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File: 1517269666179.png (1.33 MB, 1556x2508, groceryandwigonhead.png)

No. 485935

Last thread:

new thread for ultimate not-like-other-girls Beta-protecctor FAS-boxxy attention whore shoe0nhead and her Pillbury doughboy soft bf armored grocery

highlights from the last thread:

>>Greg proposes, June cries, Greg again throws June under the bus by telling his fans it's for citizenship

>>Discord luls
>>June seems more hyped for her "fiance" than he does.
>>"I don't get Blackheads, but I wish I did"


No. 485967

I hope anon from the last thread will post more pics from the discord. They're hilarious.

No. 485976

Should I just repost the discord caps so they're all in one thread?

No. 485989

I think so. There is a lot to discuss regarding them. I just hope there is more to be posted.

No. 486008

No. 486014

God, I read all those Discord caps and imagine having such a huge not-like-the-other-girls complex that you'd say all that shit pubicly. It's normal if you're a teenage girl, but you're going onto 27 very, very soon, June.

No. 486023

she's a loser lol

No. 486028

I think she needs the discord to humblebrag because no one else in her life is giving her validation or compliments so she needs to project herself in that way. Grocery convinced her his verbal abuse is just their 24/7 bdsm lifestyle. It would be sad if she was younger but, she's now way beyond saving.

No. 486029

i love how she's always put on this "oooh no i feel kinda bad about asking for money i don't deserve it" attitude

then in her chat she's talking about using donations for overpriced wigs prob garnering sympathy for having to pay such a ridiculous price

No. 486031

i would probably put $3000 towards treatment w a therapist before spending it on a wig…

No. 486034

File: 1517272367301.png (377.69 KB, 1382x540, discord.png)

No. 486036

File: 1517272441089.png (126.55 KB, 939x1227, tD1BJuN.png)

No. 486037

File: 1517272494716.png (45.72 KB, 429x337, tv3VOMM.png)

No. 486040

File: 1517272537920.png (34.39 KB, 871x277, KP0tfFd.png)

No. 486041

File: 1517272631446.png (71.34 KB, 775x508, 6Ltuvju.png)

No. 486042

File: 1517272671249.png (52.68 KB, 678x519, OfQP2ug.png)

No. 486049

File: 1517272987039.png (16.19 KB, 421x97, kAWf0zj.png)

No. 486053

Thank you for these discord pics anon.

No. 486091

Lmao we all know shes aware of garbage liking thots on twitter, there's no way she hasn't seen. YOURE A CUCK ALREADY!

No. 486113

>"it's rare I find one with a similar sense of humor to me"
June's sense of humor is so trash anyway. "Le old 4chan memes and making fun of fat women and feminazis!!! xDDD"
I'm glad that it's "rare" to find other women with a humor like June's. We don't need more Junes.

No. 486120

holy shit, like I assume this was her own discord, but can she not shut the fuck up? clearly no one else gives a shit about her fat ~totally alpha~ boyfriend

No. 486140

File: 1517276010622.png (334.43 KB, 405x779, june1.png)


Actually, despite advertising as "i am logged into discord 24/7 and i'm shitposting in the chat often. :)"

She is very rarely logged in and barely participates in chat, and I don't think I have seen skeptic log in once.

No. 486144

amazing how much she managed to embarrass herself in the few times that she does log in then

No. 486148

Really? What are normally the conversations like on there? Is it just her talking about herself and groceries?

And how is anyone paying ok with this? Do they ever call her out?

Also, thank you for this new milk.

No. 486239

$5 to be in June's Discord and she barely is online and rarely posts on it.
Money well spent!

No. 486283


There are, amazingly, hundreds of patrons in the server, so the chats are by and large swamped with shitposting by random people. As you can probably guess… it's mostly antifem neckbeards and trans women. I was shocked how many people are essentially paying for a chatroom of randoms, where June seldomly swoops in and says some dumb shit.

There does seem to be a group voice chat hosted once in a blue moon, but it's mind-numbingly boring and you're obviously not guaranteed to make it in.

No. 486287

File: 1517279344900.jpg (32.29 KB, 500x282, 1495949215876.jpg)

I'm actually amazed at how utterly red flag tier her relationship is. Greg is actually feeding her the whole "my ex gf was awful and hid my nerd shit that I bought with my own money" routine. Bitch is getting played by the most basic ass DARVO trick in the book.

Chances are, the "toys" were bought with joint funds, or even HER money. That is, assuming the whole "hiding toys" shit even happened in the first place. Sounds like some neckbeard's to-go persecution fantasy.

No. 486291

I love how in each new thread more and more adjectives get added to wig0nheads description kek

No. 486391

I'm not familiar with the DARVO term so I looked it up. I don't really get it. Apparently if I accuse someone of rape they're always supposed to say yes? This idea bothers me because I (a female sexual assault victim) was recently in a situation where someone (a guy) could accuse me of being a rapist, especially if our genders had been reversed. So apparently if I say, "No, I didn't rape him" then I'm a DARVO?

The researcher who seems to have come up with this term also believes in recovered memories which is super sketchy to me.

No. 486394

Greg was a doomsday larper. Around 5:40.

No. 486421

Are you kidding, June? Two seconds on youtube and you can see beauty bloggers reviewing human hair wigs in the $100-$300 range. But I guess June is one of those white girls who is afraid to wear wigs made for black women or something because ew thats weave and not classy uwu.

It's a huge nitpick, but I doubt the wigs she wears are really costing her in the thousands.

No. 486444

I mean if she was throwing out shit after he bought it, that'd be fucked up, but it's completely normal to care about someone being fiscally responsible when they're someone you care about at all, especially if they're in a relationship with you. She's so immature.
It sounds like Groceries gave her the whole "crazy ex gf" (well ex wife) description to June. Really shows the kind of guy he is.

So this really sounds like she's had a threesome and possibly just watched as well.

No spine.

No. 486480

June you've never been suicidal shut the fuck up

No. 486483

I think the "Greg was known as a playboy in high school and all the girls pretended they slept with him! But he saved his virginity for someone he really loved later on!" story is funnier. It's so obviously grocery's sad little fantasy. That shit just doesn't happen even if he actually WAS attractive and desirable (and I'm sure he wasn't). I can't believe she actually buys that, that's stupid even for June.

No. 486491

Are there any actual women who join the Hangouts sessions?

No. 486494

maybe it's true and he's just low-t and cares more about using sex to maintain an illusion of power than getting his dick wet

believable by his lack of muscle definition and pear-body

No. 486498

No, it refers to actual abusers retelling the stuff THEY did to other people, except reversing the victim and the offender in their version.

You know, like most of those "my ex was an evil crazy bitch" stories that you agree with at first, but then once you dump the dude, you see exactly what his ex was dealing with.

No. 486503

File: 1517288260219.jpeg (18.68 KB, 275x272, 1508971874941.jpeg)

That's the biggest sign that literally none of the things he's telling her about his past relationship are true. This is some /r9k/ tier omega male wish fulfillment.

No. 486521

So I doubt grocery ever reads her discord. Would he be ok knowing shes sharing embarrassing stuff about him? I wouldn't be happy with someone sharing anything about my shitty past relations to strangers.

He's doing a shitty job as a 24/7 dom letting her get away with this.

No. 486524

File: 1517289351180.png (270.89 KB, 394x640, sad pear.png)

No. 486568

lmao i'm shocked her little lackeys told her the truth. they still probably thought it was hot (as it was her intention for them to, anyways), but at least they know she's not a shy trad flower uwu. she's a gross normie and both of them are disease vectors.

social outcast shy nerd girls don't have threesomes, june.

>getting cucked for that yeasty, bigtitted doughball of a cavetroll
just… lol

No. 486570

oh how the tables have turn
junes obsession with being a pear shaped goddess, turns out the only thing pear shaped about her was her boyfriend trip kek

No. 486575

File: 1517292825908.png (132.81 KB, 1242x594, IMG_2436.PNG)

People really need to stop feeding June's ego and telling her she looks young enough to be skeptics daughter. June looks like she's in her late 20s and skeptic looks like he's in his early 30s. I wouldn't think they look abnormal together.

No. 486577

So who did she have a threesome with?

No. 486590

she owns a lot of gothiclolita wigs, which aren't even expensive. if she has any in the colour she typically wears, she got them at around 50 usd.
she posted a screencap in her trich blogpost of an ad for vougewigs. assuming she also shops from there, there's only one wig i found that looks slightly similar to hers thats in the 1k-3k range. most of the wigs that look like hers are around 200 usd

No. 486600

I particularly like how she told them the exact range of what she’s supposedly making off of patreon, which is $2k a video if I remember correctly.

No. 486613

Saged but whomever is doing these comics is awesome and deserves good things. They are fucking perfect.

No. 486627

Agreed 1000%, and this one in particular is super spot on and especially hilarious.

No. 486703

Kinda OT (but not really since June shills this all the time) but what do you guys think of men's rights activism anyway? I think it's more of an opportunity to shit all over women, to be honest. I'm not saying that there's not problems men face, but creating a movement that glorifies the abuse men face seems a bit extra. Not to mention June treats men like they're poor, defenseless babies and how someday the world will finally care about their feelings (lmao).

No. 486713

There was speculation in the past about possibly Lauren Southern but idk

No. 486716

I know they all three stayed together in a hotel room or something one time, but I can't really envision Lauren doing such a thing. It seems like it would be too ~degenerate~ for her. If she did she would absolutely be as tight-lipped about it as possible. Because let's be honest, would you want anyone to know you slept with Groceries?

No. 486717

men create their own problems and have all the power. they need to fix it themselves. it's fucking ridiculous. it's like creating a "millionaire's rights movement".

No. 486723

File: 1517307635056.jpg (316.16 KB, 1079x1083, Screenshot_20180130-021905.jpg)


No. 486726

Anon, please, drop your feminism, it's not cool in 2018.

No. 486766

I think the problems they say men face are overstated. e.g. domestic violence against men is bad, but they usually don’t necessarily need the same protection that women and children need. And they don’t seek it out as much. Or the issue that women are favored for custody of their children. Barring extreme circumstances, it’s obvious why women are favored most of the time. They are more often than not the ones to clean, cook for, and care closely for their children. Since it’s natural for most women to fall into this role. And in those extreme cases, men who can provide better care and stability need to be able to prove their case. Which if they have enough evidence and they care enough to get a lawyer to help them, they can win full custody.

Those are the two bigger issues I see spouted by mra’s. In most cases they cite individual cases that exception in some way, and not really enough to form a movement around.

I’m on board with harsher punishments for people who make false rape accusations. And encouraging men towards higher education as well, since there’s a correlation between education and a decreased likelihood of committing violent crime.

No. 486792

Is this sarcasm, anon?

No. 486794

>June treats men like they're poor, defenseless babies
This is so true for a lot of self proclaimed anti fem/sjw women. They act like men don't have penises and do the blame game just as much as extreme feminist do.

No. 486827

>>They act like men don't have penises
Huh? Can you clarify what you mean by that?

No. 486829

DV against men is overstated. In particular, MRAs use dishonest interpretations of DV statistics which put """verbal violence""" against men on the same level as beating a woman into a coma, all while calling feminists sensitive snowflakes.

Usually these claims are shut down whenever anyone is sharp enough to bring up DV fatalities or ER admission rates.

No. 486849

>women suck at many things
Ah but you don’t hate other women, do you June? Ever thought that maybe just YOU suck at those things?

It always makes me a little sad to see a woman saying shit like that about women to bring them down. I expect men to be misogynistic at this point - I’m past the point of expecting anything different from them. But when women are it’s just kind of disappointing.

No. 486872

It's the way she behaves, talks and dresses that makes her look younger than she actually is. It's not about her actual body or wrinkles per se. Also psychologically immature traumatized in childhood untreated people tend to be percieved as younger/childlike because of their facial expressions, gestures etc all this non-verbal stuff. Maybe she's also got boderline histrionic personality because of this attention whoring and childlike ''cute'' behavior she demonstrates in her videos for dudes on the internet. Maybe it's both. I'm just trying to analyze her so it's getting deep. Still to me deep is way better than shallow thinking of other people cause it involves some empathy as well as opposed to none of it. And it's silly when people here think of it as ''white knighting''. I wouldn't be here if she wasn't annoying as hell to me. I certainly don't like her and I find observing what she publically does and her character really entertaining. Doesn't mean I have to agree with everything said here though.
I see someone else is being obsessed with pear shaped bodies way more than her here but oh well…
Ok, I say these things no more. Reading these threads about her is still interesting so I shut up.

No. 486875


>groceries had a reputaton of being some playboy in highschool

didn't he have a reputation for being a special ed kid? (based on that "the origin of the armored skeptic" video)

high school cruelty would turn a mild learning disorder into "that retarded kid" not "this guy fucks."

No. 486889

He made that video before he met June so I believe it to be the truth.

No. 486893

You don't have to be a feminist to acknowledge the fact that most men create their own problems and most of them deserve to die

Please don't question June's headcannon, anon! It's extremely fatphobic, abelist, and rude of you.

No. 486900

The thing is june doesn't act cute at all. She's actually very abrasive. She's immature but she doesn't act feminine or cute.

No. 486903

I remember June saying that in high school she got bullied by girls a lot (yet has female friends in her older videos?). I dunno if it's actually true, given that I don't think June is entirely honest about her past, but if true maybe it could have caused some sort of distrust between her and other girls that has transcended into adulthood in the form of her acting like she's one of the boys.

No. 486917

You can get bullied by a completely different group of people yet still have friends, anon..

Being bullied doesn't mean you're completely devoid of friends. Some times your friends don't step in because they either aren't aware of what's going on or they're pussies. Or, they go to different schools.

No. 486934

I think I put it the wrong way. I meant she said that because she was bullied by girls in high school, she ended up not having female friends in high school besides her trans friend. And then after high school she ended up acquiring female friends somehow (based on her old videos), despite her saying that she's not really had female friends before.

No. 486937

File: 1517333485141.jpg (13.08 KB, 352x288, full.jpg)

Oh please anon. Look at him! He was tots a playboy

No. 486943

It's cute to her fans though. Look at the comments. She tries to appear like a little cute girl which screams she has childhood issues not sorted out to me. Here's her older video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcTtYquf-iU She either had been emotionally deprived from early childhood or has histrionic personality or both, I think.

Notions of femininity are socially constructed so it doesn't nessesarily have to be feminine like roaming millenial's behaviour or I don't know who you have in your mind as ''legitimately feminine''. She performs this 2009 cuteness and a lot of girls were trying to act this way back then so it's also a feminine gender role.
I think she just internalized misogyny. Maybe people in her family and surroundings also tend to think of women like she does. Can also happen especially when you spend most of your teen and adult life attention whoring in front of that chan audience for some reason. And if she has histrionic personality she percieves women as weak and men as people that have power and that she should compete with other women for their attention cause of her ''daddy issues''. That's only my guess though.

No. 486965

File: 1517335680423.jpg (206.33 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20180130-100641.jpg)

June's female friend requirements in case any of you ladies wanted to sign up!

No. 486973

>must be ok with possible threesome
I really hope she's joking.

No. 486985

>must not be a basic bitch

Because the position of basic bitch has already been taken by june.

No. 486988

File: 1517336838950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.6 KB, 506x520, thicc transwoman.jpg)

Well she has some very keen takers, I think we should hook these people up kek

No. 486990

You just know groceries made that list

No. 486993

in other words, she only wants a female "friend" so that she can pander to skepdick's lesbian fetish. this is exactly why she has no friends, even normies can clock gross cunts like her from a mile away.

No. 486995

That childish character is just a character mocking an anime otaku weeb girl she bullied in high school, that's her acting like the girl who had the issues that made her act childish.

No. 487006

It's just weird to me that she can't really have female friends without making some kind of pass at them. You don't have to try so hard to act "bi" that you'd sexually harrass the friends you do make

No. 487017

She acts like that herself though. I don't know about her past, but she acts like this in present for sure. Girls that don't have these problems wouldn't bother to make videos acting this way anyway. It's too much for bullying some other girl. They wouldn't act this character normally.

No. 487021

it's because she sees herself and other women as nothing but brainless sex objects. looks like that's especially true for lesbians/bisexual girls since she already said she could never have an emotional relationship with one, only sexual.

i doubt she could genuinely be friends with another female at this point. i'm sure some awesome trans gal like the one in >>486988 might like her though.

No. 487025

File: 1517338920304.jpg (48.43 KB, 368x475, 147.jpg)

>"girl or a passing trans girl"
>trans girls are not girls
>trans girls must pass as cis to be worthwhile

This is the thot REEEEing about TERFs 24/7, lads.

No. 487029

putting aside all the mra shit (which is obviously shit), it's hard to overstate something that is massively underreported and barely discussed, anon.

No. 487030

June has changed her opinion on trans people a lot since that post was made. She even believes that transtrenders actually want to transition and it's not just a phase, kek. As seen in her Milo Stewart apology video

No. 487033


she's an attention whore, not a normal girl

No. 487037

That's kind of what I'm saying. The difference is you just call her attention whore and I'm pointing out at what can be a possible reason for that.

No. 487040

File: 1517339691702.jpg (57.24 KB, 400x600, 1496732609267.jpg)

Holy fuck is this bitch actually looking for companionship or a unicorn that she can pass around with groceries when the time is right? This read more like what someone would write in a craiglist personals ad than what someone would look for in a friend.

No. 487058

What the fuck is wrong with this person.

No. 487060

Plenty of people are just bad people that are annoying attention whores because they're retarded and shitty people. She's one of them. I don't think we really need to read into it much. She has been a terrible, truly obnoxious person with no concept of self awareness, that has bullied other girls, for over like, 12 years now. She's still that girl. She still shows no growth. Plenty of people are just like that because they're selfish and awful. Throw in some internalized misogyny and there you go. She hasn't ever really given anything to indicate that she has suffered or much of anything sympathetic about her. She's annoying and dumb by default.

No. 487061

>>most of them deserve to die
¿Are you straight anon?

Exactly (as if they weren’t all clockable). The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one. God damn those Radfems for wanting to exclude those creepy men from their female/lesbian events, spaces, and overall life.

No. 487066

Trust me, she didn't. She just said she did because people would hate her otherwise.

She may advertise herself as "controversial" and "counter culture", but she's anything but those things. None of her opinions are daring or unsafe.

No. 487068

If you start analyze people from psychological point of view then everything has its reason. I don't say she's not accountable for bulling or something else she does, of course. Saying ''shitty people'' are shitty just becase they are is pretty simplistic and black&white kind of thinking.

No. 487074

The saddest part about their relationship is they were looking for a threesome within a year of their relationship.

Most couples who are into that at least wait a few years before branching out into degenerate shit. Hell, even Onion and his wife waited a few years into their marriage.

Now, put into perspective that they're long distance, this is june's only 2nd serious relationship and its with a guy whose been divorce. They are doomed to feel bored together because no one is going to fit the criteria grocery wants.

I can just imagine them finding a good looking dick girl and as they're about to have sex, grocery realizes his chode is smaller than hers and he goes into autistic screeching

No. 487075

It's ok anon, you can say BPD.

No. 487085

The tragedy of women like June is that they take beta males' stated expectations at face value. What grocery says he wants isn't what he actually wants. Pandering to his stated wishes is just going to frustrate him further.

No. 487100

Her Milo video got some backlash from her fanbase, but I think libfems liked it. She's been trying to get more buddy buddy with more libfem Youtubers over the past year, after all.

The most funny thing is that June parrots everything her male peers in the anti-SJW circle say, yet most of them remain stagnant with a couple hundred thousand subs and she's about to break a million soon. I don't think I've heard June say an original thing about her political beliefs in her life. The fact that she makes an easy $4.2k per month for repeating the same things as her male counterparts makes me kek though

No. 487120

>¿Are you straight anon?
why… do you ask?… mind your own business, you terf-y baka…

No. 487141

File: 1517343630074.jpg (30.45 KB, 800x221, IMG_20180130_151823.jpg)

June brewing up some more totally original video ideas and making her fans do all the work.

No. 487146

File: 1517343836154.png (854.06 KB, 1280x1280, 12-2-mirror-transparent.png)

they need to just start sending her pictures of mirrors

No. 487156

File: 1517344042134.jpg (101.83 KB, 800x790, _20180130_152324.JPG)

Is this fake self awareness or does she not know groceries made this on his blog?

No. 487169

I think she may actually be unaware lmfao

No. 487254

Why didn't anybody send a link to her channel? I also was one of those feminists who tried to ''hate-follow'' her as she says but she blocked me instantly.

No. 487286

How can June tell if someone "hate follows" her? She literally tries to pander to such a wide audience, you'd think it'd be difficult to tell

No. 487296

maybe she lurks here and sees the screenshots people post from her twitter? or maybe she's just vain.

No. 487321

File: 1517352055996.jpg (1.27 MB, 2000x2000, the_slut_box_by_wesker991-d9xu…)

Half of us here are conservatives or apolitical. I think it's just June's primary coping mechanism to pretend that anyone laughing at her is a leftist feminist. Which is amusing, since her own target audience commonly thinks that she's a dumb cunt.

No. 487371

speak for yourself. apolitical maybe, but considering all the man-hate in /ot/ and /g/, i doubt even a fourth of the posters here are conservatives. we have no way of knowing anyways since we're a nony moose.

you're probably right about that coping mechanism thing though. her thought process seems to be: "all da boys are angels & they luv me, so it must be da jealous, ugly, terf cunts who are bein mean! uwu"

No. 487398

She certainly makes the radical fems and "terfs" look sane. I use to be somewhat supportive of anti-sjw stuff when it was significant but, now it's beating a dead horse. Also seeing how many in the skeptic community come from and/or are in shitty relationships is really telling why they hate feminists so much.

No. 487461

Man hate isn't always ideological.

No. 487520

holy fuck LMAO

No. 487521

by "man-hate" i meant radfem ideologies, which are inherently anti-conservative. all man-hate is honestly; right-wing politics are heavily reliant on patriarchy.

No. 487523

Yeah not only does she pander, she always picks the lowest hanging fruit. Like that Cosmo vid was at least half things that were like "no shit?"

No. 487530


sage because no one cares

but i am conservative. I wouldn't be surprised if I was the only one in this thread who was. I highly doubt even 1/4 of this thread is.

I get so annoyed at June being like "I'm a liberal lefist uwu" then being like "I'm a center right centrist". It's pretty damn obvious she's pandering. Not even the alt-right likes her. Most of her fans are center-right neckbeard atheist types. No conservatives really watch her. She is trying so hard to pander to everyone to the point that NO ONE likes her other than stupid ass men with the IQ of a hamsandwich and young "different than the other girls" uwu white teenage girls who can relate to her. Everyone else thinks she's a fucking joke.

No. 487534

File: 1517363414226.jpg (4.4 KB, 302x114, DUvmgDeUMAAlchE.jpg)

i'm sooo BDSM!

No. 487542

June constantly talks about wanting to have kids, but imagine if she gave birth to a baby daughter…

No. 487546

Greg would probably molest it and June would be ok with it or June would be super jealous of her

No. 487551

I think I remember her saying she and grocery would prefer a daughter and that if they had one june would have to fight for grocery's attention.

It was really unsettling considering they have a ddlg fetish

No. 487554

How did she know?

No. 487555

June feels nothing but jealously for anykind of girl in her company so a daughter would be very bad

No. 487576

ok anon, Groceries is creepy with this ddlg shit, but that's reaching saying that he would probably molest his daughter if he had one.

No. 487584

Her fans, friends, and June herself love saying how young she looks. But she doesn't look that young. It's obvious that she at least looks in her 20's. She tries so hard to look young with the raccoon emo girl eyeliner, the loli clothing, and her acting so ddlg :3

No. 487603

File: 1517368006416.png (71.61 KB, 588x413, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.0…)

No. 487608

File: 1517368662562.gif (1.06 MB, 640x360, 1456421044436.gif)

No. 487621

That's fucking disgusting. Why is she proud of this asshole? God damn is she dumb.

No. 487623

That's… That's some weird, unsettling shit to say. Especially when a ddlg creep says this.

No. 487627

I’m imagining disaster combinations of Greg and June

Like what if they had a June-height son with a Greg-body and a June-face. And he gets June’s loud mouth with Greg’s unwarranted cockiness. And it grew up to be like… Down syndrome Ben shapiro.

No. 487663

File: 1517371854420.png (Spoiler Image, 501.5 KB, 601x1307, ewww.png)

No. 487672

imagine being june's family

No. 487674

lmao I just noticed her too anon.

Maybe juney found a winrar for the grocery trinity. She's into puppy play too.

No. 487677

fuck thats a really nice tit

No. 487684


lol I was just making a post about this. Could this be the girl they've had a threesome with? They're always interacting with eachother and Greg likes this girls pictures all the time.

No. 487694

If their relationship delves into poly territory I give it maybe two or three years at most before they break up. June doesn't seem like she could handle it, and poly relationships between most people don't usually last long

No. 487697

File: 1517373798292.png (458.16 KB, 601x833, mug.png)

She also tweeted at him with his merch right before the tit pic tweet.

It's possible. Especially since June just loves sex workers because Gross likes them.

No. 487699

I can imagine June being a creepy beauty pageant-tier mom seeing as how obsessed she is with shitting on/objectifying other women's appearances. She'd likely impose those standards on her daughter anyway, the poor kid could grow up being extremely insecure.

No. 487701

File: 1517373911961.png (Spoiler Image, 261.01 KB, 1242x1379, IMG_2438.PNG)

Still liking other girls photo skeptic?(spoiler images like this)

No. 487703

File: 1517374210698.png (86.59 KB, 623x515, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.4…)


"It's shoe's fault I like cam whores on my public twitter account!"

No. 487707

Yeah was gonna say this. Joking aside i get a pedo vibe from the both of them.

No. 487716

if my fiance was liking girls nudes on fucking Twitter I would dump him instantly. June is lainey-tier doormat lmao

No. 487719

It's just super disrespectful. Like, do that shit in private if you're gonna do it. But I think that June likes to look like the "cool girl who's so cool with my bf liking other women in front of me :3" Nah June, you just look like a cuck. No woman with a spine would tolerate that

No. 487817

File: 1517380063272.png (40.02 KB, 526x206, footstool.png)

June kink: digging under Gregs 300 pounds of ass lard to fetch the remote.

No. 487832

More likely its that weird girl June made that cringey bdsm video with. She was flirting with Grocery the entire time

No. 487841

Wasn't that girl kinda fat? This girl looks a lot skinnier

No. 487845

I thought the threesome screenshot was in relation to her assumption of Franny wanting Greg's dick.

No. 487852

People in the thread think they had a threesome because of this screenshot.
The other person could have been some barfly or craigslist bimbo for all we know. Shoe's still a cuck either way.

No. 487866

Honestly… the only circumstances for Groceries to be a "playboy" and look like that is if he went to high school in a farm town with less than 100 people or was the top talented choir kid. I don't think he falls under either.

No. 487871

Is that cutepup girl the reason why Shoe sometimes wears that pink heart collar? She's trying to act like her to keep Greg entertained.

No. 487944

File: 1517393571496.jpg (350.01 KB, 1079x1344, Screenshot_20180131-021205.jpg)

No. 487957

Lel isn't that cringy ass twitter account ran by June herself?

No. 487958

File: 1517394797391.jpg (44.92 KB, 749x767, IMG_20180131_023034.jpg)

>that hole in daddy dom Groceries' pants
>that toilet paper stuffed "bulge"

No. 487959

I remember reading that it was, or someone called her out on it and she put them on blast for it or something

No. 487967

what bulge, all i see is fat legs lmao

No. 487974

>those few valiant strings of thread hanging on for dear life
lads, pray for those threads. they're brave heroes doing god's work and shielding all of us in civilised society from his sourdough scrote and baby-carroted cock

No. 487977

If June says that all that sexual gross stuff she posts about online is just the "tip of the iceberg", I can't even imagine what the rest of it looks like…. or maybe she's just bluffing to make her relationship look "fun :3"

No. 487980

shes bluffing. she cant even keep fupa the fat prince entertained for 4 minutes when he's with her. he's scrolling thru his twitfeed for chunky camwhore ladyboy cock in lace lingerie while she's praising him for not taking a shit on the living room floor to her parents

No. 487981

File: 1517398865106.jpg (132.27 KB, 750x1007, IMG_20180131_033449.jpg)

Full pic of our Groceries

No. 487989

Do people really think she participated in a threesome? I believe she's bluffing because if she did, she would already spam her Twitter about how 2 people is "normie vanilla shit" and she is this "superior threesome cool girl".

No. 487991

I agree. There's no way she could resist not making it more public. It's already out there, but look at how vocal and obnoxious she is with her DDLG crap just bc she thinks it makes them special. The potential male attention and asspats from a 3some is just too much for her to be discrete about.

No. 487993

File: 1517400353067.gif (495.83 KB, 500x379, giphy (2).gif)

all i see

No. 487995

I feel like it's a very high possibility that it will happen eventually though. I personally estimate either 2018 or 2019 to be when threesomegate happens

No. 487999

>my legs are slim and long but I wish they were different uwu

jesus, that humblebrag

No. 488006

It's impossible for it not to happen at this point. We've already seen how entitled and disgusting he is, despite being literally intellectually disabled with a flubber inspired physique. He has no appreciation for the fact that someone who isn't enormously lardassed looked his way for once, so he'll be capitalising on her naivete within the next year. There's no chance they'll make 2 years without throwing some despo dick urchin into the mix. At no point in this relationship has he even bothered to show he actually loves her, even for PR, for fucks sake

No. 488015

His face looks so droopy in this pic, it makes him look older than 32. Definitely don't know why he treats Jume the way he does. She looks way better than him, and I'm not even a particular fan of her appearance.

No. 488018

File: 1517405550599.jpg (128.8 KB, 692x975, IMG_20180131_083146.jpg)

No she was wearing collars with in a few weeks of dating grocery
She claims they didn't do anything

No. 488022

imagine being above 18 and using normie unironically in a context like this. I'd be so embarrased if I saw my older sister write like this on the internet.

look at those pale dainty wrists and hands lmao.

No. 488031


Has her old livejournal been shared?
>used to be turned on by six packs and muscles
This is hilarious

No. 488039

>"Wears jewelry: uhh…..off."
>"Gels his hair: LOL OFF"


No. 488085

File: 1517410638867.jpg (22.01 KB, 248x350, american_skeptic_by_ali_radica…)



Here is the part where Brittany asks Shoe if their dynamics are going to change when they have children. Shoe says no because it's a natural thing for them and Grocery is like "they are gonna compete for my attention", ew.

Shoe is also a-ok with DDLG and binkies, diapers etc.

(not putting the link in the youtube bar because it doesn't register time stamps)

No. 488089

is it me or does she seem a lot more endearing here? obnoxious, yes, but way more authentic in a way that lots of our friends were as teens, and actually waaaaay less obnoxious than she is now.

No. 488090

Omg that fanart. June should use this in her new vid

Also, yes how gross. Again,keep in mind they also want to have a daughter specifically.

No. 488091

File: 1517411216380.jpg (13.95 KB, 800x66, IMG_20180131_094403.jpg)

She's certainly was more realistic

No. 488133

>$1k-$3k for a wig
damn I know black girls with better quality wigs that go for WAY less money.

No. 488202

File: 1517417849322.jpg (81.22 KB, 800x712, IMG_20180131_115441.jpg)

She definitely reads on her lol

I guess healthy = normie in her book ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ she sounds so triggered

No. 488208

>i was the one who showed him it
>i enjoy hot girls too
>stop projecting your normieass relationship issues onto me

wow she's like a more brash, alt-right version of laineybot

No. 488209

literally what about this is childlike and feminine? most men that call themselves alpha would call this 'degenerate masculine' behavior coming from a woman. and it's actually not normie at all to be concerned about what your bf is liking on twitter. a lot of 'normie' women are socialized into being doormats and allowing this either because "he's not LITERALLY CHEATING!!" or "he can do whatever he wants, i'm not insecure, i think they're hot too!!!". this handwaving cucked handmaiden shit is literally the most normie, and especially, heteronormative, thing ever.

No. 488211

Also FatSeptic has been liking this cutepup girl's selfies before, so it's not like June introduced him to her.

Actually she probably noticed him liking her, so she went ahead with her cool girl™ act and was like "look greggy! she posted a titty selfie! i'm totally cool with it." while seething inside.

what a cuckqueen

No. 488219

File: 1517418658936.jpg (15.29 KB, 594x121, Capture.JPG)

lmao she instantly blocked me after i tweeted this at her

somebody has been lurking

No. 488221

Usually when guys get holes like that in their jeans or boxers it's because they pick in their groin area and get wedgies a lot lol

No. 488222

File: 1517418743668.jpg (125.32 KB, 800x808, IMG_20180131_120806.jpg)

Then why do you feel the need to make a big tweet about it?

Also, I doubt grocery would ever be ok with her looking at more attractive naked men and her liking pic on her account. But thats just because they aren't normies reeeee

Holy fuck what triggered cunt

No. 488224

File: 1517418872589.jpg (67.91 KB, 618x697, Capture.JPG)

what a cuckqueen show lol

No. 488227

oh my god that's depressing. it's like june thinks the more of a cuck she is, the more of a perfect gf she'll be. but the truth is that grocery actually see these camgirls he's praising online as his waifu goals. june should get with someone who atleast likes her.

No. 488228

>normieass relationship issues

Yeah, I totally missed in all of my nerd media where the introverted, geeky characters enjoy being cucked..

No. 488230

I wonder if these girls realize that there are men who don't need to jack off every second of the day and maybe they're dating guys who think of camgirls while they have sex with them.

I hate to blog post but neither me and my bf are feminist or anit-porn and arent vanilla at all but, both of us enjoy are bodies enough that porn is a joke to us and not needed at all. Idk how you get this low where you think no porn watching = vanilla/normie trash!!!

No. 488231

holy shit. i wonder what porn they watch lmao

No. 488232

lol this bitch is so desperate. to please a fucking loser no less. like, i can MAYBE understand doing this humiliating shit for a 10/10, talented as hell, speaks 7 languages knight in shining armor otherwise, but this dude is uneducated white trash in a cheap vest with no skills to speak of… lmao. imagine cucking yourself for everyone to see, for a fat movie theater doorman.

"we watch porn together!!"

bitch do you think he's thinking of fucking you when he's staring at other girls getting reamed? no. you're not in the equation.

No. 488235

Kinda ridiculous to say.

If they are going to make their dysfunctional sex life public, we are free to judge and comment on it.

No. 488237

same, anon. and it's REALLY fucking sad that they've already brought porn into their relationship. like, that's shit most couples only bring in when the bedroom is getting dead. like, married for 15 years couples and shit.

20:1 while they're "watching porn together!!" he's using her as a masturbatory aid while he thinks of lena the plug as he cums, basically. if she had any brains she'd tell him to get a fleshlight and take a hike.

No. 488240

Holyshit, switch this list out for any guy asking for a female friend and it's the same type of vapid sexism.. wtf.

>must let me fondle your boobs

fuck off

No. 488244

>bitch do you think he's thinking of fucking you when he's staring at other girls getting reamed? no. you're not in the equation.

Shoe would probably answer "i don't care, i imagine him fucking another girl while he fucks me so so get your normiethink out of here!!!" and then make 300 triggered tweets about it kek

No. 488248

I know right? Its so sad people are going to porn to keep their sex lives active.

Which btw, what narritive she trying to hit here? If you and your bf aren't into looking at porn you're normieass but, at the same time accept the fact that men today want to jack off to other women who arent their gfs actively and your just feminazi if you think otherwise.

No. 488249

rofl now we know why he's so fat. Drinking pure sugary 'coffee' drinks from Tim Hortons. How does he have the most punchable face?

No. 488253

File: 1517421030611.jpg (123.12 KB, 800x765, _20180131_124723.JPG)

>grocery feels bad );
Maybe he should? Lol she twisted this into a "my poor daddy doughboy can't nut it to other gurls without feelin bad uwu pray 4 him"

No. 488254

can't wait until he actually starts chatting those girls up, i wanna see how she'll justify that too

No. 488256

This is the stupidest rationale. Really. The only reason why he's not shoving his dick into porn star faces is because he's a broke, adipose asshole that can't do any better than you, which is fairly obvious to everyone with eyeballs. Are these bitches really so stupid that they think their boyfriends are just jerking it to other women but totally wouldn't fuck them given the chance? Lmao, so much for her intelligence and sKePTisM. These "pick me" girls are the worst.

No. 488258

holy shit the coolgirl™️-dom is reaching critical mass. i want to strangle these retards for being so pathetic goddamn

No. 488264

I'm pretty sure he is chatting them up already, or at least tipping them on myfreecams etc

No. 488272

>June will give me cute daughters

Wait for septic to convince shoe to go full poly so he can get a tall and curvy/strong camgirl that will give him strong sons, while shoe is tasked with giving him cute daughters.

Wait for shoe to compete for septic's attention with their cute daughters.



kek, i'm dying anon

No. 488273

File: 1517422412927.png (358.9 KB, 721x650, IMG_3985.PNG)

Ya'll gave Greg too much credit comparing him to Jabba lol.
At least Jabba had power and money, the way June treats Greg just reminds me of that shitty baby from Spirtited Away.

"June you better tell those mean ladies on twitter that it's okay for me to look at thots on Twitter or I'll start crying!!! ;-;"

Dom my ass, they are so embarrassing.

No. 488279

I love the fact that the people alerting her to this and that are concerned for her, have partially been her male fans. Even they're uncomfortable with it and find it disrespectful, and they're anti-feminists, kek. She's cucking herself so much harder than she even has to. Her male fans apparently would be fine with her not cucking herself so hard.

No. 488303

Of he feels bad about it why doesn't he stop doing it?cnat he just jerk off in private?lol

No. 488308

File: 1517424029268.jpg (73.83 KB, 549x965, Capture.JPG)


>It doesn't matter since it's not like he's talking to them or anything!!

But June…

No. 488312

Lmfao!!!! Someone @ her pls.

No. 488316

File: 1517424200170.jpg (43.17 KB, 495x591, Capture.JPG)

her MRA fans did, but even some of them already have come to realization that she's a cuck

No. 488320

>i don't care if he appreciates a titty
>i like hot women too, because i'm so obviously bisexual hurr durr
>i let my man do whatever he wants and shit all over me bc i'm chil and not like these normie thotties :)

holy shit lmao this is the epitome of being not like other girls™

i guess any healthy & mutually respectful relationship is 'normie' to her. well, that explains her views on women.

No. 488325

File: 1517424567263.jpg (94.01 KB, 800x905, _20180131_134826.JPG)

They've tweeted at each other a few times.

No. 488330

This is hilarious.

No. 488336

>June approves of groceries complimenting a more attractive girl who owns a mug with a picture of june being a doormat to groceries on it

we've reached critical levels of cuckery

No. 488341

The sad part is this red head could actually take skeptic. She's younger, isn't half bald, she's smaller and shorter(she actually does look shorter than 5'4 and smaller than 110). I don't get how this isn't eating June inside.

No. 488346

What a cuckquean.

No. 488347

File: 1517425264640.jpg (133.99 KB, 800x1017, _20180131_135719.JPG)

>jokes about fighting with june
>teehee do u need hugs?
>i do

No. 488351

File: 1517425366664.jpg (110.93 KB, 800x735, _20180131_135752.JPG)

But he just likes her titty guys. Its not like he rarely replies to ppl on twitter and just happens to acknowledged her more often.

No. 488353

It would not surprise me if they were both talking privately. June is naive as all shit.
This isn't porn with an unknown's tiddy on the screen, this is a real person who may have some real ambition (lel) for Greg.

No. 488354

Holy fuck June if you legit want to have kids gtfo out of this relationship. Or find someone to help take care of you when you’re worn out and exhausted because it’s not gonna be Greg.

No. 488358


hahaha holy shit, that cutepup camwhore is literally like :
>"oh, you are fighting with your gf? let me give you a…hug wink wink"

and he is like
>"yes please"

But that's fine with June, only "normieshits" would find this alarming

No. 488363

>only "normieshits" would find this alarming
Including her fans which makes it more hilarious. Their own fans are realizing something isn't right

No. 488365


June, you are dumb as hell. He doesn't feel bad about it because he is worried how you might feel.
He feels bad because he doesn't want to suffer public backlash from your clearly larger fanbase.

No. 488374

Fr, she literally makes twice as much money as he does. If anything she'll be supporting him.

No. 488376

It has come to the point where I feel bad for June. And I'm the furthest thing from a fan of hers.

No. 488385

Why? She does this to herself and I believe its partly the reason shes such a cunt to other women.

No. 488387

If the draw anon who made those hilarious comics still visits here; I'd love to see grocery fapping to cutepup and several panels of june just rationalizing it and calling every one vanilla normies.

No. 488393


re: her livejournal. I'm so confused. June and I are the same age (26). Judging by the dates of the LJ, she was 19, but she wrote like how I did when I was 13. She reminds me almost exactly of me during my terrible edgy 4chan ~*not like other girls*~ phase bb-b-but… I was 15 and she's….. 26…..

No. 488399

jesus lmao, imagine if june was making jokes about fighting greg and some dude came in saying she needs hugs and june says "I do"
it wouldn't even be a ~fetish~ at the point, just plain cuckatry and june not having the ovaries to stand up for herself and just justifying it

I also find it funny the fact greg seems to care and pay more attention to cam whores than june, he's more affectionate towards them even on twitter than he is with june

No. 488411

File: 1517427827637.jpg (59.8 KB, 800x503, IMG_20180131_143845.jpg)

They upset.
>we're long distance so of course hes going to!!!
8 hours isn't long distant June. Just admit both of you are too lazy and disinterested to drive see each other or make arrangements to live together.

Maybe thats why he doesn't keep june longer than a week up in canada? He needs to fap to other girls in peace.

No. 488419

Omg June he's not jacking off to a video on pornhub he's flirting and possibly jacking off to a girl on the internet kinda like he did to you in the beginning she's such a cuck

No. 488420

someone tweet to her about why he was liking camwhore pics (lena the plug, other girls, etc) while SHE WAS WITH HIM.

No. 488421

I'm pretty sure they had a threesome with that girl and she's like their "third" or whatever. Shoe interacts with her too so honestly this isn't as crazy as everyone is making it out to be.


No. 488423

File: 1517428418436.png (76.68 KB, 807x723, thirdeyeopening.png)

they're catching on lmao

No. 488424

>we both like it

Oh the lies she tells herself…

No. 488426

Shoe's twitter timeline is just filled to the brim with her trying to justify her cuckoldry. But she totally doesn't give a fuck about septic liking cam whore pictures, and chatting them up about hugs and his "header" cause she's in that 24/7 ddlg lifestyle.

She says she knew if you see the comments to that reply.

No. 488428


Is the gulag guy saying she's a degenerate and should be gulaged? Or does that seem like sarcasm? The rest are fucking hysterical though. These people are anti-feminists and even they think this shit is humiliating. This is brilliant.

No. 488433

>you would think a sneaky bf

A sneaky bf brainwashes his woman into thinking she's more intelligent and better "than those other girls" if she allows him to look at other women.

No. 488435

Polyamory is inherently degenerate and lulzy, especially when one of the people involved is a giga cuck in denial like lainey or june.

No. 488446

Normally the porn thing isn't an issue but its more his likes are full of camgirls who are not only hotter than june but completely nothing like her body type. And I'd argue camgirls are worse than porn because they're interactive and meant for guys who have no one to talk to.

Meanwhile, June's talked about how totally hawt their skype sex is but, I guess that's not enough for grocery.

No. 488447

pretty sure he's calling her degenerate, there's memes of "sending x person to the gulag"(labor camp). and im glad its guys saying this too, she probably ignores anything written by women as "jealousy~" so seeing her main demographic call her out is so satisfying

No. 488467

File: 1517430176453.jpg (62.82 KB, 800x427, _20180131_151453.JPG)

>people are saying its just as bad as cheating
Who? All anyone is saying is that 1. Youre a cuck 2. Relationships based around looking at porn are unhealthy 3. You're shaming fans who were genuinely concerned by calling them normies despite also trying to argue its normal to look at porn. lolwut?

No. 488468

getting a little t r i g g e r e d i see

No. 488470

That wasn't what they were saying, but even were that the case, how does having a relationship free of porn make it super shallow?

No. 488473

She's so upset, lmao. I think that like Lamey, she can deal with being disrespected and humilated, privately, (although it clearly still hurts them) but is more horrified now that she's being cucked on this large of a scale and it's interfering with her public image, kek.

No. 488477

That's called fucking emotional cheating.
Anyone reading this, don't let your bf or gf get away with this. This is straight up abusive.

It's crossing all kinds of boundaries.

I pity June and I don't even like her in the first place. She doesn't realize that she's running for the bottom right now. Being a total pushover isn't the way to gain respect ! It isn't how you keep a man. You keep a man by showing him your worth even if that involves standing up for yourself and taking risks.

She's basically saying "You can do whatever you want because I'd rather be cheated on, manipulated, abused than dumped by you. Here's your green light"
The funniest part is I bet Greg would be turned on more by an assertive woman than a total pushover.

No. 488478

>spends the rest of the day tweeting about it like a troubled child on crack

top wew

No. 488489

i don't feel bad for her at all. She has no respect for herself or any other woman for that matter. She regards them as mindless sex objects whose entire purpose is to 'be hot' (i.e. her 'requirement' list). June is so damn independent and immature that she will defend Groceries for ANYTHING, she'd probably make up some excuse if he full on cheated on her.

And if you actually care about her and try to help, she'll either cowardly sub tweet or respond in a snarky and flat out rude manner.

No. 488492

It's not physical cheating in the sense but…

>June has cam sex with Greg on Skype

>we are in a serious relationship gies!
>Greg faps and participates in cams with personal cam girls who he interacts with and chose specifically
>lol gies it's just porn


No. 488499

File: 1517431724501.gif (489.11 KB, 458x260, 1387272667471.gif)

lol she deleted the tweets wow

I guess too many cuck jokes for her to handle

No. 488500

I'm not sure how June can justify personally interacting with your fapbait as being the same as watching porn where you are completely detached from the actors, but ok. The fact that so many people are side-eyeing it is proof that it's disrespectful if not cheating but it's not like this unstable idiot has ever been in a healthy relationship. She's so focused on being The Cool Girl that she's lost touch with reality.

No. 488504

It’s not just the porn thing it’s the liking porn on a public profile tied to your name. It’s the Internet equivalent of staring, and anyone with respect for the partner (and frankly themselves) would realize that.

June must love being humiliated or something. But even if it’s her fetish, she still looks like a huge fucking loser with no self-respect.

No. 488513

File: 1517432368900.png (419.62 KB, 804x952, PEARCHANYASSS.png)

>tfw not even queen pear would touch you

i love when cows interact with each other, really warms the heart

No. 488519

>June must love being humiliated or something.
she doesn't, people who like being humiliated tend to be tough as nails, june is not, the most she's been through is light bullying (and greg but she refuses to realize that and greg is a perfect little god man angel who deserves the right to cheat and show other women more affection than he does to her)

she only pretends to for the purpose of justifying her and gregs shitty actions and to seem more desirable but it's not working since other men are just laughing and mocking her and making jokes about how they want nothing to do with her, even the greasy neckbeards from 4chan, unichan, etc that she caters to mock her for sucking neckbeard chodes but having neckbeards still hate her

made me giggle, wonder when reality will hit him with the fact most women find him repulsive

No. 488522

>omg I like cute girls
>meanwhile this girl never tweets at June, she only tweets skeptic

At best she's pulling a Billie and using June to get closer to skeptic

No. 488528

She probably doesn’t even want skeptic. She probably just wants attention.

No. 488530

It's just funny how June keeps saying she's apart of this when this girl only talks to skeptic. She's getting a laugh out of cucking June right infront of her face.

No. 488532

Two pears getting along, how cute

No. 488536

what is it with straight girls thinking just because us lesbians like girls we don't get jealous?just because I like other women doesn't mean I wouldn't get mad if my gf was flirting with other girls

No. 488541

because straight girls fetishise lesbians and imagined lesbian dynamics (informed by porn) for their boyfriends benefit. it's fucking gross.

No. 488542

I don't know why she would want him for any other reason. At least onion wasn't obese, was attractive at one point in time, had money, and had a pretty large following. Greg has nothing going for him.

No. 488545

He’s fat, untalented, unemployed and unsuccessful.

But he had a mostly male audience and a popular gf, and this is enough for some girls to get off on.

No. 488554

It's also manipulative, I doubt he feels bad at all. He just wants to make her think he does so she sympathizes even more and lathers on more "IT'S TOTALLY OK" shit.
This is fucking disgraceful and that goes to the girls responding to her in agreement as well.

He's so in that girl's DMs. People who have friendly exchanges like that in public usually have friendlier exchanges in private, and that goes for platonic relationships as well.

She's so triggered though it's obvious she's flipping out over this. Which is good. She SHOULD be flipping out.
I am living for this.

Agreed, this is bullshit. I wonder if the hug was in reference to him being upset about some Star Wars thing, but that is not the way it looks at face value at all. Either way, saying that kind of thing right after talking about disagreeing with a partner is scummy.

Good thing we have all or most of them! June, you of all people should know: The internet is FOREVER.
lol be mad.

No. 488590

File: 1517436405299.png (46.38 KB, 452x540, eerew.PNG)

LMAO she's trying so hard to insert herself into this dynamic, but cutepup doesn't acknowledge her at all. cutepup has been active all day on twitter, HASN'T EVEN LIKED THIS TWEET, OR RESPONDED TO IT.

june, she obviously doesn't like you. cutepup is all over it when greg responds or likes her shit, but no response to anything june does, looool.

also, cutepup lives in canada, afaik, so…

she's really underestimating the threat of this one, lmao. especially when greg doesn't even fucking want her there for more than a week.

No. 488592

Meh looks like cute pup has a bf and if he has a job he is already several points above greg.

It’s def funny that she doesn’t interact with June at all though.

No. 488600

don't think it really matters for many cases. internet fame matter more than rl for internet attention whores and camgirls. plus, this one is soOoOo kinky and interested in pleasing men all the same, so who's to say they're not poly? plenty of these camgirls are. or potentially just cheating?

it's pretty telling though that she's not cozying up to june's snatch the way she's trying to carve out a little nest for herself in greg's sack.

No. 488604

It reminded me of when people were spamming "CUCK" under Onion's pictures

No. 488611

File: 1517437323850.png (28.55 KB, 444x282, sd.PNG)

i love so much that the one who started this shitshow is a guy fan of hers.

No. 488616

File: 1517437499752.png (52.75 KB, 464x565, lol.PNG)

guy is worried they'll do a video on him. i hope they don't, but they're both exceptionally shitty people and i wouldnt put it past either of them. june clearly is triggered and doesn't stop digging herself deeper in embarrassment, so i'll bet she does one.

No. 488634

June, saying it doesn't bother you means nothing if you sperg out about it all day.

No. 488649

File: 1517439147978.jpg (360.27 KB, 810x1368, 20180131_145116.jpg)

So much whiteknighting from this incident, jeez

No. 488657

File: 1517439539642.png (25.63 KB, 456x255, fgf.PNG)

yeah, from laci, too. men and their handmaiden's gotta stick together!!

No. 488669

That minature manlet Chris Ray Gunn is ok with cucking cause he "hung out (fucked)" with Idubbz GF Anisa.

No. 488670

lol this is literally like how sjw’s/high school cliques gang up on people for not sharing their opinions.

The irony of this entire situation is outstanding.

If she truly didn’t give a fuck like she says and was actually secure in her relationship with Greg she would’ve never felt the need to engage in this dumb shit to begin with.

No. 488675


Damn, sorry June, not everyone loves to be both physically and digitally cucked.

No. 488678

>posting sexual preferences and activities on social media=20 keks
>getting angry at strangers for judging the info you posted publicly=40 keks
>pretending not to be mad when you actually are=60 keks
>Laci Green tries to save you=TOP KEK

No. 488679

Instead of posting all this stuff, why dont you guys just tweet this to her.

Too many whiteknights responding to her tweets lol

This could help change some things and open some eyes up.

No. 488680

I don't have Twitter. Seems like too much of a shitshow.

No. 488682

She bans people for the smallest shit, look at >>488219 shes veeeerrrry sensitive uwu

Its much easier to screencap and watch her make a fool of herself.

No. 488685

hey.. a mass Shoe0nhead blocking fiasco would be funny as shit.

But I get your point. Guess it’s funner to watch the train wreck than try to intervene.

No. 488686

File: 1517441045003.jpg (88.41 KB, 800x997, IMG_20180131_182130.jpg)

I'm glad grocery took the opportunity to act like a little victim in all of this. He's so alpha dom making his sub do all the fighting for him.

No. 488688

Did anyone questioning it on twitter actually say it was cheating? Or are they just strawmanning? Obviously liking a tweet or watching porn isn't cheating (especially when the couple is open about it like June and Groceries are - otherwise it can be quite another story).
Laci's a cuck herself to whoever she's pandering to at the moment. She is a doormat too.

June's the one who blew this up into something WAY bigger than it was or needed to be. There is no reason for her to have a whole posse defending her over this shit, especially if she's ~so secure~ uwu
Yet she bans someone for calling her a cool girl. So secure.

No. 488690

Total strawman. Greg liked a titty pic and one dude tweeted at shoe like "uhhh did u see this" then she freaked out

idk what happened in the replies

No. 488694

Greg liked tit pic. Some guy decided to sort of snitch and post a cap telling June if she’s ok with it.

Then shit grew out of proportion into a pity party for poor Groceries because he can’t spank it to some random attention whore on twitter.

No. 488702

Sure glad that the rational, Skeptic™ community isn't blowing this out of proportion or strawmanning or anything.

No. 488711

she obviously just reads this thread

No. 488718

This. The entire sperg felt directly at us, she just used that one person as a reason to start it.

No. 488719

She said on her ask.fm account that she hasn't touched an image board since 2011, but 99% sure that's a lie.

No. 488721

>Implying it's even necessary to view porn to get off

>Implying June wouldn't be able to provide him with nudes/videos that he could use if he wanted

Except he doesn't, because he's more interested in the thousands of other internet sluts he has at his fingertips, including ones he can openly chat up because June allows it like a good little cuckquean.

No. 488723

Haha what a liar. She whored threads about herself on 8chan and /pol/ constantly when she started her channel.

No. 488736

omg shit's getting too ironic. it's even obvious to their fans lol she retweeted this pic later and replied her in approving manner
>AM I SUPPOSED TO CARE? these people make me feel like im supposed

lolz she's even not sure about it herself. like she thought she was doing something that was totally normal and cool among edgy anti-feminist young people or just edgy young people. [but then again.. aren't we all? that's a rhetorical question. sometimes reading threads like this one makes me think we like to watch it and laugh at that because it reminds us of our own weaknesses and we just don't admit it]then she got some mixed feedback and she's doubtful about it now which proves she got into this because of peer pressure and wanting to be super cool and appealing to everyone she deems cool. pretty sure all her ''opinions'' are based on that too. she's so weak-minded. i like how she turns out to be everything i thought she was since the moment i saw her video for a first time.

No. 488740

oh god, i hope she pulls a mystery. hopefully she'll be at her breaking point soon with grocery playing her like this.

No. 488751

I can totally see this happening. I think the fact that there is threads about her on here bugs the shit out of her especially since she loves calling others lolcows and can't see the irony behind it.

Plus we make fun of grocery so much and she actively responds to any criticism towards him.

No. 488757

If you look up her real name (June La Porta) on Google, one of her threads is on the first page. Doubt that she doesn't lurk here.

No. 488761

most of it is him like pornz and june pretending to be okay with it despite her making memes about being protective of greg

then the fact he's actively being romantic and platonic with cam whores he likes, cam whoes being romantic with him, he seems more in love with them then he is with june, and june tries to insert herself but cutepup girl pays no mind her her

its the billie thing all over again

No. 488767

I wonder if grocery does with her because I don't know if he could handle a bunch of girls making fun of how fat and ugly he is.

He'd never post on here because the last thing he'd ever do is whiteknight june.

No. 488772

File: 1517444610311.jpg (391.22 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_20180131-162227.jpg)

Ahhh, looks like cutepup has finally liked June's tweets

No. 488776

lol this chick is an obvious manipulator that’s trying to wreck Greg and Shoe’s “relationship” just for the extra attention she’s getting.

This is gonna be fun as hell to watch backfire.

No. 488778

-three hours ago, June's dms to cutepup-
"hi cutie, did you happen to see my tweets? can you pls like them so the sjws know everything is COOL and this shit is totally normal??? ;_; we luv u :3"

No. 488779

Anon do you have a twitter account? I know a previous anon posted caps of grocery's likes, is he still liking on camgirls?

No. 488782

maybe she's not pretending to be ok with it per se, but it's something she just feels deep inside and her real feelings are burried while she's consciously being so desperate to appeal him and their fan base as a ''cool girl'' just like she does with her videos, statements on feminists and women and everything else. it makes her feel like she's much more ''worthy'' of love and attention she craves a lot [all of us need love and attention] than she would be otherwise. like if she wouldn't conform to it she'd be nothing valuable. and one can wonder themselves where the line between what you genuinely think and peer influence/socialization is. so she's not that much of a special case. plenty of girls do same shit. the difference she's broadcasting it in front of huge internet audience and it's getting a little unhealthy.
yeah laci just got a ''skeptic'' boyfriend and started hanging out with other couch ''skeptics'' and she suddenly changes all her views that don't align with his/theirs as if she never thought them through enough. she's so pathetic.

No. 488783

He hasn't liked any other camgirls pics. Has been liking a shit ton of wking that people have been doing for him though

No. 488786

File: 1517445343311.png (385.04 KB, 720x998, Screenshot_2018-01-31-19-32-20…)

None since titygate but I'm sure that'll change in a few weeks. Until then, marvel at this gem I found in his likes. ART.

No. 488788

File: 1517445416360.png (777.61 KB, 720x1023, Screenshot_2018-01-31-19-32-24…)

Art, people! It says "thicc & think 4life" under her.

No. 488789

File: 1517445465887.png (18.84 KB, 423x120, beforeskep.png)

No. 488791

I like how june's fans prefer to use his knight character over drawing/making him

Also their wedding is going to be such a cringe fest. I'm not ready.

No. 488792

Yay discord anon!

What a bitch, that guy she dated before grocery never talked so harshly on her if you looked at his askfm.

No. 488793

i'm afraid you still are miserable, my friend :(

No. 488794

?? The fuck. In her draw life vid she was perfectly happy with him and at least that one made the effort to fly out to her instead of forcing her to drive 8 friggin' hours to and fro like Greg has.

No. 488796

June lies about stuff all the time. "I've always been into dad bods, not skinny twink bodies uwu" yet she posted prior that she likes toned, fit guys. I doubt her first boyfriend was that bad, she just tries to make her relationship with Greg look like some fairytale when it's actually the furthest thing from one.

No. 488799

I highly doubt the first black guy was her first bf. Keep in mind this is the same person who still tries to imply she lost her virginity to Greg.

No. 488804

Based on her livejournal she was a virgin at 19 so I believe she's being honest when she said she lost it in her 20s.

But, I wouldn't be surprised if she is lying about grocery being her first just to be like "yes uwu my dom daddy alpha took my innocences soo kinnky!"

No. 488805

File: 1517446800030.png (143.18 KB, 301x368, KFC.png)


When did she imply that? Skeptic definitely isn't her first.

No. 488809

God this is disgusting. I'm not as against porn in general as some anons here (though them both being so public about porn is cringy and gross), but liking girls personal accounts, and above all flirty interaction like this? That's a whole nother level. I don't understand how anyone could tolerate this. What a huge red flag.

No. 488810

She always says she was asexual and had no interest in sex before Greg.

No. 488817

I would like to think she at least did some sexual things with GMasterRed. I don't know most ldr couples who haven't done at least some sexual things with their SO when they first meet

No. 488819

That really puts her in quite the quandary. If she had no interest in sex, either she was coerced/pressured into it (ironic given that she shit talks this whole issue), or she's claiming Greg is her first. If she admitted he wasn't, but it wasn't coercion, her claim about being pre-greg asexual with no interest in sex would be destroyed, too.

No. 488821

File: 1517447448523.jpg (Spoiler Image, 313.55 KB, 1533x541, 1471897652034.jpg)

uh, of course she did lol

No. 488823

This is definitely the handiwork of someone with no interest in sex!! Totally, June.

No. 488825

I don't remember there being a black dick in that leak lol but, that reminds me, I remember finding this weird tumblr that would photoshop her with black men and shit

No. 488831

Has she ever came about about her nudes to deny that it's her? I know she said the sword one wasn't her because the girl was "too chubby", but it seems like the other nudes would be more…incriminating.

No. 488838

She never denied the one with obvious fake tits. Probably cause that person looked really skinny compared to that "totally fat" sword girl

No. 488845

She states it in an ambiguous way at times but stuff she's stated makes it pretty clear she lost her virginity to GMasterRed (at least in her official story). She's never said it was Greg anyway. She claims she was a "vanilla normie" until Greg unlocked her inner sub though lol

No. 488848

File: 1517448229844.jpg (413.48 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1065.JPG)

No. 488850

omg fucking can't stop laughing thank you

No. 488851

saying youi're not interested in sex before your current bf would suggest that she was a virgin before him. she also says "i lost it in my mid 20s". wasn't she with him at like 20-21?

No. 488852

ahfbfdahahahhahh someone send this to her

No. 488861

I think she was a little older than that with him? Either that or she counts all 20s as mid 20s lol. I think her stated age is "23" which is before Greg. In any case she's never once directly said she lost it to Greg. I'm sure if she actually did or could conceivably pretend so without getting caught, she'd shout it from the rooftops. She compensates for it by going on about how awful her old relationship was and she shouldn't have got with him, and she always values the "low partner count" thing rather than "be a virgin" like a lot of people on her political side.

No. 488865

She started dating GMasterRed in 2012. She got with Greg mid-2015. Her first Shoe0nHead video was uploaded in mid-2014. Assuming she broke up with GMasterRed in either 2013 or early 2014 at the latest, she'd have been 21-22.

No. 488866

File: 1517449139557.png (25.13 KB, 486x264, myspace boyfriend.png)

She says "22" here. Also admits to having one other "boyfriend"

No. 488869

She dated him in 2012. She waited 2 years to kiss gmaster? Lol, OK.

No. 488874

File: 1517449620694.png (232.95 KB, 1080x1213, 20180131_174523.png)

I was going by the boxxy wiki

No. 488876

Also in this >>487944 note the qualifier
>"first time ever in a sexual relationship I'm super comfortable and confident with"
Implying she's been in one she "wasn't comfortable" with.

I'm sure she's fudging the age to look better for her fans.

No. 488877

It's amazing how women who snatch substandard dick always live in this perpetual buyer's remorse mindset. They actually sound like they're trying to convince themselves that their partner is great while not actually believing that. June is acting extra pressed lately because so many women straight up laugh at how low-grade her male is.

No. 488887

That's probably right, as her autistic fanbase on unchanged is pretty reliable and obviously more truthful than she is. I'm saying that her timeline sounds like a lie. I doubt highly she waited until 22 to kiss someone. In a video I just watched w her and gmaster, she says the first time they kissed was at the airport. He was holding flowers, etc. Was most likely the first time they met. How long was she with him for?

No. 488892

File: 1517451154052.jpg (565.14 KB, 1076x1418, Screenshot_20180131-181135.jpg)

At least until late 2013

No. 488897

june looks like a 35 year old woman that is a mother of four who use coupons when she buys food.

No. 488899

File: 1517451495921.jpg (768.83 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_20180131-181640.jpg)

And he was continuing to like her pictures on her juneskii IG account up until early 2014

No. 488901

File: 1517451554041.jpg (32.89 KB, 800x361, IMG_20180131_211817.jpg)

She was still talking about him in 2015

No. 488904

File: 1517451763390.jpg (69.91 KB, 800x390, _20180131_212104.JPG)

Plus this. Sounds like she and skeptic were messing around pretty fast after they broke up.

No. 488905

Wasn't she dating skeptic at that point?

No. 488907

I think her and grocery started dating around spring/summer 2015

No. 488909

When her and Grocery were messing around, was he still technically married but separated from his wife? I know that his wife has been discussed in previous threads, but I thought they were already divorced when June and him started dating

No. 488915

If it is true I bet he played it off like "we are in a middle of a divorce" shit

No. 488926

lmao what a liar
on her livejournal >>488031
she clearly said 15
and now magically she was a pure virgin turned kinky nympho when she met skeptic?
she's clearly lying, and all things considered it was the whole "I am pure virgin until 22' shit

No. 488928

Well, no… she says at 15 she had a kiss, but it wasn't "a real kiss" whatever that means.

No. 488930

it means she was hoeing and only wants to be honest about some of it
a kiss is a kiss

No. 488932

he'd stand up for camwhores before standing up for june honestly, I don't know how june isn't embarrassed

No. 488934


I like how she was with GMR for three years yet their relationship was "so terrible and I was miserable ;-;". I know that we can't possibly know every aspect of their relationship, but after watching the video of June and GMR together, he gives off a lot less creepy, predatory vibe than Grocery.

No. 488953

He probably wanted her to do something with her life besides being a lazy leeching attention whore, how awful.

No. 488956

File: 1517456000281.png (885.75 KB, 972x678, hmmm.png)

oh the irony
so does he respect all other women except for june or is june not a woman in his head or something?
he clearly doesn't respect for and respects rando women he hasn't even for as long as he known june, the woman he's supposed to be engaged to but o wait its for citizenship even though none of them put effort into living with each other outside of engagement

No. 488957

Lol shoe suddenly retweeting a lot of people wearing her merch like she's trying to make every one forget her sperg today.

No. 488962

>”Yo June. You deserve to be treated with a bit of respect from groceries.”


No. 488963

File: 1517456588443.png (43.42 KB, 1173x246, Respect.png)

Skeptic doesn't know the first thing about respect, even his followers are scolding him.

No. 488964

June treats her fans like crap. On the surface she appears to like them, but whenever they voice their concerns about something she basically insults them.

No. 488967

But then again there's not that much of a difference between online and ''in his mind''. First one is more humiliating but the second one is sneaky and dishonest. This is hypocrite's logic. Both options are crappy.

No. 488968

skeptics milky but I wonder how june feels about skepdick going for a cuter, younger, tighter, ginger, not to mention she seems actually mentally stable and appears to be naturally cuter than june body and face wise unlike june who had to get implants

plus this girls hair you can actually pull without the wig coming off, she lives in canada, she's a camwhore so she most likely will be great in bed and both skeptic and her will enjoy, unlike june who just pretends to be into bdsm to impress skep but secretly wishes it was over the entire time

Don't know whats funnier, knowing the fact june made her bed by pretending to be a kinky submissive cool girl cuck queen worshipping one of the shittest guys around and pretending like he never does wrong and now she's laying in it, or the fact she's trying to stay calm and pretend like it's nothing to be mad about when she's most likely going to go home and pull her hair out some more, buy ugly clothes and makeup on yesstyle, make validation posts on chans just to get assblasted by every other neckbeard that doesnt want sloppy seconds, and repeat to herself "i-it's okay, h-he's a god right? he deserves a lot of women, I promise, I'm not a cuck, that isn't cheating I dont think it is, h-he's a god and totally doesn't treat her better than he treats me"

No. 488969

Umpf. This is what I love seeing from "skeptic" fans.

About time they questioned this dirty turd.

No. 488973

New chick doesn’t exactly strike me as mentally stable, but she basically has an advantage over June.

I’m sure Skeptic and her are pretty much DM’ing each other as we speak. He seemed to like all of her nudes and they talk like they’ve known each other for years.

No. 488978

There is a difference, how is it sneaky and dishonest to keep it to yourself? It's natural and normal to see someone of the opposite gender and think they're hot. I think we've all established this. What's not normal is making it public knowledge, literally liking porn in your public twitter feed and causing everyone to be embarrassed for your girlfriend.

No. 488979

Shit do y'all think groceries and the cam girl see each other irl when June is gone lmao

No. 488985

Don't reach too much anon. We don't even know if she's Canadian or anything

No. 488993

Damn let me live lol some other anon said she was Canadian so I'm just speculating

No. 488999

>I think we've all established this.

You can only speak for yourself, dude or gal. It's an anonymous site. It's not like all people writing here have the same mind.
I think it is hypocritical that when everybody knows it then it's disrespectful to her and when the same thing is done privately it suddenly becomes so right and natural, i.e. literally the opposite. I will never get it cause basically it's the same thing being done. And if boyfriends do that by default then they're disrespectful to their gfs by default, just ''privately'' disrespectful and they're being disrespectful ''in their minds''. If the issue is if she knows he's doing that or not then it is sneaky and dishonest. If it's natural and normal then it's implied he does that so she knows about that anyway.

No. 489003

pls don't, these threads really don't need to turn into anisa 2.22

No. 489007

A lot of the theories turned out right tho. Just sayin'. sage

No. 489011

File: 1517458697220.png (44.92 KB, 1128x162, maplesyrup.png)

No. 489014

Skeptics maple syrup?

No. 489016

File: 1517458990855.jpg (138.39 KB, 720x1137, 20180131_201558.jpg)

She's probably from the US according to her chaturbate profile linked on her twitter. Come on this isn't exactly detective work…

No. 489018

File: 1517459059743.png (35.89 KB, 1128x162, CanadaDay.png)


Why does she make so many posts about Canada?

No. 489020

Sucking grocery's e-dick?

No. 489024

File: 1517459245043.jpg (65.59 KB, 750x863, 1506279364707.jpg)

So respectful

No. 489032


>mentally stable

>into fat mgtow NEET manosphere

Pick one.

No. 489034

File: 1517459845839.png (576.53 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180131_223142_01.png)

Don't know if this has been posted yet but my god if my bf said this kinda shit about me I'd kick his ass and kick him to the curb. What a fucko. And June is such a pathetic cuckqueen it makes me wanna die from secondhand embarrassment

No. 489035

well more mentally stable than june to say the least

No. 489037

That apparently means you're a normieass vanilla anon. Don't in force your healthy relationship standards on them!

No. 489039

Yea don't be a vanilla fucking normie. The more depraved and degenerate, the better

No. 489042

And June wants to bring a CHILD into this unhealthy dynamic??

I can imagine the kind of disorders that child will develop in an environment with Shoe and Groceries as their parents..

No. 489045


"alright sweetie, now get down on the floor and play the footstool game, just like mommy showed you!"

No. 489047

>>489037 >>489039

fuck, i think shoe is right… I'm a goddamn vanilla normie for not letting my bf humiliate me on the internet.

>>489042 are you saying that a 24/7 bdsm relationship wouldn't be a great influence on a child?? that's exactly what a normie would say.

No. 489049

I'm not saying parents aren't allowed to be kinky but for fuck sake keep that shit to yourself, kids mimic what they see, if it's a girl they might end up in an abusive relationship and think its okay and kinky if its a guy he might end up being abusive themselves

not to mention bringing a bunch of young women into the house for them to mess around with and how skeptic is giving off extreme pedophile vibes and the fact that he doesn't seem to respect others who care about him put together just….

june can't cook, can't clean, skeptic is most likely going to expect that from her as well, june is going to be jealous of attention given to children, I just hope june is/becomes infertile, from her weight gain and telling from her voice she most likely has a lot of testosterone and low estrogen

No. 489051


my fucking sides.

"No honey, those leashes aren't for a new puppy, they're for mommy" (kill me)

No. 489052

"Alright sweetie, you're already 8 now, I think it's time for your first leash!"

No. 489053


For real, the whole "Shoe would birth me cute daughters" thing was gave off major red flags.

No. 489054

“Daddy needs dinner honey. Make sure you hand feed him! He’s busy pwning SJW’s!”

No. 489056

File: 1517462032934.jpg (67.83 KB, 720x514, 1436127376569.jpg)

I get this disturbing mental image of a baby finding and chewing on one of her "daddy's girl" collars

No. 489058

>When you try too hard to sound like an “Alpha” you come off as an incestuous pedophile.

No. 489061

I'm convinced Skepdick asked her to like June's tweets or something to that effect occurred lmao
Wholly agreed anon.
Wherever an individual can have self control, especially in a relationship, they are expected to do so and are responsible for their behavior.
Fucking ew

No. 489063

wait what? when did he say this?

No. 489064

>Wherever an individual can have self control, especially in a relationship, they are expected to do so and are responsible for their behavior.

You would try and police someones thoughts? It's never going to happen. Most people will always find others attractive, even when in a relationship. That doesn't mean they have to get off to them, obviously.

No. 489065

Read the thread>>487603

No. 489066

no one said that. what the hell are you on about, anon just said she expects self control. plus there's a huge difference between noting that someone is attractive and getting the notion you'd like to fuck them. sometimes i see guys and think sure, they're pretty cute, but i don't think 'oh man i wonder what sex with him is like' cause that's fucking shitty.

No. 489067

that was fucking disturbing, hope someone keeps an eye on them, or better yet make skeptic infertile as if his PCOS body wasn't a big enough sign of infertility

No. 489070


normally, I don't think he'd get close enough to a woman to breed, but June is a rare, pathetic exception

No. 489074

Well yeah, but that's what I was saying in this post >>488978

Because I guess I didn't interpret the tweet in >>488963 to be specifically referring to porn, but rather him just "liking" pictures of cute girls. I don't think it's dishonest to simply think others are attractive but it is dishonest to openly express a desire to fuck them or whatever. lol nevermind.

No. 489083

>but it is dishonest to openly express a desire to fuck them
I agree with you anon. Especially on a place like twitter.

No. 489084

and well, who says he needs to be so public about who he wants to fuck? he can be honest with her without embarrassing her online. he doesn't have to like those photos on his public social media account. he can like them and be honest with her, on a private account for only her and a few friends.

No. 489103

File: 1517466984538.jpg (45.21 KB, 800x428, IMG_20180201_013406.jpg)

Sher certainly liked the attention she got from this lol good for her.

No. 489150

>You would try and police someones thoughts?
Pretty much spelled it out when I said behavior and even self control (you can control your thoughts to some extent obviously but not perfectly normal "oh that person is attractive" passing thoughts). Maybe reread it more carefully. This has nothing to do with thought policing and that topic will just cause derail.

This chick is so gross sounding. She's gotta tweet about it too to get even more attention.

No. 489208

what a thot

No. 489214

I agree, she looked a lot cuter back then.

No. 489224

This girl looks old tbh. Much older than 21

No. 489238

She's going through all this shame for someone who is broke and obese. I don't even like June but she can do better than this kek. I can understand if he was rich but come on juneee.

No. 489239

File: 1517496252696.jpg (23.44 KB, 450x600, full.jpg)

You ladies like the look of young Groceries?

No. 489240

File: 1517496316826.jpg (273.37 KB, 1391x551, wew.jpg)

This dumb picture, her crazy text coupled with what has been happening recently is making me laugh and cringe at the same time

No. 489245

File: 1517496767888.jpg (68.27 KB, 543x957, Capture.JPG)

june the handmaiden getting I G N O R E D by the side bitch kek!

No. 489257

his eyebrows look like tires

No. 489261

>idk what a peasant girl like me did to garner the attention of a god
>he's been through so much
He's a divorced man in his 30s who makes way less than you, doesn't have a full time job and can't be bothered to drive 8 hours a week to see you when he spends the rest of his time at home making videos that have at most a week length of editing but, only updates his channel barely once a month and doesn't do anything for his patrons holy hell.

I think june deluded herself into believing she would've made money without him because he's in charge of their merch which is probably where the get a huge chunk of their profits as sad as that is.

No. 489262

funny how skeptic is just leeching off of her under the guise of "managing alpha daddy"

maybe that's one of the reasons to marry her too. joint finances.

No. 489265

How much must she hate herself.. I don't even feel bad for her though

No. 489267

those stretch marks right over his armpit.. tragic. i just don't understand what the fuck she finds attractive with him. she must have got some big time daddy issues or something.

No. 489268

Holy shit, he looks awful without any facial hair. I mean with, not much better, but still. Beards are just contour for men.

No. 489274

His facial hair makes him look like a retarded neckbeard too, so I guess there's no winning for him, lmao.

No. 489275

Skeptic and June remind me of my last relationship..
These types of guys know how to scope out girls like June.

Probably started out by feeding into her little insecurities and slowly she became dependent on him because of it. He’s the one person in her life that probably doesn’t make her feel like a failure.

Codependence is a hellavu drug, and after experiencing something like this it almost makes me feel bad for June. Almost.

No. 489280

Imagine June at 40, insecure as she already is, with her looks starting to go downhill. I know it's a meme that "lol, women are useless after 30", but I feel like she's gonna gain a ton of weight later in life. And then she'll have her husband, Groceries, in a mobility scooter because he's so obese at this point, and they're still into "BDSM uwu" stuff.

No. 489294

Has anyone noticed June and Greg haven't been on their Twitter accounts doing anything at all? I know June's said before that she doesn't sleep at night or something, so it's weird to see neither have posted/retweeted/liked anything

No. 489313

Yeah and usually she retweets everything he post and I noticed she has nothing to put for >>488686 despite sperging about it all day

I bet over skype he yelled at her and now she can't talk about the cutepup thing anymore. Maybe thats why she deleted her tweet lol

No. 489329

File: 1517502358731.png (55.1 KB, 227x271, this is your queen pol.png)

>at 40
>starting to go downhill

Anon, you NEED to go to specsavers.

No. 489382

LMAO ew he looks like a long faced Paul scheer. I think June is just retarded. I don't think she's even that insecure. I think she's just so enamored and dickmatized by literally any cock wielding asshole that this is what she does to them: defies them like the dumbshit she is

No. 489384

She's secretly sulking. We all know it. Bitch has no life to speak of and groceries isnt there, so she's just avoiding bc shame

No. 489394

It’s the kinda guy you swipe right on hoping maybe there’s more to him but then never actually message.

No. 489400

I feel this inexplicable contempt towards him, someone who is this horribly unattractive and acts like he's hot shit is just incredibly despicable to me. Men often have unwarranted arrogance, but this guy takes it to a new level. Anyone else feel the same?

No. 489401

I don't find June particularly attractive myself, but I think she's leagues above this fat divorcee looks-wise. Plus she should be with someone who actually gives a shit about her and isn't constantly jerking it to camgirls on Twitter when she's both there and not there.

No. 489411

It’s Skeptics personality that makes him fucking ugly to me.
Looks wise, he’s average. Not ugly looking or anything, but personality is everything.

June could do much better than someone that isn’t willing to see her at least more than once a month. It’s not like he has a job that’s keeping him from doing that for her.

No. 489416


Oh man I usually don't get legitimately rustled by cows but I know how you feel, anon. He gives off these creepy predatory vibes that would creep most normal women out, makes less money than June while trying to look super alpha and dom, and looks like a greasy orc but still has this punchably smug expression on his face 24/7.

No. 489423

Its probably also the fact you just know grocery has a lot of secret milk from his 20s/marriage days that are even more embarrassing then just his man baby star wars toy collection spending. I find him to be a bigger cow than June but, June is more popular and bad knowing when to shut the fuck up in comparison.

I just hope someone will leak something that shits on his reputation and ego

No. 489432

>someone who is this horribly unattractive and acts like he's hot shit is just incredibly despicable to me

Really? It's not the fact that he's a do-nothing loser whose 15 minutes of anti-religion fame expired years ago but he still acts like hot shit for that?
This asshole thinks he's an intellectual for being a 2edgy professional arguer on Youtube.
Take away that ego and he's got nothing.

No. 489433

To be fair anon you're using a photo of her when she was fresh out of high school and teenagers back then didn't look like teenagers now with all the insane filter and contouring. June could look better without the dated winged liner and a different hairstyle (inb4 a million wig jokes, yeah we get it she wears wigs, but I'm making a point). Sage, but I don't expect teens or people just leaving high school to have Lagerfeld on speed dial.

>file name

/pol/ hasn't stanned for her ever since they found out that her ex is black. They've hated her for years. E-celebs in general are scorned over there by the majority. Whenever threads get posted about them its either a blatant self post or some Anzufag obsessed with internet personalities.

No. 489481

File: 1517511970264.png (74.13 KB, 436x524, shoe_by_karisean-da0umw9.png)

I found this drawing of her on Deviantart while doing a Google image search of her for shits n giggles. Apparently this was by someone who really likes her but…. lol

No. 489485

it looks too much like catie. needs more downs and close together eyes. catie has bigger eyes than june and they arent close together like junes beady close set peepers are.

No. 489489

Do you know what a caricature is anon?

>a picture, description, or imitation of a person or thing in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.

>make or give a comically or grotesquely exaggerated representation of (someone or something).

This isn't milk. Its supposed to look ridiculous.

No. 489491

File: 1517512342139.jpg (24.89 KB, 367x331, 69469364639.jpg)

>No fun allowed
Yeah I was expecting a salty reply like this, happens every june thread. Point was you have to have looks before you lose them, wasnt nothing to do with contouring etc or having a fashion designer friend ffs. This is a woman who gives other women shit for not perfected sex dolls but looking at her she has no right to be going after other womens looks.

2 is that the file name is supposed to be a joke, but nowadays actually she has a mixed response over there. She still has some fans but not as many.

>E-celebs in general are scorned over there

Given the frequent kraut and tea/skeptics threads which are popuar on the board thats not true. But I didnt mean for this to get so serious so saged.

No. 489494

Kek yeah I see what you mean even so the artist is being pretty generous.

No. 489510

OK so I know this was ta1ked about yesterday and i am tardy to the party but:

this doesn't add up

Wigonhead insists she's bi, tota11y down with threesomes, omg we have such a great sex 1ife etc
but a1so hinted she possessive of greg and goes apeshit at any woman who would give him attention.
So 1ike she 1ying right? About being coo1 with a po1y re1ationship? To 1ook 1ike the coo1 gir1 and seem to be down with him treating her 1ike shit because she wants to be seen as edgy and coo1. I actua11y think if greg did introduce another gir1 into their "re1ationship" who was more attractive (and 1ets be honest that's not exact1y a cha11enge) wig wi11 either become even more passive aggressive or b1ow a gasket.

A1so sorry for the annoying "1"s keyboard is buggered.

Saged for tinfoi1

No. 489520

but it just doesn't look like her, to be fair

No. 489523

o boi june
I almost felt bad for her and all thats going on even if she did dig her own hole, but then I remember all this
guess thats what happens when you cater to the first rando that gives you attention and pretend he's some dollar store romance novel god and now you need to do anything and everything for him, like common june he's a fat disgusting greasy unemployed neet who doesn't even put time and effort for you most of the time and would put more effort into cam whores than he does for you, plus you make more than him so "manager" my ass, stop playing pretend it's beyond pathetic

she reached a whole new level of stupidity, even most 12 yr olds have more class, intelligence and keep to themselves than she does

No. 489526

she's definitely lying. she's so cock crazy that she could never be in a relationship w a woman. she'd be too threatened by her (for good reason tbh). it's all to please her oily asshole of a boyfriend, and her skidmark fans.

No. 489530

is it possible to be more triggered than this? june can't act for shiiiit

No. 489549

the whole bisexual thing is an obvious lie. She said upfront she cant see herself being romantic with a woman but was ok with threesomes. Probably to impress Groceries.

All of this shit is for attention, I dont know if she’s ever said a genuine thing in her life aside from her name.

No. 489555

>it's all to please her oily asshole of a boyfriend, and her skidmark fans.

YES! A1so i remember a tweet in one of the other threads about how she c1aimed to be bi so sjw's can't have a go at her.

>She said upfront she cant see herself being romantic with a woman but was ok with threesomes.

Yeah I know gir1s who say this. However in her case given whats been exposed here I wonder if she ever wou1d-i mean i imagine if it happened they wou1d break up after because she wou1d get jea1ous.

No. 489556

I love how June didnt tell her fans to leave MadManDan64 alone on her twitter. He literally deleted his account because he was scared June and Greg would make a video mocking him.

But as soon as shit hits the fan for June she complains that people keep sending their fans to her and not telling them to chill out.

No. 489558


Idk if y'all saw, but the first comment on June's insta post about her uwu god-like daddy dom who has been thru so much is "in all honesty, he looks like a troll lmao"

My fucking sides.

No. 489564

Nobody is saying that its a no fun allowed zone? It gets annoying when the same person is constantly shitting up not only this thread but the altcows thread and moos all with the same redundant comments and its in the rules to not engage in being overly nitpicky about a cow's appearance because it isn't milk.

Did you expect her to? Someone came at her precious disney relationship. People dared to think for themselves, judge her accordingly, and June isn't capable of handling this. This is the same person who rages when her opposition blocks her on platforms or decline to debate with her yet someone has an opinion about her behavior and all hell breaks loose. The bitch is well versed in mob mentality and she has no problem with using it.

No. 489566

That's really rough. His tweet wasn't even harsh or mean, he just asked a question out of concern and she went out of her way to blow it up. No one woukd have noriced or cared if she didn't retweet it.

No. 489568

Yeah this bitch is literally someone that peaked during high shool and can’t seem to get out of that mindset. Tragic.
No wonder her parents posted nothing about her and fat ass skeptic.

He was a fan of them iirc, and only did it out of kindness/concern for June. Was it a bit nosy? Sure. He didn’t really have to post it, but it’s not like he was calling Skeptic an asshole he was just making an observation.
They, and the rest of that weirdo skeptic whiteknight clique acted so hostile towards him it’s honestly disgusting.

I really hope something comes crashing down on their egos pretty soon because they’re becoming insufferable.

No. 489569

You shou1d take your own advice anon, and 1ighten up, its 1o1cow, not par1iment.


No. 489576

File: 1517515783035.jpeg (175.25 KB, 767x1024, DU-XStYWAAAB5hm.jpeg)

She said she relates to this try hard "im such a 4chinnnnerrr" shit

June your not a teenager anymore

No. 489579

>why can i keep doing stuff that derails threads?!!?!? - the post

Nah, sod off.

You're right, it wasn't. He was just asking a question. I do hope that more of her fanbase is asking themselves why June is even worth following.

No. 489586

File: 1517516187664.png (48.38 KB, 900x434, i guess you cant read.png)

Are you?

No. 489591

hey newfag just report and let people get banned then.

No. 489607

Yeah i just realised i fell for this white knights trick and i dont want to eat a ban, its annoying this happens in every june thread she probably posts here herself kek.

No. 489608

File: 1517516976677.jpg (Spoiler Image, 368.27 KB, 600x1716, I DONT CARE IF HE FUCKS OTHER …)

Spoilered because of drawfaggotry

No. 489611

Top kek this is fantastic anon keep up the good work!

No. 489621

File: 1517517275648.jpg (38.74 KB, 800x313, _20180201_152335.JPG)

Err so she responded to this guy then deleted her response quickly for some reason?
This is hilarious.

No. 489630

I'm not the one sperging out over 1 minor post, mini-modding the thread and then ironica11y dera1ing it. You sod off.

P1s draw more this one made me gigg1e its great!(derailing)

No. 489634

>Its super kinky
>Where is her dick?
>Thats not very bdsm of you June

Fucking hell my sides this is art anon TY someone needs to tweet this at her!

No. 489637

LMAO this is soooo good, anon. Spot on. Just perfect. Modern art!!! I just wish she could see these

No. 489645

Can this please be the image for the next thread

No. 489660

unpopular opinion: it looks like shit and it's not very funny. it would be great if we could go back to having actual pictures of them as the op instead of bad art.

No. 489664

This is genius! Was it drawn by the same person? More of these, please!

No. 489684

I like one of her recent tweets. She starts to realize a lot, I guess. I think she does read this thread. Hello, June!

No. 489693

Whatd it say? Post?

No. 489708

No. 489713

File: 1517520911643.jpg (67.01 KB, 541x771, Capture.JPG)

Why is she suddenly pretending she is against people like pic related, when she constantly pandered to this type of person and built her whole internet presence out of 4chan /pol/ memes.

No. 489736

Because that is what all of the tradthots have been doing as of late with the exception of Faith Goldy and maybe a few others. The whole thing was fucking stupid from the get-go; These women were never trad. They pandered to an audience considered to be niche in America/Canada even though much of audience isn't tradmen themselves. They're bored, angry dudes who sit online for most of the day complaining. None of them work in agriculture, rearing livestock, I've yet to see any videos from June or Lauren on their favorite slow cooker bone broth recipe or how to soften acrylic yarn or their religion.

They're just liars and so are dudes who believe them.

No. 489749

File: 1517522680861.jpg (107.07 KB, 909x586, Capture.JPG)


June tried the cooking trad wife uwu thing but..uh…

No. 489751

File: 1517522752060.jpg (118.49 KB, 910x581, Capture.JPG)

No. 489755

this looks so bland and flakey, are they on some weird diets or something? the chicken doesn't even look like it was cooked all the way

No. 489760

Already saw these in the past threads.

And it still isn't cute to try and front this ~teehee quirkay housewife who cant cook but tries so her intentions r pure uwu~ angle she is attempting to push. There is nothing cute about not being able to take care of yourself and I don't understand why there are so many memes nowadays about


No. 489781


lmao anon, your comment reminded me of this video

shoe was probably one of those ~i can't boil water~ types until she decided to go trad waifu uwu for septic

No. 489801

I don't really believe that she can ~eat anything and not gain a single pound uwu~ so she probably eats like this so groceries won't dump her for gaining weight. Fatdick is a lardass who would probably eat anything he didn't have to make/get himself.

No. 489805

There are no herbs, no spices, not even fucking salt and pepper, on those asparagus. That is hideous.

the meat looks straight up raw, and that sauce looks disgusting.

>This actually looks great. I don't know why I'm surprised. > - >

Literally looks like uncooked chicken in congealed fat with bland asparagus.

She really cannot cook for shit. This is embarrassing.

No. 489814

one thing i'm envious about her is her nose it's small and ski sloped and generally an ideal feminine nose shape. its a very good nose but doesn't look right on her face because of the whoville aesthetic. nose-job?

No. 489830

Eh, there are surgery nose job rumors which if they are true then money well spent

No. 489856

The best part is that there's no internet tradthots who are actually in decent traditional relationships with "ideal" alpha trad men. Quite literally all of them have only managed to snatch weirdos, NEETs and betas who do absolutely nothing in terms of providing and protecting. Women who actually live this sort of lifestyle with top quality men don't have the same schizo beliefs and never talk to nerds on the internet. Many are vaguely feminist normies, which probably triggers the shit out of June.

No. 489867

>Many are vaguely feminist normies

Some are and then there are ones who have blogs where they make it very clear that their religion guides them and their husband is the decision maker in their household. Some of them homeschool their children while others send them to private school.


Above is someone I follow and many in the tradwife/fiance community online want nothing to do with the alt-right and find themselves more or less fetishized by /pol/ types. Even tradcatfem made it clear that she doesn't give a shit about ethnicity in terms of who can and cannot "be trad". So, when is June going to talk about what her plans for educating her children are? Is she going to raise them in a religious home and if so is she going to be the type of Christian who meshes Pagan traditions into holiday celebrations without even researching anything?

This is all such a sad, stupid mess.

No. 489886

Very good insight anon. That might explain why obnoxious couples like June and grocery get under my skin is because their followers actually think this what a traditional healthy relationship looks like physically and mentally.

The physical bothers me the most tbh, maybe I'm bias but, obese men who call themselves alphas really piss me off and women like june who encourage it because "teehee he just has dadbod" and they want to look like they just feed their men well or whatever. I hate the term alpha but, if your going to use it at least be fit.

But that's why he and june enforce ironically normie standards for being alpha/maculine by only saying "you just need to be confident and funnyy!"

I'm going to check this blog out, thank you for sharing

No. 489904

lol is that the one that posts those "you're literally cucking yourself by watching porn"? i love those. it's true and hilarious. or is that tradcatfem?

nothing about her is feminine, really. nothing about him is alpha.

No. 490050

That’s chicken breast???? It looks lile literal square vomit.

My poor African American Black Negro soul can’t take this.

No. 490063

I believe that was tradcatfem because she is a bit more blunt with her posts, lmao.

And you're correct that there isn't anything inherently feminine about June or alpha about Greg. People seem to have this idea that femininity is confined to something which it isn't. June isn't seeking to actively maintain a household nor does she have any idea what it takes to be married, be it with children or just the two of them. She probably thinks that it'll be oh so hilarious to be a mother that talks to her kids in a way reminiscent of Sweet Dee because, y'know, the comedic affect gais. I'm entrenched in disbelief when it comes to these two. Is she just looking at now and not 30 or even just 5 years from now?

Top wew at running off to Ontario, too. If she hates sjws so much then she's going to be triggered as fuck if she's living in Toronto. Or is he from Ottowa? Or perhaps one of those small to mid sized towns peppered all over the province?

No problem, anon! I myself was surprised to have found so many blogs of this nature on tumblr, but they're pleasant for the most part.

No. 490083

File: 1517542620193.jpg (187.43 KB, 640x1136, 1421271085031.jpg)

These look like those ironic #WIFEMATERIAL memes of shitty to mediocre meals where the women cooking them thinks thier dishes are way better than they actually are.

Both of those look majorly unappetizing.
She legit BOILED the asparagus instead of roasting it, and that chicken looks like a slop of shit on a plate. Broccoli/spaghet looks dry and it appears that Greg wasn't none too excited for it either.

It's like watching a high schooler learning how to cook a grown up meal for the first time. Nice slop, June.

No. 490084


That #struggleplate life. These belong on @cookingforbae's instagram.

No. 490088

File: 1517542795891.png (469.1 KB, 604x860, xmas.png)

No. 490090

They got her cooking ware, a book of Greggy's favorite meals, a picture of her kissing Greg and a pair of Canadian socks. It's like saying "Cook for my son and lick his ass, whore".

No. 490093

lmao what shit presents. $5 socks, $30 corningware set, and family recipes. what's even worse is that they clearly expect her to be a homemaker/interested in cooking, and she isn't. at all. nor is she even remotely good at it.

No. 490094

wonder how badly she will fuck up those recipes

No. 490095

I have a feeling they like his ex-wife better.

No. 490098

>"Did I mention my fiance is Canadian?"

None of this stuff is remotely Canadian. But I guess she wants to be super excited about her cheap socks and Greg's mom recipes. >>490095

No. 490100

They're still friends with her on fb.

No. 490104

interesting, so it looks like greg's grandpa(?) was dough fluhrer, who has a park named after him in kingston bc he was a mover and shaker in kingston as the parks and recreation commissioner for kingston. greg was the "manager of program delivery" at the city of kingston, so it looks like he had, or has, a probably high paying public sector job, esp since his family apparently was p heavily involved in the city stuff.

maybe the family is better off than we expected? and maybe greg is better off than we expected?

No. 490105

I assuming it you’re a 30+ year old man without a full time job that’s able to do youtube for a living without a big fanbase, you were well off to begin with.

No. 490106

I knew he was a rich kid.

No. 490110

the family is, but without them greg would be on the streets
he probably never even filled out a job application in his life
how alpha, the only money he earned himself is some money from fedora tier videos, his girlfriend even makes more money than him in which she didn't get from her family

No. 490111

File: 1517544533654.png (116.77 KB, 227x215, fuck happened.PNG)

eh, not necessarily. plenty of people will live like shit just to be able to live their lameass youtube dreams

yes, and his father is the director of recreation, community services, etc at the city of belleville. they have money, i'll bet.

here's greg as a kid

No. 490114

nothing says, "we don't know anything about you," quite like a gift of socks.

you just know that june and greg are the one's who require a pretext at family events before you introduce them to someone.

"that's greg and his fiancee june. they're… youtubers that met online. and they have some sort of fetish relationship. they've had a long distance relationship but from what i hear they are engaged now. just smile and be nice."

No. 490117

has he always had more estrogen than june?

No. 490119

File: 1517544959364.png (331.15 KB, 387x323, moobs.PNG)

fatass rides horses like the rich kid he is, i guess. his dad is goodlooking for an older guy. he looks like nathan fillion. greg didn't get any of the hot genes though. his tits are enorm. check out the size of these suckers.

No. 490120

>maybe greg is better off than we expected?

he is a horse-boy, so he's obv from a wealthy background. given that, it's amazing he bought costume jewelry as an engagement ring though.

No. 490122

this pic is hilarious

No. 490124

I feel sorry for the horse…

No. 490125

His arms and legs are so damn twiggy for the rest of his body. I think this may be the first time I've seen a man cursed with an apple body shape.

No. 490130

yes, and why does his kitchen look so shitty? >>489749
this is clearly his kitchen (junes doesnt look like this). he's just white trash that comes from money, i guess. i've seen it happen before. respectable family with good taste, but the kid is just total white trash with no taste. who uses cheap cookware and keeps old, gross stoves like this when you have money? everything he buys looks like stuff that white trash buys to seem higher class (cheap costume jewelry tier engagement rings, cheap vests, cheap stainless steel hoop earrings and necklaces, suspenders WORN WITH BELTS, cigars, etc).

No. 490135

lmao, greg's sister is really goodlooking, like the instathot look. june must feel like shit. she really shouldnt be encouraging this incest shit. his sister is like a 9/10 with a nice body, plays guitar and performs, with a really, really pretty face. june looks like such shit in comparison, lmao.

No. 490142

his siblings all look like rednecks.

brother wearing camo and posting pics of his truck. sister with bad tats and her bra hanging out of her tanktop.


No. 490154

the dad and mom seem respectable though. they don't act trashy. it looks like the dad was a landscaper and got landscaping contracts, and had his own businesses. he owned nurseries and garden centers. has a degree in polisci and another in "physical plant services", it seems.

No. 490162

I'm beginning to think that Greg was the autistic brother born in a rich, respectable small town family.

No. 490165

i guess there were 2 recent weddings in greg's family. as in within the last year, recent. i don't see june in any pictures with the sister or sisters-in-law.

really weird. when i visit the family of an so, i make a special effort to spend time with the women. since it's basically the women who will decide how much you are included in future events.

you can even see greg's sister taking pictures with the girls before they married her brothers.

No. 490194

Probably because she hates females. I can guarantee she's threatened as hell by the sister.

No. 490199

Idk, I'd be pretty touched if someone specially made me a cookbook of their family recipes. They seem like nice presents.

No. 490202

Yeah same here.
I feel like some of the things posted on this board are really “reaching for straws” tier content.

No. 490217

Canadian Ontarian here.

Kingston has Queens University. That’s where all the rich privileged white kids go (that and Western Uni). Wonder if skeptic went there? Also since he lives in Kingston, he could be creeping on the hot college aged girls there lol

No. 490223

>getting into top uni
never in a million years

No. 490233

This thread is so fucking weird. This is not even milk anymore. When you have to start digging this hard or going back to when she was 19… come on. Really?

No. 490239

File: 1517550234273.png (1.19 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-02-00-42-02…)

No. 490240

Yeah this, they seem like nice presents tbh. I'm sure they don't know her very well but it doesn't scream "low effort" or shitty to me.

No. 490248

Most of it is Twitter posts and they are not that funny. I can just follow her on Twitter we don't need a fucking update every single time she says something. She's not that milky at all and more than half of this thread is basically fan fiction. Sorry but this thread is shit and I'm tired of seeing it bumped with nothing of interest. Why should we care about his parents or baby pictures of him?

No. 490253

he needs a bigger shirt

No. 490256

People who barge into threads to cry about "how annoying" certain threads are when they can simply hide the threads are way worse than her Twitter updates, jfc

No. 490257

Did June post this? She looks really cute here, besides the derp face.

No. 490265

I think june is amoung us again. Whiteknights and "derp" usage again.

No. 490275

Dat gut

No. 490279

Why does he always have to make a face like he's constipated

No. 490280

have you seen the shit june has been feeding him? I wonder if cutepup will be his chef mistress to since june can't do it

No. 490310

Ugh, Grocery looks like someone's dorky, obese brother with a 'tude that June was forced to pose with for a picture.
If I didn't know these two and the hand wasn't around the waist, I'd think June was with the dude behind them hahaha.

No. 490338

This is the most bs I've ever read in my life. I don't think I ever remember ANYONE telling me or any female ever to "beware of the evil men woooo". Why make this shit up? Society isn't demonizing men. Fucking MRAs. Ugh. They love talking shit about feminists "making up things to be oppressed about". I mean, isn't that the point of June's whole "wage gap myth" shtick? She's doing the same damn thing, but at least the wage gap is believable if you don't look far into it, not everyone is an economist. But people have enough experience in life to tell this is total bull shit. Literally the only people who believe this are her fat neckbeard fans who think the reason why they don't have a girlfriend isn't because they're gross and creepy and is because society demonizes men.

No. 490348

File: 1517565740896.jpg (78.61 KB, 587x576, 7SEurfLc.jpg)

they better be nice June, I'm sure you paid a great deal for them.

No. 490361

File: 1517567901313.png (39.37 KB, 582x234, unichanpost.png)

Probably BS, but June and Greg were in Colorado in 2016 for Halloween


No. 490375

File: 1517569645210.jpg (489.74 KB, 1080x1278, Screenshot_20180202-030626.jpg)

I wouldn't put it past them to have already had a threesome and kept the info super private, but not sure if they would go after that type of girl. Pic related is what she looked like around October 2016

No. 490376

Maybe if they attended some sort of weird Halloween party and got drunk? Someone should shoot her a message and ask.

No. 490399

That chick is too hot for me to believe it

No. 490402

You'd have to have pretty low standards to go after Groceries, but maybe she was under the influence of some sort?

No. 490414

These threads have the best drawanons. Thank u for this gift I love your sense of humour

No. 490436

File: 1517580846242.png (436.04 KB, 602x596, screenshot-twitter.com-2018-02…)

No. 490451


Holy fuck, the expression he pulls makes me seethe with rage.

No. 490454

So they are down with just having a threesome with a complete stranger? That's not kinky, that's gross, degenerate and not safe. I doubt they use condoms.

No. 490461

File: 1517582965612.jpg (351.01 KB, 1067x855, Screenshot_20180202-064830.jpg)

He can never stop making that face

No. 490469

File: 1517583447462.jpg (21.13 KB, 741x367, IMG_20180202_065519.jpg)

June already said before her and Groceries don't use condoms because she's on birth control, so dunno if they'd wear condoms with some random girl they have a threesome with.

No. 490484

shes so gross. with how men already are and how impulsive men are, and the way they already pressure women into not being safe, she says this to men. again, all for male benefit. she's fucking disgusting. the last thing these selfish losers need is a woman validating their selfishness and impulsive behavior.

No. 490492

File: 1517584651728.jpg (83.88 KB, 800x890, IMG_20180202_101249.jpg)

Yeah of course he doesn't use condoms. Probably complains he can't feel anything with it on like a typical porn obsessed degenerate. But they'd probably just say condoms are for normie vanillas.

No. 490500

>everyone in the world NEEDS to know that we dont practice safe sex and I get cummed in regularly by a humanoid orc

literally retarded

No. 490503

File: 1517585387745.jpg (79.02 KB, 749x835, IMG_20180202_072805.jpg)

Of course he has an anime girl butt mouse pad, kek. If you guys want to cringe and be disgusted, the account I'm getting this stuff from is lewd0nhead on Twitter. June made the account herself

No. 490509

Yup. And they claim in videos that their bdsm lifestyle just sometimes slips out teehee.

They actively love show off their sex lives because they know a majority of their audience are teenage boys and single men, the type who'd get excited from hearing personal unnecessary shit like that.

No. 490515

ew, the mousepad. his dick must be retracted at this point w that fupa. "look what a nypmo i am!!! but cute and feminine at the same time uwu, here are some 4chan references". god shes annoying

No. 490520

I bet he's secretly into hentai loli porn. All ddlg guys are

No. 490521

File: 1517586760830.jpg (154.48 KB, 805x1161, IMG_20180202_164958.jpg)

>lewd0nhead on Twitter. June made the account herself

So she made or posted this herself? Jesus…

No. 490528

File: 1517587176861.gif (1.41 MB, 320x240, 1449572220198.gif)

>want to watch porn while i blow you
Her cuck level is over 9000!!!

No. 490538

>feminism is cancer
>spit on me

>want to laugh at lolcows on the internet together?

Soooo…confirmed for lurking here?

No. 490544

probably yeah.
He always refers to the kittle outfits June wears as being “loli” so…

No. 490545

I remember that there was a callout tweet someome made about her actually running that account. Plus other anons here have said it's run by her as well

No. 490550

Lmfao, I think it was her shitting triggers in Blaire's thread. Same shit as always. "There is no milk!!" produces milk

No. 490559

No other type of girl would be into threesomes with bottom feeders tho.

No. 490582

Someone please ask her to tell more details.

No. 490594

>want to watch watch porn while i blow u?
>"i'm soooooooooooooooooooooo possessive"
pick one

and her sanctioning it, if she didn't make it, wow. just, wow. this is even more pathetic than watching porn with the stay puft marshmallow man, and that was already humiliating enough.

No. 490597

File: 1517590528047.png (1.39 MB, 947x703, 1498277463028.png)

No. 490598

File: 1517590553766.jpg (106.77 KB, 612x612, 1472567028794.jpg)

No. 490602

why are you posting these?

No. 490611

how do you post this sort of shit online knowing your mom and dad will be able to see it, my god

No. 490616

Do you know her? Do you have any dirt?

No. 490713

This was already posted in the older threads.

No. 490741

To be fair as long as you're both tested you're probably better off using birth control than condoms, since if the condom breaks or had some tiny hole in it or got put on wrong you're fucked. Sage for not really relating to june and groceries.

No. 490750

both of them probably never got tested in their life, it's not like gerg would get june preggo anyway he looks infertile as fuck, if he wore a wig, makeup, and shaved he can pass off as a woman with bad pcos

wouldn't even be surprised if there were a case of stds between them since they have threesomes with randos

No. 490766

File: 1517600567553.png (4.89 MB, 1125x2436, 1A46D5D8-CA20-4AA7-B8BA-BBBF9F…)

time to throw up

No. 490770

File: 1517600971660.jpg (171.56 KB, 749x1207, IMG_20180202_114902.jpg)

FTFY, anon

No. 490808

I seriously hope she isn’t lewd0nhead but it’s hard to imagine anyone else would care enough to make an account like that. How embarrassing. If my bf was busy giving all his attention to camwhores though I can’t say I wouldn’t be doing pathetic shit online for attention myself.

No. 490826

Sorry if i'm asking the obvious but after its been revea1ed that greg is from a we11 off fami1y is that the reason shes so desperate to marry him and turns a b1ind eye to his shady shit? I know she makes more money than him but there are gir1s who 1ike to be spoi1ed by men even when they themse1ves dont need it.

Agree, I think its run by her too.


No. 490828

anon why do you often use 1’s instead of the letter l?

No. 490844

they explained it earlier in this thread that their keyboard was bugged and L’s dont work.
I thought they were doing a cringey homestuck thing at first.

No. 490899

Man I just have to say after the drama-lite of the past few days, it makes me so happy I snapped out of my self hating anti-feminist stage. I probably would have ended up like June in a relationship with a man who treated me like trash and I would just take it because I'm ~so inferior and just a dumb wet hole~ that I deserve nothing better. Not saying I'm perfect and deserve the world or whatever, but this is just such blatant disrespect to your partner that you just asked to marry you.

This makes me feel less insulted whenever some bitch ass dude calls me a feminazi or a dumb thot for wanting to be treated like a human being and not a walking fleshlight.

I would feel bad for June IF she didn't treat other women like shit and constantly denigrate them and spout misogynistic talking points. I still hope everything turns out well for her in the end, just because I don't think anyone deserves to be publicly disrespected or cheated on (let's be real, cheating is the next step here.) But I also hope that she one day sees other women (and herself) as actual people, and not just worthless objects whose only redeeming quality is the ability to please men.

No. 490915

It’s funny.. the only type of guys girls with this mindset get are usually betas/lowkey misogynists.

Real alpha males usually gravitate towards women that put actual value into themselves, and not let their men treat them, like you said, as walking fleshlights.

I guess this is gonna have to be a life lesson June will learn the hard way. It’s sad that she decided to stick with this method of keeping her man since it shows how attention starved she really is..

No. 490916

>Sorry if i'm asking the obvious but after its been revea1ed that greg is from a we11 off fami1y is that the reason shes so desperate to marry him and turns a b1ind eye to his shady shit?

Absolutely. She knows her fame will end at 30- something and marrying Greg will have her set for life, to the standards she's used to. I heard she was a gold digger.

No. 490929

but younger, dumber, prettier bimbos would suck gregs dick away from her in a heartbeat. she agrees about being nothing but a wet hole, why does she think that her hole is special enough to keep him satisfied???

No. 490937

File: 1517611729374.jpg (16.03 KB, 430x319, 1514135481894.jpg)

Is this a real post? Like June actually believes he is a God and she is unworthy to be in his gaze?? And she's okay with being treated like an object?

if I were her parents, I'd be devastated if my daughter turned out like this. This is legit sad.

No. 490945

What baffles me is how old June is with this mindset. I had a shitty self hating 'not like the other girls' phase just like her except I had it at 15 years old. And I know a few other girls that were also like that in their teens since it's when you're most impressionable. But June is a fully grown woman yet she seems to be stuck in that immature mindset. I just hope she grows out of it before she has children.

No. 490957

>but younger, dumber, prettier bimbos would suck gregs dick away from her in a heartbeat. she agrees about being nothing but a wet hole, why does she think that her hole is special enough to keep him satisfied???

ALL OF A SUDDEN she pretends to be a "kinky" bisexual and "shares" him with other better looking women. Greg was kinda mgtow when they met. She's actively tried to gain his trust by "worshipping his penis" and going overboard with the very PUBLIC adoration.

No. 490964

>not going as Princess Leia

>just a puppet/object

This is so damn cringey.

No. 490970

I'd known couples who use condoms even when on birth control because it's the only way to be 100%. Besides, condoms can help prevent stds when birth control doesn't. Do you honestly think June or Greg got tested in the last year or more??

Getting tested for stds and having safe sex is for vanilla normies after all. June discouraging the use of condoms is pretty fucking awful, esp when young women and teens already go through the pressure of men not wanting to use them because 'MUH PORNZ DONT USE THEM'

No. 490979

This wtf.

Also wtf at visiting one of the coolest cities in the US for hiking, outdoor sports and breweries, BUT HANGING OUT AT A MALL IN COSTUMES INSTEAD. I have no words. They couldn’t even find a party to go to and sit around looking bored?

No. 490984

Well they met her >>490375 and had a threesome somewhere so maybe they went to party?

No. 490991

File: 1517614387661.jpg (24.41 KB, 577x209, 7SEurfLc.jpg)


>Soooo…confirmed for lurking here?

No. Probably not. I mean, she likely knows this thread exists and may lurk, but this isn't confirmation. She has used the term "lolcow" to describe cringey people on the internet that she likes watching/interacting with for entertainment.

No. 491002


I doubt they'd be the type to meet a random ass person to have a threesome with. Does anyone know the specific reason why were in Boulder to begin with? I mean, obviously halloween, but people don't leave their own city to go to another one far out for halloween. So maybe they planned the threesome before hand?

No. 491009

i'm so suspicious of that lol.

a girl who happens to know about 4chan but doesn't know about june discovers her videos on facebook and then uses 4chan as… revenge? and someone who posts on unichan frequently happened to catch it before the thread was deleted even though nobody else did. seems legit.

i believed they've had 3somes but prob with other small youtubers like that literally inbred sex vlogger.

No. 491011

i've really been thinking about this too, anon. i think what is so disturbing about it is that i used to identify with june. it seems like a lot of us could at some point.

if the circumstances were just right a few years ago, maybe i could have been in the kind of relationship she is now. it's sort of horrifying.

i don't hate the girl at all. i hope there's still some way she can have enough foresight to understand what a mess she's heading for, then get out before it's way too late.

No. 491023

File: 1517616801278.jpg (99.45 KB, 800x666, _20180202_190411.JPG)

So June confirmed deluded to thinking she's curvy and grocery has a bara body instead of his dough boy gut and daddy noodle arms and legs. She probably wishes his real arms looked that toned lol.

Also, some fan replies point out that grocery is way fatter then the male character. Glad they even know when June's stuck in lala land.

No. 491033

Also, doesn't bother to even link/source the artist. Why? Cause he looks like this https://www.yehudadevir.com/about and she doesn't want to distract people to how much hotter the real deal probably cause it would trigger grocery.

No. 491039

File: 1517618433332.png (781.72 KB, 598x597, what they think they look like…)

omg what a HUNK and his wife is crazy beautiful

No. 491052

i use both for the reason >>490970 said. it's the only way to be 100%.
she seems really confident with her birth control. i'm kind of curious of what method she uses. i feel she's just on the pill, but then how come she cba to take adhd meds? aside from "it will kill my personality xc"
she has more legitimate reasons to take meds than to not.
>"I'M BALD!!!"

No. 491058

this is ot but thanks for linking this because this is actually a really sweet contrast to the depressing relationship itt.

No. 491060

I know right? He so fucking hot and talented. I was just going through his instagram and I'm in love.
The irony is hilarious.

No. 491076

File: 1517620369566.jpg (28.48 KB, 442x291, DVEBAO-U8AEXs98.jpg)

No. 491077

omfg i'm laughing so hard did she do that on purpose

No. 491099

File: 1517622112220.jpg (367.33 KB, 662x1081, Screenshot_20180202-173843.jpg)

June is seriously disillusioned if she thinks this comic artist looks anything like her fat, pear-shaped neckbeard boyfriend. Also kek at June thinking she looks remotely like this wife either

No. 491128

how is this guy even real!!



i'm so happy that he exists. it's giving me life.

No. 491133

He is the opposite of Greg in every way humanly possible.

No. 491150

File: 1517624971452.jpg (48.04 KB, 250x250, noblewomans-laugh_6978.jpg)

Ok but here's the best part: dude's a feminist.


On a scale of 0 to randomly going off about TERFs on twitter, how buttmad is she about the feminist Stacy snatching a talented, rich, hot, woman respecting Gigachad while her trad ass is sugar mommying a fat MRA shitpig?

No. 491156

File: 1517625294564.gif (69.89 KB, 750x364, wxJYi6k.gif)

Meanwhile this is Grocery's artistic talent…

No. 491161

I don't even get this at all.

No. 491163

File: 1517625569727.jpg (584.88 KB, 809x1524, Screenshot_20180202-183842.jpg)

There's a part two to this saga

No. 491167

they wish they were that thicc and fit

No. 491172

wonder if one day she realizes the high value men go for high value women, not pretentious bald liars who lie about everything from their measurements, get breast implants, interests, personality, and just overall pretends to be okay with their treating them like an annoying side hoe who he can't wait to get away from unless its for sex, money or status

No. 491174

someone should start tweeting his feminist comics at her and see if they get blocked lol

No. 491175


I'm telling you, couples like this is the reason June constantly feels the need to brag about how amazing her relationship is(n't). She is always talking about how hot and cool Greg is and how she literally worships him and how there sex life is amazing. In reality, she likely realizes she is in a dead end relationship with a fat lazy pig with the mental capacity of a potato that will never respect her or treat her decently. Meanwhile the male feminists she loves to call cucks and soyboys are hot and way more attractive than her fat tub o lard she's with.

No. 491177

is she trolling

No. 491180

Not to mention they actually know how to treat women like ladies and are in happy relationships, and they don't turn women into insecure messes

also he probably puts more effort into his relationship than greg ever had

No. 491181

another theory: she literally thinks the guy drawing these comics is on greg's level

which means she's idealizing him and is going to end up so so disappointed once her hormones chill out

No. 491182

June is one of those cucked ass women who listen to what men SAY they want instead seeing what they actually go for.

There's not a single June type in existence that's a) paired with a high value man and b) valued by said man.

No. 491184

File: 1517626400358.jpg (74.77 KB, 917x577, june is lusting after a femini…)

No. 491187

File: 1517626521865.png (91.87 KB, 1080x612, 20180202_185348.png)

June's been on a REEEEing spree about TERFs yesterday and today on Twitter. She does this every few days, but I wonder what triggered her this time?

No. 491189

File: 1517626759618.jpg (88.57 KB, 575x1024, zldsan2mcq0x.jpg)

I mean, yeah. Bitch got mad buyer's remorse.

You know how people who got scammed end up convincing themselves that they didn't, thus helping the scammer get away with it? It's because nobody likes to feel like a sucker, even if they actually are one. June is experiencing this exact psychological phenomenon. On some level she knows that nobody sane thinks her relationship is anything but pathetic, so she's doubling down on the "I'm living a fairytale and everyone's jelly of my fat manosphere" mantra to cope.

No. 491202


Rose McGowan?

No. 491205



No. 491221

They went to Colorado it seems to visit some of June's (?) relatives and also attend a Trump rally

No. 491238

Wouldn't be the first time that wh0re whiteknighted pedos.

No. 491277

Let's be honest, June would whiteknight any trans person, even if they were the worst person on earth.

No. 491293

File: 1517631892443.jpeg (91.88 KB, 602x950, 8D6BB1C3-2080-4CF6-A9C3-69EF32…)

jeez some of these lewd0nheadposts look like they could have came from here kek

No. 491301

>fetal alcohol thot
>super hot chick
Kek, maybe for him.

No. 491311

File: 1517633040857.jpg (94.19 KB, 749x1070, IMG_20180202_204254.jpg)

God, these idiots just fuel her "I look 16 :3" ego even further.

No. 491317

>those shoes
jesus christ what is this 2009

No. 491320

a cis woman got yelled at by a child molesting tranny, terfs sure are spoopy! :O

No. 491327

Queen's is a good university, but by no means is it just for rich kids. It costs much less than say, UNB (7000 a year, the most expensive public uni in Canada) or Ryerson.

No. 491336

She looks like a 30 year old still wearing kneesocks and converse. Fucking whiteknights.

No. 491338

Yeah, she just looks like a 30 year old trying to dress like a young teen. It's jarring.

No. 491349

How can you even say they look 30 when their face isn't even visible for you to see to make that judgement because of the blur of this photo? Seriously you sound ridiculous. This seems a nitpick and you seem insecure. Come on.

No. 491355

sorry robot, just because it makes your micropenis hard doesn't change the fact she's larping as a kid while looking 30

No. 491368

File: 1517637138542.jpg (389.59 KB, 1060x1536, Screenshot_20180202-215013.jpg)

Damn, she pwned that feminist!!!! xD She's so different and unique. She actually cares about men's rights and their feelings, not like those feminazis!

No. 491370

All men are rapists and murderers. If they haven't yet it's only a matter of time 'til they do. When I see women try to insult other women to whiteknight men like june does makes me want to slap her. I know it's just guys like septic that have twisted her mind but I still can't help getting mad at her and her refusal to see through the horse shit of her peers and her autism.

No. 491371

Junes’ autism is strong in this one

No. 491380

She always just goes after low hanging fruit because she doesn't want to learn anything outside of her "everyone look at these rad fem, terfs, anti-man!!" hug box.

No. 491384

I know she's criticized others in the anti-sjw community for making videos that go after low hanging fruit, yet that's all she ever does on Twitter and YouTube. That's why she never debates with people like Magdalen Berns, because quite frankly, I don't think she's smart enough to debate someone like her without resorting to just calling Mags a terf and trying to invalidate anything she says strictly for that.

No. 491389

Neither June or grocery care enough to do a civil debate. They dont even bother to do any research for the videos. Just look at groceries interview on the rubin report, he talks as if he's reading from a script. They don't come from wanting to learn, they just want to "win" against nobodies on twitter and look good while at the same time claiming to hate "conflict".

No. 491393

she hates women so much the only women she stands up for are gregs fap material ladies and men pretending to be women, also gregs fap material

No. 491464

bahahaha but June she´s writing "my wife rules" while sitting on his lap.
In contrast, YOU choose to sit on the floor inhaling his farts while he´s writing "cutepup rules" etc

No. 491474

File: 1517652995339.jpg (931.43 KB, 1364x1664, beta.jpg)

also, no, it not actually you…because
>hippity hoppity
Groceries wouldn´t show any of these totally beta soyboy behaviours and still be confident about his masculinity

No. 491486

>defending terfs
>random child molestation accusation because tranny

yep, seems completely reasonable.

No. 491493

how is it random? when trannies that are creeps attack feminists and claim feminists are the enemy and aren't "actual feminists", anyone who defends them and their male supremacist pedophilic bullshit, are nuts. like june. sorry, but you've lost the plot if you think most people won't "defend terfs" over paraphilic males (plenty of which are openly misogynistic and openly fetishistic).

No. 491502

File: 1517655829806.png (550.94 KB, 1182x1620, gross.png)


No. 491505

he's not even trying. he's doubling down on girlfriend even after he was accused of not being respectful enough to her online. lmao.

No. 491515

Why is Shoe begging him? She has more money to buy than his broke ass.

Does she funnel all her money to his account so they can pretend she is financially dependent upon her fat daddy dom?

No. 491529


I can imagine June handing Greg her credit card, Greg buying something with her money, and then her going to twitter like "lewk @ wut daddyyy bought me owo he is such a guudd boyfren and all u hatrz r jelly bc ur too ugly and fat and cant get a bf like my hot trad daddyy dom future-baby-daddy :PPP"

No. 491548

>hippity hoppity
She really likes this expression, doesn't she? Must tingle her autism just so.

No. 491570

It part of their 24/7 bdsm/ddlg. She ask for permission to buy something from him before getting it(if shes allowed to). Watch the bdsm video they did.

It's hilarious how he doesn't make as much as her and yet they still pretend he fills the "daddy" role.

No. 491576


Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Wow, that's actually pathetic. Literally, if Greg told her to jump off a bridge in the name of ~bdsm~ and not being ~vanilla~, June would do it. She's so fucking sad. I'm honestly surprised Greg doesn't treat her like even more shit knowing that he can control everything in her life if he says it's "part of the kink"

No. 491608

I don't know about you ladies but this vid confirms Grocery was wanted by all kinds of pussy back in the day.

No. 491625

he's the only guy i've ever seen that actually looks worse with long hair. long hair makes everyone look better, but damn. my pussy shriveled up and retracted itself up into my chest just listening to him. he's so unattractive.

No. 491693

File: 1517675312516.png (23.77 KB, 487x341, 42eec32f-6678-43e3-948e-a9bd8b…)

He literally is one:
Not hard to believe once you check out the shit in his tunglr likes:

No. 491704

Ty for the rep1y. I wonder if she wi11 b1ow a gasket if greg asks for a pre-nup?

Maybe shes in denia1?

Yep, but now the money ang1e has been revea1ed it makes sense. She may be in for a nasty shock given he said hes not thinking about marriage for the next few years?

No. 491710

>>I don’t keep track of age because I really don’t care.
Wew lad, that’s a recipe for a legal disaster if I ever heard one. So what does that mean? He’ll take a girl of any age, so long as they exude a childlike demeanor and attitude?

No. 491737

File: 1517677862428.png (8.89 KB, 476x216, ADeOp45.png)

>defending a pedo
>anyone pointing out a tranny's pedophilia is just doing this because of transoggyknees


No. 491744

He still trying to look like a stereotypical medieval knight. His car is his noble steed.

No. 491812

… Now I kinda feel bad for laughing at him, because it feels like I'm laughing at a literal retard in special ed. I mean, he's such a fuck up it's getting kind of sad. It's funny how it's always the absolute retards who think they are smarter and better than everyone else. He MUST have aspergers or something

No. 491844

at this point I wouldn't doubt it
they have the most ingenuine relationship I've ever seen, it's like a big game of pretend orchestrated by june and greg only wants to put forward effort if he gets something out of it then when he does something june doesn't like, june pretends to be okay with it and greg just runs around saying how it's part of the kink

No. 491873

>it's like a big game of pretend

i was thinking this about their relationship about a year ago, and this is before the more fucked up details of it came out. they're participating in a fantasy that is going to slowly disintegrate. my only hope is that they don't make a kid and june leaves his ass before he shifts his attention elsewhere.

she honestly could do so much better, and she has a few years to recover her life in a way that could put her in a relationship more like the one she posts the comics about.

No. 491917

Now I can't unsee June and Greg as a retarded extra chromosome version of the couple in this post >>491474.

Thanks for the mental image, lmfao

No. 491936

File: 1517691664515.jpg (108.24 KB, 800x982, IMG_20180203_160035.jpg)

>extra chromosome
Yeah…about that

No. 491942

I highly doubt he ever qualified in his life for Mensa. Most men who are XYY have an IQ of 100.
But yeah, June, your dom daddy Groceries is "so intelligent, so alpha!"

No. 491943

File: 1517692248251.jpg (38.44 KB, 390x470, 1fobn8.jpg)

>47,XYY syndrome is associated with an increased risk of learning disabilities and delayed development of speech and language skills.

No. 491966

How are they setting any real ground work for a successful marriage and parenthood with this dynamic? Such a joke. They are going to age out of this behavior being acceptable and will be miserable with each other. I really hope they don't have children with this mindset. It will ruin the kid and they won't respect their mother.

No. 491968

initially it was thought xyy syndrome made men more violent.

but it turns out they're just tall and have acne and a little dumb- as anon pointed out already. shame there isn't a correlation between the extra y chromosome and increased testosterone, though. maybe then greg wouldn't be shaped like a pear.

No. 491991

june wishes she was as pear shaped as greg, maybe thats why she feels the need to shoop and lie about her measurements, to hide the fact her boyfriend has more curves than her

No. 492010

File: 1517696338459.png (383.79 KB, 628x387, hutton_1-628x387.png)

Extra T may convert into estrogen, which is why roid tits exist. Keep in mind that these men work out nonstop and still get them.

Grocery just sits on his ass. A pear shape is expected tbh.

No. 492027

File: 1517697312872.jpg (67.47 KB, 600x619, ftfy.jpg)

No. 492028

LMAO excellent work, anon. so perfect.

No. 492033

shouldve made june sitting and skeptic sitting on june writing cutepup rules and have her say "umm skeptic what are you doing" and him saying "its kinky and hot sweetie"

No. 492036

11/10. I vote for this to be next thread image

No. 492063

Kek, greg wishes his tummy was that small and june wishes her ass and legs were even that shapey, knowing them they would see this as a compliment.

No. 492071


No. 492085

looks like draw anon made the proportions just like they are in real life, junes upper heavy lack of ass and curves and gregs pcos pear body

No. 492171


No. 492198

You've gotta remember, any time you call one of these fat hoes out, you have a micropenis, they're totally not insecure!!!11!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 492204

File: 1517706265092.jpg (57.88 KB, 900x600, sigmund-freud-3.jpg)

>literally just alerted us that he's fat and has a micropenis

Don't worry, you're June's type.

No. 492241

Most of the women on this site have anorexia or bulimia, soooo…
"fat hoes"? not so much

No. 492269

Lol only on cuck0nhead threads you get called an ana-chan for pointing out how chubby she looks now and then have the typical white knight hold on to the narrative that anyone who hates her must be a land whale.

Then again, June probably does think any girl who hates her is just jealous of her totally smol uwu body.

No. 492278

I mean, June isn't "skinny" but she's also not chubby or fat by any means. Skinnyfat, if anything. inb4 whiteknight

No. 492296

True, she has horrible fat distribution and is too lazy to work out and then claim she is too nervous to go to the gym yet she's A-OK with screaming and being obnxious on youtube and in her vlogs she acts super obnxious in public, like the annoying girl yelling penis as she walks past a store at the mall

No. 492301

>any time you call one of these fat hoes out

What a June thing to say!
If the point went over your head so badly let me spell it out in a less mean way for you: She looks too mature to be dressing like an edgy high schooler and it ages her up because it makes her look like she's trying hard to look younger.

I've seen fatties dress better than her and that's what's truly pathetic. You probably dress like her to get so defensive over those tacky converse wedges.

No. 492306

I don't agree that she's really chubby but one thing's for sure is that she looks like a WOMAN. A short woman. Full figure, fake tits.
None of this ~smol gurl~ bullshit. She looks her age if not older.

No. 492325

File: 1517711805803.png (319.04 KB, 718x746, Screenshot_2018-02-03-20-29-32…)

Is june looking for a job rn or something? Whatever happened to being a kinky trad housewife? Or is she just doing it to scoop more money into skeptics account out of female guilt? Shes like those white guilt honkeys who follow black supremacists around and take it up the ass and get brainwashed by them and give them money out of "reparations"

No. 492349

File: 1517713146785.jpg (14.2 KB, 300x300, shoe0nhead-2.jpg)

She'd be lucky to ever get hired anywhere. Google her name and just the first page has rational wiki and ED plus unflattering pics like this.

No. 492377

Is this June saying stupid shit as usual or is he actually XYY?

No. 492382

the only place she could work is maybe strip club (they hired grinch lexxynichelle there so its not so much about looks june dont get flattered) or if she's applying anywhere else ran by misogynistic men, but she caters to two groups that hate each other, the trad conservatives who want all women to be virgins til marriage and keep to themselves and sex positive liberals who shove "BDSMMMM BDSSSMMM PRIDE LOOK HOW BDSM AND KINKY WE AREEEE SO SUBMISSIVE CXXX" in everyones throats, if she applies for a place thats ran by prude trad conservatives, they search her name and see all the "I SUCK SKEPTICS DICK TEEHEE SOO KINKY I SAT ON A LEASH WHILE HE FARTED CHEETOS AND LET HIM CUCK ME" she will be deleted off the list instantly, if she applies to a place ran by liberals, they wouldn't be so much upset over her so-called bdsm than they would with all the body-shaming innocent women, fueling her boyfriends misogyny and excusing it, fueling lauren southern, etc etc

guess thats what happens when you can't decide on a character you pretend to be

No. 492396

June has been raging about radical feminism, mostly in response to the grid girl controversy lately, on the basis of how it opposes liberal "choice" feminism. Meanwhile this bitch has made her entire youtube fame off of attacking the liberal feminist/SJW caricature. Why are there still people who listen to her for an informed opinion? She doesn't know her ass from an elbow when it comes to this topic.

No. 492400

Investing your career into YouTube and Patreon is a horrible idea. She literally does nothing but sits at home all day, shitposting on Twitter and making dumb, low-hanging fruit videos on YouTube to stroke her fanboys' egos. No reason she can't go back to college with all the free time she has and get a degree as backup in case being an anti-SJW/libfem hybrid isn't profitable in the future. And I'm guessing she puts nothing into savings and just spends all her money on J-fashion clothes and BDSM stuff.

But as anon said, who would actually hire her with all the shit she's posted online?

No. 492407


People don't listen to her for informed opinions. Sad grown men listen to her to get their opinions validated from a mildly attractive female and young girls watch her because anti-feminism is the new emo.

No. 492416

>I'm guessing she puts nothing into savings and just spends all her money on J-fashion clothes and BDSM stuff.

Don't forget $3,000 wigs.

No. 492423

Ah yes, her umpteenth wig that she totally needs. At this point if she got treated for her trich would her hair even grow back? I can't say I'm too privy on the subject.

No. 492424

>young girls watch her because anti-feminism is the new emo.
They are also told that feminist men are "beta males" so they think being anti-feminist will get them hot guys when the reality is its just mostly fat neckbeards who can't hold a job and has no social life

You'd think any of her female fans would take one look at grocery and realize how shitty it would be to end up in June's position, with an overgrown baby.

No. 492432


I can't believe she's buying $300 dollar wigs. There are $2000ish dollar wigs. But they are VERY high quality and look nothing like June's wigs. I have no idea where she gets the "wigs are $1000-$3000" thing when all of her wigs look like ones you'd buy off AliExpress.


>They are also told that feminist men are "beta males" so they think being anti-feminist will get them hot guys when the reality is its just mostly fat neckbeards who can't hold a job and has no social life

Yeah. I know in my short time associating with anti-feminists, literally all the guys were insufferable retarded who thought women existed to own them something. Honestly, I'm not sure what's sadder, the average "feminist beta male" or the fat man-tit 300lbs "alpha male" who still lives with his mom.

Maybe they think that there are going to be hot and mildly intelligent guys going in. But honestly, the men in the community are what pushes the females away. They're fucking creepy. Maybe that's why women especially aren't fans of anti-feminism for that long. I just feel sorry for the young impressionable girls who watch people like June and think her warped point of view is how the world works.

No. 492433

Most likely joking without realizing that she's actually calling her fatsped husbando retarded. She's really good at self drags, intended or not.

No. 492483

When Shoe posted in an 8chan thread about her like a year ago, she admitted she knew her youtube career would only last for so long and that she would end up flipping burgers or something. She also mentioned trying to convince Groceries to get a real job, but we all know he just wants to sit on his ass and pretend to be an alpha dom while June makes the money in the relationship.
I doubt either one of them can get a decent job after all the stupid shit they posted online with their names and faces attached to it. Groceries might be able to since his family seems to have connections, but I can't imagine Shoe ever being able to.

What happened to "oh I can't gain any weight no matter what I eat uwu, I wish my legs weren't sooooooo long and skinny >w<"?

This is obviously suppose to be a joke, but Septic being autistic is so believable. His eyes are so vacant.

No. 492484


>This is obviously suppose to be a joke, but Septic being autistic is so believable. His eyes are so vacant.

how can grocerie be autistic? Remember, he has a MENSA level IQ

No. 492485

>When Shoe posted in an 8chan thread about her like a year ago
I haven't heard about this? Where's the info on that?

No. 492487

Here's an archive link to it

No. 492490

>she admitted she knew her youtube career would only last for so long and that she would end up flipping burgers or something. She also mentioned trying to convince Groceries to get a real job, but we all know he just wants to sit on his ass and pretend to be an alpha dom while June makes the money in the relationship.

june actually said something smart for once, if she wasn't so fucking obsessed with catering anything and everything she could ever do to neckbeards and being brainwashed by skeptic she would actually have gotten somewhere and life, ik she was a stupid obnoxious teen, but she had a job and was going to college and seemed to have a pretty good social life and now she's a pathetic, aging, attention deprived whore who lacks self awareness under the guise of her batshit crazy boyfriend because she can't develop a mind of her own and has to lie and pretend

if she does somehow come out of this and breaks up with greg and gets a reality check and realizes all the lying, catering, pretending she did was wrong and embarrassing she still might could head back in the right direction, she can go back to school and get at least a small degree so she can earn enough to support herself, learn some life skills like cooking, cleaning, money management, how to properly care for her rabbits, and not funnel money into gregs account or shop for makeup off of korean and japanese sites, get her own place and not leech off her parents, etc

for her relationships, she's almost 30, the sooner she gets out of it the better, it would be hard to find a ltr at that age, especially with the shit she posted online, but at least there are some orbiters like the "you should get a more fit boyfriend like me =3" dude she can always go to who dgaf about what she posts and hope it lasts

No. 492498

File: 1517726788394.png (5.96 MB, 3010x2184, wig.png)


Her wigs used to look higher quality than the ones she wears nowadays. She dressed better too.

No. 492507

when was this? her nose looks more prominent and bulby, is it just the angle or nose job confirmed?

No. 492508

Is that really her? I don't doubt she would attentionwhore on 8chan but it could also be someone trolling to get replies.

No. 492510

Nevermind I read to the end, she said stuff I can't imagine anyone else pretending to be her would say. Some of her early responses almost seemed like someone making fun of her and implying she's a dumb whore, but I guess she's actually that stupid.

And god, she talks just like all the "bitchy, condescending girls" she likes to make fun of. "Keep being mean and I'll stop. I don't have to be dicking around here, I have better things I could be doing." Seriously June? Like what?

Also rofl at her saying "oh internet fame has been a curse, it's not worth the hassle anymore". Six months later nothing changed.

No. 492513


Guys, really now? Don't be stupid. Of course that's not her. She doesn't type anything like that, and it seriously reeks of fat neckbeard pretending to be a young woman on the internet.

No. 492541

File: 1517733560975.png (1.02 MB, 1328x1340, that she is a little self awar…)

but anon

No. 492546


We all want to believe she is atleast remotely self aware, but if she was, she would have stopped acting like this forever ago. She is becoming slightly self aware as of lately though. Especially after all her panicked tweets about how during Thanksgiving she realized all her siblings and cousins were married and happy and travelling the world whilst she sat at home on the internet 24/7 and had no idea what to say when they asked her what she had been up to since high school. Hopefully she'll become self aware of how pathetic she is soon though. I just doubt it.

No. 492549


I think she'd only start to get better if Greg were out of the picture and she retired her Internet persona in exchange for making progress in the real world. And I doubt she would ever leave Greg. The only way to get her to leave is if he left her. And she seems to tolerate a lot more than most women her age would put up with in a man. The codependency is very strong with June.

No. 492555


I doubt Greg would break up with her. June has clung onto him. She would rather be dragged through the dirt than to let go. I am 100% sure June would be fine with him fucking other women while still being in a "relationship" with her. Why break up with June? She lets him treat her like shit, she likely gives him money, he doesn't have to deal with her that often because of the distance between them, and he can fuck her and degrade her whenever he wants. June is pathetic and will let Greg walk all over her. Greg will likely never break up with her unless he finds someones who is twice as hot but wont tolerate June…which isn't going to happen. So if they break up, I feel like it's going to be in a highly improbable future where June miraculously gains some common sense or finds someone who treats her decently and she realises she has a worth more than a footstool.

No. 492558

>she likely gives him money

was there ever any hard proof of this or?
and I agree sorta, they'll end up like lainey and greg pathetically dragging along the excuse of a relationship and lainey becomes a nutcase that gets fucked by greg once in a full moon and becomes extremely lonely and weird, greg becomes the same abuser divorcee he always has been, except this time he can't groom, turn, toss, then scream to his fans how they were the crazy ones and gaslight, grease has children and lainey has never been in her adult life without greg, laineys life was built around greg, greg wants to fuck other girls but poor lainey has to stay loyal housewife giving greg money and raising kids, getting fucked occasionally but have him run off and fuck anyone and everyone

june will probably end up the same but she shouldn't, she has experienced adulthood, even though she acts like an obnoxious not like other girls whore in high school, she's almost 30 for fucks sake, she's held actual jobs before as well as making enough money for her to support herself and chooses not to, doesn't have any kids or anything so the only reason for her not to leave outside of feefees and since shes mentally ill she won't, she doesnt have kids like lainey does, she doesn't have as much inexperience, she doesn't have greg tattoos, well not yet anyway, greg barely wants to be with her most of the time

the only reason for them to still be trailing along is being an internet couple and would be difficult for them to announce the breakup without breaking the internet, the engagement, and the fact greg can't get someone as pathetic and desperate as june, its like having an annoying sugar daddy that lets you fuck other guys, caters to your needs and lets you humiliate and degrade him and you dont have to lift a finger for him and will fuck off except on occasional visits, the only thing you have to do is pretend you're a couple with him and fuck him sometimes and let him stay there for a few days

No. 492599


I think you didn't understand what I was saying. When I said "she likely gives him (her) money" I meant, he is in control of her money and what she spends and how she spends it. Not that she is paying him or anything, which I wouldn't doubt it, honestly (not the point). She said in that video with that retarded "sex guru" that she asks Greg before she buys anything at all, even if it's with her own money.

Reading over my post now, I probably should have clarified that by saying "she gives him her money". whoops.

No. 492606

I doubt they'll break up any time soon. June is too obsessed with Greg. Greg is already in his early 30's, so he must be desperate to keep someone with him, and who better than a grown woman acting like an obsessive 14 year old fangirl.

No. 492615

>he is in control of her money and what she spends and how she spends it.

This is unfathomable to me. She is a 27 year old woman with no intellectual disabilities who is more successful and earns more than her boyfriend.
Yet willingly puts herself in a position of a mentally handicapped person or a child who can't manage her own manage money and lets a fat, childish man with learning disabilities tell her what she can or can't buy.
I'd understand if they had joined finances as a married couple and would discuss what they need and not (like grocery's ex wife told him not to constantly spend their funds on star wars toys), but June's situation is completely different. How does she not see that man is a fat and a lazy moron with an inflated ego?

Just why does she hates herself that much?
Is it all for attention and fame on the internet, to appear better than other "basic bitches"? Because June, you got famous on your own, Grocery didn't help one bit. He is just there to embarrass you and make you look inept to boost his own ego.

You can make fun of "vagina cult" TERFs June as much as you like, but they will never be even close to being as pathetic as you are right now.

No. 492696


Exactly. And she plays off the "I let him control what I buy" as part of the kink. Like, she brought it up when they were discussing how she stays a submissive even while they're such a long distance apart. I don't think that's remotely kinky, maybe just degrading. Maybe June has a thing for being degraded though. You'd think if she did she'd be more than happy to tell her anti-fem neckbeard fans about it though, so I doubt she does.

I hate to get all tinfoil hat here, but I feel like the "sub" role is just a way for Greg to romanticize being shitty to her and controlling everything she does so that he can feel in control of their relationship. Greg comes of to me as a very very very insecure guy who masks it in extreme confidence and ego. Basically, the mindset of "if you repeat a lie enough, it will become true".

Don't get me wrong, June is the same. She acts so happy about her body and looks, while shooping her hips and screaming at girls calling them fat when they actually have hips like the ones she photoshops on herself.

In a way, they're a match made if heaven, they're both lowlife losers who are extremely insecure and pathetic. The only difference is Greg is just retarded, while June is blinded by the fact that having some cutesy LDR with a 30yo daddy dom is cool because no guy her age would settle for a bald, mentally unhinged, aging women who acts like a 14yo girl and panders to anyone that will validate her.

No. 492697

File: 1517762364726.jpg (81.54 KB, 560x771, Capture.JPG)

No. 492702


>I used to something rag on people looks years ago

Didn't you just call a girl fat like less than a month ago, June?

>its so low and stupid also comes from a place of insecurity

So I was right about it coming from a place of insecurity kek.

>everyones cute in their own way

if that makes you feel better about yourself, then go ahead and believe that.

No. 492709

>when I was an edgy lil shit
why the past tense?

No. 492724

>Didn't you just call a girl fat like less than a month ago, June?

YES! Also someone posted her insulting a black girls looks over twitter in the past 2 months too in the previous thread, maybe someone should tweet her the caps seeing as her memory is so short.


No. 492730

>>he-heh…I-I’m a comedy channel guise. It’s just comedy.
Thanks be to you Twitter fags for your efforts in bringing in some lulz.

No. 492866

That's embarassing
Imagine needing tampons at 2 am in the morning, what will she day? Call her daddy and ask for permission? No wonder she's miserable

No. 492915

What did she say about black girls?

No. 492919

She could not be more of a cuck. I can't believe her followers, strong believers of the divorce rape meme, haven't called her out on this.

Jk I can, they only give a shit about that when the gold digger is female.

No. 492957

because of how oppressed they believed themselves to believe they'll most likely encourage other women to do it as well, since you know, they're actually for equality unlike those nasty feminists except when it comes to gold-digging, or they'll just pull the "BUT BUT WHAT ABOUT MEN YOU WHORES TOOK MILLIONS FROM US!!!" card like they did when the woman "got pigged" by the dutch dude, it always has to be about them and they'll never not get it in their fucking minds that men aren't victims

it's as dumb as if whites made blacks give their money to whites under the guise that blacks were oppressing whites because of the tiny group of crazies that exist that take the fact blacks were an oppressed group and use it as a shield to go malcom x crazy

No. 492982

Greg has a learning disability?

No. 492988

hes dyslexic and it shows, but he's exceptionally stupid for a dyslexic person. he's definitely less intelligent than most with dyslexia.

No. 492989

Sorry, I'm kinda new here.. does she still live with her parents???!?

(saged for being a newfag)

No. 492994

yes, she lives with her parents, which, imo, is fine if you don't feel comfortable living alone, or whatever, but her parents must be so embarrassed. she must be having gross bdsm sex while at her parents house, and they have to deal with the fact that she embarrasses herself and parades herself as a pathetic 'sub' cuck all over the internet, and irl, what with those faggy, cheap, collars.

No. 492995

yeah, occasionally goes to greg, driving herself up once every other month or say and only stays there for a week despite she can easily stay for longer and they're engaged

No. 492997

I think the first video on his channel he talks about having to be put in special classes or something.

No. 493011

What a misunderstood genius.

No. 493044

Agree. I don’t think it’s a huge deal; this has been trending for millennials in the states.
The weird part is that her mom still has either the urge or need to clean June’s bedroom. And as anons pointed out, they could live been living together or at least visiting each other for longer periods than they seem to now….Unless he also lives with his parents.

No. 493048

I believe he has his own apartment.

No. 493050

>Unless he also lives with his parents.

pretty sure he doesn't, unless he crams into a shitty apartment with his parents
how is he paying his rent anyway? with his sub/view count and his patreon bucks, unless he has a day job, which he said himself time goes by when you're self employed and june said groceries doesn't wanna get a real job, it would be impossible unless he has an incredibly cheap hood apartment and never brought anything ever besides cheap groceries to get by, but we all know with his pcos looking ass he isn't

who's giving him money? june? family?

No. 493088


Yeah she does this a lot. She pretends that these misogynistic edgelords that hate women aren't her target audience and that she doesn't tailor her content towards them. She'll go on about Laura Looomer and Katie Hopkins when her racist friend Lauren Southern is the same. She did a video with Ranting Feminist (who's an annoying libfem) cringing at anti-sjw yt comments when you could get hours of content just from her own videos and comments. She has no position on anything except what might make her seem popular.

No. 493207

File: 1517791359189.png (29.38 KB, 535x282, CWyjy4nVAAAhW20.png)

allowance most likely, or manipulates june into believing he deserves money by not doing anything useful or for a stretch he sneaks a few bux out of junes account since he apparently has control over it

he makes 910 per video, which isn't bad, apartment prices in ontario are about 1,200 a month or above and june makes enough to pretty much be the breadwinner and still have enough left over but shes lazy and delusional and refuses to move out, youtubers get paid about 100 per 1k views, I also noticed despite skeptic doing poorly he makes more videos and thus gets more money and june barely makes any videos anymore, maybe skeptic could have had something to do with it or she doesn't want to hurt his precious ego with the fact she makes more than him, but with the whole youtubers not getting paid as much fiasco who knows at this point, also fan merch, but lets be honest, the reason why he's even getting as much attention is because of shoe, if it wasn't for her no one would have a clue who he was

No. 493235

File: 1517792464085.jpg (153.11 KB, 800x1024, IMG_20180204_195212.jpg)

June uses one of Paul's thumbnails as an example of "shitty clickbait" and acts oblivious when he calls her out for it.

Hows is it shitty if he has more views and subs June?

No. 493245

I feel like june does a lot of this it get pauls attention, like in the last fiasco with the whole "shitting dick nipples" thing and she claimed she got it from google when its not even on google she stalked his facebook, I don't blame her though, since he's in the same community and all and seeing a semi handsome guy who seems to have decent hygiene in a crowd full of obese, greasy, disgusting sexist neckbeards who couldn't care less about people around them holding in their vom from the horrid smell, it's going to feel like finding a gem in a pile of stones

No. 493252

holy shit. fuck june, but why is pjw such a petty binch? no one told me he was a femmé. he just called her irrelevant and told her to take a seat like a queen kek what an asshole

No. 493254

File: 1517793217627.jpg (65.36 KB, 800x468, IMG_20180204_200951.jpg)

Also, she's banning people for simply not agreeing or saying that Paul makes better and funnier content like this chick who is 100% correct.

No. 493259

2016 feminism? more like 2014 or 2015, 2016 was when the whole "qt alt right nazi anti fem trad" girl trend kicked in, at least even evalion grew out the pathetic stage, june is almost 30 and pretending to be an annoying teenage girl catering to whatever edgy beliefs men want women to have

No. 493261

File: 1517793532351.jpg (91.27 KB, 800x757, IMG_20180204_201826.jpg)


No. 493270

She reminds me of kiki and onion. They all kind of stopped evolving after 2013.

Paul just scalped her and fatboy damn

No. 493286

Of course June already deleting tweets.

OT but JT did good at half time. Gaga still holds the best.

No. 493300

damnnnnnnn I usually dislike PJW but he got this one nailed down

No. 493303

rofl never thought i'd cheer pjw on.

No. 493312

lmao this drag almost makes up for his obnoxious and juvenile overuse of the same emojis every tweet.

No. 493321

>stop being a catty girl
Semi-OT and slightly petty, but has anyone else ever noticed how almost every insult insinuates that women are bad? You never hear shit like "stop acting like a little boy" or shit like that. But you always hear "stop acting like a woman" or "stop being a little bitch." 'Pussy' is one of the worst insults you can give to a man because it implies he's woman like. It's like women are the worst possible things in the world, and being like one is the worst thing you can be. It's depressing, or maybe I'm reading too much into it. But all negative traits seem to automatically be associated with female.

I'm not surprised by it coming from Shoe because she hates women so of course all bad things = female. But it's something I've been noticing more and more, I don't really know how to articulate it properly. But it bothers me a little.

No. 493325

I hope paul roasts her embarrassing behavior, constant lying and attention whoring and delusion and botched implants to

No. 493326

You're 100% correct

No. 493335

File: 1517796920738.gif (934.32 KB, 500x357, IMG_4008.GIF)

How Paul gonna scalp a bald bitch like that damn.

No. 493345

We've analyzed this before. June is a self-hating woman and it's beyond sad. This is also why i don't feel any empathy for her and the situation with Groceries. Her pandering to men over women is her own choice.

No. 493359

>stop acting like a little boy
I'm pretty sure I've heard insults like that.

No. 493511

the fluoride soy is getting to him

No. 493527

he pulled off that hoes weave

No. 493601

Don't insult the beautiful Rich Evans like this

No. 493763

Wait, can anyone tell me why is Shoe fighting with her fellow anti-SJW altright Youtuber?

Shoe, you shouldn't be doing that. Your fat boyfriend must've told you that, since you are a woman, your arguments don't count since you are too emotional and not logical enough. Since you defend his views and constantly shit on radfems, you should listen to him and not argue with "superior men".

After all, you claim you are proud to stay in the kitchen, so go make some flakey spaghetti for your fat daddy, you know well he's been farting too much cheetos lately.

No. 493798

This is pretty much OT but does anyone else just start cringing whenever two e-celebs with similar fanbases start "fighting" and their comment sectios are full of comments like "ugh why are mom and dad fighting, I can't deal with this uwu ;___;"?

It's fucking obnoxious and I specifically noticed that with """skeptic""" youtubers lately, since there's been a lot of drama and infighting between them. But jfc, just let them hate each other, who fucking cares? You can still watch both of their content if you like them so much, they don't need to be friends with each other just because they have similar political views.

Sage for pointless rant

No. 493825

I agree but, I also think its bs that June would think she has any position to judge others in the skeptic community on how to make good content. Grocery thinks using two different images on sony vegas is animation, she rehashes the same topic and at most makes 2 videos a month that requires little editing on a shit camera despite having people pay 2k per video.

I'd at least do a video a week in her position. None of her content feels like it should take longer than 3 days to make.

No. 493840

Tbh I never managed to finish any of her videos, I remember trying to watch some of them years ago when I was still into anit-SJW stuff but I just never saw the appeal. She only talked about topics every other "skeptic" youtuber had already covered before her, the way she talked was obnoxious and it seemed like she put zeto effort into these videos. I never saw anything special about her other than "qt boxxy clone shits on feminism" which was enough for her neckbeard followers, I guess.

I don't like PJW's content either but at least he seems to be putting some effort into production value, regularly makes videos and covers topics that are somewhat up-to-date. Meanwhile June shits out a video every 6 months or so and it's either her lusting after Grocery or shitting on the same people she has been making fun of for several years now. Skeptics in general seem to be permanently stuck in 2014, I swear I still see them bringing up fucking GamerGate whenever they have nothing else to talk about.

No. 493847

Less than that anon. Her research is minimal at best, but I’m assuming she does none at all and just takes whatever she read in her twitter feed that day then uses that. Which should take no more than an hour. Talking to a camera shouldn’t take more than an hour, and it would take less if she wrote out her points beforehand. That leaves very minimal editing that could be done in 2-3 hours depending on how much she is cutting.

Shouldn’t take more than half a day

No. 494091

The appeal is mostly just that she's a "cute" girl. When I used to watch her it was just because I found her kind of attractive back then honestly.

No. 494102

This is what has always aggravated me about her channel and many of the other skeptics. They go after low hanging fruit. At least channels like red ice have the balls to go full retard and do hour long sessions with international guests such as authors, anthropologists, movement leaders, etc and they don't constantly rehash the feminism angle. At most, I'm aggravated by lana and her very june-like need to randomly interrupt guests or her husband in order to make a comment about how fat/ugly women who are on the opposite end of the political spectrum are. Its honestly fucking embarrassing when they do that shit. I could also do without the ethno-nationalist shit but I know that is their main appeal to viewers, so I just try to ignore it and enjoy what I can.

Honestly, nobody gives a fuck about what a shitty cosmo rag has to say or some other rando on youtube. That they can't even be assed to create a detailed, informative video about geopolitical strife shows what kind of braindead autists they fucking are.

No. 494152

This. An attractive women who hates other women and constantly shits on them while coddling men is the only type of women men like. That's where her audience comes from. Much like Lauren Southern, you can make bank off this.

No. 494170

it's takes about 2-3 hours or so to make. iirc, she posted to her instagram story with something like "filming video rn!" at like 9/10 pm, then uploaded said video at 12am.

No. 494266

whats so bad about her shoes

No. 494293

LOL she just tweeted about a ''histrionic woman'' even though she is one and she probably knows it since she reads this page. This can also be a direct evidence https://ask.fm/shoe0nhead/answers/144568757750 cause histrionics are also called ''theatrical'' types. Better insult someone else with it and pretend it's not about you as well lol

No. 494303

Like there's no evidence that woman is histrionic and it's just a buzzword for her but she actually shows plenty of signs she is one.

No. 494323

There’s no evidence June is histrionic either sage

No. 494343

Depends on what kind of ''evidence'' you look for anon. If you mean diagnosis then yeah there's nothing that confirms this data. But if you observe her and then read about this personality type and its symptoms in depth or even casually then it doesn't take much to come to this conclusion.

None of what is stated here is supported by ''evidence'' either. It's a gossip thread.

No. 494352

OT and saging because mbti/socionics autism.

June is not an introvert at all. She tested as isfp because that's what you get when you answer like you're shy, innocent and unassuming. She's completely confrontational and loves being the center of attention, I wouldn't say she's outgoing but, definitely ok with parties/groups of people. I think she's an unhealthy esfj, especially with how much she babies grocery and is obsessed with coming across as traditional.

Also, Grocery says hes an intp which is what every "skeptic" want to be because "its the most logical type hurrdurr".

No. 494360

Hitrionic type is not about socionics at all. It comes from psychoanalysis.

I'm not saying she's an introvert. Actually the definition of an introvert is pretty vauge and it depends on what you think it is. I mentioned that askfm answer cause this personality type sounds close to histrionic one in psychoanalysis.

''Pear shape'' obsession is not OT and saging, I assume.

No. 494370

>I mentioned that askfm answer cause this personality type sounds close to histrionic one in psychoanalysis

Based on what I know isfp's descriptions don't usually come off as histrionic but, that's my opinion. I think esfps or esfjs are more fitting.

Also, i know histrionics doesn't relate to socionics, I just wanted to point out her type is probably wrong.

No. 494406

another mbti nerd here. another reason why june is probably an esfj is because her extroverted feeling function is so obvious. like she is ‘trad’ enough to make the anti fems happy but she constantly goes on tirades against ‘terfs’ so she doesn’t piss ppl like rantingf off

No. 494423

File: 1517874572053.png (98.62 KB, 1812x490, 333.png)

true, I knew a low t fag, who even admitted himself he was low t, claimed to have all these different disorders from depression to assburgers, his body literally looked like a skinnyfat woman with small breasts

anyway, sage for blog, he would brag about how "horny" his family is, gag, would be super gross and always try to bring up sex into everything and at any given moment would say some weird sexual comment to a girl, even if the girl had a bf or it was in front of his own gf, his poor gf had to deal with his shit, like if she even moved her head close to him by an inch he would try to straight up stick his tongue down her throat and claim its because hes horny and then cheat on her because she wasnt putting out enough

I honestly doubt any man who claims to be horny that often, they want sex to fuel their disgusting egos not because hormones make them do that

No. 494429

my bad, forgot why I attached image related, he was p much just a male version of that, srry for blog and ot

No. 494436

File: 1517875625826.png (645.57 KB, 869x429, ALPHAMALEEEEE.PNG)

Lmao one of these days his vests will lose the fight to his foopa, and the button will fly straight into June's eye.

The armor, the foopa, the earrings, the haircut…I just cant.

No. 494438

File: 1517875653123.png (13.42 KB, 697x147, 100.PNG)

No. 494453

Ugh! He's so fat. How can June fat shame women so much but Greg is literally a few pounds away from her needing eye surgery. He's such a slob and June has no respect for herself to want to fuck him and let him use her so publically on social media.

No. 494465

File: 1517876312492.jpg (101.55 KB, 800x798, IMG_20180205_191505.jpg)

Cool anon, I'm glad someone else agrees. She could maybe be esfp but, I don't think she has any Se or Te functions. Have introverted thinking as her weakest function makes so much more sense. Any thoughts on what grocery is? I really have no clue.
Don't worry, Grocery gracefully leaves the vest unbuttoned for his fupa so no buttons are harmed.

No. 494469

You aren't supposed to button the last button on a vest. But tbh I doubt that he even can lol

No. 494475

mbti is a cult lol

No. 494476

>You aren't supposed to button the last button on a vest
Wait really? I guess I don't know much about men's fashion lol, my bad.

No. 494483

Yeah duh anon it's all dumb pseudoscience but, it's interesting she purposely tested as the most innocent type and grocery as the most logical™. It's just more proof they're trying to force an appearance onto their dumb followers.

No. 494484

yeah, another thing is that i get absolutely no Ni from her. sorry, i don’t know much about geoffery so i won’t be much help there :/ and i don’t want to start watching his videos lol

No. 494486

it’s astrology for nerds lmao

No. 494508

That's why I'm saying she's histrionic type that has nothing to do with this typology. Most of modern clinical psychology is based on psychoanalysis so it's more legit.

No. 494511

this sounds border paranoid schizophrenic. maybe you should take a break from obsessing over june and groceries.

i followed her when she made her old vlogs, and she couldn't choose between infp and isfp when someone told her to take the test. way before she even knew greg. but she also had no idea what any of that meant nor did she care because she doesn't even try or care to try understanding shit beneath a surface level. so you're conspiracy theory is giving her a little too much credit.

No. 494513

File: 1517878395550.jpg (89.9 KB, 900x900, clkf,black,black,x900-bg,f2f2f…)

No. 494517

hi june!!!! glad you could stop by(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 494522

Hi June! Sorry to see you're upset you show these signs and you're possibly histrionic but it's true!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 494531

ok but can we stop making this about mbti and internet armchairing or at least sage if you feel so compelled to bring it up.

it's not interesting. or real.

No. 494560

File: 1517880993583.png (25.6 KB, 512x123, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 7.35…)

This is the type of reaction she posted that for lmao.

This video was actually posted in the man hating thread, talking about how men will look at one bad woman and suddenly she represents ALL women to him, and all women are deceitful evil whores. But if women insinuate that rapists are representative of all men, men freak the fuck out. The double standard is fucking weird.

No. 494571

File: 1517881548306.jpg (129.79 KB, 750x750, shoe.jpg)

God, I will never get over the fact that she's what, 27? And she's still this retarded. Not even a tiny bit of self awareness.

No. 494585

Right? And the thing that cracks me up is that men and women alike are lending that man support and talking about how cruel and deranged the girl who did this to him was. But the response is still "all women are bad!11!" Yet after all the horrible shit that men have done in history, you never see women and MEN talking about how men need to ~stop being horrible~. Men never acknowledge the bad things other men do, but then they expect all women to be held accountable for what other women do. It's almost like they think nothing can be THAT bad if it's done by a man, but if a woman does the same thing or even something less violent, all women are evil whores who are literally the cause of all bad in the world. I know that men don't give a fuck about women, but it's still pretty depressing to see it spelled out for you.

And June plays right into it/encourages it, so then they can say they aren't ~misogynists~ because they follow June who is a woman and they like her.

No. 494675

File: 1517886442051.jpg (207.62 KB, 1043x807, Screenshot_20180205-190610.jpg)

I know this wouldn't get me interested in men's issues, lmao.

No. 494699

>mensa member thoughts

No. 494723

what did he mean by this? and why would that make anyone interested in "men's issues" (weak mental state, emotional instability, victim complexes, involuntary celibacy, violence from other men, and having to pay child support after you knock a girl up and refuse to raise the kid).

No. 494727

He's saying that there's trans women on the men's issues side and people will care more about men's issues if they know there's "women" who experience those issues too, because women get so much sympathy from others just for being women, or whatever MRA shit this is. That's how I interpreted it.

No. 494730

ugh. i wish libtards would wake up and realize that trans rights activism is nothing but men's rights activism and dump it.

No. 494731

Does this dumbass think society cares soooo much about women's issues? So much so that everything a man does to a woman is her fault for some reason or another, and furthermore, anything a man does I'm sure people can find some woman to blame. That's why women get laughed at, yelled at, or dragged through the mud being called lying whores when they dare try to seek justice for rape, abuse, violence of any sort. That's why the response to #metoo from anyone who wasn't a victim was "well instead of punishing men, let's stop hiring women!!1 they're the real problem, daring to speak up about harassment!" Society tells women to shut the fuck up and take it. If we speak up, we get punished.

Hey Skeptic, the only people who care about women's issues are OTHER women. Any kind of support and help given to women is given to us by OTHER WOMEN. So maybe take it up with men, huh? It's not our fault if they refuse to work together and enact any change for men, yet women will still get screeched at for not 'changing the gynocentric laws.'

No. 494736

Septic confirmed autistic, gg everyone

Seriously, this makes no sense. I get he's trying to say MRAs should use transgendered people to get their issues out there, but again, it makes no sense. Since the MtF ones want to live as women, why would they feel they live through the same issues men do anymore or feel like it affects them? They usually either got for women's or trans's issues because those would affect their current lives and future more than men's. Plus, if he means FtM nobody cares enough about them in the media for them to ever bring light to any issues men have. And even if they were, trans people in general are more focused on trans issues.

For a self proclaimed """skeptic""" he sure doesn't put a whole lot of thought into things.

No. 494748

the jaden smith of skepticism

No. 494757


>If Gender Is Just A Social Construct How Can Mens Rights Be Real

No. 494874

File: 1517904176772.jpg (106.28 KB, 800x993, _20180206_030002.JPG)

June """terf""" whining again. Some one doesn't like my videos!? Let me send my white knights after them uwu!!!

No. 494877

File: 1517904697461.jpg (93.02 KB, 800x1030, IMG_20180206_031038.jpg)

Also, Grocery just faps to camgirls guys! Its not like he talks to the-oh.

No. 494882

if june was that offended by the so called "flabby stomach, no tits, not-rail thin thighs" the other girl has and skeptic found it sooo unattractive and fatty then wtf are they doing trying to hit up someone who actually does have those features they were bitching about? lexxy has floppy tits, huge thighs and an actual flabby stomach, or do they just want someone with actual hips bigger than skeptics?

No. 494883

I'm starting to wonder if June hates radfems from a place of resentment because they staunchly don't need validation from men. We all know June needs those neckbeard ass pats like she needs water.

No. 494884

they can't pat something she doesn't have

No. 494897

File: 1517907229908.jpg (257.4 KB, 720x810, 20180206_095221.jpg)

No. 494901

File: 1517907941138.jpg (12.81 KB, 470x462, 14095976_1697203150603794_7001…)

>June when sperging out about terfs or "vanilla normies" who don't understand her and Grocery's cuckhold BDSM relationship

No. 495004

I think a majority of anti-feminist women are the result of not getting male attention(good and bad) as a teen/young adult. They need to be validated so they pander to the easiest group of males, men who can't get dates, and once they realize that either 1. They aren't as bad off as they thought as far as looks or 2. It doesn't matter how ugly I am as long as I say what they want, they'll idealize me.

Its funny because the argument can be use with fake male feminists except the stereotype is they want to be called feminist to get laid by women in general, not specifically find women who can't get dates so they can feel validated.

No. 495028

June has said before that she's never had any issues with her father. I know that a lack of male parenting in a young woman's life can lead to such attention-seeking behavior later in their life, so something else must be the cause of her needing validation from men.

No. 495042

Hi! Coach psychoanalyst here. You're wrong. ''Daddy issues'' don't appear just from lack of male parenting. Male parentling is lacking in epidemic measures. There should be a specific situation. Like here, for example:
''Lack of maternal emotional nurturance (female child). The nurturance that the child
likely received was external in nature. The mother was likely concerned with the
appearance of the child and neglected the emotional needs and development of the
child. The child turns to the father for emotional gratification. The female child
may use a number of methods to gain the gratification of the father. Those methodswill probably be age appropriate and (in the later years) may include flirting and
exhibitionism. These methods are all designed to gain the gratification of the father
and to hold his emotional attention. Often, these girls become “daddy’s little girl.”
In adulthood, however, the lack of maternal nurturance causes the continual cycle
of acceptance (of a male figure) and pushing away (of the same male figure). As
the female gains the nurturance of the male figure (who is a replacement for her
father) she drives him away emotionally since the real deprivation internally is the
need for maternal nurturance''.

That's what I borrowed from here: https://maretwebproject.com/users/docs/histrionic.pdf

Doesn't matter what she said. In fact, what people say about their childhood and what really happened and affected their unconscious can be different. They only find out about that it therapy. Plus she always lies for things to suit her current narrative and later contradicts herself as we know.


No. 495053

There is a huge difference between watching porn/camgirls and actually interacting and flirting with girls. I know June likes to play the ‘cool girlfriend’ role so she totally ignores this.
It is really not a good sign if your partner is seeking appraisal/attention from someone else.

No. 495054

But hey if someone who's watching camgirls would have one in front of them willing to have sex ot interact with them then I doubt many of them would resist it.

No. 495065

The funny thing is, the fact that she has the constant need to defend what kind of shit her freakin fiance is doing on twitter means that on some level she knows this is wrong.

No. 495070

When do you anons think June's breaking point will be? There has to be something that crosses the line. She can't just be a complete doormat for Skepfat all her life

No. 495087

I think once she reaches 30 because it's accepted for people in their 20s today to still live with their parents and act like teens despite technically being adults but, once you hit 30 everyone expects you to have your career and relationships figured out(especially women) and I can not see her videos still being watched, especially by her fans who focus on her youthful look(which has already started to deteriorate).

No. 495090

>It is really not a good sign if your partner is seeking appraisal/attention from someone else.

The thing is June could probably tell Skeptick she wants him to go to her for affection/sexual validation and he would probably respect her more for it. Men act like they want unrestrained freedom but if you give it to them, they respect you less.

If you ask a man to be dutiful to you, you’re literally giving his life meaning. Why the fuck do you think groceries loves knights so much June your fucking idiot put it together. You can literally make up shit that you need him to do. Then he gets to feel proud because he actually acted like and adult instead of role playing as one. And THAT is when you reward him with your bad cooking or his gross fetish shit.

Then he won’t even have time to pursue relationships with cam girls.

No. 495124

he'll probably try to be polyamorous. Not them, just him. he'll get a dumb young girlfriend and she will not be able to handle it no matter how "sub" she is.

No. 495126

how old is she again?

No. 495136

>When do you anons think June's breaking point will be?

When her MRA neckbeard fanbase tells her that she has "hit the wall", while fat septic is flirting with an early 20s yr old camgirl. It's gonna be a complete meltdown for her.

Can she even say, with conviction, that Grocery loves her?

No. 495140

27 i think

No. 495141

btw she is attacking a channel that has only 1k subscribers and averages make 500 views per video. What's the point? I'd understand if it was a channel watched by huge amounts of people, but it's just a tiny channel. There are tons of those with all sorts of crazy opinions.

I think she has a desperate need to shit on someone to seem superior. She can't shit on lolcow.farm directly, since we would rip her a new one so she focuses on these tiny "TERF" channels.

No. 495149

it's so pathetic. all she can do is bully small channels. this is a 27 yo woman? really? what an embarrassment. she takes on the critiques of her by small youtubers or twitter nobodies, but would never comment on our posts bc she cant stand to redirect traffic to a site that lays out all her attentionwhoring

No. 495151

>June's face when Groceries got her a cheap and shitty ring because he spent all his money on camgirls

No. 495154

>when she posts public photos of herself happy crying on twitter while butterballs is proudly telling their fans that it's a sham marriage

No. 495155

ah yeah, thought 26-27 or so. she doesn't look older but she def looks her age.

No. 495161

>you never see women and MEN talking about how men need to ~stop being horrible~
this happens literally all the time, just not in June's circle

No. 495181

File: 1517937490559.jpg (74.64 KB, 1280x720, 1466684153832.jpg)

>tfw you make more than your totally alpha "daddy" but you still ask for permission for things to feel like a sub despite totally being a caregiver to a fat divorced man baby who manipulated you into believing that fucking other girls is part of your totally trad bdsm relationship and you constantly need to defend his actions on tweeter because it makes him'sad' when he cant fap to girls publicly and you need to convince yourself your not a cuck by saying your bisexual and tots watch porn with him and that anyone who doesn't is just boring normie vanillas

No. 495190

It's ironic how she prides herself on highlighting other small channels but, uses her sub count to attack ones she doesn't agree with. She's such a bitch.

No. 495201


I feel bad for pointing out this video because I didn't know it was going to be so hard for her to watch. Mancheeze typically responds to claims on at least some level even if I disagree with a lot of her opinions.

Do people rarely make response videos to shoe because it's just so hard to take her videos seriously without laughing, raging, or both?

I'm starting to understand why Mags won't even bother.

No. 495216

then deletes the evidence and starts high-horsing other skeptics/youtubers about their conduct/actions.
look in the mirror before starting shit shoe. i wish i could endow these people the gift of self awareness.

No. 495221

After her fans' crusade against Mancheeze channel half of Mancheeze's videos are removed because they were reported by whiny trans supporters as hate speech. There was nothing hateful there. I'm starting to wonder how many of her twitter followers are SJWs.

No. 495222

If she deletes the evidence, then she is certainly self-aware.
She's just a bitch, and after being humiliated by septic for 1000th time, she craves an egoboost so she spergs out on her Twitter over some tiny channel.

No. 495229

File: 1517939350771.jpg (76.5 KB, 470x769, Capture.JPG)

"chad abercrombie"

No. 495235

But in her previois fanfic she said grocery was a playboy who had girls wanting him. Which is it?

No. 495277

oh thank god someone say it ! I didn't have any male figure in my life and the last thing I could be is an a attention whore like June. Not all the girls who didn't have a dad in their lifes are seeking male attention, I hate that generalization!. Sorry my bad english.

No. 495290

File: 1517942599365.png (89.87 KB, 803x420, thoughtpolicing.png)

>someone doesn't like me on the internet?
>but of course i wont directly quote them, i'll just post a cap and let you do the dirty work. i'm nonconfrontational and smol remember? uwu

it's weird because this comment isn't even political, she doesnt seem like a radfem either. shoes just lashing out at anyone that's critical of her now.

No. 495316

Given what an attention whore she is, she probably furiously browses all Twitter mentions of her while inhaling those septic cheeto farts.

No. 495370

In a prime city no. Fake boobs & wigs = ratchet.

She can be a bdsm porn star maybe.

No. 495374

File: 1517947107086.jpg (47.81 KB, 800x556, IMG_20180206_145054.jpg)

Ok, seriously? Why the fuck doesn't he let her stay longer than a week if he's the type who can't stand lack of human interaction? I don't understand it, he must seriously not care for her at all. Your only 8 hours away from each other and neither of you have full time jobs. Drive down and spend time with your fucking fiance instead of whining on twitter!

He doesn't love her, I'm convinced

No. 495380


Because it's clear June isn't the "human interaction" he wants c;. Inb4 cabin meet up has some cute girls and it will be totally okay with it because "lol she's hot and I'm not controlling like other girls"

But in all seriousness does he even have friends?Besides the skeptic meet ups I've never seen him just hangout with people.Who would he even go to the cabin with if not June/skeptic people.

No. 495382

her wig still looks like a $60-$100 one.

No. 495386

cabin fever means he's stuck inside too long. he's not at a cabin.

No. 495391


That's even worse, does he seriously not have any friends? I mean he could at least hangout with her siblings since they are around the same age. Obviously he should be spending more time with June, but I'm not going to keep beating that dead horse.

Where are his friends? Why can't he spend time with like his siblings and go to gatherings with their friends, is he that insufferable?

No. 495410

probably because they have jobs and children and wives. like, lives. on top of him probably being too insufferable for them to handle.

lol this is so sad. he'd rather whine and cry on twitter about being lonely than actually doing something about it and hanging out w his girlfriend who also has no obligations and wants to be with him 24/7. this relationship is so embarrassing all around for her. he clearly doesnt want to be around her.

No. 495411

I mean, would you willingly go out of your way to socialise with him?

No. 495428

File: 1517949835427.png (644.36 KB, 1440x1047, Screenshot_2018-02-06-12-42-57…)

It's gone again

No. 495453

File: 1517951182344.jpg (60.21 KB, 800x424, IMG_20180206_160515.jpg)

She doesn't mention him in her bio anymore either lol.

No. 495462

Is this happening ? Kek, i hope they broke up

No. 495464

w e w whats happening

I’m not shocked about Greg doing that, but June erasing Greg from her bio? odd.

No. 495466

she called him her bf earlier today w her 'terf' tweet. idk its weird but shes stillc alling him her bf

No. 495470

Yeah its weird. She keeps switching between termonology, either calling him fiance or boyfriend. Wtf choose one already.

For someone that loves him so much, she sure is hesitant to call him her fiance..

No. 495477

maybe bc she knows the illusion has been exposed already. dumbass didnt even get a day to celebrate her engagement and her status as a fiancee without him shitting on it lmao

No. 495482

seems kind of huge, Gregs been in her bio forever

No. 495492

OT but is English your second language? Sorry I just found your interpretation of cabin fever funny so I’m curious.

No. 495496


What the heck is going on. Why would she take it off, maybe he talked her into it.

It is, I'm glad you found it humorous! I learned a new phrase today lol.

No. 495503

I’m assuming he talked her into it also. I can’t imagine June erasing anything that has to do with Greg on her own free will.

No. 495508

Maybe they took a hint from the internet and decided not to be so public about the details of their relationship

No. 495513

I can find tons of reasons why Septic would erase her from his bio, since he is a douchebag, but what would make Shoe erase Septic?

Are they doing it for drama and attention? Maybe Shoe asked him to do that so she can see people reactions

No. 495516

part of me wants to believe june did this with her own free will but we know she didn't

are their fans noticing or just us?

No. 495519

File: 1517954121476.jpg (30.8 KB, 476x191, Capture.JPG)

She tweeted this just moments ago so false alarm


No. 495520

unless she's trying to get skeptics attention or guilt trip him or some shit, she does seem like the type to take a while before she actually gets it through her head she broke up

No. 495521

Well that was anticlimactic. Do you think she's reading the thread? Posting that so suddenly without reason seems fishy to me, especially after his tweet where he doesn't mention missing her specifically.

No. 495538

When you're so weak willed and easily influenced that a bunch of evil TERFs from an imageboard make you genuinely ashamed of your "perfect" relationship.

Told y'all she's embarrassed, kek.

No. 495541

Maybe they broke up and..erm..stayed ''friends'' to make videos and not to make they break up public?

No. 495555

She's already chimped here a few times. Check the Blaire thread.

No. 495564

did she post as herself?? or are u guys just guessing

No. 495592

Guessing, but the manner was pretty characteristic of her. Whiny Tumblr antisjw tier tl;dr, "muh conservative antifeminist women" somehow being coupled with "muh trannies", as if conservative women aren't mostly anti tranny. I'm pretty sure it's the same person chimping about TERFs whenever someone thinks a tranny or an anti-sjw is a cow. And we already know that June chimps about TERFs every time she's asshurt for any reason.

Go see for yourself, you'll certainly find it familiar.

No. 495598

File: 1517959663128.jpg (66.16 KB, 497x607, Capture.JPG)

I was searching for interactions between Magdalen and June and….just how dumb is wig0nhead?

"no man can become female ever"
>no shit, nobody disagrees with that
>but let them live physically as women

No. 495604

But most trannies are conservative and all are anti-feminist even though they don't all identify as such. Plus she whiteknights TIMs the most, which means she probably only cares because they're whiny men who will give her attention if she panders to them.

The whole blair thread is weird though. Idk why so many people are calling him "she/her," it seems like there's a samefag lowkey wk going out of their way to use those pronouns as much as they possibly can in their posts.

No. 495635

that's some next level mental gymnastics

No. 495651

>Idk why so many people are calling him "she/her," it seems like there's a samefag lowkey wk
I don't like Blaire but it's hard to break the habit, and imo Blaire passes as a woman decently. (I know some disagree with this.) I find Blaire insufferable as well as her/his fanbase, but policing pronouns is pretty obnoxious from either direction. I totally understand why some people call Blaire him (especially since Blaire still has a dick). But it's more of a subconscious/lazy thing as to why I, personally, write "her." That probably applies to quite a few people.
Just because people use a certain pronoun for Blaire doesn't mean they are WKs.

It's harder to apply that logic for no-name transtrenders or people who are all "nonbinary but gay but femme!" shit like Milo Stewart and Riley Dennis. At least Blaire is mostly consistent in appearances until she/he talks about topping or some shit.

Sorry for OT.
Wtf is June's logic even

No. 495705


She's anti feminism so why does she care about its so-called "gatekeepers"? I also thought she likes to call terfs irrelevant so how are they then powerful enough to be gatekeepers? I'm so confused.

No. 495712

This is ike the biggest form of hyprocisy. Arnt her and her idiot "daddy" aways going on about free speech, they say the most disgusting things about others yet when someone says something they disagree with they get triggered and their videos removed?!

Because shes fibbing, uness he has something to bitch about she got nothing to say, shes not known for having smart or origina thoughts.

sorry for mistakes i got banned before for using number one key to repace broken key even though i expained why.


No. 495813

Anon, I…

No. 495818

some of you people on this threads seem to be reaching with some stuff or straight up wackos such as TERFS. I dont like shoe, I consider her a lolcow but some of you deserve that label as well. some.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 495869

There's crazies on all walks of lolcow, IMO anyone who goes extreme with it should be permabanned, it gives lolcow a bad name

No. 495910

>calling people who don't support trannies, attention whores, and mras 'wackos'
>on lolcow
lurk more. and if you wanna bitch about farmers being obsessive, you should try the anisa thread. the worst i've seen in this one is a bit of armchair psychology.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 495917

but I think attention whores and mras are whackos too, and I'm not bitching about farmers being "obsessive" lmfao.

No. 495919

this anisa thread, shay-gnar thread, even a lot of threads in /ot/ and /g/, remember the huge fight in the weight gain trend thread? I have no idea why this place always attract crazies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 495929

OT but I think people who use image boards extensively tend to be at least a little bit off in some way.

No. 495940

File: 1517977961298.png (114.88 KB, 1242x520, IMG_2492.PNG)

He's back in her description

No. 495955

I guess it's pretty much confirmed that she lurks here, this happens every single time we bring up stuff like that

so if you're against them too, why are you complaining about le terves like a retard? you triggered about the trans stuff?
>I'm not bitching about farmers being "obsessive" lmfao.
then wtf did you mean by "reaching"? you still need to lurk more since you can't even reply properly, idiot.

No. 495965

She's probably doing it to make fun of us, tbh. Trying to see how quickly we'll notice.

No. 495978


Yet she won't link to this board like she so eagerly links to channels like mancheeze when making fun of her?

Not saying your statement is wrong. This is more me saying that if it's true she sure is selective.

No. 495980

She probably privately messages it to people and pretends to passively complain like

>haha look at what they say about me haha

knowing people will put their capes on.

No. 495991

There might be things on this image board she might not want her fans to see (personal things about her), whereas sending her fans after some random person she disagrees with would be less damaging to her own image. I kinda suspect she at least knows of this thread's existence though.

No. 496038

can you blame her? as much as she hides it she cares about her image more than anything
with the amount of unflattering images, exposing her photoshop, insecurity, and lying about her measurements, as well as exposing her typical loud myspace hoe past and not the ~qt feminine 5ever teen ,virgin-turned-nympho shy submissive coolgirl with male-centered political opinions smol humble introvert~ she is today

No. 496289

File: 1517991333334.png (226.67 KB, 1353x1130, greg_n_shoe.png)

Cutepup's gonna steal Grocery away from her. Grocery's getting fatter every day so it's no loss

No. 496301

>youtubers get paid about 100 per 1k views

You are very VERY wrong, anon. PRIOR to the "adpocalypse", the number was around $1 per 1k views. Now it's even less thanks to the "yellow dollar sign of doom" and YT's "sensitive content" algorithm. He doesn't make $900 a video, he makes closer to about $70. (Also depending on if he's signed with a YT Partner representation company like Fullscreen, Broadband Media, etc)

Taking into consideration that all videos released over the lifetime of a channel are constantly bringing in revenue at a slower-than-at-the-start but small trickle rate… I would estimate that from his main channel alone (Armoured Media) he likely pulls in $500-750 on average. This doesn't factor in his Patreon earnings or however he/June split the profits from their combined channel.

As someone who works for one of the aforementioned YT Partner representation companies…I hate seeing the standard "Youtubers make so much money!!!" assumption. It's really quite a insubstantial amount of money a month until you start to make 2-3 videos a week that get a minimum of 20k views and have them steadily amassing viewer engagement.

Sage for Youtube sperg, Tl;DR - groceries does NOT make enough money to live on his own from HIS channel (Patreon not included) alone.

No. 496303

Showing a gossip board with a thread about her that we're noticing her. Wewlad, farmers resigned.

No. 496310

File: 1517994714954.jpg (500.14 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20180207-010645.jpg)

I imagine either his family helps out with rent or June helps pay for his apartment since she has no bills she has to pay herself since she lives at home. Pic related is Grocery's kitchen, which looks rather small and not super upscale or anything. Not sure how much he'd have to pay per month for it.

No. 496311

LMAO this obviously posed "trad housewife" Pic. Is looking like a retard marveling at how a grape bag opens supposed to be homemaker status

No. 496314

lmao she can't even by quality groceries, the have a fridge of a greasy college boy

No. 496318

who the FUCK sits on the floor to put away groceries

No. 496323

souper meals and hot sauce as far as the eye can see. both of these tools are such terrible representations of masculinity and femininity. all the radfems and 'ugly masculine' feminists she hates that i know, are more domestically talented/knowledgeable than she is. she cant get shit right

No. 496402

fuck I know right. And how is this exactly supposed to show how much of a """""tradeshunal submissive domestic goddess uwu""""she is?
>instant noodles(?)
>old el paso ready-made seasoning packet
>jars of premade sauces
>dairylea dunkers(what the fuck?????)
damn it june the only teenage/loli-like thing about you is the fact that you have the cooking skills of a literal child. Then again given that her fanbase is comprised soley of mountain-dew swilling neckbeards they probably consider this haute cuisine kek

No. 496417

tinfoil but I imagine June posting links to this board on various neckbeard imageboards such as 4chan's /pol/, /r9k/ etc and is like "This imageboard is full of WOMEN, lets invade them bros!"

Right before lolcow.farms predecessor (stamina rose) got deleted, there was a small invasion from unichan. While lolcow.farms was being made to replace stamina rose, many anons took refugee and made a thread for farmers there.
I'm pretty sure that June, who was the queen attention whore on unichan before her Youtube fame, noticed the site and since she loves "lolcows" and shitting on women, probably lurked and possibly posted.

That's why this thread gets filled with "you guys are nitpicking" ever so often, but I don't think she is ballsy enough to go for a direct attack.


No. 496427


is getting the table scraps really worth it, june?

No. 496432

I'm thinking that skeptic lives in his parents basement which is why he hasn't moved june in

No. 496434

lmao, didn't even notice that

what a sad picture

No. 496438

I can't believe she spent her time and energy making this lol

No. 496441

She use to talk so babyish and cutesy towards him. I'm getting be second hand embarrassment.

No. 496443

Also I will admit that skeptic seemed more loving and affectionate towards her back then. He did seem to be on the same level of attraction, back then she was cringe and corny in love but he was as well, it seems he has gotten bored.

No. 496503

honeymoon phase is a bitch aint it.

I have a feeling he’s just having a hard time breaking it to June that he’s not interested anymore so he keeps trying new things to motivate his interest in her again.

No. 496523

Yeah it's pretty sad actually. At first when he was around her they laughed like idiots and were so excited by each other. He actually did treat her like his cute little waifu, now he seems like he's about to go to sleep when ever she's around. Maybe her gaining weight and getting older has something to do with it.

No. 496535

Maybe they are both shitty and he realizes that she can't do anything. Same for him but she does a better job gaslighting herself. And of course, all women are the same, so is June, she is interchangeable.

No. 496538

>Maybe her gaining weight and getting older has something to do with it.

I don't think that's the reason, her appearance hasn't changed drastically. It's just FatSeptic is a manchild and thinks of June as a toy to play with, instead of an actual human being. Once a shiny, new toy now is something he's bored with, so his attention drifts to thicc camgirl type of toys.

Also June doesn't really have much of personality either. She does everything he tells her to, has exact same opinion as him, does this fake cute "bunnies uwu" act along with sperging and internet memes. She has no interests and hobbies, no life experiences other than camwhoring on imageboards and later Youtube.

No. 496543

*attention whoring, not camwhoring

No. 496549

They are both so cringe, fucking hell

No. 496564

>She has no interests and hobbies, no life experiences other than camwhoring on imageboards and later Youtube.

This is probably the saddest part about her. The closest thing to a hobby she had was make up and making skits with her friends. And I believe she originally wanted to just have a youtube for those things but, she got so much attention from men for the oppression olympics video she sold herself to them. I get why she continues to do it now is because it makes good money but, I can only think her original reason to make anit-feminist videos completely stems from males giving her compliments and her never having that before in such a large scale.

I don't know how she can be ok with knowing the person she's with now is only with her because she ended up playing the stereotype that all the neckbeards wanted her to be instead of doing what she actually liked.

No. 496578

File: 1518022033833.jpg (44.39 KB, 1478x254, Capture.JPG)

No. 496583

I didn't even know she had a kiwifarms thread, gonna check it out later

No. 496599

Have they ever had a public fight/disagreement over anything?

No. 496611

it's mostly just ugly kiwi men talking about how they want to motorboat her

there are truly no upsides to this relationship

No. 496718

Her tits look like rocks, I imagine motorboating her would be like newton balls

No. 496733

Yo wtf.

This relationship is going to suck if it ever advances beyond a game of make believe.

And as other anon’s have mentioned she’s not that good at being trad. She’s essentially a woman-hating neoliberal with a weird fetish for male attention. My mom is a very conservative anti-feminist (stay at home mom, believes in traditional gender roles, family values, etc) and she has watched June’s vids with. Her conclusion was that June is very annoying and here is something really wrong with her. Lmbo.

That said I’ve noticed a lot of “not like other girls” don’t have real hobbies or skills that don’t pertain to their image. Whatever their “thing” is that makes them special isnonly practiced for pictures or an audience. e.g. self proclaimed yogis who actually spend most their life starving themselves and binging bad Netflix shows/movies.

No. 496771

He seems to be her main interest and she just bends to his desires, and while I'm sure this is was a boost to his ego at first, it has to get boring after a while. She acts more like a little girl trying to express her emotionally unavailable Dad, and not in a kinky uwu way, just in a sad way.

No. 496773

Anyone else notice she deleted her June Lapine channel? It was the one with that video of her 10 tips for a LDR and nothing else. She said she wanted the channel to be about makeup tutorials, how to care for pet bunnies, fashion, and relationship advice.

No. 496840


No. 496844

yeah, but she re-uploaded the 10 tips video to "shoe & skeptic".

a couple of months ago.

No. 496865

So that channel was supposed to be her talking about her hobbies, interests etc but turns out she has nothing except her attention-thirsty sperg internet persona

No. 496868


Does shoe on head really brand herself as traditional? Maybe its buried in some chatlog somewhere, but when I search for her + traditional on google its all just people complaining that she's not very traditional.

"Submissive" and "traditional" are two different things.

No. 496887

File: 1518042306576.jpg (37.1 KB, 495x405, Capture.JPG)

It's more like a year or two ago, when she started dating fatso, she was implying she was ~tradishunal girlfriend~ ( see >>496310 and >>489749 )supporting ~gender roles~ along with constantly shitting on feminists and hanging out with lauren southern.

Nowadays she is trying to present herself as liberal and open-minded because /pol/ calls her a coal burner and nobody buys that her attention whore tendencies are traditional. She is even sort of more chill with liberal feminism and just hates "TERFs" now.

No. 496891

Its so clear she only hates "terfs" because the only women she's okay with are men.

No. 496917

File: 1518044103099.gif (19.88 MB, 720x405, cheers2u.gif)

Fucking kek! You made me remember something anon.

As noted by other anons june seems to have a general hatred for women, especially those prettier than her. I wonder if the reason shes ok with transwomen is because secretly she thinks she automatically better than them because they are not real women? There was this girl who went to my college, pro-trans who was like her (much less obnoxious but thats not saying much), of course we found out her true feelings when her bf of 3 years dumped her for a trap (not a transwoman, but to her they were the same) and didnt stop her embarassing rant in the middle of our class debate.


No. 496930


If the closest she comes to "implying" a traditional lifestyle is a "durr I cant cook lmao!" joke and a pic of her putting away some grapes, its safe to say she never claimed to be trad at all. Her anti-feminist stuff has never been from a traditionalist standpoint.

Shoe is just the girl version of all the other youtube "anti-sjw" skeptics + an overly public infatuation with her fat mediocre bf.

O shit

No. 496935

There is a tweet of her bugging Greg with “gibe money, give resources” and a that pic of her holding a sandwich for that hungry fatso with the caption “happy women’s day!” She implies she’s into traditional gender roles.

No. 496944

Also that pic where she was like “I wish it was the 50s” to a list of things saying “how to be a 50s housewife”. I seen another fake trad whore post the same list on her Facebook. So duffernt and not like the other women.

No. 496946

She can hate TERFs all she wants, it doesn't mend her shitty relationship with a fat misogynist who thinks all women are objects. When Groceries finally gets the spine to break up with her , she's not going to have any real female friends to turn to and cry.

No. 496956

June wouldn't survive if someone time-traveled her to back the 50s, there would be no internet, no social media to get male attention fix from.

No. 496982

There was a video they did together where they talk about having a very traditional relationship where June cooks and cleans and god knows what Groceries did for her.

I don’t remember which tho it was so long ago. It may have been an ask vid if they did one together.

No. 496983

This tbh.

No. 496991

lol, absolutely nothing is stopping anyone from being a homemaker/housewife or whatever if that's what they want to do, in fact I'd say its easier than ever.

The only reason to go back to the 1950s from a homemaking standpoint would be what? Other women getting held back in their careers? Sexual harassment? Certainly cant get any fame/money as an "internet personality".

No. 496996

Looks like it's time for her daily sperg about the tervens. What an autist.

Did she ever delete that tweet about terfs being scary after Andi was outed as a shiteating pedophile?

No. 497018

File: 1518049289804.jpg (132.73 KB, 800x936, IMG_20180207_191649.jpg)

June's going on about "nice guys" and its cringey that someone like her is trying to give relationship advice.

No. 497025

she's horrible and fucktarded, but shes not actually too wrong here, tho her fanboys arent going to like this. expect a tweet and delete, ladies

both her and greg have implied multiple times that shes going to be a homemaker/that she should be/is destined to be. she doesnt say shes trad bc the actual trad community would come for her and her sex life is degenerate af but the implications are there. mentions it a lot in videos.

No. 497044

Oh yeah girls are to blame for everything. Males are fragile snowflakes that can't reason for themselves so girls hold the responsibility for everything. Sure her fans will like this part.

No. 497046

Once again, June’s shut-inness is showing.

The term “nice guys” is not referring to politeness or friendliness. And talking to a woman does not automatically make you nice what the hell?

But I agree with what she says about saying “you’re nice but…” when rejecting someone. Women tend to try lightening the blow because they’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. They should just be straight up about why it’s not going to work. That’s an assertiveness thing, though.

No. 497049

>every man who tries to talk to a woman is nice
what in the whole fuck? most girls aren't thinking about chemistry while they're patronizing neckbeards so they'll fuck off. they keep it simple because they simply don't want to get harassed any further. why is this bitch who unironically opens her legs for said neckbeards and doesn't even have any female friends speaking for us?

No. 497065

> every man that tries to talk to a woman is nice
how fucking socially sheltered is she?

>The term “nice guys” is not referring to politeness or friendliness
Right? I thought it was well known on the internet what type of man that 'nice guys' is referring to. It's the type of man who feels entitled to sex and whatnot for a woman BECAUSE he was nice, so why would those stupid bitches not give him what he wants!? It's literally referring to men who think they deserve sex because they managed to get through an entire conversation without calling a girl a whore. June has been on the internet and in these circles for years, you would think she'd know this.

No. 497066

No. She says guys think being ''nice'' is what makes girls reject them because girls say that phrase. So girls should police what they say even more cause they're supposed to be caregiving to all the males. They should think though all the things they say to a man and in general even more carefully. It's not like there's a lot of sexist reasons they have this conclusion and that girlz are people, not caregivers to guyz. Even though women already to this whole emotional work for two and men are just totally lazy and expect women to do it for them. Women should try even harder cause the reason men treat them bad is that women don't try hard enough. That's the logic behind MRA, Red Pill and other misogynistic movements.

No. 497071

Being a homemaker isn't really the same as being trad, while it pays nothing at least you keep more dignity vs. being an e-"celebrity" forever.

Stuff like >>496944 makes her some kinda schizo trad though.

No. 497076

like others have said, she has posted shit about wanting to go back to the 50s bc traditional gender roles, and literally evrything she hypes has to do w traditional gender roles and specifically females being submissive. it's obvious that that's what she's pushing bc of her wannabe macho loser fanbase that wants to own women.

No. 497080

Also the way she talks about women in general is like she doesn't think women are capable of being anything but homemakers and sex objects for men. You can tell she thinks all women are unintelligent, untalented, and have nothing to offer the world other than their looks, their body, and their womb.

She literally said something like 'women suck at most things.'

No. 497101

yep, and it's bc she sucks at everything, she thinks everyone else is as inept and useless as her. no june, you're just remarkably shit at everything you do. the only thing childish about her, as other anons have said, are her shit cooking skills, and the fact that like a fucking 3 year old, she has 0 theory of mind.

No. 497107

she's saying that every guy is bringing niceness to the table, but they need to have more going for them, which, i mean, obviously a lot of men that approach women aren't ACTUALLY nice, and most are actually enormo douchebags that straight up harass women, but telling these retards that ALL their competition is nice (i.e., stop overvaluing your 'niceness' bc it's expected of everyone to treat women w respect [tho this is obviously untrue]) might motivate them to treat women a little less like shit. tho that obviusly wasnt her intention. her real intention was to continue to glitter their nutsacks and hype men like the dickmatized delulu that she is and frantically reassert how wonderful they are "so nice!!" (meanwhile men murder fucking everyone, and 3 females are murdered by their male partners a day in the US).

No. 497172

File: 1518055077542.jpg (188.2 KB, 800x766, IMG_20180207_205736.jpg)

No. 497182

Did she really say she is or was "asexual"….? Trying to play up this xd I'm just an awkward nerdy girl who gets bullied by other reemales xd thing doesn't work when you constantly post about your sex life, have openly made fun of women numerous times…isn't there even a video of her admitting she was a bully in school?

No. 497185

Why lie?we have already seen numerous videos of her with female friends

No. 497197

>Such an unbearable attention whore that the only people who would accept her were incels
Rip. Don't pin your failures on your ocd and awkwardness, pin it on your bad personality.

She still fails to realize that men don't respect women enough to stop pestering them after they get rejected. We say things like "You're nice but-" and "I have a boyfriend" because it gets them to fuck off faster. They respect empty compliments and men like fake boyfriend a hell of a lot more than they respect us.

No. 497203

It's funny how she's been posting on her blog more but, still keeps in her bio that she's 25.

No. 497237

Seriously. The only reason I have ever tried to explain to a man why I'm "rejecting" him is because they don't accept simple things like "no thank you." They need a REASON and even when you give them one, that reason isn't good enough and they still won't leave you alone. Women shouldn't have to make up a fake boyfriend in order for men to leave them alone. That's ridiculous, and just shows that men don't give a fuck about what women want or what they say, they don't respect us, they will only back off when they think they are encroaching on another man's "property." Maybe it IS a mistake, but I always try to give them a compliment ("you're nice, but…" "you seem really great…but") because I'm hoping they will take it better and won't flip out if I try to make them feel good about themselves. Or assure them that they don't have some fatal flaw, and there's nothing wrong with them, I'm just not personally interested. The fact that women even have to agonize over the 'right way' to tell a man they aren't interested, aside from common politeness, is ridiculous. Men need to just learn to accept that 'no thank you' or 'I'm not interested' is a sufficient answer.

In a perfect world, everyone would be polite and kind to everyone, and if you're going to reject someone always be at least nice about it, but why the fuck do women have to bend over backwards, past the point of being polite and courteous, so that men don't get angry or get their ego bruised? Men never give a fuck about women's feelings, but women are expected to prioritize men's feelings over our own.

This has been my experience at least. Obviously #notallmen, ymmv, exc.

No. 497248

I think its more her and a few of her followers who already know about this board are posting, I get the feeling she would not want many of her followers to know about these threads or that they bother her so much. I think more know about her ED page which personally I think is far more scathing than anything thats been posted here.

>I'm pretty sure that June, who was the queen attention whore on unichan before her Youtube fame, noticed the site and since she loves "lolcows" and shitting on women, probably lurked and possibly posted. That's why this thread gets filled with "you guys are nitpicking" ever so often, but I don't think she is ballsy enough to go for a direct attack.

However I think you are right there, there does seem to be attempts to mod this thread beyond other threads, like you say with nitpicking bitching arguments and this is boring/not funny or outright attacks on female farmers you can see up thread. I think its more she doesnt want to get banned because this thread seems to get updated a lot and she wants to be able to moan about it. If it is her and not her rabid fans.


No. 497261

Regular "June is not a cow" and "Blaire is not a cow" posters all sound the same tbh.

No. 497346

Fuck this bitch and her cock sucking man whoring ways. Women have been MURDERED for saying no to guys and rejecting them. She can take that attitude and shove it. It's frustrating that since a teenager, i was told by friends to get a fake phone number ready because some guys are so creepy and refuse to leave you alone.

June has never had a terrible experience with guys and she's okay with being treated like shit by Groceries. Now she wants to give other women advice? No.

No. 497373

File: 1518070297112.jpg (72.46 KB, 800x566, IMG_20180208_010523.jpg)

>June has never had a terrible experience with guys
Yes she has anon!! She knows exactly what she's talking about! One guy called her a bitch once! She totally knows what it's like to deal with rejected guys!!!

No. 497460

What a crock of bullshit. She wasn't "asexual" and she actually did have female friends in high school. She is just trying to pretend she was ~asexual awkward virgin~ until septic, when in reality she was whoring for attention on the net for a long time.
And that text she wrote is laughable. Women need to realize ~WE ARE THE PART OF THE PROBLEM~ because those neckbearded egomaniacs won't take a hint. Bravo June. Remember when one of your neckbeard allies stole your phone and leaked your nudes and other private photos to the internet because you rejected him?
Keep babying those sort of men, they'll shit on you regardless.

Vid related, June in high school and her totally not female friends.

No. 497465

>i was bullied by women (in high school) for my doormat nature

what does this even mean?

No. 497491

exactly what it sounds like. they picked on her for being a pathetic beta and a cuck, just like we do on here.

obviously they didn't do it hard enough because she learned nothing

No. 497494

The whole trad discussion reminded me of this old video grocery's made. I can't bring myself to rewatch it but I remember him going on about how traditional they were.

No. 497504

This sounds like fan fiction

No. 497516

Oh come on. It's cause you're histrionic misogynist see here >>495042
Also her writing is now like that of a neoliberal kind of ''feminist'' but not really like Laci Green, for instance. ''I was part of the problem of toxic masculinity because I didn't nurture guys enough cause they have no mind and conscience of their own and it's a woman's job to be the best mom you can to all the guys''.

No. 497517

Although there's no real difference between Laci Green (neoliberal kinda feminist) and women like her. The lines are really blurred and eventually it all comes down to one thing.

No. 497529

As someone who used to be a tomboy in high school and had more male friends than female, she is completely full of shit

1. She acts like every woman in her high school was a "Stacy" aka popular cheerleader barbie type who would bully her, the ~oh so unique one~, for her fashion choices and that she couldn't have female friends except one who later became a transmale.
That's bullshit because there is various types of girls in high school, there are other tomboys, sporty girl types, plain nerdy girls etc. I was a tomboy into typically male interests and still could find few female friends, not just male ones.

2. Bullied for her doormat nature? Who does that in high school? Nobody is even aware what doormat even means, especially in 2005 (when she was high school age). People only started calling her a doormat in like 2015 after she proudly called herself a "footstool" for her fat boyfriend. She acts like high school girls in 2005 were some kind of feminists who also made fun of her. Is she projecting farmers onto high school girls or something?

3. Nerdy guys protected you and were totally judgement-free? Bitch please. You act like only girls shit on appearances. If you actually did hang-out with nerdy guys in high school, you should know they can be quite judging of you and tell you that you are a fuckup because you don't look as good as those make-up wearing girls etc.

4. The reason why women say "You are nice but…" because if we outright reject them, you get met with "I WAS BEING NICE TO YOU, WHY ARE YOU SUCH A CUNT?" And why are women saying that a part of the problem? For being gentle and not wanting to hurt feelings? Those who are part of problem are stupid men who can't deal with being rejected.

5. Also June, remember when that fat nerd stole your phone and leaked your nudes to the internet, only because you didn't want to date him? Do you think he is a poor baby who needs protection from meany women?

6. So the proper way to reject a guy is to tell them you have a boyfriend? They will leave you alone because they will see you as another man's property. So if you simply tell them the way you feel without lies, you get berated and shat on? And somehow it's women who are the mean ones and should watch their language, while poor men babbies must be protected..

7. I can't believe this was written by a 27 year old. Reads like a dumb entry from a high school girl who ~is not like the other girls~.

No. 497530

I watched first 5 seconds of it, where fatso pretends to measure his microdick and then says "heh, still got it."

Couldn't continue watching after that.

No. 497531

File: 1518095591346.jpg (32.05 KB, 669x460, Capture.JPG)

Oh and wow, what a manly alpha lmoa.

No. 497552

I never realized how fucking pale he was until this vid. I also couldn't last more than a minute, he's so cringey. I can't imagine what he dictates as masculine, a guy who sits at his computer all day and has pale noodle arms and buddha belly.

No. 497564

tl;dr version for those wondering is basically: "Not every relationship where the male is the more dominant partner is toxic and/or abusive"