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File: 1529144282388.jpg (38.35 KB, 356x500, pic3397.jpg)

No. 612283

The latest escapades of:

Adora BatBrat
Drac Makens
Jake Munro
Kat Von D
Erin Micklow
Jimmy Mercy
Sebastian Columbine
ReeRee Philips
Avelina De Moray
Alison Eckfeldt

Etc, etc

No. 612325

File: 1529150913040.png (1.17 MB, 952x1105, Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 13.0…)

Old thread >>582039

Picture of KVD because she looks like a dopey pilgrim there and there's nothing else going on

No. 612327

This is total speculation and purely my opinion but; Adora always seemed to leave the kids with her husband so that she could go to gigs and festivals even before the divorce he was a more present parent. She loves them dearly there is no doubt but would usually use them as content or decoration for her videos or insta photos despite he eldest clearly being uncomfortable on camera. People are shocked she's away at a festival now but she's done that consistently through their lives, her ex husband rarely ever attended anything as he was home with the kids. I think it was a case of that he worked in the day and she was at home so she thought that it would balance their responsibilities for her to be able to maintain a clubbing lifestyle in exchange for caring for her children when they were very young. I don't have a problem with her having a social life, she's entitled to one, but the way she acted always like she deserved these holidays away at short notice with other men because she had to be home with the kids sometimes when they were sick for example rubbed me the wrong way. It's difficult to be a parent, but your instinct to care for them usually overrides your desire to go out in your underwear and party, when they are in need of you. If they're not in need of her then fine, it's all good, but to leave so often I don't know if I could do. They didn't do family holidays as you know she would have posted and bragged. I recall once or twice they did outings, but she always seemed more interested in her own life and not in family life. Not saying she can't have a social life, just that she seems slightly resentful of having to be a stay at home mother all this time and has rarely been home since the divorce, the kids seem to be spending more time with their father these days. Then again, I'm just judging from the outside, I'm from another country so maybe culture is different so that's why it seems strange to me.

No. 612369

She has a really doughy face with no real depth to it.

No. 612414

Yeah she kinda looks like a thumb

No. 612809

If there is nothing going on then can you please sage your shit? Your pic is a pic of kvd. Woo. Not milk, as you've admitted yourself so it SHOULD be saged. If you don't know what that means or how to do so then I suggest you follow the link at the top of the page.

The last thread was so muddled with non-milky pointless posts that weren't even saged. Can we try not to do that this time around?

No. 613070

File: 1529212068561.png (3.22 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2018-06-17_07-03-33_AM.p…)

Anybody got some milk about Adam.curlykale? This is his transformation in less than a year. Such a poser.

No. 613082

File: 1529214085651.jpg (81.33 KB, 747x899, uh.jpg)

I um, what exactly happened here? He went from looking like a typical douchy dudebro to some kind of gothic, dark elf, santa claus, stripper?

Is there any milk beyond his bizarre transformation?

No. 613084

File: 1529214191934.png (675.82 KB, 800x1118, Screenshot_2018-06-16-22-36-58…)


And his partner Veronica Carol Blades. I followed the rabbit hole after seeing him featured in the Mail last month.

BeyondGender AnAlien SugarBabe YourShamefulSecret BeardLover Selfless EmotionalMasochist


No. 613091

No. 613104

File: 1529217424849.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 800x1120, Screenshot_2018-06-16-23-32-59…)


Veronica has performed several self lip surgeries.

No. 613111


There is no milk other than him having done this in such a short amount of time which can happen sometimes in the bodymod community.

No. 613129


Veronica got caught by the BBC performing illegal body mod surgeries and administering drugs without a medical licence.

No. 613153

That's pretty funny considering she appeared in two BBC videos before this ("things not to say to…."), one of which had emily boo in it too kek

No. 613178

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Something is seriously wrong with this person.

No. 613180


I don't see her named in that article.

Tongue splitting is not explicitly addressed in legislation; the procedure itself is not illegal. Injecting anaesthetic, however, is illegal.

Fun OT fact: in the UK female genital piercing is prohibited by female genital mutilation laws. No cases have been brought yet.

No. 613185

File: 1529237784104.png (925.14 KB, 566x874, Capture.PNG)


Curlykale and Veronica appear to have end goals. Their mods are not haphazardly compulsive (or compulsively haphazard?) like Pauly Unstoppable now Farrah Fucking Flawless. KF has a thread about him.

No. 613187

where does she work lmao

No. 613191

doesn't this belong in the bodymods thread? >>198674

No. 613192


I think Roni X is another name for her.

No. 613193

>where does he work lmao


No. 613202

File: 1529241866609.gif (787.63 KB, 500x231, giphy.gif)

No. 613258

File: 1529246493214.jpg (59.5 KB, 600x850, e9631e2c8d459937abcc3696d2cf82…)


I know her IRL, she's done most of my piercings. She's been nothing but super friendly and professional to me and she's very skilled at what she does, (all her mods are self done including the forearm implants she used to have and the eyeball tattoos). She used to look a lot more extreme, she's toning down her look quite a bit now. She's a bit crazy if anything but not a cow imo.

No. 613410

I love her look actually, used to follow her and it's kinda a shame to see her tone down. I can't even begin to imagine doing my own lip surgery though, that's intense.

No. 613472

File: 1529263286849.png (147.57 KB, 833x957, IMG_2186.PNG)

I can't even put in words what reading the caption on his sweater made me feel like.

It seems like she's still cool with her boyfriend (sorry, HER husband) taking pride in skincolor. Such a shame.

No. 613477

The comments under this post make me so sad.
No one knows that he’s already a shit father to a grown daughter. They’re gushing over him so hard it’s sickening.

No. 613482

Anon, this is a commonly used phrase in Latino communities as an expression of solidarity between each other's heritages, not a racial supremacist thing.
Besides that, Rafael is dumb as bricks, he's nothing Kat describes him as.

No. 613486

File: 1529264332610.jpeg (177.63 KB, 750x1096, 18B259F3-253F-4105-A8E8-22DC4B…)

Happy Father’s Day to Rafael who left his daughter in a predatory situation and used it to cry victim.
I know Kat has dated shady people in the past but I don’t think she would’ve given this younger version of her husband the time of day.

No. 613494

Poor kid didn't stand a chance, her parents were super young and probably in a bad situation when they had her. Hopefully her mother gave her a good upbringing and a good life because her father certain didn't give a fuck. He can use the excuse of being young all he wants but plenty of young parents step up and try, they don't do what he did, they don't let their child be in as much danger as he was when he was in gangs and shit by leaving them with predatory men.

No. 613523

File: 1529268495592.jpg (605.79 KB, 1080x1356, 20180617_224816.jpg)

I don't think he was joking

No. 613552

I haven't met her in real life but I've been following her for several years and I also like her, there's nothing that makes her a cow imo

No. 613587

Mum of the year Emily Boo has died her baby girl's hair completely blue. I can't share the photo of her daughter but damn

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 613592

File: 1529272556868.png (827.84 KB, 951x539, pic555.png)

(reposting this in new thread because I'm stupid and didn't see the other one had locked)

Jake's birthday surprise for Kaya
>Jake vlogs for her entire birthday
>Pancakes for breakfast
>Hereditary in the cinema
>fun fair for literal children
>kaya pukes
>gets dinner at TGI fridays
>goes home and plays video games

is she 29 now?

No. 613596

I'm pretty certain she just turned 26. She is definitely not older than I am based on what I remember from back in the day. She may have even turned 25 but def no older than 26.

No. 613618

how the fuck is she not in a mental hospital or prison???? theres no way that can be safe or sane to perform surgery outside of an operating room.

No. 613625

1. She's a professional body mod artist with more than a decade of experience.
2. It's her body, she can do what she likes to it.

There's a vast gulf between destructive acts of self-harm, and thoughtful body modification. It's no different from a tattoo artist tattooing themselves or a piercer giving themselves a piercing.

No. 613678

Interesting subject, I've wanted to discuss Adam curlykale with someone for a looooooong time because I simply don't understand how this happened to him. About Veronica, I follow her for a long time, since BME's old days when she was still Rony, I think. She's very talented and skilled at what she does, and beautiful in my opinion, I don't see her as a cow too.

with all that being said, let's talk about it on the Bodymods thread, it belongs there

No. 613723

The dye is natural and she didnt bleach her hair. Tons of people do it, children love colors. This is not milk, sage it please.

No. 613753

File: 1529285697656.jpeg (376.86 KB, 748x1118, 826C9106-8E19-49ED-ACA0-C69E2B…)

I guess Kat had to start talking to her dad again since he’s restoring her future home. Wonder if the dad convinced her to vaccinate or he’ll stop doing up her “casa von d”
Can we just take a moment and appreciate Rafael’s come up? He sweet talked and obsessed his way from a gangbanger who makes shitty music into KVD’s arm candy living it up lavishly.

No. 613764

File: 1529286977925.jpg (700.65 KB, 1080x1651, 20180617_204908.jpg)

Anyone know what Rafael Reye's arrest record is? The last one (I think) he claims was for having a pocket knife in NYC, and he said he was on his third strike. (Case was dropped). I'm really curious to know what the other ones are for. Rafael seems like a gangbanger nobody who somehow managed to stroke Kat's ego enough to sleep with her and knock her up.

Going back and looking at his past posts on IG is one after another of warning signs. Mentioning gang members, tagging things as #gang #gothgang and shit like that. The gang tattoos… why Kat would ever want to be involved is beyond me. And now you're opening up that life style to your kid! Well, ANOTHER kid.

No. 613773

she literally performed selfsurgery involving sewing her lips and "lifting" them in the "same" manner that a plastic surgeon would do, yet is not a licensed surgeon. it's not safe or sane, or sanitary. it's disgusting and the idea that shes doing this to other people is criminal.

No. 613780

Why can't you grasp the concept of sageing your shit? Not the anon you responded to but I can't help but reply to comments such as yours pertaining to what ppl should and shouldn't do.

If she has lots of experience doing it without fail, then why not? It's almost like you're saying adults should not be able to do such things with their body unless there is an individual who went to medical school on site. That's ridiculous and I don't know why you care so much about adults getting body mods from her when they most likely know her experience and can therefore decide to get work done by her or not. If anyone went to a licensed shop to get any of these mods she does done then the only difference would be that the shop has a fancy sign stating that they are license hanging up, at least that's how it is legally where I'm from in the US. She doesn't seem like some careless teen wanting to pierce her friends. It's something she seems into and cares about and would take the necessary precautions to not fuck anything up.

tl;dr girl is not a cow let's drop her.

No. 613786

>He sweet talked and obsessed his way from a gangbanger who makes shitty music into KVD’s arm candy living it up lavishly.

Which is why I doubt this relationship will be short-lived. You've got a nobody who came from the ghettos of San Diego suddenly getting flown to Paris and London on someone else's dime. She touched up all of his shitty tattoos, and I'm pretty fucking sure he didn't help pay for that gaudy and tacky wedding.

He's not letting go of that gravy train any time soon

No. 613805

She doesn't perform this procedure on others, only herself. She's not posing as some back street plastic surgeon.
The services she provides are like that of any other reputable body modification studio i.e. general piercings, large gauge scalpeling, tongue bifurcation etc.
She's APP certified, and as I mentioned before has over a decade of experience.

Just because you get queezy over some pictures you're ready to condemn her for it?

You're obviously pretty ignorant on the subject as a whole. Anyone who has spent any time researching could find a hundred body mod artists performing more extreme procedures, and another thousand unqualified back alley cutters.

Disagree with her personality, her choices, her tastes all you want.
Her work is solid and she's well respected in the mod scene.

No. 613968

Be careful, you may get a ban for


kek - yes that's real here - I get it for pointing out that newfags are pretty much ruining this threads with their - "oh looks that person looks so funny and edgy" shit. And no newfag was banned for their shitty posts the same time despite reporting them. Farm hands here became really shitty. And of course as a result we see even much MOAR newfag nitpicking in this thread then before. Seriously farmhands you are a laugh.(take it to meta)

No. 613978

File: 1529323291042.jpeg (131.28 KB, 750x1176, B366CAE7-1747-4105-AC59-B73203…)

Adora Bratbat is removing comments that say anything about her being married.

I noticed she removed a previous comment, so I took a screen shot when someone posted a comment about her being married again. It has since been removed.

She puts every other stupid detail about herself online, I wonder why she is isn’t addressing this. Divorce happens. Just own it, bitch.

No. 613990


I can still see the comment?

No. 614123

File: 1529338937025.jpg (206.31 KB, 1160x817, hotsauce.jpg)

the whiplash of having a husband and then crawling back to your ex tho!

hope she makes him do that dumb ass "challenge" lmfao what the fuck is mr owl's deal with these sloppy seconds?

mr owl follows me on tumblr, i dont follow back, but maybe i should ask him looool

No. 614178

He's not too bright though, he could be someone dumb enough to let it all go like Jaclyn Hill's husband

No. 614180

She used to be pretty obsessed with shoving her marriage in everyone's face, and how they were just the most perfect wonderful couple so I don't blame her for being a bit ashamed now.

No. 614184

So divorces there are so quick? Here you are lucky if you are done in just 2 years.

No. 614275

no, she's still registered as married. i assume she's only separated.

No. 614304

Does anybody have the stats on how many followers kvd has lost? I hope it's a lot.

No. 614341

Yeah, judging from that caption, he is either directly involved with gang members or friends with them. Still, I would never want to raise a child with anyone involved past or present in gang activity. That's how you get your head on a pike.

Good luck to Kat. She's just as crazy as he is

No. 614495

Someone should tell him that Mattias drank it first.

No. 614506

yeah, like Mr Owl didn't watch every single video of Freyja with Matthias after they went back together… sure

No. 614542

Sebastian columbine posted polaroids of her boobs on instagram with the caption "My titties are a gift from God" and now people are asking her on the comments how can she be so sexualized and yet be asexual.
Since when is she claiming to be asexual?
(can't post a screencap right now, sorry)

No. 614555

File: 1529368667623.png (71.46 KB, 1141x288, Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 01.3…)

She mentioned it in her what's my gender video that she is asexual and agender. I didn't watch the whole video but this was in the comments

No. 614563

Being asexual doesn't mean you can't have pride in your body. I know this thread has been short on milk lately but there's no need to stretch for it, it'll come.

No. 614567

With asexuals, not every asexual is the same. Some asexuals love tits and masturbate, but the thought of having sex with someone else grosses them out or just isn't something they wanna do. Some asexuals just are sex repulsed, but sometimes they've had sex in the past, only to realize its not for them, or still have sex to please their partner to make them happy

not WKing, just explaining based on research and personal experience

No. 614685

He was dating someone else though. Why would he waste time watching an ex's videos when she dumped him?

No. 614686


No. 614705

AFTER they got back together. after, when she was mrs owl again. reading comprehension

I totally get what you mean but having pride on your body while dressed in sexually provocative clothing isn't a very "sexual" thing to do for an asexual person? If you are Asexual why would you be caring about flaunting parts of your body in a sexual manner? do you know what I'm trying to ask?

No. 614875

Oh lord wtf is TT wearing? Those weird pink cropped tights/leggings/whatever they are with the messy fishnets underneath… not a good look. Also wow Jake, he seems so smug thinking he treated her yet it was just food (as usual), a FUN FAIR then more food. Holy crap Jake push the boat out why don't you??

No. 614945

I'm confused. She looks quite overweight here, but in her own videos, she looks normal to me. Where is the truth? Is Jake filming her from an angle that makes her look terrible again? On her birthday? If so… what a dick.

No. 614959


She IS overweight, though. TT films herself from angles that make her look thinner and photoshops/facetunes her pictures. In reality she's a proper fatty.

No. 614963

File: 1529416334807.jpg (311.76 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180619_084834.jpg)

I took screenshots of both KVD beauty and her personal account on June/8/18. It looks like they are the same BUT REMEMBER, she and her marketing team have the funds to buy likes and accounts to keep her numbers at the same. I think the only way we could know is if we could somehow find out just how many people unfollowed since her anti-vax post, Not the number of current followers.

No. 614978

File: 1529417141167.png (41.4 KB, 896x525, Untitled.png)

Pretty steady decline, though it seems that the hits were worse on her personal twitter vs her brand twitter. In fact, the brand twitter had some small and steady increases so I'm guessing they've been buying followers.

No. 615025

That's the thing, if she's asexual, she likely doesn't view that as sexualising herself. Just like some very modest women think showing off your midriff and upper thighs is being overtly sexual, while others are perfectly okay with it and just think it looks cute. Everyone's perception is different - just like every asexual perfect experiences asexuality differently.

No. 615038

You've answered your own question. In HER OWN videos she looks "normal" but in JAKE'S she looks fat. Which do you think is the more accurate portrayal of her weight - Kaya in HER OWN videos where SHE can control the angles, lighting, etc, or Jake's every day vlogs that she can't control and tries to hide herself most of the time?

No. 615045

I mean that brings up the other issue; that Jake is a tossbag and has no consideration with making his girlfriend look attractive in his videos even though 100% of his views would be clickthroughs from TT

No. 615050

Love that they went to check their mail box on her birthday and it was empty.

No. 615051

I think he only cares about how he looks, but I also think he does it on purpose to TT to push her to lose weight. Instead she just moans about it and continues stuffing her face kek

No. 615078

File: 1529429447646.jpg (243.27 KB, 1459x820, Screenshot_20180619-122330_Chr…)


Unfortunately it seems like this isn't current (I think because of Facebook) but hopefully we can use this soon so see just how many followers KVD loses on Instagram.

No. 615134

>She doesn't perform this procedure on others, only herself.

Can I say I've no idea if these pics are truly representative of her skill, but if they are I'm fucking impressed.They look fantastic in the 2 final pics- natural and aesthetically pleasing..She should have gone to med school and been a legit plastic surgeon. I've seen celeb lip augmentation by supposed experts that looks like dogshit in comparison.

No. 615215


They are her own and she definitely does do them herself. She's posted clips of herself doing it on her instagram story and often records the healing process. She is quite knowledgeable and really seems passionate about her work. I have never met her but know people who have had mods and things done by her and said she was able to answer any question and quell any anxiety or concern they had.

No. 615374

After seeing her lips I really wanted her to do mine, didn't even know it was an option til I saw hers, and most people look odd with injections but changing the actual surface area and shape instead of just the volume really makes a difference. Her style is pretty cool too, she wears things Sebastian tries to but hers are actually high quality and fit properly.

No. 615397

Kaya and Jake need another £500 on twitch to make an "epic Deadpool vlog"
What happened to the graveyard date vlog they were going to make with the last £500 they raised?

No. 615398

Kaya and Jake need another £500 on twitch to make an "epic Deadpool vlog"
What happened to the graveyard date vlog they were going to make with the last £500 they raised?

No. 615619

File: 1529467410455.jpeg (231.99 KB, 738x1101, 6F2E5284-439C-4BB4-A71D-CAF9B9…)

Obvious attempt at damage control. Rallying the troops against the negativity; why are people still idolizing her?

No. 615789

she looks not that bad when in makeup, that may be a hint

No. 615815

File: 1529498115496.png (94.41 KB, 1080x632, 20180620_133426.png)

No. 615826

Does Kat know her husband has a child he wants nothing to do with or is he a lying sack of shit?

No. 615835

She’s of the “I like to give everyone a chance to prove themselves” school of thought. She said the same about Jesse James when everyone knew he was a serial cheater. He ended up cheating on her multiple times.
So I’m assuming she thinks he’ll be different with this child since she believes herself to be special

No. 615848

Yeah she always does this, she finds "damaged" men on purpose because she has that saint-mommy complex where she think she can "save" or improve them so everyone can see they're so much better now they're with her… I genuinly think she stopped liking Steve-o so fast because she found out he was already pretty healed and not that fucked up anymore, she was too late to grab him when he was doing bad.

No. 615891

A whole new level of retard

No. 615962

File: 1529515724159.jpg (918.67 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180620_122547.jpg)

Both KVD beauty and her personal page are deleting any negative comment that gets posted. (On the latest pics at least). Maybe it's just me, but if my husband/baby daddy had these kinds of photos on his social media I'd probably be annoyed. The amount of cringe kills me with this guy.

No. 615968

Adoras former husband just changed his Facebook status to "In a relationship" and a hole bunch of people congratulate him on that. One mentiones the new girl being 22 but that could be a joke, who knows.
So maybe it was him ending the marriage because of a new love?

No. 616138

IBF uploaded a video entitled "Boyfriend does my voiceover". Boyfriend? I thought they were engaged. Not only does he call her his "pal" but now he's been downgraded. This video just feels like yet another bid for views, and not a very good one.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 616148

those eyebrows. Girl, no.

No. 616179

Kat thinks she's the Guadalupe and wants to save all broken and damaged men. She's a moron who deserves all the negative responses.

No. 616181

I have no idea why IBF has never learned to do eyebrows that suit her.

No. 616198

I dont think he really cares i mean he is sleeping in the bed ibf and her ex used to fuck so…

No. 616246

God it frustrates me that you can clearly tell she actually knows how to do makeup well, she is not unskilled at all, but for some reason she is always so slobby! She puts makeup on like she is always doing the 10min makeup challenge, whats the rush girl??

No. 616252

>i'm so gay for myself

the cringe is strong with these two. can also see why he usually wears sunglasses.

this is tragic - gets the highlighter in her hair, literally two stripes of contour, looks like she uses a marker for the brows and does nothing to shape them. she's capable of doing decent ones but chooses these weird parentheses looking things instead.

No. 616320

He has so very very little chin, without the beard and sunglasses he just looks like an awkward, scrawny autist who loves him self more than a little too much.

No. 616322

I like her more trad makeup, she's moved away from it a bit these days but green suits her, I don't think sloppy lines are really as much of an issue as it's made out to be. Apparently she has arthritis in her hands now? She posted it in her story on instagram. Can't cap right no

No. 616324

File: 1529541656808.png (50.98 KB, 1011x227, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 01.3…)

That was a joke about her being 22, just teasing him, at least by his reaction. Emanu, Adora's 'protege' as she calls him reacted with 'Wow' and she with a heart react, so she seems to be taking it well? or being bitter, I know not. I hope they just continue to be good parents regardless of relationship. She's the same pompous ass as usual with her 'no effort' eyebrows which coincidentally look like normal eyebrows and look like they take more time than her usual brows and is just another dig at 'boring' alt girls who don't shave their brows. Sorry about the shitty screenshot, the person just asked "Weren't you married with Adora?"

No. 616349

>I have no idea why IBF has never learned to do eyebrows that I would like to see on her.


No. 616351

>those eyebrows. Girl, no I cannot fap to them! Do them the way I like! NAO!


No. 616357

I thought that title was strange at first too but she did tag the vid with fiance on IG and she probably just used that title because it's a more popular tag.

No. 616366

Kryolan clown white without setting it with fixer before aplying shadows? Hmm… And why she is not brushing out excess powder? Its like asking for streams of white coloured stains on black clothing when you sweat. Not to mention she most probably would have to use theatrical fixer at the end to not make all that cosmetics smear in the matters of seconds in case of sweat or water splash.

No. 616373

Fap to them? WTF?
Listen she can do what the fuck she likes, no skin off my nose if she wants to sharpies her eyebrows in, they are tragic though IN MY OPINION.

No. 616375

File: 1529545404840.png (3.23 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180620-213800.png)

made me giggle a bit (she won btw, of course kek)

No. 616427

kek, exactly,

>they are tragic though IN MY OPINION.

no one cares

Where is the milk? Body positivity is not a milk.

No. 616607

holy hell this was TERRIBLE. I feel like he was trying really hard to sound like a dumb guy who knows nothing about makeup terminology and be funny/cute. That was a struggle to watch, gave up 2 minutes in.

No. 616618

It was pretty terrible. Was he filming? Never have I seen this done so close up before (which is why I finally understand her using more than one pen on her brows).

On the plus side, IBF's natural/slightly enhanced eye colour is quite lovely.

No. 616639

I really don't get these videos. Seems like the "funny" thing should be that all boyfriends are supposed to act like retards, even though some of them actually know how to apply makeup or know the proper terminology. Jake was the same in TTs video.

No. 616649

File: 1529576037396.jpg (103.33 KB, 850x476, sloppy.jpg)

the makeup really isn't milk, but still, this bix was invited to a kat von d party in LA over her make-up skills….???? and it isn't that it's "not my style" or w/e its that its unintentionally asymmetrical, unblended and rough.

but anyways, I thought she was smart enough NOT to include whoever she's dating in her videos so she wouldn't have to deal with the fallout later when they break up. I don'tknow what her motivation is for including mr owl other than to see her fans validate her crawling back to him in the comments. There's pathetic shit being said like "oh so happy he's back" even though he sounds like he could give a fuck

No. 616661

File: 1529579396984.jpg (270.79 KB, 1363x691, asiansizes.jpg)

black friday is selling some of the free shit she gets that she can't fit into rather than get a real job. she keeps saying "asian sizes run small" to cover up the fact that all of the clothes is in XL or XXL, but it turns out they're basically the exact same sizes she'd have in New Zealand or Europe.

In what fucking world is size 16 a medium? Have people in the first world gotten that fat….

Lying about her size almost as pathetic as Toxic Tears refusing to say hers

No. 616712


85 waist and 108.5 cm is medium, bitch, I don't know in which world do you live in. There's no way in hell these measurements are XL or XXL otherwise people like Raven or Toxic Tears and fatter wouldn't even be clothed… which size do you think reeeeaally fat people use? G? K E K
asian sizes are really super small, and I'm not even talking specifically about these "goth" or alternative brands as I don't buy from them, but have seen people I know order from asia, shit is sized wrong as fuck


she was not invited to the KVD party for being super good with makeup, skill wise, she always says in her videos she sucks, according to KVD it was because of their shared values, in IBF's case I guess being alternative and liking makeup, but you know that KVD just invited alternative people with a big following on social media.

About the makeup: it it goth makeup, it doesn't have to be perfect, that's not what it is about (I think instagram is fucking with our perception of how makeup done by non makeup artists look like, seriously), if she puts on mascara the eyes are ok but the eyebrows… jesus h christ, WHY? she can do nice eyebrows that suit her, like in the Morticia Addams transformation video, I don't know why the fuck she prefers these 2 poorly drawn lines that make absolutely no sense, shape wise.

No. 616714

"body positivity" is not milk. how about being a grown ass man, that has a daughter that he couldn't care less about and fucked up her life but taking sexy selfies to post on instagram being important to him? That and the fact that they are cringy as fuck is pretty milky. No one is saying he has a horrible body and he has to be ashamed of it

No. 616728

Not the anon you originally responded to but here in the US there is no way a size 16 is a medium. That is definitely a large at least. Sorry to blogpost but I'm a size 5 and wear a S/M depending on the brand. Haven't we seen that TT does wear an XL from one of her many haul vids?? Might have been in the last thread. Bottom line is TT and IBF both give false ideas about their bodies. Or else they wouldn't alter photos and videos so drastically. Asian sizes may run smaller but not that huge of a difference.

No. 616747

Yeah, but that chart is for a UK 16, not a US 16!

No. 616752

okay but you paused the video before she blended it. it actually doesn't look terrible blended, definitely not pro (she never claimed she was) but better than most people. the only thing that makes it look meh up close is the eyebrows. I feel like most makeup looks great until you're up real close.

No. 616769

File: 1529593012652.jpg (95.67 KB, 775x522, 5665.jpg)


> Bottom line is TT and IBF both give false ideas about their bodies.

exactly. here she is saying a punk rave XXL shirt is a "uk 10 - 12" when the measurements say it would be an 18 by UK standards. Not even close to a "medium" but whatever she has to tell herself.

Not even gonna bother with people who come to a troll board to defend ibf, she's a lying lolcow, and size 16 in UK is size 14 in US, neither of which is a medium. Cows defending cows? idk.

The real milk is that she's hawking her free shit at pretty high prices, the skirt in the picture is 70 euros. Isn't that the price if the item was from the store? How desperate for money do you think IBF is to be doing this?

Also her Patreon says she needs to e-beg because she "cant work in Germany," 100 percent NOT TRUE if you have a spousal visa/permit. Get a job and stop scamming your fans who will buy your mis-sized junk just because you touched it once.

No. 616832

a summary of a Black Friday interview where you see her flat i guess(looks huge)
Sadly the whole thing is only for patreons at this moment.

No. 616833

sorry but even a UK size 16 is not a medium, it's a large at the very least. TT and IBF are lying to themselves about their weight and the sizing. As someone else said Chinese sizing can ran small but it's not that way off our own

No. 616903

At least you know the plastic bones in her cheapo secondhand waspies won't be too warped, she has no curves for it to warp to. Does seem like she's using something steel boned at the moment though as she is gaining a waist ever so slightly.

No. 617111

Oh, I'm not disagreeing with that. Honestly, a UK 16 is usually an XL. Definitely not a medium, unless you're looking at a plus size brand…

No. 617113

IBF knows her angles! Her face looks so different in this!

No. 617379

Im pretty sure endangering others by administering anesthetic without a licence makes you a cow

Ive never met her personally but I know many people who have and apparently shes pretty mental (as to be expected), but really sweet as a person, so who knows

No. 617466

The interview is boring af, but I must say that her apartment really looks truly epic. Hope she does a house tour soon!

No. 617524

I know that living in such a dark apartment does fuck with her mental health a fair bit (in past threads people put together that she was miserable because she slept in late, rarely opened curtains and had an all black apartment so her body clock was fucked and lacking in vitamins and general sunlight and contact with the outside world) but she really does have amazing decor taste, She's worked really hard on it and it's turned out great. She seems to be taking better care of her mental health and to be in a better place with regard to interacting with the outside world now. She does look crazy different though, she knows how to sell an image of herself.

No. 617525

How is she mental?

No. 617540

she cant work in germany bc she doesn't speak german well enough to.

No. 617558

(different anon)
I remember her saying that she wasn't feeling well mentally, idk if that was from the separation or something. Wouldn't say "mental" though, just depressed I guess

I actually want her to make her film or book tbh, I feel like it would be interesting to see what she can make of something, and see the shitshow that may come after it

No. 617616

me too, I know we all shit on Freya sometimes but she went to film school and has talked about it a few times. i feel like she's stuck in her vlogging and hasn't moved beyond. She should try to shoot for a creative project or at least write a screenplay. I would be curious what kind of material she'd make. saged

No. 617843

I remember in her video defending herself against Onision and slamming him (which was amazing to watch) she mentioned wanting to do cool and artsy things. I wish she would do that. Her most interesting content is when she does something other than trying on clothes or reaction videos. Like I liked her goth stories in bath bombs, not the best thing on YouTube but at least creative and gives a bit of interesting history to those who might not know of Elizabeth bathory for example. I don't mind her vlogs when it's something gothy like going to an alternative fashion show or some other demonstration of the culture to newbies or those who are interested, but I find her normal vlogs kinda boring and not really fitting for her channel for the most part

No. 617895

I LIKE MAKING STUFF UP. YEP YOU SURE DO….. You're not inspiring youre a joke!!! Can everyone stop swooning over her angles or apartment. Shes boring af!!! What book? What movie?? NZ film industry is famous for LOTR. She will never cut it. Ever.

No. 617952

Not swooning! I'm saying her face looks way more pudgy than she portrays!

No. 617969


>she cant work in germany bc she doesn't speak german well enough to

lmfao what? there are plenty of jobs that require little to no german here, they're just not the kind of jobs she wants to do (spoiler, no one wants to do them)

i saged because this might be a blog post but I literally live here :/ its not true! she's lazy and thinks trying on lipstick equals a paycheck when its a hobby, girl!

No. 618033

>Im pretty sure endangering others by administering anesthetic without a licence makes you a cow

Let's take Lidocaine as an example, as it's one of the most common local anaesthetics used.
Maximum safe dosage for Lido is 3mg/kg.
Let's say that the 'patient' is severely underweight, like 100lbs? (45kg) This is pretty much worst case scenario, but lets go with it.
The strongest concentration of Lidocaine solution (that I know of) is 2% (more commonly a 0.5% solution or lower is used, but again we're treating this as a worst case scenario)
So that would mean the maximum SAFE dose would be [3 x (45/10) x 2] = 27cc of Lidocaine.
For context, I've never seen anyone use anything more than a 5cc syringe for local anaesthetic.
It would take more than five full syringes, of the highest concentration, injected into the most underweight client.. And still, you'd be far within tolerances, and an order of magnitude away from a lethal dose.

Yes, she doesn't have a medical license. And yes administering aesthetics is an unlawful act.
But she's not an idiot.
She's had training from some of the worlds greatest body modification artists, and years of practice.

If you really had a problem with her use of aesthetics then I assure you, you could find a thousand practitioners more worthy of your vitriol.

Quit trying to find milk where there is none, and quit trying to justify your intolerance as concern for others.

No. 618072

That's not entirely true. For most employers in Germany it's important that their employees speak and understand German well. Even if you have little or no customer contact or barely see you co-workers. You need to know the meaning of each material to avoid confusion, for example, if you have a cleaning job.

In Germany there is something called "Arbeitslosengeld Zwei". If you lose your job, you get unemployment benefit, which is called "Arbeitslosengeld Eins" here. You will then receive about 60% of your former salary plus rent. If you have not found a new job after one year, you will receive "Arbeitslosengeld II" (Unemployment Benefit II). This is a kind of welfare for an indefinite period of time and you also get the rent paid by the German state. But it is very little money and to get this kind of help is often negatively afflicted in this country.

ITB will probably get maintenance from her ex-husband, plus this help and the rent paid by Germany. If her apartment really is that big, I'm surprised, because in her place of residence there are specifications about the size of the apartment and how high the rent may be. And that an individual may not live in such a large apartment (laws).

I do not know ITB personally, nor the true circumstances under which she lives. The laws in Germany are very strict with regard to this (the welcare). You have to declare any kind of income if you accept this kind of help (which I personally assume, but I can also be wrong). Those aren't supposed to be rumors, just my opinion.

No. 618078

PS: Under certain circumstances you can also get this help if you have never worked properly in Germany. I see these circumstances at ITB, that's why I wrote this.

No. 618133

No one is swooning, you just don't have the reading comprehension to understand what people are saying.

No. 618142

Wasn't she in classes to learn German? If she's consistently living in a country and being around the language as well as taking classes surely she could hold her own by now? She seems to cope traveling the country if she doesn't speak it well.

No. 618200

If she actually posted about her apartment, DIY, decor, etc. she might actually produce something interesting. But nope, it's just hauls and makeup.

No. 618233


Yes, I know she learned German in a class. I stopped following her because of the Haul videos. At some point I just found it boring to see her presenting stuff she just got.

In any case, she once said in a video that she had stopped learning German because she hardly understood the language anyway. And that she feels herself too stupid to learn the language and that she lacks the patience for it. That's how she put it, I don't know the exact wording anymore.

In Germany, most employees at the well-known tourist sites (such as Neuschwanstein Castle) speak very good English, because of the many foreign tourists. I need to know, because I live in one of those tourist strongholds :-)

So, if you are a native English speaker travelling around Germany at the well-known places, you will get along very well even without being able to speak German.

No. 618249

I doubt that she is living off the government or off her ex-husband. Her ex is just a student, he doesn't have anything of his own and works jobs that don't pay a lot, like his last one, in a flowers shop or something like that. I am pretty sure she lives off youtube and maybe help from her mother. Freyja has pretty bad anxiety and other issues and I think that's the reason she can't find a regular job or show the world her writing or film making. She seems to me like a very insecure person, specially about the things she produces. That's why we never see any of those "new and exciting projects" she talks about so much. I don't doubt she's working on them, but maybe she never finishes or if she does, never shows. Maybe she doesn't even starts a lot of them.


yes! Her apartment, from the little I could see in the coalcandy video looked awesome, really impressed me. I thought she just lived in an apartment with all black walls but regular decor, and no, it's very well decorated! Looks waaaay better than the shit Aurelio Voltaire does in that cringey series of his "Gothic Homemaking" or something like that. She could create REAL content by showing her going to antique stores, teaching people how to choose for antique or antique looking furniture on the cheap, showing how she plans the whole thing, the actual transformation project, progress on the apartment, etc etc. I would watch the fuck out of that.

I also felt kinda bad for her in that coalcandy interview video, she says she wants to do so many things and tell so many stories but has never done anything with her life up until now, 30 years old. She has said many times that she is writing her book for a long time but she never finishes! It's got to be severe depression and anxiety.
I totally understand what she said about moving to a place where the things you wanna do are at, that in New Zealand she wasn't able to live like she wanted to so Germany is better, but whats the use in moving to a place where you won't integrate to the scene? where you won't have friends and professional contacts and make your life happen! You know? She should have chose an english speaking country within Europe. I know she can't enter england, but is it all of the Uk?
With the size of her following, in a city filled with people with the same interests she should've been doing a whole lot more, specially professionally. Starting slow, making videos for bands, for stores to put on instagram and youtube, etc etc. She could even try to work as a social media manager for a local business that was part of the scene. It's sad, I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake her while telling her all this kek

No. 618614

Is this actually the apartment IBF lives in NOW though? Or is it the one she formerly shared with Matthias? Because when was this video shot?

They had two - one bigger and one little one. I assumed she moved into the wee one but it might be the other way round.

And do we know whether this is actually IBF's furniture or some of it is Matthias'? ?That would explain why she doesn't necessarily do "how to buy furniture" stuff, if the furniture/stuff was already his, or stuff they got together.

No. 618615

I agree and I wish you would! I like IBF TBH.

No. 618623

It must be recent as she's wearing her "engagement ring" from Mr Owl and recent NZ tattoo.

No. 618677

there was no "wee" one, it was basically two identical apartments, even though she said it was a bit smaller. Why would she move into the little one if she was paying for them both as he was just a student? he moved to the smaller one. I don't think Matthias brought any furniture of his own to the apartment, he was originally from another city, Cologne and this apartment is in Leipzig, they had to move a long way there.
Sorry if this sounds like WK, it isn't, I'm just being fair: bitch knows how to buy furniture and decorate, let's face it. That apartment looks expensive as fuck as we know she doesn't have the means to have an all designer goth furnished apartment like Avelina so it was DIY, most definitely. She had a house tour when they got to the empty apartment and it was completely different, they even painted the walls themselves. The fact that she might have had help from the ex husband on this project does not mean that she doesn't know interesting things about decor and buying this shit. She was a professional window decorator for stores for some time while she lived in New Zealand so that kinda "proves" that she's good with these things. Credit where credit is due, the apartment looks like a set of a movie from what I saw in the coalcandy video. That huge black antique thing filled with animals skulls looked cool as fuck, I like how it's all goth without being tacky, which is a very fine line. There was no black and purple stripes everywhere, nightmare before christmas shit all around, shelves full of horror movie funkos, that kind of thing

No. 618826

Coal candy is selling the full interview via his patreon lol. $2. Charity starts at home lol.

No. 618831

Honestly, I can't understand why anyone would want to give him the credit for her furniture and decoratin, as if he had better taste or skill. I mean, have you seen his "art"?

No. 618927

File: 1529744826012.png (963.7 KB, 750x1334, 6EDC8E5E-8A99-415A-8102-FD7813…)

Thank you for bringing up his art. I don’t know how easy german art schools are but it’s shocking to me that he got into one at all

No. 618931

I don't get it either. I am from germany and I know that in my town (one of the biggest) it is super hard to get accepted. Maybe Leipzig is different, I don't know.
Or.. Do you know if his school is private or state? Because private art schools are really easy to get in - if you can pay you are in.

No. 618936

No. 618937

No. 618963

so basically, he's selling something that looks like it was drawn by an eDgY eight-grader for 90€? lmao

No. 618973

File: 1529751189490.jpg (47.04 KB, 720x720, ee95m3odNeapRE8ePKcIoYdo_A.jpg)

Anyone else know about this cow? Her name is Alicia Luceferian Ramos. She's obsessed with this goth male model, tattooed his name on her wrist, and is going to get a very badly drawn portrait of him tattooed as well. She's a whale who delights in showing off her tits and acting sexy, while drooling over everything that comes her way. She talks about how horny she is and posts cringe-inducing role-playing audio, and then bitches about guys just wanting to fuck her but not love her. If you try to give her advice or even insult her, she deletes her posts but will not block you

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 619137

File: 1529773411826.jpg (140.76 KB, 828x1004, lolcowangle.jpg)


damn why would coal candy expose her like this tho???

No. 619145

I just think that he doesn't know her angles, not that it was to "expose her"

Never seen before but more, please! Where can we listen to the audios? Her social media accounts, etc
is the model she obsesses with https://www.instagram.com/xilmordas ? Just found his instagram, he's pretty cringy himself. so edgy kek

No. 619191

File: 1529778800293.jpg (493.54 KB, 1428x1078, Screenshot_20180623-143116_Fac…)


You probably have to add her, but she accepts everyone. She's the sluttiest, thirstiest bitch I've ever seen. Yes, that's who she obsesses over and most of her pictures are of her photoshopped to look like she's next to him

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 619207

So much fucking drama! kek
I don't een have the time to comment everything that went through my mind reading this but bitch, please, no one will be put off by you having a tattoo of a model on your body, as cringey as it is, lots of people do this and it's common to have portraits of one's idols, even if not really that famous on their bodies. What will put people off of dating you is because you are creepy as fuck like these weeabos and their husbandos shit. And yeah, go on thinking that it'll make you happy FOREVER. Until the next obsession begins, that is. People like this have serious issues, how can someone you just follow on instagram means that much to you? ffs

Tell me, do they interact with each other, does she try to contact him, comment on his posts or anything like this?

No. 619214


Erin Micklow posted a video of her twerking on her instagram as she tries to pass it as a joke but you can see she is trying so fucking hard to twerk well and come off as hot! It's funny that she has a nice body that looks very good in pictures but in this video when she starts to move she jiggles like she's made of jello, not toned at all! if she wants to maintain her figure beyond her late 20's she'll have to start to do some physical activity, at least running…

Found it super weird that someone s0 PuNk, against tHe MaInStrEam wants to show the world she looks hot twerking

No. 619218

I'm sure he knows about her but doubtful they communicate. She's obsessive and disrespectful and downright delusional! Her "mmmm hot sexy baby I want so bad you make me wet" posts are cringe

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 619281

Did anybody here watch Nibbles? (thought this was most relevant in the alt thread) Her comments etc have been disabled for ages now, tbh I stopped watching when she got with her bf and started posting snakes she was getting despite not really being able to care for them. She gained a lot of weight in her new relationship and I guess doesn't want criticism via comments anymore.

No. 619295


I watch her a lot, been watching her for years. I dunno anything about snakes so literally can't comment, and I disagreed with the comments getting disabled (I believe it happened around the time she made a vlog where she walked out of a wedding because she disagreed with the religious undertones? it was something like that) and a lot of people expressed disagreement

Then again as a person I can handle negative comments much more than she probably can.

I don't live in AUS though so I don't know if there's milk with her. I'm at a point where I'll watch some videos, or watch her older ones, but don't care as much anymore to hate/love.

No. 619304

If there were gossip websites 25 years ago she would be dragged as a poser. Too funny. I'm glad I'm old enough now to just roll my eyes at this girl. You think she's ever been to a real show? One you can't buy tickets for online?

No. 619383

They lived in Osnabrück and not cologne, its up north of germany. And yes its quite a way from Leipzig where they moved to.
They had already a furnished apartment back then. I guess from there are most of the furnitures they brought. I think she mentioned that "the smaller one" was for studio purposed and not that much furnished in the beginning. Leipzig is cheaper then the north of germany and you can get a lot more antique stuff for good prizes there.
You can affort much if you go for second hand stuff and paint it or restorate a bit.

No. 619384

Apart from creating a story about her fake life…. setting your mind to do anything is true. But what does she do? Not much…. includig living in germany because of yhe festivals? What has she achieved? Ummmmmm…… There's still not much going on. Munch pack anyone?

No. 619389


His art is very childish technique wise for being so proud of it as he seems.
He sees himself as one of those tragic old artist i think and he s not very good. Most of the time it looks good by accident :/

No. 619404

I think his style is amazing. If anyone here has a masters degree in fine art then ill agree. Picasso was not a portrait artist… since when has this thread become a room full of experts? I also think youre forgetting she kicked him out and now she keeps all the furniture and items in that apartment. Mattuis helped her find those things because he knows Germany. She used him for everything including setting her life up there. Wake up!

No. 619411

no one needs a degree to see this looks like it was drawn by a 12 year old.

No. 619417

Her big and scary risks include marrying someone for residency… it won't last. The government will catch up with her.

No. 619423

File: 1529796506933.jpeg (256.16 KB, 740x1172, 1D8024EC-664F-47B4-8141-BD1238…)

I know it’s no milk but following what we discussed in the previous thread. Interesting that she “got asked”…

No. 619440

She seemed to be pretty broken up about the failing relationship and consequent separation for someone who you've decided only married for residency.

I married my ex within a month of dating. Our marriage lasted about a year. I genuinely loved him at first. Shit didn't work out. It happens.

Until someone who is either one of them, or someone who knows them well comes forward to corroborate your claims… your vitriol shall remain unfounded and unlikely.

No. 619445

I believe she’s asexual. There is nothing sexy about this pose, with no curve to the figure and one leg cocked up. She looks like a flamingo.

No. 619463


Kek. No, this is just ojectively bad, and absolutely not 'stylized' on purpose

No. 619469

Vitriole remains anonymous. Exactly. Why would an anon post reveal their sources? Give me a break.

No. 619487

Sorry but this is not a distorting style of drawing. Its just bad perspective and lack of proportions. Yes its experimental nice but he can t draw persons or animals at all!
Hey if you like that style its ok i know many people who like prison style tattoos and they re technically crap too but still somewhat awesome.
Maybe they have found a good agreement on sharing the interior - we don t know.
Ohh those Matthias defenders because he looks handsome and talks under radar *hihi

No. 619506

Defending him for his looks is ridiculous. He is the victim here not her.

No. 619511

No, his art is bad. He lacks knowledge of fundamentals, plain and simple. Your whiteknighting is cute.

No. 619530

>Picasso was not a portrait artist
Picasso mastered realism before he started experimenting with cubism. This is amateurishly stylized to compensate for lack of skill. I kind of want to see more, kek. Thanks for the link, anon >>618936 !

No. 619548

Exactly. You can find plenty of Picasso's works that are focused on portraits and realism online. The fact that he actually understood fundamentals and realism is what led him to being so successful with cubism. Once you know your fundamentals, you can begin to experiment and even deconstruct.

No. 619585

I was agreeing with you, not countering or attacking what you said. I'm in Europe too so I'm not completely ignorant I just thought she was still learning and I don't watch her videos anymore so I didn't know.

No. 619589

How awkward must that be for him?! He doesn't seem to know her, what the fuck. It's not like he's world famous or anything like someone getting Rozz tattooed on them, that's just cringe.

No. 619596

File: 1529810064954.gif (1.14 MB, 480x358, y8Ea8jB.gif)

You should consider getting over yourself some time, I think it'd be really beneficial to you and those around you.

No. 619639

File: 1529812570020.jpg (102.93 KB, 1059x1324, FB_IMG_1529812484798.jpg)

Alicia got the tattoo. Can we just take a minute to appreciate how badly done this is?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 619646

Previously, on Picasso Was Not A Realist And Could Not Draw Or Paint Better Than Dreamy Matthias:

No. 619649

Come now. That's a very pretty picture of a random Goth girl.

No. 619686

Hah! It does look more like deformed Felice Fawn fanart more than anything

No. 619694

that's a pretty "decent" tattoo of an alternative asian woman

No. 619718

I actually thought it was an OKish tattoo of IBF in Morticia mode.

No. 619745


This is the perfect example of the baseline intelligence of IBF fans. All I can say is wow.

No. 619763

Sorry if I’m being dumb, but y’all are joking right? Nothing about this is remotely okay.

No. 619764

you can tell it's a face, which makes it okay in comparison to some tattoos out there. I guess.

No. 619780

Is she an IBF fan? because that's meant to be Xilmordas no?

No. 619799

No. 619853

That's just all kinds of terrible.

But christ. I get that in your baby bat days you might gush over an attractive gothic model or whatever, but not to this insane level. She strikes me as the type who'd find and stab to death any partner Xilmordas has

No. 619857

File: 1529837836007.jpg (21.67 KB, 535x739, 8.jpg)


>Picasso was not a portrait artist

Picasso was a fantastic portrait artist, he learned the rules before he broke them.

No. 619907

How on earth did this conversation end with people defending Picassos skills over Matthias'? :D
Actually, I have the degree the anon asked for and no, you don't need an academic degree to see that Matthias is lacking skill and even originality. I know that art is subjective, but his stuff is really far away from being art.

No. 619919

I watched her for a bit but had to stop as she'd make wishy washy videos on gender and sex that didn't really say anything and would give authoritative bad advice. Her life is pretty boring and her personality is very flat so lord knows why she bothers to vlog it. she stopped showing her snakes in videos as she got a lot of negativity - as she was hoarding them and then getting rid of ones that were unruly. before moving in with her partner she lived with her parents and would make videos about budgeting and how adult she was…err…yeah. she's just goddamn boring!

No. 619921

Yep - I went to art skool too - his shit would not fly where I studied. It's embarrassing and looks like it's drawn by a goth teen.

No. 619947

File: 1529852272582.jpg (81.72 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_pau1g5Xxxu1qikgkto1_128…)

someone help this girl learn how to dress herself

No. 619963

she didn't explain anything… genuine question: I can't totally understand someone who is asexual dress to look beautiful, acentuate one's curves, flaunt physical atributes, look sexy, I can. One or another our society makes us learn that sexy = beautiful, specially for a woman (yeah Sebby, you're not trans, you perform femininity all day everyday in every way of your existence while also being cis so…).

But Sebastian dress in straight up fetish wear used for sex every day! It's not even just "sexy" she dresses like she is about to have kinky sex all the time! I really cannot understand why she pushes it so much. Don't know if anyone here remembers but before she "came out" as asexual she used to imply she was really sexual and kinky, there was even some old drama about "kinky shaming" on one of her tumblr accounts.

If he reasoning is that as an asexual person, she doesn't want to have sexual contact or relations to anyone, okay. But isnt't it weird that you are exposing yourself sexually all the time and making people maybe have sexual desire towards you? I'm trying to not sound sexist at all, it's not what this is about, I genuinely can't understand why all the SEX GEAR nearly all the time if sex repulses her.

No. 619965

According to Matthias etsey he has 41 sales..! Ok he might have to take a real job sometimes unlike IBF but wow selling art is never easy…80 euro or more per piece!I dislike his " Art" it's very sterotypical..kinda Tim Burton influence crossed with baby bat. I've known other Goth art students (in UK)trying to get attention doing this style but better..and selling nothing/ getting zero attention despite hyping themselves and having an equally striking image/ being good looking..What is Mattias secret to get sales?..seriously..is he a massive star on the German Goth scene? If so could be another reason IBF married him for an "in"..not sure but seems like she has few to no friends in Germany..maybe people there see her as the user in the relationship as another poster expressed earlier so she is basically on her own..I find it endlessly fascinating who would buy his art?

No. 619970

File: 1529854846964.jpg (55.23 KB, 564x564, gorey.jpg)

Reminds me more of Edward Gorey, as if he was trying to copy Gorey's illustrations and they turn out like … that.

No. 619971

Did she learn nothing from her horrendous, unflattering infantile outfits in LA?

No. 619972

Short answer.. I agree she is full of crap and very contradictory and neither asexual or trans..It is trendy to be asexual and will get her attention and fans/ views..just like with being trans seems like asexuality among a certain you tube crowd can mean almost anything you want it to mean..see ash hardel/ Milo Stewart videos on this topic.Both are HUGE.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 619974

I think he benefits from IBFs popularity. Being from germany I never heard of him before their relationship.
Honest question because some of you mentioned it: is he really considered attractive?
I always thought of her being the more attractive one in the relationship.

No. 619982

Personally I think Mr owl is better looking than Mattias! More delicate..but Mattias has quite a strong personality,is very confident,flirty so some women are drawn to that type. One video Mattias did on IBF channel about doing his death hawk he appeared at the beginning with no make up and his hair down thought he looked better than his normal look..

No. 620024

Is Matthias attractive?
I think without makeup he is more handsome then Mr Owl. He is tall and skinny and has a good face structure to meet the Goth interests when painted and dressed.
Neither of them are attractive to me i don t like his made up persona.
But when you look at his facebook and insta you see sooooo many female comments who flirt with him.
(I didn t hear or see him either in the gothic internet or party scene in germany) And we have to consider he is very young and not that long prominent in the scene and also more on the quiet side in public.

No. 620047

To be fair, unless she said otherwise, not all asexuals are immediately sex repulsed. Asexuality basically means "I don't find anyone sexually attractive ever" and possibly "I find sex uncomfortable/unappealing/inconvenient and would rather do something else". It varies between individuals but that's my understanding of it. I suppose it's possible for an asexual person to want to look sexy for themselves if they like a certain aesthetic that's considered sexy, without wanting to attract anyone by doing so.
That said, whether she's genuinely asexual or not, she knows what dressing this way means, she can't excuse away PVC, vinyl, and this black dental floss she's wearing over her privates as "just clothes"; I'm not one to say this, especially not in any alt fashion scene, but imo this looks like a cry for attention more than anything else.

No. 620051

I actually do think Matthias is handsome, whether his hair is styled and he's wearing full makeup or not. Online relationship drama is extremely off putting though, I don't know who's to "blame" in the mess between him and IBF and frankly I don't really care; it makes them both seem ugly.

No. 620064

I think he's pretty hot, but he doesn't even know she exists so getting tattoos dedicated to literally just some random dude who takes selfies for instagram. She's so self righteous too like it's a really normal thing to do

No. 620070


I consider both Mr Owl and Matthias to be attractive. Matthias is handsome in a very masculine way but I really dislike the way he tries to act to seem like he "knows" he's hot shit, better than everyone, ~so over~ everything! His personality reminds me of how american popular girls are portrayed in movies. He acts like he's the gothiest goth who ever gothed and also a very important artist (I also think his art is pathetic, amateurish as fuck, and that he benefits from IBF's popularity).

Mr Owl, on the contrary has a very appealing personality, he is approachable by everyone, interacts with everyone on all of his social medias, is funny, doesn't take anything very seriously, jokes about goth stereotypes… he seems like a great guy.


as for "blame" and who used who, honestly I don't think any of them had evil plans in their minds like IBF thinking "tehee… I'm gonna fool this guy for a house and a visa in germany! he'll never know!" or Matthias "Hm… I'll take advantage of this famous goth youtuber to promote myself and make her fall in love with me so I'll be famous too!". Both of them were in their 20's (I guess IBF recently turned 30), were into the same thing, were attracted to each other (I know she said she doesn't like sex but that doesn't exclude non sexual attraction and infatuation). She was bored as fuck in New Zealand, with a life she hated, feeling stuck, wanting to do different things and this guy and her both decide it'd be great if they got together, explored the german goth scene… I think they both were really excited at first. It was even him who insisted that she married him as he wanted a "proof of love" (she told it herself). They are young and thought the whole thing was a good idea and turned out it wasn't because in the end, they weren't compatible. That's how life happens. Things are not black and white (this sounds so ironic hahah)

No. 620072


Holy shit. It's goth Melania Trump.

No. 620077

thank you! I agree completely with what you said, that was what I was trying to say with >>619963

(blogpost but it's for context) I don't consider myself asexual and enjoy sex sometimes, but most of the time I'd rather do something else than start sexual stuff with my SO. I dress "sexy" most of the time, some pvc etc included when going out, it's a look, unrelated to sex, I know! BUT, it's very different than walking around almost naked, wearing just fetish wear, always making provocative faces and poses. It's not only for going out, she even was kicked out of fucking disneyland! Appreciating the aesthetic is one thing, what Sebastian does is another completely different.

I know Sebastian exists for more than 5 years now and I've seen she jump on and off a lot of bandwagons. I remember how she went deathrock because she was dating Eris Anageini(what a cow too) who was a guy who claimed to be trans too (member of the deathrockets), how she went tradgoth because of patsy, how she claimed she was now non-binary with no reason other than she said so (the video Sebastian is no longer a girl). How she freaked out on the goth subculture even though she likes the music because people thought she was an attention whore with all this behavior and decided to bail out with that "am I a goth" video). How she became into japanese cute stuff because of her friends after this. How she became super sexual and "the prince of kink and pink" according to her, even creating drama about "kink shaming" on her tumblr because she was oh SO sexually kinky! and now she is asexual…

Sebastian is such a fucking cow, absolutely everything she does is for attention. She should just get off of the internet (or not, for our pleasure haha)

No. 620230


are you people crazy? this is an awful tattoo! this is a "pretty decent portrait tattoo" https://i.pinimg.com/originals/16/ad/75/16ad75094d9cbbefbbb9355d292b9c08.jpg

for comparison, this is fucking amazing:


Portraits of the same person, actress Rita Hayworth

No. 620279

sarcasm. learn it.

No. 620323


At 30 you know better than to marry someone at first sight. She married for the visa. Her pervious vlogs were all about her stressing about paper work and moving, then all of a sudden “I’m getting married!” And all that paper work trouble went away

No. 620327

Yeah I was about to say that so thanks. It's true though, in this day and age with Tumblr and it leaking into YouTube, it's very easy to get popularity for claiming to be trans, asexual, or any of those obnoxious made up sexualities and gender crap.

Sebastian is just an opportunist and she knows she's full of shit but needs to keep that gravy train rolling because aside from that, that's all she has. I'm not the biggest fan of IBF these days but let's be real here. Who would you be more likely to watch if you had to choose? Sebastian or IBF? I'm pretty sure most would go with IBF.

Yeah for real. I never heard of him neither until IBF got with him. I think he's an attractive man even without makeup. It only helps that he's actually into Goth unlike a certain in-denial fat metalhead who has a habit of pointing and popping squats out in public on cam. So that's only a plus lol

That may be (Asexuals not immediately being sex-repulsed) but one thing is for sure, she's definitely doing it for attention.

> but I really dislike the way he tries to act to seem like he "knows" he's hot shit, better than everyone, ~so over~ everything!

Yeah that's probably the one thing that kinda turns me off from him. Sure he's a handsome fella but that attitude man… Might want to take it down a few notches but considering how his fangirls oogle him and never speak up on that, it makes sense why he doesn't change that.

It's so funny hearing all of her attention-based phases rolled into one paragraph reading them aloud lol Yeah, she's pretty much an attention whoring chameleon and will do and say whatever she can to get it.

My guess is that when she was young, she didn't really stand out that much which resulted in this annoying mentality.

My only question what trend she will jump on next lol

No. 620351

at 30, you SHOULD know better than to marry someone at first sight. People do things on a whim waaaaay beyond their 30's, 40's… some people until the grave. Why the obsession with affirming she married him for the visa? we won't ever know for sure, even if one of them says so. He was the one who proposed to her. She said that it was to prove her love but maybe it was for her to stay in Germany, yes, but like, they were dating, wanted to be together, move in together etc so "hey, for you to be able to stay in germany, do you wanna marry me? if it doesn't work out we go separate ways" "okay". Being in love, they thought it would go right. None of them are cartoon villains, man. Doubt that there was a secretly evil plan of deceit from neither of them.

I agree that Sebastian does that for attention, but not that people's gender identities are "made up crap". A lot of things are real things people experience every day, but unfortunately, as these issues become more and more discussed and addressed, there will be people taking advantage of a hot-topic in hopes of being as relevant as the topic

No. 620437

Meh sorry but frankly, I think "Non-binary", "bi-gender", "agender", and all that other crap is bullshit and I don't take them as "genders", just fashion. But er, this thread is not the place to be discussing this kinda stuff so I'm going to stop right there. Let's just leave it at difference of opinion.

Saged for OT

No. 620709

File: 1529901054075.jpg (807.18 KB, 1439x1991, Screenshot_20180624-225238_Fac…)

No. 620729

Wait, that tattoo was of a dude?

No. 620730

File: 1529903223787.jpg (63.55 KB, 1023x1023, FB_IMG_1529903258623.jpg)

Yeah, a goth model she's obsessed with. She also has his name on her wrist and photoshops them together

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 620732

Does that say "fat satan" in the corner? Is that seriously a name she's gone by? Sage for asking too many questions, but this cow is just all kinds of what and why.

No. 620742

File: 1529904407404.jpg (27.04 KB, 528x960, FB_IMG_1529904438478.jpg)

No. 620758

>>620730 >>620709

Nope Nope Nope Nope.
That's so cringy.

No. 620792

Wonder how many of Mattias art sales came from IBF fans and occured before the big split and online drama..? She implied he hurt her/ cried on a video so presumably hardcore IBF fans aren't buying his works now. Or has he picked up a fan- girl following of his own who possibly see him as a victim and a talented tortured misunderstood artist? Shame he doesn't do you tube. We need more actual goth male you tubers( rather than ego head fat metal heads;) cow or not ..and Mattias ticks all the boxes..

No. 620793

Heterosexuals goth male you tubers seem in short supply .. ( some good channels among the gay male goths like Tilda.caligo,Kai
but they aren't remotely milky)Raven ( Israeli guy) had a decent channel but he seems to have quit since he found a gf..Mattias would be a big hit on you tube..straight AND milky..you could watch yr " fantasy online bf" and/or laugh at his ego/ over the top "im so superior and jaded" persona..

No. 620814

>provocative Asexual

It seems very redundant.
(Also just the whole why even desire to be viewed sexually if your whole thing is being repulsed by sex, not wanting to be sexual with others. Saying you're provocative is litterally admitance that you try to look sexy, try to make people sexually want you etc like bitch get a grip this isnt tumblr. You cant be these body posi sec workers who happily suck cock but claim 'im asexual!!!'its a spectrum!!)

No. 620853

File: 1529928549033.jpg (852.75 KB, 1438x2368, Screenshot_20180625-075650_OGI…)

All that bleaching has definitely damaged Miss More-alternative-than-thou's hair. Look at that scalp! Maybe she'll stop trying to be better than everyone else now and stop being defined by the color of her hair

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 620854

File: 1529928637701.jpg (1.04 MB, 2960x1440, Screenshot_20180625-080614_You…)

Also, how amateur and plain is her new tattoo? She pays high prices for sub-par work

Sage for doubleposting

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 620889

File: 1529933438220.jpg (210.43 KB, 1439x504, Screenshot_20180625-093010_Fac…)

No. 620911

File: 1529935875358.jpeg (54.27 KB, 640x360, 23241C14-5A1F-4AB9-A026-B749BE…)

No. 620992

Someone forgot to turn on their Sarcasm Radar.

No. 621200

I have a hard time believing she'd ever be his dream girl but it's funny to watch her keep trying to get his attention

No. 621202

shes got pcos which she said makes her hair thin. thats how i found her throuhh a video about it

No. 621208

For those who are interested now there is the full interview (38min long) with Its Black Friday.

No. 621219

I'm sure the overkill bleaching has nothing to do with it

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 621248

He's really not that milky. He just likes to party. Like most college students. He's genuinely a nice dude. Not trying to whiteknight. I just dont think he'd really produce any milk.
She's such a fucking idiot with no personality. She has to pretend she's asexual (maybe she is or maybe she just doesn't really like sex much) and flash her tits to get attention. What's her real first name?

No. 621268

File: 1529958721532.png (475.22 KB, 1080x1347, 20180625_213226.png)

No. 621269

File: 1529958764159.png (79.71 KB, 1080x605, 20180625_213201.png)

Boo fucking hoo

No. 621270


also in the full image, i thought the bunny ears looked like little dicks pmsl

No. 621295

File: 1529960026904.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1345, 20180625_215341.png)

They really do

No. 621307

A literal dickhead

No. 621324

File: 1529962324546.png (82.8 KB, 763x589, sqdqdq.png)

Kaya wishes she was thicc

No. 621391

I’m offended someone called Kaya thicc.
She’s just chunky.
Thicc is voluptuous and Kaya has a washboard figure with no ass and bosom.
So she’s right, she’s definitely not thicc.

No. 621400

Her real name is Taylor. It totally fits her, doesn't it?

No. 621416

File: 1529969551908.png (563.69 KB, 1066x1591, IMG_20180626_003040.png)

Kinda amusing that for all Kat and her new husband are obsessed with each other, Kevin Llewellyn still has his posts up from when they were in a relationship 7 months ago.

No. 621587

File: 1529985585369.jpg (907.56 KB, 1080x1441, 20180625_225301.jpg)

KVD just making sure everyone knows she's just the biggest vegan around. Does anyone think she's a lot more like trump than she wants to admit? "I'm the biggest vegany vegan, believe me. See how many people follow me? They know, I know, everyone knows. Believe me, because I repeat it every time I open my mouth!"

No. 621596

MY vegan husband at MY vegan shop

No. 621615

Hm you're right. There aren't many heterosexual Male Goth Youtubers compared to gay ones like the ones you pointed out but then again, it makes sense because the goth subculture was not one to cast out homosexuals and since those 3, at least Tilda and Kai are actually into what Goth is actually about so it works out. Caligo I always considered more of a Rivethead than a Goth because I've never once heard him mention any Goth bands but definitely a lot of Industrial so yeah.

I remember Raven and I was abut curious what happened to him but that explains why he's been mia. There's Sweeney Deville but he's not very active and honestly, he comes off a bit pretentious. Not in a "milky" way but he kinda gives off this "I'm better than you" type of vibe kinda like Mattias.

Yeah I think she'd be better off letting go of the infatuation.

You may be right. At the most, the only thing that can be potentially "milky" is his flirty attitude toward women but I mean, is that really worth it? Some people are just flirty.

Considering that she isn't even "thicc" to begin with. Not even close. he does not have an hourglass figure.

No. 621697

File: 1529997314889.png (336.55 KB, 1536x999, IMG_2187.PNG)

They really dated seven moths ago?? Whos vegan baby is she vegan carrying exactly?

And did you see his wedding gift for Kat?
Wisely he only painted her face.
As if it sais: "I didn't paint your husband, because I didn't know who your eternal love would be by the time the painting was dry."

No. 621715

I don't think they ever officially dated, I think he's more in that weird "nice guy, best friend, forever in the friendzone" type of guy.

No. 621803

File: 1530011230423.jpeg (153.26 KB, 640x631, 1DE1BAC3-C243-462D-9B85-AC2313…)

Talking about bleach SaraSyn is good at that … this hair is not cheap to maintain at all I’m a guy and I know this. She’s huge tall and fat everytime I see her but she seems kind

No. 621806

I did see him posted on her instagram a lot around that time despite having apparently known him years (just like prayers) and never having mentioned him.Some gossip news site had him listed as someone she'd dated and there were more photos of them together various places cosied up before she met the new one. He was around when she made her first lipsticks and talked about her very much in the style of her current husband, the same fawning over how she's an angel, which seems to be something only they see. A lot of what they said to one another at the time seems a bit beyond friend to me, and what's still left up she replied to him the way she replies to prayers. He is a bit weird but wasn't quie as obsessed and excessive as prayers and had a real career, was short and looked a bit like Nikki Sixx, probably why prayers got picked for the shotgun wedding.

No. 621810

File: 1530011812173.jpg (78.76 KB, 438x600, Kevin Llewellyn Kat Von Beauty…)

Pretty sure they were dating - if you go back into his instagram it seems they were going on dates. He drinks though…and looks like a lesbian so maybe that was an issue.

No. 621811

File: 1530011886622.jpg (74.76 KB, 640x800, 31888406_621079111576536_89755…)

kek typical man, knows nothing about hair… bleaching your own hair is incredibly cheap why do you think so many cows do it at home and fuck it up? idk who that is but her hair looks p fried and compromised anyway, like wet noodles..

(if this is a self post i fell for the bait my bad)

No. 621819

She’s a mom I think her insta shows that , it looks fried sometimes and others looks amazing, she goes to a coffee shop I go near my school and some days she looks nice other days like a total trash , I’ve see her with yellowish and white hair , she keeps fucking her hair up all the time

No. 621822

I don’t know about you but I think Matthias is kind of hot , of course he couldn’t stay longer with IBF because he seems like a real genuine guy

No. 621837

All the cows you people have been talking about here are lolcows or lowcost ? ah ah ah ah sage(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 621844

Correction: he looks like a FAT lesbian ;)Still unless kevin the artist is an awful,awful person (?) he seems a better prospect than "lefaer" with his gang banger past.. can't stop thinking about lefaer cutting contact with his teenage daughter for sleeping with a friend of his..his anger should be directed at his scum bag friend .I wonder if Leafer has a " whore/ Madonna" attitude toward women( starting with his own kid?)

No. 621846

I don’t understand how IBF makes a transformation video to look like Morticia she will never ever be like her in this life or another life. Morticia is romantic with her husband and they are madly in Love for each other , I only see IBF acting like a fucking bitch leaving her husband for a german guy then leaving the german guy for her ex husband lol wow she doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life, pathetic cunt

No. 621848

it's a transformation video. It's not that deep. Did she hurt you personally?

No. 621852

Agreed No. 621615.. regarding the goth male you tubers/ Sweeney.
I think there is real gap in the market especially since Raven stopped uploading.. Sweeney can be a bit superior in his tone but I forgive the guy as his videos focussing on lesser known goth/proto goth music are damn informative..he is bisexual he mentioned this in a recent video,he has a gf tho.. no mention of any bf..Sweeney's own band(him playing guitar and a male singer) based on 1 video i saw is good( singer has a very out there vocal style.. kudos to them for doing something odd/ disquieting and not being identkit post punk clones like many current small goth bands)..

No. 621854

It’s not cool at all , for all of the Addams Family long time fans

No. 621857

yeah, grow the fuck up.

No. 621858

If she had $ for surgery she can get thicc , all the thicc girls do butt lift and augmentation , you can’t be thicc if you have a small flat ass

No. 621872

What do people think of Simon's ( coal candy) interview with IBF posted above?
I think he has a talent for putting people at ease and both of them come off pretty natural/ genuinely pleasant.. Shame there is no meat to the interview! ..her marriage break up/ mental health issues/desire to hit the mainstream show biz world thru trying to link to idiots like Gigi gorgeous weren't covered and sadly nothing very deep was discussed..not even what sort of cinema inspires her etc..which most film students could talk all night about! really I think it's all pretty nebulous in her head ,,clearly she doesn't have the soul of an artist any more than Adora does..clearly it's down to which investors approach
IBF .what opportunity ents itself…When asked what is the best thing about being a you tuber.she never mentioned MONEY.I prefer when ppl are honest! Having as many views as she does brought her the cash to move to Germany.do up the apartments..if she had stayed a small channel surely she would still be in NZ working a normal job and feeling trapped.

I don't dislike IBF..I'm interested how it develop with her filmmaking.
Can't be any worse than Adora singing ;)
Simon did an interview with Adora who I LOATHE ..anyway I listened to the whole thing while cooking a few months ago and Adora came off as not being a total attention/ fame whore..the interview went below the surface..

No. 621886

File: 1530019801026.png (247.33 KB, 1536x1055, IMG_2188.PNG)

I think Adora should have made her separation official and not wait till people start asking her kids about it. I have seen so many people asking her about Mr Batbrat in the last weeks and she always ignored those comments, but answered to others. On the other hand I get that it might be difficult/hurtful to talk about it.

By the way: shes travelling again and this time drummroll with her kids. It's nice to see them together and I honestly hope they are doing okay.

No. 622007


the coal candy /ibf interview was so boring, nothing really milky, just a confirmation of how vapid and uncreative ibf is.

He asked her what films inspire her and she literally just said 2 genres (period pieces and comedies) BUT COULDNT NAME ONE. Just one film? You're a film student but can't name any inspiration.

CC also asked her about her move to Germany and she gave the whole "I came her with a one way ticket and no where to live" when we ALL know you hooked up with Matthias, girl. Why doesn't anyone ever ask her WHERE she lived when she moved to Germany? Because then we would all know she did leave mr owl for matthias, not that it matters, mr owl inexplicably took her back.

So watch this to hear the same pre-packaged answers she's been giving for years.

No. 622016

File: 1530029561701.jpg (592.37 KB, 1439x1125, Screenshot_20180626-120955_Fac…)

No. 622017

File: 1530029633595.jpg (629.44 KB, 1439x1511, Screenshot_20180626-120936_Fac…)

I don't know if there's a way to add more than one picture so sage for double posting

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 622025

Does Gotikatur have a channel? I know he has instagram and a really sweet family, it's pretty nice to see a family unit staying in the subculture. His fiancee is gorgeous. Sage for no milk just praise of goth fam

No. 622027

It's really fucked up that her obsessive minions follow her young tween child on instagram and quiz her about her fucking parents marriage. There's a limit and that goes waaaay beyond, it's invasive and weird

No. 622030

>my beautiful vegan tattoo shop

even if she was trying to make a joke i highly doubt the shop is vegan. maybe the ink she uses, but what about the gloves, ointment, the other people who work there, etc? i like the comments on that post about how her constantly mentioning being vegan is annoying, surprised she hasn't deleted them yet.

No. 622078


I agree with Kammi Borton. Alicia, Girl, it's not normal. Wake up. He's just a guy from Norway, maybe living far away from you and he has a girlfriend. Yes, you can be his fan, you can adore him but that won't get you that attention from him you desire.

No. 622084


Kat von d has weird taste in men. This list makes me feel gross. Most of them look like they dated her to get that alt goth chick phase out of the way. She also changes her style with every dude she gets with. Lol.

No. 622095

That Kevin guy looks like a little emo kid, strange pairing if she did date him. She looks like an older alt mom in comparison kek

No. 622135

Even if it was a self post you are still and idiot for responding. Sort of like what I'm doing now. This person is not a fucking cow. If all you can say is bad bleached hair and style then every other person is a cow.

Are there farmhands in here at all?!

No. 622345

You are a fucking cunt for posting this of her why are trolling her stuff grow the fuck up you pathetic fugly worthless scumbag wtf is wrong with you? You have no business in her stuff you don't even know her or do you?

No. 622348

Hi Alicia

No. 622351

Bitch so fucking what if she have a tattoo of Xilmordas he isn't even complaining so why the fuck you trolling her you need a fucking life oh yeah you don't have one lol

No. 622362

I >>622351
She can’t have much of a life if she’s stalking someone, being all around creepy pretending that this person loves them and getting tattoos of them on her body.

No. 622371

Is really none of your fucking business is between Xilmordas and hers that's it if he is the one complaining then why the fuck he can't tell her or leave it alone why trolling her and exposing her like it's a bad thing wtf Is wrong with you? Xilmordas don't even care and if he does then there's nothing he can't do about it he better suck it up buttercup cuz theres plenty more girls on his dick shit you give no respect on her part wtf you make no sense stupid scumbag leave her alone she isn't even creepy(pure autism)

No. 622385

can we stop with Kat von D, shes a celebrity, this isnt ontd

No. 622389

Lol whatever you say Alicia.

No. 622397

you sound so fucking creepy yourself i bet you cant even say things you post on here to my face or even inbox me you are a worthless bitch you know smh lol all you want(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 622421


>things you post on here to my face or even inbox me

So you admit that you're Alicia posting, right?

not that it wasn't clear, because honey, the way you write is a dead giveaway. The words you use and the fact that you use no punctuation at all.

Alicia, if you want a really good piece of advice (for real) and you don't want to become the next Raven, don't come here and answer, bitch! Keep your unhealthy, obsession with that xilmordas nobody to yourself because people won't leave you fucking alone while you're at it. Because it's fucking weird! It's entertaining how weird it is, do you understand? People are not trolling "Alicia, the person", we don't even know you! We're just marveling at someone so out of touch with reality that thinks it's okay to write and do the shit you do about an unknown random male model who thinks you are creepy! You come off as creepy, girl! We all have our celebrity or instagram crushes but you go too fucking far! You tattooed his face in your arm! It's strange as fuck because he isn't super close to you like a family member or even a SO, and he is not a classic, bigger than life personality like Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. He is a real person and you scare him acting like this, man

Look into seeing a therapist about this obsession, girl, for real. This guy doesn't even deserves how much you care about him, what has he done to you or to the world that made him so special? Nothing, he's a goth model on instagram.

No. 622424

i actually feel bad for this Xilmordas guy, he must feel really embarrassed seeing Alicia's cringy behavior

No. 622447

Voltaire? (i think he might be bi though) There's also the cemetery confessions guy, he
s said that he is married and has a son but idk if he's straight or not? he could just as easily be married to a guy+ adopted.

Adora's boytoy is def. into her. Sebastian Columbine is 100% hetero. Kaya's BF might be straight ubt tbf I'm pretty sure he's just a narcissist and not attracted to anyone but himself.

No. 622453

I am absolutely, without a doubt 100% sure that is the supernatural (tv show) scarf from hot topic. wtf.


can someone get an international restraining order??? ngl, if i were him i'd block the everliving hell of her IP on his social media accounts, she's so damn creepy. I feel bad for him. He doesn't seem like too much of a douche (a rarity among gothic men) and his music, while not perfect, would be really good if he got a professional label to help produce/mix it.

No. 622481

The Count (Cemetery Confessions) is married to a female and their child is their bio child.

No one would even consider Jake (TT's BF) goth, so listing him as a hetero, goth male YouTuber is completely wrong.

And I'm pretty sure Sebastian is a cis female, sooooo…

No. 622497

No. 622499

No. 622613

HDU, Sebastian is without gender or sexuality even though they look like a high femme cis woman

No. 622659

Wait..so were Adora and coal candy lovers???

No. 622682

She's so different back then - bubbly in a more sincere and 'alive' sort of way, not just significantly thinner. She's turned into a miserable blob since then, and I wonder how much of that has been because of her relationship with Jake is unhealthy.

But her music choice is so random

No. 622686

File: 1530094107606.png (973.47 KB, 804x546, ass.png)

"ooh check that out"
it's weird to think that Jake once was this into Kaya and checked out her ass a lot…now he walks a mile ahead of her and barely even speaks to her

No. 622687

File: 1530094188806.png (792.81 KB, 769x547, have some class.png)

I guess their relationship was built on just finding each other attractive and now they're just stuck together

No. 622696

OH I didn't know he was bisexual lol The more you know. Yeah I suppose he's not the worst since at the very least, he does talk about the music so I'll give him props for that in a sea of unboxing and makeup videos.

It wouldn't make a difference though, she eats like crap and doesn't exercise so the weight would come back and she wouldn't look "thicc" anymore.

I haven't watched it yet but after hearing this, I don't think I will as it sounds boring since they didn't talk about deeper things outside of friendly general banter. And oh god Adora, yeah I remember trying to watch that interview but I gave up halfway through. Just couldn't do it.

Dem run-on sentences are making my inner grammar nazi boil lol

I'm not sure about Voltaire, I'm not the biggest fan of his so I don't watch his videos but I can't believe I forgot Cemetery Confessions, U love his podcast haha. Yeah I think he's straight and he's married with a kid if I'm not mistaken.

And Jake (Kaya's BF) is not a Goth, he's just a Metalhead who uses the "Goth" label to get views on his painfully boring videos. There's nothing Goth about him or his girlfriend lol

No. 622784

From what i see they are friends with or without benefits.

No. 622796

This was kinda cute, she is so happy in this videos

No. 622816

I don't get that vibe from them. Coalcandy never seemed interested in her in such a way. I think they're just friends.
Why do you think they're lovers? Just because they're going to gigs together? Or was something more obvious posted somewhere?

No. 622824

A reference was made earlier on in the thread to Adora's "boy toy" so I thought that referred to coal candy..

No. 622833

Has someone that is currently talking to Xil, I can assure you that he doesn't fucking like you Alice Stone.

No. 622841

just because someone made a reference and you assumed something, doesn't mean it's a fact. sage your shit (just type "sage" in the email field)

what does that mean? are you talking about Alicia Ramos and Xilmordas? also, sage your shit (just type "sage" in the email field). If you are currently talking to him, spill the beans, what does he think of her, tell us everything, not only "he doesn't like her" or "he's scared of her" because we could guess it

No. 622848


First time using lolcow, I'm a noob.

I'm talking to Xilmordas. I won't go in detail of what he told me, because I don't know if he wants to, but he told me that she has been doing this shit for years, he told her to stop multiple times and she never did. He blocked her on all his social medias, but she always come back. But no, apparently it's our fault tif he doesn't like her.

No. 622851

Alicia, as someone who was on your fb, lemme give you a little advice. Stop thirsting after every guy and girl you see. Stop your insane obsession with Xil. You're just embarrassing yourself. Stop Photoshopping you two together. You always talk about how horny you are and post what you think are proactive pics (like the topless one you had up where your black areolas were in full view), making cringey "role play" audio, and then bitching because no one wants to date you. Why would they want to date you when you give yourself away, obsess over another guy, and can't make your damned mind up? You can hardly string two words together. Facebook isn't your own personal fucking porn site and no one wants to see your nasty ass body or hear about your innermost fantasies. Take that nasty shit elsewhere

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 622869

File: 1530119580663.jpg (465.62 KB, 1439x1210, Screenshot_20180627-130951_Fac…)

Omg she's something else. Someone should make a whole thread on this cow.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 622871

It’s not a self post I’m a guy and I’m know her from facebook and I see her with a bunch of her friends next to my school , she talked about lolcow a few months ago and she wasn’t happy with it at all I don’t think she’s into anything that is talked about here, I don’t think she ever posted anything

No. 622877

File: 1530120079131.png (386.57 KB, 1156x476, Crazy.PNG)

She's nuts.

She has a gofundme
She want people to pay her so she can have a shirt of her and Xilmordas.

No. 622885

I agree that everything she does is cringey as fuck, but what's the need in calling her body nasty? You're sexist as fuck, dude! "giving yourself away"? That's not a real thing! People won't want to date her because she doesn't seem sane! She seems to really have psychological problems. The lack of boundaries she has when talking about her own fantasies on the internet makes it look like she doesn't understand what is and isn't okay to be shared in social media, or even in person with others.
The obsession with Xilmordas seems childish, like a pre-teen in love for the first time, you all must remember that phase, mine was around 12.


Xilmordas himself is an edgelord, and this pic is cringey as fuck, it makes me laugh that the attention he thinks he deserves versus the attention he gets is veeeeeery different kek

This guy is ridiculous, starting by this "Xilmordas" alias. Another metalhead claiming to be goth just because he likes a "spookier" aesthetic. His music sucks, and the hashtags he uses in his posts are something else…


>#gothguy #gothboy #vampire #vampiric #darkness #metal #makeup #blackhair #longhair #shadow #xilmordas #gothmodel #vfmodel #eyeshadow #music #musicvideo #disease #halloween #brutal #blood #horror #crazy #zombie #industrial #zombiewalk

I'm starting to think that both Alicia and Xilmordas are cows. She's just crazy though, he seems like a classic internet famewhore

No. 622889

>run-on sentences

If only there were another Alicia-defending anon in this thread with curiously similar syntax and grammar…

> I see her with a bunch of her friends next to my school
> I’m a guy

You know, you have to be over 18 to post here.

No. 622903

File: 1530123016868.jpg (954.92 KB, 1439x1717, Screenshot_20180627-140756_Fac…)

And you wonder why no one takes you seriously Alicia eyeroll
As if there'd ever be pizza leftover long enough around your fatass to share or play with

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 622909

You must be new here.
Hi! Welcome to Lolcow, where we call it as we see it. Her oversized lardass IS nasty. I agree she's insane but she has no remorse and attacks anyone who tries to help her or tell her anything differently. Definitely a cow. Funny the way it's ok to talk about some cow's weight or bodies but not others. You must be a heifer too

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 622912

>When I'm bored and hungry for pizza this is what I wish I can do put pizza on my tits and have him eat it off my tits and feed me some from his mouth

How beautiful, I'm sure Xilmordas would love to do that!

That anon is really annoying, they occasionally venture out of this thread to comment on other cows they know nothing about.

No. 622921

>You're sexist as fuck, dude!

Oh god not you again, no one cares if you think criticism and pointing out the obvious is sexist, go back to tumblr

No. 622926

I'm the anon you're replying to. It's not that it's okay or not to talk about people's bodies, it's just that this cow's milk is waaaay more juicy than being fat, most of milk is, unless is directly linked to the milk like Kaya's denial about her weight. I'm not fat and it doesn't bother me at all, was just expressing an opinion. You can talk away, I nitpick at other people's bodies here all the time. No need for infighting. I'm not new, here since altcows 2

I never commented in threads about other cows so, no.

Why the fuck does she think it's okay to post this kind of shit? It's cringy enough that she thinks these things, the fact that she wants people to know she thinks these things disturbs me. Why? I wonder if she tried saying things like this directly to Xilmordas before being blocked. does anyone know about this?

No. 622937

Did he send this nude to her? Wtf , if she likes why why the heck she’s so nasty trying to caught his attention like that ? Wow definitely a cow

No. 622954

File: 1530127032286.jpg (108.3 KB, 1024x1024, 36239958_10212724289922294_434…)

No. 622957

File: 1530127096160.jpeg (253.18 KB, 640x843, 23D14C50-A989-4FFC-81E4-513D9D…)

Why does maimagi obviously copies Michelle pfeiffer personal style ?

No. 622960

I don't think so, she's blocked in all of his social medias. I guess she just stalks him

who is this?

No. 622964

She always shows up on my Instagram feed and I’m not even following her, i can’t stand when Instagram does that , apparently she’s a witch goth

No. 622966

File: 1530127534373.jpeg (67.54 KB, 640x320, 7C768D90-A71E-430F-819D-FEC181…)

No. 622973

She's another darkly inclined metalhead, she herself said she's "more of a metalhead than she is Goth". I think she just likes the Goth ~aesthetic~

No. 622979

What if Xilmordas sent this to her when he was alone and thirsty ? Lol I bet she got that nude directly from him kek her tits are saggy as shit

No. 623002

File: 1530130965435.jpg (75.49 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1530130779462.jpg)

Careful guys! She just made a recording on her profile that she's gonna delete everyone on her friends list. When are these cows gonna learn that won't matter? Kek

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 623040

Where is she getting the Xilnudes?

No. 623044


I don't think it's sexist at all! Goodness knows, if she were a man and Xilmordas was a woman- people would be absolutely outraged and sickened by this kind of behavior. but because women are considered "less threatening"- bitches get away w/ it.

No. 623088

Better question is, why does she think this hobo shit looks good?

No. 623143

top kek

No. 623151

We're totally evil sexist bastards for ever criticising her glorious voluptuous goddess figure, she is just SO desirable and totally doesn't look like she's covered in makeup grime and would rape a man if given the chance.

No. 623190

File: 1530149480025.jpg (69.58 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1530130692864.jpg)

Who wouldn't want this lusting after them?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 623206

No. 623220


This interview with Xilmordas has me agreeing with you:


No. 623235

File: 1530152778100.png (552.41 KB, 720x902, Screenshot_2018-06-27-22-25-58…)


No. 623240

File: 1530153347574.png (610.96 KB, 720x847, Screenshot_2018-06-27-22-32-33…)

So ugly I bet she is a guy that has a penis. And he look so gay!!!

No. 623250

The girl with black hair had a partner who used to match her like >>623240 iirc, so maybe it's just based on what they used to do and that idea. I think they look pretty cool honestly. Not goth, but cute.

No. 623382

>Wait..so were Adora and coal candy lovers???

you got a reaction time similar to that of a chess player you started assuming that just now

>Why do you think they're lovers? Just because they're going to gigs together? Or was something more obvious posted somewhere?

1. Supposed separation of Adora and husband
2. A and S sleep in same beds as is visible in his videos in a very stereotypical configuration - she on the right of him
3. Her general behavior toward S.
4. Adora's husband's ironic joke about having 22 yo girlfriend on social media

For many people just point 1 and 2 is more than enough to at least start suspecting such things. I honestly do not get why you are surprised about such assumptions. Is this true or not is another question however.

No. 623384

File: 1530169260098.jpeg (9.23 KB, 225x225, index.jpeg)


>So ugly I bet she is a guy that has a penis. And he look so gay!!!

No. 623443

gofffat is more fitting, maybe she could start that trend

No. 623448

File: 1530182883235.jpg (10.19 KB, 180x279, Attempted_restoration_of_Ecce_…)


Could a kind anon please make the photoshop happen?

No. 623480

File: 1530186698392.jpg (343.46 KB, 1124x1476, Screenshot_20180627-161452_Fac…)

No. 623498

>start trend of being goth and fat same time

like it is not already a thing especially in the USA

No. 623532

Imo people are just less willing to jump to conclusions because Adora has always been all over any man who will give her attention at every festival the whole way through her marriage, so this behaviour is far from unusual from her. She drapes herself on any alt guy regardless of relationship status of either of them any chance she gets, which her husband was (apparently) ok with with according to her

No. 623553

does anyone else follow Jake on instagram? That video of him shirtless..a long view shot of his naked body and a stupid explanation for why he's shirtless..we get it..you just wanted to show off your ghostly white body. I can't take a snapchat because then he gets notified of it

No. 623564

I have no problem with body hair, but that "trail" 🤢

No. 623610

Kek he is so cringey!

I'm also still impressed how quickly he gave up daily vlogging again.

No. 623619

kaya and jake, both vain, shallow and lazy as fuck

No. 623635

Can someone post a screenshot here?

No. 623654

File: 1530210513549.jpg (732.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180628-192711_Ins…)

There you go, it is a video though and I'm not sure how to repost that.

No. 623673


Does he seriously think he’s fit? He’s pudgy! I can’t believe he thought this was worth showing off. That’s hysterical and sad at the same time.

No. 623683

it's going to tell him that you took a screen grab. He'll probably think it's because you think he's hot or something kek

is it just me or does he nipples look really odd

No. 623687

I was honestly expecting him to be a little bit toner or even have a slight six pack with the way he talks about how fit he is and how much he works out now

No. 623688

Like stretched and droopy? Yeah they look like a fat boy’s nipples.

No. 623693

they are! like the right one has a piercing jewel getting rejected or something. and so… discolored, I guess would be the word?

I honestly wasn't, he's delusional about every single thing in his life, I figured this would be another example.

All tatted up for someone who's begging for money on the internet for the most basic things, don't you, Jake?

No. 623697

Lmao, yes, you can't even tell if it's just the shadow or some actual definition.

He also looked bigger in the past iirc?

No. 623734

File: 1530217100885.jpg (Spoiler Image, 791.43 KB, 1024x1821, PhotoGrid_1530217055409.jpg)

No. 623738

Wtf,spoiler that shit, kek!

No. 623754

What fresh hell is this??!!

No. 623761

File: 1530219729160.jpeg (107.63 KB, 661x1024, 0B31AFE9-DC1B-4450-8080-DCB8F9…)


Here you go anon xoxo

No. 623764

I’m so confused
Where does the penis end and the girl begins?! What is life

No. 623767


No. 623782

Tbe only girl in the picture might be the hand, the body is obviously male

No. 623839

who is this supposed to be ?

No. 623840

File: 1530227086601.jpg (39.9 KB, 1280x720, 1529857585401.jpg)

No. 623841

someone with their hand on Xilmordas's dick.

No. 623875

Oh I've seen a few videos of her on YouTube (she makes content). Yeah, she's not a Goth. Like ReeRee Philips, just another darkly inclined metalhead who thinks she's Goth just because she like to wear black and I also get the vibe that because she's into wicca, that makes her Goth… Yeah. I mean there's nothing milky about her and she seems nice enough, she's nothing like Kaya.

Eh I'm not the biggest fan of those kinds of looks but they're not bad, they're cool in their own right but yeah, it's definitely not a goth look.

You know I find it very odd how he thinks he looks so muscly. Seeing his body now, he looks just like I expected. Doughy and unfit, just "average" built. I feel like he's one of those guys who only works out his arms and thinks that's enough to make him 'muscular" even though the rest of his body looks soft and somewhat shapeless.

Agreed. His body looks like any other average alternative guy's. Not that it's bad, rock your body but don't delude yourself.

Same. He's pretty much one of those guys who mostly just works out his arms. But also, he does kinda eat like crap, maybe not as much as Kaya but still, it shows.

No. 623877

where are the Xilnudes coming from? this one seems to be posted here first hand (kek)

Is Xilmordas and his girl among us? Someone earlier in the thread said was in touch with him (kek)
I bet they're doing this to piss off Alicia Ramos. Any news on what this one is doing? This cow was giving such good milk!

No. 624246

Like even his arms don't look particularly muscular to me. He's so deluded about himself.

No. 624260

File: 1530281718442.jpg (618.46 KB, 1439x1313, Screenshot_20180629-101424_Fac…)

She's still being a thirsty whore. Four back to back posts about girls and guys she thinks are hot, with a post of a bunch of pics of herself looking like one giant meat roll

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 624324

Lol yuck , man get some sun on that skin and that belly button it’s just nasty

No. 624391

what a creep!
Not talking about xilmordas or deleting her accounts?

No. 624422

File: 1530296424207.jpg (763.34 KB, 1439x2064, Screenshot_20180629-142052_Fac…)

No. 624426

File: 1530296786866.jpg (715.61 KB, 1439x2155, Screenshot_20180629-142216_Fac…)

Guys we really need to make a full thread. She's lurking here and is directly responding to our posts. I can't post multiple images so I don't know how to share in time because she's a deleter

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 624428

File: 1530296835616.jpg (571.91 KB, 1439x1253, Screenshot_20180629-142234_Fac…)

No. 624434


I'd like to see more examples of milky interpersonal drama. Any raging flame wars?

No. 624436

She just chimped out and deactivated her account but she'll be back. She always posts telling people off but keeps them on her page and later deletes the rage outs

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 624439

File: 1530297745567.jpg (183.22 KB, 720x724, IMG_20180629_214019.jpg)


No. 624448



>a reflection

I see what she did there.

No. 624489

Jake is currently flexing his “muscles” on his Instagram stories talking about how he’s getting in shape for a Deadpool costume.
I can’t wait to see that dumpster fire of a costume.
Jake is too lazy to attain anything near Ryan Reynold’s physique for Deadpool. The delusion is strong in this one.

No. 624573


If he ate better and went on a cut phase he wouldn't look too bad. But he's no where near as muscular and buff as he thinks he is.

No. 624667

She isn't even milky enough. It would just the same stuff said over and over. She doesn't do anything else. Giving her her own thread would only result in her doing extra tryhard shit to keep her own thread going. Not worth it.

No. 624718

I was excited with her at first but will agree that she doesn't deserve her own thread. She doesn't seem to provide more milk than what we've already seen… don't even think she'll do more to keep people talking about her, just that she's living her life being a crazy creepy thirsty stalker living in her own fantasy world. meh…

No. 624961

It wouldn't be an issue if he didn't fluff his ego and incessantly talk about his "muscular masculine build" and how hot he is. Some people like guys like that and that's fine, but him and his fat girlfriend both hating themselves but being too narcissistic to stop gazing at their reflection isn't really working as a juxtaposition and you can't lie to someone who sees with their own eyes. He's like 'the Emperor's new clothes' of fat dudes.

No. 624968

>my accounts are not safe! I must go in to hiding! The evil betrayers are out to get me!
>continues posting pictures of herself naked every ten minutes and begging to suck dick, anyone's dick

Getting some mixed messages there Alicia

No. 625069

I'm still wondering whether she is actually behind the posts in the first place. Nobody had heard of her before this.

No. 625318

They look fine to me

No. 625321

File: 1530342929959.jpeg (970.54 KB, 1125x1715, 3C62C8BA-004E-4F74-87E8-76705C…)

You seen this cow!

No. 625322

File: 1530342978396.jpeg (37.73 KB, 400x400, DDC972D2-EB68-4318-8D10-454ABF…)

This bitches wigs are hilarious,

No. 625324

File: 1530343014653.jpeg (46 KB, 480x640, EC4D9251-FB01-4F97-8F1B-974A29…)

No. 625328


>private profile with photos locked down on facebook

>19 followers on twitter
>calling her a bitch repeatedly with exclamation marks
>optional: shit typing

I call vendetta. Lolcow isn't your personal army, bbts10@gmail.com (which is an email that doesn't even exist).

No. 625329

She's not even alternative. There's literally a personal lolcows thread, not that a person wearing a bad wig is milk.
(see: Nearly every cosplayer and Japanese fashion enthusiast)

No. 625342

So what is the point of this site? Also I see you guys are Trolling that xilmordas lover, so why not actually pick on someone that doesn’t have a mental problem. This site definitely looks like a cyber bulling and trolling site for the poor saps that are too fearful to say the shit under their actual name.

No. 625344

Yea no shit, its an anonymous gossip site that you too are currently using. Don't act all high and mighty

No. 625346

Trust me I’m not acting high and mighty. I placed that message to see the response. It is wrong to pick on someone with a mental illness. It’s flat out obvious she has a mental issues. Its like you guys are trying to make this poor woman commit suicude.

No. 625348


Ever heard of the term 'an hero' ?

No. 625349

ffs anon, mental illness or not, she's stalking this guy and being a fucking creep. If she's seriously going to end herself over random people on the internet then maybe she shouldn't be on the internet or stop being a fucking weirdo and grow some balls

No. 625351

Why so defensive? Are your lives that boring and miserable that you have to publicly humiliate others on the internet. This isn’t gossip this is out right bullying on others that are weaker?

No. 625353

It isn’t you position or anyone’s to question but the guy she is doing that too. People go to the extremes all the time for celebrities this isn’t something that’s new. Unfortunately some of us don’t have the same mental capacity to understand when enough is enough.

No. 625356

And trust me to post the shit she posts she has balls. She has every right to express herself in anyway on the internet. You guys aren’t forced to read them. Instead of call her all kinds of derogatory names you should All just flat-out ignore her. It’s obvious she’s lonely.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 625364

Jake says all the Deadpool suits he's been looking at are £4000 and higher.
Does he have any idea how many people have Deadpool suits and wear them to cons etc. You can get those suits for MUCH cheaper.
He's obviously going to try and raise £4000 on twitch and say its for a Deadpool suit

No. 625367

I just skimmed through on Etsy and you can get a decent one on there for between £200-£500. He's an absolute buffoon.

No. 625376

File: 1530355289961.png (735.52 KB, 859x602, HerbsandAltarsnewvideo.png)

>>612283 So, 'Of Herbs and Altars' who rides the whole witchy kick is trying to parody instagram 'witches' and Nu-Goths for being fake and homogenous. If it wasn't from her, she'd have a point about the try-hard witchy wannabes and the shitty edgelord prints from Killstar. Perhaps she doesn't realise how many of viewership are likely the same people she's mocking. She even admits that her top's from a sponsor and then complains about people seeking stuff from sponsors in the next sentence. I kinda like the makeup for both and she's definitely looking less gaunt. Still don't like the whole use of "him" referring to themselves, when they're clearly presenting as a woman - makes me think of the people in the transtrender thread and Sebastian Columbine. I think as much as she says it isn't targeted at anyone, she's on about ReeRee Philips, definitely with the style of 'outfit video' out in the woods.

No. 625382

Someone please post the new picture of Jake shirtless on Instagram.
I'm almost certain he lurks here. He put "savage" on his picture. Maybe we hurt his feelings

No. 625402

File: 1530359678332.png (Spoiler Image, 6.62 MB, 1242x2208, 75DAF569-6FCA-4323-925F-E78A6A…)

here you go.

No. 625405

Oh but I thought he's been getting in shape and sooo fit this whole time. lulz. He's so desperate.

No. 625406

he got his deadpool costume anyways.
there's going to be a lot of more vlogs of him wearing it apparently.

Am I the only one who HATES Deadpool cosplyers.
they think they're so hilarious and quirky when in reality it's just cringy.
I can only imagine what Jake is going to do around Belfast in his costume. what a knob.

No. 625407

I thought it was pretty funny. Ofherbsandaltars isn't an over the top witchy nu-goth that wears nothing but Killstar in her normal life. I don't think she was parodying any famous Youtuber here, just the overall Instagram trend.

No. 625408

I don't understand why he's doing this? Is he thirsty for some female attention or what? Put your shirt back on, you narcissistic twat.

No. 625412

I highly doubt he will wear it as much as he says he will. I call we see it 5 times or less before it's lost in the clutter of their cave.

I don't get why he couldn't even attempt to make a costume?? At least some of it. 4000 of their "fans" money wasted on something that won't even get much use and will be treated like garbage.

No. 625413

he likes a lot of pictures of other girls on twitter.
a lot of them are of PeachMilky.
I don't think I've ever seen him like a picture of Kaya

No. 625417

Those are pubes I did not want to see.

No. 625423


Is there a reason you posted a screenshot and not the video itself?

No. 625425

Why are his arms so small? Hahahhahaha

No. 625435

Of herbs and alters is seriously lacking in self awareness..full of crap..dreadful video! Boring too..she is a self absorbed attention whore knocking a slightly different variation of her own would be underground celebrity attention whoring..on another topic she is no more trans than Queen Elizabeth the second is!..unlike Sebastian( who seems basically sane but is claiming to be trans/agender for attention and cos it's the in thing)Dorian is very very crazy and claiming to be trans is part of her mental illness..between her mental health issues and her well documented drug and alcohol issues I want to feel sorry for her but can't as she is soooo annoying..

No. 625440

To show a moment when I think she's trying to be like ReeRee Phllips' 'look book' videos

No. 625465

File: 1530368389412.png (813.51 KB, 864x593, cc.png)

£500 for Jake to get electrocuted.
Poor Kaya looked terrible for this entire stream.
her skin is getting worse

No. 625471

his face, his fingers, his tosro and the packaging at his left all look the same kek

How can he think he's fit? Look at those fucking "love" handles! It's huge, it's like he's got a pool float around his waist.

He looks like an old lesbian who tries to look young. If you told me that Jake was FtM, I'd never question this info, never

Yes! It's all he wants because he doesn't like Kaya anymore, feels like he can't part ways with her right now (for various reasons maybe but mainly because he leeches of her and her viwership) but wants to have women fawning over him, telling him he's sexy, handsome, whatever? don't you remeber when he and Kaya traveled to LA and met Kelly Eden and Dre Ronayne? He flirted with Kelly during the whole fucking tree and she flirted back because she is a hoe. There is even a video in which they go to a toy store and there's a toy, I think it's a My Little Pony(?) toy that has a mermaid tail and the thing moves kinda like a rabbit vibrator when they press a button so he makes a joke implying he wants to put on Kelly's pussy and she gets all "staaaph" giggling loving it. It's pathetic, I'll try to find it later, I don't even remember which chanel's is it, so I'll have to search on the 3 of them urgh

He's a fucking asshole, I don't like Kaya in the slightest, never did, but I don't think she deserves to be treated the way this guy treats her. I don't think anyone deserves it. He's such a fucking douche, you can see in everything he does, it's all shitty and douchey, he's so chavy it's unbelievable he thinks he's alternative in any way. Both of them needed to admit to themselves that it was a phase that passed, like this relationship. This boat has sailed, they should just go on with their lives instead of insisting in this co-dependent mess..


If there's a fund to give Kaya a jaw implant and teach her how to do her eyebrows then I'm donating kek

No. 625472

samefagging to correct myself: "torso", not tosro

No. 625474

samefagging again to correct: during the whole fucking 'tree' to 'travel'

I'm hangover as fuck, last time, sorry, bye

No. 625527

File: 1530372174301.png (4.08 MB, 1911x919, cat.png)

the last few weeks Jake and Kaya have been talking about all the work they're always doing in their garden.
..bitch where??…

No. 625581


legit looks abandoned

No. 625596

File: 1530376311289.jpg (1.01 MB, 1439x2261, Screenshot_20180630-123106_Fac…)

And this is obviously you still lurking trying to defend your creepy actions instead of realizing how desperate you are

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 625605

File: 1530376820239.png (1.06 MB, 2048x774, PicsArt_06-30-12.36.37.png)

in the beach q&a and the garden video i couldn't stop staring at whatever is going on with her top lip, and almost the whole side of her face is breaking out.

No. 625629

That detail about the MLP is gross. He's a douche canoe

I wish they would split up, he might have been a good boyfriend in the beginning but he has morphed into a narcissistic leech

No. 625631

Is it normal for a 27 year old to have acne this bad?
She needs to get some proper treatment and go easy on the thick foundation.
She drinks nothing but diet coke too so that can't help

No. 625672

Adult acne isn't uncommon, but now that you mention it, I'm surprised she didn't go to a derm or anything to get it fixed. After all her image is what brings in the $

No. 625785

whats that even supposed to mean? is she trying to imply that she is Xilmorda's (god, I feel so ridiculous, like a 90's edgy mansonite """goth""" typing this name) slave girl or something? Does he even posts videos anywhere? What's she talking about? It's so confusing

It is! I discovered it in the worst possible way, I never had acne, just oily skin my whole life, then suddenly at like 28, boom: both my cheeks look like Kaya's (not the other place where she has it too). I changed a lot in my habits and products I used, tried a lot of things, so far no results but will keep trying. In my case it's not hormonal so it's not like it has a specific cause. Maybe she's been going through the same and making it worse by putting makeup on. When I have to spend the whole day with foundation on I just know at least one zit will appear

No. 625868

File: 1530392347788.png (194.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-08-21-02-09…)

No. 625877

File: 1530392957322.jpeg (92.78 KB, 674x1199, received_1173598056115900.jpeg)

No. 625879

File: 1530393025150.jpeg (85.25 KB, 674x1199, received_1173598802782492.jpeg)

No. 625886

File: 1530393427374.png (86.42 KB, 720x412, Screenshot_2018-05-30-17-26-31…)

No. 625887


There is no more goff garden than abandoned one.

No. 625926

If Alicia went through something traumatic that I don't know about that led to her being mentally fucked up and doing weird shit to the point of compromising her normal development, specially socially since she is doing things getting her some attention from strangers on the internet, then I'm not interested anymore.
If being cringey because of stunted mental development because of trauma is ALL she does… seems like beating a dead horse. I think she really doesn't understand that what she's doing is weird because as the mean person from the screencap is saying, she has a mental age of someone a lot younger than she looks. I feel bad making fun of someone who can't even change or be over it because they have actual mental development problems. I'm hopping off of the Alicia train.


True dat kek
But Kat von d would like a word with you since that tryhard has a garden with all the black flowers she can find and black flowers only. If it came from a regular goth into gardening, even toxic tears (ik, not a goth) I guess I'd take it seriously because it would have been something that took lots of effort, study, saving, planning, etc. Kat von D is a millionaire, she just jires a gardner and when she remembers or wants to take a pic she pours some water in a plant

No. 625944

Honestly they both look like her usual looks. I don't know how she can't see that.

No. 625956

Wow are your lives that miserable that you have to pick on someone that a mental problem. It’s like you guys are trying to drive her to kill herself.

No. 625958

This Alicia thing all started from literally one poster … and the rest of this mean snark board is pointing out that there's no milk. It's like someone is keeping it alive.

No. 625960

That has a mental health issue* cut the cyber bullying.

No. 625961

Maybe that persons posts should be blocked. I don’t see the point of looking for milk with a person that has mental health issues. It’s a horrible thing to do.

No. 625963

She brought this on herself.

No. 625969

Brought this on herself? Sounds like someone has really nothing better to do with their time then mess with mentally ill person. What is your drive? To do this anonymously just makes this even more weaker.

No. 625977

that's true, all the screencaps of alicia's facebook were posted from the same person, the font they used was very recognizable. And I think these last screencaps was the same person too, but they realized the font thing and changed to another bizarre font, it's not very common for people to change their phone's font.

In my opinion, since we had these last screencaps that show someone who seem to know her in real life attesting that she has cognitive development problems due to trauma, this person says Alicia was "under heavy medication", so she is or was being treated, and still, this bitch goes on and tells how she feels pleasure in laughing about Alicia with everyone around her. That's fucked up, people!

I don't know if you guys remember but in the last thread we had someone come to defend those Kev and Ash that were brought up in relation to Raven and people got nasty with him, later they discovered he was autistic so everyone agreed to leave him alone. I think we just have to leave Alicia alone because on the outside she can look like a grown woman but inside she must have the emotional maturity of someone much younger so it's like messing with a teen or pre-teen. That's why she acts like this with her crushes, sex, etc. Like all people who don't understand it properly yet, she's just… too weird you know? Let her be, people, live and let live. She's just existing. It was entertaining for the first screencaps but now it's just low even for here

I agree. People get banned for less

No. 626003

>yeah, lets not give this child any identity

Can't wait until the honeymoon is over

No. 626060

I think(at least hope)that it has been very clear to many anons here since the beginning that someone was baiting her. Besides the fonts thing there was that slightly disturbing pic of the D covered with flower emojis amongst other pics that multiple anons pointed out were never before seen pics and questioned where they came from. Not clever at all to be truthful.

No. 626211

File: 1530435983245.png (586.88 KB, 696x1159, Screenshot_2018-07-01-01-54-25…)


And whom do we know who exclusively uses that font?


And who has nothing better to do with her time than to post about someone who has very little public presence and perpetuate the debate over whether she should be be discussed?

No. 626229


Ooooooh! The same someone who has a thousand fake accounts and runs a “hot goth guy” group!

No. 626235

Ant hoo iz dat?

No. 626236

Dat waz eye ronik

No. 626277

Nitpicking, but what is going on with her foundation here? Did she just forget to put it on her whole face or what? This looks so bad…
Also, their e-begging is starting to reach new levels of pathetic. At least e-beg for something useful like a new equipment instead of whining about your broken shit constantly.

No. 626281

Also, who keeps giving them money for this nonsense? Especially when they collect money for something and then they don't do it? Did their "cemetery date" even happen? I haven't heard anything about it here. It seems like they're not even fulfilling these promises.

No. 626287

Same as when they did that huge Kickstarter page for MAG , I wonder if any pledgers actually received any of the rewards they were promised?

No. 626299

Yeah, it's strange that we hear nothing about that. I bet any disgruntled backers or fans are getting deleted when they comment something under Kaya's/Jake's videos…

Also, I had no idea this Kickstarter existed, thanks for pointing that out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1013222110/the-greatest-gaming-adventure-ever-told

"Are we up to the task? Of course! no one is more driven and dedicated than the Metal Ass Gaming crew. "


I don't even understand what they were trying to do here, apart for collecting money for a new camera and a drone. Sounds like a trainwreck:

"The quest we will be filming will be called Epiquest! As the story goes so far, Jake, John and Kaya are chosen by the sacred realm of the MAGpies to go on a magical quest across the country to find the world's greatest game because a threat has been detected to it's safety. Each episode will feature us being sent into a portal to our next destination where we must follow the clues given on the scroll to discover the sacred messages telling us of the scrolls location. Jake is a swift and noble Bard, armed with his trusty bow and his djenty songs of war. John is a brutal but gentle viking, armed with an axe with which he shall fell his feeble foes. Lastly, Kaya is an unwitting black mage, able to master the elements in magical fury…if she can ever figure out how to do it! We are not alone in our quest, we are in a race against time to make sure the forces of evil don't get their hands on it first and topple the very gaming world to ruins. Who is this villain? Pledge and find out. But you can expect plenty of blood, comedy, magic and action in this fantasy gaming quest featuring your favourite goofs from the couch."

No. 626341

File: 1530456650970.gif (481.74 KB, 400x300, xsiCNgt.gif)


I wasn't following the Raven thread so wasn't aware that she used this font! it's her! in the last thread she tried to get people to talk shit about several girls but couldn't because there wasn't any milk and peopple explained a thousand times that having exaggerated or "bad" makeup was not a problem in the subculture at all but she insisted. I guess she finally found someone who looked ridiculous enough to throw at the lions as a way of revenge for being discussed herself in the image boards. But at which cost? A mentally challenged person Raven? Really? I wish I could say that this is a new low for her but unfortunately, it isn't. Which surprises me the most is that I've read Raven defend herself on Kiwi farms saying that she is the way she is because of something similar: stunted emotional development, that she never past the age of a teenager, that's why she got involved with logan, etc. I admit that I even felt kinda bad for her a couple of years ago when I read it. But now she does this. Raven, you're so fucking petty and fake, girl.
Alicia, if you are reading this: delete Raven Sparks from your friends list. (she can have fakes but idk )


I still want to know where the dick pic came from, it didn't seem like it was posted anywhere so I was under the impression that Xilmordas and his gf (or wtvr) were the ones trolling Alicia or at least participating on it, at least with the dick pic.


so fucking tacky. and it kinda sounds like some biblical name that seems like the child was born with 86 years old. I'd be pissed as fuck when I grew up enough to realize that the reason the other children made fun of my name in school was because my parents decided that the tackiest, most cringiest, teen-parentiest thing in the world was poetic and beautiful and a ~reflection~(this will be the 2nd word he'll hear the most in his life, the 1st will be "vegan") of his father and his parents' love and blah blah fucking vegan blah

No. 626348

File: 1530457586462.png (128.98 KB, 621x620, pin.png)

those pins Kaya and Jake put up for preorder about a month or two ago haven't even been made yet. they was £8 each and they've sold out.
I don't understand how people continue to support them

No. 626350

Sounds suspicious, I wonder if they are pulling a kuckian…

No. 626370

Well with how Raphael treated his daughter the stupid name might be the closest thing he has to his father

No. 626398

Her Video!!!

No. 626449

Guys, I found Freyja (IBF)'s old deviantart - it's topkek quality! :D


No. 626450

Also her old myspace, sry for double posting.


No. 626473


interesting how she went from "Lusty Pirate Wench" to goffic

No. 626512

This was posted here a few threads back actually. Also one of her old blogs that was pretty entertaining.

No. 626519

being a cringy teen-early 20's…? not sure that's particularly milky, since that applies to an overwhelming number of under 25's.

if she's not doing anything interesting or particularly dumb right now, trying to force it just makes you look in need of something better to do.

No. 626559

I didn't mean the cringy stuff she did at that age.I was mostly talking about the change in her style.I had the impression she goth since her teens but her style looked very mismatchy there and her interests so different
I'm all for the milk on her I just made a statement.And I saged my post too

No. 626587

That's if it is Xilmordas at all, the dick pic is just a skinny dude with some scraggly strands of hair and some bitch with acrylics a la pretty much every alt girl these days. Could just be Raven stirring the pot, or hell, as you say it could be Xilmordas is milkier than he is boring and has been sending pictures to a mentally challenged bitch.

No. 626730

The male in that pic not only has what you describe, but also an acrylic on his thumb and his nipples pierced. Not often you see that exact combo. I don't even follow the guy, only checked him out after he was posted here but it seems to be the same??

No. 626743

On a bleak and Stygian eve
To the churchyard once I wandered,
For my lost love to visit and grieve
While many a thought I pondered.
I hesitated by the gate
For quite some time I tarried,
Know not do I how long I’d wait
For much sorrow then I carried.
A fading vermillion eventide
Acted as mantle for earthen black bile

this makes me want to throw my laptop into a brick wall. this is just…. so bad. the pretentious wording, cliche rhyming pattern, it's just.. ugh. please, i beg of you, freyja, please read poetry from someone other than edgar allen poe.

No. 626766


I don’t see why this is milk at all? It’s 5 years old.

No. 626783

File: 1530500334989.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x1982, B7F1F63A-4951-42EC-8142-5555D7…)

Not so subtle about the begging

No. 626784

File: 1530500479942.jpeg (266.03 KB, 1242x890, 45F669CA-19B8-4665-9FD2-D5FE3D…)

No. 626855

typical late 00's goff gerl page nothing too surprising to be honest

No. 626888

Soo Ibf Ex Mattias is now official in a relationship with a woman well over 40 who dress too girly in my opninion. Interesting.

No. 626896

Who is the lady?

No. 626898


Why did you post this? It was already dissected in the last Raven thread.


This is an image board.

No. 626934

Matthias with a much older woman? Do tell( post a pic)..and good for him! Hope she doesn't have any serious mental health issues like IBF..

No. 626939


Well at least nobody can claim IBF wasn't a goth back in the day with pomes like that one.

No. 626943

she probably burst it with her weight.
she makes so much money on twitch now she has no right to beg. The stupid float cost her $70

No. 626999

File: 1530537435598.png (317.44 KB, 495x390, dddddeded.png)

I'm almost certain Jake lurks here.
I posted about their pins not even being made and then he tweets this

No. 627002

Adoras Ex husbandwho changed his Facebook status from divorced to "in a relationship" last week just changed it to "single". Well, that was quick.
I want to know what's going on there so bad!

No. 627047

Those pubes on display made me gag. Stupid wanker!

No. 627056

Kaya gardening: Let me put a yellow flowery dress over pajamas, and then a moon kimono… Awww, don´t I look fashionable for my youtube video!

No. 627144

File: 1530555118255.jpg (32.62 KB, 576x576, FB_IMG_1530554877122.jpg)

Her name is Crissi or Chrissi or something. I don't think she's over 40. I just think she's kind of unfortunate looking or in her 30s but hasn't aged well. Mattihas definitely has a thing for older women.

No. 627145

File: 1530555174382.png (65.1 KB, 471x459, Screenshot_20180702-200715.png)

She graduated from highshool in 1994😆

No. 627151

File: 1530555751096.jpg (73.67 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1530554901118.jpg)

Ive seen this before, but she looks like she was an emilie autumn fan. I know she's claims she was into lolita. But she was almost certainly an ita.
I have bad adult acne like kaya and eat a mostly some foods vegan diet. I only break out really bad when i sleep in my make up or don't wash my hair for a few days and it gets greasy. So i imagine kaya is just a lazy fuck. I guess we already knew that.
Oh never mind. She's old as fuck. She dresses like a preteen mall goth. But i have no idea what her personality is like

No. 627161

When she was 25. It wouldn't be that cringe if it was a teenager but she was a grown ass woman with that emo shit.

No. 627163

Frankly surprised he's going for someone who doesn't go for the deathrock look, she looks very mallgoth but she's cute, if they're happy they're happy.

No. 627171


I dunno, I think she looks cool. Her make up isn't way over the top or her hair, it looks fun.

No. 627178

I know a bit about Mattias new Gf becsuse we shared multiple friends and were often at the same partys before i left Germany.She is really over 40, has a really good paying job and likes to go on vacation all over europe 3-4 times a year. Seems like good ol Mattias has got himself a sugar mommy😆
Was suprised myself, tought he would enjoy the single life a bit longer.

No. 627261

File: 1530565280565.jpeg (465.3 KB, 727x1111, 5C0848A2-2587-4854-AF85-0FF32C…)

I don’t know but it seems like maybe Adora wants him back? Maybe he’s the one who left her? She posted something about being a very lucky bastard on saturday and his ex husbands FB already was changed to “single”.
At the same time she’s always leaving comments on Coalcandy’s IG about how she misses him…
And what’s up with the photo that she posted yesterday? Looks like an aftermath photo or something 😂

No. 627265

For someone over 40 (guessing she must've been in the subculture for a long time) and with a really good paying job she sure dresses like she's a stupid teen, ridiculous. But I gotta say that she's not looking bad for her age.

So Matthias has a type… interesting… older women, who have one or another form of prestige in the subculture. Freyja has a following on social media from which he benefited immensely, no one knew who he was until he jumped in a super serious relationsip with her, she also was the breadwinner of the household while he was a student, payed for trips too. This new one is much older so the prestige comes from the fact that she must be well known in the scene and respected, and also those sweet sweet euros, of course.

If I must say so, I think Matthias is much much more milky than Freyja's old bad poetry or pics of hats on a 5 year old deviantart account. We discovered a bonafide goth casanova social climber! I'll tell you that this dude shoots in every direction, as soon as it was public that He and Freyja were separated, I swear that I saw Matthias commenting on every trad-ish over 5k followers goth woman on instagram being VERY flirtatious, lots of heart emojis, etc. One of the first people he started to follow as soon as the news that Freyja and Mr Owl were back together was Mr Owl's ex, Nadia. They started to follow and comment on each others' insta accounts and unfollowed the exxes instantly, it looked pathetic and desperate.

No one would be talking about him if it wasn't for the fact that he had a flash wedding to IBF, a youtuber, let alone buying his amateur art on his etsy. His art sucks, he is pretentious in everything he does. Let's see how long this relationship will last. I'm willing to bet that if this woman has a good head, is very mature, it won't last much.

I don't think he wants to enjoy the single life more than he wants to enjoy leeching the status and money off of someone. It was super easy with IBF! Boom: instant small following in a niche and someone paying the vacays with their youtube ad money! kek

No. 627347

File: 1530572295112.png (284.85 KB, 415x416, c4.png)

Kaya went to an anime convention cosplaying as a dominatrix….wait, it's not a cosplay?

No. 627359

Mattias is nice milk material, his "i don't care" attitude makes the whole thing really interesting.Someone noticed how he carefully selects his photos so that they are either sarcastic or emotionless and cool? He is so obsessed with looking authentic but besides his tacky art and look he has never said or done anything that would earn him respect in the scene.(namefagging)

No. 627439

kek, virgin detected

>She dresses like a preteen mall goth.

Like a lot goth women that didn't went into mental geriatric mindset after they turned 25. Go to few festivals in central/eastern Europe and you will see truckloads of more or less "youthful dressed" ladies. kek. But who cares how does she dress? This board is now all about "uh oh, i don't like the way he/she/they dress!!!111oneoneone" or what?

No. 627522

Are you Freyja or Mr Owl? What milk does Matthias even produce? You actually have to be joking me. He produces jack shit when it comes to this site. "OMG HE DATES OLDER WOMEN TOO?! OMG HE IS FRIGID TOWARDS A GIRL AFTER SHE USED HIM THEN BROUGHT HER BF TO SLEEP PRACTICALLY NEXT TO MATTHIAS IN HIS MARITAL HOME?! OH WOW SO TERRIBLE HE IS!" That is all his name offers and it's only because he married a cow. Stupid decision nonetheless but he doesn't rly belong here as an individual.

No. 627694

at least she looks good in that photo

No. 627727

I agree that he has got some milk and I'm sorry that this anon >>627522 has a crush on him and can't take the criticism towards him. He put himself online when he participated in IBF's videos and showed his arrogant attitude so why shouldn't it be allowed to gossip about him, it's really not that serious.

No. 627801

Hmmm some people said Matthias cheated and flirted with many girls while being on festivals with freya. And all the internet comment stuff with women one told here. Its pretty milky to me.
And in my opinion they are both the base of their failure. I guess they loved, tried and failed together.
I don t think he avoided dating because his ex lives next door.

No. 627946

File: 1530637978393.gif (851.06 KB, 406x276, JNhU5Tt.gif)

yes! this. why some previous anons made such a big deal about "emagrd IBF took mr owl to the marital home(dats a nu one) right beside where matthias lives!!one111!eleve1n1!!" It's just an apartment, bitch. They were married for like a year, bitch. They had one cat together, bitch. Bitches talk like IBF had been married to matthias for 45 years and suddenly she brought other dude to live in the apartment next to their own. OH MY GOD! imagine poor mattias' suffering! Poor thing! Bitch, no. Mattias is one of the biggest womanizers in the german goth scene from what we know, dating or single, the dude is always flirting with everything that has a coochie and a pair of siouxsie makeup-ed eyes, specially when drunk. Do you really really think that Poor baby Mattias never ever had a woman in that neigbor apartment even before mr owl visited IBF? He most likely had. In fact, I remember seeing IBF saying, I can't remember where now (maybe was in that "where I was" video) something along the lines of "mattias is already dating someone else" (and thinking about that now, from the timeline, it was too early to even be that current Chrissi!)

yeah, I think you put in nicer words than me when you said that

>in my opinion they are both the base of their failure. I guess they loved, tried and failed together.

I agree with that because in real life, that's how it goes almost every time. because that's the way it is. Chose a side if you want, but it doesn't matter, everyone has their own strengths and disadvantages, things they can and cannot deal with, things they can or not compromise, people they fit or not together. Everyone can try to be happy, and everyone can make mistakes. The real problem here is that if we analyze our life's we'll see that maybe we did some dumb as fuck shit in the past or we know people close to us who did, all with our mind in the right place, just trying to be happy, but the internet makes it all more complicated because at the same time it magnifies the problems and situations when you have your life so exposed like the people we are talking about here so everyone knows all about what's happening, everybody feels in the right to comment, to give their input, to say what was done right or wrong, whose fault it was for this and that even knowing nothing for real, like we are doing here. And in the other hand minimizes the problems because we don't get the whole picture, just edited bits of information scattered through several videos over several accounts through the optics of several people all trying to convey their own side of the story. So I guess people tend to get too involved in the side they are aligning with like it's a team they root for or a fandom they're into that they forget that these are people and at the end of the day, probably they are all a little bit right and a little bit wrong and because one did THIS, it doesn't mean that the other didn't do THAT, you know? So we get posts like this >>627522

Is Mattias an insufferable smug arrogant who flirted with everyone at festivals while drunk when IBF went to sleep? Is his art very bad and only sells because he benefited from IBF's popularity? is he apparently a social climber in the goth scene? Yes.

Is Freyja someone who likes to play victim and not admit blame for nothing she does, including a fundraiser for her wedding to mr owl which did not happened because she broke up with him to move to germany but pocketed the money anyway? does she talk mostly hauls and nothing about real interest about the subculture on her channel like music news or album reviews etc? also yes.

both cows.

YOU are a cow! and YOU are a cow! YOU also are a cow!

No. 627966

Since I state Matthias doesn't have any milk to offer I have a crush? Gtfo. I don't even care much for the guy. Everything that can be said about him has been said here. He seems shady and too flirty etc. we know this. Since he is so milky I challenge you to produce some fresh milk for us.

No. 627969

You should rly learn to sage, but what you said is what I was getting at. Ppl who have been around him say he is a womanizer…that's about it. While it was originally milky when it was first posted, it offers nothing now. Literally every comment about him is saying the same exact thing. If he is so milky then where is the rest? Maybe if the anons in here who live over there and are in the scene can share some stories bedides he was flirting with women at festivals and shit I may change my tune. But for now, no because that's the only thing ppl have to say.

No. 628013

every cow produces a kind of milk, womanizing, being flirtatious, shady, etc while in a relationship is one of the things he does. Being smug, acting like he's better than others is another. taking advantage of freyja's popularity, etc etc.

If we have to come up with one of a kind, never done by said cow thing every time we post, we won't post never again. Never another post of TT e-begging. Never another post of IBF looking fat. Or TT either. Or any mention of TT's weight… Or sebastian claiming to be any gender identity or looking weird as fuck… jake looking like a thumb. jake being disrespectful to kaya…

because it was all mentioned before… they all have things they do constantly and they'll keep doing because they are who they are. everyone has a different personality. If by "fresh milk" you want the cow to every time to different and more outrageous things we might as well close the thread or half lolcow kek. Or you could go to the Margaret Palermo thread, because that bitch keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Why do you fight so much that he is not discussed? Is he a personal friend of yours? If he does something that people feel like discussing, they can discuss, if they don't feel like it, then they… won't? Sounds… okay? I guess

live and let post

No. 628045

Idc how she dresses. It just looks silly. Like someone wearing tripp pants. Or those stupid pentagram harnesses. She reminds me of my friend in munich who dresses similar. It's just not very "goth".

No. 628065

Aren't we all here to fullfill our dark desire to rant and gossipp anonym:D ? I could tell stories about Matthias, but i have to figure out first how to write them so that no of his rl fangirls could track me down and talk shit about me. Everyone gossips but when you write it down on the net its a bit no no so everyone who is thirsty for some matthias milk, you will be feeded soon ;)(learn to integrate)

No. 628102

start by not typing anything in the name field and instead typing "sage" in the email field (this is what is called saging) if it's just your opinion instead of something new and milky.
Read the rules and usage info on the top of the page and you're ready.

sorry to minimod, but I want the gossip asap hahahah

No. 628155

All the cows you mentioned here are ones that we can see and comment on their behaviors first-hand. I never said Matthias should never be posted, but everything that has been posted about him in the past month or so has either been something already said in other threads or nitpicking his art. Yes, he has social media that we can see, but he doesn't post much and when he does it's not really personal stuff. TT and IBF e-beg…we can provide screenshots of that here. Jake is just a complete idiot all around…we can post that here with solid proof. Ppl that have met Kaya and Jake have given insight into how they are off-camera…that's milky. If the anons that know Matthias or are mutual friends feel comfortable to share stories about him then that's great! That would be milky. I just don't see repetetive comments with no story behind it or pure speculation from ppl that don't know him that milky. Trust me, I would love for something to be exposed about him but it just hasn't happened since the split.

I'm the anon you responded to and that would be much appreciated and of course we understand making sure it all comes out the right way.

No. 629478

File: 1530810588472.jpg (604.38 KB, 1080x1546, 20180705_190650.jpg)

Fun as in "Fun text"? Another proof that tt dosnt know shit / cares about music?

No. 629765

Kaya knows so little about goth culture, but it is obvious that she posted that because she actually does get the reference. She is a teeny bopper…of course she knows cliche songs like that. The ones that were played on mainstream radio back in the mid-late 90s. Many non-goth/non-alternative ppl would know that reference.

No. 629810

I honestly feel she wrote "fun" just because she wanted so bad to show she gets this cliche reference that she didn't think much about what to write in the caption so she wrote "fun". Could've easily gone with "cool" and it would've been less cringeworthy, because it wouldn't imply being such disconnect of the subject matter. The neon sign in itself is pretty cringeworthy with the A for anarchy in "tear". Just why?…

No. 629839

He is not going to fuck u

Are you all dumb? He doesn't like older women , ( freija was just like 6 or 4 years older ) he likes women who would buy him everything he wants so he would paint edgy illustrations in his room all day , and go to festivals,ibf is a weird bitch,she always dates dudes like that for some weird reason, i don't think she is gonna last with mr owl because he isn't even economically independent and i doubt he would leave nz

No. 629906

What do you mean by "always dates dudes like that"?? Who has she been with since her e-presence besides Owl and Matthias? Do you have info that we are unaware of? Do tell.

No. 630060

she was dating a irish guy who supposedly, was emotional abusive towards her , and not only that , he couldn't keep a job , so she was the only provider, she says he and her mother make her go see a therapist because she doesnt want to have sex with him anymore , and in the end of their relationship he stole money from her , her history its pretty similar to her story with matthias ; a guy from another country who takes care of her and is very charming in the begining of the relationship, doesnt seem to have a fomal job or cares to have one, is emotionaly abusive in some way towards her . i believe she is so insecure and has a very low self steem so she dates any decent looking guy who show interest in her without thinking like " maybe i should know this guy more before living with him " maybe im overthinking to much but it is what it seems to me.

No. 630100

That scenario does sound quite a lot like the Matthias one COULD be. But that was about 8 or 10 years ago, before she became a Youtuber. And she must have been with Mr Owl at least 3 years, I think, maybe longer, before their first split.

No. 630140

File: 1530877025698.png (474.28 KB, 480x614, Screenshot_20180706-131902.png)

Translates to " finally, Vacation!! Summer, Sun, fun here we come."

Matthias is official in this Relationship for not a whole month and they already go on a vacation in spain together.
I don't believe he is able to pay for this all by himself. Sugarmommy is treating him well, no hes has to be careful to keep his hands all by himself when around all the bikini girls on the beach.

No. 630174

File: 1530884385217.png (482.41 KB, 1536x1255, IMG_2190.PNG)

Adora and Simon (Coalcandy) at a festival. Romance or friendship, who knows.
Though this picture looks like snuggling I'm not sure. As I recall she did share her hotel room at tis festival with some other person than him, which makes it look like they don't date. Maybe just cuddly friends?

No. 630184

That was fast! I told ya. I knew it, but I honestly thought it'd take more time to happen. This dude must be amazing in bed, spend lots of time doing oral sex. That's the only explanation I can think of because he's not particularly a good catch. He's handsome, yeah, but not THAT handsome like oh my god, I never saw a man THAT good looking. Charming? sure, but heh… when he's being charming to literally everyone around you, not really a quality that he's bringing to the relationship.

No. 630463

Charm can go a LONG way. Guys like that make you feel like you're the only woman in the room, if that's their goal.

No. 630508

We must keep in mind that Chrissie is in her 40's and maybe a lot more drawn to this kind of sexual attention than a 20 year old. First Fame and Follower from Freyja, then Money and Vacations from Chrissie… wonder what's next step on this ladder? Kinda hope it's a girl who shows him the cold shoulder 😆

No. 630597

In my old person experience, women over 40 date much younger for one of three reasons:
1. They are free after years of marriage etc and just want sex and fun, no responsibility.
2. They feel/are over the hill and are targeted by a conman (I don't think C falls into this category - she's youthful slim and attractive enough. This scenario is more for plain women of or near ensionable age who get swept off their feet by foreign men less than half their age who just so happen to like the idea of a visa or "need money".)
3. Juvenile party girls who "only relate" to people in their 20s.

Occasionally you get women with mama complexes who want to create their perfect man. And also people who genuinely connect and fall in love.

No. 630599

Algarve is not in Spain is Portugal you ignorant fuck

No. 630686


ngl, she's pretty attractive and I'd totally do the same thing as Mattias if sugarmomma lesbians were a thing. ya'll are just jealous.

No. 630745

File: 1530944805189.png (134.99 KB, 1080x489, 20180707_072709.png)

No. 630759

Does Kat even tattoo anymore? I had to unfollow her instagram, she doesn't post her art or tattoos anymore

No. 630778

File: 1530949977460.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1242x1973, 45D2F000-7304-4FDF-AC5A-88F7E8…)

She posted this today. Looks awful. Must not be her normal type of art.

No. 630785

Hi Raven o/

No. 630792

Oh wow that work is really mediocre, not HORRIBLE but for her specialty to be black and grey, the shading is wonky and he looks like a potato.

No. 630839

>I never saw a man THAT good looking

When I saw him for 1st time I have thought he is over 30. I was freaking shocked that he was 25 at that point of time.

No. 630873

Truly pathetic.

No. 630902

I wonder how long it will be before she goes full Kelly Eden and starts asking her followers to bug companies to work with her ?

No. 631101

I think it's because he's attractive for his niche which has way more women then men. I mean, I love goth, I really do but you definitely see more women than guys these days so I feel like sometimes, this can be why some goth women snag onto the first decent looking, seemingly charming Goth guy they can get since there aren't many of them.


Not gonna lie, I kinda thought this too. When IBF first showed him, I assumed he was in his early 30s and was shocked he was younger than that lol

No. 631161

His makeup is ageing, and that hairstyle is also very unforgiving. Has anyone ever seen a photo of him without makeup? I seem to remember something on IBF's channel where he was seen without or something but I can't find anything. He's better looking without it, that much I do remember.

No. 631184

There was a " how to style a death hawk"video of Mattias on IBF channel ..he appeared with his hair down and no makeup (or possibly eyeliner only) at the start..I felt he looked way better "toned down" ..still quite gothic.down to individual taste I guess..has IBF taken this video or others featuring him down? I would look but it's quite late here..

No. 631197

File: 1531005373424.png (383.16 KB, 900x492, ibf.png)

Found it! He's definitely cuter without.

No. 631206

When he first appeared linked to IBF I also thought he was older than her! In fact at the time I thought that SHE had got herself a sugardaddy.
Thought he was mid 30s to early 40's like Mr Owl.

You're right, his makeup ages him but his features contribute a lot to it too, he's a very manly man, he's not a little waif thing or androgynous by any means so his burliness and face squareness adds to it, he just isn't someone whose features scream "youthful". Also, have you noticed how in most pics and videos (not in this one tho) you can see quite clearly that he has a lot of facial hair, with or without makeup? In fact, I think that the cakey foundation accentuates it. For the record, I think he's handsome, I'm this anon >>630184

My SO follows the gossip here slightly, I tell him the juiciest things because he barely has time. He didn't know what this Matthias debate was about at all. He was behind me when I opened this pic and just asked "how old is Matthias again? 35, 35?"

No. 631211

samefagging to correct *34,35?

and to add

not long, I bet.

oh yeah, she's attractive, me at least, I'm not denying it. But pu-hlease, this argument that people are jealous of everything they are criticizing is so tired and makes no sense. Plus, it's a gossip board, you don't know if literally every one of the anons are sugarbabies on vacations with their sugarmamas/daddies gossiping about other people. No one is saying that he can't do this, we're just gossiping about what's happening and wondering about what's happening next. chill. But hey, lesbian sugarmamas definitely are a thing somewhere, you just have to find one.

that's so ugly, the letters are so badly done

No. 631547


At 24:00 he appears in his toned down look and talks about adapting his appearance for "society's standards."

No. 631808

File: 1531086932975.png (366.66 KB, 593x467, makeup.png)

I'm actually so shocked at how pretty Kaya looks with more natural looking makeup

No. 631811

File: 1531087101989.jpg (83.7 KB, 1200x780, collage.jpg)

what she could look like vs what she chooses to look like

No. 631898


Take that normie shit somewhere else. Both are hideous

No. 631912

it's unfair to say that both are hideous as much as it is to make a collage in which one pic she's posing all pretty and in the other you caught her talking in the middle of a word with a strange face. She definitely looks better with more natural makeup and that's not because we want her to look more "normie" (I look like a crazy bitch kek) and that's because 2 things.

1- Proportions- Her usual eyebrow shape is completely unflattering to her face shape, it's too short lenght wise, too thin, not arched enough, placed too high… I could go on forever, everything is wrong with that shit. These also are more brownish and the skin is a more natural tone so it's not that stark contrast of badly drawn liner black eyebrow on white foundation.

There was a video she did a long ass time ago in which she experimented with eyebrow stencils and she was like "oh my god these are so baaaad" to most of them when ALL of them looked better than the ones she freehands every time, search for this video, it's worth it, I really couldn't understand how at the end of the video she wasn't like "yeah, ok guys, I realized my eyebrows don't suit my face, I'll be trying some of these shapes for a little while…" or something, honest to god, I was shocked

And 2- because here she's wearing a more natural foundation color and that helps in camouflaging her skin problems: acne, redness, etc etc. The foundation she usually uses is way lighter than her skin and seems thicker and somehow kinda accentuates the bumps her skin has. Also, I don't know if she does (damned if I have the patience to watch a full makeup tutorial by TT) color correct every single zit and red dot she has before applying the light foundation but it doesn't seem like it. Also, with the more natural foundation tone her face seems to have more definition, so looks slimmer, the nose looks prettier… is it contoured? did she make it herfelf? where is this still from?

No. 631946


Here’s the video. It’s a style swap with Melanie Murphy.

No. 631949


And here’s the stencil eyebrow video in case anyone is interested in watching.

No. 631953

Unfortunate jawline and acne aside, she does look way better in the "normie" makeup.

No. 632073

It doesn't have to be normie??? All she would have to do to "goth up" this look is maybe a slightly darker eyeshadow and a deep red lip color. IT would be subtle, but then again, the extreme look never did her any favors.

No. 632113

Kaya looks so Irish with the "normie" makeup. It suits her and I agree, she could "goth it up" a bit if she wanted to.

No. 632205

agreed, Kaya doesn't look bad, she's just bad at makeup (or rather, finding a look that suits her)

No. 632224

File: 1531140508751.jpeg (484.05 KB, 1241x1505, 592AC768-23C4-4B52-BC98-71144D…)

No. 632228

File: 1531140834476.png (23.5 KB, 512x512, 14COhR2.png)

>obvious germanfag
>seems to be obsessed with matthias
>has samefagged in this thread before

No. 632278

"Normie shit"
She's finally wearing a foundation shade that fits her skin and her eyeliner isn't all over the place.
She looks a lot better! Her makeup is even worse lately because her face is chalk white why her neck and body are tan now because of the heat

No. 632434

I saw a post on Twitter where that girl in pink hair was kinda attacking sarasyn and calling her a bitch, I can’t remember her username anyone?

No. 632439

For what I remember on IBF’s video Matthias used to work so I’m sure he can afford his trips and not just depend on his new gf , her personality seems bubbly

No. 632483


In the documentary >>631547 filmed in 2016 he was described as a student with a "mini job".

No. 632485

That was back in 2016 he must have a job by now

No. 632487

That was back in 2016 he must have a job by now
(Ops sorry about that)

No. 632667

other people are interested, me included, the one who's constantly defending matthias definitely seems way more obsessed. why do you care?

No. 632693

She's a very, very average artist, but because she made her claim to fame at the right time, people kiss her ass. Pisses me off cuz i follow a lot of fantastic artists on IG who don't have half the followers she does.

No. 632706

She could make it more Gothic with simple fine-tuning but it won't make her any more of a real Goth lol

No. 632788

>>631811 Honestly if she just did her eyebrows a little more like the "normie" look, she could still do cool eyeshadow/liner styles and it would make the entire look that much better. The super thin brows are just not flattering.

No. 632913

Fuck, no. Keep normiecore out of goth ffs,

No. 633006


This!! This is the alternative thread. If you want to fap over kaya “looking good normal”, take that shit to tumblr. Gossip and bitch here, compliment elsewhere.

No. 633062

why no word from TT or jake about this? they can beg for free shit but cant post bout there own meet up?

No. 633067

Emily said in the video about it that Jake and TT will be "popping in and out" of the meet up as they'll be busy with Summer in the City at the same time. Maybe it's not an "official" meet up to them, or they're too lazy to bother mentioning it kek

No. 633090

Erm…goth isn't about finding a good foundation match for your skin. Most people want to look paler. Jesus, it's not a style you adopt to look ravishing. I prefer thin eyebrows anyhow and I'm sick to fuck of the bushy caterpillars that're all en vogue.

No. 633167

Oh my fucking god, I don't know what the fuck aren't you understanding. I even said that I look like a crazy bitch and believe me I really do, I shave my eyebrows and draw them on in unnatural colors, pointy and thin BUT in a unnatural thin and colorful shit that it's not making me look ridiculous, or better yet, it is, but GOOD ridiculous, not bad ridiculous if you know what I mean, but apparently, don't. Something are a look, others are a lack of better judgement. No one puts makeup on to look worse, c'mon! We always try to look better, even in the craziest and gothiest of the gothiest gothing goth clubbing makeup, you don't intentionally make yourself look constipated, about to poop, looking like a thumb with no definition in your face. Goth is about looking paler… yeah yeah… but also, most goths also cut the shit outta that contour and here we have Kaya still looking as round and white as a bowling ball. The foundation matching her skintone made her look better, let's admit it. She's bad as fuck at drawing her brows, let's admit it.

It's not about wanting to "normify" TT or something, at least not what I meant here >>631912 but her usual """goth""" makeup sucks balls! she could be as extreme as she wanted if she fixed that HIDEOUS eyebrow shape, just to start. Really, watch that video in which she tries the stencils, will you tell me that she doesn't look better in all of them compared to the shitty eyebrows she does everytime?

No. 633211

does anyone have the instagram photo of Jake in his deadpool suit? it looks like it cost him £10 and he pocketed the rest of the £490

No. 633236

File: 1531250314100.jpg (136.72 KB, 675x1200, DhqM5xCXUAEA7q5.jpg)

it looks like a deadpool sex suit

No. 633238

And so it begins…

No. 633315

you are the same brow fetishist who cries about IBF brows?
pl0x, go away

No. 633330

at least we don't have to see his thumb face in this.

No. 633371

He has , he just takes jobs temporally an then does nothing for a while , i dont know why he can't keep a job , like i remember ibf saying he was working in some goth shop of somehting when they moved houses and then he was saying in an interview he dint have a job anymore , so idk maybe the patreon money helps him? So he doesn't need to have a permanent job idk

No. 633430


Who inflates this cunts ego? He cannot be that delusional can he? He doesn’t care for kayas opinion so where is he getting it? Anon is right, it’s a sex suit

No. 633507

LOL. Everyone complains that TT isn't goth, looks bad in the clothes and makeup, and says she should drop the style. But then when people say she looks better with "normie" eyebrows people lose their shit and complain about keeping "normie" out of goth. Make up your minds.

TT should drop the look and go with a more "normie" style. She isn't goth, looks like shit in her faux goth style, and her eyebrows do look like shit with her face shape.

No. 633639

His balls must be all sweaty inside of that suit damn

No. 633710

Is he walking in this fetish costume around Belfast? If so, then KEK. And of course he has to add a narcissistic comment to this.

No. 633802

His other gym post had the caption “Benches get Wenches”
If my S.O was posting suggestive stuff like this I’d be extremely uncomfortable. I wonder if Kaya wants to be the “cool” girlfriend. Cow or not, she deserves better than that delusional fat fuck.

No. 633829

File: 1531324621213.png (84.6 KB, 1080x356, 20180711_165653.png)

Wonder why they're not staying with Kelly again…

No. 633855

Rafael/Leafar’s daughter moved to L.A.
So far, they haven’t reconciled publicly. Is this a publicity stunt organized by Kat Von D in order to quell the rumors behind her husband? That would be smart on her part since more people are finding out what a disgusting father he is.

No. 633860

Kaya it’s called fucking Google. God she’s so fucking lazy

No. 634031

Anon, wake up. She´s lazy, but this ain't about laziness, this is about trying to get a house for free. She´s obviously browsing to see if somebody offers her a place to stay for free, lol.
Maybe it has something to do with Kelly's latest rant about visitors…? lol

No. 634056

File: 1531351629497.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 1.PNG)

Sebastian's own comments on being asexual and into BDSM

No. 634057

File: 1531351645991.png (953.22 KB, 750x1334, 2.PNG)

No. 634059

File: 1531351661680.png (800.18 KB, 750x1334, 3.PNG)

No. 634060

File: 1531351676530.png (800.92 KB, 750x1334, 4.PNG)

No. 634061

File: 1531351713138.png (765.9 KB, 750x1334, 5.PNG)

Last one. Sorry for several putting them in several posts.

No. 634201

I just think that Kaya should drop the act and re-model herself in somthing that she's truly interested in. It's sad watching her wallow on with "Goth" when it's clear she isn't. IBF can cowish but one thing is for sure is that she at least reads as someone interested in what Goth really is.

No. 634237

So, they're "asexual" except for how they actually have a kink?

I don't understand all these Modern Sexualities Of Today but I think if you're interested in having sex in certain situations, you're not really an asexual person.

Like, having a low sex drive does not make you asexual necessarily. Having had some meh sex, not being overly interested and then finding that you massively get off on being spanked and ordered around sounds like a kinky person, not an ace person. Correct me if I'm wrong about what asexuality now means.

No. 634243

google it anon. let’s not make this thread into yet another derailed mess thanks to sexuality/gender debates. i fucking beg you.

No. 634263

I agree. From her description, it sounds like she's basically into kink. Vanilla sex doesn't do anything for her/doesn't turn her on. That doesn't mean she's asexual, she's just into a specific type of sex. Of course she has to attention whore with her supposed "asexuality" though, that's just Sebastian for you.

No. 634294

>>634059 Definitely sounds like she's not actually asexual, but only gets turned on by kinky sex, and finds ordinary sex meh and unexciting. Did she start identifying as asexual before she realised it's not sex she's averse to, but vanilla sex? It really looks like she's just holding on to the 'asexual' identity to either not admit she was wrong, or because it gets her snowflake points.

No. 634510

Yeah, she's not asexual at all! Quite the contrary, actually! Notice that she said that she got turned on to the point of being satisfied by being only spanked once, that's extremely sexual. She gets off EXCLUSIVELY off of kinky BDSM sex.

I guess there's the fact that she wants snowflake points because Sebastian is a major attention whore who needs to be always on the latest tumblr trends. But unfortunately I guess it's mainly because of dumbness, she's been proving time and time again to not be the brightest person, to say the least. She over complicates and gets desperate over the simplest of things… Sebastian should start looking more inside herself and not to tumblr for answers regarding her identity, tastes and sexuality. She'd benefit immensely from a serious pause from the internet, this overexposure of herself, this need to fit in etc etc
She thinks she looks cool but the people who are fawning over her on her insta account are all teens who know shit about life, people her age see right through it and think she's lame or pity her. I pity her, I think she need a shitload of therapy and be away from the internet

No. 634883

Of course KVD has to talk about veganism, even at her tacky wedding.

No. 634912

Him wearing sunglasses the entire time is sooo douchey oh my god what is wrong with these people

No. 634933

Good god they are so fucking cringe. And OFC they would have a monetized video about their try-hard wedding, constantly trying to prove how goth and how vegan they are compared to everyone else. Easy to be both those things when you're wholly committed to making money out of every aspect of your life.

No. 634973

Cholos do that alot all my uncles are cholos and do that kinda shit , so people dont notice red eyes and to look intimidating

No. 635277

I feel like all these vomity speeches and heartfelt manglings of my third favourite Nick Cave song should have been reserved for the actual couple and people at the wedding.

Why so Hogwarts?

His nails are disgusting.

But they look happy I guess.

No. 635282

>Video unavailable

No. 635331

If there's anyone here who liked John in mag and are wondering where he's at he streams on twitch nowadays and his name on twitch is piratevikinggaming should stop by and tell him hello!(no)

No. 635353

try to watch it on youtube directly that worked for me after getting the "unavailable" notice.

No. 635497


i am living, she talks about love and stuff while having a shotgun wedding

No. 635668

He was at least the most sane of the three of them it seems.

No. 635689

Did he ever say what happened between him and TT/Jake?

No. 635738


Fuck off. If you want us to say hello, tell us what happened

No. 637339

I don't know if this girl would be considered a cow, but she constantly makes Youtube videos about how hard her life is

No. 638153

Kaya and Jake are charging £20 a month to watch a movie with them through twitch.
Their ego really knows no bounds.

No. 638177

Agreed they are total ego heads.

I do wonder who pays for their fake friendship? Paying to socialise online..it's so sad..they are both very average at best in any area you care to examine. I can only imagine what their " fans" are like if they are impressed with them.

No. 638292

How much of a sham does your relationship have to be in order to resort to watching movies together for twenty bucks a pop over twitch… just an abundance of unenthusiastic reactions elicited from a couple of self indulgent gorillas. Jake should honestly just take the high road, spare himself the emotional disappointment and lack of orgasms.

No. 638497

Lack of orgasms? Dude probably jacks off looking at himself in the mirror

No. 638799

New IBF video. It’s kind of sad, she keeps goading mr owl to be in the video when it’s clear he’s obviously uncomfortable now after everything that’s happened. Perhaps he’s feeling like his relationship is a lie and he doesn’t want to be used for views?

No. 638827

Well when the premise of your relationship is based solely on your view count and how much death rock you listen to… It's going to lack the elements necessary for sustaining a healthy, mutual relationship. If you took the goth aspect away, there wouldn't really be anything else to offer from either side. (This isn't me hating on goths or being goth, as I myself am a part of the alt/goth subculture) At this point it's practically a contest to see who can be the most brooding and "spoopiest". But I couldn't agree, more. I've noticed it too, throughout her most recent videos. His general energy and body language speaks for itself.

No. 638857

This is really low quality content from IBF. After waiting for something that’s different from the hauls and reviews, this travel vlog is disappointing.

No. 638880

Maybe IBF could just make tons of content where she goes "Mr Owl who doesn't want to be in the vlog" and films random male hands, shoulders etc.

But seriously, he just sounds normal. He's always been a reserved type with a dry sense of humour and that's what I'm hearing.

Assuming IBF's story of them getting back together is true, it was him who asked her, and he KNOWS what she does for a living.

No. 638883

It's a bit meh. I reckon she's been more interested in hanging with Mr Owl than creating really good content and so the stuff she's come back with suffered a bit.

No. 638902

It’s just the fact there was no issue of him being on camera before they broke up. They actually did a few vids together and he seemed much more cheerful/into it. The last few featuring him he seems genuinely disinterested and almost unhappy.

No. 638936

He is obviously very keen on her. He got a similar looking gf after they split and then dropped the gf like a hot potato as soon as Freya was keen again. She's still on the other side of the world so he's still alone most of the time, and is assumedly not asexual like her so the physical separation would be more difficult. It's not a nice situation to be in especially if he's expecting to get dropped for Sexy German Man no. 2 at any moment. Germany is full of Goths whereas NZ has like three (info from IBF own mouth there in her CoalCandy interview)

Anyway just pondering on why he might be less enthusiastic or more depressed this time around.

No. 638955

Maybe Mr.Owl is down(?) cause of the uncertainty.. he can't stay in Germany(with IBF) legally for more than 6 months and he is wondering what's coming next when he splits the scene..Are all the local Goths
men lusting hard for Freyja?Even if he has a lot of savings eventually they will run out..can he afford to do 6 months in/ 6 months out? he can't stay/work in Europe for long(unless he does a sham marriage to a German woman).

I seriously doubt she wants to return with him to NZ until whatever visa she is on in Germany runs out..think she is permitted a few years more there even tho her and Mattias split.

her big chance for increased exposure and REALLY making it as a tacky alt celebrity is happening as Gigi gorgeous wants to collaborate 😵😱😨..the comments section of her videos is funny..seems like Freyja's fans aren't keen on Gigi..can't imagine why..

I totally respect that Mr.Owl doesn't want to appear in the vids.He isn't a fame whore,good on him..nice that not everyone is..She is a dick to needle him about it..seems like her stupid fans are clamouring for him to appear also. Back in NZ her channel wasn't so known.so you can see why he'd be up for occasionally appearing as a bit of fun..now things are very different and even tho she ACTS light hearted on camera..growing on you tube and finding ways to make cash as an underground celebrity has become deadly serious..I imagine there is a pressurised atmosphere when she films and who needs that when you want to enjoy time exploring with yr lady love?

No. 639222


It seems like Kaya is finally starting to understand that her shit eating grin and "goth content" are no longer doing it for her subscribers, so she resorts to a different phase every other month in an attempt to keep things "interesting" and make herself relevant.
First it was cyber, then romantic goth, nu goth, lolita goth,j-goth, now she's going all dark mori with the nature/ goth gardening shit? Midlife crisis, much?
(I know I probably missed a bunch of her other "phases" as there were too many to count)

No. 639350

Right? Wtf is "goth" gardening anyway, just having black flowers or skull plant pots doesn't make it goth lmao. Also you forgot the dumb Harry Potter phase

No. 639361

And if she dated someone "normal" her hoards of shrieking fans would crucify her for being a poser even though it'd probably be a more meaningful relationship than anyone she's had thus far. She'd rather bolster her career of being paid small amounts of money to be a spectacle on the internet than actually find her soulmate. Mathias looked like the soulmate she wanted, if he had no personality he'd have been the perfect golem to use for publicity if he just didn't have a brain, so maybe she's hoping Mr Owl has less spine than he used to and because he's getting in to his 40's he'll be desperate enough to put up with being paraded as a trophy.

No. 639366

You're right, I completely forgot to mention that one. (Thanks for reminding me.)
As if liking a series that legitimately millions of people have read and enjoyed throughout the years suddenly makes you special and "mysterious".
You're not suddenly a witch because you purchase monthly subscriptions to witchy box clubs and drool over Harry Potter.
You're a witch because you genuinely value -and actually practice- your craft, because let's remember kids, witchcraft itself isn't just some phase that you undergo for a week solely for trend purposes… Friggin' knuckle dragger.

No. 639377

What's even more pathetic is she hasn't read the HP books…

No. 639403

Just goes to show how much more of an attention-seeking dunce she is, KEK

No. 639983

At least she's actually getting out of her house - albeit only as far as her garden, and actually doing something productive other than moping indoors and (not) producing videos. She looks happier. I'd rather se her pottering around her garden with her cat than any interaction with Jake, anyway. I'm surprised she hasn't jumped on the bandwagon of giving Sebastian his own Instagram or something.

No. 641286

I heard a little about this, but I don't think I've ever seen her social media, but what's the deal on the Patsy situation? I heard she was all new age-y now but does she have any social media? I didn't really see anyone post her socials on any of the previous threads, or maybe they did and I skimmed past it by accident.

No. 641367

Drac talks about KVD and the antivax drama.

No. 641368

Are people really paying them for that? I'd liek to have some faith in humanity lol

Considering that Gigi is a vapid, annoying, airhead, I'm not surprised her fans are not looking forward to that collab, especially after that horrid "Goth" video they did.

Makes you wonder what her next fake phase will be lol

Don't forget all her books that she never reads. I doubt she would ever read about Paganism and the occult outside of the shallow witchy boxes and popular tv shows like AHS Coven or the Craft lol.

No. 641370

Can you (or anybody for that matter) tell me around the time she talks about KVD? I wanna hear it but I really don't wanna sit through an hour

No. 641377

>>641370 Starts talking about KVD at 14:30 minutes in.

No. 641393

Thank you so much!

No. 641921

She deleted most stuff when that phase was done, last I saw she was just a hipster with matching hipster boyfriend.

No. 642249

she's not a cow anymore so I don't think she should be discussed but currently her status is: she's all normal looking, barely uses makeup, has normal shapeless straight brown hair always in a scrunchy. She dressed like she's from the 90's but very lightly, she doesn't look like a clueless wannabe. She doesn't look cool either. She just looks like she gave up. She just posts about being grateful to life, nature, love, family, the world, the energies, etc. She works at a new wage center of some sort doing tarot readings and as a secretary I think. Also writes new age-y article3s on crystals and magic stones for this same place website. She likes to listen to George Harrison. Recently started to date the most vanilla asian guy ever. Like last year I saw someone comment on an instagram photo of her "not so deathrock anymore, huh?" and she answered "also, not 16". which I found hilarious because if you said to the Patsy of the past that one day she'd grow out of her uber goth, sorry, DEATHROCKER phase she would go crazy about how she was a deathrocker since birth because her mother this and that and she loved the cult since she was 7 and etc etc etc etc etc ha ha

She wanted to be seen as TRVE so much but in the end, left the scene/lifestyle/subculture/music sooner than Sebastian Columbine or any of the other people she accused of stealing her look, the people who actually stole her look, and the ones she harrassed because they listened to the wrong phase of Christian Death.
So, that old thing is right: The ones who want to prove themselves as the truest of all are always the most insecure, who will always end up abandoning the boat. At least Sebastian is still a little weird and listens to the music.

No. 642363

The inevitable implication that it's a phase for kids. Ugh

No. 642386

not inevitable, it's not a phase for a lot of us. I realized that it's more common for people to change subcultures than to drop being alternative altogether, though. People who once were goth in their teens turning mods or skins(the non racist kind, don't start), people who were into rockabilly turning into punks or vice versa, I've seen it all. I don't think it's wrong or even strange, because tastes change and evolve through time, but to completely drop the alternative look/lifestyle/etc really surprises me and screams "this one has been always a poser" to me.

No. 643397

Would the folks who post in this thread be open to posts about theproserpina/Victoria Campbell going in here? She’s not goth per se, but she is an alt influencer and a cow. I won’t post her in here if it’ll just annoy all of you, just seems like she doesn’t warrant a whole new thread now that hers is full, and I suspect she’d fit here well.

No. 643570

I know who she is, follow some of her drama on PULL, and personally don't think she fits here at all. She's not involved in any alternative drama, you know what I mean? Yeah, she looks kinda alternative, but who doesn't nowadays? She doesn't seem to fight with people ABOUT claiming to be goth or any other alternative subculture. She doesn't want to be better than others in the subculture, she is not using any subculture to promote herself, she is just a regular cow, who produces regular milk that is not related to our milk. If even Raven is not discussed here, I don't think Proserpina would be much of a success here either.

No. 643903


I've posted about her in a previous thread. When I used to follow the SoCal scene, including Sebastian and Patsy (and Seb and others obvious skin walking), she seemed so arrogant and mean that it was obvious that she seemed insecure in some fashion about her death rock "identity." Especially obvious when I found pics of her in a scene phase after she insisted that she was never a babybat and that her parents were rockabilly and death rock OGs etc and that her and Steven were the deathrock royal couple only to break up just a few years later. She dressed well and had good makeup/hair but she knew to take inspo from 70s-90s postpunk/deathrock easily accessible on places like Tumblr and Pinterest instead of cringey mall or nugoth shit like Seb.

She seems a lot more grown up, regardless of what you think of her current chill crystal baby look or interests. It wouldn't fit here, even if she were a cow. I think she just grew up and didn't care to keep up appearances for an image-heavy scene where she had established herself as the black-clad queen bee. I only hate-followed her because I had never seen someone so elitist yet so immature, ignorant, young, and bratty and I think people were growing tired of it and she probably thought so too. Maybe it caught up to her somehow.

I think she still likes all the music she was known for discussing for spooky clout but doesn't want to tread in the same circles, possibly because of her behavior (only speculation).

Probably after she started doing more of a southern Ian Astbury look is when she ditched the scene more or less. I noticed that she ditched or deleted old media profiles and when I looked her up maybe a couple years later, she was at where she is now. She's better off where she is. She may have been "trve" but it came with this tryhardness that was unbearable and most people burn out with that kind of attitude.

No. 643908


I forgot to drop her current socials. I only know of her IGs @scryingoveryou (personal) and @delightfuldivination (her tarot page).

No. 643927

>She seems a lot more grown up, regardless of what you think of her current chill crystal baby look or interests. It wouldn't fit here, even if she were a cow. I think she just grew up and didn't care to keep up appearances for an image-heavy scene where she had established herself as the black-clad queen bee

that's exactly what I was saying. it does not help her be left alone and grow further when you do this >>643908 and post her social medias here. let her be, she learned her lesson from her mistakes. That's why I typed a description of how she is instead of linking her social medias, urgh.

No. 643963


It's not exactly a secret and I doubt people here will bother her.

No. 643967

I see what you mean. Oh well! Happy posting.

No. 644673

yes please, i was going to suggest this as well. her twitter is a cringe fest and her shooped photo shoots continue to amuse me. also she's shaving her head and getting tattooed soon, so she says.

No. 644826

File: 1532322188391.jpeg (221.31 KB, 750x1098, 61A60B1F-0C45-4B7B-B176-8CD851…)

I believe that this is the first photo of Matthias with his new lady.

No. 644936

Well his makeup has improved.

No. 645112

shit … reposting this for the 3rd time… I seriously didn't know there were so many Altcows threads! Anyone follows orchidee stachelig/orchidgoth/ codeslut on insta? I have always thought she was such a good alt/goth model, but her butthurt comments about how no one likes her, she's skinny and no one likes skinny… also calling people with bulimia 'cunts' … but then in older posts you see her being damn proud of having lost weight, showing her ribs and hipbones?!?! always tagging #skinny etc… Someone wants to check her out? I'm not sure whether to consider her a cow or not tbh, she annoys me because she seems so attention-seeking in being negative about herself! In one comment she even says that she is FAT?!? Like, where's the coherence?

No. 645174

oh shit! if no one had told me this GIRL was in her 40's I would think Matthias was dating a 20 year old. She looks really good! I don't like him, think he's smug but they look better as a couple than him with IBF. And she looks way better together with Mr Owl. By the way, they seem to be very happy together lately.

No. 645493

anybody seen the new IBF vlogs? are they worth watching?

No. 645530

Imo, boring as fuck. She’s really dropped the ball, editing and all

No. 645585

I got so annoyed about the food they were eating. Pizza in Austria and then pizza in Italy. Not even the good Italian pizza but some bland shitty one.

Since the vlog focused on them eating, it would’ve been great if they actually sampled the local cuisine. I understand that they’re strapped for cash but good food for less isn’t hard to find in Italy.
I’m not going to lie, I was aghast when they went to the Hard Rock Cafe.
Italy has a decent goth scene so I wish she could’ve checked out shops or clubs that she might’ve been allowed to film in.

No. 645607


It’s because she wouldn’t be getting the clothes for free. It was pretty bad. The usual tourist attractions (without the music edit), short yet she made two parts, more obsessed with the cats in the ruins, awful food..,
The vlogs didn’t show much at all. Hope she starts coming back with some good content. I always see posts of her and owl paint furniture, why not diy vids? Diet vids? Room progress?

Iuno, goth content has turned to shit and no ones really churning anything out anymore

No. 645774

I wondered the same thing– I am confused why IBF has not done any DIY vlogs showing us the interiors of her new home? I really want to see what her apartment looks like.

and I've been to Rome– there aren't that many stray cats in ancient Roman ruins. I only saw 2 cats.

No. 645833

Does IBF even do DIY?

No. 645837

Goth content hasn’t turned to shit, and if it did it’s because it has been taken over by these people you spent all the time talking about . It’s not what it was anymore for about 3 years now. Of course it gets boring and it will become even more boring because in the end of the day no one cares about IBF or Toxic or the other shitheads anymore. The real people know where the roots are

No. 645899

No one cares. Another vlog. She needs a life. I think people are starting to realise without the makeup and drama shes verrryyy ordinary. Pfft.

No. 645906

Goth content on YouTube has turned to shit.
It’s unboxings, talking about elitists or same crap the other alternative creators have spoken about. Or! Shitty make up tutorials.
Most other creators have terrible quality vids (bad sound like Victoria) or just boring as fuck monologues about nothing (like batty). Then when they find something that gives them a heap of views, like unboxings, they just stick with that shit.
Most have absolutely no personality at all and shouldn’t be doing videos. Or hideous make up that they think is great.

No. 645988

You took the words out of my mouth she actually is very ordinary , specially the way she talks, she sounds like the women who sell fish in the market

No. 646188

Yeah I agree. Goth content has not become all around boring. There are still some people talking about things that actually matter to the scene that are not haul or unboxing videos whether it's talking about their experiences getting into the scene, sharing new music to check out, and so on. The difference is that these people are not popular and they don't upload as frequently because YouTube is not their job, just a hobby.

I think a more accurate claim is that the bigger Gothic YouTubers have become boring. Because they're the ones who are mostly doing these vapid videos tenfold and upload so frequently the same boring stuff, especially Toxic Tears.

That's because she is ordinary. I mean let's be real here. She doesn't really do anything of actual substance. All she's known for is buying/getting free stuff from expensive Gothic clothing companies. She doesn't have any real interests or at the very least, she doesn't showcase it which just makes her more uninteresting when you get past her appearance. She goes on and on about how she went to film school but yet she has nothing to show for it.

I mean at least with some of the other Goth YouTubers, they have something of more substance to build upon. Angela Benedict shares stories of what Goth was like in the 1990s, Goblin Queen has her music that she's pursuing, TheGothicAlice is a freelance artist, Amy Nekrotique is sharing information about Industrial music, & LigeiatheResurrected is into Gothic Literature.

The point is the others have things going on in their lives that they can talk about in videos and thus, they don't need to whore out a crap ton of unboxing or haul videos unlike IBF and Toxic Tears who have absolutely nothing going on.

No. 646195

She looks so cute.

No. 646202

There are any goths on youtube actually talking about music? All I found in last years is just Jinks, most "famous" one have literally like 1-3 videos barelly mentioning music, without going into any deeper details or analysis. I barely get that considering importance of music in the subculture.

No. 646218

File: 1532461184242.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2220, IMG_20180724_111355.jpg)

Oh lord that skin texture drac…and i can't tell if thats paint or oxidized metal on her lip peircing

No. 646238

to be fair, she isn't claiming that her skin is looking good, the point of the pic is to show how bad the foundation looks.

For those saying that goth youtube is still worth watching, could you please point to some good youtubers? I only know of Cemetery confessions

No. 646281

File: 1532464401040.jpeg (397.02 KB, 750x1117, 5617D25B-9F93-4B74-9E19-46D0E5…)

I’m genuinely surprised that Kat Von D hasn’t at least cease & desisted this, but apparently the company is fine with it, because Victoria is on their PR list. Presumably they can tell that her private labeled “makeup line” will never be worth the cost it would take to hire a lawyer to get her to change her blatant copying.

Also kek @ “take a peak,” and “keep updated.” Just hire a competent social media manager, already.

No. 646319

Most are kinda of "talking heads". But they are at least discussing topics that are related to the scene:

Jinks - goth music and relation of goth to the politics from gay liberal anti SJW/anit nazi/anti communist/anti totalitarian perspective:

Miss E - some DIY and goth clothing made out of items "not straight outta some German webshop":

Queenie Black sometimes produces some interesting content:


You may also search for "elder goth" and you will get materials from people remembering the '80s scenes. There is plenty of content to chose, but they are not that uch regular. On the other hand since a while neithar are main "goff stars of youtube".


Like Kat Von D is not "ripping off" the '80s/early '90s syle of design for cosmetics.

No. 646344

How is Kat Von D’s packaging design ripped off? I’m not trying to contradict you I’ve just never heard anyone say this before, and google was of no help.

No. 646385

File: 1532471201019.jpeg (205.8 KB, 749x904, 6B5FBE6D-3F5E-48EF-A7F1-A21A48…)

Here we go again. No body wants you there, get over it! Will be funny to see her have another tantrum. Why does she think it’s her right to go there?

No. 646390


It’s oxidised metal lol that can’t be hygienic, can it?

No. 646415

She probably avoids vlogging actual goth clubs or shops because it isn't her being the only goth around to get attention from the normies.

Angela Benedict is the only goth youtuber I watch. Amy Nekrotique COULD be really interesting with her experience in clubs and stuff but her entire affect is absolutely so boring and she has no energy or engaging way of speaking. I just can't listen to her. Ligeia seems cool and interesting but I don't really want to watch book reviews

No. 646448


after watching her "i was in jail" clickbaity video, it seems like the reason why she got flagged going into the UK the first time is because when immigration at the airport asked her if she had a place to say, she didn't say anything or have proof of a hotel/friend's address where she was staying.

No. 646586

absolutely cracked up when she admitted to being a fat fucking cow in her rome vlog. since normals are starting to notice you being a hog, maybe stop pigging out all the time?
maybe stop being such an entitled piece of shit freyja? you arent someone important being persecuted, you didn't follow their rules the first time and now they're suspicious of you overstaying your welcome. grow up and get a real job instead of country hopping.

No. 646673

Coz it's having evident '80s and early '90s inspirations. It's as much a ripoff of such designs as given example is a ripoff of CVD design.

No. 646693

It looks pretty generic and uninspired but it might not be enough to get something like a C&D.

God what terrible and unimaginative names, looks like she quickly lifted spooky names from Wiki's demonology page. Basic bitch satanism is so played out.

No. 646695

File: 1532504587872.jpeg (284.04 KB, 1001x1581, FEEDCA73-049F-40EA-900A-33510D…)

I understood that the first time, I just honestly don’t know what 80s and 90s packaging you’re referring to because I don’t recall any packaging with designs like KVDs in the 80s and 90s. Again, not trying to contradict you, I’m just honestly not sure what you’re referring to, whereas it’s really obvious that therposerpina’s product packaging is a literal direct ripoff of KVD Beauty’s signature - embossed silver gothic lettering & roses in a traditional tattoo style, on black boxing. Were there companies in the 80s and 90s doing the same thing?

No. 646715


>I understood that the first time, I just honestly don’t know what 80s and 90s packaging you’re referring to because I don’t recall any packaging with designs like KVDs in the 80s and 90s. Again, not trying to contradict you, I’m just honestly not sure what you’re referring to,

>whereas it’s really obvious that therposerpina’s product packaging is a literal direct ripoff of KVD Beauty’s signature - embossed silver gothic lettering

I don't see gothic lettering on black rose design. Plus KVD don't has a monopoly on use of such fonts

>& roses in a traditional tattoo style,

There is no such thing as "traditional tattoo style" unless we are speaking about things like tribal tattoos. This is just a drawing of roses in a quiet generic style that may be seen in graphics from many different eras.

> on black boxing. Were there companies in the 80s and 90s doing the same thing?

Stargazer also has silver on black, and Manic Panic. And even L'Oreal and many other mainstream cosmetics companies. Well I remember quiet a lot of products with floral patterns and raster images plus many fancy fonts back from the 90's in Europe. Somewhere around early mid 90's here where I'm living silver ob black was a really popular trend in cosmetics cases design it was everywhere. Even popular trend in case of design of home electronics.

And drawings of roses on cosmetics may be traced decades back in time. You would have rather a hard time in court proving that design is braking copyright of anyone. It may be inspiration - but not direct ripping off of design.

No. 646716

File: 1532511231626.jpeg (404.12 KB, 785x1080, Leichner1982.jpeg)

Leichner cosmetics ad from 1982 - silver on black and black prints on opaque bottles. Also note capital "gothic" L.

No. 646722



There is no such thing as "traditional tattoo style" unless we are speaking about things like tribal tattoos. This is just a drawing of roses in a quiet generic style that may be seen in graphics from many different eras.

Why touch the subject at all if you don’t know tattoo history? There is absolutely a traditional style of rose considering roses are a traditional tattoo symbol. Have you really never seen an old school navy tattoo style rose? Sailor Jerry is what the style gets commonly called.

No. 646737

Yes I have seen and they look exactly the same like roses drawn on paper or etched in litography and in other techniques

No. 646748

They literally look nothing like each other.

No. 646862

Alright, lmao point taken, Jesus. Just asked for examples, wasn’t trying to challenge the thread’s knowledge on fonts and products. I still think it’s weird that you don’t see how one packaging line is clearly a direct takeoff of the other. I don’t like KVD either, but obviously they do look quite a bit alike…whatever, go back to talking about IBF’s relationship status for the millionth time or whatever it is you do in here.

No. 647057

Actual graphic designer chiming in, excuse me

In MY opinion while the concept might be the same; Outer packaging mostly in black with white roses. And the actual lipstick has just black flowers on it, visually they don't look alike very much. The fonts are very different. While in KVD's box the flowers are like pencil/coal drawings made white by inverting the color in Theproserpina's Black Rose (how original) it's simple white outlines of several small flowerz, KVD has just a big one.

Do I think it's a rip off per se as in Thepropserpina (does anyone knows what this stupid nickname actually means?) tried to make it look as similar as possible as KVD's? No. Do I think she is so no creative and lame that she unconsciously ended up doing almost the same thing just by seeing it so much? yes. There's a brand in my country that's older than KVD that has a similar packaging, black with white flowers but it's totally a coincidence. The majority of makeup packages are in black and silver/white/grey. So this completely lame girl decides she too will have a makeup company and chooses the most edgy but uncreative name she can think of with her forced special personality: Black Rose cosmetics. Of course there will be black roses in the packaging huuur durrr, that's what we end up with.

If she deserves a cease and desist letter is not up to us, but it is similar enough that if KVD gets pissy at her a good lawyer can fuck her up.

The UK government basically wrote all of this to say "bitch, we'll see…"

Why would you make "the biggest fuss since guy fawkes"? because a country won't let you in? If it was with me I'd just be sad "oh well, there goes my plans" what does she expects to get with a huge rant on social media? Yeah, the uk sure will let you enter now that you made a video calling their government all sorts of things! Why even post about this? Had it been with me no one would ever know I submitted for a visa again and that I was nervously waiting for an answer. If I was granted the visa I'd travel and I guess I'd post pics if not, then there will be no need to the world to know what happens in my email! whyyyyyyy

No. 647083

Well >>646319 beat me to the punch with some like Miss E and Jinks. The thing with some of the other YouTubers is again, they don't upload as frequently as the mainstream YouTuber. But when they do, it's usually not so bad so if you're patient, then these can be for you. I'd suggest…

Accumortis - Talks about Goth music and even makes some music himself. He's currently in school so he doesn't upload frequently.


Kai Decadence - He seems to be a little new to talking about Goth subjects and he hasn't made a new video in awhile but he does talk about the music as well.


GothCast - He talks about the music and reviews albums, books, and other kinds of things.


Catharsis - Okay admittedly, I don't understand a word she is saying because she speaks French but I know this girl loves what Goth truly is about. Admittedly, I do like her Outfit videos but the thing that makes me stay is that every 1 or 2 months, she'll do a Goth playlist and I've come across a few new Goth bands because of them. So if you're looking for music or want to see some interesting trad-influenced looks, you should check her out.


Radically Dark - She's a new one I discovered and she's probably the youngest I've seen in awhile in the YouTube Goth scene as she's only 17 or 18 I believe. She has done a few haul and makeup videos but she does talk about the music and I like that she's knowledgeable about what Goth actually is for her age.


Hope you enjoy, that's all I could remember off the top of my head who've been at least active in the year.

No. 647095

You know you're probably right. I always wondered why she never vlogged at Goth clubs or gatherings at some of the countries she's been. Hell, she could've done vlogs at Goth clubs in Germany assuming there are any near her but it makes sense why she avoids them because she'd run the risk of not sticking out like a sore thumb in a sea of similarly looking people who may even be more interesting than she is.

Yeah, Angela Benedict has a very intricate way of speaking which makes it easy to listen to her. I understand that Amy is a little hard to get into as she's not the most charismatic person out there but she's the only one who actually talks in depth with Industrial music and makes a good point of how it sounds nothing like Goth. I just tend to watch her when I'm doing something like cleaning or cooking. It's easier to listen that way, at least for me. And fair enough on Ligeia. I don't really watch her that much as I'm not much of a reader but I brought her up because at the very least, she does talk about something that isn't makeup or clothes and that should count for something right? lol

No. 647207

>You know you're probably right. I always wondered why she never vlogged at Goth clubs or gatherings at some of the countries she's been.

She did few vlogs at clubs and events at the beginning of her stay in the Germany.

>Hell, she could've done vlogs at Goth clubs in Germany assuming there are any near her but it makes sense why she avoids them because she'd run the risk of not sticking out like a sore thumb in a sea of similarly looking people who may even be more interesting than she is.

Such videos were actually interesting. She and Kaz Loves bats aka Goblin Queen are like almost the only youtubers that I can think about who actually did vlogs at events and clubs. Other than that goths mostly uploads only conert clips. And videos of dancing are true rarity. Most such clips on youtube are from the '80s plus some more recent from Gothic Pogo Party in Leipzig - and that's about all.

Strange especially considering all the fuzz online about kindergoths not going out to the events.

No. 647468

Catharsis is the youngest one on YT I think. She's 16. She used to have her age on her IG but she took it off for some reason.

No. 647583

I actually always thought the opposite thing. That when she is near other goths she looks kinda embarrased like she knows people must be thinking (even if they aren't) "look, there is the gaff youtuber pfff", she looks somewhat nervous when vlogging in goth concerts and clubs, while when she is out on the street I guess she is so accostumed to people looking at her because of her appearance that makes no difference to them when she's walking around with a camera, you know what I mean? Like if the strangers on the street didn't matter at all because fuck it, they're just curious people staring at her for a reason known to her: she looks weird. On goth events, on the other hand, everybody looks weird, so she must feel insecure AS FUCK with the selfie stick, talking with the camera, because when people look, she knows people are looking ate her to judge HER, not just "look, a goth, how weird!"

Yeah, let's be honest, who else makes videos about goth events? I used to like her videos on clubs, shows, events in general. But the quality of this content gradually worsened and I lost interest, I barely check on her anymore. Music wise she reacted or reviewed Black veil brides (i think), went to see cradle of filth, a lot of shitty stuff, I was just like… girl…

No. 647749

Ah okay. Sorry about that then. Yeah I probably missed it then because it's been so long since she's done a Goth club vlog. But you're right, Goblin Queen and IBF are some of the only youtubers who vlogged in a Goth club. Oh and I think This is Raven did a couple as well.

Oh woow I didn't know she was that young, I thought she was like 21-22 lol. That's pretty cool though considering she's pretty knowledgeable of the scene at that age, that's using the internet to your advantage and people like her and Radically Dark definitely make me feel positive for some of the newcomers of Goth.

Yeah I see some validity to what you said. Perhaps she is more nervous around other Goths because she doesn't have that aura of feeling out of place since everyone at a Goth club is more or less on the same page and instead, will judge her as possibly some attention whore carrying that selfie stick around.

And yeah, her latest music reviews were jokes what with Black Veil Brides, that was just for the views I'm sure.

No. 647788

File: 1532594590728.jpg (200.63 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20180726-180516.jpg)

This shit is getting so old. Super boring and this look just looks dirty. That grill is heinous. Wheres the film? The book? Lol what a loser.

No. 647800

FFS not you again… seriously we still don't fucking care you don't like her makeup.

No. 647801

I'd be livid, honestly. I stayed in berlin with no proof of income or a place to live when said I'd stay there for for months.

Maybe i told them three, but still. The uk is as bad as the us.

No. 647804

You can even come there without any papers - as Germany is now "all inclusive", because that's so "progressive and tolerant".

No. 647805

Just pretend you are oppressed by something in your country. You can make up what country you are from too.(derailing)

No. 647991

yes, that'll totally work /s

No. 648264

it does

go away, where the fuck are mods BTW?

No. 649040

What I want to know is how exactly IBF is affording all this travel? Like when MrOwl was with her they went all over the fucking place and the flew from Leipzig to Vienna which is a 7 hour train ride. I'm not from Europe but I know that trains are notoriously popular and accessible…so I really don't understand how the hell she could afford to fly MrOwl and herself and then a short time later they are in Rome. Not only the flights but they rent entire apartments instead of hotels. I know this can be cheaper in some cases but someone who doesn't have a real job would usually go for some super cheap place…and now she's flying to Cologne for the Amphi festival. Am I missing something here? I looked at her Patreon and she only gets $700 a month. On SocialBlade it says she makes from a few hundred to about $4500 a month. I highly doubt she is making near that much and her huge apartment must be at least 1000 euros a month.

No. 649063

Trains in Europe is MORE expensive than flights.

No. 649076

I live in vienna and go to leipzig every year for wgt - flights are more expensive than the train (at least during wgt season)

Apartments are way cheaper in vienna than hotels though. She said she spent 35€ per night iirc? That's a price for which you couldn't possibly find a viennese hotel. Maybe an std-ridden shithole in the outskirts, but not an actual nice and clean hotel in the city. It's a great price for vienna tbh.

1000 is a little much, apartements in Leipzig aren't that expensive. Did she ever mention how many square meters it is? I'd say it's about 500€.

No. 649082

She also probably gets her festival tickets and travel costs covered for goth festivals and events

No. 649095

File: 1532731682006.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, FCFD89ED-16C4-47C1-9C65-31E95A…)

Fucking hell!! It’s just one tantrum after another with her! I’d be so embarrassed to do that

No. 649100

MrOwl has a job and I’m assuming paid for himself and most of ibf stuff too

No. 649124

Cry and beg - what the fuck, how old is she? I'm sure that was not the reason why it worked out tho

No. 649138

File: 1532737258032.png (578.67 KB, 359x640, IMG_4678.PNG)

really drac? all fictional characters? not even siouxsie or lydia lunch, dave vanian or any of the typical goth icons?

No. 649169

Why must everyone like siouxsie? I hated her and still do! It’s almost like this thread is focused only on her. Drop it

No. 649172

File: 1532739654195.jpeg (319.5 KB, 744x1134, 47698AFA-7EA4-4FB3-8720-E9F250…)

Speaking of Drac, I bet she’s not following her own advice about the shade Willam threw on her. She’s probably taking it seriously and is in her feelings about it.

No. 649185

Shes already known for being sensitive to constructive criticism (& the comment section fuckery) Yet the next step for this bitch is to out that she can't even watch the video? Willam isn't even harsh, he's on the tamer side of these types of videos.
(the lolita news chick who went in on Kelly is harder than him)

No. 649188

Oh don't overreact. It's perfectly fine to have only fictional Icons. Or not even have one in particular at all.

You can still respect the real people for what they have do for the subculture, without seeing them as your personal icons.

No. 649196

>Thepropserpina (does anyone knows what this stupid nickname actually means?)

Propserpina is the Roman equivalent of the greek goddess Persephone.

It's also a girls name depending where you life (and how much of a history nerds your parents are).

So it's either her name or she likes the myth of Propserpina very much.

No. 649228

oh damn really? only 500 euros? that's way cheaper than I expected. iirc the apartment has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. in the US you're paying over $1000 for not even half that, even in small cities.

No. 649372

Yeah, this sounds more like in the 500 range. Keep in mind that 500€ is more than 500 usd.

We also have to keep in mind that her goth clothing/makeup/festivals are sponsored most of the time.

I have friends who live off about 1000€ and they still manage to travel in europe and buy goth stuff. Ofc they have really shitty apartments (talking 1 room that barely fits a bed and a shared bathroom in the hall), can't make any long term savings and often get their food/drinks paid by others when going out.

No. 649514

WOW, I don't think I could rent an apartment of such size for this price in Poland in city of similar size as Leipzig. And Poland is usually like 3 times cheaper in most aspects than Germany.Is Leipzig just having so many of them to rent?

No. 649824

Yes. If she doesn't have to buy clothes, makeup (or most of it), shoes, or pay to get in to events, her expenses are only going to be rent/bills, food, and transport.

I have no idea how much she would make from YT. It's extremely possible that she gets some help from home though. And as for this recent trip, yeah, I reckon Mr Owl has probably paid for, or significantly contributed to, flights. She and Matthias always travelled by bus, train, stayed in hostels. But Mr Owl was staying for a short time and probably wanted to see a bit more of Europe while they were together, so I guess flights meant they could spend more time actually IN the places rather than travelling to them.

No. 649876

also, how can we know for certain that she doesn't have an actual job? She could work anywhere and we would never know. How do we know she isn't packaging groceries somewhere with a very toned down look? She could also be doing a lot of work from home that we would have no way of knowing of: graphic designer, translator, editing videos for small companies, writing for magazines under a pseudonym… People don't tell every little thing about them on the internet even if it seem like they do. Yes, getting help from her mother is a possibility, but I think she survives on a mix of all those things, I bet she earns money with jobs we don't know about. Are any of you anons freelancers? If you are, then you know what I'm trying to say. jobs pop here and there, with variable payment rates but mostly it's stuff you don't get credit for and just pay enough to cover the bills (i'm a graphic designer.

No. 649893


This is a very good point.

No. 649929

Sounds like her mother talking here. IBF just isnt that capable. That would involve being organised. Which she is not.

No. 649965

just because I'm showing you an angle you hadn't thought before about her it doesn't mean I'm her mother. And no, you can't tell if she's organized or able to work as a freelancer at all just by seeing the little she posts on social media. How do you know she isn't capable? You don't. A lot of people with social anxiety (that's her case), depression and other similar problems work from home, as a freelancer or not. Do you work this kinda job? I do, and I can assure you that it's not an herculean task at all. All it takes is that you find something you know how to do and who pays you to. Deliver within the deadline. Receive money. You don't have to be organized, sure it helps but couldnt't work 1 hour straight today because you had a breakdown for whatever reason and spent the whole afternoon crying? No problem, while you are awake late at night worrying you can work on your thing. I'm not saying she's making mad money working all day everyday from home, but she sure is working at least occasionally. It's also normal for freelancers (specially beginners) for the jobs being very spaced. Since she has patreon, youtube and sponsorships, she sure can get jobs here and there.

I highly doubt that she doesn't work at all. You know what else she could be doing? being a proof reader, an assistant editor for small publishers, and the like since she went to film school and studied script writing. Endless possibilities. She's not stupid to tell the internet absolutely everything she does. I'm certain she is making money this way, because if not, then her mother would have to be a fucking millionaire to be not only supporting herself but IBF in a different country, so she'd be paying for 2 households, all bills included plus all the trips. I don't think so.
Before she left New Zealand she had lots of jobs at the same time, 3 or 4 if I remember correctly, the most random things like cashier, pizza delivery, decorator for shop window displays etc, so she's not strange to working a lot. In germany working in person is nearly impossible for her because she couldn't learn the language so the next step is search the internet for jobs.

No. 649985

Considering she's actually said she doesn't have a job, I'm thinking she doesn't have a job.

No. 650050

Actually according to her Patreon she can't work in Germany at all, and the impression is strongly given that Patreon and YT are the sum total of her income. Her Patreon brings in $780 a month apparently, which could about cover rent. The rest apparently is YT

No. 650066

I think it is possible i mean she used to have like 4 jobs in NZ before going to germany , i think she lives from her patreon and yotube money , and well she gets free stuf from her wishlist and from clothing companies , also i don't think she has like this luxurious life.

No. 650085

Thank you for that heatfelt tolstoy justification. Frankly no one cares. Lets just hooe she pays her taxes. No one escapes getting paid. Internet job or not. Sounds lije you're very interested in defending her world. Good luck with that!

No. 650136

This notion of "she have not a real job " still make me laugh out of loud being someone considered with no job ( i.m illustrator) but guys, stop it, we earn money enough for eat, live and guess what ? Travel !
Yes, having no jobs and earning money what a strange things. IBF earn at least 2000€ per month with her notoriety and visibility.
A friend of mine is living in this kind of huge appartment in Leipzig and she paid 450€
I let you do your own calculs .

No. 650139

For the record lydia Lunch is punk not goth.
Just say it

No. 650145

I.m free lancer since 15 years now. If you work you earn. Stop drama.
IBF is working ( it’s pain in the ass for you but she.s doing the job ) and as i said she earn at least 2000€ per month.
I"ve discussed with a friend who.s teaching vid at university and they talk about being youtuber as a full time jOb. It was very interesting to talk about the youtubers incomes. Some earns amount of money and on the scale IBF must earn at least 2000€ , sorry guys. Quit your job for doing nothing ..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 650207


>why are people talking about Siouxsie in the goth thread

anon wtf

Lydia Lunch and Andrew Eldritch are both kinda assholes but they're relevant to the goth scene so of course they're going to be discussed in the altcows thread.

No. 650275

I'm always irritated how it's possible to make a shit load of money just because of a few simple, stupid videos on YT

No. 650307

if you think this is a heartfelt tosltoy justification then I feel sorry for you. It's pretty straightfoward explaining how people can make money, regardless of what this girl does or not to earn money. point is: do any of us live with this chick? No. do we know what she spenda her time on? no. she could be working from her computer? yes. it's as simple as that. if you don't feel you are capable of making money this way then don't try, but lots of people, don't see why she couldn't be doing one of these things and not telling strangers on the internet about it. Do you post all around the internet every work you do and how much you were paid for it? I don't think so.

yeah, that's what I was trying to say. explaining to people who don't work as freelancers how it works and what kinds of jobs she could be doing. I really can't understand why some people got angry that this woman can be doing something to earn money while not telling everyone and have to come here and state "she's not capable" "she's disorganized" etc. How can you know? Because of what she tells you online? That's the point, she wouldn't tell everyone if she was working something simple and boring. Why? I certainly don't go around posting every work I make and how I got paid for it

No. 650318

No one is claiming that freelancers are jobless layabouts. Most people understand how freelancing works because they have basic common sense. Stop trying to sound so misunderstood.

IBF has said that she doesn't have a job. If she was doing freelance work then she would most likely say "I work as a freelancer." Sure, we don't know this with 100% certainty, but considering how much she does share, I can't imagine she would say that she cannot get a job in Germany and not follow that up with "but I do freelance work when I come across it." The only reason she wouldn't is to try to get more Patron donations.

I feel free confident that IBF earns enough between Patreon and YouTube to live a decent enough life. She probably doesn't have savings or anything like that, but it's not a stretch to assume she makes enough to cover the basics and some frills. She likely doesn't really NEED to work or freelance unless she wants to start putting money away.

That's a very weird thing to be irritated with. You expect people to entertain you for free? Sure, it's mildly annoying when people make a lot of money off just unboxings and sponsored content. But, celebrities do it all the time (commercials). This is just how the world works.

No. 650359

oh my god! for real, why are you hellbent on affirming there isn't the faintest possibility of this woman doing something and not telling people?

>If she was doing freelance work then she would most likely say "I work as a freelancer."

exceot if she didn't. are you that naive to think that people are 100% honest on the internet and that "public people" like youtubers tell their followers about EVERYTHING that happens in their life?

>I feel free confident that IBF earns enough between Patreon and YouTube to live a decent enough life. She probably doesn't have savings or anything like that, but it's not a stretch to assume she makes enough to cover the basics and some frills. She likely doesn't really NEED to work or freelance unless she wants to start putting money away.

you feel confident to correct people on the internet about how the life of a complete stranger you only know from watching some of her videos and looking at her photos really is, her finances, what she does and thinks…

why are you doing such a fuss about the possibility of IBF doing odd jobs as a freelancer on the internet? why is it inconceivable to you that this person is doing something and not telling you? lmao

No. 650391

A) Multiple anons are commenting on this, not just me.

B) You clearly missed the part where I said we don't know this with 100% certainty.

C) My assumption of her finances is based on my knowledge of YouTube earnings and her Patreon. It's actually not a bad thing that I think she makes enough money to live via these things…it's a testament to her channel and supporters (of which you are obviously one).

D) I'm done because I don't actually care about this and I'm ashamed at myself for making two posts about it.

No. 650561

And why focusing on the income of IBF or any others youtubers ??
Personally i don’t care, i prefere more milky things : love, stupid statements, bitching ….
more funny than « gosh, how can she paid her stuff/ appartement / travels….. duh "

No. 650583

it was me who made the post suggesting that maybe she earns money other ways. I'm not a fan or supporter of her or any youtuber, mainly follow to know the gossips too. I don't even have money enough to spare on patreons haha
I prefer the other subjects too, just didn't get why someone was so opposed to the idea, that's all. But Kaya and Jake's income/e-begging/the possibility of them being on welfare is discussed all the time here too. I guess that if you put yourself online in a position of asking for donations like Kaya and Jake do all the time and how IBF made some years ago for her wedding to mr owl people will develop an interest to know about your finances. In that episode that IBF received donations for her wedding to mr own while still living in New Zealand, they broke up but the money was never returned, and she never mentioned it ever again, of course, people who donated will feel like they were fooled and who didn't will start to doubt her honesty.

No. 650639


I prefer other subjects too and don't care how anyone earns their money as long as they aren't scamming people (I don't think any of them are, even TT & Jake. E-begging isn't scamming. It's just gross). But, the subjects are discussed here, so I discussed them. I just generally trust what people say/what I can figure out from outside knowledge versus assuming facts not in evidence. However, none of us will really ever know for sure. And, again, if this is the soul source of her income, then more power to her. I'd prefer to not need a 9-5 to pay for everything I need/want.

The milk is dry lately, so I guess we're all just reaching and recycling a bit. shrug

No. 650675

nayrt, but what the fuck are you green texting? Anon said
>Why must everyone like siouxsie
implying that just because you're goth doesn't mean you have to like her.
Anon didn't say you couldn't discuss her.

No. 650930

I think Jake and TT have entered the scamming territory already. Remember, they made a Kickstarter campaign, collected money and didn't deliver. And then there's the e-begging for "cemetery picnics" and stuff that they don't even end up doing. IMO they're scammers, not just e-beggars.

No. 651058

yup what about the shitty pins they announced and got money for too?

No. 651096


Have you seriously never seen people use greentext to paraphrase before? Fucking hell.
Since you're clearly an expert on the post I replied to, I'm sure you're aware that they also said:
>It's almost like this thread is focused only on her. Drop it.

You don't have to like Siouxsie to be goth but you'd have to be pretty misguided to come to a thread on goth internet figures and complain about Siouxsie getting brought up.

No. 651153

Last I heard, there have of course been some "mysterious" problems and the pins have been delayed. Kaya assured us that they're coming soon. Personally, I wouldn't buy anything from Toxic Tears and Jake when I see their track record of fails and scams. I'm fascinated that some people still keep throwing their money at them. I guess they may not be familiar with their modus operandi unless they read sites such as Lolcow. As Kaya likes to delete negative comments and silence any type of criticism.

No. 651201

I swear I didn't see anyone talking about siouxsie here until this person complained about her being "focused only on her" or something. Where?

I agree, they are scammers. They "raise money" from donations for a lot of silly things that when the goal is reached are never mentioned again. What happened to the cemetery date for example?

No. 651202


samefag to correct: *about the thread being "focused only on her"…

No. 651478

I wasn't aware of the Kickstarter (or maybe I was and forgot). If they did that, then yeah…total scammers. I also haven't kept up with them enough to know if they're following through with their Twitch stuff because I don't really use Twitch. And TT isn't even interesting enough for me to hate watch her.

I feel like I wouldn't even contribute on Twitch to them, or anyone, unless they were actively doing the thing that I was contributing to. Why are their fans so fucking dumb?

No. 651493

> goth
> not a punk subgenre
K m8. Siouxsie and dinah cancer would never call themselves goth. Just punk.

No. 651578

no one said what you are quoting, why do you keep insisting on it?
what does siouxsie and dinah cancer not calling themselves punks and not goths to do with the fact that lydia lunch is not goth t all? Yes, siouxsie and dinah were punks when they were young, at the begginings of their careers with SATB and 45 grave. Goth (and deathrock since you emntion dinah) evolved from there on. Are they part of the thing whether they like it or not to be associated with it? yes. does this mean that goth is a subgenre of punk? no.
Just because of thing derived from another thing it doesn't mean it's a subgenre of the first thing. Would you call New-wave-of-britsh-heavy-metal a subgenre of 50's rock n roll? no, but all rock n roll came from there. It's reaching as fuck. There was Punk, there wwere punks who formed their own bands but went on a different direction starting the post punk branch, some of this bands had elements (musically and theme wise) that were darker, the youth who identified with it got together slowly and it formed the goth subculture. From post punk, came gothic rock, and even fucking andrew eldritch don't call himself a goth.
Just because these artists didn't feel they were part of the youth culture that was growing around their musical work and looks it doesn't mean that they aren't an important part of it, as their work and visuals were the foundation of the thing.

No. 651579

*calling themselves punks and not goths

No. 651681

Nayrt but what's with the sperging out about the greentext not being a direct quote from the post? Using greentext to explain how the post comes across is common practice on image boards. You can disagree with it all you want but it won't amount to anything and imo makes you look either new or like you take things far too literally.
Also they replied once, so I can't see how they "keep insisting on" anything?
Honestly I personally wouldn't describe Lydia Lunch as "goth" or a "goth icon" either but it's really strange to seem this worked up over some other anon 3 days ago using her as an example for something.

No. 652204

I was not the first person who made a comment about this, so I'm not worked up kek. I'm another person that agrees that that anon who's greentexting seems to be trying to bait silly discussions or misunderstanding completely the point of everyone's comments about Drac saying she has only fictional style icons, when it's clear that she's only saying this to seem special. No one claimed everyone must follow siouxsie blindly or anyone else. In fact, Drac's makeup seem to be much more influenced by marilyn manson than anyone else, but it's undeniable that when she does a trad goth look she goes full on siouxsie so it's a bit ridiculous of her to be like "who? where? are there other goths? oh are there goth icons? wtf, I'm just extremely orginal and take inspiration from different sources than other goths"

No. 652255


I'm saying you seem worked up at the Lydia Lunch thing, and you were the first and only person to reply to the person greentexting calling goth a "punk subgenre".

What does "blindly following Siouxsie" have to do with what you said about Lydia Lunch? If you're talking about the conversation earlier up the thread, I think you're assuming you're arguing with the same person just because you disagree with both posts. I don't understand why you're bringing up the post about Drac only having fictional "goth icons" when I didn't mention it in my post at all. For the record, I agree it's a bit strange of her.
I don't really understand what points you're trying to make, but if you feel a reply is baity it would be a lot more understandable if you just said that instead of "b-but anon that's not a direct quote from the post!!" (oops, that's not a direct quote from your post either, is it?)

No. 653060

that's the "problem" with these boards being anonymous, it's very difficult to understand who said what and it gets a little confusing. Yes, I was talking about the earlier posts about Drac and. You really didn't mentioned it on your post, I assumed you were other poster. Another thing is that tone gets lost in written communications so every response that's a little but lenghty and disagreeing with something is interpreted as people getting worked up, angry, caring too much, etc. I just calmly, on my free time, smoking a cig answered directly that even though some artists do not like to be associated with goth they end up associated anyway. No big deal. We're agreeing on the Drac thing, relax.

Let's get back on track, so I'll comment about the Drac thing. She's always like this, it's the same thing with her art and "style". She draws a loooot of inspiration from a famous artist who I forget the name right now, it's almost derivative but when people pointed this out or asked her about it in the past she was very angry. And famously, there's the change on her wardrobe to red when Kat von D started wearing all red outfits, she gets really angry when people point this out. So yeah, I guess she has a problem of admitting even to herself that she draws inspiration from other artists and people like everyone does and instead she wants to sound like she is super original and every aesthetic she chooses comes out of nowhere, just from her bright, original brain

No. 653328

Michael Hussar. But she stated that openly in one of her vids.

No. 653502

wtf are these closeups on psychara's last video from metal festival? I seriously do not know WTF.

No. 653640

What do you mean? Which minute?
Idk I just feel like she’s always weirdly hyper nd bubbly as if she took some stuff

No. 653651

that smiling glasses guy and that barechest guy

No. 653757

At least link the video you're talking about, not everyone follows these people.

No. 654492

Could be some feminazi thing. Looks creepy.

No. 654598

File: 1533217002747.png (348.9 KB, 1536x1132, IMG_2194.PNG)


No. 654735

thought 2 things when reading this 1-"so what, the child has a father, he can take care of the baby while the mother is away" and 2-"but the baby was just 3 months old, wouldn't you like to be with your baby that is practically a newborn? weird"

No. 654749

File: 1533234191527.jpg (308.86 KB, 919x602, health goth.jpg)

ol' jakey boy is really feeling himself. is it me or does his body look edited on the left? there's a weird indent by the nipple that isn't on the right, and ffs please clean your mirror.

No. 654753

IF the father did not join Adora on her festival trip. Also, the mother is crucial for a baby that age (not only for food, but for security and peace) and the Mera Luna isn't a short getaway, but a three day festival in a different country.
Most mothers would be heartbroken to be separated from their kids at that age.

No. 654797

around 15 min into this way too long video she addresses whether or not she will still be supporting kvd beauty.

tl;dw version:
>will use up the makeup she currently has
>goes on a 5 min tangent about why she stopped supporting/wearing j* makeup
>has been trying to distance herself from kvd/beauty which "really, really sucks" b/c she's been using it for 6 years
>spent so much money collecting it [added eye rolls for dramatic effect]
>was excited to be on pr list; to be recognized and "unofficially part of the brand" was "pretty darn awesome"
>has a feeling that due to her post on ig [not supporting kat's decision not to vaccinate her kid] she will be taken off the pr list and "doesn't care"
>repeats how she doesn't care and will buy something herself if she really wants it
>ppl were involving her with the anti-vaxx drama, acting like just b/c she was on the pr list she shared the same views; nope
>ppl assumed she was close friends with kat for being on pr list; "we were never friends, ever"
>the relationship they had was a mutual like of each other's work
>at one point she did want things to be different and to be closer to kat, get to know her more and be her friend
>it subsided after a while, which happened when she went to the party last year [i think she means the perfume launch]
>b/c she was going to be there for three days, she thought she would spent personal time with kat to get to know her more and get closer to the brand [lol]
>goes on a tangent about sugarpill, how she's used them longer and that they "the biggest reason" the trip was worthwhile
>the trip was partially negative, had breakdowns, cried and super depressed for weeks after she got home
>what sugarpill did for her she thought kat/beauty team would do as well, b/c other ppl from ig were invited out to eat the day most of them came to la
>sugarpill made her feel welcomed, she got to tour the warehouse, filmed a vid and was taken around la, feels like they wanted her to be there and that's why she feels they have a real relationship
>was hoping that's what it would be like with kvd but it wasn't [take a shot every time she does that annoyed sigh]
>if it hadn't been for sugarpill she would've stayed in the hotel the entire time other than attending the party
>kat was nice to her, they only spoke for 3 minutes; even though there were lots of other ppl there to see her, but was expecting to have personal time with her outside the party [lol]
>when she attended the 10 year anniversary party, hanging out with sugarpill was the only thing she was looking forward to
>after the first party she stopped wishing for her to be friends with cat to happen
>"it's not even that big of a deal any more, i don't care" - spent 15 minutes ranting about it
>is thankful for how supportive kvd beauty has been
>"i don't want this to be turned into anything huge, it doesn't need to be. i'm obviously not that hurt by it, i don't care. and i mean it when i say i don't care." [surejan.gif]

is also going to stop dying her hair red and says she won't be able to afford it [b/c she's moving out], but why didn't she think about that when she got it done, especially given how far she's let the roots come in. tinfoiling but i think it's b/c she's distancing from kvd and isn't obsessed with all red outfits any more.

No. 654908

Welcome to the most "progressive" country in the Scandinavia when child is owned by the state either way.


>Most mothers would be heartbroken to be separated from their kids at that age.

Scandinavians have much looser family ties than rest of Europe. To the level when immigrant kids of for example east European origin are sad after the death of a relative Scandinavians find it to be something strange and are suspecting child abuse in family instead realizing the real cause.

In short we in Europe have distinct cultures consisting of

* Southern Europe,
* Western Europe,
* Central/Eastern + Baltics,
* Russia - yes Russia is culturally distinct from rest of the region and is closer to Asian civilisation model in many aspects
* Scandinavia

These groups differ culturally in approach to family, interacting with people etc. So it's not surprising you may find many aspects of someones behavior to be strange if you are from other "cultural group" as them.

No. 654943

What do you mean?

No. 655129

I think he's just flexing like his life depended on it

yeah, that's what I meant when I instantly thought about it 2 seconds later. Not even the father took care of the child? Poor thing

thank you!
>the relationship they had was a mutual like of each other's work

kek as fuckkkkk

>at one point she did want things to be different and to be closer to kat, get to know her more and be her friend

>b/c she was going to be there for three days, she thought she would spent personal time with kat to get to know her more and get closer to the brand [lol]
>goes on a tangent about sugarpill, how she's used them longer and that they "the biggest reason" the trip was worthwhile
>the trip was partially negative, had breakdowns, cried and super depressed for weeks after she got home
>what sugarpill did for her she thought kat/beauty team would do as well, b/c other ppl from ig were invited out to eat the day most of them came to la
>sugarpill made her feel welcomed, she got to tour the warehouse, filmed a vid and was taken around la, feels like they wanted her to be there and that's why she feels they have a real relationship
>was hoping that's what it would be like with kvd but it wasn't [take a shot every time she does that annoyed sigh]
>kat was nice to her, they only spoke for 3 minutes; even though there were lots of other ppl there to see her, but was expecting to have personal time with her outside the party [lol]
>after the first party she stopped wishing for her to be friends with cat to happen

>"it's not even that big of a deal any more, i don't care" - spent 15 minutes ranting about it

>"i don't want this to be turned into anything huge, it doesn't need to be. i'm obviously not that hurt by it, i don't care. and i mean it when i say i don't care." [surejan.gif]

it totally looks like you don't care, you weren't hurt at all by Kat not wanting to be your friend and totally isn't taking it personal, Drac! It's reaaaaaally obvious. Like really really obvious. Clear as day. that's why you are trying to push this "I was loving Sugarpill secretely all the time, HA! Gotcha!"

>when she attended the 10 year anniversary party, hanging out with sugarpill was the only thing she was looking forward to

No. 655432

she sounds really desperate for attention from someone she doesn't even know. sad and cringey at the same time

No. 655705

no problem, her rambling is insufferable but too funny not to share. she could've just made a simplified statement and moved on. now we'll see her sucking up to sugarpill and not so subtly dropping things she was doing to relate to kat.

No. 655717

IBF drops a bit of a bombshell in her latest crappy video..she plans to move back to NZ and have kids at the end of year..guess her relationship with Mr Owl is super serious on her side as well as his,good luck to them he seems a nice guy..I was under the impression she hates NZ and wanted to stay in Germany awhile(or maybe trying her luck in USA if right opportunity comes along to collaborate with Gigi gorgeous )..guess it will cost a fucking fortune to ship all her stuff to NZ..the stuff in her recent killstar video is mostly very cheaply made,tacky rubbish. especially the pentagram/thelema symbol belts and " satanic" chocker and cuddly bapohmet toy(for her baby she said)..killstar is modern mall goth taste..(don't use emojis)

No. 655764


where in that long ass video does she mention that?

No. 655775

File: 1533323811121.jpeg (302.1 KB, 1600x1276, F90B53D7-4FF9-4391-9F4E-7635A7…)


No. 655959

>>655717 Well she says "going back" not moving back - I'm not sure whether she means permanently or just for another trip.

And the kids thing "quite soon" is extremely standard for women of her age.

But yeah I think she's serious about Owl for certain and always has been.

No. 655962

So… it's open to everyone?

Why doesn't Sebastian The Boy just say no cis males, which is clearly what she's trying to imply.

No. 656005

Wait I just watched it again. She says "probably going back" which is NZ for "absolutely definitely going back unless something happens to change that."

No. 656014

yes, she's so stupid that by trying subtly to say "no cis guys" she said it is open to everyone. Girls, nonbinary and OTHER genders. What are the other genders Taylo- ops, Sebastian? She's so inclusive that she'll personally judge every single account in an attempt to determine the person's gender… Isn't assuming people's genders like the 8th deadly sin to her? In her mind "It's fine when it's me, trying to avoid cis men". Hm… Just write "Discussion group open to cis and trans women, nonbinary people as well". But she's stupid as a fucking door, what can you expect?
I reeeeeeeeeeaally wanted to see someone who is actually trans or nonbinary for real quizz Taylo- ops, Sebastian to death as to why she claims to be trans while being a cis female performing femininity all day everyday, flaunting every curve and boob she can squeeze inside of all that black leather and rubber looking and acting like a cis woman, being attracted to men. This is not being trans at fuck all. We cannot forget how she's also the asexual who loves kinky sex and won't stand people kink shaming her because she is an asexual that can only feel sexual satisfaction by BDSM and being spanked.
urgh. Can Taylor be any more desperate for attention?
Yes she can, she decided study to become a mortician, not because that would look and sound cool for a goth (she's also NOT a goth!!!) to be a mortician but because she feels so natural about death and bla bla bla. Yeah, that's why the moment she saw that there where "other goth girls" there she got bummed out and then gave up and made a rant on youtube because the teachers said that in this industry people have to look "normal". Yeah, it totally wasn't for show…

oh my god, can Freya make worst life decisions? Going back to NZ that yshe hates because there is NOTHING there that interests her, scene wise, to settle down and be stuck there forever with children. If she freaks the fuck out every day because she has a lot of mental health issues I don't think that giving up the life you like of travels, festivals, meeting people, drinking a looooot, she'll have a complete breakdown when she becomes just another goth housewife. worst decision ever. Soon she'll be the one leaving her 3 month old with someone while she goes to a festival hahahah

No. 656180

Is it bad I totally actually want her to get knocked up with a kid? I follow a bunch of alt-fashion moms but absolutely none of them dress their kid that way (they just dress like every other damn kid out there) and I’ve always had a guilty love for the “goth baby” thing which you know she of course will do if she pops one out.

No. 656270

I kinda don't understand people who are goth or even alternative and dress their kids normal… Of course I'm not talking about forcing a child who is old enough to chose what they like to dress goth just because their parents are, but if I had a baby I'd dress them to my taste until they were capable of saying what they want. Of course the kid wouldn't be a mini johnny slut but band t-shirts and plain clothes (without super heroes or characters from tv) and some classic baby/child stuff. I get freaked out when I see kids walking around dressed like mini adults. There's a lot of these kids on instagram, dressed like adult instagram """"models"""

No. 656284

Omg those nails and rancid band aid… Freya was always destined for suburbia. Where else can she go? US? UK? Nope. I can just see her being doted on by her stupid boyfriend and show mom, knocked up and living a life in oblivion. Things didn't really work out as she planned. Its youtube Freya… and you're a calculating victim. I suppose her visa is out. No more parties to go to… that shit got so old a year ago. You cant take benzos when youre pregnant. Thats going to work out well… rofl. Perhaps Kat von D has made being pregnant cool…. lol!!!!

No. 656287

Sounds to me like a decision has already been made and she is prepping her audience for the move home…. ahahahaha i think she finally got kicked out from Germany. If its true…. SUCKED IN FREYA!!!!

No. 656301


Because you don't want other kids/their parents to exclude or treat your kid differently because you've dressed them up for your own vanity. I'm a goth mom, I already put other "norm" parents off playdates because they make snap judgments about my lifestyle based on how I look. Kid is 4 now and asks to wear "goth" things like me but it's his choice so I feel more comfortable with it.

I don't like the mini adults thing either, kid always wore super bright scandi playwear which was fun/comfortable.

No. 656329

Freya stated in the last video how isolated she is and that she doesn't go out.that getting a package from killstar is the be all and end all,sad!..not going to WGT? did she go to any of the goth festivals this year? Why not put videos of those up(especially the live music)would be way better than haul videos or grade z travel videos of her eating pizza in Rome..I get the feeling she has no real friends on the local goth scene.So will it matter there is no Goth scene in NZ. At least in NZ she will have a supportive bf and her mum nearby.She has lots of issues and needs looking after..no sitting alone in her goth queen show flat. Maybe the goth baby thing could be a new niche for her channel,

No. 656342

I saw several people in the comments complaining about her content being only hauls these days. It's really sad when you don't have anything going on in your life to vlog about because you have no friends and don't leave the house. Even TT and Jake are able to do that from time to time.
It's really strange that she wants to stay in Germany or Europe when her social life basically died after she and Mathias decided to separate. It always seemed like the people she was friends with were his friends. She rather wants to sit in her flat all day instead of being with her family and Mr owl because she can go to goth festivals in the summer and visit european cities with super goffik architecture or what's the reason? It's super depressing to me.
I'm not sure about the festivals this year but she mentioned them in previous videos. So if she went to mera luna or WGT it would be stupid to not make at least one video about it.

No. 656343

On Twitter IBF said she will be doing a meet and greet at M'era Luna.

No. 656349

That's fucking sexist

No. 656352


Because pretending to be non cis white is Hot Shit™ nowadays. Instead of talking about real problems of trans, gay and bisexuals - let's prettend it's all fault of teh white cis males.And they are "of course" not racists and sxists while doing so. Extra plus points if you are roleplaying apache attack helicopter grade "gender identity". Because that's much easier than solving real problems.

No. 656355

>IBF drops a bit of a bombshell in her latest crappy video..she plans to move back to NZ and have kids at the end of year

Fucking finally.

No. 656357

File: 1533385274454.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180804-134532.png)

The cringe

No. 656365


Ummm nope. You've got a good inch of space behind your tricep there, Jakey lad. Kid fancies himself far too much.

No. 656369

It's really ironic and a bit sad that she finally gets to go and do things like festivals and attempt to integrate in to the scene in Germany (I use that term lightly as she seemed to make friends but didn't really get in to the scene due to her mental health preventing her attending things) has a good solid year or two at it then decides to move back to buttfuck nowhere to settle down with the man she destroyed by leaving him for a much more attractive younger man all the while still with the pining for Edinburgh constantly on her mind. Yeah, sounds healthy Freyja. They may love each other but they're gonna resent one another pretty quickly for "taking my life away".

No. 656370

She literally just about finished that apartment too and she's gonna have to take it all apart and paint it over again. Fucking flake.

No. 656395

Bleh, this guy really is so cringey.

No. 656399

Did she really mention that she's going back to NZ? I saw the video, but didn't hear that mentioned - now tried again, seeking through it, and she just mentions that would like to have kids in the near future. Can someone say at which minute she says something about moving back to NZ?

No. 656404

File: 1533394503982.png (467.03 KB, 720x1280, 1533065244143.png)

Meanwhile, Voltaire is still being a manwhore, visiting a "kitten girl brothel" and most probably fucking thelittleskylark (who is being discussed here: >>>/snow/650320).

No. 656419

Voltaire is like a waxwork dummy came to life. He is obsessed with women and probably messages and calls women all day long, otherwise he would have no luck

Also as mentioned on here once he tends to borderline sexually harass people

No. 656461

File: 1533401492719.jpg (786.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180804-124928_Ins…)

the other vicky finally shaved her head and started getting it tattooed. hard to tell what the design is but i'm sure it's just as edgy as the pieces on the sides.

No. 656519

she never said she's moving. she said she's "probably" going to NZ in a few months. I'm guessing to visit MrOwl. she mentions it at about 5:30

No. 656538

Thought so, thanks. Then all the discussion about how she's moving back and leaving her flat is a bit premature, isn't it.

No. 656597

> look at my squished up arm fat

No. 656658

Let's be honest he do have some muscle mass under that fat.

No. 656663

Roll up, roll up to meet Santa at the fair…. lol this is the goth scene 2018. Go see the bands not some entitled millennium idiot.

No. 656665

That photo reminds me of how my dad - who also had muscle mass, from doing work not lifting weights - used to squish his arm against his chest to make his bicep look bigger when he was playing with us. And we used to bash it and marvel at how solid it was. /coolstory

No. 656668

IBF is totally dull. Still waiting for the projects she's been talking about and self confessions about actually not producing anything. The movie will never be made the book wont get written because its more dumbass easier to bat fake eyelashes and open boxes of mall gith tack af kilstar clothing. Mall goth of the future.

No. 656670

Yeah I don't think anyone is denying he has muscle. He obviously does, but he's not as ripped as he thinks he is. If he cut, then they would look decent. This guy seems to be on a perpetual bulk and if that's how he wants to look, then cool go for it. But he's deffo not the chiselled god he appears to think he is.

No. 656673

Its inevitable…

No. 656681

So what though? If being in NZ with her loved ones makes her happier than "living the dream" in Europe isn't that better for her long-term?

Most of us DO go home eventually.

No. 656688

The point being most people dont make a public spectacle of themselves in order to get what they want. Filming that deadend wedding which we all know was for her own selfish wants. Her entire existence is a monkey bar… not letting go of one relationship until she can swing into another.

No. 656696

The wedding was awful that's for sure. If you're crying that much all the way through….

No. 656698

What really gets my goat is for all the followers shes got she's never given back a thank you and maybe had a giveaway of an item from one if her nade in china hauls. That overpriced shit is not worth the money but she is so utterly selfish she never does a giveaway. Unless its tickets to a festival because she herself is getting in for free to promote it so she doesnt lose out there or costs her anything. Total leech.

No. 656699

That wedding was a scam. Waterworks Freya wearing those cheap restyle earrings and chipped fingernails. Filming it herself was so narcissistic she needs serious rherapy.

No. 656705

Sleeping in the bed her ex used to sleep in. Lol you're assuming she has sex… which is once a year. Maybe more to the point Mattius lives across the hallway. AWKWARD.

No. 656706

Because unrequited live is a BITCH

No. 656725

>why do i look hotter
>no makeup

It’s filtered and edited to waxwork but ok sis.

No. 656727

File: 1533424641453.jpeg (160.26 KB, 750x1118, 79D0B42C-F35F-4B84-943F-B68301…)

This is hilarious - she’s been lowkey wanting to skinwalk Charlie Qu/metalornothing_ who she had some brief and wild BPD fling with via the internet a while back. I can’t find the caps atm but even then she admitted she first started shaving and tattooing her head because she wanted to look like her. >>>/snow/170037 https://archive.is/20160830080919/http://charli3qu.tumblr.com/post/149660885919/victoriacampbell

No. 656827

She was at WGT. I saw her several time at Agra. She was with Thilda Beinhaus and alone. She looked like a little bit lost.

No. 656832

I think she precipitated the marriage for being in a documentary for a national german channel. I saw it. Matthias has still this jerk face i don’t support. Saw him at WGT and he Was with Parma Ham the new goth sensation of the web. ( but very interesting guy BTW) he dated freja for fale, no doubt.
Some good friends told me he was narcissic and very unpolite. Not easy to live with. He said some homophobic things to a friends ( but being with Parma ham who is becoming famous, no problem)
I saw him flirting loudly with girls. If My man did that, he can pack his stuff.

No. 656833

File: 1533436831458.jpeg (255.59 KB, 750x1110, 1AC1D618-C13B-427A-B6DD-B241AC…)

They actually look pretty good together.

No. 656834

It’s life ! My husband is sleeping also in a bed who knew some of my ex ahahah…(no one cares)

No. 656840

He needs an iron hand in a velvet gloves. I think she hold him by the balls more than freya did.
First flirt and he will be out. Not jokes with 40s girls.

No. 656888

Borderline? He straight up kisses people without their permission. He's 50 and still having sex with people half his age…people who are in the dating range of his son. After making an album talking smack about his ex who is the age of the Isibella Chateau. Most of his complaints were about not being able to relate to her because of her age, and yet he continues to pursue girls her age.

No. 656897

They look hot together. I am pretty sure Mattias behaved that way with Freya because he knew she was using him anyway. More like a fuck you than dubbing him as an asshole. Shes the cunt.

No. 656913

You are naive to think anybody is gonna to change him

No. 657050

Saw ToxicTears in the wild a few days ago.

She went into Lush and sort of just hung around for the best part of an hour, jumping from one sales assistant to another, holding onto them while the shop was pretty busy and getting them to explain products and chit-chat. She especially held onto anyone with dyed hair or any sort of alt aura. The staff were stretched pretty thin and after all that she left without spending a penny. Her bf was just sitting outside (idk if he was there the whole time or not) but probably a while, seemed very grim.

I'd also never realised just HOW MUCH shoop she uses on her face. Her skin is destroyed with pockmarks. I really wish I was making it up, but one side of her face looks like a sponge covered in kryolan. She looks so raggedy in real life.

No. 657074

Kek @ all people here (or is it only one?) still trying to paint him as this sweet angel who of course only behaves flirtatious and cheats when he is with a person like freezer. His attitude tells all, he just IS like that and will not change just because he's in a new relationship. Not trying to WK IBF at all, she probably did use him, it's just so naive to think someone who comes off as so narcissistic and arrogant would be that innocent boyfriend or husband.

That's really interesting. I wonder why she has to waste the employees' time when she doesn't even buy stuff in the end. That's so rude, at least buy SOMETHING to not come off as an annoying and crazy person.

No. 657077

Hanging around to get testers or freebies. Leech..

No. 657083

Are you so blind ( or in love ) ? He do all the best he can for fame. Let me laugh. I saw how he interrect with girls and people with my own eyes and trusty friends told me is not the angel you believe he is. For once it’s not on the side of Freya who, i believe was really in love.

No. 657084

Money help, don’t believe the legend that girls stay with men for money, some men can do that very well too.
Andi don’t say change, just restrain and at the first fault he knows he will be out.

No. 657331

Does she really think they don’t know she’s doing this, as if people don’t go in there doing that all day long? Just be polite and ask for what you want, Kaya, ffs! I love the idea that she thinks she’s charming her way into free samples when they will hand them out like candy to anyone who just asks. They’d probably be more generous if she didn’t just fucking hang around bothering them forever.

No. 657357

>>656727 I had te exact same thought but couldn't remember Charlie's name. Vic is creepy AF with this one.

No. 657459


tbh, has anyone considered that maybe this new woman he's with doesn't care if he flirts around? not everyone is super monogamous. I can understand IBF being upset because she's said before that she is really prudish/traditional about relationships. But it's a bit rude to assume that his gf doesn't know and he's using her. tbh, I'm ace and my bf sleeps with other people and I don't care. if IBF is ace, she could just…. y'know, loosen up the reigns and just make sure that if he's sleeping around, that he uses protection.


Idk how IBF thinks she can have a baby soon when she has no reliable source of income, lives in a foreign country where she can't work, in mentally unstable, and is very isolated and doesn't have a support system.

what happens when she goes off her benzos, has a panic attack, and she's pregnant, and theres nobody around to help her through it? she doesn't own a car, so how will she drive herself to get prenatal care? what about traveling with a child? someone to care for the baby while she makes videos? like theres so many things to raising a kid and she's straight up just worrying about how providing her kid w/ spooky plush toys.

No. 657709

She's clearly moving back to NZ to start a family with her fiancee, next to her family, specially her mother, who seems like she'd do anything for her. Will she freak out? absolutely but I don't think she is crazy enough to try to have a baby in this situation in Germany, because it doesn't make any sense, even for her.

About matthias new relationship, it could be that he's using her or she doesn't care that he's flirty. Both me and my partner are flirty as fuck, even if we're not asexual and are monogamous. But we also have to admit that acting flirty because thats just the way you are and actually making sexual advances towards other women while in a relationship are very different things. Several anons who know matthias or have him in their social circle said that when he's drunk he actually grabs other women's asses and even cheated on her. This is not what flirty is, that's having zero respect for your partner.
And okay, they might have an open relationship and she doesn't care at all about this, even lets him fuck other women. He behaved the exact same way when he was married to IBF who was not okay with this. So thats not exactly good boyfriend material. I don't know why so many people defend this guy, we're not even saying he's a bad person or anything, just stating that he can't keep his hands to himself while drunk and cheated on IBF.

No. 657762

File: 1533545307872.jpeg (283.43 KB, 736x1115, 7AC166EF-D05B-4B66-8043-F3B1D1…)

If anyone actually pays money for this then they deserve to be scammed.

No. 657763

where's the deadpool video he promised after getting £500 of his followers money?
where's the graveyard date video after getting another £500 of followers money?

No. 657787

Adora's Insta became something what looks like a trophy wall xD

No. 657790

As has been discussed before people defend Mattias cos they fancy him haha,I'm assuming lots of goth/alt women post on here and i expect no one can say there is a big surplus of attractive single,straight men on their local scene? Yeah Mattias seems a cocky prick .I find Voltaire far more odious than Mattias as he is a much older sleaze ball creep who pretends to care about suicide( video he did with IBF and Ree Ree) for views when he is an untalented fame whore who won't give up trying to make it big haha I guess he needs to be a " somebody" to get submissive young girls like kitten girl with shockingly clownish bolt ons,they deserve each other..IBT is rather lame/weak/silly/unimaginative on the ideas front at times but ..It is quite possible to sympathise with her mental health struggles a bit.I think TT /Jake are worse cows,..IBF is better off returning home to NZ and give up trying to go to the next level on the grade z celeb totem pole..in NZ she has support ( family,social welfare money so she won't need to worry about getting patrons/ u tube royalty etc). I think both her and Mattias were idiots to rush into marriage ..as has been pointed out BOTH people used each other.

No. 657826

Is it just me who finds Angela Benedict stories really boring? I don’t know why she feels the need to share them, you went to concerts when you where a kid … mind blowing!

No. 657828

I get what you mean, they are not very exciting or funny, I prefer the style/fashion related videos cause I can get some inspiration from them. It's not bothering me though, at least she does more than just 100+ (insert trendy goth brand) hauls

No. 657850

Yeah, and what are they actually doing with that money? As it seems Kaya can't even afford Lush or a new camera/computer and has to e-beg for basically everything.

No. 657852

What even is that? Looks extremely poor quality…

No. 657919

How dense are her followers? I looked through the comments on the post and every single one is "OH I CAN'T WAIT ONE FOR ME PLS". It's a button with a hair tie through it, come on people.

Is she deleting negative comments or is her follower base really this much of an echo chamber of bad taste?

No. 657950

File: 1533571131786.jpeg (456.32 KB, 1600x1085, E83C10E7-5DF2-4B4B-8136-74C7F3…)

Over a £10 mark up per pair!!!!?
You Kaya are certainly scummy money hungry trash! People with “e-fame” should not sell their own merch unless they are talented and creative enough to make the whole lot from scratch. Not take less than a minute to stick a piece of elastic on an ebay purchased button & call that merch & sell for over 6x more per pair to your half-soaked preteen fan base.

Kids, make your own & if you’re too dumb to stick an elastic to a oversized button, ask your mum for help kek & stop funding this lard arse to sit on the couch festering in her own filth eating twinkies whilst Jake fingers her anus.

No. 657997

Agreed regarding Angela's stories,they are getting very forgettable… her real talent is modelling! Unlike black Friday she makes cheapie fashion look classy.

No. 658002

paying rent and their bills, have you forgot that they have no source of income because they are too good to work?

so can we agree that they are legit scammers now? Full on Felice Fawn kind of of shit

No. 658005

Of course there are some very naive kids who may love and buy everything TT puts out…..despite her having some genuine fans,is it possible TT has bought some followers who as part of the fee paid keep kissing her arse in comments saying they want a £12 button or whatever? I'm not that informed on how to tell "fake fans" from real ones but I understand buying followers is fairly common on you tube/insta/..it wouldn't surprise me if the commercially minded "goth" people do it too.what do other people think?

No. 658098


should've expected such a trash move from her

No. 658359

I’m glad for the break in “Popular Goth Brand” hauls but I find th clothes she shows off just looks… cheap. All the lace is stiff and scratchy looking. It just ends up coming off like knock off killstar tbh. Why isn’t there more emphasis on like thrifting and diy anyway? I know a lot of people on here don’t like of herbs and alters but he made some good points about it on his last video that I’ve been feeling for a while. Angela is just doing a cheaper, low quality version of “here’s some links to be a clone of me”

And as for the stories, I enjoyed them at first but they got kind of annoying after a while. Not everyone got to grow up in New York in the 90s, which is a fact that seems to personally offend angela.

No. 658394

>I guess he needs to be a " somebody" to get submissive young girls like kitten girl with shockingly clownish bolt ons

the sad thing is that the woman that he's really after ('Miss Amy' who he's constantly taking on dates in NYC and to events) actually is very pretty and would be a way more age-appropriate partner for him
BUT the relationship seems pretty one-sided because he's always taking pictures with her and she's never so much as mentioned him on her social media. I wonder how she feels about this type of thing.

No. 658494

Angela used to do some thrifting videos even a bit of DIY but… there are more of her cheap Chinese clothing sponsor videos than there are of her thrifting/DIY videos.

I will admit, I do kinda like her stories, but I mostly just skim through them.

>…Not everyone got to grow up in New York in the 90s, which is a fact that seems to personally offend angela.

Pls explain, I don't really pay much attention to Angela unless I'm bored while scrolling through YT, or she pops up on IG occasionally

No. 658653

Yeah, but don't they also have Patreon for that (meaning for paying their bills and such). I would have thought the extra money would be put to some other use than basic necessities.

No. 658655

Hmm, I'm not an expert, but I don't think so. Paid followers usually don't comment (or even like stuff), that's why it's sometimes so obvious when someone buys followers on Instagram, etc. - there's a huge discrepancy between the amount of followers and the level of engagement.

No. 659062

File: 1533684466910.jpeg (683.52 KB, 1281x1653, 0FCFD3B1-E1BE-4605-931C-95D479…)

This is a painting Metalornothing/Charlie did of Victoria and posted on July 30, and Victoria commented, ‘you are incredible’ with a black heart emoji. I guess it’s been long enough (two years) for both of them to convieniently forget the fallout that happened? I would post more screenshots but am not sure how. Sorry!

No. 659091

>>659062 Vic had posted in her story awhile back, something along the lines of she was laying in bed one night and thought of Charlie, messaged Charlie to address their fallout and they made up & then Charlie did this painting. Didn't think to take a screenshot at the time but that's about all she said on the matter.

No. 659096

File: 1533687356695.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, EB3B42C2-FAAA-4F13-8489-F35E88…)

No. 659242

holyshit, that's a look..

Is she saying she isn't wearing makeup in this pic, cuz she is.

No. 659279

She’s so fake, I guarantee she made amends just so she could fully rip off her look with minimal blowback. She preemptively made peace so Charlie & her followers woudn’t want to come for her.

No. 659285

Victoria is honestly so dumb. She’s been crying and emo shitposting her entire life about how “masculine” her face is and how unhappy she is with her manly bone structure. So she spends the better part of a decade photoshopping herself further and further into a literal waxwork drag queen. Then shaves her head and says this whole bit…despite still photoshopping her already masculine features into appearing more prominent. Watching the way she snaps between “I’m so hot” and “human black hole of histrionic insecurity” could give you whiplash.

No. 659411


Why is this bitch relevant? Haven’t heard of her at all until someone, out of the blue, posted a picture of her. Self post?

The lack of saging with no milk being provided, I’m going with self post(hi [cow])

No. 659447

If you read back a little bit, there was talk about her, and she has one or two threads devoted to discussing her. Also, see >>659096 for a bit about the photoshopping that goes on with her chin. Not as much as Kaya and Jake, but there's still milk there and quite a bit.

No. 659615

File: 1533747813013.png (753.06 KB, 980x618, 93831CA2-F37C-4081-9A7D-6FC5D8…)

That was me dropping my sage, sorry bout that.

Her thread is on autosage, so people are posting her here now. She is well known in alt communities, and very much a cow. She’s on a lot of the goth brands’ PR lists as well, though luckily we’ve been spared a foray into YouTube by theproserpina.

The main milk with her is her endless ~no love~ drama & occasional histrionic tantrums, as well as absolutely hilarious photoshop (pic related).

No. 659650

She just seems to have a fist shaking “you kids these days” sort of an attitude. She often blames the current state of the goth subculture on people who only participate in the subculture mainly online without understanding that of the really big cities there isn’t a physical goth scene. I personally didn’t even have a proper music store in my city growing up. I just don’t think that she quite understands that a lot of spooky kids just didn’t have access to the culture like she did. And I think that’s why a lot of people are really quick to call her an elitist. It’s her attitude.

No. 659657

does she think this looks good? she went from looking meh to looking like a fucking egyptian mummy.

No. 659695

File: 1533752979954.png (3.81 MB, 1018x2838, E4D96298-E32A-4E0F-AD3D-EEF655…)

She must know on some level that it’s bad, because it is constantly changing.

It’s always a laugh to compare her photoshopping to the images that the photographers post.

No. 661129

So what? Everyone's who's photoshopping their pictures is going to be posted here now? Please no. Go back to your thread, thx.

No. 661389

agreed, I don't even think Victoria/theproserpina belongs here, but if she will be posted, please no nitpicking about photoshopping here. Not that we don't talk about photoshopping when it's ridiculous but here we don't usually analyze people's photoshopping to this extent, this belongs in her own thread. Here is for ALTERNATIVE milk, only.

No. 661656

The commentary in this video borders on mind numbingly inane. Yes Freya older people are goth too… shes so naive. Not everyone looks like a clown as they age. The scene wasnt founded on white an stick.

No. 661750

I disagree on that one - she's so popular on YT with younguns and to them she is an elder goth. It's worth pointing out. And also maybe a nod to other older goths who don't know the festivals, saying hey you'll probably feel super comfortable at this one.

As someone who doesn't get to these events I liked seeing what she shared, but I agree that she could maybe include more interview content. But that's kind of the problem with Freyja because she says irl she's quite shy (and I believe it) so it's difficult I think for her to just go up to people and randomly ask searching questions. That would make the vlog a little better though for sure.

No. 661756

File: 1533943248132.jpeg (271.68 KB, 749x1102, 854A9A9B-2644-46CC-B8DE-E2E1DC…)

There’s no way that’s a 6 month belly. I bet in a month or less she’ll vanish from social media claiming to need space to prepare for her baby or something then come back in November with a “newborn.”

No. 661883

>Only 4 months to go before our baby dies from a preventable disease

No. 661969

that fucking name tho

nothing like setting a kid up to be mocked in childhood. mommy picks him up from school with stars on her face dressed like a knock-off elvira.

No. 661987

like he'll ever be allowed to attend a school

No. 662006

Like she won’t be a special snowflake and demand her kid have a fake goffick religious pardon to not be vaccinated and enroll him, infecting all the other school children. Like she won’t keep him home from school when he’s sick bc she knows what’s better for HER kid than some dumb medical doctor with a 8+ year advanced degree and will just pack his lunchbox with a bottle of essential oils in it.

No. 662040


He did actually date her for a while. I think she was pretty close to being 'the one' but then they broke up. He dated another older woman for a while too, she was a dancer I think? I'm pretty sure he also had a thing with the Russian(?) goth girl in his home decoration series. Then there was all the cringe of his 'huge love story' with the young cosplayer Ladee Danger, which saw him dress up as a League of Legends character…

The man is a thirsty bitch. Especially since divorcing his ex wife.

No. 662047

Did anyone else see Jake's insta story at Summer In The City.
There's a GlamGlow ball pit where you have to dig around for one of their face masks and Kaya is going crazy in it trying to find one.
Damn, I know your skin is awful Kaya and you badly need a face mask but you don't need to act like that in public

No. 662083

"she's so popular on YT with younguns and to them she is an elder goth."


No. 662157

File: 1534000282911.jpeg (254.76 KB, 750x1151, 25AC2455-4346-4D53-99DB-067116…)

Apparently, Drac can’t just exist without latching onto a d-list celebrity to emulate and obsess over. This time it’s the misogynistic and racist skeletor galore that is Jeffree Star.
Can she just chill for a second so she doesn’t sell her soul to get on another pr list?

No. 662164

File: 1534001011974.jpeg (264.31 KB, 747x1186, 883DD7B7-4961-4571-A0B7-1F19AD…)


In case anyone wanted to read the rest of this.
Is she getting in bed with the devil to spite KVD? Like Kat would care.

No. 662170

I've had a good laugh, thanks anon. I don't have an app to record Instagram stories but I recommend watching it as long as it's still up. Also, am I the only one who thinks Jake looks even more depressed and unmotivated than usual lately? Like he's talking about being excited for something at that event but his expression says "please kill me". Is he enjoying life at all lmao.

No. 662548

She's so pathetic. Now she is using being against Kat von D as part of her personality, she's a true hero now that she totally did the right thing and called KVD out even if it meant being removed from the PR list, how brave of her! A round of appaluse for Drac. not really, she just tried to distance herself from KVD's opinion and that post was very much about it, not directly calling KVD out, you know what I mean?

No. 662665

At the risk of sounding slightly tinfoily or nitpicky I think the pregnancy is really making Kat unhealthy. Like she's never exactly been "thick" but her hands look like they've aged and gotten all veiney and thin. Her face also isn't that full face most pregnant women get, it's still thin as hell with no glow. My guess is that she really isn't eating enough or healthily for two and the kid is sucking all the nutrients it needs out of her leaving her with basically nothing. Pregnant while vegan is possible but you really need to focus on the supplements and micro/macros you're getting, more than meat eaters cause you can't just eat all that you crave. The poor kid, no vaccines and will likely have issues caused by malnutrition invitro due to Kat's already terrible parenting

No. 663362

You mean… Leafstar is a VAMPIRE BABY???

No. 663431

no, everybody knows all babies are alien parasites!

but seriously,
Initially she was getting very fat, in the wedding, with the red dress and at the 10 year party she was huge. Out of fucking nowhere she is suddenly very thin with a giant belly. She did lose a lot of weight, in my opinion. Also, to me this video is the most solid evidence of the old there-is-no-way-this-woman-is-only-X-months-along. No way this is a 6 month belly. I'd say almost or 8 months. Of course, when the baby is due she'll do one of two things: either she will have a "premature" baby or she'll vanish for a while and try to justify as if she wanted to pull a Kylie Jenner.

I would shit my pants if the baby was Kevin Lwellyn's hahahah Coincidentally I was looking through his instagram today, man, he still mantains all the posts from their flash romances. He also did a painting as a gift to Kat and prayers for their wedding, he didn't paint Rafael, just Kat…

No. 663477

File: 1534148504868.jpeg (216.59 KB, 640x959, 1996F197-05F6-4A3C-B956-803EB8…)

I follow Death candy on Depop and I don’t get how she lists things as unworn when she’s wearing them for the pics?

No. 663488

File: 1534150320665.jpeg (39.73 KB, 600x395, DB998F4E-C66E-41A0-8D38-19D2B3…)

Every time I read that name I swear to god…

No. 663497

Not arguing back against people who doubt this is a 6 month bump but I'm currently 6 months and about the same size. Definitely agree she's looking unhealthy, and feel so awful for this kid from the name to the lack of vax to the vegan pregnancy probably already sapping both their energy.

No. 663591

File: 1534173223608.jpg (78.61 KB, 591x321, DkF4dDk.jpg)

Of course Jake looks like a miserable cunt and is nowhere near TT kek

No. 663640

I can't wait until that baby is born and gets sick immediately with a preventable illness.

Nah. thankfully all schools want to prevent that kind of stupidity from spreadness. I'm guessing lil Leaflet will be home schooled by someone she hires.

No. 663647

It's almost as if being an uneducated vegan will harm you and your baby. Your baby needs nutrients and I doubt KVD is giving him any.

No. 663679

Look it's all the kids you avoided in highschool.

No. 663694

If she keeps going the way she's going we're gonna have another case like Alex Radita. I really hope that kid is somehow strong as an ox and fucking invulnerable to death itself, he's gonna need it.

No. 663835

> when only 5 people in the squad are normal weight

No. 663940


He’s miserable because he realises this is his fan base and no overly skinny tall girls that are throwing themselves at his built bodeh

No. 663954

Most of the things he says about Drac are spot on! ahah

No. 664117

I don't even know who this person is, so this comment is not to defend her. Wearing and modeling are two different things. If she just put the item on to take a picture to upload in her depop and it's not using it to go out, it's not wearing, it's modeling

no, it's good to know about the insight of someone who is going through the same thing (pregnancy)! I never had a kid and honestly thought this was super big for 6 months.

I know that they are "trying to be ugly on purpose" but this is honest the ugliest group of people I have ever seen. Besides that, it's pathetic to see which kind of people are Kaya's fans. If she thinks she gets any goth cred hanging with these mallgoths she's deluded

No. 664350

File: 1534261175231.jpeg (75.47 KB, 439x463, 74A935CA-AE22-4297-A5E2-559B42…)

Yikes. I can’t imagine how shitty it must feel to have adult acne.

No. 664352

Women carry differently but on the average, Kat’s belly does look big for 6 months. I would say she was 6 at the 10 year anniversary party.

No. 664360

This is tragic.

No. 664453

Depends on the person. I have it and couldn't care less. I do everything in my power to control it but it's still pretty obvious so what else can I do? fuck it. In Kaya's case it really must be awful because she cares so fucking much about controling the image people have of her, that it matches the images he wanted to have in real life…

No. 664510

File: 1534276465164.png (63.83 KB, 734x541, wah wah.png)

god that is an ugly bunch of people.
Jake being center stage in the picture is no shocker.
he seemed so unhappy and moody for the entire trip. he must have been a pain to be around.
probably annoyed that everyone there is there for Kaya and not him.

No. 664512


OT but her makeup and styling is terrifying.

No. 664533

Can't she afford to see a derm? Or at least ask for products. I know it's a giant pain in the ass but come on.

At first I thought he was being self aware, but it's probably just him wanting some pity

No. 664634

I still find it absolutely hilarious how Jake doesn't fucking realize that without Kaya, he would be much more of a nobody than he already is. Kaya is the one who people care more for, not him and I'm not even a TT fan but I know what I see lol.

Exactly. I know that acne can be hard to deal with but seeing how lazy Kaya is, it seems like she doesn't even attempt to try to treat it and just uses her makeup as her "fix" and with the amount of makeup she wears, that can't be good for the skin…

No. 664636

LMAO and it all makes sense now why Kaya (and Jake) feel the way they do with Goth and whine "Elitist" every now and then. Looking at this photo, you can just tell that all these people are nothing but Mall Goths, the only people who would ever believe Kaya & Jake are "Goths" when they're nothing but poseurs in the actual sense.

I only bring this up because while IBF is a cow herself, whenever you see her fans, it's a pretty interesting mix from Mall Goths to actual Goths (though part of me feels that a lot of the actual Goths were Matthias' friends since it doesn't seem like Freya made new friends of her own accord in Germany).

No. 665028

Fucking hell I can't believe people on here are actually taking the piss out of a group of people who they know nothing about.
I would love to see what all of you look like irl

No. 665029


Which one from the picture are you?

No. 665030

Didn't you know? We all look like Siouxsie or Robert Smith.