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No. 462029

Jaquie Blake Beckwith, AKA chronically_jaquie, is one of the general Munchausen's/OTT thread (>>>/snow/387658) Munchie Queens.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronically_jaquie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helper_dog_harlow
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ
new Google Doc spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/d/1NSkEmPhXjkaO2q0MjJ3NUAPwwZv7tGff2VCJrOUp598/edit#gid=0

- She has a Patreon for people to pay her to be "sick".
- She appears to have a few genuine illnesses, but overall contradicts herself 99% of the time.
- She has a button tube but shoves crap food into her pie hole most of the day. Claims she cannot tolerate her formula, and has to get a special type, but can eat fried crap.
- She has a service dog (Harlow) who does tasks that she is quite capable of doing (like grabbing a blanket across the room).
- Her service dog does not get worked the way a service dog should.
- She will not respond to messages online (except on her Patreon) because of "safety issues" (though we're pretty sure it's because she wants money to talk to her).
- She will not allow people to send her mail because she is too sick.
- Refers to herself as a "genetic anomaly".
- Claims to have EDS, POTS, narcolepsy, cataplexy, autism, unspecified immune problems, a mutated mitochondria, and too many other things. Surprisingly, Factitious Disorder is not on her list.
- She appears to be copying Mary Frey.

She enjoys deleting comments that call her out, and has an excuse or explanation for everything, something that is found psychologically in pathological liars.

Everyone is tired of her, even her family, and some people in the Munchie thread, so here's a place to talk about her to your heart's content.

Previous thread >>>/snow/462010

No. 462043


Don't know why the link in the bio isn't working, but figured it's almost as convenient if it's the first comment.

No. 462063

File: 1515108455339.jpg (444.59 KB, 1026x1078, 20180104_232304.jpg)

Something about Jaquies diagnosis


No. 462065

File: 1515108500032.jpg (116.89 KB, 898x440, Screenshot_20180104-231543.jpg)

Pt 2/2

No. 462097

I've got it updated with all the video titles in chronological order. Another interesting thing… I can identify which videos have CC and which do not. I'm pretty sure that there was some speculation that she is not using her Patreon money for CC, so I am thinking about adding a column to the spreadsheet with the info on what vids have CC.

No. 462098


That'd be interesting! Make sure you include the date of when there was no CC (like just today's date) because I have a feeling Jaq will catch wind of this spreadsheet soon and try to amend some problems…

No. 462131

Unfortunately the date is not available on when the CC was added, but it's currently up to date as of today.

No. 462133

I'm trying to do the 2/13 entry but having a hard time deciding what should go in the doctor notes and whats normal notes. Also I hate watching these vlogs.

No. 462134

Yeah, me too. I'm just gonna take one or two maybe a day and then call it good for that day. kek

No. 462135

Duhhhhh I see what you meant now by the date. I added it in the header.

No. 462139


When I originally made it, I figured the doctor column would just contain which doctor she went to that day (if any) just so we can trend what doctors she's going to against how "sick" she is/ what "tools" she gets/ what dx she gets. but other people have included more info in the column and that's fine too. I think for now, anything goes and in the future if someone wanted to go edit it to unify the layout, they could.

No. 462145

we should add a meds column, with what meds she showed us that day

No. 462150

honestly with all this detective work, we will find out what's wrong with Jaquie before her doctors do (spoiler alert, it's anxiety, a vitamin d deficiency, and pollen allergies).

No. 462153

Her skin testing would have shown pollen allergies. If that's the case, then she probably has oral allergy syndrome and not anaphylaxis.

No. 462154


I just checked a few of the videos which you say do not have CC, and they do have CC.

Or are you differentiating between auto-generated CC and creator-supplied CC?

I am the transcript anon from >>461974.

No. 462158

I think we are talking creator CC only.

No. 462163

I am wondering if those of you working on this want to discuss specific details via Discord? I am the OG SpoonieMunch Thread Anon and we have lost so much milk because someone tips off the cow and the cow hurries to delete evidence. Also you are going to want to capture as much as you can in the shortest amount of time for the same reason. Just some thoughts. My realm has primarily been IG mining, but FWIW I wanted to share.

No. 462182


This is weird because I swear she “got her EDS diagnosis” in 2017… I’m off to scour IG.

No. 462183


Yeah, I think we're only talking about creator supplied CC because we're interested in where the Patreon money went

No. 462184


her skin testing showed trees and grass

No. 462186


I'm not opposed to that option but I see some safeguards for us:

1) she won't remove and reupload ALL of her vlogs, so the evidence will still be there

2) if she tries to just delete info in the google doc, there's an option to revert it to it's previous form (essentially there's a giant undo button built into google docs)

But if you still think it's necessary, you should set it up!

No. 462205

Where’s the post where she admits that she was told by the Mayo Clinic (pretty much one of the top two or three hospitals in the country) that she DOESN’T have EDS? Kek pretty sure she glosses right over that, and prefers the incorrect diagnosis given to her by her own doctor, who we know has no idea what he’s doing.

No. 462207

Of course ahe wouldn't delete ALL her vlogs but could delete the ones with pertinent information regarding diagnostics.

No. 462208

I believe there is a screenshot compilation image of that in a previous thread.

No. 462211

Like literally 50+% of Americans? How rare and speschel! And having allergies does not equal mcas.

No. 462242

File: 1515118718929.png (251.37 KB, 1080x1553, 20180105_021416.png)


In her opinion the geneticist didn't examine her thoroughly enough. See part 1 and part 2 reply.
Personally I'd trust a geneticist over a PT but it seems like she was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome not eds from reading that.

No. 462248

File: 1515118783359.png (176.88 KB, 1080x1234, 20180105_021530.png)

Part 2

No. 462260

Do we know for sure she frequents this thread? We know her friend Julian does (Julian don't edit it pls). There's also the risk of randoms deleting hard work, but we can make a back up once a day if needed.

No. 462265

File: 1515119497376.png (1.28 MB, 1242x2208, 647752BF-FFD9-45B0-9776-54C5DA…)

This made me laugh….

No. 462274

For someone who has so many stomach issues she should not eat heavy creams or cheesy milk products

No. 462287


Right? Any medfags out there that can answer this for us? Jaquie has these violent vomiting sessions where she (according to her) vomits profusely for days. She always says it’s “due to my gastroparesis which is a partially paralyzed stomach” and she never even talks about her cyclical vomiting. Also, a question about CVS… isn’t that psychological? Jaq says it’s neurological. A nurse told me once that it’s in their heads. Just wondering if any of her vomiting is cvs related and she just doesn’t want to admit it because it will prove she’s a whackadoo. And if it’s cvs she may lose her toobz? I don’t know enough about it but I’m sure some anon does.

No. 462374

Loling at the "prepped dog food" section. I hate that fucking shit. Why do you force your dog to eat healthy but not yourself? Her dogs hips are so horrible its painful for me to watch. Looks like animal abuse to me.

No. 462384

File: 1515126785185.png (1.08 MB, 1614x1190, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.3…)

Jaquie's stalker had a heart attack!

The student has become the master.

No. 462385

File: 1515126800677.png (152.62 KB, 582x752, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.3…)

No. 462386

File: 1515126813297.png (133.04 KB, 594x566, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.3…)

No. 462389

She’s extremely hypermobile, but not any of the joints we can see. Look at her damn thumb, it’s LESS mobile than even many non-hypermobile people. The thing with mayo is that the doctors are specialists in their own areas. A mayo internist and neurologist are not eds specialists, but a geneticist is (although fl doesn’t have an eds clinic, only the Minnesota clinic does). She literally has no real eds symptoms, nor does she actually have any of the conditions associated with eds (her testing showed she didn’t have pots or GP, and her appointment yesterday confirmed she doesn’t have mcas).

No. 462394

Doubt it. There’s no leads on her, which there surely would be, since anyone who’s had a heart attack or suspected attack would be wired up and be being monitored. Also, she’s being a huge baby about getting a lumbar puncture. It hurts, but not that bad, and even if you get a headache, it wouldn’t hang around as long as she claims. She’s just being a whiny attention whore who’s throwing things out to see if she can a.) seem sicker than she is to the medical professionals who would give her more toys and attention, or b.) for all the IG asspats. Or both. She’s definitely a drama queen.

No. 462398


the goal with that is to track a trend between prepping the raw food (with her tubes and hair hanging all over the place) and her "intractable, violent vomiting"

No. 462404


of course she had a heart attack. why would she say that on instagram if it wasn't true??

No. 462406


Agreed. She’d be hooked up and dramatically in the ICU. She probably asked Dr. Google about the side effects and saw spinal headache and saw it as a ticket to more drugs. Spinal headaches are obviously not provable so easy one to fake. Jaq has taught her well.

No. 462407

Has anyone actually witnessed her “vomiting”? Yes, we’ve seen her run away to “vomit”, but I doubt she’s actually vomiting. If she is, it’s definitely self-induced, because there’s no physical reason why she would vomit. She doesn’t have GP, and slow gastric emptying at the degree she has doesn’t cause vomiting (even GP doesn’t always cause vomiting, especially not mild or even moderate. Some don’t at all. Even people with severe GP don’t always vomit, some very rarely do)

No. 462410

Sounds like she had a panic attack, if anything. Spinal headaches are definitely a thing and can stick around awhile, but an LP done by an experienced professional shouldn't be that painful, especially on someone as thin as her.

No. 462416

4:46 on her 'Frustrated with Falling' video. 4:50 she remembers she is supposed to be sick.

No. 462428

just at 4:50? She looks like she suddenly remembers she needs to act sick in every new scene of the video

No. 462448


"Reassuring Post-Hospital Follow Up & My Port Deaccessed! (5/22/17)" at 11:55

Jaq's on the bathroom floor after having vomited. I took note because the toilet was impeccably clean, not a spot of vomit anywhere. Now, I guess if I were about to be filmed post-vomit, I would wipe up because viewers don't want to see that. But idk, it's really fucking clean.

No. 462449

I don’t get this??? They “believed” it could be a heart attack? Like it’s not like I’m sort of pregnant. You either are or you aren’t. Bitch you either HAD a heart attack or you didn’t, you can’t believe you maybe did. The doctors and nurses would know for sure if you were having one. If someone has to think about it than you definitely didn’t..

No. 462451


this picture is so extra

No. 462452


In her post previous to this one, she complains she has a headache, double vision, and nausea so bad she cannot stand up and when she finally does stand out, her legs are so weak that they buckle underneath her.

But she has the mental clarity to write the long ass instagram post to describe it all?

No. 462453

Her legs are weak because she’s unnecessarily been in bed for days kek. If she’d stopmunchibg around and get some exercise, she’d feel fine. Although I more suspect she’s been fine this whole time. Everything she’s claiming is self-reported (except her “heart attack”) and can’t be tested for, the preferred characteristic of munchie symptoms.

No. 462456


9 times out of 10, if you claim chest pain and SOB in the hospital, you have to be worked up for a potential heart attack. So no, the nurses/doctors probably didn't think she was having a HA (most likely anxiety), but they have to follow policy and rule it out bc of her symptoms which I bet is what they actually told her.

Spoonies hear what spoonies want to hear.

sage for medfagging

No. 462459


she writes in a comment of her heart attack post that no one can explain to her why she can't feel her legs or if she ever will again.

so one day she's got a terrible reaction to an LP with headache and nausea so bad she collapses, the next day she has a heart attack, and later that day she's literally paralyzed? she is escalating so quickly that she will have to die and be reborn soon to keep up this momentum.

No. 462482


Die and be reborn to keep up with this momentum

Top kek anon

No. 462483

Anyone else getting hypermobileguy vibes from her? Thought random, suddenly paralysis was his thing (because no one else was dumb enough to claim that, she apparently is that dumb, or just that crazy)

No. 462484

Kek don’t give her any ideas. She’ll follow through and then claim she’s the new spoonie messiah

No. 462488

Spoonie Messiah, kek.
I'm loving to see how quickly Jaq is devolving too. Suddenly she's falling all the time, etc.
There's no way she's going to handle her surgery well, she's a total baby when it comes to pain.

No. 462495


this is part of why I'm interested in the google doc. it seems like she was spiraling but in the last two months it's turned into a nose dive. it's so interesting to try and track where the turning point was– where was the line between being able to drive to appointments and walk around disney and now being wheelchair bound in public? I wouldn't doubt that Jaq becomes almost paralyzed soon, too, because she's out of other symptoms.

No. 462500

They’re both turning into Chloe. Pretty soon both of them will be bed bound with total body paralysis (but fully able to take selfies and vlog).

No. 462502

she has to fall all the time to justify the AFOs

No. 462508

Cool. Does someone make regular backups? To be sure someone can't erase it all by mistake? Or one of her loyal supporters doesn't change all the fields to say "you're all suckers", or something like that?

I like that we're working together on this. I will definitely be contributing.

Just saw >>462260 before posting my reply. So yeah, I think regular backups are a good idea.

No. 462562

Don't know if it was in that particular vid, but that reminds me: one time when she was just out of hospital, she could suddenly eat much more, because she was on steroids and that stimulated her apetite. When she was off them, she couldn't eat anymore, which lead to her getting her feeding tube.

Need I say it? Probably not, but just in case there's Jaquie fans lurking here: steroids don't help with GP. She just gave us proof that she CAN eat much more. Not having an apetite is no excuse for needing a tube. Tons of people don't have an apetite and just eat regardless. Not having an apetite has NO influence on what or how much you can eat. It just means that maybe you'll enjoy it a little less. If people really forget to eat because of a low apetite, they set an alarm to remind them.

Her "I'm on steroids so I can eat more" basically translates as "The steroid-munchies make it almost impossible for me to restrict, so I'll just give in for the duration".

No. 462567


Amen, anon! I was trying to figure out how to word just exactly what you said. She’s proven time and again she can eat more than just “nibbles” as she calls her plate scavenging.

And the need to ALWAYS point out that a) she’s not eating because she “can’t” b) she’ll just nibble c) “I’m just having water d) she’s just having chocolate milk! We. Don’t. Care. But the constant need to point it out just screams eating disorder.

She always claims she has no psychological problems…when in fact that is all she has.

No. 462576

Lots of patients have no appetite. They don't get feeding tubes. They get Ensure. And because we're so caring and compassionate they get it in their choice of Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry. Jaquie would have a hard time choosing because Strawberry is pink, but chocolate is what a 3 year old would pick.

No. 462578

This. She reported symptoms consistent with MI so they did a cardiac workup, as is protocol. She did not have an MI, or she'd have monitor/tele leads and be in CCU or ICU. /medfag

At this point, I wonder if she is even still admitted? Close-up pillow mugshot style pics are easy to fake at home. She is in normal clothes too. #ICallBullshit

No. 462587


Ohhhh anon I never even thought that but it’s a great observation! All of the shots are tight on her face. Wow. What a piece of shit cow.

No. 462614

Didn't they start her on TPN? Home TPN is even rarer, I don't think they'd let her go home with it unless it was very clear it is going to be a long-term thing. Plus, she'd probably make a vlog "how I do my TPN at home" or something if they did. Unless of course they stopped her TPN and she 'forgot' to mention it. But somehow I think she'd be all over that, as well. "They are letting me go home to starve to death" - something like that.

I dunno. Most of these cows are real munchies as opposed to MBI cases. Though I'm sure there's some overlap, as well.

No. 462652

File: 1515166509515.png (206.97 KB, 723x1217, IMG_5402.PNG)

Copy cat cow supposedly had anaphylaxis from a banana.

No. 462654

File: 1515166631986.jpg (1.02 MB, 810x2288, Screenshot_20180105-093504.jpg)

I have so many questions. If they were thinking she was having heart problems, and anaphylaxis she would be in a gown, they would want east access.

No. 462655

File: 1515166642671.png (251.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5403.PNG)

And copy cat cow wants you to visit her in the hospital and send gifts. WHO wants a stranger to visit in them in the hospital especially a patient who is supposedly several immunocompromisrd and suffering random anaphylaxis?

No. 462668

Like seriously, I'v had anaphylaxis, but if anyone wants so visit just give me a buzz. Too much, just too muc!(???)

No. 462670

If you just had a heart attack, they wouldn't be worried about taking your tonsils out. That type of issue can wait.

No. 462684

I mean, some of her pics are obviously legit, but I suspect some could be bullshit. Isn't she the cow that bought a hospital-like adjustable bed just like Jaquie's? I suppose time will tell but she definitely raises red flags. I don't think she is legit.

Bullshit. No residual erythema or O2 or tele leads, she is in the same clothes as the last "heart attack" ~dramu~ post and nothing else is in the shot. I assure you if she had a peripheral line or leads or a cannula or any other evidence of treatment, she'd make sure that shit was in the pic. Not making sense. If either crisis unfolded you can bet your ass she would have had to get out of that tight top and jacket.

Interesting point! We

No. 462687

For sure, she was trying not to smirk. 6:05 ish. Also, all her "we gotta love each other!" "my mom is amazing!" "tell Judd I love him!" stunts seem so stilted. And so does the NOOOO PAAAAAIIIIN!!! crap.

No. 462688

She does NOOOOO PAAAAIIINN before and after stating that turning her neck makes her head hurt. She's a liar and not a very good one.

No. 462689

File: 1515171048764.png (1.17 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5404.PNG)

Sick face y'all. Two days after her ketamine injections she claims severe neck pain. But it's helping for sure! ….

No. 462690

CVS, as far as I know, is basically a migraine without the headache. It comes in flares, then goes away for a bit, like many regular migraines do.

No. 462691

Kudos to the anon who mentioned a few days ago that she should be having tooob problems any day now. She reports difficulty flushing the tube and that it's losing water quicker than normal.

No. 462696


I have never been more tempted to ring up a hospital to say hello to a dear munchie friend.

No. 462709

Janeice is apparently losing lots of weight. She seems to be refusing to eat though. It’s not as if she’s trying to eat and vomiting or crapping it all out. It seems like she’s developed disordered eating but claiming it’s physical.

No. 462712

She literally said that her weight went back up when she was in hospital because the nurses basically kept telling her to eat. So she CAN eat just fine, she just is either too lazy or she doesn't want to. I don't think it's an ED though. It would be an ED if she did it because she thought she was fat/afraid to gain etc. She is doing it for attention. That's textbook factitious disorder: feigning symptoms and even making herself sicker (by losing weight) to get attention from loved ones and/or doctors.

No. 462713

Whichever anons can get through Jaquie's repetition today is better than me. I made it through about half and could not listen to the same damn things for the 19th million time. She has told us three times this week about her supposed foot drop and what that means. Gahhhh.

No. 462720

We got a recap of her surgery details that she just had to go to the surgeon again to confirm. Don’t think there was anything new there, but now the hospital has to authorize her brand of tube and the sales rep she had on one vlog is trying to get it approved.

Then the heater in her apartment is broken, Judd’s escaping to Orlando for the weekend, her mom somehow spilled coffee on their ceiling (?) but wasn’t present when the story was told, she can’t open her new box of Kate Farms because the cold makes her hands not work, and she got pillows in the mail for her patreon funded bedroom makeover.

No. 462733


Omg can you please? You’d have so much interesting stuff to report.

No. 462735

I'm not sure what the admins would think of it, but IMHO they could, in this specific case. Depsite the non-interference rule: she is basically asking for it: she is telling people in what hospital she is and asking for strangers to contact and even visit her. Who even wants that?

I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds; I'm just saying what I think of it in this specific situation.

No. 462738

Janiece carries a lot of weight in her face. That's not shade, just an observation, I have a similar double chin going on. And she dresses so badly it obscures in her body shape, I wonder if anyone in her life can actually tell she's 'losing weight' or if they're just agreeing with her to her face since she can't stop whining about it.

No. 462739

Don't tip the cow.

No. 462744

Does no one read the rules of this place anymore? No cow tipping.

No. 462746


she's literally asking for people to contact her

No. 462748

I know it's been said before (multiple times, even) but really, that J-tube surgery is going to wreck her. As another anon said, her previous tube surgery isn't even surgery really, and mostly done out-patient. I know my hospital does that, anyway. But her upcoming surgery is an open Roux-en-Y jejunostomy, which really can't be compared to the tube placement she already had. I know she always says she is used to pain and can deal with it pretty well, but we all know this isn't true. I really wonder how she'll do. I think it is telling that she is expecting not to be able to vlog and already preparing vlogs (like the gross cake-in-face thing she showed us) while until now, she has ALWAYS been able to vlog every day even if she was in hospital (exluding that overly dramatic time when she was wasting away because a malfunctioning feeding tube means she suddenly can't eat anymore). Even when she was having "relentless, severe anaphylaxis" (her words, not mine) and when she supposedly had meningitis, and all the other times when she was the sickest of them all.

In today's vlog we learned that her 'pain management doctor' is a rheumatologist. Is that semi-common in the US? Where I live, a pain specialist is always an anesthesiologist. I find it very odd that a rheumatologist would do ketamine infusions. I noticed in the last ketamine vlog that she talked about both "the anesthesiologist and the pain management doctor" so I already noticed that apparently her pain doc isn't an anesthesiologist. She has a LOT of doctors who apparently have no problem at all to practice outside of their specialty. It explains a few things of course (like how she has a pain doc who doesn't know fuck about how to use ketamine for chronic pain), but it's still very odd.

BTW, has anyone read the comments on her "NO PAINN" vlog recently? It's full of people saying how they think she is very funny and how even when she is loopy she is still 'so genuine and positive' and 'always thinking of others'… It's nauseating. There's also a lot of comments on the fact that she has yelled "NO PAIN" every.single.time when she has had ketamine. Instead of seeing it for what it is, several people have commented on how cute that is and how glad it makes them that she's getting some relief.. I really cannot understand how they can't see that she is acting. I just watched the 'loopy' part of her first ketamine video, and although that was OTT as well, it was WAY less then the most recent version. That should tell them enough in and of itself. Normally, you'd expect people to react less when they are a bit used to the drug. Not Jaquie though. She saw people thought she was funny, so she amped it up like ten times. Her mother MUST have seen that, right? I know I am rambling, but I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people don't see it. She is clearly acting, and she's not even good at it! My head is spinning.

No. 462760

So – she's getting a Roux-en-Y jejunostomy. Of course that's usually done on kids, and we all know Jaq is actually a kid. And just to make it all more hilarious, Roux-en-Y is also the type of jejunostomy that tends to have the highest rate of complication, plus she's getting the replaceable button type stoma and not the permanent type, which is comparatively even more complication-prone. This is gonna be a wild ride, you guys!

No. 462765

Please update the spreadsheet, anon! I tried the best I could but you have more details than I could make out.

No. 462773

I'm going to sleep now. If no one has updated it by the time I'm awake (enough to deal with her), I will.

No. 462803

Lupusfag here, a rheumatologist is NOT a pain management doctor. Jaquie doesn't have any autoimmune conditions, so how she even got in to see a rheumy is beyond me. I will say though, there are a lot of shady rheumatologists out there. Arthritis and AI diseases can be debilitating, and there is a whole world of munchidom in the AI world full of people with "sero-negative" (no positive indicators in bloodwork) Lupus, RA, MS, etc. Some rheumatology offices double as or are attached to pain management centers and will offer infusions, narcotics, steroid injections, etc. in-house. I think most people with a legitimate serious AI disease do their research and stay away from a doctor who is going to pump them full of narcotics instead of prescribing immunosuppressants, but for a munchie like Jaquie she's found the perfect niche.

No. 462832

Todays vlog she said her xrays showed significant joint damage. I didn't think xrays could show soft tissue? I thought it was just bone.

She also said she has partial foot drop from her significant nerve damage. Huh?

No. 462843

joint damage is the wrong way to say it but when is j ever correct? she probably meant narrowing of the joint spaces (easy to see on an x-ray) as in arthritis but we know she doesn't have THAT because of how she sits on the floor with her sooper speshul type of eds.

No. 462847


Also, arthritis is way too common

No. 462863


well she should show us the X-rays, then. That would be very educational and help us advocate for ourselves, and that's what she's all about, right?

No. 462889


That seems incredibly excessive…

No. 462891

NO, NO AND NO. Go to http://www.lolcow.com/rules
Absolutely no contacting cows IRL. We are not some pearl-clutching savior squad doing good in the world. Enjoy the show or GTFO with this shit. It's against Lolcow rules. Read them and obey them ffs.

No. 462919


I said that I was "tempted" in order to emphasize my reaction to her claims. I did not say that I would.

No. 462940

File: 1515191578805.png (236 KB, 1080x1680, 20180105_163024.png)

Everything I was finding for ketamine treatment in Tampa is for depression, except for one guy that's in Clearwater that's double certified in anesthesiology and pain management. 1/2

No. 462947

File: 1515191714104.jpg (667.73 KB, 1070x1845, Screenshot_20180105-163306.jpg)


No. 462954

I could've sworn I heard her say his name before. Or another cow, maybe. Hmmm….

No. 462959

And he’s with the Florida Spine Institute which is the kind of place that advertises on tv and billboards. So we know he’s probably inclined to unnecessary procedures because money.

No. 462970

Jaq had to get extra clarification from her surgeon today about exactly what his procedure will be [so she knows exactly how to fuck it up later].

No. 462971

today Jaq feels frustrated she can't open her Kate Farms box and so she screamed and threw the box and she told us that because she wants to let us know "it's okay to have moments of frustration."

phrasing like this is so annoying to me, like she thinks she's become the authority on what is and isn't okay for a "chronic illness warrior". if she had said, "I shared this because I want you to know I get frustrated sometimes," it'd be different but saying, "I did this so it's okay you do it," just makes it seem like she thinks she's queen chronic warrior princess (which we all know she wants to be).

No. 462976

With unwrapping the pillows today, it really seems like Jaquie expected them to unfold like it was a cartoon, like they'd spring into the air as they unrolled. No grip on reality.

Also, I'm really surprised she sleeps at home alone. Besides her illnesses and that she could die in her sleep (/s), I'd just expect her to be scared. I think a lot of people would be scared to sleep in a home/ townhouse alone, and I'm really surprised she's not one of them. Doesn't demand to stay at her mom's or something.

No. 463001

How many pre-surgical consults will insurance typically pay for? She has had a lot of appointments for this, and with her list of 32 questions I don't understand why whatever else she needed couldn't be addressed by a nurse over the phone.

No. 463004

With Judd being a cop they likely have firearms in the house. Whether she is trained and capable of using them I have no clue but that might explain part of her lack of expressed concern for being at home alone at night.

>>>462971 I don't get the whole screaming over the box thing. Really. I have a condition where cold weather severely affects my ability to open packages but that is what knives and scissors are for. Why didn't she just use a tool instead of having a temper tantrum?

No. 463005

Sorry about the green. That is a new comment not a quote. My bad.

No. 463017

She hasn't heard of a knife, huh? She acts utterly helpless.

No. 463028


Anon, are you advocating for a child to use knives and guns?!

No. 463032

Even people with real eds who have unstable finger joints are able to open boxes. She’s just being a brat.

No. 463037

That would absolutely not be recommended for someone with eds unless it was absolutely necessary, and they would not immediately do the surgical option with the most possibility for complications. In fact, few doctors recommend separate tubes for eds, as it’s hard enough to heal from one tube surgery (it varies by person, but think several months). But we know she doesn’t have eds, although we also know she doesn’t need any tube to eat. She’s really found the munchie dream team of doctors.

No. 463039

IF she was even suspected of having a heart attack the FIRST thing the doctor would order is a troponin test. If you have suffered a heart attack, even the most minor of one, it would show troponin in your blood. She stated they did an EKG but that won't always show what has already happened. Stupid fucking cow should learn her shit before she tries to munchie her way into something.


No. 463048


I haven't been able to watch her vlogs lately. Is that box of formula her only formula right now and is that why she is pretending she can't open it? So she has an excuse not to run feeds?

No. 463054


No, she said she has two cartons out so she is okay, but she has asked her mother to come over in the morning to help her open the boxes. So… just another reminder for us that her joints have always been a problem, honest, she didn't just make it up for the vlog, and a reminder to her mother that she should have stayed in Orlando.

No. 463095

2 cartons of feed is 975 calories and that's gonna last her until her mom can come and open the boxes for her. Further proof the tube isn't her main source of feeds.

How many more pillows and accessories does she need on that bed?

No. 463163

File: 1515206560849.png (165.55 KB, 1334x750, IMG_5406.PNG)

I don't know but none of it goes together and it all looks like shit. She really has zero decorating ability and horrid taste.

No. 463171

Absolutely ridiculous. No one with eds wouldn’t be able to get a box of formula open. And for someone who’s hands are so bad, she’s amazingly able to type and cut up food for Harlow and hold her damn video camera.

No. 463172

She’s spending her patreon money on that?! It’s really fucking ugly. For the money she rakes in, she could afford something much nicer and more attractive.

No. 463188

Not to mention for someone with horrible fatigue and weakness, she made the bed pretty easily.

No. 463196


Her skinwalker's new bedding looks better.


And someone confused her with Jaquie in the comments.

[my tablet is having issues screencaping]

No. 463209

No wonder she went full munchie so quickly and now is ~mysteriously~ paralyzed kek. She’s got to distinguish herself from jaquie, the OG munchie

No. 463212

Can someone explain her frustration to me and why her mom needs to come help with the boxes? I truly don't understand. Is she really not allowed to one of Judd's army/police/regular/pocket knives? Medical scissors? Regular ol' scissors? X-Acto crafting knife?

She managed to get the pillow box open but not the other boxes? If I were her mother, I might refuse because I have a job and Jaquie has a third degree black belt, which means at one time, she could think on her feet (e.g., problem solve).

No. 463218

Pillow boxes=fun, something she wants

Formula box=calories, doesn’t want it, another excuse to “show” that she has joint problems and needs to be taken care of.

It’s not an issue of ability, it’s motivation.

No. 463226

To some degree I blame her mom and Judd for enabling her to the degree that they have. I am not excusing Jaquie of responsibility for her behavior but her family is fully allowing her descent in munch-land.

No. 463245

In the new Google Doc (thank you anons!) an early vlog describes how she goes to a neurologist for "terrible muscular problems" that she's had since childhood.

I think she's rewriting her history here, this poor child afflicted with "terrible muscular problems" got a fricking black belt in martial arts.

No. 463250

For sure. People who diagnosed with lifelong illnesses in adulthood (EDS, Mito, CF) have almost always had problems their whole lives, but those problems aren’t tied together into the illness or illnesses until they’re an adult. No one goes from getting a black belt to having such severe problems they can’t walk, and just in a couple years. Not with the illnesses jaq claims.

No. 463252

File: 1515214130669.png (67.13 KB, 636x237, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 04.4…)


It looks like despite fleecing her fans for cash supposedly for CC on the vlogs, she's also asking them to do it for her for free!

No. 463253

File: 1515214179633.png (353.6 KB, 984x507, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 04.4…)


I clicked through to the "creator studio" and it showed me this. Her poor deluded fans have done it for her, for free.

No. 463254


One thing that's definitely hypermobile is her story kek

No. 463257


Hypermobileguy claims FND for his hysteric paralysis.
But also claims he's been told he might not walk again, which no one would ever say to a FND patient kek

No. 463258


slightly OT but that hat makes her look so special needs

No. 463259

Jesus the lies with this cow. It’s textbook sociopath to willing take money from people (many who are sick themselves) just because she wants it. As far as the black belt, people with unknown eds at least who do sports as children are usually not very successful at them, as they are usually very fatigued and very often injured. No way she’d be able to get a black belt.

No. 463260


You know what's great for opening boxes when your hands are numb in the cold? Gloves and a pair of scissors. She just wants more pity points. People with raynauds find ways to do everyday things even when it's cold. But why do that when you can moan into a camera?

No. 463262


Hey Lupusfag. Here in Europe, at least, EDS falls under Rheumatology. We don't have geneticists as much, unless undergoing actual genetic testing.

Saged for OT/medfag

No. 463267


It's maybe possible to have EDS and succeed in martial arts like she did, but you'd have to have an especially mild case.

No. 463270

Agreed you can live a normal active life, I have heds I was diagnosed when I was 9, I was put into physiotherapy to build muscles are the weak collagen, I don't do any impact sports but I rock climb for a living . I've also had 3 spinal fusion due to eds… If you want to have a good life you can these people just want the pity of being sick and not bettering themselves. I takes time but its possible. These people infuriate me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 463272

That's true. In the US rheumatology usually sees and manages fibromyalgia patients, but over the last 1-2 years I've noticed primary care taking over if the patient only has fibro and not an overlapping AI disease. I just meant that overall it's unusual for a patient with no AI activity to see a rheumatologist, unless the rheumy is practicing outside of their area of expertise like Jaquie's is.

No. 463275


I don't have a "normal active life", but I have an appropriately adapted one. Plenty going on, and not just my health to mull over.

Jacquie needs some fucking hobbies. What happened to that brief return to photography?

No. 463276

For someone who claims such severe EDS, and fingers being an incredibly commonly affected joint, her fingers sure don't look swan-necked.

No. 463301

How do we view the Google spreadsheet/add to it?

No. 463321

OP of that comment. I agree, it does depend on the activity, and it’s totally possible to live a fairly normal, active life with eds. I meant more contact sports, including martial arts (hitting, kicking, getting hit and kicked, doing lots of pivoting). I know the worst thing for eds is to not be active. But in context to jaquie, she doesn’t claim mild eds, she claims hers is severe. And she went from being a black belt (quite intense) to being wheelchair-bound (as she claims) in a relatively short amount of time.

No. 463352

Formula boxes are usually glued together. I'm pretty sure I spotted hers to be, too. So it's not a matter of cutting through the tape that holds the box together, you'll need quite some strength to rip it open. I couldn't them open by myself, either. To be perfectly honest, what I found strange about this part of the vlog is the fact that she apparently can open them herself normally.

No. 463358

I have no chronic illness and I struggle to open boxes like the one she showed. I doubt it had anything to do with hand strength and everything to do with how much glue was on that particular box. Some of them are just sealed TIGHT.

No. 463359


it's linked in the first comment of this thread

No. 463361

I think the recent AFO discovery has answered a big question for me: what is her reason for new symptoms.

Like leading up to getting the wheelchair– what does she blame as the onset of her weakness? We see she needs a wheelchair now but didn't months ago– what does she say is the cause of that?

I'm not saying what IS the cause of that because we obviously know there is not cause, rhyme or reason.

But what I've wondered is what SHE thinks is the reason. Is she trying to say her EDS is advancing? She's weak from her GP? Or is she angling for a new diagnosis?

Well, with the AFOs on the way and increase of falls since she learned about AFOs, it's super clear that she doesn't even have a reason these things are increasing. She'd blame it on her EDS, I guess, but is she actually saying her EDS has gotten worse in the last two weeks? No, she's not really saying that. She's trying to play it off like it's been like this the whole time.

That's confusing because, as her viewers, we can clearly see that's just not true. But it's as if she doesn't consider that. She now can't lift her feet out of the car because of foot drop and seems to really expect us to believe this has always been the case.

That is so interesting (and psychotic). I kept thinking if we dug up enough info, we'd see where she put the blame of her never-ending new symptoms but it seems she has no blame. They just appear and she acts like they've always been there.

No. 463367


Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But the impression I got was that she's blaming pain (EDS) fatigue and numbness/tingling. Depending on what's at the top of her list that day. Oh and POTs of course.

Also a thought on her sudden foot drop issues. Falling etc. If someone genuinely had foot drop and was clumsy as a result, wouldn't they automatically take more care? Not just go barreling around as usual and constantly fall as a result? You wouldn't just get up out of the car without being careful, holding onto something, being aware of where you put your feet etc. When you have a disability which hinders your movement it doesn't take long for your mind to adjust and take care accordingly. Barring the occasional fuck up. It seems like she's falling because her feet can't keep up with her. If it were all true, and she wasn't faking, she's a fucking idiot. She doesn't need AFOs or a wheelchair, she needs schooling on how to live as a bipedal human being.

No. 463368


sure, those are the things she's blaming. but falling has been a small problem in the past, now it's suddenly a massive problem. so she's saying her pain, fatigue and numbness got worse in the last two weeks– what is the reasoning for that? why did those symptoms escalate in the last two weeks? if they had seriously escalated that bad in the last two weeks to the point she's falling constantly, shouldn't that be a massive concern that she needs meds adjusted or something? shouldn't she be alarmed that her EDS just took a sudden hit? but I don't think she sees it all that way, I think she wants us to believe her pain, fatigue, and numbness have always been exactly this bad (but for some reason hasn't caused her to fall frequently before hearing about AFOs).

No. 463369

True. Her MO is to constantly rewrite her own history. For example, she was complaining of 'blood pressure issues'/low BP/dizziness' for YEARS. Then someone mentioned POTS and her doctors were planning to test her for it. Suddenly, she started complaining about tachycardia as well. Then she first got her diagnosis of orthostatic intolerance, which I assume they gave her because her symptoms did NOT fit the criteria for POTS. Meaning: she did not have (enough of a) raise in her HR. Yet now, she is acting as if she always had HR issues and that is her main symptom.

It went the same with her EDS diagnosis. She used to complain of leg pain and there was a rare mention of hip pain before she got that diagnosis. Then she went to her headache doc and he told her she was hypermobile and therefore, she had EDS. Then all of a sudden, her leg pain changed to hip pain and she started to describe her hip pain as "a feeling of not fitting right/being out of place". Later, she added "a clicking sensation". Something she never mentioned before. She even said to someone in the comments that she didn't think she ever had a subluxation. But after a few months, she suddenly started to talk about hip subluxations. The strange thing about that was that she never told us how she managed to sublux her hip and she also never vlogged it just after it happened. Instead, she mentioned it a while after it supposedly happened: "last week my hip subluxed, and now it is more painful.." Yet in the week leading up to that comment, she did not mention anything about it. Only once have I heard her say that she had a subluxation "today", but even then she didn't say how it happened, if it went back by itself or if she had to put it back herself and how, etc.
With her current bracing evaluation, she implies that she has subluxations of other joints, too. Yet she never said so. She said that wheeling her chair without power assist made her shoulders 'feel as if they were going to sublux', but she never had an actual shoulder sublux. (Nor - I am convinced - a hip sublux, but that's another matter.)

She said one time on her Instagram that she didn't know if Harlow could alert to her syncope, because she didn't have any syncope episodes since she got Harlow (she had her for almost a year by then, I think) unless it was brought on by heat, and heat can usually be avoided. She also said that she used to 'almost faint' if she vacuumed, and even once fainted for real. Yet when they got the roomba, that story suddenly changed to "I always faint if I vacuum."

When she had her port surgery, they would use twilight sedation but that didn't work. She was wide awake during the surgery, but they used lidocaine so she wasn't in pain. There're more examples like this. Then she learned that local anesthesia doesn't always work well for EDS patients, and suddenly she doesn't react to lido at all.

When she was trying to get IV therapy she was warned that it would shot her veins, but she told her commenters not to worry because her veins were excellent. After only two home infusions she and her doctor decided to go for a port before her veins would be damaged. But if she needs a peripheral IV these days, she says it is SO difficult to get a vein and told a nurse how special it was that she got the IV in one go.

She even rewrites her treatment history. She tells people that she tried infusions for months before they decided on a port. Yet if you go back to her Instagram, they decided only after ONE full two liter infusion (and three infusions in total) to 'move forward' with a port. She also tells us that she has done "so much PT" for her joints, but we all know this simply isn't true.

And now of course, her most recent rewrite. She learns about AFO's, has a 'partial foot drop' (which can be muscle weakness as well as nerve damage, and can even be flat out faked) and she suddenly can't pick her feet up. So she starts falling randomly because she needs these AFO's so badly. I think it is very telling that Judd told her to just pick her feet up and that he talked over her "Let's get some great Italian" when she started to complain about that. I think he either saw she faked/exagerrated it, or he just thought she was being a drama queen.

But yeah, she ALWAYS does that. Rewrite her own history of symptoms and treatments. Just like she was "so dangerously malnourished" before her feeding tube surgery, yet if you look at her vlogs of that date, there's nothing to be seen of that and I think she even eats chicken the day after her surgery - something like that. She is so inconsistent that it is really odd that her family hasn't caught on by now. But maybe they have, who knows. They probably wouldn't know what to do about it, or they are in too deep by now (especially Judd).

No. 463373


That’s so weird because that’s just bad munchie technique. Anyone could point out her inconsistencies and she’d be screwed. A more talented munchie would work harder to cover their tracks. Yet she has thousands of adoring fans.

No. 463388

One thing I have been wondering about is their personal brand of raw food for dogs. I just don't think it's healthy or that she or Janice really understand what dogs need nutritionally. It looks like they feed them stuff that's healthy for humans, and think that's good for the dogs. Like yoghurt pops, coconut oil etc… All stuff that health nut humans eat. Just don't think they would be as good for dogs. But hey, neither of them seem too smart so ok.

No. 463414

I find it very funny that of all the things to criticize about that, you choose to criticize her technique. Lol.

But you are right in how obvious she is. And that anyone who wants to see it, could see it. Maybe not if you've only watched a few of her videos, but those who have been following her for months or even years, are just willing themselves into believing her.

No. 463415

This is their wedding day video. We have footage from behind of her walking from 11:17 to 11:30 and again from 12:09 to 12:27 and she definitely does not have foot drop.

No. 463423

If strong emotions bring on her cataplexy how was she able to stand through the whole ceremony?

No. 463435


Then obviously she doesn't have strong feelings for him.

No. 463445

So she was able to get a bone marrow biopsy without sedation but has to have sedation for a simple joint injection and feeding tube change? Something doesn't add up because bone marrow biopsies are incredibly painful, even with lidocaine the pressure change inside the bone is horrendous. Not to mention the power drill in your pelvis is noisy and feels weird, how does that correlate to her SPD? People get bone marrow biopsies all the time with no sedation but I'm just really surprised that queen Jaq was able to skip it. Any thoughts?

No. 463447

File: 1515251389153.png (199.1 KB, 740x1154, IMG_5409.PNG)

New pic from skin walker munchie. She has been wearing the same shirt for the past three days. That's just gross.

No. 463448

File: 1515251436380.png (346.59 KB, 748x1255, IMG_5410.PNG)

She's also "an absolute wreck" but like all good munchies has the strength to post on IG

No. 463450

Well, she did say it was kind of traumatic. Which is understandable, especially as the doctor told her it wouldn't be painful. He never should have said that and I don't understand how that could've happened. Apparently, he does them all the time and according to Jaquie he seemed kind of suprised that she was overwelmed by the pain.

So if she had known about that, she NEVER would've been OK with having it done without sedation.

As to the joint injections and feeding tube change: it does seem that those things come at least partly down to the doctor's preference. I know some procedures that can easily be done without sedation are done so often with it (like gastro- and colonoscopy) that the doctor kind of assumes their patient would want sedation. And of course her pain management plan is basically insurance fraud where the only reason they do joint injections is so they can get the insurance company to cover her ketamine.

No. 463467

At the end of todays vlog, Jaquie sets the stage for receiving an obscene amount of narcotics as 'due to her EDS' she metabolizes them so quickly, she's concerned the normal amount someone would be prescribed after surgery won't be enough to control her pain.

This of course after explaining that narcotics make her more likely to have a seizure, make her narcolepsy worse, and worsen her motility issues…

No. 463478

Janiece is on a certain path for a port and feeding tube, probably with all of the coaching advice from the Queen-of-Fake-Diagnoses-and-Manipulator-of-Doctors, Jaquie. Suddenly Janiece can't eat, can't drink, is losing weight, and is getting nauseous from her medications–exactly the scenario Jaquie vlogged on her own quest for multiple unnecessary holes in her body. The newest symptom Janiece dreamed up is severe muscle pain from the cold weather. Doesn't she have heat she can turn on in the apartment? Or does her apartment have to copy Jaquie too (no heat)? Which chronic illness does she attribute the muscle pain to? And as new You-Tube-Sensation-Paul (literally in half her vlogs now) reports, her supposed POTS symptoms are flaring so a port for IV fluids and probably IV Benadryl is in her near future. Jaquie can surely tip her off to which Dr. Quack to see to get that. Maybe a quick trip to Disney for a Dole Whip would turn things around for her. Or some sushi. The downward spiral continues…

No. 463504

File: 1515258672045.jpg (679.14 KB, 1080x1590, Screenshot_20180105-203802.jpg)

A perfect example of letting her raw fed dog way to close to her accessed port for someone with a compromised immune system.

No. 463508

File: 1515258785836.jpg (706.46 KB, 803x1632, Screenshot_20180106-111156.jpg)

What is she going to start claiming now?

No. 463510


I agree that this type of box can be hard to open (also no illnesses) but you can still cut them open if you do it right. She doesn't give us a great shot of it by the edges have perforations where you can slice through to get a side open. You can also shove a butter knife into that peel flap and wedge it open instead of peeling it open.

I just think this is like when she couldn't figure out how to wash her hair. She prefers to be helpless so somebody can help her - either somebody figuring out you can wash hair in a sink. She could have thought of that like any normal person or gone to a cheap hair salon and bought a $10 wash.

Janiece said yesterday that her GYNO wanted to see her about her hospitalization. I'm not expert but that sounded weird to me. It honestly sounded more like she just had a yearly appointment scheduled and she wanted to relate it to her hospitalization.

No. 463511

But dogs are so clean and sanitary uwu let them lick your face, hands, breathe all over you and continue with your day

No. 463514

I have NEVER heard of the supposed fact that EDSers metabolize narcotics and other drugs differently. Other then anecdotal self-report and of course, the rather well-documented problem with local anesthesia (that some testing seems to comfirm, but most are inconsistent). Of course it's possible for someone with EDS to be a rapid or even ultra-rapid metabolizer, but that's not related to EDS in any way. I even did a PubMed search and came up with nothing.

At this point, she is just making shit up because unlike what she wants her fans to believe, she cannot deal with pain well and is afraid of it.

And again she rewrites her history by saying that the lido didn't work when she had her bone marrow biopsy because of her EDS.. no b%tch, that is just a very painful procedure for EVERYONE. Lidocaine only goes so far. She can't have forgotten about the fact that the local worked just FINE for her during her port surgery, because she even mentioned being awake for it.

Also, she said she became 'aware' during her wisdom tooth surgery? She was sedated for that? COME ON(!)

No. 463516

She does mention that the "skin part" (I think she calls it) of her bone marrow biopsy was fine.

No. 463523

Yeah, THAT is the area lidocaine works on. After that, it's just very painful. So she basically told us that lido works fine for her? Not that we didn't already know that.. She thinks she is so special that she was in so much pain with it, and also with her butt boil. Guess what, Jaquie? Inflamed tissue is almost impossible to numb. That hurts for everybody and your fake EDS has nothing to do with it.

No. 463527

Someone commented that she hasn’t been using the med alert.

No. 463537


what's with posing like this? 3 of her last 4 pictures are just like this. we know you're awake because you're taking a selfie. are we supposed to think she's so exhausted she can't open her eyes (yet she is writing these long ass captions)?

it is really sad, though, that she seems to have pretty much no friends or family. Jaq does these things for attention from Judd and her family (and social media, too). Amanda does them just for social media. there's no one in real life by her side. what extreme measures to go to. I can't imagine the debt she's racking up and how horrendous it'll be to deal with on her own when she's done with this game.

No. 463540


I can never get over the "coincidence" that is Jaq and Janeice. Judd and Paul were friends before they started dating either girl. So they think it's just coincidence that they each happened to find a girlfriend who has the exact same insane illness as the other? How does this not make it so obvious to Judd and Paul that these two are giant fakers?

No. 463550


who is taking these pictures? Some of them don't look like selfies.

She does have family but they live in another state: http://columbustelegram.com/news/local/winig-handles-health-issues-with-help-from-her-four-legged/article_111a1ddb-1be2-5005-932f-f4a9a5e9a3b0.html

they probably stopped dropping everything to visit her after her because she has medical crises so often.

although it sounds like her dad lives a few hours away and visits once in a while?

No. 463552

File: 1515264108280.png (1.43 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5415.PNG)

Another shot of the heat intolerant cow wearing a winter hat and sweater coat indoors. (And looking to the side so likely lying..)

No. 463555

Jaquie pontificates today about how nervousness before surgery is totally okay and not a weakness - in the same manner how she tells us it's totally okay not to be a patreon or to feed our dogs raw food - and then goes on to say how she is not nervous. Um okay… the person who had to see four different surgeons, had 32 written questions and then went back to ask MORE questions isn't nervous. Not buying it and personally I think it's a complete mind-fuck for chronically ill people who follow her that she is acting this way

No. 463558

To be fair it has been legitimately cold in Tampa (we’ve actually run the heater this year, it was getting into the 50’s indoors without it), and she says the heater is broken.

Though the hat is a bit much.

No. 463560

The hat is definitely OTT. Especially for someone who is heat intolerant. The sweater not so much.

No. 463579

Have we seen Judd's wrist lately?

No. 463652

The sweater I understand. The hat looks like she’s exploring the arctic. And I think she’s getting her “nervous” feelings for surgery confused with “excited”. She lives for that shit, especially since she’ll have the world’s longest recovery, during which she will demand to be waiting on hand and foot (although she expects it now as well kek). We know she’s going to milk the attention and asspats and generally be a huge bitch. Especially since it’s for a surgery she doesn’t need in the first place.

No. 463653

Yeah, but normal people that let their animals do this shit don't claim to have a suppressed immune system.

No. 463701

She won't take narcotics because they will slow her digestion, but what she WILL do is use all 3 abnormal holes in her body (port, gtube and new jtube to "administer' Toradol and other meds. Maybe her doc can prescribe her a rectal suppository med too.

The hat–she & BFF Janiece now both have those ridiculous hats and think they are really stylin'. Jaq had better be nervous about having another hole drilled in her body, now that she is a MRSA carrier–yet another hole to get infected. However it all plays out, it will be another Unique Jaquie Shit Show!

No. 463731

Person with diagnosed foot drop from a stroke (one foot, bot both), one is forced to automatically take more care, in addition, I wear a brace, but not every day. Only when I know I am going to be working for extended periods of time on my feet (>16 hours) because it can get worse with fatigue. But the realistic view is, sometimes you trip, laugh it off and get a move on to what you're doing. Also, as everyone has mentioned, PT, OT and continuous exercise to improve/maintain and not just rely on the brace.

Sage for blogging and a bit of medfag.

No. 463732


Also what happened to her butt boil and her toe?

And sure as shit I called it… she hadnt been saying anything about her tube problems lately and bam now she’s having “problems” again. And surely she is excited about that because maybe they’ll move her surgery up! I wonder if her GI and surgeon know that she’s a MRSA cesspool and that they’re about to cut open some risky shit. Nah, adjustable Jaquie probably failed to mention that little tidbit.

No. 463738


So she was able to get a bone marrow biopsy without sedation but has to have sedation for a simple joint injection and feeding tube change? Something doesn't add up because bone marrow biopsies are incredibly painful, even with lidocaine the pressure change inside the bone is horrendous. Not to mention the power drill in your pelvis is noisy and feels weird, how does that correlate to her SPD? People get bone marrow biopsies all the time with no sedation but I'm just really surprised that queen Jaq was able to skip it. Any thoughts?

I agree, in addition to the fact that while there IS published information on EDS and rapid drug metabolism, it seems to be very drug specific. Anyone (medfags) care to weigh in on this?

No. 463754

She got the bone marrow biopsy before she discovered the joys of ketamine, I believe. If she got one now, you can bet she’d demand sedation, if not full anesthesia.

No. 463763

I know any of the -caine meds tend to not work as well in eds (they still work, you just tend to need more and it wears off much, much quicker). But those are really the only ones specific and common to eds. Pain meds themselves cause tolerance in most people when they’re taken long term, and dosages have to be increased. So not special to jaquie or her supposed eds.

No. 463764


To be fair, 10 years of oncology nursing has made me a big advocate of sedated bone marrow biopsies. That's a legit reason to be sedated.

No. 463767


The doctor told her the bone marrow biopsy was no big deal and wouldn't hurt. She said it was a really bad experience. This may be part of why she's so insistent on having sedation for EVERYTHING.
Although it does add to what other people have been saying - she has no clue what pain is. She thought she could handle stuff but then discovered she couldn't, so now she wants all the chemical helpers all the time.

No. 463769

Overall I think she's just neurotic and has extremely low pain tolerance. Bone marrow biopsy sounds like a bitch and I'm not including that in my criticism of her but after watching her for a year I stand by neurotic and generally wimpy

No. 463787

Not only is she a MRSA carrier/cesspool with 2 recent infections (toe & butt boil), she is putting herself at high risk having ANY bowel surgery because she's at risk of a raging C-diff infection when they give her intra-op and/or post-op antibiotics. Especially if there is any sliver of truth to her immune deficiency. She's likely to be a LEGITIMATE hot mess and might find out what being truly sick is. A potential kick in the gut for our favorite YT munchie actress.

No. 463845


Right?! Being sooooo immunocompromised she’s never sick, which surprises me because of all the doctor offices and procedures at the surgery centers… she’s never picked up a bug. Most people that comprised are sick often and all that port manipulation and no bacteremia or sepsis? Nope. She’s such a fraud.

No. 463873

Watched some of Janiece's most recent vlog today and her face is so puffy! She does not look healthy at all. Wonder if it's a side effect of one of her medications?

No. 463881

So many good points brought up about the MRSA. I don't ever recall anyone (her mother or Judd) using contact precautions (a national CDC standard if you have MRSA anywhere), since she was diagnosed. Anyone who comes in the room or treatment area should be wearing a contact barrier, including gown and a gloves to limit contamination to any other patients. If she were to be rested and tested negative, SURELY she would have shared that precious information with the world on YT?

No. 463884


I don't know if she would've because she doesn't seem to completely understand how MRSA works.

No. 463892

My hospital doesn't make visitors follow isolation, since they're living with them at home without gowns and gloves. They're already probably colonized. They're also not going in other patients' rooms.

No. 463918


kek that article says Amanda was diagnosed with EDS due to "achy joints". Fuck off!

No. 463944

Forgive my ignorance but after the surgery, will the hospital put her on a slow rate on her feeding tube? Or will they put it directly to the rate she's lied about doing to suggest most of her calories come from the tube?

No. 463951

They’ll probably try to start slow and bring it up to what they think is her normal rate, but if she whines enough about it being painful they’ll keep it low and she can “increase it at home” once they discharge her. I’ve seen a few other munchies pull this in recent hospitalizations.

Of course, knowing Jaquie, she won’t be able to tolerate any feeds at all to start because I’m convinced in the long run she’s angling for tpn.

No. 463955

For sure she’s angling for TPN, but why jump directly there when there are more tubes to be had first?! She’ll keep the tubes for a while, and then “not be able to tolerate” her feeds. Favorite munchie technique. But first she’s going to milk the hell out of this surgery.

No. 463971


She won't be able to run feeds through it at all until 24-48 hours while it heals a bit. Most of the time you're not allowed to eat or drink during that period either.

No. 463972

But she'll whither away without her nutrition!!!!!

No. 463993

What is it about TPN that these munchies want so bad? Is it because it shows how soooper sick they are or is there some other reason?

No. 464010

I hope she fucking hates this 2nd tube and realizes it's a mistake and just gets in the way of everything and learns her lesson. We all know that will never happen though. It'll just be another thing we never will hear the end of. I honestly believe she is getting this surgery just for the general anesthesia so she can check it off her list of drugs. I'm dreading hearing her complain about the pain constantly and begging for a pain pump. I want these doctors to grow some balls and say suck it up pain is never going to be nonexistent after a procedure.

No. 464013

Also, I think Jaquie is jealous of Janiece's problems because Janiece is getting more attention than her! She said she wasn't going to comment on it probably because she's in a jealous fit that someone is overshadowing her first real surgery.

No. 464041

They want TPN because it’s the farthest someone can go up the sick scale. People get TPN when they can’t even handle j tube feedings, and munchies always want to be the absolute worst and the sickest. Plus it’s risky, so more seriousness and asspats and being taken care of. Munchies looove TPN, normal people with chronic illness avoid it if all possible.

No. 464043

Yeah, pain pumps are looking like they’ll be the next chronic illness trend. I still can’t believe her doctor has signed off on another tube surgery when she doesn’t have a valid reason to need even the first tube.

No. 464078

She'll probably ask her doctors for two days of TPN then. Whine about how bad she felt when her tube wasn't working and that she can't heal from her surgery without nutrition. As she already has a central line and she seeks out the biggest suckers as her doctors, they might even comply.

I do think she is genuinely nervous and worried about this surgery, though. I think she realizes that this is a bigger surgery then she's dealt with until now, and that she is going to be in real pain. That's why she is so worried that they won't give her enough narcotics. There is NO reason why narcotics would work different for her and as she doesn't normally take them, she won't even have a tolerance to them. But she is afraid of the pain. I think she is being honest when she says that her experience with that bone marrow biopsy has something to do with it, but I also think that's not the whole story. She probably knows that her presentation to the world as someone who is always in severe pain but deals with is o so well is fabricated, and she doesn't know how to deal with actual pain.

No. 464083


I think the fact that she's already convinced she'll need/ get TPN is part of the reason she'll actually get it. The day after the surgery, she'll be telling the camera "my team is thinking of doing a few days of TPM" whether or not it's true. But she'll say it and will it into existence. She'll talk to her doc about TPN with that same confidence and make him think it's the obvious thing to do.

No. 464090

I agree. The fact that she had it before, even it was just one night, will help her as well. A doctor will be more inclined to give a patient a certain drug or treatment if they had it before. If another doctor deemed it necessary before, they feel like that doctor is already agreeing with them and it almost feels like a team decision.

This is also why I think at least a little bit of arrogance isn't a bad thing for a doctor. In some situations, you NEED them to be able to think: "screw that other doc you had, I make the decisions about your care now."

No. 464103

Poor Jaquie should wait another 6 months and see if some of these drug shortages resolve before her unnecessary surgery- not that they seem to effect her.

Current national drug shortages include not just her precious saline, but also Dilaudid and the protein that goes in TPN.

No. 464116

File: 1515329219261.jpeg (236.17 KB, 1242x1650, 0FED360D-6AD9-4175-A2FC-5FE5B7…)

I look at Janiece’s vlog today and low and behold this is the first comment. And check out her goddamn response. It’s like the wheels in her head are already turning to do what Jaquie does and tell her doctor what she thinks is best for herself and “advocate” for herself. If she seriously gets a feeding tube I will be sick. I can’t say for sure whether or not Jaquie actually tried a real diet in the past because that was prior to vlogging.. however we’ve seen proof time after time that Janiece refuses to follow a diet! She blatantly doesn’t give a fuck and one anon on here even found out she’s lactose and gluten intolerant. There’s no way someone like this should be given a tube. She needs a strict diet regimend.

No. 464139

If you watch the video, you find out Janiece has been summoned to her GYN's office because the GYN looked at the scans and believes she has endometriosis and nothing at all wrong with her GI track.

The GYN wants her to see a surgeon who will do an exploratory laparoscopic surgery to diagnose the endometriosis.

Paul says if the surgeon finds it, he will remove it and all will be well, but that's not how endo works.

However, endo would explain her symptoms. The endometrial tissue grows outside (rather than inside) and can cause lesions and scar tissue to form. attach to other organs, and so on, so it could be pressing against or attached to her colon. Surgery can remove all or part of it, but I believe it often grows back, and, of course, surgery often causes scar tissue to form, which can make the problem/pain worse.

Symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea and/or constipation, low back pain, chronic fatigue, and lots of issues during menstruation. It's managed with meds and surgery, when necessary. Endo usually stops after menopause.

They are going to pursue the smart pill and the GYN surgical consult. I don't know any woman who has endo AND a feeding tube.

No. 464142

The endo tissue grows outside the uterus* rather than inside…

No. 464149


kek this is exactly what Aubrey's done. She's out-munchied the manipulation queen!

No. 464165

Wow. So she felt she didn't really belong in the hard-core of the spoonie community and she upped her game? I that what's happening here? And does she actually think a doctor would give her a tube for either IBS or Endo? COME. ON. (Although, with so many people with YouTube channels getting tubes lately for practically nothing, she might even find one who is willing to go along with it. All she has to do is ask her bestie for the contact information of her GI Quack.)

>>one anon on here even found out she’s lactose and gluten intolerant.

She doesn't. Just because she followed a fad diet for a few weeks doesn't make her gluten and dairy intolerant. She just followed the diet for a while to see if it would influence her symptoms. She told us it didn't. She is basically too lazy and/or lacks creativity to bring some variance to her diet. She is eating only turkey sandwiches because apparently, she can't think of anything else. I would grow tired of that, too. The very fact that she gained weight in the hospital tells us she can eat fine if someone put it in front of her and tells her to eat it. She needs to grow up. If she REALLY has so much pain and discomfort when she eats, she should get herself some ensure and for a while.

This is bad. The fact that she even gets this question and the way she aswers it, tells us that the idea that a feeding tube is the easy way out is already pervasive in the spoonie community. Have trouble eating? Get yourself a cute button and some tubie pads to go along with it. It makes it look so easy and so normal. No need to see a dietician and try to change your diet, no need to do the hard trial-and-error work almost everyone with ANY degree of GI problems has to deal with to find out what you system can deal with. No need to try meds or have a temperal nasal tube in order to gain weight BEFORE doing that hard work, just have a hole punched in your belly and go with that. Imagine dealing with GI problems and actually doing that work, and then see THIS. On a bad day, it might cause someone to give up and just pursue a permanent feeding tube instead.

No. 464166


Do these cows even realise the effects of having a tube, of not eating? Enjoy draining bile out of your dying stomach, guyz.

No. 464183

It's crazy how lazy she is with her food. Didn't someone post earlier that she'd been to culinary school? You'd think to do that she would have some passion for cooking!

No. 464185

She probably sees how Jaquie eats and thinks having a tube is a one way ticket to only eating junk food. Even if she gets a tube, Janiece is not going to be giving up her dole whips and donuts and cookies and sushi…

No. 464189

Exactly. Eat what you want, don't eat what you don't want, and adjust the feed rate enough to not get fat.

She also said in her latest vlog that she is weighing herself every day. Obsessed much? Any dietician will tell you to NOT do that, because it'll show every normal fluctuation and make you obsessed even if you're not yet. They always tell you to weigh yourself once a week, if you can always at the same time of the day.

I've got another theory though. She just told us she was put on prednisone whilst in the hospital. (US docs are really crazy overprescribers, aren't they? She was on abx, too. O, and both can cause really bad stomach problems.) She is tapering off right now. I think it is possible that she knew that weight gain is one of the most common side effects, and that she is trying to avoid that. In which case it could be that her motivation for this is not primary to gain attention, but ot to get fat. If that is the case, it would change the diagnosis from factitious disorder to a possible eating disorder. We'll see how long she keeps this up. I wonder if she will be able to restrain herself for much longer, though. She used to be always eating something in the older vlogs.

No. 464192

She definitely has moon face from the prednisone.

No. 464199

Maybe this is just a coincidence but Jacquie used a catch phrase (sorta) from another Youtuber today. It's Fathering Autism and they often say, "Are you so excited?" The intonation Jacquie said it in made me think she may be watching them – maybe more research for her autism? Who knows. (Though the family that makes the channel has a non-verbal child so I'm not sure what she could pick up to learn from here. She could also just be watching it for fun. Or it could be completely coincidental.)

No. 464216

She was a pastry chef. I don't think school for that involves cooking? I don't know which school you go to to train as a pastry chef, especially in the US, so can't be sure.

No. 464222

AJ (Adjustable Jaquie) strikes again. Today's episode (dated 1/7) opens with the news that she can drive and run an errand—apparently her 'drop foot' symptom magically disappeared or is in remission so she can walk, drive and run an errand. Her 'numb & tingling weak hands' symptom of 2 days ago magically disappears and she can open the box with the new curtains. Her 'no mail because of germs' mantra disappears when she gets a blanket in the mail from Melanie. Her frequent falls of 2 days ago magically stop and she can lift her walker in and out of the car herself for her eye appt. Her aching joints magically disappear and she plays on the floor with Harlow. There was also visible joy & elation (3:24 on the vlog) when she announced that "MY SCRIPT DID CHANGE–IT GOT A QUARTER WORSE!" Hurray for another medical decline! Finally, her 'AMAZING MOM' missed out on the seafood restaurant that she wanted to try because it had loud music that would bother Jaq, unlike her own screaming post-op from her hip injection. SHe lives in her own Magic Kingdom.

No. 464227

Good point on the foot drop and her driving. That is exactly the type of movement you make with your feet when you are driving.

No. 464228

Her own Magic Kingdom. Top kek, anon.

No. 464230

Except Endo doesn't show on ultrasounds and CT's.

No. 464239

One of the things that annoys me the most about watching her videos is how hilarious she thinks Harlow is. Animals can be funny, yes. But the things she finds film worthy and oh so funny are normal dog things. Running around the house with a ball is not film worthy. Running off some energy in the backyard is not film worthy. She's being a dog, Jaquie. Sorry guys, not munchie related at all I know but to me one of the most intolerable parts of trying to get through her vlogs.

No. 464256

Right, which is why she would need a diagnostic surgery, but if the endo has involved the bowel, it would explain why her colonoscopy showed irritation in the lining when touched. IBS and endometriosis look quite similar early on. Most women are diagnosed in their early 20s with endometriosis. And many women are misdiagnosed with IBS for years before they are diagnosed with endometriosis because they keep saying they are having GI issues when the GI can find nothing wrong so they are diagnosed with IBS, but changing diet never helps because endo is not a GI issue.

No. 464265

File: 1515349007182.png (49.6 KB, 808x371, raw.PNG)

No. 464266

No. 464271

Translation: she's sick when she wants to be and will miraculously recover when it comes time to do something she wants to do.

No. 464275

Agree that diet won't change endometriosis and laproscopic surgery is necessary mainly to diagnose and biopsy, not to surgically remove invasive tissue. Small areas can be lasered laproscopically but endo lesions that invade or distort internal organs require a more invasive operation, even hysterectomy in severe cases. Janiece's gyno or surgeon cannot GUARANTEE her fertility if she does have endo until the severity is known. Even with surgical treatment and medical treatment the reoccurence rate is pretty high. 'Fragile Janiece' is rightly nervous about meeting a new surgeon who may doubt her other medical drama. Most specialists focus mainly on doing their procedure, getting in and out, and turning the patient back to the PCP, not dealing with her litany of supposed chronic illnesses. (apologize for medfagging)

No. 464279

Inconsistent Janiece—BFF with Adjustable Jaquie—doing what they want, when they want but incapacitated the rest of the time.

No. 464280

For someone with alleged EDS, delayed healing and comprised immune system, Jaquie certainly healed well from her GJ tube surgery. Most people get a lot of granulation tissue, takes ages to heal, infections etc.

Janiece is also persuing a GP dx. Like, wtf.

No. 464288


Janiece decided to inform us today that she shat her self. raw life indeed.

No. 464291

I don't understand why the gyno wanted to see her, because even with severe Endo it will only show very large lesions. It sounds more like she saw Endo as something that could give her a surgery and talked to a gyno. Even stage IV Endo can't be seen on ultrasounds.

No. 464302

She went to the gyno because they found an ovarian cyst on an ultrasound during her hospital stay.

Yeah, very odd that the gyno told her that she would be fine. Endo can definitely cause infertility.

I'm not sure how a possible endometriosis fits her symptoms though. She never mentioned even normal period pain. If she tells us about her diarrhea and shitting herself, wouldn't she also tell us about stuff like that?

>>'Fragile Janiece' is rightly nervous about meeting a new surgeon who may doubt her other medical drama.

That part was kind of funny. "You know with a chronic illness, you are nervous meetng a new doctor. Will they take you seriousy, will they take your other conditions seriously?" (I'm paraphrasing.)
As someone with a chronic illness, I NEVER wonder about that. Because why the F wouldn't they take me seriously? That's right, if you are a munchie and they are on to you, then they might not take you seriously. That's NOT a chronic illness problem Janiece, that's a YOU problem.

Jaquie has mentioned the same fear several times. No kidding. If I were lying about my health, I'm sure I'd be terrified meeting a new doctor, too.

No. 464310

Janiece is still a student in Jaquie's College of Chronic Crybabies so she hasn't learned all the gimmicks to Dupe the Doctor. I'm guessing she isn't pulling any A's in class.

No. 464315

They both talk about meeting new doctors with a presumption that the doctor is incompetent, too. "I hope he's good" and "I want to be in the best hands so we'll see if I think he is good enough for my special medical case" over and over. It's very suspicious because I think most folks assume a doctor is competent until there is an indication otherwise. The doctor shopping angle is quite obvious.

No. 464317


No, I posted a video where she says straight out that she was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and was in so much pain (sitting in the floor of a Michael’s I think, I have to go back and find it) because someone poisoned her food with gluten the day before.

No. 464321

Hmmm.. I wonder why she said in another vid then that she tried various diets - incuding GF - and it didnlt work.

But to be honest, 'diagnosed with' is quite a loose term with these lot. It's very possible that she was 'diagnosed' by some woo practitioner. If she actually had celiac, we would hear about it.

I am curious to see this video, though. I've also been looking for the video where she said she tried diets but they didn't work, but as most of her vlogs don't have meaningful titles, that is not an easy thing to do.

No. 464324

How did they go from an ovarian cyst to endometriosis? That's a huge jump. Agreed about the pain, you would think she would tell us if she was in the kind of pain that endometriosis causes.

That gyno sounds like a quack. Endometriosis is pretty much a sure shot at infertility, the only way I've heard of conceiving is having surgery and being on fertility meds and even then you've only got a shot for a few months.

No. 464325

I've never seen Harlow "work" in public. Occasionally while they're at home, she'll say that Harlow alerted her to something but we never hear of that happening in public. So Harlow essentially comes around with her in public for nothing. It makes her look sicker, yes, but also it's got to be a pain in the neck.

No. 464346

So…..she hasn't been bitching about GI issues/tube kinking and on and on. She's supposedly immunocompromised and it's the height of flu season, this time last year she was having unexplained anaphylaxis and has mentioned being afraid it's something seasonal (but still has the Christmas tree up and dropping needles despite being allergic kek), she doesn't seem to be losing weight and in dire need of the new tube, AND Judd is starting working the night shift??!!!? She must have something up her sleeve or hoping for complications and an exceptionally long hospitalization. Any rational person with her claimed issues and fears and complications would postpone the surgery or outright cancel it because the many risks involved outweigh the benefits. I just can't with this girl

No. 464347

But she's all about the asspats and attention so there's that. And now just watch, next time they are out, Harlow will alert to something.

No. 464349

I would guess Judd doesn't have a lot of choice in the night shift. He's a new officer and they tend to get the shifts that no one wants. Or…. maybe he did choose it to minimize their time together. If he is sleeping while she is awake and gone while she is sleeping that certainly minimizes contact of all kinds.

No. 464353

Yeah he probably didn't have a choice but I can see him not being terribly upset about it, he'll definitely have to deal with her less! I was just thinking if he's working nights/sleeping days for the next year as she says, who will be taking care of her post-surgery and there to help her during the day when she needs help or falls or has a seizure or anaphylaxis or vomits nonstop? Hopefully she isn't planning on waking poor Judd up for every little thing. Also, as someone with a sleep disorder and a partner that works the night shift, I can attest this is VERY bad for good sleep hygiene. Shift work screws up your sleep cycle 7 days a week, even if you are only working 3 or 4 shifts a week. She's in for a rude awakening if he has that shift all year.

No. 464355


What type of ovarian cyst? It could be an ovarian endometrioma which is associated with endo.

No. 464356

Can you see that on an ultrasound?

No. 464358

I have a feeling he is about to be permanently relegated to the guest room. He'll work to pay for that sweet, sweet, adjustable bed while sleeping on an old hand-me-down (it's a bed from her dad's house if I remember correctly).

No. 464362

File: 1515356355147.png (218.52 KB, 800x724, Screenshot_2018-01-07-12-11-24…)


Yes. They don't resolve with the menstrual cycle like other types of cysts.

I had endo and had two separate surgeries to remove them. The pain was severe and debilitating.

No. 464367

Which is what I'm hung up on personally. Even if that is what she has, she has not mentioned that level of pain, and you know we'd here all about it. I think she's full of shit and sees it as an opportunity.

No. 464373


This is the part her fans love though, her dog getting to be a dog.

No. 464398

She healed ridiculously fast for someone with all her “issues”. Some people with EDS don’t have healing from tube surgery for months, and yeah, they tend to get lots of complications (not tube “kinks”, though, those are very rare except in jaquie’s case). I doubt janiece can pull off a GP diagnosis, but I’m sure she’ll end up at jaquie’s doctor, who doesn’t seem to have any actual experience with a real case of GP.

No. 464402

She tried to bend her 'feeding tube pain' into 'slow healing from my EDS, though. That was a nice try. Too bad for her poor healing doesn't manifest itself as just pain. Plus you don't heal up fine and develop issues later. Guess she doesn't know that. And why should she? She never had an actual EDS complication, so she doesn't know how it works.

No. 464419

Kek, maybe we've discovered a secondary reason for all her unnecessary medical procedures- unnecessary amounts of narcotics!

No. 464441

Exactly what I've been thinking! My situation was similar to what Jaquie claims. It's hard for me to heal (not because of EDS but a spinal cord injury), I had a J tube for a couple of years and had MRSA while it was in. I had constant infections and tons of granulation tissue and it never did heal even halfway decently. It was finally removed and I've spent the past nearly 2 years trying to get the hole that was left behind to heal. It's been nearly healed a handful of times but again, I can't quite seem to get it healed completely. If she was even slightly as immunocompromised and a slow healer like she claims she would have at least mentioned granulation tissue (it can feel like a really bad burn) or antibiotics because we all know how she loves anything medical that can get her more attention! Not trying to medfag but wanted to explain what her situation should really look like if she was really as "sick" as she claims.(This place is not your blog)

No. 464445


Careful blogposting, it's bannable.

No. 464508


I've always thought that too. What does she do at places like the doctor's office for her? And I really don't see what Ollie does for Mary, but different topic different day.

No. 464511

claim mobility and the dog needs to go everywhere. Same with alerts.

No. 464520

>>464511 >>464508
Harlow is just an extension of her toddler costume–toddler clothes, pink stuffed bunny, pink vog mask, earphones, Barbie car, pink floral backpack, etc.—all of which are just accessories that draw attention to her. Her claim to invisible illness needs a costume to try to convince others that she's sick. And the alerts are also invisible—has she ever vlogged one fully? There are no blankets or water bottles to fetch at the doctors' offices, so Harlow could stay home.

No. 464528


her argument against this is probably "but what if she drops something" but as someone here has mentioned, Harlow can essentially be replaced with one of those grabby claw sticks.

No. 464530

Ok so I found an interesting video from 9 months ago on Jaquies channel a few things i spotted-
she keeps her infusion bags in the fridge with the normal food at Janice's house, but keeps a pack of turkey right on top of the bags.
uses her teeth to take the cap off the end of her infusion bag giving set, that is far from sterile,
she says 'she (janice) doesn't have gastroparesis but she doesn't eat much. so we know for sure the low appetite and all that is not a new thing.
I am not sure how to link I have only posted a few times but it is the vlog dated 3/30/17

No. 464565

I wonder if Jaq and Jan will still be friends if Jan catches up to her level of "sick" and stops just being the side kick there to tell her how she needs a body transplant

No. 464573


She's not smart enough. Mind you, Paul seems to have upped the ante on the "advocacy" so maybe they could do it together.

I'm just waiting for Janiece to get a new toy or a diagnosis and Jaq to suddenly acquire it too.

No. 464676

First, infusion bags do not have to be refrigerated unless there’s something in them, so she could easily store them somewhere more sanitary, but chooses not to.
Second, neither girl has a “low appetite”. Look at their sizes. Neither one skimps on meals (before I get the anti-fat shaming police on me, they’re not fat, they’re on the upper end of healthy, not all that slim, like you would expect from people who have to push themselves to eat).

No. 464690


Correct. Actually, as an RN we make it a point NOT to refrigerate normal saline. Infusing something cold into your line causes extreme pain to the patient. Instant cramps.

No. 464733

It’s just another way for her to assert how much her non-illnesses have taken over their lives. Fridge was for food, now it’s overflowing with her saline and formula, both which don’t require refrigeration, and neither of which she actually needs.

No. 464749

I used to feel sorry for Paul but it increasingly seems like he some macho man saviour complex where he gets off on Janiece being helpless so he can take over and advocate for her (ie run her life).

No. 464752


the formula is a really good point– they don't even come refrigerated. so why would she think she needs to refrigerate them? I know she likes things stored in an organized/ picturesque way, but a small bookshelf could do that…

No. 464756

She refrigerates the oral formula she got from KF when her feeding tube was kinked. It's not her regular formula that's refrigerated. I don't think she drinks the oral KF, so it will look like her fridge is always stocked.

I want to say (and I may be mis-remembering this) but her saline comes in a refrigerated carton and so she keeps it cold and then lets it come up to room temp on the day she infuses?

No. 464759

Saline comes refrigerated to avoid accidental hot temperatures, but specifically says “store at room temperature”. And all formula is shelf stable, and there’s no nutritional difference between oral formula and stuff for tube feeds. It just tastes better refrigerated.

No. 464762


Or he's seeing how increased sickness = increased views and has started to taste that sweet internet money.

No. 464763

Both those things are stored unrefridgerated in warehouses, the only time saline specifically needs to be refrigerated (other than in transit, so the company can guarantee it hasn’t been above the range of tolerance) is if is has other things added into it. Jaquie just wants her illnesses to take over every aspect of their life. She could easily store everything away in a closet, but then how will everyone at her house and in her videos remember that she’s suuuper sick??

No. 464772

Ah, thanks for explaining about transit. I just find it gross that it goes in with the raw dog food when they travel.

No. 464773


Yeah it's that bit that's super unhygienic. Also not wearing gloves when doing the food prep with raw meat for the dog. Or not washing her hands before pawing at her toob.

No. 464783

You forgot the complete lack of any standard mrsa protocols that probably led to Judd getting that infection on his arm.

I do not understand how she hasn’t gotten a line infection or real problems from her tube, when her utter lack of sanitization skills (let alone sterile protocol) would make most 100% healthy and unnecessary hole free people sick.

No. 464789


I'm pretty sure she pours Kate Farms in her tube

No. 464792


is it possible she never really had MRSA? how sure are we that she was 100% diagnosed with MRSA?

No. 464798

I don’t either. Especially with her supposed mcas, rashes make infection even more probable. I wonder how much she even uses her line.

No. 464800

I don’t know if we’re 100% on the mrsa, but considering we know Judd was on a couple antibiotics and how well his arm was wrapped up, as well as the fact that a lot of Tampa Bay Area hospitals have major major mrsa problems, I would assume mrsa as the most likely thing.

No. 464801

Nope that’s just what she’s said.

No. 464803

But he could have had any kind of infection. Regular staph can be pretty nasty. Mrsa is just resistant to several drug that used to be used for staph infections, otherwise it’s just staph, which can be dangerous in people with weak immune systems (especially children and the elderly), but so can staph.

No. 464809


all the damn time, from her videos. Pushes zofran and benadryl when she's perfectly able to swallow a pill.

No. 464814


Right, given the amount of people around here who believe it's nearly impossible she wouldn't have a port or tube infection if she had MRSA, it seems like then maybe she indeed doesn't have MRSA. A more standard staph infection may make more sense because since she has a normal immune system, her body would better be able to protect her port/ tube from it.

No. 464819

Aw shit I forgot all that.
She actually seems to have an incredible immune system. She’s one of the very few people that I know of that have had a line for that long and haven’t had an infection. Even with a normal immune system they’re fairly common, even more so with a perpetually accessed line.

No. 464829

I wonder how often she disinfects her phone and camera, given that she is holding them all day long and also constantly rubbing her eyes and touching her hair, which has probably been freshly dangled into some kind of raw meat. Her basic hygiene is shit, especially for someone claiming a compromised immune system. Anyone ever seen her wash her hands even once? Hand sanitizer doesn't count!

No. 464873


stuff like this gets us "off message" (so to speak). we don't see her wash her hands, but we only see 10 minutes of her day. why would she film herself washing her hands? the fact that we don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

it doesn't mean she does, of course, but we also shouldn't take it as any sort of evidence that she doesn't.

if we start saying, "and she doesn't even wash her hands," it makes our stance look like extremists and her loyal followers are less likely to view things critically, as those on this board do.

just my opinion. I frequently see things here that are similar to this– "well, we don't see her do x y z, so she doesn't do them and that's another point for her lunacy!" I just think we should be careful with that.

No. 464894

But we DO see her constantly touching her face, eyes and hair, while giving herself asspats for being a chronic illness warrior and spreading awareness. She's constantly, annoyingly, filming every.single.aspect of her life. I get what you're saying, it just seemed fair to mention because basic hand washing and (more so) training yourself to not touch your mucus membranes all the time with your germy hands is kind of Chronic Illness 101, but things healthy people may not think about as often.

No. 464911

She could also put a munchie-twist on it and tell us that she washes her hands frequently because she is sooo immunocompromised and sick and show us through her sooper speshul hand-washing technique and then let us know how important it is 5 times in one vlog.

No. 464935

She's constantly touching/kissing Harlow, even after she's been rolling around at the dog park, and after she's been eating raw meat twice a day… her fur is probably swarming with bacteria. And she's allowed up on the bed too.

Jaq spends a lot of time on the floor, especially by the toilet. And we already know she over does it at the hospital/doctors office.

You guys are right. Her immune system is fucking amazing. She's only ever gotten one stye (infected eyelash follicle) only one abscess, she doesn't get colds/flu often, we never hear about UTIs, when she does get sick she recovers super quick.

No. 464987

There’s tons of articles online about how you can get salmonella from kissing your dogs mouth/letting your dog lick you when they eat raw. It’s not hard to find. So for someone supposedly immunocompromised it’s odd she never looked into the risks of raw and just seemed to listen to whatever her bestie Jan said. When you’re feeding raw you’re not supposed to be anywhere near your dogs mouth, not even a “well” person. Quite easy to get sick. I think that alone shows she’s not got a weak immune system if her body has been handling that.

No. 464992

Jaq also is seen in her Barbie car with her pink gloves–sometimes not using the SmartDrive and self-propelling with her hands—can you imagine what germs are on the Barbie car wheels that she touches? She has filmed rolling it into public restrooms too and then they bring it into the apartment. Maybe she is washing her pink gloves or wiping down the wheels behind the scenes b/c those have to be germ-riddled too. Harlow runs in a public dog park and I assume goes outside at the apartment to do her business and we see the dog run back in from the patio or jump into the car—what germs or allergens are on her paws? She brushes Harlow without gloves or her precious vog mask—no reaction! All of this plus touching the raw meat without gloves then her port and tube shoots the shit out of her immune deficiency claims. Maybe she was lying about having MRSA because she never finished the usual course of antibiotics since she had a sensitivity to it. Just the fact that she had the butt boil is suspicious for underlying infection. But she really really needs another hold drilled into her belly…..

No. 465024

The fact that she had the boil and it went away fairly quickly says a lot about the strength of her immune system and the idiocy of her EDS claims.

No. 465107

I’m also shocked she can self propel those wheels without gloves seeing as she has “severe numbness weakness tingly-ness damage in her hands” someone with actual damage to their hands or numbness would not be able to propel without gloves.

No. 465114

Jaq & her skinwalker are friends! Surprised the hospital didn't collapse into a black hole when they were in the same room…

No. 465125

I think the real disease Jaquie suffers from is color blindness because her outfits and interior design skills are horrendous.

No. 465133

For someone who is "immunocompromised" wouldn't you want to avoid visiting someone in the hospital who is sick? Also shouldn't you avoid the hospital as much as possible during flu season? Rhetorical questions because the answer is always yes.

No. 465139

That makes it so much creepier. It really is like Single White Female in real life. (picking jaw back up off floor…)

No. 465141

Especially so close to a surgery date. You would think that she would be staying as far away from potential contamination sources as possible. However, since they are using the same hospital and know each other one can't help but wonder if they are seeing the same quack doctors. It really would explain so much.

No. 465143


100% this. This is exactly what my thought was. It makes so much sense. It makes way more sense that these two Muches are seeing the same providers than that there would actually be multiple sets of providers that would encourage this kind of treatment for imaginary illness.

No one who is actually immunocompromised would unnecessarily chance going in a hospital during peak flu season the week they're supposed to have surgery. No one with 2 IQ points to rub together would have elective surgery during peak flu season, either, though.

No. 465145

Jaq forgot how sick she's supposed to be until she visited Amanda—to pick up germs on her hands, Barbie car wheels, on Harlow sprawled on the floor—no common sense to stay away from germ-ridden hospital rooms when she is having surgery soon. Jaq mentioned pain around her feeding tube—either because Amanda is getting her tube replaced or because someone here mentioned it was surprising she hasn't complained about granulation tissue/pain around the tube. Judd mentiuoned he missed HARLOW–no mention of his wife. And once again, Jaq had a euphoric laughing fit over Harlow—hilarious! Amanda ralleyed from Jaq's visit but plans to bitch about her care when she gets discharged (per her IG post).#2losers

No. 465148

It drives me insane that she wears that stupid vogmask outside at an open air park but when she is in a hospital room with a sick person she doesn't even wear a mask! What a load of lies.

No. 465151

Trouble is Jaquie's fav board game? She really is a toddler.

Also, Amanda lives in Orlando but goes to Tampa to see doctors. So she is doctor shopping and going out of way to see specific providers.

No. 465156

Jaquie always has such nicely manicured nails. I wonder if she gets them done or does them herself. Either way I'm surprised she can stand the smell of nail polish. Well, not really surprised because she's not actually sensitive to smells.

No. 465159

I don't know if this is appropriate to talk about, but can you imagine how terrible Judd and Jaquie's sex life must be. Imagine having sex with someone hooked up to a port and now two feeding tubes. I'd be terrified if I was Judd that I'd accidentally rip something out and have bile exploded on me. It must be nonexistent there is just NO way.

No. 465160

Maybe if Jaquie knew how to orgasm she wouldn't need ketamine. Kek.

No. 465163

Well.. if we are going to go there, there are weird fetishes out there… but I agree it's likely non-existent. Between her 19,000 ailments, real and imagined and the fact that he always seems disgusted by her I just don't see it happening.

No. 465179

Their relationship is more parent/child st this point. It’s actually pretty sad, because they seemed to previously be a mutually mature couple in an equal partnership.

No. 465183

File: 1515441546963.png (4.23 MB, 1242x2208, 5C8851FE-F89D-4F46-8E20-42F1DF…)

Figured I would make sure to get this comment captured before it was deleted

No. 465184

Kek someone in the comments of today's video asked jaquie when she's making a sex tape

No. 465187

Every time we see Miss munchie sit down on her walker I'm always waiting for her to fall on her ass. She claims bad balance, joint problems, foot drop, passing out randomly yet never ever uses the brakes on her walker to hold it still before she sits. If she's so weak and frail she should learn how to use all her fun toys properly

No. 465189

It's really apparent when seeing Jaquie with Amanda how healthy Jaquie looks. Supposedly she has been battling the same diseases as Amanda for a longer period of time. Yet Jaquie's hair - though desperately in need of a cut - is full and shiny, her skin looks great, her weight is healthy and she has a nice figure. Amanda's hair is stringy and see-through, she has lost a ton of weight, from her IG posts she is wearing child sizes now and is extremely pale. It is creepy how much she has copied Jaquie but munchie or not, Amanda is doing a much better job at appearing sick.

No. 465213

That's because Amanda actually lost a LOT of weight. She may have done that to herself, either because of an ED or because of FII, but if you lose that much, you are be definition malnourished. That'll fuck with your whole system including hair and skin.

Jaquie, on the other hand, lost five or six pounds and was suddenly 'severely malnourished.

No. 465217

Driving to Walmart to have groceries delivered to the trunk tires her out, riding in her Barbie car and playing Trouble with a fellow munchie tires her out, yet she spends how many hours each day filming, editing, replying to comments, and running social media? And 7 days a week?

No. 465222

That's my point exactly. Amanda looks sick. Pretty much anyone randomly meeting her would think something was wrong. Even sans service dog. Jaquie on the other hand goes out of her way to look sick with all toys and accessories yet if you took that away she looks like any typical healthy 20 something.

No. 465230

I've been wondering this as well. It's sad because they're young newlyweds, they should be doing it like rabbits. I think Judd is a genuinely nice guy who wants to be there for a woman he loves, but I don't see him sticking around for long if this nonsense of hers continues.

No. 465237

I have to wonder if (since they are supposedly very religious) they chose to wait until marriage. And now, even since they're married, have yet to have sex due to Jaquie's "severe medical emergencies".

No. 465244

I doubt it. They have been sharing beds even at their parents houses since they were teenagers.

No. 465247

Yes, but sharing beds doesn't necessary mean sex is happening.

No. 465253

Possibly not but I am not buying it. If they were that religious they wouldn't be living together before marriage. Regardless, it's pure speculation. Let's get back to what we know.

No. 465256

Most (like 9 out of ten) people who want to wait until marriage wouldn't be living together before either. They also doesn't seem te have a problem with her cousin being gay (not saying shey should, just that there's a correlation) so I don't think they are that flavour christians.

No. 465258


Jaq likes to say things like she's "putting her faith in god" and stuff but she doesn't otherwise seem very religious, so I'm not sure. I do doubt they have sex now, though, because taking a car ride hurts Jaq's neck and tires her out so imagine her complaints after a good bang.

I think Judd will leave her before this year is over. He seems 100% over it and soon he'll want to start/ get the opportunity to start day shifts and he then he really won't be able to take it. I found it odd he went to see his mom this weekend. They had seen her recently so I wonder if he went because he knew Jaq couldn't go and he wanted a break.

No. 465261

He has been doing a lot of traveling without her lately. He went to GA a few weeks ago without her. I can't even imagine the relief he must feel when he gets to spend time with friends/family without her.

No. 465267


The truly religious phase seemed fairly short lived. You don't see her talking about religion much before or since that certain phase. I kind of wonder if that was all part of copying Mary.

No. 465269

she wants to be religious because Mary Frey is super religious and her husband is a pastor.

No. 465288

If they're having any issues in their relationship now, him being on night shift will only make it worse. The upside is that for Judd, maybe it will give him plenty of reasons to leave her that have nothing to do with her real or imaginary health problems. Sick or not she treats him like absolute garbage. Their first ever livestream was painful to watch. Poor Judd

No. 465341


show the IG post!

No. 465350

File: 1515453072322.png (362.2 KB, 746x1224, IMG_5447.PNG)

No. 465353

File: 1515453231597.png (253.48 KB, 745x1212, IMG_5448.PNG)

And then after saying she won't bitch bc ermagherd it could affect her care she posts this

No. 465368

Now she’s having surgery too? What for?

No. 465374

These. Bitches.
No, the nurses are ignoring you because they have people who are actually sick to take care of, and who aren’t massive cunts. Maybe it’s because you’ve been malingering in the hospital for a long time and no valid reason, and you expect to be waited on hand and foot, and you’re a gigantic drama queen about everything. (All the procedures she’s had are way, way less of a big deal than she made them out to be. Screaming so much during a tube change they have to stop? That’s what toddlers do. A GJ tube goes through your stomach already, it’s the feeding through it in your stomach that causes problems, not just it being in her stomach.)

No. 465375

File: 1515454441931.png (163.97 KB, 640x1136, 2A3F8C18-F0B0-40A0-9901-9ACC32…)

Sorry forgot the image

No. 465380

I’m sorry but I’ve never heard of nurses taking that long to respond? A little bit of lag is normal, but for the most part, nurses respond within an hour even for a “little” complaint like the pump beeping. Some hospitals even have policies that nurses have to respond within 20m (which I imagine puts a lot of pressure on the nurses but that’s not the point here) so the way I see if she’s either lying about nurses taking that long or is just straight up one of the bitchiest patients ever, cause that would certainly get nurses on your bad side fast.

No. 465387

So when is Skin Walker getting her own thread? Cause although she is the JaqClone I’d like to have a place to put her milk and her milk alone.

No. 465395

Probably both kek..
No new threads for individual munchies, remember? We lost the autumn one (then she just disappeared)

No. 465409

Then how did Jaquie get her own thread? Not arguing.. legitimately curious.

No. 465415

She got hers way before that rule, so we were allowed to keep it. But admin said no more recently.

No. 465429

Right…Darn. I feel like I keep missing some of her stuff because it’s getting so entangled with the Jaq stuff.

No. 465461

Since this is Janiece/Jaq/Amanda thread can we just call the next thread "Whiny Munchies With Golden Retrievers" or something along those lines?

No. 465491


way to out yourself!

No. 465505

I'm so confused.

No. 465516


Most of us anons crop out our IG profile photo from the screenshots so we can remain anonymous and continue to gather milk.

No. 465519

I think we will have to be careful doing that with the new rule about no new individual munchie threads. If we make this one too general there won't be any reason not to be in the main munchie thread and we will lose this one.

No. 465540

Fuck. That’s a new IG thing I keep forgetting about.

No. 465545

We can always bump Amanda back to the main thread

No. 465548

Well we could call it "Adjustable Jaquie (And Friends)" since her little clique is small (Janiece and Amanda). They aren't remarkable enough on their own and we always talk about them in conjunction with Jaquie so I think we can pretty much keep them in here as a 'footnote' to Jaquie topics.

No. 465554

Makes me feel better about never upgrading my apps. My IG doesn't have that. Good to know though.

No. 465557

There are millions of people on IG, it’s not like it’s easy to track someone down without a user name.

No. 465585


The problem comes if you've infiltrated the cows, so farmers recognise your picture. Or if you're a cow yourself!

No. 465641

Curious as to if anyone else knows more about Jaquie and her beloved ketamine…

I just have to point this out with sooper extra Jaquie.

I was watching her ketamine vlogs and her crazy reactions and my eyes rolled so far back into my head. Ive gotten many ketamine infusions and with some of her behaviours I understand as I’ve done similar things…but she is flat out OTT. You can get ketamine and still be a civilized human, not yelling and talking shit about cows.

Then I realized that she’s not on a ketamine infusion…J gets ketamine to get “sedated” for her joint injections she’s not on a continuous infusion to my observation. Her behaviours could be partially excused with infusions, but not at all with a simple push for anesthetic.

It’s funny to me how she is SO loopy in the hospital, but there’s not a single trace of her being even remotely loopy in the car and at home. Again - I’ve had many ketamine infusions and that fogginess/loopiness does stay with you. Just like people after their wisdom teeth removal.

She’s just being extra as she always is. There’s no reason for her to be acting like a child over a simple ketamine injection. And she obviously likes her versed before she gets in the OR so she can enjoy the high…she seems to have too much fun being “loopy” on ketamine.

No. 465653

She’s extra to the point her enabling family talked to her about it (her mom telling her to be quiet). I promise we’re not the only ones who noticed it. I’m sure the hospital just tries to get her out of there as soon as possible. Of course daddy’s money does quite a bit of talking. Anyone know if he’s ever made a donation to the hospital?

No. 465656

Yep. This. If she were getting Diprivan then fine, total awakeness shortly after emergence post-op is a thing, but not for K.

No. 465659

(Sage for blogging) I have been on ketamine. I had a transplant and it did not go smoothly I was in A LOT of pain. Anyways, they gave me ketamine as a last resort plus pain pump. Let me tell you now. If you are really in EXTREME pain the meds don't make you high at all. It brings you down to normal levels and you act totally normal no loopiness at all. After days on it and I was healing is when I felt the loopiness but never did I turn into an screaming lunatic. I believe shes high as a kite and feels the need to show everyone in true OTT munchieness. I truly believe her "severe" pain is a big fat lie.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 465665


I second this– we only care about them because they live within the Jaquie Character Universe (it's like Marvel).

No. 465668

Writing sage in the post is not saging. You have to write sage in the email field.

No. 465690


Her day to day "severe" pain bullshit will be obvious when she has her surgery. She's already scared of the amount of pain she will be in.

No. 465738

God I wonder what a munchie’s thought process is. Like, do they know they’re not sick, or have they convinced themselves that they are? I don’t understand why anyone would want a painful surgery they don’t need. It doesn’t seem like the asspats would be worth it.

No. 465754

When things get this far, it's an entrapment issue. They know deep down they are not sick, but how can they back out? Also, there is a compulsive desire to go through with extreme, even painful procedures even though they know it will be hell. FII is a really weird disease for sure.

No. 465764

Maybe she'll get tired of all the medical crap and be looking for a graceful way to bow out and save face. One of these days a new piece of body hardware or sooper speshul fancy medicine made JUST for her will magically cure her of everything. It's a miracle y'all! No paaaaaaaaaaaaain!

No. 465819


Actually, treatment of FII often involves giving the patient a face saving out. Some doctors will do a more 'hard' confrontation and tell the patient they know they're lying, but this is quite risky as most patients will simply leave and find another doctor. So often clinicians will try to find a way to give the patient an out. Like telling them that treatment X "may" cure there symptoms even if that's unlikely and letting the patient know at the same time that they won't be given any other treatment and that they know some things don't add up. Or telling the patient they have a somatoform disorder instead of facitious disorder so they'll at least allow psychiatric treatment.

Although I am afraid that Jaquie is in too deep by now. Her whole identity is that she is chronically ill, and everything she does is related to that. She basically made being ill her job by making a vlog about it.

I truly wonder where it will all end. Maybe she will phase out gradually? If she would start to vlog less because for example she wants to focus on her education, she could eventually lose at least a part of her ill persona. But as long as she keeps vlogging, I don't really see a way out for her.
She is too adamant about her symptoms not being psychological in any way and her having no mental health problems whatsoever, so she can't use that out (where she would get psych treatment and discover that she was misdiagnosed and her tachycardia was caused by anxiety and/or an eating disorder, and she would make recovery videos en vlog about the difference between FII and somatoform disorder (in which case she would totally have the latter, y'all)), and the stigma about mental health problems. She has kind of closed that door for herself. And because she has SO MANY health issues, she also can't claim that she has found some miracle cure. Of course she can say that IVIG made her immune system stronger and it controls her anaphylaxis. She could even say it helped her POTS, but she can't make people believe it cured her EDS, CVS, GP, MALS, migraines, Mito, MCAS, small fibre neuropathy, autism, narcolepsy, epilepsy and whatever I'm forgetting there.

So she'll probably actually disable herself by sitting in that wheelchair all day and not doing PT, gain a true disability because some sort of iatrogenic damage, OR she will go on forever like she is now.

It's sad, really.

Question: what surgery is she talking about?

No. 465821


That's the thing with these chronic illness vloggers. Mary has a truly chronic and progressive illness that gives her an honest path to follow with her vlogs. Even if Jaquie stayed the course at this point and didn't add any disease progression, her viewers should get bored. It truly is her whole life. If she went back to school and took up photography again she could maybe redeem it into a general daily vlog- less illness focused.

Even her doctors are in too deep at this point. They can't suddenly change course when they've been the ones prescribing all these OTT treatments and procedures all along.

No. 465824


Let's not pretend that Mary isn't capitalising on her illness and making a fuckton of money though.

No. 465831


I wonder if she's in too far with her relationships now, too. If everything sort of magically resolved, her mother would probably turn a blind eye and accept it all. But won't Judd be like, "Well that's fucking crazy." Is he just supposed to accept she's suddenly well? When they're 50, do they look back on this time like, "Remember when you were seriously ill in a wheel chair for 2 years and then you were suddenly better?"

I think if she magically gets better, Judd is like, "Great, you've essentially confirmed your craziness AND I don't look like a bad guy for leaving now that you're well, so bye."

No. 465849


She won't magically get better. This is her meal ticket.

No. 465946

She's on a slippery slope and she knows it. Judd isn't stupid and it's obvious he's over her bullshit. She made a comment a few vlogs ago how things are getting better for them so they must be having issues less than a year into their marriage. The last 20 seconds of yesterday's vlog were super awkward. If she miraculously recovers I think he'll leave her and if she continues down this path I think he'll leave her. A person can only take so much before they don't really give a shit what other people think about them anymore. And I would be willing to bet that his family sees through a lot of her fuckery.

No. 466008

Why do you think she knows it? I'm not disputing it, I just wonder sometimes how aware she is about how she comes across. I mean, she clearly thinks her OTT ketamine loopiness is hilarious, while everyone not blinded by admiration can see she is acting. I think her mother is aware of this on some level, as well.

No. 466023

Mainly because of her comment that they are working on things and it's getting better. I think it was in her 2018 goals vlog.

No. 466030

I remember some anons wondered if they were refering to relationship problems. To be honest I didn't hear it like they were. I think she was using the royal we (as she often does) because it was embedded in a lot of health talk.

No. 466087

She's not going to make it through the semester y'all. And again with the bullshit ER visits. Notice how she didn't vlog it because she probably got told to shut the hell up.

No. 466106

I really don't understand why she does so much kneeling on the floor. She was just talking at the camera. She could easily do that while sitting in a chair or standing up. But she kneels in a position she shouldn't even be able to get into… Ugh.

No. 466113

Today, Jacquie tells us that she likes to write. Bitch, where? The only hobby we see her have is photography (barely) and the house is completely devoid of books. We never see her leverage any criticism towards film either – she pretty much "likes" everything and all Disney shit is a good movie to her. Why would be believe that somebody who cannot follow a Star Wars film likes to write?

Maybe it's BEC but it baffles me that she is home so often and appears to do next to nothing to amuse herself. One can only watch so much TV.

No. 466123

She takes a nap everyday right? Judd is never going to get to sleep in his own bed for the rest of the year.

No. 466154

That's why she bought the black-out curtains for the hospital bedroom. Her Patreon money paid for the adjustable bed (now soaked with her 'nutrition' that leaked overnight) so she can just take her naps in that muck.
The pain couldn't wait until morning when she could call Dr.Quack? Instead of paying an ER co-pay?
She's able to kneel on the floor to vlog and to kiss Harlow (where else does she get affection?) because joint pain from her EDS wasn't in today's script. Her theme song should be the kiddie song "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"—complaints are somewhere different every day!

No. 466165

They financed the adjustable bed. She may be using Patreon money to make the payments but they didn't buy it outright.

No. 466168


She flat out admits to playing with her feeding tube.

No. 466169

She's proud of herself for listening to her body and cancelling the appointment at hanger. Wtf? How is that something to be proud of? Wonder if the real reason it's delayed is insurance is bucking at paying for custom AFOs for BS diagnosis she's never done PT for?

Imagine if she had to go to a class today? Well, you might actually build up some endurance, sweetie.

More allergic reactions needing IV benadryl no one has actually witnessed!

No. 466179

Sage for being off topic but I go to a culinary school where pastry is our top program so I may be able to answer any questions in that realm

No. 466196

instead of calling all the attention to you, just drop the information. no one fucking cares who you are, ya know, being on an anonymous board and all.

learn to not powerlevel

No. 466216


Me either! Why not sit on the couch?? Also take your fecking tree down Jaquie, it's the second week of January and you have your "allergies" to think about!

No. 466218


Kissing Harlow, who's potentially shedding salmonella all over the place due to her raw diet.

No. 466225

She "can't" do it which means it's up to Judd or her Mom to take the decorations off and haul it out to the curb.

No. 466227


She can clean her fucking house, she can pull the decorations off the tree. Adjustable Jaquie!

No. 466237

She probably gets accommodations out the ass for all of her sooper severe illnesses, kek. She'll make it through, she will just use her illnesses as a crutch and barely pass.

No. 466258

File: 1515532484352.png (2.28 MB, 1868x1208, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 4.13…)

Just noticed how much looking up and looking to the side she did while describing the ER visit and possible causes. Isn't that usually one of her tells for lying?

No. 466259

File: 1515532501096.png (2.13 MB, 1838x1148, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 4.12…)

No. 466268

I noticed it as well. I have only made it about halfway through the vlog today but that definitely seemed suspicious to me.

No. 466283

Maybe setting up to have her surgery postponed/cancelled because she realized how much she’s getting into, got scared and needs an out? What better way to avoid surgery than “muh eds is causing problems with my existing tube (mysteriously just now appearing but always existing granulation tissue is my guess) so I can’t safely get the new tube now”. It can slide right into “oh noes another kink and I can’t tolerate enough feeds anymore with the kinks and the pain now I have to get TPN”

No. 466309

It's very possible! She got herself into all of this, maybe she is freaking out now and will manipulate her way out of it.

No. 466319

Who is Amy?

No. 466354

One of the funniest parts is the look on Harlow’s face when adjustable Jacquie is describing how she got covered in formula!

Even the dog knows it’s all BS!

No. 466404

Not only that, but seriously, wash the dog! That is so gross. Her fur is going to mat and I can only imagine the smell. Poor dog.

No. 466465


Poor dog probably got matted trying to lick it up to get some extra calories she needs more than Jaquie.

No. 466720

File: 1515607084259.png (1.32 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5462.PNG)

She looks to the side today almost the entire time she was reminding us of her feeding tube/stomach pain.

No. 466742

Mary Frey has been having lung pains for the past couple of days. Not a surprise Jaquie is following suit, complaining of pains.

No. 466844

Today's vlog she says she falls asleep to Moana. Every night. How old is she again?
The ER trip and pain are highly suspect…so she vee-logs everything but not that? She calls her "team" for very little thing but hasn't mentioned calling her GI to discuss possible feeding tube pain so bad she had to go to emergency? Just rest and heat and a biiiiiig thumbs up.
Is she jealous of Janice's possible endometriosis and angling for that diagnosis too?!

No. 467050

File: 1515634977914.jpeg (195.62 KB, 640x1136, 2DAA7D32-5338-4154-A064-EE7B10…)

Skinwalker’s out of the hospital, and already throwing a bitch fit. If a hospital refuses to put in a new GJ tube, maybe they know you don’t need it? Hospitals stock GJs, not jaquie’s speschul button, but they do have them. If they think your stomach is fine, it probably is. But miss munchie won’t accept that, so back to the doctor shopping to get the tube she absolutely must have!

No. 467164


> angry that she didn't get a pointless toob upgrade

> munchie logic

No. 467260


I felt the same suspicions about this rando ER trip. Like I’m thinking they are sick of her BS at her favorite ER “where they know her well” as she always states… and she got called out. Remember last ER trip where she got the “di-laa-da dilaudid” she explained that trip in depth on how they fixed her right up. Not so much of a mention this time as to what went down. She may be flagged as a drug seeker now with all of these trips (likely more often than she tells us, too).

Medfags out there… what’s the true medical benefit of a button over a longer tube? Is it really just cosmetic/low profile reasons? I know several adults with toobz who have never had buttons.

Skinwalker Amanda… 2 hours from her home hospital is home now I see from anons posting. She thought she’s get better care outside of “Florida Hospital” so she travelled… now that doesn’t look suspicious at all. I find it funny that yesterday she was dying, guys…. and today she’s home and her closed eyes sick face is magically gone. So much for that heart attack! I wonder if she bailed AMA because they wouldn’t give her anything for that sooper horrendous pain.

No. 467323

Harlow burped today and Jaq said "she did just eat dinner" then Harlow nose bumped/licked her mouth. Fucking gross. She was just eating raw chicken. Who wants to bet Jaquie has an "uncontrollable vomiting spell" tomorrow morning?

No. 467327


Oh silly anon don’t you know Harlow has unicorn saliva that Jaq claims kills everything?

No. 467363

Yeah, just relax. It's not like she is immunocompromized, or has a central line hanging out of her shirt or something like that.

O, wait..

>>Medfags out there… what’s the true medical benefit of a button over a longer tube? Is it really just cosmetic/low profile reasons?

I'm not a medfag, but a button can be more practical. If someone is doing only night feeds for example, they can unhook the line during the day so they don't have tubing hanging out to fixate to the skin or anything. That's useful if you don't have 24/7 feeds, or if you do certain sports. Also, I could see that a button might cause less friction and thus decrease the risk of granulation tissue and other (skin and/or stoma) irritation. I am not sure if there's research supporting this, but I could see how it might.

Wait, so she was on TPN and now they sent her home with a G tube instead of a GJ? I don't follow her; can someone fill us in/post pics on how that happened? You'd think if they were worried she was starving they wouldn't let her go home with a working tube? She's not on home TPN now, or is she? I'm really confused now.

No. 467393

File: 1515679785373.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x2008, 82C6692D-7B94-4FB4-BD4E-6D3289…)


Ok so I think this is what happened. She went in for a tube change to get a button but then she claims it was a malfunctioning button. It sounds like people at Florida Hospital (the one she keeps shit talking and tagging on IG) was on to her and didn’t take her serious in the ER when she went in several times after this bad button. So she decided to go somewhere where they don’t know her, two hours from home and her home hospital. She played her sob story and they started “speshully made for me” TPN to which she then “reacted” to. They ran a bunch of tests and nothing was wrong… sounds like they did a lumbar puncture that left her with a spinal headache that they wouldn’t give her drugs for and other “awful” things…. It’s unclear if they discharged her or if she left AMA.

It’s like, honey… this is a pattern if no hospitals will help you. She’s probably just a raging snatch to anyone that tries to help and then turns psycho when they call her on her BS or don’t serve her fast enough.

Photo is from her “dangler” to button change.

No. 467436

The hospital she was in, was that the same one as Jaquie goes to? 'Cause it would make sense if she thought that they would basically give her anything she asked for if she went there.

I still don't get why they gave her TPN first and then sent her home with a G-tube. If you're worried about a patients nutritional status, you don't sent them home with a G-tube if they have GP. And if you're not worried about that, you don't start them on TPN. So.. what happened? Did they decide nothing was wrong after they did some tests? Did they get her records and saw she was suffering from a severe case and chronic case of doctor shopperitis? It doesn't make much sense to me.

As I understand it, she started having problems with her tube feeds when they changed her tube out to a button. She thought it had coiled up in her stomach, which it hadn't, but now suddenly it had(?) and they removed it. She must have been in quite a bad shape for them to start her on TPN. As she tolerated J-feeds fine when she had the other tube, I'd say chances are pretty darn good that if someone is wrong with the tube (and as she tells it, there WAS) she would be fine if they simply gave her a new one. It would make a LOT more sense to first change out the tube instead of starting TPN right away. Yet they didn't. They started her on TPN, then stopped it, and gave her a tube that is useless for any patient with severe GP. That doesn't seem to make any sense.

Unless they really didn't have any type of GJ/trans-J tube (which seems quite unlikely) it seems like they thought she didn't need the tube and they only gave her the G-tube to keep the stoma open because they weren't her regular GI doc and they didn't want want to reverse a treatment another doctor started (they just chose not to continue that treatment).

That's basically the ONLY reason I can think of why they would do that. But if that was the case, wouldn't Amanda be all over them? With her history of tagging hospitals and talking shit about them online, you'd expect her to write some post about how hospital X sent her home to die of starvation and they "don't believe in GP" or something like that.

Someone else have a better theory?

No. 467525

Jaq was doing so well at acting like a normal 20-something on a date until she had to bring up her surgery

No. 467564

Today Jaq's autism magically disappears when they enjoy themselves in a loud af restaurant. Her cataplexy also magically disappears because she spends the whole time laughing her face off at everything and getting overly excited.

She asks Judd if her outfit is "date worthy" and his first response was "uh I don't know…" Before he corrects himself and says she looks "gorgeous".

Judd made the mistake of acting goofy in bed afterwards and she goes "WHAT are you doing" and he says "I'm having fun, jeeeesus"

She was hooking up to her feeds before signing off for the night so I guess Judd isn't getting any tonight. Not even on their "pre surgery date night". He'll probably wait till she has a "narcolepsy attack" so he can go downstairs to watch porn and have a party by himself.

No. 467626

I’m sure they thought she didn’t need it (and probably correctly as well). She only talked about her sooper speshul TPN the first couple days, so I’m guessing the hospital discontinued it after they realized she didn’t need it. Hospitals always stock GJ tubes, they just only carry the long tubes, as button tubes have to be measured and ordered specifically for each patient. She’s another cow who looks way, way too excited to be getting a procedure (although a tube change barely counts as a procedure). And of course she had sedation. These cows love to turn a totally quick and painless procedure into an ordeal. Like it’s been said before, it’s barely a 15 minute procedure, and most of that is waiting while they set up, you don’t even have to change your clothes. Also, that post seems to be gone now, so I wonder what comments she was getting kek

No. 467754

File: 1515708232969.jpg (410.9 KB, 1077x1471, Screenshot_20180111-154652.jpg)

Since when does Janice need an inhaler? Also, why can't she just lean her lazy ass over and get it?

No. 467847

Kek is someone aggravating tachycardia with an asthma medication?! Tsk tsk.

No. 467862


That's a Dulera control inhaler, won't make you tachy hardly at all as compared to ProAir/ProVentil/Ventolin

No. 467863

Within the same minute today, Janiece mentions she's going to "inhale broth" but that she "can't drink anything". What's the explanation for that?

Jaq has also encouraged Jan to try to get a gastroparesis diagnosis, possibly through the SmartPill cam.

No. 467871

File: 1515718302847.png (10.15 MB, 2208x1242, D2FD2651-50BE-441B-A136-3E570C…)

Also today, Jaq eats a very GP friendly fried honey chicken dish from PF Chang’s… and fried rice… oh and she ate an entire bowl of egg drop soup. Pre-Surgery Date Night, y’all! And as always she says something along the lines of how Judd will eat most of hers… right, Jaquie. Right.

Doesn this look perfect for someone with sooper severe gastroparesis who is going in for surgery to add another hole and hose into her MRSA-riddled abdomen?

Eat up, Jaq… your little surgery is going to kick your sissylala little ass. Oh, but never fear they’ll administer your coveted cat valium, dilaudid will be pushed by the vials (maybe even a PCA since you manage to manipulate docs to give you whatever you want) and IV Benadryl on tap. Oh, and your favorite hospital breakfast bacon, potatoes and pancakes - it’s so tasty, y’all.

Who’s ready for the shit show that will be Adjustable Jaquie Does J-Tube?

No. 467872

File: 1515718463575.png (9.05 MB, 2208x1242, AC8C7BB0-F537-4706-8E61-B50A00…)

And, here’s her empty soup bowl and Judd shooting her in the face with a straw wrapper. They’re both children. Judd is fucked come Monday - work and Jaq being holed up in the hospital? Enjoy that one, bud.

No. 467975

Wtf? Like if you’re claiming you’re j tube dependent, maybe don’t film yourself eating this kind of shit the day before the surgery for said j tube you can’t live without. She got her way, so why bother faking any more I guess. Hope she enjoys all the pain she’s going to in for the next few weeks. (I hate to say it, but she deserves for it to be painful. Not permanently, but long enough so that understands people actually have the pain and discomfort she claims to have, yet they suck it up and go on with their lives).

No. 468009

She better be thankful she lives in another state because I would love to talk to her doctors about her youtube channel. I've honestly become so triggered by her I might have take a long break during this surgery. If I hear her complain about the pain of a surgery she wants to have I'm going to lose it. She is the reason pain meds are in a shortage. There are terminally ill patients out there that suck up the pain of organs shutting down and she cries for dilauded if the temperature outside isn't to her liking.
Sage for ranting. Sage for being a mean person. I just can't with her tonight sorry.

No. 468072

Eventually she’s going to fuck up her body beyond a recoverable point, and I’m sure then she’ll realize what she’s done. And it’ll be too late, and she’ll get old and alone, because who wants to follow a middle age drug-addicted munchie who acts like a child, and if there’s no fame and money coming in, why would Judd stay around? And family isn’t forever if it’s just your parents. Karma’s a bitch, sometimes it just takes a long time to catch up. She’d be lucky to be caught and given psychological treatment at this point, because she’s on a long downward spiral, unless she gets a line infection and dies sooner rather than later, which is definitely a real possibility (honestly I don’t know how it hasn’t happened already). She may be living the munchie high life now, but it can’t last forever.

No. 468107

I was thinking because of the discussion on the general munchie thread, has jaquie ever pursued a gastric pacemaker? I’m somewhat surprised she hasn’t pushed for one, since she’s either gotten or is pursuing nearly every treatment option for all the illnesses she claims (that’s not how it really works m, jaq). On the other hand, she loves her tubes so much that I somewhat doubt she’d go for anything that may make her supposedly need the tube/tubes less.

No. 468171

If she eats all that crap WHILE in the hospital under their noses how can any doctor think she needs a tube?

No. 468181

File: 1515740250596.png (7.2 MB, 2208x1242, DBE9F9E8-FB9A-4A7B-BD63-A876C2…)


Yeah or a pain pump for her sooper severe chronic pain. She’d probably talk them into being on a ketamine pump so she could live with NOOOOOOOOOOOOPAAAIINNNNNN forever and ever.

This is going to be one fun “adventure” for the munchie Queen come Monday. I’ve been watching some OG Jaq and she really is such a different person. She can’t handle even the slightest discomfort. She’s cocky now, acts like being internet famous is like being Hollywood famous…
Judd, too. Y’all come approach us when you see us in public (unless we are handling a medical emergency)…

Dafuq are they smoking? I really look forward to the day her fans realize they’ve been had and that Jaq is just cruising around on her Barbie Car throne of lies full of gadgets that they paid for.

She sounds creepily manic when she reads the fortune and then squeals with glee that her decision is to get surgery.

No. 468230

>>She sounds creepily manic when she reads the fortune and then squeals with glee that her decision is to get surgery.
Manic is a good word for it. I hadn't thought of that yet, for some reason. But when she talks about anything medical, the way she talks, her gesturing, her laughing etc… all sound manic.

I just caught up on three or four Jaquie videos. Her "feeding tube pain" that has been present for a long time but somehow prompted an ER visit this week, sounds very much like the kind of pain many people with EDS would have every day. The way she describes it and the fact that it got worse with her "violent vomiting spell" sounds to me like normal rib pain in EDS. If your joints are quite loose, your ribs tend to shift around a bit as well. So if you cough, sneeze, startle, vomit, move wrong or even breathe out with too much force (like you might do when singing), you can very easily hurt your ribs. Once this happens often enough, the pain becomes chronic.

Jaquie was supposedly so worried because "it was connected to my breathing"; yeah well, that's what happens in rib pain, Jaquie. Your ribs move if you breathe, so if you have a slipping rib and/or irritation of the rib cartilage, the pain changes with your breath. It sucks and sometimes it really sucks, but hearing her talk about it convinces me even more that she is NOT someone who deals with severe chronic pain on a daily basis. I can't think of ANYONE who actually has daily severe pain who would talk about it like that. I was watching at her and could REALLY not understand what I was seeing because the way she talked about it just doesn't fit in any way with what she presents herself as.

Who knows, maybe it's not even irritated cartilage but just the intercostal muscles she is feeling. Those can hurt quite bad too, but imho not nearly as much as a true slipping or dislocating rib with inflamed cartilage does.

No. 468236


She insists that she doesn’t have any mental health issues (and sometimes the way she says it is really off-putting like she’s better than those with mental health issues). I don’t buy it. I doubt she’s being truthful about her mental health or lack thereof. Like really, really doubt it. It’s another thing she tends to over-explain which is one of the tells that she’s full of epic shit and dumbfuckery.

Here’s another one of the videos that really screams “manic” to me as well. Then there was the one pretty recent where she screams embarrassingly that she now does Disney with smart drive, custom (always dropping that c-word on us!) wheelchair and a SERVICE DOG! and then she arm flails and drives the Barbie Car off into the sunset whilst Judd is behind her recording and probably wishing he had a paper bag or a ski mask on his head. Maybe he could use a few of her vog masks to hide his identity.

Judd’s got to be mental at this point… six years with Jaquie would drive even those with the strongest mental fortitude insane.

No. 468245

File: 1515753912164.jpeg (15.9 MB, 5056x5056, 3D0EEB7B-978A-4628-9060-4F552B…)


Right? Anon you made me think of something else… her so-called cataplexy. She goes OTT manic quite often, but we never see it culminate to a cataplexy “attack” or whatever TF it’s called. Ever. Another piece of shit lie.

Here are a few photos from that “episode” of Jaq’s Shit Show that really do tell a story of a pathetic munchie who is in desperate need of a medicalporn intervention. All of these useless “goodies” she buys off Etsy with the sweet phat Patreon loots… she looks like she’s about to piss herself she’s so giddy to get her hands on this stuff… the first 10 seconds of that video are just so awful and show us that Jaq’s life IS Munchie Barbie and she is in so deep, there’s no turning back without the shit hitting the fan.

No. 468255

We should make a collage that's just screenshots of Jaq eating. Maybe she can frame it and hang it in her room to look at while she's recovering from feeding tube surgery (between episodes of Glee)

No. 468335

For those of you who can't watch Janiece: (I only manage sometimes, but I bit the bullet today)
-Janiece had her SmartPill today
-She was "very excited" about it
-Pill was hard to swallow, mainly because Paul and Janiece kept laughing while she tried it (WHY?? I've never seen someone act that silly during a medical test)
-Also went to her primary today and commented like three times how "intrigued" her primary was going to be when she showed up wearing her SmartPill belt and stuff and speculated about how she would react
-Primary visit was because of a cough
-She went because she was sick with something she couldn't remember but was "bronchitis or something" this time last year, and according to Jaquie that means that she always gets sick this time of the year
-She got a steroid injection and an inhaler and was told to talk to her pulmonologist (again with the overprescribing US doctors!)
-Had to say how the primary mentioned she had lost weight about three times
-The PCP supposedly told her they should study her because she was 'weird' because she was very sick while her whole family is very healthy
-She mentioned how her brother was bragging about being so healthy his doc even waved the co-pay (??) and Janiece humble-bragged about being so rare and how doctors always tell her she is 'very sick'
-She returned to her GI's office in the afternoon to bring back the belt and transmitter (or whatever is in it) and is waiting for the PillCam to pass in the next few days
(BTW, are you supposed to just flush those? That doesn't seem very eco-friendly.)

All in all, a very uninteresting vlog of someone who thinks she is very interesting. It also reminded me of the title of one of her previous vlogs, which is "If the PillCam doesn't go as planned, we have a plan B" (regarding the endometriosis her GYN thought of) and how this means that she is hoping the PillCam will show something. I'm not sure what she is hoping for, but it's clear that the intention is to find something.

Now I do understand how if you've suffered with certain symptoms for a very long time it can be a relief to find the cause, but she is entirely focused on 'getting diagnosed'. Just like for other munchies, the diagnosis is more important to her than getting better. In previous vlogs she has talked about how "once I am diagnosed it will become easier" and it seems like she won't stop until someone finds something. She doesn't seem to realize that for about 20% of patients with chronic pain, doctors will NOT be able to find a cause. I don't think she will be able to handle not having a clear diagosis for her symptoms, and of course Jaquie will be 'helping' her to find the right doctors (read: those without a spine and/or no ethics) who will give their patients about anything as long as they are getting paid.

In the meantime.. Jaquie's surgery is today, right? Do we think there will be an ultra-short vlog showing her new tube and Jaquie screaming for more narcotics, or will there be no vlog at all today?

No. 468339

I still don't 100% understand what her complaints are aside from constipation. She can eat just fine when she wants to (sushi, donuts, hospital food that she didn't have to cook herself) and other than that, what's going on? What is the reason she's going to more and more doctors? I noticed in the comments of her previous vlog someone had asked about the PT. She said her GI postponed it because she had more pressing symptoms they needed to address. WHAT?! What are these more pressing symptoms? I thought constipation and constipation related abdominal pain was her whole issue? The only medical mystery about her is how she's managed to bully her way into so many doctors offices.

No. 468341

Yeah, I don't get it either. First it was constipation, then it was diarrhea which she says can't possibly be because she had her galbladder removed and hasn't changed her diet. Then she was put on a bland diet and it worked extremely well, but she only did that one day because.. I don't know why. Then she suddenly couldn't eat and instead of going back to the bland diet she went to the hospital where she suddenly could eat anything they gave her. She even said in I think yesterdays vlog that the hospital food was not only really good, but she did not have ANY abdominal pain with the food they gave her in the hospital. Yet when she came home, she suddenly couldn't eat again and was very nauseaus. Then her diarrhea came back, and now her constipation is back. But she has more pressing issues, y'all.

We kind of should go back and see what exactly changed and when, but I really don't want to look at her vlogs yet again. So.. if anyone else is up to it: I'm sure we will all be very grateful. It should be somewhere between her anal manometry and her hospitalization.

No. 468356

O wait, maybe the turning point for Janiece was when she found those ghost pills in her stool? She had a vlog titled "are my GI issues getting worse?" where she decided that because she had some pill shells in her poo (which is, for the record, completely normal for most extended-release pills) she couldn't digest them or something. She called her GI's office and it looked very much like her emergency a few days later was because she was pissed that her GI did not drop everything he was doing and sent for her by ambulance so he could solve all of her problems at once.

If that was the turning point, then no, nothing has changed. She just interpreted a normal thing as her being very sick and then manufactured an emergency. It's like she does anything to prevent actually getting better. If I had her problem I would be in PT yesterday, even if I had other issues as well. I'd be happy to be able to actually do something myself to help. And even if it turned out that it didn't solve everything, I would at least eliminate one factor that could contribute to me being sick.

But of course as usual, Janiece is doing the opposite of someone who actually wants to get better. It's the same with her diet: she keeps bitching at people for suggesting she should try a low-fat diet because of her gallbladder. If I were in that position, I'd be sure to at least TRY it, even if my doctor had told my I didn't have to be on a diet. I would want to try and see if I was one of those people who's GI-system doesn't work the same after a gallbladder removal. But no matter how many people will tell her - from experience, even! - that some people just can't deal with dietary fats as well as they did, she will keep telling them that it's not true and that she doesn't need to be on a diet. Now maybe she doesn't, but as long as she doesn't give it a decent try (and that is NOT just one day - I'm looking at you, Janiece) she just CAN'T KNOW that.

No. 468363

People with real eds are used to pain, and they also don’t run to the ER any time something hurts, because they know the ER can’t do much unless it’s truly an emergency. Really, aside from a full dislocation that you can’t fix or breathing or cardiac problems, there’s actually very few reasons for someone with EDS to go to the ER; most things need to be done or at least ordered by their specialists, or just dealt with at home. Pain, joints slipping, headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc is just part of the deal, not an emergency. Besides, anyone with chronic illness of any kind who’s not an attention whore or a total idiot is desperately trying to avoid ERs and hospitals because of how bad the flu is right now. No one but munchie attention whores risk getting sick for very minor pain.

No. 468386

Don't forget her using up all the saline supply that's in shortage right now, too!

No. 468395

Is it at all possible that Jaquie's autism motivates her to do some of this? Between being babied by her parents and developing a special interest/obsession with medicine maybe she's convinced herself that this is the best way to get attention or has deluded herself into thinking that normal discomforts are all rare symptoms.

Janice just seems mean spirited to me. Like I'd not be surprised if she just didn't feel like leading a productive/normal life so she's feigning being so ill

No. 468419


>(BTW, are you supposed to just flush those? That doesn't seem very eco-friendly.)

Yes, they tell you to just flush it away.

No. 468448

File: 1515783467632.png (1.14 MB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.55…)

looks like her sooper speshul mrsa is all cleared up and fine… can't have two emergencies at once, better focus on that new toob.

No. 468504

Hah, I'm snickering at today's Vlog because some of her bs seems to have caught up to her.

Guess what, if you pretend that you are soooo sooper sick that you can't drive…the government may decide to take your word for it and demand a medical review. Gods bless the DMV!

No. 468514

Nice catch…absolutely no infection precautions seem to be used. So Either the "MRSA" is gone… or she wants those AFOs bad and doesn't care that she's putting her bare MRSA skin on the clinic floor to be contracted by the next poor client.

No. 468523

Didn't she also have bare feet when she tried on the non-custom AFOs in her first appointment a week or 2 back? How long ago was her supposed MRSA?
For all her chronic illnesses she claims to have and how they supposedly affect every part of her life and she feels so weak and in pain all the time, she sure accomplishes a lot in a day. Ever since she got her driving privileges back bitch drives somewhere every day, on top of her breathing treatments, tube and port shit, cleaning, "exercising", blow drying her hair (but only the front, in 30 second increments because my SPD y'all!), feeding Harlow, on and on and on. I get tired just watching her do all these things. I feel bad for her younger, impressionable viewers who may actually be ill, comparing what they get done in a day to J. It's sad they don't realize she's completely full of shit.
(sage for rage/bitching)

No. 468533

File: 1515791645857.png (207.53 KB, 426x332, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 4.13…)

she looks like a fucking muppet

No. 468552

Jaquie's Toradol injections she gets, and the fact that she also has IV toradol she self administers is highly suspect unless she is being given a very minuscule amount and told or led to believe it's a normal dosage. I get toradol injections for severe muscle spasms and pain, but only when I'm multiple days into it with no sign of improvement and the spasms are so severe my head is pulled sideways. Because that shit is TERRIBLE for your liver. My doctor will only give it to me at MOST once a month, and not for more than 3 months in a row. And I can only have the shot if I haven't taken ibuprofen or aleve in the last 48 hours and I can't take any for several days after. So how is Jaquie getting her precious ketamine/toradol joint injections once a month and also self administering toradol doses at home for pain? How is her liver even still functioning with all the shit she takes? Do her doctors all know what the other is prescribing and what for? I know she has her medical binder and super organized information but with how quickly she is amassing diagnosis and medications and tubes and toys, I can't see her doctors all have the time to spend hours each month reading her newest medical chart entries and staying up to date. She's really shooting herself in the (drop) foot if she's getting stuff like the IV toradol for home use from one doctor, who doesn't know she's also getting injections of it once a month from a different doctor. Maybe she IS a drug seeker?!

(Sage for some medblogging)

No. 468591


I don't think she does have IV toradol for home use. She frequently does benadryl & zofran through her port and she has talked about getting IV toradol in the ER.

Does anyone have screenshots of her talking about self-administering IV toradol? I may have missed it.

No. 468593

Re : the MRSA, idk if she ever said for certain that the butt boil was MRSA recurring but the butt boil was happening over the Christmas holiday. So she's had an active skin infection less than 2 weeks prior to this casting.

No. 468638

File: 1515796900848.png (76.71 KB, 640x665, IMG_4082.PNG)

just saw her bare foot on the floor at her dad's house in this vlog at the 8:53ish mark.

No. 468668

One of my good friends is turning into a munchie AND has started vlogging it and being generally I ntolerable as a human. Ugh. It is truly fascinating to watch the downhill slide though. Like a gory car accident that is stomach churning to watch but also you can't stop looking. I wonder if that's why J and J's families put up with their bullshit? Morbid curiosity and some mixture of shock/awe/disbelief/horror/wonder that the munchie is getting away with it, yet they can't call them on it because it is truly fascinating to see what calamity they'll come up with next. Watching all these stranger cows be OTT is one thing but what a new spin seeing it in an actual friend is. These people all truly need psychological help and a lot of it.

No. 468746

Again, no one wears AFOs for EDS. She doesn’t have a foot drop or weak ankles (we’ve seen her up on her toes before), and even if she had weak ankles, AFOs would be a bad choice. She seems to go way over the top with equipment compared to the majority of other munchies, and way over when compared to someone who actually has those illnesses.

No. 468768

The thing I would hate to see is people finding this thread and then growing suspicions about people they know 'being munchies' or 'becoming munchies'. Jaquie has already negatively impacted so many people's lives, sickeningly so. While we use the term loosely here, Munchausen's is actually a very rare disorder reserved for really extreme cases like the nightmarish ones you see in documentaries. I'd hate to see people here becoming suspicious of their friends and family who may actually have genuine health issues going on, watch people like Jaquie and get brain washed into thinking that is how you must behave if you have chronic illness. And then have people think that they have Munchausen's, when really they are just confused about the reality of chronic conditions because of people like Jaquie being so OTT.

No. 468779

It’s usually pretty easy to tell who’s a munchie and who’s not. And it’s totally possible to be sick and not an ott spoonie, or a spoonie at all (that whole thing is pretty weird, in my opinion, almost cultish). Personally, I wouldn’t want to be around/interact with anyone who acted like a munchie or ott spoonie, so whether they’re sick or not doesn’t really matter.

No. 468782

File: 1515805438160.png (2.03 MB, 1610x1188, lol.png)

SWF is my favorite. this is incredible.

No. 468783

File: 1515805453737.png (196.93 KB, 640x908, lol2.png)

No. 468792

I'm the anon that just posted about the friend turning into a munchie. I agree it's terrible to start seeing munchies everywhere because they are quite rare. But this is not the case here. My friend has begun taking pics and videos of his medical equipment and soooper sick self to plaster all over social media, is doctor shopping, whining about how his symptoms are the worst ever but not wanting to do any testing, lifestyle changes, or even follow his doctor's orders for treatment. Instead he asks random people on the internet how they got diagnosed, what their symptoms were, what treatments they get, etc. He started a medical fundraiser. He claims one symptom one day then the next day forgets about it in favor of something else. I know him well and have the same disease he does and in the last year he has gone bat shit crazy with his health issues and it is consuming him…..just like all the munchies we talk about on these boards. I guarantee if he keeps this up, within the next year we will be discussing him here.
Sage for blogging, sorry, but it's fascinating to watch the step-by-step morphing of a normal-but-sick person into a mooing cow

No. 468797

In the latest vlog, she goes to the DMV, goes to the doctor, calls insurance, does all her medical care, does homework for college, edits a vlog, AND has Judd take her out for dinner. She even mentions she was sick in the morning. I honestly don't know how she fits so many hours in a day.

I think that would be a stressful day for even a healthy person. That's a lot of shit to do in a day – and a lot of annoying and hard shit to do in a day. I think it's odd (and telling) that Judd's answer to her sour mood was to take her to a crepes place.

No. 468799

So she’s complaining about having a gtube put in while whe was awake? Parents if children who have gtubes do tube switches at home, on small, very much awake children and babies, who just lie there, because it’s totally painless and takes a whopping total of maybe two minutes. What a fucking drama queen.

No. 468801

See? It’s pretty obvious who’s normal sick and who’s gone over the edge into ott or munchie territory.

No. 468804

File: 1515807363952.jpeg (480.35 KB, 1228x1878, 8FCA9D69-88AF-4F4C-9AC3-A4EB74…)

(And changing a gj is relatively the same, except the j tube has to be put into the small intestine, [which is why it has to be done in a hospital with live X-ray], where there are no pain receptors kek. No sedation or asspats necessary.)

No. 468829


What procedure was she awake for that was so traumatizing?

No. 468833


I was wondering if she was complaining about being awake for her LP, which I still can't figure out why she needed. If you have that done by an experienced provider under fluoroscopy it's totally painless.

No. 468859

Shit, it can be done bedside if necessary. It barely counts as a procedure, and getting a headache is part of it more often than not. Not having meningitis is a good outcome, no matter how painful the test was (it’s not at all).

No. 468864

File: 1515810857514.png (66.66 KB, 618x326, wah.png)

No. 468868

Unless it has a bumper (def not wknighting)

No. 469089

Is wearing an AFO like wearing a walking air cast? Just trying to relate. Air casts make he extremity weaker over time, so It surely would be true that all these special gadgets she is getting will make her mobility worse over time. She is gonna kick herself in the ass one day when she is fat, mess ridden and can't walk and is in dialysis from all the toradol and other meds she gets. Ugh sickening.

No. 469090

Oops… autocorrect.. meant mrsa ridden….

No. 469092

Mess ridden works… kek.

No. 469112

File: 1515872174001.png (217.13 KB, 2048x1536, 32543738-11F7-4B8E-B311-F1578A…)

Yeah. It’s definitely not something recommended for long term use in EDS.

No. 469121

AFOs don't weaken if you use them for the right thing at the right time. If someone actually have ankle instability AFOs will help walking and prevent further damage (from twisting your ankles multiple times etc)

No. 469130

File: 1515873177763.jpg (711.37 KB, 1052x1212, Screenshot_20180113-135105.jpg)

Janiece has definitely lost weight. It very well could be that she's just not eating because "she's so sooper sick and can't eat" when really she's not eating to appear sick, but she does look thinner.

No. 469133

But her ugly mug is still fat as ever

No. 469136

Today was raw diet prep again. What are the odds she’s violently ill by tomorrow’s vlog?

And she plans on being well enough to do her raw food prep just 2 weeks after surgery. What happened to her sooper suhvere eds making her recovery time slow? Did she realize she needed to make more videos to keep making her YouTube cash so she’s backpeddling?

No. 469156

Okay, so she pretty much never feeds Harlow lamb. It's almost always beef, chicken and organ meats. Yet instead of choosing beef (yellow bag) or poultry (blue bag) she chooses lamb (pink bag). Because ya'll everything must be pink

No. 469168

At one point she was claiming Harlow could only eat salmon flavored dog food, but once she hopped on the raw diet train suddenly Harlow eats every meat BUT salmon. I don't know how much research Jaq and Jan have done about raw feeding and if they even talked to a vet about it…I may be wrong here but I was told by our vet to never ever feed dogs raw pork, and that dogs should never eat frozen food except pupsicles and whatnot if it's hot. If you take a sandwich bag full of assorted meats out of the freezer at night and move it to the fridge it will in no way be completely thawed out for breakfast the next day, and most likely not even for dinner time. Poor Harlow.

No. 469175

Today's vlog is so painfully OTT with the dog food. Is she being sponsored by some of these companies and not disclosing it? We know Jaquie uses Amazon, and the giant pink bag of dog food on Amazon is $83, $79 if you have it auto shipped (or even cheaper since Amazon gives bigger discounts the more shit you subscribe and save to). She said she ordered it off Chewy, which is selling it for $90 or $85.50 for auto ship. If she did so much research about the price, she didn't notice it was a lot cheaper on Amazon?
I can't figure it if she's angling for these companies to sponsor her or if they are but she's too clueless to realize legally she has to disclose sponsored videos

No. 469177


She has lost weight but she’s not super skinny, she’s not “malnourished” as she claims and I really don’t know why she is claiming she can’t eat. It seems purposeful.

No. 469190

File: 1515876853039.png (134.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4085.PNG)

Every video on her channel has, in the "like what you see" section, a link to her feed bag backpack and a coupon code. So she doesn't know how sponsorships work but she somehow magically has a coupon code and direct link to the company's website on her daily vlogs in which this product is prominently featured. Sure Jaquie

No. 469219

File: 1515879722231.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, CD627CF5-7007-4C5F-91ED-C6DD63…)


She's so not sponsored ya'll. She has no idea what that is. eye roll

No. 469224

File: 1515879832657.png (3.45 MB, 1242x2208, BB50E8E4-1501-4843-96BE-B7B093…)

Again with the hair in the raw meat

No. 469243


Sorry for the repost. I somehow missed this. But yes! Exactly! She's so full of shit.

No. 469250

She got called out in the comments before about having sponsored videos and that coupon code. She said something like the company just "gave" her that code because they're just so awesome, and that Kate Farms gave her AND her friend free samples because they're a great company. She made sure to say none of her videos are ever sponsored but if they were she would definitely disclose it because the law y'all.
But now suddenly she doesn't know how any of that works.

No. 469254

Never seen Jaq use elipses to end a sentence before. Is this the written equivilant of her look to the side lying 'tell'?

No. 469285


Kek probably

No. 469467

I've been doing a lot of thinking and digging around re: J's anaphylaxis and angiodema attacks she alleges.

Now, plz don't ban me as I promise this is relevant. When J claimed anaphylaxis (rashes, throat spasming, and swelling), it got me thinking. Your throat doesn't spasm with anaphylaxis or angiodema. I've asked numerous doctors who I see regularly who bring up my history with anaphylaxis when I see them. So throat spasms? The spasms are BS or it's something else, but not anaphylaxis from angiodema or your 'typical' allergic reaction.

Another thing that stuck out as a red flag was her swelling which we've never seen. My swelling definitely doesn't go away with epi, or other rescue meds (and
Chlorphenamine or Diphenhydramine NEVER abort attacks when they start to get to swelling of my lips, tongue or throat). My swelling is visible normally til the next day. Because this is my personal experience, I reached out to others I know who have anaphylaxis from allergy or angiodema and they've all said their swelling is same. It hangs around for hours and hours, sometimes a whole 24hrs or more.

During my last op, an anesthetist went through my allergy list and asked me to list my reactions. I didn't mention rashes, so he asked me if I got them. When I asked him are rashes always a precursor to anaphylaxis he said no. That actually a rash is very mild, does not require rescue meds unless things such as swelling (majority of people say it typically feels like burning or tingling) in the lips, tongue and throat.

I know I mentioned my personal experience, but I reached out to others for their input on this. It seems like J is most likely fibbing otherwise we'd have seen swelling after the attack has passed from active swelling.

I will probably get banned despite info offered for reference along with info gathered from others..But I wanted to put that out there for your consideration.

No. 469506

Yeah we know she doesn’t have anaphylaxis or mast cell activation. Shout out to the doctor that she saw recently that wouldn’t put up with her munchie shit, and confirmed that she doesn’t have her speschel MCAS.

No. 469517

Almost positive I've seen at least once or twice in vlogs where she gives herself in toradol. I do know for certain her migraine abortive is toradol, she used to take the pill but sometime in the summer switched to a nasal spray version because gastroparesis

No. 469524

File: 1515899855933.png (120.89 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4086.PNG)

Toradol, contraindicated for, among other things, people with angioedema and asthma. Can also cause MAJOR and sudden heart and stomach problems. Call me crazy but if I was Jaq and truly had all these various health conditions, I'd rather take my chances with narcotics slowing down motility than risk the bodywide complications of something like toradol.

No. 469560

Or any of the other pain medications that don’t cause those problems. There are plenty of alternatives that work just as well. Leave it to jaquie to have to pick something totally inappropriate for her supposed conditions. Luckily for her, she’s perfectly healthy, so probably doesn’t get too many side effects.

No. 469568

She’s semi toeing the line of the whole sponsorship thing. When companies send stuff it’s not always a sponsorship it’s more of a Hey your really famous on IG or YouTube or what have you here’s our stuff at either an extreme discount or for free please mention it if you like it. You get free or mostly free stuff and the companies get cheap advertising and you also most of the time get a discount code to give to your followers to try it. Where a sponsorship is they send you free items to review or try out or model or whatever the company wants you take your photos and video or whatever you decided in your contract and they okay it and you post it and also get paid money as well for doing a review for them.

No. 469571


When? Did I miss something as she still claims MCAS?

Sorry for my essay but her whole anaphylaxis and angiodema bs has bothered me for a while so I decided to reach out to many others to confirm what I already knew.. She's a liar.

What's sad about this entire issue with Jaquie is that she really had the potential to do something really good with her education and life. Instead she's purposely wasting it playing poor sick girl.

She's a totally different person to her first videos. And I don't mean in confidence being on camera. But her entire personality.

No. 469596

She’s gone from being a young adult with a future, and relationships and hobbies and life goals, to being an entitled munchie brat who does absolutely nothing but be a huge attention whore and manipulator.

No. 469599

Wasn’t she told she didn’t have it when she saw the immunologist, who told her she didn’t need her port and she didn’t need to go to the ER for her “anaphylaxis”? We all know she doesn’t have it, as she doesn’t have any actual mcas symptoms. She was also told she didn’t have EDS by the one specialist that actually knows EDS, yet she’s still running that. Same with her POTS (testing was negative) and her GP (more negative testing). She doesn’t care, she just picks what she wants.

No. 469612


Oh yes, I remember now.

Tbh, so many people seem to be following her footsteps. Every EDS insta I see has MCAS and GP. More recently immunodeficiency, too.

There's even one girl claiming mcas who just had a port put in (same manic cheese smiley and excited look for her port). All I see is some redness where tape was pulled off. My eyes couldn't roll any further into back of my head.

Anyway back to J - I hope this all catches up to her. She makes the real sick people look like they're bonkers.

No. 469623

That's the thing though about toradol–it's pretty risky even for healthy people. Can cause heart attacks, allergic reactions, stomach bleeds, death. For her supposed problems it seems a wildly risky choice

No. 469634

I actually thought she might be legit until I saw some of her episodes like "treating anaphylaxis in target" and I was like "Where is the anaphylaxis?" Having a few red streaks on your neck after rubbing it at saying your tongue feels weird isn't anaphylaxis or angioedema.

No. 469646

I believe she may have had true anaphylaxis once because didn't it happen in the hospital? I guess we only have her word for it but since Jaquie seems to exaggerate rather than out and out lie, I think she had a reaction even if it wasn't super life threatening.

Since then though I think she just has severe anxiety about having another attack and a lot of the things she thinks are symptoms of anaphylaxis (feeling a tightness in her chest) are just her working herself up to a panic attack whenever she gets a rash.

A lot of her symptoms for everything can be explained by anxiety but Jaquie doesn't have mental health issues, y'all, so she'll never accept that or look into it or get it treated.

No. 469652

Have we ever seen her get a legitimate rash? I don’t remember seeing anything, and if she’s going to claim MCAS, those rashes are usually pretty bad and very obvious. I think what’s really happening is that every time she’s got just a tiny tickle in her throat like normal people often get, she blows it up into an anaphylaxis attack. Anything to justify another diagnosis to list and that sweet sweet iv Benadryl.

No. 469682


She was in the hospital for basically the entire month of January in 2017 for supposed anaphylaxis. One year later and it's so not a problem that she can have a Christmas tree.

No. 469734

No. 469753


Only when she got Red Man Syndrome (just like Mary Frey!) from antibiotics.

Her "rashes" are just redness from her scratching at herself.

No. 469768


I thought her Redman's syndrome looked suspiciously like she doctored the red tint in video editing software. Not like Redman's I've seen in real life before.

No. 469772

And the nurse was playing along? I dont buy it. I think that one was real. Why she made such a big deal out of a fairly common reaction and she even had to stop the abx (when she's supposedly used to reactions that are much, much worse) is beyond me, but I don't see how that one could've been fake.

No. 469785


While real, it looked to me she added a red overlay on her legitimate Redman reaction to make it seem worse.

No. 469799

Agree, it looked genuine, and a nurse was there at the time, you can't fake redmans.
When you have a Redman Reaction, you have a Redman reactionif she was being monitored there is no way she could fake that reaction.

That being said, ceasing Vanc because of one Redman reaction, unlikely, the common practice is to continue (at least initially) at a lower rate.

No. 469840

File: 1515944767611.png (6.08 MB, 2208x1242, 3681A4DC-4A65-405A-B524-65F0BD…)


Yeah I think she had some degree of Redman's, a super common reaction, then doctored it up. No nurse is going to tell someone "Calm down you're fine," because that's a sure path to being there all afternoon. I could practically see the nurse rolling her eyes in that video too.

In this screenshot she looks much redder than she did a few seconds prior in the video. This is of course what she used for the video thumbnail.

No. 469844

Sage for medfagging, I have redmans syndrome from vanc. I turn into a lobster about 45min into infusion and the nurse immediately administered IV benedryl then slowed it down. Since I had that reaction they always predosed with IV benadryl before the infusion to prevent redmans from occurring. In Jaqs case, I would think a seasoned medical veteran like herself would know you must predose with benadryl before a vanc infusion. I think she purposefully wanted to show she gets redmans. My other theory is that because she takes benadryl whenever she damn well pleases that the benadryl predosing is no longer effective for her body causing redmans and the antibiotic needing to be stopped.

No. 469846

If there is a mild reaction to a medication that you NEED and that reaction can be treated/ made less unpleasant they do that and you just continue with the treatment.
Sometimes the only treatment IS one you react to, if that reaction isn't going to be worse than what they are treating you for then they just make it less unpleasant (anti histamines, slower rate etc) and carry on.

No. 469849


And sometimes, like Jaq, you never actually needed it, so you stop it after 1 dose when you got the vlog you wanted and/or it was less fun than expected

No. 469850

Fascinating! Good find!!

No. 469906

This is such a petty thing to be annoyed about but it's insane how much paper towel she went through cleaning the house. Think of the environment and get some rags you can toss in the laundry when you're done, ffs.

No. 469918

I think it's pretty safe to say that Jaquie doesn't care about the environment. I assume you are talking about today's video which I have not seen yet, but even then: she feeds her dog raw meat (that could potentially feed a LOT of people, btw), she eats meat every single day, goes everywhere by car and she creates a LOT of medical waste that she does not need. If you are trying to reduce your footprint and you happen to be feeding tube dependent or need other medical stuff (that usually leads to a lot of waste) that sucks, but you can't help it. Jaquie however, does not need a lot of the stuff she uses. And she uses those desinfectant wipes a lot (and she probably thinks they actually clean and desinfect even if you don't clean the area with water and detergent first?). So I'm not suprised she uses paper towels instead of normal cleaning rags either.

May be a bit petty indeed, but you're not the only one. She is - unfortunately - seen as a role model by many young women. Think of what she could do if she actually used that for good, like setting an example through things like eating less meat, producing less waste and well, being mindful on a lot of other stuff as well, obviously.

No. 469948

in today's video, Jaq tells us that she uses the wand for cleaning her toilet in her shower as well.

No. 469960


I will never stop marvelling at how her stupidity surpasses her OCPD.

No. 469981

File: 1515957230212.png (774.13 KB, 1596x860, IMG_20180114_191122.png)

She's definitely reading here. Today she put on screen in text that she'd washed her hands.

Then with cleaning proceeded to wear gloves and then a mask (I mentioned a while back about not wearing a mask when dusting or doing Harlows nails when she says she's allergic to dust…)

Also, look at her toilet seat. She didn't clean it. Barf.

No. 469992

that toilet seat. why would you put your face so close to that.

No. 470045

Not only that but my stomach turned when she stood over the bowl and flushed it with the lid up. That is so disgusting. Enjoy your toilet mist shower Jaquie.

No. 470087

Kek I was about to post a screenshot of her holding up her WASHED HANDS with a cute l'il smirk on her face. Hi Jaquie!!!

No. 470096

I don't think she knows what "hacks" even are. "Take breaks" and "wear gloves" and "buy a bunch of disposable crap" is not a hack. It's something anybody could think of and doesn't make her look particularly clever.

No. 470103

At least we know she washes her hands before she pushes her IV medications while sitting on the toilet now kek

No. 470122

Wow, she’s learned how to wash her hands. Guess she’s ready for kindergarten now! Also, did I miss something? Wasn’t she supposed to have surgery this week? If she had it, why is she cleaning her bathroom?

No. 470133

Surgery is tomorrow.

No. 470190

Today's vlog she mentions hand washing not once but several times. And her mom was laying on the couch wrapped in a blanket with a tissue in her hand. Allergies? Crying? Sick? Hopefully not sick because being immunocompromised with a surgery coming up and hanging out with a sick person and playing a board game together isn't sooper smart, germ wise. Maybe Jaq is angling for a Darwin Award? They are pretty rare after all.
Still drives me bonkers when she's kneeling on her walker seat reaching up to the top shelf to dust….without the brakes. And she only wore gloves to clean the first toilet but not the second?! This vlog has so many things that piss me off I don't know where to start. Maybe she's starting to crack and has invented so many illnesses and symptoms and allergies and hacks (kek her idea of hacks is HI-larious) that she can't even keep them all straight. Chronic illness affects everyone differently y'all. So she has the WORST case of EVERY thing she's been diagnosed with (or not but pretended when they said you don't have such and such that meant really she did) and she's so speshul the normal treatments don't work, yet she has none of the negative impacts on her daily life. No sign of memory trouble or fatigue from the narcolepsy, claims to be in severe pain but it never shows, is immunocompromised but goes out to fucking Disney, restaurants, stores and hospitals ALL THE TIME. Vlogs 7 days a week without missing a day, ever, no matter how "sick" she is. So she wants the asspats for being so sick but none of the sacrifices that actually come with being sick. Magic Jaq

No. 470358

That’s exactly how munchies operate. They want all the attention and sympathy and asspats for being sick, plus whatever free cash and other shit they can get, but without any of the negative stuff (which is nearly all of it, for a normal, sane person). They get almost offended if something is painful or unpleasant at all, or if they’re not treated as a special snowflake every second of the day.

No. 470367

She does not understand the concept that chronic illness is really just a lot of putting up with pain and fatigue and terrible symptoms that don’t always allow you to do what you want. It doesn’t work around your schedule and what you feel like doing or blogging about. And the only people who get free stuff for being sick are either children or OTT adults who regularly whore themselves and their illness out online continuously. Everyone else who’s dick either has to work or live on very limited disability benefits.

No. 470393

Kek at the dick part, I know it was a typo but being truly chronically ill DOES kinda feel like getting the shaft every day. And a true chronically ill "warrior" doesn't piss and moan about it all day every day and freak out over every little pain. That's what pussies do. Warriors power through it and don't expect asspats and medical wizardry. Jesus H these munchies

No. 470417

At the beginning of the Jan 12 vlog did anyone else notice how smooth/quick the camera moving from the front door to Harlow's bed was? I had to rewatch it to make sure it wasn't sped up. Jaquie wasn't using her walker and you can tell that whoever was holding the camera was walking by the way it swayed back and forth so it's not like it was laying on her walker or anything. Interesting how she could walk that quickly without any problems with her recent "partial foot drop" and all of the falls she is claiming to have had.

No. 470432

Kek fuck I didn’t notice that until you said something. But yeah, munchies want to be sick as long as it’s not uncomfortable or inconvenient, and gives them what they want, which is the exact opposite of actually being sick. On the main thread someone posted jaq’s copycat Amanda bitching about youcaring, which sums up the munchie attitude. I’m sick, feel bad for me and give me things, but how dare there be any unconvinience for me. It’s pretty disgusting.

No. 470454

I have legitimate EDS and have AFOs for my ankles because when I walk my ankle bends back and I wrongly walk on it, basically foot drop. Also my feet invert which pops out the ankle bones and joints. It really depends on the severity and what joints are most affected. But agreed, she doesn’t need them. She also posted that the AFOs will help with her knee subluxing. Uhhh not how it works. AFOs made my knees worse. But, what do I know? Good ol jacquie is always right (insert sarcasm and eye roll)("dear lolcow")

No. 470459

Not your blog fag

No. 470545

File: 1515993151852.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, 40F893C3-5C04-4FD5-95C6-ABE74C…)

And heres the big lead up to her completely unnecessary surgery. You really have to be fucked in the head to put yourself through not one but two unnecessary surgeries. She’s probably got a huge shit eating grin underneath that mask, since she’s now talked her way into nearly everything she wants. I’m sure in a few weeks or months she’ll suddenly require TPN, though, since she’s never satisfied with her level of munchieness.

No. 470546

File: 1515993185239.png (177.93 KB, 640x1136, 492B2FD2-125C-4928-BDE4-5F6068…)

No. 470655


Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if standard benedryl doses don't do much for any more, considering she shoots it into her port about twice daily…

No. 470657


kek, bang on!
She wanted redman syndrome because Mary Frey had it.

If she'd have needed to take the vancomycin, she'd have kept on taking it and putting up with the side effects. But no, let's make the "immunodeficient" body immune to the effects of antibiotics instead! idiot.

No. 470711

Yup. If she actually had a staph infection (of any kind), she would have still been on the antibiotics. Red man syndrome is actually a somewhat tame side effect for that strong of a medication, and if you have an infection, it’s worth putting up with to not get sepsis. But I agree that she definitely exaggerated it with filters on her photo, as it doesn’t look like normal red man.

No. 470782

Jaquie Wannabe: Janiece is now CHRONICALLY ILL with her tachycardia, non-productive cough and horrible cold. She's still losing weight, still can't eat and it is now painful to drink. She is abnormally gleeful about feeling sick and also relays how Paul has to do his own job plus all the housework, raw food prep, etc. Her sole job is to lay in bed and vlog. Definitely gunning for a feeding tube and port so she can be more like Jaquie. Meanwhile, in another town, her hero is getting drugged up for another hole in her body. Chronically sick in the head, girls.

No. 470789

Maybe one day she'll be chronically ill enough to lose that double chin.

No. 470797


She’s so ridiculous. Why on earth can’t she drink? She’s not saying why, just that she can’t.

What is it with Florida? Do they have something that makes you super munchie? There’s J, J and Amanda plus another one on the munchie thread.

No. 470802

She could hold the record for quickest decent into full munchiedom. If she'll actually manage to munchie herself into a toob and a port, I don't think I could ever trust a doctor again. I know it's the patients that are lying and it's difficult enough for their doctors, but REALLY? Janiece's munchie-ing is SO friggin' obvious, if they can't see through THAT, then frankly they don't deserve to call themselves doctors.

I really wonder how it'll all play out though. If her results from the smart pill are normal, will her doctor FINALLY tell her she has IBS, needs to do her pelvic floor physio and tell her to find an IBS-friendly diet, stick to it and leave him be? Or will he order even more tests, book her for exploratory surgery and put in a tube? That would be really, totally, batshit crazy. It truly would be.

No. 470803


Top kek she said she has barely any fat on her body. Hmmm sure jan,

No. 470809

Janeice said that drinking water is “painful”. Later on, Paul is making her dinner. Lol wut?!

Also that cough sounds mildly dry and tickly and very minor.

No. 470811

Is that a joke! She’s a complete fucking cow lmao. Especially in the face. I’m willing to bet a million down that Janiece has a eating disorder and was self conscious with her body because of how nasty she looked before. But low and behold losing the weight didn’t even work because she still has a triple chin whoops.

No. 470830

The best thing about the J&J tandem descent into total munchie madness is that they're both abandoning raw diets so with a little luck Harlow and Orion might eat well for a change. So much for how it's cheap and easy and better for you dog, huh, Janiece?

No. 470846

Kek Jan is like a kid staying home from school "sick". Paul came home early and caught her up and doing shit she wasn't supposed to and she got in trouble. WHY is she so goddamn gleeful and smiling so much when talking about how sick she is? FFS Jan, get your smiles out and re-shoot the clips. Munchies everywhere are counting on you. Don't let the team down

No. 470851

Months ago, Janiece stated that she didn't want to make her channel about illness. She didn't want to be known as "that ill woman", but she wanted to be known for her raw feeding.

Although I am not for a 100% raw diet, I do think it is sad that Janiece seems to have abandoned this goal of hers. I'm not sure what changed, but I'm afraid that she simply noticed that illness-related vlogs got more attention and that she liked the asspats she got through whoring her illness online. She has made this change very fast, though.

No. 470853

She's hardly coughing at all. I can't believe she had Paul bully her doctor's office to get seen a day earlier because of it. Drink some tea with lemon and honey and take some OTC cold and flu pills. Who in the hell would go see a doctor for such a minor/non-existent cough? Somehow she manages to piss me off more than Jaq.

No. 470854

Agree. She went from saying she didn't want to discuss her symptoms with the public to discussing her butt hole and poop is extremely great detail. Oh Janiece, we preferred the mystery.

No. 470855

It is VERY strange how she talks about how worried Paul is and how he will "yell at her" when she does what she perceives as being 'too much' for her body. She does this quite often: told how the nurses in hospital would constantly tell her she had to eat, wondered how her primary would react if she got there with her smartpill belt on, she said one time that her primary would scold her for not coming in sooner, etc. It's the munchie equivalent of humble-bragging, but I'm not sure what the right term would be. She likes it VERY much though if caregivers refer to how ill she is or that they should really speed up the process of getting her the test results, etc. I'm not sure if these events really happened or if she is just making them up, but either way it is very weird to watch it. She's almost like "OMG, Paul is gonna be SO worried, yippee!"

No. 470860

>>Somehow she manages to piss me off more than Jaq.
I know! I am the same, and I cannot quite put my finger on it.. why does she annoy me so much? Jaquie is WAY more manipulative then Janiece is. But Janiece is SO obvious in her munchieness. Jaquie maybe believes to a certain extent (like 20%, lol) of her own lies. Janiece.. I'm not even sure. Sometimes I think she knows what she is doing, and sometimes I think she is 100% convinced that she is the sickest of the sick.
She is just erm.. not very smart, maybe that's it? She is showcasing her dumbness all over the internet. Drawing wild conclusions while everyone who is watching her and has half a mind knows she is BS. Plus the way she bitches about nurses and doctors.. I'm not sure. Really, I don't know what it is. She just grates me, somehow.

No. 470868

WHAT?! Janiece too?! OMG. What the fuck is she going to do about her channel name? It makes no sense. Honestly when I heard 'the raw life' I thought it was going to be one of those raw vegan channels. Then she was into raw dog feeding, cool, but now she is giving that up? I am actually in shock. Janiece is NOT fucking sick. I am disgusted watching this descent. What makes me sad is that Jaq has mad dog training skills, she could make an amazing career out of it, and Janiece could have stuck with her raw feeding schtick. Now both are munchies du jour? Disgusting. I really can't believe Janiece is 'succeeding' this far down the rabbit hole. Bitch is not that sick. It's stupid. I think Paul is hooked on the vlog money potential and she is hooked on the attention. Hell, they have "Munchie Queen Jaquie and Judd the Enabler" to aspire to? Horrifying.

No. 470877

Pretty sure the reason they saw her gp so urgently for her sooper terrible cough was because she had all the pill cam equipment on that day. She really needs to learn how to control her disgusting smirking when she talks about anything health. Being sick isn't gleeful you disgusting cow

No. 470880

That's a pretty good theory, actually. She was almost giddy, talking in the car, speculating on how she would react to her having all her equipment on. I was just thinking that if she somehow had a doctor prescribe her ensure (or whatever brand liquid meal shakes they have in the US), she would be someone who would purposefully carry it with her whenever they went out of the door, and make sure to drink it in front of her other doctors and nurses and the like.

No. 470889

She says the channel name is because she gives viewers - the raw truth.
Not making that shit up….

No. 470944

Jaq and Jan's amazing new dog food they researched sooooo much but both keep calling dehydrated. Uhhh its freeze dried. Says right on the package. Freeze dried and dehydrated aren't even in the same realm ESPECIALLY when it comes to nutrition. Way to research, ladies

No. 470983

Kek today's vlog from queen munchie…because all sane people pack hair serum and shaving cream when they're going to the hospital for surgery. If I was her I'd be more worried about the tiny half empty tube of toothpaste lasting for 5 days

No. 470990

File: 1516042349348.png (1.95 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5487.PNG)

Jaquie inadvertently gave out some info on her feed rate. She says she's packing for a 5 day hospital stay and she has 15 containers of formula laid out. So that's 3 per day, at 500 calories and 325ml per container.

No. 471006

Well her doctor did tell her to get most from food and then only top up with feed if she didn't manage her oral intake?
But yeh, basically she is almost entirely tube dependent despite her doctor telling her she can have the majority of her inake orally.

No. 471008

Even if she is having that over 23 hours she still has a higher feed rate than aubrey kek.

No. 471009


If she's actually consistently getting 1500 calories of formula a day, I believe she doesn't eat much. 1500 calories is just about enough for a girl her size/ activity level.

No. 471062


That's the most fascinating part of all this. Watching and waiting for how these train wrecks play out next.

No. 471072


It's a huge munchie tell when they talk about how worried medical professionals are/were about them.

No. 471073

I’m going to disagree, for her age and size, 1500 calories probably isn’t enough, and for sure isn’t enough to cause weight gain. Granted I may be wrong, but we’ve seen her eating quite a bit, so I doubt she actually uses as much formula as she’s prescribed. That weight gain is coming from somewhere, and it’s not from her tube (although the extra calories probably contribute).

No. 471076


The raw truth: the complete and unadulterated bullshit!

No. 471078

She doens't do jack shit though, except clean the apartment. And even then some of the more vigorous activities, like vacuuming, are done for her. Speaking of more vigorous activities, has she ever said who scrubs down the kitchen and bathroom floors?

No. 471080

For sure; that’s not something doctors usually say, and it goes along with the whole munchie idea that their “illnesses” make them more special, even more special than other people who are sick. It’s that weird latching on to their doctors, too, and the idea that their doctors are at their beck and call at all times.

No. 471083


Does she seem like she's gained weight though? She seems to have maintained a consistent size over the last year, despite her telling us otherwise.

No. 471085

I wouldnt be supprised if she is packing more than she normally uses cause she knows they will try and put her on her 'goal rate' (what ever that really is cause we all know she doesnt run it at her goal rate at home), when she is in the hospital. So she wants them to not catch on to the fact that she uses less formula/a lower rate at home. Thats just a guess though.

No. 471087

What's the cost on those bottles? Can someone do the math to see how much it would cost per day?

No. 471088

Her face and arms are definitely bigger. And if you look back to her pre-munchie era, it’s really obvious. There’s no way she’s using that much formula, though, because we see all the shit she eats, if she was actually adding 1500 calories on top of all the food, she’d weigh a whole lot more.

No. 471097

It’s 108$ for a case of 12, so $9 a bottle for a total of $27 per day. But if she got her insurance to cover it, possibly less or even free for her.

No. 471098


Janiece's attitude pisses me off, but what bugs me more about her is that she clams to be so sick, but I can't seem to figure out what these debilitating symptoms are or what diagnoses she's angling for are. At least Jaq gives her munchiness names. So many diagnoses there. And they just keep coming.

No. 471099

Five days in the hospital? That’s ridiculous, most feeding tube surgeries for people other than young children are outpatient. They send you home with painkillers, but you’re not malingering in the hospital for nearly a week.

No. 471101

By any chance did Jaqs rapid downward spiral start shortly after daddy's stroke? I have a theory that one of her parents was the one who Jaq is talking about when she mentions how someone really close to her that didn't believe in her illnesses was cut off for a while. If that person was daddy, and mommy then abandons poor J to take care of him, maybe she got jealous and stepped it up a notch so mommy would have to come back and help her. Or if her dad was the one she cut off contact with and mommy went to help take care of the 'enemy' it could have set her off too.
Jaqs interactions with her dad always seem really stiff and forced and awkward. And her relationship with her mom is bizarre and reminds me of the dynamic of BPD parents and their kids. I'm a kid of a BPD mom so maybe that dynamic stands out more? But they seem like they hate each other but are codependent so practice the keep your friends close enemies closer line of thought

No. 471102


If her doctor is telling her to get most from oral intake the why the merry hell is she having ANOTHER tube punched into her? Why not a GJ nasal tube for the rest?

No. 471105


It always amazes me how you can literally just phone your consultant in the USA. I suspect Jaq has hers on speed dial, and that many docs really regret this "easy access" system.

No. 471107


But she's got such an Abnormal Anatomy, anon! And Super Rare illnesses! She'll need at least 3 days of continuous ketamine!

No. 471108

It sure doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? She’s definitely not using her tube as much as she claims (the math just doesn’t work out), and she has supposed slow healing. Any doctor with any sense at all would not do another surgery. Also, no seems suspicious at all that she’s getting multiple tube “kinks”, which most people will never, ever have (it’s not even a complication that they warn you about). It will be interesting to watch if she’s satisfied with having separate tubes (probably not) or if she starts pushing for TPN (I’m guessing she will). The craziest part is that she’s never had any tests that showed a reason for her “not being able” to eat, which is technically a requirement for medical intervention.

No. 471119


She's wily, I'll give her that. It's just frustrating she's putting her skills to use in this area.

No. 471125

1500 cals isn't enough for the activity level. Esp since shes more active recently.

I bet she doesn't run 3 cartons a day, though. It is likely that shot was deliberate to make it seem like she's running enough formula.

No. 471142

This. She's got to keep up her act carefully when in the hospital surrounded by medical personnel. She can't go there for them to put in a second tube while she keeps stuffing her face with her standard creamy cheesy chicken.

It's just her hospital stay feeding rate, not her usual feeding rate.

No. 471145

Whenever I've had a patient get a feeding tube placed, they're NPO and the tube can't be used for the first 24 hours to allow healing. Usually the tube is put to gravity during that time. I'm more familiar with pegs, and maybe a few G-Js, though. I don't think I've ever had a patient post roux en y j tube placement. Is it standard practice for that, too? Come to think of it- I seem to recall Jaquie using her G-J the evening of surgery for feeds. Medfag thoughts?

No. 471176

Her MOM is staying with her in the hospital the first night? What is she, eight years old?

And the "there will be times in the hospital where I will be alone". Erm.. yeah, that's basically what a hospital stay IS? Very long days because you are alone all day? I have visitors when I'm in hospital. Usually even every day (no matter how much I tell my family they don't need to make the drive every single day - but they're sweet). But visitation hours aside, hospital stays are pretty lonely. She has been in hospital many times, how can she talk about it as if she is a toddler who has no idea?

And the bed scene (with her stuff laid out on the bed) was just odd. Why would she need to show us how many socks she is taking and what kind of completely unnecessary hair and skin products she takes? Again: like a toddler going on a holiday with the 'look grandma/grandpa, I packed my bag!'. Also like a toddler, she is 'looking forward' to wearing her new PJ's when she is in the hospital. Er.. OK?

Also something we learned in todays vlog is that Jaquie can cook three meals at the time without having to rest in between. I don't know, but most chronically ill people I know have difficulty even cooking one meal a day every day. Most either cook in larger batches (three or four portions of the same food when they live alone, and freeze them separately) or have a few very easy go-to meals and/or use ready meals. I don't think a single one of them manages to actually cook every day with cutting veggies etc. Yet Jaquie can. She can also clean the whole house, drop to the floor, reach high and low, and apparently shave every couple of days. Again something most chronically ill or disabled people don't do if they don't really have to (like during the winter. She apparently is planning on washing her hair and shaving her legs while she in the hospital.
The day a hospital patient can wash their hair and/or shave their legs, they should have been discharged yesterday.

No. 471192

They never took a honeymoon or any type of getaway after they married because of her "health"… watching her pack for the hospital was disturbing. She had the same kind of excitement for her hospital honeymoon that normal people have for a trip.

No. 471237

She used to have a lot of "packing for the hospital" in her vlogs and lots of packing "just in case I am admitted" for all of her ER visits. She hasn't had many of those lately so I am sure she was thrilled to be able to make another packing blog where she can talk about her stupid shower wipes.

I bet she is packing more formula than she needs because she will try to milk this into as long of a hospital stay as possible. I haven't watched her vlogs in a while and just get my updates here but in past hospital stays she always seems to manufacture some sort of reason why she needs to stay longer as soon as they start talking about discharging her. My guess is that she won't go home for at least a full week. Or she will come home and immediately have to go to the ER for some BS.

No. 471248

File: 1516054215247.png (790.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5489.PNG)

A public post on her Patreon. She made it, y'all! That pic looks like hospital porn.

No. 471255

I feel some sepsis coming up for Jaq. Why? Because she made it a point in today's vlog to talk about port care and sterile field and how she doesn't trust anyone at the hospital to do her port care. She predicts things all the time, then they happen. IVIG-I hope I don't have a bad reaction…oh crap I did! Oh, I hope I don't get red man syndrome or a bad reaction to the vanco…oh no, I did! I hope my anaphylaxis doesn't come back just as I'm about to be discharged…ahhh it did!
Mind over matter. Some brains can be convinced of anything. But not Jaq, she has zero mental health issues

No. 471260


Cry me a fucking river Jaquie.
She's so spoilt.

No. 471261


"Made it through but struggling" my god she sounds like she was in a horrible car accident, needed emergency surgery and barely survived.

No. 471267

Jesus that picture is embarrassing. Judd, take my picture! No wait, lemme pull my gown up and arrange it to look accidentally askew and showing my surgical site like maybe I'm not a disgusting medporn cow. Okay, ready! Cheeeeeeeeeeese

No. 471320

I will lose my mind if she got a pain pump with ketamine over such an easy surgery! Also her pillow has a stain. Possibly vomiting from bad reaction to her precious anesthesia?

No. 471360

Only stain I see is on her gown and it's blood?

No. 471437

Didn't Jacquie say in her "hair hacks" video that she showers at night and lets her hair air dry (with the exception of her two very special pieces of hair in the front that have to be blow dried for 30 seconds at a time)? She is in bed at the end of the video and says she had a shower but her hair looks completely dry. It's a completely small detail but to me it's evidence of obvious lying.

I also do think it's telling how concerned she is with the "quality" of her care and the control she has to have over everything.

No. 471463

When she washes her hair she does it at night bc she doesn't like the feel of wet hair. But she only washes it every two to three days (ugh I can't believe I know this…)

No. 471468

Does seem like she'd do it on today of all days since she might not be able to do it for 5 days in the hospital.

No. 471514

I have avoided watching Jaquie for awhile but jeeeez her hair needs cutting! The ends just look AWFUL.

No. 471516

Disgusting that she takes that filthy stuffed animal with her everywhere. I wonder how many germs are on that rag.

No. 471537


I think she means….she's in actual pain for once. Wow.

No. 471541


I'm not afraid to say I like a good comfort plushie. But no way would I take it to the hospital for fears or MRSA, and eveything I've worn goes straight in the hot wash too!

No. 471622

She packs for the hospital like people pack for vacation. I highly doubt they’re expecting to have her for more than a day or two (since most people would do that surgery outpatient), but it sure does look like she’s got other plans. How pathetic is it that this is what she’s been looking forward to, not cutting out the munchie shit and going on a real vacation. And having her mom stay with her? I’m sure the hospital staff is going to stay away from her as much as they’re ethically allowed to. You know she’s going to turn this into a least a week of hospital drama, and several months of normal drama afterwards, even though she chose to do this procedure, since it’s torally unnecessary, just like everything else she’s done.

No. 471685


"I’m sure the hospital staff is going to stay away from her as much as they’re ethically allowed to."

Oh yeah. They'll keep the dila..dila..dilad-whatever it's called, and the ateee, ata, Ativan coming to keep her ass knocked out and off the call light

No. 471715

I believe someone on here dug up some info that suggested (this was not something J said) that she goes to a concierge doctor who is her GP/POTS doc? For a concierge doc, you pay a monthly fee and can call all the time, sometimes text, etc., anytime you want. Most people do not have these types of doctors.

No. 471729

File: 1516074145710.jpeg (65.45 KB, 540x646, 25CE19C6-2141-4291-AFD4-8DAF8D…)

No. 471731

If you’re rich like jaquie, you can pay someone to doctor shop for you

No. 471998

LMFAO! Love this!

No. 471999

I always though Jaq's weirdness with her dad is that he's going deaf and Jaq being Jaq puts zero effort into figuring out how to communicate with him - making sure she has his attention before she speaks, speaking clearly and not too fast, repeating things if needed… she just mumbles something fast and throws up her hands "I don't think he even heard that" in a 'oh well' kind of way.

In a way I feel for you because it's hard when your parents age and things aren't the way they have always been between you but it's Jaquie, she's too chronically selfish to think of anyone but herself.

I agree her dad's stroke could have sent her into munchie overtime, though. Nothing like someone else getting attention to make her throw a tantrum.

No. 472010

Did you catch what she said about disliking being in the hospital because she "doesn't have as much control over her care?" She tries to play it off later like it's about her port care because the nurses aren't sterile with it (like she ever is…) but you know it's because the hospital staff aren't at her beck and call, dispensing her precious IV benadryl every time she needs a high.

No. 472120


It's actually not as common as she makes it seem. You can certainly call their office but your calls are pretty much handled by nurses or assistants unless it absolutely warrants a conversation directly with the doctor. Many times you will have to wait until the end of day when the staff or docs return calls for messages left throughout the day. Some docs choose to be more accessible, but usually you get routed to a nurse or office staff.

No. 472125

Yeah, that was interesting. I think she said something like that two times in the vlog, and the way she said it had me wonder if she meant that she usually knows what's going to happen when she is in hospital, like she controls it. Which might even be the truth, at least to some extent. I mean, her annoyingly OTT reactions post-ketamine are obviously acted (and very badly) so while she is trying to convince her viewers that she isn't in control at all, in reality she IS. And I'm sure there have been other hospital admissions where she was the one in control of what was going to happen. But after an actual surgery, you are not in full control until you regain some of your strength. She must hate that thought SO much.

Sometimes I wish she really WAS as loopy after ketamine as she wants her viewers to believe. Maybe she would slip and say something that gives her away. Although she would edit it out for sure, the nurses and her mum/Judd might hear it.

No. 472132

>>She packs for the hospital like people pack for vacation.
And is as excited about it, too. I agree it had a really weird vibe.

>>(most people would do that surgery outpatient)

That definitely is true for PEG or PEG-J/GJ placement, but is that also common for a surgical jejunostomy? It's mostly done during other abdominal surgery of course (though in those cases they wouldn't do a Roux en Y, but rather a needle catheter jejunostomy, which is a more simple procedure but mostly useful for a short-term need for J-feeds). So it's difficult to find more info. But her doctor does an open procedure, so I doubt that the norm would be out-patient. Maybe if it was done laparoscopically, but to be honest even then I would expect them to keep the patient for the first night at least.

Does someone know for sure how long patients usually are in hospital after this particular procedure, an open Roux en Y feeding jejunostomy?

No. 472162


is it her "POTS specialist" who's actually the primary care doc?

No. 472163


Chronically Selfish is a good title for the next thread maybe…

Considering how much every has to adapt to HER issues, you'd think she'd be mindful of others'. And don't give me that "autism" shit

No. 472231

you will go deaf watching Janieces vlog today.. she is coughing and hacking into the camera microphone throughout the whole video.

No. 472234

Thanks for the warning. Could you maybe give us an overview, so we don't have to go deaf watching it? We'd be in your debt for at least a day or so..

No. 472238


Well, I'm guessing it's "my cough is terminal, I need a wheelchair and a port".

No. 472263

File: 1516116251707.png (66.43 KB, 517x363, Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 10.2…)

lol little miss always gets her way may actually be suffering for the first time

No. 472264

Nah, she knows you get to stay longer if you pretend you can't pee.

No. 472266

Janiece is in her usual giddy mode, talking about how her health is declining—doesn't she just claim her vestibular migraines, POTS and her shitting issues? How are any of those chronic and how are any of those causing declining health? She made a feeble attempt to explain that she still believes in a raw diet for her dogs and will advise her Patreons about raw diets. She is going to copycat Jaq's dehydrated food for her dogs while she is so sick. She lays in bed with her inhaler, grinning that her health is "getting worse". Drink some water, take a laxative, get off your ass and move! Just livin' the Disney dream of Munchie is her Fantasyland.

No. 472273

Or she is setting things up to add another abbrevation to her list of diagnoses and get the most out of her admission.

I mean, why wouldn't she be able to pee? She had general anesthetic, not an epidural (and it would be pretty wild if they gave her one just for post-op pain management for a surgery like this). She never mentioned problems like this before, either. Now of course EDS can cause the bladder to stretch too far and lose it's fuction or cause problems through prolapses of pelvic organs, but let's not forget that she doesn't have EDS.

I'm not paying just for more milk, but I'm sure she will tell all about it when she gets around to posting her vlogs. Welll just have to be patient.

No. 472274

she's gonna pop up with some kind of bladder prolapse soon just watch. she doesn't just have a swf (amanda) she is a swf of someone else.

No. 472275

Maybe this is setting up for another new toy, some kind of catheter/s.

No. 472285

Maybe, but the way she gets embarrased talking about certain stuff makes me think she's a bit prudish. So I don't think she would willingly get herself into elaborate urological testing and self-catheterisation. I think she is just using it for attention now. She can't have a surgery and not have anything go wrong, of course.

I could be wrong, of course. But catheters aren't as glamorous as feeding tubes apparently are, for some reason I still don't understand. And I'm also not sure if you can fake urodynamic testing.

Though if she needs a catheter even if it's just for one day or if they had to catheterize her once when she was just out of surgery, she will make a big deal out of it, of course. Telling us all about how horrible it was. Of course, thousands of adults and kids catheterize themselves six times a day and are totally fine, but if Jaq would need it she'd probably be traumatized for life.

A while ago we've tried to predict the new trend in the general munchies thread. Some correctly thought it would be TPN. Would we be able to predict Jaquies next diagnosis, or her next toy? Wisdom of the crowd and all?

No. 472287

File: 1516117729900.png (203.31 KB, 1080x1005, IMG_20180116_154655.png)

On her video today… eye roll. Allergic reactions and catheterized.

No. 472300

This fucking attention whore. It obviously wasn’t that bad, or she wouldn’t be vlogging and posting. And she doesn’t have GP, and never did! I hate how she portrays herself as a “warrior” when she’s not actually dealing with any of the conditions she claims. She’s thrilled to be in the hospital getting asspats from all the deluded people who think she’s some sort of hero.

No. 472304

HOW the flying FUCK is putting a bunch of cream in someones face leading to more understanding of gastroparesis? I don't think I've heard anything as stupid in a very long time. Which says a lot, considering I've been following miss princess here. Seriously Jaq, GTFO. This is stupid.

No. 472307

Kek it wasn’t her family, friends, doctors, or God that got her there, it was only her determination, her determination to be sick when she’s not, her determination to whine and push her way into medical treatment she for sure doesn’t need, her determination to find the specific doctors that are stupid enough to think she’s actually got illnesses she very obviously doesn’t have, her determination to manipulate as many people as possible, her determination to be the world’s biggest, brattiest, most entitled cunt of a munchie.

No. 472310

Fantastic find, anon! This is great! So our Jaq is not the only one who has anaphylaxis for unexplained reasons…

No. 472318

Yes, it’s very interesting, and quite telling in jaquie’s case.

No. 472333

Returning function of the bladder+bowels is one of the things they monitor after general anaesthesia. Loss of or diminished bladder function is a common side effect. Even with outpatient surgery, they tell you to monitor it and if you can't/don't need to go to the bathroom within a certain time, you have to come back for an eval.

Trust Jaq to milk that for all it's worth, though.

No. 472339

Not only that but she wears hers like 10 times longer than anyone else in the video. Look at meeee!!! I am so soooper funny and such a warrior because I wore whipped cream on my face during a vlog! Cows make cream… just saying.

No. 472495

File: 1516131649086.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5497.PNG)

Jaq with her sooooper speshul autism face Judd with his 'kill me now' face…

No. 472500

Looks like all of her clothes, toiletries and new pj pants were for naught since she's in a hospital gown.

No. 472502

Yeah she really looks like shes in pain and drained…

No. 472505

Something I find really weird, She use to talk about taking a number of pills and yet there's no mention of those now. I would have thought she would have switched to taking these medications be that in liquid form or crushed pill down her tube (when she got the GJ) and if that were the case she almost certainly would post videos of 'doing meds' since there are so many infusion/feed/iv medication videos. She has posted one or 2 of being prescribed a liquid med in hospital and putting that down the tube. what happened to those pills/medications ?

No. 472510

she also supposedly does neublized cromolyn sodium, but you never see that either.

No. 472657

File: 1516142709792.png (576.71 KB, 802x552, Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 5.42…)

Jaquie's stalker is winning the who is bravely suffering the most? game!

(but she's not feeling so bad that she can't take a selfie with her eyes closed to show how sick she is)

No. 472676

Her post makes no absolute sense.. if you are in THAT much pain why on earth would you be on the fucking floor? Instead of on your bed??? I get not being able to get comfortable because of pain but why would someone go “oh let me try the hardwood floor” she’s just so fucking stupid.

No. 472678

Hang on while I lay down on the bed, pull my knees up to my chest and take a selfie!!! WTF, Amanda?

No. 472689

When she was talking about her "lucky shirt" (the ratty shapeless gray one) she "accidentally" let slip that she'd be wearing her lucky underwear too. And she was all fake embarrassed about sharing SUCH personal information. But the whole thing was so obviously scripted. She sucks at acting. So much.

No. 472706

Especially because she easily could have edited the underwear comment out and no one would have been the wiser. It's not like it was a live stream.

No. 472741

And that right there should tell us all how cunning and savvy she is! And how much is scripted or outright faked. Editing can do SO much it's crazy. So can distractions. All the props and symptoms and flares, they're all used the same way a magician uses distraction.
She's also either got such bad OCD her she needs a psychiatrist stat, or she doesn't want anyone else to be in control of her "care" while in hospital because she's afraid they'll catch on to her. And maybe I'm just a slob but in her cleaning hack video comments she said she cleans the kitchen and bathroom twice a week. That screams OCD to me. I don't know any healthy people who clean their kitchen and bathroom twice a week and definitely no chronically ill people that do. WTF does she have to bitch and complain about if she has the energy to do that? Focus it somewhere productive that doesn't involve an income/job based on you remaining sick.

No. 472745

Geez, maybe she should offer cleaning services to other Florida Munchies?!
Or given how much she has been going on about God and prayers recently given she can cook 3 dinners with little effort and LOVES COOKING Y'ALL maybe she should make some meals for local people who need them?! Or you know..just contribute to society in SOME way!?

No. 472894


I keep wondering how long she can keep all of this up without being blacklisted across health care facilities. Some health care professionals must have twigged that there is a factitious/malingering component to her presentation, but then what? How do you challenge someone that has descended so far down the munchie hole?

I just read a fascinating write-up (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/000579169090010I "A treatment program for paraplegia/munchausen syndrome") of two patients who presented as paraplegics, but were determined to have Munchausen syndrome. The treatment plan seems to focus on validating the patient's symptoms while giving them a face-saving out:

"In both patients, whether the condition was labelled hysterical conversion, Munchausen Syndrome or malingering (conversion disorder, chronic factitious disorder with physical symptoms or malingering - DSM III) certain features are most important to successful treatment.
They are:
(1) Take the patient’s symptoms seriously - never mention the words hysteria or malingering.
(2) Give a logical-scientific explanation about the nature of the symptoms.
(3) Give the patient hope and build a golden bridge to health, enabling recovery without loss of face.
(4) Reassure the patient in such a way that there is no loss of face.
(5) Provide treatment that is somewhat aversive, demonstrating on the first session that the magic works.
(6) Close the door behind the patient, i.e. permit no escape or relapse until full recovery is achieved. Pursue treatment on a daily basis.
(7) Videotape for demonstration and a permanent record, feedback and rehabilitation."

I hope for everyone's sake a doctor emerges that is able to offer treatment along those lines.

No. 472963

I just wanted you to know what I found out from one of my boyfriends military friends in town. I asked him point blank if it is true that some people marry military guys solely from the medical benefits and he said "Oh yeah for sure! Its a real thing! It's called a 'contract marriage'. Some people even use craiglist to find one." I can only believe that Judd and Paul are both military friends who decided to do a contract marriage with Jaq and Janience. He also mentioned that that the wives usually have to provide meals, housework, etc. for them in exchange. (Sage for blogging)

No. 472964

She in no way has OCD, OCD isn't about being clean. Its honestly just part of being a munchie, like "cleaning hacks for immunodeficient people" screams munchie. I actually have autism and OCD and this girl is no where autistic

No. 473017

Interesting theory and I don’t doubt that that happens, but haven’t they all been together since high school?

No. 473025

No, Judd and Paul were long-time friends, but J&J only met through them.

I for one think anon's theory is correct. It makes perfect sense, and its the only thing that manages to explain how those two friends ended up with those two munchies. We were all wondering and speculating what was behind that, but until now had no satisfactory answer.

I don't think you should have saged even, that is very relevant and useful new info!

No. 473028

Sorry to samefag, but this being a contract maarriage also explains Jaq and Judd' s passive aggressiveness towards each other.

I'm pretty convinced anon hit the nail on the head.

No. 473045

Maybe jaquie’s parents chipped in a dowry for him to take her off their hands

No. 473054

Could Judd and jaquie’s marriage been hurried more because of green card reasons? I don’t think jaquie was a us citizen yet when they met, but she is now.

No. 473070


My speculation — The timing to her naturalization from when they got their marriage license doesn’t work out so she could a spousal citizenship.

She had probably, months before applied before her current card expired, since to renew you pay a fee that’s equal to about half of the fee for applying for citizenship.

No. 473100

Makes sense, I was just curious.

No. 473134

I don't think Jaquie's citizenship had anything to do with Judd. She seemed to have been pretty far along in the process before they got married.

No. 473138

I don't think they have a contract marriage (although I'm sure those exist) but I do think Judd and Paul have pretty traditional expectations of marriage: wife stays home, cooks, cleans; husband provides. They both also seem to have a knight in shining armor complex where they want to be seen as the hero and rescuer of their poor frail princesses. tldr; I think both Judd and Paul are into the whole thing - the fantasy of it anyway, even if in practice it is less sexy and more doing all the chores while their wives watch Disney movies in bed.

Was/is Paul even in the military? I thought he was part of his family's private investigator business?

No. 473372

Military won’t take people with Chrons’s and Paul has it.
Judd and Jaquie have known each other for like six years… so are you guys trying to say she was contracted to Judd at this 15? Really think about that for a minute. It’s nuts…

No. 473385

That's not entirely true. I've been in the US military for 7 years and have someone in my unit with chrons. He gets infusions every 2 weeks and they just work around it like anything else.

No. 473407

Green card marriage makes more sense, it did seem rather odd that they decided to get married at 20 for no apparent reason.

No. 473412

But did he have it before or was he diagnosed with it after he enlisted?

No. 473414

Maybe her old insurance company was starting to question all the bills she was racking up and they got married so she could go onto Judds tricare and start anew.

No. 473416

Paul was not in the military. He joked a couple blogs ago that he should have married Judd for the Tricare, not Jacquie.

No. 473426

Eh, I really don't think so. They've been together 5 years+ and their best friends are already married. I wouldn't have gotten married that young, but it's clearly the norm for their social circle. In one of their Christmas vlogs, Judd was ribbing his sister's boyfriend calling him his "future brother-in-law, hint hint".

No. 473429


Or another theory is her parents weren't willing to carry her as a dependent on their insurance policies anymore, or they couldn't because she's no longer a student.

No. 473431

I would say more like couldn't. I don't see her parents cutting her off from anything intentionally.

No. 473440

She does not seem to have OCD, no. (Nor autism, that's for sure.) But she definitely seems to have severe OCPD. That's an anxious-type personality disorder, and not the same as thing OCD (which is a mental disorder). It can also be misdiagnosed as autism, which seems extra likely in someone who hoard look-at-me diagnoses like Scrooge McDuck hoards coins…

No. 473464

>> she definitely seems to have severe OCPD.
I don't see it. She is a control freak, but OCPD? Granted; she could be perfectionistic without it showing much. I don't see how she has very high standards for herself or her work, but many perfectionists have an all-or-nothing attitude so she could have given up on certain things and use her illness as an escape. Perfectionism correlates very highly with factitious disorder. But the other symptoms? Hoarding (according to Judd she throws away everything) overconscientious and inflexible in matters of ethic and morality (nope), not being able to spend money, only being focused on work and productivity to the point of not having any leisure time? Really, I don't see it.

I've said this before, but I think she DOES fit the criteria for schizoid personality disorder. Also something that can very easily be misdiagnosed as autism. And of course some narcissistic tendencies, but that's something almost all munchies (at least the ones who are online attention whores as well) have in common, as well as some histrionic traits.

No. 473481


People frequently conflate OCD and OCPD.

OCD is driven by intrusive thoughts, paranoia and delusions and is very distressing to the sufferer. The children's skipping rhyme "Step on a crack, break your mother's back" is a simplified example.

OCPD is a personality disorder which is usually egosyntonic but can be disruptive of detrimental if it leads to hoarding, an inability to finish tasks and projects, or if cleaning interferes with daily activities.

No. 473508

File: 1516211642071.png (751.69 KB, 986x780, ANAL.png)

Samefag >>473481


OCPD can manifest as minimalism, too. OCPD-driven hoarding can include collecting all of the things in a narrow field of interest and/or inability to dispose of things that may be useful in the future, but always in a very organised manner.

Adhering to rules and ethics can manifest as adhering to one's own rules, not necessarily society's rules. And rules can refer to self-defined rules of behavior such as eating (see, orthorexia and other patterns of disordered eating).

Being hyper-focused on work can manifest in spending inordinate amounts of time and energy on hobbies or preoccupations such as being a munchie.

Again, OCPD is egosyntonic. People with OCPD consider their traits to be positive and to make them better than other people.

No. 473572

Also, she does kind of seem like a medical crap hoarder. Hoarders aren't all living in garbage waist deep

No. 473630

She’s a diagnosis hoarder, if anything. It’s always more, more, more with her.

No. 473656


Adherence to rules could manifest as adjusting behavior to fit the symptoms of diagnoses.

No. 473715

If you want to throw up in your mouth a bit, just watch our gal post-op. I don’t have time to do a full review today but she got that yummy dilaudid in a PCA pump and IV Ativan for her terrible muscle spasms. Before the PCA, she was getting the D every 2 hours. Appuuuuurently that wasn’t enough D for Jaq.

No. 473759

>>can talk calmly to the camera for a few minutes
>>is on a pain pump

Maybe it's me, but I don't understand that.

I know abdominal surgery can really wreck you, but she is calm and is talking to the camera. She was even before she got the pump. She keeps saying she needs more narcotics because her EDS causes her to metabolise it faster, which is BULLSHIT. Local anesthesia can work to a lesser degree in EDS (though we know Jaquie was fne wih it before she was tokd she could have EDS) but narcotics do NOT work differently in EDS. She keeps repeating it and repeating it, and now even Judd said it. I don't know where she heard or read that, but it seems like she thinks it will become true if she keeps repeating it.

No. 473775


Oh and the other thing I forgot to mention was she got her special K to go under initially. Of course she did. Ugh.

No. 473790

Can we all just admit she’s an addict now??

No. 473796

Yeah narcotics aren’t affected by eds, although individuals can have different tolerances, irregardless of other conditions. However, necessary pain medication doesn’t make you that calm and happy and able to vlog, it just makes pain manageable. Jaquie’s use of pain medication is the same as an addict. Not to mention that it’s a pretty minor surgery that’s usually done outpatient. She’s just on those meds for the attention and the high. Otherwise it’s above and beyond what’s necessary. On a side note, no one with pots would be okay with that many pain meds, the same with GP.

No. 473805

Stop posting the same shit over again, newfag.

No. 473838


I’ve suspected it from the beginning that she’s an addict. I also think Janiece to a certain extent as well. Early JanJan was very slurred and then there was the time she ran out of muscle relaxers and was bedbound three days later (uh-huh) when she was dying in bed.

So I think (maybe a medfag can verify) that they can tell how often she is pushing her D on Demand button (buh-un?) even if it’s too soon. So, say she gets dose XYZ mg per push but it locks her out for like six minutes per dose. That doesn’t mean she won’t stop trying to push it and a lot can be told if someone is just mashing the drug button every 37 seconds. Maybe someone that knows PCAs can answer.

No. 473851


Basically, yes, you can tell how many times they've pushed the button in both a lockout period and in general. This can be a sign that their pain is not under control, and pain services can increase the dose or start an underlying infusion. I think a better indicator is WHEN they push it. For example, of she's locking herself out while she's awake, but then sleeps through the night with zero pushes? That's a bit more of an indicator that her pain isn't bad enough to wake her from a sleep, so there could possibly be a different reason for her pushing her PCA so often during the day.

sage for medfagging

No. 473886

PCA is every 7min instead of every 2 hours??? Literally should would have to be getting not even .5mg. I thought there were rules for the PCA like every 10min was as quick as you could take it for dilauded. Would love to hear from a nurse or doctor what the dosing would be for that. 7 min just seems so… insane. Also, just so she knows if she reads this the less mg you get the less high you receive so if it were me I would have much rather had a bigger dose every 2 hours than a teeny tiny one.

No. 473895

"I brought Harlows collar with me"… So you could rub it all over your site and hopefully get in infection. kek.

No. 473896


Dilaudid has a much greater rush but a much shorter duration than other opioids with IV ROA.

No. 474007

Latest video (2017 in review) brought up the old clip of Judd proposing in a hospital at around the 0:55 mark. Totally reaching but notice how they are both angled towards the camera? Their shoulders aren't squared to each other, they are positioned to get a better angle on camera. Of course the camera is placed oh so casually on the bed as well. Just kind of an odd little tidbit I noticed, but I think that their body language says a lot about how staged things are vs. how interested they are in each other.

No. 474009

File: 1516241269491.jpeg (117.3 KB, 740x605, proposal.jpeg)

No. 474010

Sorry, pic didn't upload at first.

No. 474029

It looks like a scene from a bad Lifetime movie.

No. 474050


Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if she's seen how Dani did after her surgery and knows what to copy.

No. 474052


I was the anon that predicted supra-pubic catheters kek

No. 474054


Of COURSE Jaquie's stalker has a blanket from the company that gave Jaq a free one!!

No. 474056


Except when you have surgery they make you wear paper panties, not your own underwear!

No. 474072


I think someone with GP and POTS would have that many pain meds if they'd just undergone major surgery? A Roux en Y is basically resecting the small intestine, it's more intensive than just putting a tube in.

Not WKing, I still think she's loving this (and the drugs) way too much, but I believe it's a harsh surgery and the painkillers reflect that.

No. 474078

No one in their right mind would do that surgery on someone with eds, it’s pretty much begging for complications. But even so, bad idea giving her control over her own pain meds. I hope they know she’s never leaving now kek

No. 474079


She doesn't have EDS tho. It might not even be on all her records since she had to shop around so much for it. Or if it is, maybe she didn't mention it so she could get this surgery.

No. 474092

lol Jaquie's making her mother stay overnight at the hospital with her. For all her claims that she's a brave chronic illness fighter who has been through so much, she has absolutely no coping abilities when it comes to being uncomfortable.

No. 474106


Example no. 759 why Jaquie is a lying cow. When you're in as much pain as she claims, on a daily basis, for that long, you learn coping mechanisms. It's not a choice, it's a fucking necessity. You can't get through it otherwise. Her inability to cope when in ACTUAL pain is very telling. But we already knew that.

No. 474138

File: 1516247301504.png (240.51 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5508.PNG)

I'll just leave this fuckery here.,

No. 474152

I'm beginning to wonder if AMT is sponsoring her.

No. 474154

File: 1516249038408.jpeg (545.83 KB, 1235x1772, 55FBAD4D-322A-4650-8B2B-7F9B4B…)

Even other EDSers are like dafuq?!

No. 474160


I told my friend that same thing the other day. I’ve never heard of a rep like that cruisin’ into anyone’s home with their product models for a demo… o, what happened to Jaq’s stranger danger? She’ll let someone she doesn’t know from AMT in to her home, but won’t take an Uber. Okay.

No. 474203

I guarantee she didn’t see the rep at her house, that’s not something they do at all, if she even saw one. Basically it’s about the hospital, if they’re contracted with the company (either mic-key, amt, or both) they’ll get you whatever your doctor orders. If they’re not contracted, you get whatever type your hospital has a contract with. With plain g tube buttons, however, sometimes you can order them yourself. And you can technically order any kind of tube you want, if you’re willing to pay the $300-$600 they cost.

No. 474205


She vlogged the rep being at her house. She talked about how she needed special approval to get the AMT tube put in during surgery. She showed the AMT at her house that she was going to bring into surgery.

No. 474226


Hard to tell the timing in the vlog but seems like they removed her Foley catheter too fast, esp. considering her supposed severe EDS. If she's a fall risk, why not leave the catheter in for at longer so hospital doesn't have the risknofer mobilizing for a pee?

Also, she didn't discuss but if she was given reglan for nausea, it can cause urinary retention.

No. 474298

You know what else can cause urinary retention? Opiates, lol.

No. 474482

So in this video jaquie shows us her accessed port just before getting whipped cream smashed in her head and rising it off with water from a garden hose. it does not seem sanitary if you ask me..

No. 474517

Jaq's video guys, watching her ketamine reaction. I don't even know where to start!

No. 474522

I doubt she put any kind of Hydroguard dressing over the port too. She's just BEGGING for a port infection because your typical Tegaderm/Other Port Dressing isn't watertight.

No. 474531

Listen to how Jaq's mother talks about her though… being so courageous and strong and how proud she is of her. I wouldn't be surprised if this enabling and treating her as the golden child has caused her to have narcissistic personality disorder.

See scenario 3:

No. 474595

Jaq is making a pretty big deal out of nothing with this whole bladder thing. It's really not that bad. Sorry for blogging but I feel this is relevant, I had the same thing after GA. It's a simple fix, all they do is monitor your output (if you have any) and either insert a catheter for like 12-24 hours to give your bladder a break (this was really effective for me) or they do an in and out catheter and see how your bladder works on its own a little later. Or they can just put one in for longer it really just depends on how long you wanna deal with a freakin tube in your urethra. Either way it's not dangerous or painful it's uncomfortable and inconvenient at best. Actually, having a catheter can help you a lot for the first 24 hours after abdo surgery, because getting up to pee is excruciating.

No. 474677

Toddler Jaq is in pain from her Jtube surgery, but has her mommy, her dog collar, her filthy stuffed bunny, her heating pad and her new blankey to comfort her. Oh yeah, and a Dilaudid pain pump and intermittent Ativan injections to keep her on a steady opiod/benzo high. Apparently her complex anatomy was magically amenable to a 2nd tube but the general anesthesia failed to give her the opportunity for another post-Ketamine staged performance in Recovery. But even moaning in bed, she has her camera at her side to capture the drama—never too sick to film! Amazing that insurance pays for an extended stay that at most is an overnight short stay hospitalization for others. When she comes out of the haze, she can once again get back to her cyberchondria research for JT complications.
Meanwhile, an hour and a half northeast, Janiece forgot that she was so desperately ill with her forced cough,constipation problems and inability to even make it down a flight of steps at home and was able to walk–not ride in her wheelchair–thru the airport to pick up her mommy. Then she was grinning like the Cheshire cat in anticipation of the gifts she expected from her Italy trip and excited to have her mommy reprimand her for losing weight. It's amazing how much energy she has, and how illness takes a break, when she is distracted.
The J & J-attention–seeking-shit-show drama comtinues…

No. 474738

I couldn't bring myself to watch this shit, but I'm sure there's plenty of milk if anyone is feeling especially masochistic today.

No. 474742

Her post-anesthesia vids are so painfully fake and cringey, I get so triggered lol. I haven't even cringed that hard at bad acting in Acting 101 classes. Anyone who believes that shit is beyond dumb.

No. 474754

Kek exactly what I was thinking.

No. 474765

Right? How many more vids can Jaq make out of her Special K reaction?

No. 474773


She is watching the edited version of the ketamine video. the exact version that went in the vlog. Which means she wasn't watching it for the first time here (because she's the one who edited it), yet she clearly said "y'all wanted me to film my initial reactions to these videos, I don't really remember anything, my loved ones take the videos, and it's always such a blast to see how silly I am when I wake up. So that's what we're gonna do."

Then she proceeds to watch all this edited footage and pretend she's watching it for then first time. Cracking up constantly, fake laughing, saying "I'm just so full of love!" At the moments where drugged-jaq is saying "we just gotta loooove each other, LOOOOOVE each other". She doesn't seem very apologetic for all the yelling. In fact she thinks it's hilarious. She thinks she's hilarious. She even started off the video by saying "this is gonna be a funny video". She laughs nearly the whole time, gets super into it, but apparently no cataplexy to see here. She also fakes confused at her random comments, like about the cows. She's all "what???? Hahah" she sucks at acting.

She looses it at the "no pain" shouting. She thinks it's the funniest shit.

No. 474785


Yup, but she also knows they get a lot of hits, hence making a "best of" compilation for more sweet YouTube money.

No. 474788

I think she actually is watching it for the first time. She keeps referencing the "procedure today" when she pauses the video on her laptop. I think she came home and basically watched what her mom had vlogged.

No. 474808

File: 1516312776950.png (31.53 KB, 798x121, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 21.5…)


No. 474812


She's lying about something, even if she did film it on the day.

In the original vlog, she goes home from the infusion and says she has slept all afternoon. Its dark by the time she is able to be awake. Because the higher dose of K left her much sleepier than usual, according to her.

Yet in the reaction vid, it's day time. She is in the same clothes she was in when she came home from the hospital, with the blue blanket that Harlow brought her in the original vlog. So it must have been filmed after she ordered her slave dog to bring the blanket. Even though She said she was going to sleep then (according to the original vlog), because she was SO tired.

But there's still the issue of her reacting to a perfectly edited portion of the vlog. It's exactly the same. There is just no fucking way that her mom filmed it like that. There's no pausing between funny bits, no holding the camera while nothing is happening etc. There'd be a lot of nonsense between all the highlights and I'm guessing her mom just kept filming (not starting/stopping/cutting every few seconds). She'd just be filming the whole thing as not to miss anything. She's not an idiot, she's not the most tech savvy but there's still no way she'd be able to pick the camera back up and catch jaquie right as she says all her lines.

Jaquie likes to edit. She's pretty good at it. She'd definitely want to edit that footage for the vlog for maximum hilarity. Her mom would've filmed the whole thing, Jaquie would have edited it and then filmed her reaction video afterwards, all before it got dark and all while she said she was asleep.

No. 474874

Since when does Mary Frey have gastroparesis? Is that a new thing for her?

No. 474886


If she has diabetes, then that isn't uncommon especially if it's been poorly controlled in the past. Nerve damage from chronic high blood sugar is one of the main causes of GP.

No. 474888

Urgh. Just read through the comments of her video. Thing is, not only does Jaquie think she is hi-la-rious to watch, about 98% of the comments are saying they love it. People DO note she says certain things every single time; like her stupid NO PAAAAIN! - screaming, but they all seem to think it's very funny and that they are 'so glad she is getting some relief' (something like that). I don't get how people can be so blind.

O, and this was totally the edited video. So even if it was on the same day of her procedure, this could not have been the first time she sae it.

No. 474892


I didn't see anyone questioning her saying she can't take narcotics but she's been open about taking "delooodoid". Why does no one call her out??

No. 474896


samefag, sorry, I forgot she deletes any criticism.

No. 474897

No one calls her out because she is Adjustable Jaquie, what she wants, when she wants it.

No. 474899


Because she’s specifically stated on several occasions that she takes it for procedures/surgeries just can’t take it for her chronic pain… her “team” says it’s okay while recovering from surgery. I always laugh when she says her “no narcotics” but because she’s not okay to take a Percocet or two, but she’s a-ok pumping herself full of horse tranquilizers for her unethical pain management injections. Okay, Jaq.

No. 474906


I always wonder how she stays on top of hate replies/comments. There’s got to be a lot of them… and she has to sleep some time. Something about that whole situation has never really added up for me. I’d love to leave some good hate for the snatch but it seems like a waste of energy because she’ll just delete it.

I also saw one time that Chronically Amy posted a video (that must be deleted now) where she was pouting because she was getting a ton of hate. And she was like “Jaquie never gets hate” to which I replied something like “you’re kidding yourself if you think she doesn’t get hate, she deletes it.” And then she deleted my comment. Weird. But that one is another shit show of Jaquie copycat dumbfuckery.

No. 474928

wait, is mary considered a munchie here? Cystic fibrosis is pretty legit…

No. 474937


General consensus is that Mary is obviously actually sick, but fairly ana-chan and doesn't take great care of herself (because being ill gets the views).

Now please don't start with the aggressive white knighting. She only gets brought up here a lot as Jaquie seems to be copying her so much.

No. 474938

Not a munchie but can be OTT. That's what I have gathered anyway. She legit has CF though yes. There is a guru gossip thread about 'the Frey life'.

No. 474992

File: 1516320256962.jpeg (308.42 KB, 1269x957, 329421F1-9F01-47CC-83F7-538650…)

No. 475017

I just realized something that seems odd given her claim.

Regarding her claim she likes to be in control of her healthcare — if she likes to be in control so much, why did she opt to get sedating meds in the pre-op area?

I’d think someone that truly wants to be in control would want to see how the OR is set up and such instead of being sedated and unable to recall the OR situation before the pre-induction meds are pushed.

No. 475037


She’s claiming to have some sort of PTSD after her “traumatic” bone marrow biopsy so she likes to get her TWO doses of versed before going into the OR because it’s soooo skurry. She says all of the instruments and the people in masks speaking “medical jargon she doesn’t understand” make her nervous or some shit like that. I can’t remember which video she explains it in, but I’ll try to find it.

You bring up a great point though, anon. Just more proof she’s full of epic shit.

No. 475043

I feel like Jaquie and all these munchies want CF so bad because it's like modern tuberculosis. It makes you VERY horribly life threateningly sick, but you don't crap your pants all the time like Crohns and stuff. And visually you're still ~frail and beautiful~, but visually sick cuz you get dem toobz. I feel like they all dream of having CF and are so sad they can't fake it. Seriously, modern TB.

No. 475050


Yeah but they don't want the post-transplantation steroid puffiness.

No. 475059


also "modern TB" is just….TB. Except now it's treatable.

No. 475065

She had some temporary GP after her tube surgery, I believe. She does not claim to have GP now and her food issue, according to her is lack of appetite.

No. 475076

Just so you know CF affects the GI system and if a CF patient who needs enzymes does not take them they can have explosive diarrhea from not absorbing fat. So they can shit their pants lol.

No. 475078

she coughs so hard she vomits as well, which isn't good for the stomach.

No. 475080

I meant in terms of the romanticization of it, like how TB was romanticized in the Victorian era. Now TB isn't because only icky homeless poor people have it and that's like so gross. So these munchie girls who want to be frail little angels want CF.

Well, less pants shitting than Crohn's/IBD, lol.

No. 475083


CF, gastroparesis, immunodeficiency, cancer

anything "thin" or "dangerous" really.

No. 475101

File: 1516329196043.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x1882, 6FE842E2-C99A-4B93-9092-22CABC…)

She should be home by now but of course in true cow fashion she’s milking them for all of the things… for example the dilaudid PCA that is still on and in the photo. And asspats from Aubrey of course. And if you like to look at her crusty stomach she posted two tube photos.

And the dog that literally serves zero purpose in her admission. OTT FTW. Gets ya more attention and asspats I suppose.

No. 475105

File: 1516329873915.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1242x1887, 4ADB1DDA-F617-42E9-9ABE-A01251…)

Look who’s coming to wait on her biffles this weekend… must mean Jaq’s getting out soon. Or maybe JanJan is staying overnight in the hospital with her since Mommy and Babe have real jobs and stuff. Jaq cant handle any bit of discomfort… women get babies cut out of them every day and go home in a day able to fully tend to their kid(s) and Jaq needs Janiece to nurse her back to health. Oh it’s probably because of her EDS that she doesn’t have.

No. 475110

Interesting that she was off of IG for a while, up until all her new tube stuff. It’s like she’s got nothing else going on in her life kek. And now she gets to be the star of the show again, so back to every platform available for her to get asspats!

No. 475113

And it’s an opportunity for Janice to pick up some tips on how to get all the equipment/surgeries/meds etc. it’s a win win.

No. 475115


oh lord of course even the patch on Harlow's vest refers to "my girl". Not "handler", "girl". she infantilises herself so much.

No. 475116


at least Harlow can hang out with another dog for once

No. 475120


Right? The butt boil and MRSA toe sure faded into the distance fast and j-tube was the illness du jour.

Ok so now that tube surgery is done… what are we guessing her next move is? Tube that still kinks demands TPN? I still don’t understand why, that if her Kate Farms is so gloriously nutritious, she still gets banana bags. That’s like way overdoing it as far as the vitamins go. Maybe she’s got slow motility because of all the extra iron in her unnecessary tube feeds and banana bags.

No. 475122

LOL, I wonder if bitches back in the Victorian era were sitting in their drawing rooms sipping tea and complaining about that one bitch who's always fainting and indisposed. Or nuns in the middle ages in their needlework circles complaining about the stigmata bitch who won't eat because she wants to "be with her Lord". Ffff.

No. 475125


"that fucking Anne de Bourgh, lying there on the chaise longue all beautiful and listless…. I bet she only does it for the attention and portraits people paint of her"

sage for lit geeking

No. 475128


Amanda (spoonielife_amanda) has almost the identical patches and vests. And collars. It’s really creepy. She even copied Jaq’s Disney “custom” patch. Stalker much?

No. 475130


SWF - sickly white female

No. 475131


Spoonie White Female

No. 475143

kek SWF means so much more now. Also creepy that Amanda lives close enough to stalk Jaq in person. Maybe Amanda is her reason for fear of stranger danger. There is just so much she copies, it’s not out of the question. She’s just creepy enough. Even when she vlogged it was eerily similar to Jaq’s.

That reminds me… for those of you that do follow Jaq’s skin walker… remember she lived with that other Spoonie chick, Chronically Lisa (who’s personal IG is either gone or changed)? Then there was some falling out because Amanda moved back in with her parents after only a month with Lisa. It was after a hospitalization for Amanda and she kind of mentioned it in a vlog (I can’t find it anymore) that there was an “unhealthy” living situation so she moved back home. I’ve always wondered what it was. And now that we’ve seen how stalkerish and creepy she is, I wonder if it was actually Amanda being the problem in that living situation. They were really close and then all of a sudden the once BFFs weren’t even following each other on IG.

No. 475148


If she was really creeped out by Amanda, she wouldn't have visited her in hospital!

No. 475153


Ohhh true. I totally forgot she did that. I guess it would creep a normal person out… Jaq just thinks it’s her fame attracting all of the people… I hate when her and Judd are like “we love meeting fans! And people ask us all the time how to approach us in public.” Nauseating.

No. 475163

Thanks for the summary.

She's certainly full of something. I'm not sure if it's love, though.

No. 475165


I think a lot of people think she's full of shit. Just look at the number of posters here and the posters here who started on her side and quickly realized she was ridiculous. Also, if you read the comments you can find the double talk ones that slip in or the ones she hasn't caught yet. She has her small faithful cult, but the person of average intelligence and certainly most medical professionals see right through her.

No. 475169


Yes but Dilaudid isn't given in equal doses to morphine. While you'll start someone with maybe 4mg of morphine you'll start someone on 0.5 or 1mg of Dilaudid.

No. 475172


I wonder if they're all still going to want CF when Mary is dying at 45.

No. 475173


She's also got some impressive splenomegaly, which makes eating hard.

Further, all that coughing burns a lot of calories.

No. 475181


TBH I don't know if Mary will last that long. I hate to say it. People on the gossip guru forum (a lot of which have CF themselves) are actually doubting whether she'll qualify for a transplant. It's a very rigorous selection process, and you have to be fit enough to survive the whole ordeal. She's not in great shape right now. Also she has other complications such as liver disease, enlarged spleen, and CF diabetes or something. Although her lung function is stable so who knows.

No. 475183

File: 1516337056113.jpeg (777.48 KB, 1242x1565, 78792CDB-B8A2-4A7C-AC9C-E2C296…)

Quick question… how in the fuckety fuck does Jaqs skinwalker possibly have the same “kinking” “tube migrating” issue that she has? It’s just NOT possible! Those tubes are anti kink, for both of them to have it would be soo rare. I’m just shocked that she’s going to such lengths to copy her, to literally get inside her skin.

No. 475186

File: 1516337137206.jpeg (390.75 KB, 1235x1594, F93BEFB0-C115-4E3B-A996-0D3EE2…)

Also sorry this was supposed to be attached but this was the photo skinwalker posted along with this paragraph.

No. 475189

No way she'll even make it to 30 (unless she gets a transplant). Transplant CFer here (sage), the thing that is stopping Mary isnt her out of shape body, its her bacteria and liver disease. That mycobacterium they shipped off to Mayo that resulted in no treatment options is bad news for transplant patients. Most centers won't touch people who grow those weird strains of bacteria or fungus because it will likely infect the new lungs and then they have no medications to stop it from raging in her body with no immune system. She better hope she never gets cepacia because that is a death sentence for all CF patients. Her other organs being fucked up is also a reason to deny. If you need a new liver and your spleen removed plus you are 100lbs there's too many complications that will kill you.

No. 475196

Also, from experience, the lung pain spasms Mary is having is a DEFINITE sign that her lungs are failing. Your lungs kinda just say "fuck this shit" one day and they just spasm to the extreme and stop breathing. Its closer than Mary realizes I can tell you that. She's 100% in denial. A lot of people are like that though since its usually a slow progression and "they get use to the new normal".

No. 475205

Okay, so let's say she magically wanted to get well and fight properly. What could she do differently, or is she hopelessly fucked now?

No. 475222


She is seriously creepy and full of shit. She has an eating disorder which she his masking under that turrrible gastropuuuresis. She literally has every single thing 99% identical to Jaquie. I was going to do a little research and timeline one day back to see how they chronologically compare chronically. But decided not to for whatever reason. This new kink issue and “tube pain” as “they” call it has piqued my interest again. Amanda is a crazy bitch and she probably treats her nurses and care providers about like Paul and Janiece do. It is all just to eerily similar. Amanda started a vlog but realized it was going to be hard to get a following because I think she only has like 20 subs. She comes off on her videos as a complete snobby bitch. There is a major “holier than thou” attitude.

Also, why are all of these spoonies so far up Kate Farms’ ass? That’s weird as well. Very OTT when they talk about the sooper nutrishun and how it saves their lives.

No. 475244


That's genuinely unfortunate. Mary seems sincerely nice, even if she is milking the YouTube illness vlogging gig. CF is a shitty illness. No one should have to die that young and miss so much of life. Makes it all the worse all these people idolizing her with their fake illnesses.

No. 475262


I agree. I started watching her the same time I started watching Jaquie and even if she is milking the vlogger thing, she’s at least a kinder individual than Jaq & crew. I believe that she and Peter appreciate the medical providers and nurses, even having fun and pranking them. I’ve been wondering myself how long Mary actually has and what will happen when she does pass away. They’ve built quite the following and I don’t see Peter vlogging without her. I actually see him kind of lost. His life is her and in a more loving and kind way than Jaquie & Judd.

I was thinking more about Amanda and I have a feeling she’s going to angle for some good ol’ IVIG, have a shit ton of reactions and need 29 pre-meds. And the IVIG will magically make her able to tolerate TPN.

The whole “tolerating feeds” issue with these cows is really becoming ridiculous and fad-like. You’re not a cool kid if you aren’t on Kate Farms. You have a hole in your stomach with a tube jabbed through you… it’s not meant to be comfortable and you are going to have nausea and stomach aches because it’s not something your body naturally comes with.

Which reminds me… straight j-tubes come with a few warnings. The obvious - a more painful and difficult recovery. But one that Jaq “failed” to mention (on purpose) is the increase of daily diarrhea - for the amount of time you have the tube and then sometimes after it’s removed. A friend has a little girl (6 years old) and that was her GI’s main concern - diarrhea to the point that the tube could do more harm than good in terms of staying hydrated and keeping her electrolytes balanced. I bet Jaq’s going to regret this decision in the long run if she’s one of the lucky ones that gets the shits for life. Actually, no - it will just make her more special - and will cause her POTS to flare and she’ll be “forced” (as she cackles with glee) on to continuous fluids or even worse… TPN! I can see it all playing out now… more vlogs that start with “Admitted to the hospital to start <insert invasive procedure here>” and more coddling from her mommy and Babe and more manipulating doctors. How does this all end for her? My head hurts thinking of how she’s going to get her way out of this since she’s pretty much in for the long haul. And sadly, she’s taking her family and all of the people who believed her mockery of chronic illness down with her.

It sucks for a lot of people in a lot of ways. I’ve seen comments like, “Who cares, she’s just hurting herself.” And that’s so far from the truth. She’s hurting her family, obviously, but moreso are the young impressionable girls that have made her their idol. They’ll either be crushed or be stuck trying to make excuses for why the person they spent hours on end watching and supporting is a lying sack of shit.

No. 475314


Mary and Peter actually have a functional, loving relationship, whereas Jaquie and Judd…. well, they both like the dog more.

No. 475315

File: 1516356693371.png (37.25 KB, 657x155, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.1…)


I've found Jaquie's next step, via an unrelated GoFundMe (belonging to an actual sick person).

No. 475317

>>[Janiece] was grinning like the Cheshire cat in anticipation of […] and excited to have her mommy reprimand her for losing weight.

What IS this kind of behavior anyway? I haven't seen this particular video, but I believe you immediately because that's what she does ALL the effing time. It's beyond weird to look at. All this "the nurses yelled at me for not eating enough", "my PCP will not be happy and tell me I should've come in earlier", "he is gonna be mad at me for doing too much", etc., etc.

It's some kind of weird mix of projection and trying to validate themselves through others. It's very creepy to watch. Especially when Janiece does it, because she is so gleeful about it.

I don't think I've ever heard a genuinely ill person say something like that. Unless what they did was really not very smart and this 'reprimande' they are expecting is genuine and not some kind of twisted version of "they are all so super worried about me". E.g. when your 80-year old neighbour nearly fell when trying to change a lightbulb and they say 'if my son hears of it, he'll probably say "what were you doing on that ladder anyway, you silly old woman', and he would be right." But never like our cows use this way of giving themselves asspats by proxy of their husband/parent/nurse or whatever. It's SO weird and creepy to hear them say stuff like that.

I'm also beginning to think that Janiece not only uses her weight loss to get attention, but that there could be some kind of eating disordered thoughts going on. I'm not sure, but I think she likes losing weight and not just because it gets her more attention. She certainly is obsessed with it, because she mentioned in one of her vlogs she weighs herself every day. It could have something to do with the fact that she is in a community that has a lot of somewhat skinny young girls in it, of course. Janiece wasn't exactly fat, but she was kind of at the upper end of a healthy weight (ish? I'm bad at weight guessing) and she has a round face that makes her look like she's heavier than she actually is. Maybe that, combined with being in a community where feeding tubes and GI problems with weight loss seem to be the latest trend, has somehow set her off.

No. 475318

Wow. 30% is a LOT. Does it also occur in people who didn't have a gastrectomy, though? What exactly causes it?

No. 475324

OK, I watched Janieces vlog, in spite of myself.

Two vlogs ago, she was lying in bed pretty much all day, and because she was 'doing something' (which she and Paul called "problem nr. 1") and she was standing ("problem nr. 2") her HR spiked to 155 and she had to lie down and elevate her legs. She even whined about this being a problem because when she raised her legs it made her tummy hurt more. Two days later, she is walking through the airport to pick up her mom, and at the end of the day she just complains about being tired.

IF in the upcoming vlogs she will be back to her healthy self, that could be somewhat believable. (Actually not, but let's just give her that one today.) She is planning to visit Jaquie, so she MUST be feeling better. If I was in bed all day and couldn't even make my own meals and had trouble keeping even hydrated, I would definitely NOT be visiting a sick friend. No matter how close you are, if you really are bedbound there's just no way you can do it. But unless she is getting tired of it herself, chances are that as soon as she is back home and bored again, she will be back to harassing her GI and PCP.

OR she will get some crisis while she is visiting Jaquie in hospital, and she will have to get admitted or at least go to the ER for fluids or something. That's also a possibility.

And can we talk about how SPOILED she is behaving? She is obsessed with her mother bringing presents for her, and apparently she even told her mom that she couldn't come home without presents. Because apparently, you cannot travel abroad without bringing shit home, and because she had missed Janieces birthday she had to bring double (something like that?) She is a CHILD. Almost every adult I know would say even on a birthday "you don't have to bring a present, you being there is enough". I would feel really bad if a family member would travel abroad and feel obliged to bring me a present. Yet Janiece tells her mom that she cannot come home without one. She is talking about this pretty much the whole vlog, and also saying "I'm allowed to be spoiled" about 6 or 7 times. That is just NOT Normal behavior. She seems to have forgotten that she cannot even drink water, because she showed us all the goodies and candy her mother brought without even mentioning being sorry that she couldn't eat it.

No. 475343


I'd guess this is some sort of attention seeking behavior. She has the best mentor, after all. Anything to make things seem sooper serious. I keep asking myself WITAF is even wrong with JanJan. She went from just having narcolepsy and her ear issues to magically having POTS one day. They never even mention her getting tested for it. Jaquie probably "diagnosed" her kek. Unless I missed where she saw a doctor and got the diagnosis? And I totally agree - it is SO weird and creepy to hear them talk like that.

Janiece likely has an ED just like Jaq. Her strange obsession with her weight (she claims to be a size zero at one point) and her appearance being "on fleek" (hearing that phrase out of her mouth makes me stabby) is very important to her. She's likely angling for a toob or two, since one isn't good enough for her BFF.

Yes! Why in the AF, if you're as sick as she claims to be, would you go hours in the car to see (wait on) your friend? That's just lining up an ER visit at a hospital that doesn't know you, getting all of the drugs… making nurses hate their jobs in a whole new city!

It is SO hard to watch Janiece. It's like she is pretending to be dumb. Mispronouncing words, saying hipster shit, saying things like "we are demanding more testings!" Is she really that stupid?

Just watched a Jaq video from around Christmas last year and she talks about "coming out" about her Autism and how Judd was so proud of her one day when they went to breakfast… she said something along the lines of, "Judd was so proud of me. He said I could have thrown a fit and refused to stay, but I powered through breakfast and it made him proud." More child-like behavior, just screaming mental illness… but nope, guys. She doesn't have any mental illnesses. Come on? The words "I could have thrown a fit." came out of the mouth of a then 20 year old… but it's okay, y'all, it's because of her Autism. kek

They're all children when you think about it. Judd with his Star Wars toys, Janiece with her pouty temper tantrums, Jaquie with… well, we don't even need to go there kek… I think Paul is the most normal of them all. I bet he hates life married to Janiece. All Jaq and Janiece all the time. God forbid anyone else have the camera/attention. The Autistic breakfast video is attached… there's more than that to make you want to throw up a little in this video. She's even using Harlow for counterbalance… but justifies it so she doesn't get blasted for doing it early… by saying her vet approved it.

No. 475346

Honestly I thought ever since the enema video, that Janice had an ED thing going on. The comments of I feel so 'clean' or 'cleaned out',I can't quite remember. Made me thing ED and purging with laxatives/enemas.

No. 475354


I think something along the lines of "I'm addicted to enemas now!" was said. And then she caressed the damn thing like it was her lover. It was fucking weird as hell. Just no. No sane person WANTS an enema. I mean I guess if you're super constipated, but wasn't her initial enema cherry pop for a procedure clean out? And then she was like oooh I love enemas after that one. She's creepily obsessed with BMs in general. I'm still confused as to if she's constipated or having diarrhea - to my knowledge you can't have both? Maybe if you have an obstruction, but she doesn't.

No. 475360

File: 1516368987206.png (71.7 KB, 550x387, patreonomnomnom.png)

This is just disgusting. Early access to what I'm guessing is some OTT pre-surgery video? This seriously rings true to the description of this thread - people pay her to be sick and for early access to her dumbfuckery. And not even her $2 Patrons get access! $5 and up only.

I also noticed on a different Patreon that there is an option for the creators to show how much their Patreon rakes in per month. Jaq, of course, has this amount hidden. She sure has figured this business out pretty fast. Gone from a "vee-logger" one year ago to a YouTube and Patreon baller.

No. 475370

Has Janiece said why her mom lives with them? When she was talking about future renovations, she made it sound like her and Paul bought that house together when they got married, so it's not a case of it's J's mom's home and they're living with her to save money as a young couple. It seems like J's mom is the one who moved in with them. I could see that stunting her already stunted maturity even more.

No. 475372

Janiece really is that stupid.

No. 475373

>>It is SO hard to watch Janiece. It's like she is pretending to be dumb. Mispronouncing words, saying hipster shit, saying things like "we are demanding more testings!" Is she really that stupid?
I don't think she is pretending, tbh. I don't want to be mean, but she really doesn't seem to know how these things work. Which is fine, but then you shouldn't go around acting like you do.

No. 475377

Is Janiece a stay-at-home-wife? Or is she on some kind of temp medical leave from college/between jobs because of illness?

No. 475378

"I could barely handle a noisy restaurant!" …cut to fucking Downtown Disney. This bitch triggers my sperg rage so hard lol.

Also I love how Judd is saying he's bored after being out with Jaq for 20 minutes. You can really feel how much he hates his life.

No. 475390

Janiece doesn’t have a job, doesn’t go to school, and as far as we know have any aspirations other than being a sick little bitch for the camera.

No. 475393

When I watched that video, the video that was recommended to me right after was this one about an allergy test. I don't think I had seen that one before. It's funny because she talks about how glad she is that they numbed the area with EMLA cream first, and that she also uses EMLA with her port needle changes. She even says somewhere "EMLA to the rescue!"

So, so be clear: this is before someone told her that local anesthetics don't always work that well in patients with EDS.

The thing is: this is not the only video where she mentions locals working great for her. The most poignant example is with her port placement when whatever benzo's they gave her didn't work and she was wide awake during the surgery. "But they numbed it, so there was no pain". This is ALL out there for anyone to find and watch. I don't get how people who have been following her for a while don't notice this. Recently, she tried to tell us that locals don't work for her at all (which is unlikely even in true EDS) and now with her tube surgery she even says that stuff like narcotics don't work for her so she needs a lot more of it. Judd said this in her surgery video too, so he probably believes her. HOW is it that he doesn't remember that locals worked FINE for her just a year ago? How are her fans ignoring this and are all going "poor Jaquie" when it comes to her post-surgery pain management? I don't get it. I really don't. At this point, if people are believing her and have been actively following her for a while, they just don't WANT to see it, imho.

No. 475398

How is it that most POTS patients seem to have only HR spikes when they are at home doing almost nothing, but never when they are out on an 'adventure'? If your HR spikes when you are at rest but not when you're out with a lot of standing and walking, POTS can't be the cause. It's either a panic/conversion-like thing, a reaction to meds (which are mostly taken at home) OR - less likely - some kind of arrhythmia.

No. 475401


she has a LinkedIn that says she went to cooking school and had a job but is now "disabled." https://www.linkedin.com/in/janiece-ibertis-142a6a10b

No. 475405

Today Janiece is packing her cartoon clothes to go play with Jaquie, to watch cartoons and Disney movies and compare where they are on the pain scale. I'm sure Janiece will be scoping out and drooling over Jaq's tubes, since she is obviously gunning for one.
Big promo for Patreon sign-up so they can get the "what-what", which is…..? NOTHING! She does nothing all day but lay in bed, complaining about her pretend illness (dry cough, without covering her mouth) and has absolutely no ambition, desires, goals or friends other than other sick people. Big cheesy grin talking about loving being with Jaq and bigger cheesy grin opening her Patreon mail. Funny how she forgot to be so weak and sick as she shot upstairs at Jaq's to let Harlow out of her cage. Is she just stupid or does she think she is cute? So lame.

No. 475416

I wouldn't say "most POTS patients." I think the munchies and/or the ones making constant videos.

No. 475417

I'm watching that vlog right now. The Patreon promo is so we can get "huge notice" (whatever that is??) of "huge events like this one". How does her going to see a friend qualify as a 'huge event'? Such a 'huge event' that people would be willing to pay to know about it in advance?

I also get a feeling she doesn't know what the word shenanigans means. I mean.. I'm not a native speaker, but I found it odd that she uses it in a context of her and Jaquie hanging out like in "our shenanigans". Still, that one I could understand a bit as it can be meant in a playful way. But now she is talking about her packing her stuff and calling that the "shenanigans of the day"? That doesn't make much sense to me. Or is it just me?

Also, if it is true that Jaquie guilted her into coming over while Janiece told her she didn't know if she could do it because of her health, she is just being a bad friend. Not that it is suprising, but still. Janiece even says that Jaquie called it "their tradition" to come over "whenever one of us has a big surgery". Uggggh. That's SO weird and unhealthy. First of all: the only surgery that either of them has ever had that could qualify as 'big' is Jaquies current feeding tube placement. But even that I would personally hesitate to call 'big'. It's not an all too minor surgery, but also not a very major one. I don't think she had to spend the first night in the ICU for example, which is common after major surgery. Second: ANY 'tradition' surrounding surgery FFS is just crazy. There's just no other words for it. Although: unhealthy, nuts, bonkers and bananas come to mind, as well.

No. 475418

Who in the fuck lists "disabled" as a work on their LinkedIn? You can just you know…stop using the website or whatever. If you have a resume gap that needs to be explained, that would be pre or mid-interview, not on your linked in. Jesus.

No. 475419

That's what I meant. After all, the normal kind doesn't show their pulse ox on camera whenever their HR goes above 120.

No. 475421

Because 120 isn’t high for POTS. A normal POTS range can be from 40-160 and up. Also, people who are actually sick don’t have to constantly prove it on social media.

No. 475423

No one will hire someone who lists “disabled” on their resume, because they don’t want to deal with someone being absent a lot or quitting right away. Makes me wonder if she was trying to not be hired, while keeping whoever happy by saying that she’s “looking for something”.

No. 475424

Well, I know that, you know that, and most other farmers would know that as well. The majority of the people claiming POTS online though, don't seem to have gotten that message. Because they freak out whenever their HR is over 120 or 130. Sometimes even when it is above 90. I mean, it's a tad high for a resting HR, but for some people it is normal. Especially if you're out of shape, which if we're being honest seems to be a better explanation for most of the shit we see from cows claiming POTS than, you know.. POTS.

No. 475426

Of course she doesn't want to be hired. Sheesh, so many disabled or chronically ill people are trying all sorts of things to explain the gap in their resume without calling attention to their illness and without being dishonest, and she puts it on her LinkedIn? That's just stupid. NO way she is actively looking for work. She has basically just given up.

No. 475454

I think it’s less that she’s given up and more that she desperately wants an excuse to be lazy and not have to work. And her husband unintentionally enables that, as he’s able to support both of them.

No. 475562

More milk.

She filmed herself having a meltdown. I don’t get it…. nothing terrible is happening? She’s stable and has her precious toobz and dilaudid. She just seemed to be upset because she still can’t pee. Did nobody seriously explain to her that this is 100% normal and not somethingto have a freak out about? Tbh, there’s no way she’s as sick as she says she is cause for a normal sick person a hospital day like the ones she’s had would be a walk in the park. I mean she’s not even having any complications!

No. 475563

File: 1516392162958.png (1.9 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5511.PNG)

Can't hold that smile back when mentioning that she still has her pain pump.

No. 475565

File: 1516392428875.jpeg (98.05 KB, 717x420, 47C82021-F628-422A-B95A-6E1582…)

No. 475566

It’s pretty painful, sometimes instant cramps (the same with too much fluid all at the same tim). Slightly warm or room temp water is recommended.

No. 475567


Jaquie’s fine flushing her new toob with “freezing cold water” when I’ve heard that most J tubes have to be flushed with warm to hot water cause it shocks the GI tract too much. Maybe adjustable J can handle it cause her GI tract is actually functioning like normal??? Any feeding tube users care to weigh in?

No. 475568

She’s not as good of an actor as she thinks she is. She just can’t hold back that excitement for anything medical.

No. 475570

Hot water is bad, too. Either warm or room temp.

No. 475575

I have a GJ (sage for blogging) , and yea freezing cold water would cramp so bad. I find tepid water is best but use room temp too. But with her horrible 'spasms' I would imagine that then having intestinal cramps/spasms would be horrid.

No. 475581

She's hopelessly fucked. Once you enter end lung stage CF it doesn't mean that you have infections blocking your airways that you can get on top of but rather you have scarring from all the infections. Once you have scarred lungs there is absolutely nothing in the world that could change your lung function. Even if a cure came out the scarring would never be fixed and you would not be able to gain normal lung function again. She needs to be able to walk 30min a day on a treadmill to have the endurance to have a lung transplant. I had 17% lung function was on 6L of oxygen and they still made me go to PT and walk 30 min everyday. Mary needs cardio not yoga. Cardio is hard af for someone with lung problems thats why she doesn't do it anymore but that is what will strengthen her heart and lungs to be strong enough to get off the vent after the transplant. Otherwise she'll end up being trached.

No. 475592

Jacquie had 800cc's of urine. Did she mean total that day or all in one cath? Maybe its because you are pumping your body full of saline all day for no reason!! Does she think that just because it is IV it isn't being filtered through the kidneys? Jaq I don't want to hear it anymore you psycho.

No. 475595

Did anyone else notice at 11min into the video when she starts crying.. SHE WAS FORCING IT. She was 1000% percent faking it. She was trying so hard to make tears come out and I didn't even see 1 drop.

No. 475596


Yes, I have to flush with slightly warm water. Too cold and it causes spasms, too hot and it feels like my guts are on fire.

No. 475598

Have they not considered her excessive use of opiods is causing her urinary retention? In hospital and on a pain pump, I also have hard time peeing. Doctors explained that it's a side affect of a lot of opiods in the system.

No. 475603

Wellll.. hospital blues I personally find kind of normal. Being up almost all night, all th noises, being in pain, different people next to your bed, being alone most of the time.. I'm in my thirties, but when I'm in a hospital, in a lot of pain, not knowing what the next day will be like and when you'll be able to go home, I sometimes cry with little provocation. Especially at night when you're feeling lonely. I think many people would be emotional in her situation: in pain, feeling out of control, and frustrated. Also, apparently her doc didn't tell her that urinary retention is common after GA and with the pain meds but is blaming her other conditions. I imagine it would be frustrating not being able to pee and after a few days feeling like you're not getting better but going backwards with an indwelling catheter.

So I don't judge her for having a breakdown. I just judge her for exaggerating it, for being a bad actress and for having her husband film it. And for editing it, for putting it in her vlog and for uploading it. Also for chosing it as her thumbnail and for editing an even more dramatic text in it and for drawing even more attention to it by doing so. That's all, really.

No. 475605

Yup. She’s not really crying, my 5 year old nephew does the same thing and it’s anout as convincing. She knows that it’s suspicious that she needs so much pain medication but is totally fine.

No. 475607

Damn that's a nice hospital room and bathroom.

No. 475613

Daddy’s money buys you the nicest suite for your unnecessary surgery!

No. 475618

File: 1516396520866.png (9.15 MB, 2208x1242, 159264C4-A64F-4470-9E98-8AA3DF…)


She and Janiece suffer from selective memory of illness quite often. This pic though kek she’s transformed into crybaby chronic illness Medusa.

I feel like Jaq went into this feeling like it would be a walk in the park since she grilled her surgeon with over 30 questions and 2 visits. Somehow she convinced herself that it wouldn’t be this painful and/or the pain is worth A) the few days she’ll be hooked up to her Lah-Lah pump. I bet it was mentioned to her at one of her pre-op appointments that if her pain is to severe that they would switch to a PCA. She is really good at lining all of this up to look unplanned but she’s a ruthless lying addict jonesing for her next fix. B) a new piece of medical porn C) the chance at being the illest. You get the point.

A brief rundown of observations in this video:

- Random: she mentions “her personal doctor that knows her well is on her case” almost like she’s referring to one of those overpriced concierge doctors. I’ve learned that when she explains her doctors reasonings for things that seem OTT, she always puts in the “doctor xyz knows me well and I trust his decision as a compassionate doctor to cut my perfectly good leg off.” As if she’s trying to convince herself to believe her lies. It’s like her over-explaining every other unnecessary treatment or medication prescribed that are not needed and sometimes unethical.

- Starts out with Jaq explaining how they were able to “abort another severe allergic reaction” with her magical IV Unicorn Blood AKA Benadryl. So now she’s getting (that we know of): IV Dilaudid via pump giving her that much needed “control” she mentions often, IV Ativan for those pesky “spasms” that are causing much pain, IV Benadryl to abort those turrible allergic reactions. I wonder why she stopped calling them angioedema attacks? How does one distinguish a mast cell reaction from an angioedema attack? Oh, and IV Toradol and IV Pepcid because Jaq states, as she films the nurse pushing it, that IV is the only version of the med that helps her heartburn. She loves watching the nurses push meds and it’s almost ritualistic. She gets a rush from it.

She made sure to validate to us that her use of the dilaudid pump is needed when she mentions that a nurse came in and said she looked bad and told Jaq to push that button, girl! Of course, our little opiate tolerant friend obliged. Then we get the obligatory breathing treatment puffing followed by her whining about the surgeon wanting to start her tube feeds that night (Tuesday).

Harlow comes and “lifts Jaq’s spirits” as per usual when her pet comes for a visit. Then it’s right back to Jaq not being able to go peepee on the potty like all of the other munchies can after their completely unnecessary surgeries. Judd gives an awkward room tour where Jaq repeatedly states that she hasn’t even seen the bathroom because I’m not sure if y’all know, but she can’t pee!

She does her little speech about how the only reason she is able to function and talk is “because I have MY dilaudid pain pump.” Jaq gets straight cathed a handful of times and it causes her to boohoo when Judd seems tired of it and just tells her to go to sleep. She pouts about how her pump beeping is ruining her day and making her cry.

She continues to whine about pain and how bad it is. Nothing is helping the spasms. Not even IV benzos. Seriously though, she’s got to have a crazy tolerance because any normal person would be dead asleep drooling and soiling their bed in their sleep. Oh, forgive me… it’s her EDS that just makes her immune to the sedating and pain killing powers of narcotics. If she metabolizes meds so fast, wouldn’t you think by now that between her BS speech about how EDS makes her metabolize meds like a fucking hummingbird and building a tolerance - how is her IV Benadryl still 100% effective (almost always now no epi is needed) at “aborting” her mast cell/angioedema shitstorms?

She states at one point when she was really emo that she was upset because she didn’t have any control. Huh? You’ve gotten everything you’ve angled for and then some.

Then she has more spasms and another reaction so more benzos and Benadryl. Again, how is she not in a medically induced coma at this point?! She finally gets a Foley and then tells Judd that it’s making her uncomfortable. And as always, Judd gives a lame husband response about “how she just needs to think of the catheter as another ‘tool’ for Jaq to get better. Blahbittyblah.”

At some point Jaq has Babe set up her speshul pump from home and has him set the rate to that of an infant as she proudly counts the number of things coming out of her body: cath, port, g-tube, j-tube and I missed if she also had a peripheral IV. Then we get the whole “thanks so much for being here, babe.” At some point he puts her “fun socks” on to her crypt keeper feet because she can’t. And to finish it off, Harlow comes and Jaq forgets to pretend she’s in pain and does her whole “Harlow makes me so happy” dealio… we really know she’s happy due to other reasons. But she needs it, y’all.

I thought at one point we saw a peek at real, vulnerable Jaq but quickly realized it’s all for the camera as she films herself having a meltdown/pouty tantrum.

It’s amazing how she’s able to record footage and edit with this terrible pain. Oh, wait her lala pump makes her super spoonie.

No. 475621

Pretty sure she meant in one go. She mentioned before that they cathed her and 600 cc came out and she thought that was really much. Well, it IS too much in a sense that you should be able to feel that and you should be able to go, but it's not that much. With acute retention, a bladder can hold 1000-1500 cc easily. Sometimes when people come in with it, the bladder has stretched so much that it holds over 2000 cc's. Obviously that's way too much and it would'be been better if that patient would have came in sooner and ideally the bladder shouldn't hold more than about 700 /800 cc in a normal situation. I know that for EDS it's not uncommon for patients without retention to hold up to 1000 cc without real discomfort. It seems strange to me that Jaquie and her doc consider POTS/dysautonomia as a cause for her bladder issue, and not EDS. Even worse is them not mentioning that the meds could contribute to it.

The same goes for her spasms: zofran can cause dyskinesia. Though I am not sure what she means exactly when she describes her spasms, it could easily be a side effect of one of the many meds she takes.

And to your question whether she thinks your kidneys don't filter fluids when they are taken IV: I really couldn't tell. She once said about her home infusions that she did NOT pee more during her 'infusion days' because, and I quote: "I guess my body needs it?"

So.. there's that.

No. 475631


I’ve wondered how she’s not swollen like a bloated corpse with everything she pumps in. It wouldn’t be crazy if she were found to be abusing something like Lasix to shed the fluid swelling and stay ED thin.

No. 475634

Is anyone really surprised that she’s turned a fairly simple surgery into at least a week long ordeal? I wouldn’t be surprised either if her fancy but dumb doctor that she obviously pays a ton of money to is helping her get all this crap. People who get organ transplants are usually up and walking around by this point (with lots of pain, but they’re not just whining about it all day and making people do everything for them). She’s the biggest drama cow ever, we all saw this coming.

No. 475635

Maybe because they both know she doesn’t have EDS? Although she also doesn’t have POTS, so who knows. She can’t be in that much pain, though, because she’s not regretting her surgery that she definitely didn’t need.

No. 475663

Ketamine - can give you a high
Dilaudid - can give you a high
IV Benadryl - gives you a high
IV Zofran - no high, but blocks the uptake of serotonin, similar to an antidepressant
IV Pepcid - pretty much the only med she’s taking that can’t act give you at least a buzz. However, it’s the exact same as the oral tablet (which can be crushed and put through a feeding tube, although most people with GP are on much stronger antacid meds than that)
IV Ativan - totally can get you high, lots of people end up in rehab for benzo addiction, and they’re just taking the pills

I’d say her main issue is pretty clear.

No. 475673

The reason she didn't like the toradol is because it is IV advil and it does not give a high like the ativan. The second she realized that she said "nevermind I prefer the ativan." But in the situation it should have given the most pain relief because it reduces inflammation.

No. 475676

I wonder if Jaq is seething inside that she had this stupid surgery and it didn't even get her what she wanted. Her pre-made videos stood out to me in that they weren't annoyingly repetitive about medical jargon, she deliberately made them to serve as stand-alone videos hoping they would go viral and be another Harlow ranch dressing. Didn't work.
And her subscriber count isn't up either. Kek
How do you like your surgery now Jaq?
I hope I'm seeing wrong on the YouTube stats but if not, she did a livestream today?? Because….?? Riiight, because you can't pee, your abdomen is spasming sooper bad despite the Ativan and pain pump, yet you feel well enough to have a livestream? Lets be real here, the livestream was likely for the patrons to keep that sweet easy money flowing in. So it was probably planned and announced in advance. As in, why the fuck is this cow still in the hospital?

No. 475690

Just wait. Soon she’ll be doing tutorials of how to change your feeding tube at home. I think that was one of the main reasons for getting the separate tubes, now she has two butttons and can video herself changing them out, just like Mary Frey, except Mary only has one. And jaq got to keep her gtube to “vent” out of (so she can still purge to her heart’s content, except now her tube is less likely to get clogged, and if it does she can change it out at home, where no one has to know).

No. 475694

Jesus h Christ on a bicycle, Jaq just posted ANOTHER Vlog. Venting the new tube already.
She really needs to give pointers to other daily vloggers. Even some of the biggest vloggers struggle to put up something 7 days a week for months at a time. But magic Jaq never misses a beat

No. 475704

And there it is. GP girl who never had GP in the first place is back to her medically-sanctioned bulimia.

No. 475706

File: 1516401754346.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1202x1928, 6733C46E-CE02-49DD-A476-AD2D89…)

Never fear, Janiece is here to make our favorite patient laugh which of course makes her have more pain… but all in the name of finding joy and moving forward for this cow… and milking it all for the $$$.

No. 475710

So true. Post lung tx (sage), I was up walking the same day they took me off the vent! They basically said "you must or you'll get too deconditioned, get blood clots, and die." Also, I remember my bowel and bladder taking a few days to "wake up" and you know what they said, "you need to walk around more it'll help wake your organs up." I hope she gets bruises from the heparin shots. She deserved it.

No. 475711

Biggest kek in the universe right now. In newest vlog she says "I haven't eaten anything since my surgery. Well I did have that ice cream this morning"
Girl, you're an insult to humankind.

No. 475712

Janice has to learn the tools of the trade somewhere. Also, everyone try lifting up your arm like that right now. It totally moves your abdomen around, which you would think would kill if you’d had surgery that was painful enough to require a dilaudid pain pump.
It is definitely bizarre. She needs that pain pump but hasn’t skipped a day of recording, editing. and uploading her vlog, plus answering followers’ questions? That sounds exhausting for even a healthy person.

No. 475713

Don’t worry, she can vent it. What a fucking joke. I would absolutely love to hear what the nurses say about her outside her room.

No. 475730

I'd love to be a fly on the wall! At her doctors offices too. Does HIPAA prevent her doctors on her "team" from talking amongst themselves about her being full of shit? Is Jaq curating what of her medical info gets shared between doctors? Because if she's controlling that too it may explain how she's getting so many doctors to do so many different things. They get a whole different picture of her as a patient if they get her full medical files from the doctors office themselves vs what Jaq has decided is pertinent.

No. 475738

Very good point!

Also, I hope everyone noticed that because she uploaded two vlogs today. It means that she has basically not missed a full day of vlogging/editing from her surgery. So all that shit talk about how she "will be in in too much pain to upload" is BULL FUCKING SHIT. The only reason she didn't upload the day after is probably from being over drugged and not from pain of the surgery at all. Also what else is she going to do considering she thinks she is bedridden and can not even walk to the bathroom.

No. 475744

Anyone tech-y enough to pause the video at around 3:04 and zoom in and read the nurses whiteboard?

No. 475745

I wonder if her doctors are already suspicious? I mean, she has amassed almost every tool for her toolbox and still can't build a life for herself outside of symptoms and chronic conditions. She is off the deep end if she thinks she will find 'tools' for every unpleasant symptom. Get over yourself and learn to live with a little pain or nausea. Thousands of people do it every single day and they don't even get asspats and sweet patreon income from it.

No. 475746

Kek great minds think alike! I tried but my eyes are too bad to read through the blur

No. 475748

Shhh… next up is a good ol’ fashioned pulmonary embolism scare now that she’s proclaimed to the world: She peed, y’all. Need a new problem so she gets to keep the pump.

“I am so extremely nauseous.”
“I have not eaten anything since surgery.”
“O, wait. There was that ice cream I shoved down my fully functional pie hole… for the emotional reward, y’all.” Always justifying why she eats shit with some ridiculous lengthy story about why and how many “nibbles” she took.

How in the AF is she STILL hooked up to that pump? We’re going to have some fun vlogs next week when she gets sent home without her precious pain pump… and starts getting withdrawal symptoms. Even a week on Dilaudid is hard to come off of. I bet she’s going to get withdrawal symptoms and then emergently run (roll?) to the ER thinking it is her POTS that’s causing the sweats, tachycardia, chills, etc. Nope, just good ol’ detoxing.

The AMT focus is so strange like she’s getting some kind of reimbursement or something. It’s just weird how she uses certain words when describing the hardware.

Her teeth were horrendous from all the vomiting but like magic are great now that she can vent with her cute lil’ buh-on. Yep, keep telling yourself that.

The most recent upload just screams how they are just turning in to bigger attention whores. Judd is getting worse as he gets pulled more and more down this highway to his own personal hell.

Oh, to be her nurse. She must be such a peach.

No. 475752

Around 4:20 "I peed!" then gets out of breath and loses track "Man I haven't been this excited in while"… She pushed her pain button while she was talking and got woosy. What she really meant was "I haven't gotten this dilauded in awhile." Watch her hands. She never takes it off of the button!

No. 475753

File: 1516404238374.jpeg (139.19 KB, 586x389, 75E4B687-6DE4-4E3C-93A8-F14059…)

Ok I have not posted a picture here before ,so i may get this wrong . I got a few of the notice board but obviouly to zoom in or magnify ot blurrs it. This is the best I got.

No. 475757

Today's Goals: Pain less than "4"
Use the bathroom on pain pump for pain relief
Zofran ….after
Benadryl …after

… diet

**can't read the "…"

No. 475758

"Pain less than 4"
"Use button on pain pump for pain ____."
"Zofran ____ after"
"Benadryl _____ after"
"_____ Diet"
Can't read the last line.

No. 475760

I think it says 'same' before diet

No. 475765

I really want to know what is in between benadryl and zofran.

No. 475772

Also, addicts take benadryl and benzos to potentiate a high. I'm sure she's aware they make the dilly stronger, lol.

Yes! The longer she stays on the pump the worse it'll be…unless they send her home with something strong enough, which I'm sure she'll angle for.

No. 475774

It's confusing because she edited the last 2 vlogs stitched together from different days (I think) but her first vlog post-op her voice is fine. Then at the beginning of the hospital room tour she's suddenly really quiet and raspy and says it's from being intubated. Then Judd shows up and MAGIC her voice is normal. Hard to tell because of her tricky editing but wouldn't your voice be hoarse directly after surgery, if it's from being intubated?
Kek maybe she screamed and threw hissy fits all night and made her voice raspy. Maybe she was such an ass all night that the next day they were happy to give her a pain pump, needed or not

No. 475775

It says "Advance diet" I think it says "Begin feeding" but its hard to tell

No. 475778


Yeah it’s that weird manic state she gets into when getting her medical porn needs satisfied. She does that a lot early on in her vlogging - she truly ran out of breath when she was describing how much she enjoyed accessing her port for the first time. It was seriously strange.

I just wonder how this is okay that she’s filming all of this, likely without permission. It seems unlikely that a hospital would be okay with patients still at the facility posting videos (often of staff) that could potentially show them making a mistake or something. It seems like a huge legal no no.

Also, what truly sick and recovering person that is actually sick and recovering would even have vlogging on their radar… let alone daily vlogs, and like today, more than one. It is just astounding that she still has people giving her asspats and prayers crawling farther and farther up her ass… oh and money.

Anyone know what that live feed was?

No. 475782

Sorry but I don't see advance. Plus it makes no sense. She claims to not be able to eat orally and just had open abdo surgery so vomiting prob isn't something they want her doing. She's barely tolerating toob feedz as it is

No. 475789

Idk but when I paused it and put it on fullscreen it looks like Advance. Maybe it means 'try to eat more' not advanced level eating?

No. 475798

being intubated can cause like a weird itch in your throat, but it doesn't make your voice raspy if you've had a sip of water. She's OTT about being under general. It's no big deal

No. 475801

Found out about an at home pain pump. Kind of afraid to post the name because I fear Jaq will read it and try and get one. I feel like Jaq is going to get out of the hospital and try and convince her doctor she needs it forever for pain management. I hope to God the doctors/nurses learn she is only there for the drugs during this hospital stay.

No. 475802

File: 1516406888305.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1599x1599, DFEC2ECB-36BA-4288-8852-6FF7CD…)


You do realize Judd gave her ice cream for breakfast because she was sad and ice cream makes toddler Jaq happy… she admitted that the ice cream was the only thing she’s eaten since surgery.

Now, I’m no pro, but when gastric bypass patients get a Roux-en Y, they are on a strict liquid (clear usually) diet starting on day 1 and given tiny cups of liquid to drink every few minutes to promote regenerating digestion and healing their newly reconstructed guts. Somehow that advancement seems more sensible than fucking ice cream. Pretty sure her surgeon wasn’t like: kek surgery done! Here eat this ice cream.

How does anyone with common sense (Judd?) think that ice cream after major abdominal surgery is okay? They really are dumb.

No. 475804


Do you see her angling for actual ketamine infusions? Money appears to talk in Jaquie’s medical fairytale. What is her happily ever after? Does she even have one? Will she ever be satisfied? How do these stories ever have happy endings? It’s mind boggling when you think about this throne of lies she proudly sits upon. There is no easy way out, Jaq. Enjoy those three bellybuttons you now have for life.

No. 475809

So I found the every "7 min" pain pump time very weird. I texted my nurse friend to ask her what she thought. She said "7 minutes is a strange time frame usually set on even numbers and the dose is different per patient weight and drug so it would just depend."

No. 475817

Has anyone else notice that Jaq and Jan both have this tick where they touch their heads/faces when they're trying to show how sick they are? It's like a kid trying to get sent home from school.

No. 475834

File: 1516410687578.jpeg (263.86 KB, 750x687, 956D89DA-2F98-4035-AFFD-708E6D…)

I’m just gonna leave this here. But seriously I wish Jaquie would address this whole “muhhh EDS means I need all the painkillers” bullshit, cause my understand is that most (LEGIT) EDSers either can’t tolerate narcos well or respond the same as anybody else.

I mean she hasn’t said it again since the first vlog so maybe she just got tired of being called out and now she’ll stop spreading dangerous misinformation? Unlikely, but that would be ideal.

No. 475838


I knew of someone with terminal cancer, in home hospice, with fentanyl PCA that family was allowed to push for the person. Still on 10 min intervals. Dying - so it really didn’t matter if she got ‘too much’. But still PCA still locked out if pushed more than every 10 min. 7 min does seem very odd…

I had every 20 min after a huge spinal fusion surgery. Didn’t really feel the need for Diloooudid.

Sage for blogging.

No. 475842

I just scrolled by a heart TRANSPLANT recipient I follow who is posting her transplant story from last year…

30 hours post-heart transplant she was up and sitting in her chair and eating a meal. Up and moving around. Walking around with some crazy catheter sticking out of her jugular. They broke her sternum in half in order to do the transplant. Her heart was replaced and then…

… here we have the pathetic Jaquie who claims to be in horrendous pain after her unnecessary toobz were placed. Barely moving. Crying. Moaning. Can’t go peepee on the potty and it’s so stressful. Wahwah. Being coddled by Mommy and Babe… and now JanJan is in town for full attention on Jaq.

Just really shows what a pansy baby Jaq is. God forbid she ever need a serious surgery. She’d never hack it! It’s nauseating how extra she thinks she is.

No. 475847


She casually mentions it a couple times, mainly when she was in pre-op telling us how she told the doctors of her special immunity to sedation, intolerance to Fentanyl (gotta angle for her Cat Valium fix), and her need for two doses of Versed before she even goes into the big skurry room with skurry people saying skurry things.

It’s okay though, she’s not mentioning it because Judd has taken over letting us know how fast she metabolizes everything. So much hurt. All of the narcs and benzos and Benadryl.

Plus add in the fact she just had Ketamine to go under and then whatever general anesthesia meds used during the surgery. She should be dead to the world not wimping and whining for more dilaudid. O, maybe… her amazing teemz didn’t reach her magical “therapeutic dose” for no paaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnn! kek

No. 475849

She can't be locked out every 10 minutes though if she is supposedly on an every 7 minute timer.

I'm genuinely curious (nursefag here) as to what her dosage of Dilly is. Can anyone zoom in on the pump numbers?

No. 475850

Right? She’s on enough meds to knock out a horse. Also, maybe she weighs a bit more that she admits. But that much tolerance to pain medication and shit is a sure sign of a habitual user.

No. 475859


Exactly. That’s why nurses swab patient’s mouth with water to keep mouth moist, in part to ease transition when extubating if a pt. is left incubated after surgery/trauma/whatever.

Also, if she truly had trouble speaking due to post-intubation abrasion, she wouldn't be able to vlog at all, IMO.

For all we know - with the short timing of her procedure, she could have gotten a lyrangeal mask, which is easier on trachea/epiglottis than an endotracheal tube.

No. 475903

File: 1516419200733.png (162.94 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4121.PNG)

Normally I can't stomach the comment section to wade through the asspats and find the needle in a haystack but these gems were all towards the top of her bone marrow biopsy vlog. Maybe this comment is where she got her idea about EDS and pain meds?! Also double kek at the comment at the bottom

No. 475912

Aaaaand found this in the one marrow biop comments as well. So Jaq was supposed to get RFA huh? Wonder what happened with that. Maybe she researched it and found out how it actually works super good for neck pain but doesn't get you high or lots of attention. It's a very minor procedure with low risks, so I'm wondering why she opted to not have it or if her "team" decided against it?! I had it done on my neck 6 YEARS ago and still no neck pain or migraines. For Jaq she doesn't want what will actually help her, she wants to try everything else first so she can vlog about it and whine and feel sorry for herself and see how many holes she can get in her body before she starts losing limbs to sepsis and that's the least of her worries because she's 21 and destroyed her liver and kidneys taking craploads of unnecessary medicines.

No. 475913

File: 1516420363038.png (168.96 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4122.PNG)

Oops forgot the picture

No. 475918

Woah, wait - so miss., can only have KF can eat shitty 'ice cream?

Those cheap "ice cream" sandwich bars barely contain true ice cream. Can eat dairy desserts pretending to be ice cream but can't tolerate what likely are the same food grade industrial chemicals making the non KF formula for feed.

No. 475921

Actual EDS/GP fag here. Most people I know with these conditions actively avoid narcotics at all costs. Also, I don’t know what she’s talking about with this ‘EDS makes me immune to the effects of narcotics’ BS. My experience has been the exact opposite. Tiny doses knock me out for the day and completely shut down my digestive system. The digestive consequences are excruciatingly painful, usually worse than the pain of whatever I was taking the meds for to begin with. Same with zofran. I don’t understand how she can even take it. On top of that, if she really has MCAS, how is she being allowed that many pain meds? How is she even tolerating them? They are known triggers for MCAS patients. What a lying twat.

No. 475929

Almost ALL the meds Jaq takes or the side effects they cause can explain almost all her symptoms. But that would be too easy and way less fun and vloggable if she took less meds (which clearly aren't working anyway), then had less side effects, then needed even less meds

No. 475939

Somewhere when she was talking about her abdominal spasms, J says she has had “crippling muscle spasms” in her limbs “for a long time” that leave her contorted in pain on the regular. Is this our new re-writing history symptom (angling for a pain pump at home?), or have I just missed her talking about this sooper suhvere symptom before?

No. 475948

Oh no you didn't miss it, she's never mentioned that. And with her, pain so bad her body is contorted you know she would have talked about before. Maybe Jaq has a future in school history textbook writing kek

No. 475949


She’s never described it like that - almost dystonia-like from her newest symptom description. She has mentioned “undiagnosed muscle pain since infancy” before though. And at one point she saw a new neurologist or rheumie to “look into those symptoms from childhood” in her adventures in collecting diagnoses. But who knows what happened there… she likely went to the appointment, was called on her BS and moved on to the next sucker.

She also has started using the phrase “personal physicians” in this recent week. She talks about driving over and hour and a half from home to “get quality care” AKA go wherever she can snow her “team” into handing her the D on a silver platter. That term “personal physician” really sounds like maybe it’s Daddy’s private doctor or maybe his money buying the “quality care” concierge care she seeks. So basically Babe and Mommy have to drive an hour and a half each way to tote her happy pet dog back and forth… and Mommy is also going to work during the day and Judd’s off doing cop stuff. Running ragged for their selfish ass brat. But she’s so courageous and brave according to Mommy.

No. 475968

I've got to admit I laughed when Judd pulled out the 'just another tool in the toolbox' line. You know Jaquie's used that shit on him so many times to convince him all this nonsense she's doing to herself is necessary. Now she has to do something she doesn't want to do (catheters) and when she looks to him for sympathy, he parrots it back at her. Serves her right.

No. 476036

This isn't your blog. stfu. No one cares.

No. 476079


Are you referring to the On-Q? She wouldn't like that. That's local anesthetic that doesn't work for sooper speshul EDS warriors like her.

No. 476082

If ketamine works so well for her pain and she got sedated with ketamine why is her pain so bad she needs a PCA on POD 5? And toradol, Ativan, benadryl, et cetra.

No. 476085

Because she is an addict kek

I don't get how someone is prescribing all of this though. Surely SOMEONE must look at her med chart and just go WTF?

No. 476089

I fucking hate to ape on "Team Jquie", but she has has abs=do surgery, and open abdo surgery, well it God damn hurts. I am giving her a few (2 more days)and then I will call bulls**t.

Even though I called bulls**t a long time ago!

No. 476100

Was it open or laproscopic? Roux en y is most commonly laproscopic.
She is sitting upright etc. in order to be in the positions she is in in photos I honestly am not willing to give her that much slack. The first 24 hours after any surgery, including laproscopic are pretty painful/ horrible due to the GA etc but beyond that, with how much she is managing and how much medication she is getting she is just bullshitting.

No. 476102

File: 1516454737701.jpg (18.79 KB, 673x350, DwjiQ0K.jpg)

O wow, I'm pleasantly suprised at the quality of my screen. I thought about making a screenshot when she first posted it, but decided not to because it was so clearly visible that I assumed everyone would be able to read.

It says:
"use button on pain pump for pain relief"
"Zofran available after"
"Benadryl available after"

"Advance diet"
"Start tube feeds"

And what's not in the picture but someone already had: "pain less than 4" and "use bathroom" as goals for the day. Also who her nurses were on that day, kek.

No. 476104

It was an open surgery. I don't know why though. Apparently because the surgeon said it was better?

So yeah, open abdominal surgery is just very painful. BUT she is able to talk to the camera and to edit vlogs. I am sorry, but if you're really in so much pain, you just are not able to do that. Even a normal conversation with your loved ones is very hard to do if you would be in the amount of pain she is claiming to be. I think that's more the issue than the fact that abdominal surgery is - by it's nature - pretty rough on the body.

No. 476106

>>I'm genuinely curious (nursefag here) as to what her dosage of Dilly is. Can anyone zoom in on the pump numbers?
Apparently my screen is pretty good, so I can try. But.. which one is the pain pump? Anyone know that?

No. 476114

Wait.. where is/was that comment? Cause I couldn't find it, and if it was removed that would mean that J is removing comments now. Priorities, kek.

No. 476118

In today’s Janiece video we get to overhear the nurses giving report and the day nurse says “that she is on the PCA dilaudid at 0.2 mg available every 7 minutes so approximately 1.75 per hour”… so if she’s mashing that precious button she can receive this amount of dilaudid per hour.

No. 476124

File: 1516458363150.jpg (125.17 KB, 1198x1196, aiFq8zN.jpg)

Good catch, anon! Isn't it amazing what you can find out while watching these vlogs? I wonder if the vloggers are aware of this. We could read the names and beeper numbers of her nurses FFS.

Anyhow, I went ahead and entered that number in http://clincalc.com/opioids/ to calculate the equianalgesic dose to morphine. Attached are the results for IV/IM morphine first and then for oral morphine. That's the maximum dose she can get an hour. So if you calculate it to 24 hours (as you would to with oral meds) she could get the equivalent of 840 mg oral morphine per 24 hours. That's a LOT. Like, a LOT a LOT. Of course, patients on a PCA pump usually don't max themselves out and most studies show that patients actually require less pain meds when they can control their own pump. Of course, those studies aren't done with addicts nor with munchies..

Also: note that I did NOT correct for cross-tolerance.

No. 476126

File: 1516458546982.jpg (383.03 KB, 2553x1666, D1Q47FP.jpg)


Kek. I wanted to double check my own work and entered her 24-hour maximum dose (1.75 times 24 = 42) in the calculator. This is what I got.

No. 476142

The comment is on Jaquie’s first vlog - the day of surgery.

No. 476143

It does seem like a lot of Dilaudid, but when we give patients it where I work we usually push 1mL at a time (for legit, severe pain). Granted this lasts 3-6 hours, but it kind of puts into perspective how much our sweet snowflake is milking this. 0.7 might have made her feel great at first but patients do develop a tolerance, and if they aren’t upping her dosage than it’s quite obvious they want her off of it. There’s no way they’ll send her home on IV dilaudid.

Oh, and as you all know opioids cause some immense constipation. Maybe her spasms are related to the fact she’s full of more shit than usual.

No. 476146

I read the word "advance" as "Same," written in cursive.

No. 476178

That she’s in a non-profit hospital really explains a lot about what they’re letting her get away with. Between daddy’s money and her insurance her stay is probably helping the hospital cover costs on patients that can’t pay but really need to be there. Not that the whole situation isn’t absolutely ridiculous, but at least that makes a bit more sense.

Also, I’m seriously questioning how it takes her sooo long to get to this super great hospital that isn’t that far from her. I mean she talks about it taking like an hour + if I recall. Maybe in rush hour? It just seems like such a silly thing to lie about given everything else.

No. 476188

Seems like in today's vlog when she's talking about the pain pump, she's getting a base amount PLUS what she gets when she hits the buh-un. And she doesn't like the Ativan because it makes her feel "weird" and she "doesn't like the emotional state on the Ativan"

No. 476201

I know this is very random and a bit OT, but it shows how watching these vlogs can influence you:

I was watching a movie the other day and someone was sweating a lot. So I saw something glistening on their chest area and the first thing I thought was "is that their port dressing that's showing?"

I really think I've been watching Jaquie and co too much lately! That, or I am just plain going crazy. Or both, of course. Kek.

(Sorry if this is seen as blogging, but I thought it was kind of funny (and also a little sad sad) as well.)

No. 476207

Isn't it odd that JanJan could crawl into bed with the severely immunocompromised Jaquie, with her chronically ill cough—and no vog mask or safe-distance precautions?
Isn't it predictable that the opiods (that "never work on me due to muh EDS" or "can't take them because they interfere with muh GP") are now indispensible? They cut her continuous basal rate and now she can only get a dose when she pushes the buh-un. It's a miracle–opiods suddenly work!
Isn't it odd that she can't eat but half her PF Chang soup was gone? And that ice cream slid right down?
Isn't it odd that she clarified that she "feels very iffy" having anyone touch her, but she scooted right over to let JanJan crawl in bed with her?
Isn't it odd that she commented that her Gtube cannot drain out oral food? That's been mentioned here many times–is she dipping on this conversation?
Final nursefag comment–from an insurance angle, I cannot fathom an insurance company covering an extended stay for this procedure. And from a medical angle, being on IV opiods for 5 days is outrageous. Normal practice is to switch patients to oral/feeding tube meds Day 2 to get them ready to transition home. Opiods are well knows to slow down the bowel, bladder and digestion–and she can't claim that she doesn't absorb pain meds thru her Jtube because she raves about how well she absorbs her KF nutrition. She also should have been up walking in the halls post-op Day 1. The cow is milking the system for sure.

No. 476212


I've never seen a hospital that's not non-profit.

No. 476236

In all honesty, I have no idea what a normal post-op dose for a surgery like this would be. I also do not know how this specific surgery compares to other abdominal surgeries like a gallbladder surgery (which is quite minor) or a more major surgery where they would say remove a bladder and create an ostomy or another kind of surgery that's a bit more extensive. If anyone has experience as a nurse, doctor or even a loved one or patient with this specific surgery and knows what the protocol would be like, I'd really want to hear from them.

Having said that.. I find it telling that they only gave her the pump after she was out of surgery for a while. When you have an operation that is known to be very painful, they will set it up in advance. They would either set you up with a locoregional pain block for the first 48 or 72 hours, or they will speak to you about a PCA pump before the surgery and the patient would be set up with one right out of the OR. The fact that she only got her PCA after she was out of recovery for at least a few hours would - in most hospitals, that is - mean that it is not normal protocol for this surgery to set up a patient with either an epidural for post-op pain relief or a PCA system.

I am really curious if Jaquie told her doctors also that she metabolizes opiates "suuuper quick" due to her EDS, and how they responded to that. Either
1. they are as stupid as they seem and they just believe her (which doesn't seem likely though, especially as it's the anesthesist that decides on post-operative pain management and they should know this shit) OR
2. They told her that she is misinformed about that, which also seems unlikely because she STILL repeated that lie when she was out of surgery OR
3. They know it isn't true but just let her ramble and thought "we'll just see". Which also doesn't seem very likely to me.
But knowing Jaquie, I DO think that she told her doctors this, because she was clearly terrified of being in much pain before her surgery. And she probably still is: she doesn't seem to be able to handle much pain, because she is sitting up and basically doing her job (video editing) which should tell you that she is very OK, yet she STILL whines about how much pain she is in. I wouldn't be so harsh on her if she didn't clearly show us how completely fine she is because it's surgery and it plain HURTS, but if you're able to sit up and edit TWO vlogs on a day, you don't need to be on a pain pump and you don't need your mommy to sleep in your hospital room either.

No. 476248

But for Jaquie the rules don't apply..because everyone experiences chronic illness differently (ugh she makes me want to punch her face when she says shit like that). So she has every symptom, of every disorder, but she has NONE of the drawbacks of chronic illness and NONE of the side effects from her copious amounts of meds. She is sooooo cherry picking her medical story it's not even funny

No. 476257

I don't understand how she can be on that high of a dose and not be zonked out of her mind… unless she really is an addict

No. 476260

She’s an addict. Asked a friend who’s a nurse, and she said that ol’ jaq reads like a textbook drug seeker.

No. 476265

I knew it would have to be less than .5mg. There is just no way they would even allow 7min for a higher does than .5mg.

Sage me hardcore for blogging, but after my lung transplant I was in a ton of pain (they crack your sternum and lift up your ribs if you didn't know) and my PCA was increased from 2mg every 30min to 5mg every 15min (not .2 or .5 but the whole 5mg). So if you look at the difference in dosage to a seriously in pain patient vs a not in pain person than you'll see they gave her the precious pain pump she wanted but they gave her a teeny tiny dose so that she'd stop calling the nurse call button. What I learned about being on the PCA is that yeah you cant click the button every 15min but you have to remember to. So unless you have a timer that alarms every 15min you forget how much time has passed and only end up getting like 2 doses an hour. Ever since that experience I don't prefer pain pumps. I actually like the every 2 hours the nurse administers because its her responsibility not mine. She always walks right in and says "here's your next dose" and it's a bigger amount than the pain pump and I don't have to worry about "forgetting to push the button" because if you forget then you find yourself in serious pain and the tiny dose doesn't do shit then.

That is just an little comparison. She's a fucking spoiled brat who begged for pain meds and the easiest thing to do is to use the placebo effect where she feels like she's pushing a button and getting help but really .2mg is like 4 tiny drops. She's such and insane baby. I wish the doctors wouldn't appease her and would actually open there eyes to what she really is. A fucking munchie.

No. 476280

Learn to sage.