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File: 1514957678747.jpg (255.25 KB, 545x715, 1514782455391.jpg)

No. 460352

20 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber and her 31 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread: >>450408

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 30+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

- Claimed she was facing eviction because the big bad internet bullies called her apartment about her 30+ animals, but don't worry! Now everything is totally okay because the apartment complex is totally on her side.
- Claimed she was visited by Animal Care Services when the office was closed on Christmas day, but don't worry! They know Taylor is doing a super job so they don't even bother checking up on her.
- Jonny's ex-girlfriend's mom was going to address her relationship with Jonny and the heartbreak it has caused her, but that has yet to surface.
- Taylor funded new teeth for Jonny because he was missing several, which is likely cost her thousands.
- MORE designer animals! Bought rare morph Clownfish and dumped them in her already overstuffed 150 gallon tank.

No. 460386

Her love of animals seems fake to me. It's all a ploy for attention. They just seem like props to her. All the exotic animal people I know follow tons of animal pages on instagram, youtube etc. I checked her instagram and she barely follows any animal accounts. And she follows two terrible people in the hobby, Brian barczyk and LLL Reptile…
Guess she can't stand to give attention to anyone but herself.

No. 460387

you gonna be the first post on this thread and not even sage your speculation? smh

No. 460388

My apologies

No. 460389

You know it’s very sad… I know what it’s like to be a lonely person desperately trying to fill the emptiness with other people, or in her case animals. And now that she has Jonny, she’ll only see him through rose colored glasses because he is her life now. I was like that with my first love and let myself be mistreated because I didn’t want to be alone. I really feel for her, I really hope she doesn’t end up like Jonny’s exes.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 460405

oh my gooood learn to sage. next time a new thread is created can a reminder to sage please be put in the OP my god.

No. 460412

get real, anon. newfags don’t even read the OP, they literally just post without any second thoughts. keep reporting offending posts and it’ll eventually get taken care of.

No. 460417

What I don't get is why it's even set up so that comments auto bump threads unless people make an extra effort to ensure they don't. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Like, "type 'bump' in the e-mail field if you have new milk. Otherwise, your comment will be auto-saged." Or is there a specific reason for it to be the way it is? Seems like so much extra work for mods.

No. 460421

Hey Tay, us again! We’re on lucky number 3 here and goin strong. It’s up to you tho, get your shit together and we slowly go away (probably not) or we can keep going!

No. 460424

2 hours into the new thread and you guys are already derailing. Stay on topic.

No. 460432

I can't believe how much time she spends on social media, it seems like it would get boring so fast. Guess most of her time is spent deleting comments and blocking people though

No. 460455

Don’t forget that she loves to post shit and then delete it as soon as anyone says anything negative.
Also look at her trying to divert attention to the Logan Paul situation
You’re not fooling anyone Taylor, you’re still a shitty person

No. 460456

I also want to point out something that I recently remembered
She constantly says she was too sick or whatever to go to school
I had crippiling anxiety and depression, because of this I missed a lot of school and even took a year off. But I was able to get something called a 504 (iirc)
It pretty much means you can go to school when you’re feeling okay and stay home when you aren’t. Obviously a doctor has to approve it and everything but it’s super easy to get if you’ve been diagnosed with depression.
Why did she never try this? Oh yeah, it’s cause she didn’t actually have what she said

(Sorry if I’m remembering the rule of the 504 incorrectly, it’s been about six years lmao)

No. 460459

she had doctors approve her for a different program, basically bedside learning, because of her illnesses. her claimed illnesses arent just mental though they are physical as well (EDS), which is probably why she didnt follow the same route as you.

No. 460553

I wonder how people that follow her for her animals feel about all the drama that's been going down.
I'm not talking straight up Taylor stans here. I think she makes it seem on her YouTube that she is fairly educated to an audience that doesn't own all these exotic animals so it takes a while to notice.

No. 460559


as someone who doesn't stan her but does like animals a bunch, i started watching her videos for the animals in them. something always put me off from her content, though, maybe because she kept her intros super long and all about herself. but after i saw her take in the two kittens without any prior knowledge to owning cats or even researching on how to care for them (manhandling them loads in the video and all that stuff) just crossed the line for me and i stopped watching her stuff. she seemed way better in her previous older videos instead of the recent ones.

No. 460590


She goes in between “I know nothing about cars let me cry about it online and ask my audience questions when I’m supposed to be the animal expert here” to “I know everything about kittens because I worked at Petco two years even though general employees aren’t allowed to handle kittens”

No. 460650


yeah, i never had the thought that she was an 'animal expert' given she keeps touching her animals when they clearly don't want to be handled (especially with the kittens). it takes a while to realize the truth is that her job isn't taking care of animals, it's exploiting these exotic animals for youtube.

No. 460696


Anon, you put nothing in the name field, put "sage" (without the quotes) in the email field, leave the subject field empty.

Do this whenever you are not contributing new screenshots or information. People will be nicer to you. Thanks and welcome. ~

No. 460785

I didn’t stan her but I did follow her, although only on youtube. At first I really thought she was a cool girl. I thought she knew at least what she was doing because she presented herself as someone who did research and knew what she was talking about. But then again when you don’t know shit about exotic pets, it can look like she’s an expert.

But then I started to see how she handled the criticism against being with Jonny and her posting shit to then delete it half an hour later after seeing her stans do the dirty work for her and then claim she was drama free for real this time, only to delete it again and repeat the cycle.

I guess it makes sense if you only follow her on youtube to feel like she’s being treated unfairly, but once you see her twitter you realize she’s actually a pretty shit person who uses others to get what she wants, all while pretending she’s all about the positive attitude and good feelings and fun uwu, which i think might be hard for some fans to notice because they’re either around her age or younger.

No. 460852

File: 1515016487706.png (338.91 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-03-15-54-18…)

No. 460884

Can I just say that I find it really annoying how self-righteous animal Youtubers like Taylor and Tyler are taking the whole Logan Paul thing?

I get it, faking a service dog is shitty, it's quickly becoming a huge issue because 100's of people are doing it now and there are legitimate practice out there scamming people into buying "certificates" (which looks like Logan fell for.) But rather than using it as a way to educate people about Service Dogs, they just use that situation to drag him. Sorry, exploiting a dead body is a bit more serious than an idiot passing an untrained Pomeranian off as a Service Dog so he can take it on a plane.

I really wish Tyler Rugge would get into some sort of drama because I need an excuse to talk about what an idiot he actually is without derailing the thread, like him thinking that Service Dogs ACTUALLY get some sort of paper certificate that comes with completing their training.

He did collab with Taylor though, so maybe I'll watch those and see what those two get up to together.

No. 460962

I would adore a thread to shit talk Tyler. My hatred for him is so so strong.

Sage for ot

No. 461004

File: 1515026849241.png (688.61 KB, 1242x2208, DB40E63F-E416-49FE-B5D0-33B971…)

No. 461009

she's obviously joking before everyone goes off on this, but fr why would she say shit after screenshots of her sayimg super ignorant stuff about bisexual people have been floating around already. like shut the fuck up taylor it's not your place.

No. 461011

File: 1515026988523.png (296.33 KB, 1204x936, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 4.49…)

No. 461016

ehh, as punch worthy as i find the whole "bi gurls dont real they just wanna make guys horny" argument, to her defense she said that when she was considerably younger… Opinions change, I just hope she actually became less ignorant on the matter as oppossed to tweeting something she doesnt believe in just for likes and asspats

No. 461017

Wow an Animal Rights Advocate and LGBT Crusader, this girl does it all!

No. 461018

Idk straight people shouldnt be making biphobic or any type of jokes like that

No. 461029


Watch her try to deflect all of this by saying she's bisexual

No. 461039

I like how she retweeted a bisexual fan's approval of her stupid joke.

"Hey guys!! It's okay! I got approval from the bi community!!"

No. 461043

File: 1515028677302.png (429.61 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-03-19-16-34…)

taylor retweeted this tweet from fellow cow shoe0nhead but she deleted the retweet. i wonder why

No. 461051

File: 1515029503386.png (208.25 KB, 750x1334, 86BC463F-BD6B-417A-BD56-4499CF…)

so now she’s inferring that she’s bi. is it to impress guys, taylor?

No. 461056

W O W what a surpriiise Taylor

No. 461057

So.. You're straight Taylor. That's what you are

No. 461059

Being bi is wonderful but it’s probably not the best time to come out (or vaguely come out) after making a “joke” and getting criticized for it

No. 461064

File: 1515030138682.png (Spoiler Image,212.68 KB, 750x1334, 9DC069E4-81EA-4664-ACAB-A4DACC…)

I’m so behind on drama I didn’t realize there was a new thread already

~sage for making a newfag mistake~

No. 461065

Taylor definitely strikes me as someone who jokes about becoming a lesbian after a dude breaks their heart or calls female friends their "girlfriends"

No. 461066

Omg ugh and I accidentally clicked spoiler instead of reply. I’m sorry guys

No. 461073

File: 1515030585993.png (1.21 MB, 1242x2208, 5E87AA5D-B136-4DB2-BD40-301486…)

No. 461074

File: 1515030621833.png (85.03 KB, 492x280, Doubt.png)

Everytime Taylor talks Im just

No. 461079


"I'm sorry you were offended"

No. 461083

Does anyone have a screenshot of the tweet about the fish that jumped out of the tank where she made a suicide joke? I can't find it anywhere.

No. 461088

File: 1515031657653.png (548.32 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-03-20-06-01…)

No. 461089

File: 1515031702679.png (421.24 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-03-20-07-59…)

No. 461091

"I have never EVER invalidated someone's sexuality"
You're still saying that after that screenshot? WHy not "I was ignorant and made mistakes, but I've grown as a person and acknowledge that what I said back then was wrong"

No. 461132

That bi comment can be read in two different ways, one way looks like she is saying bisexual is a made up sexuality to impress guys but I believe she was saying that a lot of girls make up being bi just to turn guys on which they shouldn't do.

As a lesbian that takes particular notice of these things, some girls do pretend to be bi just to impress guys and it's an insult to real bisexuals, so I can't really hate Taylor for her old comment. It seemed to be "the cool thing" to do that a few years ago.

No. 461133

I get what you're saying (I'm pan), but it's the "don't make up your sexuality" That gets me. Sure she may have worded it weird, but still

No. 461142

The only people who get offended by not being able to make up sexualities are tumblrinas.

No. 461155

God as a bi person it really rustles my jimmies that she's now claiming to be bi only because she got called out for being biphobic as fuck. First you kill a baby kitten and now this? Fuck you Taylor you're trash.

And that's not even taking into account the rapist child molester heroin addict boyfriend she moved in with after like 3 days.

No. 461174

File: 1515037170873.png (559.7 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180103-213509.png)

Well…. shit…

No. 461175

File: 1515037193931.png (437.31 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180103-213900.png)

Didn't leave time

No. 461178


"I have, however, invalidated the sexualities of all people who prefer to give consent. I laugh at them daily with my rapist boyfriend. Fuckin nerds."

No. 461192

Have we already talked about how fucked Taylor is when her YouTube career ends?

She has produced child porn (her nudes in highschool). Has publicly posted a bunch of sexual pictures. Has publicly posted a ton of insensitive and rude things on social media. It's still documented even if she deletes it.

And she barely has a highschool education.

She can't even consistently post to YouTube, which requires barely any effort compared to a real job. She's fucked.

No. 461196


Naw, anon. That's just when she'll leak a sex tape. Her shit won't catch up to her until her looks start to fade, which - well actually with all the heroine, might not be far off. Something about toothless people with crazy eyes and patchy hair tends to be a turn off, I think.

No. 461198


I doubt her complete army of thirteen-year-olds will ever turn on her. If it were that easy, Jake and Logan Paul would be irrelevant by now.

Plus, her parents said they'd welcome her back with open arms, she'd probably move back in with them.

No. 461206

I'm not saying it's going to happen soon. But a YouTube career is not sustainable for a lifetime. Especially when you need to purchase animals every 6 hours to keep everyone's attention.

A younger and prettier YouTuber with animals will come along and she will be left in the dust.

No. 461218


Pretty much. Especially when you consider that pretty much every long-term popular Youtuber, 95% of them are attractive and young, because that's the most "relatable" and marketable, which goes double for women. That's why Youtubers are so easily replaced and Youtubers popular 5 years ago aren't relevant now.

The way I see it is unless you're constantly making advertisements for an actual brand, YouTube really isn't a sustainable long-term career for more than 5 years. It should really be used as an avenue to get other opportunities, not your main source of income because that's how people start running into problems (re: adpocalypse)

No. 461243

File: 1515040822865.jpeg (126.53 KB, 750x937, 9CE2B606-1670-4165-A4C7-2E4CE2…)

This was incredibly stupid to post. She’s trying to create drama. With less than 5 minutes of searching i found her parents address where THEY STILL LIVE. She straight just doxxed her own parents and brother. What a cunt.

Sage for newfag mistake bc i didn’t realize there was a new thread

No. 461262

File: 1515042223283.png (447.47 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-03-23-03-11…)

No. 461315


An almost 32 year old man holy fuck. I really would love to see how long his block list actually is. You sneeze wrong on Twitter Andy homeboy blocks you hahah

No. 461319

Says the manchild who can't go a fucking day without mentioning one of his exes.
What a joke of a man.

No. 461368

It’s always nuts to me how she preaches positive vibes in response to hate, only after responding to her “haters” and essentially linking her entire fan base to their account for them to mock and harass.

I get the whole “I can’t control what my fans do” excuse, but you have to be an idiot to not relalize you’re going to influence people to do things not matter what if you’re considered famous enough

No. 461376

File: 1515049209448.png (431.36 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-01-03-23-48-39…)

For future reference if it get deleted: Taylor's snake is on a stick being hold by Craig, then Taylor gets close to the snake with an object (I believe a book or an iPad) and the snake bit it.

What does she said? Oh yes, she doesn't handle her animals that are not supposed to hand if it isn't for a video on short periods of time.

Bitch your bf is holding the snake like is some crappy Happy Meal straw decoration while you stress the fuck out of it.

No. 461381

File: 1515049431130.png (69.86 KB, 538x344, Screenshot_2018-01-03-23-50-47…)

Positive vibes guys positive vibes~

You are so positive that you send your fans to attack anyone who doesn't agree with you on Twitter

No. 461392

File: 1515050599053.png (2.86 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-01-19-19…)

jonny's insta stories are him playing around with the snakes

No. 461394

File: 1515050648789.png (2.75 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-01-18-44…)

No. 461396

File: 1515050689149.png (3.05 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-01-18-30…)

No. 461397

File: 1515050714733.png (2.53 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-01-18-14…)

No. 461403

File: 1515050991291.png (7.34 MB, 1242x2208, E07FA5CF-2316-49E7-AB99-E18138…)

No. 461410

Even Taylor said in her videos a few times how she won't handle the frog because you are not supposed to, and then this guy sits here playing around with it.

No. 461416

File: 1515051903716.jpeg (442.2 KB, 750x1158, EF47C6EF-678F-43DC-97BD-DFC439…)

I just want to point out that Gus really isn’t as old as she says she is. Proved by timestamps.

No. 461417

File: 1515051917703.jpeg (144.69 KB, 750x812, 13E0D8E9-87B2-4D5C-809C-71AB38…)

No. 461420

File: 1515051988762.jpeg (133.04 KB, 750x676, 7A35E562-C48E-4FEA-AECE-11450E…)

Gus is technically within the average lifespan on a mouse at this point. He’s not living “super long” because she’s the “best pet mom ever!!1!” It’s because that’s how old they live with basic care.

No. 461427

Also, you can’t say you “rescued” a mouse when you purchased it. And if you didn’t purchase it it would be fulfilling a role in the food chain. If the mouse was skin and bones and living in its own feces or just neglected in general you can say you rescued it. But just because someone gave it to your petco doesn’t make it anything special except someone responsibly returning an animal they can’t take proper care of

No. 461447

Feeder mice are generally badly bred and won't live for more then a year. I say generally because I've bought 3 feeder mice as pets and all have lived longer then two years.
Sage for not contributing anything

No. 461452

File: 1515053054467.png (1.82 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0363.PNG)

Let's name my snake after a drug!!!

No. 461466

File: 1515054570349.png (460.29 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-02-28-09…)

No. 461468

File: 1515054605043.png (375.08 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-02-28-42…)

No. 461473

Damn, even when people are giving her sincere, honest, GOOD advice she's shutting them down. Why even post about it if she doesn't care what people think??

No. 461481


> i’Ll Do iT jUsT tO pIsS tHeM oFf

man, that’s a really childish way of thinking. zero concern for her future.

No. 461501

Why can’t she just stay with her unoriginal Disney names. Why would you name it morphine when there’s loads of people who think you’re on drugs and on a quick downward spiral.

No. 461543

here is the video of Jonny handling the baby GTP on a stick(?)

{ idk how to link the YouTube videos so I've put the link in the comment and the YouTube section :') }

No. 461554

>snake in striking position
>clearly stressed
>lets snake bite hard object
They can break their fangs that way which can lead to some nasty infections and lopsided jaws.
I love snakes. Such a shame that people can't respect them and treat them like toys.

Description is right too in that green tree pythons also have delicate bodies and shouldn't really be handled much anyway.

No. 461579


Why is she so embarrassing? That’s the stuff a 15 year old would come up with

No. 461599


> he's kind of a dick

yeah well, you'd be too if you were wrapped around a long stick and held up in the air looking at some stranger who looks and smells weird. from the start of the video anybody can already tell the snake is clearly stressed, and this is coming from someone who doesn't know a single thing about snakes.

No. 461663

faMIlY FRieNdLy pEt MOm now featuring a snake named after a drug
Sage for no contribution

No. 461717

File: 1515088766046.png (503.16 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-11-58-07…)

No. 461719

File: 1515088788838.png (866.61 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-11-58-24…)

No. 461722

File: 1515088803322.png (828.37 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-11-58-37…)

No. 461734

File: 1515089959088.png (134.65 KB, 1440x778, Screenshot_2018-01-04-12-16-37…)

she deleted this one

No. 461735

File: 1515089976286.png (559.17 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-12-17-40…)

No. 461736

File: 1515089989804.png (434.83 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-12-17-42…)

No. 461737

She legit acts like she is his mother. There's no way that relationship is healthy even if he is sober or whatever lmao.

No. 461745


She just named her snake MORPHINE there’s no way either of them are sober. This is the sneakiest way for either of them to talk about drugs now especially opiates

No. 461748

File: 1515090518645.png (410.99 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-12-28-05…)

No. 461750

File: 1515090575864.png (379.93 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-12-29-18…)

No. 461759

Maybe she'll address why she doesn't believe all of his accusers since she's such a feminist and has cried about his past to him. (Jk I know she wouldn't. She's as fake as her botched lips. She doesn't care about women.)
Also has someone pointed out to her that if he's sober that should include from alcohol? If you're trying to get off drugs you definitely shouldn't be drinking alcohol either…

No. 461760

File: 1515091223968.png (348.3 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-12-33-47…)

No. 461761

Yeah she's so positive laughing at victims of abuse and supporting the scum who did it to them

No. 461770

I actually still think that this whole drug thing is a joke at this point. We have seen no actual signs other than a cold of her using drugs/going through withdrawal. Mind you she says some fucked up shit but it is a cold season so it's not a surprise someone is ill.

Either way, I meant that if this was a 'normal' relationship she seems to be very condescending.

No. 461785


“Stereotype that snakes cause pain”

Taylor, if a snake bites you it’s going to hurt regardless if the snake is venomous or not because your skin is being PIERCED BY FANGS. It’s not a stereotype. This is such dumb logic

No. 461805

she should publicly apologise for it. she doesnt get to make bi jokes especially since shes not bi and has said biphobic shit in the past.

No. 461810

File: 1515093960810.png (1.2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180104-191556.png)

so remember this disaster of an IG video where she almost drops her crab?

No. 461812

File: 1515093988718.png (252.25 KB, 1440x1313, Screenshot_20180104-191950~2.p…)

she replied to someone's concern and said she wouldn't do it again

No. 461814

File: 1515094008261.png (1.94 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180104-191534.png)

cough cough

No. 461831

pretty sure it's taken the same day as the above post. sane shirt and all that

No. 461832

Her face seems far too close to the crab for me lmao.

No. 461838

File: 1515094686376.png (465.32 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-13-37-23…)

No. 461839

File: 1515094704568.png (442.78 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-04-13-37-33…)

No. 461842

When will people realize "I'm sorry you were offended" isn't an apology? She puts the blame on them for being offended instead of herself for saying smth offensive..

No. 461858


> i said i was sorry for offending you lmao

that’s not the point lol. she would’ve sounded more sincere if she just admitted it was a mistake on her part to say those things and she wouldn’t do them again. goes to show just how ~mature~ she is.

No. 461860

Any one else notice that she hasn't shown Nemo in a while?

No. 461867

Poor kitten is already pushed to the side. Wish I could say I'm surprised but it's pretty much routine now.

No. 461868

that's silly. As a lesbian with a ton of straight friends and i don't care whether they make lesbian jokes.
however, the biphobic part is true. this makes hard to believe that her recent "joke" was actually just a joke.

She has trouble admitting her mistakes. It's never her fault, and she knows how to word her "apologies" to deflect blame one way or another and make it seem like she's trying so hard.

No. 461872

Just bc ur lesbian and think it's ok for straight ppl to make LGBT jokes doesn't mean it's okay. It's like one black person saying they don't care if white people say the n word. The majority cares therefore they shouldn't.

No. 461875


Besides proving how “great she’s doing” raising him with him at the vet at 10:30 PM along with 2 other baby baby pictures of him? Yeah feel like I haven’t seen or heard much about him… from her or Jonny.

No. 461882

Speaking of.. Jonny looks like he smells like hot dog water and says the n word lol

No. 461884

Well unless the screenshots of her admitting to smoking heroin & doing cocaine are real. But you know “her father and Jonny’s ex faked them!!”

No. 461887

Well, it's one thing to make jokes privately with your friends, but it's another to post them on twitter for your thousands of twitter followers. I make jokes with my gay friends that I know they're fine with and laugh with me, that I wouldn't say in public or to other people

No. 461889

File: 1515097717610.png (170.7 KB, 524x316, Screenshot 2018-01-04 at 3.27.…)

What a timely post, Taylor

No. 461892

Why the fuck is she dating a guy with a past so fucked up and that she admits is absolutely disgusting?? It's so bad she cries over it. Good dating decisions Taylor.

Also the other kitten is probably dead because she leaves them locked in the bathroom. Soon she will announce she "rehomed" it

No. 461893

if he's so changed why doesn't he make a public apology

No. 461895

you're still fucking complicit in what he's done, though.
you cannot just say "i don't condone anything he has done in the past" and yet remain silent and block the women, one who was still together with him three weeks before he met you, who have warned you plenty of times about him.

this isn't something you get to talk someone out of, don't be fucking stupid.
by acting like this, whether or not you want to admit it, you're condoning his behavior, which he's STILL displaying to others on his social media.

this is not a matter of ignoring things and hoping they'll go away. it's just a matter of time until he beats the shit out of you. he's already cheating on you. wait until he goes on tour. what a dumb fuck she is.

No. 461896

We all know his ass isn't sorry for shit. Of course Taylor is trying to make him out to be changed bc he sure won't.

No. 461900

"Can't I get some attention too?"

And yeah that was very timely.
Hi Taylor, know you're reading this.

No. 461903


In my experience people who get visibly annoyed over people not fully accepting their apology, don’t care about apologizing. It doesn’t even matter if it was when you were a kid. There’s a difference between saying dumb stuff as a kid and saying actual homophobic/biphobic racist stuff as a kid

No. 461906

Exactly! Such serious accusations don't go away just because they talked about it. How did the talk go? Did she ask if he would ever do that to her and he said no? Like what the fuck is she thinking. She's such a fake bitch I can't stand it. Why would you associate with someone like that if you don't condone any of the shit he's done/said??? How is that so fucking hard for her to comprehend

No. 461907

Is it me or is she very clearly holding the pure bred one to the camera?
Lmao… of course you'd have to include the animal you prefer.

No. 461910

she seriously thinks she's the one or whatever corny ass shit. she's honestly really pathetic.

No. 461911

Oh my god I was thinking the same thing. It’s just so unnecessary to include the cat you posted 6 other pictures of within the hour.

Nemo has gunk near his eye that needs to be cleaned too.

No. 461923


i have zero doubt anymore that she’s saying the “I have PTSD” bit for attention at this point.

Despite claiming to be traumatized of people like Jonny, she has complete faith that he’s changed as a person within knowing him for two months, throughout which he’s constantly fought, insulted and laughed at people on Twitter. I’m sure he’s met someone like Jonny before, but she’s not traumatized otherwise she wouldn’t let someone like him within 20 feet of her, let alone LIVING ALONE WITH HIM.

She criticizes straight girls for pretending to be bi for male attention but she’s pretending to have a horrifying, debilitating disorder because “slightly severe anxiety” doesn’t sound as pity-inducing

No. 461924

You're absolutely right. She doesn't have PTSD because if she did Jonny wouldn't be in the picture. Its so damn unfortunate people are too stupid to see through her bullshit.

No. 461925

As someone who has PTSD, I've gotten pretty lucky since it doesn't affect me as hard as other people
But when it is set off, it is literally one of the worst experiences
The fact that she can make claims of having it, and then put herself in a situation, where if she actually did have it, it would've been set off is ridiculous

No. 461933

She probably thinks she can try to "fix" him, make him a better person and fix all of his habits/addictions. It doesn't work like that. That's the complex my mom had with my dad, and now 18 years later my mom, sister, and I have PTSD and have been in trauma therapy for years from him.

You can't just take it upon yourself to "fix" an abusive man. The situation is quickly going to go downhill with them, and at this point it's not going to be blameless for Taylor. She is ignoring the warnings of literal victims of Jonny, and if she thinks a few talks will stop the cycle, she needs to wake up.

Sage for blogging-ish

No. 461942

If this is how he treats a person that's literally the same age as Taylor, hmmm.

(I wonder if I'm still blocked)

No. 461953

Love how she's addressing most everything brought up on this site except the thing where she paid nearly $700 to a CL backyard breeder so she could take a kitten away from its mom 2 weeks early.

Guess that one's really hard to spin.

No. 461955


I don't get what's in it for her in this relationship. Dude is fucking repulsive, and not just his personality… He turns my stomach just looking at him.

No. 461959

I’ve always been wary of Taylor in general because Youtubers who actively say they “promote positivity” instead of showing it through their actions, 9/10 they just mean “I don’t want people to be mean or criticize ME but it’s fine if it’s people I don’t like”

That and they’re usually the people who contributed to the negativity by bullying kids in HS. “Promoting positivity” is such a vague statement that it really just becomes meaningless.

No. 461963

I don’t think we’re ever going to get actual proof she’s using, besides the “faked” screenshots. It’s really not information available to the GP if someone has like at least a bit of sense - like the only reason we know Tuna or Speck and other cows use is because they fucking blog about it. I actually have faith that Taylor isn’t that stupid. She knows how critical her brand is and how heroin doesn’t fit into that.

Only scenario I see her actually copping to it is when her and Jonny break up and she’s suddenly the victim and “he made me use.”

No. 461964

Remember how he posted the tweet about people mentioning him after he's blacked so it's like they literally talk to themselves?

He literally blocks me, then tweets me again XD he's such an idiot XDXDXDXDXD

No. 461967

Her relationship with Jonny is, when you think about it, the same exact thing as her relationship with snakes.

Hear me out. It seems to me that she likes snakes so much because other people are afraid of them. Many people think of snakes (and to a lesser extent reptiles, and tarantulas, and bugs, etc…) as being hostile - that they will bite, and therefore don't like to keep them as pets. She's even talked about "those stereotypes" with that nonsensical idea to name the one "morphine". She likes the idea that these snakes are sweet with her, where it might seem like they would bite other people. She holds up hard things for them to bite instead, she stresses them out, she handles them too soon and too often, she hand-fucking-feeds them – and it seems like so far she's been lucky enough to not be seriously injured. But I mean… she doesn't think it's luck, she thinks it's because she's special - that the snakes love her more than they could ever love anyone else. That's why she teases them, because as far as she's concerned, they would never bite her. I don't think any of that is a reach. We all know she has a knack for anthropomorphizing her animals.

It's the same fucking thing with Jonny. She doesn't want to fix him. She likes that he lashes out at everyone except her (as far as WE can tell, and that's what matters.) She wants everyone to think she's the snake charmer: the one person who can be treated well by a venomous scumbag like Jonny. If he apologized - if he ever showed even a glimmer of remorse - if he started to change into a better person? She'd fucking drop him. She needs him to be violent and horrible, so that she can act like she's the only one he will listen to. Make no mistake - the last thing she wants is for him to clean up his act. What would the snake charmer do with a golden retriever boyfriend? How impressive would that be?

I think considering her delusional or stupid is nicer than she deserves. She's a fucking sociopath.

No. 461968

Attention from being with someone "famous"

No. 461976


One million percent this. She's every bit as awful as he is, just in different way. She's using him as a convenient excuse to do whatever she wants and later blame in on his "bad influence". Meanwhile, she gets to enjoy feeling the high of collecting another "dangerous" pet. It would be much funnier if there weren't real animals needlessly suffering behind the scenes.

Just a couple of seriously repulsive folks.

No. 461997


I actually think she wants to fix him too- she could be the one to make the claim that she did it in the first place. Think of the 'I'm a saint who rescues abandoned humans/animals and nurses them back to health' mentality she has. Just like with the kittens. Just like with her druggie rapist sociopath boyfriend.

It's probably a combo of both. The snake-charmer attitude to wrangle him in, and then trying to fix the mess she gets stuck with.

No. 461998


Acting like no other woman could handle Jonny while she can?

No. 462023


if she knew how critical her brand was she wouldn't name her snake morphine

No. 462041

god the morphine thing is SO DUMB. but not quite as dumb as the "he's sober, he's changed!"

If I had started drinking 3 weeks or whatever into sobriety, it would have been assured that I would relapse as soon as I had the chance. Taylor seems to have no awareness that this means he has zero commitment to sobriety.

Nor does she seem to understand that doing drugs doesn't MAKE you do shitty things. Someone who does the sociopathic shit he did while high will generally do that crap sober too. It's one thing to have done shit like shoplifting or pawning your family's crap for a fix. It's another thing entirely to beat, rape, and ridicule women. Heroin addiction can explain doing things to get more heroin, not this crap.

To the poster who said she's sociopathic, not dumb — why not both? I really think she's dumb first and foremost.

No. 462044


She calls herself a people pleaser, but lashes out when she gets criticized and makes fun of people and retweets comments of her mindless fans making fun of people who don't worship her.

She calls herself all these names that I think she believes makes her sound sweet and vulnerable and like a tortured soul who just wants to see the good in the world, but her actions never line up with what she says

No. 462049


I'm STILL not over the morphine thing. It's not even necessarily that I think she's on drugs, because people who are completely sober say dumb stuff all the time to try and sound philosophical and deep.

But the hilarious thing is that shes SAYS snakes causing pain is a stereotype which is dumb in itself, but in order for morphine to be an effective painkillerーthere NEEDS to be pain for it to kill. That's kind of the POINT of taking it.

No. 462173

File: 1515114986760.png (1.87 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180104-200852.png)

She calls him one of her pets here

No. 462176


Taylor can’t decide whether she wants to be some sort of bad bitch keeping people in line and putting people in their place or a scared vulnerable little angel

No. 462257


well of course a rapist isn't going to think that rape jokes are disgusting, now is he.

ohhh but you ~~had some words~~ with him, did you? well, I guess that makes everything just peachy, taylor. great job!!

No. 462263

this is as far as she can go in regards to him.
because she knows damn well that if she talks about actual allegations she's fucked and will look like the rape apologist she is lmao.

No. 462272

100% this. she's the only goddess this broken, troubled man can relate to. and she can use him as a shield and an attack dog, cos god knows dude acts like a rabid asshole and has no problems verbally assaulting women online)

side note, does he talk like this to men? or is he such a weakling that he can only spew his crap at women?

No. 462279

Gentle reminder that that snake should still be quarantined. Also where tf is the other new snake? The albino pied??? Does she just not care about it bc Morphine is her “prettiest snake”

So basically who gives a fuck about my other animals because this one is the prettiest one of the week

No. 462281

I mean technically Jonny is a pet. He can't afford to feed or house himself, she has to do it for him.

No. 462284

morphine is only the prettiest snake til it grows up and becomes less purple, as mohaves are wont to do despite whatever bs the breeder told her lmao

No. 462289


The fact that she phrases it that she has to “tell” Jonny how awful and terrible it is at all should be a red flag, no?

No. 462312

If you know he's a despicable person then why TF are you dating him???

No. 462327

Weird, and here I thought owning up to shit you did in your past entailed apologizing and changing behaviour, not consistantly mocking, harrassing or saying despicably hateful shit about your victims online. Silly me!

No. 462345

Anyone else think it's kind of fucked up how she retweeted a missing person's poster probably less than two hours ago and thought it was unimportant enough for her to delete? Like jesus taylor

No. 462367

because she wants the ~experience~

that, and/or she thinks she's so pure & innocent she can change his ways and pretend she saved him.
just because he's nice to you it doesn't mean he was nice to her, taylor.

No. 462372

do you remember who it was for? could be that they were found and taylor didnt realize til after…just leaving her a smidgen of benefit of doubt haha

No. 462378


No idea, but it just seems really weird. She tweets and deletes stuff all the time, but you'd think a missing person's poster would be enough to keep it up for at least a day.

She does this thing where every other month she'll pick out random comments from her fans and act like she's concerned about them, which seems like virtue signaling and less about actually interacting with her fans.

I always click on the profile of the people Taylor gets her fans to send hate to just to see how bad it is and a lot of the time those people end up being fans of hers and she misinterprets their concern as criticism. So I guess she only cares about some of her fans. Selective empathy based on what will make her appear the kindest.

No. 462436

File: 1515129961842.jpg (46.57 KB, 526x254, content cop.jpg)

Oh hey Ian…
Just imagine the content cop on Taylor. I lowkey wish those lower tier tea spilling channels would expose her at least. I dont know how she manages to continue to fly under the radar but I genuinely hope her shit blows up soon.

No. 462438

Lol no, it won't happen he said in a podcast he doesn't do content cop on cute girls, besides he is not an animal expert so everyone will jump to defend Taylor using that excuse.

No. 462450


She hasn't done nearly enough shitty behavior to even come close to warranting one, he probably just thinks shes' hot

No. 462455


there is a possibility he's just following because she's cute and posts cool pics with pets and nothing else.

and even if he's actually doing a CC on her its going to take months so we shouldn't even be hyped yet. nice catch though, this TND has been blowing up everywhere so there is a big chance he knows. depends on when he started following her but i don't think theres anyway to know that sadly


uh… legit are you kidding me? tana mantagoose got one for TWEETING the n word when she was 16. Taylor Nicole Dean abuses animals, lies about being pro adoption and dates a heroin addict. you are completely out of your mind if you think she's off limits

also stop treating content cop as something as anything other than silly enterteinment making fun off youtubers, "warranting one" climb out of his ass for real.

No. 462473


Are you dense or something? Tana got one because she contradicted herself telling Ian to kill himself over saying it, he doesn't give a shit if she says it or not, that was the whole point of his video, dude.

Buddy, "lies about being pro-adoption" isn't exactly a huge moral issue, it's shitty but it's not the end of the world. Every other complaint you just listed the dude would have zero clue about since there's hardly any evidence, especially if like >>462438 just said, he doesn't know shit about animals.

Christ I get that you hate her but no need to get THAT triggered over a comment.

No. 462515

File: 1515141254639.png (150.22 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-01-05-01-29-56…)

No. 462516

File: 1515141273861.png (174.16 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-01-05-01-30-02…)

No. 462517

File: 1515141283896.png (173.85 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-01-05-01-30-09…)

No. 462518

File: 1515141351009.png (169.55 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-01-05-01-30-17…)

No. 462533

"soulmate" oh my god this is so cringeworthy i can't.

No. 462540


so his previous girlfriends didn’t deserve what he gives to taylor and they also spread lies about their horrific experiences being with him? did they lie about having being raped with a knife to their neck? must be nice to have such a selective memory.

No. 462555

he basically doxxed her by putting their apartment complex in the location. i know some of us here figured it out based on pics but idk if her fans knew.

No. 462568


I had no intention of commenting here until I read all of this bullshit. Longtime lurker, so apologies if I've saged/replied wrong.

Gotta love that JC thinks the women he was with beforehand are still remotely interested in him, even enough to sit at home thinking about how he's giving 'everything they didn't deserve' to some gullible 20 year old. Notice how he talks about them as if their harassment stems from the fact that he's no longer with them? Like, they're GLAD not to be with him anymore; how can he not realise that? They just feel sorry for the girl eleven years his junior currently lapping up all of his manipulation and lies like it's worth a damn. JC, they recognize you for the lowlife scum you are. They don't miss you, or think you should have given them a good time. They're happy just to have survived you, you thicko. Like the sheer level of his arrogance is sickening. I bet the only reason Taylor can put up with it is because she's about equal to him on that scale.

It feels to me like his entire reason for being with Taylor too is to rub it in his ex's faces that he's got a younger, more naive model. The only reason he has to feel grateful or enamored by Taylor is because she's housing him, and worshiping the ground he walks on. All it'll take is one major disagreement or sticking point, and his true nature will come forward. But they're both narcissistic as fuck, and from the looks of things, if rape allegations and a history of drug abuse can't compel her to criticize him, there's probably nothing he can do short of murder to stop Taylor thinking the sun shines out of his ass.

No. 462570

Taylor already deleted those photos of Nemo, probably cause we realized that means she’s reading this thread or because he looked like such shit. Triangle face, distended belly.. that poor kitten

also that Instagram post could have been somewhat sweet but of course Jonny had to “show off” that his ex’s are trash/harassing him
Here’s a hint you crusty condom,
If you are “over them” then don’t constantly talk about them

No. 462582

It's a little unnerving she'd tell her young impressionable fans that are possibly dealing with depression themselves that's they need to find someone who "fixes" them or suddenly makes their depression go away.

No. 462585

Honestly how are they so dumb to dox themselves, AGAIN? It’s so easy to not put your location on instagram. They’re either incredibly stupid or trying to create drama. Probably both.

No. 462586

New video coming tomorrow. I guess her overspending is catching up with her and she can no longer be so inconsistent with her videos

No. 462594


nemo honestly looks so bad compared to the other kitten. anybody can see the difference between them, nemo looks like a used dish rag.

No. 462598

It's seriously pathetic how Jonny constantly talks about his exes and has to bash them each time he opens his mouth. How does that not bother Taylor? She must be extremely insecure to put up with trash like him. Then again she's trash too so..

No. 462606

Makes me wonder how much time she spends with Nemo compared to the purebred.

No. 462607

I'm a former heroin addict and this situation is so predictable, I've seen it a million times. Any junkie is going to latch on to any opportunity for a warm place to stay and someone with money to get high with, and the best, a car. The plus is that she's attractive. She'll end up hooked, he'll dip out because she'll start spending all her money on drugs for herself and finding her own connects, and he'll just bounce to someone else or rehab, sober living, etc. A gullible well off 20 year old open to doing drugs is perfect for him. Trust me, he cares about nothing but drugs, not even those exes he's constantly posting about. He might be content enough to remember his disdain for them for a few hours, but as soon as he starts getting dope sick or nods off forget it. Taylor's pupils look pinned all the time. I get that she uses bright lights for recording but I also know how these things work. Give it a few months, maybe even longer, but you can't hide heroin use for too long even if she's not shooting it yet. And you just can't be in a relationship with a junkie unless you're using too or they're clean. It just doesn't work. First sign things are going badly will be her moving back home. Mark my words.

No. 462619

Hey fellow former heroin addict anon! I agree completely. The only thing I disagree about is her moving home being the FIRST sign. Before that, I think there'll be the typical flaky bullshit. Crappy sporadic content. Oh wait…already happening lol.

Anyhow, don't you love how he's all ~reborn~, when he's drinking regularly, possibly smoking weed, and pretty obviously not in any continuing treatment/going to meetings, less than 6mos into sobriety? This is like a playbook of how to relapse. But I think he might hold out until he has to travel for his band. In a major city where there's open air corners, he's done.

I learned about Taylor getting back into my love for animals when I had very little clean time. Sad to see her turn herself into such a toptier cow.

No. 462624


Editing her videos probably take less than two hours even if she collabs with someone, I don’t know why she’s trying to make us think she sits in front of the computer editing for 6+ hours like she’s some animation or let’s play youtuber

No. 462629

She seems to repeat a lot of shit and have a lot of very obvious jump cuts. Might be the only editing that's 'hard'

No. 462631


probably not a lot, but that's difficult to say. she's said before that he's a runt, but even then i'd think responsible owners would be looking after that runt all the more carefully, and she just doesn't seem to be doing that with him.

No. 462632


Yeah, she repeats things but never does any reshoots or any actual preparation beforehand (like how some youtubers have scripts or outlines they’ll pull from)

The most impressive thing she’s done is that whole “comedic closeup” thing, which isn’t bad it’s just not work. There’s no point in her acting like it’s harder than it is.

No. 462634

"I couldn't ask for a better soulmate"

There's nothing better than a heroin addict rapist boyfriend?

No. 462639

Wouldn't be surprised if its johnny replying on Taylor's acount.. I can't anytime she uses "hahaha"

No. 462648


Yep you're right actually, she's already getting flakey with shit. (Sidenote, congrats to you on being sober!). Jonny seems like a bad alcoholic too, he has that swollen bloated red face that hardcore alcoholics get. Believe me, Taylor loves that he's not sober, right now she's benefiting from him because he knows where to get dope/coke. Taylor, when the time comes, which it will if this continues, please at least use clean needles. God only knows what Jonny has besides hep C…

No. 462678

As someone who majored in video production in college, I can agree with this statement. For the type of content, she posts editing should take 2hrs at the most. But what takes the most time is exporting the file and then uploading it to YouTube. Both of which (considering the quality) can take up to two hours per step. So the whole process could take up to 6 hours depending on her video quality and internet provider. Also depends on her editing software.

(Sage for video production nerd and knowing how to use Premiere Pro)

No. 462686

They’re both fucking delusional. This is so embarrassing. JC didn’t say anything nice about Taylor. AT ALL. All he said was, “she’s not a $1 whore like my exes and she doesn’t hold me accountable for my drug use like my horrible slut garbage exes and I totally love her like I could never love MY EXES who I also never cared about” and Taylor is just like “awwwww so sweet love you too soul mate.”

It’s infuriating. I don’t expect better from him but how the fuck could she read this and not feel like the world’s biggest pawn. He’s a rapist abusive junkie piece of shit and now he’s acting like the victim because “he hated who he was with them,” inferring that they’re the reason he was using. No one held a gun to his head and made him stay. He leeched of these women for YEARS because he’s a selfish little sadist who took advantage of the fact that those women were the only people in the world who gave a fuck whether he lived or died. Now, Taylor, he’s using you just to torture them further by slandering their name and image and the hell they endured for the past decade because of him. But yeah, “soulmates.” Okay.

Fuck these two. Sage for maximum salt.

No. 462699

>inb4 Nemo dies and after weeks in her care she'll sum it up to "well u know guise… his stray mom cat had these disease ridden kittens there was just nothing I could do…"

No. 462707


> tHe VeT sAiD hE wAs FiNe!1!!!11!11!1

No. 462719

Congrats to you too! And yes to everything. Seriously can't believe he was drinking less than a month out of rehab.

YES, all of this. Him blaming his use on his SOBER exes is the funniest/most infuriating thing. How the fuck does Taylor think he's reformed? Oh right, because he said so. And she licks up every drop of bullshit he spews.

Honestly I think the people saying Nemo's gonna die are reaching a little. He doesn't look great, but at this point he's at an age where he's out of that critical fragile stage. I would say the chances of him dying are pretty low.

Who wants to bet that in the next few months she'll get an animal she definitely can't properly care for, like a massive snake (Burm, retic, etc)? When it's shoved into a drawer where it can barely move, laying in its own waste for days on end, she'll point to Brian Barcyzk and say "this is how it's done, big spaces scare them!"

No. 462722

In regards to Nemo dying, I think him passing from his health is a bit of a reach now even if he still looks rather rough, if he died I think it'd be more likely it'd be at the hands of the dude that already threatened to throw him into the toilet. Jonny doesn't seem the most stable, I definitely wouldn't let him near my pets.

No. 462745


>"this is how it's done, big spaces scare them!"

She's already done that with one of the snakes, just hasn't reached the drawer stage yet lmao

Also, it made me wonder if she's going after 'bad guys' that are famous and have money. Maybe she thought Jonny had some cash left over but it's clearly not the case. I could see her being the one to leave when she sees no money and he has released a track or some bs.
I know we are all aware of Jonny being abusive but I reckon that Taylor is not in it for love either.

No. 462758

eh, I think she THINKS/has deluded herself into believing she's in love.

And as for drawers/racks, they CAN be okay. But they're usually pretty shitty. Even ball pythons need room to move around and a couple enrichment objects. They may not use it as much as colubrids, but they need the option. All snakes, nocturnal or not, need enough light to establish a day/night cycle.

Similarly, there are plenty of tanks/terrariums that fail to meet these requirements as well, with the added negative of giving the snake no privacy.

But yeah, especially with active colubrids and arboreal species, shallow tubs with no light, no enrichment, no climbing features, DO NOT CUT IT. Keeping snakes like burms, retics, or anacondas in racks is just fucking disgusting. I'm sure soon we'll see Taylor showing off a snake in a drawer it fills half of when totally coiled. Ugh.

No. 462781

Jonny does get cash. The problem is that all that cash (which is not a small ammount) goes straight into drugs and alcohol as soon as he gets it.

When he runs out, that's when he goes ~on tour~

Taylor is in it because she's fucking stupid. I think people overestimate how intelligent she is. She is revelling on how "high profile" this whole thing is (when really… it's not lmao), and she's also basking in the attention, whether it's good or bad.

She's in that awful "I'm not like other girls" phase which is why she fucking took that cringe ass paragraph as a compliment. Like, he's being really fucking direct in how he perceives other women and somehow she doesn't think that will inevitably apply to her.

Which by the way, it's obvious he's talking about Liz in "…she wasn't giving it all away to every dude who wanted to give her $1".

Liz is a stripper. Was a stripper before she got with Jonny so he fucking knew her job. There are receipts of him giving her absolute shit because of her job, and he always accused her of sleeping with clients and whoring around. And she's not that much older than Taylor either; she's 23 (and prettier tbh).

No. 462845


Taylor has to have had the most sheltered childhood in existence. I'm not going to doubt she probably dated a lot of people, but she tries to make it sound like she hung out exclusively with druggies and abusive dudes (i.e. "I went looking for friends in all the wrong places")

No one who has spent an extensive amount of time around a drug addicts and abusers would be this naive and stupid. Especially one that's continuing to be abusive to past people he dated.

She's either lying completely to make herself seem more vulnerable and tortured (which apparently is the "in" thing right now with white girls) or she has the most severe case of Stockholm Syndrome I've ever

No. 462853

I personally would say she is playing this pretty intelligently to some extent and it could be the reason she is making more videos (other than need of money). All this drama she is in will attract people who like the tea, and there's something new happening nearly every day. She is getting good and bad exposure from this but who cares? Whatever the exposure is it creates her money - people will be going to look at her videos to see these animals expecting some form of abuse, others will jump on to defend her because the abuse isn't that obvious.

If she wasn't getting some form of exposure or money she wouldn't give a fuck and be tweeting all these 'non-drama' things and delete them again and again.

No. 462868

File: 1515187452781.png (1.79 MB, 1872x1198, Skjermbilde 2018-01-05 kl. 21.…)

Ended up looking through Amanda's Instagram account and figured I'd leave this here. Unsure if it's been posted before but it's pretty similar to what he just said about Taylor.

No. 462878

Holy shit I wonder if anyone sent that to Taylor lol

No. 462882

File: 1515188132224.png (798.29 KB, 1850x1162, Skjermbilde 2018-01-05 kl. 21.…)

There is also this, which is quite sad. Bet she would feel weird about seeing it, although she probably already has

No. 462883

I think you're overestimating a little bit. Bands don't make money, least of all these post-hardcore types. Most of the time they barely make enough to even justify touring, and it's extremely difficult to break even.

I imagine he's getting some royalties from old tracks but those would be split between the 500 people he's worked with over the years - other band members, producers, the label, etc.

So yeah, he's definitely making enough to fund a drug habit (probably not as much or as often as he would like,) but he doesn't have like… any finances or assets at all.

No. 462887

The sociopath dating mantra is basically calling all your ex's crazy while putting your new girlfriends on a pedastal for appearances and reusing all the same fucking lines lol.

How do those empty words feel, Taylor? "you're the only woman I've ever REALLY loved" has probably left his mouth with 15 girls before and will be said in every future relationship after this.

No. 462898

Wait… Was she actually his sponsor? Like NA/AA sponsor? Please tell me that's not real.

No. 462907

EXACTLY. Motherfucker straight up looks like Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story. On his own, minus the bad tats, missing teeth and visible stench, he is fucking ugly. He'd have to have a mighty nice personality and fat wallet to overcome such an appearance.

Now let's factor in the drug abuse, lack of money, missing teeth, overt stupidity, lack of education, verifiable history of abuse, verifiable history of rape, history of exploiting women for money, history of being unable to make sustainable money via music and at least two restraining orders.

Where do I sign up, right? What self-respecting woman wouldn't move this specimen into her home full of animals that rely on her for their well-being and buy him an expensive bed and new teeth? We're all clearly missing the point - being beaten black and blue and financially exploited by someone so ugly Screech from Saved by the Bell is Prince Fucking Charming in comparison is the new black, y'all!

And if he "accidentally" kills one of your kittens? That's just how kids propose these days. So romantic!

No. 462910

File: 1515189380244.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, D8CED818-B798-4E66-A8C3-013594…)

Jonny Boy is going on tour next month! Place your bets folks, how long until he cheats on Tay while on the road?

No. 462918

It's going to be embarrassing when they push back the album release yet again.

Is it just me or is this a ridiculously clustered tour schedule? They're in a different city literally every night. And VA fag here, Canal Club is a really small venue, especially compared to the National in Richmond. Any other show-going anons that can comment on the other venues? (OT but I was going to compare it to the Hat Factory and the Kingdom also but apparently both of those have shut down. Bygone are my teen scene punk days. I'm truly getting older.)

No. 462921

Wonder how she will cope. She certainly won't be able to pack up her things and go see him when she wishes to.

No. 462923

Oh I know. I'm sorry if it came across as me implying he gets the millions, but Amanda and Chelsea have said he does get good cash from the tours. That's why they go on tour so often.

It's not a lot to get him settled, that's for sure. Not to mention he has a criminal record and can't be on leases and shit, but it is enough for him to blow on drugs and superficial things until he runs out again.

which is happening >>462910 again

No. 462925

Right? That set off a red flag for me too. Sponsors are typically supposed to stick to the same gender for their sponsees except for extremely rare cases, and DEFINITELY not date them. Most sponsors also advise their sponsees to stay out of relationships for at least 6 months into sobriety. So what the fuck? It sounds like something he was just telling people because it sounded good, like he was making an effort.

No. 462926

"Love bombing is an attempt to influence another person with over-the-top displays of attention and affection. We’re not just talking about romantic gestures, like flowers and trips. Love bombing invariably includes lots of romantic conversation, long talks about “our future,” and long periods of staring into each other’s eyes. It’s the combination of words and deeds that makes love bombing so powerful, especially considering today’s technology.

The ability to call, text, email, or connect on social media 24/7 makes it easier to be in constant contact with the object of one’s affection than ever before.

Love bombing works because humans have a natural need to feel good about who we are, and often we can’t fill this need on our own. Sometimes the reason is situational, brought on by an event, like divorce or job loss. Other times, it’s more constant and traces back to our childhood. Whatever the source, love bombers are experts at detecting low self-esteem, and exploiting it.

The paradox of love bombing is that people who use it aren’t always seeking targets that broadcast insecurity for all to see. On the contrary, the love bomber is also insecure, so to boost their ego, the target must at least seem like a great “catch.” Maybe she’s the beautiful woman, who’s lonely because her beauty intimidates people, or he’s the guy with the great career whose wife left him for his best friend, or she’s the hard-nosed businesswoman, who’s avoided marriage and motherhood because her childhood was so traumatic."

Thought I'd drop this here. Sage for blogging but I feel like this might also come in handy as general awareness.

No. 462928

Samefag, and same anon as up thread who is in recovery. Chances are if he's still using he doesn't give a shit about sex. Heroin pretty much kills your sex drive. I imagine he's on thin ice with all that however, so maybe he will substitute sex for drugs.

No. 462930

Oops we posted at the same time, I meant samefag as >>462925

No. 462939

sac anon here; i think holy diver has a 300 capacity. such a joke

No. 462941

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ordinarily but he's a one-trick pony and his MO is using and cheating. That's been pretty consistent over the years. Although he does also do a fair amount of cocaine and drinks a LOT, so pick your preferred cocktail that can make the magic happen but it's a pretty fair bet he's going to be cheating.

Hell, it kind of got buried in the last thread with all the newfaggotry but he's already been accused of cheating on Taylor while she was visiting him in LA, with some snapchat "proof" of it.

No. 462980

lool I can't wait for johnatan to cheat on Taylor while he's on tour and see Taylor cry all over her social media as if she didn't know what she was getting herself into. Also I wonder where tay will get coke and heroin from when he's on tour

No. 462990

that actually bothers me, the idea that after shit hits the fan, the fact that she knowingly dated an abuser and a rapist, the fact that she disrespected his victims is just gonna aaaall go away once she uploads a video crying ann claiming victimhood herself, despite everyone warning her and her mocking those who tried to warn her. :/ She's probably counting on it.

No. 463012

Thirsty Hippo in MS is capacity about 300 too. Just a bar/restaurant in a college town lol

No. 463015

can someone post that snapchat "proof" of him cheating on Taylor in this thread? that's something that should remain relevant, especially once he goes on tour and does it again

No. 463022

There are different kinds of intelligence. Taylor's good at twisting facts, rugsweeping, and manipulation. It's part of why she and Jonny get on so well. They're both con artists. They know how to play people.

I just think it's a matter of waiting to see which of the two comes out on top.

No. 463036

Worcester MA is like the ghettoest city in MA lol. I don't know the venue though because I try to avoid cities full of drug addicts and homeless people…

No. 463047

File: 1515199768410.png (2.23 MB, 1242x2208, cheAT.png)

This is what was posted in regards to the "cheating" it's extremely weak, there are no dates.
I'm not saying I doubt he would cheat on her, but that evidence didn't get much attention last thread for a reason.

No. 463050


>>450704 is the proof in the last thread. I think it's completely unsubstantiated, but.

http://archive.is/wLjGs is the tweet in question.

No. 463061

You beat me to it. I agree though, and I never understood why that picture of JC in the ambulance was included in the photoset. He hasn't been in the hospital recently, not since like… August.

I also scoured social media trying to find the blue-haired girl or an Allison or an Angelo and I had zero luck.

No. 463069

File: 1515200652120.png (790.47 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-05-19-03-39…)

No. 463084

File: 1515201724883.png (619.89 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-05-19-20-52…)

No. 463085

File: 1515201764333.png (594.26 KB, 768x576, B10FD5A4-1F87-4974-8B4B-6510AE…)

Best couple ever!! True soulmates

No. 463086

File: 1515201820145.png (548.49 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-05-19-23-01…)

No. 463088

No. 463089

she seriously looks like kylie jenner.

No. 463099

Maybe we are finally getting to her?? I fuckin' hope so, for the animal's sakes.

No. 463101

I'm pretty sure he mentioned getting a rack system in her last video. That is nowhere near the upgrade that they need. If anything, they should get some stacking PVC enclosures.

No. 463148

Honestly i think she’s just stupid that this is what she meant. I couldn’t see her keeping her snakes in racks but at the same time she’s surprised me before….

No. 463159

File: 1515206461422.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 4BDF699A-CE9B-4F54-822D-5C36F5…)

Why did the San Antonio venue change?

No. 463189

File: 1515208179614.png (148.55 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-01-05-20-05-45…)

What a surpriseee
No milk for us today.

No. 463217


FL fag here. O’Malley’s is a small pub where local bands mostly play, Backbooth in Orlando has some decent people play, but it isn’t a House of Blues or anything, and Crowbar is kind of like Backbooth, but more low key. None of them are great venues.

No. 463228

VA anon here. Jonny’s last tour they played at Shaka’s in Virginia Beach. I laughed cos that venue blows.

No. 463242

SA Fag here. The first location is a much bigger and better venue. The paper tiger that he’s playing at now is where the low key/less known bands go to play lol they’re usually the $10 ticket concerts

No. 463243

pa anon. voltage lounge is like electric factory’s ugly cousin. its a hookah lounge that sometimes has live music lol.

No. 463247

O'Malleys in West Palm Beach is just a shitty bar that local bands play at.

No. 463302


Im from LA and I was thinking the same thing, ive been to TONS of small venues in LA and I have never once heard of that one I was so confused when I saw it.

No. 463306


Same and same. I googled it and it’s like an all ages music venue (I’m assuming bar/restaurant type thing {hogue barmichaels is what I’m thinking if ya know it})

No. 463312

Since we're all chiming in on the venue in our state, Ohiofag here to say that my older brother's band played at The Foundry and it's only got a capacity of about 200-300, so lmao at his ~super lucrative tour~ delusion. It's also yet another bar/restaurant/concert hall combo with an oh-so-classy Taco Tuesday weekly special.

No. 463317

March 3 shit boy is coming to town…. hmmmm…. might get some good tea XD

(Sage for an idea)(XD)

No. 463318


The fuck is POPS? Guess they're not big enough to even get "The Pagent" where DGD played along with BVB, AA, FIR, PATD, And all his other bands

(Sage for shitposting)(read the rules & usage info)

No. 463322

OHMYGOD I was actually planning on going on March 3 until I found out it's in fucking EAST ST LOUIS??? FUCK NO. I'm a white bitch, I'm sorry no new tea from that place. I'm NOT getting shot.

For all those who don't know, east St Louis is like Compton, gehto, every body who lives there knows somebody who's been shot.

I'm straight up putting $100 down that his tour van thing will get robbed??

(Sage for shitposting)(don't use emojis)

No. 463323

POPS in East St.louis is a shitfest. Somebody is going to get stabbed

No. 463344

you didn't sage. put the word "sage" in the space that says email

No. 463353

emojifagging is frowned upon

No. 463355

wondering how well the band name "slaves" is going to go over there.

No. 463410


No show in San Francisco or anywhere in the Bay Area. What a shit tour.

No. 463424

Dallas fag here. I've never even heard of Prophet Bar. Also wondering why he has to come here first.

No. 463426

The Wire? Usually when you hit IL, you go to a Chicago venue. This is "on the West side of Chicago". 250 to 300 people with tickets selling at a measly $10-$12..

No. 463505

a group of white boys with the name slaves. yeesh. that’ll go over well

No. 463529

Is it weird that Taylor hasn’t said anything about Jonny going on tour? Seems like the kind of thing she would emotionally tweet about

No. 463553


She hasn’t said anything about his new music either. The only thing I’ve ever seen her say about his music is “I used to listen to it when I was younger” when she was first starting talking to him, which was probably just a lie to act like she actually cares. I listened to a lot of scene and alternative and grunge and whatever when I was younger too so it’s not like girls don’t do that, but the fact she never brings it up has me thinking she never listened to it much. She just had to act like a groupie for five minutes until he agreed to date her.

No. 463556

I agree with you. She listens to Jake Paul now.

Plus, Downtown Battle Mountain came out in 2007 so Taylor was 10 years old? I kind of find it unlikely that the world’s most sheltered girl was listening to that of all things, especially without an older sibling to introduce her to it (for instance my 20 year old sister has listened to more than her fair share of JC, but that’s because I was the one driving her to school.) I mean MAYBE she did the “hardcore”-lite whatever you want to call it Sleeping with Sirens phase, but I think it’s more likely she just heard of him through whatever loose clout connection he hasn’t with Post Malone, binge-listened to his songs and pretended to be a fan.

I mean seriously, I think a lot of people who listened to him when they were younger KNEW about all of his shit. I know I did. I was so excited to finally see DGD in 2012 only to find out Jonny had been to rehab AGAIN and kicked out of the band AGAIN and Tillian Pearson was filling in. AP Mag (bless my scene girl heart) would run an article every few months about what a piece of shit he was. His fans KNEW, is basically my point, and the fact that Taylor had to be personally told what a garbage shit stain he was is just… Telling to me.

>Inb4 defensive tweet about how she was ~le biggest fan~

No. 463574

LOL… The Wire is a 5 minute drive from areas where you can get dope on countless corners. Which I'm sure JC is very aware of. (It's actually a pretty cool little spot with recording studios etc and smart of them to save money by being located in an iffy hood)

No. 463603

her mom did say in her rant that taylor used to listen to jc

No. 463612

File: 1515270860739.png (611.64 KB, 586x612, Capture1.PNG)

Okay so like… Dance Gavin Dance? Emarosa? Isles & Glaciers? Ghost Runner on Third? My point being is that he's not really a defining feature for any of his projects (besides his solo album, obviously) because he got kicked out of all of them. He only shows up on one or two albums out of the ~six albums that the majority of these bands have. Saying she "listened to Jonny Craig" is so nebulous.

Also no offense, because I know a lot of people here WK her as the "helpless mother," but her mom is basically Margo. I can't find where she said this because woman tweets as much as most people blink and I didn't watch her livestreams, but in general a lot of what she says should be taken with a grain of salt.

No. 463620


I wasn’t a sheltered kid by any means but I grew up in a circumstance where I just didn’t have any friends, so I spent a lot of time by myself on YouTube which introduced me to everything from MCR to Escape the Fate to Seether or Slipknot, so her listening to it as kid ain’t unheard of (especially if she basically lived her life online)

It’s just weird to me that after she got with him, she hasn’t mentioned his music again.

No. 463621

Samefag to say it's not impossible that she's heard of him or listened to any of his songs before. Just with her not mentioning his music at all now is weird of her both as his girlfriend and as a "fan." Given her music tastes now (Jake Paul) it's likely she's just not into it.

No. 463645

I agree, I think it's weird. Since they're oh so ~in love~ you'd think she would make a big deal about the only thing he works towards besides drugs.
I also don't really believe she actually listened to him, otherwise she would have made a bigger deal about it, but just my opinion. Maybe she only listened to a couple songs, who knows. Guiltily I still listen to old DGD, cause muh nostalgia and you have to admit his singing is good. The fact that he fucked up so many opportunities really boggles my mind. I saw DGD with its newest singer in Orlando and they were still at a better venue than he is playing now. It's a shame. And kind of funny because he could have ended up with sooooo much money and its nobody's fault but his.

No. 463647

lol tickets to his show are 15$
im totally going
how exciting

No. 463725

You really want to give money to this abusive asshole?

No. 463761

It's not like a bunch of us are giving her money by constantly keeping up with her. No doubt people who haven't heard of her are checking her out because this thread is moving so damn quick

No. 463765

I really don’t think they’re going to make any money lol. All of these venues have 250-300 capacity and all of the tickets are like $10-$15. Split that between the label, the bus driver/plane tickets, the venues, merch people, the 4 other bands and his own band members, and like…. he’s not going to see much of anon’s $15.

Plus harassing him or even flirting with him makes $15 cheap entertainment kek. Pull a Vix, anon, get us that milk.

No. 463776

Thats true. But I feel directly supporting Jonny by buying and attending his shows isn't quite the same as "supporting" Taylor by watching her videos. But I guess that's indirectly supporting Jonny lul

No. 463797

File: 1515283933762.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, D8806257-422F-4F1F-ACE7-638DA6…)

This is probably a HUGE reach, but this popped up in my Instagram explore feed. Now I have no idea who Petgalore95 is, but every other comment is “is that Taylor Nicole Deans bindi?” “Did Taylor give away her skink?” Now the original poster claims this skink came from someone who couldn’t care for it anymore, and states that there’s no way it could be Taylor’s because OP is from Canada. But who knows. I just thought this was a little too interesting…

No. 463802

File: 1515284257123.png (725.58 KB, 664x462, bindi.png)

Taylor's bindi has white legs.
Wouldn't be surprised if she gives her away or already has at this point, since she bonds with absolutely 0 of her pets and they're basically accesories to her outfit or personality.

No. 463825

js right now
that's not bindi
bindi is a western BTS
that is either an indonesian or a merauke BTS
though like anon above me wouldn't be surprised if she sells bindi at some point
we already barely ever see bindi

No. 463827

northern not western sorry

No. 463847

File: 1515288230701.jpeg (350.34 KB, 750x1275, 0B74D500-9378-42E6-9D28-2CCC70…)

No sign of the new YouTube video Taylor promised yesterday. No sign of Taylor or Jonny on social media at all. Which Taylor’s Mum is commenting on…Guess they are sleeping off the heroine today.

No. 463854

No new video as promised and silence from Taylor on social media, and barely anything from Johnny's end. Really makes me curious about what's going on
Sage because no new milk

No. 463856


I mean it’s kind of milky because I was just about to mention to same thing.

If she doesn’t upload it by noon tomorrow her time I really can’t wait for that excuse

No. 463880


She can't even blame her medical conditions on it at this point.

Anons who have EDS, Celiac, or any of the other disorders she claims to have, is their medication for them and is a side effect of those medications to make you tired/low-motivation? I never understood what she meant by "I'm sick so I can't make videos," when supposedly her pain threshold is so high she can break things and not even realize it. Unless she intentionally ingests gluten and makes herself sick.

No. 463894

>>463880 Chronic illness goes hand in hand with depression more often than not.

No. 463897

i just discovered this other reptile youtuber that barely has subscribers but boy does she make Taylor look like a complete joke and an ass by simply doing this right and not for attention.

No. 463927

She deleted the tweet about the video being up by today, as usual.

No. 463934

does anyone know what happened to all of her corals she used to have?

No. 463937

I think she has a conversion disorder and not what she claims to have. Her symptoms are very similar to my sister's as she has it too. It's a physical manifestation of severe unprocessed mental issues. It comes and goes, and some people (like my sister) jump to many false self diagnoses. My sister even used to use her condition as a way to manipulate people (just like Taylor).Conversion disorder can manifest in so many different symptoms, including all of those she's claimed. They experience the symptoms all though endless tests not being able to find anything wrong with them. Not claiming to be a doctor, it's just a suggestion.

No. 463979

name? i'm really interested in following people who actually deserve recognition but go underappreciated.

No. 464028

UGH lets not start the internet diagnosing her again, please?

I have EDS (hEDS, same type she does) and assuming she has it or something similar, she could have other symptoms or med side effects that cause her to have trouble finishing things, but maybe not to this extent.

I know a lot of people with EDS and we have issues due to pain/fatigue/allergy/GI type symptoms, but I've never really heard of low-motivation actually being a symptom. Usually we want to do shit but are too tired/in pain. There aren't really medications that cure/treat EDS as a whole, but I'm on something like 25 pills a day to control symptoms. My side effects are minimal though. Pain alone can cause fatigue though, and it's hard to get things done on a schedule when you're always in pain or always fatigued. Also pain tolerance can fluctuate. Idk if that's what's happening with her, or if she ever had the pain tolerance she says or just wanted to sound tough or whatever, but sometimes your body gets fatigued and stops dealing with pain as well as you usually can.

With EDS (or Celiac or depression or whatever) it definitely makes sense she'd have trouble getting videos out if she were spending hours and hours filming and editing, but as it's already been discussed how little time she seems to need to actually put into scripting/editing her videos, I doubt they really take THAT much energy or motivation even when she is symptomatic. Especially since youtube is her "job" so theoretically the main focus of her time should just be on getting at least 1-2 videos out a week.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 464029

Side note though, I wonder if having chronic pain or depression or whatever else is why she's likely using drugs with JC now? Maybe she's self-medicating?

No. 464030

So I just came across that missing person post. The girl is still missing, but she ran off with some boy and her family can't find her. They got the police involved but all they have is a name and messages from her saying "I'm ok." Kind of familiar. Makes sense why Taylor deleted it now.

No. 464049

Real quick, i know I’m a few hours late to reply but she does have an older brother. He’s just forgotten about. I know Taylor’s mom is not his biological mom. He is biologically related to Taylor’s Dad. I’m not sure if he’s from a precious marriage or what.

Not defending her at all but just making sure everyone’s facts are straight so no one can come and attack anyone and saying we don’t know what we’re talking about

Sage for random fact

No. 464050

most people who get into heroin are self medicating for SOMETHING. anxiety, depression, chronic pain…all very common reasons people become addicted. she's a prime candidate, and it'll be super easy for her to go downhill fast because she has plenty of money and no 9-5 to keep up with.

No. 464079

Oh! I honestly did not know that. I take back the elder sibling thing then. I’m not asking you to dox him, but do you know anything about him? Age, profession, etc.

No. 464091

File: 1515321819953.png (487.21 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-07-04-42-54…)

No. 464095

File: 1515322812876.png (453.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-07-07-56-10…)

No. 464096

File: 1515322854628.png (424.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-07-07-55-49…)

No. 464102


His @ is in taylor’s Dad’s twitter bio.

No. 464104

once again she's holding something she shouldn't be..

No. 464105

File: 1515326684164.png (354.37 KB, 1440x1393, Screenshot_20180107-120334~2.p…)

oh my god

No. 464106

lmao, I wish but not, Ian only targets low hanging fruit that either isn't popular enough or everyone just already hates

No. 464120


lmao the guy wanted someone who studies animals/reptiles on a professional level and he gets taylor. remember her saying she never said she was an animal expert? kek

No. 464181

And there’s the excuse we were waiting for.

No. 464223

Def heroin withdrawals

Or she's just being a lazy fuck. I have chronic severe migraines and still go to work. The pain is so bad I get suicidal but I can't sleep all day and not finish my work.(blogging)

No. 464236

Wow Taylor, I bet Lil B sure is glad you googled that for him.

No. 464237

The youtubers name is t the b. She's only got a few animals but spends a lot of time with making helpful videos about their care. Also she had a fish jump out of her tank like taylor, immediately noticed the next day and you could tell she was very upset, and when she got another fish she showed her viewers how to prevent that from happening the next time. More of a "learn from my mistakes" view as opposed to "I made no mistakes" view like taylor.

No. 464267

His name is Matt, he’s around 24 i think and he’s actually a lawyer lol he doesn’t seem to associate with that part of his family much however. He did tweet at taylor with the whole Jonny thing started. Needless to say, he’s not a fan of Jonny either

No. 464270

It's funny the comments on this are things like "we're your supporters, you should do what you want!" She could actually use less support considering she's on a train with no brakes on the track of drug use and animal abuse.

No. 464284


People want you to change it because it’s stupid. I can’t believe she sat on that name for two days and still wanted to name it that.

No. 464330

I actually don't mind the name out of context. Morphine has a pretty, but dark sound to it.

For Taylor while with Jonny, I think it's a horrible name.

No. 464375

Where is people telling her it is a bad idea? I just have seen people supporting her and kissing her ass on Twitter

No. 464376

you know what those symptoms sound like? The kind of withdrawal you get early in a dope habit, like after a few weeks of regular but maybe not daily use. And even if her condishunz are every bit as bad as she said, yeah, mild withdrawal would trigger every one of them.

This making promises about getting shit done and then failing to fulfill them because she's sick/sleeping is CLASSIC junkie behavior.

Source: one of the many ex-junkie anons in this thread. To all y'all who've posted already, congrats on your sobriety. We can do this. Taylor and JC's behavior is all the inspiration I need to stay sober, rofl.

No. 464383

Holding pacmans occasionally is okaaaaayish. But the way she's holding him is a great way to let your frog jump off your hand and injure itself. Gdi taylor, stop posing with your pets as props.

and stop posing as some kind of expert on animals you don't own or have only owned (shoddily) for five minutes. He specifically asked for a professional, and you are a goddamn highschool dropout ex-petco employee. smh…

also, with the snake name, she is so flippant about the issue of addiction. like all the people telling her its a serious thing and not a cute name for a snake are the crazy/stupid ones.

yes, absolutely. and given the circumstances, living with a known junkie who we KNOW is at least drinking and smoking weed while lying about being sober…yeah. fucking hell. there's no way drugs aren't involved.

also, there's a good chance she's been taking pills for her ~condishunz~ for years, and already has a taste for opiates. everything about her screams junkie in the making. her past, her health, her shit decision making, everything.

No. 464410


Out of context it sounds dumb too because everyone knows what morphine is, leading the average person to ask “why the hell would you name your snake that” cueing her dumb explanation.

No. 464431

I have no proof to this whatsoever but due to Maui’s size, i think Maui is a girl…

Sage for speculation

No. 464442

I wouldn't think there was a problem with it if she wasn't calling herself a family friendly pet Youtuber.

No. 464453

Violet is such a cute name for a snake, even if it's not purple for the rest of its life. It's just as dark as morphine and not as cringe inducing

No. 464483

I said this when she posted that picture of him/her on jonnys lap! Either that's one big male, or she has a female on her hands

No. 464551

It is a stupid explanation. I don’t think people associate snakes with pain. I guess I live on the east coast where there are only maybe four species of venomous snakes so maybe it’s different here, but people don’t avoid snakes because they’re afraid of pain. They avoid them because they’re fucking creepy. Fascinating, awesome creatures but ultimately a little unnatural. Maybe it’s in a biblical context that the snake can’t disassociate from the serpent in the garden of Eden. So yeah, somewhere between “this thing could maybe kill me” and “weird ass limbless animal nothing but spine can race across the ground, swim, and climb, covered in scales, sees with its tongue, etc.” people tend to avoid them.

The whole pain/morphine thing is so half-baked it’s like she was trying to be an edgelord.

No. 464555

I think she came up with it on the spot. I would think people would be more worried about a snake being venomous (regardless if the species actually is or not..) than …pain? I mean sure, it must sting to get bitten, but it's not a stereotype to get pain killers from a snake bite?? Correct me if I'm wrong though.

She just wanted to name it Morphine because it's edgy. Literally that's it. She's already in this "I'm not like other girls" stage, why not tack on the edgy-ness too.

No. 464578


Her explanation is basically "it's a stereotype snakes hurt people so i'll name her after a painkiller" when:

1. For morphine to be needed, someone needs to be in pain. That's the whole point of "painkiller"

2. A snake's fangs piercing your skin is going to hurt regardless if it's a baby or a full-grown venomous killer, it's not some "myth" that snake bites hurt. It's fucking SHARP BONE piercing your skin, occasionally followed by excruciating venom.

She's just one of those people that try and sound deep and come off sounding pretentious

No. 464589

We know what she was trying to do. It's just that normally, the thing that comes to mind when you think about snakes, isn't "pain." Did you even read the posts damn lol

>She's just one of those people that try and sound deep and come off sounding pretentious

That's exactly what >>464555 & >>464551

No. 464674

As for her snake (violet/morphine) being a super mojave, it looks like it may(?) not change color? If she got the purple passion one then it shouldn't. However if it's a yellow belly it will

No. 464678

Her snake is already turning yellow lol

No. 464689

File: 1515379465588.png (61.72 KB, 638x291, 111.png)

No. 464696


>Hard time editing

What the hell is there to edit? She's essentially just like any generic youtube who is completely stationary during their videos, doesn't go anywhere or do anything, has an occasional vlog or two, who's version of "editing" is a comedic close-up, jump cuts, or adding music.

No. 464697

I saw her snake in person before she purchased it at the expo. It’s a YB. It’s going to yellow out.

No. 464699

She's going to be disappointed lol

No. 464702


….so she's going to rehome it. :(

No. 464705

I like how anons called these excuses. Has she ever not been able to make videos before? The whole part of this being her "full time job" is because of her illnesses. Suddenly she can't do it?

No. 464709

Probably. Are you surprised?

I wouldn't be surprised if she does. I wouldn't be surprised if she has rehomed Bindi, her tarantula (forgot she even had one), her bettas, etc.

Also, no new update on the kittens today… I'm blocked on Jonny's Twitter so I can't see his things

No. 464710

So Taylor just tweeted me back when I asked the exact morph. She said she has no idea, they just told her it was a super mojave…

No. 464715


No not surprised, just sad for the snake. Well…sadder for the snake.


Wow. Just wow. Is that…..irresponsibility or just "idgaf" or….I don't even know.

No. 464717

File: 1515381744039.jpeg (262.37 KB, 750x1255, C978128C-E1A9-4CB0-A03B-A9AAD1…)

First result lmao she probably just googled it

No. 464724

Update: I believe from them calling it a regular super mojave that her snake is a blue eye Lucy. Her snake does have the purple head, it may turn more white with age. If I'm wrong and it is a yellow belly, than it gets yellow

No. 464725

File: 1515383026179.png (303.59 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180107-214312.png)

No. 464734

i dunno, maybe it's just me being crazy or projecting the experiences of my friends' or /r/raisedbynarcissists crazy parents onto taylor's mom, but she definitely strikes me as a bit of a narcissist mom. narc fleas could explain taylor's erratic behavior imo….saged because i really don't have any proof beyond a bad vibe LMAO

No. 464736

If Taylor keeps ONE of those snakes for their 15+ year lifespan i will be HIGHLY impressed.

No. 464737

File: 1515385033790.png (147.85 KB, 750x1334, 012C1693-7909-4F57-8AFF-503DAE…)

here’s the tweet from taylor’s older brother another amon was talking about. it’s from when the drama with taylor’s mom first started going public i believe

No. 464831

I was thinking too, any aggravated dog’s bite is going to be way more painful than a non-venemous snake bite, so why is her “service dog” named Kida and not Codeine?

It’s just stupid. She’s really not bright.

No. 464839

It’s definitely a BEL, albeit whether that’s a Super Mojave or Super YB (Ivory? Morph taxonomy confuses me) remains to be seen. Either way, the purple won’t stay more than two sheds. As Miss Animal Expert she should know that, but what can you do.

No. 464848

File: 1515397393069.jpg (371.53 KB, 1536x2048, PSX_20180108_013616.jpg)

With a quick flick of a yellow filter in Photoshop, I found some more insight into what the snake is. Two options, it's most likely a yellow belly. AND it might be enchi also. With the yellow patterns starting to appear, I wouldn't be surprised if by March (within 2 sheds of a juvenile ball python) she'll be on a Twitter rant about how her snake "isn't a "/true/"" BEL Super Mojave. The pattern we're seeing now will grow in intensity if it's an enchi. I really don't think it's a "regular" BEL super mojave bred from 2 "regular" BEL super mojaves.

No. 464856

File: 1515397769671.jpg (1.92 MB, 1536x2048, PSX_20180108_014844.jpg)

Another view (yellow is more intense)

No. 464858

File: 1515397947029.png (2.27 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180108-015016.png)

While on the run to find more angles of the BEL I noticed there hasn't been a photo of nemo since Dec 29… We literally have not seen him all year on twitter, nor instagram. The last photo of him on Instagram was at the vets? Has she officially moved on?

No. 464860

File: 1515397975781.png (2.38 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180108-015237.png)

No. 464866

Het YB does not a white snake make. I can buy Ivory Enchi though, but that means her breeder completely shafted her. Does she intend to breed these snakes? I assume that’s what her emphasis on “I bought a male and female!” was all about. I don’t anticipate her keeping them (alive) until they’re old enough to breed.

No. 464869

File: 1515398800186.png (155.3 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180108-020418.png)

2 things:

1.) He hasn't retweeted anything from Taylor in 5 days. He hasn't talked about her in 5 days

2.) His Twitter is deemed "not advertiser friendly"

No. 464870

File: 1515398850772.png (459.89 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180108-020504.png)

I'm not joking, his face was deemed as sensitive content

No. 464871

File: 1515398921671.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180108-020508.png)

I'm trying to get better about sageing (sorry guys, newfag issues)

No. 464881

File: 1515399317929.png (1001.23 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180108-021339.png)

I was mistaken then. I've been searching forums and websites all night figuring out what the heck that snake is. I found a couple of places that list a "Super Mojave Yellow Belly."

No. 464886

I don't think anyone has talked about this yet, but have you guys seen the "What's in the Box?" collab she did with Tyler back in November? I just came across it myself and I'm surprised nobody has confronted her about it. All of her snakes look stressed as fuck, Tyler is rubbing his hand all over the pacman frog, and she's just plopping them into that box one after the other. Talk about shit animal care.

No. 464896

Her face is fat as fuck

No. 464899

Her hog nose is sticking at him! Jesus Taylor. Anyway,anyone else notice how miserably awkward she was during the intro? She couldn't stop looking at the viewfinder/camera

No. 464901

Both of them are awkard af. I dont even know why they collab, everytime they try it they end up looking very miserable and cringe.
Like that video when Taylor was talkin about the hotel fiasco with the police and her parents. While the girl that was with her was trying to make the video more fluid Taylor was just looking at the damn popsicle.

No. 464908

File: 1515405069368.png (1.97 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180108-034833.png)

Petsmart anon

They got twisty's things at petsmart. The rock he's sitting on is by All Living Things (a petsmart affiliated brand) https://www.petsmart.com/reptile/habitats-and-decor/habitat-decor/all-living-things-red-rocks-reptile-platform-37992.html?cgid=500116

As soon as I saw that coloring I knew lol. So I guess they're no longer going to petco?

No. 464979

I imagine if any of the rescues followed up on the kitten being 'adopted' at such a young age she is too embarrassed to show her face there.

More likely, she's been reading here

No. 465050

yeah, that makes sense. i thought it was a very odd thing to point out that they have short digestive systems since this is true for all carnivores.

No. 465079

What video was that?

No. 465081

That’s okay anon! I’m just a BP genetics autist. You’re right, that does look like it, and the Ivory snakes tend to have black eyes while the Super Mojaves are a true BEL, and hers does seem to have “blue” eyes (not actually blue blue, but translucent.)

So as far as BPs go she has a female Super Mojave YB, a male Pastel Pied named Maui, a male Albino Pied named Tate, and a male Fire Pastel (aka Firefly) Clown named Louis.

With respect to breeding she really didn’t make good investments. She’s not going to get any “designer” morphs from any of those pairings, but she’s BFFLs with Brian Barczyk so he could always loan her a stud, I guess. I don’t know if she’s going to breed them but at a certain point it’s like what exactly are you getting out of owning that many ball pythons?

No. 465091

still no video, and it's almost noon in texas

No. 465094

For the love of god… don't suggest her to breed them. I doubt she has nay experience or people to help her that breed HEALTHY snakes.Hell, even then all of her little fans will jump onto the ship of wanting a snake bred by Taylor as I doubt she would keep them/

No. 465099

File: 1515434704774.png (1.11 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5163.PNG)

No. 465100

File: 1515434731895.png (842 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5164.PNG)

No. 465101

File: 1515434797239.png (556.02 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5165.PNG)

sorry I wasn't sure how to upload all of these at the same time, but I thought it was odd that he recently liked a bunch of Em's posts on Twitter

No. 465102


Can’t wait for her next excuse. I grew up with chronic health stuff and I’ve finished term papers while laying on my side because I was in too much pain to sit up properly. Sitting on camera for ten minutes and waiting for shit to export and upload should not take that much out of her.

She didn’t start talking about her conditions to “show fellow sufferers they aren’t alone :)”

She does it as an excuse.

No. 465109

File: 1515435416619.png (422.26 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4951.PNG)

also here are few tweets from Taylor on December 21st where I feel like it's very very obvious that Jonny is tweeting for her, I have never witnessed Taylor cuss towards her fans. I also shared these with Taylor's mom who said she couldn't help the situation and hopefully her fans could get through to her because she couldn't. She agreed that the tweets were very unlike Taylor. I could post her reply but idk if that goes against the anonymity here.

No. 465112

File: 1515435459375.png (457.39 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4963.PNG)

No. 465113

File: 1515435507309.png (Spoiler Image,539.03 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4962.PNG)

also never ever have I seen her threaten to kill an animal

No. 465115

Not meant to be a spoiler. Clicked on accident

Sage for no new info? I put sage in the subject but idk if I needed to place it in the reply as well.

No. 465116

i think it's just jonny's style rubbing off on her. bit of a stretch to say it is him.

sage goes in the email field

No. 465120

you put sage in the email field, not in the subject, and you don't need it in the reply.

No. 465123

Wow, how "Family friendly pet mom" of her.

No. 465128

Besides the fact she swore there's absolutely nothing similar about their writing styles. Stop trying to push that. Like what do you think, he's forcing her to let him tweet her fans in her defense about her snakes? She's hostage? I don't get why you keep trying to find milk where there is none, she has plenty so there's no need.

No. 465149

And young, impressionable people her age often take after their first few SOs in how they speak, their sense of humor, and how they act. A subconscious way of trying to impress them. I did it too when I was a year younger than her. It’s very normal for her to be sounding a bit more like him.

That also means there’s a higher chance of him influencing her in other ways, though, such as what people have been saying about irresponsibility and even drug use. And stuff like being more callous about her cats (poor Nemo).

No. 465150

She’s posted photos of her snake since she got him and Jonny posted about his beardie

But where’s Taylor’s moon crab?

No. 465157

Hi real quick, I’m more of a lurker on this thread but that’s my twitter and someone DM’d me a video clip from one of the prehistoric pet videos that show she’s lying, she literally admitted to “carrying a snake [Maui] on her neck for 2 hours” if i can figure out how to save a video from a twitter DM then I’ll upload the clip

No. 465166

Oh trust me I'm not suggesting she breed them. I don't even think they'll live in her care long enough to make that possible. She'll have killed or rehomed them all before the female is at a suitable breeding weight.

I just think that's her plan, with the emphasis she put on "look at my FEMALE and MALE snake I bought from the expo look how well the get along!" She is the world's greatest animal expert after all, and all the qualifications she thinks she needs for anything is just a google search away.

No. 465173

File: 1515440282096.png (3.28 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180108-133548.png)

The firefly clown she got is way to over priced. $2200? I found them online for no more than $1500

No. 465194

She's probably buying him from a marked up mall pet store, which says a lot about her "love" of animals.

No. 465199

Obviously it's just what the adoption fee is because she's so against buying animals!

No. 465203


She got it at an expo, which usually has the lowest prices.

She also got it in October and snakes drop in price pretty quickly because they are being produced so much.

No. 465219

One of the beauty YouTubers I watch has chronic migraines 5 days a week and still uploads consistently multiple videos a week.

Taylor is not an adult and will fail hard when her YouTube career ends.

No. 465229


Almost 3:00 her time and still no video. So much for “no later than early tomorrow”

No. 465242


She probably dropped it and killed it since she was modeling with it on her hand 5 feet up in the air.

No. 465250

No. 465262

Holy shit Taylor looks so different when the camera isn't angled from above

No. 465268


I don't think she's threatening to kill their animals, but being sarcastic. Taylor is telling them to block her so they can't see Taylor's videos, since just looking at videos of Taylor mishandling her own animals is enough to kill their animals through the screen (obviously exaggerating/being sarcastic because Taylor believes her snake wasn't being abused).

No. 465305

Coming up on 5:30 (her time) and still no video. She's been promising it over a week though so i wasn't expecting her to actually follow through. She missed the golden opportunity to get some extra youtube cash with the holidays so now her earnings will probably start going down until summer

No. 465342


Do we even know what she named the crab? Saw her ask about it but she never made a video introducing it or whatever

But yeah what >>465242 said she probably got it killed or something. Seemed like an impulse buy so I doubt she knows how to take care of it

No. 465408


ffs charge your phone anon

No. 465421

File: 1515457423178.jpg (1023.51 KB, 1080x3586, Screenshot_20180108-015850.jpg)

No. 465423

File: 1515457446075.jpg (951.51 KB, 1080x3581, Screenshot_20180108-015923.jpg)

No. 465437

What was the irresponsible and rude cause of his voice loss?

No. 465441

wow…nice way to talk to your fans. He's not popular/well-known enough to be alienating what fans he does have.

No. 465633

Another full day with no video or any activity on Twitter.

No. 465640


No. 465649


No. 465658

Or just… L A Z I N E S S.
INB4 more ~*But muh illnus!*~

No. 465664

You can find hundreds of threads like these with disappointed fans. I am a DGD fan, but never liked Jonny. When DGD and Slaves toured together I was front row waiting for DGD, he kicked our shit at us from behind the amp that security told us could be there, and then noticed my 12 year old sister looked uninterested in his music and stroked her face and kissed me on the cheek (I was also underaged). He looked all sorts of fucked up on stage and made a beeline for the bar next door after his set right after preaching about his sobriety.

Sage for blogging

No. 465685

I used to enjoy her channel but it seems like in the last few months she's been a hot fucking mess. I can't believe she would willingly bring Jonny Craig into her life, endangering herself and her pets. She keeps buying more and more animals, and it doesn't help that her fans just keep telling her "Do what makes you happy we love you!" Geez. Oh and she also named her pet snake Morphine. But no she doesn't use drugs or anything, nothing to see here. Who does she think she's kidding? I guess her distraction tactics and lies work on her fans. "Ignore the haters Taylor your boyfriend is goals!"

No. 465693

Saw that a while back someone mentioned the lack of Nemo pictures
She posted some the other day (after it was brought up on here) but had her ragdoll awkwardly held infront of the camera. Not sure if she realized it was dumb to post them right after reading on here, if she was deleting it because people were giving her shit on how nemo looks like a skeleton, or if she just decided she didn't want any pics of her non designer cat on her twitter.

No. 465704

It is just weird how she deleted photos of her animals (the crab and nemo) it is suspicious

No. 465715


WHERE is the crab, Taylor? I just checked her most recent video where she showed all her pets to "prove" they were all doing fine and the crab isn't even IN the video.

No. 465732


She either rehomed or killed it is my guess. Those things can live up to 10 years, and it looked very alert/healthy. She can't blame the breeder on it if it "suddenly died"

No. 465734


I really hope he's okay, he was super cute and I love crabs. :( They're not too hard to take care of but fuck, Taylor can't even care for her own damn self…

No. 465736

To be fair, she has like 40 animals and she can’t show each and every one of them every day. It’s kind of OTT to assume that just because she hasn’t posted a picture in a while it’s dead.

No. 465740


I've heard horror stories of people accidentally drowning moon crabs overnight (and other species of crab) because people are idiots and assume that they can just survive completely submerged in water with no way to escape to dry land. That could be one theory.

Or she completely cracked the poor thing open by dropping it while waving it around and trying to pose with it for her dumb instagram post

No. 465744


You're missing the point. In a segment of the video she specifically set aside to show ALL of her animals to prove to the nay-sayers that all her animals were fine, the only animal that she didn't mention or show was the crab, that's the only reason I'm taking notice of it. She went out of her way to at least glance over everyone else's enclosures, and then mention the animals that she didn't show, but no crab.

No. 465747

Either that or she thinks that some of her animals are not important enough to be shown on camera because she assumes people won't care about their wellbeing. But it's already bad enough that she has so many pets that she can't recall half of their names off the top of her head.

No. 465748


Why are you samefagging? It’ll be okay anon. You’ll see the crab in a day or two.

No. 465768


Hi, EDS-fag here. I'm on some pretty heavy duty painkillers (opiates) for the pain it causes, but I'm used to it so they don't knock me out. EDS does come with a side dish of chronic fatigue most of the time though.

No. 465772


please do if you can! or take a screenshot?

No. 465773


You don't have to write your name, it puts Anonymous in the Name field automatically. Also now we all know your email address. Be wiser.

No. 465776

omg, please post this. this would be excellent tea.

No. 465786

Ugh no i want him to stay far away from her! Em is a sweetheart. Can't imagine her wanting to have anything to do with his kind (that is if she knows what kind of person he is) Because her channel is all about positivity and the opposite of what he is.

No. 465802


I found out how to do it, i think. Here is Taylor openly admitting she kept her snake around her neck for hours even though she claimed to me (through twitter) that he was out for a total of 5 minutes and then back in a heated tank. This woman is a liar. She needs to be held responsible for her actions and not play innocent to get her cult on her side.

No. 465803

File: 1515486453757.png (247.8 KB, 750x1334, 1F27F966-9C80-48E7-B57A-BBCB2A…)

Here’s where she claims to not have him out. Sorry for repeating this post, just wanted to make sure no one is confused on why the video is proving her wrong

Sage for repeats?

No. 465806


Good job anon! Ugh what a lying cow.

No. 465823


em is everything taylor should be, but isn't.


can't debunk this now huh

No. 465826

It’s not something she can just brush off as a mistake when she was younger either because this was literally last summer. I’m so glad people are finally realizing her bullshit.

No. 465852

File: 1515491169384.png (293.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-204033.png)

No. 465861


Dope sickness is harsh.

No. 465866

Wow it must be SO hard to edit a video sick… you can literally lay in bed and do it. People so much sicker than her do so much more. It’s just a lack of drive. Just suck it up and do it, Taylor. Or maybe pick a new career which holds you accountable for your schedule

No. 465868


Does she have a laptop? I've seen her huge apple desktop set up…. assumed that's what she uses to edit.

No. 465870

File: 1515492434876.png (42.14 KB, 625x155, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.0…)

This was a reply to her tweet a few days ago with pictures of "Ghost" (the ragdoll kitten) playing. Why won't she show Nemo too? I still think it's because he looks so ill next to the healthy one, but also this one's ~designer~

No. 465874

File: 1515492761562.png (150.87 KB, 750x1334, 4CFE8277-BE48-4450-91C3-7B06B4…)

Does it bother anyone else that she answers drama but not her fans literally asking for her help? The only people who actually receive help from her are twitter verified. Why continue to address drama if you’re trying to be ~drama free!!1!~ and not answer those who actually support you?

No. 465875

File: 1515492784184.png (161.73 KB, 750x1334, 30E35BA5-4492-424C-A424-93FCC6…)

No. 465883

File: 1515493517492.png (131.46 KB, 750x1334, 4E68E019-CB9A-4730-99C5-A31A70…)

No. 465884

File: 1515493537095.png (132.76 KB, 750x1334, A635C1D6-C8FB-4356-8462-6F622F…)

More ignored posts

No. 465888


Yes, and no.

Yes because her fans clearly look up to her as an expert, but no because she is obviously NOT an expert and they'd have better luck googling.

No. 465889

I couldn't help myself. These poor fans sitting there freaking out.

No. 465891

I'm no means an expert but the girl with ich was about to go get medication for her tank, which is extra stressful especially for new fish. All she has to do is raise the temperature above 86°f

No. 465892

File: 1515494401901.png (377.2 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180109-043252.png)

Wut? Is he talkinh about tour or something more intimate with taylor

No. 465893


His new teeth.

No. 465922


not really, because she isn't the 'family friendly pet mom' she's supposed to be. also those people would get more response from an actual googling of their problems/issues with their pets, much better than asking taylor.

No. 465960

"too sick to sit down and click buttons"

Wow Taylor your life is so fucking hard. I hate when people play off their illness as an excuse. A lot of people have chronic illness and do a lot more than film and edit for an hour every month.

Why do these idiots tweet some idiot instead of going to the vet??? Not eating is a serious sign of something wrong.

No. 465962


So if she's too sick to edit a video for five days, are all of the animal care tasks that need to be done daily going undone as well?? I'd be curious to know how often her parents had to help her with animal care when she was still at home

Sage because this has probably already been mentioned before? Not sure, newfag

No. 465995

I can guarantee if someone tweeted this to her, and she actually responded, she would say Jonny is there to care for her & her animals.

Taylor is giving Kalel a run for her money for title of most infrequent and sporadic Youtuber upload schedules.

No. 466001


Barf. Jonny can't even take care of himself, he's a grown man missing half his teeth

No. 466022

Oh wow, did you tweet that at her? I love when people get caught in their stupid lies

No. 466024

this makes me doubt that that hedgehog had a "heated blacked out carrying case" when she brought it to school with her.

No. 466035

totally, especially cuz she was much younger and stupider, like if she cant even take care of her animals now as the so-called """expert""" then there's no ways she thought about proper care as a stupid teen. plus she lied about this past summer so why would we believe she was honest about years ago before her """""""fame"""""""

No. 466050

File: 1515516403271.jpeg (76.58 KB, 640x448, 7BB708EB-1D06-498F-B7EC-8A0A62…)


lol this guy calling her out abd this idiot acting like, out of hundreds of thousands of Youtubers, Taylor is the only one with chronic health problems or conditions. There is a beauty blogger with no arms and legs who is able to edit and upload more than Taylor

No. 466065

Nope she blocked me and i didn’t get the DM until several hours later

No. 466125

File: 1515522567698.png (423.27 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-12-21-15…)

No. 466134



No. 466150

Her 21st birthday is coming up in March and I’m excited to see what kind of trash they come up with. I’m ready for some new milk

No. 466170

If she's unable to sit down and edit a video because of her physical ailments, how is she able to look after 20+ animals? I'm not saying that she's lying about her conditions (I'm also not saying she's not though), but I'm concerned about the care she is giving to her animals during these times.

No. 466182

Put sage in the email field so you don't bump the thread.

And she has never been too sick to go to LA, get a tattoo, go to a reptile show, etc. She's only sick when she has to do "work".

No. 466191

The turtle was just moved to a new environment. Check the water parameters. If they're okay, then it's most likely stress.

No. 466206

My issue with her constantly using her medical problems as an excuse not to do work is she waits until after the fact to tell people "sorry I'm too sick :("

She doesn't care enough to warn her fans ahead of time, it's only after people start to get angry with her that she brings up "but I'm a sick poor little baby have pity on me :("

No. 466208

File: 1515528508840.jpg (203.51 KB, 1440x762, Screenshot_20180109-140736.jpg)

Finally, but wait… there's more

No. 466209

File: 1515528534958.jpg (185.25 KB, 1440x536, Screenshot_20180109-140650.jpg)


No. 466219

There's a 90% chance those are just farmers' comments. Not really milk.

No. 466231

Not denying, but how many times has she claimed she's against buying animals? I've only seen her one tweet about adopting a puppy with your significant other but besides that I've never seen her claim adopt don't shop.

No. 466236

HAHAHA, good job anon. This is amazing.

Also all the "too sick to edit" bullshit… Lol, when most people are dealing with chronic illness, all they CAN do is sit/lay and press buttons… That's certainly all I did. And if it was migraines or something where she didn't want to be staring at a screen, she wouldn't be tweeting all the time.

No. 466246

obviously an illusion to dope sickness because we've already seen the heroin texts, but if shes vomiting and actually ill i can understand her not editing.

she better get over it soon tho because without that youtube money what is she worth to her scummy bf

No. 466250


She also has this video where she spotlights the Amanda Foundation, which is a rescue org for dogs and cats.

Pet YouTubers in general do this virtue signaling thing where they like to bash mainstream pet stores for the horrible treatment of animals and how horrible the exotic pet trade can be, but don't want to seem hypocritical so they parrot the whole "adopt, don't shop" mantra for the clout. But it's very clear that the statement only means "dogs and cats" to them, because all of them make videos of themselves going to expos and showcasing animals that there is NO way they were able to find it in a shelter.

I would prefer they adopted animals, but I'm not gonna get triggered over her buying something (even though her obsession with having "designer" pets is weird) I just wish she'd be honest about it.

No. 466282


Jonny boy's dental implants aren't cheap, plus all the impulse animals she bought in the last two months, I hope she's not an idiot and has been putting away some of her youtube money over the last year because she barely made videos during the holidays so now Youtube is going to be dry until summer

No. 466312

File: 1515535010827.png (3.22 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-15-56-00…)

hi taylor

No. 466323

nice open wounds jonny lmao

No. 466335

omg are those track marks? I've never used, so I have no idea, they could be from little kitten's claws as well. not typical cat scratch marks (I do have experience with cats) but since I have no experience with heroin I can't tell what an injection site is supposed to look like.

No. 466341

File: 1515536470846.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-16-20-31…)

No. 466343

File: 1515536514243.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-16-20-43…)

more blood stains on the pillow it looks like

No. 466344

File: 1515536541994.png (2.79 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-16-20-51…)

No. 466352

eww the bloodspots on the pillowcase are a dead giveaway.. just look at the luna/tuna slater thread on /pt :(

No. 466355

File: 1515536817021.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2018-01-09-16-20-51…)

it's still kinda hard to tell but it looks like there might be blood on his sleeve and a drop on the blanket

No. 466360

Oof those corner-of-pillow blood spots. At least use hydrogen peroxide taylor smh

No. 466373

sorry, no idea about this kind of stuff, are these clues that someone has been shooting up h in bed?

No. 466390

yup. HOWEVER, I think it's a little tinfoily because…haven't any of y'all ever had a zit? I DO think she's doing drugs, since how else can anyone be THAT lazy, but I'm not sure she's shooting up.

those tiny little spots don't look like the kind of blood splatter when someone pulls a needle out of a big vein with the tourni still on and it shoots out everywhere. It seriously just looks like someone had a zit, lol.

now, dope does make you itchy as fuck, which can make you scratch at scabs…

No. 466392

sure i have had zits but I have never bled on the pillow case because of them……. idk, it could jst be him shooting up and her smoking, but damn I wonder how quick shell delete those pics

No. 466393

File: 1515538382023.png (459.75 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-16-52-46…)

No. 466400

So you can tweet all day but you can't click things to edit a video. Sounds legit.

No. 466401

File: 1515538853173.png (381.91 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-17-00-29…)

No. 466402

the bloodspots are nowhere near where his face is on the pillow, they're right on the seam, if it were a zit it would be closer to where the face is on the pillow not on the very edge

No. 466425

Again, what the hell does she need to edit? It isn't like she's an animator who painstakingly animates every frame she's just a generic youtuber who does jump cuts

No. 466429

Also does anyone notice that she replies normally to people who are either defending her or supporting her "muh conditions" narrative, but quotes (ie. directly links to the account of) people who are criticizing/hating/questioning her.

It's giving me manipulation vibes because it seems like she knows the average person isn't going to come flocking to her defense trolling through her replies so she'd rather make a public display of the negative comments.

No. 466433

File: 1515543159853.png (421.68 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-17-19-41…)

No. 466434

File: 1515543174749.png (432.04 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-17-19-59…)

No. 466437


I wonder if she's on painkillers for EDS (legit to do so, definitely). I also wonder if Jonny is taking them too, if so, for other reasons…

No. 466445

If he's getting his whole fucked up mouth fixed he is for sure MILKING for every kind of pain killers he can get his hands on.

No. 466447


I don't know shit about EDS but as a person with other shitty chronic health problems, I don't understand how she claims to be so overconfident in her abilities.

Like I take my meds I know I'm going to be feeling some type of way afterwards, I do a specific activity I know that if I don't need an immediate flare up it's going to hit me like a train tomorrow. I start feeling symptoms, I know I'm gonna be useless and on bed rest within an hour or two.

For someone who's dealt with the same shit for 15+ or however many years since she was a kid, it's like she doesn't know her own body at all. Or she's just massively overreacting how bad her symptoms are.

and like other people pointed out already, she somehow finds the energy to clean 20+ animal cages but can't edit a video that she claims is already filmed?

No. 466449


Yup. One of these is more active than the other.

I have EDS, like her, and other health problems, and still managed to hold down a p/t job editing brochures from home.

No. 466453


Yeah anon with EDS here and unless she has some extreme but very intermittent joint problems in her hands (in which case she especially shouldn't be handling her animals like she does) that's bullshit she can't even edit the video.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid but I hope that if she is in some level of a real flare, it isn't because Jonny is being physically abusive now.

No. 466480

If she has pain in her hands then why is she tweeting so much?

All this time wasted on stupid Twitter drama. She could have already edited the video instead. She's just a lazy liar.

No. 466482

You'd think with having chronic health problems severe as she claims (intermittent or not) she'd be a bit more practical with her time on "good days"

If I feel 100% enough to be excited about getting up and doing things, I don't put it off until tomorrow. Because when your body randomly kicks the shit out of you you quickly realize that you have zero idea HOW you're going to feel tomorrow, so you don't procrastinate when you feel good and need to get shit done.

No. 466484

What is Johnny doing? Before they were official he must already know Taylor's problem, so why dont give her a hand editing the video? It seems he just sleep and get his teeth done. At the end of the day she is paying for his shit, so at least he could do that (it isnt rocket science) and if she is soooo weak she could explain him what to do.

No. 466497


does anyone else notice how when she’s replying to someone who criticized her, she uses the person’s first name? It’s pretty weird, any ideas?

No. 466499


It's not weird, it's just mega passive aggressive. She likes acting like a submissive little people pleaser who crumbles at the slightest criticism, but she's just a bitch

No. 466506

Agreed, it's the same way women will call you "sweetheart" to be condescending I think.

No. 466568

She's just trying to make them out to be the idiot, by mocking their name. Very ad hominem tactic.

No. 466573


Don’t really know what you thought the point we were trying to make was but it definitely isn’t “which is more important”

No. 466574

File: 1515597944240.jpeg (151.43 KB, 639x879, 5B74E5DC-82B4-4AD8-95FA-B6CF78…)

We got confirmation that Jonny purportedly waits on her hand and foot when she’s sick (though I imagine he’s exaggerating and has done it once or twice)

Have him sit at your computer for five minutes and edit your video Taylor that’s how long it takes for you anyway

No. 466581

I think it’s really weird that Taylor put out new merch and never mentioned it? These came out sometime after her and Jonny were in LA… because last i heard the only new merch was that stupidly overpriced cheese plush

No. 466583

File: 1515598925134.png (406.99 KB, 750x1334, 79328C1D-3B4C-41AF-B28B-842E37…)

Forgot to attach picture lol but new merch

No. 466591

God those are fugly…it looks like they hired some random artist/designer off fiver. Bindi looks like killer croc or that dude from fantastic 4.

No. 466614


Typical crappy YouTube merch that’s just got the sake of having merch and making extra money. That and taking advantage of the fans her animals have to make mascot plushies of them. I hope to god she doesn’t make a whole line of them like she claimed she wanted to do. Literally exploiting her pets for money.

No. 466677

On the subject of fugly merch, I love Blaire White but if you think Taylors merch looks bad… For whatever reason Blaires merch looks like the fucking "Photoshop is my passion" meme in shirt form. It's so bad I wanna cry. I don't understand why every person with a youtube channel thinks they need to start selling merch. Who actually walks around with some obscure youtube catchphrase on their chest?

No. 466683


The skeptic communitiy’s merch is just cringy in general though

No. 466700

i think money is her main motivation tbh. people obviously want to buy her merch.

No. 466704


Definitely, but it’s very transparent that Youtubers don’t care about quality when they just slap a cringy saying of there’s on a shirt or a five minute design. You can want money and make quality merch at the same time (plus the more time you spend on a design the more you can justify a high price point so it’s less of a risk of coming off like a cheap asshole)

No. 466751

File: 1515609621875.png (361.37 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-10-02-12-49…)

god, taylor tweeted and deleted a tweet last night before i could cap it. someone mentioned the blood on the pillows and jonny's swollen hands, and she took anons theory and said it was just acne and jonny has gained weight

No. 466753

File: 1515609646303.png (516.31 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-10-02-24-04…)

No. 466771

God are they in middle school?!?!?

No. 466824

Seriously. I enjoy being with my boyfriend but I've never felt the need to discuss that with other people or blast it over social media. They're compensating because their relationship is shit.

No. 466835

File: 1515615333777.png (Spoiler Image,232.98 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180110-141333.png)

She deleted this tweet

No. 466836

Didn't mean to hit spoiler… sorry!

No. 466988


As someone who gets anxiety when things are “too cluttered” I get the point of deleting certain tweets like if it’s spam or something unimportant

But the amount of stuff she tweets and deletes is really concerning it’s like she’s trying to hide things. Especially since all of the blatantly problematic shit she posted years ago she thought was okay to leave up

No. 467188

Another day of zero activity on social media.

No. 467267

File: 1515656473819.png (349.66 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8254.PNG)

No. 467277

Taylor never liked it…hmmmm

No. 467278

God, can't something happen? I LIVE for this thread.

No. 467282

File: 1515659071564.png (836.51 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180111-022342.png)

Uhhh… what just happened?

No. 467284


Weird I was just going to creep on her and I just saw that. I have no idea??

No. 467288

I've been looking all over the internet for archives, can't find any… the heck? The only archive I could find was from November 3-5

No. 467290

File: 1515660279405.png (597.86 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180111-081228.png)


No. 467295

Suuure Jonny. "Trigger finger also has a side effect of bleeding through osmosis."

No. 467335

one of his exes said on a livestream his hands are swollen because his organs are failing after years of drinking and drug use. can't remember if she said kidneys or liver, but it was something like that.

No. 467364


Edema can be caused by advanced kidney disease and cirrhosis of the liver, but both conditions cause other noticeable symptoms.

No. 467384

you can also have swelling in extremities while on dope either from eating nothing but crap or just laying for hours without moving at all. or both. or organ failure. or all three. in any case, these two are a fucking mess.

also, her mom probably purged everything because of criticism regarding her oversharing/being narcissistic or whatever. her behavior actually reminds me of my own mother – strong willed, a little overbearing (out of love), but definitely not a narcissist. She's just freaking the fuck out because she loves her daughter and doesn't want her getting beaten/addicted to smack.

Does anyone else feel like "narcissistic abuse" is insanely overdiagnosed? I swear, its some munchie shit… That said Johnny seems to fit the bill lol. But not tay's mom.

No. 467388

i also didn't get narcissistic vibes from the mom tbh. i think the disabled brother and the whole family having to work around that is more likely the reason taylor is so fucked up.

No. 467550


I agree. I don't have children but if my best friend or sister (or whoever is closest to me relationship wise) was doing this shit I'd be freaking the fuck out. I imagine it can only be worse when it's your child.

No. 467629

mostly agreed, but the fact that her mom regularly went on binges posting 10-20 tweets of emo song lyrics indicates a pretty stunted emotional state. reading their interactions made me realize how taylor got so "good" at manipulation.

few people are 100% narcs, many just have tendencies towards it. i'm sure raising a kid with prader–willi syndrome (tay's brother) for over a decade has taken a toll on her mom and everyone in the house. being the primary carer of a person who melts down any time they don't get their way (consequence of prader-willi) HAS to do some crazy shit to your parenting abilities. seems natural it would push you toward being extremely indulgent/enabling but overprotective/controlling at the same time. recipe for a kid who is desperately codependent but also resentful and rebellious.

definitely a fucking mess.

No. 467679

i just wanna say that these are for sure blood marks from injection sites. im a type 1 diabetic and i use the same injections and often prick myself with small needles to check my blood sugar and sometimes my bed has these small blood stains too. those cant come from ANYWHERE else im so certain

No. 467721

>also, her mom probably purged everything because of criticism regarding her oversharing/being narcissistic or whatever. her behavior actually reminds me of my own mother – strong willed, a little overbearing (out of love), but definitely not a narcissist. She's just freaking the fuck out because she loves her daughter and doesn't want her getting beaten/addicted to smack.

I agree. I actually found it annoying that people kept insisting she was a narc when not really. She just seems like someone who has never dealt with a child going rogue in the worst possible way.

No. 467794

File: 1515710565813.png (346.16 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-11-16-42-24…)

No. 467821


Already posted >>450311

No. 467832

oops, you're right. sorry bout that

No. 467833

File: 1515713518733.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-11-17-31-22…)

No. 467834

wow, she actually managed not to kill him. now how will she keep two adult cats in a small apartment

No. 467835

she wont, she will either rehome one or move out of her current apartment. maybe she thinks her johnny will finally start paying his share of the rent lmao

No. 467836

I'm honestly just glad the cat is looking healthier. Hopefully her stalking this thread has made it apparent that she needs to take better care of her animals because actual animal enthusiasts will correct her and not let her get away with that shit

Sage for no new info

No. 467887

Cats honestly don't need that much space. I have a 3BR house and my cats spend 90% of their time in my bed or under the coffee table.

No. 467888


She’s SO passive aggressive, I get that person was kind of rude but oh my god she is SUCH a bitch to people who don’t worship the ground she walks on.

No. 467889

yeah but do you also have 50 other animals

No. 467903

To be honest, i don‘t really see that big of a problem with her space for the cats? yes she does have alot of other animals but most of them are either in her „animal room“ or in fishtanks. Closing the door to that room shouldn’t be that big of a problem. The only real problem i see is if she has any lidless tanks outside of that room. Other than that i think she should be fine with the space (i‘ve seen people keep cats in way smaller flats) or am i missing something? If she still decides to rehome them.. well i guess she atleast proves that we were right all along.. out of experience: most cats really do not need that much space (if you know how to keep them entertained) but of course it differs from cat to cat.

No. 467905

I'm more concerned about her permanently keeping them locked in the bathroom than the size of her apartment.

I honestly think she keeps them locked in there and only takes them out for pictures. She locked her other animals in the closet and showed it off in her video as if it was good animal care.

No. 467918

I understand the chronic health problems can exist on a scale and even the people who have the worst pain imaginable DO have “good days”

But how the hell is Taylor dumb enough, knowing her condition can potentially make her bed bound for DAYS, to go and say “yeah I can take care of 30 animals no problem?”

I love animals too Taylor but I start thinking about having to take care of anything other than my one dog I get mentally exhausted.

No. 467933

If she didn’t leave her bed for 48 hours, how was she caring for the animals?

No. 467941

If she has a whole host of ailments that leave her incapacitated for 48 hours with unpredictable flare ups, why would she get 20+ animals in the first place.

No. 467954

Because she's selfish and dumb? I thought we established that already

No. 467974


YEP exactly, and she probably is so busy playing victim she doesn't think her fans will put it together.

Her fish and some of the reptiles are probably okay without daily maintenance, since they don't need feeding/cleaning every day, but the mammals definitely aren't. Especially those poor kittens.

No. 468005

Didn't one of Jonny's exes mention that he shoots up in his neck because all his other veins are blown out? That could be the reason for the blood spots on the pillows.

No. 468008

Honestly I was giving them the benefit of the doubt on the drugs shit… but those photos did it for me. I 100% believe Taylor (and ofc Johnny) are shooting up.

To the anon who suggested it was acne; hell no. I used to have really bad acne all throughout my teenage years, I never had a spot that bled like that all over the pillow and tbh only had spots that bled real bad when I picked at them leaving red marks etc. Makeup can only do so much, there's no evidence of acne that bad on either of their faces. That blood is from something else… and those marks on his arm… yeah…

No. 468048

If Taylor is in so much pain that she apparently can't even sit up straight and edit for five minutes in bed, there's no actual way she did any of her schoolwork, even though it was apparently hand-delivered to her.

But of course she could also be lying about how much pain she's actually in because having a laundry list of chronic health problems is the in thing right now.

No. 468091

File: 1515732271428.jpeg (323.28 KB, 750x1030, 693DFC6D-0BCC-465E-9137-9579BB…)

What’s with her using ‘ima’ all the time, does she think she is Kanye now. Definitely Jonny’s influence. Nothing is more ridiculous than Jonny’s ‘bet’ ‘ get got’ etc. most try hard immature bullshit I have ever seen from a 31 year old. No wonder he only dates 18-21 year olds.

No. 468124

That and working at Petco. That's a physical job and she can't even edit in bed. ???

No. 468132

File: 1515735358431.jpeg (153.54 KB, 750x1034, 21D62A3D-EE28-4262-8CAC-A48C1A…)

I think it’s a little strange that Taylor’s friend (one of the few and only) hates Jonny with a passion. Taylor and her have tweeted to each other a few times but everything Taylor has said about her has since been deleted of course

No. 468135


It wasnn't that physical of a job because according to her, her manager was mean and wouldn't ever let her leave the register (which is absolute bullshit considering she posted a photo of herself cleaning the store's reptile enclosures, but she had to put the blame on the pet store for her being an idiot.)

No. 468145

More physical than sitting up in bed at least.

No. 468146

Nah, not strange at all tbh. If anything, I think her friends probably keep quiet about it because they know an army of children will defend their deflection goddess with a passion if they dare say something against him.

No. 468364

Can someone PLEASE do digging and find some justification to make a thread on Tyler Rugge, this boy is such an idiot. We focus all our time on Taylor but not only are his animal care videos are just as bad, his extent of "explaining" something is giving a really vague description and then just going "go and do your own research."

No. 468373

File: 1515775509605.jpeg (783.17 KB, 1536x2048, D197EFEF-3B8E-4878-AEF0-953505…)

I cant believe no one has commented on how bloated his poor belly is other than saying "awwwww look at his fat lil belly!!" Bloating like this is more than likely a sign of intestinal/internal parasites.

No. 468378

That kitten looks sick. I can't believe she has no shame in posting pics of her obviously unhealthy cat for everyone to see how she can't take care of him.

No. 468388

Correct me if I'm wrong but i thought nemo was a boy? What are those spots on his stomach?
Apologies if I'm an idiot- my male cats never had nipples like that? Or I never noticed- If that's what they are. Apologies sage for ignorance?

No. 468394


Male cats have nipples too.


His tummy is so bloated it's hard to look at. I feel bad for the poor thing.

No. 468396

My main problem with the space thing is that she won't have the space or the decent to provide multiple feeding stations, sleeping stations, toy stations and whatever else. These cats will probably be encouraged to be together 24/7 which normally doesn't go too well with cats. You can keep cats in small apartments as long as you have enough stations for them to use.

Personally I also think she will have some trouble setting these stations up. Her fish tanks probably take up a fair bit of room and everything else added together will also take some space up. I'm not saying she won't be able to fit it all in but it may end up looking very overcrowded which is teh last of the many issues.

No. 468402

She complained about someone calling her out yesterday about the video despite her claiming it was already filmed, and said she finally edited it.

Where's the video then? All that YouTube money and she's going to keep complaining about how her internet in awful? You don't live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere Taylor.

No. 468427

File: 1515782046372.png (588.25 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-12-12-33-06…)

No. 468460

Thank you- was a dumb question lol never noticed on male cats always thought they were less prominent.

No. 468502

lol anon that's too cute, all male placental mammals have nipples because the foetuses' "Default" state during the early stages of development is female.

No. 468516

Does anyone have the video/screenshots of the girl Jonny supposedly cheated with in LA? I think i found her profile but I’m not sure

I’ve searched all the threads but can’t find it for some reason

Sage for no new milk

No. 468580

Did anyone screenshot that tweet she made a little bit ago (and deleted) saying something like "While you're tweeting mean things bees are dying and you should stop saying mean things and save the bees!!!"
I mean, I would have deleted it too because it made her sound dumb as hell, but how much of a savior complex does this girl have? "Save the bees and stop being a meanie!!!!"

No. 468584

This poor baby needs to be taken away from her. He's very sick, he's probably extremely uncomfortable. Bloating like that is a definite sign of parasites. I'm beyond disgusted.
Sage for no new content.

No. 468597

File: 1515795137115.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-12-16-10-54…)

No. 468599

File: 1515795261509.png (304.28 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-12-16-13-13…)

considering how much she tweets and deletes stuff, i have them sent to my email now

No. 468606

THANK YOU. This one annoyed me more than it should have.

No. 468618


omg I thought for sure his tummy wouldve gotten better by now but it's so bloated. It looks so painful. kittens have big milk bellies, but that's TOO big. if the rest of his body had been chunky then sure. def looks like he's got parasites. :/

No. 468626

tbh the merch actually looks cute and an upgrade compared to the cheese merch
wheres the new video btw? lmao

No. 468634

He's not even on milk anymore

No. 468640

The hedgehog is cute but the bts is….interesting? I've seen better lizard stuffies than that. Also if she doesn't even have the time to edit her video, where is she getting the time to do this merch related stuff?

No. 468716

File: 1515801687818.png (504.5 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-12-18-01-02…)

No. 468724

I don’t knock the idea of mascot character plushies, but am I the only one thinking Taylor’s getting a little too ahead of herself with all the (overpriced) stuffed animal merch? Especially with how little she posts and how much she actually shows most of her animals.

No. 468760


“Editing super hard”

She said she finished editing yesterday. Also, what the hell is so difficult about you editing? You edit jump cuts and add in music, that’s it. You don’t slave in front of a computer for six hours.

No. 468767


Seriously. Called her out with my fake Twitter on the editing lies. I’m fully prepared for 12 year old Stan’s to attack there

No. 468795

File: 1515806288841.png (476.82 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-12-19-17-08…)

No. 468803


Editing must be hard when you're constantly drugged up on heroin

No. 468824

This hedgehog plush looks like something you could win out of a $1 crane game

No. 468876

I agree with the anons who say that blood is NOT from acne. I'd believe that (maybe) if it was just one to two spots on the center of the pillow, but that's a lot of blood spots. Also, this is the second time this has been noticed right? I would bet any amount of money that they are both using drugs. Which is why she's not putting out content. I unsubbed because of her lack of consistency (and of course the fact that she's supporting a rapist) and I think a lot of the 'regular old joe' are going to unsub or start dragging her in the comments if she can't get off her doped up butt and put out videos. I lost patience as a fan pretty quickly, and then once I realized she wasn't the quirky, intelligent, animal-loving loner I had believed her to be, I was so done.

No. 468878

File: 1515846175824.png (727.1 KB, 750x1334, 303F637C-8D68-455F-86CE-F59BAD…)

No. 468881

Someone pointed this out a while gao when she was showing her tanks. She only spoke of three betas.

She either tried to replace him or forgot he was even in there to begin with. The late update is just odd.

No. 468891

File: 1515848782691.png (1.61 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180113-130522.png)

of course she did you have pretty much a designer skink…
and we all know how much she loves designer pets

No. 468931

lol, i love how she's copped that faux black BS from Johnny, who probably copped it from interacting with his dealers and thinking he's some hard ass gangsta. (not racist, just if you're buying heroin regularly in any US major city, the dealer is probably black, and many white junkies embarrassingly try to emulate the way they speak)

coming from taylor it's even more cringe than johnny.

No. 468977


Guys. She's quoting meme that's like 10 years old in that tweet reply. I want milk as much as the next person but let's not start making shit up

No. 469016

the new video is up guys

No. 469017

File: 1515863477757.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-13-11-10-21…)

No. 469036

Lmao anyone notice that jump cut at 7:50 when she was holding the crab. It definitely crashed to the floor a split second after she cut the video. I don't think she is the worst pet owner in the world, but christ she is not near the top of the list, that's for sure. Poor crab.

No. 469052

i actually really, really enjoyed this video. it was great seeing the snakes and the kittens.

one thing that did disappoint me though was how she glossed over her new red beardie… i was hoping she would address the criticism shes been getting because his enclosure is really not up to snuff. she kinda just showed him and said what he was and cut to the next animal, whereas every other pet got a little more attention and words said about them

No. 469054

I agree, but I hated how at almost every animal she warns they shouldn't be handled or put in bright lights or anything and proceeds to do the exact same thing she warned not to do. I know a few seconds of handling shouldn't hurt them but her younger audience will probably say "she does it so I can do it too".

Yes, the angle of the crab was definitely going against gravity.

No. 469057

"Everyone but the fish are getting cage upgrades"
Alright Taylor so still living all of them in too small of a tank cool.

No. 469058

Her hands were shaking so badly during that video it was almost hard to watch. Every time she jerked one of her snakes around I nearly flinched, like geez! She could have been a lot more gentle, especially with the ones about to go through shed.

No. 469059

File: 1515867619515.png (903.83 KB, 1136x640, IMG_2219.PNG)

What is that's scab lmao

No. 469064


She says in the video at around 15:32 that she burnt herself while baking pizza.

No. 469067

Funny how many points of her animal 'care' seemed to come from this thread. At least she seems to be somewhat listening though..

Any anon's can comment on the spider enclosure? I know there were some issues with it last time, but don't know if she fixed them?


Pretty sure she glossed over it because it's Johnny's 'pet'. Probably somewhat subjected to his whims and what little money he has as such.


She said it was from getting pizza out of the oven. Looks like an oven burn to me too. Particularly common in folks moving out for the first time lol.

No. 469071

"Handling a snake that's about to shed can really stress them out and make the shed a little bit difficult"
Literally handles the shedding snake in the next shot

No. 469078

Where are her “cow” clownfish??? Why wouldn’t she show those? Also i love the irony of how she talked about how she likes hold her Halloween crab near to the floor but a week ago she was sitting on a bed swinging it around on one hand.

I think she’s getting better and finally taking some criticism to heart but only in her YouTube videos. She’s still a bitch on twitter who doesn’t want to listen to anyone.

No. 469093

The entire video is her saying "you should never hold/touch these" while she does it.


No. 469096

"The entire reason I got a service dog for myself was to get a service dog for my little brother"


No. 469098

Was gonna say Nemo looks better but then I saw his face… and nope.

No. 469117

At least she finally separated Zasu and Cheese.

No. 469124

That whole thing was stupid anyway. She was talking about how Kida hadn’t learned any alerts yet… alerts for what? That she’s in pain? That her joints hurt? That she’s eaten gluten? We all know her PTSD from being in an “abusive” relationship is bullshit because she’s with Jonny, so why exactly did she need a service dog anyway? That’s one of the reasons I always thought she was a munchie, because she’s so like all the other munchies with service dogs for illnesses like POTS and GP that there is NO NEED FOR.

No. 469145

AGAIN she's saying you're not supposed to do/hold that and does it . i really wonder how these reptiles even survive

No. 469146

ye prob while being high as fck

No. 469147


I wonder how many times they have bitten her.

No. 469154


Not from the US, so can anyone clarify on how a service dog can be a rescue dog that was too nervous for 5 months to even behave like a normal dog?

Dogs have strict training from puppies here and a lot of puppies don't even make the cut because they're too distracted/too playful/nervous etc.

To me it seems like they adopted (if they did indeed get that dog from a shelter and not a breeder; correct me again if I'm wrong, but that dog looks high content breed not mixed mutt) and they just claim it to be a service dog when it's not.

No. 469155


They have been apart for a while now. Roughly after the time she showed Cheese rolling around in the polyps because Zazu had stung him.

No. 469164

At around like 19:38..? I saw one of them swim upwards through the frame on the side. They’re seen a little bit after that too. She just doesn’t seem to show them off which is honestly surprising because they’re “expensive!!1!” I wonder why that is…

No. 469171

It is pretty painful to see her handle literally any of her animals oh my god. Especially the ones that shouldn't be touched at all (the damn dragon skinks, frog) and the hedgehogs and snakes. She just seems to throw these guys around.

And the falling crab, ofc.

No. 469182


Her going after those dragon skinks was painful to watch. Like… wait till they're visible or just don't show them… anything but go rooting them out.

No. 469187

Also…don't want to insult her appearance but her lips are so damn weird in this video. It makes me sad how she has basically ruined them with filler. Her face looks kind of weird in this video too… but I can't tell if it's just the lips that are throwing me.

No. 469189

She put her finger in her pacmans mouth???? Holy shit that's really uncool that poor frog

No. 469191

It is just me or she seems a little bit off in this videos, she was throwing things around, handling in a really weird way all her animals, talking like she didn't feel like talking. IDK it was just weird.

No. 469192

File: 1515876948035.png (490.69 KB, 808x440, face.png)

No. 469195


I just realised she's kind of talking like she has cotton mouth from smoking too much weed. Like those weird underbitey jaw movements followed by correction aka the weird as fuck way she's moving her face when she speaks is a classic tell.

No. 469213


I'm no weed pro nor a lip injection pro, it could be weed but I feel more like she's disturbed by her new, bigger lips. Complete hypothesis, though.

No. 469227

shes been talking like that for a while though, before she met her new boyfriend. i noticed and commented if she got braces or something because she was talking like her jaws are stiff? idk how to explain it. i watched some of her old videos to compare and theres undeniably a difference

No. 469232

she said in the video that she burnt herself making pizza

No. 469235

That’s how i felt about the hedgehogs. Literally all of them are sleeping. Why not film when they’re awake?

No. 469236

does anyone know if its dangerous keeping the hedgehogs and the snakes together in the same room? i dont really have experience with snakes so i dont wanna talk out of my ass lmao

No. 469238

It’s not dangerous but it’s not good. Snakes can smell the rodents and can make them more irritable or stressed.

No. 469241

Or it could be that she just knows that she is lying /bullshitting directly to the camera. At the part where she explains the situation with her former service dog Kida, she looks extremely nervous and fidgety.

Her hands were also shaky as fuck throughout the video, but that could be due to multiple things… medication, not having eaten for a while, lack of sleep, anything really. Can't be sure what that's about.

No. 469268


I'm pretty sure she got veneers on her front teeth, if you look at some older pictures of her teeth the two on the sides of her front teeth were a lot smaller than they are now

No. 469274

Can someone embed the video you all are discussing please?

No. 469276

No. 469279

File: 1515882814380.png (214.04 KB, 1242x1079, IMG_3592.PNG)

this showed up on my timeline from one of my mutuals. i think people are catching on

No. 469281

She sounds desperately bored and irritated the ENTIRE time, like she resents having to make videos at all.

Feels like she just went around harassing her animals. Had zero patience with any of them. Probably the first time she's paid real attention to the less marketable ones in a long time.

Why are her hands so twitchy, btw? Her movements are erratic, esp when holding all the snakes she said it was a BAD idea to hold. Why do neither of her crested geckos have tails? What's wrong with her leopard gecko's eyes? Neither cat seems particularly energetic. Nemo looks glazed over.

That whole vid just made me sad. Why keep so many animals if you resent having to care for them?

No. 469282

looks like she’s been hittin the slopes to me

No. 469312

File: 1515884772292.jpg (18.8 KB, 300x300, taylor-dean-4.jpg)

Teeth differences

No. 469314

File: 1515884788395.png (216.85 KB, 558x347, Screenshot_2017-11-26_at_2.59.…)

No. 469318


She looks wrecked here (where is this from?), but it's more the underbite movement's she's doing with her lower jaw that is weird af and not present in her other videos but present in this latest one.


You can see here her lower teeth are in front of her top teeth.

No. 469321


>Why do neither of her crested geckos have tails?

They drop them when scared and they don't grow back. Not surprised hers have both lost their tails with the way she handles.

>Feels like she just went around harassing her animals. Had zero patience with any of them.


No. 469322

From her "bathing all my pets" video I think

True, there's definitely some fuckery happening with her mouth

No. 469351


I mean, Jonny is getting all new teeth so it's not like it's farfetched that Taylor knows a guy. I have less of a problem with her getting new teeth than I do with her wonky lip injections

No. 469369

Yet again she shows off her "by myself" tattoo when the meaning of it has been totally disproven by her dating JC.

Also, was I the only one who was disturbed when she said Crested Gekos come in "lots of cute colours"? Way to treat them like objects.

No. 469379

Extremely disturbing. The way she was holding all of them like they were a bracelet on her arm. It really shows that she doesn't see them as a family member and more like show items.

No. 469380


Any person who has to get a cringy "I don't need anyone" sort of tattoo to prove they're a loner is hopelessly deluded about just how clingy and how much they thrive on validation they actually are.

No. 469390

If it's weed who cares? Weed is a great treatment for people with chronic pain.

No. 469404


Don't get your panties in a bunch, no one cares but it's funny considering she markets herself as 'family friendly' and antidrugs and then comes on camera like that.

No. 469408

I see Zazu is once again out in the open in a video despite her claiming he only comes out when there’s food.

Also, anyone else find it annoying how she brags every time her snakes shed in one piece? That should just be the standard, it’s not an accomplishment. But of course she looks for any way to “prove” she’s a good pet owner.

No. 469412

I really don‘t think people care if she was just smoking weed for her illness. Lot‘s of people do that.. What annoys everyone is that she denies using drugs to keep up her „family friendly pet mom“ facade although it‘s become very obvious that she is indeed doing.. something lol. She could just admit it and calm down the drama but that would damage her image big time.(And let‘s be honest: weed is probably not the only thing she‘s smoking.)

No. 469424

File: 1515891108427.png (53.32 KB, 599x351, weed.png)


Exactly this… and we know Johnny boy smokes (+recently). Not really much of a reach.

No. 469427

File: 1515891306648.jpg (566.2 KB, 910x693, oTZmoxx.jpg)

In her NEW YEAR, NEW PETS video, her hedgehogs back nails are super long.
And it's really important to clip a hedgehogs nails, since it hurts them.

And she obviously doesn't take care of it, since they shouldn't have grown that long to begin with.

No. 469563

I noticed Taylor's developed more of a lisp in recent videos(lol the few from the past 4 months). I think it's a combination of lip filler and the obvious veneers

I think if everyone is so caught up in her using, they're going to be reaching really hard for telling signs when really we had enough evidence in the texts to Jonny's ex and well, that she's dating Jonny Craig.

No. 469570

A lot of crested geckos drop their tails. Even the . Most experienced of people have had a crestie or two drop their tails on a whim. One person had it happen to a hatching when they removed the water dish. One had it happen when we walked into the room 15 feet away then walked out. And it's not all that bad to have a crestie drop it's tail because you don't have to worry about FTS.

No. 469581

Leopard geckos close their eyes when a room is too bright or in extreme cases it can be caused by a vitamin a deficiency and lots of crested geckos drop their tails but it’s also strange that neither of hers have tails

No. 469582

I hate how she’s not getting a bigger predator tank because that pitiful 50 gallon seems no where adequate for the amount of fish in there

No. 469605


You mean the biocube? It's only 30 gallons, and she might be rounding up because 28 and 29 are more standard sizes for biocubes.

She really needs to upgrade all her fish tanks. Cheese and the naso tang need a much bigger tank than 150, and the predator tank isn't really big enough for three fish. Maybe if she JUST had Zazu in there. The freshwater tank doesn't seem overstocked, but anyone still keeping betta sororities is willfully ignorant, and I'm not sure about her choice to keep betta, rainbow, AND bushfish together. Someone's likely to get outcompeted for food.

No. 469620

Notice also how she quit getting her nails done.

No. 469630

"This snake is Gucci, she's about to shed so we don't want to handle her much-"
>several minutes of footage of her swinging the snake around while she talks about why you shouldn't do that

No. 469631

In her new video around 15 minutes in, it looks like her pied python's water dish is empty and he seems to only have one hide. Ball pythons should have at least 2 hides in order to thermoregulate. Also, what the heck was she talking about when she said that her house was the perfect temperature for ball pythons? There should be a heat gradient on upper seventies on one side and around ninety on the other, maybe I missed something.

When she was showing her green tree python she pointed out his shed and discussed that snakes should shed in one piece (which is true), but it's obvious when she was showing the GTP that he had pieces of shed coming up all along his body. It is obvious that he has a bad piecey shed, which means that his humidity is incorrect. It's kind of funny that she was trying to make it seem like he was having a perfect shed when he was on camera with shed poking out everywhere.

Her freshwater community tank is in bad shape in my opinion. The betta fish have raggedy nipped fins which could be them fighting with one another or it could be from other fish, since bettas are slow and bright which makes them targets. Also what the heck is a bushfish doing in there? Besides the fact that the tank is too small for it, they get six inches and are aggressive. None of the other fish in there are good tank mates for a bushfish imo. Also the tang in the 150 gallon is so sad. Ironic how the first video I saw of her was talking about how tangs need at least 300 gallons and now she has a wild caught tang in half that size. He looks like he can barely move around in there.

I get being fascinated with animals, but why buy them if you're not going to take proper care for them? She isn't even providing minimum care for most of them. If she spent less money on designer pets, like her two grand snake and her $600 clownfish and Craigslist kitten, she could have given the pets she already had proper enclosures.

No. 469637

File: 1515909699728.jpg (68.92 KB, 782x539, X1BBiD3.jpg)

So I had a thought. Maybe this is why she isn't upgrading her fish tanks. Maybe she isn't allowed to.
If that's the case it's still shitty of her because she should have known ahead of time that an upgrade would be necessary soon.

Sage for old tweet and speculation

No. 469653

File: 1515910670817.png (363.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180113-231750.png)

Please no. I swear to god if she comes home with another ball python that she overhandles and doesn't quarantine, I'll loose it

No. 469657

Love how she's too sick to sit and edit a video for a week but can go to Dallas and probably buy a new animal she doesn't need

No. 469684

>> 469637 that's actually a good point. But if they don't care about the drug use and the drug user not on the lease living with her I doubt they'd evict her for keeping a large aquarium lol.

>>469653 Yeah, seems a bit strange. Sometimes with EDS/limited energy you'd save up energy before a day you knew you had to go somewhere, which could be what she was doing, but I kind of doubt. Plus actually getting videos out is her whole source of income, should be her priority over unnecessarily buying new pets.

No. 469688

Unless her hours is 85-87 degrees which is the proper ambient temperature for a ball python then she is painfully mistaken. She doesn’t even have thermometers and hydrometers in there so i doubt she monitors temp or humidity.

And IF her house is actually the proper ambient temp for a ball python then she’s overheating her crested geckos. She really is doing something wrong one way or another.

No. 469714

She's NEVER had to cancel a trip because of her mysterious illnesses. Only comes up when she needs to do videos.

No. 469737

her face is looking really swollen. also in her last 2 vids shes wearing make up that makes her look like an drug addict even m,ore ^^

No. 469738

her face is looking really swollen. also in her last 2 vids shes wearing make up that makes her look like an drug addict even m,ore ^^

No. 469754


I don't doubt she has EDS, but she's playing it up to her own benefit, for the sake of making anyone questioning her feel bad.

No. 469789

Honestly, as someone who was a fan only a few months ago, her hypocrisy, ignorance and lack of hesitation to manipulate shocks me.
I'm glad I found this thread, honestly.

No. 469812

Welcome to the club. I was a fan of hers really early on, when it was possible to believe her whole awkward animal loving loner persona. I related to the chronic illness thing too since I dropped out of HS due to IBD/agoraphobia.

But yeah. I think part of the reason people are so upset by her and why there are so many former fans here is because she portrayed herself as something she absolutely is not, never was, and never will be. She isn't a lonely awkward homebody who took refuge in her passion, animals. She's a pathological attention seeker who uses animals as a means to an end. She may even actually believe she loves them the way she pretends to, since they get her what she wants and acquiring them helps her fill the void.

I think one of the most telling things in this WHOLE thread is how she used a poor snake as an accessory for 3 hours at a party, then straight up lied about it – after admitting exactly what she did on video. She's a presidential tier pathological liar, lol.

No. 469848

File: 1515945751865.jpeg (74.85 KB, 640x387, 42E12671-7938-4805-99CC-6EFDD5…)

She tries so hard to be quirky and ‘not like other girls’ it’s getting painful

No. 469851

it's like rn she can't decide if she wants to be the tattooed bad girl rockstar's girlfriend or the awkward fragile animal lover. her attempts at being both are so, so milky. it says a lot that both identities are acquired by latching on to something or someone else rather than her own talents or personality – "having animals will make people think i'm interesting" vs "dating johnny will make people think i'm cool and rebellious"

No. 469858

Doesn't matter, both are the same kek

She took her time in Youtube to answered every comment who asked her to get Nemo's stomach check because he was really bloated. She said she takes him aaaall the time and the vet said that's the way his stomach is. Bitch that's not normal. Your other fucking pure breed cat doesn't look like a balloon.

No. 469868

I just watched her most recent video and ugh. That poor green tree python with the barren enclosure, all huddled around its sad little plants and shedding in chunks. Wtf Taylor.

Also, can anyone more experienced with ball pythons comment on whether her super mojave and albino pied look very underweight? To me they look really fucking triangular… The pied even looks wrinkly.

And the stocking on that freshwater tank is a hot mess. And the poor naso tang… I can't believe she's upgrading everyone BUT the fish. They're the only ones that really truly need bigger tanks, everyone else could do with more hides etc. Just more proof that once she loses interest, they don't matter.

No. 469871

I thought she looked better in this video than she usually does. Her makeup was nicer and her hair didn't look like she actually brushed it

No. 469882

she looked exactly the same as she normally does but this time she had infected looking burn and blown out lip fillers lmao but ok taylor u looked super duper !

No. 469892

You honestly think she looked as bad as this? >>469314

Her face is fucked up from her lip fillers but at least she put on non terrible makeup and her hair didn't look like she cut it off with child scissors anymore

No. 469894

File: 1515950242998.jpg (109.02 KB, 1080x776, Screenshot_20180114-091442__01…)

Totally the same

No. 469914

Generally wrinkly snakes=underweight, or dehydrated. In the case of her albino pied one, it looks dehydrated to me, which would make sense if she doesn't pay attention to humidity. I wouldn't be surprised if she only keeps it humid when they're shedding.

No. 469940


Her hair is still pretty awful imho. There's just chunks cut out near the top (not layers) and it looks fried as hell. I can't believe it actually looked healthier bleached… but then I guess this is just dye on top of bleach.

No. 469956


Actually in response to her hair it looks dull, extra dry and pretty shit. All this drug usage really effects her hair is a very obvious hard to hide one

No. 469962

The whole humidity issue is something I don't get with a lot of people who say keeping snakes is easy. Sure, it's easy compared to a rodent but all reptiles she has require humidity levels and temperature levels to be at a certain point. That alone takes me ages and can be generally time consuming in smaller cages where you can't really set up a cool and hot area.

No. 469975

Those chunks are her actual hair lol she wears a lottt of extensions and doesn’t have much hair to begin with

No. 469978

Thank you for saying this. I don't know anything about snakes, but I was still frustrated with the people who defend her saying that the majority of the pets she has don't take a lot of time. I imagine that they don't if you're just throwing food at them and moving on. I know enough about snakes to know you should at least check on the humidity and look for mites and such. Having fish, I look at them several times a day for things like raised scales, curled gill colors, missing scales, or any indication that they are sick. When I feed them, I don't just throw food in. I stand there and watch them eat to make sure there are no leftovers polluting my tank, and also to be sure that they're eating properly. Doing these things doesn't take me just a few minutes.

On another subject, people are so quick to believe Taylor when she says her cats get a clean bill of health for her taking him to the vet aaaall the time. The vet could very well be telling her that she has a sick cat for all we know. The vet also probably doesn't know that she was feeding the kittens on carpet and driving around in the car with them while holding them up in the air like an idiot, so of course he wouldn't tell her she's doing things wrong.

No. 470003

File: 1515959017771.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180114-194305.png)

No. 470004

File: 1515959033589.png (288.34 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180114-194308.png)


No. 470005

File: 1515959034865.png (4.11 MB, 1242x2208, A67B6B61-A048-453F-9A57-7EF62D…)

No. 470006


lord help the poor snake.

No. 470007

Taylor please stop. This is beyond ridiculous

No. 470008

holy fuuuuck why. she needs to stop

No. 470022

Oh you've got to be shitting me. After a week of "oh sorry guys I can't edit my video or get out of bed" she gets a new freaking animal. What is wrong with this girl.

No. 470037

Predictions for the next week: “i don’t know guys, i was thinking about calling him heroin, ya know cause people associate heroin with bad things and they also have the same stereotype for snakes :)”

No. 470060

Yeah but don't your remember it's her *~dream apartment~*

No. 470065

I legitimately don't understand how her fans don't put two and two together. She spent all week bitching that ughhh she couldn't get the editing donneeeeeee because illnessesssssss, but has enough energy to go get yet another animal?
As far as I know, snakes are pretty easy to care for, but I'm sure that her zoo must take some time to be taken care of every week, no? And I'm sure as shit Jonny doesn't help either so ?????

No. 470075

So this is a chimera, right? Or paradox, whatever they call it. Albino Black Pastel or some other keyhole pattern morph. I know there are a few BP spergs ITT.

Paradoxes sell for WAY too much considering it's just a genetic aberration and not an actual morph, i.e. the snake looks cool but cannot pass its coolness to any babies.

No. 470083

It looks like she went to Repticon Dallas, which is a five hour drive from San Antonio. She probably wasn't "too sick to edit," she was just on vacation.

This bitch!

No. 470100

oh this is depressing. and you see so many young girls showing off their new snakes hanging around their necks in taylor's replies lately. that's not how you promote keeping pets taylor, pls stop

No. 470120


Honestly, she's a lying, irresponsible cunt. "Too ill" to sit at a laptop and shove in some predictable jumpcuts to a straight-forward unscripted video but fine to drive hours to buy your 56th snake you don't need.. This just confirms this bitch is an impulsive/compulsive buyer/hoarder that buys animals solely for feeding her own vanity and need for attention. Seriously, fuck her.

No. 470140

This is SO disgusting. Taylor should not be allowed to purchase anymore animals. It’s incredibly unhealthy to get so many animals so quick.

No. 470142

I hope to god she’s reading this thread and puts the fucking snake down and quarantines it properly for once. This poor baby is going to be so stressed.

No. 470153

File: 1515968419823.jpeg (74.84 KB, 750x639, 6533D870-66F3-465C-AD82-28F0B0…)

The definition of impulse buying.

No. 470176

And her fans reward her

No. 470186

File: 1515970031348.png (10.12 KB, 337x104, dssdsdsd.PNG)

No. 470187

File: 1515970045092.png (3.84 MB, 1242x2208, BF1D2D27-8B17-479A-A9C0-DA680D…)

Did anyone see one of her fans got a tattoo of her snake? She retweeted it.

No. 470189

File: 1515970110365.png (534.74 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-14-16-47-06…)

No. 470193

Ball pythons don't eat as much when it gets colder outside

No. 470211

Mine still eat a pretty normal amount of food and don't get that wrinkly triangular look to them, ball pythons should NEVER loose weight when going off feed. That's 100% a bad sign and would warrent a vet visit. I once had my largest female go off feed for five months, and she lost 23 grams, which is next to nothing and was most likely from a bowel movement she had about a month into her "hunger strike".

No. 470246

Sage for nitpick, but did she intentionally get the wrong markings? I thought the whole 'red on black' vs 'red on yellow' thing was fairly common knowledge, especially amongst people who have at least a minimal degree of knowledge about snakes.

No. 470272


She got a tattoo on the condition that Taylor followed her, I think. I hope Taylor isn’t a massive bitch and at least follows for another month for inevitably dropping her.

No. 470275


Wait wait wait this chick got an ugly tattoo so Taylor can follow her on Twitter?!?!

No. 470281

File: 1515976586203.png (375.96 KB, 607x441, dfdfdf.PNG)

just transporting it on her lap, no carrying container or anything. i'm baffled at this point

No. 470282

File: 1515976735746.png (143.43 KB, 570x925, sddsds.PNG)

people are actually calling her out, no doubt they will all be blocked soon

No. 470284

imo it actually looks a lot better than taylor's snake tattoo.

No. 470290

File: 1515977471256.png (263.51 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-14-18-50-33…)

No. 470292


I dislike the line weight around the snake but it's not too bad as far as tattoos go. Taylor's is a bit of a mess bleeding everywhere, but that's not really her fault, her skin clearly doesn't hold ink well.

No. 470294

What is with his obsession with twisted tea? I swear he mentions it in every other post.

No. 470302

Because he's a college freshman? I can't think of anyone else who would willingly drink that swill. At this point I think it'd be classier to brag about his love for Smirnoff Ices or something.

No. 470304


Wasn't he sponsored?


Except he's in his 30's if I recall correctly.

No. 470305

Her tattooer should have made that a lot more of fine lines, all of her tattoos need it. The type of lines those sized and placed tattoos should be done thinner because the skin there is much more thin and wrinkly

I’d die if she ended up with a JC tattoo or matching or who knows. Out of any of his girls she seems the dumbest and most naive that she would do that

No. 470323

… No he's not, and it's a joke.

No. 470325

I get that everyone was getting angry at Taylor for abandoning her dog, but it's honestly better she doesn't have one. That dog would be so neglected.

She'd never take it out on long 20-minute walks or play sessions because she's "too sick," she's in an apartment so I imagine unless she gets a toy breed it would be miserable since it couldn't play inside, she'll probably just get wee wee pads and lay them down because she's "too weak" to even take the poor thing outside.

Also knowing her past record with pets, she'd prop her animals all over the dog. That isn't inherently bad if the dog is very relaxed, but it would stress them all out.

No. 470328

Her snake tattoo has always annoyed me. It looks sorta crooked and the lines aren‘t as crisp as they should be with such a tattoo. It‘s just a nitpick but whatever

No. 470329

I, Too, have my hands on the wheel when sitting in the driveway!

No. 470330

I get irrationally annoyed with her calling her reptiles dogs. Maybe because the ones that she calls dogs are the ones that she does inappropriate things with, like taking them to the store or letting them walk around outside.

No. 470331

i'd be happy if she rehomed most of her animals tbh

No. 470341


It’s not just her, calling animals that aren’t dogs a dog is some hit or miss cringy humor. Seeing an animal acting dog-like and saying “good dog” or “what kind of dog is that” in passing his fine, but once you drag it out and start calling everything a dog it starts to get stupid

No. 470342

Dangerous personification. Leads to more dangerous behaviors, Like having the snake around her neck for 3 hrs at a party, and leading her fans to impulse buy ball pythons/the sort.

Also this too… bad in both ways.

No. 470345

Can a BP autist anon confirm that this is a paradox SPIDER MORPH?

If this is the case, this is a big deal. All BPs with the spider gene have a neurological condition that causes them to lose control of their movements. Sometimes it gets so bad they can't eat. A lot of BP breeders say "oh it's no big deal" but any sane person who has ever seen it recognizes that it's fucked. Note: not ALL spiders display this, but all can develop it, and MOST have it to some degree or another.

For those interested, search "ball python spider wobble" on Youtube.

Ugh… it really looks like a paradox banana spider. I'm not surprised at all that Taylor is implicitly condoning/promoting this morph.

No. 470363


Yeah, I work at a petstore and I always tell customers that ferrets are "little dogs" on account of how sociable and energetic they are, but that's as far as I go with comparisons.

Calling any reptile a dog is stupid because it'll cause her impressionable fans to treat them like dogs and take them out on stupid little harnesses (or none at all) or try to have them interact with their actual dogs

No. 470374


I meant the fan's tattoo is OK except the line weight. A bit thin imho and it means the tiny errors are very obvious and overall the look is a bit scratchy.

You're right about Taylor's though, it would have benefited from the reverse, being thinner then the bleeding would have been less obvious.

No. 470394

Didn’t Taylor get her tattoo done by Romeo? If that’s the case, no wonder her tattoo looks weird to me. He’s always hyping himself up and saying he’s the best, when really his tattoos aren’t even that great.

No. 470395


It's just because he's done tattoos for a few high-profile YouTubers (I think), so it gives the illusion he has talent

No. 470405

Also EDS can affect your jaw. A girl i know often has to tape hers up or gets locl jaw

No. 470421

File: 1515986152335.jpg (61.4 KB, 800x600, 003.jpg)

It absolutely ISN'T a banana spider. Looks more like a black pastel banana to me, but definitely not spider. This is a spider banana

No. 470433

File: 1515986766167.png (788.53 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-14-21-24-09…)

No. 470438

She definitely has a porch that is outside & fenced in.

No. 470444


lol The Residences only have 2.8 stars on google. Wonder how many 'complaints' there's been.

No. 470448

Right didn't Jonny upload a video on Instagram or smth of it covered in Christmas lights???? Why the fuck is she lying about something so stupid

No. 470450

At this point I think she just lies automatically even when there's no need.

Not sure why she's even bothered about said review either, it's in your face trolling, although I guess it gives her more attention and the poor oh woe is me.

No. 470451

File: 1515987343031.png (2.62 MB, 1854x1196, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.3…)

You can literally see the doors leading to the balcony in her instagram post…

No. 470453


Didn't she say she was on the ground floor though? Those are just stock photos of a furnished apartment, not /her/ apartment.

No. 470455


God, she's such an attention-seeking idiot. Despite claiming to hate drama and wanting nothing to do with it, she's constantly pointing at the people who are causing drama, giving us a play-by-play of every mean comment left on her social media, every time someone (supposedly) calls AHS, and constantly whines about what a victim she is.

No. 470456

At 8:40 it shows her patio/balcony

No. 470457

You know why it takes so long for her to edit videos? Because it takes so long for her to blur out and filter her face, otherwise there's nothing to editing her videos. She does a really bad job of photoshopping her face and it's time consuming to do. Also shows her narcissism imo. Hopefully enough exotic pet dealers in the business around her get wind of her animal hoarding and bad reputation, and stop selling to her.I don't think she ever considered that.

No. 470465

I can guarantee most of them don't care… There are countless people with more reptiles than her in much worse situations. Not defending her, just saying – expecting "exotic pet dealers" to cut her off is like expecting a dealer to cut off a junkie.

No. 470469

It's probably just a banana paradox. She's been wanting a banana BP for a while (which in Taylor-time is like… a month) and the fact that it's a paradox probably sold it for her.

No. 470483

He's stunned mentally in regards to his age.
He carries himself the same way a high schooler who thinks he's hot shit because he drinks skyy does.

No. 470502

I am so triggered by his claims of being sober and reformed while constantly metioning his weed and alcohol problems. And taylors acceptance of his "sobriety".

No. 470538

I'm fairly certain that behind closed doors the novelty is starting to pass for her. She really has no choice by now but to carry on with the whole "he's sober uwu" act because she knows people will turn on her if she says the contrary.
I'm betting she'll have this whole "The truth about my relationship: New chapter in my life" video after the breakup where she plays the innocent naive girl and people will fall for it lmao.

No. 470592

File: 1516000104938.jpg (3.2 MB, 3480x4640, IMG_20180115_000803.jpg)

And people wonder why her cresties don't have their tails. It's because of shit like this. Yes, crested geckos do drop their tails easily, but stuff like this isn't good for them!!

No. 470595

File: 1516000227893.jpg (3.55 MB, 3480x4640, IMG_20180115_000958.jpg)

From the same video as the last comment, here we have her ksb toast trying to bite her and Tyler. I wonder why? Oh yeah, you put him in a box and felt around and stressed him out. "He's never tried to bite!!¡!!" Man this video is a gold mine how have I never seen this

No. 470600

Weren’t their tails already gone by this video?

No. 470602

Yeah but it's stuff like this that can cause their tails to be dropped. She isn't careful with them at all :( and lots of people look up to her and see her doing this with her cresties and then they'll think it's okay

No. 470604

She won't upgrade the animal enclosures appropriately to their size requirements, won't trim her Hedghog's nails, and impulsively buys yet another Ball Python because it's a designer snake. Hoarder. Also I thought Betas lived 8 plus years, she acts like age 3 for her Beta is such a long time.

No. 470606

It's funny how in that apartment rating arguing and fighting were mentioned, but her response to that was lmao. They haven't been together that long and already fighting to where neighbors are hearing them? She probably loves to go out on the balcony seeking attention holding all of her snakes. How long before other residents begin to complain about her and she's kicked out if that's really all going on.

No. 470615

isnt this tipping the cow? should not be okay, its pretty clearly someone from the drama threads.

No. 470654


Good point. Whether the review was fake or not if that stuff wasn't happening you'd think she'd deny fighting or taking snakes out on the balcony.

No. 470665

Bettas living to 8 years is pretty rare especially with store bought ones. Most Bettas live 2-3 maybe 4 years before passing away.

No. 470679


It depends on the tail type too. Well bred veintails live 7+ years regularly, petstore bettas can live anywhere from 1-5+ years depending how old they were when they were bought.

No. 470697

Just watched her new video and found it weird how she kept saying Kida is happy with "that family." That is your family Taylor, or have they been replaced by JC and your kittens? Also noticed she had her long nails while talking about her dog but not when she was taking out her animals so she filmed this two seperate days.

No. 470716

Why would she be looking at reviews to begin with?
Just a bit weird..

No. 470717

called it. she removed the tweet

No. 470731

Do you all realize that if everyone is getting tank upgrades, she's going to have a bunch of empty tanks lying around?

No way could she just have empty tanks. She's gonna fill them. :\

No. 470751

Depends on what sort of tank 'upgrades' these are. If they're bigger and minimum requirement, she won't have much space to house other animals

No. 470754


I do believe she will find space, at least for the bulk of the empty tanks. She is 100% impulsive and a hoarder. She's already keeping some in the closet.

No. 470762

People keep mentioning her keeping animals in the closet like its some horrible thing… In reality, plenty of people do it. It allows you to have a quiet, climate controlled environment, away from human activity. You can do things like run one small space heater to keep many enclosures warm, rather than using UTH or CHEs on each individual enclosure. It was Gus the mouse in the closet right? It's probably best for him and the snakes that they can't smell each other.

…of course, I doubt any of this was her motivation. She just wanted somewhere to cram her more boring pet(s), lol.

Oh god, you're right. That's awful.

Also, I love how she hasn't even gotten stands/furniture… Seriously, what is she doing with her time that she's barely unpacked, has hardly made videos, has such shit enclosures in obvious need of basic shit like plant cover, etc etc etc…

Her freshwater tank is stocked like a 5 year old going into the fish store and pointing at anything pretty. One of these, a couple of those… Literally zero thought put into the compatibility of the species in terms of water chemistry, flow levels, aggression, size… What she should be doing is getting separate 5-10g tanks for the bettas, an adequate tank for the bushfish, and then supplying enough numbers of conspecifics for the schooling/shoaling fish to feel safe. Also didn;t she used to have some guppies? Lol.

But the aquariums aren't even on the list for upgrades, lol. They are 100% the ones most in need of it, her other pets mostly don't need new/bigger cages, just actual proper setups in the ones they have. But then she couldn't BUY stuff, and would have to do actual work to do anything cool like setup terrariums with live plants for her arboreal species, or bioactive cages for her snakes…

No. 470763


Same anon as 470754 here. Yeah, I actually agree that keeping small, caged animals in a closet isn't inherently bad. I actually kept a rat in a "closet" in my apartment once. Before anyone attacks me….he was the rare loner rat that didn't get along with others. I say "closet" because I kept the door open 24/7, so it was really more an alcove of my bedroom. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I'm just saying that she WILL find space, even if it means using something not typical like a closet.

I mean, usually you want your pets to be somewhere where they are a part of the family, but I totally hear what you're saying about keeping Gus and the hedgehog separate from some of the other animals.

No. 470764


Also yes. Dear god those fish tanks are so depressing. But she's onto snakes now so…

No. 470767

She seemingly got rid if her guppies. I‘m pretty sure that tank is where the bush fish used to live too. Looks like she put him in the beta‘s tank after loosing intrest in her guppies. Sooo she liked the bush fish enough to keep him but puts him in a beta sorority tank? uhh… i may not be a freshwater expert but i‘m pretty sure that‘s not the right place for him

No. 470787


Yes, the reason the mouse and hedgehog are in the closet is to prevent the snakes from smelling them. She stated this in the video. Keeping nocturnal animals in such an environment also makes sense.

The baseless screeching in this thread is such an embarrassment at times and undermines legitimate criticism.

No. 470791


Again….just pointing out that she is using any possible space she could find. Surely there is another room other than the closet she COULD be keeping those animals in. Besides, she has one hedgehog in the same room as the snakes and the other two in the closet. So….why is the male hedgie with the snakes? I know the male hedgie needs to be away from the female hedgies but….he's still with the snakes? That doesn't make sense.

Like I said before, there isn't anything inherently wrong with them being in the closet, since it has a light bulb that she can use for their circadian rhythm. When I first heard that Gus was in the closet, I imagined it was just a dark, unlit closet. THAT would not be okay. But with lighting and proper temperature, I see nothing wrong with it.

No. 470826

I'd be fine with it if there was proof that she keeps some sort of day/night cycle between them. Yes, they don't really require that day/night cycle like others do but it still adds to some stimulation for the animal. Also, fresh air is great.

I also doubt she interacts with the animals in the closet all that much and I imagine due to a lack of cleaning it stinks. Now, most rodents don't do too well with perfume smells which I find unlikely she doesn't use.

Sure, keep your pets in closets or other remote places but there is a certain standard it should meet,and I doubt she meets that.

No. 470832

This is incredibly nitpicky, but Taylor seems to have zero passion in her actual animals just based on what they’re named.

The majority of them seemed to be named after Disney characters or TV show characters, which is fine if you honestly really like the name that much and they much “look” like the character… but it’s pretty much all of them. Gus and Cheese and her dogs (who I’m sure she didn’t name on her own) are the only creative sounding names.

I don’t know maybe it’s jusr autist of me, but I feel like part of the investment is naming your pets, and not just slapping unoriginal names on all of them

No. 470858

Kovu (Lion King 2)
Sarabi (Lion King 2)
Dany & Drogo (GoT)
Bindi (Bindi Irwin)
Gucci (Because he's "designer")
Louis Vitton (Because he's "designer")
Ursula (Little Mermaid)
Cersei (GoT)
Tate and Violet (AHS)
Maui (Moana)
Ghost (GoT)
Nemo (Finding Nemo)
Mushu (Mulan)
Zazu (Lion King)

Over half of her animals are named after someone, it just seems really weird to me.

No. 470859

gus is named for cinderella toooo fyi

No. 470863


I'm sorry, but this is nitpicky AF. I don't see anything wrong with naming your animals after something you like/are passionate about. I've owned 11 different animals that I've named after hockey players/mascots/teams/slang and two I named for Kingdom Hearts. I'm really passionate about hockey and there were things about their personalities/appearances that made sense to name them for those things.(no one cares)

No. 470865


I just said it was nitpicky and autistic, man. I just think it's dumb

No. 470867


**I just think it's dumb that it's so many of them.

Name a pet after a character in a show or someone you like I don't give a shit, it's just sort of dumb how I see her fans giving her name suggestions all the time and she decides to name something cringy

No. 470873


To add to what others have mentioned, most pet store betta's are older (and the females especially may have been bred already); 3-5 years is usually the expected anyway regardless of source. 8+ Years would be possible but highly unusual. Like most fish, temperature can effect lifespan, higher temps = shorter life but more active fish etc. Betta are a tropical fish so should always be kept in heated water but how hot that water is can effect their lifespan.

3 years is on the lower end for a betta, but I don't actually think she mistreated the betta (at least from her infrequent videos of him). Snakes / spider / kittens / Bearded Dragon etc is more where the problems are at.

No. 470879


Airflow is usually a huge issue for rodents (particularly rats), the main issue I see in that cupboard is the lack of it and with a mouse and a hedgehog it could quickly become a problem.

Doesn't she have a three bedroom? I'm sure I saw that on the floor plans she posted.

Why doesn't she move the mouse and hedgehog into that room, or even the hallway, living room or her bedroom?

The apartment's not that small. I think most of the annoyance comes from the fact that she'd rather just stick them in a cupboard like the unwanted pets they possibly are.

No. 470890


I don't know too terribly much about hedgehogs or mice, but rats are tremendously prone to respiratory problems. Air flow is a major concern in a space like a closet. I really pointed the closet out more to say that she's using every bit of space she can.

But on second thought….why ISN'T she keeping these animals in some other room, if she does in fact have 3 bedrooms? Are the snakes in the living room or one of the spare bedrooms? I don't get it.

No. 470891

The Disney names are mainly for her brother who really likes Disney.

No. 470892

Honestly keeping a hedgehog in a dark room can be problematic because of the risk of the lack of light cycle causing them to go into hibernation mode which is deadly for them. I mean, if her temps are good she might be ok but why take the risk when you have 3 of them!?

No. 470915

Celia is also from Monsters Inc, only a small fraction of her animals aren’t Disney

No. 470921

Kida is from Atlantis the lost Empire (I assume). While I don't think there's a HUGE issue with her naming all of her pets after things, it is a little uncreative. I do have three of my animals named after people, but I also have some pets that just have names I came up with.

No. 470933

This thread got derailed from actual issues of neglect/abuse/drug use to people whining that they don't like the names she chose.

No. 470958

Ella is also named after Cruella De Ville from 101 Dalmatians

No. 470962

People were talking about her damn vagina earlier, I think this is valid?

No. 470966

people can talk about whatever they want relating to her on this thread
stop policing.

No. 470977


How many fucking times do we have to say that there's no "bigger" issue in this thread before you guys get it? Whatever stupid nitpick people have with Taylor is fair game, as long as it actually has something to do with Taylor it doesn't fucking matter.

No. 470980

Long time lurker but first time commenting anon here. I was just looking through her instagram and I went way back and found pictures of her jawfish, target mandarin fish, and an eel(?) does anyone know what happened with them? I can only find one picture of each and haven't read about them on the threads either when rehomed animals were discussed…

No. 470981

Half the stuff on this thread is just conspiracy and speculation at this point, this isn't some fucking expose it's just a bunch of autists talking to each other about some chick we can't stand.

No. 470982


How far back are we talking? A year or more? Two?

No. 470985


Pretty sure both her jawfish and eel are dead. One jumped the tank I believe… the other crawled out too to die.

No. 470988

File: 1516042322451.jpg (112.32 KB, 1066x472, targetmandarin.JPG)

I'm especially wondering about this fish…since she was already saying it was a challenge when she got it. The picture is from Oct 2016.

No. 470989


Is that an indication of poor care or are certain fish just inclined to jump more?

No. 470992

Some fish are definitely more inclined to jump out of the tank, I don't know about that particular fish though. But I do know that certain fish (like bettas as an example) will jump out of water so they need a lid

No. 471003

She gave away her eel after it ate some of her other fish.

No. 471012


Not seen it in a long while so it might have gone when she gave away her Seahorses.

No. 471014

Thanks for the correction, didn't she have two fish that jumped the tank though?

No. 471019


I don't know which one, but one jumped and she didn't notice for over a day.

No. 471031

Pretty sure the one that jumped was the Jawfish. Although I also remember one of her fish being sucked into the filter, so it could be that too.

No. 471034

File: 1516044383775.jpg (35.88 KB, 374x243, killifish.JPG)

from looking at her instagram, I think the target mandarin was left at a pet shop she "trusts" with the seahorses for months for some reason or another, I could find some videos of her visiting them too, but then after that there's pictures of the seahorses back at her house but the fish is not mentioned anymore, which is odd.

Anyway, on the topic of jumping fish I found a picture of her killifish where the caption says she lost "a few" of them (I'd love to know how many) from them jumping to their death.

No. 471100

I beg to disagree… Yes, the snakes/spiders/kittens/beardies have husbandry issues. But the stocking of her aquariums is horrendous.

It IS poor care, because any jumpy species should have a secure lid.

I'm fairly certain that some of the fish she "gave away" actually just died, lol.

Yet another basic aquarium fuckup. Killifish aren't community fish. They belong in species only tanks, and even then some species won't tolerate other males. Many killifish people keep them in pairs or trios in small tanks (2-10g, depending on size). If you do this and keep a damn lid on, they're not at all considered a "pain in the butt".

Of course the concept of a species only tank is completely intolerable to her, because then she would have to buy one kind of fish and stick with it without throwing impulse buys in the tank.

No. 471127

I was talking about the male betta only (I thought I made this pretty obvious). He was kept in an adequate environment. Her other fish, no, her female betta hell no.

No. 471138

is there literally any chance taylor isn't going to rehome all her pets sooner or later? is she even considering that she's going to have some of those snakes when she's 50?
she is exceptionally dumb

No. 471143


Taylor reminds of this so much. It might be interesting to any of you who don't know much about snakes.

Sage for OT

No. 471190

Thank you for sharing this, it was an extremely informative and interesting read.

No. 471193

Oh my god I forgot this post existed. That is probably one of the most cringe worthy things I've ever read, and totally reminds me of Taylor

No. 471241

That fish died because she impuksed bought an eel and it ate the head of the fish.

No. 471242


That’s what I was thinking. Same for the majority of the popular pet YouTubers, because a good 90% of the ones with 10+ or more are kids in their early or late 20’s.

Not only are they signing up for basically a lifetime commitment without counting for the fact they might have a S/O and kids one day, but how the hell are any of them going to save money for anything (ie. living on their own, car expenses, budgeting for school, saving up for emergencies) when ALL their money goes to their animals?

Barring Taylor who is probably at an adequate income level as lonh as she slows down with getting snakes and doesn’t make any more ridiculously expensive purchases other than Jonny’s new teeth, most of them are all under 200K which (from my understanding) is still pretty low on the YT cash spectrum.

I saw this video yesterday by Maddie Smith where she openly joked about not getting her car fixed because she had to get more things for her tegu instead.

No. 471279

Didn't Taylor tweet that she was going to Playlist Orlando in April? Wonder who will be watching her animals

No. 471306

Didn't they say that Jonny's dealer was petsitting? Not sure if they said it to ruffle feathers or if they were being sincere. Neither would surprise me.

No. 471342

File: 1516059093436.png (426.94 KB, 844x427, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 4.25…)


It's clear Taylor has no idea how to budget though. In that video collab with Candace she talked (around 6:50ish) about how you have to make sure you have money to pay rent EVERY month before moving into a place rather than just having money for the first month. She wasn't wrong, but that's about the absolute most basic part of budgeting and she said it like it was a really uniquely wise thing she was imparting on viewers.

No. 471363


This video demonstrates the power of makeup and lighting. She looks nothing like her own videos.

No. 471377


I doubt she knows what a savings account is either, because it seems her thought process whenever she has leftover money is “oh I can but this thing I want!” Which is fine every one in a while. I mean, treat yo self right? But it’s like she spends money without thinking at every opportunity

No. 471480

A 7,000 gold bracelet that she got to impress Johnny? I'd say this girl is far from financially savvy…

No. 471558

It was so easily predictable that this is the way shewas gonna spend her money. We already know from her old facebook, things her mom said and other sources that taylor has been quite attention seeking since the dawn of time. With her newly earned money she can fulfill this constant need for attention even better. Showing off her designer clothes, designer snakes, ridiculous 7000 dollar gold bracelets. I don‘t wanna know what means she will try using to get attention after this whole youtube thing goes down. Who knows how long it will last

No. 471623

Someone on the ball-pythons.net website posted about her and her new snake: https://ball-pythons.net/forums/showthread.php?253094-what-in-the-world(namefagging)

No. 471627

File: 1516069529997.png (17.07 KB, 531x112, Screenshot 2018-01-15 at 9.16.…)

Does anyone else find it strange how she often retweets people praising her? Like instead of just liking it or smthn she has to put it on her profile like "Look at all the people that like me!!1!1"

No. 471644


I highly doubt Taylor is the nicest person IRL. I understand that lot of super energetic, nice YouTubers are incredibly awkward in person (just from the fact you’re talking to yourself and not having to actually interact with people while you film, that seems to be the common complaint why people don’t want to do YT Rewind)

But she comes across as sarcastic and bitchy in front of the camera so I have to imagine that she’s sarcastic and bitchy in real life. Unless you’re praising her, then she’ll be all over you.

No. 471679

it's honestly no surprise considering how attention starved she's always been, even before she was famous.

No. 471691

No, she’s not, but her fans will (and do) straight up lie to her for attention. She retweets positive things like this, so her fans are constantly thirst-tweeting her validation for her terrible choices, poor husbandry, and the fact that she literally kills her animals from neglect (my least favorite is her fans constantly say “you don’t KNOW her, you don’t KNOW what really happened.” You don’t have to personally know someone to see they’re neglecting their animals.)

The least believable part of this - and how you know it’s bullshit - is that Jonny is a nice person. He was visibly drunk at the last reptile convention he was at and in general he’s just loud, arrogant white trash and fucking insufferable.

No. 471709

Her retweeting things from her fans like things about her animals or "I want Taylor to notice me" or stuff like that is pretty okay in my book.

But retweeting comments complimenting herself is crossing into narcissistic territory

No. 471739

Ella (Ella Enchanted)
Kovu (Lion King 2)
Sarabi (Lion King 2)
Dany & Drogo (GoT)
Bindi (Bindi Irwin)
Celia (Monster’s Inc.)
Gucci (Because he's "designer")
Louis Vuitton (Because he's "designer")
Ursula (Little Mermaid)
Cersei (GoT)
Toast (The Brave Little Toaster)
>Pheonix (could be Harry Potter)
Gus (Cinderella)
Tate and Violet (AHS)
Maui (Moana)
Ghost (GoT)
Nemo (Finding Nemo)
Mushu (Mulan)
Zazu (Lion King)

Just wanted to edit your list with the names associated with characters you missed.

No. 471741

Probably died shortly after. Mandarins rarely ever feed on frozen, they’re rarely ever “trained” to do so, and you really shouldn’t ever get one unless your constantly adding copepods to the tank (tigger pods are a type of copepod, so I’m not sure why she’s acting like there’s a difference).
This girl literally acts like she’s such a fish pro, but she’s only dealt with them for 3 years and still obviously doesn’t know what she’s doing, especially obvious with her purchases. She just buys things because they “look cool.”

No. 471747


(Thanks for the additions!) Okay, so at least 19 of her pets are named after characters, people or brands.

And before anyone gets offended by me pointing it out again, there's nothing wrong with that, it's just kind of dumb and uncreative.

No. 471752

Honestly, this is nit picky and stupid. I’ve been keeping tanks for years. Some fish, like blue spotted jawfish, can slip through cracks of lids you wouldn’t even expect. Happened to my first one. Bettas can jump, but I’ve owned so many, and not one has ever jumped out. Killifish are known jumpers, so that, yeah she should have had a lid but probably didn’t research them.
Hers didn’t jump, hers was eaten by the snowflake eel she got (which needs a 50gal tank minimum), and they’re known to not be compatible fish. She then traded the eel in for the cow fish, cheese. This could totally be a large issue with her local fish store not giving her proper info, too, but she should still research species before getting them. But there’s definitely been times I’ve also purchased a species I knew nothing about from my fish store, and listened to what they’ve told me (but they’ve always been right, never mislead me), and I do more research while they’re acclimating.
Some of you on here just derail the thread with useless speculation on stuff she’s already spoken, and saying it’s bad fish care if a fish jumped isn’t true if there’s a lid. Sometimes these fish can literally fit through the smallest of holes. Not saying her fish care is correct or defending her, but stop derailing on conspiracies and nitpicking so much.

No. 471761


90% of this thread is useless speculation, dude.

How many times do we have to say that as long as the subject is Taylor, no one is "derailing the thread" or "going off topic." There's no BIG issue, it's just a bunch of idiots circle-jerking about how much we dislike someone. Stop getting triggered every time someone brings up something you don't care about, this isn't your personal thread.

No. 471932

Cheese is actually above his minimum tank requirements. Cowfish only get to 12 inches in an aquarium. His minimum is only 100 gallons

No. 471935

She had a wrasse jump out of her tank and she didn't notice it's rotting body on the floor for about a month. So not only did she not notice the fish was missing and look for it, but she obviously didn't clean the floor for that long which is really unsanitary when you're keeping that many pets. And this is back when all her pets were in her one small bedroom. Then she joked about it on Twitter. That isn't nitpicking, that's just pointing out her being a blatantly negligent pet owner.

No. 471936

File: 1516081466209.png (604.56 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180115-234351.png)

No. 471943

Actually cowfish can reach 20 inches in captivity, are long lived, and need at least 250 gallons. Do your research before posting incorrect information, also learn how to sage.

No. 471947


Don't use a site that's trying to sell you something as a place to get info.

No. 471951

No. 471954

Idk if anyone was interested, but I was curious about the parameters her fish required and wrote them up, and I figured I'd share (sorry if this is irrelevant or whatever, I'll delete if that's the case.) Also all of the following is for her 45 gallon bowfront:

Panda Cory (3 - that I saw)
* Temps: 19 to 28c
* pH range: 5.5 - 7.8
* Water hardness: 1 to 12°H
- recommended groups of at least 4

Betta Splendens (4)
* Temps: 25 to 26c
* pH range: 5 - 7
*  Water hardness: 18 – 268 ppm; similar range to Corys
- recommended to be kept individually or at least in species only tanks due to aggression

Congo Tetras (couldn't quite see how many, assumed 4/5?)
* Temps: 23 to 28c
* pH range: 6 - 7.5
* Water hardness: 3-18°H
- recommend minimum of 5

Celebes Rainbowfish (Only saw 3, but again I couldn't quite see)
* Temps: 22 to 28c
* pH range: 7 - 8
* Water hardness:  10 to 25°H
- cannot tolerate acidic conditions however all of the other species in this tank definitely prefer acidity over alkaline, still, if kept at a neutral pH they'd be fine
- the minimum hardness preference for Celebes is on the upper end of Corys preferences, but still within the Corys' limits
- minimum suggested group is 5, it is always recommended to have more however, especially if skittish fish like these

Leopard Bushfish
* Temps: 20 to 28c
* pH range: 5.5 - 7.5
* Water hardness:  36 – 215 ppm
- biggest issue is that at adult size, the 45 isn't big enough for the bushfish
- can live up to 15 years…

Clown pleco (1):
* Temps: 23 to 28c
* pH range: 6.5 - 7.5
* Water hardness: 1 to 20°H
- require driftwood

I don't actually think the 45 gallon is overstocked per se, I just think that the stocking is erratic and irresponsible, why would you buy small numbers fish that prefer to be in bigger groups? It does seem like all of the condition requirements of all the the fish overlap so they can all live together in regards to requirements but whether they can tolerate eachother is another issue.

The main issues are the Betta sorority and the bushfish; sororities are incredibly controversial, but regardless of whether you support them or not, they definitely shouldn't be kept by beginner aquarists - in the videos I noticed all of the Bettas had tears in their fins and/or tails. As for the bushfish, as a juvenile it would be fine in that tank, however it will - if it hasn't already - outgrow the 45 gallon.

I'm not sure if everything in this is 100% correct but I did try my best to ensure it was - and the stuff in this post really wasn't that difficult to find.

No. 471964

Alright, fair enough. However, multiple resources have stated that cow fish in captivity get around 12-16 inches. The website I used described it best. Cowfish do release a toxin when stressed, so yes a FULLY GROWN CAPTIVE (12-16 in.) cowfish SHOULD get kept in a 250+ incase it does release toxins so they dilute better. However as I stated, he is at his MINIMUM. I do not agree with his tank set up. I repeat, I DO NOT AGREE. Tank requirements are set at a size depending on a couple of factors: Size, Waste, and sometimes activity level. so a 12-16 inch cowfish? 100 is the bare minimum. SO please, do YOUR research and actually read the damn picture. I'm not defending her. SHe has time to upgrade. If she will, that is out of our hands. We can only hope she will.

No. 471971

Again, I'm not defending her. However, the fish could've jumped behind the tank, thus taking it so long to find. Although, she should've been looking and checking on everybody. I know I'm guilty of this too. It's hard running 50+ Tanks, and packaging, and selling. There's been once or twice I've had a goby jump behind a tank.

(I keep my lids on securely to prevent that to happen, I still don't know how it happened.)

No. 471978

Wikipedia is not the most reliable, but it is better than site trying to sell you something.

Show me where it says "250"

No. 471989

Thank you for doing this!

Overstocking: The main issue with overstocking is waste management, then size and space. With ore aggressive fish it's actually recommended to overstock (as long as you increase filtration at least half your tank size) due to not being able to create territories, it decreases aggression ten-fold. That's why I support smart sororities.

(sage for general info)

No. 472001

Im amaze how some of you have jump to defend Taylor's choice to put in the closet her hedgehog and mice. If you dont have more space to give your pets a proper place to live (with fresh air and visual enterteinment) then stop buying animals. Has simple has that.

Or defend her stupid mistakes like fishes jumping out side of the tank or killing each other, guess what smartass, she claims to be an animal expert and people actually follows her and "learn" what she claims are the best animal knowledge on the world. She have higher expectations than average owners.

If the shoe fits go somewhere else to white knighter and explaine yourself (nobody cares about your stupid ass mistakes) just because you are/were a shitty owner doesnt mean the rest of us are. And no, this is not a "place to talk about her in general " is to talk shit about her. That's it.

Sorry for bad english and rant.

No. 472021

I did read the picture and laughed. Others have pointed out how you used an unreliable source already. I worked in a local aquatic specialty shop for four years and had several customers who had full grown cowfish. All of them kept their cowfish in at least a 250. Before you go defending someone on a trash thread, you might want to do more than read one unreliable source and start preaching like you know everything about something you clearly have no experience with. No one should be promoting keeping an animal at its minimum requirements, and if they are, they don't really care about the animal.

But I digress, I actually think that cheese is alright in a 150 for the time being because he is still small. The problem I have is the other large fish overcrowding the tank as well, particularly the tang which also needs a much bigger thank. Just due to her stocking, she needs a much bigger tank right now, but since she had to get special permission from her apartment complex to allow a 150, I don't know if she'll be able to upgrade. It's not like it would be easy sneaking a 250 aquarium into an apartment lol.

No. 472022

She's not an animal expert. That doesn't mean she does everything horrifically wrong.

1.) Mice are escape artists, and like someone said, get URI's alot. In an enclosed space it's better. As long as she has A properly controlled room for them, it"s not detrimental to their health. In fact, with Gus, it's best to keep them AWAY from snakes because they can smell them. Which, I don't know if you know this, stress takes a huge toll on the body. If you spent 24/7 smelling something that wants to eat you, you'd be stressed out too. Mice will die from stress alone. The hedgehog has to stay away from the male, plain and simple. Is the closet the best place, no, absolutely not. But does it work and not cause extra stress? It definitely does.

2.) Fish jump, fish will fight for some unknown reason. When I was 16 years old I had been keeping fish for 6 years. I had success with 2 of my bettas (2 separate times. One died then I got the other one) living in a 37 community tank with guppies, a pearl gourami, and corys. I got a new betta, and had him in there for about 6 months. I went to bed after doing a water change and woke (12 hrs. later) up to him behind the tank, on the ground, and my guppies dead with missing fins. I did the responsible thing and checked my water parameters. I had a tight lid on my tank with one opening from where the filter poured in. My water parameters were perfect. Shit happens in the aquarium hobby.

No. 472030

I'm not defending her… Cheese is fine for now. I know that. I also looked at more websites than just that. I'm not promoting minimum requirements. I'm just saying he's fine right now.

No. 472042

Maybe instead of reading and defending someone on a hate threat you should actually take care of your 50 tanks. >>472001
I totally agree. She's presenting herself as an authority on animal care when she is just a novice. If she was willing to admit that she was wrong and correct her mistakes, it wouldn't be that bad, but unfortunately she's stubborn. She also obviously is using the animals for attention and money, and though I think that she loves buying animals, she doesn't seem to like caring for them and it shows in her subpar enclosures and pushing older and less interesting animals to the side.

No. 472060

If cheese was in a 150 gallon himself he might be fine, but keep in mind there are a lot of other fish in there. Thankfully she moved her lionfish out of there, but there are still a lot of fish in there, and I would consider it to be borderline overstocked.

No. 472070

And what happened in your case is that you had all incompatible fish in a community tank. Gouramis and bettas should NOT be together. They are both territorial species of fish. If you put them together, they will fight. It sounds like your poor betta went to desperate measures to escape the pissed off gourami. Guppies should also not be with gouramis because their fast movements and long finnage stress out gouramis, making them even more likely to get aggressive.

No. 472149


The problem is, her young fans see her as a professional, or expert, because "it's literally her job". As in, her job is to make YT videos about her pets.

No. 472167

I think she's planning to be ballphyton breeder.

No. 472193

File: 1516103034874.png (25.8 KB, 550x170, AquStockImage.png)

yep, it isnt overstocked per se, but it isn't a great stocking choice. the bushfish is what i'm most worried about.

No. 472289

I think what bothers me about her keeping her animals in the closet is that she did this on purpose. This is her "dream apartment" and it is a damn expensive place to live. She could have easily afforded a house in the area with the space to keep a mouse away from snakes. But she didn't. It's not like she was forced to move some place small and make a tough decision. She chose this.

If you're low on space and can create an enclosed environment that has stimulation, that's great. But let's not kid ourselves. Taylor is too lazy to edit a video. How can we honestly believe that Gus is getting interaction, enrichment, a day night cycle, or even frequent spot cleaning and fresh air?

And again, reminder that Gus is a lone mouse who was previously used to being in a room where Taylor frequented. Hear her and smelling/seeing her was his only chance for interaction. I keep small animals in my office for this reason, I can't help but give them occasional treat or snuggle throughout the day.

The animals in the closet are out of sight, out of mind.

No. 472301

She claims that she's upgrading all of her animal enclosure's but I bet she won't be upgrading the enclosures for her small furries especially the ones she's tossed aside into the closet. Correct me if i'm wrong but although a lot of her reptile enclosures have issues with them, the cage that she keeps Gus in is also not up to standards.

The floor space of the cage (if it's the cage I think it is) is 40x26cm which is well below the minimum. A more appropriate and recommended size for 1 male mouse or a few females is almost double this.

It's sad because when I was first looking into getting mice, I thought keeping them in a cage like this WAS the standard, because her videos existed. Luckily for me I did my research and got a suitable enclosure but it scares me how many young impressionable kids are going to follow her lead

No. 472345

Bitch should get into bjd if she loves to spend money in really expensive and useless stuff. Not calling the pets useless but boy I wouldn’t like to have such a troublesome animals, they need so much care and special treatments.

No. 472390

I sure hope not. Half of her genetics will just produce normal ball pythons, paradox isn't even a morph, and she has not a clue what she's doing. Her snakes would only produce super mojave babies, and I think her banana to her super mojave could make banana mojave, but that's not even a high quality morph. She'd just be flooding the already flooded ball python market with low quality, common morphs. The only pairing that would make okay-ish morphs would be her BEL to her pastel fire clown, but it would still be full of hets and take another generation to get the clown morph back into the offspring, since clown will only produce clown if bred to another het clown or clown (wow that's a lot of clown in one sentence)

No. 472397

she's only got one female though

No. 472410

She has a good following. I bet you a bunch of kids would flood to ask for the snakes instantly because they favourite youtuber ever bred them!!

If anything, it's another easy way to make money for her.

No. 472417

What on earth makes you say this?

Also this.

There's speculation based on what we know and then there's just saying random shit, rofl.

Although for this reason she could produce a clutch or two… Ugh. All we need is for her to not only keep buying new animals, but also MAKING more animals…

No. 472419

She's been claiming she's going to upgrade the hedgehogs since before all this business with buying new snakes monthly began.

I wonder if when she goes to the reptile expos, does she walk around and look at what's available or does she just impulse buy the first thing that she likes. Someone on Twitter said they were going to buy the snake she has now, but she beat them to it, which is sad. That snake probably would have had a better home with that person.

No. 472432

someone tweeted that she had picked the snake up within the first 10 minutes of being at the expo. don't know if there was any truth to that and i can't find it anymore since taylor deleted some tweets from that day.

No. 472435


Going back to what other people were talking about in the thread, Taylor is shit at budgeting. Her idea of saving is probably "saving up for what I want NOW" rather than saving for the future.

Honestly it's a proven fact that the majority of people who are super successful on YouTube are either young and attractive, funny, or having a huge production value to make huge videos (ie. Casey Niestat, SloMoGuys, etc.)

All Taylor has going for her is the young and attractive bit, which obviously isn't going to last forever. I don't know what the hell she's going to do when this whole YouTube bit dries up, because she's said several times she's not going to college and she isn't making her own merch so if she gets dropped that's the end of her merch line too.

She obviously doesn't have extensive experience with animals either, so if she ever went into animal care it would be at basement level. I saw her get a gig talking at any elementary school once but that's probably just because of that one video with all her pets. Which she won't be able to pay for once she's out of a job and has no savings.

No. 472486

That's how I feel. Every choice she makes is for HER benefit, not her animals. She's staring at her own reflection in most every photo that includes a pet and she handles them like she's modeling an accessory rather than holding a living thing.

Taylor tries REALLY hard to be Emzotic, but she doesn't have the knowledge, experience, or respect for animals required to pull it off. She gives out crappily researched advice, presents it like she's an authority (especially when she thinks she can "help" someone with a lot of subscribers/followers), then flakes out the instant she's challenged with "I never said I was an expert!" or "it's not like 'adopt don't shop' was my official motto!" or however the hell she phrased that trash excuse after she bought the $600 craigslist cat. Nevermind that she doesn't follow her own advice half the time.

She gives her animals the basic care needed to keep them alive so they can stick around long enough for her to exploit them on YT, get merch made, and take cute insta and twitter photos. That's it. She doesn't give a crap about the actual quality of their lives.

No. 472503

File: 1516132401714.png (3.01 MB, 1440x748, ddssdds.png)

lmao all those fake flower photos look tacky as fuck

No. 472518

You're not even supposed to keep mice alone. You'd think with her animal buying addiction she would have met his needs as a social animal but NOPE.

No. 472521

I can't believe she loves animals soooo much but wastes $20k on her alleged bed and bracelet that are ridiculously expensive instead of proper care for her animals or donating it to a shelter.

So many YouTubers have donated to shelters or animal causes even though their channel has NOTHING to do with animals. Selfish bitch.

No. 472522

Do neither Taylor or Jonny drive?

No. 472523


Actually 99% of the time Male mice should not be housed with other males. They're naturally territorial in the wild, so more often than not will fight and injure each other, sometimes to the death.

She mentioned that when she got Gus he was injured, most likely from fighting with other male litter mates when he was being housed in the pet store.

She did however only recently mention that she was going to get him some friends but after looking into it / talking to viewers came to this conclusion that he would most likely fight with another male (especially in a tiny cage) so chose not to, she also decided against it because he was 'old anyway'

But the fact that she only just recently researched whether he needed a companion when he's close to 2 years old is concerning

No. 472525


I believe Taylor bought a huge car a while ago but she hadn't gotten her license yet and it wouldn't surprise if she still hasn't got it

No. 472529


I don't think she tries to be Emzotic as Emzotic has only had her channel about a year (correct me if i'm wrong) so after Taylor.

Maybe if Taylor actually put out care videos like she used to (or any videos at all) you could say she's trying to be her, but that would require consistency and thought put into videos.

I think this is the one thing that irritates me about her getting new animals, is when she first began adding to her 'collection' she would make each new animal an introduction video, and sometimes even a care video (albeit often with incorrect care facts) but it was still a reason to be subscribed to her channel, now it's just "meet my 30 new animals" because she can't keep up and its so impersonal and no one has any idea which animal is which, or a connection with any of them (besides older animals like cheese)

Also i love how Emzotics boyfriend made a diss video about Taylor a while back but it's turned out to be pretty damn accurate

No. 472544


That thing that drives me up the wall the most is the MOMENT most of these popular pet YouTubers buys a new animal, they immediately make a pet care video on it and act like authority or that they've been keeping those animals for years.

I can get wanting to make introduction videos about the animal and what their like and maybe some interesting facts (like what Emzotic does) but they frame it as "this is EVERYTHING you need to take care of this animal"

Does anyone know if that video of Em's boyfriend trashing idiots like Taylor and Tyler is around somewhere still? I never got to see it and I'd love to here what he said.

No. 472561

File: 1516136786419.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, DE844FA4-66C9-4C14-8396-C4A641…)

Not much better imo but I’m not a hedgehog expert let alone familiar with them in the slightest.

No. 472564


Anyone else think it's kind of weird how constantly she exploits and laughs about her dead hedgehog Nala (the hedgehog in the 'you can do it' picture)

She's always going 'lol that's my dead hedgehog' every time she sees that picture, and now she's putting it on merch.

No. 472577

yeah i don't think it's a legit coping method, she's once again trying to be quirky

No. 472615

I should have phrased that better. I don't mean that she was inspired by Emzotic. I mean that Em is all the things Taylor wishes she was and tries to project herself as (young, attractive, stylish, quirky, well-spoken, in LOVE with animals, and knowledgeable). The only difference is that, with Em, it's backed up by years of experience and animals that look extremely healthy and happy. Taylor wants all that cred. She just doesn't want to put the work in.

Hopefully she'll grow up, if only for the sake of her animals.

No. 472624

Honestly I won't be surprised if a similar toy is surfing around the web/a shop and she has practically taken 'inspiration' from it

No. 472635

I know this is an „old“ topic but I still cannot believe she actually made up this huge bs lie about her ragdoll kitten. If it was just a ragdoll kitten from a registered breeder at an acceptable age it would have all been all okay. But no, it‘s from a backyard breeder who she paid even more money to so she can get the kitten even earlier. she paid money to get a little kitten seperated from it‘s mother way to early. I just can‘t believe it. This kitten will most likely develop behavioural issues because it was seperated from it‘s mother so early. What tops this all off is that she lies about it because she KNOWS it‘s wrong (otherwise she wouldn’t lie, right?)

No. 472663

This isn't creative at all, the zoo I work at have a million different stuffed animals in shirts and hoodies with our logo on it.

No. 472665


She should just stick a slaves merch shirt on it at this point

No. 472669


The thing with her hedgehog is getting kind of stupid at this point. But I mean she DOES make money exploiting her animals for their personalities, so why not continue to exploit them after they die?

No. 472728


Seriously !!!

Also on that note, I find it absolutely WEIRD she doesn’t reblog any of slaves’ stuff. Tours, new album, merch…

No. 472801

Again, I'm not defending her.

As for the tanks, I do take care of them and I'm on this site literally only at night before bed.

No. 472805

There's always exceptions to the rule. My pearl Gourami I had for 2 years in the same tank with guppies. Never had an issue. I had my previous betta in there With the Pearl gourami and never had an issue. Pearls are one of the most non aggressive gourami species. Again, I never had an issue for 2 years before that happened.

No. 472806

You shouldn't keep mice alone. However, once separated from their siblings (especially male mice) you can never put them with another mouse.

No. 472807

You ended up with a dead betta that jumped out of the tank and guppies with nipped fins, so it's pretty obvious that you had an issue and that you were not the exception to the rule.

No. 472874

I did have an issue, and I took care of it and have never had that problem since. And remember I had been doing that for 2 years and never had an issue up to that point.

No. 472917

The point is that saying "shit happens" in the aquarium hobby is untrue. There is always something that we did or did not do that causes something to go wrong. In your case, it was housing incompatible fish. I hope you've learned from that experience and stopped doing it.

In Taylor's case, her fish jumped out of tanks that had no lids at all on multiple occasions. That is absolutely her fault.

No. 473047

I don't know what the fuck is going on with the farmhands but this thread is a fucking mess. Everytime I get in Taylor's thread thinking there is new milk is just two anons samefagging about how one of them isn't an idiot because have done the same shit Taylor do.

Anon nobody gives a shit about what you have done wrong and the ones who are answering this cunt,stop it.

There more than ten posts about your stupid infighting who doesn't have to do ANYTHING with Taylor. Go have your stupid debate somewhere else because this the worst clogging I have seen in lolcow.

And yes ban me already, whatever.

No. 473084

File: 1516164947917.jpeg (97.93 KB, 750x403, B8306AE6-74C3-48D3-BA40-D9A9F5…)

I didn’t get screenshots, but did anyone notice Taylor’s mom flipping her shit over Tanner 2-3 days ago? She said she wouldn’t share anything about him online (pictures or even his name) because people were getting off to it or something. Not sure if any anons were messing with her.

As you can see, she deleted all those tweets and started talking about Tanner publicly again. At first she seemed genuinely caring, but I’m starting to agree this kind of shit probably messed Taylor up in the head. Her periodic social media meltdowns are even weirder than Taylor’s sometimes.

She still RTs Jonny’s exes and subtweets Taylor. Dad seems to be sane, and he still be pretty worried.

Judging by previous posts, Taylor and Jonny are fighting regularly and probably doing drugs. None of this is conducive to her making videos and getting youtube cash. When it comes crashing down I wonder if she’ll start asking for donations?

No. 473422

File: 1516204615827.jpeg (136.89 KB, 640x366, 0201EED9-26DF-4570-8CC0-721438…)

She posted this yesterday. Cue “I’m in too much pain to make videos :(“ for the next two months, while inevitably posting photos of her traveling hours to an expo or Playlist

No. 473650

File: 1516221322791.png (340.77 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-17-14-33-15…)

No. 473659

annoying as shit her stans are all over that person because "HER SNAKES ARE HAVING PERFECT SHEDS THAT'S A SIGN THEY'RE FINE!!!"

do they not realise unhealthy snakes can in fact have full sheds?

my BP who passed away from a very terrible and contagious abio resistant respiratory infection still shed like a charm? he even ate up until he was close to passing and did normal BP stuff

just because a snake has shed in one piece doesn't mean you can just call it a day everything is all okay and dandy!!

No. 473670


Considering half of her stans are getting snakes while knowing shit all about them… lol

No. 473688


Don’t know enough about snakes to tell for sure, but wasn’t her GTP having a chunky she’d in her last video?

Also the fact that she posts about them having perfect sheds so often leads me to believe it doesn’t happen that often, otherwise she wouldn’t act so overly proud.

No. 473692

File: 1516223530012.png (550.31 KB, 583x466, capture1.PNG)

yep, it's fucking depressing to watch

No. 473697

File: 1516223777176.png (508.05 KB, 804x781, sssss.PNG)

nemo is so small and skinny compared to the other cat in this video. and he's supposed to be older right?

No. 473698


Her GTP was having a very piecey shed as she was saying how hes having a perfect one, it really frustrated.


I hate that its a red tail I bet she has him in a 10 gallon because its totally never gonna out grow that!!!

No. 473744

Why does Ghost get a collar, but Nemo doesn’t? Lol. The worst part is that cats actually aren’t supposed to wear collars because they’re so active, and collars easily get hung up on things. At the animal control office I volunteer at we have to go get cats that have frozen to death after getting hung on a tree all the time. We had an inside cat that the owners couldn’t find for months, it had gotten under one of the counters and hung up on some pans. Collars in cats are not a good idea, but Taylor is a cat expert so!

No. 473760

Not to mention that it's kinda useless if it's an indoor cat.

No. 473776


Safety-release collars are fine, but in general kittens shouldn't have any kind of collar because they don't have the body weight to trigger the safety release

No. 473781

File: 1516227775465.png (97.43 KB, 895x169, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 5.06…)

I was watching some of Taylor's old stuff to try and get some new milk, and this video is particularly annoying.

Taylor being SUCH a dog expert is particularly insistent that her ex-service dog (who is mixed) is part Doberman, even though she looks more like a Weimaraner. She just KNOWS it guys. Though, I'm pretty sure the only reason she knows it is she was told by the rescue beforehand or had her tested before this video and just used it as an excuse to come off as smart and rub it in people's faces.

She also mentioned that her favorite dog is the Shiba Inu (while pronouncing part of the name incorrectly.) I hope to god she never gets one. Shibas look cute and are by all accounts great, loyal dogs, but they're infamous for having the most ear-grating, distinct barks. She'd rehome that poor thing within a few days if it was a particularly loud dog.

No. 473785

Sorry if it's totally irrelevant but since I started lurking in this thread and the incident with the pac man frog occured, I was wondering if Jonny could technically poison this poor froggo? Cause let's be honest, judging by how their apartment looks and his drug habits, I can imagine that even with his heroin he isn't the cleanest and someone mentioned that pacman frogs' skin is very sensitive and skin is actually also a large organ, so purely theoretically: if he has traces of drugs on his palms and pretty much rubs the frog all over, wouldn't its skin absorb the drug?

No. 473791


Yeah, frogs breathe through their skin so it really isn't wise to handle them all that often. Even a regular, clcean & sober person has oils on their skin. Someone heavy on drugs would be a nightmare.

No. 473981

Nemo does have a collar, it has a bell and it's white.
I know the milk is dry but what can we do.

No. 473989

I was actually thinking about this the other day. I think all her animals may be so close together because of the constant drug use. You shouldn’t keep animals in rooms where there’s drug use going on. That may be why all of her animals are in ONE of her THREE bedrooms. Given she’s smart enough to consider these factors.

No. 473996

File: 1516240785323.jpeg (298.28 KB, 631x590, 9C32F34D-7B39-4097-A9D4-435D91…)

Here’s the original screenshot of her apartment layout (cropping out all the information that doxxes her so this doesn’t get deleted) she has more than enough room to spread her animals out properly. Why she doesn’t is beyond me and up to her insane reasoning.

No. 474002

She got the two bedroom, not the three bedroom. She showed it in her apartment video when she introduced the kittens originally.

There’s a lot of autism on this thread, but this might be the biggest autist post I’ve seen yet. Stop trying to look for milk where there is none, you’re distracting from the real, serious issues with her. That dogs an uncut Doberman, get over it, and it doesn’t matter regardless.

No. 474044


It's kind of rich you'd call someone an autist when you seem to think this thread is anything more than a collective group of autists making up conspiracy theories about some lolcow on youtube that we can't stand for one reason another.

Can none of you fucking read or are you just ignoring the dozens of posts over the past three threads on this bitch that have repeatedly said that this isn't your personal thread? There's NO main issue that we're supposed to be discussing here. This is for collective milk and conspiracies about Taylor. Therefore any discussion that involves TND isn't a "distraction" or "derailing" or whatever dumb words you keep throwing around. This isn't a sting operation.

Stop getting triggered every time a fellow autist talks over you. Let people have their stupid fits over TND's stupid videos, that's what this thread is for.

No. 474058


Yeah, but if she waited til 8 weeks it wouldn't have been as cute -eyeroll-

No. 474063


According to Taylor he was the runt. Except when his sister (the gray kitten) died she said SHE was the runt….

No. 474065

Jfc this thread is more people bitching at each other about dumb shit than discussing Taylor.

No. 474071


Only when dumbasses can't read the rules and think this thread is here to fulfill their own personal agenda.

No. 474255

File: 1516258025267.png (1.77 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5300.PNG)

Looks like Emma from Emzotic had purchased a Halloween crab shortly before Taylor decided to grab one. Technically Emma bought one a few days before the date posted, but I don't be follow her on all of her social medias so idk if she announced that or not. I believ the date on Taylor's picture Ian from the day she got the crab or the day after. I'm not saying Taylor's copied Emma, but I just think it's funny because no one called her outback for copying when Taylor's fan base isn't notorious for attacking other pet youtubers for copying their "pet mom."

No. 474256

File: 1516258048061.png (2.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5298.PNG)

No. 474257

Ignore my typos lol. But I meant to say her fan base "is notorious for attacking others"

No. 474264


The difference in how Emma and Taylor hold the Moon Crab is really telling.

Emma is actually being cautious with it, holding it close to her chest with her hands bracing it in the front with her thumb up to keep it from falling forward.

Taylor just lets it hang out on her hand/arm four feet up in the air, without trying to brace it (after most likely dropping it several times and being warned to not fucking do that.) Basically, Em actually cares for its wellbeing and Taylor cares about how it "looks on her."

But of course if Taylor were to try to block the crab from falling it would be obscuring its face, and that's not a cute photo op after all!

No. 474274


I really couldn’t have said it better myself. Also, did anyone else see Jonny‘s story yesterday of Ghost on his shoulder? Even he likes to ignore Nemo on social media

No. 474276


>crab with fishnet shirt

Dangerous and a tasteless punny joke.

No. 474288

who wants to bet sooner or later taylor's crab will show up with missing claws or legs and she'll be all "oh that just happens nbd lol"? Ffff. (From what I understand it kinda can happen easily, ie from a bad molt, but they do grow them back? But if it happened to Taylor's, we would know she dropped it.)

There's no way she didn't drop that crap in the most recent video. If she didn't, why do that quick cut? Poor cute crabby guy :(

No. 474293

Yeah, also Emma got five new pets at Ann expo as wel, but constantly throughout her video she mentions that you should not impulse buy animals and that she had set ups ready for these new guys incase she decided to buy from this particular Expo because she's had been researching them for quite a while. She also mentions and apologizes that the portion of the video where she introduces her new animal story is a bit rushed because she did not want to handle the new animal she two long because they would be stressed from travel and they needed to have their time in quarantine. Which is another's huge difference between the two girls.

Not trying to fan girl over Emma, but the difference in how the two handled situations that are very similar is crazy. It really shows her maturity and awareness of the ability she has to positively impact her audience which also happens to be very young like Taylor's. Plus Taylor doesn't feel like it's her responsibility/ acknowledge that her extremely impressionable fans whatcha her every move and try to immulate her cool "not caring" attitude. This can lead and I'm sure has lead to pet owners who are not prepared/ don't careful to prepare because "Taylor didn't so it's cool" which is awful for the innocent animals. I feel like if she actually cared any about animal she would acknowledge that, instead she's too busy defending herself against "haters." Little does she realize these "haters" care more about the innocent lives she's harming than her.

No. 474369

File: 1516271575345.png (187.29 KB, 750x1334, 95075067-74CC-40B6-8665-5ACB9D…)

He’s tweeting this and it’s 4:20 am where he is. (I have major insomnia so here I am to report his early morning/late night tweets)

With that being said this seems like something someone would say/think/tweet? after a night of binging. So there’s that…

No. 474419

File: 1516285721269.png (232.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-18-11-25-35…)

lmao everytime he says something nice about Taylor it feels like it was just an excuse to talk shit about his exes

No. 474435

Why are people who don't sage and post giant essays about other YouTubers not getting banned?

No. 474437


He also keeps writing in his posts things like she has "cured him from his depression" and he no longer wakes up with depression because of her, which is a very toxic thing to be saying

No. 474452

I don't think Em's really a role model for pet care either. Granted I'm exclusively a tarantula keeper, so I can't really vouch for the other animals, but anybody who handles their tarantulas is a bad keeper IMO. It is never recommended due to the risk of injury from a fall.

No. 474510

iirc she has to handle her tarantula often for her job. She brings animals to schools and such to educate people. Makes sense to get them familiar with being handled if you're going to be doing that.

As for Taylor, I just can't get over how she NEVER mentions Jonny's band even though she's a "fan", esp since he's going on tour. They don't seem to retweet each other every day like they used to either.

I wonder if Taylor wanted out, but knows how bad it would look to split after the fiasco with her parents and all the awful shit she said to excuse his previous abuse. Tinfoil hat = he's only sticking around for his new teeth + a place to stay bc he's homeless and she's only letting him to avoid facing the backlash.

No. 474513

File: 1516294838271.png (442.99 KB, 750x1334, D385CE41-B54C-494E-9EDE-43CB3E…)

Bad insomnia or too much blow?

No. 474521


She might not be, but she's miles better than Taylor. Like >>474264 pointed out, you can tell Em in constantly hovering her hand around the animal she's handling making sure that she's able to catch them if something happened. It's pretty instinctual to her, like how you'd immediately reach your hands out to break your own fall.

Taylor is more concerned about getting a photo op than the safety/happiness of the animal, like when she put one of her lizards on top of her skink (and then mocked one of the people who told her that was dangerous.)

She's never remorseful or apologizes when she does something irresponsible or wrong. It's always "lol it was only for a second, calm down don't get triggered I'm the animal expert here"

No. 474527

OT so apologies but what's the tea on brian barczyk?

No. 474550

Oh absolutely Taylor is 100% worse. I just don't want people thinking that Em is perfect.

There's a lot Taylor does regarding her tarantula's care is wrong.

An adult tarantula should be fed about once a week. Any more than that and the abdomen will get too large for the tarantula to lift up. This causes abrasion injuries from the abdomen dragging on substrate/decorations.

Taylor talks about feeding her T daily in one of her videos.

A tarantula's enclosure pretty much never needs to be completely cleaned. They produce very little waste. The most frequent cleaning needed is just occasionally picking out leftover insect carcasses after feedings. Replacing all the substrate and cleaning too frequently will stress the tarantula out as they need time to get comfortable in an environment.

Taylor has talked about how she cleans her tarantula cage multiple times a month.

The handling is really the worst thing for me though. It's so risky. A tarantula can go from totally chill to bolting with no warning. One fall from above waist height onto a hard surface and that spider is dead.

Taylor likes to wave her arms around with the tarantula in her hand. She also likes to pose with it on her neck, face, and (of course) chest.

The only thing I can say that is good is the enclosure. It's shallow to prevent falling injuries, the substrate is dry (as it should be for the species that she has), and she provides a water dish. It is a bit bigger than it needs to be, but that's not a problem.

No. 474552

He keeps his snakes in racks they can't even stretch out in (i.e his retics who can only stretch half at best, just curl up at worse)
he keeps MONITORS and BTS in racks (terrible)
people have also reported they've received BPs with mites and RIs from him
I remember one of his videos he showed one of his snakes attempting to eat itself (a sign of really bad stress)
sage for OT

No. 474553

Tarantulafag again. I haven't seen these posted yet. Recent-ish videos where she uses her animals as props for pranks on these dudebros' channels.


No. 474554

No. 474557


i think their real main difference is the devotion and affection they have for their animals. em is willing to take criticism to improve her care for her pets, but taylor…. not so. any criticism ends up being pushed away by taylor. of course, em isn’t perfect but i still think if i were to pick one, i’d pick em over taylor.

No. 474590


Nemo does look sick sadly and I don't believe that vets are telling her he is A-ok but her Ragdoll will always be quite a lot bigger, they are one of the biggest cat breeds naturally. I have two of my own and they look like giants compared to my moggy

No. 474597

Not just this, but Em's boyfriend Danny is also an experienced pet keeper and rescuer, so I feel as a team they are able to take on a lot more together and keep their animals well taken care of…where it's pretty obvious I'm sure Taylor still does all the work even with how much she complains about her conditions incapacitating her.

No. 474606


But until recently Em and Danny lived on opposite sides of the world and were in a long-distance relationship (only going to see each other every few months from iirc)

So they might have a good support system where they could swap advice about animal care, but Em was pretty much doing everything by herself as well (and she's never done an "All My Pets" style video, but it does look like she has a lot more animals than Taylor to take care of)

No. 474624

If you want to discuss other people fuck off and make a these somewhere else. If you didn't notice this is a thread about TND and Jonny.

No. 474628


If you could learn to fucking read, you'd realize people are comparing Emzotic TO Tsylor, dumbass. As long as it has something to do with Taylor it's fucking relevant. Take your policing autistic ass somewhere else if you don't like it.

No. 474632

I can read. If you could you'd see none of these have anything to do with Taylor.


No. 474638

Wow 3 whole comments out of thousands. Such a derailment. /s

Your sperging about this is more of a disruption than those are.

No. 474640


Are you an idiot or do you not see that >>474293 is exactly what I just said it is? Another autist comparing Emzotic's animal care to Taylor's?

No. 474641

At least they're saging their shit lmao

No. 474740

I think this might be on auto-sage at this point… But yeah I feel like comparing em's attitude and animal treatment to taylor's should be okay

No. 474759

>doesn't sage correctly

No. 474795

another thing I think is pretty crapy about Taylor is the fact that I have seen at least five videos of YouTubers smaller than Taylor, Emma and Pickles (those are the two I can think of off the top of my head but I' know I have seen other girls I just can't think of their names), have to make videos addressing the Taylor fans who go and attack everygirl who wears makeup and has a crested gecko for "copying" their queen. Pickles doesn't even where makeup and has like no hair and she gets attacked too lol.
I get Taylor doesn't want to address every issue that people have with her. But if multiple people in your community have to come out and ask your fans to please stop attacking them? You preach so much about love and acceptance, but you can't tell your fans to stop being crazy to your own community. I think she enjoys the fact that she has a little mindless army that shove it in other pet YouTubers faces where their loyalties lie. She probably gets like a weird egotistical high from it, instead of seeing it as chilldish behavior that she has the power to discourage. Which is crap imo.

No. 474802


She never says anything because it's "not her problem." A lot of big Youtubers adopt this attitude that "oh it's not my fault what my fans do, as long as I'm not telling them to attack someone it's not my fault"

Which to an extent is true, but at the same time openly addressing drama, calling people out by name, and DIRECTLY quoting the tweets of people you disagree with is indirectly encouraging them to want to say or do something.

Taylor knows exactly what she's doing, she's a manipulative bitch who doesn't care who gets.

No. 474839

File: 1516314862292.png (345.45 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-18-16-31-31…)

complete bullshit

No. 474842

File: 1516314913699.png (348.17 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-18-16-34-51…)

No. 474846

File: 1516315088337.png (341.12 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-18-16-37-46…)

No. 474851

File: 1516315288473.png (1.02 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-18-16-36-11…)

No. 474852

File: 1516315325154.png (417.4 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-18-16-35-52…)

No. 474853

Why does this series of tweets lowkey sound like taylor wrote them? Lmao or i guess maybe her manipulative ways are also rubbing off on him. The whole “i never meant to hurt anyone i don’t condone what i said x years ago” is sooo similar to taylor when she speaks about stupid shit she did. I don’t buy it oneeeee bit.

No. 474864

File: 1516315569540.png (341.76 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-18-16-42-35…)

No. 474865

File: 1516315600592.png (347.28 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-18-16-45-34…)

No. 474866

File: 1516315639519.png (326.46 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-18-16-47-06…)

No. 474868

File: 1516315684728.png (391.31 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-18-16-36-35…)

No. 474871

Hey goys I didn't do anything wrong don't attack me ok

No. 474885

File: 1516316455962.jpg (63.58 KB, 731x279, 6GUbjr2.jpg)

Already deleted