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File: 1516030229107.jpg (52.88 KB, 500x364, spidermunchie.jpg)

No. 470812

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/457144

Recent Cows:
(yes there are A LOT; IG unless otherwise stated)

bendywarrior (tumblr)
chronically_carmel / queerzebra (tumblr)
chloeschronicles_of_illness (insta) / Chloe's Chronicals of Chronic Illness / ChloesVaccineInjuryJourney (facebook)
diagnose rheuma (facebook)
ellsbattle / Ella Arden Grace (Facebook)
gorgeous_gatorade_princess / unicorn.spoonie
outrageously_helpful_orion (jaquie's friend)
shelbiepaulley / beepaulley

Active Cows with Their Own Threads:
kelly.ronahan / me_and_the_mr [ >>>/snow/436521
chronically_jaquie [ >>>/snow/462029

What Is A "Spoonie"?

People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.

The Spoonie Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?

From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
>>…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support.

Links to Articles and Info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 470814

File: 1516030333092.jpg (79.85 KB, 960x720, munch.jpg)

No. 470815

File: 1516030349663.jpg (137.39 KB, 728x546, munch2.jpg)

No. 470816

For those wondering, here are the added OTT/Munchies:

ellsbattle / Ella Arden Grace (Facebook)
sponniecamochick (yup, that's how it's spelled)

No. 470820

Thanks for the new thread

No. 470845


Thanks, anon!

Also new in the last thread


katiwithtthee is missing a "t" in the OP

No. 470848

Also, Jaquie's BFF Janiece is discussed in her thread.

No. 470849

Delete chronicallysophie, she's only 15

No. 470850

when was dudewheresmycolon1985 discussed?

No. 470857

fairly sure they're a farmer

No. 470866

No. 470946


Oops, sorry about that.

No. 470950

File: 1516039829420.png (713.63 KB, 654x1033, Screenshot_2018-01-15-10-07-54…)

But still no health insurance, Dom?

No. 470959

Is she taking 8 Salt Sticks at once?!
The company recommends a max of 10 a day for normal Salt Sticks and 15 a day for Salt Stick Plus. Those guidelines are mostly for athletes who are sweating a lot and doing a lot of physical activity, something Dom isn't doing.

No. 470965


Plus if she's taking them and not drinking sufficient water she's going to feel really unwell…

No. 470972

Saged because this isn’t specifically related to any of our cows but I was wondering if someone could answer this: almost all these muchies have eds/pots/mcas (I gusss gp too) and I’ve seen pots, mcas, and gp claimed alone or with something like Lyme. I’ve never seen anyone claim eds without claiming at least one of the others (usually pots it seems) so, is it possible for someone to JUST have eds or does it always have other things with it?

No. 471004

This. Even though I was the first in my family to be diagnosed, we traced the gene and more people in my family were diagnosed because it's a genetic condition and it's basically impossible through spontaneous mutation.

No. 471011


Well, kidney disease is an actual illness, and we know she's desperate for one of those….

No. 471013


Yes you can have EDS without other diagnoses. Either because you don't have those issues or your doctors agree they are symptoms of EDS. You might know you have autonomic dysfunction but if you know you have it due to EDS then generally you probably only mention it on relevant medical forms unless you're OTT.

OTTs etc. like to have the longest diagnosis list possible so even where a condition is due to EDS (the over-arching genetic condition causing say, poor circulation) they want to list every single thing a doctor has ever said/ written down.

No. 471017

I forget, is Dom one of the munchies claiming GP/stomach problems? Because Salt Sticks make even healthy people nauseous, and for EDS/POTS people you're supposed to take at most 4 a day, spaced out very evenly to prevent vomitting. Consuming a lot of salt at once is a bulimia trick to quickly induce vomitting.

No. 471021


Or to induce diarrhea (aka "bottom purging").

I know some of those dodgy "master cleanse" diets the first step is drinking like, a litre of salty water to get you to shit your guts out like no tomorrow.

saged for grossness.

No. 471055

I haven't seen where dudewheresmycolon was discussed either?

No. 471060


Turns out they were a farmer not a cow.

No. 471071

Gotchya she's legit

No. 471118

File: 1516048264338.png (433.17 KB, 750x1334, 50808650-F717-4C32-9623-B34BF0…)

I posted this cow in either the last thread or the one before that but this is @doodleonduty, a “vaccine injured” munchie. I predicted she was angling for an EDS diagnosis and suddenly look what pops up in her hashtags! How predictable can these munchies get???

No. 471123

File: 1516048779985.png (801.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5589.PNG)

Or your pet dog just wanted to lay with you… like every other dog in the world. And coughing?! Are we angling to be more like Mary Frey now, Aubrey?

No. 471131

I'd like to do some deep pressure therapy on her she's such a piece of worthless space eyeroll

No. 471136

If you are coughing, do you need/want a dog laying on you?

Maybe off topic, I am not well versed on a service dog. I know dogs are smart and can be well trained, but how many issues can they "detect." It seems like every issue these munchies have their dog alerts to; low blood sugar, high heart rate, seizures, syncope, anxiety, coughing etc. It seems a tad much to me (especially considering how many of these issues are probably not even real.) It seems a tad much for even the best dog!

No. 471180

File: 1516051906964.jpeg (853.91 KB, 1242x1746, CD1F5F69-1C6E-4B7D-A452-C01C9E…)

Looks like someone just couldn’t go too long without having another problem.
She “OD’ed” on her pain meds by accident.

Just out of the hospital and already causing trouble again.

No. 471187

Im amazed at how many "accidents" munchies have with their medications.

No. 471232

>>471216 You can be ill and also a munchie/spoonie. Some munchies have a legit illness, but then lie about other illnesses. They can also make their illness worse for extra attention.

No. 471234

This is NOT deep pressure therapy. DPT specifically targets pressure points on the upper body. It is trained to be a very specific position and in order to qualify as a service task under ADA it needs to be on command and have a release command. There is no such thing as a natural or spontaneous pressure therapy. Major eyeroll for Aubz and her "service" dog

No. 471243

File: 1516054027945.png (344.71 KB, 1390x846, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 4.05…)

sage for medfagging
This is from the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners, one of the top organizations in service dogs. It's about DPT for anxiety but some also use it for insomnia, pain, etc. Notice how it's not just a dog laying in your lap and Aubrey is hurting the SD community to post this BS on her platform.

No. 471245

Thanks, I deleted my comment because I read through a previous thread and got my answer.

(For anyone wondering, I had asked if Mary Frey was a munchie/spoonie since she has a real genetic illness, CF)

No. 471357

File: 1516060304027.png (361.92 KB, 720x379, Screenshot_20180113-182348_2.p…)

I came across a youtuber lately who makes pop culture and gaming collection vids and who is newly in a wheelchair. I'm wondering if she belongs here. Her main channel is EeveeEmmy and on her most recent video on her other channel EeveeEmmyVlog explains in the description box ~

'As some people were concerned about me getting a wheelchair:

My legs have been causing me a lot of pain of late. I can’t walk very far without it being unbearable. Not entirely sure the cause yet. I am looking into it.

Positive about it though is: Having a wheelchair has also been great for my chronic fatigue, I feel more alive again.'

She also wears a face mask in parts of this vid? I've seen this in her other videos and she says it's for hayfever. She also talks about being a gluten free vegan all because of food intolerance and talks about all sorts of sensitivities she has in other videos.

As she constantly breaks into a baby voice and makes her plushies talk throughout her videos she strikes me as attention seeking in other ways but does she seem like an illness faker to others on here? She went from appearing fine when holidaying in Japan only a month ago to now buying herself a wheelcahir and having her husband push her around shops.

No. 471386


kek I wondered this! When I'm coughing I generally don't want extra weight on me?

No. 471520


and soon she'll be on Animal Planet with her fake service dog to do further harm.

No. 471523

No. 471526


same anon as last reply, sorry, just getting my bet in now that she'll decide she has chronic lyme

No. 471548

There are so many incredible SD teams that could have their own featured special. Very disheartening.

No. 471567


>takes multiple CNS depressants yet heart rate upwards of 170bpm

>fire department called her
>they left the IV in my arm

"In and out of reality" is an understatement.

No. 471580

what is the deal with this family:

they're always sick all the time and have the usual munchie problems. They seem super isolated and sheltered – they don't work, don't seem to have any friends, don't go to school. There's one with a speech impediment who for some reason does most of the talking in every video, which makes them really hard to watch.

No. 471593

Ah! That's the Munchie Mom who just wants her daughters to be sick! I know she was posted about in the previous thread. I'll try to find her account on insta!

No. 471594

File: 1516068139656.png (2.12 MB, 2130x1216, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.01…)

Found her.

No. 471597


Are her children under the age of being allowed to be discussed?

No. 471598


The mother has a disturbing vibe to her and the family seems brainwashed by all these chronic illnesses they "have". Creepy…

No. 471609

I think they're all old enough to be discussed, trying to find verification by looking through the mom's posts but it's really hard to look past all the "super serious and severe ER visits".

No. 471610

They are old enough and have been discussed on here before.

No. 471616

File: 1516068883251.png (3.32 MB, 3308x1608, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.13…)

Doesn't really look like anaphylaxis…Looks like her body reacting to getting shot up with an Epipen.

No. 471628

She’s been trying to be Mary Frey for a long time, down to the port, feeding tube, yoga, service dog, even clothing style, hairstyle, and glasses. Before I knew much about either one, I would confuse the two. The difference is that Mary Frey does have a legitimate illness, and Aubrey is not at all sick, except an eating disorder and possible benign tumors.

No. 471634

File: 1516069886852.png (1.8 MB, 1184x1102, 1.png)


apparently it's not POTS either lol

No. 471635

File: 1516069898625.png (127.64 KB, 602x640, 2.png)

No. 471636

File: 1516069911980.png (111.36 KB, 600x584, 3.png)

No. 471643

Kek those chemicals would have brought out any POTS symptoms if they were dormant, so there's no way it's a false negative. Most people who really have POTS meet the criteria in the TTT without even having the injection, it's a last resort thing to see if it works.

No. 471646

Because your children are fine other than the psychological damage you’ve done that’s turned them into mini munchies? Having a negative test for a disease is a good thing usually, unless you’re a munchie who desperately wants to be sick. Munchies are obsessed with doing test after test, and refusing to accept that they’re fine. It’s ridiculous, and in this case, abuseful parenting.

No. 471648

I was about to say the same thing. Usually if you go 45 minutes without symptoms, they inject Isuprel or some other adrenaline like substance and see how your body reacts. If you really have POTS, you should have reached the point of no return before the 45 minute mark.

No. 471649

I would laugh if she also made her kids dehydrated for the test, and they still were fine. Not at her kids, though, she’s fucking them up majorly, but at her. There’s something extremely satisfying about a munchie getting shut down.

No. 471657

It's ridiculous to inject chemicals to "induce" POTS symptoms and do a 45 minute test. The definition of POTS itself is a 30 minute increase in heart rate or over 120 beats per minute within ten minutes of being upright. It doesn't mention 45 minutes with chemicals in the definition!

No. 471659

It's to keep munchie from saying "it was just a good symptom day." The chemicals wouldn't effect a person without POTS but would bring out POTS for someone is ~just having a good symptom day.~

No. 471662

I mean, the one has injected herself with EpiPen multiple times, and that's not great for your body.

And as for the tests being wrong 50% of the time…It's a pretty damn accurate test. I mean sure the results can vary if you're dehydrated or still taking medication, but most of the time it's very telling.

Many true POTS patients will still meet the criteria while taking medications during a tilt table.

Sorry munchies, it's hard to fake test results when doctors are watching your every heartbeat.

No. 471664

The funny thing is that they very conclusively determined neither girl had POTS, beyond a shadow of a doubt. That psycho mom accidentally did the exact opposite of what she was trying to do.

No. 471671

It’s like all the munchies claiming GP woven they’ve had normal GESs. They think they can pick their illnesses, and get offended when their tests all come back normal. And a lot of them just keep going with their preferred “diagnoses”, despite being told they absolutely don’t have them. Just because an illness is invisible doesn’t mean there aren’t specific diagnostic criteria that have to be met.

No. 471674

cough Jaquie cough

No. 471695

One of the daughters just got a wheelchair for her POTS.

Maybe it's my hearing or my laptop speaker, but I can only decipher parts of sentences in most of their videos, so I can't watch. >>471664

No. 471697

No. 471700

I wish there was a reaction image option to reply to posts here…
Just imagine me staring into the camera like I'm on The Office and have no fucks to give. Kek.

No. 471711


it's not your hearing or your laptop. The girl who narrates most of the videos is really hard to understand.

No. 471714

So she got a wheelchair for an illness she doesn’t have? Sounds like a case of lazy and out of shape kek

No. 471736

The first girl reminds me so much of Gypsy…

No. 471746

I'm the one who posted the video. I cannot understand her. Is she mumbling or is it my speaker and/or hearing?

No. 471765


it's not your hearing or your laptop. The girl who narrates most of the videos is really hard to understand.

No. 472009

MBP Mom is supposably aware of us speaking about her and her kids and said on one of her posts that she’s definitely not MPB. Right. Her oldest daughter I believe is 32 and has severe developmental delays. I’m curious why she doesn’t get her munchie fix off of the daughter that is actually sick. Caroline seems to be her favorite puppet (the one that shoots Epi like it’s saline). And they all do live at home and spend their days with each other or their parents. For their age it’s weird as fuck. And I had no idea about the YouTube channel until now and my god I thought it was my speakers too.

Any ideas as to why one legit sick child wasn’t enough?

No. 472130

She is also talking about the fact she nursed her kid for the last time today, so she can start Meds. Says she is going to the doctor in a week. She supposedly was just at the POTS doctor a month ago. There is no way she actually went to the doctor a month ago. 1. She records everything, but didn’t record any part of that day? 2. She mentioned nothing about it until someone asked Days later. She barely even talked about it and only said that it was a quick “how are you doing?” visit and was no biggie. That was after she had multiple serious incidences that you would think the visit would have been much more of a “how are you doing?”

No. 472134

Yes. She is saying that she and her doctors thinks she has GP. She has said that’s one of her next diagnosis’s.

I have soooooooo much shit on this girl we could start a new thread right now. Lol

No. 472141

Is it true that the TTT can be wrong 50% or the time?

No. 472150


I think by "IV" she means cannula left in for repeated blood draws. I've known it to happen from time to time, just go back to the ER and ask them to remove it, no big deal. Of course being a munchie she'll leave it in for days and take lots of pictures of it…

No. 472151


Yeah this is a big old mess of Munchausens By Proxy.

No. 472152


Unboxing the wheelchair. Oh man where to start? First of all she's okay sitting on the floor, getting up to adjust parts of the chair by herself etc.
Second of all, this is a basic chair, it came in a fucking BOX, obviously not made to her specifications, body shape, measurements etc. It's just an accessory so mom can get the disability checks.

No. 472153


Samefag, but at 9.35 or so where she's trying to tug open the plastic packaging… this is where actual POTS patients would USE SCISSORS so they don't get tachycardic and exhausted. But she doesn't have POTS, so…

No. 472154


kek what happened to "post concussion syndrome"?

No. 472160

I managed part of the unboxing. Just add "I think" after every statement. My hearing/speakers are having difficulties (trying to be polite-ish).

She says she got the chair on Amazon and she got a more expensive one this time because insurance was covering it (script from her doc).

She says they ordered two wheelchairs…one for someone else, but again, add I THINK to all of that.

No. 472161


If insurance covered a chair, it would not be coming from Amazon. I mean. Holy shit.

No. 472204


I know what she meant. But I don't believe her story at all.

No. 472205


Durable medical equipment is sometimes covered by reimbursement. But a script would require a diagnosis.

No. 472206


Dom has two appointments in a week and needs to make third.

Still no insurance, though. Is she really going to pay cash for her meds? Or is she racking up credit card debt?

No. 472215

She says she has insurance now

No. 472216

File: 1516108221633.png (850.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180116-080812.png)

This video. Not sure how to link but here's the screenshot. Easy to find because of hideous sweater

No. 472217

Not that it matters I'm sure she won't pay the premiums, copays, etc.

No. 472219


The actually disabled one isn't special enough, apparently. Have they ever said what's wrong with her? I've heard them reference a "breakdown."

I found out that there's a fifth daughter who escaped. She's either the oldest or second oldest. She's married and lives in another state. Not sure how much contact she has with her family but it's too bad she can't like rescue at least one of her sisters.

No. 472224


There are FIVE daughters?

I thought there were two. Or are those the two who are compliant enough to play sick?

No. 472232


there are four daughters in the vlogs. One is actually disabled and you almost never see her. The other three are in them a lot, although Hannah not as much as Caroline or Rachel. Rachel is the one with the short hair who is in them all the freaking time.

No. 472239

Parents with special needs children can sometimes be totally control freaks to the point of being ridiculously unreasonable, there’s always a parent where I work trying to sue to get something unnecessary that’s not going to work for their child. It’s the idea that they’re entitled to be given things for free because life handed them a bad deck, when that’s not how the world works at all.

No. 472246

File: 1516114300725.png (8.06 MB, 1242x2208, BE5D0624-6601-4B9F-9386-24F87B…)

Looks like someone is mad we’be been discussing her munchieness.

She’s got proof y’all.

No. 472249

File: 1516114335843.png (4.14 MB, 1242x2208, 518AC89B-C283-4CDC-A4CD-20463F…)

It’s not that rare if your brother had it too honey.

No. 472253

well at least she shows us very clearly how it's important to her to be and look sick enough

No. 472261


everything can be faked. I don't see her name on there. And now everyone knows her email address.

No. 472283


Yes, I can post a screenshot if needed but Rachel posted a picture of Sarah with the hashtags cerebral palsy, autism, and deaf. I can imagine that MBP mom has her hands full with just that (not to mention this daughter is 32..which means 32 years of full time care.) But as you stated, that must not be special enough!

No. 472293

She actually cancelled that insurance because all it covered was primary care visits.

No. 472311

Many docs won't see patients without insurance unless they pay upfront. A typical PCP visit can be around 80 bucks upwards. A specialist will run you much higher. If I didn't have insurance, I wouldn't be just popping if for a "hi" it better be for a complete workup. I would want my money's worth. I don't think she is going to these appts. Like another commenter said, she didn't film, she wasn't there!

No. 472313

It is considered the gold standard. People can manipulate the test a little. They can dehydrate prior. Generally speaking though, if you have POTS it will show. Particularly if they run the test for 45 minutes and give you meds via IV.

Self blog here but I had two and both were positive both times. One was on a symptomatic day and one wasn't.

No. 472315

No name, no stage listed. Pretty suspicious. Patient portals usually have your name on the top of every page. But even if she somehow isn’t lying about the cancer, she’s lying about everything else. She doesn’t need a port or a feeding tube or TPN or a service dog who can magically alert her to conditions that no dog can.

No. 472323


shouldn't it say neuroendocrine tumor somewhere?

No. 472324

She’s obsessed with being “rare”. Super common munchie behavior. Also, I don’t think anyone who’s actually sick goes to such great lengths to prove how sick they are. If she was really sick, she wouldn’t be so defensive, nor so desperate to prove herself.

No. 472350

Ok I'm going to believe her about the malignant tumor. But I'm very confused about some things. Usually under diagnoses it should have everything you have ever been diagnosed with not just the cancer. At least that is how my hospital and cancer center work (sage). So it should say under Conditions "Malignant neoplasm of tail of pancreas, LYME, POTS, EDS, GP, etc" Where are her millions of other rare conditions?? Why are they not reported in her file.

Also I looked up the info about "Malignant neoplasm of tail of pancreas" and found this great page with info about it and its treatment options. https://www.docdoc.com/info/condition/malignant-neoplastic-disease

Something to note "The symptoms that a person with a malignant neoplasm experience usually depend on where the tumor is located." So in her case for it being located in the pancreas.. it could explain all her GI problems- similar to how CF patients with a defective pancreas causes them GI issues. Seems to mean that she does not have GP, POTS, EDS, etc. Instead they found the issue have removed it and now she should be totally fine. Another thing to note is that the treatment options only list: chemo, radiation, and surgery. So… idk wtf she is talking about when she says "it isnt typically treated with chemo"

No. 472361

The only other possible treatment I know of for cancer is Rituxan which is an immunotherapy drug that has no bad reactions or side effects associated with it and they just give it to you once a month-ish. But the only person I know to have been given that had lymphoma not whatever this is. Having chemo and having immunotherapy is night and day. You don't suffer AT ALL. It's a piece of cake. So calling herself a cancer survivor is demeaning to those who actually have gone through hell. She doesn't know what the word survivor means.

No. 472364


"Malignant neoplasm" is another way of saying 'cancer'. It's not a type of cancer.

No. 472369

This is wonderful news anon! So now that she's "cured" I guess we won't be hearing about her anymore or her sooper well trained service dog

No. 472372

File: 1516123474173.jpg (1.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180116-112218.jpg)

What's being hidden under the text?
I can't make it all out but the first word is healthy and the last word could be reported?
I wonder why she wanted to hide it

No. 472373

It looks to me like it says "Health concerns have not been reported."

No. 472376

I read it as 'health concerns have not been reported'.

No. 472377

"Health concerns have not been reported."

No. 472389

I am not white-knighting here, but trying to give some perspective since I work in the EMR industry (i.e. I build electronic medical record systems in the USA), but the page is specifically for Texas Oncology only, not her entire medical record. It states at the top that it is diagnosis information for this practice. My biggest question is why there is nothing under "Stage" if it appears to be all left justified. Perhaps it is too early for them to know, or perhaps like most EMRs there is not as much information displayed because clinicians hate data entry and don't like dealing with complex EMRs.

Anyway, I don't think any of us should doubt that she has cancer. What we should doubt is the slew of other diagnoses along with the OTT behavior, such as saying she has pancreatic cancer (which makes it sound WAY more serious than it probably is - she probably had the tail of her pancreas removed because of the neoplasm as a preventative measure because it was caught so early due to her munchie behavior). It's click-bait and munchie justification. That is all.

Sage for EMR-fagging.

No. 472407

Nah I don't think you're necessarily wk. But ok she has a fucking "tumah" right? Where's the stage of her cancer (couch, kek) I thats my thing.

No. 472412

Basically I agree with you. Or maybe they don't stage it. I dunno. Im dumb when it comes to this shit.

No. 472420


Is that type of tumor assessed a grade as well?

No. 472423

Agreed! This is the EMR-fag… I completely agree. It should be staged or graded or whatever, I would think. If she's gonna post that and is reading her, I would like her to confirm.

No. 472444

I’m a patient who goes to Texas Oncology as well and I use the portal. Under conditions they only list hematologic/oncologic diagnoses. I do have other (non hematologic/oncologic) things listed under health concerns though

No. 472476

Aubrey? Is that you?

No. 472490


is it possible that they put that down as a diagnosis when they were still considering it as a possibility but before they had confirmation that it was something else (like a benign neuroendrochrine tumor)? could explain why there's no stage listed and also why she has cancer in her chart when she doesn't actually have cancer.

No. 472496

Kek I wouldn’t be surprised, I’m pretty sure she was wking herself on here a week or two ago. The desperation to prove she’s a special snowflake spoonie princess is pretty strong at this point. Too bad she’s still a munchie, even if she actually has cancer. I’m definitely going to enjoy watching her balloon up from being on unnecessary TPN and tube feeds while still being able to eat and for sure eating on the sly. The only thing funnier than a munchie cow is a fat munchie cow claiming to be dying of starvation.

No. 472501

No I can’t stand her kek
Just thought I’d share that information

No. 472534

This is absolutely a possibility. Especially since it says "Other cancer" under it. It could be a listing of diagnoses that they are investigating. My doctor's office EMR has diagnoses that they investigated with me but never actually diagnosed in the end.

As gross as it is, I would love to see her incision to show that she did have surgery as well as further proof that it really is cancer.

See, this is the problem - it's the boy who cried wolf syndrome. If you are really ill and you really develop something that is legitimately life-threatening, but you've built up a reputation of exaggerating everything and making things out to be more serious than they really are, and at the same time withholding certain pieces of medical information that you find embarrassing or too much of an invasion of privacy, you should not be on YouTube or anywhere else as a "warrior." Honesty and transparency is key. If you aren't honest or you are exaggerating in any way, no one will believe you if/when you do have a real illness. I'm sorry if this hurts any "spoonie" feelings, but it's the truth. Be honest and transparent - it will get you more respect in the long run, even if it is TMI or embarrassing.

sage for ranting

No. 472542

prescription doesn't necessitate diagnosis. If a patient bothers you that they can't walk enough or fakes some sort of issue then you might give them a wheelchair script without diagnosis

No. 472546

File: 1516135571369.png (289.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180116-154417.png)

After it was removed it still needs to go to pathology to be biopsied as positive for cancer THEN if it IS it will be "staged"

No. 472551

File: 1516135923936.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180116-155021.png)

Oh look who has her hand wrapped now. Must make using those crutches so hard eyeroll

No. 472552

This is the big tell right here. How did she not report her sooper special rare condishunz?

No. 472562

Especially since she's so sick they should know that at any moment she could die

No. 472573

doctors usually only put the diagnosis that they're treating. Otherwise it would be a long list.

No. 472582

Not sure what doctors you go to, but mine keep a coded list of all diagnoses at the front of the file because it affects treatment and emergency protocol

No. 472586

In a case with multiple illnesses they would normally list the important ones that could cause any kind of complications.

No. 472590


I told my doctor that my back was bothering me once and "back pain" is now on my list of conditions forever.

No. 472609

Sounds like you need a new Doctor since it's as important as what meds your currently taking

No. 472626

Boy who cried wolf. Perfect analogy for aubrey's cancer!

No. 472726

She said she canceled it after a week. Don’t remember where she said it, but yeah.

She said she was just at the POTS doctor in December, so why would she be going back already? Paying out of pocket, yeah, she is full of shit.

No. 472729

File: 1516146680543.jpeg (574.91 KB, 1125x2024, 02998951-4C23-4CCD-989B-F6D2A4…)


She also claims to be making thousands a month but posted this on FB. Where the fuck is all that money going?

No. 472734

Oh my god is the page really "Graffeo Phototgraphy"?!

No. 472763


And she was in the hospital for a while and claimed to be in the oncology ward but was being treated for other issues besides the tumor - after all weren't they the ones who put her on TPN? Her other diagnoses impacted her hospital stay which is the reason why I am surprised they aren't listed.

I think it is a possibility they put down it when the were considering. I work in a different medical field but I have to put down a diagnosis code in order to bill insurance for the testing - even if the testing rules out the diagnosis.

No. 472792


>food on the table

Nearly every video includes the entire family eating at a restaurant.

And maybe she shouldn't be giving away $300 to waitresses at Denny's.

No. 472811


A few things! Apparently Aubrey's email address is awinkie@gmail so have fun with that apparently. Secondly, a website with no identifying information, just a generic patient portal website, does not prove you have cancer, Aubrey. For all we know, this is actually her brother's page. As I remember, he was only diagnosed and treated a few years ago, so it's entirely possible his records are up online, and Aubrey can access them.

She's feeling more and more like Kelly Ronahan, trying so goddamn hard to push valid medical documentation, but omitting the stuff that would actually clear her.

No. 472813


Correction, awinkie44.

No. 472814

File: 1516152325189.jpg (691.7 KB, 1054x1609, Screenshot_20180116-192041.jpg)

I have an idea where all their money goes. it's pretty impressive that with her sooper severe illnesses she's able to do photography which can be fairly active when you're shooting things like kids.

No. 472854

Wait. Shit. I see something on her screen. What's her brother's name? Don't tell me Devon?

No. 472856

Anonymous that was for you if you happened to know by chance

No. 472859

Good thing her photography is flexible like her illnesses so she can just do it whenever she feels like it

No. 472863

Exactly. This is very generic, and even if it's not photoshopped it's certainly not proof of her "cancer." Looks to me that as soon as the growth was found, she was referred to Texas Oncology and this was the condition listed. Oncologists will treat not only cancer, but blood disorders and benign tumors. Once the tumor was found to be benign, she'd still be under TO for follow ups until her surgery site healed. Especially since it says "other cancer" underneath the malignant neoplasm thing, it really seems like she's screenshotting a super vague referral page.

No. 472871

Trying hard to not to throw up, better take a selfie.

No. 472877

Kek is this seriously her argument? It’s not a very good one, since we know she’s faking her other illnesses. She’s almost admitting to lying about cancer as well.

No. 472880

I'm sorry devdocs. I dint know if that was relevant sage for possible irrelevance

No. 472883

Did you even TRY googling "DevDocs API"

No. 472886



No. 472887


Is this on her personal facebook page?
Granted with her poor budgeting abilities I think this is just some sort of pity ploy to make some extra cash - trying to drum up some business by making people feel bad for her. A few threads back there was postings related to her saying her family isn't supportive of the SD and that her mom won't do wedding shoots with her anymore if she insists on bringing the dog. I don't know if her photography business was tied to her mother and now she is trying to make it on her own.
Although it wouldn't surprise me if they were really strapped for cash. It looked like they bought at least 100 presents during Christmas for themselves and their family. Then they went and got a huge fish tank and stocked it with fish. Plus a new laptop recently. Clearly she isn't good at keeping a budget. And I can't imagine that their YT is really bringing in tons and tons of money - maybe enough to get by but not to live like rockstars.

The post just seems super pathetic and desperate. Please hire me because we are going to starve. (And the you will likely get a lot more photos because I'm not professional enough to limit myself). Instead of "hey I am offering photoshoots at a special discounted rate for a limited time - think about taking advantage of this opportunity".

No. 472888

Kek Im an idiot

No. 472890

File: 1516155618243.png (1.42 MB, 1536x2048, 399200D8-1758-497F-9C27-9C1998…)

Let’s not forget her other munchying posts, stop being mean and asking about her treatments guys!! And she’s apparently too special for Texas, who is one of the largest states, and for sure has whatever specialist anyone needs. But so rare! Have to travel!

No. 472891

File: 1516155643698.png (1.48 MB, 1536x2048, C3B35E83-57C1-4C90-87A0-8261DF…)

No. 472892

File: 1516155667479.png (1.59 MB, 1536x2048, 369DD1D0-EBFF-44CF-9B00-E491CF…)

No. 472895

File: 1516155785377.png (2.85 MB, 1536x2048, 63FD8CFB-A250-4524-861A-8BE7E6…)

Also totally need tpn to survive but look at me drinking a huge vegetable-loaded smoothie! (Impossible for the level of GP she claims). This cow.

No. 472897

That's not a candle?
And green, leafy roughage + GP is a recipe for disaster

No. 472901

This is exactly my point. There is no way she went to the doc a month ago just to say what’s up. She lies all the damn time though so this didn’t surprise me.

I seriously wish I could start a new thread with all the shit I have on this bitch. Should I just start posting it all here? I’ve got stuff that goes back months and months.

No. 472906


Wow, jesus, Aubrey has been on damage control firefighting her own stupid fucking mouth. You know, for someone who has a handful of chronic illnesses and claims to have CANCER, she sure has enough catty energy to "sorry not sorry" her way through her insta feed, and then passive aggressively delete after herself.

Again– another glaring red flag that all of these munchies seem to forget. Do they have any idea of ANY of these illnesses make you tired? So tired you don't even want to open social media because you would have to process what's going on. These frantic screeds across her insta pages just make her seem like she has a handful of mental or personality disorders that need addressing, rather than the lassitude of the chronically or terminally ill.


Well, it's not a nightmare if your endgame is uncomfortable and persistent intestinal movement. Which, as we've seen with Aubrey, she's into all kinds of purging, include I'm guessing diarrhea.

No. 472911

File: 1516156738201.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180116-213559.png)

Look at my dressing and needle change. My nurse loved my picc line cover that I had to have y'all cos they absolutely could not just draw blood or put in a regular line like normal people

No. 472913

She has literally blown through close to 20k in a few months.

She has plenty of money to blow on restaurants multiple times a week, constant shopping, trips, etc. But doesn’t have money for insurance, $3000 Stomach emptying test, or the custom wheelchair she claims she needs. She’s a fucking idiot.

She literally brags about the amount of money she is making every chance she gets, even made the comment “you don’t have to budget when you are make thousands every month” but yet is trying to get people to hire her for her shitty ass photography. Something isn’t adding up.

Also, she considers it HER money. Her husband busts his ass working full time and she can’t even put a damn meal on the table or clean up her house.

No. 472914

File: 1516156884741.png (2.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180116-213614.png)

There's NO home nurse that would make this mess! They'd be fired immediately.
But she totally recycles

No. 472915

Points to you for using the word screed. I just saw it on Jeopardy tonight. Kek.

Also kek at Aubrey thinking she's fooling us about GP because "they're juiced, not solid veggies".

No. 472916

File: 1516157040345.png (1.7 MB, 1536x2048, 262F7870-6150-4F03-B603-2D4EE4…)

Also, she treats her husband like crap. Here’s the first photo of her post thanking him.

No. 472919

File: 1516157111061.png (262.36 KB, 1536x2048, 5DB5DEFE-2F61-4B2D-9802-068705…)

Here’s the comment, that poor dude needs to run! Working two jobs while getting his PhD, just to support her lazy munchie ass.

No. 472922

Gross. And medical waste can’t be recycled.

No. 472932

File: 1516157786747.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180116-213606.png)

Goes with picc picture

No. 472940

The screen shot says right at the top that the conditions are for this practice, so all her other whatever, if anything, would not be listed here.

This portal is communique with the patient, and reports only give-and-take between the patient and this office. I doubt this is her brother's file because his tumors (or whatever they were) were benign but also doesn't he live out of state? I thought she was from somewhere else and her husband was from Austin? And, while there's no way to know whose file this is, I seriously doubt an oncologist in the United States is going to use the word "malignant" without it being a confirmed diagnosis because of the rhetorical effect that word has on people here.

The initial "Visit Summary" typically includes a thorough medical history, which is akin to the list at the front of the file of all the conditions a person has. I can't imagine what hers looks like.

Right under her text (the part you are having trouble reading) says, "Health concerns have not been reported."

No. 472952


How about you get off your fucking laptop and spend time with the baby. Do activities to distract him, get out of the house and get a change of scenery? This baby is ignored all the time. It’s actually really sad. I’m actually finishing up compiling all the videos that show this to bring it to DHS’s attention.

IF she is as sick as she says, she has no business being home alone with this child, ever. She is seen in multiple videos holding him, dancing around, even flipping herself over and back up from the waist over and over again. If she has POTS she would have easily passed out from that. Hell, I can’t even do that without getting super dizzy. Falling with that kid the wrong way could seriously injure him.

She has said over and over again that since Liam was able to move around they had him in a playpen most of the time so that he was safe if she passed out. At the Tiny house the pen was outside on the deck and she would leave him out there fussing while she spent hours upon hours sitting online talking to her “fans”. How is she keeps no the baby safe now? He has no playpen, and his crib is now upstairs. How is she magically NEVER passing out at home?

No. 472969


in this video, she is showing how he crumbled brownie all over the house. Where the fuck was she while he was doing that and how long was he unsupervised?

That mess didn’t happen in a short amount of time. That kid was unsupervised for awhile.

No. 472991

File: 1516161348569.jpeg (522.55 KB, 1125x3401, ADEC6DDA-BB4C-42AD-927B-EA5BEF…)

No. 472994

So postural (changing) orthostatic (standing/postioning) tachycardia…. except without the changing of positions. Wonderful.

No. 473004

So they’re just way out of shape and dehydrated, and probably have shit diets. If you’ve had multiple tests that say you don’t have pots, you don’t have it. It is actually that simple.

No. 473005

Aubrey thinks she has a hernia now! Might have to go in for more tests, wouldn't that be a shame. The last thing she wants is to spend more time in the hospital with people fussing over her, I'm sure.

No. 473006

This is neglect, period. She had better wise up because if anyone finds evidence of sudden behavior changes, slow development, random bruises/marks, malnourished etc it is upgraded to child neglect and abuse.
However I consider what she is doing now borderline abusive.
CPS needs to be involved asap. I am really concerned about the baby. With her mental illnesses, all this crazy shopping (while being so poor) and her physical health that she claims is special and severe and limits life style yet she can shop all day. She can go do fun things etc..shes a munchie now but when that attention dwindles she is most likely to use her child..MBP.

No. 473007

And a mostly stable heart rate kek

No. 473010

From what?? All she’s done recently is lie around. They’re just desperately try to find a reason for her “abdominal pain” and nausea, when really there isn’t one, she’s just full of shit.

No. 473013

If you already have the meds why are you being tested? Seems backwards to me. Seems like you would be tested first and then given meds. If you have meds that are helping then why bother being tested? There isn't a lot for POTS; lots of fluids, compression, avoid heat, meds, and select exercise (not a wheelchair!)

No. 473016


her incision is protruding or something.

at 9:30 you can see her can of La Croix. carbonated drinks are really good for people who supposedly can't keep any food down.

No. 473030

Aubrey doesn't have friends because they know she's a munchie lying fuck. Nobody wants to be constantly lied to or treated like dirt, which is what Aubrey does to everyone around her. I can't even believe Tom is still around honestly, with a job AND a PhD he's trying to obtain. Unless he gets some kind of gratification from helping such a poor defenseless little sick girl like Aubrey and despite the PhD candidacy is too stupid to see she's constantly lying to him.

No. 473033

After her jar of veggie smoothie? Sounds like someone who could at least follow a liquid/blended diet, not someone who needs a feeding tube and TPN. Also, carbonation is one of the first things you’re told to cut out with GP, even if you’re able to eat.

No. 473039

He’s working two jobs while getting his PhD. I’m guessing he’s not home much. Her family also seems to not want much to do with her, for someone who claims to be so sick. Most families would be around all the time helping out, even if they normally live out of town.

No. 473050

I’m extremely concerned about the child. I have already talked to a woman at DHS and have her email to send her the links to things that I find concerning. There is video upon video of this baby pitifully crying in the background while she ignores him. Heck, even the latest video where they pass the car accident, he is fussing in the background and NEITHER of them even acknowledge him. They are both very disconnected from him at times which scares me.

No. 473051


DHS and CPS? I admire your optimism when people like the Schofields still maintain custody after admitting physical abuse in their books.

No. 473056

It’s at least worth a try right? At the very least there will be a filed report on the books. Someone has to do something to try to help that kid. None of her family seems concerned enough to step in.

No. 473057


I go into houses with toddlers every day (I work in early intervention) and I will say that it is amazing how quickly a toddler can make a mess. I am not saying she doesn't leave him unsupervised for long periods of time but I have seen young kids make a much bigger mess in not a lot of time.

What gets me about that video is that she went on saying about how he doesn't nurse for nutrition but more for comfort yet when she makes that video she says that she tried everything and lists a ton of different junk food. So the only think she tried to do was toss food at him. But he doesn't want to nurse because he is hungry - he probably wants to nurse because its one of the times that she sort of pays attention to him.
And the key work is IF she is as sick as she says she should be watching him unsupervised. But I think we all pretty much now that she is not as sick as she says. Her actions don't match up with her claims.

CPS wouldn't do anything in this case. They are too busy with kids who actually are being beaten/starved/etc.. Liam doesn't get as much attention as he should but they feed him, keep him clean and clothed, and provide basic medical care. They are clearly not great parents but I am not sure what they are doing would be considered abuse.

No. 473059

Very true. It takes a lot to get children removed from their parents, if anything they’d just be sent to parenting classes or some shit, if anyone even did anything.

No. 473073

As far as My breaking point, this was it. She has since deleted the video, but maybe this will teach her she needs to be much more careful with the shit she posts.

She is so desperate for attention she chose to have this “breakdown” in front of her baby, which Chase sitting not even 10 feet away on the porch outside. As she started getting more irritated with the baby she should have gotten off her fucking ass and opened he door to let him out. Instead she keeps telling him “go find Daddy!” Ok, sure, let’s have him walk outside after dark and go searching for his dad alone. Awesome!!!

While I don’t doubt her story that she has PTSD, and why, I do absolutely think this breakdown is fake. And let’s point out the amazing work (NOT!) of her task trained Psychiatric service dogs who looks like he wants to run away from her. The closest thing I saw to an alert was almost 6 min into the video and if he should have jumped in long before that if he gave a shit about her. All I see here is a concerned dog.

No. 473074

Sorry here is the link.


No. 473076

That’s actually all I want. As a mother, I don’t want to see him taken away from her. But if she thinks the way she is parenting is totally ok, then she is dead wrong.

No. 473135


It’s actually good if you’re not having chemo or radiation. It means your cancer was caught really early and they believe surgery is enough to get rid of it. It seems like she almost wishes it was a later stage, weird.

No. 473144

That's something that gets me too Anon. In the video she posted to IG tonight she sounds like she's about to cry she's so annoyed with him for wanting to nurse. I understand that sometimes kids are frustrating, but it REALLY seems like he just wants some one on one time. When she looked over at him, he stopped whining. Just put the fucking camera down and pay attention to your fucking son.

No. 473152


you're assuming that she has cancer.

No. 473389

File: 1516200121260.jpg (7.27 MB, 3362x3362, nerdkidanddoge1.JPG)

Not sure if this account belongs here… but here we go anyway. Just found this person, they appear to check off a majority of the OTT Spoonie list. The dog is actually well trained though which is a novel idea. They say that it is used for psychiatric tasks also. Just thought I'd share because this person is so OTT in my opinion, even explicitly state that they want a feeding tube.

No. 473391

File: 1516200146509.jpg (6.76 MB, 3440x3440, nerdkidanddoge 2.JPG)

part 2

No. 473400

She might be OTT but she does have legit diagnosis’s as far as I know. Yes, staying she wants a feeding tube was cringey, but overall this girl seems to be just frustrated. I could be totally wrong though. I haven’t watched her channel much.

No. 473403

No. 473410

File: 1516203444592.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180117-103454.png)

Gotta see if we need surgery guys cos it's soo bad

No. 473413

Take a step back before running to DHS with anything. I'm not saying don't do it, but that is the worst thing someone can do to anyone who has children. The foster system is also not a fun thing to be in. Tread lightly, is all I'm saying.

No. 473423

File: 1516204670162.png (777.85 KB, 800x885, Screenshot_2018-01-17-07-54-16…)

SDP Dom posted a video of her swollen joints and the veins in her feet and legs stating that she can barely walk.


Another video about weaning Liam


No. 473428

I’ve got five kids. I know they make a mess quickly, but at the very least she took a shit with the door closed. That’s fine and dandy if you have a very well child proofed home. They have their steak knives out on the damn counter right above where he was playing, and she has mentioned more than once he is a climber.

If she is as sick as she says she is, she is endangering her child anytime she is in that home alone. Would that come into okay here if DHS were to get involved? I would hope so. When she was living in the tiny house and doing lives more often, she would tell people she was passing out several times a day. That would mean she is unconscious in that Home, and then recovering after a syncope episodes, all with a 1 1/2 year old running free. Seems pretty damn dangerous to me. I’m just wondering if DHS would find it concerning enough to make her do some parenting classes at least.

I agree that Liam was most likely just wanting quality attention from her. She says she gives that to him, but honestly, the interactions I have seen with the two of them on cam are usually just as fake as everything else about her. At least from what I see in her lives and a lot of the other videos, she really looks like she is doing it just for the camera. She pushes him away long before she pulls him closer. It’s really hard to watch.

No. 473434

That walking was fake as fuck, and those feet look weird as fuck.

Speaking of fingers, let’s talk about her frractured finger. She said she didn’t even know she had hurt it that bad until it swelled up. Then she shows it being spilinted and said that it was fractured. She said she knew it was fractured because it was xrayed. Bullshit. Again, there was no video footage of a emergency or urgent care trip. Also, if the finger was splinted by a professional, it would have been splinted to another finger. Miraculously, even with her EDS and POTS, her fractured finger healed in 12 days.

This woman is a compulsive liar and a total fraud.

No. 473447

I think we'd be hard pressed to find someone without some type of legitimate diagnosis. This girl is not munchie but falls far into the OTT category. They promote the same harmful, destructive #spooniewarrior lifestyle, but with a big following in the disabled community.

No. 473478

Yep, she's so child-like that my bet is she's faking chronic illness in order to avoid all adult responsibilities. She has her husband there to be the adult and look after her, or in other words to enable her.

No. 473484

File: 1516209690349.png (2.71 MB, 2436x1125, 2B628157-957C-4198-9392-C08EE5…)


Trust me, I have taken steps back over and over again.

Several people started reaching out to her about all this. Some nicely, some not so nicely. Then she got on live and started talking about it. I watched it multiple times and didn’t see a tear fall, didn’t even see any tears well up in her eyes. It’s all fake.
Her YouTube channel is a priority.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to get myself to click send on the email to DHS. I’m hoping just pointing this shit out here where she will eventually see it, maybe it will be enough to scare her into some change. If not, I will reach out to her mother first, and if the Grandma doesn’t show concern for Liam’s situation then at that point I will be contacting DHS and they can do what they need to. He isn’t going to be taken away. Like everyone has said, there is no abuse or actual neglect. I’m hoping that they will have her do some parenting classes because she clearly needs some guidance.

Her husband is a total douche and their marriage is a total sham. She got knocked up very shortly after they met, so Liam is the reason they got married. And he seems to be the reason they are staying together because it’s clear they don’t really like each other much. They tolerate each other on cam But they don’t seem to really like each other.

No. 473485


Here’s parts of the live video I was talking about.


No. 473487


Very true. She is extremely childlike, and she actually likes to point out how “kid size” she is all the time. Strange.

No. 473490

Ugh total faker

And she's an adult but calls herself a "kid"

No. 473491

Looking at her most recent vid, I wonder if she's going through a mental breakdown and the medication that she has to start is psych meds. Well, actually, I don't wonder, I hope that is the case. Her husband needs to be more present until she is stabilized mentally.

No. 473495


I don’t know what’s going on. She has admitted that she is in a depression. I’m very worried about her mental state. She is throwing all sorts of red flags. If I was a family member or friend I would be watching her very closely.

No. 473517


She said that she needs to start meds "for my medical health and my mental health."


No. 473519

Another video of these two not wearing seatbelts.

No. 473522

Where did she say that? The video linked is talking about her computer issues.

No. 473525

File: 1516212740572.png (4.82 MB, 2436x1125, 4C04B6FE-5B28-42BC-AEC7-5E180B…)

No. 473532

Am I the only one who feels this thread is going way off topic? Get back to the milk

No. 473533



No. 473534


Watch the entire clip.

No. 473536

SDP's recent videos are almost making me sympathize. Something's going on behind those doors. I dunno if it's the husband, or what but you can see it on her now she is actually unwell and we're not talking physically. Sage for blogging

No. 473539

You're right, my apologies.

No. 473547

Considering how bad her acting is, I don't doubt that she is in some type of distress at the moment, you just can't fake or hide that. Being such a public person and blasting your life on social media to thousands of people (and getting harsh feedback) must be exhausting to keep up with, that may play a part? Also stopping breastfeeding may be as stressful to her as it is to Liam. Not WKing and I don't have a kid, but she does seem to care for him a great deal (maybe not always properly) and stopping breastfeeding to take medication is kind of a big deal if it's something you have bonded over for about 2 years, she may be feeling guilt in some form.

SDP being unwell mentally is not news, she's one of few OTT Spoonies/Munchie queens that will actually admit she has psych issues. Maybe these new meds will help?

There is definitely something off about the husband, could just be I've dated people like him and I'm making assumptions. He seems reckless and stressful to be around, just the seatbelt thing in the car is enough to bother me. Earlier on he seemed to ignore Dominique's spells, now he seems a bit more involved. Almost like he enjoys the attention secondhand or something… It's all speculation.

No. 473563


She is mentally ill. We all know that, and she has said she has depression and anxiety. Her husband is an alcoholic according to their friends and we can see in most videos he doesn’t have much compassion for her. BUT, I am wondering if part of that comes from the fact that he knows she is a munchie. Her friends have said that most people in their real life know she’s faking.

She is clearly depressed. She needs Meds, and it sounds like she is going to be getting them. Good for her. But I think a lot of the stress she has could be at least partially eliminated by getting her priorities straight. Right now that’s not happening.

No. 473604

I'm very worried, as well. She definitely has an anxiety disorder at a minimum and I agree with her that she needs to stop breastfeeding and get on the medication that will stabilize her. If/when that happens, I bet we will see a big change (at least I hope so).

No. 473626

I don't think she has depression or anxiety, I think she has Bipolar. She's very classic bipolar. She was in a manic phase; buying a bunch of stuff, spending money she doesn't have, constantly starting new projects but never finishing them. Now she's in a depression; no motivation, moody, going into seclusion. She's very textbook bipolar.

No. 473647


I would agree with the bipolar. I would also say she probably has histrionic personality disorder as well.

No. 473651



No. 473660

Mood swings in Borderline can mimic hypomania. That would be higher up on my DD, though bipolar II and cyclothymia would also be on it.

No. 473691

Who knows? Get her on the right drugs she might look at the shit she's doing and realize shes an idiot to fake chronic illnesses for money/attention whatever reason she does it for. I also agree with the bipolar possibility. Her voice is off too, she's so distracted in her videos lately.

No. 473705

File: 1516224201887.png (252.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180117-161754.png)

We've talked about this before. Not trying to beata dead horse. Dominique is taking 8 a day. Athlete's who perspire take 10 a day. Got me thinking. She's probably feeling lousy as shit because I bet she doesn't drink as much water as she's supposed to. Yes maybe her joints are swelling because she automatically jumped up to 8 of these and she's definitely irritable right now. This is the kind of shit that happens when people just jump on a bandwagon and start taking supplements and pills that aren't what a doctor prescribed. Sage for rant/and whatever else

No. 473830

I doubt it. She loves the money and attention too much. YouTube it giving her a life she probably never even dreamed of.

No. 473899

Yeah, it’s pretty rare for s munchie to stop munchying. Look at Nicole, she got mental help yet is right back to her old shit.

No. 473912

It's a little disturbing how child like she is. Makes me wonder what her husband can see in her as she doesn't appear to have much of an adult side.

Only spotting now that her Instagram description is that she's a housewife and has CFS. Her husband appears to do everything while just plays on her Nintendo DS or Switch all day long. He comes home after a long day at work and pushes her around toy shops and spends a fortune on her. She talked about how expensive the wheelchair was in a vlog lately and then points out lots of expensive merch which her husband has to then buy for her.

No. 473977

So here's a question about some of Aubrey's method of taking pills. In her Jan 17th video, she describes having to take liquid ibuprofen through her feeding tube.

But instead of having like… an actual liquid form of ibprofen prescribed by a doc, she just grinds up a regular ibuprofen tablet, pours water on the powder, and then draws the resulting liquid into a syringe to inject into her tube?

What the everloving fuck?? Now, I don't have GP or cancer, but I do have an inflammatory condition where my stomach gets irritated by the strong anti-inflammatories I take. However, most of the prescribed anti-inflammatory medications I get are actually easier on the stomach than say OTC iburpofen or naproxen, which is why my doctor told me to avoid them.

For someone with an even more sensitive condition, if we believe her GP is real, why the fuck is she injecting fucking ibuprofen? It's not the physical act of swallowing a pill that hurts the stomach, it's the chemical composition of ibuprofen.

Basically, this refusing to take anything by mouth very much smacks of eating disorder behavior, and then extra munchie goodness by injecting a powdered drug into her feeding tube.

She's so much more fucking irritating on video than she is on her insta.

No. 473984

The ibuprofen is not what she crushes. You can see her pour liquid ibuprofen into a cup to measure and then suck it up with a syringe.

In Aubrey form, it's OTC kids ibuprophen.

No. 473986


I could only get through a minute of it.

It's quite telling that the infant is more concerned about her than the dog. When she starts crying ("crying?") the dog actually crawls off her, but the child tries to climb on her as if to comfort her (but she can't deal with him even paying her attention because filming this act seems more important than her son). I wonder if she had post-natal depression.

No. 473990

File: 1516240653493.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 33FEBBC8-E698-40AB-A23C-53A5DF…)

Orthopedic doctor confirmed she DOES NOT have EDS, mother said doctor said it’s impossible? (That’s what it sounded like on the video) arguing with her in the car over it. She’s crying and still claiming she does.
Highly suggest going to watch this shit show on chronically.amanda ‘s IG if you want some milk LOL

No. 473991


"Might go to get an infusion tomorrow", like someone else might go get a coffee. Jeeez. Drink some fucking water!

No. 473992


Also yes, maybe she has real issues, but she's definitely overdramatic.

No. 473997

Kids’ ibuprofen is super diluted, so there’s really no point in her taking it, as she’d have to take a ton of doses to equal a normal adult amount. It’s mostly sugar, which miss ana munch probably doesn’t realize. It’s also way expensive, compared to normal ibuprofen. Normal ibuprofen can be crushed if necessary, but it’s not necessary for her. It’s just all for show, people.

No. 473999

Definitely falls in the OTT spoonie category, which is just about as bad as being a munchie.

No. 474000

Just watching this and i'm so sorry for that kid
I grew up with a mom with untreated PTSD and it was hell. No matter how much love she gives this child, she shouldn't be allowed to keep him before this disorder is properly managed. I'm saying this totally unrelated to what i generally think of dom, but shes clearly struggling. If she loves that child she finds a better stable situation for him until her condition is managed.
The chances are that this kid will have mental issues or trauma later from the upbringing.

Sage for semi-blogging, but i found it relevant

No. 474013


Raynaud's. It's very common.

No. 474014

File: 1516241475095.png (565.61 KB, 750x1334, B45F4292-DB73-4BF4-BFA3-4CDCD5…)

80% chance of having EDS? How does that work.

No. 474019

File: 1516241619565.png (2.11 MB, 1536x2048, 41BF484D-500F-4383-B29D-0398F2…)

Her IG story is a painful, cringy rollercoaster of munchieness. I’d post all of it, but there’s at least 25 pics. She’s public if anyone’s interested in the rest.

No. 474020


That's a good thought, anon. Overmedicating with the salt sticks.

No. 474021

It doesn’t. For hEDS you have to have at least one parent with it, and your chance of getting it is 50%.

No. 474022

File: 1516241836176.png (3.9 MB, 1536x2048, 1DF76BAA-FB12-46AA-9D05-A481FC…)

No. 474025


has she deleted this or is it followers-only?

No. 474031

No it’s public, not deleted, it’s up

No. 474032

File: 1516242270221.png (299.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2018.PNG)

New Cow!!!

This one is from Sydney, Aus, and is "internet famous" and of course a self-appointed spokesperson for all disabled people. I didn't think she was that milky then I read the hashtags, and that told me another story entirely. Also she's archived her recent hospital trip story posts on her profile.

No. 474033

File: 1516242311684.png (597.75 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2019.PNG)


A trip to the hospital for asthma, not very uncommon. Still well enough for photos though! (2/3)

No. 474036

File: 1516242375387.png (164.29 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2020.PNG)


And then a million unrelated medical hashtags. Congrats lady, you're a lolcow.

No. 474037

File: 1516242383652.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, 9EF8DF22-FE39-4D8D-B6A9-ECE19A…)

The church goers are now more knowledgeable than her doctors that won’t diagnose EDS

No. 474040

Ah, you beat me to it. I screenshotted the same image. I cannot stand to watch her stories because I just know it's going to be super munchie shenanigans.

No. 474046

Kek, like seeing a Ped Ortho would do her any good.

No. 474047


How are adolescent psych teams over there? Because that sounds more appropriate.

No. 474049

Depends on where she is, but they can be very good. I honestly think she needs to get her anxiety under control first. She goes into a tailspin any time her munchiness doesn't lead to a diagnosis.

No. 474060

Wait, Chronically.Amanda tagged her last picture #cysticfibrosis. Bullshit or legit??

No. 474061


No. 474066

Do you mean spoonielife_amanda ??

No. 474067


No, I mean the Amanda whose story is screencapped 7 posts up from yours. She's 17.

No. 474068

File: 1516243861456.jpeg (724.99 KB, 1242x1080, A88E8257-580D-450A-B375-B251BB…)

Here it is.

No. 474070


No. 474075


also Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but she's still in the school marching band? That doesn't sound right.

No. 474080

Gimme a minute guys, I'm doing some sleuthing!

No. 474084

I wonder if she’s got CFS and cystic fibrosis (CF) confused. Either way, she’s still not sick with either one, nor the eds she’s been tagging.

No. 474088


I wondered that too, but why would she tag Cystic Fibrosis without googling it first?? Especially since she presumably knows (from her tag list) that the CF in CFS stands for Chronic Fatigue.

No. 474090

File: 1516245100395.png (2.67 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0772.PNG)

Amanda Sleuthing!

Her first couple of instagram posts weren't notable until this one. It's the first time she tagged something she didn't have.

No. 474094

File: 1516245299837.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0774.PNG)

Well now a vaccine messing up your immune system? And suddenly a Gluten Intolerance? Don't get ahead of yourself now Amanda. Still tagging IBS.

No. 474095


might wanna crop your ID out, yo

No. 474096

File: 1516245563608.jpg (379 KB, 1242x1965, IMG_0773.jpg)

Thank you! Reuploaded!

No. 474097

File: 1516245617921.png (1.33 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0775.PNG)

First time she tags EDS and POTS

No. 474099

>Might go to get an infusion tomorrow
people who actually need infusions for hypovolemia associated with POTS don't just plan this a day ahead facepalm they get so bad that they can't drink and that's their only option, or they're on a schedule

No. 474100

File: 1516245672623.png (923.95 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0776.PNG)

"One step closer to diagnosis…" So you don't actually have a diagnosis? kek.

No. 474102

Why the fuck is she tagging cystic fibrosis and gastroparesis she has none of those things

No. 474104

File: 1516245736332.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0780.PNG)

She tags a few of her posts #potssyndrome
Kek. What do you think the S in POTS stands for cow?

No. 474105

File: 1516245827529.png (6.47 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0782.PNG)

1. (not diagnosed)
2. (not even close honey)
3. sure
4. what's the question mark for

She tags "autoimmunedisease"…

No. 474111

File: 1516246066595.png (1.46 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0788.PNG)

oWo gotta love the Munchie Queen Jaquie

She tags GP but idk if it's for Jaq

No. 474115

File: 1516246142667.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0790.PNG)

So basically she went to her PCP and told him to diagnose her with these things without proper testing. Kek.

No. 474118

File: 1516246263564.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0796.PNG)

Whoops guys, she had to put her knee back in place!

No. 474120

File: 1516246319881.png (1.23 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0793.PNG)

We get to learn about her life you guys! Pt. 1

No. 474122

File: 1516246375543.jpg (564.59 KB, 1242x1944, IMG_0794.jpg)

She "went blind in one eye" but don't worry it got better.

No. 474124

File: 1516246419098.png (1.7 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0795.PNG)

She suddenly tags "autism" here.

No. 474127

Not as in depth as my Aubrey Deep Dive, but still revealing. Point out anything you guys notice!

No. 474130


Her friends have said that she had PPD, yes. I genuinely hope that the la k of attention she gives him is not as bad as we see off camera, but I highly doubt it.

The way that both her and chase literally didn’t even acknowledge Liam’s communicating in the vlog of the police crash, it’s very telling. They both seem like they have very little patience with him which concerns me.

No. 474135


The side effects of ADHD meds can cause very POTS-like symptoms. The orthostatic intolerance, dizziness etc.

No. 474136


She tags "celiac" (up from "gluten intolerance") and MS! Holy shit what a munchie!

No. 474139


I totally agree. As someone who was left to fend for myself the majority of the first two years of my life, which I remember VERY vividly, she is fucking it Liam for sure. The fact that she mentioned all the candy and junk food she had used to try to make him happy without the boob, shows that she would rather try pacifying him with anything other than attention.

This child would absolutely benifit from staying with family, at least while chase is at work, until she gets on meds and gets stable.

safe for semi blogging but also found it relevant.

No. 474163

An A1C test of 5.6 is NOT pre diabetic. Mine came back at 5 and my GP explained that pre diabetes is considered at 6. So yeah, pre diabetic my arse.

No. 474175

File: 1516250431633.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, 64907145-28FC-4D23-95B5-BC41CB…)

Bought her own KT tape and wrapped her knee up… how she though would work.

No. 474179

Psssst. If you saw an orthopedist and they thought you needed it, they’d tape you/give you a brace. Kek.

No. 474181

Ya too bad she doesn’t understand that .
Remember … the medical person at her church thinks that the ortho was bad and the real problem is fluid behind her kneecap, but they wouldn’t do an X-ray, so ??‍♀️ Better run to Walgreens and buy the KT tape to get the job done

No. 474187

File: 1516251514376.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5596.PNG)

For those of you who can't sit through her live video, here are some highlights:
1) her mother is 100% over her shit and believes when the doctor says she doesn't have EDS. When Amanda protests, her mother says that the doctor can't diagnose her without any testing (lab work, etc.) and Amanda therefore shouldn't be diagnosing herself without said testing
2) Her mental health is fine you guys. Totally fine! It's her physical health that needs addressing!
3) Her sister is totes jealous of her because of all the attention she gets from being chronically ill
4) Even though her mother was in an accident and isn't doing well, it's Amanda who has the more serious and urgent problems right now

Good lord that was cringey as fuck.

No. 474195


kek @ her sister "have you had this on live??"

She'll find out though surely. Amanda's IG is public.

No. 474200

She’s a jaquie wannabe, but doesn’t have the family support (enabling) to pull it off. Hopefully her family will step in and get her that psychological help she obviously needs. Unfortunately young white girls get lots of believers real fast, especially when they go with the religion’s-my-best-friend angle, and the cash influx followers.

No. 474275

File: 1516259680306.jpg (798.68 KB, 1440x2011, Screenshot_20180118-004801.jpg)

And the avoiding Drs begins. That was quick!
She probably wants to avoid it because they want to do that repeat GES. (After one of her appts she said parkman will be doing another GES in January)
She's probably freaked out that maybe just maybe this pacer will improve her GP (which does work on most mild GP cases like Dani.)
She doesn't have the time (ha righttt) and energy to manipulate the GES right now and wants to wait to repeat the GES until she can get herself prepared. In this case she should be freaking out because if she doesn't do what she did before and her ges improves she knows she's not getting anymore special toys and she will get angry at those mean Drs who don't know anything about her. They don't know her body like she does. The internet told her she was severe and needs more toys to live.
If her GES doesn't change she will be happy thinking she finally gets her big goal in life. Feeding tube.
However if ges is the same with the pacer she's still not getting that tube.
If her GES worsens they would look at what's going on from all angles (meds,diet,lab work,vitals,mental state,lifestyle/exercise,more botox, basically everything except surgeries and certain procedures.)
If all that gets cleared up and fixed (eliminating hoarding meds and finding alternative combo of meds so they don't interact with
each other, getting the pacer adjusted properly for her bodies need etc)
And her labs and vitals show dehydration and/or abnormal malnutrition and she's actively loosing a lot of weight (Dani considered a couple pounds lower as weight loss for her to get that tube when she started temple and then was crushed when the dr didn't rush her to admit for surgery because she lost 2-4ish pounds. "If I loose any weight when I go in for my next appt. He said he is going to tube me {yay}
They may actually discuss a j tube and I really hope if she plays out her fantasy that far they give her a NJ.

No. 474310


Which cow is this?

No. 474330

You don't recognize Dani's special font?

No. 474348

Kek that's not Dani using the font, it's the farmhand posting it. They obviously have a random setting on their phone that makes everything look that way.

No. 474400

Oh geez! I'm sorry. I didn't realize I cropped the top part of the screen cap.
It is Danilizm-endlessvoices-my lifes struggles-Dani (I forgot what other pages she )

No. 474563

File: 1516298260579.png (11.3 MB, 1242x2208, 93446F9A-C4FC-4427-B291-1AD2E3…)

What’s Amy planning now?

No. 474605

Doesn't that mean at least 90% of the dani posts are all the same person? Obsessed much?

No. 474607

File: 1516301346553.png (580.06 KB, 908x504, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.4…)

No. 474690

File: 1516304906496.jpeg (143.34 KB, 746x792, FC2FD81C-D160-4ED3-A6A0-9C8ECF…)

Miss apology queen herself who admit to faking her diagnoses is trying to slip away into this account , in hopes we don’t notice

No. 474695

I hope she knows that CF (cystic fibrosis) is GENETIC aka genes aka you are born with it aka you can not fake it no matter how hard you try. Cunt don't mess with me. You would know by age 5 if you had CF. I DARE her to go to a CF doctor. They will find out shes munchausen in 5 minutes!! CF doctors don't play around.

No. 474699


I think this is why she's said "atypical CF", which is often undetected in childhood.

It's very rare, though. So she's obviously reaching.

No. 474702


this is chronically_amanda? the one who livestreamed her mom being sensible at her?

No. 474707

Yes, the same picture is up on her the chronically.amanda one

No. 474708

Doesn't matter if it is "atypical" or not. Still genetic. CF doctors would still find out shes a munchie so quickly. She wouldn't even get an appointment.

No. 474711

lucky for her, atypical cf can have normal sweat tests.

No. 474716


Part of me feels bad for her. She's obviously young. And looking for attention and validation (like anyone her age) and she sees people like Jaquie and Aubrey and sees the attention they get, and wants that too. She sees them say that, "this hurts I must have this" and does the same thing hoping to get the same attention and concern.

This is why what people like Aubrey and Jaquie are doing is so dangerous. Young and very impressionable people follow them, and think that what they show in their vlogs is how things really work. 1. They see the attention and think they have to be sick to get it, and 2. They may even believe that diagnosis is that easy and that Jaquies adjustable symptoms match what she is feeling so she must have it too.

Idk. While I think what she did was wrong, I think it explained a lot when she said she felt she had to be sick and have a specific group of diagnoses to relate to people in the chronic illness community. It's sad more than anything.

No. 474723

Supposedly she is inpatient right now, for FOUR weeks. ?

No. 474731


kek then why is she asking her followers medical questions and not her doctors?

No. 474734


I have some sympathy, as I had undiagnosed symptoms from a young age. I feel fairly lucky this was in the days before "chronic illness vloggers". I think they're really fuelling the rise of the OTT spoonies, especially the teenagers.

No. 474750

yeah but the thing with atypical cf is that you still have to have two mutations to have cf, regardless. the only difference is that the mutations cause a more mild version with negative sweat tests and better lung and pancreatic function.

there's only 30,000 people in all of the US with the disease, out of a population of over 324 million. so I choose to disbelieve based on the odds.

No. 474761

literally thought that was glitterforever17 for a sec

No. 474781

File: 1516310059193.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5600.PNG)

In Courtney's IG story she's wearing oxygen cannula. Is she on O2? Since when?

No. 474782

She's been on it on/off for months

No. 474783


what for?

No. 474784

Does she actually have a lung issue or did she munch her way into O2?

No. 474872

File: 1516315848405.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180118-174841.png)

Amanda is basically saying she wants to be sick or what?

No. 474875

Or she just wants to be a part of the community. I hope this unravels for her now before this shit goes any further. Sage for semi blog

No. 474884


I'm "part of the community". Of maybe a hundred accounts of other sick ppl I follow, I've made two or three actual friends. Just like any other community there's a lot of bitchery and backstabbing (and symptom stealing!)

No. 474964

The gymnast who is "allergic to exercise" and apparently also her own hair growing …. has hair again! Except now she's saying she had alopecia.

No. 474965

File: 1516319181330.png (590.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2021.PNG)


sorry, dropped pic

No. 474994

Oh, so she decided to stop shaving it? Because in her bald pictures, you can see the showdown of hair, which means she wasn’t naturally bald. She wants so badly to be sick, because it’s the only way she’s good enough to be a competitive gymnast. Her “brave spoonie warrior” or whatever interviews are ridiculous.

No. 475024

Has youtuber pawsandlove been brought up here? She's hilarious. Here's a video of her "passing out" (flopping on the ground in Petsmart in front of a conveniently placed camera, 10:35) with her service dog: https://youtu.be/-GM0PccyTmo

She has "POTS, Gastroparesis, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Hemiplegic migraine disorder, Sensory Processing disorder, and other chronic illnesses". Oh, and she's a queer enby or whatever. She uses a chair sometimes and her most recent video is about whether she should get a toob.

Sorry if this is OT or not allowed. I was just wondering.

No. 475046


In the last few months I've found articles/interviews stating she shaved it for charity, she's allergic to her hair growing, the stress made it fall out.

Find a story and stick to it, Tasha!

No. 475061

File: 1516324734437.png (904.01 KB, 750x1334, 2B057EE0-E36D-4A83-91B8-E8582C…)

“I’m having a seizure but I HAVE to take pictures and videos for Instagram just so people know I’m sick as heck”

No. 475066


I have so much second hand embarrassment.

No. 475119

File: 1516330735831.png (822.79 KB, 640x1136, E58DEAD6-800D-47FA-85FE-962A94…)

Gotta love those seizure eyes kek.
(Okay, are you taking my picture now? Do I look sick? Perfect)

No. 475124


I can just imagine her setting the camera up on a table, "having a seizure", then taking the camera back down to photograph the dogs lying on her (the ensuing pictures look taken from her lying down position).

No. 475237


Late but this is very true. Everyone loves a poor little sooper sick Jesus loving white girl. Seen a lot but obviously the Freys come to mind as do some Instagram munchies

No. 475242


So that was like the “should I go to the ER for the third time today or should I stay home?” OTT spoonie rabbithole. She is definitely not all right in the head. And what is it with all of this service dog snobbery? These people like SDP and this chick who go out and cause a chaotic scene over a fake service dog are they themselves creating an even greater distraction, which is illegal according to them - distracting a service dog. So aren’t they breaking the law too, if say, my blood sugar crashes and I go into a coma because their distractions distracted my diabetic alert dog? And they all have several videos about how someone distracting their dog (in her case the one I saw was when she was at work and her dog got distracted and didn’t let her know she was going to have a migraine in 15 minutes) sent them to the ER or injured them in some way. It’s strange and I feel like they have fake service dogs and being OTT is their way of making it right or okay. It must be their way of making sure the world knows that they are sooper speshul.

No. 475245

Service Dog Paws is love if anyone wants to confront her about her bullshit live. ?

No. 475269


She’s skeery!

kek I feel like making a horribly constructed SD vest for my wiener dog, giving him a YouTube and an IG just to see how long until she calls the cops on me for breaking the law! I’d be sure to use lots of ridiculous hashtags, record him doing public access shit and make plenty of videos of him doing alerts… except I’m pretty sure the only thing he alerts to is the fridge door opening and cheese wrappers… but it could be fun just to see how much shit an innocent service weiner could stir up with SDP. She’s got to be the most OTT SD handler I’ve seen on YouTube yet. God forbid someone else’s SD sniff something in their vicinity - FAKE SERVICE DOG! She will hunt you down and post incriminating fake SD videos of you. And omg don’t look her way or she’ll pass out and blame you for making eye contact thus causing her dog to miss an alert almost killing her. Couldn’t be that her dog is… A DOG. Not some 100% accurate service robot. Or wait… there’s no way it could maybe need more training? I can’t watch her videos… her intellectual ignorance is hard to handle (her stupidity is right up there with Aubrey and Janiece), her lack of parenting has already been discussed up one side and down the other, she’s too full of herself and her (fugly) dog, and she’s just boring all around

No. 475286

File: 1516348020033.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 750x1334, 59FD3716-6692-4B24-AF3A-393799…)


So sooper brittle diabetic Ella ended off her birthday by posting a Facebook live video of her puking.

Sits with puke in her hand for a few seconds…

Then smirks and says “bye!”


No. 475290

File: 1516348094886.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 750x1334, C66D3F8B-DD7D-4CB6-9B68-1E8827…)



And we just sit there with it…all in the name of attention! Let’s talk about regurgitating Ella, that’s not the same as throwing up

No. 475301

Possibly a new OTT cow I found on YouTube - she apparently just beat sepsis but isn’t going home on antibiotics and the bacteria in her bloodstream was more than likely just a contaminated blood draw. Things just don’t add up with her.

She maybe gets diagnosed with Addison’s Disease and seems excited. Addison’s isn’t something you should be happy about. In the ER she was apparently not given enough pain medication and shattered her phone screen by biting it in pain. She’s a hot mess and all over the place. She was way too excited to do a hospital “room tour” and “Hospital DITL” video for us, guys. But she has sepsis which “can kill you and she’s in so much pain” yet is super excited to do these fun vids. Okay. Oh, she just said she feels good enough to do these videos for us because she is on oxycodone and she can get up and move around.

She’s too excited to say she had sepsis except from what I can tell she just had bacteremia or contaminated labs. Big diff. She claimed sepsis before a proper lab grow could be cultured. It usually takes 3-4 days to confirm sepsis, depending on the hospital.

All of the big mean doctors make her cry and don’t believe her… she’s been stomping her feet to get TPN for a couple of months. But she’s another cow with a line getting fluids at home, very OTT and woe is me. I didn’t find any Instagram for her yet, just this YouTube channel (link is her most recent vlog). Anyways, some new milk for your viewing pleasure.

No. 475303

Who's going to volunteer to watch ninajean on the BBC? Don't think I can stomach it, but it seems she's going there for something. Gives me Kati vibes.

No. 475305


Did she post a link yet? All I’ve seen is her complaining instastories moaning about not sleeping and being on the air in five hours. I’ll give it a listen if anyone knows where we can tune in. I’m guessing from what I’ve gathered about her, we’re just in for a whiner pity fest for a chronic illness “warriors” blah blah blah. Do any of these cows actually know how to truly spread awareness and not just be obnoxious whiny snatches? I’m so over the “I’m here to spread awareness and show what living with multiple chronic illnesses is all about… this is the real raw truth on what it’s like to be a warrior… bitch moan sleep pain puke yadda yadda yadda”

No. 475308


holy mother of god

No. 475311

No. 475319


I don’t believe she deserves to be on here. She’s one of the few Spoonie accounts I follow and she’s lovely.

She’s been really unwell for months now because of her colitis and that’s why she’s been in hospital and having continuous fluids.

I don’t think it’s fair to just chuck people on here. Also in those hospital videos she specifically said she didn’t know if it was sepsis but they were treating her with a sepsis protocol and that if it was it was caught super early.

I suppose I’m WKing but fuck it. Let’s keep it to the real munchies.

No. 475320

File: 1516358256975.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x2069, 7179EEF5-527D-4190-B77A-D5C511…)

Pretty certain I’ve figured out why Amanda is so desperate to be sick… seems her boyfriends illnesses definintely pre-date their relationship. He must have a kind understanding family and she craves that from hers and so diagnoses herself with a million illnesses she doesn’t even have

No. 475340

Once again for the newfags: This thread is for OTT SPOONIES as well as munchies. She is OTT; ergo she belongs. Don't like it, gtfo.

No. 475349


I’m far from a newfag my dude, do proper research on people before posting them. She’s not a munchie, nor is she OTT she’s having a fucking hell of a time. And that’s not her main Instagram FYI.

Research better, newfag.

No. 475350


thanks, anon. She has a link to her "medical" IG in that account description, too. @happiness.for.liz

You can be a nice person and OTT… she's OTT, come on… biting her phone so hard it shattered the screen is a little dramallama.

I just came across his IG earlier and then the same lightbulb went off. Her Instastory rampage earlier that anon posted was actually sad. She's desperate for attention and then gets called out… and we get to watch her unravel on Instagram in a matter of hours. She was just desperately grasping at straws practically begging for people to be her friend. Just makes you wonder how these OTTs and Munchies get so far… snowing docs, friends and even family to believe their elaborate lies. It's like every Lifetime movie with obsessive stalkers gone bad now that they've all started copying Queen Jaquie. Anyone remember that Family Guy blurb about Lifetime? kek

No. 475351

Sepsis automatically requires at least 2-6 eeeks of home iv antibiotics. If you just have a normal infection, it’s at least 2 weeks of oral antibiotics. If she’s home without anything, no matter how quickly they caught her so-called sepsis, she never had even an infection in the first place.

No. 475361

I've NEVER known people with alopecia to have regrowth than is full coverage, soft looking etc at first regrowth. It is usually patchy, a mix of textures (from baby hair to pube like!)
That and we could all see her hair follicles in previous photos/film!

sage for medfagging

No. 475459


>2-6 eeeks of home iv antibiotics


No. 475467

Why no? Because that’s standard practice, at least for line infections. If you have positive blood cultures, you’re sent home with two weeks of iv antibiotics, up to 6 weeks if there’s any bacterial growth in your heart.

No. 475468

File: 1516384062519.png (1.24 MB, 1536x2048, 277CC59B-63B5-40D2-903D-C2BB10…)

Look who’s up to a whopping 20ml/hour with her tube feeds. (Most people get up to that within a day or two of first having a j tube of an kind placed). She’s only 5 ml away from her normal rate, but she’s totally tube-dependent y’all!

No. 475469

File: 1516384091470.png (704.84 KB, 1536x2048, 7B46FABD-8FD4-480E-8012-31E14C…)

No. 475477

Ninajean is a munchie? How?

No. 475480


Line infections wasn't specified.

No. 475487

OT but useful to note how EDS is described in the media.


During Larry Nassar's sexual abuse trial and sentencing, victims' harrowing stories have brought to light Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a condition that is common among gymnasts, but poorly understood.

One gymnast, Melody Posthuma Van der Veen, claims that he told her she might have EDS because he was able to 'put his whole hand' inside of her, the Huffington Post reported in a tweet.

The revelation drove a surge in Google searches for EDS over the last month, as the public tried to understand what a connective tissue disorder that is common among gymnasts had to do with sexual abuse.

No. 475489

No no and no. That is both disgusting and very wrong, gymnasts can be hypermobile, but having true eds would make competition-level gymnastics impossible.

No. 475490

File: 1516386141748.png (3.02 MB, 1536x2048, 260A58C3-743F-45D8-8980-AD56AA…)

Chronically Amanda at it again, this time bitching about the spoonie community she so desperately wants to be part of

No. 475492

File: 1516386191597.png (2.27 MB, 1536x2048, 1641AA52-54F0-4FCC-854E-DF3536…)

No. 475497

File: 1516387038945.jpeg (296.19 KB, 1270x1321, 2F9A11E0-A2EE-4EA6-B66E-19851C…)

All types of sepsis are treated with iv antibiotics. The length of use depends on the severity of the infection and the duration of positive blood cultures.

No. 475503

File: 1516387265549.png (4.99 MB, 1536x2048, 035DB234-289B-4860-8C44-3AC137…)

She is so, so milky. Here’s her crazy low blood sugar kek (it’s not even mild hypoglycemia until it’s below 70)

No. 475509

File: 1516387426137.png (235.43 KB, 1536x2048, FB3583C8-9B5A-48A9-994B-5805DF…)

And here’s all the medications she has to take for all her “illlneses” kek ( the prescriptions are for adhd and asthma, nothing for her terrible pots)

No. 475510

File: 1516387455990.png (807.32 KB, 1536x2048, F55222BC-8B99-4B33-840A-8A94FC…)

Whoops here’s the first part

No. 475513

File: 1516387666122.png (1.32 MB, 1536x2048, 4424175E-A81C-46E5-8FCD-573B00…)

And my personal favorite, from yesterday’s story. Here’s a hint: drink some water, eat some food and salt, get more exercise. Although she’s posted about losing a lot of weight (no evidence, but sure), so maybe another ana cow-munchie

No. 475527


Yes, I am well aware, having had severe sepsis myself.

I was responding solely to the statement "Sepsis automatically requires at least 2-6 eeeks of home iv antibiotics" which did not specify line infections. As is the statement reads as all cases of sepsis are treated with home IV antibiotics.

No. 475537

Oh what a special cow you are!

No. 475573

chronically.amanda is live right now

No. 475580


Hahaha. I love the self righteous, sniffy outrage. Bitch, if every test came back negative, and looking at the fucking list that the docs went through, they would be hard pressed not to come up with at least small signs of something that was wrong with you.

She had a bunch of autoimmune tests, celiac, Ig blood tests, a general metabolic panel, etc. Hell, even the metabolic panel would show if she had any kind of environmental conditions, like malnutrition and dehydration. If all of those came back normal, then she is fine. Just because she wishes she had a condition doesn't make her sick, except in the head.

No. 475582


She has an archive folder for her hypos? Very munchie.

No. 475585


She's obsessed with the idea of having EDS. Has anyone even done the Beighton score on her?

No. 475599

She said the orthopedist didn't even examine her joints. Kinda funny considering that's his job! The fact that someone who deals with joints on the daily didn't even feel the need to look at hers tells you something about her self-reported "hypermobility".

No. 475609

That was probably the first thing he looked at. But telling her followers that isn’t going to get her any sympathy! She doesn’t have any problems with straight-up lying, so everything she says should be taken with a grain of salt.

No. 475611

she wants eds because it can supposedly cause tons of problems

No. 475616

And because she could call herself a special unicorn zebra spoonie princess and deck herself out with all the gear that EDS munchies all seem to have (way more than people with legitimate EDS, ironically).

No. 475625


Oh yeah. The POTS, GP, MCAS that come with it (far more frequently on Instagram than in any clinician's experience).

No. 475642

I thought EDS was hereditary? Chronically Amy seems to be claiming her EDS is from a vaccine injury???

She also is trying to get them to approve a custom wheelchair.

No. 475654

Nothing rare or special about having EDS these days. You wanna be rare, you wanna be special? Pick something that a million other people don't hashtag on instagram.

No. 475655


kek, the Chloe Leanne route

No. 475658

kid is too young, delete

No. 475665

I'm posting about the mother who has been discussed before but I'll happily repost with the child cropped out.

No. 475666

It is, at least the hEDS all these cows claim. You have to have a parent with it.

No. 475667

Vitamins and over the counter shit does not count in a list of medications in my opinion. If you miss a day even a week of biotin you're not going to have any repercussions. What I consider a real "medication" is something that is a treatment to a disease and it is ESSENTIAL for you to take it every single day.

No. 475680

Nope. It’s still somewhat rare as a true illness (but not super rare), but not with the internet spoonie community. And it’s never made anyone special. People with eds have an illness, just like people with diabetes or heart disease or anything else. In fact, every type of eds except veds has a lower chance of being fatal than a lot of common diseases. Munchies just love the idea of being rare and having complications and getting to buy all sorts of accessories (medical equipment for people who are actually sick). Yes eds can cause issues that can be more dangerous, but the majority of people with eds do not need tubes and lines and wheelchairs and service dogs. A lot of them just have eds, go to pt or just work out, and live normal lives. It’s the same as ana chans who glamorize anorexia, except this is more socially acceptable (can’t be ableist, y’all!).

No. 475681

The mom maybe OTT. But I do not think this case should be discussed. The baby does not look very well in my opinion. Looks failure to thrive which the doctors would be all over and searching for answers. Unless she is directly poisoning him it is very hard to convince the baby that he is sick.

No. 475682

Kek the only actual meds she takes are for ADHD and asthma. Not special enough, I guess

No. 475685

Yeah, let’s not drag a baby into all this

No. 475688

No problem guys i totally get it. I'll delete the post now.

No. 475691

Cool beans

No. 475695


She’s the same one who brought home an obviously sick (cheap?) Golden Retriever that started alerting to her super bad POTS, syncope, anxiety and I think she even tossed low blood sugar in there to the list of alerts that Wonderdog did. All with just one course of basic puppy class at Petsmart and Amy’s fine K9 training. Another Jaquie clone.

No. 475697

File: 1516401312036.png (975.66 KB, 1536x2048, 25720032-03D4-4953-A1C1-87DCF8…)

Didn’t someone guess she’d bring up Lyme again soon? Guess what, Aubrey, your hair is falling out because of your obvious eating disorder, not your fake illness that’s not even said to cause that.

No. 475699

File: 1516401385544.png (239.91 KB, 1536x2048, 28295D5F-E8F4-4F5F-AF52-FE4198…)

And she managed to get her “cancer”, surgery, GP, and Lyme all into one post. Munchie queen right here.

No. 475701

File: 1516401458205.png (4.11 MB, 1536x2048, D4C9C19B-2F5C-49D1-A269-2DD514…)

Also, wtf? Is she trying to look like a crazy person?

No. 475702

File: 1516401533428.png (3.67 MB, 1536x2048, 2442210B-7101-42DE-AF09-F8345B…)

But don’t worry, fam. She’s getting asspats for days.

No. 475728

I'm sorry wut? She use to use 3 ponytails at once? Did she cut 3 ponytail holders and tied them together? This makes absolutely no sense to me. Being this excessive is the reason she developed into a munchie.

No. 475816

not sure what she means, but if you have really thick and heavy hair, you sometimes need more than one hair tie to hold it up. could that be it?

sage for irrelevant subject

No. 475848

File: 1516412105141.jpeg (127.16 KB, 633x899, 0F82136E-C618-408A-BF93-BA7258…)

Oh look

No. 475885


Kek maybe If she stopped shopping in the kid’s section she’d find a proper coat. I’ve never seen any PICC person do this. Always so extra.

No. 475890

It was 65 F today in Austin. She doesn't even need a coat in the first place. But just in case someone didn't notice her with her infusion bag and tubes, they'll definitely notice her with her coat on backwards acting like a fool. Such an extra piece of shit.

No. 475896

The phone biting story is so next level I almost have to give her props. Aubrat and Jaquo must be quaking.

No. 475930


Jaquie clone for sure. Even described the doctors suggesting A custom wheelchair with power assist like Jaquie.

No. 475931


LMAO! If so, she is #WINNING!

No. 475932

File: 1516423424290.jpg (381.44 KB, 1054x1022, Screenshot_20180119-224213.jpg)

Of course, SDP is getting another animal instead of saving for the tests she "needs"

No. 475935


Speaking of hair loss from eating disorders….

I have been wondering if SDP has an eating disorder. Just because she stuffs the f%#k out of her face when she eats but she only weighs 90 lbs (according to her) and she her hair looks very unhealthy around the hairline. I don’t know, something I’ve been wondering.

No. 475937

File: 1516423610046.jpg (960.7 KB, 1080x2207, Screenshot_20180119-215531.jpg)

Dani your worse in the entire state anorexia is showing.
Oh wait..it never stopped shining.
As long as they keep treating her for GP the worse they are making her ED. Specially if she finally cons any dr to place more unessacary parts to her like tubes, picc, etc.it all strongly reinforce her ED and will make her sink fast..it will be a terrible mess as she has made her entire life about nothing than illnesses she doesn't have and illnesses she is borderline with.
She has made no sense over the past few months about her liquid diet triggering her anorexia so she would also eat solid foods for that reason and randomly claims she only does liquids now (most low cal or pure sugar)
She is a purge subtype anorexic so having "GP" in her mind means she can purge and just say it's her GP because even with her mild GP (for solids only) is manageable with proper treatment that isn't just tubes pills ppn/TPN pills (the combo she is on could very easily have a few little changes and lower the anout and need for pills.) That's not what she does. She wants more meds and a pill for every symptom ever and they interact with each other which is probably the biggest issue with her GI tract (other than gerd)
She's not gone through all of the least invasive options my guess is she is refusing because she wants to malinger, and she's desperate to have surgeries and procedures anytime she can (and has been unsuccessful for the most part until her pacer. (Her first surgery and her fist hospitalization
in years. She had a single round of botox. It takes more than one and she probably realized it was started to help some so lied and said nothing has changed which is why they didn't do the rest of the treatment. Which is still super weird..ex-its like doing a 4hr GES and then doing one last picture the next day..its like saying my 2hr Mark and my 4 hr mark are abdormal/normal so I don't need to come back. Or getting a round of chemo. "I went to one and it didn't help so I stopped it"
Or taking Reglan with successful improvement and then suddenly become allergic to it. She knows they will find out what she is really doing in her apartment eventually so the more she pushes for chronic illness issues s she feels a sense of security but I don't think she's capable of understanding at this level that actions have consequences and it can be bad based on the extent of her shit as an adult. It will be like pulling Aladdin's carpet out from under his feet..hes fucked and so is Dani. I'm worried when it happens because it is going to send Dani down to a very very dark place.
I hope that she will eventually come clean with everything and start over before she gets found out and destroyed

No. 475938

File: 1516423629527.jpg (389.2 KB, 1023x1784, Screenshot_20180119-224535.jpg)

The tank alone is a $200 tank.

No. 475944


And didn't she just >>472729 say that she desperately needed money so that they can put food on her table as things would be tight before the 22nd

She is either lying about her financial status to try to drum up business or she is putting herself in some serious credit card debt with her reckless spending (although if her husband works and gets paid in the middle of the month they might have just gotten a new paycheck to blow).

No. 475951

File: 1516424922986.jpg (1.22 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180119_230826.jpg)

No. 475954

File: 1516425474982.jpeg (736.42 KB, 3117x3117, 7AB1B475-D40D-4504-8E78-CB090F…)

Does this look like a person with GP, or even chronic nausea and gut issues like she claims. And she wonders why her stomach is bloated? Her stomach bloat was the day after those pizza sliders from Arby’s. She ordered FIVE. Whether she ate them all at one sitting, I don’t know. But I don’t usually go through drive through a ordering more than one meals worth of food.

Somethings fishy about her GP symptoms for sure.


No. 475976

Just threw up, so much pain, better post about it! These cows just don’t realize how fishy their stories look.

No. 475977

Top kek. There’s no way. Bulimia maybe, but not GP. You’re turned off of food after a while, because it’s easy to remember the symptoms eating that kind of shit causes.

No. 475978

Is it bad that reading and watching these folks instagrams make me feel a lot better bout myself? LOL

No. 475980

File: 1516432098056.jpg (960.38 KB, 1242x2047, IMG_0830.jpg)

Hold onto your hats farmers.
I think this one takes the Guinness World Record for "Most Diagnoses Listed in a Single Post".

I'm sensing a cow who's actually sick, but super OTT.

She lists symptoms as if they are diagnoses, things she hasn't been diagnosed with yet, multiple types of Dysautonomia…Kek the list is endless.

No. 475984

File: 1516433656017.jpg (643.55 KB, 1242x2020, IMG_0831.jpg)

She also posted an excessive list of allllll of her meds!

No. 475985

File: 1516433691515.jpg (350.39 KB, 1242x887, IMG_0832.jpg)

No. 475986

kek. Allergic to sunlight. Right.

No. 475990

File: 1516434699609.jpg (903.14 KB, 1242x1968, IMG_0835.jpg)

But wait! There's more. The original "Diagnoses Bible" was posted December 15th and this one was posted the 31st.

No. 475995

File: 1516435367772.jpg (900.57 KB, 2048x2048, 0B236320-2423-448B-9225-B2CC3D…)

Kinda looks like you like to put filters on your photos that make the redness stand out.

No. 475996

File: 1516435568723.jpg (641.9 KB, 1242x2020, IMG_0837.jpg)

Gonna see that GI cause obviously you gotta have GP!

No. 475997

File: 1516435640058.jpg (778.61 KB, 1242x2023, IMG_0838.jpg)

Kek she had one of her "Seizures" because the pain was 10/10 guys.

No. 475998


Here’s something for your viewing pleasures.

Apparently MBP mom and her kids now have a website! With a page completely dedicated to each of them and their specific illnesses. Rachel said that because she can’t pay someone to do CC on her videos “like chronically jaquie” (yes she shouts out our queen!), she thought this would be another way to make her videos accessible. I mean I for one cannot understand a lot of what she says so I guess there’s benefit there too.

The epi-sister Caroline talks about how Rachel touched her with Cobain (a bandage) on her hand and it sent her into this crazy reaction. I just can’t. She did say she avoided having to use her precious epi, though!

And they both admit to spending most of their days in bed while “Momma” and “daddy” do things. What happens when they aren’t around anymore? These girls are in their twenties with no job, no schooling, and literally just MBP mom at their every “need.”

Such a fucked up family, but it’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from.

Feel free to watch the video if you’re into lip reading.

No. 475999

File: 1516435708714.jpg (849.07 KB, 1242x1911, IMG_0841.jpg)

Max Zofran dosage? Score for the OTT Cow.

No. 476000


You can see that's she more interested in her performance than anything, as she peeks through her fingers as she covers her face.

No. 476001

File: 1516435763211.jpg (656.21 KB, 1242x1925, IMG_0842.jpg)

Again with the "they think I have Chiari". Well then why haven't they tested you for it yet? Kek.

No. 476002

She does seem to have some real problems.

But, am I reading this right that she takes all of this at night? I almost fell asleep reading the list…I can't imagine ingesting all of this….Is this list even possibly real?

No. 476003

File: 1516435862449.jpg (743.15 KB, 1242x2022, IMG_0843.jpg)

More "seizures" because of the pain…Do you mean you throwing a fit? But goodie because she gets to "chomp down" on some Lorazepam and Norco.

No. 476004

File: 1516435954325.jpg (753.09 KB, 1242x1992, IMG_0845.jpg)

More "might have Chiari"

No. 476005

She does state "my nightly meds"

For someone who supposedly has Gastric Issues…You'd think they'd want to stay away from scarfing down the plethora of pills right before bed.

No. 476009

File: 1516436962738.png (2.49 MB, 3096x1508, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 3.28…)

She also has a GoFuckMe for her Medical Expenses

No. 476011

Half of these are normal, over-the-counter meds that ayone can at the drugstore.
>Prilosec OTC, literally an over-the-counter heartburn med
>clindamycin phosphate/benzoyl peroxide gel, regular non-prescription acne meds
>CaCo3 is calcium carbonate. THAT'S FUCKING TUMS
>Diphenyhdramine is benadryl
>bismuth subsalicynate is PEPTO BISMOL.

She thinks that by using the "scientific" names for things she can trick people into thinking they're serious/real medications. kek.

No. 476012

Not to mention the D/B12 supplements, which are regular things most people take as vitamins.

No. 476018

Okay, question. I know this chick that I'm almost ready to out. She's on Reddit in the cancer boards, saying that 'they found a node on her lung' and 'it's cancer' but it's 'too small to remove'. She's been on my radar for a while now, she gives me bad feels, just overshares constantly and writes a lot of very long, very dramatic shit.

Does this ever happen? Doctors say you have cancer but we're just gonna, you know, let it sit? I'm pretty damned confused as to how this um, person can say that the docs definitively told her she has cancer, but that it cannot be taken out.

Just what, and can any medfags please talk to me because she is talking to people who are literally dying and getting her fucking asspats off them.

No. 476023

Okay, let me be more thorough about this because my previous comment did not specify all of the over-the-counter or very normal/common meds that she's trying to pass off as severe. So I'm going to go down her whole list and specify.
>Methlprenisolone, common steroid prescribed for inflammation, asthma, allergies, arthritis, etc. A prescription med but extremely common and treats a wide variety of things.
>Nortriptyline - an anti-depressant. One of the few uncommon meds on her list.
>Albuterol inhaler, this is a normal inhaler every asthmatic uses. Same with the epi pen, very common.
>Glucagon injection, fights hypoglycemia. Very common.
>Cromolyn, mastocytosis med but can also be an asthma med
>Hydroxyzine, an antihystamine
>Propanolol, a beta blocker, but sometimes prescribed for anxiety
>Prilosec OTC, one of the most common drugstore heartburn meds
>Baonphen, essentially the same as diphenydramine, sold under brand names Benadryl, Banophen, Diphenhist, Wal-Dryl, Nytol, Unisom, ZzzQuil, Diphen, Benadryl Allergy, Aller-G-Time, and more
>Narco, most likely Vicodin
>Toradol, anti-inflammatory injecton
>Alprazolam - it's Xanax. One of the most common meds. NOT Prescribed for seizures and can actually cause them
>Zoloft, your average antidepressant/anti-anxiety med
>Clindamycin phosphate/benzoyl peroxide, OTC acne meds. Aka clearisil
>Zofran, common nausea med. Almost exclusively prescribed for people suffering from nausea caused by radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or surgery. Occasionally prescribed for severe nausea in pregnant women.
>CaCo3, average as fuck Tums
>Cetirizine, aka Zyrtec. OTC allergy medication, commonly used for children.
>Diphenhydramine, aka benadryl. The most basic of drugstore allergy meds.
>Loperadimide, aka Immodium. OTC diarrhea med.
>Ativan, common muscle relaxant
>Bismuth subsalicylate, aka Pepto-Bismol. Used by literally every human on the planet.
>multivitamin, wow aren't you special.
>Vitamin B12, a common vitamin everyone and their mother takes.
>Vitamin D, another common vitamin (and why are you taking extra doses of these if you're already taking a multivitamin that definitely contains them, all you're going to do is pee it out)
>EPA/DPA: FISH OIL. Another extremely common supplement you can buy at any drugstore.
>Ranitidine: Zantac. OTC heartburn med.
>Levsin, IBS medication
>VSL 3, a probiotic. Turmeric, an herbal supplement. Both common and OTC
>Peppermint caps…literally just peppermint
>CBD cream, aka weed cream. Commonly prescribed anywhere CBD products are legal.

So yeah, over half of these are extremely common medications or OTC products/supplements she's trying to pass of as "meds." I'm counting 16 medications out of ~29 on this list that any human can walk into a store and buy without a prescription. Most of those that are prescription-only are extremely common (such as zoloft, xanax, etc). I count maybe two uncommonly prescirbed meds on her list.

No. 476026

I say out her. Usually they’re quick to remove lung tumors because of the issues they cause, but if she’s saying it’s a node, is it even really cancer?

No. 476028

You’d think with how sooper severe all her conditions are she’d have more than just vitamins and such.

No. 476031

Lung nodules are nonspecific findings and 99% of the time benign if they're small in size. They're way common in certain regions of the world, for instance in Ohio almost 100% of residents have them due to histoplasmosis infection. A lung module isn't cancer, and lung cancer is serious - no one would ever just let it sit. She's lying.

No. 476161


Also notice how she describes all of her psych meds as being used to treat non-psych conditions.

No. 476162


Ok, let’s try to break it down:
Tethered cord - > complication of Spina bifida/spina bifida surgery
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
with full anafylactic shock -> part of the mast cell issues
Gilbert’s disease -> a very mild liver
disorder that often doesn’t have any symptoms but can cause mild jaundice and sometimes fatigue and abdominal pain.
TMJ, Slipping rib, cranio-cervical instability -> all part of EDS
Hypertension stage 4
Psychogenic non-epileptic seizure PNES -> of course they mention both the full name AND it’s abbrevation. It’s a form of conversion disorder.
Chronic nausea - > most probably a symptom of either IBS, gastritis, dysautonomia, gut dysmotility or pain. Seems weird to mention it seperately.
Inappropriate sinus tachycardia -> basically already covered in hyper-POTS
IBS-testing for IBD -> if you have gut dysmotility it seems to me there is a cause for any IBS-like symptoms and that diagnosis would be removed?
Functional gastritis – testing for GP -> So either something with no known cause, or something that is a known complication in EDS
AMPS -> I think they mean amplified muscoloskeletal pain syndrome? That would also not apply if you have a diagnosis of EDS. Maybe unless the pain is much more severe then one would expect based on the diagnosis and other testing (like imaging), in which case psychological stress is often at least a factor.
CFS/ME -> if there’s a cause for your fatigue such as insomnia, EDS, dysautonomia or ANYthing that could cause fatigue, the CFS diagnosis doesn’t apply anymore.
Low-lying conus mesullaris at L5 -> basically a feature of tethered cord
Partial laminectomy at L4 -> not a diagnosis or symptom
Fibroadenoma tumor -> very common fibrous lump, location is not specified (they’re often seen in the breast); I wouldn't call it a symptom or a diagnosis, to be honest
Impaired vision -> they mean they need glasses? Or something else? Not very clear
Hematologic/lymphatic easy bruising/Chronic dislocation/sublocations of joints/Hyper-mobility of joints -> again, all symptoms of EDS. Though ‘sublocations’ aren’t a thing, but let’s assume they mean subluxations. No need to mention all of your EDS symptoms if you already list EDS, huh?
Immune compromised/Weakened immune system due to neurosurgery
Gut dysmotility -> could also be a symptom of either EDS or dysautonomia
Dysphagia -> difficulty swallowing, the most common cause is, btw, psychological
Loss of feeling in legs/feet -> No shit! Come on, that’s basically what Spina Bifida IS.
Atrophic scars/poor healing ability -> Yup, that’s EDS again.
Urticaria -> seems a bit overinclusive since they already mention mast cell issues
Hyperelastic skin -> Again, EDS.
Chronic nausea -> There wasn’t even a need to mention it once, so two times is just.. well, let’s just leave it at that.
RLS -> seems barely worth mentioning if you have a long list of much more serious issues, but I guess it could be a severe type? RLS can also be caused by meds and/or stress, though.
Dysautonomia -> Yeah, we know, they mentioned POTS already.
Chronic insomnia -> Who wouldn’t have trouble sleeping with such a long list of painful symptoms?
Autonomic dysfunction multiple types -> again: WE KNOW
Sciatica nerve pain -> symptom of either SB, EDS or the back surgery. It would be more suprising if they DIDN’T have it.
Chronic vasovagal syncope -> Yeah, that’s basically what POTS is?
Neuropathy -> Not specified, but technically any kind of numbness and tingling would qualify, which is normal in SB
Raynaud’s syndrome -> very common in EDS and/or dysautonomia (and a lot of other conditions, too.

So basically, they have:
1. EDS with comorbidities
2. Spina Bifida with surgical complications
3. HR and BP issues (since hyper-POTS isn’t the type that is often seen in EDS, it could be a seperate issue. There can be an overlap in symptoms though and some authors don’t think the types can be neatly divided, so one could argue that these issues are already covered in the “with comorbidities” part of EDS)
4. Psychogenic issues
5. Some mild things that hardly seem worth mentioning

Technically, you could even say Spina Bifida is a symptom of EDS as they often go together, but as it's mostly spina bifida occulta that's described in the literature and SB in itself can be quite disabling (depending mainly on the location of the defect) I think it's legitimate to mention it seperately.

No. 476165


And this SDP vlog is nothing but trips to various fast food restaurants. Publix, Taco Bell (but there was no place to sit), Subway, and Baskin Robbins for a large banana split and where they were recognized by a subscriber. Ooh, so famous, y'all!

No. 476167

File: 1516464435679.png (48.61 KB, 800x215, Screenshot_2018-01-20-08-00-51…)


Has Dom discussed this in her videos?

No. 476169

File: 1516464628802.png (33.13 KB, 800x178, Screenshot_2018-01-20-08-01-45…)

From the comments of a new video of SDP Dom and her son at the playground.


No. 476172


To clarify, they went to Subway instead Taco Bell because there was no place to sit.

At the end of the video she is not wearing her seatbelt. She was too excited about being famous.

No. 476181

File: 1516466056340.png (768.42 KB, 2300x1460, 3AEAE2C5-888F-4594-9B71-8B2347…)

I made this last night, guess you and I had the same thought process. She’s way OTT and has posted almost “I’m the sickest” comments on other people’s posts when they get diagnosed.

No. 476206


You would think that someone who feels the need to list that many illnesses and symptoms would be able to spell them somewhat correctly and would keep their vertebra numbers straight. I'm sure she'll have a new diagnosis for carpal tunnel after typing out that mess.

And I love it when these munchies list OTC meds or supplements with their generic scientific names like people don't know what bismuth subsalicylate is.

No. 476258

What it looks like is that she just googled spina bifida and eds, and wrote down every possible symptom/complication. Both of those syndromes happen along a continuum, and most people do not have every single symptom, in fact that’s very rare.

No. 476344


Allergic to sunlight? Not unless she has Xeroderma Pigmentosa, which I'm sure she'd have mentioned!

No. 476345

solar urticaria probably.

No. 476352


kek if only she knew Jaquie wasn't paying anyone to do CC at all, and instead her devoted fans "contributed" captions

No. 476355


the BRIDGE device she's talking about doesn't "stop the pain reaching the brain", it's made to ease withdrawal from opiates and other painkillers….


No. 476388

Major kek. She’s trying to claim this device stops pain? I’m working on a similar device and at this point, the ONLY thing that it’s FDA approved for is easing opiate withdrawal symptoms. In fact, there is little to no efficacy proof in regards to pain at all. She’s delusional.

No. 476429

File: 1516490685837.jpeg (151.54 KB, 638x951, 16BA9405-E458-467B-802E-6F7890…)

Of course we all know JBN is rather fond of spending time there!

No. 476463

File: 1516495052157.jpg (539.88 KB, 790x1486, Screenshot_20180120-183338.jpg)

So in the last two days SDP has spent around $500 on new reptiles.

No. 476485

File: 1516498748710.jpg (393.31 KB, 1287x1672, IMG_3598.jpg)

I'm pretty sure this girl's been posted here before.

From her story a couple of days ago, I guess someone told her she's not that sick?

No. 476513

chronically.ams/Amy Lee Fisher uploaded a video today listing channels similar to hers in an effort to help out smaller channels now that YouTube is demonetizing channels with less than 1000 subs. There may be new cows contained within. I haven't had a chance to click on any of the links yet, so some of the names may already be mentioned here or non-Spoonie/non-Munchie.

No. 476540

File: 1516503539458.jpeg (186.35 KB, 751x1334, 55540FFC-6D46-40D8-A060-9C74A9…)

obviously “somatic” disorders have been brought up often kek

No. 476542

What a bitchy response. Geeze. "Oh honey…"

No. 476545

This is alarming, please tell me she isn't turning into Taylor Nicole Dean… Getting that many animals that fast is disturbing and possibly a sign of some impulsive tendencies. How can she care for all of these animals AND Liam? And they had to weasel the landlord (Admitted by Chase) into the whole ESA schtick, then she goes and fills the place with huge fish tanks and too many reptiles for me to keep count. I really hope that she is able to care for them because she strikes me as someone that would carry the guilt heavily and it would be horrible for mental health.

No. 476579

File: 1516507773095.png (948.5 KB, 640x1136, 75B4162B-E01D-4B58-89BC-C31646…)

This girl is ridiculous, she’s also the one that was posting her “dystonia” that obviously was just her shaking very much on purpose. This is a gem of the whole I-totally-have-this-condition-even-though-testing-was-negative spoonie/munchie shit.

No. 476580

File: 1516507798361.png (175.57 KB, 640x1136, 1D7CAC7F-BB40-4C82-B258-C3BD84…)

No. 476583


"a lot of movement in my neck" well duh, isn't she hypermobile??

No. 476584

File: 1516508221929.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2034.PNG)

Meanwhile, unicornspoonie is angling for a wheelchair again. This has since been deleted, I wonder if the poll went overwhelmingly negative and she backed out.

No. 476629

File: 1516511640451.png (745.12 KB, 750x1334, 810B0C71-58E4-4D7C-8B55-55E1D2…)

Oh my good lord

This is Ella gagging as she was ending her video by letting us know she was going to go throw up. In this video she THANKED VLOGGERS like CHRONICALLY JAQUIE for being sooooo open about their experiences with feeding tubes. Like Jaquie is in the hospital right now dealing with a GJ separation and she is so sooper honest about it that it’s helped her cope with her “super super super super super super super severe PTSD” that she may potentially be open to the idea of a surgical g for venting. Thanks so much Jaquie u r sewwwwww brave!!!! Munchie train choo choo ?

No. 476641

File: 1516513201553.jpg (748.83 KB, 1242x1991, IMG_0859.jpg)

Maybe if you didn't try to portray yourself as the "sickest spoonie" and brag about how you "almost died" multiple times when people talk about their own issues, you wouldn't be "accused for no reason".

But oWo Zoloft withdraw…

No. 476661

She followed Taylor! I looked at people she follows the other day while looking for related OTT's and boom! Taylor is the last account she followed! This gave me a similar creepy feeling.

No. 476666


Shit. Maybe she's thinking getting a bunch of pets is a good way to gain YouTube followers

No. 476683

File: 1516518550918.jpg (536.63 KB, 1242x1824, IMG_0860.jpg)

I can't stand the way she talks. It reminds me of Toddler Jaquie. "Delicate Little Flower" my ass.

And again with the "I almost died" stuff. Kek. We get it cow…You almost died.

No. 476688


I like to believe that was party sarcasm and she failed to notice it.

No. 476697


Right?!?! Like who the fuck are you looking at? No one is there, no one was watching live, she literally was peeping at herself. ?

No. 476699

Oh yes, she LOVES to blurt it out randomly when people ask about her PTSD. It’s strange because other times she claims it’s super triggering. She’s right, it’s triggering as fuck, and I had to face memories I had pushed away for many years. If it’s triggerknv to you don’t you think it would be triggering to others?

No. 476701

It’s a great question. I would LOVE for her to answer. She has no safety protocols in place as far as I can see, for when she passes out at home. There are not gates on the stairs, there is no playpen to plop him in, so what happens to this toddler when she fake passes out?

The passing out is SUPER fake.

No. 476703


Well, yeah, it's not really an issue because she doesn't actually pass out (as we've seen from numerous videos). But if she's pretending she does, she needs to also pretend to have a plan in place for safeguarding her child.

No. 476769

Let's not forget that she also illegally drives. If she was really passing out she wouldn't be driving, so are we really surprised that she doesn't think to make "potsie protocol" for her chold?

No. 476775

I would be extremely cautious in judging someone solely for having an inoperable tumor. There certainly are inoperable lung cancers, but inoperable does not mean there are no treatments. Chemo and radiation therapies may be employed. You have provided very little info but having an inoperable node could certainly be feasible.


No. 476821

Some states will snatch your license if you faint. Others won’t. I think some people with POTS can still drive because they won’t faint if sitting down.

No. 476869

In Alabama you must wait 6 months from LOC to drive. State Law.

No. 476875


i'm catching up with the thread and holy shit. that house is disgusting. it's not place for a toddler to live. that poor kid.

dom is at home all day anyway so why can't she clean that mess up? damn.

No. 476879


Obviously because of her "super severe POTS"?

No. 476891

The one thing that immediately gives away a munchie/OTT spoonie? "I'm seeing my doctor again today, I'm really hoping I FINALLY get my ___ diagnosis!!!" - instead of "I'm seeing my doctor again today, I'm really hoping that there's nothing wrong/we can fix this/there is a treatment/I can get back to work soon/that it's not ___/literally anything else!!!". Kindaaa obvious when you're freaking hoping for a chronic illness morons!!!!

No. 476919

File: 1516559382748.jpeg (137.39 KB, 1271x846, 0A576322-A690-4932-A919-33B31A…)


This is how well she was taking care of the bearded dragons just a couple days ago.

For someone who is saying she is so sick, why the hell would she keep piling on responsibilities? It’s bizzare and totally irresponsible.

I’m also curious why the snakes aren’t there yet? She has had them for a couple months now but they are still at a friends house.

No. 476921


Can someone link to Taylor? I don’t know about her.

No. 476946


Taylor (and her junkie rapist boyfriend) have their own thread.


No. 476988


holy shit this makes me so mad as someone who owns a crested gecko. if i could rescue that bearded dragon from her i would. that enclosure is pathetic.

where's the place for it to hide? the substrate? why is it so dirty!? bitch clean that poor thing's home up. just because you like to live in filth doesn't mean it does.

No. 477019


Physicians are responsible for reporting patients who experience loos of consciousness to DMV. Her not having been reported could indicate that she does not actually have a doctor treating her for POTS / a diagnosis for POTS in her medical record.

No. 477028

This is not true in every state. Texas doesn't require any reporting despite having a 6 month no driving rule after syncope.

No. 477032

Has she been posted before? She "accidentally" took a picture.

No. 477033

File: 1516569215546.png (675.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180121-160714.png)

Oops here

No. 477037

File: 1516569432826.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180121-161522.png)

Medfagging. t wave abnormalities can be for any number of reasons anxiety is a major cause of one, dehydration, one of the most common reasons for abnormal ekgs

No. 477045

File: 1516569704427.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180121-162038.png)

Oh Jesus almighy yeah I think I found one. She's 18 too

No. 477051

OMG jeez anyone who vomits enough/ regularly knows what bile looks like! WHO posts this on their social media?! Also she is vomiting in hospital (I presume) given the sick bowl so ASK A NURSE!

No. 477055


wow, anachan much?

No. 477057

If you go on her page there's like four photos of her vomit. This one is interesting.

No. 477065

Usually I just contribute to existing cow's. My first find. Sorry about the anachan.

No. 477125

File: 1516573860174.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 8BC36D67-1852-4714-A2CA-06BF0C…)

Anyone else not expect Dani’s voice to be as creepily high as it? Kinda sounds like she’s forcing the “baby talk” voice.

No. 477132

She’s an ana chan, just like lots of our munchies. Physical illness gets you sooo many more asspats, though!

No. 477143

It was awkward waiting for someone to come on her live. I was embarrassed for her.

No. 477152

It's her own fault. She won't let anyone follow her new account. I was following her previous ones but she stilllllll hasn't accepted me or many other farmers.

No. 477190

LOL another medfag here..
I check ECGs every day at work and that "nonspecific T wave abnormality" thing is SO common and it mostly means anything (sometimes it's like negtive V1 and it's a normal variation) and it definitely doesn't mean that she has a rhythm problem!!

omg she's SO lying lol
proof of that is that she doesn't even showed the entire thing..

No. 477204

How to decipher munchies/Ott

T wave abnormalities

No other symptoms
The most common abnormality
Rule out lead misplacement
Rule out hyper ventilation
Rule out anxiety
Rule out dehydration

Nah fuck dat . Myocardial ischemia it is!

Sage for medfagging

No. 477231

File: 1516579658529.png (625.69 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180121-235759.png)

EeveeEmmyVlog ~ Her last couple of videos have been full of contradictions when it comes to her mystery leg pain and need for wheelchair. Again she has her husband wheeling her around toy shops while she wears a face mask for extra attention.

She talks about barely being able to walk from one room to the next in their apartment but she walks to stores and restaurants that are not wheelchair accessible.. just as long as she's being bought something.

No. 477238

File: 1516579850017.jpeg (271.31 KB, 1242x1600, 2CFF001A-DEA9-474C-B504-D6E650…)

Why the hell is she writing a book?
No one wants to read your vomit diary.

No. 477248


She clearly has shitloads of mental health problems, quite serious ones, and I have empathy with her for that. I’m pretty sure her empty scan came back normal. I expect her symptoms are somatic. She needs better help for her MH not toobz.

No. 477251


Not a medfag but munchies are dumb. They don’t realise that the human body has variations and there is such thing as normal/common abnormalities. Also, the more tests you have, the more things you find wrong that you wouldn’t otherwise even know about.

No. 477259

It’s like the munchies that get genetic testing and freak out when mutations are found. Everyone has mutations in their DNA, problems caused by mutations however are rare.

No. 477296

I swear half of them are self diagnosing with fucking 23andMe or whatever spit test results and calling THAT genetic testing.

Dumb bitches don't understand anything about the genetic conditions they try to claim or how they are diagnosed.

No. 477297

Samefagging but this is why you need to go to an actual geneticist for sequencing when a genetic condition is suspected. You're only told mutations if it's known to be pathogenic, and very occasionally for some mutations of unknown significance. They do not tell you mutations that loads of people have that don't cause any problems or are found in a large percentage of the population.

No. 477314

File: 1516585254359.jpg (347.21 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20180122-013708_01.…)

Looks like Nicole and her beloved teddy are still in the hospital

No. 477358

File: 1516588882941.png (465.97 KB, 936x599, wtfpip.png)

Unearthed this one from under the swarm of service pet accounts.

This one is notable for the crack-den murder house photography and the resident psychopath masquerading as a cute pet voice text.

Basically another EDS munchie trying to train a dog to be a support animal, but holy shit all of her entries make my hair stand up on end. "It puts the lotion in the basket" vibes D:

No. 477359

File: 1516588918622.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, D1F10BD6-94B3-4280-A6DB-0C3225…)

Because taking money from people for no valid reason wasn’t good enough.

No. 477360

File: 1516589107974.png (912.77 KB, 640x1136, 953B99FB-DB1D-400C-8E89-F63A67…)

$15 for something that looks like it took her five minutes

No. 477372


It's not even centred!!! Who would buy this, except I'm kidding myself because of course one of her hoard of sycophants would love to own something touched by their munchie queen.

sage for rage

No. 477375


It did take her 5 minutes because you can watch her painting the damn things on her youtube videos. It also looks like she wrote "find the rositive". Her calligraphy needs work.

No. 477389

File: 1516591538888.jpeg (580.53 KB, 1800x1800, 1C2459AF-DA29-4A4F-BB5C-8EC9E7…)

Dani isn’t clearly so desperate for attention post hospital that she had decided to return to the endlessvoices account - claiming she didn’t want to clog the other account with medical stuff (did she post anything non medical on it)
- note how she points that the stimulator is “sticking out quite nicely” - any normal person wouldn’t want a device sticking out of them and would hope that it will be less noticeable as the swelling goes down. But Dani thinks it’s nice.
- she is entertaining herself by reading lots of tween books and coloring - in a children’s coloring book
- she is claiming she sent the “bf” houses and apartments to look at so that they can figure out which ones to look at and find their dream home and move in together (she can’t wait to live with the love of her life). She is clearly hoping for a fantasy. With no income she is likely not going to find her dream home and he doesn’t seem to be jumping to move in with her (why not spend a solid week together before house hunting)

No. 477401

The one good thing about the Facebook support pages is that they will repeatedly tell all munchies what a crock of shit the 23andme type tests are.

No. 477425

File: 1516594027794.jpg (36.79 KB, 453x214, glZ7GSG.jpg)

Aubrey and her stalking of Mary Frey is kind of frightening. These thumbnails came up next to each other on my YouTube feed.

No. 477436

They look the same, they act the same, they’re both ridiculous. Except Mary’s actually sick, and Aubrey’s issues are all in her head.

No. 477439

File: 1516596634296.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, CB4195E8-3164-4834-BD16-F8B9D9…)

In today’s train wreck…

No. 477440

File: 1516596679820.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 92C119CE-215B-4B80-B172-7604BA…)

Uh huh, sure

No. 477441

File: 1516596725169.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, 182D156C-1A02-45A6-935D-49B833…)

The fun continues

No. 477442

File: 1516596814690.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, FAF169A4-2679-4C81-AD2D-B16C96…)

Maybe you’re tachycardic from all your asthma meds that you’re clearly obsessed with?

No. 477448

She just shows us another video of her hands shaking with a poll “does anyone get this”
Um you just puffed albuterol, no shit you’re shaking!!!!! Anyone would! Jesus fucking Christ

No. 477452


Aubrey is like the dollar store knock off of Mary. I also think it's interesting that Aubrey's husband won't be a part of her videos anymore. She said it's because he has two jobs and is going for his PhD, but it sounds to me like he wants nothing to do with it anymore. He's not even in her dumb (copie from Frey Life) opening credits.

Mary at least has a normal voice, even if it's understandably shaky sometimes. Aubrey should add vocal fry to list of diagnoses and maybe she can have someone get her to stop whining through her nose.

No. 477455

Oh? When did this happen and why? I didn't know she was removing her hubby. Has she said how come?

No. 477471


Aubrey addressed it one of her very recent videos, but of course in that faux positive way that it was just best since he's so busy and it was her idea to do the vlog not his. She even has a new opening credits sequence. He isn't even on the videos where you can see his leg. I wonder if his family has been complaining or something. Or it was just too much with everything he's trying to do to keep her in meds and formula. It kind of puts a kink in her plans of being the next Frey Family Chronic Illness Team. Or maybe there really is trouble in munchie paradise? I don't know, but I thought it was weird, too.

No. 477493

File: 1516604613166.jpeg (163.67 KB, 640x973, 7A42179C-0990-4FB8-98B1-E82801…)

Looks like she’s at the hospital for a second night in a row!

Why does she keep going there when there’s nothing physically wrong with her. Her problems are psychosomatic and are not something the ED can fix.

Hospital staff must actually despair every time they see her

No. 477494

It’s not her body that is causing a problem; it’s her mind!

No. 477567


An absolute waste of my hard earned tax money. I have no issue with it if she was actually accessing help for her MH problem and engaging with support but taking pics of cannulas is clearly more IG worthy. <rolls eyes>

Also, there is a massive crisis in the NHS right now. A&E is at breaking point. This doesn’t help.

No. 477585

I don't get it>>477493 looks like she is having a transfusion?!
Everywhere near me is on opal 4 (the new name for black alert) which means that every level of care (GP, walk-in, a&e and all wards) are at breaking point. Does she explain what she is having done?! Or why? All I can say is at least she is on a trolley!

No. 477594

I'd say it more looks like the line has backed up with blood. She's never claimed to beed transfusions. It happens when the bag of fluid has been left running when there's no fluid left in it or for example you've walked somewhere with the bag so the lack of gravity makes it back up

No. 477595

Ah, most trollies have an in-built drip stand but I can see the tube going down. I wonder if this was due to how busy the hospital is or if she did this on purpose.
It also suggests that her fluid isn't on a drip machine but just gravity? So it must just be fluid and not a medication that is given at a certain dose per hour per kg.
In which case it is even MORE ridiculous that she is there! If she is just on saline then she REALLY doesn't need to be in a hospital right now.
I assume her BP is too low for them to discharge her but she just shouldn't have gone in the first place, she should be able to manage simple dehdration (i.e. not requiring potassium) at home.

No. 477600

File: 1516625093337.jpeg (939.36 KB, 1242x1996, EFB8207A-8D8E-401C-9219-E5AE28…)

Look who might be getting that sweet sweet morphine pump!

No. 477601

Yes just looks like her cannula has ‘bled back’ rather than a transfusion!

No. 477607

File: 1516626887615.png (226.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180122-081219.png)

I love how super big sdp has gotten that she has "sponsors" now. I'll bet she hasn't tried any of that shit.

No. 477608

File: 1516627307485.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180122-081824.png)

So I don't know if she has divider glass but if she doesn't she's a moron. I don't know much of geckos but I know bearded dragons a bit and so I looked up cohabitatating with geckos. Yeah can't do that. Especially differing in size. Pretty soon she's going to be vlogging about how one "ran away". That smaller ones going to get eaten. Sage for blogging.

No. 477614

Samefag so she has two different geckos. Looked it up further. Still a bad idea. Rule is same species one tank when it comes to reptiles. I love how sdp knows everything about service animals, reptiles, yadda yadda. Fucking Google… Takes a minute. It's like she doesn't give a shit. Sage for rage

No. 477619

Wait… so she's stopping breastfeeding so that she can start new Rx meds, but she's been using CBD products this whole time?

No. 477620

Is it really that surprising?

No. 477621

That whole ordeal is just one big excuse. There are plenty of meds that she could have taken while breastfeeding

No. 477622

Apparently. But cbd isnt bad imo. I just wouldn't use it while breastfeeding from some internet friend.

No. 477628

Tom is still in the opening credits.

No. 477630

CBD is a hell of a lot less invasive than Rx meds, but there's not much research on its affect on breastfeeding mothers/babies.

No. 477646

Embed this vlog please.

No. 477657

Here you go.

No. 477666


Sorry, I thought she took out the part where it credits her "loving husband" or whatever it was. I probably blinked and missed it. In the old credits it was like she was the star of her own sitcom with her trusty costar sidekicks husband, dogs, and anonymous bridesmaids.

No. 477788

No need to apologize, but I appreciate it.

I agree if you blink, you'll miss him, plus he's in the corner of the frame wearing dark clothing.

No. 478021


Thanks again for pointing it out. I try to pay attention before I speak, but missed him. I went back and watched the intro and he's definitely just a blip. I think I didn't notice him because he was sandwiched in between the dogs. lol

One thing I will say in her defense is that she does seem genuinely attached to her dogs. Maybe other people have seen otherwise in her videos, but when she was whoring out for gifts being sent from her Amazon wishlist she seemed just as happy for the dog gifts as the ones for her. Even though Amazon wishlist whoring is odd to me, but whatever.

No. 478057


yeah but even Hitler liked dogs. bar's not super high there.

No. 478079

File: 1516658088814.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, 34903B3A-07B2-4BAD-A3A6-437777…)

Top kek, anon. Also, both photos of her story are shoutouts to people giving her free shit. Which was probably one of her main goals all along.

No. 478088

File: 1516658283625.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, 65A4F198-5237-4DB2-8666-F5708D…)

She’s like the Mariah Carey of munchies. Used to be a little interesting, now obnoxious, boring, and thinks she’s better than everyone else and expects to be treated that way, despite everyone seeing through her bullshit. If there’s anything worse than a munchie, it’s a washed up former munchie queen desperately trying to hang on to her spoonie community popularit

No. 478103

File: 1516658859717.jpeg (131.04 KB, 640x865, 7C3C050B-67D7-4610-BB5B-3ACE17…)

Of course she’s still got followers like this, so why would she ever give up being a munchie?

No. 478106

File: 1516658904898.png (285.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180122-170501.png)

WHAT THE FUCK? why do they talk like this? Someone decipher this shit. How the hell does she know all this mumbo jumbo. Sage for blogging. Even with my surgery I knew I had a type a surgery I didn't know all the miniscule details. Shes like what 18? 20? She talks like my doctor. Maybe I'm an idiot.

No. 478112

I posted her a little while earlier…She’s possibly getting a Morphine pump.

This cow really irks me with her “I almost died” bullshit.

And she speaks like a doctor because that’s what the Munchies do to make their delusions feel more real.

No. 478114

Same fag Looked it up. It's long for lipoma. Just say lipoma. Adding all the extra letters doesn't make you sicker

No. 478121

If they invested half their time into a career as much as they do as creating illnesses you'd have a whole shit ton of successful people

No. 478130


Good thing that Kate Farms is great for munchies.
I am surprised they use Aubrey as a spokesperson (I can't remember what munchie posted their Kate Farms shipment with the card they sent of Aubrey as one of their success stories or something of the sort). Aubrey doesn't run her feeds at a rate to sustain her and has munchied her way into tpn so clearly she isn't a Kate Farms success story. You would think Kate Farms would want to find someone who is actually improving with their supplements and able to live a more normal life. Unless there isn't anyone because Kate Farms is essentially just munchie juice.

No. 478145

Do you really consider her washed up? I think this is an interesting topic, because it's hard to say who is a "rising" munchie or OTT spoonie and who will or won't make it big.

Any predictions, farmers? Unfortunately I suspect Kati will continue thrusting herself into fake activism, which she can only do because she's barely unwell at all - but I think she will get more successful in her lane. I would never have predicted that Jaq's friend (Janiece? I don't really follow her) would develop her own substantial following and Patreon.

I think of the UK ones, MBV is the most successful in real terms. She has the connections and savvy to keep building her brand. A lot of UK spoonie instagrammers seem to be getting less exposure (not seeing them in top posts or being featured much, some of the big accounts are posting much less) since there's been such a big shift towards service dogs and devices, neither of which are such a thing in Europe. Chloe Leanne has a following but she's too obviously mad to hit the true mainstream, I think.

No. 478147

But then they would have to actually work and their poor toddler minds just can’t handle big girl jobs…Elaborate schemes, on the other hand, are a walk in the park.

No. 478157


Yeah, Aubrey liking her dogs is not saying too much, and all of three of them are more interesting than she is.

I'm especially grossed out by the free shit she gets people to send her. She expects her husband to have two jobs and her family to help while she sells her watercolor "art"
and then asks for free shit from followers. She pretended to be embarrassed about sharing her Amazon wishlist, but I'm sure it was her plan all along.

No. 478175

Eh, Aubrey could go either way. She’s got less followers than a lot of the munchies, and she seems to be getting less comments recently. She definitely is boring, though, too ridiculous to be taken seriously, but not ridiculous enough a la jaquie to have people follow her simply for the entertainment value. She’s trying to portray herself as mature adult yet doesn’t know how to do so, so is stuck in this weird gray area where she’s just bland and uninteresting. Plus she’s too much of a Mary Frey carbon copy with nothing individualistic to make her stand out. The only reason she got to the place where people started giving her money in the first place is that she’s a young, not terrible looking, white girl who had money and bought herself into shaky legitimate spoonie territory (with all the chronic Lyme bs, the port, all the antibiotics, testing, etc., even if insurance covered some of it, that stuff couldn’t have been cheap), which made her believable (even though we know she’s lying her ass off). That’s what munchies do, they manipulate their way into one thing, a port or a feeding tube, and that makes them look like they’ve actually got something wrong, because why would any doctor in their right mind put one of those into a healthy person? And they use that false legitimacy to get more and more. But I don’t think she’ll last, people are already getting bored of her and it’s only a matter of time until someone younger, cuter, and more manipulative comes along.

No. 478192

I unfortunately agree wth your prediction with Kati and I realllyyyyy didn't see it coming with Jan. I can't believe anyone gives her money. Not like it will stop her, but at least Angie Dong is finally getting called out on Tumblr!

No. 478195

File: 1516662402248.jpeg (443.8 KB, 750x1168, D3AB02E0-EAD5-418E-88E6-4D3139…)

1/2 JBN is inpatient AGAIN. Due to the need of everything IV. Also notice she has not mentioned therapy in ages…

No. 478197

File: 1516662452897.jpeg (400.82 KB, 750x686, 08769975-B70D-447E-BA41-B351BC…)

2/2 post along with JBN’s picture.

No. 478200

She actually mentioned therapy the other day if you look at her Instagram and she mentioned it in her story.

No. 478214

She mentions it, but if she actually goes, she doesn’t seem to be doing it how she’s supposed to. She’s in literally the same space she’s been in for years, and taxing an already-taxed medical system. She needs to stop being selfish and deal with her psychological problems in therapy and at home, not putting feeding tubes down her gullet and running to A&E everytime she has a stomachache.

No. 478219

Jan’s got the world’s best mentor, who’s pretty much dragging her in more and more. Not that Jan is innocent, she’s obviously loving all this.

No. 478272

File: 1516666813627.jpeg (544.61 KB, 1242x2208, B8844B30-536F-43C3-8980-EB3313…)

It almost seems like she’s congratulating herself for having to get 2 MRI’s. What the hell is with the ‘100’ emoji, kek.

Watch this “infection” be something simple like a Salivary Gland Stone.

No. 478286

File: 1516668018068.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, 80A43E2F-E394-4873-892C-19B8E9…)

Unicorn.spoonie STILL thinks she has EDS even though we all know she doesn’t and she’s literally never been diagnosed. But oh no, her hip popped so it MUST be EDS.

No. 478304

File: 1516669079295.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, 2E2E2A00-F07B-41FE-86E5-F12726…)

This just makes me sad.
Dani needs serious help and she won’t admit it.

No. 478308

File: 1516669302207.png (82.9 KB, 981x230, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 01.0…)

Found another UK "vaccine injured" once. FFS why are they all Chloes?

No. 478309


I don't think she's even been to see anyone about a possible EDS diagnosis!

No. 478328


Until Aubrey upped her game, it used to be Jaquie that was the Mary Frey copy (well, brunette version). Aubrey's so creepily obvious though.

No. 478331


Just waiting for this bitch to catch the flu that's causing havoc in A&E units at the moment.

No. 478346

can posters see who voted and for what? or do they just see the results of the poll?
and yea, Dani is sad, the coloring book for 5 year olds recently is particularly disturbing, like she's regressing more than usual.

No. 478350

Yes they can see results of the poll with who voted for what. They can also see who sees the post in general.

No. 478398

No. 478440

No one should be allowed to claim they study health sciences and have a "vaccine injury" that isn't back by any science.

No. 478444


In one of her vlogs right before purchasing her wheelchair she mentions with quite a pitiful undertone how she sold another Lolita dress to fund the chair, but throughout her vlogs she's always buying or getting bought blind boxes, geek merch and toys.

Priorities clearly in the right place.

No. 478450


I only noticed tonight that she has her paypal listed in the description boxes of her videos on both her vlog and main channel.

Not only does her husband fund her hoarding of toys and the purchasing of a wheelchair (that she doesn't need) Now her viewers can too!

The vlog where she is being bought lots of decorations for the wheelchair made me laugh, she barely even has it a month and already it's being cluttered with the expensive but cutesy crap that she loves to have her husband constantly buy for her.

No. 478452

File: 1516675372780.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, EB04FCC8-5B92-4586-88A6-52FC13…)

Oh no! Better post it on IG instead of being completely freaked out and calling 911 or emergency services or a doctor for advice ??‍♀️

No. 478461


If it isn't documented on Instagram did it actually happen though?

No. 478503


She nursed while vaping. She didn’t seem concerned about the nicotine. And there are plenty of psych meds she could have started and continued nursing.

No. 478514


Sounds like someone should contact her doctor at and make sure they know she is passing out all the time and what the law is.

Or maybe she can be reported to authorities since her info is out there?

(She put the info out as to who her doctor was)

No. 478520

Oh joy - Dani has decided she is giving up the endlessvoices IG again and says you can follower her on her personal account (but goes on to say she has to approve you). And she is back to making youtube videos. She has posted 4 videos in the past day. I scrolled through them and I don't encourage it. She lists her chronic conditions (but no mention of anything mental health related except for the anorexia). Her voice still sounds terrible and its a compilation of terrible angles, bad lighting, and rambling about absolutely nothings. She shows off her child coloring and sits on a lot of couches. She has added the community room of her apartment to her sitting locations (it looks like nobody ever uses it). She claims she is moving by April and says she has packed up all her clothes and books even though she doesn't have a place picked out yet and its a hassle every time she needs to get clothes from the box. She bought herself a bunch of cheap birthday presents (no mention of presents from anyone else) and is getting herself a "warrior box". She also is looking into a medical alert bracelet. Her newest beverage is the Bai drinks - while they don't have a ton of sugar they are low calorie which probably isnt great for someone on a restricted diet. She claims she is eating basically only mashed potatoes and talks about getting her nutrients in - I am not sure she knows what nutrients are.
She really is desperate for attention - I am guessing she is coming off the attention from the surgery plus she just had a birthday and I doubt anyone made a fuss about it. Reappearing (and then disappearing) from the endlessvoices account was just a grab to try to get people to follow her other account and the YT videos are a joke and she really ends up just shooting herself in the foot with it.

And lastly - she seems to have decided that since she lost several piercings after surgery that she is going to make it up with ridiculous earrings - she has at least 4 oddly sized hoops in each ear plus a feather. It is super distracting and really hides the fact that she actually can look pretty. (The hair is back to being greasy but she says its because she can only wash it twice a week otherwise it all falls out).

No. 478533

File: 1516682815271.jpeg (335.29 KB, 1242x1284, 5CAFA2EA-EA05-4E64-BB3E-62B53A…)

Oh yeah, you’re so “malnutrished” and that sure is a reeeeally high heart rate of 133bpm. Wow.

You aren’t getting fluids because you’re not a priority cow.

No. 478553

File: 1516684261973.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, DC09325B-F3D1-4A1C-BF4E-A4D8B2…)

When one minute you can’t walk but the next you’re talking about boys .

No. 478601

File: 1516687992996.jpg (874.94 KB, 1219x1455, IMG_3613.jpg)


wow this girl.

> my fave hydration is IV medication


No. 478602

File: 1516688018383.jpg (765.37 KB, 1240x1397, IMG_3612.jpg)


also she let her SD puke in a store? gross

No. 478682

Looked her up, she goes to the open university which is distance learning. It gives out credible degrees but little contact with lecturers etc who would call her out on that bullshit

No. 478712

>>474124 The autism tag, not weird because that is one of the list of magical diagnoses. There are other conditions and identities like being transgender, intersex, genderqueer which are used to make narcolepsy-eds-pots-epilepsy-chiarimalformation whatever the mystery diagnosis of the week is more interesting. It is another community to belong to and let's face it the world doesn't have enough hashtags.

No. 478722

>>478106 They talk like this because it is easier to cut and paste medical terms and use casual joining words than explain exactly what it is they have. Because they don't know, or they are lying. Chiari malformation is the new milk btw. They talk about cerebral spinal fluid dripping out of their noses and ears.

It is just another excuse to get an MRI, when it comes back normal she will say the specialist didn't know what they were doing and have a long attention seeking tantrum about it. How much do you think they have racked up in testing, all of them?

No. 478812

Not sure if this belongs here but it's plenty milky. This guy apparently is addicted to casting his body parts, he admits he loves the attention.

No. 478846

File: 1516723603531.jpg (448.03 KB, 1265x1814, IMG_3596.jpg)

New cow?

No. 478847


grown adult with kids warrior beads, tubie pads etc.

No. 478849

File: 1516723664623.jpg (583.48 KB, 1256x1584, IMG_3597.jpg)

Obsession with heart rate seems to be a big munchie thing.

No. 478965


kek. "Like it being 90+ most of today" Yet you manage to instagram the one picture where it is a normal 79. Right.

No. 479149

Hahaha yup. Pretty sure someone’s doing a little (lot) of munchie exaggeration kek

No. 479184

My favourite is the idiots who contradict themselves by going on about how extreme their pots/tachycardia/whatever is ALL the time because they are ALWAYS at 180+, but next thing they are posting a pic of their fitbit/apple watch/oxy pulse monitor stating they are at 120 - and they are apparently dying, cant stop passing out, need to be in an ER immediatly, believe they need a line or port for fluids at home, and whatever other disaster they can think of.

No. 479188

My favorite is the ones that pass out yet are able to video themselves doing it, and it’s very obviously fake. It’s such a Victorian-era-rich-girl-where’s-my-fainting-couch level of ridiculousness, and it makes me laugh.

No. 479194

I see the Fitbit and (unnecessary) medical alert bracelet, but what’s the sweatband looking thing? Is it another medical ‘tool’ she can’t part with?

No. 479198

File: 1516741460047.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3264x2448, 4872F355-C1AD-4652-9CB2-F9E977…)

They love their kid shit. I found a board from a pediatric ER that sheds some reason on why they like that mentality for their healthcare.

No. 479200

File: 1516741504288.jpeg (76.3 KB, 640x434, CDE49EAE-1E73-4981-9880-50CC68…)

Let’s look at the top part more closely

No. 479226


I think it's a travel sickness band.

No. 479244

It's a sea-band to prevent motion sickness. It's OTC

No. 479273

File: 1516743973936.png (671.85 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180123-213526.png)

Managed to get through a vlog without as much whinging about her various health issues, right at the end she puts on her baby voice and gives us a babyish wave and says that she overdid it at the weekend and doesn't feel well.

The only obvious illness here is a mental illness.

No. 479280

I’m pretty sure there’s a video on Chronically.Ams YouTube that shows her passing out.
They were just “trying out her BP monitor” and she stood up and passed out. Kek.

No. 479301

People with pots are usually really good at not passing out when standing up. Passing out every time they stand is a good way to pick out the fakers.

No. 479323

^Agreed. A lot of POTS patients will be pre-syncopal and sit/lay down to avoid fainting. Those who faint when standing probably stood up too fast when they were already pre-syncopal or they’re faking.

Kek, just do valsalva maneuvers or get this…Don’t stand in place cow, move around and you shouldn’t faint.

No. 479603

I don't understand. My sister has POTS and was hospitalised for 2 months before diagnosis as drs hadn't the foggiest what was wrong at first, but she takes meds to help and she works full time and goes about her life - why are all these chicks so dramatic about it?

No. 479606

File: 1516758294485.png (2.93 MB, 750x1334, A441DEA0-3466-41FB-8162-12998E…)

Yet can still post in 10/10 pain

No. 479607

Because they crave the attention being "sick" brings.

Also your're lucky your sis was hospitalized and it only took them 2 months to figure it out. A lot of POTS people spend months or years without diagnosis and are just tossed from doctor to doctor because no one can figure them out. If they go to an ER because their HR is 180+ they won't get much help because the problem vanishes when they're laying down.

(sage for mini-blogging)

No. 479609

Anyone else noticed how far apart her eyes look sometimes?

No. 479613

File: 1516758545180.jpeg (103.88 KB, 750x456, A529037E-F4F9-4C3F-BFB5-10DD3B…)

Does she think when she posts these videos - one of the worst thumbnails - I know she says she does everything on her phone but there is a way to change the thumbnail and if you don’t work or leave the house most days surely you can figure it out.
I couldn’t watch more than a minute if this one - long boring day is correct - the minute I watched she was explaining about how she showers at whatever time she wants - like every other independent adult

No. 479615

File: 1516758634643.png (9.8 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0937.PNG)

You forgot to post the one before it though!

Your doctors doubt you because you're a lying Munchie Aubs.

No. 479622

Honestly neither of those are normal experiences. POTS is pretty common sorry your doctors missed it. Being in the hospital for an expended period of time can actually cause POTS due to deconditioning.

Take your blog posting elsewhere especially if it's full of shit.

No. 479634


Those are two extremes. Most POTS patients fall somewhere in the middle. And most POTS patients don't have ports or use IV saline as a maintenance treatment, not that you'd know it from Instagram.

No. 479690

I'm well aware. Most of us have an interest in this thread for a reason.

No. 479696

No matter why people are here, it’s never okay to blogpost. That’s why it’s a rule.

No. 479715

10/10 pain is pretty much unconscious, not taking and posting selfies. Plus, we know that bitch can and does eat. She’s never got a sustainable amount of calories from her feeding tube, for months and months before her recent TPN. She exaggerates everything, and has just happened to find a handful of doctors that she was able to manipulate (although it sounds like there are some that see through her bullshit).

No. 479794

File: 1516769099793.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, C4CBBD8A-5915-4743-9A0F-A41673…)

Such bullshit.

No. 479853

File: 1516771202290.png (1.12 MB, 800x1020, Screenshot_2018-01-23-21-13-32…)

Tell everyone again about how you need "phototgraphy" gigs because you need to put food on the table?

Oh, right. You only posted that on Facebook >>472729. Instagram is where you show-off your frivolous spending.

No. 479862


Max's "save me" eyes :(

No. 479884

Did her doctors tell her to suck it up and eat so now she's playing allergic to food or what's going on?

It looks like she used one of those lip plumping lipglosses or got something spicy on her lips. Is that a public toilet behind her? What a loser.

No. 479887

She's got a package of cookies on there, and cleaning supplies. I wonder what other things in the cart for against the ilnesses she claims?

No. 479900

That is the saddest looking "service dog" I've ever seen.

No. 479908


her doctor told her today that he doesn't think she needs another surgery for MALS which he doesn't think she has. Then made her turn around and drive 5 hours back home and then come back next week for an angiogram so now she's sulking and trying to show the world that she is so very sick and her mean doctor is wrong.

No. 479911


Fetal alcohol syndrome?

No. 479948

Where is she with the public toilet? Is she at the ER?

No. 479958

Ahhh yes I called it! I was incorrectly diagnosed by the same doctor with MALS (he's an electrophisiologist…) and the only reason I know this is because the rude little bitch took pictures in all of the exam rooms.

No. 479960

How/Why would an electrophysiologist diagnose MALS?

No. 479963

BTW he is respected and suggested amongst spoonies groups. This is also Kati McFarlands doctor. I live in Texas and I HAVE to travel literally across the state to see most specialists because I'm in a medical wasteland so I see him because he is a POTS specialist.

There are just as good POTS specialists in Austin and Houston. She has no reason to travel to Dallas to see this SPECIFFIC doctor unless forums/message boards/Facebook groups/whatever have convinced her she will get whatever she wants from him. She's just a fucking brat who wants the doctor people told her to travel and go to. Of course she's mad because it's not working out her way when she absolutely thought it would.

No. 479969

Because if you go in there complaining of pots he does a slew of extremely thorough autonomic and vascular testing.

No. 479971

Ah! Well that's interesting. So did Aubrey go to him for her testing, or did she diagnose herself with MALS and then hope to get it confirmed by him?

No. 479975

I'm unsure as I don't follow her and only see what is posted her. I just recognized the office. Whatever it was, she seems pretty crushed she doesn't have MALS or was deemed an unsymptomatic case. It's actually a common finding but rarely causes problems.

No. 480072


That dog always looks so fucking miserable. Poor pup.

No. 480129

I'm pretty sure that dog contemplates suicide. I've never seen a more depressed dog in my life.

No. 480222

She probably doesn’t have pots either, but it’s pretty much the easiest illness to fake and say she has. I’m sure he saw right through her bullshit. I wonder if she’ll go back for the other testing or not. I guarantee that whoever did her testing before didn’t do all the pots testing, just the tilt table, which only tests for pots symptoms, whether they’re actually because of pots or just average, run-of-the-mill dehydration. But she doesn’t have any other gi condiditon either, as she was eating enough to maintain her weight and put on some muscle, while getting very few calories from her feeding tube.

No. 480244

File: 1516818010440.png (372.67 KB, 918x339, Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 1.18…)

how strange! Aubrey, who definitely has cancer, can't seem get her insurance company to pay for a scan to make sure that she doesn't have cancer anywhere else on her body.

No. 480248

That’s the problem with doctor-shopping: Maybe your hand-picked doctors believe your lies and fake symptoms, but most won’t, and lots of them can’t be manipulated like the ones you purposely found that can be. She’s like a spoiled, entitled child who’s been told no for the first time.

No. 480249

Kek it’s like she doesn’t have cancer or something, but needs a way to get out of her followers asking when she’s getting a PET scan like every single other person with cancer gets (almost always before any treatment is started).

No. 480250


yeah, you'd think it would be protocol and not an issue for insurance at all, so this is very strange, as Aubrey definitely has cancer.

has she started her treatment yet by the way.

No. 480252

File: 1516818385301.jpeg (16.79 KB, 225x225, F55423C8-A703-42FB-B84E-817D8A…)

Her eye is totes super swollen kek. She just looks pissed off, not sick. (Actual swollen eye for comparison)

No. 480254

But does she definitely have cancer? A tumor, sure, that could check out. But there’s been no evidence either way if she actually has cancer or not, except what she says (which we know is not very reliable).

No. 480260


oh yes she absolutely has cancer. why would she lie about something so serious. why would she hashtag a disease she does not actually have.

No. 480269

Thanks for the reference Anon! I wasn't sure what I was looking for in her photo she's sooo sickly looking smh

No. 480273

File: 1516819173542.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180124-092835.png)

Because the doctors right cow. Hmm those lies catching up to you Aubrey? Doctors starting to figure you out?

No. 480275

File: 1516819218907.jpg (275.44 KB, 939x498, lolcowaubrey.jpg)


That pic would be hysterical if it weren't so tragic. Who takes dumb pics of themselves frowning in earnest so we can see all her IV bags?

And what the hell does her "eye swollen half closed" have to do with anything? It's probably just seasonal allergies. I don't see the connection to anything else supposedly going on with her.

Attaching the rest of her little whine fest. I think she believes if she rambles incoherently it makes her sound sicker. That last part makes no sense. Here's hoping the insurance decides she and her doctors know if she has cancer. First, I thought it was a done deal. They already made a decision. Two, insurance companies don't decide that your doctor, much less you, "know" if you have tumors or not. She's so delusional.

No. 480277

Samefag damn someone posted it already. Didn't read up. My bad

No. 480279


Are you being sarcastic? Have you followed this thread at all? She and many other munchies have hashtaged a million illnesses they don't actually have. Hashtag does not equal diagnosis. I don't doubt there was a tumor but I am not 100% it is cancer either. She wouldn't be the first person to fake cancer.

No. 480280

She has amazing coloring for someone so sick.

No. 480286


JMO, I think the anon was being sarcastic.

Agree that she has good coloring and also a very full face that does not look swollen. I know illness can be invisible, but for someone who is unable to eat more than a few sips of celery juice, she is not very gaunt.

No. 480291

She's always looked so bright and full of life for someone with so many illnesses. I dunno. Dont know what substance that holds but I find it odd.

No. 480292


aubrey even made a video saying she had come to terms with her cancer diagnosis, just a day after getting it (which she definitely did). extremely brave and truthful for definitely our cancer-having warrior

No. 480311


it's easy to come to terms with something you don't have.

No. 480362

And to be excited that you now have a new angle to your munchieness that’s finally something someone cares about (since anyone with any lesser-know chronic illness can tell you that people don’t care about things they’ve never heard of). Her reaction was just not normal. She either is lying, or she is the munchie equivalent of winning the mega millions lottery. (I vote for lying, why else would an insurance company deny a scan, unless they knew she had a benign tumor? Hint: they wouldn’t. Insurance companies only deny things that they see as either unnecessary, or impractical because the cost far outweighs any benefit. They wouldn’t risk cancer spreading and then having to cover more intensive and expensive treatment later). Aubrey hasn’t been truthful about anything, why would she start now? No, she was looking for the cash cow diagnosis that would propel her popularity above the other munchies and OTT spoonies, and thought turning her benign tumor into cancer was the trick. She’s just really, really bad at the details.

No. 480505

File: 1516836698730.png (830.53 KB, 800x1112, Screenshot_2018-01-24-15-08-00…)

SDP Dom saw her doctor for POTS today. She will be starting a medication "to try to treat my blood pressure and my heart rate and all that fun stuff."

Her doctor told her to get a wheelchair now (tomorrow) because her joint pain impedes using a walker. Dom was so excited that she vlogged while she was driving. At least she wore her seatbelt.


The first comment is from chronically.amy who wrote, Custom wheelchair or like one from the store?

In other news, Dom posted two videos about her reptiles and amphibians and two (one live) about Repticon. In the comments someone referred to Taylor's channel in regards to handling geckos, ie. Taylor does it so it's ok!

No. 480511

You must of beat me by micro seconds. Damn. Yeah shes fucking ridiculous. No insurance, can get get doctors appointments, meds now wheelchairs. Fucking crazy. She will probably go with some thrift store over sized one. Or a gofuckme wheelchair, who knows.

No. 480512


Part of me wonders if she already had the test and it came back clear.
It really doesn't make sense that she wouldn't have had the scan prior to the surgery - especially considering she was in the hospital for a while. Doctors would want that test done pre-surgery to know what they might be dealing with and help formulate a plan. And insurance wouldn't typically be opposed in that case either - especially because if something was found they might be able to remove it during the same surgery which would reduce the overall cost.
I wouldn't be surprised if she had the test and it came back fine. She realizes that she hit the munchie goldmine - a (possible) cancer diagnosis that is easily treated with surgery and no need for chemo and/or radiation. She can claim she is a cancer warrior without having to worry about all the super nasty side effects and knowing that its not really life-threatening.
I am not sure if the tumors removed were or weren't cancerous. Even if they were I do think its likely they were caught so early (perks of having lots of unnecessary medical tests) that they could be comfortably treated with surgery only. From what I have read surgery is considered the only cure for the type of cancer she claims - chemo and/or radiation are done if it has spread/is too big simply to slow down the progression. Considering all the other medical issues she claims I am not surprised the doctors wouldn't want to put her through chemo if it wasn't completely necessary. Its kind of like when someone has skin cancer that is treated by removing the mole - I know several people in that situation and none of them claim to be cancer warriors.
She knows that if her "cancer" was cured with surgery only that she can't milk the cancer warrior stuff for long so she has to drag out the drama about the scan and make up excuses as to why she hasn't had it.

The only thing that makes me skeptical about my theory that she already had the scan is that I can't see how she would have resisted vlogging/posting about having the scan done.

No. 480519


What the fuck kind of POTS doctor recommends a wheelchair as first treatment? Is she wearing compression stockings?

No. 480528

File: 1516837760002.png (582.36 KB, 800x881, Screenshot_2018-01-24-15-41-05…)


This is the face of someone who was just told that she needs a wheelchair.

She literally cheered, "I'm getting a wheelchair! I'm getting a wheelchair! Yaaayyy!!!"

In the comments chronically.amy and another follower are discussing where she will get the wheelchair from, and Amy is under the impression that Dom has insurance. Awaiting Dom's reply.

No. 480529


kek that's how we knew HypermobileGuy didn't really have cancer. Went to the trouble of shaving his head and using all the right #cancersucks hashtags, but didn't post any chemo selfies, although never missed an opportunity to post ones of himself in an ambulance or in the hospital any other time.

No. 480534

File: 1516838158809.png (339.87 KB, 800x1171, Screenshot_2018-01-24-15-52-12…)


Apparently doctors at the Dysautonomia-MVP Center recommend wheelchairs.


No. 480570

File: 1516840464265.png (4.54 MB, 1125x2436, 36979C34-47AE-40CA-886B-017C87…)

Who the fuck, besides a pathetic attention whore of an OTT Munchie, shows this much joy over their doctor saying yes to a wheelchair????


No. 480586


Some contradictions on this, or I guess symptoms that are combined.
I could make some cheap combos like how anxiety can lead to tachycardia, but I won't.
insomnia → leads to excessive sleepiness and fatigue.
constipation → abdominal bloating and abdominal pain, possibly weight loss? Depends I guess.
Long story short, she wants to look super sick but having one symptom of her maybe 2 real conditions can lead to lots of symptoms.

No. 480587


This has already been posted >>480505

No. 480593

Absolutely not. I promise that the wheelchair is 100 percent her idea, and that no doctor signed off on it. Exercise, along with increased fluids and salt, is the number one treatment for POTS. Some clinics won’t even treat you if don’t commit to an exercise plan and follow through (including Mayo). No POTS Specialist would suggest a wheelchair, even for someone who also EDS, since exercise is one of the best treatments for that as well. And her joints are good enough to carry her kid and take care of fifty million animals.

No. 480597

I don't think I've ever seem Dom so happy about anything, not even being spotted as a major star at the Baskin Robins. Chronically Amy seems to think Dom has health insurance. She says it somewhere later in the comments, but no response from Dom.

No. 480598

This is a page of self-reported symptoms. She could circle whatever she wanted. Many of those things there’s not test for, so they can’t say if she’s lying or not. >>480586
Don’t forget dehydration, caffeine, and all the other things that can cause tachycardia and orthostatic hypotension. POTS is fairly over diagnosed in certain populations, including munchies and ana chans. They don’t actually have true autonomic dysfunction, but they’ve caused indistinguishable symptoms (unless the full panel of diagnostic testing is done).

No. 480617


fatigue and insomnia can go together. many people with CFS/ME also have trouble getting to sleep despite being exhausted all the time

But circling basically all the symptoms and then sharing them so everyone knows how sick she is… ugh

saged for fatigue fagging

No. 480678

File: 1516848230480.png (293.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180124-214138.png)

Aubrey's recent blog vomit post. Jeebus Aubrey. You just outted yourself as a damn munchie.

No. 480679

It’s not cfs if it’s a result of something else, then it’s just fatigue. With pots and eds and autoimmune disorders, it’s a symptom, not a separate illness. Plus, I’m sure most of these cows stay up way too late on social media, and generally have terrible sleep habits.

No. 480683

So I'm wondering if it really was cancer. I honestly think that because of her munchiness, she had so many tests and they realized that she has the same disorder that her brother does. Her brother had a neuroendocrine tumor, but it was benign. If she had the precancerous cells or even a small tumor that was benign, insurance is not going to cover any full body scans. My guess is that if the tumor was malignant and was greater than a certain stage, they might require preauthorization and then cover it, but there's no telling without knowing the truth about what type of tumor it was. I just don't think we will ever get that information.

I know she included a screenshot from Texas Oncology, but with EMRs, oftentimes the diagnoses that are being investigated are recorded in the patient's chart, even if these diagnoses don't turn out to be the real issue. So to me (EMR-fag) that doesn't mean it's really cancer.

No. 480685

As long as Aubrey and her followers believe she's sick, she's sick right? Doesn't matter the doctors are saying it's in her head. Kek

No. 480686

Wtf. This is. Pure. Gold. All real seizures show up on eeg, as far as I’m aware (medfags, yes?). And while chronic Lyme maaaybe is a thing (a credible medical professional I know says it is, but I don’t know), neuro Lyme is absolutely made up. And she obviously has some mental illness. Her GI symptoms are for sure made up, and most likely her POTS as well. Interesting that she’s swinging back to the Lyme shit as doctors seems to be catching on to the other stuff kek

No. 480691


Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures can be debilitating. Just because they're somatic it doesn't mean they can't majorly impact on your life (hell, I should know). With her history of mental health problems it's not that unexpected either.

They all like to pretend it's magical undetectable epilepsy though.

No. 480693


Exactly. Oncology covers the tests involved to determine whether something is cancerous or not as well as actual cancer treatment.

No. 480694

Correct organic seizures show up on regs. You have your temporal, occipital and frontal lobes which most seizures originate from. Unless miss Aubrey has a deep rooted tum ah in her brain the motha fuckas would of been on an eeg sage for med fag

No. 480696

I thought this, too, but I couldn't tell you. What's this thing she writes about seizures affecting taste?

No. 480697

no ones denying how horrible non epileptic seizures are but Aubrey is claiming hers are organic and just not showing up on eegs

No. 480700

Those are some of my thoughts as well, although my thinking is that it was a benign tumor (which they knew after the first biopsy), which is why she’s never had a scan (there’s no other reason why insurance wouldn’t cover), but oncology is following her simply because tumors are what they do, cancerous or benign (I’ve heard of other people seeing oncology for non-malignant tumors). But benign doesn’t get the asspats cancer does, so she’s just saying it was cancer. She’s a computer geek, she could have used her actual emr page and easily changed just what was under the diagnoses. Also, it being benign explains why they waited so long to take it out without doing anything else, which is absolutely not normal for cancer, even slow-growing cancers. And as much as she claims she was, she was never malnourished. We saw her muscle man posing.

No. 480702

Like so deep-rooted they were actually happening in someone else’s brain? Maybe someone on IG or YouTube?

No. 480704

Hell, anything is possible.

No. 480709

My phones being a dick BTW.

No. 480712

At this point with aubrey, I'm not surprised with anything she comes up with.

No. 480714

She can’t get Ebola, maybe hanta virus? Same bleeding from various places, just the local variety. Or maybe she’ll go the slightly more believable route of mysterious paralysis that’s maybe MS but also maybe ALS? Or the somewhat old-hat unexplainable life-threatening anemia, a la our old friend Kelly? Probably shouldn’t be giving her any ideas, but if she goes one of those routes, I said it here first.

No. 480724

People should just start just giving her ideas and see if she rolls with it.

No. 480726

I'm quite persuasive…I kinda want to plant some seeds in her Munchie Brain and watch them grow!

Also taste seizures? I'm so confused kek.

No. 480729


According to the Mayo Clinic site, this is a symptom of some temporal lobe seizures. But this would surely show on an EEG too since it involves (you guessed it) abnormal brain activity.


No. 480737

I think Aubrey mentioned that when she would get seizures it would taste like her mouth was filled with blood? Or maybe that was another Munchie.

No. 480744

See, I’m thinking that she probably has MacGregors Syndrome (MGS). Or Malignalitaloptereosis. Or maybe even Synaptic Seepage or Nerve Attenuation Syndrome (NAS), she’s about the right age.

No. 480748

Oops, it was already explained. I shoulda scrolled down first.

No. 480754

File: 1516853062971.png (783.15 KB, 640x1136, 14E53F18-801D-40B8-9345-476C14…)

Kek “Lyme protocol”. No, you dumb bitch, that’s a normal bath with a few extra normal things put in. Hell, I have non-ill friends that would be into that. But good excuse to show off your (completely unnecessary) PICC line and to talk about your POTS (or dehydration from your eating disorder or whatever).

No. 480756

File: 1516853094022.png (420.47 KB, 640x1136, E8D8112B-F000-479B-ABD5-3E368E…)

No. 480757

File: 1516853168845.png (1.47 MB, 640x1136, 26AE56CE-557C-41E6-881F-EFCD8A…)

How’s this for everyone’s nightmares? (bulimics tend to need a TON of dental work)

No. 480763

You should definitely mention those to her. I'm sure she'd leap at the chance for new diagnosis.

No. 480767

Everyone’s favorite train wreck is back, looking for ways to fake her tilt table test (turns out she maybe doesn’t have that precious POTS diagnosis after all)

No. 480768

File: 1516853820432.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, 285EDF82-1139-4EBF-B180-7D3871…)

Oops forgot the pic

No. 480769

File: 1516853863885.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, 929EA0DE-7CB5-4914-B3FE-591770…)

No. 480770

File: 1516853907247.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, 68EC42C7-8F31-454C-A4DC-43D53B…)

(It’s called google)

No. 480771

File: 1516853992164.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, 2FDEBD0D-FCC7-4C71-AEC8-982408…)

(There’s a computer right in front of you, and you’re on your phone)

No. 480772

File: 1516854053912.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, CDD5D02F-3A2A-4943-9FD2-F7886E…)

Maybe you’re just nervous because you know you’re healthy??

No. 480775

Kek only if she goes to the doctor before she googles them. Especially malignalitaloptereosis, just the first result would give her too much information.

No. 480784

File: 1516854767621.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x3181, Screenshot_20180124-222135.jpg)

Guys, Molly has an ostomy because of constipation, which is because of her EDS. Which she totally has because she hashtags it and tries to imply that is HMS is just EDS with a name change.

No. 480786

File: 1516854822330.png (360.3 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180124-222158.png)

No. 480794


I used to think Molly was one of chronically ill instagrammers who was legit (because who would get a poop bag unless it was truly necessary?) but now I see that she is as bad as the others.

I also thought she was Asian, so I'm 0 for 2.

No. 480795

Dumb question but why does it seem every munchie has/claims to have EDS? Isn’t that fairly recognizable and diagnosable?

No. 480801

I definitely think she has a legit reason for the ileostomy (even if it's not EDS). I do, however, think she's one of the more OTT ones out there. Can't blame her for being so damn smiley and positive though.

No. 480802

Lots and lots of people have hypermobility (1/10 women, in fact!). But very, very few have the specific collagen defect(s) for EDS. EDS affects the whole body, not just joints, and is absolutely genetic (in hEDS, you have to have a parent with it). But most doctors are only familiar with the one symptom of joint hyper mobility and misdiagnosis. Or a munchie is kinda hypermobile, and they diagnoses themselves. Plus, the stupid EDS society perpetuates the idea that having EDS makes you a special rare zebra, and munchies love that shit (if only they’d do something to actually help people with eds that want to live a normal life!). And the toys, few other invisible and fakeable illnesses have as many potential toys as EDS (no one with EDS needs all of them, it never works that way).

No. 480803

I don’t know, her story doesn’t add up. Plus, if she had EDS, floppy colon isn’t usually why people have dismotility. It seems like it’s a bit extreme to treat constipation with a colonoscopy, even if it’s severe, as there are lots and lots of treatments. Her muscles don’t work now because she’s not been using them, easy explanation for that one. It’s just suspicious that her explanation (EDS) isn’t actually something she has. JHS isn’t known to cause severe multi-system problems, which is partially why it’s different from EDS. She also doesn’t seem to care that she’s been told that’s not what she has, she wants EDS so is going with it.

No. 480809

Good lord they don’t call it EDS for a reason. She has mobile joints, like a huge percentage of the population does. Dancers, gymnasts, yoga practitioners, they often have that, too, but they’re not cutting holes in their bodies for poop. Besides, “hypermobility syndrome” doesn’t affect the GI system, except maybe mild IBS, which is also super common so it’s hard to say if it’s correlation or causation. She’s just a grade A Attention Whore.

No. 480812


Oh bloody hell i HATE it when cows, munchies, ANYONE does this (inc reposts). Spoiler your fucking IV/needle pictures, folk, some of us don't want to be overdramatic, but will involuntarily faint when faced with images like this.

(Seriously, I just went pale, sweaty and wobbly-legged.)

in before "get off the internet"

No. 480813


If she's dealing with cancer, then why is dental work high on her priority list? kek

No. 480814


I hope everyone answers in ways that will make her fail the damn test.

No. 480823

She wants those pearly whites to shine when she poses for being such a strong "cancer warrior"

Or her hubby won't kiss her gross bulimia mouth, kek.

No. 480831

Then why the fuck are you on a thread for MEDICAL malingerers? There’s tons of those photos on here, and we’re not here to cater to special snowflakes so they don’t get their widdle feewings hurted.

No. 480834

It’s also neither a needle or an iv, it’s a picc line, and that specific one has been posted many time. So get your panties out of your ass and either gtfo or shut up.

No. 480836

She is so fucking full of shit.

I can unfortunately shine some light on this as I've suffered impactions and legitimately have fucked up collagen. This is not exclusive to EDS, but once you have an impaction or close to one, you are at risk for more because your colon stretches out. It can go back to normal if you and there are even vowel retraining programs. She should just be eating a low bulk and low fiber diet while drinking loads of water to keep her stool soft.

She had to have begged for that bag or actually refused to shit (like, deliberately held it) and damaged her bowels IMO.

No. 480839

Ugh I can't delete my post for some reason and I just realized I wrote that like an idiot because I can't scroll up n the text box while I'm typing.

Bowel retraining, not vowel retraining

No. 480842

Exactly, lots and lots of people have problems with severe and chronic and even incurable constipation, and they still don’t poop in a bag. And and you are correct about collagen, it can be damaged, especially (but not necessarily) as people age. EDS is when all the collagen is faulty, not damaged, it’s a specific genetic error that causes problems in the body’s manufacturing of collagen. I’m sure collagen can get fucked up in any number of ways, like most of the body.

No. 480849


Even the severely disabled (by uncontrolled epilepsy) man I looked after, who suffered frequent impactions, didn't need an ostomy even though his seizures got worse when he was in pain from it.

On a vaguely related note, I wonder how rich her family are…. money talks?

No. 480857

EDS does not involve all types of collagen in the slightest. What about COL6? Or COL1? There are other genetic disorders involving collagen mutations, like what I have, which is why I simply said fucked up collagen.

You're right that collagen naturally decreases as you age but it's a very minor and gradual process compared to missing an entire type of collagen or having it so defective it doesn't function.

No. 480859


Max is more patches and gear than dog and looks so miserable.


I need to bleach my ears after listening to Dom's baby talk, praising him for behaving during his first movie in a theatre.

No. 480862

Why are you so happy to be walking around wearing a poop bag. Why is that so cute. I'm just constantly amazed by these people and the desperate lengths they go through to look so sick.

No. 480867

Aw shoot yeah I didn’t say that very well at all. All types of EDS involve mistakes in collagen production, but yeah there are totally different illnesses that involve collagen and it being wrong in some way. I actually know two people with different non-EDS but still involving collagen illnesses. I think where I was going with that was just that EDS affects multiple body systems, but hypermobility syndrome/benign hypermobility is usually limited to joints. (It’s a good thing I’m not a doctor or a scientist, because I obviously would have lost my credentials a long time ago kek.)

No. 480868

There’s a big difference for accepting that you have a necessary colonostomy and still being happy with who you are, and plastering your grinning selfies showing off said colonostomy (necessary or not) all over IG, while tagging yourself with things that you definitely don’t have.

No. 480887

Well, she goes to a pretty damn expensive college and she doesn’t get in-state tuition for it. This school also doesn’t give much in the way of financial aid sooo…

No. 480888

File: 1516867840184.png (6.81 MB, 1242x2208, 38085796-FBB0-46F9-8A90-B50585…)

Kek. Sickgalwithadog just wants to be oh so special. This tape job looks super shoddy which leads me to believe she did it herself.

(Apologize for incoming med-fag)

The way she’s “wrapped” her thumb is literally doing nothing to stabilize it. If anything it’s putting it more at risk of dislocation because of the downward pull on it. She has the tape go straight up and down, which just isn’t right for stabilizing the thumb. If you want to do that, you kinda make a ribbon shape around the thumb so the two end pieces of the tape are crossed.

Upon closer inspection it looks like she tried to do this, but failed miserably.

No. 480889

File: 1516867966242.png (6.74 MB, 1242x2208, 3A9A4A21-D5E8-4F19-84F9-B24A69…)


Even for a self tape job this is crappy, it also looks like she has 2 different tapes. Almost looks like paper tape around the wrist and a silky tape around the thumb. Both are things I wouldn’t use when wrapping for stability when there’s specific tape for that.

No. 480891

File: 1516868111298.jpeg (44.75 KB, 1280x720, 051C1E6A-A0C9-4C20-9F96-AB077A…)

Proper way. You can see the tape goes higher up on the thumb and less on the web between thumb and index. This is to, again, stabilize the joint.

No. 480892

Why are you reading the medical thread, you fucking idiot. There's all the rest of lolcow right there.

Also that's a fully treatable phobia so why don't you get some help instead of complaining.

No. 480907

get off the internet

No. 480927


The possiblities are plenty. She can pick a few very rare ones from this very informational website:


No. 480961

File: 1516886694919.png (307.39 KB, 672x848, Screenshot_2018-01-25-05-19-21…)

No. 480963

File: 1516886796758.png (465.85 KB, 800x1005, Screenshot_2018-01-25-05-17-16…)


You got called out. You didn't hide your profile pic.

No. 480972

I have nothing against ninajean as a person but she uses a wheelchair herself and complains often about her POTS, EDS and so on. And she's trying to be a media spoonie in the UK - fair enough if she really thinks it's worth doing, but she isn't in a strong position to call out SDP. Of course SDP is a munchie twat but one POTS/EDS wheelchair user trying to call out another means nothing.

No. 480980

File: 1516889469908.jpg (233.21 KB, 1273x1094, IMG_3621.jpg)

I found a British cow who mercifully doesn't claim "vaccine injury". Also a Breakspear alumnus, but is seeking £35,000 for a stem cell transplant… for EDS.

No. 480985


Aren't there types that are not because of a fault in the collagen, like clEDS?

No. 480986


All EDS involves collagen faults.

No. 480987

Hey this means SDP does read this. All along I thought she was "taking the high road" naah she knows her munchie status!!!

No. 480989

I thought that type was because of tenascin, not collagen?

No. 480997


Tenascin-X is a binding factor in collagen.

No. 480998

so if she reads this, she should know that her BS of "can't walk 5 minutes" is fake because she films herself playing around with her son. Oh yea, speaking of the kid, if she passes out at least once a day and is so dizzy she shouldn't be left in charge of him.

No. 481001

Barcroft covered a munchie yesterday.

No. 481002


I nearly posted her!

No. 481004

she's a munchie because?

No. 481005


This is the same woman who just last week posted a video of herself running around a playground with her son: carrying him, climbing the equipment, and following him through tunnels and down slides.

Six minutes in the family are driving to an arcade. Neither Dom nor Chase are wearing their seatbelts. He is vaping and exhaling massing clouds with Liam in the car. She is distracting him while he drives by manically laughing at him and clawing at him for his phone to play a song.

Dom, why haven't you addressed the concerned viewers who have asked what safeguards and emergency plans you have in place for when you pass out when you are alone with Liam? You say that you pass out "nearly every day."

No. 481013


oh kek there's also a video there of Natasha "I'm allergic to my own hair" Coates.

No. 481026

Kek guess she hasn’t heard that exercise is literally the best thing for pots. Also, no one with pots passes or every five minutes. Hope she has fun getting super deconditioned in her wheelchair, if she actually has pots (doubtful), it’s not going to help in the slightest. And there’s no way her doctor told her that. Pure unadulterated bullshit.

No. 481027

some extreme pots patients do need wheelchairs, but they also do daily pt and cardiac rehab. Don't see Dom saying she's doing that.

No. 481028

You mean Natasha the crazy girl who shaved her head and said her hair fell out but really she’s not that sick if she’s sick at all but is just not good enough to be a competitive gymnast unless she’s competing against people who are actually disabled?? Yeah she’s a total media attention whore.

No. 481033

If someone’s videotaping themselves chasing their kid around, they don’t have that severe of POTS. There are very few POTS patients that fall into that severe category, and she’s definitely not one of them. A wheelchair is still not a permanent solution either, which is what Dom is looking for. Even if she was actually sick, she doesn’t want to get better.

No. 481080

Lol when will y'all learn to crop your profile pic out? Also SDP deleted this post. Interesting because she normally likes any drama that can bring her attention… Also what does date night have to do with her wheelchair?

No. 481084

File: 1516899499663.jpg (700.68 KB, 1038x1894, Screenshot_20180125-105526.jpg)

Someone didn't like us calling her out. Wanna bet she was afraid her followers would come here and realize she's full of shit?

No. 481092


Who was it?

No. 481109

Kek she circled hypERtension!

No. 481121


She probably posted it at first hoping that it would paint her as a victim of bullying and cause her fans to come running to her rescue.
Then she realized that some good points are brought up here and started to worry her fans might actually read whats written and see through her lies.

No. 481125

File: 1516903647975.png (11.38 MB, 1242x2208, C695A3DD-A6D0-48F2-9602-83BD90…)

Well she “tried” to make it look more realistic. Kek she’s using paper tape which doesn’t provide much support at all. The tape job still looks crappy, like she just added some stuff higher up on her thumb.

No. 481127


That's the one.

No. 481128

The way she “organized” all those medical supplies so they’re laying out in plain sight…We get it, you’re sick. You’re also wasting perfectly good counter space.

No. 481130

WTF would she need urgent care for, she has half of the hospital on that counter!!

If you want to tape to support a joint there are loads of online resources both for med students and due to the popularity of KT tape and similar. You don't need to do a shitty job with the wrong kind of tape!

No. 481134


Wasn't Max originally just a psychiatric service dog for her PTSD (she still tags that)? Part of me thinks she's claiming EDS just to legitimise her use of him.

No. 481137

I’m half tempted to send her some really good videos on how to tape your thumb for support (she should watch them because it will make her dramatics more believable kek). Instead of failing miserably, how about you ask your followers if they have tips for thumb wrapping. But sure, you need to go to Urgent Care for your thumb.

Like seriously, YouTube exists for a reason. Though with the tape she’s using, even taping it correctly won’t do much good.

No. 481141


She claims the doctor wants her to use the wheelchair when she isn't at home (and yes I get that not all wheelchair users need to use their wheelchairs full time so please don't blogpost about how you don't use your wheelchair at home). Does she have a super special POTS that only causes her to pass out when she is in public. Oh thats right the primary symptom of imaginary POTS is only passing out when there is an audience. I don't follow her closely - did she pass out at the reptile convention thing she went to or was her convenient POTS not a problem when she was doing something she wanted to do?
I doubt she has seen at PT recently to guide her through what her "light physical therapy" regimen should be.

She wants a wheelchair because its another thing that screams "look at my 'invisible' illness".
Thankfully since she controls when and where her "symptoms" occur her son isn't really in much danger

No. 481179

She needs to go on Fludrocortisone short term whilst she starts reconditioning physio. 6-9 months on that programme (if she has POTS/ vasovagual syncope) and nothing more major (as in autonomic failure) and she'd be able to do 3x 30 min cardio/ week.

Going in a wheelchair is stupid. The only time I'd say it isn't stupid is if you need to get roung the supermarket without causing a scene so you can shop independently using a motorised cart. Other than that literally just making the situation worse. However in HER case she is clearly physically capable of walking around the supermarket, playing with her son etc.

No. 481220

File: 1516907619654.jpg (730.67 KB, 779x1797, Screenshot_20180125-130849.jpg)

She got it. It's a HEAVILY used one from a friend, and does not fit her properly AT ALL. She also got her handicapped parking permit. How long until we start to see all the "PEOPLE STARING AT ME USING THE DISABLED SPOT" bullshit drama videos?

No. 481224


No. 481225

OMG the lack of wheelchair cushion. If she has bad joints having no cushion or the wrong cushion can cause lot of pain. I mean we all know that's debatable but the mix of a chair that is obviously miles the wrong size and shape along with no cushion on it at all is a bad combination.

No. 481226

Kek she doesn't even have a cushion. Doesn't she also claim EDS? Most EDSers get pressure sores easily even with a cushion. Then again most EDSers wouldn't be able to self-propel in a chair that's not fitted for them.

No. 481227

I'm fucking dead. Because that looks like it would help with her "conditions"

No. 481229

And wouldn't that cause horrible blood pooling in her legs, you know, if she had POTS?

No. 481237


I'm literally wincing looking at that chair and how it doesn't fit her. Also if you have EDS, some pelvic support is usually recommended….

No. 481246

If she goes to get it adjusted they are going to laugh at her because it fits so poorly.

No. 481249


Calling her out would be inappropriate. She is not the cow.

No. 481252


If POTS patients have to use wheelchairs (usually for other conditions, not POTS as a primary reason), then compression stockings are pretty much mandatory.

No. 481253

I can't get over how beat to hell it is. The seat looks like if she sits down too hard it'll bust and she'll fall on her ass. She said that she's ordering a cushion now. It'll probably be on Amazon and she'll get the wrong thing, but who cares because she doesn't actually need it for anything other than the attention it gets get.

No. 481254


In the comments she says she is ordering a cushion now and will look for someone to adjust it. She says Max will be trained for different tasks and motility.

>possibly injure myself.

How about your son?

No. 481256

Bets that the dog will throw himself in front of the chair because he's so fucking miserable?

No. 481265

Oh my fuck, she's probably going to make the poor thing pull it because "pushing makes my hypermobile shoulders dislocate!"

No. 481273

Suicide by wheelchair. Kek

No. 481276

Is that even allowed in the US? To have a dog pull a wheelchair, I mean? I'm not sure if this is true, but I was told that it's considered animal cruelty and forbidden by law in the EU.

No. 481277

File: 1516910857961.png (149.25 KB, 591x769, 92231-8ca1172026d23bff034d1244…)


Her doctor's office requires insurance.

They also require a referral from a PCP if required by insurance, but neither doctor is described as a specialist in terms of their education or experience: Dom's completed a residency in internal medicine and the other practiced as a family physician prior to practicing at the clinic. Should they have more qualifications to describe themselves as specialists in MVP and disautonomia?

No. 481278

You can use a dog to pull a wheelchair. If the dog isn't a 40 ilb untrained one. Her dog isnt no where near the capacity to pull a damn wheelchair. We all know how her "mobility" training went. . sage for semi blog

No. 481282

Aww guise sdp took down her wheelchair post

No. 481283

She’s scared now. She knows her followers probably started checking lolcow and are afraid they’ll realize how full of shit she is. Bye bye YouTube money!

No. 481284


Probably because actual wheelchair users were commenting and pointing out how poorly she fit it!

also she made a huge mistake talking about lolcow

No. 481286

is it me or has she lost a shit tonight of followers. I thought she had like 3700 this morning?

No. 481287


No. 481290

Never mind folks my instagram glitches its still there

No. 481301

They should not be describing themselves as a specialist IMO. Did you see that janky self reported symptoms list? Ghetto and rushed as hell! It looks like she'd clinic saw a opportunity to make big bucks from the munchie POTS princesses so she decided to suddenly call herself a dysautonomia specialist. I'm sure other people can confirm that other specialists for any condition have significantly more thorough intake paperwork that is usually more of a checklist.

Everything she has posted just makes her doctor look suspicious. ESPECIALLY the wheelchair.

No. 481310

File: 1516913894216.png (106.92 KB, 800x1098, Screenshot_2018-01-25-12-55-35…)


You can look at the complete intake forms on the clinic's janky website.


No. 481346

File: 1516916475770.png (575.51 KB, 1276x330, Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 21.4…)

I found Chloe Leanne's twitter. Maybe all of these diagnoses are why she's so ill, and not the vaccine?

No. 481349

she says they're caused by the vaccine kek

No. 481397

File: 1516920999058.jpg (1.31 MB, 1080x3997, Screenshot_20180125-165004.jpg)

No. 481407

Whenever anyone makes vague claims like “organ failure” without saying which organs, you know they’re munchie.

No. 481420


also ME/CFS doesn't cause organ failure….

No. 481458

No, she totally has organ failure. Her brain doesn’t work at all. It’s the only way she’s able to pick so many illnesses that cannot possibly be caused by outside factors, and claim that they’re from a proven-safe vaccine.

No. 481459

I’m really confused; they knew she had pancreatic cancer but INs hasn’t even approved the PET yet? Now I’m really lost…

No. 481465

File: 1516925924813.jpeg (881.68 KB, 1242x2006, 2F2F6C02-76E3-4AB1-8D18-2401AB…)

She says she’s not playing the “sicker than you” card, but like- she needs help now. Like, omg, she might even have an autoimmune disease! Can’t resist listing all her issues though, she needs those asspats. Kek.

No. 481472



No. 481474


She doesn't claim to have pancreatic cancer

No. 481478


she claims to have neuroendocrine cancer. still cancer and still something you'd think insurance would pay for a PET scan for.

but it won't because she doesn't have cancer at all.

No. 481487

Wow guys! Cancer is running rampant through IG!

No. 481490

I can’t see why you’d get a dog to pull a wheelchair when you could go electric or power assist?
And yeah damn that looks hard and uncomfortable. Wheels look too far back for her “eds” shoulders.
I’m assuming she just wore her doctor down because she says the doctor says “I don’t want to talk about to anymore just get a wheelchair”

No. 481497


Exactly. And why do you have to ask your doctor if you can use a wheelchair? She can pick one up on one of her many non-seatbelted trips to Walmart for $100 or so. You don't need a prescription or permission to use one unless you plan on getting it covered by insurance.

No. 481501

Exactly! Since she doesn’t have insurance backing up the wheelchair, why not just get one? I am not sure the cost of your run of the mill chair, but being as she buys lizards and all kinds of things, I would think she could have bought one in a little better shape, even used. She is fine shelling out the dough for non-necessary items, but when it comes to her health she draws the line there!

I thought she lived in Texas, but her placard said Alabama. Neither have Medicaid expansion. However, shouldn’t she be eligible for ACA? Not sure how much hubby brings in or her YT money but a family of three with one spouse working and one sort of working should qualify for something I would think.

No. 481502

THIS. As a child I was impacted since day 1 and I went to a gastrointestinal specialist and never ONCE was an ostomy of any kind EVER suggested. I just ate tons of fiber, took laxatives every single day, and hydrated majorly. And I still have issues today. I cannot ever imagine someone just bypassing the entire pooping process because they were constipated. Ridiculous.

Sage for blog-fag.

No. 481504

Or just get an electric one…? I work in neuro rehab and disabilities and have never heard of a dog pulling a wheelchair. Sounds cruel

No. 481509

What a needy bitch

The more she whines the more I doubt she has anything wrong with her.

No. 481510


She needed to get her doctor's support so that she can get her disabled parking permit so that she has something else to "advocate" for, ie. harass people on camera for more views.


Alabama Medicaid eligibility requirements



Calm down, anons. She never said that she would have Max pull her wheelchair.

No. 481515

if anyone is interested i'm 99% sure it's a Quickie XTR. It's a discontinued chair but it's crazy expensive and only 20lbs.
i don't understand why anyone would give a chair like that away to someone who really doesn't need something like that


No. 481517


Of course it doesn't fit and is heavily used - she got it from a "friend" who is a paraplegic so it was fit to his needs. And insurance often won't pay for a replacement for at least 3-5 years that chair got a lot of use. Although if he really wanted to give it to someone who needed it he wouldn't have had to look too hard. I feel like there is a little more to the story about how she got that chair then she is letting on.

And yes the disabled parking permit is going to give her another reason to yell at people. I am sure she will start filming people who illegally park in the designated spots. Although I am sure that off camera her husband will use that parking permit without her in the car.

No. 481522

Nah, the hubby has a legit reason to use the handicap tag…He’s a handicapped by the crazy bitch he married!

No. 481531


I doubt she's lying about Spina Bifida (it's not cool enough to fake) but she's definitely the mildest case of it I've ever seen (everyone I've known with it is a f/t wheelchair user). But she's definitely OTT as hell, she has a story archive on her profile just for medical posts and there's like, 30 in there.

No. 481533

But…Her kind is the most serious kind of Spina Bifida! (According to her)

Sure, you have the least serious case of the most serious kind.

No. 481538

File: 1516932103753.jpeg (464.86 KB, 1241x1883, 2B4957AE-AF48-4448-A898-2A2F09…)

Oh my gosh. What a whiny bitch!

I’m not a huge fan of Nina but she makes some good points. Meanwhile SickGalWithADog must throw the “I almost died” card and the “I’m a sick kid with a life threatening illness uwu”
(Pt. 1)

No. 481539

File: 1516932182827.jpeg (526.91 KB, 1242x1937, 1A38936E-9FAF-4745-9A03-EB3F23…)

Part 2
“I need to go be inpatient at MAYO because it’s sooper serious”

No. 481541

File: 1516932328471.jpeg (447.29 KB, 1242x1940, 53135013-EBF6-4BD9-954A-AFE1C8…)

She has a nasty attitude and is obsessed with her “life threatening” illnesses. Get over yourself.

No. 481543


Actually she has said multiple times that she will be training max to pull the wheelchair. He is too small to be doing any kind of mobility and he looks miserable as of late. I’m guessing that she will end up injuring him either rolling over a foot or a tail or whatever because she is too busy trying to get attention.

No. 481547


Where and when? She only got the wheelchair today. In the past she has talked about Max pulling her on her skateboard.

No. 481550

File: 1516932677662.jpeg (521.64 KB, 1238x1684, 850F3EBB-7187-44CA-9C34-7CE03A…)

Another comment. Again “I’m so sick…Life Threatening…No cure”
She probably has the worst attitude I’ve ever seen next to Dom.

No. 481552


This caption accompanied seven video clips of her demonstrating…err showing off…her hypermobility.

No. 481554

But don’t worry! It is all for a “medical file” so she can prove to new doctors that she is truly the sickest kid out there.

No. 481555

Going inpatient at Mayo isn’t that hard, they take anyone who needs hospitalization and either has an insurance they take or is wealthy enough to self-pay. There are plenty of people who don’t have any rare or ‘special’ illnesses going on that use mayo as their clinic and hospital, even just as a primary care if they’re healthy (mayo has pcp’s as well). It’s not really as special as mucnhies make it out to be, and they’re not even necessarily the best for every illness. They make mistakes and misdiagnoses just like every other hospital systems.

No. 481556

I bet doctors hate that kind of person. What a gigantic pain in the ass.

No. 481563

Kek they were hilarious. She has some hypermobility, sure, but so do 1/10 females, even more when they’re young. And her walking was ridiculous, she’s purposely rolling her ankles. It’s not spontaneous if you’re doing it to yourself, nor are any of those things she showed dislocations or even subluxations. In fact, the fact that she’s willingly moving like that suggests she doesn’t have eds, as with eds moving around like that would be possible but painful. She’s just a whiny munchie trying to be the sickest little special snowflake.

No. 481564

File: 1516933475757.png (567.55 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4076.PNG)

Yet another beer chugging picture from everyone's favorite disability advocate Kati McFarland @katiwithoutthee

I'm sure that's great for her sooper severe POTS fake cEDS.

No. 481566

Also, the way she keeps referring to herself as “kid” gives me the sense that she wants to be seen as innocent, sick, and helpless as possible.

No. 481569

File: 1516933607802.png (910.81 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4075.PNG)

Obviously so disabled!

No. 481571

Ugh y'all, can't you just admit it already?! She's "SO STRONG" literally died!

No. 481574

She definitely needs that feeding tube she’s always got on display, too kek

No. 481577

File: 1516934048155.png (822.02 KB, 800x1074, Screenshot_2018-01-25-18-23-33…)


At least Dom demonstrates that she has a life outside of her illnesses. Emily is truly Jaquie Jr.

Now she is becoming MBP with her dog [pic related]. In the comments she replies, "oh she’s a fully trained service dog from an organization with her CGC and everything. She still listens to all her commands! and we do a ton of confidence building w positive enforcement. We do know that it is a hormone issue because of this whole mess with her getting a false pregnancy."

No. 481586

Kek that’s a super common med that’s used for pain but also anxiety, and she’s on a pretty small dose. But whatever makes you feel speschel

No. 481589


her super serious "tumor" is very common in people with spina bifida and isn't really a tumor proper.


No. 481593

But gasp it could be CANCER!

No. 481597

I am sure a busy doc would love to sit down with you and watch all the videos of your party tricks. Yeah right! Some specialists do spend a decent amount of time with you, but I highly doubt they want to see multiple videos of you trying to pop your joints out of socket. If you are, they will more then likely tell you to stop!

Also, if you have the videos for evidence for your doc why make it public? Keep it on your phone and show the doc not the world.

No. 481598

I saw this too. POTS with syncope is 99% of the time hypotension, people with POTS and hypertension don't have fainting they just have the other dizziness and chest pain type symptoms.

No. 481600


because "awareness" duh

No. 481602


I suspect she's just too dumb to realise the difference between hyper/hypo

No. 481603

The dog needs to be 60% of the handler AND wheelchair weight to even start training that. That dog should be taken from her for the abuse she's about to inflict on him.

No. 481606

I think she’s not at SkinWalker level of Mini-Jaq yet. But she’s up there in the “sickness is my life” category.

No. 481608

very plausible

No. 481610

I sincerely hope one of her followers or someone in a service dog group or whatever with her calls in a report about her animal cruelty!

No. 481622


And not to mention that it seems like these are all things that could be done in the presence of a doctor. If you really wanted them to see it. No doctor is going to want to go through your phone to watch videos of every thing you think your body does differently.
People tend to take videos for their doctor when its something that is concerning but doesn't happen frequently enough to guarantee that it will happen in the doctor's presence. (I have had client's parents film their child's seizure or in one case film their child's behavioral outbursts because it was a real problem at home but when they would visit the doctor the child would be able to keep it together for the appointment and they didn't want the doctor to think they were exaggerating or making it up).
I don't follow this girl but unless she is seeing a ton of specialists every single day I don't see how this video is needed for her "medical file".

No. 481626

File: 1516936167987.png (807.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4079.PNG)

Is she saying she hopes she has MALS still even after being told she doesn't? She realizes that's curable, right? And her doctors would probably expect that to cure her POTS and GP?

No. 481629

Kek you beat me to it. Yup she was totally told there was no way she had MALS. What she really needs is treatment for her obvious eating disorder. Her hair and teeth look like shit.

No. 481630

And I totally get taking pictures/videos of something that has never happened before, but if it supposedly happens all the time…Wouldn’t it also happen at the doctor? Or are you too scared the doc will look close enough and see that you’re faking?

No. 481631

File: 1516936358185.png (Spoiler Image, 734.56 KB, 640x1136, 316ACDD6-DDB7-4510-9E46-7D951A…)

Here’s this gem

No. 481632

File: 1516936434340.png (153.53 KB, 640x1136, C7E61715-34E6-40A7-B6AB-D24F04…)

So train wreck wants to go into the medical field. If she can quit her munchie shit, sure, it’s a good career path. If not, yikes.

No. 481633

And if it's that bad it happens constantly in your day to day life. Your not really doing extra damage to demonstrate to your doctor. You can see and hear shoulders sublux if they're loose enough. It's totally inevitable so might as well let them clunk out of place so your doctor can see what's up in real life instead of on a tiny phone screen. She very obviously just wanted to show people online her party tricks.

No. 481636


She always looks so dirty. I can't work it out.

No. 481637

Whoops sorry I forgot to post it when I saw it earlier until I saw you post it in the Jaquie shitshow.

Yeah, like most of these girls she needs to be treated for her ED and to stay on her antipsychotics. That's it.

No. 481638


SO many of the munchies on here want to go into medicine, or healthcare.

No. 481639


samefag, but I just realised this girl is 17. She doesn't HAVE a medical career. She's in high school. kek.

No. 481640

Maybe it's the humidity in Austin combined with her extremely thin hair. She probably also doesn't wash it daily because shes obviously way too ill to do that.

No. 481645

How does she look like a 15 year old boy and an elderly man at the same time? I don't understand.

No. 481650

Also what’s up with the edges of her tongue? They look scalloped…Geographic tongue? Med fags, any ideas?

No. 481654


My tongue looks like that because I have a small mouth and a large tongue, so my teeth rest on it all the time.

Not that a woo practitioner didn't try to tell me it was because I had toxins in my body…


No. 481657

Not a medfag but it looks like she's dehydrated?

No. 481659

She shouldn’t be, since she’s on iv hydration. Purging will do that, though, whether orally or through her feeding tube.

No. 481665


It could just be the lighting/filter

Could also be a crenated/scalloped tongue - which is totally harmless. Its basically caused by your tongue resting against your teeth. There are several things that could cause the tongue to swell - dehydration, hypothyroidism, TMJ, tongue thrust - or you may just have a slightly larger tongue/smaller jaw.

I don't know why but the eyes closed carefully posed photos really drive me crazy - more than the average selfie.

No. 481666

File: 1516938502571.jpg (611.74 KB, 1256x1410, IMG_3625.jpg)


hyperbole award. this whole exchange is a trainwreck
the "community" is 90% selfrighteous assholes overdramatising their illnesses.

No. 481673

Kek nothing she’s claiming is life-threatening. Also, most people with true life-threatening illnesses aren’t the ones looking for diagnoses. It’s usually pretty obvious. Plus, there are very, very few people who are truly undiagnosed (for very long at least) and “medical mysteries”, and most of them are young children who are severely multiply-disabled.

No. 481676

File: 1516938967066.jpeg (484.97 KB, 1242x1950, DE6B99C8-4AFF-437E-A700-8329FE…)

Applause to this commenter!

No. 481677

File: 1516939014966.jpeg (630.55 KB, 1242x1971, 18CDE2A7-643C-4B28-B759-3185C5…)

And follow up! I think Emily deserves a Drama Princess crown (bc Jaq is the Queen)

No. 481688

She’s not a drama queen, she’s a bitch. She’s not “raising awareness” for anyone except for herself. And the fact that she’s painting herself as a victim “harassing sick teens” is disgusting.

No. 481710


Again, when and where did Dom say will have Max pull her wheelchair? The subject started as a joke >>481265.

She has only ever mentioned having him pull her on her skateboard.

No. 481712


Hypotension is not even included on the form. A form for a disautonomia and POTS specialist clinic. What a crock of a clinic.

No. 481714

File: 1516942536330.jpeg (442.48 KB, 750x1017, 838ACDE0-22C8-4CFF-8188-4249E2…)

Look who’s angling for TPN now. It’s literally so damn laughable!!

No. 481717


Has she even had an NJ tube to avoid the stomach?

No. 481722

I would seriously hope no one would give her TPN for a mental illness, but crazy things seem to happen with munchies. She just couldn’t sit by and be left out while everyone else is jumping on the TPN craze. It’s not even subtle either, she’s been totally fine with an ng tube for years.

No. 481724


kek it won't work
The TPN munchies are the money-talks USA ones.
Sowwie Nicole :'(

No. 481762

To be fair, Nicole actually claims to not tolerate her NG during her "flares", this has been a constant with her vomiting. I personally don't think she's angling for TPN as she's even said herself before she doesn't want it. She goes back to tolerating NG feeds

No. 481770


She has mentioned it in multiple lives on YouTube. It’s been awhile. I wouldn’t know where to start looking to find where she said it.

No. 481773

Probably wants the NG over a NJ so she can "purge" too

This one is a bit late about our special Dani..does it bother anyone else that she refers to her super serious GP as "this disease?"
In her I'm back YouTube video she lists her issues. She threw some new ones in..like she's never mentioned before and decided her list needed to be longer or sound more serious or something and tried to squeeze it in without being super noticeable.
Autonomic neuropathy?
Someone has been fishing (i mean reading) wiki and webmd
But that's okay because she has GP and IBS with IDIOPATHIC constipation….
It's nice to see her talk about IBS again. Before her desire for GP she was just the most severe ED case in New Jersey with serious IBS that just controlled her whole life! And then she completely stopped talking about IBS til now.
If you have GP your constipation isn't idiopathic.
If you don't get proper fiber or pill fibers for GP it's not idiopathic.
If you have IBS it's not idiopathic.
Her GP is the only idiopathic "disease" she has.
And that's a stretch because she's way OTT with her GP. Her GP is labeled idiopathic I believe via diagnosis but it should say self induced GP

No. 481774

It's her welcome back video. My phone is gkitchy and I am unable to link the vid here.

No. 481787

The most serious cases of spina bifida are incompatible with life. I understand she can walk? Then her defect can't have been very high and that means it's by definition not very serious.

No. 481880

If she can walk, it’s a pretty mild form (if she even has it). Most people with anything more than mild are either quite dependent on a walker or entirely dependent on a wheelchair. Unless she’s got some kind of proof, I doubt she even has it, same with the other things she claims.

No. 481883

It’s barely even GP, yet according to her, it’s the worse case ever. And yeah, she totally gave it to herself through her desperate attempts to have a serious eating disorder. If she just ate normally for a while, her delayed emptying would most likely resolve itself. And autonomic neuropathy has a definitive, fairly simple test, you know for sure if you have it or not.

No. 481964

It's probably the start of her really pushing for POTs again.
She used to claim the symptoms constantly (BP,HR,always blacking/passing out etc) and went through a slew of ER visits and testing including a tilt table and other and guess what? It all came back normal! Shocker. Around the same time she was trying to get a dr to give her a magical heart diagnosis and they did testing for that too and again normal! Which of course turned into throwing a very mild common medication that was very low dose (which was her dr doing like a placebo almost to shut her up) because nothing is wrong with her heart she would claim she has a heart defect but they don't know what it is (because it's nothing. Normal tests) the main issue is her heart rate will occasionally rise and that's simply her caffeine diet pills purging side effect.
Then she moved back to her ED and now she's back to square one after conquering that golden ticket GP she's been chasing for years. I get the feeling she will drop the tube thing (or tube herswlf and say the say the dr did it) and
try for a port for fluids and ultimately TPN. I hope that gut feeling is wrong.
This trend on TPN is terrible and offensive to people who depend on it. And it's not the easiest thing to find a dr for either..so thankfully it's not handed out like tube feeds.

No. 481968

I think a lot of these munchies want TPN because it can actually make them sick.

No. 481971

One day one of these munchies will fuck up and do something to their bodies irreversible and that'll be it. They'll wish they never played these stupid games.

No. 481975

They want attention. They dont want to actually kick the bucket.

No. 481993

Dom and Chase leave Liam unattended in the bath. At 8:00 she explains that as long as she can hear him she does not worry.

At 15:00 she demonstrates her wheelchair skills. She says she tried to do a wheelie and flipped over. She says that the plan is to use it for a couple of months until the medications stabilise her POTS. The wheelchair allows her to lead a more normal life because it frees her from worrying about passing out when she is walking. She still feels dizzy all of the time, but she doesn't pass out sitting down.

No. 481999


fucking hell!

Is she retarded?? don't leave your damn toddler along in the tub!!

No. 482010

Wtf why is she leaving a small child alone in the bath? Things can go wrong fast and before she knows it, her kiddo could have drowned. She doesn't give two shits about her kid. I never left my kid alone in the bath, ever.

Someone should be on to her for wreckless parenting and endangering her child.

Also, that chair is ridiculously huge. She'll do more damage to her alleged eds joints..

No. 482034

File: 1516992435075.png (36.78 KB, 800x188, Screenshot_2018-01-26-10-26-43…)


The video starts with her in the hallway and the sound of running water. Presumably Chase is in the bathroom with Liam filling the tub.

If pic related is true, Chase probably left the bathroom when Liam starts crying for her at 5:15. She doesn't return to the bathroom until nearly 3 minutes later. With a toddler, a lot can happen in 3 minutes.

At no point is Chase heard or seen upstairs. If they were trading off on watching Liam, Chase could have called out to Dom, "I'm going downstairs now to plant my ass on the couch to play video games rather than spend time with our son!"

No. 482043


Since we can't cowtip, I hope a YouTube viewer calls social services. I honestly do.

No. 482073

oh christ, another "vaccine injured" UK one

Why are they all dancers?


No. 482077

But surprisingly her joints have been fine pushing her chair, and even flipping it over. Nearly everyone with eds has unstable fingers, wrists, and shoulders, doing those kinds of wheelchair moves would be extremely difficult if not impossible. And leaving your kid in the tub is reckless to say the least, technically it’s negligence, and if anything happens to him it’s criminal.

No. 482079


Would love to hear how those of you who say you work with social services feel about this latest video.

I don’t believe Chase was upstairs at all during this video. Liam was in the bathroom alone from the beginning.

I would also like to point out she took him out of the bath, put a diaper on him, and put him to bed. NO PAJAMAS and with his amber necklace most likely still on, since it was still on him when she went back to wash the soap out of his hair.

In her early days doing 4 hour long youtube lives, she would pick him up and plop him in bed with nothing more than a quick kiss. Then there are videos where she lets him pitifully cry for a long ass time before she would go get him.

I think it’s worrh mentioning that her “POTS symptoms” started getting much worse after the baby was born. She uses her illness as a reason to barely interact with him when they are out of the house. And Chase is not much better. There are multiple videos where Liam is obviously trying to get their attention and communicate with them from the back seat. Instead of talking to him they ignore him like he’s not even there.

This kid is in danger and those of you who don’t agree need to go back and watch some of the early stuff. She leaves him unsupervised in places he could get hurt. She also claims she passes out a lot and is home with the baby alone 80% of the time. I fully believe that someone needs to get involved and at the very least she needs to be required to do parenting classes. I am worried about Liam as he gets older and she can’t just throw him in his crib when she needs a break.

No. 482082

Probably because they wanted to be the star, but they weren’t good enough dancers, so they’ve picked something that’s within their abilities to be the star of. Kind of like the bald gymnast, although the “vaccine-injured” ones have an even poorer grasp on the workings of science and medicine.

No. 482083

Children can drown in as little as 20 seconds. She has proven to be a flake before, but this twat is downright dangerous!


No. 482099


Alternately, the pressure of competition became too great (or they no longer wanted to dance but didn't want to disappoint others) and they sought a way out, and exaggerating or feigning illness gave them an out while saving face. I wouldn't be surprised if these girls and women also had eating disorders while they were dancing, and claiming to have a sudden illness was easier than admitting to having ED.

No. 482108


Not only is his loose necklace a strangulation hazard, it is too loose for the woo to work. The beads are supposed to be as close to the skin as possible for maximum exposure so that the ~magical analgesic power~ is absorbed. The beads are not intended to be chewed on. It appears to be knotted between the beads so that if it breaks only one bead would be loose to pose a choking hazard. But their entire house is full of choking and other hazards for a toddler.

No. 482110

For sure, most of them do have eating disorders. Even a lot of the munchies who weren’t dancers and aren’t claiming vaccine injury have eating disorders (Aubrey, Jaquie, Paige, etc).

No. 482141

File: 1517000573919.png (1.33 MB, 1806x830, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 4.03…)

Aubrey doesn't have the energy to lift her head up, but her arms are apparently just fine since she can take selfies with them.

No. 482143


smirking muscles seem to be doing just fine too

No. 482150

File: 1517001886103.jpg (180.81 KB, 1042x1217, Screenshot_20180126-152323.jpg)

SDP is going to Atlanta. I wonder how much they'll blow on this trip that could be spent on her "necessary" medical expenses. She's so full of shit.

No. 482156

File: 1517002504818.jpeg (524.98 KB, 2078x1346, 36729A58-295A-4168-A903-A9DA4E…)

Hot mess express has been posting on her story for the past god knows how long about this damn appointment about it’s good news and bad news, but refuses to actually say what it is ??‍♀️

No. 482162

Good God why? JFC that was terrifying! What look exactly is she going for?

No. 482166


wait, it's mean to be ~magical necklace~? I thought it was a teething necklace!

No. 482168


If you're so fatigued you can't keep your head up, you're usually in a fairly supine position because staying upright is also too much by that point. Bitch is full of shit.

No. 482170


Good news, she's not sick
Bad news, she's not sick

No. 482175

File: 1517003793443.jpeg (312.54 KB, 749x1193, 85D5971A-763E-4A16-8183-CCBC7E…)

Okay I think Elizabeth (perksofbeingamixedgirl on IG) has been brought up before, but I actually can’t you guys. She has crohns, GP, and a whole bunch of shit I’m forgetting—she’s no munchie but she is so OTT and needy.

Can we take a second just to acknowledge this vanity? “I feel so ugly even though I get random messages from random ppl I don’t even know, who have no reason to lie to me, stating otherwise” Really? It was totally necessary to tell us about all of the messages you get from people telling you how beautiful you are because you feel so ugly. Because I’m sure people are really messaging you ?

The stories this chick comes up with and the way she describes her interactions with her doctors are straight up ridiculous. She’s posted many times before that her male doctors have told her how much they love her ethnic hair and how soft it is, that nurses will ask to touch her hair and my favourite is when she talks about how her doctors are soooooper concerned about how much weight she’s losing and how thin she’s getting (I’m sorry…where?) and that she has no options causes she’s failed everything. So much so that her doctors are telling her to have a stem cell transplant.

She talks about how much she hates taking her pain meds, but will definitely make sure she lets everyone know when she caves in and takes her “norco” but not without emphasizing that she hates them soooooo much. What a hero you are for not taking pain medication Elizabeth, poor you.

This girl is always on her soapbox complaining about something and boosting herself. I’m sure that you are constantly stopped and told how beautiful you are.

Her Instagram is forever full of pictures of her tubes and her pushing medication into them, then her sooper bougie nights out where she dresses ridiculously and horribly does her makeup and makes sure to let everyone know how drunk she is. But don’t worry! Even though she’s having a night out she’ll make sure to post about how much she’s paying for it the day after.

I just seriously cannot roll my eyes far enough when it comes to this girl and the encounters she has with medical professionals. Why is it that they are always telling her how beautiful she is? How great her hair is? How sick she looks? I have never had a medical professional speak to me in the manner that she claims hers do (sage for blogging)

I am so fed up with her needy and desperate posts where she is just aching for compliments and reassurance. We get it Elizabeth, you’ve suffered trauma. You don’t need to remind us 564 times that you have trust issues and that your anxiety is so severe and you’re an independent black woman that don’t need no man…..we get it.

I’ve held that in for a bit incase you couldn’t tell lol. She is just so fucking thirsty for attention!!!!!

No. 482179


It is intended to soothe babies during teething, but not by teething on the necklace. The succinic acid within the amber is released by body heat and absorbed into the skin to impart analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, and mood calming properties.

No. 482195

Not a tube user, but from what I know you’re not supposed to have that must air in the syringe when pushing meds…Can anyone confirm?

No. 482196

File: 1517005651114.jpeg (318.75 KB, 1242x1844, 2B0C47C6-0978-4220-9A5B-377747…)

Forgot the image

No. 482198

She most likely just poured it in the syringe and then put the plunger in which creates air but you can stop pushing before air goes in. Basically lazy tube medication giving

No. 482199

She most likely just poured it in the syringe and then put the plunger in which creates air but you can stop pushing before air goes in. Basically lazy tube medication giving

No. 482200

She's another unbearable attention whore, like spina bifida chick.

There may be some real minor medical shit going on, but they are worsening it and exaggerating, thirsty for attention and asspats, and basically walking personality disorders.

No. 482232


well, that sounds like bullshit

No. 482235


hedgehogs aren't really suited to "therapy pets". They don't like being taken out whenever their owners feel sad/needy/need something to pet/

No. 482251


She is full of it - she keeps trying to make it out to sound like she has super serious spina bifida by explaining that the lipomyelomeningocele is a variation of myelominingocele the most "severe" form of spina bifida. She puts diagrams of myelominingocele and says mine is like this but never provides a diagram or explanation of what lipomyelomeningocele is. Not to mention that it is a closed defect not an open one that requires immediate surgery.
For starters - severity often depends on location in the spine. And sometimes the prognosis for lipomyelomeningocele is considered more "severe" in that in there can be progressive complications due to the spinal cord tethering while typically individuals with spina bifida don't have worsening symptoms.

Since she is able to walk and doesn't seem to have any bowel/bladder complications I doubt that hers is considered "severe". The tethered spinal cord can become more problematic during growth spurts - given her age she is likely behind the majority of her growth spurts. So while what she claims to have can be serious she is making it out to sound worse than it is and she definitely doesn't appear to have some of the more irritating side effects - like the neurogenic bladder which most people with true spina bifida have.

No. 482260

Oh hey, just showing off my picc line I don’t need, along with my bags of nutrition that are also unnecessary! But hey, look how sick I am! So sick I can post on IG and vlog pretty much every day! And go to fifty million appointments to test for medical conditions I’ve alre been told I don’t have! Feel bad for me and give me asspats!

No. 482290

No way does she have EDS. Benign mild hypermobility at most, which is common in teen girls. She's a drama queen.

No. 482315

She's extremely OTT but with the skin she has i actually don't doubt the EDS diagnosis
It's definitely not normal looking

No. 482332

File: 1517018619823.png (476.42 KB, 928x583, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.01…)


Here's the news. Jesus Christ. Her own doctor is telling her it's the HPV vaccine. screams of frustration

No. 482334

How do they have the energy and strength to go to so many dr appts and infusion centers and testing appts?
Being so horribly special sick to the level most these cows claim getting out of bed is a chore..taking a shower or bath would drain what energy they used getting out of bed and pretty much be done with the day yet they all say they are this sick but manage multiple appts a day, sometimes throughout the entire week and go shopping go out with friends or (my favorite one) to eat out, vlog, facebook and IG and so on.
I guess that's why they call themselves warriors..
It infuriates me that people do this to themselves and innocent others.
It's a horrible illness but not an excuse to get treatment for it just like they try so hard to do for made up physical illnesses.

No. 482340

Jesus Rollerblading Christ…Is there literally ANY science on this? Also what the hell is Metabolic Syndrome?

Also the way the doctor phrases this makes him sound like an idiot.
"Cardiac tachycardia" Yes, Office of Redundancy Office please.

"Refractive to known treatments" she hasn't been treated for POTS!

No. 482347

we know in the past she’s been guilty of posting ana chan photos I think it’s possible that her picc arm has been edited to be smaller, if you look at her pictures in the hospital her arms look much larger when flexing, I wonder if she has gained enough weight to trigger ed thoughts and she decided to shoop this

No. 482352

File: 1517020641172.png (600.52 KB, 1580x1030, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 9.35…)

So I decided to research her doctor…Turns out he employed an unlicensed person in his office and let them read patient charts, examine patients, and make entries into the charts. OH BOY!

No. 482354

File: 1517020727418.png (967.27 KB, 1558x1696, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 9.35…)

Pt. 2 Her doctor was suspended and put on probation

He violated a Federal law…

No. 482355


What even is osteopathic medicine. Does that mean he is an osteopath and not an MD?

No. 482356

It's a more holistic approach to health. They receive additional musculoskeletal training because they do something called osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT).

Forbes has a good article on it:

No. 482362

File: 1517021115147.png (369 KB, 1065x603, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.43…)


She's updated her bio already to "Vaccine injured".

No. 482367

File: 1517021785439.jpeg (293.61 KB, 1242x962, 672EA5DB-D3BA-4C92-9C9F-09F368…)

Nina has a good point here (with some humble bragging)

No. 482378

Nina is annoying and at least ott, but at least she understands science. Train wreck’s doctor obviously does not. Even though those chronic illnesses (the pots at least, the rest are not real illnesses kek) start being more noticeable in puberty, they don’t randomly show up then. If you have eds, you don’t suddenly develop it, you’ve had symptoms your whole life. The same with pots, although the increase in symptoms can be more drastic (not helped by how many teens become less active than they were as children). Amanda just did the classic munchie route of doctor shopping until she got an answer she liked, she’s still a liar and a huge munchie.

No. 482379

But still “undiagnosed” kek