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File: 1516586853573.jpeg (294.28 KB, 1130x1501, 29CE1EC6-31C2-424F-917B-8D1733…)

No. 477337

Jaquie Blake Beckwith, AKA chronically_jaquie, is one of the general Munchausen's/OTT thread’s (current thread >>>/snow/470812) Munchie Queens.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronically_jaquie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helper_dog_harlow
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ
new Google Doc spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/d/1NSkEmPhXjkaO2q0MjJ3NUAPwwZv7tGff2VCJrOUp598/edit#gid=0

- She has a Patreon for people to pay her to be "sick".
- She appears to have maybe? a few genuine illnesses, but overall contradicts herself 99% of the time.
- She has two newly-separated button tubes but shoves crap food into her pie hole most of the day. Claims she cannot tolerate her formula, and has to get a special type, but can eat fried crap.
- She has a service dog (Harlow) who does tasks that she is quite capable of doing (like grabbing a blanket across the room).
- Her service dog does not get worked the way a service dog should.
- She will not respond to messages online (except on her Patreon) because of "safety issues" (though we're pretty sure it's because she wants money to talk to her).
- She will not allow people to send her mail because she is too sick.
- Refers to herself as a "genetic anomaly".
- Claims to have EDS, POTS, narcolepsy, cataplexy, autism, unspecified immune problems, a mutated mitochondria, and too many other things. Surprisingly, Factitious Disorder is not on her list.
- She appears to be copying Mary Frey.
- She loves her pain medication

She enjoys deleting comments that call her out, and has an excuse or explanation for everything, something that is found psychologically in pathological liars.

Everyone is tired of her, even her family, and some people in the Munchie thread, so here's a place to talk about her to your heart's content.

Previous thread >>>/snow/477321

No. 477354

Love the new picture

No. 477364

Okay so I know J and J are incredibly immature and all, but why do they think it's so hilarious that Janjan is making Jaq laugh so much she needs more pain meds? If you're in so much pain and didn't WANT to have to push the button wouldn't you be like quit making me laugh asshole, can't you see I just had surgery? It hurts to laugh!

But nooooooo not with these 2. I didn't think Jaq was an addict, I thought she was just a gynormous baby when it comes to pain or any type of discomfort. But after seeing this horseshit today and how proud she was that she needed extra pain meds because she's having too much fun playing with her bff..bitch, please.

No. 477369

Good thing she's been off her narco meds for a week but her cataplexy hasn't returned from the copious laughing! Kek

No. 477370

File: 1516589881909.jpeg (588.79 KB, 1242x1991, 3763CA05-74C7-453E-8AB2-C6655D…)


Yes top kek for that pic anon

So I was reading about PCAs and came across this. And it makes me wonder why no doctor has recommended Atarax or the likes instead of IV Benadryl… I follow a girl that really has MCAS and angioedema (she actually looks swollen and rashed for hours after attacks) that uses Atarax because it’s supposedly more effective than Benadryl and doesn’t make you as tired or give that buzz… oh that explains why Jaq doesn’t use it kek. And by this description Jaq’s beloved zofran should help with itching as well.

No. 477371

Many patients with MCAS also do a daily zantac and Zyrtec combo as well. But those are just so "average" and probably not special enough for her.

No. 477373

I know somewhere in the last thread someone mentioned that recently she’d been told she doesn’t have MCAS. Is that in an Instagram post or something?

No. 477378

I do remember something about that too. Why does she keep claiming so many "reactions?" (We all know they are so real, but what does she claim to be the cause?)

No. 477379

If non-I'll people took Benadryl every time they had a little itch they'd get addicted to it too..

No. 477387


Angioedema attacks? And I thought she said a whole schpeel with the anesthesiologist for this surgery about her Mast Cell bullshit so he gave her the beloved “allergy cocktail” that had like IV Benadryl, IV Pepcid and something else. I don’t recall her giving up the MCAS/MCAD diagnosis yet.

No. 477391

File: 1516591638841.png (86.31 KB, 640x1041, IMG_4136.PNG)

Kek and zofran at the slightest hint of nausea. Sometimes she 'pretreats' with zofran too, usually before special meals she "really" wants to eat. So she's dosing herself with shit not just when she thinks she needs it, but when she anticipates that she might

No. 477393


Kek a zofran side effect is flushing. Ermagrd I’m a bit flush, must be allergic reaction must push IV Benadryl asap, y’all

No. 477396

File: 1516592333296.png (184.84 KB, 720x940, IMG_5564.PNG)

So she's reached a point where she is sitting up and three people can pile into her hospital bed with her for those sweet IG asspats, it's more than time to be off the pain pump and at home.

No. 477414

Watching her last vlog… I got the impression she was very, very comfortable and happy being in hospital. Loving the attention. It's obviously not surprising, but like, what the fuck is wrong with her??? It was honestly the happiest I've EVER seen her.

Also waving your arms around, especially above your head, is super painful after abdo surgery. Especially if you're more sensitive to pain. She shouldn't be able to do that if she was suffering that much. I stg she was waving and raising her arms more than she was holding them still.

All the pain meds she's on will be really fucking with her GI issues. Sorry for blogging but when I had the same bladder issues after abdo surgery (my bowel didn't want to wake up either) the doctors were suuuper reluctant to give me more narcotics despite being in a fuck load of pain. I wasn't sitting up, laughing with my friends and playing trouble. Yet I had to fight for a simple dose of tramadol, let alone a fucking dilly PCA. It's totally beyond me how Jaq gets all the shit she does, but it makes me furious.

No. 477416

That stuffed animal is nasty af

No. 477418

In one of her early early vlogs Jaq says she has Panhypogammaglobulinemia
but I've only heard her mention it once. Her cyclical vomiting syndrome isn't mentioned anymore either. Or her epilepsy. Or her asthma (except to show breathing treatment porn). Or migraines. Must be nice to have so many different conditions 100% under control (kek I being sarcastic)

No. 477423

It's kinda hard to see but in the vlog when her and Janjan were hiding in the empty room down the hallway, as Judd is walking down the hall towards them and filming you can see both J and J flapping their arms around…Jaq sees Judd coming and stops but Janjan isn't so quick so she's still doing it when he walks in. Dunno what they were doing but it couldn't have felt good to someone in sooooo much pain. And if your belly hurts so bad why is she sleeping with both arms up over her head? That'll stretch yer abdo reeeeeal nice

No. 477427

I bet it's such a disappointment for Jaquie that none of her videos from the last week have gone viral and her subscriber count has barely gone up. All this shit for nothing, maybe that's why now the allergic reactions have started back up?

No. 477433


How does she determine if her hours on end of “relentless vomiting and dry heaving” are CVS or the much more severe (and less mental sounding) Gastroparesis?

No. 477435


Interesting. But can you imagine Jaq doing a blog where she doesn't talk about some sort of complication or new medical device? I honestly cannot think of a single thing she would be able to focus a vlog on. It's almost like something HAS to happen to keep that subscriber and patreon count climbing. She's a trainwreck that you can't help but watch happen.

No. 477438

Just went and rewatched that part, and you’re absolutely right. She looks like a little kid who was caught doing something she knew she wasn’t supposed to be doing. As soon as she saw Judd and the camera, her hands went in her lap and she got super still. No way would she be able to flap around like that while in soooo much pain or with her super special unstable EDS joints. And the way she is moving around on that ledge is so suspect. She sure is using a lot of core strength for someone who supposedly still needs a pain pump after abdominal surgery. Bitch needs to be sent home, stat.

No. 477443

TBH there's so much happening in each vlog that it's really easy to miss the biggest giveaways that she's full of shit. It's only going back to rewatch and blocking out the talking and foreground stuff and focus on the small details. That's where the milk is.
In one of her migraine vlogs she's whining about how she has sound and light sensitivity…at one point she's saying it while on the kitchen floor with all the lights on sitting next to the humming fridge. Same vlog different part, whining about the sound and light sensitivity while having the giant tv screen flashing in the background, all the lights on and some kind of motor (fan maybe) going in the background. All while holding the camera up to film her sooper bad headache.

No. 477446

Eventually she’s going to run out of things she can manage to talk her doctors into. TPN is probably next, or a gastric pacemaker or pain pump (I’m actually surprised she doesn’t have the pacemaker already). And I’m sure she’ll be decked out in braces soon, since she’s already been in the process of getting some. Maybe a neck brace? That seems to be popular with eds munchies. But there’s not a whole lot else she could get after that, and she’s never satisfied. And she’s only 21. Does she think she’s going to keep doing this her whole life? People aren’t going to care when she’s 30, 35, 40.

No. 477449

And apparently eating kit kats

No. 477450

She could always buy more pillows for her "guest" room

No. 477451


Kek you mean her emergency room?

No. 477454

Kek I super nerded out one night and watched a random vlog for the sole purpose of counting the number of times she touched her face and hair. It was 21 times for anyone interested, in a 12 minute vlog. in the same vlog there were at least 3 times she ran her fingers through her hair them
Immediately played with her port tubing.
definitely the hygiene habits of an immunocompromised person.

No. 477458


She said today she hasn't showered in 6 days… Wow. Not even a sponge bath. Just "shower wipes" and dry shampoo. That's disgusting.

No. 477459

Her patreon account is down from its low 200 high and her subscriber count has stayed right around 97,200ish. I think she was really hoping the surgery would bring in the subscribers and she'd hit that sweet 100k goal.
On some YouTube stats site (not sure how trustworthy they are as I'm not a YouTuber) there was a channel predictor, they only predicted her being up to the 150,000 subscriber range in FIVE YEARS. Kek. Maybe she's maxed out already in how many people in the world would subscribe to her crazy train.

No. 477463


Aw, Janiece still doesn't get a mention in the OP? Sidekicks get nothin'!

No. 477464

Jaquie often reminds me of the main character in the book I Am The Cheese, particularly what is revealed at the end about the whole thing. And Judd would totally be the creepy guy on the balcony in his short shorts.
Sage for being waaaaay off topic

No. 477474

Lol as I said in the previous thread, she reminds me of fake EDS Linda from Intervention who was addicted to fentanyl. She's batshit crazy. Judd is like the brother who had to wait on her hand and foot. Super weird!

No. 477517

Poor Judd and Paul, they look so dead inside. :( I hope they break free and live normal lives someday.

Also, it's terrible, but I kind of wonder how much weight Jan would have to lose to not look fat in the face. Seriously, her face looks like she weighs 200+.

No. 477521

Bulemia guves you a fat face look. Yet another anachan trying to hide their ED behind muh chronic illness

No. 477543

She totally does! Rocking back and forth while sitting cross legged on the floor, sucking on a fentanyl lolly pop. But then saying "Ow, my hips just dislocated!!" That episode was the first time I'd ever heard of EDS. Jaq is on her way to being exactly like that girl in the episode.

No. 477582

Isn't bulemia face more of a bloating thing? Jan straight up has a double chin.

No. 477593


To be fair, some people do have chubby faces compared to the rest of their body. However, Janjan is not nearly as thin as she claims. In one vlog, she said she has very little body fat which is crap. Yeah, she’s lost weight but that’s because she refuses to eat because it gives her pain, even though there’s no medical reason yet found for this. She’s not underweight or “malnourished” as she claims, top kek.

No. 477636

Her subject matter limits her audience. There are only certain people who are going to watch a chronic illness vlog, let alone subscribe. She doesn't do anything fun or interesting, even though she claims she's advocating she isn't doing anything of the sort. She isn't teaching anything, she doesn't even have a particularly good sob story. Plus, lies. This is likely the highest class car she's going to be in on the YouTube Gravy Train.

No. 477642

hydroxyzine is a known rescue med for mcas. But, comes in a pill and she somehow can't do that can she?
She's never talked about being on an H1H2 combo for mcas (first step, so if she is properly diagnosed or even has suspected mcas/mcad it should be done). She has said in the comments she is on neubulized cromolyn sodium, which does shit all for "pollen"

No. 477669

Ugh I have a hard time watching janjan as it is and only do it for the milk. But her new vlog is so disgusting and cringe inducing! She's crowing like a proud rooster that Jaquie made the poor staff check janieces lungs for her. And Jaq thinks Jan needs a feeding tube and said she'd "hook her up" when the time came. What the actual fuck? These girls are straight GIDDY and gleeful about some pretty serious shit. I'm only 3 minutes in and I am so repulsed.

No. 477679

That is really weird. I am really weirded out by Janiece, recently even more so than in her previous vlogs. She is going down the rabbit hole FAST. I don't think we've ever seen someone turn full on munchie so fast. I mean: Jaquie is weird enough as it is, but then Janiece comes along and is just SO much more OTT and obvious and as you say.. gleeful about her medical issues, her weight loss, etc.

I also don't quite understand why Jaquie seems to be egging Janiece on. It's almost as if she wants to turn Janiece into a mini-her, in a way that has almost an MBP-like quality to it. I don't really understand it, because most of the time people with FII don't like others to get as much attention as they are getting so they would rather ignore any symptoms their loved ones have that may or may not be serious. Yet Jaquie seems to absolutely LOVE the fact that Janiece now has GI issues as well. The only real explanation I can think of for it that makes a little bit of sense is that she knows stuff like feeding tubes etc. bring more viewers and thus more money and she wants her BFF to share in the gift she found that is called YouTube/Patreon money. But if that were the case, she wouldn't be so obvious about it.

Does anyone have a theory about this that actually works? I am trying to wrap my mind around it, but somehow I just can't.

No. 477688

my theory is she (jaq) went down this rabbit hole thinking she'd be able to quit or get herself out of it whenever she pleased. now she's in this downward spiral too far to get herself out so she's taking her bff janjan with her in an effort to not be so alone in all of it, thus ruining janjan's life with her meddling disguised as supportive friend. she's not a good enough actress to convince people like us who see through her bullshit though. that's just my opinion on why jan spiraled so fast. she's easily influenced it seems and this would be no exception since jaq is her bff and she's too dumb to see through her crap.

No. 477691

OK.. I'm not even halfway through Janiece's vlog, and I absolutely see what you mean.

Also: if they know there is some sort of alarm on that bed, why on earth does Janiece keep getting in bed with Jaquie? And why doesn't she get up the moment that alarm goes of? She has set of this alarm at least two times, Paul has set off one, and instead of going "o wait, I was probably not supposed to do that", she just keeps lying there while Jaquie calls the nurse and explains that her friend just climbed into the bed with her, and if maybe she wasn't supposed to do that.


No. 477692

Kek Jaqs vlog should be entertaining, apparently she had another soooper bad anaphylaxis and they had to bring the crash cart but they were all just standing around looking at her. Apparently she used her epi pen and had to get a double dose of Benadryl because she still had a rash. Boo hoo. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat talking about getting the second dose. This whole J and J shit show is deeply disturbing.

No. 477699

Maybe Jaq is a psychopath and is setting Janjan up to seemingly have a lot of the same issues, but Jaq is cunning. I can see her convincing janiece she has major problems, helping her find the doctors to give her all the toobz and ports and toys, then setting off a chain of events that ends with janiece getting exposed as a faker. So that her own illnesses look legitimate and it draws the attention off herself.
Ooooh poor widdle me I soooo sick and my best fwiend I thought was sooo sick too was really copying me for attenshun and faking it. Waaaaaaaaa
Maybe reaching kek

No. 477703


I honestly think Jaquie really does think she has these conditions because she takes every single unpleasant feeling to mean she has a new chronic illness. She probably thinks she's helping Janiece.

No. 477706

Jaquie seems to have zero friends outside of other "spoonies" most of which seem to have real issues. It's harder to fake and get asspats around someone who has a legitimate issue because they can see through it faster than someone who doesn't. Jaquie needs a spoonie buddy that she can fool and Janiece fits nicely. She isn't smart enough to figure things out on her own, is quick to get on a bandwagon and is willing to tolerate Jaquie's non-stop conversation about medical issues, tools, jargon etc. I don't think there is a major conspiracy behind it. I think Jaquie is lonely and no one will tolerate her so creating mini-me is appealing to her.

No. 477715

Sometimes I think Jaquie actually has anaphylaxis, or maybe she has had it in the past and that is why she is so afraid and she thinks every itch is going to turn into a major reaction. Maybe she has some sort of panic attacks that make it hard for her to breathe? I think in the past she had a few reactions in her sleep, which would point to them being real. Unless of course she was just plain lying about that, either to us (like it didn't happen) or to hospital staff/Judd/her mom (like she let them believe she was asleep but she wasn't and then had a 'reaction' that was just bad acting). But her also having real reactions would explain why it seems that no doctors have called her out on this. If she has one or a few documented real anaphylactic reactions, they might just be erring on the side of caution along with Jaquie herself whenever she gets an itch or reports that her chest feels tight. The symptoms of a panic attack can VERY much resemble an anaphylactic reaction or a heart attack or similar.

No. 477716

Embed please

No. 477723

No. 477724


Huh? When did this happen? There's no new vlog today yet? Would love to see where she had this anaphylaxis with crash cart

No. 477729

Nope, not yet. I was a bit confused about that comment as well, but anon was refering to Janiece's vlog where it was mentioned that Jaquie had another severe reaction. They merely meant that if that is in Jaquies vlog, that will be entertaining to watch. I somehow doubt it will be in her vlog though, because Janiece said that "a lot happened yesterday that we didn't film". So we'll just have to see.

I did notice in Janiece's vlog that Jaquie is up to a whole 22 ml/hour now. Wow!

For the record: normally you go up by 5 ml every 12 hours or so. And that is for patients who are at risk for refeeding syndrome, which she is not. I get that her inestines were just operated upon, but upping with only ONE ml every few hours isn't going to get her anywhere. That just is way too slow.

No. 477730

It's in Janjans vlog, which is already up. Just them talking about it happening, I think Jan and Paul had already left when she had the "anaphylaxis"

No. 477731

The Google Doc link doesn't work. If you want people to look at it, please make it available for everyone.

No. 477741


Jaquie tends to have very severe anaphylaxis only after she's told she will be discharged from the hospital soon. Then she gets to stay another 24 hours. She did this all the time last year and got to stay in the hospital for two weeks at a time.

No. 477747

Her anaphylaxis episodes only seem to happen when it’s convenient for her. Interesting.

No. 477754

Is she purposefully inducing anaphylaxis, then? It's hard to believe doctors would just take her at her word when it comes to severe anaphylaxis.

No. 477765

Agree with this completely. She has supposedly had a couple of allergic reactions from home but every single one has been aborted by that sweet, sweet IV Benadryl. It's definitely suspicious that she only seems to have severe anaphylaxis when getting discharged from the hospital is imminent.

No. 477766

I do not understand why she is still in the hospital. It pisses me off so bad, they’re acting like wild children in a daycare centre, not super ill adults in a hospital. And I imagine everyone else does not appreciate their antics. So I can’t imagine being chronically sick, I’ve only been in the hospital when I gave birth, and if that nonsense was going on I’d complain and report on her nonstop until she got the boot. or the bitch has another “attack” and the nurses all had to rush to her, I’d leave the fucking hospital even if baby was crowning. I imagine if I was there with a potentially fatal/otherwise life changing illness I’d want some semblance of peace, and wouldn’t hesitate to start in with legal threats as both Jaq and Jan literally race around room to room on camera for youtoooob.

And, as a (former) healthcare professional, I’d be trying so fucking hard to catch this malingering bitch in those acts especially when she’s waving her arms around over her head - clearly she’s more than ready to go home. They need to flag her shit for being a potential addict. My workplace had a thing about cameras/recording on phones because of HIPPA violations, as far as I know that policy is still in place. So that shit should be enough to get Jaquie kicked out of any and all hospitals…..But all she has to do is use her special munchie powers to induce pity and receive more fancy medical gear she doesn’t need

No. 477775

I cannot believe Janjan is lying in bed wit Jaq. In the UK, you get told off by nurses for even sitting on the end of a hospital bed if you are not the patient. It is for infection control issues. Janjan is IN the bed.

No. 477781

File: 1516643515531.png (3.15 MB, 2048x1536, 0FFF3110-2D83-4AFD-AFD4-2C20C8…)

Both so sick and malnourished. It’s too sad. I’m crying into my cornflakes.

No. 477791

I think the fact that they spend so much time in bed together is weird all together. Yes, this hospital situation adds an entirely new dimensions to this. Usually when people are in severe pain the last thing they want is to be touched, bumped, jostled etc. But not AJ!

No. 477799

I know cars in the USA are bigger but are beds bigger too?!
In the UK hospital beds are about 100cm or 40 inches. With barriatric beds at 120cm.

No. 477810

File: 1516645358625.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1892, AF0F11AC-BC80-46FA-901D-C6BAF1…)

God it just keeps getting more disgusting that she has these people sooooo fooled. Anything for a longer stay.

No. 477826

I dunno if Jaq posted a vlog already about it but in Jan's the way they were talking about it and how they brought the crash cart or whatever but were just standing there looking at her, then she says she used her epipen. As another anon pointed out in the hospital they have epi they put in your IV (kek Jaqs favorite, IV insert drug name here and it costs like $3. I think that's a good point and interesting that she said she had to use her EPIPEN. So maybe the doctors didn't take her word for it and didn't do anything because it was a panic attack (maybe about being discharged?) or just a rash and itchy from her opioids…or the zofran…or god knows what other things she's on that these are side effects of.

No. 477832

Also she says she hit her head when she fell and the way she says about falling sounds like she was up out of bed.

No. 477841

She’s also desperate to stay long enough for them to put her on TPN. Yet she’s not making any effort to increase her feeds, and is eating ice cream and someone said soup? It’s beyond ridiculous now.

No. 477843

Prob why they have alarms on her bed. And wherever Paul touched set one off too. I'm reeeeeally curious to know what Paul did. Maybe they're suspicious she is inducing some of her symptoms, like the anaphylaxis. If they alarm her bed they know every time she gets up, and I don't think Jaquie is dumb enough to hide her clump of grass or palm tree dander or whatever she's (hypothetically) using near her bed. Plus she's a fucking fall risk, a narcoleptic with cataplexy who is OFF her narco meds and having visitors making her laugh her ass off and she has POTS and is on a pain pump. She shouldn't be getting out of bed without assistance. People at this great of a fall risk sometimes aren't even allowed to have a loved one help, they have to sit and wait for a nurse. Liability.

No. 477848

She had ice cream (2 bites she says) the day after her surgery I believe. Egg drop soup from PF Changs two or three days after. The ice cream was because she was 'stressed' and it made her feel better. But hasn't she in the past talked about how she doesn't really get hungry or miss food? She's so detached from eating it seems hard to believe she'd stress eat, especially the day after having your guts rearranged, and double ESPECIALLY for someone who claims to very frequently throw back up even a few bites of food.

No. 477850

if she was anything she claimed to be there would be a nurse using a gait belt, she wouldn't even be allowed to get up from the bed without it. they also wouldn't just ignore her narco and cataplexy if it was severe. hospitals have pharmacies in them for a reason, to provide meds. if she has a medication list she filled out pre-op her normal meds (barring any that may conflict with post-op meds?) would be brought to her with any other meds at their specific times. she's dumb as shit if she thinks she's a good liar.

No. 477862

Her narco med (one of them at least) is xyrem which is GHB and very tightly controlled, I think she has to get it from some federal central pharmacy. And it conflicts with the opioids so she can't take it as long as she's on it.

No. 477864

I think they just have her fall risk band still on her because her blood pressure is low (dehydration) and because they probably know if they took the band off her she'd fall…

No. 477868

It’s pathetic that she’s still on hospital. Women have c-sections and go home between 24 and 48 hours later….and they have to care for a newborn! I’ve never given birth btw, just an example of what a massive baby she is and that other people can and do cope.

No. 477869

She’s dehydrated because she’s right back to purging through her g tube. What her doctors don’t realize is that all these “treatments” she’s gotten/is getting are the things that actually cause all her symptoms. People who actually can’t eat don’t take a couple bites of ice cream because it makes them “feel better”, they know it makes them sick so they avoid it as much as possible. Also, any medfags want to weigh in why she had a surgical procedure usually done in weight loss surgery? I don’t get why.

No. 477871

I used to think her anaphylaxis/angioedema whatever attacks were panic attacks made worse by the fact that she's a big fucking whiny baby. This latest anaphylaxis I think Jan's vlog how she described it was a little like the game of telephone and Jan's pretty dumb to begin with. Jaq said in this latest episode she woke up and couldn't breathe so she used her own epi pen. I think she's faking it for attention. She's fine doing the IV Benadryl at home for the "attacks" but using an epi if you know you aren't in anaphylaxis is pretty dumb. Unless of course, you're already IN the hospital when you use your epi pen.
If you claim anaphylaxis, use an epi and then call the nurse would they really be able to tell if you faked it or not? It's suspicious in the hospital she always has an excuse why she had to do it herself. Can't breathe, they're too slow, didn't one hospital tell her it wasn't anaphylaxis?

No. 477895

I'm on board with her attacks being panic attacks and she's just absolutely clueless. so of course it had to be something sooper severe because she won't even consider that ANY of her issues are mental.

No. 477896


her hand looks super weird here. What's that about?

No. 477912

Pretty sure she was losing at Trouble on purpose. She only won today because, as Judd said, statistically speaking she should have won by now. She's a master manipulator and knows how to push it to the limit then back off so it looks legit

No. 477915

Today's vlog(s) you can see the white board with all her nurses and doctors names and possibly a beeper number. Again.

No. 477921

Could JanJan be supplying her with allergens? She's probably stupid enough to be manipulated into believing something like "wah wah wah, the mean doctors won't give me care unless I'm dying. I need to have an allergic reaction so they'll take a closer look at X."

I don't think Judd would give it to her, but I could see Janice doing it.

No. 477923

Random bitchy comment but I could go the rest of my life without hearing Jaquie say "I am just thankful for this tool (insert whatever new toy she is talking about now) in my fight with (disease of the day)."

No. 477930

There's also a roux en y jejunostomy which is maybe a different thing but similar? Hard to say, because I googled it and the first page of results was all about roux en y jejunostomy being done in peds patients, and severely neurologically impaired ones at that. And apparently for at least a decade they've been able to do it laparoscopically. I'm not Jaquie but if I had slow healing from EDS and needed a procedure that could be done open or lap, I'd never have open. Slight medfag by proxy as my partner is a surgical tech–they do complicated procedures ALL the time that are laparoscopic. And if there's an unexpected complication (like Jaqs sooper speshul anatomy) they can often roll with the punches. Because, not their first rodeo. Only if something goes dreadfully wrong do they have to abandon lap and actually open them up. But almost always if it can be done lap, they do it that way.
Sage for MFBP (medfaggingbyproxy)

No. 477939

Jaq could be giving it to herself, hiding whatever in her bag or toothbrush case or camera bag. If she had to leave the bed to get it and the staff was at all suspicious of her that would explain why they alarmed the bed. Like that kid that kept getting line infections while in hospital and the nurses noticed it was often when his mom was there. So they put a camera in the room and caught her injecting shit (literally) into his IV lines. Or the other anon saying sometimes nurses will cover up the feed rate so the patient claimig feed intolerance can't see their feed rate. Or the other anon who posted the link to the people having what they thought was recurrent anaphylaxis, but it went away when they were told they were getting IV Benadryl or epi (don't remember which) but got a placebo and the anaphylaxis magically went away.
Nurses have pretty good bullshit alarms, especially with drug seekers and attention cows like Jaquie

No. 477957

Anyone else find it amusing that she always wears those awful V necks with her port hanging out at home because "much SPD" can't cope with round neck yet here she is wearing the same high round neck tshirt for what, a week straight?!

No. 477966

Her port tubing hasn't been dangling outside her shirt the entire time she's been in hospital either so suddenly she can tolerate that being inside her shirt all day. Guess she doesn't need the v neck to show it off because she's in the hospital and no one there gives two shits about her toys

No. 477973

I've noticed that before. All her pajama tee shirts are crew necks. But muh SPD y'all.

No. 477990

She goes to bed with wet hair too. Yuck. That's one of the absolute worst feelings. Maybe since she GHBS herself to sleep that's how she can stand it?

No. 478023

>>Today's vlog(s) you can see the white board with all her nurses and doctors names and possibly a beeper number. Again.
OK, I know we're not allowed to interact with cows in real life, but suppose someone would call/mail the hospital to let them know their staff is vulnerable in her vlogs? I'm asking hypothetically; I'm not even in the US so obviously I wouldn't call them. I'm just wondering if it would be allowed. It's VERY wrong that she just throws all the information on the nursing staff out in the world without even thinking about it. For I think four days in a row now, we've been able to see names of doctors and nurses plus their beeper numbers in her vlogs. That doesn't sit well with me.

No. 478026

what hospital is she even at?

No. 478030

Yep it is very wrong. Imagine if j or j complains in a vlog about the care and her rabid fans can see the doctors names and what hospital she's at and start calling and demanding poor Jaq or janjan gets treated better. After all, Jaq says she never contacted KF to get free formula sent to her, a fan apparently did that because they were "worried about her". Which sounds like horseshit too, but if true shows the lengths her fans will go to to get involved.

No. 478043

It was funny when we were all talking about Jaq and her hand washing or lack thereof and then next vlog she made sure to point out her hands were washed. Coincidence or does she read here? Hi Jaquie! How many of your followers do you think watch your videos and support your patreon just to gather intel? Could you still put out a daily vlog AND be sick AND live your life if you knew several hundred (or thousand kek) people were dissecting every word, action and claim of your videos? How many extra hours a day of editing would it take to comb through your footage and blur out things like white boards, pill labels, pump rates and faces of staff walking past in the hallway, etc etc etc?? Good luck, sweetie. The great thing about a public YouTube channel is you have no say in who watches your videos. You can block all the nasty comments you want but you can't block viewing access. Sucks for you but hey, you're getting LOTS of attention..look how popular you are on sites that think you're a scamming liar.

No. 478050

Why TF would she pick a surgeon who would use that technique if it meant longer recovery? More Dilaudid?

No. 478052

But would it be against the rules? And would 'the community' (for lack of a better word) frown upon that, if someone were to contact them? Again: I'm not planning to do it (also don't particularly like the idea of getting involved, to be quite honest), but I just want to know. Suppose someone would say nothing about Jaquie and what they think of her, but just something like: "hey, I'm watching this YouTuber who is currently admitted to your hospital and I think you need to know that the names of your nurses, the technician and their beeper number is in almost every one of her vlogs?"

No. 478053

I noticed jaq hasn't been wearing a bra in hospital. She has pretty pointy boobs so it was hard not to notice. I picked up on it because I've always assumed she wore a padded bra at home, I just had no proof. There's the proof. Now, even comfortable bras get uncomfortable if you wear them too often. She seems to wear hers all day every day. If you've got SPD or you're in pain a lot, or both, the last thing you're gonna want is to wear a damn bra.

So she can wear a bra all the time but she can't wear crew necks or have her port inside her shirt. But now she's apparently forgotten that and she's doing both. Maybe she doesn't want the nurses questioning her port choices?

No. 478062

Yeah, I've wondered that too. Supposedly the surgeon told her that an open surgery was better for this type of tube placement because they needed to space to rearrange the intestines. I'm not a doctor, but I know that that specific procedure can be done laporascopically. So I would assume that if a surgeon only does it as an open procedure, that is more the preference of the surgeon and their personal experience than anything else. You would think that with her shopping around and the way she (says she) always researches things, she would be able to find a surgeon who has extended experience with this specific procedure as a lap one.

I also don't really understand why they chose to do the roux en y. She said somewhere they thought is was the better option if you need long-term tube feeds, but with just a few Google clicks and not even really looking for an in-depth explanation of differences, what I have found thus far is mainly that this specific procedure has the highest risk of complications than the other options. One of the possible complications is a backing up of the feeds in the arm part of the Y. Some patients even have to use an ostomy bag when they are disconnected from their feeds because the formula and/or mucus keeps leaking out of the stoma. Plus it seems to have a higher complication risk overall compared to the other procedures. AND to have it done open when it can be done minimally invasive? Supposedly with EDS? If it would have been the first and only surgeon who would have proposed it then I could somewhat understand, but she shopped around to find him! She saw I think three different surgeons. And of course the researched them first so she saw three hand-picked surgeons, yet she couldn't find one that didn't prefer the open technique? WTF Jaq??

No. 478065

A more intensive (yet still totally unnecessary) surgery with a longer recovery means a longer hospital stay, more asspats, more possible complications to make into new “adventures”, more painkillers, more people taking care of her and catering to her every whim, and increased legitimacy every time she goes to an appointment or a hospital. That’s how she does things, she finds a diagnosis she likes, somehow manipulates doctors into giving her the gear to go with it (without ever having the proper diagnosis), and from then on people are a million times more likely to believe her even when she doesn’t have the right symptoms, because why would someone have a surgery/piece of equipment they didn’t need? The concept of being a munchie is pretty much unheard of by a good portion of the world. Medical professionals are used to looking out for drug seekers, but I doubt most of them have even considered that someone would fake so many illnesses and take it do far.

No. 478068

File: 1516657580974.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, F062E65F-D27E-4985-A296-A14D0B…)


I think she’s full of shit about hitting her head during this alleged sooper bad reaction. Hospital protocol is that anytime a patient hits their head from a fall or something, they MUST get a STAT CT — especially if the patient is on any blood thinners. Which she is! Jaq is on the heparin injections three times a day to prevent blood clots post op. Even if you have a freak accident and your IV pole whacks you in the head during your stay, you get a CT if you’re on anticoagulants.

And you know we’d have heard about it and had to sit through a sped up gurney ride to awful music all the way to CT department and back to her room if Jaq had to get a CT scan because that’s the type of shit she loves to do, y’all. It’s so extra!

Anyone else have the feeling she didn’t hit her head?

Also, if Jaq loves to be in control with the Epipen that she isn’t supposed to have while inpatient, what’s to say she doesn’t have her emergency Benadryl drawn up and ready in her drawer? Or even doses herself on top of what nurses give?

One of her sheeple (this pic) told her that she herself does the same thing (I’m guessing this person has adrenal insufficiency or Addison’s disease) and brings her own meds to the hospital because they are so slow to bring things… shows you what kind of following she has. Dishonest addicts just like their queen. I know this goes without saying, this is so dangerous! And Jaq promotes it. Shocker.

No. 478074

Because jaquie specifically shopped for a gi team that would immediately jump to the most invasive treatment. They didn’t try anything else before sticking a GJ tube in her. So of course she continues to go to them. Would an actual gi team put another hole in someone with eds with an open surgery? Absolutely not, unless it was the absolute last resort. And jaquie can still eat, so there’s no reason to focus so much on tube feeding. She had to really shop to find these yahoos.

No. 478105


I doubt her BP is low from dehydration as she is on continuous fluids. It’s probably more like all of the narcotics kek

No. 478108


That third comment looks like someone sneaking in a few jabs. Kek. "Why are you so hyper in the hospital?" "Why don't you get actual hives during your reactions?"

No. 478115

Maybe she's so far to crazy town that she's choosing all these procedures and operations because of the towns of complications? If she was faking her GP before or exaggerating, with the rearranging of her guts that just happened now she WILL have legit problems. Maybe shes tired of faking and trying to keep her tracks covered and having a complication gets asspats, views AND a real problem she can relax and not have to fake.

No. 478132

I watch several other (healthy) daily vloggers and they frequently say how hard it is to come up with stuff to film every single day and find themselves planning things or doing things just for the vlogs to keep the viewers happy and entertained.
Jaqs a daily vlogger that, at the end of the day, isn't just doing it because she likes the editing part. No one spends hours on something 7 days a week when they claim to be this sick, if they aren't also getting some other benefits. I mean I love to sew but would I do it 3 or 4 hours a day 7 days a week? Fuck no. Jaquie and her vlogging solely about being sick is a self fulfilling prophecy. She will never get better or improve her quality of life regardless of what's wrong or not wrong with her unless she puts the camera down. Kinda surprising none of her doctors have encouraged this thought or put their foot down and told her to take it easy on the daily vlogging.

No. 478138

Or even transition the vlog. Granted with a title like Chronically Jaquie she has somewhat backed herself into a corner… but… I watch a few YouTubers who have multiple channels dedicated to different subjects. She could always keep Chronically Jaquie while promoting another platform that becomes a regularly updated vlog, say, about photography, or dog training and the only update CJ every now and then, when there is actually something to report. As opposed to reporting something manufactured. I agree she is sort of in a self fulfilling prophecy by trapping herself into a cycle where she must come up with daily spoonie footage.

No. 478140

Maybe she'll discover the wonders of mmj and she can trade favorite colors with janjan and keep the chronically Jaquie channel name

No. 478166

Top kek, anon.

No. 478186

She’s not special for getting blood thinners either, most hospitals give heparin twice a day even to people who haven’t had surgery. The risk is more how sedentary she is. But yeah, it’s super dangerous for a patient to bring in their own meds, and hospitals normally do not allow it, unless you turn them over to the hospital to keep and dole out to you correctly. There is no way they’d let her have an epipen, so I’d guess she’s hiding it and only bringing it out as a prop, just to remind people that she’s got allergies (since we know she doesn’t have a mast cell disease of any kind). Giving yourself an epi and then the hospital giving you another would probably really fuck you up, yes medfags?? And nurses are only slow with meds when they’re not critical, because nurses have lots of patients who are a hell of a lot sicker than miss munchie here. And you just have to wait a little longer, you still get them. It’s not like it’s life or death in jaquie’s case, since she’s not, and probably never was, having anaphylaxis.

No. 478224

She really is a fucking five year old. And that stuffed toy is disgusting.

No. 478225

File: 1516664215343.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5566.PNG)

Forgot pic. Soz.

No. 478229

Ewww I can only imagine the germs that thing is carrying. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, from dozens of hospitals and clinics and ERs. I hope someone burns it.

No. 478254

ok so.. i have a g and j tube and a central line for TPN. i got my tubes separated and after BOTH tube surgeries, i was on iv dilaudid (no pain pump) for 24hours after, and oxycodone for three days after and then Tylenol. i went home on day three. same surgical way too. she’s either faking for drugs or a superrrr low pain tolerance. it honestly just feels like you did a million pushups more than anything else. that being said, it’s not comfortable but not to the extent she’s making it out to be(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 478259

File: 1516666017858.jpg (480.61 KB, 1080x2220, Point Blur_Jan222018_190522.jp…)

Wonder how long it will take her sheeple to jump all over this…Or for it to be deleted.

No. 478263

Thanks for the input, anon! Just goes to show (and I think most of us here would agree) that someone who claims to be in chronic pain all the time almost without fail can tolerate pain that would make anyone else cringe or pass out. And WTF is she having such a hard time with?!? She claims her abdo muscles have severe spasms all the time and that's what she's saying is her biggest pain now. Sorry honey but if you have that pain constantly you'd be used to it and this surgery would have been a relative cake walk (like anon described).

No. 478266

It's so sad that her People would even get upset about someone posting that. Because it's a pretty goddamn valid point.

No. 478270

This is really mean and I'll sage for being ot but…I dream of the day that more comments on her vids are negative than nice and everyone is suspicious of her and start asking questions…and she spends so much time deleting negative comments that she doesn't have time to vlog and throws in the towel. Good riddance. Don't let the cataplexy hit you in your untoned ass on the way out

No. 478303


Claritin is what stopped my opiate-induced itching in the ER once. But I think she'd rather have something that can be dramatically "pushed" through her port.

No. 478315


I have (relatively mild) GP, and don't relate to the "hours of vomiting". Once my stomach is empty, the problem is gone. I know everyone's different, but I can't think of a reason for continued vomiting afterwards if it's only caused by gastroparesis.

saged for blog/comparison

No. 478335


If someone has a genuine migraine, no way would they be vlogging, even in the dark.

No. 478338

File: 1516670322627.jpeg (69.08 KB, 638x479, DA999742-0C8E-47D2-A28B-8D3DA8…)


On the whole open surgery vs lap… what do you guys bet Jaq researched which technique would likely get her the longest hospital stay (aka most drugz) and talked her surgeon in to that one? At one point (I want to say it was on their way to the hospital even) she was talking about how she and the surgeon were deciding between the Roux en Y or something called the Witzel procedure. Anyone have any information on the Witzel? I am weeding through Google myself on this, so I’ll let you guys know what I find out.

No. 478351


I think a "mean" allergist told her she didn't need the port?

No. 478359

Didn't someone at mayo too, or was she just afraid of what they'd say about her port?

No. 478364

She picked that surgeon because he would do the roux en y and the other onez did the witzel

No. 478366


I don't relate either. Nor do many other genuine GP'ers I talk to. Most of us don't vomit not long after eating - it's usually a good day or a few days later that it happens. Also haven't heard of GP causing over production and disregulation of stomach acid?

No. 478368


I have asthma, and if I were going to be in the hospital for a few days I'd definitely bring an emergency inhaler just in case I had wheezing in the middle of the night or something (though I'd let the staff know too!). But Ventolin can't really do anything major to your body, unlike an epipen.

No. 478374


another huge risk for bringing in your own meds, is the possibility that other wandering patients might find them and ingest them.

No. 478379


Why does she never use a TENS machine? or a heat pad? Or one of the zillions of non-narcotic pain relief options that people with actual EDS and chronic pain conditions use all the time?

No. 478394

They're not special or invasive.

No. 478412

I think she got told to get rid of it at mayo as well. Mayo also told her she didn’t have eds or pots, and they actually tested/evaluated her for those.

No. 478426

People have asked her about a TENS unit before in comments but she says they do nothing. She does use a heat pad a lot.

No. 478463

Last thread there was an anon who posted a blurb they found on something called “Roux Stasis Syndrome” (RSS) which is a (30% chance of getting RSS post Roux en Y surgeries) so I was reading about it today and one of the symptoms of RSS if Jaq ends up with it (or angling toward it) is…

Fecal vomiting, which is exactly what it sounds like… vomiting your feces.

Jaq thought her sooper bad relentless vomiting was bad before… what’s going to happen when she starts puking up her own poop?

No. 478466

Top kek anon

No. 478531

File: 1516682557283.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5571.PNG)

She finally washed that nasty ass hair but still hasn't taken a shower or sponge bath. Skank.

No. 478557


Goes to the effort of washing her hair but can't change that ratty ass supposed-SPD-inducing shirt. Yuck.

No. 478563

Then we’ll have our final proof that she is indeed full of shit, so much that she’s puking it up.
It still doesn’t make a lot of sense that someone signed off on this surgery and thought it was a good idea. There is absolutely no medical proof that she needs a feeding tube, her GES would have shown GP if she actually had it, and instead it showed she didn’t have, not even mildly.

No. 478597

Looool… What, if anything, did they diagnose her with?

No. 478600


Benign joint hypermobility I think? and orthostatic hypotension (which is just one symptom of POTS but possible to have on its own). And she wasn't diagnosed with GP but "delayed gastric emptying".

No. 478628

Not delayed gastric emptying but iirc it was decreased gastric accommodation.

No. 478632


My bad, that's the one. Basically she just needed to eat smaller, regular meals.

No. 478636

She wasn’t diagnosed with delayed gastric emptying, it was as the above anon said. Also FYI gastroparesis technically IS delayed gastric emptying, although some drs won’t diagnose gastroparesis as a condition if a person, for example, has delayed emptying but is in a shitload of opiates.

No. 478641

File: 1516694769939.png (636.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-01-23-18-02-02…)

How long are we betting…

No. 478648

So basically… Bitch needs to stand up a little slow and not eat garbage kek

No. 478674

Technically, she was diagnosed with delayed gastric emptying: her test came back borderline slow. So she has a VERY mild case, which most definitely would not explain why she wouldn't be able to eat at the very least a few smaller meals spread out over the day. Nor why she would need a feeding tube. And she was not diagnosed with delayed gastric emptying, but the GI at Mayo thought that made more sense. They didn't test her for it though. And although the treatment for it is breathing exercises and her local GI said that although he did think she had a mild case of GI the decreased accomodation could also be a factor, she somehow was never tested for it not did she do the exercises. Most people would be quick to do a simple and risk-free treatment like breathing exercises even if there was just a 1% chance it would help them, but not our princess. Of course not.

In all fairness to Jaquie (I cannot believe I just typed that) I could add that her GES that showed her having borderline slow stomach motility was done almost a year before she got her feeding tube. So IS it possible that her motility has decreased. But because her GI didn't do a repeat GES when his patient with a very mild case of GP came back for a fucking feeding tube, we'll never know if she actually managed to slow her stomach further down by not eating and/or purging. Not that it matters: with what she shows us in her vlogs alone (so imagine what could be going on off camera!) it is clear that she should be able to sustain herself with eating and/or using liquid replacements.

No. 478678

While I was reading my own post, I noticed a pattern: Jaquie was told she might not have GP but another condition that could be helped with simple exercises. She didn't want to try them, and instead spiraled out of control and munchied herself into a feeding tube.

Janiece was told she needed simple exercises to fix her constipation issues, but doesn't want to do them because she has 'worse things going on'. (Though no one seems to know what she means by that). She is letting it spiral out of control, too. And she probably will try to munchie herself into a feeding tube as well.

Again I would say that even if she would have other stuff going on, you'd expect someone to want to try the physio, first. If I were her, I'd want those exercises ASAP just to be sure that any pelvic floor issues were out of the way to be able to see more clearly what else - if anything - was going on GI-wise. Yet, no.

Maybe someone should tell Janiece that she can try and find herself a pelvic floor physio who uses anal and vaginal probes for biofeedback? She seems to be into butt stuff with her creepy enema-love. At this point, Janiece is just like a kid who doesn't want to go number two because she's afraid to. You know, anal phase and all. I wouldn't make fun of it if she actually went to see a PT for it and did the work, but since she is unwilling to do that, we can conclude she is absolutely stuck in the anal phase. Like the child who doesn't want to go potty and cannot be convinced to even try it, she doesn't want to try and solve her poop problems by going to the P(o)T(ty).

No. 478741

You make some great points in both posts here, anon.

Your replies bring me to ask a couple of questions and observe a some things that just make me go hmmmmmm.

1. Like you mentioned, why no repeat GES before going to the next (extremely invasive) step of her first feeding tube?

2. Why after the first kink did we not do any type of further involved imaging or testing on the tube and Jaq. Maybe like a study by fluoroscopy (I’m not sure something like that even exists but I bet there’s something) to check anatomy and hardware. I know Interventional Radiology can do all kinds of crazy cool things.

3. This is the one that baffles me… why on god’s fucking green earth where baby jesus rides a ketamine sedated mini unicorn named Bert… whyyyyy for duck’s sake did Wacky Jaquie “Who’s Dick Can I Suck for My Next Toobz” Blakewith… not ever have to trial this potentially “game chaning tool, y’all!” with a NASAL toob first? It seems so wreckless and irresponsible to just stick a toob in her crusty stomach without making sure that her weak ass jejunem can even tolerate that sweet KF nootrishunz.

Money talks and bullshit walks… or in Jaq’s case… bullshit RIDES in $15,000+ Barbie Cars?

No. 478792

I could not tell you the answers to the first two questions because I do not understand it either. I've wondered especially about the first point you mention. If you have a patient with a very mild case of delayed stomach emptying that could be treated by diet and maybe pills and they came back a few months later claiming to be starving, what would you do? I am not a doctor, but I know what I would NOT do: give them a feeding tube without further testing. I would do a repeat GES, gastroscopy and other tests depending on presentation and if those didn't reveal anything, I'd sent them to a dietician. If the dietician couldn't help them (enough) OR if either them or I had the slightest feeling that there could be psychological factors, a psych eval would be my next step.

Point two.. that's an excellent point. They never seemed so interested in why Jaquie had repeated kinks of a tube with anti-kink technology. I have to say, before she went to the surgeon I expected the surgeon to tell her that another tube wasn't a great idea and to make sense of the kinking thing (e.g. by telling her/her doctor that you wouldn't expect kinking with this kind of tube). But that didn't happen and instead they seemed to think it was a great idea to just put in another tube.

The third question I can answer partially (yet still don't understand). She went to the hospital expecting to get a nasal (NJ) tube. As Jaquie tells it, she was approached by another GI doc when she was admitted and he told her that he thought a permanent tube would be a better idea because she would need a more long-term option. Of course, before Jaquie went to the hospital, she told her viewers that she would be getting a nasal tube and how it was the best option because it could be easily removed. So if it turned out she was just 'in a flare', they could remove it after a while and she'd be fine. She also said that they would talk about permanent options in if I remember correctly a few weeks, which seemed awfully fast to me (it's not uncommon at all for patients to have NG/NJ tubes for periods of basically everything under a year - and sometimes of course longer). But after she spoke to this doctor, she was of course immediately on board with having a surgical tube, because "I need a long-term solution anyway". She basically said that right now she was able to eat only 5% and the tube would give her the remaining 95%, but normally she was able to eat only 30% anyway so even if she was out of her 'flare' she would still need 70% of her daily intake by tube.

Now that doesn't make sense on SO many levels. First of all, if she was really only able to eat 30% of her daily calories for a long period of time, she would have lost a LOT of weight. Not just five or six, or even ten or twenty pounds. If that goes on for a few months, a person can easily lose a third of their body weight.

Secondly: of course there is no way to know for sure if it really all happened the way she tells it. We can't know for sure if she really was approached by a doctor for a more permanent tube or if she somehow planted that idea in their mind. But even if it happened like she says it did.. I still don't understand it. If I was admitted for a nasal tube and my doctors suddenly started to talk about an abdominal (surgical) tube, I would tell them "no thanks, just give me the nasal tube and the information about the other options, and I'll make an appointment after a few weeks so we can talk about it". I mean.. there was no need for them to do the surgery right away because either way she would be getting her nutrition. She said that the doctor had told her that there was no need to put her through a tube placement twice and sedate her twice if she would need a more permanent tube anyway. But 1. there are ways to place an NJ tube without sedation and 2. it makes less sense to put a patient through surgery and put a hole into their belly when you aren't sure if they need that tube than it does to put a nasal tube into someone and maybe have to put another one in later on. And erm.. it's not like she tries to avoid sedation as much as she can.

Also: there was NO WAY for them to know if her borderline slow stomach was the cause of her not being able to eat. So it's kind of stupid (not to mention unethical) to put someone through placement of a surgical tube before you know for sure they'll be able to tolerate J-feedings, like you also mentioned.

Let's also not forget that at this point, she hadn't even seen a dietician. I understand that there are situations when a patient is severely malnourished you don't have time to try different diets and shakes and meds. In those situations, they just put in a tube to make sure the patients regains weight and health first. But THEN you sent them to a dietician and try to wean them off of the tube feeds. They never tried this for Jaquie. I guess at a certain point when she had the tube other doctors and dieticians just assumed that they must have tried everything or else she wouldn't have that tube in the first place (which is probably the reason why she was able to find surgeons who were willing to put in a second tube; they obviously assumed she was really dependent on her tube feedings) and just went along. Hence why the dietician who came to see her in the hospital said to "keep doing what she was doing".

Question for US-fags: do GI-docs prescribe the formula themselves? Where I live, a dietician prescribes it and a doctor has to sign off on it. So there is no way you can be on tube feeds without seeing a dietician. I was very suprised to find out that Jaquie had never seen one before and only was refered to one after she already was on tube feeds for many months.

Also.. kek @ bullshit rides in a $15,000+ Barbie Car & the ketamine sedated mini unicorn named Bert. You may have just made my day.

No. 478811

The thing with gastroparesis is that even in severe GP- you don't need stomach movement for liquids. If you stay upright after drinking and move around for a bit, if there's no obstruction and you don't overdo it at once- then can move through your GI tract by gravity alone. Even people with severe GP motivated to stay off a feeding tube usually can.

I forgot what show it was, but I remember watching some British show about a kid that refused to eat and had a PEG. Parents took him (her?) to an expensive treatment center in some place like Norway where they basically said "He can eat, stop tube feeding him and he'll eat when he's hungry. Make him smoothies."

No. 478813

>>The thing with gastroparesis is that even in severe GP- you don't need stomach movement for liquids.
Is that always true though? Because if liquids will always pass through the stomach, you'd say that GP patients would never need a tube into their jejunum or even a feeding tube at all. They could either do liquid meal shakes or have a gastric tube then, right?

Also: I know that sometimes botox into the pylorus is used as a treatment for GP. If that works that seems to imply that (for a certain subset of patients anyway) GP is caused/exacerbated by pyloric dysfunction or spasm. If the pylorus is shut closed, even liquids would have a hard time passing through. Right?

No. 478814

This is that (or a similar) documentary.

No. 478816

Yep that's it!

No. 478817


I should say mostly by gravity. Enteral feeding needed in only the most severe cases. And people who are enteral fed shouldn't be eating- only have small amounts of liquid meals- in addition to the meals per the recommendations on UpToDate.

No. 478845

Kek so Jaq just needs to go to this tough love toddler food camp and she'll be eating in no time. Because why would she be anything BUT a toddler? Is there a diagnosis for acting like a fucking child while bragging about 'adulting'?

No. 478870

Oh good lord janjan is becoming quite the little patreon whore, promoting it within her vlogs (shamelessly at that) and now newest vlog, the entire description for today is 100% about her patreon even though the vlog is about how she's sooooo sick. And she needs a goddamn editor.

No. 478878

She also says that she "does want to work" in today's vlog which I don't believe.

All her student loans will be forgiven because she's unable to work. I've never heard of a such a thing. It also sounds like she isn't declaring her Patreon/youtube income then, right? The loan company would see that as evidence of work, yea?

No. 478883


I'm not sure how it works over there but in the UK you need to be earning above a certain threshold pa before the automatic payments kick in on student loans.

No. 478887

She currently has 22 patrons. It will be interesting to watch the numbers.
Personally the quickest way to lose my interest as a viewer is to push a patreon page. I hate that shit. No, I am not going to donate money to you so you can sit on your ass and play movie star while I work. Lazy cow.

No. 478890

Patreon income is taxable. And Patreon will report to the IRS amounts over $400 (or some such amount, but it's not very high).

No. 478901

Federal student loans are not easily discharged for disability in the US unless you are (1) dead or (2) totally and permanently disabled or (3) file bankruptcy and prove to the court that you have extenuating medical costs that prevent you from paying back your loans (you or your kid has cancer and you are working but all your money goes to the hospital, for example).

She might qualify if she receives disability pay from the government, but would have to have received that every month for five years, I believe.

No. 478911


they're not even discharged if you're dead, necessarily. There are stories of parents who co-signed for student loans and still had to pay them off when their kids died still in debt.

No. 478916

I forgot to add that the $400 threshold for Patreon reporting income to the IRS is an annual amount, not monthly.

Now, what will be interesting is that unless the money goes to a non-profit organization and people cannot be non-profit organizations, the money is taxable as self-employment income.

The way this works is that as an employee of a regular business, the employer pays part of your employment tax and the employee pays part of it. The tax goes to several government entities (social security, federal tax, state tax, in some states, etc.). When you are self-employed, you have to pay THE ENTIRE tax yourself.

I hope they are saving $$ back for the taxes. Sure, they can write off business expenses, but it's complicated at times.

No. 478917

Well, those three don't apply to her.

Is it possible they are not federal loans? I have no idea how that works in the US, but are there other options? Because she seemed to emphasize my student loans (have forgiveness). Also, don't they take in account partner's income? It just doesn't seem to me like they have trouble keeping ends meet..

No. 478919

Good point!

No. 478923

Janiece seems depressed that her GI doctor isn't as attentive as Jaquie's and is having his NP see her instead. She's so pathetically desperate for a medically complex list of disorders like Jaquie. Can anyone explain what she is suffering from right now other than constipation and that feeble cough? She acts like a toddler sho is afraid to poop. Has she ever done the PT that was recommended or followed a routine bowel regimen? How is she claiming disability–based on which illness?

No. 478927

The only thing I've ever heard of is if you buy an insurance policy against the loan. But usually that requires death.

The question about Paul becomes complicated. If he didn't sign, the loan isn't his, but if she needs to file bankruptcy in order to argue extenuating medical circumstances, Paul's income would be included in the bankruptcy, so I'm not sure how that would work.

But, perhaps she borrowed from a parent or grandparent, and that person will let her stop paying. That would be a way that HER loans would be forgiven.

No. 478934

If she borrowed from a family member she probably wouldn't have to fill out a form and let her doctors sign it. So I don't think that is the case.

No. 478939

File: 1516728266469.jpg (171.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1959.jpg)


Don't worry, y'all! Jaq definitely does NOT have any mental health issues! She said it in all caps, so therefore it's true.

Also, because someone would dare ask such a silly question, they clearly need to go back and watch all of her drivel and her hours-long videos about her explaining her multiple sooper seeeeerious not at all psychological health "problems".

No. 478948

She is bat-shit looney toons crazy.

No. 478950

It's crazy that as soon as Janiece left, Jaquie had a setback in her recovery. And then Janiece relapses the next morning.

No. 478960

File: 1516729457754.png (136.34 KB, 1337x832, Jaqanx.PNG)

There's another comment about the anxiety here. This stuff really offends her.

I think it's telling that she claims the nurses just stood there "staring at her" when she supposedly was in anaphylaxis. I really highly doubt a nurse team would just let somebody like….die.

No. 478964


Also kek for the side remark in that comment about how it "must have been deleted."

No. 478970

The federal portions of my student loans were discharged and I'm not on permanent disability, because my disabling conditions may improve according to social security. So you don't have to be on permanent (I medically requalify every 5 years for SSDI) disability but it did take about 5 years to get them discharged, plus a two year post-discharge monitoring where you have to report ANY income. And if you take out any new student loans in the monitoring period it reinstates the discharged loans immediately. I don't get why she thinks she can do this?? They don't seem to be hurting for money, it is VERY hard to get federal loans discharged. And she can't have worked to earn enough credits to even get SSDI so at best she's on SSI if anything and being married to Paul and having patreon and YouTube income would prob kick her off that as well. Just because you can't work doesn't automatically mean you get government benefits and what I'm sure she sees as perks.

No. 478974

Jaq may not have claimed that, her vlog about that anaphylaxis was alotnsofferent than janjans account of it. It was Jan that described it like the nurses were just standing there and poor Jaq had to epi herself. Jaq in her version just said she woke up already not able to breathe and didn't want to wait for the nurse so she did it herself

No. 478975


I'm sure if someone ran out in the hallway and shouted "my friend is in anaphylactic shock" there'd be a crash cart there in seconds.

No. 478977

Can we all take a moment here to appreciate the fact that Jaquie is roaming through her comment section, deleting comments she doesn't like and defending herself agains mean, mean commenters while on a Dilaudid PCA pump because her pain is SO SO bad?

Wow. HOW is she not discharged yet? She is walking around on her own, she can sit up in her bed, she can play games, wave her arms above her head (anyone who's ever had even a very minor abdominal surgery knows that pretty much means you are all healed up), can pee, eat… WHAT are they waiting for? I know pain is supposed to be whatever the patient says it is, but in this case, the patient is clearly lying. They need to confront her with this and tell her that she simply doesn't need opiods anymore if she can do all that.

No. 478980


every anaphylaxis episode buys her at least 24 more hours in the hospital

No. 478981

Plus the IG account. She has posted 10 times since she has been in the hospital. If she's really as sick as she says just putting in all her hashtags should exhaust her.

No. 478982

That was when she had those back-to-back reactions. Does that still count?

No. 478984

Food for thought:

What Can Cause Disability Benefits to Stop?

YT Income Tax Tips for YouTubers: http://newmediarockstars.com/2015/04/how-do-youtubers-pay-taxes-5-youtube-tax-tips-to-save-you-money/

Florida Student Load Forgiveness for Medical Reasons. (The sentence of most interest to me is, "A physician cannot certify that you have a total and permanent disability if, at the time of the physician’s certification, you are able to work and earn money in any capacity.")

No. 478987

I haven't even looked at her IG. But It's crazy. It's one thing if you are doing social media and stuff from the hospital after a surgery because you feel fine but you are just waiting for the doctors to remove the last drain or something like that. I mean: it's possible to be in hospital for a legitimate reason and also not be/feel very sick. But the reason Jaquie is still in hospital, is because she is claiming her pain isn't well controlled. O, and maybe the feed rate, but honestly: she knows how it works and was tolerating the feeds up until the surgery, so she can just increase them further at home. She has NO reason to still be there.

No. 478989


Ahah. You know what also buys you more time in the hospital? A fall. I don't know her specific hospital policies BUT I work in one that is also in Florida. If a patient falls, we have to keep them for another 24 hours for observation. Jaq was on a bed alarm already which means someone, somewhere, had an idea that this could happen. When a bed alarm goes off on the floor we run just as if it was a code..because if that patient falls and hits their head guess who has to fund the bill? Ridiculous. She's pulling ALL strings to stay in that damn hospital.

No. 479001

The way Jaquie tells us that happened, she was sitting on the edge of her bed and saying "I'm gonna pass out, I'm gonna pass out" because sometimes she does from epi. And then she did and she hit her head.

So she was sitting on her bed. And she knew she was gonna pass out. Just a suggestion, but wouldn't it be sensible in a situation like that to.. I don't know, LIE DOWN? Just an idea I'm trowing out there.

No. 479003

Yep, and especially with her claimed complicated history. There can be secondary anaphylaxis that can be worse than the first round, hence the extra 24 hour stay for each attack. Props to the girl for figuring out THE laziest way to live the high life, both literally and figuratively

No. 479005


Jacquie? Avoiding a catastrophe? In hospital? No way!

Also.. If she hit her head, and they saw it happen, it can't have been very hard whatsoever because they would've had to do a CT scan. It must have been very, very minor, and they must have witnessed it. She's making it out to be so much worse than it actually is was.

No. 479007

Good find, anon!

I just wonder.. how could a physician possibly sign off on this in Janiece's case?

>>I certify that, in my best professional judgment, the borrower identified above is unable to work and earn money because of an injury or illness that is expected to continue indefinitely or result in death. I understand that a borrower who is currently able or who is expected to be able to work and earn money, even on a limited basis, is not considered to have a total and permanent disability.

CLEARLY she would be able to work parttime, or with a flexible boss, or whatever. IF we would say, just for the sake of argument, that her conditions ar all real, I still cannot see how she would ever qualify as having a "total and permanent" disability. There's just no way.

No. 479013

They're stupid for putting so much of this shot on social media. Do they think none of that is checked when they're claiming permanent disability at 21??? They're vlogging about how sick they are, but inadvertently showing how they have no problems with executive function or activities of daily living. Clean clothes every day, hair washed and blow dried, making meals for their loved ones and dogs, driving, traveling to see friends, traveling hours to doctors, going shopping, out to dinner.
I did the same pastry program as janjan at le cordon bleu, it costs $28,000 for tuition/uniform/supplies and you don't get an associates degree like her linked in says, you get a pastry certificate. Because it's a 9 month program. She seems so weird with food I can't imagine why she hose that field in the first place??

No. 479019

Anyone who sees she has a YT account and a Patreon knows she can earn money 'on a limited basis'. They don't even have to delve deep into her shit or see through the inconsistencies.

No. 479031

If Jaqs situation was 100% true (kek riiiiight) and her doctors don't have her in therapy or counseling they're doing her a huge disservice. She's 21 and in the last year went from being in school, walking around, training her dog at Disney, etc to having a port, 2 tubes, getting IVIG, a wheelchair etc etc. She has said she cut people really close to her out of her life for a time because they doubted her illnesses. All that's some serious shit for ANYONE to deal with, let alone a 21 year old who's brain won't even be fully developed for another 4 years. If she ISNT having any anxiety or depression (which is totally normal especially when you have so many health problems) THAT would be weird. Especially since anxiety or depression is a symptom of many of her claimed diagnosis and side effect of some of her meds.

No. 479036

Is interacting with cows in real life limited to calling their doctors or telling them to check out lolcow and such, or does it exclude us from leaving comments on her social media too? If we're allowed to comment her if it has nothing to do with this site maybe she just needs to be questioned and called out for inconsistencies a lot more. Not in a we think you're a cow way but in the nice but read between the lines you're full of shit way. Due to her autism (kek) she shouldn't be able to do the whole read between the lines thing.

No. 479051

I would think interacting with cows means just that. It's pretty obvious from some of the comments on her social media that get screen capped here that they are likely farmers though. There is too much similarity in phrasing and wording between posts here and comments left there to be coincidence.

No. 479068

When you put it like that, she should definitely be in mourning for the life she used to have. Yes, there is a thing as a "new normal" but it takes time to get there. If she has mourned her old life, she has done a disservice to her fellow spoonies by not being more open about it.

No. 479070

Believe it or not, federal loans are fairly easily forgiven. Private are the ones that you are stuck with. Self blog, but I was disabled (serious cardiac issue.) Simple one page form with three questions from my cardio and they were gone. If you pass away they also go away.

Private loans I am still paying on. Your estate will pay on private loans if you die and if you have a co-signer they will pay. My broke ass know this far too well!

No. 479087

The stages of grieving don't just apply to someone dying. Unless she doesn't have emotions she should be having some form of grief for the life she used to have. Unless she's stuck in the denial stage, but she skipped over all the other stages. Without fail every single chronically ill person I know both in person and from support groups, etc has struggled with anxiety and/or depression. Even if they didn't go to therapy they were aware that they were mourning the loss of their former identity, independence, freedom etc.

No. 479090

Jaq can't even begin to find her new normal as long as she is still being diagnosed with new things and having so many procedures. While everything is still so unknown, and especially since she's still having unexplained and random recurring anaphylaxis, which is one of the most terrifying things ever (when it actually is happening to you) there's no way she's already settled in to her new normal and can be so well adjusted.

No. 479099

This is also true when you've been ill a long time and then get better, especially if it wasn't expected you would get better.
You may have adapted your whole life and put off dreams because they just weren't possible.
Then they become possible which is amazing and everyone is happy but actually to process can be very difficult, as can independence if you've previously needed to have a lot done for you.

And that is for people who were legit sick and legit want to be better. Let alone people like Jaq.

No. 479101

I love how Jaquie is so quick to be offended and insist she has NO MENTAL HEALTH problems when she readily admits that they give her 2 doses of versed BEFORE she even gets to the operating room because seeing all the surgical instruments and hearing the medical jargon gives her…wait for it…anxiety.

No. 479103

Yep, my doctors told me that even once I regained normal function they wanted me to wait AT LEAST a year before I even thought about looking for a job or being on my own. They wanted me to have time to re-integrate myself into the healthy normal world and make sure I wouldn't crash and relapse just from restarting my social life and doing my own shopping, cooking etc

Sage for blogging

No. 479104

These are the small inconsistencies that those of us who aren't munchies understand and the cows will never be able to get right.

No. 479133

File: 1516738747867.jpeg (89.72 KB, 410x446, 0E20E80A-4FF8-42C7-8270-ACAA46…)

Especially since anxiety is pretty much a given with at least hEDS, something about how adrenaline is released inappropriately. Also, anxiety and depression in general is super common in chronic illness, because it sucks. But jaquie only gets the good parts of chronic illness, so I suppose it fits that she’s one hundred percent sane kek. (Note on the photo, I disagree that counseling can’t help, also how cutesy the photo is. Pinterest is what it is. Anyone can benefit from counseling, and jaquie sure as hell is at the top of that list)

No. 479146

Most of the munchies don’t seem to care about getting the details right, tbh. Look at miss jaquie, who claims she’s feeding tube dependent, yet willingly vlogs herself shoving mountains of crap in her pie hole. If she wanted to pretend she couldn’t eat, it would be super simple. Just eat when you’re not vlogging. But she doesn’t even try (except when her tube didn’t work, that was hilarious).

No. 479156


…that and business expenses are generally a good way to get "picked" for an audit kek. That would be interesting. I'm guessing none of these bitches even have a clue - can you imagine SDP saving receipts for all of these new fucking reptiles she's buying and then trying to "write them off as business expenses" because they are "stars" on her YouTube channel. Janiece and Jaq would probably try to write off their dog beds and Roombas.

Oh, things will really get interesting for them someday and I bet the don't even realize it. I'm going to eat this popcorn while I watch the dirt fly by into a pile from all of the giant holes they are digging themselves kek

No. 479160

Does anyone secretly hope that somehow she won't be able to have a 'buhin' in her new stoma, so she'll be stuck with that dangler forever?

I'm a horrible person, I know.

No. 479164


Oh, I know! Today's vlog was nauseating. She was just a whiney, pathetic little child with a sore tummy.

She is so mad that she has wait until Feb to see her GI. It's hilarious because they obviously the results from her capsule endoscopy and if there was anything remotely concerning, the GI himself would see her… and before February kek. There is NOTHING wrong with you, JanJan. Whatcha gonna angle for next? Send Jaq a text, she's probably got a NotePad file on her phone with a list of symptoms and doctors for your next move… that's what besties are for, right y'all?

No. 479165


I'm so over EDS zebras. Everyone of these EDS munchies thinks they're so rare and special ("When you hear hoofs think horses not zebras"), but the truth is they're a dime a dozen.

No. 479171

Ooo I hope that too. That would just be too good, and pretty fitting karma. Especially since we all know she’s desperately looking forward to he vlogs where she changes her buh-tuns out at home, a lá Mary Frey, except she has two and Mary only has one (which I’m sure is jaquie’s version of winning). Although it is jaquie, so she may try to finagle her way into separate tube switches for each tube, at a hospital with sedation every time (despite that now she has a normal g button in her stomach stoma and will get the same thing if she gets a button for her j stoma also, which doesn’t require a hospital or sedation at all).

No. 479179

File: 1516740834980.png (389.11 KB, 681x429, butmuhtummyhurtssoooooobad.png)


Everything anon said right here. Just fucking send her home already. I can't believe that someone who can go down the hall and play Trouble in the "lounge" is still able to push her PCA button for her BIG WIN, Y'ALL! Fuck this bitch. I hope more of the sheeple start to realize how full of shit she is. I love that people are starting to call her out in the comments more and more. Soon she's going to just make her videos closed to comments… that's not suspicious at all.

No. 479180

OP here, I totally agree, even non-munchie EDS patients aren’t that rare. The whole zebra thing is way overdone and ridiculous. I just wanted to post it for the info. Even if it was rare, though, it wouldn’t make anyone special or needing to slap cartoon zebras on everything.

No. 479185

She’s totally trying to be the little sick cancer kid who lives in the hospital because they’re not stable enough to be home, complete with the stuffed animals and board games and a mask.

No. 479186

Where's her cataplexy? You would think since she's not on her meds she'd be having issues

No. 479187

Maybe she forgot about it?

No. 479190

Those were my thoughts EXACTLY.

No. 479192

I hope she starts puking up her own feces personally. We've all been dealing with her shit for ages, it's time she gets a taste of her own medicine.

No. 479195

Second, third and fourth that! Kek
But that IS why we call her adjustable Jaquie

No. 479204


This is insanity. Jesus H. Christ she needs to be discharged. This might be a record long feeding tube placement admission.

No. 479207

No vlog today as of yet. After four days of six hospital vlogs. So.. does that mean she is either finally home or she had a terrible setback/complication, or is it just random?

No. 479215

Because she’s trying to stay long enough to wrangle TPN. No one wants to give it to her, since she absolutely doesn’t need it, but all the other munchies are getting it and she’s feeling left out kek. But they totally need to kick her malingering ass to the curb.

No. 479218

If she’s actually home, we all know she’s going to be back in the ER within 48 hours.

No. 479223

Maybe she got too many comments from her rabid fans about how happy and surprised they were she was posting so many updates and vlogs and instagram s and realized she should actually try to play sick for a day
Or she's too busy vomiting her kate farms diarrhea into her mouth

No. 479224


I'm pretty sure most concerned primary care physicians would see their patient go through ALL of these crazy and traumatic medical conditions and hospitalizations… And at least suggest they at least talk to a counselor. There are counselors that specialize in people with chronic illnesses - because you're right, anon… that's a lot of shit for one person to deal with.

However, our girl Jaq seems to just bask in all of it. NO MENTAL ILLNESSES, y'all!


I always tell people that I see struggling (family, friends, etc) that it is okay to mourn your old life, because for some people there is no going back to life as you know it before once you get chronically ill. You are so exactly right. Jaquie, at least if she was truly sick, would be a lot more open with "the people" if she were a true "spoonie" because she'd know how fucking shitty life is for truly sick people. Some people lose their jobs… friends… family… etc. For example, what if someone was say… a wedding photographer… like if Jaq had chosen that as a profession and was already working as one when she started getting "really sick" and being hospitalized more and more. She could never do it again - and for a creative, that would be VERY hard to "just get over" like Jaq seems to do with a lot of things in life. She seems to have made "being a patient" not only her job, but her entire life! She knows nothing else. CLEARLY, if I were her primary care doctor, I would most definitely at least talk to her about talking to a counselor. For as many times as she's "had anaphylaxis" (if it were real) she'd be an absolute mess and probably need some type of counseling and/or anti-anxiety medication to help her for every ache, twinge or pain that "could be a reaction coming on!"

Yet, we never hear of her speak of these things… and my guess is because she's having fun and she knows that she can't die from a fake anaphylaxis episode!

No. 479230


kek no way AMT, who is so far up her ass, would ever allow that to happen! They'd drop everything and send a new tube that they call "The Jaquie" to production, just for her.

The fact that all of these OTT/Munchies want their precious "low-profile buttons" is really disturbing.

Instagram is basically like a free digital version of "How to be (an OTT malingering skankwhore) Like Jaquie for Dummies!" right now, we're on the chapter about AMT Buh-ons and Bravesoul Blankets.

No. 479238

Random comment about BraveSoul blankets, the lady charges $80 for those things. Now granted the people that buy them are also funding the "free" blankets but wow. No way would I pay $80 for a blanket so a munchie can get one for free.

No. 479240

She has been completely MIA on all her sites today.

No. 479242

WTF?! What the hell?! They better come laced with platinum and dilaudid at that price.

And so true, anon. I'd rather spend $80 on a giant buffet of dicks to be delivered in a non-discreet package to Jaq's front door.

No. 479246

Exactly. If she really cared about the chronic illness community she would be spreading awareness about CHRONIC ILLNESSES but she instead is spreading awareness about her special unique to her because everyone experiences it differently chronic illnesses. This is very evident in her beauty routine "hack" (kek kek)..that vlog showed how out of touch with how most people that experience her same chronic illnesses Jaquie really is. Because most sick People don't care if their hair is washed until their head starts to itch, they definitely don't care if it's frizzy in two tiny pieces enough to blow dry it and they're usually more concerned with important stuff to care if they straighten their hair. And THEN, you have to think about even if they WANTED to do all that, that physically it would be damn near impossible. I can't hold my arms up long enough to comb my hair so I cut it all off because it saved me tons of energy (chronically sick people know energy is worth more than time) every.single.day

No. 479247

snorts . Top kek anon. Where did that come from? Now there's tea on my screen.

No. 479259

Don't worry, guys, she's still alive. Remember, JanJan said she was texting back and forth with her in the vlog.

Exactly, anon. Exactly. I've had her figured out from day one when I went to look at her IG account and she and Harlow had tens of thousands of followers… and she followed like 92. Clearly, she's just in this whole social media thing for the asspats and money… not to "connect with y'all" like she claims to love doing. Once I figured that out… That was when I started watching her train wreck out of disdain and just don't see how these people can't see right through her… I don't see how they can't see how she contradicts herself. Ugh.

No. 479268

Super kek anon, I'd throw in a few bucks for the buffet'a dicks

No. 479279

There's no amount of narcolepsy medicine strong enough to ward off THAT cataplexy when a buffet of dicks shows up at Jaq's front door.

No. 479281

That mental image just made my week

No. 479291

Most people just go with what their hospital has, not just whatever they want. But not everyone has daddy funding their adventures into munchidom, and also they just care if their tube works correctly or not. A button is nice if you get time off of feeding for any legth of time and don’t want to always look like you have a feeding tube, but they function the same as a normal tube and brand doesn’t matter. Jaquie loves medical stuff that’s obvious, so it doesn’t matter if her tubes stand out as well. But money does the talking for her, so she gets what she wants.

No. 479304

File: 1516745065694.png (229.96 KB, 640x1042, IMG_4141.PNG)

Another sheeple. Dropped $80 on a blanket because of Jaquie.
Good on bravesouls for what they do, not knocking them at all..but does the girl that runs it get a salary? Because unless her salary remains stagnant no matter how much they grow, they're directly benefiting from munchies like Jaq blasting their name and products into the social media stratosphere. Do the FTC rules still apply to NPOs?

No. 479305

Fingers crossed that she faceplants into said bag.

No. 479312

Kek below the comments that showed up in the pic, someone else said something like thanks for telling us where you got your blanket, I'm gonna go check it out

No. 479317

File: 1516745527420.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 21.96 KB, 940x940, DDDA1048-CBFD-4370-8A41-4697E0…)

Can said dicks be of the floppy hot pink and/or zebra striped variety? Just so she knows they’re especially for her? Kek.

No. 479319

Yessssssssssssssss. A thousand times yes.

No. 479320


I've been wondering if all the chirping shut her up for once?

No. 479325

Maybe. She went silent recently too after some push back in comments.

No. 479326

Maybe we can even get one with her doctor’s name on it since he’s obviously so far up her ass he’s caught up in all her bullshit.

No. 479337

Okay so Judd is working and she won't see him to weds, P and J went home, daddy can't drive and mommy has to work the next few days. So she CANT get discharged because HTF would she get home and who would unload the bags and help her wipe her ass? They probably haven't worked a butler into the budget yet

No. 479338


do we know for a fact that she gets money from her dad (or that he's even rich)?

No. 479353

He's definitely rich. His job was designing luxury resorts world wide. There is a vlog from a couple weeks ago where he is in the backseat of her car discussing $300,000 with someone on the phone.

No. 479354

Knowing Jaq she went silent on purpose to drive traffic to janjan, who anon said blogged today about texting back and forth with bff Jaquie. They've established with the double vlogging and shared clips that they are pretty uptodate about each other's every (bowel)move

No. 479356

Nah. That would be selfless and that is not our AJ.

No. 479373


Yeah there have been a lot of giveaways that she was raised very privileged and wealthy. She grew up living all over the world and in some pretty exotic places for just the average kid.

Now that we are on the subject of family. Do we know what the deal with her absentee brother is? We see him in one vlog (she comments on him cooking them all dinner that one day we saw him and says that he used to be a chef) and then never again and she never talks about him.

I have hunches but nothing concrete. First one - he doesn’t want to be associated with his whacko sister who is plastering her family and their lives (intimate things like family dinners, appearances of their cars and homes, etc.) all over social media. Or maybe they are estranged because he was the recipient of the majority of their parental attention and the only thing she could do to get attention was to become severely ill. I’ll try to find that one vlog he was in. Anyone have any info or ideas?

No. 479392

My best guess would be he’s either a) one of the people she cut out of her life because they didn’t swallow her bullshit or b) he has a job where he would be negatively impacted by having his face all over social media he can’t control. My bet is on A because she’s way too self centered to think about her impact on anyone else’s life.

No. 479399


she mentioned that he is a half-sibling, a lot older than her, and they're not close. May not be more complicated than that.

No. 479401

Ah, that's how she wants to come across. You don't think she has her next 5 moves planned out? She loves to be in control of everything. Think of the power you could hold over your friends head if because of YOU they made it on YouTube or got hundreds of patreons. And Jan's channel lately has been about Jaquie Jaquie Jaquie. So she's getting watched be a munchie on not 1 but 2 channels. That's not selfless to me, that's greedy and attention hoggish

No. 479406

I feel like sometimes despite how much we bash her, no one here seems to give Jaq enough credit that she may ACTUALLY be bat shit crazy. She's proven herself to like to control the narrative and history in general and change it depending on her audience, she's manipulative and talks people into doing or giving her what she wants despite normal policy or rules. She acts sweet and innocent but is quick to jump down anyone's threat that questions her so people around her don't question her, they just look the other way. We don't know how she treats people when she's NOT filming, remember.

No. 479408

File: 1516749309899.png (7.11 MB, 2208x1242, 146B26FD-9DA8-44A0-AE61-5B25A9…)

She just posted the vlog. And now Jaq is so happy she pooped for the first time in a week. She says yes, pain meds can cause constipation but “I need pain meds!” She’s up to 24 ml/hr. So “I’m not tolerating my feeds y’all. Due to pain due to delayed healing.

And she says this about venting.

And then she says it looks like TPN will happen but “we” don’t want it to.

She continues to play Trouble in the family room with mommy - PCA in tow.

She still doesn’t look like she needs the fucking PCA. I’m honestly surprised the doctors haven’t just told her to suck it up and cut her from the dilaudid so she can shit completely and stop the distended belly and bloat. I follow a lady that just had a twin c-section and she got two babies cut out of her and went home the NEXT day. Jaq is such a pansy. She needs to stop the pain meds if she wants to fully get cleaned out. Despite the pain. People do it every fucking day.

“I make these vlogs for those who are going through a j-tube surgery.”

Too bad this is exactly opposite from the REALITY of a surgery like that. Seriously not even close.

No. 479410

True. Her dad is in his 70s and she is only 21 sooo…

No. 479412

Any chance the doctor is on to her and she just thinks the buh-un is giving her dilaudid but it's a placebo? Is that ethical?

No. 479413

JanJan actually isn't getting more views than normal. At least not yet.

No. 479415


Yeah… true. The whole family dynamic on Jaq’s side is so strange. Parents are divorced yet hang out together as if together… even sharing a kiss on his birthday. She’s young, they’re old. I wonder how old her mom is. I’d guess late 60s?

No. 479416

I despise Jaq but I still thought for sure her surgery would put her over 100,000. Kek it hasn't.

No. 479417


I doubt that’s a placebo, but interesting idea kek

No. 479418

I have her pegged more for mid 50s. I think she looks older due to a lot of sun exposure on all those islands they used to live on. I doubt she would still be teaching full times if she was in her late 60s.

No. 479421

The anon that posted the link about the random anaphylaxis people that magically were better not with epi or Benadryl but some placebo type thing (may have been normal saline?) made me think of that. And the other anon that posted about nurses putting tape over the feed rate if they suspect someone is bullshitting about tolerating feeds. It'd be pretty easy for the doctor to verify she's full of shit if they suspect it and she's not really getting dilaudid but saying it's helping with her pain anyways.

No. 479422

I did not specifically see anything in the rules against organizing THAT.

No. 479423


Yeah same! Notice she’s hit a bit of a plateau around 95k? I bet she was hoping for another viral video with her “anesthesia” reaction bullshit video.

Guys… I’m so afraid stuffed Harlow “stuffies” are what’s coming in the new “mystery merch” that she’s alluded to. You know, just like Mary and Peter put out the stuffed Ollie dogs. I’ll really throw up if she somehow partners with JellyCat (the makers of her nasty ass stuffed disease carriers) to make Harlows to sell to all of the delusional sheeple.

No. 479425

We just need someone that lives in the Tampa bay vicinity to keep an eye out for red brick 2 story apartment buildings
Kek I kid, I kid.
Maybe since janiece has an amazon wish list people buy and ship shit to her through we could just send it to her with gift receipts that say "for Jaquie"

No. 479426


>>>I’m so afraid stuffed Harlow “stuffies” are what’s coming in the new “mystery merch”

Super keen of you anon. I can see it coming as well. Especially because Jaquie's new intro is nearly identical to the format of Mary's.

No. 479428


kek anon thanks for making me get a good laugh tonight. Loopholes, right?

No. 479433

Fuck, this bitch deliberately constipated herself with her motherfucking dilly on demand and you KNOW it. She wasn't in fucking pain using the pump, she trying to slow things down in an attempt to get TPN. Everytime she has angled for something specific she's whined how "oh noo but WE don't want to do that! It's only an option if I absolutely have to!" but we all know it was her goal in the first place. Of course she knows opiates constipate you! She is a lying, manipulative sack of shit.

I feel like her videos need to be backed up for when she eventually chimps out and deletes everything. There is so much incriminating evidence it's ridiculous.

No. 479436

You cannot interact with or harass cows. If you absolutely insist, don't be a fucking idiot and talk about it here. You'll get banned but apparently farmhands have been asleep at the wheel. Another farmer in a very early Jaquie thread already figured out the complex because she's a lying sack of shit and there are no single story units.

No. 479439


It’s so easy to see that I have no clue why they haven’t sent her packing. Maybe Mommy is there complaining and making sure that no one deny her baby pain medication. I honestly have no clue how it’s been allowed to go on for this long.

No. 479440

Calm down anon. No one is really going to stalk her apartment and send her bag of hot pink zebra dicks. But maybe you need one?

No. 479443

Well we're all up shit creek if it's against the rules to even joke about it.

No. 479444

Kek right? Maybe a dildo would help get those panties unbunched

No. 479449

I'm totally calm but people seem to be trying to find ways to get around the rules to bother her and it's been going on a few days now. Newfags seem unaware of the rules in general and apparently can't be assed to read them. Only time before someone actually does something stupid.

Create a thread on KF if you want to go there.

No. 479452

In all those programs that show daily subscriber losses and gains for YouTube, if Jaq had 20 people UNsubscribe that day and 30 new subs it would just show +10 right? Maybe she's losing almost as many a day as she gains and that's why her subs count is stagnant?

No. 479459

Actually I'd just love to see her have a thread on Kiwi. They can be savage. Why the hell does Angie have one? She has no content. If I actually had an account I would consider it.

No. 479460

On Jan 12 she was down 25 but then on the 13th she added 48. But overall most days seem to have positive counts. I stand by what I said upthread, there are only so many people who are going to subscribe to a chronic illness vlogger, especially one who is so unreal.

No. 479464

It's different if you know said cow before becoming a farmer. It's seeking out the cow after becoming a farmer that is not okay. Let's think about this for a minute before getting OTT.

No. 479472

>>It'd be pretty easy for the doctor to verify she's full of shit if they suspect it and she's not really getting dilaudid but saying it's helping with her pain anyways.

Not really. The placebo effect is a real effect. It can and does help people who are in actual pain. That's why we need placebo-controlled trials for treatment methods, because people tend to respond to the very act of swallowing a pill, having a doctor explain things to them, having the expectation it will work, etc. So if someone responds to a placebo, that does NOT mean they were lying about their pain nor does it mean their pain had a psychological cause. The placebo effect DOES however tend to be stronger for psychological and more subjective symptoms, like depression, fatigue or pain.

That was the end of my lecture. The answer to an earlier question wether it is ethical is no. Informed consent requires doctors to give patient all relevant information about their treatment. So it would not be allowed to switch the meds in her pump to saline, but it would be allowed if they she would agree with a therapeutic trial where they would give her either a placebo or an actual pain pill whenever she asked for it and she would know that she could get either of those. I don't know if this happens in the US, but where I live that is especially common with ritalin for kids with ADHD. The parents get three kinds of pills: a low dose ritalin, a higher dose and a placebo. They give their child pill A for two weeks, then pill B and then pill C and keep a symptom diary. At the end of the trial period, the doctor or therapist asks the pharmacist which pill was which and sees if the diary makes any sense and if the pills really help or not.

Sorry, I'm lecturing again. I mean to say that they could try something like that with her feed rate or with her meds, but only if Jaquie would agree with it. Now of course we know that Jaquie would never agree with something she cannot control, so that just won't happen. I agree with the law and the ethical rules that say doctors need to inform their patients to the best of their abilities because even a placebo that really helps the patient can ultimately damage the trust the patient has in their doctor or even in all doctors. But Holy Cow would it be convenient for some people if they were allowed to do that kind of stuff. I mean.. who here believes that she would be able to feel the difference of ONE milliliter in a whole HOUR into her tube? I find that really hard to believe.

Also: the whole pressure thing and the fact that her feed leaks out if she connects her tube without closing it? That is a known complication of this specific type of feeding tube surgery. I posted about that yesterday, that I had found articles that stated some patients even had to use an ostomy bag around their stoma because of formula and mucus leaking out as soon as the tube was disconnected. Of course her intestinal motility may be a bit slow after surgery and it could pick up from here, but she could also be stuck with a leaking stoma. Yikes.

No. 479474

So Jaquie's mom is sitting on the cot actively grading papers and Jaquie is all Hi Mom! Say Hi! (to the people) and mom is all… I am working and of course Jaquie just keeps prattling on at her. I really can not stand this selfish munchie bitch.

No. 479479

Thank you for the answer, it really was a genuine question. I deleted the post I forgot to sage.

No. 479506


Yup. Liability issues mean every bashed head in hospital gets a CT scan. She probably didn't hit her head at all, but is telling her audience that she did.

No. 479516


Yup. EDS has a high correlation with anxiety (perhaps due to the constant pain and injury risk) but even with her 100% committal to have Every Single Associated Condition to prove that she's not just benignly hypermobile, she won't say she has anxiety.

No. 479520


The reason she's "so well adjusted", even when having unexplained anaphylaxis (apparently), is because this is exactly what she wants. She wants to be dramatically ill, with no cure. It's her gravy train.

No. 479526


kek, with the withdrawal ants

No. 479527

It's apparently due to adrenaline surges. People with actual EDS tend to have a high pain threshold. Her lying about never having anxiety is so OTT and defensive

No. 479531

STOP. Just STOP. We are not permitted to interact in any way off-site with any of the cows. NO loopholes. Just don't, and no it isn't just joking because people have literally asked if rules could be gotten around. Interfering in cow's lives is harassment and not okay. Period.

THIS. THANK YOU.(mini-modding)

No. 479543

I knew she was angling for TPN, she’s made it super obvious that’s what she wants. But first she wanted to get her new toobz, but that wasn’t going to hold her over. She would absolutely love to be on tube feeding and TPN, along with her saline, just like Aubrey from the munchie thread. Jaquie’s wanted TPN since she got a taste the night before her first tube surgery (when one night of TPN cured her ‘malnutrition’ kek). Except there’s nothing after TPN, and the fact that she can still eat makes it less likely that they’ll give it to her. But if she gets it, she can have fun taking 10-30 years off her life span. Only the dumbest munchies agree to TPN, the ones that are the hugest attention whores.

No. 479547

It makes me wonder how she would react to the possibility of a cure.

Like, it makes me think she would be extremely resistant to any sort of "face saving" treatment for Munchausens because she is so attached to her specific diagnoses and playing patient. She's fucking psychotic.

No. 479551


Someone could walk in with a cure on a silver platter, and Jaq would say "we didn't think this was the right decision for me. My EDS just makes a cure too complicated with my anatomy." -cue looking away and hand through the hair-

She would never choose a cure. Ever.

No. 479557

Yeah, I wonder, too. And I wonder what other treatments she’s been offered that she turned down, that were less invasive. She doesn’t take meds for her supposed GP, and had never mentioned the possibility of a stomach pacer, she never did pt for her “EDS”, she never even saw a dietician or a physical therapist. Those are all first steps for GP, EDS, and POTS treatment.

No. 479559

Fucking this. 100%.

No. 479568

Changing diet seems like a no brainer and she doesn't seem to have tried that either

No. 479577

Oh I agree 100% but I meant more in the context of a doctor finding her out and and trying to get her out of her Munchiedom. TBH I think we already know what happens when someone tells her she isn't sick: she finds a new doctor. There's only so long this can go on when she's plastering it all over the Internet.

Where's Dr. Feldman?!

No. 479578

I have gastroparesis and was told to eat small frequent meals and given compazine. I just can't watch her anymore. Really what munchie magic does this chick have- I can never figure it out. Is she trying to have complications so she can sue a doctor and get a million dollar settlement so she can live in tpn filled luxury?

No. 479579

Btw I unsubscribed from her too

No. 479581

No. 479583

And it is pretty much a US standcard to get a cat scan after a fall- and that nurse gets a fun meeting with their boss and they have to make a presentation of what they did to cause the Patient to fall and how to fix it- does she realize how much trouble is involved in a patient fall for the nurse? Of course not if it gets her another day of dilaudid addict in a tube!

No. 479587

I think she views it as a child would view a sick day but hers is long and forever. She gets to stay home and watch Disney movies and be in bed.

In other news, Julian made the news and many folks on her videos are commenting on it. I bet the attention he's getting is killing her, especially because they're commenting on her videos about it. I don't think she's replied to any of them about it but I haven't scanned them all.

No. 479590

Holy crap, if anyone else is subscribed to her for some ungodly reason go ahead and take a second to unsubscribe from her.

No. 479611

I’m LIVING FOR THIS!!! Oh my god that’s too funny.

No. 479621

One thing I'm confused about is the fact that Jaquie says she doesn't have anxiety. I'm guessing that's also including social anxiety? I have mild ASD, and I have dealt with social anxiety my entire life. Everyone that I know with Autism has social anxiety. IDK why she never mentions it?

No. 479625

Agree 100% anon. Hopefully she enjoys TPN-induced hepatitis.

kek silly anon, it’s her “metabolic disorder” that has no name behind why the cure won’t work for her. After all, even if she didn’t have the “metabolic disorder” she is only one of TWO people in the entire world.. fuck it, the entire universe.. with this genetic anomaly. There’s no way a cure will ever be found in her lifetime. Duh. So you know, anything to improve her quality of life and allow her to “live her best life, y’all!”

Wasn’t she supposedly doing OT and PT? kek I’ve never even heard her say a peep about a dietitian and her diet… except for the attached oldie but goodie YT vid. This video really gets under my skin. It’s like… how in the AF does she actually know that she has tried everything - I guess it goes along the same lines as being handed a cure on a silver platter:

It’s simple. She doesn’t want to be cured. But she will try every OTT treatment that makes her look like such a warrior.

How do actual chronic illness fighters feel when she makes a video and lumps herself in as a fellow warrior to, you know, relate to her fellow spoonies—and then says things like: “Fellow chronic illness warriors - I decided to make this video on staying positive while you fight these turribllle illnesses, y’all!”

I really wonder sometimes what the cause was to originally set her on this path all those years ago.

No. 479636


Doesn't she have that "friend" aka the paid healthcare assistant?

No. 479638


Why the fuck would the hospital not give her a gentle laxative along with the dilly-on-demand?

No. 479640

Gag. This video makes me feel like she's talking to naughty toddlers.

As for the whole "fellow warrior" shit. I personally hate that term. Most of those "fighting" illnesses aren't obsessed with being seen as strong little warriors. We just want to live our lives.

I think those who use the whole "warrior" image are in most cases, OTT/Munchie since I'm pretty sure the first place you really saw a lot of the "X warrior" was in those with cancer. OTT Spoonies/Munchies saw how people commended these "warriors" for their strength and wanted that same kind of admiration for fighting a chronic illness/faked illness.

No. 479641


Oh yeah! Jaq’s probably seething and working her next angle to be on the news…

But I bet we can bet on who is even more pissed than Jaq…

SWF! I bet Amanda (who works for Disney and the farthest her media story went was her little podunk town in Nebraska kek) is so pissed off right now. She should be the one making the news at Disney, guys! She was unsuccessful when she tried to pull a Jaq/Harlow self-submission of her story in hopes it would go viral just like Jaq/Harlow… alas, it has not. Flop.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Jaq’s skinwalker spoonie white female, Amanda (aka spoonielife_amanda on IG and The Spoonielife on YT) this video is one of my personal faves of hers. You really get to see her sense of entitlement in this one. She really starts to get on her rant around the 3:00 mark in the video. Bring your Kleenex, guys. My crazyradar goes of like mad in this video. She talks about “lifesaving medication” AKA that sweet, sweet IV Benadryl, too. Around 4-5 min mark.

No. 479647


My adult cancer patients don't get free blankies unless they get admitted to the peds unit as overflow and one of the nurses takes pity on them on a bad day and grabs them one from the blanket supply meant for the cancer kids.

No. 479651


Jellycat, as far as I know, have never collaborated with anyone so I doubt she'd be high on their list.

But ugh, I'm sick of seeing her stans @ing companies saying they need to give her sponsorship/free stuff/a shoutout just because she uses their products.

No. 479653


Haha Jaquie faced with a sex toy…. she'd either have a fit of the vapors or pretend she didn't know what it was!

No. 479655


I think it's probably because they're not friends anymore. You would think she would comment and say something like, "That's great! I'm so happy for him!" or something like that.

No. 479656


Reglan, compazine, small meals for GP
Pacing and compression socks and h20 for POTS
Physio and bracing only when needed for EDS

None of these are dramatic enough or invasive enough for Jaquie,but they're what the majority of people with these conditions do. It won't get you 90,000 subscribers on YouTube though.

No. 479658


Not to mention the "overwhelming" feeling that loud noises can bring, which is why she presumably wears ear defenders in public sometimes? Isn't that a kind of anxiety?

No. 479659


I have chronic illnesses (pretty much the same as Jaq - EDS, POTS, GP) and I don't call myself a fucking fighter or warrior or whatever. It irks me that that's become the standard way of describing us. I'm just a person with illnesses trying to live my life. Also she's not part of the "spoonie community" as evidenced by the followers/following ratio discrepancy. She wants attention, she doesn't want to give it to anyone else.

No. 479661

A stool softener and laxative is protocol for dilly on demand- but remember she is soooooper fulm of shit- that stuff takes a while to come out!

No. 479663


Top kek for this. 100%

No. 479664

Yes and no. It's sensory processing disorder. Her hearing is more sensitive and it's hard to process all the noise at once. Anxiety, however, does play a part in it. If she is exposed to too much, she'll have sensory overload. Too much sensory overload, and a meltdown will occur. A meltdown is the Autistic version of an anxiety attack.

No. 479667


I thought all U.S hospitals had opioid bowel protocol. Each place differes a bit but laxative and a stool soften and sometimes even senna are all part of what you are given if on opioids.

Not sure if the same applies in GI cases

No. 479668

File: 1516762244029.png (1.91 MB, 1624x1092, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.51…)


I'm afraid it's even worse than that for SWF – she totally went to Disney and had her dog meet Pluto the day before Julian did and no one gave a fuck whatsoever.

No. 479677

She hasn't mentioned her in weeks but that is a possibility

No. 479681

That poor service dog doesn't look like she's enjoying herself.

No. 479683

When do you think they stopped being friends? Wasn't he just in one of her videos last month or so?

No. 479688

I'm not a medfag, but Tiffany Ntanos had this happen to her recently. She had shown the nurses on her vlog and they told her she wasn't allowed to, so she modified her vids. Then, she briefly mentioned using CBD products and the hospital called the police on her and had her room searched for drugs and basically treated her like a criminal. I think she took the videos down but I saw them all.

No. 479689


I haven't watched most of the vlogs from December, so if he was in any of those, I wouldn't know. The last time I remember Julian being in one of Jaquie's videos was in October, right after she got her custom wheelchair.

No. 479692


I am crying some big fat schadenfreude tears right now.

No. 479693


Is CBD oil not legal wherever she is? Wow that seems overkill.

No. 479697

No. 479698

File: 1516763784033.jpeg (418.64 KB, 702x702, 12E20B23-4898-4EDC-91CD-4EF7CC…)

Does it ever appear to you guys that Jaq puts on makeup and contours certain things to make herself look “sooper malnourished” and more pitiful? I notice it a lot when she is overdoing fakerface/sickface… it looks like she puts a ton of pale foundation on.

But now it really looks like she’s contouring her fucking hands to look more sickly and sooper starving without the nootrishuns! Y’all we may just have to supplement my toob not tolerating the feeds with a short rest for my bowels by doing TPN. TPN is a specially made just for me nutrition that is sooper unique and will only slightly damage my liver and knock 10-20 years off my life. But I’ve got to keep munching forward and live my best lies, y’all! Babe says it’s just another tool.

Left photo is her hand at home before this toob surgery and right is from her IG picture she posted yesterday. No color correction on my end, just placed them side by side.

No. 479699

Omg not your fucking blog. We don’t care.

No. 479700

Kek yeah her hand looks badly contoured

No. 479701


> rants for 13 minutes about "disability discrimination"

> "But I choose to stay positive!"

Kek, passive aggressive much?

No. 479702

Everything’s supposedly a tool, yet she’s still sitting at home watching Disney and doing jack shit.

No. 479703

If those things were actually tools, she’d be capable of doing more than she was before, not less.

No. 479704

Sage for opinion. Not my blog…

Her knuckles look like purging knuckles. My hands looked like that when I struggled with bul. Again. Sorry sage for for non blog

No. 479705

Pretty much all the people on social media screaming about disability discrimination are not actually disabled.

No. 479706


Supposedly they had a standing-order date for Atlas to play with Harlow every Monday at Jaq’s local dog park. I think they went once. Julian is on the spectrum as well, but he truly looked really bored last time. And he never name drops Jaq’s name like Janiece does. Maybe he is trying to distance himself from her after all of the stuff he reads so he’s not guilty by association.

No. 479716


They don't really look calloused though? I can imagine Jaq being too prissy to shove her hand down her throat. She probably keeps a special pink toothbrush for it or something.

No. 479718


Bingo! They're not tools in the way that they are to most disabled people, as in means for them to engage more in society, get back to work, school etc, they're tools for her to prove she's the sickest so she doesn't have to do so.

No. 479719


She could also just be throwing the poop pills away so she looks compliant and they’re “just not absorbed because of my EDS” and “combine that with muh delayed healing” says Queen Munch as she points to her round and obviously stuck out on purpose stomach. Nurses usually only really watch people taking PO narcotics (or old/confused patients) to make sure they are taking the medication properly.

Seems like a lot of work but I guess when she’s facing imminent discharge she pulls out all the stops.

No. 479725


Stool softeners are at the very least what you're recommended to take if you're on daily opiate or opioid medication, let alone a PCA pump!

No. 479729

CBD derived from Hemp is legal in all 50 states if sold as a dietary supplement because it doesn’t contain THC (Well it can contain up to .3% but above that it’s not considered hemp).

So idk why the hell they searched her room. I mean, whomever reported her could’ve been an idiot an not known that CBD isn’t a psychoactive.

(Sage for Weed Fag)

No. 479731

File: 1516765533269.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1231x1692, 9821C1AB-7549-4DAB-99A5-14A53B…)

She’s “working hard” so she doesn’t have to miss any more goodnight kisses, y’all! Gag.

Judd is like the biggest tool out of everything in her toolbox. He really made a lot of mistakes that anons pointed out often this stay. Really made him look like more of a douche.

No. 479734


Also, with the number of days without a BM, hospital would have started bringing out bigger guns of bowel regiment.

Miralax, glycerine suppositories, enema…

No. 479737

It looks as though all references to her hospital room being raided have been taken offline. I remember there being a huge reddit post about it, and that's not there either. I wonder if it was taken down for legal reasons or something.

No. 479738

Do tell more, anon! You have milk on Judd?

No. 479740


Not to mention all of the new stuff out there for opioid induced constipation that work well to clean you out without taking any of the pain relieving properties of the opioids away. There are even injections. But my guess is little miss allergic to the world is “allergic” to all of them and probably doesn’t have an enema fetish like her bestie, JanJan.

No. 479742

In her defense, it looks like she's very slowly trying to work on getting her life together. She's going back to university, albeit it's one online course. That's better than nothing.

No. 479745

Here's the hospital raid video. Since I don't consider this woman belonging here, I am posting the link here rather than putting it in the YouTube slot so her photo does not appear here. [removed](embed videos)

No. 479750


That is utterly ridiculous. Tssssssk.

No. 479751

Adding that it's very weird that the reddit thread is gone.

This video made me rage-y all over again. The description of her PET scan…

No. 479753

GTFO no one comes here to read people sticking up for munchies

No. 479755

They can and should give her an enema. Maybe she'll think twice about actively making herself ill.

Impactions and paradoxical diarrhea are a huge possibility with the combination of EDS and GP but this bitch is totally fine on loads of opiates and not shitting for DAYS. Sorry, but if her digestive system was really so bad due to EDS her colon would stretch out and she'd currently be at risk for recurrent impactions. But she's fine. We've all seen how she eats and her diet is also terrible.

I don't see any "spoonies" or "warriors" talking about this fun part of EDS! Fuck her and all of her followers.

No. 479758

Someone keeps trying to shove that persons YouTube in here for publicity. A few threads ago they came and advertised them as someone we should all watch because they're so super actually ill. Just don't engage. They need to GTFO.

No. 479762


Good grief. She's taking one online class and made sure to get all the accommodations she could and whine to the professor about her surgery and such. It takes a special kind of whiney bitch to need accommodations for an online class for your stretchy joints and low blood pressure.

No. 479766

We told you to stop posting this chick multiple threads ago. We don't care. Go away. This has nothing to do with Jaquie except she also did something fucking idiotic. Do you want us to post her in the OTT thread because that's what's going to happen of you keep shoving her videos in our faces.

No. 479769

Who is WE? And you didn't tell ME to stop posting because until this post, I haven't posted anything about her and was just responding to someone else's post.

Just ignore what you don't want to read.

No. 479771

No, YOU post your shit somewhere else. This is a thread about Jaquie and occasionally janiece. GTFO. If YOU don't like it go read somewhere else

No. 479773

It's happened before. Do not drag "actual ill/injured" into this unless you want to risk them being posted here as well. This was agreed upon last time this happened with this SAME GIRL especially because it reeked of self post or a fan posting her. Maybe if you lurked more or weren't a newfag you would remember this happening as it wasn't that long ago.

No. 479781

Yup, this is a jaquie and people directly involved in her life thread. Everything else belongs elsewhere.

No. 479782

Oh, it is? So sensitive that she's totally fine at Disney? She's full of shit.

No. 479800


A PAID vacation, courtesy of her friends at AMT and Bravesoul Blankets.

No. 479809

Has she ever mentioned having problems with crowds? Can you pick and choose which senses of SPD you have trouble with? It seems like if sounds overload your system, being at Disney with people walking every which way would really overstimulate someone with SPD, noise cancelling headphones or not

No. 479817


not to mention the non stop piped music.

No. 479827

I'm not sure if she's mentioned crowds and I really can't remember off the top of my head. I've never watched one of her videos and I refuse to give her a view. I don't have answeres to your questions as I (person you responded to) don't have SPD but hey neither does Jaquie! I'd assume it's not an all or nothing thing because that would be ridiculous, but remember she absolutely used to go to Disney without headphones quite frequently in her early vlogs until she started pushing SPD. Disney is loud even when it's dead because there is music constantly being piped in and there are always children. And animatronics. And vendors. All of the sounds overlap, too. It's just SO much going on.

Her headphones and v necks are props remind viewers she "has" SPD. I'm sure we could make a list of specific props that go along with each one of her "invisible" illnesses.

No. 479833

And food smells. I don't know many people with chronic nausea or violent vomiting spells that can tolerate the smells of food wafting everywhere.

No. 479837

Kek her whole life is a prop. Take them all away and she's just another empty cardboard cutout that no one gives a shit about

No. 479847


She’s stated that the loudness of crowds overstimulate her so she uses fidget toys to “self stimulate” along with her headphones.

She has however explicitly said that she “can’t make it to the deli counter at the grocery store” because the store is so overstimulating with the lights and smells and noises oh, my! So she has to have employees help her shop if she’s alone.

I call BS. If she can navigate to the bakery for her free fucking cookie, she can sure as hell make it to go get lunch meat.

Such horse shit.

She also says things like, “I have bad spatial awareness so Judd has had to guide me from getting hit by cars because I’ll just step out in to traffic.”

So you need a guide, but you can sit here and giggle at yourself almost getting hit by a car and needing Judd’s help. What in the AF is she smoking? The way she talks about “My Autism” always sounds so strange, too. And how “Judd was proud of me because I could have thrown a fit because it was so loud in the restaurant!”

All of this just screams - I’m a spoiled brat.

No. 479858

I have ASD and deal with sensory issues. There are times where a restaurant or a business is too loud. I just quietly excuse myself and leave the environment until I feel like I can handle it. Or do your best to get out of there before you have sensory overload. You don't wait until "you can throw a fit." That usually happens with severe Autism, or people who have really bad self-awareness.

No. 479859


Yeah that's not bad spatial awareness, she's describing no sense of danger like people with seriously severe autism have. Adjustable as always…

No. 479861


also, (sorry, samefag) if her spatial awareness were THAT dramatically bad, she'd never have been driving in the first place

No. 479865

Ooohhhh yeah, I forgot about that one anon! The smell of fried food especially is the fucking WORST as it lingers eternally but I bet she loves to grab a funnel cake or she something else special and grease laden she can only get at Disney. She loves her fried food but the smell for fried food is enough to start making my and other GP sufferers stomachs turn.

No. 479868

Oh ffs she's such an entitled little snatch. Maybe my experience with SPD in grocery stores is unique to me but I can usually tell before I even go IN the store that my brain is tired. And just like prob alotta other people with chronic illnesses, if you have a major symptom flare or meltdown in the middle of shopping you fucking leave because that shit can be embarrassing and with SPD you can literally shut down and be rocking yourself on the floor. You don't get the employees to do your bidding, you get yourself outta there while you can still function enough to leave on your own. It doesn't come on out of nowhere and hit you like lightning, it builds up. But she can't tell when she's about to faint from her POTS either so…(blogposting)

No. 479873


pretty soon she's going to claim Harlow "alerts" her to when she needs to take a fucking piss

No. 479875

I'm surprised she has never talked about struggling with depth perception while driving. If her spatial awareness is as bad as she says it is, wouldn't it have been hell for her to learn how to drive? You think she would have mentioned that.

Some people with Autism struggle with learning how to drive because their depth perception is shit. It looks like cars are going faster than they actually are. So, it's a lot of fun when people are honking at you to turn and you're scared of turning because you don't want to get into an accident. Because, again, cars look like they're going faster than they actually are. It gets easier to judge how far away cars are and how fast they're going over time.

No. 479878

No one had told her she had autism or SPD when she started driving so she didn't have any symptoms yet kek

No. 479883


Exactly! You get out of the situation before you deal with sensory overload. Having a meltdown in public is so humiliating. Not only that, how the fuck are you going to get home? Your brain gets so fried from the sensory overload that you can't drive. You physically CANNOT do it. Anytime I have a meltdown in public (doesn't happen that much anymore) I had to have someone take me home.

No. 479891

Not to mention it's fucking TERRIFYING to be somewhere and meltdown and be so confused you don't even know where you are or how to leave. I couldn't go anywhere in public alone for 2 years because I needed a babysitter in case of overload. That kinda thing really messes with your self worth and independence. But not Jaq, she's impervious to any negative mental effects. Except the ones that get attention or look good in vlogs or get the asspats

No. 479901

This is how I drive as well. I feel for people stuck behind be but I legitimately feel like I cannot go. Luckily, I am overly cautious. I'm not on the spectrum (that I know of…) but I have a connective tissue disorder and shit leading to poor spatial awairness and miserable proprioception. This is visible if you watch me move around for any prolonged period of time.

Now that my shit is out of the way (please forgive me I'm just trying to give something to reference her BS) has she EVER mentioned proprioceptive difficulties? Or vestibular problems? Have we seen her bump into things a lot? Walk like a drunk? Wobble weirdly when trying to reach for something or anything of the sort? Of corse not! They are both so huge in EDS and you can SEE when someone has vestibular or proprioceptive deficits a lot of the time. She's only ever mentioned falls due to muscle weakness (which btw isn't much of an issue in EDS and certainly not something that would warrant a chair) but I've never heard mention of anything else.

She presents her spatial awareness stuff is just "Muh Autism, y'all!" and is too stupid to realize that she would have LEGITIMATE problems with spatial awareness and orientation if she actually had a connective tissue problem. We would see it.

No. 479904


It really fucks with you. You wonder if you're ever going to have a normal life or is this how it's always going to be. When I would have bad meltdowns and have to have my mom pick me up and drive me home, it would worry my family sick. I mean, if your loved ones are worried sick, imagine what it's like to actually live with this.

The thing is that just because you have Autism, doesn't mean that the world has to bend over backwards and cater to you. I mean, she can't expect a Walmart employee to drop everything they're doing in order to help her. And you can't always go shopping with someone. Sometimes, you have to go alone. And the best thing to do is to come up with a plan to get your shopping done with the least amount of stimulus possible.

No. 479905


if you have trouble driving to the point that you feel bad for the people who have to share the road with you, please stop driving ffs.

jaquie doesn't count because she's probably fine to drive since she doesn't have any of these conditions.

No. 479910


IDK if your specific disorder is EDS, but it is common for people with EDS to also have ASD.

No. 479916

I didn't say I had trouble driving, I said I might wait too long to turn because I have bad depth perception, like many people do. I deliberately said I am a safe driver. Not sure why you're going after me when I made that clear. You might want get some help with your reading comprehension.

Idk about you all but I would not get in a car with Jaquie.

No. 479922

I know earlier on, people were talking about her hair and how Jaquie says she doesn't want to cut it. I think her reasoning was because she likes it the way it is?

You would think she would say that she didn't want to cut it because going to a salon is hell for her SPD. I dread going to the salon because I have such a sensitive head (yay sensory issues and Autism!) It hurts when they wash it. It hurts when they dry it. It hurts when they comb it. I have had times where the beautician would have to stop what they were doing because I was on the verge of tears. Oh, and did I mention that it's also hell on your ears because everyone is talking at the same time?

No. 479926

It can take a long time to get better at this. You will get better. It takes practice.

No. 479934

Have you ever looked up mobile stylists in your area? I don't live in a big city and we have some. Someone else here mentioned getting their hair cut at home in their chair with a head rest so they'll definitely work with you.

Jaquie is just lazy, vain, or refusing to give us the real reason. If she said she was clinging onto it because it's a security blanket and she's always had long hair and she doesn't want it to be just another thing her illness takes away from her, I would understand. I'd say, "yeah, me too" while looking at my scraggly curls and I might feel for the bitch but she never shows any legitimate emotion. Everything is so fake.

No. 479935

how does jaquie drive.. if she is THAT disabled shes in NO condition to drive! !$@#$@#

No. 479941

>check thread
>so many posts
>pretty much all blogposts

The blogposts have gotten unreal. Can someone get the mods in here to ban these autists? One sentence about Jacquie that vaguely ties into a whole paragraph about your autistic shit no one cares about.

No. 479942

The thing is that I have to go to a salon because I have a Keratin treatment in my hair. I can't just use any shampoo or conditioner.

It's not that I'm being high maintenance about my hair. It's a necessity. Before I got a keratin treatment, my hair was a rat's nest 98% of the time. For me, trying to comb out a little bitty knot felt like someone was trying to yank my hair out. It doesn't help that I have thick hair. I could go to bed with no tangles in my hair, and wake up, and there would be tangles, and brushing it out would be sensory hell. And I don't live in a big city either.(blogposting)

No. 479945

Has someone asked her about this? I'm sure we'd see her mention "bumping into things" in her vlogs after learning this is a symptom that occurs with EDS, considering she must have every possible symptom.

No. 479947

No. 479954

If you ask her it will magically become a symptom or she'll laugh at you if she doesn't think it's real for whatever reason despite being well known.

No. 479997


Her main “complaint” about having to put her big girl panties on (or maybe more appropriately for toddler Jaq, a Pull-Up) is that it excruciatingly “hurts her hypermobile neck” and exhausts her. And her “POTS Doctor” has a limit of 20 minutes one way for driving and she can’t drive at night or when she “doesn’t feel good” that day. Which is quite terrifying when you think about Jaq behind the wheel especially since she’s got all of these exceptions. She’s never mentioned her SPD or Autism or depth-perception or bad spatial awareness being issues while driving. Really though, seeing her vlogs for the past year and following her “adventures” would make me scared to share the road with that crazy bitch. She shouldn’t be driving if she were really as sick as she claims/feigns. I bet the greater population of Florida (aka old people) are safer behind the wheel than Jaq.

My question is this: how does she make her way around town behind the wheel of a car if she can’t make her way to the lunch meat aisle of a grocery store without a hand-holding?

I bet if the store changed the location of her beloved free cookie station and set it up over at the lunch meat aisle she’d magically claim all of that (nonexistent) OT has really paid off, y’all. Or “I’ve trained Harlow to sniff out the free cookies and lead me to them.” Sure, I mean it should be an easy task for Har to pick up considering she just “took to scent training for hypoglycemia Alert so well” because of all those sooper low 84 blood sugar alerts she did waking Jaquie up and saving her life, y’all!

That poor dog. At one point, Jaq had her vet pre-treat Harlow with Benadryl for a routine vaccine. And then there’s that time Harlow had like two loose stools and Jaq practically called the ambulance for her. Jaq turned it into Harlow needing to go to the vet and get “days off” because she was so sick. It was like Munchausen by dog. So strange.

No. 480016

Obviously, if she actually had all these conditions she claims, she shouldn't be driving.

First of all there's her epilepsy and narcolepsy. People CAN drive with these conditions, provided they are well controlled. She wouldn't be allowed to drive early in the morning though, because she needs to wait an X-amount of hours for the second Xyrem dose to leave her system.

But there is also her terrible spatial awareness and the fact that she claims she would just "walk out into traffic" so she needs Judd to hold her hand when she is outside(?) Then there is the fact that she faints frequently and she claims that she cannot feel it coming and needs Harlow to alert to her. Harlow 'nose bumps' her when she alerts. But how will she do this when they are in the car? Harlow is in the back of the car, so she can't really warn Jaquie that way. We have her allergic reactions that require treatment with IV benadryl, which makes you groggy. We have weakness and pins and needles from 'nerve damage', hip subluxations that could be very dangerous if they would happen while she was driving, and of course there is her neck pain which makes it so she can't turn her head normally. Recently, she was supposedly also diagnosed with bilateral foot drop, so how can she drive a normal car?

With the limitations she claims, she would need hand controls and extra mirrors to compensate. But she also claims weakness in her hands because she was training Harlow to give her wallet to the cashier because she sometimes cannot use her hands. So she wouldn't need hand normal controls, but a lever for acceleration/braking like the kind used by people with a SCI that have some arm strenght but no function in their hand and wrist. She would need a completely adapted wheelchair van (because if she can't lift her walker, she cannot lift her chair into the car) if she actually was as disabled as she is claiming. Although she probably woudln't even be allowed to drive, because she is not stable in any way. Yet she happily drives around in a normal car and the only thing she complains about is joint pain.

No. 480022


100% right on all of it, anon. It’s so scary when we keep deconstructing and reconstructing adjustable Jaquie and she intertwines herself more and more into Munchiedom.

So much is wrong with all of it. Remember in their early vlogging days how they’d go to Sam’s Club to buy the chicken for Harlow and we would get scenes of Jaquie speedwalking by with her walker? It was so fucking staged. And creepily is. And then there was the fact that she was a horrendous fake. It was almost like she had no clue how to use a walker like a disabled person. And imagine how fucking weird that all must have looked to any onlookers.

Over the months we watched her perfect the walker, then we saw her struggling with the Barbie Car and now she is at least not running in to people. Now we get to watch her (well once she’s done withering away due to starvation) struggle with braces and AFOs. I was embarrassed for her before, now I’m dreading the embarrassment that will be that of Jaq trying to figure out how to fake a foot drop and then magically be cured, but still very sick.

I keep thinking - what’s her next move? The. I tell myself nahhhhh! That’s too OTT. And then two weeks later I’m yelling “I fucking knew it!!!!” at my TV. Now my question really is… how is this all going to go down? All at once I’m guessing… major catastrophic events that reveal the truth. S then they all get shipped to the same loonie bin. Nah, that’s too OTT kek.

No. 480035

>> It was almost like she had no clue how to use a walker like a disabled person.
Kek I did not notice that per se. Though I don't doubt that it's true. The thing about a walker like she uses (rollator) is that it is not meant to really support a person who has weakness or joint problems but it is more for balance issues. And of course also a bit of support, but if you need to take weight off a certain joint or if you have joint instability, the vast majority of people will prefer canes or crutches over a rollator.

I DO notice her extremely poor wheelchair technique though. She even put it in her new intro which is a little embarassing really. That way she displays so clearly in every single vlog that she has no idea how to push herself forward in a wheelchair. I have only ever seen such bad technique in very old people who were in their 70's or 80's when they first started using a wheelchair and who don't need it very often anyway. Like people who are recovering after hip surgery or the like. I've never seen it in a young person and most definitely not in someone who claims to need it long-term.

I'm not sure if she will like her AFO's though. They are quite bulky and limiting. If you are on your feet a lot and you have trouble walking without them it is worth it, but Jaquie doesn't get out of the house often and she is lying or sitting on the couch most of the time. She wants to be comfortable, so I don't think she'll want to wear her AFO's all the time when she is sitting down. It will be funny to see her try to drive with them, though. Well, if you don't have loved ones in Florida, that is. I don't think it's even possible to drive with those on. Or allowed, for that matter.

No. 480036

*very old

That didn't come out quite right. I meant it to mean much older than Jaquie.

No. 480049

File: 1516795178124.jpeg (14.25 MB, 4490x4490, 1A71D279-85AF-4996-854C-C33D3B…)

I decided to watch the “Admitted to the hospital…” vlog from surgery day again for anything I may have missed earlier.

Something kind of bothers me now that I noticed it…

Jaq showed great excitement at the hot-air bed blower thingie in her pre-op room. After Babe admires said machine and shows us this big ass tube that goes from the hot-air blower to right under the covers creating a luxurious cocoon of warm pre-op gloriousness, perfect fainting conditions for Jaq. At one point, Jaq says “I love this thing! It blows hot air and totally warms me right up!” Not one mention of her heat intolerance or her POTS being aggravated. She looked very cozy and not worried about passing out at all! Miracles do happen, y’all! Maybe her two doses of pre-operating room Versed have some sort of magical powers.

How is Jaquie, someone with such a horrible heat intolerance, 100% conscious and vlogging like normal while HOT air is being pumped right into her pre-op astronaut sleeping bag? And that blanket bag thing holds the heat in like a boss - it’s made of mylar and used for fire protection and such out in the real world. I bet she was bummed it wasn’t pink tho.

No. 480079

File: 1516801958513.jpeg (206.82 KB, 640x808, B4AB86A0-5CF9-4419-9B44-02B630…)

So I have limited internet right now may not be able to post all the comments, but , there is a feeding tube group I mostly lurk on. This post is interesting. She posts here alot.

No. 480080

Same person who just posted the
Pic sorry. We all know she never ran it that high at home!

No. 480096

Yeah that doesn't add up. If she would run it for 23 hours a day at 65 ml/h, she would get almost 2250 kcal from her formula alone. She is not very tall, not very voluptuous, female and very inactive, so I'm guessing she would need at most 1800 kcal to remain at a stable weight. Plus if she would run it at 65 ml/h and put 500 ml in the bag, it would only give her 7,5 hours of sleep. That's not much for a narcoleptic who claims to go bed early every night. Though in al fairness with 55 ml/h she gets over 9 hours which seems more feasible. But the thing is that she would have gained a lot of weight if she would consistently run that rate AND eat all the shit she shows us on camera. I'm pretty sure we can safely assume she eats more off camera, as well.

Although I have to say that she has also said she can now disconnect her feeds in the afternoon for a few hours. So technically it could be true? But it's so strange that any time she slipped up and showed us her rate, it was at 35 or 45. 45 is the highest she has ever shown us.

But what's even more interesting is that she was SO careful lately not to show her 'people' her pump when it was running so we couldn't see her rate. She also wouldn't tell us what rate she was at. Yet she posts on a feeding tube board, using her own name and she is happy to share her rate there. Does she think no one with a feeding tube is following her? That she wouldn't run into someone who either knows her or just Googles her on a board like that? That's just stupid.

It's also strange how she tells her viewers in her vlog that her doctors have an idea why it is she is not tolerating her feeds right now. She literally told us that it's not that her body can't tolerate the feeds but it's just her intestines who have to heal from the surgery because everything was rearranged. She also said that now that she has pooped, everything will move along better and she'll probably be able to up the rate a bit more. So why is she trying to 'figure it out' by reaching out to her fellow 'tubies'? I don't get it. I also love how she says how her procedure was "a bit more extensive than how they are usually placed". You are in a friggin' feeding tube GROUP Jaquie, there's probably handfuls of people who have had the very same procedure. You are not special, and certainly not in a group like that. It's like how she has to add the 'open' every time she is talking about her 'abdominal surgery'. The laughing wasn't painful because she just had surgery, or even abdominal surgery, no: open abdominal surgery. The way she drops that fact all the time REALLY makes me think now that she actually chose the surgeon who preferred the open procedure. Though at the same time that doesn't seem to make much sense, because she clearly was terrified of being in to much pain post-op. Ugggh, I just don't know what to think anymore.

No. 480138

Pre-treating with Benadryl is a thing for rabies shots or it is in my vets office. As for the dog getting soft stools and her freaking out that just is another point on the I’m pretty sure she has extreme untreated anxiety.

No. 480214

Bullshit, we’ve seen her pump tons of times and it’s never been above 35 ml/hr, except when she got it. And 55-65 ml is still way below a normal adult rate, even for severe GP. Those fb groups are just as bad as IG, sometimes worse. It’s just a bunch of usually adults playing the I’m-sicker-than-you game, and obviously, judging by how jaquie’s on there, has at least some people that aren’t sick at all.

No. 480216

I just went back to the vlogs of her first tube placement and Jaquie was in the hospital for over a week back then, too. She had her operation on the third day of her stay (I don't really understand why though I also think it's very strange that they would change the plan from a nasal tube to a GJ tube after the patient is already admitted, but that's another discussion entirely). She went home the 6th day after her surgery. And that was GJ placement, so a type of placement that doesn't require GA but basically just consists of poking a hole through the abdominal wall and stomach. It still hurts because you use your abdominal muscles with pretty much every movement, but it's often done out-patient and it's a very simple procedure. I don't remember why she couldn't leave sooner (and don't particularly want to watch her vlogs again) but I also don't remember a specific complication. I think she did use narcotics though, even when she was at home after that. I don't know, but you'd expect someone to do pretty well with NSAIDs the first few days and plain ol' tylenol for a week at most.

It really makes one wonder how long she will be able to stretch her current stay though.

No. 480220


I'm so disgusted! I looked up to her. She has blatantly lied over and over again. I was a patron for her. Not anymore! I noticed some red flags during her latest patron party. I just wanted to chalk it up to her having a bad day or something. I've been reading these posts for a few days now, and I cannot support her anymore. Thank you guys for showing me the light.

No. 480224

Good for you for not supporting her anymore. Also, I'm sure there's lots of other things you can do with that money!

Can you tell us something about that patron party though? We've been pretty curious about what goes on on her Patreon account and how she communicates with her patrons.

No. 480227

Yeah the first surgery is one that is almost always done outpatient (children are the exception). They rarely send you home with any pain medication at all, in fact. There has been no reason for her to be hospitalized like she has been for either surgery, and for the first one she healed faster than most people do, and had less complications.

No. 480235

Since it's a basically a hole in the abdominal wall, would it be accurate to say placement and pain are comparable to placement of a suprapubic catheter? Except that they mostly use sedation when they place a PEG or GJ tube? I've been wondering about that.

No. 480239

anyone want to take bets on how many days Jaquie will be in the hospital?

it's been 9 already. I'm gonna go with 15.

No. 480241

Hard to say. Guess it depends on wether they start TPN or not. I did get the impression from Jaquie though that she was the one talking about TPN, not her doctors. But if they decide that she can increase her rate further at home they'll probably want to discharge her pretty soon (like today or tomorrow). If they for some reason decide that she will starve to death if they don't give her TPN, she'll be in longer. She will either try and make her stay as long as she can, or she will steer her doctors towards discharging her on TPN. We know she is following Aubrey, so she probably wants a part of that, too.

No. 480243

The do general anesthesia for a peg or peg-j placement, but it’s still outpatient. I don’t have experience with other surgery so I can’t compare the pain. Jaquie seems to have a super low pain tolerance, though, which is a pretty good sign she’s healthy and doesn’t have chronic pain, since people who are normally always in pain can handle a lot more.

No. 480247


She was really self-centered. In past parties, she would engage with her patrons and respond to them. This time, if you mentioned something about yourself, she flat-out ignored it. She would only talk about herself and her chronic illnesses. She also mentioned that she can't go into some support groups because people hate her. You're the common denominator, hun. She would complain about her haters at times. Like, why would you even acknowledge it?

With what went on the patron page. We got early access to videos, patron parties and tshirt designs. The rest of it was like Facebook/Instagram posts, with status updates and pictures.

No. 480282


These things are to be used for emergencies. Like, if the power goes out and it's freezing af. Or camping or something. Not for hospital stays. And it's also made to fit 2-3 people. So it's probably hotter than most electric blankets.

No. 480288

What do you guys think happened with her and Julian? I’m curious to know. Does anybody have any milk on it?

No. 480289

Kek. I had one of those hot air blowers just being pumped under regular blankets pre-op because the fluids were frigid. I got overheated really quickly to the point of almost throwing up and I don’t have heat intolerance, so I don’t understand how someone with “sooper severe heat intolerance” could stand one of those things. Our little Adjustable Munchie

No. 480299


Jesus H. Christ. This is worse than I thought. She really needs a good therapist. I just wish her family didn't enable her. They can't force her to get help. But they could stop enabling her.

No. 480308


The device used in hospitals is called a Bair Hugger. It is not an emergency blanket.


No. 480314

And they are not hot at all… People with heat intolerance, even MS patients and other demyelinating diseases can tolerate them.

She's a lying sack of shit who isn't head intolerent (hellooo hats and scarves) but these are nothing like normal heated blankets. They're not hot or heavy.

No. 480316

No. 480328

I’m sorry not trying to wk but I don’t particularly agree with this and I’ve seen that not a lot of other people on here do either. So how?

No. 480335


Bad healing with EDS is more like… incision failing to close or opening back up.

Or with Roux-En-Y, the anastomosis failing to seal, which means - well that'd be a really terrible situation.

Slow/sluggish digestion that can occur with GA (in anyone) isn't really related to the physiological process of tissue healing.

No. 480348


This one was a Stryker Mistral-Air and Jaq was fawning over the fucking pre-op room because it was so new and fancy. She was really bragging about the new building and equipment, meanwhile a normal patient would already be ready to leave. Jaq was getting her medical porn fix though kek

No. 480350


She kept going on and on about it. Being in a new building is great and all, but you would think she would be more focused on getting better so she can go home.

No. 480374


She has no incentive to leave, the longer she stays (and treats it like a fucking hotel) the more validated she feels. She's on cloud fucking 9.

No. 480375

No hospital is better than being at home, unless you’re an attention-whore munchie. Anyone who isn’t a munchie wants to be home where they’re more comfortable, can get better sleep, it’s easier to poop at home, and you are much less likely to pick up an infection. If you actually have EDS, they want you out ASAP with surgery, to cut down on that risk as your skin does heal slower (but it’s the same for everyone else as well, sticking around when you don’t need to be there is asking for an infection or another illness). Jaquie is the queen of taking something that should either be a short stay or not even a stay at all, and stretching into an ungodly amount of time. Two or three days I could maybe understand, but 9?? It’s beyond ridiculous at this point. Especially with the flu and other illnesses being widespread, hospitals need beds and staff for people who are legitimately sick or who had real surgeries that are difficult to recover from. Not a simple feeding tube placement for someone who never needed it in the first place!

No. 480377

Doesn’t she have a home health nurse who can come check up on her instead? She’s pretty much the worst hospital guest ever, except she’s probably not even paying for it.

No. 480414


Yeah she’s milking it big time! Even Mary Frey who has CF, among other things going on making her more fragile than Jaq by a long shot, made it home from her j-tube surgery at right around one week if I recall correctly. And I don’t think Mary got a PCA either.

I was reading some recovery stories to gain some insight on the recovery and after reading about 10 stories of other people’s accounts, Jaq is just an attention whoring wimp. Most stayed 3 days total and it was just mainly getting the feeds started because it looks like they let it rest around 24 hours.

She needs an attention whore intervention where everyone just ignores her… what? I have to change my own feed bags? Push my own IV pole? Wipe my own ass? Where’s my pain pump button?! NURSE! Where’s my IV Benadryl! You were too slow! I could have DIED!

No. 480416


She can get home health nurses but as she’s told the sheeple ten thousand times over again… I need to be in control of my care! I’m the best at sterile protocol!

BTW I’ll go back and find the video here in a bit… but do you guys remember the home nurse that showed up for a nursing visit to Jaq’s home in a tank top?! Last time I checked, there are no tank top scrubs and to show up in civilian clothes seems tacky and unprofessional. I’m not even sure what it is, but there is something off with that nurse visit.

No. 480420

Kek yeah even home health nurses wear scrubs. And they’re usually more experienced and have more professional boundaries than other nurses, because they’re trusted to work on their own without anyone else around to supervise them. They wouldn’t wear a tank top, nor would they put up with all her shit.

No. 480430

Do home nurses in the US aways wear scrubs or uniforms though? They don't where I live. Depending on their employer they either wear just a uniform jacquet or can chose what they wear.

No. 480441

I can't recall ever seeing a working nurse not in scrubs.

No. 480446


The only time I've seen non-uniformed nurses (in the UK) is in a mental health setting.

No. 480448

I think it's kind of ironic that with this surgery, her YT subscriber count hasn't changed, her IG follower count hasn't changed and her patrons have dropped slightly. The only thing that has caught on fire is this thread. If she did do this for asspats and attention …. well, she's not getting the kind of attention she was hoping for.

No. 480457


She was hoping that her latest keratine treatment reaction would get them their l00k subscribers. Might be the fact that she wasn't actually loopy and was hoping it went viral like Harlow getting the ranch bottle.

It wouldn't surprise me if someone complained about her being so loud. There are people who are in pain and they don't need to listen to that crap. I hope she either gets something written in her file or the doctor fires her.

No. 480470


It's some version of a bair hugger that she has on pre-op, not the actual camping emergency blanket.

No. 480564

New vlog is up.

"Y'all, I totally want to go home but my doctors don't think it's medically safe yet."

BS to the max, Jaq. I cannot think of any hospital I've ever worked at or been to that would want to keep a patient for a 10 days after minor abdominal surgery. Let alone a patient who is ambulating, eating orally, off narcotics (which she claims she is, except for the dose she takes at night of course because muh feeeeeds, y'all!), and whose bowel is functioning normally. Stop wasting everyone's time and money and go the hell HOME.

No. 480572

Kek there is absolutely nothing keeping her there, unless she’s counting her very obviously fake “anaphylactic attacks”. For days she’s been eating food (but she desperately needs those tubes, y’all!), playing games, walking around, and generally acting like a spoiled, selfish child. Oh, and getting high as shit off her equally unnecessary pain pump. It’s disgusting, especially when you think about all the people with serious illness that can’t get the treatment they need because they’re uninsured (or underinsured) and not entitled rich cunts who think the world revolves around them.

No. 480574

File: 1516840667742.png (35.3 KB, 1287x185, jaccomment1.PNG)


Commenter from the other day is pointing this out.

No. 480575

There’s a tiny bit of karma right there. I think that lots of her followers are starting to wise up, too, and see all the inconsistencies.

No. 480576

File: 1516840692728.png (29.35 KB, 1254x164, Jaccomment2.PNG)

No. 480579

That’s what happens when you’re a whiny brat with $$$. Hospitals aren’t trying to make a profit, but they are very expensive to run. Essentially they’re just a very, very expensive babysitting service right now, but hopefully the cash she’s throwing at them can indirectly help someone who actually needs it.

No. 480581


I posted my observation that little Miss Heat Intolerance was contradicting herself once again. She said how she loved how the new heater and the new mylar looking blanket in the new building “totally warmed her up!” The picture was just what she looked like when she was in the pre-op bed not that she was actually using a camping blanket. Hope that makes sense, I didn’t mean to confuse anyone kek

It’s just interesting how she can flip her heat tolerance switch on and off and can now magically tolerate it for whatever lame excuse she would have.

No. 480583

Just wait, pretty soon there’s going to be a “NO ADVICE PLEASE” announcement and all that trash about how her “team” is on top of it and is doing what’s best for her. First off, a gi team for a patient who’s tube feeding has to have at least a consulting dietician. Secondly, the only thing they could do at this point to actually benefit her would be to take out her tubes and port, and send her to a psyc( ward for a long time without any unnecessary medical treatment.

No. 480595


I think you actually have a good chance at being spot on with this one, anon! We will file that with my prediction that we are going to see the “new merch y’all” containing Harlow “stuffies.” Right next to the gold star for the anon(s) that have their votes in for TPN. Need moar calories, y’all!

No. 480600


If she has such bad anaphylaxis, why is she playing Trouble in the hallway. Which, btw, doesn't have the protections that her room has. At this point, she's treating this like a 5 star resort and acting like Kevin from Home Alone 2. If she cared so much about her health, she would focus on upping her feed rate. She would eat go friendly foods, and would do whatever it takes to go home.

No. 480604

If she gets TPN, I am so going to love watching her pack on the pounds. She can’t stop eating, so much so that she’s doing on video more often than not, and even purging through her tube (which we know she does, they specifically had to tell her not to through her j tube) can’t keep all those calories out of her system. She’s going to get so fat, and I’m just going to laugh, because it’s exactly what she deserves for continuing to claim malnourishment.

No. 480611


Woah. What? Not defending her, just confused. Was this in today's vlog? I know she vents through her g tube. Never heard about her j tube.

No. 480613

As evidenced by the half eaten bag of cheese goldfish crackers and some other snack (Oreos, it looks like, I couldn't zoom in close enough), about 1/3 of the way through today's video, just when she returned to bed after cleaning her sooper speshul toobz y'all.

No. 480616

I meant 2/3, time stamp 10:00-10:36

No. 480625


Ok, it was on today's blog. I looked it up. But seriously, WTF? What fools does she take us for? I feel so bad for her naive followers. She might as well come out and say that she has bulimia at this point and admit that she needs help.

No. 480630


That makes sense because I recall her being a big fan of Oreos. Also makes sense - toddler foods.

No. 480635


Looks like Graham Crackers, too.

No. 480639

In todays blog:

3:50- "Honestly, I am so ready to go home. My doctors don't think I am medically ready to leave, but (insert head nod) I am ready to go home."


10:39 - "I'm not quite ready to go home yet, but I'm really working hard for it."

AJ at her finest.

No. 480641

When she had the first tube place she was pigging out on real food the next day as if just placing the tube solved all of her GP/nausea/vomiting issues which made zero sense at all. I still don't understand how the doctors and nurses saw that and thought she still needed any tube at all.

I am not at all surprised that she is still in the hospital for seemingly no reason. I figured she would be there for at least a week and would start having the old standby anaphalaxis again when they started talking about sending her home. She is so predictable.

My guess is that she stays for another 2-4 days in the hospital, goes home and then makes Judd bring her back to the ER for some BS reason within the week.

No. 480643


It's either a "look how sick I am" tool, or a psychological crutch. Remember how she suddenly couldn't eat at all when her tube kinked? Even though she eats solid food every day.

Probably it's both.

No. 480645

File: 1516844933504.jpeg (451.08 KB, 1242x1862, 382CFA1F-1E30-42B7-A0AF-A7F366…)


I see her turning all jaundiced when all of her other medications + TPN start to adversely affect her like with some nice TPN induced hepatitis and some monster GI bleeds from her stomach surgeries + all of the NSAIDS (her IV Toradol that she likes to wave around at all of the other munchies on the OTT spoonie playground - look what my doctor gave me neener neener neener).

Ok, here’s a new scenario. So the RNY when used in gastric bypass surgeries causes increased risk for stomach ulcers and GI bleeds - especially at the GJ anastomoses areas that are freshly operated on and then compromised when using NSAIDS from here on out.

If Jaq continues to do her Toradol + Ketamine injections plus her at-home use of IV Toradol she’s on her way to some nasty GI bleeds. And any other meds she takes that have GI bleeds warnings. How extra is she going to feel with a sweet bag of blood hanging on her IV pole?

PS look who’s home! Let the fun begin, y’all! Over under on how many days until she’s back in the ER?

No. 480646


Three days max til some crisis or other requiring calling her specialist or most likely heading to the ER.

No. 480647


She's gonna stick those hospital bracelets in a scrapbook, I just know it.

No. 480654


I think it’s creepy that they save their bands like medals of honor. There are a handful of these spoonies that chain them together for decorations like normal people do with red and green construction paper at Christmas. I saw one probably a good six months ago now that had so many bracelets linked together she started stringing her chain on the walls up high like a cute garland or string lights. W T F I’m trying to remember who it was now and I want to say it is a girl named chronically.sick.and.smiling being currently discussed in the regular OTT thread but she “got the idea” from another super disturbed spoonie. And I’m trying to remember who, but another chick has hers stored in a shadow box.

Point is, doesn’t matter who it is, they’re all creepy with how they think ER trips and admissions are an admirable spoonie battle.

That’s why I hate the Beads of Courage - way to go, you have enough beads on your IV pole, it’s too heavy to roll… you warrior, you!

And my thoughts about her discharge. As anon pointed out in today’s vlog she at first is “so ready to go home” and “getting fed up” to “definitely not ready” at the end of the vlog. And usually Jaq doesn’t just go home magically so fast. I wonder if her “team” caught on to her and sent her home when they found out just how badly the wool has been pulled over their eyes this whole time.

No. 480655


At this point I'd be willing to give a good amount of money to a nurse or HCA who'd worked with Jaq Jaq this last week for their tell-all.

No. 480656

How long before she is back at the ER? My bet is an emergency over the weekend when her GI's office will not be open so she will of course have no choice but to go to the ER.

No. 480658

>>480416 I've had home health nurses come visit me on different occasions and I can't remember any of them wearing scrubs. They did dress at least semi-professionally though. I think that all depends on the company they work for. I've never had anyone show up in a tank top, but I live in a cooler climate than Florida.

No. 480660

File: 1516846636620.png (287.31 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5588.PNG)

People are starting to question her more.

No. 480661

Yeah for sure the heat intolerance line is bs

No. 480665


Yeah, she's just looked up all the main symptoms that people with actual POTS have so she can parrot them.

No. 480666


Yeah but beads of courage is meant for kids with cancer, not adult spoonies. Are there places doing beads of courage with munchies like Jaq?

No. 480669

File: 1516847621310.png (661.75 KB, 640x1136, E46BB950-1C9D-4025-AC3F-AC13F1…)

In addition to the programs that give them to kids, you can buy them for people. Oviously kids are who they’re intended for, but there’s really nothing stopping these cows from ordering them for themselves. The legit ones are crazy expensive, too, in the context of the per-bead cost (since most of these munchies have them for everything, including office visits and blood draws).

No. 480670

The tl;dr: I can poop now, and even though I wanted to stay, they told me I had to be a big girl, suck it up, and go home to my boring life where there’s less asspats and definitely no one around 24/7 to wait on me and come running every time I think I’m having some sort of crisis (even though I’m not), like when I can’t put my sock on.

No. 480687


Damn that's ridiculously expensive! I hope they donate a good lot of their income to charity.

I don't see anything wrong with buying a pack of beads and "documenting" your life with them if that's your bag, but don't use something literally aimed at children (see also: those bloody Tubie Friends things that some adult munchies have).

No. 480706

It seems like it’s a non-profit, and there are free beads that go to kids specifically. I think the online sales are just to help support the programs and other costs.

No. 480707

The funniest is the adult munchies who buy cheap beads that kind of look like the real ones, but make them for themselves. That’s just downright pathetic.

No. 480710

File: 1516849391061.png (145.69 KB, 640x1136, 51841A95-2933-4A8F-A310-FEDEEA…)

Yup, they’re a officially licensed? nonprofit charity.

No. 480716

File: 1516849959246.png (611.7 KB, 625x481, Capture.PNG)

My Chicken Strip Mind Melt…
I started watching right before the feeding tube, so this was her 4-day GP hospital stay and I thought wow, this woman is really in bad shape.

Day 2 - Cannot eat…POTS/GP/MALS…(Isn't MALS treatable?)

Day 3 - Her POTS/main doc called her GI and her attending doctor to express his concerns about her lack of nutrition. She eats a graham cracker. I FEEL TERRIBLE FOR HER!

Day 4…IV Compozine working and guess what happened today?


My mind melted.

From starvation to chicken strips? Starvation vs. chicken strips? How can anyone not watch this study in contradictions after that?


No. 480718

File: 1516850055509.gif (140.43 KB, 730x378, Capture 2.GIF)

But wait! If you guessed that Janiece showed up on Day 4, YOU WIN, YOU WIN, too!!

Chicken strips, BFF, no more weak voice…ALL. IS. GOOD.

Until two days later, of course…

No. 480719


That smug self-satisfied look is giving me the rage and chills in equal measure.

No. 480727

File: 1516850612483.jpeg (83.39 KB, 416x453, 68AB56E2-D533-4F17-8333-1E29EA…)

No. 480728

File: 1516850638418.png (404.33 KB, 1136x640, 64C2BF7E-F708-4762-9B15-C65EE0…)

Or maybe

No. 480741

What the hell? Read what the prior responses were. Someone wondered if hospital staff watched Jaquie's vlogs. I posted that yes, hospital staff can and sometimes do watch the vlogs, because it happened to another YouTuber and there were bad things that happened because of it. YES, this anon right here - that was the last post I made before going to bed that day, so no one else "keeps posting this chick".

Yes, I said what Youtuber it was and yes, I gave details. Because I wanted to. I don't know who was bringing that YTer up before, but if this thread is about Jaquie and occasionally Janiece, perhaps, then quit bringing up other YTers like that Amanda chick or Julian or Mary Frey. We're all anons, remember? There isn't one person here with an agenda to promote that girl. Quit being so sensitive.

Sage for responding to the bitch-fest from entitled-fag.

No. 480753

I know I'm being a party poopers, but we really shouldn't be playing armchair psychiatrist. We do not personally know her, we are not qualified to diagnose her. There are many comorbid mental disorders that she could have. It's clear she has Munchausen by internet though.

No. 480760

“Quit be so sensitive!!!” says the cow who throws a multi-paragraph tantrum on a topic that’s long be over. Nice to see who’s panties are in a wad kek. Everyone else moved on a looong time ago.

No. 480762

It’s just speculation, like everything else on here. Does she actually have those? Probably not. Is it fun to ponder? Heck yes!! Don’t worry, we’re not diagnosing anyone’s neuroses here.

No. 480792


lmao you're cool with diagnosing her with Munchausen by internet but anything else is A STEP TOO FAR

No. 480821

File: 1516858067577.gif (887.7 KB, 500x280, IMG_4069.GIF)

No. 480830

Kek yup I think someone’s got some issues of their own they’re a might bit sensitive about. Or butthurt.

No. 480883

Ugh… It took me MONTHS to eat even slightly normally after getting my IBD sorted, and I got better super quickly with meds. Weeks to even think of eating anything like fucking chicken strips. For a long time I was living off fucking baby food. I am literally offended by her bullshit, lol.

But then IBD is a legit problem that Jaquie perversely, disgustingly, wishes she had. It's gonna be funny when her high risk tube has complications and she's actually gone and fucked herself. Any actual GI patient does EVERY THING THEY POSSIBLY CAN to avoid being cut into.(medfagging)

No. 480903

And she doesn't even have MBI. Munchausen by internet means you are feigning an illness online but not in real life. Jaquie has just plain old factitious disorder/munchausen syndrome.

And yes, she also clearly has signs of narcissistic personality disorder. I'm not sure she would fit all the criteria, but does she have traits of it? Hell yes!

And they keep their bands on at home. She has like three of them, and she kept them on when she went home? That doesn't make sense. Normally you'd cut them as soon as you get the go ahead for discharge. If I would ever somehow forget to cut the band I would be horrified. I'd be afraid people would think I was wearing it on purpose to attention-whore. And I could MAYBE imagine you'd forget it if you were wearing ONE band after a simple out-patient procedure because you just get in your car and drive home. But she is wearing THREE and was in the hospital for days so discharge is a process. You don't 'forget' those. So she IS wearing them for attention. Not that anyone here would doubt that, lol.

The vlog was a blast. "I can't up my rate because of the delayed healing form my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome". Few minutes later.. "As you can see, my incision is doing very nice".
Honestly, I think she has no idea what delayed healing in EDS means. I'll tell you what it means. For one thing, it means that they shouldn't have done the Roux en Y procedure. Any intestinal anastamosis is dangerous shit in EDS. Since there are other ways to place a J-tube, this - and of course the fact that it was an OPEN surgery - was a very bad choice.

And she needs narcotics to increase her rate by ONE milliliter an hour. Yes, that one drop every three minutes (that's what one ml/h amounts to) must really be making a BIG difference. That liquid narcotic they put through her tube likely has more volume and surely is pushed quicker than that. At least they finally sent her home. Good riddance.

No. 480911

Right? Her bullshit “not talleratin’ muh feeds” is so tireeeed.

She sure flushes the toobs so fast tho - no probllamas there. And she’s the same retard that flushes her brand new j-tube with ICE water. Actually, it makes sense to me now. Jaq’s always doing stupid shit to fuck with her toob, ice water into the j-tube is definitely an invitation for some temporary and harmless severe tummy pain for our favorite malingering toddler to get some more of her Jaquie Juice. She loves the lala.

I hope there was at least one or two potty accidents in her bed overnight because she was so looped on dilaudid, Ativan and stool softeners kek it’s probable, actually… since she slept through that super bad anaphylactic midnight and quite dramatically had to stab herself with Epi while the nurses and rapid response team stared at her probably wanting to stab her for taking them away from REAL sick people. Code brown in Jaq’s room? kek

No. 480928

Jaq is one of the munchies who's too precious about herself to admit to Code Brown… Jan would probably fucking film it.

No. 480941

In Janice's new vlog, nurse apparently wanted her to go to ER because she was so dehydrated,malnutrition and her heart rate was so high. But she didn't go because it's just her Pots doing that. If that is true, she is just being very very stupid. If a nurse tells you it's time for ER, you go. You don't know better than they do.
Also she has super special testing for Crohns and has asthma now.

No. 480949


She wasn't diagnosed with asthma before? She uses Dulera which is a combination corticosteroid and long-acting bronchodilator inhaler. It is generally prescribed for more severe asthma and COPD. She should be taking two puffs twice a day.

Sage for asthma/COPD fagging.

No. 480950

In the vlog she says she is just now being diagnosed. How the heck did she get medication for bad asthma before then?

No. 480970

Also she says they are 'the brand she grew up with' but they were only formed as a company in 1999 in the UK, I don't know when they went international but we're not talking about a brand that was her stuffed toy given to her as a baby. We're talking about things she has recieved since she reached the age most people stop being attached to a stuffie/ might still have their one from birth.
I know she has lived all over the world but I'm in the UK and jellycat weren't even stocked outside of London until the early 2000s in any chain store. It is only in the last ~5 years they've been stocked in the Children's section of our biggest chain of bookstores (Waterstone's)

I'm aware intense knowledge over toy stock is bizarre it is job related not a freaky obsession!

TL;DR No way are Jellycat partnering, Jaquie is a big baby.

No. 480974

Oh, anon… remember nurses are just good for taking vitals and bringing meal trays? What does she know? Most nurses can’t tie their own shoes according to JanJan.

It sounds to me like she can cancel all of her appointments with medical doctors since she’s got Jaquie at her fingertips for all of her diagnostic needs.

From what we saw in today’s vlog, JanJan’s newest slave is coming to town in the form of her brother from Panama. Someone needs to send out the Bat(Shit Crazy) Signal and warn the poor bastard! There’s still time!

No. 480975

wtf, Janiece turned down an excuse to go the ER? I wonder what's up with that? I guess her neverending disdain for nurses overrides her desire for the drama and attention an ER admission could get her.

No. 480977

Whoops forgot to post the video.

This one is so hard to stomach and make it through.

No. 480978

Or.. she known nothing is wrong with her and she wants to see her brother asap. Or, maybe even more likely, she is lying. Nurse suggested that she should go if it got worse or whatever, and she decided to make it sound like se was super worried about her but Janiece is very brave and doesn't want to go to the ER so she is being tough on herself (kek) and didn't go. So she can read all those super worried comments on her YT later.

No. 480979

Just halfway through, but ANA is positive in a small but substantial percentage of healthy people, especially females. I don't know the exact percentage by heart and am too lazy to google, but I think it's around 20%. Especially if it's low titre, in which case it should basically counted as negative.

No. 480983


My guess is the NP told her :

“Congratulations! Everything is fine except your raging case of genital herpes! I called in a script. So… Sadly, this earth is stuck with your bitch ass another day.”

And so JanJan pouted and called Jaq. Read results to Jaq who then sent her on the rheumie goose chase. Or she asked Dr. Google.

No. 480984


It feels so weird to hear someone refer to a stuffed toy as a "brand". Kek she's definitely angling for some tie-ins.

No. 480995

Thankfully I was just being sarcastic about JellyCat making Harlows because she is just pretentious enough to think they would kek — however, I still predict that there will be stuffed Harlows next… The Frey’s stuffed Ollie has been out for several months now and in true Jaq fashion it shouldn’t be long. And that is going to rake in mad cash for “The Chronically Jaquie Family” ughhhh

Just a side note - I haven’t watched The Frey Life in probably four or five months. They got stagnant. Anyways, I watched yesterday’s video from them and holy shit, Jaq is just about as crazy of a freak stalker as SWF is to her. So many more things she is copying now.

Back to JanJan for a sec. was she describing a lung function test that she “tried so hard” to pass? She’s fucking insane. So much wrong with her and none of it is physical.

No. 481003

She's going to an NP and still can't a diagnosis? Wow. Most NP's will slap you with anything for money.

No. 481011


And Dulera is not cheap. It averages around $300 for 30 days.

Has she shown herself using an albuterol inhaler, other corticosteroid and/or bronchodilator inhalers, a nebuliser or breathing treatments, or montelukast (Singulair)? If her asthma is bad enough to require Dulera, then she should have had occasion to need other treatments. I don't watch her videos.

No. 481012


Lung function testing is not the type of test that you pass or fail. She's an idiot.

No. 481019

Wow you're right. Jaquie has copied Mary's banner, her intro, started using text on her thumbnails. I'm sure there's more but the general format is a direct copy. Soon she'll add a Harlow "after party"

No. 481020

File: 1516893902682.png (1.55 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5594.PNG)

Here's our AJ today. In yet another round neckline that's right up around her throat. Guess attention from SPD takes a backseat to having two stomas.

No. 481034

I feel like an idiot for asking, but what does aj mean?

No. 481035

adjustable jac

No. 481038

Just wondering: how likely is a false positive for an asthma test? Because I find it very hard to believe Janieces lungs would be so bad. She says she is coughing really bad, but unless she edits it all out (which seems HIGHLY unlikely considering her editing abilities) her cough just sounds like a normal, dry cough that's either the end/start of a cold or just some irritation in the throat or upper airway.

As to her HR.. she seems to have more severe HR issues than Jaquie these days. A HR of 150 when trying to breath out forcefully is not normal. Other than lying about it, what could explain this? Dehydration of course, but what else? She could be extremely deconditioned (which would explain why her HR was high when she first came in at the NP but calmed down after) or of course anxiety. But I don't think she is that deconditioned, because just last week she was walking through the airport picking up her mom. So.. any (other) theories about that one?

No. 481042

She’s bored of the whole SPD thing and has found something better. Plus she’s desperately trying to think of ways to get TPN, which takes a lot of energy I’m sure.

No. 481045


Asthma can be diagnosed based on symptoms, examination, and basic spirometry (in office and daily at home) and without a pulmonary (lung) function test. The test assesses how well different parts of the lungs are functioning which is useful for determining a treatment plan and selecting medications. The PFT is also used to definitively differentiate between asthma and COPD conditions (chronic bronchitis, emphysema).

No. 481052

lots of people have reduced lung capacity, so albuterol will help. Doesn't always equal asthma.

My guess for the HR is drugs or anxiety

No. 481055

Wait, isn't she on modafinil as well? That can increase HR too.

No. 481057

Would she blatantly lie when Paul is sitting right there tho? Although he looked bored out of his skull while she was blabbering on so maybe he wasn't listening.

I agree nothing is really wrong with her and she knows it and only wants to be sick when it's convenient for her.

No. 481069


But she has been seen using Dulera (screencap in the previous thread) which is reserved for more serious asthma and COPD. Dulera is prescribed when corticosteroid or combination inhalers which are not as strong fail to control the condition. She should have been prescribed any of a number of corticosteroid or combination inhalers prior to Dulera. Have we seen her with other corticosteroid inhalers or even albuterol?

Additionally, if she has trouble inhaling quickly and deeply without coughing she should be using a spacer.

No. 481070

Does she mention what the titre was? If that was the only positive test she had, that's bullshit. The first two to three levels aren't considered positive, and most doctors will retest after a few months before doing any kind of diagnosis.

No. 481072

She doesn't. Just that it came back positive. Which doesn't tell us much, because as you say, with ANA positive isn't always positive.

No. 481115

File: 1516903020186.png (254.37 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5600.PNG)

I just love her passive aggressive commenters.

No. 481117

They probably know the comment will be removed if they aren't careful.

I've also seen at least two comment the past few days asking "where did ypu get your blanket again? I know you've mentioned it, but I forgot". I really wondered if those were sarcastic or not..

No. 481119


what is ANA? Sorry, I really cba to watch the video because she enrages me so much.

No. 481122

Don't give her ideas! LOL. The next vlog may end up being from the hospital, cause she fell off the walker and hurt, whatever body part and dislocated however many joints.

No. 481132

It is a test for autoimmune conditions. However even a positive doesn't mean you actually have an autoimmune conditions.

In future though…have you heard of google!?

No. 481135


I tried Wikipedia, didn't get anywhere.

No. 481152

No. 481154

File: 1516904744925.jpg (4.89 MB, 3264x2448, 1516904566843-2116295550.jpg)

It might help if you Google it right

No. 481168

File: 1516905457217.jpeg (211.61 KB, 750x1334, 36A4501C-5760-4243-8528-82D304…)

Did anyone see his comment?

No. 481171


My bad, I was looking for something describing a medical test, rather than what it was looking for.

No. 481175

File: 1516905649432.png (27.97 KB, 830x126, Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 18.4…)


Kristi is killin' it

No. 481176

She'll get banned from commenting…

No. 481186

File: 1516905953691.png (35.4 KB, 833x131, Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 18.4…)

Unsure if this is a troll or not, but still funny.

No. 481191


For whatever reason (probably because she's back in the ER…) she hasn't gotten around to deleting shortysax's comments yet. It's heartening to see that both comments have ~20 likes and at least a few snarky replies. At least we know not everyone watching her vlogs is blindly worshiping the ground she wheels on…

No. 481219


So yesterday she went on about how she loves NPs. Today she is giving the NP the "benefit of the doubt." And had to teach her "What POTS are about." She's nuts.

Further she goes on about how constipation must be bad because they wanted Jaq to poop in the hospital. Well there's a difference between occasional constipation in an otherwise healthy person and trying to regain bowel function in someone post abdominal surgery.

Then she has one loose bowel movement and says she's back to the worst diarrhea ever!

Hearing her talk about her pulmonologist appointment is pitiful. Poor JanJan doesn't like doing PFTs. No one does!

No. 481238

She proves her stupidity everyday. She has zero common sense or critical thinking abilities.

No. 481272

I was just thinking that Jaquie probably will show us her incision soon. She can't resist showing off those tubie pads, so she'll probably keep doing it. So we get to see up close just how 'delayed' her healing is. With her port it's hard to see because she has it accessed 24/7, but I'm pretty sure we will see this one.

(Scars above a large muscle - like on the abdomen - have a higher risk of becoming hypertrophic, so with HEDS you'd pretty much expect it. Her being partly hispanic also increases the risk somewhat. So if it becomes hypertrophic that doesn't mean jack, but if it becomes a very nice and thin scar, that would be quite a strong argument against her having EDS.)

No. 481279


I don't know about you, but I personally can't wait to see her attempts to draw that with makeup now that you posted that info here.

No. 481288

O wait, where's that anon who was a patron of hers until recently? Maybe they know if she reads here? We've had some discussions about that and anon mentioned she sometimes talked about her haters? Did she ever specify who she considered to be her 'haters'?

BTW: I'm pretty confident we'll be able to tell if Jaq would try to change how her scar looked. Besides, she'll have to know exactly how the different phases of healing look, when the scar starts to mature and how it would be different in EDS. On a side note, I wonder if her surgeon adapted his suturing technique to her having EDS. I'm guessing not.

No. 481292


Let's not forget the tech-adept munchie method of photoshopping scars. I believe Eli The Cancer Conner did this.

No. 481293

She would have to learn special effects makeup to get the raised texture and I doubt she would be able to pull it off. It would look different everyday. I'd love to see her embarrass herself trying!

No. 481296


I'm the Anon that was the patron. I do not know for sure whether or not she reads the things that are said on here. I believe she mentioned specifically people who commented on her videos. She said it was about 15 people who commented on her videos. The thing she did mention is that there were haters who said that she didn't really need her feeding tube.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if she does lurk on here. There has been a thing or two shared on here that she mentioned in one of her past patron parties as things her haters said.

No. 481300

>>>There has been a thing or two shared on here that she mentioned in one of her past patron parties as things her haters said.
And I noticed in one of her hospital vlogs where she videoed herself venting the g tube that she said - some ppl think I can vent food through the tube but I can't, just air and liquid.

No. 481304

That she doesn't truly need her feeding tube. The only reason she got one was because she kept getting on to her doctor about it.

No. 481305

It’s actually super common in EDS to have stutures rip through the skin (hence why they’re avoided whenever possible). You end up with super nasty-looking scars. I can’t wait to see how she tries to show that.

No. 481307


welp, that's true kek

No. 481308

Interesting. Feel free to share more!

Did she ever adress the magic of her tube how she suddenly couldn't eat anything when it was kinked? Or ever mentioned people thinking her ketamine reactions are fake?

No. 481309

Kek the problem with that is that she can’t handle the truth. Ice cream, crackers, and soup right after surgery mean that she can eat more than enough to survive. She could easily lie about not being able to eat, if she wasn’t dumb enough to film herself eating. But she is that dumb, so there’s hours of video proof that she doesn’t need her tube/tubes.

No. 481311

Not true at all. People can vent food through their tubes, and she herself talked about venting food back when she got her first tube. When you eat food, even solids, it’s all liquids in your stomach. Kinda how the whole digestion process works, even in people with severe GP. That’s why they usually don’t give g tubes to eating disorder patients, because it’s much too easy for them to purge.

No. 481315


I remember watching the documentary THIN years ago and seeing someone do exactly that.

No. 481323

It depends a little bit on the location of the tube though. If it's high in the stomach, it's pretty much impossible to get much out.

Having said that, we all know that Jaquie purges through her tube. She admits to that herself. She calls it venting, but she means draining which is basically medical purging. Venting would be letting AIR out, but she takes out stomach contents. I think it's already super sketchy that she always seems to call draining 'venting'. If you only need to vent, patients are often instructed to let any fluids that may unintentionally come out go back into the stomach to prevent electrolyte balances and problems with digestion.

So yeah, she purges. We just don't know the extent of it. She could only be letting a little liquid out when she feels sick, or she could be eating ice cream and drinking hot chocolate to purge it after. That we don't know. I find it VERY worrisome that so many doctors in the US not only put feeding tubes in patients that probably don't need them, but also giving them easy access to their stomach so they can purge through their tubes. But it's totally only for relief of those very severe 10/10 symptoms, y'all.

And if they come back months later with dehydration and a very low potassium, their doctors don't seem to make the connection. Sometimes I think that med school in the US have affirmative action for idiots and every class has to have at least two?

No. 481324


I don't recall if she did or not. There were patron parties where I wasn't there, so it could have definitely have been something she brought up.

She also had some haters come up to her under the guise of them being chronic illness warriors who wanted to know the names of one of her doctors so they could know who would be a good doctor to go to.

In all reality, they wanted to know that information to have an idea where she lives. I'm guessing they revealed what their intentions were. This is why she says she wont reveal who her doctors are.

No. 481325

So once again she's proven herself to be a lying sack of shit. Thanks for clearing that up.

No. 481333

I don't really understand how knowing the name of her doctors would give you more information about where she lives than what she already tells us herself? We may no know her adress, but I'm sure people who live close can recognize the dog park and the neighbourhood.

O, for future reference: you are supposed to sage posts that don't directly contribute to the milk, i.e. posts that don't have a screenshot, embedded video or the likes. It prevents your post from bumping the thread to the top. If you write sage in the email field, that will sage your post.

No. 481351

Me either especially because it takes all of about 45 seconds to find that info online. They haven't taken any steps to protect there whereabouts which is somewhat shocking considering that he is a cop. Maybe because of that they feel invincible? Idk.

No. 481352


kek right? because she'll happily travel around to find a willing (gullible) doctor too

No. 481356

Jaquie's videos are like watching a home shopping club, with her plugging all of her devices: Infinity pump, tubie pads, AMT tubes, Kates Farm, Vog mask, Canon camera, SmartDrive Max, Tilite Barbie car, RoHo cushion, Sojos dog food, Hanger Clinic AFOs., Hasbro (Trouble game) etc. It's very very hard to believe she isn't getting kickbacks from some of them for her free advertising.

JanJan acts like she is on a psychedelic high with the shit eating ear to ear grin over her diarrhea and cheesing for a diagnosis–any diagnosis PLEASE, so she can up her game since Jaquie is presently winning. It must be so hard being in the shadow of the Master.

No. 481359

During that same patron party, AJ revealed that it was actually Judd who doesn't want her to give that information out.

No. 481360

That is actually not accurate. It is a large complex but they offer studios, one bedroom garden units, two bedroom garden units and two storey townhomes, which what they have.

No. 481361

Sage for megfagging, but can agree and concur, most hospitals these days have specific TF protocols for checking what is called "aspirates" on tube feeds for patients who are fed. The nurse is supposed to check to see if the patient is tolerating the feed, and by tolerate, it means, the patient is allowed to retain 500ml in the stomach. Only if there is >500ml, is the feed allowed to be stopped. Also, the 500ml is supposed to be returned, for the exact reason the previous anon posted, electrolyte imbalance.

Most hospitals have an algorithm for >500, return the stomach contensts, stop the feeds, recheck in another hour, and if >500ml again, check with the physician or practitioner. If less than, restart feeds at half the rate. Or a similar protocol. Medfag source: ICU practitioner, consult in many hospitals.

No. 481362


That's not surprising. He's a cop…

(To sage, put the word "sage" in the email field. You can leave the name blank)

No. 481363

Well, then he needs to be more savvy about what is available about them online.

No. 481366


In paragraph 2 did you mean < instead?

No. 481367

Thanks! I'm new here (obviously) so I appreciate everyone being patient with me.

No. 481419


especially with a pet, too!

No. 481423

My bad, I accidentally deleted the post you were responding to. I had mentioned that with the abundance of tiled homes/apartments in Florida, that is strange they chose a place with carpet. Carpet is extremely hard to clean and harbors all kinds of nastiness, especially considering they have no clue who lived there prior. She has that soooper suhvere immunodeficiency to worry about, y'all..

No. 481431

New vlog is up… she does not look happy about being sent home.

No. 481433

Vlog is up. First night home from the hospital after getting a second tooob and she has Texas Roadhouse and an Oreo dessert bar. She also mentions how she will be watching the X Men movies since she has so much time while recovering. Bitch, please, you do zilch otherwise. And Judd seems sooooper over it.

No. 481436


Yet the thumbnail makes it look like she's still in the hospital!

No. 481437

She is in that shot.

No. 481439

File: 1516924159405.png (677.08 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5603.PNG)

She's taking a break from vlogging y'all! She could do multiple vlogs per day and social media posts while in the hospital but can't handle it from home. Is it because she doesn't want us to watch how much liquid narcotic she's actually using through her J tooob?

No. 481445

Her eating habits should be a dead giveaway to anyone with half a brain. I understand people with GI issues just saying fuck it occasionally, but the first day out of a feeding tube surgery?? Are you fucking kidding me??? This bitch could get by on 1400 cals per day easy, maybe even less, she's small and sedentary. There's no way she can't make that, considering what she can eat. If she has any real GI issues they're so minor she should just be eating several small meals and supplementing with Ensure if her cals are low.

My guess is that aside from being the sickest widdle fragile warrior angel, she wants a tube so she can purge without puking. That's why she didn't go for a nose toob first.

No. 481457

How long do you guess that’s going to last? She can’t live without her constant asspats. And she can vlog the day of her surgery, and immediately after, but not at home? She is such a bad liar. She’s probably hungry after her nearly two weeks in the hospital, and wants to binge and purge without anyone watching or noticing kek. Then she’ll come back to vlogging, since she’ll be starved of asspats, claiming she can’t keep food down, and trying to get TPN.

No. 481462

For someone that is so sick, has Autism and SPD, she doesn't look like it. First off, Texas Roadhouse is the WORST place you can go if you have SPD. It's known for being super loud.

And also, for someone with Autism and SPD, and has been in the hospital for 10 days, you would think she would want to go straight home and not leave for the next few days. Everyone with Autism is different, but still.

No. 481473

They did go home and she announced she would not be cooking for a long time and that Judd needed to go out and get their dinner. Then she quickly back tracked and said that most of her dinner was in her feed bag.

No. 481479


My first thought is that the dildaudoodle withdrawal is making her too tired to keep it up, and my second was that she wants to appear sicker (therefore less functional) to justify her inevitable "I got TPN y'all".

No. 481489


I'm surprised she didn't edit that out!

No. 481491

Interesting too, that once home, she mentioned she had to stay soooooo very long in the hospital because her blood pressure kept dropping in the hospital (oh, hello dilaudid), but never once did she mention that while she was THERE. But the sooper speshul saline boluses are why they kept her so long. One night with a normal blood pressure and magically she was safe to ride the Barbie car home,

No. 481500

I cannot believe he handed her an oreo bar and a bag of what looks like mini-Reeses. And althought she claims it is her favorite ice cream, I'm not sure how the Oreo bar is even in the realm of a viable choice. A pint of smooth vanilla that she can spoon out little bits of makes more sense but she must be eating this whole thing. (Though, this bar only clocks in at about 150 cal. With feeds at 24 ml/hr at a generous 23 hrs a day, Jac's got about 1000 cals today.)

Also can anybody weigh in on port stuff? I can't understand why she has to have it accessed 24/7 if she only uses it 3x a week, especially with all the infection concerns I've learned about here. It also seems that Mary Frey tries to be de-accessed as much as as possible even though she needs to use her port frequently.

No. 481523

It’s probably accessed 24/7 because home health only accessed ports once a week, and then every week they change out the needle and dressing. It’s pretty common, but more for people that use their port every day. And that is very true that the more it’s accessed, the greater the risk of infection (it’s unbelievable how she hasn’t gotten one). But Mary Frey doesn’t use hers continuously, so she doesn’t need it always accessed. What would be safer would be if they taught jaquie to access her own port, and then she would only have to have it accessed those three days she’s using it. Of course, I wouldn’t trust her to do it herself and keep it sterile, and also she loves showing it off too much to go even a day without it accessed.

No. 481524


She accesses herself.

No. 481525

Then the only reason it’s accessed 24/7 is for attention. She should only have it accessed on those three days only for the time she’s doing her saline. She’s asking for an infection through her attention whoring.

No. 481528

It’s so she can push that precious IV Benabuzz if she has an “allergic reaction”.

Also for someone who supposedly has MCAS and HEDS her skin does remarkably well with all that adhesive on it 24/7.

No. 481565

File: 1516933478678.png (22.47 KB, 491x180, jac.png)

Jac is at it again in the adult tubies group. Still having pain, is she so shocked to have pain after being cut open?

No. 481567

Her excuse for appearing hyper and high (off the dilaudid and Benadryl) in one of her vlogs was that she was using LESS pain medication and "back to her usual self". Yet now she's off her precious pain pump she's gone back to blank "sick face" kek. Which one is it Jaq? Lies are hard to keep up with, aren't they?

She got that lovely liquid narcotic at home for her toob too…watch her pain doctor suddenly decide that's a good idea along with shooting her up with ket for no damn reason. This is the beginning, y'all.

No. 481570

Yes! Normally in mcas, you’d at some point get reactions around the port, either from the adhesive or the cleansers they use in the access kits. Those reactions tend to lead to infections, too. In fact, it’s difficult to avoid those reactions in mcas. Yet jaquie never has rashes or hives or flushing or many of the other mcas symptoms. Only her self-reported anaphylaxis, which no medical professional except her personal doctor has been concerned about.

No. 481572

She’s already an addict, now we’ll just be watching her slow decline into a full-blown opioid addiction.

No. 481583

Please let her turn into the next Linda Li rotting her teeth out with Fentanyl lollipops, she's probably just as insane! They're already so eerily similar.

No. 481584


InB4 she pushes her dilaudid into her port instead of her tube in her pursuit of the high as her tolerance builds.

No. 481585

Didn't she like…JUST say she didn't expect to need the liquid narcotics in her last vlog? I think this is further evidence that she doesn't actually experience any/much pain on the day to day.

Also, can you give us the gist of the answers she gets? Does anybody tell her off? Question her? Etc?

No. 481590

She says a lot of things that aren’t true. She wanted it, and did what she had to do (whining and bad acting) for them to give it to her. But she doesn’t want to seem like she wanted it, because that would look too much like drug-seeking. She also really didn’t want to have to get a wheelchair or a port or a feeding tube or two feeding tubes, but she had too, since they’re tools for her quality of life, y’all!

No. 481601


please show us the responses …

No. 481612


wrong thread, anon!

No. 481615

Thank you for spoilering that so I never have to see it again

No. 481624

Shit sorry everyone

No. 481672

Totally OT but for the next thread we really need to put Chronically Jaquie in the title. People who search her on google currently are not easily being led here and she needs to be exposed. The AJ joke was cute if you search her name it takes a while for the Jaquie threads to start to come up.

Jaquie Blake has sooo many news stories out there it's disgusting.

No. 481694


Yuuuup. Lying sack of shit. In her vlog she posted today she word for word states "My pain is well managed. They gave me a liquid narcotic I can put through my J tube, if needed, but I haven't needed it." Yet in this post she states that her pain med is the same as it was the last few days in the hospital. Oh ok Jaq. The day she puts a fentanyl loli in her mouth Judd might as well start digging the hole.

No. 481699

We could do Adventures of Adjustable Jaquie AKA the Chronically Jaquie and Harlow Show.

No. 481701

The description says Jaquie Blake Beckwith though…

No. 481703


I bet most fans search "Chronically Jaquie" though.

No. 481705

Today I learnt that a friend (who I know through other friends, we attend lots of the same social events) makes a living from his YouTube channel.

And he's not even sick! When will poor Jaq reach that sweet 100k?

Saged for amusement and irrelevance.(blog)

No. 481713

That's because he probably has something to offer the world.
And now back to the milk…

No. 481716

Yeah, whatever is done next I just think it's important to get Chronically Jaquie in the title! That definitely how she's best known.

No. 481735


Chronically Whaquie Jaquie

No. 481780

File: 1516956363063.jpg (30.12 KB, 703x295, Oz61pbS.jpg)

I feel like we should honor the anon who came up with adjustable Jaquie in some way. Along with the one who first wrote the words 'barbie car' and probably a few others.

Interesting comment, this one. I wonder if and how she will react to it, especially the last question. Although it might be interesting to see her responding to the first as well.

No. 481784

You guys! I just went back to see an old video of Janiece on raw feeding. That weird cheesy smile is NO WHERE to be seen. She still is a bit weird and says things like "Jaquie is excited to see me, because I am fabulous" and she was even worse at video editing (time lapse clips without any sound, it comes across as if someone forgot to edit the video) and she doesn't seem very comfortable with filming herself yet, but she is SO different there. It's almost like watching her twin sister. It's not even the fact that she doesn't talk about her health and her bowel movements, it's just that she is almost like a normal person. So weird.

I didn't embed the video because it's not very interesting and I saged because it's an old video and not about health so it's not real milk, but you can check out the link for an example if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpMIiTtNBC0

I also still wonder if Janiece even knows what is considered diarrhea and obstipation. Someone mentioned it already, but in yesterdays vlog she said she had 'the worst diarrhea' after she went to the bathroom ONE time. Even if she was shitting pure water, you STILL can't tell how bad it is after you only went one time. I'm guessing she just has some loose stools and not even actual diarrhea, because she would go far more often if that was the case. In previous vlogs she would sometimes report diarrhea and constipation on the same day. Now while it may be possible to have loose stool one time and feel the need to strain the next time you go, constipation is most often defined by having less than three bowel movements in a week. She probably means she was having difficulty evacuating, which is perfectly in line with her diagnosis of rectal dysfunction for which she somehow doesn't want to be treated. She also seems to be obsessed with her bowel movements in general and has said before that someone told her that she needed to go every single day (having a bm two times a day to one every to days is considered normal). I already feel obsessed myself with typing so much about bm's, tbh. But Janiece takes it a few steps further. I suspect that every time she has a bm that is a little bit harder or softer than what she considers normal she calls is constipation or diarrhea. Maybe she also has actual diarrhea or constipation sometimes, or has had it in the past, but when she went to the bathroom ONE time and already calls it 'the worst of the worst kind of diarrhea' (I don't remember what she said exactly, but she said it was very severe) she is simply not making any sense. We'll talk again when you went eight times in one night, Janiece.

No. 481877

Too much time with jaquie. The people that you spend the most time with rub off on you, especially if you idolize their malingering. Janiece use to be her own person, but now she’s melded with jaquie to become almost as annoying.

No. 481885

Responses on the way, I want to blur out everyone else's names. Also there is a LOT of milk in this group. Jac has been posting/commenting since August and I would be interested to see what discrepncies there are between what she says on this and what she says on YT. I won't be able to post it all here, there's too much. Maybe a google doc.

No. 481894

File: 1516980730867.png (43.19 KB, 468x517, blue 1.png)

She hasn't responded to most comments, so I won't post those. Here is the only real thing she said.

No. 481895

File: 1516980748920.png (42.28 KB, 414x488, blue 2.png)


No. 481896

File: 1516980783662.png (3.57 KB, 432x61, lmao.png)

And this one just for giggles, this person gets it.

No. 481912

Dammit when I first saw this I thought jaq was the one that asked the questions and was finally trying to find a way outta her munchie hole

No. 481922

Doesn't seem like they do, tbh. It seems like they think she had a roux en y gastric bypass, while she had a roux en y jejunostomy. Two different procedures, but they are based upon the same technique (roux en y).

The other aswers are kind of interesting. It would definitely be funny to go back and see how often she contradicts herself if you compare it with her vlogs. It's also a bit weird that in her vlogs she makes it out like she is this person who even though she is struggling at times, she is also the example for other people to follow. She even says that she shows everything, the 'good and the bad' because she wants other people to be able to relate and see what it is like to have this kind of surgery. Yet on this boards she is a different person, one who seeks out others to be able to relate to so she knows what it is like to have this surgery and this kind of tube.

No. 481942

Kek pretty sure this was a calling her out comment with ass kissing thrown in to keep it from getting deleted. 2 of the 4 comments shown in this sound like anti-fans in disguise. Even the hospital bracelet question could have been fishing for milk, especially since it was just discussed here people making bracelet shadow boxes and crap

No. 481944

If you go into hospital on a Monday and get to leave the following weds, most people would say they were in hospital 9 days (Monday to Monday= a week which is 7 days, plus tues/weds, 7+2=9)
But not Jaquie. She counts her hospital stay the way cruise lines and resorts count the days in their vacation packages. Always has to be so extra

No. 481984

File: 1516988631101.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4084.PNG)

She looked so normal before meeting Jaquie

No. 481986

Wow. And now she's rarely clean and basically makes zero effort with herself. I know we have all talked about this before but the transformation of both Jaquie and JanJan is shocking. Paul and Judd both had cute, normal girls to start with and now… yikes.

No. 481988

File: 1516989165028.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4085.PNG)

She was a pastry chef, right? Seems life a great job for someone with food issues. She was pretty thin until she got married in October 2015.

No. 481990

Holy shit I had to triple look, that doesn't even look like the same person kek

No. 481991

Wow. I don't think I would've recognized her if I hadn't known it was her.

No. 481994

Top kek she must have been some pastry chef, check out that hashtag
Cream burlee?!!!!?

No. 481997

Paul's chunked up a lot since then too.

No. 482002

So we agree on that, kek.

But basically, when they got married she had a job, took better care of herself and now she is at home all day and pretty much watching netflix and lying in bed? That's just sad. Jaquie at least has her studies, although I doubt if she will ever seriously go through with that and find work. It seems almost more like she just uses it to look even more like a brave warrior who may need 15 years or more to finish yet bravely goes on despite all of her very serious health issues. But Janiece doesn't seem to have any goals in life. Maybe getting her student loans forgiven, but that seems to be the extent of it.

I wonder what happened. Her ear issues she has had since she was a kid, but as I understand it her POTS and narcolepsy were only diagnosed in recent years. Both are issues that can seriously suck, but are also quite managable for the vast majority of patients. Most people would be able to hold a fulltime job, but she doesn't even work parttime. Nor does she seem to want a job. She doesn't volunteer, she doesn't help her husband out in the family business, she does nothing. I get that if you're having health issues you are not always in a position to find a job that fits your needs, but Janiece isn't even trying. She's not trying to work towards getting better like doing physio for her POTS or trying to find a job she can do sitting down or even just doing some sort of course or schooling from home or in the evening so she has more options in looking for jobs. Nothing, nada. She has just given up on doing anything productive, it seems. She basically dedictated her life to being a spoonie and collect more diagnoses.

When her shit problems started she was talking all the time about "that's what chronic illness is like" and it would annoy me SO much because she had no reason at all to assume her problems would be chronic. She had a tummy ache for a week and she already decided she had another chronic illness. That became a self-fulfilling prophecy and even after her surgery and all sorts of tests she still is in bed most of the time. Unless of course she has something fun to do, because then all of a sudden she can be up and around all day.

(Sorry for thinking out loud - I no I'm not really contributing. I just can't get over how she has changed and in so little time.)

No. 482018

Holy shit! Those photos of Jan are shocking, I wouldn’t recognize her. I know this is off topic but it just came to mind. Anyone notice how Jaquie calls her anaphylaxis “angiodema”. But she uses the word angiodema like it’s a separate diagnosis or something. I remember back when she found this out. She got all excited and was like guys I know what this is I have something called (drumroll) ANGIODEMA. And made such a huge deal basically claiming it’s all rare and shit. I just have to laugh because is she.. and all her followers aware that angiodema is just the fancy scientific medical word for swelling? It means nothing. It’s not a diagnosis or anything. Sorry but, I just felt I’d further point out her BS.

No. 482022

File: 1516991715709.png (64.31 KB, 635x659, IMG_4162.PNG)

Huh. Apparently chewys also sells the type of socks Jaquie looooooves.

No. 482023


how many days is she claiming?

No. 482025

File: 1516991867850.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4087.PNG)

A helicopter ride is a weird gift for someone with ear issues (vestibular I'm assuming?) since she was a kid.

No. 482027

The vlogs don't magically appear from nowhere. Sorry but someone claiming to be so sick they can't work but they can put out a daily vlog is full of shit.

No. 482031

She says 10. I mean technically if you pull out a calendar or say the days aloud and count on your fingers like a toddler you get 10. She's including the day she got discharged, apparently early enough in the day she went home, got settled, slept 6 hours straight, woke up and still had time in the day to vlog and shove crap in her pie hole.

No. 482033

Everyone here agrees that they are full of shit.

For non contribution posts like yours, type "sage" in the email field or just read the rules.

No. 482036

It seems to be a recurring theme here that everyone thinks they're full of shit but it frequently comes up how they lay around all day like lazy cows. It seemed kinda an important part of discussing their munchieness that they are NOT in fact lazy cows. Daily vlogging and social media stuff is a full time job. Didn't sage because I mistakenly thought it was a pretty significant thing to point out. My bad, won't happen again.

No. 482037

holy cow (literally) jan was gorgeous before jaquie got her poorly manicured talons in her. if i didn't know janjan was full of shit too i would've started in with #freejanjan after seeing those old pics… saged for non contributing and just basically posting because i'm in shock here

No. 482045

Sorry, I wasn't quite sure what you were saying and thought it was worth letting people know how to sage.

You're absolutely right, they're totally capable of working part time at the very least.

No. 482049

If I recall, in one of Jaq's old videos with Jan, she mentions that "not everybody wants to disclose why they have a service dog" in reference to Jan. I think, knowing her past, it's likely that Orion was first selected as a PTSD service dog or similar. It seems unlikely that in that vlog, Jan who loves to talk about her BMs, wouldn't disclose why she needs a service dog. As the Jan/Jaq friendship wore on, I think Jaq probably influenced Jan to ignore mental illnesses and focus on physical illness.

No. 482050

File: 1516993890764.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5606.PNG)

Look how nasty they both are here. Jaquie is somewhat excused because, surgery but there is zero excuse for Janiece

No. 482051

Whatever happened to Jan’s custom wheelchair? Haven’t heard about her going through that process kek

No. 482052


I agree, something definitely changed her tune from being super private to talking shit all day.

No. 482053

I don't understand how Jaquie can say she can't tolerate a 1 or 2 ml increase in her feeds because it causes discomfort and bloating but she can tolerate quickly pushing a syringe of ice water into the same spot??

No. 482060

Because she is Adjustable Jaquie.

No. 482062

Jan chooses to spend the bulk of her day, 7 days a week, making videos for YouTube and cross promoting them on instagram and god knows where else. She chooses to do that in lieu of pursuing a part time job. Choosing is a far cry from not being able to because you're sooper sick

No. 482063

I think what janjan means to say when she says she's too sick to work is that she doesn't have the time for a job because it interferes with her friends and trips and other hobbies (YT)

No. 482066

Wouldn't that count as being self-employed in terms of that student loan forgiveness she wanted?

No. 482069


I've always wondered what Orion is for, since she had him before she really started playing up the chronic illness stuff (except her hyperacuisis), and we never see him doing any disability mitigating tasks.

No. 482072

Watch that video again and notice her wording. There is no loan that will ever be forgiven BEFORE you submit the paperwork and doctor forms. She is saying her loans were forgiven because she prob talked to someone in the loan dept and said she was sooo sick and couldnt work. They told her about the loan forgiveness option and Janjan jumped to the conclusion it was just that simple and her loans were, how did she say it, poof gone! Unless Florida is the exception to the rule, ain't NO lender gonna forgive your $30,000 pastry school debt if you just call and tell them you're chronically ill.

No. 482074


oh man she's so dumb

No. 482075

To answer your question yes, ANY income is taken into account when deciding to discharge or not. Also assuming her loan is federal (because no way would a private loan ever be discharged) there's a mandatory 2 year monitoring period after the loans are gone. She would have to also not have any income (or beyond a certain threshold) FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS or they can reinstate the loan. But none of that matters because she is sadly and hilariously mistaken about them being discharged.

No. 482086


wow, her and Paul look so much better and they're doing normal adult things (not going to Disney all the time) and eating adult food (not Dole Whips). I guess after they got married they both just stopped caring.

No. 482087

Shit it’s horrible to see the train wrecks these two have turned into. They were both relatively good looking girls with things going for them, until jaquie drug them down into the hole of munchie with janjan happily following along. I don’t feel bad for them at all, because they’ve both proven themselves to be terrible people even though they’re obviously mentally ill, but it’s a super sad situation. And it’s even sadder that they willingly threw those lives away to get attention and asspats, and the ability to be lazy and irresponsible and have it be okay.

No. 482088


Will Paul's income be considered too? They seem to have a decent lifestyle.

No. 482090

Since they are married, one would think so.

No. 482094

Janiece will never get better if she does actually have something wrong unless she sees a psychologist to help her address why she wants so badly to be sick. She's already been given simple fixes (PT for her anal issues, diet changes etc) and now in her vlog about the doctor results she said the NP told her to drink more water and Gatorade. Her response is to eye roll and say she's not a big fan of Gatorade because it was involved in all her preps for her million anal tests and colonoscopies she's had. So, bitching about being so weak and dehydrated and having such bad diarrhea but nah, it's not bad enough to force myself to drink that nasty Gatorade because bad memories y'all. FFS GTFO

No. 482098

She could pick other things with electrolytes, like coconut water. But you are right. She doesn't want to get better. She wants asspats and excuses so that she doesn't have to do anything she doens't absolutely want to do.

No. 482105

File: 1516997695095.png (121.5 KB, 640x989, IMG_4163.PNG)

Kek love the user name, AJ HR.

No. 482109

Tres leches= three milks (maybe coincidence) and I've seen comments from names like I Love Cows and now AJ's HR.

No. 482118

Welcome anon! I think your suspicions of Jaq lurking are probably spot on. She is full of herself and prop googles her name on the regular and would have pretty easily found this site. What's interesting about that though is that I have seen janiece jump down people's throats and rip them a new one for daring to comment (on old old vlogs of jaquies) anything remotely negative or even innocently pointing out an inconsistency. So if Jaq lurks here she sure was embarrassed about what's said here and didn't mention it to Jan, her bff. I don't see Jan as having the self control to read here and NOT say something. I remember thinking when I read what she wrote in the comments to Jaqs fans that it probably pissed jaquie off because it was pretty rude and aggressive how janiece responded. Maybe that's when they had a little bff discussion about how involved they would be in each other's vlogs sharing info about each other, etc.

No. 482125

I must have missed this, when did she put dilaudid in her port instead of her feeding tube??

No. 482126

That was a joke, anon.

No. 482133

Are you an idiot or a newfag? Julian has posted here before. I believe he even said he reads here every day. So you really think if he's a munchie he would come here to read about his friend and also announce he's here to draw more attention to himself? GTFO. Did it ever occur to you he comes here because he has suspicions and is searching for more answers? Someone asked him when he was posting here if he thinks she's full of it and he answered something like he has no reason to think she's lying and he gives people the benefit of the doubt. This was MONTHS ago and now some anons are saying Jaq and Julian aren't friends anymore. Maybe just MAYBE he read enough here and put the pieces together. And now you've gone and accused him of being a munchie so why would he come back and talk to us more? N

No. 482135

Ahh thanks for clarifying! Kek thought I somehow missed the good milk

No. 482136

I would bet idiot, personally.

No. 482140

Question for medfags–Isn't the reason she says she stays accessed 24/7 in case of her speshul anaphylaxis and she needs Benadryl, or is nauseated or wants to eat junk food hence needs to push IV zofran? Are these 2 meds something that she could put through her feeding tube and have be just as effective (since it bypasses her stomach)? Wondering if she stays accessed because it 1) makes her port more noticeable thus more asspats and 2) pushes these meds through her port instead of her tube because they give her a rush that way

No. 482148

Looks like janjan deletes stuff more than even Jaquie does. The day her vlog about student loans being forgiven was uploaded there were tons of her sheeple thanking her for the info and saying they were gonna do it too. Not trolls but her real fans. But a few people replied to those legit comments and asked her about the whole not having sent in the paperwork yet and cautioned her about giving false hope to other spoonies. Not only are those comments gone but she deleted almost every other comment ANYONE made referencing student loans at all. Haha ooooops

No. 482152


Yes to all of this. Zofran comes in an ODT form that can be dissolved under the tongue where there's a rich blood supply, even.

No. 482153


She didn't. This is something that would be potentially deadly and even dear JaqJaq wouldn't be dumb enough to do. I hope.

No. 482159

File: 1517002756074.jpeg (606.35 KB, 1242x1889, BC540B0B-6D34-42B5-A050-1DD01F…)

Jaqs skinwalker was literally just DYING a couple weeks ago, having a heart attack, and so super malnourished, but now can suddenly return to work???? Something isn’t adding up honey. And it’s pretty insane she has the decency to post it so blatantly.

No. 482164

HOW is she getting doctors that prescribe her IV shit then if she can take other forms that do the same things but have less risk of a line infection? Is she giving out sexual favors to her doctors in exchange for some of this, true addict style? Kek I wondered if when she was in the hospital with her boobs flopped to the sides and nipples poking through her shirt if that was purposeful and some of her extra speshul patrons gave her a little extra somethin somethin to fulfill their fetishes low key in her vlogs

No. 482169

Not only that but if you look at her IG, she was curled on the floor in the fetal position on January 16th and then starting on the 19th she has been at Disney or the beach literally every single day for a week. Cray.

No. 482174


My comment was entirely sardonic. However, dilaudid is highly addictive. Its rush is superior to that of heroin and its high lasts a short time; both qualities contribute to rapidly escalating tolerance, use, and switching to a ROA that has a greater bioavailability.

Sage for former dilaudid addict after having it too liberally prescribed for cancer.

No. 482176

Wow anon, props to you for successfully kicking the habit and hopefully cancers ass too!

No. 482180


I think she keeps her port accessed so she can keep dangling those tubes out the front of her V neck shirts, so no one ever dare forget how sick she is.

Also, on the V necks, using her SPD as a reason why she needs to wear those and only those is such bullshit, as evidenced by the crewneck shirts she was wearing in the hospital - when she was getting enough attention due to surgery. Or does Dilaudid magically sure SPD too?

No. 482183

Everything is Adjustable for Jaquie. Silly anon…

No. 482191


when did she get a wheelchair?

No. 482204

File: 1517006561219.png (42.37 KB, 638x650, IMG_4166.PNG)

Was Jaqs going home from the hospital vlog sponsored by Dr Pepper or something? No exaggeration, the last minute or so of the vlog when Judds holding the camera (so Jaq has 2 hands free to shove an Oreo bar in her mouth) went like this:
Judd "I just got a Dr Pepper, I'll turn the label" as he turns to face label to camera. Jaq talks over him to say how much she loves her some ice cream.
Judd "I loooove Dr Pepper. insert friends name here, she loves Dr Pepper"
Jaq giggles and says her friend insert friends name here and Judd bonded over soda
Judd "everybody loves Dr Pepper. It's Dr Pepper. I like Mr Pibb too but Dr Pepper is my favorite. It's my go-to. Anywaaaaaay <lackluster unenthusiastic> thanks for joining us on our adventure."
Kek then he blocks ugly cow face from being in the shot. Judd for the win!

No. 482207


If I was married to Jaq I'd be sippin' on something a lot stronger than Dr. Pepper.

No. 482208

File: 1517006707633.png (45.97 KB, 640x603, IMG_4167.PNG)

No. 482210

Either that bed is fucking huge or they've split it into two parts.
Poor Judd definitely won't be getting any for as long as AJ milks this surgery will he!

No. 482211

Kek I was thinking maybe Judd took a little of her sweet liquid pain meds. Wtf was up with the name dropping of the friend randomly? I mean, they must have really bonded over that Dr Pepper?

No. 482215


It's the fancy bed they financed. Probably a king with two twins that independently recline/elevate. Expensive ass bed or not, Judd has probably been on a dry spell long before it came about.


No. 482218


when she decided she wanted one like her idol Jaquie

No. 482221

Yeah I was stupid enough to watch that one. Bit if you look at the distance between them it's like another persons worth, makes it look like either they separated the two halves or they both sleep on the edges as far away from each other as possible.
Oh I'm not even sure they will have consumated the marriage to be perfectly honest. Little miss prissy probably has a permenant "headache"

No. 482224

File: 1517008139204.png (46.31 KB, 640x911, IMG_4168.PNG)

Judd and Paul both looked SO over it in their last vlogs. At around 4:05 Judd was opening a juice or sweet tea for Jaq and she was praising him for figuring out she could use a step stool to get up on the sooper high bed. He actually rolled his eyes at her, handed her the drink, then she thanked him and he legit looks so stonefaced and he pretty much ignores her except for a yuppp when she asks if he's going to get food. It was a cringe-worthy encounter. I attached a pic of the look of a man who is thrilled his wife is home from hospital
Paul was just staring off into space while he was driving, probably thinking about the medical shit show his life is about to become. Poor Judd didn't get to watch the munchie slide before he had to live it.

No. 482229

It was definitely weird especially since he said her first and last name and she ha never been in the vlogs before. Hope she doesn't mind being associated with this shit show.

No. 482230


I'm wondering if he wasn't a little drunk… is he allowed to crack a beer in the evenings?

No. 482252

saged and i will make this short but as a florida and loan discharged anon i can tell you for a fact it's a process that takes months and requires the dr who diagnosed the permanently disabling condition to also fill out a form.

No. 482259

Legally, they are both self-employed unless the accounts are exclusively in the boys' names. But, then, if they get any type of benefit because they are not employed and unable to work (disability benefits, insurance, school loan forgiveness) they could be considered to be committing fraud.

No. 482262

Hope not, he drove to pick up dinner right after this

No. 482264

I can't see how if her doctor isn't sooper sketchy and willing to commit fraud he/she would ever fill out any form stating she's permanent and totally disabled. Granted she may have other conditions she doesn't talk about, but none of them apparently prevent her from doing all the shit she shows in her vlogs, let alone what she does and doesn't film. Loan discharge is for legit disabled people that have no possibility of future employment. Janjan has NO idea at this point if she can work again. She's too busy for a job kek

No. 482265

Says the moron who doesn’t know to sage their own non-contributing post. Maybe read and follow the rules yourself before calling names??

No. 482268

File: 1517013124503.png (151.89 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4165.PNG)

Re: janjans wishful thinking loan discharge
For the 3 year monitoring period she can't earn income over the poverty limit for a family of 2. Not sure how her being married to Paul would factor in. And she can never get student loans again if she does this, unless she gets medical clearance stating her disabling conditions are no longer disabling, and no matter what happens to her health wise she can't get any future student loans discharged. And the loan amount can in some cases be reported to IRS and considered taxable income. Oh, and the loans stay on your credit until the 3-year monitoring is up. Because until that point they're not technically discharged since any number of actions by you could get them immediately reinstated. I don't see janjan being that commited to the whole chronic illness thing that long term.

No. 482274

I did read the rules. In case you're a newfag, I didn't sage because it contributed something new and was relevant to the topic discussed here, Jaq and Co. Pointing out for all those new around here that Julian has frequented these boards and talked about our cow, that's pretty fucking relevant.

No. 482279

File: 1517014179181.jpg (496.43 KB, 1080x2220, Point Blur_Jan262018_194817.jp…)

Not really sure how this one got through her obsessive deleting…

No. 482281

Kek anon! Wonder if the mental picture made her cataplexy-faint?

No. 482285

YT has filters you can set and automatically block comments that contain certain words. I've always suspected that's one of the ways Jaq keeps a handle on the growing mountain of negative and trolling comments. Well besides letting her most loyal followers help patrol the comment section. Maybe it's a patreon level perk! Can you imagine how many words must be on Jaqs no-no list if she uses that YT tool? Kek for her toolbox! And now she'll have to add tranny to the list after she googles it to see what it even means

No. 482392


My entire year has been made. Top kek, anon.

No. 482414

File: 1517026447256.jpeg (385.98 KB, 1536x2048, 3C28E716-EF2F-454E-B4CA-F8E823…)

Definitely not even close to this comment, but there were a couple more gems in there

No. 482415

File: 1517026473923.jpeg (404.81 KB, 1536x2048, 780BD3CA-6DFB-485A-AA26-D8529B…)

No. 482421

Anon did you mean to circle the comment below the one you circled?

No. 482425

Kek no, but that one is even better! She’s def not reading her comments. People giving her advice, saying all sorts of weird shit, telling her totally ot personal things, etc. Much better than usual!

No. 482427

Wait, which one? I just noticed they’re both pretty great kek

No. 482430


Why does she need Sadie at work? Serious question– what does Sadie do for her that she can't be without during work hours?

Also, she can walk, so why can't she get a normal desk with normal chair at work and she'd only have to manage to walk from her car to her desk? I understand she may need to get up occasionally during the day to use the bathroom and such, but again, she can walk, so that should be fine.

No. 482438

File: 1517029931438.png (71.96 KB, 640x432, IMG_4171.PNG)

This. Jaquies reasoning for doing open vs lap was that the surgeon wanted more room to work. Well that's why they pump your torso full of gas when they do a lap procedure. She claims to have sooper speshul anatomy but FFS they do this procedure laparoscopically on LITTLE KIDS all the time. And why do little kids usually have cute little pot bellies? Because their organs are more grown up sized than their child sized body so everything is just crammed in there. Yet they can still do lap RNYs. Wonder of wonders

No. 482450

No way they would do an open surgery on someone they knew had eds when there’s another, less invasive procedure for the same kind of surgery. Sounds like they know the eds is bullshit, and also that maybe her surgeon isn’t very good.

No. 482454

When Jaq and Janjan were having their hospital play date turned allergic reaction, janiece was scolding Jaq when she started itching her skin and saying she was making a bunch of breaks in the skin. If she's really scratching so much she's breaking the skin, wouldn't there be visible red/raw marks left on her even after the supposed rash is gone due to her EDS? Not to mention being immunocomprised in the hospital and breaking your skin and then continuing to rub it with your dirty grubby nails, knowing you recently had MRSA AND the person snuggled in bed with you has also tested positive for MRSA.

No. 482457

Most people with mcas have to be careful, because any scratching gets super red and raised, and it can even cause hives or a rash or another reaction. It can even look the same as dermatographia.

No. 482458

And with EDS, tearing open your own skin is super easy and only takes a little bit of scratching.

No. 482462

File: 1517032365249.png (173.28 KB, 640x1091, IMG_4172.PNG)

Wonder if her fancy new surgical wing of the hospital sprang for da Vinci robots during the remodel? Jaquie's sooper speshul problems and complications are exactly why they came up with the robot. And same goes for robot procedures as regular ol lap– if they have unexpected things happen they remove all the cameras and probes and open you up but open is generally the choice of last resort. Medfagging, source is bf who's been surgical tech for 30+ years

No. 482463

Yeah so if she's tearing her skin open scratching, it wouldn't magically be healed back up an hour later right? As soon as she gets her Benadryl ALL the redness is gone, including where she claims to have scratched raw

No. 482464

Kek Jaq musta missed this memo but pretty much anyone, EDS or not, can scratch the same spot on their arm repeatedly and cause it to look red and 'rashy'. She has zero other symptoms of anaphylaxis or angioedema. Jaq musta missed the memo too on what "edema" means. Never seen any part of her swell in her "angioedema" attacks.

No. 482506


Silly anon! Didn't you know? Everybody's different! What works for you, won't always work for adjustable Jaquie. She can do everything right, but chronic illness doesn't always play fair. Therefore, any inconsistencies can be explained away, because AJ is a beautiful, special, sick snowflake.

No. 482558

A surgeon taking in account her EDS would not only have chosen lap over open surgery, but they wouldn't choose a technique that includes an intestinal anastomosis (sewing two parts of intestine together) as these can leak. They can leak more easily in EDS and when that happens it's a potentially life-threatening complication.

Taking into account her EDS (we know she doesn't have it, but she wants everyone to believe she does and that would include her doctors) and if we assume - for the sake of argument - that she really needs a tube, a doctor would first want to find out why her tube kinked. A G-stoma is less invasive than a J-stoma and has less complications, plus she already had a G-stoma in place. They could try different kinds of tubes like a trans-J that would eliminate her stomach access but still enable her to do J-feeds. They could try different kinds of tubes. They could even give her a nasal tube while they tried to pinpoint the problem. But it seems like they didn't really try to find out why the kinks occured (I really don't buy her "it's my weird anatomy and because I'm tiny" argument) but just went ahead with a second tube. And IF she really needed a straight J-tube, almost ANY other technique is less invasive than the one they did. They literally chose the most invasive type of J-tube surgery with the highest complication rate. Yes, some other techniques are only suitable for smaller (as in: thinner) tubes so they could kink or clog more easily, but those are minor complications compared to the more major the RNY technique is associated with. If she really did her research, she would know this. And I'm not even talking about the fact that she doesn't NEED a tube. She has somehow surrounded herself with doctors who will go for the most invasive treatment choice (saline infusions for POTS, a port vs picc lines or other central lines, placing a GJ-tube before a nasal tube or even a dietician referral, IV meds instead of oral or oromucosal, IVIG, Ketamine, sedation for simple joint injections, the joint injections themselves, a wheelchair vs rehab or even normal physio, a custom chair instead of a normal folding wheelchair for incidental use, all sorts of braces, and now the RNY jejunostomy) every. single. time. Combine that with her claim of immunodysfunction, EDS, POTS, MCAS and whatever I'm forgetting now that can influence the complication risk of sedation, surgery and other treatments (and inactivity due to wheelchair use!) and it seems like all of her doctors are just really stupid.

And to be real: it's very possible that they are. But that's not because there are so many bad doctors out there, that's because our princess somehow finds them. She probably asks other spoonies which doctors are inclined to do certain treatments, just like she did with her saline infusions. Remember how she doctor shopped for months until she found one who would prescribe them to her? And then he dumped her ass because he wasn't comfortable with it and she had to find another one? Both of these doctors she went to because other patients had recommended them as being "infusion literate".

No. 482561

File: 1517053494028.jpg (15.05 KB, 699x171, CBRfRFF.jpg)

Comment form her most recent video. She said she didn't need the 'liquid narcotic', right?

I must say that I haven't noticed it myself, but it's hard to tell because she alternates her contacts with glasses.

That Tranny-comment about Judd is still there, though. So she definitely hasn't had time to patrol the comment section yet.

No. 482566

OMG Janjan on full munchie. Back to ER. Potassium low apparently. Purging, much?!

No. 482567

You forgot the video.

I haven't seen it yet, but my guess is she waited for her brother to show up to go to the ER. He was the sensitive and worried one, wasn't he?

No. 482569


Oops, sorry my bad.

Part watching it. She’s watching Frozen and has her husband sleeping with her cause basically,she’s a massive baby.

No. 482570

Janiece has 2 colonoscopies. Both normal. Pill cam showed maybe Crohn’s in small intenstine. None of this explains why she’s has (according to her!) such bad diarrhoea and why she can’t eat or drink.

No. 482571

Looks like JanJan is back in the hospital - admitted.

This is all basically because she doesn’t take care of herself and is abusing enemas and laxatives. Still watching but I am already disgusted because after her CT scan for possible stroke, those symptoms magically got better.

These are all symptoms of low K+… which is explained by her diarrhea and her use of inhalers, as even just a few puffs can lower your potassium. It gets lower and lower unless you work to replace it - which we know she won’t do because she knows it will make her symptoms go away, which will garner her less attention and is her ticket back home.

She is doing to herself by using laxatives and enemas — it’s called electrolyte imbalance. The neurological symptoms are from her lack of self care and/or intentional use of things that will exacerbate symptoms.

Shocker, anons… every fucking expensive AF scan, MRI and test is NORMAL AF.

Plan is to control her diarrhea and replenish her electrolytes to get rid of her.

Those claw hands were so fucking fake - I’m still laughing at how fucking retarded she looks.

No. 482573


I watched and I’m sad because that’s 12 minutes of my life that I am not getting back.

Basically, she’s back in the hospital for having the shits….again! 2 normal colonoscopies and pill cam also showed a normal colon. What a waste.

No. 482574

Soooo… who edited the vlog?

No. 482575

I was trying to determine if I could see wether the hand issue was fake, but I couldn't decide. Plus she would have to know she was hypokalemic first to fake those symptoms, right? I'm not sure. They could be real.

Her stroke symptoms though magically disappeared as soon as they started testing her. Just like her very serious heart issue went away by itself last time she had a very serious health crisis and had to be rushed to hospital. Both times there was another seemingly unrelated symptom that landed her in hospital, and both times they ended up focusing on her GI problems. Hm.. are we seeing a pattern here?

No. 482576

I keep hoping that since Jan is so much dumber than Jaq, and so much less suave with her manipulation than Jaq, that doctors will see right through her and call out her munchie bs.

No. 482581


Oh I suspect there was some element of truth because she’s been purposefully restricting fluids and food, so it’s not a surprise her electrolytes are off. I doubt it has anything to do with her sooper serious poop problem.

No. 482587

I agree she must be vomiting as well to have really severe hypokalemia. I'm just not sure if she would be able to fake a symptom before diagnosis. Unless of course she is actively purging and knows what that can lead to.

Although.. I just remembered they said her ECG was normal. So how severe can hypokalemia be with a normal ECG? Any med/nursefags who know this?

No. 482591

I wonder if this will lead her doctors to look into eating disorders. Unless they blindly believe that a patient with normal testing has such severe diarrhea as to cause this, I'd say an admission for hypokalemia would be pretty darn good reason for a psych consult. I guess they would be able to monitor just how often she goes to the bathroom to determine if her diarrhea is really that bad.

No. 482597


In my experience of seeing many bulimic faces, I think she has one. I could be wrong. She mentioned prednisone but she’s not been on a long term, high dose to cause the classic moon face. Also, she’s chubby/swollen around her glands which is typical of a purger.

No. 482601

I don't have any experience with bulimia face but the pictures other anons posted further upthread from a couple of years ago, her face definitely was not puffy. Had she gained fifty pounds or something there would be an easy explanation but her weight seems to have remained fairly stable. Doesn't prove purging but does show it's not her natural face.

No. 482613

File: 1517061652870.jpeg (468.46 KB, 714x714, 88A6C120-3C9A-49BF-8666-FBB734…)


Jan has the best teacher, so I’m not shocked if Jan is being fed tips on how to munch it up.

However, we all know Jan is a fucktard and will screw up somewhere soon to tip her doctors off that she’s just another ED bitch trying to hide it as “GI issues” and/or gastroparesis with symptoms brought on by purging, abusing her BFF Fleet Enema and his friend, laxatives. Plus, the use of the inhalers to help get that potassium a little lower. Who knows, maybe she’ll get lucky and get a toob, too! Twinning, y’all! Probably after being found it by her own doctors and hospitals though. Never fear, I’m sure Jaq will loan JanJan her little black book.

Both of these bitches need to quit wasting the hospitals’ resources, diagnostic equipment and physicians, and all of the nurses and other staff’s time.

Oh, and her potassium can’t be too low — they only gave her the liquid to drink and want her to eat some bananas. And as anon said, normal EKG. My guess is she was just low end of normal because Paul never said exactly how low. You know if it was critical, they would have made sure that we know JUST how critical she really is! I guess telling us she’s on the stroke floor probably gives Jan a little belly twinge. She’s just that sick with all of her chronic illnesses, gag. Although it would have been fun to see her writhe in pain if they would have been low enough to do IV potassium kek. That bitch would have felt real pain for the first time ever if she had to get it in a peripheral line… yeah, there’s lido but it would still be really painful for Princess JanJan.

Question: when did Jan get her official POTS diagnosis? It was just like one day it showed up in her hashtags unless I missed her announcing her doctor diagnosed her. Which is possible because her vlogs were really horrific to sit through at first… well they still are, but a little more tolerable to look for milk now.

No. 482618

Comedy would be JanJan catching c. Diff from cuddling with Jaq in the hospital bed - remember anon posted that her hospital had some pretty bad numbers for infection control kek

No. 482642

Now that I’m thinking more about the claw hands… everything I’ve read so far about people that have had critical potassium levels says that they feel the same symptoms in their feet. For many, the foot neuropathy-type discomfort is the first noticed symptoms. JanJan and Paul didn’t even hint there was any foot numbness. They also didn’t have pain in their hands… just numbness and tingling. Jan has said her hands are also hurting her. Very much pain.

Another hypokalemia symptom is chest discomfort because you know… it affects muscles… and isn’t the heart one of, if not, the largest muscle we humans have?

And I just read that if you have POTS, hypokalemia makes POTS symptoms worse - High BP and high heart rate. And now that I think about it, Jan nor Paul didn’t even mention those symptoms or that it was affecting her POTS. She seemed more interested in making sure her claws looked real and that she expressed how much pain they were causing. To me it’s just strange that neither mentioned POTS once.

And on that same note, does anyone know if JanJan is on any POTS meds like fludrocortisone aka Florinef? Apparently that specific medication for POTS causes potassium dumping. Now it’s bothering me and I may try to watch early episodes again to see if she alludes to how she was diagnosed, when and by which doctor. Which means I am going to have to watch her painful “All about my chronic illnesses” video that is sooo bad.

Maybe she saw how much fun dilaudid was for her bestie and her very unique case of hypokalemia (she said it, not me kek) causes severe pain, too.

Or did Jan get bitter seeing all of the attention Jaq was getting and wants the spotlight back onto herself. Oh well, this should at least be entertaining for the time being since our Queen is taking a break for some quality healing time and/ER trips for her mega dilaudid withdrawals.

These snarky bitches just get more pathetic as their web of lies just grows bigger and bigger and starts sucking more and more attention seeking girls in. Like SWF, Amy, and the likes… Jaq’s Patreon account is basically just private school for OTT malingering bitches and munchers to learn from the finest one around. The Patron Parties that anon described is just how I pictured it… Jaq’s Little Cult.

No. 482650

gonna be tough to get your eyebrows on fleek when your hands are stuck in the claw position.

No. 482651

The movie nightcrawler? With jake g? Would jaq even understand the concept of that movie or was she referring to something else with the same name? That movie seems a little too advanced for her jellycat loving Disney watching sugary cereal gorging self…

No. 482652

Top kek, anon. That was great.

No. 482653

Nightcrawler character in the X Men movies.

No. 482654


Top kek indeed as I spit my coffee laughing. So much win.

No. 482655

Medfag–If Janiece had critically low calcium & potassium, she would be on a monitored telemetry floor with continuous EKG monitoring. She would also have had EKG changes, such as a dampened or inverted T wave. My guess is she MIGHT have had some stiffness and/or a panic attack from the stiffness and saw how much attention she was getting, so is now extending/faking the claw hand symptoms. If the docs believed she had POTS, that's another reason to continuously monitor that doggone heartrate. They are checking her blood glucose hourly but she only has saline running in her IV, not a glucose IV. It was such an emergency but she was able to remember to pack her heating pad and her inhaler, which is right next to her breakfast tray. Apparently she has also paralysis of the lips, what with the ventriloquist speech.

There used to be a TV gameshow in the '70s called Can You Top This, where comedians took turns telling outrageous stories and an audience applause meter determined who had the best story. JanJan is in the game. Not saying she will win the crowd applause vote.

No. 482656

This is why Doctor Shopping is so dangerous. I think she has confused Doctor Shopping with Self-Advocacy. :/

No. 482657

Ding ding ding! I wondered why when she's so extra and the NP told her to go to ER and she was like nahhhh I'm okay! Just muh pots! But her sensitive bro coming totally explains it

No. 482662

File: 1517067149486.png (134.4 KB, 640x1026, IMG_4169.PNG)

Janjan needs a psych consult. I hope they included it in her extra speshul workup

No. 482664

Although in janjans defense, if I had to be friends with Jaquie because our husbands were besties, I'd prob develop a deep rooted fear of all these illnesses too. Silly Jan, Jaq isn't contagious! But she does infect the world like a cancer so there's that

No. 482667

I don't think se has hypochondria. Patients with hypochondria don't want to be sick, but are convinced they are. Though I it might be a factor (she seems obsessed with certain bodily functions that need not be named any more than they already are by Janiece herself) I think it's mainly factitious disorder. Probably with some eating disordered behavior as well. And maybe a malingering component, as there seem to be external incentives as well: not having to work, student loans forgiveness, Patreon/YT money. Hypochondriacs aren't gleeful over their symptoms and diagnoses, they are more - in more ways than one - worried sick.

No. 482670

It's interesting in Jan's new vlog when Paul was talking about why Jan wears the cotton ball in her ear and describing her sensitive ears he super randomly throws in a comment about how it's not from anxiety. Now, a lot of her issues COULD be from anxiety but the sensitive ears is one of her only problems that seems legit. And now Paul has gone and made me rethink even that.

No. 482680

There's a lot of people who believe that super sensitive hearing (like hyperacusis) is a product of anxiety. If you are around more noise than you can handle, you're going to be anxious af. Sometimes, it's so bad, that you can go into full meltdown mode over it. Maybe they're worried that people think it's an anxiety thing (and not truly a medical disorder) and that's why Paul mentioned it?

No. 482697

I think AJ's is a little of both. Clearly she more than delights in being sick and all the asspats that come with it, but it also seems as though every little ache, pain, twinge or unpleasant sensation she runs to the doctor for. Most of us would be like, oh well, that's different and then for the most part just move on with our lives. As we have discussed before, the more Jaquie insists she has no mental illness issues, the more apparent it becomes that she in fact, does. She seems to have the excessive worrying that comes with hypochondria and the barely concealable delight that comes with factitious disorder.

No. 482699

I also think he said that because it's quite hard to explain things like hyperacusis or just hypersensitivity to sounds (and things like misophonia or recruitment) because most people who do not have any kind of sensitivity to sounds find it very hard to understand how a simple sounds could drive someone mad.

I do however think that the sedation was OTT. Janiece has said in the past that with wearing the cotton ball in her ear she hears sounds the same in her affected ear as in her other ear. If that is really the case, her hyperacusis can't be very bad. Although with her mention of it hurting with certain frequencies together with her hearing loss, it could very well be that she does not have hyperacusis, but recruitment instead. (See http://www.hyperacusis.net/what-is-it/hyperacusis-or-recruitment/ if you're interested in an explanation of the difference between the two.)

And didn't Janiece say she needed HOURS to wake up after any kind of sedation and it was so bad for her because it makes her narcolepsy go out of control? She sure was sitting up soon after this one. Even if we take in account the fact that they likely did not use a very high dose (because she could still remember it being loud) imo.

Her POOR brother though! He comes over to visit his sister whom he hasn't seen in ages and gets dragged to the hospital on his first day with her. That's just mean. Now of course we don't have definite proof of her faking this specific problem. But if you take it together with her last admission which also started with another seemingly unrelated problem that disappeared as soon as they got there (and was basically a front to see her GI and force him to give her more attention) and the fact that she was told yesterday to go the the ER but refused, I'm pretty confident to say it was a set plan. She may also have some real issues going on, but the timing is all her doing. And remember how last time she went to the hospital after her GI didn't see a need to see her faster? She was pissed this week because she couldn't see her GI and had to see the nurse. Although she seemed quite happy with that nurse at first, I think she's still pissed that he didn't think it necessairy for him to be there during her appointment and she is basically forcing his hand - again - to see her faster. AGAIN with a seemingly unrelated problem and AGAIN just after her GI refused to see her. And AGAIN she has them focus on her GI problems (because of the hypokalemia) after she went in with another problem (probable stroke) alltogether. HOW do they not see this?

One thing though: that hospital isn't build right if they have their mail tubes for lab work just over a patient room. That shit would drive most people crazy. So she does have one valid complaint at last, kek.

No. 482777

Saged for medfagging. Agreed with anon. if electrolytes are abnormal enough to cause continuous tetany (muscle spams) of the hands, feet or face, she'd have other issues going on and need more monitoring. Further more, it's not continuous for heavens sake once the electrolytes are replaced. That's got to be tiring to feign for greater than 24 hrs, and the staff will catch on to her when it's gone when she drifts off to sleep or forgets to pay attention to it, or they do a drop test and either drop something above her face and make her catch it, and miraculously her paralyzed hand can work!

No. 482810

I just realized, AJ has decided she needs a break from youtube now that she’s home from hospital, and it happens to be Gasparilla weekend here (it’s basically Tampa Mardi Gras with pirates).

I mean I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that she just now needs her internet break when she was a vlogging machine in the hospital, and she definitely isn’t using this time to go to a major event in her Barbie car with her service dog to try and get public asspats. Especially not with the parade being huge and media covered and the area having a lot of service dog discourse in the news. She definitely wouldn’t think of doing that. Just some speculation.

No. 482814

There is zero chance she would do that without vlogging it though.

No. 482820


She is on Symbicort now instead of Dulera. Both are combination inhalers containing a corticosteroid plus the bronchodilator formoterol fumarate dihydrate. Both come in varying strengths.

The second inhaler is ProAir (albuterol sulfate).

She should not be in possession of her own meds. They are supposed to be held by the pharmacy and administered and recorded by nurses.

No. 482822

ProAir causes crazy tachycardia in a lot of people, what do you want to bet janjan’s trying to claim pots and a bizarre form of GP that doesn’t look anything like GP? It’s pretty interesting that as soon as jaquie’s out of the hospital, janeice is in it. The student becomes the master….

No. 482825

Based on Jan claiming that Jaq bullied her into coming to the hospital even though she wasn't feeling well, I can imagine we might see Jaq visiting Jan and then it'll really be a shitshow.

Also, Jan claims that when Jaq was admitted, Jaq's pulmonary specialist checked her out since she happened to be in the room and coughing. Is that even a thing? Is that ethical?

Paul asked Jan's brother "how [he] thinks of the hospital care" which seems like a very strange question. Jan's brother seems uninterested in the vlogging business.

No. 482835

symbicort is no big deal, and can help with air hunger. It's been shown to boost PFT's in patients without asthma, but present like asthma. Hope she's rinsing her mouth after using it, or her teeth will be messed up.
I was wondering about that too. Was anyone watching her hands super closely to see if the "claw" changed from clip to clip? I thought I saw the right hand change but I'm not sure

No. 482839


Rinsing after using a corticosteroid inhaler is to reduce the risk of thrush and throat irritation.

No. 482840

I've had claw hands and feet many many times. They like looked legit to me (I didn't watch very much) but like she was trying to exaggerate or something. If you try to move your hands out of the position it will get worse.

No. 482899

As a pastry fag and knowing she went to pastry school, all I can think of is that she is holding her hands remarkably similar to the hand position you're taught to use to shape dinner rolls. Something about the way the thumb pushes against the side of the index finger makes one able to cup the hand (like she's doing) for MUCH longer without getting a cramp.

No. 482905

Regarding Janjan’s admission for hypokalemia, her potassium is absolutely not low enough for admission if they’re having her drink the liquid form of potassium, so I’m unsure why she’s there at all. Possibly the tetany? But you could fake that, right? Low K usually presents with leg/foot pain and spasms as well.
(Blogfag) I’ve been admitted twice for hypokalemia unrelated to an ED and was on continuous IV potassium-which I so desperately wish on both girls and was hooked up to telemetry.

No. 482922

What happened to janjan checking her 4 new meds she got yesterday to make sure her POTS doctor okayed her to start them and that they would be safe for her? Now less than a day later she's in the hospital, new meds in easy reach on her tray table.

No. 482927

Why does JanJan talk with her teeth/ mouth closed. It drives me nuts and it is hard to understand her mumbling at times. These two make me so angry for hogging the ER with their complaints.

No. 482933

File: 1517086653125.png (83.7 KB, 640x1086, IMG_4177.PNG)

These few seconds caught my eye

No. 482935

Fuck that's a terrible screen shot. She's holding a piece of paper in her hand but it's hard to see because of the hospital bed.

No. 482954

Is she even hooked up to fluids in the clips from the second day? Because it looks like she still has the cannula in, but it's not connected to anything. I don't see any IV bags as well. Did I miss it? Because if she's not hooked up, that would pretty much proof she isn't dehydrated as she states. If she really has anything 'going right through her' and has horrible diarrhea every time she eats or drinks something, they would hook her up to fluids.

No. 482967

Doesn't look like they're monitoring her heart or blood pressure anymore either. Yeah the hospital must be real worried about her kek

No. 482974

what is with janice losing all function of her mouth anytime she gets sick?? she sits there mumbling like a fool even tho these illnesses aren't even related to her mouth!! good lord if i was her bf that would drive me crazy!!

No. 482979

Jaquie does the same thing with her sick face. She barely moves her mouth too. Not as bad as JanJan.

No. 482989

For needing to go to PT to strengthen her pooping muscles she has remarkable diarrhea control in being able to keep it confined to the bathroom. She's already overshared that she shit her pants a few weeks back. Hard to imagine with weak anal control and such bad diarrhea that even a few bites of food makes her almost immediately have to let out the worst diarrhea ever yet she can get to the bathroom okay and looks remarkably relaxed and comfortable.
As other anons pointed out, who's editing the vlog? Claw hands? And who's wiping her poopy butt every time she shits? And how did she wake up so fast from the sedation after the MRI when she has said in the past it takes her hours and hours? Props though, she finally got mommy to brush widdle sickies hair in the hospital instead of just trying to pray the sick away. God, her poor brother.

No. 483033

File: 1517089522367.png (106.14 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4179.PNG)

Kek her patreon has at least 3 different levels where you get a Skype session with her (top level you get 2) but every level also says "and all previous rewards!" So does that mean for $60 a month you get to Skype her FOUR times a month plus all the weekly emails and personalized raw diet crap? Her shit makes NO sense.

No. 483044

Kek they both have to grit their teeth and clench their jaws to keep from grinning from ear to ear from all the glorious ass pats and attention they get

No. 483100

She might've held them there past when they were actually stuck for the video op, that wouldn't surprise me, but it probably did actually happen.

I've never been to pastry school but I've decorated cakes a lot with pastry bags so I know what you mean. The thing is the "claw hand" thing DOES draw your thumb towards your palm or index finger. The more you try to open it the more it will go back. It happens frequently to me and my blood work has never even shown low potassium nor do I have an ED.

I suspect Jan has an ED which is why i dug up old pictures of her and I think they support that. Purging would obviously fuck up her electrolytes very quickly especially since she's probably purging out both ends.

Unless she was throwing up or shitting uncontrollably every single liquid she should've treated it at home. I think she caused this herself and got scared when her hands got stuck because she wasn't expecting that.

I could be totally off but idk

No. 483104

Wonder how long before she gets into trouble with her patreon. If she suddenly somehow filled up all her higher level spots she would have at least a dozen monthly skype sessions she's obligated to have, and at least 10 patrons she's promised weekly email updates/progress reports to (presumably about raw diets) so that's 40 emails a month, plus 10 one-time custom raw diet plans tailored to each patrons pet. That's a lot of fuckin work Janjan. Almost like a full time job! AND daily vlogging to boot.

No. 483111

Anon you should get a medal for those old janjan pics

No. 483112

I forgot to add that it will pass in a few minutes on it's own if you just STOP trying to open your hands. Maybe some residual pain and cramping and it might come and go until you eat a banana or something but not just cramped forever. She's fucking milking it for ass pats and for mommy to brush her hair.

No. 483113

I'm glad everyone found them as interesting as I did. They're alll on her IG and there's a few more partying with cousins and being normal!

No. 483128

I truly hope Jaq has had reality set in and this last surgery that forever and permanently rearranged her guts finally made her see that she needs help. I hope that's why she's taking a break. Though not likely kek. It seems so stupid to have such major irreversible surgery so young unless you're literally about to die without it, especially knowing the advancements made every day in medical technology. Has she ever thought about how it will be to live another 50ish years with all these medical things to care for each day, on top of all the other things that will be screwed up as she ages with all her sooper severe conditions? To some degree I actually feel bad that every step of the way she seems to have encountered doctors that are willinand eager to jump straight to the biggest intervention possible instead of encouraging her to try simple fixes first. Even if she didn't start off full-on munchie she never had a chance to downward slide into anything but that

No. 483141

She could have refused treatment or taken other options though. She was told she didn't need the port, she found someone who would let her keep it. She was offered NG and instead of even trying that jumped straight to a permanent tube. She is not stupid and she has no problems being vocal. She easily could have put the brakes on this crazy train but instead opened the throttle and jumped the gun.

No. 483248

Someone commented on Janjan’s video about TPN. Imagine Jaq’s rage and fury if Janjan gets TPN before her. Top kek. Not that either of them need toobz nor IV fluids nor TPN.

No. 483250

File: 1517097036139.jpeg (168.71 KB, 750x1334, 05C718AD-764B-4E3B-A6BE-AC0A0E…)

This comment! (Top one obvs)

No. 483297


Unless she is just taking a break from youtube and not from recording every second of her life. Extra days give her more time to edit shit out extra carefully. Especially since the number of people questioning her shit has climbed with her hospital stay. Just a thought.


No. 483341

Kek maybe she's regrouping and coming back with a channel redesign and new merch. New vlogging style y'all! Tighter editing, more sped up montages that are harder to pick apart, and more artsy fartsy to go with her photog hobby, setting the stage for her "miraculous" transition to a "better quality of life" from finally finding all the right combinations of tools for the toolbox

No. 483347

She’s taking time off to plot how to get that sweet, sweet tpn they keep denying her.

No. 483360

kek plotting her own tpn and while she's at it side project trying to beat janjans drs to a diagnosis so she can play bff hero and solidify Dr Jaquie status in poor janjans weeeee liddle brain

No. 483366

Bahaha someone commented Jan a few vlogs back about how she should get evaluated for hypermobile joints. Jesus Christ these fans see EDS everywhere even when people haven't complained of any symptoms of it. That's the shit that makes J and co so dangerous. How many vulnerable people have gotten diagnosed with this shit and had their bodies altered because they saw it on youtube??

No. 483417

Well, if she has POTS, you know EDS, GP and MCAS are sure to come. No munchie ever has one without the others.

No. 483427

File: 1517104534780.png (609.37 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5615.PNG)

She lost two patrons today. She had been at 196. I realize it's not a huge decline but it has been quite a while since she's been able to break the 200 mark. And the numbers aren't climbing. I hope it's because people are starting to see through the b.s.
She did post last night on Patreon that she's still resting. I think she's laying low and only exposing herself to the people least likely to call her out or criticize her.

No. 483444

I'd be so paranoid if I was either one of them that someone would be a top level patron for the sole purpose of gathering intel about their bullshit

No. 483446

That's exactly why I stopped

No. 483468

I don’t think Jaquie’s head is ffar enough out her ass to consider that. She takes basic precautions to avoid any criticism, but other than that, not much. You can comment on anything, and all her shit (other than patreon) is public. Plus she videotapes herself eating food she says she can’t eat, and moving in ways she says she can’t move. She’s not as smart as she thinks she is. And she is way too convinced that she’s a spoonie hero that people worship b

No. 483484

I wouldn't give her $2 a month let alone $50. Jaquie''s top level subscribers have been sold out since day 1. Janiece has stagnated at 22 subs and she's not smart enough to cap the high end group. AJ limited hers to 5.

No. 483490

She contradicts herself enough without the extra info from patreon anyway! Can't imagine the mind fuck and feeling of betrayal it must be to have looked up to her and trusted her and then find out all the things that don't add up and see the truth. Jaq truly only cares about HER illnesses and doesn't give a rats ass about any of her fans experiences with chronic illness.

No. 483498

Kek I wonder if the Skype chats are just Jaq or Janjan rattling on about themselves the whole time and showing off their cool tools that definitely improve their quality of life

No. 483502

Poor patrons who somehow live under a rock and thought they were paying for info about raw diets and instead get a treasure map leading directly to janjans anus. Now THAT'S a bait 'n switch

No. 483508

I read the rules and I know I’m breaking some. But I was formerly close with Jaquie and I really want to talk with someone who understands this POV and how I feel. If I talk on here it would reveal myself. Is there a way I can talk with any of you off this site?

No. 483515


You're anonymous on here. Just let us know whats up. You don't have to go into detail on your personal connection to her, we just want the scoop.

No. 483517

Anon, congrats on the formerly part of your post! Can you tell us anything about what made you a former Jaq friend without un-anon-ing yourself?

No. 483523

Anon, can you clarify what you stopped? You didn't reference any specific post and there's quite a few subjects flying around here since our girls Jaq and Jan are so popular these days

No. 483527


Why did you decide to stop?

No. 483528

Kek welcome to the light anon

No. 483533

Don't wanna freak you out but if she lurks here you most likely just un-anonned yourself. She'd be able to look up all her patrons names and who cancelled. I was reading patreon rules and such earlier for the creators. They can even look up individual patron's payment status (in process, approved, declined etc) so theoretically she can keep pretty close tabs on fans and ex fans

No. 483536

You've got a point.

No. 483537

I felt like shit pointing it out. If you live within wheelchair range or a 20 minute drive of JaqJaq consider arming yourself with an air horn and lawnmower bag of grass and proceed to chain smoke cigarettes and you'll be safe

No. 483538

Well, that's not something I'll have to worry about.

No. 483539

That’s the hard part lol. It’s going to be really hard to not give myself away. Why former? Because I know she’s lying. Not about everything but about some things. She let me into her life. So it was hard for me not to compare her vlogs to my experiences. Didn’t add up.

No. 483542

I hope you can answer this without un-anonning but…did she copy some or all of your illnesses and conditions? And did you have a confrontation that ended the friendship or just ghost her?

No. 483544

If you can't answer without giving away who you are just say you can't answer. Pretty sure j lurks here

No. 483548

Yes she definitely did. Ghosted.

No. 483551

I'm sorry anon, that had to be frustrating and insulting and a whole range of other emotions. It takes a special kind of fucked up to lie about stuff that is so serious and life altering for people actually dealing with it. Not to mention each person that gets caught faking just makes it that much harder for people actually dealing with invisible (and visible!) illnesses

No. 483553

She made me very confused for a long time and I wasn’t sure what was real and what was fake. But when you see things.. you can’t explain and then watch vlogs.. you can’t let it go. I put the pieces together.

No. 483554

Honestly I think showing empathy or a lack thereof should be the true munchie test. People that have or had major health struggles will be the first to say they're thankful in some ways because it has changed them as a person. Usually the change is developing a profound depth of empathy that healthy people just aren't capable of. Jaq shows none of that. None. Fuck, please don't ban me for blogging

No. 483562

It REALLY pissed me off when Jan spread that horseshit about her student loans. If you're sick and have a huge amount of debt hanging over your head and bill collectors calling about it…and then find out it's sooper easy to just POOF have it disappear, and the hope that would give someone..and then find out it's not at all true. False hope is THE WORST fucking thing you can do to someone who is sick. It's despicable. If you have a platform, however small, you have a responsibility to know the fuck what you're talking about before you spout off your mouth

No. 483564

Holy shitballs the mind boggling stuff you must have seen. It's enough of a head scratcher what she shows in the vlogs that doesn't even remotely add up. Can you tell us if you also know Jan?

No. 483567

Yeah it gets worse. I can’t say what I’ve seen or it’d definitely give me away, however much I’d love to. But it’d blow your minds. Yes I do.

No. 483571


Jaq is doing a lot of damage to a LOT of people. Hearing first hand experiences from people she's directly related to is going to be very helpful in helping us all put the pieces together. You definitely shouldn't have to expose yourself and I understand you're in a really tough spot here. But thank you for coming here and thank you for anything you can share. It's not easy knowing what to do but you don't have a lot of options with her being so high profile and so highly regarded by that many people. I really can't imagine your frustrations honestly. It's about fucking time Jaq had a wake up call and saw how her actions are effecting people, especially people who used to be close.

I can't speak for everyone here obviously but anon you've got my support and I hope that by opening up about some of this stuff, you're able to start getting over all this bullshit she's put you through.

No. 483573

Is jan lying too?

No. 483578

Well said!! And ex Jaq anon, it takes balls to share what you have, especially if you lurked here for a bit. Sometimes anons can be aggressive and make people afraid to post stuff or get their head ripped off for not saging something or being new in general. I'm glad you didn't get that kind of welcome!

No. 483589

I've debated bringing this up or not because it's a sensitive subject, especially in ill people. But if j and j keep this up, depending on how big the Crazy gets and how big the fall is when Jaq gets caught, they could be the final straw for someone really struggling. Finding out your chronic illness hero, your daily inspiration was a fraud? I've been very sick and on the verge of suicide and when you're that close to the edge you'd be amazed what small puff of wind pushes you over. The mind fuck is probably worse the younger her fans are because they don't deal with shit like adults.

No. 483594

Not only that, but it can make people with the chronic illnesses that she claims she has question themselves. They would be worried if people aren't going to believe them because Jaquie mimicked the symptoms that they have. This kind of thing is very dangerous.

No. 483608

And also make people feel like shit because jaq has so many things wrong but she gets so much accomplished (cleaning, social life, y'know–the things usually first to go when you're sick but not magic Jaq) and powers through her bad days. I watched a handful of vlogs before I saw lots of red flags but in that short time she had already made me feel like I just needed to suck it up and try harder. I've since realized I'm tougher than that bitch can ever even DREAM of being. All of us here that saw through her bullshit are. Jaquie is a pathetic human being.

No. 483619

On the plus side depending on level
of fakery, her insurance co (ooopsie, isn't that technically the u.s. government?!) and the po-lice have an awful lot of evidence for fraud that she's handily placed on the interwebz for all of eternity. Not to mention the patrons she's defrauded. Does that count as wire fraud if it's all electronic payments? She'll def get lotsa ass pats in a jail cell kek

No. 483621

Same here. I really felt like a lazy piece of shit watching her being “so sick”, but still having a spotless house, going out with friends, taking trips to Disney, etc. I’m glad I saw the light, because that shit is really demoralizing. People who truly have chronic illnesses and disabilities many times can’t just pull themselves up by the bootstraps and do things anyway. It just doesn’t work that way.

No. 483623

It actually was very hard for me in that retrospect. I went through a spiral after in started putting the pieces together. I have a history of depression due to my physical illnesses. So for me to get close to her and then find this out was really damaging to me mentally for a while. I just think of all those young girls out there admiring her and it scares me so bad. I really do wish I could divulge more because I feel like I’ve been keeping this inside and it hurts. And I don’t feel like a lot of people understand. Because she’s so well loved. But I’m glad you guys understand why I can not.

No. 483627

We understand anon and we don't want you to create trouble for yourself. You are brave and beautiful. Do you have a friend or relative that doesn't know anything about Jaq that you'd feel comfortable opening up to and being able to share whatever you need to without risking it getting back to Jaq? Having your trust betrayed is a huge deal. A thousand hugs to you anon

No. 483637

File: 1517113601554.png (38.53 KB, 633x401, IMG_4182.PNG)

Not saging, ban me if you must.
For anyone struggling. You are not alone.

No. 483639

Have you thought about writing your feelings down or writing a letter to Jaquie (not sending it just writing it) and then reading it out loud to yourself? Sounds weird but just speaking out loud what's on your heart can be incredibly freeing

No. 483646

And it's wildly inaccurate to act like all this can be accomplished, without fail, 7 days a week without ever being so sick that you miss a day. She's never even too sick to put a vlog out and that must take what, 3, 4, 5 hours a day depending on how much footage she has to watch and edit?

No. 483653

I hope this is okay for me to say. But one thing that I don't like is that she shows people that if you have Autism, the world is supposed to cater to you. And that is a really unhealthy attitude to have.

There are probably Autistic teenagers who look up to her, and are absorbing all of these things from her.

Say something that's offensive? You don't need to apologize. Just be like Jaquie. Don't acknowledge it.

Need to go shopping? You don't need to develop a plan to get through shopping with the least sensory overload as possible. Just be like Jaquie. Just get an employee to drop everything that they're doing to help you.

Walking through a parking lot? You don't need to look before you walk. Be like Jaquie. Just have a loved one with you at all times, and it's their job to pull you away from incoming traffic. Because you don't have spatial awareness.

No. 483654

Very good points. She is a giant contradiction, she wants people with 'invisible' illnesses to be treated the same as anyone else but expects her every need or difficulty be catered to. That's just not how it is in the real world. People with any kind of chronic illness whether it's physical or mental truly just want to find as many ways as possible to go about their day the same as anyone else. Jaquie has the mistaken belief that her illnesses give her an excuse to be an asshole. There is NO excuse for treating people like shit no matter what diagnosis you have.

No. 483657

Thank you. You don't know how much that just helped me.

I'll delete this post soon. Sorry for clogging the thread.

No. 483658

I worry for sick people that watch Jaq to start questioning their existing doctors and care plans and thinking they need ports and tubes too and doctor shopping until they find one that will give them what they think they need. Besides for obvious reasons, this could inadvertently get <actual sick> people under Jaqs spell to be labeled as doctor shoppers or drug seekers and cause trouble for the rest of their life. Medical records are all tied to your SSN. There's no escaping them. Imagine having a legit illness and abandoning a doctor you trust to be hoodwinked into doctor shopping and labeled faker or malingerer while Jaq cashes her patreon checks and Barbie-car-sails off into the sunset

No. 483660

I hope you got some peace here tonight and reassurance that you aren't alone. You didn't clog up anything, you are exactly the reason why we all post here. She's impacting real, actual human beings. She is nothing. You are amazing and she doesn't deserve you in her life.

No. 483667

Hey anon, for what it's worth I don't think you should delete this post. It's simple yet very powerful. Suicide tends to live in the dark and it should live in the light because it touches us all. Maybe someone else is struggling and will see that you found comfort in some small thing an anonymous group of strangers on the internet said and they will be comforted by it as well

No. 483685

Anon I would recommend the book 'playing sick' by dr. Feldman. He specializes in factitious disorder/munchausen and in this book he describes not only the psychological basis for factititous disorder but there are also chapters about carers or other people close to them.

I'm sorry if this is too much self-blogging, but I am close to someone with factitious disorder in real life and it has helped me. You could even try and contact him through his site http://munchausen.com/ or ask if they can maybe put you into contact you can talk to. Just an idea.

Besides that, you are always welcome to read and post here. Just carefully consider if you want to risk outing yourself. I hope you find a way to heal from all of this.

No. 483701

Her fake symptoms that read like a google list also can cause people to downplay their own illnesses; they don’t have every single symptom to the extreme that jaquie claims to have, so they think that they themselves aren’t sick, and they don’t get the treatment they need (hypothetically, I don’t know if that’s actually happened). Or people go out and get tons of unnecessary medical treatment, just like she has. What jaquie does isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous.

No. 483709

One of my main worries is always that when you're struggling to eat (wether it is due to GP, or IBD, or another problem alltogether) a feeding tube may seem like the easy way out. Finding a diet that works when you have GI issues can be HARD work. And when you are so underweight that you just need to have a tube temporarily to get your strenght back, and you are watching her vlogs, it might seem like the logical next step to get a permanent tube instead of slowly incorporating more normal food into your diet and at the same time decreasing the tube feedings. And I am sure that goes for a lot of her other problems as well. A port, a wheelchair, ketamine injections.. I'd like her see do rehab, PT, those therapies that are recommended in the real world for EDS, POTS and pain issues in general and take time and effort to do. Because THAT is what normal people get and do, while Jaquie makes it seem like chronic illness means you get a new pink toy every other week.

No. 483713

I didn't delete the post because you're right. Maybe someone will see it and feel the urge to get help as well if they feel the urge.

I don't want to derail, but I've been dealing with depression for a few years now, I've been crying for the past 4 hours and wondering if my life was worth living. I came onto this board just to try to take my mind off things, and >>483637 was the first post I saw by coincidence. I called and talked with them. It gave me some sort of hope, and reading both of your posts helped me as well. I never thought my source of comfort and solice would come from a few posts on an image board. Thank you, everyone.
Sorry for derailing. Maybe someone else will feel a little better tonight as well.

No. 483717

Yeah, a feeding tube and a port are the absolute last resort as far as GP and POTS treatments go, and should only be used if nothing else is working (very, very few GP cases ever need TPN as well, while we’re on the topic. TPN is only used if the alternative is death, literally. And it will fuck you up if you’re on it for very long). There are lots of things that help both GP and POTS, and things that let people live fairly normal lives, but you wouldn’t know that watching Adjustable Jaquie.

No. 483721


Kek. Omg dying at that

No. 483723

Just remember that no matter how bad you feel about yourself or your life, you’re not a munchie who’s scamming money and asspats from people through lies and manipulation. You’re definitely doing better than Jaquie and JanJan and Aubrey and Chloe and Dom and Amanda and the other Amanda and all the other munchies. So hang in there, you’re doing better than you think!

No. 483738

I am flabbergasted and in awe at how the universe works because I've been suicidal lately and I was worried about the ex-Jaq anon so I posted the hotline number hoping they would see it,'and anyone else who came here betrayed by Jaq or similar fakers. That it was the first thing you saw here is not coincidence, it is a sign that it's not your time yet. How much courage it took not only for you to call and talk to someone but to be so open about it here! It's inspiring and uplifting, anon. Despite what people like jaquie try to portray, mental health struggles are common, normal and nothing to only whisper about in dark corners. This night has moved me to tears multiple times and it gives me renewed hope that people can indeed still be decent.

No. 483741


People like Jaq and Jan make things 10x harder for legit ill people to get access to the care they need. It adds more insurance red tape.

No. 483743

Hopefully the farm hands will be understanding of what has happened here tonight. This thread has saved and changed lives.

No. 483753

How ironic is it that the only time jaquie’s helped anyone is in this thread where people come because they can’t stand her? I hope she reads here, it’ll really piss her off.

No. 483755

And even with medical professionals just getting the idea that this is what EDS/POTS/GP/MCAS/cataplexy/autism/narcolepsy/mito/immunodeficiency looks like. Many of those professionals that j and j come in contact with have probably not had other patients with those, and the dynamic duo gives them a really, really bad idea what those patients and illnesses are like. It’s not as formal as the insurance issue, but it can be just as damaging.

No. 483764

Hopefully I did this right. This guy is so Jaquie.

No. 483772

Kek great side by side anon! If Jan gets shared top billing with Jaq on next thread when this thread is full that should be the image

No. 483776

File: 1517128815113.png (136.03 KB, 637x1098, IMG_4183.PNG)

Was looking to see if she was losing subs.. Okay so how has she already had a livestream on 1-28 with 2700 views when it's 3:40am in Florida?!

No. 483780

Live means that day's stats are still being calculated, seeing as the day isn't over. It doesn't mean she's livestreaming.

No. 483783

So is my math right that despite looking like she's up 1,700 subscribers, she's really only up approx. 900?

No. 483785

Kek that makes much more sense!

No. 483787

File: 1517130662729.png (86.2 KB, 631x739, IMG_4184.PNG)

In this vlog she talks about starting to keep her port accessed 24/7, and about getting IV benadryl but makes sure to explain and justify why they prescribed it.. then coincidentally has an allergic reaction at target. More justifying about how it's supposed to be pushed over like 3-6 minutes but at the hospital they do it fast so we will too This video is full of so many red flags and contradictions I wish it was the first one I ever saw and I would never have watched anymore.

No. 483788

File: 1517130954567.png (76.81 KB, 640x614, IMG_4185.PNG)

And this was in the comments from the same allergic reaction in target vlog. She hadn't even been doing YouTube that long when she applied to have ads run on her channel. In typical Jaquie fashion, she "only did it at the prompting of" her friend. Y'all, I just want to spread awareness, I didn't even know you could make moolah with the vee-logs til my friend made me do it. I swear

No. 483789

That's weird, unless it shows how many subs she got but not specifically how many UNsubscribed. Kek which if that's the case would mean if 1700 subscribed but her count is only up 900 she had 800 unsub

No. 483791

Ah the sub count at the bottom is for 30 days, the daily breakdown at the top is only 2 weeks so it looks like the counts don't make sense. Gad I was hoping subs were fleeing in droves

No. 483796

Honestly, the contradictions are why I can't stop watching.

This is all probably old news, but Jan has instagram…@janiece_life

Are her hands working again? Her insta suggests that they are, based on camera shots.

No. 483800

Ah - darn, my math is wrong. Thanks for clarifying.

No. 483806

File: 1517132285275.gif (66.08 KB, 598x372, capture.GIF)

January 1-14 subscribers.

What happened on January 12?? She lost 25 subscribers.

No. 483807

This is exactly how someone who just had an allergic reaction looks (major eye roll). Even precious precious Benadryl doesn’t get you immediate back to your pre-reaction self. You’re still red and itchy and puffy for a long time, at least if it’s mcas. Or you have hives or a rash, and those don’t go away immediately either. And where are all her gi mcas symptoms? I don’t see any cramping or her running to the bathroom to deal with the horrible diarrhea. MCAS is not a pretty disease, and she seems to have none of the symptoms whatsoever.

No. 483814

Wow…the timing of learning to push iv Benadryl and her reaction in Target is amazing! And, she even discusses potential allergic reactions in the opening! How wonderful that her opening coordinated so well with the daily vlog!

But…wait…the fan replacement fan discussion happened so quickly. Did Judd say, "tinnitus?" And then Jaquie says,"Lots of guns going off in his ears."

Is she implying that Judd has PTSD and that the fan noise helps calm it?

I guess there's no need to help people understand that.

No. 483815

To be fair, regardless of intro, "anaphylaxis" would have been pretty predictable in the Target blog just because it happened to be her flavor of that month. eyeroll

No. 483843

>>Is she implying that Judd has PTSD and that the fan noise helps calm it?
Is that in the 'allergic reaction in Target' vlog? If so, around what time? I don't really want to watch the entire vlog if I don't have to..

I'm currently going through Janieces and Orions IG from the beginning. It's not even close to being only half as interesting as Jaquies, mainly because Janiece doesn't post very often. On her personal IG she most of the time posts only a few times a month. Though there are periods when she posted almost daily at Orion's account, she doesn't go into her illnesses that much. I have been able to pinpoint when she got her POTS diagnosis though and there is some interesting progression to be seen. Just be patient because I've got other things to do as well (thank goodness).

Just so you know. It's won't be very interesting, but it does give us an impression.

Anyone care to bet on todays vlog(s)? Will Janiece still be in the hospital? And will Jaquie be able to keep of the internet and her instant online ass pats? I guess we'll see!

No. 483867

Yes, it's the Target allergic reaction vlog. Right between 4:15-4:30. It's very quick.

No. 483871

I think they meant Judd has tinnitus and therefore he hears constant high pitched noise, things like fans can aggrivate that. Equally having background noise like a fan at night can distract from the tinnitus and allow you to sleep.

It isn't the same as PTSD or a mental illness.

No. 483872

Thanks. It was Jaquie saying, "lots of guns going off in his ears" that got my attention. I just wondered if the tinnitus made his PTSD worse (if he has it at all).

No. 483878

Yikes janjan is even more painful than Jaq, thanks for sorting out her timeline so we don't all have to suffer!

No. 483880

Shocking, they're narrowed it down to…her GI tract! Kek Jan looks like a demented sloth playing make believe. She is trying SO hard to move slowly and like she's in severe pain but her jaw muscles are remarkably able to chew that bacon normal speed and with great gusto

No. 483894

Sounds like Jan sees Paul's peds GI also.

No. 483896

She's having GI issues and is eating bacon. That seems like one of the worst things she could eat. Also note that afer her tray is shifted to the side and she finished eating the bananas were still there.

She'll love the idea of a central line, probably. But I think she als is afraid it'll hurt. I find it REALLY hard to believe her diarrhea is so bad. I mean come on, going to the bathroom 30 minutes after you ate something? Normally it wouldn't even have left the stomach by then. And a pillcam about a week ago was almost normal and didn't show an abnormally fast digestion. Plus they're giving her food and think she can raise her potassium by eating bananas. If everything goes straight through her and the doctors/nurses observed this, they would have her npo or on a liquid diet, and they certainly wouldn't rely on the oral route for raising her potassium.

I wonder how this'll play out. Maybe something IS going on with her GI-wise, but even if that is the case she is still the one making it worse by refusing to eat. The very fact that she could eat during her last hospital stay and pretty much stopped eating as soon as she was home, is proof of this. She even vlogged about missing the hospital food. And now she is eating bacon? Yeah right. They should give her some fluids, make sure she is stable, prescribe metamucil, and refer her to a dietician and psychiatrist first. I really hope they will at least have an eating disorder in the differential diagnosis, because even IF she has some obscure GI problem that somehow doesn't show up on tests, it is looking more and more that her main problem is psychological.

No. 483901

Kek but it's prob turkey bacon so it's okay. One of Jan's commenters pointed out something called dumping syndrome that can happen after gallbladder removal. I'm looking it up now.

No. 483902

File: 1517155049516.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5618.PNG)

From JanJans IG story

No. 483903

If she has such trouble eating and such low potassium, the bananas should have been first. I also think it's strange Paul wouldn't encourage her to eat them. It's bizarre husband behavior IMO. Paul does call the bacon "chicken bacon".

No. 483905

File: 1517155071385.png (87.8 KB, 640x959, IMG_4187.PNG)

No. 483907

File: 1517155222986.png (174.02 KB, 640x1078, IMG_4188.PNG)

Okay found nothing saying specifically gallbladder removal can cause. But ironically JAQUIE'S surgery can cause it. Maybe they were cuddled up in Jaqs hospital bed studying medical books together and they're having a bff amazing race to the diagnosis

No. 483909

I just threw up in my mouth then choked when I laughed. I'm embarrassed for her.

No. 483912

Early dumping could cause diarrhea and I think doesn't have the typical sweating/palpitations/nausea/etc. symptoms most associated with dumping? My memory could be off, but I think those occur mostly in late dumping. It is quite rare in people who did not have a stomach operation though. And of course Janiece keeps insisting it has nothing to do with her gallbladder surgery.

No. 483915

Jaquie didn't have Roux en Y bypass though, but Roux en Y jejunostomy. That seems to be a common misconception though.

No. 483916

But who wants to eat bananas when there's bacon? Just like who wants to drink that nasty Gatorade (or anything else w/ electrolytes) at home when it's soooo much more fun to be a sloth in the hospital and ruining your brothers visit and getting all the extra asspats because Jaqs fans need someone to focus their worry on

No. 483918

Yeah there was some confusion about that on here. But her speshul Jaq RNY seems more of a stomach surgery than Jan's gallbladder when it comes to dumping syndrome. Jan will be sooo disappointed if that's "all" that's wrong with her even though any sane person would be jumping for joy

No. 483923

Was Janjan not paying attention when they discussed post op potential complications from the gallbladder thing? If she's such a good advocate for herself why did she not research the hell out of anything gallbladder before she had an organ cut out of her body? And I don't know, maybe know what signs to look out for to deal with complications when they start instead of ignoring them and ending up back in hospital

No. 483924

Kek oh, I have been misinformed all of these years. I thought the old wives tale BRAT diet stood for bananas, rice, applesauce, toast/ tea. I guess the B stands for BACON. thanks for the education Janjan!

No. 483925

Kek maybe she thought brat was how she was supposed to act whilst eating?!

No. 483926

Because you don't get asspats by sitting at home and quietly dealing with issues. Duh.

No. 483928

That MUST be it!

No. 483931

Would she agree to see a psychiatrist? She won't even go to the butthole PT for the constipation that's (allegedly) so bad it has taken over her life. She'd just make a big stink about the doctors being terrible and 'advocate' for herself by doctor shopping her way into a diagnosis she prefers.

What do people think about Paul in all this? Does he really think she's ill? Is he just indulging her by going along with all this?

No. 483934

File: 1517156756113.jpg (25.42 KB, 450x800, jan.jpg)

Hard to see on this, but this was a boomerang of her petting the dog. Her fingers all wiggle. So her claw hands reverted 13 hours ago.

No. 483941

I don't think she would. I think she really needs to, even if her GI issues turn out to have a somatic cause. She is clearly letting her illnesses taking over her life and she needs to adress this. I truly think she CAN be saved, if she would address her psych issues SOON. Unlike Jaquie, whom I think is already down the rabbit hole too far. (I mean, it can be done, but in Jaquies case she would have to admit she was lying about a lot of her stuff. For Janiece there is still a way to get out of this AND save face.)

As to Paul: I really don't know. At first he seemed the most down-to-earth of the four of them. Then he decided to be an advocate for his wife and wanted in on that whole Patreon shit and now he just seems to enjoy being his wife's hero. Not only does he go along with it, he explains stuff for her to her viewers, he advocates for her, etc. So I don't know. If they would want her to see a psychiatrist and have a good case for it, I think with Paul it could go either way. He could go full on advocate and tell them to fuck off and find another doctor, OR he could be the voice of reason and tell Janiece that they have to do everything that can possibly help her, including a psychiatric evaluation. I honestly don't know which one is more likely at this point.

No. 483942

If nothing else Paul should be in charge of the vlogs. He's much easier to watch. Explains things, and gets right to it. Janjan takes 2 minutes babbling on about something that could be said in 15 seconds

No. 483944

File: 1517157737746.jpg (399.11 KB, 2007x1290, b2d8aFu.jpg)

So the reason they went to hospital was that Janiece had a drooped face and was slurring her words.

But.. how could they tell?

No. 483945

He could even vlog about life with a chronic illness, since he actually has one!

No. 483952

Kek. Her hands look like they are working pretty well there.

No. 483954

File: 1517158622072.jpeg (79.05 KB, 750x411, 82D9E00E-475B-49DF-B039-9EE2A2…)

For those of you wondering if AJ can stay offline during her recovery period - the answer is no. This popped up in one of the MCAS groups I’m a part of. The funny thing about these groups is that I’ve noticed really MCAS patients rarely ask “can I react to BLANK” because the definition of MCAS is being able to react to EVERYTHING. Plus she’s symptom digging to figure out what a bad reaction would look like because it’s impossible to find info about CBD oil through a google search.

No. 483973

Everyone got more out of Jan's video than I did. I guess my hearing/speakers aren't working again. I could hear Paul, however, so I guess the speaker was in and out.

I know that somatic illnesses can result in very real symptoms…GI issues, migraines, etc. I also know our local children's hospital has an interdisciplinary team that hits them hard treatment-wise. I don't know about adult GI docs. Is it possible Janiece's issues are somatic with the drop in potassium, etc., a result of the GI issues?

Her attitude that she needs a diagnosis is weird to me and that she's not going down both tracks–GI and OB/GYN (endometriosis) at the same time is also strange, but I don't see that they made any contact with the GYN now that she's back in the hospital. But, perhaps she did mention it and explained it very well, but my speaker wasn't working during that part and it all came out sounding like mumbling.

Damn speaker.

No. 483977

They’ve suggested IBS but Janjan didn’t like this diagnosis. They’ve suggested bile acid issues, common after gallbladder surgery, but Janjan also didn’t like this diagnosis.

let’s think logically, can someone really have such a serious bowel issue with 2 clear colonoscopies (plus biopsies) and a clear pill cam?

No. 483978

Smart pill cam found some small bowel inflammation, maybe suggestive of Crohn’s. Rest of GI tract looked ok. Do any medfags know if this can cause diarrhoea?

No. 483985

I don't think that's your speaker, actually..

>>Is it possible Janiece's issues are somatic with the drop in potassium, etc., a result of the GI issues?

The potassium drop is obviously a somatic symptom. The underlying cause however, be it restriction or other ED behavior, could very well be psychological. Even diarrhea can have a psychogenic cause or component.

The focus on a diagnosis is odd, but it is common in the 'spoonie community'. It seems like every symptom demands a diagnosis and when they get a diagnosis they are happy because they now have their 'answers'. In reality a large percentage of patients will NEVER get a diagnosis for their issues, especially when those issues are chronic pain and/or GI issues. That's just the reality. It doesn't even have to mean that it's psychogenic, it's just that not every pain can be clearly explained. Janiece is SO focused on having a diagnosis first, that she forgot she also needed to manage her symptoms right now. She should have been hydrating, taking a supplement that binds stool (like metamucil) and finding a diet that works for her. Instead she just refused to eat because it made her tummy hurt and demanded she be seen by her GI right now because she couldn't wait longer. But the reason she couldn't wait was because she was not managing her symptoms. She didn't focus on functioning better, but on getting her diagnosis.

No. 483988

Oh for ffs, I guess I didn't understand that's how medical diagnoses work. Everyone with a truly debilitating issue, just reject it right now and get a better diagnosis. You can do it. Be a warrior! Self-advocate!

I'm also confused about the inflammation in her small bowel. Wouldn't they biopsy it to test for Chron's? (Not completely clear on how that works, but I thought if the surgeon "saw" what looks like Chron's, they take a biopsy and the lab says yes or no.)

No. 483991

For someone who posted earlier in the year she was categorically against medical marijuana, that's a a slippery slope. Just sayin' I know it's not exactly the same,..

Also interesting that her "doctor" mentioned it…the same one hitting her up with the speshul K every month. Does she really expect people to believe her suit any more? Really AJ?! But the question will be…will she order it, go drive to pick it up herself or expect law abiding Judd to go buy it for her? I'm sure there are laws that prevent him from doing that. Even if SHE has some sort of prescription herself. Any medfag /law flags care to weigh in?

No. 483992

It would be interesting if she stuck with Crohn's because Paul has Crohn's and works full time supporting her lazy ass. She won't be able to use it as a get out of working for a living card, she'd have to fall back on her vistibular migraines or keep going and find something else.

No. 483993

It showed up only on the pill cam, so it must have been in a portion of the small bowel they can't reach with a scope. If it would've been in either the duodenum they reach with an upper scope or the colon which they can see with a lower scope, they could've taken a better look and biopsy if necessary.

No. 483996

I'm not a fan of Judd but I hope she doesn't insist on a treatment that would put his career on the line.

No. 483998

Does a reaction matter if she's got her port accessed and benadryl and an epi pen six inches away and she took it with Judd sitting at the ready to stab her in the leg with her epipen or deliver a dose of Benadryl?

No. 484009

Ah, you're right about the pill cam finding the inflammation.

Her report of her GYN visit made it sound like the GYN was certain she is a candidate for endo testing. Endo can go without diagnosis for years because people think they have GI issues.

No. 484020

CBD oil is totally legal in all 50 states. Some states require purchasers to be at least 18 years old, so Judd could buy it without any repercussions to his job.

I saw a big display of CBD oil at a gas station in Massachusetts in the form of oil, chewing gum, mints (I think), slips (like those Listerine breath strips). That's where I first saw it.

I asked the clerk about it. He said he found it helpful, "When, uh, when, uh, you're, uh, trying to withdraw from…uh…other stuff." I didn't ask him about "other stuff." I was afraid he'd have a panic attack.

I didn't buy any.

No. 484026

That's true about endo, but Janiece has never said ANYTHING about menstrual pains or even her GI issues having a cyclical pattern. Plus although endo could explain the bloating and stomach pain, the nausea and not being able to eat would be very atypical for an endo case. So I'm not really buying it. In fact I think that with the way she is going she is at risk for a misdiagnosis. If they would find endometriosis during a lap for example, it could be completely coincidental. It's true that endo can be very painful, but also true that sometimes women can have even severe endo and never even notice. Sometimes it is discovered only when they are having trouble conceiving and of course sometimes they have no trouble conceiving at all. With endo it's more the location that determines wether it causes symptoms or not than the severity. The same goes for the pillcam find, that could also be coincidental. As she keeps pushing for more tests, she keeps putting herself at risk for both iatrogenic damage and misdiagnosis (which can lead to even more damage). She doesn't seem to realize this, because she wants them to find something. Maybe because she actually IS in pain (that's very possible imo, though I also think she is hugely exaggerating it and/or has a very low tolerance for pain) and maybe because she desperately wants to be sick. Possibly both.

No. 484036

Kek, sounds like our princess is having withdrawal from her PCA dilootid!

No. 484052

Did she ask the same question in that group (that you know of) for her Ketamine? Toradol? Dilaudid? Zofran? Versed? Propofol and other meds they use in general anesthesia? The antibiotics she has had? I'm really curious about that.

No. 484053

Isn't it a little odd that Janiece landed in the hospital just a couple of days after she talked about her school loan forgiveness? I'm suspicious that she is looking for a documented complication/illness that would qualify her as disabled for her loan forgiveness situation. Her only chronic illness claims are vestibular migraines (when has she vlogged complaints of migraines?), Narcolepsy for which she has been stable–yes, symptomatic, but medically stable, and POTS, which can also be stabilized and/or prevented (medication,TED hose, fluid/electrolyte intake, monitoring climate exposure, etc). None of these are CRITICAL illnesses, even though they might be considered chronic. Not chronically ILL, just chronic fully treatable conditions, not disabling at all. Her GI symptoms of constipation/diarrhea are just that—symptoms—not a chronic illness. Probably chronic laxative abuse, since she has electrolyte issues and seems very concerned with the contipation side of things. A little bogus since she is just getting saline infusions with NO other electrolytes in the infusion bag. And she certainly would be on continuous telemetry if her labs were that off, because severe electrolyte imbalances cause heart arrhythmias.
On the other hand, she just witnessed Jaq getting lots of attention and emotional rewards for her extended hospital stay, so maybe that is her game. She doesn't want her brother's visit to rob her of attention. Props to her religious mother, who must have prayed the claw hands, because she looks cured!

No. 484064

You are completely right about it being legal.
What I don't get, is, if she is sooooper allergic to plants why would she even consider it? Clearly I am no chemist and could very well be missing something. But I do know people who are allergic to pot, so it's possible. Plus side effects say drop in blood pressure and lightheadedness can occur. So wouldn't that be bad for our delicate little AJ?

No. 484069

Plus most of the time CBD doesn't do much for pain. It's mainly THC that works for pain. CBD is used more for seizures and spasms.

No. 484070

I use CBD oil and if I need immediate nausea relief I smoke the regular ol' organic pot. I luckily don't have asthma. If she is using CBD oil there's no issue because as anon said it's legal because it can be derived from hemp. Even if she got a script for mmj and smoked joints in the living room it would have no bearing on Judd at work because she would be using it legally. Honestly whether she's faking it all or not, she does have real pain NOW from the gut rearrangement she just had. Since she's such a goddamn baby the CBD oil would actually help her a lot, as would a high quality THC/CBD blend salve. And the only way you get high from any of it is if you eat, smoke, or take a heat-extracted form of THC. But that's apparently beyond Jaqs research skillz