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File: 1522654043262.png (1.2 MB, 2499x1062, no self-respecting women allow…)

No. 544008

New thread for ultimate not-like-other-girls internet cuckquean FAS-boxxy attention whore wig0nhead and her gynecomastia armored doughboy tranny-chasing pear-shaped low test 'fiance' Gregory Fluhrer/Grocery store hallway

Highlights from last thread:
>Anon reveals June was literally so insecure she used to be a mod of lolcow
>Still lurks here as proven by the thread pic and attempts to defend her fake measurements and sad figure on twitter
>Grocery continues to lust over thicc camwhores, anons speculate that groceries keeps SyrenCove/lexxynichelle as his 'thicc secret'
>Groceries seems continually annoyed by her presence, claims they are only marrying for immigration purposes, still flirting with other women/trannies on twitter, wig seems truly happy with her cuckquean status #trueluv
>Ripping out her few remaining hairs over TERFs and sucking tranny scrote on the daily, blocks said terves when they hand her ass to her, becoming more SJW by the day
>too much of a coal-burning thot for the alt right and too sexist/edgy for hardcore liberals, her audience is becoming increasingly niche and fragmented
>June attempts to claim she is bisexual because she finds girls cute too heehee


Previous thread: >>526816

Thank-you to draw anons for the beautiful art.

No. 544048

File: 1522659109427.jpg (32.57 KB, 394x464, IMG_20180402_014621.jpg)

>tfw AliExpress wigs look more realistic than your $2k overpriced wig

No. 544061

No. 544068

>"you think they'll do that for international men's day? Spoiler alert: they won't"

the real oppression is against the menz

No. 544078


International men's day is 11/19. Does she own a device with googling capabilities?

No. 544084


I misread the sentence, my apologies. I guess she at least know it exists.

I should have just used that last comment to instead discuss the terrible thumbnail with the not like other girls eye roll and the cutesy lolspeak. Wow isn't she so pretty and cool unlike those terven harpies?

No. 544092

whenever she tries to do that wannabe “cutesy” voice shit i have to exit out of the video. holy shit it’s annoying. some people who made response videos called her out on it and she just pulls a “b-but im just an innocent little girl who luvs bunnies pls no bully ;-;”
girls who put on that act are usually the worst fucking people and june is an excellent example.

No. 544093


that actually exists? wow.
Those poor, oppressed men that literally dominated the world since the beginning of time. they definitely need to be empowered and celebrated uwu

No. 544098

idk much about her and this was the first video of hers ive seen? she looks so different from pics. so much worse. she really is not an attractive woman and she looks much chubbier than her selfies. also she has no upper lip and it's creepy.

one thing i'll say though, if you think about how terrible her personality is and how below-average she looks (in full makeup and good lighting) it becomes really clear why she has to "settle" for armoured skeptic. i always entered these threads before wondering why she couldn't get a better guy considering she was at least attractive and now i know the answer.

i feel really bad for her now, and i hope skeptic moves her in soon. i think living on her own might at least make her more emotionally mature and grounded. she would be smart to tie that down sooner rather than later. i don't really understand what she's doing with her life.

No. 544102

"What about international men's day!!! :(" is as stupid as "What about straight pride?? :(". Not the point, June.

No. 544109

File: 1522671835970.png (51.42 KB, 800x450, internationalmensday.png)

The only day anyone cares about international men's day is international women's day. MRAs are so pathetic.

No. 544122

Lol this doesnt suprise me at all

No. 544125

No. 544137

File: 1522675296908.jpg (514.88 KB, 1061x1141, Screenshot_20180402-020450.jpg)

Has anyone else noticed the rise of June knockoffs lately? They all try to act like her, idolize her and type like her. It's weird.

Pic related. The use of "bideo :3" is spreading, unfortunately.

No. 544140

Again with the yelling "HAHA LOOOK I'M TRYING TO BE HILARIOUS" voice. It's so obnoxious.

Oh yeah, that's because anyone can make an anti-sjw video and they're trying to cash in on baby men who want to be told they aren't in the wrong about anything by a woman they can never attain but, fantasize about having.

This girl looks like joy sparkle's other crazy sister lol she's not going to last. Wig is still popular cause she has an attempt at keeping a cute/youthful look to her where men think she's younger than her age but, it's going to catch up to her once she reaches 30.

No. 544146

File: 1522676293972.jpg (550.69 KB, 1148x2132, Untitled.jpg)

Almost all of her tweets (there were too many) during international men's day vs all of her tweets during international women's day

No. 544150


This is just sad.

No. 544152

haha wow I hate to double reply but
>calls herself "smol youtuber" in twitter bio
>films with a shitty webcam
>films in bedroom
>wearing that disgusting cheapo heart collar
>shitty make up
>says "normie" unironically like a chan memester
>manly voice
>easy unoriginal video topic

Wig is starting a cult and/or her "aesthetic" is so bland that girls are the copy pasting it on to their youtube channels.

No. 544154

The worst part of it all is this one is a trans woman.

No. 544155

It's not super obvious but this one is a tranny.

No. 544158

I was wondering why she was so awkward looking and manly sounding. I should have expect it since wig is now trying to involve herself with trans person alive.

No. 544160

Kek you wanna know the funny thing? Men insisted on the 19th november for their day-the same date as world toilet day. Talk about a self drag kek.

No. 544164

>female privilege

yup, this guy is a trancel alright

No. 544166

God she pisses me off so much. We should crowdfund her a trip to Afghanistan (a one way ticket is fine if the return ticket is too pricey) where she'll be able to enjoy full female privilege and hopefully keep championing for men's rights.

No. 544182


Lol @ referring to Christina Hoff Sommers as a feminist. In her answers to SJWs video she said CHS was a second wave feminist. Lolllll. I forget exactly where in the vid she says it unfortunately.

No. 544184

I remember this, she says she read CHS in response to "have you ever read any feminists". June, that means feminists you DON'T agree with.

No. 544187


Yeah and this is assuming CHS is a feminist at all instead of just another white knight for men grasping desperately for feminist/liberal street cred. This must be where June gets it from!

No. 544193

Edgy/skeptic youtubers always reference Sommers because she became popular around gamergate/anita time when she defend that games aren't sexist in a video.

It's so typical wig only able to name her just because she forced herself into gamergate commentary as well, not because she actually "reads" any different perspectives actively. All she does is take low hanging fruit and stereotypes a group of people based on bad interactions that she herself seeks for twitter attention.

No. 544195

she uses Sommers as an example because everyone in the “skeptic” community does. Wig is so hilariously vapid that all she can do is parrot everyone else’s talking points

No. 544199

Has there been any other feminist besides Sommers that they even reference to fit their agenda or are they literally that lazy they can't be bothered to name another.

No. 544200

I have never seen them mention anyone else apart from the ones June has been reading recently unless they're making fun of Dworkin for "saying all sex is rape". I'm 100% sure they haven't read her though.

No. 544210

File: 1522682180298.jpeg (7.28 KB, 146x158, D3CECA2C-2F2B-43EF-B063-397CC2…)

Wtf kind of sandwich even is this?!?!

It’s a nitpick, I know but her being all miss perfect girlfriend and shit, she should at least know how to properly feed her lard ass boyfriend.
Asides from her “looks” and total compliance, it doesn’t really seem like she has anything to offer or knows how to do…well…anything at all…

No. 544216

What a bootlicker lmao

No. 544240

>It's not super obvious
Nah, it is

No. 544260

I think it's just two slices of bread on top of each other.
Grocery probably ate 5 cheetos bags 5 mins before the shooting so he wasn't feeling for a sandwich.

No. 544262


I think they mention Camille Paglia sometimes, and more recently the one who did the Red Pill documentary whose name I forgot and can't be assed to look up at the moment.

No. 544263

So CHF is a TERF then?

Why is June so profoundly retarded?

No. 544265

File: 1522686900514.jpg (22.58 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (2).jpg)

>i can't open jars!!!

Do you guys think Grocery can open jars? With those tiny arms…..

No. 544267

i don't follow these threads, but i always peep in it to look at the thread art

but from what i see when i do look at her, she's the type of girl who purposefully alienated herself from other girls during the years when it mattered and spent a lot of time believing that she's "not like other girls!" and carried that annoying trope in to her adulthood and turning it in to her being a "traditional woman" instead of growing out of it like most people

No. 544281

In her new video she says 'tip camgirls'.
She's caping for Groceries

No. 544292

Surprising that a self proclaimed men's rights activist is encouraging cuck behavior like that. If your audience is regularly reeing about le gold diggers, why would they give all their money to e-gold diggers who do nothing but sit on their phones and masturbate with hitachi magic wands all day? Are they that retarded?

No. 544296

Tbh, I don't really think June fits the description of being a traditional woman. Or if she's trying to be, she sucks at it. She has her mom clean her room for her, she talks about her "BDSM sex life uwu" a lot, she can't cook well and Grocery doesn't come to see her nearly as much as she does for him. She reminds me more of a libfem/anti-SJW hybrid now, but she has to hold back on the libfem stuff due to her niche audience of neckbeards.

I bet Grocery does tip camgirls frequently. I wouldn't put up with that from a boyfriend, but I'm sure June makes excuses for it so she can be the cool™ girlfriend/fiancée.

No. 544344

>Surprising that a self proclaimed men's rights activist is encouraging cuck behavior like that
Exactly and on a similar point, mra are constantly whining about their "masculinity" being jeopardized from feminists when their "female allies" like wig literally treat them like grown babies incapable of functioning without having someone to validate them from mean feminist pointing out issues in society.

The encouraging watching camgirls in general is bad. If you're a lonely desperate loser who needs "emotional" interactions with your porn w/e but, I think guys who talk/watch/spend money camgirls while in a relationship are borderline cheating and of course wig needs to encourage this with her manchild bf to seem "cool" because it's getting more popular with men today than just watching porn. And the fact she justifies it because they're in a long distance relationship makes it worst. He's most likely addicted to it now and he'll keep watching them even when they start living together.

No. 544362

File: 1522693619615.png (384.1 KB, 622x505, QmzB6V1.png)


No. 544364

File: 1522693865000.png (321.5 KB, 634x451, OO7smG6.png)

No. 544366

File: 1522693960946.png (31.88 KB, 657x258, tbjtUpf.png)

No. 544374

she's as much of a traditional woman as grocery is a traditional man. he doesn't make enough money to support the two of them, he's so weak and sedentary his muscles are concave, she sucks at cooking and cleaning, she doesn't have the excuse of children to justify not having a career, neither of them are handy, neither of them are self reliant or even self sufficient as a unit, they don't keep and do maintenance on a nice home, they're not monogamous, their marriage is apparently only for immigration. and hey, i get it, these roles are quite limiting and it's so easy to follow a path in life that doesn't lead to having a traditional family. it just blows my mind that they think they're traditional just because she wears pink dresses and acts like a doormat when literally everything else about their lifestyle is the opposite of the traditional ideal.
their relationship is straight out of the mind of a queer sjw who doesn't understand any of the possible benefits and motivations of a traditional couple and only sees it as a sad caricature.

No. 544380


No she is not second wave in terms of the ideology linked to the time period of it's inception. But if she cane around between the 70s and 90s I guess she could be second wave without being a radfems.

I just consider her not a feminist, and find sh0e referring to her as such stupid.

No. 544384

June barely does research with anything, I wouldn't be surprised. She's pretty uneducated about a lot of stuff.

No. 544386

She's not even trying anymore. Both, the article and her video are equally cringe if she doesn't even outcringe it.
These thick eyeliner wings along with huge eyelashes look shit on her but she's trying hard to look as ''cute'' and girly as possible cause she's got a histrionic personality, I'm telling you.

The video featured this new anti-feminist content creator girl who's her fan and who also has daddy issues apparently.

No. 544403

she really looks retarded

No. 544410

File: 1522697324620.jpg (21.54 KB, 458x311, Capture330.JPG)

As much as I hate to say it, this chick could go learn how to do makeup from June and it would be a huge improvement.

No. 544435

Whoever said that thing about anti-sjws girls looking like trannies was so dead on. What the fuck is up with that party city animu wig?

No. 544437

File: 1522699442467.jpg (19.5 KB, 316x406, 17098625_341786416215699_42948…)

I bet he's spent more money on camgirls than on Wig's engagement ring

No. 544452

>i wanted to look awesome and have fun and feel like a girl but i couldn't because my stupid idiot self had a weirdass disorder. some days were worse than others, i'd lock myself in the school bathroom and just rip chunks of hair out refusing to go to class. it was a shitty cycle. the more depressed and stressed i got the more hair i pulled out. the more hair i pulled out the more depressed and stressed i got.

june still didn't go to therapist to sort this out

No. 544461

Uh she's making fun of tumblrinas

No. 544468

She's making fun of radfems, because apparently radfems have violet colored hair?

No. 544476

Managing to look feminine in the pics but the moment you open the video you can tell that's a man

No. 544481

It literally says "Tumblr TERF" in the title

No. 544483

You know what else is a funny cycle? That all anti-feminist women have mental disorder/issues or are mtf aka have a mental disorder/issues.

Really makes you think.

No. 544484

what on earth is funny about ‘respecc wamen’ like maybe since i’m a feminist i have no sense of humor apparently but there is absolutely nothing funny about that

No. 544485

jesus fucking christ these are nauseating

No. 544486

Still doesn't make sense; even most tunglr tervens have natural hair colors. It's libfags who are known for shitty dye jobs.

No. 544487

isn't it the opposite? libfem trans activists and trans people on tumblr typically have unnatural hair colors. even june has some candy colored wigs kek

No. 544490

File: 1522702558252.png (47.88 KB, 626x232, TDJo1TB.png)

what is it with her and cosmo? even now that they publish a few trendy, opportunistic libfem articles here and there, the entire magazine still revolves around ~pleasing your man~ and basing your self-worth around a man's opinion. she should love it, it's like a match made in heaven

No. 544497

she has to make her audience, who think saying anything slight positive about women is radical feminism, happy

No. 544520

>the entire magazine still revolves around ~pleasing your man~ and basing your self-worth around a man's opinion. she should love it

That's why she religiously reads it.
She just uses few libfem articles from it to profit off of a being a cool girl

No. 544564

File: 1522708788562.png (19.47 KB, 518x241, YoxayGs.png)

No. 544565

what kind of point is this obese man trying to prove?

No. 544575

How does anyone find this guy funny?

No. 544579

is that like… winged eyeshadow? this looks so stupid what

No. 544581

File: 1522709759601.png (47.8 KB, 625x460, WXlAFRE.png)

No. 544602

File: 1522711204088.png (73.65 KB, 662x630, loFYG2x.png)

If popfeminism is such low-hanging fruit, then why can't she come up with better arguments against it? Why can't she form any of her thoughts that aren't already based on popular thought? These anti-SJW Youtubers are always so far up their own asses, it's hilarious. They're just as bad as the people they go after

No. 544604

i saw this, and i can't help but think this is how it will be for skep and shoe's kids. slightly nws.


No. 544610

I believe Cosmo sponsors her. What other reason would you spend that much time reading sometting you hate. She has advertised their mobile app before. Pretty cunning.

I have to say, I hate nickpicking appearances but her face is sooooo ugly. I could not get through her newest video. She looks like foreverykailyn.

No. 544665

I don't know if this has been posted before but in this video they're claiming that June's 5'2 and her shoe size is 7. I'm not that familiar with US sizes but wouldn't that mean that her feet are really big? Bonus: She's insecure about her legs.

Also, June's dressed as a toddler and at 8:08 Skeptic misspells Daenerys as Danarious.

No. 544674

Yeah I'm 5'2" and my shoe size is 5 so either she has big feet or really is lying about her height. She's just like Lainey lol

No. 544676

Size 7 is basically average, and not that weird for 5'2".

No. 544683

She doesn't look that smol, even next to Groceries here. I guess most of the size difference is vertical.

Yes. Nearly every woman I know around that height have 6-7.5 sized feet.

No. 544695

look how his belly jiggles and threatens to pop a button off when he laughs

No. 544704

File: 1522715776337.png (67.11 KB, 619x579, 87z52d6.png)

No. 544734

If the roles were reversed, she'd be bitching about how oppressed™ men are for it. How is it not bullshit that some stuff made for women costs more simply because it was made for women?

No. 544739

I am 5'0" with a size 6 foot. I still think she is lying cuz in pics she is super tall and slender. Good for her though. It is not a bad thing.

Like I have said so many times. It is so easy to tell 100% of the time. You just need to look at the skull. Even with the tiniest bodyfat you can tell if it is a male's skull. Even FFS can't change the massive size of that thing. I also really dislike this new generation of mtf youtube teens.

No. 544745

File: 1522717877411.jpg (51.49 KB, 409x612, misspiggy.jpg)

Didn't know she was trying hard to be Miss Piggy

No. 544773

come on anon, anyone doing reseach knows the whole 'pink tax' thing is just a reach and cherry picks products that are similar and assumes they are exactly the same. but when comparing the exact same thing just packaged for men and women respectively you will find they are the same cost.

No. 544817

File: 1522723720939.png (212.92 KB, 661x618, V09Dxg5.png)


No. 544818

File: 1522723751629.png (120.16 KB, 622x304, fy76emy.png)

No. 544820

File: 1522723779525.png (146.15 KB, 656x557, 4s9fc3U.png)

No. 544827

File: 1522724117669.png (98.1 KB, 649x370, ZSu38c8.png)


No. 544842

And yet June defends skeptics who say "genital preferences aren't transphobic".

No. 544869

It’s literally the equivalent of going to a strip club. There’s no reason a tolerable guy in a relationship would realistically be doing that on a regular basis.

No. 544877

File: 1522727747791.png (40.88 KB, 629x596, 475uV4X.png)

No. 544880

File: 1522727877908.png (19.39 KB, 634x153, Ek9zTAI.png)

>most smuggest feminist voice ever

No. 544881

"Anti feminism still means equality! It doesn't mean anti wom-" oh

No. 544923

File: 1522730271113.png (667.21 KB, 649x541, xdn6kHH.png)

No. 544933

I saw this same picture circulating a few days ago. Is June really stealing tweets? Why…?

No. 545033

File: 1522738652876.png (18.89 KB, 631x191, SYlEgzo.png)

so let me get this straight, when other people do this it's awful, but when june does this it's okay? she goes after older women with small followings and lets her 200k+ followers dogpile them. how does she know they're not in a bad mental state? is mocking women only off-limits when they're trans?

No. 545038

Right. It was not cool what she did to our Radfem grandma Mancheeze.

I actually cannot stand June and need to stop following. I am getting irritated.

No. 545045

She's such a hypocritical cunt.

>Imagine being an elder woman with a small channel and then having some 27 year old bald womanchild who still lives with her parents show up to screech about you being a woman who dares to criticize men and sending all her followers against you would be pretty frustrating.

Might as well reply with this to her twitter. See how fast she blocks me.

No. 545046

File: 1522740329779.jpg (33.39 KB, 872x317, Capture.JPG)

LMAOOO i got blocked in less than a minute

No. 545047

File: 1522740388371.jpg (26.67 KB, 520x159, Capture.JPG)

this was my tweet btw, copypasted what she said and replaced the words

No. 545073


Imagine looking like this and making fun of other women’s looks, fucking kek. Painfully insecure. Reminds me of those girls in middle school who were envious of other girl’s features/hair/body so they bullied them.

She’d look much better if she ditched that ugly ass long wig and got a bob/shoulder length one, wore minimal eye makeup without those hideous lashes and maybe put on a little lipstick.

No. 545083

File: 1522746200584.jpg (56.33 KB, 957x720, fd55a184f77addb8041a1a199676e0…)

I think she looks better with short hair too. It's not like she doesn't own short wigs, she just chooses to always wear the long ones.

No. 545096

I hope that someone will make a youtube video and call out Wig bc she gets butthurt and blocks people right on the spot. Also it would be nice if they call her out on other shit she does

No. 545099

Anyone excited for wig to hit the Wall? I think it will be funny seeing her get suicidal when she realizes her followers aren't interested in a 30yo woman kissing their ass

No. 545102

calling her bald seems to be the quickest way to get blocked lmao, she doesn't have a snarky comeback for her raging mental illness I guess.

No. 545116

I would do it (Ima tiny fashion/lifestyle vlogger) but her fans are scary obsessive. I mean look at all the instances when small channels call her out and the freakz that pile on them.

Oh well. I truly think her forever kailyn face is punishment enough. June's face is fucking busted and I suspect she has fetal alcohol syndrome. Even in 480p the FAS is noticeable. Let her have her moment lmao.

No. 545121

Wait, so is she actually bald? How do we know?

No. 545124

Switch the papers around and place it in an incel meeting and June would have been laughing her ass off and calling it ~jokes uwu~

No. 545131

how stupid is she?

the point before was about serving tea to the office. the point following is obviously about cleaning up the mess. like… ? why does that need to be explained?

No. 545133

She has Trichotillomania. I don't think she's completely bald but who knows. Groceries probably can't stand it kek

No. 545134

i’ve been thinking about making one because shoe searches her name on YouTube. she’s in the comments section on every single vid about her.

No. 545147

lets make a video content cop style lol

No. 545152

june reminds me a lot of tammy faye baker.
they both have a lot of the same histrionics (june’s ‘the poor males!!!! god sent me here to save you from the evil feminists’) and they both wear about fifty pounds of make up

No. 545166

What are the main points you guys think that should be brought up? Then we could probably stitch together videos clips and screenshots to back everything up.

I don’t mind being the one to put a video together. I made one a while ago about JoySparkle. But personally I don’t want to put my face or anything identifying in it. Partly because it would be weird if any of my colleagues came across it somehow, and partly because I’m sure her fans would cross some lines.

Personally I have increasingly been feeling the need to get someone to speak out. In the beginning she was a more moderate voice, and that’s what she built her reputation on. Now she’s undermining some legitimate issues for women just to keep going with the anti-feminism schtick. Which is shitty for someone with a young impressionable audience.

No. 545169

Oh also I’d love to see someone call out her relationship for what it is. Disturbing someone brought them into a classroom as role models. It’s not at all something to aspire to. That’s for sure.

No. 545185

File: 1522763400294.jpg (195.26 KB, 731x465, 1401048630534.jpg)

Good luck with that anon. Few things I think that would useful to bring up is;

1. her "i was awkward nerd and had no friends in high school" pandering neckbeard bs. Post the bully clip about the anime/harry potter girl, on her old formspring she said she was a popular girl as well(if you need source I can try to refind it). Show that she's still a bully and also ironically thinks grocery is alpha for liking star wars.

2. her being a mra but, using negative insults on men constantly (calling them cucks, betas, manlets etc anytime they aren't like "alpha" grocery or disagree with her)

3.her blocking history. how she claims she just blocks "trolls" but, actually blocks anyone who challenges her and they she'll act like a "troll" to other during debates("your mom lol")

4.highlight her bdsm cringe. you don't need to make a comment on it. it speaks for itself

5.Grocery flirting with camgirls, being a cheating divorcee, wanting poly/threesome early in the relationship. Wig comparing him and her to tangled and thinking they are traditional and healthy despite it all. Her getting triggered over "normie vaillas"

there is much more but, these at least bug me the most about her. Either way, do whatever you think is worth putting in. I hope this helps.

No. 545195

Showing the contrast between her past and current selves would be great and show her hypocrisy and bdsm cringe really well. Like how she doesn't watch anime but pretends to like it to be an uwu smol little and makes fun of normies yet had a pretty normie life in the past. Just show those images and clips and let them speak for themselves.

Oh, also how she pretends GMasterRed never existed and was "abusive", when he treated her way better than Grocery.

No. 545209

File: 1522766842113.png (122.52 KB, 556x258, 4852.png)

Saw this in the Long Distance Relationship Thread at crystal.cafe and automatically thought of June.

Am I reaching? Do you think she posts on C.C? I mean, if she lurks here, it's possible that she've seen the cafe.

No. 545222

also should add how june would fat shame women a bunch. she made a rap song that someone linked to in the last thread on soundcloud of her fat shaming women once again. she speaks on it being unhealthy to obviously be overweight yet she’s still with cheeto farting groceries but it’s only acceptable to her because it’s a “dad bod”

No. 545229

This is a good list, I'd add
6.) Being a mod on lolcow so she could shit talk anyone who criticized her >>509267
7.) Previously mocked fat women, but now that she's dating an overweight manchild who publicly thirsts over thicc camwhores on the daily she pretends to be okay with them
8.) Once said that she would only be friends with trans people if they passed, but now pretends to be a TERF slayer because Grocery likes traps
9.) Constantly flip flops - first she was uwu asexual before meeting Grocery despite having a former long-term relationship, then she was demisexual, now she's bi. No different with politics: she goes from having no affiliation, to being libertarian to being liberal in the blink of an eye
10.) Going after old women with almost zero followers on twitter and then deleting the evidence. It would be one thing if she actually engaged in debate or tried to change their minds, but she doesn't
11.) Isn't knowledgeable, relies too much on memes
12.) Bunny care? Idk, some farmers talk about how her bunny cages are too small. You might have to look into that

No. 545233

Forgot one: she still wears that stupid Boxxy-esque makeup from her Boxxy impersonator unichan days

No. 545237

Mah niggas if you want to humiliate Wig on an epic level without getting her drones to dogpile you should make it like iDubbbz would do it.
1., make a video where you point out that she only attack girls because she is insecure. The video should be like buzzfeed or cosmo level of intelligent one.
2., she gets baited, makes a video reacting to you and tries to make fun of you.
3., act retarded on twitter and challenge her into a debate.
4., since wig likes to pick the low hanging fruits and you don't seem like a threat to her she will agree to it.
5., use everything generated here in the debate. start with the attacking women, and bullying less known people, then up the ante to groceries, baldness, Gmaster-times, etc.
6., she will leave at some point, so the debate should be a podcast… maybe with "dadbod" plus another person who won't kick you from the podcast outright cause manchild is shit at debates plus he can update wig on what topics are around so faux-boxxy can always come back (after ripping some more hair out and blocking your twitter).
7., make a compilation video of how she defended herself and how
she actually acts.

Just an advice.
I would do it myself but i have a terrible accent plus i work in 2 jobs to keep myself alive. :S

No. 545238

tinfoil hat warning
everyone seems pretty on board with the video thing but is it possible this is just the bottom-feeding shit-tier noviews drama youtuber who got a cold reception in the moo thread (people didn't want to do the work just for this self-interested dork who to make money) just switching to shoe thread? i this is pretty samefaggy
>I made one a while ago about JoySparkle.
That's what the moo thread anon wrote in their name field, plus isn't there some selfpost thread about a loser youtuber who "hates joy sparkle" or something?

I mean play on if it's of no concern, but i'm not sure this is really an organic farmer effort so much as you all getting farmed for clicks

No. 545243

ohh thanks anon. I'll also continue to add base on my memory
13. candid drama shit storm that she pretended to not know about the "anonymous" based app was using people info for analytical research.

14. pretends like she doesn't like identity politics but calls herself liberal and apparently now doesn't mind the "anti-feminist" label. Will label/assume others politics ("terfs are conservatives!").

15. Doesn't like to take responsibility for associating with racist/sexists and expects everyone to assume she isn't one herself

16. picks fights with people despite being a cowardly little "doormat" irl. deletes tweets to keep her innocent uwu smol image. will never actually debate people because then she'd actually be held accountable for saying something

17. still stuck in 2014-2015. In late 20s still lives with parents who don't make her pay rent. just a spoiled brat it general who never had to struggle like others besides for her hair pulling and adhd that she doesn't take meds for or go to therapy despite the fact she probably should. thinks she can give advice on relationships and gender issues.

another good list

No. 545250

To add to #5 or #4, she also use to post stuff about how she was really possessive of her garbage heap of a boyfriend and extremely jealous of other girls, but now she's totally fine with a poly relationship cause it's soooo part of their ~bdsm dynamic uwu~.

I was wondering about that, too, so you're not tinfoiling alone anon. The writing and choice of image just screams sh0e to me, but this post could be from the other bunny pic poster itt.

No. 545256

Nah, I made the Boxxy comment and I didn't make the original "lets make a video content cop style lol"; I don't care about Mariah either or visit her threads. It's petty but I just dislike her circa 2007 eyeliner, what can I say

No. 545260

sorry, yours i only linked by accident. Just the first two that refer to making a video. The person saying "haha wouldn't it be funny if we made a video" is definitely (to me) the same person who replied "oh, i could do it"
and then says "what are the points you guys think should be brought up?" which is their reworking of what they said in moo thread which was like "hey so what's the deal with this cow? Gimme all the info and i'll make a video on her". Which got told to fuck off of course.

another thought, surely there are already videos that rip on shoeonhead with a lot of this stuff…? I mean she has her sad fans but basically every other online group thinks she's an embarrassment to herself

No. 545263

If someone does it, they need to get gud at editing because that anisa one was a petty travesty. Try something Crowbcat-esque.

No. 545273

This. I rather whoever is making this take their time instead of rushing it for views.

To me, it's less about the view and more of what wig will do/react because she does literally look and comment at any youtube response at her.

Also, no offense to any radfems on here (you've done a great job at triggering her and showing how much of a hypocrite she is) but, maybe for the vid not force any trans discussions outside of the fact that she sucks their dicks constantly to look more liberal etc. If you come out too strong all she's going to do is "LOOK A TERF MADE A VIDEO ABOUT MEE". I mean, it might get her fans to look at it and change their minds but, more than likely it's just going to make the vid have 15 year olds mob it with comments.

Part of the reason why I like wig threads is she thinks everyone who hates her is just radfems when really radfems are the only ones who have the guts to speak out to her on twitter(and get blocked). I just think the video should show she pisses off a lot of people for a lot of reasons, not just because of her recent blowing of trannies.

Just a suggestion but, please do what you think is best.

No. 545280

Not sure if this has been discussed but i think it’s important to point out that Wig replies in a hysterical and overly offended way when someone dares to criticise her (just like those sjws…interesting).
Examples for that are her response video to that guy who thought her purple wig character was real (which is now unlisted, kek) and a response video she made with groceries addressing some dude who criticised her “apology” video. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with them. What I think is especially pathetic is the way she replies. More evidence on twitter (“””TERF”””blocking).

She’s gonna claim it’s her “ADHD”, but that doesn’t excuse being a cunt. She can only dish out but can’t take anything in the slightest. She’s so ridiculously thin-skinned.

No. 545281

I hate June, but is cow tipping really a good idea here? She's pathetic, but I can see this plan backfiring and the board getting raided.

No. 545290

File: 1522775995645.jpg (26.99 KB, 353x337, d16.jpg)

>and the board getting raided.
That would be hilarious. I'd love to see all her fans getting triggered and coming here to whiteknight and sperg about us all being terfs and jealous of their smol uwu queen wig.

In all seriousness, I see this happening eventually either way with how defensive her and her fans are. It's only a matter of time especially with how she lurks these threads and past mod history, it's not much of a cowtip.

No. 545299

They already did a few threads back, some incel came into the thread and started calling all people who post here trannies but also intimidated by trannies. His posts got deleted which was a shame because they were hilariously bad. Also theres usually a bit of white knighting in most of junes thread so its suspected that either her or a handful of her followers lurk here. Also anons say there is a connection between whats posted here and then whats posted on her twitter, but as I dont follow her twitter closely idk


No. 545306

>maybe for the vid not force any trans discussions outside of the fact that she sucks their dicks constantly to look more liberal etc.
You do realize that no one likes trannies but sjws and themselves right? It's the default POV, I'm sure most of her remaining fans hate it. If we want to ~eXpOsE~ her, we should remind everyone that she's nothing but an sjw who's anti-cis female instead of anti-"cis white male." They are literally only ones who cry about terves, if she actually said "THE TERVIES MADE A BIDEO ABOUT ME REEEE," her fans would just think she's an asshole. Try not to reveal you political stance and take a chaotic neutral approach.

No. 545308

I will see if I can find and will post but on youtube someone made a video about how she blantently lies about her subjects-for example she did a video about rape and how a report released was evidence that women lie about rape because they want to oppress teh menz or something. This guy got the same report and showed how much of an idiot she is.

As you say I think this is why a few of us have a problem with her, the stuff she lies about are not small insignificant things, although she wants to believe its just we are "jealous haterz". Also someone mentioned previously she acts like a rabbit expert while treating her own like shit, that would be good to cover too. Good luck anon!

No. 545311

Idk from what I seen sucking tranny dick has become pretty trendy among the anti-sjw community lately because of all the fake "conservative leaning", anti-feminist trans channels popping up.

No. 545321

yes, i have to agree that tranny pandering has become popular because the young conservatives/younger conservatives/incel conservatives realize that the entire concept is sexist and supports their sexism. it reaffirms their chauvinism, so they're actually all on board. the only ones that aren't are the religious conservatives.

the mod shit is a MUST. also, shouldn't it be included the way she so desperately pandered to men in trying to be boxxy? i think her entire evolution should be tracked. mras and the alt-lite rite claim to REALLY hate attention whores, so she should be called out for being legit one of the biggest attention whores i've ever seen.

i doubt it. june doesn't post on imageboards. she pretends like she knows shit about 4chan but never ever posted there, only when she was referenced, if that. she has only taken from chan/imageboard culture to appeal to internet weirdos when shes never been one herself, only a desperate attentionwhore that couldn't compete for male attention in real life, so had to lick her wounds from rl and shit on women on the internet. so yeah, doubt it's her.

No. 545323

This is true partly because quite of few of them fap to traps, look at Grocery for example

No. 545324

>the mod shit is a MUST. also, shouldn't it be included the way she so desperately pandered to men in trying to be boxxy? i think her entire evolution should be tracked. mras and the alt-lite rite claim to REALLY hate attention whores, so she should be called out for being legit one of the biggest attention whores i've ever seen.

I'm not sure about the mod shit, as it would bring a lot of newfags to this board and it's not confirmed but the attention whore history definitely needs to be addressed. Like her unichan days, maybe finding her old nicknames and forums where she attention whored, etc…

No. 545328

No. 545330

Does he like his own comments or does his feyonce run the Armoured Media acc

No. 545331

File: 1522779192610.png (23.12 KB, 503x263, J3DmPZV.png)

Sorry meant to post this and not the video twice. Also meant to sage

No. 545344

File: 1522780814870.png (1010.75 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-03-14-36-25…)

>the comic version looks like me in a helmet
In your fucking dreams grocery. God, why does he always try to compare himself to muscular men? I thought he embraced his "dad bod" obesity but, I think both him and wig are in lala land and like pretending he's not your average pregnant looking noodle arm dough boy.

No. 545349

June's wig lookin ridic in this thumbnail lel

No. 545351

i’m the one who offered to make the vid.

my channel has 1 vid (joysparkle) with 300 views and i have no social media or branding or anything associated with it so no worries. plus it never even got enough in views for me to consider monetizing.

however i will say that it honestly makes more sense if someone with a following created a video. i wouldn’t even care if hey were using it for clicks just to get the message out there.

No. 545357

I was thinking, you can clearly see how much she doesn't see trans women as real women when she is wig over heels about "respecting trans women" and then she says "respect wamen" like it's the best joke ever. Respecting women wouldn't it be the same as respecting trans women june? Why one is so funny and the other is such a serious matter if trans women are the same as other women?

No. 545363

File: 1522782519616.png (413.2 KB, 567x608, Pv0iup7.png)

No. 545366

File: 1522782810197.jpeg (5.15 KB, 125x125, 1864B3C5-E600-4B65-9ABF-0C3AD4…)

Lmao ew

No. 545368

File: 1522782816456.png (46.42 KB, 560x216, BfNnuxS.png)

No. 545374

File: 1522782922948.jpg (733.55 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180403_211431.jpg)

you could say that wig's body is getting more boxxy (pun intended)

No. 545376

I've thought similar. You can tell that she doesn't actually see them the same as biological women because if she did, she wouldn't give two shits about defending them. They're just another male demographic for her to pander to.

No. 545380


"in….. high school…. AJ's doctors told him…. he didn't have a learning disorder…. he was just….. depressed"

Grocery, on the other hand.

No. 545385

File: 1522783661822.jpg (14.56 KB, 446x230, IMG_20180403_152627.jpg)


No. 545386

Do these people even realize they're enabling their gross kinks or do they think it's just a joke?

No. 545390

Grocery and wig like it because it makes them feel special™ since there is nothing else to their relationships besides tots hot 24/7 daddy daughter bdsm lifestyle. Not gross at all.

No. 545391

File: 1522784054734.png (38.35 KB, 593x476, vmMpMWV.png)

worst part is he liked the comment. anyway greg has a feminine baby face and june looks her age… 7 years is not a big age gap

No. 545394

Yeah these people don't know about the ddlg aspect at all… I bet Grocery and Wig think they're so subtle and clever for tricking everyone into supporting their "lifestyle".

No. 545397

Their fans must not have masculine men in their lives because Grocery always looked like a grown baby to me. And 7 years isn't big at all especially when the older one doesn't act older at all.

The worst part is they encourage this despite once being accused as a pedo. Instead of getting disgusted they just decided that they like these labels.

They also criticized an article for calling ddlg "Daddy and daughter" and got really upset over it. If they take their 24/7 dynamic so seriously, why would they be ok with their fans saying this about them?

No. 545409

I'm more annoyed at people calling them gay, there's nothing gay about a fat pasty pedo porking an immature womanchild. When will straight millennials stop using gay as a synonym for quirky.

No. 545411

File: 1522785449514.jpg (57.56 KB, 403x888, smol.jpg)

Her legs don't look like "sticks" anymore considering she's also wearing black legging to try and look slimmer.

She def weight more than 120.

No. 545417

kek i was curious what my mom thought about her appearance/age bc unlike most of you guys, i do think she looks younger with her Prednisolone-ass-lookin' moonface, but literally THE second i turned the monitor to her, she goes "is that a wig? it's awful" lmao. i really have to wonder if wig is just lying to clueless fanbois about her $2k taobao wigs bc if not, she's falling victim to the biggest scam since madoff

they don't look thicc though that's for sure. they're bigger, but still not womanly/curvy

No. 545422

File: 1522786057130.png (647.75 KB, 645x565, 1.png)

without her shitty webcam she look so puffy. I can't get over it.

No. 545425

Does she film her shoeonhead videos at a downwards angle? Her face seems longer in them. It's so puffy and round when you look at it at a normal angle kek

No. 545431

Speak fo' yoself

I personally don't mind real trans. Transtrenders and fakebois are another thing entirely.

No. 545434

File: 1522786626663.png (317.36 KB, 444x432, trap.PNG)

yeah but you know what, she looks better and legit more fem with the moonface. huge diff considering this was filmed like less than a week ago or whatever, but i would seriously, unironically think pic related was a trap, and the party city wig certainly doesn't help. she has such a tranny face that the weight really does help, though it does make her body look more masculine. it's a pretty sad paradox.

No. 545451

File: 1522787390165.png (134.78 KB, 562x568, bW7G4kb.png)

No. 545455

>Speak fo' yoself
>real trans maymay
I believe you're on the wrong site, friendo. Were you looking for tumble.hell, /lgbt/, or leddit?

No. 545456

It's probably a white MRA so expect these tweets to be deleted when he's rightfully shamed for being a nutballs incel

No. 545461

File: 1522787996442.png (57.18 KB, 539x277, 1410649304052.png)

HAHA shootings are hilarious! Potential victims and death is sooo funny! nice one wig!

No. 545462

yuck, his face is so flat and featureless

No. 545463

Seriously this.

"lelelele oh no somebody is shooting up youtube hq eeek i'm a youtuber you guise dont shoot me xDDD literally screeching xD"

She's trying to make a meme out of an ongoing tragic and serious event.

No. 545476

OT but, i'm reading the suspect is a woman.

Wig probably has the biggest hard on right now.

No. 545481

Link, anon? I can't find anything.

No. 545485

tbh its probably a tranny devcel like that randy stair tranny. will be surprised if the shooter is actually female, but it can happen, obvs. still, shooting at a tech company reeks of a devcel transbian

No. 545487


"the shooter is a white, adult female. She was reportedly wearing a dark top and head scarf when she entered YouTube HQ on Tuesday afternoon."

although news often gets shit like this wrong this early.

No. 545490

No. 545492

female "wearing a headscarf" sounds like something /pol/ is probably pushing tbh, that's just too perfect. conservatives always try to spin it into being anything but a white guy

No. 545507

File: 1522790621028.png (24.29 KB, 754x381, 1.png)

Told you. She's jacking off so hard to the fact that it's a female shooter. This is all she's going to be tweeting about for the ext 3 days.

No. 545510


there's a shooting and victims and the only thing she can comment about is that there's a female involved? she's pathetic

No. 545514

I used to think anons took it too far saying she hates women, but alas

No. 545521

File: 1522791129853.png (54.6 KB, 611x643, dNwZNRe.png)

yikes the responses are even worse. she knows what she's doing. good going june, this is the audience you cultivated. way to make a tragedy all about your feminism sperging and unfunny meme sperging >>545451

No. 545528

File: 1522791336782.png (625.1 KB, 980x814, Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 22.3…)


It was a woman shooting her boyfriend apparently

No. 545529

File: 1522791339623.png (51.67 KB, 603x393, p6lzx48.png)

No. 545530

Okay, then she strongly dislikes them

What do you want us to say? Its been proven time to time again she coddles victim complexed lazy men but goes out of her way to bash women, not just to bash them but she creeps them out in order to impress guys as well "hur let me touch your boops and pressure you into 3som and make degrading comments to you xD why don't i have female friends"

No. 545536


If it's really a woman, is Wig aware that after her face gets revealed, she will get praised and fetishised by 4chan userbase? Especially if she's young. Wig is gonna be jelly for all that attention she's getting.

jesus, after all the "omg shooting epic meme i'm screaming xDDD" and "O YEA ITS A WOMAN BYEE BITCHHH" tweets….this tweet sounds insincere and attention-seeking as hell.

No. 545539

Didnt they say the shooter shot herself?

No. 545543

File: 1522791647588.png (428.49 KB, 639x474, 1409654090944.png)

>these are our co-workers in a way
>close to home
what is this reaching.

some how trying to make this about her wow.

No. 545544

wow she has somehow made this about her and her fatass manchild lmao

No. 545545

True, anytime a none-ugly girl gets in deep shit 4chan circle jerks both ironically and unironcally

No. 545552

File: 1522791843364.png (10.66 KB, 590x96, ereee.PNG)

was looking for any info about the shooter on twitter and ofc its already happening. im sure this loser is a chantard ofc

No. 545553

You just know she hasn't felt this excited in months.

No. 545555

File: 1522792066717.gif (2.9 MB, 480x264, giphy (2).gif)

No. 545556

Ironically with all these jokes and memes it looks as though they take a female shooter half as seriously as they would a male.

No. 545557

It's funny how almost every cow who was once thin and made fun of fat women always end up fat themselves(Kota, charlotte and now June…)

No. 545558

I wonder if she knows that literally 99% of mass shootings are still committed by men. Has anyone even died yet?

No. 545559

File: 1522792096893.jpg (71.44 KB, 569x720, Capture.JPG)


kek at the first reply

i wonder if she already blocked that user

No. 545560

File: 1522792175893.jpg (21.35 KB, 523x145, Capture.JPG)



she did

No. 545562

HAHA, classic wig

No. 545565


4 people in the hospital and these people are cracking jokes on twitter

No. 545566

File: 1522792416100.png (89.88 KB, 179x316, 1354904597151.png)

omfg are you fucking serious wig?

that guy was probably joking too(despite it being the truth). what a triggered cunt.

No. 545567

File: 1522792441156.png (10.21 KB, 589x154, EfCplOr.png)

No. 545568

that's fucking hilarious.

No. 545572

Honestly try and avoid going too terf-ey with the points

No. 545573

File: 1522792802993.png (25.77 KB, 740x428, 1.png)

>that was it
wow wig what did you wish more people died so you could make more out of a shitty situation that has not relation to you or what?

No. 545574

She films them on an old imac, which tilt downward, so yes.

No. 545575

File: 1522792826883.png (41.26 KB, 565x555, 7bAxeJ8.png)

Damn, can she form a thought by herself? She practically copy and pasted a fan's reply

No. 545582

This fucking bitch.

No. 545585

Everyone's turning against her and youd think she would have a clue by now but apparantly not

No. 545590

Why did she make fun of Youtube's tweets then? She clearly hates her "coworkers".

Yeah, if it's too TERF-y her audience isn't going to be receptive of watching it.

No. 545592

File: 1522793454535.png (190.98 KB, 584x618, raAopxT.png)

>plus she blocks people. so yeah

No. 545596

>Why did she make fun of Youtube's tweets then? She clearly hates her "coworkers".
So when wig's youtube "career" ends and she has to get a real job with actual coworkers, does she think she'll be able to angrily tweet about them lol?

No. 545597

File: 1522793589113.png (30.62 KB, 590x272, sKyWFFN.png)

>i'm morbidly curious what the motive was
>if you kill people i don't care what your motive was

No. 545601

>hits close to home
>our coworkers in a way
>i wanna know more about her too bad she’s dead

dang this girl is so transparent i can’t

No. 545603

File: 1522793936069.png (631.35 KB, 889x633, 1397981283594.png)

is she literally retarded i fucking don't know anymore

No. 545609

All of June's beliefs and actions are contradictions of other things she says and does. How can someone with this level of cognitive dissonance exist?

No. 545611

she just automatically changes her opinions on what will make her sound the best without even thinking for a second

No. 545619


She still has a good number of asslickers. She probably thinks if she blocks anyone who oposes her, the haters will go away and only asslickers will remain.

No. 545629

File: 1522795274385.png (1.04 MB, 1440x2459, wig0nhead blocc (current world…)

So what's the fastest you guys have gotten blockedt by wig?

my pb is 5.23 minutes because of a tweet calling her out for blocking everyone she disagrees with.

No. 545631

I got block'd under a minute.


No. 545634

epic frame perfect wig block kappa

No. 545657

She's so easily triggered

Has anyone tweeted the OP pic to her yet?

No. 545659

Yes June, keep gaslighting people into thinking that you never block people

No. 545665

File: 1522799859237.png (15.07 KB, 715x108, 1.png)

still treating the shooting like it's some sort of joke then deletes tweet.

No. 545670

Also, you know… the fact that there has yet to be any real evidence posted to back those claims up. Why throw in pure speculation and make yourself look bad?

No. 545689

June is retarded and doesn't know what a job is I can't believe she actually thinks she works for youtube. The ego on this bitch.

No. 545711

Yikes how does she have the confidence to be filmed like this?

No. 545714

File: 1522804390530.png (490.03 KB, 772x854, 1.png)

No. 545716

File: 1522804474520.png (39.04 KB, 739x368, 2.png)

and everyone who disagrees with wig gets blocked

No. 545720

Which terf thought wig was a man?
Or is it yet another strawman she made to make herself more awesome?

No. 545722

>youtube shooting hits close to home

Bitch, my friend working a mile down the road from where the shooting occurred is a 'hit close to home.' Not your pity party about using their service and thinking it makes you an employee. What an attention whore!
Fuck she's despicable.

No. 545732

File: 1522805573620.png (Spoiler Image, 219.23 KB, 1440x1102, ss.png)

Semi OT, but either she or one of her shitty little fans reported me after blocking me and I'm bitter about it. I didn't even say anything that mean, pic related was my tweet. Account is now suspended.

The girl she accused of blocking people she disagreed with. Who can blame her tbh; june barely passes because of the horse face, bad fashion, bad wig, etc.

No. 545735

i can see why anyone would block you based on this tweet sorry

No. 545736

is wig trying to log ips again?

No. 545738

File: 1522806302406.png (34.75 KB, 821x627, Capture.PNG)

No. 545739

meant to reply to >>545736 sorry

No. 545743

You were pretty rude and insulting though, not to defend June or anything but it’s understandable why she’d block you over this tweet. Instead of calling her a cunt and a tranny panderer you shoulda said something more constructive.

No. 545744

File: 1522806545752.png (1.91 MB, 958x1926, comparison.png)

imo she looked so much better just over a year ago. Some skin color suits her a lot more.

No. 545745

I saw it posted on /pt/ too, not sure if it's Wig specifically or if it's the child porn poster getting more creative.

No. 545746

Or you know, it's just generic internet spam?

No. 545748

Yeah, I'm okay with being blocked. I'm mad that I got suspended over a rude tweet.

No. 545751

this is suzy all over agian
I was thinking back to the mod story and her looking at ips to see if anyone close to her was talking shit on here.

If that's the case though then I guess it's nothing.

No. 545752

It most likely had less to do with you being rude and more to do with your use of the word tranny. Even actual trans people have been b& on Twitter for using that word.

No. 545753

No wonder June screeches so hard about fat women, if people actually focused on her face and not her apple-shaped tit implant body, they'd realize she's hideous.
>eyes crooked so bad she looks like she's melting
>covercrowded teeth
>double chin despite not being obese
>~*~nasolabial folds~*~

But you're right anon, at least she doesn't do the Amy Winehouse eyeliner anymore. She's moving on up!!

No. 545761

am i the only person that thinks she looks better on the right? she looks like fucking leafyishere in cheap indonesian j-fashion on the left. basically indistinguishable from femboys tbh.

provided you're not legit deformed, as long as you don't have greasy fujo styling/fashion sense/hygiene, men will think you're hot as long as you're fairly thin.

No. 545762

File: 1522807619570.jpg (741.57 KB, 1920x1080, R2sAgCI.jpg)


But somehow the eyeliner she does now makes her look worse, or maybe it's the really bad false lashes. Whatever she's doing is making her eyes appear more beady.

She should stick to a thinner wing up top and just mascara on the bottom.

No. 545763


>am i the only person that thinks she looks better on the right?

Yeah sorry I don't see it, she looks puffy and sickly pale on the right with beady eyes.

No. 545766

She looks pretty bad either way. Maybe Groceries sends her back so soon because spending too much time around her irl breaks the illusion she puts out online.

No. 545769

i'm really curious at what point during their visit they filmed the movie review posted earlier itt

i kept it playing in the background while working out to see if anything cringey was said. june mostly sits there looking like she's bored, greg looks annoyed or ignored most of her jokes and doesn't ask her a single question or try to get her input

No. 545772


example of what i'm talking about.

No. 545775


her makeup on the right makes her eyes look narrow and tiny she looks like a white brock

she's got black eyeshadow, not very smoked out, and her bottom lashline is just a tight line which makes her eyes seem smaller, whereas her signature old look was just top wing which at least left some "space" for the bottom lid area

No. 545782

June is so fucking pathetic in her continuing to defend trannies so hard.

No. 545783

Besides that pic making her look like the resident pill addict from Whoville, that eyeliner isn't as bad compared to the thick shit she used to slap on. It's just how her eyes are shaped. Her melty eyes just make any eyeliner look uneven and beady than it probably does on someone not deformed.

No. 545785

File: 1522809255409.png (178.33 KB, 292x396, bunnyuwu.png)

Is this supposed to be him being "alpha"…?
As always Wig doesn't know or care about anything Grocery talks about, she just follows him blindly and lets him make fun of her because he's "dominant".
Also that notebook cover is horrible.

No. 545788

File: 1522809781361.jpg (125 KB, 640x640, June (6).jpg)

I think less is more for her tbh.

No. 545791

why does this pic look completed not like her

No. 545796

File: 1522810167378.png (1.51 MB, 720x1280, dickonhead.png)

i tried to make brock as wiggy as possible, but even with janky ass teeth and cheap collared sweaters hes just too cute

No. 545799

Also helps when she picks the one picture out of a selfie set of 50 that doesn't make her eyes look crooked as usual.

No. 545803

File: 1522810937937.jpg (145.88 KB, 682x1023, queen.jpg)

I had her old photobucket but I can't seem to find it again. She had a lot of cringy ~femanon~ ~gurl on /b/~ shit on there.

No. 545804

She's upset because stastistics still prove men (mainly white men) are mass shooters and women really aren't. Most women kill for love (emotional or not) or money. It's sad and it's a horrible situation regardless. This does once again prove men are more violent and crazy. I still feel really horrid for the people involved and died…

June is scummy af. She seriously wants to continue to paint women in a bad light in any way she can. 'wow, this bitch only killed her boyfriend.' etc

No. 545806

…She really is trash. Like, she is making jokes about a shooting that caused the loss of several lives. And she wants to talk about Shrek on her couch?? who the fuck cares about Groceries during a shooting. I really wish someone would call her out on this. She isn't even involved with Youtube personally. She wasn't affected.

No. 545808

More like Shoe1nMouth

No. 545809

any bets she's gonna blame feminism when we get more info about the female shooter that shot up Youtube HQ?

No. 545811

"the shooter was a terf. el oh el uwu"

No. 545813

She'll bash the woman for not sucking up to her boyfriend the way she does.

No. 545815

I legit want to see her make this about feminism too and how it's 'ruining the wamen.'

She's such a cuck.

No. 545816

she looks really old here, like, 35 yo that just wandered out of a trailer park. why has her wig quality gotten so much worse though?

No. 545821

I mean, as of rn the only person who died was the shooter. She didn't even kill her bf, she presumably just shot him.

No. 545824

They're now reporting the shooter was a Nasim Aghdam who did not go to shoot an ex, but because of youtube demonization shit. Apparently obviously deranged vegan/animal rights activist or something so we'll be hearing June screeching about crazy vegans shortly.

No. 545825


No. 545826

File: 1522812901494.png (72.77 KB, 1842x309, marriageisasocialconstruct.png)

Have her Reddit shenanigans been posted before?

No. 545830

No. 545831

No, post more. I like how she claims to not believe in marriage but says she's going to have a lavish wedding regardless, even if it were a bullshit marriage

No. 545835


there's some info on her here, including a video where she's complaining about her own videos getting age-restricted while Nicki Minaj doesn't:

sage for not wig-related, aside from the part where she shot people at someplace that is not actually june's place of employment.

No. 545843

Don't know if it's true but some people are rumoring that she's trans. Wonder how Wig will respond to that if it's true!

No. 545844

Surprised she beat onion to the task. Could totally see his nutty ass doing this.

LOL where? That'd be an excellent twist of irony after all this "bye bitch" smug shit June is pulling

No. 545846

Twitter, you can see more pictures of her there which look a bit too masculine. And apparently she's from Iran and has a typically male name, so it'd make sense.

No. 545847

File: 1522815020933.jpg (182.32 KB, 960x819, nasim3.jpg)

The killer kinda looks like june lmao

I definitely do get awesome trans gal vibes from this individual, but idk maybe it's just ugly.

No. 545850

"awesome trans gal"
Anon, pls. And that is so obviously a tranny.

Iran forces gay guys to become trannies bc homophobia. Like, not even an exaggeration. This is clearly a tranny. Most of these violent acts lately reported to be female end up being trannies.

No. 545853

No. 545856

File: 1522815536821.png (322.04 KB, 782x521, nasim4.png)

But trans gals are awesome, anon uwuwuwu even when they're mass shooters

Anyways, I won't derail with this anymore but maybe you're right

No. 545865

File: 1522816310398.jpg (156.37 KB, 1200x1079, DZ5x8p7UMAAnnHI.jpg)

this showed up in a "sam hyde is not the shooter" thread.

No. 545872

Why is this guy still obsessed with her?

No. 545878

File: 1522816968437.png (607.07 KB, 584x714, 1.png)

No. 545882

File: 1522817267188.png (11.02 KB, 315x148, in b4 greg makes her delete th…)

No. 545885

File: 1522817814202.png (392.32 KB, 752x794, junes inspo.png)

she deleted these lel nice tact shoe

No. 545886

File: 1522817846027.png (356.96 KB, 760x639, ad for killers website.png)


No. 545888

File: 1522818112927.png (450.89 KB, 602x831, gross.png)

No. 545890

no casualties so I can meme right!!! not like getting shot is one of the most traumatic things a person can go through

No. 545898

File: 1522819151153.png (186.71 KB, 581x492, shooter.PNG)

i guess the shooter wrote they were trans on their insta (idk i cant read persian) and ppl/fans of hers/his were commenting positively about them being an 'iconic vegan trans sis' on their insta before the shooting, so there's that. guess it'll be difficult officially confirming it, but i hope it's true so shoe can stop tactlessly posting these photos for 'teh lulz' because she's under the impression that they're female. there will be vegan female shooter posts for weeks to come if not

yes but the shooter is reportedly female so she can meme it up and her fanbase wont gaf bc confirmation of all their chauvinist, psychotic biases etc etc. it's not even that there are no casualties, it's that its' reportedly a female. this is the perf opportunity to bash women

lmao he has the fucking nerdiest voice ever. he sounds like his vocal cords are being closed in on by fat, and my pussy turns into a prune when i hear 'dat voice'. june, quit trying to convince everyone that you have something to flaunt.

No. 545906

I totally agree about the right but only because her hair rounds out her face more and her eyeliner isn't as bad.

No. 545959

I love the way you write anon; carry on.

No. 545966

What I meant is that I am now convinced she really does hate women

No. 545971

Cannot WAIT to see what June does when she finds out shooter was a troon

No. 545972

I heard that he was caught anonmously posting shit about her on Unichan and that's why she cut contact with him.

No. 545985

How do you go from "crying" about these workers at Youtube being your co-workers (they're not) and this hitting so close to home (it doesn't) then memeing and joking about it? People are wounded, many will be psychologically traumatized. Way to make everything about yourself and be callous.
Of course she'll delete when she finds out it was a dude.

No. 545988

File: 1522833096168.jpg (58.78 KB, 810x416, IMG_20180404_110438.jpg)

Because she wasn't actually "crying" and "worried". She was excited as fuck and probably went into full euphoria when she heard it's a woman.

She still has a mindset of a teenage /b/tard. Except she is even more retarded because she posts her retarded opinions with her identity exposed, instead of being anonymous.
She's making a huge embarrassment out of herself but she's so addicted to internet attention that she doesn't realize it.

Also 4chan is already calling the shooter "queen". How long until June gets assmad?

No. 545990


Jfc Wig needs to take some make up and styling tips from those “~basic bitches~” she hates so much. She looks BUSTED

No. 546008

Wait its a guy? Is it a tranny?

No. 546015

it's highly suspected. its name was often a male name, came from iran where gay men have to trans or face death, apparently posted in farsi about being trans on his/her insta, and their fans, commented on their posts referencing the fact that they were trans, so it's pretty likely. and he/she looked pretty masc. going to be hard to get a determination because i'm assuming when he filed all his US docs he (if it is a he) filed as 'F' from the beginning, so his trans paper trail wouldve probably been in iran, on top of the fact that the media reports MTT trannies as 'female' when they're raping and murdering their female flatmates, or collecting child porn, and don't ever actually clarify in the articles unless the trannies are the victims, so i doubt we'll hear much about it

No. 546017

She must have such a deep hatered of females that that's the only thing she invests her time and energy into. She should discuss it with a psychotherapist since she can afford one. It can't be explained by simply cultural misogyny even thought that's also the case. There's some serious underlying issue. I guess she subconciously hates her mother for something she didn't give her as a child or for something she traumatized her with. Anyway, it's a therapist's job to find out.

No. 546018

Look at the hands and look at the difference in skin tone between the face and chest >>545878. He's a tranny wearing one of those fake breast costume pieces.

No. 546019

Yeah. Who knows, she can end up shooting feminists or just females herself in her 40's or 50's if she doesn't resolve her issues with a therapist

No. 546029

Speaking of which, I've always wondered if she lies about her name because of Mark Lépine. Really disgusting if so, but maybe it's just a coincidence that they're both woman-hating anti-fems https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_L%C3%A9pine

No. 546031

That's a bit of a reach imo.

But it's hilarious that she doesn't realize that while "lapine" is indeed french for "female rabbit", "la pine" is "the penis". So June Lapine sounds just like "June the penis" and not so much like "June She-Rabbit".

No. 546032


I think it's just to fit her "kawaii uwu bunny loving girl" aesthetic, which is still pretty disgusting considering the shitty care she takes of her rabbit

No. 546043

I think she meant it more in a "THAT was the motive?"

The shooting happened right after Youtube demonetized gun channels and everyone was getting worried and prepared for a political shitstorm, but instead it was just some retard mad at her boyfriend.
The motive couldn't have been more mundane and she didn't deserve worldwide attention for her idiotic stunt.

The silver lining is that she killed herself without hurting any innocents, although it means poor June won't get a female mass shooter to push her agenda and please her neckbearded fans.

No. 546045

How long ago was this photo taken?

I think one of her biggest problems right now is that her real age is clashing more and more with her "Forever 17 uwu" aesthetic with every passing year.

No. 546048


FYI, it has now been determined that the shooter didn't know anyone at the Youtube HQ. She was an animal rights activist that was mad at Youtube for recently demonetizing her videos so she shot the place up.

No. 546051

Do they have definite proof of that now?
I swear the story has changed every 2 hours since the shooting.

No. 546053

Def wearing breast plate. I see a few news sources stating trans but, no back up info behind it. There are pics of her younger looking like a girl, so i'm still not sure but, she look trans to me. could just be because she was body builder at one point?

No. 546054


Yeah, I hear you, that's why I hate how the news speculates before facts come out.

Technically, they're still investigating the motive, but it seems pretty solid because her father reported her missing the other day and stated she was likely at Youtube HQ because she was angry at them for demonizing her videos and causing her to lose money. Also, she made several videos and tweets accusing Youtube of censoring her. Her name is Nasim Najafi Aghdam if you want to see her stuff.

No. 546072

File: 1522850003390.jpg (92.21 KB, 790x874, lol.jpg)

Wig telling Contra that he totally passes is hilarious to me.

Aren't they the same people going on about how passing shouldn't define what makes them their gender?

No. 546076

i read this as ''contra telling wig she passes'' and that made me lol. what would upset her more than people assuming she's trans?

No. 546080

she looks like my 40 year old italian aunt in pictures/videos where she did her brows/makeup like this, yikes.

No. 546082

tbh when i first read her saying "is THAT it?" i just took it as a prelude to her being all "uwu wamen are so small minded and dumb that they can't even commit crimes without oppressing the mens," as if her ass doesn't rely on groceries and random neckbeards for everything. as opposed to "is THAT all?" in response to the body count.

No. 546107

If she admits she doesn't have a girly voice why does she have to force the little girl voice in her videos with Grocery?

No. 546124

File: 1522855757020.jpg (15.78 KB, 300x250, annoyed-chihuahua.jpg)

this level of insane nipicking, jfc…

Is she a tiny faerie uwu smol bean? No, but fat? You're insane and this thread has been going to shit. Did the Anisafags move here? There's too much sperging about muh expose video and calling her 'wig' like they call Anisa 'pear'.

Don't give this thread the Anisa treatment. Please. This one is an actual cow on a much higher level, I'll be sad if the thread gets autosaged because it fills up with petty nitpicking and overzealous attempts at interfering.

No. 546133

encouraging contra to keep going while clearly miserable and getting worse… why does she do this?

No. 546139

june isn't even fat, she's just not ultrathin anymore. she looks better than she used to, even, just average.

No. 546140

To be fair the nicknaming is common threads (onision = onion, momokun = moo etc). I think the nitpicking of her weight/height stems from the fact that her old self would call what she looks like now chubby and it's just ironic when you get girls who were ana looking in the early 20s shitting on others weights, saying they stay magically skinny without exercising or eating well eventually gain weight and act like they never were that person before.

The video thing is stupid and I agree that there seems to be some old anisa posters in here since shoe and her are similar in a lot of ways.

No. 546141

"Wig" alone makes her wish she still had farmhand permissions here so take a little bit of comfort in that.

No. 546142

>acknowledges that female mass shooters are extremely rare and gleefully takes jabs at women and feminism with her drooling monkey audience
>shooter turns out to be a male troon
>no walking back or analysis of these statements

No. 546144

File: 1522857287429.gif (1.9 MB, 540x239, tumblr_nuhjd0pphd1qjs7cno2_540…)

I'm pissing myself at the thought that at first they said the shooter was a woman, and June creamed her pants… But then it turned out to be a tranny, and radio silence from her

No. 546147

She's probably just going to switch focus on the fact the shooter was a vegan and how she "totally called it" about vegans being insane.

No. 546177

don't forget, she will delete all the "bitch is dead" and the other tweets and only leaves the "this attack was close to home" one.

No. 546214

File: 1522864340687.png (1.05 MB, 1118x496, breastplate.png)

well, it's not confirmed, but it is highly suspected. it could very well still be a female because like i said, the lack of a paper trail on top of the language barrier is going to be difficult to confirm. do you guys think these look like breast plates? especially that left pic? or does she just have a weird amount of fat on her ribcage even though they were really slim? that broadness doesn't match up to her/his ribcage unless that's him/her removing the breastplate/it's coming undone or it's just too wide for her. even if it is confirmed, june will ignore it because the media will since they're all tranny scrote suckers

No. 546220

>except the shooter dies because i fell like i can meme about this

june always paying attention to the important stuff

No. 546222

File: 1522864663442.png (363.41 KB, 563x488, gRz2DL8.png)

forgot to sage, sorry

No. 546226

was she… making a joke? or was she making a jojo reference?

No. 546232

File: 1522865944034.png (105.09 KB, 579x400, 0RnHaMl.png)

but she has no agenda!

No. 546235

File: 1522866056708.png (289.51 KB, 575x524, SPY4PlN.png)

No. 546240


this is from a movie but god does it just remind me of wig so much lmao

No. 546252

>nails randomly done
>randomly holding a spoon outside of the kitchen

She's so random, is she the penguin of doom?

No. 546265

File: 1522867974942.png (209.03 KB, 507x309, spoon.png)

No. 546268

You're right about the nicknames, I just think this one is a bit too similar to pass as coincidence, especially if you read the posts that use 'wig' as a nickname, they're often just nitpicks.

I take solace in every post here.

No. 546320

Haha what the hell that's fake as fuck. If the skintone(compare to the forearms) isn't enough to convince you, look at the neck. The two muscles just abruptly cut off and then the space between them, where it should be indented, folds outwards. Do that pose in a mirror and you'll see.

No. 546333

SkepTHICC doesn't get the joke it seems.

Not a new thing but still.


No. 546357

File: 1522873250902.png (75.17 KB, 590x746, rXj76EQ.png)

He interacts with these randos on Twitter than he does his own gf. This time it's the ~uwu so smol transgirl~ youtuber that was talked about earlier

No. 546360

File: 1522873714579.png (398.13 KB, 582x1046, uNYfmrU.png)

No. 546454

File: 1522877539426.png (282.91 KB, 583x391, Ab8cNom.png)

No. 546468

that poor fucking rabbit

No. 546470

who? ollie? nasim probably took better care of her rabbit than june takes of hers, shoving it into a 3x4 cage, all alone, despite the fact that she has like 44k a year in disposable income

No. 546471

Yeah ollie, i've seen how wiggy treats ollie, hope that rabbit bites her, fucking bitch.

No. 546536

i’m gonna go a step further and say that i hope the rabbit eats wig and groceries

No. 546538

File: 1522882675003.png (224.57 KB, 576x603, o3hXZA2.png)

>"crazies on the left and right are using a shooting to further their agenda"
>uses the same exact shooting to further her agenda against TERFs

No. 546542

It would be a good reenactment of this scene.

No. 546544

Remember, this is the girl who said "my content isn't about politics, I only talked about the election once!"

No. 546548

Is June letting it slip that she sees trannies as men? Shouldn't she have said "terfs and loomers pretending this was a trans woman"??

No. 546553

The shooter has called herself trans. just stop June.

No. 546561

Jesus christ she's so retarded and hypocritical.

No. 546570

June hunny the shooters adams apple pokes out more than your ass

No. 546572

Man, her/his face is so creepy. Like there used to be just…more of it then it got shaved down like those kpop idols.

No. 546573

I've seen this sketch before and it went right over his fathead. Wow, he's a moron, but…that isn't new or shocking. June probably hasn't orgasmed in years.

No. 546578

There is evidence that Nasim was a tranny, but June is going everything to defend that. It's so massively pathetic.

Her body was a MAN'S body, adam's apple and all. Her chest was a breastplate.. it's so obvious. June is probably gritting her teeth as more evidence comes out.

No. 546580

File: 1522884878872.png (285.63 KB, 648x465, xGZJr2H.png)


No. 546582

File: 1522884900429.png (521.13 KB, 654x458, crnQyYa.png)

No. 546583

File: 1522884958800.png (73.02 KB, 648x718, ev3ZcrU.png)

of course june is the first one to protecc her poor man while being an asshole, but he's too busy responding to other girls to give her the time of day

No. 546585

nasim looks extremely trans and the media is definitely suppressing conversation about it. i love how june acts like it is some sort of travesty to her cause to even try approaching the subject.

she's a full-blown sjw now…

No. 546586

why is she so mad? is there something we're missing here, bc that dude seems like he's joking too??

No. 546587

>>June probably hasn't orgasmed in years.
Didn’t she’s JUST come back from hanging out with him (there’s a tweet up this thread I’m too lazy and on mobile to find about her separation anxiety over being booted back home).
Like, you cannot be getting dicked down good if you’re not chill and instead are already this wound up and sperg tweeting about the tranny-womyn your ~fiancé~ prefers.

No. 546596

Grocery strikes me as the type of guy who expects sex every night even if it's lazy and not pleasurable for the woman and with his long distance relationship he probably jacks off twice a day to camgirls.

No. 546598

SkepTHICC doesn't even have the mental energy to google.
Did Wig purposefully chose a man this lazy?

No. 546599

that 'andrealoko' is actually a tranny. he passes pretty well, but it's mostly because his photos are very selective, and he's young/probs got on hormones young. i think he's a gay guy and for whatever reason they do often pass better.

also i dont like june saying 'mong' it just sounds weird and dumb coming from her

No. 546604

File: 1522886173969.jpeg (169.49 KB, 979x1200, DZ-YyqTU8AAb0SF.jpeg)

His selfies are so fucking gross. He's trying so hard to look hot, it's so embarrassing. The thumb in the pocket shit like he thinks he some sort of model triggers me hard.

I hate ugly looking guys with giant egos and he's seriously one of the worst I've seen.

No. 546606

kek that wrinkled shirt

No. 546610

honestly if you cover his head it looks like a fat lesbian's body

No. 546615

Shoe joked about him being xxy but, he might actually have klinefelter syndrome lol

No. 546619

Wonder how long June can go without typing the word "TERF" before her blood pressure starts to rise

No. 546678

He made a 23andme or what kind of video where he shows the potential health risks… If he has higher risk (than males usually have) of autoimmune disorders, breast cancer, venous thromboembolic disease, or osteoporosis, then he is def XXY.

No. 546694

File: 1522893949316.png (32.45 KB, 636x332, 13wYcYN.png)

No. 546729

not gonna lie, this is one of the best butch lesbian cosplays I've ever seen.

No. 546735

What's she saying ew to? And physically, yes, June can do better, but mentally and emotionally, she really shouldn't be able to. She probably could, cuz men are desperate, but she's a garbage person deserving of another garbage person

No. 546736

She admits hes misogynistic but is shocked when people dont like pretentious shit for brains? Shoe hunny what are you doing

No. 546737

You would actually need to be brain dead to be unable to tell that Nasim was a biological male. Holy shit. Just look at the hands and feet.

June is trying so hard.

No. 546749

OT but nasim has a very obvious female voice imo, as in a voice that a born-male likely could not recreate even with titty skittles and voice training
sorta on topic, but i've seen more people like shoe sperging about TERFs over this event than actual TERFs talking about nasim

No. 546763

Is this a joke? I've known guys who could recreate female voices so well other people would mistake the voices for being female, also weren't a lot of male voice actors on Nickelodeon played female characters? June is that you?

No. 546767


jesus christ support the rabbit's butt and legs, are you trying to break its spine?

No. 546776


Ugh not to get all animal rights activist itt but it drives me up the fucking wall when she holds Ollie like that.
Even that crazy bitch terrorist held her rabbit properly. June holds him like hes a fucking plush toy.

No. 546779

File: 1522903151809.png (962.46 KB, 658x1182, C2Uyxfe.png)

no, it's just my anecdotal experience with trans women. yes, adult female voice actors playing young boys who haven't gone through puberty is common, but idk that's different from adult males and females sounding vastly different from each other
sage for OT rambling

to be on topic, funny that this is the first response given shoe's recent railing against TERFS; this is her audience, contra points (who defends riley j dennis) et al are never going to respect her like she wants

No. 546801

File: 1522906378016.png (214.19 KB, 620x778, lVekDdB.png)

No. 546808

I wonder if she knows that transwimmin have the same crime rates as regular men, meaning that they are still more likely to commit mass shootings than women

No. 546882

File: 1522918111079.png (439.17 KB, 672x1240, qdyjsZK.png)

No. 546887

This has to be ironic. She can’t be serious. Or is she really that much of a retard?

Also, if he’s so triggered then why doesn’t she just leave that dumbass post alone. She’s obviously offended over him unsubscribing.

No. 546888

File: 1522920208832.jpg (84.92 KB, 872x1024, DZ8AXWvUQAA1Y6Z.jpg)

Somewhat OT, but Nasim = female.
There were multiple childhood photos on her IG.

No. 546889

File: 1522920252279.jpg (850.89 KB, 1519x1622, 1522864123670.jpg)

No. 546890

File: 1522920272196.jpg (49.82 KB, 598x531, 1522864013372.jpg)

No. 546902

looks like the parents got to reading a bit too much Dr John Money

No. 546905

I feel like too many people ITT are desperate for her to be trans, lol. Odd-looking, crazy women exist, and adam's apples aren't male-exclusive.

No. 546906

Wtf is a Poe?
It has to be right? Like, she just spent the whole damn day sperging about trannies…for like the 10th day in a row. She wasn’t exactly Einstein before Grocery, but I swear his flavor of stupid is contagious.

No. 546908

Ssshhhhh anon, June is lurking in the darkness. Just sit back and enjoy her being triggered till she’s blue in the face.

No. 546909

Look up Poe's law.

No. 546928

Mostly I wanted to think she was trans because of how odd she looked. Like seriously one of the weirdest looking people I’ve seen in my life that wasn’t deformed in some way.

Idc one way or the other about whether a biological female was responsible for a mass shooting though. It’s obviously bound to happen.

No. 546935

Yeah I feel you there. She just has that creepy demeanor and you want something to blame it on kek.

I wouldn't compare this to other "mass shootings" though, she was the only death right?

No. 546938

Not defending the shooter whatsoever, she's fucked up, but if she's really a biological woman this incident does not negate the fact that like 99.9% of shootings are performed by males.
I know June does not want to hear this, but it's the truth.

I agree. Something like the Charleston shooting was a mass shooting but this is not.

No. 546953

I think she probably intended it to be a mass shooting?

No. 546966


well she did shoot three people (plus herself), but didn't kill anyone (besides herself).

apparently just short of a mass shooting by the FBI definition: https://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/serial-murder
>Generally, mass murder was described as a number of murders (four or more) occurring during the same incident, with no distinctive time period between the murders.

No. 546972

>*most people in society
Tbh, can you really blame us? Bitch is ugly af, wears a breast plate, and never smiles in her pics (which is a typical man thing to do).

Hey he looks pregnant, just like Grocery! Speaking of which, when is he due?

No. 546986

Women also have all sorts of mentall issues and different experiences etc. What you say is also sexist and dehumanizing to women in a way. That's a problem I have with some feminists if they say literally all women are the same. It's not that simple.
Dear Regina George. The world is not lolcow.farm and you cant bully women out of their mental illnesses or experiences or their own ways of posing for pictures into conformity. I can believe you're serious when you say shit like that. This is so close-minded

No. 546988

File: 1522936974983.png (54.14 KB, 758x463, 1.png)

>her political leanings don't matter. Quit using her to enforce your narratives!!

Also Wig
>she was a right wing trad no way she was left leaning like me.

No. 547001

Why is everyone she disagrees with "right-wing"?

No. 547004

Because she's trying to enforce the "lefty but anti-feminist!" label.

No. 547007

Back in the day she used to always defend people like Lauren by saying right-wing is not an insult, there's nothing wrong with being conservative, but funny how that changed.

No. 547028

Yep, notice how this is the only mass shooting junes ever talked about despite all the mass shootings in the past few months were done by men

No. 547031

Now that the alt-right-defender train has obviously arrived at Auschwitz (pun intended), nobody wants to be a rightwinger. But they burned the bridge of the left by mocking them all the time. This is why you see so many people as "centrist", "liberalistist", "identarianist" etc.

Wig: Nasim
> both love animals
> both are woman
> both bitched about not earning enough money through youtube
> both had experience with guns
> both lived in the USA
> both have immigrant ancestors
> both "had more life" on the internet
> both forced an uwu image on herselves
> both claimed the ideological opposition is evil
> both look almost the same
Can i fear now?

No. 547036

>no ass and fake tits
>look like men
>fake hair
>2007 emo makeup

I find nasim more bearable though, at least she isnt as pretentious

No. 547041

Tru dat. I would had shag Nasim instead of Wig, but that's a low bar to overcome to be honest.

No. 547044

She's trans because she doesn't smile in pictures lol jesus what's wrong with you people

No. 547045

It’s weird how June thinks attitudes about gender and sexuality = political alignment

No. 547047

File: 1522941812377.png (47.57 KB, 726x459, 2.png)

she just deleted these tweet lmao.

Got a shove that "anti-fem liberal" agenda. same person who used to claim she didn't rely on narrative pushing and political ideologies. What a fucking mess.

No. 547048

nice cherry-picking

No. 547050

>more vocal than ever

They’re actually not except that June recently noticed them and gives them a platform.

No. 547053

>and gives them a platform
She really honestly has. I don't even share similar beliefs with radfems but, shoe makes them look fucking rational in comparison.

No. 547054

It's weird to me how June is an adult who has no solid identity. Like yeah, people change throughout life, but there's usually a base identity they have as a person and it just seems she lacks that. She's like a chameleon with how often her political idealogies shift.

No. 547068

File: 1522943922674.jpg (52.4 KB, 709x478, 153-e1400453267905.jpg)

No. 547072

Just accept you're wrong

No. 547073

That's because she deserately tries to appeal to everyone every time. Internet fame and approval are like food to her because she's got nothing else. That's why she lies and contradicts herself every. freaking. time. She's a try hard and if someone says that's the reason for every single thing she does they won't be exaggerating in her case.

No. 547080

File: 1522945264888.jpg (48.58 KB, 750x422, 127df7efd4ca32629875900b930685…)

I wonder what made her change from being alt-right tradwaifu :33 to "liberal" bdsm waifu :33

Also what are Wig's opinions on any other political issue that isn't feminism? Lauren spouts bs statements that are not researched but at least she doesn't focus solely on women?

All Wig does is talk against women.

No. 547084

This guy's ego is something else.
>Posts picture of buff superhero
>"I didn't know they made a comic about me"
>Posts picture of tall, buff, attractive, bearded comic character
>"That's so me"
>Posts picture of this
>"Mememememe" (and even posts selfie in a simple flannel everyone and their dog owns to prove how much of a weird CoiNcIDeNce it is)
I love how he perceives himself as this tall, muscular, hot dude when he looks like… that. Also that June is the only one supporting his fantasy, because the rest of the world calls him a fatty and a soyboy in the comments.

No. 547088

The goddamn nerve of Groceries pulling that face when he's one exhale away from his tits busting that shirt wide open.

No. 547100

It's easier to be a tall obese manchild and fantasize you're masculine and muscular man than to put work into actually being one.

What makes him worse though is he'll call anyone who doesn't look like him names and gets triggered when fit men call out his obese prego belly while also thinking its ok to make fun of women who are overweight despite being technically under the same shitty health position.

No. 547104

File: 1522948452888.jpg (87.18 KB, 322x317, what he really wants.jpg)


Because anon-chan is she decided to post about other topics in her videos it would lead to Skype debates, with twitter she can just delete anything dumb she spouts.

Here you go groceries I got the hint, your new phone wallpaper.It baffles me that Wig could make Lauren ,who's just generically commercial attractive, look model tier.

>Lauren, catches the light, knows her angle.

>WigonBald looks like a introvert homely friend forced to take a group picture with a forced smile.

No. 547116

File: 1522949248313.jpg (34.82 KB, 993x250, i never do anything.jpg)

>looks like a introvert homely friend forced to take a group picture with a forced smile.
That reminded me I saw a her comment on JG's birthday vlog where she and Blair are out having a fun time with others. JG and Blair actually look like friends and not doing it for show or pander to a group etc(im sure some of you might disagree but, that's just my opinion).

Meanwhile shoe leaves this comment. neither of them respond to it. I don't think any of her female/trans connections like her, I think they even know she's just using them for her own attention and will never be more than just another "anti-sjw youtuber" to reference or tweet at.

No. 547324


I recall her saying multiple times that she doesn't have any ''real'' opinions on other topics.
She's a fence rider. She won't state her actual opinions because she's scared of not being able to pander to everyone anymore. Or maybe she's just that vapid of a person to only care about TERFs (who pretty much nobody outside of twitter ''skeptic'' community is even aware of) and feminism.

No. 547325

idgi because the left is never going to accept her because of her problematic history and her whole career is still based upon bashing feminism. they're not suddenly going to accept her just because she occasionally talks about gun control and always talks about TERFs
she needs to just appeal to reddit moderates and people on the right. lbr most of thoose dudes don't care about what she says as long as she's young, conventionally attractive and attacks feminism

No. 547327

File: 1522959121808.png (11.46 KB, 627x127, j78YsAN.png)

No. 547328

File: 1522959238516.png (547.81 KB, 634x1696, KJ4rOgj.png)

take a shot everytime she tweets about TERFs

No. 547340

is she talking about terfs again in these? well, saying that terfs hate trans women cause of "misandry shit" doesn't make june look good either, as it seems she can't even stick up for transwomen without implying she doesn't even see them as women herself

No. 547342

File: 1522960286252.jpg (202.7 KB, 940x1200, DDISQQGUwAAflt3.jpg)

Looking at this >>547328 and this >>547116 pictures a nice image of how Wig's pathetic.

Blaire and Jacklyn hang out together often and have social lives, while Wig is stuck in her room, rage-posting about TERFs and waiting for her fat daddy to allow her to visit him. Blaire was kind of buddy-buddy with Wig, but doesn't really pay attention to her now. I don't remember Jacklyn interecting with Wig at all.

I wonder how she was perceived during Vidcon…Did she actually hang out with people or was she just glued to obese septic while making occasional " ~uguuu :3 " sounds.

No. 547344

no thanks, i don't want alcohol poisoning

No. 547355

File: 1522961660420.png (114.65 KB, 624x572, PtayH5W.png)

i am disgusted

No. 547369

Kek this is the ugly fanart she deserves

No. 547371

Is that Blaire? She looks smaller than June. Which is interesting given that she is trans.

No. 547375

File: 1522962652949.jpg (123.83 KB, 874x1165, DSa4DwVW4AAFn6M.jpg)




No. 547381

isn't blaire 5'5?

No. 547404

if blaire is 5'5" june looks 5'4" here

No. 547412

I remember June interacting with JG during Socialreposegate, she was actively defending her and calling the girl Jaclyn was cheated on with a crusty thot etc. Don't quite remember JG actively interacting with June though. Maybe Wig was squeezing herself in for the sake of ragetweeting

No. 547434

not pictured: groceries poking Blaire in the back with his tranny fetish-induced boner.

No. 547481


The Leafyishere resemblance is uncanny. She's got that Whoville Taint

No. 547487

That's implying his boner is even large enough to be felt from that far away, or even at all.

I'm having horrid flashbacks to that pic of Skeptic's bulge that was all over Shoe's Twitter awhile back.

No. 547488

June looks taller than Blaire in that photo, so 5'6. The question is if they're wearing heels. I'd find it hard to imagine that Blaire would wear a see through outfit like that without heels. He has decent taste, sort of, and I don't think he'd pair Flats with it. Wig MAY be wearing those ugly short wedges, but either way, I think June is about 5'5-5-'6.

No. 547491

File: 1522969612575.jpg (150.02 KB, 1200x684, CknpwL9XIAABS9j.jpg)

Also, this is a thing for whatever reason

No. 547492

I think you’re right but June will just be a moron and think that “Girls don’t like me but it’s not my fault they are just jelouse of my 10/10 body and face!”

No. 547493

>don't dwell on the negative
kek, like june actually believes that shit. she's on twitter 24/7 blocking and screeching at any haters who approach her

No. 547494

File: 1522969889880.jpg (44.23 KB, 640x640, CyBd9EJWgAAUsjk.jpg)

That view you get when you worship his dick 24/7.

No. 547495

File: 1522970012234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.74 KB, 749x1002, CyD3b68UAAAGRpZ.jpg)

So, about the bulge, can anyone confirm/deny potential stuffing?


^Also I bet real money June runs this account, along with the out of context one and lewd0nhead.

No. 547498

File: 1522970191990.gif (495.61 KB, 500x282, 1474254381473.gif)

I'll never get over how pathetic that tweet was and how she thinks this is alpha/kinky etc. like is the most unsexy thing, having to be leashed by a weak obese man baby while he plays computer games and you're on the floor just fucking around on twitter. How fucking boring of a person do you have to be to take pride in that?

No. 547499

File: 1522970487516.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-04-05-19-13-42…)

So June is also taller than thatblackguy or whatever. I guess every dude, including trannies, is under 5'2 in the skeptic sphere, or June is lying. She was wearing Flats at vidcon (they were shown in this video, same ugly gladiator Sandals), so it's not heels.

No. 547503

is that bulge suppose to be impressive?

No. 547507

File: 1522970769447.png (283.24 KB, 574x642, kTXcKoY.png)

never knew about the lewd0nhead account, what a travesty.
can you imagine what that tastes like with his shit diet? jfc

No. 547509

File: 1522970914027.png (1 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-04-05-19-13-00…)

Her and Chris Raygun posing from behind together again. She has a habit of leaning whenever posing, I notice. I don't think she's overly tall, but I do notice people do this to look more slight.

It looks like all balls, no sauseej, to me. I think he just shoved both of weirdly oversized man-melons into one side to make it look like a decently sized dick but it just ended up looking bizarre

No. 547513

File: 1522971307150.png (760.22 KB, 522x574, sflmsfds.png)

she hasn't matured past high school

No. 547514

>"stop pretending women are fragile subhumans who cannot handle text on the internet"
>blocks everyone that disagrees with her because she can't handle text on the internet

No. 547515

>can you imagine what that tastes like with his shit diet?
Probably smells like soured milk and onions and tastes like slimy pool water mixed with cheeto dust and expired cottage cheese.

You're welcome.

No. 547517

>unimpressive dick
>Hole at crotch seam
This shit would be embarrassing if he had a huge penis too, but like this it's just pathetic. .

No. 547519

File: 1522971632791.png (454.8 KB, 650x550, RBo48yJ.png)

last one, sorry for old milk, etc., but all of the responses are saying "boxxy got fat" and "feminism ruined boxxy"
and yet, june owes her fame to being a low-rate boxxy imitator still wears that circa 2007 boxxy eyeliner to this day. pathetic

No. 547611

Oh i am laffing his dick looks 3 inches max
Boxxy looks better
She looks like snooki recovering from anorexia and fake tan addiction
Lmao, even arielle seems tired of her shit, I don't blame them shes unbearable, no wonder skepdick only wants her every blue moon
Body language tells me skeptic is more emotionally connected and attracted to Lauren

No. 547836

File: 1522993349375.jpg (28.77 KB, 500x602, skeptic.jpg)

No. 547866

File: 1522999177532.jpg (19.41 KB, 204x300, vol-3-issue-8-small-cover-204x…)

Found this with a bit of digging :l

No. 547873

is there supposed to be a bulge here because I don't see anything. could be a woman's crotch tbh

No. 547875

File: 1523000313445.png (565.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180406-032500.png)

Found a lost channel btw also a 6 second video on it of her spoon feeding Ollie some pellets but he's so sexually frustrated from not being neutered that he stops eating to hump her neck pillow :v(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 547878

What a strange looking photo hairwise. I am going to be charitable and say it's the photo quality, but the wig just looks so clumpy.


I really hope he wasn't neutered because the video is old. Is there any way he could have been neutered but still humping? I don't know much about this, but my brother claimed to see his neutered make cat fucking his neutered female cat and I don't know if rabbits are similar, esp of neutered later rather than sooner. He could be mistaken though. Still, I would be 0 percent surprised if June failed to provide basic care for her animal. Maybe she stated that he is still intact in the video, but I'm not gonna bother watching her spoonfeed her rabbit.

Sage for OT/sperging about pets

No. 547884


I bet this article isn't even super feminist or anything. It probably suggests having your partner finish on your chest as part of the list. Not everyone is a fan of swallowing, June. This isn't some radfem conspiracy and even their perspective isn't a personal fucking attack on you and your boring, over-shared sex life.

No. 547889

File: 1523004672301.gif (1.92 MB, 336x189, catie wayne.gif)

Boxxy - Catie Wayne
>The original one
>Isn't holding onto her persona from 2008
>Does her own thing
>Is actually into nerd interests
>Her opinions don't depend on neckbeard approval
>Still a cutie pie
>Doesn't even know or care who June is

shoe0nhead - June La Porta
>Copied Boxxy when she realized she'll gain male attention that way
>Still wearing the horrible emo eyeliner
>Very dependent on male attention
>pretends she's a teen, she's 26
>Changes her opinion constantly to get attention, very hypocritical
>Hasn't done anything with her life other than shitposting on internet
>Pretends she's a nerd but she has no nerd interests at all
>Very embarrassing, showing off her sad sex life with an ogre everywhere
>Anonymously shit-talks about Catie Wayne, trying to be the "better boxxy" even though Catie doesn't care about boxxy persona anymore

Whoops sorry June, you can try shitting on Catie through your sockpuppet accounts, but you are still a pathetic bootleg version.

No. 547915

If animals are neutered after they reach sexual maturity, they are more likely to do this.

No. 547969


I know for a fact he's not neutered because June said it scared her yknow like a lot of things and because apparently the last rabbit she had died from being neutered? But that's not an excuse to not get her current one neurtered

No. 547971

File: 1523024056514.png (65.35 KB, 753x545, 1.png)

No. 547973

File: 1523024070370.png (91.31 KB, 781x662, 2.png)

No. 547974

File: 1523024227154.png (154.91 KB, 787x805, 3.png)

Someone posted her's on a previous thread if I remember.

No. 547975

OT, but don't male rabbits spray when they're not neutered? I had a male one very briefly and he would spray/pee on the walls.

And yeah, June's clearly not a "bun expert uwu" like she always claims to be.

No. 547978

File: 1523024626965.png (91.39 KB, 798x770, i block TROLLS.png)

No. 547984


She's not wrong, in her mind anyone that disagrees with her is a troll, with how delusional she is with everything else this isn't a shock.

No. 547992

File: 1523025434627.png (62.7 KB, 746x638, berfect gf uwu.png)

>never let him go hungry
You certainly are excelling at that.

No. 548006

woah, shes really pretty. june could never.

she so needs that poor bun taken off her ignorant hands


No. 548030


She could've summarized it

>Be their fuckmommy

No. 548039

step 1: be a cuck or a literal doormat so he can feel like an alpha male

No. 548077

>be his mom and also suck his dick

No. 548078

File: 1523032635309.png (327.38 KB, 565x554, rttxISk.png)

June making fun of an autistic transwoman targeted by kiwifarms? That's not going to go over well with Contrapoints and the other transwomen she sucks up to

No. 548080

The fact that she's the one who made that tweet makes it even more pathetic.
How did you like kissing Catie's ass to oblivion and basing your persona on hers, June?

No. 548082

I love it when cows collide.

No. 548089

June will have to grow up too, but she won't come out on the other end looking so cute with a strong identity of her own.

No. 548106

Is she making fun of him by retweeting this? She's been sucking so much tranny dick lately i wouldn't be surprised if she actually supports chris-chan like other morons simply because he went trans. Like you can not tell me wig would ever want to be associated with chris-chan if he was still the way he was before. This to me just proves she'll support anyone who is trans even if they had a history of racism, sexual assault, harassment etc.

That or she's just trying look more like a total chantardd!! Look i know who chris chan is in 2018! Wow!

No. 548112

File: 1523034825566.png (293.74 KB, 563x635, sxCmv8O.png)

>June will have to grow up too
Not anytime soon by the looks of it

No. 548113

File: 1523034900718.png (84.48 KB, 549x341, whosacq.png)

It's like she's bragging about her subscribers but playing it off as a joke

No. 548117

She's been sitting at 900k for months now. It seems like her channel has been slowing down a lot, tbh.

No. 548128

it's so weird to see cwc be referred as a mere ''autistic transwoman targeted by kf'' kek

No. 548158

underrated post lmaooooo

No. 548202

I wasn't expecting a Chris Chan episode here
He only became a 'woman' to grab the pussy but ended up with nothing but an infected dick piercing that's now his makeshift clit
I'm sure Contra will conjure up some manner of defense for that stalking predator though

No. 548231

File: 1523039814594.png (13.08 KB, 578x127, E9O4X2r.png)

She's always goofing on old/middle-aged women like she won't grow into an old white woman someday

No. 548237

June's so whiny and entitled anyway that guaranteed if her parents didn't do all the shopping for her she'd be in stores causing a stink for employees not kowtowing to her.

Just look how bent she gets when people on the internet so much as disagree with her opinions and tell her no.

No. 548240

I don't see the problem with that tbh. It’s like saying "how can you hate kids, you were one yourself"

No. 548242

Modified list to make June a better gf:
1. Instead of pandering to him, call him out on his bullshit so that he becomes a better person because this is literally something only a best friend can do.
2. Have serious conversations in private about what your relationship is so that he knows how to be sensitive and respectful in public
3. Never let him go to sleep without dieting and exercising together so you that you don’t wake up fat with clogged arteries

June’s list was cute and all, but she’s engaged to the person she wants to have kids with. This isn’t a high school relationship. A serious relationship is about elevating your partner to a better version of themselves.

No. 548245

No. 548248

“Ruby bartleson Shoe0nhead is the reason I'm not a feminist anymore, I cring at the thought that I I used to be one, I was such a cringy bitch. #skepticisahunk


No. 548265

Speaking of embarassing fan accounts, does she still run one of her own fan accounts on twitter?

No. 548270

Both the accounts reek of edgy teens running them.

Nah, they're both dead last time I checked.

No. 548273

File: 1523043198959.png (41.86 KB, 621x797, 1.png)

No. 548279

File: 1523043995214.png (29.73 KB, 487x335, o8gJ2EF.png)

You forgot the best one kek

No. 548359

File: 1523050468486.png (686.22 KB, 664x1776, 4bBzYCc.png)

No. 548374

Wig is good at cosplaying Blaire White.

No. 548397

I'm surprised she even talked to Layman, he made a bunch of videos criticizing Grocery's lack of understanding of what he talks about.

No. 548401

I wish she would get called out on her hypocrisy because this bitch needs to go hide in a hole she crawled from

>Will you ever make a video about MGTOW?

>I was going to, but lost interest

Oh please..
Wig, we all know you chickened out.

Your fat boyfriend is a part of MGTOW/redpill/manosphere and more than half of your fanbase. Tgey were the primary audience you pandered to.
Can't make a video calling out them, so much easier to shit on women for wanting to be treated with basic human decency.

No. 548443

Lmao, June should honestly delete this post. It makes her look like a huge hypocrite.

No. 548556

It just occurred to me that June clearly never leaves her parents' house so she must pile on that awful 2007 eyeliner and falsies just to sit in her room and shitpost on Twitter. I can't believe she's in her late twenties.

No. 548577

the second trans women support flat chested women she turns her cheek
what was that about you not hating women june?

No. 548578

File: 1523072699142.png (303.34 KB, 571x391, cW2yVOq.png)

june you're 27, you're not a 17 yr old teenager uwu

No. 548581

whats this for june? to attract a gross cheating fattie with more curves than you who blows your money on cam girls and kicks you out once a month and barely even acknowledges your existence most of the time? no thanks
who the fuck would take relationship advice from this thot

No. 548587

riiight lol… she really thinks she's a teenager when she's actually considered ancient by her dear neckbeards fanbase

No. 548589


>never let them go to sleep angry, hungry, or horny

"my big-daddy-hero groceries is such a huge pouting overgrown toddler that he isn't able to regulate his own emotions, so it's up to me to soothe, manage, and ~validate~ his Big Feelings. he also can't be trusted with butter knives, let alone use the stove, so it's up to me to microwave his chicken nuggies and aeroplane them into his drool-covered, trembling mouth. oh and then i have to blow him while inhaling his dorito farts, because if he doesn't get his suckies before beddie-byes you can guarantee he'll poop his diaper on purpose to express his Big Angry Feelings"

No. 548590

Lmao.. Well done.

No. 548616




Redpill, as in "Hit the gym and GFTOW", redpill? On what planet?

No. 548633

okay, maybe not completel, redpill
but he certainly is following "treat your woman like shit, you are the alpha god" part

No. 548674


I've never actually seen anyone that identified as a RP-Male say shit like that tbh.

Sage for off topic, but they're typically extra hard on men that behave like Skeptic, the people I know that ascribe to that are all about being the best version of themselves that they can be, they're just against exclusive relationships and stuff like that.

Its usually the mgtow that are about the whole "Treat your women like shit, because women are slooots", and RP men hate them for that, because that behavior is "beta" and reactionary.

No. 548686


june, you were born in 1991. That's almost a decade before 2000. Stop.

No. 548726

Anon please, if you ever visit r/theredpill , you can see that the entirety of that subreddit is basically a guide on how to gaslight women. They say it's fine because women are "mentally like teenagers" and men are only adults in the house (lmfao).
Sure, step one is to lift weights but everything that comes after is pick-up techniques, gaslighting and emotional abuse directed towards women.

June is probably fine with redpill, she loves being told that she's mentally a teenager.

No. 548729

This is extremely accurate.

No. 548735

Tbh all the redpillers I know would just make fun of him for being fat

No. 548761

I actually had an RP guy chat me the other day, “who is that youtuber with the dad stomach and the weak arms again,” referring to AS.

I love hearing how other men talk about Glub because he clearly thinks of himself as an alpha male, but I think he’s the kind of guy most men would collectively agree to stop hanging out with.

No. 548851

I noticed June unfollowed a ddlg account she was following. Is she trying to hide it now since everyone was making fun of her?

No. 548871

What account? On twitter or insta?

No. 548872

She was following https://twitter.com/milkwebs previously

No. 548892

Surprised that Grocery wasn't following her too. He has a penchant for camgirls, after all.

No. 548918


No. 548937


Been there quite a few times actually, first found out of their existance when Rollo Tomassi (Rational Male Blog) did his AMA there. I've never seen any gaslighting, I have seen them throw around the idea that women operate on a biological level and are driven by emotions rather than logic, but I don't necessarily disagree with that, there is the bit about dread game that I don't necessarily disagree with, but really thats the nuclear option. I see them as more of a guideline to become better men, there are even a good deal of women in the community to, they've started r/redpillwomen, which June could honestly stand to read up on.

Not just that, but being a fat, whiny, nerd who exists to complain about movies, looks like he hasn't set foot in a gym in decades, and is in an dating a histrionic nutjob who just so happens to be the exact kind of girl they preach to stay away from. By their standard he'd be a peacocking beta.

No. 548938

File: 1523125708281.png (19.99 KB, 584x419, oXi4GZZ.png)


No. 548940

File: 1523125780674.png (18.57 KB, 569x212, IFkPX2f.png)

No. 548942

File: 1523125862608.png (231.63 KB, 584x814, 5evRhIb.png)

Actually, to the surprise of no one, there's more TERF sperging. Sorry

No. 548944

>women operate on a biological level and are driven by emotions rather than logic, but I don't necessarily disagree with that
Hmm. So, are you a retarded redpill man projecting men's sensitive caveman behavior on women or just a dumb bitch?

No. 548946


>Annoying Screeching about Transfolk

>Not having herself as an option

So much for self awareness

No. 548948

Whoever doesn't vote altright/tradcon just to stick one up on TERFs are just pandering to June and lying to themselves.

If there's a group that wants trannies eradicated, it's the con-right. All TERFs want are women's spaces and a biological standard of being a woman.

No. 548952


Neither, actually.

Why would I have to be either to agree with that? its pretty much a widely held opinion, unless you just disagree with there being biological differences.

We're getting off topic AF but I wouldn't mind hearing you out on why I'm retarded though.

No. 548953

File: 1523126761198.png (39.99 KB, 599x341, 1ZqX3Gf.png)

No. 548955

Why can't June see that is what transwomen are doing though? They are men pretending to be women, but also condescending to biological women, saying they can't talk about their vaginas around them cuz it's triggering.

Transwomen are forcing themselves into women only safe spaces while still remaining male privileged.

June is the biggest try hard 'trans ally' i've seen in a while. She really does hate women.

No. 548960

It's funny cuz the only transman June seemed to give a shit about was his childhood. The only reason she wants to care about this person is because they want to complain about biological women too. June is so predictable.

No. 548965

File: 1523127303160.png (22.46 KB, 588x234, VdVWx28.png)

"What makes you say this" she says while grabbing a note pad, so she doesn't have to form any thoughts of her own

No. 548970

>"TERFS are more dangerous than the alt-right"

>alt-right is sexist and wants to take away rights from women and gay people, and pretty much anyone non conservative or wealthy

>TERFS wants to fight for women's rights

B-BUT MUH TERFS. How long do you think June will continue this crusade on TERFS and feminists?

No. 548976

>"They have the NERVE to air their experiences of being raped by men around me, and then they say the hormones I'm putting into my body may have unwanted consequences."
K. Women looking out for you instead of telling you want to hear is terrible. Got it.

Love to hear the reply from >>548965.

No. 548979

File: 1523128142879.png (23.29 KB, 596x239, jeOnzlt.png)

Surprised she would even acknowledge this response tbh

No. 548988

File: 1523128848537.png (53.19 KB, 568x218, YzW6Dof.png)

he never posts anything about her videos unless he's featured, while she's out there licking his balls 24/7. what a strong dom daddy uwu

No. 548989

No. 548996

How can anyone buy this? There are literally zero cases of Terves harassing trannies, only vise versa. Most radfems kiss Aidens' asses too. This is nothing but A-logging at this point.

No. 549001

File: 1523130152613.png (507.07 KB, 588x632, why.png)

I guess he's into black girls too. Seriously who goes on twitter and likes stuff like this, what is the purpose.


No. 549002


Grocery, the super intelligent "skeptic" just picks easy shit like "flat earthers" to debunk. You hardly ever see him doing a video on a complex problem (and when he does, he fails to do proper research and pulls shit out of his own ass)

June also got famous by making fun of the low-hanging fruit, but as she is trying to shit on radical feminists, she gets her ass handed back to her. That's why she's on a 24/7 blocking spree.

No. 549003

Grocery is such an intellectual, making all these super informative videos debunking UFOs and flat Earth, things that the majority of people, normal people, clearly believe in and spend so much time thinking about. What a brave and difficult endeavor, coming to a conclusion that not everyone with common sense would already know.

No. 549005

Oh oops, jinx I guess anon.

No. 549008

I'd understand if he was actually friends with the girl…but Grocery just finds random women selfies to like non-stop…

No. 549016

File: 1523130600596.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.24 KB, 1200x675, DZZuSd5XUAAHjOl.jpg)

Yes she looks like a nice friend

No. 549017


Probably the first girl he's like that's similar to june. Progress?

No. 549019

I saw his fans defending him saying he can't do research because of his dyslexia, but that's not an excuse. Besides, why can't he just get June to read it to him? She already does it for other stuff like that 12 Rules tweet in the previous thread.

No. 549021

The whole narrative of "TERFs are LITERALLY killing trans women!!!" is so silly. All TERFs really want is their own spaces without transwomen in them, which is their right. Meanwhile homophobic men and conservative banjo fuckers are the ones Literally killing people in this community, but people like June think TERFs posting on twitter is violence.

No. 549022

lmao what a convenient excuse for laziness.

No. 549024

If he can't do research he should just be doing something different with his life as opposed to talking out his ass, "educating" people about shit nobody cares about.

No. 549026

*in their community, not implying participation lmao

No. 549027

if he can't research due to dyslexia, then maybe, just maybe, he shouldn't have chosen to work in a field that relies on research?
and what about june's dumb ass? she doesn't have dyslexia but she probably hasn't picked up a book since HS

No. 549028

But how would he otherwise boost his own ego and feel like the smartest man alive

No. 549033

File: 1523131384129.png (412.49 KB, 569x600, RELZ8WH.png)

No. 549034

I know a couple of people with dyslexia and they use dragon dictate and text to speech programs to write full research papers. If he really has a drive to make researched videos, there are a lot of resources for people who have difficulty reading.

No. 549036

File: 1523131575852.png (99.5 KB, 596x836, TJz0kSY.png)


No. 549042


Making fun of someones bio? Really june. Something tells me you wouldn't be okay with someone making fun of yours for proudly proclaiming to be the foot stool of a repugnant neckbeard.

No. 549050

Just gonna go out on a limb right now that a alt-right/tradcon dude is more likely to threaten or kill a trans person than a TERF, the fucking delusion. I guess it's easier to go after TERFs than your worthless fanbase, huh?

No. 549054

>shilling RP and RPW

Please show me a single well-adjusted person, male or female, who buys into this movement, because I have tried for years to absolutely no avail.

No. 549065

Clearly you are the latter if you A. believe that shit given what we know about how males behave and B. unironically shill redpill crap. They're just as bad if not worse than le skeptics.

No. 549069

File: 1523134083406.png (258.82 KB, 610x761, oyltupf.png)

Cucked yet again kek. Would it kill him to give his fiance attention?

No. 549071


Oh my god every time Grocery replies to some random woman/camwhore, June suddenly also replies and gets ignored.


No. 549072

"I have lysdexia!"
So what? You can fight it with reading the same shit multiple times.
Worked for a friend for getting his PHD at 31.

No. 549078



No. 549080

>"h-hey guys, remember me!"

No. 549081

But that's Shoe0nhead's brand innit, bashing women. Why focus on the men who kill TIMs when complaining about women having minds of their own scores so many delicious cookies from misogynists?
>Most radfems kiss Aidens' asses too.
Sage for OT but yeah, there's a lot of this. Transactivist women get called out all the time for their bs but an ftm says the same ish and its somehow "not their fault". The coddling is insane but anyhoo…

No. 549085


Off of the top of my head, Rollo Tomassi, Aaron Marino/Alpha M., Coach Corey Wayne, just to name a few.


>A. believe that shit given what we know about how males behave

What exactly is it that we know? I'm not saying men aren't driven by their own biology, just to a differing extent than women, are there exceptions to this rule? Absolutely. Are there women who are display a greater capacity for logic and stoicism than most men? Sure, but at a baseline, what they're saying isn't far-fetched is all.

>B. unironically shill redpill crap.


>They're just as bad if not worse than le skeptics.

I don't disagree, I feel like all groups that believe in the whole absolutist "its this or that" way of thinking are bad, but I don't believe that everyone among them are bad. Just bad apples and bad actors.

But if you still think I'm just some retard by all means, let's agree to disagree and get back to a mutual dislike for shoe

No. 549087

File: 1523135773813.jpg (67.68 KB, 592x444, hqdefault.jpg)

Is this Armoured Grocery?

No. 549088

I hope he is infertile.

No. 549089

File: 1523135881007.jpg (79.64 KB, 800x537, IMG_20180407_171312.jpg)

Yeah and that's because growing up trans can be just as bad or worse then what women have to deal with so why don't they own their shit instead if pretending they experience the exact same issues as bio women?

Why is this so fucking hard to understand? This has nothing to do with being a terf, its just reality.

No. 549091

i think it’s possible but having an extra Y chromosome is seen as kind of a meme (if I remember correctly there’s a superhero whose origin story is having an extra Y chromosome) so she might have been joking.

No. 549102

Schmeckle being a total idiot again and tries to stir some shit for his show.
Why does anybody react to him after all these years i don't even.

No. 549103

Wig can claim that her obsession with TERFS is something that's currently just an interest to her but it's obvious that she constantly spergs out over a small group of women who only accept biological reality.

I'd understand if she tweeted few times about it and why she disagrees with certain points but she's constantly rage tweeting TERFS THIS TERFS THAT as if somehow a small group of radical feminists are here to bring the apocalypse.

I don't if her ego is hurt over Magdalen owning her and her tranny friend's dumb arguments or what?

No. 549106

File: 1523136814971.jpg (30.63 KB, 567x261, Capture.JPG)

No. 549107

File: 1523136894781.jpg (65.56 KB, 560x575, Capture.JPG)

Shittalking Magdalen again.

Typical shoe thing. Block her then shittalk her so she can't see.

No. 549109

June is just too scared to admit she has no arguments and would be easily defeated in debate.

No. 549110

>Unable to come up with a non-straw man argument, wig sticks another pin in her Magdalen voodoo doll and deletes a few more tweets to calm herself down.

No. 549111

she "legit harasses/annoys/is a dick" to people for no reason all the time, but when they block her, she announces it to the whole world. but there's no shame blocking meanies, right june?
but when contrapoints publicly announces that he's friends with june only to change her mind and to increase his audience, that's okay? kek
then again, june doesn't see transwomen as actual women so no wonder why she's nicer to them

No. 549116

File: 1523137825009.png (372.37 KB, 575x489, j6NKp3o.png)

June, your only interest is shitting on TERFs and women in general

No. 549119

File: 1523137913344.jpg (972.42 KB, 275x207, uxJD5yN.jpg)


Man this is actually just embarrassing. How do her followers not realize how much of a cuck she is?

No. 549124

File: 1523138457225.png (186.39 KB, 214x525, 150990215898.png)

No. 549125

File: 1523138568735.jpg (35.56 KB, 445x503, Kr3N5F6.jpg)

No. 549126

I just wonder who the fuck is in the glass' reflection.

No. 549128

File: 1523138808773.png (10.01 KB, 548x110, CeRWybj.png)

No. 549129

What a stupid excuse.

No. 549130


He looks like a fat Romanian tourist

No. 549136


He's a early 2000s movie villain.

No. 549137

All I read was "my aging is becoming very obvious i need to step my make up game up fast"

If you need to rely on make up to look/feel good against other women, you already lost.

That reminds me, her and grocery strike me as the type of couple where she has to wear make up and her wig 24/7 for him to even find her attractive.

No. 549139

would you let grocery dutch oven you for one billion dollars

No. 549144

What's the point since I'd die a horrible, painful death before recieveing all that money.

No. 549146

Is she for real?!! She talks about and screenshots terfs and radfems all day but when one responds she complains about baiting? I swear this is the second time at least she's done this with Magdalen. Not to mention all the lame "megamurph" shit when she was desperately trying to get Meghan Murphy to notice her. June if you're looking for a pathetic attention seeker look no further than yourself. FOH!!

No. 549152

What a fecking coward she is to tweet shit about someone after blocking them! Someone needs to get that bitch off the hight horse. She's never called out. Who is gonna be that person?

No. 549155

This. Mags didn't give her the "cap and tweet" response that she likes getting from radfems for her 15 year old fanbase so the only thing left was to shit fling, block and run away.

Why are you giving mags attention still if she's just an attention whore wig? You're giving into her by your own logic.

No. 549167

Is she aware that contact lenses exist?

No. 549170

Conteact lenses doesn't make you look smart.

No. 549174

Are you implying that she didn't just tweet that for attention?

No. 549175


In June's case, neither would glasses.

No. 549176

Apart from the corsage he looks like one of those things where people's faces get mirrored to look symmetrical. Also a bit like Mr. Potato Head.

No. 549177

Yes, June would probably be jealous.

No. 549182


holy shit I thought it actually WAS a mirrored image until you mentioned the corsage, I thought his face looked so fucked up because it was flipped, good lord he looks like an easter island statue in that photo

No. 549186

I think nobody does because… no one cares about her. She's just irrelevant outside of the alt-right/manosphere hugbox. Personally I didn't even know of her existence until her lolcow threads

No. 549190

File: 1523143462165.png (54.97 KB, 752x570, 1.png)

No. 549191

What the fuck, I hope that was because Grocery's weight had already strained it to the limit so the addition of her weight easily broke it.

How long had they even known each other for when they first met?

No. 549192


They've been together for 3 years right?
So I'm expected to believe that Groc has been sleeping on a busted bedframe for 3 years?

Such a daddy dom.

No. 549216

File: 1523145929881.jpg (17.61 KB, 275x206, 1493022890955.jpg)

Are we sure it wasn't Grocery who broke the bed?

No. 549218

Kek I bet it was already broken but he had it positioned to look ok, June sits on it and it breaks again, Greg blames June to neg her and to hide the fact that his fat ass broke the bed and he's been sleeping on it without fixing/replacing it.

No. 549233

And he can’t buy a new one because…?
Such a strong self-sufficient dom daddy

No. 549259

She's the same height as Blair? She's not a 5'2 smol goddess after all? Blair is 5'5….

No. 549269

hairy-assed trannies trying to be ethots is the funniest thing ever, while june publicly embarrassing herself by trying to mention sex every two seconds is a close second.

No. 549299

It's mirrored from the neck up.

No. 549302

File: 1523154337718.jpg (80.53 KB, 590x568, what2.jpg)


No. 549306

If you imagine "rest of my interests" to be "sperging about TERFs" and disappointed Picard to be Literally Anything Else, it works as a meme

No. 549317

>"i don't talk about race"
Okay june
Might as well start looking up trailer parks now because thats where you and thiccboi are headed

No. 549319

Why did she retweet herself like she said something funny or otherwise worthwhile

No. 549424

she's so fucking conceited lol

No. 549464

File: 1523166744167.jpeg (78.68 KB, 750x486, C6EEDCD3-45BF-4965-838B-773F31…)

I like how she uses all caps like everything they say is so amazingly hilarious.

No. 549478

She has virtually 0 response videos from other yters, now that mancheese got deleted.

No. 549479

The way she talks about gay stuff always comes across as awkward, esp since she's a straight woman who throws around fag. Tbh the fact that her latest personality revolves all around TERFs/trans shit is even weirder since most of these LGBT issues don't affect her at all

No. 549495

Wig hijacks even her beloved trannies' conversations

>Tranny: Guys I gotta buy a new bed but I'm also kinky~


lmao, no wonder thex all talk shit behind her back

No. 549523

No. 549526

no idea what possible things could actually be in her videos (who would watch this?) but i notice the titles of the last two posted here are just Pewdiepie catchprhases? Respec whamen and you're mom gay are things that are kinda funny when he says them in his accent but no one uses them outside that so what's this turd1nwig's big idea? Look at her mid face it's like twice the size its sposed to be

No. 549528

File: 1523180641638.jpg (73.31 KB, 1112x661, Capture.JPG)

She didn't have a witty comeback for this one.

No. 549532

File: 1523181018638.png (1.54 MB, 1061x1335, Untitled.png)

No. 549534

I just can't believe its 2018 and she is still filming all her videos in 2007 webcam quality

No. 549535

>jokes on you, I'm going to be on a leash, cleaning the folds of my obese neckbeard husbando's fupa when I'm 30 and busted >:D
that's literally worse; she just dragged herself harder than they did. cringing at her trying to flex that cheap-ass ring too, eugh.

No. 549536

File: 1523182145858.jpg (425.04 KB, 2188x1532, female leafy.jpg)

Someone left a comment saying she looks like a squirel with a "nut-eating face" and June said:
>Yea, I eat some mad Canadian nut but..

Other than than for majority of the comments she has no comebacks, she just reads through them.

She got tons of "You look like Leafy" comments and she just screamed "WHOMST WHOMST THE FUCK", that's about it.

She said she'll make a video next week. I guess she's trying to make more money.

No. 549537

File: 1523182405839.jpg (32.38 KB, 270x590, Capture.JPG)

She now makes $2311 per video through Patreon alone.

If she reaches $3000, you'll get to see her having opinions on non-political subjects!

No. 549538

>Teehee, did you know we guys had sex ?
Is what this sounds like.

Also just buy a new bedframe, wtf? They're not even that expensive.

No. 549578

when she actually talks about terfs so much I misread "random thoughts" as "radfem thoughts"

No. 549593

File: 1523189245616.png (37.61 KB, 762x362, 1.png)

No. 549657

Why does she say this ''bye'' to sound like a 'cute' little girl? This is so cringy. And why doesn't she respond to the comments she reads? Like whats the point of this video? Is she so deluded about herself that she thinks those judgements made about her don't actually reflect anything about her? Or is she so self-absorbed she thinks it's worthwhile just doing a video reading the comments about herself? I mean the video is so unfunny.

No. 549663

I think the worst part is that she had the audacity to make Patrons pay for that video. How conceited do you have to be?

No. 549680

File: 1523200241980.jpg (81.64 KB, 750x751, IMG_20171121_193639.jpg)

No. 549689

>Like whats the point of this video?
The point is she finally realizes she can bank because her followers are that retarded and lonely they would pay for a "cute" "funny" girl making commentary on a shitty webcam with edits that take maybe an hour tops(im being kind) to do.

I'm surprise she's finally capitalizing on it. I'd be impress if she was actually self aware of what a card board cut out her channel is but, she's not. There is some weird irony in the fact her fans are the types who bitch and whine that women have it easier in society because of 'looks' etc and yet they support wig who is only popular for being a pretty face who says things that they like to hear. Basically the "hot fox new lady" all over again.

That's why these threads end up nitpicking her appearance mostly because she's really just average cute WITH the shitty webcam. I bet if she were to switch to the same quality of camera her and grocery use on their movie reviews for her channel there would be swarms of comments pointing out how "unhot" she is now.

No. 549692

File: 1523202012137.png (258.74 KB, 450x428, philtrum.png)

her philtrum is really freaking me out

No. 549696


What bothers me more is her eye make up. Her eyes are so freakishly close set to begin with and the inner corner eyeliner makes them look even MORE close set. Jesus has she ever watched a makeup tutorial? She's making herself look worse. Kind of sad that she's so proud of wearing this mess for over 10 years

No. 549708


Her makeup is mostly that way because of the boxxy thing and because of her trich. She probably pulled some hairs out. The heavy eyeliner and cheap looking lashes hide that.

Between blaire (atleast when the seem closer, now Blare's in LA and social life is soaring so no need to entertain online friends) and Youtube tutorials there's plenty of makeup tutorials out there to help. Heck, even Blaire has a makeup tutorial she could follow.

As long as she's not upgrading her 360 cam quality and her fans think the worse she looks is a female leafy why change.

No. 549711

>There is some weird irony in the fact her fans are the types who bitch and whine that women have it easier in society because of 'looks' etc and yet they support wig who is only popular for being a pretty face who says things that they like to hear. Basically the "hot fox new lady" all over again.

Exactly. Also she always says women's lifes are so freaking easy and they've got ''vagina gold''. She's so disconnected from the real world and she thinks all the other women are the way she is lol

No. 549725

>She's so disconnected from the real world and she thinks all the other women are the way she is lol
Which might explain why male attention seeking anti-feminist don't get why catcalling, unwanted sexual advances etc is still an issue. Wig probably can't wrap her head around the fact that there are women who don't rely on their looks to have decent living. She probably has the same gamergate mentality that all women successful in male dominated fields gave sexual favors, flirted etc to be there.

No. 549728

>Her makeup is mostly that way because of the boxxy thing and because of her trich. She probably pulled some hairs out. The heavy eyeliner and cheap looking lashes hide that.

Couldn't she wear better false lashes to hide that she pulls them out and incorporate them into a more natural look? She would look 100% better without the 2008 scene girl eyeliner.

No. 549732

She purposely places herself in male communities that worship the first non-ugly girl they see that agrees with them, she's a film school dropout who has no other experience outside of sucking neckbeards for bucks and working at a makeup store, hell she didnt even move out her parents house despite being """engaged""" and always makes excuses, like lmfao june we know why you still live at your parents house without your fiance

Her life is easy because despite coming from money, she chose to suck off neckbeards as her career path and is making 2k per video from it and now since all shes ever seen is her prissy rich white girl life she now assumes all women have it as easy as her, like june take a good hard look at all the women being abused and raped since they were children, the women who if they speak out about their abuse june screams liar at them, there isnt one case I've ever seen of a woman getting raped or abused without people screaming liar, even after rape tests and after they man admits it people still scream liar, not everyone is a man worshiping doormat

No. 549733

Then she wont have tiny beady eyes anymore

I think she would look better with the false eyelashes and natural eyeshadow and a small wing

No. 549755

File: 1523208575828.jpg (1.78 MB, 1958x881, IMG_20180408_102706.jpg)

aaaaand her fans are still roasting her on twitter with Leafy lookalike memes. :^)

No. 549762

love this pre-hrt and post-hrt pic of shoe

No. 549764

I'm surprise she's not offended that a big chunk of her fanbase is leafy fans aka edgy teen boy demographic. I guess as long as your making that money your standards can be this low as a "skeptic"

No. 549771


That has always been her demographic, anon.

Edgy teens, edgy not-like-the-other-uwu-girls, etc.

No. 549777

Feel like this vid was made to day, “When I’m crying all the time it’s not bc of you guys.”

But you can tell by her forced laughter that Internet comments get to her. She would be better off lying and saying she doesn’t read any comments at all.

No. 549780


She could if she wanted to better herself. But she won't even put in real money towards her wigs and clothes so we're all expecting too much.

If wig invested in a quality human hair full lace wig (since why not shill on it if that's all you wear), upgraded to more natural looking makeup and at the very least get nicer clothes in her "style" because well all know the brands are out there it would make a world of a difference. Maybe the whole nymphet look would work for her (since that's what she wants to be anyway)

But a guess looking presentable isn't the same as looking like a quirky kid just discovering makeup and finding themselves still

No. 549816

Ok but if someone told me this was someone's transition I'd buy it.

No. 549833

File: 1523214989443.png (68.78 KB, 634x249, SqX5BLD.png)

did she force him at gunpoint to tweet this

No. 549846

File: 1523216160466.png (57.29 KB, 627x316, hJU84Ew.png)

No. 549856

>Maybe the whole nymphet look would work for her
She's creeping up on 30, dude. Plus since a lot of the issues with her look are her natural features, changing her make-up and hair will only help so much. I don't think that she has the potential to be above a 6.5

No. 549896

File: 1523219642911.png (20.45 KB, 626x162, gq8MeGX.png)


No. 549897

File: 1523219668796.png (135.94 KB, 624x556, p0CkYTo.png)

No. 549914

File: 1523220104082.png (27.54 KB, 631x280, SOmXWXc.png)

No. 549916

File: 1523220160333.png (155.8 KB, 502x362, 1399087569854.png)

Someone should make a shoe0nhead 2.0 and just have it tweet about female biology

No. 549918

File: 1523220226625.png (51.8 KB, 678x432, spdjHmQ.png)


No. 549923

File: 1523220304772.png (219.27 KB, 640x626, 0fIt0t3.png)

and yet she never goes after the alt-right, only terfs. wonder why

No. 549925

people just watch her because she's attractive in a 'quirky' way

No. 549927

Holy shit, I'll do it.

No. 549928

File: 1523220455929.png (50.21 KB, 629x267, hHldeYL.png)

last one, sorry

No. 549932


>does sargon even know of this account

>implying it's not him ban evading

june, pls.

No. 549933

File: 1523221068454.png (505.18 KB, 672x996, aPF5ldY.png)

did this conceited bitch really make a bunch of gifs of herself? kek

No. 549944

File: 1523221731751.png (30.56 KB, 719x460, 1.png)

someone should if it's triggering her this much.

No. 549949

File: 1523221949750.png (30.03 KB, 632x252, CFak1NE.png)

not the last one sorry, she's super triggered over such a silly problem
>>549944 posted the other tweet but there's this too

No. 549952

No. 549954

File: 1523222181202.jpg (10.11 KB, 399x314, 1402136400309.jpg)

yeah she's retardly active about this. Does sargon even care about her this much? Like this shit happens to anyone midly known on the internet calm your fake tits wig.

No. 549960

kek wonder how fast she'll block you

No. 549961

calm down june literally no one cares

No. 549962

Whatever happened to her being an insecure shy neet girl who got bullied by womenz

No. 549968

I'm not gonna tweet directly at her. I'll just slowly tweet female biology facts

No. 549973

just so you know one of her fans made this https://twitter.com/sheo0nhead. so i guess she should be totally cool with people making fake accounts. if you catch my drift

No. 549976

This one is more shitty. Mine is actually more true to the original when it comes to avatar, description etc and easier to find when searching

Though I am aware that she was baiting. She actually wanted people to make 2.0 accounts of her.

No. 549981

File: 1523224094927.png (23.4 KB, 630x262, AIL3LIt.png)

imagine actually getting mad about a fake sargon twitter

No. 549982

you are the TRUE and HONEST shoe0nhead twitter account

No. 549986

kek, thanks anon

If anyone has some fun female facts, I'll gladly post it for you on the TRUE and HONEST shoe0nhead account

No. 549987

File: 1523224337869.png (111.83 KB, 767x466, NCxBPgN.png)

what beliefs does she actually have other than ~dunking on feminism~

No. 549989

I hope this means she's go on a twitter sperg about anime and how she "totally actually likes it" suddenly despite history saying otherwise.

No. 549993

File: 1523224614542.png (216.06 KB, 623x532, V0ojInr.png)

it's already begun. maybe weeb will be her next personality

No. 549999

so like is she just going to pretend she didn't actually bully someone for liking anime in high school? does she not have any form of remorse where maybe it would be hard to make that joke because she'd just get memory of being a bitch to another person or is she so fake that she's just going to pretend she was always a "smol uwu awkward geek"

No. 550010

Is she new on The Internet, or does she not realize that especially in the circles she frequents, telling people not to do shit means they'll definitely do it since most of them are contrarian idiots or just want to spite her like anons here?

No. 550011

A lot of liberals find the "anime trash meme" to be racist so good luck getting more liberal friends, June!

I think she's under the delusion that her past never happened, and that she was the victim in the situation. You can tell from how she talks in that video.

No. 550021

June is a fake geek girl, which is hilarious considering her autistic neckbeard fanbase who hate girls like her. She's like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

No. 550022

File: 1523226520344.png (400.01 KB, 1366x364, 4yYNF6B.png)

No. 550024


She's doing it because she wants her fanbase to make fake accounts of her.

She's the type of person who loves searching her username nonstop.

No. 550026

I literally just posted this and now the tweet is gone. Why the hell does she delete tweets like 5 secs after she posts them? What's the point

No. 550028

Bunny probably crying from loneliness and being stuck in a tiny cage.

No. 550029

File: 1523226822787.jpg (49.65 KB, 553x421, Capture.JPG)

No. 550031

so she can change her personality constantly without anyone going "but didn't you tweet" etc. Like she deleted the anime post because people might find that video and point out how fake she is.

No. 550033

>and no apartment
so she and Grocery don't even count his apartment as theirs or their future living space? Are they even saving enough for a house? If that's the case why is she buying "apartment things"?

No. 550036

she would have an apartment if her manchild finace would let her move in
but sadly their 24/7 bdsm dynamic is far too complex for a normie like me to understand

No. 550037

File: 1523227444442.jpg (91.9 KB, 300x300, 1299071123423.jpg)

No. 550050

She makes nearly 3k a video and she is seriously saying she can't afford to move out? where are her and gurg supposed to live anyway?

No. 550053

"opinions on non-political subjects"
Wait… i thought she doesn't touch politics! At least that's what she said!

No. 550055

Remember anon some of those 3k a month goes into 1 wig

No. 550056

Imagine being so shit at money that you couldn't budget minimally $3k a month. Retard deserves to live with mom and dad.

No. 550059

why can’t she just move in with groceries???

No. 550060


She could, but according to her getting a visa is hard work (it isn't).

There's also the small matter of groceries obviously not wanting her to.

No. 550063

File: 1523229663721.png (190.03 KB, 632x572, tjkIYsf.png)

No. 550065

Grocery not wanting her is obviously alpha dom daddy shit that you clearly can not comprehend you're a vanilla normie just like >>550036!

No. 550071

File: 1523230653020.png (338.19 KB, 640x462, spleUhS.png)

more narcissism

No. 550083

I think they might have some trouble since Canada requires the sponsor to prove that they can financially support their spouse for 3 years or so, and Grocery makes less than her. Why don't they both just move into a new apartment in the US.

No. 550091

File: 1523232187307.png (59.72 KB, 607x263, MPMARN6.png)

she's oddly obsessed with this Hannah girl from Thinktank and always tweets about her

No. 550092

No. 550095

that's pathetic. my fiance purposefully chose a job with a longer commute time, with a shittier boss to be able to sponsor me. grocery's family is SUPER high up in the public sector and they pay very well, and grocery's former job seemed high paying, he's just too lazy and selfish to get a job that'll support her move there, kek. also a convenient excuse to keep her away while he keeps spending her cuck cash on camgirls

No. 550113

Seems more and more like this marriage probs won’t happen. I can’t see why Canada would want June honestly. I’m not sure what she would contribute. Since it would seem she doesn’t intend to do any real work and has a resume of dropping out and quitting to back that up.

Greg has already been divorced once as well, so their application will likely be more closely evaluated.

No. 550125

File: 1523234187173.png (420.28 KB, 836x496, qIy0pSa.png)

haha get it? because gurg is totes a real life flynn rider uwu

No. 550128

File: 1523234449239.png (329.81 KB, 623x415, s1fwbHw.png)

No. 550129

File: 1523234615187.jpg (321.29 KB, 2048x1152, DBUACPeXYAAgXFx.jpg large.jpg)

No. 550131

Sad thing is, Wiggy could do so much better than this butter golem.

No. 550138

File: 1523235065886.jpg (1001.97 KB, 1536x2048, C9U_mjpXYAIR0Lb.jpg large.jpg)

damn look at those huge biceps

No. 550143

They're so fucking flat jfc. I mean what does he expect? He's totally sedentary. His "job" does't even require the slightest muscle activation. Where does he think strength comes from? Does he have reverse body dysmorphia?

No. 550146

I hope she won't delete this so every time she goes on how hot and manly SkepTHICC is people can link this image and point out the obvious fatbelly he has.

No. 550154

because she's very pretty! like damnnnn

No. 550160

pretty but she speaks so annoyingly and behaves like she's drunk/tipsy all the time. i know it's an act but still.

No. 550165

bitch where
you make 3k a video
like where tf is it all going? most college age people barely make half what she makes in a month and still survive and have lives
seriously, she's making this much money and claiming to be broke???? where is it all going june?

No. 550177

File: 1523238477720.png (41.96 KB, 645x393, zAXIEuP.png)

this is always the extent of your commentary june

No. 550178

File: 1523238536769.png (239.21 KB, 644x592, FaMvkfq.png)

No. 550179

File: 1523238634436.png (303.73 KB, 642x492, y7gACsS.png)

New weeb personality confirmed; if Grocery likes it then she has to defend it with all her might. Maybe she'll finally give the TERF sperging a rest

No. 550190

File: 1523240185515.png (120.87 KB, 654x526, HCGrNi9.png)

No. 550191

File: 1523240434763.png (366.67 KB, 626x379, fURus9p.png)

No. 550193

File: 1523240612061.png (276.32 KB, 666x646, 1QjPEg7.png)

No. 550194

Playdough face looking ass.

No. 550196

"Glow up" June fucking stop please

No. 550226

Eh, to be fair Groceries made some videos making fun of MGTOWs and PUAs in 2016

No. 550233

File: 1523244905326.png (201.46 KB, 542x656, HhVluJ7.png)

No. 550235

File: 1523244947094.png (248.51 KB, 637x557, gft4rvV.png)

No. 550249

she looks like a goofy ass cartoon character. i will never get why some guys find her attractive.

No. 550250

on a video she said she uses a shit camera because she likes the 2007 myspace girl in her bedroom aesthetic

No. 550269

File: 1523247856277.jpg (36.47 KB, 800x800, MPLambchop-2.jpg)

God those falsies are bad bitch be lookin like Lambchop

No. 550297

File: 1523250716222.png (18.55 KB, 578x210, K9XNFrP.png)

No. 550323

File: 1523252782827.png (179.26 KB, 626x558, TiB916U.png)


No. 550325

File: 1523252809595.png (54.97 KB, 624x590, 1LSOO8V.png)

No. 550326

File: 1523252832366.png (20.39 KB, 630x196, Wxa4cuZ.png)

No. 550330

File: 1523252979149.png (335.35 KB, 656x624, tgpGisY.png)

No. 550331

File: 1523253007870.png (75.46 KB, 692x624, h79AS3K.png)

No. 550336

File: 1523253438994.jpg (93.16 KB, 1200x1021, MejzcxH.jpg)

"remember you'll be at my mercy in a couple of weeks, sweetheart"

No. 550337

File: 1523253465775.png (59.98 KB, 624x542, 9jSPitm.png)

No. 550339


Oof, greg is so out of the loop, that line would be cringy back in the 1950s you try so hard to pretend you come from.

You can't even LARP a daddy dom right. No wonder you're retarded

No. 550379

What was the oh so "TOOHOTFORTEHINTERNETZ" post by grocery?

No. 550384

>"Remember you'll be at my mercy in a couple of weeks, sweetheart"

That's "TOO HOT FOR THE INTERNET xDDD" according to June.

Her histrionic personality is unbearable as hell.

No. 550389

File: 1523258484050.png (76.25 KB, 638x343, 2yPCMLu.png)


No. 550394

File: 1523258690834.png (537.54 KB, 1036x1244, FowfbA5.png)

No. 550395

File: 1523258819536.png (42.51 KB, 633x487, hmmBX1M.png)

No. 550398

File: 1523258931137.jpg (61.37 KB, 625x493, holymoly.jpg)

don't forget this!

No. 550402

lol the people shitting on their relationships and calling the power imbalance pretty stupid and pathetic are fucking anti-feminists. how much must you be suffering from GOTIS/"not like the other girls!" that you're trying to call out already disgusting anti-feminist men for basically being moralfags just for wanting to see you treated better/with a nicer guy? lmao

No. 550405

File: 1523259880860.jpg (31.79 KB, 387x387, 26867524_1671224982920907_4667…)

Has this been seen yet? I'm speechless.

No. 550406

File: 1523259978533.png (536.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180409-034302.png)

Hey maybe Shoe can run away with Justin Roiland!

No. 550411

No. 550412

Context for this?

No. 550414

I'm trying to look for it i guess the artist likes her? But this is still from an issue of the official comics but why tho? Of all people?

No. 550416

File: 1523260900464.jpg (194.66 KB, 1402x736, AcAkbOf.jpg)

R&M is cringey and thinks its smarter than it actually is, June is cringey and thinks she's smarter than she actually is. Makes sense I guess

No. 550417

File: 1523260977722.jpg (143.11 KB, 600x919, 02_09-e1486754962899-600x919.j…)

They had psychicpebbles in there before and one of the cover artists in Jontron's ex gf, so I'm not suprised she's in there, too. It's also not the first time some artist put her in a comic. At least the artist in the Rick and Morty comic made it look more like her than the other ones.

No. 550418

So June makes 3k per video yet she can't move out because Grocery controls her finances also doesn't want to move/marry her?

This seems like a really bad joke and I almost feel bad for June (no, I really don't)

No. 550421

ot but xavier: renegade angel never got the love it deserved and rick and morty def has the type of terrible, smug idiot people working on it that would like her
where is she in this? all i see is like a terrible anita sarkeesian parody?

No. 550426

File: 1523261475656.png (578.72 KB, 520x519, Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 4.10…)

She's bottom left.

No. 550427

File: 1523261603506.png (188.32 KB, 632x284, Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 4.12…)

No. 550428

like June would ever praise a woman for being a scientist in a million years

No. 550430


>not looking like a Who with fetal alcohol syndrome

>witing proper grammar
>participating normally in a discussion
>writing tweets that are not "sporkz epic meme women are dum xD"

No. 550432

File: 1523262004208.jpg (154.3 KB, 537x1097, fat solo.jpg)

Congratulations to Grocery's ex wife for getting out of this mess before it was too late.

No. 550439

His obsession with Star Wars is so fuckong cringey he's like a long lost Big Bang Theory character

No. 550444

File: 1523262396659.png (426.74 KB, 500x281, 1482304275637.png)

June thinks she is in a great relationship… He treats her like a retarded child, controls her money, cheats on her, probably uses her money on camwhores (if not actual whores), on top of being an ugly fatfuck and avoiding moving with her or marrying her. I am not sure if I feel pity or just laugh at all of this. It's honestly so pathetic. June, if you are reading this, seek professional help. You can't be in a good place right now if you think this is all fine.

No. 550446

They are clearly trying to appeal to their audience: alt-right virgins who think Lauren and Wig are top notch 'wife material'.

No. 550447

holy fuck do men really think she's this much more intelligent and rational than she really is#

tbf we don't have proof that he's cheating on her or anything, it's just tinfoil, but seeing as how their relationship only came about as a result of cheating in the first place… it's likely that it'll happen

No. 550452

playing devil's advocate here:

he treats her like a retarded child on twitter. imo it's always a mistake to confound someone's persona online with real life.

No. 550455

You forgot to add Glug ever saying sorry.

It makes me wonder if the artist ever even watched any of her videos. It's like a different person all together. Plus, it looks nothing like her. That Anita character looks more like her than what's suppose to be her.

No. 550459

she says she's not allowed in his computer room while she's at his house

No. 550461

Do you really think that he doesn't do that when we know that he controls her income and won't move with her?

No. 550478

Huh so she really wanted to be a cartoon character to be completely 100% waifu I guess? I don't know, maybe next time she wants some dude to draw her as anime loli with big boobs and quirkyXD or something like that, I'm not surprised she was drawing in R&M She used to pander their fans back in 2014/15. That would explain why she always use her shitty camera and wing eyeliner to look like " real life cartoon/anime character xD" to be more special~

No. 550482

Someone who saw them at a con was worried that their dynamic was abusive

No. 550486

That person had to be a vanilla normie who doesn't understand how BDSM relationships work uwu.
SkepTHICC is best waifu 3<

No. 550488

File: 1523266012221.jpg (35.13 KB, 454x229, wew.jpg)


Expectation vs Reality

No. 550496

Ngl, this makes me feel bad for goofing on their relationship if he is in fact abusive. Do you have any more deets, anon? Or just the original post?

No. 550499

File: 1523266972584.png (290.65 KB, 919x439, KEpdoFV.png)

No. 550531


I haven't caught up with Rick and Morty in a while and now I might never actually do it.

Sage for OT and blog post

No. 550551

I’m sorta in this boat except June’s always saying that what we see on the internet is just the surface of their dyncamic and it goes much deeper.

Either way, not a good look. Definitely won’t do them any favors once their fandom eventually dies off.

No. 550558

Honestly, I can't see grocery getting into the states easily either. His being previously divorved is gonna look really bad if he tried to apply for a K-1 visa. And June makes more than him, but she would have to prove beyond a doubt grocery wouldn't burden the system under her care. Since she has an unreliable income like youtube, that's a risk too.

No. 550560

Wtf is JR actually being buddy buddy with Shoe? Fuck that

No. 550563

File: 1523276687106.png (73.24 KB, 200x200, TPHmCnG.png)

this looks more like lady gaga than june

No. 550564

yeah he's just flirting with other women on twitter/liking their nude pics as part of his internet persona teehee

No. 550567

File: 1523277078306.jpg (49.99 KB, 577x516, holymoly.jpg)

tinfoil alert:
Is it possible that wig texted this tranime girl to be "funny" so she can tweet it out thus tranny can get more subs?

No. 550642

File: 1523287062815.jpg (141.51 KB, 1041x908, cd2.jpg)

No. 550643

File: 1523287090195.jpg (111.66 KB, 1200x414, All-New Fathom v6 002-024.jpg)


that story has a twist.

No. 550644

She's still going on about the fake Sargon account bullshit? Dear god, is her life empty

No. 550658

a woman wrote that terrible garbage?

No. 550669

I wonder what wig and grocery think about us calling him out for being ugly as fuck? They only highlight when men do it to seem like only jealous guys call him ugly but, here in these active threads we express how disgusting he is daily and she doesn't whiteknight his ass like she does on twitter to men. It must trigger the fuck out of her because she's always talking about how she can put up with insults towards herself but, not ones regarding her precious alpha daddy dom.

No. 550692

It shouldn't be that hard, hell have you seen 90 day fiance? Some of the poorest, brainless retards who are more than obvious using each other get visas

The only thing that should really stand out if how little and short term they visit each other and for no reason either, even in 90 day they still visit each other for a long time

No. 550695

They'd probably say we're jealous and salty because he's a ~real man~ and we probably date ~soyboys cucks numales~ and every other dumb 4chan buzzword

No. 550699

Oh, I get it. It's because the guy on the coin looks pregnant just like Septic.

underrated, even the philtrum length is accurate

Shoe, there's nothing transphobic about medical guidelines anyway. You can treat people with respect without rejecting the scientific fact that trans women are anatomically distinct from cis women and have their own medical needs.
This is like whining that your doctor is fatphobic for telling your you're obese. Their job is to prolong your life, not preserve your delicate feelings.

And while I'm addressing obesity, June needs to stop telling Septic it's hawt for him to drown his internal organs in visceral fat because of his height. Tall people already have a higher risk of heart disease than their shorter counterparts because their hearts have to pump blood through more mass.
Maybe shoe's a black widow in a long con for canadian citizenship and Septic's cold feet are the only thing keeping him alive, lol

No. 550710

>because he's a ~real man~ and we probably date ~soyboys cucks numales~
OT blogpost but, part of the reason why I love shitting on "dadbod" guys like Grocery who think they're strong, masculine, alpha etc for just being massive fatties is because my bf is personal trainer and we love laughing at pics like >>550138 .

The dadbod scene is just so embarrassing and hypocritical. It's literally fat = big = masculine/alpha/dom w/e in the same plus size women are more femine for having more "curves".

No. 550728

File: 1523295308905.jpg (63 KB, 554x819, Capture.JPG)

Found some old cringe

Posting them here for archiving purposes

No. 550733

File: 1523295424716.jpg (74.93 KB, 508x655, fat gut.jpg)

No. 550735

File: 1523295491691.jpg (37.48 KB, 563x359, Capture.JPG)

No. 550741

Oh christ he's ugly and fat.

June is crazy as shit and he's taking huge advantage of it.
If only we could contemplate what it means to be in a 24/7 bdsm relationship

No. 550745

File: 1523296397717.gif (1.58 MB, 250x220, 1416324298715.gif)

>thinking he's anything like archer
dear fucking god what drugs are these two taking? Does wig need to think he's like these characters in order to fuck him? It kinda seems like that.

Maybe that's why they prefer being in a ldr so she doesn't have to see him and just listen to his voice while she has pics up of flynn or archer on her monitor and thinks "this is my alpha daddy dom :3" In fact, she'd be more sane and understandable if this was the case instead of actually being attracted to him.

No. 550748

now that's AUTISM. I really wonder how june can possibly see this in this chubster

No. 550754

Dunno the Archer character but it's so pathetic how both June and Scepdick force the comparisons to Flynn and Han Solo. They are both characters representing highly idealized type of masculinity that does not exist in real life. It's on a level of some weaboo bitch claiming she is an incarnate of some submissive waifu tittychans. Han Solo and Flynn are enjoyable fictional characters, but anyone trying to imitate them will probably come off as a total tool and a douchebag.

No. 550802

Sage for slightly tinfoil and slightly blog

I have a theory that Grossery is not as into his “daddy dom” role as he’d like everyone to believe. In my experience with men a lot of them have this huge expectation from women that they need to be dominant and “take charge in the bedroom”, coming from a lot of women who outright state that they will only be with a man who’s like that. But most of these same guys have secretly had submissive fantasies that they were afraid they would get looked down on for. They were almost all into dominatrix-type fetishes and things like humiliation.
If Gross is using this forced “Dom” persona because he realizes it’s the only way June is going to be attracted to him, this explains why he’s constantly looking at camwhores because he’s not being sexually fulfilled. He also probably suppresses bitterness toward her for his inability to express his sexuality. His “dom” act appears awkward and forced for this reason, and he overcompensates by making this big public spectacle of it. Also explains why their “super kinky BDSM lifestyle” appears so bland.

No. 550822

I mean it's always been pretty obvious he's not the actual 24/7 dom wig and him like to project. You can tell by just looking at him and wig's askfm answers saying him being a into star wars makes him "alpha" that he doesn't even live up to the basic standards of the dynamic, along with the fact he makes the least amount, wig isn't submissive towards him but is more like his second mom who he insults to feel like a big boy.

Unless am I crazy or has dom loss all meaning besides "he tops me in bed" because I always thought you'd have to at least be the breadwinner so your sub is codependent to you. Being a sub as well, Wig just seems like his nanny that shows up every other month to clean and feed him.

But, I'm sure they'll show us once they totally start living together and post pics of wig in her cage eating out of a dog bowl to make everyone jelly

No. 550846

>Gynecomastia Greg
>calling someone else fat
As for the rest of the sentence and >>550733, he's the worst delusional narcissist you could ever come across probably. I've never seen someone so conceited when their looks are so bad. Not even Onision is this overconfident

No. 550851

File: 1523302285919.png (60.06 KB, 754x497, 1.png)

why wont she acknowledge the true and honest shoe0nhead twitter made by anon ):?

No. 550856

>I love shitting on "dadbod" guys like Grocery who think they're strong, masculine, alpha etc for just being massive fatties is because my bf is personal trainer and we love laughing at pics like >>550138

Sage for blogpost but my bf is a bodybuilder and we laugh at Greg too lol. I mean it’s more laughing at his inflated ego despite his mediocrity. He’s totally disrespectful towards his body, then has the nerve to ask women to worship it? I mean, what exactly has he accomplished other than an undeserved social media following- thanks to his more famous gf.

No. 550859

June used to have a belly ring btw

No. 550906

>my bf is a bodybuilder and we laugh at Greg too lol.
that's awesome
>He’s totally disrespectful towards his body, then has the nerve to ask women to worship it?
Thanks to shoe I think he's honestly under the belief that the average woman finds him attractive. He relies on being tall which is nothing but, genetic luck and expects that he can get away with what i'm assuming weighing in at 280-300 lbs of just fat? while he'll also make fun of women who are just as obese as him. Pretty crazy the lack of self awareness or he has higher expectations on random women then he does himself.

Also normally my bf and I don't care what people decide to do with their bodies, it's their burden they have to face when they get to their 50s but, guys like Grocery are exceptionally funny because they are so unaware of themselves. It's like a new surge of tumblr landwhale but they are all male and weirdly more pathetic.

No. 550987

This is why i wish we negged men, men in today's world will scream how entitled women are if they get rejected by "5/10" but ugly ass dyke looking dudes with shrek bod will run around thinking they're the shit and any man who thinks looking like shrek is ugly is just jealous

Meanwhile on lolcow…

No. 550990

does… he not realize what he looks like? does she not realize what he looks like? she has no problem calling out women for looking less than 10/10, and yet
the anon who said he has reverse body dysmorphia must be right

No. 550992

10 bucks says she runs that account herself

No. 551002

How the fuck is this chick “fat”? Especially compared to “thicc” girls? She is very barely over the point of being skinny…is he too retarded to understand perspective and thinks that the camera angle is actually a physical difference in proportione…? I cannot.

No. 551007

File: 1523310151237.jpg (613 KB, 688x2368, 1493549079891.jpg)

>Thanks to shoe
idk, dude's a classic narcissist who's proven his ego is not tied to reality in any way. Can't blame that on Shoe.
>he'll also make fun of women who are just as obese as him.
Sword girl is way fitter than he is. He makes fun of people who actually better than him, it's so sad. If only they did actual gymnastics like they do mental gymnastics.

I've been wondering if Shoe's a covert narc herself or if she just seems like one under the influence of a true narc. Pic related, it's reposted from an Onion thread. Tell me why I'm being dumb anon, ty

No. 551028

File: 1523311288065.gif (997.6 KB, 500x332, TETjZ.gif)


>Is borderline obese and looks 8 months pregnant

>calls healthy, fit girl fat because ''muh hip 2 waist ratio''
>Actual GF's body is pretty similar to sword girl

No. 551038

File: 1523312000250.png (14.83 KB, 643x113, k0zV8kA.png)

her fans are as delusional as groceries. why would somebody actually clever like dril be associated with shoe? june wishes her facebook meme-spouting ass was 1/4 as funny as him

No. 551047

File: 1523313042274.jpg (199.07 KB, 1440x1125, yXOU3SZ.jpg)

She's a NARC?
damn it would be cool af>>551007

No. 551049

Groceries calling someone else fat is rich. June keeps feeding his ego though.

No. 551050

File: 1523313808691.png (62.76 KB, 616x496, IGFRG0n.png)

No. 551051

File: 1523313865809.png (27.16 KB, 588x230, UrUe4W3.png)

No. 551052

I feel really bad for shoe's mom. she has to read all those "daddy/daughter" comments her fans make.

No. 551054

Okay, is it just me or this Mayu fantran is fucking annoying with his/her/xer endless asslicking tweets?

No. 551056

ikr mayu literally replies to everything wig tweets/comments/post etc. it's obvious she just wants to take some of her audience meanwhile wig is thinking "look trannies love meee uwu"

No. 551057

her mom’s right though lol

No. 551072

File: 1523314971904.png (248.02 KB, 580x481, 32TxFhr.png)

but june said she didn't talk about race

No. 551099

she didn't even quote that girl properly, lol

No. 551112

i have a lot of sympathy for that girl tbh. the world isn't nice to dark-skinned women. june should stay out of that convo because you know she doesn't have the empathy or experience to relate.

No. 551116

June should stay the fuck away from intraracial issues, she has nothing of value to contribute except pointing out "black on black" racism like that means anything from her sheltered upper class white life.

No. 551128

I mean, her mom apparently follows her on Twitter… her poor parents have seen and heard too much.

No. 551148

she does? god damn does this bitch even have any shame, tweeting all that shit with her parents watching

No. 551161

She cares more about impressing rando strangers with a penis who end up hating her anyway than she does about her dignity, parents, boyfriend"fiance" and everything else

She can barely hold female relationships because she creeps them out in order to impress guys, because she rather creep out other girls under the guise shes a "cool gf" than to tell her disgusting fatty bf to leave other women alone

No. 551162

Do you remember that post she made about her mom picking up her cheap sex collars when she cleans June's room? This isn't really new. Shame and NEET losers who live with their parents don't go together.

No. 551168

true, I think she thinks her parents are too dumb to understand the ~super kinky 24/7 bdsm relationship~ like you can tell from >>551051 so she thinks she's safe and can continue pandering to the internet. I hope she realizes what a bad idea this is when her future employers (since she's never going to be Grocery's tradwaifu and youtube won't last) see all this.

No. 551173

I think she legitimately doesn’t have any self respect which is why she thinks respecting other women is a joke

No. 551179

“It’s ok for men to be fat but not women” - what shoe and grocery literally believe

No. 551183

I remember she was making tweets about going to job interviews and not getting jobs and whatnot, and someone posted on unichan of someone thats supposedly her saying she knows her youtube career wont last and shell end up flipping burgers but greg wont be bothered to find a job
Isn't he cheating on her with lexxynichelle / syren cove anyway? Trip kek, shes fat with noodle tits and no ass, also june even said that "her and Greg" aka greg and her pretentiousness like thicc girls but bash an average looking girl who looks just like shoe but you… Natural

No. 551196

File: 1523322820948.png (28.1 KB, 577x283, V0sJhY3.png)

>someone posted on unichan of someone thats supposedly her saying she knows her youtube career wont last and shell end up flipping burgers
doesn't sound like her tbh. pic related

No. 551200

File: 1523323133197.png (53.34 KB, 616x516, tS16R8m.png)

more of the same stuff. i'm guessing that unichan poster wasn't her

No. 551206

>i majored in film
aaaaannndddd dropped out
>this was going be my real career anyways
You were destined to be an attention whore?

No. 551207

woah that's trashy for June

No. 551211

File: 1523323710825.png (182.01 KB, 589x537, TOTM2tW.png)

>aaaaannndddd dropped out
she did? found this while snooping. is june really mocking someone for getting a masters when she dropped out?

No. 551214

Like i said it was supposedly her, i thought it was bs at first then i saw tweets about how she was going to job interviews such and im not exactly doubting it anymore, then again junes personality is so mixed, shes constantly contradicting herself

No. 551216

nta, but yes, she majored in liberal arts and dropped out. rip.

No. 551217

no, she's mocking someone for hypocrisy of whining about no women in science while choosing themself to do gender studies.

No. 551220

It's not funny when you realize people will hire anyone who has a degree in anything vs no degree at all. Even gender studies looks good on a job interview, especially with how companies want to super progressive workers today.

No. 551225

she's still mocking someone for getting a higher education lol.

No. 551226

File: 1523325216116.png (82.73 KB, 606x652, 4tfJ0Ov.png)

No. 551227

That's hilarious. People are fooled by the new account because it sounds just like her.

No. 551234

File: 1523325529545.jpg (65.6 KB, 600x600, stem.jpg)

no, it's simply this meme - which is already perfectly expressed in this image. She re expressed it in a worse way to claim it under her own brand

No. 551236


Sage for OT but has Mayu ever considered asking her mom why she called her racist or is she just gonna not engage in a productive discussion? Well she does wanna be like June with her "bideos" and copy cat choker so avoiding criticism is a given I guess.

No. 551238

It probably has something to do with her views on Black History month. Her video about some promo video youtube put out for it is upthread somewhere.

No. 551241

She's just jealous because she hasn't the intelligence nor commitment to even get a bachelor's degree, no less a master's, in an allegedly easy 'joke' field like gender studies.

Though, ironically, a lot of June's videos are about gender so I don't know why she's negging that. She's got no business feeling superior to a gender studies grad.

No. 551244

Is this true or a meme? I have yet to meet a gender studies major who does this, then again I dont know any gender studies majors

No. 551246

June was a classy bitch until she met Pregory.

No. 551249


No. 551250

The women I see talking about the lack of women in STEM are in STEM themselves, in my experience. The gender studies/sjw types usually talk about the wage gap or rape culture or muh representation, or something.

Just anecdotal though.

No. 551251

As someone who majored in programming and computer information systems there is still a very small percentage of females and trust me the main reason is because men in the field scare women out. Wig has no idea.

No. 551255

what are you talking about? she worked at a makeup counter and has a youtube account. she's absolutely qualified to talk about these subjects.

No. 551260

Holy shit i can't stop laughing.

No. 551262


Even if there are gender studies majors who focus on this issue it is still valid imo. If it's an issue someone should be able to document it, esp if female stem majors and professionals are too busy trying to navigate the issues themselves.

My sister is studying math and has said she notices how she is socialized to feel less confident around male classmates, but it's not like she has to write a thesis on it because she is studying math, not sociology or something.

People like June would probably just tell her to suck it up because it's not an issue at all. And obviously thick skin is helpful, but who are these people to talk. It's not like her manly man bf majored in stem… And I doubt many of her youtube friends did either.

Sage for blog post

No. 551268

I know people like joon and her friends just live to bitch without knowing what they’re talking about. She’s too stupid to even talk about/ judge STEM fields.

No. 551270

Then why is it that countries that have more gender equality like Sweden have a smaller % of women STEM majors than countries with less like China or India?

No. 551271

I don't even see how it's a big deal if they do because they're studying gender, and part of their job is about pointing out inequalities in society– including occupation– and asking why.
It's like getting mad at a sociologist who talks about how poor people can't afford food and insinuating they should've been a farmer if they cared so much.


No. 551273

seconding this as someone in a stem career. it makes me so mad that she undermines a process currently in motion. why is she so against women wanting respect?

honestly i wish there was a way to have a conversation with her about this. she has no idea. blog posting, but only because i hope she reads this thread.

where i work it's a total boy's club. a guy could be working there for 2 weeks and he gets invited out drinking with "
~the guys~ which includes higher ups. suddenly i'm learning about shit that affects my job through the new guy who is technically a subordinate to me instead of from my boss. and if you don't think that kind of thing eventually leads to unequal pay, you're dead ass wrong. who is going to have an easier time discussing a pay raise with their boss? drinking buddy or girl who hears about her work through a subordinate?

and honestly that's pretty minor relative to the inappropriate and intimidating behavior i put up with on a daily basis. i had an intern over the summer, and one of the guys calls my phone and asks me where she is one week. i said she had to get her wisdom teeth taken out and he goes, "ooh more room for… hehehe." HILARIOUS. LOVE hearing that my 19 year old intern's dental surgery instantly make you think of putting your 34 year old dick in her mouth.

and sure maybe (?) stuff like that can be funny on the internet. but when you're trying to be taken seriously and advance your career: this. shit. matters.

No. 551279


It's a decent question probably with a nuanced answer, but I kind of think about it in terms of necessity. If a family needs to earn money they might have their daughter go into STEM to survive. If you live in a wealthier nation, you can focus more on gender socialization. Kind of like how the wives of rich plantation owners and sixties housewives felt constrained by their domestic sphere while female slaves and poor women were working because they had to (And still did the most house work). Obviously it's not that simple as countries like India have a lot of women discouraged and forced away from the public sphere but just a perspective I guess.

No. 551283

get a better company and stop bitching. i worked at a place like that and quit for corporate and never went back. no hr? no deal.

No. 551284

hr protects the company, not the employees.

No. 551285

This. As well as cultural factors, I suppose. There is overwhelming pressure in Chinese and Indian families, in particular, to pursue STEM careers. I don't know about Swedish culture, but even rich Asians in the West are pressured by their families to go into STEM.

No. 551286

lmao no. hr is the best, you can go and report shit behavior and get people called out and fired. sounds like you don't work for the right people.

No. 551289

Watching this reminded of Groceries and his daily flirting with Twitter thots
>Wears vest at parties
>The kind of guy who'll neg you at a continental breakfast buffet

No. 551290

i mean… that works with people lower on the totem pole if you want to get them fired. definitely. but hr is invested in protecting the company and the people who run it i.e. executives.

anyway this is super ot.

No. 551291


I think one thing about Nordic countries is the very long maternity leaves, which are kind of compulsory as far as i understand. Being home for months on end probably pushes women towards certain paths. But again, feminists fight for maternity leave for obvious reasons like recovery from a major medical event. I think fathers get leave as well and that mothers can lend them some of theirs, but fathers are still usually not out of work as long? I really can't say as I'm not an expert in the slightest.

Either way, this is a complicated issue and it's almost like it's worth some people getting a master's degree to tease it apart. It's almost like June is full of shit mocking people who put way more thought into these topics than she does.

No. 551293

lmfao i've noticed this about poly people irl.

No. 551296

Chris Flemming inadvertently shits on groceries a lot actually

>>Oh THAT'S Gregory

No. 551301

chris flemming is pretty much the only good youtuber, shame he doesn't post as much anymore

No. 551306

File: 1523330171654.png (51.83 KB, 617x383, 5rysX3X.png)

sorry for the old-ass tweet but this was too funny not to share
saged for stale milk

No. 551313

She's not even replying to the same person? look at the handles?

No. 551318

No. 551401

I don't get this? I'm a person in tech, spent my education (totally male dominated classes bleh) getting a stem degree. I'm thankful there are people out there who care enough about this issue to write a thesis on it because.. god damn. I want more women coworkers.

Also, isn't June a 27 y/o college dropout who still lives with her parents? While women are out there earning masters degrees she hasn't done fuck all but goof around on the internet. Way to show them!

She seems really salty here and it's quite transparent.

No. 551434

Oh dear…
> old meme
> unfunny
> not even baiting with it

No. 551445

File: 1523345193439.png (374.33 KB, 2358x1048, CHADVSVIRGIN.png)

I spent way too much time on this

No. 551448

100/10 anon, it's amazing

No. 551454

oh holy shit
her point is "durrr if you think there's not enough women in science why don't YOU get a science degree" because you can't support other women unless you personally do everything you want women to be able to do duh!

No. 551459

File: 1523348232443.jpg (4.84 KB, 223x226, 1522569281097.jpg)

A++ anon

No. 551480

I wish people would stop lumping all of STEM together as if it’s some monolith. I’m doing a PhD in pediatric oncology and there are way more women here than men (other oncology areas are usually 50/50), whereas my friend in compsci is one of two women in a group of 40 guys.

No. 551496

I want a Chad TERF girlfriend now. 10/10, truly

No. 551521

I tweeted this on the true and honest shoe0nhead twitter, hope you don't mind

No. 551526

GG anon, link?

No. 551528

File: 1523362165339.png (80.46 KB, 753x674, 1.png)

Who doesn't talk to their partner everyday? That doesn't make you two special.

No. 551532

File: 1523362678995.png (31.21 KB, 758x614, 2.png)

deleted tweet

No. 551533

People that are secure in their relationships don't feel the need to project and rant. Maybe wig0nhead needs to once again ask groceries for reading material to get over it, since she can't do shit by herself.

No. 551534

File: 1523362889241.jpg (130.22 KB, 757x844, autism speaks.jpg)

No. 551535

No. 551542

Of course she has to insert herself again. She could simply say it's a bad insult, but instead is like "oh lets talk about ME . I used this insult in 2015 yadda yadda…"
Bitch, nobody cares you used this insult "like for a few weeks", your life is boring as fuck if you need to state this.

No wonder she has no female friends. Nobody likes to deal with women like June.

No. 551548

She was probably just avoiding being called a hypocrite, nothing deep about it

No. 551561

In normal relationships you don’t have to talk constantly bc you see your partner when you get home from work or spend the weekend with them if you haven’t moved in together…

So yeah it’s not really “NORMAL OR”

No. 551570

Holy shit, I was just thinking about how someone should make something like this. Bless you, anon.

Someone with a Reddit account please post this to /r/virginvschad

No. 551574

File: 1523367185959.png (19.25 KB, 589x383, QZCDlY5.png)

A quick Google search shows that she uses the word "autistic" as an insult all the fucking time, plus as an lolcow mod you know she's been using it longer than ~a few weeks in 2015~. But she has no thoughts of her own, why should we expect any different

No. 551576

File: 1523367299194.png (75.87 KB, 604x538, YC9SuM3.png)

More proof

No. 551579

File: 1523367683083.png (989.58 KB, 700x815, 1.png)

I hate how they call themselves gay even as a joke it's not funny or comparable to who they are. To me, they're the perfect example of a milk toast white couple who thinks being into bdsm makes them special when every hipster loser is into that typical shit.

No. 551583

Nigger please this can be answered easily the culture demands it. Look at the current economic state of China and India and tell me it doesn't scream out for scientists and engineers, the population alone warrants the need for consistent technological advancements but the culture of each country seals it. The energy crisis of the coming future is a problem posed for engineers, the food shortage of China is one as well, both countries have enormous energy spikes and population growth, Additionally you could add countries like the former USSR which forced women into conscripture during the second world war, this wasn't a feminist move it was an act of desperation. If a situation warrants innovation and maintenance of technologies people will adapt to it. This same idea is present throughout history actually women get forced into assimilation, I don't believe that the stressors in the western world and Anglosphere are great enough for women to meet those same levels of that of China and India.

I'm also a STEM major (biomedical science) but theres a decent chunk of girls in my classes they're still outnumbered of course but it's in no way comparable to computerscience and mathematics.

I find Junes statement typical of a art drop out bagging on people who actually followed through with their commitments at an academic standard even "useless" subjects like gender studies are vehemently respected. Even at a human level devoting 6 years of your life to any higher education is a feat regardless of the subject it shows dedication and discipline.

No. 551587

lmao she's such a fucking liar

great post, anon

No. 551591

nta but while i agree with most of your post i disagree on the last bit. in US especially, you're 100% expected if not obligated to go to uni, even for shitty jobs that have no specific requirements, need a uni degree in something. so it's less out of discipline and more just something everyone does. also, not to detract from the point, but gender studies degrees can be as little as 2-4 years, which ends up being why the graduates can't find jobs, since they'd need a masters for high paying ones in that field.

sorry, just sick of all the uni sperging. (also sage next time)

No. 551592

File: 1523368537003.png (206.29 KB, 556x534, YXMEcog.png)

lol yeah right

No. 551599

File: 1523368848772.jpg (159.15 KB, 1016x2172, NvgndPw.jpg)

No. 551606

this is true. i own a small, very stable business and i'm still expected to go to uni for literally anything. there's a lot of pressure to get a degree in LITERALLY anything, even if it's not necessarily beneficial to you and your future and is actually an unwarranted financial burden, so it's pretty easy to see why kids are choosing ANY kind of bullshit degree to satisfy the demands of their parents parents/society with the constant 'get a degreeeeee!!!' meme.

No. 551610

wow he's just as unaware of himself as wig

No. 551617

File: 1523369840377.png (532.3 KB, 598x640, 3zpPnpd.png)

This was literally only a few months ago

No. 551623

File: 1523370368519.jpg (48.97 KB, 723x465, lol.jpg)

you guys got me curious and i literally can't

No. 551630

She's so ridiculously self-contradictory. I can understand if she actually changed her views and was consistent about it, but she flip-flops all the time.

No. 551634

File: 1523371423325.png (56.68 KB, 589x455, 1fti4xM.png)

Who's gonna be the one to tell her that nearly everyone is funnier than her

No. 551637

So she's angry for the account because it's funnier then her AND because it's impersonating her.
The first one is a compliment while the second isn't.
This is the "literally hitler" trend what she mocked SJWs for. Overusing a phrese (in this case: "angry at this account") until it doesn't mean a thing.

No. 551646

She flip-flops so hard and so often that I can’t make heads or tails of what she’s saying anymore. I would have thought she’d like JBP? Or does she like him and is just using the image for her wonderful sense of humor? I am confuse. But I love how bitter she’s becoming.

No. 551651

It’s ‘milquetoast’, sorry anon but this kills me evry tiem.

No. 551652

File: 1523372894945.png (16.26 KB, 573x143, xJSunYP.png)

You got me curious and it looks like she's not familiar with him, which is surprising tbh. Sidenote: Gotta love how she has to throw out how she's ~sooooo depressed uwu~ and ~totally bi :3~ every 10 seconds.

No. 551655


You forgot the part about living with her parents.

No. 551656

File: 1523373107326.png (39.76 KB, 578x367, BLislG7.png)

Wait a sec. I take it back, looks like she likes him? https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/954332690446258178

No. 551661

She likes him from the Cathy Newman interview but never watched anything from him before that, so she asked her followers where to start. I doubt she's actually watched him other than in clips though, since his videos are far too long for her attention span.

No. 551670

File: 1523374999049.png (116.51 KB, 580x748, bGeg3KH.png)

No. 551671

I thought he hates the transgenders tho?

No. 551675

Can whoever is running this acct start posting screenshots of her contradicting herself on twitter bc would be lulzy when her fans get to see it plainly

No. 551676

I never cringe so hard, as when I cringe when I see June mention “muh internet culture” and slips in words from 4chan that she really doesn’t know, every single day. It’s so embarrassing.

>iM sUCh A b-TaRd!!!11

>mentions it every 5 seconds
>tells anyone who’ll listen, even when not relevant
>breaks anon /b/ rules 1& 2 daily by mentioning it IRL

I always thought she’d stop eventually when she got older or Chan culture became less relevant or realized the “muh chan culture” is a fuckin meme and it’s not actually meant to be serious. But nope, still using it daily on twitter in 2018 to attract neckbeard orbiters or to be some perfect internetgurl sooper serious chan-historian waifu. Even if she clearly has no idea what she’s talking about.

>”hubloo hubloo chan dubs pepe blah blah sage blah that one green text story that’s the first result on google images! Blah top kek amirite! Blah blah I….I never showed my tits on there bc I’m just one of the guys, le memes, OLDFAG HURR, sage, feels!!!!”

Like a twitter bot. But instead of ads or fake retweets, it just post random chan slang for seemingly no reason.

No. 551680

It's only okay to be critical of trans activists if you're a man.

No. 551682

>still using it daily on twitter in 2018 to attract neckbeard orbiters or to be some perfect internetgurl sooper serious chan-historian waifu.
This so much. She still is using fucking pepe reaction images or makes get posting references like a post 2015 poltard and uses terms like beta and alpha seriously. The most annoying though is when she does 'greentext' on fucking twitter like a 15 year old who follows r/4chan or some shit. She flaunts it because it's "not like the other girls" shit to post on image boards apparently, especially when you reference gasp /pol/ wow so edgy so not like other girls

No. 551683

File: 1523376773061.png (69.47 KB, 587x612, 32BPlRc.png)

And if you're June, because she's not like the other gurls

No. 551716

Here I am trying to covertly browse lolcow at work and you made me giigle out loud. Thanks a lot

Someone pls tweet these and add the shoeonhead hashtag

No. 551718

Nvm I see someone already has! Nice work anons.

No. 551727

File: 1523380753365.png (866.78 KB, 1155x777, omg.png)

>Living Buddha Statue
>Sociopathic Critic
>Star Wars meme because i'm So Low. On muscle mass.
who is the beautiful soul who made this? I am dying.

No. 551730

she's half way there though but she just can't see it and/or refuses to see it.

transtrenders are walking gender stereotypes, so non-binary is just (I wear dresses today, I am a girl or I wear a suit therefore I am male) literally a gender based on outdated gender roles.

same with most trans people that experience dysphoria imo. once you start asking them what makes them think they are trans, it comes down to the superficial rather than actual scientific proofs. (such as parroting the myth that trans people have the brain of the gender they identify with.)

c'mon june, you are so close.

I think she doesn't have a single thought that's her own so her morals and principles rely on if people will like her or not. she was right about non-binary not being a gender. i wonder what changed her mind…

No. 551741

They should put the other anon's @shoe0nheadd in their bio instead

No. 551744

They should also like a bunch of camgirls to be more accurate to his twitter.

No. 551745

>i wonder what changed her mind…
Trying to befriend libfems.

No. 551749


He doesn't care about "transgenders". he's an old school misogynist who uses "evolutionary psychology" BS to justify his beliefs that socially bound gender roles are inescapably tied to our biology, therefore he's sympathetic to the idea that people could be born with "male brains" or "female brains" but opposite sex biology, so he has no problem with a faggity dude who likes pink being "actually a wahmen" because it conforms to gender stereotypes.

Peterson's entire problem lies with "non-binary"kins and the "self-invented" genderkins who tell him he has to use their pronouns "phx" and "phxself" because it's outside his personal conception of sex/gender.

Radical feminists have a solid material analysis and criticism toward transgenderism and non-binary bullshit that deconstructs its purpose and effect, and concludes that it's a poor solution to the inherent problem of sexism and sex-role stereotypes.

Peterson's criticism and entire position on the issue basically boils down to "NOPE I DON'T LIKE IT, IT'S WRONG I HAVE A UNIVERSITY DEGREE AND YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, GET OFF MY LAWN". He doesn't care about the underlying deeper social problems in using gender identity to escape the confines of sexism, he just doesn't want a bunch of snot nosed 20-somethings telling him what to do.

No. 551751

honestly i love this and you, GJ anon
all the wig memes are so perfect

No. 551763

File: 1523383346902.png (62.24 KB, 596x390, 2wVdsYe.png)

>I wonder what changed her mind
According to her, she doesn't know anything about it. She still continues to run her mouth about feminism/women's media despite not understanding shit about it or really at all else lbr.

No. 551764

whoever made this please @ some camgirls too lol i really hope shoe notices this and sperges out

No. 551765

File: 1523383600325.png (140.62 KB, 612x1094, CJ8WcAh.png)

Double post, sry. Contra of course changed her mind.

No. 551768

According to her she knows nothing about anything. Every time someone asks her to talk about a subject she says ''I don't know enough about it''. I mean that's literally her job? At least she's honest enough to admit that she's not only ignorant and stupid but also lazy.

No. 551778

Is this the reason she was defending Milo once she strated taking testosterone from that informed consent clinic?
Also, wtf is Contra saying? He's saying two contradictory statements there. If being nonbinary is harmless, then why does he start suggesting they need HRT to be comfortable with themselves? HRT is the furthest thing from harmless and will destroy their bodies.

No. 551779

File: 1523384624384.png (89.82 KB, 565x372, F457QMU.png)

wtf i'm so randum 0____o
rawr sporkz xD :3

No. 551796

File: 1523385328688.png (267.14 KB, 660x1014, kshINR8.png)

No. 551808

File: 1523386072155.png (67.08 KB, 627x511, xtE7Rp7.png)

No. 551811

Exactly. It reminds me of "Any man who must say, 'I am the King', is no true king."

It's like when she feels the need to broadcast that oh no guise my relationship is totally deep and what you see is only the surface!! When in actuality, it's a very superficial thing she has with him.

Completely reaks of insecurity and it honestly amazes me that she doesn't realize that at her age.

No. 551823

June reminds me of the "How do you do fellow kids?" meme except she tries to shoehorn herself into LGBT things with the whole "I'm bi uwu :3" schtick.

No. 551827

File: 1523387168940.png (137.38 KB, 494x391, WjiuV68.png)

No. 551841

> I cant stand this lbgt infighting
> Has actively shit on lesbians, transmen and poc lbgt in previous videos, tries to play the "im bi" even tho she eluded in previous tweets she does it to russel tumblr jimmies

Theres a meme going around how lesbians and gays hate bi people, if shes what comes to mind when people say bi I dont blame them, I feel bad for actual Bi people.


No. 551849

while I agree with Peterson's response to trans people wanting to dictate which pronouns should be used, he is basically just an old man who even supports the idea of gender roles.

there's a video of him saying women and men shouldn't work together because apparently men get distracted because women wear lipstick. LOL

he is on his way to attack women who show them sexy ankles.

I honestly thought june wouldn't like peterson considering trans people hate him and she loves them :/

No. 551860

File: 1523389360030.png (49.65 KB, 648x385, uM6s6L0.png)

does she really expect us to believe she's bi?

No. 551863

>not to sound like a snowflake
Wow so you'll shit on your own sexuality to appeal to your neckbeard audience who prefer the idea of you being bi.

And she wonders why lgbtq people hate her.

No. 551867

So here she admits both that she believes snowflake identities are real, and that she operates entirely on other people's approval. Delicious.

No. 551869

Also another thing not long ago she was tweeting how using snowflake today is so 2014 and yet her she is using it on a sexuality. Way to go.

No. 551873

File: 1523390356421.jpg (58.06 KB, 800x415, IMG_20180410_155740.jpg)

>I don't call people snowflakes…except if youre a demisexual snowflake

No. 551877

>I'm the biggest star wars fan ever, Star Wars amirite guys?? I like Star Wars.
>Ugh, a woman likes Star Wars? Get an identity, you dumb bitch

No. 551885

she'll never come around, because, first of all, she's such a brainless, dicksucking trashbag, that she thinks every female is an irrational, pinkified dimwit that's clamoring for cock every minute of every day just like her. just because she's stupid and histrionic doesn't mean all women are, but all of these anti-feminists think all women are as unintelligent and inept as they are, so ofc we have FEMALE BRAINS!!! that are very unlike VERY COMPETENT BLUE BOY BRAINS. they have a lot of stock in believing brains are sexed. she'll never come around.

No. 551890

Does June realize how much of a caricature she is? She tries to roll with the unichan neckbeard types and anti-SJWs, but calls herself a "uwu demisexual bi snowflake", always cries about how the evil TERFs are hurting trans people on Twitter and tries to be friends with anti-capitalist SJWs like contra.

I disagree with many of the common opinions on gender/the gender binary on this board too but June is trying to pander to completely opposite groups and it makes no sense. She tries to be neutral but she just looks like an idiot with no integrity.

No. 551913

He strikes me as one of those men who think that women only pretend to have interests to appeal to men with those same interests.

No. 551915

The linked SkepTHICC acc owner is here. Which camgirl should i post to? To every camgirl grocery used to post or just to the milkable ones that have a thread floating around here?

saged for selfpromo and OT af.

No. 551916

>I disagree with many of the common opinions on gender/the gender binary on this board too but June is trying to pander to completely opposite groups and it makes no sense. She tries to be neutral but she just looks like an idiot with no integrity.
Exactly. I'm pretty positive shoe thinks anyone who dislikes her is either a big mean terf or conservative who hates her "neutral views" instead of realizing most just see her for how fake and boring she is. Also for the bdsm cringe.

No. 551921

>What camgirl should i post to?
His ~thicc secret~ SyrenCove

No. 551924

I vote milkable plus ones brought up often on here like cutepup & syrencove. I wish I can name them all but, there is so many.

No. 551936

File: 1523393480930.png (38.91 KB, 620x298, JzW4gNi.png)

o i am laffin

No. 551940


No. 551942

File: 1523393607264.jpg (30.48 KB, 600x230, milk.jpg)

this be good?
for start i mean.

No. 551943

He's definitely heading in that direction, June

No. 551954

kek, he wouldnt say 'yo' though. otherwise, it's perfect, just try to sound a little more autistic and creepy.

No. 551956

of course. admitting there are lots of different women with different skills and interests would mean taking responsibility for her own persona and life. she's insecure about th