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File: 1510710139667.png (448.16 KB, 1200x630, 12ADDC89-BF34-4BED-834E-4C89FF…)

No. 424172

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/408576

Recent Cows:
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chloeschronicles_of_illness (insta) / Chloe's Chronicals of Chronic Illness (facebook)
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What Is A "Spoonie"?
People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.

The 'Spoonie' Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?
From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
>>…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support.

Links to Articles and Info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 424178

File: 1510710602294.png (634.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1738.PNG)

Thanks OP!

I covered her name, but I follow one young person with EDS (and more?) - IDK how old she is which is why I have covered her name. Anyway, she seems to be starting to copy some of the more prolific cows in her behaviour and it makes me sad that they're making their extremes seem normal to impressionable people.

No. 424183

File: 1510711178487.png (970.82 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3325.PNG)

I'm sure that's great for her gut motility

No. 424184


The sad part is how much money munchies waste on medical equipment they don’t need. Even if you have EDS or pots, you don’t need an oxygen sensor like that.

No. 424185

File: 1510711314136.png (922.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3318.PNG)

What an idiot

No. 424187

File: 1510711447693.png (939.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3317.PNG)

Muh sooper severe gastroparesis

No. 424188

It can be handy with pots to see what your pulse is but too many people over abuse it and check ALL THE TIME which gives them health anxiety which makes their heart rate higher.

No. 424189

File: 1510711509048.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3306.PNG)

The people behind her look pissed. I'm assuming they actually need their chairs…

No. 424190

No decent doctor would prescribe that to anyone with GP. Also, that kind of pain killers daily will ruin your life way more than dealing with eds pain, which can be managed fairly decently with less intense pain killers and physical therapy, and saving the hardcore shit for emergencies. Especially if it took ten years to doctor-shop enough to be diagnosed (pretty suspicious if you ask me), you’re not as sick as you claim, if you are at all.

No. 424191

File: 1510711592729.png (263.73 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3307.PNG)

And the caption

No. 424193


What the actual fuck? That’s not GP, eating two tacos is a normal amount. Someone with as severe of GP as she claims wouldn’t be able to eat those at all.

No. 424194


And she’s “feeding tube dependent”??? Absolutely not. She’s full of shit.

No. 424196

Exactly. She is a hardcore cow trying to disguise herself as an activist and sooper severe EDS patient. She still claims cEDS even though she doesn't fucking have it! Kinda comes off as a drug seeking by the way she's constantly saying she's afraid her doctors are going to cut her off

No. 424197

I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted to run over someone with a car more. What a piece of shit

No. 424198

File: 1510711868077.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3345.PNG)

SO full of shit

No. 424199


Plus, no one who’s actually sick would go out with their feeding tube and port hanging out like that, with an pulse or sensor on! She’s ridiculous and very obviously a lying munchie

No. 424201


Yeah, there is no way that’s possible for someone with eds, even if they’re in really good shape. Definitely an attention whore slash drug addict.

No. 424204

File: 1510712117110.png (Spoiler Image, 858.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3351.PNG)

No. 424205


I was going to point out that she has her top rolled up to show her tubes off (and low neckline to show the port) but in this instance I GUESS I can give her half a pass because it's a healthcare protest?

There's no excuse for keeping a pulse ox monitor on her thumb there though. That's just stupid.

No. 424206

Sorry, accidentally hit spoiler!

No. 424207

File: 1510712223962.png (941.93 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3350.PNG)

No. 424208


She’s definitely going to starve since she can only eat two decent-sized tacos at a time kek. Also, she can pole dance but is wheelchair bound. So, so much bullshit in one person

No. 424210

File: 1510712311349.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3341.PNG)

This is before she started saying anything about her health

No. 424211


Honestly, the young ones are the ones I have genuine sympathy for just because of how impressionable they are and the fact that the older ones lead them down that path. I fell down the "rabbit hole" myself when I was a lot younger and it's sad seeing so many kids buy into all of it and start becoming that.

No. 424213

Sage your shit and we don't discuss people under 16

No. 424214


Ew ew ew ew burn it please. (No one wants to see a feeding tube stoma, it’s gross even if it’s your own). Also, plenty of people with Eds and pots and GP work and aren’t dependent on government health insurance. If you can go to dc and protest and meet with people, you can sure as fuck get a job and stop bitching about
how horrible your life is with illnesses you don’t have.

No. 424218


I didn't say anyone does. I was literally just referencing what the OP was talking about. Calm yourself

No. 424220

File: 1510713160137.png (344.3 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3332.PNG)

Oh yeah, about that cEDS!

No. 424221

plus there are plenty of apps now that will use a phone camera to reliably measure your pulse, or you can be really old fashioned and just count heartbeats while looking at a clock - but I guess that doesn't look as cool

No. 424224


But.. but.. how will you put it on instagram if you just count it yourself? What an absurd idea!

No. 424225


kek that's hilarious!

No. 424248

Was just about to point out this same thing. Port accessed but just dangling, pulse ox just chillin’, all feeding tubes out. This just screams “look at me”.

No. 424249

That would sublux so many lower joints even if you had the muscle mass to semi-compensate. Not to mention bare cEDS skin on a pole like that would stretch and tear in a heart beat with that much pressure.

No. 424252

She’s in the 50% of people that they haven’t found the gene for? Aren’t like 90% of cEDS cases on COL5A1, COL5A2, COL5A3 on very specific alleles?! But ya know, “I’m too rare” gets a lot more asspats than “oh I guess I don’t have any EDS type except maybe hEDS”

No. 424254

File: 1510716431446.jpeg (486.36 KB, 750x1010, B878AD89-82FE-46A9-BD4C-3BB1B2…)

She could have stopped after the “cleaning the apartment to be done with it part”, but she had to throw in something about her sooper seveer POTS because if you don’t post something about it in every picture you’re onviously not ill!

No. 424255

* obviously

No. 424257

File: 1510716554805.jpeg (412.09 KB, 750x1104, 40113363-AE78-474E-8B2D-A35367…)

“kEDS” girl… Yeah, this looks like a shoulder that she is shrugging forward, not subluxed.

No. 424261

Oh yes. She's just totally convinced she has it despite all the evidence showing otherwise

No. 424265

Does she have any idea what kEDS even is? That's not even believable! If her doctors really thought she had it and she can't afford sequencing or something there's no excuse considering there's a urine test.

No. 424275


Another one with an odd childhood. She says she was orphaned. I wonder if that’s a way for her to maintain the pity and attention she got for growing up without parents.

No. 424276

Every thing she says is written in the most dramatic way. I have never heard someone call themselves an orphan. And "ill suffer a slow starving death", "my life is ruled by." wtf. Not even mentioning that most of what she says is just plain lies.
This girl makes me want to scream.

No. 424280

Her dad died fairly recently. I don't know what the orphan stuff is about.

No. 424284

File: 1510719771458.png (819.65 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3353.PNG)

No. 424291

She's a hyperbolic piece of shit who acts like she has a terminal illness. This bitch infuriates me because it's like she wanted to accessorize in order to be seen as "sick girl" to get herself all over TV and seen as an activist. It's really weird.

I've seen her post countless pictures of pills and alcohol but never any mention of physical therapy or compression stockings. Another person who just wants to look totally helpless.

No. 424293

File: 1510720741071.png (843.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3354.PNG)

I wish people would pay for all of my medical bills! I'm actually sick though so I guess I'm fucked.

No. 424375

She says fainting will lead to her “eventually probably sustaining life-threatening brain injury” and that’s how she justifies her (lack of) EDS as a terminal condition, along with GP causing her to “starve to death,” except for all of those tacos she eats. Absolutely incredible.

Scammers take note. You too can make $52k, all you need is to be completely fucking insane.

No. 424431

File: 1510745644723.jpg (300.3 KB, 2553x1814, Zy1mphZ.jpg)

>>Has anemia with - for now - unknown cause'
>>Is an established munchie
>>Has a port and does her own port care

Am I crazy for thinking there's some clues as to the cause of her anemia in there?

No. 424433

She is underweight, starved herself to get a tube and runs feed at a very slow rate. Anorexics are often anaemic.

No. 424467

Someone mentioned a new video/channel by Dani? Link please
She's been strangely quiet across all social media.. could it be she's taken our advice?

No. 424469

This girl annoys me so much. Claims she's fainting from POTS. It doesn't even look like fainting to me tbh, she opens her eyes multiple times

No. 424475

She doesn’t even look anaemic. She has good colour to her lower lash line, which means she’s hitting adequate red blood cell counts.

No. 424480


So she is responsible for a child, her service dog is alerting her and she just ignores?!

No. 424488


The dog literally just wants attention and to get that stupid head collar off, he's not even paying attention to her while she's "passed out". This girl infuriates me to no end. We see the same dysautonomia specialist and the thought of that makes me sick. This woman is a con-artist and doesn't even do a good job of faking. Let's not forget to mention that in the state of Alabama, you cannot drive within 6 months of loss of consciousness. Yet she still drives herself endangering everyone on the road with her sooper magical POTS. So either she doesn't pass out or she's putting everyone on the road at risk. Either way, she's a leech like the rest of the OTT Spoonies/Munchies.

No. 424519

>>My dog is telling me I need to sit down. I'm going to ignore it until my symptoms get worse so I need to lie down in the middle of the store.

Yeah, that makes sense. But only if your goal is to get attention. They had a wheelchair in the store and a bench, but just sitting down on either of them just doesn't scream "I am sick and helpless" the way lying on the floor with your dog on top of you does.

I know that when you are sick, sometimes you just need to do things and not care about what people might think as much. Honestly, I do. But why is it we see so many people lie or sit down in a store? Wouldn't you try to avoid things like that, by e.g. using a wheelchair, taking breaks sitting on a bench or a on a low wall, or going back to the car right after you detect the first signs that you might be going to pass out? If apparently service dogs can give their owner a warning 15 minutes in advance, you would think that would just about eliminate the 'need' to lie or sit in such inappropriate places.

No. 424538

Also if she's "passing out" from POTS she doesn't need a service dog. She would feel her heartrate go up. And very rarely would her HR start to rise like that, when you've stood up for long already.
And ofc if it was POTS she wouldn't faint AFTER lying down

She now claims EDS as well but doesn't talk about it or how she got diagnosed

No. 424558

She treats passing out like falling asleep. Next it's narcolepsy!

No. 424618

No. 424619

Let me guess, she has a chiari malformation?

By that definition, dislocating a shoulder means that 'your arm is ripped from your body.' Ehm.. No.

No. 424625


Yeah the whole POTS "alert" is nonsense. If you can't feel that you're about to pass out then maybe you don't have POTS. Jaquie and a bunch of other people claim the whole syncope alert bullshit. I just find it had to believe that the rare skill of natural alert just so happens to magically appear in all of these random dogs. It's too rare of an ability for there to be this many "syncope alert" dogs nowadays everywhere you look.

I'd like to add though (without wking) that POTS patients CAN benefit from a service dog. I've seen dogs retrieve items, do a pulling type thing, and lay on the person's legs to help blood flow return. But this dog does nothing to mitigate her disability, except maybe comfort, and comfort doesn't count as a legal service dog task if I remember correctly.

No. 424634

File: 1510768418339.jpg (401.84 KB, 1680x945, Phototastic-15_11_2017_0f89b6f…)

I find this girl so offensive. Who the fuck celebrates the anniversary of their first seizure (or even remembers the date)? She is so desperate for her diagnosis to be changed to epilepsy, it's pathetic.

No. 424653

I have no words… Grown woman skateboarding through the mall being pulled by her "service dog". I don't have much to say about this one, but I highly suggest you take a look. She's acting like a child. There was no reason for the dog to be there in a public place, it looks like she was just there to play and get attention. "oh look at the girl riding a skateboard through the mall with her dog". There's a time and a place to have fun with your service dog but not while it's working!

No. 424654


go to the 4:20-ish mark to see the skateboarding

No. 424655

File: 1510770766306.png (84.74 KB, 683x521, skateboard.png)

Gotta get that 100% necessary wheelchair that sweet sweet youtube money will pay for.

No. 424683

isnt pots and ncs like, two totally different things that both fall under dysautonomia though??

No. 424684


Yes they are different. People can have both but most if not all the munchies are claiming POTS specifically.

No. 424690

that's what I thought. I have pots too but I dont pass out so I wonder how many of the munchies are mixing up pots and ncs. it is possible to have both at the same time and they would be too stupid to tell the difference, I think.

No. 424695

please, tell us more about how your illnesses are more credible than other ott spoonies.

No. 424699

it's not about credibility, calm down. every munchie with pots claims to pass out. all of them. that is very strange to me considering that ncs and pots are two types of dysautonomia, that's all.

No. 424700


Well people do pass out from POTS, but you're right they definitely mix it up.

No. 424706

File: 1510774898208.jpg (319.89 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_20171115-193909_01.…)

HMG has started a new account for his teddy.

No. 424707

Well, you cannot possibly blame him for that. He doesn't have a service dog, so what other option did he have??

No. 424708

Service teddy, that's what's next

No. 424753

These munchies are driving me bonkers. They share all the same jargon from those who are successful with their vlogs and basically are clones of each other! I ran across a girl who is legitimately ill, and she is kind of headed down the path of making her channel like all the munchies do, probably because it gets views and it gets support from the superfans of these people. I commented on her channel to stay honest to herself because honesty is beautiful.

sage for rage </vent>

No. 424754


So funny… alerting someone who is unstable and about to pass out by jumping on them and potentially knocking them over? I think not.

No. 424757

the thing that makes posts like yours so grating is that you start it by saying ~~MY~~ illness, so x.. yea you know, you can blog without actually blogging. a farmhand even gave an example very recently on how to do that. refer to it please if you insist on trying to convince youre WOKE or some shit. plus, blogging without sage, you clearly are just a one board anon or summerfag who actually has no intention of adhering to board culture.

whoever thought that 'tasteful' blogging was okay for just the munchie, jaquie, cass threads should be given the boot. so what exactly makes you more special than any other discussion on this site?

No. 424768

File: 1510781317848.jpg (391.75 KB, 1045x1692, Screenshot_20171115-212731_01.…)

Apparently it's just a bit of fun, guys

No. 424774

that's actually kinda cute haha. minus the weird feeding tube and medical bracelet thing. Actually, it's kind of creepy.
This board has turned into "stop self blogging" at posts that even say the word "me" and it's annoying as hell. If you're so concerned about it, ignore it and wait for them to be banned if it truly is someone blogging. Why can't we all be nice to each other geez.

No. 424776

because this isnt instagram or facebook.

No. 424811


Bear seems like the wishlist for all the accessories he doesn't have. He doesn't have a feeding tube and I don't think he uses oxygen. But he has taken it to the hospital with him and given it a foot brace when he supposedly hurt his foot.
The number of (actual) toys that HMG has in his room is astounding.

No. 424841

Does anyone know if what she's saying is plausible? THere's definitely not just 1 place in the world they do Chiari surgery, first of all, so I'd think, if it's true, that there must be another issue there, or she just has the worst case of Chiari in the history of the world. I also don't understand why she'd only have a month to live? This article doesn't make sense to me.

No. 424859


I find it hard to believe that there’s not a single doctor in the UK who could do this surgery. If it was really nessecary, it’d be done. I suspect there is some exaggeration…

No. 424861

The pulse sensor kills me. I'm surprised we don't see more people choking on their coffee in this photo.

Question for those who are on tube feeds: Can you compare a day of feeding tube formula to a day of grocery-store food for me? I spend about $75 a week on food for one person. I looked at KF, because let's face it, any other formula just won't do, and it says $97/month for 12, but that doesn't seem like enough for a month. But again, I have to eat the old-fashioned way with a fork.

I'm trying to understand whether a person who has a job with living wage that allows ends to meet + occasional tacos, can afford formula without having to cut out necessities such as tacos?

I mean, I consider food to be life-sustaining, too, but I have never sent my grocery receipt to my medical insurance. Maybe I should…without my cereal and tacos and diet coke, I guess I would eventually die.

Sage for questions/half-ranting.

No. 424862

I don’t know, but chiari can be fixed with surgery and isn’t really that rare. Sounds like an ott cow that whined enough to get media attention. Just because someone’s in the news doesn’t mean all their claims are true, either. Aubrey was filmed for animal planet with her dog that “helps with her chronic illness “, and she’s just an anorexic munchie.

No. 424863

For me formula is $80 a week, but my insurance covers most of it (and all of it after meeting my out-of-pocket maximum). There’s other costs with that though, as it’s part of my home health services

No. 424866

I don't have any tube experince myself, but from what i know, it's possible to get some meals by just blending the food you tolerate.
Then ofc it depends on feeding rates and such

No. 424868

Does anyone know this girl, Amy Nicole, bless her heart? She just found out her chronic illnesses (GP, POTS…) are now terminal, bless her heart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smtdeq7T8Ic&feature=youtu.be

No. 424873

KEK, according to her description she doesn't even have GP, just suspected

No. 424874

That depends on the type of tube feeding you’re doing and why you’re doing it. For j tube feeding for GP, I have to use formula, just because it’s broken down chemically more than food is. But for lots of people, they are able to blend foods, especially if you’re doing g tube feeds (and blending food is actually better for you! Unfortunately it’s just not always an option).

No. 424875

Um, none of those are terminal. You can live a pretty good, and long, life with those.

No. 424877

I'm only halfway through this video and i'm already laughing
She's so full of shit

No. 424879

It’s oh so sad. Don’t worry though, she’s just got a puppy to train as a service dog.

No. 424891

Thanks for responding. By itself, formula is affordable.

However: I understand that the cost of formula is wrapped up in the cost of overall healthcare, including caring for the tube and treating the illnesses that led to needing a tube in the first place.

But, I find it hard to watch people fight for coverage of legitimate healthcare needs and then see this girl with her pulse oximeter. I kind of want to order one to see if my heart rate increases when I read these posts.

If I were a senator, I would not be convinced by her. She is capable of getting herself to DC so she is capable of scraping together enough $$ to pay for her formula. And, she can scrape together the $$ for a medical marijuana consult (and to pay for that out of pocket), so I would think she could scrape together the wits to figure out how to maintain her tube. Obamacare is not in good hands with her.


No. 424902

Well, only if she lives long enough to train the dog.

Insta: chronically.amy says she's vaccine injured.

I feel like I sound like a jerk.

No. 424905

I just watched some of her videos
In one she says she hasn't had anything to drink for 3 days (while still looking ok)
A few videos later she's drinking starbucks and getting her own car (despite blacking out, having seizures and fainting form dysautonomia)

Makes so much sense right?

No. 424909

File: 1510789466065.png (532.28 KB, 1536x2048, 66679AEF-FF57-4D82-85CC-B2DDEB…)

No. 424912

What the fuck

No. 424933

Is she going to give herself a tube? And then what? Run feeds? From what I can see, this is her pattern: I have an appointment and I'm so super ill. Has appointment. Reports that docs says, "If not better by x, we'll do" whatever spoonie treatment she wants. Goes back. Doctor does not give her super spoonie treatment.

No. 424935

How did FIFTY people like this shit

No. 424945

File: 1510792588799.jpeg (631.08 KB, 750x1137, 78992D1A-5D6C-4FC7-B8B6-6C4F5A…)

Um… ???
Sarah Grace is angling for EDS and trying to play it off as “I guess my dermatologist who knows so much about EDS thinks I have it”. If her dermatologist was actually smart, they would know that whatever SG claims in this post is bullshit and would not have sent her to see a geneticist for EDS.

God, I wish munchies would get off the EDS train. We get a bad enough rep with Lara and the Ehlers Danlos Fuck Up Society.

No. 424980

How did Lara even end up as head of the EDS Society? It's such a circlejerk and she's a snowflake herself. Everything about her feed screams narcissist.

No. 424983

This is bad even by munchie standards (also if you were actually throwing up that much for a medical reason, your gi doctor would do something. And a ng tube probably wouldn’t be much help)

No. 425011

File: 1510795606451.jpeg (659.66 KB, 750x1210, F7932D34-0945-4A03-8CF2-5DB9EE…)

Nicole was hospitalized again, guess what she missed?! LOL. Then posts this shit. I’ve never met a more outwardly full of shit munchie in all my life.

For the last time, fo to therapy Nicole, and stop being a useless piece of shit.

No. 425013

The EDNF (before it turned into the Ehlers Danlos Society) seemed to be so useful and helpful and actually wanted to work on legit research. Now with Lara heading it, it just seems like it’s the perfect illness for people to fake and get asspats for. It’s fucking annoying.

sorry for rage

No. 425045

well you can't put an nj in yourself

No. 425050

Yeah but she asked if anyone had NG* tubes for her to use in the mean time. Jesus tapdancing Christ she is as bad as Dani!

No. 425084

I want to know what the person filming her with a cell phone is thinking…cool chick! or this is going to go viral…

No. 425089

This bitch. I've been seeing her "Friend" spamming a survivalsurgery4sarah tag all over the internet.

No. 425109

Kek it’s always hilarious when the munchies just claim way overboard symptoms. Even in ceds your skin doesn’t just fall off. It really just points out the ones that aren’t sick, because their claims are so ridiculous and not realistic at all.

No. 425114


HypermobileGuy has posted multiple "oxygen" selfies before. He has a compressor (which anyone can buy on Amazon) and has previously claimed that he needs it to sleep because his "sats drop during the night".

No. 425120


if she never goes to therapy she'll never have to accept that there's nothing wrong with her.

No. 425123


Yeah, no EDS sounds like that… "scar tissue buildup all over the body"? Noope.

No. 425127

I was thinking that if it was that super special, a med school team would be finding grant money and donors and tripping over each other to be the first team there to do it and document it.

I agree that I would think someone in the UK could do this surgery, but FB claims she's in Spain and ready for surgery. I just don't know what to think about it.

I just keep telling myself that there are people who have EDS and actually suffer from it. I don't want to become that cynical.

Sage for opining.

No. 425129


I've seen more than three appeals for funds for chiari malformation surgery, all from the UK to the USA.
I guess it's fairly experimental, or else they'd probably be doing it here.

No. 425135

See, this is the problem. Munchies adapt these illnesses, which make it damn near impossible to take actual sufferers seriously after awhile.

No. 425142

Just looked up "chiari malformation." In the US, enough legit orgs are funding it and the diagnostic criteria seems definitive to make me believe it's a legitimate thing.

So, that begs the question of why patients in the UK need to come to the US. I did a very dirty search on Google, and the only conclusion I can draw is: Disney World.

If you come to the US, you can meet Mickey before or after your surgery.

Sage/wild speculation

No. 425160


I wonder how long the surgery has been a thing for? If it's a fairly new thing it might still be considered experimental.

No. 425164

My search was dirty…but it seems like a thing in the US and since people want to come here to get it, I looked a little in the UK and it seems like a definitive, non-experimental thing there, too, but I don't know how insurance in the UK works or the national health system, etc., so perhaps it's tangled in that? But here's what I found regarding this in the UK and it does not seem experimental at all (hence my conclusion that Mickey Mouse is involved):

No. 425217

File: 1510808790445.png (780.14 KB, 701x953, Capture _2017-11-16-00-04-20-1…)


This guy is all of us man

No. 425221

YES! His face is priceless.

No. 425421


Routine Chiari surgery is spinal fusion based, has a great evidence basis and is performed at a number of NHS hospitals, the waiting list is relatively bearable and definitely not a chance in hell that someone with even moderately severe neurological symptoms would not be shoved in early enough. Of course, if she wants some speshul woo in America that she can then visit Mickey afterwards, that's ok… on her own dime. I can't abide these fucks maligning the NHS (which has its problems but which is on the whole doing the right thing) just to get their hands on some sweet, sweet pity bux.

No. 425423


Somehow I doubt that Tom Cotton, an Iraq war veteran, will be overly grossed out by this lady's noodly appendages, but I find it nonetheless absolutely cynical and abusive of her to put on every piece of medical equipment she can find, make it as explicit as she can (I've been running around with the same tubes she has for years and nobody was the wiser - you can effortlessly hide them and indeed it takes an effort to show them off like that!), even put on a fucking pulsox (anybody who needs constant pulsox monitoring, such as people on vents, have long-term pulsox probes, not some shit bought off Amazon), just so can be the sick chick that reamed Tom Cotton, because frankly, nobody else would give a fuck about her screaming otherwise. I'm also dubious as to the dude behind her using a nebulizer, which some people might mistake for an oxygen mask. I don't know if there was a concerted effort by these 'activists' to look as sick as possible or whether they're just pathetic, but I think this wins the crown, previously held by the Sarepta FDA duchenne kids roadshow, of the most cynical healthcare related PR assholery of the year.

No. 425541

I know of a much younger girl (I think only 17?) who went from the UK to have this surgery in Barcelona earlier in the year.
I don't know enough about it to know why the NHS aren't funding it. Though the NHS only funds evidence based care so it could be that not enough people have had the surgery successfully for them to fund it.
Or is could be that she doesn't REALLY need it.
When patients go abroad it is on a case by case basis so I don't know but it is interesting that the article and her crowdfunding don't at all mention why it isn't NHS funded or what appeals they made against that decision.

No. 425544

Who the fuck tubes themselves not under doctors advice!? You have to be pretty fucked up to consider that remotely normal, let alone post it online!
If you're vomiting so much you can't keep down liquids then
a) you're going to puke up a gastro tube!
b) GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM! They can give you IM anti nausea, if you can rehydrate orally you can go. You'll survive until you see your GI in a few months and they'll see you had an ER visit due to vomitting meaning
c) you might actually get what you want…though more likely IM cyclizine!

No. 425552

iirc she has an NJ and uses an NG to drain but I'm not sure if that's GI advised or just her doing it herself

No. 425553

She doesn't have any tubes?

No. 425556

File: 1510848071597.png (769.22 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-16-12-33-15…)

Also on the chronically.ams track, how ana chan is this?! Obviously sucking in and pushing out her collarbones

No. 425558

We're talking chronically.amy not ams

No. 425559

My bad, mixing up the cows!

No. 425563

chronically amy has a service dog in training now

No. 425564

I think it has been discussed that chronically.ams is OTT but not munchie. She has a life outside of illness and is planning on working ASAP (she just moved from the UK to Australia).

No. 425567

Chronically.amy apparently has a store where she sells designs stolen from others kek


No. 425569

Wait can I make a store of stolen designs and make money? brb

No. 425572

Even if she actually has EDS, she is very weird about it. Asking others to sent her the results over their GES, shooping her pictures to make her look thinner? That's not normal behavior. Also, the thread is called "OTT Spoonies/MBI etc., so being 'just' OTT and not Munchie is not a reason to not discuss her. Not to mention the very definition of Munchausen includes exaggerating real symptoms/illness.

No. 425574

She is a munchie. She does have real EDS but exaggerates and worsens everything, and plays it all up to the hilt. She's not even "just" OTT in a minor way, she's up there with the more dramatic and resource sucking UK munchies. Totally disgusting behaviour.

No. 425576

It's weird how people are trying to make a distinction between those with munchausens and those who are "just OTT". Just because you have a legitimate illness doesn't mean you can't have munchausens. It's a lot easier to exaggerate or exacerbate symptoms to solicit attention than to just make them up entirely.

No. 425581

Didn't Dani sell these exact same designs too?

No. 425597

Something similar but i remember hers as much uglier

No. 425867


Wow, ok! I honestly had thought from the multitude of fundraisers I've seen that it was ONLY surgeons in the USA (and that one in Barcelona) who could do it! Maybe the NHS has stricter criteria, like you have to have tried other things first, or be so-much capacitated by it.

No. 425917

File: 1510871127263.jpeg (260.79 KB, 732x1160, 9C524E89-01CD-452B-BC82-3C4893…)

The fact that this girl, guy, whatever the fuck this is, gets what it wants medically, when people with real problems can’t, absolutely disgusts me.

No. 425957

File: 1510873904862.png (429.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1766.PNG)


Also from Autumn, now mentioning her bleeding disorder seems suspect because it's been discussed on here. Hai gurl, hows your "EDS" doing?

No. 425986

Yea all of a sudden the vWD is a problem for the port bt not for the Picc? Nice try… she’s so stoooppiiddddd

No. 425989

File: 1510875828095.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 0278B7E8-03D9-435C-9EFF-276A8F…)

Oh no, my health is just getting so horrible what ever will I do!?

No. 426057

It’s just so hard to suffer from fake illnesses while being healthy

No. 426064

Also she's had the PICC for all of two seconds, there is absolutely no reason to pull that line!

No. 426068

Right? Usually you’ll have a picc for a few months first, because no doctor wants to jump to the most invasive treatment first, especially without knowing if something’s going to work first. Besides, a picc and a port serve exactly the same function.

No. 426071


What was even the point of getting the PICC in the first place then if it was going to be in for such a short amount of time? Gaaaah.

No. 426076

It's completely ridiculous. She would have to do two more weeks with P-IV's but no no, lets do a risky procedure

No. 426087

I’d like to know which piece of shit hick ass OK doctor is allowing all of this stuff to happen. Who the hell gets a picc then gets a port a week later when they have the same use !?! And ONLY for saline . This doctor and Autumn are a fucking joke

No. 426101

What's with all these cows getting ports? There's hickman's too. Much safer and don't leave the same scar tissue behind

No. 426116

I'm guessing it's because it can be (de)accessed so easy? but not sure

No. 426118


Screenshots muthafukka!

No. 426122

Right? Dafuq. Hickmans FTW!

No. 426128

File: 1510885600501.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, AE9D3823-F5E9-48C6-A647-4C2CED…)

You know, like healthy people get around nighttime from doing a bunch of useful, normal people shit during the day…

No. 426134

What a useless human being. Like what are you doing with the rest of your life? Just sucking money out of others because you’re too lazy to work yourself, no contributions to society, no education, just another worthless being wasting resources instead of making something with her life. Autumn wake up and smell the roses, there’s nothing wrong with you , stop.

No. 426140


Because she shot herself in the foot with that one. Its easy to pick some random diagnoses and put them in your bio. It is harder to understand how one might affect another.
She got called out here (and in comments on her IG) asking how she could have easily gotten a PICC with her supposed blood disorder (that she obviously doesn't have). She is then left with either two options - remove it from her profile but raise even more suspicion about her claiming illnesses she doesn't have. Or do a little more research and go full out pretending that she does have it. Either way its super shady. After all why would a blood disorder you don't know much about because you "were diagnosed a very long time ago" be so important you have to list it in your bio. If it really had a big impact on you then you would know more about how it works. If it was just something that was briefly mentioned after a blood test years ago, it doesn't belong in your bio. She probably had at least one ear infection as a child - surprised she doesn't list otitis media in her bio.

No. 426165


Doing very little also makes you tired. I suspect that's what's happening here.

No. 426178


I always figured ports were the first choice because they aren't accessed all the time and therefore less infection risk? I know this is OT but how would a Hickman be safer for these people?

No. 426182

He started claiming it after sitting next to someone with it on a panel for disabled trans people or something like that. There's a video of it on Facebook that someone linked to in Autumn's thread.

No. 426195


I saw that video mentioned when Autumn had her own thread. I did actually just skim through the video. The person next to her does say they have it in the introduction and Autumn just mentions her genetically confirmed chronic illnesses. However when she starts talking for the first round she claims to have VWD similar to whoever was sitting next to her (and before that person took their turn to go into more detail). She then proceeds to say they ran some tests to make sure she wouldn't bleed out but that the surgery has lots of complications due to her other undiagnosed at the time chronic illness, EDS. Of course she claims that she "must have had it all her life because it was genetic but it only got bad in the last year" (which doesn't really mesh with her timeline since the surgery seems to have been 2 years prior). She goes on to blame the doctor for not knowing she had a condition that apparently she didn't know she had either. I thought the geneticist told her she didn't have EDS (but I could have my munchies confused).
While it is possible that she was connected to the other person on the panel because they had found each other while researching information about gender-confirming surgery with VWD, it still seems likely that Autumn's version is a bunch of baloney. The other person goes into more detail about how having VWD impacted the whole surgery process while Autumn is more like "I had a blood test to make sure I wouldn't bleed out".
I didn't watch the whole video because it was super dull - looked like the panel was poorly attended too (but I did get amused that they seemed to anticipate that there would be a sudden flood of people filling up the space). The individual who actually has VWD provided some useful information but the rest seemed to be a lot of whining about how the surgeons are terrible because they were uncomfortable performing gender confirming surgery on individual with chronic illness (um you can't blame a surgeon for being worried about performing a surgery on someone with a illness outside of their specialty and Autumn was blaming the surgeon for not knowing she had a disorder - that she doesn't actually have - that apparently Autumn didn't even know she had at the time.)

No. 426198

If you have a serious bleeding disorder, you would for sure know the name of it, because you would be having to write it down all the time, especially on the forms she’s definitely filling out at all her doctor-shopping appointments. And they wouldn’t have put in a picc line, because those can bleed, and that’s in people without bleeding disorders. I wonder if she had low platelets at some point, (which is not uncommon but does affect your bleeding since platelets are responsible for clotting) but she took that and turned it into an illness.

No. 426233


Ports are considered the safer central line.. lower risk which is why it's common. (Also why the majority of cancer patients have ports not hickmans)

But you would think the munchies would much prefer the other central lines..

Starting with the safest
Midline (not really a central line. More like a mix of a big IV and central line)
Roughly anyway

With a Hickman there is basically a continuous small tube and exist out of the skin with the same tube and Hickman are long. Some will curl it up like they do with babies, other tape it to shirts, it's long enough for these cows to really enjoy milking it for all they can and not have to get stabbed all the time!
A port is completely under the skin unless it is accessed. But even then it's not as noticeable as the other lines.

I hope the reason is the drs have suspensions on said patient and goes for the port for all those (and more) reasons above.

No. 426277

In the video she says she was diagnosed with VWD aged 15, yet on her IG when someone asked her about type she said she didn't know as she was diagnosed really young.
15 is not really young, and definitely not if you're having a lot of appointments (she was getting hormones/ hormone blockers and then had surgery aged 17).
I know we all know it but she is lying about the VWD, she hasn't been diagnosed with EDS (now hEDS in her IG profile!) or POTS…

No. 426279

Wait, she also never got a POTS dx? Then how tf did she get a picc for saline infusions?

No. 426280

Well I pressume a different doctor diagnosed her but originally I'm fairly sure she was told she didn't have it. I'll find screenshots later.
Also her GES study came back normal and now she has 'MCAS?' on her IG.

No. 426335


Basically she doesn't have an official diagnosis for anything in her IG bio - except for "mental health" because she can't go into menopause if she never had a menstrual cycle to begin with.
If she has all these resources to search for a physical diagnosis then she should have the resources to treat the mental health problems, which would probably "cure" a lot of the physical ailments too.

No. 426364

Chiarifag here.
Chiari and Spinal fusions can be done by any neurosurgeon anywhere.
Chiari can be congenital in Down Syndrome.
Chiari is acquired with eds and the surgery poses bigger risks with eds patients.
No neurosurgeons in Uk right now are operating on eds patients with chiari and cranio cervical instability.
There are surgeons in the States and in Spain who have been operating on eds patients with Chiari and cci.
It seems like the new munchie flavour of the month though.
They are all buying neck braces without ever being diagnosed with chiari or cervical instability.
Only 2% of eds patients have chiari. But looking at the munchies it's more like 92%.
They all want it now it's so suuuper serious.
I don't think anyone would voluntarily go through that surgery without needing it though , even a munchie.

No. 426366

That is correct. NONE of her diagnoses have been confirmed by a doctor. Autumn is an out and out liar. Her Geneticist straight out told her she DOES NOT have EDS, but said and I quote “I’m taking that as a diagnosis of EDS” , she says she’s menopausal, however she’s biologically a MALE who had her balls chopped off electively, so any issues there is his own fault. The VonWillibran is constantly changing, first she was diagnosed when she was very little and doesn’t remember what type she has (which would be bullshit if you truly had it, it needs to be managed), the claimed to be diagnosed at 15, which was only 4 years ago as she’s only 19 years old, so it’s not something she wouldn’t remember. As for POTS , She’s never had Autonomic testing, no tilt table , no nothing, just found some bullshit doctor to prescribe what she wants, and then she keeps claiming random mental health diagnoses too, which keep changing… from BPD to Schizophrenia etc. it’s all made up!!!! She’s not one real diagnosis . Just straight up Crazy nut case

No. 426370

File: 1510928979825.jpg (723.21 KB, 1073x1611, 20171117_142513.jpg)

Spotted on Ig.
I think they forgot that the T in pots stands for Tachycardia. Perfect heart rate there but they are having a bad pots week. Hmm
Maybe if they got out of bed their blood pressure would raise.

No. 426371

What's the rationale for not doing it here in the UK? (for EDS chiari) - just interested, not trying to munchie my way to an extra diagnosis.

No. 426374

That's not even especially low. Why did you anonymise them?

No. 426375

I'm not in the UK but what I know is that it is because of the high risk they will not operate on eds patients.
The opinion is if you fuse one level the next level will collapse leading to more surgeries. Which is completely true.
And decompression on an eds patient can lead to a range of issues during surgery.
Risk over benefit.

No. 426377

File: 1510929539950.jpeg (269.93 KB, 750x1178, 3ED8AACC-9507-4666-A576-7D12F5…)

Autumn does the same shit. This BP and HR are beautiful. Fucking stand up and do something for once and I bet they’d be even better. And THIS is what she’s getting a port for. Unbelievable

No. 426379

I know it's nothing that would keep you in bed for a week.
It had their first and last name I wasn't sure should I show it.

No. 426381

That’s only a mildly low BP (depending where the person’s normal baseline is), and the resting HR is spot on for someone who isn’t active.

I think these munchies forget what their illnesses actually are. One, POTS is orthostatic tachycardia – beats of 100bpm or more upon standing (which she is not doing). The only way 81 would be POTS is if her resting heart rate were 51bpm or lower, which would mean a) she was super active (like an athlete) or b) she was having issues with bradycardia all the time which she would obviously mention. Two, POTS typically does not come with low blood pressure like these munchies claim; it’s usually a separate issue or just incidental low blood pressure caused by other conditions, medications, etc. Even the diagnostic criteria of POTS states that the orthostatic (standing) tachycardia is in absence of orthostic (standing, again) hypotension. I only mention standing so much because guess what she is not doing in that picture?! Three, if she hasn’t left her room in a week, her body’s current baseline for BP is probably pretty low because her heart hasn’t had to pump much blood if she’s been laying down…

Good heavens, the dumb is so bad with these people…

No. 426385

File: 1510929850275.jpeg (297.42 KB, 750x1188, 6D3EF864-61F4-42CB-A52D-0DCEBD…)

Look Autumns POTS with no actual pots ??‍♀️

No. 426386

Technically the diastolic is low, but her pulse pressure (the spread), is still perfectly fine. And her heart rate is beautiful. Wtf?

No. 426387

Oops just caught a new diagnosis in that last post!! ME!!! That’s another she’s never been diagnosed with

No. 426388

These are so normal, wtf?! Autumn is so full of shit and it’s a wonder her followers don’t call her out for this.

No. 426392

The probably do, she’s just quick to delet the comments

No. 426396

Wtf who diagnoses these people with pots. It has nothing to do with low blood pressure. That's orthostatic hypotension. They have nothing near tachycardia. The blood pressure readings don't seem like anything that would bring on syncope. In fact are they even diagnosed with some form of syncope or do they just think that's all pots aswell.
It's total deconditioning from laying around

No. 426405

Most everyone claiming POTS is deconditioned… it’s just from being lazy fucks.

No. 426424

The true test is if you walk like 5k steps a day and still have the heartrate increase

No. 426425


Yeah but #lazyfuckitis doesn’t get ass pats.

No. 426444

The indication for the CVC also comes into the differential. If a patient needs access every day, a Hickman may be preferred over a port. For cancer patients, labs and chemo are sometimes weeks apart and being able to deaccess in between is advantageous.
These IG fucktards who have ports but remain accessed all the time are ridiculous. Port placement is a more damaging procedure and comes with more complex mechanics and complication risks than Hickmans. I do wonder if ports are chosen because of lower munchie risk. It takes some skill to access a port; a Hickman line is easier to fuck with. So, pro's and cons…but yeah when I see these spoonfags with ports accessed daily, I have to ask wtf. If a port is continually accessed, the infection risk is basically the same but resolving it is a bigger pain in the ass because of the potential for device pocket involvement.


No. 426452

>The only way 81 would be POTS is if her resting heart rate were 51bpm or lower, which would mean a) she was super active (like an athlete) or b) she was having issues with bradycardia all the time which she would obviously mention.
Except that 80 isn't tachy. Tachy is over 100bpm.

No. 426455

File: 1510937377842.jpg (80.58 KB, 364x139, lmw.jpg)

Mixing antihistamines like candy: ✓
Prayers are helping: ✓

I'm really wondering what she's doing to make herself this sick. A high histamine diet? Putting something hot against her face? And why is her doctor buying this?

No. 426459


Not wking, and I don't know who this is or the context, but I've had mastocytosis since infancy and I have to take a handful of antihistamines everyday to help manage. So I don't really see the problem here?

No. 426461

Why do so many of these losers want to have EDS so badly? I only just got evaluated for it after happening upon the information in search of a way to deal with the problems I've had since childhood and while it was such a huge weight of my shoulders to know I might have found what was causing my health issues, it's also really depressing to know I can't really do anything but manage it for the rest of my life. It's not the worst thing out there, but I don't see what's so glamorous about lowered life expectancy. Why EDS specifically?

No. 426476

She's trying to get a MCAD for over a year now and had endless of blood and urine tests plus CT, MRI and I guess PET scans for it. Her only symptoms are flushing and sometimes difficulty breathing. I know that you can mix antihistamines, but 6 of them?

No. 426482

File: 1510939798504.jpg (454.27 KB, 1080x1554, Screenshot_20171117-172746_01.…)

It's weird/creepy enough that he has his own bear to take everywhere, but now he's meeting up with other bears too?

No. 426575

File: 1510947782789.jpeg (294.76 KB, 750x1139, B9BE799E-305E-4C75-BDE0-BA02EC…)

How long do you think she’s had that hospital bracelet on for ? gotta show it off

No. 426579

I didn’t say 81 was tachy and very much mentioned how tachycardia was over 100bpm kek. Directly from my post (which was right above what you quoted):
>>tachycardia – beats of 100bpm or more

I only mentioned how 81bpm could be POTS, and that you can have POTS without hitting “true tachycardia” if you jump 30+bpm (but your resting would have to be 50ish for 81bpm and stay there for a little to warrant a dx).

Reading comprehension, dear anon.

No. 426580

Because, at least hEDS, is easy to fake and apparently brings about a bunch of asspats (for the munchies; I’ve never really seen sympathy for those who actually have EDS)

No. 426582

Casually mentions that her thumb is not that of someone with mild hypermobility, let alone someone with hEDS…

No. 426583

what the actual fuck

No. 426584

I can't stand when they'll claim cEDS or vEDS without genetic confirmation. They'll be like "all geneticist are booked" or "I'm clinically diagnosed"

No. 426595

Well I mean you can get clinical diagnosis and insurance usually doesn’t cover for anything but vEDS, but it’s annoying that people keep trying to claim types other than hEDS for extended amounts of time without confirmation.

No. 426598

I get that sometimes insurance doesn't pay for genetic testing but like I have a munchie friend who legit was diagnosed by an occupation therapist with classical eds

No. 426607

Eh, some do cover for any type except hEDS. But still, a clinical diagnosis is really only valid if it comes from a geneticist or eds specialist.

No. 426608

Wtf did she read that here? Tho it’d be good if she did, maybe she’d admit ghat all she needs is psychological help.

No. 426623

I've been reading about some of the most famous Munchausen's and MBP cases, and it scares me to think of the paths some of these spoonies may go down. Anyone familiar with the story of Beverley Allitt? She was a serial killer and nurse in Britain in the early 1990s, mainly targeting very young children. Her personal history is terrifyingly close to what these cows are like, minus the internet, obviously. If any of them end up having kids of their own then those kids will genuinely be at risk of MBP, which can be fatal. I know "think of the children!" is a cliché but, fuck, I'm chilled by this. The Mumchausen behaviour is scarily the same between people who kill their own kids, people who go on to become "angels of death" and large scale scam artists like Belle Gibson (who let's not forget, at minimum hastened people's deaths).

The ones who at least have other interests like fashion or whatever aren't so scary IMO, but those who are completely laser focused on their health like Jaquie and Kelly, Autumn, Chloe Leanne and Chloe Print Lambert, Chronically.ams, Paige, Carmel… their munchieness might be a risk to people around them as well, especially in future when they can't use their own image as a young woman to e-beg effectively any more. I could see any of those with a mysteriously sick kid of their own.

No. 426625

She doesn't have hEDS, but there are people with EDS who don't have hypermobile thumbs

No. 426663

Most geneticists order panels now, unless there's a family history of a known mutation. Like the TAAD panel for example. Usually these will cover cEDS, vEDS, MFS, and LDS and some of the other familial aneurysm disorders.


No. 426723

No shit. But a large portion of people with hypermobility that affects large and small joints, or primarily small joints (benign hypermobility, HSD, EDS, etc) often have hitchhikers thumb.

No. 426732

I'm not denying that, just saying that it's not really a criteria, not even a beighton

No. 426751

File: 1510961789333.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2513.PNG)

Paige got the flu shot, now angling for muh vaccine damage omg.

Which kinda puts her last few weeks of health related whining into perspective: unless you're an organ transplant recipient or on chemo, and no, apart from high dose AZA (300mg qd and above) drugs for MS/NMO don't count, you would not get the flu shot if you were in as precarious a health situation as she has claimed. Also, her trigger warnings on instagram stories about her weight? Big ED vibe.

No. 426753

I hate when people claim the flushot isn't safe, especially people like chloe saying it's not safe for immunocompromised people. It basically saves lives

No. 426754


I wonder how much of her so called mast cell activation issues are actually rebound issues due to upregulation of H1 receptors from taking a stupid amount of H1ergic psych meds.

No. 426756

File: 1510962029728.png (617.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2517.PNG)

Meanwhile in The Other Vaccine Damage Munchie land.

No. 426758


The worst the flu shot can do to immunocopromised people is not work. That's all. Yes, sometimes immunosuppressive treatment can prevent formation of antibodies. You know what? There's a test for that! It's cheap & easy, too. It will not make you sick. Duh.

No. 426759

Everyone's fave little sociopath returns.

No. 426776

“Compromised airway” top kek

No. 426780

She was fully paralyzed but could hold her head up and grin for photo? Sure Chloe, whatever you say.

No. 426846

File: 1510973572193.png (925.33 KB, 1536x2048, 8D12072E-6BCA-49AA-9137-3832E6…)

Pretty sure there’s no national hydration shortage…anyone else thinking maybe her doctor’s caught on that she doesn’t actually have pots? She doesn’t say what the new thing is, so I’m wondering if they took away her precious hydration. They just need to take out that damn port. She’s just an ana chan that found a way to get attention and lose weight with medical endorsement. Also, an ekg is a very, very simple test that is done all the time for lots of reasons, and I think people are starting to call her out.

No. 426847

File: 1510973608404.png (443.45 KB, 1536x2048, FBA2CA00-C495-44DA-9612-324845…)

No. 426850

File: 1510973794771.png (239.27 KB, 1536x2048, C30CA06B-8D49-424C-AF3E-646927…)

Here’s one of the comments, ironically also a Lyme person. No one else seems to be having a saline shortage… (let’s be honest, it’s water with salt in it)

No. 426856

File: 1510974007128.png (1.12 MB, 1536x2048, 86640EC4-3099-4869-B796-E772E5…)

And let’s not forget her #testing #for #narcolepsy. Here’s a hint, Aubrey: Having an eating disorder makes you really freaking tired. Gotta love her wish for more medical emojis.

No. 426860

File: 1510974138742.png (629.78 KB, 1536x2048, 5C246BD9-AD36-412D-B262-2F006D…)

No. 426865

File: 1510974339434.png (249.74 KB, 1536x2048, C6C027F1-F870-4801-A456-E88671…)

Holy shit the comments are full of potential munchies and definitely ott spoonies. But let’s not forget all the tags! A little ways down the comments kek, but can’t possibly leave them off! How will she get that sweet, sweet attention without them?!?

No. 426867

File: 1510974561242.png (251.88 KB, 1536x2048, 545A37DE-B62F-4634-970D-B4C38D…)

Check out this commenter, she’s got the munchie checklist of listed diagnoses, gofuckme (youcaring), and service dog with it’s own account. She’s public and is claiming nausea and vomiting even though she’s pretty big for having GP (not actual fat, but pretty pudgy for someone who can’t eat).

No. 426869

File: 1510975285320.png (428.23 KB, 1536x2048, F09DB38A-E557-42C1-B6FD-23C3F4…)

So this munchie? not even a month ago had question marks by all her “diagnoses”, and now they’re in her header. Also, if you suspect you have GP or literally any gi problems, you don’t eat a bacon sandwich. I’m guessing she’s a munchie who’s angling for the whole port-tube-wheelchair combo.

No. 426870

File: 1510975485523.png (235.42 KB, 1536x2048, 9D861333-0C1A-4AD1-9959-D5EF16…)

Here’s the next post. She’s asking about the ‘toys’ before she’s even been diagnosed. Also don’t know what a PRO test for eds is, but pots and GP tend to go along mainly with hEDS, and there are no tests for hEDS.

No. 426875

File: 1510975626737.png (561.54 KB, 1536x2048, 6702CE0E-1236-45F7-B6BC-DC1576…)

And the classic angling for mast cell.

No. 426876

File: 1510975722790.png (Spoiler Image, 896.84 KB, 1536x2048, 43D55FA5-2260-48DA-B0D8-04125F…)

Obviously starving to death

No. 426880

File: 1510975983548.png (1.01 MB, 1536x2048, 29EF5C1D-5BC5-486F-8DB0-828FEE…)

What a wonderful meal for GP!!

Also, there is literally no way she could get tested, get results, and be diagnosed with all those things in less than a month. Autonomic testing alone takes a while, because it has to be ordered, pre-authorized by insurance, scheduled (and very rarely do you get an appointment quickly, since it’s not an emergencyj, then the doctor has to get the results, and you have to make an appointment with the doctor.

No. 426881

File: 1510976122523.png (935.44 KB, 1536x2048, F5649840-3DFD-405B-8DA1-32BD42…)

(Last one, I promise!). Can’t forget the pill porn that looks like it’s mostly otc stuff!

No. 426885

I guess the PRO test is the genetic test for some types? Too bad that those other types don’t have the gi problems, not to mention there’s no way they could get the results from that test back that quick. I smell bullshit.

No. 426887

Let's all report this post for nudity

No. 426896

She talks about the supposed hydration shortage in her recent video
She also talks about how she is in EXTREME pain but is able to vlog and is smiling and singing (“I ain’t got a needle in my chest, in my chest”) and bouncing around…

I get saline / ringer infusions for reasons other than POTS and haven’t heard anything about this hydration shortage?

No. 426899

Same here. It’s definitely interesting that the two people complaining are both chronic Lyme.

No. 426900

I looked into the shortage. There are apparently shortages on small saline bags because of the PR hurricane. It apparently knocked out some factories. But the FDA approved imports to make up for the loss back in October so…?

No. 426901

So there isn’t one now and the munchies are trying to make themselves be in a dire situation = more attention

No. 426902

There is no fucking indication of an allergic reaction there, especially nothing close to what an adhesive allergy / adhesive-triggered MCAS reaction would look like. It’s not even remotely red, which typically happens when you rip something sticky off of even healthy skin. Ffs.

No. 426904

Essentially, yeah. It’s not like they’re going to die if they get one L a week instead of 2L a day. If they have tubes, they can put water and crushed NaCl supps (or electrolyte drinks) down the tube to prevent dehydration.

I mean unless their hospitals are useless and don’t know how to switch suppliers, my best guess is that the docs are using this excuse to stop using saline in these people who don’t need it.

The salt water will never be an issue, but the bags need to be produced since ideally they are only used once in a sterile environment, which can cause shortages on occasion. But no, just no.

No. 426905

Most types of EDS have functional GI problems due to collagen makeup of the GI tract. What gets me is why so many EDSers are claiming Gp? Even in hEDS, Gp is not typically a comorbidity of EDS.

No. 426911

I would guess it’s because it can be comorbid with dysautonomia, which does have a definite connection to hEDS. But it’s not as common as munchies and spoonies make it seem. And it’s not something that develops overnight in adults like so many of them claim. Most people with eds and GP have had gp symptoms a good amount of their lives. Plus, a lot of cows for sure have eating disorders , which can cause (temporary) GP. Also, how else will they get their precious toobz?? I’m sure a lot of them purposely purge during their ges’s.

No. 426913

Especially since lots and lots of people with pots can manage just fine without infusions. Infusions are not as common as munchies claim, but obviously they get the idea from other cows.

No. 426922

Because after awhile saline infusions stop being effective anyway. The more you run them with POTS, the less effective they become. Yeah, it can help with tachycardia by introducing more fluid and sodium into the system, but the main research behind using saline in POTS was for low blood volume. And only a small percentage of POTS patients have consistent low blood volume.

No. 426924

You would think the prevalence of dysautonomic Gp in EDS would be higher than it has appeared in studies, then, since most types of EDS are also comorbid with dysautonomia of some sort. Regardless, these munchies don’t know what they’re talking about and it’s just a shit show.

No. 426943

>chest completely exposed
I have personally had several EKGs and have been naked for none of them. Who would believe that? She's full of it.

No. 426954

File: 1510982239044.png (985.31 KB, 640x1136, 48493C48-7147-4D73-B6C3-97637B…)

This is coming from the girl that regularly posts pictures of a good portion of her bare chest to show off her port. I guess it’s only not okay when she can’t IG it kek

No. 426955

Same. They give you a paper shirt. EKGs are incredibly common and you don't need your chest exposed for them. She should figure that most people have had at least one, or have known someone else who did.

No. 426971

Angie's out of the hospital


While she was in:
"I’m doing alright. Hospital’s been uneventful, apart from the fateful declaration that I don’t have a very treatable condition they were hoping i’d have, but we all knew that. Discharge was pushed back to early next week."

Recently posted:

"The doctor and the social worker just came in to tell me that my commpacks referral was flat out rejected again and that it was because i was seen as so physically unwell and permanently disabled that the whole scheme was judged as unsuitable, and they said it’s usually for people who are at their worst immediately after leaving hospital and are expected to improve. I’m really annoyed about this. It was meant to be 3 hrs of care per week for 6 weeks but now I don’t even have that."

Do hospitals really send people THAT crippled home with NOTHING?

I feel as if all her tests come back as her not having having the damage, that's really all I can imagine would bar her from getting assistance that she needs?

No. 426990

community packages are govt funded and have time limits and strict criteria. too bad, sis, you can't use it to scam some free care for six weeks.

No. 426992

I’ve been totally topless for almost all of mine. (I can only think of one where I wasn’t)

No. 427050

File: 1511001612082.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.62 KB, 300x300, 27f9c41f-d3bc-4281-9ed6-a0fe2b…)

This is what a typical adhesive allergy looks like. If it's a holter or event monitor there might also be blisters and scarring. Whatever she's saying is wrong with her skin, it sure isn't an allergic reaction. I see nothing but someone who is too lazy to clean the adhesive off her skin. That black ring is dirty adhesive, at least a day old.

No. 427064

i cant wrap my head around over what im looking at =.=
is it a leg? a finger? an oyster? wtf is that?

No. 427066


Ewww burn it! Spoiler that kind of shit from now on anon! Aaaagh my eyes!

No. 427067

Is that a ugly butt or a fat shoulder?

No. 427073


here they do ask you to remove your shirt and bra etc and don't give you a paper shirt. we only do paper shirts for surgeries, not for x-rays and ecg's

No. 427074

1. Ew
2. What is that?

No. 427075

I've had several EKGs and have been asked to take my top off for almost all of them. Are you female? Because bra straps etc can get in the way so some just ask you to strip off on top to make it easier. It's really not uncommon. Feels like nitpicking for the sake of, sorry.

No. 427119

I googled the picture. He's a baby who received shots and the marks are caused by the bandaid. This should probably be removed as it's a minor.

No. 427133

At least she already has a personality disorder dx!

No. 427146

There is a shortage (in my state at least). When I went in for an infusion last week they didn’t even have the 500ml bag that was ordered for me.

No. 427156

That validity of the shortage was already mentioned. There’s a small bag (500mL) shortage because of the hurricane hitting PR where a lot of saline factories are. But last month the FDA approved imports of small bags of saline from other locations so… regardless, the shortage is less of what’s at question. Sure, there may be a shortage of small bags, but if someone really needs the fluids, they’ll opt for a larger size or order some from a different supplier. A person who is not going to die but might feel kinda crappy if they don’t get their fluids is not top priority.

No. 427157

Also, sage your shit. Talking about the saline shortage adds nothing milky to the thread.

No. 427160


No. 427178


I find RA and EDS codiagnoses extremely tenuous at best and impossible at worst. How can you show signs of restricted ROM and excessive ROM at the same time?

No. 427182

I'm so confused. These pics are evidence of a medical issue?

No. 427190

Cold and damp lock you up. -> RA

Heat and steam loosen you. -> EDS

No. 427208

You can keep your bra on for an ekg too
Speaking from experience lol

No. 427210


They made me take mine off, so I guess it varies. I don't care about the fact that they made her take it off but, why mention it unless looking for pity points? You go to doctors' offices, guess what: they need to be able to get to your body! Like I'm positive most people in the US have been nude or at least partially nude in front of a medical professional, what's special about that?

No. 427214

If you just tell them you're not comfortable with that they won't make you do it. Crazy concept, right?

No. 427237


I don’t know much aboutdiagnosis of EDS but you only need morning joint stiffness to be diagnosis with RA.

No. 427238

File: 1511030214497.jpg (284.02 KB, 570x1124, Screenshot_20171118-182759.jpg)

In the diagnostic criteria it specifically mentions this about RA and eds.
A person has to meet criteria A&B as well as all other criteria if they have autoimmune condition too.
B meaning their parent or sibling must also have an eds diagnosis.
How many of these munchies with lupus, RA and heds actually meet this criteria?
Alot mention that their families don't even believe them so they are obviously not suffering from eds also.

No. 427241

Criterion A, B and C of part 2 must be met if you have been diagnosed with lupus or RA.
How are these people being diagnosed with all these disorders?

No. 427242

File: 1511030426492.jpg (192.53 KB, 644x712, Screenshot_20171118-183007.jpg)

No. 427287

Is it more or is this thread just a shit show of people with EDS posting reasons why other people can’t possibly have EDS. It’s too obvious.

No. 427291


You're not alone in thinking that. Why so much focus on EDS when they fake so many other illnesses?

No. 427301

More of a question of how the munchies can have so many disorders like RA, Lupus, eds and Lymes co currently ?
It doesn't seem possible.

No. 427305

They're medical mysteries, remember?

No. 427332

Lupus/RA/sjogrens/sclereoderma together is MCTD/UCTD. It's typically 1 in 50,000. A bunch of my extended family and I have it due to genetics and it running through pretty deep.

Still work. Still socialize. No service dog. No social media.

-munchie faggot.(medfagging)

No. 427413

File: 1511044447339.jpg (330.7 KB, 1800x1012, IMG_7687.JPG)

Autumn is trying to pull a Jaquie and claim that she can't wear compression garments because they caused "hot flashes".
Yes if you go back looking a her photos from August she is out in jeans and covered in braces she bought (for conditions she doesn't have and while on her way to buy more braces). All that neoprene is bound to make the average person hit in the summer. If you can tolerate the drug store braces and jeans in summer you should be able to tolerate some compression garments (I wear compression socks for running and they make "ultralight" ones - I know nothing about using them for medical purposes but I would assume they are better than nothing.)
She also wears a beanie a lot - even indoors so I am not buying this I get too hot business (not that I believe anything she says - how does she know that the "hot flashes" are from the compression socks and not from her imaginary menopause)

No. 427425

Well it doesn’t help that EDS and it’s comorbidities are the things these munchies are faking, thus causing issues for those actually with it.

But no, you’re right. It’s painfully obvious.

No. 427462

They will make you, even if it's a bra with no metal. They made me, and I was underage at the time. It probably depends on the place though.

No. 427471

I was in the same situation, although they did give me a paper shirt to cover but I couldn't wear it properly.
And anyway, I doubt most doctors would even care/be uncomfortable if you were topless during, it's part of their job and they deal with much stranger situations.

No. 427482

for both my ekgs I got to keep my bra on. two different places. But I guess for some girls that would be "chest in the open" but if you have so many medical problems is it that shocking?

No. 427488

Well, EDS is easier to fake, especially hEDS, since women tend to be more flexible anyways. Plus, ra and lupus and lots of other things have specific blood tests that can be run, so it’s easy to weed out the fakers. Plus, the circlejerking eds society makes a huge deal about being proud of being a special zebra snowflake, which pulls in munchies who maybe would have gone for something else.

No. 427492

Can we please talk about how this girl is dancing even though she uses a wheelchair for "spinal cord injury"??

Ah yeah and she also have JHS/EDS, dysautonomia and CRPS

No. 427493

Exactly, I'm pretty sure I was only given something because of my age and the fact that I wasn't used to having medical problems/procedures

No. 427497

Anyone know what happened to Sophie, TwistedChroniceWarrior? Her instagram is gone

No. 427499

Ab compression is better and isn't that hot. I doubt she spends a great amount of time outdoors anyway. I live in the south and it's always 90 degrees and humid here. I wear ab compression daily. It beats fainting or having to get IV fluids. It isn't special because no one can see it I guess.

No. 427511

Definitely not to any of them, especially the spinal cord injury and eds. Her joints aren’t hypermobile at all, and anyone with a serious enough spinal cord injury to be in a wheelchair would not be able to dance.

No. 427512


ahh the good old #MyalgicEncephalitis tag. Since when is Autumn claiming ME/CFS? She's adding practically one dx a day right now!

No. 427514


His bear has a fucking NG tube!?
Is this how he's coping with not having one himself? Living vicariously through a fucking toy?

No. 427515


I get sympathy from people sometimes when I describe hEDS. I feel it's misdirected, because it's not going to kill me, it just meant something of a change in the way my life was going.

And I don't get how people are faking to get a diagnosis. I understand that they ARE, but I just don't get what the hell kind of doctor would be fooled by joints that aren't actually hypermobile or come out of place easily.

No. 427516


I know about Beverly Allitt. Before she moved onto the "by proxy" part, she convinced surgeons to take her appendix out. Rings alarm bells (Robyn!).

No. 427517

Also I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing. Chronic fatigue, sure, but it’s usually a result of something else, and not some separate, fancy disease. Most of these cows are tired all the time because they’re out of shape and never get off their asses and do anything.

No. 427526


If you have to ask your Dr for referrals for specialists you're showing off a bright shiny red flag..
"My intestines hurt. I just need surgery to remove them because I lost control of my bowels when I had the flu that one time 10 yrs ago."

"I have a heart murmur I need to see a cardiologist. You're too stupid to not hear this deadly murmur to send me to a cardiologist based on your own medical knowledge and concern. It's my body my attention needs. I know my body better than you and I know medicine better than you. Just do what I say." "

No. 427542

Hahahaha she’s been mentioned before in multiple threads. She’s the girl that took the name of an American Girl Doll and is really full of shit.

No. 427545

Most of them report subjective symptoms and likely have benign hypermobility or have a doctor who doesn’t check or who doesn’t have enough knowledge of EDS to actually dx it but does anyway. But a large group of these EDS munchies/OTTs have not actually tricked a doctor into diagnosis, but have just started to claim it without any diagnosis (ie self diagnosed or self proclaimed)

No. 427551

Interesting. I know the clinic she's at very well, and it's not a cardio office, it's a family practice/gp group. So, her geotag doesn't match her description. Also, though I know it's been discussed, there is no shortage of small saline bags here, I received mine, for non-POTS illness, just fine.

No. 427563

If I was their doctor, I would give them the referrals just to pawn them off on someone else. But it seems to be very, common for munchies to swear they know more than their doctors, or that their doctors are always wrong, and they back each other up.

No. 427574

Hypermobile? Haha, this girl has a limited range of motion in her legs ahaha.

No. 427587

File: 1511067643215.jpeg (241.56 KB, 750x1280, C5AA3038-5DE6-45AB-88F4-F3321E…)

Wait I’m confused. You need a port to get saline so you’re not “potsie” , yet you need a wheelchair because you’re potsie… yet you’re not even potsie whatsoever at all not even a little bit … please what the actual fuck is wrong with you autumn. YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING WONG WITH YOU YOU FUCkING NUT JOB

No. 427588

As if this wasn’t a quick road down munchiedom. Saline, PICC, Port, Wheelchair. What next, service dog?

No. 427590

File: 1511068056057.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, D01A8C52-3F82-4386-BEDC-FAAE00…)

This is “kEDS” girl. Don’t you think if she was actually “bad enough” that she needs to run to urgent care all the time and that her PA would get upset that she didn’t come in sooner for fluids that they would set her with scheduled fluids on a certain time frame so she wasn’t wasting the time of UTC staff? I mean, if infusions are actually doing that much good for you, and you’re having to get them frequently, it seems like it would be in the best interest of doctors, nurses, and patient to schedule them. Little wait time for patient, doctors/nurses who know it’s scheduled and can set it up, etc etc?

No. 427591

It’s obviously her CRPS and spinal cord injury that caused decreased ROM kek. She probably got the JHS/EDS diagnosis (which I’m 99% sure her geneticist also told her she DIDNT have, like Autumn) based off of the new “you can have this if you have historical joint hypermobility”.

No. 427593

File: 1511068668682.jpeg (468.62 KB, 1936x1936, 6DBEEA82-9761-40CB-8353-CE54C2…)

I think this girl has been mentioned once or twice before. Not sure if she’s full munchie but she’s very much OTT if she’s not. She just recently got a port for saline infusions only and named it. Claims that she hasn’t had any luck with meds over 5 years, but saline over the past month had been a miracle drug and they quickly decided to put in a port (this seems super quick, since you would thing doctors would make sure that the effects of saline treatments don’t stop working a few months in before going through with a risky surgery). Not surprising that the never mentioned that compression stockings and graded exercise therapy didn’t work for her. She’s also considering vlogging about EDS but constantly talks about how she’s too tired to do much of anything. Shoot me.

At least she says she doesn’t want a service dog right now…

No. 427602

>Portia the Port
Jesus fucking Christ kill me now. It is weird, I have noticed quite a few spoonies naming their devices. It's maybe cutesy-cool for little kids, but…really?

No. 427627

>Salt water put into a tube placed needlessly in the chest being a saving grace

Yea pretty ott

No. 427635

I’d like to know how the doctors who are prescribing ports for saline are even practicing. Like who the fuck gave you a license …

No. 427682

I can totally see how it happens. Jaquie's carefully curated "medical notebook" with proof that she has these things is how she does it. Also, some docs just take your word about things that you write down on your intake form. And after awhile, it becomes part of your story.

No. 427686

Perhaps your name is on the Actually Needs Saline list? And some other names…are…not?

No. 427691

Autumn has the half-trained service dog.

Autumn mentions in an Insta post about taking Percy to Lowes and how well the dog walked by her side the entire time (only pooped on the floor once).

While service dogs are allowed everywhere, are SDITs also allowed? I think stores need to make that clear for both handlers and customers who think dogs in the store are well-trained SDs.

RANT - please ignore if you want - I cannot tell you how much more closely I pay attention to the distance between dog and my kid after reading this forum. I used to totally ignore them because I thought they all were excellently trained.

Now, I worry my child will startle one of these dogs (won't happen because I move my kid into a controlled space like the cart, hold hand, etc.), but I wouldn't have done that before this forum. I would have assumed I could just redirect errant child and apologize to handler if it happened, but excellently trained dog would not be scared or startled.

No. 427692

Only some states allow public access for SDiTs.

No. 427694

This reminds me of graduate students. Grad students love to post on social media how their supervising professors chat at them about ignoring their work, needing to step it up. It's sort of a "proves they love me" thing.

No. 427701

I have never heard this nor witnessed it? Maybe we have a good class of grad students but…?

No. 427702

Ever notice how people who say things like that about themselves or their relationship with others usually say exactly the opposite of the truth? People who say "I know I often ignore my symptoms too often and I should listen to my body more" are often the biggest whimps out there. People who say they do say 'yes' to others too easily and should take care of themselves more are often the most egotistical people you've ever met, while people who actually think of themselves of egotistical are often the people who should say 'no' more often and who should learn not only to care for others, but also for themselves.

Of course this isn't always true, but it is something I often notice. So I wonder if people who say "my doctor will tell me I should've came earlier" are actually those people whos doctors are thinking of making up an emergency on the spot if they see their name on the calender.

No. 427703

I can’t believe a doctor would go ahead and believe a teenager that she needs a port JUST for saline… not try medications or other non invasive measures first… any reputable doctor would avoid a port placement for simple saline like the plague…ESPECIALLY in someone whi claims to have vWD. Autumn and her doctor are fucking mental.

No. 427707

I at least get joy in the fact that 98% of Autumns followers know she’s all bullshit and just follow her to see what bullshit she’s going to come up with next and see how far she can take this joke of a life. There’s been a few people who call her out and she just immediately deletes the comments and blocks the person. I wonder how she gets through her day convincing herself that people are following her because they “like” her LOL, instead of why they actually follow

No. 427710

Since it was recently world premature day, does anyone notice how many of these munchies were born premature? Is this just correlation or is it causation, too, I wonder?

No. 427728

My guess is next she claims GP and tries for a feeding tube since that seems to be a popular progression for munchies.

No. 427733

She has already been told she doesn't have GP and had a 100% normal GES. Happened only a few weeks ago, then 'MCAS?' appeared, then she got her PICC etc.

No. 427738

Maybe your grad students are better at hiding it? I have learned it over the years from other people reporting what grad students post on social media. They love it when a professor notices them, even in a "get your shit together" way.

And they also love to complain about how much work X gives them and it's a brag-complaint. "Joe gives us so much shit to do that I'm barely sleeping."

"Well, at least you don't have Alex, who assigns 10 research articles, half are written in Spanish, and on top of that, I got added to the project he's doing for NSF, and it's gonna take every waking hour…"

They appear to to be a complaining, but are trying to one-up each other.

No. 427740

Exactly on point, anon.

No. 427747

File: 1511104979774.jpeg (263.31 KB, 750x1156, 486FAD55-BC75-462D-9EC2-2575B9…)

Let’s see how long it takes autumn to delete these posts. She always deletes anything even slightly against her wishes

No. 427752

Really? Her excuse is she sweats!?

No. 427754

I am female, I'm at "that age" and hot flashes run in the family females. They are called "flashes" for a reason. Hot…and then you're not, but also, you just adjust the rest of your clothing choices accordingly.

Also, Autumn reports giving up PT for now because her health just won't allow it.

To me, those are two signs of someone not actually wanting to get well…not trying compression and not doing PT.

No. 427828


It also seems rather late to get the flu shot for someone so "ill" . I have asthma and my GP pushed me to get it at the start of October!

No. 427852

File: 1511119060517.jpeg (129.76 KB, 960x540, 37310AF5-4218-44B9-904D-E75445…)

I’m not a regular commenter here but I’m in a dysautonomia group. At first, I thought it was helpful but anymore I can’t stand the people who are posting. It’s fucking ridiculous. Nobody fucking cares, Mitchell.

No. 427860

He seems interesting. Check out how he listed painsomnia as a condition kek

No. 427867

Hi Tom

No. 427890

professionally fuck off. there are plenty of other posters here that think that self posting is acceptable. go back to facebook please.

No. 427899

Patients who are bed bound and on hospice can do PT. It’s a load of bullshit that Autumn cannot. What is it with all of these lazy fucks who “can’t do” PT?

No. 427911


Exactly. They even do PT for patients in ICU in comas to stop their muscles atrophying.

No. 427920

It’s not a “can’t” for her, it’s a “won’t”, because she’s trying to make herself seem sick when she’s not, and also she’s just really lazy. And she’s probably angling for a wheelchair like all the other munchies.

No. 427922

the way i see any of these munchies is any of these people who don't have a genuine sense of some kind of "loss" (freedom, independence etc etc) when they have to start using a wheelchair or a walker or something doesn't actually need it. it comes with a huge emotional price tag for people who never wanted to end up like that.

No. 427927

File: 1511129735302.jpg (347.16 KB, 1012x1800, IMG_7690.JPG)


Yes she is angling for a lightweight wheelchair. She has another picture in that exact wheelchair further down in her IG (where she uses lots of Lyme hastags) although I would think that if she owned it we would see it more. She sat in that blue wheelchair during the panel she was on about disability (but got in and out of it with no problem - she could have sat in a normal chair for the panel but that wouldn't make her special enough). She also seems to have bought herself a variety of braces, canes, and forearm crutches in the past. Someone must be funding her (since she could only last 1 shift working) so she can buy these toys.

No. 427940

File: 1511130618716.jpg (677.41 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_7696.JPG)


A little more digging reveals that the wheelchair is hers. She also seems to have a rollator, cane, forearm crutches, "a fancy leg brace" that she wants to deck out with lights because it is so "cool", multiple heart rate monitors.
And they seem to be going to shelters to try to find a dog that would be a "good fit" for her needs. I could be wrong but I would guess that traditional service animals aren't found at a shelter (esa yes but not a true service dog).
Someone is supporting her financially and taking way to many pictures of her at all her appointments.

No. 427944

He looks retarded in these photos to be honest. A pure spit in the face to anyone genuinely in need of such devices

No. 427955

Kek, look at her playing on the crutches


No. 427957

These add up to so much $$$

Smart crutches are £100 in the UK

A leg brace has to be several hundred $, same with the chair even if it is second hand. The another £200 for machines, neoprene supports etc!

Also why would you see an orthopaedic surgeon if you weren't in need of a surger evaluation?
In the UK we see primary doctor (GP), then Physio/ maybe a hospital doctor (consultant/ registrar) then only if they requested scans and x-rays and they came back with problems not fixable via PT would we see a surgeon. So it would be really weird in the UK to get a surgeon prescribing anything! We also would view PT or braces as a 'prescription' either.

I'm not sure how much this is a difference in our medical systems and language and how much is Autumn bullshit!

No. 427962


I am sure all her toys add up since she sees to buy most of them on her own and not through insurance - the exception seeming to be the leg brace.

It very well could be that she saw an orthopedist who sees patients in an office and also may perform surgery a couple of times a week - and she is just emphasizing the surgeon part to see more dramatic.

In the US, you need a doctor to prescribe PT if you want it to be covered by insurance. I think the average person might say they got a referral for PT but it is technically a prescription/doctor's order. It seems she went to an outside clinic for PT so it is possible that her doctor actually wrote a physical prescription down.

No. 427963

Just looked back at her post from a day or two before she saw the orthopedic surgeon and she refers to it as an appointment with an orthopedic specialist - so yeah she wasn't there to get a surgery consultation.

No. 428001


Could be, or hers was taken away because she doesn't need it?

No. 428015


Doesn't Autumn claim to have super unstable shoulders from EDS? She was wearing the super odd tape or rather band aids on her shoulders as proof. Is that compatible with crutches that would put so much directional force on the shoulders? I get that they're forearm crutches but it still requires huge shoulder strength regardless. You still have to use your shoulders to help support your weight as you move. Anyone with experience who can tell me if this is correct would be appreciated.

No. 428017

smart crutches are pretty light on the shoulders but with severe instability i guess it wouldn't be possible

No. 428029

File: 1511136944544.jpg (604.92 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_7702.JPG)


It does seem like the weird tape was placed by whatever PT she was seeing - which seems really odd because every PT I have worked with (professionally) has access to KT tape (they sell it everywhere for the average person too these days). And for someone who claims to have the world's most unstable joints and spines and no muscles she seems to get around fairly well.
I don't know about shoulder instability (and don't care to learn) but I assume that someone with the issues she claims would not be able to suspend themselves in the air like she is in the picture - that is a pose of someone playing with the crutches not of someone who needs them for what she claims she does (and I am aware that there are many forearm crutch users who can do that - but they aren't claiming the same issues Autumn is so please no stories on why you can do flips with your crutches)

No. 428047

That tape isn’t doing anything other than keeping her man hairs down against her skin.

No. 428049

All of these items autumn buys can be found easily at a thrift shop or a Goodwill.

No. 428061

The only time I've seen that tape used is to help with posture and how you hold your body. It's extremely strong and not stretchy like KT tape, and is placed to train the person's muscles and brain to hold themselves in that way, basically. It doesn't allow you to move in many other ways, so you can't go back to slouching without realizing it. They may be taping her shoulders back so she doesn't have her shoulders in a bad position as she (may) normally do.

No. 428097

Which is exactly why she would need MORE PT. If she was angling for a wheelchair, any good doctor of hers should enforce PT. Any doctor that doesn’t encourage PT for their wheelchair users to prevent atrophy and muscle weakness needs to reconsider.

No. 428110

File: 1511142895641.jpeg (344.93 KB, 750x747, DBBA4C8A-DF36-4F41-922F-93644E…)

Was going through the list of munchies from the thread header, and found this. This is from months ago, my guess when she was first posted here. Claims that her accounts are private but… this one is public. kek.

No. 428139

She’s never been diagnosed with any illnesses that would cause her to need a wheelchair, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping her.

No. 428140

She needs none of these things, because she’s not sick!!

No. 428181

Shout out to all the spoonies getting called out for being ott, if you don't want someone calling you out on bullshit, stop making Instagram or Facebook accounts.

>for me and me alone

Yea if you really wanted privacy and a way to journal feelings, you would have a paper journal and not something easily accessible on the internet with your real name location and age freely accessed by others. Don't act like a victim when you willingly powerlevel on the internet

No. 428287


SOME shelter dogs could be service animals if they're young enough and smart enough, especially for tasks like mobility it things that don't require alerts. It would be a lot more vet visits though since you wouldn't know pedigree.

No. 428326

File: 1511159831507.jpeg (82.44 KB, 750x703, B6498EA1-5C2E-41B6-BD0A-3B2E6B…)

Yes. Tomorrow Autumn gets her port and it’s a big and exciting… EXCITING.. day. What an ass.

No. 428346

File: 1511166245762.png (446.85 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171120-002300.png)

Top kek

No. 428433

And POTS doesn’t make you fall? POTS can cause you to faint if you stand up too quickly, but you’re not just going to randomly fall because of it like you would with say a joint actually coming out of place or something neurologically overthrowing your balance.

No. 428434

Not to mention sitting in a wheelchair is really going to make her blood pooling bad. Unless her feet are elevated, blood pooling is not an excuse for a wheelchair and I highly doubt insurance would approve a reclining chair. How insurance will approve a lightweight custom is beyond me, but stranger things have happened.

No. 428482

Nope she had neither of those, and even if she did, she can walk fine, so a wheelchair would do her more harm than good. Also, port surgery, although horribly unnecessary in her case, is not a big deal. It can even be done while you’re awake, it’s not fun but it’s doable.

No. 428488

Any one know what Dani is up to now that her appts. Are coming near?

No. 428495

Probably doing whatever she can to slow her gut and look sick. She wants that toob

No. 428578

File: 1511204403844.jpg (446.34 KB, 2896x2896, 20171120_125551.jpg)

No. 428579

File: 1511204441168.jpg (483.86 KB, 2896x2896, 20171120_125624.jpg)

No. 428580

File: 1511204459515.jpg (614.64 KB, 2896x2896, 20171120_125932.jpg)

No. 428606

File: 1511207134720.jpg (829.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171120-193229.jpg)

No. 428627

What the fuck is feeling “potsie” supposed to mean. You can’t feel potsie if you don’t have pots. She probably just starves herself and is dehydrated, that’ll make you feel like shit. People are absolutely sick of her and her bullshit. Who the hell gets excited about a port? Who the hell in their right mind would give her a fucking port??

Does anyone know what happened with her Lyme disease that she originally claimed? She just seemed like she forgot about it, like it wasn’t cool enough for her. At one point she was also hash tagging MS, so who knows what her deal is.

No. 428633

A wheelchair is going to get her her spoonie points and make her more sick, it’s essential that she gets the wheelchair. It’s a crucial part of her plan. Next she’s going to set up a gofuckme, she could spend her money on the stuff other snowflakes spend their money on, like pride flags, feminism t shirts, and alt left crap.

No. 428638

I seem to be learning from the Jaquie show that a wheelchair eval is more like a sales pitch: Here's all the things…what do you need (i.e., want)? Now of these things, let's see what insurance will approve.

My question…could anyone call up for an eval or does a physician have to write a script for the eval itself?

To me, it seems like anyone could get an eval and you only need the script if you want insurance to pay?

No. 428650

File: 1511210393975.jpg (702.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171120-203737.jpg)

Found Autumn's personal IG (izeki3l). Nothing about her super speshful illness (and nothing since January- probably around the same time she joined the 'spoon community' and started her 'journey.'

No. 428651


I could be wrong but I think anyone can request an evaluation. And I am sure the company will be more than happy to show you all the fancy extra features.
If you want the chair including all the bells and whistles then you will need a medical professional to write a script for it - and likely will need them to justify why you need each custom feature.
There are plenty of people who get custom chairs outside of insurance (I know of several kids with spins bifida whose family decided not to go through insurance to get their wheelchair because insurance takes so long and they wanted custom features to allow the child to participate in wheelchair sports).

Autumn will have to get a doctor to sign off on the chair if she wants it through insurance - and that won't guarantee the insurance will cover it.

I am guessing she will convince her family to pay for it and then move on to a new toy. She seems to go through toys quickly and loses interest in each quickly - the canes, crutches, braces, and old wheelchair don't show up much after each initial few posts. Even the PICC isn't as present as I would expect for someone so excited about it - probably because she has already focused on getting the port so the PICC is boring to her

No. 428662

And you don’t “feel POTSie” when you aren’t changing from a laying down position to sitting or standing. That’s the whole postural part of POTS. If you’re just sitting ir standing and it’s been longer than 15 minutes since you’ve changed to that position, it’s not POTS related. Vertigo or some other dizziness issue maybe, but not POTS.

No. 428663

I wonder if she reads here. Notice how she is forcing her thumb backwards to look more hypermobile after it was mentioned.

No. 428665

Sage for blogging in advance, but i'm pretty sure it depends on where you live, what insurance you have and such

Where i live you have to send an application describing what you need and why you need it. Then you will have an assessment with PT & OT talking through your needs. They will require documentation that you either have an illness who means you're automatically approved (MS/ALS/CP and such) or a script from a specialist saying you would benefit from a chair.
It's a lengthy and tiring process, but it seems to be easier in the US (especially if autumn gets approved)

No. 428690


Autumn is telly something else. Munchies are often happy for their new gadgets, but this is beyond anything I've seen. I get being happy to get a tube, because it gives you more energy. Being happy to get a wheelchair because you can be more mobile. But never ever in my life have I met a person happy for a port surgery!

No. 428828

Was this Instagram photo removed? I can't see it.

The comments to Autumn's post yesterday are all "You need to exercise, not get a wheelchair." ALL of them.

No. 428833

Its in her story.

I think a lot of people have caught on to the fact that her story makes no sense.
There are one or two commenters (who clearly read this thread but also seem to be OTT themselves) who I frequently see question/call out munchies mentioned here - but in a way that makes it seem like they are supporting a fellow spoonie so their comments aren't deleted as frequently

No. 428846

Do you mean @ninajean? I don't think she's OTT. Not everyone who posts about their health is.

(inb4 hi nina - no, not her, but often agree with her comments.)

No. 428847

I think it’s hilarious that she clearly sees people calling her out on her shit, sees her inconsistency, sees how her shit makes NO sense whatsoever and continues with her absolute bullshit. Autumn I think is definitely one of the top worst on IG. What in idiot.

No. 428850

File: 1511225254964.jpeg (114.71 KB, 750x804, 5DF30E3A-7998-4F54-AC5F-2FE4A1…)

Wonder what his real name is …

No. 428852


Autumn is her real name. It may not be the name given to her at birth but that doesn't make it any less real.

No. 428855

One of the worst in munchieness since she's genuinely completely healthy. But doesn't match up to Jaquie or Chloe Leanne in their narcissism and greed. She may yet make a gofuckme (I think she will), but it's hard to beat the absolute sociopathic awfulness of those two.

No. 428858


She is just one of a few - I haven't spent much time looking at her stuff and while there are some things that I have noticed that seem a little OTT I don't think its enough to warrant being on here (and I get that for some people there is a value in using social media to connect with others and talk about something that impacts their every day life - especially for individuals who want to live a "normal" life and try not to let their disability/illness prevent them from doing what they want). I do think she does a good job of questioning the true munchies in a way that they seem to think she is supporting them but really she is questioning the lies they get caught in.

No. 428865

She got posted in one of the early threads but it was an obvious vendetta post, you can tell when someone doesn't actually display munchie behaviour and yet gets a lot of shit written about them by 1-2 posters here that it's not really an OTT/munch thing but some personal issue.

My impression is most of the call out comments (@ninajean and others) are usually written by legit disabled people who don't revel in their illness.

No. 428904


I went back and looked at all her "older pictures" to see what the deal was with her changing diagnoses. (I would add screenshots but I am clearly too lazy to do that/make a collage)
Keep in mind that this has all seemed to take place in about 6-7 months.

Her current IG appears in April. She claims she was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease on April 4th adding to her "steadily growing list of conditions" - she doesn't specify the other conditions and only uses lyme/chronic illness/spoonie hashtags
- On April 6th she says she probably has pots and is being referred to a cardiologist. She adds the pots hashtag
- On April 7th she asks about how to buy a wheelchair
- On April 8th she lists her diagnoses as Bipolar, chronic lyme, POTS, von willebrand, and surgical andropause. She claims the POTS was recently diagnosed - even though she hadn't had the testing yet
- On April 10th she buys herself a wheelchair
- April 10th-16th she documents her wheelchair adventures and the fact that her family are "borderline abusing" her since they don't think she needs a wheelchair and is "catastrophizing everything and making life harder for everyone else"
- April 24th - she gets at 24 hour holter monitor that she proudly shows off and says the echocardiogram and tilt test are coming up soon. She adds a fibro hashtag at that time
- April 25th - she is told she may have babesia and that she doesn't have chronic lyme - she doesn't believe the doctor. Around this time she starts asking people about different side effects
- April 29th - she starts questioning if her joints look right when extended
- May 2nd - she tells her doctor she has muscle weakness and is "tripping" (both which were mentioned as med side effects) and the doctor refers her to a neurologist and once again says she doesn't have lyme. She continues to use the lyme hashtag and adds als and ms hashtags (cl
- May 3rd - she has the tilt test
- May 4th - sees a cardiologist about results and says that despite the "weird tilt test results" he doesn't know what she has (suggesting that he didn't diagnose her with lyme). She says he referred her to a neurologist
- May 8th - sees a rheumatologist who says she is "definitely hypermobile" and that the lack of hormones could make everything worse and that she is will see a geneticist. The eds hashtag gets added to the list. This is where the lyme hashtags disappear
- May 14th - she asks what symptoms people with EDS have and what treatments they are getting. She seems to claim EDS, POTS, CRPS, Fibro, GP and more
- May 21st - says the POTS doctor wants another tilt test because the previous one didnt show specific info about blood pooling. Is started on meds Starts to claim IBS at that time
- May 24th - says she wants saline infusions but its not part of the treatment plan
- May 26th - goes to ER saying her BP was low and she wanted to get IV fluids. Claims the fluids helped and she will talk to her doctor since its the only thing that has helped.
- May 29th - says she is having trouble telling temperature and feels like there are bugs crawling on her which she says she read could be a symptom of fibro and me/cfs - she adds peripheralneuropathy and me hashtags
- June 14th - moves to Oklahoma to be with gf - debates getting a service dog

I will see if I can timeline the rest of her diagnoses journey later.
Basically - she asks people about symptoms of various diseases and then adopts those symptoms. Nothing ever seems to be confirmed but she reads a possible diagnosis and adopts it. She abandons it when a new/better diagnosis comes along. The number of specialists she is able to see in a 2 month span is astounding.

No. 428926


ONLY morning joint stiffness to be diagnosed with RA? What about blood tests? Antibodies? That sounds like very lazy diagnostics.

No. 428928


Apparently being a full time munchie wasn't worth the effort. I found her FB, looks like she's GOT A JOB and everything. Her bio mentions "fighting chronic illness" but that's it.

No. 428962

Thanks for digging this up. Good for her.

No. 428969


Wow, such obvious joint instability….

No. 428970


Smartcrutches ARE easy on the shoulders (I have them for this reason), but they're not easy on the shoulders when you're supporting your entire bodyweight on them like Autumn is swinging her legs in the top left photograph… hmmm

No. 428984


Wow, good work anon.

Seems Autumn wants the Sickest Little Warrior award without having to actually be sick, just add a few diagnoses in a week and hope no one notices!

No. 428986

File: 1511235236030.png (454.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1769.PNG)

MyBlondeVoyage's time at the Breakspear Clinic is nearly up. From her posts she's been having a nice time when not attached to unnecessary drips of woo juice - lots of meals out in London and going out with friends. But she's still definitely sick, guys. She can feel the strep dying inside her.

No. 428987

File: 1511235284323.png (557.82 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1771.PNG)


(samefag, pt 2/2)

No. 428988


sheäs not getting chemo ffs

No. 429072

Potassium & iron infusions can burn your veins like a motherlover but seeing as she probably doesn't need them I can't feel much sympathy for her there.

No. 429076

No one is “savage” for undergoing painful yet completely unnecessary medical treatment. “Idiotic” or “severely mentally ill”, sure, but no spoonie courage points for you.

No. 429107

If she saw this many docs in two months, and wracked up this many diagnoses, imagine how many diseases she could add to her hashtag gallery in a full year. Hell, she may end up in a full body splint with a halo holding her delusional head up & 24 hr nursing care by Christmas at this rate!

And thanks for putting that timeline in, it actually helped me realize just how bat shit crazy this chick really is.

No. 429277

Legally they can't give her IV potassium unless she needs it..i mean I guess you could find a suicidal or physcopathic doctor to rx potassium IV when she doesn't need it..even qhen people need IV K, they monitor you closely. Its dangerous deadly.
And in the states it typically is done in hospital only..not at home and not even in infusion centers (Little exclusions as always) because of how dangerous it is.

I may have missed something but where did you find the potassium and iron infusions?

No. 429282

You can actually get iv potassium at home, if it’s mixed in with lots of normal saline, which doesn’t hurt. It’s still monitored though. She might be a closeted bulimic, purging can make someone’s potassium super low. Or she’s just lying, and it’s saline and it’s not hurting her at all, and she’s just being an attention whore.

No. 429319

Well yea..its also in tpn (up to high levels) but if she posted a K infusion that size it's in the hospital..which is why I highly doubt that bag is K.
K and iron are not woo juices..and iron infusions are a black to light brownish color.

No. 429321

Also iron infusions don't really hurt..sometimes if you only need a little they will do it as IV push, and the taste is the thing to complain about not the non existent pain.
The iron drips don't hurt. They are diluted too..still it's that taste and other side effects she doesnt complain about.
Doesn't she have a central line?
Nothing hurts through a central line..nothing hurts through a midline..or am I confusing her with another munchie?

No. 429351

File: 1511286591751.jpg (546.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171121-174723.jpg)

No. 429353


No, she doesn't have a central line or anything as far as I know.

No. 429355


Of course. I'm guessing Autumn will be "training" this dog herself?

No. 429367

Autumn's June-July timeline - basically cons a doctor who doesn't know much about pots to thinking she has pots

June 14th - moves to Oklahoma to live with gf. Says she is physically deteriorating quickly but has not doctors because she just moved. Thinks about getting a service dog
June 15th - asks about mobility aids - says she has a standard 40lb wheelchair and a cane but that both hurt her shoulders, the wc is too heavy and the cane doesn’t help much
June 16th - Says she is having a high symptom day and is thinking of going to a drop-in infusion center the next day for IV hydration because it usually helps (I believe she has only had it once at this point). Supposed to have a dog trainer come but they bailed
June 17th - goes to infusion center and gets IV fluids - complains of symptoms from running the rate too fast. Adds hypovolemia hashtag
June 19th - goes with partner to look for a service dog. Claims her body is falling apart at the joints and joints are subluxing that never had before. Also claims the 2 liters of fluid from two days prior didn't help much. Says she is looking at part-time jobs and classes because she wants to get in the area of medical devices and patient aids
June 20th - claims to have found a potential service dog and starts to use service dog hashtags
June 21st - gets the dog to help with mobility. Creates dogs own IG
June 23rd - grocery stores are hard. Dogs are a lot of work
June 24th-26th - seems to do several fun activities with gf (walk, pride parade) - no evidence of medical devices during that time but posts about how it is hard to be sick and look fine and how 25% of people with pots can’t work
June 27th - complains about random bruises
July 2nd - attends first EDS support group
July 3rd - still no doctors. everything is hard. blacks out while laughing so she thinks something is wrong with her vagus nerve. wants to pursue biomedical engineering/mechanical engineering so she can build assistive medical devices
July 8th - starts Cymbalta
July 12th - says she saw her first oklahoma doctor a week ago and she is amazing and will be her primary. Says she will refer her to a bunch of specialists and looking to see if she can prescribe infusions (and put her on cymbalta for pain). Claims she had a low white blood cell count. Gets referral to see audiologist friday about her hearing “which may not be anything, but I want to be sure”. Seeing POTS doctor in august. is normal person sick with throat infection and is on antibiotics
July 14th - sees audiologist. Hearing is perfect so assumes ear pain comes from her hEDS
July 16th - claims cymbalta made her not hungry and its bad for her because she is in recovery for an eating disorder so she is going to stop the meds. Also uses all the anorexia/mental health hashtags
July 17th - gets new knee brace with hinges
July 18th - goes to ER for fever of 100.5 over a week while on antibiotics and “high symptoms” - suspected uti and given saline
July 20th - buys a rollator
July 23rd - goes to ER claiming low bp, falling, and blacking out - gets saline (and says she always takes a beanie and zebra socks to er). Plans to talk to doctor about infusions
July 25th - sees doctor who changes pain meds, refers to oath, gets another application for a handicapped car pass (claims she lost her previous one) and says to talk to POTS doc about saline infusions because she agrees it would be good for her
July 27th - buys smart crutches
July 30th - claims she may have broken pinkie and messed up her “good” right knee - debating going to urgent care to see if there is any permanent damage
July 31st - claims her pots and chronic pain are very bad and that she crapped herself. Doesn’t know if she has the energy for urgent care. Ends up going and says she broke her pinky (aka new splint). Is very excited for appointments with 2 new doctors (pots and orthopedic specialist the next week)

No. 429371


This reads like a lot of going out and effort from the POV of someone who actually has POTS and EDS.
She's forgetting the main activity when you're that ill is to lie on the sofa and try to preserve some energy. But I guess chasing doctors and looking up possible diagnoses is just too much fun!

No. 429380

Autumn's August-October Timeline. Summary - POTS doctor won't diagnose her, give her fluids, or see her again. She decides she has GERD/GP. Starts and stops PT because she is too sick to exercise (maybe PT would fix that). Finds cardiologist who will help her get fluids. It should be noted she travels out of state several times during this period (with wheelchair/crutches hoping to get early boarding) and while she complains of being tired she seems able to do the things she wants and doesn't need IV fluids during that time

August 2nd - sees “orthopedic surgeon” who prescribes full body PT and a fancy leg brace. Says doctor was very nice and knows a lot about EDS
August 3rd - sees POTS doctor who “barely spend 10 minutes with me” and is completely against infusions. Claims he is booked for follow-ups until January 2019. Says she will have to find another doctor
August 5th - claims flare mental health, specifically psychotic symptoms but never specific
August 6th - started on pyridostigmine and says her stomach really hurts and her pupils are small - worried because one website says it is signs of a serious overdose and another says its fine
August 8th - starts PT - says she has a left bend in thoracic spine but it is also left turned which is supposedly impossible, has 0 muscle in her back, joint instability, and muscle degeneration everywhere. Gets the crazy tape on shoulders
August 11th - complains of loss of temperature sensation and numbness in hands and mouth. Claims she is bumping into everything. Hashtags proprioception. Sits on floor of CVS while buying wrist braces - has on two knee braces (she moved her first one to the other leg) and an elbow brace
August 16th - starts EDS support group by her
August 17th - goes to primary doctor. gets referred to cardiologist, neurologist, hematologist and given topical ibuprofen. Thinks she needs another saline infusion but doesn’t want to go to the ER to get it
August 18th - has PT, claims to love it, new tape on shoulders
August 23rd - sees rheumatology to establish care - given a muscle relaxer. Claims she is having bad muscle spasms, shooting pain, and lots of diarrhea
August 24th - decides to make hEDS info cards to give out to everyone who asks “oh what happened”
August 29th - having trouble finding a doctor who believes in saline infusions (its been a month since her last one!). Is confident she has GERD and pretty sure she also has GP so will ask her primary doctor for a GI referral. Goes to ER to get saline infusion
August 31st - asks people with GP to tell her how it started and initial symptoms
September 4th - says GI symptoms getting worse (bloating and diarrhea). trouble breathing and on call nurse says she should see doctor immediately but doctors office is closed. Starts using all the gerd/gp/gi tags
September 5th - someone told her about costochrondritis and macs and thinks that is the cause of all her problems
September 12th - its so hard to have undiagnosed symptoms and be pretty sure of the condition but have no doctors to treat them
September 13th - decides to use wc all day and wants ultralight wc through insurance
September 17th - reading book about MCAS
September 18th - postpones PT indefinitely because her flare isn’t getting better and until she starts to get working treatments she can’t workout
September 24 - videos of stomach and neck “spasms” (note - I could easily recreate these videos on my non-chronic illness body)
September 27th - new cardiologist is willing to help her get IV fluids

Final installment to come

No. 429395

Last Autumn Installment. Starts home IV fluids, convinces doctor she needs port - gets picc in mean time. starts work and quits 2 shifts later. doesn't have EDS
Of note - around November I think a lot of her posts have been in her IG story so they disappear (but tend to be documented here)

October 2nd - gets engaged at some point, in ER, has referral from doctor for fluids
October 4th - doctor is setting up home infusion services for IV fluids
October 5th - handing out at bookstore with her rollator to try to make friends
October 7th - insurance is covering IV fluids
October 11th - starts home IV fluids and is so excited. Fashioned a backpack to hold it all so she can be mobile with it (taped carribeaner to run line up strap, put snaps on inside). Should be noted the infusion is supposed to run over 3 hours
October 12th - interviews at Petco
October 13th - struggling with her “everchanging symptoms”
October 14th - her birthday. Seems to spend it with gf doing segway thing (I would imagine that would be super hard for someone who struggles with balance)
October 18th - has a second interview with Petco - wearing the backpack infusion set up - which was supposed to be from the day before. Sees neurologist who thinks GES is important and is excited to be prescribed gabapentin. Gets job. Says she ran 2 liters of fluids over the past 2 days but her pots is still so bad so she bought salt pills and is drinking electrolyte water.
October 20th - supposed to fill out papers to start work. says pots is super bad and is going to talk to doctor about doing infusions 3 times a week which of course means she will need a central line
October 23rd - sees GI who definitely think she has GI problems likely delayed gastric emptying and GERD. Put on proton pump inhibitors and scheduled for GES and barium swallow
October 24th - gets infusion. Starts working
October 25th - second day with IV. worried about bruise around iv site. Made appointment to discuss port with doctor because the repeated pokes are destroying her veins and she needs more fluids
October 26th - 8 hours at a cash register at work - all the pain
October 27th - quits job - too hard to work 15hrs a week
October 28th - money problems - a big portion of expenses weren’t included - can’t work so she doesn’t know what to do
October 30th - GES - so hard to lay still due to numbness and blood pooling and pain
November 1st - “peripheral line decided to leak saline as I ran it so not as much saline and I am in for a tough week ahead” - hoping for PICC until she gets a port
November 2nd - claims to have fallen 3 times and hit her head in the first hour of the day
November 4th - mentions she tried to take hormones again last week but it made her mental issues worse
November 5th - GES results came back normal
November 7th - barium swallow study (possibly). Primary doctor agrees PICC is a good idea
November 8th - PICC placed
November 10th - barium swallow study showed small sliding hiatal hernia - obviously confirming her EDS

No. 429398

File: 1511291963863.jpeg (154.28 KB, 750x926, 961BFB16-15D2-4B78-905B-8F5BEE…)

Just noticed those very nice high arches, which would, more likely than not, not be present with EDS.. and if her knee hurt enough for a brace she wouldn’t be throwing it up there like that.. AND also with her claiming her balance issues, would not be balancing on one leg like that for a picture… fail.

No. 429401

Having gone through Autumn's whole IG and writing the timeline I noticed a couple of things

- She seems to have started her whole adventure shortly before moving. She quickly jumps from lyme to pots/eds. None of these things were actually diagnosed but she moves out of state shortly after. She quickly goes out and buys braces, wheelchair, cane. Her family isn't supportive the of the wheelchair.
- She finds a primary doctor who I guess isn't super familiar with POT. She seems to convince the doctor that she has pots and all her symptoms fit.
- She decides that saline is the only treatment solution before trying anything else. She starts by going to the ER several times to get it. She gets it at the original state. Once she goes out of state she probably tells the ER there that its the only thing that helps but she doesn't have a new doctor to set it up yet because she just moved. Once she is able to get it a few times it is easier to convince others that she has the diagnosis and thats the treatment - even though nobody has actually diagnosed her!
- POTS doctor clearly saw right through her so she found a new doctor. She claims her primary doctor supports fluids but that doctor doesn't actually prescribe it - she convinces another doctor to prescribe home IVs
- The home IV is supposed to run over 3 hrs. By the second infusion she seems to be running it over 2 days and leaving the house with her set up. After the 2nd or 3rd infusion she claims her veins are shot and that the IV leaks (who wants to bet she manipulated it to do that) and convinces the primary doctor to order a PICC/port - I assume that since someone else prescribed the home IVs and who knows what she told the primary doctor about frequency the primary probably just thought she was helping fix a temporary problem. The primary also tries to appease her with frequent referrals.
- Also interesting that she claims she wants to get a job working with assistive medical devices.

No. 429403


I am not familiar with home infusions - is it the kind of thing where a nurse comes and sets it up and then you are responsible for stopping it/taking the IV out?
I am trying to figure out how she quickly went from something that was supposed to run 3 hours to running it over multiple days. Unless the person sets it up and then leaves - allowing Autumn to mess with the rate (or just leave the IV in and claim it is running when it isn't).

No. 429503

High arches that drop upon standing are very common with EDS, actually.

sage for noncon

No. 429536

No, it’s only if you have a central line/picc/port that’s already accessed, the nurse comes once a week to change the port access or the line dressing but the infusions you hook up yourself (it’s super easy), and the bags of saline come from the home health pharmacy with whatever added things already mixed in.

No. 429538

True, but no one with eds can put their leg up like that, especially in a bulky brace

No. 429541

You can easily pause the fluids, pause it, clamp it, detach, cap everything and flush your line. Maybe a minute max? But getting a liter of fluids over days is pointless and won’t help at all. It’s more of a toy and less of something she actually needs (if she needs it at all)

No. 429606

File: 1511307202459.png (2.24 MB, 1536x2048, 7238ED1F-59BF-46EC-935B-6E88E5…)

Pic 1/2 cause I couldn’t get comments in….oh so “underweight”

No. 429607

File: 1511307246975.png (1.68 MB, 1536x2048, 722CDF9E-3D40-4A24-A86D-564376…)

Pic 2/2

No. 429623

This was discussed before. She’s not overweight obviously but has enough meat on her bones.

No. 429650

Considering she’s biologically a male it’s natural to be thinner.

No. 429666


She doesn't need the infusions at all. She went straight to deciding she needed infusions as soon as she decided she has POTS - which has never been diagnosed (if the most recent doctor gave her the diagnosis I suspect its because she went to that appointment claiming she already had the diagnosis - and since she had doctor hopped so many times across more than one state it is harder to track down the records).
Not surprising for someone who goes out an buys a wheelchair less than a week after they suspect they might have pots.
She also mentions trying salt tablets/drinking electrolyte water after she is given home infusions. I am no POTS expert but I would think it normally goes the other way around. And since she doesn't have GP there is no reason why she can't drink the water she needs (no fancy water bottles in any of her pictures).
She claims she ran 2 liters over 2 days - I am still not sure how she managed to do that with an IV placed by home health (but once again I have no experience in that area).

She is the perfect example of how doctor hopping and shopping can help you get what you want (I think it really helped that she moved in between and was probably able to go to the ER claiming she needed fluids but hadn't been able to establish care with a new doctor yet). I am just shocked she is able to get appointments with specialists so quickly.
The only thing wrong with Autumn is a variety of mental health problems - the only issue she almost never talks about and hashtags. If she is able to see all these specialist she should be able to find a decent therapist

No. 429674


This was taken before she "confessed" that she had anorexia (or a history of anorexia). Although I suspect that this was part of a plot to start angling for a GP diagnosis (even though it was several months before she decided she had GP). She is pretty good at asking people how their illnesses first presented and then adopting those symptoms (although she really did not seem to present with many GP symptoms I see so many complain about).

I would believe anorexia or some other body dysmorphic disorder before I believed any of her POTS/EDS/GP nonsense. She seems to think her body is messed up which is why she keeps trying to mess it up/present it as messed up.

No. 429684

jfc indulging this guy that clearly is still a dude, on a gossip imageboard. is he just sticking out his stomach?

No. 429690


If she's running the infusion over 2 days, then she doesn't need it and it's just a "look how sick i am" toy. She'd be getting as much "fluids" drinking a cup of water every couple hours.

No. 429691


Honestly, cows like Autumn have made me massively wary of what I say about my own illness on Instagram and even in support groups. I don't want to give "hints" on how to fake a history!

No. 429701

Okay so I don't know how many service dog users we have frequenting this board, but I'm really wanting to start a milky service dog thread. If you know anything about the online community, you know that the milky drama is ever-flowing, rich, and plentiful. Not to mention the overflow of muchies… Would anyone be interested or just me?

No. 429707


Yes/no. I agree there is a lot of SD/IT milk, but the munchie overlap is strong.

No. 429717


Start by posting the service dog milk stuff here (since there is a lot of overlap with munchies) - then you can see if it snowballs enough into warranting its own thread. I suspect there will be too much overlap

No. 429722


She started by saying she was getting a trainer but that person bailed before meeting (possibly before she had a dog).
I believe this is a rescue dog she picked out (and gave a service dog IG the exact same day). She has mentioned a trainer once (maybe). At one point she talked about the dog graduating - but I think that was more from a general dog obedience class. As far as I can tell the only "training" the dog has gotten is standard dog training (walk on a leash, don't eat everything you see, etc). At some point she even mentions not paying any attention to him for a while.
I am just really surprised that she hasn't put the dog in a vest with a million "service dog in training" patches and paraded it around - she loves her accessories (although it seems like this dog is probably a bit too rambunctious to be a SD but rather would make a good pet)

No. 429731

List of some OTT service dog instas

outrageously_helpful_orion (talked about on the Jac thread)
helper_dog_harlow (again, on jac's thread)
bowie_the_service_hound (aubrey's sd)

my favorite, an actual horse

No. 429739

I'll start a collection. Trust me when I say it's a whole other level than the normal munchies. Think furmom that likes to french kiss their chihuahua crossed with a munchie SJW.

No. 429741


The handful of these I've seen don't actually do anything their handlers can't do themselves! Basically it's an excuse to take your dog to the stores and look a bit more special sickest while doing so.

No. 429742


kek, my fave is when they cover their dog's vest in lots of patches and then shout at people about RESPECTING THE VEST when they come closer to read the words on the patches!

No. 429746

There's a large percent of the population that even likes to use cuss words on their patches. For example "Don't Pet The Fucking Dog!". I'll have to get SSs

No. 429755

Did someone say they were going to start a thread for Autumn? I'd love to see and read everything from the beginning.

No. 429761

A thread was made but it was decided to bring her back here for various reasons.

No. 429771

Farmhands have said for now to keep all OTT and mumchie discussion in the main thread except for Jaquie and Kelly.

No. 429782

> July 31st - claims her pots and chronic pain are very bad and that she crapped herself

Sweet Jesus. That's what I call dedication.

No. 429788


Exactly! Like, how the fuck am I supposed to read what a 3"x5" patch says from 5 feet away unless I have super vision? I also can't stand the patches that are like "Keeping Mommy Safe" and "My Mom is a Princess"

No. 429818

if there's a thread on service dogs can we please talk about the service dog free press lol cause that dude is milky as fuck.

i mean from being banned from training and selling SD's in the state of new york to literally faking his own death, dude is crazy.

No. 429821

Oh fuck I forgot about all that… Was there ever a final legitimate answer as to what really appened?

No. 429825

File: 1511329181372.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, 20DA8EB7-C41D-498D-9FED-B38F38…)


If we’re on the topic of SD, there’s a munchie on Youtube named Service Dog Paws. There have been videos of her just laying down on the floor and expressing anger when smaller children who don’t understand they’re working yell things such as “doggie”. She has stated she has severe anxiety and PTSD, but then proceeds to call out a woman with a dog in Walmart at the check out lane.

No. 429828


She's been posted here multiple times before.

No. 429829


Would you care to sum it up for those of us who aren't yet lucky enough to know the details?

No. 429904

Has anyone mentioned YouTube channel "paws and love" ? OTT service dog. I don't see her listed here

No. 429965

What I don’t understand about the whole service dog thing is that all these munchies are claiming to be super, super ill, and can’t do anything like work or go to school or get things for themselves around the house, yet they have no problem caring for a dog and training their dog and doing whatever with their dog, which is a lot of work. Service dogs are even more work than caring for your typical dog, yet even the “sickest” spoonies have service dogs. Just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

No. 429967

It makes zero sense!
In the UK we just have guide dogs and hearing dogs that are allowed in all shops etc. The initial training isn't done by the individual but by specific charities.

No. 429971

File: 1511361559855.jpg (388.67 KB, 1040x627, Screenshot_20171122-083733.jpg)


She also claims; EDS, POTS, and scoliosis.

No. 429972

She never actually talked about being diagnosed with EDS

No. 429973


She always makes a mountain out of a mole hill, it's all about what will get her the most views. She's constantly reporting buisnesses for little things like having a sign up that says no animals. If someone as much as looks her direction she throws an absolute fit and says they're "distracting her dog" or "harassing her because she's disabled" when it's really because she's making a scene.

No. 429985

We do have service dogs for people with severe disability too. Canine partners is a Uk based assistance dog programme, but it is very strict and they don't just hand dogs to anyone. They have their own OT's and PT's who assess you etc & you need to do a 2 weeks residential owner training with the dog too.

I got mine through canine partners. I am not going to list my reasoning, but the dog is my lifeline. I wouldn't be able to work without him.

Sage for uk service dog fagging

No. 430006

kek, thanks for posting something totally useless, given they're no longer taking applications…

No. 430015


A lot of them have a dx of hypermobility and EDS is just the natural progression of bullshit. vEDS if you want to be superspeshal but only with a 'clinical diagnosis' and no genetic confirmation with lots of trying to prove that all of your internal organs have probably ruptured and nobody noticed it because doctors are incompetent.


No. 430018


New cow o/s who has at last count 24 dxs/conditions with one dx claimed and rising hospital glam star with secret groups, diagnosing other people and advising how to lie and get past ED for tests.

They all have csf leaking out their noses and dying and have all the dxs inc chiari.

No. 430022

Anyone else wish they’d all just get dragged into traffic by their super special spoonie service dogs? I’m not a terrible person, but there are some people the world doesn’t need kek

Sage for no contribution(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 430040

File: 1511370467087.png (332.26 KB, 1229x1982, IMG_3652.PNG)

Yeah it randomly shows up in her hashtags about a week or two ago and here's how she addresses it…

No. 430041

We aren't here to get you an application for a service dog, fuck off.

No. 430046

So…service dogs are supposed to be ignored, but how many of you pay MORE attention to them (where they are in relation to you in a store, for instance), because you don't know if it's an SD or an SDIT or a half-trained SD?

I only know blind SD handlers IRL and their dogs are amaze-ing.

But, if I ran into one of these other dogs…well, I guess I discriminate and watch closely out of the corner of my eye…sigh…this is what this board has brought me to doing…so if handlers want to know why people are watching, well, it's because of this issue.

Orgs that train dogs give away SD fails all the time, and these are great pets, but even the best trainers know not all dogs make good SDs!

Sage because I'm a terrible person who doesn't trust SDs on the spot.

No. 430047


Nah, I just hope the "really amazing medical alert" dog does a huge deuce on the floor in Wal Mart.

The cows with self-trained unlicensed SDs are harming the people who actually need them.

No. 430049


I trust them here in the UK because there are only 3-4 organisations who give them to people who need them, each with their own distinctive harnesses (no "RESPECT THE VEST" bullshit here, kek)

No. 430050

And, of course, I'm talking about U.S. service dogs that apparently don't have to be registered, be licensed, etc.

sage because I can't stop …take away my keyboard!

No. 430057


The ADA has eaten itself.

No. 430061

top kek, of course OP thinks she's the only person in the entire UK who really needs a service dog and anyone else even considering it must be a munchie.

So how about you fuck off, babe.

No. 430062

Aaannnndddd, wrong thread, but in support of my wariness around SDs, today's Jaquie video< "Judd Day!" has Harlow digging in a gift bag right at the beginning of the vid AND…J is all, "Harlow…stoooppp…"

No. 430168



No. 430218

A-logging is against our global rules.

>3.4 Don't excessively post about wishing serious bodily harm on someone or harming them. (a-logging)

Some users have been banned.

No. 430219

File: 1511383804718.jpg (94.96 KB, 1386x735, Clipboard01fs.jpg)

mary's cringefest with the children hospital clowns again

No. 430318


Perhaps someone can enlighten me? Aren't service dogs usually trained for a specific purpose and then if they also fulfill other functions, it's icing on the cake? Perhaps they have a natural ability that develops. I see many of these munchies with SD's saying their dog is for fainting, hearing, PTSD, low blood sugar, POTS, and the list goes on. Is it realistic that a dog would excel at such a long list of diverse skills? TIA!

No. 430319

What I mean is, all those skills in one dog would be amazing and unusual, correct?

No. 430353

File: 1511397882245.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, 8F217F4C-F67C-463B-BE20-706D00…)

robinmarceline on IG

No. 430358


I know them through people, they have genetically diagnosed vEDS and are pretty unwell because of it. Not a Munchie.

No. 430362

They’re specifically trained. But if it’s just your pet that you’re training, I suppose you could try to teach it whatever you wanted. But no, there are not universal service dogs.

No. 430363

File: 1511399129602.jpeg (1019.32 KB, 2017x1682, A4924925-B555-42C1-AA91-A819D2…)

Yes well that’s what was the impression but seems not

No. 430372

If you have suspected veds you’re tested immediately, because then you know what to avoid if necessary, and then you can notify family members so they can get themselves checked. I don’t know about the uk since that’s where it sounds she’s from, but in the us insurance would pay for suspected veds testing.

No. 430404

She doesn't have veds. Total exaggerating OTT variety of munchie. She has mild HSD at most.

Also she's unbearable, her tags give a good snapshot.

No. 430416


Sorry to be dense, but what is a-logging?

No. 430417


That dog's kill-me-now face says it all.

No. 430419

Well I guess now is as good of a time to post as ever… Please don't think I'm WKing, I would just like to share my personal stance. The ADA is actually an amazing thing that has made service animals accessible to many people that would not have the chance before, whether for financial reasons or otherwise. Just because other countries are strict does not mean that the US is doing the wrong thing. Yes there are issues, and pretty much any idiot with a well trained dog can take it with them if they know the right words to say. But the issue lies in education, if businesses were savvy then people wanting to take their sooper well trained EDS/SJW alert shit-zoo into public would have no avenue for their attention whoring. Because the US has such a different law than most other "service dog popular" countries, it's easy to jump to the conclusion that it is a horrible thing. Yes it encourages the munchies, but the minority of people it does genuinely help benefit from it dramatically. I'm a member of the SD community and a handler of an owner trained SD, and if you are not a part of it then you have no idea the bullshit that goes on. You just THOUGHT Dani was bad… If you pick a person at random from any of the FB groups you have a 75% chance of stumbling upon the most dramatic SJW Spoonie you have ever met. I can't wait for this thread to delve into the SD world. There's an entire milk teat that we are just neglecting to suckle from by not exploring them further. I'm open to sharing milk if there is an interest (I think someone mentioned it before?).

No. 430421


Yes. Yes it would be unusual. As we see often with SD cows, it's usually complete bullshit too (see: Jaquie's thread).

What would be useful for a wheelchair user, is a service dog that can open pull doors (using a tug of war style toy), get things from low shelves in the stores etc. I've seen them at work and they're awesome.

No. 430426


She's using dollar signs, and I don't recognise the medical centres she mentions (we're a relatively small country, there are only a few specialists for EDS).

No. 430428


I'm interested, but I say keep it in this thread for now, since SD dramatic types tend to be munchies too.

No. 430459

She's in Australia.

No. 430475

So universal health care, which would provide genetic testing, if it was necessary.

No. 430486

They're all names of hospitals in Sydney, where the genetics wait list is about a year unless you want to pay out of pocket. Genetic testing isn't offered here much, I know someone with Marfan's who wasn't offered genetic testing (as a child) just told they obviously have it so getting Medicare to cover the cost of genetics would be a waste. I know people who know Robin and they're definitely sick.

No. 430490

the definition is right there in the comment you linked - in green.

No. 430493

Hi Robin
you are clearly a bit hypermobile. Stop fucking milking it, no one cares.

No. 430519

File: 1511415614734.jpeg (162.17 KB, 750x582, 93CCCB7D-8878-45A4-91A9-1E15DC…)

Oh God. One of our resident Narcissitic Sociopaths™ seems to have taken to twitter…

No. 430523


kek, at least she admits it

No. 430526

File: 1511416381406.jpeg (633.98 KB, 687x1157, 78D424F5-0DF0-4B96-8A23-E8D0E8…)

“kEDS” Girl. Kek.
(Image 2 to follow)

No. 430527

File: 1511416418533.jpeg (552.35 KB, 647x872, FAD4E459-C838-4125-88F6-662820…)

No. 430528

The narcissitic part, at least. The sociopathic part she can’t seem to wrap her head around, though I guess few people openly admit to be a sociopath or psychopath.

At least she’s talking about other stuff than her sooper serious health issues (like her “vEDS” that she claimed for years online — and I’m sure offline too — and turns out she doesn’t have?)

No. 430546

To sum up: she’s fine, but she definitely wants a feeding tube.

No. 430553


does she even have gastroparesis?

No. 430556

She’s not even below the normal BMI mark

No. 430557

Does that matter to munchies? Not that she’s got any “illnesses” that would cause it.

No. 430559

Kek she’s got arm rolls in the pic

No. 430570


Technically I guess you could suffer from malnutrition problems long before being visibly thin from not being able to eat…. but they'd fix this with an NJ tube in the meantime surely? Why is it always "I can't eat - I WANT TPN!" with these cows?

No. 430582

nice try, but no. Get back to the real cows.

No. 430617

No one but a cow would be this obsessed with trying to prove someone isn't a cow. Look through her posts, look at her captions, look at her tags. She's a classic SJW style #cripplepunk cow. No matter how much you bitch and moan about how she's rilly sick, simple fact is: lolcow, snowflake, and OTT variety-munchie. Since she has some visible hypermobility she probably has either benign hypermobility that she's latched onto for the usual reasons (personality disorder) or at most HSD.

No. 430619

Agree, even if she does have hEDS (which she kinda can't since she hasn't seen a geneticist since the new diagnostics according to the screenshots) she is way over killing it, making it her identity. She also manages to dance in her wheelchair and self-propel!?

If you have suspected vEDS then they DO test you.

Especially if they are going to do major surgery like a hysterectomy!!! Honestly, if you've got vEDS it doesn't matter how bad your gender dysphoria or period pain they will avoid surgery at all costs, they know you're going to die young so they are way more lax about what painkillers etc they'll give you.

No. 430625

Yeah, she's actually very well and active, just loving the illness as identity charade. A lot of people who post in #cripplepunk are not legitimately ill but just performing it for SJW reasons or because of their weird personal pathologies. Like the chick who shaves her head.

No. 430627

I'd love to list who I think are the real people with hEDS (and minuscule number with vEDS) but I guess it would only get them harassed if people disagree. But it's maybe 10% of the people claiming it.

No. 430636

I don't know anyone with actual vEDS, only people that claim it without genetic testing

No. 430638


Don't. This is a thread for those who are definitely NOT legit (and if they are, they're incredibly OTT about).

No. 430678

And is angling for a port/PICC the way that she flocks to urgent care for saline even though her POTS diagnosis is sketchy at best (and she doesn’t have hypovolemia from it as far as anyone knows — it just “helps her tachycardia”)

No. 430680

As this is a speculation thread, it’d be pretty hard to say anything definitive. And no reason to bring actually sick people who wouldn’t otherwise belong on here, on here.

No. 430683

File: 1511447690249.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 53A90051-2149-417F-A851-6493D6…)

Poor, poor Aubrey. They had to stick her hand 3 times (this isn’t normal for multiple stabs?)! And she has a port that can be accessed and isn’t infected; why place a standard, or even peripheral, IV with a perfectly usable port?

No. 430684


Why is she in the hospital?

Maybe her port is in use already. can you even use ports for two things at once? Or maybe the doc knows shes a munchie and wanted to give her something she didn't beg for kekk

No. 430698

It doesn’t looked accessed at all. No lump where it is and no tubes sticking out the top of her gown.

I sure hope it’s the latter kek

No. 430700

You don’t dress a port with no needles in it. It’s accessed

No. 430762

Well duh normal people don’t, but I have seen munchies with dressings that weren’t accessed.

No. 430834

I hope the adhesive irritates the crap out of their skin if they're dressing it without needing to. I fucking hate dressing my port because I'm allergic to most adhesive and have to pat at it like a new weave instead of itching it.

No. 430844

File: 1511470488865.png (633.61 KB, 918x581, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 20.4…)

"Allergic to exercise" "elite gymnast" UK munchie flashing back to having gotten some award for being a special brave soldier, despite only having left hospital a few hours earlier. Well who's got time to be sick when there's attention to be had for being super special? If anything trumps sympathy it's trophies for being the sickest, rite?

No. 430848

She doesn’t have any illnesses that would affect how she’s able to work out…so just an ott spoonie that’s not good enough to be in the regular olympics, so she milks her illnesses to look be “disabled” and therefore get to be in the easier Paralympics

No. 430849


I wonder what classification she is?

No. 430851

Special snowflake division, duh

No. 430859


sorry, samefagging
I vaguely remembered something about EDS not being eligible under paralympic classification, and i can't find a category here that she'd be eligible to compete in if her only "disability" (though I'd hesitate to call it that) is MCAS. She's won lots of British competitions for disability gymnastics under the "physical disability" category nonetheless, but Paralympic guidelines are very strict.


No. 430874

Yeah she doesn’t have eds, and I agree that mcas is not a disability. But she’s using it to her full advantage, since she’s not good enough to be a real elite gymnast. She doesn’t seem to do any competitions out of the uk, so I’m guessing the paralympic rules don’t apply.

No. 430879


Yeah I'm not sure what the international (non Paralympic) disability competitions are like for classification.

While I was having a poke around I also found this article which states she shaved her head for charity since her "condition was causing hair loss" anyway (probably mild, as many illnesses do affect hair growth and quality). But
I've seen SO MANY OTT COWS shave their heads when there's no actual reason (inc alopecia) for their hair to have fallen out. It's just another attention move.


That was in Sep 2015 but in this puff piece for her TV documentry the next year it says it was the "stress of the reactions". Likely..


No. 430881

File: 1511475621489.png (93.79 KB, 563x753, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 22.1…)


Sorry, samefag.

Just to add, one last bit.
In the article about shaving her head for charity she said it's instead of a bucket list where she meets famous celebrities and has amazing experiences because she wanted to do something good instead.

But what's this?

(Ok, that's enough work for someone I hadn't even heard of a month ago.)

No. 430885

"Doctors believe when she gets hot and sweaty, this causes degranulation of her mast cells, which sends her into anaphylactic shock as her body releases too many histamines."

I've only ever heard of Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis, not exercise causing MCAS reactions…But I'm no doctor so it could happen, but you'd think it'd be more common amongst those with MCAS.

No. 430887


Shaved head and a bucket list, sounds like she’s trying to be a cancer kid, and get all the free shit that comes with it (minus the fact that they’re young children that have illnesses that might actually kill them and that they definitely don’t want). Mcas is a completely livable condition except the very rare severe case, which she doesn’t have since she’s routinely out in public without reactions. So really she’s way, way ott, and a humongous attention whore.

No. 430888


It can happen, but it won’t kill you and isn’t disabling.

No. 430902


Also she's training in a gym with multiple others so can't control what chemicals, scents, products etc are brought into the environment.

And again, "allergic to exercise" but able to win gold medals in competition.

No. 431017

File: 1511492819103.png (529.43 KB, 931x473, what.png)

i dont know why anyone would consider doing that, especially without gloves other than to get an infection but wtff?

No. 431044

File: 1511498469769.png (221.96 KB, 1242x1618, IMG_8461.PNG)

Autumn apparently does not have the ability to talk about anything without throwing something in there alluding to her illnesses. Sleep for the next week? Really? You can't just say you had a good Thanksgiving with family and leave it at that?

No. 431072

In the munchies’ world, they are the most important thing, and the world revolves around them, family and friends only fit in when it’s convenient.

No. 431097

Look it's another one with "weird anatomy". Chronically's 3rd comment. Must be a favorite claim amongst munchies. Perhaps a new trend that started with Jaquies "super weird anatomy"?

No. 431206

They want to meet someone with ACTUAL weird anatomy AKA a pregnant woman! Everything moves around to make place for the baby yet, shockingly, surgeons can still do emergency surgery!

People seem to think that when you operate on someone everyone has identical insides (except super special munchies) but that just isn't the case, again surgeons manage! Even in emergency surgeries without detailed scans etc :O

No. 431252

File: 1511539917171.jpeg (335.65 KB, 750x1188, 4AA02727-D7E9-4F47-8E03-9AC4A4…)

Sorry but 10/10 pain is such excruciating pain you can’t talk, walk, and you can barely keep consciousness… nice try. You’re probably at a 4 if you can type and talk about a blog and manage to make a car ride and walk into your home and take a picture and post it.

No. 431284


Because she likely had a perfectly good/normal Thanksgiving (I wouldn't be surprised if she was shockingly "symptom free" and able to fully enjoy the festivities (even though a month or so ago she was convinced she had severe GP).
You can't let people know you are a big faker so throw in a few complaints to distract from the fact that you were able to participate in all the fun activities despite being too sick to go to the supermarket every other day.
Thanksgiving can be fun and tiring for those without any illnesses - basically Autumn had a normal person day but needs to distract from the fact that she is conveniently able to do things whenever she pleases.

No. 431306

Would be interesting to see how she would deal with actual 10/10 pain. Probably be delighted something was legit seriously wrong. Sage for why does anyone believe this bullshit omg

No. 431331

People who post about 10/10 pain have never been remotely close to it.

No. 431388

File: 1511560688094.jpg (689.65 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20171124-154410.jpg)

Aubrey is now so sick she haaaaad to go to the ER on doctor's orders, y'all! Quick, another selfie amidst the 10/10 pain!

No. 431394

What a tragedy. If only everyone in 10/10 pain could be as strong as she is.. being all conscious n shit . Amazing truly

No. 431398

She doesn’t look or sound like she’s in any pain at all, let alone 10/10. I guess people just weren’t paying enough attention to her, so she had to manufacture a crisis. Too bad for her that they won’t find anything (because she’s totally fine!)

No. 431411


She’s definitely getting more and more munchie. She’s doctor shopping more too. So desperate to be like Chronically Jaquie. Lord knows why!

No. 431414

File: 1511564198894.jpg (730.6 KB, 1069x1832, Screenshot_20171124-165109.jpg)

I think I found a Jaquie inspiration account. She talks about ketamine, how she prefers to be on a real food formula because it's better, how she has a team of doctors and she switches doctors a lot. It's like looking at Jaquie's account, but the person actually seems sick!

No. 431435

Seems sick, but still a bit ott. Not very interesting, though. Quite whiny.

No. 431444

People in Jaquies thread told you not to post this. Now this seriously reeks of a vendetta post. She is legitimately ill and very kind. She really isn't OTT compared to these others…

No. 431445

She's whiny because she's ill but she is very normal in comparison to the others.

There's plenty of actual cows to choose from.

No. 431448


That response was after I posted in this thread, not a vendetta, I said she seems sick, and did not say anything negative about her. I was just pointing out that she seems like inspiration for Jaquie and a lot of other munchies.

No. 431451

Not OP, and I don't know this person's account well at all (only seen her around a few times), but it's no more of a vendetta than loads of others who've been posted rarely or for minor irritants. Sometimes it's just obvious that an anon is riled by a particular account or randomly hates someone who is inoffensive. Don't WK for this one in particular because it's embarrassing.

No. 431457

right? when I was in 10/10 pain I was in the ER, hallucinating from the pain, followed by puking and passing out. No selfies were taken that day.

No. 431471

File: 1511572503559.jpeg (301.51 KB, 1240x1816, 7C63DB49-582B-41FA-8000-675491…)

Just stumbled upon this possible cow. Sorry if she’s been talked about before.

She claims eds among other things but posts videos of her doing dance moves I️ don’t think anyone with eds could do. She’s also just super cringey???

No. 431472

“Stretching is the best…” isn’t a statement made by anyone with eds who have actually been diagnosed, since it’s the top thing to stop doing. Exercise is very good for eds, but stretching is very bad.

No. 431473

Really, all illness-focused accounts are awful and cringeworthy, but the thread’s for those that are either faking or crazy ott. Unfortunately there’s too many spoonie and slightly ott spoonie accounts to be able to discuss them all (and who would want to). Tbh, spoonie accounts in general are terrible, and no sane person should have one. No one wants to see all the little details of your illness, real or fake, unless they’re also a spoonie or a munchie. Attention-whoring is bad and not something to strive towards.

No. 431477

Just because the doc said "if you feel x symptom in the next 48hrs, go to the ER" does not make it doctor's orders. 100% munchie.

No. 431478

>crop top, big smile

No. 431479

Even if your doctor just suspects you have eds, they tell you to not stretch. She also posts videos in her sooper speshul braces and complained about her monitor not having more leads…..she might be worse than jaquie

No. 431480

File: 1511573726855.jpeg (517.75 KB, 1236x1849, 53CFBF5A-5B9A-4366-8BA6-6F7473…)

Forgot to add the pic my bad

No. 431481

And she haaaas to have it hanging outside of her clothes instead of hooked to her waistband or in a pocket.
The bag prob comes with it but it's so freaking short…

No. 431483

wow thats amazing, im sure since youre anonymous that your 10/10 is actually 10/10. please take your blogging back to instagram.

anyone who is tube fed for so long and is still super skinny including pots in their diagnosis parade is really suspicious. of course your heart is struggling you malnourished ana-chan

>but she really is super ill!!

sure but you ladies say the same thing about mary f and that chick is a cow herself..

No. 431484

kek she's been mentioned before but thanks for bringing her up again

(Also she's a "little" and tag her things with ddlg but allow minors to follow)

No. 431485

I thought chrinically.ams was actually
I just went through the list at the top since I have not been on here in awhile and saw her name.
What about unicorn. Spoonie. She said she had anorexia in one post and a few posts later she is talking about having gastroparesis again?
Any thoughts on these two?

No. 431488

ams most likely has real EDS based on her skin, but you can have a genuine condition and still exaggerate, fabricate and dramatize. Which she does. She's one of the worse cows but doesn't get discussed as much because she's kind of boring. Spoiled brat faking for attention.

No. 431508

File: 1511578133961.png (564.12 KB, 930x380, aubrey4.png)

i honestly wouldnt be surprised if her medication could have caused pancreatitis. its not horribly uncommon. and why for the love of god do spoonies quantify every last little thing?

>muh needle sticks! so many!

yea, well thats what happens when youre in a setting like that. ER, surgery, what to you expect? Make a mountain out of a molehill they say..>>431488

No. 431509

File: 1511578180481.jpeg (335.23 KB, 749x1140, D43ABDDC-E9EE-467A-8E85-D31A44…)

Here’s the thing…. you just said they removed a mass off of your pancreas… which causes SWELLING/inflammation…
Pancreatitis… also known as Swelling of the pancreas… would be an expected finding after such procedure completed yesterday … I’m sure the admission is not for pancreatitis… it’s probably for pain control, for that 10/10 pain

No. 431510

There’s a whole group of girls claiming GP that are tube fed with no issues yet still super skinny. Not how it works. I guarantee most in that demographic are ana chans not getting enough attention for their mental illness. Pots symptoms are super similar to anorexia starvation induced orthostatic intolerance and tachycardia; without full testing (not just the tilt table) and being hydrated and not starved you can’t diagnose pots correctly. Yet they claim pots and GP and get feeding tubes but don’t use them enough to gain weight, and then cry when they still have “pots symptoms”. That covers Chloe, jaquie, Paige, Aubrey, autumn, Carmel, I can keep going but you get the picture.

No. 431511

Look how fucking excited she is to be being admitted. She’s trying not to smile but she’s still smirking. No one who’s in that much pain or that sick would be smiling, and no one who’s actually chronically ill is excited to be admitted.

No. 431516

lol we posted at the same time..
but honestly compared to her other sooper serious pain selfies, she really does look uncomfortable here.

but i guess thats what happens when you actually feel a decent amount of pain. these women are so used to saying theyre in immense amounts of pain but when they actually feel it, its way more than they bargained for.

didnt you know anon, anorexia is so 2010 gp is the new ed

No. 431517

Not to mention that she’s got her gown pulled waaay down to show off her port. She’s not acting like a sick person, she’s acting like an attention whore that made such a fuss that they decided to admit her to cover their own asses. Does she have rich parents? Because this is totally a jaquie move.

No. 431632


“Keep moving forward” now who says that?!

No. 431647

Unless they started tube feeds only recently? It can take many months to gain back the weight if you've lost a lot.

But yeah, it is worrying that many doctors don't seem to see the relationship between eating disorders and (presumed) physical illness in general and the GP/POTS combo in particular. I once heard a dietitian say that doing a GES in someone who is severely underweigth isn't much use, since the stomach is almost always slower because someone hasn't been eating. So even if the reason someone didn't eat much for some time was because of real physical symptoms, a GES might still not give a valid result. I'm guessing the results are influenced by not using the stomach and not by BMI per se, so sticking an NJ down to pump some calories in and re-test in a few months won't do in that case. And as long as someone claims not to be able to eat orally and the results show GP, no one will force the patient to eat as much as they are physically able to. So it depends a lot on the patient and how hard they actually are willing to try. For many of them, just start eating and gradually increasing the amount will cure them. But how to solve this without patient cooperation and without deception (e.g. putting in an NG and telling them it's an NJ) - I don't know.

No. 431782


Except that none of them have; it’s been months for all of them and they’re still underweight.

No. 431823


Except for Jaquie, kek

No. 431825

Any milk on kelly lately?

No. 431830


Kelly has her own thread, but it's devolved into a self-posting shit show.


No. 431877

Top kek for this cow thinking she’s reacting to SALT WATER

No. 431878

File: 1511645876361.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 2006A959-73FD-481F-8D08-24C896…)

Forgot the pic

No. 431908

Let's hope it's not air next time

No. 431931

Oh nuuu her heart rate is sooper high!

Or maybe it's because you were dehydrated and now have fluids so your body is trying to get them where they need to go.

No. 431938

Also, she described the reaction on her insta as:
"tachycardia which was making me jittery, short of breath, and slightly nauseated."

That happens to everyone if they push the saline too fast. I get nauseous even if I run my saline at regular speed… [insert huge eyeroll]

No. 431980


115 is tachy? She must have a very normal heart rate.

No. 431986

File: 1511656845019.jpg (383.78 KB, 1285x1451, FullSizeRender 7.jpg)

Rare male cow Hypermobileguy got a new toy, but doesn't give a lot away as to why (see next pic)

No. 431987

File: 1511656877540.jpg (164.22 KB, 1241x1388, FullSizeRender 12.jpg)

No. 431993

Per medical definition everything above 100 bpm at rest is tachycardia tho

No. 431996


I'm not a doctor, but as the other anon said, if this is when infusing saline, then it's not quite the same as 'at rest'.

No. 432000

She supposedly has POTS. 115 is pretty darn low for a POTSie.

No. 432003


115 is my "I've just eaten a small meal" HR, if that's any kind of help.
- POTSanon

No. 432004


Or since this is a saline infusion and supposed to be for control of POTS symptoms, maybe she thinks that it automatically lowers your heart rate.

No. 432014

File: 1511662330321.png (671.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1793.PNG)

Spotted a potential new cow in my explore tab .
EDS-POTS-MCAS triad, service dog in training, vogmask…

No. 432055

Another cow way too excited to get all the toys. If she is sick, she’s way ott. There’s literally a whole herd of them, it’s disgusting. The whole attention whore thing is being taken to a new extreme; no adult needs a social media account documenting their illness, it’s actually pretty pathetic, not to mention self-centered that they think people want to see this, in all the gory details.

No. 432058

115 isn't even really that high. That's like, I had a cup of coffee earlier and now I'm walking around level.

No. 432071

Right? Heart rates up to 130, 140, even 150 are really common in pots and not something to really do much about except drink more fluids.

No. 432075

File: 1511670764532.png (1.93 MB, 1536x2048, D460F0F7-439C-4AD3-A3BB-DF1A39…)

“Don’t forget I’m in the hospital! I’m really sick, so sick I’m in a custom hospital gown and smiling and sitting on the edge of the bed! In 10/10 pain, but I totally posted my vlog and on ig multiple times! But I’m really, really sick!!”

No. 432076

File: 1511670863385.png (177.84 KB, 1536x2048, 157836FF-37DE-4F8D-83F5-C1BD5E…)

“10/10 abdominal pain! Ignore that I’m sitting in a position that requires the use of all my core muscles.”

No. 432078

“Don’t forget, the most important part of being in the hospital is to look good! Your followers want to see you lying to their faces, and you want to look absolutely adorable doing it!! Don’t forget to give me my asspats!”

No. 432081

Can you imagine what the hospital staff thinks? Especially when she was vlogging as they were wheeling her away to get admitted.

No. 432083

File: 1511671144377.jpeg (203.42 KB, 1237x969, 23FC4822-7CCF-4E6F-B611-640038…)

No. 432085


She realises that normal people a) don't get their dogs up on their hospital beds (yes I know that's a service dog, my point still stands) and b) just wear PJs in hospital?

No. 432086


I imagine they were thinking "one wrong word and this psycho bitch is going to tell the internet we're dismissing her super serious medical problems"

No. 432156


What's her instagram again?

No. 432184


Hospitals generally don't make you wear a gown. She just prefers to wear a gown because she thinks it earns her extra spoonie points.

No. 432232

File: 1511716459966.jpeg (463.96 KB, 2078x2078, D2CA05D4-1FAA-43E2-B228-DDE07A…)

So exhausted from lying out of her ass and preparing for her port to be placed tomorrow. She’s so excited she finally gets something to play around with that she can fuck with and get sicker if she pleases. Autumn you need HELP .

No. 432244

I was thinking of a different Kelly. Eating disorder/eds Kelly.

No. 432252


No. 432259

The satisfied grin she has.
I can't believe she was only 'diagnosed' or suggested to have pots and whatever else less than a year ago and she already is having a port.
It takes at least a year to try different medications and get the dosing and regime right before you'd notice good improvements.
It's very treatable.
The infections in the port will be next.

No. 432266

You think that's fast? Jaquie had hers in three months. Must be an all-time record. She was angling for IV fluids before she was diagnosed with POTS.

(I know, she has her own thread. Won't mention her again.)

What I don't get for Autumn is that even if her doctors would think a port would benefit her, she already has a PICC line. Which is in for how long now? Two or three weeks? First of all, I don't understand why they put in one if they knew she was going for port surgery soon. Second: if somehow her doctors didn't communicate with each other and she got herself a shiny new PICC line without the doctor who decided on her port placement knowing it.. why not just wait for a while?

Third question, and then I'll shut up, but for how long has she been on IV fluids? Isn't it good practice to test a treatment before cutting into a patient, if at all possible? I've read somewhere here that the effect of IV saline tends to wear off in POTS patients. Even if that wasn't true, it is known that the more invasive a treatment is, the bigger the placebo effect. IV therapy - any IV therapy - has been shown to have a much larger placebo effect than e.g. a simple pill. So even if someone really has POTS and really benefits from IV fluids, it is very possible that any physiological effect is boosted by the placebo effect. A placebo effect tends to wear off after a while. So it makes sense in more ways than one to have a patient try out IV fluids for an extended period of time (say a few months) with either a peripheral IV or a PICC line before deciding on a surgical central line.

But of course our resident munchies are different. Just like they don't start out with a nasal tube like most patients and only decide on a surgical tube if it's clear that a) all alternatives are tried and they cannot maintain weight without tube feeds and b) they will need the tube for a long period of time.
No, they go straight for a surgical tube. Because it makes so much sense, of course.

No. 432277

I agree. I don't know how they are getting IV infusions and ports/piccs so fucking fast! It took me 3 years after diagnosis for my cardio to even consider it, and then another 6 months of peripheral IV's to get a port because the IVs were helping so much at the time.

I'm just flabbergasted that doctors are just handing this shit out willy nilly. I thought most docs would have the common sense to try everything non-invasive before even remotely touching on the topic of surgery!

Also so true with Autumn. If they knew she was going to get a port, why give her a PICC? That's just asking for an infection (although I'm sure she'd love that since it'd mean she'd actually be sick).

Sage for a bit of medfagging, but I'm just so fed up with these Munchies being able to snatch up what other people wait years for in a matter of months.

No. 432279

File: 1511723222234.png (208.04 KB, 426x434, Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 2.05…)

Look how fucking happy she looks in her thumbnail. She's not even trying to hide how giddy she is to be admitted.

No. 432308

Anyone who’s that excited to be in the hospital isn’t sick.

No. 432313

You’d think if you were playing sick you’d want to at least act like you don’t feel good. I’d guess she does when any medical staff are in the room, but goes back to being all happy and excited when they leave. Also, she pulls down everything she wears in every picture and video, gotta show off that port. Disgusting.

No. 432316

Well, FYI, J's thanksgiving vid and Aubrey's hospital video do not have monetization running on them. Some of the Frey Life hospital vids also lack monetization lately. I don't know if they realize they aren't getting paid for these views right now.

No. 432320

They’re still awful, and both of them are getting views and followers through lying. Neither one of them is sick, yet they’re claiming illnesses they don’t have, wasting medical resources, and getting money because of their deception. It’s wrong and disgusting.

No. 432366


Autumn tried one medication and immediately stopped it I believe. She has conned the doctors by doctor hopping and it really helped that she moved states. She was able to go get fluids at the ER a few times after she moved and I am sure she told them it was her usual treatment but she didn't have a chance to establish a new doctor yet. Two doctors before she moved didn't diagnose her with POTS (the last wanted more testing but she moved before that ever happened). She seems to have found a primary doctor who doesn't know much about pots/eds and autumn has convinced her she has it and saline is the answer. After the first POTS doctor in her new state basically laughed at her and refused to see her again she found another doctor who she convinced to give her saline (again never actually saying she was diagnosed). She then seemed to manipulate her IV during the home infusions and told her primary doctor it was leaking so the primary got her a PICC.
She has been very savvy with doctor shopping and changing states pretty much ensured that it would be difficult to get her real records so she is able to convince doctors that she had diagnoses and treatment plans.
She is under 20 and likely still under her parents insurance which must be amazing because she sees a new specialist once a week at least. She decided she was too sick for PT and didn't even consider drinking more water until after she got the home infusions

No. 432369


Is this just a US thing, because if you turned up to A&E here in the UK and asked for saline because it's your "regular treatment" but you didn't have a doctor yet you'd be shown the door!

No. 432397

The us system definitely leaves more doors open to doctor shopping, because your records don’t transfer to doctors outside your current doctor or hospital, it’s a pain if you want them to transfer, but it lets munchies doctor shop and claim they get a treatment elsewhere, or were diagnosed by someone else.

No. 432411


And she may not have necessarily claimed it was her regular treatment but she could have just gone to the ER claiming all the right symptoms to get herself a saline bag (especially if she suggested it helped in the past). She could have put down diagnoses on the intake form and since hospitals/doctors have to request records from other hospital systems which takes time and paperwork (and still isn't a guarantee - I have waited weeks for a clients paperwork only to have them send everything except the documentation I needed). By the time they get those records she would have already been treated and released - paperwork probably completed and nobody checking to see if the records ever came through and were accurate. In the mean time the new documentation she had created by that ER visit may state that she has POTS because she reported it and if new doctors start looking at that paperwork (because nobody has time to search through mountains of paperwork and summaries are often copied/pasted from one document to another) they may not realize that the diagnoses listed were self reported and not given by someone with a degree.
Having dealt with medical paperwork I can see how it is possible to create this mess so that self diagnoses look like real ones and the fact that she moved out of state really helps.
Doesn't help that she found a primary doctor she can manipulate - that doctor doesn't know much anout pots and never prescribed saline herself but was willing to help autumn out with a PICC placement when she went to her saying that she was having difficulty with the iv for the treatments someone else prescribed (and probably lying about how often she was supposed to get those treatments - if the doctors are in different systems it could take a while to verify what autumn claims). And even though autumn has super powers that allow her to get specialist appointments in less than a week she probably told the primary doctor she had a long wait until the next available appointment with the specialist

No. 432414


Autumn's claim that she is taking it easy really just means she has been doing normal people things and enjoying the holiday festivities but can't document it on IG because it would give away the fact that she is only sick when it's convenient for her.
But I expect lots of selfies and thumbs up pictures for her port placement.

No. 432548

Of course she’s going to milk it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has some sort of “reaction” to the anesthesia. Tbh, autumn jumping so quickly to a port and getting it right away has made me lose a lot of faith in our American health care system.

No. 432580

File: 1511761918938.png (703.94 KB, 1067x1421, 20171126_234712.png)

Saw this that Kati posted. She's begging for $1000 to keep herself from getting evicted, but she recently had the money to travel to apply for a medical MJ card? She said the application was $250, why not put that towards rent?

No. 432619

No. 432627


She just jumped on the service dog train with an 8 week old Shih-tzu puppy.


No. 432630

File: 1511772059722.png (499.89 KB, 660x971, Screenshot_2017-11-27-00-34-48…)


Her bumpin' musical tribute to Percocet.


>>432627 is her second service dog. She just had to give up her first dog that was in training due to behavioural issues.

No. 432656

sage for noncon but I don't get why so many spoonies do this. Being evicted sucks for everyone and most abled people don't have ways of getting $1000 from nowhere… hashtagging your illnesses doesn't mean shit?

No. 432666

File: 1511781175555.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2553.PNG)

Twofer: Paige 'Messner' Patching watching Mary 'Edmund Hillary' Frey. In hospital, no less.

No. 432680


How long until Apple is inundated with email complaints from physicians whose offices are crowded with Apple Watch wearers worried about their heart rates?

(Sage for speculation)

No. 432686


I am going to prophesy and speak of the one who will set you fr… shit, wait, that's the ending of Caprica. What I meant to say is, I am going to prophesy that he will very soon develop 'recurrent UTIs' due to the indwelling cath, claim to lack mobility/agility/stability to safely CISC and therefore either demand a suprapubic or, if he's fucked up enough, diapers. Of which he will probably get the first.

No. 432702

I think he has already gotten diapers.
But how long until the bear gets a catheter?

No. 432721

File: 1511796437776.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 060FDBAE-1A84-42CF-A030-0A237C…)

Super excited for that special totally unnecessary port!!!

No. 432739

No matter how often I read here, I'll never stop to be amazed at the fact that so many people take selfies in this sort of situations. I can kind of understand it when someone has an active YouTube/Instagram account that they make money with - it's kind of a job to them. (Although making money by whoring your illness is imo kind of repulsive, but that's a matter of opinion, I guess.)

But 'normal' people, people who have a social media account just to get in touch with other people? (Or whatever people have those accounts for - I myself have never seen the appeal.) If you are having an operation, even if it's a minor one, or if you are at the ER or even just your primary.. I don't get it. I just don't. Wouldn't your attention be focused on the operation, preparation, getting well afterwards? I cannot imagine lying there and thinking "o wait, have to post a selfie in my gown". I don't think that's normal behavior. I can understand a little bit that someone would write a post afterwards, in much the same way most people would text their family or maybe one or two of their closest friends. Even then I personally think it's too private to post there, but if you are in a community of other people with similar medical problems and the account would be private, I would understand that.

But this? Posting your most intimate medical details, pictures of yourself when you are most vulnerable, on a public account?? Imagine you would do that you would apply for a job some time after and your boss-to-be would read all that? I'd be horrified. Not only that, I'm pretty sure that would bump you to the bottom of the list. It shows not only that you have certain medical problems an employer would rather not you have, but most of all it shows horrible judgement to post that kind of pictures of yourself.

People like Autumn I don't really feel sorry for. I do in a way; she obviously is mentally unstable, but at the same time she is very deliberate in what she is doing and she knows she is fooling her doctors.
But I DO feel for those young girls who don't know what they are doing. Those who might or might not have minor medical problems are maybe even a real and serious chronic condition who post this kind of pictures because they see others in the 'spoonie community' do the same and think it is normal behavior. Someone should protect those girls against themselves, because they have no idea what they can get themselves into.

I'm rambing, I'm sorry. But I just don't get it. And I also think it is dangerous. As I said, I don't have a social media account so I don't know if this is already the case, but they should post some kind of disclaimer at least. Warn people against posting personal and especially medical information about themselves, especially when their account is public. Have them tick a box that they are over 18 and understand that it is not recommended to post this information and why, I don't know. It's the least they can do.

No. 432761

File: 1511800539842.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, CDF392F9-5978-463A-A59A-469418…)

Let the port problems, sepsis and countless pictures of her port hanging out commence.

No. 432768

I don't get how Autumn is taking these pictures. Where I'm at, they don't allow you to have your phone in those areas (pre-op and recovery). When I had my tonsils out last year, I had multiple people checking I didn't have my phone on, or with me. How do they get these pics??? (And PICCS haha)

No. 432771


There is absolutely no fucking way someone with VWD would not have a hand-sized bruise at the port insertion site and another significant bruise, usually of a lenticular shape, above the clavicle where the incision for the tunneling was made. Carving out the pouch where the port does actually involve a significant amount of trauma.

No. 432830

True! I don't have VWD but even I was already bruising after my port insertion! It's fucking traumatic for your tissues because they do blunt dissection using their finger to expand the pouch usually. This leads to a shit ton of swelling and bruising.

Also, I was nowhere near looking as happy and smug as she does. I was nauseous and totally out of it for about 2 hours after I was discharged. How the fuck is she so alert?

(Sage for a bit of medfagging)

No. 432834

Let's not forget that she went directly from the hospital to a fucking bagel shop

No. 432836

Are you fucking…

How was she not nauseous out of her damn mind? I nearly puked bc they gave me oral pain meds and I didn't have anything in my stomach yet. I couldn't bring myself to eat until much later that day. This is such fucking bullshit.

No. 432841

god she's ugly

No. 432845

Welllll she's actually a he so there you go!

TBH I wound t be surprised if his (Autumns) fatigue is real but that's it. Having no sex hormones probably fucks you up

No. 432848

I fucking hate this cow. She pretends she's some activist to get sympathy and $$$ but she's just like the fucking Rachel Dolezal of chronic illnesses.

Not to mention she's constantly traveling and buying expensive shit. I guess she just expects people to pay her bills for her… and she's not a fucking "orphan" either! Her mom died when she was young but her father recently passed away. She's 26.

No. 432849

Uh why don't you do it yourself instead of posting an individual screenshot. This thread is going to shit with all of these random individual screenshots of people's social media. Yes, they're annoying, but there's a ton of them and I feel like stuff like this (not doing proper research on your cow to share with others) is just making this a collection of screenshots of a bunch of random people instead of milking cows.

Not sure if this makes any sense, but hopefully it does.

No. 432852

I will, but I'm semi-new here so I'm still learning what to look for! I will look into her though.

No. 432853

If you're new and don't know what to look for maybe stick with existing cows? Just an idea. There are PLENTY to choose from.

No. 432854

That's a good idea honestly…And the existing cows are ALWAYS posting so there's always milk to be had.

No. 432892

If you're going to look into everyone with POTS and hEDS you have a lot of work ahead of you since it's very common

No. 432911

What a fucking waste of medical resources. I hope someone makes her have it taken out soon. An unnecessary port is a recipe for disaster, especially since she’ll probably demand it’s accessed all the time and she’ll have it hanging out all her outfits. If you can go to a bagel shop after getting put in, you can drink enough to stay hydrated, and you sure as hell don’t have pots, because pots and anesthesia do not mix; you’re not doing anything for the rest of the day.

No. 432912

And easy to fake. Why do you think it’s popular with munchies? (And there’s the option of all the toys)

No. 432915

You'd think the munchies would do enough research to make it convincing. If I was a doc and my "POTS" patient was totally fine after anesthesia I'd be quite suspicious.

No. 432918

It's easier than some things, but with the new criteria of hEDS it's quite "hard" to get even if you lie about stuff
But i guess it depends a lot on where you live, many places in EU getting a POTS diagnosis just means your told to drink a lot and eat some salt

No. 432925

Most doctors don’t know enough about eds to correctly diagnose, yet many of them do anyway. Or cows just claim it, and say they were diagnosed or that there’s some reason why they weren’t diagnosed but really actually have it (that meanie doctor is ableist wahhh!). And most of the time that’s what pots patients are told here in the US. The problem is that they see other cows on IG and YT with iv fluids and wheelchairs and they go to their (incompetent) doctors and beg for it, or manipulate their way into getting a picc or port or central line. There are very, very few pots cases that legitimately can’t be controlled with exercise, salt, hydration, and medication.

No. 432926

Okay, thanks for the info! Our healthcare system is very different and only few specialists diagnose hEDS. I've never even met anyone with a feeding tube or picc line despite a few severely disabled children. It's crazy for me to think that a doctor can be that incompetent

No. 432940

Many doctors don’t want to admit when they don’t know something. So instead of referring a patient to one of those few eds specialists (there are definitely not many), they do a diagnose based on the little they do know, and it’s usually wrong. At least in the US, there are unfortunately a lot of very arrogant doctors.

No. 432948

File: 1511814463468.jpeg (336.6 KB, 744x1669, Snapchat-2115629130-01.jpeg)

Already being called out.

No. 432960


I don't understand why sick people want to watch other sick people constantly. I mean, except to get ideas…

No. 432969


Supposedly has POTS bad enough to warrant a port for constant infusions, yet is sitting upright soon after a general anaesthetic. This isn't suspect at all.

No. 432971

Ehm.. some people just do well with general anesthesia. Some people are puking their guts out, others eat a sandwich and cycle home (yes, I'm dead serious, for some people it is that easy). There's a lot of bullshit to go around, her simply being able to tolerate general anesthesia is not it. Her going to a bagel shop when just a few weeks ago she was convinced she had GP.. that's another story.

No. 432974

For the lolz. .

I bet there are lots of people who hate watch.

No. 432977


In these cases I can imagine it being more "envy watch".

No. 432978

For the lolz. .

I bet there are lots of people who hate watch.

No. 432987

But abnormal is EXPECTED with pots and EDS… like, I can't have any surgeries done at a surgery center and must go to a hospital with a telemetry unit instead as a precaution. I had a fucking code red (I guess it's what the hospital uses for heart problems?) called on me just to give you an idea. Overnight monitoring is pretty common even for surgeries that are usually outpatient. Not due to nausea, but erratic heartbeat and awful cardiac issues while waking up.

No. 433161

File: 1511822600590.png (1007.17 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3458.PNG)

This cow and her fake EVERYTHING. All at the expense of others. No way an adult would buy this if they legitimately couldn't eat it. Waste of money and food.

No. 433167

File: 1511822866550.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3456.PNG)

And two weeks later here she… Keep in mind she was prescribed morphine the previous month and certainly does not have fragile tissues.

No. 433169

File: 1511822914312.png (268.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3457.PNG)

Part two

No. 433178

"Gastiric pacemakers" do literally nothing for motility. They only help with nausea and it's not even a guarantee. In fact, my motility specialist (he literally wrote the book on gastroparesis) refuses to work with them because they do NOTHING for gastroparesis.

These people just want invasive surgeries and devices. The bitch refuses to even TRY prokinetics. My doctor would have dropped me for being noncompliant and not wanting help if I pulled any othe shit she did.

No. 433238

File: 1511825841673.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1797.PNG)

Back at Breakspear….

Well of course her ECG is normal. There's nothing wrong with her except for being deconditioned and (perhaps) some food intolerances.

No. 433244

File: 1511825918570.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1799.PNG)

Again, normal people just get the flu shot (and have had it a couple of months ago for maximum effectiveness).

No. 433250


I'm guessing no one's suggested an easy-digestible liquid diet? Or Reglan?

No. 433254

She’s been on here before, and is one hundred percent a munchie, literally no health problems. But won’t hesitate to claim a million and try to benefit from the money/publicity/general attention. One of the crazier cows out there.

No. 433257

File: 1511827301500.png (7.64 MB, 1242x2208, 153BEB78-814F-4F46-8BAB-CBFC24…)

So this one cow I have stumbled upon which I am not entirely sure if they are just OTT or what it’s hard to catch a pattern because the majority of their struggles are posting in the snap chatty part of IG including more than I have screen shot but she has posted a lot of fishy stuff lately including some diabetic test where she supposively wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything for 24 hours including water. (I call bullshit on that) do not have that screen shot but again she only puts stuff that lasts 24 hours. I believe she also said some shit about needing surgery for her heart that has six chambers and needs money because it’s a year wait for surgery to make it four chambers. I thought heart issues like that were discovered at young ages and taken care of it at young ages? Now apparently her liver doesn’t work either: I have a feeling if she was in this bad shape every two second ig pictures would not be happening

No. 433266

File: 1511827619771.png (7.61 MB, 1242x2208, 7F700065-A92C-4439-961B-26C5B8…)

Another photo I believe this one may have her name on it

No. 433269


She did claim that her BP tanked when she got to the bagel place and that she had to lie down on the booth. Could have been from her fake POTS or could have been because she just had surgery.
Based on her claimed bleeding disorder I would think she would get more observation/take more precautions - but thats probably fake too.
Plus she is probably so excited by her new toy that she just can't wait to show it off. Going home and lying in bed isn't nearly as good as lying in a public place.

And yes - you have to love (aka hate) how she was convinced she had GP a few weeks ago but has no problems eating.

No. 433272


And it looks like those may have already been deleted

No. 433276

Kek blood pressure and heart rate problems with pots and anesthesia usually happen right when you’re coming out of it, not an hour or two later when you happen to be in a public place and want to show off. If you’re unstable after surgery in anyone’s case they don’t let you go.

No. 433277


Yeah, I would be wanting some proof if she was claiming to have 6 chambers in her heart….

No. 433280

This is hilarious. Humans only have five chambers in their hearts in very very rare cases, and it’s usually identified within a day or two of birth. There aren’t even any animals with six chambers.

No. 433293


There are several other factors besides diagnostic criteria (which has already been discussed ad nauseum on this thread)
- just because you claim to have a diagnosis on social media doesn't mean that a doctor actually gave you that diagnosis. We have seen munchies fake documentation. Some just go out and buy the toys themselves. Nobody has actually diagnosed Autumn with EDS but that hasn't stopped her from claiming it (and she sees doctors who don't know a lot about it and give her toys based on reported symptoms). Just because someone lists a diagnosis doesn't mean that a doctor actually gave it to them.

- Doctor hopping can make it easier to get a self-diagnosis documented . Tell a new doctor you have been diagnosed with disease x. They write it down in the medical history section. It can take a while to get medical records from another practice so the doctor may not get a chance to review previous records before completing their own documentation so they have to go with what the patient says (and more patients are likely to omit diagnoses than make up extras). Once you get one or two doctors to document the self-diagnosis, that information may begin to get transferred to new documentation and lose the part about it originally being self-reported. (For instance - I have a client whose mother moved in and out of the state a few times within a year. During one of the moves she was able to convince someone to give the client a diagnosis of autism. This client does not exhibit any signs of autism and every other other clinician I have spoken too agrees with me. However, since they have supposed prior documentation of an ASD diagnosis - I have to put it down and use it as my diagnosis treatment code).

- Not everyone has access to specialists. I have worked in some more rural parts of the US where there is only one doctor in the area who pretty much has to see everybody in the town. It is not as easy for those doctors to get tests/labs done and they know it can be expensive and time consuming so they do the best they can with the information they have. They know it isn't ideal but its better than nothing.

No. 433305

Well the thing about Autumn that amazes me is that she POSTS the results of her exams which are negative, and posts what her doctors say which literally tell her she DOESNT HAVE anything, yet clearly stays “I’ll take that as a yes I do have it” . She absolutely mental.

No. 433309

I believe that was also her response when getting the same results for her eds kek

No. 433310


She's one cow I'd have absolutely no shame reporting to the relevant authorities if it were allowed. Her audacity is jaw-dropping.

No. 433315


Yes Autumn takes it to a completely different level of craziness.
The only illnesses she doesn't obsess about are her mental health issues (which she acknowledges she has but never discusses). I would guess that all of her physical symptoms (like the fatigue) could be explained by her psych issues but psych issues haven't gotten her enough sympathy points because she doesn't "look sick" so she has just moved on the making stuff up.

With changes in technology I can see how taking selfies in hospitals and whatnot is becoming more commonplace (in general our lives are much more documented and much less private). I can even understand posting some of it to social media because for some it is a representation of their life - but I expect to see other aspects of your life too. If you have no other pictures besides medical/sick pictures then you have a problem. Autumn is a prime example of someone who is sick when it is convenient for her - she doesn't post during the stretches when she is doing "normal" activities (like during Thanksgiving) because she doesn't want to let people know that she isn't as sick as she makes herself out to be.

Autumns "medical journey" has taken place in the last 6 months - interestingly after she started her first year of college. She then claimed that she didn't want to drop out but had to because she wasn't well enough to continue (right after she was supposedly diagnosed with chronic lyme and then suspected pots and bought herself a wheelchair). If she truly thought she couldn't finish the semester due to a medical issue I would have expected a leave of absence instead of straight dropping out. She also already seemed to be planning to move in with her girlfriend who lived out of state before she planned to drop out making me thing that she really just couldn't handle the college life (which would be fine - its not for everyone) and needed an excuse to bail.

No. 433321


I just rechecked Autumn's IG and she's told a commenter that she didn't have a general anaesthetic, so just light sedation and local I'd guess.

No. 433322

I notice so many people wanting to fake POTS and EDS and gastroparesis.

If they want believable illnesses, why don't they fake some of the most common ones like obesity, PCOS, type 2 diabetes? Oh wait those are boring and too common, and less glamorous. People will tell them they're sick because they don't take care of themselves and they want all da sympathy

No. 433326


Well, obesity would be fairly hard to fake…. but the other two? They're associated with heaviness therefore seen as being self-provoked, one's own fault. No one is seen getting sympathy for them, so they don't want them.

No. 433330

Did anyone get more screenshots of this post's comments? There were more that called autumn out and she deleted them all and blocked the users.

No. 433334


I can see on her IG where she's deleted comments as she didn't delete the comments replying TO them!

No. 433359

Some port placements do happen with "twilight sedation" but even that can cause major issues with POTS!

No. 433361

If someone really struggles with pots, a port can be put in when the patient’s awake. But munchies don’t like actual pain or discomfort, so there’s no way they’d go for that

No. 433367

I'd really just like to refer Autumn to my Cardiologist who would take one look at her and have her port removed and any "POTS" removed from her medical history. She is so full of bullshit.

No. 433375

No shit I posted her.

No. 433378


She went to the POTS specialist in Oklahoma and claimed that he only spent 10 minutes with her, didn't believe in saline, and said they didn't have any openings for a follow-up in 2019.
Sounded more like she saw a specialist who didn't believe she had POTS (especially since she probably went in claiming it and saying she needed saline despite having tried nothing else). The no follow-up until 2019 (when it only took her a couple weeks to get the initial appointment) sounds more like an excuse to prevent her from coming back.

Its hard to have information removed from medical history - doctors can't go back and change other doctor's notes (you aren't even supposed to go back and change your own note). They could certainly write a new note listing the reasons why they do not feel she has POTS. However they won't be able to release that information to any other doctors (doctors within the same practice can likely easily look it up in an electronic medical record system - but the patient has to give permission for a doctor to receive and give information). If a patient knows a doctor will have written something unfavorable about them - like denying a diagnosis - they are likely not going to grant permission for that documentation to be released. The average individual probably doesn't realize this and signs the release forms without really reading them but I bet patients like Autumn who are knowingly manipulative are a little more careful about what they sign.

No. 433380

kek Katie McFarland (@katiewithoutthee) does this shit too. Such as her genetic results stating she doesnt have EDS yet she keeps claiming to have classical. And she's making bank off of it on her youcaring or whatever.

No. 433383

File: 1511837066183.jpg (580.86 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_7840.JPG)

I really just don't understand the whole spoons/spoonie thing.

I get the spoon theory in the context of the original story in which the author randomly grabbed something at a cafe with a friend to illustrate a point. But if you don't know that specific story then spoons just doesn't translate well - as a individual of average health I don't go walking around with spoons.

And Autumn the nurse wasn't giving you a spoon - the nurse taped a spoon to the pen because they were tired of people stealing their pen. Although the spoonie trash can does apply to Autumn - she wastes all her silly "spoons" on plotting her next medical scheme instead of doing adult things.

Apologies for my spoon theory rant (it makes a little more sense once I read the original story but drives me crazy that it's always just explained as "normal people have lots of spoons")

No. 433385

File: 1511837491047.jpg (524.99 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_7841.JPG)

Autumns way of asking people to tell her all their symptoms so she can figure out what medical drama to stir up next - she tires of her toys very very quickly so she will need to plan something new to keep herself entertained

And I am not expert on ports - it seems odd to me that her doctor was like "you can access it immediately but waiting a few days might be better". Since theoretically her saline infusions are scheduled shouldn't there be a more definite plan regarding accessing the port? Like wouldn't you want the first access to be done in a clinic to make sure it works okay and not just letting the home health person have a go at it?

No. 433397

With my Port insertion I'm pretty sure I only had the dressing on for a day. I had surgical glue covering the incisions so I could shower almost immediately, just couldn't bathe until the glue came off. (But I couldn't actually shower because I couldn't lift my arms higher than a few inches above the bottom of my ribs).

They accessed the port right after insertion, but then with my EDS the surgeon wanted to wait a full week and a half for the swelling and bruising to go down before accessing it, he didn't want to access right away because it would traumatize the tissue more.

Also, the docs should have told her what to do in the discharge papers.

No. 433401


I'm chronically ill but I've always felt that way about the spoon theory too.

'The healthy have a luxury of life without choices' - not true. Many healthy people feel tired, run down and have to make decisions about what tasks they can and can't handle. Can I go to the grocery store today or will I be too tired after work? That's normal life for every human being. Most healthy people I know have days where having a shower is too much effort and where they're too tired to do the dishes and so on.

'Most people start the day with energy to do whatever they desire' - no. Most people I know have to drag themselves out of bed and force themselves to do things they don't want to because that's life.

The whole theory posits that if you're sick, you have limited energy to do daily tasks, and if you're well, you don't have that problem. But it's not true. It's not sick versus well. None of us are rarely ever 100% well. Being ill is more on a spectrum in my opinion. Some days you wake up with aches and pains and an upset stomach and that's just the human body.

No. 433404

She refuses prokinetcs and it looks like alcohol is her liquid of choice. She's also a doctor shopper extraordinaire but has at least seen an actual POTS doctor (actually we have the same one and that's how I found her!)

No. 433407

learn2sage and stfu with the blogposts. Most of us here are also ill.

No. 433411

At any point, any of us could fall down that scale from well to unwell and we may or may not move back up the scale depending on what illness befalls us. Common viruses and bugs? Temporary. Chronic conditions? Depending on what treatments are there, you may move up the scale or you may not, and with some illnesses, you may continue to deteriorate down it. I just don't feel it's helpful to liken it to a 'you have endless spoons' or 'you have limitations' because every human has limitations, the difference is some of us have more barriers than others to contend with and that's when some people need a helping hand.

No. 433413

Alright about sage but not remotely a blog post, can u even read

I literally said 'I'm chronically ill' because my point was despite being ill I don't support the spoon theory, otherwise it would be easy for someone to automatically discredit my opinion because 'You can't understand because you don't know what it's like.' Learn what a blogpost is.

No. 433418

still not using sage huh newfag.

there are like 15 posts a day from anons that are along the same line as yours.
there was literally no contribution to your post that hasnt already been beaten into us. sage is for non contributing posts, take this kind of shit to ot if you so must air out how youre ill all the time and how youre better than other people. if you have to declare youre better than a cow, chances are, you arent

No. 433422


Agreed about using the sage (hint newfag - put the word sage in the e-mail field)
The post in question seemed an appropriate response the the post I made about autumn and hating the spoon theory - and argued that "spoonies" aren't any more special than the rest of us. It seemed to clarify my point about the spoon theory more.
The post before it (>>433397) was much more of a blogpost with excess information about how the poster was so sick they couldn't lift their arms up and how because of their super severe EDS they needed extra healing time - all of that info may have been true but it didn't really address the question asked about autumn's post-port instructions but rather was a comment on how the poster was better than autumn.
There are way too many people who post on here who seem to be trying to validate their own illnesses/behaviors. If you are going to post a comment about how your illness is more severe than a munchies - just stop. And in general learn to use the sage

No. 433429

I didn't mean for it to come off that way, rather try to give a comparison/other view on how post-port insertion can be.

I do realize it seemed a bit medfaggy, but I was trying to explain what was recommended for me as someone with the disorders Autumn supposedly has and how her post-op behavior was odd. I also could've been clearer about answering the question about accessing the port right away.

My bad!

No. 433434

Are you done yet? Can we get back to the milk or do you need more attention?

No. 433449

She still has her picc line in (post op pic shows the iv tubing going up out of her gown) so the access for port isn’t going to be needed immediately therefore they don’t need to be worried about the scheduled infusions with port access

No. 433462


I don't understand why she would refuse something that could help her!! I mean, Reglan isn't the best, it can cause dyskenesia effects if taken constantly, but I'd rather be able to eat properly every few days than have a fuckin tube jabbed in my gut.

I keep forgetting these aren't normal people and the idea of major surgery is appealing to them.

No. 433499

Because Reglan isn't invasive nor can you see it, I guess.

This idiot also takes a new depression medication (Trintellix) known to cause orthostatic hypotension AND intense nausea. She's actively causing herself problems.

But who cares, she has all of her toys and gofuckme money already!

No. 433521


It frustrates me no end when consultants don't go over the lists of meds their patients take to see if any of their symptoms can be explained by them.

No. 433550


Shes got the worlds most punchable face

No. 433559

File: 1511863332261.jpeg (319.14 KB, 746x1109, 5F7FF813-D379-46A9-86B4-00A37F…)

Dani cant stop mentioning that she sees her neighbour everyday? Are we supposed to be impressed?

No. 433560

File: 1511863388737.jpeg (548.97 KB, 736x1079, AA6C87CB-0BFD-42CB-809E-F784DA…)

No. 433561


It's nice she has a friend.

No. 433591


Because Dani reads this thread and tries to adjust what she posts based on comments that are posted here.
- Make a comment questioning the health of her relationship with her bf of 14 years and all the sudden she claims they are going to move in together
- Make a comment that she does nothing but obsess about her symptoms and that she has not job/hobbies - she starts to mention reading a lot more
- Make a comment about how she doesn't seem to have any real friends and the only people she sees/spends time with are her parents/aunts - she starts to mention the neighbor she visits every day (even though she has previously never mentioned it).

Its just her trying to respond to criticism here. If she is truly spending time with a neighbor I hope it is someone approximately her age and not an elderly lady that she swaps woe-is-me medical stories with

No. 433651

How sad does your life have to be to follow what strangers on a random website say? Is that any better than being a munchie?

No. 433714

I'm not saying I'm better than anyone and I REPLYING to someone about the spoon theory with my own thoughts in agreement isn't irrelevant given this thread is literally called spoonie/munch

No. 433715

Oops wrong field, anyway, I haven't even posted here for months, youre making it sound like you honestly believe I'm posting fifteen times a day lmao. I literally said nothing about why I'm ill or what I have, merely that I am ill and I don't buy into that theory because I don't relate to it. I'm not saying I'm better than anyone, just that I agree with the other anon that it's not the greatest analogy. Talk about nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking. Get a grip man.

No. 433740

File: 1511893753753.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2557.PNG)

I know every approved drug for MS in the UK. None of them even remotely look like what's in her little pill box, and no, none of them (with the exception of AZA, which is not REALLY an MS drug) can be given as a liquid (long and complicated reasons but the point is that slow absorption is pretty much a desirable factor). She's lying her ass off, which is none of my business, but it is kinda odd to see someone with allegedly relatively severe MS yet zero symptoms and no mention of either daily meds or IV immunotherapy.

Tl,dr: fucking stop munchieing and up your venlafaxine instead, ffs.

No. 433743

I wouldn't be surprised if she lied about it. Easy to do since her electrophysiologist (pots doctor) is out of state. He's veryyyyy thorough and actually does go through meds. He's also obviously against wheelchairs but she has a custom one anyway!

No. 433767

Not a medfag, but but I thought the most common and best MS drugs had to be injected?

I have breath mints that look like the top left pill. On closer inspection, I see drug labeling on it. But, is that a TicTac in the upper right bedtime slot?

No. 433775

I think it's biotin.

No. 433778

Did the doc forget to send Autumn home with pain meds?

No. 433784

It’s a sugar-coated ibruprofen pill, I think. Right shape and size. I used to take them quite a lot.

No. 433788

Yeah, they’re given through iv I believe. And severe ms flares are treated with iv steroids as well.

No. 433809

File: 1511899188709.jpeg (263.52 KB, 750x1188, F785B41F-46F3-4636-8BDD-9C20AB…)

The “autumn got what she wanted” smirk is getting stronger and more frequent . Now to see how long it takes her to “do things herself” and get a line infection and end up in hospital. My predictions are soon, considering her spoonie powers are strong lol

No. 433825

wat are you talking about faggot? forget what site youre on?

No. 433848

About Dani, you moron. That comment is right below the one about her doing things mentioned here. Learn to read instead of calling names that don’t make any sense

No. 433852

Good lord the exaggeration. Getting a port put in hurts, but children get them and are fine. Gotta love her totally-not EDS thumb, too. She’s making everything so, so obvious that she’s full of shit

No. 433855

Curious about what happened to her "Chronic Lyme"…I mean that's what she started her instagram with, and now there's no mention of it. You don't accidentally get diagnosed with Chronic Lyme.

No. 433870

File: 1511904158446.png (592.18 KB, 817x601, ruby1.png)

Update on a previous cow, Ruby (whose little sister had cancer).

Ruby spends this humble-bragging about the new mobility aids she has installed in her house that allows her to take a bath.

Now, I've only had a few moderate episodes of a muscle wasting disease, but by my experience the legs this chick sports are in no way wasted or incapable of supporting her weight, or even in allowing her to walk or climb stairs. Her legs look well groomed, well muscled, and well nourished.

Legs wasted from disease have been in my experience some of the most visually shocking, and not something you can fake.

When your fat gets eaten away and your muscle pack decreased in a very short amount of time– short as in due to some inflammatory or pathological factor– rather than under use or voluntarily decreased food intake, it's visually obvious. It's honestly not "invisible" like these bitches complain about. People can see wasting under clothes. It's upsetting.

Ruby is fine and healthy. She has normal muscle mass and normal fat amount. I wish she would stop taking advantage of the people around her, who are already traumatized by their younger daughter having cancer, to milk them for sympathy for her nonexistant diseases.

No. 433885


Nope. Copaxone and interferons are injectable but we haven't seen her brag about her bi-daily injections. Some other drugs are IVable, but ditto no evidence. So it's safe to assume she'd be on teriflunomide, fingolimod or dimethyl fumarate. Because she has claimed NMO first, it's almost definite she would not get the injectables as both glatiramer acetate and interferons are known to worsen NMO or MS with AQP4+ antibodies. Which leaves the possibility that she's on one of the immunosuppressants approved for NMO/MS, which in almost all cases is AZA (tiny yellow circular pills that can NOT be crushed or J-tubed) and very rarely, Cellcept (orange/sky blue capsules OR very clearly labeled big ass white pills, again not in evidence in her photo).

No. 433897

That yellow & white drug in the lunch section is Gilenya (fingolimod).

Not true. These days the injectables are the least effective MS drugs on the market with oral and intravenous drugs having a far greater efficacy. I understand in some countries though they are commonly the most prescribed because they are cheapest for insurance.

No. 433972


She claimed she was diagnosed with chronic lyme and was put on antibiotics. About two weeks later she sees a new doctor who suggests she may have babesia and places her on a new medication. That doctor told her chronic lyme wasn't a thing and that lyme tests are accurate (suggesting that her tests said she didn't have lyme). She doesn't believe the doctor. She sees the doctor again a week later who reiterates that she doesn't have lyme.
At this point she has decided that she has POTS and EDS and possibly MS/ALS and is pursing multiple specialists. A month after she claimed diagnosis of chronic lyme she sees the rheumatologist who says she is hypermobile and adopts all the eds hashtags and the lyme ones disappear and aren't mentioned again.

Basically chronic lyme wasn't getting her what she wanted (although it has worked for other munchies) so she aggressively pursued other diagnoses.

No. 433977

in this video from Sept 2017, autumn was already using a wheelchair. she's the one in the middle with the grey sweater and short hair.

No. 433988

File: 1511913258087.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, C0E821D9-5317-47C5-BE05-8BDAB5…)

I can’t even with this munchie. Let’s just say you’re not making friends not because you’re sick autumn, it’s because you’re a nut job who lies

No. 433992

I don't mean to derail with trans shit, but look at those shoulders lmao he doesn't even remotely look or sound like a girl. He looks like if idubbbz was a crossdresser or maybe a gay bird trying to impersonate Rebecca Sugar.

No. 433997

The fact that she states that she is disabled, and literally has no disability whatsoever is outrageous. And to so confidently announce that out loud to a group of people, AND next to someone who is clearly disabled… just unbelievable and disgusting.
Wasn’t expecting that low ass voice either lol

No. 434002

And now we all know where autumn stole Her fake vWD from! The kid next to her in the video.. who clearly mentions it was good to know about before surgery. Autumn just absorbs diagnoses from people around her

No. 434003

I despise Ruby. That family has been through more than enough, and it couldn't be more obvious than "muh vaccine injury" is a gross attention grab.

No. 434014


OK, I need some guidance here. As I'm listening to Autumn speak, I'm realizing that even if I didn't know her from this thread, I'd still be thinking she's full of shit. Doesn't the whole, "My doctor told me not to tell anyone that she did my surgery" thing seem a wee bit fucking odd? Also, the surgeon seemed uncertain and uncomfortable doing the surgery? Well then by all means forge ahead and have the uncertain surgeon cut your nads off! WTH? Then, hearing about all the healing issues and the doc blaming her, supposedly. And let's not forget all the healing issues because of VWD and yet zero issues with the port healing thus far. This chick is so full of shit I can hardly hate listen. Am I off base here with what I think I heard?

No. 434025

She doesn’t even claim the correct symptoms for things beyond the basic google list (not very realistic), and she’s not at all consistent (sometimes she can’t walk, but has no problem hoisting up her leg with a huge fucking brace on it, having a bleeding disorder but no bruises, even after having a picc and a port placed, claiming POtS but posting normal vitals, claiming GP and MALS but being able to eat enough to maintain her weight, and claiming hypermobility but always posing with that stupid thumbs up that shows she definitely does not have hypermobile joints).

No. 434034

That sounds suspicious at best, if your surgeon says not to tell anyone, RUN. Get the fuck out of there and don’t go back.

No. 434041


Autumn bought the wheelchair a week after getting diagnosed with chronic lyme and deciding that she had POTS. Because clearly the first course of treatment is buy yourself a wheelchair. She whined about her family giving her a hard time for using the wheelchair - probably because she DID NOT NEED IT (and was probably making everyone else's life hell asking them to push her around). She clearly is standing up and walking around just fine before the panel begins and then sits herself in the wheelchair and rocks back and forth instead of sitting in a normal chair - probably mad that the person next to her looked more disabled.

- I will say that while the person next to her mentions vWD first, she does go into the details of her surgery and how it supposedly affected her first. That being said the other person's story sounded much more realistic/plausible and since I believe Autumn helped organize the panel it is possible she met that person before hand and poorly copied their symptoms.

I found her whole surgery story a bit odd and like she was trying to make most gender-confirmation surgeons out to be villains. She basically blamed her doctor for healing complications when she herself claimed not to know about her "lifelong illness" (I believe she is hinting at EDS as the cause for her healing issues - even though she has never been diagnosed). If she truly had healing issues I wouldn't be surprised if they were self inflicted.

Autumn very clearly asks people what their symptoms were, how did they first present, etc… and then just adopts those exact symptoms. All of her claimed illnesses are ones that she suspected and then has tried to convince doctors that she has.

No. 434065


UGH I wish her family would just pack her off to therapy. She needs that, not humouring!

No. 434073

It sounds like her family has tried to address the issue, but what can you do if she’s always going into social justice warrior mode. I’m sure they gave up a while ago. I’d hate to have a child or sibling like that (not the trans part, that’s not the problem!), that obviously fakes illnesses and being disabled for attention.

No. 434079

File: 1511923516382.jpg (1.37 MB, 1080x3181, Screenshot_20171128-203204.jpg)

I can't remember if Molly's been discussed before. But maybe 2 GI doctors told her it was in her head because … it was. She has ostomy but no actual GI diagnosis.

No. 434082

File: 1511924227598.png (994.16 KB, 941x604, wtfmolly.png)


>I got to take that as an opportunity to teach my cousin all about Olly


If my cousin's ostomy bag started leaky probably foul smelling excretions, I would nope the fuck right out of the Thanksgiving get together. If you need to validate your shitty life choices by making a very private medical device and its workings public to garner attention, then you need corrective behavioral therapy way more than you need the ostomy bag.

No. 434089

File: 1511924593850.png (670.99 KB, 933x598, wtfmolly2.png)


Auuuughhhh she just gets worse and worse. Here she goes into graphic detail about "Olly":

> Olly is actually the end of my small intestine, called the ileum, and he sticks out of my stomach through a hole in the skin.

I have only had maybe three cows to date that have made my physically nauseous reading their pages. Poking the end of your bleeding small intestine is definitely one of the gut roiling descriptions that will haunt me for a while.

Why doesn't she realize that this isn't social awareness, but a fucked up form of attention seeking?

Where is my brain bleach.

No. 434121


Yup. She's ruthlessly efficient at getting what she wants (any diagnosis that will allow to her not work, and not have to have any responsibility save that of a "service dog").

No. 434122


Yeah, I have friends (even friends who aren't sick). Most normal people (even sick people) have friends. It's not your "illness", it's them being scared you'll Single White Female them.

No. 434127


As someone who looks like they swam constantly from age 3-18, I'm never going to judge a trans women on wide shoulders when I'm cis and could be a fuckin linebacker. I do judge her on appropriation of a condition that disproportionately affects women though. And also menopause. Fucking menopause!!

No. 434130


Maybe you missed the part where the first post mentioned at least two doctors said it was in her head, and they could find no clinical reason for her symptoms. Even her colonoscopy tests were fine. But she pushed and pushed until she could find a doctor who would diagnose on reported symptoms alone, and managed to net herself a prop to show off how sick she was.

She doesn't have any kind of actual disease or disorder that would need an emptying bag. If you actually have Crohns, or ulcerative colitis, or anything like that, a case that is severe enough to warrant an emptying bag would also absolutely for sure show up in the kinds of blood tests they do to check for these autoimmune conditions.

The reason why it's gross isn't because she's doing regular stuff for having a bag. The reason why it's gross is because she's not sick, she's pathologizing vitals that are normal for an active, healthy young woman, and she's using the bag as an attention gaining device.

Oversharing or explaining your medical problems isn't the same thing as actively gunning to tank your health. I read an account of a guy with an ostomy bag, who was a construction worker, and ended up prolapsing his bowels into his bag because he was doing heavy lifting. I thought that was tragic, but not disgusting.

Molly is just disgusting. She's healthy, but continuously drags her family and everyone around her to continuously notice just how sick she is.

No. 434131

Molly's first post claims chronic constipation as one of the main reasons for the ostomy.

The progression of her tags is interesting. In the begining it was just, #ostomy, #chronicillness

In spetember some of the big colon/stoma tags were added #nocolonstillrollin and #girlswithguts

September 22 she was diagnosed with pots and eds. These tags are then added. At this point she attributes her gut motility issues to EDS.

No. 434137


The fact she says it's chronic constipation as the reason for the bag, but then also says that she was hospitalized for "runners colitis", which is basically exercise induced diarrhea, is completely opposite of each other.


Note that the wiki page says there are definitely blood test and colonoscopy indicators for runners colitis (when she initially said her examinations and the colonoscopy was clear).

No. 434155


I was talking about Ruby Shallom (UK 'vaccine injured' munchie). Her faking for attention is probably almost an unconscious thing because her sister got necessary attention for having cancer and the HPV vaccine had scaremongering around it. Perfect storm, tbh.

No. 434156


I don't doubt that Molly's guts don't work like they should. An ostomy isn't given lightly. But I think EDS would have been picked up before this point (it has some tell tale symptoms), and I've never ever heard of someone with EDS needing an ostomy JUST for gut dysfunction from it - not without something like Crohns alongside.

No. 434160


Is she your personal cow or something? (Honest Q)

I've seen her a few times on IG and thought she was one of those genuine cases where they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her but could fix the problem. I mean, most ana-cows go for the GJ-tube so she didn't stand out as one to me.

No. 434233

Different anon here, totally agree with OP about Molly. She's a cow, an aggressive doctor-shopper and toy-seeker. Think Chloe Print Lambert but decided to go for the (literally) less pretty shit. I'd bet that a year from now she'll have added to her to toy collection further.

No. 434245

She is fucking insufferable! She straight up claims she has EDS in this video! Also, she considers her surgery a "botched" procedure? Fuuuuuuuck you Autumn. She definitely displays an aggressive, dismissive attitude toward health care professionals; a common munchie trait.

No. 434252

File: 1511959063590.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x3181, Screenshot_20171129-063520.jpg)

Oh yeah - she's already got a port lined up. Because in addition to her no-dx ostomy she has, you guessed it, EDS & POTS and needs those sweet, sweet saline infusions.

No. 434265

File: 1511961298674.png (758.57 KB, 935x527, wtfmolly3.png)


Speaking of EDS, it seems like she has fallen into the regular trope of the munchies singling out a doctor who is compassionate but steps out of his specialty to give them a dubious diagnosis.

In spite of Molly saying she got a diagnosis of POTS and joint hypermobility, this Dr. Sica fellow doesn't sound like he's 100% equipped to sally out all of these diagnoses. You can see his faculty page here:


But also it sounds like all and sundry munchie and OTT spoonie has crawled out of the woodwork to get this guy to slap on the diagnoses. Googling "dr. sica dysautonomia" returns the top result as a pinterest page, and then handfuls of personal blogs coaching others to find a doc (with Dr. Sica being mentioned specifically) to diagnose POTS. (To be clear, I'm not slamming this Dr. Sica, I have a feeling he's a good guy who wants to help people, but these cows take advantage of that.)

What I'm saying is that it sounds like Molly is doing her research to find someone who is eager to slap a diagnosis to validate her ileostomy. If she can't blame Crohns or runner's colitis, then she's going to grab for the first diagnosis a qualified medical professional is going to offer.

No. 434269


Gilenya is yellow and white with two yellow bands. Yellow and transparent is the 150mg capsule based venlafaxine generic.

No. 434294

Oh Lord, I hadn't bothered to google that doc. He's a nephrologist who's been "helping patients with dysautonomia for almost 40 years." Makes sense. /s

No. 434318

Fuck man, Molly lives near me if she's going to VCU. They have a whole POTS team, so it makes sense she'd try to seek them out. Though, I've never seen Dr. Sica because I don't understand why a Nephrologist is needed to diagnose POTS.

No. 434352


Because POTS is heavily influenced by fluid balance and kidneys are in charge of that, basically. So it makes sense, not that it validates anything else about the situation tho

No. 434356

Not really, neurologists and cardiologists normally treat pots (mostly neuro), as it’s a problem with the nervous system. No doctor refers pots patients to nephrology. Also, I get pretty suspicious about patient/doctor selfies, it doesn’t mean they’re not sick (even though I’m sure this one’s a munchie), but they’re definitely way into the ott side of things.

No. 434379


Bizarrely, she has more or less written off the input of actual gastrologists, because they won't give her what she wants. In that first post where she decries medical professionals for not believing their patients, she specifically singles out one Dr. Butt.

If you Google Dr. Butt gastrologist, I'm fairly certain this is the guy who told her to get a life:


So it sounds like the specialists for handling something as severe as a ileostomy didn't want to do something so invasive, so she managed to munchie her way into getting a visible prop for what seems like blatant orthorexia and anorexia. She's made posts humblebragging about her underweight BMI.

No. 434418

File: 1511981773497.jpeg (277.55 KB, 750x350, D68DF81A-D706-4BBF-950A-4A524C…)

Because these are totally things someone with gastroparesis can eat…

No. 434438

File: 1511983427168.jpeg (383.53 KB, 1527x1923, 96AE4D1A-DEB2-4AB5-8928-35C41A…)

I’m pretty sure these medications would NEVER be prescribed in conjunction due to the massive interactions that’d happen, ESPECIALLY in someone who claims to have seizures…

Can a medfag confirm/explain this further?

No. 434440

We’ve discussed this in previous threads before. It would be ill-advised.

No. 434515

File: 1511991401323.png (27.58 KB, 162x76, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 8.33…)


It's hard to see but that pill does have the 2 yellow bands - you can see them just above the 'c' in Lunch. Paige has also posted medication lists before that have included Gilenya and have had her name clearly printed on them. I don't think there is any dispute that she is on Gilenya.

No. 434578

Kek if you’re claiming severe GP but still want to eat normal food, maybe don’t post photos of it? It makes her story pretty hard to believe

No. 434695


Ok now I'm convinced. Naming her port, jesus. Is she 10?

No. 434697


Also how can a geneticist help if she has hEDS, the one with no gene yet found for? IDK if it's just really different in the UK, but an hEDS patient wouldn't see a geneticist…

No. 434709

According to her, they think she might have vascular. But she didn't know that there was no genetics for hEDS before making the posts about seeing a geneticist.

No. 434713


There's no way she'd be as old as she is without showing symptoms. Also having had major surgery. No way. Why do these cows always claim possible vascular when it's clearly impossible?

No. 434715

Of course she has absolutely no vascular features.

No. 434716

File: 1512009544065.jpeg (133.05 KB, 750x1104, 34D146F8-027B-48B1-AF8E-9BAAF3…)

New cow? Not sure if we’ve ever spoken about her. But classic POTS/GP claim, and just decided to shave her head… probably so she can get some sympathy points out in public so she “looks sick”.
Pic is captured “bald is beautiful”

Honesty surprised Autumns no on this level yet, although she has said she wished she was bald and had cancer so she looked sick

No. 434722

File: 1512010770224.png (732.75 KB, 640x1136, 7DFA1689-68DC-465C-89E9-B4D207…)

So now she needs iron transfusion? And unsurprisingly, she “can’t tolerate” her feeds because of her “pancreatitis” that was so bad she couldn’t vlog or post to IG or, oh wait, she could do those things and was smiling at every point during her hospital “adventure”. Anyone else get even more of an ana chan vibe from her now? She clearly was fine, but used her recent procedure get hospitalized and get all that sweet sweet attention also have an excuse to not run her feeds. And that’s an ana chan “trick” some use who even aren’t munchies, get hospitalized for a supposed “physical illness”, get an excuse to not eat while being somewhere you can’t just walk to the kitchen and get food when your “willpower is weak”. Aubrey is clearly capable of eating, since she went weeks without a tube and didn’t have any serious consequences and didn’t even lose weight in any noticeable amount, and even now she doesn’t run her tube at a fast enough rate to giver her even close to a survivable amount of calories. And she shows off her body like an ana cow, including the angles she takes her selfies at. It’s almost like she’s flaunting how she’s skinny and getting away with that

No. 434723

Don’t worry, I’m sure autumn will get there soon. She’s on the munchie express train, and I’m sure she follows all the other munchies and will be needing to shave her head for shits and giggles or mcas, more likely, here soon

No. 434724


Pancreatitis is pretty rare as a unique event, usually it's associated with severe gallstones or with high alcohol consumption.

Gallstones, it should be said, are themselves highly associated with crash dieting.

No. 434725


kek well despite showing ZERO symptoms she does have "MCAS?" in her bio

No. 434729

Because she wants MCAS. That’s why she puts it in her bio. Autumn doesn’t have anything she claims and puts it up there anyway.

No. 434733


Because Autumn reads about a disease and then definitively decides that she must have it.
Upset stomach? (after being started on antibiotics) - must be GP (and not medication side effects of total bs). No surprise when her GES came back completely normal!

Ask about symptoms of the medication you were prescribed. Describe these neurological symptoms to your doctor. Must be MS or ALS - totally not a just common side effects of the meds you are taking

Follow every spoonie on social media, mimic their symptoms, and then ask them questions. Someone tells you about MCAS so you must have that.

Autumn's main problem is related to mental health and while she mentions it in her bio it seems to be the only thing that she does not obsess about.

No. 434744

Pancreatitis is extremely painful. Aubrey was smirking and taking selfies as they wheeled her from the er to her room. Even with painkillers, she wouldn’t want to be doing anything, yet she even uploaded a vlog that day from the hospital. I don’t think she had anything wrong , just said she’d had surgery on her pancreas and was in “10/10” pain (already a lie, since not only was she conscious, she was able to say that’s what her pain was, which is nowhere close to that); the er doesn’t do super specialized testing, her pancreas probably looked a little inflamed (since she had something taken off it), so they admitted her. But she never had true pancreatitis since she was able to vlog everything and upload it and post on IG and play with her dog and all the other things she did that would be impossible for true pancreatitis. She’s a fucking munchie with an eating disorder who managed to snag herself the attention whore’s dream for a couple days.

No. 434745


It did seem odd. My friend has had bouts of pancreatits this year (related to their CF) and has been debilitated by pain, definitely no selfies going on. Hardly any coherence going on!

No. 434759

Yeah, I’ve known a couple people who got pancreatitis randomly (it’s not that rare overall), and they weren’t doing anything for days, let alone taking selfies and vlogging. It’s one of the more painful acute illnesses out there. Her responses do not fit that at all. Even if you’re in bad enough pain to need the heavy duty stuff that hospitals try to avoid now because of drug seekers, you’re not doing much after getting it, if you’re able to do anything other than lie there and think about how maybe death wouldn’t be that bad (a bit of an exaggeration, but not far off kek). Aubrey never looked in pain, only like someone who was really happy about what was happening but desperately trying to hide how thrilled they were.

No. 434762


Maybe it's her fucked up notion of "gotta have a positive attitude" that illness vloggers/IGs seem to insist on.

No. 434765

No, she’s genuinely not in pain, you can tell by her face the day she was admitted. Plus, no one recovers from pancreatitis that quick.

No. 434772


So munchie logic is swelling of the pancreas (normal after surgery on it) = pancreatitis.

No. 434773

Part of my job is reading facial expressions, and after looking at her pictures, I can tell you that if she is in pain, it’s very mild. She looks like a child who’s quite proud of herself for doing something naughty, and almost as if she’s daring her viewers to challenge her, because she knows she’s already won. It’s common in children and adults who have consistently immature behaviors.

No. 434788

Someone should give autumn an idea of a new diagnosis and see if she takes it up. Like hmmm… crohns, colitis, celiac, maybe some other common diseases she can get milk from.

No. 434792

Spastic diplegia.

No. 434820

No. 434879


I'm half expecting her to start claiming vEDS anyway.

No. 434883

Endometriosis kek

No. 434942

File: 1512055291946.jpg (577.74 KB, 2054x1310, hdfwSee.jpg)

>>I've never ever heard of someone with EDS needing an ostomy JUST for gut dysfunction from it
I have. Usually it's a combination of things like bad motility, prolaps(es) in the pelvic area which makes for a nice vicious circle with the former, stretched out portions of the colon, diverticulitis, years of opiate use, wheelchair use making the motility even worse, etc.

Having said that.. scrolling through her Instagram without even knowing her story one can see that she is kind of obsessed with her ostomy. To the extent of what she says in the attached screenshot.

I don't mind people wanting to raise awareness and showing their bag in pictures. Although I have to say, personally I don't find it very good taste to make pictures of yourself with a clear bag and no cover over it. Or at least post a warning and put a spoiler on it if you're going to show your actual poop. Otherwise, I don't care. As long as you use either an opaque bag or put a cover over it, I'm OK with people showing their bag while wearing a bikini or whatever. It's part of your body and that's OK.
I'm even OK with people naming their ostomy. It's not my style, but if you like have a particular noisy ostomy and want to call it Bert, I don't care about that. I even get that people can be glad with their ostomy if it saved their life or gave them a much better quality of life. That's all fine as far as I'm concerned.

But she just takes it too far. Showing it off in almost every picture? Calling your ostomy "a cutie"? Now that's creepy. She reminds me of Jaquie's showing off her tubie pads in every other vlog, and saying she was "proud of her feeding tube" when she got that precious button. Now that I think of as being quite.. strange.

No. 434946

File: 1512055671346.jpg (255.69 KB, 1735x1020, rEJm1zL.jpg)

(sorry, samefag; don't know how to attach more than one pic)

Also, if she actually has EDS, she has EXTREMELY good control over her joints and muscles. That's a screenshot from a video that can be seen here https://www.instagram.com/p/BZuOVbcgWEM/?taken-by=mollyollyostomy
I'm not saying someone who is able to do that can't have EDS, but I think it's fair to say that if someone with EDS has that kind of control and strength, they'd probably be (very close to) asymptomatic.

Although I guess it is possible to have good strength and still dislocate joints with sudden movement or while sleeping (you can have all the strength you want, it's not gonna help you if you go limb during sleep) but well.. I think it'd be quite rare.

No. 434947

Found another EDSer who has an ostomy. She was suffering from rectal prolapse (see her 4th post from the bottom) which is a huge part of EDS and a big reason to get a bag.
She tags all the ostomy tags, then the pots, eds, mast cell, and endometriosis tags.
She also gets saline and has a port kek

No. 434954

She has no visible hypermobility, and true rectal prolapses in eds are not very common at all, and are rarely treated by doing an ostomy, which can cause more complications. There are even less envasive surgical procedures that most doctors are hesitant to perform for eds prolapses, and the fact that she can work out and do all sorts of things without getting prolapses in other organs is suspicious, especially because she doesn’t seem to have any other eds symptoms, including very obvious missing hypermobility, which is kind of a requirement for eds

No. 435007

i have multiple dm from autumn symptom shopping but it'll give me away if i post them. i'm kinda social media slow so if anyone wants to tell me how to post them without giving my identity away i will

No. 435023

You can screen cap and black out your own name, but the cow will still recognize who you are if she reads here. We won't though.

No. 435026

she must read here because she just blocked me when i went to go get the dm. it was your basic symptom shopping "how do i" and "with eds do you" type questions. nothing other cows haven't done before but considering she's so blatantly fake i thought i'd expose her lies.

No. 435058

File: 1512068437362.jpg (776.66 KB, 1440x2127, Screenshot_20171130-125929.jpg)

Those neighbors….

No. 435064

File: 1512069074365.jpg (1.18 MB, 1071x3444, Screenshot_20171130-125919.jpg)

Why aren't her neighbors helping her pack as she is just so sick and they know that since she visits with them everyday..or the boyfriend?
Anyone else get the feeling she is getting pulled out of government housing finally?
That's got to be a blow to her given every year she starts panicking grasping onto anything she can to claim so helpless to keep her disability and housing.
She used to complain that she hated the housing because she had a curfew (I've only heard of that in therapeutic type housings, but maybe it's a thing) and no one could even spend the night with her and absolutely not stay more than a few days like a boyfriend would do to get away with living there but not get caught.
I really don't think she has a boyfriend and I don't think he's using her to get laid.
She never complains about being intimate and as sick as she is and all her major issues having sex would pose a problem. (I think she's talked about it once in many yearss)

No. 435164

She’s not very good about munching on the down low, is she. My guess is that really she’s too lazy to do any decent research, and that laziness is her main problem. Get a wheelchair, don’t have to walk. Be sick, don’t have to work. Easy living, if you’re not actually sick.

No. 435179


EDS and strength training don't exactly go hand in hand. If anything I'm guessing she just has joint hypermobility (no syndrome) so is unlikely to spontaneously dislocate.

No. 435248

File: 1512080861620.jpg (849.12 KB, 1080x2892, Screenshot_20171130-162404.jpg)

Oh no y'all! Aubrey is back in the hospital, details in tomorrow's monetized vlog!!

No. 435253

She looks devastated at being admitted to hospital. Poor sad Aubrey,

No. 435258


Too sick even to vlog……oh.

No. 435280


Of course Aubrey goes to the brand new, super high tech hospital here in town, taking up a bed an actual sick person needs. Apparently they're not any better at spotting munchies though! That grin makes me want to slap her. It's super easy to have #positivity all the time when you're not actually sick or in pain. Are we meant to be inspired? These cows say they're warriors and raising awareness…by doing what? Representing that chronically ill people cheese it up at the ER with a bunch of selfies and online pep talks to the masses from your hospital bed? All you've done is make it less likely for the next person to be treated without suspicion. A person who is actually sick from the illnesses you claim to have. Thanks for that.

No. 435282


Oh I really hope they notice her taking cheery selfies and treat her with high suspicion.

All I have tonight is shoulder pain but it's enough for me to be utterly bloody miserable. I'm not giving a thumbs up if you paid me.

No. 435285

That’s not someone who’s in pain or sick. What a fucking joke. Also, when she doesn’t pose like an ana chan, it’s obvious she’s at a healthy weight, contrary to what she claims, and definitely not possible if she was truly only tube fed with the rate her pump is always show at (I believe the maximum she could get per day was around 800 calories).

No. 435286

I’m sure she plays the miserable sick patient whenever medical staff are around, and is too attention-hungry to realize her vlogging and IGing makes it obvious she’s not not sick.

No. 435287


Definitely not good at being subtle about it - there have been multiple times where she straight out posts asking what people's symptoms are, how they started. It has happened several times in her IG stories but there are even a few straight IG posts of her asking.
I think its partially due to laziness but also partially her being a smart munchie (or at least maybe learning from experience). If you show up at a doctor and start listing the first 4 symptoms that show up on a google search (and do it multiple times for multiple illnesses) it is going to look more suspicious. She seems to try to find out how the illness may start and progress so that she can slowly start introducing those symptoms to her doctors

I am both surprised and not surprised by the lack of posts following her port placement. She is either trying to lay low because more and more people are catching on to the fact that she is making stuff up. Or she accomplished her goal of achieving a port and now is bored of it and must figure out her next move. (She seems to get very excited by new toys/possibility of new toys but then gets bored of them very quickly - all her mobility devices and braces only make a few appearances and then disappear).
She never posted anything about her custom wheelchair evaluation. She clearly doesn't need a wheelchair - much less a custom one - so I doubt insurance would cover it and that price tag may be too big for her parents to pay for it (seeing as they thought she was crazy for getting the original one in the first place)

No. 435289


Maybe she's actually recovering, because whether she needs it or not, the port is still a surgery and it takes a while for your body to readjust. Or, more likely, she THINKS she should be recovering.

No. 435296


Now she has upped it to 2 neighbors! So sad that she feels the need to adjust her life story in response from a website that does nothing but criticize her.

Has she actually said that she has to leave her current housing or is it more that she is just saying that she is planning on moving. Based on her response that she is "still searching but trying to get stuff done early", I suspect that she is still pretending that her and her boyfriend are going to get a place together. I highly doubt that will ever happen - the only reason she started claiming it was because the health of that "relationship" was questioned on here (because if you have apparently been together for 14 years but you barely see each other, live close by but not with each other - and aren't a religious pair that believes in no sex/living together before marriage, and don't help each other out - its probably not a good relationship).
Her claims about the housing are very strange indeed - I am in a different state but go into a lot of section 8 housing/government homes and have never encountered those rules. There are typically conduct rules that can get you kicked out of the housing but not curfews and I haven't seen limitations on guests visiting as long as they adhere to the conduct rules - aka don't deal drugs or destroy the place). She seems to have a "rare" unit in her building (a double unit combined into one) so it seems silly of her to risk losing it. Even if she loses disability she probably still qualifies for government assistance based on her lack of income.
The neighbors she visits are probably some sort of elderly couple who take pity on her but can't "help" her because they old and have their own health problems. She used to give a play-by-play of her day in her videos and never mentioned visiting neighbors.

Criticized for not having a hobby - stress that she is reading
Criticized for her unhealthy relationship - claim they are moving in together
Criticized for not socializing with anyone except her parents and aunt - claim that she visits the neighbors daily

No. 435308


You may have a point about her thinking she should be recovering.
It seems very likely that she reads this thread. More and more people are commenting on her inconsistencies. If she reads here enough she would realize that it raises suspicion when people post a ton/do things when they are supposed to be recovering or are supposedly in pain.

I wish that when she asked other people about symptoms/disease progression that someone would start to throw out some really random symptoms and see how long it takes for her to adopt them

No. 435310


So we can assume that Aubrey doesn't read here kek

No. 435357

I don’t think she reads at all. Her main pastime is being a munchie, and at this point I doubt she has the time or mental capacity for anything else.

No. 435366

File: 1512095365664.png (316.49 KB, 540x960, court1.png)

Okay so there's a huge munchie growing on insta. Today she posted two answers from her sarahah account (anonymous questions) that make it seem as if her "pots" is caused by an eating disorder. You just know that next she's going to be saying she has GP.

Picture confirms that she has not eaten for days at a time which makes her dizzy and ligthheaded.

No. 435367

File: 1512095440100.png (418.92 KB, 540x960, court2.png)

(part 2) Then in the next one she says that those same symptoms are what tipped her off to POTS.

No. 435385

File: 1512098643367.jpg (774.45 KB, 1079x2127, Screenshot_20171130-211211.jpg)


The question she replied to was "have you found a new place?"

This just confuses it more..she talks about not having much money, and the boyfriend obviously doesnt get paid much either given he couldn't pay the car note that she had to pawn her rings he gave her and borrow from her father to keep it from being taken..shes section 8 and I think her weird rules are because she is lying about her relationship all together. But yea it makes no sense to give her housing up..specially if it's a nicer place than the others and low rent (or is it free?)
Even if the rule is real about visitors that guy could easily live with her there. And then he has more money because he has cheaper split rent with Dani in housing.
The boyfriend has a place….why would she not move in? She has said he lives alone. It just doesn't add up why she is looking for a new place in her situation.. which is why I really think she's loosing it. That or last minute something will happen and she will not move and stay there another year. It just feels like this is another freak out about trying to manipulate the government like she does every year.
She meets with her case manager a lot! Or it seems like….i find that strange too..if she were as sick as she says she would be getting better response from Medicaid as this case worker knows her situation very very well..its weird.

No. 435401

I hope she gets kicked out. She could be working but nope. who needs to be an adult when you can pretend your sooper severe gastroperisis prevents you from doing anything

No. 435406


Most likely making up rules to try to explain why her "relationship" seems so strange. A group home or halfway house might not allow visitors and have a curfew. However, I have never heard of section 8 type housing having a curfew. If the boyfriend were to move into her apartment they would have to let the government know he was moving in and his income (and depending on his income it could change their voucher amount or make them no longer eligible). And being a homebody who doesn't get out much - I doubt she is doing anything that would annoy the neighbors/landlord enough to report her even if he did move in.
I don't think the "boyfriend" has any intention of moving in with her. If anything he may have agreed to look for a place but will probably find reason after reason to not do it. Since neither seems to have much money (she claims he gets final say on the house since he will be paying for most of it - which basically means he can put it off indefinitely). She is either just claiming to be looking for a place to try to stop the rumors on this thread (since we know she reads it) or this boyfriend does exist and he is just stringing her along.
It sounds like she was originally put on disability for her eating disorder. I suspect it is the mental health issues and not the super severe GP that has kept her on disability this long (although she said that even her therapist thinks she needs to come off disability). I don't follow her most recent account but didn't notice her talking about a case worker a ton. It could be because there is someone checking in with her regarding her mental health. Case workers usually have crazy caseloads so trying to help her with her exaggerated medical problems is probably not a priority.
I doubt she will be kicked out of her housing. As annoying as she can be (in terms of being a cow) she probably isn't a terrible tenant - her rent gets paid (she has said her father has promised her she will always have a roof over her head and food in her fridge so even if she can't pay someone will). Her apartment certainly isn't clean and she may punch the occasional wall (but probably not hard enough to break the wall) but in general she probably isn't doing much damage or creating a lot of noise.
In her financial situation, it makes no sense for her to move out - unless she were to move in with the "boyfriend" at his current place (and for her sake I hope not - if that relationship is real it is 100% not a healthy one).

No. 435425

You can, and I know this is shocking, even work with severe GP! If you were just expected to sit at home all the time, tube feeding pumps wouldn’t come with a backpack. But let’s be honest, she’s not exactly starving to death.

No. 435481

Oh but she is starving! It's why she's trying so hard to manipulate her Drs into getting those cool tubies for whoobie pads and buy a ton of crop tops to "challenge her ED"
And she's in a research study she must be very sick or she wouldn't need to be in the study! (I think she feels this way about the study..that she's a special enough case for research and only really sick people and/or really rare diseases can do.. which is not how it works but the way she stresses the study really makes me think that is what she thinks about it)

No. 435490

And lets be honest, she will have a

wheelchair before long..not by dr order, but I'm sure she will eventually just buy one online or a used one and claim it's from an order due to her severe GP, all her bad dizziness and fainting and 247 feeds(because she's starving to death and can't tolerate night feeds despite physically being able to do so) so she doesn't need that backpack anyway because what is the point of doing tube feeds( you've fought so hard for years to get) if it's hidden in a backpack when in public? That's the whole reason she needs tube feed.
God I really hope temple resists this tube crap and strings her along to prevent additional manipulating and dr shopping..thankfully temple knows their shit and it's pretty hard to munch compared to other GIs..they work with a lot of ED patients there..tubes are invasive and temple knows her history so that keeps me hopeful because the poor girl will end up severely damaging herself if not killing herself with a tube.

Speaking of her living arrangements if she were having all the symptoms she says she wouldn't be living alone..or driving or walking places.

No. 435586


oh good, another "vaccine injured" one.

No. 435687

File: 1512142585832.png (711.22 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1806.PNG)

I can't help but notice that lots of MyBlondeVoyage's posts while she's been "in hospital" (aka at the alternative medicine clinic) have involved going out with friends in London, modelling on shoots etc. She must be cured!

No. 435705

File: 1512143817529.png (2.08 MB, 1754x1086, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.5…)

Oh shit fam…She has a super rare tumor. Can't say I saw it coming, but I bet her munchie self is shocked beyond belief now that she's actually (if she's telling the truth) sick.

No. 435706

Maybe she is telling the truth- first time she's actually looked distressed as opposed to beaming maniacally in a hospital gown. Aubrey is about to find out being sick isn't actually all that fun.

No. 435708


Cancer!? Oh wow, she actually looks unhappy to be sick.

So that's Lyme, GP….and cancer. I'm guessing the stuff she's exaggerated will fade into the background now. What's the type of tumor?

No. 435710

It's a Neuroendocrine Tumor, which can be benign, Pancreatic Cancer.

And I agree, she did look quite distressed and not all that happy…But hey! If they're gonna do chemo she already has a nice port for them to use.

Treatment depend on the kind of PNET it is.

No. 435712


So the thing they removed from her pancreas then?

If she has pancreatic cancer, that's a fucking awful blow for her. It's very rare in under-50s.

No. 435722

Honestly serves her right. She wanted to be sick, now she is! I hope the rest of the munchies get what they wanted too.

No. 435724


But they want to be sick but in control. Calorie controlling through their tubes. Carefully curated illnesses, arranged perfectly for their vlogs and Instagrams.

Cancer won't play nice with that.

No. 435737

She says it's a neuroendocrine tumor, which it seems like is pretty rare and distinct from the more common type of pancreatic cancer. In an earlier post she mentioned her brother also had a pancreatic mass, so I wonder if there is a hereditary component. But yeah- did not see this coming. It will be interesting to follow her over the next few months.

No. 435738

File: 1512148324908.jpg (901.61 KB, 1080x2559, Screenshot_20171201-110351.jpg)

Whoops, meant to attach the screenshot of her insta post.

No. 435756

If it's true, that's awful, of course. But I'm not sure we can take her story at face value. I'm not a doctor and don't know anything about this type of tumors, but is it possible she has a benign tumor and is just telling us it is cancer? Or - maybe - just is straight up lying?

I don't know - of course munchies can get genuinely sick. On the other hand, lying about cancer is pretty common among patients with factitious disorder and seems to be even more common in MBI.

No. 435757

I'm thinking the same. Normally they can't know if it's cancer before the tumour is removed, from what i know?

No. 435760


Since it was (if I've read this right) a mass incidentally found during the surgery to remove another (benign) mass, perhaps they took a biopsy?

That's me being very generous.

No. 435766


Yeah, I'm wondering about this, too. Especially with a sibling with a pancreatic mass– shades of Ruby Shallom are starting to creep in here. Some of the worst munchies have used cancer as a fake illness.

I'm going to say that I'm remaining skeptical until she posts some kind of legit documentation, or she shows overt signs of suffering from cancer. If it's benign, she should be fine– benign masses suck, but they don't have the systemic affect that malignant masses do.

But otherwise, I'm going for her letting people believe she actually has cancer, when she has some kind of benign mass that has the possibility of becoming cancer waaay down the line. Sounds more her speed.

No. 435770

File: 1512153424033.png (72.08 KB, 501x283, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 18.3…)

presented with "kek"

No. 435776

File: 1512154136118.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x3181, Screenshot_20171201-124733.jpg)

They did do a biopsy originally.

No. 435810

I hope she realizes how truly screwed she would be if she's found to be faking cancer.

No. 435817


I hope she’s not faking but equally, I don’t think she deserves cancer.

No. 435834

I am suspicious as well. What are the chances of someone who desperately wants to be sick actually getting an illness? We already know she’s lying about being able to eat, and let’s be honest, chronic Lyme isn’t even a substantiated illness, let alone one that can cause pots and GP (way to go, Kate’s farms, enabling malingerers one munchie at a time). Sure, she looks upset in the video, but in her IG post she looks pretty damn excited for someone who has cancer. And nowadays a good percentage of cancer is treated outpatient, they prefer to have people in the hospital as little as possible because of the risk of them catching something. Also, if you found out you had cancer, would your first reaction be to YouTube and IG it? Cancer is a munchie’s wet dream, but they’re only looking at it from the perspective of all the attention the patients get. Who knows if this is just another ploy for attention. I won’t believe it until I see some sort of proof.

No. 435839

They told her it was cancer, but after they called to say it was benign, and after she was back at the hospital. That sounds fishy to me, labs are super careful about not screwing up that kind of a thing, and it sounds like she went back to the hospital on her own accord for whatever reason, and they just happened to tell her. Also, we saw her gowned up for a procedure, but did anyone actually see evidence of them going into her pancreas? (Bandages, bruises, anything?). How do we know she’s not in the ER for another random complaint, and that she actually had a biopsy done? Munchies have lied about having cancer before, she wouldn’t be the first. And we know she lies; she lied enough to get herself a port and a feeding tube.

No. 435847

File: 1512159309041.png (825.63 KB, 640x1136, 14D8640B-4E4F-46D2-AF81-448E94…)

Call me crazy, but this doesn't look like someone who’s upset about being diagnosed with cancer (although she jumped on that tag right away). She looks positively thrilled, which I’m sure is helped by the nearly 200 comments about how everyone loves her and how brave she is and asking how they can help, etc.. (Not to mention that she’s drinking carbonated water, which would make anyone who actually had GP or mals pretty sick).

No. 435850

File: 1512159433173.png (145.28 KB, 640x1136, 55149963-4FC0-4707-B7B3-8A3C3F…)

Of course she’d love that, being the center of attention

No. 435853

“High profile” kek. The munchie dream.

No. 435854

Fuck, who starts IG taggin #cancer straight after a diagnosis?! Munchies, that’s who.

Anyone watch her vlog? Did she explain more about her cancer?

No. 435867

If she truly does have the tumor and cancer then it would be true

No. 435872

Yeah, I'm reading it as a sceptic who chooses their words carefully.

No. 435877


Looks like she's angling for La Croix to send her a bunch of product.

No. 435879

If they haven't already

No. 435882


I'm confused about her story because one hospital is in Houston, and one in Austin with a good 3.5 hrs drive in between. So the first thumbs up pic is tagged at Seton, in Austin. The next is tagged Baylor, which is in Houston. Then the La Croix post is tagged at Seton again. So, I'm not following as far as her returning to the hospital to hear she has cancer. She didn't go back to Houston apparently. Is she using pics from previous admissions/procedures?

No. 435884

I was wondering that as well. It’s like she’s got a lot of ER/hospital selfies saved, and she’s using them now. I wonder if she’s even in the hospital, her whole story doesn’t seem to add up

No. 435921

The screenshots are posted out of order. The Houston one is from Novemeber 23 when they found the mass during another procedure. The Dell ones are from today. I don't trust Aubrey, but there are no obvious holes in the story (so far). Except maybe the false alarm where they called and told her it was benign. Seems like something you could sue the shit out of someone for.

No. 435927


They don't mess around with the pancreas..pancreatic cancer has one of the highest deaths..so any type of and normal tissue would be biopsied anyway.

So if she was or she's Baylor in Houston she will not get away with faking these motility issues at all..the motility Drs at Baylor are the big guys in Houston. I've had encounters with a couple of people faking GP and dr Shari dies not tolerate that shit at all.
Maybe that's why she hasn't been back? Or if she is still going to Baylor maybe that's where this cancer scare stimmed from?

No. 435936

Yeah, I just checked her IG to try and sort it out. I do notice that she sure makes the rounds to a lot of different hospitals that are not close together at all. She posts a lot from South Austin, but her iron transfusion is tagged in way North Austin/Round Rock. And then the procedure in Houston. I guess she could be going where specific docs are?

No. 435950


Well yeah cancer is a munchie's wet dream, but the pancreatic cancer survival rate is incredibly low. Munchies want dramatic sounding but ultimately non-fatal (in reality) illnesses.

No. 435954

It could be a low grade, localised slow growing tumour especially as it was found by chance.

No. 435961


According to my last 5 minutes of research, cancerous neuroendocrine tumors are fast growing, benign are more slow.

No. 435965

File: 1512169905743.png (2.48 MB, 2048x1536, AED0CE89-65B1-4475-A854-A1CC8E…)

This girl cannot be for real.

No. 435966

File: 1512169978139.png (2.82 MB, 2048x1536, 1BEE3CDC-670D-4165-A678-B275B0…)

Her reply

No. 435970

Apparently one of the worst set of lungs he’s ever seen in a young adult. Top kek.

No. 435982

Shameless lying. She's an embarrassment and I hope she never gets a view from someone with real lung problems. Disgusting bitch, if she could live one day with cystic fibrosis…

No. 435984

Can’t figue out of she’s srupid and genuinely believes it, delusional or a liar.

No. 435992


And she's safe to drive? What does she claim to have??

No. 436088


Christ alive. Her vlogs are such melodramatic bullshit. She's really reveling in being able to sob over what she's calling "terminal illnesses", like her gastropareisis. It sounds like the local offices around her have more or less turned her away, most likely because she's perfectly fine but shopping for diagnoses.

I feel like she doesn't have a grasp on the actual severity of her conditions. Even if she does have GP or some lung disease, they aren't "terminal", any more than any chronic condition is "terminal". Just because it can cause your death doesn't make it a terminal condition.

She just loves milking this frail, brave young woman wading through some unfair circumstances.

Get a life. Get a job. Finish school. Stop saying stupid shit like, "She didn't gain no weight." shudder

No. 436114

Here's a timeline of the Aubrey cancer issue. I've been watching her videos for awhile.

Her history is very weird, and I now have a question. Mmedfag help me out, at the end please, with my question.

She had epilepsy before college, and then developed lyme disease during college from leading camping trips for first-year students coming to college. She has been fighting lyme for awhile, although I don't quite understand the length of time for that. She also has a POTS diagnosis, GP, and???

Her Austin GI sent her to Houston for the celiac plexus block. That doc found "a mass" on her pancreas and took a biopsy.

The celiac plexus block was outpatient, so when she got back to Austin (where she lives), she started experiencing pain and went to the ER where she was admitted for pancreatitis.

She was then discharged after a few days, went home, pain continued, and she was instructed to come back to the hospital if she still had pain after three days. On Day 3, she got the call that her mass was benign. On Day 4, she still had pain so she decided to go back to the hospital and was getting her bag together when the doctor from Houston called back to say that her mass was indeed a tumor. he did not use the word cancer.

She now has a dilemma. The GI, that she loves, does not have practice access at the hospital that she likes. So why doesn't she like her GI's hospital?

Well, that's a bit murky, but I think it's because when she wanted her feeding tube placed, she went to that hospital and the GI surgeon refused to put the tube in and made her cry. So they ended up at the hospital that she likes and that's the one she goes to now, but her GI doesn't have rights there. They were "nice" and put the tube in.

So, when she went back to the nice hospital's ER because of the pancreatic pain, she told them about the mass/diagnosis, and they got her records from Houston, connected her with the cancer team in Austin, and one of those doctors told her she had cancer and admitted her to the cancer floor.

That's how she found out the tumor was cancer.

The feeding tube story is sort of interesting, too, because when she first went to get an NG tube, the GI at the hospital wouldn't place it without liver tests, upper GI scope, etc. They placed the NG tube and then realized the hospital didn't have the formula she could have while on whatever diet she follows for Lyme, so she went home with a tube and no feeds.

The pancreatic cancer team told her she will need additional tests to make sure she doesn't have additional tumors because this tumor can grow on other organs.

So, medfags, is it possible that she has other tumors (or even just this on) that have caused all her symptoms (from lyme symptoms to GP symptoms) for this long? Her celiac plexus block seems to be working so that makes me wonder, too, if she has things wrong, but not lyme and not GP?

Pancreatic cancer isn't usual in her age, so the docs would not have even considered it when she showed up as a 20/22-year old complaining about symptoms.

No. 436115

Amy tries to say her lung issues are similar to Mary Frey's but that she doesn't have CF. Doctors tell her they can't do anything for her so she takes that to mean, "There are no treatments, so it must be terminal."

No. 436122

File: 1512191068539.png (753.82 KB, 750x1334, B4BA6FC3-E17B-42BB-9740-889037…)

This munchie again, saying the vaccine caused her autoimmune disease (EDS) it’s not an Autoimmune disorder?

No. 436136

This is what happens when funding for science education is cut…. But seriously, she obviously doesn’t have eds, because if she did, she would know it’s genetic and impossible to get from a vaccine or anywhere other the genes you’re born with.

No. 436141

Is there any evidence she actually has cancer other than her saying she does? It’s just very coincidental that a munchie would actually get a serious illness, and considering Aubrey’s past behavior, she’s not exactly truthful about things. How do we know she’s not admitted for electrolyte imbalances due to an eating disorder? (Since she’s “feeding tube dependent “, but runs very little through her tube)

No. 436150

From Houston's side of that it's believable..those GIs are not the most pleasant people unless they are very interested in your condition..Baylor is the big place in Houston got Motility now and they do not give tubes out like candy. They are very big on the pacer and domperidone treatment and of course research and all that. So if she was in their radar with questionable GP chances are she did not enjoy those Drs. They are great Drs for people who they feel aren't wasting their time and know their shit very well. I wish theyvwould send eveeyone with questionable motility issues to them first to weed out the munchies and others..Austin is much smaller and doesn't have a big motility facility with Houston being so close…which is likely why she was sent to Baylor in Houston for better testing, second opinions and more options.
What isn't making sense to me is this block is basically 2 shots into nerves near the spine..they put one in each side and use xray or fluro to make sure they are in proper place, pain med is administered and needles come out and bandage goes on.
It is near the pancreas and they use this block for a lot of cancer pain..
Now I'm wondering how her amazing Dr decided to check around her other organs during this block (not a surgery)
If they used a fluro then it's likely when they injected dye to test placement it was obstructed by this tumour..but for them to biopsy it they'd have to remove the needle, insert the larp one to make a puncture for a biopsy needle to get it which is not a big deal but it would not be possible to look at her organs without putting her under general and setting up for an exploratory larp or a make shift one some how..they usually just give mild sedative or conscious sedation for these blocks.
Am I missing something or misinformed about something here? It doesn't make sense

No. 436152

Has anyone drawn a parallel between these cunts, non munchies like Tania Head/Rachel Dolezal who are mainstream pretenders, malingerers like Belle Gibson (actually, I think she's a mainstream munchie/MBIer who struck cancer gold, not someone looking to turn a quick buck) and the mommy bloggers like Lacey Spears who murdered her kid by killing it with salt? There's a mother on the gold coast who was buying chemo drugs on the interwebz to make her kid sick for asspats. Kids on leather chesterfields and inspiration porn oozing out of every pore.

All of them share the same behaviour. It would be good to know if anyone has drawn this parallel already.

Also, I wonder what would happen if one of them DID get a terminal disease or condition if they would panic and be freaked out or just embrace it until they die. I suspect the former.

No. 436163

File: 1512198683984.jpeg (216.6 KB, 750x1136, 04AFDF9C-F2B2-4F0A-8FBC-B5D0B5…)

Little miss Von Willebrand.. yet no bruising around the port site. Miraculous really

No. 436195


From what I see, her favourite hospital is Dell Seton at The University of Texas. It's brand new and high tech. But she was way north getting her iron infusion at North Austin Hospital, so I assume that's where her doc is. That's a different hospital system than Seton. That may be why her doc has no privileges at Seton.

No. 436200


Arise from delusions and fakery?

No. 436226

Belle's apparently been telling big lies since back in her school days, not always medical in nature. For her it was both - the attention the lies brought her but she definitely was into the money. The Apple Watch deal was potentially huge. She collected money that she never donated, etc. So I wouldn't count her directly in the medical basket. More: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-28/disgraced-wellness-blogger-belle-gibson-fined/8995500

No. 436229

I think she was out for the celiac plexus block.

And she said the doctor told her he decided to look around while he was in there…She describes his process fairly clearly in the celiac plexus video. I'm sure he was curious about the feeding tube and port and all the things and asking the bigger question, "WTF???" if only to himself.

I could see him (and I don't know anything about the medical side of any of this), but I could see him noting potential pancreatic pain when he did a physical exam, along with the all-encompassing question asked by knowledgeable docs, "WTF???" and deciding to look while in there, if only to show a med student something.

I am still very on the fence about Aubrey…She's is OTT, but she tries to live. She dropped out of grad school but she is going to classes to learn to code and she works part-time. She's OTT for sure (just look at the thumbnail of her intro video) but when she looks pleased at getting admitted, I always get the sense it's because someone finally believed her symptoms for a change.

Now…having said that, I don't for a minute think she was in 10/10 pain as she reports when she went in for pancreatic pain. But I do believe she was hurting and I do believe something is wrong with her. I'm wondering if she watched Jaquie and others and confirmed for herself via Dr. Google that she has lyme and found a doctor that supported that theory, when in fact she has something else entirely that has gone undiagnosed, the edge of which was uncovered by the Houston doctor who did the celiac plexus block? Now, the team in Austin will figure out the rest.

No. 436231

I watched her "I have cancer"-vlog. It's weird to watch and I really don't know what to think. But if she is telling us the truth and she really has cancer, her reaction to that news is imo really unhealthy. She is endlessly summing up the positives of this news and not showing any actual distress over it.

At 7.50 she tells us she is being admitted to the cancer ward and the doctor just told her she has pancreatic cancer. Without any change in her voice of demeanor she says "That was really hard to hear him say that. So.. I have cancer. That's a lot to digest. But.. I have already fought so hard, and I know I have the strenght to get through anything that is thrown at me. I have a lot to be thankful for, and if the next thing I have to do is beat cancer, then that's what I am going to do."

And how does she end her vlog, the vlog of the day she hear she has cancer? She rounds her video up by basically saying "There are a lot of positives in today.. I am a fighter, I know I can get through this, etc., etc."

It's weird. I know we all seem to be a bit more careful than with other issues, probably because it's about cancer. I mean, accusing someone of faking cancer when you're not really sure is pretty horrible. But that's also true when it is about other disorders or illnesses. We all know Aubrey has either factitious disorder or a somatoform disorder combined with an eating disorder (and when a patient only lies about things surrounding food and eating I think most clinicians would be a bit hesitant of adding a diagnosis of factitious disorder). But personally, I don't feel I 'know' her well enough to be able to tell if she would actually go as far as fake cancer. And if she does, her husband must be in on it, too as he was with her during at least a part of her vlog. To me, is different from exaggerating and/or lying about symptoms to get certain treatment(s).

But there are several odd things to her story. -First of all, like another anon pointed out, how did they find a tumor by accident during a plexus block?
-How can they make a mistake like that? (She was first told it was benign)
-She is admitted for her pancreatitis, but is admitted to the cancer floor. Is that a commom thing? She also immediately speaks to the surgical oncologist and they already seem to have a treatment plan.
-Her flat affect and her frequent use of the word 'cancer' without any show of emotion. She showed a lot more emotions when she was in hospital and they wouldn't give her a tube, to name an example. But in this vlog: no emotions, not from her and not from her husband.
-It's a neuroendocrine tumor that as I understand it can grow on different kinds of organs, but one doctor also told her she has pancreatic cancer. My understanding of cancer is that you only would call it pancreatic cancer if the tumorcells were pancreatic in origin, right? Then would a neuroendocrine tumor on the pancreas even be refered to as pancreatic cancer?

On the other hand: her cancer vlog is viewed about twice as her most popular vlogs so far.

No. 436243



No. 436263

She looks genuinely pleased/happy with the while situation.
And absolutely feeling those pain meds..so if they admitted her for pancreatitis it is a painful condition but it is not cancer.
But since her brother had this it's very possible she actually goes have a tumor they need to remove..pancreatic cancer is terrible and has a low survival rate so for anyone who's dr somehow saw any abnormal anything on the pancreas they are going to do biopsies and remove it cancerous or not.(there's always exceptions of course)
It doesn't make sense that he found the tumor doing a block..its two needles xray or fluro..so the only way would be if he got super lucky and injected the placement dye check right near this tumor and the tumor would have to be obstructing the dye from flowing past it.
It's possible but for the dr to have looked at other organs she would have more than just 2 needle pokes. There would be a camera and anchor, and 2 "arms" at the very least which is 3 separate incisions..maybe they told her it looked begnin but will see what the biopsy shows..that would make a bit more sense with the different claims..it annoys me because she's trying to come across like she's got a serious cancer going on when in reality she is either lying and manipulating (all the inconsistencies and hospital hopping..Austin is capable of doing that block..) or she has a tumor/mass or abnormal issue they biopsied and will just remove and send her on her way..shes repeatedly said she's lucky they caught it so early..and here brothers was removed and is fine..
if it were pancreatic cancer they'd be aggressively treating it immediately if so not loading her up on pain meds for pancreatitis..
With it being a Neuroendocrine tumor is it possible that its a growth or a blockage in her glands that produce hormones?
Has she been having any major blood sugar issues? You can have blood sugar issues and have a fine pancreas but you can't have a sick pancreas and fine blood sugar. (Again always exceptions)
its just a strange situation. I don't know what to believe. But regardless of her situation she definitely reached her munchie goal with this..everyone is talking about it..itll be interesting how it plays out.

No. 436319

I'm confused … in the video she says she has cancer but doctors don't know if it's "benign" or "malignant." Can cancer be benign? I thought it was by definition malignant?

Also I am finding it really hard to believe that someone could find out they have pancreatic (or any) cancer and almost immediately start to see the positives and smile. Even if it's somehow just because she's on pain meds, her husband wasn't on any pain meds and he apparently went to a "work event" shortly after finding out his wife had pancreatic cancer. That just does not happen.

No. 436331

A tumour can be benign, but that means it's not cancerous

No. 436332

She's my all time favourite munchie!!
Claiming she's dying because Dr. told her her POTS and GP is terminal
She also says she does not have CF but something very similar (Kek)
Says she hasn't been drinking for over a week and doctors still denies her a toob
That poor poor girl

No. 436333


Yes, but she said the doctors didn't know yet if the CANCER was benign or malignant. That's impossible, right? Cancer is always malignant? Or did I mishear?

No. 436335

Cancer can't be benign from what i known. Either a tumor is benign or it's cancerous

No. 436357

If it’s cancer, the tumor is malignant.

Benign tumors are not cancer, but sometimes they can possibly become malignant, at which point it’s cancer. But a benign tumor isn’t cancer, it’s just a tumor.

No. 436434

It’s also not possible that they wouldn’t know, as cancerous cells appear quite different from healthy cells. I’m wondering if maybe she’s got a benign tumor, but she thinks all tumors are cancer, which they’re not. A lab could diagnose her with cancer or not very quickly after getting her biopsy, there’s no way they still wouldn’t know, unless that hospital’s lab works really slow. But it makes more sense that they already know it’s benign, and she’s trying to play it off as cancer. At the end of the day, she’s still a munchie.

No. 436437

File: 1512244080829.jpeg (62.5 KB, 744x420, 4484FF71-1853-4596-84A3-046D01…)

I’m not a doctor or a pathologist, but there’s a pretty obvious difference between cancer and not cancer, and you’d think if pancreatic cancer was a possibility, they’d do the testing as soon as possible, instead of saying that they don’t know.

No. 436466

File: 1512248951334.png (574.43 KB, 640x1136, BA3913A7-7B2D-4FA1-BC2F-B54AF0…)

Whether she’s actually sick or not, she is absolutely loving all the attention. Also, what happened to her “pancreatitis” and “10/10” pain? As soon as she got a “better” diagnosis (if she was actually diagnosed with cancer or not), all that seemed to be forgotten.

No. 436486


"I'm truly at peace with with this diagnosis"
What? I can't think of any reason to be at peace with "cancer" (even faked cancer and exaggerated benign growths)
"I know everything is going to be ok"
Because you know it's simply a little mass near a duct that is being removed.
"I'm confident they will get everything out with surgery"
Because she knows it's benign and easily removed. She watched her brother have surgery to remove the growth. But hey maybe she will get "lucky" and they will do an exploratory surgery while in there and find many tumours (I get a feeling she is going to claim this even if it's a total lie)

That feels so off to be said after what she is claiming..and it's strange she didn't address the diagnosis and full plan..
"This diagnosis"
She doesn't really refer to all the other illnesses that way. She names them and goes into details with them.
Typically if you have a risky cancer treatment tends to involve a little bit more than just surgery to remove the mass..

This photo turns my stomach it's insulting

No. 436495

This is gold. Apparently her brother told her to stop complaining about she's dying when she's not

No. 436530

Her whole story is suspect, how do we know that she’s not in the hospital for another reason, and is copying her brother’s story about the tumor. Everything she’s done contradicts just about anything removed her body (that yoga pose), maybe she finally got caught lying about GP and is in there for her eating disorder. I’ve known multiple people diagnosed with cancer and they a.) never looked happy about it, let alone that ecstatic, and b.) don’t most people get a treatment plan right away? Like within a day or two? Yet she said they don’t even know if there’s cancer other places. There’s an easy test for that, a PET scan, they do them all the time and it shows cancer. I have a feeling this is turning into a Sarah Smith situation.

No. 436598


I think she's confusing "terminal" with "incurable".

No. 436603


Sarah Smith?

Because she's not mentioned chemo, treatment, just "lucky it was caught early" and boundless positivity, I am seriously doubting she's been told outright that she has pancreatic cancer. If I had to bet, I'd say that it's a benign mass that will be removed, but she's going to tell everyone it was cancerous but she doesn't need chemotherapy - either wilfully misleading people or because she's an idiot that doesn't realise benign tumors aren't cancerous.
But probably the former.

No. 436624

Sarah smith was that girl who was anorexic but a several years ago was pretending she had cystic fibrosis, she was one of the first munchies to scam people out of money doing a gofuckme and all that; she told people she had a fatal illness to get money and attention, but took it to an extreme. She ended up getting found out and now lives in obscurity in Michigan.

But Aubrey’s lack of treatment plan and test answered doesn’t fit a normal cancer diagnosis. I’m pretty sure she’s assuming or at least saying cancer, when it was either just a tumor, or she’s in the hospital for something else.

No. 436717

Holy shit this is giving me some hardcore
Vampire Munchie Kelly vibes.

No. 437041

File: 1512331158460.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, DD5A5CEE-5F37-4FA4-9336-7D5A36…)

Chronicallyp mustn’t have gotten the diagnosis she wanted. What an asshole

No. 437055

What the?? She is an adult is she actually full on slapped a doctor she would not get away with it in any UK hospital unless she was on a tonne of meds or something/ coming round from an epileptic (not PNES) seziure (in which case she wouldn't be instagramming!). What the hell is wrong with her????
Her account is private so I can only see her bio but…wtaf…

No. 437088

File: 1512335138502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.59 KB, 440x310, IMG_2113.JPG)

Seconding the anon calling bullshit on this. Lying about assaulting a doctor is almost as pathetic as actually doing it. She needs to grow up

No. 437089

Clicked spoiler image by accident, sorry

No. 437098

Seriously. It really doesn't matter how sick you are there is no way they would leave you feeling like you'd 'gotten away with it'. Even if you did this because you were incredibly ill (say severe psychiatric distress, autism etc.) they very much let you know it was wrong and the potential consequences, even if the doctor doesn't choose to have you transferred/ spoken to by the police/ press charges.
NHS staff put up with a lot of crap often from patients who are genuinely ill and don't understand their actions but they still make it clear it is unacceptable.

My autistic brother broke his arm and had to have it treated, he hit a member of staff in the process because he didn't understand. He was even more upset because he had hurt her (though not actually injured her). The hospital didn't call the police or anything but they did make it very clear it was unacceptable (obviously they did this in language etc that he could understand).

This is just disgusting behaviour from an adult with full capacity.

No. 437100

do people in the uk actually assault their doctors so much that you all need a PSA about it? wtf??

like honestly you have to be the scummiest person on earth to want to physically injure a healthcare worker.

No. 437109

And then brag about it on IG too. Absolutely disgusting for sure. But she’s a young, white, upper class woman, who else in the world is most likely to get away with that kind of shit. If it actually happened, she should have been either arrested or admitted to a psych ward in restraints. She’s an entitled brat who didn’t get her way, not how an actually ill adult who was looking for help would act. Horrific.

No. 437118

>>437100 These signs are everywhere in A&E departments. A&E is usually full of drunks especially on Fri/Sat/Sunday night or after a bank holiday so I assume that this is the main target audience for these signs.

No. 437119

Yeh…good luck getting a psych bed in the UK. It is freuqent that there is no bed in the entire country avaliable.
Which is basically why we have PSAs in the emergency department reminding people not to assault staff (that and drunk, injured people).

What happens when one government decides as many people as possible should be treated in the community and then then next govenment cuts most community care!

Which is why it is particularly bad that certain UK munchies use up actual millions of pounds on unnecessary treatments.

No. 437169

Yeah, it's a real problem over here. Mostly drug/alcohol-related though, not just random spergs.

>>437119 explains the issue pretty much spot on.

No. 437172

As the person with an autistic brother he was not "just a random sperg" he wasn't "having a tantrum" he genuinely didn't understand that he had a broken arm that needed treatment and that that treatment required him to be touched.

I get that this is lolcow but sperg is just such a derogatory term. People assaulting people in A&E don't have an excuse, even if they have asperger's, but autistic people die sooner because they DON'T get medical assistance. People like Jaquie, and other munchies that supposedly have autism aren't acting that way because they have autism, they are acting that way because they are awful people.

No. 437187

In Aubrey’s vlog (December 3rd) she says they’ll operate on the tumor by Christmas. Isn’t pancreatic cancer aggressive and fast growing? Would they leave it that long?

No. 437190

File: 1512341153493.png (2.53 MB, 2048x1536, 6371E758-025C-4F1A-9F70-7DF848…)

Sucking in to show off her “tubie” pad.

No. 437192

Calm down anon, I actually didn't make the connection between 'sperg' and 'Aspergers', just have seen it used on this site a lot. I literally just meant any random person who attacks staff, for any reason. I have an autistic stepbrother, I'm aware of the challenges they face in life. /s

No. 437199

No. 437206<