can she get one? Sure, she’s already got a feeding tube and a port and a wheelchair and a service dog she doesn’t need. Do they help GP? Debatable, most people agree no, but there’s some hold outs in the medical community that say they work. Most gi doctors who treat GP day no though. But since jaquie doesn’t actually have GP, and her stomach is fine, it would probably “work” for her kek

No. 433846

Not only does it make absolutely no sense (if you eat and drain it with GP, you will still feel sick, even if you don’t vomit), the g port of her tube is fine. So she should be able to eat and “vent” as normal. It’s a special magical tube she’s got kek

No. 433858

She claims the kink is affecting both the G and the J portion. Eye roll…

No. 433860

It's very strange. In todays vlog she even said that "that (support) is what any chronic illness warrior or anyone in a difficult situation needs: support" (and not suggestions 'do this or do that', or 'why not try this, etc.) Ehm.. no? If I'm in a difficult situation, I like to get input from family members, friends, heck sometimes even people online (depending on the situation) as to what I should do about it. That's just common sense. I agree that with medical stuff the suggestions can become a bit wild (especially from people who are into alternative/holistic treatments who will basically tell you if you're not willing to eat horse manure, you don't want to get better) but in that doesn't mean that sometimes people can't have good ideas. And when it comes to other situations, I sure as H want suggestions from others.

She says that this time her G-port is also not working right. Which a) I don't think makes sense with the explanation she gave for why the kinks happen and b) would mean that this kink would be an even bigger disaster than her last one, because back then she could eat more because because she could stil 'vent' (which according to her explanation, means she can eat more then before she had her tube).

No. 433865

Exactly. He unwillingness to take suggestions comes across as so arrogant and ungrateful. Yet at the same time she asks, have any of y'all had a separate G & J tube and what is your experience? She can't really have it both ways. Either she wants input or she doesn't.

No. 433889

Wow 2 tubes! Double the toddler tubie pad fun!

No. 433912

She probably also doesn't want to have any suggestions because she's a total control freak, and her medical stuff if her biggest hobby. I bet she refuses suggestions in other areas of life too. Especially when cooking.. you guys know she never listens to Judd when he tries to suggest she cooks something different (or even just no carrots)

No. 433915

Why does she say y'all so much? Her mom is Hispanic and her dad is Australian or something. They never speak like that.

No. 433922


Her father is british and I believe her mother is venezuelan. I have no explanation.

No. 433937

She's been in Florida for a really long time though so that may have something to do with it.

No. 433962

That is physically impossible. The g port/portion of the tube cannot be kinked. She’s either lying or fucking with the tube to cause it to not work.

No. 433974

Kek maybe the g-port is clogged from "venting"

No. 433996

The GJ has a an outer tube (the G portion) with an inner tube (J portion) as shown above in the Anon No. 433291 photo. The G tube has side vents that could let "nutrition" go into the stomach, even though she only uses that portion for venting. So if she had eaten orally and was putting enough torque on the G port to suck out the food—oops, I mean 'vent' the G port—some undigested food could be pulled upward and block the outer G port side vents and choke off the inner J tube. I wonder if she will give the true skinny of what happened when it gets replaced. It will be a one-of-a-kind complication for sure, per Jaquie.

No. 434012

For sure that was my exact thought the first time her tube was “kinked”. There’s literally no other way to have the j and g ports both not working. Having a tube kink or even having it coil up only affects the j tube portion. Yes, she’s said she had imaging to show it was kinked, but she says all sorts of shit that’s a outright lie. Unless the hospital hands me her X-rays myself without her having any contact with them, and I see them with my own eyes, she’s lying about the tube being kinked and the g port not working.

No. 434076

That's what a lot of us are thinking. She states her own descriptions and interpretations of appointments, test results etc but we never see pictures or reports to back up the truth. She can tell the people whatever she wants to.

No. 434083


bingo, anon

No. 434087


But she has liked suggestions in the past. Like the commenter who asked if she could possibly have POTS. Or if she might benefit from ketamine. You know, SRS MEDICAL suggestions that advance her munchiedom.

No. 434093


I mean, she does anyway. She's never been diagnosed with GP, POTS or EDS by appropriate specialists! Everyone who fawns over her seems to gloss over this.

No. 434149

And she refused to see the Mayo docs in Jacksonville Florida again because they claimed she DID NOT have EDS. One of the best set of doctors in the world and she wouldn't believe their assessments!!

No. 434162



No. 434197

How it's possible she's got a feeding tube for GP, if she was never diagnosed with it properly? I thought a tube is the last option there is. And why she's now saying she's got to decide whether she'll keep the tube or not… Isn't that something a doctor would decide for her? She's getting more and more suspicious.

No. 434212

Tube is a last option. Don't know how she got diagnosed, she did have a study which according to her showed slightly delayed gastric emptying. But she can eat pretty darn well for someone with supposed GP. She said she didn't tolerate the meds, well about half of patients don't tolerate reglan a first line treatment, so she wouldn't be special with that. The other most given med is donperidone which can be sourced from Canada, don't know if she tried that.

No. 434226

According to Jaquie - so take it with a big grain of salt - her GI thought she might have GP. She went to mayo for tests, but the mayo dr said she didn't have GP and suggested something else since her problem seemed to be that she was vomiting right after eating. He gave her some exercises she could do at home to try to see if they would help her. (I don't think she ever mentioned actually trying the exercises.) However the mayo dr had mentioned in his notes at some point that GP was a possibility before he settled on it not being GP.

For whatever reason her GI disagreed with the mayo dr and stuck with the GP diagnosis, Jaquie obviously preferred the GP diagnosis so she went with that. She used the mayo dr's notes suggesting possible GP before he changed his mind as further proof that it was GP, the mayo dr was just 'not a good fit for her'.

As for how she got her feeding tube so fast? She was 'severely malnourished' before they put it in, aka refusing to eat. I think she used her cyclic vomiting situation to convince the dr not to try a tube down her throat she'd just barf up.

Got to hand it to her, Jaquie's slick at getting what she wants. Imagine what she could accomplish if she used her powers of manipulation to do something useful with her life!

No. 434228

You got some facts wrong there. Doesn't matter much for the outcome, but still. I sorted it all out in one of the previous threads. I'll either put a link or repost in a while.

-After they moved, she went to a new GI for her CVS. That GI wanted to test her for GP as well, to 'cover all the bases". Jaquie thought she didn't have it, but that the test couldn't hurt.
-Test came back borderline slow, so local GI dx'd GP.
-She went to Mayo for testing and among others saw a GI. GI didn't agree with the GP dx because of her symptoms and thought she had decreased gastric accomodation. Jaq would go back to Mayo to see a physio to learn special breathing exercises.
-Local GI said she did have GP, although it was a mild case. Also said decreased accomodation could also be a factor.
-Jaq never went back to the Mayo GI (so she never got those exercises) and the local GI also never looked further into it.
-After a little under a year, Jaq went back saying her GP got worse and she could hardly eat anything. They were going to put in an NJ, but if we believe Jaq's account, another hospital GI told them that as she needed a more permanent solution, they'd better put in a permanent tube right away.

No. 434232

Thanks for clearing that up! I was going off memory and clearly did not remember as well as I thought I did.

No. 434242

Pretty sure CVS is seen as a mostly psychiatric type disorder that responds best to mental health treatment…… what is decreased gastric accommodation - does that mean she would have a small stomach?

No. 434243

Um yeah it's hard to keep her munchie facts strait…… have you seen the huge binder she carries to doctors appointments? Most people, even those with chronic illness, just have a few pages and most of he time that seems excessive. She must scare doctors into thinking she is ready to sue if she doesn't get what she wants and all doctors HATE spending time in court….

No. 434244

Docs are so busy too that they don't have the time to research over doctors care so they must take her word for what she says since she is articulate and manipulative

No. 434309

I thought it was decreased gastric emptying, meaning her stomach is not digesting the food at an appropriate rate. Is that right? I don't fully understand the insanity of all of J's medical conditions. kek

I do know that I have a coworker who has GP IRL and she never had a feeding tube of any kind. I felt so bad for her because her life was miserable for decades. She was very malnourished, had major problems with reflux, always was struggling with what she could eat and what would make her sick. It was just horrible. She just now got surgery in her late 40's to fix it. I am not 100% sure what the surgery type was, but I find it extremely interesting that she never had a feeding tube to treat her GP. Maybe some medfags can weigh in on why the feeding tube seems to be the go-to treatment for GP, but in this situation she never had one.

No. 434314

I’m pretty sure I’m breaking like a billion rules of the Support group here, but I saw in a GP Support group that Jaque is a part of on FB that her GP results came back as only 14% of food retained after 4hr.

The diagnostic criteria is that 10% or more has to be retained. I mean, she barely scared by and a result that mild could have very well been faked by taking the right meds a few days before. For frame of reference, my GP Test came back 20% retained and even then my doctor considers it extremely mild, borderline GP and that most of my GI symptoms come from a different source (in my case, severe IBS.)

So no wonder a doctor told her she didn’t have GP being that she barely scared by with her test result. Tbh she probably shouldn’t even have the dx (which she doesn’t) and if we’re assuming she’s telling the truth and she does have MALS, it’s likely THAT’S what’s causing her GI issues. But oh no, that can be cured by a surgery and our little forever-sick girl wouldn’t want that.

No. 434353

She doesn’t have MALS either, because she doesn’t have the symptoms and also because mayo would have caught that. GP is a spectrum, and feeding tubes should only be used in cases where nothing else helps, including dietary changes, medication, even a pure liquid diet. And some people with severe GP don’t want a feeding tube, even though it would help them, since it comes with it’s own set of problems. But mild GP can be treated pretty effectively with diet and medication. And jaquie’s test didn’t even show qualifying for mild GP, as her stomach emptied fairly close to an average weight, especially if you figure in that her obvious bulimia is slowing down her gi system as well.

No. 434355

her "sick face" is so fucking phony, how do her "supporters" not see right through it? is it willful ignorance?

No. 434357

I hate how her theme/ slogan is "Bringing awareness to chronic/ invisible illness." 1) it's no longer invisible when you have a dog, IV, feeding tube, wheel chair, backpack, etc… 2) bring awareness to what? that you have to stay home all day? that's shit, some people with her same "illnesses" compete in body building and shit, why would anyone turn to her for "awareness".

No. 434364

She never once looked at the camera during her bathroom floor warrior speech.

No. 434366

Is it normal for the hired nurse to accompany Jacquie in the doctor's office? Wouldn't she just wait in the waiting room?

No. 434374

Wait, why wouldn’t she just take a PPI if stomach acid is a problem? It’s so fishy. If I remember correctly, GERD doesn’t cause but is cormorbid with GP? They exacerbate the symptoms of each other is what I mean to say. If her GES showed a barely-there 14% and she’s worried about stomach acid, you literally just take the Prevacid and go about your life with some dietary changes. If low doses don’t work, you bump it up until it does.

My apologies if she is on medication for it, it’s hard to keep up with her and all the other munchie’s medications.

No. 434377


It's not the pH that's the problem it's there being anything in her stomach. Gastric juices (mm, delicious) sitting in the stomach cause problems for people with severe gastraparesis.

None of this applies to J though because of the aforementioned 14% remaining after 4 hours.

No. 434390

Right, but a PPI reduces or stops stomach acid production. She makes no mention of bile being a problem - although she may just be ignorant to what’s in her stomach, yet even still there are solutions for that too. It just seems to me if stomach acid itself is the problem for HER - not GP patients in general, because she doesn’t have GP - the fix for that is simple and one that a GE should have prescribed.

No. 434394

Samefag and blogging, but I had debilitating vomiting for years. Like, on a single walk across campus I would have to stop three times to puke in three different buildings. It took one upper endoscopy, a completely typical GERD diagnosis, and 60 mg of Prevacid a day and I haven’t had a problem with it since. I did get the GES and I too had very mild GP, but it wasn’t really a factor. As long as their was acid in my stomach to destroy my esophagus, my body wanted it out by way of vomiting. No acid - no problem.

I know it’s probably getting a little too personal, but the fact that she claims the acid as the offending substance and cause of her nausea and vomiting, but hasn’t mentioned an acid reducer to my knowledge. The fact that we KNOW she only has very mild GP that wouldn’t account for her supposed vomiting (that isn’t just purging)… It’s just so similar to what I went through (sans the munchie bullshit) that I have to question it.

No. 434430

Today Jaquie is so sick she can't leave the bathroom to talk to 'the people' from bed, so she went and got the camera and brought it to the bathroom (Remember, Judd's escaping- I mean has been assigned, totally not a choice he made at all- with 12 hour shifts at work so he's not home to be her service human). AND she's weak with malnourishment from her magical tube induced inability to eat. Such a strong warrior y'all.

What are the odds she completely forgets she's starving to death in her excitement over the new wheelchair toy tomorrow?

No. 434465

I'm sure the "sick face" will completely disappear because she's going to be so over the moon about her smart drive.

No. 434479

Did anyone read the comments for today's blog? Someone left a great commment stating they were confused about jaquies definition of an invisible illness, and that her "illnesses" are blatantly seen by everyone around her!! Yay!! Probably will get deleted soon. And of course a sheeple stood up for her saying people don't see her when she is laying on her bathroom floor after puking. Priceless.

No. 434486

I skimmed the comments trying to find it but all I saw were hundreds of suggestions for tv shows and movies. Funny how she'll take suggestions on tv but won't take suggestions about her health.

No. 434492

File: 1511989339263.jpg (41.57 KB, 960x277, Capture.JPG)

No. 434504

Nice find anon.

No. 434507


>>after they've been debilitated by a vomiting attack

egad, I thought J was throwing up, I had no idea she was being debilitated by a vomiting attack

No. 434568


That was me. In general, she should stop saying she has an invisible illness. Her illness is neon pink, with all the shit she totes around/ her chair/ Harlow's vest. It would maybe be invisible if she sucked it up and acted normal…

No. 434605

She is an embarrassment to invisible illnesses, like you said anon. Lots of people walk around really sick and we never know, but like you said her neon pink illness sticks out like crazy "look at me look at m