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No. 296475

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Previous threads >>>/ot/221232
TERF thread >>>/g/67378
Transpassing thread >>>/ot/214811
Trans women thread >>>/ot/203215

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Transgenderism posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents does not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of sexuality, misogyny, and misandry.




Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth

YouTube Channels
Elly Arrow
Magdalen Berns
Cathy Brennan / Ally Missandry
Dr. RadFem
Tanith Lloyd
Posie Parker

No. 296481

File: 1537113446459.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 296482

File: 1537113548939.jpg (52.06 KB, 700x960, 6389af84dbdea095c6ddcc014a1f14…)

No. 296483

File: 1537113750915.jpg (48.57 KB, 540x540, 30602866_177753382944960_52858…)

No. 296489

Making sure everyone can see the phenomenal Medium article about the Trans movement. Everyone should read this- it is fantastic.


No. 296529

i just fucking love how nearly millions of dollars are spent on a non-issue for ONE CITY from federal lobbying groups that SHOULD be spending their money raising awareness for the countless blacks being extrajudicially murdered every year, their family's legal fees, women being murdered by their partners, raising awareness for domestic violence, you know, ACTUAL human rights violations that happen every fucking day in this country? imagine how much could get done on the amount of cash they're dumping into this 'problem' that isn't even really a fucking problem. really pisses me off.

it's so insulting to blacks, jewish people, women, etc – ACTUALLY persecuted people that need defense and funding for their cause. this is such bullshit.

No. 296533

right? this is such a fucking privileged western thing that it's not even funny.

anyway, i was over on r/gendercritical, and saw a thread about bathroom grafitti. i thought it was interesting, but have no desire to deface property myself that someone would have to clean up- but that got me thinking, what about money?

i picked a couple of easy catchphrases with a link to 4thwavenow and the GC subreddit and wrote them on the margins of a few bills (on the back). so far just smaller denominations, but i do intend to do larger ones as well.

technically defacing currency in the US is illegal, but i've never heard of it being enforced. (anyone remember wheresgeorge and operation lioncash from 4chan?)and i'm just writing on the borders of the bills , so here's hoping i don't get caught and punched by some tranny, LOL

No. 296535

That comic is hilarious.

I've just peaked trans thanks to all the gender critical and transpassing threads and I feel free as fuck. Rad feminism makes so much sense than pop-culture-entry-level-lib-feminism.

No. 296545

Something never mentioned is how troon boons still have a prostate, and it gets stimulated in anal sex. I'm sure they'll never admit this but neo-front-holes must experience orgasms through the same gay mechanism - indirect stimulation of the prostate. So if you have a trans girlfriend, you're getting "her" off in the same gay way you would milk any homo bottom.

No. 296563

Someone on my timeline was saying it looked like she deactivated the blog herself rather than it getting deleted by tumblr.

No. 296564

Is it true that radfems are getting their tumblrs deleted by the staff?

No. 296577

just wait, gender critical reddit is also on the hitlist for deletion

No. 296578


banout2018 is just a bunch of sjw mods trying to control the admins, i dont think it's gonna happen

No. 296581

I have to say, nearly every trans person I have come across has been white. I think that is pretty telling.

No. 296611

File: 1537146448830.png (77.62 KB, 831x518, 1537122397479.png)

Don't know whether to laugh or cry

No. 296614

fortunately he doesn't have a case cause he was suggesting that the owner discriminate against women for him.

No. 296625

I think it's fine not wanting to hire trannies but nowadays you can get sued over it

Fucking mad world

No. 296644

File: 1537153921557.jpg (136.04 KB, 620x809, tumblr_nujb3zu5qu1ti5uz0o1_128…)


Welcome to the TERFdom!

This was posted to r/gendercritical in response to the same drawing maligning RadFems.

No. 296651

File: 1537156109823.jpg (194.25 KB, 1429x1676, l.jpg)

No. 296655


No. 296657

File: 1537157337550.png (534.95 KB, 757x988, Screenshot_2018-09-16-20-19-32…)


California is an "at will" employment state. Employers are free to fire someone for any reason (or even no reason, disclosure is not required) as long as it does not violate state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment.

An employee is not entitled to reasonable accommodation because of gender identity. However, Kate could be entitled to reasonable accommodation for depression if this condition is determined to be a disability.

The regulations do not include any reference to the word “accommodation.” Because this term has become a legal term of art—particularly in the disability, pregnancy, and religion realms—and because the word implies an obligation for the employer and employee to engage in an “interactive process” (yet another term of art), the regulations purposely do not use that word so that there is no confusion. Unlike a request for a “reasonable accommodation,” a request to use a particular restroom (or other facility) based on the employee’s gender identity or expression is not subject to an analysis for reasonableness.


IANAL, but considering the liberalism of CA, Kate will likely be granted a hearing and will easily be able to hire an attorney. If the case is not based on discrimination due to disability and is instead based on discrimination due on gender identity, it will focus on the content of the argument that took place and culminated in Kate's termination.


Gender identity is now a protected class under federal EEOC law, but employers are free to opt not to hire someone as long as they do not disclose that their reason is in violation of EEOC discrimination laws.

Gender identity is not a constitutionally protected class, at least not yet.

No. 296658

File: 1537157414970.jpg (67.51 KB, 631x494, 35617646_1416171618483515_3591…)

More no-platforming by trans activists, this time on Etsy.

No. 296659

It's a joke lol

No. 296662

This is an awesome idea!! Do you mind sharing what lines you used? I'd like to do this as well.

No. 296678


Don't worry about them. They got a few very small, fringe, and quite distasteful subs banned. Anything with any amount of subs will be fine.

No. 296688

>They got a few very small, fringe, and quite distasteful subs banned.

Not even that. They were trolling, basically. When the mods of /r/banout2018 noticed reddit banned a few alt-right subs - a lucky coincidence -, they acted like they were responsible for it. But they had no real influence on the admins whatsoever.

Reddit doesn't really care about its community, imo. They only care about advertisers and will remove subreddits that'll give them bad press. I guess if TRAs decided to publicly campaign against /r/GenderCritical, it /maybe/ could get banned. It's one of the biggest online spaces for people who are critical of transgenderism after all. I don't think subscriber count is that big of a factor since /r/milliondollarextreme had over 40k and it was one of the subs that were banned recently. But nevertheless, I don't think r/GC will be banned anytime soon either. Unless one of the reddit admins troons out, lmao.

No. 296708

File: 1537180794905.jpg (171.59 KB, 720x718, chloe.jpg)

What's up with these girls suddenly deciding they urgently need to cut their breasts off and shoot themselves up with steroids?


No. 296710

Scrolled through her account and she even tagged her photos with #tomboy just last year. And now she's suddenly a transguy with a buzzcut collecting money for top surgery. Jesus christ this is depressing.

No. 296711


yes, her Instagram says 💉- 29.06.18, she starts the gofundme on 2nd Spetember, and the surgery is already booked for January, because she can't possibly wait to get free NHS breast mutilation.

No. 296721

All transbians and TiFs I’ve met were white and middle- / upper-middle class. The non-white (mostly SE Asian) TiMs I’ve encountered were all gay men from homophobic communities. Aside from their mental health issues, transbians really are one of the most privileged groups out there. So privileged they have to pretend that their self-inflicted paraphilia is a source of systemic oppression.

No. 296725

File: 1537191460987.png (186.7 KB, 365x365, 20676955_764885770357236_13801…)

God this is tragic

I always see myself in these girls. Appearance-wise, (both body and overall look) and personality/interests/energy-wise. I reached peak trans very early due to going to an art high school/hanging out online a lot and I am so, so glad I did. I had a long phase where I looked a lot like these girls: very short hair, men's clothes, naturally small boobs etc. I could pass as a man very well. I have never felt like """"a wimmin"""" in my life but I still realized that all I need to be a woman is to be born with XX chromosomes. Everything else is a flimsy, societal shell.

If I hadn't gotten over my depression and eating disorder I'd definitely have started to believe I had "dysphoria", and if I had hung out more with my obnoxious BPD transtrender classmates I'd start seeing this stuff as normal.

No. 296727

Is it just me or do trans men always start as a type: the girl that feels like an outcast and doesn't look like a stereotypical, "attractive" female? Like the gal who got picked on and really liked wolves/dragons/reading

No. 296733

blogging but I relate

I was in a similar position before. Tall and broad shouldered girl with small boobs, had dysphoria at 15, posing as a guy on the internet but it eased at 19 after real life hit me hard.

In the end it dawned on me, I started to see how my abusive, overcontrolling dad and distant mom played a big part.

This is extremely tragic because I see myself in these 'transbois' on internet and immediately spotted their bullshit reasoning. Hitting Peak Trans even if I came from the most trans-friendly country. (Though our transgender movement is very different from 'mainstream' one)


It's always the nerdy, socially awkward outcast ones these days as well. Both FtM and MtF. The demographic is very different from old school transsexual.

No. 296737

Lmaoooo I've blogged enough but I'm extremely tall, flat, broad-shouldered with a very distant dad + overprotective mother

Have we found the FTM formula?

No. 296738

Also: r u Swedish…

No. 296743


I'm from Thailand lol. Here our trans culture is just… uncompatible with Queer Theory style so I was probably wrong to say it's 'trans-friendly' in usual sense.

People won't bat an eye if they see a transwoman and they are extremely common. Although they are generally seen as third gender and there's a less emphasis on being 'a real, legit woman'. The other gender thing is the same for transmen too.

Of course this brand of trans culture still has its flaws but I like it more than mainstream Queer Theory. Which is slowly brought in mostly by activists and fandom kids after recent social media boom and they start to find things problematics because terms and definitions don't line up. A lot of transactivist like to share and praise about third-gender culture in non-western world for a double virtue signalling how horrible white people are. In reality they probably freak out because in these cultures, third gender is not seen in the same way as natal women. There's a belief in 'female soul in the male body' in metaphorical sense, but natal, biological sex is also recognized at the same time.

No. 296749


here in Indonesia we also have a lot of ladyboys, but they are just the 'bottom' in a gay couple. Not really third gender, just a way of straight-jacketing homosexual men

No. 296752

lmao first thing i thought too. we’re very trans-friendly up here… don’t know about the other norse countries.

No. 296753

Are you? I'm from Sweden and most of the TIFs I've met and also some TIMs have come across as autistic.

No. 296756


Do tell, I'm interested to hear. A lot of tumblr TiF are autistic but how are the interactions in real life?

No. 296757

The TIFs I've met have been remarkably similar: Looks like a butch woman with no sense of hygiene, socially awkward, ranting about stuff at you or very quiet, physically clumsy. Same with the TIMs.

No. 296758

I met these people at a youth LGBT group btw. The trans trending was obvious among the young women.

No. 296761

Yes. Every single TIF I've met has either tried to hit on me (and follows hundreds of girls' social media) or worn kawaii animu striped socks in public, no shame.

No. 296762

wait, I meant transbians here, does TIF mean FTM? Those I have met have mostly been tumblr archetypes, autistic females and were into stuff like hetalia back in the day

No. 296763

TIF = Trans Identified Female

No. 296769

ahh, makes sense
I used to go to a Swedish youth LGBT group a few years ago and it was atrocious, pronoun "circles" and all

No. 296771

What's interesting is this formula
>absent father
>overbearing mother
Is often observed in serial killers according to some research done by criminologists. Some of these serial killers even engaged in paraphilia, such as, you guessed it, crossdressing/obsession with women.

No. 296775

File: 1537201447383.jpg (147.69 KB, 622x411, Profile.jpg)

Pic related
Excerpt from Mindhunter, a book by a former FBI agent who helped pioneer serial killer profiling

No. 296776


There's one TIF I know through internet. Since I haven't met her in real life I can't say much. But 'no sense of hygiene' probably rings true more than I thought before. I have been told one time that she hadn't showered for weeks due to depression and she had history of stimming meltdown…

She wasn't diagnosed with anything, more but I wonder why.

No. 296780


i can somewhat relate, I wore exclusively boy clothes in my teens (had long hair back then but didnt ever style it, I have short hair nowadays) but to me it was always a female specific experience. I had my "not like other girls phase" which I think is very common for deppressed edgy girls but even in that state of mind it was still "not like other girls" and not "not a girl at all".

Even when I was peak trans, hanging out on leftbook, I managed to somehow convince myself that trans women were "real women" but I was always side-eyeing FTMs because to me it was so obviously just internalized mysoginy.

No. 296781

Childhood environment plays a huge role in development and an adverse one is a fine primer for mental illnesses and these can lead to transgenderism in some way. Other than paraphillia, self-hate, loneliness and social failure can lead them to transition as an escape from their old loser self. See;speedrunner or weebs trans.

Our TRA narrative is, mental illnesses are the result of gender dysphoria, but not vice-versa. So these are never explored. A lot of these should get help but not the help they want.

There are a few sane transgender people that I've seen but they are becoming a rare breed after the scene is filling up with toal creeps and weirdos.

No. 296788


mtfselfdrag's new tumblr

hope larps comes back too (

No. 296792

troon on terfs:
>Its the nature of the group dynamic . they reward each other for hatred and a lack of empathy. Most of them lack any identity as an individual so they need to be loud about their gender, or sexuality, or feminism, because if you look underneath all that there's nothing. Just empty people, obsessed with labels, wasting their lives by surrendering to group think.

it's really funny that this is what he thinks of terfs. because it's a really great description of transtrenders and *~queer culture~* lmao

No. 296794

>Obsessed with labels

Lmfao, you lost me.

No. 296807

>a lack of empathy
Gender critical feminists are one of if not the most emphatic group of people I’ve come across online. I guess none of that counts though since they’re emphatic towards women moreso than men, and according to TRAs “cis” women aren’t people worthy of empathy or respect. All that counts is whether a woman coddles men’s feelings and delusions, and since gcfems don’t care about that as much, they must be completely heartless.

No. 296850

It's funny how a bunch of troons think all radfems are white women. From my personal experience I've met radfems who are all races Definitely way more racially diverse than troons and trans activists.

On top of that, I have rarely ever encountered race fetishists, compared to trans activists who have them almost everywhere it's basically a requirement.

No. 296856

File: 1537219235932.jpg (40.85 KB, 714x705, fluff.jpg)

Why do TIFs go for the shitty bumfluff beard? It's disgusting


No. 296860

plus many are ex handmaidens, so they did in fact have as much or more empathy for men as they did for women at one point.

No. 296869

I watched her transitioning video where she posted pics of her being a tomboy & she explained she was bullied for dressing masculine so she started dressing feminine & that's when she started experiencing dysphoria. Not because she's a woman, but because she's more comfortable dressing masculine. Shit, I get uncomfortable wearing tight fitting clothing majority of the time too. Sad she didn't put two and two together.
I cackled at the part where she said "I realized I was trans" and then the next picture was her standing next to Twilight wax figures.

No. 296872

idk if you guys know 'ash hardell', mags did a video on her, she's 'nonbinary' and got her boobs lopped off a few mos ago.

she had a really cool seeming semi-butch lesbian wife that i always thought didn't really seem to take her genderspecial bullshit seriously, but it's infecting her too, and it's incredibly sad. she's now a 'they', and just uploaded a video about how she's just booked the surgery to get her breasts taken off. she only just started calling herself a 'they' like a month ago, now this. it spreads so quickly and once these women hop onto this bandwagon, it seems like they feel so, so pressured to up the ante as soon as possible. these two are like, 26 years old. i just can't believe this isn't seen as obvious bullshit to more people.

No. 296881

I don't understand why ftm even opt for top surgery. The scars are huge. Most people with a modicum of knowledge about trans issues will identify that she had the surgery right away. So what's the point? People will know "that person had surgery to remove their breasts". Its not like a boob job where the scars are subtle and now placed under the armpit instead of the chest. It just seems like a waste of money since it wont fool anyone into thinking you're male. Anytime you take your shirt off like at the pool or getting intimate with a sexual partner. My understanding is that most ftm dont get bottom surgery so it seems even more nonsensical to remove your breasts for being too feminine but still have a vagina. I guess it will never make sense to me to attempt to disguise your body to such a degree since no one is fooled.

No. 296890

plus most women get flat if they get low enough bodyfat, that's why the really shredded female bodybuilders usually get implants. so working out a lot and taking supplements could get you big muscles and a flat chest, two birds one stone. i realize getting shredded and buff is a big commitment, but so is fucking top surgery.

No. 296903

File: 1537232173011.png (9.24 MB, 2952x6620, Screenshot (481).png)

No. 296932

File: 1537238307469.jpeg (150.4 KB, 1080x1093, 7758C258-5878-4B4F-A066-D1C7C0…)

what the fuck is wrong with these people

No. 296944

>inb4 terfs are using breast cancer to take away our ~resources~!!!1!

I fucking want to vomit

No. 296951

>transgender wait times are fatal

As if cancer isn't. Imagine being such a self-absorbed and privileged shithead that you'd throw cancer patients under the bus like this. These people are insane.

No. 296967

File: 1537245694191.jpg (110.29 KB, 1136x640, Dc7BCHzX0AAVCsX.jpg)


is there a biological reason behind why only ugly people r trannies

No. 296970

There are priorities in healthcare sweetie. Cancer patients trump your bullshit. All day, every day. Your body won't fail on you if you have to wait. That's the difference. Suck it up.

This is infuriating to me because a family member of mine died of cancer. The fact that this person can't tell how significant cancer is or dares to compare dysphoria to a disease that literally destroys your body shows how self absorbed they are.

No. 296980


She linked this study under the tweet: https://www.advocate.com/youth/2018/9/11/study-more-half-trans-male-teens-attempt-suicide

>51 percent of transgender males reported at least one attempt, the highest percentage of any gender identity group. The second highest was among nonbinary teens, nearly 42 percent.

>Among transgender females, about 30 percent reported a suicide attempt. The rate was 28 percent for questioning teens, nearly 18 percent for cisgender females, and 10 percent for cisgender males.

Why is the suicide rate of trans-identified females double the suicide rates of TiMs? Why is the suicide rate of nonbinary teens so high? It's almost like there's an underlying mental problem that should be treated first. The narrative that their mental illness merely stems from 'gender dysphoria' and it'll go away if they 'transition' is so harmful. People who suffer from mental illness (esp. depression/anxiety) often will look for explanations why they're disordered and are way more susceptible to transgenderism, imo.

Also, it makes me sick that TRAs basically will threaten you with suicide if they can't get their way. If not being immediately able to remove a healthy body part of yours makes you want to kill yourself, maybe you should consider therapy. Because their whole lives there always will be reminders of their actual biological sex anyway and they need to learn to deal with it.

No. 296983

got into a little tiff with my SO. he thinks i get way too angry about trannies and that they're mentally ill and only a few are sexist narcissist nutjobs and the majority are just good people that are just unwell and need help and aren't a threat to us, so again, i feel like a 'crazzy witch terven that's just attacking unwell wittle transes' but now by my fucking SO.

i must seem like a crazy ranting to him about how mad these fetishists make me and how they're steamrolling over us when he believes they're mostly all good, but how do i get through to him that it's NOT just a vocal minority of narcissists, and that basically all these men are terrible people that hate women?

i can't compose myself bc honestly it made me so upset hearing that he thinks i'm like, just a bitchy bitch making a bigger deal out of it than it is.

pls help girls, im mad.

No. 296984

Literally any medical condition trumps their bullshit. A stubbed toe trumps it. There is literally no justification for the medical system prioritizing cosmetic surgery over actual patients.

No. 296995

I can't really help you but I feel similar. I told my bf some stories of TiM causing trouble in homeless women's shelters in america, and how scandalous I thought it was, and he was like "yeah but they can't go to men's shelters, this is their only solution", I didn't even know what to respond.

No. 296996

Maybe this will help? https://terfisaslur.com/

No. 296998

I went through the same thing until my bf chadpilled. Men easily look past these terrifying Frankenstein creeps and their victim games because they don't affect their own lives at all. They don't see these gross skinwalkers as what they are unless you carefully explain it from a female point of view.

No. 297000

Feel lucky in that my SO is also at peak trans. Some friends don’t seem to get it, but if they’ve had kids, then it appears they’re at least questioning the narrative. They do it quietly, they don’t want to speak up because they don’t want to get labeled.

I do know one woman on FB whose kid has been on puberty blockers since he was ten. First he was trans, now he’s enby and tbh he’s just a very gay kid who is now sterile and will probably spend life as a eunuch. Why are the troons so hellbent on creating a lost generation of gays? Misery loves company?

Have any of these money grubbing docs discussed the fact that it’s not just the body that goes through puberty, but the brain? It really fucks me off that there is zero concern for these kids, who are going to grow up with a whole host of negative outcomes. Teens who were on Lupron report severe depression as adults, and these are people who were actually allowed to go through puberty. It’s unethical medical experimentation on kids who are, in all likelihood, simply gay or lesbian. If your brain never matures, who and what are you? These kids are getting sold a bill of goods and they’ll be medically crippled their entire lives for fashion.

There was a report in the daily fail that kids transitioning has gone up 4,000%. But hey, no social contagion here! Depressing. I feel old.

No. 297001

Don't bother with him. He has to realise how harmful transgender activism is and how narcissistic quite a few trans people are himself. It's rarely easy to change someone's opinion on a topic. Maybe mention or send him some gender critical stuff /sometimes/ and eventually he'll understand, peak trans. You know the stereotype of 'annoying vegans' trying to convert meat-eaters? It's not that they're wrong but they have to understand that one can't change someone's established beliefs in just a few arguments. It's actually better to show people that we evil tervens are actually nice, rational, calm humans. Unlike TRAs.

And honestly, please don't get too upset about troons. They aren't really worth your anger. The whole trans trend will hopefully be over in a few years anyway (but tranners will be stuck in their fucked-up bodies forever). There's a lot of stuff wrong in the world that you have to accept you can't immediately change, unfortunately.

No. 297004

I wish you guys had an SO like mine who understands my dislike for fetishists, he even brings up a few good points as well.
He grew up having more female friends than male friends and he brings up how he's never felt like trying to imitate a woman or pretending to know what having a female body feels like. He's also brought up the comparison to Rachel Doezal and shocked how the fetishists aren't shunned as bad as trans racialists.

Also a plus, my best friend and her older sister also happens to be at peak trans and going over to their house is always a hoot. It was like a breath of fresh air.

No. 297015

I don’t lose my shit on the internet, but this just made me lose my shit. Trannies, if I or anyone I love needs a mastectomy and I have to see shit like this anywhere or god forbid, hear it in a hospital, I will happily beat the shit out of you. Not for being a tranny.

For being a narcissistic trash human.

God, this makes me sick.

No. 297024

does anyone else still feel guilt over being gender critical? i was helping a guy friend with his womens’ studies class (he needed an easy credit haha) and he had to write a response to a paper published by a mtf that was literally titled “queering the woman question.” usually i keep the terf shit to myself because i’m still self conscious and don’t want people to think i’m full evil when i actually have a lot of empathy for trans identified people, but i couldn’t stop myself. i explained how mtfs couldn’t fit inside a feminist discussion because they don’t experience real systemized misogyny and he completely agreed with me. he’s a very liberal guy but it was obvious that he thought it was bullshit and wasn’t sure how to respond positively to it at all.

even though it went well i felt kind of sick to my stomach afterward because it still feels like “””hate speech””” to me. i was deep in tumblr shit as a teenager so i’m unlearning all the backwards notions of gender as a feeling instead of as an institution. still, i care more about feminism than anything and it seems spineless at this point to go back to drinking the trans koolaid

sorry for the awful blogposting but it sucks how isolating being gender critical is

No. 297027

File: 1537260427547.png (35.76 KB, 200x150, pepohug.png)

I do on occasion. Like when I see my very liberal friends sharing posts on facebook about trans violence I can't help but think to myself "okay but this is literally men on men violence" and I feel a pang of guilt. This guilt is guilt we're pressured to feel, Anon. People run around comparing gender critical concepts to literal genocide and saying we're the reasons why people get killed etc. Women are NOT the reasons why trans people are in danger, other men are, and transmen are the ones putting actual women in danger. On some plane they realize this and screech for years about how TERFs are evil but once again, it's men blaming women for everything. They perpetually want to be victims just so they can have the upperhand in wrangling women into submission and roleplaying to their disgusting fetishes.

I know how you feel. It's also really scary being gender critical and confiding in people cause you never know who might actually expose you for "hate speech". Nowadays you can probably get the shit beat out of you for being openly gender critical, people hear "transphobia" and they light their torches without thought. This is fucking disgusting, we're forced to bend backwards for men once again.

No. 297030

No, never. I know in my gut I feel this way because of how opposed I am to homophobia, misogyny, children being harmed by hormone treatment, surgery etc just because they don't conform to gender roles. I have empathy for FTM transgenders, they're women and I know how much the world loves to make women feel like garbage for their gender. On the other hand, no empathy for MTF unless they're gay. Transbians, agps etc are so blatantly misogynist, so entitled and demanding when it comes to our spaces, so willing to speak over us… they're just typical men treating our gender like a joke and I give no fucks about their feelings.

>Women are NOT the reasons why trans people are in danger
They aren't really even in danger. See >>296489
>per capita, that’s a ratio of 1.3 trans people murdered per 100,000. The murder rate of women in the US is triple that, and of men, quadruple.
>16.7% of hate crimes were motivated by sexual orientation. 1.7% were motivated by gender-identity bias.
>That amounts to 0.003 murders per capita of trans people, worldwide, every year. That’s definitely not an epidemic. In fact, that’s a global murder rate lower than every other category on earth.
>the majority of those 27 killed? Black prostitutes. No middle-aged white trans women were killed at all (though some did commit murders)
But yeah, if anyone is attacking them it's just straight men doing their thing - violence against prostitutes and feminine men. It's certainly not women or TERFs.

No. 297032

I guess to them, getting strange looks in public is akin to being hatecrimed against. How do stats like this exist and yet they have the gall to cry about being the most oppressed group of people? To cry about "being in danger" on the street?

Thankfully I'm sure peak trans will happen within the next 5-10 years. Once the fad dies off, the impulsive hormonal teenagers calm down and realize how fucked they are, the world will know peace. It's what I tell myself to get through the day.

No. 297039

File: 1537265264239.jpg (65.47 KB, 1200x858, E9pXIk8.jpg)

Man, you don't even know. When these early transitioning Lupron kids start growing up and showing how much it's fucked their bodies and minds up, it'll be a real shit show.
I mean of course, it's still happening now to young women everywhere (young girls who experience puberty too fast are often put on Lupron) but we don't hear about it, because who cares about women, right? It's all one tired joke. I just wish it would hurry up and get to the punchline already.

No. 297041

this reminds me of how in the early 1900s everyone was ingesting radium until some rich white guy died from it. it's going to go the same way.

No. 297051

File: 1537268389914.png (51.04 KB, 1860x172, Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 6.45…)

>can be referred to the GDS for consultation about concerns regarding their gender non-conforming behaviour
Why does this sound like conversion therapy?

From this recent article: The number of Western Australian children seeking to transition is up 350%


No. 297057

I really wonder if anyone predicted this happening. Not specifically the trans fad, but the fact that kids who grew up in the age of the internet as impressionable teens would fall under a mass fad/hysteria due to the internet and things being so easily accessible as well as the echo chamber effect. I feel bad for anyone who had kids in the early 2000s honestly.

No. 297059

I’m kind of like >>297030 in that the rational part of me is very confident in my stance on these issues and I know I can support my position with logical arguments and scientific fact. However, I’m a huge pushover emotionally so when a libfem friend of mine literally started sobbing because I questioned if TiMs really need government-funded breast implants while our friend with painful and debilitating breast hypertrophy had to pay for her reduction entirely out of pocket, I felt like a horrible monster. How could I think these poor innocent transwomen don’t deserve free breast implants, when not having breasts makes them so very sad? Do I want them to kill themselves? Am I that heartless?
I don’t remember exactly what I said next but I think I apologized, and in hindsight I really wish I hadn’t. I didn’t need to. It makes me sick that these narcissistic men have manipulated so many empathetic young women into defending their harmful, misogynistic, self-serving ideology. When a man is being an entitled ass I can stand my ground but it’s much harder for me to defend my stance against an emotional woman, especially if I know that her position is based in a genuine belief that these people desperately need our support. TRAs are parasites and they’re consciously trying to turn us against each other.

Yeah, Eben Byers. It was already known that radium in an industry setting had very adverse health effects but nobody really cared about the working class people, especially women, who had been suffering from it for years. Only when this rich white male athlete became ill did the public start caring about the effects of radium poisoning.

Speaking of rich white male athletes, is it known whether Bruce Jenner is taking anything like Lupron?

No. 297060

>when a libfem friend of mine literally started sobbing because I questioned if TiMs really need government-funded breast implants while our friend with painful and debilitating breast hypertrophy had to pay for her reduction entirely out of pocket,
No offense but is your libfem friend a literal retard? Because I'm imagining a completely normal conversation and her suddenly crying because of something completely normal in the middle of it.

No. 297063

She’s quite intelligent but very misguided. And yes, she started crying in the middle of a casual conversation in a restaurant. It was uncomfortable as fuck.

No. 297065

i think your friend is a sjw, anon. how old is she? that doesn't sound normal. i'm someone who's told they have super high empathy and i've never done this…

No. 297076

Not gonna lie, I probably would’ve dropped her for that. If she’s an adult and cries the second someone brings up sensitive issues I’m not sure what to say other than that’s not normal and she needs to leave the SJW brainwashing to focus on herself.

No. 297077


No. 297084

File: 1537279333759.png (211 KB, 1670x622, _.png)

this /r/mtf post makes me wanna die

Like, can you imagine a woman writing that? This just sounds like some men's fantasy. Since it is.

No. 297087

Jesus, I'm straight and that makes me want to throw up

No. 297088

like 1 out of 1000 women would write like this, but yea, this is just a sad gay dude.

No. 297096

"Gay anal sex makes me, a man with a prostate, feel feminine"

No. 297098

This. An adult who throws a hissy fit and gets their way by crying over petty social arguments is not well in the slightest, just laying it down right there. I have some very sensitive friends and I've gotten into heated arguments with them about personal stuff and never have I had any of them start crying.

Remember it's not a fetish guys!

No. 297100

This post makes me want to quit living right now. Please tell me it's a troll.

Checked it out, it's not. Good lord the motherfucking audacity of these nutcases. How can someone write a tweet like this and publish it? How can anyone be this unbelievably vile, malicious and above all ENTITLED?

No. 297102

This is great actually. It's going to peak trans even more people.

No. 297106

I've been noticing many people around me going peak trans recently, without me having anything to do with that, and I'm relieved honestly. More and more people are noticing how bs is the trans movement and it's good.
I seriously tolerate incels and nazis more than I tolerate transbians/trans activists.

No. 297112

File: 1537284570912.png (152.92 KB, 743x794, john green.png)

kek it's so bad it reminds me of that copypasta on tumblr.

No. 297113

File: 1537285010077.jpg (Spoiler Image, 279.91 KB, 1764x994, captionthis.jpg)

Same person. The delusions…

No. 297119

File: 1537285280813.png (28.38 KB, 940x353, Screenshot_2018-09-18 I want t…)


No. 297120

File: 1537285588588.png (105.55 KB, 1386x318, dude.png)


>34C cups here and 5''4 height . Wide hips, huge ass. I'm Brazilian on my mother's side ;-)


No. 297121

File: 1537285713333.png (79.13 KB, 1048x276, LocoTranny.png)

What a nutcase;

No. 297128

File: 1537286563192.jpg (46.8 KB, 600x617, 1536172334652.jpg)

Damn, beyond the fetish shit, this just reads to me as a person who has no autonomy in their life and no desire for it.
Imagine not wanting to make your own decisions, think your own thoughts, choose your own actions, stand up for your own values and explore what the universe has to offer. Imagine giving all of that up because you want to get off and let your primitive as fuck sexual urges control you to that extent. It's honestly unfathomable to me to even consider that.
Kant is rolling in his grave.

No. 297131

File: 1537287060869.png (360.56 KB, 1496x1060, totally heterosexual.png)


He posted in /r/GC thinking he trolled the turfs EPIC STYLE because he doesn't fit the narrative since he's not autogynephilic but then proceeds to perfectly fit the narrative of a gay man with internalised homophobia. But dude is so misogynistic I can't really feel bad for him. He probably hates butch lesbian because unlike him they're are actual women but - in his mind - are wasting this privilege by being masculine and homosexual.

>I’m a heterosexual trans woman, transitioned in my late teens. I’m and have always been exclusively into cisgender men, heterosexual cisgender men. I was already gender atypical since very young age.

>I don’t agree with gay marriage because marriage is between a man and a woman to me but for the rest I give gay people the same respect that everyone else would get from me.

No. 297132

"Most of them are mentally broken, lack any common sense, are spewed out by everyone and live their lives as recluses popping antidepressants and whining and bitching to each other. TERFs are the literal embodiment of freaks who are excluded by everyone. I love how they dig their own graves. Some men will agree with them to get in their pants, but once they got what they needed they throw the TERF away like a used towl. I love how TERFs have literally no self worth and no worth to others. Most of them are severely traumatized and have no place in society."

Yeah holy fuck is he ever misogynistic.

Seems to me like he envies woman because of a conservative upbringing. A woman with a man is acceptable, a man with a man is not.

Sad he can't accept himself.

No. 297133


It's clearly a sexual fetish if he's talking about wanting to be chained up by a man and turned into a sex slave.

It reminds me of when this infamous tumblr post that goes something like "i wish i was a woman. i wish i had more of a rate of murder. i wish i had more of a chance of being raped. i wish i could wear skirts"

They don't see women as people but as fuckable dolls and want to transform into them.

No. 297134


That's a level of misogyny where I'm pretty sure he'd hurt a woman. Skinsuiter for sure.

No. 297142

File: 1537288885916.png (509.94 KB, 1608x1597, tranny fight.png)

lmaoo what a mess

No. 297144

sounds like clear cow material to me

do we have any pics of him aside from the tubby vomit-inducing boob pic?

No. 297145

Read the replies to that tweet and one person callen trans a cult lol. The trend will die out soon. And everyone will move on to something different.

Hes just a conservative, self-hating gay man who hates women. A woman who is like his bimbo fetish is a slut and who isnt it to him is a prude. In his perfect world, there are only cis straight men and trans straight women. Gay women dont exist. Gay men dont and cis straight women are his biggest enemies.

>"are you going to be transphobic??"
Theyre eating their own already wow

No. 297152

They're almost a checkbook for insane trans traits…

- Wants to be bimboified
- Hates women
- Hates butch women and lesbians
- Conservative upbringing
- Deluded about body image (thinks looks female)
- Questions if is intersex ("I am transgender but have very long arms and legs. Would I be intersex?")
- Trans DIY (Orders hormones online and self medicates)
- Self hating gay man (no gay marriage etc)

No. 297153

Eh, I sometimes burst into tears when I’m really angry or sad too, even on behalf of others. It doesn’t happen often, is never on purpose and I’m embarrassed by it but sometimes I get so emotional it just happens. My mother is the same way. I don’t think my libfem friend is unhinged or trying to manipulate me, I think she just feels very strongly about this issue for some reason and our conversation hit a nerve. It’s true that she’s kind of a SJW and she seems to feel very strongly about multiple social issues, not just trans ones. The trans issue is just the one I disagree with her most about.

Why does he think lesbians care whether or not men are attracted to them? They’re lesbians.

He sounds very much like an agp to me, even if he’s gay. Him being exclusively attracted to men as partners doesn’t take away the fact that he clearly gets off on the idea of himself as a woman. Did Blanchard ever claim his two types were mutually exclusive?

No. 297154

File: 1537291576810.png (21.9 KB, 852x239, wtf.png)

Did anyone see this? He's insane. So much for not being into women.

No. 297157

I wonder if his definition of "butch woman" is a pre transition tim.

No. 297169

File: 1537296146504.png (210.67 KB, 1694x576, Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 15.4…)

He is a nutcase. Then he has the audacity of posting this

No. 297170

File: 1537296220794.png (182.55 KB, 1690x552, Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 15.4…)

Trans being transphobic.

No. 297173

I'm new to gender-crit and radical feminism & generally would consider myself accepting but I was wondering if there had been discussions/notations of trans women or autogynophiles having very severe "freudian" obsessions with their mothers? Pretty much every trans woman I've seen that's gotten to the point of being a cow is so broken as a human being that they enjoy wearing diapers and make their partners mother them. I know the latter is a common male thing but it's just so weird to see it consistently be the extreme, like transtrending ftms who want free passes to fetishize gay men, a lot of trans women have bizarre breastfeeding and diaper fetishes. This probably isn't all that deep & has been touched on, it's just something that's started making me be wary of some trans women I've seen.

No. 297175

just watch magdalen berns videos with him. my bf doesn't even identify as a #malefeminist but he thinks she's hilarious and she drives the points home very nicely. any of the riley or alok videos are great ones to start with

No. 297191


Did you guys know that chocolate is actually a drug for women?

No. 297194

File: 1537302802502.jpg (42.35 KB, 400x512, s3-magnum--default--400.jpg)

when your idea of how to be like a woman is exclusively from taking daytime tv ads literally

No. 297219

this is probably retarded of me given the thread but how do you guys find this shit? do you actively search for it or does it just randomly pop up on your feeds? a lot of the things shared in this thread are so damn weird and farfetched i don’t understand how you even come about it accident or not

No. 297236

ot but ads like this need to be so fucking illegal

No. 297252

But… lesbians don't want the dick? Like that's their whole thing?

Has he ever thought about the fact that men as a whole tend to be more uncomfortable around gay men/trans men? Usually women do the "uwu, did somebody hurt you?" dance, men are too fragile in their masculinity to do that. Ergo men are a lot more likely to be trans-excluding (which is the only part in TERF TiMs care about) than women & they won't dump a woman because she won't make any concessions to creepy trannies.

Yes, I too totally looked at >>297113 and totally couldn't believe it's not a real woman.

Is he making lesbian women's argument for them? Wow. That I'd get to see that.

No. 297261


What, so he hated women while wanting to be one? That's just called being a misogynistic man kek

No. 297297

File: 1537318610869.png (677.74 KB, 640x640, bruce jenner.png)

No. 297319

Remember the good old days when women actually had vaginas?


No. 297331

it'd probably be best not to use both the pics side by side if you wanna make that claim

No. 297334

No. 297343

>falling for the troll

No. 297347

it's so close to being real it's almost impossible to tell that account is troll/satire, and not all of us are going to schlep to that profile to be able to tell. there are countless ugly ginger genderspecials that would say that and pair it with that photo and unironically claim it looks nothing like him

No. 297349

that's totally fine. i'm just letting you know that it is

No. 297370

>on the flipside of the coin is the fact that transwomen can get female orgasms.

Is this true?? I'm not an expert but somehow I don't believe it lmfao

No. 297400

File: 1537342846435.png (137.54 KB, 1431x398, Screenshot_20180905-0241532.pn…)

U bigot of course they do they're reaaaaaal women

No. 297402

I went to check this tweet out and OP has me blocked lol. I have no idea who they are.

No. 297403

These stories always almost make me feel bad for them. They're trying to cope with making their subpar male orgasms even shittier by taking hormones. I love the "just using my imagination part", like male porn-addiction is biological.

No. 297413

No clit, no uterus, no vag that contracts. They can only get shitty male orgasms.
Don't feel bad for them. They are sexist as hell and willingly do this to themselves.

No. 297414

>I love the "just using my imagination part", like male porn-addiction is biological.

No. 297424

File: 1537346343044.png (142.26 KB, 1640x806, coming out to child.PNG)

No. 297428

What did he expect, shoving his sexual fetish into his young son's face?

No. 297429

File: 1537346938285.png (120.41 KB, 1688x526, sam.PNG)

>14 year old crossdresser from India wants to buy sexy women's clothes but fears being ridiculed in public
>admin of the website, a TiM, "The US and Europe are just as bad!"

No. 297437

>At that age they are trying hard to grasp the concept of gender
Yeah no they’re really not. Numbnuts like you are shoving it down their throats and trying to make it a thing.

No. 297438

good news guys, we can tell who's male or female by their handwriting apparently!

No. 297457

File: 1537359054596.png (88.91 KB, 782x635, carolineadaehmke.PNG)

I don't know if any of you are into the programming scene but Coraline Ada Ehmke is a very known figure for being a programmer of over 20 years and a popular Open Source (i.e. software anyone can contribute to) developer and known for creating the notorious Contributor Covenant that's a code of conduct made to basically shut out harassment of marginalized communities in open source projects. This naturally is abused to hell and back to get rid of anyone who might disagree with you on a sociopolitical issue. The ongoing drama with it started when Linux and other big open source projects adapted it into their code of conduct and Coraline has been gloating about it for a while, taunting people how the "SJWs are taking over Linux". Coraline has also been proclaimed as a strong female activist in tech and has spoken up against misogyny in the community.

But here's the "shocker": "She's" a trans woman. Yeah I bet you could never tell from that aggressive male entitlement or LARPing name he has. He's been speaking up against meritocracy being the ploy of white supremacists while having benefitted from it for over 20 years for being a white, American male. And he still continues to benefit from it. He got where he is thanks to meritocracy. For those who don't work in IT, meritocracy in this context means that you're judged based on your honest skills such as ability to create clean, usable code efficiently instead of your other less-important qualities. While IT still has sexists issues it's thanks to this that code-writing women in IT have been able to gain high positions and often the same salary as their male colleagues. Sounds great, right? Well, the reason he's antagonizing meritocracy is that it "allows bad people to contribute" to the project based on their credentials instead of political views. So if you disagree with him about politics, you shouldn't be allowed to contribute to the same open source project, and instead be silenced and shunned. This is, according to him, to protect these "marginalized groups".

And here "she" is, telling a PoC cis female immigrant programmer, to shut up and stop "tone policing" him. It's the TiM entitlement condensed into one tweet. He gives no fucks about actually defending marginalized groups. He's willing to throw women under the bus the second they're threatening his position. He even quote retweeted her to have a horde of people attack and silence her. It makes me so sick to the stomach to see this happen and people allowing it to go on. He's apparently also diagnosed with bipolar and other mental issues (he's very vocal about them) but hey, let's have this person act as the spokes"woman" for social justice AND the face of female programmers!

No. 297461

>unironically naming himself Coraline
Jesus, I chose Coraline as my french name in 7th grade and I'm still embarrassed about it.

No. 297462

Oh god, I just noticed his middle name is Ada, which I assume is supposed to reference Ada Lovelace.
I'm so, so, so sorry, Ada, that this man is disrespecting you from beyond (in front of?) the grave.

No. 297463

a little off-topic but there's something deeply disturbing how most of women in programming/gaming industry I see that are popular on Twitter… are not actually women.
I don't know if this won't offend someone, but it's like a blackface in cinema. A black character? Oh, let's cast a white guy and paint his face black.
We need more diversity in the industry, we need to hire women in our company so we'll look progressive and fair? Let's hire a man in a dress.

This is vile

No. 297481

File: 1537363614907.jpg (126.47 KB, 769x1024, 1537360444314.jpg)

Yeah, the shitfest is all over the internet.
I just hate how he needs to present himself as a "she".
It's not like being a woman in a male-dominated field isn't tough enough, but we get worse rep by these crazies every year because some people just read the name and presume that women do nothing all day but pull shit like this.

I do wish we had more of actual women in the IT sector. These mentally unstable men larping as women are damaging in every way to normal people, and take women quotas (though I'm against quotas) while also being misogynistic and not caring about actually improving projects and contributing them or helping women in the STEM field.

I seriously hope Linus returns soon. The new conduct is a sure way to make the project turn to shit by silencing anyone that doesn't stroke their egos.

That's exactly what's happening.
Also, I know of a few women in the STEM field and none dared to use any quotas.
They work twice as hard if possible rather than surfing their way on some diversity points.

No. 297513

File: 1537370633606.png (179.4 KB, 666x1748, oh ffs.png)

Being a lesbian making a joke about not liking penis = being milo, who actually does say and advocate against peoples rights.

Like, thats it, im done. I've hit peak trans. Fuck them. I used to think trans women were trans women they are not, this screams fucking male entitlement. They never go after men who kill transwomen the way they go after lesbians for not wanting their cheeto encrusted mouldy button dicks. Its clear they scream they are women because they dont want repercussions for saying disgusting shit about women so claim to be them. Fuck the trans movement, remove the T from LGBT!

No. 297536

File: 1537372841079.png (27.15 KB, 577x151, lx1hdrhwl6n11.png)

No. 297544

already posted >>296932

No. 297601

File: 1537376415846.jpg (748.86 KB, 3024x4032, huuhc57.jpg)

Some troon trying to flirt with another user on /r/actuallesbians. What a fucking creep. Probably thinks he looks like a cute winking loli from his animu reaction folder.

No. 297604

File: 1537376833935.jpg (1.55 MB, 4032x3024, zxCqe8O.jpg)


Okay, fuck, that's a horrifying picture right there. Dude looks like he's gonna deport some lesbian because they refused to sleep with him. I think I've never seen a German troon who looks decent, tbh. Always these weird-ass looking dudes who are either obese or scrawny, work in IT and are way to much into anime and video games.


No. 297673

I think it was Linus's daughter who made him sign the CoC and she's a very stereotypical rich white SJW girl in her early 20's. She's been a part of Coraline's stupid whims before. It's ironic because Linus has always hated politics due to him being raised in a home full of hardcore 1970's communists who tried to push their political views on him and now his daughter is doing the same shit.

As a female programmer who had to work her motherfucking ass off to prove herself in this industry I'm shocked at all these MiTs and their handmaidens trying to ruin everything we have been doing for the future generation of girls getting into programming. Every time I see someone being promoted as the poster child of Women in Tech it's always either a.) a man in dress b.) an assblasted libfem who doesn't even code but creates shitty pull requests to change the code comments to be more inclusive. And none of them EVER give a shit about actual women programming or celebrate their success, the only person who has gotten even a little recognition was Lyndsey Scott and even with her the hype is mostly focused on the "look, she's beautiful despite being a programmer!" viewpoint. Because that's all that cis women are good for anyway in this society.

No. 297729

Spread this far and wide because this will absolutely peak trans a BUNCH of people

No. 297730

I love how it's always "I won't listen to cis people!" and its almost always women. The misogynistic trans people I know that use it as social elevation and to ignore the shit they do wrong always pull the "Won't listen to these horrible cis opinions!" even if they're actively oppressing others for their gender identity, and being a total dipshits to another oppressed class by their standards. It's all so they can play the victim and make social struggles and oppression literally all about them. It's like they can't physically bring themselves to think about women or others negative experiences unless it gets them more and relates back to how it's worse for them. It's such a selfish shitty way to live, I don't understand how more people don't see through it.

No. 297731

File: 1537391600492.gif (6.06 MB, 639x462, siren-disgust.gif)

EW, FUCKING GROSS. Why are tr00ns always trying to get with lesbians? it's so awful.

Also, why does he have so many toothbrushes?? Are they from his victims?

No. 297734

It's just funny to me because even most gay people are still cis, so are they really trying to say 'fuck you' to 99.9 percent of the population? rofl

No. 297739

File: 1537392033558.png (68.43 KB, 374x214, tumblr_p3tcnazK8n1tlqmw6o1_400…)

even if it wasn't a troon that would still be such an awful, uncomfortable way to hit on someone. i'm getting secondhand anxiety for that poor girl.

i figured it's 6 awesome trans gal roommates in their queer commune shitshack…but that means 6 awesome trans gals all share that bathroom…

also good taste anon

No. 297743

I figured roommates too, since tr00ns tend to rotate around each other.

(thanks anon!)

No. 297758

File: 1537394621702.png (6.64 MB, 474x14904, NNOOOOOO.png)

Oh you think thats bad, take a look AT THIS

No. 297764

>Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents does not differentiate between gender and sex.

This is all backwards. They should fight to discredit the concept of "gender". It's baseless, it's a fantasy. Tear it down and you've got perfect justifiation for women-only spaces etc. Women being defined by sex, not imaginary "gender". Words have a gender, people have a sex.
As long as feminists accept the concept of "gender" they are fighting a losing battle. It's holding the door open but insisting it shall not be opened further. It's futile. Close the door.

No. 297769

I agree with you 100 percent, anon. Biological sex is set in STONE. Gender is a social term and it needs to end, that's how we stop 'gender roles,' which is what makes a tranny a thing. Sex is sex and cannot be refuted.

No. 297772

>my nipples became super sensitive
does he know that males have more sensitive nipples to begin with?

No. 297777

"you look like you stink" LMAO

No. 297778

It's funny how they seriously believe they're more oppressed than "cis" women

No. 297781

>i figured it's 6 awesome trans gal roommates in their queer commune shitshack

This reminds me of this great compilation of German leftists roommate adverts: https://jungle.world/artikel/2014/29/50259.html
It's written in German but I'll translate a good one.

>We are an anarchist-feminist house project looking for new roommates. Anyone who is NOT cis-male can move in; that is, we welcome genderqueer, lesbian, cis-feminine, transgender, and non-gender (both male and female) and many other genders. Some of us are lesbians, some sex workers, we speak different languages, and not everyone speaks German, some are "old", some are people of color, we are also trans*, femmes, or completely without gender, some are survivors. There are about 30 people in the house, some of them with their children or cats and dogs. We share 5 kitchens, there is Internet, usually a washing machine, a screen printing studio, a guest room (not for cis-men as well), a atelier and much more.

Can you imagine children growing up in that place? I hope none of these 30 queer* folx turns out to be a sexual predator. And cis men aren't even allowed in the guest room? lmao, no wonder so many leftist guys suddenly are non-binary

Some adverts mentioned in the article are even worse (but they're kind of hard to translate and I'm lazy). Flat shares like this are rather common here, at least in cities with a large student population. When looking for a place here one will always eventually encounter some queer-feminist hellhole flat share ad. I always found them quite fascinating since I don't understand how people can live like that.

No. 297782


Yeah, at this point I just don't expect actual women when people tell me about whatever great new female game dev doing independent work. It is always, always, always some transbian in 00s scene wear making games about being a tee hee useless lesbiab uwu at best or how transgressive their desire to jack off into stolen panties when they were 15 was at worst. My fucking kingdom for a robust indie women's dev scene. No one wants to talk about the giant fucking leg up Anna Anthropy/Aevee Bee/Porpentine/whoever has over actual women by being straight white gamer guys a scant few fucking years ago. They were all the guys forcing you out of coding club because they never stopped hitting on you in the creepiest possible ways.

No. 297814

People were saying this on radblr, earlier. It seems like she's using terfblocker or something similar.

No. 297874

I don't know any women that feel like this, do they think women just walk around horny and shivering whenever they think of something vaguely sexual? very skinwalkerish

No. 297882

Fucking CHRIST

the "I liked girls as a boy and ~loved~ lesbians so that's how I found out I was trans!" part was the absolute worst

No. 297917

File: 1537431009914.png (132.07 KB, 961x719, toby 2.png)

I've heard of block lists that automatically include terf accounts, but I have no idea how any of this works. I can see her account just fine while logged in, and basically she's backpedaling and pretending like we can't read and she didn't say that transmen are at least as much of a priority as breast cancer patients.

No. 297920

samefag but that's something she retweeted, I didn't notice it didn't show here.

No. 297996

File: 1537457182378.jpeg (204.92 KB, 956x525, 4D604E25-BAEF-454D-BBE8-51E13B…)

Toby is really something.
>I'm a MAN! I have minor chest hair!
>Fuck cancer patients, I need nice nips!

No. 298030

>I'm a MAN! I have minor chest hair!
this is so deluded and embarrassing.

No. 298037

kek, right? because no women get some chest hair? like, literally women with idiopathic hirsutism from being like, mediterranean or indian or whatever get that? like, you don't even have to have an actual problem to get minor chest hair for women or mustaches, it's just somewhat common in certain ethnicities.

and on another note, do these people stop to think about how women with PCOS feel being equated to being intersex or men? or men with gynecomastia are then basically called intersex? these are INCREDIBLY common issues that affect countless people and they are metabolic (like pcos) or often environmental (in the case of gyno), that are being treated by these freaks like these people with legit medical side effects like they're veritably intersex, when they are already insecure (women with PCOS suffer like hell with self image issues and for them to be equated with being men – ugh) like, what the fuck

No. 298044

Hairy women are NOT comparable to a real man, jesus christ, The utter utter DELUSION. It's actually disturbing.

No. 298052

I'm a skinny white bitch with regular periods and I have hair between my (very small) tits + around my nipples

it's not uncommon at all

No. 298081

Is she implying that only animals have a biological sex and humans are somehow beyond this?

No. 298101

File: 1537467560299.png (2.23 MB, 1440x2560, 7868A5BD-A431-405B-8F8F-971A9E…)

>says he killed his parents because they didn’t “accept his transition”
>also kills his chihuahua
I bet his chihuahua was transphobic towards him too! Totally not a mental illness!!!

No. 298104

where do you think are they going to put him?

No. 298108

File: 1537467754129.png (1.84 MB, 1200x1177, Andrea-Balcer.png)

No. 298109

>Balcer has also claimed that her mother sexually abused her, claiming Alice Balcer had propositioned her moments before he knifed her to death.
>But Balcer’s brother Christopher – the only surviving member of her immediate family – called the sexual abuse allegations absurd. Christopher Balcer also insisted his parents would have been supportive of Andrea’s transition, despite her claims to the contrary.

No. 298111

In a perfect world he’d be euthanized or locked away to rot in solitary confinement, but instead he’s going to be put in a women’s prison and get free HRT and SRS for his dysphoria :’(

No. 298113

Yeah, I have hairy arms, legs and a little bit of hair on top of my lips, guess I'm a manly man now by that logic.

These people are retarded and probably don't know about these conditions, and think that a woman with PCOS who doesn't feel like shaving all the time is non-binary. Whenever someone calls them out on this sort of statements they backpedal and repeat the same shit with slightly different wording.

Should have killed himself instead of harming others.

No. 298114

It's not uncommon for men to lie about abuse in situations like this.

No. 298115

I wish they killed him instead

No. 298116

gee, this sounds familiar. where have i heard this before? oh yeah!

woman: i don't think trans women are actually female


No. 298124

>she only implied that transgenderism is AS FATAL as cancer which is why they should be given equal resources! That totally doesn't mean she wants to take from cancer patients!
these people I swear

Oh great, now TRAs can claim that "denying transition for gender dysphoria isn't just killing us, it's also killing other people!!!" to demand faster access to mutilation and hormones. /s Also
That eBay hair piece and beard stubble isn't fooling anyone my dude. Here's the full article for anyone interested

No. 298170

>Facebook shitposting group named Marvel Shieldposting
>Some troon makes a troon meme
>Someone in the comments reminds them that it's not the right place for that sjw clusterfuck
>Horde of troons and handmaidens start waving the word "transphobic" around and outnumber the "transphobes"
>Some troon suggests to "axe" the transphobes
>On a fucking shitposting group
Is there a place on the internet where I don't have to see this shit? Lolcow aside

No. 298188


Anything like marvel that attracts the tumblr kiddies like stink on shit is always going to be a troonfest

No. 298447

File: 1537513537539.jpeg (920.67 KB, 830x2489, BDDCE151-AD13-4E75-831B-5DBF05…)

TiFs are so obnoxious.

No. 298448


This so much. TiMs don't really have any impact on men, so it can be incredibly hard for men to empathize.

No. 298450

so…are TiFs like just doing this to be cool spies?

No. 298453

I like how she thinks she can snuff out bad men in five minutes. She probably tells her hetero friends to dump their boyfriends and get with her

No. 298455

implying all TIF aren't fujoshit who transition to attract gay men

No. 298466

If "can tell me whether my new guy is an ass or not" is their only redeeming quality, no thanks. Also haven't found proof yet that they don't turn into misogynist shits, especially considering how much they hate themselves.

No. 298467

What a fucking scumbag. Also, why do they all dress and have hair like scene kids from 2006? I'm pretty sure Kelly Osbourne had that same haircut… in 2002.

No. 298468

I think many of them are lesbians in denial. Even on tumblr I saw a lot of fakebois who said they understood they were transguys because they were tomboys and were exclusively into girls when they were kids.

No. 298485

>looking at this dude and deeming it okay to use female pronouns
This really is just a joke now. No one believes this man is a woman lmao
Unironically hope he kills himself

No. 298487

Doubly as it comes from the daily fail-the fact they are using female pronouns for this abomination is a shock.

No. 298552

File: 1537556926722.png (190.14 KB, 1440x811, 20180921_130633.png)

/r/MtF is so fucking weird. Women naturally smell like flowers, didn't you know?

No. 298553

It's like all those male authors who say a girl's pussy smelled like roses and tasted like mangoes

No. 298556

Dump him, he probably beats his meat to trannies or something.

No. 298557

imagine being so socially isolated and autistic that you never picked up that "girl smell" has only ever been meant to refer to perfumes and scented beauty products

No. 298560

what a fucking retard

No. 298563

I wish someone would tell that to my arm pits.

No. 298566

>tolerate incels and nazis

lol slow down there bud. I don’t like trannies either but you will never see me align myself with white supremacists who would kill me and my family it was legal for them to do so.

No. 298570

Tolerate more=/=Tolerate or associate yourself with them. They're equally bad and violent, the difference is that it's socially acceptable to shit freely on nazis and neckbeards and people will agree with you, but try to even question trannies, even the rapists who get assigned to female prisons, and you've got a mob ready to stone you for being a "transphobe"

No. 298571

this. i guess by that logic me and my bf need to both get sex changes, cause he doesn't sweat or smell ever, and i do.

No. 298574

File: 1537563465705.jpg (107.63 KB, 470x697, 5078661000000578-6189673-Mosel…)


Another mass shooting, the perpetrator was classified as female. Of-fucking-course it's a TiM, who the fuck is fooled anymore?

>Moseley injured three people and shot dead three others. Two of them died at the scene and one was taken to hospital where they succumbed to their injuries later in the day.

>Longtime friend Toni Coley said she had come out to her family as transgender in December 2016

Pic related, it's "her". This is why "female crime" is on the rise.

No. 298577

File: 1537563889498.jpg (32 KB, 400x400, 13700136_122482988187183_11342…)

Another article that doesn't even mention him being a TiM. Most of the news I've seen don't even mention his name.
>Moseley is now in the small minority of female mass shooters, with only around 4 percent being women, according to experts.
>“If you look at mass shootings in the United States that have killed eight or more people, they’re all done by men,” Adam Lankford, a criminologist at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, told The Post.

I'm fucking done with this shit.

No. 298579

That's an ftm you dumbass. She doesn't even look male.

No. 298580

Okay, but transactivists would be 1000% triggered if it were an mtf being called "he" and classified as a male shooter.

No. 298581

How could a criminologist with even an OUNCE of intellectual honesty make a statement like that when discussing a fucking man. Not only do we have to put up male violence, their crimes are being attributed to us, it's disgusting.

No. 298583

because it's not a man, it's a TiF

No. 298589


No. 298590

>In messages that the friend said were sent in December 2016, Moseley described identifying as a trans man and discussed beginning hormone treatment soon.
from baltimore sun

No. 298592

File: 1537567525237.jpg (147.04 KB, 960x960, IMG_4597.JPG)


lol this os obviously a dyke, that's not a man.

No. 298593

that does happen a lot, but yeah, you can tell by her frame it's a female, and you can see she's binding in that photo. her frame looks pretty fem. anyways, the .0000000000000000003 of female shooters will never compare to the fact that men are the ones doing this shit on the regular.

besides, these tifs are soooo desperate to act like men. honestly, every time i've interacted with them, they've treated me like shit, like a misogynist male. like an especially misogynistic male. men treating women like shit and men being violent is like the hallmark of their creed, so i wouldn't be surprised if she tried to emulate that on top of having issues, to be more 'authentically male' or w/e

No. 298594

File: 1537567901771.jpg (102.11 KB, 750x750, cf2461d3830910dad91ff4b7e78da5…)

No. 298595

>MtT crime gets classified as "female crime"
>FtT crime gets also classified as "female crime"

No. 298751


relatable. I'm a sweaty smelly beast and trust me, I don't smell like flowers.

No. 298806

The thing I hate most about TiMs is that they larp periods so badly. ~uwu i need chocolate and cuddles and im so bloated~

Most women I've spoken too don't just want chocolate or cuddles. They dont want the feeling of everytime they move and they can feel the blood sloshing around inside them. They don't want the conspitation and/or liquid shits. They don't want the horrendous cramps that disable us. They dont like putting nice white linen on the bed and waking up to the Japanese flag because their period is early.

No. 298810

seriously. when i'm on my period the closest thing to "cuddles and chocolate" that i want is mcdonalds and fucking booze.

No. 298812

Ew. Like I fully accept that maybe your hormones are out of wack once a month. Call it what is is; medicinal side effects or even something like a secondary period. I don't know and don't care but it's not a fucking period. You are not menstruating. Fuck right off! Your poor little tummy getting upset once a month is not the same thing as the actual biological process of menstruation.

No. 298819


McDonalds, cider, and weed for me.

God I need a gf to smoke weed at eat mcdonald's with.

No. 298820

Ah yes. Cause y'know, poor innocent cis wimmin are incapable of snuffing out creeps themselves. I'm sure the second you set your facebook title to "male" all the men run to you and tell them their shitty thoughts.

No. 298821

File: 1537598550424.jpg (42.7 KB, 405x600, FreddieMercuryPA090811.jpg)

reminds me of pic related kek

No. 298824

>Call it what is is; medicinal side effects or even something like a secondary period. I don't know and don't care but it's not a fucking period.
pft, they dont feel anything. they're not getting side effects that mimic a period even in the slightest. if such a phenomenon actually existed, i'd eat my hat. this is just more wishful thinking from pervy fucks. tbqh i'd have no trouble believing they'd purposefully hold their shit for days to induce cramps that they think mimic period cramps and jerk off over it.

i saw one troon on twitter say while on his 'period' "i don't know if i want to kill someone or fuck them" along with all of the "i've never needed chocolate before more in MY LIFE", like, just ramping up every single cinematic portrayal of a period he has ever seen with a peppering of perv.

No. 298842

Lol yeah, I want to eat everything and get fucked

No. 298846

I get the most annoying combo of feeling bloated, irritable and completely "unsexy" while also just wanting someone to come and just fuck me while I just lie there.

No. 298847

I usually want to take a pain pill, a big fat shit, and then go to sleep.

No. 298849


Bleeding out of my cooter atm.

Currenty drinking booze and craving a big mac.

No. 298851


Yeah, this. I think it's some straight up light as a feather stiff as a board shit. There is nothing about taking a steady dose of synthetic hormones that could at all imitate the menstrual cycle. But the mind's ability to feel, to some degree, what it desperately wants to feel is pretty huge.

No. 298897

Ahh booze and junk food. The best cure lol. Except for when i have my cold-sweat, shivering diahrrea periods a couple of times a year, then i just want a loaded gun.

No. 298918

Not that anon you were replying to but I have one of those diarrhea cold sweat ones right this second and it sucks immensely i want to die

No. 298924

I hate that MtFs think women have less gross bodily functions than men, or completely down play things like periods to make them “uwu cute and quirky”. MtFs who romanticize every facet of womenhood remind me of the boys in middle school who genuinely believed women don’t poop.
This is literally my pms I never heard someone describe it so accurately kek

No. 298926

>completely down play things like periods to make them “uwu cute and quirky”.
Pretty funny how they describe their fake placebo induced periods as "my tummy hurts and only chocolate can cure me uwuwuwuwu", but god forbid actual women talk about their own periods with all the good and bad, whether it's because they want to complain or talk about their real health issues.

No. 298954

File: 1537642807148.jpg (138.18 KB, 640x359, 809QMjj.jpg)

To be fair, I also kind of blame the kind of libfems you find on places like /r/trollxchromosones who play up the "uwu make you eat lots of chocolate for your tummy if you're sad, that's "self care" not binge eating"/hugs and rainbows idea of womanhood - they remind me of pic related from meangirls

No. 299021


Not that anon, but god those are the worst. Hope you feel better soon.

No. 299031

I mainly keked when he said he wanted to hire a complete newbie into a company of 4 people. All the small shops I know are formed by experienced developers who know each other from prior employments. A company of 4 cannot really afford an untrained employee. Small companies need to be lean.

No. 299038

1. I think that women are rare enough in the industry
2. Trannies are vocal on social media and women in IT usually aren't

These two factors combined create a situation when any "female" tweet is 75% likely to be a trannie.

No. 299060

dunno anything about that field but i thought that was weird when i read it.. tranny sounds crazy but the boss sounds like he's trying to strategically hire as women because he's a creep.

No. 299141

File: 1537694644217.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 50.95 KB, 580x506, C4190E91-4437-4CBE-9947-14DB83…)

No. 299143

File: 1537695372327.gif (995.35 KB, 450x249, giphy.gif)

There's nothing left to say, we've finally come to this point…

In a few years handmaidens will donate their body after dying for some tranny to wear.

No. 299147

File: 1537697124991.png (489.45 KB, 691x1091, Screenshot_2018-09-23-02-53-01…)

Two Guide leaders who had raised safeguarding concerns about the organisation’s transgender policy have been expelled and had their units closed down.

Dozens of children face disappointment because there is no one else to run the units. The expelled leaders say they will take legal action against Girlguiding if their removals are upheld.

Helen Watts, one of 12 leaders who signed a letter to The Sunday Times in April asking for a review of the policy, was told on Friday that her membership was being terminated after more than 15 years with the Guides.

At least one other signatory, based in the northwest of England, was expelled. Documents seen by The Sunday Times suggest disciplinary investigations have been launched against at least five Guide leaders.

Watts, the leader of a Rainbows unit for girls aged 5 to 7 in Ealing, west London, said: “I am very upset and I am also really angry. We had some serious concerns about a policy that ignored basic safeguarding principles.”

Watts was told she was being removed because she was “not willing to follow Girlguiding’s equality and diversity policy in so far as it provides for transgender inclusion”. She was also accused of calling a fellow volunteer a “nightmare” on a private Facebook group visible to 20 people.

Since last year the Guides have allowed male-bodied trans adults who self-identify as women to be Guide leaders and trans children who self-identify as girls to be members. On trips the children can share lavatories, showers and sleeping accommodation. The policy says parents should not be told if their daughter’s leader, or a child, is transgender.

Watts said: “The policy puts all leaders in a really difficult position. It contradicts other inclusion policies — for certain faith communities for instance — and it completely contradicts existing policies around informed parental consent.”

A parent from Watts’ unit, said she was shocked at the decision: “Helen is amazing. My daughter loves her — she is so professional and she makes the parents and the children feel so welcome. It’s a real shame what has happened.”

Another expelled leader said: “I was told my membership was revoked, I had to shut my unit down and I was not allowed to talk to the girls or their parents. They said I was refusing to follow Girlguiding procedures. I told them I would follow any procedure unless it conflicted with the safety of a girl in my care.”

She was also accused of being disrespectful on social media, but said Girlguiding had not given her any examples.

Girlguiding said: “Two individuals were found to have breached our volunteer code of conduct and social media policy and sanctions have been applied accordingly” and added that the expulsions were “not based on the individuals’ personal views”.


No. 299148

File: 1537697213047.png (527.12 KB, 800x839, Screenshot_2018-09-23-03-01-34…)

No. 299149

that is heartbreaking.

No. 299159

Very tragic and all but no one would tag it as ok for an anorexic girl to kill herself and lot's of people that become actually disfigured after accidents or surgeries learn to cope and live with their body, so why the hell are trans not the same? Why aren't people with that much anguish about their bodies going to real therapy instead of being thrown hormones and dangerous/expensive procedures?
It's really sad how enabling their illness became the politically correct thing to do before even trying to actually help them.

No. 299179

Parents should know if their female kid is being cared for by a mentally ill degenerate with a dick

No. 299181

Isn't it useless to make a "feminine bodysuit" if the person wearing it has wide shoulders, waist, hands etc.? It's going to stretch the bodysuit and boom, your body is still masculine - but with silicone boobs. Just get implants at this point…

No. 299203

Yes… but it also includes silicon around the hips etc. to try and give it curves even when distorted on a male frame.

No. 299204

Also the type of people using these body suits are not the type of people that would transition 24/7. They want to be able to remove their skin suit when it pleases them.

No. 299211

This is what happens when sjws attack anyone who calls trangenderism a mental illness and criticizes hrt/srs. There could have been medical advancements by now that could help trans people deal with their dysphoria in a less invasive way. Instead trans people are thrown into chemical/physical castration because no one wants to question transgenderism in fear of being called transphobic.
Also anorexics aren’t given liposuction to make them more skinny, they’re given therapy so they can learn to have a healthy body image. Anorexia and transgenderism are very similar in how they affect people psychologically, yet one is treated with therapy to diminish their dillusion and the other is given surgery to support their dillusion. I watched a documentary on reddit about trans people who regret their transition, and one person described their transition as feeling like they’d finally be happy if they had more done. Like first they got hrt, but it wasn’t enough so they got a boob job and facial feminization surgery, but that wasn’t enough so they got srs thinking that’s what they truly needed to be happy. When they got the srs they realized they didn’t feel any different and ultimately regretted their decision. The way they described it remindes me of how anorexics have a goal weight and think once they reach it they’ll be satisfied, but when they finally reach that weight they still feel unsatisfied and make a lower goal weight because “this time will be different”. I’ll try to find the documentary on reddit or YouTube to post here.

No. 299218

Can't wait to see beer bellied troons trying to fit in these

No. 299224

File: 1537720719464.jpg (75.18 KB, 454x665, jeffeny the killer.jpg)

No. 299229

File: 1537722241807.png (177.42 KB, 370x621, Capture.PNG)

What does /GC/ think of this?
Not trying to troll, just curious.

No. 299230

Not just libfems but a lot of women perpetuate the period="raging moody Bitch chocolate fatty" stereotype.

No. 299238

all "butch transwomen" are just agp hons who want to larp as lesbians, but are too ugly and lazy to even make an attempt to pass. they make up the bulk of troons who ree about actual lesbians being twanzphobick for not fucking them. transbians are literally incels in thigh highs.

by the way, is that guy in the pic that eli dude? the one who raped an ftm?

No. 299241

I agree they these trans non binary group of people are just the uglies trying to get laid.

I've read many biological studies. There is a condition you can have an xxy chromosome. Without going into the science it's been proven that an incredible small percent of people will ever have this and SRS has only proven successful in people with this biological condition.

Essentially science does argue they there are true trans people, but the most are the easily led sheep trying best to conform where they deem they fit in most comfortably. They're projections on the trans community will never disprove the science.

No. 299242

1) #notalltroons wear the stereotypical troon outfit. i think that's obvious to anyone who's done research. saying "most transwomen reinforce gender stereotypes" doesn't hinge on the fact that literally all of them dress a certain way. that's just generalization 101

2.a lot of self described butch troons are really just lazy or inept in certain areas so instead of dressing like a butch lesbian, they'll just have like….drag makeup but with slacks and unstyled hair. it's often completely different than the way a woman would put together a butch outfit. the person in the photo might have a better sense of butch style than average but again…this whole shit is about majority and about the fact that the trans ideology hinges on delusion Intelligent, stylish, perceptive, non-stereotypical people can still be completely delusional about their biology.

No. 299244

>I've read many biological studies. There is a condition you can have an xxy chromosome. Without going into the science it's been proven that an incredible small percent of people will ever have this and SRS has only proven successful in people with this biological condition.
…Yeah, people with that condition are intersex.

>Essentially science does argue they there are true trans people,

No it doesn't. Intersex people aren't trans and vice versa. Truscum ideology (see "brain sex") has no scientific evidence to back it. It's pure bullshit concocted by troons trying to validate their mental illnesses.

No. 299245

anyone who buys this line and thinks in this way ought to reject ANY stereotypes about biological women, any at all, even the most basic ones, because for every stereotype, there is at least one woman who it doesn't apply to, therefore ~contradicting it with their mere existence~. If you're a man and you agree with butch-chan, next time someone says women tend to be weak, you ought to say "uhm hello? female bodybuilders!" Next time someome says women raise children more, say "are you kidding? there are childless women out there who disprove that tired line just by existing!"

oh you don't want to say that because individual outliers don't automatically destroy patterns and averages? there you go.

No. 299252

File: 1537728461701.png (355.73 KB, 648x550, lol.PNG)


No. 299253

Here’s the documentary on trans people regretting their transition

No. 299255

lmao that fucking beak

No. 299271

that stringcheese hair…

No. 299303

File: 1537736187975.png (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 1288x1412, naked troon.png)

oh god

No. 299305

Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me

No. 299306

File: 1537736331805.png (80.26 KB, 900x572, the comments.png)


the virgin handmaiden redditor vs. the chad honest redditor

No. 299309

File: 1537736495131.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.64 KB, 756x1023, t4oWHF5.jpg)


and that's what he looked like before

also, his horrifying genital surgery pics https://imgur.com/a/iAY7G

No. 299313

So many disgusting exhibionists becoming troons. Even females who can’t wait to show off their new micropenis to strangers

No. 299315

*exhibitionists my bad

No. 299318

That is disgusting, not only on a visual level, but also cause of this surgery which makes a disgusting mockery of the female body.

No. 299332

I never realized bellybuttons could look male or female til now. Huh.

No. 299337


His new genitals look like they're fashioned out of used bubblegum. "You can't tell the difference!" my ass.

No. 299393

all i see is a castrated man. not even a distorted approximation of a female body, just a castrated man.

No. 299400

>those genital pics

i'm getting secondhand anxiety seeing those fucking pics. never say terfs aren't sympathetic. if i had random gaping sores and green goo all over my sewed on crotch, i'd be spending every waking moment freaking out over if it's ever going to heal or if it's going to keep getting worse until the infection and blood loss kill me. the fact that it "heals" at the end is no more comforting than if someone ripped your arm off and told you it'll heal into a stump eventually if you take care of it uwu.

No. 299413

I had no business clicking that.
Just like a real pussy huh? and they even brag about how tight they are lmao fuckin nasty

No. 299424


And trans will be further validated in the next edition of the ICD.

Gender incongruence, meanwhile, has also been moved out of mental disorders in the ICD, into sexual health conditions. The rationale being that while evidence is now clear that it is not a mental disorder, and indeed classifying it in this can cause enormous stigma for people who are transgender, there remain significant health care needs that can best be met if the condition is coded under the ICD.


No. 299426


Not to be melodramatic but every "butch" trans woman I've ever known (and I live in a lefty area as a gay woman so like, a fair amount at this point) has been 1. creepy as fuck, actual rapists at worst 2. barely hiding their rage towards women and ESPECIALLY actual butches 3. absolutely entirely ignorant of butch culture and history, and ultimately 4. really just doing it because they grew up fetishizing female gender nonconformity as cool and sexy, have zero knowledge of the actual experience of it, it's all just this shitty horrible "I wanna be a cool edgy pink haired dyke" longing undercut by this insane hatred of actual butches. There's this rage they have, because I think they know, deep down, that butch is an identity they just can't have or truly understand. It is so dependent on growing up as a girl. And so they want it so, so badly….and also hate the women who actually embody it.

Seriously not joking though, I don't make generalizations like this lightly: every "butch" mtf I've ever known was a scary fucking dude. They all have these little girlfriends (that are always agender or trans men or nb or whatever) that they use like attack dogs on other women, that are nearly all swallowing the literal abuse they get put through. I fucking hate watching it.

No. 299427

We've already discussed why this does more good than harm. At the cost of patronizing the mentally ill, transition will no longer be paid for by insurance or the government/tax payer money since it will be considered cosmetic surgery.

No. 299439

No. 299441

File: 1537754531719.jpg (43.59 KB, 840x525, LSD cult.jpg)

Good god

No. 299458


No, just the opposite. WHO hopes that by reducing the stigma, more people will receive treatment. It is still classified as a medical condition with a billable code. Removing it from mental disorders only bolsters the informed consent model.

No. 299475

File: 1537767159059.jpg (498.78 KB, 1080x1597, 1537766575335.jpg)

I make fake reddit accounts with pictures of real woman just to post in tranny subreddits.

Its fun watching them rage, knowing they'll never look remotely that attractive. If you guys could join me I would appreciate it. (Don't make it too obvious though). I generally take pictures from /soc/ and other sites that aren't archive, ie not searchable on google.(not your personal army)

No. 299477

wait, you're pretending these women are troons? idk if that's a good idea, anon. it's going to make them, first of all, save these images and spread them around as if they're troons and keep advocating to their troon faggot friends that passable transition is possible, and second, it'll just further encourage them/give them hope that they can become hot

No. 299478

File: 1537767340579.jpg (54.79 KB, 1074x268, 1537767280565.jpg)

Remember to use completely unrealistic timelines too.

>Please don't be too mean, I have only been on HRT for 5 months.

No. 299479

File: 1537767528589.png (30.42 KB, 601x142, Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 3.38…)

Meh the majority are going to kill themselves anyway. I'm not worried.

No. 299481

i wish that were true. they're too ravaged by NPD and pornsickness to nut up and kill themselves. they're way too conceited to actually off themselves.

No. 299484

File: 1537769069200.png (13.34 KB, 465x26, Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 4.02…)

No. 299485

Do these men really think that just having boobs and not having a dick makes them look like a woman? This is just a man body with weird little boobs attached.

No. 299486

File: 1537770512317.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, vomit.jpg)


>that image album

No. 299487


>invites anons to brigade on reddit while exploiting images stolen from other women

A much more valuable contribution to feminism rather than engaging in real activism!

No. 299489


Because real activism against tranny faggot shit will cost your job irl. At least this is fun.

No. 299491

Not unless you live in Canada or work at buzzfeed. Normies don't give a shit about troons.

No. 299494

Nta (and I don’t agree with what they’re doing, I think it fuels the fetish like those sissy text images with real girls) but I work in a hospital and if it somehow came out that I’m openly “transphobic” I could very well be fired for not following the policy of ~tolerance and inclusivity~. Also >>299147

No. 299520

The problem really is that you use other women's pictures without their permission to troll people. These girls didn't ask to be included in your shit, if you want to troll them so badly post a picture of yourself.

No. 299525

A guy I follow on twitter came out as trans last year and I’ve noticed that he’s slowly copying my style. He now have a troon attempt at my hair (thankfully he is cursed with fried troon hair so it looks ridiculous on him), he even tried to dye it the same colour just days after I posted a photograph of mine and had the exact same piercings as me too. It’s creepy as fuck and I already wish I could distance myself from him but he’s the kind that would make a huge deal publicly about m’transphobia if I unfollowed him.

Sage for mini blog. I just needed to get this off my chest without the fear of being called out as a transphobe.

No. 299534


i wish women could call these skinwalkers out for what they are

No. 299537

Are you American? I'm European and honestly it applies >>299491
no one cares. You can be openly transphobic and even homophobic. You're fucked if you write hateful shit and some fb activists group snitches on you to your employer; it becomes a public issue so yeah you're in trouble, but no one cares when you voice your opinion.
But it's a ~catholic country~, most people are not tolerant at all so here's that.

No. 299547

I’m European too, though my country isn’t particularly Catholic. For most people it’s probably okay to voice their opinion but the hospital I work at makes a big deal about catering to “gender dysphorics” so if I expressed views that contradict that, it can be a reason for them discontinue my contract. People working at schools also aren’t allowed to be “transphobic” since here it’s treated the same as being openly sexist or racist. They don’t want anyone kicking up a stink about them employing evil transphobes who might come in contact with poor vulnerable trans people.

No. 299549

this man turned tranny I know from the internet did the same thing to his bpdfag girlfriend. Dyed and cut his hair the same way as her, copied her music, copied her clothes.

but man, lemme tell ya, watching a narc troon and a bpdfaggot in a relationship was comedy gold.

No. 299553

are you a /pol/yp trying to carry out this wacky scheme that failed to take off there? https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/186090562

No. 299687


I hate how I've become genuinely hateful because of this movement. I'm a fairly kind person but the illogical fallacies and just general violent misogynistic bullshit in this community has made me so hateful towards them.

No. 299695

Not a bad documentary, and I'm glad they've found some happiness. I couldn't help feeling like the whole religious angle was very calculated though, considering this is RT.

That being said, we're gonna start seeing a whole lot more documentaries like this as time goes on, I think. There was already that one that was banned in Canada, where they talked to a detransitioner who didn't want to be identified onscreen. It's sad that a lot of these people can't share their story for fear of being harassed or branded an enemy.

No. 299698

ngl this is kind of hilarious

>just a l i t t l e jealous ;)

No. 299721

Man, that's fucked. Real women know the repercussions of announcing being a woman in IT, trannies don't so they run around screeching about it, but men don't give a shit about them and don't bother trying to shit on them because they're not real women either.

Oh, y'know. If that was a real woman she'd get slaughtered for being a box bodied roastie, but since it's a mutilated man YASSS KWEEN SLAYYYY

No. 299749

File: 1537832787138.jpg (174.26 KB, 1280x720, big_1535622105_image.jpg)

so ya know how theres supposed to be a "trans girl" in the shitty new huniepop game? well, i kinda found this article…

like… are you seriously complaining about a fetish character.. in a fetish game? not that im defending huniepop, but it sounds a little ridiculous to me.

No. 299755

They're angry that men didn't want trannys in the game

No. 299756

I heard there was supposed to be a trap in the new Catherine game too (a remaster with a new added character or whatever?)

But trans people are fucking idiots regardless. No straight man wants to fuck a tranny. period

No. 299758

It's so fucking enraging when troons suddenly want to make porn politically correct. You can degrade women as much as you want and call them misogynistic slurs but god forbid if you fetishize traps.

Also, isn't the author technically *~kink-shaming~*?

No. 299761

Also they are acting like the reason they are trans isn't anime porn to begin with.

No. 299763

This lol. A lot of them circulated that tweet about anime traps doing more for trans rights than feminism has

No. 299770

they always try to 'gotcha' with these 'straight' men. like, some of these butch lesbians that go on T pass and look like pretty guys, but can any of you straight anons want to be with a 'man', no matter how attractive facially, without a dick?

do vaginas really not matter to dudes or something? like, honestly, the cock is such an integral part of being with a dude for me, and not just like, functionally, but like, aesthetically. like, when you love someone, it's nice to look at and stuff.

these men have GOT to be secret bis, right? how can vag not matter in their attraction?

No. 299772


Don't forget "sissy hypno porn". There are quite a few posts on /r/asktransgender explicitly mentioning this niche genre made them realise they're trans.

[NSFW] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5656266d7c3e8

Someone once mentioned this stuff on /r/GC and I just can't believe these videos have up to 3 million views. God, I'm falling down this rabbit hellhole again.

[NSFW] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph583ac8e82c8bb

400k views for this even weirder video. How fucking pathetic are men? Jerking off to this shit?

No. 299776

I think some guys just don't care, in a context where you know you will never see the character's genitals you can just pretend the character is actually female. It doesn't really make a difference.

I don't know how to explain actively liking traps though.

No. 299780

>I don't know how to explain actively liking traps though.
Mostly porn addiction, imo. Vanilla porn isn't stimulating enough anymore so they get into more and more weird shit.

No. 299824

These computer science guys are delusional. They can't accept the fact that they're treated as outliers in society because of their awkward personalities. No, it's because they're women. They like pink and cute things and paint their nails, which is the essence of womanhood. Identifying as a woman is an excuse for their faults.

I don't understand why TRAs can't understand being a male with feminine traits and vice versa. I'd say I have a lot of masculine traits and like to wear some masculine clothing, but I've always identified as female. A transwoman in a club at school tried to convince my that I'm trans/non-binary because of my masculinity and even tried to tell that my depersonalization/derealization was gender dysphoria, lmao.

No. 299863

This is not "computer science guys", they have little to do with CS and can only write code of conducts and small shitty scripts

No. 299871

curb your autism

No. 299895

File: 1537855991942.jpg (5.76 KB, 225x225, dsuVUXT.jpg)

No. 299896

Nothing about that girl in Catherine is confirmed and it's a game about the surpernatural that may or may not be part of the smt series. Troons don't care about research so they published walls of text about how an ambiguous scene of 2sec in a trailer is transphobic while it's highly likely that Rin isn't even a human in the first place

No. 299909

Are you Irish? I assume you are because we use the ~catholic country~ phrase a lot. Disregard this if you're Italian or Polish or something. We have self ID and as far as I can tell, feminism here is entirely libfem. I would be publicly ostracized by most of the people I went to college with if it was known I'm gender critical/a radfem. It's not even about being "hateful", I don't want to hurt or harass or even mock any trans people. I just think that gender is a social construct, sexual dimorphism is a thing that exists and women and girls shouldn't have to share private spaces with males. That would be enough to stop a lot of my friends talking to me, and not all of them even believe in (liberal) feminism.

No. 299910

I've noticed a lot of men who transition later in life are divorced, have kids and have/had a good job. They also tend to lament the time they "wasted" being a man and spend their time during/post transition dicling around and acting like spoiled teenagers.
Is it possible that for some being trans is just the most extreme version of a midlife crisis? Like, these men are tired of having adult responsibilities and so they start LARPing as women so they have an excuse to drop everything and act like a teenager again? It seems to me that they revel in no longer being "tied down" after their transition, especially if their family doesn't approve. Almost feels like they prefer not being accepted so they don't look like the bad guy.

No. 299912

I'm not Irish but european. I feel exactly the same. The general public isn't exactly aware of trans or gay problems but those who do would definitely crucify anyone voicing opposing opinions.

The problem with Trans is that they're entirely black and white. Either you refer to them as true women, with periods and whatnot or you're a nazi scum terf who wants them to DIE so you're the devil incarnate.
And I don't wish harm to transpeople. Nobody should insult them in public or refuse them proper healthcare. But it's impossible to try and have any conversation about maaaybe not messing up little kids bodies with hormones ?? To not let pre everything trans into women shelter or to not let trannies wave their dicks around in locker rooms where tweens can be ?

As someone who works alongside IT departments and plan on managing international groups I feel like one wrong public opinion could someday cost me a job by a crazed trans mob. That sucks honestly because they're effectively silencing anybody who wants to open a discussion on important topics.

No. 299918

File: 1537862717116.jpg (104.65 KB, 581x960, tumblr_penndjaTz21sr88nk_640.j…)

No. 299919

>these men have GOT to be secret bis, right? how can vag not matter in their attraction?
Um. Yes, anon. Trans """women""" are MEN. If a man fucks a tranny or likes trannies he is gay, bi, a pornsick sexual fetishistic degenerate or all three at the same time.

No. 299922

I don't like how bisexual people are expected to like trannies cos they ~love everyone~. I asked my bisexual boyfriend if he'd ever fuck a tranny and he said he'd rather kill himself kek

I'd say no normal person gay or bi would want to be with a tranny. Only tranny chasers and fetishists.

No. 299925

Plus some closeted gay/bi men who tell themselves and the world that it’s totally not gay if the other guy has (fake) breasts. In some cultures this is the only acceptable way for men to sleep with other men.

No. 299926

No. 299927

not trying to say that you're trans but if you get depersonalized/derealized you have to be a huge retard in addition to trust your judgements lol

No. 299942

I might be wrong but I imagine the whole tranny/futa fetish doesn't translate to real life for most people. I've read stuff written by men with tranny fetishes that seemed to indicate that they either A) would never fuck a tranny IRL or B) have tried and were uncomfortable/grossed out/disappointed by the experience
That said, I can't imagine wanting to sleep with a tranny for any reason other than having a fetish for them. I'm bisexual myself but I don't think I'd be comfortable having sex with a trans person pre or post op, regardless of their personality. I feel like it would just be too fucking weird to have sex with someone with strange, barely functional, medically constructed genitals or someone who had breasts and a penis. Just the thought of it gives me major anxiety because it's just so…wrong.

No. 299969

the thing that gets me about trans folk is that they always want a cis partner lmfao

No. 299971

What do you mean?

No. 299977

That's a perfectly reasonable reply go fuck yourself.

No. 299982

File: 1537878652296.jpeg (174.72 KB, 1026x1199, Dn3SPk0XUAE-sWO.jpeg)

This billboard campaign by http://www.standingforwomen.com was removed by Primesight Direct after complaints that it is "transphobic".


No. 299986

File: 1537879868713.png (421.88 KB, 665x662, 0285 - h3nTfec.png)




No. 299989

I can confirm, now I'm full on les but when I was bi some people told me "Oh you bisexual people are the ones who fuck trannies" and I was like… no, not even with a ten foot pole. If I want to have sex with a woman I don't want to see a dick or even worse, a mouldy gaping wound down there. A man is a man, a woman is a woman.

No. 299992

It doesn't. Futa have perfect girly attribute (cute voice, no awkward adam apple, no body hair, smooth skin and so on) besides a cock. Of course it'll never be the same as fucking an IRL tranny.

I'm bi, I like a certain type of men and a certain type of women. I don't want to fuck a trans woman only to realize that "her" neck is not smooth, there's stubble, "her" shoulders are broad as hell, "her" butt is the hairiest thing I've ever seen, etc etc.
Same with trans men, I don't want tiny hands against mine, a stubble on the chest or having a fake suck an oversized clitoris while expecting a fully functional dick.

It amazes me when trannies are shocked lesbians don't want them because of their penis. First of all yeah that's a big hurdle but that's not the only one, far from it.

No. 299996

>It doesn't. Futa have perfect girly attribute (cute voice, no awkward adam apple, no body hair, smooth skin and so on) besides a cock. Of course it'll never be the same as fucking an IRL tranny.
So true. I read futa from time to time bc I’m sexually attracted to men but still bicurious/attracted to certain female characters etc. It’s a fantasy where everything is perfectly female like you said apart from the dick, which isn’t a thing IRL because there are so many physical attributes that characterize the sexes apart from genitalia. This shouldn’t be up for discussion but pornsickness really is a fatal disease.

No. 299997

I'm bi and completely repulsed by these mentally ill, sexist people with exxxtreme body mods demanding you to play along with their delusions.

No. 299999

isn't that the difference between bi and pan?

No. 300001

Well, Pansexual is just a super speshul way of saying bisexual because there are only 2 sexes not 78 genders but if they want to make the ~pansexual~ identity the one that fucks transformer abominations then fine.

No. 300002

So virtue signalling about being open to fuck troons is the reason why so many identify as "pan" and queer not bi?

No. 300004

I know it probably feels awful but that's hilarious anon. Imagine, he knows he'll never look as good as you. Just a cheap imitation. Keep posting pics of yourself looking happy and beautiful.

No. 300005

No, pansexual is when you want to fuck non-binary special snowflakes and other people outside the gEnDeR bInArY. Bisexuality already includes transwomen, because they're totally real women and only bigots would think otherwise.

No. 300015

I hate people who say they're pan. Like, that isn't a real thing. Only heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality exist.

No. 300016

File: 1537885772450.png (233.18 KB, 800x1173, Screenshot_2018-09-25-07-25-50…)

No. 300017

my body (KIND OF) looks like that and I'm a young cis female. these people make me ashamed of my natural features

No. 300019

I've been shamed for it my entire upbringing (also "you'd barely need surgery if you were ftm") but since I'm cis it's fiiiine : )

No. 300030

File: 1537888436275.jpg (56.54 KB, 588x594, pads.jpg)

we sell pads & we're going to issue a content warning because the article we're linking to uses the word 'woman', because fuck women, right?

No. 300050

I miss Larps on tumblr. She sounded like she was a lolcow poster - so may be you are here Larps? Hi!

No. 300053

why did she delete?

No. 300055

I wish I knew.

No. 300064

File: 1537891781045.png (111.01 KB, 800x381, Screenshot_2018-09-25-08-58-48…)


Please reconsider referring to yourselves as "cis". "Cis" is a tool used by trans activists to validate gender ideology, redefine woman, and claim oppression.

No. 300066

Reading the replies kek. People are at peak trans and calling out mtfs as being misogynists for wanting to silence and erase (cis) women entirely.

Wish theyd not give a fuck. Let them rage in the replies after every post for being "transphobic." The products are for periods not to coddle mtfs when they're gassy

No. 300067

File: 1537893010650.jpeg (143.34 KB, 926x305, 229F9AEE-A79B-4236-A968-191D1B…)

Oh the irony.

No. 300073


They don't want to offend TiF's, since "some men have periods".

No. 300077

File: 1537894271376.jpeg (538.78 KB, 976x1198, 60C22120-E6FA-43F2-ABC3-474981…)

The level of delusion from the trannies in the replies is hilarious.
>people are legally allowed to murder trans people!

No. 300109


Same. I'm not attracted to fake femininity/mansculinity. I'm not attracted to poorly fitted clothes and bad wigs.

No. 300119

File: 1537901693076.jpg (27.19 KB, 400x400, pkqDWHY6_400x400.jpg)

After reading a bit about this I think that the guy who started all this would be deserving of his own thread…

He's not trans himself, yet somehow made it his life goal to shill for trans people - read only trans women of course, not one word about ftm. His whole twitter is full of "Trans girls are real girls!!!" bullshit. Why does he do that? I really don't get it, what's his goal?
He's even going so far as to doxxing "terfs", because they "don't deserve to feel safe anywhere". He's such a raging misogynist, he even tells people off for being disgusted by child marriage, saying they're just not "woke" enough. https://twitter.com/DreyfusJames/status/1044580201017966593
And somehow he's allowed to be a doctor…?

No. 300121

Is he a doctor of the plastic variety? Because if so, his angle is quite clear

No. 300124

You can be morally corrupt and still work these jobs unfortunately. I wouldn't be surprised if he benefits from an increase in trans therapies monetary wise

No. 300125


"Dr Adrian Harrop

Media Officer and Spokesperson

Adrian is based in the North East, and have been living and working in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area for around six years, following his graduation from the University of Manchester in 2012.

Adrian is am currently an ST3 Registrar in General Practice, and has a wide and diverse range of experience, particularly in acute and emergency medicine, and unplanned primary care.

Adrian has a special interest in working with marginalised and disadvantaged populations, particularly patients in the prison environment, the homeless and people with problems related to drug and alcohol dependency.

Adrian is married to Dan, who is an enormous support and a hugely grounding influence. And most importantly, Adrian is a proud adoptive father to his two Bengal cats - Agnes and Morag."

But he's married to a man. What a surprise, again a gay man shitting on women…

No. 300128

Oh he's a faggot. Makes sense.

No. 300129

Samefag, but I just noticed that there are so many mistakes in that text ("Adrian … have been", "Adrian is am"), how professsional for an offical site like this lol. https://www.dauk.org/meettheteam/

No. 300139

wtf this is the first time ive seen the "about me" section of a medical professional be this much about their private life? who gives a fuck if your doctor has cats or what their partners name is?

is this the norm in the uk or is this some speshul snowflake shit?

No. 300145

So he stands for gay men and men with dysphoria. Real women are the enemy to his little all male fantasy and should be erased. Cant even have the definition of women said without triggering him

Never understood why gay men get a pass to shit on women? A misogynist is a misogynist regardless.

No. 300148

I'm really glad that I have a group of GC friends to talk about this stuff to, and the guy I've been seeing turned out to be GC as well. I live in an extremely libfemmy area and tiptoeing around trying to figure out who is and how much of a raging sjw someone is extremely exhausting.

You can't drop that without a story or 2.

I think so too. That Stefonkee dude screams midlife crisis.

He looks like the type of dude to have a tranny fetish. But he's married to a man so idk.

No. 300154

Any man man who isn’t a straight white “cis” male gets a pass to shit on women, and even straight white “cis” men can simply claim to be queer or nonbinary to get a pass. I’ve seen libfems fall all over themselves to defend blatantly misogynist gay and nonwhite men because they’re minorities and therefore their misogyny doesn’t count somehow and really, isn’t it actually your fault for being homophobic and/or racist to these poor mens? :,(

No. 300157

File: 1537905764868.jpg (6.9 KB, 250x242, 1531559862361.jpg)

>cool lesbian friend starts to become more butch and I'm happy for her
>mfw she starts using they pronouns

here we go

No. 300159

my state is trying to overturn the law that allows troons in our bathrooms. definitely voting for that.

No. 300164

>gay man hates women so much he sterilizes other gay men
kek, you cant make this stuff up

No. 300211

No. 300213

File: 1537915209814.png (74.81 KB, 787x548, lelee.PNG)

kek, here's the state of the men that love trannies so much. 'straight', i'm sure. thought you guys would get a good kek out of this

No. 300217

File: 1537915956230.png (347.48 KB, 705x500, 1455439279908.png)

Wow. Wooow. So basically two faggots hating on women together? Got it.

Only gay men will fuck trannies. This is hilariously sad. They're just bitter about real women together

No. 300230

Hmm sounds like this guy's in deep denial about being gay

No. 300247

Pansexuality is the special snowflake version bisexuality, born out of a need to pander to trans/nonbinary people as well as being born out of weird internalized biphobia. You know, those people who shit on bisexuals, calling them sluts, or "barsexuals"? Claiming pansexuality is a nice way to sidestep that stigma all together, while seeming "enlightened". It's for the people who think there's 65969 genders.

In reality, bisexuality is the correct term, because even with trans and nonbinary people, they still correspond to XX and XY.

No. 300335

>people are legally allowed to murder trans people!
but queer panic defense is real and practiced lol

No. 300337

>cool lesbian friend

No. 300338

>implying one kind of some queer tumblr bullshit is less legit than the other one

No. 300341

Alot of people in the UK don't choose their gp, we're given one and if we want to change we have to request it which alot of people don't do. The thought of going to this man with period problems or something fills me with dread.

No. 300347

I've never understood why people insist that letting kids have hormones pre-puberty is safe. Every time I've tried to say that maybe kids should wait, I get crucified.

"But it's safe!! The hormones go away without any leftover issues!!" ….There are so many stories of people de-transitioning and having to get their breasts surgically removed after they stopped hormones because hurdur that's what hormones do to you, change your structure.
"Well if they want to transition at age 8, what can I do to stop them? It's their body!" The same way we stop kids underage from smoking, or drinking, or getting tattoos, or driving cars. These kids are not old enough to decide what is and isn't healthy or permanent yet. If Jimmy can't get scarification at 10, why would you let him permanently alter his body with hormones??

No. 300348

File: 1537946035123.jpg (583.63 KB, 1080x846, ambassador1.jpg)

So, I was a LunaPads ambassador and I resigned with a large email explaining how I was disappointed with the company for using content warnings for the term "women", and how I was personally offended by the term "bleeders".

The response was just beautiful

No. 300349

omg this does my head in. hey geniuses: if she and a lot of other women are uncomfortable with that word, clearly it's not very inclusive now is it?

how disgusting to define inclusive as including everyone but you

what did you do as an ambassador? i've never heard of that for cloth pads. sounds cool if it didn't turn out so godawful

No. 300350


Basically, I paid about $80 CAD for a "pack" which I was able to use at market stalls, womens meetings etc. These showed the types of pads, underwear and stuff. I was given a 5% discount code that people could use if they wanted - which in turn paid me.

Think like youtube beauty gurus, but in real life and less awful.

No. 300352

oh neat. i do grocery store demos for a few food companies where i give samples to customers and tell them things about the company/product that the regular store employees might not know. i feel like pads would be harder because people would either be afraid to drop cash for something new or they'd already have a big cloth collection.

do any other cloth brands do it or was it just lunapads?

No. 300353


I'm not 100% sure, but I can do some looking around and get back to you if you'd like!

No. 300355

only if you have time and get around to it! you're sweet!

No. 300537

Puberty is really distressing for a variety of reasons, and I think it's a shame that we are subjecting young people to the idea that there's something wrong with that. Of course there are going to be kids who hate the way their body is developing or are afraid of it. That doesn't mean they're sick, or different, it's NORMAL to feel that way. Instead of trying to change them we should be talking to them about it, letting them know that there's nothing wrong with them and that it gets easier.

No. 300574


>The government is consulting on expanding the legal definition of a woman so that it includes biological males who declare themselves to be female. The move is supported by transgender activists who say that trans women are women and that those who do not agree are bigots.

No. 300588

what did you mean by this

No. 300606

File: 1537976256182.png (8.39 MB, 1125x2436, 7585DEF3-CCC8-4D4D-80E5-C32A33…)

Just why

No. 300607

File: 1537976878878.jpg (610.65 KB, 488x4924, all troons is the same.jpg)

No. 300608


>Lunapad users and staff are cisgender, transgender, nonbinary, and genderqueer

Huh, I wonder if there's one word that could encompass every single Lunapads user… here's a hint, it starts with 'f' and ends with 'e'

No. 300609

this depresses and disgusts me

No. 300610

"Yeah I want you to surgically make me look like a dragon!"
"A what?"
"A dragon. You know what that looks like right?"
"Haha y-yeah sure let's go"

No. 300616

My bearded dragon is triggered

No. 300619

File: 1537979067608.jpg (381.48 KB, 968x1321, Georgecostanza.jpg)

Peep their receding hairline.

No. 300631

He was just on Sky News debating Posie Parker.

No. 300634


Ive been skimming through the comments and nobody is on board with it. The billboard had a basic biological fact up and they got triggered. People are tired a done with the bullshit agenda. Wonder if 2019 will see things turn around?

More they out themselves as sick fucks with raping women on the mind (esp lesbians who want nothing to do with males), the less people feel for them

No. 300639

this fucking idiot made me hate them. I kind of believe/believed in legit dysphoric trans people but he was just like "hehe the thought of being a girl feels so hot". wtf? do people like this even get diagnosed as transsexuals?

No. 300640

You know Vice is fucked when they're posting Tosh.0's sloppy seconds

No. 300655

A lot of them just order hormones online from places like India without any kind of diagnosis. That's what Contrapoints did.

No. 300659

>"But it's safe!! The hormones go away without any leftover issues!!"
That's just wrong and I'm surprised these people, who supposedly care so much about trans people transitioning, don't know that and don't do the bare minimum of research.

No. 300669

I'm pretty sure they think along the lines that anyone who regrets HRT and detransitions wasn't truly trans anyway and can get fucked.

No. 300675

i can't even take most BC pills because the extra progesterone makes me crazy and suicidal, and these idiots are claiming that taking more hormones than your body was ever designed to take is just harmless. not even harmful but worth it. fucking harmless.

people these days disgust me with their attitude that admission of danger or drawbacks to a decision is mean and an attack to their ego. if you're an adult and secondary sex characteristics are so important to you that you're willing to risk your health for hormones, then godspeed. but admit to yourself and others that it's a risk and a sacrifice. be fucking honest.

No. 300677

yeah it's a no true scotsman fallacy but it just makes their logic even more nonexistent and insane. detransitioners are just cryptoterfs with an agenda to discredit troons, but also transgenderism isn't real and anyone is trans if they say so. ok guys!

No. 300679

File: 1537991166248.jpeg (44.34 KB, 500x376, 1465421925971.jpeg)

Yeah they think they're traitors to the cause or something like that, you'd think we're talking about a fucked up sect, but nope. Speaking of "hormones leave the body after a short period of time so giving this shit to children is fine uwu" I immediately thought of several cases of growth hormone injections that were given on a daily basis for years to children with growth hormone deficiency some years or decades ago. I know about it from personal experience but this is necessary for the children health so they can look like normal, not too short adults and so they don't have crazy shit like osteoporosis and destroyed joints and bones in their 20s. Back then the children grew up just fine when taking these injections and in their 20s or 30s, many of these patients died from disorders related to the injections, years after they stopped the treatments. Now the injections are different and safe. It's a proven fact that hormones don't leave your body just like that, just because you want it to. An endocrinologist who worked on my case explained this to me in details but I don't remember all of them. I'll look for sources now if I can.

I'm sure I already said that in one of the previous threads, so sorry if I'm repeating myself, but some people who need (as in, ACTUALLY need) to get regular hormone injections of any kind usually have to wait a long time to get blood work and analysis done, no matter how much of an emergency it is for their health, why can't trannies wait like literally everyone on this planet? Either being trans is a mental health problem, in that case you wait for your diagnosis and treatment like literally everybody else, or it's not and being trans is "normal and valid", then stop begging for free hormones and plastic surgery. No matter the case, they're not more special than the people who need medical care for their actual real health problems.

No. 300686

File: 1537992659256.jpg (Spoiler Image, 316.3 KB, 929x695, Ew.jpg)

Why is their fetish ALWAYS acting like degraded women?

No. 300692

>why can't trannies wait

The reasoning is that if they don't get their hormones RIGHT NOW they'll off themselves in droves, unlike the other groups of people you describe. Some of them claim their very first shot/pill instantly obliterated their depression and anxiety.

No. 300694

File: 1537993566906.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

That filename. I'm dead, anon.

No. 300695

jfc. I'm worried for the direction the world is going towards. Good to know i won't be supporting lunapads if they cant admit only real biological women get their menstrual cycle.

No. 300699

>trans women are women

I love when they try this. They will never escape their xy, inferior genes.

No. 300708

>Tiamat Medusa

I'm 100% sure this is some post-LaVey occultist edgy fag who doesn't even have dysphoria and is just "entranced by the dark feminine" (which, of course, is seen as sexually satisfying for him)

No. 300712

anyone who talks about raping women deserves a serrated knife shoved where the sun doesn’t shine, no exceptions. a rapist is a rapist and they all deserve to be castrated and offed.

No. 300713

Because all their information about women has been filtered through a sexualised male lens

No. 300715

File: 1537996149499.png (264.5 KB, 1000x996, 1.png)

His Facebook is so fucking depressing. Keep in mind this is a 57 year old man. It's basically all complaining or asking for money, or talking about having HIV. How did he pay for all of the facial surgeries and tattoos…. he is homeless begging for money to stay in a hotel

No. 300716

I know that's the reason trans people themselves use to argue they should be a priority but their arguments in favor of that are always shit. They claim that their dysphoria makes them want to kill themselves, meanwhile, to use the example I used in my previous post, a lot of children who get body dysmorphia due to their short height caused by growth hormone deficiency are told to wait so they can get a proper diagnosis, which takes a lot of time, then they have to wait until their doctors find the correct dosage to give them on a daily basis. And in this case the dysmorphia is entirely justified and their physical health as well is at risk.

Everyone thinks that's normal because that's the best way to make sure hormone injections are efficient and don't give patients dangerous side effects. Why do trans people want to get their hormones asap no matter the dosage or side effects when their health isn't even in jeopardy? Why do they think their dysphoria is worse than other people's dysphoria when theirs is usually self-inflicted IF they're dysphoric? Why do they think they're so special when they're really not? I don't know how to express what I mean. It's the same bullshit as the transman in this thread claiming that transmen getting plastic surgery to remove their breast should be as prioritized as women with breast cancer getting life saving mastectomy, but less worse.

By the way I did look into the cases of death due to hormone injections and basically what happened is that in the 80s or 90s, almost a hundred children in France who were treated with human growth hormone died of some fucked up brain disease soon after stopping their treatment, and some of the patients died much later as adults. What happened is that the hormones were extracted from human corpses that were infected with a bacteria or something similar, or it was a mutation idk. So these hormones were still able to kill people 30 years after being injected into patients. I've read about patients dying in the late 2000s when they got injections in the early 80s.
I'm not sure it's well known outside of France but if you have stupid assholes saying that testosterone or estrogen injections can be stopped whenever and there will be no side effects for children taking them, show them articles about this case, like this one:

No. 300720

Good for standing up against them anon, but I guess there's no hope…

I'm not a native speaker, but it honestly just sounds so degrading to me. I don't understand how anybody of their marketing team could give their okay to that. Someone even pointed it out: that's literally what one of the serial killers in a criminal minds ep called women.

"It won't be better. They use binary (lol) distinction in one article - men vs people with uterus. How to dehumanise women 101."

No. 300730

Oh, I'm the anon you were responding to and I'm on your side, wasn't trying to defend them. I don't have much knowledge of those hormonal conditions so I wasn't sure whether people afflicted with them experienced significant body dysmorphia or not. Thanks for the further info. That article you linked is horrifying.

"bleeders" sounds like a Dead Space enemy kek

No. 300734

Don't worry I know you're not defending them because it's obvious from your post and you're quoting them instead, it's just me thinking out loud.

No. 300736

The twinkie defence is also real and can be practiced, that doesn't mean it'll work. Just leave if you're going to defend blatant tranny insanity.

No. 300739


Anything to dehumanize women into nothing huh. Cant even say that women are adult female humans now.
I want one company catering to womens needs say they dont care if mtfs are triggered. Just put their foot down already ugh

I know I read people say how this trans agenda erasing women is just feminism eating itself but.. its just libfem that brought the trojan horse and making men who say they 'feel' like women their top priority because muh murder rates

No. 300763


Decided to take a look at the replies and stumbled upon @therealposie which is a "parody account" but these responses made me chuckle

>calling out transwomen on their bs is misogynistic and violent and LITERALLY KILLING THEM

>calling out any other woman, dehumanzing, wanting to erase and redefine women entirely as just feelings with long hair? perfectly ok uwu

Porn. Thats their only idea of women

No. 300770

Modern Vice is so shit. Ten years ago, Vice would have laughed at this person like the freak they are.

No. 300799

Is anyone going to Grace Hopper? They used to have a third category under gender called "transgender" but they were called "transphobic" for doing so and were forced to rescind it and recognize troons as women. A convention designed to make women feel more comfortable and equip them for being the minority in tech is being invaded by men.

No. 300800

So basically
>troons can dictate what labels they’re assigned because labeling them as their obvious sex hurts their fee fees
>but women have no say in how they are labeled and are diminished to one bodily function
Also why is it always women’s companies getting shit from troons? You never see company’s that specialize in men’s products getting harassed for being “trans-exclusionary”.

No. 300816

that's cause Tifs don't use male products but TiMs want access to every female product under the sun to stroke their fragile egos!

i'm just waiting for some shit like "make a menstrual pad that works if i still have a dick" or shit like that.

No. 300844

I honestly think any woman who is openly accepting of trannies is a traitor to her own sex. Trannies are men and they have done everything to invade women only spaces. They're constantly pushing their agenda, because they felt like wearing pink one day and somehow they think they're a woman.

No. 300915

source/more? is there a thread on contrapoints?

No. 300920


He took hormones he ordered online for 1 and 1/2 months and then got officially prescibed estrogen, apparently. I don't think it's too common for Americans to take non-prescibed HRT drugs since there's this "informed consent" thing and you can just go to your next Planned Parenthood and get your titty skittles without any diagnosis. Here's a subreddit full of idiots who purchase their estrogen online: https://www.reddit.com/r/transdiy

>is there a thread on contrapoints?


No. 300921


No. 300930

His facial expressions! He is an absolute psycho!

No. 300963

If anybody's been following the Girl Guiding trans scandal, it's just gotten worse.

Not only are they letting in boys who decide they're girls, but they're excluding girls who think they are trans or non-binary. GirlGuiding involves girls as young as FIVE. Any kid that age who is "trans" is just being abused by their narc parents. It's fucking wrong to exclude girls, but once again, males are more important right?


No. 300966

And they call radfems exclusionary.

No. 300986

I saw my first Troon in the wild this week and I could recognise it from a large distance. The shoddy hair dye job, the fact that it looked like it had never met a hair brush, wearing a dress because how else would they convince people they’re a womenz. I wanted to sneer and snicker at them but sadly I was on the street where I love and they could have easily taken note of my house. It was so obviously a man in a dress though, no amount of performed femininity could change their build or facial structure. It was a harsh reminder that these people actually exist beyond their bedrooms on the Internet.

No. 300987

File: 1538041020710.png (25.33 KB, 655x509, 719B7D21-A310-4228-B9BF-EB5E39…)

> be supportive of trans people because I don’t really know any
> convince my boyfriend to be less transphobic
> discover trans twitter and reddit and see how they really view women and become convinced it’s men larping their kink and bullying women
> have to keep my opinions a secret despite hitting peak trans and just kind of space out when it comes up in discussion
> boyfriend tells me he found a lewd trans cosplayer he likes

No. 300995

why would you let your bf openly look at lewd shit trans or no trans wtf

No. 300996

twitter and reddit are not very representative of society, troons or not lmao

got some bad news for you Linda

No. 300997

time to break up, anon

No. 300998

File: 1538042369707.jpg (36.21 KB, 562x437, ohwow.jpg)

>mfw some faggot will become an incel over the discovery of twitter

No. 300999

are you saying anon is going to be an incel, or her uggo boyfriend is?

no, that anon is right. break up with dudes that look at lewds every time.

No. 301000

>are you saying anon is going to be an incel, or her uggo boyfriend is?
the boyfriend

>break up with dudes that look at lewds every time

you could've just typed "I'm insecure" instead

No. 301002

>you could've just typed "I'm insecure" instead
or we can encourage women and girls to not tolerate rampant male sexual entitlement, pls go, incel-kun

No. 301004

I died

No. 301009

I agree but the "narc" part confuses me, there's a lot of stupid shit that parents can do wrong to make a child that way, don't have to be narcissistic

No. 301058

But why would a tranny even follow pages about menstrual pads in the first place, knowing how much "dysphoria" would it cause them? Literal dumbasses, them and the people catering to them.

No. 301109

I hope it's not too blogposty for this thread, but I was discussing my body issues with my therapist and she suddenly asked me if I'd be interested in wearing a binder. I just have an eating disorder??? I never expressed any wish to "live as a man" or anything. I don't live in a lefty genderspecial town or anything so I'm a bit weirded out.

No. 301165

they probably have to consider this. the consensus is that conversional therapy doesn't work for gay/trans people so they do this

No. 301191

It's sad but i called my health insurance company a few months ago and hey asked me if i thought i was would be doing gender surgery within the year and i was really taken back by that.

the guy on the phone told me they have to ask now. rip to the natural cycle of men and women.

No. 301245

i can't wait until we bend over backwards for any and everyone who gets triggered tantrums over something they can't hav- i mean dysphoria.

No. 301258


Just my own experience, but I've seen kids start transtrending just because their parents are pushing it on them because they love the idea of having a trans kid. Same as stage school brats I guess, they're "living through" their kid and it screams narcissism to me. Maybe just my take on it though

No. 301261

Oh, thanks. I'm still not entirely convinced, and I'm still not entirely convinced about this whole "transtrenders" thing. Nobody is retarded enough to deliberately put effort into pretending to be a part of a supposedly oppressed group. Only the fetish theory makes sense, especially for the 99% that doesn't look like actual dysphoric people

No. 301326

I don't think this thread is for you…

No. 301348

File: 1538071408693.png (116.45 KB, 1186x490, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 1.56…)

how is this about trans people

No. 301349

rofl triggered trannies give me life

No. 301350

File: 1538071503218.png (706.63 KB, 1228x956, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 1.54…)


No. 301355

>I'm still not entirely convinced about this whole "transtrenders" thing.
>Nobody is retarded enough to deliberately put effort into pretending to be a part of a supposedly oppressed group

IMO transtrenders are usually young tomboy girls whose main argument for being trans/genderqueer/nonbinary is that they played with trucks and hated dresses as a child. Girls like this have existed for forever (and I and many anons ITT were/are one of them), but since the transgender movement is a really big thing now, being a tomboy now leads to questioning your whole gender identity. In my time growing up, transgender wasn't even a blip in social consciousness besides "lol tranny prostitutes" so tomboy girls struggling with their femininity just kinda dealt with it and eventually got over it or embraced it. It's not a real dysphoria.

No. 301367

This. I was a tomboy growing up as well. Wanting xmen and dbz figures for my birthdays and not barbies. I had no issue being not super feminine, but now a days if you wear pants and dislike makeup, instead of just being a regular women, you're a ftm tranny.

I hate all trannies, but it seems the mtf ones are the most violent and want to invade women only spaces. I consider ftm trannies just a buncha traitors to their own sex.

No. 301396

Sometimes it's also a reaction to sexual trauma and society's treatment of women.
If you believe that as a woman you are a thing to be raped and abused, you decide to become a man.

I know cause this happened to me, though I did not 'transition', just used male name and pronouns.

No. 301404

But they are a joke.

He looks like a fucked up attempt at looking like Bayonetta.

No. 301441

Both MtFs and FtMs have a thing in common: they hate women.

No. 301447

And thats all matters to these men. Big tits, long hair and makeup. Thats their entire shallow definition of what women are. Cant get any more misogynistic than that

Watch their reaction to seeing a pregnant woman and they cant fucking take it. Its beyind disgusting

No. 301508

They cant even take normal female biology, like the menstrual cycle. They need to fuck off and kill themselves already. They're worse than a regular male.

No. 301534

The trendytrans wont probably kill themselves. Theyre narcs remember. Those who are genuinely suffering with gender dysphoria would because they're not being told to seek therapy only feed their illness further then when they do pass, the narcs will use death stats to argue against down women not accepting them

Its just a vicious tiring circle

No. 301544

what the fuck?! isn't her job not to let you indulge in your disorder

i jsut can't, i hope you get better soon anon

No. 301546


he went for her and not for the guy calling her vile! fucking bitch ass nigger

No. 301650

Woah bro chill out. I agree with the points, but I swear some of you guys talk about trannies having bad attitudes but then turn around and post some some racist/homophobic reddit type shit.

No. 301658

A lot of girls with an ED or autism convince themselves they're trans. There's a lot of overlap between the three.

Have you used imageboards before anon?

No. 301661

NTA but I feel like using slurs is super anti-radfem. Doesn’t matter if it’s considered chan culture or not.

No. 301662

That's fair.

No. 301664

tbf I don't think she was outright telling me to start binding asap, just making an abrupt and shitty judgement. I shut that shit down fast so she didn't get to go in detail either way. I appreciate your support anon!

Tell me about it. The sudden trans explosion in the ED community back in 2015 was one of my peaks.

No. 301665

File: 1538097994986.jpg (143.5 KB, 1018x658, tttt.jpg)

/tttt/ being their degenerate selves, as usual. At least this one is somewhat self aware. Apparently he started hormones at 15 but is still an agp. I wonder how young he must have been when he discovered sissy porn. I'd feel sorry for him if he didn't want to kill prostitutes.

No. 301666

No. 301668

Exactly. Imageboard or not sometimes it just sounds extremely cringey and out of place, ESPICALLY if this is supposed to be a "gender critical" board then people should act like it. It shouldn't sound like an annoying ass 4Chan or Reddit thread.

No. 301689

ok tumblr

No. 301705

I agree. All it does is fuel the TRA narrative that TERFs are hateful bigots who can be lumped in with homophobes and racists. I bet that some of the posts itt have already been screenshot and shared around as “proof” of that. Come on, we’re better than this.

No. 301719


No. 301721

are you really not self aware enough to realize that this entire imageboard is like this?

No. 301758

I’ve been here since we migrated from SR and racist/homophobic slurs actually aren’t all that common compared to the chan imageboards and KF. I’m not saying we should all bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles, of course LC is mean-spirited at its core, but calling people faggots/niggers because they don’t agree with you is incel-tier. We’re smart enough to call TRAs out on their irrational arguments without lowering ourselves to that level.

No. 301770

File: 1538122608044.gif (1.93 MB, 1080x1229, 1537706361843.gif)

So why do you accept bitch? Kind of ironic you had no problem calling that word out. What about cunt?
Just say whatever the fuck you want. I highly doubt Anon meant "fucking bitch ass black person". Nigger has become the new fag online.

Pic related is Blair's "attempt" at photoshop lmao. Wasn't satisfied with the complete dogshit he threw out for the first shop, so he had to reshop his first shop. Sad!

No. 301773

Are these meant to be the good passing trannies? Fix it Jesus!!!

No. 301784

>Nigger has become the new fag online
Nigger has become the new fag in the incelspaces like r9k and reddit

No. 301814

File: 1538142608120.jpg (416.41 KB, 787x399, so smug.jpg)

i need to rant about the nonbinary shit for a second and i don't need a fucking thesis to do so.

my good friend just made a new friend, and this new person is "nonbinary". instantly i was put off. we met and got along okay i guess, but i was judging them the entire time for the fucking "nonbinary" thing because i hate it.

every. single. nonbinary person i have ever met as well as seen was a woman. the only, like, 3 times i have EVER seen a nonbinary man, it was a man of color. black or half-black specifically. think about that for a second. the only people who identify as this are of oppressed groups.

i don't give much of a shit about men abandoning their gender, but women? why do women keep trying to abandon their gender? i understand being female blows socially, but you can't just go "actually i'm not a woman anymore so you will now refer to me neutrally, and so will the government." it doesn't work like that. you are one of the two genders. you pick one because we need to categorize people.

also, it always feels like a slap - "i'm tired of the struggle to uphold gender equality so i give up, i am nothing now". sorry but you can't just decide to do that. it also throws other women under the bus, inevitably. "i don't like female things so i am just nonbinary now! i don't need to FOLLOW THE GENDER BINARY unlike YOU PEOPLE." just like fake transtrenders do the same, though their mission is usually purely fetishistic.

i am fucking triggered and angry y'all, i wish i could understand nb but more importantly i wish it didn't fucking exist because it's so incredibly sexist yet slowly becoming more and more common and accepted.

No. 301816

stop responding to obvious bait put out by a scrote

No. 301823

File: 1538143849428.jpg (159.18 KB, 640x360, FEMINISM.jpg)

straight men don't want trannies, most gay/bi men don't want trannies, bi/gay girls don't want trannies, these fucking rejects can only mate with each other.

No. 301827

and they can't because they butcher their reproductive organs. fin

No. 301832

How do you even meet these people? man, I'm glad sometimes my best friend is a clueless non pc idiot with no filter whom barely knows who trump is. Those people who don't keep up with world events piss me off though, Oh well.

No. 301857


The comments are literally all ~transbians~ talking about their dick. Repulsive. And the "what about the mouthfeel" meme is disgusting and in this context really lesbophobic.

No. 301864

TiFs (the young ones at least) always just seem confused to me. the way they word their experiences as trans always sounds like a gender nonconforming girl, like you said
the only ones that are as fetishy and misogynistic as troons are the "gay male" TiFs. those ones are just edgelord fujoshis

No. 301865

as an autistic girl with an ED who used to fall for the ftm/nb meme why do you think that is? i can understand the ED because of body issues, but why autism? or is it just a coincidence

No. 301884

I know only one "non binary person" and it's a white guy but thanks for reinforcing gender roles retard

No. 301887

MA? I'm voting to repeal that. I doubt it will be successful though.

No. 301889

yep, make sure you vote no. tbh it might work only because it's written as you're voting on whether to keep the law or not.

No. 302112

speaking as an autistic person, most have an immense desire to fit in. Since they don't fit in with the group they're currently in (be it male or female) they decide that surely, it means that if they're different, THEN they'll fit in! Especially because they've generally only seen a romanticized version of the other gender, so clearly it must be better.

What then validates it even more is all the compliments and kind words from others, which reinforces the feeling of fitting in and cements their desire.

No. 302117

File: 1538170900832.jpg (234.83 KB, 904x575, 1537817330694.jpg)

I think the most intersting thing about mtf trans is their over the top toxicity. They want others to love and respect them but they can't even respect one another.

Example teen mtf posted this and made fun of ugly trans, apparently they had enough of older trans men being mad that they couldn't transition early.

From my experience I do nothing early mtf transitioners are less "creepy" then the men in dresses that I see everyday at work.

No. 302290

Nah, they're all creepy and they all fetishize women. If anything, the younger ones are worse because they think they are better than real women. rofl Sad.

No. 302391

I know more nonbinary men than women, and all white guys, and they usually start identifying as nb because they're the """"oppressors"""" and they want to be included in liberal spaces without feeling like "the bad guy". With a simple switch of pronouns, they are now more oppressed than both women AND racial minorities!

I'm curious to know – how many other anons know trans or nb men who used to identify as straight, and are white? All the nb men I know are white dudes and they used to be fucking racist and misogynistic in high school as well. They can say "oh I was just coping/in denial back then!!!" all they want, I don't buy it.

No. 302464

Why do so many trannies wanna larp out their bimbo fetish? That shit sickens me.

No. 302526

The couple of NB men I know are depressed gay men in denial. They're really desperate to be accepting of everything but they still can't seem to accept themselves just being gay, it's really sad and I hope they eventually get through this phase. I see the same thing with NB or FtM women, they're lesbians or just butch tomboys but from upbringing or internalized homophobia they can't seem to come to terms with it.

No. 302657

Fun game recommendation: going to the 'Selfie Saturday' thread on /r/actuallesbians and guess whether it's a troon or a woman (look at their post history to see if you guessed right, nearly all troons have posted multiple times in trans subs)


No. 302674

File: 1538246899426.jpg (756.45 KB, 1536x2048, Bjh1ZUS.jpg)

>Heard y'all like tall girls
>6'4 and gay af

No. 302676

this is a woman named shoe0nhead

No. 302679

File: 1538247696479.jpg (525.62 KB, 3024x3780, hx8oa637ruo11.jpg)

Lol it's not shoe0nhead, it's a troon from the actuallesbians selfie thread

There's apparently also a subreddit called "bois" and it's 90% selfies of androgynous women and 10% shit like this
>"so many masc and femme vibes"

No. 302680

i know, i was joking. he really does look like her.

No. 302683


No. 302684

agp vs hsts lol

autogynephiles creep out other trans people apparently.

like seriously, somebody who's basically just a super femme gay guy, homosexual trans sexual, hsts, is less creepy towards women in a lot of ways, than some agp brogrammer ex-4chan, translesbian,furry, futa fetish type.

anyways, to be more on topic, what is the deal with how most of the troons on trans twitter 90 percent of the time, used to be 4chan, bigoted shitposters, and now try to lord over everyone else, how much of an accepting, terf bashing, anarchist, leftist they are?

like, these dudes very likely, probably still have some bigoted views, but now they get treated like an authority on social justice issues? these people were privileged middle class white boys? does putting on stockings you bought from amazon make you a woke goddess now?

and another thing i don't get about troons, is the obesssion they have with trap characters. just go on any of the trans subreddits and its full of memes of felix the catboy or whatever. i thought they wanted to be, uh, women? do troons just have a generalized kink for crossdressing? i thought the term trap was transphobic now lmao.

No. 302690

No. 302691

i never understood the use of trap in regards to troons because the term implies they actually do pass and can fool people into thinking they’re female even though they’re not (which in itself should be “transphobic” because traps aren’t supposed to identify as the gender they’re mistaken for, hence the ‘trap’ name).

i can kind of understand if it’s one like the one on the left in >>302117 that at least passes as female on the pics (but may not irl) then that would be problematic too because this person allegedly identifies as female so.

idk. i know it’s just weeb semantics but it still irks me lol.

No. 302709

I'd attribute it to ideologies of "women having it better" that go around on 4chan. Considering how mentally ill and miserable they are after transitioning, they get angry and perpetuate misogyny when their fantasies of being spoiled and cute are shattered, and then they're stuck medicated with a micropenis. so they bitterly take it out on women.

No. 302732

File: 1538256103869.jpg (296.71 KB, 1200x1436, PSX_20160215_143841.jpg)

No. 302736

>I'm female because I'm weak! See!
>but females can be strong actually
>But I AM stronger than them also

This is a mess.

No. 302782


Eh, honestly I think that's actually a rather cute thing for him to do if the Wal-Mart lady was indeed making sexist remarks and insisting to have a male employee helping her despite a female employee offering to help her. (It is ridiculous getting offending about people recognizing that he's male and thus assuming he's able to lift heavier than a woman, of course.)

No. 302784

>weeb semantics
What do you even mean by this? Where does being a "week" come in?

No. 302785

File: 1538262861473.jpg (130.66 KB, 900x1601, FPDreW4.jpg)

>scrolling social media
>sees high school being sued because some dropout tranny wasn't getting the forced meme they wanted in being a kawaii animu schoolgirl irl.

if I saw this coming toward the locker rooms I'd reeee until they were denied too fuck that.


No. 302788

weebs are obsessed with traps. they're in tons of hentai. traps, futa, etc. that's where a lot of troons get the desire to become girls.

No. 302789

Oh, okay. I don't really know anything about traps or that sort of fetish. Only regular trannies. Sounds like these dudes just need to stay away from the internet for a long time.

No. 302791

>"Every child deserves the right to feel safe at school," said Birmingham attorney Abbey Clarkson, who represents Menefee.
He's not wrong. Just not in the way he thinks. Like imagine being female and having this guy around you when changing clothes?!

No. 302812

Every child… except biological female ones of course.

Also I thought that said Menfeefees at first

No. 302818

Is this the creepy one that posed with someone's baby?! Their faces look similar

No. 302838

I naively thought your comment was an exaggeration, then I clicked the link and yep, almost all the comments were dudes talking about their dick. Fucking disgusting. Can these losers not leave gay women the fuck alone?

No. 302846

File: 1538285443695.png (368.74 KB, 498x460, sophie_labelle_irony.PNG)

this dude has the worst case of 'foot in mouth disease', but i've also legit seen this argument from trannies before, like, a lot – trivializing slavery and the suffering blacks faced/face, so i honestly cannot even tell if this is sarcasm or what

No. 302854

What's SR?

No. 302859


Posie Parker appeared on This Morning to speak about the billboard campaign opposite India Willoughby.

No. 302861


You used bold text as if you just learned about the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act.

See >>300016.

Woman has and is being redefined legally to include TiMs (and gender identity is being conflated with sex) in many countries.

No. 302862

I don't think dropping a mini-fridge on yourself on purpose is cute, no matter the context or reason.

No. 302863


You misunderstand the impetus for "inclusive language" regarding female biological functions such as menstruation, pregnancy, and breast feeding. It is not coming from TiMs but from liberal feminists on behalf of TiFs. It began in midwife organizations around 5 years ago.


No. 302869


See the recent study on rapid onset gender dysphoria.

Rapid-onset gender dysphoria might spread through groups of friends and may be a harmful coping mechanism, a new study suggests, but more research is needed.

The pattern of clusters of teens in friend groups becoming transgender-identified, the group dynamics of these friend groups and the types of advice viewed online led her to the hypothesis that friends and online sources could spread certain beliefs.

Examples include the belief that non-specific symptoms such as feeling uncomfortable in their own skins or feeling like they don’t fit in— which could be a part of normal puberty or associated with trauma — should be perceived as gender dysphoria; the belief that the only path to happiness is transition; and the belief that anyone who disagrees with the teen is transphobic and should be cut out of their life.



No. 302870

File: 1538298115956.jpg (75.24 KB, 887x499, zeledamenefee.jpg)


He's a disgusting pervert.

No. 302875

Children’s Hospital Colorado has removed gender markers from patients’ wristbands as part of an effort to support their “unique gender identity.”

The hospital said its staff understands that it’s “not easy growing up with an expansive gender identity or expression,” and “believe[s] gender-diverse children need a stable support system as they navigate their transition.”

The idea was implemented on Sept. 20 after the hospital started a gender diversity task force, KUSA reported last week. The identifying markers were removed from wristbands in its Aurora hospital.


No. 302877

A feminist event at Leeds Civic Hall has today been cancelled by the council at the 11th hour after complaints from campaigners that it was potentially giving a platform to transphobic views.

Members of various women’s groups, headed up by Woman’s Place UK, were due to gather this evening (Friday) from 7pm to debate the implications of the Gender Recognition Act on women’s safety.

The lead organisation says it engages in “respectful and evidence-based discussion about the impact of the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act to be allowed to take place and for women’s voices to be heard”.

Organisers say they are especially concerned about safety issues in relation to self identifying transgender women in female prisons - following a recent high profile case - and other traditional “women only” spaces like refuges.

Co-organiser Claire Jones told the YEP their only aim had been to hold a legitimate debate and campaigners have “never done anything in any way discriminatory”.

However objectors labelled the event “anti transgender”, with one commenter telling the YEP that many of the groups involved “have been labelled as inherently transphobic, reactionary and discriminatory; while campaigning and organising under the guise of ‘feminist’ and ‘LGBTQ’, their views remain anathema to the beliefs of the LGBTQ community and its allies”.

Ms Jones called these claims “outrageous” and suggested the council’s actions were hasty, “anti-democratic” and “totalitarian”.

She said people at the event were supporters of the LGBTQ community - and it had been cancelled with no real evidence and only “vague assertions” by objectors.

Some of the 120 women who were due to attend the event are this evening holding a rally outside Leeds Civic Hall in protest.

A Leeds City Council spokesperson said: “We recently received a request for a meeting to be held at Leeds Civic Hall by Women’s Place UK. Since accepting the booking, we have been made aware of further details regarding some of the views which have been raised by this group previously that are not in line with Leeds City Council’s values and policies on equality and inclusion.

“We understand these views have attracted controversy and led to safety concerns at other venues hosting similar events. We have therefore decided that Leeds Civic Hall is not an appropriate venue for this event and have informed the organisers that their booking has been cancelled.”

Continued at



No. 302879

>anyways, to be more on topic, what is the deal with how most of the troons on trans twitter 90 percent of the time, used to be 4chan, bigoted shitposters, and now try to lord over everyone else, how much of an accepting, terf bashing, anarchist, leftist they are?
They went from bullying women anonymously on 4chan to bullying women on twitter simply because they found a socially acceptable target. They go from pathetic incel robot to stunning woke kween by changing “femoid” to “TERF”, but the actual content of their posts is pretty much the same. The only thing that changed is their terminology.

No. 302918

It's a children's hospital. wtf

sex is biological. Shouldn't we need to identity male and female for patients in a hospital? this trans gender propaganda bullshit is going to get people killed.

No. 302928

don't hospitals do that because men and women need different drug dosages as well? they could end up giving the wrong dosage to one of the children and kill them.

No. 302929

File: 1538315598731.jpg (105.15 KB, 1218x633, e52sj2G.jpg)

No. 302931

sounds like a joke to make fun of "ebol rasissts!!". this is so fucking low. white ass bitch doesn't care about black people, he only "cares" when he thinks it'll benefit him. a lot of troons and gender activists are like this towards non-whites it's so disgusting.

No. 302932

Are there any examples of FTM's going "omg all this testosterone is making me punch a wall" or is it really just this trash that makes those kind of claims?
It really pisses me off to see this kind of shit.

No. 302933

interesting how the man stood up for the TiM

No. 302940

Yes! Our bodies are physically different because of biology. It's reckless and dangerous to attempt to remove gender because muh trans fee fees

No. 302947


No. 302955

They only pretend to care about black people when they can drag them into arguments to make themselves look more oppressed and shut people up.
>"Check your cis privilege white feminist T/SWERFs! Thousands of disabled transwomen sex workers of color are murdered every day!”
This post is by a TIM but it actually explains the issue pretty well:

I don't have any caps but I've seen TIFs on social media use testosterone as a reason/excuse for being more agressive than before. To be honest I find that more believable than TIM's "estrogen makes me act like a badly written female sitcom character teehee send chocolate uwu”

No. 302961


I was arguing with handmaiden about how I don't mind trans women in female jail (I was lying) as long as they don't allow rapists in. She said they should allow rapists to validate their gender identity. I said rapists should only if they get chemically and physically castrated and get bottom surgery. She said that was against their bodily autonomy. Like rape isn't? what the fuck lol

No. 302962

Doublepost but I also used to be in a "leftist" space in college. All the NB people were white dudes and I could tell a mile away when they were going to decide to change pronouns. It'd be like one or two weeks of them not being front and center of the conversation and they'd come in to the next meeting saying that they've discovered they're protospecialnonbinarytrans gender or some nonsense. My friend and I even used to bet with each other about it lol

No. 302965

I don't even know how to react to such a vile train of thoughts. Why would anyone give a fuck about a rapist's gender identity.

No. 302967

File: 1538324887242.png (507.68 KB, 969x826, transtumblr.png)

I've ran into a lot of blogs like this on Tumblr lately. So many transbians post the same kind of stuff, either tons of hentai and anime girls, or trans furry OCs with their dick bulges visible and descriptions like "she likes to dom cute girls uwu".

No. 302969

File: 1538325740388.png (114.86 KB, 506x289, being butthurt is rape now.png)

No. 302975

I've seen FTMs claim that testosterone made them rational, assertive and decisive.

No. 302994


No. 302997

>emotionally raped by lies and bigotry
>having to hear the truth that mtfs are male is rape
….And they're surprised that people aren't buying their shit anymore. Ive witnessed alot more people hitting peak trans.

No. 303007

That's some high level internalized misogyny

No. 303039

They honestly have do idea how much the black community despises trannies in general. They are seen as an abomination that is corrupted by the devil. The are in for a rude awakening if this country becomes majority non-white.

No. 303040

It feels good to see that more and more normal people who aren't even left/ right are getting sick and tired of this shit.

No. 303050

It's probably a case of lacking self-awareness due to being such a narcissist. This looks like that typical shit you see "lefty" dudes do, where they want to be a misogynist, but they don't want to appear that way. So they hide behind the "white women be like" thing to excuse their misogyny.

But yeah, it's hilarious considering troons literally have that sort of mentality, where they constantly trivialize the struggles of women, black women especially, all together.

No. 303142

File: 1538354700733.png (50.1 KB, 683x519, lol.png)

Gay man pretending to be a lesbian

No. 303183

Implying it's estrogen making them emotionally unstable and not being mentally ill unstable individuals in the first place

No. 303184

Is the person in the top left male? If so, holy shit he passes well.

I'm sure being emotionally raped is almost as traumatic as the divorce-rape that MRAs talk about.

No. 303193

>young girl
Dude, you're a grown-up. Why do they feel the need to not just see themselves as females but basically 12-year-olds?! Has he also never heard of dildos? Strap-ons?

They're so weak. As if men let things go easily, they're the most explosive mofos you can imagine, but of course it's the estrogen and not the testosterone…

No. 303202

someone on /tttt/ said it was a puberty blocked one or something

No. 303212

>I love penis, too bad they’re only attached to men

No. 303227

Can't these creeps just date other TIMs? They have a dick but are also totally 100% womanly women, after all.

This is a thing I've noticed with AGPs, where they initially present as straight (oh I'm sorry, as a "lesbian") and clearly fetishize the hell out of girls and women but once they get really into the fantasy of crossdressing or transitioning they start seeking out sexual attention from men. I don't know if these guys are bi or gay men in denial but they often get into serious relationships with women and have children with them years before they "come out" as a transwoman. IMO they're the creepiest kind of TIM because they force their traumatized family to play along with their perversions and often have unprotected sex with other men behind their wife's back, putting her in danger of STDs including HIV. I know there are at least two cases of this kind of AGP who murdered their wives when they tried to leave them. One of them wore his teenage daughter's underwear, because of course he did.

I'm looking for more information on these cases but all I find when googling relevant phrases is articles on transgender victims. It won't even let me search for "transvestite" or "cross-dresser" (as these men were called at the time) without correcting it to "transgender". Fucking hell, google.

No. 303232

File: 1538395161172.png (393.32 KB, 497x1385, troons are a disease.png)

>b-but its not a fetish! we dont sexualise or dehumanise children!!!

No. 303240

Troons don't want to be women they want to care free preteens and teens who wear school girl uniforms and giggle at cute boiz. I bet they're deep down mad they weren't born tiny Asian girls but instead 6'1 white men.

No. 303246

We need to expose more of these troons on tumblr, these disgusting fucks are hidden in almost every porn blog.

No. 303432

They're lonely as fuck and can't get a girlfriend so they decide to become their own idea of a perfect qt3.14 waifu. They couldn't get a woman as a man, so they become another man's woman. It's all fetish shit.

No. 303522

>as every woman does
>as any young girl comes to realize

No. 303771

File: 1538457243136.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.11 KB, 540x622, jacinta-brooks-dob-20-08-77-ca…)

Putting this ugly pedo fuck's mugshot behind a spoiler because it's that unnerving.

>A sex offender who claims to be transgender has been jailed for 11 years after pretending to be a boy to try and groom a girl.

>Jacinta Brooks, 41, asked a 12-year-old girl to send indecent pictures of herself – the third time she is known to have targeted children. Brooks, who identifies as a woman and was previously known as Duncan Smart, has previously faced the courts for having sex with someone who is underage and child abuse.


No. 304168


No. 304400

File: 1538531075147.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 90.02 KB, 468x589, 8F5C5F1A-38FE-436B-941E-CE6152…)

It looks like a neanderthal

No. 304503

File: 1538560571685.jpg (30.67 KB, 400x400, 1523530384179.jpg)


jesus christ imagine being that ugly

No. 304521

Why the hell so many new wave trans are so opposed to the idea of growing up, and socialize like a normal people.

With ftms going cute pastel boys and mtf with striped socks and cat ears. Like they only know fashion from animu

No. 304560


No. 304592

>Like they only know fashion from animu
because that's exactly it. TiMs are lonely weebs that want to be their kawaii anime waifu, TiFs are fat fujoshis who want to be their sexy yaoi husbando. its all the same shit.

No. 304607

Holy fuck, what happened to that Hari Nef guy? He looks worse than ever before. Must have gained like 40 lbs. Also, his voice sounded fine before but now he got that annoying cliché hon voice.

2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo7RufX05hY

While he never really passed, he did look kind of gender ambiguous but now he straight up looks and sounds like a drag queen.

No. 304614

>I'm taking a minority of a minority and using it to surmise the whole.
Wow, I would love to hear your opinions about blacks, muslims, jews… must be fascinating stuff.

No. 304615

I just read the plot synopsis of Assassination Nation and who cast this aging drag queen as a high schooler?

No. 304642

That movie was god awful btw. Pretty much tumblr, the movie

No. 304657

File: 1538601241692.jpg (98.21 KB, 433x650, hari_nef_oyster_200.jpg)

>mfw this guy is a model for IMG Models
ive seen a million of this guy at my local Dunkin Donuts. this is not a model face, man or woman. trannies don't even have to look remotely like models wtaf

No. 304662

don't act like the <s>entire thread</s> entirety of imageboards doesn't work this way

No. 304671

lol right? he's not even good looking in an ~androgynous~ way, let alone as a woman. andrej pejic he ain't

No. 304680

File: 1538604351467.jpg (125.62 KB, 1000x1500, Teddy Quinlivan.jpg)

Apropos Hari Nef, does anyone know Teddy Quinlivan? I think some of his modelling work is pretty decent, but at some times you can just see that's a dude - picture related gives me this really uncanny feeling. There's definitely pictures where does look prettier and more feminine, though.

I didn't mind him until I checked out his instagram and saw that he had a pornhub sticker on his phone and other weird troony posts. Also, he acts more like a sassy gay man than a woman and even got breast implants recently, which look super weird and bolt-on - I doubt his model agency is happy that he got them. I used think maybe he could be an actual normal woman-like TiM, especially considering he started his modelling career before he 'came out' as trans, but when I checked out his social media I quickly realised he's just like the other tranners.

his insta: https://www.instagram.com/teddy_quinlivan/
said posts: https://www.instagram.com/p/BkRLmrYhRB-/ (showcasing his fake tits)
https://www.instagram.com/p/BjmtyxuBusu/ (pornhub sticker)
super troony shit he posted: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVKvC9pAhKW/ (bondaged woman in some kind of schoolgirl-esque cosplay)
https://www.instagram.com/p/BSQqYy8AbwO/ (hentai excerpt of a sexualized drawing of a woman)

No. 304682


A video of him. His voice and behaviour is so annoying.

No. 304693

File: 1538606339198.png (714.83 KB, 556x485, weeee.PNG)

he looks very different from the pictures he's advertised as everywhere, vs like normal candid shots from a normal distance

No. 304704

I can't wait until society stops pandering to trannies. mtf trannies especially look like greasy shits and i would never understand why so many companies wanna pander to them for oppression points

No. 304766

File: 1538614282751.jpg (171.95 KB, 1080x859, plot.jpg)


I thought you were joking

No. 304781

Never heard of him but these people are always so obvious when they open their mouths because they sound like sassy, rude gay men instead of women.

No. 304787

He looks so different in the picture than in what's on his IG or elsewhere. Maybe it's just a really unflattering pic? Tbh, with the video from >>304682 I wouldn't even have clocked him. Maybe my radar is broken or something, but so far he doesn't annoy me.

No. 304849

>sound like sassy, rude gay men
>implying there's such thing as "sounding gay"
you're so fucking braindead lol

No. 304852

seems like an alright descriptor to me.

No. 304853

File: 1538634610835.jpg (38.44 KB, 634x462, 4828368A00000578-5270365-Resea…)

Lol seriously?
Gay people on average have distinct facial features and definitely have different voices (in tone and pitch).
I'm not saying every gay man sounds like a flaming queen, but a lot of them definitely have higher pitched, more exaggerated voices.

No. 304855

okay Adolf

No. 304887

autogyn detected

No. 304889

Gay men do have a very distinctive prosody (the "gay accent") and body language. That's a well documented fact.

No. 304891

Even the gay male community acknowledges that there is a subset of gay men who are much more clockable as gay, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There simply are certain mannerisms and intonations that appear almost exclusively in gay men even if not all gay men express themselves that way. As long as we don’t discriminate against people for these kinds of interpersonal differences there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging them.

>literally Hitler
Please stop.

No. 304892

>she disagrees with me so she must be a weirdo!!1

>well documented fact
[citation needed]

>it applies to everyone within the community, just with a huge lot of exceptions and it also applies to a huge part of people outside said community

No. 304905

You’re strawmanning, because nobody here is claiming that it applies to every single gay man with no exceptions. It’s just so much more common with gay men vs. straight men that it has become strongly associated with the former. Also, please sage this derailing.

No. 304956

File: 1538663390887.png (298.54 KB, 640x800, delusional.png)

Why do so many women support narcissists like this?

No. 304971

can a mental health worker please come collect his jigsaw-looking-ass and throw away the key?

No. 304978

At least his character is trans

Anyway, does anyone have tips to identify if someone is a fairly well-passing TiM? There's someone in my creative writing class who is tall, has kind of a deep voice, but otherwise passes (she has tits, but then again they authorize these surgeries so easy these days). What really tips me off is her behavior and writing – her writing is almost identical to the only (other) male student in the class.

No. 305070

There are plenty of masculine women in the world, but if you watch a few "transvestigation" videos on Youtube it may help

>If the back is curved = female. Our bodies tilt forward at the hips to house the womb safely. Men have no womb to house so they have a straight back in comparison

>Not 100% but women are more likely to have an angled, v line jaw, but plenty have square jaws too
>Position of legs. Women's legs aren't straight either, when standing they tilt towards each other (like an elongated v/tongs/tweezer shape), again due to the womb and hipbones.
>More fragile or strangely angled feet, hypermobility (flexibility of legs), men often point their feet outward like a duck and can't bend the ankle and lower leg the way a woman can
>Forehead of men is thicker bone and brow-ridge, may slope back dramatically compared to the female straight forehead
>Women are more likely to have widow's peak and a finer hairline closer to the facial features

I studied all this to help me with my art, it's pretty useful.

There is no true way to tell for certain though at least in day-to-day contact.

No. 305073

there's so many little things. look at her/his neck. does it curve in delicately or is it straight and thick? look at her browbone, chin, jaw, and chin. if they'r all wide, long, and prominent, that's really rare for a woman. women usually just have 1 or 2 features like that unless they have some kind of human growth hormone imbalance. look at the distance between features. womens' features are usually a little closer together whereas mens have more space. look for signs of makeup covering stubble/5 o clock shadow. broad shoulders with narrow hips are an instant tip off even if women can sometimes have that. men's legs are straight up and down whereas women's legs bow inward slightly on a skeletal level.

any of these features can happen on real women, but if s/he has many of them? probably a troon. another thing you can do is simply try to imagine her/him in men's clothes and styling.

i had a mtf friend who had the most convincing voice i've ever heard, and pretty much passed, but then i noticed all her facial features and height/build were all very uncommon for a woman, then i saw the foundation covering the beard stubble and i Realized

No. 305076

This was one of the first results for gay men intonation

>But there is more to 'sounding gay' than simply talking with a lisp. The language that may be used (e.g., 'You go girl!'), the intonation, tone and body language and even the appearance of the speaker and the communicative environment all contribute to what the listener perceives as 'sounding gay'.

Followed by a list of typically gay speech and body language patterns.

Just fucking Google it, there's been a fuckton of research done on that. And it's not like it's homophobic to say a certain group of people speak in a certain way, why the hell are you so triggered by this?

No. 305079

File: 1538682434329.png (268.64 KB, 450x544, male-female_skeleton.png)

This may help you

No. 305088

The big heads. That idiot Contra can deny it all he wants, but the size of the head in proportion to the shoulders/body makes me clock em every time. The way most of them walk and move too. Even the ones who try to blend in as much as possible carry themselves in a more exaggerated manner than a real woman. They move more like gay men than like women.

No. 305091

If it really is a troon he'll eventually write about it or talk about it, just be patient.

No. 305100

File: 1538686367612.jpg (75.67 KB, 640x619, 1537545575932.jpg)

Exactly lol

No. 305109

>using a guy that actually has a condition and required actual surgeries as an example

No. 305111

He didn't require any of the tranny surgeries he's had.

No. 305113

File: 1538688109774.jpg (82.75 KB, 800x943, 78f96ca40ce28e8db87a58d7c8c3d8…)

Here's a better example

No. 305116

jesus christ male heads really look like theyre like 1/3rd of their height

No. 305117

File: 1538688374705.jpg (158.37 KB, 675x900, dffefe.jpg)

it's still not the best choice since his skull isn't like the average man's skull. i mean he has a genetic mutation.

here's andrej(a) pejic, genetically gifted male turned beloved troon model, with a woman. it's hard to find a pic of him without strategic hair in his face, but imagine his head size and shape if he had his hair pulled back completely

No. 305118

still has a massive noggin

No. 305121

samefag but other things to note:
>their shoulders are at very similar levels, so his body without head isn't even much taller than hers, yet he appears so much taller than her overall, and she's wearing a hat!


>his hands are so much bigger in every way despite them both having small wrists and slender builds

>her pelvis is wider and so much lower down than his, compliant with the information in >>305079 both of their legs match the information in that graphic too. they have similar skinny thighs, but hers looks more feminine because of the way they naturally bow in

>his shoulder to hip ratio and adam's apple (duh). note that they gave her a bulky jacket and bodycon skirt to hide the likely fact that her shoulders are probably tiny compare to his and her hips much wider. they know exactly what they're doing!

No. 305123

I specifically mentioned actual surgeries and not the tranny ones

No. 305124

some guy and blonde katy perry

No. 305127

the woman in the pic has the same condition though

No. 305128

oh shit i didn't know. nvm then, that pic is an incredible comparison

No. 305132

That picture was taken before Andrej got on estrogen or had surgeries to look like a woman, though.

Unrelated but it's a shame Andrej felt the need to mutilate himself in order to "live his truth." He's a beautiful human and didn't need to cut off his penis to prove so. Ugh.

No. 305133

File: 1538690784282.png (1.36 MB, 1083x1492, 1531960391855.png)

No. 305134

agreed. he ironically looked more feminine before. he really was feminine for a man but when you put him in heels and try to say he's a woman, the male features he has just jump out

No. 305137

Imagine thinking this is good hair

No. 305140

He seems pretty detached and depressed now, and I know for a fact he takes a lot of pills.

In his case, I actually like him and in my personal life do refer to him as she. He says he always identified as a girl but had to stifle that in order to keep getting modeling work because he knew the only reason he got famous was from being known as androgynous. I mean that kind of sucks.
I respect him mostly because his transition wasn't a big mockery of womanhood. He isn't grossly campy, doesn't get crazy over the top surgeries or enhancements. I also really appreciate that he just lives his life comfortably and doesn't pretend to be a spokesperson.

No. 305141

Estrogen doesn't change the proportion of your head to your body, anon

No. 305143

That was only an observation for posterity, anon. Jesus. Just pointing out that it wasn't a photo trying to make people think Andrej was a girl.

No. 305144

Stef is so fucking ugly

I'm sad cuz I used to follow Andrej before he went fully tranny. He was a pretty androgynous dude and he went and fucked it all.

No. 305148

No. 305152

Looking back, it's pretty obvious that he was always a troon, though. You could tell he was uncomfortable discussing his gender in interviews, never mentioned his sexuality until he transitioned publicly, etc.
Not to mention it would have been impossible for him to maintain that androgynous body and appearance without aggressive grooming and HRT. He was always on t blockers.

No. 305162

That image looks like it's about guessing someone's orientation based on their face, not what gays and straights actually look like (there is probably some overlap though).

Were the people whose faces were averaged out ACTUALLY homosexual/heterosexual, or were they, as the caption says, 'classified as most and least likely to be gay'? The caption at the bottom suggests it's the latter.

No. 305184

>that pic
So, gay people are on average less ugly than straight people? Hmm.

No. 305202

File: 1538709717795.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.84 KB, 800x600, Billy Herrington.jpg)

Was there ever any question?

No. 305205

His head is so shockingly big

No. 305208

oh that was real? i thought that was photoshop.

No. 305219

the gay woman is more attractive than the straight one lol

No. 305221

File: 1538716451865.jpg (173.02 KB, 1125x1733, DoT_g3UUwAA47XL.jpg)

Men pretending to be women offended that women pretending to be men use a word that non-trannies use towards all trannies.

No. 305228

>Typical of men though isn't it
When will trans"women" acknowledge that they have male privilege. They had it before they transitioned and they even still have it within their own community as they "live as women," which is why their activism always seems to center them and we hardly ever hear shit about ftms in comparison. One time on twitter, someone asked why ftms were always ignored in trans discourse and activism to which someone just evaded the question by mocking it and crowing "but what about the men"
This entire thing is built on so many layers of bullshit it almost gives me a headache.

No. 305241

File: 1538724618873.png (59.17 KB, 923x465, what.png)

Just came across this on a post, and just the first line is already making me scream.
Why do they think it's absolutely impossible for someone transgender to be a bad person?

No. 305243


Here's the thing, troons think they can do no wrong. And the ones that do wrong aren't "proper trans", or "you just simply dont understand".

I lived with one who faked suicide and disappeared for a week. When I pulled him up on it he said "you wouldn't understand, you're not trans" and honestly thats when I hit peak trans.

Like no, this isnt about your gender identity, it's about you being a shitty person.

No. 305247

No True Scotsman. All transwomen are brave stunning paladins of justice, which means that anyone who does anything bad (or rather, gets bad press) is not a true transwoman. I’ve been hearing this from handmaidens for years and it’s one of the main things that led me to peak trans. If women don’t get to say who is and isn’t a real woman and instead have to take someone’s word for it, then TRAs have to play by the same rules. Either gatekeeping is allowed or it isn’t.

No. 305248

Both of these are even after face surgery kek

No. 305252

No. 305258

File: 1538730417745.png (1.15 MB, 868x740, discuss.png)

Sorry for the shit crop on the second pic of the cis one, tried making it bigger but that made it too pixelated to see

No. 305261

There's nothing to discuss. Kim Petras transitioned really young which should be illigal obviously. Also, tons of makeup and airbrushing etc on Petras when Florence Welch is completely natural. Not sure what you're trying to get at.

No. 305262

File: 1538733565591.jpg (26.32 KB, 220x302, male.jpg)

No. 305275

>comparing an ex-alcoholic in untouched photos to a twentysomething coated in photoshop and makeup
Is there a point you’re trying to make?

No. 305277

What's that pose supposed to be? Why do they all do it? For reference: https://youtu.be/YZbxXQWPLPg?t=60

No. 305278

Top right is literally nickitutorials level of makeup, angles and shoop, bottom right looks like an uggo drag queen. It doesn't even matter because "woman" doesn't have a specific look.


lily madigan does it in all his profile pictures too. Where did it come from??? Is to hide the adam's apple or make the jaw look smaller?

No. 305279

trying to be ~cute~

No. 305280

"grace face" google

No. 305282

File: 1538741173533.jpg (15.92 KB, 245x244, kim-petras-portrait-1.jpg)

it seems like he's been doing this pose for a while.

No. 305284

File: 1538741501597.jpg (34.06 KB, 640x450, kim-petras.jpg)

another one.

No. 305294

Does anyone have receipts on that Alok fuck? My college's newspaper just had an article featuring him and I'm so fucking pissed.

No. 305295

As a cis woman, i drop the word tranny as much as possible. These idiots are really offended by anything, except invading real women's spaces.

No. 305305

The comparison doesn’t really work if they’re not in the same actual photo lmao

No. 305306

>mfw I know many gay men who look like the "straight" guy

No. 305319

Magdalen Berns did a video on him.

Feminist Current has an article: https://www.feministcurrent.com/2017/08/14/street-harassment-men/

And then there's his hilarious fashion collection: https://www.them.us/story/alok-vaid-menon-new-fashion-collection

No. 305322

In certain (retouched) photos this one particular heavily made up TIM looks slightly prettier than this one particular barefaced woman and being pretty is all women are good for so checkmate, tervens!
>something something “non-passing cis women”

No. 305369

even if we were to agree with them that there are "real transwomen" and fake ones who are actually evil cis men in disguise, then what do they propose we do to keep the fake evil men out of women's bathrooms? seems like absolutely nothing.

No. 305371

Does anyone else think were heading for a third-gender situation? Mass peak trans is coming on and the people making money of the trans movement don't necessarily care whether trans people are fully recognized as the other sex s a philosophical or legal framework, just that theres enough incentive to make people want to transition. Established "third" genders with more institutionalized options in regards to sports, restrooms, refuges, prisons etc might end up being the solution that makes the largest proportion of people overall the least unhappy, and it might prove to be a good money maker + it serves to keep the less-than-men out of masculinity, which was historically the purpose of third genders in cultures that had/have them.
It's all bullshit obviously.

No. 305372

Samefag but it's as if someone realized the genderneutrality and androgyny of the 70s and 80s doesn't make enough money so first there was major wave of pinkification and gendered products and now someone realized that they could make even more money the more genders there are.

No. 305405

You’re right, absolutely nothing. Because that would hurt the feelings of “real” transwomen (even the ones who get ousted as “fake” transwomen eventually, because they’re still “valid” until they get caught) and that’s literally the worst thing that could happen, way worse than women being victimised.

No. 305437

File: 1538768927684.gif (4.72 MB, 700x372, gay-dude.gif)

Yes Florence is a harsh looking woman. But in motion you her femininity, her small waist, her aura.

Kim is one of the best passing trans women but only if he is styled perfect, wears makeup und is photoshopped from hell to back. Kim has obviously no waist, no hips. He just looks like a gay boy because that's what he is. He took puberty blockers and he is stuck in this shapeless boyish body. Plus if he moves, he doesn't have that aura what real women have but a gay vibe similar to drag queens. Kim has an idea of a woman and copies their mannerisms which you can see in this gif. It is so unnatural, literally a small boy dressing up in womens clothing.

No. 305517

What point are you trying to make? Woman isn't defined by Instagram styling and photoshop and hormones. The left looks more attractive anyway.

No. 305546

Ikr? We are not men, we shouldn't define a woman by who is hot and who isn't. The butchest, most ''ugly'' and manly woman will still be more female than ''Kim'' Petras

No. 305554

Really telling how troll anon tried comparing a woman with no makeup on, or minimal at most, to a TiM covered in makeup. Even in the "makeup-less" photo you can see there's blush. Also that hairline.

No. 305570

i know a trans guy who said that testosterone has made him more desperately horny and angry. he doesn't really like it.

No. 305574

i have a conspiracy theory

you know how like, back in the 50s and lower, it was considered acceptable to discriminate against minorities? black people specifically. there was a lot of fight against it, but socially, most white people (dominant social majority) were fine and unbothered with racism. many people couldn't even conceptualize accepting black people as normal people in society nor did they want to. or they just didn't care. eventually society accepted them and now racism is massively discouraged and punishable in western civilization. as it should be, of course.

but i worry that the transtrender movement will become like this. eventually society will get so brow-beaten about accepting trannies and ~genderqueer~ and ~nonbinary~ people that they will give up arguing. eventually these snowflakes will scream so loudly and their numbers will increase so much that this shit will become mass-accepted and any negative expression of opinion toward it will be severely punished.

i don't want to compare this to a civil rights issue where racism was because tumblrgender shit is NOT at that level, but i seriously worry about it happening in the future. being forcefully made to accept it. and we will all be "the x-phobic old people everyone hates" for disagreeing with troonshit or snowflakeshit.

just a thought

No. 305581


i feel like this is already happening. it's been happening on a global scale since 2013. look at how much we're forced to accept and how much we will be berated for expressing opinions otherwise.

No. 305592

Is anyone here concerned about being "clocked" as trans? Or has anyone here has their gender questioned?
I am a fairly masculine woman, but still very obviously female. On a few occasions I've heard gender neutral pronouns used to refer to me, and once was even informed that people were debating my gender behind my back. (They decided I must be female, because my hands are small…)
It's more hurtful than I'd care to admit, because I've spent my entire life being teased for being weird/ugly/gay/etc. I'm not conventionally attractive, and others have always made sure I'm very aware of that. But I really don't know how I could physically read "tranny."
This also goes so much deeper than appearance. I'm not beautiful, but my life has been entrenched in female experiences. If someone assumes I was born male, it's like my personal reality has been discarded. I have had many struggles and trauma due to my womanhood, that it is almost degrading to assume I was born male.
I struggle with caring about others opinions, and this is a whole new insecurity.

It's bullshit that you can't be a ugly dyke in a baggy shirt without assumptions being made.
I have had some idiot friends of a friend tell me I'm "genderqueer" I didn't feel like arguing it at the time

No. 305594


Something about these two pictures, but especially the top one, give it away for me. I can't put my finger on what it is.

No. 305595

I don't know, I feel this is different. It's not like back when black people or women didn't have basic human rights such as voting or the right to work or not being literal slaves.

I'm even in favor of some anti-discrimination laws in regards to housing or jobs which already exist in many places for them.

They are people, and should be treated with the same respect anyone else has and be afforded the same rights and they are for the most part.
What they're asking for goes beyond that and I don't think most people are accepting, especially of non-binary/genderqueer people or those who are clearly bullshitting. What "rights" are they asking for exactly beyond making everyone kiss their ass? That's not something they can control. I don't care if they change their legal gender either, but beyond that there's nothing they can do.

No. 305596

>I have had some idiot friends of a friend tell me I'm "genderqueer" I didn't feel like arguing it at the time

I encourage you to speak up the next time someone questions your gender.
Women like you are incredibly important to fighting against trans-rationale because of the huge influx of "butch" women starting to identify as trans. The less masc presenting women point out their status as WOMEN, the more people will think masculine=MALE. A woman's femaleness shouldn't depend on how conventionally feminine she is, but due to trannies people will start thinking this way.

Wear your womanhood proudly anon!

No. 305604

File: 1538811920330.png (120.16 KB, 705x909, lol.png)

No. 305606

If you think WOMEN should own WOMANHOOD you’re hurting all the poor little men who wanna play in the womanhood!

No. 305609

>asking racist white people what rights black people should be granted
Jesus fucking christ, it is LITERALLY the exact opposite of this. White people are the racist oppressors, black people are the oppressed. Men are the misogynistic oppressors, women are the oppressed. TIMs are just men and their constant efforts to silence women make it perfectly obvious. The accurate comparison for transactivism would be letting white people exclusively decide what being black means (conveniently ensuring it includes themselves), freely enter spaces black people make for themselves to escape white people, dominate conversations about race amongst black people, then telling black people to shut the fuck about it or they're racist.

No. 305615

File: 1538818439512.jpg (166.63 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_pfksw0Vh4o1wyy08wo1_128…)

No. 305616

>throwing women under the bus
>acting like being trans is somehow less high maintenance than being a bio woman


No. 305617

There he goes with his misogyny and racism, yet again. A nice bit of ageism thrown in for good measure. Those icky over the hill middle aged white women. Don't they know women become useless after they're 25?

Also, doesn't this worthless scrote have a white mother he upset with his racist tirades? What a fucking piece of shit.

No. 305619

Unfortunately your latter paragraph is…pretty much what happens to poc. But I guess that's the point.
The missing element is white people claiming to be genetically black and if you say otherwise you must be a nazi, and also insisting you fornicate with any white stranger claiming to be black, lest you again be accused of being a nazi.

No. 305620

Nah, I'm way too short to be clocked. Though I do have a high forehead and thin hair, so sometimes people mocking tranny hairlines makes me slightly paranoid. But that's probably because I have a complex about having thin hair in general.
The trans movement, perfectly summed up.

No. 305621

not really global… across america more like?

i didn't see much of this happening in europe except maybe in germany which always gets the trendy shit. there is absolutely NONE of this shit in my country

No. 305622

Yeah, which is why it's so nonsense for him to compare being transphobic to being racist. FTM bullshit is way more like racism than being against it.

No. 305624

i used to have my gender questioned when i was around 11 all the time because i was abnormally tall and have/had broad shoulders, but puberty sorted it out thankfully. also, dont let people try to tell you what you are, thats up to you to decide.

No. 305625

i don't have that issue, thankfully, but i've noticed that men are basically visually retarded and think women with short hair are men. i think most women can tell with pretty good accuracy that a 'masculine' woman is still a woman. every time trannies bring up the "B-BUT LESBIANS GET KICKED OUT OF BATHROOMS WHEN YOU ENFORCE THIS", first of all, only by men, because men are fucking stupid, and it rarely even happens.

No. 305627

File: 1538824303461.gif (1.87 MB, 480x264, zXAA3CV.gif)


>I've essentially lost my white previlege

>is aryan

No. 305628

I had that issue when I dressed mostly in male clothing. Or when I crossdress for cosplay most of the people think I'm male like the character is.
I'm just a very tall androgynous titless dyke, but with today's genderfuckery people seem to assume I must be something else. A lot of the people in my cosplay community were convinced I'm nonbinary or agender. It's true, I am agender, because gender is bullshit and nobody has it.
I started dressing much more feminine lately, because I'm starting to embrace my femininity, but a lot of people still see my buzzcut and no tits and go "young man" when I'm wearing pants.
I even had a period in my life when I was convinced I was trans. Because I have dysphoria and because I had a lot of internalized misogyny and a lot of people already perceived me as someone of a different gender. Now I'm just embracing androgyny with my somewhat male features and mostly female clothes.

No. 305631

File: 1538828341245.png (87.29 KB, 1030x304, -.png)

Of course this is the best example this dude could come up with regarding the difference in treating women and men. Hold the door open for the ladies and treat fellow men like human beings.

No. 305632

Sort of offtopic but do people in the USA REALLY only hold the door open for women? I've seen incels crying about how they no longer do that since getting blackpilled. In my europoor countries we hold the door open for anyone, man or woman, who might need it because it's polite. It's just the nice and helpful thing to do, especially when someone is carrying boxes or walking with a baby trolley.

Those people are nuts

No. 305633

kind of like how trannies shouldn't tell women to stop discussing their vaginas because it triggers them to hear any mention that being a woman doesn't include having a penis, right? that pregnancy issues can never be a thing for them, right?

No. 305634

I'm seconding the question because as an other eurofag from a place where we hold the door for both men and women this always puzzled me.

No. 305642

USfag from the South (North Carolina) here. I hold the door open for anyone who needs it, or simply because I feel like holding it open. I've seen men hold the door for other men too. It may vary by region or city somewhat though, people in large cities may be less inclined to hold doors. But basically, incels like to whine about nothingburger issues, but you know that already.

No. 305646

>In my europoor countries we hold the door open for anyone, man or woman
European here too, same. But sometimes men are fucking assholes about it and say shit like 'ladies first'. Also, in heterosexual relationships, men are usually expected to hold the door open for women on date (e.g. when going to a restaurant or entering a taxi). So there's still a bit inequality between the genders, imo.

No. 305648

Might also just be the fact that most incels/men who whine on the internet are NEETs so since they don't experience the outside world and "man holding the door open for woman" is a trope in media that's all they're familiar with.
Kinda sad tbh.

No. 305650

First europoor anon here. This is a thing here too, but TBH I do not see it as a problem. It's just a traditional chivalry that is taught to people. Even if someone wants to be 100% equal in how they treat people, they might run into a woman that expects the traditional politeness. Personally I do not see it as a problem at all. Men should not be triggered by it because having my bf let me in first into a shop does not change my life in any way (sorry if I am not explaining it well).
It is what it is, not some great privilege that roasties get or a man telling me that I am inferior to him, kek.

I see no point wasting time and energy on such non-issues when there are bigger feminist/societal problems to solve.

No. 305652


NB and FTM kids acting tough and "manly" is kind of cute. Though, it's also a bit sad they think it's cool to larp as violent men.

No. 305654

how is this cute, anon? this just looks tryhard and lame. just be normal-ass people. these kids just need to be taught to be normal-ass people, both male and female. trannies or enbies or whatevers of any stripe and age all have an issue with treating their lives like everyday is some cinematic performance piece. they need to just understand that no one cares about them and that it's pathetic to focus this much on their appearances, their mannerisms, how they come across, etc.

No. 305655

File: 1538830423032.gif (970.16 KB, 320x240, 1457146556_tumblr_nulejrmxAj1u…)

That video reminds me of that weirdo making gifs of himself in suits swinging his belt around lmaoooo so cringy

No. 305656

Might as well go the whole way.
TIMs are like white people who claim that they’re actually black people born in a white body because they’ve always liked hiphop, cornrows and baggy pants, who insist they need cosmetic skin darkening procedures or else they’ll get so depressed that they’ll kill themselves, who say that anyone who doesn’t agree that they’re truly black (especially actual black people) must be racist and wants them to die. Who despite their comfortable suburban white middle class upbringing claim they were racially discriminated against in their youth and treated like hoodrats because of their inner blackness, and therefore never experienced white privilege. Who claim they are entitled to scholarships and awards meant for PoC, and are lauded as “first black xyz” despite only transitioning into their black identity years after they got the job in question. Who claim that they’re in fact the primary victims of police brutality and that whiny cisblacks are just exaggerating their experiences to demonise and take attention away from poor transblacks.

Sounds like a particularly bad Twilight Zone episode, doesn’t it?

No. 305658

They also just plain see what they want to see and distort everything. So even if they see a dude holding a door for a dude in real life, they'll willfully ignore it.
NCfag here again, my first ex used to do this thing where he thought he was being polite and getting a door for me, but to do it, he'd like walk ahead of me or start walking faster. I eventually told him the way he'd jump ahead of me annoyed me, and to just not worry about it. Just whoever gets to the door first, holds it.
Transgender is exactly like transracialism. I have never seen a single tranny or TRA refute this, they usually sidestep the issue entirely, by screeching you're racist to suggest that, or they claim black people have been victims of generational oppression, yet somehow women of all races haven't. Rachel Dolezal really opened my eyes to the hypocrisy of this shit. In the end, it doesn't shock me though. Racism is the big bad in the US, it's worse than being a pedo for some people I think. And racism affects men, while the sexism of the transgender movement doesn't, so of course these men are gonna deny the similarities.

No. 305659

ot but what really kills me is how he's trying to be so daddy dom but he has like the faggiest hip-tilt ever. it's so bad, kek

No. 305663

File: 1538832208219.jpg (50.96 KB, 895x491, yubabatier.jpg)

I can't help but think of this

No. 305668

that bio should be the next thread pic

No. 305682

>that hand covering his massive jaw in the top right
Yeah, few women can look kind of masculine, like that Rain Dove girl. But a tranny will always look like a tranny, even with puberty blockers involved.

No. 305685

File: 1538836882283.png (417.53 KB, 649x567, baby_bulge.PNG)

"baby bulge"
Is that the new girly schlong in tranny speak?

No. 305686

File: 1538837262891.gif (799.02 KB, 245x230, add336574af7adfb5f460ed4806c02…)

Kim reminds me so much of Boy George in his best years. Wonder if he was a young star now, he would get convinved to transition?

No. 305688

File: 1538837360088.jpg (331.5 KB, 1200x2326, kim-petras-at-national-liberty…)

He has a major double chin therefore he covers his face in every photo

No. 305692

File: 1538837979875.png (19.21 KB, 779x251, owe.PNG)

as expected, this ugly fuck is a hehe casual misogynist transbian

their lower body almost always still looks weird, even with suppressed youth like kim

No. 305694

I hope he kills himself soon enough.

No. 305703

Holy shit fuck you

No. 305708

>larping as violent men
the amount of ftm columbiners/true crime community members i’ve seen on tumblr is alarming.

No. 305716

he would make a great sub though, what a shame

No. 305718

File: 1538843149022.jpg (Spoiler Image, 699.69 KB, 3024x4032, 6vXFFFK.jpg)

This is the most horrific image of a post-op troon I've ever seen. Holy shit.

No. 305720

File: 1538843412727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 454.72 KB, 2880x5120, PfcGi8l.jpg)

No. 305722

Holy moly thank god i squinted my eyes so i couldn't see the whole picture

No. 305747

Is this trying to prove that trannies are prettier or something than actual women? Cause all it's proving is that even a somewhat masculine-featured woman with light makeup looks more female than a tranny shellacked with makeup.

No. 305754

What the fuck is that what the fuck is that what the fuck is that
Is it a male trying to be a woman? Is it a woman trying to be a male? Revolting, the fact that it has the confidence to post pictures of itself is disturbing, truly the worst time line

No. 305757

"neovaginas are I-N-D-I-S-T-I-G-U-I-S-H-A-B-L-E from cis vaginas, in fact, they're even better, and tighter!"

No. 305770


Totally indistinguishable from a vagina.

No. 305778

I had my sexuality questioned at a gay bar yesterday. I was talking to a gay dude and I told a joke about my type of woman being the kind that has a vagina, and he told me that men have vaginas too and then I'd be bisexual.
Some weeks ago a lady from HR called me by my co-worker's name, misgendering me. I'm a bit of a butch with short hair but not to the point of confusing people, I very much look like a woman, I'm tiny and have a feminine face and voice.
"Transfeminism" has been rampant around here and it's been impossible for me to find a date without them sperging about gender, even when I avoid the topic like the devil. This is not only with bisexual, but even among lesbians, which confuse me terribly.

No. 305781

Well they're right, show me a tranny who doesn't watch anime and I'll show you a blind tranny.

No. 305785

That looks like what would happen if you could kick an incel in the groin hard enough that their dick and balls become inverted.

No. 305794

File: 1538856610224.jpeg (56.49 KB, 640x1001, 43812BE5-44A7-4A6B-B751-DEAD07…)

>rule 63 fan art = TRANS ICON
they’re so sad wow hahaha

No. 305806

Blogging, friend of a friend came out as a troon today.

Last year I've seen him, very quiet and socially awkward. Maths student, I haven't really talked to him other than my friend telling me he holed himself in his room, having some mental health issues and lot and needed to halt his uni course.

He is definitely not like these creepy predatorial tranny we are seeing here and I feel that sometimes we are seeing vulnerable kids transitioning. It's fucked.

No. 305817


Here's the thread: http://boards.4chan.org/lgbt/thread/10728608


this is revolting..It looks infected. is it still healing or something?

No. 305821

anon, basically all of these men are predatory. socially awkward and holing himself up in his room = watching hentai and rubbing his dick to catgirls, crying about not being one, etc. unless he was gay, i have no doubt his mental health issues were likely centered around the fact that he was uwu sad he has a hulking manbody unlike his porny animu girls.

No. 305828

>this is revolting..It looks infected. is it still healing or something?

I don't think so, it's just really scarred. >>305720 is 7 months post-op and >>305718 is about 2 years post-op according to the troon. He also says it was done by a Dr. Brassard in Montreal, whose operations seem to be covered by health insurance in Canada. Poor Canadians had to pay for this guy's fetish.

No. 305830

>very quiet and socially awkward
So… just like all the misogynistic incels with gross fetishes stewing alone in their room hating women for not fucking them, and in this case wanting to BE the woman as a last resort?

I would never actually assume that of a specific individual but I'm even less likely to assume he's some poor sweet vulnerable bb with problems.

No. 305832

I feel ya, anon. I had a friend i saw a few times a year at videogame cons and he came out last year as a tr00n. Changed his name on fb to a 'girl' name and now demands everyone calls him she. It's freakin weird. He was the typical anime lover guy and now he thinks having long hair and wearing pink makes him a woman.

I don't talk to him much now.

No. 305833

They're always faggots who do this. Gay men who hate/want to wear women skin always come out as tr00ns.

No. 305834

Imagine having zero identity of your own that you want a genderbent dinosaur as a trans icon. rofl

No. 305835

>canadian health coverages pays for tr00n surgery

Canada did this to themselves tbh

No. 305836


Jesus, I wish I didn't asked now. It literally gross looking. Indistinguishable my fucking ass. I was always scared to look up neovaginas, I knew they wouldn't look the good but I figured it wouldn't look gross either.

Now the stories of troons telling me they fooled guys with theirs just seems more far fetched

No. 305838

I believe it. Guys are fucking idiots. How many guys do you know who are actually smart and know about real vaginas outside of porn?

I believe tr00ns can fool guys because they are just that fucking dumb.

No. 305850

To be fair, the presentation of big bimbo boobs and yellow blonde hair fits just about most of them anyway

No. 305854

Based Freelee

No. 305855

also at least it's a male character that transforms into said bimbo, less of a reach than their usual ~this female character acts kind of gnc! must be an awesome trans gal~

No. 305861

File: 1538867971325.png (136.24 KB, 602x708, ugh.png)

In the beginning she talked about an instagram post that got a bit backlash. It's this one:

>If u were born with a vagina then you are a female. It doesn't take effort to be one. There is nothing you must do, be, wear, think, say, in order to be female. Don't hide your truth behind the feminine lie. You can relax. No you don’t need long lashes and hair, big 'tits', a mini waist, 🍑ass, pretty clothes, sexy makeup, cartoon skin, painted nails, skin tight fashion, and a prepubescent hairless body to be a female. You are female without even trying. So uncross your legs, grow your bodyhair, speak your mind, show your hardness, be assertive and get dirty, because Y O U A R E H U M A N. You are not a gender to be manipulated for $$$ and power. I am neither masculine nor feminine, I am just me. Fuck femininity. #gofreeyourself

The comments are mess. People saying are she's transphobic obviously, but what also really makes me mad are the libfems who are like "don't forget it's okay to shave ur legs and paint ur nails!!!". Oh no, the poor gender-conforming women. I'm sick of people who act like feminine women are *~so oppressed~* because of their feminity. Also, the sentiment that both sex and gender are a spectrum seems to get more popular, which is crazy.

No. 305862

I'll never forget Howard Stern having a troon on his radio/tv show back in the late 90's and getting the troon to show him his rotpocket. Howard proceeded to say "I've seen boats I'd rather fuck". Fucking Howard Stern, telling it like it is. You'd never be able to say that shit in a public sphere now.

No. 305866

How the fuck is this anti-feminist? What goes through these people's heads?

No. 305870

I'm still astonished and slightly amused at the transformation freelee went through

No. 305871

Apparently it's anti feminist to tell the truth about tr00ns pretending to be women.

Also, what kinda fucking moron thinks sex is a spectrum? It is stone in stone. That's what makes biology that. All these tr00ns and handmaidens are so triggered. rofl

No. 305872

I meant *set in stone

Also, apologies for not saging.

No. 305873

Why do these type of idiots think being against trannies makes you anti feminist? It really doesn't.

No. 305874

Because feminism is about equality for ALL people uwu

No. 305876

>People saying are she's transphobic obviously, but what also really makes me mad are the libfems who are like "don't forget it's okay to shave ur legs and paint ur nails!!!". Oh no, the poor gender-conforming women. I'm sick of people who act like feminine women are *~so oppressed~* because of their femininity.

Of course it's okay to shave and paint your nails. But that isn't the problem, is it? The issue is that being a woman = being born with a vagina and XX chromosomes. That's it. That's all it takes. But women have the pressure in society to be as feminine as possible or else they are considered worthless.

I find that statement so funny too, since it's the same type of people that go 'but what about straight pride??'

(btw, i hope i wasnt coming off as aggressive. I was agreeing with you. The comments really are a fucking mess.)

No. 305885

Yea trannys are not the equivalent at all because most of them are still disgusting white men who have privilege and black people are STILL disenfranchised to this day (see the effects of redlining, medical apartheid, business discrimination, barriers to good education)

No. 305893

Cisblacks and transblacks, I love it. Pretty much Anon, you nailed it.

No. 305896

>muh dicc just too big
>when I wear tight thin clothes u can see it
>muh disphoria
>v happy about this

If they had real tits you'd see the nipples too, but since they never grew up female they never learned how to dress

No. 305903

File: 1538873711954.png (107.02 KB, 720x472, Cheese.png)

Artfag here. I screencapped this a day or two ago. Context was a couple of people wanted a NSFW warning on a detailed illustration of a penis.

This genius here suggests that not wanting to see a penis (attached to an illustration of a cis male, no less) is transphobic. These people's brains are just cheese now.

No. 305904

A guy I know told me exactly this when I saithat feminism isn't here to help trans people. Apparently feminism is just the movement to help minorities.

No. 305906

Doublepost, but I wish I was male so I could send her a dickpic and then accuse her of being transphobic when she kicked off. Idk why people are too fucking dumb to consider reasons you might not want to look at penises other than "transphobia" (like…sexual assault, asexuality, lesbianism, the fact penises is ugly…)

No. 305915

Gotta love it. Every other movement can stick to helping their own, but feminism has to accommodate every marginalized group ever. I kinda wish we'd start calling it "womens liberation" again, just to see the men and trannies shriek about how sexist and transphobic that is.

No. 305954

what kind of self drag? this person is admitting, in their own words, that the reason people are "less offended by vulvas" (which they aren't, wtf) is also just because of objectification of women. so admitting that we have less power and privilege than people with penises i.e. males i.e. troons. if you're going to lie, lie all the way, dumbass.

No. 305964

File: 1538891085947.png (11.84 KB, 376x499, 41percent.png)

easiest way to spot a tr00nie?

That same fucking adams-apple-hiding tr00ny pose they do in pictures, kek.

anyone got some good pics showing examples of pic related? i want to make a collage.

No. 305965

The autogynesmile is more common

No. 305973

i'm a feminine woman, not trying to pass as anything else, long hair, usually in long skirts (they comfy) and i've straight up told my ~nonbinary~ female friend that i don't identify as anything other than female and i don't care about pronouns and am fine with "she" - but she still calls me "they" and "nonbinary". young women are literally so fucking internally misogynistic that they ONLY feel comfortable calling ugly hulking troons "she" and any REAL woman around them they compulsively refer to as "they" and try to force into nonbinary etc labels. they can't even feel comfortable whatsoever around a confident, normal female proud to be a woman.

get me off this ride…

No. 305979

I used to just be very popular among lesbians I guess? Back then I didn't mind because it was just the semi-tomboy aesthetic I had going on probably, well that was what I assumed.

Then I've had two friends who randomly came out as trans tell me I passed better as a male than them, without even trying. Like I just thought I looked like a tomboy or a masculine woman, not like an actual man or tranny. Like yeah I have a very masculine skeleton and my bodyfat distribution isn't very feminine and it doesn't help that I'm buff, but I have long hair and a very obviously female face. I don't wear men's clothes, just comfortable clothes. Do I really need big tits and fat on my hips to be a real woman?

Nevertheless those two aren't my friends anymore because just what the actual fuck. Like they don't want me to call them women because they feel dysphoric, but they feel totally okay calling a biological female who identifies as female a fucking man? I don't want to get surgery, or hormone treatments, or put on a mask with make-up and wear clothes I find uncomfortable just to look uber feminine. Like me having a fucking vagina should be more than enough proof of me being a fucking woman. Me playing sports or lifting weights shouldn't make me any less of a fucking woman.

No. 305995

They buy into the idea that performing femininity is integral to being female (see also: trans ideology) and therefore if someone speaks out against this performance it must mean they hate women because performative femininity = women. Freelee is explaining the radfem concept that woman = adult human female even if she has no makeup on and hairy armpits, completely going against the archaic (yet now somehow progressive?) idea that women need to perform femininity to be “empowered”. I don’t like to use this word because tumblr has completely mangled its meaning, but libfems really are handmaidens of the patriarchy. They’ve convinced themselves that doing exactly what men want from them is somehow rebellious, and that the people who really are rebelling against the status quo are actually the oppressors.

Personally I like to wear skirts, have long hair and occasionally wear makeup and I don’t consider this a weakness, but I’m also not going to pretend it’s empowering and sticking it to the man. Something doesn’t automatically become a feminist statement just because a woman does it.

No. 305996

Yes exactly. One of the MAJOR reasons why we are offended at penises is because they (men) have the position of power and literally flash their penis, or force it in us at any given opportunity. It is not equal to vagina in that context and they're being wilfully obtuse to act like there is no misogyny at play when we consider attitudes towards male+dick.

Also dick does not = transgender, what a leap. People just talk straight up nonsense these days.

No. 305997

Nice how a trans person will flip their shit if you suggest they are the wrong gender but it's ok to just say that to cis people whenever you want

No. 305999

>libfems really are handmaidens of the patriarchy. They’ve convinced themselves that doing exactly what men want from them is somehow rebellious,

My exact opinion of liberal feminists. Also pretty shitty that people just call themselves "feminist" when usually meaning libfem, and if you have traditional feminist views (radfem) you're some kind of dangerous hater. It's insidious that an overall anti-feminist/anti-female message has become the loudest female voice in 2018

No. 306000

>you're some kind of dangerous hater
Radfems aren't dangerous but we should be allowed to be haters. It drives me nuts how men are always accusing feminists of hating men as if it discredits our opinions and makes us evil, and libfems are always defending themselves saying they don't hate men. I don't see why we CAN'T admit we hate men when they're so fucking blatant about enthusiastically, unapologetically hating us. No man feels guilty or ashamed if he's accused of being a woman hater, he just revels in making roasties mad and tells the accuser exactly why we deserve to be hated. Meanwhile girls are jumping to defend themselves by sucking up to men and reassuring them that we could neeeeever possibly hate them the way they hate us.

No. 306007

I’ve noticed in my personal life that when women hear the word feminist they think Sex and the City you go girl makeup on fleek sex work is empowering!!1, but when men hear the word feminist they think of fat hairy humourless bra-burners with unnatural hair colours. The latter is a very negative view (why would someone be a feminist unless she’s a fat ugly dyke no one wants to fuck amirite) but it’s more of a caricature of radfems than of libfems. Even men don’t view this new wave of “feminists” as actual feminism, probably because they don’t present any threat to men whatsoever.

Of course whenever a man refers to this caricature of feminism some libfem will jump in to say that
>umm no actually feminists can totally be hot and sexy and feminine and fun and put men’s feelings first actually!
>p-pls like me uwu

No. 306010


I planned to get my hair cut short soon, but I'm afraid to be clocked as 'pre-everything' transman or enbie unless I dress everything else super feminine which is not my thing. (Seeing fakeboi thread dressing feminine+short hair can still get you clocked as transman.. fuck) Especially now I am in a college and this kind of environment is a being hive of transactivism.

Seriously here recently was someone posting she wants to find lesbian date but doesn't want to join LGBT club to not make a political statment. The whole scene has becoming a minefield of not assuming gender and these bullshit.

No. 306011

He's probably the best passing one I've seen but you're 100% right about the way he moves. I saw that "Heart to Break" music video when people were talking about him and the harshness in his movements gave him away immediately. Females often have a certain kind of smoothness to the way they move, this dude flips his hair as if he was pulling it out. He literally looked like a male SNL sketch actor parodying female pop stars.

>Be a crossdresser (for roleplaying purposes) and a fulltime gay tomboy since very early age
>People start telling you that you "totally pass" and "I thought you were male" etc added with compliments about how hot I look
>Never got as much female attention when presenting as female, it makes me happy
>Oh shit I guess I'm a male then!
>Look into transitioning
>People tell me they support me and always saw me more as a male anyway
>Suddenly realize how insane all of this is
>Back out
a LOT of girls go through this these days, only a big share of them don't back out anymore. Butch lesbians don't really have role models or anyone to normalize their life style so this kind of stuff is bound to happen.

No. 306024

File: 1538909524807.jpg (57 KB, 960x626, aQAbnZa.jpg)


>Something doesn’t automatically become a feminist statement just because a woman does it.

Hence why liberal feminism is also called choice feminism. "My choices are feminist because I identify as a feminist."


>this new wave of “feminists”

Liberal feminism had completely turned its back on the tenets established by second wave feminism by the early 2000s. That's when I let my subscription to Bitch magazine lapse in disgust.

More broadly, "liberal" is now understood to refer to SJW tranny loving snowflakes. Rad fems, who used to be the liberals during the second wave, are now seen as [pic related].


I weep for your generation.

I came of age during simpler times. Everyone at my college just assumed I was a lesbian when I cut off my hair.

No. 306068

My ex who beat the shit out of me and molested me sexually turned trans at a young age turned trans. A lot of support from people, who I am sure know he did that to me too. I assume the trans are happy with that. I refuse to call him she.

No. 306089

>Also dick does not = transgender, what a leap. People just talk straight up nonsense these days.

you raise an excellent point. normally, it's super mean and assuming to equate transwomen with their dicks, like if you say you're not attracted to them because of it. normally it's uguu you have no idea if a transwomen has a dick she might have a totally convincing totally passing vagina!!!
ok, so how do you know any given vulva art isn't of a transwoman's neovagina if apparently they're indistinguishable from the real thing? (kek)

it's obviously not about the truth, it doesn't even follow its own demented logic, and it's not about making the greatest amount of people comfortable, it's only about censoring women, whatever it takes.

No. 306130


that picture reminds me that I wish we didn't have the two-party system in the US. So, so much more shit would get done if we had more parties that had to actually work together on certain issues than this stupid all-or-none.

Like, I'm forced to vote Democrat because Republicans are vile trash, but watching this identity politic tr00n shit creep into the party that actually aligns with some of my values fucking sucks. What the hell do I do?

I know nowhere is perfect, but the system is so open to abuse and exploitation that I can't believe more people aren't tripping out about it.

No. 306151

This takes it's truest and worst form on the topic of sex work and "sex positivity". Instead of criticizing prostitution, stripping, camming, or porn, they reframe it as "I CHOOSE to do it, so it's empowering".

Those men still see you as worthless cumsluts, and women deserve better than "choosing" sex work and camwhoring and porn.
I ranted about that a little on Twitter last night, because of all the stuff going on currently. Most responses I got agreed with me that the two party system is broken. However, my criticism of the Democrats got one middle aged man to respond that "What I said wasn't fact" and what I say is what "low information voters" say. He then said it's totally not true that Democrats use identity politics all the time because when he goes to little activist meetings, they don't discuss idpol. Sure thing, guy. That doesn't change the fact that idpol division comes straight out of the mouths of Democrats, Republicans, SJW's, alt-right idiots, mainstream media, groups like the Womens March, TRAs, etc.

No. 306159

Worth noting that the opposite of this picture, conservatives using trans talking points against feminism, is way more common. "Oh, you think abortion is a women's issue? But according to you lot, some women have penises and some men have vaginas. Aren't you being transphobic?" Needless to say, libfems will side with the trans lobby over actual feminists.

No. 306162

They also conveniently leave out the fact that the majority of sex workers didn’t choose that life but were forced/pressured into it by loverboys, drug dealers, boyfriends, even parents, or general horrible life circumstances that make it almost impossible to get out again. Even when the women aren’t addicts to start with they’re often introduced to highly addictive drugs by their “employers” to make them dependant and easier to control. I forgot the exact stats but a large number of street prostitutes start working the streets around age 13-14. The proportion of women who actually truly choose to prostitute themselves because it’s “empowering” is negligibly low, yet they think they can speak on behalf of everyone. Fuck them, honestly.

No. 306169

The dancing is stilted as fuck, and not just because he's not a dancer. It's because, even with all those hormones and surgery, he still has a higher center of mass than women.

Also, this song stinks.

Yep. Most former prostitutes I know seem to be rad fems and hate the lib fem sex positive "uwu blow jobs are real jobs uwu" bullshit. Women who choose to go into that work and claim they love it are either privileged upper/middle class women who never had to struggle and walk the streets or deal with dangerous clients, or women who are just plain lying to themselves. Or both. A lot of young women who gets into porn and stripping try to play it as sex positive until the reality sets in and they wake up.

No. 306218

File: 1538947357686.jpg (117.6 KB, 1280x623, tumblr_pfv3myWVAZ1v1stng_1280.…)

I've noticed hes started calling himself a lesbian icon in his videos too

Putting the obvious aside surely icon status is put upon you, anyone who has to claim they are an icon of anything is clearly not. The narcissism of this douchebag.

No. 306228

His stiffness in dancing makes his silicone tits bounce like crazy, kinda disturbing tbh

No. 306229

I used to do this too when I was still a naive trans activist and repeating it enough times made me finally reach my peak trans. There were just too many "exceptions" to the fact so the "t-they weren't true trans!" argument lost its credibility.

The size of the nose and the angular jaw line. Male noses are around 1/10th bigger than female noses because their bodies require a bigger oxygen intake (an actual biological fact).

Nah. The ROGD study gave me new hope that people are actually waking up to this insanity. The trans activists have been pushing changes way too fast and way too aggressively with no basis on science. It's bound to end up bad for them sooner or later.

No. 306250

Ugh, now I remember why I don't like Facebook. I keep seeing a bunch of trans activists repeating themselves not even 6 months in between statuses.
One person I'm friends with literally thinks the word female should only be used for animals and then she drops a Buzzfeed article link.

Oh god, I had an experience like this last year during my SJW phase. Some guy became friends with me and he kept messaging me. At first, I didn't think this was a problem because my male and female friends ratio just happens to fall 1:1. Then out of nowhere his messages started to get sexual out of nowhere and its something because our messages were extremely short. I feel more comfortable talking to the internet "public" than someone personally.
I started taking note on what this guy tweeted and I realized a majority of his RTs were TiMs asking for donations. Shortly, I found his Fetlife profile and he was following a bunch of TiMs as well.
I quickly unfollowed him on all my social media after that. Dude was a tranny chaser and thought I was one too? The thing that got me was he was into the really "lazy" ones who didn't even put an effort in to pass. This guy thought I was one of those people. I swear to god, I'm not even that ugly. Sure, I'm a bit androgynous looking, have thinning hair due to PCOS, and I'm into a lot of things involving video game hardware/software, but seriously?
It made me feel bad for all the random trans people he tries to hit up that aren't sex freaks like him.

No. 306272

Not even a legbutt, but I've grown to hate the term "queer". It gets taken over by idiots like Riley J Penis and by special snowflakes wanting to piggyback onto LGBT because they're "nonbinary" or whatever.

No. 306286

This peak transed me all over again. Jesus Christ. This is so fucking sad.

From this article: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/belgium/10349159/Mother-of-sex-change-Belgian-I-dont-care-about-his-euthanasia-death.html

>"When I saw 'Nancy' for the first time, my dream was shattered. She was so ugly. I had a phantom birth. Her death does not bother me," she told Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper.

>"I will definitely read [the letter Nathan sent explaining the reasons for euthanasia] but it will be full of lies. For me, this chapter is closed. Her death does not bother me. I feel no sorrow, no doubt or remorse. We never had a bond."

No. 306309


No. 306318

I don't particularly care about Deadmau5, I even have him blocked, but the trans activists are going after him lol

No. 306322

>One person I'm friends with literally thinks the word female should only be used for animals and then she drops a Buzzfeed article link

Yikes. time to mute or unfollow that person…

No. 306324


As a lesbian, i fucking hate the word queer. It really is used exclusively by trannies, transactivists and straight girls who want to be different.

It started off as a regular word to mean 'weird' or strange, then became a slur against gay people. And I dont even know why some gay people want to reclaim it. It's annoying.

Also, having riley call himself a lesbian icon is beyond insulting. Just like that gross tranny, Bruce Jenner.

No. 306328

Yeah, I think it's my age too. I'm in my 30's and when I was coming along, "queer" was certainly an insult. Like I said, not LGBT myself, but seeing LGBT people claim queer now is like seeing "feminists" try to "reclaim" slurs like slut and bitch. I don't much get it, especially in the case of queer, where a lot of them are just confused fujos.

No. 306337

and of course he's retracted his words and is grovelling for an apology… he's a spineless coward, but who the hell can even blame him when the trans agenda will literally try to ruin his career?

No. 306341

This story is even worse than that. This poor soul blatantly admitted that they made attempts to transition only because
>"I was the girl that nobody wanted,"
>"While my brothers were celebrated, I got a storage room above the garage as a bedroom. 'If only you had been a boy', my mother complained. I was tolerated, nothing more."
Yet TRAs are trying to frame this as transphobia claiming another life rather than the devaluation and mental abuse of a female child.

No. 306407

I read the responses in his apology tweet, and one person seriously said that there are six sexes.

No. 306409

File: 1538988709313.jpg (75.8 KB, 750x1334, Lily_Madigan.jpg)

No. 306411

File: 1538989028217.jpg (175.68 KB, 965x1200, advanced.jpg)

Advanced troon handing

No. 306412

File: 1538989167565.jpg (120.03 KB, 749x1047, DeYRaA6WsAU6o4Y.jpg)


same troon

No. 306413

File: 1538989250040.jpg (40.89 KB, 530x297, unnamed.jpg)

No. 306414


does that poor abused boy have one?

No. 306421

What's with people using "vulva" to mean female genitalia? I've pretty much exclusively seen trannies and handmaidens use in place of vagina and I don't understand it all. Are they just trying to change the language to make it seem as though both male and female genitals are external or something? I feel like it's just another way they are trying to erase women and female anatomy.

No. 306432

Looks like Jonathan from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a wig.

I usually try not to let the troon insanity get to me but Riley calling himself a 'lesbian icon' has seriously rustled my jimmies. That straight man knows NOTHING about being a lesbian.

No. 306433

Most pictures of female genitalia are of the vulva, the vagina is the tube only, so I´d say it´s actually the correct term

No. 306463

Wow I love deadmau5 now

No. 306500

I'm fed up with the TIMs making the Kavanaugh shitstorm about them. "Horrible times for US WOMEN uwu" shut the fuck up, you're not women, your community is full of predators, and many of you fantasize about being raped or sexually harassed in order to validate your transwombynhood.

No. 306591

Looks like Dylan fucking Klebold lol

No. 306601


I know technically he's off-limits (I think he's still under 16) but can I sperg about his situation a bit?

His fucking mom.

She wanted so badly to have a girl that she transed her son, who will never lead a normal life because of his mom's fucked up muchausens by proxy. This poor fucking kid is sterilized for life, and we know that giving puberty blockers (AKA Lupron, nigga, look it up) has holyfuckingshit bad side effects in adults in short-term use- imagine a kid who had to take them for several years.

Then, drs shot him up with female hormones, which have very real, devastating health effects on the slightly longer-term (I'll have to find the study, but men put on estrogen lose brain volume- and not in a normal or healthy way. In a way simliar to people with dementia/Alzheimers).

Then, because he was never allowed to develop normally as a boy, and didn't really have 'material' to work with for SRS, his perverse fuck parents went dr shopping until they could find someone who would perform the surgery on a kid who is not even 18 yet.

You can tell this poor kid is depressed. He dropped out of school, and will never have a normal sex life. All because his stupid fucking parents (But let's be real, his mom gets to take a large portion of the blame here) pushed this fucked up shit on him.

Look, if you want to chop your dick off and make some kind of abomination out of your genitals as an adult, that's fine, fuck it, whatever.

But this is straight-up Gypsy-Blanchard levels of child abuse. I hope he takes his family for all they're worth in ~10 years when his bones start snapping every time he walks down the stairs, or when he can't have anything resembling a normal sexual life.

I hope we look back on this like we do eugenics, or lobotomies. This is fucking cruel and disgusting. This kid doesn't have a chance and it honestly breaks my heart that his sick fuck family parades him around on the freakshow channel for $$$.

Fuck. If there were more dirt on his shitbag family, I'd say they deserve a thread.

No. 306602

all those years of puberty blockers and hormones and he still looks like a dude.

No. 306610

I agree. He's obviously just a gay boy who is deep in the closet too. I feel bad for him honestly, his mom has ruined him and made a spectacle of their life. TLC is a garbage network.

No. 306619

>I hope we look back on this like we do eugenics, or lobotomies.

well said anon. i feel the same way. i deeply hope society eventually comes to a realization that transing kids is child abuse, and that there are laws imposed to protect vulnerable young children (who are likely homosexual).

i mean, for fuck's sake - children do NOT have a stable sense of self. they're changing day to day, their brains are both flexible and easily influenced. a child will believe anything an adult tells them, and if that adult suggests they're a girl in a boy's body, the child is going to start believing it. it's borderline fucking gaslighting. we really are heading straight for a lost generation of gay people at 1000 mph and it's too late to pump the brakes.

No. 306627

I remember one of Jazz's siblings mentioning in an interview that Jazz has been "depressed ever since he was able to speak" or something to that effect which just screams mommy issues. A lot of his memories of his implied "gender dysphoria" from early childhood seem to be planted by his mom such as the infamous "I undid my onesies and wrapped them around me as a dress as a baby" story. He wasn't good enough for his mother as a boy so his gender issues were encouraged by the family. I feel extremely bad for him because his body is forever fucked and he's exposed himself in front of the whole world with his celebrity status. He will most likely never recover. It's all so damn sad. How the fuck are people applauding this as woke and progressive?

The plastic surgeon who worked on his SRS was this sort of sleazy-like guy who mentioned that "he gave up being a plastic surgeon a year ago to become a transgender surgeon". He didn't smell money now did he? And when he was reciting what sort of an operation they were talking about the dad seemed to be horrified while the mother's body language just said "Yeah whatever, get on with it already!". The whole part was just painful to watch.

No. 306636

>I hope we look back on this like we do eugenics, or lobotomies. This is fucking cruel and disgusting.

Completely agree. Even with adults I will never understand how encouraging mentally ill people to sterilize themselves, mutilate healthy organs and commit to living a lie for the rest of their lives is the compassionate answer.

No. 306722

File: 1539046556832.jpeg (294.27 KB, 750x670, 13246FB8-5D23-4896-AA00-50E564…)


No. 306725

Yikes, wtf!! If you are not a biological women, you cannot menstruate. End of story.

Is this tranny really trying to get the 'i feel bad cuz of my period' sympathy card? this is actually pathetic.

The state of college is really scary to me now.

No. 306727

Online degree programs sound nice right now. Kudos to the professor. I hope that the "mtfs can have periods!" group is small because how much can we deny reality?

No. 306728

Men don't get their periods…

I feel so bad for professors who have to deal with these freaks. And a protest too? Really?? For what reason?

No. 306759

So where did this person get the idea that women get out of stuff because of their periods? That's something that never happens. So they want exceptions made for them that a woman never gets. We can't get days off work when we're bleeding, dizzy, feel like shit, cramps and headaches but hormone-induced male endometriosis (my theory of these phantom pains) deserves the exception. If you wanna be a woman you have to suffer along with us.

No. 306767

Please don't say hormone-induced male endometriosis ever again, I just feel it feeds their delusions. I'm not buying any of their "phantom pain" shit. But I fully 100% agree with what you said. Fuck them seriously fuck them if they get away with this. I have terrible period pains and headaches and I still went to school and worked like any other woman. Fuck. Them.
When do you guys think all this bs is going to stop? I used to be so passive about trans people but now I find myself so full of hatred everytime they pull these stunts

No. 306771

Period cramps aren't a valid excuse to get out of class… what are the chances that the professor would've said no regardless of whether it was a tranny or a woman? Every time I've been actually sick for class my professor has said I need a note from a doctor or it counts as unexcused

No. 306784

There's no such thing as phantom pain, anon. Stop attempting to make shit up.

Only women get their periods, and even then, we don't get a get out of work/school free card.

I've only ever called out of work when i happened to have a bad cold and my period came, so i physically couldnt move. Even then, I had to suck up all the other days of the months when i was feeling dizzy. Just had to eat/drink better.

It hurts, but women have to deal with much more pain than men. And look at these trannies attempting to imitate women and failing badly. It's pitiful

No. 306786

You can't feel phantom pain for something you never had to begin with.

No. 306791

File: 1539055391344.png (109.76 KB, 673x630, Bafta award-winning creator of…)

No. 306797

WHAT the fuck
Male hormone induced endometriosis?
An overgrowth of tissue you do not and never did have?
This is honestly tipping me right into terfdom.

No. 306799


Jesus christ you poor fuckers :(
I feel really bad for you guys over there.

I have a sort-of passing (LOL) understanding of the situation, but it's something along the lines that your government is trying to pass Self-ID legislature right?

Does it look like it's going to get pushed through? Is there any opposition to it?

No. 306800

The word transphobia is an actual joke at this point. fucking A

No. 306822

>I have a sort-of passing (LOL) understanding of the situation, but it's something along the lines that your government is trying to pass Self-ID legislature right?

In some places it already has. Also its a lot worse-many of the stories about violence against people who question transactivism have come from here, including that 60yr old woman who was attacked.

Its become a huge political shitstorm as labour (cant believe i voted for them) are pushing it-there was a storm about any man id'ing as a woman being allowed to apply for womens positions which is why that joke lily madigan which i am sure you have seen quite a bit in these threads is the fucking WOMENS OFFICER for the party. They also hired monroe should-bugger-off who made a really shallow programme about what it is to be a woman (its apparently plastic surgery and acting like a THOT)

seriously fuck this country.

No. 306859

I've been following Graham Linehan on Twitter for a while now, originally because I'm a big fan of The IT Crowd. He's like a shining light in the darkness, one of the few people who works in the entertainment industry who sees this shit for what it really is. I feel bad for him and his wife having to deal with this shit right now. That's just like entitled fucking men, to tweet private info about a dudes wife so they can send all their little goblin asskissers after her.

No. 306865

Yeah this is something that annoys me now. It's so much like his own "I hear you're a racist now" sketch that it's laughable.

No. 306871

I should clarify that I've never seen a trans person suggest that is the cause of their "phantom pains".

But if they did genuinely feel pain, it is 100% their own body kicking back against the titty skittles. Taking a powerful hormone just for the potential cosmetic benefits =/= being born female and having to have periods and other physical consequences of estrogen/progesterone whether you want them or not.

No. 306888


It really disturbs me how this guy calls himself his kids' ''mother''…

No. 306889


he's 18 as of 3 days ago.

No. 306890

No. 306892

Disgusting. Way to try to claim a role that belongs to the woman who actually carried them in her womb.

No. 306898

File: 1539071987308.png (138 KB, 1042x674, men dont get periods.png)

A couple of years ago everyone would see this for the trolling it is. But now it's gotten so ridiculous that transwomen ARE saying they get periods and how very dare you suggest otherwise, terf. So it sounds like something that could reasonably have happened.

No. 306903

I'm not sure I understand why this means that the college post didn't happen?

No. 306905


this is one of those smug pricks who has been playing at being a woman for a couple of years and thinks he's better at it then his wife.

cf. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/sgt-gina-denham-gina-costin-paul-costin.40723/

No. 306906


yeah but that guy has a track record of trolling trans subreddits, and is in this one pretending to be a full-on SJW trans-supporting tard

No. 306907


because he's a troll. In one post jerking off over this pretending to be a woman:

"So I am married to a wonderful man we met 7 years ago been married for 6, I have a daughter who is 11 from my previous marriage (father is not in the picture) and we're living the dream.

But there is just one problem that I'm unsure of how to handle. My daughter and her stepfather are very close, and for a few years now during the weekends my daughter likes to get into bed and cuddle with her stepdad. I had no problem with this but now at 11 she's starting to develop and I'm unsure if is appropriate for her to continue doing so. I'm not worried of anything like that, my husband is mostly asleep when she comes into bed but i'm starting to think I should put an end to it or am I overreacting?"

and here he's a 6'1" 260lb dude having incest with his Aunt


here he's complaining about cruelty to pigs in Nepal


and here he's asking about beating his pig (!)


all fake shit.

No. 306910

No doubt their body is sick because of fucking with hormones but male endometriosis is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard.
What kind of sycophant would enable or allow any bloke to use excuses like “my imaginary uterus hurts” to get out of something? Is this a one off or have we fallen this far as a species?

No. 306915

hmm there's no way this could be because of depression and pumping your body with all kinds of unnecessary drugs, is there? nah no way

this image makes me wanna fucking kill myself

No. 306921

Oh, my bad. I didn’t bother checking his post history since there are legitimately trannies who believe this, ex. >>306898
The line between trolling and troon logic has been blurred, at this point.

No. 306971

>hormone-induced male endometriosis
did you mean constipation?

No. 306997


>Transgender woman shocked by higher car insurance rates for women in Michigan

>She thought she was the victim of discrimination against transgender people. When she fought for justice, she learned she is the victim of legal discrimination all women in Michigan are subject to.

>“If they would put my insurance rates back where it should be, I wouldn’t have to go to the food bank,” said Faith.

What an entitled narcissist. I bet he doesn't even struggle with money and is just gaslighting.

No. 307043

Troon gets married, gets his wife pregnant then comes out as stunning and brave


"Fast-forward to December 2015. Seeing Laura pregnant ― an experience Galen strongly desired for herself ― brought a lot of repressed feelings to the surface. Something about the idea of being a father, rather than a mother, filled her with dread. As Laura grew more excited about the pregnancy, Galen began to withdraw, which Laura attributed to Galen’s previous struggles with depression. Things felt off between them."

Narcissistic shithead.

Go fuck yourself.

No. 307055

>Wahh, my pregnant wife is getting more attention than me :(
>Better do something about that!

No. 307058

Not the first time I've heard of a husband coming out as trans during the wife's pregnancy.

No. 307074


he's trooning out for troon bucks on gotroonme to get his dick chopped off. https://www.gofundme.com/galens-medically-necessary-support Literally the minute he got a woman pregnant, that was his genes passed on, didn't even wait for the baby to be born, job was done. Now can spend the rest of his life pursuing his fetish.

No. 307127

Idk whats worse, this scenario or troons who feel like they have to be more speshul than other pregnant women by being ~pregnant men~

No. 307175

And someone donated $20,000 USD, holy shit

No. 307182

jfc, i need to pay my mortgage. Maybe I should fake a tr00nfundme page.

Why is it always MTFs that do this shit?

No. 307186

>>303771 slightly ot but jfc but I know that guy he used to be a regular where I worked and he was always an aggressive freak. totally nuts.

No. 307206

>Facial Feminization Surgery (In my case, specifically brow contouring, and jaw/chin contouring)
>no publicly available plan in Colorado covers facial feminization surgeries of any sort regardless of medical need (even when evaluated and supported by a licensed psychologist)

Fucking hell, it's no medical necessity to be good-looking. You're slightly unattractive? Deal with it, like most people do. At least vaginoplasty kinda helps you to pass by not having a dick bulge I guess (also, can't really hate that much on men voluntarily castrating themselves lmao). On the other side, no troon ever actually looked like a women after FFS. And this tall overweight dude surely won't either. It's crazy how many TiMs think that they have a right to have plastic surgery financed by insurance or e-begging.

Also, imagine finding out that your dad paid $20k to shave a few centimeters of his brow and jaw bone off instead of saving that money for your college education. Ridiculous. I don't know why some women are willing to put up with this.

No. 307213

File: 1539120265310.png (658.74 KB, 964x414, Lvi0yLN.png)


Btw, if you're wondering how facial feminization surgery results look like, there's this great album: https://imgur.com/a/sAD01

And don't forget, FFS is usually at least $20k. Ngl, there's some decent ones, but most dudes just look slightly different despite having multiple procedures. u/always-autumn (dude who flashed his penis in a women's locker room) apparently spent $60k for his.

No. 307215

File: 1539120471956.png (852.54 KB, 760x622, RxQc0Vt.png)


imagine getting 12 things done by 2 different surgeons and still looking like a man

also what's up with his lips lmao

No. 307220


Yeah this is the shit that just confirms the whole movement is a cash grab.

No. 307221

File: 1539121798962.jpg (38.3 KB, 567x319, lupita-jones-opina-que-mujer-n…)

Lupita Jones, she was Miss Universe in 1991 she was the first Mexican woman to be crowned, is under fire firstly for saying men larping as women should have no place in pageants & are completely different from biological women. Along with saying trans will never be women in response of Spains trans pageant contestant to compete in Miss Universe. Currently under fire because a latino tranny committed suicide after leaving a video criticising her words saying this is what causes trannies to die. The media is spinning her out to be evil. This is in Spanish, I'm not sure if this is allowed to post.

No. 307222

No matter what MTFs do, they will never pass in the way they want. Women have very structured bones, especially their skulls. It just can't be replicated.

And obviously, they'll never have a real vagina. Kek

No. 307223

When will troons realise that suicide is not an argument and only reinforces the view that their movement is full of mentally unstable people?

On another note, fuck grown-ass people who commit suicide and try to make others feel like they're responsible for it.

No. 307224

Some spanish speaking anon can probably translate, so it's fine.

Also, i agree with her. transwomen will never be real women. they are larping as women. Badly, too.

No. 307225

I just "love" when they take the most unattractive photo they could find of one party, and then take a normal pic of the other party. Because of course the worst thing you can say about her is that she's ugly, which is totally believable considering she's a fucking pageant queen.

No. 307226

This. There are many reasons tr00ns commit suicide. When they realize they'll never be able to be the ideal version of the opposite sex.

FTMs end up bald and hairy and fat.

MTFs end up looking like men in dresses, no matter how much surgery they get.

No. 307227

I agree. MTFs tr00ns love to think real women are 'jealous ' of them.

She doesnt even look that bad in that photo considering it's a mid talking shot. Meanwhile, the tr00n is such an obvious man.

No. 307228

isn't it amazing the way psychologists, psychiatrists, etc, everyone in the mental health field says using suicide as a cudgel is manipulation, except when troons do it? amazing how all of their behaviors are so easily identified as narcissistic, manipulative behavior, but it's completely ignored by the mental health field.

they check off all of the abusive, manipulative checkmarks, but the mental health field STILL paints them out to be victims rather than perps. fucking amazing

No. 307234

They should have never taken transexuality off the mental illness list. It needs to be there.

No. 307235

I s2g you can always still tell they are men

No. 307236

they just look like different dudes. still look like dudes, just like different males. mind you that these photos are still probably all the most flattering.

No. 307240

1st pic looks like Cary Elwes in Saw

No. 307252

I know it's trolling but I've seen this stuff presented seriously by non-trans friends. So to it I still have to say:

Maybe transgirls would get told about periods in women's spaces, just like the rest of us, if they didn't spend so much time telling cis women to shut up about our irrelevant biology and life experiences as informed by a) being socialised from birth as females b) experience of that biology.

No. 307259

They realise that there are mannish cis women, right? And they don't get prettyfying surgery on the public dime either.

If you feel like a woman fine. Be a woman. Deal with the same crap the rest of us do.

No. 307266

File: 1539128781963.jpg (909.23 KB, 1573x1200, lupita-jones-suicidio-transexu…)

Translation of the article:
After the words of rejection by Lupita Jones (51 years old ) about the participation of transgender people in the beauty pageants, Itzel Aidana Ávila Monreal sent her a message and then committed suicide.
The transsexual girl made a video, which she shared via Facebook, to ask the former Miss Universe to take care of her words, which she described as hurtful and with enough power to hurt people like her, who lived in the wrong body.
"I was checking social networks and we realized what a great personality, so emblematic, with a great moral responsibility, such as Mrs. Lupita Jones, says." Many girls have grown up with that idea of ​​a reign, of having a crown She has been one of the main founders of this type of event, in which many people who are in an identity procedure, we dreamed of a reign, what we never imagined is that she had such limited and homophobic thoughts ", He said.
"I do not know why the comparison that a trans is never going to be a woman. I do not know what is the offense of the comment or what was the purpose of your comment. It takes a lot of courage, strength and character to be that person with whom you identify. "
So he asked Jones to notice what he says, because many people say they kill themselves, they feel rejected or humiliated.
"Many are suffering in raw flesh the hell of being in a body they do not belong to," added Itzel.
The video has generated a lot of controversy, because while some support it, others disqualify their attitude.
"He took his own life because he wanted to be simple, not because of comments from another person," Eblim Solymar wrote.
Lupita Jones clarifies that she supports the differences but does not agree that trans women participate in beauty pageants.

No. 307270

Don't go after my man Cary like that, anon.

No. 307347

Miss Colombia also had a problem with this and it's getting backlash, also many pageants fans and girls are up in arms cause I think a Miss Ukraine couldn't participate cause she was a fucking MOTHER but a fucking troon can. I'll try to find more info on that

No. 307348

No. 307457

File: 1539177576462.png (734.68 KB, 683x471, cX9eY56.png)

Are some of these fake? Pic related. The "post" looks like a completely different person, like a completely different bone structure that you can't change with surgery. It looks like they took the picture of a cis woman for the "post surgeries" to shill the surgeon

No. 307482

File: 1539181374389.png (159.66 KB, 1798x956, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.3…)

This might have been posted before, but just in case you missed it, it's as lulzy as you might expect


No. 307494

>Meredith… you look cis
Truly one of the greatest terven memes. Also link related.

No. 307532

>Jacob Tobia and Alok Vaid-Menon are femme nonbinary icons.

Who and who? "Famous" my ass.

No. 307558

Why would facial feminisation surgery shrink the lips? Usually these guys get blow up doll-tier lip fillers.

No. 307582

Hand in middle pic seems small for a troon too

No. 307587

i feel like if this were really a troon, his face would be all over, but his reddit is dead and before he posted it was like barely used. all of these users with these 'passing' pictures seem to be fake accounts tbqh. plus, troons can't go without receiving positive attention without plastering themselves all over and turning into camboys.

No. 307594

Mister Spain looks more uncanney valley on this flattering picture than Miss Universe will ever look, it's so embarrassing. Between looking angry when in the middle of talking and looking deformed but in a subtle way on a photo I'd choose the former.

No. 307597

Those are two different people. They have nothing in common except brown hair. Everyone who believes this is basically blind. Also, I would love to see the reaction of the boy and the girl whose pictures were used. I don't think they agreed nor they are amused.

No. 307598

Agree with the other anons, this looks like two different people, and the woman looks like an actual woman too.

No. 307600

File: 1539195162673.png (406.05 KB, 500x594, 1517331068475.png)


Picture to save your time. People can pick up a red flag from miles away seeing this.

No. 307601


Lmao, real mystery here.

No. 307603

Didn't Magdalen do a video about the doofus with the blue lips?

No. 307606


Yeah he looks familiar.
I think he got roasted a while back on a feminist site somewhere.

No. 307608

I feel like a lot of hate would go away if people like this didn't look so scary and just looked like normal people (and acted). They look like a troop of clowns failing to be clowns. Women spent their whole lives trying to figure out what make up and clothes flatter them and most women spend hours at the gym to look slim. I know a lot of trans who make fun of bio girls for petty reasons.

Which is another point I don't get. Why do trans (both male and female) have to be dicks to bio genders? Are they pissed because they don't pass?

No. 307610



No. 307616

They just simply do not look good in these getups, and aesthetics are important to finding someone attractive. MtFs do not realize that women’s clothing and makeup were designed to enhance the biological female form. If you don’t have tits and ass, it doesn’t look good. They need to design their own clothing or pad excessively and maybe adopt drag makeup techniques if they want to look good. Insecurity is also unattractive and you have to be wildly insecure to hate your own sex. This is why trannies of either sex don’t get laid.

No. 307638

These are different people. The woman on the right has blue eyes, the boy on the left has brown eyes. Can these surgeons not get legitimate good before-and-after pictures?
Oh right, they can't because their patients always look like men no matter how much they fuck up their faces.

No. 307650

File: 1539203195754.jpg (27.85 KB, 1330x750, lupita-jones.jpg)

>"Today I defend my right to give an opinion without having to be attacked in this way, because it was an opinion without an iota of violence or hatred … I am not ready to succumb to the aggression and give up my right to say what I think as nobody ever should. "
She responded & I'm glad she didn't apologize for what she said.

No. 307660

Ew. That photo speaks volumes.

This! It's like when men do makeup sty