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File: 1519103971617.jpg (368.27 KB, 600x1716, 1517516976677.jpg)

No. 509237


>June continues to cater to fat incel nicebois despite the fact they hate her

>"y-yeah june, keep putting your money in my account as I fuck these cuter-than you camgirls, it''s SUPER kinky babe I promise"
>greg continues to kick june in and out only allowing her to stay for a week or so every other month when he wants to fuck despite the fact they're engaged via dollar tree wedding ring
>relationship still revolves around their dying internet fam, greg is turning into a nasty old fart, june still aging, both still pretending to be 18 yr old edgelords who just discovered bdsm
>greg continues to cheat, june continues to wipe it off as ~kinky coolgirlism and totally not dying inside~
>june still shooping her fridge of a body
>greg and june still in denial that gregs PCOS pear shaped body is totally strong manly muscle and not years worth of doritos and mountain dew
>june still sugar mamaing and babying skeptic, her desperation to keep the fat, useless, disgusting greasy pretentious fag has cost her dignity and everything else

No. 509267

Preface: I am basing most of my knowledge off of memory. Some things may be incorrect. That being said, I know everything I post to be true. Most of you will have already known most of this. This is mainly for those looking to actually understand June's behavior.

The earliest I can remember seeing June was an online hack forum website. It was mostly script kiddies and the likes circle jerking, cracking websites, ddosing, etc. June was on there for some strange reason.
I think she likes male dominated spaces. If I remember right, there was a boxxy thread on there. She posted a video impersonating boxxy and started talking with some of the boxxy fans on YouTube. It was around this time that she dropped out of college. I would say she was addicted to the internet at this point. She had one real life friend that was a girl and her sister, and aside from that she had very few friends.

June ditched her hack forums fans for the boxxy fans. She started posting on Unichan and Boxxy websites daily and visiting their tinychats. Once again, surrounded by "beta male" types for lack of a better word. Her internet addiction grew stronger. However, being a jobless 20-something with zero higher education became a problem. June got a job at a make up counter. I think she later got a job at a skin care place, too. The jobs were better than minimum wage since it was in upscale long island. It was around this time that she started dating Andrew (GmasterRed) from the boxxy chans. She was now involved in an online long distance relationship.

No. 509270

(2012 continued)
Now, we have to understand a few things about the boxxyfags to continue. First, many of them were whiteknight types. June gained a lot of followers from these, and I believe they were the ones who initially spammed her videos on /pol/, reddit, etc. (We'll get to that later) So, June started making friends with these guys. And even started dating Andrew. What was more perhaps more important than that, was her relationship with someone called "Eyrev" - real name Ian. Ian was the initial person who hacked boxxy in 2009 and created a shit storm online. He is a very interesting character in all of this. He hung around the boxxyfags for whatever reason, saying that he never meant to hack boxxy. It was all very strange, but I think what June saw was in him was someone that was "popular" and interesting.

So, before she got with Andrew, she wrote that long love message to him. Ian at the time must have either known June was too crazy too handle, or just been too shy himself to even try. Still, they stayed close friends and Ian became protective of her.


No. 509277

(2012 cont…)
So, June was still a small youtuber with maybe 1k subscribers. She would hardly make videos. She still held mostly left-leaning views. The boxxyfags on Unichan were still mostly obsessed with her. They had given up on the real boxxy since she had essentially gotten fat and left the internet. Now, June was the "queen of Unichan" - yeah, for a time.

Eventually, that group of boxxyfags, 3 young men all together I think, went to Cancun. This was possibly June's greatest mishap to date. She went to Cancun with 3 internet guys and stayed in a hotel with them. While her REAL boyfriend at the time, Andrew, was at home. The catch? She hadn't told the others about Andrew yet. So these 3 suckers were all pining after her. Or, at least one of them was. The really obese one you see in the photo with her. He was called "Sparrow" on the boxxy chans. Now, he had developed an obsession with June. On the trip, he finally asked her out. She said no… And he demanded to know why. She refused to tell him. This only enraged him more. The trip became awkward and intense at times. June became distant and would lock herself in the bathroom for hours on end. Then, one day June was taking a shower. When she came out, her phone was missing. She looked everywhere but couldn't find it.

The group left and came back, and finally they thought to call it. They heard it buzzing… In the ceiling. Someone had hid it in the ceiling. They kind of all laughed it off like it was a joke. Days later, when they returned home, a thread popped up on Unichan.

No. 509279

The thread was a long letter about how June had led this person on, and how he deserved better. It detailed the fact that June was secretly dating Andrew behind his back. Obviously Sparrow felt very betrayed. And to be fair, he was lied to.

At first, no one knew what the thread was about. Then, June must have realized. Things started popping up in the thread like "you're pathetic Kenny" - And then we all realized Kenny was his real name.

Finally, a few nude photographs which are now kind of infamous were posted. Kenny had found them on her phone, and he took a picture of them with his phone. So it's a picture of a phone picture, which is why the quality is terrible. Then, he hid the phone in the ceiling, likely to try and get more information later. This is how he found out about June's secret relationship.

After the relationship was revealed, and the lies, and nudes, June's reputation on Unichan became compromised.

No. 509287

So June's relationship with Andrew became public. And there were mixed reactions. Andrew was a controversial person on Unichan and a lot of people felt that June's treatment of Kenny was in bad taste.

June went into hiding and stopped posting on Unichan with a tripcode. She even stopped making videos, only releasing one every few months if that. She made a lot of her channels private, twitter, instagram, etc… It seemed that her internet addiction was slowly going away.

Andrew asked her to stay off of Unichan, stop making YouTube videos, and focus on moving out of her parent's house. All things that he had already done. I know this because she would tell her "diehard fans" this. And one diehard fan from the boxxyfags still talked to her a lot. Eyrev (Ian) the one from the love letters. The way June portrayed Andrew was that he was borderline abusive, and wouldn't let her pursue her interests. Andrew was working, out of his mom's house, and in school. He wanted June to do the same. Her internet addiction just could not stop creeping its head in. She wanted that feeling of being worshiped, obsessed over, in a male-dominated space and being the only female. I believe this is a pattern with her which led her to her current status on YouTube.

No. 509291

There's a lot to get to in the 2013-2014 time for things to make sense later on. I'll type the rest out soon.

No. 509323

TY for the info anon!

No. 509389

File: 1519132872423.jpg (413.8 KB, 666x1451, GOXRr.jpg)

Thank you anon for writing all of this. I've been trying to find out more about her unichan past so your contribution was very helpful

>What was more perhaps more important than that, was her relationship with someone called "Eyrev" - real name Ian. Ian was the initial person who hacked boxxy in 2009 and created a shit storm online. (…) So, before she got with Andrew, she wrote that long love message to him. Ian at the time must have either known June was too crazy too handle, or just been too shy himself to even try.

I googled that guy's username and this is one of the first results I've found. She was 20 when she wrote this love letter. I mean if she was 13 I would understand but being 20 and writing like this is just very cringeworthy.

>Eventually, that group of boxxyfags, 3 young men all together I think, went to Cancun. This was possibly June's greatest mishap to date. She went to Cancun with 3 internet guys and stayed in a hotel with them. While her REAL boyfriend at the time, Andrew, was at home. The catch? She hadn't told the others about Andrew yet. So these 3 suckers were all pining after her.

Jesus Christ she really isn't right in the head. She just went to a foreign country with 3 men she met on anonymous message board and didn't even take her boyfriend with her…Who does that? Is she that thirsty for male attention?

>These 3 suckers were all pining after her. Or, at least one of them was. The really obese one you see in the photo with her. He was called "Sparrow" on the boxxy chans. Now, he had developed an obsession with June. On the trip, he finally asked her out. She said no… And he demanded to know why. She refused to tell him. This only enraged him more. The trip became awkward and intense at times. June became distant and would lock herself in the bathroom for hours on end.

Well no shit that would happen. Yet she is still keen on shitting on women while defending poor babbbies such as that fat Kenny dude.

>Andrew asked her to stay off of Unichan, stop making YouTube videos, and focus on moving out of her parent's house. All things that he had already done. I know this because she would tell her "diehard fans" this. And one diehard fan from the boxxyfags still talked to her a lot. Eyrev (Ian) the one from the love letters. The way June portrayed Andrew was that he was borderline abusive, and wouldn't let her pursue her interests. Andrew was working, out of his mom's house, and in school. He wanted June to do the same. Her internet addiction just could not stop creeping its head in.

Interesting. So her ex-boyfriend actually wanted her to become independent and stop her internet attention whore addiction? That's what she considers abusive?

Also is there more about her relationship with Andrew?

>She wanted that feeling of being worshiped, obsessed over, in a male-dominated space and being the only female. I believe this is a pattern with her which led her to her current status on YouTube.

Yep, that's our wig0nhead

No. 509391

Is this thread still around or long gone? If it hasn't been covered in a past thread.

No. 509395

Thanks for this. I had a general idea of her past history but, it's nice to have it all typed out in order of when things happened. The hack forum thing is interesting because I noticed it pop up in a few searches. I might go look into that.

No. 509422

whoever makes these thread pics, you have a gift. thx 4 the laffs.

No. 509491

>Is she that thirsty for male attention?
Given her current situation, it seems so.


Lol, good one.

No. 509501

Ai she cheated on her bf with greasy neckbeards? So much for "perfect coolgirl status"

No. 509511

Can you give more information in regards to the whole boxxy situation?

No. 509513

>That’s not very BDSM of you June

I’m dying

No. 509605

File: 1519149916390.jpg (112.15 KB, 800x760, IMG_20180220_125756.jpg)

I know we already talked about it enough but, I still can't get over the fact that they honestly think they're comparable to that artist and his wife. It really puts into perspective how high their ego is.

Grocery thinking he's anywhere close to that man just gets to me, even more so then the Flynn Rider shit. Modern neckbeards think "dadbod" = masculine and fit. It's so rough.

No. 509632


I think you might be reading too much into the picture anon. I would think the post is more about the situation than looks comparison.

No. 509663

I'd agree if June didn't go out of her way to tweet how "they're totally them". There are plenty of couple comics out there, it's way too intentional that she'd pick the one that fits her delusional persona of her being a smol hourglass and grocery being " thicc" and having strong arms and no buddha belly etc.

No. 509667

Please bring it up as much as you like anon. The cartoonist couple is hot and goalsworthy and a much appreciated break from this sad shitshow

No. 509668

Does this mean he gets to see the 5 stringy hairs clinging to June’s bald head all wet in the shower?

No. 509675

Oh no I’m laughing like a complete autist at work help. Draw anon needs to edit the comic to bring this image to life.

No. 509692

Right? the only positive thing to come from reading her cancer twitter was discovering that artist.

No. 509763

June downplays the bullying she did to a girl after she got famous:

Original video from years ago where she says how cruel she actually was to her:

No. 509798

File: 1519163196146.jpg (99.62 KB, 557x402, Capture.JPG)

>in 10th grade i had like boyfriends and doodly doodly doo
>in 11th grade i started becoming popular and hanged out with assholes
>i used to make fun of people from 10th grade to 12th grade
>making fun of the anime-loving nerd girl with harry potter scarf

She completely changed her history. Now in her recent blog she's the nerd girl who gets bullied by WOMYN

No. 509799

Her views actually used to be more on the feminist side back in her old vlogs

No. 509801

>face of anime loving nerd girl who got bullied by meen popular girls and was asexual

who does this b think she's fooling? just looking at her everyone knows damn well she was the bitch bullying anyone and everyone

No. 509821

What's also rough is I noticed on her twitter she'll retweet normie anime/weeb shit(like "anime backgrounds vs american cartoon backgrounds! Look how much better anime is!") or use anime character reaction images despite not more than a year ago she was shitting on anime or anyone who liked it. There was a stream with her and grocery where they both confirmed that they don't watch anime at all and have no interest in it.

And yet, she of course does the fake girl shit where they just love the aesthetic but, hate on people who genuinely like something for more than just trying to seem quirky and cute.

No. 510086

We are off to a good start with all the dirt posted here in this new thread, but there is quite a bit missing from before 2012 that explains her behavior. June was a relatively normal attention-craving girl with some creativity thrown in, her footprint left all over the internet. All until her heart was broken after years of being used and abused. She was fed lies, strung along, and brainwashed. Skeptic is not organically the type of man she is attracted to, she was made to be this way. He is a consequence of her learned mental complex. She was given a taste of toxic male acceptance, she became addicted to the special treatment and the lies, and she lost herself somewhere along the way. The person to blame for this is still at large. She deserves blame for being so naive, accepting of abuse, and mentally stunted, but again - She was made to be this way.

No. 510194

what the fuck is this post lol

No. 510255

This person shows up in every thread trying to white knight her, claiming her ex (Andrew) "made her" into an attention-seeking idiot who enjoys being humiliated by her partners and exists purely for male attention.

I'm guessing it's one of her unichan orbiters, personally. Maybe even the crazy one who stole her phone and posted her nudes.

No. 510260

No, they mean Rob Kaufman, not Andrew. Anon said that Andrew was trying to get her off the internet and get a real job.

No. 510271

who gives a shit tho. literally everyone in the universe has outside factors that make them how they are, positive and negative. no one gets a pass.

No. 510296

File: 1519190195033.jpg (49.89 KB, 640x480, ShoeOnHead.jpg)

You have all been a great audience. However, I don't know if I have the courage to post the rest of the history.

I'm not trying to sound dramatic, but I fear repercussions. I could get banned, or worse.

The truth deserves to be told, it really does. I just don't know why I am the only one who feels it should be. I'm having doubts, I don't know if anyone will even believe me. This shouldn't be my burden, they should have come clean a lot sooner.

People deserve the truth.

No. 510297

I thought June had a decent amount of real life friends, at least a few years back in 2010.

No. 510298

Get banned from where?

No. 510299

wouldn't doubt june to do it, probably why she's letting gerg cheat too

No. 510301

This place.

No. 510303

File: 1519190476171.jpg (16.19 KB, 716x724, 1418940653001.jpg)

>I'm not trying to sound dramatic
>I could get banned or worse
>or worse

oh god I'm laffin

No. 510304

no one gives a shit about 'the truth' if we gave a fuck about every cow or flake's 'deep' past there wouldn't be any.

No. 510312

tell us anyway. I doubt youll get banned.

No. 510315

I always hear this Rob shit but that anon never gives context besides "oh what a poor abused victim june is"

No. 510317

The fuck would you get banned for lol, now it just sounds like you're trolling

No. 510323

Lol, maybe I worded that poorly.

Sorry but I don't understand what you mean.

I'm considering it.

I can see how you might think that.

The Rob thing is likely a poster from Unichan who may have a grudge against him for some reason. I recall posts similar to that one dating back to 2012.

No. 510328

File: 1519191822899.jpg (129.79 KB, 768x576, June (146).jpg)


wasn't Rob the guy who leaked her nudes?
and/or the sunburned guy sitting on her in this picture?

No. 510330

>posts unichan time stamp
>pretends to be june

No. 510332

That's Kenny aka "Sparrow" Referenced in >>509279 and

No. 510333

File: 1519192053991.jpg (856.89 KB, 1582x1830, 130785479981.jpg)

No. 510334

Don't get scared away now. The dirt you had was specific and good so far. june is probably derailing rn.

No. 510335

Or armoured septic.

No. 510336

File: 1519192212153.jpg (17.63 KB, 600x450, 131677784289.jpg)

Has there been any concrete reason to believe they post here?

No. 510338

No reason other than they're massively self-involved which is reason enough.

But, I don't think they're the ones derailing - just detective anons.

No. 510340

junes uses words like "derpy" which I havent heard anyone use since 2009

No. 510343

File: 1519192789320.jpg (92.02 KB, 630x480, 13011655802.jpg)

What is the lolcow staff like? Do you think they are the types to reveal a poster's IP or something like that?

No. 510344

What do you mean by this?

No. 510345

anon as long as you follow the rules you’re fine, they tend to only expose anons who are the cows themselves/self posting and even then it’s an extreme thing and isn’t usually done unless you’re completely sperging

No. 510348

No they wouldn't. Guaranteed.

No. 510349

The mods don't care what kind of dirt you post here. No one is out to defend June's honor here.

No. 510351

im saying that it aint june

No. 510352

The hell are you talking about?

No. 510357


from a previous thread:
>A bunch of people have posted about Rob Kaufman in the older threads, he seems to have been the first major guy she would obsess over to the level she does Skeptic. He had some kind of low level local TV show or something at the time and he'd verbally abuse people at her request.
and some archived /pol/:
>>Rob (((((Kaufman)))))
>Isn't that the asshole behind the rise of Shoe0nHead ? Thanks a lot.

is this him? https://twitter.com/robkaufmanlive / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqeq8YwHIaqJfy8ZfUyIjzA/videos

liked a 2011 attempt at rapping from June: https://soundcloud.com/rob-kaufman
(the "rap" in question: https://soundcloud.com/shoe0nhead/misogyny)

No. 510369


Reveal the dirt, anon. I genuinely don't believe there's anything particularly dark and/or interesting about June's past and that you're over hyping the shit out of this. Prove me wrong.

No. 510389

>scared of getting banned for posting gossip on a gossip website
I don't get it.

No. 510394

spill the beans and/or use a pr0xy if you're too scared of getting banned

No. 510465

The poster isn't pretending to be June. Your comprehension skills are low, Anon.

No. 510469

Spill the beans! This is a June thread, there's nothing off limits. If you really want to stay safe while telling the rest of the history, go post it in the Shoe0nHead thread on KF.

No. 510505

Clearly a crock of shit. A lot of you anons get thirsty af for milk. Shame on the farmers that aren’t wearing their Septic hats when faced with such bait.

No. 510524

As someone who knew june and had mutual friends with her, there isn’t. The darkest thing is that she used to talk badly about herself all the time pretending to be other people.

There’s definitely some unexposed “dirt” here that anon is right about not being able to post on this site, but it’s more odd than dark.

No. 510534

File: 1519219489392.jpg (61.61 KB, 800x448, IMG_20180221_081745.jpg)

>bad makeup
Is she being real for once or just looking for neckbeards to tell her "you aren't fat!!!" etc

No. 510540

She's not skinny fat she's just fat

No. 510559

File: 1519221469099.jpg (20.67 KB, 490x187, Capture.JPG)

she's definitely fishing for "but june, you are a stick!!!" comments from her fans

>bad makeup

she willingly does her "bad makeup" because imitating a 14 year old emo girl makeup (boxxy) is how neckbeards noticed her

No. 510573

B-but I thought June didn’t make fun of people’s appearances anymore?

The thing I love about this vid >>509763

She makes it clear that the only reason she apologized to that girl was so the girl would kiss her ass. If she was genuine in her apology, she wouldn’t have been so upset that the girl only said, “Kay,” in response. Like the whole vid was mostly about how she used to be popular in high school, then she evidently wasn’t in college. Which made her feel bad about herself, so she went to that girl to feel better.

No. 510582

File: 1519223710759.jpg (83.63 KB, 800x761, _20180221_093335.JPG)

>when i have never once used the word triggered to mock someone out of the context of making fun of anti-sjw speak


No. 510585

File: 1519223873967.jpg (82.56 KB, 800x637, _20180221_093640.JPG)

Is she honestly claiming she hasn't used the word triggered within the past year?

No. 510594

>June complaining about people using old memes

No. 510695


>constantly spam your social media about "le triggered feminists xD" showing what a cool girl you are

>your fat boyfriend cucks you publicly
>pretend you are cool with it
>chimp out on twitter, go on a blocking spree
>"lmao you are so triggered, shoe"

No. 510703

One thing you forgot is her fans also spam "TRIGGERED FEMINISTSSS" on everything she posts. It's like shes unaware of have typical her demographic is. Just search "shoe0nhead triggered" on twitter and its all there.

No. 510719

>Modern neckbeards think "dadbod" = masculine and fit.
Lmaooo this. I saw in the comments of a Gavin Mcinnes video about fat women all these dudes talking about how the standards for men and women are different, and men don't need to be in perfect shape. One dude was saying "it's perfectly attractive for a man to have a dadbod, all women find that attractive" even though there were women in the comments disagreeing and saying how unattractive it was to them.

It's so transparent that they try to change the standards to fit what they are and if women still don't like it they must be feminazi whores. They think they can control what women like even when women themselves are telling them what they like and don't like. (But why would they listen to our tiny female brains? Alphas know what's best.) It was hilarious and it definitely reminded me of how both June and Skeptic think he's God's gift to women.

No. 510727

>"it's perfectly attractive for a man to have a dadbod, all women find that attractive" even though there were women in the comments disagreeing and saying how unattractive it was to them.

it's the male equivalent of fat girls claiming that their years worth of mcdonalds is actually curves, plus it's not fair to women who actually worked to get curves
also let me guess western men to? they scream at western women being entitled at the same time claim women find x y and z attractive when they really dont

No. 510811

Ugh, reminded of way too many instances at parties with drunk fat girls (and their sad boyfriends) boasting about their tit size. I always held my tongue and just looked around the room like.. "who the fuck is buying this shit?"

also shoe is fucking insufferable.. "not like other girls!"

No. 510845

I always hated the "thicc" meme. Especially when it comes to describing butts. Modern guys can't tell the difference between a tight fit ass which can both big or small to fat asses which is based on how much weight, distribution and genetics. It's ok to have preference but, don't treat them as the same thing and pretend like you aren't attracted to basically fat.

And now dadbods are the male equivalent. Congrats you like a giant male gut in your face cause it makes you feel "smol uwu" but, don't compared your shit taste of liking a guy whos on the computer 24/7 eating cheetos to men who spend time to keep in shape just because both look more 'masculine' than just being average/skinny.

Sage for really ot, I just hate male pandering girls like June pushing men to think women like dadbods. We don't.

No. 510862

The tit size on fat girls one is a massively hilarious one. Overheard some guy bragging about how his girlfriend's bra was "so huge I could fit my head in it" and imagined she must have a killer figure. Saw her and she was fucking HUGE, complete landwhale status and the boobs didn't look big in comparison to her gut/size at all.

No. 511057

>There’s definitely some unexposed “dirt” here that anon is right about not being able to post on this site, but it’s more odd than dark.
I genuinely can't imagine what kind of thing would be not allowed on this site, can you at least vaguely hint at it?

No. 511066

Yeah, if two of you anons on here know of this dirt then at the very least you could hint at it, as anon said.

I'm sure only having mutual friends with her won't get you in that much trouble, and generally I rarely see anyone get their identity outed on this site unless they are the cow themselves. It's an exception, not the norm.

No. 511095

I dated a manwhore once. He took me to a party where a very fat woman flashed her tits to the people paying attention to beer pong (I was elsewhere playing poker), he wouldn't stop talking about how "awesome" that was. Even though he was very adamant about "no fat chicks" and I pointed out how large she was, as long as any guy gets a glimpse of titties, they're OK.

Men think a woman choosing a man for his personality and character over his ugly fatty dadbod means we're gradually lowering our standards, like they would do.

No. 511126

Read this: >>509270

Then read this: >>>/pt/286891

No. 511134

I'm assuming she made this tweet in response to Black Panther, I hope this means her and greg do a review about it, because their opinions will be awful and they will get the wrath of black twitter on their asses.

also, shut the fuck up june. shes so self centered she cannot see why that movie is a big deal, you don't have to be a sjw to see why people are getting excited about black panther, just looking at the photos of kids dressed up as characters proves that. but empathy machine broke i guess even though shes supposed to be so nice and uwu all she does is made bideos and luv her boyfren but shes not nice, shes a nasty person.

No. 511135

so… shoe0nhead is the lolcow admin?!

No. 511142

SO Eyere, the guy who was June's friend was the former Lolcow admin. Woooooooow

No. 511146

Who June was in love with and got rejected by.

No. 511150

I always did wonder why she never got any threads about her until just last year. I'm assuming because of Ian being admin for however long he was.

No. 511153

Nope that’s not why. But that’s the only thing that can be shared since it was all out there already.

No. 511167

??? She was literally one of the first subjects on lolcow, what are you talking about

No. 511170

File: 1519272750219.jpg (47.94 KB, 537x374, IMG_20180221_230502.jpg)

she's so full of shit trying to look good to for her neckbeard audience by now saying in hs she was a bullied awkward doormat girl who hanged out with the nerdy boys.

No. 511184

File: 1519274726217.jpg (286.39 KB, 1074x990, Screenshot_20180221-204247.jpg)

I could not find a thread in /snow/ (nor /pt/) predating this one in pic related, but if one was created before that got deleted then my apologies.

No. 511199

If he's not the admin anymore, shouldn't it be fine to say?

No. 511204

what you see is what you get
June is attracted to anything that will give her fame and money. she actively made fun of cuter girls back in her Boxxy Tinychat days or threw shade on her old FB. she was REALLY jealous of a few of those girls and it showed
she's so insecure

No. 511251

This Verye guy is pretty cool imo. Does anyone know if he does anything now?

No. 511254

really? i thought anon was being a melodramatic faggot when they said they were too scared to share more milk. they still have nothing to worry about though.

and sauce on eyrev being a lolcow admin?

No. 511364

She wants to wear boxxy's skin so bad

No. 511389

File: 1519310313350.jpg (26.24 KB, 800x313, IMG_20180222_093550.jpg)

Grocery is sick and needs June to be his mom for the day. What a dom aplha daddy.

No. 511452

a strong Oedipus/Electra complex in this one

No. 511453

Well done, anon.

But that is only the the tip of the iceberg.

I can explain that.

While this is true, the threads were frequently deleted.

This goes back to the story…

So, Unichan was in turmoil. It became filled with June threads, gossip about her relationship, her failing Youtube channel, etc. There also started to be posters who would "leak" personal information or gossip about her. This even included pictures of her. No one knew who it was, people suspected Kenny, or maybe June self-posting. The details were often embarrassing though so it didn't seem like it was June herself.

Now, Eyrev at the time was still very good friends with June. Remember, Eyrev is one of the internet's most vigilant detective types. He assembled the team that hacked boxxy in 2009, and was responsible for many other shenanigans in the boxxy community. This, among other things, is why June had such a crush on him. I think she was attracted to his intelligence. He also has a degree in programming & works in cyber security. Anyways, with everything that was happening on Unichan Eyrev started trying to figure out who the "juneposters" were. There were also "andrewposters" that would post solely to hate on Andrew. This had been going on for months.

Then, somehow, Ian caught word that a chan had shutdown. It was lolcow. Ian had made chans before, and requested the Unichan admin give him information on certain posters. The Unichan admin refused. See where I'm going with this? This is also why I feel a bit uneasy about posting about this at all.

Ian seized on the opportunity to open a chan which already had a frequent userbase. It was like a lot of the work was already done for him. Now, he needed to find a way to migrate the "juneposters" to lolcow. It wasn't very hard, because there was cross-pollination between a few camgirl lolcows that were posted on both Unichan and lolcow. Plus, lolcow had a more dedicated userbase and more posters. Unichanners slowly started migrating over to lolcow. Finally, a June thread popped up. Ian monitored it carefully. Oh, and he wasn't doing this alone. June was helping him.

June was a moderator. Yes, you heard it right. June was a moderator of lolcow. Now, she didn't know much about being an imageboard moderator, so she probably never did anything beyond delete things or complain to Ian.

But the way Ian set it up was so that you could click on an IP and see all the posts by that IP (most imageboards have this) which is not new or anything. It's an easy way to see if someone is spamming or shitposting.

So Ian and June would monitor the June threads and try and figure out if any of their personal friends were talking shit about them online. It's very easy to get someone's IP through facebook or Skype, so they would cross reference that to figure out if certain people were the "leakers" or "juneposters" … It was actually quite clever but also very paranoid and obsessive.

This all went on for a year or so, but the threads just wouldn't stop. It came to the point that they had exhausted most leads, and eventually concluded it was more trouble than it's worth. Plus, Ian got involved in a lot of other drama with some of the people here.

I doubt June or Ian still have any staff privileges here. But knowing Ian, he probably left a backdoor in the code that only he has access to. I don't have any malice towards Ian or June really for that matter. Their plan backfired on them in the long run. They both have flaws, like most people do.

tl;dr - Ian (Eyrev), June's old crush, was the lolcow admin for years, and June was a mod. lolcow was re-opened as a honeypot to collect information on anons posting about June.

No. 511455

File: 1519319727824.gif (516.25 KB, 500x311, giphy.gif)

>i've been in girlfriend-mom mode all day ;3

pic related, it's shoe and septic

No. 511461

and he was exposed by kaka lmaoo

tf, how fucked in the head do you have to be to do this, and how much free fucking time do you need to have…

No. 511475

Thank you anon for this info, though I'm a bit sceptical.

First I gotta correct you that the old site was named stamina rose, not lolcow as I was one of the oldfags who migrated from there.

Now I remember just before Stamina Rose was shut down, there was some contact between Unichan and SR since we shared a same lolcow (Sommersby aka Orange Citrus).
As it got shut down, there was a Stamina Rose refugee thread on Unichan where a new chan was discussed and an anon (that turned out to be Ian) made lolcow.farms and old SR userbade migrated there along with some Unichan posters too.

Now what I'm sceptical about is the whole honeypot thing. Even though I remember there ware some threads about June (back then I believed it was because unichan posters were obsessed with her), I don't believe there were more than two?
The oldest one available is this one >>>/ot/829 and there isn't many posts in it. Interesting thing about it is that people in it called out admin aka Ian for deleting the previous thread and Ian said he didn't do it, it was the OP who made that thread.
I don't believe it went on for a year

Old admin is definitely gone, we are now on our 4th admin. I remember participating in lolcow chats back when Ian was the admin (had no idea about his identity) and there were some female mods who seemed to have close relationship with him. Later they became very circlejerk-y and chat became password protected.
I don't remember any of those female mods having names such as shoe0nhead or acting like her though

No. 511477

What was in the /pt/ post? It's grey to me

Thanks for the info, anon.
So the male admin we had until 2015 (iirc) was this Ian? Wew. You don't have to worry anyway, we're on our third admin and I highly doubt they're in contact. Not even 2nd admin was in contact with him iirc.

No. 511483


This is the first admin drama thread

lmao it's kiki who caught him

No. 511493

You're right about the Stamina Rose original name, the refugee thread, and the OrangeCitrue Somersby thing. I forgot all of those specifics.

>I don't remember any of those female mods having names such as shoe0nhead or acting like her though

Of course not. I doubt she was ever in the chats or anything. She was a hidden mod, she only would click on IPs and read post history of people. She wasn't involved in lolcow beyond that.

As for the thread being deleted, that only serves to prove my point. What happened was, Ian posted the thread to try and start farming IPs and get the juneposters over to lolcow from Unichan.

Then, when the thread became a mess he deleted it and was thinking about stopping the whole honeypot operation. It was then that the anon posted that "lol admin deleted the thread" and he said, the "OP" deleted it. However, once other people started being OP's of the threads he found himself in a pickle because suspicion would grow if he deleted every june thread. So they just monitored them and deleted certain posts for "breaking the rules" etc.

You can believe what you want. The fact is June was very good friends with Ian, and they almost became boyfriend/girlfriend. Anyone in the boxxy community knew this. It's not far fetched to think that when he became the admin of a chan he gave her staff privileges. It's also not far fetched if you know Ian that he would make a chan to farm IPs.

I have nothing to gain from posting this I just thought the story would be of interest to this place.

No. 511501

>So Ian and June would monitor the June threads and try and figure out if any of their personal friends were talking shit about them online

Personal friends? Like ones she had from high school/college? Was she that fearful of something about her being leaked?

No. 511504

I believe it, in the tinychat video of the boxxy returns tinychat recording you can read them making jokes about how Eyrev is hacking Boxxy's location and shit.

No. 511509

not doubting you, but why would he even go through all this trouble for someone he rejected? why did he reject her if he would go this far for this fucking loser?

No. 511512

>why did he reject her if he would go this far for this fucking loser?

I bet she sent him nudes or something

No. 511516

I'm the anon who you replied to and June being the hidden mod makes more sense.
I remember June saying her hobbies are "laughing at lolcows", so I always suspected she lurked lolcow.farms

No. 511518

File: 1519324434713.jpg (25.49 KB, 500x375, 1519062676214.jpg)

Oh my god. This is megamilk. Now all the pieces fit in the puzzle… and it was Kiki, of all people, who predicted that. I'm losing it

No. 511525

File: 1519324643802.jpeg (20.13 KB, 168x215, 86A238B4-9E42-407F-BAC5-AE0613…)

what a wild ride it’s been

No. 511526

This also confirms that June lurks (and most likely posts) here. Knew it

No. 511531

Just from this its obvious she's trying to hide that her tits are fake. Maybe that's the big secret that she wanted to find posters for?

No. 511534

File: 1519325894211.png (65.67 KB, 1855x634, 97579e03aba9bfeab4d9e43ef3c1ae…)

No. 511537

File: 1519325949035.png (69.25 KB, 1883x646, f0c81c19654a65beaac9e6986b6a2f…)

No. 511538

File: 1519325980791.png (42.5 KB, 1850x309, eaceaada0da29b41ac6e4741a1165c…)

No. 511543

what was even the point of doing so? were they going to out their friends for chatting shit on lolcow?

No. 511545

Personally I don't see what was the point of that either… but knowing June is a basic bitch, she maybe ordered Ian to hack them or something

No. 511547

I think there is something more to it that anon isn't telling tbh.

No. 511548

June seems pretty insecure, so I imagine she very well couldn't handle people talking negatively about her. Look at what she does now, she tries to pander to both her anti-SJW fanboys and libfems. She wants to be liked by everyone due to how much she constantly craves attention

No. 511559

She was fearful of the hair thing. Which, when it started to get hinted at, she eventually made that long blog post "coming out" as a hair puller that wears wigs.

There were personal conversations leaked sometimes, private twitter posts, the random "I knew her in High School" thing. There were too many things to count where she wanted to know who was posting things.

Another thing, June and and Ian had psychological and writing profiles written up on certain posters. Ian had ways to not only track someone by IP, but by their browser. I don't know how exactly he did it.

They would refer to certain posters as "the Russian" or "Arizona" etc. So they'd saying something like "Arizona is obsessed with thinking I have implants" or in certain cases they would actually figure out who it was posting. As in, there real identities. They used the townhalls and chatrooms to gain more information on certain posters and figure out who they are and match their posts. This was only if they couldn't match their IPs to a Skype or Facebook of someone who knew June. It was really complicated.

It's possible June wanted to feel she had some imaginary leverage on people.

If June would find out you were one of the juneposters she would slowly stop talking to you and eventually block you.

There's no way to know for sure. The best we have is the messages from >>509389
It seems to indicate that June had an idealized version of Ian as a genius master programmer who is also a funny, confident, cute guy. The problem is that didn't match up with who he is in real life and he knew it. Again, Ian is really smart. And not in a Armored Skeptic quasi-intelligent atheist debunker kind of way. He’s great at calculating things and seeing what will happen ahead of time. That’s how he saw that the SR re open to lolcow was a great opportunity. He's kind of a realist/pessimist though. So he calculated that a romantic relationship with June wouldn’t work because of who he was in real life, and who he knew her to really be. He’d rather keep her as a friend than risk an awkward break up and inevitable let down when she meets him in real life.

It's easy to read the messages as Ian rejecting June. In reality I think it's more that Ian knew inevitably that a romantic relationship wouldn't work between them. He still had strong feelings for her one way or another.

No. 511573

File: 1519328540811.jpg (72.27 KB, 800x634, IMG_20180222_143916.jpg)

This might help back up anon's credibility. 2015 tweet June saying she still talks to Ian.

No. 511582

>It's easy to read the messages as Ian rejecting June. In reality I think it's more that Ian knew inevitably that a romantic relationship wouldn't work between them. He still had strong feelings for her one way or another.
if he was that insecure, is it likely that he'd try to get in keeks pants? it certainly sounds plausible, i'm just surprised that a guy that was realistic about his shortcomings would try to court keeks

also lol @ being friends w june. your social life really has to be in the dumps for you to want to keep her friendship. based on her private messages, fucking yeesh. she sounds like the delusional narcissist from middle school that'd spend the entire AIM chat hyping herself up to you and ignoring any questions you ask that arent about herself

No. 511589

"kenny fell off the face of the earth" this bih really let this fatfuck humiliate her like that, AND YET she was STILL that desperate for any remaining cock cookie crumbs, that she'd STILL talk to that grotesquely entitled male market failure????

No. 511590

She 100% lurks and posts and it 100% gets to her.

Which sometimes makes me feel bad about talking shit on here but goddamn. I went from being jelly of her to going nonononooo at the fast roll towards a cliff her life is becoming.

No. 511594

What’s the story on Kiki?

No. 511601

in that admin drama thread posted a little earlier in the thread, keeks outed him as trying to get in her pants and that he's a lolcow himself. apparently, he was trying to get into the pants of women that either used the site or were mods (i think?), but either way, keeks said he was trying to hit it

No. 511602

Fayo was a guy who was in love with her that she knew was in love with her. She hung out with him irl all the time and eventually rejected him when he confessed his feelings. He was actually attractive and nice too that’s the weird part.

No. 511603

is he the guy that was in her youtube videos when she was going around manhattan or something?

No. 511605

So how close are we talking as far as June and Ian were in 2015? Because thats when she started dating Grocery

No. 511606

To get an idea of the kind of guy June rejects, he literally jumped in the path of an oncoming subway train to save a little girl who fell down there.

No. 511608

No. 511615

File: 1519330299096.jpg (38.28 KB, 800x398, _20180222_150635.JPG)

They started sometime around spring/summer of 2015 while so far its clear she was also still talking to Ian. And from what gmaster's askfm says, she started dating grocery kinda quickly after they broke up(he apparently was either still married or just getting a divorce).

What a clusterfuck.

No. 511617

He was still technically married iirc

No. 511624

Anon, just curious, did she reject you, too?

No. 511625

Does anyone know the timeframe in which Greg was still being affectionate with his ex-wife? I've always just assumed that he got with June when they had already been separated and in the process of divorce, but did he actually cheat on her with June?

No. 511626

Nope. I actually didn’t interact with her.

No. 511627

Also I’m not attracted to women.

No. 511629

june is the walking stereotype of "girls go for assholes and not nice guys", so contradictory

No. 511631

All I know is that he was flirting with like 3 women at the time, and he was flirting with women when the wife was still with him, because his ex went off on a tangent on his Facebook, as him, about it.

No. 511642

File: 1519331730881.jpg (39.53 KB, 800x366, _20180222_153335.JPG)

I wish we had more info regarding this. I feel so bad for his ex wife, having to put up with this cheating manchild must have been embarrassing.

No. 511644

Oh jeez, no wonder Greg pushes June to the swinger/poly lifestyle. Is June naturally like that herself? She's always come off to me as being the jealous type. Sorta makes you feel bad for her that she's allowed Greg to manipulate her to be able to pick up other women, but she does it to herself.

No. 511650

I don't get why people knowing she has implants is such a big deal to her. She could just lie and say she got them because her natural tits were horribly disfigured, not because she's just insecure and wanted a bigger rack.

Hell, for all we know, that could have been the reason. I doubt it, but we really don't know.

Although, I guess it could just be that she doesn't want her fans to know she's the kind of person who posts nudes on image boards for attention.

No. 511651

Well she's not exactly a nice person herself, so does it really make sense for her to date someone who is genuinely nice? We're typically attracted to people who remind us of ourselves in some way, so…

No. 511709

I used to be part of those old lolcow chatrooms and although I don't remember anyone sounding like kiki in there but first admin definitely did flirt with girls there.

He was usually in the /neet/ chatroom along with other mods. I was on kind of a friendly basis with these people (never knew their real identities and didn't care much), but the chat turned into a huge circlejerk real soon.
They constantly changed passwords for that room and if you weren't buddy-buddy with them, you wouldn't get to know the newest password so you wouldn't be able to enter the chat again.
While I was there, two or three fem anons, who became mods, were always flirting with 1st admin and bragged how they know how he looks etc.

No. 511716

Is this about that Candid app that collects personal info and that got promoted by June and Greg?

Jesus, at least say you are sorry and that you weren't aware instead of acting like such a bitch.

No. 511730

The candid thing should have been the end of their credibility but somehow ppl are just that stupid

No. 511742

>When you are an e-celeb it's hard to debate people when they blindly agree with you, get excited when you talk to them
>like when I respond to someone, that person is like "oooh you want to get involved in conversation, you big e-celeb" like oh my god you guys
>Sometimes I just wanna talk to people about subjects without being shoe0nhead

What is this bitch smoking? She is acting like she is the president of Russia or some big Hollywood celeb.

No. 511751


Ohmargarsh this was the best milk i read in a while. What a plot twist! I'm curious if the anon is Ian himself tho, how else they could know this much intimate stuff about Ian and June? They also seem to praise Ian a lot. Or if they were close enough to June to know all these, what happened between them to cause the anon to spill the beans here?

OT but I really want the anons complaining about the removal of munchie threads and claiming this will kill the site to see this. People were SO sure the site would die once the admin was gone. That was 3 years ago. "Lolcow is dead" is a meme when?

No. 511754

“Sometimes I just wanna talk to people about subjects without being shoe0nhead”

> sometimes I want to talk shit on people without being shoe0nhead

No. 511770

I was thinking Ian or the Admin after Ian who was also friends with shoe and visited her irl.

No. 511778

well excuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess

No. 511782

Anyone else ship Kenny x June?

No. 511783

I think it's a friend due to the anon saying that they're not interested in women, and Ian is clearly heterosexual.

No. 511797

>the Admin after Ian who was also friends with shoe and visited her irl
?? Source?

No. 511818

Lmao, what part of June would you be jealous off? Everything about her is fake
Oh, it was June's ex who posted this…I really want to know the context of this video

No. 511828

File: 1519343797780.jpg (24.43 KB, 640x362, 7vFYM6k_d.jpg)

LMFAO, told y'all that June posts here. That occasional REEEEEEEing about TERFs all sounds the same.

Someone needs to check if the posts whiteknighting Blaire White are her too.

No. 511837

I use to be jealous of her hair then I found out it was fake, her body is okay but fake tits just ruin it and she has unfortunate fat distribution once she started gaining

when I first saw her it was her 30 questions for men answered by a woman video, nothing about her was special or stood out to me, she just looked like a basic emo or club goer, she just seemed like a background kind of girl outside of massive attention whoring

she has nice eyes I guess, the color that is,sucks she pulls out all her eyelashes

No. 511848

Does anyone have any pictures of this guy Ian?

No. 511909

File: 1519347590261.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180223_015724232.j…)

Which one of these would you choose to go to prom with?

Three beautiful princes.
But you must pick only one.

No. 511920

Kenny is the one and only prince obviously. He liked June before anyone else did.

No. 511928

How did Kenny treat June before the incident? Was he nice to her?

No. 511943


You can see from around 2:49 in this video that they had a toxic relationship.

No. 511951

File: 1519349555808.jpg (40.79 KB, 800x359, IMG_20180222_203118.jpg)

Any time she mentions having kids I get scared.

No. 511977

I doubt they'd be worried about the ban if they were Ian. Probably was a friend of Ian though, from how they talk about him.

No. 511991

File: 1519350932943.jpg (29.78 KB, 640x480, zLCfSw6.jpg)

Ah that guy who leaked those nudes

I forgot about her June Smith and kikichanxd accounts

No. 511999

You're not really saying that them acting like Jerry Springer actors in front of a Jerry Springer wax statue is an indicator of a "toxic relationship", right?

No. 512000

They're joking around, but June gives him a real slap there. Not really cool regardless of context.

No. 512012

File: 1519351568780.jpg (107.94 KB, 1181x640, shooooo.jpg)

No. 512020

That's clearly not a real slap, she claps her hand in front of his face to simulate a slap. For fucks sake, you can even hear the hand clap loud and clear.

No. 512022

But you can see the fear in Kenny's eyes. If he hadn't been so quick she would have seriously injured him.

No. 512023

File: 1519352110565.jpg (781.02 KB, 4000x3000, u15Qc4m.jpg)

Sea just got fucked over really hard tbh

No. 512026

is this nose job confirmed?

also this bitch looks like a basic italian thot, hoop earring and everything, she needs to shut her shit about being a ~shy asexual nerd grl uwu~

No. 512027

This supposed fear in his eyes that you're imagining doesn't change the fact that she clap slapped him and didn't actually slap him.

Stop this reaching, it's pitiful, and find different proof to back up your claim.

No. 512045

File: 1519352995867.jpg (23.01 KB, 689x528, possibly.JPG)


yes it's pretty much confirmed

No. 512048

I don't know anything about nose jobs but, her nostrils look smaller now compared to that old pic of her definitely.

No. 512067

File: 1519353785136.jpg (39.97 KB, 453x604, MjmHGdT.jpg)


>bitch looks like a basic italian thot

No. 512090

stop taking the obvious bait

No. 512092

What video is this from? Shoe isn't a super model now, but holy shit, she was ugly tbh

No. 512265


But my point still stands, if she had messed up and thrown her fists any closer, Kenny could have been seriously harmed. Doesn't June have any concern for the safety of her friends?

No. 512277


No. 512298

damn I wish she would have slapped him not that it would have did much since his fat ass face would've blocked it

>Doesn't June have any concern for the safety of her friends?

oh no a big fat man getting lightly slapped by a 5'5 or however tall she is girl, someone call an ambulance
also did you miss out on high school or were you one of those home schooled freaks? kids will put laxative and weed in each others brownies and electric shock each other with those gag things and trip each other and yes even friends do that, a slap is nothing

No. 512305

I said stop taking the obvious bait you dopey moo. The poster is not sincere.

No. 512339

I think the "toxic" thing is the "pretending we're in a relationship lol" type jokes. Calling it toxic is a stretch, but girls like June do that to keep stringing along guys they aren't interested in.

No. 512342

Omfg. When he references his Sparrow username as she cups Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow wax figure’s balls, I fucking DIED.

No. 512351

File: 1519374908757.jpg (53.74 KB, 960x540, TVZbkih.jpg)


He actually seems really funny and sweet.
June should have given him a chance.

No. 512354

this better be sarcasm. i dont doubt june milked every last ounce of attention out of any person with a penis, but there's no excuse for him sharing her nudes. that's pathetic and disgusting and perfectly shows that his "sweet" side was just an act.

No. 512360

June should've mentioned Kenny when she defended nice guys and said women are the part of the problem.

No. 512365

File: 1519377669533.png (782.6 KB, 641x978, TrueLove.png)


I don't think that's fair. He clearly loved her very much and she led him on, he deserved to have her nudes!

No. 512367

Same. As sad as this is, I'd rather have onion and lainey as my parents than hoe and skepdick any fucking day. People with ddlg kinks should NOT have kids and if that wasn't bad enough, these two are also fedora tipping internet skeptics who make their money from something as unreliable as YouTube. Those kids are going to be absolutely fucked.

No. 512368

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.

She's a hair bump and 20 pounds from looking like Snooki, even today IMO. Especially >>490598. She looks like she's from the Shore, the 'kawaii' aesthetic doesn't work for her at all.

No. 512369

What's June's damage that makes her chase obese men?

No. 512375

File: 1519379982144.jpg (203.86 KB, 810x1026, IMG_20180223_105541.jpg)

She's constantly linking Cosmopolitan articles. It's so obvious she browses Cosmo webpage every day and enjoys reading it.

Every woman with common sense knows Cosmo is a joke, yet June acts like it's a bible for the female gender so she can call out the dumb articles and pretend she's above other women.

No. 512379

File: 1519380732551.jpg (309.06 KB, 1452x832, cosmo.jpg)

She constantly tries to get Cosmopolitan-sempai's attention.

No. 512384

aren't the ones who make fun of cosmo the most usually feminist types pointing out all the dumb stereotyping and pandering to men?

but part of june's anti-feminist image is being a super girly girl and pandering to men unlike those unnatural feminists

she's such a mindfuck

No. 512389

She seems to have a thing for low hanging fruit.

No. 512400

Her own fiancee portrayed a typical shoe0nhead video pretty good tb.

No. 512417

gg armored fatfuck, you finally cracked a smile out of me.

No. 512433

I'm still amazed Metokur hasn't made a video of her, there would be some amazing GOTIS-infected milk to dig. But I want to believe that he likes to piss her off by pretending she doesn't exist despite her endless dick riding.

I've heard it through the grapevine before that June was a moderator for Lolcow but now I'm curious about where you got this information because it's not exactly "out there" gossip.
>But knowing Ian, he probably left a backdoor in the code that only he has access to.
You can be damned sure that he's done that. I refuse to believe that weasel wouldn't pass up the opportunity. I'm actually doubting that he's left completely and doesn't have any involvement with the site.

No. 512440

Is that a precum stain…

No. 512442

from this cringe fest nearly 10 years ago(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 512456

No. 512581

File: 1519406771418.png (96.16 KB, 393x457, Clipboard02.png)


it showed up for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 512755

yeah I legitimately lol'd at this. Although I can't help but wonder if her parents were home when he filmed this…

No. 512765

Delete the duplicate posts.

No. 512818

Metokur is quite a cow on his own. I can't wait for when some shit about him comes to surface.

No. 512869

File: 1519425946285.jpg (114.75 KB, 874x919, Shoe0nhead_Nudes_1.jpg)

How sure are we that these are her nudes? This sure doesn't look like her figure at all. Not even now that she's fat does she have this much of an ass, as proven by her "videos" with skepdic. This is a pretty huge ass.

No. 512874

File: 1519426199483.jpg (1.09 MB, 1536x2048, 1466724460344.jpg)

here you go, full pic

No. 512901

could it be posing, or what? because in her other ass picture, it looks seriously 1/4th the size.

No. 512903

File: 1519428247380.png (820.61 KB, 616x580, dfdfeee.PNG)

and no such side ass from a similarly posed photo as the one on the top, from a photo in 2013

No. 512916

File: 1519429381223.png (313.4 KB, 370x416, Capturefe.PNG)

And no ass her in 2012. She's the blonde.

No. 512932

Sorry for all of the duplicates, the site at no matter what thread I was on, would stall at 100% and nothing happened even on meta
And even when refreshing; nothing

No. 512941

File: 1519431496766.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.29 KB, 392x720, 1466728181285.jpg)

Yo anon I reverse google searched that and it took me to an archived /pol/ thread where an anon claimed to have a folder full of pics of her and this was among one of the pics. Thoughts? Some one pointed out it looked like her old phone.

So whats up with June having a fatty boy fetish?

No. 512943

Yes, it's angles and posing.

This wasn't actually in 2012. Are you fucking retarded?

No. 512952

File: 1519432536095.png (250.31 KB, 720x960, Screenshot_2018-02-23-19-34-53…)

What makes me "fucking retarded" about thinking it's from 2012 when it was uploaded to her account in 2012? What's wrong with you?

No. 512955

Are they insinuating that that's June? It's obviously not her body

No. 512960

and it's now unlisted, so she couldve gone back in and named it "lolthisisoold" after uploading back then. either way, it's not like it's from 2006. maybe around her unichan days?

No. 512961

File: 1519432999213.png (57 KB, 1042x290, 6987d018a69cee092c86de5dca6e28…)

the anon with the folder shows up in a different thread and says that it isn't june.

No. 512963


Because June has been making videos since she was like 9 years old, and all the publishing date means is that's when she fucking uploaded the video to her Channel. But if you watch any of her other videos- even from 2011, you would see she no longer looked anything like that, and furthermore she had a much better camera.


No. 512970

Get the fuck back to Unichan. This isn't 2010 anymore and no one says "hurrdurr", holy shit. She hasn't been uploading videos since she was 9. And uh, no, she doesn't very look different there from what she looked like in 2011-2012.

No. 512977

File: 1519433990594.jpg (75.59 KB, 994x768, 13336928537.jpg)


June has said herself she has been making videos since childhood. I'm not saying she's a child in that video, but it's definitely before 2011/2012. And it's simply retarded to think that just because it was uploaded in 2012 that it was MADE in 2012.

And she's Skinny as fuck in that video. 2011/12 June was almost chunky.

No. 512989

File: 1519434724952.png (867.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-23-20-11-04…)

I'd hardly call this "almost chunky". She had similar toothpick legs at in 2012. Maybe she gained a few at some point in 2011-2012 but she lost it again and was v thin

No. 512992

File: 1519434821159.png (689.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-23-20-10-01…)

Another from 2012 with a smaller waist than that video. She has yoyoed a bit throughout the years.

No. 512994

Yes, but at that point she was already making somewhat higher quality videos. Never as bad as the quality in >>512952

That video was probably made in 2009.

No. 512996

In the video description she even says "JUST got my editing software, didn't know how to upload in high quality." Which suggests the video was made long before 2012.

No. 513002

File: 1519435340779.png (292.78 KB, 320x397, Capture.PNG)

but it's not like in 2011-2012 she was uploading in higher or high quality. this potato ass quality in 2011 is not high quality.

No. 513008

It looks like it was made around the same time as this video. Which was 2008.

No. 513015

I still can't believe she wants to paint "i was a shy awkward goth girl with only one friend );" when these videos are up for anyone to see. Why are all these fake girls wishing they were bullied back in high school? Is that what's attractive to neckbeards today?

No. 513024

File: 1519437347571.jpg (64.19 KB, 500x460, 2da441807880fbb381bd2f29d54608…)

I mean, yeah? For instance, it's why they meme about wanting traps. Internet traps are socially retarded ex-neckbeard incels, and that's part of the appeal because they "understand men" or some shit. June is LARPing as this exact ideal of a perfect nonthreatening "neckbeard with boobs" type that neckbeards claim to want.

No. 513058

Mainly because of her older videos being uploaded here from 2008/2009 and that this video is from her June Smith account linked above

No. 513174

Damn dude, lay off anon. Coming off too strong over an honest mistake. And how many anons in here are autistic to know exactly how she looked, down to her weight, in the past? It’s not like she had a huge variation in her aesthetic like say Kiki for example.

No. 513191

File: 1519454196673.png (340.95 KB, 589x641, armored dough boy.png)

because June doesn't like it when someone points out that Richard Spencer likes Chris Ray Gun.

No. 513196

I may too autistic or drunk, but wtf is the point of these tweets? What are they ragging on?

No. 513215

File: 1519460634072.png (13.08 KB, 566x176, middle aged mom tm.png)


tl;dr version: it's always funny when people mock groceries. also amusing that June pre-emptively blocks people when she was deep into the "why are you blocking me you middle age mom" thing during Gamergate.

>Chris Ray Gun complaining about people throwing "Nazi" around
>"Blunty" uses Guilt By Association. It's super effective! (or is it?), also points out that Richard Spencer described Chris, Pewdiepie and Jontron as redpilled.
>Chris doesn't like it
>June offers a "you should just block sassy SJWs" take

No. 513281

June is honestly one of the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen. One moment she'll act one way/say a certain thing, then the next she'll be condemning those who do/say what she used to. I don't know how she has fans, seeing as she doesn't treat them well when they question her at all and she'll put them on blast so the rest of her followers can rip them apart.

No. 513307

June is a lil princess ~ uwu everything has to be the way she likes it, remember

No. 513321

June has actually gained quite a bit of weight. Check out those arms.

No. 513322

File: 1519485171412.jpg (74.33 KB, 942x638, _20180224_100222.JPG)

Was just going to post this

His hair fucking triggers me. Also, wearing converse shoes with his suit vest shit, does he not know how to dress?

This review is just them circle jerking how "totally bdsm they are!". I cringed how he explained the brat dynamic like it was some unheard of thing. They think they're relationship is special when it's just as cookie cutter and shallow as what they're making fun of.

Also, yeah she's looking rough. I think besides wanting to look like a " little uwu," she's holding that stuffed bunny to hide her body.

No. 513325

no matter how dapper he tries to dress he has the face of a manage of a gamestop at a mall.

No. 513326

Why is hooktube not used for this thread like it's used for the Onision one?

No. 513332

God, I honestly would not like to hear Groceries ever talk about BDSM ever again. It all just sounds like a, "You have to do this and this and this in this exact order." BDSM sounds more like choreography rather than an actual relationship.

No. 513333


I bet Shoe was really fucking pissed at this but had to pretend not to be and hide it because "Daddy"
I mean he's literally drunk as fuck in this video and everyone knows you're more honest when the alcohol kicks in
Shoe, your man knows what you are. Just stop.

No. 513342

File: 1519487971914.png (19.35 KB, 801x222, june defending mgtows.png)


>Fynn Winters

>8 hours ago
>Hey Greg where do u get your swords? And how much did they cost?

>Armoured Media

>6 hours ago
>The one by June is a Darksword by Windlass. Not a great sword. Got from some random distributor. Sort of cheap

just like the ring eh? (rimshot.wav)

No. 513353

Ikr? It's annoying as fuck. It's also because bdsm people want to claim every dynamic out there. Like sorry but, wanting to get spanked after acting 'naughty' on purpose is baby normie shit. I doubt grocery and june do anything close that involves actual pain. The fact that she thought a picture of her in a leash was proof of how "24/7 bdsm they are!" is hilarious to me. They don't even play by the same set of rules that they think makes a "bdsm relationship" just based on the embarrassing stuff she posts about him on twitter.

No. 513369

File: 1519489900086.png (148.04 KB, 433x510, 1336893924026.png)

Everytime I see Groceries I just want to punch him, what the fuck is this "style" even supposed to express? He looks like some elementary school boy who tried to dress up like his grandpa. And June just looks pathetic with that toy, trying to act like she's such a ~smol kawaii qt little~. How do their fans even manage to take them seriously at this point?

No. 513385

File: 1519491105364.jpg (65.19 KB, 747x695, IMG_20180224_114557.jpg)

It's like all her extra weight just goes to her face. Now imagine what she looks like without her wig and caked on make up.

No. 513403

File: 1519491879778.jpg (19.72 KB, 378x408, 28276487_10214956532817140_276…)

>"He was desperate for a relationship and obsessed with women"
>implying mgtows aren't exactly like that

No. 513566

She's so retarded. A psychopath wouldn't have "benefitted" from being mgtow, you autist. She's really irresponsible with what she says since she has poor comprehension of how people act outside the internet.

No. 513568

Maybe she is on the spectrum.

No. 513619

No she just doesn’t have much real life experience. She lives on the Internet.

No. 513621

Then she should shut the fuck up with the relationship advice giving, and in general.

No. 513624

most of it has gone to her chin. i think that means that she's gained it quickly or something, probably as a result of being newly engaged.

No. 513657

Is she pregnant?

No. 513703

God I hope not. The last thing we need is these retards bringing a kid into the world. Though I bet if she told him, armored groceries would force her to abort since I honestly don't think he wants kids at all.

No. 513730

Her face is unusually puffy, she does look pregnant. It only takes one time. For June's sake I hope she's not, groceries would divorce before they're even married.

No. 513735

He looks like a bag of lard sporting the Pidgeotto hairstyle. I couldn't even bring myself to watch the video in fear of punching my own face in.

No. 513737

I think it's easier to believe that she just gotten really chubby from sitting at the computer all day.

No. 513755

Oh well, the fatter she gets the more she'll match and deserve Lardy McSepticson with the greasy hair.

No. 513777

I wonder how she feels knowing she's chubbier than that sword girl nude she berated 2 years ago? I guess that's karma.

No. 513778

She did make a post recently about raising her children in Canada. Hmm

No. 513829

File: 1519526066930.jpg (Spoiler Image, 325.94 KB, 1600x1200, xMorfOuy.jpg)

No. 513834

june wishes she had that fat distribution

No. 513839

I wonder how pudgy June's stomach is now considering she always says her legs are "sticks" I guess all her fat must be going to her stomach and face lol.

Someone should go on ask.fm and ask for her measurements to see if she's as willing to share now.

No. 513847

jfc you've got to be a fucking anachan to find her chubby

No. 513851

Not wking but I don't think she's bigger than this girl now, even still. This girl looks considerably bigger to me. June is just localizing her fat. This girl gains weight evenly all over, in her forearms, upper arms, legs, and Tummy (which imo, tends to look better), but I still think she's bigger than june. June's just carrying like 15 extra lbs in her upper arms, stomach, and neck/cheeks

No. 513853

File: 1519528405523.png (234.31 KB, 1242x1477, 1516073306062.png)

Her body is so weird. Her arms are pretty skinny but the fattest part of her is like, RIGHT where her limbs attach to her torso, and it's not even because of her waist that she looks so big. It's a strange body shape. I can see why ppl think she's chub here.

No. 513854

Yeah she gains around her middle and in her face.

No. 513874

BDSM is for boring ass people who are bad at sex. It's no coincidence that it's usually introduced at the stage when the relationship loses it's luster.

No. 513875

He also looks like he smells bad somehow. Like he got that shit at Goodwill and didn't wash it.

No. 513879

He looks like he smells like sour laundry lol

No. 513953

File: 1519540398860.gif (236.99 KB, 430x480, shoeLMAO.gif)

No. 513975

And even that hair is being too generous. Should be sparse, thin, and ratty.

No. 513976

This is weirdly terrifying me rn. Huh.

No. 513982

This is mesmerizing. She looks like 38 yo Slavic lunch lady

No. 513999

I know, but her jaundiced skin, horrible wig, drag makeup and EGGSGAPED FUCKING HEAD was so bad to edit she was making my eyes bleed, I couldnt stay it any longer lmao

No. 514009

File: 1519546215898.jpg (74.61 KB, 520x777, glen-or-glenda-1953.jpg)


>June or John

(as John, June has Bieber Hair to represent her Canadaphilia)

No. 514033

Wow maybe Grocery and her are equal on looks. I'm trying to be critical here too but, you didn't over due any of that photoshop. In fact, one other aspect is her skin, I doubt it's as clean as she claims.

No. 514062

Omg who are these people obsessed with shallow stuff and writing about it on this site all says long? You need clinical help ASAP.(wk)

No. 514063

You must be looking alien-like and ideal if you pick on these things so much. You probably have body dysmorphia shit or something. This is so dehumanizing. I hate her too but that's just… ugh There are many other things to talk about

No. 514071

No. 514073


It's interesting how every time people bring up her looks, someone whiteknights her. Other cows on this site get waaay more shit for their appearance. Not to mention June is the first person to attack a women's appearance herself.

No. 514077

>>514071 >>514073
Oh sure if someone disagrees with someone's behaviour on here it's shoe or white-knighting. You can't accept idea of genuine criticism and that not everybody even here thinks like you do. That also means that I adore and defend her, not that I'm just generally grossed-out by the comments.
I doubt even she is THAT obsessive with other people's appereance and her own appereance as you.

No. 514078

I don't care about her appearance but I don't care enough to get upset about people making fun of her. If you don't like it, leave.

No. 514079

File: 1519559566755.jpg (58.47 KB, 720x599, boop! it me june XD.jpg)


hi june. still on page 11?

No. 514085

File: 1519561000337.jpg (34.56 KB, 599x435, niggacloseyoureyes.jpg)

No. 514088

File: 1519561244439.png (680.91 KB, 1071x746, unrecognizedgenius.png)

No. 514097

I'm female and I don't give a shit about her appereance. Stop painting me as delusioned incel or just delusioned dude. You're just so obsessed with it. There is a great variety of body types and ''fat distribution''. It's just life. People are people for god's sake. If you're that obsessed with your appereance then it's not healthy. If you're lucky to have this alien-like genetics then congrats. That doesn't mean everyone else should hold up to your standarts of looks. And stop projecting your obsession with looks on other people. They value lots of stuff besides looks. Looks are not everything and not the most important thing.

>>514078 Congrats. I don't care that they're mocking her specifically. It's just the comments that are borderline appereance-obsessive.(wk)

No. 514098

>Also, wearing converse shoes with his suit vest shit, does he not know how to dre
He dresses like a 14 y/o hot topic kid trying to look sophisticated for the school dance. It's fucking awful. How the fuck does any grown man think that pairing jeans, converse, and a plaid shirt with a jacket and vest is a good look, much less make himself public wearing it? It's so incredibly juvenile.

No. 514101

Nobody called you an incel lol that's a pretty specific denial. Anybody can whiteknight. People make fun of June's looks because she's so obsessive of them herself as well as so critical of other women. Even if people go a little to far with it they don't need your armchair psychology.

No. 514111

Shut up, ugly. If you want a body posi hugbox then go somewhere else. We're not going to stop doing this just because you're pitching a fit about it.

No. 514118

I'm pretty sure no one even assumed you were a dude jesus fucking christ, man.
Shoe's not gonna die for people noticing how her fat distributes on her body. My fat distributes like hers too but I'm not taking the comments personally lmao

No. 514121

>I doubt even she is THAT obsessive with other people's appereance and her own appereance as you.

Have you read any of the thread? She was obsessed enough to have an admin on her look at posters ips to fine who was talking shit on her which at the time the thread was specifically talking about whether her boobs were fake. She's admitted herself she's insecure as well. Oh, and being that afraid that someone would ever think that swordgirl was her.

She's the definition of someone who is obsessed with how ppl seeing her.

No. 514129

File: 1519570463262.jpg (73.86 KB, 800x480, IMG_20180225_095201.jpg)

I see June kept her bullying nature from high school. Literally can't accept different opinions and has to be rude. Good thing she'll just delete them all to keep that squeaky clean reputation :)

No. 514130

what's this in ref to?

No. 514134

June is currently sperging over conservatives disagreeing with her about trans related stuff(how original) and the woman she's arguing with was just telling her to stop freaking out over it and does the typical "why so defensive" despite her being the one losing her shit. https://mobile.twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/967765930234339331

No. 514137

I just stumbled upon this thread and woooow. I knew they were into bdsm, which I don’t have problems with, but I didn’t know they were into that disgusting ddlg shit. I mean, there were obvious hints but I assumed that was just June’s hyper feminine thing. Also, I have to laugh at that tweet about her kids being raised in Canada because like the marriage will last that long or they’ll actually have kids. Greg will just use her, and then dump her

No. 514139

God she's so cringy, no matter what he's currently sperging out about.

No. 514144

File: 1519572648070.jpg (116.92 KB, 640x940, 1511991319253.jpg)

I encourage you to read previous threads anon. It includes gems like this.

No. 514147

what ian is she talking about?

No. 514148

WHY does she post this stuff on the Internet tho. Like WHY. If she were a cam girl or sex worker, ok. But she’s not lol. It’s so hard to respect anything she says or does knowing she acts like a little girl and gets tied to a leash in her free time.

She obviously wouldn’t walk around in public like that, so why is she willing to post it on the Internet for everyone to see? It’s gross.

No. 514152

File: 1519574431096.jpg (93.34 KB, 800x633, _20180225_105421.JPG)


Also, I don't even disagree with her on this(my bf wrestles and competes in mma and will tell you some of his hardest matches were with women). Its the fact she loves using her ftm as an example. Like he's some sort of unicorn for fit and masculine for a ftm. And it's only for that reason she uses him.

Despite all of thay, she'll also so "i hate using derrick as an example". But, she does because she want to look " sooooo libbberrralll guyyyzzz" so her arguments feel more plausible. It's an old topic June, quick attacking obvious retards.

She just loves that low hanging fruit.

No. 514168

Yeah idk about this one.

Fallon Fox is a mtf mma fighter who competed professionally with women. She was winning every match, but she was also completely pulverizing the women she went up against. It was clearly unfair. And when she competed as a man, she wasn’t really that good.


Men have a physical advantage over women. The facts are in human biology. Lol @ June using an anecdote about her friend to argue against that.

It’s like she doesn’t know what “facts don’t care about your feelings” means.

No. 514179

File: 1519577548368.jpg (92.76 KB, 519x898, Capture.JPG)

Show us some evidence about your female friend winning in male categories, June.

No. 514200

Well and people who talk about this almost have no knowledge of tag teams or intergender in mma and wrestling. Arguably not very common and the interest level isn't high but, it's certainly an option. I think the problem lies with transgender people wanting the rules to be bent specifically for them, they forget that they are an extreme minority and it shouldn't be expected to be seen as fair when someone is taking abnormal shit into their body and not being judge for it regarding fairness. The system isn't exactly good for them either way.

People like June are retarded because they talk about it with no knowledge of the sport. Wrestling gets very little attention as it is and when this story came around everyone was so quick to judge and give opinions. It doesn't have the same billings as other sports, therefore its options are low with cases like these. It needs more popularity before it wants to tackle shit like this.

No. 514203

She'd get her ass kicked way harder by real men. The only reason she's better than other women is because testosterone is basically a PED, yet again this bitch doesn't know what she's talking about.

No. 514206

Wait, is she saying her tranny friend competes with real men? If so, I don't buy it. Women are physically weaker than men. HRT or not she's no match for them.

No. 514207

June's blindspot for transgenders in her otherwise anti-SJ politics doesn't make any sense. Are they paying her to shill them? Real cheeky for her to whip out "facts not feelings" when it comes to some professional athletes being allowed to shoot up steroids but not others because "my snowflake identity."

No. 514209


So she acknowledges that her mtf friend hates internet arguments yet she still brings him up in every petty fight she picks with people on Twitter as if he's some kind of accessory who's feelings don't matter. No wonder this bitch has no other friends.

No. 514210

File: 1519580799980.jpg (39.23 KB, 800x275, IMG_20180225_124459.jpg)

Oh god I love how she's shits on some one for using triggered as she uses green text not even post ironically back at them on fucking social media. She's so unaware. I'm dying.

No. 514213

File: 1519581006334.png (746.38 KB, 963x441, 5XuMU3B.png)

wtf??? b-but s-shoe's hot without makeup, makeapp proved this!

No. 514215

I-I'm sure the potato camera has nothing to do with this anon! It's just her video aesthetic!

No. 514226

File: 1519581739020.jpg (151.44 KB, 800x965, IMG_20180225_130204.jpg)

When you're so out of touch you make Lauren look smart.

No. 514236

>This individual is either going to be the best of ladies or the worst of men.

So why is June not going batshit on Lauren for saying this? Seeing she went batshit on people saying basically the same thing here >>514152 and here >>514179

Is it because Lauren has bigger cred and if she attacks Lauren, all her 4chan fanboys are gonna turn their back on her?

No. 514240

I bet your parents are narcissistic or they were obsessed with your looks and shallow stuff and didn't love you so that now you project in on other people. Being born in country like USA didn't help either, I suspect.(derailing)

No. 514254

File: 1519583868864.jpg (55.38 KB, 429x482, head.JPG)


Anon, I love you
But I had to go in and edit the last one to depict what she legitimately looks like without all that hair and excessive makeup

No. 514258

I always thought she was out of Groceries' league but it seems like I was wrong

No. 514276

To be fair to her from some mild/no makeup pictures she posted I think her eyes shouldn't look quite as small and alien like as that edit implies. Everything else looks about right though.

No. 514285

Lmfao, this exact cuckqueen was crying that "conservative women exist and don't agree with ur feminist bullshit" at one point. I think she forgot that most conservative women think that trannies are a meme, too.

No. 514299

She wears little make-up in the beginning of this video (fake eyelashes and maybe some foundation, I can't tell). She's not super pretty but she doesn't look horrendous like in >>514254.

No. 514303

Her face was also a lot less fat in this video, but yeah obviously removing makeup in photoshop will only be so accurate. I'd love to see the top of her head without that wig though.

No. 514321

Thanks for reminding me how drastically her face has changed in just a few months and extra pounds. I wonder how she'll look at 30.

No. 514333

also consider her camera here is angled to be more flattering (probably…extremely likely)

No. 514334

KEK take off the tinfoil hat and stop getting so butthurt that people are calling an ugly girl ugly on the internet. You seem like a cow yourself, do you even have room to shit talk others on here?

No. 514336

No. 514339

File: 1519589836189.jpg (25.15 KB, 450x446, stretchy.JPG)


some of her weight also went to her chest and shoulder region. pregnancy possibly

No. 514340

I doubt it, boobs are just fat sacks they get bigger when someone gains weight.

No. 514347

It might also be due to her period, anon. I know lots of women have their boobs become a bit swollen before/during menstruation.

No. 514348

File: 1519590342138.jpg (42.49 KB, 800x362, IMG_20180225_152335.jpg)

lol I don't think she is but it's funny how some of you do because her fans thought she was at one point and she freaked out.

No. 514352

File: 1519590797001.jpg (58.25 KB, 800x630, _20180225_153109.JPG)

I'm sorry for double post but looking through her twitter is hilarious at times.

She thinks grocery has "some muscle". This is high level delusion. Again, she really thinks he looks like that artist.

No. 514376

my money's just on really rapid weight gain. her and skeptic have probably been eating/drinking more due to the engagement. and she seems to just gain around her mid section which makes her look bloated/pregnant

No. 514439

I wanna see how good her skin is without the camera quality, foundation and everything else
she claims to like skincare so much but like june, she fails at everything she loves

No. 514445

File: 1519598609013.jpeg (18.09 KB, 252x405, DFdjZzjXgAAbw5o.jpeg)

Found a rare june.

No. 514529

I'd better be a cow than you or people obsessing with appereance on here all day long, every day lol It's not high school anymore, sweety(report and move on)

No. 514549

Tbh I get where you're coming from about the obsessive looks nitpicking–feel this hard in regards to the Moo thread fyi–but it's really not going to change.

These are cows who said a bunch of shallow and superficial shit and now people are eager to jump on their flaws where ever they manifest. It's not like farmers find random fatties and uggos who post on the internet to pick on when they're minding their own business. People get posted here because they said or did something to deserve it.

June has made it clear on multiple occasions that she thinks the worst of any girl who weighs more than her, so shouldn't you be telling her to grow up?

Also I'm sorry if you have a similar body or look like June and that's why the comments bother you, but in that case, hide the comments for your own sanity. Flaws are just more noticeable on shitty people.

No. 514592

I don't like nitpicking but at this point, for june it's a taste of her own medicine at this point
however I do believe she's becoming more self aware, either that or she's attention whoring for compliments

No. 514705

She's probably having some kind of emotional crisis from becoming chubby again when she's prided herself on being "so skinny uwu" and shat on healthy bmi girls for years now.

No. 514734

This tbh. Like bashing other cows who are cows for different reasons I get would be a nitpick, but with shoe her extensive nitpicking other womens looks as illustrated in other threads is part of what makes her a lolcow. Doubly as shes been given money to make videos, and does so over exaggerating on thing like that make up app remover.
>however I do believe she's becoming more self aware, either that or she's attention whoring for compliments
Its more the latter, but also that people are starting to call her out on her hyprocrisy, especially as shes well known for constantly tweeting and deleting so she can play the victim card.


No. 514931

Oh shit, I'm the person whining in first post of the first screenshot and the bottom post of the second, lol… I still work fucked up hours, which is why I'm reading lolcow at 4:30am. Never thought my whining about milk would retroactively help a future thread!

Does she not know Canada doesn't like rude ass bitches like her?

No. 514944

did anyone who watched this notice greg projecting so hard onto the christian grey character?

when they're talking about the main characters getting married and agreeing they don't want kids, he's like, "i mean it's understandable, he's still in his early 30's, doesn't know what he wants."

then june later asks him if he wants kids, and he's like, "yeah when i'm financially stable."

MEANWHILE IN THIS VID, the man is talking about how he drives an audi. a luxury brand car that requires premium gas. he's 30 too, right? what is financially stable to this guy? why is he buying a bunch of star wars toys and swords and driving a luxury car if he's not financially stable but looking to be?

god i hope they don't have kids.

No. 515109

>i mean it's understandable, he's still in his early 30's, doesn't know what he wants.
Made me chuckle.. I'm going to have to say almost 100% of guys I know in their 30s have stable careers, many are married w/ kids, and know exactly what they want in life.

These two are just children themselves, living in a society that's particularly forgiving to extended childhoods.. hopefully they do not procreate.

No. 515148

>then june later asks him if he wants kids, and he's like, "yeah when i'm financially stable."
lmfao what ever happened to him being a rich daddy dom
exactly, they are adults but can't act like them

No. 515532

Her fake lashes bother me so much. They look like they're waaaay too big, they overpower her eyes and make them look smaller.

No. 515581

File: 1519708061688.png (747.47 KB, 1440x1046, Screenshot_2018-02-26-23-04-15…)

June just posted this. The Virgin side has Steve Shives but I cannot handle these points

No. 515588

>trying this hard

No. 515594

did she make this?
"doesnt know anything about politics"?

No. 515598

No. 515599

>just doesn't like women
>normal human lips

No. 515621

File: 1519711370037.gif (1.65 MB, 192x176, ezgif-3-3268bf6d1b.gif)

>barely uses twitter probably too busy slamming clam

No. 515675

yeah june, slamming thicc tranny clam in your absence since you guys don't even live in the same fucking country despite being engaged

No. 515749

>stroke face

No. 515755

>just doesn't like women
>wife worships him

It's pathetic but I'm pretty sure they bonded on their dislike of women. What's even more pathetic is that June thinks Septic sees her different than the other women.

No. 515757

File: 1519732991749.jpg (349.65 KB, 816x1224, Untitled.jpg)

I dunno June, sounds like your daddy dom and friends got roasted

No. 515758

File: 1519733244107.jpg (33.12 KB, 465x260, Capture.JPG)

She's really sperging hard over this

No. 515762

File: 1519733705694.jpg (40.86 KB, 516x429, Capture.JPG)

June retweeted Chris Ray Gun making fun of these lyrics, but does she realize she is exactly what he's making fun of?

>I'm not like the other girls!!

>Other girls are mean preps and I'm a nerdy normal girl :33
>I'm the special girl who can understand you unlike those women harpies

No. 515763

File: 1519733796897.jpg (45.71 KB, 522x525, Capture.JPG)

june, that's literally oyu

No. 515764

ofc her dumbass fans really believe she's not wearing makeup when she also looked like she shooped/blurred her ~perfect skin~

No. 515766

june doesn't have real boobs, isn't natural or "just right" nor is she nerdy

No. 515768

It's not that she is natural or nerdy, it's that she's trying to pretend that she is and that is somehow makes her better than others

>I'm so thin but I have big boobs tee hee

>Look, when the app takes my makeup off, I look the same >>514213 , i'm natural not like the other girls
>uwu i was a nerdy shy girl in high school (truth being she was one of the popular kids who loved bullying)

No. 515772

she has like 4 public 'songs' that are straight up bullying other girls and this bih seriously has the gall to keep trying to keep up the charade that she was a bullied u//w//u nerd girl that rts anime and loves bunbuns but keeps them in 12"x12" like proto fur farming cages

do these men really fall for it? are they really that stupid? like in those letters between her and ian he seemed to buy her schtick and she was even faker and even more obviously a normal michael kors, chanel wearing upper middle class, tanned, well to do 'prep' that belittled other women and wanted to feel adored by men then. or is it that they're just so desperate to get any attention from girls that they'll pretend to believe her ridiculous, obviously easily debunked neetgirl image?

No. 515773

Once again, if this was a feminist or "sjw" every one would point out how triggered shes acting but, no guys that's so 2014 when used on meeeeee!

No. 515774

is this the year she's going to put down her dues to become a veritable mra? i think she'll do it at some point tbh

No. 515777

>she has like 4 public 'songs' that are straight up bullying other girls and this bih seriously has the gall to keep trying to keep up the charade that she was a bullied u//w//u nerd girl
She's starting to remind me of kiki kannibal lol. I wonder if she'll ever sperg out… Maybe she really was that wk from unichan. Or that was the mod she used to be friends with.

No. 515781

Possibly. She loves shilling the red pill movie which btw she exaggerated how good it is. Maybe if you never heard about how some custody cases turn out bad for men.

Also, her next vid is going to be on scum manifesto, something she apparently knew nothing about until like a month ago despite her entire life now is owning mean rad feminist!! Oh, and she'll tweet passages with no context and her dumb fans are terrified that gasp a book like this exist today!

No. 515785

Leave it to june to get triggered about a book written over half a century ago

Great read by the way, I don't know what there is to criticize.

No. 515794

God forbid one woman makes a radical book back in the 60s. So comparable to today's modern feminist guys. Not like for every radical fem book there isn't a billion books calling women walking holes. It's not like the author grew up in a shitty time, had a bad childhood and was mentally ill. She's just your cookie cutter rad fem. It's totally all the same.

I'm just excited to see how much information she's going to leave out. I'm expecting her to just take random lines in the book and just react to them like "omggg guyyzzz i can't beliiieeevvvee thiiissss"

No. 515805

I really wish I saw what June sees when she looks at skeptic because j just don't get it

No. 515824

Maybe it’s one of those control things where girls date less desirable men so that the man doesn’t leave them for someone else. Having an unattractive partner is it’s own form of security/stability.

However usually when one partner is significantly more attractive than the other, the less attractive one is basically obsessed and does anything for their SO. I guess shoe probably looks a lot different without her wig and makeup, so it may be that her insecurities are enough to make her the needy one in the relationship. I mean let’s be real, imagine if you were balding and wore that much make up on a daily basis… showing someone what you really look like for the first time would probably be nerve-wracking.

Ironically I think that’s what the poly thing might be about too. If she lets him get with other girls then she doesn’t have to worry about him leaving her for other girls.

No. 515829

kek but this only works for decentish men. she's dating a bottom of the barrel misogynist who still think he's entitled to his pick of the pussy despite looking like a smelly sack of shit. he is already known to cheat on women that are way out of his league. his ex wasnt hot, but she was still hotter than his inbred soda-swilling canadian white trash, mormon lookin ass.

No. 515869

>>I really wish I saw what June sees when she looks at skeptic
Anon, you’d probably need a bottle of vodka and a concussion to accomplish that wish. At the very least, a high level of cognitive dissonance.

No. 515875

>and wore that much make up on a daily basis
That's one thing I noticed, she's always wearing make up even in pics of them just hanging out at home. It's either she's too insecure to show any pics of herself without being done up or grocery prefers her to stay pretty 24/7. I know that they're plenty of girls who like wearing make up even at home sometimes but, she just over kills it to the point when a real pic of her looking natural pops up, she's going to be attacked by neckbeards who hate when women "hide how ugly they are".

No. 515880

She seems way more into him than he is to her

These probably factor in to their relationship

This is the most confusing part for me! He isn't even "a catch", and she knows that he buys into all that manosohere shit, so what's going to happen when she tuns 30, and "hits the wall?" Isn't he scared that she is going to "divorce rape" him? How can he reconcile his relationship with his shitty views about women?

Plus, when their relationship falls apart, she must know that her fan base will turn on her.

No. 515882

because her skin is shit and she needs to make sure she keeps up her perfect skin status, she probably sleeps in her makeup when shes with greg to, hence why she uses shitty cameras to

even she she says she's not wearing makeup she's wearing foundation and shit lmao

No. 515890

>Hairline molded by the gods
Compared to her bald head any hairline must look amazing to her.

No. 515891

>Plus, when their relationship falls apart, she must know that her fan base will turn on her.
I actually think Grocery would get the most hate and that's why he'll keep her around until people lose interest in his shitty videos(he's getting way less views now compared to shoe who is gaining more popularity). Most people only watch him because he's "shoe0nhead's bf".

No. 515909

File: 1519749929306.jpeg (98.65 KB, 749x1008, DXDkHFRWAAAa_Xw.jpeg)

She capped this thinking it makes her look good.

No. 515916

That is actually something that I hadn't considered. But it made me wonder, what is the point of "Armored Skeptic" (the persona).

What is he trying to do? What is re point of his videos? Calling his channel "Armored Media" makes it seen like he wants to be a director or media producer, but does he create content other than rants?

Take ralphthemoviemaker for example. His YouTube channel is about his love of movies, his own films, and film analysis. I see the "point". His channel has a clear thesis.

But why do people watch skeptic? What is he trying to teach me, or express?

No. 515927


She actually bought that book and read it on her way to Septic's. Same with Cosmo, she constantly reads it.

But she never talks about a book she actually likes and/or recommends. Something that's not tied to feminism or men's rights.

Which makes me think, does she have any interests at all? She claims she was a nerdy girls who hung out with all-male nerd gang in high school, yet she never shows any of nerdy interests? (posting herself on imageboards to gain male attention doesn't count)
Even the fake "nerd grrlss" type attention whores tend to talk how they love games like pokemon and ocarina of time.

June never mentions any interests other than "i shit on feminism and defend men's rights". Those aren't even interests, those are just opinions and she can't even debate her views. She just parrots what she reads elsewhere and when someone tries to argument with her, she shows she's chickenshit.

She only watched Star Wars for Septic but that's basically it. In high school Shoe was a bully and made fun of weebs and harry potter fans. Now she pretends she is into weeb culture, but I don't think she ever watched anything?

What's even weirder is how anon who knew her from before mentions she used to hang out on hack forums ( >>509267 ) but not because of her interest in hacking or to participate in discussions about hacking, but to hang out in the misc section of the forum because she liked attention she would get from male dominated spaces?

I don't understand how can someone's life exclusively revolve around net attention for so many years. I mean even notorious attention whores like Onion have some hobbies and interests on the side. She has literally none.

No. 515928

He wants armouredmedia to be his small business and has a site he hasn't touched in forever. What's interesting he has Shoe's videos on there and controls both of their merchandise. And this started not far after they started dating. It's known he was also looking for a female host for his movie reviews to counter him. I wouldn't be surprised if she has him completely controlling her earnings.

No. 515932

>Even the fake "nerd grrlss" type attention whores tend to talk how they love games like pokemon and ocarina of time.
Lol this reminds me when she was obsessed with gamergate and her fans convinced her to try getting into games and she got a 3ds and forgot about it within a month.

She just started the nerdy image though. She'll make "anime references" like call someone a tsundere. Just typical "im so current on geek culture xD" normie shit and use anime gifs. It's embarrassing considering she'd her old self made fun of "weebs"

No. 515933

Funny how she posted that screenshot and wrote "someone get me on stage with thomas" as if she could debate anyone on stage.

Just look at her and fatso in the last MythCon, so fucking pathetic.

No. 515939

lmfao she's been trollshielding so desperately during the past week

she's really reading this thread

No. 515942

Leave it to June to get triggered by literal satire that pokes fun at the likes of Nietzsche and every other salty incel "thinker".

Ah wait, that's right - she doesn't read.

No. 515959

That is going to bite her in the ass in the future

No. 515962

Actually shoe's thing is still to hate on anime/weebs, but she'll also make posts with anime pictures or references because it's trendy and fits her uwu small bun image. I don't think even she knows which one is supposed to be ironic.

No. 516024


June has absolutely zero personality. No interests, no hobbies or ambitions. That's why she dropped out of college, too. Considering how much personal shit she posts about her disgusting relationship, you'd think she'd tweet about something she personally enjoys or thinks about (that is not feminism related)once in a while. I remember she even had a third YT channel (June Lapine) on which she wanted to share some videos that were not about feminism/men's rights but I think she deleted it. I guess because there is nothing to post about.

No. 516029

File: 1519759834576.jpg (220.3 KB, 783x1077, IMG_20180227_202501.jpg)

>Armoured is a pioneer in creating a platform that blends the athiest/secular community with trending social topics

did he write this himself?

No. 516056

Probably. PR/personal managers for speakers at these events are usually the ones to provide background information, job titles, etc for event coordinators.

Obviously Skeptick doesn’t have a manager. If someone else was branding him, they would just call him a YouTube personality.

No. 516074

File: 1519763332621.jpeg (75.15 KB, 640x480, 7A9EC593-E8AE-4F4B-A51F-0D34BB…)

I guess this isn’t so far off?

No. 516078

File: 1519763608618.jpg (34.53 KB, 800x430, _20180227_153201.JPG)

No. 516079

That is a very long winded way of saying "youtuber"

No. 516080

P.s. is he smoking a fucking cigarello????

No. 516081

wow, shoe proves herself even more whack than CK

No. 516085

Notice they have to go with the term "pioneer" because he's neither relevant nor successful enough to be called an expert.
Like a polite consolation prize, "Hey, you're that YouTuber from forever ago that used to have an audience, but now other athiest vloggers surpass you and produce better content. Y-you must have given them the idea you p-pioneer you!"


No. 516090

That's the best part. They'll never be taken seriously outside of the internet. They can make fun of people for having sticks up there asses for not wanting certain people to speak because they've said things in the past but, that's exactly the way society is going now. Both of them are connected to their degenerate ddlg posts that anyone can easily find, its going to bite them in the ass in the future when their youtube run ends and the need to make themselves relevant.

The fact they are dumb enough to put that on their social media baffles me. June get a fucking dumblr and talk to littles about your gross fetish on there, your fans only like it because they like exploiting your internet persona.

No. 516092

does she have a monolid or just no eyelashes? if it weren't for her wig and if she had a huge protruding mole she can be a gross british nanny

No. 516112


Probably no lashes - she apparently has trichotillomania and probably pulled them all out.

No. 516175

Oh for god's sake it's called hooded eyes. Would you only be satisfied if everyone looked like you and had exactly same ideal eye shape you have etc? Whatever. I don't think she cares about people nitpicking her looks on here. It just screams insecurity/unhealthy hangups with looks about person. I think what she does is more interesting and comments about it are butt-hurtful to her cause look how she reacts at criticism. She has zero self-awareness and when people point something about her actions out she's raging and freaking out.

No. 516177

>I don't think she cares about people nitpicking her looks on here.


No. 516181

If you don't like it, then why the fuck are you on lolcow?

No. 516184

I truly wonder what the hell are groceries and wig0nhead are going to do with their lives 5 years from now. Talking about sjw culture or whatever is going to die out eventually.

No. 516187

ayyeee welcome back, ugly anon! sperging about people calling june ugly again, eh?

shallow, insecure cunts like june are typically more triggered by people picking apart their looks than by people picking apart their shitty personalities. it doesn't bother her as much when you question her actions because she's only doing them for neckbeards, so she doesn't take it personally. the things that rile her up the most appear to be a. recognizing her ugliness and b. talking shit about troons.

No. 516199

Hey looks-obsessed former child of borderline narcissisic parents stop projecting your looks-obsessive worldview on other people. She is probably as insecure as you are or more but I doubt even she is half as shallow as you are and just constantly thinking about looks, every second of her life. Life is multi-dimensional. I'm sorry you only live in one dimension.(derailing)

No. 516200

We need more makeup less pics of her.

No. 516204

This is too good. You're sticking up for someone who became mod of a board because she's insane and obsessed about how people see her.

No. 516218

lol no she has a monolid. monolid is different than hooded eyes you idiot.

No. 516316

Why is he called groceries?

No. 516326

No. 516341

Nice tinfoil hatting once again. Are you sure you're not the one projecting your narcissistic upbringing onto me??

Anyways, I based every single thing I said on hoe0ndick's past actions. She's bullied tons of other girls because of the way they look before, we're just letting her know she has noooo room to talk.

Please fuck off. Lolcow is not now, nor has ever been, nor will ever BE the uggo-friendly circlejerk you want it to be. Your derailing is pointless. P.s. learn how to fucking sage.

No. 516349

Yeah shoe deserves everything that is said on here, and it's not even that serious. It's not like farmers are wishing her be sevrely tortured to death. Shoe is a shitty person. She makes fun of people based on their looks, calls people idiots bc that person doesn't agree with her, even though they're not even attacking her and are just stating something. Shoe loves her panting herself as this super nice cute little girl when really she's a mean, pathetic, chubby-chaser, female neckbeard, try-hard shitlord.

No. 516353

Did Greg really cheat on her multiple times? Damn

No. 516376

No. He cheated on his ex wife. With shoe, he wants to go poly but, only if the third is another woman and since shoe is such a doormat many of us are convinced its just Grocery wanting to fuck someone when she is away. He already has shitty history with liking camgirls who look nothing like her and talking to them. But, shoe thinks that's normal but also calls anyone who criticizes "vanilla normies"

No. 516378

File: 1519785732214.jpg (60.85 KB, 454x134, lids.jpg)


She has neither. Her eyes are normal, you just can't see her lids on shitty potato cam.

No. 516380

kek fuck off with that exaggeration
her lids look ridiculous, has nothing to do with "NOT EVERYONE LOOKS ALIKE!!! YOUU'RE JUST INSECURE CXXXXX"
>She has zero self-awareness and when people point something about her actions out she's raging and freaking out.
just like you are just because I make fun of her damn eyelids? lmao

No. 516383

he's proving "once a cheater always a cheater"
also why is this fat piece of shit with a fedora the one cheating? aren't they the same ones who scream how only chads cheat?

No. 516419

Seriously what the fuck is this? Calm down anon. I'm not sure what inspired your crusade but people are going to say things that aren't nice on the internet and there's really nothing you can do about it. Instead of lashing out at random strangers focus on your own life.

No. 516420

I think there was screenshot about his fatass getting groceries or something at one point, and someone thought "Groceries" would be a good name for him since he's a tub of lard and its visually similar to Gregory. It ended up sticking.

No. 516423

File: 1519789247420.jpg (159.93 KB, 572x1432, 1512833598399.jpg)

No. 516430

Lmaooooo and fuck her gross cat girl maid fake weeb pandering bullshit. She also has pillows that praise hentai while mocking weeb bc she knows she doesn't know anything about anime and doesn't want to bother to learn to better pander, so her anime thing is all over the place

No. 516436

lol theyrr not even married yet and he already wants to ""spice things up." I can't wait til he decides which thicc tranny camgirl he wants to add to their ~soooper BDSM poly relationship~. June is going to sperg out of control.

No. 516490

>greg talking in third person for some reason like he's famous or some shit
>"I think of 3 women when I think of triplets I must be such an edgy daddy dom misogynist xD"
>june pretending to be a 12 yr old in the comments
>he's a basic white boi so nothing special

No. 516522

File: 1519799136101.png (283.18 KB, 531x358, 1578639.png)

I took another look at the "makeup-less" picture she posted onto ask.fm some time ago.

It looks legit but I don't buy the eyebrows. They don't match >>516074

No. 516531

>eyebrows clearly done
>light foundation/powder
>shadow around her lashline unless it's just stained from packing on whore paint for the past few years

also her lips look pinker in the other photo they looked ashy and sick, she might have just been wearing tinted lip balm though since thats what I usually do when I dont wanna wear makeup and im anemic so my lips are gross and pale

also sage for blog

No. 516536

Take off the hat, June. the asfm question asked for you without the shit on.

No. 516537

File: 1519799687835.jpg (33.22 KB, 640x397, 151978530845.jpg)


I'm guessing the "shadow" around the eyes is just leftover liner after wiping it off with a makeup wipe or something.

No. 516543


Holy fucking shit, I thought the "I worship his dick 24/7" thing was a joke…

No. 516558

File: 1519803593102.jpg (158.04 KB, 810x738, IMG_20180228_083709.jpg)

He prouds himself on his German genes and claims his last name means "leader" (wow so alpha).

And then a real German shows up and tells hom that in his last name is derived from the word HALLWAY lmaooo

>septic daddy's full name is grocery hallway

No. 516564

Omfg that's hilarious and after all of june's humiliating on screen panting and panty wetting over his name (first of all, ew anyways when fuhrer is so commonly associated with hitler), but fucking lol that it basically means 'land surveyor' as a derivative of 'hallway'.

this leader/sub, dom/sub bdsm thing between them is so hapless

No. 516578

this photo looks edited? compare to >>516074
looks like she didn't completely wipe off her makeup since her eyebrows and shadow is still semi on

No. 516605

and you can see traces of foundation as well

where was this? what fedoraians dick was she sucking house was she at in this? or is her dad a fedoraian too?

No. 516667

Do you know about pictures, how lighting and color can work different in it? Don't you have anything else to do with your life than this nitpicking?
It's just so sad and pathetic to read. I can believe such people exist.
Her lids look like a person's lids. It's really that you want people to look certain way. Maybe like you since you've got ideal shapes of everything and you're so ridiculously picky on things like that. You're not even self-aware how ridiculous it is.
It's a little hooded and eyeshapes different from yours are completely normal. Look around yourself. People look different and there's variety of shapes. And no, I just look at lots of the comments here and yours was just among them. This is so sick. Most people don't think about things you say and don't obsess over them.
I know about my upbringing which wasn't narcissistic lol You aren't self-aware at all though. You aren't aware of how most people percieve other people and their looks too. It's all completely distorted in your head and you waste your life on obsessing over it and nitpicking other people's looks and I'm pretty sure yours too cause you think that's the only thing that makes people valuable and loveable.
It's not even that. Just read what they write. It's fucking ridiculous as hell lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 516669

This ''And no, I just look at lots of the comments here and yours was just among them. This is so sick. Most people don't think about things you say and don't obsess over them''. is addressed to this post >>516380 sorry

No. 516674

armoured groceries btfo

No. 516678

File: 1519821389850.jpg (89.11 KB, 669x900, DXDkHFRWAAAa_Xw.jpg)

>Mythcon can't get better guests than June, Groceries and Carl of Swindon

No. 516682

Anon, I can see why you're bothered by people nit-picking her looks. It's not like she's ugly (despite some awkward photos from her past.) And personally I'm still in the boat that when she was thinner she had a killer figure- fake tits or no.

I think you're missing the reason people are talking so much about her looks. It's not because they find themselves better-looking or are absorbed in their own looks, but because her appearance is a significant part of her platform (her videos would absolutely not get the attention they do without it.) And like everything else she puts on the Internet, it's a misrepresentation of who she is.

Her "no mackup uwu" pics aren't actually makeupless. She is trying to "prove" she looks beautiful without makeup to a male audience who would be critical of her otherwise.

She wants to be an ideal, so she fuels her fans expectations of what a woman should be like. Through dishonesty. That is why people feel compelled to take it apart.

Sage for the rant, but you can stop feeling "so sad" when reading these comments.

No. 516689

this is why she prints out her speeches and she cant debate in real life without falling back to same old tricks or without needing training via wikipedia or any disposable male first. it is much like carl of swindon.
june does not think or act on her own because she does not think like a person in politics. she thinks like a woman who likes a lot of money and fame

No. 516693

>You aren't aware of how most people percieve other people and their looks too. It's all completely distorted in your head and you waste your life on obsessing over it and nitpicking other people's looks and I'm pretty sure yours too cause you think that's the only thing that makes people valuable and loveable.
Are you fucking serious? I called a girl, a girl who frequently bullies other girls about their looks, ugly on the internet and now you're projecting all this bullshit on to me. Jesus ugly-chan, you're even more of an autust than I initially thought. I'm not going to respond to this anymore because it's clear that you don't have an argument outside of "ur a pathetic, insecure cyberbully and u have no self-awareness and ur world is distorted bc u said a mean thing about hoe0ndick!!" Quit derailing the thread and Learn. How. To. Sage.

No. 516697

People with trich usually pick their eyebrows to hell, I wonder if that's why she still does hers in her "no makeup" pics.

No. 516745

File: 1519831528264.jpg (228.19 KB, 810x1152, IMG_20180228_162253.jpg)

Shoe & co are causing huge drama and pretending their lives are threatened by some dumb facebook comment.

That "popular kid and a bully" phase in her high school was t
he highest point of her life, wasn't it?
Because she is so desperately trying to emulate it nowadays. Except it's not popular kids anymore, it's fat neckbeards.

No. 516747

The fucking mythcon thing isn't even happening till September. They just love sperging because their fans circle jerk them every time they try starting internet drama so their egos are always high. Basically just a bunch of fart sniffers who pretend what they talk about is relevant in irl when in reality they're just stuck feeding a hivemind that'll just move on once June reaches her 30s.

No. 516808

If you look very closely at her cheeks it looks like there is some mild acne scarring going on. I wonder if that's why she has so few high quality photos and uses a webcam for her videos? Maybe?

If we actually had high quality close ups the "i have perfect skin" shit would probably be a lie.

No. 516880

File: 1519841910492.jpg (90.45 KB, 610x686, 1447369997267.jpg)

Before another anon crawls in here again complaining we're being overly harsh on shoe's appearance and claims she isn't as bad as us just listen to this: https://soundcloud.com/juneskii/misogyny

No. 516922

> 516074
lmfao i remember her bragging about how 'big and almond shaped :3' her eyes are. No, june…they're beady and small.

I don't think she's ugly by any means but you can clearly tell that she's insecure as fuck which is why she lies about her appearance so much, just to seem cute and smol :3

No. 516925

ah yeah i see now. they looked super monolid in her grainy pic.

No. 516926

a super sweet soliloquy on "fat, poor chicks" (nice classist bullshit there but you're such a sweet, bullied nerd, right?) that are innocently going about their business that she calls "huge and disgusting". where's the rant about fat dudes, june? where are the songs about flat fat male asses?

No. 516930

I just don't get why June is constantly being defended in her threads. We've seen how she treats other women based on their appearance and has no problem with bullying. Let her have a taste of her own medicine. I've never seen so many people defend a different cow when their appearance is being trashed.

No. 516933

and i'd venture to say she's one of the most nasty cows wrt appearances, on here. she's ultra nasty to totally innocent people. most other cows seem to only attack when they feel attacked. she goes out her way to attack people just going about their daily lives, and she does it regularly.

No. 516946

And then deletes tweets like a coward to keep her smol innocent uwu appearance. That's why any anons who go on twitter should make sure to cap things.

No. 516960

File: 1519847206833.jpg (42.96 KB, 800x398, IMG_20180228_144330.jpg)

Isn't she still visiting in Canada? Why do they talk to each other on twitter like they aren't in the same fucking room? This just shows again they like parading their TOTALLY HARDCORE BDSM LIFESTYLE on twitter. So edgy. But opsie guyz sometimez our bdsm stuff popz out by accident teehee uwu

No. 516999

File: 1519850051046.png (79.96 KB, 752x827, DELETEDELETEDELETE.png)

that reminds me i capped a couple stuff she deleted the other day. didnt post cause i thought it'd be old news but whatever, posting them here for posterity.

seems anything too "controversial" she deletes, since that can alienate fans which means less money for her.

No. 517011

I think it's because some of these anons look like her and get assblasted to see the comments said about her body and appearance. They WK her because they're trying to defend themselves by extension.

Which I personally don't have sympathy for. My body type that I share with certain cows gets trashed on this website all the time. The difference is I don't take it personally and realize people wouldn't say the same things about me if they knew me because I'm not up on my high horse making innocent people feel bad while I act like hot shit.

Like I told some anon before, people aren't posted here for just existing. It's because they're assholes.

No. 517025

That reminds me, do anons mind me sharing old embarrassing tweets? It's mostly because there wasn't an active thread going from 2015-2016 to cover them. Lots of cringe ddlg shit and june trying to look trad and being a hypocrite.

No. 517028

Please do share!

No. 517035

I mean, now we know that this entire website was created to whiteknight June basically, so the mystery "Why are so many wks always popping up in Shoethreads?" is solved. It's most likely her or someone sent by her.

You're more than welcome to share, I love me some ddlg cringe.

No. 517048

File: 1519853555657.png (334.29 KB, 769x776, hahawowsobdsm.png)

Ok, I just wanted to make sure. I'll keep them saged since it's old stuff.

Here is back when they were using that app they shilled. The app that was suppose to be used for political opinions. https://twitter.com/ArmouredSkeptic/status/780896558862569473

No. 517055

hello unichan or is this june?
was this while you were at the gmasterred household? the bed looks familiar like the lite foundation

No. 517063

File: 1519853911770.png (225.91 KB, 583x433, 1490666925521.png)

Not actually a deleted tweet, but she runs her own fan account. Used to admit it in the description but now she erased the "run by @shoe0nhead" sentence


No. 517070

File: 1519854311541.png (806.75 KB, 793x811, sotrad.png)

Another example of her shitty cooking. Makes Grocery what looks like literally just cheesy pasta with cut peppers just thrown in. https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/753125237017964544

First I heard of this. ty for sharing.

No. 517073

File: 1519854518608.gif (4.59 MB, 467x297, grocery hallway the septic.gif)

No. 517084

Damn, hes super bowlegged

No. 517086

Look at all that muscle.

No. 517118

JFC I'm a lsebian now

No. 517121

For people who have a jewtube income they sure do eat like peasants.

No. 517136

His arms are so lithe

No. 517137

I'm actually shook that men this repulsive looking exist. June has a sick fetish akin to BBW inflation or amputees.

No. 517138

Why isn't this shit spoilered, nobody should be subjected to that

No. 517147

File: 1519859719994.png (56.3 KB, 794x406, clearly fit men are just jelly…)

Clearly all you "women" are just narcissistic men because no woman would ever not find him unattractive. I mean come on now. https://twitter.com/ArmouredSkeptic/status/792860627400138752

No. 517151

That's because us women talk shit about his nasty pcos body greasy ass amoung ourselves and men are obnoxious and always feel the need to talk about people's looks

No. 517163

Bow tie pasta with diced bell peppers and what is that Parmesan cheese powder?

This is the kind of meal you make after a long day when you don’t have time to buy more groceries. Not something you document and pose your boyfriend with for social media. Embarrassing.

No. 517178

File: 1519861919398.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.96 KB, 530x775, BxhMDPRIQAEzw3j.jpg)

>bulbous gut
>greasy hair
>eats like shit
>interested in fucking trannies

He's Randy from Trailer Park Boys.

No. 517190

Def see the connection. I'd argue Randy is more attractive.

J-Roc represents the thread.

No. 517191

File: 1519862614288.png (12.33 KB, 574x146, cooking.png)

i'm pretty sure by "i love cooking" june means "i love boiling water and putting stuff in my oven" lol

No. 517197

Too ADD to be trad waifu. Sucks for you.

No. 517199

>baking scares me
I'll never get over this holy shit.

No. 517205

File: 1519863349719.jpg (360.52 KB, 2048x1473, classy.jpg)

No. 517210

Of course groceries would be the type of person that owns a loli mousepad

No. 517211

oof. that anime butt pillow. how can you eat with such a perverted thing in front of you?!

No. 517213

>how can you eat with such a perverted thing in front of you?!
that's probably nothing compared to the loads of tranny porn and cp he has in his computer

No. 517217

Is this really her? Looks similar but different.

No. 517231

That steak is well done, no char??? It looks boiled. I would never think to take a picture of a mediocre meal and post it like you’re showing off your wife skills? Smh steak is so easy.

No. 517238

File: 1519865229067.png (57.57 KB, 781x390, such positive examples.png)

No. 517241


Of course the people who constantly shit on anime have an anime mousepad. Of course.

No. 517245

>when the christian grey actually cares about the chick and wants her around him and greg is engaged to june and they barely see each other and when they do they communicate through twitter as greg faps to thicc cam whores

No. 517253

That steak is depressing

No. 517269

File: 1519867341386.png (649.99 KB, 770x775, so italian.png)

Everything she makes for him is either pasta or something else you boil plus cheese and either meat or one veggie. How is Grocery's gut going to be satisfied with married life if that's all she can make?

No. 517272

It looks like hes about to pull his boxers down instead at first.

No. 517273

What is she proving by posting these photos of mediocre foods with disgusting messy stoves and her fat bf sitting there looking displeased? This isn’t a good example of ‘trad’ or subservience. It’s just sad.

No. 517277

Funny how you guys are saying groceries is like Randy from Trailer Park Boys, because that's his one of favorite tv shows.

No. 517280

I don't fucking get it with these two. Both of them shit on anime, and I don't care that they do, but the fact that shoe dresses "kawaii uwu", posts loli gifs, and has a bodypillow of groceries and another pillow that says, "Anime in the streets, hentai in the sheets". Then, there's groceries with that perverted loli butt mouse pad. Theyre so gross and pathetic

No. 517282

So June is basically a mom to a fat useless NEET son. Peak heterosexuality.

No. 517285

gross. eating and fapping is the equivalent of eating and shitting.

No. 517287

LOL wtf is a 24/7 bdsm relationship in an LDR that's barely an LDR, anyways? Like what does this even mean? He ignores her on Skype and calls her a disgusting whore while tugging on his dick between toggling between tranny camstreams, or what? What does this even mean?

No. 517295

tinfoil: groceries is secretly kin with julian because it helps him cope with the pain of time animorphing him into randy, but he's too fat, sloppy, and autistic to successfully emulate him

No. 517300

holy fuck anon I was just going to post he probably thinks he's exactly like Julian. Is he that easy to read lol?

No. 517305

File: 1519871235923.jpg (81.31 KB, 785x476, give grocery a kiss.jpg)

Please react accordingly

No. 517324

theory:june is feeding him bland shit in hopes he would lose weight

No. 517328

I really hope he's just drunk posting

No. 517335

why does he think he's desirable? this beta male is an obese, busted, 30-something y/o divorcee who masturbates to traps, makes atheism videos in 20 fucking 18, and is engaged to an insecure, equally busted thot who still lives with her damn parents. the wall exists for men too and he's a prime example of it (though, he was really never not busted…). he needs to check himself and june needs to stop telling him he's worth anything.

No. 517356

This reads like a fantasy from an edgy teenage boy not a 30+ year old man.

No. 517358

Why does June put up with stuff like this? She clearly could be the more dominant one in the relationship if she so much as chooses to. She makes over double the income he makes through Patreon and has a massive YT sub count compared to his. Dunno why you'd ever submit yourself to being this masochistic, lmao.

No. 517366

File: 1519875254078.jpg (118.06 KB, 800x1032, _20180228_223308.JPG)

I need a barf bag.

No. 517367

june isn't masochistic she's just desperate

No. 517371

prank invasion already beat you to this fatty. get some original material and maybe you can finally provide for June like the daddy dom you claim to be.

No. 517378

I feel like if #mombod became a thing his ass would scream, cry and mock feminism and cry about how evil feminazis are brainwashing men into finding laziness attractive

No. 517403

File: 1519877370945.jpg (94.79 KB, 800x1016, _20180228_230829.JPG)

Keeping up with that ddlg cringe.

No. 517405

But June used to emphasize how jealous she is. Guess she realized that isn't hot branding anymore for her loser fans?

No. 517406

ugh gross. they get worse by the day.

No. 517409

Such soft fat feminine hands. Canadian lumberjack my ass, fucking liars.

No. 517450

>calling people littles as rp
yep, that's confirmed, they aren't into bdsm but make a mockery of what they see, it's like if a girl called her boyfriend dom as rp, it's stupid and only proves you hopped on the bdsm train without actually having bdsm fantasies

also take note of this, they're both engaged, which I don't know if they know but engagement means you're planning on getting married, they're both planning on getting married assuming their engagement wasn't fake
june still calling him bf
he addressed her as "little" straight after she called him bf, which she isn't even little to begin with, how embarrassing and pathetic

No. 517458

File: 1519881960113.png (770.08 KB, 536x946, fat hippocrite.png)


Fatso thinks he's above other fatties, this is rich.

No. 517463

Someone should tell snorlax that only trainers can catch Pokemon

No. 517465


I don't even know who this man is and I know he doesn't deserve to be compared to groceries. Nobody deserves that lol

No. 517468

>greasy delusion fattie shaming self aware fattie

it's always the ones who shouldn't be talking

No. 517474


It truly baffles me. I only learned about their antics thru lolcow and I was dumbfounded to be honest. It's so weird. If I didn't know better I'd say he was blackmailing her but she seems to choose that shitty life of her own volition

No. 517482

I wouldn't doubt it, June is most likely gonna end up a crazy cat lady, you know the ones her posse like to bash so much, considering she's almost 30 and expects to get married to a delusional greasy divorcee that couldn't give less of a shit about her

she most likely doesn't wanna be single or who knows what reason she chooses to stay in a miserable relationship that sucks her money, energy, emotional effort, and dignity despite the fact she clearly gets nothing out of it

No. 517490

File: 1519883963268.jpg (252.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180301-005833.jpg)

He liked this comment too..

No. 517492

june wishes she was 100, more like 130

No. 517494

i hope this is b8, she's like 5'2 dude

and what's all this with groceries being into traps?

No. 517496

Shoe found the thread again.

No. 517499

Didn't mean to start a discussion on her weight. Just posted it because it's just a real shitty thing for him to like. Even if it's supposed to be a joke or something. He's such a disgusting shit head, but so is shoe, so I guess she deserves it

No. 517500

>septic getting burnt so hard all he can shoot back with is shitty unoriginal Pokemon meme


No. 517525

the whole 5'2 thing was already debunked though, she's 5'5 or around that height proven by photos of her compared to laci and her bf and she was wearing flats that day so no excuses, and said herself she gained 20 lbs, on an actual 5'2 girl 20 lbs would look a whole lot heavier than that

No. 517529

What the fuck.
I was annoyed by the "joke" he made in that DNA video where he said "ladies, get your babies from me."

And now he's actively talking about traveling and kissing random women? You're fucking engaged dude.

What the fuck June, why on earth would you put up with this bullshit? Have some respect for yourself.

No. 517548


>What the fuck June, why on earth would you put up with this bullshit? Have some respect for yourself.

June is kind of a loser, anon. This is likely the highest point of her life, that's why.

No. 517551

she peaked in high school though, it's kinda obvious, that's why she's an almost 30 yr old woman trying to act like a 14 yr old girl who discovered tumblr and is thirsty for male attention

for why she holds onto greg who knows

No. 517553


I guess. But she would have been fairly successful even without Greg, it's not like he's the key to her success. If anything she has made HIM more famous.

She had lots of options and she chooses to get cucked by some extra chromosome fat egomaniac, I just don't get it.

No. 517564

June doesn’t have the gumption to move outta mom and dad’s house so maybe she feels that she needs Splenda daddy dom Greg to give her to impetus to move her ass out and house her. June is a bald nutcase so I doubt anyone else would stand her bullshit for long like fedora king Greg does.

No. 517571


Apparently a 24/7 bdsm relationship is equivalent to a man getting to do whatever bullshit he wants while a woman sits back and obeys him like a spineless nerd. Totes more healthy than 50 Shades of Grey guys!!! It's hilarious how cucked anti-feminist women are, they all date bottom of the barrel men.

No. 517582

File: 1519893974001.jpg (100.78 KB, 810x602, IMG_20180301_094636.jpg)

No. 517584

File: 1519894431256.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x3024, inCollage_20180301_094956626.j…)

June is in need of an egoboost so she is sending her personal army to attack small channels again.

This time the target is an radfem old lady who averages about 500 views per video.

No. 517592

June is such a dumbass. Leave this old woman alone.

No. 517616

Ugh, I wish a bigger YouTuber (who can compete with June's YouTube sub count size) would call her out on this sort of behavior. It's just terrible and looks pathetic. You can quietly disagree with someone's video, but don't send your fans to attack someone with a small channel.

No. 517618

I’ve noticed a lot of older radfems have legitimately been victims of abuse or violence. June is singling this woman out to be harrassed by men on the Internet… why? Is she a total ditzy or does she really hate women that much?

No. 517620

Ugh, this bitch makes me so sick. She tried sending her lackeys against Magdalen Berns, could've have debated her but she chickened out so she got btfo'd by Magdalen's arguments and looked like a sperging retard instead.

Now she has to find tiny channels held by old women just so she can look like she's "winning".

No. 517623


Both of them are just awful why I've seen some people on Tumblr and call June nice is just so beyond me. She is such a rancid butt plug of a person and so is her boyfriend… I mean fiance

No. 517624


I meant to say Tumblr and YouTube comments.

No. 517625

Her and her tranny friends have been publicly attacking her for many months w the intent to have their fans start shit w her, while she's fighting stage 4 brain cancer.

No. 517626

June could get hoards of guys easy, she should give Skeptic a taste of his own medicine. Maybe he would give her more attention if he realised that she could easily go somewhere else.

No. 517627

Her neckbeards would turn their back on her once they realized she's doing that. The reason why she gets so many MRA fans because she prestends herself as the ~human footstool cool girl~

No. 517658

that is so fucking horrible wow. june has absolutely no dignity

No. 517703

god, that recent 50 shades of grey review. she's more insufferable than ever with that giggling and baby voice she does. Imagine being almost 30 years old and still putting on a ddlg act…her parents must be so proud.

No. 517765

File: 1519925058171.jpg (23.23 KB, 288x499, Kornheiser_Why.JPG)

A lot of animes are really good, it's the anime fandom that's cringy. Yet these people take all the bad fandom stuff and throw away the actual good stuff. It's like throwing the baby and then drinking the shit soup baby bath water.

No. 517776

They didn't address each other as boyfriend and little, Anon. Their phone text prediction did it (yeah, it predicted it based on their previous writings, I know).

No. 517793

Is it just a common thing in the shitty bdsm community for sub/littles to use anime gifs because they're that unoriginal in their dynamic? Or are they just playing into what neckbeards want? It's really embarrassing. https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/968335857764749312

No. 517811

I'm somewhat convinced that he already realizes this and is insecure about it and that's a big factor in why he flirts so much and so publicly with other women. He needs to delude himself into believing that hoards of women want him just as much, which will never be true. He's just as much an attention seeking cow as June is and it probably kills him that she's getting more of it than he ever will

No. 517816

File: 1519928602143.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.95 KB, 1079x1052, DWt9aqGVQAAQInG.jpg)


Groceries is going to leave June for her, isn't he?
I can't wait.

No. 517823


Funny how June just forces herself in the conversation while fat septic is flirting with another girl.

>haha hey guys i'm here too, i'm greg's girlfriend…haha i'm totally cool with you flirting with us..because i'm a cool girl haha

No. 517827

Nah. It's all part of their gross bdsm culture where you can just openly flirt with other subs because being a dom apparently means you can openly flirt with other women. She's the women who shoe did that vid with and lives "unconventionally" aka fucks multiple people while still having a main dom. But it's not degenerate or anything! They just have to sign a contract before hand!

Also, this mah mean they might try a threesome this time around. I'm exciyed to see how this turns out.

No. 517835

I had no idea Greg was this big of an asshole. This thread has definitely been eye opening.

It's sad how June does not realize how much she is being played. I'm sure if she read these replies she would just think people are being petty or jealous (and to be fair, some of the comments are mean), but really this is just something that is plainly obvious to everyone but her.

"24/7 BSDM relationship" my ass. He's just a lazy guy that wants to be able to flirt and fuck around without being labeled a douche bag. I just hope June realizes this and dumps him before Greg convinces her to have a threesome or make a porn video together.

No. 517839

Damn I thought he was just a little bit chubby and farmers were blowing his weight out of proportion but holy fuck he is fucking disgusting. How does she sleep with him without wanting to puke? Just imagine that huge disgusting belly pressing against you while you fuck just ugghhh. I would kms if I had to marry that.

No. 517840

No wonder June hates radfems, they aren't spineless pushovers to men like she is. She bullied girls in highschool who were unashamed to be themselves and proudly show off their hobbies, because she's too much of a coward to ever be as genuine as they were. Her opinions are whatever will give her the most male attention at that moment in time, that's why her interests and aesthetic is constantly changing based on her male fanbase's interests. She's just as lazy and disingenuous as groceries, but in her own socialized female way so her douchebaggery isn't as obvious as his. They deserve each other.

No. 517848

She's already apparently sucked his dick while he was on a live stream and has no shame in it. Openly talks about her sex life on social media and lets her fans exploit it by comparing her to lolis.

Just like so many other attention whores, shes going to get older and have to face the reality that she degraded herself like that for a divorced man who never would have liked or known her if it she didn't make anti-sjw vids. She sets no standards for herself because she's that much of a coward, she's afraid to look some what respectful of herself because then she might come across as gaining a feminist perspective. It's sad.

No. 517880


True. She's no angel either. I just always feel bad for women who are clearly in denial about how shitty they're being treated by their boyfriend. They just call other women harpies or prudes, but the reality is, we have been in her shoes at one point and it's painful to witness it happening to other people.

I've been where she is at… but that was in middle school and high school. She's almost 30, yet she seems like she is stuck in a high school mentality.


Exactly. This whole "Cool Girl" persona has a short life span.

No. 517888

Personality aside, June is actually almost hot and way out of his league compared to this manly thing. Greg really is going to risk losing her for this?

No. 517895

Oh he most definitely wouldn’t. That chick is literally inbred. I’m not even being mean, she just has a vid about it.

No. 517897

Ugh I wish June would wake up and just dumb him. Does she not have any close friends? All of her “friends” must be fake as fuck for just watching her image and life come to shit with this loser.

No. 517900

Maybe that is why June is ok letting him flirt with her knowing that she will only look better in comparison. Still unforgivable and sad to let your man flirt with another woman/man like that. I have been in the same boat of letting a guy do stuff like this/pretending to be cool with it when my self esteem was low, please love yourself June.

No. 517917

She's said before her only friend is that tranny and she's obviously dealing with even more internalized misogyny than June, so she'll never call her out lol.

Can't relate to the people who feel bad for June. She's an asshole too, I think she deserves a guy like sepsis.

No. 517926

Yeah, she gets hoards of guys… of ugly, fat neckbeards. I doubt Gerg would feel jealous/threatened by any of them, while he instead goes for prettier girls.

>Haha did you know that I'm into girls too, I'm such a cool girl whenever my man checks on other girls while we're together I check them out with him hahaha

No. 517927

I also agree they deserve each other but, seeing the eventual marriage and divorce happen between them will be so milky and justified. I wish it would happen sooner but, I'd honestly give them 5 more years of June aging and getting chubby, Grocery hating being tied down again, both their youtubes being forgotten and them having to find jobs and wasting money of star wars toys, expensive wigs and yesstyle clothes and they'll either have a baby that fucks up their dynamic or Grocery changes his mind on it once again proving he doesn't want to give her any form of stability.

No. 517929

Where are these prettier girls that are interested in him? This >>517816 looks like a man and the thot who had her titties out with his merch was completely unremarkable.

No. 517931

>Where are these prettier girls that are interested in him?
There isn't any. look at >>517147 he thinks as long as no girls don't go out of their way to call him "not hot" that must mean they love his ugly ass. Except, the reality is, no girls would even acknowledge him even for his internet "fame".

No. 517971

If I remember correctly, groceries sperged out when someone (I wanna say sargon, or kevin logan) tried to get close to june, saying things like "Stay away from here, June is not yours" and things like that. So he absolutely does feel threatened.

No. 518009

File: 1519940064741.png (169.27 KB, 613x612, 1519930083185.png)

just fuck my shit up, fam

No. 518043

Here's one of her classic behaviours, mocking something without doing any research (which septic portrayed accurately while parodying her). She's not even mocking it, she's just repeating what the lady tweeted.

A little background: the tweet is based on many males who are transitioning and writing or speaking about how catcalling or men wishing to rape them is making them feel valid and like they're a real woman.

If she googled it, she'd definitely find results of documented confessions on the first page. I'm more baffled at how she's (perhaps willfully) ignorant to dismiss something disgusting like that and instead jump into defense of such behaviour by making the opposite party sound like crazy-talking.
I'm starting to think she'd defend any male, no matter how they identify as.

No. 518046

File: 1519942227311.png (316.59 KB, 591x627, (14)_june_(@shoe0nhead)_Twitte…)

Forgot the screenshot, damn.

No. 518060

So basically Liberalsim+ mixed with some Skepticism+ TM don't steal!1

This is fucking pathetic, even if you are drunk Greggie

No. 518065

Oh ffs shes so pathetic her middle name must be strawman.

No. 518066

Well, the cutepup girl for instance. I recall he also talked with some other pretty camgirl.

No. 518068

File: 1519943129037.png (385.48 KB, 856x526, oldasfuck.png)

Fuck sake, ANon
I image reverse searched this and it's from June 9th
I can't make the joke properly now (though I'm sure Sargon would be absolutely thrilled to think of himself as another Hitchens)

No. 518081

Lol no anon, it’s bc someone misread his name Gregory as “Grocery” and then the rest of your assumption about it sticking to his fatass is correct.

No. 518082

I would love to see someone tell her that she did her research incorrectly (more like didn't do any research at all) and watch how quickly she backpeddles and deletes that tweet. Unfortunately, I don't think any of her fanboys would say anything. For being so logical and skeptical, they sure don't look into anything deeper than a surface level.

No. 518086

File: 1519944028975.jpg (196.56 KB, 950x700, welp.jpg)

Yes I have also seen what you are referring to.

Trouble is shes too busy huffing gregg's farts and obsessing over dumb shit to do research, not that shes got the intellect to do any critical thinking which is how she likes it-but hey I guess its evidence about how dense she really is.

No. 518090

>watch how quickly she backpeddles and deletes that tweet

I wish I knew this a few years ago when I found her twitter and all the sick shit she was posting on it. I know now she tweets and deletes more times than most girls change their knickers because shes fickle and trying to get a rise of of people so she can play *poor helpless little victim ~uwu~* but I wonder if the anons who said they like her and she didnt do anything wrong would say the same when she was baiting feminists about being 'raped when I was underage because ma tits are so big and greggs couldnt help himself'


No. 518095

File: 1519944833214.jpg (57.52 KB, 529x579, Capture.JPG)

>i'm so quirky and unique i like fat neckbeards xDDDDDDD

No. 518105

Given all the drama (and the memes) surrounding sargon atm thats hilarious, I wonder if the other 3 are next-I know since the "community" is starting to fracture on youtube theres been more discussion about how much of a hack skeptic is.

saged for ot

No. 518113

What’s the drama with Sargon?

No. 518115

File: 1519946105952.jpg (83.48 KB, 750x1334, ocaz826oh5j01.jpg)


losing debates with Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin, his "liberalists" "movement", maybe cheating on his wife, getting banned everywhere.

No. 518123

I've no personal experience with having ADD or anything, but is June's ADD the reason why she can't adequately do research, can't debate and is unable to play something as simple as a VN without losing interest? Or is she just stupid? Also, why not take medication then?

No. 518124

>maybe cheating on his wife
It's hilarious that in the "skeptic community" almost all of them are divorced or in toxic relationships.

No. 518126

because then she wouldnt be a boxxy lite manic pixie dream girl. doubt she even has it. probably just an excuse for her to act like a 'quirky' immature woman

No. 518129

What can you expect from communites full of pretentious attention whoring hand maidens pandering to men and egotistical neckbeards with delusions of superiority

No. 518132


Hasn't thunderf00t long since cut ties with the septic community? There was a big fuss over it last year

No. 518135

If you don't actually like the VN format (or reading), and are only playing them for memes, yes they can be extremely boring. Even if you don't have ADD. (Dream Daddy is also on the kind of boring side for VNs imo).

Idk, I've read that unless the ADD individual is truly interested in the topic, where they can hyperfocus, then their attention is a mixed bag. Since I don't actually believe that June is truly interested in anything she talks about, outside of money and attention, it's no wonder she has no desire to research or engage with the material.

I've read in these threads that she doesn't take medication because she thinks it would kill her "personality".

No. 518138

I have aspergeries and I'll admit I can be awkward at times and have no filter but as i got older i eventually learned, june is almost 30 and doesn't know how to act, she probably doesn't even have add more like histrionic, most add and adhd people i know act nothing like her even the ones that dont take meds, not to mention psychologists tend to piggy back off of a few main disorders and mental illnesses and assume any other symptom that one person has is part of that illness

No. 518140

Maybe if just took her meds she can focus on how giant Groceries gut and ugly face is and reevaluate her shitty life

No. 518152

June probably enjoys catcalls just as much as these trannies, since all male attention is good attention, so she wouldn't understand what's wrong with this.

No. 518157

Anti-feminists have argued that women actually love catcalls because secretly women crave them to validate that they're a hot chick! When they become Old And Ugly women actually miss catcalls! I mean, low self esteem anti-feminist women probably crave this type of male attention so they aren't completely wrong.

No. 518158

File: 1519948466203.png (566.51 KB, 779x841, 1.png)

No. 518170

girls like these are the most pathetic and dull of all other women, they see catcalling as a reward, june doesn't go to work or school, the most she does is just go to parties and shopping, no woman with even the slightest bit of ambition wants to be walking to work and be humiliated and shit, plus doesn't she glorify the 50s? last time I checked men didn't catcall random ass women on the streets

No. 518173

Honestly her tweeting seems a little ADD. She should take medication for it if she really has it though. Deciding to let you mental disorder control you because “personality” is idiotic. Especially when you can take it on an as-needed basis. It’s not necessary or recommended to take ADD meds daily. Plus people with ADD tend to be annoying not charming.

I wonder if she even knows how ADD meds work. Amphetamines stimulate the pleasure center in your brain so that anything you do feels rewarding. Most people don’t stop because they don’t feel themselves, but because of the horrible come down.

No. 518184

File: 1519950831373.jpg (76.11 KB, 620x710, CcVkeZHWAAAlbHW.jpg)

proof? i've never seen this. and her drivers license says she's 5'2. i know you can lie to the dmv, but i still haven't seen proper proof of her being way taller, even on the other threads. just "she looks tall"

No. 518192

Even in her games she chases the fatties.

No. 518193

i'd just pin it on her being dumb and internet obsessed. she's gives me the vibe of that girl who's checking her twitter every two seconds when she's out with other people. she needs to get a new hobby.

No. 518195

He now having his youtube shut down, locked out of his google account and him and vee are trying to blame 8chan /cow/ for it

He has, but after the whole kraut and tea doxxing came to light, despite distancing himself from it some still believe he knew about it and was part of it because hes one of the more "famous" GG yt'ers.

Either way the whole thing is a massive shit show and crazy fun to watch

saged for ot

No. 518200

people don't understand different body types anon.

No. 518201


Yep-jaclyn glenn shows a few of these traits already.

No. 518202

>her drivers license said she's 5'2!!!
oh boi lmao
>i know you can lie to the dmv
then why even use it?
>but i still haven't seen proper proof of her being way taller, even on the other threads. just "she looks tall"
several pics of her were posted in the other threads, including her being taller than a 5'4 fan, being a lot taller than laci who is 5'1 and almost the same height as lacis bf, who is 5'5, and no don't use the "but but heels!!!" excuse because it was also posted she was wearing flats that day with proof, you sound too in denial to go through the other threads, unless you're june

No. 518205

He called a bunch of people "white niggers"
Started his own "movement" and when Mister Metokur/Internet Aristocrat streamed talking about how it was absolute bullshit, one of Sargon's ponies rode in to DM him about it
The lacky and Sargon entered Metokur's stream to whine and ended up directly on stream with him and got btfo'd
Richard Spencer told Sargon he wasn't actually as smart as he thought he was and got "tired" when this Alt Right stream wasn't going his way to start his own stream about an hour later to gloat how "he totes had really won that debate"
Then there's the drama with Kraut and Tea and his doxxing (not just abusing hid ex gf and controlling mentality), he made an entire site dedicated to doxxing people against him and people he didn't like including a female skeptic
She was driven off of the internet over him doxxing her and him and Sargon have their ties

Even Thunderf00t got btfo a couple of times over some shit. There needs to be a Sceptics General on this board over the milky shit so many of them have done over the years
I love how milky it all is

No. 518206

it's not about body types anon, it's the fact in almost every single pic with other woman, it's obvious she lied about her height even without heels, lurk more in the other threads

No. 518208

how about you post proof? i still haven't seen it and i ctrl + f tall. and the shit about "other women" one of the threads people talked about how even at 5'2 she's taller than the average women. plenty of women are just short.

No. 518209

Literally right now jim is on discord talking about the video hes gonna make on sargon. This was hilarious but right now its not even about left v right because the skeptics are trying to distance themselves from one another, this coupled with youtube suppoedly deleting right wing accounts a lot of people guessed it was because sjws but now say its destinys reddit whos going round mass flagging these videos, they say hes behind andywarski and sargons channels being flagged.

I wonder if septic is next or is he too much of a man child they wont bother with him.

>Even Thunderf00t got btfo a couple of times over some shit. There needs to be a Sceptics General on this board over the milky shit so many of them have done over the years

Me too! There is so much milk, however i'm not up to scratch on all of them but would still like to see a thread so as to not derail this one.
I love how milky it all is

No. 518210

It was Jeff Holiday who sent June a shoutout with Milo Yannapolis (sp?) and Skeptic said that to Jeff.

No. 518211

File: 1519951964386.jpg (156.37 KB, 1024x627, 1514924568870.jpg)

> i still haven't seen it and i ctrl + f tall.
then you aren't even trying lmfao, it was posted several times in previous threads unless you're pretending to be ignorant on purpose or you're june trying to "repeat a lie until it comes true"

also more proofs of june lying about her height like she does with everything else coming up, laci is 5'1, chris is 5'5

No. 518212


okay now post the proof she's wearing heels.

No. 518215


Destiny is doing it? She's a cow herself and got banned while a moderator on MikeNnemonic's stream.
She has her history as a cow and even that Texan let's player refuses to have anything to do with her. Something to do with her trying to break up his relationship and driving people away from his streams out of jealousy and spite iirc

No. 518216

File: 1519952100474.png (1.27 MB, 1045x1324, five4.png)

I don't think June is 5'6" or whatever, but she's definitely taller than 5'2"

No. 518219

she actually makes quite a bit of money off from patreon (and she has a lot of views on youtube). with all that income, she could EASILY move out from her parents house and live on her own. why doesn't she? and why is she okay with it?

No. 518221

File: 1519952204628.png (955.45 KB, 755x563, 1514942782327.png)

>okay now post the proof she's wearing heels.
1. stop being a lazy little cunt and making people do everything for you that you can easily do yourself and demanding shit you can do yourself but are too lazy to lift a finger to do
2. stop being so in denial, you are either june or a white knight who is desperate to believe she is the petite waifu she makes herself out to be so badly but like june, she lies about everything

No. 518223

thanks bud

No. 518230

every skeptic isn't a white knight. and i meant to say flats. sorry :\\

No. 518231

File: 1519952402674.jpg (10.62 KB, 203x248, destiny.jpg)

No anon, wrong destiny-desTINY the manlet pedo.

No. 518233

jeez, he has more feminine arms and shoulders than most women

No. 518234

I really wish June and Grocery would somehow get involved with the whole "liberalist" drama going down right now but unfortunately it looks like they're trying their best to keep their distance from it. And neither of them was involved with Kraut's server shit as far as I know.

No. 518240

That was it!

Jeff wanted June on a charity stream and groceries got ass blasted on twitter.

No. 518279

File: 1519955498611.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, 1499959895839.jpg)

oh my god can we please stop posting about her height for the 100th time

No. 518282

Thank you, anon! Her lying about her height isn't nearly as shitty as other things she does.

No. 518286

Shoe doesnt seems to be too happy to take a pic with that fan with the pink hair, probably bc pink hair girl has a cuter body than Shoe. Shoe has such a fake smile on

No. 518297

and june looks like a hippo compared to the other girl

No. 518318

I’m dying for a skeptics general.

No. 518322

>i know you can lie to the dmv
You can literally say you are any height within reason and they'll accept it

No. 518332

It's hilarious enough that she lies about her height but she also lies about her breasts since 32" is much smaller than what she has. Normally people lie and make their numbers bigger but god she's so desperate to be a smol cutesy loli uwu
She probably regrets her boobjob

No. 518386

>>I've read in these threads that she doesn't take medication because she thinks it would kill her "personality".
If anything medication kills the annoying part of your personality. Depending on whether it’s ADD or ADHD, you can cut down on a lot of impulsivity and reactive behavior.
Who knows if she even had a diagnosis from a legit psych. She most likely said she is to make it a part of her ~sew randum XD~ personality like anons have mentioned.

No. 518414

I think she's trying to come as a "smol/narrow chest with big bewbs uwu" type girl, idk how she can blatantly lie though, i dont even know whats worse how much she lied about or the people that believe her

No. 518605

Skeptic looks like an older guy who never outgrew 90’s hanging out with a bunch of high schoolers in this pic

No. 518666

A lot of guys keep asking what shoe sees in Grocery and why she would be with someone so fat and ugly despite being mildly pretty(or at least she was in early 2015, the weight isn't doing her well). You forget that she is an attention whore both on and off the internet. She gloated about how when the 2 walk outside they get tons of stares and concerning looks. It's part of the "I'm not like the other girls" combined with wanting to look smol and young in comparison to him. He's like an accessory.

Now before you bring up the fact she's too much of a "doormat" to do this, remember her doormat persona only came when she started dating him. A lot of female cows do this, they change their online personality for whoever they're dating and you can easily tell she dressed and acted like a completely different person in her early years and also in early 2015.

No. 518672


I agree, this is all a facade. I can't believe someone like june who seems abrasive as fuck, would actually be a doormat. Its a carefully crafted persona.

I'm actually interested in seeing what she'll be like post skepdick, what persona is she gonna adopt then

No. 518674

The funny thing is she does a terrible job at maintaining it. She picks fights up with random people of twitter, picks on small channels just for disagreeing with her, and she comes across very aggressive in a lot of her videos(yelling in the camera). She likes to say "people don't see my more motherly side" but, that isn't doormat or submissive. It's been said before but, she acts more like a mom to Grocery than a submissive litte she wants to be.

No. 518713

I wouldn't say the doormat personality came from Greg. She was/is a shut-in that found solace in the internet. She clearly has some serious self-confidence issues from this, and definitely had them already by growing up as a kid with trich. Haven't you ever met that kid who missed out on being a teenager so when they find some social standing online, these untapped cringy teen behaviors come out? You see them a lot at cons or events that attract social recluses - check out the speedrunning events AGDQ or SGDQ and how people, especially transgirls/cisgirls act before and during them.

June's a serial attention seeker. They do whatever will get them noticed, that's always the end game.

Sage for autistic armchair sperging

No. 518856

>>518231 Why is he a pedo? Is he one of the many male feminists who are secretly rapists or mysoginistic?

No. 518887

he advocates for "ethical child pornography" also, a long time ago he talked about how he gets fangirls hitting him up and how this 15 year old one was really tempting after seeing the (clothed) pics she sent him

No. 518939

It's possible to be aggressive and also a pushover. Bullies are often very insecure and June has always come across as insecure to me. She seeks validation from other people because she has little confidence in herself. It's like she's stuck in highschool mode and never grew into a woman.

No. 518948


So basically she would crumble if anyone really cared to shit all over her?

That seemed to be the case when she went up against PJW

No. 519015

File: 1520031146236.png (45.82 KB, 651x186, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 4.52…)


No. 519016

File: 1520031170187.png (40.51 KB, 650x217, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 4.52…)

No. 519020

No. 519034

I love her. I hope she goes for it, but I kind of don't, only bc June's fagboys will relentlessly attack her. And June is still pigdisgusting. Mind you, mags is still suffering with what she has indicated is more than likely to be terminal brain cancer, but June doesn't care.

No. 519036

Lmfao this is why I love the fact that June is losing all her hair tbqh.

No. 519039

File: 1520032504983.png (69.44 KB, 707x366, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 5.06…)


No. 519041

File: 1520032569545.gif (497.24 KB, 500x289, A5F399DC-17F2-4DC9-A3FB-BFA38F…)

Yes, my queen.

It will be nice to see since June never really gets shit on or called out on YouTube even though she definitely deserves it. I know Mag won’t be bothered by the typical June fan spergy comments either

No. 519042

File: 1520032575851.jpg (61.79 KB, 499x660, Capture.JPG)

Why is she acting like she knows IHE personally, calling him by his first name ALEX! even though they never interacted and he doesn't even follow her on Twitter?

No. 519044

I'm living for this. A debate would be even better, but June is too dumb and chickenshit to even think of debating Magdalen.

No. 519046


hahahah june is shitting her pants already

No. 519047

File: 1520032679381.png (280.93 KB, 680x624, 1435176314399.png)


No. 519048

She's so much smarter than June even with the brain cancer, but even if June is completely defeated her fanboys are going to turn it the other way around.

Also why does June always claim to have so much empathy when she has none for feminists, even ones who literally have a terminal illness?

lmaoo this is gold

No. 519056

File: 1520032995612.png (207.1 KB, 653x410, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 5.23…)

Well, that was fast.

No. 519057


o i am laffin

No. 519059

File: 1520033178368.jpg (38.09 KB, 640x480, 1411636283980.jpg)

hahaha wow june

No. 519079

File: 1520035440422.png (145.96 KB, 500x273, n1ruoznzo1_500.png)

June is literally all bark and no bite
Bless Mag

No. 519084

Mags is amazing

No. 519097

File: 1520037127837.png (83.72 KB, 220x204, mfw.png)

the girl who bitches about triggered sjws for a living blockedt an innocent terf in fear of getting btfo, this is delicious

No. 519099

I love the fact June was constantly bashing innocent radfems for days on end, yet the moment one of them speaks up, she cowers with the block button. I'm surprised she didn't block Magdalen before, if she did, she only unblocked her to stir some drama.

No. 519107

But Magdalen ~misgendered~ her tranny friend. And June got triggered af ironically kek but no she’s way different than those sjws

No. 519109

File: 1520037893045.png (429.91 KB, 765x551, 14905101764281[1].png)

June rn
What's her deal with attacking radfems?

Also, is anyone else disgusted by her twitter header? I don't know if she put it to portray herself as cutesy girl, but something about it being used by her is making me uneasy in the stomach.
Reminds me of those nastiest, bitchiest girls running cute blogs but spitting poison at innocent asks.

No. 519122

>women not wanting to let men say they are also women and don’t want men running their lives
June literally can’t comprehend this

No. 519127

Guys didn't you hear? Saying triggered is so 2014. At least that's what June says because that's how she is 24/7 lol she's fucking pathetic

No. 519142

stupid feminist, june’s empathy is reserved for men only!!!!! duh!!!!!!

No. 519145

stupid feminist, june’s empathy is reserved for men only!!!!! duh!!!!!!

No. 519146

idk why that was double posted sry

No. 519151

I absolutely adore how terrible June is at hiding her analpocalypse. Why is she even an edgy YouTuber if she can't front? Bitch literally has some kind of emotional dysregulation/abandonment issues.

No. 519162

File: 1520041818151.jpg (48.04 KB, 250x250, noblewomans-laugh_6978.jpg)

Just wait for it now. She's gonna be salty and shittalk Mags from behind that block, and if Mags responds she'll cry about STALKING AND HARASSMENT.

No. 519170

I don't know if I should make a twitter account and just fuck around with wig0nhead and tweet shit at her. Hmmm.

No. 519173

speaking of that, her tranny friend might be a cow too. she tried to start shit with magdalen, then deleted her channel after mags' response made her look like a dumbass (rip).

No. 519174

Do it.

No. 519176

he was pretty dead on in some of those June imitations.

No. 519180

File: 1520043453705.png (982.79 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180302-211547.png)

Lmfao she already blocked me. She probably was on while I was tweeting. Idk what triggered her, my tweet or my twitter name (wig0nhead)

No. 519183

File: 1520043642997.png (4.26 MB, 3438x2579, A5EC95E5-44DB-46F5-9665-3A104B…)

>oh my god she like wanted to discuss the stupid shit I spout out like 24/7 what an attention whore!!!!!

No. 519187

File: 1520043774356.png (794.83 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180302-211844.png)

Okay so she tweeted me and then blocked me. See this is what I mean, she talks shit, blocks, and then deletes. How pathetic

No. 519188

I don't get why putting a Patreon link in your Twitter bio is this nefarious thing to them? Like, June has her Patreon posted in her YT video descriptions, and is always shilling her shitty merch or retweeting a fan wearing it. Dumb argument

No. 519189

What a triggered tart. I thought anti-SJW were all about free speech. She can dish it but can't take it.

No. 519192

File: 1520044103020.jpg (7.65 KB, 300x168, 1484535029310.jpg)

If she bans for the smallest shit how do you think she feels knowing there is an active thread on her? lol

No. 519198

are you talking about the one named derek (sp?) who has been featured in a bunch of her vids?

No. 519200

File: 1520044654350.jpg (1.27 MB, 2000x2000, the_slut_box_by_wesker991-d9xu…)

I dunno, how would a nutty broad who literally modded this place for the sole purpose of tracking anonymous opinions on herself feel?

No. 519201

What makes it even better is she literally tried to control this board to monitor mean opinions on her she must be so salty now, hows that shit taste wig0nhead?

No. 519205

Next time someone tries to get a ban out of her, can you call Grocery a beta or something? I want to see her freak out again like she did with that leash pic.

>muh 24/7 bdsm dynamic

No. 519206


She has never really be an Anti-SJW, all she knows how to do is pander for views, and its always been that way. Unfortunately for her that doesn't make her skin any thicker.

No. 519208

lmao i will never fucking get over this. you'd think any normal person who's period of "e-fame" had gone so horribly wrong that half of an image board is shit talking them and leaking personal information about them, would realize that their priorities are way out of whack and that it's time to get the fuck off the interne and focus their energy on something more productive.

but nope! june is so insecure and autistic that she decided to spend even more time enlisting the help of people ten times more fucked up and autistic than she is so that she could online stalk her haters right back…like, not to actually DO ANYTHING to get back at them, but just so she could block them.

like, fucking really? if you're going to go that far, you'd think there would be some kind of revenge strategy involved.

she just can't stand people talking bad about her, despite repeatedly, blatantly making a complete fool out of herself with her attention seeking and refusing to change her behavior.

i'm starting to think she's an actual narcissist.

No. 519219

She’s a fearful, anxious dork bitch. She should quit this shit cause she’s aging out, her cucks won’t defend her honor soon.

No. 519220

June is such a sad, pathetic coward.

No. 519221

Good job, anon. You rustled her jimmies

No. 519222

I'm convinced she and Groceries are actual narcissists, they have some serious delusions about themselves and it'd explain the constant attention whoring by posting all about their edgy ~24/7 bdsm lifestyle~ and how they think they're above doing any sort of research or receiving criticism, even if they act exactly like the people they hate.

No. 519227

>blocking someone who roasted you
how sjw of you june

No. 519229

Are you fucking kidding me? She has brain cancer, did it ever occur to them that she might be asking for money to pay for medical bills? Also, June calling someone else an attention whore is hilarious.

No. 519249


Just what I was thinking!

She is truly more infuriating every time I see something she says like I thought she was purposefully the biggest fucking troll negging the likes of Cosmo 25/8 but now she ~doesn't feed them~. Unbelievable

No. 519301

You guys think she’d ever make a video about Magdalen? (Like, not one of any substance, like her usual garbage).
Or has she already? If she’s her tranny friend’s fucking savior all over Twitter, why not make a video about it? I’m sure she’d be down to throw her lardy army Mag’s way.

No. 519304

who knows I just want mag to air out junes dirty laundry

No. 519309

"June is not a cow!!!"

No. 519310

This sounds really messed up but, I think June knows if she messes with someone who could be possibly dying from brain cancer, a few of her fans(not many) might find it insensitive regardless of opinions. It's not like June knows any better but, she's to pussy shit to deal with real criticism. That's why she only fights her on twitter cause she can just delete shit and ban.

It's actually really fucked, how can she not show a little respect towards Mag just based on her sad circumstances?

No. 519320

June probably isn't even aware that she has brain cancer (unless she reads these threads, of course). She can't even be assed to do 5 minutes of basic research before sperging out on Twitter about something that makes her look like an uneducated retard. I imagine she would get a decent amount of backlash for making a video like that about a woman who could be dying of brain cancer

No. 519324

she's losing a bunch of her fans as it is, all she has currently is beta orbiters, even other edgy anti feminist snowflakes have began to hate her

she's trying to cater to two groups that hate each other, one being sex posi atheist skeptics, the other being modest trad folks who hate feminists, she gets stuck on terfs so often because they're hated by both of the groups she's catering to, all she really has left it orbiters, she can barely hold friendships with other women

No. 519326

I actually kind of want her to do it just so that can happen and she'll feel bad (and maybe start researching and not being so rude for once) but we all know she'll just claim she did nothing wrong. And she thinks she can criticize SJWs lmao

No. 519329

june only cares about people dying if it's men or trannies

No. 519331

Does she even have a friendship with Lauren anymore? I know back in 2016 June used to pal around with her (tweeting at each other, being in videos together, etc.), but recently they don't seem very close.

No. 519345

File: 1520053386787.png (424.17 KB, 645x627, mixed_weight.PNG)

This was just posted to her twitter. It's funny given her and grocery's "mixed weight."

No. 519346

To be fair, June's been doing her best to close the weight gap recently.

No. 519348

File: 1520053485845.jpg (51.48 KB, 800x511, IMG_20180303_000129.jpg)

June retweets a "mixed weight article" her fans point out that's like her and grocery. June sets the record that grocery "just has a tummy but it's different cause hes also tall!" ahahaaaaa riiiight. June he's an obese fuck and you're average(soon to be chubby).

No. 519349

>bit of tummy
bitch your man looks 9 months pregnant and has bigger tiddies,ass, and hips than you

No. 519351

also how tall is groceries?isn't he like 6'4? making june 5'4

No. 519352

LOL she just deleted this glad i got it

No. 519356

How can she be this delusional about his weight? I bet she thinks any overweight man who doesn't look like boogie2988 just has a healthy chub.

No. 519359


She goes to such great lengths to delete any tweet that makes her look stupid (which is a job unto itself).

This is actually getting sad.

No. 519367

It's a weird one for her to delete. Normally she goes out of her way to delete twitter spats not things relating to grocery. I bet he got mad.

No. 519368

I'm convinced that she's reading this thread and getting paranoid after being roasted by Magdalen

No. 519369

>healthy chubb

have you seen this dudes diet? most high schoolers and uni students have better diets than him, no wonder june is feeding him bland ass shit, she's trying to get him to lose weight, she knows damn well it's not just a "bit of tummy"

now if only she can make him get off his lazy fat ass, or is he pulling a onionboy and making june chubby and covered and acne too? their relationship is failing more than stoner kids grades

No. 519372

File: 1520055784572.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.86 KB, 305x165, GPUmAgA.jpg)

>canned tomatoes

I keep forgetting junes actively chooses to associate with this crowd

No. 519373

dammit you could have said it was the amazing atheists sex tape before opening?

No. 519374

Sorry anon. For anyone else opening it's TJs banana gate photo.

No. 519387

File: 1520057241964.png (50.83 KB, 776x397, im tots bi and like thicc girl…)

June likes thicc girls just like Grocery. How convenient. Totally not a forced thing at all.

nice word for obese

No. 519390

>I'm bi and thin
oh june, keep dreaming
>thicc girls
the ones your boyfriend faps to or anorexic women with ass implants? whatever happened to bitching about how an average woman had a "pudgy stomach and no tits" despite the fact the girl probably had more (real) breast tissue than her

No. 519393

Kek if i were that putrid inside and out i'd hate the world too-hes the neckiest of neckbeards.

Kek anons ily

No. 519414

File: 1520062672674.jpg (106.38 KB, 978x529, Screenshot_20180303-022713.jpg)


Blair knew so I'm sure June did too.

Also I can't confirm but June said to marina shut up that their common enemy returned from "It's" (sic) cavern.

It might have been just in response to Mags video response to Marinas video, I can't see the original tweet, but I distinctly remember this was around the time Mag tweeted pics of her head post surgery.


No. 519433

I see she got russled so shes looking for backup like the spineless twat she is kek.

No. 519439

lol, she immediately blocks anyone who tweets valid criticism of her that she can't nake fun of.

It's so pathetic how she will attack people 24/7 and then block and cowardly run to hide behind her personal army. I mean intentionally seeking male-dominant places (without having any interest in male-dominant hobbies) just so you can be the ~cool girl~ there and now this? What an utterly pathetic bitch.
She's gonna have full-blown meltdown when she reaches 30.

No. 519440

Alex's friend, Ralphthemoviemaker, is friends with Skeptic. Not surprised if they have talked.

No. 519444

File: 1520068633012.png (238.25 KB, 217x440, Armoured Skeptic Pregnant.png)


….he is pregnant, june

No. 519445

File: 1520068879946.jpg (21.81 KB, 700x472, a-pregnant-woman-making-a-hear…)

when's it due june?
he's lucky he has facial hair or else he would look like a pregnant lesbian

even the ghost in the right hand corner looks unimpressed

No. 519446

The worst thing is, she's backed off of it a little bit now after getting called on her hypocrisy so many times, but she used to constantly spout about how immature and triggered SJWs were for blocking everyone who disagreed with them or said something rude to them. And yet she does the same damn thing.

No. 519447

>Ralphthemoviemaker, is friends with Skeptic
wtf I hate ralphthemoviemaker now

No. 519450

File: 1520070442845.gif (175.58 KB, 220x275, nicetrygrundle.gif)

His body type is fucking repulsive. Noodle arms, skinny little retarded legs all deformed because of his massive round gut. He looks like an obese lesbian and is literally the furthest thing possible from a "canadian lumberjack."

No. 519452

god do I feel your pain anon. When I saw it on his YT that he had June & Skeptic listed as friends I barfed.

No. 519454

File: 1520071019596.gif (1.44 MB, 245x250, laughing wendy.gif)

I don't follow Shoe's thread but I saw this browsing and…She calls that husky? …She let's THAT thing cheat on her…? Now I am intrigued, where is the cheating proof?

Sorry for asking to be pandered to, but I read the Encyclopedia Dramatica and it wasn't really brought up there and it really seems to be the funniest part of this. To be in denial about being cheated on by a man who looks like he's pushing hard on the fourth trimester is quite tragic.

No. 519459

>mixed species
Oh I get it! Because you're the bitch and he's the obese mongoloid, right June?

No. 519464


For some reason June seems to be respected by a lot of (big!) commentary channels that have nothing to do with the skeptic community (idubbbz follows her, for example. It's because she's 'one of the guys' and validates their opinions, I guess. Hilarious how everyone goes apeshit when an 'SJW', feminist or someone they don't like blocks them, but no one calls June out. They must be scared of her beta male fanbase since they'll literally go on a crusade for her.

I actually really like IHE's content so hopefully he ignores her ass

No. 519465

I don't think he's cheated on her (to our knowledge) yet. He did cheat on his ex with June, though, and wants to bring in another woman to their relationship. We all know where that's going to lead.

No. 519466

idubbbz has proven awful taste in women, though, just look at his gf.

No. 519467

well depends, it's kinda obvious he is
they're engaged and there isn't even talk of moving in or anything despite the fact june if financially stable, more than him in fact, june could easily stay for several months but "she chooses" to only stay for a week once every other month but skeptic is becoming obsessed with other women and doesn't give a shit, once a cheater always a cheater

No. 519469

Holy shit, June. You mean a company wanted someone with talent instead of someone just being cast based on who they know? fucking unbelievable. /s

No. 519470

what talent does june have anyway besides hitting the block button

No. 519472

See previous thread anon >>488347 and June's spergout how she's totally cool with Septic flirting with camwhores publicly.
Also Septic cheated on his ex-wife and it all started by flirting with June and multiple other girls on the net :^)

No. 519489

>they want her to act as a character instead of being June
How horrible

No. 519511


On that note, have Wig and Pear ever interacted? I can't imagine they'd get alone well

No. 519538

File: 1520086576648.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, 1475392869975.png)



No. 519540

yes, when she had her spergfest about fattychan liking cutepups pics, anisa stood up for the june and the doughboy by saying some sarcastic bullshit about how june's fans were being prudes or whatever and that it wasn't sus behavior, and june liked that comment and responded to it. cba to find it and i doubt june or anisa still have the tweets up anyways.

anisa is on her way to cuckdom too. she'll let ian cum on one of his many liked instahoes faces just so she can keep touting herself as idubbbz's gf to distract from the painful reality of being a coconut head, but at least she won't get cucked by a fatty with a 2 incher

No. 519547

>Noodle arms, skinny little retarded legs all deformed because of his massive round gut.
Seriously, idk who this guy is but, these "dadbod" guys need to fuckig stop. Just because you're tall does't give you a free card from being called obese and unhealthy.

No. 519552


>anisa stood up for the june and the doughboy by saying some sarcastic bullshit about how june's fans were being prudes or whatever and that it wasn't sus behavior

That's actually really rich coming from the cow who spergs out on discord whenever another girl talks to ian. Holy shit!

No. 519558

> she'll let ian cum on one of his many liked instahoes faces
What the fuck? Seriously? I have't checked her thread in ages but, this is hilarious.

How are these girls ok with this? I'll sometimes tell my bf about shit these men are doing to their gfs ad he's just as disgusted. Honestly these threads reminded me how lucky I am for being in a healthy relationship with someone who would never use me like that.

Sage for OT and bloggish

No. 519564

File: 1520089309226.jpg (82.32 KB, 1162x850, Capture.JPG)

She stated in a video of hers from 2015 that she majored in liberal arts?

But didn't she drop out from college?

No. 519565

I think she said she studied film then liberal arts.

No. 519572

>and has a diploma?
She probably just switched majors and then dropped out after trying film. Putting it in past tense does make it sound like she finished it but, she def didn't get a diploma at any point in her life lol.

No. 519574

lol, i was being hyperbolic to make a point, but it is true that he DOES frequently publicly like instahoe pics on his public account, much like septic does. probably masturbates to them/would get with them if he wasn't balding at like 25, but i have no proof of this.

dadbod is trending, but where's mom bod? where's the fetish for lunch lady arms or a stretch marked pouch, in the mainstream? oh wait, there isn't one, because asssuckerslike june spend all day flouring and caressing the tiny turtle balls of any planet sized prick that happens to give her any attention for being "not like the other girls".

wow, you chose ltierally the most favorable pause time to screenshot. she looks little like herself in that shot.

No. 519577

isn't it ridiculous how these people always say there are no beauty pressures for women, everything a woman does is her choice, and yet fail to realize the different standards in society and even bash other women themselves

No. 519580


God, even her major is useless, Liberal Arts is the chicken shit they stick indecisive people in when they can't decide a more career oriented major. She was destined to be a Youtube Shit-stirrer.

No. 519590

she has no right to criticize gender studies majors ahaha

No. 519591

>A bit of a tummy

this bitch is in denial!! Haha, holyshit. Greg looks like he's pushing 300 because of his height. If he were shorter, he'd be even fatter, so him being tall makes it worse.

No. 519592

She didn't even finish an arts degree. She's that fucking stupid.

No. 519593

File: 1520091436507.jpg (28.15 KB, 628x617, 1410279742364.jpg)

> where's the fetish for lunch lady arms or a stretch marked pouch, in the mainstream? oh wait, there isn't one, because asssuckerslike june spend all day flouring and caressing the tiny turtle balls of any planet sized prick that happens to give her any attention for being "not like the other girls".

fucking lol you got me laughing with this. It's true tho, the bias is strong. You can at least argue with thicc curvy women that they can have good waist hip ratio genetics but, dad bods just rely on height. If grocery wasn't 6 foot June would never date him. Why you think she turn down a like prince kenny?

But, it's the fact that she goes back and forth from "i'm not like the other girls, i like how obese my bf is :3" to "omg grocery and i went out and everyone thought he was the hottest one thereeeee!!: lol no bitch just admit your dating an ugly fat man and you have low standards. Your neckbeards are getting the wrong idea, they are going to go out irl expecting women to find the attractive base on your pandering attention seeking ass.

Also, don't get my started on how Grocery thinks he has any right to judge other obese women on twitter. It's hilarious.

No. 519604

>God, even her major is useless, Liberal Arts is the chicken shit they stick indecisive people in when they can't decide a more career oriented major. She was destined to be a Youtube Shit-stirrer.

I'd respect her more if she at least finished it. She couldn't even do that.
But then again, Septic was put in special ed class back in high school and couldn't even get accepted into college and he considers himself "an intellectual"

No. 519636

sage for OT but she looks cute here. her makeup wasn't as bad as it is now despite it still being sloppy and overdone.

No. 519672

i..is that erect?

No. 519678

Yup. He literally has 3 inch dick.

No. 519693

Also she wore a decent wig. Her current wig looks fug

No. 519732

In her old videos she is very cute. I think it must be the weight gain that makes her look bad. I’ve never seen someone get puffy in the face like that with weight gain though, it’s bizarre.

With the way she and armouredpearbody pander to each other, I’m doubting she will ever look that good again. At 27 it could potentially take years to lose the 20 pounds she put on. Unless she keeps a strict diet and high activity levels. But if she’s planning on getting pregnant in the next few years it will be a lost cause.

No. 519743

No anon that eyeliner is still as atrocious as all the other times she does her makeup

No. 519747

File: 1520102391310.png (352.66 KB, 488x425, fas.PNG)

I went to the video because I was shocked at how pretty she looked in that screenie and she really does not look that good in the vid. She still looks very fassy in the video and basically exactly the same, just thinner than now. That screenie was super fortunately timed and her best angle. She looks good in some of her old photos, or when she's working angles and with her mouth closed so you can't see her teeth jutting out.

No. 519755

June is who Anisa wants to be. Which is pretty fucking sad.

No. 519759

Nah she looks okay even in that shot. June isn't and has never been some great beauty but she really wasn't all that bad before sometime in 2017 or so.

No. 519760

It's the weight gain plus trying to look like a "little uwu" with cheap looking korean clothes at here age. For example here >>518216 collared dresses do not suit her at all with the extra weight. I get she's not fucking "chubby" but she carries normal weight really weird, I can't tell if it's from the fake tits or what.

She's just one of the few women that I've seen who only looks good if they stay under 100. She'd be smart to start working out now, she has no baseline fitness and I'm assuming she's like 120ish now, that's not going to be easy for her to lose considering her and grocery eat like shit and barely move.
>inb4 someone calls me an ana-chan for the hundredth time

No. 519765

she looks ok in this shot, but she doesn't look as pretty as she did here >>519564. nowhere near as close. she looks legitimately pretty in >>519564. otherwise, she has always been average, and she's been going down from there.

No. 519766

File: 1520103596459.png (69.1 KB, 617x792, 1.png)

No. 519768

is this her current routine?

No. 519769

yeah this her most recent ask.fm

No. 519775

Does she actually feel good about her skin or is this just a huge, constant bluff?

No. 519779

wow, that loccitane face cream is $110. she overpays for everything. maybe she really is getting ripped off on $2000 chinese cosplay wigs. loccitane is such a rip. sorry for nitpicking but that cream sounds like garbage. it's literally just dimethicone, glycerin, borage seed, sunflower, flax, evening primrose, and honey, for $110.

No. 519781

It's honestly not a nitpick considering she has people on patreon paying her and she wastes it on overpriced shit.

No. 519793


This is so fucking bad…no wonder her skin is aging like milk.
And again you can tell she knows NOTHING about what she is talking about because she doesn't even follow the basics when it comes to skin care, kek.

No. 519794

Good face cleaners tend to get a lot more expensive than this, but they don’t come from beauty stores like Sephora. Given the ingredients makes no sense tbh. Ofc Wig prob doesn’t read ingredients lists before putting stuff on her face.

No. 519796

just wondering, what face cleansers and where do they come from? at a certain point, i think that's just serious markup and i don't see how $200 facial cleansers are going to justify that price point.

sage for mildly ot

No. 519808

Face cleaners that aren’t only made of ingredients you can buy at a health foods store.

Mine is $350, but it was prescribed to me from a dermatologist. It has an antibiotic in it. I had horrible acne though. It doesn’t make sense to buy expensive products if your skin is naturally perfect~ like Shoe.

No. 519818

Loccitane is meme skincare. She could've gotten a k
korean $20 lotion and it would probably be better than $100 loccitane shit.

Why isn't she getting therapy for her trichotillomania?

No. 519821

sage for a bit of sperging…but as someone with not very good skin, it drives me nuts that someone like june who claims to have always had "good skin" is trying to tell others what to put on their faces as though she has a single fucking clue what she's talking about.

like, it doesn't even make any sense that she's spending this much money on skincare products when she doesn't have bad skin. i have very oily skin and deal with clogged pores and white heads because of it. i have tried literally everything to improve it over the past decade and my efforts have either not worked, or made my skin worse. these days I literally just use a very mild Clearasil face wash and lotion combo because they don't irritate my skin and they're easy to afford.

a lot of people with bad skin are extra sensitive to the chemicals in common skincare products, not to mention if it's a chronic issue, it's more likely to be genetic and there's little that any of that could do to help in the first place.

if she were actually responsible, she wouldn't bother to answer these types of questions, or she would be honest and say "hey, I don't know what to tell you to put on your face, because we probably have different skin types and I'm not a dermatologist!"

No. 519840

Because June's priorities are messed up. She doesn't get therapy for her trich or get on meds for her ADD she supposedly has, and she doesn't save up to move in with her fiancé. Instead she wastes her money on overpriced skin care (despite "having good skin! uwu"), cheap J-fashion clothes, wigs and giving her money to her fat walrus of a fiancé.

No. 519870

Sometimes June retweets findom stuff and says it's stupid, but isn't that what she does with Daddy Septic

No. 519877

It's fine as long as the man is the dom, don't you know?

No. 519879

She probably finds it stupid if it's a woman financially dominating a man.
But it's okay if ArmouredSplenda spends her money on his Star Wars toys because it's part of their ~IRL BDSM~

No. 519884

Do not put anything coconut near your face unless you want to break out lmao these are such shitty products I hope no one follows her advice.

No. 519916

I am more concerned for her lack of a toner and eyecream. Her routine sounds like a drying disaster. Why wouldnt she use a micellar water and eye cream + lotion in the morning…? What the fuck coconut wipes, she is literally that nasty bitch from college we all know who thinks facial wipes equals a wash and shower is a can of axe. How delightful. She has no disorder to excuse this, her routine sounds like something a bad eczema would warrant, ya know when your skin stops producing moisture so you literally are not allowed to shower. Meanwhile June over here copies an eczema avoid washing face routine for fun so she can avoid getting an adult routine. Lol what a madman.

I dont mind meme creams, they have a …ok,theyre a waste of time and money but overall harmless. Meanwhile her routine is everything but harmless

No. 519938

>Mrs Dank
Tranny spotted. They have this annoying habit of letting everyone know how they're "female". Is that June's bff? Or does she have an army of MtTs supporting her?

Grocery is definitely a narc, but I'm not sure if June would be one, considering she's mostly a badly informed ball of insecurity.

No. 519944

That's Count Dankula's girlfriend, which is why that's her name (what's with these women and defining their identity based on their boyfriends?) No idea if she's trans but Dankula always says traps aren't gay so…

No. 519974

June tweet Blaire's dumb make video and implied she wants to do one with Grocery. 10 bucks she will have foundation on or use potato cam.

No. 519984

Daily reminder that June whiteknights Blaire in her thread.

No. 519998

Ew. Anyways, has it been confirmed that she's the one doing it? I wouldn't be surprised, that wk sounded like they were on her level of stupidity.

No. 520000

It's not been confirmed, just theorized by some anons on here.

No. 520054

File: 1520130051389.jpg (29.32 KB, 750x375, IMG_20180303_181230.jpg)

Pshh, you anons are wrong. She totally knows about skincare! Only an expert like June could tell you that you're not supposed to use hand wash as a facial cleanser.

On a side note, I hate how June always presents herself as this all-knowing skincare guru just for having worked at a makeup counter for a year or two. I've seen asks on her ask.fm inquiring her on skincare advice before. I hope those anons' skin wasn't messed up due to her.

No. 520207

her best skin care advice is to use a shitty camera

No. 520260

I tried looking for this but couldn't find it? Guess he deleted.

No. 520420

I wouldn't put it past her to recommend shitty things on purpose so other girls would get skin problems

No. 520478

>not washing your face, not using toner after washing her face

her skin isn't even ~perfect~ behind her shit tier camera not to mention she's aging so fast, especially for an italian

No. 520588


Its actually funny that she even tries to say it is. Like, June… you use a potato cam to hide your shitty skin for fucks sake, who are you even lying to at this point…

No. 521401

File: 1520280525810.jpg (63.33 KB, 720x521, IMG_20180305_210758.jpg)

literally onion and lainey tier

No. 521408

No. 521409

this is most likely a highlight of their relationship

are they even attracted to each other?

No. 521426

grocerys midlife crisis gives me secondhand embarrassment

No. 521453

Imagine being in a relationship this vapid. All they have in common is both enjoy meaningless fights on the internet that have no effect in real life matters.

What will happen when they run out of material that keeps people interested? It's equivalent to how everyone back in 2010 were all about atheist vs christian debates, now no one gives a fuck. This why Grocery is losing views, just look at his new video. Who the fucks cares about debating if ufos are real? Let people believe in what they want to belive, just because you get your thrills out of apearing smart by disproving retards(i mean srsly he goes after the easiest things and acts like he's a genius for it) doesn't mean it's fucking worth anything, especially when you don't even sound funny doing it and your ""animated videos"" look like their made by a 15 year old just learn how to use sony vegas.

No. 521455

Sure Grocery. More like:
>>Sexting this thicc ass tranny cam girl while liking their tweeted nudes to jack off to later.

No. 521462

Anon, I know his lard ass is a cheeseburger away from getting his death certificate issued, but 32 years old is not midlife.

No. 521508

ntayrt but isnt he like 35?

No. 521511

he's 34 and considering how obese and lazy he is, saying he's at midlife is closer to the truth

No. 521527

File: 1520287182416.png (33.79 KB, 776x306, 1.png)

Ok, I get here he's not flirting but, how is it that anytime he happens to reply to someone on twitter(which is rare in itself) they are almost 90% of the time camgirls. what the fuck.

Also, why would any camgirl even watch or know him? His content isn't the type to attract them. something is going on.

No. 521530

Imagine your life being so empty you sit across your LDR fiance and both of you having internet fights on your phones as you eat facing each other.
They sound like they're 16 and one is defending their favourite anime character while other is debating which emo band is the best, because their topics are just as meaningless and their mindset hasn't moved much from highschool era.

As a female, I feel bad for June for being stuck with a manbaby whose room looks like it belongs to a teenage boy and who doesn't plan to settle because he doesn't know what do with life other than do atheism debates and film movie reviews. Snap out of it, girl.
As a person…ehhh. Crippling low self esteem and anxiety are no excuse to be bully to others.

1/3rd of the life crisis.

No. 521534

He’s obese, anon. I have obese people in my family and they’re not the ones making it to 80 or unfortunately even 60 in some cases.

No. 521546

I bet when he sends June home after a week, he sits in his shart stained chair, logs onto myfreecams, finds some DDGL thicc camwhore and starts tipping those tokens.

No. 521549

File: 1520288828349.jpg (32.77 KB, 482x483, Capture.JPG)

No. 521551

>if only june was still this thin ):

No. 521555

Septic: retweets his fiance
retweets a camgirl
June:….retweets her too

What the fuck is this relationship.

No. 521556

June being a pathetic doormat and pretending it's a "24/7 BDSM relationship"

No. 521557

>something is going on

June’s always praising camgirls what if her patreon money goes towards getting them to cuck her lol

No. 521558

he's got the perfect fat distribution for a (near) future heart attack.

No. 521559

obviously we're just normie vanillas who don't understand their amazing dynamic

No. 521563

that or cirrhosis

alcohol is what causes fat to distribute in the belly like that. there was some vid where there was a cut to a 6 pack of tall peebers- i remember because i was thinking about how many carbs gerg would consume on the process of tying to get buzzed off piss beer

he’s probably already got a fatty liver. only a matter of time before scarring begins.

No. 521566

File: 1520291261625.jpg (25.32 KB, 639x262, riiiiiight.jpg)

I'm still laughing over this.

No. 521569

File: 1520291444329.jpg (461.55 KB, 1065x1419, Screenshot_20180305-150912.jpg)

Ahh, Grocery liking fanart of cutepup. When's he gonna leave June for a cam girl again?

No. 521575

This is karma for making fun of weeb girls and harry potter fangirls in high school. She's essentially engaged to a fat edgelord with teenage boy interests who openly hits on camgirls and doesn't respect her. Don't feel bad for June, she got what she put out into this world.

No. 521579

Cutepup is way cuter than June. How can he do this when June openly admits she's insecure about her looks? It must be hard seeing your future husband like way more attractive girls.

Has he liked any other camgirls besides that lately?

No. 521582

Much poly wow.

No. 521585

He's not been liking cam girls much since everyone called him out on it awhile ago. Wouldn't be surprised if he tunes in to cutepup while she's on cam and tips her though. He interacts with her a lot on Twitter. And I'm sure June would be okay with it too, due to "24/7 BDSM relationship :3"

No. 521592

What makes me laugh is how like the other camgirls he likes, cutepup looks nothing like June. Especially regarding boobs, while June has fake tits cutepup has perky tiny chest that grocery secretly prefers probably considering he likes lolis and ddlg

No. 521611

His fat distribution reminds me of relatives and men I know who went through heart surgeries - legs and arms: sticks, stomach: huge.

No. 521617

Is that June or just some random girl? The girl in the picture looks too thin to be June, kek.

No. 521627

Who knew that BDSM actually meant getting cucked by your obese fiance with actual internet prostitutes? It's so trad!!

No. 521653

File: 1520297375378.png (305.78 KB, 595x575, m'sargon.png)

>antifa are "edgy nerds"
>sargon isn't full-on 14/88 rahowa

come on june

No. 521660

When metokur finally makes his sargon vid, what do you think she'll do? Her and Grocery both seem to like his content and want senpai to notice them despite he obviously hates the skeptic community

also her calling anyone edgy is ironic.

No. 521671

I don't know what's worse, june's blatant lie or the people that believe her
didn't she say 32-23-37 the first time though or did she decide to be honest?
she looks 36-27-35

No. 521675

Yeah she's changed her numbers but it's still really fake. But I guess guys don't understand female measurements, especially not Grocery (lmao at him sending this)

No. 521705

>over 1 yr ago
I wonder how disappointed he was irl and that's why he needs to fap to camwhores who dont shoop, get shitty cameras and lie about measurements

No. 521710

Even if we were to give her benefit of the doubt, she obviously doesn't have 23 inch waist now and considering that comment she made saying "i'd be a 2/10 to him if it weren't for my body", it's clear he probably doesn't find her as attractive anymore and that's why he needs to look at camgirls.

Anyone who has been a healthy relationship knows what Grocery does is completely unjustified but, June is either that insecure or that obsessed with pandering male attention. I can't decide.

No. 521712

>"i'd be a 2/10 to him if it weren't for my body"
implying… he finds her face unattractive? is that why he asked her to take a pic with a piece of metal over her head?

No. 521715

that's not her.

No. 521731

kek so he has some other sub girl worship him? why would anyone wanna do that?

No. 521733


>i'd be a 2/10 to him if it weren't for my body

obligatory crack about "bag0nhead & groceries" goes here.

No. 521735

It's from a meme, he probably just picked the image off google.

No. 521804

No. 521866

this has to be one of the saddest fucking relationships i’ve ever seen

No. 521885

>"i'd be a 2/10 to him if it weren't for my body"

If any guy told me that I'd leave him on the spot. Why does she put up with this? Does she think such douchebaggery is the mark of a True Alpha Male™ ?

No. 521891

honestly she doesn't even look anything like this except in front of her potatocam. with or without the weight gain, she looks TOTALLY different in armored grundle's videos, where he actually uses a real camera and not a 10 year old webcam. lmao

No. 521894

File: 1520331097228.png (1.26 MB, 1285x644, 2018-03-06 21_10_34-How Bad is…)

woops dropped my shitty edit

No. 521899

but tbh i think she looks better on the right. her face looks hideously long on her potatocam and resembles a trap a lot, esp when she was skinnier. she looked good working angles or where you couldnt see her face straight on, or her gnarly teeth.

No. 521901

I absolutely agree. The left one makes her look like a ratty trap with fetal alcohol syndrome. The right one actually has her look attractive, she has some shape in her face and her eyes don't look like they're about to merge. How is her production quality so bad, yet she has so many followers?

Oh I know, it riles me up so much that her facial routine is absolutely horrible and she's PROUD OF IT. How did she work at a cosmetics shop and not know anything??

No. 521905

File: 1520334502485.jpg (1.79 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180306_120741794.j…)

I watched June and her trans friend go to the petting zoo and oh god- June's car is disgusting.


No. 521913

I do think she looks prettier on the right . And it's definitely jarring if you're used to seeing her potatovids. I'm not really sure why she prefers to look horse-faced, maybe she thinks it makes her look skinnier than having a round face?

No. 521918

when you say edit do you mean you did some fixes on the right pic? because unlike the left pic, her eyes seem the same height. or actually the left one is maybe higher? so flipped? Maybe we've been seeing her flipped the whole time and her unflipped face is more normal

No. 521942

nah by edit I mean I unskillfully mashed 2 pics of her together. left is from upthread and right is from 50 shades video.

potatocam hide her jacked up teeth.

No. 521960

I’m not seeing what other anons see. Her face looks puffy on the right. Maybe it’s the hair though.

No. 521964

Same. All I see is that she gained like 20 lbs, has tiny eyes, shitty wig etc. Way less attractive when not using a her shit camera.

No. 521976

i think it's the overdone makeup that does it for me. the lashes are gross too.

No. 521991

The eye make up is even worse than I thought after looking at it up close. Overlining your eyes like that causes them to look tiny on camera unless you have big, round eyes to begin with.

I wish I could see what she looks like without the wig and make up so I could give her tips. My guess is she’s capable of looking much better than she does now.

No. 522013



No. 522030

She does flip her potatocam videos, you can tell in the ones where she's wearing a shirt with writing on it and it's backwards.

No. 522050

Wait, they engaged after a year of knowing each other?

Tbh it sounds like something incels would consider as the Alpha attitude.

In all honesty, she looks cute to me. It's her bully past, expressing opinions like a 10 year old, man pandering and double standards that make her well, not so cute.

No. 522064

Nah, they've been together since 2015

No. 522067


She actually looks really good on the right. Can't say the weight gain is working against her.

Remind me again what she sees in groc?

No. 522075

disagree that it's working for her. her body looks terrible. she looks pretty prednisone faced, it's just that her face can look pretty horsey, too. now it looks less masc, but more fat. so it's kind of a lose-lose tbh.

it's def puffy, but it gives the illusion of a normal-ish shaped face. she looks legit like a trap, facially, when she's thinner, but the weight gain looks really terrible on her body.

No. 522081

I imagine it's the lighting but she looks kinda like she has jaundice in the right photo. I think an in between weight would be much better for her. Too skinny and she looks trans, too much weight and her face looks puffy and weird; her weight gain also makes her neck look weird in right pic too.

No. 522120

File: 1520359330436.jpg (90.12 KB, 1050x537, wig0nhead.jpg)

Here is a one year difference between their last and first 50 shades review.

No. 522124

Cardigans make June's shoulders look massive. I'm guessing she's inverted triangle then?

No. 522136

Yeah she looks better on the left actually

No. 522139

I think what she's wearing and her make up is better but, facially not at all. Both wigs look like shit

No. 522142

The clothes on the right are so unflattering though, and she's wearing her gross daddy dom collar.

No. 522145

that's what I am saying, left has better clothes and make up. Right looks better in the face because she doesn't look puffy

No. 522163

her face is a little puffy, but not extremely. she looks way better all around now imo, and not fat. but either way it doesn't matter cause she's so full of shit that nothing can actually make her seem like the uwu cute little she wants to present as, it's all surface.

No. 522164


sorry, fucked up the reply

No. 522183

File: 1520363238719.jpg (55.94 KB, 494x503, Capture.JPG)

No. 522184

Wow her neck is super long and thick, she looks like a dinosaur

No. 522212

Ahhh yes, June's daily sperg out about TERFs.

No. 522214

The fuck were they reviewing meth too? She looks like shes on drugs

No. 522227

she is actually wearing more makeup and fake eyelashes in the picture on the left.

No. 522243

She looks like an old tired whore on the right but it could be the shitty makeup. The white eyeliner does make her eyes look bigger but that's about it.

No. 522249

i think he chats with camwhores because it's literally their job to please their audience, which consists of mostly fat beta males. no woman would ever WILLINGLY talk to him

No. 522263

File: 1520369758306.jpg (57.4 KB, 603x355, good looking lol.jpg)

I feel so bad for her parents after reading this. They know what's up.

No. 522265

No wonder they never mention either of them on Facebook

No. 522269

File: 1520370366081.jpg (80.76 KB, 524x824, Capture3.JPG)

so funny when septic replies to a camwhore and june replies right after

No. 522299

oh boy, does june think this is some forbidden love shit? I call bullshit, he's in his mid 30s and you're almost 30 june, he lives 8 hours away and he's not good looking, she pretends like he's some ~older handsome foreign men wooing a teenage girl~
the fuck kind of parents think their almost 30 yr old daughter is ~being groomed uwu~ but some fat greasy canadian all the while they live in new york so it's not like there's a different

who even believes this?

No. 522303

‘Groomed’ bitch you are 25. No wonder she acts like a teenager, her parents treat her like a baby.

No. 522304

"groomed?" groomed for what? She's in her late twenties, I wish she'd stop with the creepy ass pedo angle, it's such a joke. Also, how creepy was he acting for them to think (know) he was predator.

No. 522308

>>being groomed in your late 20s by another adult who is slightly older
Back at it again with her delusions of being a smol, youthful Loli.
Pretty sure that if your parents failed to keep you from going to a foreign country with neck beard strangers, they’re not gonna give a shit if a fucking Canadian comes to visit your grown ass. For one thing, it’s canada, not exactly a foreign country if you’re American. And two, they are probably begging to have you finally leave the nest, cause you’re an adult, not a 12 year old girl.

No. 522335

File: 1520373791168.png (96.25 KB, 250x250, 6666603158020132161___36841923…)

Uhhh, excuse you wig0nhead?…interrupting Cute pup's and God's exchange is very rude of you. Go make fun of terfs or something while God gets his freak on, okay baby girl?

No. 522371

""""Good looking""""

No. 522376

File: 1520375446952.png (26.49 KB, 590x364, grocery could model.png)

Oh you didn't know? June thinks he's model level good looking.

Going through her askfm is a fucking ride.

No. 522379

hiring some creep from craigslist with a 20 dollar camera isn't modeling june

No. 522393

Do you know if Wig0nhead's parents' Facebook profile public?

No. 522463

File: 1520380548757.png (18.08 KB, 624x248, Untitled.png)

anyone have a pic of her mom?

No. 522468

there is a vid where she ask her parents questions from her fans. Read the threads

No. 522469

I saw the video but I didn't really get that good oF a look at her moms nose, it looks pretty average size from that distance and not retardedly upturned like junes nose is

No. 522494

There's young pic of her mom on her instagram.

No. 522511

shoe's mom was beautiful when she was younger


and yeah same nose

No. 522527

File: 1520382384995.jpg (51.71 KB, 600x450, full.jpg)

also for those of you wondering pretty sure june actually has 10/10 skin

No. 522554

her mom nose looks more broad and not as upturned, and then june magically have this perfect small nose than she did in 2007? I don't buy it

>using pic from 10 yrs ago
>even then she still had chin breakouts

get off the thread june

No. 522559

i mean i agree that it looks like a botched nose job but i'm pretty sure it's her real nose lol

No. 522569

Pretty hot, too bad she drank during her pregnancies.

No. 522590

I mean she was like 23 or 24 when they met, still too old for "grooming shit" but younger than she is now.

No. 522599

What is their age difference again?

No. 522601

7 years I think.

No. 522618

That’s it? I was thinking at least 10 with the way June plays up the age difference. 7 years is definitely a little uncommon but not unusual. Especially when you’re in your mid-20’s.

She always calls him an old man and stuff. Seems really unecessary knowing this.

Her parents probably just felt weird about her getting in an Internet relarionship again and wanted her to think more about it. A slightly older guy from Canada wouldn’t be such a big deal if she met him idk through socializing in the real world. Which would be normal. People in their mid-20’s and early 30’s often mingle…

No. 522629

He gives it a 5/10 but his review is pretty positive? Or can he not let his edgy atheist friends know he enjoyed a movie with black people in it?

No. 522639

It's a meme I've seen been going around, anon. Where a reviewer will give Black Panther an alright final score but will do nothing but praise the movie in the review itself out of fear of offending someone.

No. 522649

>She always calls him an old man and stuff. Seems really unecessary knowing this
That's just her trying to be a little uwu for their ddlg shit. Which plays a huge role in why she brings up the age difference but, Grocery doesn't even act his fucking age to begin with.

No. 522658

Link is suddenly broken/removed kek THAT WAS FAST

No. 522680

I think it's your browser. Still shows up for me.

No. 522707

File: 1520391026524.jpg (78.07 KB, 800x827, IMG_20180306_214251.jpg)

This is another girl he often replies to on twitter.

No. 522709

File: 1520391132880.jpg (115.02 KB, 800x1010, _20180306_215203.JPG)

Meanwhile lol

No. 522712

File: 1520391173867.png (259.53 KB, 620x349, velma.png)

Her mom really was beautiful. She looks like Linda Cardellini. Or maybe all Italians look alike.

No. 522725




My fucking sides. I'm sure there's a niche for fat greasy edgelord manchildren models, but c'mon now.

There goes June again cockblocking skepdick, let the man chat up instahoes in peace

No. 522729

File: 1520392658302.png (107.01 KB, 870x755, armored1.PNG)

Is it just me or did June essentially copy Armored's movie tastes? She only gave like a number difference between any of them. Also that Chloe girl didn't comment on this one of Armored's.

No. 522730


As much as I dislike June, I can't help but pity her when I see these screen shots. You can smell the jealousy, insecurity, and desperation every time Greg tries his hand at flirting with a camgirl girl. It's so pathetic that she tries to play it off as just some casual conversation that she is also apart of.

At this point I'm convinced if June ever caught Greg having sex with another woman, instead of kicking Greg to the curb, she would try to join in and act like it's an orgy she was invited to and totally always wanted.

No. 522750


Its her own damn fault at this point, you shouldn't feel any sympathy for her. She's greg's "quit having fun" police, she probably doesn't even realize how insecure it makes her look, but she's a mental midget so Its no shock there.

No. 522799

File: 1520397600315.jpeg (156.25 KB, 1200x800, 7DB894A0-F0F4-4E23-A49E-94ED02…)

No. 522826

File: 1520399411436.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.27 MB, 410x300, 964jiAG.jpg)


Lol. Reminded me of this gif.

No. 522833

The only difference is shoe would be on her phone sperging on twitter about terfs and how bdsm she is

No. 522906

Erm 'strange' but for some reason it's mostly male attention hoes and/or camhoes being so actively anti-feminist considering how small the percentage of women participating in it is already. I 'wonder' why…

No. 522952

File: 1520414167614.png (Spoiler Image, 83.67 KB, 683x537, captionthis.png)

No. 522962

>Septic's stomach poking our from the sides

5/5, brilliant anon

No. 522979

10/10 A+++++

No. 523025


lmao, awesome.

No. 523057

I love how small you made his hands and dick. Good job.

No. 523249

File: 1520448514789.jpg (20.49 KB, 206x275, 1519575636758.jpg)

one of the girls skeptic is cheating on june with
I wonder if skeptic prefers brittneys natural milkers or are junes bolt ons that barely even had enough breast tissue to cover it
she has a good hip/waist ratio and wider hips than june which skeptic seems to like

also why does greg have a thing for attention whores?

No. 523257


ot: Brittany's got nice natural tits.

No. 523258

>one of the girls skeptic is cheating on june with
Uh, evidence?

No. 523264

they flirt on twitter a lot plus I'm p sure she's canadian
imo flirting is cheating but no sure what everyone else considers cheating

No. 523266

I mean I wouldn't disagree, at the very least flirting is shitty enough to warrant a break-up, but if you say "he's cheating with her" like that it kinda implies there's more going on. Was hoping for more solid milk.

No. 523267

o sht my bad
false alarm everyone

No. 523268

Screencaps of flirting?

Brittany has a bf and he looks better than june's shitty fat bf, at least. I do find him annoying tho.

No. 523290

File: 1520450368743.png (210.65 KB, 787x791, 1.png)

This is so gross, I can't wrap my head around why so many of these edgy anti-sjw girls have such low standards.

No. 523291

File: 1520450387840.png (240.99 KB, 752x857, 2.png)

No. 523296

gross, why are there so many of them who want this

No. 523301

i recall june always calling other women 'sluts' who were very open about their sex life and did the same gross shit she does publicly. really goes to show how pathetically hypocritical these ''''skeptics''' really are.

whenever she tweets about her sex life and 'threesum applications :3' and all that shit i always think of her parents. how sad must it be to have your 26/27-year old daughter post stuff like >>523290

No. 523302

File: 1520450964383.jpg (151.03 KB, 1280x720, superiortradmixedracecouple.jp…)

Brittany was joking. She is monogamous.

No. 523303


and notice how june & groceries always reply to them and agree to the idea of having sex with that person together? Just….zero shame. none. I've seen like more than 5 different twitter users asking for threesomes, and they agreed every time. June's cuckery is just becoming embarrassing at this point.

No. 523304

Do you think they've actually done any yet?

No. 523306

There was that instagram girl. We should ask her nicely to contribute to this thread.

No. 523308

Did she have evidence? I mean I wouldn't be surprised I'm just not sure.

No. 523310

Brittany was joking and maybe so was that other girl and even shoe but, Grocery was completely serious in that reply.

No. 523312

"Skeptics" never consider the idea of being skeptical of themselves so they never realize their hypocrisy.

In that video with the other kink youtuber June said "we do threesomes" as if they already do it, but in one of Grocery's asks from around the same time he said not yet. Not sure who to trust there but they seem like they're at least going to do it with that youtuber at Mythcon.

No. 523318

>Not sure who to trust there but they seem like they're at least going to do it with that youtuber at Mythcon.
I hope so because that chick has a big fucking mouth(and nose) and will probably reveal cringy stuff about their gross threesome

No. 523319

File: 1520451540457.png (184.98 KB, 1212x1427, 151767183751 (1).png)

No. 523321

"She is not that girl in the pic by the door" makes me doubt since it's essentially confirmed that that's June's nude.

No. 523322

That pic only had door hinges as evidence.

No. 523324

I agree
>only door hinges
and you know, it matched her other nudes she confirmed, she said "idc my bod is cute" when asked about it, it matched her shape, same hair, same skin color, etc etc

No. 523325

She never confirmed the door one, just the kenny and one topless one.

No. 523326

and yet it still matches
also what topless one?

No. 523330

It matches that red xmas dress photo which everyone agrees is photoshopped. That and door hinges and "maybe she's standing on something".

The topless one in the little vanity mirror she owns.

No. 523331

To me she seems more like the type to get mad at the woman for seducing her boyfriend, and arrange a jealous hate campaign against her. Then she would start doing ANYTHING to keep fattydaddy interested in her

No. 523335

File: 1520452518446.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.06 KB, 1024x1003, 1492832082911.jpg)

This red dress.

No. 523336


Groceries has a dick piercing… Barf.

No. 523341

So if that isn't her, does that mean she doesn't have shitty bolt ons?

No. 523342

>greggs has a prince albert
suddenly the tranny fetish makes sense, kek.