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File: 1518743381348.jpg (171.92 KB, 1114x827, Image6.jpg)

No. 504405

A thread for all these terrible cosplayers… Jessica Nigri, Momo, Jenna Lynn Meowri, Amouranth and your generally bad cosplayers.

-jessica nigri is still scamming her fanboys

-rachniqueen is still making terrible costumes

-frog queen jenna lynn meowri is still lying

No. 504508

Old thread since OP didn't post it.

No. 504521


Continuing this conversation. If you arent familiar with MS's crap just look for her thread here on LC. She is KNOWN for being a bully and talking badly about people to anyone who asks. While she never enticed a witch hunt she never had to. She gives enough for her fans to do the rest for her.

Im not saying she meant for this to turn in to what it did but as someone with 10k followers on twitter you should just ignore comments like that versus making a 'witty' reply and altering all of your followers to this person.

The race stuff was dug up later after people were already going after that girl for her age tweet.

No. 504522

*alerting - i cant spell apparently

No. 504523

don't use this thread. someone make a new one.

No. 504685

Nice try, Nina/Emily/Beth

No. 504688

Didn't get the chance to reply to the break in thing from the last thread
It's terrifying. I know we shit on Meg all of the time and she's annoying and all of that, but I really feel terrible for her and Gavin. If I were them I would have to move. The burden of moving built on all this paranoia and terror would be hell for anyone. I haven't really been followed them much as of late. Would they have put things out that gave away their location?
Wish them the best.

No. 504950

File: 1518800041779.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1779, 20180216_164900.png)

Just came across this girl and I'm screaming how can anyone think this is real? The warping around the waist, she didn't even try.

No. 504951

File: 1518800078057.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1784, 20180216_164844.png)

No. 504952

Because so many men are fucking retarded idiots. It doesnt matter how bad the photoshop or how deformed or obvious it is. They will still act like it’s “natural” and praise women who warp their bodies to nightmare proportions.

No. 504968

nta, but the person posting this jenna girl is either selfpost/vendetta, and the thread OP has literally no relevant info and also mentions momo.

No. 505003

I'm a lesbian and I find this shit repulsive and all the comments are men going nuts over it.

No. 505022

File: 1518803166360.png (361.53 KB, 479x596, Screenshot 2018-02-16 at 9.46.…)

wow much ghost hip

No. 505024

it looks like she has 4 boobs??

No. 505030

File: 1518803452150.png (497.69 KB, 600x597, Screenshot 2018-02-16 at 9.50.…)

she does…just not the kind that are udders. She's wearing fake boobs.

No. 505042

File: 1518804041154.jpg (66.2 KB, 640x960, 6a00d8341c558f53ef01b8d1206635…)

No. 505051

File: 1518804256003.png (306.13 KB, 682x500, Screenshot 2018-02-16 at 10.04…)

No. 505061

She looks…fine here? Smells like body dysmorphia and craving for e-fame

No. 505067

The shooping here looks so bad, it's like she's a parody or something. Why men fall for this shit I'll never understand.

No. 505069

who would believe this? it's so obvious from the side she is just padded to shit. unless she has tiny breast that turn huge midway through.

No. 505072

she doesn't know how to pad properly.

No. 505179

From browsing other threads that talk about the Meg/Gavin incident; it seems like there isnt a way to hide their home in Texas. Unless they are able to purchase it through a LLC.

No. 505259

File: 1518811457080.png (1.12 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-02-16-11-52-07…)

Apparently Cat had time to finish Moo's cosplay but not Vamp's

No. 505413

Jenna says big lips and small noses run in her family. Funny how everyone from her family has the opposite…..She forgot she posted this of her mom.(read the rules)

No. 505416

I'd be so embarrassed if i was her lol

No. 505462

this isn't milk.

No. 505510

File: 1518822984478.jpeg (21.57 KB, 351x213, F133435B-F429-4838-8EFB-5B6F95…)

Girl, what the fuck

No. 505512

Oh, somebody already beat me to it

No. 505868

File: 1518847788772.jpg (71.91 KB, 720x960, 28168163_979693472184422_24151…)

jesus this dress is fucking horrible

No. 505871

I know I can’t believe she did a whole photo shoot with the safety pins

No. 505872

File: 1518847951841.png (214.99 KB, 360x1070, FFXV_Luna.png)

reference for those who dont know

No. 505902

ffs. this is literally a perfect time to just buy the outfit. this is just a fucking prom dress.

No. 506228

Waking around with mother fuckin safety pins holding you together.
It takes two seconds to slip stitch, could you not wake up early gurl?

No. 506907

File: 1518931969027.png (1.08 MB, 955x629, dragons.PNG)

I think Jessica handled this really well. Most cosplayers would get pissed if someone created a design that had been made specifically for them. These girls credited the artist then said they used Jessica's tutorials. The one in the middle said on her post people mistook her for Jessica (lol ok). But if i recall correctly these dragon designs were made by that Zach dude for Jessica.

No. 506918

The dress looks like she's wrapped in toilet paper, but I will admit, her makeup is very flattering here. Softens her features.

No. 507025

Jenna Lynn Meowri is attending Katsucon and I saw her. The bitch has to be about 40 years old with huge injected lips.
Someone mentioned Jenna went to Japan with Jessica Nigri recently… does anyone know why? Jessica seems to pretend she doesn’t even know the bitch.(Samefagging and ban evading)

No. 507970

File: 1519006077908.jpg (45.31 KB, 540x442, crabs.JPG)

I've seen quite a few people cosplay these designs. Jess shares most of them. I still find it funny that she will share these guys but there has been no mention of Moo's Roadhog rip off that I'm aware of. lmao

No. 508410

Jess always loves when people cosplay designs made for her

No. 508541

And you sound like that anon who is constantly trying to defend Jenna

No. 508719

If you HAVE to have safety pins you can hide them better or take A sec and paint them to match the outfit. That is so embarrassing

No. 509538

File: 1519147262926.png (784.05 KB, 720x696, Screenshot_2018-02-18-18-59-25…)

I'm pretty convinced that moderatelyokcosplay is a FTM.
Every cosplay guy I've seen has atleast 1 topless cosplay, no hesitation. His features in certain angles are way too feminine for him to be born naturally a man, this is especially noticeable when he is with his naturally male born friends. I have no issues with MOC but I do think he's kinda flakey with how he caters heavily to yaoi fangirls by lowkey shipping himself with his friends, constantly feeling the need to show off and let people know that he vapes and his overexaggerated qUiRKy personality.

No. 509540

File: 1519147370467.png (138.68 KB, 502x482, Screenshot_2018-02-20-12-24-14…)

No. 509558

no one's been doing that? she's not relevant at all nor is she really milky/a cosplayer.

No. 509592

File: 1519149291045.png (1014.77 KB, 1080x1516, 20180220_125425.png)

Looks very much like a dude to me. I've seen plenty of feminine looking men in my life. He isn't a stretch.

No. 509604

He’s a HE. Go reach for the stars.

No. 509627

I can see why some people think John is a tranny, who knows.

No. 509661

Nigri gained alot of weight

No. 509698

mte. dude uses a lot of blur and shit but dude is def a dude

No. 509716

Looks more like a Junji Ito character

No. 509725

You're really reaching if you have anything negative to say about John. Not only is he one of the most genuine, talented people out there in this trash community right now, but there are PLENTY of photos of him showing his and. If I were a guy and good friends with Leon Chiro I'd have a tough time feeling comfortable topless considering how most of the male cosplay scene stereotypes the super jacked buff characters.

No. 509726

That's not Nigri you idiot

No. 509728

File: 1519157245098.jpg (274.63 KB, 2048x1364, IMG_20180220_150648.jpg)

> Isn't a dude

Adam's apples don't appear on FTM if I'm not mistaken

No. 509750

they just want to jerk off to the pictures, it's not about reality. sometimes they're so lonely they buy into the fantasy enough to interact with them and pay for their content, they know they're playing themselves but again these are gamers/neckbeards/etc we're talking about. actual women don't want to go near them, they know it, and further take it out on worshipping unrealistic standards to feel a sense of superiority inflecting that self consciousness. they're all one big joke, really don't understand why the women participate when the attention they get at it's core is out of a warped sexist hatred for women. why would you want to generate that just to get compliments on a clearly fake picture of 'yourself'? why is the gaming community so plagued with these kind of people

OT from above comment
but can anyone point out what cosmetic procedures these girls have actually gotten? besides boob jobs because that's fairly obvious, i just mean their face work because some of these hoes are in their 30s. All i'm really seeing is fillers and nigri's 400 nose jobs?

No. 509751

oh fuck, sorry forgot to add that men also get off on these women doing the most ridiculous and time consuming things to erase their identity to appeal to "them specifically" (vomit). it's a control/kinda humiliation fetish (it looks humiliating to me idk) which is fairly common, especially again around gaming dudes who are regarded rightfully as being weak and undesirable as fuck. the projected self consciousness onto these girls gives them control even if they're shelling out money like idiots.

No. 509779

File: 1519162059897.png (834.39 KB, 720x1280, 41.png)

Sayathefox can't take any photos without photoshop and filters despite having her ugudolly makeover in Korea

No. 509810

File: 1519164276824.jpg (210.17 KB, 815x547, d1c228c1-8e78-489b-90fb-af50ef…)

She thinks she looks like elsa

No. 509868

So she went to korea to get her face rearranged yet still shoops to hell and back and makes delusional comments like that? What’s the point of surgery then?

No. 510091

File: 1519176543067.jpg (105.31 KB, 815x292, Screenshot_2018-02-07-06-49-39…)

Pretty much. That's what everyone is saying too, she still hides her face in her friend's videos or photo.

Saya is now claiming to be mongolian even though she ranted on instagram about how bad it was to label someone as asian when they are not, all while stating she is not asian in any way and just turk+italian.

No. 510093

File: 1519176717031.png (99.11 KB, 550x500, Screenshot_2018-02-09-08-54-01…)

She also said this on twitter, if she's content with being turkish and italian then why is she saying she's mongolian? She's trying to have a connection to asia so bad, through the idea that there are some mixed monogolian arabs out there

No. 510105

Plastic surgery doesn’t fix your brain, anon.

No. 510189

There are turkish mix monogolians but saya is not one of them*

No. 510213

Patton Oswald is Mongolian as well. Just sayin

No. 510694

Haha I love how triggered Moderatelyokcosplay fans get over their precious yaoi prince

What does that have to with Sayathefox trying to lie about being mongolian? She'll do anything to pass as remotely asian.

No. 511399

People don’t have to be a fan to see it was a huge reach to call him trans. He’s 6 feet tall and his voice is clearly a dude. Every trans gets given away by their voice.

No. 511425

I would laugh so hard if it turns out he's actually trans, his fangirls would explode

No. 513639

File: 1519509583912.jpg (123.32 KB, 800x1200, mango.jpg)

So her thread is dead and I'd rather not necro it, but I feel like she's irrelevant enough to fit here, but mangosirene recently dropped out of cosplay and now she's trying to squeeze her way back in.

No. 513642

File: 1519509873311.png (45.63 KB, 481x227, mad about.png)

Also mad that companies still want to support her even though she tried to leave the hobby, such as arda and this company that sent her a 3-d printer

No. 513643

After all her sperging about how much she hates the community, I am so not surprised. It's because she gets no fucking love anywhere else she has to come back

No. 513645

kek he's a cis dude you dummy. he just abuses the shit out of beauty apps. I've never seen a guy use the blur tool as much as he does. holy shit its moomoo tier. but thats the only thing you can really shit on him for.

No. 513813

She said she'd come back and was just tired??? Saged for defending her. I don't want to. But at least get your facts straight and let's wait for real milk to come back out of her.

If anything, get on her girlfriend who has a new face shape and a longer chin. Thanks filters.

No. 513827

Anyone think it's weird how seemingly obsessed he is with Ignis from FF? I mean it's great and all that you like a character but his like for Ignis is next level it's almost like he wants to be him

No. 513846

If I recall correctly, his first Iggy cosplay is what got him famous. That may be why.

Not that I'm complaining, I think he portrays the character well enough.

No. 513877

Complains about girlfriend's Photoshop but says nothing about >>513639

No. 513909

Sounds like a lot of cosplayers are dealing with death threats and stalkers. Meg Turney was almost killed by a stalker who showed up at her house. Angie Griffin did a video about someone saying they were gonna kill her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-9uovzRDiA Any other cosplayers experiencing this too? Theres some cosplayers I dont like but someone sending death threats is just scary

No. 514092

I think it's weird how seemingly obsessed YOU are with him.

A lot of cosplayers have that ONE character that they cosplay constantly because it fits them well. It's not that difficult to understand. Also who doesn't want to be Ignis? Isn't that the purpose of cosplay is both the outfit aspect AND being in character?

No. 514127

I'm pretty sure it's more than one person talking about him. Why do people get so mad over people talking about him? Like he's a kinda popular so it's bound to happen.

No. 514184

To be fair she is the one who ignited all that drama with that racist girl. Im not defending the girl who was a racist mess and blamed it on autism but Nina is someone with a large following and she could have just NOT replied to the girls stupid comment. The rest of the stuff about this girl came out when Nina's drones went hunting and digging on her. Nina always has been and always will be a bully. Her thread is full of examples and i wouldnt be surprised if her rebranding was in attempts to avoid that thread coming up in searches.

No. 514208

taking a break and completely dropping out of 'professional' cosplay are two different things. Mango left, stated that she was going to take her patreon down which she never did, and now shes trying super hard on her facebook to get back into professional cosplay. regardless OP is mad that someone with a very small following compared to her previous one is still getting hand outs from companies like Arda and dagoma when those should go to cosplayers who are actually, I don't Know, a good PR rep and can reach a large audience?

No. 514251

MangoSirene/Fawnina has always wanted the perks of being well-known without the responsibility of being a public figure. She's better than she used to be, but I would believe her rebranding as hobbyist only more seriously if she'd dropped her sponsorships. At least she's not making new stolen "tutorials" to sell anymore. I still have an infographic I made for her thread about uncredited sources and other people's tutorials she's basically selling, should I post it here? It's not really relevant milk anymore.

No. 514255

Yes please

No. 514256

Yes please post it. I remember in her thread I pointed out how she took those Prompto patch designs from a user on tumblr, had them embroidered and then gave no credit in any photo post or anything about her Prompto. If i recall correctly she tried to say she had to 'redraw' them up for embroidery but she quite literally just took the images and made them in to the right file type. From there the shop she used started selling them to other cosplayers with again, no credit to the original user who created the first drafts.

No. 514287

File: 1519586877156.jpg (134.71 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_20180225_142532.jpg)

Saged since I know msot of you dont care but does Jenna shop her waist or is she just really good as posing because her waist looks much wider here than in other photos

No. 514288

File: 1519586901776.jpg (500.29 KB, 2560x1600, IMG_20180225_142537.jpg)

No. 514296

I question the sanity of any woman who chooses to cosplay Shadman art

No. 514360

Um Shadman didn’t create Earth-chan and the one Earth-chan fanart he did was a loli in a different outfit.

No. 514361

Can’t look past that frog face. But I wouldn’t put anything past her. I’m sure she’ll now tweet “I never photoshop. Hard work pays off”. When was the first pic you posted taken? Cause her butthole lips look slightly smaller. Either it’s an old pic or the injections are fading away a bit

No. 514363

At the same time the lips still look inflated and the nose still looks Michael Jacksonish. Has to be recent. I was thinking it was an old pic cause she looked like she gained some weight

No. 514373

File: 1519593039164.jpg (38.49 KB, 445x416, Mrs._Toad[1].jpg)

No. 514387


I can agree with that. She should have dropped her Twitch partnership, for sure. Personally, recent milk would be better but she seems to be less bitchy online rn. So. Post that infographic.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 514396

File: 1519594672507.jpg (548.75 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20180225-133039.jpg)

Does anyone remember this girl? she got called out a long time ago she left and now she's back with the same old overshooped photos different name now hanamiiya
Old forum

No. 514403

She just took and posted the first picture sometime this past week

No. 514424

"Jenna why'd you blur out your philtrum"
"I never blur, no one in my family has a philtrum, #hardworkpaysoff"

Joan Rivers lookin ass.

No. 514430

File: 1519597353612.jpg (1.58 MB, 1198x3597, MangoSireneFawninaPlagiarizing…)

I went ahead and updated the top. The Prompto stuff can be be found the last thread. She is indeed still selling the tutorials in her shop, so it's more milky than I thought. If anyone wants to call her out, feel free to use this. I'm too nice to do it on a public platform, I mean, I sat on this until it was too late for the first thread.

Anyways, I was a dumb weeb that bought a few of her breakdowns, paid real money and all. I wasn't expecting crazy extensive how-tos, but I was definitely disappointed by the obvious reliance on third party sources rather than an actual new info from her. If the breakdowns were free, I wouldn't care, but she profiting off other creators if she sells them.

Here's the tumblr arrow tutorial link - http://mc-ballin.tumblr.com/post/64453051302/hawkeye-trick-arrow-props-materials-and-tips

Also, sorry the graphic is so huge.

No. 514450

Jenna's plastic surgeries are way too over the top to be "natural" idk why she'd think anyone would believe her ass

No. 514539

This is hilarious considering her whole drama was around people 'copying' her innovative designs and trying to be just like her. She harassed more than one cosplayer and had her friends backing her up (big name cosplayers like Byndo and Heidi to name a couple).

Im sure her other tutorials are just full of links as well.

She kept her twitch up and its partnership, she continues to sell these tutorials as well as cosplay photo merch that was for her patreons. I really think she only took a break to avoid the LC thread because it was gaining traction. Her buddy Beth tried to derail that thread then completely wiped all of her social media and also did a username change once she got a thread of her own calling out her bitchy behavior.

No. 514551

Bless you anon. I think that Mango's claim to fame was her ability to make pretty entertaining vlogs. She has sort of stayed at the same skill level, shes been in this hobby for so long and yet she's still in journeyman. Dont forget that she presented her stream as a free to watch but she still chose to monetize it at every turn. Sage for old news.

No. 514571

Her new Anastasia costume that was suppose to be her big build to get back into cosplay doesn't look that great tbh. It doesn't look like eight months of work and I'm not saying that in a complimentary 'it looks effortless' type of way.

No. 514579

Nah i completely agree. The boddice has messy puckering around the edges of every panel and in the movie its not even broken in to that kind of panneling. The rhinestones dont do it for me either. She should have opted for a more shimmer fabric to be one of the layers as Anastasia has a more all over glitz and glittery effect to this dress.

A big thing that bugs me is the massive difference of her foundation to her hand in >>513639

No. 514726

File: 1519617057856.png (15.66 KB, 908x208, adsasd.png)

Jenna Lynn's ex boyfriend outing her on Reddit. LOL

No. 515198

Ofc her lips are fake. No white girl naturally has big ass lips like that.

No. 515348

Since you bought her breakdowns, do you have any idea why her Tifa was like 200$ and her prompto was 600$. I just wanna know what was so expensive on them. I've been speculating and I just don't know, I can't figure it out.

No. 515374

Not that ano but for Prompto all I can imagine that was really expensive is the patches. That seller does the full set for like $200+ so that was probably a big chunk of the price.

No. 515378


Graphic anon here, I don't have Tifa or Promoto, so I can't give a concert answer. From the breakdowns I have, she lists every last supply, so honestly, $200 for Tifa sounds about right. Wig, shoes, contacts, pleather, plus notions, hardware, and she wore a mega push up bra with Tifa.

Prompto seems a little high, but if the patches are $200, I could imagine all the other stuff adding up.

OT but, a misconception of making your own cosplay is that it'll be cheaper than buying, but that's not really the case. Especially if you can't or don't coupon.

No. 515389

That honestly doesn't answer my question unless she's buying gucci louis for her costumes or including the price of her sewing machine.

Especially considering her princess tutu costumes, elaborate ballerina inspired outfits, cost around the same as a tank top and mini skirt. The only thing I imagine that cost money was the gloves, but surely she has enough of that material laying around her home to make a tiny arm armor. And maybe a wig but arda sponsors her so…

No. 515397


Her Tifa boobs are big foam inserts sewn in to the shirt. For Prompto she did live streams and the vest, pants, shirt and boots were purchased and just altered to fit the cosplay (painting, tailoring etc). So i really dont see a $600 price tag making any sense. But to be honest she probably rounds things up to make it seem more official or impressive. I know everyone was gushing over that batgirl she did a while back but the stitching around the emblem is some of the messiest work shes put out if you look at it properly.

No. 515542

This sort of reminds me of that meme that was going around where cosplayers were basically listing all that went into their cosplays. But people were listing everything, including the makeup they were wearing & the prices were getting to some ridiculous degree because of that.

She's either bragging about how much she's spending or trying to seem more impressive with her cosplay because of it. Either way it's stupid.

No. 515582

Considering she has her Mimikyu cosplay listed at $152 shes definitely exaggerating. The entire thing is made of 2 different colored fleece which are less than $10 a yard and almost always on sale at Joanns. Some painting and some buttons and thats it.

No. 517568

File: 1519892191049.jpg (111.3 KB, 768x960, FB_IMG_1519892050487.jpg)

Wreck it Ronnie: Nothing too milky just chases cosfamehardcore, will drop you if you can't help her get ahead, and burns bridges like crazy

No. 517577

File: 1519893674389.jpg (52.77 KB, 720x876, FB_IMG_1519893485001.jpg)

This chick has been going around my friend circle. Apparently she recently got big for ahegao selfies but is also some kind of generic shitty? Apart from vague anecdotes this is all I see though. Seems like a baby cow to me

No. 517579

File: 1519893761962.png (404 KB, 1440x2560, 20180301_003619.png)

Please ignore white line through comment

No. 517583

File: 1519894128746.png (348.92 KB, 1440x2560, 20180301_004753.png)

In response to someone defending that people weren't offended because she said "Jap" but because she made real light of someone killing themselves

No. 517590

I bet you 2 bucks that this shit didn't happen.

No. 517599

Kayla is also the one who exposed the “pretty girls only” chat thing or whatever. A bunch of shitty people would shit talk multiple girls, most of them being randos from Instagram, and Kayla and some other people posted all their caps and the likes.
Since then I see her through mutuals all over my feed

No. 517606

File: 1519901705414.jpeg (247.23 KB, 750x501, 60A2C1DB-69E7-454C-A243-A3D98C…)

No. 517641

All the costhots she surrounds herself with are the same way, the whole MI scene deserves its own thread lol. They don't have a lot of public drama, but it's full of lying girls putting on public personas to get patrons, desperately selling sex, getting trashed, and low-key using each other to get ahead without any actual trustworthy friendships. It's really gross. And if I see one more ahegao I'm going to shoot myself. They're all pathetic.

No. 517642

not to derail but jap isn't a slur in japan proper. no one actually cares, and infact they use the term jap to mean japanese in japan. i hate when westerners try to be PC for japan. just admit it's offensive to you without bringing others into it.

No. 517665

Saya still covered her face after her first nose job then after her face rework in Korea she started photoshopping more and still covers her face with her hands her wonder how bad her BD is

No. 517698

File: 1519920208552.png (336.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180301-155808.png)

Okay so this guy keeps @ing me and I decided to check out his profile and just, wtf dude. Has anyone interacted with him? I think he's from England

No. 517699

File: 1519920237755.png (215.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180301-160128.png)

No. 517718

Just a shit tier troll. You can probably report him for harrassment if he bothers you enough to bring him up on here.

No. 517729

I've already blocked him, but looking further through his profile (I'm snowed in and very bored) he seems like he tried to cosplay, put on weight, stopped cosplaying because of that and then got mad at other cosplayers for that? He seems really unhinged.

No. 517775

File: 1519925526212.jpg (36.6 KB, 480x480, 17586549_321521438264313_75512…)

Not to mention she only lets her friends post photoshopped pics of herself, the funny part is she doesn't hook her friends up with the shop.

I wonder what her friends think of it

No. 517945

File: 1519936309363.png (37.58 KB, 720x598, Screenshot_2018-03-01-15-31-15…)

Does anyone know Phil Mizuno? Does he really have a boyfriend? When I search him I get this

No. 518030

Isn’t he dating that other asian guy he always cosplays with and posts pics with? Also this doesnt really match the thread.

No. 518118

Phil is a great cosplayer though this is the only cosplay thread.

No. 518436

I remember that, that was her?

No. 519143

File: 1520040408099.jpg (484.07 KB, 2048x1536, PicsArt_02-16-09.45.00.jpg)

Thoughts? I haven't seen anyone mention her

No. 519169

I'm pretty sure 90% of this thread has never heard of her before, she looks like your average photoshop vietnamese cosplayer

No. 519172

I'm losing my fucking shit at that ass shoop. That looks so fake I can't stop laughing

No. 519296

Yasha? Quite the opposite. She's pretty well know in the community. I'd say theres basically no milk. She's pretty upfront on her shooping when asked and has mentioned it multiple times. That pic is also a bit more on the unflattering side; she's not /that/ bloated irl

No. 519442

The funniest part is she claims she never photoshops and her ass look like that due to her “hard work”

No. 519482

File: 1520076989716.jpeg (373.94 KB, 640x792, 428F17DC-BA72-4573-B2F3-C756F1…)

So Kaddi has a thing for japanese guys ..?
they all hop on the momoo train
“I only love Asian guys” it’s disgusting

No. 519492

I don't quite see what in this status you think points towards her liking Asian guys? As far as I can tell she's visiting friends in Japan, so what?

No. 519625

Are you an incel mad that women can be attracted to Asians? She's literally just chillin in that tweet

No. 519945

kaddi is back to japan? great, the money that her fans give her for cosplays and good photoshoots finally gets to use.

No. 520259

She gets really hostile if you ask about a workout routine or meal prep, like casually asking for advice. It's almost defensive to cover up the fact she doesn't actually do either one

No. 520282

Why is invadernoodles not discussed here? milk is too lately

No. 520300

Anyone know what happened to all the IchigoKitty drama?

No. 520399

File: 1520176172202.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180304-150820.png)

Whoever did the awful shoop on Nigris nose in these photos needs to be fired, she looks like the kid from the grinch

No. 520417

Weebs love that Jap dick, they probably feel closer to their precious anime through a Japanese bf/gf. Like what the other anons mentioned she could be hanging out with a friend but I wouldn't be surprised if she wants the chink dick

No. 520437

File: 1520181663186.jpeg (550.84 KB, 681x1234, 787151D3-F95C-4C02-BD71-7CEAF0…)

Her leg/butt shoop is really bad in this one too.. they gave her the toned thigh of a bodybuilder and then made her back leg a stick.

No. 520449

Your incel is showing, anon.

No. 520619

File: 1520197310717.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180304-125936.png)

EnvyUs's account was banned like 4 days ago, so now Kelly's blowup doll lacky is trying to get Instagram to notice other options besides banning accounts against ToS.

No. 520623

Samefag, but I don't understand how these 'cosplayers' think they have any influence outside of T&A which is why the aforementioned account was banned to begin with.

No. 520644

Just don't post lewds on instagram? Everyone knows anything nsfw gets banned. Find a diff platform for lewds if its that important

No. 520647

Wasn't everyone head of heels for VERO? What happened to that? Almost every person I follow posted about how they can post lewds now without being held accountable for breaking ToS.

No. 520653

Vero is a mess that only idiots who dont do their research use. The CEO has so much shady shit behind him, including not paying over 9,000 workers for his previous company and forcing them in to basic homelessness. They have one woman on the entire Vero team and she works customer service at that.

Theres a lot of stuff behind that app that people should look in to before making a decision.

Realistically if you want your posts seen in order by your fans tell them to follow your patreon. They dont HAVE to pay just to follow it and will still see your posts that are made public. Not rocket science.

No. 520924

File: 1520225402744.jpg (1006.61 KB, 1078x1591, Screenshot_20180304-234823.jpg)

Goes by reyvencos on Instagram. Has a bad case of stank mouth. Will delete and block anyone over negative comments of any degree and will deactivate or cry for attention until male attention is given. Constantly spamming pictures of her flat ass in the mirror, doesn't take well to people who say costhots are ruining cosplay. Has a nu-male boyfriend. Preaches body positivity but only for herself. Likes to brag. Alot. Has weekly breakdowns.

Not alot of milk here, but perhaps upcoming milk?

No. 520926

File: 1520225657975.jpg (59.28 KB, 1360x960, FB_IMG_1520225539652.jpg)

Find it crazy how much hanabi shoops her face and body I met her at AX and she looks a lot different too much dorito

No. 520938

Her ass is seriously comparable to Momo's.

No. 520943


This but she's significantly thinner than Moo so it gives more an illusion of ass

No. 520945

not really. it's just scaled down dough.

No. 521154

File: 1520258010498.png (184.53 KB, 1440x1293, 20180303_120743.png)


Stephanie is a wreck. Can't believe she hasn't been talked more. Pretty much her PULL thread shows her terrible Photoshop work. She used to go by a few different names too but left because of her anti abortion posts on her facebook. has since been deleted and replaced with her new alias.

also, the girl made a crying post on her old Instagram because she wanted to be popular but did not get enough likes. Truly an attention-fame whore.

No. 521265

I remember Stephanie/hanabi used to shame people with eating problems and make posts shamed a few friends, even tho she herself used to boast about not eating and working out she also was pro trump and would shit anyone who didn't like her thinking on the matter

No. 521277

File: 1520271509857.png (135.21 KB, 1440x727, 20180305_113518.png)


Yuppp. she is hypocritical. trying hard to be so preachy about body and girl positivity now, I wonder if to hide the fact she used to shame other girls. She used to have a few tweets at beauty bloggers too on Twitter claiming pro Trump but took them down now that she has a larger following.

No. 521678

She is kind of cute and her body isn't half bad, but she certainly looks like the type of cosplayer in the way her face looks in photos, to believe she is entitled to fame and attention. That alone is irritating.

No. 521767

File: 1520308121409.jpg (367.87 KB, 986x573, Screenshot_20180305-194642.jpg)

She's OK she's just shooped I prefer her without shoop looks better natural don't understand why she edits like crazy

More of a how she normally looks

No. 521771

File: 1520308504064.png (3.42 MB, 2048x1536, PicsArt_03-05-07.55.06.png)

No. 522082

File: 1520355790342.jpg (100.78 KB, 223x500, Screenshot_2018-03-01-23-02-04…)

A candid of Saya, she only takes side pics cuz she doesn't want ppl to see how botched her 2nd nose job is. After all the ps she went through and money she spent, Saya still looks like a normal girl. I wonder how bad her before was if it took that much to make her look decently attractive.

This is her Aranea cosplay, the one she got 5,500 euros to "make". Before she said she made the costume and now she says she got someone else to make it cuz in her head saying someone made the costume totally justifies the 5.5k donations. She scammed her fans hard, no costume costs 5.5k to make, especially the average tier costume she got on.

No. 522097

File: 1520356557261.png (56.75 KB, 720x265, Screenshot_2018-02-07-14-25-59…)

>"I'm a dirty rat but I'm pretty.. I'm pretty! I said I'm pretty right??

The only thing she cares about is looking good and getting compliments smh

No. 522342

File: 1520373992199.jpg (690.98 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20180306-135812.jpg)

Has anybody made a forum on narcisspuppet? Tried looking but never found one, they def deserve one

I heard so much tea on him and his gf ladyxzero

God are those two bad can only expose them as anon they seem really respected in the community but they're very cocky and put down others behind closed doors.
Narciss is extreme shoop looks nothing like his photos in rl and tapes his face like crazy is very narcissistic

and zero is pretty normal in person, they never go to conventions due to not looking like they're photos

Zero has harassed a few final fantasy friend cosplayers of mine she lurks and likes your photos and blocks you If you cosplay the same character as her she harassed my friend who cosplayed aeris. I used to adore them until I noticed all these things about them a few Canadian friends have met them at the only con they went to last year as guests and was disappointed how they look nothing like they're photos especially narciss.

I wonder if anyone has more milk on them?

No. 522350

File: 1520374306544.jpg (722.78 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20180306-140958.jpg)

The best tea I heard about them is they told a mutual friend that they hate moderately OK cosplay due to him gaining more of a following than them through final fantasy cosplays, they think he doesn't deserve it since they've done it longer which is kind of petty

No. 522394

But hey she reached her ko-fi goals for her Jack The Ripper and Houseki no Kuni's cosplay. How much will she scam her followers this time?

No. 522637

Who hates modcos?

No. 522740

So a lot of Instagram cosplayers are getting their accounts disabled and cant get Instagram to reinstate them.

LLW is one of these people and Im laughing, its what she deserves for continuously being shitty and also supporting Anime Matsuri despite knowing everything wrong with the chair heads.

No. 522745

Is leon chiro gay? He looks like a hot bear

No. 522755

Narcisspuppet and his gf ladyzero
They hate modcos for being more popular than them.

No. 522758

Leonchiro isn't gay he's always after cosplay girls hardcore heard a few things

No. 522766

Hey keeps going after cosplayers, but is only sleeping with his gross fans. He has sex with them in public bathrooms at cons were hes been invited as a guest.

No. 522796


I saw someone post something about a friend who got removed on IG ( can't remember who ), but why is IG removing people ?

I also saw fussing about how IG isn't promoting certain people on the top search for hashtags.

No. 522842

I know most of them are getting taken down as fake/imposter accounts. Its probably an error on IG's part but because they dont have a real customer service channel theyre having a hard time getting them back up.

IG has become 60% ads 20% sponsor posts and 20% regular posts. So i dont know what these bigger follower count cosplayers are complaining about. Just have the people turn on notifications or use your story to alert them. Mostly i think a huge chunk of larger accounts just have high numbers of spam or dead profiles because of you have 300k followers but get around 5k-10k likes per post youre definitely doing something wrong.

No. 523062

Where did you hear that??

No. 523074

Lawl she called herself pretty 3 times.

She thinks she's some majestic fairy doll or something

No. 523115

5 grand for that?? Scammer.

No. 523252

With how many random attacks ModOK got recently and now Leon I'm wondering if it's a scorned fan or something. With how high profile he is, I don't no one would notice and it would take this long to come out.

My tinfoil theory is: aren't they both guesting with Momo soon?? And ModOK is actively against her and besties with Leon and Steff.

No. 523309

Go away Helena
Stop being salty you didn’t win your vendetta court case

No. 523359

File: 1520453650779.png (1.67 MB, 1728x1268, Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 3.14…)

"dem hips"

No. 523370

I don't particularly dislike Zero, I think she makes fairly decent stuff and looks remotely like her in candid and fixed photos. What annoys me is her entitlement of knowing a series longer Before it got "popular". Like with Nier automata becoming so huge & the surge of cosplays that surfaced. She always brags about knowing nier or drakengard before it got big or some shit.

No. 523377

Joining the tinfoiling because I totally think it’s the moo crew considering they brought him up out of no where and he tossed momokun after she said she wanted to lewd cuphead and like you said is besties with steff. Leon is bros with Mod and doesn’t follow Moo and I’m certain she tried getting his attention on more than one occasion. Also Phil Mizuno used to be friendly with moo and also tossed her ass and lo and behild he got brought up to.

No. 523396

Leon looks like a male stripper but I haven't heard anyone talk about having sex with him or anything

No. 523404

Like don't get my tinfoiling wrong here. I know they're both popular and someone is bound to talk shit somewhere about them but they didn't even bring up Leon's ACTUAL drama in the community. Just the sex angle. Which is kind of weird. Why start a rumor when he did something problematic you could have latched onto instead?? And ModOK had no drama that we know of so we insult his appearance and potential sexuality?? So it's just odd, imo.

No. 523419

Has Helena every been talked about in these threads? She was pretty milky before she disappeared from the cosplay scene

No. 523421


Funny you say that because I've been told from numerous sources that ModOk's fans have been coming at those two because they dress us from the same series.

No. 523491

I only hear stuff from the Canadian community but they hate modcos pretty bad anytime someone brings up why they're not mutuals narciss and zero get sour they really hate him and don't hide it which is sad they're like that.
I used to really like them until I found out how they really are especially zero just yikes.
she always has to one up everyone.

No. 523494


No. 523502

Does anyone remember steffs old name? I believe she had made a video vloging living ichigo when he won a cosplay contest shitting him muscles is not real cosplay? It was just a crazy video

I can't remember her old name o believe Anita? Ehh

No. 523513

>Defend ModOK
>Tinfoil it's MooSquad
>Rumor spreading starts


No. 523514

Leon has drama? Guuurl deets plz

No. 523516


This rant of hers? It was before she got popular But she deleted the video after she got called out for harassing living ichigo but she used to go by a different name

No. 523517

Damn. Well I mentioned it. So here's the tea. He brownfaced for his sponsed AssCreed cosplay recently. He basically said he didn't know brownface was a thing and brought up how no one mentioned it with his Xenohart or Ansem w/e one he did. It took a few days to get an 'actual' apology out of him but. . . Yeah. He has/had legit drama. He also had yet to respond to very vocal requests about giving up AnMat even though ModOK did cancel citing the allegations as reasons. Still cool though with Leon, tho. So no drama between them.

No. 523530

This was when Living Ichigo was cheating on one of those coscontests that one site used to host. Courtoon won a bunch on that same site. Anyway. He's the reason there was a petition to check for bots and voter fraud. Steff was also openly on 4Chan using her AntiAiChan handle at the time. So I don't think she cares too much that people know hey old haven't our drama.

No. 523532

Wait… did she shop her pussy out of the photo?

No. 523537

File: 1520462945467.gif (1.95 MB, 480x270, a23c45817004c31b93b5fc0e360fa6…)

That's not really legit drama.

I don't know what is it with this girl but her photos always look terrible. Her body looks as weird as her face.

No. 523540

I cosplay Aerith and have asked her questions and she was very nice and help. But maybe that's just because my Aerith cosplay is really bad

No. 523550

I mean it's something but. You're right. It's not much. Outside of that?? Nothing. But it's still something that could have been referred to instead of sex rumors. It's why I'm going with they didn't pay a fan enough attention or my tinfoil theory.

No. 523607

Wasn't there some crazy Shane Dawson fan that also followed MODCos around the time Shane got accused of pedophilia, and she went off at him because he retweeted whatever massive tweet that was going around talking about Shane at the time? I don't have screenshots, because she was accusing him of being an abuser but couldn't post anything to back it up and it seemed to go nowhere. Just thought I'd post this, in case others may find that any help

No. 523615

No. 523871

Honestly she doesn’t look terrible or anything…

No. 523973

People were pretty upset with him at the time for this. He was hired by ubisoft to wear the costume. But for the most part it's blown over, I don't think anyone cares anyway.

Correct me if I'm wrong, because this was a couple of years ago, but when he was starting to get big, I feel like I remember him asking people to send him to katsucon. I wish I had caps for this but I'm almost positive I remember this, back when he was first doing the Gladio thing.

No. 524003

File: 1520522319920.png (57.83 KB, 720x406, Screenshot_2018-03-08-10-16-05…)

Saya is back at it with the "I look like ___" bullshit.

No. 524006

File: 1520522515245.png (244.36 KB, 720x606, Screenshot_2018-03-08-10-16-26…)

Saying she looks like Lightning is already a stretch and now she's trying to say "my mom thinks I look like this Korean actress". If Her mom really said that then she must be blind or retarded lmao.

Saya really likes to say "PEOPLE SAY I LOOK LIKE" what she really wants to say is "I think I look like" but she doesn't want her narcissism to spill out full force

No. 524008

File: 1520522646370.png (1.04 MB, 1872x922, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 10.2…)

anon, have you seen her other metalfaced cosplays? stocking has canon panties/bras that she wears in the show and this is what she decides to wear? her bra from victoria's secret that doesn't even coordinate with the colors?? (i'll sage this just because it isn't exactly milk.)

No. 524213

File: 1520540876215.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1753, 20180308_142524.png)

Idk much about this girl and not super milky but this post was annoying. Her bragging about being the 'first' BOTW link at katsudon like a special snowflake. And there's no proof she's even right

No. 524266

File: 1520543337871.jpeg (403.06 KB, 1242x1953, 61683A1E-1D26-475F-B8DB-43AA82…)

Not so much milk as I just question that their costumes and props are entirely self-made. If Zero wasn’t tagged, I would not have guessed that this was made by her considering the detailed make and precision they’re known for. Either they’re lying about their make or they just don’t put out as much effort when it comes to commissions. This looks awful.

No. 524330

I just found this Zeros voice is so annoying god


No. 524463

File: 1520557855225.jpg (49.49 KB, 385x500, 1516266647175.thumb.jpg.6ddbcb…)

Does anyone have the link of this person who said they were wearing Jenna Lynn Meowri's fake boob chest piece? Jenna is claiming she's never worn one and her boobs are natural in her cosplays(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 524468

Take your crappy personal vendetta elsewhere. You keep reaching and there is no tea here

No. 524470

stop reaching? you never provide milk on her you just say 'oh did you hear x'? you need to give us proofs. this vendetta shit is old.

No. 524529

File: 1520563964271.jpg (523.14 KB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20180308-215140.jpg)


I can't seem to get over her mouth/face. There's something really off about it

No. 524795

File: 1520610255815.jpg (75.32 KB, 207x347, 2018-02-13_12.41.44.thumb.jpg.…)

Yeah and Lightning totally has fucked up nostrils from a bad nose job kek.

She looks nothing like Lightning.

No. 524985

All the saya rants are the same loop kind of getting annoying hearing. Yeah yeah she got a nose job and shoops we get it.
only milk we should talk about is her scams ranting about her face is over done now.

No. 525020

She got her whole face and body done in Korea and because of that she thinks she's the ~perfect angel doll~. She likes to pat herself on the ass by saying she's pretty or looks like some asian on Twitter. If you want to hear about her scams, she scammed her fans out of 5.5 thousand dollars for a shit tier Aranea cosplay, lied about making it then enlisted someone else to make it. After she received the costume she got a refund through the site's loop hole so basically pulled a 2 way scam.

No. 525042

She looks so pretty until you zoom in. How could someone accidentally do a lopsided rhinoplasty? It seems almost intentional, or she didn't follow proper healing procedure

No. 525044

lol can you post milk? between saya and the jenna bitch whoever is posting here seems like shit vendetta.

No. 525059

Anon asked about her scam and I literally just posted that

No. 525289

unfortunately it's a relatively common side effect, hers is just way more noticeable than most people

how long ago did she get her nose job? there's a second surgery they do to fix the nostrils if it's really bad like hers but you have to wait at least a year after the original surgery

No. 525302

File: 1520655623683.jpg (211.29 KB, 500x500, 2018-02-09_14.04.31.thumb.jpg.…)

From what I've heard she had 1 nose job before she had all that shit done in Korea. Her first nose job made her nose a bit smaller and straighten out her hump

No. 525304

File: 1520655717613.png (160.54 KB, 405x500, Screenshot_2017-07-14-11-32-03…)

The 2nd nose job made her nose pointy

No. 525307

yeah, and did you hear about how she went to korea and threw some girl's coffee on herself to get her plastic surgery for free?

provide caps/proof.

No. 525332

How about you stop being a lazy ass and look for it urself? go to pull if u want ur pr00f so bad. I love how you ignore the milk where she posts delusion shit about looking like Lightning, Elsa and a Korean celeb.

No. 525946

File: 1520728922188.png (524.19 KB, 493x595, 001.PNG)

Not super milky but in regards to Fawnina/MangoSirene this just came around my feed. She disappeared right at the height of her LC thread. She came back and changed her username because when you searched Mango her thread and the screencaps posted in it were some of the first things you see. How can she have the nerve to preach on positivity in the community and try to come off as a poor depressed girl who overcame that by making a dress when she ran away from basically tormenting other cosplayers? Maybe im reading to much in to it but i cant look at her the same after reading through her thread and everything she does seems to staged/calculated to be the beacon of positivity and hope she was before without people actually knowing how awful her and her friends were to other cosplayers.

No. 526679

she looks like an uglier alyssa edwards

No. 527650

File: 1520909162603.jpg (604.36 KB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_20180312-224445.jpg)


Calls for mandatory back rolls gif.
Also, don't insult my girl Alyssa like that, atleast she has talent.

No. 528059

no one's ignoring that, it just doesn't need to be said 50 times.

No. 528376

What's the point of replying to a 4 day old comment?

No. 528717

the thread is dead you sperg fuck off.

No. 529275

Anyone hearing whispers about a rapist in the cosplay community? Anyone know who it's about?

No. 529279

Some guy named sonicspiderman/Ernesto Garcia I think

No. 529735

Why do you come back if it's dead?

No. 529864

I agree anon. Also she said she wants to quit professional cosplay, but she's still trying to make money off of it. And she's been shooping the shit out of her recent photos.

No. 529871

she wanted the fame without the stigma, and she was getting a bunch of it when she was still going by mangosirene and running her paetron. this was all just to rebrand herself.

No. 529913

Everytime we try to talk about MangoSirene/Fawnina a WK always seem to appear.

The issue is she's still getting sponsorships that she no longer deserves, streaming behind a pay wall, having a store up (that sells tutorials made by other people), and she kept her paetron up for about three months or more after the date she said she would get rid of it.

The only way she's rebranded herself is with a name change and not with her actions. She's exactly the same.

No. 530354

File: 1521151881703.jpg (157 KB, 1080x1920, mZGuBNM.jpg)

Meg Turney had a shoot with Playboy? After an armed obsessed Meg fan invaded her home looking to execute her boyfriend Gavin in jealousy for dating her Gavin has been tweeting repeatedly about how he cannot sleep. He's been looking tired and rough in most new RT videos meanwhile Meg had her third trip away from home to LA on her own to have photoshoots with Jessica Nigri and now Playboy and appears to be having the time of her life. I wonder how cold hearted you must be to get over the fact someone tried to murder your boyfriend who now suffers from some type of anxiety or PTSD and happily continue on being away from home 90% of the time

No. 530367


He needs to leave her. That shit is terrifying, and the fact that she isn't more supportive means she couldn't care less about him

No. 530678

I don't get why RT guys go for awful, shitty partners who could care less about them. first it was Monty(which lead to his death) and now it's Gavin. Meg has always been a terrible choice for Gavin. I don't get why he went for her, she went with it cuz it was easy money and fame. I admire Gavin and I hope one day he leaves her ass. That is terrible.

No. 530748

File: 1521176297798.jpg (758.03 KB, 1238x801, file_8c2de4c83b_original.jpg)

To be fair that trip to shoot with Jessica and Ryan is the most effort she's put into a photoshoot in about 2 years.

All her other photoshoots consisted out of nothing but cheap costumes and props and rolling around in the same 3 poses in her spare bedroom.
This one actually looked decent and kinda nice but is it worth abandoning your partner alone in the same house someone recently broke into with the aim to kill?
It shouldn't be a surprise anymore that these cosplay camwhores are selfish as hell but geez

Never heard of it but now i want to know more! That shit is scary

No. 530824

This is so sad. I don't know shit about RT or Gavin beyond this incident but I can't imagine putting work above my partner, especially bullshit like photoshoots. And I can't imagine putting myself back in the public eye so quickly after my partner and I could have been killed for exactly that reason. I'd want to just be with them. This just seems so cold and I don't get it.

No. 530905

Oh I'm not whiteknighting her, she's pretty much the same since her /cgl/ days. I just meant she was trying to publicly distance herself so people wouldn't associate her with the drama her previous name had, despite the fact that she's not really any different. But I think she's really trying to hide the fact that she is now.

No. 531261

File: 1521240424805.png (Spoiler Image, 785.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180316-174430.png)

Sharing some current cosplay issues I've seen going around instagram. Separate posts for each screenshot/accusation coming.

TW for sexual assault mentions

No. 531264

File: 1521240454380.png (Spoiler Image, 899.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180316-174435.png)

No. 531266

File: 1521240486906.png (Spoiler Image, 520.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180316-174439.png)

No. 531268

File: 1521240515278.png (Spoiler Image, 396.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180316-174444.png)

No. 531403

File: 1521350329776.png (Spoiler Image, 558.91 KB, 702x858, kali nude 1.png)

Kali Neko, irrelevant patreon thot

Not too long ago, a mutual (keeping her anonymous) vented about Kali sending nudes to her bf after talking about cosplans. I guess he showed the girl and she took a picture of it. Dont personally know them that well, but I do know Kali

Kali always seems to be in the middle of some kinda drama, but now the added factor of she's got no problem sending taken guys' nudes adds a whole level of shittiness to her but her orbiters probably wouldnt care tbh

No. 531419

don't spoiler this lmao

No. 532071

I mean it could be possible she's been away from home so much as her way of coping? I can't imagine being in that house would be easy

No. 536153

File: 1521761790691.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x2059, C6420C89-9115-4C9B-917A-D079FA…)

there’s people who legitimately think this is puberty.

No. 536591

Puberty probably plays a role but yeah, that's def makeup doing more of the transformation. I mean, watching her makeup tutorials, she pretty much still looks like the left image when bareface.

No. 536611

lol it's obviously shoop too. the nose and chin are a different size on the right, and as someone who contours on the daily, it's not possible, especially since there's no contour there…

No. 536692

Aru has some pretty devoted neckbeards. If you say anythimg about her they will come out and try to deny everything that is being said about her. She clearly shops the fuck out of herself and probably had ps too.

No. 536769

File: 1521831828602.png (1.24 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-23-11-58-50…)

Mariahs munchie is mad

No. 536881

Why do you keep posting about her?

No. 537111

I came here just to see if people were still talking about her. She met Moo twice at a con and is obsessed with her. She just bought a NUT button and Fate stuff and keeps tagging Moo in things. She's kind of stalky and not the investigative kind of stalkers like we have here to expose people. She's legit trying to copy her while Moo is trying to copy Nigri. Lol.

No. 537181

She's open about shopping and has posted on FB about it before

No. 538914

My point has been proven.

No. 539594

File: 1522181587446.jpg (110.23 KB, 873x767, UocNrQyjtcz6smJ9Zq-JB3VQ6nQd3n…)

Wow such effort for cosplay /s

No. 539602

Couldn't even shoop out that mistake of a back tattoo. So befitting for Bubbles!

No. 539741

Since people bring her up in moo’s thread what’s the deal with Nicoletters? Everyone says she’s shady and an old cgl poster but haven’t been able to find anything about her

No. 539788

You’ll have better luck searching for “Yirico”. That’s her cosplay name.

No. 539830

>eyes double the size
>no lines next to mouth or nose
>nose half the size


No. 539870

File: 1522206735969.png (97.04 KB, 720x839, Screenshot_2018-03-27-20-10-07…)

No. 539879

this. she used to selfpost all the time and would wk herself, but then got outted when she shared her sm/cosplay accounts

No. 540534

Do none lewd/Patreon babe cosplayers exist anymore?

No. 540626

Yes but they don’t attract nearly as much attention, because men are stupid and just want to see boobs

No. 540783

File: 1522307592118.png (1.01 MB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2018-03-29-00-10-55…)

No. 541098

File: 1522356590033.png (240.54 KB, 2048x1478, DZesgDZU0AAtk_x (1).png)

can't really pretend you're not doing straight up softcore at this point

No. 541117

The buttercup wig :(

No. 541155

Buttercup looks the worst. That wit is crap and her poses and expressions are so lackluster

No. 541212

I should have figured that was Jnig and Meg

No. 541217

>Amazon lingere
>wigs straight out of the bag, all unstyled and generic therefore reusable
>cheapo stockings that don't even fit around their ankles amazing

Definitely getting the most bang for their buck.

No. 541326

Where the fuck are their necks?

This is so cringy.

No. 541369

She's really pathetic. She thinks because she got some followers from meeting Moo that she can use them to fund her laziness. All she posts is 'oh poor me' like every two seconds and its so cringey. Wake up girl. Moo is nothing and she doesn't actually give a shit about you. I think she's posting this not just for free stuff, but so Moo will go out of her way to send her messages about how sad she is, but I doubt that's happening.

No. 541824

Sexual cosplay of literal kindergarten age characters. Classy.

No. 542870

Any thoughts on the RaeKay\ Hanari situation going on? I can post ss if needed but I don't want to spam up the thread with 10 ss.
tldr Hanari says that Rae sexually assaulted her, Rae posts screen shots of their conversation as proof he didn't, he joking licked Hanari's face while they were being consenting adult and that triggered her.

No. 542879

Please share. I thought it was suspicious that she claimed to be attacked and refused to name the attacker to “avoid drama” and wont oress charges or do anyhing.

No. 543197

that is her sister
you can tell how much surgery saya had from her face

No. 543202

nice to see other people realized she is just scamming people >>484272

No. 543208

File: 1522589547301.png (670.55 KB, 720x721, Screenshot_2018-04-01-09-30-06…)

That's Rincosplay, Saya doesn't look like her sister since she had all that ps done. The excess photoshop in her new pic makes her look like a bad deviantart oc

No. 543221

File: 1522591197291.jpg (335.94 KB, 1592x900, 1514286945331.jpg)

did she get another boob job?
this is her sister right?

No. 543230


Holy fucking shoop …
I get that all cosplayers edit their pictures to hell and back, but at this point Saya may aswell just pay an artist to draw her pictures. She leaves nothing human or real looking.

No. 543325

File: 1522600450965.png (363.61 KB, 720x1280, Pic.png)

She wants to be asian so bad

No. 543478

shooping is normal these days but this is a whole new lvl of melting bar and noodle arms

No. 543480

I legitimately thought this was a painting. Fucking terrifying.

No. 543500


Didnt even know this was her. I thought she was taking a picture of someone else. Wtf

No. 543525

It's pictures like this that make me really wonder how anyone can find any of these people attractive. You know it's bad when shoop can't even make you look good.

No. 543667

That's not her sis, it's her friend. I don't think she'll ever show her sis since she doesn't look like her anymore
She loves it when her fans who never seen an asian before call her asian or compare her to one

No. 543682

File: 1522625499321.png (115.98 KB, 815x469, 20180401_162700.thumb.png.d1f0…)

Saya chan was so quick to throw the photographer under the bus when people started noticing how overly shopped the picture is when She was the one who wanted the pic to look like this. The photographer doesn't even photoshop pics like that, he literally bent backwards to fulfill her request of looking like some unnatural azn anime character with unrealistic proportions. I hope he never works with her again.

No. 544220

Most of her fans are neckbeards pedos that pay for her kawaii loli shit.
Will she ever get same surgeries like Saya?

No. 544327

File: 1522691290417.png (76.11 KB, 635x658, 1517175449277.png)

Will she ever get same surgeries like Saya?
She made posts about wanting to get a nose job and her having friends that did

No. 544373

Wouldn't be surprised if Kaddi wants a Korean full face rework too but I don't think she has the money for it. Soraya's parents are loaded and paid for all of her plastic surgeries.

No. 544419

Kaddi started a kofi thing so it wont take long for her to get the money
I think her mom married a guy in germany and thats why they live there with her grandmother
Her stepfather doesnt pay for all her cosplay stuff since her parents pay for school and japan trips

No. 544539

Has anyone looked at her birthday wish list? She wants a canon for 1k. How delusional is she? Gofundmynewface is incoming

No. 544563


No. 544884

File: 1522728081538.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.08 KB, 620x413, fRqC2XS.jpg)

Amouranth's patreon got leaked

this is way more explicit than I was expecting tbh, but guys are still pissed she's not totally nude

No. 544885

File: 1522728116152.png (Spoiler Image, 625.31 KB, 900x600, msm3Hol.png)

like Meg, she's content with just showing off her stank ass

No. 544887

File: 1522728130651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.75 KB, 700x1049, 38-U55miGB.jpg)

last one

No. 544906

At least she is pretty. Meg Turney makes me want to vomit.

No. 544921

Amouranth is also a horrible person and I’m pretty sure she also used to be a man lol

No. 545187

Her patreon goals and tiers are sick. I can't believe any self respecting person would ask for or give her those amounts of money.

No. 545372

She has to photoshop her ass because in some of her instagram photos it's way bigger than this.

Does she not remember the dimensions every time she does it because it's obvious that they don't match

No. 545505

File: 1522790541626.jpg (151.7 KB, 947x767, uvVMcAu7BcDtBqk00vk-2PgXrJfY10…)

Meg can look nice in certain pictures taken by others.

No. 545547

Are you implying this is one of those photos? Her body looks alright, but her face looks like one of those 50+ washed up actresses who has had too much cosmetic surgery and that outfit looks like something from a ddlg tumblr post.

No. 545621

File: 1522794612319.jpg (49.64 KB, 640x799, 25015946_1965972583664664_4316…)

It's a better picture then the ones she tends to take of herself like this one.
She has quite a long face and whenever she takes pictures of herself she uses such weird angles it makes her head look like Rodger from American dad

No. 545626

She looks better in this one though? She actually looks younger and better styled, even though that hairstyle isn't doing her any favors. The other one she literally looks like an old woman with plastic surgery doing a "little" shoot.

No. 545655

They're not that much different from every other patreon costhot though? She has $1 and $10 tiers

No. 546118

File: 1522855334467.png (443.49 KB, 720x1280, Lmao.png)

Lol guess Saya isn't trying to go with the "I'M NATURAL NO SURGERY bs" anymore when there's proof everywhere now. I find it hilarious how she's mad af

No. 546119

File: 1522855376583.png (926.96 KB, 720x1280, 2e.png)

No. 546120

File: 1522855585922.jpeg (197.48 KB, 1199x826, DYrzhdBXkAYDg3Q.jpeg)

Tbh the cosers do look shopped in

No. 546130

I dunno if calling out pull was the best idea, it never works out for cows that do that lol

No. 546146

Everyone on this pic is probably photoshopped af so even if it's real it looks terrible.

No. 546179

File: 1522861264672.jpeg (809.15 KB, 2896x2896, AF33D4E4-FF5D-48E2-9CBC-D6CF15…)

Speaking of over photoshop, I saw this bit from awesomecon. While Byndo’s body looks the same, Jenna’s curves are super predominant.

No. 546190

File: 1522862005158.png (521.87 KB, 754x677, Untitled.png)

what forum is she talking about?

No. 546197

No. 546201

meh its just sub par photography. the background and subjects have been digitally lightened in post which makes it look super fake.

it does look like their faces have been shooped to hell and back too.

No. 546257

They kind of look like action figures. That's how much this looks shooped.

No. 546267


By "work hard" you mean begging your fans to pay for all of the expenses? It boggles my mind how some people treat cosplay like it's a Gucci haute couture photoshoot for fashion week. It's pretty cringe.

No. 546286

I dont understand that line. Was she the one that organized this? "I struggled to gather people" Is it her project?

No. 546341

I'm really lovin the change of tone at first she was so adamant on telling everyone that she was natural and her genetics from being Italian mixed Turkish is what gave her a "dolly" appearance. Now she's like "SO WAT IF I HAD PS AND PHOTOSHOP MYSELF FROM HELL AND BACK?!1!" Haha Saya is pretty hilarious so is she going to reveal which Korean clinic she went to now?

Now everyone can tell she doesn't look like a BJD without all that photoshop.

No. 546342

Those are 2 different poses and angles though anon

No. 546425

Byndo looks the same except for her getting fat (compared to before. She’s still skinny fat. All that pizza is catching up)

No. 546655

Saw Jenna recently at Pax. She photoshops the hell out of her photos. She’s not curvy at all. Actually has a square shape and she has bad acne. Was surprised it was actually her. Jenna seriously looks like Michael Jackson. Lol Byndo looks the same as her pics. Flabby bird looking bitch.

No. 546939

>randomly mentioning Byndo out of no where to compliment her

No. 546957

I wouldn't say she's being complimented, anon was just pointing out that Byndo's body wasn't shopped by comparison in the 2 pics.

No. 546999

I'm getting second hand embarassment lmao! What was she thinking? Going crazy and calling out the "haturz" doesn't do anything.

No. 547039

She only does that to reaffirm her own selfconsciousness. She is a vain girl that wants to be her idle form of perfect
>these people are jealous of me
>I am pretty

No. 547066

No shit she's vain, being good looking is the only thing that matters to her. She started calling herself pretty and beautiful etc after she got all the work done. I wouldn't be surprised if she checks herself out in the mirror for hours on end. It's pretty gross how self absorbed she is after the plastic surgeries, Saya truly believes she's the most beautiful person on earth, I feel bad for her friends since they constantly have to put up with that shit.

No. 547070

Saya comes of as the type of person that would cheat on a Harry Potter quiz to get the character she wants.

No. 547253

If Meg just did something about those eyebrows, I feel like she'd look way better. The shape is just unflattering.

No. 547312

File: 1522958180477.jpeg (110.85 KB, 544x1065, A014A6BA-9586-4E9B-B6D6-BEFE9B…)

Jenna’s hiding all her con pics that other people took of her. I caught this one before she removed the tag.
She definitely photoshops her waist. I also heard stories that she’s a rotten bitch.

No. 547314


Despite all that I still get the vibes she has low self-esteem. There is no way she can be all that happy with how her surgeries turned out with how she's consistently over editing her looks.

She's pretty defensive about her looks too, which to me comes off more like she lacks confidence. Just like Kota with all the bragging and up talk about her own looks. Only to conceal or cover half her face in other peoples pictures or have them removed. ( or demand that the edit it)

No. 547316

File: 1522958737414.jpeg (414.34 KB, 466x923, 0E8449A9-D3B0-4F15-9CFB-E3EB7C…)

Here’s an “official” pic of her.

No. 547319

Also meg needs to learn how to put fake lashes on. Most of her pics, they are falling off already

No. 547586

No one is jealous of Saya
No one likes condescending cunts who think they are hot shit after getting ps

No. 547860

Meg has an amazing body. Her face is unfortunate but she is not ugly.

No. 547929

File: 1523015191704.png (510.07 KB, 559x495, Screenshot_2.png)

She admires Rocksy chan…Guess she likes every cosplayer that got a nose job

No. 547959

File: 1523021523267.jpg (374.33 KB, 776x1035, 1517517816339.jpg)

this is a interesting read because of the denial in it
>shes a lewd cosplayer
>i like what she does
>i dont like doing lewd cosplay
>i dont consider mine sexy not lewd or slutty
>my family agrees and so do many others
>what i do is ok

she is trying to convince herself not everyone else

here is one of her non sexy cosplays where she has a photoshopped exposed ass
and its like 3 years old

No. 547962

File: 1523022460387.png (449.44 KB, 278x573, 23456jj.png)

Sooo inspiring :^)

No. 547964

is she topless or just tricking people to donating to her?

No. 547967

File: 1523023084767.png (Spoiler Image, 458.62 KB, 275x579, Screenshot_3.png)

Her nipples are taped

No. 548001

File: 1523026181385.jpg (352.62 KB, 1128x540, 20180406_074525.jpg)

EbonyWarriorStudios was a recent blowup for numerous reasons

No. 548050

At least rocksy is totally honest about the fact she got surgery and edits her pics and uses filters. I have nothing bad to say about someone who is up front about it. She’s not delusional like Saya or trying to hide it like Jenna

No. 548137

File: 1523035984458.jpeg (26.91 KB, 460x92, 7E40F7E8-5656-4F75-96CF-A0302D…)

Old post (from years ago) you can still see on Jenna Lynn Meowri’s sisters faecbook that pretty much confirms Jenna’s “completely natural, never got any injections” lips are indeed fake.

No. 548138

File: 1523036046283.jpeg (218.23 KB, 1283x920, 51CAD847-726B-4B8B-8455-65BE13…)

And one with pics

No. 548289

Is it… normal to "practice" on your children? How is she practicing sticking a needle in?

No. 548314

The entire family sounds twisted.

No. 548329

Absolutely not normal. I wonder if they were underaged when the mom was giving them lip injections?

No. 548336

My friends mum does a similar line of work and she practices botox on him occasionally, in the same way my sister practiced waxing on my legs when she was doing beauty school. It's a thing and not that weird imo.

No. 548355

File: 1523050364521.jpeg (839.57 KB, 750x1334, B8988185-1952-4D3C-BF77-182783…)

It looks painful to smile for her.
This pic was taken today.

No. 548380

this was posted last thread. stop with the shitty vendetta for this jenna person. no one cares.

No. 548385

This. I swear it's a fucking self post because I have never heard of this bitch and she has no milk other than """possible""" lip injections. She's just a boring cringy costhot.

No. 548400

Probably did originally start as a self post but now so much shit has came out about Jenna. Her lying about her surgery, the fake boobs, and treating people like trash. Now that we’re all aware… let’s move on

No. 548402

where is it? that's right, nowhere. the only milk i've seen about her is the same two caps anon consistently posts about her sister saying their mom does PS and pics of lips.

No. 548405

Doesn't sound so. Don't you have to be a doctor to perform fillers? And doctors should have enough skills with needles to not practice on their kids…

No. 548439

I’m betting this is Jenna telling everyone to stop posting about her. Lol. It’s been well proven that Jenna Lynn Mowery is a liar, scammer and crappy person. If you need to find out more details about this, read old posts and previous threads. Now let’s move on. Lots of others to discuss.

No. 548440

Did you see amouranths lewd videos? They were hilariously nasty. Her dressed as Harley Quinn asking the camera to eat her “puddin” and saying “I don’t want mr j. I want me D. A big fat D inside my puddin”. Lol I’m like wtf…. she can’t be serious?

No. 548465

lol no it's not, but it's obvious that she posted herself considering the newfaggotry in the OP of this thread, and she was only mentioned in the last thread by the same idiot who got banned multiple times.

No. 548497

Her face looks like it's gonna melt off

No. 548514

All of the Hanari receipts are being uploaded to IG: @AmoxicillinForSeizures , along with receipts I'd posted in the previous Uggo thread regarding all of her tremendous amounts of lies.

No. 548519

File: 1523066322034.jpg (328.65 KB, 2048x1365, jean thotbitch.jpg)

No. 548527

cant wait to see kaddi do this

No. 548563

This isn't anyone with milk this is Jean Wan Wan.

Don't post photos about people with no obvious milk or reason to be shit on

No. 548595

Go suck fuckboy Rae’s dick somewhere else.

No. 548599

what makes you think there's no milk on her? if you think she has no reason to be shat on you have obviously never met her

No. 548699

But innocent little kaddi wont wear this nasty pants. Too lewd for her uwu

No. 548704

I honestly miss when she cosplayed seriously. Her link is still among my faves.

No. 548711

Looking at her Link cosplay along with older ones, and then comparing them to the majority of her current "cosplays" is depressing tbh. Her YouTube videos are pretty cringey as well

No. 548849

Be sure to watch the one where she sets up a tinder date with 4 guys at once and mocks them. One of the guys said she was really cruel about it all and made him pay for her dinner. Lol

No. 549148

moderatelyokaycosplay (john cerabino) is a pos who abuses akcros and has her make cosplays for him and then gives her no credit. fuck that guy

No. 549195

Akcos looks like she could throw him across the room so I highly doubt this but if you're not lying then how about some receipts?

No. 549363

>could throw him across the room
Lmfao anon ty for this I started imagining this
But I thought akrcos was the one with drama? Idr if it was on PULL or what but didn’t she hide in her room at a con cause a group of people wanted to beat her up??

No. 549384

on PULL?

No. 549550

Someone brought her up on a thread on pull and they said that’s what happened but they didn’t really explain as to why

No. 549597

File: 1523189382765.png (235.3 KB, 1158x685, Untitled.png)

For not caring about followers she sure follows and monitors it a lot.

No. 549624

File: 1523193880091.png (244.93 KB, 398x748, Untitled.png)

This really made me laugh out loud

No. 549628

File: 1523194433495.jpeg (5.87 KB, 213x236, images (1).jpeg)

Saya is pretty ridiculous. How many times has she added a character to the I look like list? She's so delusional it's sad.

No. 549637

I just laughed because NOBODY looks like that. The only feature Saya shares with her is they are both 2d and flat people

No. 549654

What thread on pull because they don't have their own thread

No. 549667

File: 1523198567258.png (1.93 MB, 1387x1578, saya.png)

Does she intentionally take pictures with her head posed at an angle to help hide her botched nostril? It is really noticeable when you straighten her head

No. 549675

File: 1523199544140.png (4.09 MB, 1242x2208, 25E0A853-79CB-47CF-9696-CAF23B…)

look who came up on my feed—the newest robot sex doll!

No. 549748

No. 549757

this thread is full of shitty vendett-chans now for some reason, just look at the OP they mentioned moo for some reason.

No. 549759

this isn't milky at all, you can't just post a photo without any thing going on. just because you care when this bitch farts doesn't mean we do.

No. 549790

File: 1523211171927.jpg (35.69 KB, 170x191, 2018-02-13_12.41.44.thumb.jpg.…)

She does, she blames these candids on "shitty convention lights" and "bad angles" more like she can't photoshop fan pics

No. 549798

File: 1523212292067.jpg (563.2 KB, 810x1551, 20180408_135512.jpg)

I went to her page just to see I'd shew said again about it, but couldn't find it. Though her other posts are hilariously stupid.

No. 549799

File: 1523212320923.jpg (485.97 KB, 1076x1555, Screenshot_20180408-141847_Fac…)

*if she

No. 549835

File: 1523215036548.jpeg (724.28 KB, 750x1334, 1925939A-FE21-4ACF-ADBA-2BA643…)

Jenna likes to hide real convention pictures of her because she photoshops like crazy. Where are your curves Jenna? Lol

No. 549934

Jenna should chill on the plastic surgery. She and Saya are bordering on the overdone MJ look.

No. 549971

File: 1523223564688.png (260.64 KB, 372x670, 31242134.png)

>I dont care
>I am so relieved

No. 549990

File: 1523224461129.jpg (4.66 KB, 224x224, CyEKu1jWgAMUfQs.jpg)

>That trashy ass basic as shit thot tattoo on Bubbles

No. 550147

Jenna legit looks like Michael Jackson. It’s a shame her mom ruined her face with all the injections. Her younger sister is naturally pretty. I imagine Jenna used to have a cute face.

No. 550195


Whats wrong with her boobs ? They look like a untoned saggy arse.

No. 550509

File: 1523268481262.jpg (64.4 KB, 623x960, KakaoTalk_20180409_120414814.j…)

I don't care about followers but plsss buy me shit from my wishlist uwu She is such an entitled bitch

No. 550582

File: 1523279380542.jpg (137.24 KB, 960x960, 29594733_10155199218675824_746…)

Calls herself hentai queen, grill gamer, and ur new waifu~~ uwu
Patrons pay for her to make cosplays, when she actually just buys them from Wish
Complains on Twitter about how her life is so terrible, has her neckbeards pander to her
Whores herself out publicly to get attention from males, despite having a boyfriend
Attacks any girl who DARES cosplay the same thing as her.

I could go on, but I'm mainly just here to post her terrible cosplays.

No. 550586

File: 1523279577736.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.26 KB, 640x960, 27657823_1976140485746915_8306…)

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

No. 550628

File: 1523285741011.png (280.19 KB, 383x740, Untitled.png)

>hey guys I am japanese ^_^

No. 550863

Jenna is natural. She’s never had any type of surgery or filler. Lips grow with age and she had a growth spurt at a older age but people keep growing until age 23!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 550883

False lips get smaller with age lmao

No. 550953

??? Yea cuz Soraya Lopinto sounds sooo Japanese how delusional is she?

No. 551041

who is this?

No. 551135

Go away jenna

No. 551140

File: 1523319127942.jpg (103.6 KB, 864x1080, 2 (1).jpg)

I don't know why Adriana Alencar has this as one of her rewards, does it actually show her nipples? How much did she pay for that 3d art anyways? lol

No. 551158

is this an IMVU skin?

No. 551184

….what am I looking at exactly?

No. 551527

pretty sure this is typical for a deviant art cosplayer to post stuff like this, so idk why you are so surprised

No. 551550

who the fuck are you replying to?

No. 551643


same question, are there actually people who fap to this 2007 second life tier shit? i'd get it if it was OTT kinky or sth but there're literally thousands of real women in porn who look very similar to this with the added benefit of not being an uncanny valley 3d model.

No. 551787

File: 1523385044496.png (668.9 KB, 720x991, Crop.png)

There's nothing saya won't photoshop

No. 551810

No. 551822

She shopped her fingers

No. 552047

File: 1523401157898.jpg (1.33 MB, 1299x2002, am-1.jpg)

lmao you have to admire that hustle

No. 552062

Can you even sell naked pictures on Patreon?

No. 552077

hahaha that's just straight up trolling

No. 552229

nudes yes, photos of people having sex, no

No. 552267

Ngl this makes me like her
That's a hilarious way to scam thirsty neckbeards

No. 552680

File: 1523470148874.jpeg (287.23 KB, 1234x1500, 144C33BC-69CD-4C7B-A6AA-9A5F26…)

Just saw this, fishing for bait or are we about to get another Rae bro situation?

No. 552946

Considering the thotty set she did with Rae I wouldn’t be surprised if they got into some shit.

No. 552948

the reaching. it's a filter ffs.

No. 552991

>>552680 A dumbass thot like her doesn't know what PTSD fucking is, if she had PTSD she wouldn't be posting that shit, that's just an insult to war vets who go through deep shit and having to live with the trauma

No. 552992

She was working a club event and got punched by some woman when she asked that woman to move. Upsetting, but I don’t know why that would result in PTSD.

No. 552994


Dang that sucks. I feel like she’s being a little too dramatic. Like it was just a drunken spur I’m sure.

No. 552998

Yes. I can imagine that it would suck to be punched but if it did cause PTSD, you wouldn’t be drawing attention to it on social media.

No. 553004

Think she should ask a psychologist or a therapist to see if she ACTUALLY has PTSD in the first place, rather than cry to her fans for support smh

No. 553053

My guess is that she wasn’t even punched. Maybe lightly shoved or slapped. And now she is looking for a chance to sue to get more money after riling up her fan base.

No. 553067

It’s post traumatic stress disorder not post military stress disorder, armchair anon

You can get PTSD from a lot of things

No. 553070

I was at that same party. She was punched and went to the hospital later that night

Do you people always have to downplay everything that happens to someone you don’t like?

No. 553084

As much as I hate a lot of people on here I have PTSD myself and its from childhood trauma, I have also experienced similar issues from car accidents etc.

As much as I LOVE shitting on these cows Byndo is probably really having a similar experience such as flash backs of the moment and it can be really severe

No. 553128

She probably deserved it shes a serious bitch so im sure the woman hit her because she mouthed off or acted entitled like she usually does.

No. 553184

I dont know if its just me or not but i'm really over the cosplayer Sorairo Days. Shes been going off on these long winded twitter threads about 'harassment' and how photographers need to learn to share con locations etc etc. its so preachy and annoying because her threads are so damn long and seem to me like shes just wanting attention. Recently she pimped that she was interviewed by this site


No. 553186

Kotaku is trash, I really don’t see an issue in someone speaking up about them. That isn’t milk.

No. 553195

You sound like you have a vendetta vs this being milk

No. 553198

This. I fail to see how someone’s Twitter threads about cosplay photography being “long” constitutes milk.

No. 553367

I feel sorry for Byndo but she probably was acting like a cunt so it was probably coming to her. The person was probably drunk and I doubt even the most drunk person would immediately punch you if you kindly asked them to move.

But if she’s *~having ptsd~* she shouldn’t be crying about it to her thirstbeard fan base. Guess she wants more shit off of her amazon list

No. 553417

She probably didn't deserve to get punched but she's being really overdramatic. You don't get PTSD from getting punched. She's just feeling bad and wants her fanbase to coddle her.

No. 553430

Yeah. I follow her on twitter and yeah her rants are eye-roll inducing but there’s no milk there at all.

No. 553438

"Meowchii Cosplay". Not very popular, she has about 1000 followers, I think?

No. 553446

that's most of the thread tbh. it's been full of newfags for over a month. i wish they'd do something about it since i thought the thread was for stale milk and up and coming milk, not boring vendettas crying about how ugly some bitch is.

No. 553450

Tbh she’s incredibly overdramatic (getting offended and calling out twitch streamer MoonMoon for calling her a “bitch” when he does that playfully to everyone regardless of gender) so I’m having a hard time feeling bad for her.
And if you get PTSD just from getting punched at a club how sheltered are you honestly.

No. 553478

Theres no milk here I agree but the thread gets bogged down by these 5 (now 6) replies talking about how theres no milk there. Just stop replying to it and contribute to something that is milk lol.

No. 553509

Okay i love this though…this is funny as fuck

No. 553560


Yeah that’s my fault! I thought maybe something juicy juicy happened. Instead it was just lameo,

No. 553967

File: 1523580851745.png (985.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180412-150000.png)

>I totally have the real cosplay finished!
>no you can't see it haha
>but here is this hoodie

No. 554137

File: 1523590955741.png (1.03 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-04-12-20-38-30…)

I guess being lazy, begging for money and doing lewds for cosplay isn't a good tactic

No. 554260

Her face shooping is terrifying.

No. 554312

File: 1523610255821.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20180413-003855~3.p…)

She posted pics of it before, but I can see why she didn't do this baggy mess those gloves are awful.

No. 554337

Imagine a skin tight Plugsuit with that fat pig. I'd have to puke.

No. 554437

File: 1523624562589.png (16.58 KB, 587x132, Screenshot_1.png)

Oh no her weeb friends have no time for her

No. 554457

Did she really just say her birthday is only "one day a year"?

No. 554547

It's just a birthday,why making such a big deal out of it?

No. 554815

File: 1523657674865.webm (3.19 MB, 640x360, SerpentineFondAlligatorgar.web…)

No. 554821

File: 1523657920483.jpg (104.25 KB, 764x768, iuTyLr0J3nvIgT14YzssuttpFbbmH8…)

Sorry for double post but i forgot to attach my comment to that one.
Anyway apparently it was jnig's jon snow shoot and Meg quickly whipped up a Ygritte to be a guest on the shoot… It doesn't look that good and i wonder why meg didn't just bring her Melissandre Cosplay which looks sooooo much better

No. 554915

This is as cringy as Moo's little red riding hood shoot.

No. 555205

File: 1523682970607.png (422.11 KB, 540x960, 30713285_10214063362090109_793…)

This chick is so depressing to watch. She keeps posting about how everyone hates her and everyone is a backstabber. Begs to hell and back for people to fund her 'Fate addiction' which are just more posts she uses as excuses to tag Moo and Vamp in. She recently, after meeting Moo, starting throwing out options for people to pay her for lewds. These thots are literally fucking over impressionable people interested in the hobby since these are the people getting showcased in Top 10 Lists.. etc. Being featured as guests at conventions, shouting out each other in a giant circle jerk.

This girl needs to get a grip. She can be really pretty and stand out if she tried and didn't openly assosiate with certain people, but the second you go down that thot hole, you can't come back. She won't make money that route unfortunately.

No. 555265

Damn she's as desperate as Moo and still can't get Moo to text back.

No. 555463

File: 1523719644130.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180414-082347.png)

No. 555464

File: 1523719671734.png (962.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180414-082408.png)

No. 555629

File: 1523735612809.png (348.13 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-04-14-12-48-08…)

Even better. She's sad shes getting knee surgery when Colossal is. She wanted to see Vamp and Moo. Instead she said she's going to ACEN after her knee surgery…

No. 555631

File: 1523735790168.png (541.72 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-04-14-12-54-44…)

No. 555632

File: 1523735817210.png (1.03 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-04-14-12-54-58…)

No. 556765

File: 1523845757195.png (709.52 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-04-15-19-25-55…)

Total was like 230 ish dollars I wonder which fuck is giving this bitch money

No. 556781

File: 1523847421243.png (750.24 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-04-15-19-56-12…)

No. 556788

Man. Zero two’s husband got sexually assaulted by a selfish flat chested cunt, she doesn’t deserve this too

No. 556789

don’t tell me this is a violet evergarden thing because violet doesn’t even have human hands…

No. 556807

File: 1523850812146.png (551.04 KB, 540x960, 30715314_10214076237011974_118…)

Survey said THAT was a lie.

She's been begging for money for conventions and goods, NOT for surgery. I would want proof my money is going to something so extensive.

Someone actually bought her $230 Rin Fate cosplay??

I almost feel bad talking about her, but since she met Moo she is apparently all on board the easy money train and is trying so desperately and failing at getting people to buy her shot. Doesn't help when she DOES have a decent body, but always wears sweaters. You can tell she isn't able to go that route and is forcing herself more than enjoying it.

No. 556809

Same anon, but she also posted TWICE in a day begging about money for cosplay and conventions. No where in anything she has posted ever has she mentioned using the money on knee surgery.

No. 556820

She knows what she's doing and is doing it the worst way because she's Mariah Munchie

No. 557913

File: 1523980507821.jpg (294.25 KB, 1616x712, Da_i_M8VAAIrXwJ.jpg)

Am i the only one who prefers these kinds of shoots over the underwear cosplay? She looks so good as Melissandre

No. 558010

File: 1523988080180.jpeg (50.49 KB, 389x342, meg.jpeg)

I get this was just some stupid shoot organised by JNig, but cosplay is literally her job and she was wearing a pair of damn skinny jeans?

No. 558138

File: 1523999952712.png (290.05 KB, 626x514, Screenshot_4.png)

She is constantly begging for money and cosplays. When will she start with Pateron?

No. 558158

File: 1524000490221.png (60.11 KB, 622x587, 12321323.png)

I remember when I first found her she never talked about money and even said she didnt want to start patreon or anything because she didnt want to feel like she owed people anything when she was struggling to get work done.

Now she tells everyone to buy her stuff or give her money!!


No. 558196

File: 1524002288603.jpg (71.06 KB, 431x766, xZA7Z_la6k_0I9hYaP4lrr7Jzwf3JQ…)

In her defense she said she whipped up that one really REALLY last minute to do a few pictures along with Jessica but it was Jessica's photoshoot not Meg's

Even though i love the pictures of the Melissandre shoot i can't get over how rough she looked in her instagram story.
Girl looks tired like she needs a vacation

No. 558197

How old is she?
Look at those jowls

No. 558201

people with PTSD can post about it, dumbass. Just because you have it doesnt mean you arent allowed to ever talk about it.

No. 558634

But up until recently they weren’t this bad

No. 559027

She will start with Patreon after graduation. Don't think she will find a job with japanese and chinese in Germany.
Her e-begging is so fucking annoying,every insta story is about her birthday and her stupid wishlist. She isn't even a professional cosplayer and rarely posts any good content but ppl should pay for her shit.

No. 559641

What’s with the ebegging cosplayers now? I saw Jenna Lynn Meowri was doing the same shit.

No. 559672

File: 1524108880056.png (1.35 MB, 720x1170, Screenshot_2018-04-18-20-21-31…)


No. 559806

Yet she’s a fan of moo

No. 559809

Its like she doesn't know internet popularity is either networking or pure luck and the disabled thot has neither

No. 560281

Akr is on par with Jenna’s editing, girl needs pulling up on that. She’s so problematic and no one calls her up on anything

No. 560297

She’s problematic just because she edits?

No. 560334

File: 1524180364734.jpg (65.63 KB, 1024x642, Da8MVa-VQAAi_T8.jpg)

I really fucking hate Meg

No. 560336

Her tits are pushed up to her collar bones lmao

No. 560339

Pics? This is an image board.

No. 560613

File: 1524210846534.jpeg (82.4 KB, 527x623, EA472033-6D35-4B2E-AA60-BFF516…)

No. 560619

File: 1524212078289.jpeg (2.06 MB, 2048x1966, CB4A3364-D974-4F8D-9907-7F1B40…)

No. 560641

She looks like someone's middle age auntie who's feelin herself a little too much after a box of wine.

No. 560872

These are so damn minor that I can't even believe you find offense to it.

I've seen way worse shoop and this isn't even enough to be mad at

No. 560882

These are good shoops, they are unrecognisable at cons from what I’ve seen of them

No. 560998

Y’all rip Jenna apart for editing when akr edits more than jenna. Smh. When it’s fun to group hate someone but not another.

No. 561013

Because her fucking shoops aren’t ott like Jenna’s, she’s still recognizable but whatever you say vendetta-chan

No. 561018

Don't get pissy with us just because we don't care about your vendetta. Learn how to reply to comments before trying to get us to shit on some rando for you.

No. 561049

Why? that is one of her better recent pictures

No. 561167

Hi Meg!

Also: Next time sage!

No. 561381

File: 1524314618308.png (764.63 KB, 807x758, 20.png)

No. 562134

She got a bunch of cheap make up and deco for her room, how can she spend money on cosplays but can't afford a 10 € eye shadow palette and some cheap brushes.

No. 562955

File: 1524451332868.jpg (106.38 KB, 721x500, fan_expo_dallas_2018.thumb.jpg…)

Ol JNig not looking so hot without all the photoshop

No. 562956

File: 1524451349910.jpg (84.54 KB, 627x489, fan_expo_dallas_2018_2.thumb.j…)

Like an aging porn star

No. 562967

Oh god she looks just as bad here as she did in the photo-op my friend got.
He and one of his other friends opted to pay for one instead of waiting in line at her booth this year and damn I would've been pissed to get one with her in this instead of her Marowak cosplay. Like, at least that one looked like she tried.
This looked like shit unless you got the group shot to have it make sense.

No. 562986

I wonder if she ever regrets getting her huge boobs.

I mean, obviously they are her money makers, so she is stuck with them now whether she likes it or not, but they're just so big that she looks awful in actual clothes. I mean, we know she is not chubby, but in this photo she looks very disproportionate and much thicker than all the other girls.
She has to notice this when she sees these photos.

No. 562987

damn without the Hogwarts part I literally would have had no idea wtf they were supposed to be cosplaying
also is that a man on the left

No. 563019

How tf is this cosplay?! Take away the hogwarts, actually no even with the hogwarts it doesnt make any sense at least before this basic bitch make some effort to make her costumes semi-reconisable like come on nigiri you just being a lazy cow now.

No. 563060

Girl who has gryffendor colors is pitiful

Unstyled wig and glasses that match the wig so it blends in

Who is she poor baby

No. 563079

No, that is LeeAnna Vamp.

No. 563241

File: 1524505940550.png (763.7 KB, 474x599, Screenshot_1.png)

Kaddi should at least stay cohesive with her shops. She looks like a different person in the pic.

No. 563244

looks fine to me

No. 563773

File: 1524536542641.png (3.19 MB, 1500x2214, klanae.png)

Anyone else familiar with Kristen Lanae? Used to know her (now ex?) boyfriend through a friend of a friend of a friend and she's done some real cringey stuff. She's now started a separate instagram account for her "travel" pictures, and has talked about how she hopes people will help pay for her to travel (assuming with her weird photog, who is not the ex boyfriend she is still living with) to take naked pics for her patrons

>spend money on some rando girl so she can go travel the world with some guy taking naked pics of her in public places instead of spending money on travel for yourself

>jfc can you imagine

No. 563913

Jnig has a seperate travel IG. Looks like ”klanae” is copying her

>proud to be native american

Lmao okay

No. 563959

>that headdress

No. 563983

Just scrolled through her IG and she gives me loonie lanie vibes

No. 564311

I'm completely confused as to what this is. Is this just their Harry Potter OCs? The outfits make no sense, they're already pretty established uniforms from the movie.

No. 564596

Anon please!
It's clearly the American Hogwarts Academy for Cheerwitches and Jockzards.

No. 565653

File: 1524694188084.png (405.23 KB, 630x705, Jenna.png)

So I posted this to Jenna's subreddit and it was deleted nearly instantly. Strange how her own rules don't explicitly prohibit content like this but she continues to just block, remove, and DMCA whatever of hers she doesn't like. Clearly someone who just can't take criticism or a joke.(cowtipping)

No. 565658

Um what the fuck is this? When did jenna ever say anything like this?

No. 565661

You must be new lol. Jenna is incredibly toxic and sociopathic. She plays the villain card CONSTANTLY.

No. 565847

Your vendetta is really pathetic anon

No. 566912

File: 1524804231610.png (1.37 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-04-26-21-15-58…)

No. 566913

File: 1524804258747.png (873.1 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-04-26-21-16-12…)

No. 566930

No. 569537

Hello. I’m a new poster here but have been a reader for a long time. Just wanted to say that Jenna Lynn Meowri does a lot of self-posting here and other sites. She did the same thing at the gossip forum I run. She wants to get her name out there and would keep trying to bring herself up. As soon as it got leaked from REAL posters that she was a liar about her injections/crap and scammed a few people, she sent my forum a cease and desist letter from her lawyer (keep in mind I could see her IP from all her posts and “lawyer” letter). She did the same with subreddits like cosplay & cosplaygirls. I see she’s doing self posting here to make herself relevant but bitch needs to settle down. And any real posts about her shitty self on forums/reddit, she gets deleted with her fake lawyer letters.
No one truly likes Jenna in the cosplay community. She is known to lie, steal, scam, etc. she went on vacation with Jessica Nigri not long ago and Jessica even refuses to associate with her. I’m more than happy to share Jenna’s ip with the mods here so they can ban her from self posting.

No. 569652

You sound like the one with a vendetta. Literally never even heard about Jenna until after she went to Japan with Nigri and then this weird sperging about her started out of no where. No one cares. And your claims have no proof…they still follow each other on all social media? Most cows on here I've heard of rumours and about them being shitty people outside of lolcow, but anything about Jenna I've only heard here.

No. 569662

There’s plenty of shady stuff about Jenna on Pull & Gossipguru. Don’t feed her here

No. 569667

seriously. whoever keeps posting her and the same old 'her mom gave her and her sis lip injections' milk needs to leave. whether it's her or someone else, she's not even irrelevant she's nobody. the worst think about her is that she's using her full name but changed her last name to have meow in it, cringy as fuck.

and whatever retard made the OP for this thread needs to leave and never come back.

No. 569702

It’s mostly Jenna posting herself. She’s also most likely the one posting “stop” when some real milk starts coming out about her. She did that on my forum. If I get approval from the mods, I’ll post Jenna’s ip address and the various user names she used on my forum. Otherwise I think we should stop giving her the attention she craves. Other cosplayers I’ve talked to hate her. She’s a bitch and scammer but not interesting or fun to talk about. You’d probably better off just banning her name on this site like I did mine.

No. 569878

Why do cows self post though? It's so funny bc so many do is it the whole no exposure is bad exposure —thing?

No. 569904

IP permaban on an imageboard? Because of out-of-board behaviour? Holy shit that's a new level of cowness.

Let her post here. It will make herself even more hated. More milk!

Sage for getting baited.

No. 569945

Not buying it unless you provide proof.

No. 569954

>She’s also most likely the one posting “stop” when some real milk starts coming out about her.

actually i've posted for the annoying anon to fucking stop talking about her cause it's obvious there's no milk. and whoever it is ruined the thread. you can stop too btw and sage your shit. also don't post her IP just fucking send it to the mods or something. usernames are useless here too unless you show caps or something.

No. 569992

Lol and how are you so sure the ip is even her's?

No. 570254

File: 1525112758278.jpg (88.2 KB, 518x500, wut.jpg)

What has happened to her face?????

No. 570265

Got beat by an ugly stick or went to get plastic surgery, only for the surgeon to fuck it all up.

No. 570327

you know ur nose is fucked when 2 nose jobs later ur nose is still hooked/humpy.

No. 570401

it looks like its painful for her to move her face

No. 570809

> hooked

What the fuck where

No. 570880

I think anon confused the wrinkle on her nose and shadows as hooked, because from what iirc nigri didn’t really have a hooked nose it was more wide and bumpy but I do think her second nose job is fine, but she’s like going to yaya territory of older bloated face wearing makeup that does them no favors

No. 571196

File: 1525204923377.jpg (36.57 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1525204152189.jpg)

White shitty cosplayer gets mad that someone said shes white (1)

No. 571198

File: 1525204953583.jpg (98.95 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1525204179947.jpg)


No. 571461

regan lambros is worse than elise lol she's a cringy ugly bucktooth anorexic weeb who buys cheap onesies and calls it cosplay by showing off her malnourished body , jacked up teeth, incest face… Her bf ugly as shit too

No. 571466

File: 1525222657870.jpg (61.88 KB, 694x960, FB_IMG_1525222574415.jpg)

An example of the ugly skeletons shit….. She also claims to be CATKIN LOLLLLLLL retarded ass slut

No. 571469

File: 1525222686973.jpg (53.26 KB, 656x960, FB_IMG_1525222583654.jpg)


No. 571470

File: 1525222711842.jpg (74.11 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1525222523105.jpg)

No. 571553

For a second she looked like Anzujaamu

No. 571888

File: 1525279611914.jpeg (632.75 KB, 1241x1716, 60252FCD-9444-4FAB-83C7-B5ADEF…)

Found this woman’s account and interview. She’s smug as hell in the way she poses and speaks.


No. 571891

File: 1525279961016.jpeg (206.4 KB, 812x1229, 56133AE9-4F71-401B-BBF6-FABD1F…)

Still can’t shake the smug off of her regular face.

No. 573945

File: 1525475412637.png (1.02 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-05-04-16-05-03…)

So on top of flipfloppibg between between if she feels well of not to stream, begging for money because her insurance apparently "stopped" after her knee surgery and faking suicide attempts for sympathy, she still doesn't know how to buy prints from cosplayers

No. 574286

File: 1525517942022.png (526.71 KB, 398x752, star wars.png)

Another person she looks like. Saya looks like everyone I guess

No. 574884

she clearly meant it as a joke.
Ya need to get over this silly vendetta shit over saya its getting overdone here.

No. 575094

Too bad she's dead serious when she talks about looking like a Korean or Japanese person

No. 576353


Super late but this thot lives in my neighborhood and goes to my gym; in a broad brush she lives in Sugar Land. She was irrelevant until I saw the video of her getting booted from the gym (Lifetime Fitness). I did some research and she does party gigs for kids or something (I presume before she started streaming).


I think I'll hold on to the dox until she does something more interesting. I think it's absurd that she's making so much streaming money though; pretty much everyone on her Youtube videos are beta orbiters.

No. 576651

You have issues

No. 576811

File: 1525801060460.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20180508-183519~2.p…)

So I like this photo, however damn meg if you're going to spend hundreds of dollars on buying a costume, that's supposed to be your "big" one of the year, at least make the one part you made yourself not look like shit (the belt and gold hip piece she made)

No. 576940

That costume looks hella cheap and the arm and head accessories kind of look like they're going to fall off.

No. 577047


that costume looks like it barely fits her properly, the bust is so wide and projected off her chest

No. 577052

Her face ruins every cosplay she does no matter how well done it is. She looks like she had some kind of developmental disorder. Her eyes are so weird.

No. 577123

Her bone structure just straight up gives her mom-face. Her Tracer especially looks like a bitchy PTA mom.

No. 577125

File: 1525825624244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.28 KB, 749x1118, nr1nAOn.jpg)


For the uninitiated, with some weird looking ps tits as a bonus.

No. 577159

Why does every cosplayer these days credit Alyson Tabbitha for any 'in and out of cosplay' photo? She didnt invent them and people did them long before she did. Has she tried to basically claim the idea?

No. 577489


I don't recall her ever claiming it, just that she promotes people to tag her with rhe hashtag so she could share it on her instastory.

No. 577533

File: 1525894964531.jpg (26.73 KB, 490x473, 36727b7a8b0a5fc61807175147a88a…)

fuck man, jnig looks like a 40 year old crackwhore

No. 577898

File: 1525922374597.jpg (159.66 KB, 396x593, ew.jpg)

Even in her shooped photos she is starting to look like she's 45

No. 578136

File: 1525966089661.png (145.28 KB, 468x875, Untitled.png)

>I am not arrogant
>I just have important and stressful things to do and I rarely ever use my phone or talk to friends
>You dont know me

Saya is so stuck up

No. 582525

File: 1526312277822.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1125x1916, DA9E20CD-8385-4EC7-B90D-6285D9…)

Her daddy bought her followers she went from 5k-17k

No. 582571

She's self obsessed and spoiled ofc she's stuck up

Wtf is up with Niglet's face?? Is it photoshop or did she get more work done?

No. 583120

File: 1526348256294.png (765.33 KB, 717x898, k.png)

Low-tier orbiter weebthot 'cosplayer'

No. 584767

File: 1526475921949.png (4.32 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_05-16-06.01.33.png)

Was looking into yuri narss on here and found this thread I recently met him at the recent con he was at with lady zero and both as such completely different people in rl

I'm shocked no one has called yuri especially on ps he always gets butt hurt when anyone calls him out over it is understand editing your photos to an extent but he takes it too far he looks completely different in person found these lurking online

No. 584770

File: 1526475959911.png (3.12 MB, 1536x2048, PicsArt_05-16-06.03.16.png)

No. 584774

File: 1526476158861.jpg (115.61 KB, 810x1080, FB_IMG_1526475206750.jpg)

No. 584778


Do you honestly have nothing better to do than come here and keep spreading the same vendetta over and over? It didn't work the first time, so why would this time work yet again? The first set isn't even the same person.

No. 584789

Lmao it is wtf look up yuri narss on fb literally tagging him so ?? I'm just saying I wonder why people don't call him out for his ps if your so butt hurt with me posting him don't be on lolcow literally the point.
Now shoo

No. 584791

I see others not having issues calling out these other girls but once a boy cosplayer is posted you white Knight pathetic.

No. 584807

Also it is the same person.
He's tagged in all of them.

I just wish he were just a bit more honest with the dramatic dorito shoop he does.

No. 584808

File: 1526479252332.png (4.4 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_05-16-06.58.01.png)

No. 584815

File: 1526479646915.jpg (916.83 KB, 1428x1360, Screenshot_20180516-070522.jpg)

I really enjoyed his cosplays in the past but it seems he's overdoing the ps lately his facial features are completely liquefied it's more like a painting than a costume. I really enjoy his natural face more it's more real and not setting crazy standards

No. 585018

KEK! Who is this?! Holy shit that's an unfortunate face. They look like the male version of Kanadajin with extreme FAS.

No. 585517

File: 1526514233825.jpg (65.53 KB, 1446x960, FB_IMG_1526514167099.jpg)

Miss Procrastination. Midwest cosplayer who is just chasing fame and tries to get in with all the bigger name people

No. 585681


I don't mind his Kuja ps too much. don't know if he did it or the photographer but I guess it looks "cleaner"? His recent phototouching is very patchy & in return makes him look very weird and waaay obvious that it's been retouched.

No. 585720

So, does she have actual milk?

No. 585762

Basic drama, shit talking smaller cosplayers, dropping people when she can't use them, sucking up to bigger names after she failed miserably at being a "sexy cosplay gamer gurl"

No. 587117

tell me more

No. 590441

File: 1526935023837.jpg (67.8 KB, 360x669, 1.jpg)

Do people still talk about SayaTheFox?
This girl is just so stupid. She acts like she has so much in common with whatever random fictional character she happens to see at the time

No. 590447

File: 1526935446139.png (225.21 KB, 615x498, ewww.png)

Does anyone know anything about Ehri? She was kicked out of a League group last night for calling other girls ugly then ranting on her twitter about her good looking she is. She "cosplays" Kai'Sa and Katarina from LoL.


No. 590463

Yeah, every now and then when she does something cringey. What "common" features does she have with that black girl? She looks nothing like her even with her pre plastic surgery look.

No. 590465

Smells like a selfpost

No. 593201

File: 1527213622095.png (4.2 MB, 1242x2208, 91F46043-EFFF-4468-A31C-6B37BE…)

More e-begging

No. 593787

File: 1527275674231.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1125x1917, 6421696C-8226-4AC5-BFAC-3BD271…)

Just found this girl and holy fuck what is happening here, her whole page is like this if not worse, we have reached the rock bottom in cosplay, this is it I think

No. 593788

File: 1527275786358.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1876, 7EBB5677-D03E-42F5-88F0-C23DE3…)

One more, I just can’t! How does she even have so much interraction

No. 593792

Because men are fucking stupid

Her twitter is a real piece of work lmao, I will never understand why you would choose to pander to /pol/ losers

No. 595529

File: 1527467981504.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1431, 49465DC5-9A5C-4A06-837D-AF0326…)

Tayla's cleaned up her act a lot and is pumping out commissions that look alright and if she's still getting wasted at cons she's at least keeping it to herself so I'm happy for her
But MAN something trying on your commissions and taking pictures in all of them before you send them out just rubs me the wrong way lol. It's not the most professional thing in the world. Like, it's not for you, it's for your client. It's your work, but it's not your costume. Idk I just think I'd be annoyed if I was paying her to dance around in my costume??

No. 595531

Something about*

No. 595562

I never understood why she did that either. She'll have her friends sometimes model them too. Does she not own a dressform?

No. 595599

She has to right? She's been at this long enough. Like I know commissions get pretty pricey and for that cost I wouldn't want… A bunch of strangers wearing my clothes… It's just so weird to me and comes off a bit, uh, narcissistic maybe? Like, "this isn't my costume but look how cute /I/ look in it!!"

No. 595668

You can get the adjustable dressforms for around $100. It's not cheep but if you're doing commissions, it's useful to have. I guess she just doesn't want to spend the money on it? That and these people are more then likely going to have different measurements, so they won't fit correctly. It's just strange.

No. 596359

File: 1527560840996.png (4.71 MB, 1242x2208, 80797161-E1D9-42D8-80B2-18C909…)

Is it just me, or is it kinda odd she didn’t bother to remove the huge bruise here….?

No. 596376

I don’t thinj it’s that weird; some people just don’t care about bruises or shaving knicks and things like that

No. 596422

But she went to the effort to totally smooth over all her skin free of imperfections, aside from the bruise.

No. 596436

yeah no she meitu'd the fuck out of this (looks awful) and just left in the bruise, it's intentional.

No. 596440

She probably left it to seem uwu so delicate~ I've seen a lot of girls on Tumblr and such posting their bruised legs to seem broken and waifish. Those girls are usually thin tho, it's even weirder to see one lone bruise floating in the middle of this girl's huge thigh.

No. 596475

Nah, it's reasonably trendy to romanticize/sexualize bruises. It's front and centre for emphasis.

No. 597089

File: 1527633710898.jpg (895.67 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180529_174018.jpg)

No milk on this cosplayer really so I put it under sage. But Expectation vs. Reality should be it's own thread with bigger name cosplayets. She doesnt shop nearly as much as some but it's definitely obvious.

No. 597402

Her face is at a completely different angle/expression…..

No. 597457

I mean…one photo is in a studio and one is in person. Honestly, the lighting is just tragic in the right photo but she as a person looks perfectly fine? The wig is a little cheap looking but otherwise she's cute in both.

No. 597463

she reminds me of taylor r

No. 597659

This isnt the best comparison that could be used i think but i'm familiar with this cosplayer and there are more differences mostly with her male cosplays. This rogue one isnt too bad though.

There are are lot of cosplayers in just the american circles that have massive photoshop fails though.

No. 599221

File: 1527830204330.png (2.45 MB, 1521x1617, G.png)

Name: Grey Guerrero

'Famous' for her Raven cosplay
which is, predictably, crap.
But more than that, wears it out and about all over the place, refers to herself as Raven, treats it on an Otherkin level and really thinks she's the shit while looking like a lame alt model wannabe instead.
That red thing she glues to her forehead is on almost always.
Photoshopping her cosplay photos is tragic.

No. 599250

Shes such a selfish cunt. Refuses to explain WHY,the day her mom was in a hospital amd freaking out about losing he, and an hour later complaining about not having money to go to Cali. for some reason. Shes sketchy, selfish, and its seriously a bitch. She doesnt want a job. Shes made that clear. Even started doing more lewds so that she can make a living off of bought, forced cosplays

No. 599251

File: 1527832975745.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180531-131646.png)

No. 599280

>some random untalented basic bitch no one’s ever heard of

smells like boring personal vendetta. no one cares

No. 599297

there's a scroll bar for a reason

No. 599422

So apparently Leon Chiro has been lying for all this time about being the "official Gladio cosplayer", the official cosplayer for 20th Century Fox and "the face of Rakan". Also claimed to represent Ubisoft and Square Enix when it wasn't true. The bit about Rakan is so embarrassing, claiming to have a character modeled after you when it's a lie is cringy as fuck.

No. 599450

File: 1527863746606.png (263.66 KB, 720x1234, Screenshot_2018-06-01-10-33-40…)

I've always felt that Leon was fishy af, you could never dig further into him because his fangirls are protecting him 24/7. I capped it just incase

No. 599451

File: 1527863778838.png (213.07 KB, 720x951, Screenshot_2018-06-01-10-33-52…)

No. 599452

File: 1527863804536.png (816.85 KB, 720x1065, Screenshot_2018-06-01-10-34-05…)

No. 599454

File: 1527863929762.png (112.03 KB, 720x613, Screenshot_2018-06-01-10-35-26…)

Didn't he have official Rakan model or cosplayer on his insta profile awhile ago?

No. 599457

File: 1527864062416.png (493.32 KB, 720x1123, Screenshot_2018-06-01-10-42-31…)

The League of Legends post

No. 599514

File: 1527869325528.png (14.16 KB, 475x115, 6EC2776E-2340-49B1-970E-3D7445…)

Enji admitted he’s a piece of shit too

It’s really no surprise that these cosplay models that don’t bother to make their own shit are always scummy as hell.

No. 599549

Awhile ago someone said that Leon has sex with his fans now I wonder if it's really true

No. 599553

He does. I have friends he’s used for one night stands at cons and then lead on

No. 599555

File: 1527875791209.jpeg (165.75 KB, 750x781, AD164632-2033-4C9C-9069-07E251…)

Shit talking Maul in front of Jannetincosplay and her boyfriend

No. 599582

But Leon has a team that makes his cosplays? I highly doubt hes made anything himself so isnt that ironic.

No. 599595

Well then, I'm certainly not going to feel sorry for Leon when Moo creeps on him again when they hit Peru later this month. It seems like they're two peas in a pod, he just bothers to take care of his body.

No. 599600

Leon and the other workout cosers are like the male equivalent of the cosplay thots with tit and ass implants. They are all attention whores obsessed with themselves yet the girls get all the hate when the guys are just as bad.

No. 599614

Completely agree. You always hear about the cosplay thots but you rarely hear about the guys.

No. 599645

You never hear about the guys because the guy-costhot fans lock in fast with their defense. They went crazy when Leon and Moderately Ok cosplay was first mentioned in this thread.

No. 599648

Female incels.

No. 599677

That and just really stupid fangirls.

No. 599733

Ugh that yellow face. It's always been obvious that he beats his meat to himself though.

No. 599734

File: 1527895290987.png (488.58 KB, 720x540, Screenshot_2018-06-01-19-22-50…)

Leon is way too into himself lol

No. 599736

Yet chicks wonder why he never calls once they fuck

No. 599740

The only thing fishy about this is who the callout is coming from…Lisa Lou Who. I'm just curious why she has a vendetta and making a callout post when she constantly defends Moo and judges ppl for starting witch hunts but yet again I guess it's just not okay to incite witch hunts against her being a stalker?

No. 599744

Maybe doesn't like him because he's more popular than her?

No. 599749

File: 1527896780697.jpg (65.86 KB, 720x1061, 21741108_1437675779600944_6754…)

What happened with Enjinight and Leon? Did he date her? They used to cosplay together

No. 599760

Idk, Lisa didn’t even bring up anything about him being abusive or sexually harassing people. All she did was state his credentials are false so I don’t really see her post as a witch hunt

It’s everyone else that chose to be like “yeah this guy is shitty in more ways than one” which really escalated the whole post

Lisa’s original post, without any other comments, really isn’t THAT bad

No. 599776

>“yeah this guy is shitty in more ways than one” which really escalated the whole post

It's true though, LC is a scumbag who uses women.

No. 599793

True I remember I pointed out one time that LC gave me the creeps and everyone was like why ?? Do you have proof??? It was really weird but it’s like kawaiibrocos something about them is ech
Yeah I remember Enji and him were really close and it seemed like they were dating

No. 599800

Oh i agree that it’s true he’s a scumbag, I was just saying that Lisa’s original post really wasn’t /that/ bad/witch hunty. It was everything else and all the other stories/claims that really took the whole thing to the next level

No. 599804

Yeeeah. Why are we being so quick to believe her?? Someone's been randomly targeting him and ModOK in this thread for months now and this is all it takes??

He also DOES state SquareEnix was 'honorary service' in the pic she capped so?? Need some proof in here outside of heresay.

No. 599807

There’s multiple people saying all the same things on the post, it’s not just Lisa
And there are receipts there too

No. 599818

Then where did she name her sources?? Cause I don't see that. But I do see him admitting to being in honorary service of SquareEnix.

And I see people saying they had a bad experience without details. And I see friends defending him. But no proof.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 599823

A lot of people say that about other costhots and evidence pops up soon after. I doubt every single one of these people with experiences are lying. Give it time, anon.

No. 599824

File: 1527904848676.jpg (117.96 KB, 928x601, 34089320_10214707466753385_770…)

Samefagging but here are some screenshots from the Lisa thread that someone posted of him not giving credit until someone pointed it out.

No. 599826

File: 1527904894407.jpg (115.51 KB, 925x601, 34158132_10214707467713409_365…)

No. 599842

He is a fucking manlet. Why is ANYONE attracted to him? He was a recent guest at a con that I was at. The first time I saw him in the halls I literally had to stop myself from laughing out loud. I’m 5’4” and he was about 2 inches taller than me AT BEST. I never found him that good looking, but finding out how tiny he is totally shattered my image of him. He manipulates camera angles, selective images etc to literally catfish his fans. Every time I think about how little he was in person I laugh.

No. 599858

File: 1527908090105.jpeg (98.71 KB, 750x508, 27EBF5A3-F81F-49F1-A92C-12DB94…)

Big call out post soon?

No. 599859

File: 1527908106353.jpeg (148.14 KB, 750x752, EB151B3F-2CF5-4228-BD9E-A9A6FC…)

No. 600016

File: 1527930131291.jpeg (27.04 KB, 750x192, F0EDCC4F-D01C-44E7-B3B3-12E060…)

And like clockwork, look who it is

No. 600021

short boys are cute af wym

No. 600023

Try Tolkien communities for your hobbit kink, anon.

No. 600024

So is your post Mariah but that's not stopping you.

No. 600025

She made 3 posts about this on her personal page, one of them being a callout post directed towards Lisa. She’s a total hypocrite.

No. 600026

File: 1527931701606.png (397.41 KB, 446x810, 2b9s.png)

I said short, not hairy
you should try it sometime

No. 600056

Take it easy, anon. Not everyone is obsessed with height and shallow like you.

No. 600080

That's pretty rich considering how LC is vain and shallow himself.

No. 600139

File: 1527955896348.png (1.12 MB, 720x893, Screenshot_2018-06-01-19-56-05…)

Leon's obsession with his abs is like Jnig's with her fake tits

No. 600166

I remember he said that it was a "translator error" at one point after some Rioter came through to say that he in fact is NOT model for Rakan.

Couple years back he was in a cosplay competition with a cosplay that someone else had made mostly for him. He didn't tell the judges, but everyone did find out about it. I have no idea why he wasn't disqualified for it.

still most of his cosplays aren't made by him, for example in Rakan you can see what parts someone else has done for him pretty easily

No. 600191

So no one knows about him and Enji?

No. 600194

When rumors started here I scoured the internet for rumors, PULL, anything. Not a single person outside of LolCow even hinted that he harassed them. Now he's harassed everyone??

Idk about Enji, since she hasn't posted anything I've seen outside of the LLW thread, either.

Btw, LLW saying he's using patreon to attack her isn't seeming to be true.

No. 600202

God I've been saying for ages that I wouldn't be surprised if a sexual assault/harassment Callout post came out about Leon chiro. Guess I was right. He's such a twat. There's a documentary that was filmed about the ECG finals he was competing in, and its hilarious how much he bigs himself up then is so obviously salty about not winning…
In this and the part 2 https://youtu.be/Ovo7O00lnKE

No. 600237


If this was about him sexually harassing people why didn't she lead with that instead of a salty ass "he embellished what he does how terrible" post?

Seems to me she's out for petty revenge anyway she can get it. And I'm not about to just wholesale listen to a girl who was taken to court for stalking and harassment without a little bit of skepticism.

No. 600249

Yes, Anon, we know you’re such a dumb bimbo you’d fuck him regardless of his manlet height, arrogant attitude, selfishness, lying, and sexual harassment. Do what you want gurl it’s a free world XOXO

No. 600270

I know people he has sexually pursued and know he is extremely pushy in his advances. His loyal female fan base would have put any smaller cosplayers off from saying anything publically.

No. 600460

I heard from an acquaintance that Leon was actually harassing a few female Cosplayers at the Gamescom in Germany last year at the Square Enix booth.
Don't know many details tho.

No. 600583

While I also agree Lisa is shitty, especially because of the Helena situation, it doesn't fully discredit what she is saying.
I know people Leon has been a dick to (I've even witnessed it) and that stemmed from them calling him out before in person for all the girls he's creeped on.

No. 600595

I mean she was proven innocent in the Helena situation and Helena was guilty. Pretty sure it's further up in this thread or in the last one. Helena lost BOTH court cases.

No. 600614

In court Lisa was proven innocent but irl people around them knew both Helena and Lisa were both acting toxic and seeking eachother out for drama

No. 600664

File: 1528008742771.jpeg (985.76 KB, 2552x1914, F4F46C01-6732-4038-915E-34F332…)

While we are on the topic of Tayla: I remember being really grossed out by her wearing underwear/swimsuits she’s made for clients. I only know of 2(?) times where she’s done this (pictures above), but isn’t wearing something covering your vag that’s meant for someone else unhygienic? Like if I were commissioning her I would ask her to completely redo it bc 1) that’s really unsanitary and 2) that’s meant for me not Tayla. There is the possibility that she’s wearing a guard of sorts but I don’t see one in these images (sorry I know it’s gross). Idk I think it’s disgusting and she should really get a dress form with legs bc who knows where that vag has been.

No. 600774

How does Leon prey on women? What does he do? Can anyone share an encounter they had with him?

No. 600776

File: 1528030387675.png (5.56 MB, 1242x2208, 4CF44AC3-5DFD-41BD-BD85-B10528…)

This is the first time he has mentioned ‘honorary service’. Up until now he calls himself the official gladiolus

No. 600778

File: 1528030471300.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1833, 34445CE5-59A9-40E8-B320-D68E93…)

No. 600786

Ew gross, she could have worn them over shorts/leggings. Who would want swimwear that has been up someones ass.

No. 600792

Well he's confident enough to have lawyered up against her, which is why I imagine she's going quiet on the subject. She also said she worded things so that it wouldn't be considered lies. Sounds fish as fuck imo.

But, regardless. I think it's somewhat of an ESL issue. He said he had official Ardyn stuff on the way but what he meant was official to his brand, not to SquareEnix. He phrases things oddly and had issues with using he wrong English word before.

No. 600803

She has a couple of costumes modeled on a dressform on her IG… don’t know why she just doesn’t model all of them on it (even laying them flat is fine?) Using something meant for someone else to fish for more “you’re so cute!!” complements is gross, and wearing underwear and bikinis??? With nothing underneath?? Nasty.

No. 600806

Shouldn't Leon have his own thread by now?

No. 600810

Not nearly enough milk or enough people caring.

No. 600921

File: 1528046021643.jpg (85.33 KB, 960x720, 16143266_1187578964653703_4712…)

Apparently Leon thought Sakimi drew him when she just drew Gladiolus with his regular pose, he even thanked her lmaoo! Later on she did say that the drawing was not based on Leon

No. 601054

He's so up his own ass. Sakimi's version looks nothing like him! He's even more wide and muscular than Leon is. This is embarrassing.

No. 601059

>thanked her for drawing him
>she didn’t

heavy dose of secondhand embarrassment…

No. 601380

She hasn't gone quiet, she just isn't posting publicly, according to a mutual friend that is fb friends with her. It seems like LLW started this all to get people to open up about all the horrible crap he has been doing to women in the cosplay community. Though it seems like it may have backfired? I've noticed that some of the girls (specifically EnjiNight) have deleted their comments on her public post.

No. 601417

File: 1528074901833.jpeg (912.98 KB, 1242x1156, AC4DC1FA-4BD9-4EB3-91CF-52C656…)


She deleted her comment, but posted this. Maybe she was bullied into silence?

No. 601439

>don't make fanfictions or wild stories, he didn't rape me

Wut? How bad did her inbox get?

No. 601441

Jenna Lynn meowri stole money from me at CollosalCon this weekend. Watch out for her.

No. 601444

Some proof or gtfo. No one cares.

No. 601457

40 yr old plastic surgery fugly frog queen Jenna lynn meowri just likes to self post. Please leave her ugly boring ass off here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 601562

>I don’t want to talk about it, guys! No really!
>said while making a lengthy public post that addresses the issue directly and keeps the drama exposed instead of deleting her comment and dealing with it privately

I mean, come fucking on, it’s obvious she’s invited people to ask her about it and she clearly wants to talk about it.

No. 601702

Then why did she delete her comment and ask people not to message her about it?

No. 601752

AFAIK Enji has never had any drama so she’s probably uncomfortable in the spotlight like this. A real shame she is suddenly dropping the whole issue since she has a decent amount of credibility against him.

No. 601893

akr was mentioned earlier in the thread if you scroll up with no milk other than bad shoops.

No. 601905

She posted it on her fb where you can guarantee she’s friends with a majority of the large cosplayers. That’s not wanting to keep it hush, that’s a call out for attention. Wouldn’t she just delete and keep everything on the DL if she didn’t want it spoken about?

No. 601977

No. 601994

Not necessarily. If she was getting a lot of messages about it, it makes sense she'd post an "official statement" like that to tell everyone to kindly back off and that's that.

No. 602048

I was there and saw Jenna meowri. Her lips look lumpy and gross. Also wonder how much filler her mom put in Jenna’s face? It doesn’t look natural. She also doesn’t have an ass at all. When you compare Jenna to someone like elisse laurenne it’s laughable. Elise has a great ass. Jenna just knows certain poses and uses photoshop. I feel bad saying this but I found Jenna to be annoying and rude.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 602056

I've never seen MangoSirene drama on CLG before, what did she do?

No. 602064

no one cares stop talking to yourself about her. literally half the popular cosplayers that slut it up use angles and don't have as much to work with as they make it seem.

No. 602073

Her thread is here >>206903 if you want to dig through it.

No. 602176

Looks fine to me.

No. 602197

I think you are trying waaay too hard to pick on her body, her body is fine, better than most, her face is enough fail as is because of the surgeries

No. 602289

File: 1528188030801.jpeg (171.3 KB, 826x1093, 047B7828-38B4-440B-9D97-B67A0A…)

Twerkquius/Sierra is an nightmare at cons. She has this attitude that she can do whatever she wants because she’s “cosfamous.” During colossal, she refused to get out of bed and pack her shit up on Sunday. She was awake and fully coherent, she just didn’t want to listen to the room host. It got to the point where it was an hour and a half past checkout time and she was still in bed with her shit all over the room. Kalhari staff was threatening to charge the room host for another night, and Sierra did not care that she was potentially costing another person hundreds of dollars. They ended up sending Kalhari security into the room to kick her out. Massive womanchild.

Also I hate how she advertises herself as being super buff. You have a slightly chubby athletic build, try switching out your protein shakes for a salad once or twice a day.

No. 602307

Her body is average. Her face looks like hell tho

No. 602313

So is her only milk she didn’t wanna get out of bed and pack her stuff, therefore almost getting you… I mean the roomhost charged with another day?

No. 602613

That’s all the milk I know of. I was wondering if she’s pulled shit with other people at cons.
She’s just a genuinely arrogant, spoiled person and I have trouble believing this is the first time she’s fucked someone over

No. 602656

I would have started throwing her shit out of the room. That's an extremely ridiculous thing to do on someone else's buck and I hope it deters others from rooming with her.

No. 602675

Stop talking about Jenna, it's just shitposting at this point.

No. 603085

Lmaooooo this hoe, I unfriended her when I heard about her pretty much forcing her boyfriend at the time (or maybe theyre still together, idk) to be poly but he actually wasnt comfortable with it. She's just one of those thots that uses poly as an excuse to be a cheater and a homewrecker. All of her cosplay stuff looks pretty bad because her face is pretty damn uggo tho, but she's in that safespace black weeb community where everyone pretends to like each other but are super catty behind each others backs

No. 603181

Kali is very much single. She sucks as a cosplay thot since she never makes new cosplays. All her self shot lingerie looks bad as well, even without her face. It is unoriginal.

No. 603290

File: 1528293558069.png (397.33 KB, 583x564, Screen shot 2018-06-06 at 8.55…)

I actually like Tayla, but one thing she does that I find questionable is complain about the work she has to do on a commission. She's not the only one who does it in the cosplay community, but right now she has about 5 tweets about hating prop making for this commission so its on my mind.

Every time I see someone complain about commissions my only thought is "doesn't the person who commissioned you follow you? Otherwise how would they find you to commission you?" I'd personally be kind of upset if I saw a person I was paying be like "damn I hate making this"

No. 603330

I can understand not really vibing with making something, but complaining about it online when its for a customer? That looks pretty bad.

No. 603934

Literally all she's saying in all of those tweets is she's bad at props? How is that complaining?

No. 604158

File: 1528380235028.png (25.5 KB, 546x75, Screen shot 2018-06-07 at 9.04…)

Who wants to commission someone and then find out they aren't good at what you're paying them to do. And since Tayla sells her used second hand costumes for a minimum of 100$, that person is paying a pretty penny.

Also she's complaining about how hard the work is because she doesn't know what she's doing.

No. 604411

I’m just sitting here cackling because isso weird seeing familiar faces on lolcow instead of the overdone Miki/Amina/Himeka threads. Kali was chimping out bout it on twitter quick af so is this self post or real milk

No. 604414

Kinda seems more like shes trying to act humble which is annoying in itself

No. 604420

jesus that humble braggin

No. 604570


lol the completely unnecessary underboob in the first example is just icing on the cake. id never commission her knowing how far up her own ass she is that shes wearing clients costumes for attention

No. 608083

File: 1528761913421.jpeg (268.75 KB, 738x1096, 27A039EB-82C5-4864-9849-1FD736…)

A runner up for ‘cosplay’ attention hoe and surgery liar, continued taking Patrons money after posting no content and milks the mental health wagon. A potential flake in the making!

No. 608244

I mean if they continued to support her Patreon they obviously saw value in it, they could have stopped at any month. Dumb men throwing their money away isn’t really milk

No. 608290

File: 1528774917432.jpg (120.06 KB, 924x588, 416415.jpg)

i'm sure they did
but anyway, just being a thot isn't milk anymore so… it's actually sad that we have so many cosplay thots that only this is just irrelevant by now

No. 610955

i thought this was mei at first.

No. 611256

File: 1529036439833.png (384.07 KB, 573x453, Capture.PNG)

I dont get the point of Heidi's attitude, i cant tell if she thinks shes clever or if she really is just an ass. This has a superiority complex all over it like god forbid a worker ask if you need help or something.

No. 611403

File: 1529056143776.jpeg (77.03 KB, 624x704, 9CC779B7-0F66-4A0C-8A2E-87765C…)

Yeah, this doesn't come off as witty, just nasty. Ofc experienced cosplayers go into Joanns knowing what they need, and I know myself and other cosplayers who have gotten a ridiculous suggestions from Joanns employees. You just have to laugh about it.
Guess what, they're all being told by their bosses to go up to everyone and offer help. They're not implying you don't know what you're doing. They're just doing their job. Chill out and say "no thanks".

No. 611494

Yikes. What joanns is she going into that people are harassing her? Literally the only time the employees ask me questions is at the cutting counter. They're required to ask what you're making.

No. 611580

She sounds like a cunt who has never worked retail in their life. Unfortunately, it's our job to ask if someone needs help, even if they don't look lost. Not to mention there are a lot of slow times in Joann's, so anyone who comes in usually gets greeted this way.

Would it have been so hard for our dear queen to say 'no, i'm good, but thank you.' ??

I used to follow her on twitter for her cosplay stuff,(and she's good, don't get me wrong) but she's come off as a cunt lately since getting more chances to work with big names like Nintendo. Also, she's married to projared and uses that to her advantage.

No. 611709

I don't think she uses her marriage to projared at all. And recently when she had a disastrous flood in her craft room, she refused to open up some sort of collection thing for donations. Take that as you will, but you know a lot of cosplayers would jump on that pity train real quick.

No. 611889

She started by not opening a donation thing but then later opened for donations and twitch donations so it countered her initial statements.

I havent liked her ever since I saw her chipping in on shit talking with some of her cosplay buddies about other cosplayers. She has a nasty attitude and tries to hide it but not very well.

No. 611914

So you've met her then, is what you're saying? How else would you know she hides her 'nasty attitude' so well?
She did a twitch stream with donations once, because of the back push of people who wanted to help. Compared to other cosplayers, she's really fucking tame in the drama department. Your upsetness Smells vendetta-ish.

No. 611933

File: 1529105398600.jpg (52.74 KB, 480x480, IMG_1766.JPG)

I like her streams and she has great craftsmanship. But at times she really comes off as an elitist bitch.
I would say a solid 75% of her traffic to her twitch is from Jared. She would have about half of her audience if she wasn't associated with Jared, and she wouldn't have the equipment and resources she has available to her if it wasn't for him.
She doesn't do a lot of sexy stuff. Compare her to someone with a similar skill level and modesty who isn't associated with anyone popular and they probably do not have half of her audience. So it's obvious where she got it from.
Do cosplayers who are good at craftsmanship and don't take themselves too seriously or hold themselves above the sexy cosplayers actually exist? Are there any sexy cosplayers that aren't totally retarded or desprate actually exist?

No. 611944

Yes but because it's not marketable they never gain traction. Kind of like modern music, to find the good stuff you have to dig a lot and most people aren't willing to.

No. 612402

File: 1529162013079.png (122.11 KB, 492x242, Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 10.5…)

Chloe Dykstra/skydart has made allegations of abuse against Chris Hardwick, but is there any context or past milk on her?

Was she a big deal on the cosplay scene ever or is she just a costhot who got famous because of the man she was dating? It's strange to see all these articles labeling her a cosplayer when it feels like she hasn't been on the scene in years.

No. 612407

Not the same person as the OC but I had that experience with her as well. She's really stuck up her own ass about being ~good at craftsmanship, even towards more casual cosplayers. A shame because I looked up to her work, but finding out how bitchy she is irl really turned me off.

No. 612418

I have no idea who she is. She probably cosplayed as Batgirl once for the insta likes and is now being called a cosplay star for the click bait.

No. 612478

She was on heroes on cosplay
Can you guys even google?

No. 612683

She also did a bioshock thing too right?? She cosplayed Elizabeth for like a promo thing iirc, you can find the video on YouTube
Also there’s proof that she posted of her with bruises and developing an ED, there’s an article that’s posted on Twitter if you guys looked

No. 612784

Anyone following the drama about Jenna Lynn meowri on reddit? Apparently she scammed a lot of neckbeards out of their money lol She sold her prints yet never sent them anything

No. 613102

She has a Wiki page, it takes two seconds guys. Speculation is lazy and we like to have at least the appearance of standards, here.
Her dad did VFX for Star Wars, she did some okay cosplays, nothing to write home about and I don't think she does much of it anymore, but was on HoC on SyFy a few years back. She was on a web series for The Nerdist and does some gaming journalism.
There ya go. Don't be idiots.

No. 613233

She's very judgy on craftsmanship, even in noncompetition settings, heard from a first hand source. Her collab with Hey Custsew is weird, that stuff is WAAAY below her level, so I find it hilarious that she wanted to be a model so bad. Congrats, you're modeling patterns for dummies, basically.

No. 613346

File: 1529253063750.png (421.69 KB, 515x716, tweetcap.PNG)

Apparently Chris Hardwicks mother-in-law was making tweets/instagram posts trying to pin it like Chloe was the abuser and not Chris

No. 613367

lmao patty hearst?? She’s a psycho.

No. 614091

File: 1529334867493.jpg (264.36 KB, 759x1024, 11394062345_eea0020027_b.jpg)

I felt the same way about the whole "cosplay star" thing being the label they slapped on her. I haven't seen her cosplay in years, and she seems to have been pursuing acting more than the pop culture scene. You would think the actress label would appeal to a broader audience.
I think Chloe needs to be listened to, but I find it crazy so many of Hardwick's shows were yanked just off of pure accusations at this point. I know that bussinesses have the choice of disassociating themselves from an employee if they don't agree with the baggage that comes with them but damn. They were quick to scrub his name away when Chloe accused him of things no one really has proof of.

No. 614095

she didn't even say his name. Everyone else figured it out. The thing she wrote was really supposed to be about herself and what she went through, not this guy is an ass look at what he did, fire him

No. 615155

File: 1529436787279.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3012x4512, F376EEBF-E713-4F81-B50D-982ADB…)

This is what $150 gets you from Meg’s Patreon. A wrinkled shirt and the same shit she gives away for free.

No. 622671

There was the time her and Neil Ciceraga (I have no idea how to spell this name, sorry) were dating and broke up when he wouldn't move out of his family home into a place with her. After that she starred in a porno. That's pretty much all I remember her for.

No. 622672

File: 1530091593562.jpg (73.71 KB, 567x671, i showed you my patronage answ…)

samefag as >>622671 but I thought all this shit happening with Amouranth's secret marriage being revealed is wild. There's this youtube channel "L of the Week" that has (now) two videos on her, the second ONLY after she started attacking the channel owner through interviews with baseless facts (such as: they're sharing underage pics of me on his discord! – not true)

anyway first vid is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5XCZJBm4lk
also a reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/8t6yrp/streamer_amouranth_has_been_hiding_her_marriage/

and then his followup video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdhC6k9e0Wc

I only learned about this through this image circulating on various fb pages tbh but was surprised to see nothing about it in this thread.

No. 622675

Sorry, forgot the interview too. Interesting that she opts to substantiate her initial lie with… more lies. http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/cosplay-and-asmr-star-amouranth-is-live-streaming-her-life-controversy-be-damned

No. 622678

I don't know this cosplayer but is this supposed to make her look bad? If I had such mentally deranged people interested in me I would lie about as much of my personal life as possible too. Holy fuck, I have the creeps after reading the mod's words.

No. 622685

Kek. don't make fun of my feminist shero anon. Seriously though fuck her

No. 622716

These are like the guys that complain about the “friendzone” and get mad over it

This is honestly cringe as fuck. It’s not cool to hide your husband just out of respect to him but becoming a mod and donating thousands to try and date someone? Lmao yikes. Incels

No. 622856

I can’t stand amouranth at all but I think she really did the right thing hiding her marriage, just reading me sketches this out. Men are too stupid to tell the difference between obvious pandering and reality though, so it will all definitely backfire on her

No. 623032

I mean, after what happened to Meg… I don't blame Amouranth for keeping her marriage private

No. 623062

This mod is just a fucking incel.

No. 623224

Woww why doesn't she hire security or even retire. Her fans are fucking insane

No. 623304

So some gamers on various forums are getting angry over this article

gonna sage just in case but I thought it was relevant

No. 623305

Forgot to add the issue they have is not about the husband thing or harassment as mentioned above, but the fact shes complaining about being called a "twitch thot"

No. 623395

Can someanon recap the video atleast for the sake of convenience

No. 623545

This is an image board you dumb shit. Post caps or shut up

No. 623562

Don’t know if this should be posted here l, but since he is a big in the cosplay community I was wondering what is up with Martin Wong Photography? He works with Asian and white cosplay girls, never seen a photo shoot with any girls of color like blacks or latinas. And he’s also a total creep to white women and if you say something slightly racist towards Asians he is the first one to call out for it, but deny his own racism.

No. 623817

I mean he’s not the only photog like that

No. 623833

Sorry anon most cosplay photographers are like that. Either they only shoot with asian/white/light people or you have to be super popular.
It hasn't changed and it is nothing new.

No. 623835

i tend to ignore the jenna moery anon. she has a huge vendetta and never posts anything.

No. 624106

File: 1530252236004.jpeg (111.84 KB, 472x446, 8357A02F-58C2-47D1-90D3-F085AF…)

No. 624107

File: 1530252272481.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1835, 6E03283E-EB33-4BCD-86AA-215D2D…)

No. 624153

Opinions change anon

No. 624165

Darshelle has spent years trying to be hot and she not. The only reason anyone knows who she is is because of nigiri.

No. 624548

Jenna Lynn self posts constantly. She does this on other boards and reddit. Her Michael Jackson nose and inflated lips isn’t relevant. Go away Jenna

No. 624897

Is there proof of this?

No. 624901

why would i be here if i'm saying to ignore posts about her?

nta but no, the person who made the OP for this thread is the one with the vendetta, she made a shit summary that included moo in it for some reason, used jenna as the OP pic and always gets pissed when you call out her vendetta.

someone always posts hearsay with no milk, or just the same pics of her shitty lip injections. the vendetta-chan is more milky than her tbh.

No. 625109

I’ve never understood her appeal, her ratty little face always looks like she’s smelling a fart. She tries so hard to be sexy and she just looks mentally challenged

No. 625124

Some anon claimed to be one of the autistic pull mods and offered to expose Jenna for selfposting on pull

No. 625769

File: 1530386540360.jpeg (66.18 KB, 634x364, DB6B2D95-EE27-49E4-9FB3-7DAAE8…)

Not the original poster but found it

No. 625822

File: 1530389128506.jpeg (35.66 KB, 316x500, 5C663EE7-884D-4826-BC2D-76853E…)

Jenna also wore her drag queen chest piece to a con recently (the chest piece she said she didn’t have & that it was just her natural chest) and you can see it through all the pics taken there. Thought that was really funny. It looks awful

No. 625864

File: 1530392005065.jpeg (125.17 KB, 1080x1350, DACE59BE-0899-4135-A281-C78A8B…)

You’d think making $60k a month would get her a better photoshopper/ editor.

No. 625866


"thats boobsforqueens.com" wink
nah but this bitch looks ridiculoussssss

No. 625924

Wew, someone doesn't know how to use the Bloat tool in photoshop.

No. 626032

Amouranth is getting incredibly defensive over her not being married and shit, shit's hilarious.

Also does anyone else think she's anorexic? She gets very angry when someone says she's too skinny and calls herself fat often, despite being a twiglet.

No. 626048

Despite how much she makes her BF or Martin Wong take most of her photos and she has Darshelle edit a big chunk of them. Not sure if she pays her for the editing though.

No. 626563

Amouranth is a shitty ass person.
It’s totally okay to not reveal she’s married but she went out of her way to tell everyone she’s single and “taking boyfriend applications” (titling streams this and saying it often). She even said during a stream that if you donate big she’d be open to date you. She would go on and on about being painfully single (and once saying she was a virgin lol). Did she have to go this far for money?
Let’s not forget her video in which she set up 4 guys that were on tinder to believe she was going on a date with them. Then “pranking” then by mocking them for looking for a girlfriend and making them pay for her & her husbands lunch.

No. 626749

File: 1530495616677.jpeg (129.25 KB, 1023x1279, 8401B062-B5B2-43E5-8207-953691…)

What even is going on with this broad’s ass?

No. 626806

She's divorced though, so she is single?

No. 627300

File: 1530568284914.jpg (102.66 KB, 454x604, IMG_1348.JPG)

She's such a liar. Like everyone else has said it's not the secret part that is shitty. It's the fact that she blantatly lies all of thr time. When she was sick she said she had to go grab the medicine her "brother" bought for her, or if there were dishes clanking around it was her "roommates."
It's funny how fast the gears shifted for her. She was legit a good cosplayer. Her Link is amazing. But now it's just how far she can get her tits pushed up in printed spandex. How many more dudes will be fooled by her sitting down holding a towel over herself thinking there's nudes in those sets?
I don't feel bad for the fools who parted with their money. But it makes me mad that won't change at all. She'll still get money for being a lying thot.

No. 628082

>amouranth did the right thing for hiding her relationship considering what happened to Meg.

But it wasn't for that reason, she lied about her marital status to scam and trick her dumbass/mentally ill fans. She made them believe that they could literally "buy" themselves into being her boyfriend if they donated enough.

No. 628358

File: 1530674774631.jpeg (243.21 KB, 1366x2048, 1969296B-C613-4AE0-BDAD-17B4C9…)

Lolz guize, it’s Tracer, get it, cuz she’s…British…I guess? At least the atrocious wig ham-fistedly clues you in on what this “cosplay” is.

No. 628370

Those are the tame lies too. She also said stuff along the lines of "Haven't been on a date forever! No one likes me, can't get a date for the life of me, no one ever, ever, ever asks me out." and would have boyfriend application streams.

I'd feel a little bad is she wanted to keep it a secret for her husband's sake, but she really worked it for the money. I don't feel bad for her fans either, they're dumb, but I also feel like she deserves all the backlash she'll get. If she gets any at all that is, because let's be real here her fans are pathetic enough to believe her regardless of the evidence.

No. 631763

File: 1531082494452.jpg (1.9 MB, 2880x3840, IMG_2031.JPG)

As someone has stated in Moos thread
Why has no one ever said anything about Susu cosplaying underage characters?
It's not like she's done it once or twice but several times

Does she feel she gets a pass because she's so well known?

No. 631864


no one actually cares. people just dont like momo(and rightfully so). its all fake outrage

No. 631882

It’s okay for her to do it because she’s hot. If she were fat or ugly, then people would be outraged. You can basically do anything you want if you’re attractive.

No. 631885

While I generally don't agree with sexualizing very young characters, I'd argue that cosplaying teen characters is a bit less gross than sexually cosplaying a character who is literally only 8-9 in human years. At least the teen characters are non prepubescent and have adult characteristics? Whereas a character like Kanna is just straight up an actual small child.

Again, not trying to excuse people sexualizing underage characters or people in general, but it's definitely less awful imho. Also, as anon >>631864 said, susu is generally less of a cow than someone like Momo, so people are less up in arms over her.

Yikes. You don't sound bitter at all, anon.

No. 631900

It is true, though.

No. 632067

File: 1531112481401.jpg (17.83 KB, 368x271, Wednesdayswim.jpg)

Wednesday Addams is a kid, not a teenager. Creepy Susie is also 10 years old.
Seriously, nobody cares because 1) she's attractive and 2) people flat out don't hate SS as much. The "pROTECT UNDERAGE CHARACTERS" thing was a lame sham to justify existing irritation at Moo for pettier reasons (ie her being fat, unattractive and bitchy). Most of us wouldn't ever watch anime if fictional children were of such concern in the fandom community, lmao.

No. 632081

These all look like adult versions though. Kids dont wear lingerie and Raven’s age is never stated but she isn’t even human so who cares? Big reach. The susie and wednesday pics blatantly stated “all grown up”.

No. 632083

It's canon that Wednesday is 18 in the broadway show though. I think the only one who isn't older at some point of the series they come from is "creepy Susie" which seems like a weird character to sexualize to begin with. I don't think it helps that Kanna is a beloved character in the anime world whereas I don't know how many anime fans really know who Creepy Susie is enough to be upset about it or know that she's an underage character? Her design doesn't really give away that she's an underage character either.

Susu isn't completely dairy-free, but in comparison to Moo it definitely feels a bit more nitpicky to me. Mariah straight up used the line "those thighs aren't iunnocent" when trying to defend her choice to sexualize an 8yo character.

No. 632084

People roasted momo for the kanna pics because she specifically said “i’m not going to lewd kanna” then went and did it. The issue was mainly her being a hypocrite and the photos were pt tier

No. 632101

File: 1531116838609.jpg (34.29 KB, 533x800, Wednesday_TeganWouters_white.j…)

I really don't think SwimsuitSuccubus was cosplaying the broadway version of Wednesday in >>631763, anon.

No. 632102

This is true, but turned around and said she did a grown up version and people still roasted her anyways

No. 632103

>grown up version
She said child Kanna's thighs weren't innocent and didn't alter her costume at all to be an adult Kanna.

Nitpick SS all you want, but she's not wearing a children's costume in any of these?

No. 632108

Technically, Moomoo wasn't either. You really think a child's costume would fit on her fat ass?
SS obviously isn't as big a cow as Moo, but come on. Don't moral crusade one and pretend the exact same behavior is completely fine on another. "Lewding" underage fictional characters is mundane in the geek community as a whole. Dragon Maid itself had some very suspicious, cringy, lolicon scenes IIRC, at least in the manga, so we can't even pretend it's all Moomoo corrupting pure characters. Even the source material is bad, ffs.
Blame artists like Shadman, blame anime studios for pandering to pedos, and blame the neckbeards who want to fuck The Powerpuff Girls or whatever.

No. 632114

this. these kinds of things have been happening since cosplay deviants. and as gross as it is moo any many others cosplay gross shit.

No. 632129

Not child size, obviously. Moo wore kannas regular outfit as a child without altering it in any way.

No. 632132

And SS didn't alter Wednesday's costume or do the 18 year old version, she just wore lingerie underneath. Both called it "grown up". Same thing.

No. 632311

Wednesday does not wear a short tight dress with striped thigh high stockings. The outfit was not child like in the slightest.
Like >>632084 said, Moo was mainly attacked for the Kanna pics since she went back on her word to not lewd the character. Moo did poses lifting kanna’s dress without making any changes to the costume or even saying “grown up” kanna. The circumstances are different and it seems like someone (probably in moo’s circle) just wants to try to attack susu.

No. 632319

>this cope
No one is trying to attack SwimsuitSuccubus. They both cosplayed canonically underage characters and sexualized them. SS's iteration of Wednesday was clearly not the 18 year old version, and neither was Moomoo's Kanna cosplay, even though both claimed they were "all grown up".
Both are icky, but neither matter all that much in the end. If you think one is some inexcusable evil, though, hand-waving away the other is lame and hypocritical.

No. 632398

Also want to make the statement that Susu and Shadman teamed up for the Wendsday Addams pic thing. Susu chooses to align herself w hentai companies and the like. I personally have no problem w her because she is honest about who she is. She a lewd model lewding up things and then cosplays in her free time.

Momokun is nothing even remotely like this.

No. 632415

Adding on that after shad paid succubus to model for his site, Moo tried to suck up to him. Clearly moo was trying to sponge off his infamy even though she roasted Chellhellbunny for trying to chase fame by sucking up to her for attention.

No. 632683

Is swimsuit succabus really a lesbian with bunnyayumi?

No. 632702

I don't think that "being honest about who she is" really excuses being involved with a gross pedo like Shadman. I don't think Susu is cow worthy entirely but she's not as innocent as she seems.

No. 632705

Good on her for taking his money, lol

No. 632721

File: 1531179398833.jpeg (360.06 KB, 1228x1701, 090B144C-B6A0-4526-AFF4-48FF48…)

I keep seeing this broad being posted all over IG. I’m not the only one that think she looks like a blow up doll, right?
And if you want milk, go check out her IG full of tags like #builtnotbought, yet she has very obviously plumped lips, and I’m not sure how one naturally achieves a liposuction sized waist when the rest of her looks like a land whale.

No. 632738


Definitely photoshop, lipo or a corset since she's a hamplanet everywhere except her waist, but is there any chance #builtnotbought is referring to her cosplays rather than her body? Not that that entry-level costhot bodysuit she's wearing in your pic is exactly worth bragging about either though tbh

No. 632799

File: 1531187916089.jpeg (555.92 KB, 1242x1774, 7861F205-A1EE-41D8-A553-2C9F1E…)

Here’s the photo with #builtnotbought for reference

No. 632805


My bad, anon. Wow, who does this bitch think she's fooling

No. 632816

53,000 suckers liked this post. It's like a dollar store, washed out Kardashian knock off.

No. 632817


she has like no muscle tone lmao, sis probably got her waist lipo'd.

No. 633047

File: 1531234030072.jpg (135.96 KB, 607x684, Screenshot_20180709-124020_mh1…)

So this fell into my lap and IDK if it's relevant. A friend of mine knows this girl cosplayer, PumpkinReina. She was Leon's handler at the convention. I remember someone said a bigger girl had sex with him at DragonCon in previous threads but it seems Pumpkin's been going around spreading that they shared a bed and she HAD to cuddle him and the telephone game MAY have happened. Not sure if it's milky but it's definitely something.

No. 633169

kinda late to this one, but there is an adult wednesday

No. 633182

That's not official (IIRC the people behind The Addams Family literally sued this girl). This is like using fanart of Kanna aged up in the exact same costume to defend Moomoo's cosplay, anon.

No. 633326

Leon posted instagram stories at 6 in the morning at dragoncon, still walking around and on the floor. She may have roomed with him but that does not mean he didn’t fuck other girls throughout the night? I heard he was a drunken mess the entire weekend whenever my friend saw him at the Marriott

No. 633368

i mean, you say that like it's not a legit argument. you can 100% be the adult version of a cosplay, but you have to actually do that. this convo is kind of stupid because it hinges around whether pedos are going to care if some adult woman with tits is cosplaying their loli waifu. people who actually like kanna aren't fapping to moo dressed as her, cause moo isn't an 8 year old girl. and people fapping to moo don't give a shit if she's being an 8 year old girl or not. think the inverse of that, you wouldn't be turned on by some 12 year old boy cosplaying a character you like, but pedos are freaks and would be. lolicons like those those uwu smol girls (like lana to some extent) and are fapping to all their cosplays.

anyway my whole point is that, promoting pedoshit shows is more of an issue than cosplaying a child. this shit's been happening since early 2000s when that girl did a cosplay deviants set of yotsuba.

No. 633741

>promoting pedoshit shows is more of an issue than cosplaying a child.
That was basically my whole point. Some people are going full moralfag on Moomoo for sexualizing a child character, but making excuses for SS down to even bringing up the obscure-ass broadway version as "proof" she's not sexualizing an underage character. It's pathetic. Neither is actually a big deal. Pearl-clutching at one of them is just disingenuous.
Posting the "adult Wednesday Addams" kind of made it seem like you were trying to say they weren't just doing the same shit and that SS is more defensible.

No. 633939

File: 1531337297952.jpeg (442.05 KB, 2048x2048, C4D11D0F-45A5-4E6D-9768-986741…)

These coschicks going too far damn.
Opinions on shooping and ridiculous body mods coughboltontitscough for fame

No. 633954

I mean those are completely different angles, makeup, lighting…

Not the best comparison

No. 633971

Have you ever compared your selfies to a photoshoot pic?

No. 633972

If they don't cause drama who cares

No. 633985

this looks nothing like photoshop.

No. 634194

you can literally see her breast contour in the picture. Maybe if you posted something like a bikini top without support we could see, but right now she looks like she is faking it. Also who even is she? Smells a little like a self post.

No. 634291

Lily Bet Rose, I believe? A uk cosplayer, admitted her boobs were fake but sure there’s some susp butt work.

No. 634292

File: 1531397226610.jpeg (169.4 KB, 621x701, FB2A2EC6-62C7-4556-9099-47D321…)


No. 634673

File: 1531427983799.png (361 KB, 360x500, 7003E76D-0142-40E1-BA6E-0CC70F…)

Was just on cosplaygirls subreddit and Jenna Lynn Meowri I got a fan in trouble for posting this picture of her. Lol. She’s throwing a mega fit about the picture so I thought I’d share it here

No. 634676

Sorry autocorrect as I was trying to spell her lame fake ass last name. Jenna got the fan in trouble for sharing the photo not “I”

No. 634682

can you share the caps of her throwing a fit? i swear you jennaposters always post out of context shit with random claims and never actually post the milk around it.

>inb4 you're her!

i just want you guys to actually post shit instead of just being vague. this isn't a vendetta thread, if she was mad about the pic, the pissy comments are the milk, not the pic.

No. 634690

File: 1531428703962.jpeg (118.38 KB, 1242x1239, 6F18204D-0C5C-46CD-98A8-8FAE40…)

The whole thing got dmca’d after she threw her fit. The fan that she got mad at was westworldprince and Jenna’s manager is heyotaka. Try posting the photo again and see if she has her breakdown. That would be hilarious.

No. 634760

File: 1531432251389.jpeg (522.44 KB, 1242x1381, 22283A57-CC9D-4244-822F-D05D74…)

Jenna Lynns manager still going off on the fan that posted the pic

No. 635221

I feel bad for her fan. Seems like she and her people went out of the way to to harass him and threaten him. There’s basically posts from him begging for her and her manager (or is it her boyfriend?) to stop harassing him over the dude posting a picture she didn’t like. Wtf is up with cosplayers acting like this? It’d take a lot for me to threaten anyone’s life and there’s plenty pictures of me I didn’t like lol

No. 635222

She’s pretty honest about her surgery and enhancements lol

No. 636445

File: 1531605203897.jpg (493.39 KB, 1052x1462, Screenshot_20180714-161311_Twi…)

Some random cosplayer is trying to say Swimsuit Succubus is a pedo because of her photo set she did for shadman.

No. 636462

They got reamed for it too and rightfully so. Some people really do the most to try to get likes. I love the part where she ignored sucubus and others telling her she stopped working with shad to keep sperging on her weird “this is pedophilia” agenda. Funny how she chooses to go after susu for a shoot she did a year ago but not Jnig who cosplayed based on shadman’s kylo ren drawing just a little while ago. Clearly trying to ride on the attention on susu after bunny came forward about moo

No. 636463

File: 1531606486863.jpg (127.54 KB, 1080x1350, 44.jpg)

Seviria Cosplay

Charging 100 dollar Patreon for shitty cosplay likethat, prints are subpar quality. All in all, a scam, no wonder she's a fangirl of Jenna Lynn, fake attracts fake.(no one cares about your vendetta)

No. 636587

File: 1531616484001.jpeg (181.23 KB, 750x394, 0EBC9D7C-8743-4669-A54B-E8560E…)

>i dont know anything about the situation but I’m going to try to make a big call out anyway

No. 636588

File: 1531616517688.jpeg (261.29 KB, 750x749, 4F5FBD89-F0EE-4F28-A601-79B46E…)

The reaching is off the fucking charts

No. 636591

File: 1531616809737.jpeg (609.14 KB, 2048x2048, AF980DA7-CAC8-48AC-B196-03689A…)

No. 636592

File: 1531616883879.jpeg (157.55 KB, 640x664, FFEAD7BB-B0DF-4BFC-AC83-5C77A6…)

No. 636600

i love it when costhots eat each other alive. they're a fucking plague to the community. wish they'd all disappear.

No. 636602

>i didnt post photos of you
>i posted screenshots of your photos!

Is this bitch retarded?

No. 636607

File: 1531617964144.jpeg (132.95 KB, 750x361, 360A6B15-9B25-4D1A-8B68-92DC47…)

P-positive vibes p-please. I just publicly accused someone of being a pedophile and they had the nerve to defend themselves I need support guise. Positivity!

No. 636611

File: 1531618089887.jpeg (167.47 KB, 750x356, A47DA41D-23A4-43AD-851A-3DD076…)

She attacks someone who spoke up against momokun to call them a pedo based on nothing and then when she’s told her accusations are nuts tries to act like she is the victim and say “this is why victims dont speak out”. Holy shit the mental gymnastics.

No. 636644

Yeah that’s a good point. Why bring up susu from a year ago and not jess from a few weeks ago if they want to talk about popular cosplayers supporting shadman?

No. 636662

Yeah cuz those cartoons are really hurting as opposed to the people mariah sexually harrassed, bullied and stole from.

No. 636665

>treating cartoons like they are real people

No. 636806

File: 1531636978293.jpeg (147.61 KB, 750x378, CA2EC873-8249-4D5C-AB3E-1FC3E3…)

No. 636810

I really hate how this sjw keeps admitting they don’t know what they’re talking about and continuing to bitch about a person who stopped working with shad because of his real kid art while ignoring the even more popular cosplayers currently sucking up to him like jessica nigiri and jenna lynn meowri.

No. 636842

File: 1531642245671.jpeg (181.52 KB, 640x562, 175B6C31-458E-4516-A379-5C9077…)

Wow, the way this girl types infuriates me. She sounds like such a brat. I went to read her tweets about this and I just love that she ended it with “muh anxiety”

No. 636898

>I only jack it to FICTIONAL kids, pls no bully uwu
Jacking it to kids, even fictional ones, is fucking gross and should be relentlessly shamed.
We haven't even touched the fact that Shad has drawn sexual art of actual, living children, but I guess some gross, predatory neckbeard's boner is more important than human decency.

No. 636942


Pardon my stupidity ( Dif anon), but isn't that illegal ? There was a guy that lived in my town a few years back that was arrested for possessing loli porn…

No. 636953

nta but it's legal in US not if you're there. most people who have drawings have real shit too.

No. 637118

So she is crying about her “anxiety” but had no issues attacking someone even after claiming she didnt have much knowledge of the situation and accusing them of still promoting someone they denounced a year ago?
>>636806 >>636587

And yeah she doesn’t go after them because Jnigs fanbase would swallow her alive and Jenna Lynn constantly caters to 4chan memefags. She thought susu was an easy target because she’s currently dealing with the situation of her GF calling out moo and this ugly Toni bitch clearly wanted to leech attention.

No. 637124

That’s how sjws are. They want to be able to attack whoever they want regardless of facts and be praised and worshipped for it as if they’re some righteous savior instead of a pathetic bully. And whenever someone brings up facts and logic they ignore it to continue to peddle their agenda. They love to piggy back off other call outs too. I read that thread and they were called out for lying multiple times but ignored those replies calling them out. Skinnybaras is just a nobody sjw trying to punch up.

No. 637345

File: 1531681330618.jpeg (433.92 KB, 750x803, 8BBCDE93-3015-4908-908D-D5A14E…)

>publicly calls sss a pedophile even though she explicitly said she stopped working with shadman because of his posts of real kids and that her wednesday was an adult
>purposely ignores facts to continue own agenda and smear campaign
>”WHy dO People have to WeaponIzE tWitter?! I’m being boolied!”

No. 637357

“I can’t like….not use twitter”

No. 637521

Did you read the original thread or do you just have no reading comperehension like Susu?

Original thread said she was directing traffic towards a known pedo. Not that she was one.

No. 637550

Yeah this is really a big reach. They complain about “promoting a pedo” on a post from a year ago and continue attacking after ss says she stopped supporting him because he began drawing real kids. Meanwhile just last month Jessica cosplayed his Kylo Ren art also dorecting attention to a pedo like skinnybaras is complaining about and still follows shad. If her real goal was to complain about cosplayers supporting shad why go for the one who activley stopped supporting him a year back versus the way more popular one who JUST worked with him?

No. 637558

File: 1531696475279.jpeg (263.26 KB, 967x1200, 0E56F2E5-5981-42AA-87DB-28201C…)

No. 637561

File: 1531696568052.jpeg (61.19 KB, 620x459, D6434F95-81B1-4ED3-BA83-C1635A…)

These are from this year. She said mentioned multiple popular cosplayers supporting shad but ignores NIGIRI?

No. 637568

And just like skinnybaras the whiteknight remains silent when they can’t strawman or deflect.

No. 638335

I'm sure this is a vendetta post but she used to WK super hard for momokun and it's funny that she's gone totally silent about it

No. 638413

File: 1531771756983.jpeg (38.62 KB, 390x296, 1FD297F8-5478-4EE8-AC83-449708…)

Jenna Lynn meowri and her boyfriend heyotaka (aka Robbie Stark) is harassing a fan on reddit because he posted a real picture of Jenna that didn’t use Jenna’s normal over the top photoshop. They are demanding he apologize for doing so and demanded that he buy Jenna a gold reddit membership lol

No. 638415

Also to add to that… they are the ones harassing the fan and told him if he wants to stop them from harassing he has to buy a gold reddit account for Jenna and apologize

No. 638416

File: 1531772045428.jpeg (146.72 KB, 715x850, F0798962-B293-4FD4-941F-E49997…)

Has anyone here addressed Hana Bunny’s over the top photoshop?

No. 638417

File: 1531772079745.jpeg (118.82 KB, 600x750, 62AE43B6-EDDC-444D-BAC7-856D0E…)

No. 638468


I dislike 'susu' justfor being an annoying cunt, so thereyago I guess

not to mention she's really not even as cute as she's hyped up to be

took a scroll through her stuff amd it's more grimy looking than anything. like she walked off of Christina Aguilera's Dirty music vid.

No. 638518

In all fairness the "she lewded an underage character what a pedo" claim is the worst reach in the Momo threads, people should be mad that she was a fucking hypocrite ("I'm not gonna lewd her!") and being a massive cunt about it ("lmao I did it to annoy all the sjws lolololo") instead of this retarded "think of the children" virtue signaling. She only wanted to cause controversy, not because she's a pedo.

Not really, if she was a sociopathic bitch like Momo then people would be calling her out for this too. But because there's less drama involved with her to begin with, nobody really cares.

I honestly doubt it.

No. 638530

This, a thousand times this. I love watching them argue who's the sluttiest and most degenerated of all the whores. The costhot industry is eventually going to implode thanks to its own children. You can't build a community with 90% of the participants being fucked over by daddy issues and BPD and not have it infested with drama and violent catfights.

No. 638576

it depends on the state if youre in the us.

and its also really funny that the fake lesbos susu and bunnyayumi getting called out rightly for this shit, and there "uh i only interacted with him a year ago" is total bullshit even after a simple twitter search.

No. 638578

she didnt actively stop supporting him a year ago, unless you mean "actively getting naked for him" they were still friends on twitter.

No. 638598

Lmao this vendetta

No. 638601

Is this really the same person? Why does she even show her face in public if her entire image is a photoshopped lie? Does she really think no one will notice? I have a hard time believing people even recognize her irl. Why do asian cosplayers always get away with this?

No. 638606

Lol Bunny never collaborated with Shadman. Funny how they always get posted here after a moo call out.

No. 638619

File: 1531786761820.jpeg (591.33 KB, 2048x2048, 9C4E779B-1F5B-4973-9256-9353A8…)

No. 638624

File: 1531786941925.jpeg (61.06 KB, 550x550, B981FABA-079F-491D-ABD4-D01350…)

Skinnybaras complaint was that ss was directing traffic to his site not that she followed him on twitter which people here called out as bullshit since if she was really mad at “popular cosplayers” directing attention to him she would have gone for jenna lynn and Jnig who collabed with him this year and are more popular than ss. Also this has nothing to do with Bunny so it’s weird how you bring her up. All this on the day moo released her shitty “appology”.

No. 638659

lol can you read? i said they're still friends not that ayumi collaborated. you can find posts from a few months ago with ayumi trying to get susu to dress like shadbase art.

No. 638662


lmao the susu defender out in full force. both of them were realyl friendly and hung out with a pedophile full on knowing the dude was a pedophile. jnig and jenna lynn too. glad all them are finally getting shit for it. we get you want your dyke face far up susu's ass but its still gross to pall around with a pedo.

No. 638670

You didnt have to samefag to the same poster.

I don’t get how she isnt called out. Isn’t she basically lying to all her fans if she shoops this hard? If you are selling your looks but those looks only exist online then isn’t that pretty much false advertising?

No. 638678

File: 1531790749448.jpeg (117.66 KB, 584x1200, E8355FE0-4D9C-4397-A86A-7426F2…)

Anyone have the facebook posts about momakuma/hellomomocastro/andrea rose getting called out for abusing animals? I went to show a friend but couldn’t find the post anymore.

No. 638679

File: 1531790819086.png (368.61 KB, 498x500, 2E699FAC-5F7E-47F5-9149-7FB3D9…)

Have some more.

No. 638681

File: 1531790849131.jpeg (102.21 KB, 960x960, 10DEBDDD-A5DC-4248-819E-A0B1BE…)

No. 638752

Don't think she ever WKer for Mooo - but this is probably a big reason she hasn't said a damn word to her on social media publicly in quite a while.

No. 638919

it's no surprise she isn't getting called out. Those types of fans are too stupid to tell the difference between shoop and reality. I mean regular cosplayers in the us shoop like crazy and look like shit in person and a lot dont care. It's about time that people realize there's a bunch of stupid people and abuse shoop like chinese cosplayers cause theyre most likely going to get away with it

No. 641031

Jesus, I’d be humiliated to show my face if I was her, did she really not expect people to look at her compared to her pictures and laugh in her face?

No. 645704

File: 1532400254108.jpeg (82.57 KB, 653x500, 6F39D18F-F8D6-42C0-834C-56B227…)

Why the hell would someone use hashtags about their “perfect skin” and give people skin advice when their skin when their skin looks like this? Lol

No. 645799

Just scrolled through and there’s not a single hashtag like that. Your vendetta is boring.

No. 645916

File: 1532430326343.jpg (110.26 KB, 1199x631, Di0coKwX0AU15kF.jpg)

I don't know if this is relevant enough, but there is recently some drama in the german cosplay community. Anshie (a very well known cosplayer in Germany) had beef with a photographer bc the photographer doesn't want to give her the RAW files. According to some people Anshie tried to debunk very poorly the reasons of the photographer why she doesn't want to give the RAW files. Like her arguments were very stupid and she thinks very highly of herself I guess (unfortunately I don't have any receipts)
Anyway to today, Anshie went to a hate spree bc the photographer talks very bad about her and she tweeted some heavy stuff about the photographer (her twitter was public)

"Gosh, Wana (is the name of the photographer) is such a stupid whore. In the public she says she is sorry (about all the drama) but talks bad about me privately. Good thing, I can be a bitch too and I have no problem to be a bitch in the public. At least I have the guts for that"

Btw I'm not that photographer. Just a lurker. I don't even know Anshie personally

No. 645919

File: 1532430810060.jpg (24.26 KB, 1200x252, Di2OwIxX0AA2_te.jpg)

Sorry for the double post, but another reason I posted her here is bc of this tweet.
I don't know the context to this tweet about the drama but translation

"They are less worth than jews in concentration camp. But I think to my revenge it was worth it"

In Germany it's kinda a taboo to joke about the jews in Nazi germany.
Also she thinks very highly about her self and her cosplay bc she has a lot of followers. But honest most of her cosplays are mediocre. I mean she looks always the same in her cosplay. Always the same face.


No. 646220

File: 1532461370768.jpeg (37.2 KB, 444x114, 2EE6B119-E444-4D2E-9C75-855AEB…)

Hashtags are in the description. She doesn’t post them in the caption.

No. 646245

FFS stop. this isn't on that picture and it wouldn't even make sense to be there. when you post you need to post everything, not just say random things and then post a random other thing.

if it was really in the description, you need to take the cap where you can actually see it and the picture.

No. 646271

Do you feel the same about all that stuff about her harassing fellow cosplayers even though there’s been screencaps and links to the actual posts? Lol

No. 646341

learning german here, shouldn't it be "Gott ist" and not 'is'? If shes saying tweets like this only a matter of time before the cosplay community drags her right?

No. 646426


I guess it was a typo that she wrote "is" instead of "ist". And she has been already dragged and she deleted her Twitter. Another famous german cosplayer (Calssara) tweeted that people has showed Anshie working place her tweets. The german cosplay community can be so sinister

No. 646588

anon someone having actual milk doesn't mean you can suddenly post anything you want. you need to post proof.

No. 646640

Can farmhand finally block this anon? It’s so annoying having them shit up this thread

No. 647004

File: 1532542692772.png (65.4 KB, 598x350, Screenshot 2018-07-25 at 11.16…)

posting over here from Momokun thread.
It's come to a point where retards like this chick are coming out of the woodwork to defend Moo's actions.

No. 647007

File: 1532542758986.png (55.76 KB, 597x362, Screenshot 2018-07-25 at 11.08…)

No. 647009

File: 1532542772759.png (110.41 KB, 599x677, Screenshot 2018-07-25 at 11.08…)

No. 647010

File: 1532542798950.png (113.29 KB, 579x685, Screenshot 2018-07-25 at 11.13…)

No. 647016

is she okay? she seems to be talking about moo and the dickgrab girl at the same time and getting confused.

No. 647048

I don't get it either.

No. 647078

File: 1532545831916.jpeg (515.87 KB, 2048x2048, E1DA80F1-2F97-4E1D-B5EE-B29318…)

Vivid vision is another girl SUPER guilty of this. Her shoops are so bad and so extreme

No. 647093

File: 1532546706444.jpg (274.34 KB, 1181x912, Bruises-Collection-10x7cm.jpg)

Jesus, the bruise looks photoshopped on. Looks fake as fuck

No. 647254

Her stuff is absolutely terrifying
It looks like the momo whatsapp creepypasta face

No. 647313

I love it when my blush also blends into my hair, seriously she give herself crazy dorito chin and she panders like crazy to her fans so ech

No. 647402

her chin has always freaked me out? in her photos/videos it's always pointy, but in other people's stuff of her it's normal

No. 652120

File: 1533055423495.png (288.01 KB, 446x500, A5CE2E49-36DF-4C96-94CA-DF6B25…)

When hana.bunny_bunny stands infront of her photoshopped face and sells prints of her shooped to hell and back no one stops and looks at how different she is irl?

No. 652146

File: 1533057088015.jpeg (78.74 KB, 920x1238, 2F19C445-FD41-420A-A4B6-E87544…)

What happened to her giant boobs and dorito chin?

No. 652163

File: 1533058258055.png (208.16 KB, 720x766, 019249756.png)


>business email: hana_sazumi@yahoo.com

Is this Vietnamese whore really pretending to be Japanese? She used to have her real name and stated her ethnicity on her profile. I'm so tired of weebs and asian weebs pretending to be Japanese, it's a eyesore and screams "I want to be speschul~"

Also didn't Patreon say they aren't supporting NSFW/softcore porno shit anymore?

No. 652228

File: 1533062273696.png (20.45 KB, 506x207, 7A2B344C-6699-4858-A03D-1F63DD…)

She used to be Hana Dinh and even back then shooped a lot while shitting on others who shooped.

No. 652281

File: 1533065085344.png (922.58 KB, 720x911, Rofl.png)

I doubt that "Hana" is even her real name. I'm pretty sure she has a viet name for her legal name, tbh it sounds like she picked "Hana" as a english name cause it sounds and looks Japanesey. Weebs need to fuck off with that shit, it's 2018 no one is gonna believe you. Her tits are pretty ridiculous too, like wtf is up with those proportions? Is it photoshop? A shitty boobjob or both?

No. 652284

File: 1533065196631.png (850.89 KB, 720x995, Rofl2.png)

No. 652321

Looks like those tubber tits drag queens wear

No. 652346

she's english name is Hanna not Hana. Hana is 花

No. 652385

File: 1533068906655.png (3.48 MB, 1626x1028, 22.png)

Oh god and don't even get started on her fuggo sister.

No. 652386

Weebs love doing this to seem Japanese
Hannah/Hanna>Hana Tammy>Tami/Tamie Erica>Erika et cetera.. my favourite is when weebs with the name Naomi(hebrew) say their name is of Japanese origin.

After the himeahri/ahripop fiasco weebs don't directly say they are Japanese anymore they think using a Japanese/asian sounding name + last name will make people assume they are ~Jap~

No. 652435

Most weebs don't even choose names close to their real names. Like Yumi King. Yuhan is a respectable chinese name, but she tries to pass it off as Yu Mi in chinese, which means corn.

No. 652544

File: 1533077519633.jpeg (2.31 MB, 2048x2048, 6D678CFB-EDBD-4416-8FFF-B4B529…)

No. 652759

File: 1533081436864.jpeg (973.28 KB, 2893x4092, 6A463926-5C71-4570-8FAF-0A3DF0…)

>implying more than one cosplayer can’t cosplay a popular fanart

No. 652907

That's why I said

>Japanese/asian sounding name + last name

No. 653822

File: 1533158784201.jpeg (184.56 KB, 750x1070, 1BAC470A-F7B7-4501-8EDF-08F5AA…)

does anyone know if @fegalvao_ photoshops or not? her proportions look off to me, and her older photos look more realistic than the new ones. can someone check her account out for me and let me know because i have bad eyes haha

No. 653880

She definitely does.

No. 653885

The waist is very obviously edited.

No. 653931

She looks like a sakimichan drawing

No. 653932

File: 1533162438398.png (790.39 KB, 689x431, _.png)

Yea I mean if you look at her tagged photos there's definitely something going on

No. 653935

but you didn't you asserted that weebs pick shit close to their real names as is most of them aren't named Nicole or some shit and change their name to Sakura Hime McGregor.

No. 654299

Fun fact: I know her yet I can't tell if she's photoshopped or not because she always wears baggy t-shirts in public & these days I do suspect she shoops her face a bit to look like a blowup doll (which she doesn't need to do because she's cute). She does have a nice body, though, she's very very VERY tiny (as in short). I just don't know if her waist is THAT small. Though I think it is since it looks the same on videos and she just knows how to pose to flatter her figure.

No. 654459

Yeah, she's cute but I think she shoops her face more than anything. But everyone does it in the cosplay world nowadays I guess.

No. 654821

We definitely discussed her in the last thread if you want to see some photo comparisons. Some people speculated that because she's Brazilian she had something done but idk.
That shoulder shoop is egregious though, or did she make her head bigger??

No. 655513

File: 1533302997301.jpeg (540.42 KB, 2048x2048, A097A651-4391-4B88-8D59-F783E7…)

Akrcos has a beak she edits out of every photo, or she covers up her nose with her hand, the puppy filter, or a strand of hair.

Just get a nose job already

No. 655514

File: 1533303029764.jpeg (497.01 KB, 2048x2048, 9A2C6A68-064F-4959-8BD9-13EC22…)

No. 655627


Don't see much of an issue here.

No. 656298

File: 1533368328721.png (722.89 KB, 900x788, cr.png)

Cola Renee Henry-Nash//SunGypsy; Attempting to get into cosplay more seriously apparently and while she was working on the wig/headpiece it looked alright but
then she comes out with this fucking shit looks like literal toilet paper

No. 658999

One shit tier cosplay on a stripper does not an irrelevant uggo cosplayer make

No. 659203

I used to follow her and i remember she had 16 on her bio and a few weeks later she changed it to 18. I wish I had taken a screenshot but if she’s lying about being over 18 just so she could post more revealing outfits then that’s fucked up

No. 659220

File: 1533698674179.jpeg (196.79 KB, 742x1195, 14F9B46B-306B-4ED5-B48C-4E2337…)

Does @KellyKirstein count here? I have screenshots of a fan account she follows and in every picture she looks different due to her shooping. There is also many pictures taken by fans and you would be surprised how older she looks in real life, after all she’s only 29

No. 659221

File: 1533698821645.jpeg (126.35 KB, 749x690, A48230D8-9ABC-46F1-8AFE-6DD7D4…)

1st picture was posted on her account and 2nd was from her photographer. I understand shooping is common in the cosplay community but people lie and go to extreme to the point they don’t look like themselves

No. 659223

She has her own thread.

No. 659225

Link? she belongs here, look at that terrible shoop.

No. 660098

File: 1533780295360.jpeg (681.26 KB, 1080x1080, AC151B2D-750B-4B46-8C58-BE98C9…)

Looks like Jessica Nigri got advice from her Michael Jackson face friend Jenna Lynn and got terrible lip fillers & face fillers.

No. 660127

Never been a fan nor WK'ed her and god I am not about to start cause the Patreon Thotties keep going down hill and its always in the same wave as they get shit done to compensate almost (lowkey feels like they do it for themselves to somehow copen with the rest of the world forgetting lmfao 'self care')
Also convinced lip fillers give premature wrinkles due to the weird pouting they start doing post op, never seen it not happen on people who don't do it very moderate & with a good doc. Instead thotties all look like the average LA citizen who just had a quick walk in to top off her shit.

No. 660322

she looks like shes getting fat

No. 660378

She's in good shape, her posture's just shit and when she slouches her tits hide any shape she actually has.

No. 660535

Did she get more silicone stuffed in there?? Soon her tits will be bigger than her head

No. 660690

File: 1533841108800.jpg (200.56 KB, 486x480, peter_pan_makeup_by_amouranth-…)

How much plastic surgery did Amouranth undergo for her ethot transformation? She got a nose and tit job for sure

No. 660692

File: 1533841284613.png (739.95 KB, 629x642, sc2.png)

No. 660736

It's so weird seeing people I used to know being posted on lolcow. I don't have much experience with her sister, but VV herself is an entitled cunt who thinks way too highly of herself and her looks.

No. 660742

Pretty sure she’s trans. She had an old Facebook that said she was male and it was all male photos.

No. 660769

File: 1533848302609.jpeg (399.46 KB, 450x693, 4A82824F-F51B-448A-81B7-1E0AD9…)

No. 660781

File: 1533849127617.png (265.93 KB, 568x417, Amouranth bolt ons.png)

Amouranth's bolt ons look painful. If she really is trans I'm guessing she's the kind that started hormone therapy early, she kinda has the tranny hormone voice.

No. 660815

Do you have any more of her old male photos? What was the original name she went by?

No. 660870

kek, this is the girl who got kicked out of the gym for refusing to stop filming

No. 661091

File: 1533878694583.jpeg (417.21 KB, 1126x2003, 3953D191-D352-4DE5-82FD-222DF1…)


If you google Amouranth Deviantart you can see a lot of old images available for preview even though her account is deactivated. But for some reason she still keeps up an old Model Mayhem from 2012. I don’t know how old she is, but maybe she just naturally has no shape.

No. 661133

i do not think she used to be a man. she posted a photo of herself when she was young on her instagram and it looked like a little girl. i think she just possesses more masculine features

No. 661397


she had a straight board body
That's why she needed all that plastic surgery on her body to have some shape

No. 662742

soon? look again.

No. 662819

File: 1534089006780.jpg (108.28 KB, 960x720, 38720873_2114062582150336_7994…)

Cosplay drama of the day: at the Otakuthon masquerade a girl got disqualified for putting bronzer on her face to cosplay Caska from Berserk. This was the decision of a single judge who didn't even speak to the rest of the jury, took the girl back stage and verbally attacked her accusing her of being racist and yada yada.
Kamui was there and approved the decision of disqualifying the cosplayer.
Yuriko Tiger, who was in the jury, didn't even know of the whole ordeal until the moment she got back to Japan.

No. 662826

File: 1534089378325.jpeg (494.17 KB, 1225x1879, 30D264AB-6943-4AD6-95B2-1017AC…)

She looks pretty fuckin dark to me. You can see the makeup all over her white collar. Stop selfposting your friends.

No. 662833

We're not your personal army and its super cringy to see pale cosplayers cake on bronzer/foundation to play darker character. Most of the time you all look retarded and nobody is gonna defend this weeb drama. She got dq'ed from a competition, how petty can you get. Nobody in the real world cares.

No. 662884

Everybody on facebook and cgl is also pissed because of this. Not sure what's wrong with the other 2 farmers who accused you of being her friend and labeling a tan as racist and blackface…

No. 663005

Nice try samefag, I'm on the opposite side of the globe.

Yeah, it's probably just another sjw who thinks that tanning is racist.

No. 663050

My mate dated lillybetrose and she’s an alcoholic and surgery addicted abuser with bolt on tits she’s running from debt for. Trying to weed her way back into the cos thot community after taking a break when she got kicked out.

No. 663057

Looks like just another costhot with fake tits. That’s not milk. Don’t care what a bitter ex claims.

No. 663059

jfc this is the stupidest shit. Fuck canada, i'm embarrassed for us!

No. 663060

File: 1534106523683.jpg (1.84 MB, 1920x2560, 18-08-12-16-40-14-600_deco.jpg)

From last year tehe

No. 663063

File: 1534106693883.jpg (2.45 MB, 1920x2560, 18-08-12-16-41-19-365_deco.jpg)

Another one

No. 663065

File: 1534106788345.jpg (699.32 KB, 1076x1481, SmartSelect_20180812-164347_In…)

No. 663072

random photos aren't milk.

No. 663073

Someone asked if she shooped

No. 663074

where? you need to link the posts. nothing i see about it in the last few days.

No. 663080

Right here lol

Also i don't need to do anything, you need to scroll up

No. 663085

Yes you do newfag. Posting random pictures without explaining shit gets you banned for bumping the thread for no reason.

No. 663153

File: 1534113654136.png (4.7 MB, 1242x2208, DAF32D81-FE4C-4E25-B9F9-BAA286…)

So SS posted to her Instagram about someone calling her out for sexualizing Wednesday Adams
Pretty much linked their name and post and said her job and what is does is being attached
Then tried to play it as it’s an adult Wednesday
Though she called momo out for calling her lewd kana an adult

Now the person is getting attacked with slurs and people saying to kill themselves but she’s stayed silent
So can everyone quit licking her asshole already(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 663201

File: 1534117108410.jpeg (130.64 KB, 1213x672, 6943DD8A-C6AA-43E1-99CA-F2F21D…)

Jenna Lynn continues to harass other cosplayers, fans, reddit users, etc. She ripped off various people who (stupidly) bought her prints
(Here’s just a bit of proof posted on various boards/reddit/Facebook. There’s 100s more posts about it)

No. 663205

File: 1534117186273.jpeg (67.91 KB, 644x657, A44D2A3F-2BC1-4BD1-97FE-B9A4C8…)

Jenna before the surgery and the over the top photoshop she uses