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File: 1503255339252.png (2.46 MB, 1856x1254, Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 11.5…)

No. 375960

>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight' (Who broke up with her)
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money
>Colin broke up with her, now dating girls only through tinder
>Got a tattoo of her cat after getting told her wand plan was a bad idea and throwing a fit about it


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca

No. 375966

>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$)

are there receipts for this because i don't think this is true

No. 375971

File: 1503257477803.png (131.26 KB, 400x724, IMG_2330.PNG)

This was one of the posts related to that

No. 375972

Not OP but she's definitely said that even in videos or streams

No. 375984

File: 1503259221269.png (119.86 KB, 750x849, IMG_2331.PNG)

No. 375986

File: 1503259804484.png (18.74 KB, 513x169, 1500570841305.png)

Here's a cap from one of the old threads, I think this was also in reference to that part

No. 376054

Sage for nitpick but

I can't be the only one side eyeing Jillian for suddenly being interested in her friends like Tracey, Kenzie, Wendy etc. Before she'd briefly see them at cons (mostly Kenzie) and get their names wrong or show them away when they say they hope they see her again before the next animaritime. Also the girl who cosplayed Cure Miracle wasn't Kenzie was it?

I just find it weird she's doing all this stuff with her friends now when she wouldn't before. Inb4 Jill tries to say Colin or Tristan "held her back".

No. 376055

Fuck I forgot to sage. Oh well.

No. 376077

What's so bad about being afraid to try new/different things? Stepping out of her comfort zone can be scary, but it needs to be done.

No. 376081

File: 1503272209005.jpg (23.56 KB, 600x600, IMG_2407.JPG)

No. 376099

I think sometimes break ups make you realise the people around you are important, I think everyone can get a bit overly focused on their partner if they are in love/happy with them.

I hope Jill doesn't act like Collin was holding her back or shutting her away from the world because overall he's always seemed nice despite beings odd

Sage for rambling about nothing

No. 376100

Damn, her poor mom really does everything for Jillian and the household it seems.

No. 376114

what a shitty tread pic, we have tons of her fucking ridiculous face, and you chose this bland photo of the clown…

No. 376141

true. even though she's mid-word, she actually looks a little LESS derpy than usual because she's not doing her signature face with the scrunched up eyes and unconvincing smile

No. 376159

File: 1503277492452.png (149.7 KB, 750x871, IMG_2335.PNG)

She's removed her 5 star review from Facebook, so looks like she's accepting that it's not a good tattoo

No. 376161

She may be dumb, but she's not blind.

No. 376164

File: 1503277884932.png (189.25 KB, 750x1057, IMG_2336.PNG)

She's also put up the rest of her old Lolita stuff for sale

No. 376171

Debatable since she flaunted the shitty thing all over the place like it was the next Mona Lisa.

No. 376175

Why she doesn't wear these clothes? they are more cute that the same garbage she wears everyday.
Also she could lose weight, stop being so lazy, and eating more healthy foods.

No. 376176


Actually she has a super strong glasses prescription, she really is almost blind without glasses or contacts.

Regardless, Jill can see well enough that we know her awful aesthetic choices have more to do with poor fashion sense than bad eyesight.

Can't correct bad taste to 20/20.

No. 376179

i agree i thought the same when watching her tattoo video her arms are pretty chunky and flabby shes a cute girl she just needs to exercise and eat better and i know this has been said but she looked way better in lolita her new aesthetic is all over the place

No. 376193


damn, you know you're getting faaaaaat when you start throwing out your old cute clothes like that. she'll regret it if she ever loses weight tbh

No. 376195

Jill has always sold off her older stuff because she spends impulsively and gets bored easily. I don't think she's had any regrets selling her wardrobe because she's constantly shopping and doesn't see her weight as a factor that prevents her from dressing ridiculously.

No. 376341

File: 1503292018715.jpg (221.84 KB, 2048x1362, 20901014_1527997003917756_1909…)

She posted the photos from their photoshoot to her cosplay facebook page

No. 376342

File: 1503292032879.jpg (222.6 KB, 2048x1362, 20900774_1527997083917748_4013…)

No. 376345

File: 1503292143411.jpg (172.52 KB, 2048x1362, 20863399_1527997080584415_5793…)

No. 376355

A lot of those look so dirty. One of the skirts has visible stains all around the elastic area. I would never wear anything from Jill's closet. I doubt she washed them more than twice.

No. 376358

File: 1503294557303.jpg (255.26 KB, 1280x722, Mahou_Tsukai_Pretty_Cures.jpg)

This is what they're supposed to look like

No. 376372

Oh wow! I would have never guessed. None of the other girl even attempted to style those flat ass wigs, cut them properly, or put on the headpiece/other styled hair on top. It's so beyond lazy. They look nothing like the characters they're supposed to be cosplaying…

No. 376387

The hippo in the pink scares me…Jill in the near future.

No. 376393

File: 1503299107962.png (442.69 KB, 792x283, afwf.png)

rewatching the tattoo video with a friend and we happen to pause and…? What the fuck is with their nasty ass fish tank?

No. 376394

The transfer is more well done than the actual tattoo itself!

No. 376395

that's the transfer, so is that just the tattoo shop?

No. 376451

It's so bad just the outline looks good in comparison

I bet she cheaped out and got an inexperienced or apprenticed artist

That she's iffy about spending money to get it fixed too speaks volumes

Dumb cunt put in no thought, research or investment on something permanent

She's going to be fat and covered in superficial garbage - an asexual charms lmao

No. 376452

If it is nothing says gtfo like unhygenic practices in a tat shop

No. 376461

File: 1503317876311.png (150.52 KB, 472x583, Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 1.17…)

No. 376465

I do feel bad for her you know. I mean yeah it's her fault for not doing more research but still, that shit is on you FOREVER.
I hope she fixes it :S

No. 376466

lol does she mean fashion design?? cuz she hasn't even gotten started on that 'career' yet

No. 376474


Yeah I squinted there for a sec too. I'm assuming she means her YouTube channel?

I would call YouTube a career if you have a bigger channel, but it's strange that Jill would call her channel a career when most of her videos are lazy, uninspired hauls or lookbooks featuring the same filthy pink shoes/unwashed Bonne Chance dress we've seen a million times before, she's lazy as fuck about editing her videos, she rarely replies to any of her fan's comments for such a small channel and really doesn't seem to put very much effort into her "career" at all.

She genuinely seems to think that a part-time job at Claire's and a halfassed YouTube channel where she shows off clothes she bought with mummy's money is super hard work that requires several naps to recover from yet wants to be a fashion designer (while also not bothering to develop her sewing skills at all) and I don't know whether to feel bad for her or secretly hope she'll post her meltdown online when reality hits her.

No. 376481

She put the same level of research into this that she did for her Japan trip. She watched some YouTube videos about it and then considered herself an expert on the matter.

No. 376482

Tons of people get shitty tattoos and live. She inflicted that upon herself, there's nothing to feel bad about.

No. 376492

Yeah I gotta agree, this is Jill's own fault and now she has to live with it.
In her "When are you too old to dress like this" or whatever video she said herself that 'Who knows, maybe I'll be dressing punk or goth in 10 years!!', it feels quite stupid to me that she went out of her way to get a tattoo to go with her ~kitschy~ aesthetic when she's still so young and changes styles so much.
Plus yeah, she didn't do enough research to find a better tattoo artist, she's too cheap to get it fixed by someone better now, and she was too arrogant to commission someone/have someone fix up her original drawing.

No. 376500

It sounds like some of that stuff is super stretchy. Can she really not fit in things w/ over 30-in waist anymore? I mean she's gained weight but I didn't think she was that big.

No. 376501

I kind of hate to say this, but it really looks like at least Jill put more effort into her cosplay than the other girls. It's still not great or accurate but damn those other two are the worst.

No. 376502

I love how like every ~kawaii~ cow has been sharing this.

No. 376506

Anyone have a link to the clothes Jill is selling? Just curious what she is selling off

No. 376507

No. 376509

People who dress in sweet lolita and fairy kei have been selling this, and it is so cringey. I hate everyone who wears those fashions.

No. 376510

Thanks fam. Those clothes are cute and totally my style but I don't need to risk buying from Jill. Don't know why she is selling them, because I think they would match her current style just fine.

No. 376512


a lot of them a poorly taken care of, so fairly cheap. She was selling a top for $5 so she at least isn't trying to rob people with prices.

No. 376524

FFS, looks like she quite literally picked shit up off the floor of her dirty room and is trying to sell them. People are buying these granny clothes up. That macaron dress is completely wrinkled because she was too much of a lazy ass to iron it before posting. The purple heart skirt has nasty brown stains on it she hasn't bothered to wash out.

Someone even paid $24 total for a used Forever 21 skirt made of hoodie material, these people…

No. 376530

I assume it's a combination of fit issues and her weird passive aggressive hatred towards lolita.
In this unboxing video of the two Ank Rouge skirts she complains that one of them is quite tight, and she was a lot smaller back then. So it doesn't seem too weird that she wouldn't fit into most of it now.

No. 376557

well, it is more tasteful to dress your age, jillian

No. 376566

But you're not a grown woman, Jill so why you mad?

Grown woman don't sit in the basement talking like toddlers and pretending to have a career.

No. 376576

No you don't understand she has a SUCCESSFUL CAREER making shitty hauls and taking money from fifteen year olds during streams and selling poorly designed shirts she's doing JUST FINE living in her parents basement rent free

Yknow unless she is trying to grub more money from her fans, then she's a poor starving artist who can't afford to do things and go places and money is tight and life is hard :'(

No. 376582

File: 1503334244228.png (155.2 KB, 750x933, IMG_2338.PNG)

No. 376584

lol Jill really likes talking about how ~thicc~ she is and about ~that waist to booty ratio~ but she looks like a brick here

No. 376591

I have to say her hair does look cute here, minus the roots and fading. The style is kind of nice. She really needs to have bangs all the time and not clip them back.

No. 376602

Thicc as a bricc

No. 376603

Jill knows this which is why she asked the con she's going to next if she could be judged separately from the rest of her friend group lmao

No. 376608

Lmao she's calls it a"baby stain" on that one skirt when the whole piece is completely discolored. Disgusting.

No. 376618

man does she need to call everything a baby or a bad boy or whatever?
during her last liverstream she was referring to herself and Kenzie as ~little pink baby uwu & little goth baby~ and it really weirded me out, does she not realize how creepy that stuff sounds

No. 376620


even in the comments on those clothing posts there are one or two where she refers to clothes as 'him' or 'boy' or something similar. It's like she has so few friends she has to personify the items she purchases to feel less lonely.

No. 376622

that. is. horrid.
as a previous shop worker that's unhygienic as fuck, plus lousy on the fish obviously.

like, this is a tattoo shop, where do they even expect to clean the tank and hygienically dispose of the dirty water to begin with tbh

No. 376624

"doing just fine"
mental breakdown after mental breakdown, still not moving out, no stable financial plans, no proper job, complains about struggling for money

I agree with the article in that you can wear whatever you want and it doesn't necessarily reflect your personality but man she doesn't make a great point by using herself as an example (which of course she has to do because everything needs to relate to her)

No. 376626

She looks smaller here (compared to usual) but lets be real, it's just because of the whale next to her

No. 376647


There was a more positive article written in ressponse:

and ironically the fantasy-inspired clothes that the negative one linked to like blackmilk or others are just graphic tees, or interestingly or thematically cut and print items like dresses and leggings. Like, since when are hibiscus print dresses toddler clothing? Hot Topic's Lilo and Stitch stuff is typical of Disney collections and it's also a store for teens and young adults. And how is BlackMilk's mermaid collection immature or childish? The Harry Potter one even looked pretty much like preppy casual outfits. It's all young adult clothing in thematic prints and stuff. I can see why people interested in alternative fashion might be upset in general when the accusations being made by the article imply that women should be shamed or judged if they're not wearing power suits.

Jill isn't a manchild basement dweller because she likes pastel and neon weeb kitsch. She's an insufferable shit because of her grating, spoiled, self-infantilizing personality. Those cutesy things are just things she's clung to because she has no sense of identity and needs something to make her feel important and special.

The way she dresses is a reflection of all of the negative aspects of her personality: poor taste, brand whoring impulse buys on things she doesn't like to try and make herself seem better than she is, fashion that isn't fashionable and unaccepting of constructive criticism or anyone being better than her.

There's a correlation between alt fashion and attention whoring efamous babies, but everyone who dresses differently is not an adult refusing to grow up and desperately clinging to childhood and dependency on their parents the same way Jill is.

No. 376655

Her career? Lmfao are you serious the lazy bitch has barely designed anything beyond subpar clown dish rag garbage with a poor fit and shitty, cheap tacky textiles. She's a joke. I went to design school and graduated with a degree in apparel design and worked as a professional tailor and pattern maker. I had to work hard and dedicate 4 years of my life to being educated in the modality of apparel design and construction and concept development. As well as working in fashion internships for well over 3 years after graduating. It triggers me so bad, that this lazy cunt has the fucking raw nerve to say she has a career she's NEVER worked for, when other people like myself have worked so damn hard at building our professional careers. Then comes along talentless hacks like Jillian Vessey trying claim that she has a career, when she is just a delusional poser. Sage for trigger

No. 376712

Nitpick but that pink with that purple is hideous. She must be colorblind.

No. 376715

File: 1503347348876.png (916.68 KB, 614x645, bRIhTnS.png)


No. 376721

oh fucking brother. witch trend really is her next thing isn't it.

No. 376723

Phallic symbol, phallic symbol

No. 376726

Isn't that a clow card?

When has she ever been able to color coordinate tho? Her outfits always look like a colorblind clown put them together

No. 376738

File: 1503349701068.png (877.81 KB, 587x479, gNl9lsVCRR65wZ6QvDWH_A.png)

Apologize for the shitty attempt used mouse, but omfg why did she arrange it in such an ICONIC pattern

No. 376760

she's summoning an artist to do her dildo wand tattoo

No. 376765


>face fatter than ever in her entire life

>arms just as fat as the bitch next to her
>figure still looks the same somehow

yeah totally not some edit, jill. we totally believe it. the face still looks BUSTED tho, you should have added filters/done some angles and what not to fix that too.

No. 376819

File: 1503361553820.jpg (344.36 KB, 612x844, MnFhSKV.jpg)

Looks like she has a sore on her tongue.

No. 376834

What's wrong with Ank Rogue? It's not even lolita, and it is supposed to have good quality. I guess Jill has gained weight.

I decided to watch the video to see vintage Jill, and it is really annoying to hear her talk about how much she ordered right off the bat. I don't mind hearing how much each item costs, because I'm curious, but putting out your total order cost is tacky.

No. 376836

I thought this was a gif, turns out she's just buffering

No. 376861


Vintage Jill just reminded me of how much less fat and more tolerable she used to be.

There was even one video where she had natural blonde and brown half and half dyed hair that looked different but still cute and not special Ed.

Her thumbnails, video music, and fashion all mirror the slow devolution of her personality into the depressing adult baby we see today.

No. 376983

…What career??

No. 377078

File: 1503409537947.png (213.13 KB, 750x1210, IMG_7855.PNG)

Her fans are delusional

No. 377082


No. 377092

File: 1503410596330.jpg (86.26 KB, 396x359, 1493773748874.jpg)

I-Is she trolling? Why is her baby talk shit just getting that rapidly worse?

No. 377094

kek, the fanart version of the tattoo looks nicer than Jill's

Also it makes Jill's arm look wayyy smaller. IRL the tattoo doesn't wrap around her arm, it just floats in the middle of that sea of flab.

No. 377119

Jill is such a woman child is she not the least bit humiliated? She has no career, she's lousy at sewing. She's in dire need of a make over, her clown aesthetic is horrible to say the least.

No. 377123


Underrated comment, this joke was gold

No. 377141

no one thought your joke was funny. you don't need to defend it lol

No. 377144

Nah it's a sakura card, it's a movie only one that never appeared as a clow card and therefore doesn't even really have any meaning? Not into it myself but the clow deck is set up so you can do fortunes with it and the cards each have a meaning like tarot cards do.

Trust Jill to do the bare minimum and a shallow meaningless card for her magic, probably because she likes the design.

No. 377152

Yeah I was going to say if she actually wanted to make this meaningful why not use a tarot card. Hell, there are plenty of variations, even a kawaii deck exists.

No. 377154

My mum used to practice Paganism while I was growing up and using the CCS cards feels kind of gross to me. Like you know shes just pulling that shit for the aesthetic.

No. 377397

File: 1503441160085.jpg (172.52 KB, 720x501, IMG_20170822_233102.jpg)

Jfc Jill calm down, if you're trying to be funny it's not working.

No. 377412

Wtf? Plural exes? As in, because she's single she's now bitter at all of them?

Does she really think it's normal to vocalize her whining about not getting her way or effectively manipulating people? Whatever happened to moving on with the new tinder girl anyway..

No. 377414

Why tho? She dumped two of them and is at fault for the last one not wanting to date her anymore. What a bitch.
I hope the new tinder gal finds her social media accounts and sees how immature she is dragging her exes and disrespecting their privacy.

No. 377415

Also samefag but how can you consider yourself a peaceful, non-dramatic, optimistic individual when you threaten violence to your exes? Even if it's just a passing joke jfc the hypocrisy

No. 377423

I think she believes they've all somehow wronged her by not being perfect boyfriends and therefore shitting on them is okay.

No. 377450

They were perfect for Jill. Tristan really liked and knew her well and supported her fashion choices and wanted to do Ouji, was educated, from a nice family, was active in her videos. Colin was a perfect cuck for a year or however long they were together, was so laid back or agreeable that he could put up with Jill and was still very affectionate and caring and he was nice enough to be gentle in the way he dumped her despite Jill being a cunt.

If you're someone as shitty as Jill, boyfriends like Tristan and Colin at least are as good as they get.

No. 377787

wow this bitch…
just imagine if one of her exes made a post like that about Jill, she'd be playing victim so hard and probably try to publicly destroy them…
I really hope that neither Tristan nor Colin ever check her social media because that shit is just upsetting. I still feel really bad for them because Jill paints them in such a bad light… ~Throw kindness around like confetti~, huh?

No. 377809

I hope a clown kicks Jill in the cunt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 377950

you must be 18+ to post here, little one.

No. 378029

So Jill got a replacement kylie palette, she called the protective foam 'foamy' or 'foamy boys' and referred to the palette as a he

No. 378040

Jesus christ(sage needed)

No. 378044

So is she trying to have a less offensive make up style now? It looks like recently she's been toning down the sticker and glitter shit, she still has those godawful pink eyebrows but otherwise her makeup isn't that ~party kei-ish~ anymore.
The palette is actually pretty nice, but I'm afraid that she bought it only because it has a birthday theme…

No. 378045

Anon she brought it for the birthday theme and will only use the color pink, come on now.

No. 378050

File: 1503515418572.png (344.88 KB, 640x480, 590.png)

Yeah, you're probably right anon. Guess it's just painful to think about yet another nice $50 palette disappearing in Jill's hoard.

No. 378054

I'm almost thirty and I also hope a clown kicks her in the cunt.

No. 378062

you must be so pleasant irl.

No. 378063

File: 1503517867568.png (120.22 KB, 1274x372, Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.5…)

But guys she's so gentle and kind to other people

No. 378066

File: 1503517979728.png (89.98 KB, 1342x360, Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.5…)

>Gives someone a 5 star review
>"Yeah I'm tots so mad I hate it I totally knew this was bad without people pointing it out to me"

No. 378105

Didn't get a screenshot, but someone called her out on not getting black lines and saying it's her fault and the comment is gone

No. 378107

As in the reply calling her out

No. 378111

I think I am. But this isn't irl.

No. 378132

How has she survived in the world this long being so scared of anyone critizing her in the slighest way. The virtual world can't protect you forever.

No. 378144

so no new video today?

No. 378149

File: 1503524760119.jpg (52.88 KB, 585x108, xhfjd.jpg)

she wanted to upload the goth transformation today but I guess she messes up on keeping her schedule every other week so I guess it's no surprise

No. 378172

File: 1503527527318.png (98.69 KB, 1724x394, Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.29…)

She deleted her response too. Jill is just too kind and soft uwu guys just yelling at people and kicking their shins and trying to hide her own stupidity and ignorance

No. 378178

Some derailers/spammers/chronic non-sagers have been banned.

No. 378250

Thanks mod

I'm waiting with bated breath

No. 378310

I am utterly shocked a strong, successful, career-driven woman like Jill didn't upload a video today, but taking every day off from work and multiple afternoon naps are important for self-care. My heart breaks for the loss of her main tendies-fetcher, Collin.

No. 378314

File: 1503543274777.png (48.98 KB, 750x266, IMG_2343.PNG)

No. 378341

who ends text convos? just go to bed lol

No. 378361

Cracking up because they gave Jill her shitty roots. Even your fans notice fatso

No. 378363

File: 1503547500347.jpg (41.23 KB, 335x538, 1463143772351.jpg)

Real talk, this is the first time seeing or hearing of this girl and she already looks like my stoner friend/drug dealer if she was fat with an unemployable hair color

No. 378388


imagine having so little to complain about (or to have anxiety about) that you post shit like this… like, this sheltered bitch really thought this was worth tweeting, gurl go to bed no one cares

No. 378445

They're gonna say "okay night"
Get some real anxiety bitch

No. 378591

No. 378603

The wig looked surprisingly cute on Jillian. I think sideswept bangs flatter her face much better than those awful straight across rainbow bangs.

No. 378604

I am 2 minutes in and I am cringing so hard. I can't decide if I hate her friend tho. I feel like she's annoyed with Jill too lol.

No. 378606

ughhh wish she found a goth friend that can actually do makeup…

she looks SOO much better as a goth jesus. That wig looks amazing (I think). Ugh getting back to that rainbow roots mess…

No. 378607

this bitch doesn't know rotary cutters are for fabric/you can't use it for everything or the blade will get dull.

Also it doesn't matter what tools she has, the bitch can't sew


No. 378615

Jill looks like she has Payot curls

No. 378616

File: 1503586670060.png (796.22 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20170824-105618.png)

Kek at Jill confirming she rarely removes makeup from her skin.

No. 378621

Why does her friend say lol like El oh el

No. 378623

2:25 the voice she makes after breaking that headband is so horrific

No. 378624

That make up makes her look like she was date rapped.

No. 378627

she's just saying the letters; 'lol' is just an acronym so it isn't uncommon to hear people say out the letters instead of pronouncing it like a word

No. 378630

File: 1503587990357.png (1.74 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3355.PNG)

No. 378631

File: 1503588006581.png (1.71 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3352.PNG)

No. 378637

I find it so difficult to stomach this vid, simply cuz Jill seems so much more childish and clueless than usual.

No. 378642

fr. I feel like she's been watching ABDL videos or something. The baby talk is getting out of hand. Why does this grown woman think she's being cute?
I usually am pretty okay with Jillian but this vid is the most obnoxious thing I've witnessed in a long time…

No. 378651

I don't think she looks good in goth, but then again, her outfit does just look like a costume and it bothers me that the blacks don't match at all. She almost seems even dorkier than usual, and that's saying a lot.

No. 378657


she still looks overall pretty bad but if she had a goth friend who was better at makeup this would suit her more than the cutesy shit she tries to pull off.

No. 378659


Being 'cutesy' isn't even the problem; Jill looked great in sweet and hime lolita and stuff and that stuff is very cute. The problem is Jill's current 'cute' look is a trashy knock off of Harajuku fashion, and she just has no idea how to dress.

No. 378661

notice how she didn't even say thank you when her dad brought her the rotary cutter :/

sage for sort of nitpick?

No. 378663


I didn't even notice; she overreacted so much you'd think it'd be a natural impulse to say thank you.

Man, she's such an ungrateful cunt.

No. 378673

her friend looks like shit so i learn towards hate

No. 378680

It is so terrible

Agree. People aren't kidding when they say that Jill's baby habits are annoying.

No. 378691

This is the cringy-est jill has been in a video imo. Calling herself a "sparkle baby" not even a minute in was a great start kek

Sage for irrelevant but this might of annoyed more than usual bc videos like this make goth out to be just a look when its a music based subculture but w/e

No. 378692

forgot my sage oops, sorry

No. 378716

The knock off AatP bag is kind of funny when you think about what a brand whore Jill was.

No. 378725

File: 1503596352893.png (309.88 KB, 500x600, 517687-1900-2015-11-19561172.p…)

The original is actually from Angelic Pretty, it's the Horror Bat bag.
And yeah, I think it's quite scummy of Jill to display a replica bag like that, especially since only a couple months ago she was all about "Harajuku designers are dying out!! uwu We have to support small indie brands!!".
She's just such a disingenuous, hypocritical person…

No. 378727


She was always a brand whore for status, not out of ethical concerns (like her originally continuing to use Jeffree Star cosmetics despite whatever drama was uncovered about him)

No. 378737

File: 1503597185427.png (567.12 KB, 648x700, rrr.png)

Jill's talk about her 'baby face' triggers me every time
to be fair I think this look is the most youthful and her age looking she's been in quite a while though
her friend just looks like an eccentric auntie though lol

No. 378743

Whats stopping her wearing shoes? ugh feet are so gross

No. 378746

underrated comment

No. 378749

Idk what you anons are talking about when you say she looks more youthful and better in this style. That """"model"""" pic of her face is terrible.

Her friend is acting much more mature and serious in the video so it makes Jill's personality more embarrassing than usual.

No. 378751

yeah i agree. she legit looks like a 40 year old at the end in that makeup and frown face. the outfit and wig just look like shit, worse than whatever the hell's going on with her rainbow pink bullshit.

her friend cant do makeup for shit but she's much more tolerable than jill. shes the only likable thing in the video

No. 378754

yeah it was really creepy, but that part still made me laugh since the headband she broke was one she made herself kek
she even sold one like that for $13 on her etsy before, great craftsmanship

No. 378771

She has always been like this!! I remember in a video she had her rainbow purse she got at the mall (probably ardenes or some cheap place like that) and she said she "insisted" that her viewers go out and support the brand names who originally designed the bags, even if it is more expensive.

She has literally never practiced what she preaches.

No. 378775

She looked so much younger when she took her makeup off, it really ages her. I like the goth look on her too though.

No. 378778

wow jill would really benefit from doing a more natural hair color and growing her hair out. The outfit isnt perfect obviously but those colors look so much better than her normal clusterfuck self

No. 378788

Oops, I thought the cross between the letters was a small "at" for AatP.

Either way it's still a knock off and still really hypocritical of her.

No. 378804

"Ooowww I broke it on my forehead!!"
cue stupid baby voice

damn.. such a hard video to watch, I cringed every freaking second
I can't believe she thinks her stupid voice and "little wordies" she makes up are cute…
plain retarded tbh

No. 378812

I noticed that too. Like really bitch? That was a sweet gesture from her dad.

I didn't even realize it was a knock-off, but I couldn't see it that well in the vid, either. Did she say it was somewhere? (I do believe you guys I'm just curious since she's always been such a brandwhore).

No. 378813

god her friend looks like she wearing a fucking muumuu. she looks like some juggalo's mom.
jill looks better goth but her usual style makes her look older. i call bullshit when she says people think shes 12. maybe cause she acts like a 12 year old.

No. 378840

she looks so much better like this. hell, just taking off those gross pink brows and rainbow hair would improve her appearance so much.

No. 378843

canadians typically don't wear shoes in the house. usually i bring little socks or slippers when at someone else's place but it's normal to be barefoot in a friend's home. sage for useless info/blog

No. 378850

So do we in the uk, but you'd think she'd put some on for the video

No. 378870

I don't get why people still get surprised to see shoeless houses/non-shoeless houses anywhere. In my experience it just depends on how much of a clean freak the person is and what kind of flooring/carpeting they have. I know some cultures are more homogenous about it one way or the other but usually it's just a mundane personal preference like using drink coasters or placemats.

No. 378894

Jill: I have a real career,I'm a fashion designer

Also Jill, in a retarded baby voice: Rotary cutters?? What are these for???

I'm fucking dead, haha.

No. 378923

Looking at >>378737 it looks like it really is the original AP bag
That and Jill likely doesn't know or care about the difference even if it was fake, because it's too goffick for her

Not to defend Jill because I whole heartedly agree she only cares about the status aspect of brand, but at the same time it's not her bag nor does it look fake so??

No. 378935

Let's be real, if the bag wasn't a knock-off, Jill wouldn't shut up about how much she spent on it

tbh, I don't know much about the bag but after a quick Google search I could tell that a lot of the replicas are shiny and sparkly, whereas the original has a more leathery look to it

original: https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/ap-horror-bat-backpack-nwt

replica: http://www.my-lolita-dress.com/angelic-pretty-angelic-pretty-horror-bat-lolita-bag-w-35

No. 378939

But like >>378923 said it's not her bag, it's Kenzie's, and Jill doesn't care about ethics so she's not really gonna give a fuck about wearing her friend's possible replica bag for one video.

No. 378941

File: 1503613073036.gif (1.34 MB, 245x150, tumblr_mtv4ycNCnG1qee6wmo4_r1_…)

I noticed that too… tbh, I think it would be nitpicky as an isolated incident, but given her history it just seems like another testament to her greedy and unappreciative tendencies. Same with the bit in her tattoo video where she denies her mother one of her four 'emergency' granola bars.

I lowkey liken her to some weird ~alternative~ version of Ja'mie King.

No. 378944

File: 1503613403617.jpg (57.14 KB, 736x358, IMG_2610.JPG)

No. 378945

Clarification for all the non Lolita's. Angelic Pretty came out with 2 types of bags. One was the glittery black with silver version, the other the matte black with gold version. There's a good chance it's fake if it's shiny and plain black. Replicas of Lolita bags are made all the time because how easy it is to copy shapes/materials used.

No. 378953

The thing she did with her face at 6:40 made me throw up a little. Someone make a gif of that for a new banner.

No. 378959

fuck she was so cringey i could barely make it through the video. what's up with all the weird tongue shit and the bouncing? to me she's trying way too hard to be the eccentric, over the top, head in the clouds lesbian friend.

No. 378996

It doesn't really look like the other bootleg versions of the bag I've seen. Maybe the camera doesn't pick up the glitter well idk
Plus Kenzie seems like she has money as well so who knows

Sage because none of this shit really matters anyways

No. 379088

thanks for the highlight reel anon. couldnt stand to sit through the entire video. what the fuck was up with the weird moaning and humming when her friend was doing her makeup? bitch what?

No. 379129

Kenzie is part of the Halifax maid cafe who have been known to sell knock offs so I don't think she's above it or anything.

No. 379131

why are non japanese maid cafes always full of fatties?

No. 379157

The maritimes are full of fatties. Kenzie is average size for a young adult in PEI or Nova Scotia (where the rest of the comm lives). There's only maybe 30 or so active members of the jfashion community (between the three provinces) and the vast majority are huge land whales, including the leaders/mods. They're all itas and actually look up to Jill for her coordinates/brand hoarding/efame.

This is why I laugh when this thread tears Jill apart for being "fat" when I know maritimers probably tell her she's too thin or needs to add some meat on her bones since skinny shaming is common in that area.

Honestly what do farmers expect from these hicks? lmao

No. 379158

File: 1503628532552.png (124.22 KB, 750x1113, IMG_3065.PNG)

What kind of pose is this???

No. 379170

I lol'd

>tongue shit and bouncing, moaning and humming
That's enough to make me vomit, thanks. Jill is so gross.

She reminds me of mollysoda here.

No. 379185

It's a precure pose because she is living magical girl desu

No. 379191

It's so shopped kek look at her figure in the mirror behind her compared to the front. Isn't she always talking about her "booty"? Yes, very thicc jill.

No. 379197

Her body is built like a brick. She needs to eat a proper diet and workout because by the time she's 29/30, she's going to be huge like Charms.

No. 379221

Here here. You explained that very well! While I do get cringey sometimes when I see older people dressing in things meant for someone much younger than them (not counting ABDLs they're just cringeworthy always), I feel like people should dress how they like and what they're most comfortable in. Because if you're comfortable, you're confident and that shows through and really does make a difference. "You wear the clothes, they don't wear you" and all that.

Like you said, it only gets cringey when someone is alternating between styles for attention rather than trying to find a look that suits them. And it's also always obvious when someone is experimenting with a style and when someone is using a style to call attention to themselves and feel like a unique snowflake.

Sage for having nothing of value to add. I just really liked this comment and wanted to let them know.

No. 379240

File: 1503637330999.png (60.68 KB, 750x383, IMG_2344.PNG)

No. 379324

Wtf? Who would wanna date Jill? Tinder dyke?

No. 379348

Please pleas put these on YouTube

No. 379351

God she only had the tattoo for 1&1/2 weeks now and she's already being so fucking obnoxious about it
Why do tattoos/tattooed girls suddenly matter so much to her?? Shouldn't she be more concerned about finding someone who can handle all of her ~great ambitious~?

No. 379372

People like Jill are the reason I went from loving, to despising anime.

Sage for blog

No. 379404

omg that nyeheheheshsh video, she sounds like charles manson doing that weird "aboooboogechehehewaawawa" shit in that one video

No. 379406

what about this is goth? it looks nothing like goth shit. her 'goth friend' sucks at makeup and is wearing a bag.

No. 379421

Molly soda doesn't deserve this

No. 379422

I don't get why you would stop liking something just because other people you don't like also enjoy it. Especially with something as relatively big as anime. Why can't you watch the anime you like without worrying about anyone else?

She had another date?

>And it's also always obvious when someone is experimenting with a style and when someone is using a style to call attention to themselves and feel like a unique snowflake.

Just curious, how can you tell?

No. 379425


this is tumblr™ goth. Because for those people means: everything in black = goth.

And yeah, the make-up is just tragic.

No. 379430

i feel anon, she's probably ashamed to be associated with people like jill

No. 379433

You can enjoy anime still, anon. It's like one of my friend always says, and kind of applies here. Love the thing, ignore the fandom/fans.

No. 379437

File: 1503673104306.png (68.7 KB, 594x485, 21032664_773703676166353_61350…)

No. 379443

We all know her 'dreams' are to own a popup store in Japan or a backup plan cat cafe. I want to see what granny clothes she got at the thrift store

No. 379451

Doesn't dream diary mean things you've had dreams about, like while sleeping?

No. 379452

Yeah, I think so

I think Jill's dreams while sleeping would be equally as boring as her ambitions

No. 379462

Oh lmao you're right anon, I forgot that was a thing. Hearing about her literal dreams would be the most boring video of all.

No. 379464

Is she not live streaming today?

No. 379465

ugh I hate people who talk about their "weird" dreams. Nobody cares about them but you gdi

No. 379487


She's live streaming now, has been for about 15 mins

currently discussing how she thinks Tinder is better than IRL dating for "queer people"

No. 379491

Purchased clothing from Jill's jfashion sale back when she posted about it. She marked the things sold and I sent her money via Paypal; said she'd send it, but hasn't said anything since.

Will keep you anons updated on how this turns out. She was part of the lolita comm for a while so I imagine if she'd fucked people over with sales it'd be out there by now?

I'm just half expecting her to be too lazy and affected by her 'mental illness guise' to get it done in a timely manner.

No. 379495

Well a lot of people on the queer spectrum do prefer online dating and apps since it's harder to meet people in person.

I doubt she would scam people outright but expect your package to be late

No. 379499


it made me laugh when she complained that non queer people/allies can attend pride but shouldn't march in the parade

>Jill: queerbaiting and pretty much faking being a lesbian and only recently dates girls to prove us wrong

>Also Jill: allies shouldn't march in the actual parade bc 'IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!!1'

No. 379514

that's rich considering she herself labelled John as an ally in her pride video and was perfectly fine with him marching with her

No. 379535

File: 1503686225467.jpg (22.71 KB, 324x486, 20255315-8774-01.jpg)

Off topic but I remember anons wondering where Jill got her pink checkered shirt, she mentioned during the livestream that it's from Ardene.


No. 379542

File: 1503687072490.jpg (52.48 KB, 800x600, 43610947.jpg)

>anons were wondering this
of course they were

No. 379546

Christ, everything is about elitism with her. She goes on about being a positive snowflake but is constantly looking to exclude others from shit like clothing brands, anime, now gay pride parades, etc… she must really think being gay is trendy if she believes pride parades would even be considered parades with how small the actual lgbt population is in her area/the world compared to hetero people.

No. 379547

Huh? There were at least two anons asking about it in the last thread.
I'm sorry for posting about it, wasn't trying to be annoying.

No. 379584

File: 1503692236883.jpg (47.31 KB, 500x437, tumblr_inline_omcxkeYzF01ryzvu…)


i'm scared of all the anons saying she looks better like this, because i definitely think she lurks this place. knowing Jill in like two weeks she's gonna pretend to be an actual goth and start posting shit like "uwu all my clothes are black like my soul"/"fuck me in edgar allan poe's grave!!"/"makeup for vampire looks!" and i already hate her so much, i don't think i could deal with it. fake punk jill was enough to make me vomit.

No. 379585


babyface??????? that's a fat face, girl. different things. she used to have sort of a babyface back in the day, but now she looks standar fat. its lost.

any other hairstyle would have made her look better than her actual hair tbh.

No. 379622

Why are her livestreams always at 2? Clearly her fans don't have day jobs but hell even when I was in school I didn't get home till 3. Wouldnt it make more sense to do it later in the day or on a weekend so more people would watch? Like wtf does she even do all day thats stopping her? You can only take so many naps.

No. 379632

Ok so I'm into magical girl stuff and even I couldn't stand Precure. It truly is for children. Pretty animation and character design but annoying as hell. Jill thinks and acts like a child so it's perfect for her. as for a Precure haul video it just seems meaningless and a just another bragging rights video. Somewhere there is a child who wanted her Precure toys and Jill robbed them of it simply because asthetics

No. 379638

Sometimes I sit here and wonder if Jill has ever actually tried any other genre of anime other than magical girl stuff. Or is willing to give other series a shot for that matter.

No. 379650

Magical girl is the only kind she probably feels is ~aesthetic~ enough for her
That and it seems obvious she likes precure and lesser known (or what she deems as) magical girl anime so she can be so original
She might like love live because it's about friendship and girls banding together but again she probably won't give it a chance because it's not cheeky kawaii kirakira harajookoo enough for her

Then again she talked about eromanga sensei and praised that which is pretty funny

No. 379679

There is nothing harajuku about Precure though

No. 379697

I don't understand why she doesn't like Tokyo mew mew. I suppose it's a BIT more mature and less sparkly? The English dub cut out all the swearing.

No. 379706

No she doesn't like conflict.

No. 379707

she flatters herself too much with that when her face is just bulky. babyface implies looking young and ive got some news for jill if she thinks her chuck e cheese dodgeball cheeks make her look young.

No. 379774

Wasn't meant to be taken literally but ok
It's more colorful than a lot of anime and the colors are totes aesthetic [insert that gross cackle she does]
Besides she's trying to appeal to the girls in jfashion who like precure which is actually a decent amount.

No. 380102

>Just curious, how can you tell?

In the way the carry themselves, usually. I've met my fair share of people whose egos rely on attention, so I guess it's easier to spot when someone is trying to call attention to themselves without… making it obvious I guess? It's all about subtlety. Look at someone who is wearing a style because that's what they've always worn vs someone doing it because it's the new trend. Not that following trends is bad, of course!

No. 380427

Sage bc kind of irrelevant but i know what you mean anon! cant really explain how but as someone who dresses alt normally its easy to tell whos doing for attention/making a big deal of it appart from those who just dress strangely. Those people deff carry themleves less confidently and seem more conscious of others looking at them ive noticed

No. 380488

File: 1503793680269.png (131.24 KB, 750x954, IMG_2348.PNG)

She's too sad to film her video today

No. 380491

There goes any hope of new video milk + anyone receiving those stained secondhand Jill clothes on time.

No. 380493

Kind of like how Jill talked about how she constantly felt everyone's eyes on her in Japan and how people were "staring" at her when it's probably just that she's insecure about her clothing and doesn't feel comfortable being around people in it.

No. 380595

wow, that's pretty sad if she's average because that girl is huge. she's got a middle aged mom body :(

No. 380622

File: 1503812598306.png (161.19 KB, 750x1017, IMG_2350.PNG)

I'm thinking she must have done something/something happened that will cost her quite a bit as she's now posting about her redbubble which she's never done before

No. 380685

Or something with the cats or tattoo?

No. 380757

Basically. For me, there are 3 types:
1. People wearing fashion for attention. These people you can you just tell by how they go thru popular trends and how they show it off.
2. People trying out fashion to see if it's their style. These people are usually uncomfortable bc it's a new style they've never worn, so they're hyperaware of attention they may recieve.
3. People who wear the style bc that's what they've always worn. They just don't care if it draws attention or not, it's what they're comfortable in.

I guess Jillian is a 2 by that anecdote. And probably partially a 1? I mean, she could always dress up for her videos and dress down other times… but I guess that wouldn't fit with the fashion and lifestyle she tells her fans she lives. Which is stupid.

No. 380764

if ~youtube is her career~ shouldn't she have a few videos backlogged so that if things come up or she gets sick or whatever, she would still have something to post??

No. 380767

>Can't attend college
Seriously doubt that, I'm sure her mom will make sure she's financially ready for college.

She probably just wants more money to spend on knock-offs.

No. 380849

Jill isn't trying out a new style though lol. She's dressed alternative/kawaii-inspired for almost 5 years now. Sure she had the hardcore punk and lifestyle Lolita phase but outside of that she's always worn mish-mashed outfits based on Japanese fashion. If you watch her "reacting to old outfit pics" video or look up her old look book coordinates you'd see how long this has been going on.

Honestly the only time she was truly consistent with a style that was flattering was her hime sweet Lolita phase and when she briefly took inspiration from Larme and himekaji Gyaru. That was from autumn 2014 to spring/early summer 2015. That was truly her peak but outside of that she's always been an absolute mess.

No. 380858

I was about to buy something from Jill when I looked closer at the photo and it just looked.. so dirty. I could find cleaner at my local Goodwill. I felt bad for the clothing!

No. 380861

I meant as in, she found out she'd have to take the foundation year

No. 380862


not that anon and I don't think you can just look at someone and tell if they're 'posing' or trying something new. And I won't say Jill doesn't enjoy her cutesy aesthetic, but she is an attention seeker and being what she considers popular and well-liked because of her aesthetic and her constant need to title or define it is probably a result of both young and sheltered and also being an attention whore.

She wants every aspect of herself to be praised, including her clothes, mediocre cosplay, purebred cats, brand name purchases, 'genderless' significant other, etc. I can see how the way she dresses is her way of wanting to be different and noticed, but she probably really does enjoy dressing the way she does as well cause she's always liked the 'kawaii' aesthetic, to the extent that she felt the need to give her 'fashion style' a japanese inspired name and call it a 'harajuku street fashion' even though she's a Canadian hick from PEI with no significant connection or contribution to that culture to warrant it.

Her clothes are just an extension of the stuff that makes Jill insufferable and cringey, not the only thing. That anon is reaching by saying you can just look at someone and tell they're posing though.

No. 380975

File: 1503857569416.png (59.36 KB, 1162x162, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 11.1…)

No. 380993

I'm going to throw up

No. 381012

Is this subs?

No. 381054

File: 1503866911536.png (88.21 KB, 200x200, 1491398299898.png)

No. 381083

she's referencing jake paul, calm down

No. 381152

File: 1503875879601.jpg (31.39 KB, 605x294, ss (2017-08-27 at 04.17.25).jp…)

No. 381154

File: 1503875911557.jpg (73.41 KB, 1200x885, DIQbFJoW4AAgy7Y.jpg)

No. 381156

File: 1503877020397.png (154.44 KB, 750x1115, IMG_2352.PNG)

No. 381160

why tag this as harajukufashion when it's all from h&m lol

No. 381165

File: 1503878333145.jpg (56.71 KB, 540x359, killme.jpg)

No. 381209

I like how no one ever draws Jill wearing clothes from their imagination, she wears the same shit irl 24/7 as in her fan art

The chola clown makeup is aging her terribly

No. 381227

the carebears bag looks so cheap it's annoying

everything about this outfit is annoying me nothing works together

No. 381262

It kinda looks like a diaper bag

No. 381315

jesus christ what the hell is wrong with her. im gunna vomit shes so fucking cringe
why didnt she tag this as party kei? if youre trying to brand something on social media wouldnt you try to pimp it at every turn?

No. 381316

Just a guess but I think she's toned down on the whole "party kei is my life" thing, in streams and videos she's mentioned that party kei is something she likes but isn't her every day style and what she likes falls more under aomoji kei?

No. 381419

Isn't she wearing this exact top in a previous pic an it's purple? did she shop it?

No. 381441

Nah she just bought it in two different colors, she showed them off during her last livestream

No. 381628


it's from dollarama lol so harajuku!

No. 381637

File: 1503930821064.png (880.46 KB, 1014x1038, Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 7.33…)

No. 381639

Couldn't get a picture where you didn't look stoned Pixie?

No. 381647

But Anon, why would Jill ever need to work hard, actually plan a schedule or be mature in any way when it comes to her 'career' when all of her fans will just lick her ass and tell her to ~take it easy & self care, it's ok if you don't have a video today!! uwu~ as long as she just makes some ambiguous post about feeling bad lol.
Seriously, both her fans and her family coddle her so much… She'll have a bad time once she actually has to take on some real responsibility.

No. 381651

Rose up from what exactly Jill? You haven't gone through anything to justify that statement. But how fitting she'd use a Taylor Swift lyric seeing as they're both thin skinned primadonnas who blame everyone but themselves for everything wrong in their lives.

No. 381665

Tf has she gone through that she needed to rise up from

No. 381669

No. 381671


She literally included something already from her Japan haul. The first thing she mentions is the used WC jacket

No. 381672

No. 381673

File: 1503936289506.png (1.91 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3484.PNG)

No. 381676

File: 1503936311292.png (1.93 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3483.PNG)

No. 381678

Her laughs (the HE HE HE) are so annoying

No. 381680

How can anyone's taste be this shit?

No. 381681


Even wearing a bright yellow shirt and eyeshadow don't make her teeth look any less yellow in comparison.

No. 381682

We literally already seen this stuff wtf

No. 381683


>mentions she didn't dry the huge blanket properly because of the size

>inb4 she has gross moldy and mildewy wool smell all over her bedroom

No. 381685

Whoever compared her to runforthecube before was on point, she's starting to sound like an actually disabled person lately wtf

No. 381687

File: 1503937268947.png (572.43 KB, 872x476, Untitled.png)

when she zoomed in on the ceramic candy shop thing i died

No. 381691

So she thrifted a purple shirt she lost, a blanket, and a ceramic thing.

The rest of the stuff was either found for her or from the dollar store.

No. 381702


literally the most boring haul i have ever watched. I just wasted 14 minutes of my life i will never get back. Should have known better before clicking tho lol

No. 381724

that and that weird laughing hiss thing she does sometimes when she's trying to act like a smug anime girl

No. 381754

File: 1503944716256.jpg (36.62 KB, 803x124, vomit.JPG)

her naps

No. 381760

what the fuck am i reading in that picture

who describes themselves/someone this way

what the fuck

No. 381783

File: 1503947993100.png (781.69 KB, 928x638, Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 3.15…)

> she won't watch Rainbow Brite, because it was an "old show" that was aimed towards children.

e_e sure jill, but precure isn't?

No. 381785


jill wanted people to come up with a back story about her "candy shop" ceramic in exchange for a "smoochie"

No. 381810

can anyone give me the link to where she's selling all her old clothes?

No. 381880


>>376507 Link is here. Read the thread next time.

No. 381882

Bitch, what the fuck

Go out and socialize before your speaking gets even worse. Every video is leading up to her downfall, I could barely watch that.

No. 381899

I hate how she overuses "y'all"

No. 381900

>i try to be retro and say i like retro stuff all the time but i wont watch rainbow brite because its "old"
shes a fucking retard. she should give all her rainbow brite dolls to collectors who are actually fans of the show instead of hoarding it when shes going to sell it after her aesthetic flops anyway.

No. 381902

or tries to sound black in general because she cannot do the accent so it comes out sounding like she's disabled

No. 381904

File: 1503959783183.jpg (120.96 KB, 600x903, 6DokiDoki-Popples-Room-02-2010…)

fuckin poser for going for the obvious mlp/rainbow brite/carebears but not the radiant and everlasting popples. 80s nostalgia poser and harajuku poser.

No. 381906


Y'all is not a black thing. It's mostly a southern US/general rural area like the midwest sort of thing and usually goes with those accents, but lots of people say 'y'all' instead 'you guys'.

She is kind of a hick being from a tiny place in the middle of nowhere and unaware of stuff normal large cities and stuff have (it was noted a few threads back after the Japan trip that she thought certain things were Japan exclusive but are common in most metropolitan areas) so it's not that surprising, unless she's never used it before and this is a new addition to her 'Jillspeak'

No. 381910

Weird nitpick but I think she wore the hat backwards in this. It has an asymmetrical shape and she wore the larger brimmed side in the back. Where it would make more sense to have the big brim in the front to shade your face from the sun.

No. 381913

I don't understand the appeal of watching a haul from thrift stores. You can't find the things she bought in the thrift store closest to you, so what's the point?

No. 381915

Sage, but yeah it is kind of annoying when people just say "y'all" is a black word. I'm from the south and it's used by everyone.

No. 381918

Eh, I think they're okay. That's why I like them kind of. You never know what people will find.

No. 381919

File: 1503960633915.png (1.62 MB, 827x941, hat.png)

sorry heres some pics for reference. Looking again she very clearly wore this backwards lol.

No. 381922


People don't always watch hauls to buy the things they like from them. Many watch them for entertainment/to live vicariously through frivolous spenders like Jill.

No. 381947

"y'all" is a big thing in sjw circles too for some reason. mentioning because it's not actually part of the small town canadiana accent.

No. 381959

Yeah exactly most people just get into haul videos for their own sake to mindlessly watch. Plus if you're a reseller/thrifter you COULD check out thrift hauls from youtubers in your area to see if that thrift store is worth checking out. Not the average viewer though obviously.

It's also just the english version of vosotros and often useful. "you guys" isn't quite the same.

No. 382002

so shes literally the definition of a poser. christ on a cracker.

No. 382039

Now that you mention Jillspeak, I find myself wanting to have a Jillspeak dictionary like there is for Yumi King.

No. 382049


'folks' is another one that i loathe. people who say 'y'all' and 'folks' are on my insta-shit list.

>inb4 thread is flooded with folks and y'alls

No. 382065

Me to. I havent replied to any of whats going on but I always picture a white southern old lady saying "y'all." Like the Paula Deen type. I havent ever associated any of whats being said with "black slang.'
HOWEVER I do think that sometimes pixie says certain things in a way thats like "sassy black lady" How thats very "in" right now and shit heads like Jeffree Star do it too. I cant give any specific examples without rewatching a video but I dont believe its anything specifically she says, just the /way/ she says it.

>also in the same vein I really hate the word "gal" or "gals" idk why but it irks me so much

>also worth mentioning I'm not from the states at all so these opinions are coming from a fellow Canadian

No. 382090

uh… i meant more the accent she tries to do and her "giirlll" thing among other words/gestures. im aware that yall comes from scottish-american immigrants who located to the south but ok

No. 382128

i fucking hate folks. there's something so sinister and disingenuous about it. not everyone is like this but so many people who use it a lot i've observed use it to soften militant sjw or even psychopathic statements. most infamous example obviously from obama.

No. 382132


Yeah, she does adopt 'sassy black girl' language at times but her accent doesn't change from what I hear. Typing and talking like a sassy poc drag queen is just the thing tons of young sjw people do nowadays.

I was just saying y'all specifically isn't a black only word. Sage because OT and slight blog but I'm black and from the American South and talk nothing like that/don't even use y'all and it's kind of annoying to say she's a poser or faking just because she does unless there's evidence she is doing it to be on trend. People sometimes speak differently than those around them or than people expect and that's not totally abnormal.

And like I said, if she has always talked that way, it's nitpicking to complain about that when Jill literally says things like "rainbees", "zippie", and "puppy supruppy". Of course call her out on it if she only just started saying it but there's more than enough word cringe to choose from, why hyper focus on a dialect when she literally obliterates the English language on a daily basis in so many other ways?

No. 382147

thats even worse wtf.

No. 382256

File: 1503987825963.png (578.34 KB, 618x768, BUEvbTS.png)

the edgy cussing really reminds me of kids who learn new 'bad words' and think its badass to say them constantly

No. 382319

What the actual fuck that's almost worse

No. 382374

File: 1504004371914.png (667.34 KB, 848x434, big mood.png)

No. 382399

Anyone else notice how much her arms jiggle now that she has a tattoo??? I wouldn't have been able to tell before but that technicolor nightmare wiggling around every time she flails her arms is hard to ignore

No. 382427

This so much. I honestly don't even notice when she says y'all because I'm surrounded by people who say it all the time. But when she obliterates the rest of the English language it is painful.

No. 382478

she better not touch popples
the people she supports are literally terrible. shows her true colours. throw kindness around like confetti, jill! lort

No. 382498

Could anyone explain what's the difference between this style and Jill's? In my eyes they are exactly the same random, 80s inspired, tacky mass of mismatched fabrics, textures and colours. It reminds me of Cindy Lauper too.

No. 382500


She's expressed in her live streams that she seriously dislikes Jake Paul. If she was referencing him it was to be ironic.

No. 382513

Idk they're both awful to me

No. 382570

Why is anyone surprised? Harajuku fashion is ugly af

No. 382613

File: 1504027189474.jpg (490.26 KB, 950x1425, 8071f72005a8c00dc80711fe8f5477…)

I'd say the difference is them being successful brand creators who worked hard as pioneers of their particular 80s inspired mismatched bright style with its own stores, clothing and jewelry line which included things that were considered must-have j-fashion items because of their unique, cute appearance, good quality and versatility, and Jill just being a self-centered imitator with no real drive other than to proclaim how lofty her goals are while only churning out middleschool-tier art for redbubble and gluing shit to dollar store headbands
More specifically in other photos of the 6% dokidoki store owners you can see that while their outfits have a very decora-inspired over-the-top feel, they usually have a much more cohesive style and color scheme, keep their hair well-maintained, etc., all things that Jill fails at.

No. 382693

nah man, it's because japan loves these flash-in the-pan wacky styles cause their culture suffocates anything different so when it comes out it turns into insanity. the real difference is the understanding of 'kawaii' that jill does not have.

No. 382725

Looking at some recent photos of Jill. Is she bulimic? What's up with the cheek swelling?

No. 382741


She's always had a doughy, round face. She thinks her jowls and saggy jaw are what gives her a 'baby face'

No. 382760

I don't think so, she gained more weight recently and sugar can make you bloat too.(knowing jill only seems to eat sugar)

No. 382885

in a past broadcast she freaked out when somebody asked why she didnt go to japan to study fashion. she replied with a "dont tell me what to do" in a very condescending tone LOL

No. 382893

this is reaching lol

this is ugly

do you know which one it was?

No. 382950

I appreciate the attempted explanation, but you do know these people started somewhere, right? Probably being as tacky and mocked as Jill. I honestly see no difference apart from perhaps age and experience making things more polished. As polished as this clusterfuck can be, of course.

No. 383095

Bouncing off on that, I do wonder how their pasts compare to Jill in terms of things like work ethic, creativity, etc. If they were looked at the same way Jill is now, they still found a way to overcome that. But I just can't see the same happening to Jill. I still think she will jump ship on this aesthetic before too long.

No. 383130

her voice is so weird in the thrift haul like she is trying really hard to sound cute

No. 383243

Most people who started off being mocked/bullied overcame their diversities though. Jill is a massive snowflake and sjw who will cry at any 'critique' someone gives her. she will never last a week in the fashion industry.

No. 383432

And if things like the photo anon posted shows their growth… there's toilet paper in the middle of the shot. Even Jill is classier than that.

No. 383494


she's nothing more than a spoiled rich girl with a shopping addiction and narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 383496

you do know that these girls were shop girls/cashiers/models, and not owners or designers, right? they didn't design anything, it's sebastian masuda. it did also take 6%dokidoki years to be hugely relevant. I don't give a shit about how jill relates to them, but please at least know what you're talking about before posting.

No. 383555

So she missed her Wednesday video.

No. 383680

Isn't it a Thursday video? At this point does she even have any set schedule tho

No. 383698

File: 1504184365296.gif (1.93 MB, 203x203, totemoharajuku.gif)

No. 383733

I can't stop watching this

No. 383736

She claims to upload every Saturday and Wednesday

No. 383893

File: 1504207748985.png (164.53 KB, 750x1051, IMG_3058.PNG)

Wow she's boring

No. 383902


It's so obvious to me that she chose that tattoo place because she wanted to show it full front to the cameras without it being covered when she wears short/regular sleeves. It's the only reason for having it on such a random place. I understand wanting to show off your tattoos, but c'mon.

No. 383910

lmao this really goes to show how far removed she is from regular life stuff/having to do any chores
like who the fuck gets excited about an iron?
imagine if she ever actually moves out, will there just be endless posts introducing her 'uwu babies' aka regular household items?

No. 383918

File: 1504210091335.jpg (92.4 KB, 540x720, IMG_2391.JPG)

She posted some progress pics onto her cosplay Facebook page

No. 383933

Who gives an iron a name

No. 383934

Wow that looks wonky. What magical girl is it supposed to be?

No. 383939

File: 1504211587315.jpg (657.06 KB, 756x643, Cure.Whip.full.2062388.jpg)

Cure Whip from KiraKira… not seeing it myself tho

No. 383940

File: 1504211623184.png (58.15 KB, 215x260, IMG_3061.PNG)

No. 383941

Jill did Lolita, how does she not know how layering works?

No. 383948

cant wait until she cries on camera about some cosplay competition she wouldnt even win with this on

No. 383951


I actually thought her Cure Flora cosplay was alright. Not super accurate and nowhere near good enough to justify her gigantic ego, but not bad.

This one is almost fucking Asherbee-tier though.

No. 383955

I made a temporary thread for tomorrow; https://temp.lolcow.farm/b/105

No. 383956

No. 383958

Just in case. You never know when emergency milk will spill.

No. 383961

File: 1504214407158.png (99.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5514.PNG)

can we just take a minute to think about how extra this reply was
like get a grip it ain't personal and you aren't funny or inspirational for getting faux offended at a joke

safe for nitpick

No. 383964

I could see this maybe being better if she made the white part longer and not that god awful shiny fabric.
It's like her cosplays are getting progressively worse

No. 383971

File: 1504215723548.png (95.19 KB, 750x788, IMG_2393.PNG)

No. 383975

What is with lolcows and "my dude"?

No. 383979

it's a tired tumblr meme, like "smol bean"

No. 383988


1. >safe
2. You didn't sage
3. This is a reach, she seems like she's joking too

No. 384018

Agree. I thought people were being too hard on that one. This one looks ridiculous though.

No. 384067

File: 1504983607411.png (188.2 KB, 586x803, e75fcdc82d8af73d76e5f681a41603…)

Going to be posting stuff from when the site was down

No. 384068

File: 1504983622230.jpg (168.88 KB, 577x1024, 64475185726d6efb7cbbf8a0c664e3…)

No. 384069

File: 1504983633893.jpg (152.68 KB, 750x919, 4d850370f2db9cda072697d3ad7cda…)

No. 384070

Summery of her stream from last Thursday
>Quit job because youtube was treating her so well
>Liked working there because she wanted the discount and it made it get out of her house
>”I’m a full time youtuber now”
>Scared to not have a schedule/ Have to much free time and get depressed
>Can film two videos and edit them in a day
>Bought a new planner
>Might try and do three videos a week, or just put more effort into editing videos
>Is sick, but also sore from going on a bowling date
>Okay with using stuff that Tristen bought her now (Is totally over him)
>”The music video for look what you made me do is the best thing of all time”
>Has a zit that won’t go away, upset because people always tell her she has perfect skin and doesn’t know how to cover it up
>Had plans to merry Colin/live “forever” with him

She also complained about being sleepy the entire time and only streamed for 45 minutes

No. 384071

File: 1504983768002.jpg (367.09 KB, 586x806, 320e852e4e283c81bcac02db9eeddc…)

No. 384072

And her latest video

No. 384082

File: 1504985764018.png (225.64 KB, 400x300, tumblr_olphg3O54A1tovmb9o2_400…)


>just quit her job

>immediately starts wasting money on the ugliest expensive clothing possible
>pedophile coat alone was 265 dollars

what could possibly go wrong? no but seriously fuck this spoiled child. fuck this.

i know people with alternative styles that have to make all of their own clothing. they have little interest in fashion but they get good at it because they practice making so much clothing (since its too expensive to buy the designer shit). than this bitch who swears that "My dream is too make my own clothing!!" never seems to be doing shit. she has no creativity, she barely ever posts about her projects, she never seems to be wearing her own creations. its always the cheap shit she got at forever 21 and some 300 dollar coat/shoes she got for no reason. she's never ever going to get good at her "dream". she never seems to be working on it!! she's too busy buying fucking 200 dollar bags and shit. i can't stand it.

jill really makes me think about the phrase "Great Art Comes From Adversity". she NEEDS it. like nothing ever happens with her, she's too busy shopping and posting "kawaii" pics. its so frustrating cause she has all the resources in the world to be making her own projects but she's never doing shit.

like, get a job jill. can't wait for when she's like in her 30s and still living with her mother and asking her for money and shit…. in fact, doesn't his brother already live like that? fucking parasites, dog

No. 384092

File: 1504988800941.jpg (57.45 KB, 680x684, IMG_2065.JPG)

>sneeky peeky

No. 384097

tbh I really hope that one day she'll actually get on Project Runway
she keeps calling herself a designer but what has she even created on her own this year?
I know there was that cringey birthday outfit which she never ended up wearing, and then Pretty Cure cosplay?
a lot of her fans actually seem interested in seeing her sewing stuff yet she never listens to them despite wanting to be a ~pro youtuber~ so badly
her reasoning for it before was that 'she doesn't want to share any of her secret techniques :^)' but she never shows any finished garments either
it reminds me of a little kid pretend playing to be an astronaut or something lol

No. 384107

Jillian impulsively spends $265 on an ugly coat that won't suit her body type in the slightest and then tries to rationalize it by bringing up lolita for no reason
She's starting to bum me out a little and I don't know why

No. 384117


everything she bought is so ~90s kid~ try-hard and it's all going to look like shit on her.

Especially those pants and that coat.

No. 384122

I don't know Anon, I think those sweatpants will look extremely flattering on her short stumpy legs.
Really though, those seem quite different from her usual 'style', can't imagine that they'll be worn often.

No. 384152

File: 1504997903619.jpg (130.16 KB, 1200x672, DJN71OpXgAATDtG.jpg)

Jillian makes a cameo in Bojack!

No. 384157

Her brother is in university, I'm pretty sure. He works part time at that hobby shop, but I understand why their parents are supporting him.

No. 384170


What ep is this? Sage for off topic

No. 384177

Either the second or third ep of the fourth season, iirc

No. 384178

I always thought it was a jab at moomoo

No. 384213

Tbh I was yearning after that coat and I got a great deal on it, 50% off, got it in the mail, it looks horrible on. Fucking terrible. I'm around her height and it definitely looks like shit on anyone who is shorter than 5'8 or chubby. But of course she never thinks about what will suit her body type, it just needs to be "unique" and kawaii.

No. 384296

File: 1505019213339.png (139.19 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5771.PNG)

So queer. Featuring mascara on her eye lid

No. 384355

Does it bother the fuck out of any on else there's a huge gap around her eyebrows where she must have wiped off her cover up without blending it back in ?

No. 384360

Jill is a hack

No. 384368

If you're talking about the extra line above her brow, they're wrinkles

No. 384390

File: 1505046447295.jpg (156.12 KB, 737x1024, IMG_3400.JPG)

Stop getting angry at media for literal kids Jill

No. 384431

File: 1505054507490.png (47.45 KB, 750x238, IMG_2449.PNG)

No. 384433

No do not want

No. 384435

File: 1505054834567.png (68.8 KB, 750x486, IMG_2451.PNG)

She is really avoiding doing any sewing related videos, and looking at her progress pics it's really likely because she doesn't have a clue what she's doing and doesn't want to get called out on her shitty sewing skills. (Also she doesn't have a cosplay Instagram it's a Facebook page 10/10 job pixie)

No. 384436

File: 1505054905636.jpg (134.07 KB, 720x960, IMG_2452.JPG)

No. 384438

Aren't more and more of her subscribers noticing that her haul videos are overdone and boring? I see a lot of people asking for sewing videos who she conveniently ignores.

I think all of us have the impression that Jill constantly buys clothes because she's hoarding new shit biweekly, but she actually doesn't have that many clothes… I am certain she has 0 basics in her closet. She buys so many stupid trendy statement pieces that are the most expensive she could find, then wears them for a few weeks, and no one ever sees them again. She sucks at fashion so much.

No. 384443

I see her IC's are no longer important

No. 384447

Watch her use that poll as an excuse to buy even more useless shit.

There is more to fashion than haul videos jill. How uncreative can you be.

No. 384453


Gotta love that in her feedback poll she only had the option of "fashion videos" (which could really mean sewing or haul videos) and when that option was the one that won she used it as an excuse to buy more tacky dollskill shit she'll wear for a week and then dump on her bedroom floor. Very sly, Jill.

No. 384454

She set the poll up this way. It's basically, "Should I buy more things?" "Yes (fashion), yes (anime (merch)), yes (makeup), or yes (anything)"

No. 384458

File: 1505059546287.jpg (164.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

this is looking awful what the fuck

No. 384459

he friend looks like a homestuck cosplayer who grew up but didnt stop loving homestuck/that girl purple troll thing.

No. 384464

Yeah it actually looks like shit, her sewing skills are getting worse with every costume wtf.
The proportions look completely off, the skirt doesn't even look like it could fit a petticoat, I wouldn't even have recognized the 'strawberries' on her skirt if I didn't see the original design.
Can't wait to see the full group cosplay, considering that last time Jill's costume was by far the best lol…

No. 384466

Right? The "strawberries" on the skirt look like circles. Idk why the hell shes choosing satin for everything. Skirt is wayy too long and not the right poofy shape. This costume is a disaster so far. And she needs it complete for the end of sept iirc for HALcon

No. 384467

File: 1505060095311.jpg (36.34 KB, 720x960, 21191947_1538362826214507_8086…)

why did she do a red chest bow and strawberries too?

No. 384471

File: 1505060395391.jpg (142.12 KB, 799x1200, C8ePN0IUAAErGc_.jpg)

If you compare this to the character outfit from the live shows it looks really awful. I don't know how she's going to save this and I really wonder if she seriously thinks it looks okay. The skirt is way too narrow a long compared to the overskirt part

No. 384472

I think she could keep it that long if it was to be wider and shaped well enough to contain a huge petticoat or hoop skirt which looks necessary to be accurate. Plus the white thing is way too short.

No. 384473

File: 1505060517870.jpg (84.35 KB, 640x427, 71243625a905b63cc705cc89649865…)

Lol is that the strawberry that's supposed to go on her chest bow? All of the colors are gonna clash so badly, when she showed a wip of the bunny ears before it looked like she picked pink sparkly fabric for them, it's gonna look awful together with the rest.
Also it only takes one sec to google a reference sheet and see how wrong those strawberries on the skirt look, what was Jill thinking??

No. 384474

File: 1505060706963.jpg (392.71 KB, 1536x2048, 21167816_1538362972881159_2863…)

She had to draw her own reference because she's such a ~fashion designer~

No. 384475

Lmao are you kidding me?
Jill is so fucking full of herself, it's painful

No. 384477

God, that's awful. You can see she didn't even bother sketching out the body before drawing the clothes with how wonky the legs are. It seems like she keeps getting worse at both art and sewing.

No. 384481

Which really is ironic because she drew the design wrong anyways. The placement of the strawberries on the skirt are really off and it looks like she's doing two rows of buttons on the top even though she only has the one.

No. 384483

This drawing is atrocious. So not only can she not sew but she can't even do the basic design sketches necessary for admission into almost any fashion school

No. 384484


my bad, i remember reading here that he was a neet or something of the sort. i expected jill's future to be like that.

No. 384485


No. 384486

These live action shows are terrifying

No. 384489

>I only take baths
Jill confirmed for literally never showering. Now we know why she is always so greasy.

No. 384495

File: 1505063098068.jpg (106.96 KB, 797x569, Cure.Twinkle.600.1832253.jpg)

In her last stream Jill mentioned that she's going to cosplay Cure Twinkle next year, so I guess there's even more awful cosplay to look forward to as well…

No. 384496


I still don't understand why the shirt is ONE piece? I mean it's pretty clear that the actual outfit has several skirts? I'm not a sewfag but how can't she see or are willing to make it the right way? I just don't understand. And the choice of fabric make it look even more like a cheap knock-off halloween costume …

No. 384498

Oh fuck no.
For info, this character is a model who dreams of becoming a world class top model, and does fashion designing as well.

This reminds me this whole season of precure is very much about working hard towards your dreams… Jill is so fucking blind, she pretends to idolize a show about working hard and then sleeps all day.

No. 384507

Summery of her stream from last Friday
>Next tattoo is going to a pretty cure one
>Wants “Strong, Kind, Beautiful” from precure with a wand or that around a bouquet
>Hate’s eating in front of people
>Isn’t planning on changing her hair anytime soon
>Gets scared by some episodes of pretty cure
>Thinks you have to speak French if you live in Canada
>Her mom said she looked like a dyke when she got her mohawk shaved (seven years ago)

Thats pretty much it, a lot of it was her playing with the cats/talking about stuff she’s already talked about.

No. 384509

I don't get why Jill is so obsessed with Precure. It's a kid's show. I like some kids stuff, but not enough to get it tattooed on me, especially for a series that I got into as a teenager. Jill is basically a brony at this point.

No. 384510

lol she really is like a brony, she was even talking about how she wants one of the PreCure characters to be her wife

No. 384511

basement dwelling neet brony, Jill really is the scum of the earth

No. 384614

I've never seen precure but how can a grown woman get scared of a literal children's cartoon…

No. 384615

>Her mom said she looked like a dyke when she got her mohawk shaved (seven years ago)

thats surprising seeing how louise seems to tip-toe around jill…

No. 384621

Yeah Jill mentioned before how her mom never liked her punk phase/was super happy once Jill switched to Lolita and became more girly, guess that's one of the few things that her mom isn't overly agreeable with lol

No. 384625

Wait…… what, are you serious. I couldn't even tell by my 13th glance.

No. 384636

File: 1505077500534.png (345.09 KB, 491x637, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 4.04…)

No. 384640

Nice aesthetic jill

No. 384645

lol this screenshot is the epitome of jill

>too lazy and dumb to doublecheck her work for anything

>still feels entitled to endless praise and asspats

No. 384653

this is actually painful to look at
probably the ugliest 'aesthetic' I've ever seen

No. 384657

so…ripoff 80s? nice Jill, so original

No. 384672

She is like her precure characters : believing in fairy tales, talking loudly, making annoying noises, wearing children's clothing,etc minus the kawaii part.

No. 384685

I'm currently watching her old Lolita videos and omfg she used to be so normal and spoke like an actual human

No. 384724

>>384685 its been said a million times but god she looked so much better back then. i just rewatched her larme video and its so much tolerable/better than her current shit

No. 384727

Didn't she already do flora? Also her flora was pretty decent. Why doesn't she just wear that again and have her group do the other characters.

No. 384728

File: 1505092416657.jpg (1.57 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1289.JPG)

Do this while I was out. Jill is so creative. (They were also printing it onto bags and such)

No. 384766

I saw this and wanted to take a picture but there were 8000 tourists around it.

No. 384768

File: 1505099401839.png (310.21 KB, 1176x818, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 8.09…)

No. 384772

File: 1505099870271.png (63.22 KB, 248x196, tumblr_o8dxs8MICt1vrnccvo3_250…)


>Hate’s eating in front of people

honestly i imagine that people do stare at her when she goes out to eat, but mainly just because she dresses like shit. she has an ED though so i can't blame her for feeling insecure about this.

>Gets scared by some episodes of pretty cure

i don't buy it. she wants to be a child so badly, its beyond creepy. jill, you don't have a babyface, you don't look young, and you don't get scared watching kid stuff. stop it. its fake. you're an adult.

>>Thinks you have to speak French if you live in Canada

Again with this french shit? Jill YOU don't know french. you lied about this. you've never spoken french in your channel because you can. its fine. let it go. we know you can't speak french or japanese for that matter. stop.faking.shit.

>Her mom said she looked like a dyke when she got her mohawk shaved (seven years ago)

i imagine she's only mentioning this right now because she's being pushing really hard her lesbian image. sorry, you broke up with a man less than six months ago, please stop acting like you died for lesbian rights. no one has persecuted you and you've never gotten into trouble because of your sexuality. you get stared at because you have sitty haircuts, move the fuck on.

she's so forced and fake its exhausting.

also fuck all of her fans for always telling her "Please talk more about Pretty Cure! i don't watch it but its nice to hear you talk about it". now she's never going to shut the fuck about it. she thinks people actually care, its the worst.

No. 384777

File: 1505100450645.png (66.54 KB, 1170x500, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 8.26…)

Don't worry anon, both her supposed interest in only women and her speaking french (and japanese) are on her facebook so they must be true

No. 384781

oh fuck off and grow up jill, you willingly chose to quit your job in order to get an extra 8 hours of naps in every week, and everyone knows youtube isnt a stable source of income. she will never take responsibility for anything she does and will whine about shit endlessly when she doesnt get her way, forever.

and jfc, the forced mentions of her being totally 100% lesbian are so embarrassing and kind of enraging, and i'm not even gay myself. this bitch is really trying to be the biggest special snowflake around and can't resist joining the ~aesthetic~ rainbow lgbt club on a whim because a dude hurt her feefees once. the gay label is just another excuse for her to be a bigger attention whore and get on her high horse when people offend her… also probably to buy more useless junk.

No. 384788

She goes on and on about how she wants to be a fashion designer, but has YET to make a single item in her wardrobe to wear out/display. Most people her age into that career path start NOW. It's easy to learn how to sew basic patterns and take it from there, but Jill seriously just spent $300+ on an ugly pink coat she could have made for less than $50…

No. 384793

The costume itself is simple enough, but I can't see Jill making such an elaborate wig. I bet it will be flat as fuck, or ratty from her over processing it.

No. 384816

It will be a flat pink clip on twintail wig.

No. 384821

I'm sorry for derailing but what does her tweet abt ads & pewdiepie mean? I don't keep up with youtubers like at all but that sounds very milky.

No. 384822

So she claims to care about social justice but only is annoyed at PewDiePie because she thinks what he said might cause stricter video regulations and not because it was racist? Ok Jill.

No. 384827

pewdiepie said nigger in a stream

No. 384830

"What a fucking nigger," to be exact

No. 384861

Hey ottawa anon wanna be my friend?

No. 384869

>I see that new iron is getting a whole lot of use
>skirt has absolutely no volume, how does she not understand this as a former lolita
>that dressform is DEFINITELY not her size and is also not meant for sewing, it's some display/decorative bullshit
>Using shiny satin is like cosplayer sin #1, i hope no one takes a photo of her with flash

No. 384872


She still had her yellow teeth kek
But yeah, she generally looked (and acted) better.

No. 384875


Holy fuck, she knows japanese ~so well~ that she wrote  日語 (nigo?) instead of 日本語 (nihongo). Bravo, Jill. Bet her french is as good as her japanese.

No. 384879

This is after Lolita and this hair looked waaaaaaaaaay better on her

No. 384918

The Wiccan thing is cracking me up, bc like…when does she ever do witchcraft. Most Wiccans I know make it a large part of their lives - she just wants the points for it. I'm saying this as someone who doesn't give a shit about that, it just comes off as so tryhard, like everything else.

Also, I really wish she would just go back to one color for her hair. I don't think it'd matter too much what it is, but I think it'd help pull her look together. I feel like she should try doing more colorblocking if she still wants all this bright shit.

No. 384921

I'm sorry, but like, at this point who cares anymore. Pewdie is notorious for pulling that shit. He's an idiot for doing it, but it's his life and his channel to fuck up.

No. 384923


>Tfw you're a normal straight (maybe bisexual) Canadian girl but that's not aesthetic enough

Fucking 2/6 of these things are true. Holy shit Jill

No. 384926

So we can both hate on Jill together? Ye

No. 384930


she's the worst type of people, i swear. she wants to be "special" so badly

No. 384974

We have the same birthday. I can't believe I'm a year older (she's 19 right?) She looks waay older but acts 8.

Sage for pointless

No. 385008

To be honest I found her pretty annoying even back then, especially in this Lolita quiz video she did with Tristan. She seems kinda bratty and childish but back then she was 16 years old so that stuff was still easier to look past.
It's pretty depressing to see she hasn't matured at all or rather even regressed, especially with all of her recent baby talk shit/annoying noises she makes…

No. 385013

File: 1505152663952.png (37.56 KB, 750x194, IMG_2465.PNG)

No. 385021

At least when she liked something she didn't go "oooh ooh I like iiiiiit"

No. 385022

This comment screams "I'm a 13 year old straight girl who just made a tumblr", right down to the Phan icon.

No. 385024

I don't understand her logic because according to her poll 60% said they'd watch anything she makes, and people keep asking her to make videos about her hobbies. Just say you want to do hauls again Jill, it's ok.

No. 385027

Felix is one of the biggest creators on the site though, he's representative for everyone and after his huge WSJ fiasco last year YT ads basically imploded and a lot of advertisers pulled out, so a lot of creators lost a ton of their income.

Sage for OT YT talk

No. 385085

Jill. No one cares. The fuck is included in those - video got corrupted again?

No. 385106

She still gives off that "I really love to hear myself talk" feel (most of her actions and speech pattern/expressions come off as calculated to me), but she is so much more bearable. How can you be less annoying as a teen than as a young adult. Youtube truly does make people act like caricatures of themselves.

No. 385186

File: 1505174768289.png (594.82 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8975.PNG)

i was watching a noodlerella video and came across this putrid comment from jill. she's such a sperg, god

No. 385188

>she's one of those types
of fucking course

No. 385191

> Today we are going to Taka-shita–dori
Don't even try Jill.

No. 385198

Bitch, your dumbass can't even pronounce "Clow" right. You're the last person who should be jumping on anybody about pronunciation.

No. 385311

She pronounces "clow" just fine. She says a million words incorrectly, and you manage to choose one that she says right lmao

No. 385351


No. 385357

In what world is clow pronounced "clo"?

No. 385359


Her mom has a cat instagram

No. 385361


No. 385374

Japan. You know that country that made the show.

No. 385399

Someone gives those poor cats a normal home

No. 385403


No. 385409

lol not even just Japanese words, people corrected her on the way she said 'adhesive' before so now whenever she says the word she has to passive aggressively mention that people told her she said it wrong, pretty hypocritical of her to be just as nitpicky

No. 385435

It's not a Japanese word, you stupid fuck. There is a reason why it's in katkana. She's not a native Japanese speaker so she should be saying it in the English pronunciation.

No. 385442

The English word "clow" and the "clow" in Clow Cards have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

It's pronounced "clo" in the Japanese show. She never watched the American dub growing up. Why would you expect her to pronounce it a different way?

No. 385493

Pretty sure she says it the English way in the sealing scenes. I can remember that plainly in my head. Dunno about the rest of it though. Maybe I've somehow just overlooked it because I watched the dub as a kid myself

No. 385503

Guys stop derailing

No. 385505

File: 1505231287037.png (143.21 KB, 750x1013, IMG_2472.PNG)

Trying to sell her redbubble designs

No. 385507

File: 1505231414940.jpg (160.04 KB, 750x1016, IMG_2474.JPG)

But admits she messed up the design

No. 385509

File: 1505231647558.jpg (23.21 KB, 515x515, 1470507608107.jpg)

>it's off center for "some reason"

lol Jill you're the person who made the fucking design, how about fixing it then?

No. 385510

Off topic and also not Ottawa anon but what does the poot mean? I've seen people use it before but never understood

No. 385514

File: 1505234105642.png (1.28 MB, 1095x785, grandma.png)

No. 385519

Wiggly IG brows? Unicorn cum? Ectoplasm??

No. 385533

File: 1505237540772.jpg (168.66 KB, 750x1040, IMG_2476.JPG)

No. 385534

i don't know anything about dyeing hair, so pardon me for asking but what's the deal with the plastic wrap? is this just a weird jill-ism or something that people do when they color their hair?

No. 385535

You gotta leave it in your hair for a while (20min or so). Maybe she doesn't want anything to get full of colour while moving around.

No. 385543

ah okay, thanks for explaining anon

No. 385554


Also it stops the dye from drying out. Some people leave manic panic or other vegetable based dyes on for hours since they'll stick better.

No. 385559


It also helps to keep all the different colors separated. It looks like she put a different layer over the purple then put the bangs over and covered those as well.

No. 385564

It's not always about fixing it, there is a margin of error on those types of prints

No. 385568

and one more reason is that the plastic wrap generates a lot of heat which makes the colour 'take' better and faster to the hair

No. 385578

File: 1505243609850.jpg (690.04 KB, 1600x2400, IMG_2479.JPG)

No. 385584

Serious question. Why is she so damn bad at getting her roots colored.

No. 385587

I see she's finally going grey

No. 385588


idk but she should honesty stop with those awful rainbow bangs and just dye everything in ONE colour. Even when everything would be in that purple shade, it would be much, much better than this hot mess.

No. 385591


The plastic also holds heat which helps the dyeing process (should only be done with deposit only dyes).


It looks like she did not bleach before she dyed.

No. 385594

Her skin looks absolutely awful… how does she already have so many fine lines and wrinkles?

No. 385597

>big boy video
Her language choices shock me every time.

No. 385606

I love how she used to talk so much about roots and now she doesn't care at all

No. 385637

She doesn't take care of her skin very well. She thinks she has perfect skin because she doesn't get pimples and thus doesn't need basic skincare like washing your makeup off properly.

No. 385642

did she miss that massive patch by her ear on purpose or… ?

No. 385672

what do you think

No. 385673

Patchy and awful. As expected.

No. 385687

It's a slight improvement from the godawful eyesore pink she had before, but still pretty shitty. I think of all the colors she's dyed her hair, the blue was the most flattering. Cool tones suit her nicely.

I think Jill would genuinely look cute if she grew out her hair past her shoulders, ditched the blunt bangs, and stopped straightening her hair. And obviously, no pastel vomit dye, but that's not special or ~aesthetic~ enough for her.

Sage for nitpicking.

No. 385707

She looks really good blonde

No. 385711

The bright neon rainbow bangs look pasted on to her more pastel-colored head. Also that eyebrow penciling and color is atrocious. Together with the eyeshadow she has 4 different shades of purple on her head alone.

No. 385717

why doesnt she hire someone to touch up her hair/roots? she can clearly afford all the overpriced rags she buys so im sure making a hair appointment once every six weeks wouldnt bankrupt her

No. 385726

well the one time she went to a hairstylist was before Japan because she wanted to ~look her best~ and have it actually look decent for 2 weeks, so I guess usually she just doesn't care enough to actually spend the money?

No. 385826

Take those autistic shots over weeb pronunciation when you can Jill, lord knows your jobless ass has no other skills or achievements to be proud about.

No. 385828

I changed my name to this in the meantime before anon sends me request, but poot is basically a joke about this demi lovato picture and people calling it her lesser known sister "poot"

No. 385831

I think she considers herself a beauty guru or some shit with all the makeup and hair color vids she has, so I assume she thinks shes too good for a stylist (the japan trip was an exception). Shes got no issues acting high and mighty about shit she has no clue on frequently so i dont think its a stretch to say

i was expecting either this or something poutine related

No. 385846

This argument was already settled higher up in the thread/in the last thread. You can check there or google the sealing scenes in both languages if you care that much. Sage for ot.

No. 385918

She uses fucking box bleach which is why her roots are never light enough, but she re-bleaches her whole head every time she dyes so her hair is a fried, shitty, patchy mess

No. 385939

Ignoring how awful the dye job is and how haggard those colors make her look, I just feel really sorry for her poor hair.
She should really give it a break with the constant dyeing and bleaching sometime, especially since her natural hair color looks way cuter.
Getting an actually nice professional haircut would help a lot too…

No. 385960

Reminds me of when I'd fuck up trimming my own bangs. Looks dreadful.
Box bleach isn't inherently bad in itself but damn she has no idea what she's doing here

No. 385980

alot of box bleach is 20-40 volume and is way too strong for what she does with it over and over again.

No. 386091

No. 386099

I don't think I ever spent that much money in one sitting at her age, especially not on such hideous stuff.

I wish she'd invest in some decent, non-loud staples and not tacky clothes she's going to forget about in a month.

No. 386100

That jacket is grotesque. Jill should never have spent that much money on that hideous monstrosity. I had a furry hot pink jacket that was almost a similar length back when I was in junior high mind you it was 2001 all I wore was hot pink and I actually ended up going to fashion design school after I graduated high school and learned it was a gross fashion faux even then.

No. 386104

hideous clothes aside, i feel like she was more tolerable than usual.. i maybe actually enjoyed it lolol

No. 386105


Somebody please gif the dancing parts in this one

No. 386110

As much money she blows on this garbage, you would think she would at least buy one trashy truly designer dud from Versace or Vivienne Westwood to say the least.

No. 386113

i'm a tacky person, so i actually didn't mind some of the stuff she bought (if the jacket were shorter and didn't have the face i'd probably buy it tbh) but i think it looks bad because jillian isn't a good stylist and doesn't own any basics, plus her hair and makeup are always clashing. there's a way to do this sort of look and jillian just isn't really there.
also she looks autistic when she dances.

No. 386116

Holy shit I can't believe she admitted the clothes cost her 600$ and another 40 bucks at the door.

Goes to prove her 3k shopping spree in tokyo wasn't really a one off kinda thing.

No. 386118

"And I like that everything I got kind of goes together,,,"

She didn't have anything in her closet to match that heart print shirt

No. 386119

Seriously where does she get the money for this stuff. She dropped almost my entire months rent on four items…There's no way her youtube is paying out this much??

I really wish she'd lose those glasses too ugh.

No. 386123

> "if you follow me on twitter at pixieelocks, with three es or two"
found it bad that she doesn't even remember her own handle
> material is some kind of satin, silk or something…
for a fashion designer, she needs to read up on her fabrics

question- if jill wasn't so switchy switchy with fashion, what would have made her less of a cow?

anon asks because anon's lifestyle was similar to jill but didn't make it public?

she could have a credit card paid by her parents.

No. 386129

Jill is never ever gonn wear those tacky ass sweat pants. Never. Why the fuck did she eve buy those. She was insecure about the embroidery from the beginning… she can't relate to the quote because she's a "lesbian now" and they're too big.

No. 386139

File: 1505332984414.png (239.68 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20170913-130127.png)

No. 386142

File: 1505333154014.png (259.67 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20170913-130206.png)

No. 386145


how do y'all watch her vids? i only watch a few of them to keep up with threads, but i can't stand them.

its the most mundane shit. its just seeing the shitty clothes she bought. and those amazing look books where you see more of the clothes she bought. and hey look at this precure shit that i bought. and look at this shoes i bought. and the makeup i bought. and look at the things i bought in July or whatever.

like fuck. how boring can you be. you base your entire persona on being this colorful unique girl. but you're actually the least creative or interesting person on the planet. she bores me to tears, i cannot imagine being subscribed to this bitch and actively getting excited when she uploads.

No. 386146

> bought a large because "i got a booty"
> too loose

No. 386147

File: 1505333633407.png (1.53 MB, 964x768, why.png)

No. 386149

why do all of these tumblr weebs have such a problem with personal hygiene…
I think taking regular showers and keeping your clothes clean should be your top priority as a beauty guru/fashionista

No. 386150

Seriously, she's such an idiot. Her butt doesn't even look that big in the try on. Why does she always buy stuff in the wrong size and not bother exchanging it?

No. 386152

Her yellow teeth match the pit stains on her dress

No. 386158

File: 1505334583937.png (244.63 KB, 750x1024, mrs thicc but only on her boot…)


>"i got them in a large because i have a booty nervoulsy looks somewhere else"

What? Where? When? Jill is built like a sack of potatoes, girl please. You don't have a booty.

>"its weird cause… i got the coat in a small"

well obviously, its meant to be huge. its a novelty item, jill, sizing is irrelevant.

>"the tops in a small and uh… small… yeah i got everything in a small!"

oh fuck off. she's all about body positivity and what not but she cannot admit the fact that she's getting chubbier. i don't think she looks fat, mind you, but she could eaaasily be a medium. she can keep yelling at us "I'm a small i swear i swear" but i think we can all agree that a medium wouldn't hurt her… she always uses coats and high waisted shit to hide her gut, but if you look at her arms you can tell she's getting bigger.

i wouldn't notice, but it was hard not to because she was so clearly insecure about it. it was awkward to watch imo. you don't need to tell us your size jill, move along. i don't see why she bothered.

pic realted, the booty queen herself. small petite princess with an ass! hide your men, gurls!!

No. 386160

Lots of people try to avoid bleaching their roots as frequently as needed when they have non-traditionally coloured hair to mitigate damage, the longer your roots the less likely you are to overlap and accidentally double process hair you've already bleached.

Most people, myself included back when I had it, use a dye that's dark/pigmented enough to partially cover their roots so you get more of a dark to light ombre effect, until they bleach them to match the rest. It can look purposeful and good if done correctly.

Jills hair is a poofy mess though, she's overprocessed the fuck out of it and it needs cutting off, her waiting to bleach her roots has not helped at all.

No. 386161

it's so strange to me Jill is still trying to convince herself she's a small. I'm a little less chubby than jill (same height) and even I'm willing to admit I'm a medium sometimes large.

No. 386162

Imo beyond being immature, sheltered and pretty cringeworthy there's nothing seriously wrong with her. I think she could just mature and become a regular human being, but it won't happen unless she leaves her tiny island full of enablers.

No. 386165

Chill out guys she says the sweatpants are a size large.

No. 386166

Probably because she's short, but that coat looks like a child wearing their tacky aunt's coat or something. The shirts are cute though. Way to leave the whole "take them off whenever you want to fuck, easy access" bit in though, way to be advertiser friendly lmao.

That unif dress needs to go to the dry cleaner's, what the fuck. It's not old enough to look this gross.

No. 386169

I am Ottawa anon and I also don't know what that means. Sorry I'm pretty new to posting on here. Anyway I can contact you without further clogging up the thread?

No. 386171

Is it just the lighting or has that dress always been so yellow?

No. 386174

File: 1505336280732.jpg (65.11 KB, 601x600, unif.jpg)

Seems like it was off-white to start with. It can't be the lighting though, because the other shirt looks white. Guessing it has yellowed at bit.

No. 386176

Is this photoshopped? I looks weird around the waist hip area

No. 386178

She has an ED history, so it's probably hard for her to admit that she can't fit into something/is getting bigger.

No. 386181

I think it was a sly dig at people here saying she isn't sexual, but it definitely seemed forced.

No. 386182

Anon, I'm guessing that's their discord info.

No. 386183


Dollskill has a size guide and surely as a ~fashion designer~ she has a tape measure. Why doesn't she just bother to measure herself before spaffing her money away

No. 386184

Just curious, what staples would you like to see her buy?

What do you think would make her makeup and hair clash less?

No. 386185

Eh, pit stains like that are gross but it's not really due to her dirtiness. Some people have issues with the aluminum in deodorant causing yellow stains on white clothing items. It's got nothing to do with actually being dirty.
It is embarrassing though, and I don't know why she would want to show that.

No. 386191

This, you can shower in the morning, wear an item for one day and still get pit stains. You can remove or at least lighten them though, or insert a picture of when it was newer.

No. 386193

Random highlights

>Calls her package a "thicc boy"

>Also calls the coat a "thicc boy"
>Says the "man eater" plastered over the butt of her pants must be "ironic"

I feel like Jill's lifestyle is a lot more normal than people here make it out to be. Not everyone at age 20 is really adventurous, globe-trotting, and independent. Plenty of people just live at home with their parents after high school and bum around and not get much done. But with Jill's family being as rich as she is, she could have tried school by now, she's just choosing not to go.

No. 386196

Dollskill's size guide doesn't help at all. They are like asos, they sell a bunch of different brands so the sizing is different from item to item, and dollskill doesn't include the brands size chart!

No. 386198

to be fair, dolls kill's size guide can be off because it doesn't account for differences between brands. but i'm not sure why jill thought she needed a large if she was buying smalls in other clothes.
the rainbow hair and rainbow makeup means she will always sort of clash with something (except neutrals). it also doesn't go with her skin undertones. personally, i'd love to see her with a more natural hair colour (ideally something close to her natural hair colour so she can give her hair a break from dyeing it) and some more classic looking makeup (she can still use bright colours, but she'd have to understand HOW to use them). her current look is way too overwhelming.

No. 386199

But she should still be able to figure out what will fit her based off the fit on the models who all wear a size S. That probably won't stop her from buying ill fitting clothes though

No. 386201

Her hair looks sad and those pants look so bad on her and jesus, wear em a lil higher grandma. How does she act like a toddler yet dress like a 40 year old going through a midlife crisis? Even little kids who just started dressing themselves looks better than her.

No. 386220

Oh duh I'm an idiot. Thanks!

No. 386223

Lazy Oaf have a size guide she could've used.

No. 386225

I don't watch them properly either. I just skip through the new vid, her child-speak and ~quirkiness~ makes me nauseous.

No. 386228

That makes no sense why have I seen other people use poot than? I'm confused.

No. 386229

File: 1505342995455.jpg (126.58 KB, 750x867, IMG_3510.JPG)

Thanks Jill now I can't enjoy lazy oaf

No. 386230

Must be a coincidence now stop derailing

No. 386242

someone already explained poot lovato to you. just google it.

No. 386255

Although I have a couple things fron them, I do find most lazy oaf clothing completely hideous. Just me?

Also I think Jill would look way better if she had neutral clothing with the way she does her bright make-up + hair. Or tone-down makeup/nails + regular hair. Her look is too harsh and looks silly.

No. 386256

She looks like a senile old lady. Yikes.

No. 386259

I completely agree with your first statement. I have like 6 pieces but I find quite a bit of their clothes unwearable tbh.

Regarding your second point, she just needs like at least one thing that she's wearing to not be so LOUD. The way she styles things now is just way way too much. Loud clothes are fine, she just needs to learn to balance it out. Like that coat wouldn't be so horrific if the rest of the outfit was all black imo.

No. 386287

File: 1505349363968.jpg (244.53 KB, 2000x1995, IMG_2484.JPG)

No. 386298


nothing matches and that's jillian summed up in two words

No. 386310

gross and also punchable facial expression

>velvet sweatpants that look like theyre part of a halloween outfit, for $80
>"ive never worn anything like this!"

this moron

also cringe at her trying to say she has a big ass, gurl please. stop with the 'im so thicc' shit.

she honestly could have made any of these unflattering clothes herself. they seem very basic and have shitty materials, it's not like she's buying anything with a lot of hand embroidery or interesting structures… just saggy sweatpants and a shapeless fake fur jacket.

being a walking fashion faux paus is a source of pride for jill, lbr. she wants to be ultra unique and special this way.

i disagree, and i think 99% of the rest of the world would too. only in the US or other majority english speaking countries is it ok with lousy parents to let their kids leech off them without providing anything in return past high school. its pure degeneracy.

No. 386323

do you know what you're talking about? how do you think so many Japanese people in their early 20s afford expensive Japanese fashion? it's because so many of them live at home.

the US is unique in having so many parents kick their kids to their curb after high school. everywhere else it's the norm to live with your parents for a while after high school.

and lol "degeneracy", i guess you're cool af for using /pol/ language

Why did you buy the pieces from them in the first place? Lazy Oaf seems incredibly expensive and not worth it to me personally.

No. 386324


The only Lazy Oaf pieces that are wearable are also so fucking simple they can literally be made at home in a day (babydoll dresses, t shirts, shirtdresses).

Except Jill has zero sewing skill. Even Yumi King, though equally as low class and leechy Jill, can at least make a basic circle skirt and dress.

No. 386326

I feel like a lot of it you can't really find easily anywhere else. The quality of them is good, they're well made pieces. Afaik they are made ethically. The fit of a lot of their pieces is really nice. They do oversized items very well, I especially like the shape/fit of their dresses. Also very comfortable.

Overall it is unique and well made and I just really love their clothes. They're my favorite pieces in my wardrobe tbh!

No. 386334

I really wish youtubers would stop promoting dolls kills. Their customer service sucks, they're known to send people the wrong items and then only offer a coupon for their site instead of an actual refund, and even that would be lucky. The cringy way everything is typed on the website is also how their customer service will talk to you lol. If you live outside of the US almost every other site will end up being cheaper and more reliable. Not sure if she mentioned import tax in her video but based on the items she bought it would've been quite a lot.

No. 386341

This. I hate the way they type everything and how their models are styled so chaotically. I only ever shopped on their because there was a really good sale and free shipping. Other than sales and free shipping they dont even have a lot of good brands on there.

No. 386343


i agree 100%. its overpriced, cheap quality, and nothing worth the trouble. especially if you're oustide the us. you can get things similar to their shit on forever 21 and hot topic and it will be like half the price.

but this is jill we're talking about. i truly think she prefers it that way.

No. 386344

…except most people have the common sense to keep a job or remain productive in some way whilst living at home with their parents, instead of leeching and treating them like servants. all jill does is spend money on frivolous items and take naps.

and FYI, 'degeneracy' is originally part of regular english language. keep defending jills laziness and degeneracy tho

yeah dollskill looks like a really trashy version of asos. just scrolled through some stuff and everything looks tacky/forever 21-ish but for unreasonable prices.

No. 386345


Right? Dollskill is pretty fuckin far from being an ethical or even well-run company. I used to shop there occasionally back in high school during some of their decent sales. Once they sent me two of the same dress (that I hadn't even ordered), they were $70-80 each & the skirt was completely see-through. They would've needed to be lined or worn w/ something underneath to even look like a decent dress; shit looked like a bad gothy tinker bell costume. That wasn't even the last straw for me tho since I was a dumb teen who was just happy to get my money back for the whack dresses I didn't order.. It wasn't until I found one of their model's instagrams that I started being truly disgusted by their company & stopped shopping there. The girl was frequently photographed modeling sexy underwear, pasties, clothing w/ stuff like "daddy" or "bby girl", drug references & legit fetish wear.. turns out she was only 12 or 13 when she started modeling for them.

No. 386346

File: 1505358714442.jpg (839.43 KB, 1087x1630, camo jacket.jpg)


the face! she thought her face looked good!! lmao .

also wheres the booty that she was talking about??? can we see it, jill? the only thiccc thing that i'm seeing are your arms and your face.

here, a picture of a woman with a big booty. the resemblance is uncanny, guys…

No. 386396

I've never watched her videos too much, but please stop singing eeeeeevery thing. I felt like the video could just be shorter. It felt like a lot of dead air was there right after she tries to talk baby "hearties-hearts!".

No. 386421

Anon you do realise that Jill stretches out her videos like she does those size small shirts for the ad revenue, right?

No. 386424

File: 1505374776415.png (871.53 KB, 574x674, badroootsbruh.png)

Omg her roots, god they kill me
The contrast against her colorful vomit of hair is beyond bad, how did she think this was okay enugh to film? When I dye my hair and realize I've missed spots when I'm done, I go back with any excess formula to color the areas and like… I feel like she was literally too lazy to do this tbh.

No. 386426

File: 1505374799546.png (738.41 KB, 798x763, badroootsbruh2.png)

No. 386427

File: 1505374886318.png (460.53 KB, 509x482, badtattoobruh.png)

Her tattoo looks worse every time I see it tbh She's so proud of it for whatever reason

No. 386432

Her tattoo looks like some cheap rub on from a vending machine. ?

No. 386435

Don't put emojis in your posts. Also sage.

No. 386457

File: 1505381707245.jpg (1.76 MB, 2048x2048, pixlr_20170914102521523.jpg)

I feel like their pieces are statement ones so you keep it classic for most other things or it looks bad.

Pic related is how I feel Jill could make her look less awful, wearing black with singular coloured bottoms/shoes would honestly improve the whole rainbow aesthetic. Completely agree she needs to tone something down.

I got what I have from the sale and they're simple pieces. I especially feel it's not worth it if you're Jill and often said to be "struggling" for rent you have to borrow money.

No. 386459

Wonder why Jill hasn't asked anyone from the London comm to buy her the stuff directly from the store and send it to her

No. 386461

Anon this is fugly as shit

No. 386464

Yeah I know, but it's to me personally less ugly than the rainbow aethestic clothing she currently wears. Just an example of rainbow clothes that aren't so harsh.

No. 386479

from someone who's had really neon pink hair (lazy town girl pink), the only way to go is all monochrome. And even then you will look like some edgy emo kid
I feel like she would pull of her style better if she had neutral colored hair (black or white) and neutral make up.

No. 386486

File: 1505388279183.png (1.82 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2017-09-14 at 9.20.…)

More heavy pattern and texture pieces.
Load up on patterns, sequins and tulle pieces. If she wants people to stop staring at her then she needs to be a complete eyesore so no-one can look at her for longer than 10 seconds. It'll be called magiku me kei (which is ~totes japanese for magic eye uguu~) and it'll be an offshoot of partykei so she can transition into her witchy glitter phrase

No. 386487

File: 1505388325000.png (243.4 KB, 626x623, 1505349363968.png)

Bad attempt but I tried. It looks much better imo with her style.

No. 386496


A lot of millennials in a lot of different cultures are parasitic leeches who don't even have revenue from social media coming in so Jill has at least that.

No. 386510

It's not about Jill, I just thought you were wrong for singling out Anglophone countries.

Like in Italy there's a huge unemployment rate for young people, so you know the guys living at home sure as fuck aren't doing any of the chores. Like it's not even about Jill, it's about you having an irrational hate for people who speak English.


lmao you're pretty pretentious you know that?

No. 386512

The blue is already bleeding other places besides that blow-out on the bow. The eyes and some of the edges of the scalloping are already blurry. The browns are so patchy. The blob above the nose looks like a mistake, too, even though I know that one is intentional. It's just… bad.

No. 386518


yeah it's so pretentious to, like, use words, anon

stop derailing

No. 386519

This is legitimately awful. She should get a full refund for this absolute wreck of a tattoo. Nothing about it is done correctly.
But leave it to Jill to be lazy and sloppy about everything including choosing an artist to permanently draw in her skin.

No. 386526

I actually kind of like that outfit…. except the only part that doesn't work is the square with her head in it

No. 386527

Other than the headband, shoes , and necklace this is a good outfit with that hair. Like a cute athleisure look. Too bad jill has no idea how to accessorize.

No. 386531


>Too bad Jill has no idea how to dress


No. 386534

>If you live outside of the US almost every other site will end up being cheaper and more reliable.

Honestly, for the US too. I've went to buy some Killstar stuff from there and the markups are ridiculous. Much easier to just buy from the actual site of whatever you want, imo.

No. 386550

File: 1505398410059.png (118.77 KB, 750x905, IMG_2488.PNG)

No. 386554

whilst is pretentious af, just own it lol

i see. maybe i would buy something if i had more money. $100 is ok for a dress but too much for a top imo

No. 386584

I almost feel bad for her. Getting your own art tatted is already dodgy to me, but then it's done so poorly. It's bleeding all over the place. Should have traveled to another city for a better artist.

No. 386590

Lazy oaf is a small brand and I'm pretty sure they're sweatshop free, so they can't exactly afford to be cheap. Imo they have a lot of cute stuff too, but the fit is usually oversized and shapeless, not good for someone short and chubby like Jillian.

No. 386604

I am 100% sure she bought the pants before realizing they had the text on the back, and is now trying to play it off as being ironic. She is that stupid.

No. 386605

This is definitely true lol

No. 386607

Yeah, the way she tried telling herself that she can cover it up and 'i-it's just ironic!!' makes it pretty clear that she'll never wear those pants outside the house

No. 386610

She talked about seam-ripping the embroidery out. Out of crushed velvet lol. If you hate it that much don't even buy it, maybe I'm too picky but I don't understand spending money on something that's not exactly to your taste and fits you well.

No. 386612

also samefag but of course Jill likes Tana Mongeau. She's a try hard too.

No. 386619

Not picky at all, any sane person probably would have just returned those pants once they realized they didn't like part of it/probably wouldn't wear them.
The thing is though, I think to Jill 'clothing she hauls' and 'clothing she wears' are too separate things. Basically all we see her wear on the daily is just Forever21/H&M stuff which she hasn't hauled, and all the things she showed in hauls before is stuff we never see again after.
It's pretty clear that Jill cares way more about being a YouTuber than about being an actual fashion designer. I do think that she genuinely enjoys fashion to some degree, but I also don't think that cares about it as much as she'd like people to believe. I mean with the poll and all it genuinely seems like her way of thinking now is "oh people want to see hauls, I'll just buy more clothes now which I probably won't wear but which will look flashy enough to get me more views!", instead of actually hauling clothes which she will end up wearing.

No. 386624

Yeah the tops usually don't go up that high tho. And if you get them on sale on asos or dollskill (both offer free shipping) it's a lot more reasonable.

No. 386672

File: 1505411083957.png (193.77 KB, 750x1103, IMG_2490.PNG)

No. 386674

Duh Jill, you look like you won't amount to anything in life above working menial low tier jobs in retail, I'd get confused too.

No. 386677

Jill always tweets/posts about how she hates drama, but Tana Mongeau is famous for being one of the biggest drama whores on YT.

No. 386678

was that person blind, jill? your shirt doesn't look anything like the michael's uniform, it looks like something out of the toddler section.

No. 386679

Tbf, you never know if they can find something similar to what's shown in those haul videos.

Eh, to each their own.

Take it easy, it's just a cartoon.

No. 386692


sage for OT but language note: In Japanese classes at my uni a professor told us that in anime, many words, even if they are Japanese (especially names of people or other nouns) are often written in katakana for "emphasis" or to look cool, etc. Words don't have to be non-Japanese to be katakana. But the 'clo/clow' debate was solved already.

No. 386722

File: 1505423258643.png (570.25 KB, 473x561, adfsfgfdh.png)

I can't believe I'm saying this but the pink hair and brows were actually ok looking compared to the fucking purple.

Also, how the fuck can she look like a legit grandma at the age of 19? I've never seen any other young person look this fucking old.

No. 386724

Wait… She's 19?! I have seen this thread in passing and always assumed she was in her early 30's. I am beyond shocked right now.

No. 386787


a-anon, i'm scared cause you made Jill look good. Jill literally looks gross on every pic i've seen from her. its crazy how cute she could look. that blonde would fit her style so much! it just makes current jill look even worse. thanks for the shoop

No. 386788

I'm in the same boat, this really fucked me up. I wouldn't have guessed 30 but definitely mid-20s or later…

No. 386790


uh is it just me or is her face getting chubbier?

she does that same gross face on every selfie. the tongue and the eyebrow thing and its so baad. but i feel like this looks a lil different because she looks bigger.

No. 386791


I'm not even saying this to be a bitch:

it's truly the worst tattoo I have ever seen.

No. 386793

File: 1505438984893.png (1.12 MB, 1154x912, Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.27…)

No. 386795


Ironic in the sense that she chewed up both of her ex boyfriends and spat them out? lol

I get major Dolores Umbridge from her at this point. Shitty, tacky pink clothing, unhealthy obsession with her cats, stuck up and obnoxious…

I'm not one to scoff at dropping major money on nice clothing, but damn she really blew it on ill-fitting eyesores.

Between that and how she channels a special needs teenager, no wonder she can't keep a job.

No. 386810

File: 1505440963844.jpg (110.64 KB, 720x960, boots?.jpg)

She put up more progress pics
and a tweet that shows the ears

No. 386811

File: 1505440975768.jpg (57.94 KB, 720x960, cake?.jpg)

No. 386816

Why are these so wide??
Did she just take a pair of hideous boots, spray paint them, and cut the top of them off?

No. 386818

File: 1505441641632.png (281.75 KB, 750x965, IMG_2499.PNG)

No. 386821

Welp, that's tragic. You could tell she did that without even enlarging the picture. She will probs. Leave those choppy edges with bits of spray just like that too.

No. 386823

I totally thought she meant "take them off whenever you want to shit", well…who knows tbh

No. 386828

Sneakers are really the only type of shoe that go with sweatpants, why didn't she wear those ridiculous light-up ones she has? Would have looked better than these tacky platforms.

No. 386834

File: 1505446293039.jpg (363.63 KB, 1800x2400, IMG_2502.JPG)

I find it really cringy that she's so willing to spend so much on designer clothing, but not to support the youtubers that she actually likes despite the fact that that's how she's making her money right now

No. 386852

I never actually believed fixing her hair would solve the problem but damn.. this is pretty close. Just a little help with the color matching and she would almost be cute.

Her eyebrows are painful to look at. She must not even be trying to get them to look that bad… Does she just smear crayola all over them? Someone get that girl a spoolie

No. 386878

please don't tell me the "cake" part is made out of a fucking sponge

No. 386885

Spongecake is called that because it looks like sponge. I don't see the big deal.

No. 386956

File: 1505476415245.jpg (56.71 KB, 514x648, ss (2017-09-15 at 04.53.02).jp…)

why didnt you include the cringy caption lol

No. 386957

so i guess she's not over colin yet lol

No. 386958

File: 1505476505039.jpg (73.32 KB, 518x619, ss (2017-09-15 at 04.54.44).jp…)

these post breakup lines tho

No. 386960

File: 1505476649418.png (353.4 KB, 495x567, sss.png)

skirt seems slightly less bad

No. 387014

Well. Now that she mentions it, I can see the parallels between her and T Swift.

No. 387027

I feel bad for her, I feel like some anons are too harsh on her behaviour when she's only 19. In terms of looks, I think she's a bit later than most people in still trying to figure her style out, but she's still young.

Her makeup I do agree isn't helping her appear her actual age - it strangely makes her look worse.

No. 387028

> white
> flat
> boring
> always the victim

No. 387058

Totally agree with this

What do you think she could do to improve her makeup?

No. 387100

I mean, at what age is her behaviour going to be unacceptable? Acting like an entitled narcissist, having a superiority complex, wasting money away on toys, and being a bitch to all your boyfriends is not how an average 19 year old acts, I'm sure. The "but she's so young and just learning!!!" excuse can't be used forever and esp. since she's been acting the same (and maybe worse) since the beginning of her online presence.

No. 387152

i just can't believe im the same age as her, and actually studying fashion in university. i really hope she starts uni asp, and gets some styling experience
it makes me sad to see her spend so much money on clothes that she doesnt use, or that clash with her neon hair
she speaks so much about fast fashion yet wont stop buying clothes out of want, if she really was against fast fashion and really trying to get to uni, she should sew her on capsule closet (it would work as a portefolio starter) and stop buying so many clothes

i havent seen any of the clothes she bought in japan being worn, where the fuck does she keep all the clothes?

(sorry for the broken english, non native speaker here)

No. 387159

Anon, are you Jillian, pretending to be her, or just lost? People post a lot about how she could do better, just read the threads.

No. 387160

I totally agree anon, I think that going to college would help her a lot, not just with fashion but simply with learning a bit more about the world.
It's really painful to me how sheltered she is, how little she knows about basically anything outside of her province.
One of the things that bugs me the most about her is that she genuinely seems to believe the whole ~poor starving artist uwu~ thing she's pulling, talking about how her family isn't rich at all.
The average family truly doesn't have the money to pay for a 'catio' for their four purebred cats, being able to take their kids on Japan trips etc.
And she is by no means poor. She doesn't even seem to understand how incredibly well off she is. There are incredibly talented and dedicated people out there that still aren't able to attend college because they don't have the financial means, and there are a ton of people her age that have to work to support themselves because their families won't or can't. I just wish she would be a little more self-aware instead of talking about 'the poor artist life' cuz she can't randomly buy yet another $300 pair of shoes.

No. 387161

Wasting your money on useless shit, being lazy and spoiled is bad but not rare or as bad as many of the people on this site. She needs a reality check, and her mom or the yes-men around her certainly aren't going to give it to her. She also seems to know this which is probably why she's making excuses about why she's not at uni yet because she wants to focus on her YouTube ~career~, even though she only uploads easy to film videos that she could probably make on the weekends while going to school.

sage for empathy

No. 387171

I don't think Jill should study fashion in university. I understand university is cheaper in Canada than the US and the Vessey's have plenty of money. But I don't think she has any talent for it, and it would be a waste of time. Not really sure what she should be doing instead. I guess she should have tried to work full-time at Claire's for the work experience instead of quitting.

I don't get why people are antsy over Jill. Yeah, she's a dweeb, so are a lot of people in the world. It's not something to get mad over. I guess a lot of people here are magical girl fans or something and take her behavior personally. Narcissism of small differences and all that.

lol, I'm not Jill. Just curious, especially for specific examples

I think college/uni would be wasted on Jill right now. She would sleep through her classes.

No. 387172

it will really open her mind, i guess she pulls the starving artist card to be relatable since the people that normally watch hauls cant afford the clothes
i feel like she is really confortable in her own niche where people encourage her behaviour, the childishness, baby talk, financial stability
and has the its a very big scary world out there mentallity since she hasnt been run with any real problems, so she chooses to put off constantly pursuing higher education and goals that involve getting out her comfort zone

No. 387174

i guess my reasoning for getting into fashion school is that u can be talentless and still give your all throu research, practice etc
and since her kistchy aesthetic is not new but different from what average designers work with (black simplistic, rick owens kinda wear) it might give her a slight advantadge before teachers get bored of the same aesthetic

No. 387178

My b, she's lurked before and you never know.

I think uni is a worthwhile experience for her (and anyone who can afford it), she might never get off her damn island otherwise. There are also other jobs in fashion besides being a designer, and I know some people just take a random class and find something they really love. She'll have a hard time, but that could be a good thing.

No. 387185


College/uni can really open your mind but it's pointless if you don't put yourself out there. If you go to a community college/commuter school, then often you will just go to class and opportunities for meeting people are pretty limited.

I was pretty social and a top student in high school, and even I had a lot of problems with college. To keep things on topic, not everyone is ready for college at 18/19.

If Jill goes to college now, I am pretty sure she will drop out after 1-2 semesters. She doesn't seem ready to handle the schoolwork and definitely not the work required for a fashion degree.

I'm not sure what would fix Jill but plenty of people can't be fixed. Look at Kiki, who is still chugging along on her parents' money after all of these years. Or Pixyteri, who was just living at home not doing much of anything even after getting a bachelor's degree.

I think the Vessey's are going to be fine with Jill staying at home until they die, and even after then there will be money for her and her dumb habits. It's unfair but plenty of people have lived like this, they just haven't put their lives up on Youtube. I just think it's for the better since we'll have milk for a long time.

No. 387202

I don't think she's anywhere near as messed up as Kiki or PT, so who knows. I hope she gets her shit together for her own sake.

No. 387238

If you aren't Jill and you seriously want an answer then, the biggest tip is: stop filling in your eyebrows so much (This goes for every brow type, thickness, and color) Too bold of eyebrows make you look odd. Other then that, pay attention to color choice. Pick colors that flatter you and stay away from colors that wash you out or don't suit your skin tone. Jill ignores this because she doesn't want to change her aesthetic to suit her better. She just pretends every bright, child-like color looks good on her. Her lipstick choices are often the "downfall" of her makeup

No. 387251

Wait shit did anyone go to her stream or did we all miss it

No. 387279

I only caught a little bit of it, stuff that I remember:
-Jill definitely wants to get the tattoo retouched sometime, she said that some parts of it really bother her and that the tattoo artist didn't do a good job, despite giving him a 5 star review before?
-in a couple of months she wants to make a video on how to get over a break up, she says she's healing really well but she frequently has nightmares about Colin/the break up so she isn't all that great yet
-she would like to go to London with her mom for that con, but doesn't actually want to do it because she's afraid people would make fun of her online (for taking her mom with her)

No. 387283

Watching it now, here is a recap of the first half hour:>Goes over what precure to watch first again (Why won’t she just make a video about this already she talks about it every stream)
>has watched every precure but splash star and is having a “rough time with it” after watching the first half of the first episode
>Says she’ll do a mega precure review video once she’s done with all of them
>Didn’t really like maho girls despite cosplaying from it, did it just for character designs
>Admits she has to get her tattoo fixed and that it “has a lot of issues”. Aka the blow out, its “patchy”, and some little parts were colored in.
>Isn’t going back to the same artist to get it fixed even though they would do it for free
>”I don’t know why this would happppennnn. Maybe he just didn’t like me”
(Side note, in a previous stream she said the tattoo artist saw the comments on her video (Likely including the one where she said she would yell at him) and contacted her about it and she said it’s all good and he was worried, so that’s likely why some of the comments got deleated on that video)
>Planning on doing a video about getting over breakups (In a couple months)
>Has dreams about her breakup/relationship
>Was planning on going to England/Hyper Japan with Colin but now doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t want to go because she thinks people will make fun of her if she goes with her mom (apparently won’t go alone)
>Mom is going to England on a whim in a few weeks
>Wants to meet all the “cool youtubers and stuff”
>Wants J-fash friends to travel with
>Plans on going to the next Animaritime despite how much she complained last time
>Wants to cosplay Cure Twinkle “elegant mode” (A ballgown)
>Worried everyone at animaritime will hate her for her vlog about it but will hold “her head high about it”
>Admits most things were her own fault, and only reason she wants to go back is for the masquerade
>Hal Con is next week
>Almost done with her cosplay, dress and wig are entirely done
>Estimates it’s cost her $300 so far
>Middle school was a blur of “trama and madness” for her
>Wanted to be a comic book artist but doesn’t have patience
>Doesn’t know why she wanted to be a designer, just “Loves it”

No. 387323

>Wanted to be a comic book artist but doesn’t have patience
Huh. She barely does any art, how?

The travelling to England with her mom is kinda sad, her vlog hanging out with Sharla with her mom was so awkward.

Also typical that she'd claim to love the tattoo just to avoid conflict until she couldn't deny how crappy it was anymore.

No. 387324

2/2>Didn’t have a lot of friends in high school
>Girl bullied her “Destroyed her life and made it hell” after being her “best friend”
>Wants to do a video in Japanese but thinks people will “Rip her apart”
>Tomorrows video is a 6% doki doki lucky pack unboxing
>unsnaps the pants all the way
>Complains that her pants/sugar pill clothes are not high enough quality for the price
>complains that they shared her photo without asking her, but didn’t message them because they have more followers
>Says what she’s wearing is not party kei and its a specific thing
>Party kei was just an idea, she “Not trying to make it a big thing”
>(Couldn’t see the chat, but apparently someone was trying to argue about party kei and she just kept saying “It’s not a big deal”)
>”Party kei is not where I’m taking my career”
>her viewers are 90% female, comforts her that no one is “jerking off” to her
>Says she pansexual still but also confused
>Can’t rewatch her coming out video because she’s so confused
>doesn’t want to say she’s 100% gay just in case
>Says she wears mostly size small and her waist is 27”
>Going to do a review of Tokyo mew mew, but doesn’t want to because not enough people watch her anime reviews
>Wednesday will be a video about cure whip
>Want to do videos about each cosplay she does
>”I just want people to know that I made it”
>Misses some of her Lolita dresses
>Only makes videos if she can think of a good title for them
>Doesn’t want to touch her cure falice cosplay again
>Will do sewing videos once she knows more
>is buying a serger and embroidery machine
>Complains about spreadsheet not paying her

No. 387333

>embroidery machine
what for Jillian, you can't even sew. Those things are expensive as shit.

This seems really candid though (except for her waist size), especially the stuff about her sexuality. She's clearly confused and overcompensating and ~totally over men~ after Colin.

No. 387338

File: 1505515600527.jpg (65.52 KB, 422x552, _20170915_153937.JPG)

This is terrible.

No. 387347

Gurl is never going to look good with that hair. She seriously needs to go back to a natural color. Those roots are so gross.

No. 387355

I can't wait for her to get it and then realize that she can't just download an image for her machine to sew out and that the software alone for making custom designs can cost a ton of money

No. 387361

It's not just the color that looks like trash – I've never understood why she has her hair slope from shorter in the front to longer in the back. It looks so bizarre. Get a blunt cut, girl.

Also lmao @ "27 inch waist." Sure Jill.

No. 387372

File: 1505523909389.png (214.58 KB, 504x680, cure_twinkle___elegant_mode_by…)

this is what she wants to cosplay. Cure Twinkle's elegant mode. There are slight variations of this outfit though so she could be doing one of those instead.

No. 387376

I can admit I'm not a best judge of this at all but I thought 27" waist especially at her height was considered kinda chubby. I was like suprised she would admit that tbh, am I just totally out of touch?

No. 387381

Im pretty sure 27 is normal at her height. I think 30+ is more chubby-fat.

No. 387382

So Jill is moving on from party kei already?

No. 387393

you sound eating disordered tbqh

No. 387397

A 27 inch waist is usually a small, its not chubby. Jill is obviously lying about it though.

No. 387404

Not that anon, but I'll answer

Everything is loud and that's why it doesn't work. Tacky statement pieces are great if you incorporate them with neutral basic clothing- adding black would help a lot.

You can't have loud hair and makeup if your outfit is loud too. It just clashes. I think her hair with neutral, light makeup would be better with a plain outfit and reduced brash accessories.

Like her tacky skirts and shorts would work if she paired it with a nice button up shirt and appropiate shoes. The aesthetic would still come across, just in a more coordinated and specific way instead of a messy wreck of tacky, unflattering, and illfitting clothes shoved together to make a outfit.

No. 387406

File: 1505528125562.png (50.76 KB, 994x220, Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 5.24…)

Some anon did the math threads back based on what she said about her clothing from her christmas haul not fitting her, but it did seem like she had lost a bit of weight after that

No. 387413

File: 1505529589197.png (1.79 MB, 1174x1042, Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 7.39…)

No. 387426

She seems bored, maybe being jobless and dependent on mom wasn't such a good idea for her mental health. Who'd have thunk.

No. 387431

I mean yeah, on top of environmental things, that's why I said I'm not a good judge lol. I was genuinely asking bc I really couldn't tell. Ty to the anons that answered, I thought Jill was being very revealing about herself when she seems to take pride in being a size small based on her past hauls but she was just keeping up with it.

No. 387435

Usually I don't care nearly as much about Jill's makeup as some people but she really looks like It here

No. 387437

Her waist size shouldn't be determined by her height lmao

She will look stockier because she's shorter but shorter girls shouldn't automatically be skinnier than taller girls

No. 387443

You guys seem to forget she is trying to emulate random Japanese street fashion. That kind of shit that works exactly because is loud and clashy. She doesn't want to match, otherwise she would have stuck to lolita. I am not saying it looks good; I am saying that looking decent is probably not what Jill is looking for.

No. 387466


How well off her parents are, not her. At 19, I'm sorry, but you don't get to claim your parents wealth as your own. I sincerely hope she is made to learn that one day (though it's unlikely her smothering mother would ever let her that far from her wing).

Jillian is a baby. Plain and simple. I mean, she tells us as such. Shouldn't we take her at her word?

She's an itty bitty precious baby girl in a big girl's body.

No. 387502


bitch looks like a demon

No. 387503


maybe get back to that job at claires if you want a steady pay?

No. 387509

She really fucked up. For someone who says they have depression/anxiety, sitting at home all day with no schedule (her YT upload schedule hardly counts) is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

No. 387511

I doubt this cut is on purpose, her hair is definitely breaking off from the bleach and she wants to have long hair so she hangs onto the length instead of fixing it.

No. 387519

File: 1505555361293.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 387522

File: 1505555843376.png (98.88 KB, 750x811, IMG_9995.PNG)

She's fucking everywhere. Here she is sucking up to Miles Jai.

No. 387524

She may also trim the front bits as they get damaged from styling etc. I used to do the same when I fucked with my hair. Those bits get especially dry fast and you sort of forget about the back

No. 387555

I understand where you are coming from, but I think the thing to remember here is that a ton of her life is out there for the world to see. Did I do stupid shit at 19? Yes, but I wasn't broadcasting it. And my mom would have never let me have a YT channel as a teen. I honestly blame Louise for most of what Jill has become. But regardless, if you put yourself out there like they do, you have to be prepared to deal with the consequences, which, in this case, is gossip and criticism.

No. 387560

She looks like shes balding in this photo oh my lord… girl please care for your hair!

No. 387565

It looks like she has a patch missing. Maybe the roots are her giving her hair a "break", but at this point she she just get a pixie cut (kek), and maybe some wigs. I'm sure she can get one of those wig companies to sponsor her like all of the other ~alt~ fashion IGers.

No. 387567

File: 1505567820105.png (1.81 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0225.PNG)

No. 387569

File: 1505567939050.jpg (579.06 KB, 1152x1200, harajuku_style_what_is_it_all_…)


Yeah, but they manage to pull it off better than Jill because they don't have freakin' rainbow coloured hair and unicorn vomit makeup on top of their loud outfits.

No. 387570

Miles has a similar aesthetic and he's gay and gender non-conforming, so it makes sense for her "brand".

No. 387571

omg her new video is tragic. she spent 100 dollars on that 6%dokidoki lucky box and only likes a couple of cheap hair accessories she could have gotten in claires lmfao

No. 387573

File: 1505568508788.jpg (75.52 KB, 365x562, 2017-09-16_152353.jpg)

Anon, just look at the top left image in that collage you just posted. They look just as tacky as her, if not worse.

Ever since Jill got the rainbow bangs and pink her I felt like she was trying to be Kammie, and although she has some calmer looks like pic related she looks like a rainbow explosion too sometimes.

The main problem with her fashion to me is that it's kinda sloppy, she clearly wants to look loud and OTT but things like >>386139 with the pastel pink skirt, bright pink coat, darker pink beret and red/white shirt just look like she didn't put any thought into it.

No. 387574

No. 387577

>"I'm super picky"
>buys lucky pack
?? She could just have gone on the webshop and bought the two things she liked instead. The bright pink bear clip seems like it would match her aesthetic perfectly too, but guess not.

Also I usually roll my eyes at the people who rip on her teeth but they look extremely yellow in this video. The lipstick makes it worse.

No. 387581

File: 1505569356038.png (41.33 KB, 750x269, IMG_9034.PNG)

which one of y'all is this???

No. 387582

Probably not even a farmer, her fans have been asking for other videos about her other interests too and saying that the hauls are boring.

No. 387583

Did she delete it?

No. 387592

File: 1505570237119.jpg (143.77 KB, 960x960, 21752091_1365241133575135_7946…)

Imo even when Kammie is a rainbow explosion she still somehow manages to look put-together. I think because she is better at tying in certain colors and themes so that even if many colors are featured, there is some semblance of matching.

Pic-related. This is similar to something Jill would choose I think. Kammie still keeps it classy somehow. Maybe it's because she's a small, azn. Idk.

No. 387596

omg she hated like everything! she's so up her ass about her aesthetic. she bough it just for the ~brand~. it's suucchh an iconic brand, but doesn't go with ~mah special aesthetic~!

No. 387601

Because the silhouette is so simple and harmless. Jill tries so hard to be different, she doesn't understand you can stand out in colour but still conform to certain styles.

No. 387602

$160 to like a make-up bag and a few hair accessories. She seriously has a shopping addiction.

This looks like shit, and if Jill was wearing it, she'd be torn to shreds.

No. 387613

Jesus christ, all of that stuff looks low quality as fuck. It's pretty distressing to see someone who doesn't even like 3/4 of the items spending so much money just because of the ~brand name teehee~

No. 387618

I find this new video so funny because like how does Jill have standards for this kind of vaguely tacky stuff? Like when she described the bear clip as not really her style…how does she discern what tacky stuff is her style and what tacky stuff isn't lol.

No. 387620

I think what she's saying is that she knows she's putting ads there, but she's hoping they'll just be the ones that cover a bit of the video on the bottom (which I don't even think YouTube has anymore) instead of full screen ones that would interrupt the video.

So I think she's feigning ignorance to appear less annoying.

No. 387629

That dress is hideous to me, but the bag, boots and beret kinda match her hair, and there are fewer textures in it. If you desaturated that image she'd look like any old twee girl. Still don't think this is any better than Jill's outfit with the BCC dress though, for example.

No. 387631

I didn't get that either. Carebears are A+, but a random pink bear isn't?

No. 387636

Don't these bloomers fit her initial version of Party Kei? The pastel colors, flowy fabric… and now she sneers at it

No. 387651

she did, i went through all the comments and it's gone. it's not even hate or anything. it's honest to god constructive criticism. this bitch omfg

No. 387653


I guess some people hate "tacky" fashion in general?

No. 387654

I guess another difference is kind of that Kammie isn't insufferable. She's pretty sweet and is at least business savvy and knows how to get shit done.

No. 387661

I think the thing with a lot of 'out there'/high fashion styles is that you have to look a certain way to be able to pull them off.
Kammie in general looks cuter, the silhouette she picks for her outfits are usually a lot more flattering, and she looks clean/put together.
Compared that to Jillian who usually picks unflattering cuts, her make up looks atrocious, her shoes are usually filthy, often has greasy hair/doesn't have a flattering hairstyle and such.
I think that those little things can make a pretty big difference, especially when wearing such a loud style.

No. 387673

The boots and bag are different blues, and the beret and bag are different pinks. None of which are in the dress (maybe the beret matches the waistband, but it doesn't look like it in this lighting), and the dress print is tacky.

People need to stop giving cute Asian girls asspats for the sake of being Asian.

No. 387675

File: 1505580086267.png (88.14 KB, 1344x418, Pleaseeee.png)

Seems like other people are asking for more then just hauls too

No. 387677

The thing is though, jill would add in her horrible makeup, it would prob be ill fitting, the accessories and shoes she'd choose would be terrible, the colors jill would pick wouldn't match, and her roots would be outgrown and greasy. Plus I hate to say it, but usually "out there" fashion tends to look better on thin girls. And jill has the face of a 40 year old. All that together is what makes jill look like a hot mess.

Like people have been saying, if jill just toned down a few things just a little bit, she wouldn't be -as- bad.

No. 387679

Sage but forgot to add, jill doesn't pick colors that actuallu suit her. Her makeup/hair choices don't suit her skin tone. Some people's skin tones just work better with colorful hair than others.

No. 387681

Sure they're different blues and everything, but none of it acually clashes? Jill's outfits have so many different colors and hues/tones that clash so much they become an eyesore.

No. 387716

Clashing or not, all of the asians posted above dress just as ugly as jill. theyre just wearing more ugly, colorful things so the mish mash tricks your mind into thinking rainbow vomit looks """put together""". the only way jill could improve her style is by trashing it altogether

No. 387728

File: 1505585403653.png (34.65 KB, 721x202, IMG_3607.PNG)

No. 387731

hi tumblr

No. 387732

That's pretty common to buy for the brand name ngl. Although yeah, 6% takes the biscuit when it comes to poor quality items.

No. 387733

you just made her look like luna. she could buy a lot of h reselling that lazy oaf stuff…

No. 387754

Tried watching the last video a bit, I closed youtube so fasted after the 2nd use of baby talk.

I think that is the thing I dislike most about Jill. It's awful.

No. 387766

I made the mistake of buying 6% jewelry but it's not like lolita or other brand name Japanese jewlery is much better

No. 387769

>>387728 When your own subscribers are telling you to film something else, it's time to move on. I guess you don't need to be a farmer to realize that at this point! LOL

No. 387771

Anon, are your eyes ok? That collage you just posted shows Japanese people with horrible fashion sense, completely random and colorful coordinates, died bright pink hair and flashy make up. I honestly don't see your point here.

No. 387773

Does this girl have a tumblr/insta/YouTube account?

No. 387782

This pissed me off so much

No. 387784

No. 387790

lmfao thats me

No. 387798


Dangle a Marlboro from her mouth, prop a rug-rat on her lap, and place her in a double-wide trailer meth lab, and she's got the right look.

At this point I wish she'd just press reset. Wait a year for the Care Bear carcass to grow out and for her hair to repair itself, and just go with simple cuts and minimal make-up. Then try again, if she's still interested.

No. 387840

she said she liked them but they wouldn't look good on her though? This is honestly what I hate about the Pixie threads, everyone is digging for the smallest thing judge her for. There's so much stupid shit she does and people still nitpick to hell and back

No. 387843

File: 1505597463723.jpg (93.53 KB, 779x545, lmdao.JPG)

i feel like everyone commenting do more fashion vids are people who dislike her taking the piss. at least shes acknowledging that she doesnt know how to sew here, pretty much.

No. 387858

Same thoughts. Her flaws are there for all to see, treating money like water and her thirst to have it, quiting her job to sponge at home, constantly being very wishy washy about life, disregard for fans both on social media and in livestreams. Instead of visiting England where a large amount of fans are and exciting them, she's called it off over looking bad and having an image dented.(you do that just breathing Jill)
imstead on these threads we get "EWWW SHES LIKE 50 EWWW lolzor this is a gross colour Lolz"

No. 387873

Aren't you edgy

No. 387874

As if people in the South don't say this anyway. "Y'all" need to stop thinking this is a SJW thing. I am from the deep South and EVERYONE says that here. God, this shit is getting so annoying.

No. 387882

Seriously. And even if the person picked it up from tumblr, why does it matter? It's not like they were defending Jill.

No. 387886


Except she said it was the 1/3 garments she didn't want

No. 387894

I said y'all because i live in the south and that's what everyone says down here. i don't even have a tumblr account.

No. 387896

Every inch of this is hideous. Why would you post this as comparison? it's arguably worse than Jill's outfits.

No. 387908

yea some retard keeps trying to infight/nitpick posts in this thread and isnt contributing to the discussion, i think its the same person thats been doing it for several threads now, like >>387873

MAYBE ITS… JILL HERSELF… (saged for tinfoil hatting)

No. 387919

Major nitpick, but she spelt and said Sebastian Masuda's name as Sebastian MaTsuda. If you're gonna pretend to love this brand and be a J-Fashion expert you should probably know the designer's name. I think it even said his name on the bag?

No. 387974

same w the little rocking chair hair ties. I feel like those would be perfect for jill cause their ~pink and resemble a childhood toy~ but she was like "ehhh.." about em
what even is her style at this point

No. 387976

I think she'a 100% trying to move away from party kei and hop onto the more bratz doll aesthetic/slightly more mature but same colors sort of thing. From her stream it really seemed like she was ready to leave party kei as it's own thing and move on which hopefully will be good for her.
Someone a long time ago predicted as soon as her and Colin broke up that she would go through a major style change again and I think we're seeing the slow beginnings of that

No. 387990

Is she serious? This is not an easy dress to make for someone of her low skill level. Oh man, it's going to be a damn mess.

No. 387997

File: 1505619784076.png (118.15 KB, 750x761, IMG_2520.PNG)

No. 388019

Doesn't her mom make all her cosplay?

No. 388068

File: 1505630997179.jpg (121.38 KB, 531x471, 1491087109086.jpg)

i love you anon this is a beautiful picture

No. 388072

File: 1505632996689.jpg (26.57 KB, 358x405, 2017-09-17_092128.jpg)

I don't think Jillian looks that old, the harsh eyebrows, hair that makes her look more yellow and bright lipstick that accentuates her cleft lip all age her significantly. Her skin looks fine too, she should just give up on all this shit and keep her makeup fresh and clean, there is no calm area anywhere on her body.

No. 388076

You know what, she really does look a million times better here. Looks younger, fresher, prettier. Jesus, how does she put all that make up on and think it looks good? Not saying putting on make up makes a person look bad just HER make up is always bad. Bare faced or simply natural soft make up would really do her such wonders and it seriously frustrates me to no end that she doesn't seem to realize this….

No. 388077

Everything she does to her face (or herself, let's be honest) is unflattering, even the shape of her eyeshadow makes her eyes look wonky and unbalanced. Her blush isn't even a shape, it's just a blotch on her cheek. She needs someone to teach her, or really go in and watch some tutorials.

No. 388092

File: 1505638578465.png (1.02 MB, 1136x640, IMG_2330.PNG)

No. 388093

File: 1505638685836.png (28.93 KB, 727x159, IMG_3621.PNG)

No. 388095

Please use this in the next thread

No. 388114

hey, I have that dress

No. 388116

Sorry to hear that, anon.

No. 388117


100+$ for a fucking lucky bag. 80% of the shit was obvs decora/
fairy key. Does she even know the fucking brand?? the disappointment in her eyes went down like butter

No. 388120

I don't think so tbh, there are only so many hauls you can do before people get bored. Out of her last 10 videos, 5 were hauls/unboxings,1 was her new merch, and the only fashion related one was her Goth transformation. You can literally count her fashion videos from the last 5 months that aren't hauls on one hand.

Some people on this site just call anyone fat, old-looking and ugly by default. There's no point arguing about it.

No. 388134

6%dokidoki accessories are literally bought by the pound for pennies from China, and resold for a 5000% markup
Why is she so yellow? No white-light ring light for shooting like all youtubers should have.

No. 388142


She lives in a literal basement and the lights she's using are probably too warm. Plus it's bee mentioned before that she oversaturates her videos and photos to make her hair and stuff look brighter, and it makes her teeth and skin look even more yellow.

No. 388216

File: 1505668754799.jpg (176.48 KB, 750x889, IMG_3632.JPG)

Altered with the lighting a tad to show the true grandma

No. 388218

everything about this is awful…

No. 388221

File: 1505669781236.jpg (31.49 KB, 200x200, IMG_2214.JPG)

I don't know. I still think it doesn't look as well thought out as most decora or fairy kei, and I'm not a big fan of those styles at all. But usually a good decora look will have 3-4 colors total, and they'll all go together. Like cool-toned pastel pink, purple, blue and turquoise for instance. Or it'll be flashy but thought out, like red-bright green-black combos.

As to what Jill could do to look better but still read as alt/j-fash:
1) get a blunt or an a-line bob or long bob. Longer at the front not the back. Or grow her hair out longer (probably couldn't do that since it's damaged. Maybe splash the cash for a real oleoplex treatment?)
2) dye her hair one single color. Natural would be best but I could see her mostly pink outfits being really cute if she went for a solid purple, it would be like a Creamy Mami inspired look. Still anime/Japanese influence but it reads as cleaner.
3) just start watching makeup tutorials and get better at applying makeup. Use light coverage and not much powder so it doesn't settle into fine lines and wrinkles. 1-2 eyeshadow colors at most. No stickers, no glitter. Pink or nude lips.
4) bring in a neutral color to her wardrobe-camel toned brown, white, black or grey would all work.
5) invest some of her toy money into skin care. The Ordinary is cheap, effective and all-around decent, a full routine from them would cost less than a Precure wand. Or get higher end stuff since she's a brand-whore.
6) focus on trying for a "cohesive" look for herself instead of trying to make up her own style for others. It seems like maybe she's doing this since she's backing down from party kei.

Sage for obnoxious beauty advice that probably happens every thread.

No. 388233


Does anyone here know if Jill has ever actually had sex in her life?

No. 388235

File: 1505671473519.jpg (432.78 KB, 2400x1350, IMG_2526.JPG)

Based on her comments on stuff on the party kei community I'd say yes

No. 388238

honestly surprised by this

No. 388240

>when Jills had sex and you still haven't

No. 388241

Did not expect this even though she dated Colin for a while I just imagined they both wouldn't be into it.

No. 388243

both her exes have been pretty gross looking imo

No. 388247

kek there's no way Jill had sex. sorry but i can't believe this. buying condoms gets easier??? ~its ya girl pixieee the sexually experienced magical princess uguu~

No. 388249

Aren't their literal 13 year olds in that group?

No. 388251

if you're too nervous/embarrassed to buy condoms then you're not even ready to have sex

No. 388256

Kinda thought she was balding on the side.

No. 388263

tbh i'm not that surprised considering in her clue video she showed that she'd added on the sex tracker

No. 388264


i honest to god don't believe she had sex with Collin. maybe with the other ugly ex bfs.

No. 388276

Can't even think about her being sexual, she probably talks like a baby in bed too

No. 388278

[whips colin's dick out]
omg b-word what a big boiiiIII he iiis

No. 388282


" …. and so thicc™"

No. 388283

File: 1505675926689.png (261.07 KB, 600x400, 01c.png)

guess now we know for sure why he broke up with her

No. 388284

ooooh I like iiiiiiiiit

No. 388296

Look through her old tumblr archive, theres tons of post about her being ~kawaii but kinky~. I posted some links a few threads ago but they are all over the place around 2014-6

No. 388308

Kek you guys are horrible

No. 388347

i personally know the chick who commented the thing about condoms. She's actually insane and looks at jill like a god. That's her fan base…

No. 388354

she has an undercut now?

No. 388405

File: 1505686901241.png (803.45 KB, 600x600, IMG_7301.PNG)

its a patch of hair she missed while dying it.

No. 388445

File: 1505688950877.png (205.97 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6025.PNG)

has anyone been keeping up with the party kei group drama? here's just an example

No. 388459

put on your condis before sexy-wexy times
oh god this made me vomit

No. 388468

This is a copout. She said before that the reason she doesn't make sewing vids is because she doesn't want to "Share her secrets" so which is it, jill
omfg this same guy sent me this exact message on instagram

No. 388482

You can tell she pumps up the saturation in her videos to enhance the colors of her hair and such. BUt what she needs to do is drop the temperature, filtering it cooler will make everything look less yellow. Plus I'm pretty sure she uses finalcut to edit, and you can adjust individual colors in that program, so if she spent five minutes she could easily edit out the yellow.

No. 388493

File: 1505692000864.png (248.23 KB, 420x451, Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 7.43…)

i didnt believe you until i looked, lots of ~nymphet~ stuff, which surprised me since she's so sjw

No. 388578


Come on you know that being "naughty" was just another fashionable phase for her (someone obviously didn't get "Lolita"). Would love to know what her definition of naughty is.

I sincerely doubt that she's had sex. I've never seen a more despicably puerile and phony little narcissist in my life.

Honestly, when I watch her videos what I see is a narcissist out of control.

No. 388598

File: 1505698769597.png (211.17 KB, 749x1050, IMG_2529.PNG)

No. 388599

File: 1505698827447.png (140.05 KB, 750x1085, IMG_2530.PNG)

No. 388604

Who is this?

No. 388605

The bow is a bit too dark of a pink and we all hate her hair but wow, if her clown shoes were actually clean that would be a cute and wearable outfit.

No. 388607

So she only wants to reply to everyone if her confetti club gets excited and treats her like a deity

The comment asking if she dyed her sides blonde killed me

No. 388617

Drew Monson, best friends with Shane Dawson.

No. 388625


i actually thought she shaved the sides of her head in these pictures. would it not kill her to just redye the sides?

No. 388634

If she got rid of the bow this would be good for her! But why the red scrunchy AND the pink bow headband?? She always does too much.

No. 388643

Because of the cursive, I thought this say "Lary."

No. 388654

She made a post about reading lolita iirc and she defended it too. Ill have a look for it later, she was like 15 at time

No. 388655

lol so did i

No. 388659

File: 1505707579754.png (123.49 KB, 750x846, IMG_2532.PNG)

No. 388662

File: 1505707863374.gif (1.49 MB, 540x300, ubburst.gif)

sage for ot but this new pokemon reminds me of jill

No. 388665

o m g the gay aesthetic!!! yassss henny slay that bitch u lil queer rainbow princess!!! OOOOWOOO men aint shit amirite my 13 year old fans???

she absolutely looks like a balding tumblr stereotype here good lord, how can someone make themselves look so ugly? wtf are those crusty lips and smeared eyebrows?

No. 388671

jesus if she just bought a platinum blonde wig, she could dye it her crazy colours, give her natural hair a rest and not have to worry about roots+regular washing (bc hygiene is hard apparently)

No. 388676

File: 1505712183936.png (47.72 KB, 750x266, IMG_2533.PNG)

No. 388678

File: 1505713295765.png (175.87 KB, 1706x498, Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 1.40…)

I don't follow these threads but it was weird to see a snowflake sperging out in the comments of a random vid

No. 388679

File: 1505713338760.png (76.63 KB, 1178x410, Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 1.42…)

No. 388682

I think it's pretty obvious that Jill isn't an sjw but rather someone who just constantly try's to benefit/get views from them. Considering how long she supported jstar and how her coming out video came out around the exact same time it was a trending topic the only reason she has ever claimed to care about anyone/anything other then herself is when it would benefit her and or give her more views. She's too self obsessed

No. 388686

did she even listen to the podcast? ethan talks about how disappointed he is in felix and how "nigger" obviously affects people deeply and personally. there's a bit about it being just a word but ultimately he does not condone felix's use of it.

No. 388689

"why can't we talk about kinks" asked in a group where the average group member's age is probably 13

No. 388692

Jill's going to be a creepy woman as she ages. The kind who would consider herself 'young at heart' and therefore thinks it's perfectly acceptable to talk about her kinks and sex life around a bunch of teenagers at every waking second. With absolutely no self-awareness that perhaps nobody wants to hear about her fetishes.
Why does Jill HAVE to talk about kink?

That's the better question…

No. 388696

Ughhh why does she has to butt in into everythingggg? Get away Jill

No. 388699


She sees herself as such a ~*~uwu lil baby~*~ that she doesn't see the age gap that's starting to exist between her and her fan base

No. 388733

h3h3 has been pandering to assholes for like, a good year now. You just noticed, Jill?

>I'm far from sjw
Lmao dafuck? She wants to separate herself from her weird idea of sjws, yet spends her time online trying to catch views for kicking transphobes out of stores and posting about how much of a gay strong girl she is?

No. 388738

>millennial culture is spending
Of course Jill believes this, what an awful stretch of an excuse for habits.

Agaim, everything comes back to Jill spending (not buying your t-shirt!!!). Get a grip.

No. 388749

Can I just do a saged mini-rant here for a sec? I don't get why people continuously say gender-bends are transphobic, when trans people will follow every single gender stereotype of the gender they want to be. I'm not trying to start arguments or derail the thread. I just. Why.

No. 388755

wow she didn't buy their shirt. she'll ruuUUUuuuiiiinnnn them.

what a turd she is. people will love her for doing this… makes me really angry.

No. 388761

Sage because I'm dumb, but what does he mean by "your channel started in the grave"?

No. 388763

He's saying that Jill ain't shit, basically. She's a nobody. That's how I understand it, anyway.

No. 388766

link to video?

No. 388794

She had the sex tracker on in her clue video like >>388263 said, and she's been in two long-term relationships lol. I don't know why people assume she's some sexless innocent baby just because she's cringeworthy. It's really nothing special at her age.

No. 388795

Serious question, why does she never wear tights? It's fall now but even in the middle of winter she always seems to be in short sleeves and bare-legged, why? Keep your lower body warm Jillian, you'll get a UTI.

No. 388803

>hardcore thicc boi lover

Is that where she got the thicc boi from? Kek. I'm sure they're really threatened by you now buying a shirt.

OT but I mostly agree with her, Ethan's criticism of Felix is valid but calling Ian "smart" for saying it and repeating it on his own podcast multiple times is is ridiculous, and his subsequent meltdown when he got the backlash is even more embarrassing

>Why can't we talk about kinks in a fashion group full of teens
This girl, I swear.

No. 388812

Totally agree

And even if she is a hardcore narcissist, which I don't really agree with, those kinds of people have sex all the time.

>Keep your lower body warm Jillian, you'll get a UTI.

This is a joke right? But you would think tights would totally match her aesthetic

>Lmao dafuck? She wants to separate herself from her weird idea of sjws, yet spends her time online trying to catch views for kicking transphobes out of stores and posting about how much of a gay strong girl she is?

Agreed, why doesn't Jill just own being a SJW?

No. 388924

Shes fine with supporting jeffree star who ran around the streets filming himself calling random people n-ggers and cunts though! H3H3 just needs to tweet 'sorry' and she will buy their merch without hesitation

No. 388931

>Agreed, why doesn't Jill just own being a SJW?

Because she isn't one. She sits in the middle of most issues and only makes a decision when it benefits her.

No. 388972

File: 1505758802665.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2535.PNG)

Video of her cure whip wig on her Facebook page

No. 388995

The bright yellow dish sponge tacked onto her head is so bad

No. 389003


>h3h3 has been pandering to assholes for like, a good year now. You just noticed, Jill?

i know right? loved them back in the day, but c'mon. this has been happening since 2017 started or so, i had to unsubscribe because they(and the fanbase) became obnoxious. no idea why jill jumped into the "i love h3h3 train!!!" once they became shit. and NOW she's disappointed that they were gasp shit.

No. 389033

File: 1505764720595.png (139.92 KB, 719x743, IMG_0245.PNG)

No. 389059

She's not an sjw. She molds her views to whoever she's currently friends with/whether she gets backlash or not. She's not actually advocating for anything (besides herself).

Pretty sure she's mentioned liking h3 before, but it doesn't exactly fit her "soft gentle Jilly bean uwu" image I guess. They have declined a lot though. Seems to be the fate of every big YouTuber.

No. 389060

File: 1505766876158.jpg (42.09 KB, 480x408, curewhat.jpg)

Is that supposed to be the final wig? Cause hot damn.

No. 389168

she's streaming with drew monson right now.

No. 389171


Because I find it baffling that someone like her would want to fuck anyone other than herself, or the endless stream of merchandise she consumes.

No. 389193

This type of person still has more personality and style than Jill, ok.

"""Y'all""" are kinda right about her not being an SJW, but I think it depends on your personal definition of SJW. In my opinion it's a buzzword for anyone who isn't racist/sexist/homophobic and willing to call bigotry out when they encounter it, but it is used negatively to make people feel like they take things too seriously and are crazy, if that makes sense. Jill is just a dumb bandwagoner and doesn't want to associate herself with those wacky SJW FREAKOUT TRIGGERED videos, even though she herself made a whole big rant about how triggered she was that some old white lady asked where the boy things are at Claire's. She wants to be edgy and ~not like other gurls~ every chance she gets, I'm surprised she's not excited to stick the SJW label to herself.

On a different note, I wish Jill would realize being loud and buying the merchandise of various media/brands does not equal having a personality or hobbies.

No. 389204

File: 1505784730922.png (90.63 KB, 750x665, IMG_2537.PNG)

No. 389217

I hate this, leave Drew alone Jill. He's a nice young guy, quiet outside of his youtube life and shouldn't be associated with a cow like Jill.

No. 389218

Sage for hairdye sperging, but what it looks like to me is that those areas of her hair didn't bleach light enough to take the purple correctly (you can see in one photo linked above that it's pretty much all of her roots) because she uses shitty box dye. So when she tried to put pastel purple over the brassy yellow that resulted from poor bleaching, it just acted like a toner and turned the hair in those areas a dull ashy brown. She'd need to do a second round of bleach on all of her roots, tone it to remove most of the yellow, and then try adding the purple again.
it only clung to the rest of her hair because it's been bleached to hell so many times.

No. 389230

I guess everyone has a different opinion as to what a SJW is, but to me making a video about kicking a "transphobe" out of the store, bragging about being a queer couple with Colin, saying drag is transphobic on her facebook, and also now her being a lesbian are all signs of being a SJW to me.

No. 389233

She's definitely an SJW, but she doesn't want to identify a one in order to appeal to the shitty edgelord youtubers she loves so much

No. 389242

No. 389243

No. 389248

I somehow managed to find a real old deviant art of hers. she talks about self harm in her journals and a whole bunch of shit. if this has been brought up before let me know and ill delete it.

No. 389254


That is EXACTLY what happened. I'm sure Jill has no idea though.

No. 389255

I was reading through it and she says retard and retarded a lot. I wonder what her fans would think of this.

No. 389257

I know being awkward is sort of part of Drew's comedic style but he looks so uncomfortable…like Jill is just a literal creepy stan (the stalker fan meaning of the term)

No. 389258

File: 1505794539123.jpg (121.15 KB, 640x480, IMG_9075.JPG)

wtf she looks like god knows what

No. 389260

sage for samefag but it's already been confirmed that she self harmed and had an ED. The self harm scar on her wrist was her initial excuse for the upside down magical girl wand tattoo design.

No. 389262

(from her deviantart)
>im a thirteen year old girl whos really, very very honestly, nothing special. im not different at all. there are other kids that dye their hair. there are other kids who love anime. there are other kids who love kinda different music. there are other kids who self injure. i am nothing, absolutely nothing special.

No. 389265

She looks like a nice if a lil awkward kid in this, it makes me sad to see what she's turned into.

No. 389268

why did he stream with her? i dont see any other guests on his channel's videos. did she seriously spam him until he put her on or…

No. 389270

Aw, she was kind of cute in a dweeby tween way. The teal hair doesn't look bad on her.

No. 389271

This is old news.

No. 389279

the stream was so uncomfortable, drew seemed uninterested honestly, and hearing her talk like a baby to him only made her come across as condescending. she made a fool of herself to an even larger audience?

No. 389283

The stream was extremely cringey, he seemed like he didn't know what to do with/say to her. She literally said she had her fans harass him til he guessed her. It was uncomfortable, to say the least.

No. 389330

Why is she holding her camera and she zoomed in on her tongue at one point?? Why can't she just put it on a stand and stop spinning around jfc

No. 389332

I couldnt watch over a minute of this… she called him baby boy, thats just straight up cringey and condesending.

No. 389350

holy shit is Jill an actual autist? how can you have so little social tact?
just imagine a stranger (who's also some extreme fan) talking to you like that, it's creepy as fuck

No. 389353

I tried to watch but the second she said that I noped the fuck right outta there, wayyyy too cringy for me

No. 389354

Yeah it's getting a little creepy. Why doesn't she just talk to him instead of making a huge deal of it? I mean she's still a decently sized YTber and seems like a fairly nice person.

No. 389356

*he seems like a fairly nice person, sorry

No. 389357

Nvm again, I didn't read the rest of the thread. Can't wait to watch that stream later, sounds horrendous.

No. 389385

Wow she's boring

No. 389386

"How did you maintain rainbow hair? You never bathe"

Oh shit, it's admitted

No. 389396


I watched like five minutes of it and she said she was holding her camera because her room/bed was a mess. Which honestly makes me believe part of the real reason she never has videos up on time (besides laziness and lack of motivation) is because she has to clean at least her bed and background area before filming since she's so dirty ad messy all the time.

No. 389412

The way she talks about depression rubs me the wrong way.

No. 389418

Well she did say that the cardcaptor wand had been in her bed for three days

No. 389442

I hadn't seen this before, I didn't realise she went through an alt girl wannabe rocker phase. She suited it better.

No. 389451

What is actually kind of sad is, after I went looking, she had some musical talent once. I realise these were probably posted before, but it's new to me, so I wanted to re-share. She's not outstanding or anything but she actually had a skill that she must have worked hard for. Now all she does is spend money and sit in her room.



Lots more on her mother's channel.


She sings some background vocals on this track and it's not bad or anything.

No. 389454

anon this has been established threads ago

No. 389457


Although I don't find re-sharing old info super interesting myself, they at least acknowledged it and saged their post, anon. Chill.

No. 389515

File: 1505851571904.png (8.96 KB, 835x217, 22.png)

No. 389545

OT but if you get anxiety and are CRYING from buying condoms, you are too young and immature for sex. wtf

No. 389576

File: 1505860312208.jpg (110.33 KB, 1482x2048, 21687054_1995093343837984_6478…)

Jill posted this picture to the HalCon facebook group even though people aren't supposed to post their cosplays or lineups but no mod will ever take it down because everyone brownnoses her lol

No. 389577

Well this is subpar

No. 389586

Oh god it's so shiny and honestly I feel like she could have done better. This is probably her worst yet

No. 389587

The black on the inside of the boots reeeEEE

No. 389588

Looks like a kids costume you would buy from walmart

No. 389589

Construction doesn't look that bad (I don't know shit about sewing, sue me) but the fabric choice and her face ruin it more than anything for me.
She always looks so damn old and smug in every picture.

No. 389590

File: 1505862359392.jpg (31.68 KB, 375x606, 71FLPlFMuxL._SY606_.jpg)

seems accurate

No. 389591

File: 1505862460310.jpg (38.1 KB, 600x330, CSBS0ZJVAAA9fIM.jpg)


I don't know if it's the shiny fabric or her pose or her wig or what but imo this looks less like a cosplay photo and more like a photo you'd see on one of those knockoff Halloween costumes

No. 389595

can anything save her old lady face? short of plastic surgery.

No. 389596

I wish she'd change her eyebrows when she's cosplaying, those strong arched brows don't fit any of those young cute magical girls she goes for

No. 389604

his face is my soul while watching this. her ineptitude physically hurts me.

No. 389618


. . . guys I feel bad.

No. 389619


I'm not even gonna harp on the dress. It's really just . . . poor, poor character design.

No. 389620

what do you mean?

No. 389647

I know almost nothing about cosplay or costume design, but I know that shiny fabric is awful. Definitely looks like a Halloween costume. Did she try to save a few bucks and thing nobody would notice?

I haven't saw these yet, thanks

People say she is regressing all the time but it is weird how she was more grounded in reality a few years ago. The youtube fame must have gotten to her head.

No. 389648

This wouldn't be such a bad costume if it was some cheap item off Amazon. Like if I bought this for $20 off Amazon, full set, I'd probably be chill with it for the price paid. Which… is really not a compliment for someone who is supposed to be a ~professional cosplayer~ lmao like she probably paid too much for the cheap looking materials, wasting hours poorly sewing it together and for what? This garbage? It's so sad. I pity her, like, this is her life. This is what it amounts to. This is all she has to show for her adult life - overpriced shopping addict hauls and badly made cosplay. What a small life.

No. 389664

Thanks anon, I hadn't seen her old deviant art before. It makes me sad that I like her style and photos back then because I know she was suffering. She was quite cute and had nice concepts for her age.

No. 389666

She is not am'misunderstood' tween who self harms anymore, she's a fucking adult, like 19 or 20 who behaves like a literal child, to put it nicely. You must be new here to A) feel bad for talking about people in snow and B) not already know all this stuff about Jill along with possible other anons who clearly did not go back and read the previous threads.

sage for slightly ot but good god I'm triggered by how many people aren't reading the older threads.

No. 389668


literally the same emo shit that any other kid in middle school would post, wtf

No. 389748

well >>384816 was right about the wig

No. 389758

File: 1505901976820.png (201.4 KB, 400x667, Puzzlun_Whip_artwork.png)

The fabric is pretty disgusting but I think the biggest issue is how off the proportions are…
If she had just made the skirt fuller it would make her waist and legs look a bit smaller in comparison
She didn't even try with the wig either, this just looks like an aged version of the character or something

No. 389763

- she doesn't have the bangs or face-framing bits
- her boots don't have the v cut out in front
- her shirt/top part of the dress is entirely dark pink when that should just be the corset
- her cake is on the wrong side of her head
- the skirt layers aren't done properly

and this will still be the best one in her group lmao

No. 389770

they have a toaster and bread on the table in the living room???

I'd be too embarrassed to watch her videos in front of my family tbh

No. 389771

This. And I'm someone who shamefully watches them. Cringe at the thought of my family enduring my shit though.maybe they're just young and not very self aware

No. 389793

I think they'd give her a pass considering she was 13/14 at the time.

This is unwatchable, and I physically cringed when she said baby boy. I almost feel bad for her because she seemed pretty nervous (thus sperging out more than usual) and he got visibly uncomfortable pretty quickly. Imagine talking to your favorite YouTuber and tanking it this badly.

No. 389794

She just posted a new video showing the cosplay closer. I actually do sew and am highkey cringing ;-;


No. 389796

Lurk more.

No. 389799

the bangs/wig/ear combination makes her look like a conehead

No. 389803

I had a huge rant typed out but it's pointless. She clearly bought the cheapest fabric and did not try at all. This is really sad, just buy a cosplay or make a bit of an effort instead of just doing to minimum but still crying when you don't win first prize. Her Cure Flora wasn't as bad as this.

No. 389807

No. 389814

Looking at it more closely the main skirt is gathered but it's so little fabric that it doesn't even work. She even says she didn't buy enough fabric but instead of buying more she just made it shorter? Girl.

>"Start with the hardest thing!"

That's bad advice imo, you'll just get discouraged and fuck everything up.

She's a beginner so I'd give her some leeway but it sounds like she's just being kinda careless and didn't do any research on how to make things. I also don't know why she didn't make the pinafore properly, probably because the armholes on her blouse are too big and it wouldn't work. If you don't have the skill yet to make it properly either make it multiple times or pick something easier.

No. 389870

seriously, she needs to make mock ups out of something dirt cheap. Although, with the cheap and nasty fabric choices she made I wouldn't even be surprised if the mock up would end up as the final piece

No. 389875

"It doesn't matter how I I-Ron it"

Iron Jill, I don't want to nitpick but ugh

No. 389884

Between her lack of sewing knowledge and textiles, I'd be hard pressed to be harsh on her. I do believe she could have at least seeked some recommendations from the internet and even a sewing book for beginners for what textiles to use. Her pattern making skills need some major help the garment looks wonky and unstable. I really do encourage that she keep sewing and get into a beginner sewing class for further instruction,before applying to any design school. I pattern make professionally and I will give Jill props for even attempting this costume, an intermediate sewer would have sewn this costume better.

No. 389886

Like Jill would even know what a mock up actually is. None the less what Venus muslin and thread count are. Kek

No. 389889

I don't hate it at all. It's not great, but I'd MUCH rather watch this then a haul

No. 389892

File: 1505924515208.png (696.99 KB, 500x749, tumblr_nqgx261seT1qfdplwo1_500…)

She seems to keep making the same mistakes she's been making with all of her cosplays before, but looking at some of her older costumes it looks like she used to put more effort into them.
It was kind of sad hearing how often she was talking about taking 'artistic liberties' (shortcuts) because she didn't want to do a certain thing.
didn't she have a lot of free time to work on this costume?
Even if she isn't a master seamstress this cosplay would've looked way better if she had just stuck more closely to the original design.

No. 389895

I just realized the centers of the strawberries are leftover fabric from her prom dress lol

No. 389903

This costume looks so much better. What the fuck happened?

No. 389904

>>389576 This is honestly, horrific. It looks like her torso is a mile long and in the shape of a log. Can't wait for her next con video, she will probably bitch and moan that not enough people appreciate her cosplay.

No. 389935

Jill isn't a beginner. Like >>389892 shows, she's made other cosplays before that looked better. She is just getting lazy.

Yeah I wonder how butthurt she will be when she doesn't win again

No. 389945

File: 1505928144215.png (1.43 MB, 1136x640, IMG_7362.PNG)

No. 389949


What really makes me sad is that Jill technically isn't a beginner - she's been sewing for a fairly decent number of years now.

But she's done such little sewing in those years and hasn't bothered to develop the sewing skills she actually has because it's hard uwu that she's still at a beginner level.

No. 389953

"Don't be gay for views"
Lmao Jillian please

No. 389956

File: 1505928839385.jpg (115.34 KB, 640x640, Full-Set-KiraKira-Pretty-Cure-…)

lmfao the alixpress knockoffs use that exact shiny fabric.
i would laugh so hard if she got accused of entering a bought costume in the contest.

No. 389971

Yeah except Clow reed is in canon a half english half chinese wizard. His name is English, it's not to give emphasis or cool factor, he's a foreigner to Japanese people.

No. 389980

> those strong arched brows don't fit any of those young cute magical girls she goes for

Why does she even have this brow style? It's not as if she's old enough to have gone through the overplucked brows being in fashion era. Her peers are all about thick, flatter brows. Especially in the J-fashion community, it's been about korean style brows for years.

No. 389991

Part of it is also just her facial expressions. They're so much less arched in >>389945 this photo because she isn't scrunching up her forehead

No. 389997


oh god lets please not revisit this shit again

No. 390106

Anyone catch her stream?

No. 390114

This is honestly more accurate than what she made

No. 390115

We've talked about these in previous threads, but she always opens her eyes really wide in pictures. Which in turn scrunches up her forehead into wrinkles, makes her eyebrows really arched and witch-like, and ages her face.

I don't know why she stopped wearing circle lenses if she was just going to overcompensate like this.

No. 390120


No. 390128

the double chin is getting baaaad.

No. 390129

>like Catty Pyamoo Pyamoo

No. 390132

someone please make a little clip of the "kissimg noise delicioso" thing she said in the video. it's around 4:30.

No. 390133


She mentions being nervous about sharing because of her skill level and this being a first and all and it was actually almost kind of endearing. This was an actual challenge (even if she got lazy) and she made something she likes and is enjoying sharing it with her fans, who wanted to see these things. Maybe sewing will be her ticket back to seeming enthused and excited and genuinely invested in something like she originally was with lolita or used to be with music.

Jill might have a slight transformation, maybe still be narcissistic but at least be trying a bit more and passionate about what she's doing.

No. 390179

Hope Jill actually learns to be real with her audience, it might help the longevity of her YouTube "career".kek

No. 390191

Found Jillians brother by doing a bit of hunting. She mentioned him in a recent video and hasn't really talked about him much else from that video so I was curious I guess. If this is old let me know (I have looked through previous threads and didnt catch anything)(Do not post peoples family members)

No. 390222


Is this really necessary to post? He isn't involved in Jill's drama at all.

No. 390230

Don't doxx family members who aren't involved in the drama, that's fucked up.

No. 390241

Why do all of these anons suddenly think they're finding new shit? It's easy to find her brother through her mom in about ten seconds. We've seen this all before.

No. 390333

From what I remember:
>gushing about Drew again
>was also a weeb and loved PreCure in her punk phase
>still likes lolita on other people but wants to wear pants and stuff that doesn't fit the silhouette
>likes Steven Universe but doesn't like Adventure Time
>wants to talk/do videos about doing youtube fulltime
>suggests PreCure, Card Captor Sakura and Sailor Moon for people who want to get into Magical Girl Anime
>her heart earrings are clips and her earholes are quite wide so they look a bit strange
>Toronto is a cool art city and one of the cities she would move to
>applied for a college (but I didn't catch where)
>something about a black Powerpuff Girl - likes that she's black but not that she has a different design and supposed to be a special kind of powerpuff girl or smth
>Mom bought her a professional photo editing tool which cost "like, 600 dollars" 3 years ago on her birthday
>shits on trisha paytas(? or someone else on the big brother cast) for being a lesbian for views but then getting a boyfriend

No. 390345

She also mentioned that she was probably going to Japan again next March because she was invited by friends

No. 390346

She doesn't wear circle lenses because she can't see out of them. She has a high positive prescription; circle lenses only come in negative prescrptions. That one pair she had for a video were probably plano and she did the video blind.

No. 390347

Alright JIll, since I'm sure you're reading this, here's how you can improve your cosplay:
>much more volume in the skirt. The reference picture shows at least four strawberries from the front, you can only see two on your version. For a full gathered skirt like this, the fabric should be at least 3x the width of your waist.
>Doing the strawberries as appliques was a good idea, but you need to use interfacing behind the main skirt fabric to prevent the rippled/distorted effect
>Don't use satin. Ever. If you must, use a matte satin, but fabrics with shine look cheap and photograph poorly.
>Clip your curves! You need to cut triangular notches out of the seam allowance of any curved seam to enable them to be pressed flat without puckering or bunching.
>Iron your shit. You say it doesn't iron, but thats probably because you don't know how to do it. Press EVERY seam while you are sewing so that they don't look puffy, bunched, or puckerd
>For the love of god, learn how to ruffle properly. Make sure your ruffle fabric is at least 3x the length of the fabric you want to attach it to. Sew across the top edge of your ruffle fabric with a long basting stitch. Don't tie off the stitch, but leave long thread ends hanging off the end. While holding on to the end of the thread, carefully push the fabric down along it to create gathers, distributing the fullness evenly. Sew the ruffle on. When you're finished, PRESS the seam allowances of both ruffle and main fabric up towards the body of the garment and topstitch it in place. A baby rolled hem looks best on ruffles. If you can't do this manually, you can buy a rolled hem foot for pretty much any make and model of machine online for extremely cheap.

No. 390350

File: 1505992829126.png (1011.08 KB, 886x892, jill.png)

some other stuff from her stream:
>leaving for con today but still hasn't packed/done her portfolio/edited Saturday video (involves Hot Topic stuff she bought?)
>wants to do an updated magical girl wand collection/figure collection video cuz she's planning on getting more stuff
>will go to a Witches' Ball with her local witch club for Halloween
>she's sad because people don't want her anime content
>she would e-transfer $1000 to Drew just for him to notice her lol
>too anxious to ever guest people on her stream
>might be going to Japan again next year (her friends invited her, she has enough money and time but doesn't know whether she'd rather save for school lol)
>would've started college a month ago but she didn't because she waited for Colin to be done with uni
>she just now realized that she's required to take that foundation year at college, was specifically pumped about this college she applied to because she thought that she wouldn't have to take it, "it wasn't obvious when you check the site", "don't take my money to teach how to draw if I wanna do fashion"
>can't take any sewing classes because apparently there aren't any around her area
>wants to live in Montreal
>wants a physical store for her fashion brand one day
>still likes Lolita and thinks it's cute, but quit because she was bored with it and couldn't wear "weird" stuff with it, never wore her dresses because they were so expensive and she didn't want to get stuff on them
>going to stay at Kenzie's house for HalCon and wants to do a Party Kei transformation video, also wants to vlog the con
>also in a Maid Cafe working as a maid
>she's not afraid of growing out of her style and regretting her tattoo, because it would've worked with all of her past styles too
>is an "angry single" now, has been talking to a girl she likes for about a month now and gone on dates with her

No. 390384

>she just now realized that she's required to take that foundation year at college, was specifically pumped about this college she applied to because she thought that she wouldn't have to take it, "it wasn't obvious when you check the site", "don't take my money to teach how to draw if I wanna do fashion"

It took everyone here about 5 minutes to find that out lmao

No. 390415

Uhh, where is all of this magical, endless money she brags about having coming from? Louise's wallet?
So she would spend thousands on Japan again and throw money at her fave livestreamer, but she can't pay her car repair bills?? lol this bitch is majorly taking advantage of her fans and parents

No. 390437

um Jill you have to be able to draw pretty well if you want to be a fashion designer. also i think she'd love montreal actually

No. 390452

Ikr? At my uni, everyone is required to take a ton of electives unrelated to their degree to make you a "well rounded person" and teach you stuff about the world. Meanwhile Jill is complaining about having to take art classes (doesn't she enjoy art?) and is trying to limit herself to one approach or she won't bother with college. It's funny and tragic at the same time, how sheltered and know-it-all-y she is.

No. 390472

her reasoning for it was that she just wants to be taught how to sew right away and the foundation year seems like a waste of time to her (she was really just whining about how she wants to sell fashion, not art, apparently not understanding at all what the correlation between those two things is)
also it's pretty viable to teach yourself how to sew with the help of books and tutorials, so not sure why she thinks she has to wait till college to actually get better at it

No. 390488

File: 1506010621473.gif (10.66 MB, 500x500, killmenow.gif)

when your pants so skanky u get a stroke

No. 390489

>still likes lolita
>but wants to wear pants
This is what's wrong with Jill, she automatically groups herself into one style and thinks she can no longer dress in anything else.

No. 390491


This needs to be made into a site banner.

No. 390494


Exactly what I was thinking. P sure most lolitas own a pair of shorts or jeans or a skirt, but when Jill wore lolita she wore it every day, even to school, because ~*~lifestyle lolita~*~ and acted like she was the authority on lolita fashion because of it.

The problem with that is that anyone with an actual fucking job isn't gonna be able to show up to their job in expensive frilly dresses every day, but Jill lets her fashion identity define every other aspect of her life so she doesn't understand that.

No. 390504

God she's so stupid. ANY college will require you to take damn foundation courses. It is necessary and no one is above that.

No. 390505

You can wear Lolita without being a lifestler like 98% of all Lolitas do

No. 390588

If there's one thing that defines Jill, is she has no concept of moderation. It's all-in all-the-time, until she's sick of it and then it's the worst thing on earth, just like a toddler.

No. 390699

File: 1506034967348.jpg (40.68 KB, 458x458, im__h_e_r_e___by_x_open_your_e…)

Some vintage Jill.

No. 390700

File: 1506034975617.jpg (81.13 KB, 640x480, so_this_is_my_life_by_xhellode…)

No. 390701

Anon stop sharing this old Jill stuff, we've all seen it

No. 390704

She looks like Mykie

No. 390757

OT but i'm only slightly salty she has that gun since they're hard to find now a days.

How old was she in this photo? I'm guessing it was during her 'punk' phase.

No. 390787


she must be looking for a new style to change to atm

No. 390849

File: 1506053574887.jpg (322.29 KB, 614x846, 669b29eb1003e46532358905ad7485…)

No. 390850

File: 1506053586807.png (908.9 KB, 612x843, 6c515654ddfbfb7b384cf10f70a76c…)

No. 390854

Who wants to bet there will be another lush haul or that she'll bring up this shopping trip in her monthly faves video

No. 390864

My friend and I have that exact build a bear. Now I'm nauesous? Sage for stupid but jeez. That cat is never going to get washed and will become rank, just watch.

No. 390908

>would've started college a month ago but she didn't because she waited for Colin to be done with uni
?? What does it even mean.

No. 390913

I mean. She lives at home, doesn't pay for rent, food, or any bills, and probably makes about 2k a month between youtube and her merch. When literally all of your income is disposable income, it's easy to have money to throw around.

No. 390919

I can't stand hauls especially Jill's. But Sephora hauls never fail to hook me in. Kek she must be blowing through her cash with her trip.

No. 390943

She basically could have/would have wanted to start attending college this current semester, but didn't because she waited for Colin to be done with university so that he could move together with her.
Now she's all whiny about 'wasting 2 years' and how 'love isn't real', which is weird because before she said that she specifically wanted to take a year off so she could focus on YouTube and find herself and all that jazz.
Not sure why she's blaming it all on Colin now.

No. 390957

probably because she didn't want to seem so reliant on Colin and wanted to be an ~*independent woman*~ but now that she's had time, she can just use it to blame Colin instead

No. 391118

I know Jill has a lot of cash to spare but how can Kenzie afford so many lush products? Lol

No. 391121

She has a job? There's probably about $50-$60 in product in her basket. Not that much.

No. 391122

I can smell the yeast infection from here

No. 391124

What? From a bunch of Lush products?

No. 391127

I was literally going to say the same thing. Thanks anon haha.

But yeah it seems like Kenzie has an actual and maybe even decent job. Isnt she a bit older than Jill? And last time she came to visit her in PEI she brought her a bunch of offerings, I mean gifts….

No. 391136

I'm going to make predictions about her Lush haul video now.

Products I think she got and how she will describe them:

Bewitched Gift Set (can see this in her basket)
Bewitched Bubble Bar: "This one's a cat and I love my four purebred cats so I had to get it. Look at his little nosey-wosey!"
Lord of Misrule: "This one is a spicy boy and while I don't really think it's my aesthetic, sometimes I want to be a goth bleep and do some spook."
Pink Pumpkin: "It's like they made this bubble bar for me! It's full of pink and glitter and I'd love Halloween more if everything was like this!"

Other products
Goth Fairy: "I love the 80s and 90s and body glitter so much and this is basically a solid body glitter you rub all over yourself to make yourself a shiny ass disco Halloween queen."
Ectoplasm: "This has a little ghosty boy on the top of it! It's one of Lush's new jelly bombs so I can't wait to get spoopy goopy!"
Pink: "They changed this one. It used to be one of my favourites and now I don't know if I like it as much anymore. Ugh, why did they have to change it? It was the best. They should offer both."
Creamy Candy: "This is my other favourite because it's pink and sweet and cute and basically everything I want to be in one product!"

Sage for my autism.

No. 391153

That's stupid. Could she not live alone for a little while before he graduated and could move in?

No. 391154

Nayrt but using too many bath bombs can lead to that yes. It's fine to use them just sparingly.

No. 391157


she looks like a crackhead, jeez. i can't imagine taking a pic like that, seeing how busted you look, and still posting it. jill really does love herself

No. 391159

anon you're scaring me it's too accurate

No. 391161

File: 1506114909077.png (256.13 KB, 489x277, Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.1…)

crack, not even once

No. 391171

She has said in her broadcast that she won't move to Japan to study fashion design because it's to far away. That would require her to become an adult and don't depend on her "mama" all the time. Maybe get a part time job while she studies and such… that is why she is settling for a closer fashion school.

No. 391244

You forgot the fidget spinner ones for ME BEING THE MEMEIEST CHEEKY QUEEN

No. 391273

Show this to kids while teaching D.A.R.E. and that'll set them straight real quick lmao
But seriously, it's amazing how normal a human she looks on the left. She looks like a damn alien trying to be human based on internet searches now.

No. 391303

File: 1506139180737.png (61.54 KB, 628x706, Untitled.png)

No. 391304

File: 1506139247122.jpg (63.56 KB, 640x480, DKLdZVWXUAA2qJx.jpg)

No. 391306

File: 1506139461623.jpg (88.92 KB, 583x646, ss (2017-09-22 at 09.04.04).jp…)

No. 391308

The lighting and shade of purple makes it look like she has a layer of grime on her skin.

Lol, is she at Animaritime?

No. 391309

File: 1506139551112.png (17.78 KB, 575x185, ss (2017-09-22 at 09.05.40).pn…)

No. 391310

did she not drive to halcon or did she get drunk and have a bad night again? lmao

No. 391312

My guess is she went to a party, and either discovered one of her friends she's with is the one that accidentally posted about the picnic on here, or someone brought up her animaritime video