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File: 1517607691624.png (204.96 KB, 307x286, 1517589168346.png)

No. 490876

previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik [DL][Archived Copy])
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight' (Who broke up with her)
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money
>Colin broke up with her, now dating girls only through tinder
>Got a tattoo of her cat after getting told her wand plan was a bad idea and throwing a fit about it
>Full time youtuber now
>Got into a crappy fashion/design school close to mommy
>Currently dating normie girl
>Keeps crying about YouTube demonetization because she can't fund her shopping and sugar addiction
>Says she's pagan/a witch but won't talk about it because apparently people are touchy about religions
>Dumped new girlfriend after several-months-long lesbianism obsession.
> Jill told her girlfriend of two months "I'm not attracted to you. I don't want to lead you on". Used her for clickbait and continued to talk about exes all the time in front of her gf and her family. Now posts depression memes
>Entered a Kawaii Contest to win another trip to Japan, is a finalist
>Got a magical girl tattoo on her thigh and knowingly used copyrighted music in her video.
>Quit two of her medications
>Currently posting a lot about sex & Drinking
>Is going to New York for her bday and is planning a meetup
>Party-Kei facebook group empire collapses
>Makes a cat house using non pet-safe materials
>New York Meet being held by nobody's and on a Monday
>charging $60 a pop to be breathed on by the chosen one, Jillian.
>Piss hair is on the horizon


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 490890

File: 1517608747324.jpg (386.8 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20180202-215717.jpg)

It's triggering me how much people are wasting on this event.

No. 490912

i hope they enjoy their party at that overpriced mall candy store. complete with 'drinks'

No. 490927

I can't even imagine having so little going on in my life that paying all this for a small-time shitty event like that and being EXCITED about it would be a thing

I'm trying to justify it with 'her fans are young' but I can't imagine being psyched about it even in my younger mindsets

No. 490928

I really wonder how old the fans that attend are going to be.
It always feel like most of her fans are 13 years old but $40/$60 is quite a bit of money for a teen to drop on a shitty 3 hour long event.

No. 490930

If teens are able to scrap together money for convention passes, often the same price or more. I dont think its that crazy to think they would drop this to see their idol~ in real life.

No. 490942

>$82 to spend 3 hours stuffing your gut with sugar and calories

jesus christ. god knows her fans dont need that, nor does she.

No. 490953

You forgot to fix thread #18's link (delete extra arrows) and to add the link for thread #19

Not a big deal, just notes for whoever makes the next thread. Think she went back on her meds too.

No. 490976

I realised just as I made the thread, sorry about that.

Did she go back on her meds? I wouldn't be surprised as she's been so dependant on them but she's always appeared to have had a grudge on them for making her chubbier.

No. 490993

File: 1517614509881.png (144.2 KB, 732x572, 123123.png)

old news and not very milky but yeah

i don't begrudge her bc its very hard to quit but its extra to tweet about it

No. 491016

Jill truly has to have some kind of mental health issues because she is attention starved, dresses like a complete autistic child and has zero social skills. She also loves to victimize herself and paints others as the "heavy". No wonder this basket case is doped up on copious amounts of medication.

No. 491064

File: 1517619626575.png (163.47 KB, 750x1334, A2CA4B44-6854-45D6-904A-507B57…)

No. 491154

Accurate tho

No. 491179

Now they too can be just like mommah pixby and all have their diabybys.

No. 491183

I'll armchair and say her issues stem from being a spoiled middle class girl who never got the attention she thought she deserved from peers while growing up (due to having a shitty spoiled personality). It's a pretty rampant backstory among attention whores and people addicted to buying shit for status.

No. 491195

The way she says "Chiharu-chan" makes skin crawl. Clearly doesn't understand how to pronounce basic things.

Also talking about how her mom got her a $300-$400 plane ticket to go to a concert like it's no big deal lol….her constant price dropping…..geez

No. 491212

She claims she's not making any money aside from shirts but I doubt that's really true. It's bad enough bringing shirts and merch to a meetup and having fucking "vip" tickets for whatever fucking reason. The shit about how someone would try to hurt her like she's some kind of celebrity if she had a more public event is also laughable. it's all sad.

No. 491217

not to defend jills ~sugoi japanese skillz~ but she pronounced it that way as a joke lmao

No. 491335


I joke that sounds racist af in my opinion… its the equivelant of doing the engrish ching chong chinaman voice except for Japanese people

No. 491436

Full offence why would anyone fuck her. She is like a 5 year old, the thought makes me so uncomfy

No. 491437

Yeah it was a joke that time but she actually can't pronounce things. Her cat is called neko and she calls him "Niko". Remember her prnounciation of Shibuya?

No. 491487

yeah, the only reason she even makes these ~quirky~ mispronunciation jokes is because she's complete shit at Japanese, I mean she got called out on it before and she seemed really butthurt so now she's probably just trying to prevent that from happening again
it's just the complete opposite of cute, it makes her sound like a retarded weaboo, same as her just randomly saying 'sou' in conversations and stuff
most people have outgrown this phase once they hit 13

No. 491510


No. 491550

Is posting shit from the Confetti Club allowed if it’s milky?

>sage for irrelevance

No. 491555

I love that she said her budget is New York, when she was talking about meet ups. Like no, your mom is paying for the trip, as usual.

No. 491564

I think yes? I mean it is Jills club so?

No. 491565

File: 1517666217586.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 433.58 KB, 750x996, 8C513312-900D-49CD-8618-1383CE…)

A real gem from the Confetti Club, which allows minors.

No. 491568

Didn't she say that pronouncing her cat's name as 'Niko' rather than 'Neko' was a compromise because her mom didn't want him called Neko?

No. 491584

doesnt that one have sexual assault in it?

No. 491614

incest too, iirc. stay classy confetti club.

No. 491624

I think it’s more so that she was making fun of how white people sound when they think they can speak Japanese. It’s certainly not racist either way, chill a bit anon.

No. 491671

Recap from yesterday's stream:

>starts off with the mailman being at the door and delivering more Lazy Oaf, she texts her servant (mom) to tell her to accept the package

>she apparently isn't in charge of organizing anything related to the NY meetup, the Kawaii Society leader is taking care of everything
>she calls her mom her "little filming baby" and says she's an important part of "Pixie Co."
>continues to text her mom to tell her to bring her the Lazy Oaf package upstairs lol
>someone asked what foreign countries she'd like to visit, she said she just wants to go back to Japan a 100 times
>said she wants to have her honeymoon in Japan/at Yomiuriland; might have a weeb wedding depending on who she's going to marry
>her NY trip is going to be 4 days long, she wants to go to Mood Fabrics (because of Project Runway), American Two Shot (because they sell Lazy Oaf) & Times Square; has been to NY twice before
>she hasn't heard about Tokyo Rebel closing, she considered going there but then thought it would be awkward because they sell mostly lolita so she'd just go in and then be like "ok bye"
>she might get another PreCure tattoo of the 15th anniversary Cure Black & Cure White heart logo, would probably get it done on her other thigh
>she confirmed she's going to get rid of the rainbow bangs & she's letting her bangs grow out; she said that she thinks not having bangs flatters her face way more
>she still wants to have some rainbow in her hair, but she feels now she's a little less kawaii and a little more "AH" (she did a weird sound and flipped her hair, I assume she means 'sexy' or 'hot' or something??); she said sometimes she wants to go out and feel spicy and hot instead of feeling like a clown; she wants to be a "sexy clown" now instead of a "birthday clown" (lol)
>when she was 5 she had an obsession with Tweety bird; she said she wants to do a "hot sexy 20 year old Tweety bird look" as a throwback to her past obsession
>finished watching Love Live & Love Live Sunshine but didn't really say anything else about it

it cut off after 25 mins, it seemed like she switched to her laptop but the recording of the rest isn't on tumblr for some reason
over all nothing too milky but I thought someone might still be interested

No. 491709

>a "hot sexy 20 year old Tweety bird look"
Holy fuck
I can't wait

Lmao I'm without words, I have tears in my eyes. This is going to be so good. Fucking embarrassing

No. 491711

File: 1517676419468.gif (908.53 KB, 499x223, giphy (1).gif)

>she said sometimes she wants to go out and feel spicy and hot instead of feeling like a clown

No. 491720

yeah I really hope she actually does it, the way she described it sounded weird as fuck lol
for a second I thought she became self-aware, but then she started talking about just wanting to look like a "sexy clown" instead…

she mentioned being or looking hot/sexy/spicy a lot (way more than in the past), seems like she really wants to go for that now

No. 491730

"white people who think they can speak Japanese" oh so jill herself?

No. 491732

I can't wait to see her "sexy clown" phase. She really isn't the sexy type at all, I just can't see how anyone would see her as hot.

No. 491745

Hey WK&or Jill, while I too don't think it was racist, I don't think she was joking either. I think that's just how she says it normally. Though I'm sure she knows how to say it right, she's just a lazy thot

No. 491748

Same. Thinking of Jill naked makes me nauseous.

No. 491753

um, no. it was clearly a joke. we already know jill can't speak japanese, and there are many more examples that are more legitimate. if you're gonna beat a dead horse, at least use an argument that holds water.
saged for white knight.

No. 491768

Calling Jill a thot is an insult to thots everywhere.

Can you imagine her using her stupid baby talk in the bedroom? That’d be fifty shades of vomit. Even if she tried really hard to not speak that way, she’d still let it slip out because she uses it so much that it’s part of her vernacular. I’m not a dude but my imaginary dick just shriveled up thinking about it.

No. 491794

not that it rly matters, but the main chars in citrus are step sisters, their parents recently got married at the start of the series. which is just an "acceptable" way to make it mildly incestuous

No. 491811


wonder if her hard on for Kelly Eden has anything to do with suddenly wanting to be a 'sexy clown'

No. 491827

I luuuuuvvvv your peeny weeny in my vaggy waggy!

No. 491831

"he's such a good boy!"

No. 491862

File: 1517686236598.jpg (129.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

No. 491866

She has a bizarre obsession with talking about getting married considering she is totally single. Leads me to speculate that she's totally straight and just wants a nice, pseudo queer hipster husband who caters to her flights of fancy.

No. 491869

that's why she was so rattled by her breakup with colin (sorry, coco). he was supposed to be her perfect little boytoy she could dress up in pink and force her interests onto forever.

No. 491888

Good job lolcow, making me regret my morning at 2pm again

No. 491891

File: 1517688680466.gif (1.09 MB, 275x263, 1491687040606.gif)

No. 491900

sorry for ot but I'm reading this while tripping on dxm really hard, and this is the scariest fucking gif ever

like jill is hideous and frightening on a whole different plane of existence/perspective

jill if you read this, I hope this is a wake up call, that your current crazy consume-all style is so godawful that EVEN DRUGS don't make it look good

No. 491937

Shame she's so selfish, I really think she did love Colin, that's why she's been such a mess since their breakup. I feel kind of sad for her, for being so ignorant and immature that she actually did lose some one she loved.

No. 492053


Sorry for the OT, but please, no one start with this. Confetti Club/Party Kei posts not directly related to Jill need to die with that last thread. People might go too far and eng up getting this one autosaged, too. If it isn't something she's commented on or a post asking her a question/directly related to Jill, etc., it's probably off topic and not worth shitting up this thread. Start your own thread if you really can't contain yourself. No one likes having to wade through 15 pages of /snow/ to read the newest posts on Jill's thread.

No. 492068

Isn't there a confetti club thread anyways?

No. 492078


ikr. like she used to be cute but that feels like so long ago. the thought of her and collin is so gross bc collin was decent looking and she looked like… well, jill. i literally can't imagine them together its so icky. jill has looked so gross for the past two years or so legit wtf. and just the little girl thing she does 24/7 with her little girl speak and the way she just carries herself its so gross. when she said she was glad she didn't have to use birth control anymore i gagged because i couldn't imagine her getting laid ever. i wish she hadn't mentioned it at all. chubby jill with them bad roots and her pink skirts speaking like this in bed


fuuuucking ew. just… >>491891 her? noo. all of her exes could have done soooo much better.

No. 492102

>>bc collin was decent looking

Sage for irrelevant but I always thought Collin was one hideous mofo.

No. 492112

He's a completely average looking guy. The only thing wrong with his face was his jaw which IIRC he was getting fixed around the time of the breakup with Jill. I remember her mentioning it as an impending situation though can't recall whether it happened while they were still together

No. 492158

Yeah, people have always commented on how good looking he is but he's just… not. Even the way he talks is unattractive. I really thought Collin and Jill were on the same level of attractiveness, ngl.

No. 492174

I agree that's why Jill and Colin were good for each other. Kek both basic bitches. Could you imagine what their kids would look like? Yellow teeth, beady eyes and Jill jowls.

No. 492315

Same anon. Really ugly even for Jill. Sage for pointless.

No. 492435

it honestly surprises me she isn't openly dd/lg

No. 492720

i’ve seen her mention before that she isn’t into it but I have high doubts

No. 492863

File: 1517772545791.gif (943.26 KB, 480x270, 1517189692417.gif)

sometimes i think youtube was a mistake

No. 492936

File: 1517777811214.jpeg (73.2 KB, 639x474, 7D6C5DF2-79ED-46ED-B645-4F43BB…)

So you know how everyone said that nobody would come to her stupid party well…. I’ll be damned

No. 492938

>>492936 are any farmers going??

No. 493115

I hope this event crashes and burns so hard.

No. 493186

Jill maybe a talentless hack and what not but that bitch sure does make money off her naive, fat, sweaty eggheaded followers.

No. 493572

I have to say. My desire to consume like Jill is most likely fueled by never actually seeing or actually bonding with my mom, who, loves and cares for me and wants to provide for me, therefore tries to give me expensive gifts even if I didn't need them. I can relate to Jill's materialism but since I don't actually have the money for it and have actual bills, it hasn't been nearly as bad as what happened to her.(blogposting)

No. 493640

Sage your blogposting.

No. 493644

Save it for your therapist buddy no one gives a shit here

No. 493666

With Jill apparently going for a more 'sexy clown' look and this whole dd/lg speculation I can see Jill instead of calling her clothing items things like big boy etc, easily see her switching to calling the crap she buys 'daddy'

No. 493691

this is reaching a new level of hell in my imagination and it scares me so much

No. 493714

File: 1517827621596.jpeg (386.08 KB, 631x807, ADF31E3D-60EB-4FDE-AF1B-4401CA…)

Someone I followed retweet this post by Jill and we all know that she will only use the pink eyeshadow and the pink and blue lipstick and the rest of the makeup will Roy in her hoard

No. 493733

I am so fucking livid about this. Don't wanna blogpost too hard but this bitch picks up any new mid - high quality palette that has pink in it, and I can't afford new tires for my car. I would love to see the day come when Louise has had it with her spoiled jillyjank bean spending all her money on crap, and cuts her off.

No. 493738

for me the worst part is how fucking childish she is, she always acts like anything that isn't pink is automatically a bad color
>"ugh I guess this color is alright but it isn't pink so I'll never use it :/"
like why tf don't you just buy single color eye shadows then?
oh right, because they don't have some ~trendy kawaii~ packaging

No. 493745

The colors of the palette are actually nice, and the gold plus bottom row could be used to create a nice rose goldy look(obviously not a look jill would wear tho). But damn why are the lip colors so bright and terrible? I seriously believe they made the cute bag only available with the full collection so they could actually sell the lipsticks. And if you guys post any pics of jill wearing the lipstick and her teeth are visible, put a spoiler on that to spare our eyes pls

No. 493746

Of course people would go, just because farmers know she's trash, doesn't mean her fans do

No. 493747

The pink lip isn't bad. It's warm-toned and would definitely match the look done with the bottom row of the palette, especially if the look was soft and warm. The blue is obviously meant to be a more out-there shade. But Jill is going to smear the pink all over her eyelids and the same pink over her lips and call it a day and we all know it.

No. 493749

I can forgive impulse buying in the Lolita community, because the products are usually quality and expensive for a reason. Impulse buying make up because you MIGHT use a colour is just disgusting.

No. 493750

Uh, I was actually considering picking up the palette, but Jill seriously puts me off. It's such a waste, Sugarpill eyeshadows are usually really nice quality and she'll use only 1/6 of the palette because she has no clue about makeup. Yet she thinks brands should sponsor her - why if her only criteria are cute packaging and if it's pink?

Most lip colours can be used as liners or eyeshadows as well, however, I wouldn't risk it with pink lipstick, depending on ingredients. But the blue one would be cute as a liner, also both shades can be used in ombre lip or mixed (even Sugarpill shows that as an example). Obviously, that's way above Jill's level and all we should expect is pink eyeshadow with pink or blue lipstick.

No. 493854

But didn't Jill say that she dislikes Sugarpill make up?

No. 493867

How the hell did she already get it? She ordered it (I’m assuming, because that’s when she tweeted about it) on the 1st. So, assuming it could have been shipped on the same day, Thursday it would have been processed and sent to a mail carrier, Friday it would have actually begun traveling, and I don’t think mail usually travels on the weekends. And even if it did, what about processing through customs, assuming it shipped from the U.S.? I’m not Canadian so idk how Canada mail works, so if there’s a simple answer pls be nice to me.

No. 493871

that tweet is a bit older, it's from when the collab was first announced
I'm pretty sure she hasn't gotten it yet or she would've posted a picture of her cat laying around on it or something lol

No. 493875

Don't be a baby anon, not buying something because Jill owns it is stupid.

No. 493880

Okay thanks, I forgot to read what anon posted with the picture. Now I feel silly lol.

I agree with this. A lot of you won’t get something because Jill likes/has it. You’re just letting her control your life if you don’t get or do something because of her. It’s not like Jill would be profiting from your purchase if you bought the sugarpill palette.

No. 493978

>Don't be a baby anon, not buying something because Jill owns it is stupid.
>I agree with this. A lot of you won’t get something because Jill likes/has it. You’re just letting her control your life if you don’t get or do something because of her. It’s not like Jill would be profiting from your purchase if you bought the sugarpill palette.


No. 493981

The worst part of buying shit that is something that you like is the fact that if it's pink and kawaii Jill will probably buy it eventually.kek

No. 494054

File: 1517858528781.png (67.73 KB, 571x386, vd2L036.png)

This is late but I kind of want to start a counter for the number of times Jill does these tacky price drops, then proceeds to 'lowkey' guilt her fans into giving her more money

No. 494061

Jill doesn't like Sugarpill because in order to use their shadows you must possess basic makeup skills such as blending

No. 494087


Sage but I CANNOT. BELIEVE. how hideous her whole thing, makeup, hair, vibe, etc looks in the OP. Just need to say it.

No. 494212

>sexy clown

ok jill. you want to be "mature"? look a little more Quirky and a little less Ageplay? i'll hand out a free tip since we all know you lurk here. take this life raft and cling, bitch: fix your brows. caking green eyeshadow on them to make them "match" and never bothering to wash it off bc you're just going to do it again the next day is a surefire way to age yourself 10 years in the face. maybe you're doing that on purpose because your clothes are 10 years too young and it evens out or something? regardless, it's not working, time to scrub those sparse hairs w/ a makeup wipe till they no longer look like they're seasick.

No. 494225

does she go out in public like this?

No. 494227

She walks out of the house looking like this every day, she does not have any days where she dresses like a normal human being

No. 494381

File: 1517873092204.jpg (70 KB, 600x600, y (1).jpg)

Am I the only one who gets a bit of a sharpay evans vibe from her?

Being completely honest, she could easily appear more sexy/rainby/magical girl if she wanted. Solid dresses, longer blonde hair (I recommend a wig) and rainbow accessories would be easy. Add in some magical girl keychains and lux/instathot accessories and it could be promising. Picture provided to illustrate my idea.

No. 494389

she's too stout for sharpay evans

No. 494544

see Paris Hilton, mid 2000s as example. Girlfriend LOVED pink and glitter, she was "kawaii" before weebs were born, but she still dressed sexy and showed cleavage and men wanted to f–k her. saged.

No. 494547

Honestly if jill would just give herself even a solid, well done dye job of a flattering color (even if it's uwu pink uwu), she would look 100x better, even with the trash outfits she wears.

No. 494550

I wish I had better skills to make a compilation pic of her bullshit so I can shove that shit in her fans faces. Just planting the seed of doubt in their head changes their willful ignorance about her and how shady she actually is, as seen in this thread and topic with her old fans being the ones commenting here.

No. 494824

She's stubby and lumpy that'd look so fucking awful on her. Not really an improvement

If you have to play advice dress up at least consider her roly poly body shape

No. 494947

Sharpay had goals and aspirations that she worked extremely hard for, Jill makes kissy noises on camera for 2K a month.

No. 495558

File: 1517956422127.png (16.25 KB, 588x115, 452.png)

>absolutely refuses to see a therapist because 'they just don't help'
>randomly goes off of her meds because ~she's happy now uwu~
>believes that taking baths and eating peeps is more helpful than actual therapy

man I really wonder why she has to take "mental health sick days"

No. 495570

I feel like her therapist probably told her something along the lines of ‘leave your basement for places other than craft stores’ and that just made speshul rainbie Jill so upset she swore off spending an iota of effort on finding someone who might help her improve her garbage fire life. Sage for bitterness

No. 495574

Only her and Kelly could take off so often for mental health. This being unable to keep a schedule is getting real old, real fast.

No. 495581

All Jill has said is that one therapist commented negatively on her little twin stars deco phone case

No. 495586

What? You don't believe there are shitty therapists that will hurt you more than help you? Oh to be so naive and trusting.

No. 495588

But Kelly “tries” to do one video every day (and that’s a load of horse shit too but my point still stands). Jill only obliges to TWO a week and can’t even do that half the time. When you make YouTube your full time job you need to take responsibility to meet deadlines just like any other job or people get sick of it. It sucks that she doesn’t have any real-life consequences for slacking off besides “I might have to only do a lazy oaf MINI haul instead of a full haul this month” - even though she already bought her shit for this month, you get the idea.

Pardon the blogposting but any time I have to take a sick day I have to fear if I’ll have enough for rent. How is she gonna fare when she has the added stress of college on her shoulders?

No. 495612

why are there 2 active jill threads?

No. 495665

im pretty sure every day for her is a mental health sick day.
So great that she's so happy off her meds now !!!!!!!!!!

She really shouldn't let one bad therapist ruin her health. Different therapists mesh with different people, but my guess is she's too lazy to try and find a good one.

No. 495682

If she loses weight like she plans and gets some decent smoothing undergarments she would probably be fine. Her body wasn't the lard pile it is today when she started her channel, and she could go back to that with some effort.

That is what frustrates me about Jill. She could be something if she actually put in effort. Sure, she is spoiled, self centered, and materialistic, but she seemed to genuinely care about theatre and music. She could have done something related to that to better herself (learn how to do good/special effects makeup, costume design, writing skits,ect) and she could have showcased that on her channel. Unfortunately that is to much effort, so buying stuff and trying to make money off of her worst traits is all she cares about.

No. 495697

Oh yes so by all means never try to get better. Stuff yourself with sugar and on line shop instead of hearing things that you might not want ti hear.

No. 495732

Do you really need therapy if you have meds?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 495738

Meds treat the symptoms, not the root problems. It's like cutting yourself on a rusty piece of tin, slapping a band aid on it and calling it a day.

No. 495740

Forgot to sage. Sorry.

No. 495741

yeah lol, like the other anon said medication doesn't cure your mental illness (or at least the ones jill has: depression/anxiety) it just makes it more manageable. you're supposed to learn coping methods in therapy so that they can ease you off the medication at some point: by then you should know enough coping methods that you can manage any depressive or anxious episodes on your own.

No. 495743

Talking about your problems helps???

No. 495791

File: 1517971597807.png (419.14 KB, 800x480, Screenshot_20180206-185818.png)

i am a smol special bean and i need a valentine before the 14th (if you're a female then this is a one-time deal), anyone available? thnx smooches xx(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 495795

nayrt but there's a lot of incompetent therapists out there, just like any other profession. There might not be a lot of psychiatrists/herapists in PEI anyway. That said, she's definitely on the stupid tumblr self care train, and a good psychiatrist would probably want to discuss the way she dresses, which I don't think she would react well to at all.

No. 495801

Yeah, but by her own admission, she's only tried one. When she was… 13-14? Shopping around for therapists, counsellors, psychiatrist, whatever, is important. Cuz you're not gonna necessarily mesh with the first one you see.

And honestly, if the first thing a mental health profession did was address the way I dressed, I'd be looking for a new one, too. There are a lot more important things ahead of fashion sense.

No. 495856

To be fair, when she had that first therapist it was when she was anorexic, so her discussing her appearance might have been important.

No. 495947

cant tell if you're trolling or just dumb as shit

No. 496519

It kind of makes me angry just because I know she can afford to go to a private therapist and doesn't. I love that there are many free health resources in Canada, but they'e not up to par with private services. The 'free therapy' is hard to get an appointment for because so many people utilize the mental health initiatives, and most of the 'therapists' there ARE incompetent. But if you don't click with the therapist, beggars can't be choosers and you don't get another one.

sage for blogpost but its annoying as fuck

No. 496524

Sage goes in email field, but same. I would give anything to have better mental health care where I live.

No. 496576

File: 1518021810544.jpg (34.49 KB, 584x390, ss (2018-02-07 at 08.43.24).jp…)

No. 496579

Yeah becase every single mentally ill person is supposed to get therapy. :) (I’m just dumb-apparently)(:))

No. 496600

meds and therapy is the best combination for recovery in my experience, but there's no NEED for therapy… sure

No. 496601

Dumb? Maybe, maybe not. But definitely obtuse and deliberately missing the point.

No. 496628

uhhh yes? They are?

No. 496630


Cluster B, pls go. Always gotta make shit about themselves.

No. 496631

…meds are supposed to be a temporary crutch for your health, not a set-and-forget type of thing. unless you have severe issues like schizo or chemical imbalance that uses meds to balance it out, the goal is to use meds to control the present issues and then work off of it so you can live without them.

No. 496644

sage for speculation, but I bet Jill doesn't like therapy because a psych will likely challenge her thinking. That's the whole point of cbt, but Jill can't take criticism so she probs takes offence. 'What do you mean part of the issue is with ME?'

No. 496756

File: 1518034770795.jpg (480.34 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20180207-201815.jpg)

She keeps liking/retweeting posts about recovery

No. 496835

File: 1518039636689.png (62.09 KB, 585x315, Screen shot 2018-02-07 at 5.01…)

Anyone got any speculations?

No. 496838

>>496835 I assume it's a sponsorship, as she hasn't posted anything about travelling?

No. 496856

>live my dream work my dream job
>live in parents basement and do nothing all day

No. 496870

yeah right? I love how her "dream" apparently doesn't include actually sewing/creating anything, instead it's just making money and having her tween fans idolize her

No. 496895


Idk about you two but getting paid to do fuck all but being annoying online all day seems like a pretty sweet gig to me. Sure, it won’t last and it’s not fulfilling, but those will be her problems to deal with later in life.

No. 496898

I'd be ok with it if she was more self-aware/actually owned it.
She's constantly going on how she's ~a little fashion designer baby~ & she gets pissy whenever people point out she does a lot of hauls yet she doesn't try to change anything.
I mean gdi she was talking about how she wants to start collecting sewing machine themed articles because she luvs sewing so much uwu yet she never actually sews.
At this point she just seems delusional tbh.
If she was just like 'yeah I make a decent amount of money by being a lazy shit and only working a couple hours a week' I'd honestly like her more lol.

No. 496902

File: 1518043611728.png (572.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180207-224538.png)

Looks like jill is taking our advice

No. 496906

I was just gonna say, she looks so much better

No. 496915

I wish she hadn't, this still looks fucking awful

it's still a massive turd, anon, it's just slightly less stinky than, say, OP pic

No. 496916


This is a HUGE improvement.

No. 496919

File: 1518044196294.jpg (33.92 KB, 448x446, Mr-Bean-In-A-Mime-Costume.jpg)

that wig is doing her face no favors.

I mean, nor is anything else but kek.

No. 496922

Dude she looks way better like this. Sure her hair is neon yellow but she’s cohesive and looks more actual alternative fashion than retarded blind fashion

No. 496925

idk anon, I think y'all are blinded by how bad her looks are that even a minor improvement seems like an improvement… I really think this still looks awful. If I didn't know who jill was and saw this, I'd cringe, and I even like and regularly admire alt/j-fashion

it looks like it belongs in one of those 'bad fashion from tumblr' threads

but ofc we can agree to disagree nbd

No. 496933

holy fuck this is an insane improvement

No. 496943

What exactly is so bad about it anon? Aside from the almost neon shade of yellow on the wig, the color scheme is pretty well put-together, and the wig is better than her patchy green mess of real hair

No. 496948

Can we stop acting like this is a huge improvement or that it's good she's taking out advice when she does so by still saying anyone who offers vague criticism is a meanie weenie hateful bully uwu
It is an improvement but not by much.

No. 496970

why did they get banned for this? that's what she does

No. 496971

>tfw the improvement still looks like shit

No. 497013

are your eyes and your ass reversed?

>beyond being neon yellow, the wig shape and cut makes her face look square/wide and blocky

>makes her jaw look huge
>thick pale make up makes her nose look huge
>blush is placed in a way that makes her face look even WIDER, not to mention the weird/shitty mime theme
>bright red lipstick just draws attention to her haggard chin
>skirt is sitting in an awkward area to attempt to cover her fatto stomach but is just cutting her figure in half negatively
>despite cutting off half of it, it's making her upper half look huge
>horizontal stripes make her look even wider
>shoes don't fit
>her mid-section (shirt+jacket hearts) give her a chunk of dark, where the hat/skirt/socks give too much light in contrast
>jacket makes her shoulders look linebacker and her figure look like a fridge
>not wearing the beret properly because shitty wig
>shoes look like she taped the heart on the front made out of craft paper
>socks look like they're from a halloween costume instead of actual thigh highs
>pink of the shirt is not shade cohesive with anything else and is not complimenting with her skin tone
>she clearly has some kind of purpley-pink eyeshadow on which I can promise would look awful with this look upclose in tandem with her bright red make up
>can't tell for sure from the distance, but it looks like she lined her eyes all the way around and it makes them look a queer shape

idk I could probably go on but these are some of the most obvious things. she looks like one of those 40+ failed mtfs. the kind that end everything with "hun" or something lmao

I seriously question what the fuck some of the posters here must look like when they compliment messes like this (not meant as a slant against you personally, anon, just, wtf, I honestly don't see how any part of this looks good. none of it even FITS her)

No. 497045

An improvement from a flaming dumpster fire into just… a regular old dumpster.

One color of hair really suits her but unfortunately the wig looks cheap and cosplay-y (pretty sure it is one of her cosplay wigs?). The color is not great either but if its meant for cosplay that would be the reason why.

No. 497069

this is SUCH an improvement, now if she would learn to smile without looking like Mr. Bean she'd nail it, her neutral face isn't a good look because of her jowls

does anyone here think Jill will ever get fillers like juvederm or restylane? I'm surprised she hasn't already to be honest, considering she reads here so much. But then again I bet there aren't any super reputable plastic surgeons to do it on PEI

No. 497075

I think Jill should stick away from plastic surgery, her natural face is cute she just needs to learn how to work it. Plastic surgery is a slippery rabbit hole and is unnecessary tbh

No. 497078

I don't think Jill needs any plastic surgery, but I think her face would really benefit from some injectable fillers. Her jowls are what make her look so terribly old and tired. They're obviously genetic. And if she ended up hating the way fillers looked, it'd be fine, cause fillers are re-absorbed by your body after about a year (more or less)

No. 497096

ah sorry I'm a little uneducated on fillers and such. If they are temporary then she could try it, but it'd be important for her not to pull a momo and pretend she didn't get fillers. If you get stuff altered (not sure if thats the right word) then you should own the fact you did it rather than be ashamed of it.

No. 497115

Dude. She's not even 20 yet. No one that young should be encouraged to get anything for purely cosmetic reasons.

If she'd learn to dress herself, style her clothes, hair and accessories, it would be a massive improvement.

Procedures, even temporary ones, aren't necessary.

No. 497142

I don't think it's great by any means either, but this is just an awful lot of nitpicking.

No. 497228

If Jill did face stretches and lost weight in a healthy manner, her jowls would reduce dramatically. She doesn't need any procedures, be it fillers or surgery.

No. 497231

I agree with other poster, this is an insane amount of nitpicking. this suits her a whole lot more than what she tries to peddle as her own style. at least the color scheme is more cohesive and not her usually clusterfucky style. would you honestly rather see her continue to look like complete shit or make improvements? if you think this looks just as shit as what she normally wears are you sure your eyes and asshole aren't reversed?

No. 497286


she buys clothes every week but is2g i've seen her wear that same forever 21 skirt for the past two years non stop. let it go sis

No. 497287

Probably because of the namefagging.

And lose weight, if she got back to a normal weight her face would look so much better.

No. 497289

So she bought that jacket which is $270CAD and those shoes which are currently on sale for $30CAD, and that's before any shipping or customs. So she spent a minimum of $300 on new pieces for this outfit.

What a poor little starving artist.

No. 497292

That ugly ass jacket is almost $300? Jesus fuck.

No. 497300

i really want her to fall down that hole, it would be priceless

in b4 ~ clown kei ~

I agree with the other anons that are saying she looks good/better. She still looks like a joke but it's toned down a few notches. Not to mention is she totally dropping her partykei shit altogether now? the style in this pic is not party kei, she looks more like a dollar store Mina/Dasha

No. 497305

You have terrible taste

I don't understand how lazy oaf produces expensive clusterfucks that people buy

No. 497343

Because as long as humans are a thing, there will always exist those with more money than sense or taste.

No. 497395

File: 1518072434108.png (357.08 KB, 633x934, Screenshot_2018-02-07-22-43-34…)

When I saw this I literally blurted out "JILL" and laughed.

No. 497404

So she started a cosplay months ago for this spring so she could work on it for a long time and have it perfect. She basically dyed a fabric rainbow, but as she didnt like it she bought a rainbow fabric. And thats all her har work for the cosplay.

No. 497480

Seriously though this is a huge improvement. On another person this outfit might actually look really cute. Minus the wig that is.

No. 497498

aint this supposed to be the same cosplay that was supposed to have LEDs as part of it?

thats enough of an improvement in that it's not her rainby-abuse-everyday look but woooo buddy jesus damn those jowls are massive here. like i dont think ive really noticed them before but HERE THEY ARE M8
>photo caption says "there are worse things I could do"
jill honey you're already doing the worst you can't go any worse than that

1. dont encourage her jesus christ
2. inb4 jill buys the damn things anyway because her tastes are already shit

No. 497501

clown kei would be copying lor tho uwu kek

No. 497539

File: 1518097573215.jpg (274.62 KB, 1968x1024, jillian could be cute but choo…)

thought this outfit could be cute with another bottoms and wig, but the leg wear and shoes are still fucking awful
so i decided to photoshop it, the berret is cute but i think that she should edit the amount of statement pieces she wears
dunno if i should sage this or not

No. 497541

Her expression really says "I'm sick of you **s at lolcow, here, a normal outfit for you"

Good photoshop Anon, I like it

No. 497555


The worst thing about this outfit is the striped shirt with a jacket that's heavily patterned. Pattern on pattern can be done tastefully but Jill isn't good at subtlety or being tasteful so she shouldn't even attempt it. The colors aren't awful and it does look better with that denim skirt and the beret being red, but a plain red top would look so much nicer.

No. 497556

File: 1518099695944.png (146.47 KB, 1023x453, Screen shot 2018-02-08 at 9.42…)

Yes and she already dropped fat stacks for those LEDS

No. 497558

The weirdest thing about Jill is that it's not abnormal for efamous people to show off what they buy (especially when that's what her channel mostly is), but she ALWAYS includes the price, when the vast majority of people don't unless it's asked or discussed in a haul video, etc.

I can't quite tell if she just isn't aware that it's considered trashy/weird to do it or if she is trying to brag. She always seems to have it cropped so the price is visible no matter what so I'm leaning towards the second one.

No. 497560

yeah, i tried to make the pink stripes white on the non berret version but couldnt so i lightened them up a bit so it didn't clash as much

No. 497563

ooooo if the stripes were white, betty boop were non existent, better quality wig and no beret, i'd probs wear that

i was just thinking that her pose is awkward

No. 497635

can confirm this actually works. I was also unfortunate enough to inherit those hideous jowls that appear whenever I go past a certain weight - exercising and eating well (as in actual human food, not compressed globules of sugar and corn syrup) keeps them at bay.
Jill, ffs, stop digging your own grave. sage because who cares.

No. 497665


>On another person this outfit might actually look really cute.

This is exactly a big reason why it's not an improvement

It doesn't work on HER
She isn't dressing to her body type or even wearing shit that fits

Y'all fucking crazy I can't believe how low your standards are for this girl

No. 497775

I dunno man, I get that this is a “hate” site and all, but you sound extra sandy about it. Yes Jill has awful taste and there’s still shit wrong with the outfit. But you can’t put this pic next to some of the other garbage she’s been shitting out lately and say it isn’t a “significant improvement”. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good, or that you have to like it. But it’s easier on the eyes than her usual rainbow vomit

No. 497802

nta but you seem like the one who's crazy. jill went from wearing outfits that look like a blind child put them together, to wearing something that looks passable, something that others would choose to wear.

yes maybe it's dumpy because it doesn't fit, but it's definitely a step in the right direction, which is improvement.

you seem to think we're all saying she looks objectively amazing, but we're literally just saying she looks great by her usual standards, if you can't see that i don't know what to tell you.

No. 497803

The lookbook we've all been waiting for.

No. 497806

>that ass shot in the beginning

No. 497807

She even mentioned looking like sharpay….. lurk much?

No. 497809

File: 1518118808383.png (1.08 MB, 1136x640, D5AA26D3-41AC-4BA9-9F5A-B0E9B6…)


No. 497811

omg louise is the one doing the zoom in ass shots

No. 497813

File: 1518119028785.png (384.1 KB, 320x1015, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 19.4…)

She…she just has to be trolling or something she can't think this looks good.
I'm not a fashion anon like some of the anons here but…come on.

No. 497814

something about her mother helping her film this is so weird especially with the clips at the end and the butt-shots idk its just weird

No. 497815

Honestly I liked this, although I wish she'd used a nicer wig instead of this yellow mess.

No. 497816

she really shouldn't wear knee socks, especially fishnet ones…

No. 497817

I sure love that cheap russian hooker look 2.

No. 497818

i liked the first look a lot, the wig kinda destroys them all though lol
also her mom being the one filming all of this is…off putting

No. 497819

Samefag but but the outtakes with her mom are so fucking uncomfortable lmao, I get that she's a ""cool mom"" but jfc.

No. 497821


I can't tell which look is the worst. I just can say that the shiny wig and too bright glossy red lipstick make her look like an east-european street prostitute.

Also the fact that her mum filmed this good god.

No. 497825

File: 1518119286644.jpeg (145.37 KB, 640x874, 779D2E30-267D-48A7-9C8D-0BBD35…)

Ah so that’s what you call someone who only eats sugar and chicken nuggets!

No. 497827

The color of that wig is horrible, but the cut and style suit her so much better than the current greasy rainbow mess she has.

No. 497828

It makes me so fucking uncomfortable to know that she brought sexy underwear… gross

No. 497829

>"hey mom, please help me film my sexy clown lookbook! uwu remember to take lots of ass shots"
>"teheh of course sweetie bean :)"

No. 497830

After the first look I had high hopes because I actually liked it, but man they just get worse as it goes along.

Those cutout heart pants are the ugliest things I've ever seen

No. 497834

She’s wearing about five different shades of pink why jillybean

No. 497838

The wig is way too tacky, although it's a huge step up from the alien antenna lmao. If it were less yellow and shiny and fake looking, it would be better. I think it would have been better if she wore a dark brown wig.


This one was definitely the worst of the outfits in the lookbook. Too many patterns and textures clashing. Fur coat, velvet jacket, fishnet socks, sparkly boots…also the wig looks worse than it already does with the bangs pinned back like that.

No. 497839


I meant velvet skirt, not velvet jacket

No. 497840

it's literally only dumpy chub white bitches that do this. why?

No. 497847

She looks so so fat in look 3

No. 497848

the cutout heart pants are so bad that i genuinely thought jill made them herself for a moment tbh

No. 497850

yeah, the thought of her having actually paid money for those is depressing
they would look like shit even on a tall & skinny beautiful model

No. 497854

Just when you think it can't get worse. Her mom doing this "sexy clown" shoot, omg. Mom learn how to be a parent and not a friend that films your kid's ass.

The outfits themselves are trash because she still hasn't learned that putting together a bunch of colorful pieces makes is a mess. She needs to learn how to make simple outfits instead of always buying special unique pieces that never match each other. Look 3 is so embarassing, hopefully she didn't wear it the few times she leaves the house to go to Micheals. And I personally think it's lame to spend who knows how much on a denim jacket from Swankiss when she could have thrifted one and added the frills.

No. 497855

File: 1518120622041.png (391.5 KB, 1007x603, Screen shot 2018-02-08 at 3.31…)

Pretty sure the wig is the one she got for her pripara cosplay

No. 497856

File: 1518120635575.png (1.24 MB, 964x1055, fuckingdiaperasspants.png)

why cant this bitch ever bother with her hair??
she has so much extra money for ugly clothes and cant invest in a hairstylist or a decent wig???
that wig is so thin and shiny it looks like she got it on amazon for $10.

No. 497857

i just think jill can't pick out wigs. she must have been a lolita/cosplayer so long she things this looks presentable. it's even shit for cosplay/lolita purposes though too.

No. 497859


her last year's Vday Lookbook video looks actually kind of better compared to this forced hot mess? ?
Idk it just seems more natural and less cringey than what she is doing here …

No. 497862

yeah i can't believe I'm saying this but the outfits from her old lookbook actually looked somewhat more.. wearable? less embarrassing?
just imagine Jill showing up to a date in this outfit >>497856 lol

No. 497867

She had it forever. She already had it during her lolita days. Sage because no one cares.

No. 497871

My god this makes her look like a trucker

No. 497872

File: 1518121072236.jpeg (306.08 KB, 715x549, 1B1F5D3D-84D4-4A4D-9E13-78E206…)

Oh bless they‘re back.

Can‘t believe she still uses those in look books…

No. 497873

Jill has a gorgeous figure in styles like #2. It makes her look curvy not frumpy like she usually does.

No. 497874

Lazy hooker fat grandma

I liked her vday look book from last year more

No. 497875

File: 1518121181104.png (1.52 MB, 1156x1047, grandmapixiereadyforbingonight…)

these are just as bad what are you talking about? her hair looks slightly better from her current garish green root disaster and she looks thinner here too.

No. 497876

right? this is why i hate the 'body posi' train, it teaches girls to dress however even if they look like shit instead of dressing for their bodies. jill would look so much better if she took her body into consideration and didn't try to fit 50lbs of shit into a 10lb bag.

No. 497878

Vid relevant,
If this was pink color scheme, it’d be Jill

No. 497879

>>497803 Jill is so unsexy i'm triggered

No. 497884

Oh my god those rolls, and the fat, I was gonna skip the gym today but nope. Shit that's nasty. God I hate fat acceptance movement.

No. 497886

aw, she finally got the green out of her eyebrows. we should be proud.

No. 497887

How dare u those are expensive JAPANESE BURANDO all the way from SHEEBUHYA

No. 497890

This video is way better than anything Jill could ever be

No. 497910

"promise breaker" lmfao how does she seriously have the nerve to do stuff like this after what she did to MG.

^ im so tired of seeing girls who were ana now bragging about being overweight. you're literally just as unhealthy as you were before but ok.

No. 497927

>>497910 The more sh gains, the more she pushes this ana warrioir ~ thing kek

No. 497952


if you think this is fat and rolls you seriously have a problem. she's no where near fat

No. 497957

wtf, as if someone actually eating and their weight evening out to above average/unflattering but actually healthy is comparable to someone actually being anorexic. i hate jill too, but everyone here romanticizing eating disorders & body shaming is so ugly

No. 497960

>slumby party
idk, I like her latest one better. She seems more confident and her poses are better. Some of the outfits aren't my style but the first and second I'd wear with some changes. Not to WK, just not 100% criticising her.

No. 498035

More than half of lolitas who wear wigs have ugly wigs, so she fits right in.

No. 498037

>Being a bit chubby is just as bad as being anorexic
o-ok anon
Seriously you'd think Jill was morbidly obese based on some of these comments. She's not.

No. 498043

Half the anons in this thread are raging ana chans. She's chubby yeah, not obese.

No. 498053

i wouldnt even say she's chubby tbh? at least comparing to the ppl around me where im from she has a very average body

No. 498060

She's average but out of shape so it looks worse on her. If she wasn't so bloated from peeps tea, she'd probably look a lot better.

No. 498080

She's so obsessed with showing off how much money she spends. It's so pathetic. One day her mom won't pay for her anymore or something will happen to their wealth and she'll see how hard you have to work for money.

All of these looks are trash and she keeps wearing her skirts super high up/high waisted to the point you can almost see her underwear. it's creepy.

No. 498117

Seems like she's trying to be sexier in her look lately (as opposed to that childish look she usually goes for) Could it be that she isn't all that comfortable being single?

She has hopped straight from one relationship to another for years.

No. 498163

Looks like an Alfred Dunner model.

No. 498164

Jill actually could have a cute shape is she learned how to dress. She's actually got a cute ass.Kek she dresses like a clown unfortunately.

No. 498196

Average American, maybe, but she looks pretty chubby/overweight compared to people where I'm from.

No. 498197

No. 498198

Her tramp stamps ruin the sheer sleeves one, which I think would look cute otherwise, it's the second best after the first (not that they're perfect). I hope she won't get the Precure tattoo she wants, she'll look nasty like Kelly. Large tattoos just don't mix well with "kawaii" fashion.

No. 498255

The pink furry jacket is from h&m. Thought she wasn't supporting fast fashion anymore

No. 498297

How could Jill possibly be expected to maintain an actual moral stance in the face of cheap, tacky cute shit?

It's just too much to ask.

No. 498304

GOD, she used to look so cute. I'm seriously concerned. Wish she got back into this look (like other anons said she looks fun, cute, and more natural). I can't really pinpoint the moment her style went to shit. She surely had bad outfits before, but this proves even a year ago she dressed herself so cute. Yeah her Lolita/teen metal goth years were cute too but the pastel goth examples are awful. And she even had her ugly ass ita phase and cheap accessories going on.
Makes you think if her style has had always improvement/down times and this is one of the worst times she has perfomed; since she gets in and out many styles so quick.
I think that the outfits, colors and themes in the vid should had been continued upon, with softer makeup and the fresh but quirky look. The garments she is wearing also look better made and she looked a little healthier (both weight and mental wise). She now looks like a plastic neon hooker with an old face with oil and ugly makeup, and that makes me so uneasy to see. Depression really took a toll on her.
I think looking back, most of the people who bashed these looks were more into Lolita and disliked how she sold so many expensive dresses to get into something more normie but calling it jfashion. Not because she actually looked that shitty.

No. 498322


She also has the Lazy Oaf pink furry jacket with the dopey bear face on it. Why does she need two?

No. 498330

Weell, no, she actually looks shitty. Who cares whether or not she sold some expensive shit?

No. 498367

tf is with all these jill stans trying to justify shit we were ripping her apart for a year ago? fuck, just go back in the threads, it wasn't a bunch of lolitas hating on her back then – she's been out of lolita for so long now that hardly anyone even realizes she was in it, or those who did have no idea what she's like since then. She looks fucking horrible, she did then, she still does, looking good 'in comparison' (but still awful) is not something to strive for

less shitty IS NOT a step in the right direction or improvement, it's just a step in a still shitty direction

shit literally said she wants to look like a 'sexy clown'. I agree with the anon who said she's wanting a new partner to latch onto, but she's so fucking dense she doesn't realize this mime-shit isn't going to get her a man

No. 498387

dude chill, why are you so offended at her looking slightly less horrible? Slightly less shitty is the first step to looking not shitty, she's not going to magically get better overnight and wake up one morning being a fashion goddess. No one is saying she looks great (because she doesn't) but its slightly less of an eyesore and its not that big of a deal.

Also it was pretty obvious that the 'sexy clown' thing was a joke? Once again not something you have to get super offended over, just laugh about how stupid she is and move on.

No. 498450

File: 1518155908970.jpg (5.12 KB, 386x386, 20597359_717974385070362_33567…)

Jill mentioned looking like Sharpay on her new video… She's either lurking, or she posted that shit herself, especially considering how no other anon agreed with the one saying she had ~sharpay vibes~

sage for tinfoiling, but I wouldn't put past Jill coming to her own thread and pretend she was an anon to see what we aprove of or not

No. 498518

File: 1518160294660.png (267.54 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180208-230810.png)

No. 498519

File: 1518160323365.png (170.93 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180208-230835.png)

No. 498536

This is why lolita has rules.

No. 498539

this sugoi ass-chan should be next thread's photo

No. 498574

Seeing Jill compensate for her singularity by convincing herself it's what she wants is the best part of this thread so far.
Though, there's so much wasted opportunity with this look book, this is literally the perfect time to bring some black into her outfits.

No. 498579

you're about to make me do something horrible, anon

No. 498584

she looks like that girl from Breaking Bad who overdosed and died in her sleep in that picture.
just 10 years older and sprinkled with chicken feathers.

No. 498596

File: 1518172514893.png (71.96 KB, 504x428, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 10.3…)

No. 498600

File: 1518174103920.png (312.13 KB, 660x862, sheathiccbish.png)

No. 498601

ah yes, rebel wilson kei, my favourite

No. 498605

File: 1518175016056.jpg (27.59 KB, 500x425, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

No. 498614

File: 1518177367759.png (134.48 KB, 500x425, dumpster-fire-nuggies.png)

No. 498619

lmao good job anon, it's beautiful

No. 498621

Make this next thread's image, thank you anon.

No. 498639

File: 1518182198496.jpeg (358.97 KB, 1242x895, A7856674-9A3C-4CCD-A5D4-6152FD…)

No. 498660

I thought the same especially considering the original anon suggested she wear a long blonde wig

No. 498668

If it is her I see it good that she'd try seek further advice from us, but should listen when people are unsure on what she's thinking. But in turn constructive criticism would give her something to go off of.

No. 498676

HOly crap this looks like something a grandparent would dress their 4 year old granddaughter in.
The pants waist especially

No. 498684

File: 1518186819281.jpeg (54.35 KB, 540x810, 252666E2-98E6-4456-8476-DAE41D…)

It’s like y’all forget Jill had decent valentine themed look book coords just 3 years ago.

I think we need to make a compilation of her style devolution.

No. 498688

File: 1518186879828.png (2.08 MB, 1000x1458, 75589A55-7A93-4F8B-A801-3E261A…)

No. 498690

glad to know she's always looked like shit
>gal shoes in the first pic
>dark as fuck pink shoes with a super pastel coord
and this is the same fucking wig.

No. 498696

sorry put sage in wrong spot

No. 498733

the name of the look book though "promise breaker" is she throwing shade at collin?

No. 498734

hime shoes can easily work with florals like those, don't nitpick

No. 498736

Louise is a confirmed pageant mom. FJC this video and the ass shots and the ending are so uncomfortable.

No. 498737

Nitpick, but you can see her mouth moving through all the looks. It annoyed me so bad, please stop talking to your mom.

No. 498738

Missed opportunity to put chicken tendies instead

No. 498740

yeah it really annoyed me too, I wish she would put more effort into her lookbooks
in this old one she at least went out and had different locations, now they're all in her mom's studio

No. 498741

I think it is a cute look. he first photo is waay better but I think it's cute. I think the other comments just hate on it by default. Then new one though…. Jesus

No. 498749

What a difference. She actually looks pretty cute here. That all means she'll be going downhill for now with her neon green eyebrows and window shade eyeshadow.

No. 498757

I actually really like the first look here, but the others were pretty bad, especially the last look with her real hair. She looks so much nicer with long, fuller blonde hair. She can still be naturally blonde with a chunk or streak of odd color, but she chooses rainbow vomit.

No. 498810

I find it so cringy they Jill spends so much money on those ugly ass trashy fast fashion pieces and goes through all the trouble of creating look books with them, instead of showcasing any talent she has by actually designing and showcasing her own designs and pieces. For some one who claims to love sewing and wanting to be a fashion designer she put absolutely zero effort into proving that to be so.

No. 498817


No. 498822


nayrt but I see what they mean since she tries to sell herself as talented, albeit her "talent" is really just entry-level sewing skills, and would be able to develop actual talent if she was sewing regularly.

No. 498823

Jill lacks the drive and talent. Must be hard being so unimaginative.kek

No. 498826

Ya I know. Personally I believe that talent isn't everything… It's not like the greatest designers just woke up like this. It's years of studying fashion history, trends, what goes with what. Sure you need taste though - which Jill completely lacks. I think she is just too lazy to do anything about it since she gets asspats for anything mediocre because it's colorful and expensive.

No. 498829

Entry level is well over her qualification. She's a home-ec tier hack. She can barely construct a half decent dress using shitty Burda/Buttericks patterns from Jo-Anns, none the less actually have the skill to legit call herself a ~*fashun designnnurrr*~

No. 498832

ya sage this shit doe.(minimodding)

No. 498835


I definitely agree with you there.
I kind of feel like even with her currently shitty taste, she could improve her sense of style by studying things like fashion history, trends, etc

The problem with that is that she'll never learn about those things because she immediately loses interest in everything that isn't kawaii pink and rainby fast fashion.

No. 498850

under rated post!
I am dead kek

No. 498874

These looks were pretty cute. She maintained her hair so much better then too. It looks clean and doesn't have a giant strip of black roots. Besides some of the clothing being too tight, the bad wig styling on the 2nd outfit and the harsh black eyeliner, these aren't half bad. She even customized the third outfit putting her own art on the back of the denim shirt. I wish she would do stuff like that again. It's so much easier on the eyes and actually shows some personal effort.

No. 498890

File: 1518199967920.jpg (158.37 KB, 1044x547, Screenshot_20180209-181056.jpg)

She talks about 50 bucks as if it's nothing

No. 498891

File: 1518200033778.jpg (228.33 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20180209-181201.jpg)

I found this interesting Jill possessing self awareness??

No. 498903

I am still so devastated that Jill finally got that LACE video taken down. It's so unfortunate if it's lost forever, it included her absolute best quotes.

>I know people say things, I KNOOWWW

>People say i'm fat when I have a non-fluctuating waist of 20 inches!!
>It's only the same 5 or 7 people, I KNOWW
>I just don't care, it just doesn't affect me, bless all my followers hearts they all love me, my life is perfect, my boyfriend is perfect, IT'S JUST ANONYMOUS PEOPLE!!
>People saying that i'm pretentious or my teeth are yellow won't ever effect me
>I just don't care starts crying

No. 498913

Stumbled onto this weird mess. At least she had personality then

No. 498933

She was 13 there right? Idk if I'd say she has personality there, I think she acts like those kids that try to be emo but random and quirky at the same time.

No. 498968

File: 1518205562019.png (519.81 KB, 640x1136, 4A602BDC-272D-40CD-A38C-F14E05…)

She had so much potential
But she became a basement slob

No. 499054

If Jill was smart about any of this shit she would actually stick to her schedule, pre-record videos and put most of her money into savings.
Instead all she does is whine about her shit getting demonetized (EVERY other professional YT content creator I know actually does that thing where you upload it early so your video can actually get approved before you publish it, yet Jill doesn't seem to know about this for some fucking reason) & thinks that a Patreon will be able to make up for the money she's been missing out on for YT videos.
Her Patreon is going to be a fucking dumpster fire, you need to actually stick to a regular schedule, you can't just randomly take off 'mental health days' or whatever whenever you feel like it. She seems to think that self-employment somehow is easier because she can just 'take the day off' every time she's feeling lazy, but she doesn't realize that in the long run it will really hurt her.
>tl;dr Jill is awful at this whole YT thing and self-employment was the worst route she could have possibly picked

No. 499094

How DARE you, Krysten Ritter is gorgeous

No. 499180

File: 1518219275563.jpeg (174.42 KB, 1125x289, C8F27FDE-C63D-4EF5-8F7D-731CB5…)

Did we know she was bulimic? I don’t recall it ever being mentioned, unless I missed something.

No. 499182

>>499180 she's a confirmed purger

No. 499183

>>499180 double post but the proof is from her old da https://xhellodecemberx.deviantart.com/journal/

No. 499186

I've heard you have to have earned a certain number of views before YT will even review your video, which makes uploading it privately pretty useless. Has this changed?

Either way it's just ridiculous to me that she bragged about being a "full-time YouTuber" when she KNEW everything could blow up in her face if she relied on ad revenue.

A Patreon is definitely helpful but it carries a certain sense of responsibility (keeping up with regular content because people are literally paying for this, giving good rewards, etc.) that I just don't think she can (will) handle it well.

No. 499194

The new system has a bad auto review to see if you can get the video monetized or not. It’s common atm for you tubers to post privately to see if they get hit (letting you edit and repost as needed) vs post ask for a manual review after a certain amount of views.

No. 499212

Well, considering she just dropped $200 on that betty boop jacket…

No. 499214

This is a slightly creepy comment. All children look basically the same, she just looks like an average kid.

No. 499218

dont think this is creepy at all. all children look the same to us but its different when its your own daughter. like of course she thinks shes "sweet". thats her daughter that she pushed out and raised her entire life lol, kids are really to special to their parents even tho they all kinda look the same to everyone else

No. 499223

I meant anon's comment about Jill having "potential" posing her kid pics is creepy, not a mother talking about her kids.

No. 499237

Not trying to whiteknight, but if you're getting a tattoo you should probably be ready to spend a hunk of cash, even on the deposit.

No. 499248

File: 1518224720916.png (33.72 KB, 672x154, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 8.04…)

Sure was spiky what you did to mystery girl

No. 499279

File: 1518226851593.jpeg (313.26 KB, 750x550, 11693F41-6F13-48E6-951A-B55F7C…)

I thought the little blooper clips with her mom at the end of the Lookbook was cute. It shows some genuine personality & I’m at least happy she has her mom. Kinda looking forward to this, honestly? Hopefully her mom doesn’t say some dumb shit about “haters/trolls” though.

No. 499281

Her relationship with her mom is sweet even if she is too dependent.

No. 499345

File: 1518231179625.png (260.97 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180209-185141.png)

OMG I saw this shit on Sephora online and immediately thought of Jill. Kek Tacky.

No. 499351

it appears as though she's trying to achieve a "pretty but mean girl from a children's tv show" aesthetic but she looks bloated and uncomfortable.

No. 499360

She said herself that she felt like she was giving off Sharpay Evans vibes, and that was the archetype They used for her. It's just a shame she doesn't take a few more notes from her book. At least Sharpay was motivated to work in theatre and live out her dream. Jill seems to have given up on theatre, and doesn't work to better her sewing abilities at all.

No. 499399

lmao and of course it's too faced. i bet $100 she buys this in the next week.

No. 499403

The entire Life's a festival TF collection is cheap, tacky, Claire's tier kids make up. So very Jill.

No. 499416

Also confirmed; Jill’s had drinking problems Since 14

No. 499431


I don't know where you folks are getting the idea that a Patreon is Serious Business, but it's really not? so many 'creators' have completely half-assed Patreons, patchy content, etc and still do just fine.
The confetti club will throw money at her just for existing.

No. 499502

I think Jill wants to wear this woman's skin: https://www.instagram.com/jeanetteconverse/

No. 499543

I think they were talking about Jill's moms potential as a photographer… since Jill's room used to be her studio and now she's in the basement

No. 499557


that is one unfortunate looking human being.

No. 499562

Was trying to make a point about when you have kids you think the world of them. You don’t raise a kid thinking “This child will leech of my money and live in my basement when she is 20 years old”. Parents generally want their kids to become good people and have a well rounded life. I wasn’t making a comment on her appearance or anything of that nature so I don’t know how this is creepy? Potential as in living a good life and going places

No. 499564

yeah I for one thought you meant
>this person was once a young child with a whole life ahead of them and family around them and an education in their future they have so much potential to be a productive and stable adult

not in an appearance way lmao

No. 499566

I don't think it's creepy? Wasn't even the anon you're replying to. And the original post wasn't creepy, The anon who called it creepy just confused the wording, thinking they were talking about baby Jill when they we're talking about Louise. That's what I was correcting.
Your post isn't relevant because no one is talking about that. You're all misreading the comments.
Stop while you're ahead.

No. 499567

I hate to be too harsh but that woman isn't doing a great job of wearing her own skin. Either she is an older woman wearing an eccentric style or she really needs to bag a korean moisturiser and drink more water.

No. 499570

File: 1518247676199.jpg (114.47 KB, 500x393, Gt i m from a gt we all hate _…)

Notice there's someone constantly backing up Jill, bringing up obscure details/defending her past, fashion, etc? (Not all the posts but I'm smelling a lot of samefag). And she's basically directly responding to these threads in recent things, she has always known about us, had her mom come wk her, her and her friend confirmed at least used to lurk here?

I think this lardo mcnuggey peep tea is posting here heh. Funny how she's drawing all this attention to her past eating disorder/mental health after a bunch of anons said they thought she was exaggerating etc, and the same kinda posts defending her then, too.

I know there are some supposed ex fans here too, but lately the vibe and quickness of random relevant info in her defense is really making me wonder. Must be really hard keeping to those YouTube scheds when you're too busy stalking your snow thread, Jill. Didn't know 'mental health day' was code for being here!

No. 499587

Yikes, she looks way too old to be dressing like that. She has to be 50+.

No. 499599

File: 1518251602377.jpeg (703.63 KB, 750x872, ACFAB32D-8739-4FFD-8781-8B9845…)

You know what sucks? She is probably like in her mid 30s its just this tired juvenile look that look ages her terribly there’s totally a way to do this type of look at an older age ex Tarina Tarantino

Sage for who gives a fuck

No. 499604


She is apparently 26.

No. 499623

File: 1518254898467.png (447.01 KB, 477x594, New Canvas.png)

how?? either she's lying about her age or something went seriously wrong
also I can't believe there are this many people who wear this godawful style
I'm into alternative fashion myself but I just don't understand how there are so many girls that think ~everything I wear has to be pink!! uwu even if it's 20 different shades~ + ill fitting garments somehow makes for a good look

No. 499649

If she is genuinely 26 i think she must have some chronic illness or skin condition

No. 499650

LMFAO how? she graduated fashion school in 2002?

No. 499659

She can't be 26, I'm 30 and have a very faint line under each eye and that's it. She has deep wrinkles like a old lady, where did you get 26 from?

No. 499662

I got a free invite so I might be able to take some photos if decide to go

No. 499665

File: 1518259470126.jpg (Spoiler Image, 438.33 KB, 2273x1188, uLWiUCr.jpg)

She looks 26 imho. If one year is 20 months long!

No. 499673

File: 1518264467906.jpg (173.27 KB, 625x857, 2ynz6gVbNy1fMuZ82wMo1jCdFv8.jp…)

Wow I just looked her up and I can't believe how nice she looks. I usually hate pink hair like that but having an actually well styled haircut, wearing toned down make up and dressing like an adult really makes a huge difference.
I wish Jill would just go to a fucking professional hairdresser.

No. 499679

Anon I posted a pic of her earlier in this post Kek great to know you know who she is she is like Jill on steroids

No. 499704

Tinfoil hat time. I don't think Jill posted the Sharpay thing or that she would be stupid enough to mention it after reading here. So what if it was one of her friends who let it slip after seeing/posting it here that she looks like her? Or even her mom potentially reads and commented on it? It happened too soon after that post to be a coincidence.

No. 499705

At least include the posts you think are samefag/wk, otherwise your entire point is useless. I mean, anons have always suspected she lurks but stating it without proof constantly is pretty redundant.

Also, im always so embarrassed for farmers when they claim Louise whiteknighted Jill on lolcow. If you go back to the first thread, you'll realize Louise never posted. It was a few American anons shitposting.

Here's further proof: I didn't even know the farm existed until Jill posted on her personal fb (back when we were fb friends) about ~4chan trolls~ impersonating her mother and she thought it was low of them to bring her mom into this. Louise was genuinely confused, there's no way she discovered lolcow before Jill and then lied about it. After I realized /cgl/ had nothing to do with it, I finally stumbled on these threads. I wish there were screenshots, but this was almost three years ago.

When she dated Tristan, he wouldn't tolerate her reading hatesites and she was entirely against reading them or associating with anyone who admitted to lurking. She would cut off and delete people based on her paranoia that they were involved with hate sites (hence the LACE fiasco).

I think that must of changed when she was dating Colin considering that's when Kate was confirmed a lurker. The most proof we've ever had that Jill lurks here is when Kate outed herself as a farmer and Jill went out of her way to defend her ~bff~. That was definitely suspicious.

On the other hand, even if she does lurk, she clearly doesn't pay enough attention. For example, when she applied to college she was bummed out about the mandatory foundation year (which was the reason she chose that college), when farmers had discussed her lack of eligibility for the fashion program for months prior to her application. So if she really hung on our every word, she would have known that college required foundation years like every other and she couldn't jump straight into the 2-year fashion program.

In fact, many flaws in her decisions, purchases, relationships etc are pointed out here and she never acts on those criticisms. She certainly likes to pretend we know less about her than we really do (how she got into a relationship with Colin by screwing over Tristan and Gillian, how she only ever mentions Walker for convenient pity points, how we know the intimate details of her break up with Alyssa due to her sister offering up the milk etc.)`

Anyways, sorry for the long post but every other post in this thread is ~teehee hi jill~ so that was my 2 cents.

Jill may lurk at this point, but I doubt it's anywhere near the conspiracy level other anons are pushing.

No. 499708

File: 1518272123461.png (145.1 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180210-061200.png)

Anon another anon posted about that comparison between Jeanette Converse and Jill like two weeks ago…way to plagiarize.

No. 499722

I feel like Jill may not lurk herself but instead it's one of those online friends; said friend might share the ~juicy gossip~ with her and then they make fun of it together or something.
Jill has responded to things before which where only mentioned in here and she'd always bring it up in a "some people said…" kind of way, so maybe she just got that info from her friend. I feel like she'd be the type to pretend to not care about drama or gossip (even though she does) but she's just too think skinned to browse here herself.

No. 499744

We already know that people were telling Jill about the party kei drama, so it's very plausible that some continue to lurk and feed her info.

No. 499747

If she buys it can I be the first one to send you my paypal

No. 499776

weirdly enough it seems like Jill has never joined in on the whole unicorn craze (I suppose it's because they're ~too mainstream~ now) so I don't think she'll get this

No. 499787

>>499776 too faced is her fav makeup company though, so she might buy it fr her 'collection'

No. 499793


And it has a very bright pink shade in it, which should be already reason enough to get it bc it's the only color she would use anyway.

No. 499797

She's live on YouNow right now


No. 499798

She's annoying as fuck in this video, but she was cute. Maybe she can bring back that kind of hair? And makeup? It would suit her much better.

No. 499805

On her live she says that she is dying her hair fully yellow and wearing her extensions. Yikes. I can't wait to see.

Otherwise she's just been talking about "gay" animes.

No. 499809

I didn't watch from the start but here's what I picked up

-will dye hair all over yellow
-finds rape triggering bc it's to close to home (context is watching an anime)
-wants to make a portfolio website
-probably will start leasing her new apartment from 1st august
-talks about ~gay/sexual stuff for fucking ages (like gay characters and anime)
-admits hair needs to be fixed
-will do yellow brows with her new hair kek
-lets nina sit on and ruin all of her fan mail
- people were asking her about lolcow, but she ignored the question
-says she is going to eat her takeaway pizza left overs (what happened to her 1200 calorie diet kek)

No. 499814

File: 1518284824502.png (138.67 KB, 366x344, Screenshot 2017-12-25 at 4.36.…)

>>499809 People were asking her about lolcow on the feed? I'm dying

No. 499817

yet couldn't figure out what was gay about ccs…

No. 499821

arent the girls everyone ships from ccs literally cousins lol..

No. 499824

yellow hair looked so bad on her before, she really should stick to pink, purple or a natural colour imo. those worked best with her skintone

No. 499827

File: 1518286076308.jpg (21.37 KB, 313x308, heman.JPG)


>yello hair

so this look again with extensions? oh lord

No. 499866

Please do, anon!

No. 499889

File: 1518289317768.jpg (512.1 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20180210-190052.jpg)

If living your best life means being a greasy basement dweller, then sure jillybean

No. 499893

Those are two different wigs. One of them has pink in it.

No. 499923

Jill should dye her hair cotton candy pink. That would so much cuter on her.

No. 499932

File: 1518291553870.jpg (78.23 KB, 696x582, converse.jpg)


I'm an idiot, I saw this interview with her age listed, didn't look at the date.. 2006. That would make her more like 38. I figured she just straight up lied about her age.

Sage for off topic.

No. 499979

>wants to make a portfolio website
A portfolio of what…

No. 499985

>>499979 a fashion designer one, but she said she didn't have enough material yet kek

No. 499986

>> will do yellow brows with her new hair kek


No. 499998

Jill should try just not dyeing her hair holy fuck it's going to have elastic mushy ends making it uggo yellow

No. 500013

Let me guess: you're that anon

No. 500016


It's actually pretty standard for tattoo artists to ask for a deposit, at least where I'm from

No. 500019

>>500016 it's not about the concept of the deposit, but rather the 'oh well it's just 50 bucks lost' if something happens. It's such a small amount of money in her eyes that it doesn't bother her if it was lost.

No. 500037


Oh right, good point anon!

No. 500055

Hopefully she doesn't get rid of that green herself lmao

No. 500074


You know she will. She does trust herself with her hair after all. I still can't for the life of me figure why she chooses to bleach over her whole hair while doing her roots, she would actually some day get a somewhat matching shade if she only did her natural hair. Tho with her pretty dark natural color a professional would still be the best option imho.

No. 500212


It's gonna be uneven and brassy with patches of highlighter yellow and a 3 inch landing strip of black roots. I personally can't wait.

No. 500226

Bumblebee kei will be the newest look from her.

No. 500270

i want her hair to fall out so she will be forced to wear a wig. Even a shitty wig will look better than her natural hair

No. 500310

dark hair looks really good on her imo

No. 500329

Yeah exactly & she still does the stupid jewelry & glitter on the eyes just in a tasteful way that doesn’t make her look pathetic af

No. 500440

File: 1518332556796.png (275.94 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180210-225950.png)

This reminds me of Jill.

No. 500448

File: 1518333655627.png (654.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-11-09-41-00…)

Sexy clown

No. 500450

File: 1518334497400.png (7.81 MB, 2208x1242, 7E3FD6A6-B58C-4963-A573-C3AB38…)

I don’t get why she doesn’t care about $50, buys Starbucks and thousands on makeup and clothes but she can’t fork out a couple hundred to get her hair done professionally.

A lot of threads people say the hair is so fucked they need to shave it all off but Jill has the worst hair of all. She needs to stop doing anything with it. Next bleach her hair will be gummy and fail out, I’m calling it now.

No. 500456

She could just slap a dark brown dye over it to match the roots and it'd probably look ten times better than what she has now. But she insists on this goddamn rebleaching-everything process to do a new color, so she's probably fucked up her hair just enough that cutting off all the processed ends is literally the best she can do both ways.

No. 500500


I didn't know until the years old video was posted of her upthread but she literally looks SO. MUCH. BETTER. with dark, very dark brown longer hair. I can't get over it. Why does she do this to herself. It's one thing to damage your hair for a colour that at least looks good on you but… this is ridiculous

No. 500527

It won't is the thing. That green is not coming out unless she neutralized it with a red or even an orange. Which she won't do.
Her hair will be a faint mint green when she does take a good ole 40 volume to her entire head and hope it doesn't fry right off.

Like the other anon said she's better off taking a dark (5n maybe even a 4n) permanent color and throwing that on all of ur and not touching it. But it's Jill. She won't.

Sage for cosmo anon / rambling

No. 500553

No. 500559

man that's a shitty looking ita bag

No. 500564

god, everything looks so cheap and bootleg-y
i wonder how much the zenmart stuff cost with customs and stuff

No. 500568

They charge a 300 yen fee per item and it's usually at least 2000 yen for EMS shipping.

No. 500571

it's kinda funny because ita bags are actually something that you're 'supposed' to spend a lot of money on, yet hers is so cheap and empty looking lol

No. 500573

her roots are shitty as usual…but her hair looks washed, or at least less greasy

No. 500577

i was struck by the fact that an ita bag is supposed to be absolutely COVERED in merch, and hers just looks so bare…

it's so irritating considering she has all of this disposable income.

No. 500581

Those poor poor fabric scissors…

No. 500589


>It bothers me more than it bothers you

If it bothered her half as much as me, she would've found a different pair of scissors. Ask your mom or dad where another pair of scissors in the house is?

No. 500595

Itabag is one word. ONE WORD.

No. 500604

Hearing her talk in her latest vid about how scary graduating from high school was and how much she has cried to her mom after watching anime has me wondering if she could have BPD. She has anxiety, depression, her image and style go through through complete changes every couple of years and her emotions are all over the place. That and the attachment to her mom/fear of adult life = Has this been talked about on here before, Jill possibly having BPD?

No. 500606

I mean, I definitely think it's a possibility. But, I don't really want to armchair psych about it.

No. 500613

Imagine being a ~~ fashion designer seamstress uwu ~~ and the first thing you have sewed in 2018 is a toy to a bag, and it's february already. She's pretty inspirational tho, just do the opposite she does and you'll be fine.

No. 500621

>eeda bag
And what's with the weird, saturated pink filter?

No. 500625

You really think there would be 20 threads on her without anyone suggesting she has BPD? This is lolcow where armchair diagnosis is rampant and farmers have a particular obsession with accusing most cows of having BPD.

Fuck off already.

No. 500646

Why the fuck does that matter

No. 500648

She doesn't. End of story. Someone derails the thread every time because they either project their own mental illness onto her, or have read a Google psychology today page about it.

Fuck off forever more with this retard armchair shit.

No. 500651

Don't attempt to armchair diagnose.

No. 500663

watching her tug at the thread so much as she finished sewing on the figures honestly made me irrationally angry

No. 500666

also this bags composition is bad which surprised me considering how well thought out and quite good her title sequences are and things

No. 500669

Maybe Jill is just an idiot. No need to diagnose, anon. I find her erratic and fanatical obsession with aesthetics unsettling at best. She's got no depth as a person and had a proclivity for identifying with whatever trend she dives into.

No. 500703

File: 1518377321850.jpeg (115.32 KB, 965x933, 27B9F4A8-F57A-41CB-B08F-59BEFE…)

Her hair makes me want to vomit. I would rather die than leave the house looking like that. I don’t think Jill actually takes our suggestions, otherwise her hair wouldn’t look like shit.

She is actually smart, she’s done great at branding herself and amassing a following. Sometimes mental illness is crippling but depression and anxiety can do that to you, especially if you’re like Jill and you randomly decide to get off your meds.

No. 500709

Maybe Jill should work in marketing. Kek she does have an eye fur the garish and popular, got to give her credit. She does have a large following.

No. 500713

File: 1518378625598.jpeg (110.51 KB, 1242x594, 045C1861-F01C-4088-94A3-FB3E48…)

No. 500714

SHes idiot bleaching it is going to turn in green. Now we wait for her to cry about that too.

No. 500730

>attending to my row of magical girl dildos

The hair is honestly fine, you'd be surprised at how bad a lot of ordinary people's hair looks from behind even if it's ok from the front. Most people don't really care

No. 500762

>blue looks better than any other unnatural shitty color on her
>she wants to rid herself of it asap

The blue isn't what's wrong with your shit hair Jill

No. 500808

File: 1518386157308.png (465.03 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180211-135243.png)

A Jill cellulite/crotch shot.

No. 500813

can you see the outline of her… yeah…. or am i misinterpreting… yuck

No. 500819

I think it's her fat snatch ewwwwww Kek

No. 500850

I think anon is referring to her visible tracks. Her hair is way too thin in the back, she even says so in the video that the OP pic is from (wouldn't show the back of her braids because too many tracks were showing)

No. 500882

I wish she would just dye her hair back to a natural colour, She can wear all the rainbow colour clothes she wants so why go through all that hassle for hair that is a nightmare to maintain

No. 500894

Can you at least sage your unnecessary creep shots.
Sorry for complaining or whatever tf but trying to screenshot her crotch as best you can is fucking weird.

No. 500989

scrolling down I thought this was a pic of a bruised, raw chicken. Low quality screen grab, however I don't wish to see it HQ either.

No. 501075

this is the most pathetic itabag i have ever seen. the point is a: get official merch to show how much you love the show by spending $$$$ on it b: stuffing a SHIT TON of stuff on it to the point of it being overkill and almost tacky. god jill can you do anything right?

No. 501163


How fucking weird is it tho that itabags are meant to be tacky and OTT and packed with ridiculous amounts of expensive weeb merch and this is the one time she isn't tacky and OTT enough

No. 501224

She’s probably not actually a big enough fan of anything to feel like she wants to spend the money on it

No. 501227

But she's such a super-mega Precure fan! Obviously Precure is so well-known now because of all her hard work and dedication to being the most well-known fan in the English-speaking world! /s

No. 501254

b-but anon, she has a precure want INKED ON HER LEG!

No. 501257


It would make more sense if her eedah bag was Precure but this sad attempt is oh-joe-ma-joe doremi.

No. 501259

sage for useless weeb knowledge but actually the wand she has on her leg is from Doremi so…

I bet she doesn't have enough Precure merch of a single season to make a decent itabag anyway

No. 501261

File: 1518421125991.png (233.31 KB, 430x493, Tip of the Peep.png)

>Ambivalent fan, watch Pixielocks videos frequently for ~ a year
>Noticed how she treated Colin as an accessory
>Don't really question it– it's weird but everything she does is a bit off
>Blinded by the carefully crafted bedroom setting/ aesthetically pleasing intro/ calming music
>Overly bubbly & babyish language but in the context of vlogger to viewer interaction (1 on 1) it doesn't seem that weird
>Don't really agree with her stylistic choices fashion-wise but I'm pretty normie so I assume it's a regular amount of strange?? (though definitely not lolita)
>Find this thread

Okay so former pixie fans– what tipped you off to her bullshit?? Was it an accumulation of questionable actions for you?? Was it one specific moment in her career? I feel like as someone who isn't super experienced fashion/cosmo/ or makeup wise that stuff slides by me pretty easily because she comes off like she knows what she's doing (if you're naive like me & assume that people generally honest) – inb4 "are you retarded". The things that stuck out to me are how she treats other people, and how self-indulgent she is. To be completely honest though before reading this thread it didn't fully hit me that she doesn't do ANYTHING off-screen & this is her entire life & how she interacts in the real world.

No. 501269

For me it was mostly how her finances were. I thought it was a dumb decision to quit Claire’s because she was only working ~10 hours? She seriously doesn’t have enough time for two shifts a week? Then jumping into YouTube full-time when adpocalypse was starting to really hit. There was the japan trip which was just one big shopping trip, and she didn’t even touch half the shit she bought after she got back. I liked her outfits generally from April and before but now that she’s the mayor of clashville she just looks like an eyesore. Sage because who cares

No. 501270

tbh, I'm not sure why I ever liked her? It was probably because we have a similar aesthetic (I like to think I dress better than her though lmao), so my brain was all 'she dresses like you so you have to like her' but I would always find myself thinking shit like 'damn wish she would complain less', 'why is her hair so greasy I would wash it before filming a video if I were her', 'thats a gross makeup look why doesn't she put shadow on her bottom lid', and 'oh what a tacky outfit thats doesn't she know color coordination' and I guess eventually I just realized that I dont have to pretend to like her just because we have the same aesthetic? I actually didn't find out about all the drama until accidentally finding this forum, but looking back at her older videos it makes sense.

No. 501275

Ah yeah that's completely true about Claires, especially because she's not in school. One recurring thing I've been seeing in these forums that people (who cared about her) are frustrated that she refuses to push herself when it comes to anything– school, fashion, learning japanese, etc. And yeah I've gotta say that even though I jumped on the train around the time that she made the Japan vlogs, it came of as really cringey to me that she didn't care at all about the culture??? Really? Are you sure there isn't more to do than acquire clothing you can't get in CAD???? She didn't even seem to like the food or architecture or shrines?? I guess that implies some level of depth though, smh.

I could definitely see her being annoying if you have a similar style because she doesn't really care about execution. I feel this though, I'm also just learning about the drama.

saged b/c tone doesn't rly fit the thread

No. 501288

I looked into her channel while she was still a lolita. There weren’t very many lolita channels on YouTube who regularly updated so seeing her channel was a breath of fresh air, up until the point the LACE drama happened. She actually reminded me a lot of myself/how I carried myself when I was her age so I gave her a pass, then she went kawaii trendy because she was too cool for lolita and everywun is just big meanies and jelus uwuuu! This was right around the time she dumped Tristan and hopped onto crooked mouth dick which rubbed me the wrong way even further. I kept watching for the cringe factor and also because she has a nice camera, is decent at editing compared to other “alternative” youtubers, and the background of her videos are pretty aesthetic tbh. It’s also kind of fascinating looking at her life and watching it unfold in front of our eyes like a real life Truman show, except she’s the one putting herself 100% out there for us to laugh at her every mistake.

No. 501310

I found her when she still wore lolita, we're about the same age so I guess I related to her somewhat. She seemed a bit out of touch but I always just gave her a pass for it because she was young and she lives in bumfuck nowhere so I didn't expect her to know better. When she quit lolita I thought she was just going the larme/general jfash route and I was into that so I stuck around and genuinely liked her videos for a long time even though I started lurking here occasionally.

I think it was about the period when she first dyed her hair green and graduated high school that I unsubscribed. I lurked here more often and as time went on her fashion got worse, her mannerisms got more annoying and she started doing that awful baby talk. I can't stomach her videos anymore but I guess I just keep lurking here to see if she ever gets better. Thing is she never seems to be going to college and she just keeps getting exposed for the shitty ways she treats people (Colin, Alyssa). Her attitude towards money and material items is just bizarre too and I find it interesting to see someone so blatantly out of touch, I've never seen anything like it. Like I know materialistic people in general, but on top of it she just has the shittiest taste in everything. Watching her fashion get worse and worse over the years is amusing to say the least. Weirdly though I'm still kinda rooting for her to grow up and better herself (or at least dress less shitty) for some strange reason? I don't know why, I guess because I was originally drawn to her because I related to her and now she's just a mess.

No. 501337

Jill didn't even have enough for a Doremi bag, and she still made the damn thing. She had this one chance to be the tacky asshat weeb she always is, and SOMEHOW, this did not happen. How she manages to do the complete opposite of what she needs to do, I do not know, and frankly it's just bizarre.

The point I started questioning her was the exact video she made when she announced doing Youtube full-time. I had no idea what her work hours were like at Claire's, so I didn't know whether she could afford it or not, but she sounded like she had it all figured out and I thought "hey, good for her". But then she started just playing the "I'm a full-time Youtuber" card damn near every video and it got old, especially when she started openly complaining about her videos being demonetized and not actively trying to fix that issue in future videos. If she had been so educated on doing this full-time, she should've known better than to go full-time during an unstable period for YT creators and not have some kind of secondary income to back her up rather than riding off her parents' money (not even lying, she cited Philip DeFranco as part of her sources on all this, but even he has recommended heavily that beginner creators have secondary income to fall back on in case of YT imploding in on itself, so she's just full of bullshit). This is especially a problem because she's about to go to college, so she needs to have something stable to supplement her income rather than her Youtube channel she can't even properly maintain. And like >>501269 says, she's so terrible at managing her spending that I can't feel sorry for her when she might have financial issues; I can barely keep up a cosplay hobby let alone shopping because I pay a student loan and car payments while saving up money for a house or apartment, so seeing her spend so frivolously pisses me off immensely.

sage because I've sperged on her financial bullshit before but ayyy

No. 501382

I was never a true fan of her, but I liked her jfashion inspired outfits and quirkiness but the party kei thing threw me off. I really liked her outfits on the begining of last year and even after the Japan trip, I know it's not everybody's cup of tea here but I did like them even though they were not perfectly executed (tbh I feel like people here are more weeby or normie than into jfashion nowadays, since I have seen way worse and these still get harshly critiqued). I never truly cared about her or her life but thought okay, whatever, she's young and stupid and makes mistakes. But the baby talk and how worse she started getting at makeup and dressing, "modeling" and color coordination started to irk me. The Alyssa thing was the cherry on top.

Now I still don't care about her life and it doesn't matter to me if she succeeds or not. I mean it would be good for her. But the only thing I want to see is her fucking hair and makeup and overall style get better. Please jill if you lurk, your brown hair looked so cute. Please fucking dye it brown instead of shit yellow.


No. 501390

I was never fully comfortable with her as a youtuber because I was apart of the same general jfashion/cosplay community as her and we're around the same age. I had met her several times as well.

The main point that bothered me from the get-go was her carefully curated youtube persona (and the fact that she's relatively smart as anons were mentioning >>500703) yet she's absolutely tone deaf to anything that doesn't benefit her directly. She doesn't care about anything other than furthering her e-fame. She chooses to remain ignorant and it's only become worse over the years.

She used Walker to be a ~tru punk kid~ and then broke up with him and threw him under the bus, claimed he was abusive because she actually wanted to be a lolita/weeb, then years later claimed he was the sweetest ex-bf once again (?).

She used Tristan to get over her ED, used him as an ouji boy accessory to the end, she used every e-famous person in the lolita community (irl and online) and openly bragged about acquiring efamous "friends" to our fb comm. She refereed to herself as an "e-famous lolita" very early on after only having her channel for a few months. She thought she was legitimately important and influential in the community (she wasn't, she was a newbie) so she jumped on the LACE movement (before kate could even make an announcement video), we all know how that video went down and how she reacted to the backlash. So she left lolita after claiming it was the most important thing to her in her life. She dumped tristan and within a week started dating Colin. Then suddenly she was a gay fashion icon, we all know how she treated Colin, and now Alyssa… I could go on and on. She just gets worse.

The other thing is that for years she was an edgelord and made fun of sjws (she still makes snippy comments about them) YET THEY'RE THE REASON FOR HER INCOME. This is why she capitalized on the queer audience and panders to them. Prior to her ~100% gay or bi phase~ she would shove her head in the sand over basic social issues. For example: she KNOWS she's in the upper middle class bracket of her area, she thrives on owning brands that she KNOWS others in her community generally can't afford etc yet she pretends she's ~poor~ so that she can justify bragging about all the disposable income that no one else around her has. Same with her eating disorder, she knew she was the skinniest among her social group, so she would always brag about her size online. And I mean she would ALWAYS find a way to bring up how tiny she was along with the price tags of $300+ Angelic Pretty hauls.

She didn't care about fast fashion or animal cruelty until her sjw fans kept bringing it to her attention, or the fact that PEI was the last province in Canada to have access to abortion and she didn't give a fuck until the queer community pushed for that. She didn't give a fuck about local politics until queers started supporting ~feminist~ president trudeau and she became an aggressive trudeau stan.

In short, she's an absolute fake and a braggart. The reason she includes price tags in her purchase screenshots to this day is because her personality is made up of 99% bragging and 1% pretending to be grateful towards her mom for allowing her to live so lazily. She's much smarter than she'll ever reveal on camera because her manipulation games won't be fun anymore.

No. 501498

>She's much smarter than she'll ever reveal on camera because her manipulation games won't be fun anymore.

Honestly think people are giving Jill too much credit. I don't think she's smart at all, she's manipulative because she's stupid, spoiled, sheltered and emotionally immature.

Same with the anon who keeps saying she's smart because she made a successful brand or YouTube channel. But not Really? She's genuinely fake and does things for attention/praise, which means trend hopping, which will get you followers. Like has been mentioned, she's not even smart or cunning enough to do some simple fixes to help prevent her videos from being demonitized.

I think jill, unlike some cows, could have the potential to be smart. But she's stunted by her selfish, spoiled ways, lack of self understanding or knowledge of the outside world, and enabling environment. Currently, she's very fucking immature and stupid. And at her current rate I can't imagine her growing out of it, unless reality finds a way to hit her in the face with a sack of bricks a few times. Even then, she frankly wasn't raised with the coping skills to even handle workplace critcisms about her hair color - so developing anything on her own will be incredibly difficult. For a skinnyfat chubster she's never dug into some humble pie.

I honestly think part of why she appears to feel little guilt while being shitty to her partners is purely evidence of her immaturity/stupidity. She's not a conniving, planning or intelligent manipulator. She's dumb and spoiled and doesn't recognize that her actions hurt others in those ways, feels justified because #1 enabler Louise has reared her thinking the world revolves around jill. You can see, for example, she seemed truly hurt by Collin breaking up with her, but was too dumb to realize all the shit she was putting him through that led up to it. She had a normal preteen 'depresshun' phase that was handled poorly by overcoddling her, giving her even worse ways of dealing with her emotions and functioning in the real world. She's very underdeveloped thanks to the circumstances of her raising and environment, but ultimately that's not an excuse and it's still her choice to remain a dysfunctional retard.

Phone posting early morning so this is probably shittily worded/bad grammar, but had to rant as being 'smart is not a compliment this dumb girl needs. Things are sugarcoated for her enough, she needs a fucking reality check or two… thousand.

No. 501517

I agree with you anon, I don't think Jill is smart either, in fact I think she's rather stupid.

Most of her branding success just came through 'accident', as others have mentioned she indeed has a better camera & editing than most other J-fashion Youtubers, but that was just because her parents had enough money to get that stuff for her.

She lacks street smarts, education and common sense. Remember on her Japan trip when she saw pets on sale in some mall? She was gushing over them like some child and needed her viewers to point out to her that the animals were in fact unhappy, unhealthy and being treated poorly, she clearly lacked the brains to ever even think about that even though it was quite obvious.
There's also stuff like her thinking that London was a country, messing up simple math stuff, making up stupid and transparent lies (like about how good she was at Japanese, yet not even being able to spell her name) etc.
She's clearly extremely sheltered and knows nothing about the world outside of PEI, she's a spoiled and coddled brat and has gotten away with her pity excuses all her life.

I mean normally I wouldn't bash someone for not being smart and at least Jill doesn't claim to be a genius or anything, but I really think farmers are overestimating her.

No. 501530

File: 1518457366168.png (8.9 MB, 1242x2208, 3E350632-4ADE-412F-889C-68820F…)

No. 501531

She looks so old.

No. 501533

I sincerely hope that her moving out gives her a reality check and her family only reaches out to help her when she’s in truly dire straights or she’s never going to learn anything. I honestly don’t think Jill would ever truly an hero if she was in a bad situation, she really needs to feel the dark stuff and deal with it without mommy patting her on the back and coming to her rescue.

No. 501536

Looks better! Until those fucking dark ass roots show up again…

No. 501562


I don't understand why she keeps coloring her eyebrows like that? It looks so odd. She could at least look up a tutorial on how to cover up her eyebrows with that one glue stick method or just shave them and just draw on her eyebrows the right color instead of having them one shade darker all the time.

No. 501580

Honestly this is better than I was expecting, and so much better than puke green rainbie bangies. She can almost pass as just blonde

No. 501593

why does she make that shape with her mouth

No. 501594

She seems to have dropped the ridiculous biting her tongue, shit-eating/trying to be cute grin, for this… tryhard wannabe sexy 'pout' thing that looks even worse with her pastel/neon rainbow rags.
Does she ever just have a natural expression? Or does she wildly exaggerate everything? I don't follow or even look at her instagrams, or facebook or anything else, so… all I have to go on is what's posted here and her youtube videos.

No. 501605

Seriously. Besides her facial structure I think the makeup she chooses is incredibly aging. It's how old women apply makeup when they start losing their vision and have no idea how harsh their brows/lips look.

No. 501611


Well, it's not so bad as expected. And it looks def better than the mess she had before, but it will change if we witness the first dark roots and greasy hair again.

No. 501665

File: 1518467714244.png (122.33 KB, 1080x674, Capture _2018-02-12-12-23-28-1…)

pisses me off how lazy she is. Her fucking fans would watch her do anything and throw their money at her

No. 501666

I know, right? She doesn't look bad when she smiles but still she chooses to make this face like 70% of the time, it looks SO bad.

No. 501671

Wow the bottom 2 inches of her hair look so rough. Like just cut it off those frizzy dead ends are never going to look good.

No. 501676


Exactly. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of hair-care should know that once your ends are that fried, no amount of deep conditioning/etc is gonna repair them. Better to cut them off and move on, Jill.

No. 501711

I’m glad her hair doesn’t look super greasy
I couldn’t help but notice that she’s looking fucking haggard in this picture.
Pixyteri looks younger than jill half the time

No. 501740

+1 anon, I completely agree with your post 100%. Baffling that anyone thinks she's intelligent like that, I'm not even sure how that's being considered. How can she be a mastermind manipulator if she ignores her fans and has had like, <5 friendships/relationships with people in the past year? I have yet to see Jill prove herself to be good at anything, besides theatre. Her close mindedness is preventing her from being 'smart' in any sense of the word, whether it's close mindedness towards culture, fashion, others, etc if that makes sense, she lives in her own sad small comfort zone and cares about nothing else but accumulating more shit or raising follower counts through minimal effort.

No. 501743

Samefag to add that her laziness even extends to buying things. How many times has she bought clothes only to realize they're uncomfortable or have designs that she didn't know about like those man eater pants or w/e? She's even too lazy to do basic research…

No. 501772

honestly a mix of finding this forum, her fashion design thing (sry for blog shit but i have been pursuing that career and been working toward it for awhile so its kinda frustrating seeing her hardly trying), her girlfriend thing, and finally the fact that she never mentioned the fact that i sent her fan mail. I know its fucking dumb, but it was the first fanmail i ever sent i drew her and spent a lot of time putting it together along with spending 30 bucks on shipping. She never sent me a thank you dm or anything, stopped doing her fanmail unboxings etc. sorry this is so long and dumb but yeah.

No. 501796

tbh i really don't think your thing with the fanmail is dumb at all. jill makes it out as though she loves and appreciates everything she receives from fans but in reality i think she only cares if its 'kawaii' or 'vintage' shit that she wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. if you don't appreciate these things, jill, be real about it. don't be one of those lame as "i love all of my fans and read all ur comments and i appreciate each and every one of you" and then do shit like this, jill, just shows how damn fake she is.

No. 501801

same anon you replied to. yeah and i sent her mail when her po box was pretty new too, i expected like a twitter post, dm somewhere since i left my social media, or an unboxing like shed been doing. its just annoying because there are youtubers who get ten times the mail she does and they still try harder to read them and are super thankful. i honestly think she has something against me though, may sound weird but i have reasons to believe that lol.

No. 501821

Not trying to wk at all, but I feel bad for you anon. Have you watched her streams at all for unboxings? I haven't watched them for the last few months but I did catch her live on tumblr the other day and she opened a bunch of fanmail. But i'm not remotely surprised she would do that to you either.

No. 501827

yeah i have but i sent it at the end of summer id be surprised if she was just getting to it now. seems like she only cares about people who fork out a bunch of money on pre cure merch at this point. and yeah its pretty awful cause i spent so much time on the drawing of her and had included it in some portfolio things so i wish i wouldve kept it for those reasons but im sure its just sitting in trash pile in her room at this point. sorry im being so salty lmfao im just really pissed off about it.

No. 501871

I've followed the Jill threads on here since the very first one/the LACE drama

in the beginning she kinda annoyed me but I didn't feel too strongly about her, over time I just started disliking her more and more, oddly enough the point where I really started disliking her was when she did the style switch video thing with Colin and she was shit talking the ~boooring normie sweater~ that Colin was wearing, even though it was a gift from his sister and he obviously liked it
like who the fuck talks to their partner like that?
I know it's a little 'petty' in the grand scheme of things but it just really rubbed me the wrong way

No. 501873

File: 1518479473034.png (61.2 KB, 504x428, Jill Clown.png)

NOW it's art!

No. 501881

the hair looks… decent, i guess, but that face she’s making is so fucking ugly

No. 501919

she's not smart because that tends to mean intelligent or shrewd. she is, however, privileged and opportunistic.

No. 501941

If her hair were just a few inches shorter we could roll around in He Man memes

No. 501942

For me it started with the whole LACE drama and her throwing away what she claimed was her LIFESTYLE!!! including several expensive gifts from her mother. Then it just went all downhill. Doesn't help that we started out kinda samey (I had a depression, wear j-fashion, draw and sew), but where I got therapy and kicked myself in the arse to get up and prepare myself for college, Jill just rots in her bed. For years on end. Jill legit helped me through some terrible episodes because I could think to myself "I might be shitty, but at least I'm not Jill" kek. Sage for blogposting.

No. 501973

File: 1518560156653.jpg (447.56 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20180213-084523.jpg)

No. 501978

File: 1518560556202.jpg (104.42 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1518560474946.jpg)

Someone uploaded this party kei look to the group I am triggered

No. 501984

Her hair looks a lot better, but god those eyebrows.

That looks painful

No. 502135

File: 1518568131143.jpeg (174.98 KB, 750x1013, 246D1BF6-5249-486D-80D5-FADB0C…)

Put it out of its misery
Posted to the confetti club

No. 502138


You'd think when they can't get the zipper to close they'd realize those shorts are way too small…

No. 502141

So Jillian "added more time to fit in some more cuties" to her meet and greet in NYC…which translates to "I added more spots to the meet and greet to get more spending money for my shopping addiction"

No. 502162

File: 1518569609547.jpeg (142.37 KB, 750x910, F34D8B8E-739C-4EF1-81A0-EAC549…)

Her followers are delusional

No. 502163

im not even bothered by the weight of these people because theres definitely bigger girls out there who know how to dress accordingly and look good imo but like. do any of these freaks know what party kei or even fashion in general is… how is a tacky tanktop “pk”, what are you on

No. 502212

This is the same thing that posted the belly bursting flower shorts. This isn’t a bigger girl this is a landwhale

No. 502245

can we stop with posting confetti club again, it's always super dull + spam

No. 502253

I may be mistaken, but isn't it usually "they,them"?
Asking people to call you "it" seems pretty wild.

No. 502339

She means she accepts both "they/them" and "it". I guess she'd rather be an object than a girl if it makes her more special.

No. 502507

File: 1518598603013.png (769.86 KB, 490x594, crayola mom.PNG)


what? even her makeup was better, damn.

the downfall is real. she looked healthy as far as weight, her hair wasn't as bad as it has been lately, and most of the clothes are kinda ugly but they're not… this

also in that video from last year she looks just like some girl who likes some cringy girl who likes pink and cute stuff a lil too much. which is fine. don't think its a great look, but its not gross to look at either.

in the last video it looks like some fetish stuff. anyone else? i feel like the way jill speaks and dresses nowadays is creepy as shit, and that she's probably into that weird little girl stuff. again, she's been like this for a long time but something about her nowadays just seems a lot less subtle about it. who knows. has it gone from liking pink stuff to actually being kinda creepy? or is jill just looking way too old for this shit now?

No. 502530

Party+preparty is just too many hours for her. And the preparty is at her nap time…

No. 502558

File: 1518610317921.png (19.7 KB, 590x248, ugh.png)

She's just as creepy as those otaku guys who go to meet their idol waifus.
Ever since anon pointed out how similar Drew and her brother are this has gotten even more disturbing too lol.


No. 502559

>Calling him her husband
Jill, what the fuck?

No. 502560

File: 1518610843225.jpg (451.36 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20180214-122001.jpg)

She's still pushing the gay agenda ffs

No. 502579

Didn't she say she was a bottom and didn't need short nails because of that lmao

No. 502581


she believes there's a fixed "bottom" in lesbian relationships and claims she's queer? oh, jill…

No. 502582

so lesbian bottoms dont do anything useful in bed?

No. 502587

File: 1518615730933.png (274.46 KB, 1080x947, 20180214_094110.png)

No. 502588

Man she's clearly still not over Colin. When did they break up again?

No. 502590

He is a real person jill, not some anime husbando. This shit is so gross and creepy.

No. 502592

Her video came out.

No. 502593


Sage for samefag but wouldn't she have gone and deleted most of this if it was ~~sooOoOooo triggering~~ like that word actually means something, it's not just "stuff that makes me feel sad"

No. 502602

Yup, you can make the yellow look okay and even in photos but on video the patchiness is real. No surprises there.

No. 502608

Imagine being so lazy and obsessed with your aesthetic that you call yourself a "bottom" so you don't have to cut your nails or do anything sexually nice to your partner

I swear she wouldn't even do oral sex because it would mess up her lipstick and interrupt her hourly nap time

No. 502614

wasn't there an anon here a few days ago complaining about jill not caring about fan mail? now there's fan art sitting behind her in the video? interesting

No. 502616

They do, she's just an asshole.

No. 502621

Why are ppl so gross. Also Jill has to stop talking about drinking and sex so much. She has to realize that this ~kawaii uwu sexy drunk 30y/o clown~ look isn’t good for her.

No. 502642

If she's that triggered, there's a way to make FB not show you on-this-day stuff from a certain time period. You can set it yourself. But honestly maybe looking back on it is good for her to realize how awful she was.

No. 502648

File: 1518623199329.jpeg (245.07 KB, 750x381, 0EB8445E-52A7-4F60-B4F3-A88D44…)

-L taught J how to read at a very young age. J could before she was 3. Her 1st grade teacher got mad because she could already read and didn’t know what to teach her. J was made the leader of the class. J was a “very smart child”.
-J mentioned Sharla and L had Japan trip flashbacks- you could see it in her eyes.
-L says that strawberries are J’s thing not their thing. (Regarding their matching tattoo)
-J says that L is the head of professional photographers national board.
-J comes upstairs and sitting on the floor beside L while she’s working when she’s upset. (That sounds like something a 5-10 y/o would do).
-J says that she probably wouldn’t have a yt channel or wouldn’t be going to college for fashion if L didn’t let her dye her hair or dress differently. She wanted to dye her hair blue but they a comprise with Pink. When J got her green Mohawk L didn’t speak to her her almost a day because she had long black undercut hair before that.
-J has always been obsessed with things.
-L is so proud of J’s yt channel because she knew that she would be a entertainer one day.
-J loved theater but she had to drop it because her anxiety was bad and there were really mean girls. Who were jealous of J according to L.
-L is sad about J moving out but she’s glad because J gets to grow up.

No. 502650

no wonder Jill turned out the way she did, seems like she has been raised with a "everyone who's mean is just a hater! everyone who doesn't like me is just jealous uwu" mentality her whole life lmao

No. 502653

it seems her whole life has just been a set of phases/obsessions

No. 502657

Neither of them so much as mentions the ginger tabby looking one. Does that one even have a name? I love ginger cats.

Why do they not rehome the poor thing to someone who will actually give her the affection she needs? Jesus fucking christ, that pisses me off.

No. 502658

You forgot she ate couch filling when she was a kid, and even though she was "a brilliant child" she was obsessed with the letter W when she was 5 or 6

No. 502660

what kind of person obsesses over a letter? That's just weird.

No. 502662

File: 1518624421900.jpg (1008.04 KB, 4317x4317, jw9f9q3.jpg)

not the anon who posted it before, but it's a reminder of how fucking creepy her obsession with drew is.
(bottom is her brother)

in regards to her new vid
–jill's still eating couches since she's starting to look like one
–I feel like jills mom has had to convince herself that jill is normal and there's nothing wrong with her, but she secretly wishes this was all just a bad dream

No. 502666

the more I hear about Jill and the way she grew the more it seems like she has autism or something… jeez

No. 502667

The "leech" comment she made was weird too

No. 502668

Anons were right, her hair is limey. You can especially see the underneath is still green

No. 502669

at least the disgusting rainbow bangs are gone.

No. 502670

Lousie mentions Quinn first, he’s on the bottom right in the picture below Neko.
Yeah I just felt like that wasn’t worth mentioning. Jill was probably a baby or toddler when she used to eat the couch filling since it’s pretty normal for them to eat or try to eat everything. Lousie didn’t mention how old she was at the time so???
Jill was 19 months old when she was obcessed with the letter “W”.

No. 502672

Ofcourse it is. Anyone who has ever dealt with green/blue tones in their hair could tell those won't ever lift completely. Going from green to bright and light color was a stupid idea.

No. 502693

>>502592 Jill being 'too smart or gifted' seems to be a theme in her life kek remember the piano child prodigy thing?

No. 502705

'MY LIFE HAS BEEN RUINED BY BITCHES!' did anyone else find this kind of pathetic? Jill was such a brat with theatre, remember when she sulked and went on an online rampage for not getting the starring role in Greece?

No. 502721

She's just so conceited and her mom views her through those rose-tinted glasses of motherhood, I know a lot of parents do that but does she really not see her daughters massive ego while they sit there and talk about Jill at five years old as if it's the most interesting thing and the internet just needs to hear all about it

No. 502724


her roots would look 100x better if she left her eyebrows her natural colour so that her eyebrows & roots matched, but instead she has to make herself look worse.

No. 502797

Even though this is cringey, I wish my mom was this supportive with my interests. I hope Jill appreciates her mom because she's actually quite lucky to have her.

No. 502822

File: 1518636542357.jpg (94.25 KB, 960x706, IMG_20180214_112852.jpg)


No. 502851

uh… i don't get the relevance. am i missing something?

No. 502855

Jill would look so much better if she used a blonde hair toner/purple shampoo. Pls jill, cool blonde would suit your complexion sooo much better than yellow.

Also can someone teach her how to bleach her eyebrows, they look dirty here.

No. 502861

but thats a NORMIE hair colour!!1uwu

No. 502869

File: 1518640178530.png (729.18 KB, 893x755, lookbook.png)

I cringed so hard my asshole inverted. Pixiemom casually throwing down some dank may-mays.

No. 502876

Not even cute. Jesus Christ. I'm normally not even too offended by her outfit choices. But that is shapeless and tacky

No. 502897

Is she purposely trying to repel everyone in the club? because that's all that look is doing for her.

No. 502926

This is actually really creepy

No. 502939

Jill's on the move again. Hooking up with people and pissing a few of her 'besties' off, it seems.

No. 502947

who the hell is trying to have sex with that???

No. 502952

Provide caps or some proof if you're gonna post something like this, please.

No. 502953

where did you see that?

No. 502958

god I can't think of a single guy (or girl uwu) this would appeal to
like I can understand how she found partners during her punk, lolita and early alt J-fashion phase because even though her outfits weren't perfect and stuff at least they all had a certain aesthetic that other people would recognize or enjoy, but her current style is just…?
she looks like an attention starved midlife crisis toddler and she really isn't hot enough for people to look past her awful style

No. 502959

File: 1518645398117.png (841.44 KB, 640x1136, 9C58DDFE-BFF2-4148-A7B6-E0B37C…)

Someone has been cowtipping again! These fucking pigs(derailing)

No. 502965

at first I was just gonna say that no one would give a shit about her being fat if she actually knew how to dress well
but then she had to pull the whole ~not a girl uwu~ thing ugh

No. 502966

Proof? Who are these besties supposed to be?

No. 502968

File: 1518645757819.jpeg (103.63 KB, 531x747, C4D503DC-B620-4B74-9205-4E52EF…)

Jill also commented on this? I guess she thinks obesity is cute

No. 502972

This would actually make a LOT of sense. I have aspergers & started watching her because I could relate to her in a few ways, didn't think about that connection until now though.
-I hope this shit yellow hair is just a phase

No. 502975

File: 1518645912698.jpeg (81.58 KB, 556x535, 57C43D93-3181-4168-895F-4CC215…)

Confirmed she lurks

No. 502980

let me guess, this girl is recovering from an eating disorder like her lord and savior Jill, and this is her "look at me im so healthy"

it's disgusting that jill is letting her fans think obesity is ok, you'd think she'd want them to be healthy

No. 503000

File: 1518646877047.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 9BEA07F6-E741-4AC1-9C9B-34866D…)


No. 503001

oink oink

No. 503003

Wow I'm so glad that she's so healthy now after recovering!! uwu
(inb4 she claims that she's super healthy despite being overweight)

I usually don't even give a shit about someone's weight, I just hate this glorified obesity, these aren't healthy eating habits either

No. 503014

I’m not girl. Has huge boobs and female body. The denial is real. I’m guessing this person is autistic and has mental illness.

No. 503018

Healthy must mean 250 plus pounds to this thing.

No. 503021

Jeez idc about their body but having this dirty mirror and messed up room.. disgusting

No. 503022

These look like low quality fetish pics

No. 503023

Why do obese people never buy clothes that's actually fit them holy fuck.
"I'm sooooo proud of my body!!! But so delusional I cant even work out what size I am so just buy clothes the size I wish I was"

No. 503024

Jill is feeding these poor saps into a false reality. She is,in a way to blame for their continued bad life choices. These children will follows her over a bridge is she says so. Confetti club? More like confetti cult

No. 503027

but having your gut hanging out is so ~empowering~ anon

kinda funny that I see more fatties show off their body they're so 'proud' of like this as opposed to girls who're actually fit and work out lol

No. 503030

>J loved theater but she had to drop it because her anxiety was bad and there were really mean girls. Who were jealous of J according to L.

Oh god she's one of those mothers who dread their child getting critiqued and shielding them from the meanies. If Jill did a sport, she'd be threatening the coach to put her on the team most likely.

No. 503035

Guys get a life and spend your time doing something more productive! Shaming people is just horrible!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 503036

File: 1518648243176.gif (1.99 MB, 540x405, tumblr_ozbi5m87sJ1segdeeo1_540…)

Are we really doing this again?

No. 503037

File: 1518648248031.png (3.52 MB, 1884x1072, tfwtheconversationstopbeingabo…)

No. 503038

No. 503040

>>503030 didn't jill do roller derby for a while?

No. 503046

File: 1518648715784.jpeg (160.99 KB, 750x1028, 08DDD377-1B76-4F0A-A9F0-63EBB9…)

Confetti club fattie wants to council us(derailing)

No. 503048

I would hate to see what unhealthy is

No. 503049

lol them being so upset sure shows how little they care about our opinions

if we're just these sad misguided fools why listen to us? let us have our fun, you don't have to come here

No. 503052

Stop sharing this it's just derailing

No. 503055

File: 1518648913994.png (74.39 KB, 340x380, 1508853299084.png)

I don't care about Confetti Club, I come here for Jill. When will this end.

No. 503060

Why did someone have to drag Confetti Club into this again uurgh stop posting them or make your own thread or something.

No. 503064

File: 1518649235194.jpg (74.78 KB, 640x480, 1408655293666.jpg)

Jill's not gonna add you to her speshul fwien listie uwu because you came to a site and went off. Remember to buy her shirts!!

No. 503065

gotta admit i'm unsure what their intent for 'petitioning lolcow for councilling' means.
like… do they actually mean 'counselling', and this girl just can't spell for shit?

typos online don't make any goddamn sense nowadays, anyways. pretty sure most, if not all, browsers come with they very own spell-checkers.

just a pet peeve of mine and no one else seems to care, so i'll quietly seethe and say no more.

No. 503071

No, I do care. I just try to ignore them especially when the spelling errors are made by people who speak English as their first language because it drives me mad..

No. 503073

File: 1518649494513.png (153.98 KB, 500x284, 5645454.png)

I don't care about these fat transtrender cunts stop posting them. there's a shitty fashion thread on /ot/ for that.

No. 503074

The CC is just another way for Jill’s ego to grow. I think it almost runs as a hive mind and Jill being the Queen. Worker bees doing her bidding.

No. 503078

I don’t think she’s ever moved on as she said she has. The dating a girl thing backfired because she might not actually be gay and just did it for attention. Clearly her mind was still on colin and seeing this she still is hung up over him

No. 503081

really, really bad attempted trolling by Jill's tacky minions?

No. 503082

Thread entering auto-safe in 3… 2… 1…

Stop posting her fans, they come here EVERY time. We already know they lurk as much as Jill does stop baiting them.

No. 503085

Fuck I meant auto-sage.

No. 503086

Can we just have a separate thread for the Confetti Club?

No. 503089

tbh i don't think the confetti club is being posted by actual farmers, i think i'ts actually being posted by confetti club members themselves…i know that seems far fetch, but in the last thread we all collectively had a conversation about not posting cc members, i truly think one of the CC members iz trollin hard

No. 503091

Sounds about right

No. 503092

Man her mother looks just as bad fashion as Jill

No. 503093

i was literally going to say this exact same thing. jills mother constantly telling her that people are just jealous is a terrible way to mold your child's way of thinking; i also believe louis said that collin was "jealous" of her as well (ugh).

with all of that being said, i'm glad louis is supportive, their are lots of parents out there who will refuse to allow their children to express themselves, and i'm glad she put aside her own way of thinking to let jill express herself.

No. 503102


I ain't even about the fat shaming but god damn, clean your shit.

No. 503117

funny that she did, ironically enough my younger sister does the SAME exact thing shes autistic. some more fuel for the anons thinking jillybean is

sage for blogpost

No. 503125

Obsessions are a trait of autism. Eating non food can be too. My bet is Jill is on the spectrum in one way or another

No. 503130

there's a chance she is. and then some even believe everyone is on the spectrum in some way or another because its so large.
i wouldnt be surprised if she was.

No. 503150

exact same for me. she should definitely consider it as a possibility.

No. 503208

Fuckin' this. Everytime we see someone post a CC cap, the group gets a collective hard-on for showing off just how unfazed they are by any comments they get here. If we could just report every CC post that pops up and just not interact with them when they do show up, it would benefit everyone so much.

No. 503279

I feel like nearly all of us would have a couch eating or 'W obsession' type story if our mothers were forced to talk about our childhoods for a video

What amazes me is that there is an audience out there that watches twenty minutes of these non-stories and then clicks like

I mean the 'I wanted to change my hair in my teens but my mom didn't like it' story is every teenage girl to ever live. It's not an interesting story.

No. 503295

I don't understand why they're surprised someone made fun of her??? honestly WHAT did she expect was going to happen if you post a photo with your stomach puffing out over some too small shorts? I have seen many many fat people who can dress really cutely and really flattering to their body, but fucking come on what did you expect was going to happen??

No. 503298

File: 1518662615457.jpg (16.03 KB, 430x319, 1514135481894.jpg)


>J loved theater but she had to drop it because her anxiety was bad and there were really mean girls. Who were jealous of J according to L.

that reach. holyshit.

No. 503299

Jill is legit a special snowflake who thinks she can do NO WRONG and can take zero criticism. How the fuck does she expect to survive in the fashion industry?

No. 503313

Why must Jill ruin her hair?

No. 503324

Yeah I agree

We all had weird obsessions in elementary school

No. 503327


Seriously, stop posting this shit because it's not entertaining and not really on topic and only draws negative attention. The internet is full of young dumb weebs who with no fashion sense who blindly follow people they don't know. Let me hate who I came here to hate without having to scroll through pictures of bellies and bullshit.

No. 503362

My child eats couch filling I’m so shocked people made fun of her. Gasp!

No. 503371

Being a dirty, fat welfare collecting hillbilly isn't fucking cute… It's disgusting and sad.

No. 503374

this actually makes a lot of sense.
it's a way for them to get their fat goddess' attention

No. 503377

Honestly if she’s this weak I hope it means she’ll be quitting cosplay soon and fashion design even sooner

No. 503385

Wait till she learns about how technical pattern making and apparel construction really are! Kek she will have a fit, when her boxy, atrocious disaster pieces get ripped apart.
Sage fashionschool fag here

No. 503396

File: 1518670628165.png (306.72 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180214-205310.png)

No. 503421

Her hair look like piss

No. 503491

Stop derailing over Confetti Club people. If you want to discuss them make another thread in /snow/.

No. 503538

Looks like she rubbed her face all over a cheap kid's makeup palette.

No. 503556

If that's not the look of "I will burn your house down and then roast chicken tendies on your grave if you cross me", then I don't want to know what look that is.

No. 503578

I love the bright yellow all around the edges of her eyebrows. It looks like she took a highlighter to them.

No. 503611

File: 1518698129581.png (513.37 KB, 1080x947, 20180215_083438.png)

She seems like she'd be a blast to go clubbing with

No. 503614


I still think it's an improvement.

No. 503625

Confetti club thread: >>>/snow/503624

No. 503630

Hope I posted the link right (never posted one before) but this is a girl she is beating in the kawaii i contest, she is a little awkward posing but she does say it is her first lookbook so I am a bit more lenient on that, she wears items from the same brands as Jill and had dyed hair but imo she looks way better, the background also looks more put together to me, interested to hear what you guys think

No. 503631

sounds like a self post considering the low sub count

No. 503633

nayrt but Pastelbat used to be pretty popular on Tumblr years ago (not sure if she still is)
I never cared that much for her personal style but she definitely has always been way better at putting together outfits, and her and her clothes all look clean

No. 503641

I used to follow her back in her tumblr heyday when she was a bigger deal in the J-fash community, she doesn't post much on youtube her real audience is on insta and tumblr, was reminded of her as she is competing against Jill in the Kawaii i contest and I checked out her competition

No. 503642

learn to sage

No. 503672


Putting together a good outfit is all about the details imo & pastelbat is so much better than Jill when it comes to that, even though I'm not into her style at all….

I appreciate how she incorporated several handmade items in her outfits, such as the embroidered jacket (which looked super well-made) and that Primadonna bag.
Plus, the fit of her clothes is way better than Jill's.

That being said, I don't think there's a way to actually pull off those pink pants with the heart cutouts. Do these girls not see how unflattering they are?

No. 503686

You've never heard of pastelbat? You sound like a newfag

No. 503702

Are you seriously new? Pastelbat was a small lolcow in her own right back in the day. She basically invented pastel-goth.

No. 503725

“Crying in the club” is a meme, I hope you know that

No. 503737

File: 1518710853819.jpg (818.05 KB, 1078x1477, Screenshot_20180215-110409.jpg)

I'm convinced Jill throws shit on the floor and purposely puts her cat on it to roll around on. Not only is that super gross, but imagine she did actually decide to make clothing to sell. It'd be covered in cat hair and smell probably.

No. 503739

I have a feeling this is going to become a new designer diaries

No. 503759

File: 1518711983926.jpg (213.71 KB, 1068x596, Screenshot_20180215-162556.jpg)

Why does she always have to be the ~superior fan

No. 503803

File: 1518713926336.jpg (515.53 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20180215-165657.jpg)

They really captured her fupa kek

No. 503813

I wouldn't want to be "internet famous"… drawings like that would seriously murder my confidence. :/

No. 503870

Does anyone hate seeing brands like Lazy Oaf after seeing people like Jill?

No. 503875


honestly i just think majority of lazy oaf clothing is unflattering. that boxy style isn’t a good look on anyone, even super skinny girls. it highlights everything you don’t want to highlight.

some of their shirts/jackets have been cute, but the rest of their clothes are kinda lacklustre.

No. 503895

that posing looks so familiar yet idk where I’ve seen it before.

Had I heard of Lazy Oaf before Jill, I probably still wouldn’t have liked it. It’s kinda ugly lol. It’s definitely not cute enough to justify the price. I still like most of Betsey Johnson’s stuff even though Jill likes (or used to? Idk if she still does) Betsey Johnson.

I agree with you, I hate that boxy style.

No. 503898

She staged this
Jokes on Jill, we all know she’s too lazy to do shit

No. 503920

I mentioned Lazy Oaf being ugly a few threads back and got absolutely attacked for it lmao. I'm glad there are people who agree that it's tacky and hideous, especially for the price.

No. 503928

She's a delusional moron. No one cares about your humblebrag fandom.
I have been a fan of nine inch nails since 1991 been to 15 concerts over the years Kek no one gives an.

No. 503929

File: 1518720106404.jpeg (1.24 MB, 2560x2560, 0E6C2F58-3137-4ADC-BA1D-4C4948…)

pic related, I also feel like I saw it on the thumbnail of a lookbook somewhere but too lazy (oaf) to look

I do own a handful of things from lazy oaf but I do feel like most of their items are really tacky. The cardigans especially, her waste of time one has the ugly back patch and it’s cropped in such an unflattering way.

No. 503932

File: 1518720245526.jpg (195.37 KB, 413x593, n.jpg)

they referenced this picture

No. 503959

I'm surprised pastelbat has only 1k subs considered how popular she used to be. Oh well. She definitely has a better style than Jill, even if it doesn't suit her either. (what's with all these older looking women and pastel??)

The jacket in the first look is really cute and if she made it herself, she's already loads better than Jill in terms of sewing.

No. 503960

I hated Lazy Oaf long before Jill, because they use the excuse that their stuff is priced so high to give their workers a good pay, but honestly they could half most of their prices and still be able to do that. Their clothing is neither complex or original enough to justify their pricing.

No. 504111

>letting your cat anywhere near your patterns

is she aware cats have nails? is she insane? i don't even let my cat into my sewing room, let alone near any of my supplies. she's going to be in for a wild ride when she starts working with actual fabrics that aren't from the discount bin and finds that her cats walking on them will destroy them.

No. 504233

I'm surprised she's even using patterns. Everything she does has to be ~unique~. She'd probably just draft the patterns by eye, without any rulers, and still wear it despite it being 2 sizes too small for her.

No. 504258

File: 1518736139596.png (572.15 KB, 923x595, Screen shot 2018-02-15 at 6.28…)

Jill letting her cat on things they shouldn't be on pt. 2. I'm slightly nervous that her cat is so close to that rotary cutter and pins.

No. 504261

all of her stuff is folded up and she's clearly not even doing anything
I can just imagine Jill putting that stuff out on her floor, then laying around in bed because she's lazy and as soon as one of her cats walks all over her shit she takes a ~snappy shotty uwu~

No. 504281

How many hours were between those two pictures? Just get it done already instead of sleeping and waiting for the cat to put its hair and shit paws on your stuff. She has no work ethic. Just using her projects to boost her instagram like when she kept complaining in multiple posts about having to do the pins. And that green fabric looks horrible.

No. 504299

>welfare-collecting hillbilly
How do you know her financial status?

No. 504303

Oh no a children’s anime won’t have a children’s movie, it’s time to panic.
When I was living in Japan not even the little girls I knew liked Precure. A friends daughter who was 3 liked it but the other siblings thought it was dumb. Think about it, the primary school children didn’t like it.

No. 504308

File: 1518738063151.png (304.38 KB, 580x626, Screen shot 2018-02-15 at 7.02…)

She got her sugar pill palette, it's broken, they're sending her a replacement

No. 504310

Not defending her, but it’s not so much that as it is the crotch area of her tight shorts.

No. 504313

Good to know the eyeshadows must be shit quality.

No. 504318

That's the second time she's got a bad palette she was suppose to review. Does that happen often when you order make up online or does Jill happen to be unlucky?

No. 504328

It's possible that her mail carriers hate her.

No. 504331

i order makeup online OFTEN this has never happened to me once LOL

No. 504341


this anon is a fan of sugarpill and also ordered palette. the eyeshadows shattered on me too

sage for blogpost

No. 504350

can she quit it with the random japanese words she learned from anime it's so embarrassing

No. 504367

I really like some of their stuff and own a few pieces (dresses and berets). The construction/quality is actually pretty good. I hate how Jill styles it though.

No. 504373

File: 1518741091080.png (224.62 KB, 575x323, 1495722606932.png)

she was wearing cloud maker in her last video though?
nah man i order from them all the time and i've never received a broken palette.

No. 504511

nah, the quality is good but the shades that shattered are foiled shades and those are softer. also shipping from california to canada is probably rough so they broke. i live in the US and my palette didn't break. just because jill bought something doesn't make it bad.

No. 504515

But she's a beauty vlogger so you know she has to publicly cry about it to get special treatment from Sugarpill

No. 504557


every thing that gets discussed in the threads always gets adressed/changed by jill in her videos/tweets/streams. its kinda crazy. its been like this for like a year or two? more? i don't know why people don't discuss it more often. its dead obvious that she lurks here. to her, reading negativite shit that people say about her >>>>>> reading all the fan support she gets across social media by her annoying fans.

No. 504622


yeah, as i said, the boxy style is ugly. some of their pieces like the red & white heart top are cute, but majority of their pieces are, as i’ve said, super unflattering, especially on girls who have any kind of shape, and definitely aren’t worth the money.

if i’m going to spend that much money, then i’ll have to be 100% satisfied with it & i’m not.

i don’t understand why jill likes them so much, especially now that she’s trying to be a sexy clown, because the majority of their clothes don’t flatter her at all & make her look super fat.

No. 504625


lazy oaf clothes are definitely meant to be worn as statement pieces most of the time, but jill’s idea of fashion is to cram as many statement pieces onto her body as humanly possible so they always end up looking worse.

No. 504630


shattering isn’t at all indicative of an eyeshadow’s quality & sugarpill eyeshadows are generally considered to be some of the best if you’re looking for brights. love+ is almost universally considered the best red eyeshadow you can find on the market.

great shadows shatter all the time, especially if they’ve been pressed lightly so they’re softer (like sugarpill’s are), the problem is with how they’re packaged and transported.

No. 504676

I've neve seen her on video but i follow her on IG, she's looks so different. She must shop her insta photos a ton.

Sage for irrelevance

No. 504801

Louise saying Jill was ~sooooo smart~ omg, it has nothing to do with being smart if your child can read well due to you reading to them as a young child… she’s probably one of the dumbest in her class let’s be real

No. 504853

They come across as sisters which is not a compliment. Both in terms of personalities and looks. The self entitlement, delusions, and age regression is apparently heredity.

No. 504925

Weeze and Jill are most definitely immature and borderline ridiculous with their narcissistic ways.

No. 505158

i’ve seen a lot of people defending louise in previous threads, especially over the japan trip, and i never understand it because is louise’s parenting that has made jill the way that she is.

No. 505167

It makes me genuinely wonder how much success Louise has acquired on her own merit. I’m starting to think she probably had family money to start off her life (her immediate family immigrated from England and Jill’s grandparents have a house in a nearby province) and the rest of the time she’s relied on her husband’s academic career.

I mean, I was willing to believe her photography career was legitimate, she probably got a good reputation from word of mouth in pei, to the point that she was hired as an official photographer for Trudeau’s recent visit and is the president of a Canadian association for photographers. But I can’t understand the mentality behind her work ethic and professionalism considering how she’s raised Jill with the worst advice or habits for success. How does someone so well-adjusted encourage such laziness in their child and set them up for failure.

We know that Louise married immediately out of high school and they bought their home early on (Jill’s dad is so attached he refuses to move even if they can afford much better). Dad has been a university professor for over a decade or two so that’s certainly where the bulk of the family income comes from. It’s just hard to imagine Louise with the discipline to pull her weight when she’s only ever encouraged Jill to be a mooch and sheltered from criticism.

On the other hand, I would love to know what her father teaches at university, how does an intellectually-motivated person who educates a huge portion of the islands students, respect these two superficial and vapid women living on his dime. Some of the best milk we’ve had is when Dad responded to Jill trending on reddit for her terrible fashion sense and he posted something along the lines of “We definitely fucked up parenting but I don’t think her fashion sense reflects her worse traits” (paraphrasing from memory). He seemed like a reasonable, nice man who could handle civil discourse and online criticisms of Jill. The complete opposite of cool mom they’re-just-jealous Louise.

No. 505191


This is Jill's dad: http://www.upei.ca/itss/staff/blair-vessey

I'm not sure he actually teaches anything? Here's an article (albeit from 2008), that states he's the director of computer services: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/one-in-a-million-that-s-upei-ca-1.727615

He may also teach computer related classes but I'm skeptical of that. I go to UPEI, and normally profs have their classes listed on their faculty page in some way, shape, or form.

No. 505205

He seems just to run their IT, which would still be a pretty high paying job it seems (Also is on rate my professor for a class in 2006, so it’s possible he fills in gaps for classes/teches lower lever IT related classes)

No. 505217


The one plot hole in this theory is the college professor thing. I mean, I guess it depends on what her dad teaches/if he's a dean of anything but none of the professors I know make THAT much money that they could afford to fund their partner and child's spending problems.

No. 505218

I'm dumb and can't seem to properly upload the pic, but Jill posted on her spam instagram and it's a selfie of her and John.

Does she not have any other friends? An aside, who thinks they're fuck buddies?

No. 505228

Wasn’t it confirmed in another thread he made close to 200k a year? I forget if the source was government statistics or average salaries at UPEI but he is a director, and according to that article anon above posted he’s worked at the university for 30+ years so he has seniority.

No. 505234

File: 1518810846903.png (336.42 KB, 977x579, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.4…)

I think this is the pattern she's making here and my god can she ever make something that doesn't look totally tacky?

No. 505239


I'm sure it's possible considering the length of time he's been employed by the university.

$200k a year (in relation to housing costs, etc etc on PEI) would be PLENTY. If it's true, then Louise could most definitely afford to have a hobby as a career (her photography).

No. 505242

God, I hope not. Especially since she's using an awful green fabric

No. 505243

File: 1518811179164.jpeg (723.24 KB, 750x1045, 04412C64-4B16-4260-AC66-FE25FE…)

No. 505246

File: 1518811218319.jpeg (739.28 KB, 750x1188, BF56DB77-3454-4C60-9BA4-6836D9…)

She’s so chunky

No. 505252

File: 1518811303069.jpeg (378.54 KB, 750x808, EEDECD6D-2492-47F3-B061-86C8FA…)

No. 505261

File: 1518811478150.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1412, 20180216_160128.png)

From her fb

No. 505262


I've only been around for the past two threads or so, so maybe I missed it—but is there anywhere to see Louise's photography?

I feel like I've only seen Jill be like "wow my mom is the best photographer in Canada uwu!!!" but I've never seen any references to confirm/deny her legitimacy.

No. 505276

Must be sad living in a world where google doesn’t exist

No. 505277

File: 1518811936661.jpg (451.94 KB, 1079x1393, Screenshot_20180216-201139.jpg)

Insta caption

No. 505292

So how long until she turns this one into an agender rainbow gayby?

No. 505300

File: 1518812579350.jpeg (353.68 KB, 750x1255, 98AB7036-8E19-4DF5-AC3A-FBA850…)

Her biography

No. 505306

>>505300 she seems to be using the same technique I do on my cv, which is leaving information out in order to sound moe impressive? 'Portrait Photographer of The Year' but which one? There's many websites/publications that run competitions with this name. It could just be some shitty contest, which had a pitiful number of entries, rather than a massive award

No. 505307

File: 1518812883165.jpeg (333.67 KB, 750x1241, 5E22A5A3-3294-4C9B-BA11-6A8C83…)

What I don’t understand is why she advertises herself as ‘Master of Photographic Arts’ which most people would assume means she has a masters degree but no, she has a shitty diploma from their local community college. Is she deliberately misleading clients?

I also find it interesting that Jill’s brother (drew monson lookalike) is studying Computer Science at UPEI, following in his fathers footsteps and Jill is also pursuing a mediocre community college diploma like her mom. As if there were no university-level photography or fashion design programs in Canada, which there are plenty.

No. 505347

John being a “straight ally” is a total cover up. Dude is gay as fuck

No. 505348

No it's not

Jill doesn't spend that much, and she brings in her own money. $100k is plenty especially for where they live. Do you not have any idea how money works? I don't know the whole of their finances but Jill alone won't put them in the red. They're not even spending $50k/year on college like some of my classmates' families do.

No. 505414

it's always kind of ridiculous the first thing she does is QQ to social media when these companies would replace the broken make up if literally any customer just contacted them…

No. 505446

File: 1518819238883.png (23.58 KB, 729x162, problematique.png)

she likes to @reply twitter accounts that would never in a million years read or respond to her reply as if she was talking directly to them kek. She can't even get noticed by youtubers, but does it with them too.

(also fuckin lol she stans h3h3, no wonder she's been working so hard cultivating fupa)

No. 505451

These are so.. Average

No. 505452

File: 1518819497861.jpg (377.6 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20180216-221741.jpg)

No. 505466

This looks so weird considering there's ice and snow, girl go put some pantyhose on?? First I thought they were just taking pics but an actual walk with this outfit in winter what the hell

No. 505479

File: 1518821174639.png (59.39 KB, 1018x286, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 6.45…)

This is weird behaviour to brag about on your daughter's social media page.

No. 505480

>is the president of a Canadian association for photographers

Well if its the same as in england, usually no one wants to president except for two people and the one with the most friends will get it bc they will all vote for you. It doesn't really say much about her photography skills, more that shes good with people ig

No. 505481

the cold might burn some extra calories

No. 505487

I wonder if she is banging Johnny Boy! Kek

No. 505580

File: 1518826518629.jpg (702.02 KB, 1798x1200, LV4_3618.jpg)

there is also this professionally shot and edited photo…

No. 505587

lol what is this outfit even supposed to be?

No. 505598

I totally agree with anon that said she’s like a sister in not a good way. This is so fucking weird. I wonder what her mother will do if Jill does move out since her whole life seems to revolve around her daughter. I thought my mom was clingy but I’m an only child, Jill has a brother and her mom is still inside her asshole enjoying every whiff.

No. 505643

Probably during her "larme" phase

No. 505664

I dont remember where it was said but I do remember jillian or her mum saying that jill edits the photos herself.

No. 505682


Fuck. The fabric she's using for this lookslike drapery or some shit. its so shiny and disgusting looking.

No. 505719

I’m an amateur photographer and I could do a million times better than that mess. So much for Louise being a “professional” and “one of the best photographers in Canada” yikes

No. 505748

I hope this isn’t the pattern she’s using because she does not have the body type for this

This guy is either gay or sleeping with her cos no sane straight boy would be seen with the fat clown. It’s like she colored her hair with a highlighter

Passport application? Doesn’t she already have one from her Japan trip or am I missing something?

No. 505759

File: 1518838503749.png (7.32 KB, 300x122, ss (2018-02-16 at 07.34.36).pn…)

yeah im confused about the application too now. Do you have to go through the same process when it expires and renew?

No. 505760

Maybe she had a valid one for Japan and it lapsed? If you don't renew it before it expires, I think you have to go through the application process again.

No. 505763

There's two kinds of passports in Canada, 5 year and 10 year. She probably had a 5 year one from beforehand and it expired - in Canada it's recommended to get your passport 2-3 months before expiring because they may not let you leave the country if you have a soon to expire passport. Everytime you get a passport you need to get someone to sign for you - can't be family but needs to be someone who has known you for about 5 or 7 years I can't remember which. I was born here and I have to go through that everytime it's super annoying, hopefully if she was smart she got a 10 year one rather than the 5.

No. 505768

sage for stupidity but the literal first thing i noticed when hovering over this preview is that theres no space between 'judges.outside', lmao

No. 505853

It makes me cringe so hard she speaks to her mom as if she's her best friend. Louise is a pathetic excuse for a mother who basically would rather be her daughter's bff than parent her. She raised a real Regina George, except without the fake class.

No. 505860

My mum and I have a very 'friend' kinda relationship, but no way in hell would she coddle me, or do any of the shit Louise does. If I fuck up, she's the first one in line to tell me so, then offer a suggestion to fix it, and tell me she loves me just the same.

A mother is a mother, and their kid will always be 'special', and a mother should teach their kid how to deal with bullying and jealousy, etc.
BUT, teaching your kid everything under the sun is bullying, or hate, or jealousy etc. is severely detrimental. Like kids in school now who even if they're last and/or the absolute worst still get a trophy or some shit, and there's no winners or losers.

There's a right way to be your kids 'friend'. And it's not when they're still kids*, and definitely not when they need a mother first and foremost.

*Jillian may technically be an adult, but she seems to be stuck at like 13, so I'm lumping her in with children mentally, at the least. Emotionally, too.

Obviously saged.

No. 506049

So she waited less than a month before going to the US to renew hers?
Great foresight lol

No. 506056

Louise's parenting style combined with clearly being told she was intelligent and special from a young age (most kids are perfectly able to do those things before school if parents have the time. I was reading around two and I'm no prodigy) I never had the coddling from parents but growing up thinking you're smart instils laziness in you. A desire to coast because you don't have to try.. This is Jill. Lazy and no real aspirations. And too lazy to even pursue the vague dreams she has. Louise is nice but God would I hate her as a mum. They are as cringe as each other I suppose

No. 506069

File: 1518877156654.jpg (405.98 KB, 1072x1550, Screenshot_20180217-141842.jpg)

Drunkielocks strikes again

No. 506075

File: 1518878958504.jpg (148.9 KB, 600x600, Capturejjj.jpg)

Her confetti club is either blind or handicapped

Or a cult

No. 506086

What really gets me is that Louise encourages her to drink with her. In their video they said they drink (nightly) together while watching tv.

Like, drink on your meds if you want, but keep it to yourself. Especially if you have tons of young tweens following you.

No. 506088

No. 506090

is it just me or do both of the liquid lips look really… crusty on her lips? the second they dry they just crack to hell and back, as if jills lips are literal concrete, not flesh

No. 506092


She looks way less gross with an (almost) single hair color and no excessive eye makeup/harsh lips

No. 506094

>>506088 her eyebrows look like piss kek

No. 506096

>>506088 she says she's a youtuber in this like 7 different times w h y

No. 506128

File: 1518883566430.jpeg (115.1 KB, 750x750, 1B5D63E1-B25B-44EB-A99A-589A1B…)

No. 506132

she just said on the livestream that she’s afraid of being shot and killed.

No. 506136

I cant believe Johns self esteem is so low that he lets this thing diddle his doddle

No. 506137

both the blue shadow and lipstick look green around the edges where they are thin and mix with her skin tone. Though that color blue isn't really my taste anyway.

The way she forgoes blending certainly isn't in trend currently but if she put a little more dedication to it she could spin it as a "mod" look. That might suit her wishes to look older/sexier - Twiggy was known for her round babyface

No. 506138

how the fuck did she not remove her piss-yellow eyebrows and apparently put on a fresh face of makeup on top? she’s doing a makeup review ffs. her eyebrows would literally take a washcloth wipe to remove and an additional minute to apply the eyeshadow again. disgusting.

No. 506139

File: 1518883923738.jpeg (311.05 KB, 750x554, D83B9098-3F95-40AC-86D6-628FC6…)

“I’m a fashion blogger/youtuber”

No. 506142

honestly, in the beginning jill looks really nice, wish that she would drop the crazy eye makeup and the disgustingly unflattering pink/purple lipstick shades

No. 506143

Jill must have some insane bad luck. I've ordered from Sugarpill numerous times over the last 4-5 years and never, ever had a broken palette or lipstick do that. I doubt she even moisturiser or scrubs her nasty lips before putting product on. Sugarpill (to me) have some great lipstick and staying power.


No. 506153

File: 1518885033083.png (615.74 KB, 470x629, Capture.PNG)

damn, she looks absolutely disgusting. i honestly think even her shittily done rainbow bangs and poorly maintained mint were better than whatever this monstrosity is supposed to be

No. 506171

am i the only one who was bothered when louise said the photographers who inspire her are ones who photograph lots of celebrities? no mention about actual photography skills/art or whatever, just who gets to shoot for vanity fair

No. 506193

File: 1518887331504.png (459.79 KB, 926x938, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 12.0…)

"I am the most honest person ever"

No. 506196

File: 1518887496358.png (1.19 MB, 1065x800, Clams66.png)

Knew her look reminded me of something.

No. 506199

She’s morphing into Onision. Next thing you know she’ll be wearing bullet-proof vests out in public and starting a trinity.

No. 506203

I really don't get why she's so afraid of this..?
I mean she isn't popular at all in the first place, but then the only people who know about her are female teenagers that are into 'kawaii' stuff. Like usually the Youtubers that have any bad shit happen to them are way more popular or they have some extreme political views or something.
Does she think someone would shoot her just for dressing shitty?

No. 506205

>>506203 there is a confetti cub member who is making a trip fro utah to pei in order to see Jill. Maybe she's referencing that?

No. 506206

i mean christiana grimmie wasnt political and she didnt do anything bad and people killed her. for ppl in the US, gun violence isnt a big deal but for ppl coming from a country that doesnt have that, it can be really terrifying.

No. 506209

OK that actually is pretty creepy lol.
Well I'm from Europe but have traveled to the US quite a few times, of course stuff is different over there but I guess if I was that worried about randomly getting shot I wouldn't travel there in the first place?
I mean she has been to the US a couple of times before, maybe she just got a bad impression of it then.

(I wasn't quite sure if she was just generally afraid or thought she'd be in more danger because of being a ~celebrity~.)

No. 506213

I think it might be a bit of both being genuinely scared, and "uwu I'm a big celebrity youtuber, people could be after me!!"
It just seems like shes playing off the whole "Im scared Im gonna get shot" idea more than she should be.

No. 506215

I can't believe she thinks this is remotely okay. Even just a couple years ago she would have been horrified by this ichiban lipstick for men look

No. 506218

maybe off-topic now, but i'm a grad student at a canadian university (granted a larger one than UPEI) and my advisor said that for a tenured professor with a PhD the average income is ~200-250k a year. jill's dad doesn't seem to have a PhD and he's listed as a director, not a professor, so i would imagine he makes less than a prof would. which still might be enough in PEI to fund jill's freeloading and louise's hobby.

No. 506219


i mean she does have clinical anxiety. shes probs more nervous about this than the average person.

No. 506220

File: 1518889563292.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 6BC4547D-9B72-4DDA-9966-886197…)

No. 506230

In the zoom in you can see her poor hair has streaks of pink, red, green. Poor girl should've dyed her hair darker because she obviously couldn't get the color out.

No. 506237

After watching Jill's video I just realized something… I absolutely despise the word Lippy it sounds completely retarded, especially coming from somebody like Jill.

Saged triggered

No. 506250

Jesus Christ, if this was the first time watching her videos I wouldn't doubt there's something wrong with her. That baby talk and all the faces she was making. Also doesn't help that she looks like a mess. She wants to be a sexy clown but maybe attempt to talk and act like an adult first because only creeps wanna bang/date people who act like Jill. I can see real make up youtubers or just people into make up watching this and being so confused.

No. 506285

Your post describes how I felt the one time I tried to watch some Jill.
>why is she talking like a baby
>why is her room full of cheap tat
>why is she in the basement
>why does she have fans

No. 506293


I'm laughing so hard that her "college" education won't be any help for this ~experimental~ aesthetic mess.

She probably chose this college knowing they won't challenge or confront her for having terrible artistic sense.

No. 506297

File: 1518893937345.png (711.67 KB, 1065x543, jill.png)

>tfw someone's fanart of your outfit looks better than your actual outfit

No. 506300

You know it's bad when one of their main advertising points is "it's close to home"

No. 506350

Jillian's constant complaints about how long it took for it to get to her are really ridiculous and make her look terrible. Sugarpill is a small company, not a fucking giant brand like Too Faced, the fact that she expected her shit next day bc she's an uber special youtuber who bought it right away is ridiculous.

No. 506355

Sugarpill sucks. Never appealed to me as a brand. Tried a few products of theirs…they were lame at best.
You have a point though, Jill expecting to have instant gratification shipping is ridiculous, they are a smaller cosmetics company.

No. 506372

File: 1518897562410.jpg (117.08 KB, 373x371, img.jpg)

stream summary from today (17th February)

>wants to do a style swap video with her mom

>calls herself the 'no. 1 Muse fan of the planet', bunch of Muse & PreCure talk (about the new series); she apparently always watches PreCure online with French fansubs
>talks about taking French classes in school for a bit, says she's really proud of being bilingual
>(she got an Otamatone and tries playing it)
>she hasn't worked on her PriPara cosplay in months, says she'll finish it once she's done sewing 'the thing' for her birthday (she's gonna wear that handmade outfit to the meet up, it's the pattern she showed on insta)
>she's bringing about a 100 shirts & pins to the NY meet & has the shirts directly shipped to the US; wasn't sure if she had to get a work visa; now she's worried about bringing 100+ pins over the border
>she thought about making some exclusive merch for the NY meet but then didn't feel like rushing it just to have it, she'll be signing stuff though so that'll be ~exclusive~
>she's genuinely scared of getting shot and killed at her meet up, thinks America looks 'freaky'
>her friend, the owner of Ota-Q sent her a bunch of stuff and she'll do a video on that
>one of her fans sent her a Valentine and it made Jill cry; that girl apparently always sends Jill a ton of stuff so Jill actually added her on facebook & sent her a Christmas card; she also thanked that girl for making her Valentine's Day not AS sad
>(mail opening time, she got a 'Girls support Girls' shirt she actually changed into which I found funny lol)
>wants to get the CCS Dream Wand next seemingly only because it's really long; she mentioned that someone 'once commented' that her CCS wands are by the wrong cards and her response is literally "Suck my dick, why do you care so much??" lmao
>best purchase she ever made: her Japan trip; worst purchase: the bunny Irregular Choice shoes
>feels like she grew out of the rainbow hair, only wears the rainbow extensions now because people 'get mad at her'; she wants to mature her style; "I'm not saying that I want to become a stripper but…" (lol)
>(she actually speaks some French in this stream after someone asked a question in French)
>she's going to Animaritime but doesn't want to vlog because she doesn't want to give them any publicity; says she hates 'call out culture'
>says she doesn't want to do a crazy amount of shopping in NY, she's mainly just excited to be there; says of course she had to do a lot of shopping in Tokyo because it's a fashion capital and she's a fashion blogger lol (someone commented that NY is also a fashion capital but she was just kinda like "yeah I know"); not sure if she's gonna vlog every day in NY
>her new pins came in but she still has to print the backing cards/package them and actually wants to prepare this time
>she says she's the most honest person 'piece of shit ever' to a point where it gets her in trouble all the time

that's about it, as always nothing too interesting

No. 506403

File: 1518899308058.jpg (917.24 KB, 692x389, 74.jpg)

Omg lol I was wondering why I couldn't find her school under the list of accredited colleges in New Brunswick, because it's not even accredited at all fucking kek

It falls under the category of "Adult Ed/Vocational training". Apparently the government opened the school in the 1930's to help poor farmers learn basic weaving skills as summer courses and then government only allowed them to become a "college" in 2007 even though it's beneath the level of community college? holy fuck how can Louise sit there and lie to herself about Jill being a smart prodigy child yet support these dead-end pseudo-education aspirations.

No. 506465

She speaks French at around 1:05:55
Of course it's super basic shit, it sounded like my gcse speaking exam, a subject that I put 0 independent study in. I'm surprised that she actually spoke some though, but she didn't mention her Japanese at all

No. 506482

File: 1518904186110.jpeg (92.6 KB, 750x410, E4F55ECC-8E00-43EB-8F65-9DF7AD…)

No. 506483

File: 1518904223271.jpeg (91.3 KB, 750x405, A8CB42A0-50CA-4191-9820-6CA2D7…)

doube post because the faces she made in this video are so fucking gross

No. 506489

File: 1518904313687.png (2.75 MB, 1334x750, 4FA368DB-D8BF-4B1E-859D-1C3555…)

No. 506500

File: 1518904585044.jpg (25.27 KB, 610x464, ichiban.jpg)

No. 506505

File: 1518904802642.jpeg (4.19 KB, 226x223, images.jpeg)

No. 506508


>says of course she had to do a lot of shopping in Tokyo because it's a fashion capital and she's a fashion blogger lol (someone commented that NY is also a fashion capital but she was just kinda like "yeah I know")

Fucking hell anon you've made my day

No. 506520

did jill do french immersion? she's better than most english kids I know that only took it as an elective, tbh (I'm from BC though so things might be different in NS)

No. 506522

forgot to sage, my bad

No. 506528

Yeah she did most, if not all, of middle and high school in French immersion. Possibly also elementary school.

(ps pei is its own province, not apart of NS lol)

No. 506545

Why doesn't she cosplay Marine if that's her favorite cure? Weird that that's not the first character she would gravitate towards if she loves her so much.

(But I guess she did Whip instead of Chocolat even though Chocolat was her favorite of that series. I guess she's cosplaying off of aesthetics?)

No. 506550

File: 1518906876215.png (2 MB, 1381x2048, 20180217_172958.png)

No. 506554

File: 1518906947173.jpeg (543.32 KB, 750x878, 000B8236-766A-4038-AFC4-A5B017…)

She did, in 2012. Think she said something about now liking the cosplay and that’s why she has no proper photos of it

No. 506556

do you guys think they'll end up being long distance bff's?
all the wanting to look sexy talk from pixie and all the wanting to be kawaii from kelly, feels like they trying to wear eachother skins or that they are influencing eachother a bit too much since none of them have any distinctive personality trait asides their aesthetic

No. 506561

Pffft “bilingual”. She sounds broken as fuck and has to constantly stop to think of what to say. Bitch if you don’t even know how to say “my bangs” in french you aren’t bilingual or fluent. maybe because I live in France, her pronunciation sounds atrocious to me.

No. 506562

That looks better than her cure whip tbh

No. 506570

This actually looks really cute, unlike Jill's patchy, highlighter mess.

No. 506574

Kelly uses people for more efame and Jill probably thinks she's a cool youtuber/alternative person for getting Kelly's attention. Cows support cows. Hope they meet up one day for milk but I also think it'd be weird because Kelly is older and tries too hard to young and relevent.

No. 506582

It usually takes a month to get a passport so seeing as she waited this long means that she probably had to pay rush fees kek.

No. 506589

You guys can call her fat all you want but looking at this just reaffirms for me that she looks so much better with a fuller face and figure.

No. 506601

Her blush looks like a rash

No. 506605


sage but same , like she looks awful skinny and suits being bigger

No. 506641

Do you even know what sage means?

No. 506644

that uncanny valley shoop kek
this looks like that app that pastes smiles on people’s faces (and fails miserably)

No. 506671

Did she "contour" with blush? She never gets her blush remotely where it's supposed to go.

No. 506680

oh shit I'm so out of it I forgot what province she was from!
but yeah thanks anon, she sounds like an immersion kid so it makes sense

No. 506688


She looked better when she was skinny, she looks unhealthy now and let’s her fans think being obese is beautiful and healthy.
You guys are delusional or are fatter than her irl and don’t want to admit it

This is saaaaadddddd

No. 506691


I think she might be trying to do draping? But she's doing it way too low which will just make her look older and more jowly

No. 506708

File: 1518919041549.png (271.18 KB, 830x460, its ya gal zitty.png)

Jill, please never do close ups if you have these ugly pus-filled spots on your forehead. Gross.

No. 506714

File: 1518919276582.png (535.87 KB, 640x357, her arms werent skinny nor chu…)


that was six years ago. she was like what, 13 or 14 years old? of course she looked awkward. she looks weird in that pic cuz she's a preteen girl. c'mon, she looks fine skinny. she looked fine a lil chubby too. but now she's getting actually fat so people are noticing it. i don't know why pointing it out offends certain anons so much. no one is saying she should ana chan, they're just pointing out that she's getting big.

even jill has said that she needs to lose weight cause she knows its getting bad, jesus.

No. 506761


yeah, i probably own around 160 liquid lipsticks (which yes, is way too many, i know) and i’ve tried a lot of liquid lipstick formulas, sugarpill’s is one of my favourites.

their eyeshadows are also some of my favourites, and i’ve tried a lot of those too. i don’t personally own the little twin stars palette (and don’t intend to) but i own the feline fancy palette and it’s great.
sugarpill is pretty universally loved as well?

i think jill is just terrible at makeup and has no idea what consistutes as a good or bad eyeshadow, and i have no idea why she does reviews since she’s clearly not knowlegable.

No. 506814

This. She doesn’t wear the weight well at all. She got a fat as fuck face with double chin and is just bigger everywhere instead of just gaining in tits and ass. She doesn’t need to get that thin again probably but she looks gross now.

No. 506825

File: 1518927048666.png (734.31 KB, 480x578, woag.PNG)

old pic but she looks so much better without the bold/tacky makeup but could do without those rainbow bangs though the current piss colored hair isn't an improvement

not even Guy Tang can fix that fucking mop

No. 506836

Her hair is also healthier looking here. She has roots, but they aren't greasy or untoned/patchy. She looks nicer with softer colors for her face, but will keep choosing to wear harsh brows and lipstick.

No. 506841

If she'd just not wear the friar bangs like she usually did and wear them more like this, it probably wouldn't be as bad.

No. 506846

Anon i really don't think louise would put a photo edited by Jill in her professional portfolio

No. 506868

You overestimate her mom anon. She’s so proud of her prodigy daughter Jill that she’d put any of Jill’s work on display. Be it professional or not.

No. 506869

The college Jill is going to is essentially the special ed version of college. At least, that's the reputation it has. It's a joke.

No. 506882

File: 1518929964462.jpg (123.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Those eyebrows somehow remember me when someone tries to paint over their hair on photoshop.

No. 506958

wow that angle really… does not work for her

No. 506978

I wonder if Jill would be better off doing character designs instead of fashion designs, that way she could be as wild as she wanted and it would be less embarrassing for everyone

No. 506986

idk in character design you have to be willing to create characters suited to the project you were hired in i feel like jill would only want to make kawaii characters

No. 506987

sorry to double post but also bad character design exists and you can't just be as wild as you want or you're going to end up with some mess that looks like it was drawn by a 12 year old on deviantart

No. 507082


Underrated comment

No. 507140

She looked so much better with healthier hair and weight. That color suits her better than the ugly yellow we have to see right now…

No. 507166

File: 1518965551533.jpeg (113.36 KB, 640x502, F2E10015-C6B5-4490-ACA7-79F288…)

Somebody please explain why she wants to bang every other human being?

No. 507183


The bloke she's hitting on. This video of his latest creation got picked up by the mainstream press and went viral.

No. 507186

She'd probably bang any trending youtube guy. She's always bothering famous youtubers on twitter or like that time her fans bugged that guy to add her on the stream. Maybe actually make creative content if you want attention so bad instead of sitting in bed eating meatballs and leaving thirsty comments.

No. 507188

As if he’d ever have any interest in her? Look Mum No Computer actually has talent and is way above her

No. 507196

File: 1518968249949.jpg (47.21 KB, 1077x420, Screenshot_20180218-103613.jpg)

When has she ever cared about furbys?

No. 507203

IMO with how much she tries to hit on people and solicit them, she's just as bad as beta orbiters who see girls as a piece of meat.

No. 507212

Didn’t she very recently complain about her fans asking if she’s single? lol

No. 507307

There’s no way he would even consider dating someone as uncreative, greasy, and lazy as Jill. The effort he put into this is something Jill would never understand. All she does is put together her unused sewing supplies and takes a photo shoot of her cat with it.

No. 507325

Must be her new latest obsession, used to be puppy surprise, then care bears, rainbow bright was in there somewhere for a hot sec, now furbys

No. 507384


Definitely. Imo the problem isn't that she crushes on every guy she sees online but the fact she says creepy shit like >>507196 and >>502558

No. 507439

Jill flirts like a weird gaggle of fat middle aged women sexually harassing the young new guy at work …

No. 507506

idk, over the past year she seems like she's trying super hard to over sexualize herself, and that includes hitting on anything that walks…

also the whole "i wanna be sexier" is just gross

No. 507534

I saw Jill IRL today. She was wearing the dirty pink platform shoes. I laughed to myself. Her hair isn't bright yellow in person and it's quite uneven with a harsh demarcation line where her roots were, I found it weird because it doesn't seem that way in her recent photos/videos.

No. 507537

People theorized her teeth looked really yellow because she was color balancing her videos, maybe its a similar situation here? She turns up the contrast in editing so in real life its super dull

No. 507540

>>507534 she left the house?? wow, you must have been at starbucks or micheals kek

No. 507548

If Jill lost weight, dressed in a cohesive manner with a well executed aesthetic, dyed her hair a flattering shade and learn to put her face on cosmetically speaking she might be cute. She's got a cute ass and her tits are perky she's not a total dump.


No. 507549

…and that includes hitting on any male with a pulse and sufficient popularity.

No. 507604

Slight OT, but that's hilarious.

I just saw Jill's comment scrolling down. She's so thirsty for any male attention or affection.

No. 507609

Cute and perky? I think u meant lumpy and saggy

No. 507633

She's probably hotter than you.

No. 507656

Or you just have painfully low standards..

No. 507675

File: 1518994850672.png (289.13 KB, 302x570, 11.png)

Jill has a really average skinnyfat body imo, I wouldn't describe her as hot or perky at all

I mean it's an alright weight but she's fucking awful at picking clothing that fits & flatters her body type so that makes everything a lot worse

No. 507677

>>507675 this is a heavily photoshopped image though

No. 507681

Yeah I'm aware, but that doesn't really change my statement much
I think she's an average skinnyfat girl slowly moving into chubster territory, she isn't some landwhale but she definitely isn't hot and perky

If she dressed in a more flattering way it would help her a lot imo

No. 507711

I think Jill could be super pretty if she had any kind of actual fashion sense, wore flattering makeup colors and had decent hair. That's a lot of if's though and they won't happen.

No. 507789

francophone canadafag here, jill's french is confirmed garbage. she has a really distinctly anglophone accent, but it's very obvious she's trying really hard to have an authentic french accent. french-canadian accents are different than france-french ones but hers is terrible either way. she doesn't even know basic vocabulary, her verb tenses are all over the place and she doesn't know the right genders for her nouns. she's the average immersion kid tbh.

a quick translation of what she said in the french portion: she dyed her hair yellow because she felt it was time for a bit of a change in her style, repeats that it was just time for a change. she says she hasn't really used her french since she graduated high school. she admits that her vocabulary is bad and that when she worked at claire's she could barely communicate with francophone customers. apologizes if her french is shit.

No. 507808

same anon, she does also admit that she's growing out her bangs because she doesn't think bangs suit her face.

honey, friar bangs don't suit ANYONE'S face.

No. 507829

Jill can't dress for shit, but she's got seriously cute shape.
She's not unattractive shape wise, she just opens her mouth and I remember how annoying she is kek

No. 507883

File: 1519003275467.png (833.24 KB, 1288x970, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 5.47…)

decided to watch one of Jill's videos only to see the disappointment and ew wtf, does she ever wash her face?

No. 507899

You don't need to write sage in your post.

No. 507907

Bangs suit her more than that gross middle part

No. 507920

I didn't even reply to you.

No. 507922

i think she'd look good with bangs if she had normal bangs. she should just grow them out then re-cut them so they're not as wide

No. 508014

Going after some lad who made a ferby screaming piano. Classy. This is probably the biggerst achievement in his life

No. 508046

File: 1519009129429.jpeg (142.43 KB, 748x986, 0483D9A7-277B-4FA4-9630-E707D8…)

does this mean she’s official no longer a gay rainbie les-bean uwu

No. 508052

if she wants to do an unnatural hair color, i think this one is the best shes had yet. it does help that shes wearing normal, flattering makeup instead of a full clown face

No. 508076

there's a lot of things to criticize Jill for but jesus christ that's practically nothing

No. 508109

anon, read the thread.

No. 508119

welp, I'm retarded. On the other hand I thought it was funny that people were wondering who the hell she is.

LMNC wouldn't even have enough money for her to leech off of for very long anyway.

No. 508173

she's off her birth control so she's probably gonna get pimples and shit now because she never takes her makeup off/ only has lush baths

No. 508319

I really don't get why she thinks this is ~cute and quirky~
Whenever there's a guy in one of her streams who's being 'annoying' or 'creepy' she immediately bans them, but I guess since she's just a smol bean uwu it's fine if she acts this way

No. 508458

I don't think she needs loose weight, she just needs to get more healthy and work out. She is a little chubby, but I don't necessarily think it's that bad, like some anons here thinking she's obese or something. Just gradually loose like 90% of her sugar and junk intake and exercising 30 minutes a day would make her look so much better. Your other points are spot on, tho.

No. 508514

He’s really creative if you watch his videos, I think he and Jill are total polar opposites though and she only likes him because ‘oH EM GEEEEE RETROWY FURBIIIIEEEEZZZZ’

No. 508596

y'all seeing these delulus trying to act like jill's body looks good now? apparently her jowls suddenly don't exist.

No. 508618

(saged for kind of whiteknighting)

i think its more delusional to try and find every aspect of a person terrible. if those people don't think jills body is okay the way it is, then thats fine. i personally don't find a problem with her body either, yeah she eats like shit and humble brags too much about "conquering anorexia" but her body, in of itself, is not that bad.

No. 508722

>>508076 I'm just saying she never leaves her house she could wash her goddamn face… or not do weird close ups like that…

No. 508808

File: 1519077939419.png (495.02 KB, 1013x975, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 5.05…)

No. 508822

Poor Jill! It’s so hard laying in bed all day, hanging out with her only friend, staging her cats on her "sewing projects", laying in her own filth in the bathtub, buying useless shit all day, watching anime — god Her life is so tough, she really deserves this time off!!!

No. 508829

How many mental health breaks does this bitch need? I have massive anxiety and still have to deal with customer social interactions at work. She can make two-three videos a week easy, but she's too lazy.. How will she ever survive without her mother?

No. 508871

Wow, it's almost like she shouldn't have gone off of two of her medications without her doctor's supervision. So much for "feeling better," huh Jill?

No. 508886

jill, it isnt up to your fans whether or not you post a video. you either do or don't ya dumb cunt
"pwease dont let me uwu" take control of your problems insufferable jowley-bean

No. 508908

She shouldn't have quit that part-time job at Claires. I know she plays the poor mental health card time and time again for pity or excuses, but I wouldn't be surprised if her mental health is genuinely deteriorating due to lack of regimented scheduling and being cooped up. Jill's gonna have a rough time until her school year begins.

No. 508935

also lack of social interactions is probably not doing her justice

No. 508957

I think she needs to go out and do stuff more, like sitting about just makes depression way worse??

No. 508959

Yeah she seems to be living a more and more isolated life with the vast majority of her time being spent at home.

If you already have a problem with anxiety and you do this you stand a high chance of increasing social anxiety.

Jill the hermit

No. 508961

I think she needs to go out and do stuff more, like sitting about just makes depression way worse??

No. 509048

[Edited for spelling errors/ wording] I know that she makes these excuses for herself a lot, but I really do hope that she is able to reflect on her unhealthy behavior during his hiatus. She really needs to get outside and have social interaction other than going to Michael's and Starbucks. I'm in the same camp as >>508908 – by quitting her job and not going to school, she's completely isolated herself. IMO this is probably the cause for her increasingly deluded behavior. I know she's meme'd on being "shack wacky" but it is a real thing, which is probably hightened by the fact that she's coming off of her meds.

I really hope that she does make a change.

No. 509097

File: 1519092120552.png (1.54 MB, 1870x988, insta.png)

No. 509105

Why does she look so fucking jaundiced?

No. 509110


because she oversaturates her photos and her hair brings out all the yellow in her complexion

No. 509112

lollipop head lookin motherfucker. im cracking up, dat photoshop and you can STILL tell her dyejob is crazy uneven

No. 509133

File: 1519094521779.png (1.8 MB, 1743x1210, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 6.39…)

Ok but can we talk about how good her hair looked the 1 time she got it professionally dyed?
Why did she have to go from this to her current hot mess…

No. 509151

File: 1519095775824.png (183.57 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180219-190248.png)

Jill's hair reminds me of Lemonhead.

No. 509163

You know you’re haggard looking when you have to photoshop the shit out of your photos
Take care of yourself Jill. Then you won’t have to

No. 509169

jill is gunna have a hard time doing the fashion program when she starts it after the first year. Fashion students are one of the studios that are at the school all the time, working on things for their collections (first years get to make one outfit for the fashion show and they get a random material/or pattern) you can't be lazy

Also if she already had a portfolio and it was good she couldve skipped the foundation year. also the foundation year is bs if u know what u wanna do.

No. 509172

honestly probably one of the only times i liked her hair, also that time she dyed it blue way back when

No. 509176

still looks fried as all fuck

No. 509198

Wait till she learns about pattern making! Kek gonna be a real bitch for her because she's going to have to really focus on fit, proportion and cut! My trade is professional pattern making, it's definitely the most important aspect of any design. Jill hasn't the discipline to learn such a thing. I give her maybe tops two weeks into design school and watch her have a melt down over drafting a basic shift dress with set in sleeves and fish eye darts. Kek

No. 509222

i hope i replied correctly
In the FVA year they do a series of six medias and the fashion studio is only making really basic things. All the make is a roller bag, a little drawstring or zipper bag and like a mood board lmao.
im interested in what other studios she'll take.

Pattern making is in the first year program so we wont see her shit bricks until like 2020 lmao.

No. 509240

to reply you can click on the post number and it'll come up automatically, or type ">>" and then the number

also lmao, a drawstring bag? pretty sure I made that in grade 8 home ec

No. 509242

I failed home ec, and I can still make zippered and drawstring pouches.

Kinda curious if Jill makes such things, or if she feels they're beneath her aspirations.

No. 509315

yup a drawstring bag! maybe its changed since i took it but yeah we made drawstring bags. like one person also made an apron but you dont make clothes or anything in the fva year.

fashion is actually the most boring of the studios that you can take to figure out which one you wanna go in. imo. we also practiced making darts but with paper. but to be fair on the programs you're only in them for about 2 months until you switch over to a new one.

if she doesnt do the projects she wont get a grade aha and will fail the media which would mean she'd be short credits~

No. 509434

I meant on her own time. For practice. Or shopping, since she's discovered reuseable bags.

No. 509470

ahhh sorry for misunderstanding!

No. 509474

not a problem. I was a bit vague in my wording.

No. 509483

Other canadafags can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve been to secondary schools in 3 different provinces and we’ve never had “home ed” or fashion design studios. I did my last year of high school in Nova Scotia right next to PEI and besides wood shop or advanced art classes there was no other studio courses that taught design and sewing?

I think Jill did grade 12 Visual Arts and Theatre, she might of even done the advanced versions, so she definitely wasn’t allowed to take sewing classes given there’s a limit with art electives, even if her school offered such a thing, though I would assume she’d jump at the chance.

But I’m sure there’s local classes outside of school in PEI so there’s still no excuse for her skill level, and if not she could still show ambition to learn by selecting a real university or renowned college program instead of her adult ed vocational school.

No. 509489


I went to a couple highschools in Ontario, and while I can't speak for all of them, I know at least one had fashion as an elective. Hell, even my public school in grade 8 had a fashion class. I didn't take them, but they were there.

I'm pretty sure, at least. It's been a long ass time. Tho I doubt they were fashion design studios, and more basic crap.

I'm a completely self-taught amateur who prefers sewing by hand, and the shit I've made seems to be of better quality than her -ahem- designs.

No. 509566


Her jaw/chin/neck is shopped AF here, in other recent photos she has a double chin developing

No. 509614

File: 1519150227536.jpg (177.41 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20180220-180956.jpg)

I wonder what the project is hmm

No. 509619

holy shit her ~I need to breath and be alive uwu~ shit is so annoying
both my parents had to work 2 jobs and regularly work 12 hour shifts just to make ends meet and here Jill is acting like making 2 shitty youtube videos a week is the hardest work ever
I mean great for her that she never struggled financially in her life but it really shows how fucking spoiled and coddled she is

No. 509624

File: 1519150667051.png (2.86 MB, 1800x1494, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 19.1…)

How can she even photoshop this to hell and back and still manage to look like shit? sage for OT, but this literally took me 5 minutes

No. 509629

minor nitpick but those gold christmas ornaments she wears as earrings look terrible with her yellow hair now

No. 509660


We get this "how will jill cope in fashion school" circlejerk in every thread. She's going to a shitty college that barely even qualifies as a college, not Saint Martins. She probably still won't cope because she's lazy as fuck but it's not exactly gonna be a challenging course.

No. 509780

File: 1519162063284.png (366.1 KB, 744x1116, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 4.27…)

saw this person's comment a while ago on Toshi Salvino's stupid ass post about Jill and this thread just reminded me it existed kek

No. 509781

File: 1519162117496.png (168.33 KB, 744x638, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 4.27…)

No. 509807

>seems well adjusted


No. 509832

>Jill was a bitch to her girlfriend
>”well I still think she’s the sweetest thing!!!”

Also how the FUCK is she considered a public figure? In this day, 150,000 followers (idk the exact number she has but that should be kinda close) on YouTube is nothing. Especially 150,000 in the course of like, 3 or 4 years of her actively posting.

No. 509848

My favorite part is how Toshi refused to acknowledge any of the points the girl made, Pixie's friends are clearly as try hard and delusional ig

No. 509856

Toshi is another cow that needs to be addressed in the alt fashion thread. She's fucking insane irl. Of course the girl made valid points and Toshi just ignored them because she's a damn ass kisser herself and always wants to be seen as positive in the public eye.

No. 509862

This girls nose is so far up Jill’s asshole, no wonder she won’t acknowledge Jill’s true character

No. 509886

Jill's cult of morons have zero clue as to how shitty she really is.

No. 510251

Jesus of coooourse someone who actually likes Kate Davis as a person would also like Pixie. Its like highschool all over again, the weirdo rich kids who circlejerk one another and call everyone else haters because they think they're jealous when NAH BITCH YOU GUYS ARE JUST ACTUALLY AWFUL HUMAN BEINGS

No. 510254

File: 1519187010384.jpeg (178.17 KB, 1107x1039, D330E35C-D7C8-412B-8B17-BA0774…)


Totally hotter than everyone here anon lel

No. 510291

File: 1519190032703.jpg (100.99 KB, 1024x576, taiga-facepalm.jpg)

>thread spends half of the time getting derailed by CC milk
>finally gets back on track
>this shit again
there's an entire thread dedicated to CC. Use it m8

No. 510442

Sage for speculation but Jill's online cow friends haven't actually met her in person (toshi, kate) and they seem to just flock to each other because they can bond over being cows. Which I get. I think if any of them met each other IRL they wouldn't be able to stand each other for more than five minutes.

No. 510493

Kate isn’t as bad as jill, and Kate actually stopped being a cow after the backlash and now just wears Lolita on her insta

No. 510508


after saying that all the western lolitas are bullies and causing drama she's came right back posting to CoF every week, because she'd probably die without other people feeding her ego. She just knows how to keep quiet now, but that doesn't mean she's not a cow anymore.
Sage for kate shit

No. 510560

Toshi isn’t part of CC tho

No. 510613

File: 1519226421840.jpg (162.88 KB, 1080x514, Screenshot_20180221-151947.jpg)

She leads such a hard existence

No. 510615

what comments??

No. 510616

File: 1519226541254.jpg (445.22 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20180221-152121.jpg)

Any thoughts on why she's pushing the multilingual thing so hard recently?

No. 510618

>>510615 I think she just means on the video from fans kek

No. 510626

File: 1519227225039.jpg (350.01 KB, 782x464, ytcomments.jpg)

OK so I just went through the comments on her video and took screenshot of ones that weren't just "I luv you Pixie!! uwu".
It seems like her viewers are becoming slightly less stupid, but none of the comments were even mean/malicious, most of them were trying to help her? So I dunno why she's acting like such a baby pfft.

No. 510635

Jill wishes she could have read this without looking in the replies kek

No. 510650


honestly those comments aren't even that mean? Mostly constructive criticism imo. I've seen so much worse.

If thats all it takes to reaffirm her need for a break bc the big bad comments hurt her feelings she really needs to stay the fuck off the internet indefinitely

No. 510678

File: 1519232760830.jpg (54.39 KB, 750x718, FB_IMG_1519232732703.jpg)

This reminded me of Jill kek

No. 510687

I remember reading recently something about her filtering out spicific words in comments so that they aren’t published/need confirmation to be published and the makeup community tends to lean on the side of insults, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more backlash then we see

No. 510699

lol. fukken saved

No. 510716

Jill must be reading here regularly, yesterday there was talk of how she shopped her fat neck/jowls in a pic and today she's retweeting a tweet that says 'why my neck so thick' and adding 'MEEEE'

I'm sure this will be her next thing in body positivity. 'I love my double chin and jowls even though I shop them out of pics'

No. 510733

so her idea of ~taking a mental health break~ and ~being a person~ is apparently just sitting around all day and retweeting stupid shit on twitter?
it's usually recommended to actually work/dedicate yourself to something when you're feeling depressed or anxious, I really don't get how Jill thinks that recording a video would cause her such extreme mental distress.
if all of the youtube shit is really causing her that much stress she should really just go back to Claires or something

No. 510789

What if we’re causing her to have mental distress? I don’t mean that “we should stop being mean to poor jillybean wuw” but she reads here pretty frequently. Likely after every video. It’d drive me insane too if I was so obsessive over what people on an anonymous image board thought of me.

Oh well, we can still be petty and critical even without videos.

No. 510796

I mean if that's the case then she should definitely get a retail job again instead of being an independent ~fashion & beauty guru~ on the internet.
She seems extremely insecure and got so hung up about that one time some girls might have possibly commented on her appearance in public, it's clear that she usually isn't confronted with that kind of stuff.
She really doesn't have to read here if she doesn't want to. I would never go out of my way to send her mean messages or comments, I just enjoy making fun of her ugly outfits with other anons here.

Either way I think it would help her a bunch if she took an actual break (from social media), left the house and tried to find some real friends, of course she'll get depressed if she's just sitting alone in her basement reading gossip image boards all day.

No. 510805

File: 1519240414541.jpg (749.95 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20180221-191303.jpg)

I feel like her new pp is a reference to here

No. 510809

File: 1519240555283.jpg (386.21 KB, 1080x1599, Screenshot_20180221-191513.jpg)

Wow did u guys know that taking care of ur skin cures mental illness!!!! Amazing uwu

No. 510826

She's never owned a face wash before?

No. 510888

she never washes her face confirmed……..
I am discusted, how do people live like this… does she even own a loofah or anything or just soak on bath bomb water

No. 510919

File: 1519248501008.jpg (351.88 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20180221-212805.jpg)

Her lack of self awareness is outstanding

No. 510920

what the fucking fuck

No. 510923

God she’s so fucking disgusting.
Who doesn’t wash their face or have some sort of routine ESPECIALLY if they pile on as much makeup as her?
Nasty ass lump of lard.

No. 510933

It’s cute if she thinks this is cyber bullying. Most of what we say is really harmless tbh, it’s nothing she can’t fix. It’s not like we’re saying, “wow she’s so short what a fugly bitch,” or “or forehead is huge!” or something else that isn’t really able to be changed. Most of our comments are on her hair, her weight, her makeup, and her personality, all of which can be fixed.

No. 510936

That's the thing that gets me too.
There have been threads here for girls that died out really quickly, just because there wasn't any milk. Sure you might personally dislike someone but that's not enough to keep a thread going if they're actually a decent person.
But here we are, 20 threads in. There's clearly material of Jill being an actually shitty person to keep this going. Sure she isn't some criminal or something but there are apparently enough people that dislike her for some reason or another.

No. 511004

i don't jill wants to be a designer i just think she wants to be rich….like i feel like if she was to win a 1 million dollar lottery tomorrow she would give up fashion design quickly

No. 511015

If she can't handle a few non-glowing comments online, and if she ever makes it to any part of the fashion industry it's going to be quite the rude awakening.

No. 511019

If people wanted to bully her I'm sure they would comment directly on her videos or try and message her.

The discussion is on here is just a bunch of honest opinions and if she wants to go out of her way to read this then maybe she could improve herself instead of calling it bullying

Is she gonna be the next Raven (another cow) and start banging on about 'the haterz' all the time?

No. 511048

She’s been complaining about haters since before the first thread. That’s actually largely why she even has a thread here at all (specifically the lace video and constant bitching about /cgl/ and Behind the Bows).

No. 511086

y'all need to stop fat shaming her tbh it's 2018(not the place for you)

No. 511087

yes thank you, I agree. but watch one of these headasses say we are white knighting. as if it's even about that(read the rules & usage info)

No. 511099

File: 1519266277117.jpg (84.38 KB, 1080x1194, pixieelocks_21_2_2018_20_22_28…)

I'll stop fatshaming when she stops making these disgusting diabetic concoctions.

No. 511106

what a blasphemy to that coffee. i'm trying to imagine how that would taste and i'm pretty sure like coffee with way too much sugar in it but shittier and with more of a chemical aftertaste

No. 511107


No. 511108

This image is from months ago now grow up(read the rules & usage info)

No. 511110

She hasn't improved since then if she just learned about washing her face.

No. 511113

why are you here

No. 511114

calm down fatty-chan, we are talking about jill's fatness, not yours. if you're insecure about your weight, go hit up a gym and get a good diet routine. if you aren't, then still, no1curs, this isn't about you.

No. 511116

Jill Stan’s baiiiiii
Get your fat asses out of here
We aren’t fat shaming her so much as saying she’s getting unhealthy and glorifies her obese cult followers.
Take a fucking seat white knights, you’re obv not from around her since you both didn’t sage one after the other

No. 511123

I never thought Jill was super fat or anything I just think she's super short and stocky and it makes everything look fucking weird on her

No. 511138


"I know they say things about me, I knooooow"

No. 511171

This. She's definitely bloated from her shitty diet, but it doesn't help that she's so short because she has no definition at all.

No. 511201

File: 1519276771109.jpg (38.27 KB, 640x722, 28383916_1888586817879123_1517…)

No. 511299

that's tea

No. 511317

What the fuck is up with all the Jill stands lately? Is it because of the cowtipping on the old confetti club page? We've had a ton of threads and every one has new milk, all from her own pages. People pretend like everything we say are lies when she has 90% of the very things we call her out for still on youtube/twitter/etc. Are people that delusional?

No. 511349

i understand some people struggle to lose weight or are just naturally fat. i have a friend who excercises and eats well daily but hes still fat. but jill literally just eats shit and lays around and acts proud of it it pisses me off.

No. 511352

>excercises and eats well daily
then one of those things cant be true. your body isnt just ""naturally"" fat, thats not how it works

No. 511353

File: 1519305385479.jpg (498.58 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20180222-131519.jpg)

Why do her fans act lie Jill's videos are exhausting to make that require hours of work?

No. 511359

File: 1519305894373.png (962.22 KB, 1080x1867, 20180222_092344.png)

Someone 300% cuter and better dressed than you, that's who

No. 511363

…??? what? Is she ewing about how 'normie' she looks here or what? She looks a thousand times cuter, like an actually nice and approachable young girl instead of some mid 40s insane auntie

No. 511372

I am so triggered that she’s hating on her only good era fashion-wise.

No. 511373

>titty kick mama rainbow

can someone translate this?

No. 511375

I think the girl was implying she was going to kick Jill in her chest if she uploaded a video today, 'mama rainbow' is just her stupid nickname for Jill

No. 511378


The decline in her appearance in just three years ~ it's depressing

She looks like someone who has lost their mind in her latest video, I'm only watching it now ~ she honestly seems a little manic in it

No. 511380

Aw, she was so cute back then. What the hell happened.

No. 511397

File: 1519312188682.png (345.18 KB, 1080x1684, 20180222_110923.png)

No. 511405

So this dude is legit her only friend now aside from her mom?

No. 511406

I ship it

No. 511407

File: 1519313198329.gif (865.68 KB, 250x141, rkZUXUS.gif)

No. 511434

When did she have any others?

No. 511451

She may as well go out with the turd.

No. 511469

I see they're good friends because he encourages her horrific spending habits and she needs a yes man around. Sad.

No. 511470

I mean I feel like they would actually match well but there's probably a reason why they haven't banged in all this time they've been together, especially if they're constantly having ~sleepovers~ or whatever.

No. 511474

For all we know they are sleeping together
Or he’s hella gay
He must have an awful personality, no self esteem or standards to be with her

No. 511575

ugh I wish the western world was like in asia where fat shaming is acceptable, because clearly it works. the truth hurts, get over it. So tired of fatty chans in this thread

sorry for derailing

No. 511596

Not everyone who is friends with genders they're attracted to wants to fuck or date their friends.

No. 511708

Jill’s a terrible person, who else would want to be friends with her if they’re not just fucking? Maybe he can’t get anyone else aside from a sad clown kek

No. 511731

File: 1519337064467.png (570.8 KB, 724x810, fda.png)

You mean you got up at a semi-reasonable hour, bought breakfast, and ate it in your car? That thing that 90% of us do every goddamn day before working or being a productive member of society? Fascinating, tell me more!!

Before the WKs come for me, look: I get it. When you're depressed doing things for yourself is really hard. That's good she's getting out of the house and making a schedule, whatever. But expecting asspats for it is sad. Just shows how much of a hermit she is now.. Would this have been a ~*~radical act of self care~*~ when she was still working retail at Claires? Probably not.

No. 511738

>>511731 yes, a sugary drink is exactly what she needed

No. 511741

>i woke up at a normie time, went through a drive-thru, then came back home and blogged about it

No. 511749

Jill hasn't been in not a relationship in like six years or more. It wouldn't be surprising if she moves on to John because of how dependent she is.

No. 511766

File: 1519338907343.jpg (247.95 KB, 1080x978, Screenshot_20180222-223304.jpg)

And there we have it, Jill's entire life summed up

No. 511767

File: 1519339030719.jpg (376.05 KB, 1079x1236, Screenshot_20180222-223428.jpg)

Also possibly a nitpick but her pushing the whole I'VE HAD THE WORST ANXIETY SINCE BEFORE ALL OF YOUR GUYS is the same train of thought as her always having to be the biggest fan of something? It's like she's constantly competiting with everyone??

No. 511773


Fear of instant messaging? Holy fuck, what is with her and the constant need to make excuses for being such a non-functioning cow?

Just throw her in a padded room with some animoo and she'll be set. Throw away the key.

No. 511776

sorry for dumb blog shit but-
I mean I can understand the whole not responding to messages like "hi", (Im not well known or anything but have an ok amount of followers and receive stuff like that a lot) but if you put yourself out there on social media you kind of have to respond to at least some messages? it's low key a part of your job, not to mention the people are the only reason you have any form of fame.

No. 511787

Sorry, but I agree with the original poster(Don't really care for what jill added) but seriously like if someone has 100k+ followers they probably get too many dms to respond to. I can't stand when I see someone hate on some internet personality for something as petty as not responding to a dm.

Not wking jill, don't like her mental illness excuse but if you're mad because some other internet person didn't respond to you, get off your high horse, they don't have to.

No. 511799

obviously saged but I'm really salty that she can go 20 years without ever owning a facewash and only have like 3 zits, her face should be a wasteland

No. 511801

I haaaattteeee how she constantly posts about her mental illness. She is a big attention whore. It’s like her “””mental illness””” (which shit like bragging about going outside makes me think it’s just laziness) is her new gay. Since she couldn’t stand to be a lesbian, she has to push some new special snowflake shit. I think her constant mentioning of conquering “””anorexia””” can be grouped in with that because she wasn’t overly pushing being a mentally ill anorexia conquerer until after she dumped Alyssa.

Hah, we have a direct line to Jill here since she obsesses over us.

No. 511833

File: 1519343953427.jpeg (22.23 KB, 480x314, 028ADCE8-C80C-4889-BC07-753ECD…)

>I hate the concept of being constantly obligated to talk to people
Jill…that’s literally what being famous is. You’re not Banksy, you are a vlogger who only has a job because of your fans. You have to talk to them and keep up the persona. Ignoring them will only turn them against you, as seen recently with many of our new posters being old fans of yours. You have to make content and regularly interact with your fans to stay relavent. It’s. Your. Fucking. Job. Suck it up buttercup, this is the life you wanted.

No. 511836

its a part of successfully marketing yourself and maintaining an online presence. she makes such a big deal about how "youtube is her full time job" but then she doesn't want to deal with the tedious parts of maintaining an online presence.

It's the same with people who don't like responding to formal emails, or get anxiety making important phone calls… most people don't LIKE that stuff, it's normal to not want to do it or stress about it. She's not obligated to reply to every asinine fan message she gets, but to completely shut out her DMs because of anxiety is just objectively stupid. Big youtubers like Shane Dawson use twitter DMs ALL THE TIME to conduct business or set up collabs or reach out and network. But it's not surprising, Jill expects to have special exceptions in everything she does and gets publicly assblasted about it.

No. 512040

God, this whole DM stuff just proves even more that Jill is an entitled piece of shit human being.
Obviously no one expects her to respond and hold conversations with every single person that messages her but she could just send a hi back to some of them or even just read them all and address the situation like
“I’m sorry I can’t respond to all of your messages, it means a lot that you reach out to me” or say that she reads her messages

She’s such a sorry excuse of a human being and I feel bad for her parents to have raised a shitty person. And I feel bad for her brother because she finds him attractive and wants to be with him.

No. 512061

>She’s such a sorry excuse of a human being and I feel bad for her parents to have raised a shitty person. And I feel bad for her brother because she finds him attractive and wants to be with him.

You cracked me the fuck up with this one anon

No. 512110

File: 1519355780239.jpg (216.98 KB, 1434x1440, FB_IMG_1519270737892.jpg)

Ew i just found this photo and jill really mesh on mesh with a mesh skirt. Honestly don't know if this is better or worse than her current stuff (this is only a few month ago) even her fan is dressed better than her, other than the weird accessories and cat ears.

No. 512119

god… pixis outfit is just… irredeemably awful. like someones grandma mixed with a preteen. Embarrassing.

No. 512194

She’s looking rough without that heavy Facetune.

No. 512340

are they relatives? the girl on the right looks just like jill but with dif eyebrows lmao

No. 512344


i got no dog in this fight & jill is definitely terrible at self care but there are a number of health conditions and medications that mean that people can’t lose weight.

jill isn’t one of those people, but those people do still exist.

No. 512349

This is crazy pathetic, like Jill can quite easily correspond with companies for sponsored videos no problem, but occasionally interacting with her fans, even if its just 'Hi' or 'Thank you' and her poor anxiety stops her. Shes just a lazy spoilt ungrateful swine. I'm sorry, but this makes me genuinely angry.

No. 512370

Or maybe results don't happen overnight and generally nobody gives a fuck otherwise if a person loses weight on the scale until the weight loss is noticeable ie. the person dropped more than a few dress sizes.

Sad but true.

No. 512397


Idk even back when she did some sort of hair extensions collaboration she fully admitted she got the request months prior but only went with it when she realized she wanted extensions. If I were them I'd be pissed if someone decided to reply to a sponsorship offer months later.

No. 512404

Yea I guess it's also easier for her to communicate with companies if she gets some materialistic item out of it

I was also thinking, like her 'anxiety' makes her unable to reply to some of her fans twitter DMs, yet she's now totally comfortable livestreaming for hundreds/thousands, like surely that'd be more nerve-racking. I know her first stream she was nervous but she got over it, that's how you deal with problems, put yourself out your comfort zone and grow some balls, it makes you a stronger person

No. 512466

like… i have social anxiety and instant messaging stresses me out, i cant always keep up with it. but what i don't do is try to be a public figure because obviously part of the job is being in Contact with people.
the most frustrating thing is that jill isn't talentless, like she's good at piano and arts and crafts. her pins were actually cute. she could open an etsy shop or something but she insists on doing things she's not good at or is too lazy to learn like sewing and make up videos

No. 512468

I like to think that Jill prefers other flavors, but forces herself to get strawberry/watermelon/raspberry/etc. flavored drinks because they're pink and suit her aesthetic.

No. 512469

She only feels anxiety when she's not in a situation where she's buying shit or getting paid.

No. 512472

Pretty convenient anxiety

No. 512481

Yeah, I agree with this. I know >>511836 brought up DMs to collab or do business, but that's a lot different than responding to every person who messages you. To me, it makes a lot more sense if you have a lot of followers to just respond to people on public posts because getting a lot of DMs can also drown out more important business-related ones or ones from family/friends.

No. 512523

File: 1519401654749.jpg (578.1 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180223-160013.jpg)

And she purchased ANOTHER palette