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File: 1517078903347.png (117.23 KB, 275x232, 1517038033691.png)

No. 482844

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>483902

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
New Twitter: https://twitter.com/omariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her lackeys have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>”body positive”, but photoshops her body. Resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>so laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon
>Spends chunks of her Patreon income on food, drugs, alcohol, etc. rather than on actual cosplay
>pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same

Recent Events
>Anon contacted My Oppa, original designer of the Red Riding Hood dress Mariah was "inspired" by, to find out she had no idea her and Castle Corsetry completely ripped off the design
>People flocked to Castle Corsetry's FB, leaving 1 star reviews letting the public know both her and Mariah stole My Oppa's design
>Castle Corsetry responded by placing blame on My Oppa, saying she never replied to Mariah's emails, she doesn't own lolita style, and stealing designs is part of the fashion industry
>Mariah claims she emailed My Oppa first, then went to Castle Corsetry
>Castle Corsetry claims the opposite, that Mariah went to her first, but she told Mariah to email My Oppa first and then she'd do the commision
>Castle Corsetry shuts down her FB, Mariah makes a FB about the matter and despite many good people trying to explain what what happened was wrong, her white knights took the post over defending her blindly (cue cameo of Adrienne Curry)
>Mariah goes to ALA and does stuff
>Anons make Twitter post exposing all the times Mariah has stolen shit. Currently sitting at 2k retweets and 3k likes, white knights nowhere to be found: https://twitter.com/ultrosuh/status/956948428570767360
>Everyone on their edge of their seats waiting for the Roadho reveal

No. 482845

File: 1517079952443.png (175.7 KB, 750x1108, IMG_2921.PNG)

She changed the caption, previous anon was correct about the Etsy

No. 482846

File: 1517079985919.png (46.56 KB, 750x407, IMG_2919.PNG)


No. 482847

File: 1517080058312.png (75.66 KB, 461x849, wow.PNG)

Meanwhile on the Momokunt facebook- the war continues. seems only that adrian curry hooch is defending this hard- everyone else seems to have gotten btfu or just quit. I like the last remark I capped though

No. 482848

Adrian curry won the first damn season so antm and has been irrelevant ever since

No. 482849

adrianne curry is such a fake cunt anyways. i'm lad to see her get btfo like this.

No. 482850

come now anon she was on psn's hit series 'the testor'!

No. 482851

don’t forget her failed marriage and show with peter Brady

No. 482852

that hunnie booboo comment was funny af. I betcha that stung. All she's doing now is trying to abuse peeps for CC's benefit. like that matters.

No. 482853

If momokunt likes so much Overwatch to the point of cosplaying Mei, why isn't she talking about the OW League?

No. 482854

>implying she actually gives a shit about esports

Pretending to like Faker was a one and done deal so she's done with esports as a whole

No. 482855

Because she's too busy being the #1 Fate Fan in America, My Dude! She's still ~IRL Mei~ only because that is the only costume of hers that normies like and applaud her for. If people didn't lick her ass over Mei, she would of jumped onto a new go-to costume ages ago.

No. 482856

Man I cannot wait for this roadhog travesty. Yesterday and today have been top kek

No. 482857

Honestly, the fact that she is cosplaying Mei again and not her "OC Moomooo" really says how insecure about her body she is. She's been so fucking hype about this cow cosplay, but then doesn't even wear the semi-conservative milkman version. Especially since that's the cosplay she made merch out of. When you brand yourself with something you should probably wear it out and she hasn't. My money is on her Mei cosplays are all that fits anymore. And the fact that she spent so much money on the commissions for them she automatically assumes they are her best ones.

No. 482858


B-but anon. Didn’t you see her on stream bawling her eyes out? She said is “isn’t ashamed of her body”.

But yeah. Her Mei is the only thing that gets her any attention anymore and her doing anything with “Moomoo” right now considering the current shitstorm she is in would be a terrible idea.

No. 482859

File: 1517082394485.png (399.62 KB, 840x847, lolcow.png)

Art anon here,
I've made the .PSD file for the order of the anti-moo charm, and I just ordered myself one as a prototype before I let you guys have access to the file. (Don't want to let you guys get fucked up charms because I'm an idiot or anything)
The website said the process time shouldn't be long, maybe a week.

Charm itself cost $6.65
International shipping: $5.50
Total charm order price: $12.15
Pissing of Mariah:Priceless

I also ordered another charm design (one of my drawings) in the order so shipping might actually less for just one charm.
Either way, these charms are dirt cheap compared to Mariahs' $25+priority-rate shipping of $11 or whatever.
Now we wait warmly for the charm to arrive!
Will keep you guys updated!

No. 482860

Moomoo is blatantly ghosting ALA. No indoor shots, only outside. Well well well…

No. 482861

We're thinking she only got a one day pass and blew it on the first day because it was the cheapest/the DBZ event her and every other fuck with a podcast, twitter, or blog got invited to was on that day.

No. 482862


bless you anon. If they come out good, I will so be on board

No. 482863

Stop putting lolcow watermarks on images unless you want your threads flooded by newfags.

No. 482865

File: 1517084041507.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, DDF366C4-DE21-4ED9-A07A-0BA2D4…)

No. 482867

tattoo looks like she lay down in the paint lol what is this smudgy mess

No. 482868

File: 1517084099406.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 2DC8ADA2-C14F-47A4-9960-E3C013…)

No. 482870

HAHAHA OH HOLY FUCK even in low light I can see how shitty that is

No. 482872

of course it looks like a cluttered mess. The only half decent thing is the mask, chains and hooks and she didn't make those

No. 482873

her most accurate cosplay body wise to date

No. 482875

Damn, all that side tit fat. Yuck.

No. 482876

File: 1517084202354.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 7B9D9D7B-FB6A-48E6-BB67-5930D9…)

A little bit better lighting

No. 482878

what’s really disturbing to me about this is how she literally knows jack shit fuck all about the source material, she’s just copying everything jnig does

No. 482880

I noticed that she did the makeup EXACTLY the same as Jessica and everything from her version of the cosplay is pretty visually similar to this (other than the disgusting body)

No. 482881

Sorry, haven't been keeping up with moo threads. Is this a copy of something Mooriah is selling or why would this piss her off?

Also anon you left your name up in the filename (unless that name has some other relevance, like I said, just coming back to moo threads)

No. 482882

File: 1517084396765.jpg (Spoiler Image, 703.24 KB, 2200x1320, 1 copy.jpg)

Since she didn't even want to do the right mask or roadhogs updo ponytail all I see is this

No. 482883

rip back to /snow/?

No. 482884

I’m cringing so hard rn from secondhand embarrassment … wow this looks bad…

No. 482885

She's cosplaying Nigri as Roadhog if Nigri gained a fuck ton of weight.

No. 482888

Wait why did we get moved back to snow?

No. 482889

Wait what happened? Whyd we get moved?

No. 482890

File: 1517084664696.png (63.93 KB, 1306x284, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 10.2…)

this is all admin said

No. 482891

So really not even one warning. But eh, we will be moved back to PT in a week or two

No. 482892

I'm guessing admin don't like how images have the lolcow logo on there that would attract newfags to lolcow, so we're moved to snow because of potential huge influx of newfags? Idk no reason was specified

No. 482893

we went back to snow when we are having the most milk in ages. go figure.

No. 482895

yeah just an assumption we're going to get flooded

No. 482897

I think the Anon who made the logo got way ahead of themselves in general. I don't think it's a good idea to be getting with. As far as the art Community goes we'll be in the wrong and this isn't the same as moo stealing a design.

No. 482898

There wasn't even a warning?
I mean I get it Moo's thread were a mess before it moved to snow but everyone behaved in a good manner the last thread.
And since Admin-sama did not say anything about the watermarks before people thought it would be fine. Is this considered cowtipping or why?

No. 482902

I’m not seeing the watermarks what were they used on?

No. 482904

Oh Roadho is just so glorious, it is every bit as lazy, JNiggy, and sloppy as we wished it to be!

No. 482906

This looks sooooo bad! Good lord she is just trying so hard to be like Jessica. No original bone in her body at all

No. 482908

I think there were watermarks on the pics that one anon was editing to make look nicer, but I can’t see how that would even remotely be a problem considering the reason the watermarks were there in the first place was so that moo couldn’t steal them and use them

No. 482909

checked the tweet again. 3238 likes, 2085 retweets

No. 482912


She's delusional if she thinks the skin cutting bra for Roadhog looks good. It looks extremely uncomfortable and doesn't fit at all. At least Nigri had it look the part.

No. 482914

Keep boosting, farmers! @ every company she's been trying to work with and beyond! A change of board doesn't mean a change of mission.

No. 482916

File: 1517085642995.png (5 MB, 750x1334, C91BD4AC-713C-489E-B54C-099F50…)


No. 482917

Holy shit this looks vomit inducing

No. 482920

This board is so fickle sometimes. That was probably it but it was one image? And we didn’t even post that image elsewhere to where it would end up directing here?
You have to be on this site first to even see the image.

No. 482921

People have been doing the watermark thing for awhile because they didn’t want moo or other neckbeards thinking it was actually moo in the photo. Absolutely ridiculous to be moved because of that with no warning and when milk is actually really good. AND people weren’t even infighting either.

Also who cares if new people come to the board as long as they assimilate.

No. 482923


but it wasn't even a lolcow watermark it was for taropun wasn't it?

No. 482924

wouldn't we want to have new people come to this board? so they could see the proof of how horrible Mariah is? I dont understand why we got moved back here at all nothing wrong was done :/

No. 482926

Interesting how Moo is only showing off her time at ALA on Instagram or Snapchat, but is semi awol on Twitter.

What a pussy.

No. 482928

On the drawing we added ©️たろプン (taropun) and that’s the original designers name.
On the photo shop anons’ pic he did indeed put “lolcow.farm” but he didn’t post the image anywhere else, just on this site.
Which would mean you would have to get on this site first to even view the fucking image.

No. 482931

Pretty typical of her, talk a big talk but fail to walk the walk.

No. 482934

she knows if she posts anything she'll be torn apart. people keep @'ing that tweet thread at her and shes completely ignoring it

No. 482937

File: 1517086929875.jpeg (529.35 KB, 746x1101, 7DA60E5B-F8BA-4F8B-921A-14F5E1…)

No. 482938

File: 1517086960518.png (11.57 MB, 1242x2208, EAC6B6FF-8139-4CC7-A92B-9B84D1…)

No. 482939

File: 1517086989195.jpeg (525.21 KB, 750x1107, 86105940-4040-4BB2-BC07-0CBA1F…)

No. 482940

I dont hate her makeup, but this just screams "I WANNA BE NIGRI"

No. 482941

I know she's trying to look dirty but holy shit she's a mess. Her breasts look terrible

No. 482942

File: 1517087068427.jpg (142.56 KB, 832x1200, DUk3YJ5VAAAgjZv.jpg)

Also from the twitter post, a user replied with this image and this text attached for context:

my friend went to Sabakon and bc momo couldnt get a table they left the con and went to party in the hotel room, and bc mariah didnt like this girl my friend left the room for a min to say hi to, she gave her bs (friends will be anon i dont wanna send haters their way )

No. 482944

I’m sorry but her boobs are gonna be so sweaty smushed and uncomfortable all day like…free them.

No. 482945

I’m confused why her hair isn’t in a ponytail… this hair just makes things look even messier and more insane

No. 482947

Boob Vein-chan is going to be getting a few more sisters soon if Moo keeps this shit up.

No. 482949


That tire looks like it came off of a dirt bike. It looks so tiny on her shoulder.

No. 482950

Rumors are speculating that Moomoo got kicked out of ALA amongst my inner circle soCal cosplay group, but I'm pretty sure it's just sole speculation and her just ghosting

No. 482951

my three year old sister could make a better tire than that sad excuse for a prop. Thats a piece of scrap foam with white paint on it…

No. 482952

File: 1517087417848.jpeg (140.62 KB, 484x439, ED5550D8-DEDC-48E6-8123-5A3EFE…)

bless you strapkun, we know you’re holding on the best you can

No. 482953

I think if she did get kicked out she'd be making some kind of stink about it. She's known for ghosting so that's probably all she's doing.

No. 482955

I need to see it from the back, you can already tell how much fat is spilling out just from looking st the front.

No. 482958

Hmmm depends on why. If she did something serious and she knows she’s in the wrong, she won’t say shit (why do you think she’s been so quiet about the design theft?).

Although I think she’s ghosting because that what does at every con. Because she really supports the community sooo much y’all.

No. 482959


Yessssss thank you anon you are my hero, can't wait to buy one!

No. 482961

moo literally looks like a fucking man with man titties. i would never guess that was a woman's body if i saw her out of context.

No. 482964

Is that it or did they just get in a fight with her?

What a manipulative bitch tho

No. 482965

What are you talking about anon! She totally lost the pounds she said she would to get rid of her back fat! Tire flips, my dudes.

No. 482969

does anyone else thinks she doesn't even know roadhog wears a full mask? she just flipped through jnig's roadhog, sent the pics to KBBQ and said "DO IT"

No. 482972

The thread was moved back to /snow/ a while ago because it went back to infighting, spam and nitpicking. Continuation threads were still made in /pt/ despite this.

The watermark comment was in reference to the edits in the prior thread and is not related to the thread being moved.

No. 482975

I hadn’t seen jnig roadhog until now… now I get the hair choice. Yikes.

No. 482976

pardon me, but bitch where?

No. 482977

If that’s the case then why didn’t it just get moved back when the first thread was made back on /pt/???? And why make a comment about the watermarks with no context and then move it back then with no comment.

No. 482978

File: 1517088361745.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, 012C9C8F-A8A7-40D2-90E3-B903F7…)

No. 482981

that was my question, we were only in /pt/ for what? a week? if another post was made in there when it wasn’t supposed to be why wouldn’t it be moved immediately?

No. 482982

so, about that license plate…

No. 482983


All I see is a poor man's version of JNig's roadhog

No. 482985


rip of jnigs roadho.

Where's the "inspired by" in the caption?

No. 482986

She’s copying nigiri down to the socks. Roadhogs pants are tucked into his boots. He has so many skins and she had to choose this. Good job Mariah! You made a shitty version of something we’ve already seen!

No. 482987

Wtf how was it moved back a while ago???? We just got moved back to pt a week ago

No. 482988

*License’s plate

No. 482990

this. and it just got moved like 15 minutes ago again. the last thread was fine and i didn't see any infighting at all.

No. 482991

Then you need to talk to the farmhand who saw the milk and progress and moved us back to /pt/ a week and some change ago. Suddenly chimping on this thread with no warning after a few threads on /pt/ again is kind of weird and sudden, Admin.

No. 482992

Oh well, guys. Regardless of if we're in /pt/ or not, let's continue with the thread.

Didn't Moo say she was "referencing" a female Roadhog drawing for this cosplay? Or something along the lines of that?

No. 482993

Sorry for the confusing post. I should have clarified that the watermark comment was meant as a warning and not as the reason for going back to /snow/.

Apologies for not moving the thread erroneously made in /pt/ back to /snow/ immediately. This thread is 3 hours old and already filled with nitpicking and offtopic spam. As long as this persists, Momokun threads will stay here. Milk is a requirement for having a thread in the first place, not an instant ticket to /pt/.

No. 482994

Didn't we get moved back to /pt/ by a farmhand in the middle of a thread, too??

No. 482995

people were actually cooperating for something, i don't understand

No. 482997


yeah since weve been moved back to /pt/ all the threads have been fine, the milk is plenty and all anons are working together lol we were quite literally doing the opposite of what Admins told us not to do

No. 483000

File: 1517088935163.jpg (8.42 KB, 192x211, 86.jpg)

her face is fucked

No. 483001

girl are you high?

No. 483002

File: 1517088952552.png (20.56 KB, 1450x135, 5c4a5c557c41464c3b61137a8d0604…)

Dear Admin: a Farmhand moved us back to /pt/ 9 days ago as seen in image.

No one made a thread in /pt/ while we were in /snow/ and we only made new threads in /pt/ after we were moved.

No. 483004

Excuse me? No one made a continuation thread on pt by their own accord, the thread was moved back to pt by YOU, and of course we'd assume that we're allowed to stay in pt! And would you kindly point out where the excessive nitpicking and infighting is in the last thread? If anything it's the most unity I've seen in a while.

No. 483005

Probably the same art JNig got her look from, except, you know, the shitty xerox copy version of it.

No. 483008

Yeah we were moved back to pt during thread 45, 9 days ago. I’ll admit there was a lot of annoying infighting for the first day or two but after that it was fine and I don’t recall an admin ever saying they were moving us back

No. 483009

Somebody should add a note that she's also copying Nigri's Roadhog.

No. 483012

JNig based her roadhog off of a fanart someone did

No. 483015

I love how this still doesn’t make sense.

No. 483016

File: 1517089138323.jpeg (137.72 KB, 800x1327, D01D7F13-9A6B-4B0E-8FB3-635145…)

Jessica Nigri’s roadhog for reference. She’s straight up lying about using fan art as a reference

No. 483020


We were moved back to /pt/ by an admin about a week ago?

No. 483021

So Mariah just so happened to use the same exact fan art reference???? Lmao I call bullshit

No. 483022

File: 1517089217489.jpg (64.7 KB, 1024x640, 8492f0f46565674ae0754db307a99a…)

she didn't even bother doing the right patches she just did the same ones for both sides when he has different ones. guess who else did the same ones for both sides? yeah, jessica. jesus christ moo.
she is also missing that thing that goes on his back but since jessica didn't do it, why should she bother, right?

No. 483023

Moo, honey, sweetie, my dude? Your mommy has her wig in a ponytail here, did your critical, scholarly eye miss that somehow?

Plus I'm laughing at no license plate after all of that fuss.

No. 483025

dude, the other thread was moved back to /pt/ we didn't make a new one there wtf?

No. 483027

She probably didnt find someone to make it for her this time.

No. 483029

Apologies, that must have been a miscommunication.

Please note the difference between a Farmhand and an Admin.

The thread is still /snow/ material. Case in point, please remember you have a sage option here and stop bumping the thread with this discussion, thank you.

No. 483030

File: 1517089417183.png (82.66 KB, 442x559, 1514968777849.png)

Nvm, I found the old screengrab another anon got in a few threads ago.

No. 483031

wtf you're a stupid cunt. there was literally no reason to move us. fucking kys.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 483032

File: 1517089501308.jpg (103.68 KB, 850x956, __roadhog_overwatch_drawn_by_m…)

>>483012 here

Sorry I was wrong Jessica DID base her roadhog on an existing design but changed things about it so Momo is 100% copying her cosplay

as seen here
There's too many things Nigri changed about her cosplay from the fanart so moo is still a cheap copy

No. 483034

i actually agree with admin-sama and youre all proving her point. just shut up, who cares what board we're in? also shitty edits and fake merchandise isn't milk, these threads are just a circlejerk at this point.

No. 483035

>that must have been a miscommunication.

Where exactly? We have had 2 active threads in /pt/ for a fucking week and you moved us why? I think you just forgot and are too cunty to actually own up to it. Didn't realize fucking moo was our admin.

No. 483036

Then hide the thread and fuck off if you don't like it. I don't know how stealing isn't milk but okay.

No. 483037

Holy shit, why are you all sperging so hard? Nobody got banned, the thread isn't autosaged, who the fuck cares if it says snow or pt. Go to fucking PULL

No. 483038

So 9 days ago this thread was pt material, then we get the most milk these threads have had in ages and suddenly it's no longer pt material? ok whatever.

Remember to sage again guys.

No. 483040

Cause admin obviously made a mistake and is being a bitch?

No. 483041

>moo was our admin


No. 483042

I think it's just confusing we went like… 2?? threads without any issue and now suddenly there is an issue. Case in point: The Kiki thread has no milk and is pretty much still in PT with LOTS of nitpicking.

No. 483043

She even copied the placement and shape of Jnig's weathering on the pauldron, because it's not like that in >>483032. Not an ounce of creativity in that 177 lbs.

No. 483045

I think admin just hates us, the mods hated us too for some reason…

No. 483046

but back to the point guys- hows the twitter going? MyOppa has been personally thanking people for supporting her in Pms on FB, and thats all nice and all. As for ALA- yes get some back photos- from just the pics she posted its gonna look lke a pack of hotdog buns kek

No. 483047

I did make a mistake. I apologize for the thread being moved to /pt/ and for not moving it back sooner or clearing it up with the Farmhand who is not at fault.

Please get back to topic now. If you have more concerns about this, post it in meta.

No. 483048

>pack of hotdog buns

or challah bread.

No. 483050

For fucking almost two weeks and two threads?

No. 483051

Further posts about this go in /meta/, final warning.

No. 483052

Can I just ask that you just ban the people who continue to kick up a fuss in here rather than punishing the whole thread?

No. 483053

Time to refocus, folks! We have a perfectly terrible costume to observe and twitter is still popping! Has anyone hit up instagram, imgur, or reddit yet with the receipts?

No. 483055


No. 483061

File: 1517090022612.jpeg (939.36 KB, 1242x1941, 9A834ADB-0623-4E96-B440-044FEE…)

Atleast she credits nigiri here.

No. 483069


No. 483070

>>483046 This, please. Let's not ruin an amazing thread last night, and keep focused on everything good that came out of it. Moo is crashing, she looks terrible in her gross roadhog, and she's too much of a pussy to confront twitter. It's standing strong at 2k-3k retweets and favorites, please lets not go out like this, it makes everything we did successfully seem discredited. If we crumble, she'll think she's won. Let's not give her that satisfaction.

No. 483071


No. 483072

I guess we're home, ladies.

No. 483073

File: 1517090121954.jpeg (52.03 KB, 394x600, 8981187A-D715-4C9B-A3C0-A78644…)

If this isn’t throwing a fit I don’t know what is.

No. 483074

Not gonna credit the fanart? And she actually tags Nigri unlike what she did with My Oppa.

No. 483075

For fucks sake, quit this shit. This helps no one.

No. 483076


No. 483078

File: 1517090153245.jpeg (77.91 KB, 324x373, 4DC77A96-5F36-4C88-A1DA-CB99CE…)

>mfw this Cosplay

No. 483080

lol. like the ONE credit she gave my oppa. at least she's consistent in her theft.

No. 483081


Probably to get Mommy Nigri's attention.

No. 483082

Must be Momokun having a breakdown

No. 483083

Guys, just use the report button for infighting and useless spam.

No. 483084

Today my friends, we are all that piggu.

Of course Mommy gets credit, maybe someday senpai will notice her again!

No. 483088

I thought it was a displeased bear

No. 483093

I feel like you can really see the weight gain in her calves. It looks like she’s got cankles too kek

Poor thing looks like it’s about to snap.

No. 483095

File: 1517090655884.jpeg (22.33 KB, 324x373, 995E55A9-A397-4739-B34D-B938C8…)

displeased bear or upset cat! that’s all I can see too.

No. 483097


Okay but Instagram? Twitter?

No. 483098

That length of pant is not flattering on ANYONE who is chubby or obese, especially if they’re short. That was such a bad decision on her part

No. 483099

i mean, it's supposed to be a pig. it is road hog

No. 483103

Did you just assume its species?

She didn't talk about Mama on her insta.

No. 483105

dear god she couldnt even be assed to line the X up with her belly button. The X shouldnt even actually be there since on roadhog they just modelled his bellybutton as an X as seen here >>483022

No. 483106

Jnig's hair was down in her roadhog cosplay so that's probably why

No. 483107

File: 1517091100678.jpeg (40.99 KB, 353x332, 6911815B-31D0-4E8D-8B80-11BE0F…)

I think what’s throwing it off for me is that her bellybutton looks like a big black nose

No. 483110

That tire is actually from a 1968 Freightliner guys- shes just so damn fat it looks like a hot wheels tire

No. 483114

Those backfat spilling out lmao, can't wait for the candids of her back and see how grotesque it is.

Those tires look horrible, if you're going for a "cartoonish" look you'll have to do it to your entire cosplay or it'll look like an awful paint job…lol what am I talking about it IS an awful paint job

No. 483116

Are you bored?

No. 483130

File: 1517091842957.jpg (1.14 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180127_232042.jpg)

Excuse this weird Layout only way of doing it without cutting important things off. Also I edited Moo's picture a little bit - altering the colours so we can see everything better.

No. 483131

File: 1517091913235.jpg (1.14 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180127_231512.jpg)

Just Moo and Nigri without the fanart.

No. 483132

I'm kind of speechless about this for some reason? I'm not sure why, but it just seems like she thinks as long as she says something is inspired by something else then it makes it okay to rip off it off. As someone mentioned Jessica had made changes from the original fanart, and Moo copied those straight off her.

Also the fact she tags Jessica here but never tagged My Oppa in her original post. The only reason is because she wants Jessica to give her recognition, which I don't think will happen. I think Jessica is at the point she wants to distance herself from Moo without causing too much of a ruckus.

No. 483135

One again Moo proves she's the Diet Shasta to Jessica's Coke.

No. 483136

perfect expectations vs. reality tbh

No. 483138

File: 1517092295558.png (291.72 KB, 1294x748, Screenshot at Jan 27 23-18-19.…)

The best milk in ages!! Farmers on their best behavior!!

No. 483142

… so she actually didnt get the licence plate belt buckle done…
She couldn't even print it and glue it to some craft foam???? That more than anything proves to me that she cant do anything on her own.

(repost cause i forgot to sage my b)

No. 483143

sometimes you guys give way too much credit to jessica just to discredit moo. that's not necessary, moo discredit herself on a daily basis and all by herself.
just to… put this on the table because of people almost whorshipping jessica here is dumb as fuck.

No. 483146

Did you forget about the MyOppa and twitter thing or are you intentionally being an obtuse cunt. Of course people are nitpicking her newest cosplay, it just came out. You’re acting like there literally wasn’t just a whole thread of people collaborating and getting along

No. 483150

>of course people are nitpicking

have you ever actually read the rules? you know nitpicking is technically disallowed, right?

No. 483151

File: 1517092952701.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x2560, 18-01-27-17-41-10-051_deco.jpg)

This sums it up quite nicely, yeah?

No. 483156

Yeah, but it doesn’t stop people from doing it. It’s not hard to scroll past it either. But honestly if we got rid of that entirely, people like Kiki, holly, Baylee, etc wouldn’t even have threads at all. Also wouldn’t posting s screen cap that looked intentionally deceiving as to what’s going on instead of a screen cap where it actually showed any of the drama be considered nitpicking the thread? Have we reached meta nitpicking??

No. 483166

It doesn't matter where is the thread at the end guys, we have compilated most part of the lies and scams of Mariah for quite a while, and that is the main purpose of this, showing and saying out loud all the flaws of someone who is a massive liar and toxic for her "own" comunity.

Let's keep going.

Sage for not saying anything important.

No. 483168

those boobs


No. 483169

File: 1517094268991.jpeg (675.1 KB, 750x1085, 76FABE7E-3F2F-4162-B825-AA54A8…)

No. 483172

File: 1517094361620.jpg (99.88 KB, 783x377, hell-yeah-motherfucker.jpg)

She looks like that kid in middle school that wore big dog shirts and wrote on his knuckles with magic marker.

No. 483174

omg that huge bit of boob that is squished under that bra fusing with her belly.

No. 483177

it looks good because her eyebags + half her face are covered

No. 483181


You can see her back fat leaping out the side of that bra.

Also, has she gone inside the convention yet? Is she ghosting again? I'm not familiar with ALA but…

No. 483182

I'm not surprised Megamarines is friends with her, they don't call him the ice cream man for nothing

No. 483189

How the fuck does she still get props made by kbbq? I'm not sure, but I remember her saying that she was getting one last one from him (I think around the time of Beekeeper Mei) and severing ties or something. He's still totally gone from social media and everything, right? Just seems real weird to me.

No. 483191

she did for that snow fox thing to (league?)

No. 483194

This roadhog mask and her still to be used saber chest armor were the last things to be made by him.

No. 483195

The roadhog mask was the final piece he “owed” her

No. 483196

apparently she already paid him for multiple commissions before their falling out. its fucking weird its taking her this long to do these cosplays and that he would even still do them, considering the shit she's pulled. he would have been better off just refunding the money tbh

No. 483197

What are some companies to send this to?

No. 483201

Can any anons who are at ala confirm whether shes been inside?

No. 483202

her pig tat looks like a bear face

No. 483238


I wonder how annoying and heavy that chain has to be. I don’t get why she didn’t just buy a plastic chain.

I cant get over how much she looks like immortan joe from mad max.

No. 483249

Looks like we picked up a few newfags and some randos trying to derail another thread. Its in /snow/, lol you idiots don't need to come in here and shit it up for you precious Mooriah.

If Moomoo is making the Roadhog based off of fanart, why couldn't she at least be arsed to put her hair in a ponytail? Anything to make it seem original, you know? All she did to separate herself from Jessica's is add a few chains. Even the male road hog mask covering her face would've looked like she's not trying to wear Jessica's skin. This was a bad cosplay choice for her overall, what's next, Reinhardt?

No. 483259

Rooster Teeth, FAKKU, Funimaiton, Viz, trying to think of what else might hit her best.

No. 483260

I can confirm she hasn't stepped foot in the Artist Alley

No. 483266


On the right we can see someone that actually took longer than a day and a half to put his cosplay together. On the left chillun shield your eyes- this is what NOT to do, and those aren't muscular wings childrn- those are what you get when you put 10 pounds of lard in a 3 pound bag!

No. 483267


Not to cowtip, but…Does her back look like a package of hotdogs? lol

No. 483277

Do you even know what cowtipping is

No. 483278

I do- I wanted to see if he would get a picture lol

No. 483292

you know you can delete and repost, right? read the fucking rules

No. 483294

>Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm. (cowtipping)

How is sneaking a picture of her back cowtipping

No. 483305

File: 1517099857790.png (679.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180127-163658.png)

Almost at 4000 likes. Surpassed 2000 retweets. This is nuts.

No. 483307

Lmao where even is she
Looks like a loading zone behind the convention center or something
She's definitely ghosting

No. 483314


Could be fear. Maybe he was afraid Mooriah would just keep dragging his name in the mud so he made it for her anyways.

Or it could be him trying to be the more professional one and finishing up something she ordered.

If he makes anything else for her from now on besides the Roadhog mask and Saber chest plate, something is up.

No. 483317

That looks like Guy Fieri as a child.

That's not cowtipping, hun.

That's a funny way to spell "copied" but ok Momo

No. 483321

lmao some bin men get a pic with her at the dumpsters

No. 483332


When you order it online vs when it arrives

No. 483345

If this thread is /snow/ material, then I don't know what qualifies as /pt/ anymore.
Even more considering that most of the "active" threads in /pt/ are dead.

I had to look three times to realize that this wasn't a bear reaction pic.

No. 483348

This warms my heart. I hope it keeps going, and I really hope some bigger names come out against it.

Anon who has been talking to My Oppa, has she said anything else about the situation? Is she getting support after her last post about it?

No. 483350

File: 1517101372009.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180127-165944.png)

She's sucking in so hard her belly button is gravitating towards her fucking tits…

No. 483357

She looks like Joe from Mad Max.

No. 483358

out of everything she's done this is the one thing that's really annoyed me. She has the belly for this cosplay, she claims to be all about body positivity, and yet she still sucks her gut in. Jesus christ.

Will back this up with photos and a video when i have some more free time.

Sage for useless commentary

No. 483361


No. 483362

In the last thread someone was hoping she wouldn't suck her stomach in and when I saw this I screamed. Like jfc this character is supposed to have a gut.

No. 483363

she literally got the ab sculpt lipo for this fucking costume im dead

No. 483368

Why is she hunching over like that? It makes her look way bigger and boxy. She would look thinner and have more shape if she elongated her torso.

No. 483371

File: 1517102068544.jpeg (143.58 KB, 340x446, F8470138-D3BC-4830-A029-11620D…)

I assumed the hooks chain was attached to the back somehow but no? Is she just dragging around that huge length of chain? wew

No. 483374

I mean, Roadhog isn't exactly supposed to be thin…

No. 483377

Adrianne Curry is a hasbeen model from a tv show no one cares about. She's a damn cow herself.

She obviously has zero idea what cosplay is.

No. 483380

File: 1517102409269.jpg (865.3 KB, 4800x3300, frontexterior_0.jpg)

The convention venue's exterior is wall to wall of white squares.

Bitch is fucking ghosting ALA without a doubt.
Supporting the community my dudes.

No. 483381

Yup, just like when she debuted her Yoko after her first lipo. She always does these cosplays with exposed midriffs after she's had work done because she's feeling herself. Also probably why she waited sooo long to do it, even though she's had some of the parts made for a good 6 months now.

No. 483382

I hate how flat that wig is. If you're going to be junk rat, your hair/wig should be teased and messy..

No. 483383

No shit, that’s obvious…but that’s what she wants and that’s the look she’s trying to achieve. She’s obviously sucking in hard and trying to look slim but she’s failing.

No. 483386

This maybe nitpicking but I fucking hate how her boobs are hanging out the fucking side due to the middle being too close together.
That top is way too fuckibg close in the center and needs to be further to the sides of her boobs.
1) it'll make her boobs look so much better
2) it'll look like she actually took time out to fit herself and size herself.

Like, I get the underboob part, whatever. But cover the fuck sides up! God damn.
Nigri does this, why the fuck didn't moo copy that? Moo's boobs look so fucking gross and fuck man. I hate it.

No. 483388

Looking forward to that fat girl bra tutorial.
I too want my tits and back fat to bulge out.

No. 483389

I think she ghosts because she is afraid to be in the main con space. She has too many enemies there and besides she doesn't really care about anime or cosplay. All she cares about is Mariah and her "Fame".

No. 483390

Ngl I’m kinda jealous of her boobs right now because you know she’s going to get that AHHHHH feeling of taking your bra off after a long day so hard.

No. 483391

File: 1517102843757.png (15.09 KB, 439x100, Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 5.27.…)

guys shes losing her stomach

No. 483393

no anon, she’s loosing it

No. 483395

Looks like it's time for an eye exam.

No. 483396


B-b-but I thought Mooriah was such a well loved and positive & confident role model in the cosplay community? Golly gee

No. 483400

Some ALA fun:
there’s an event going on by the food trucks where half the crowd was screaming “if she breathe, she a thot”, while the other half was screaming “all women are queens”. then, simultaneously, the whole crowd went “if she breathes, she a thot. Momokun, Momokun, Momokun”.

the best part? she was /right/ there in earshot getting photos of her RoadHo. i didn’t stick around long but i’m assuming she heard considering she went and stood behind the photographer. a good kek.

No. 483402

I can't with Mooriah's stupid craft foam skull. It looks a 12 year old made her kneepad.

No. 483406

that gut sure is on the loose, eh.

oh my g o d

No. 483407

Just saw her outside.
Def not in the convention center and no badge to be seen.

No. 483408

File: 1517103442431.gif (6.27 MB, 320x240, tenor (3).gif)

I'm fucking tears, anon. Lol I hope there's a recording of that somewhere.

No. 483411

if i could have recorded it, i would’ve.

also as mentioned prior… the back of her RoadHo is a mess. fat is seeping from every crevice. i wasn’t able to take a photo because she knows me but another farmer may be able to snap a pic. it is a sight to be seen.

No. 483412

File: 1517103770589.gif (1.03 MB, 400x293, 1510024082118.gif)

Where's a video when you need one

No. 483413


Hiding behind a photographer…and not a white knight army in sight…she's full of attitude online but is weak as shit in person, lmao she's pathetic.

No. 483418


Officially past 4000 likes now

No. 483422

File: 1517104324262.jpeg (216.46 KB, 1242x1990, C8767338-9380-439A-ADFF-83EBFC…)

Screenshot of moo’s mouth under her roadhog mask. From Sabrina’s Snapchat. So much fucking makeup caked on. Disgusting

No. 483425


What the fuck is that?

No. 483426


OMFG so much milk we are missing! dammit

No. 483430

If this wasn't recorded I'm going to be so upset. Its 2018 damnit, everything should always be recorded!

No. 483431

Are those make up clumps or pimples/sores?

No. 483433

DAMNIT! If I wasn’t in nursing school, I would have totally gone this year! I’m missing so much! Wish you would have recorded it, anon.

No. 483434


Lol for herpes

No. 483436


ngl it looks like a case of mouth herpes smothered in makeup to hide them…

No. 483438

File: 1517104821349.jpeg (123.39 KB, 1024x606, 787DCD7C-13DC-460F-B9FE-ADE3DE…)

she doesn’t need those cuphead straws to remind her to suck it in

No. 483440

File: 1517104917236.jpeg (490.11 KB, 750x956, D6007F6E-DD56-488B-9AA7-DC449E…)

No. 483447

Oh shit, that asian dude in the back looks like Lionel lum, who makes great props for cosplayers to take photos with.

Also, these cuphead cosplayers are so lame, but still somehow look better compared to Moocow's roadslut

No. 483450

It was an event on Facebook. I’ll see if any footage pops up and keep the thread updated if it does.

No. 483465

File: 1517105858643.jpeg (171.17 KB, 730x1200, A7734C6B-BAFB-482E-9B14-7503A9…)

so since roadhog doesn’t have a hat for her to hold, we get The Hunch tm in every picture. I know these are just one and dones with randos but just seems like you’d wanna switch it up. hold the hook up, try one of his victory poses.

No. 483466

File: 1517105875821.png (346 KB, 335x653, Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 6.13.…)

No. 483469

I'm amazed everyday people actually want to fuck this gross human. What even is that black shit on her tits it just magically appeared and that chin and arm lordt.

No. 483470

Her mouth is fucking crusty, Jesus. I just reached for my carmex because my lips feel dry looking at that shit.

No. 483472

File: 1517106177972.png (543.67 KB, 622x597, Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 6.22.…)

No. 483473

pls be real/recorded omfg

No. 483475

I can't fucking look away at her smashed, pancake, disgusting veiny tits.

No. 483477

File: 1517106312322.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1723, 1EB4036D-EF72-46D9-B1F1-4DF2D2…)

update as promised. not a video but:

No. 483478

you know your friend aint your friend when she posts shit like this for the PUBLIC to see. fucking kek

No. 483485

she doesnt know any poses from the game

why is his mouth a skull sticker lol

No. 483488

lol, i always reach for lip balm in laineys shit, now i gotta do it for moos

No. 483491

So she was a part of the roast. Welp, not as funny as I thought. I had hoped they called her names and made her upset vs making fun with her

No. 483493

File: 1517106728475.jpeg (428.59 KB, 750x1161, EF0399B6-8D7F-4F03-8DBA-69B5EE…)

No. 483500

File: 1517106867441.png (1.06 MB, 720x934, Screenshot_2018-01-27-18-30-02…)

No. 483501

there's a public event for it on and these dudes made a pretty widespread vid before (leaked TLJ fight or something), so they likely made a video

No. 483503

File: 1517106954106.png (964.6 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-01-27-18-28-06…)

Lightened. Her bra is slipping

No. 483504

File: 1517106992785.png (1.12 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-01-27-18-27-54…)

No. 483507

this one actually looks good if you don’t shame the rolls, the fact that the dude is HUGE is working in her favor though

No. 483509

Not much impact after they backpedaled.

No. 483511

we're getting somewhere boys. a friend of sss and bunnyayumi rted the tweet which means they'll definitely see it if they haven't already and may be persuaded to even rt themselves.

No. 483514

SSS won't cause she's a pussy, but bunny might.

No. 483520

File: 1517107723633.png (85.11 KB, 770x582, moovelma.png)

So about that Velma photoshoot from a while back and Moo's originality…

No. 483524

File: 1517108249038.jpeg (34.33 KB, 500x524, 8898597B-669E-4C8A-8109-7C8262…)

delicious! lmao what a bitch seriously, someone actually plans to work and travel for their shoot and you just waltz in and snatch it

No. 483530

I would be so afraid to attend cons if I was an asian guy tbh

No. 483531

File: 1517108580920.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4338.PNG)

Her boob is falling over her rolls.

No. 483534

her side rolls near her breasts and spilling from the cups looks honestly so horrifying.

No. 483547

There seems to be more retweet support for Vamprat more so than Roadho on Twitter KEK. Moo's slacking.

No. 483559

She can’t go inside in her roadhog. There’s super high security and you have to prove all props have been peace bonded. She used real chains so she can’t go in.

No. 483561

File: 1517110353448.jpg (568.78 KB, 1200x1200, 1511122849520.jpg)

What an idiot.

No. 483566

File: 1517110661861.jpeg (1.99 MB, 4032x3024, 4815AF38-5BA7-4AC3-8EA7-D8A90C…)

No. 483568

File: 1517110736791.jpeg (20.55 KB, 199x170, 58F14A11-785E-496D-A1E0-540819…)

I’ve waited all day for this

No. 483570

File: 1517110743693.jpg (47.86 KB, 640x638, iwanttodieidubz.jpg)


No. 483580

Holy fuck what am I looking at?????? Is this even a human? How bad can you fuck up your body???

No. 483581

Didn’t she pay for this prop? Why is she just letting it drag on the floor?

No. 483582


Well Done Farmer- Its cheaper than seeing "It" for the 3rd time and just as fucking horrifying

No. 483583

she’s not going to be able to get the paint out of her rolls kek.

No. 483585

Bra-san is working very hard to keep those melons and overgrowth together. Godspeed, bra-san.

What kind of dumbass do you have to be to use actual chains that violate weapons policy in your cosplay?

No. 483586


Because her shitty self knew she was ghosting ALA and as she thinks she's above all other cosplayers, knew having real chains wouldn't be a problem as she had no intentions of stepping inside.

No. 483590


The type that needs an excuse as to why she wasn't ever inside? "Like totes realistic and 100% correct my dudes!" And that thong OMG the thong explodes it will kill everyone in a three block radius

No. 483591

File: 1517111585025.gif (1000.89 KB, 500x281, 1516262529060.gif)

No. 483592

Those rolls, that whale tail and harassing a Guzma to boot, Moo, never, ever change.

No. 483601

File: 1517112134351.jpeg (546.95 KB, 750x1050, 122DC7A4-D3DC-49EF-8E5A-D44787…)

finally a picture of them together

No. 483602

File: 1517112154786.jpeg (632.13 KB, 1242x775, 3EA028FF-5309-4607-8BF0-6E3C18…)

I know bunny mustve seen it she follows me and I’ve been posting about it for the last few days.

No. 483603

Vamp looking as big as Moo in some pics

No. 483604

Does she make a habit of ghosting, or was this just to try and avoid facing a ton of people pissed at her for the whole theft thing?

Thong-san is trying hard too, we gotta keep encouraging him to hold on!

No. 483605

Glad Moo isn't responding to anything in this mess, it just makes her look even far more guilty and that she fucked up while she replies to her con buddies instead. You'd think she'd mention to address it once she's back from ALA but not a word.

She's probably thinking it'll quiet down after her Facebook status about it in the beginning and all is forgiven because she's such a kind person. Ha…

No. 483607

she is a consistent ghost

No. 483611

File: 1517112354244.jpeg (106.05 KB, 419x341, D334B227-587F-4F77-99FE-FABDF9…)

seriously tell me how that bottom strap isn’t painful

No. 483613

I'm so underwhelmed by the both of them tbh

vamp's wig is so sad and not junkrat-esque at all and moo's just is underwhelming altogether. damn

No. 483614

Vamp got so chunky. wtf. They both look almost similar in size next to each other. ouch. At least vamp's costume isn't quite as badly made as Moo's.

Is mooriah wearing a wig btw or is that her regular bleach damaged hair?

No. 483617

It's a wig

No. 483618

Vamp's wig is so flat and awful. It's lazy af tbh. Her peg leg is kinda cool, even if it looks awkward with black nylon.

No. 483620

Yeah it wouldn't have killed Vamp to go with the Junkrat hairstyle but we all know that she gets hella lazy when she does anything with Moo.

No. 483625

File: 1517112883258.gif (536.35 KB, 500x275, IMG_1677.GIF)

No. 483633

looks like loose, flabby skin. I would love for her to lose weight to see her sag more
or heck gain more for the chuckles. Either way she fucked up her body

No. 483638

File: 1517113633714.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, EF0A2DEC-7EA9-47B7-AC85-74459D…)

this would be taken inside right? She’s obviously in front of a booth and the rest of it looks con-like

No. 483641

bet she was lurking here and decided to prove us wrong. but I wonder if other anon was right and the chains were real so she took them back to the hotel before coming in. can any farmers verify whether or not she has the chains w/ her?

No. 483644

She probably borrowed a badge and put her prop away to prove us 'haters' wrong. kek

No. 483645

this is late and OT for the current discussion, but I have another theory about Mariah's shitty hair dye adventures since she recently learned how to dye hair from who the fuck ever: speaking from experience, she could've ended up with this navy mess from either using the L'Oréal/Garnier box dyes that offer a silver-blue color that can go incredibly dark if your hair is damaged and thirsty… or, being the professional she is, she went to Sally's and bought Ion's ash enhancer… which will turn our hair a gross navy blue w/shitty swamp fade if you use the whole tube with whatever ash-blonde/"silver" dye you pick.

Regardless, it is obvious she did it herself. I don't know why she dyed over what she had so soon, however.

(I learned a lot about what not to do with your hair when I was in college. You know, like Momo. Except for the fact I actually attended college and graduated.)

No. 483668

That's weird. I saw her in the Dealers Hall along with vamplette and one of her beta soyboys. I guess Dealers Hall didn't care about props as much? I didn't see her with the hook though.

No. 483673

File: 1517117346800.png (107.73 KB, 152x401, Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 9.28.…)

No. 483676

This pose really emphasizes she has no shape. Her shoulders look way bigger than her hips and she has no waist.

No. 483678

File: 1517117651012.png (142.14 KB, 478x601, Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 9.33.…)

No. 483679

File: 1517117679478.jpg (3.13 MB, 5312x2988, 20180127_181714.jpg)

Saw her in dealer's hall today looking at Fate hentai

No. 483680

That bra makes her look like she has pancake tits

No. 483683

>nerf this

Uhhh wrong game??

No. 483684

File: 1517117920219.gif (973.68 KB, 244x200, E25F96AC-76CE-4271-8FE3-F346E6…)

>Back Rolls
>No ass
>Stubby little legs

No. 483687

> vamps nose
but also I guess she did have the ponytail? looks like there’s a long one going on back there at least

No. 483688

File: 1517118488702.jpg (131.18 KB, 570x856, nicecosplay.jpg)

I am LIVING for this Immortan Joe cosplay

No. 483691

Not only is the bra strap working overtime, those baggy pants are hanging on for dear life over that Hank Hill ass. There's no way she's not adjusting her whole outfit every 5 minutes or so.

No. 483695

D.Va is from overwatch anon

No. 483697

She spends more time here than most anons. Knowing her egotistical ass she's probably the one bitching about being moved back to snow.

No. 483702

I think I missed it a while ago. But why does she have a new twitter?

No. 483703

File: 1517120155076.jpg (235.42 KB, 1200x800, DUm1rZhUQAUQkp7.jpg)

No. 483704

her old one was banned

No. 483715

No. 483716

File: 1517121097444.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, FF4B772D-2923-413C-BA34-36ADB0…)

Oh… my god

No. 483718

File: 1517121188988.png (778.78 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-01-27-22-29-02…)

No. 483719

File: 1517121219063.png (922.73 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-01-27-22-30-20…)

No. 483722

Forget 'pants-on-head' retarded, Moo's tits-on-head retarded!

No. 483726

The more I look at this the more it doesn't make sense. Like is that line leading to her armpit somehow part of her breast? Or is that her reduction scar? Where does the breast end and the side of her torso begin?

No. 483727

so gay my dudes

No. 483729

File: 1517121948857.png (514.3 KB, 468x720, Screenshot_2018-01-27-22-41-29…)

No. 483730

Okay so the top strap is squished directly into her armpit, the line is her big squished boob but half of the boob fat is separated between the top and bottom of the second strap making them look really stretched out too. THEN since the strap is also digging into her side fat it’s making everything look extra lumpy

No. 483731


No. 483732

Even if she did have a badge, she still spent the entire day outside standing around and taking pictures and went inside for, what, an hour tops? And I feel like she only did that to prove to us she wasn’t ghosting.

No. 483733

and to buy smut

No. 483736

File: 1517122624933.png (670.43 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-01-27-22-54-27…)

Hanging out with Veronicalunalu

No. 483737

Double post but Caileesi cosplay and Peachy_lavender (in their instastory) are in the room but it appears they're drinking/talking about alcohol. I haven't seen Mariah with a cup, so who knows.

No. 483739

File: 1517123401923.png (582.19 KB, 429x884, Screenshot_2018-01-27-23-07-59…)

No. 483742

I'm sorry but her cleavage looks like a shit covered asscrack… How does she think this looks okay? Its as bad as her "autumn fairy".

No. 483748

thong-san and bra-san ….. i….i am so sorry
i can't believe how bad and trashy that fucking thong looks wit the pants falling down to her thighs.

No. 483761

Moo why. Holy fuck. I am so embarrassed for her.

No. 483762

Is it confirmed that she’s going to Fanime btw? I go every year and I would love to snap some pics, and a few friends want to fuck with her. The entire community here (afaik) fucking HATES her too.

No. 483763

Bra-san needs a gold medal for its' outstanding effort to keep Moo's tits in place as they just ooze out from all areas.

No. 483765

God she looks so dumpy in that RoadHo cosplay, the pants don't fit correctly and they're sagging down so low it looks like she took a shit in them.
How are there people that want to fuck her?

No. 483766

i havent said anything, but i really wanna push for roadhag instead of roadho

No. 483769

I really dig Roadhag actually if I could edit my post I would.

No. 483773

She attends Fanime every year for sure. I saw here Lucoa there last year and she's even bigger irl than in pictures

No. 483790

Haha sick. Can’t wait. I knew she was there but didn’t recognize her tbh. That’s actually around when I started hearing she became a cosplayer.

No. 483792

I’ll be at Fanime this year. I have only seen her a few times at last year’s AX. She really is stubby

No. 483793

wrong *character

No. 483794

inb4 new oc donut steel

No. 483808

Yeah, she's not 5"4 like she claims she is. She is definitely a lot shorter than Vamplette and I'm around 5"2, and even I'm taller than her. I think she's around 5"0 or 5"1 at least. She's really short and stubby with a bunch of rolls.

No. 483809

File: 1517132610048.jpg (386.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-28-17-42-25…)

She's in some sort of an ALA after party with couple of cosplay thots dancing on pole

No. 483811

File: 1517132670745.png (936.44 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-01-28-01-40-48…)

No. 483812

I don’t remember her being that short even in school? Maybe it’s her hunchback. She had way better posture before. She seemed 5’4, and I’m 5’6.

No. 483819

File: 1517136845196.png (440.68 KB, 451x545, Screenshot_2018-01-28-02-51-54…)

No. 483829

File: 1517139065981.png (4.09 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4339.PNG)


I just really wish she would of made her top bigger. It would of made her boobs look so much better. Why the fuck does she not realize this?

No. 483830

File: 1517139470365.png (50.28 KB, 653x708, IMG_6428.PNG)

Is this…her nipple?

No. 483831

Looks like the underwire of the nude bra sticking out.

No. 483832

File: 1517140866818.gif (1.39 MB, 400x225, oa88k4328nxx.gif)

She looks like a grown ass man from behind.

No. 483837

File: 1517143930325.jpg (8.38 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)

> inb4 But the whale tail is accurate muh dudes?

I like how even Jess didn't have as much of her underwear on show, and when I had a look back it looks like she used a pair of bikini bottoms. Not Moo though, gotta have your nasty ol' thong out for the world to see

No. 483839

the art looks bikini cut imo
there's not much to go off of tho

No. 483847

Wonder how long until she tries to sell her RoadHag cosplay to thirsty neckbeards.

No. 483854

why put make up if the mask is going to cover that area? no one will see and you will just boil that shit over your skin which isn't something good for it

she was going for a joke anon. she failed.

No. 483855

She's taller than that. Maybee 5'3? I'm 5'1" and when I met her at Colossal (sans shoes) she was taller than me

No. 483856

Call me cray cray, but the whole reason I enjoy masked cosplays is coz I dont have to bother with make up.
Then again, Moos gotta make sure her mouth looks ready to suck a dick since that's her only appeal.

No. 483858

So, ALA is basically over….Moos little fantasy weekend as if nothing is wrong is done, and now she is going home to face the shit storm, or perhaps run from it/pretend it didn’t happen. However, her precious castle corsetry is gone off Facebook, she has a 3k/4K viral twitter post on how many people hate her and want her gone, with more to find out later. You royally fucked up this time moo, all you have left are your thirsty neck beards and younger, blind “fans” left. I seriously hope she tries to defend herself, it’ll just make her look even worse, she’s been basically backed into a corner.

No. 483860

same! the masks sometimes are uncomfortable but not having to wear any make up is always great

sage for ot

No. 483864


The best part is Castle Corsetry running away from Facebook after the copypasta messages, false 5* reviews and the nerve to state that theft is a everyday thing in the fashion industry so it's no big deal.

Corsetry's business is equally as fucked lol.

No. 483868

momo was mentioned for a second on the evo japan stream (by the same guy who unironically loves her) around 4:58

and her callout post has made it's way to rkappa as well.

No. 483873

No. 483874

I think she'll ignore it until everything is over. And if this does not spread any wider, meaning someone with many followers is talking about it I can see it people forgetting about this.
Obviously the tweets just proves how many dislike her and I'm pretty sure that she gained more "haterzz" because of this but I highly doubt that there is more coming.

No. 483876

damn momo didn't even need a wig for her roadhog cosplay her hair's already shitty and ratty enough

No. 483882

>>483874 It will only stop if people care to stop. If people want her out so badly of the community, then people will continue to tag higher ups, tag other high up cosplayers, and post more and more of the shit she has pulled. The more the actual relevant people see she's a shit stain on cosplay, the more she is affected. I say we keep pushing the twitter as long as possible, or even making new ones like before for each shit storm she causes.

No. 483888

File: 1517153803862.png (27.53 KB, 920x164, Untitled.png)

You mean before she switched to "online classes"

No. 483897

nah man, she does from the front too. i refuse to believe those are a woman's titties.

No. 483899

Damn, I was going to link her 6 minute long "bitch boy" video rant, but it looks like the vid.me website has literally vanished. If anyone has that video saved elsewhere, it would be legit proof of her calling for that hashtag against the photographer to harrass him, plus showing that she drives while being on instagram.

No. 483904

Keep on signal boosting, my dudes, and be sure to @ artisans, cons, and any anime or cosplay-related business you can think of that likes to use cosplayers as models or collaborators.

We'll never be able to stop her neckbeards from giving her money, but making sure she can never move on from making shitty porn shoots will get her where it hurts: Her massive ego.

No. 483906

Same fagging for a second here, I know her line was a flop, but has anyone shown this to Creators Guild yet?

No. 483910

A few more patrons have backed out, that'll piss her off too

No. 483921

Considering they are the ones that helped moo monotize a ripped off slogan, they should be alerted.

No. 483929

I guess the question is: should do a surge @'ing her on Monday so she can't hide from it as easily.


No. 483957

File: 1517158752113.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x2085, 990BDDE0-76D8-4E04-8288-C4B5E6…)

No. 483964


Gaining some steam?

No. 483965

Not the same anon but I was also coming here to post about this

For those who dont know:
BunnyAyumi has 80k+ followers on twitter. Is sponsored and partnered with both Fakku and JList (and a load of other weeby brands like super orange) with SwimSuitSuccubus (who is also her girlfriend).

This might finally be it. There is probably a LOT of overlap between bunny and momo's followers/patreon backers but I'm not gonna celebrate too early.

So much for her being able to ignore it though

No. 483976

aside from disliking moo im sure that seeing her gf on there made it impossible to fully ignore lol

No. 483981

With any luck this means sss will RT it.

No. 483986

There was talk of asking the newfag.science anon over at the Onion thread for help on backing things up when vid.me was about to close, I don't know what happened to that

Lmao good luck finding another thieving buddy Moo

No. 484003

No, this one incident won't bring her down. Just like none of the others did. But all the incidents to come and the way she is letting herself go will bring her down eventually. She's only like, what, 22? And she has already peaked a year or two ago. She is her own worst enemy and fat fetish camgirl will happen sooner rather than later.

No. 484005

Can you stop obsessing over these two? And the dumbass trying to spam @ sss is why no one takes us seriously. Neither of them are influencers in cosplay. They just do sexy modeling and everyone knows fans of that shit dont care about moo’s shit personality.

No. 484010

No idea why people here are trying to pester succubus when everyone knows the ONLY reason Momo wont stop is because Jnig supports her. Tons of cosplayers have unfollowed and called her out but she continues cuz she’s latched onto the biggest name in cosplay. Fuck y’all crawling all over a sex worker who cosplayed with moo ONCE and doesn’t even follow when Jnig is the real problem?

No. 484011

I saw quite a few post from people in the animu fighter side of the FGC post about that comment. I think he roasted her multiple times in that stream.

No. 484015

1) I did the sage dude.
2) I meant @'ing Momokun. There was no context in which I even mentioned SSS.
3) Are you ok?
4) Sage'd.

No. 484023

Chill out sss they were talking about moo not you(hi [cow])

No. 484032

Thanks for deleting your 2 other samefag posts saying this same shit. Glad you were able to settle on one.

Also >>484010 has a point. Sexy models dont have influence in the cosplay community.

No. 484033

>implying momo makes money off of the cosplay community.

The people who support her are likely to also follow Bunny and Susu or are we forgetting that momo is only a 'sexy model' no one in the cosplay community takes her seriously. If anything I consider these two more credible cosplayers than moo.

No. 484034


Sooo…..incoming sperg video reaction from moo when?OMG YOU GUIZE SO MUCH HAET Support and lurve everyone and so on and so forth

No. 484038

File: 1517162154633.jpg (325.48 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180128_123947.jpg)

So, is this the one day badge she already used or did she stupidly buy one for Sunday to walk around the dealer's room and spread her musty B.O?

No. 484039

No matter how as long as Moo gets more known about her general shittiness, she won't be able to hide behind her "body positivity" and "poc" shield. All we need is her being discredited as a "professional cosplayer", that no one will take her seriously with her notoriety. Hell we'll be doing the neckbeards a favor by speeding up the fat fetish pornstar track she's on. Time and herself are her worst enemy, we're just pushing it along. Let her make the money, don't bet on patrons dropping, let her do her lewds, it's her ego we're going for not her wallet, we have her fantastic financial management skills doing that already.

No. 484040

If she doesn’t do it after ALA then that is proof enough to me she’s knows she fucked up. Whenever she’s quiet about stuff is when she’s lying

No. 484043

When she comes home and off of the massive high she's been nursing all weekend to cope from this. She's been holing up with other scummy attention whores durring ALA, just wait until she doesn't have any 'friends' near her again.

No. 484044

Professional kek. Next time she says she isn’t a pro remember to show her this badge. Clearly you think you needed it.

No. 484049

File: 1517162660034.jpg (86.57 KB, 817x817, sayaka smug.jpg)

ah, so it seems she hasn't been posting a fuckton of Instagram stories lately

I wonder why…

No. 484054

She never really seems to whenever she goes to cons. It’s like since she’s getting attention from people irl she doesn’t need to go online to look for it. Which really shows how much she NEEDS it.

No. 484055


sage for ot, but i'm glad bunny had the balls to retweet this. dont see many people with a lot of follows (who i know have seen this) retweet it

No. 484060

We have ppl like byndogekt and others who constantly share momo and kiss her ass as well. Susu and jnig aren't even sharing her. Go after people who continue to share her not ppl who don't give a shit about her.

No. 484075



Bitch where?

No. 484083

File: 1517165799914.jpg (16.89 KB, 256x256, IMG_1130.JPG)

She'll probably just spread the akidearest video that's been making it's rounds

No. 484084

sage for ot but what akidearest video

No. 484089

And another lipo oops has begun.

No. 484097

She basically did a Cosplay is for everyone type vid

No. 484100

it's the worst one like ever tho. she just whines about stuff that only affects her.

No. 484104

I agree. Whenever we see someone kiss ass to moo on twitter we should show them the call out post. The ones who have unfollowed and dont share clearly know she is garbage.

No. 484108

But when she does move on to the cam girl phase it will only be to finance her dual masters degrees in international business and linguistics my dudes, lol. Then, on to double PhDs.

No. 484110

But did Jessica unfollowed her yet? That will be a massive blow to the cow’s ego and probably will make her quit. Even though Nigri doesn’t give her attention anymore, or not at the same scale. I mean, we’ve seen moo replying to Jessica’s tweets and Jessica answering her replies and pretty much that still is giving some attention to moo. Leftover attention, but enough for momokunt to feel like she still is hot shit.

No. 484122


My friend worked at registration for ALA at this year. My friend doesn't know much about people who are well known in cosplay so she didn't take a video or this exchange like I would have.

According to my friend the way Mariah got her "professional" badge through a very unprofessional method. My friend worked at the side for those who did not preregister for their badge. Mariah went to that side because she obviously did not buy a badge before the convention. She went up to a worker next to her and basically said "hi I'm momokun and I'm pretty famous. Can I get a free professional badge?" She even took out her phone and showed her social media to the worker. They gave it to her because they most likely didn't know any better.

Overall this proves that since she didn't buy a badge before the con (after months of announcing she would attend ALA) she never had the intention of buying a badge. She was expecting to get a free one. It's also not good for the company because it gives the illusion they are endorsing her.

So much for supporting cons Mariah.

No. 484130

she did this last year too. she claimed she was press and threw a fit with the person until she got the badge. then she was bragging to her group of friends about it. compete bitch to staff.

No. 484139

Pretty sure she will ignore it. She is never good at confrontation like this nor does she have any facts to back up her side. Her repeat is always "we should all support each other" ironically, so maybe a vague tweet about that, but doubt anything else from her because shes a COWard.

No. 484143

Probably should have made it on r/cosplay/cosplayers. Kappa doesn't care about Moo.

No. 484145

Anyone think we'll see any other sets of her moomoo cow? I don't think she can claim that being her oc after this

No. 484146

I don't Reddit but any anons on here that do, it's not too late

No. 484151

Yep, it isn't too late! The further out we spread with the receipts, the better! Making sure that people who look her up for whatever reason sees it off the bat would be a huge win.

No. 484168


Yikes. The fame really went to her head early. Wouldn't be surprised if she tries this stunt for every convention she attends. If she has the money she should just buy all her badges if she really wants to support the community as she claims.

No. 484171

Has anyone shared the post on Facebook?

No. 484180

Yes that post was shared on facebook I believe- in the momokun "controversy" thread

No. 484181

on her cosplay page

No. 484183

Exactly this. If we want people to see it then it's going to have to be on sites that she goes to.

Maybe even her subreddit kek(That's a joke, they won't care.)

No. 484196

Do any farmers have a burner/no fucks given account on imgur? I saw a request on the twitter post to put the art thief image up on there.

No. 484208

signing up takes two seconds, just fucking do it instead of posting about it

No. 484215

File: 1517172707767.png (78.86 KB, 750x443, IMG_7037.PNG)

Looks like Mariah is trying to get the photo taken down by using this cosplayer as an excuse. Tenderbroembrace has been in Mariah's stories and seem to hang around her a lot so she's most likely a momokun groupie trying to protect her queen.

No. 484221

Hey, just tell her your version of the photo is cropped so therefore not the same and it was just inspired by the original photo.

No. 484222

Twitter anon here. I didn't know that was moo's friend. I actually replied telling her that I was sorry and the image itself wasn't something I made, I just happened to post but could only delete the post and if it was something that actually made her uncomfortable having her face in I would do and she never replied. Guess I know why now lol

No. 484227

Almost 3000 retweets. Nicely done, anon.

No. 484230

Nah thank you guys, I just made the post but you all made sure it circulated. All our efforts have paid off good job everyone!!!

No. 484232

She did actually reply. She said "that'd be great" or something along those lines.

No. 484235

She will regret this once moo throws her under the bus for being useless, like she’s know for lol

Moo’s female friends have a shelf life that is really short, girl, wake up lol

No. 484238

so wait are we deleting the tweet?

No. 484239

Well I mean now that I know it's just moo's friend trying to get it taken down I'm kind of….less inclined.

No. 484240

are you fucking nuts? it has 3k rts, just because a friend of moo is whining are you even thinking about deleting it?

No. 484241

samefag but if you guys delete this tweet i will just upload another, i won't let this die so easily

No. 484242

Yeah same here, I'll just keep resharing it too.

No. 484248


Don't you think it's a little late to do it now since it's being spread all over Twitter by certain people? Everyone, and i assume you, were praising how good it is that this is being spread and now you wanna quit and delete the tweet over moo's lackey?

Just ignore her, it ain't like she's gonna do anything about it. She doesn't seem well-known enough for people to care anyways. Plus, doesn't this give Moo the advantage because if this tweet gets deleted by you, nothing won't change and then reposts of the tweet won't make an impact like it is right now.


Ignore moo's friend and just keep the tweet up. She's not making a shitstorm about it anyways.

No. 484249

Chill you guys I'm not deleting it. I said I was thinking about it before I knew she was a friend of moo's because I felt like if I didn't listen to a cosplayer who didn't want to associate herself with momokun and not take it down, that'd be a very momokun thing of me to do. But now that I know she's just her lackey, I don't care

No. 484250

>>484249 I wouldnt trust anyone asking to remove information anyways, it could be very easy for anyone to fake like they're "uncomfortable" with something being posted there to get it removed, just to have Mariah cackle in the distance.

No. 484259

this. it's part of a PSA so it's not something that needs to be taken down.

No. 484270

After seeing those screencaps of her telling someone to control their friends, she probably messaged her friend and told her to do something about it.

No. 484280

File: 1517175284001.png (483.02 KB, 544x896, swamphair.png)

No. 484286

File: 1517175538769.jpg (214.99 KB, 1412x904, Screenshot_20180128-223648.jpg)

No. 484289

kek I’m loving the milk coming out of the woodwork in the thread on twitter. Mariah you are the same damn person you were 10 years ago and would still go this low today if you had to

No. 484292

File: 1517175831283.png (44.6 KB, 920x318, Untitled.png)


And it keeps going.

No. 484293

File: 1517175842706.jpg (342.3 KB, 1304x1014, Screenshot_20180128-223945.jpg)

Went through the comments on the Twitter thread. Unfortunately there aren't many comments like these.
I wish more people who interacted with her would share their experience. I feel like this would give the Tweet another boost.

No. 484300

Pretty in line with her throwing a fit about not getting the time she wanted for her panel.

No. 484302

Wait is this for real?!

No. 484304

?? This is a really serious accusation though, has this come up before?

No. 484307

Not sure how much I believe this. I’m curious if anyone who comes here that knew her back then can confirm?

10 years ago would have been when she was like 12~ was this someone she went to school with? On my phone but anyone who can try and find out more from this user pls do

No. 484310

They didn’t say the suicide happened 10 years ago, though. They only stated to know her from that long ago. Probably mutual friends and the thing happened when she started her business? Admitting this is true…

No. 484311

>there are no minors who kill themselves due to bullying
>phoebe prince
>amanda todd

No. 484321

Either people are hesitant to speak out or its possible they don't have a twitter account at all. I hope awareness gets spread to every major social platform so that enough people come forward. We all knew Moo was a bully years ago.

No. 484324

File: 1517177002525.png (152.44 KB, 750x1334, 61D502C2-7E45-4849-A743-523E9D…)

I was embarrassed to post these screenshots back when it happened bc I didn’t want to throw a pity party but I just want to confirm that she absolutely has no problem bullying people into suicide

No. 484328

File: 1517177131479.jpeg (224.4 KB, 750x1280, 8243BC25-33D0-4F98-8007-CBA729…)

Sorry this is taking long lol my phone is slow

No. 484330

File: 1517177183796.png (172.09 KB, 750x1334, 6577C759-0F8F-4FF5-8730-80ABA6…)

Btw looking back I’m p glad I said this shit. Funny how she thought otherwise. I feel better about it now than I did then.

No. 484331

File: 1517177227822.png (159.92 KB, 750x1334, 865E0258-F64F-424C-A0DA-72CBB7…)

Sorry for the emo shit I was really upset that she was successful in profiting off the people she bullied

No. 484332

File: 1517177292239.png (352.32 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180128-230533.png)

I still not sure if I'm okay to post this on lolcow because this seems very personal.. but she posted this on January 21nd. So I don't know if that's the one person she is talking about in the Moomoo thread.

No. 484336

I can already see somebody saying this is fake because "lel who posts on twitter about dis sorta thing lel".

No. 484340


It won't be Momo though cause OP is actually some Asian dude and only claps back to anyone who isn't lol. Still surprised she's managed to stay quiet through all this.

No. 484343

Let's not go after this person to get more information that they don't willingly provide. One person on the thread already asked for more details, don't bombard this person though especially if their friend just died.

No. 484347

Agreed. Should I delete this?

No. 484351


Now that you posted these she will no doubt now try to play the victim and be like “I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS ALL DEPRESSED AND SUCIDAL. I TOTALLY USED TO CUT MYSELF TOO. PLEASE GIVE ME ASSPATS AND TELL ME HOW “BRAVE” AND “STRONG” I AM!!!

No. 484352

If i see a bunch of people harassing this person in my Twitter notifications, yes. For now I've only seen one person ask which I think is okay

No. 484363

archive anon got chased off the site because he didnt know how to blend in and is a pussy

No. 484365



No. 484383

I can almost guarantee she’s just going to keep trying to ignore it. My story isn’t really something that lots of people will latch onto and blast all over twitter.
Idk if it’s clear but that is the rest of the convo from “Anakin’s Revenge” as y’all called it lol. Nothing came of it. Still milky tho. Just not viral milky.

No. 484384

I never said minors don’t kill themselves?? Wtf anon. I just want more than just one random twitter user to somehow corroborate the story.

No. 484390

Goddamn I’m so sorry she put you through that and then had big the slightest care in the world about it either.

It’s amazing that she somehow turned it around about herself talking about how she’s a better person. Fuuuuck you Mariah.

Would you be ok if I reposted these on the tumblr? I think people need to see her true colors, but this is so personal I wouldn’t want to repost it with lout your go ahead.

No. 484399

File: 1517179495970.jpeg (378.38 KB, 750x801, 6BFBA8C7-C1FB-49C9-83C5-2727F9…)

I guess she had to bust out the good filters for that day three of con haggard face

No. 484400

Kudos on your most inaccurate Mei wig yet, Moo! Is this a new OC?! (Yes, I know this is the garbage she had on for Beekeeper, she's being that lazy with her wigs now.)

No. 484404

I kind of think it's weird she's asking for that anyway, since it's proving Moo stole from HER, not the other way around.

Like, we aren't shaming you. It sucks, but whatever bitch get over it.

No. 484408

lol when are you guys going to get your shit together

No. 484410

lmao I kinda love Vamp as Junkrat. She's probably acutely aware of what angles are good/bad for her odd nose and teeth but I think if she went all-out with the wig and crazy faces, she would've been fuckin' cool.

Mariah is just boring.

No. 484411

The wig is so bad and you can clearly see how she tried to make her cheeks look smaller

No. 484426


Professional what exactly? She's a pro at assaulting my damn eyeballs and giving me gym inspiration to never get that fat and saggy.

No. 484434

i dont even know you, claims girl who's been out of high school a whole 3 years

No. 484452

I don't know about this. I know for a fact that moo was a terrible bully in school but it's a pretty serious charge if true. It could also be a moo false flag so she can say "see all the crazy shit they say about me? None of it is true." I may be tinfoiling but she is a devious thot.

No. 484456

oh im implying shes full of shit

one of my "friends" has forgotten people she went to school with, interacted with regularly, and invited to her (mothers) house

No. 484459

Hard sage, genuinely not trying to blog, but its pretty common for bullies to not own up to the shit they did. Doesn't matter if its been two months two years. Moo is the least humble bitch out there.

No. 484463

I think Moo's "I don't even know you" was her way of saying that the girl is a nobody. It seems like something that she would say.

We've seen the kind of shit that she would say about her own mother, so why wouldn't she bully and threaten someone enough for them to have mental issues?

No. 484469

My mental health has been fantastic lately. And honestly a lot of it is bc of lolcow. You guys helped me recognize red flags in my circle. Stopped hanging out with trainwrecks and it is so nice that all of this extravagant drama is completely not my problem and never will be.
Anyways thank you for the well wishes and you’re totally welcome to use my screenshots! I think it would be better to use all of them together as opposed to just the ones in this thread. Someone made this: http://imgur.com/a/xK3RS

No. 484470


Of course Moomoo would never own up to her shit. It goes against her narrative of “I’m just an innocent person who would never try to bully or hurt anyone”. She’ll just try to wave it off as “I don’t remember any of that. Sorry you feel the need to be so rude to me”.

No. 484472

sage of course, but I mentioned in the calves thread that I'm thinking Vamp's wig there is meant for another character. She doesn't make near the amount of Moo so probably doubles on props and wigs for characters. She didn't bother with his gun after all too.

No. 484476

Oh I do want to make it known though that I’m enjoying my current low key status and don’t want to be messaged a lot so censoring my name for the tumblr post would be cool. I know it’s already out there but I’d like the least amount of harassment possible lol.

No. 484479

File: 1517182824065.jpg (46.11 KB, 382x751, wind 1 wig 0.jpg)

No. 484480

glad ur doin better anakin

sorry you had to deal with moo irl tho

No. 484481

File: 1517182871656.jpg (47.63 KB, 384x740, camera angle.jpg)

Bra-kun looks ready to give up.

No. 484482

this is what will be the ultimate cause of moos downfall. Everyone who comes into irl contact with her finds out what a low life she is.

No. 484487

Yeah it was moved to /snow/, then a few threads ago back to /pt/ you fucking idiot

No. 484488

Thanks! I’m gonna see her IRL again at Fanime. Tryina think of what I wanna do about that. Might be petty & interact. Might just fly under the radar and do live updates here. Not sure yet!

No. 484490

File: 1517183389224.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, A18D3022-37D0-4175-B08A-CC5B14…)

dancing outside to spice girls with dpiddy and everyone else, using her gun as a dick per usual from maipookiebears instastory

No. 484499


I dont even know what to say to this.

Classy as always, Moomoo.

No. 484500


DPiddy wants her in his video during the train wreck happening ? He either doesn't know about it or she's lying to him

No. 484502

She's got a boob loaf going on, that costume is struggling. Delusional as always.

No. 484503

Her arms are so tight in that coat, they have to be cutting off circulation.

No. 484509

We’ll support you here, Anakin. Momo is trash and clearly we’re all up against her, but her downfall is soon, I can feel it. We all are working so hard, and finally we’ve been making impact.

No. 484511

someone shouldve @ him the pic

No. 484512

File: 1517184718413.jpg (47.38 KB, 674x678, RbisE2W.jpg)

samefag but i got this off the google drive, this is 2016/2017, look at how small she was in this coat compared to how stuffed she is now lol

No. 484515

File: 1517184766279.jpeg (219.3 KB, 750x616, F087DAD1-766C-455E-A2DE-C08212…)

she’s starting to like a bunch of asskissing tweets so I’m assuming she’s leaving con soon and needed to re-up on validate me juice?

No. 484517

Can confirm, saw this in person

There was also a Kylo Ren circling her because she was pushed into the lightsaber battle circle (the circle was chanting) very reluctantly and you could tell she did NOT want to be there. It was a sight.

No. 484519

File: 1517184916162.jpeg (92.03 KB, 750x223, D32CCEAC-963F-42E2-95EC-A72B2A…)

kek, yup. inc con feels and instaspam

No. 484520

File: 1517184963187.jpg (365.26 KB, 1357x2048, IMG_7039.JPG)

No. 484523

i thought someone said she sold her old coat tho

No. 484525

I’m p sure her old coat was the one with the dark blue sleeves

No. 484526

File: 1517185169968.jpg (276.13 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_7040.JPG)

Found these on twitter.

Basically Mariah was telling a person (who used to be a fan/friend) to tell her friends to back off because apparently THEY were starting shit with her. Mariah conveniently deleted her comments to make it seem like she was innocent. However the truth was SHE STARTED IT.

She is such a terrible manipulative person. This is just more proof that she will never own up to her own wrongs and will never think she is ever in the wrong.

It's become more obvious with her latest scandals. Not once has she even admitted an ounce of wrong. Even with the Red Riding Hood incident she could have said "I'm sorry guys. I should have been more clear with my request to Castle Corsetery and told them to make something like it instead of a replica." But no. Instead she denies any wrong while bitching about people "stealing" her autumn witch idea.

No. 484531

What a nasty bitch. The way she threatened removing that girl as a friend really reads like Mariah thinks her friendship is coveted and valuable. "Control your friends, or you lose me." God.

No. 484532

Can see how Vamp is wrapped around her finger now.

No. 484533

File: 1517185768927.jpg (251.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180128-192657.jpg)

Is this post possibly in response to Momokun's latest shenanigans?

No. 484538

If steff likes it, probably

No. 484539

Who is Steffens again? I keep seeing you guys go on about her, but I don’t get it, she doesn’t seem like anyone important.

No. 484540


I wouldn't doubt she is like this to certain friends. She probably uses it on those she thinks she can control easily. I can see now why a lot of the people who used to be friends with her have resentment towards her. Even Thornechan who used to be really into Momokun, seems to hate her now.

No. 484543

"i was so nerdy and geeky and everyone bullied me i even self harmed!!" jesus i'm SO disgusted by this cunt right now. i'm so sorry for that anon…

No. 484551

File: 1517186579880.jpeg (367.71 KB, 1242x982, 6D32CB25-E3EF-4F9E-B493-F7AD5C…)

“Would you happen to know the original creator for it?” On the masterpost will all Momos wrong doings she has the audacity to ask this as if we’d tell her, kek
Seems like Mariah’s got a head hunt for whoever made it.

No. 484553

It was that hacker, 4chan.

No. 484555


It’s obvious this is Moomoo’s doing. Have someone get offended on her behalf and attempt to get the original post taken down.

No. 484557

"Would you happen to know the original creator for it? so i can pass it on to mariah and she can persecute that person?"

No. 484558

hey momo cunt. instead of getting your lackeys to do your dirty work how about you do it yourself you dumb bitch. Is this another one of your "im close to removing you as a friend" tactics

No. 484560

File: 1517186961321.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 6C5D2D24-F9D0-468B-9DB0-11CBAC…)

Another view

No. 484564

File: 1517187246418.gif (4.32 MB, 281x500, 470ACDDC-2083-462F-987C-3A18CA…)

This is so fucking funny

No. 484565

She literally thinks she’s hilarious.
Let that sink in.

No. 484566

oh my god thank you for doing a gif for everyone

No. 484567

Nice try mooriah

No. 484568

File: 1517187325339.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

This is so fucking cringy…

No. 484569

Turtle lips made a comeback

Also after Dpiddy came out as being buddy buddy with her you bet your sweet ass he got unfollowed by me

No. 484571

Do not give in whatever you do! We have alot of retweets and there's no going back!

No. 484572

yes, but not for the reasons moo wants

No. 484574

she looks like she is having trouble breathing

No. 484575

Should someone message her and pretend to know who made it to try and get more info?

No. 484576

“Control your friends.”

They are people, Mooriah, not fucking slaves.

No. 484578

lol same, i unfollowed the minute i saw them at that shitty vegas league con or whatever

No. 484580

Holyshit, if this bitch came at me with these tweets, i would have smacked her down. Like, does she think she's acting tough? This person has no clue what is happening.

No. 484581

That blue guy has some moves tho.
Moomoo’s only dance move is ‘fake gun wiener’ because she is desperate.

“LOL look at me I’m so FUNNAY”

No. 484583

File: 1517187654959.jpeg (355.06 KB, 1241x1227, 4FED0315-859B-4D87-BC2B-AE302F…)

Her wig…

No. 484585

the blue guy is dpiddy, you might have seen him before as an annoying deadpool

No. 484591


A glimpse into how Mariah sees her own friends. She sees her friends as things to control. I bet she's the one telling Tenderbroembrace to make complaints and find out who made the post so she can make it all end.

Seriously why are there people who like her and look up to this scum? She's utter garbage. She's so garbage that even her former friend BunnyAyumi retweeted the post. Are people so fucking stupid? Mariah is still the same dumbass, entitled jock she was in high school.

No. 484592

Guessing he's doing that Symmetra/Hanzo attack randos again? Or is he her freezing beam?

No. 484593


“Let me speak to the manager”

No. 484604

File: 1517188696309.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, F375E1C3-A7B8-43F3-B9AF-DD9406…)

Why is she like this

No. 484607

this is why shes wearing mask

No. 484610

why does she always wrap fannel chan around her waist like that

i only ever did that when i was wearing a sweater and it got too hot

No. 484614

to mask her brood mother-esque body

No. 484615

File: 1517189521015.jpeg (751.49 KB, 1120x2889, 94B0DD41-B70C-421A-B10B-BCF08B…)

No. 484616

File: 1517189692417.gif (943.26 KB, 480x270, MindlessThickInganue-max-1mb.g…)

No. 484617

Wtf why would anyone bring their bearded dragon to a con (idk if it's something else don't know anything about reptiles) Seriously people who bring their pets to a super crowded Con shouldn't even have them in the first place.
Even bringing dogs to a really crowded Con (not talking about small ones where the stress factor isn't as big) should not do that.

No. 484621

Probably peed herself and was trying to hide it kek.
Remember she had issuses as a child.

No. 484627

She wears it because she knows she has no ass and wrapping it in something gives it the illusion of her having one

No. 484633

File: 1517190299238.jpeg (744.51 KB, 723x1334, 8006373C-8F48-44C0-9D98-BE85DA…)

Back to reality

No. 484634

File: 1517190314788.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, 2BAAB3C8-7238-4F0A-8BD6-92BA8B…)

No. 484635

Back to trying to save herself on twitter lol.

No. 484636

No. 484637

File: 1517190440458.png (190.73 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2933.PNG)

Update on her response. If she just didn't want her picture in it then why did she want to know to original creator? Something is up. I say, compromise her by resposting without the pic, or add it to the thread with a correction. Don't take the original down by any means.

No. 484642

File: 1517190756479.jpg (110.73 KB, 795x595, ewww.JPG)

for the love of god mariah clean under your fingernails before you upload pictures

No. 484644

I call bullshit because what sort of photographer would use the exact same poses for different ppl NOBODY especially if its representing their fucking work and their portfolio

No. 484645

I wonder why Rian isn't doing this too. I don't understand these cosplay chicks

No. 484647

she intentionally copied you then, lol
its still an exact fucking copy

No. 484648


“Uncomfortable having my picture posted” bitch takes pictures for a living literally what lmao

No. 484650

Don't compromise at all. She's likely going to Mariah with this and Mariah is telling her what to say. Not to mention nobody responding cared too much about the posing issue.

No. 484651

how much to you think she overpaid for this mask that is 1-2$ from chinese ebayers?

i had one and gave it to a friend, theyre hard to breathe in

No. 484652

File: 1517190875501.jpeg (587.44 KB, 656x892, B617BE51-E1DD-4FD9-8CBA-AF96BE…)

I hope she lets her poor boobs get some air after this weekend, they’ve been smashed for days

No. 484655


wondering the same thing. this just shows how shitty of a photographer you are. why the fuck would you do this as a photog??

No. 484658

One of the comments read:

"Why are you actually so stunning?"

'Because my face is hidden.
I look better When my face disappears.'

No. 484660

File: 1517191018642.jpeg (539.44 KB, 663x874, 9471C13A-2A64-4FE1-9A84-01D2FC…)

No. 484661


Commercial photographers use the same location and poses - ones that get paid for family shoots, senior pictures and boudoir (for bridal gifts). Was this one of those photographers?

If so, that's not that big of a surprise. If it's a photographer trying to expand their portfolio or be fashion or whatever, then it's a pretty dumb move.

No. 484662

can the anon who has her chun li layed down with the same pose/background link where she posted it? i'm pretty sure the photog isn't the same so i wanna check

No. 484663

for the record i searched through her ig and facebook page

No. 484664

>same studio
Then why are the windows different?
the first picture's windows are all 3 panes across and then repeat upwards.
Momo's picture windows are 3-4-3 panes across and then seems to be a clear wide pane across.

I'm too lazy to lurk for the full shoot to see if any of the other walls have the matching windows but seems weird that it would be a completely different style of window

No. 484665

File: 1517191283061.jpg (12.77 KB, 296x64, 14638454231465468.JPG)

I actually burst out laughing at this comment on her Red cosplay, has he seen her lewds where her vag lips and asshole are literally hanging out for the world to see

No. 484669

File: 1517191392828.jpeg (295.97 KB, 730x510, 62B698EF-50AE-4094-9F02-26B8B1…)

our little gremlin

No. 484671

samefag but didn’t it come out somewhere that she doesn’t even need glasses? between those and the face mask today I’m gonna day the post roadhog breakout has already set in

No. 484672

it's not the same place. when people got wind of the copy they started searching and some people here found out that it wasn't, in fact, the same studio

No. 484674

Bwahahh so you mean this girl on twitter is straight up lying so that momo doesn't hate her KEK

No. 484676

File: 1517191697330.png (709.91 KB, 1167x507, a10dbdd4e9bf78bb5f8c3358a31cd7…)

No. 484678

same fag but also make sure that you have proof that it isnt the same just to be sure

No. 484679

File: 1517191740891.png (461.06 KB, 1161x484, 2dd3dfe2c8bf0526dedb47dbacb06f…)


Sorry I couldnt paste these photos together. I though they used the same photographer for this pose and shoot?

No. 484680

File: 1517191753688.jpg (63.42 KB, 929x439, 841958.jpg)

it was another one, the one with the windows and all. but if we go with this one the photog isn't the same too

No. 484681

someone said the windows were open vs closed tho

No. 484682

File: 1517191871081.jpg (105.56 KB, 1200x675, bigbitch.jpg)

No. 484684

File: 1517192033609.png (254.28 KB, 345x453, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 6.12.…)

its a sign

No. 484686


Not to defend them but it is the same photog. He has two instagrams, one posted the professional the other posted the personal.

And if you look at other pics it does look like he only has one studio. Not positive one that though.

No. 484689

then this photog is shit considering he apparently doesnt have new ideas

No. 484690


So it seems this girl is lying. They did not have the same photographer or at least that's what it looks like so far.

Even if she wasn't lying, no self respecting photographer will suggest the same pose to two different cosplayers especially when they're cosplaying the same characters…. If they had the same photographer I can imagine Mariah going "I love the way you shot this pose of this girl, can you do the same for me my dude?" And stole the pose.

No. 484692

Please get a new gif.

No. 484696

File: 1517192886489.jpg (85.35 KB, 1080x607, f5b0926c19de25574ec6ea9e7b6d2c…)

It is the same studio, going by image attached. It's just that >>484680 was taken in the area behind the screen, whereas Moo's were taken in front of the other windows.

Says a lot about how professional the tog is if they're ok using the exact same poses and studio for two different cosplayers…

No. 484697


Okay, DGNphotography and DapperGeekpics are the same person. The other girl was shot by this photog, AND a second one named fauxtography. She credits both in other pictures. Fauxtography must have taken that one specifically, but she credits both in other pics from the same shoot.

We gotta get our stories straight if we want credibility.

No. 484699

Same photographer, same studio, same poses you idiot. Is she really too brain-dead to see the similarities?

No. 484701

Btw this guy reuses shit for momo twice too because same guy did two chunli sets in the same area one was momo and one was alittle lesser known cosplayer

No. 484702

File: 1517193066187.jpeg (540.87 KB, 750x1041, 85A9B995-6706-464B-A859-EA672D…)

I remember some anons asking if she was doing Katsu so YES and you’ll get to enjoy this hot ham in action

No. 484704

i bet she still wont have the license plate

No. 484705


You can tell by the way she posed herself in this photo that she's trying hard to hide her back fat.

Should've not gotten lipo Moo.

No. 484707

My friends from the east coast are talking into reporting her if they caught her ghosting at Katsucon.(sage this)

No. 484708

How can you post that photo right next to the source and not see how badly you failed

No. 484709


Nah she won't ghost. She will likely go into the registration area and tell them "hey guyz I'm the world famous Momokun. Can you please give me a free guest badge?" Like she apparently did at ALA this year and last year.

No. 484710

It's weird that she didn't find it odd that her friend wanted to do Chun Li after she did with the same exact setup and poses.

No. 484711

The lipo is fine but she needed it EVERYWHERE(sage this)

No. 484718

She doesn't have enough money for a con pass, no way she can afford another round of Lipo. Not between that and all her student loans!

No. 484719

Good luck with that since Katsucon's line is bitch ass long and they aren't gonna handle a piece of this pompous ass.(sage this)

No. 484722

She has money for a pass, she thinks that paying for one is beneath her.

No. 484727

Momo messaging the other Chun Li cosplayer just seems like the start of her threatening people to make everything in that post irrelevant. Though she can't defend herself completely from being a total piece of shit

No. 484730


I'm going to talk to someone I know that's going to work for Katsu and see what she can do. I want Mariah to know she's not above anyone and has to pay for a badge like everyone else. Doesn't matter how many followers she has. You don't see Jessica Nigri pulling this shit.

If anyone knows someone more higher up working for Katsu, feel free to give them a heads up too. I hate people like her who think having a following automatically means she can do what she wants.

No. 484731


The backfat would be there regardless, she shouldn't eat like shit

No. 484732

She has to buy a badge, the Gaylord doesn't allow people to ghost inside for I think 2 years now. And Katsu has rented the gazebo exclusively since the youth conference fiasco.

No. 484733


But that's not going to stop her from trying to get a free badge at the con by flashing around her ~fame~. She did it at ALA this year and last year and it wouldn't surprise me if she tries this for all cons.

No. 484735

True but Katsu I don't think will go for it? They're sorta heavy handed when it comes to this shit. I've had press friends complain about how far they have to go to get those badges.

No. 484736

I was just at Magfest and people were ghosting everywhere in the gaylord. If you can't ghost anymore at Katsu its the con rule and not the gaylord doing badge checks. That just means someone at Katsu needs to stand up to her and tell her no

No. 484737

God speed anon! It may be one of the biggest anime cons in the country but hopefully this message will spread. Especially whats happening recently.(sage this)

No. 484742

Yea no I meant for Katsu, the Gaylord hasn't allowed ghosting for that con. Mainly cause 70% of attendees never even go into the con itself. Only hang around for shoots in the Gaylord. Magfest there's minimal cosplayers as is, so they probably don't care as much.

No. 484746

Like other anon said, can confirm katsucon is a different animal. Magfest has some but in comparison barely any cosplay. No one cares about the gazebo , but for a while now Katsucon has made a badge a requirement to go near the gazebo(sage this)

No. 484748

samefag but the OMG IMMA BE FAMOUS FOR ATTENDING attitude for Katsu has gotten so bad. There's been PSAs going around that no you're likely not going to be noticed and you should just have fun. So I'm guessing Moo is in the former camp, and believes she'll get that Yaya/Jessica recognition just for being there.

No. 484749

i know i know, i go to both cons for the last 4 years anon, i was just saying it is probably something katsu asks gaylord to enforce is all. but i'm always in the dealers/alley so I don't know much about where people ghost but since katsu is the big cosplay con makes sense they'd want to block off the big cosplay shoot spots with badge access restrictions since it's such a big draw of the con

No. 484756

If I'm being honest, all these "momokun is a thief" allegations would normally make me skeptical but with her being caught for so much shit and more shit being found out, I'm ready to believe just about anything about her.

She did this to herself. If she didn't build her entire career on lies then maybe she wouldn't be in this situation.

No. 484757

If I recall correctly no, the Gaylord wanted to curb people who reserved hotel rooms only to ghost the actual con but using Katsucon discount.

No. 484761


I'm surprised the Gaylord gives a shit considering if they paid for one of the expensive ass Gaylord rooms it doesn't hurt the Gaylord and it's Gaylord property but I guess they were pressured i d k

No. 484764

They see more attendees at Katsu than magfest. So ghosting isn't as big as a problem for them at the latter. But when a good portion of your guests are not attending the event you're giving a discount for. you are taking a hit in profits, especially when said attendees are causing a decent amount of damage each year.

No. 484767

magfest attendance was 21,600 capped this year anon, last katsu they had 18,000. But I get your point, there's more events that attendees want to do behind badge walls at magfest (game rooms, etc) as opposed to katsu a lot just go to cosplay in public and most don't care about panels/dealers etc

No. 484769

Getting back to Moo related, is she still actually moving or? Katsu/Gaylord isn't cheap and heaven knows Moo isn't gonna do a nearby hotel.

No. 484777


It's funny how much she flaunts her money yet she is cheap as fuck. I'm not saying you have to use your money when you have it, I'm just saying she doesn't even bother paying for a $70 convention badge.

No. 484779

I think the most difficult thing about the cosplay community and it becoming mainstream are the amount of people who attach to these "idols" with knowing jackshit about their business practices or social circle.

Way back when, if a store like limebarb or a cosplayer like usagikou created new drama or ripped someone off, EVERYONE knew outside of the internet. I'm kind of hoping this works the same way with Mariah. People are way too submissive in the cosplay community and we need to stand up to bullies.

No. 484780

support the community my dude
playing dress up for 3 hours a day totally isnt an excuse for my travelling and getting hammered with other peoples money

No. 484781

I don't even think she's necessarily cheap. She doesn't seem to have any issue with dropping money on frivolous shit, small and large sums alike. She genuinely just thinks her shit smells like roses and she is too famous to pay, that they should pay HER to go.

No. 484790

It's up on imgur just in case

No. 484794



People are treating some of these cosplayers as being some infallible gods. They're human and they make mistakes. Difference is none of them will admit to their mistakes because all of their dumb ass fans will back them up blindly so they will never think they're wrong. People need to grow a brain.

No. 484804

this happens in small scenes too. people are so worried about bullying they end up siding with the actual bullies.

No. 484811

"Growing a brain" is hard when the person you idolize is no longer glowing…then you have to make a decision and for some people with 0 self esteem that's hard.

Mariah has a market for these neckbeards and ~chubby grilz~ who want a excuse to act the way and look the way they want. All they really need is self acceptance WITHOUT a crutch. Sure, this girl is fat as fuck and clearly has no shame in altering her body or showing it off for $$$ but a majority of us who know what goes on behind the scenes knows its a facade. It's unhealthy to attach to these people where its parasitic. Ironically, Mariah does the same thing to Nigri. Although I've followed and disagreed with 70 percent of Nigri's bullshit, it was a shock to me when she went to Yaya wanting to learn how to sew etc. This is a Moo thread so I'm not going to continue this Nigri dialogue but you know what I mean. Taking initiative makes more of a positive impact on the community than "LOL HAY GUIZ IM TOTES DRUNK N FAT LOLOLOL H3H3 MY DUDS". I think for me to accept Mariah has changed is for her to actually seek help from someone else who isn't a wankbank cosplayer. Her mental and physical health is shit and if she wanted to promote body positivity she wouldn't act so impulsively whenever she wanted a quick fix to change it.

No. 484831

File: 1517199371226.jpg (186.09 KB, 1080x588, Screenshot_20180128-200857.jpg)

Saw this in the comments on the Twitter post. Does anyone have firsthand experience smelling her?
I know she tends to re-wear clothes a lot in short time frame and her hair tends to look greasy, but is it confirmed by smell that she has bad hygiene?

No. 484832

She doesn't shower for days or take off her makeup so I'm pretty sure she does smell bad

No. 484835

the fact i have to see this train wreck in person at katsu makes me nauseous

No. 484836

>Does anyone have firsthand experience smelling her?

idk why but this just makes me laugh

No. 484839

There is proof of her not showering for over 24 hours when she got her makeup done by a professional. I think it was when she did that black underwear set photoshoot where she looked like she was sinking a foot into the bed

No. 484843


Did she not shower or did she just not take off her makeup or wash her face in the shower?
Still gross either way

No. 484846

It was a few threads ago, she was at the airport and still had the makeup and same clothes on and it'd been like two days or something and then she was still wearing the same clothes for a while after that, and I think she had her wig on for a few days too, someone correct if I'm wrong

No. 484850

was it autmn witch

No. 484852

when she went to Castle Corsetry's shop in November she traveled by plane and wore the same makeup/outfit/blonde wig for 2 days.

No. 484864

I remember a couple threads back that a few people pointed out that her hair was getting greasier and unbrushed for days after a salon trip. Like day by day for that week her hair was getting more fucked up until she went to the salon as well.

I have a few friends in vegas I should show this thread to. One of them claimed that during a vegas con Momo just ran up to her and groped her ass. Before she could turn around and slap her Momo ran back to her group of friends laughing about it.

No. 484875

That's disgusting, and she grabbed Sabrina in the front during their Maid Dragon bikini shoot

No. 484890

A little OT, but I feel like every few times Moo posts on twitter someone needs to link her to that thread. A few people have been doing it (especially that one person who said they were having issues with her prints) asking her why she won't comment on it. I think she's hoping it will all go away if she keeps burying it underneath tweets. Not enough to where it could be considered spammy, but every so often. It's gained so much traction, it would be so sad to see it all disappear. I think fans are naturally doing it on their own cause they want answers, but she can't just pretend like it doesn't exist

No. 484893

she probably already blocked the account

No. 484894

She probably did, lots of people have been tagging her and sending it to her

No. 484897


the anon who made the twitter account can use tweetdeck to see if mariah can see their posts, you would just use the function that shows you what your feed looks like from her account. if nothing is showing that means you're muted

No. 484898

I'm not blocked, could very well be muted. I'm not near a computer tho so I can't check

No. 484906


It’s going to be hilarious seeing her waking up Monday morning and seeing that this won’t go away like she thinks this is. No matter how much she tries to bury it in “OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH” and “Lol aren’t I so quirky and random?” con photos, this will all still be here.

No. 484935

I do. I saw her at fanime in 2015 (I posted the picture of her and vamp as Silk and Gwen) and she smelled like a dumpster mixed with B.O. That was when her hygiene was better than it is now too.

No. 484938

Shit I meant to sage. My bad.

I'm also attending Katsu this year, so I'll take pics if I see her.

No. 484949

File: 1517207921460.png (732.5 KB, 750x1334, BEE516DE-7767-4F07-B298-127CA0…)

Her continued attempt to feign ignorance is actually kind of infuriating at this point. She’s seriously just going to keep pretending there’s nothing going on right now. It’s almost like she feels like she’s above it and doesn’t even need to address it or even make one of her bullshit apologies like she always does where she blames everyone else for what she did wrong

No. 484950

File: 1517207954231.png (264.49 KB, 462x594, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 10.38…)

No. 484961

>filters the shit out of face
>doesn't edit out nasolabial folds or huge tired eyebags
I don't understand this cow's priorities.

No. 484964

File: 1517209171395.png (1.33 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-01-28-22-58-08…)

My biggest cuck is the best my dudes!!!!

No. 484966

This is super old, but it's crazy how little she's changed and how fake she truly is. It's hilarious to see her completely freeze and stutter when asked to describe the character. Good to know she's always been this way.
Kind of relevant, she talks about being bullied in this. Which we now know is total bull.

No. 484967

I know she didn't make the hook but I just realized it's missing the hog letter detailing on the three studs

No. 484969

File: 1517209415023.png (141.62 KB, 184x405, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 11.00…)

She looks mortified in every picture she took this day.

No. 484970

File: 1517209430785.png (153.51 KB, 258x335, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 11.01…)

No. 484971

File: 1517209572622.png (445.77 KB, 495x596, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 11.05…)

she looks like she can barely lift her arms in that jacket

No. 484974

>best anime

wasn't this just (re?) added to netflix lol

No. 484981

File: 1517210160342.png (387.68 KB, 411x600, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 11.15…)

No. 484983

File: 1517210236247.png (213.03 KB, 230x557, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 11.15…)

No. 484985

File: 1517210295173.png (203.25 KB, 247x518, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 11.15…)

No. 484993

Masked Babe made a follow up video. It's short, but gets the point across to anyone who may still be on the fence due to the hazy timeline.

No. 485008

In high school she smelled like takis and too much Victoria’s Secret perfume (those rectangular PINK ones that hella girls had). And that was when she took care of herself…she actually knew a lot about skin care and had great skin. It was weird.
Also this is random but one time she was talking shit about girls with hair extensions, but she had hair extensions, but it was ok bc she was doing it for volume instead of length. And always talked about being Italian. Because at the time being Italian was cool. Now it’s not cool bc she doesn’t get POC credz.

No. 485024

That's a thing?

Sorry it and Otakon are my local cons so I've never seen that attitude locally

No. 485038


No. 485039

Wow…the deterioration is so real. She's never going to get back to that, but watching her chase her former flame (which was still mediocre af) of what could have been is proving to be entertaining af
Thanks for posting, I started reading these threads after she became a ham beast so it's always wild to see past videos of her
I hate the way she talks over people and asserts herself, done the right way it can read as confident but she's just always an attention whore waiting for her turn to speak.

No. 485055

File: 1517214846987.jpeg (606.49 KB, 1818x1818, F98837D8-3B11-4604-A5E6-3EA57C…)

Don’t worry, everyone! I fixed it!

No. 485058

Someone mentioned on twitter earlier how it’s very interesting that during the CHING CHONG CHING CHONG she said she didn’t speak “Japanese” as her…defense. Now she’s a linguistics major with Japanese and Chinese (you know the language Mei speaks because she’s fucking Chinese) textbooks that she totes has been studying in college.

No. 485060

God her lies really fucking suck. She lies like a kid in elementary school trying to seem interesting. But the difference is she’s not at school, she’s saying this shit knowing it’s being archived and recorded.

No. 485061

That's actually right in front of the convention center, right next to the main entrance.

No. 485070

Dpiddy has been friends with shitty people forever though; he's friends with quite a few known sexual predators in the convention scene.

No. 485072

Pretty sure they're shooting in front of the same window. I've shot in this studio before and you can open and close the windows however you want.

No. 485080

Jesus this jacket has no shape. Didn't she sell her Mei costume a little while back along with her Samus? Seems like she only bothered to buy a cheap Chinese cosplay to replace it.

Also I feel so dumb for falling into her act a couple weeks ago when she did her roadhog stream. Seems like the other anons do too because they're nowhere to be seen. I do still believe what she said about how she felt about her body, but she's still just a shit person and that bit of sympathy doesn't help at all. Quite a few farmers have believed that it was possible for her to redeem herself but i think it's finally the point of no return for her.

No. 485082

Yeah she said the reason for her cos name was because her Japanese teacher called her that and that she was a translator then she said she never spoke Japanese and now she's suddenly doing Japanese in Linguistics, bitch can't keep her lies straight, plus showing language books doesn't prove she does Linguistics, she's dumb

No. 485090

She sold the grody "punk" Mei top

No. 485098


>she smelled like a dumpster mixed with B.O.

I physically gagged reading this. She should banned until she fixes that shit.

No. 485102

is this chick located anywhere near temecula, CA? i feel like i've seen her around

No. 485103

She was going to but didn't.
Unless she sold her FIRST Mei coat, I don't think this one is going anywhere. It's her golden ticket to fame, my dudes

No. 485104

I was one of the anon's that recognized she was a human that night.
Shes still a shit person, and crying alone in a room to a screen full of fat girls and neckbeards didn't make me like her anymore. It just kind of made me feel bad, I can still find some sympathy for her sometimes.
Yeah, I'm lame.
Even if she does all this shit to herself, and is a terrible human and a disgrace to the community I just, felt bad. Meh

No. 485107

Facebook anon, was there any updates on her personal FB that she's posted lately? In regards to this Twitter campaign?

No. 485110

No she's a Vegas native. She normally goes down to the OC though. Never seen her near Temecula

Empathy is my personal downfall. It's clearly obvious that she capitalizes on people like that though. The only people who stick with her are people who either jerk it to her or feel bad for her.

No. 485126

One lot of windows is 3 panes wide and has nothing under it, the other, in Mariahs shoot, has the middle window being 4 panes wide, and with a power socket/outlet/whatever underneath it. Definitely not shot under the same window. Same studio, yes, same window, no.

No. 485141

I'm glad you have been feeling better. And as someone that is slow to recognize redflags on people, is great to know that lolcow can help with stuff like that too.

No. 485145

from the thumbnail her face looks so fucking much like pope Francis.

No. 485152

File: 1517227287746.png (192.87 KB, 1439x1161, Capture _2018-01-29-07-00-38.p…)

Hmm I wonder if Jess saw our image it's tinfoiling but eh

No. 485167

Absolutely nothing about this surprisingly

No. 485169


She could be trying to compile a list of excuses to post about or trying to gather tears for a crying video, hoping we would all forget about what's happening.

No. 485179

File: 1517231548402.jpg (198.05 KB, 1364x2048, 27501020_10159878677820032_209…)

No. 485182

but anon, skincare in hs is the easiest shit ever if you have no acne

No. 485210

Her eyes are the most creepiest part about all of this ug.

No. 485216

File: 1517239099164.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2002, 8EBEAC1F-7399-4AB2-BA7A-1E057B…)

God what the fuck

No. 485218

if i didn't already know, i would never believe this wasn't a fat guy.

No. 485234

File: 1517241400329.jpeg (48.54 KB, 641x526, C64ECBF8-3F8B-41CD-8671-256CDE…)

poor titty-chan looks so abused

No. 485264


So much back fat….

Without lipo her body would be nothing but a formless blob.

No. 485271

Weirdly enough the only cosplayer I know of thats from Temecula area is ThorneChan, who is mentioned in these threads a few times
So maybe you mistook her for Mariah?

No. 485272

This must hurt so much after a while. She is probably bruised from this.

No. 485279

We've already seen proof that Mariah threatens people to taking down everything that could be harmful to her. Most likely she's telling her what to say.

made me chuckle

No. 485281

Can anyone tell this girl to shut it already? How can you be "uncomfortable" when it's a pic you uploaded publically on the internet and nobody can even tell it's you since your face isn't showing?

No. 485287


She's "uncomfortable" that she's being used as ammo to take down her beloved queen.

This girl is way prettier and more "thicc" than Moo. Why does she insist on clinging onto her so much? She should just surpass Moo and leave her in the dust.

No. 485300

File: 1517245523780.jpg (137.24 KB, 954x1273, IMG_20180129_090200.jpg)

I don't party my dudes

No. 485303

File: 1517245602995.jpg (49.73 KB, 837x839, IMG_20180129_090208.jpg)


I'm so busy I have to bring my laptop to cons so I can do my homework

No. 485309


“Lol I never get invited to parties. I prefer to stay in my hotel room and play board games. Also I hate drinking. Did I also mention that I’m so busy that I have to bring my laptop to cons to finish my schoolwork”

Amazing how quickly she gets proven to be a liar in in just one photo.

No. 485312

You’d think after her making such a huge deal about doing homework at cons recently, she would’ve taken this opportunity to show us exactly that, since classes HAVE started by now.

No. 485317

lol bitch is probably krunk out of her mind, she don't have time to remember shit.

No. 485319

She looks like the mom who. Watches the kids at the birthday party and solely is there for the beer

No. 485326

Seems like the twitter post has finally stopped gaining likes and retweet. Only a handful of retweets in over 12 hours. Momos ignore everything strat seems to have worked.

No. 485330


But anon, didn’t you know? She was already two weeks ahead before class even started.(sage this)

No. 485338

true, at this rate, she's probably done!

No. 485348

We'll have to make a new push leading up to Fanime and whenever Castle Corsetry resurfaces on Facebook.

No. 485359

nothing 'worked' the damage is already done.

No. 485360


I'll take Nigri more seriously if she ditches Moo and unfollows her on all social media. For now she's a two faced hypocrite who needs to step back and wake up for once.(sage this)

No. 485361

who the fuck gives a shit about jnig, stop.

No. 485373

I don't get why everybody is suddenly stanning for Nigri when since 2009 this bitch was dragged on /cgl/ routinely for self posting and contributing to the rise of costhots. Is it just because she's viewed as useful in all this shit against Moo? Honestly who gives a fuck about her. We all know that if she were to drop Moo then Moo would just cling to somebody else as a cosmom.

No. 485379

Because Nigri in recent years has cleaned up her act and doesn’t really do anything. She’s neutral and does her own thing. If she wants to lewd things, it’s whatever, but it’s not her only thing. It’d be different if she was still shitty and getting into drama. Plus, she does do big builds and credits people for stuff, so her mix of lewd and non lewds shouldn’t even be that big of a deal.

No. 485382

I thought that Nigri was the worst back then, and I still dislike her, but then there are people like Moo, and if I had to choose, I would choose Nigri. She may be the original costhot, but she sure looks better now compared to them.(sage)

No. 485383

sage this.

also that's not anon's point at all. people are taking this cosmom shit too fucking far. as you said, she's neutral and doesn't get into drama. so why do we keep acting as if she's the president of cosplay who needs to make a statement on moo? she's not, she's another cosplayer who happens to be popular. she's got no obligation to do shit. and just because she tries to be a positive person in the community now, doesn't mean she suddenly needs to rise up and do anything.

moo is trash, there are other girls like her all in the community, popular and unpopular (hell, her female fans have to atleast be like her somewhat to look up to her) but that's the point, she won't be vilified just like those other toxic cunts aren't either.

No. 485385

>if I had to choose

you don't have to. this is why costhots get so bigheaded, there's no #teammomo or #teamjess.

No. 485428


First of all, Jnig was never as bad as Moo. Yes, there have been multiple claims that Jnig has done terrible things in the past, but unlike with Moo, there was not as much concrete proof. Also, Jnig has never outright stolen other people's creations as her own. Jnig also does not air out her dirty laundry to the world so she can have her personal army attacking people. You never hear about people going off of social media because of Jnig. You only hear that with Moo.

I will admit though that Mooriah is an outcome of Jnig's costhot philosophy. She is the outcome of the whole "sex sells" movement popularized by Jnig. The reason why it would be great for Jnig to drop Mooriah is that if she does, it takes away any validation that's Mooriah ever felt in doing what she does. Mooriah probably thinks herself as being the next Jnig or is the currently the new Jnig, even though she's not. She validates herself in thinking that if she's getting haters like Jnig, if she's selling sex like Jnig, if she is causing controversy like Jnig, then she will be Jnig.

No. 485440

and why do you think that has anything to do with jessica? moo's fans are who dictate her career, not other cosplayers.

No. 485442

So much this.
Jnig's friendship validates Moo and makes her feel like a big shot. Remember when she was throwing a tantrum over panel times and name dropped her "cosmom" to get her way? People probably want Jnig to drop her as it'd be the final nail in the coffin.

But Jnig won't since she probably feels bad for Moo like some charity case and we should stop arguing about her as this is Moo's thread.

No. 485443

>But Jnig won't since she probably feels bad for Moo like some charity case and we should stop arguing about her as this is Moo's thread.

no, it's cause jnig isn't her fucking mom and she only acts neutral for PR so she can rake in the dough, god you guys are so fucking contrive.

No. 485444

>Nigri never outright stole other creations

So, are you just lying or were you not there for the Charizard drama? Or anything else like her removing watermarks from photographers stuff then siccing her army on the dude when he spoke up about it? Even if you weren't on /cgl/ years ago the archive is still up and you're free to trawl through shit I didn't even list from 2010-2014. Jessica has been well known to take photos of herself working with fiberglass or soldering in shorts as if she's "workan so hard XDDD" when in reality many of her cosplays are still made by somebody else. The chick who made her Panty one was also silenced by Nigri and her fantards. Even the Lollipop Chainsaw was rigged.

>But Jnig won't since she probably feels bad for Moo like some charity case


No. 485449

She also used to claim she made her props but her boyfriend and friends made them and lied about getting a boob job, no wonder Moo thinks this shit is okay

No. 485450

File: 1517254121860.jpeg (152.19 KB, 750x550, 625E4D3B-6778-4053-B927-B18F77…)

so busy my dudes! Bringing you goodies! also dpiddy said his dpiddy vs ala video will be up tomorrow but the Mei video with momo will be up next week

No. 485451

Still feigning ignorance I see.
I wonder how long she can keep it up for.

No. 485452

for some reason people in this thread feel a strange need to validate nigri or say that she is ok/better than moo when they are all shit. only that moo is shittier.

just drop jnig already, she won't speak shit about moo, so she is irrelevant as they come

No. 485454

I've noticed and I can understand the tactic of using her against Moo, but people are so new that it fucking hurts. Nigri, Doomkitty, Yaya, etc are all shit and they aren't magically better just because Moo is a sperg.

No. 485456

Why the fuck is everyone so hellbent on wrecking moo's career? There won't be any milk if we do…

Also, Nigri has literally no reason to call her out, it's not to her advantage at all, and I can't believe people think Nigri is anything but opportunistic.

No. 485458

>they are all shit

This x1000000.
Costhots are fucking terrible and have done horrible things to the hobby. Stop comparing them as if they're any more or less guilty than the next when it's really not relevant when discussing Moo's personal character regardless.

No. 485466

yeah just look at the #iruincosplay tag on twitter. 90% are costhots it's just sad… wondering how long it will take until moo tried to use the tag too.

No. 485470

File: 1517254688074.jpeg (647.56 KB, 674x906, 8D5DF258-4C99-4B83-BB85-93D905…)

my lumps my lumps, my lovey lipo lumps(sage this)

No. 485471

Bra-san worked very hard to keep ALA from getting blinded by Mooriah's lard-laden tits.

No. 485485

Like this will stop her from giving milk. I see it more as milking a nice extra gallon or two.

No. 485494

But ruining her career, like many want to do, is going to stop the milk. She's not going to give us more after she flounces and doesn't make $$

No. 485498


Because she's a terrible person and doesn't deserve jack shit. Her career ending is karma biting her in the ass for all those she has wronged before her cosfame and during her cosfame. She's done nothing but threaten people, dox people, hunt people down, and harass people. She's constantly posting about the "good" she does because she thinks one good deed here and there will cover all the wrong she has done.

I don't care about milk because all it does is give her publicity and when no consequences happen afterwards, it gives her more validation and a bigger head. It makes her think she is unstoppable.


Also, has anyone tagged Jessica Nigri on the twitter post at all?(stop)

No. 485501

Yes she will. She's been a cow long before the money happened cause money isn't what caused her negative qualities, it just gave her more of them.

And she's ruining her own career.

No. 485505

People have tagged her but she hasn't responded.

At least we did get popular people to see. Bunny Ayu retweeted it and Steff Von Sweetz saw it and said that she did. Beyond that though I'm not sure what other popular person saw it.

No. 485514

Fuck people like you. >>485501 just look at >>485498. This is what I am talking about. I feel like atleast 50% of the people ITT are just jelly of her.

Moo's always been shit, but her being shit isn't what made her a cow, it's her being shit in the public eye. Trying to destroy her career is just stupid and bitter. No one does this with other cows, just you idiots. Shit like this is why we're back in /snow/ the entire PSA thread was just call out personal army bullshit and I honestly don't know why it's being allowed. Even if you ruin moo, other costhots will pop up, she's not a fucking enemy, she's something to gawk and laugh at.

No. 485515

Infighting isn't going to solve this either.

No. 485526


Moo is a narcissistic cunt of the highest level and with her previous behavior needs to fuck off for good before she does serious damage to someone. Her career can end in pieces for all I care as she deserves it. Many cows are a joke, but Moo is a whole different level of toxic and not the in the fun way.

No. 485532

solve what exactly? this shit has gone too fucking far. we're not fucking heroes of justice for the cosplay community trying to rid it of the evil moo menace. we are bored girls laughing at an idiot. moo is here for us to gawk at.

take your fucking personal army shit out of the thread. i am tired of this shit. if you hate moo so much go fight her on your own, we're not here to fucking out her to the world. this isn't what lolcow is for.

do you see anyone on fucking /pt/ trying to ruin like margo or onion or shit? no, they watch them make fools of themselves, and maybe report illegal shit to the cops, but no one is all out to get them like this.

also, you obviously care about her career.

No. 485543

We went all ALA weekend without infighting with similar commentary and now there's infighting???


No. 485549

You tagged me here >>485501
But nowhere did I say that we were a personal army or that we should call her out. If you're going to accuse people of something, be accurate when you're sperging.

No. 485550

>hi moo

nice try, but no. i'm just an oldfag that's sick of all these whiny babbies coming in here. none of yall give a shit about my oppa or jnig or bunny ayu, you're just being opportunistic shits, clinging on something that will push her down a peg. well i am sick of it. this isn't how you make milk, poking the bear is fine, but we're literally trying to kill the bear.

there's not going to be any milk once she moves back with her parents and has to work at burgerking.

No. 485551

I tagged you to look at >>485514

Reread my post.

No. 485555

yeah, this site is supposed to be a zoo filled with the dregs of humanity, not a world-saving little army

No. 485557

Wouldn't be surprised now that ALA is over Moo has her posse (or herself) lurking here in hopes of not 'ruining her career'. The level of salt here has increased by triple out of nowhere.

No. 485562

Or maybe it's cause the thread turned into a circle jerk? Everyone is patting themselves on the back about ruining her but like >>485555 said, we're not even supposed to be 'saving' anything.

No. 485568

>anybody who disagrees with me is moo

..Or.. maybe people got sick of everyone trying to play we r legun nonimoose? Maybe people got tired of this constant stanning for Nigri when she is partially responsible for Moo being here to begin with? Someone upthread blatantly lied out their ass about Jessica's shady history like she's any better just because /cgl/ hasn't allowed vendetta threads for 3 years now and newfags itt are too lazy to check PULL or the archives.

I hate both bitches, but like >>485550 said its borderline cowtipping.

No. 485574

To get back on track, any information about MyOppa and their next step? An anon or two was in contact with them when all of this kicked off. I'm surprised they haven't addressed the situation on their own social media as it'd really help. Hopefully something is being sorted and soon.

No. 485575

I was really with you guys when this started on Friday, with contacting MP and even sperging on Castle Corset bitch, but we're going fucking nuts with trying to ruin her. Honestly, I could care less about moo's career or her money or 'fame' or whatever. She only has it for a few years tops anyways. But this stupid call-out shit is not milky. I want to watch moo be stupid and IG rant and laugh at her shit costumes, and her cringy entitled rants about how cons won't bend over backwards for her. Ffs, the milkiest thing with the MO shit was how she though she could just ask and get the costume despite 6 months of backorders being sold out. Her stealing it and getting called out and having her neckbeards trying to discuss copyright shit was just the icing.

All of you people complaining about moo being shit and needing to suffer and 'END THIS NOW' and shit are missing the point of gawking at cows in the first place.

No. 485578

sage this shit, it's not milk. ffs, my oppa isn't doing more because she's obviously busy filling her sold out orders till august. moo's not mass reproducing her design so she's probably of little importance to her. i know moo is selling prints and sets and shit, but her sales are a drop in the bucket compared to my oppa selling all those costumes. she's not going to waste time and resources going after moo for one costume when she is making hundreds more.

No. 485579

How about we just agree to disagree and get back on topic discussing Moo

No. 485582


Whats so bad about killing a bear when we will likely find a new bear within the ashes somewhere down the line?

Besides, you really think there won't be more milk with her career destroyed??
I think there will be better milk once her career is destroyed. She might end up doing real porn. She might end up a cam girl. Maybe her "friends" will come out of hiding because she has no more power and spill everything about her.

There are plenty of cows on here who lost a lot of their relevance but still produce milk.

No. 485583

say what you want but i actually was fine with some shit on friday, it just got way too moralfaggy and out of hand. calling out moo is not our job, no matter how much we hate her. i'm not here to call her out and pat myself on the back when she fails, i'm here to watch her fuck up herself or keep snowballing into porn. of course she's a toxic cunt and people want to get rid of her, but these threads are not supposed to be used to conspire to ruin people, they're for pointing and laughing at them and collecting info about them being shit. we can keep doing that but acting on it like this is dumb.

No. 485585

At the moment Moo is still pretending as if nothing ever happened. She's always quiet when evidence comes out, like when Sabrina spilled the beans about her lipo.

No. 485586

you mean "watch any anime on netflix and pretend you knew about it"
she's worse than the idiots who only watch what's on toonami

No. 485591

File: 1517258729856.png (435.53 KB, 750x1334, 53918B49-DBC5-4469-BD8A-5F0B6C…)

This is such an odd response…

No. 485594

yea but those cows weren't persecuted by us, if persecution happens it will happen organically. people ITT aren't pushing her to ruin for actual milkiness, they're doing it cause they hate her for one reason or another. moo is shit, but i know tons of girls who are minimoos but not popular, if i posted them i'd get accused of vandetta, but they're literally the same person.

i just feel like too much projection goes on ITT. like moo is a manifestation of everyone's school bullies or something. and yes, moo is a bully, but that's part of her milk. but no, everyone gets up in arms.

everyone got all pissy about kbbq and shit, but that shit was funny as fuck. i don't give a fuck about that person. but instead no, omg moo bullied someone we must get her!!! people do the same shit every day on a small scale, but none of you fucks would give a shit cause moo is the only bad person. hell, we're defending fucking jnig, who did the same shit. fuck in her heyday, she got paid for a con and skipped out to visit a fucking aquarium, but no one was up in the jnig thread contacting the con and spreading that shit on social media.

i just feel like we're getting ridiculous and people ITT are letting all this ~cosplay justice~ shit get to their heads.

No. 485602

File: 1517259226151.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1242x1322, A6C7E433-6395-4337-A8F2-B4F744…)

Why does this look so shitty? Like it’s not the regular type of acrylic you normally see, this one is like just the picture printed on the plastic rather than underneath the clear plastic like acrylic usually is. Anyone know where she printed t from?

No. 485622

No. 485631

a lot of shit companies do this, usually you can pay extra for a coat of even something like resin, if not acrylic. these are super cheap.

No. 485645

She literally was my school bully and honestly, yeah, watching her go down in flames is what I want. The milk is good too, but I’m mostly here to watch Mariah get destroyed. I can guarantee that when she loses EVERYTHING she will do crazy shit in an attempt to be relevant again. That’s just what kind of person she is. Y’all are gonna have milk no matter what.
Maybe that’s pathetic of me but fucking whatever I know she’s going to rot and I can’t wait for it to happen.

No. 485647

then gtfo and talk to your therapist about it. we aren't your personal army.

No. 485654

This is the first time I’ve said anything that wasn’t supplying milk. I mostly lurk. Just saying that her career ending won’t end the milk, and she deserves it. Win/win.

No. 485656

ffs chill, anon. We fucking get it, you're upset and we're not a personal army, you don't have to keep spouting the same lines over and over and snapping on every anon.

No. 485662

fuck off. she literally said she's trying to ruin moo because she's bitter. this is not how lolcow operates. idc if you call me moo, but it should be obvious we got moved to snow for this moralfaggotry, and when people literally come in here defending it and saying they are here to destroy her, well fuck, it just proves my fucking point eh?

No. 485667

I have done nothing to ruin moo other than supply you guys with screenshots and give permission to put them out. I didn’t make the PSA tweet, I don’t cow tip. I said I want to WATCH her career end. And it’s going to regardless of my participation. This is so stupid lol just kick back and watch the milk flow if you don’t want to be a part of moralfagging. The only reason people started doing it is because she is fucking over artists and they want people to be aware for harm reduction.
It’s not that serious. None of this is that serious. Calm down.

No. 485680

What's the website you're using, charm-anon? Thanks in advance!

No. 485684

File: 1517262387644.jpeg (267.67 KB, 750x760, 8F8C17D0-AAEE-4C99-A208-66F252…)

No. 485688

Inb4 moo is totes vegetarian now

No. 485693

It might also be because she "is" a Muslim.
Doubt she is a vegetarian since she was eating sushi with fish the other day.

No. 485695

A large amount of vegetarians don't consider fish to be meat.

No. 485697

that's a pescatarian

No. 485699

File: 1517263015123.jpeg (118.85 KB, 600x600, CDC3F44B-6818-4F60-86BC-B6F3E1…)

Zap creatives! I Follow a lot of art accounts and I see people use them a lot, and I really like the results.

No. 485700

File: 1517263020519.jpg (85.64 KB, 579x579, totes veg.jpg)

She put the greasy pepperoni directly in Vamp's hand?

No. 485701


It's probably because she's "Muslim". She eats Korean BBQ from time to time and has said she has chicken for her "diet" so she's not vegetarian.

No. 485706

nah muslims won't even eat dessert that's not made in a halaal kitchen
at least from my experience with Muslims in my country, might be different in USA

No. 485707

File: 1517263166289.jpg (15.23 KB, 592x143, jesus.jpg)

Such a good muslim girl.

No. 485715

Jesus is in the Quran you fucking kaffir.

No. 485724

I'm from the East coast and have some connections with her. There is a 90% chance I will see her at some point. I'm stoked tbh. It's like going to the zoo.

No. 485725

I know a few actual Muslims in the US and they’re a bit more lax than that. One of my Muslim friends loves jack in the box and he’s devout as fuck.

No. 485729

What should we do if we see her at a con? Just keep our ears and eyes peeled for milk? I’m unsure of the protocol here.

No. 485731


So what? Doesn't mean Mooriah became a fucking devout in two nights.

No. 485733

..They're referring to the irony of her tweet, anon.

No. 485734

"Leave room for Jesus when everything is going to shit."

You're right Moo, Jesus may be the only one forgiving you right about now.

No. 485737

Hang back for sure, don't actively seek her out as she does lurk. Best pics we've gotten of Roadhag are from those who seemed to just happen upon her.

No. 485739

Nigri has just gotten better at hiding shit. I even went back to see if I could find the OG artist for her Roadhog cosplay based off that fan art and even Nigri never credited who the original artist was…Moo learned all this shit from watching Nigri she's just too stupid to play it off and doesn't have enough following for people to turn a blind eye to it.

No. 485748

Alright cool. I’m going to Fanime because I love going, not for moo. But I was a little anxious about it because I wasn’t sure if I made it known I was there (posting a pic of her or telling a story or something), I’d be pestered by anons for not getting enough milk.

No. 485755

Is the irony that there's no room for Jesus because she's full of snacks?

No. 485757

I was the anon who posted a summary of the stream, and I also felt bad for her.

She's an insufferable cunt and absolutely nothing can redeem her in my eyes, but I do think she was honest about hating her body and it made me feel empathetic.

No. 485772

I'm just gonna watch and maybe snap a picture. There's no point in actually starting anything or being aggressive. It'll cause unnecessary tension in the group and make my weekend awkward. I'll giggle watching her jiggle and tell you guys about it later

No. 485774


All women and men have body issues. She isn’t unique or special in that regard. She deserves no sympathy or credit especially since she use to shove body positivity as a message (remember her transform picture from middle school to now) and kept pretending to have that image while photoshopping the hell out of her pictures, using face tape, and getting lipo and lying about about it forever until her friends pitted her. Not to mention that very wrong and horrible fitness advice she would give to women going through body issues. As a big name cosplayer, you’re held to a higher standard since so many people look up to you, and many women did but it was all a LIE. She also tried parading the fact she helps her parents out with bills but dropped how much on lipo? Tens of thousands on multiple procedures? Because she was too lazy to put in the work. No pity. No sympathy.

No. 485775


Pointless taking off the pepperoni because the oil and fat from the pork are in the pizza when it’s cooked. Dumbass.(sage this)

No. 485778

File: 1517265938207.jpg (267.78 KB, 1365x2048, 27173206_1151978071599492_1159…)

No. 485779


I’m the colossalcon anon & it was very interesting to talk to her knowing about this thread & such. But trust me you don’t have to look for her, she’ll make herself stand out. Also it’s easy to get milk outta her. Just talk to her about subjects she knows about

No. 485782


Nice black bra and underwear set there Moo. The whole suit is too transparent.

No. 485787

How much you wanna bet that it's the same pair of underwear from Roadhag day.

No. 485792

she only plays overwatch three times a year and only Cosplayed overwatch characters. So fake. Why not Fate or the stuff she actually likes?

Sage no milk.

No. 485793

I really want someone to do an interview with her just to fuck with her and watch her talk out her ass, maybe even ask some questions about her scandals so she doesn’t have time to think up lies. I’m too autistic to do it but it would be great.

No. 485797

um whats that stuff on her tongue?

No. 485801


Bad Hygiene My dude!

No. 485815

she's not a "real" muslim anyway, it's just another opression point

No. 485827

Probably cottonmouth nastiness.

No. 485832

i thought she was saying she LOVED her body on stream tho

No. 485863

File: 1517267836968.png (271.83 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180129_181513.png)

I can't with some of these comments on the roadhag comparison picture.

No. 485867

File: 1517267935799.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180129_181811.png)

For reference

No. 485871

File: 1517268004943.png (2.51 MB, 2156x1168, basic ass mei poses.png)


when has mei ever posed like this?? here moo moo, i'll do the bare minimum for you.

No. 485878

Katsu has gotten so bad lately. That's why these annoying weebs are spilling over into MAGFest because they know MAGFest is not a cosplay con, so these whores and thots can get attention there since katsu is filled to the brim with costhots in big cosplays. It's so damn irritating. Of course Mooriah wants to go to katsu to try to stand out

No. 485916

Why do this? it just shows how inaccurate it is. The mask is wrong. The bra has way too many things on it. No license plate, etc.

No. 485985

Thanks tons again!

No. 485995

Attention to detail like this is what has made her what she is today.

No. 486010

Shine Con announced Moderately Okay as a guest. Since it's a Vegas con chances on her demanding a ticket and sobering everywhere?

No. 486043

File: 1517272700608.jpeg (496.95 KB, 1440x2880, D687C3E6-A1D9-47C2-B5A6-3C111D…)

This was on my Instagram feed.

No. 486054

I swear I hope Im not banned x.x

Also I found this video, does it pertain to Moomoo, there was also this hashtag a few good crafty cosplayers made a hashtag defending the eroticness and saying "toxic" people need to calm there tits.

No. 486055

kek I truly hope this was the girl who asked where she could buy the stuff a thread ago

No. 486059


"Inspired by" and not tagged. I see you girl

No. 486073

For a professional cosplayer, she brought only one new cosplay to ALA. She didn’t even bother to fix her old Meis boots, they were still fucked up and falling apart. No one even gave her attention, and Vamps was with other friends while Mariah literally stumbled around trying to get attention. The only reason DPiddy is using her is because the Chun Li video with him at whatever shitty con got massive views.

Mariah is over party 2018, let it commence

No. 486075

Agnes is so fucking stupid and this entire video is the typical

>weeehhhh y are you guys so negativeee why you gotta put the hatesssss

>"All this is is a hobby"

No fucking shit, Agnes? That's exactly why people hate costhots; They came into a hobby originally for craftsmanship and love of a concept and turned it into a sex sells business where even washed up porn stars have booths in halls dressed as friggin' Fionna and want $50 for a photo with them.


Yeah, it is, because people lie, sleep their way to the top, buy likes and followers, or outright steal and are seldom called out on it. If their following is large enough, they have the power to silence others. Yaya has done it. JNig has done it. Veracunt and Doomkitty have done it. Moo does it.

Sorry to others for sperging but Agnes isn't even that active in the hobby and the whole video does seem eerily timed considering all going on with Moo and also seems to defend her.

It begins.

No. 486078

it's not, she's just fucking annoying and trying to cosplay now and is mad, are you dumb? bitch shows her tits all the time.

No. 486080

It's not even cheapness. Inkitlabs is babby's first acrylic charm manufacturer. The print quality is usually good, but I don't think they have options where you can add another layer to protect both sides and they still charge I think around $3 per charm because they're domestic. At this point, most over seas manufacturers have all sorts of cool options and for a fraction of a price (usually ~$1.50 per charm, give or take. I don't think I've ever seen them go over $2 per charm)

No. 486087

i dont want to watch, is that akidearest

i always ge3t her confused with another girl who goes by the same name and it pisses me off

No. 486094

Her showing her tits all of the time doesn't have anything to do with what I was commenting on.

I commented on how it sounds.
Its posted in Moo's thread, 2-3 days after the PSA on Twitter so yeah the timing is suspect.
Would I put it past her to defend Moo? No, because they're both unattractive fat fucks and Agnes probably thinks, "If she can do it, I can do it too!"

Also learn how to reply to others without causing infighting.

No. 486100

She has always, always hated her body. Before she got popular, before she gained the weight, before she cosplayed and even when she was at her thinnest. The girl really does have a fucked up body image, and judging by her old forum posts found I think most of it has to do with her dad. That was the first and only time I actually felt sympathetic for her, because if even those stories she posted were half true, its so fucked how much she wanted daddy's validation. And since she can't get it, she clearly looks for it in other places. And when you take your clothes off, the internet is a great place for that.

No. 486105

It is, yes.

The problem is that any sympathy we give her just enables the shit she does. She is mentally whacked.

No. 486106

Someone on Facebook posted the photo and it's been getting quite noticed


No. 486108

I agree. There is no excuse for the shit she pulls, the lying, the stealing, the drama mongering, etc. etc. But there is always an underlying reason why people do the shit they do, and for Mariah its really fucking obvious

No. 486146

File: 1517276194935.jpg (25.13 KB, 499x218, 84164458.jpg)

wonder if its true

No. 486153

File: 1517276509147.png (4.77 MB, 2000x2828, TamamoLancer3.png)


As long as noble anons of /cgl/ and a few other ones on Faceberg and twatter get >>486106 that message out there it will be Moomoo will be a cutter again by 2019. Or she'll finally accept it and camwhore at the same time.

>>486094 So that makes sense why LostPause fucked an indiedev loli that does RUbiRibi Streams. lmao.

I hope the Fate community takes aim at her once she watches Fate/Extra

No. 486161

File: 1517276655278.png (208.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180129-203853.png)

Oh shit lol

No. 486173

this sounds so forced to me 'I am saddened by' is such a fake ass way to say this. I dont buy it seems to me artists who saw the post went to ohnips like 'isnt this the girl you constantly lick the ass of?' and she started doing damage control

No. 486180


>”I strongly oppose bullying”

>says “nigger” in a derogatory way and sucks her white knights on people who criticize her

Lmao trash flocks with trash

No. 486189

lol I am 75% sure it is.

No. 486190

was it posted on cgl lol

No. 486193

i thought they werent friends tho? did that change at some point?

No. 486201

It's a little funny how she isn't updating her Instagram story. Usually she's posts like 30 random videos. Wonder if she's working on a plan to cover this up. Or maybe she's doing homework kek.

No. 486203

I thought there would be enough people on there sperging on about someone stealing something, and it has to come up eventually.

Was there ever a video of said thot foodtruck video from ALA?

No. 486207

That anon is referring to people who frequented /cgl/. You aren't allowed to have vendetta threads nowadays on /cgl/. Its been like that for three or four years now. That is why everybody from /cgl/ and staminarose came here back when this place was just /b/ and /pt/.

No. 486217

ooo i see. i wasnt gonna, i dont go there. ty for explaining though.

her big builds are lies and her body

No. 486221

Oh fuck me. I forgot how sanatized 4chan is. It's like reddit now.(sage this)

No. 486228

Yeah, tell me about it. The last things I remember us being able to talk about were Quiet's design looking like ai-honey trying to hold in a fart and when Nigri ghosted a meet and greet that fans waited hours for to go to the aquarium. Fuck that shithole.

No. 486254

File: 1517278190054.gif (1.38 MB, 498x342, ughplsread.gif)

I really wish anons on here would stop confusing sympathy with empathy. There is a clear distinction between the two, and I think that distinction is important here.

I'm not giving Mariah credit or sympathy; I'm giving her empathy. I think that most– if not all– of us can relate to having body image issues as women in our current society. Again, I will repeat myself: I find this cow in particular to be a vile, toxic cunt. However, I am certainly free to feel the tiniest twinge of empathy towards her. I feel this empathy towards any individual who struggles with body image. That doesn't mean I have to like any of these individuals. Feeling empathy towards someone =/= giving them credit… whatever that means.

She was indeed stating that she loves her body now (which is a lie, I'm sure– she just loves that her body is capable of making money despite it being disgusting). She said that she used to really hate her body when she gained weight, and then she learned to love it, and then she got lipo and "loved it even more."

Yeah, it's pretty disturbing how far she goes to get attention. It's a shame that she has the special quality of being a raging compulsive liar… who is also dumb as a brick wall at the same time. lulz

No. 486260

this. i have empathy for her too, but because she's a human and couldn't have always like this, like real talk people are not born shit. i think we need to empathize with people more.

No. 486262

She's preparing her next crying video.

No. 486265

File: 1517278560133.png (520.84 KB, 581x660, Capture.PNG)

This was said Hashtag that I new had something to do with Costhotery, Im sure it barely got any boost or coverage.

No. 486270


Of course. How else will she show the world what a perfect, independent woman she is

No. 486279

Obviously people are going to have their personal views on costhots, but I'm getting annoyed that she and others are seeing this "attack" on her as a criticism of the way she cosplays. At the end of the day, regardless of what you think about her as a cosplayer, is irrelevant. The point is that she is a lying, thieving bully and THAT'S what people are trying to call out.

It's honestly so exasperating how stupid people in this community can be. If this were an issue of modesty, we'd be lambasting a million other "cosplayers" too.

No. 486289

it's funny because cgl is really santized like NO VENDETTA but pol and even other boards are full of racism and shit and nobody cares.

No. 486305

Unfortunately, its been like this about 2008/2009. And nowadays the ~politics~ of cosplay and costhottery often swing in these people's favor. Years ago, you were just a "jelly fatty" if you criticized them and now its "ur jelly and sexist" even if you're criticizing other women.

Genuinely not trying to derail with politics or anything, but the point is that these people know who they're playing and how to play them. The community is overly sympathetic to people and for no good reason other than PR.

No. 486307

File: 1517280220324.jpeg (859.54 KB, 1242x1754, 79ADC709-8195-4EAE-8C2D-C78729…)

Ironic keks are the best keks

No. 486310

She was tanner back then.. Huh.

No. 486313

probably because she went outside during the day and not just for pho runs then, anon

No. 486314

Even if it was forced/ PR its still good to see people who deal with her on the reg CAN see how sketch it is and trying to talk with her about it.

Makes me curious what else is happening behind the scenes within her friend group. I hope some insiders can give us leaks.

No. 486315

nah she was just obsessed with jersey shore and looking like a guidette back then

No. 486319

that dirty mirror

No. 486321

it wouldn't even be her immediate friend group, people of this nature in this hobby are birds of a feather and I'm sure youtubers and cosplayers alike are incestuous enough to "signal boost", share pateron dollarydoos, and the like, especially with how porn-addled tumblr is, and well its stance on positiveness and no harmed feelings.

It's just moomoo is so stupid and bad at covering it up Mr Bones Wild ride is starting to begin.

No. 486322


I feel like it's those who are closest to her know anything behind the scenes. I feel like she's fake with most people so she can trick them into thinking she's a good person. It would explain why those who are her "friends" stick around her and why the ones who we saw as being the closest no longer stick around her or had bad thoughts about her.

No. 486346

File: 1517281343368.jpg (137.95 KB, 1270x777, roxywhite.JPG)

So I've seen people posting the proof on my facebook and I noticed that Roxy is there to defend her.

No. 486378

File: 1517282890343.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1242x2208, 241F6C43-239E-4D87-BEFA-D2EE8E…)

These Lipo scares are so bad in HD. I almost feel bad because she’s literally not even “justifying” the lipo when she just eats all her weight back.

No. 486379

not to mention
>that thread
it was in so many pictures all day and even in these shoot photos…you’re telling me nobody would burn that off real quick for her?

No. 486383

those misaligned tattoo sheets. She cares SO much about her craft my dudes.

No. 486395

Why does roxy try so hard? Girl needs to find someone better to latch onto, she just gets backlash from supporting moo lol

No. 486397

Roxy needs money to shave her moon face into dorito chin. She can't suck in her cheeks forever

No. 486400

Why not just order a pizza without pepperoni on it? There's usually plain cheese available. This screams fake "look we're such gud friendz lul".

No. 486405

Holy shit I never noticed those stretch marks on her milkbags. Got a breast reduction and her tiddies stretched right back out

No. 486420

File: 1517284984767.jpg (64.86 KB, 640x960, 27066908_1251252048353075_3407…)

square noodles working overtime

No. 486423

Are her arms shooped smaller? Lmao.

No. 486434

No. 486436

File: 1517285640955.jpg (15.04 KB, 280x280, IMG_1108.JPG)

>those crooked tits

No. 486437

How did she go from this to her current state? Not even talking about her weight, I mean her hair is long, relatively healthy, the color goes with her skintone and isn't grown out. Her skin looks nice, her makeup is clean, and her eyebrows are groomed. She used to actually take care of herself, I just don't understand how she became such a literal hog so quickly.

No. 486442

When the satire/parody looks better than the original….

No. 486446

I wanna say leaving work and not participating in lacrosse anymore really made her health decline. If you're thinking about it, her dad and coach probably ran her ass hard and she lost weight without thinking about it.

No. 486449

Diet and exercise does a lot for your skin/hair. And being a fat fuck probably took her motivation to keep herself groomed away.

No. 486455

I wonder if she lurks/posts here. If so, good job anon. If not, good job Instagram lady.

No. 486459

This happened to me when I was a camgirl and didn’t do anything other than order pizza and cam. Not nearly as severe though. I realized I got fat when people were like “Wow you’re so confident! You’re beautiful just the way you are!” when I posted revealing pics instead of calling me a thot. Which made me stop trying. Got my ass in gear shortly after and I lost the weight.
Sages for blogpost

No. 486466

fuck i tried to delete but it has been 30min already

No. 486489

can shop her fucking arms but not align her stupid tattoo

No. 486495

this. fuck liberal feminism.(derailing)

No. 486496

If you’re talking about the Facebook screenshot I deleted my comment bc obviously censoring the name would’ve been dumb since the post is linked lol. You’re fine.

No. 486497

Roxy admitting Momo did indeed pocket some of the donation money which would explain the massive delays. I swear Momo's friends just wanna secretly spill the beans.

All her friends supporting the bad behavior just makes them look shitty even if they are trying to secretly call her out
"Yuh she did get Lipo a few times so what? So she stole donation money so what? So she stole costume credit, so what?…. someone please stop this bitch. Do you guys need photo evidence?!"

No. 486501

Those look like the same cow ears we linked last thread.

Also appreciate that she copied that stupid hand on the head gesture.

No. 486502

File: 1517288237326.jpeg (423.89 KB, 750x991, 36834306-C733-49B2-992C-FD383F…)

No. 486505

Now shes gonna be coming after Roxy next.

No. 486508

File: 1517288370992.jpeg (230.64 KB, 750x673, DA00415D-0B8C-4503-A6D3-5DCB4A…)

the screenshot she’s replying to is android 21 saying that before she had a husband and a son. ugh at least she’s asking if it’s okay this time?

No. 486509

sarcastically asking and you know it.

No. 486511


Probably she meant Moo "took a bit" as in took a bit of time in order to get it done. I dont think she meant took a bit of the donation money. But I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 486514

that’s the way I read it too but now I realize it could go both ways. I still think she meant time wise especially since she’s defending

No. 486515

Im late as fuck and need to lurk more, but if youre not the original artist please don’t release these for money. Art theft is shitty. If anything, redraw it yourself. Sorry to bother you.

No. 486516

Not sure what to think of it now as she appears to have deleted her comment.

No. 486522

File: 1517289149179.png (4.98 KB, 348x211, A1BA8C69-514D-48E9-A5E3-E161A9…)

No. 486525

that she meant pocketing money lol

No. 486532

if the whole point is to piss off moo, there are better ways to do that than stealing another artist’s work.

No. 486534

but anon, it was just inspired by it, can't you see how much they changed it

No. 486537

Didn’t the artist (not anon but the one moo commissioned) copy that design anyways? I swear I remember us talking it.

No. 486538

They said they copied a ahegao sticker on redbubble or something for the design

No. 486539

Oops meant to tag >486515

No. 486543

Yea so fuck it tbh. If the artist gets mad then it still goes back to moo.

No. 486544

Or that she’s lurking and went “oh fuck”

No. 486549

tbh I agree with
especially because someone redrew the keychain and we could have gone with that instead and still have made the same point:
I know Moo deserves it but why sink so fully to her level?

Did a quick search and it looks like it was likely this one:
If so it's not an exact trace so while still not cool I still feel like a redraw should have been used rather than a trace. (Feel free to correct me though if this isn't the one in question.)

No. 486550

File: 1517290811358.jpg (98.24 KB, 350x463, 1516935136219.jpg)

fucked up my linking, I meant this redraw

No. 486551

Anon. Lurk more.
No one is making a profit off this.
Anon is going to post the design so we can buy them for ourselves, or buy bulk and sell them for no profit. No one is making money because we aren't asshats like the namesake of this thread.

No. 486559

wish we could have seen how this conversation went. ohnips isnt the type to back down, so i'm curious how mariah tried to justify herself in the convo

No. 486567

Looks like she learned her lesson for once, even though she'll still probably clap back if people bring up Kanna. Can't wait to see the lazy trash you come up for this, Moo!

No. 486571

File: 1517292629099.jpeg (695.23 KB, 1242x1912, 85BC86C1-ADF5-4455-812D-90F229…)

It’s actually this one from RB the artist ripped off for moo. Maybe they just rolled with it because moo offered $$$ for the “rights”?

No. 486579

but this is the wrong reaction.

it's like people who complain that miku is 'under 18'. she's an android.

No. 486602

Only Mariah owns the rights to sell it as she bought the rights from the original artist, who no longer owns it and can not profit anymore from it.
It's only damaging Mariah, the artist is fine.

No. 486605

that seems like a stretch since that is a generic style
Honestly, I would draw Milk Party's cow girl in a similar fashion but I don't want this thread filled with tooooo many art anons attempting to rip off an already generic rip off of 2 different things

No. 486611

File: 1517295279780.png (404.18 KB, 559x559, Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 10.54…)

No. 486615

File: 1517295402618.jpg (206.88 KB, 1366x2047, 27504002_1997944163566196_9059…)

my sides

No. 486619

File: 1517295442242.jpg (335.15 KB, 1365x2048, 27500274_1997944170232862_8380…)

>hey can you shoop my arm to look 2 times smaller? thanks

No. 486621

File: 1517295461625.jpg (323.17 KB, 1365x2048, 27355776_1997944166899529_2379…)

No. 486622

is that tattoo supposed to look like someone cut part of it off down the middle??

No. 486623

File: 1517295584196.png (107.85 KB, 171x384, Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 10.59…)

No. 486624

File: 1517295668350.png (827.09 KB, 944x625, Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 11.00…)

Eurobeat Kasumi

No. 486625

She really should've done the full mask and ponytail.
Just really does make her look like a fat nigri clone. If I saw a fake before and after weight loss picture with Momo as the before, I would believe it with no doubt.

No. 486629

fucked up hairline fucked up underboob fucked up tattoo

No. 486630

File: 1517295864868.png (165.65 KB, 640x741, IMG_7968.PNG)


No. 486632

dat caked on forhead

No. 486633

her right/our left boob is so fucked up looking, and i dont just mean vein chan

No. 486635

vamp looks like a ninja turtle reject

No. 486636

just gotta throw in some emojis at the bottom with some other random comment and you're good to go

No. 486637

File: 1517296059020.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x2073, A0BBC2FE-A24E-44E8-BECB-9F5B91…)

No. 486640

Why did I click on it to make it bigger. When will I learn :( I wanna go scrub my face now

No. 486641

File: 1517296294975.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1847, F2FAFBB0-F2A5-463F-BF4F-7DF86D…)

Ultimate craftsmanship

No. 486642

And this is her REAL hair, right? Why does it look like a terrible wig

No. 486643

Cause it is a terrible wig. I understand how you got confused though, her real hair looks just as bad.

No. 486644

Genderbent Immortal Joe.

No. 486645

File: 1517296507485.jpg (179.89 KB, 850x601, __hata_no_kokoro_touhou_drawn_…)

what are exfoliants and beauty blenders for 500. I can't believe she went outside and thought this looked good

No. 486649

Holy shit she just used 1” elastic as the bottom band for her top.. no wonder it has to dig in so far to stay on

No. 486650

File: 1517296883742.png (843.16 KB, 720x1046, Screenshot_2018-01-29-23-15-53…)

No. 486655

i'd prefer it if you didn't mariah

No. 486658

She should just do Gluttony cosplay

No. 486659

genderbent roadhog from overwatch

No. 486660

she would be

No. 486661

she can't do a Gluttony cosplay if she's already gluttony irl

No. 486664

File: 1517297765308.jpeg (736.42 KB, 1530x2048, 3FBC461E-1BBA-4DF8-8D4A-49F8A2…)

No. 486665

File: 1517297778317.png (63.91 KB, 532x706, wtf happened.png)

The comments on the fb version are mildly amusing

No. 486667

File: 1517297830699.png (8.67 MB, 1242x2208, D5EB39B4-9146-48F8-A582-6212FC…)

Working hard on her online theatre class homework at ALA Saturday night

No. 486668

File: 1517297912407.png (384 KB, 852x479, ed elric smug.png)

>tfw she goes from "That Mei Cosplayer" to "That Gluttony Cosplayer"

No. 486671

this is such an unflattering pose christ

No. 486672

All this time for lighting and smoothing and they can’t fucking photoshop out the thread??
Sage for triggered retouching anon

No. 486674

>tastier with their juices

im gonna puke

No. 486676

Nah my joke was right the first time, anon.

No. 486678

File: 1517299304089.jpeg (100.74 KB, 480x640, 8E6FF989-965B-4139-A7D9-080496…)

No. 486681

File: 1517299534547.png (371.28 KB, 588x557, Screenshot 2018-01-30 at 12.03…)

Stop reposting

No. 486688

Minor nitpick but who photographed this? The composition and posing are incomprehensible??
I thought she was holding the hook extended, but it's supposed to look like she's thrown it and hooked the camera or is in motion/attacking the viewer? Why isn't the chain taut?? Mariah do you know how pendulums work? Coz methinks you dont.

Saging my photog autism

No. 486689

File: 1517300106748.png (615.13 KB, 720x1146, Screenshot_2018-01-30-00-13-30…)

No. 486690

File: 1517300322852.png (8.02 MB, 1242x2208, 18B0DA5B-E43B-48D8-A83D-DBEE03…)

Like clockwork, Moo’s bff changes once again because her last group of calves dropped her over the last few months. She’s so desperate for friends she’ll cling to anyone who will talk to her.

No. 486692

File: 1517300654734.gif (567.82 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m70iblRJWa1raa31eo1_500…)

And Moo is still pretending as if this isn't happening. She's not even answering fans who ask about it.

No. 486694

File: 1517300884408.png (Spoiler Image, 352.65 KB, 625x626, g ro s s.png)

spoilered for gross furry tits, moomoo loves them tho

No. 486700

Ugh, moo is so gross. Trying to appeal to all and any possible neckbeards, no matter how vile.

No. 486706


I've been sitting here thinking that was LEGIT a sweatdrop with all her shitty boob dirt makeup running down her side. I'm both embarrassed and relieved.

No. 486711

File: 1517304527717.png (282.29 KB, 903x816, totemo legit.png)

I just want everyone to catch these totemo legit , totally not bought, followers momo's been getting. The poor thing must be hemorrhaging followers so fast

No. 486714

It’s the same on instagram. If you look at her followers list, she is gaining new followers faster than you can refresh the page, even when she isn’t updating. Mostly from Mexico.

No. 486715

fake followers are usually either from the Middle East or South America. If you see a large amount suddenly or in succession, you know they’re bought.

No. 486721

Is Momo slightly wall-eyed? Not that it's bad or anything, but I've never noticed it before.

No. 486745

I know her, and yes, it is. She often speaks out against Moo

No. 486749

File: 1517315334702.png (424.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180130-122547.png)

Letting Guzma lick all over her chin. Really helping the spot situation there Moo.

No. 486755

Shows where the priorities are. Can't even bother to blend the fake tattoo on the skin better. You can tell how edited her arm is if you compare it to the arm on the left of the photo that looks pale and lumpy. The arm on the right side of the photo has an odd dent look to it, could be the angle but that arm is triggering the fuck out of me as an editor. Also the eye on the right looks retarded compared to the one on the left lol

No. 486758

man this photographer must either be a shit tier photographer or be trying to sabotage her to not shoop out that makeup cake and loose threads

No. 486759

Square noodles really sucks at editing imo

Either that or she's letting moo do it. Either way stop trying to make her appear less fat all you do is make her look weird shaped and it's fooling nobody

No. 486761

this might be a nitpick but at least she was able to fill her belly button in so it doesnt look like a cavernous pit like Mariah's does

No. 486796

I think Roxy meant she took a bit of time to do it, not money guys…(use sage)

No. 486799


they couldn't straighten out the top and her boobs before taking the pic?

No. 486804


Yeah but Roxy has let things slip before. If we consider it as her saying Mariah actually pocketed the money I'm sure she will spill the beans.

No. 486814


I know alot of people dont think roxychan is all that bad, but she's also an avid liar. It honestly doesn't surprise me she trying to leech onto mariah and defend her from other people. She tried to tell her fans that she was being racially profiled and bashed when they were just asking what her ethnicity was because her real name is supposedly "Roxy Wong"(use sage)

No. 486836

Tenleid's Husband(?) shared the post on twitter as well

No. 486886

She thinks companies will be fooled by her fake followers. She isn’t ever asked to guest or be used by a company and she has 3x the amount of followers that other cosplayers do who are doing that (guesting, repping companies). Wait until Instagram does their massive clean again and she loses all of those fake followers.

No. 486887

File: 1517331282712.png (333.04 KB, 269x731, Screenshot_2018-01-30-08-52-50…)

No. 486891

File: 1517331476854.png (376.82 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_2018-01-30-08-56-24…)

No. 486902

Shadman orbiter thread when?

No. 486904


>a better chellhellbunny

can this bitch be more poisonous and passive-aggressive, oh my god

No. 486905


Lol how long until her and Chel start going at each other again?

No. 486907

Love, positivity and acceptance my dudes

No. 486909

i don't even give a fuck about chel but that earth-chan is shiiiiiit. what is momo even talking about?
(sage for OT)(sage goes in the email field)

No. 486912

chell is trash and we all know it but MARIAH, honey you literally retweeted how everyone should “cosplay their way.” What if that’s just her way of cosplaying dude?

No. 486918

Moo is a massive fucking bitch hypocrite. What else is new.

No. 486922

Honestly someone should make one asap

No. 486925

>Guys I just want everyone to be happy and spread good vibes!
>That's why I publicly put down other thots and try pick fights all the time, lmao!

No. 486936

gotta cover her ass since it's floating around she hates furries since she made fun of one recently

No. 486953

New round of Moo trying to suck up to Shadman to get some of his gross fans incoming!

Plus Chel flipping out on Moo again, this is going to be glorious.

No. 486963

File: 1517335525714.jpg (25.08 KB, 427x365, IMG_1686.JPG)

Lord have my eyes deceived me? Momokun? Talking like anything she has ever done was any better than chellhellbunny?

No. 486966


"Tough girl" doesn't even have the guts to tag Chelhellbunny. What a joke.

No. 486967

also misspelled her name so she doesn't come up in searches

No. 486971

Someone ought to go on there and tag chel properly so moo moo can't get away with being a pathetic coward.

No. 486974

Her half ass calling out Chel reminded me how she use to tell people she would kick their ass but then hide out in her room for days
omg yes

No. 486976


And watch her delete the tweet afterwards to hide.

Chel has more followers currently and would easily destroy her.

No. 486977

File: 1517336286720.jpg (Spoiler Image, 880.15 KB, 1200x1763, 2017-12-24-earth-chan[1].jpg)


wow that wig looks terrible and completely inaccurate. but so do mariah's wigs usually so no wonder she thinks it looks good

No. 486986

It still baffles me how Shad is so popular. Maybe because he appeals to the lowest denominator by drawing porn of literally everything. In my opinion, most of his art just kinda sucks. But back on Momo

No. 486996

File: 1517337216267.png (138.96 KB, 720x801, Capture _2018-01-30-12-32-40-1…)

Its begun yall

No. 487001


You’re joking right? As much as Moomoo steals and takes credit for other people’s shit, she can still make basic stuff.

Chel just begs thirsty losers to buy her shit on Amazon for her to wear.


As far as I remember, Chel has Moomoo blocked since Chel tried kissing Moomoo’s ass real hard and tried to act like they were best friends (Like what Moomoo does with Nigri) and she didn’t respond to her so she tried to claim she bullied her. Moomoo to her credit, called her ass out and Chel ran away with her tail between her legs.

Also, Chel is just as much of a chickenshit as Moo. She tries to talk tough and act like she is this “tough bitch who you dont fuck with” but she just ends up bitching and crying to her fans about being bullied and made fun of and blocks anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass and goes off to brag about it like she somehow won.

Even if you tag her, she won’t do shit. She’ll try to clap back and act like she is somehow better than her and all the other Patreon “cosplayers” because she doesn’t charge money to see her gross potato body, fried egg tits and sucking her husband’s chode.

No. 487002

Standards for fetish art are way lower than for normal art, since most respectable artists don't want their image attached to it.

No. 487005

Gtfo moomoo(hi [cow])

No. 487019

That’s way too coherent to be moo lol

No. 487045

Because he draws cartoon porn of little girls, will cater to basically every need, and there are a lot of degenerates out there.

>Spread good vibes, my dudes!

No. 487048

It's a new twitter account though she might not have her blocked there

No. 487057

File: 1517340456777.jpeg (299.17 KB, 750x960, FE1AFFFC-1255-4F4F-9B79-7CD8A0…)

heheheh you’re right, she didn’t have her blocked

No. 487062

File: 1517340537658.png (21.16 KB, 563x205, chel.PNG)

No. 487064

could someone link the twitter thread in her replies for chells neckbeards to see?

No. 487069

Chel is fucking chicken shit. She tried to use Luna Lanie to attack Moomoo in the past and now she is acting like she never did shit? What a pussy. Just check the Chel hell Bunny thread for a recap of the chel vs moo drama from last year

No. 487077

File: 1517341027517.gif (484.96 KB, 226x309, jonstewpopcorn.gif)

I want to watch them dance like two angry hippos. Who will strike harder? Moo or Chel?

No. 487089

In Chel's defense, the two of them had no contact in months, maybe a year? Then out of nowhere Momo throws shade for no reason. That is like opening old wounds.
So, in this case, it was totally unprovoked. Just Momo stewing with hate as usual

No. 487097

Yeah. I think it's the fact Momokun is trying to force her "cosplay any way you want my dudes" persona then attacked Chel after so long that's wrong here.

No. 487099


Chel should retweet the post about Mariah stealing people's creations.

No. 487108


Maybe it’s because you tried kissing her ass so hard and acted like you were best friends and when she ignored your obvious attempts to weasel your way into the cosplay club, you turned around and tried to play the victim and claimed she bullied you when it was obviously all bullshit.

No. 487109

If I used twitter I would link the post in chel’s reply to moo.

No. 487110

File: 1517342156946.png (59.74 KB, 608x487, ss (2018-01-30 at 02.55.26).pn…)


No. 487113

Are you okay anon?? Do you need a hug?? You seem pretty angry about this.

No. 487114

>if I used twitter I would do such and such
Holy fuck it takes ten seconds to make a throw away Twitter account. Are you guys lazy or just scared? Fuck

Anyways I tagged her in the master post with all the retweets telling her that “her reputation is just going down the drain and now she’s reaching for any attention, good or bad.”

No. 487115

again I can see why Chel went "wtf" cuz the two girls were not in contact or mentioned the other in forever. The girl doesn't even look like Chel, she looks like a less busted version of Vamp imo. But the girl doing earth chan is a hot mess and is obviously desperate for Shad's attention

Too bad for all these thots that Shad won't give a shit

No. 487119

Was about ready to point that out. Mariahs comparison came out of nowhere.

No. 487122


I’m just sick of Chel trying to play this whole “I don’t know why she doesn’t like me” bullshit. She got all pissy because Moomoo didn’t want to be friends with her and then tried to drag her publicly when her “ brilliant” strategy of stalking every post she made and commenting on it and white knighting the shit out of her didn’t work.

She does this shit with all the girls she has a problem with. Especially the other girls that get featured on Shadbase. She immediately goes to being a jealous bitch when other girls get featured on the site and and everyone likes them while all she gets is being laughed at and told how cringey and gross she looks.

She privately takes shots at other women and when they come back at her she immediately goes “I don’t know why they don’t like me”

No. 487123

Goddamn, no one out here is trying to side with either one of them. We just want to see the train wreck of both of them having a go at one another.

No. 487126

>>487123 to be fair >>487115 kind of is.

No. 487132

is shad single? because i mean there is a fuck ton of thots wanting his dick and all… and he doesn't seem to care.

No. 487137

Shad isn't a complete dumbass. He doesn't release the full information of his personal life. That and Shad isn't a straight arrow.

No. 487144

File: 1517343805083.png (76.6 KB, 597x530, magikarp.PNG)

No. 487149

Man, I love it when cows collide. Whose white knights will reign supreme in this epic, passive-aggressive battle?!