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File: 1448427807774.jpg (194.27 KB, 1042x996, reallyreal.jpg)

No. 64095

You guys, it's Day Hospital Control Eve! Grab your DROWNED in OIL snacks, your Aly RealRecover bingo cards, and get ready for the realest, most perfect ED recovery ever!


No. 64096

Previous thread was near sage, and today's a BIG day

Last thread: >>>/snow/56772

No. 64097

>Guys I'm full like an egg ??

Can't wait!

No. 64098

File: 1448428885795.jpg (243.98 KB, 1024x784, 1448378219639.jpg)

Here's the bingo card so nobody has to dig through the last thread.

No. 64113

Lol @ pre weigh in burger. She probably gained a whole 200 grams! So ~realrecover~ much gaining in a month!

No. 64117

Aly's up early and has already filled two bingo squares!
Her caption is uncharacteristically devoid of fake posi-vibes and excessive emojis. Today will be interesting.

No. 64118

Samefagging. I was mistaken, there are still plenty of emojis.

No. 64119

I think Aly's mom is cute. Too bad she enables her daughter.

No. 64120

Any newfags need to catch up quick, those last lot of posts you made were embarrassing! And who needs to know your IP history, if you want to share diaries arrange a sleepover

No. 64121

Cheers anon

Grab your popcorn and clear your agenda, hospital control day is FINALLY here!!

No. 64123

The day has just begun. It's going to be interesting. I think today is our big Bingo!! I'm betting (sadly) she will get the feeding tube hospitalization for like two days then go home. Then resume her life. I hope she gets IP though I do but the realistic side is she can get away with this. Sigh.

I just want a damn bingo this time.

No. 64124

File: 1448435883309.png (89.61 KB, 309x505, Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.1…)

She's having a shot of espresso, and anxiety is to the starts, everyone!

No. 64125

Why didn't Aly discuss more on her psychologist appointment yesterday?

She only mentioned it in passing.

No. 64126

File: 1448435962404.png (553.84 KB, 575x559, Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.1…)

New cup for pre Day Hospital Control espresso?

No. 64127

Hm. This will be interesting. I guess I'm in for a late night. Any other auschans?

No. 64128

Is she not allowed water? Seems like coffee would dehydrate her more.

No. 64129

All I noticed was she described having IN CAPITALS a whole burger and fries and a whole pizza so im guessing it didn't go too well as she panic ate, might be wrong

No. 64130

Holy shit. Fabric / tablecloth missing. Favourite chipped saucer with chip aligned just so missing (I presume she's fasting for blood tests so that's why the rest is gone). Shit's getting real!

No. 64131

Right here mate!

No. 64132

Someone should comment/ask. Most likely it went okay on her terms. From experience it's easier to trick the psychiatrist then the ED weigh in people. But then again her posts were really overly positive and happy (in a fake way) about the food and she used the word fuck(!) for the first time since I started keeping up with her on here. So, we will have to see what happens.

No. 64133

Well yeah, I noticed yesterday she made sure to mention SHE ATE ALL THE FOOD (!) on both the burger and pizza photos, which she doesn't always do.

No. 64134

Coffee = increased heart rate = better obs at day hospital check up. At her emaciated state her pulse rate would be on the verge of flatlining.

No. 64135

Haha that cup and saucer don't realize they're life savers!

No. 64136

I laughed so much at her use of fuck*ing, she seemed pretty surprised herself!

No. 64137

She also says she's full as an egg - she doesn't normally describe actual eating experiences or sensations so I think she really ate this time!

No. 64138

File: 1448437101407.png (52.9 KB, 1050x172, Fuckyeah.png)

No. 64139

Okay, I'm going to sleep. I hope I don't miss anything big. I trust that some will screenshot things. I hope it goes well in some way. See you guys in the morning hopefully we will be close to a bingo.

No. 64140

I bet her tummy ached from being so full. That burger and fries looked legit big.

No. 64142

File: 1448437690093.png (1.01 MB, 1079x1074, FuckingHUGEburger.png)

I just can't picture her eating all of that.

No. 64143

She doesn't look like she's "cutting it in half"
my mom is bulimic/restrictive/always dieting and she eats her burgers the same way. She mostly picks at the meat and veggies and doesn't eat the bun.
I bet Aly ate a few fries and was "too full as an egg" to finish the rest and her fam was probably satisfied with her picking at her burger for an hour.

No. 64144

Well anon, Aly said she ate it all. And as we know, Aly NEVER lies.

No. 64147

UK anon checking in. LET'S ROCK!

No. 64148


No. 64149

File: 1448442261345.jpg (207.38 KB, 974x610, D.jpg)

Make your predictions for weigh in

No. 64150

File: 1448442339847.jpg (7.88 KB, 259x195, f5f5f5f5f5.jpg)

It's been 2 HOURS since she posted that cup.

I feel she is having intense talks and crying.

No. 64151

Tube in arm or tube up nose.

No. 64152

I predict she's going IP

No. 64153


> But so far I had the weight in❗️ and gained another 1.3kg from the last Day Hospital Control


No. 64154

Oh well. Screw this, im gonna go to bed.

No. 64155

File: 1448443186412.jpg (242.04 KB, 1024x784, b.jpg)

Here we are so far

No. 64156

She gets bloods back tomorrow so no IP admission. I'm gutted this excitement is over already

No. 64157

File: 1448443594260.jpg (306.02 KB, 1052x1535, Screenshot_2015-11-25-09-25-29…)

For anyone who can't see her IG

No. 64158

Once again she fails to suffer any consequences. No one's going to do anything until she ends up collapsing, are they?

No. 64159

Wtaf?!??????? That 1kg is sodium from yesterday 100%

No. 64160

File: 1448444384114.jpg (65.98 KB, 587x595, claaaaw.JPG)

She probably doesn't tell them she has burger and pizza the night before.

>I feel pretty comfortable with the slow but continuous (!) weight gaining

I bet you are.

This is bullshit.

No. 64161

I STG THIS BITCH ruined my night. I was expecting more DRAMA from dhc. Oh well I'm calling it an early night.

No. 64162

Yeah, so she gained less than 3 lbs in 10 weeks?? And that is somehow okay? The hell it is.

That much weight could easily be gained by eating a meal and having temporary food weight or water retention.

No. 64163

This is it? Is it already over? She's not going IP for christmas? Won't they increase her mealplan at least? Change it? Anything? Dissapointment is over the stars right now.

No. 64164

So it wasn't 10 weeks but 4 weeks, but still… a little over 2.5 lbs in a month at her looow weight…

No. 64165

She never mentioned having a blood pressure problem before. Idk where to go now with Aly. I can't stand it anymore.

No. 64166

>Dissapointment is over the stars right now.

I think that's how we all feel. What a DANG disappointing Day Hospital Control. Was hoping she would be go IP.

No. 64167

So how much has she gained total in the past 5+ months?

No. 64168

If matteo wasn't 14 I'd be asking him what he thinks about all this circus act. The overload of carbs yesterday and probably water has helped that 1.3kg, she's been looking spoopier than ever since last weigh in

No. 64169


No, she waits thru thru morning for results - not until the next morning.

There's still a chance she goes in for electrolyte rebalancing - but seriously, FUCK her medical team. You've allowed a severely emaciated skeleton walk out of your care multiple times over the last 5 months. She's OBVIOUSLY doing harm to herself; how can she not be hospitalized against her will?

No. 64170

I was just going to say how the fuck is any emaciated person allowed to "gain weight slowly". I've NEVER heard of that happening before.

No. 64171

Nope, usually weight restoration is one of the main priorities. Like the amount she is gaining in a month can happen in a week or less.

No. 64172

How can they look at that sternum and go "congrats". Probably wore her heaviest shoes…

No. 64173

Or weights in her padded bra.

No. 64174

File: 1448446472898.jpg (605.67 KB, 1080x1080, Aly_realrecover.jpg)

Psh. Aly is healthy looking. Whatchu talking about, anon?

Photo related. I swear, everyone around her must be blind.

No. 64175

File: 1448446586679.jpg (11.95 KB, 135x221, hand.JPG)

and this

No. 64176

My mistake, I hope bloods show foul play and they send her back to the tube

No. 64177

Why aren't they questioning her puffed up face? That's not normal.

No. 64178

It bums me out that we don't actually KNOW for sure if she has gained 1.3kg. Did she gain? Did she loose? Did she even GO to her check up? is she even being FOLLOWED by an ed centre? Is this whole thing a big GIGANTIC LIE? Is Aly even alive? WHO KNOWS!!!?!

No. 64179

With her frozen expressions she could've been embalmed a year ago and they just wheel her around and sit her in a cafe or at the breakfast table because her friends and family can't accept that she's already gone to the clouds.

No. 64180

(or she's a Real Doll, heh)

No. 64182

I bet if they xrayed her theyd see these enormous organs of hers, and random croissants floating around her blood stream

No. 64184


Austrian anon here - just checked up.

Lol, anon. pls stahp - this pic in my head lmao.

When I had a Bmi of around 12/13 I managed to gain 4 kg (!) in just a few days to avoid getting IP and I used to drink 3 l before weigh ins… so…it is possible to fool everyone.

(Btw now the Drs know about that because I wanted to be honest and told them. I don´t lie anymore!!!
And usually they check your urin, but, nevertheless, it is possible to fool the system)

No. 64186

File: 1448449334498.png (235.32 KB, 1132x522, Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 2.47…)

>As usual I did all the blood exams ? and I'll wait all the morning to know the results ? and.. Yeah, I'm praying for them to be good ??? But so far I had the weight in❗️ and gained another 1.3kg from the last Day Hospital Control ?? I'm kinda proud of this achievement ? and in truth I feel pretty comfortable with the slow but continuous (!) weight gaining ☺️ But most of all they told me that my blood pressure is finally improving and that means that I'm a step closer to an healthier MYSELF

It's legitimately completely ridiculous and I still can't understand how the situation is being allowed to continue. Seriously, she is gaining in a month around what a lot of people are expected to gain in a WEEK in a proper ED treatment program.

Exactly. In my experience, weight restoration is THE priority when you're as dangerously underweight as Aly is. If she was in one of the programs I know of in the US, Aly would be on bedrest or wheelchair-bound with restricted privileges and closely-monitored mealtimes until she was at a safer weight.

It's crazy-making. I always do a double-take when I see a comment like that, but I just can't see what it is that makes people say that Aly looks "healthy."

Yeah, it's frustrating that our only real source for a lot of this info is Aly, the unreliable narrator herself.

I lol'd.

I wonder if they're even bothering to check her urine. But it wouldn't matter if she, say, drank a ton of water RIGHT before the weigh-in. I wonder if they even weigh her in a gown or something or if they just let her wear her street clothes. I want to yell at this alleged team of ED "specialists."

No. 64187


<quote> I wonder if they're even bothering to check her urine. But it wouldn't matter if she, say, drank a ton of water RIGHT before the weigh-in. I wonder if they even weigh her in a gown or something or if they just let her wear her street clothes. I want to yell at this alleged team of ED "specialists."</quote>

That´s why they checked the urine a few hours afterwards and if it was "supicious" they would check it again and maybe even weigh you.. just in underwear, no bra! No bracelets, no watches, no earrings. I once even got my blatter "checked" if it was full…

oh and you had to pee before hopping on the scales, they would listen to it and if the didn´t hear enough (lol) they just subtracted 200g of your weight.

No. 64188

File: 1448449962924.jpg (65.75 KB, 750x306, image.jpg)

No. 64189

Wonder if she read about Minnie Maud lol

No. 64191

Fingers crossed for bad bloods

No. 64192

Damn, that's the strictest anti-waterloading protocol I've ever heard of.

lol @ Aly eating over 3000 calories/day

Oh god, there better not be therapists who actually endorse this…are there?

I wish. I really thought she'd be fucked at this ~Day Hospital Control~. How long is she going to stretch this sham out for?? I keep waiting for someone to step in and stop her, but it's just not going to fucking happen apparently.

No. 64193

She's doing SOMETHING to fool them. That team she's got "working" with her are clowns.

As for not knowing the truth, I think Aly hides A LOT. Like she's suddenly revealed her blood pressure was a problem not that it's magically fixing itself.

If Aly was my sister or daughter (heavens forbid) I'd do all I could to get her IP or into a clinic. I don't know how her mother can smile like a loon at aly eating a fucking croissant when she knows she looks like a kitchen draining board underneath her clothes.

Something's got to happen. She can't carry on like this. I won't survive 31 more 7 cookies and coffee pics until next weigh in when gains 0.0003kgs and says all is well.

This is, as we say over here, a load of bollocks.

No. 64194

File: 1448453704923.jpg (32.27 KB, 309x266, delete and block.JPG)

No. 64196

I can drink two pints of water and gain a kg, I do not believe her gain is a true gain its either due to the carb and potassium overload yesterday or water she's a sneaky bitch and would do anything to avoid #real recovery# for real

No. 64198

I was looking at elenasrecovery's normal account to see if she mentions weigh ins but I can't find anything. I was interested how it works with her seeing how her and aly are on a similar meal plan.

One thing that's really noticeable though, is elena HAS A LIFE. She goes to museums, concerts, hangs out with friends (not just a coffee in a bar), loves music, travels and seems like an interesting person and her smile looks really genuine.

It's probably wrong to compare two people, but aly needs to work at so much more than arranging food on a plate.

No. 64200

I think I'm gonna step away from Aly. She is boring. She's just gonna keep fooling her medical team and this cycle will keep repeating itself. I'll check in after the new year to see if her body has finally given out.

No. 64202

lolol hiding her bloated face behind bun because this is the first time she actually ate the whole pizza and burger.

No. 64205

Guessing all that salt and water is also what's keeping the BP up. Isn't it usually low in the emaciated? Unless her coffee keeps it high….

Also: how in the hell did she gain 1.3 kgs from last time I cannot believe it.

She's now gained a total of 3.3-3.8 kg since leaving the hospital in June if she's been truthful. [1.3+1.2-0.5+1(or 1.5)+1.3]

But she gained 4 kg (or was it 4 lb?) in hospital and looked SO much better whereas now she doesn't so what gives?

No. 64207

0.3kgs a week is pitiful, should be 0.5-1kg on OP, but someone with a bmi as low as hers should without doubt be on bed rest and/or IP

No. 64210

File: 1448457320020.jpg (89.88 KB, 609x415, f.jpg)


No. 64211

File: 1448457381574.jpg (151.36 KB, 612x521, f2.jpg)

Lmao x2

No. 64215

It's not subtle, is it? And frankly, this kind of thing is just common sense, so her mum should realize it's all bullshit by now. Maybe her dad does, and that's why she doesn't get on with him - we've thought that before.

No. 64216

It's 2.30pm Italian time, no lunch pic?

No. 64218

This is exactly what we thought, good find anon

No. 64220

It needs to be a calorific #BOMB if she's skipped her 7 cookies at breakfast.

I'm hoping they're in discussion about bad bloods, but I'm too disappoint to think that's an option.

No. 64222

No blood update, but a poxy wrap and tiny marshmallow #recoverywin for lunch.

No. 64224

Celebratory wrap
Update when she gets home

Welp, she's done it again guys. Recoverywinner~

No. 64225

If she has bad bloods i'm going to be OVER THE STARS

No. 64226

She's going home as we speak so probably no bad bloods

No. 64227

>>64226 honestly what the fuck. can we fast forward 6 months or something. sorta over her shit it's boring

No. 64228

I think I'm out of here. Gets boring

No. 64232

Someone's just asked her about the diary entry

No. 64233

File: 1448461901473.jpg (188.14 KB, 798x874, ic.jpg)

Update from icovery/body pic

No. 64243

>triggering comments
how about u leave insta smh

No. 64246

File: 1448463965944.jpg (196.78 KB, 1321x774, Capture.JPG)

Pic is a farmer, right?

No. 64247

When I saw her comments before she went private, all I remember is people saying get to a hospital. Who'd post that she looks great?

No. 64248

Probably seeing how we're the only ones who gaf. Notice how few comments she's getting recently?

No. 64260

Those blood tests better send her to IP so fast we don't get a last croissant farewell picture.

No. 64261

Yeah that rant was me. I just got so fucking mad at her bullshit. I think I'm going to take a step back too. I think I'll take a step back from this bitch, she's too infuriating and getting kinda boring

No. 64263

File: 1448467053079.jpeg (330.01 KB, 1201x997, image.jpeg)

Sorry to same fag but we got a comment updates.

Ember replied to the wrap post.

Some dude called her out on her croissant pic.

No. 64266

No. 64270

I'm so dumb and blind forgive me.

No. 64274

Fuck this. Aly's doctor's were 'pleased' with her today.

No. 64275

We need to find a way to get her admitted. Or caught out for real. She's angered so many people, those suffering with EDs and those who aren't. She's putting her family through hell, she's so manipulative!! Lying, deceiving, untrustworthy, rude man I hate her

No. 64276

Nah you're cool

No. 64278

File: 1448468441790.jpg (96.53 KB, 940x591, Capture.JPG)

C'est possible?
Pauline referred to it in a v. vague way though.
But yeah this is boring as hale, I can't be bothered anymore

No. 64280

Would it be a step way too far to contact Ma Casati via Facebook?

No. 64281

File: 1448468726498.jpg (200.22 KB, 923x586, scale.jpg)

What the fuck is this shit
1. I've never heard of such a scale. Does it really exist?
2. With such a shitty treatment plan set up for an anorexic, would they really have such a scale (if it exists)??

No. 64282

File: 1448468730155.jpg (128.55 KB, 933x601, Capture.JPG)

Last screencap just cos

No. 64283

Beat you to it by half a second, lol.

No. 64284

File: 1448468798055.png (1.33 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-25-16-20-52…)

>devides body/water weight ;)))))))))
>dEvide tho
If my ~specialist~ Ed Clinic in London didn't have these super magical scales then I doubt your general hospital in Milan has them at all ouo

No. 64285

You know those at-home scales that "weigh" body fat, water % and weight maybe it's one of those?

No. 64287

No. 64288

My tabs look identical to yours ahaha

No. 64289

No tbh
If her mum knows aly has the account, there's no reason not to

No. 64290

I can't even knock her for that because I need native English speakers make that mistake constantly.

No. 64291

Even if it was, the scale can't sift through and decide which water was drunk today or last Tuesday, which food was this or last so whatever kind of scale it was it cant do what she's implying it can

No. 64293

Oh, THOSE. But I really don't think it just says, "K, she has 2kg of food weight." Like honestly, I wonder if they're lying to her to try to get her to fess up to bullshitting them.

No. 64294

True, her mums on fb loads so shes quite clued up with social media etc and her bro must know as he's on there.

No. 64295

But what would that accomplish? Aly's "improving" by gaining 1 kg per month and her bloods are better, her mum must be okay with that as she's not pushed her to IP. At this rate it'll only take 2 years for Aly to be weight restored, that's no time at all! /s

No. 64296

Well if they're following her body fat %age or skeletal mass %age as an indirect measure of whether she's eating – and those are improving – then they're going to believe that her weight truly did go up and it's not just water.

I don't know what they're doing though.

No. 64297

Remember those ENORMOUS organs! Big balloons full of #recoverywins, plus very very heavy wig

No. 64299

That is such bullshit. How the fuck would that "devides" body max/liquids and actual weight? How would the scale be able to tell how much liquid is in you and food?

She is insulting our intelligence.

No. 64302

How can a scale differentiate between food she ate yesterday and other food she's eaten over the month? She's so stupid

No. 64306

File: 1448470903978.jpg (Spoiler Image, 193.47 KB, 925x577, nasty af cup.jpg)


What size cup do you think Aly has? Maybe the next time I get a cold drink at Starbucks, I'll reuse the cup (once!).
We have leftover Ensures (actual Ensures) from when my dad was ill, so maybe I'll figure out just how many "'useless' extra calories" Aly is adding…

No. 64307

I don't go in Alys thread but this shit bothers me. Like she thinks she is being so cool reusing a Starbucks cup but that's just so gross throw it away. People would think she's homeless if she tried to pull that shit here. Why doesn't she fucking buy a Starbucks container off Amazon.

Sorry just, ugh

No. 64313

>"I added useless extra calories to the mealplan"

Why don't you eat an extra cookie for breakfast or add sauces/dressings to lunch?

>NOT IN MY MEALPLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On the other hand: we have a convert! See Living_for_rap's comments on the aly_realrecovery account

No. 64314

Which pic is the comment under??? I was wondering why aly fangirl #1 hadn't been sucking up to her for a while.

No. 64315

She didn't have breakfast and a marshmallow does NOT count as a snack so really she's under her cals today, not over as she claims

No. 64316

The most recent post.

No. 64317

I don't think she's using it for coolness points, she just knows the measurements for this cup/feels safe with it for that reason

Why she can't exchange it for at least a new one of the same size is still beyond me, though. Probably some kind of stubborn ana logic. Like a new cup will somehow = more cals.

Or maybe her ex boyfriend used this cup once, kek

No. 64318

I've got a water counter on my scales and idek what the fuck it's for. When I first got them I was experimenting to see what happened to the water level in my body on different phases of the moon, haha.

As for Ma C, well…I've been SO tempted to get in touch and try to understand why she allows aly to pig out the day before a weigh in. I'm always uneasy when anyone mentions getting in touch with cow relatives though. So many questions I'd love to ask her.

Thanks. I was on the wrong parody account. Anyone with an ounce of common sense is going to doubt Aly at some point. I should think that anyone who's been following her for more than 7 months knows she talks a crock of shit.

No. 64319

File: 1448472936531.jpg (114.47 KB, 921x585, lies tho.JPG)

Aly says her last weigh in was 4 weeks ago. It was not. It was 6 weeks ago. So her weight gain is lower than 1 kg/ month. Just wanted to put that out there.

No. 64320

Why doesn't she POST the doctor's report on ig then?

No. 64321

If it wasn't for the fact we'd be delved in anas sperging out, I wish aly would discover her threads on here.

No. 64322

I think she must have, if she's ever googled herself lolcow, gomi, and mpa are on the first page.

No. 64325

We had enough of them on the last thread, she'd just get her army to come here and say how mean we are boohoo

No. 64339

She has said in the past her mum knows she has the account - I think I recall her even saying she initially used it to show her mum what she was eating?

No. 64346

As a family they decide they all need something healthy so they have soup again for dinner. Are the fucking stupid?! Healthy for Aly is eating real food not reinforcing her belief that food is good/bad and should be limited. Wake up and realize your daughter is a walking corpse!

No. 64348

Ember keeps commenting on Aly's posts today and it bothers me because Ember is like…. Ember. Not a good thing to be.

No. 64354

The fortimel pic was posted around 5 pm Milan time and it is obviously still light outside in the pic, only the sun set around 16.30 today. I'm convinced Aly ate nothing, which comes as no surprise after she had to "gain" 1.3 kg yesterday kek

No. 64356

Anyone still have a burn account so they can tag @aly_realrecovery and see how fast the comment gets deleted?

No. 64357

Does her mum really cook the same soup recipe every Wednesday evening? Okay, the pasta was different last week and the beans are switched out every so often (red kidney beans last week, pink beans before that, navy beans now). But it's the same recipe. Aly prob likes it because the routine fits her ED.

No. 64359

File: 1448477674583.png (366.83 KB, 500x600, Fuck this shit.png)

Fuck this shit. All of it. I don't think my blood pressure can take it anymore. I shouldn't get so frustrated over a complete stranger whose life I have no stake in whatsoever, but FUCK it makes me angry. Fuck Aly's "specialists" and their ~magic scale~ and Aly's fake weight gain and fake recovery and fake photos and fake personality. Fuck this world.

No. 64364

File: 1448478343592.png (223.97 KB, 320x480, felicia.png)

Wait for meeee!
Dear Aly: see attached.

No. 64366

File: 1448478465824.jpg (42.74 KB, 636x358, fuck it.jpg)

The whole family are retards.

Grinning loon Ma C, chief enabler. Weird fucking Pa who has issues from his teens he hasn't dealt with and a backwards brother who's 14 and has a Goofy duvet set. Jesus Christ. Send the lot of em to Dignitas.

No. 64368

File: 1448478562153.jpg (46.33 KB, 500x300, lol.jpg)


you say it!

No. 64369

File: 1448478607633.jpg (10.5 KB, 209x103, kek.JPG)

Love the comment on the soup!

No. 64370


man stop talking shit about goofy he's the nigga

No. 64372

><quote> </quote>

Nigga this isn't PULL.

No. 64375

anyone notice ember is starting to (subtly) post like Aly? She is using emojis like her and describes her food as (LUSH!)

No. 64376


sry - newfag here. How do you make paragraphs green?

No. 64378

Do this:

> [then insert text]

No. 64379

she the wannabe anorexic queen so she has to copy the real queen.

No. 64388

What about making a fake Facebook and messaging Ma C? Perhaps making a document with inconsistencies/questions and sending that to her?

No. 64390

Can her mom even understand English?

No. 64391

Maybe an Italianfag here can do it. Or someone who knows someone who knows Italian.

No. 64392


Maybe someone can DM one of her Italian followers who is also concerned and ask them to translate.

No. 64394


how you doin'

No. 64396

File: 1448483465320.jpg (115.87 KB, 939x579, ember.JPG)

No. 64399

No. 64404

Blocked, but feelin accomplished.

Ember blocked me then wrote that second message @ me. Obviously didn't want me to see her comment so I couldn't #bitchslap back heeeeheeeee

No. 64405

Aly checked her insta at this time of day? Huh.

You did good. Ember's a wimp. I saw her first comeback and all she could come up with was "blow me"

No. 64407

Ewww, ~triggered~

I'll make a new account later…while she's sleeeeeping.

No. 64409

File: 1448485508128.png (425.8 KB, 1080x1699, Eyeroll.png)

My contributions. Soon to be deleted.

No. 64410

Nice work, Comrade.

No. 64413

File: 1448486017956.png (135.63 KB, 1080x518, Blahblah.png)

One more. Not blocked yet.

No. 64417

Why do her followers find these comments so offensive? How can they not agree?

No. 64419


how is your comment triggering srsly

No. 64420

Because her followers are just as delusional as Aly is. I think many of them want to believe Aly's "recovery" is what #realrecovery looks like, because that means they too can "recover" and still maintain their anorexic weight.

Or they just don't want to be insensitive and hurt the poor little blondie child's feelings, although Aly is a very condescending, haughty person if you pay attention.

No. 64423

I don't use instagram so if anyone wants me to make an account and post shit just put what you want written here and I'll post it.

Fine with being blocked or banned.

No. 64425

File: 1448487938580.jpg (98.66 KB, 929x578, June.JPG)

Because I hate myself I looked through alllll of Aly's pics to screencap any weights mentioned from June - now. I do not have September's screencap (where she lost weight) because she deleted that one, but it's in a past thread. I'll post them here for reference's sake in case others are deleted.

No. 64426

File: 1448487957703.jpg (116.81 KB, 937x586, early july.JPG)

No. 64427

File: 1448487972006.jpg (117.6 KB, 936x583, july.JPG)

No. 64428

File: 1448487984930.jpg (119.25 KB, 925x587, august.JPG)

No. 64429

File: 1448488001869.jpg (114.05 KB, 929x583, october.JPG)

No. 64430

File: 1448488016816.jpg (116.26 KB, 928x584, november.JPG)

No. 64431

Why are all the weight related ones with pastry faces the fuck

Is this mandatory ana hospital weigh in routine for this skele?

No. 64433

She's probably trying to hide puffy sodium face.

No. 64434

>Is this mandatory ana hospital weigh in routine for this skele?

Are you new to the wonderful world of Aly?
(answer: yes, but every 4-6 weeks)

No. 64435

>four kilos in four days

… the amount she has now gained in 5 months ?

No. 64436


she´s probably hiding her actual dissappointment about gaining

No. 64437

File: 1448488626574.jpg (68.6 KB, 714x613, september1.JPG)

Found September!
Pastry-face returns

No. 64439

File: 1448488665906.jpg (97.53 KB, 698x568, september2.JPG)

September caption (partial, left out the usual blah blah that was in part 2 on that thread)

No. 64440

Oops, no weight mentioned here, but in a comment she says she's maintained weight since discharge from hospital.

No. 64441


pheew here she seems really bloated…

No. 64443

What I'm puzzled about is why the weight gain range is so small (1-1.3). That's a tiny, tiny amount of variation. Not even like: 1.9, 1.3, 2.5, 1.4….nope, 1.3 then 1.2 then 1.0 then 1.3. Weird. This despite the increase in meal plan and the variation in time between appts.

No. 64453

dat protruding hip bone

No. 64466

Man she's so good at this. I almost believe her for a second.

No. 64468

Or heavy stuff in her pockets. No scale can differentiate that.

No. 64478

File: 1448500684497.jpg (126.99 KB, 500x331, body-weight-scale.jpg)

I don't know. It's so weird. They have NO stake in Aly's recovery or her life whatsoever, they have no evidence that Aly is "#realrecovering" aside from what she herself posts on Instagram, they take a proven liar at her word on everything, and they rabidly defend her already-besmirched (and deservedly so) honor like she's their best friend or some shit. It's not like Aly would do the same for them and leap to their defense or fire back against "mean" commenters on their behalf or anything…she can barely bring herself to be civil to her own assholegap-patters in the comments of her own posts.

Hahahahahah #progress #realrecovery #recoveryispossible #kickana #edworrior #compulsiveliar #fuckingdelusional

Nah dude it's a magical scale. It can also read minds.

No. 64479

File: 1448501179392.png (232.01 KB, 1140x724, Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 5.23…)

Oh, and Aly blocked me for this post, lol. She must reeeeally regret that mistake…
>I truely don't know about what you're talking about darlings [shocked face]
Top kek. It makes me think of when politicians deny that they ever said things that people have them recorded on video saying.

No. 64481

are you facepalm or surrealrecovery?

No. 64482

What was it? I went to the link but I can not read Italian. I'm curious what it translated to

No. 64484

Was surrealcovery, now I'll have to think up a new name


No. 64487

Did we get a bingo? :( if not I hope to see you all for next weigh in day for another try at Aly bingo.

No. 64489

Too bad. I liked surrealrecover, it was clever.

Goddamnit Ember, stop fellating Aly in public

No. 64492

File: 1448504990599.png (169.18 KB, 720x656, wtf.png)

No. 64495

How long do you think it will take ember to realize aly gives less shits about her than anyone else?

Or is this the only way she can keep herself relevant to us, so she gets talked about outside her own thread?

I would pay money to see aly call ember out on faking anorexia, kek

No. 64496

She's only commenting because the Aly thread is popular and she wants us to pay attention to her again. Pathetic twat.

No. 64498

Ember is irrelevant anyway so there's no discussion to be had.

I've a feeling recovery_queenie isn't a farmer. Wondering if I should guide her to the alternate accounts…

No. 64499

I had a feeling kek. At least it's further confirmation she knows how insignificant she really is.

No. 64501

File: 1448506535550.png (41.44 KB, 1136x98, Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 6.48…)

>"over night"
I am so sick of idiots doing this, acting like Aly ~just started #realrecovery omg it takes so long to gain weight how dare you expect her to look any different~. Even if they think Aly's account began in June and missed her first round of "#realrecovery," that's 5+ months ago. If she was in an actual treatment program, she could be weight restored by now. It's completely absurd.

No. 64502

Does Ivisibilly have a geriatric skeleton fetish? No other explanation accounts for thinking Aly is "georgeous"

No. 64505

Also, commenting on Aly's pictures almost guarantees you new followers… and not just Paris Melody Raven, although she will follow you for sure. I got new followers the couple of times I commented, and I don't even have an ED account. ED accounts probably get a lot of new follows.
Aly is so wrong when she says that her IG "isn't a social network."

No. 64508

So Alybot has figured out EXACTLY how much to eat to maintain EXACTLY the weight she wants. Total control! It's an anorexic's dream.

I wonder how much longer her parents will allow this travesty to go on? She's 20 years old and still lives with them, has no job, no school, no life outside her food rituals. She does nothing but paint her nails, put on makeup and trot out to the cafe for pastries & coffee.

She's like an evil puppetmaster, pulling all the strings on everyone. I can't watch it any more.

No. 64512

She's taken this term away from university. Let's see if she resumes her studies in the winter term. If she does, it'll be more difficult to maintain her current controlled eating schedule. I wonder what'll happen then.

And yeah, I'm spooked that her intake is regulated to always cause approximately the same amount of weight gain.

No. 64515

I was wondering about that, too. She hasn't said anything about planning to go back. I wonder if she could even manage it. I still can't believe that she's been cleared for at least another month of this BS.

No. 64521

Paris follows then usually unfollows not long after, it's happened to me with two separate accounts. However I do agree that commenting on ED accounts usually gets me a few new followers.

No. 64522

I wonder how much her parents enable her, though - or at least her mum. Like, my mum has done as much to infantilize me as she can, and undermined any attempt to become an autonomous independent individual, and she emotionally blackmails me into staying living at home to act as a buffer between her and my emotionally and psychologically abusive father; she's a narcissistic martyr, and he's a malignant Narcissist. That way she keeps her baby forever (all she ever wanted was a baby - and she forgot that babies grow up, apparently), and doesn't have to address her serious issues with my dad.

I know, abloobloo and personalblog shit, but your comment made me wonder if there might be serious parallels with Aly. Who the fuck knows, though.

No. 64524

Thanks for the translation. Man. That's actually very sad. More believable to read her saying that than the rest of her facade. I really wish she'd post how she actually felt more often. At least then people can try and be there for her instead of cheering on a lie that doesn't help her.
If she was honest with her followers then people can actually support her. :/

No. 64528

That's what I don't get. The post was whining about having no one to talk to, but she actively creates a situation where she has no one to talk to. She could be honest with her followers and gain a few close friends on there, or she could be honest with her psychologist and actually be helped. She's literally surrounded by opportunities of support, and she's throwing it all away.
So really, I was >>63733, but I can only feel so bad for her. She dug and is digging her own damn grave.

No. 64531

Tbh it is typical of ana to act like that though. Starving yourself is a denial of your basic needs after all. So is acting like this, pretending everything is so rosy and she doesn't have any true struggles. Which just proves she isn't recovering at all and the underlying issues are not being fixed because she doesn't want them to be, she just wants to live in her little world but being so publicly a liar she is being harmful to her followers.

No. 64541

How in the world is that typical?

No. 64543

To want help but refuse it because of her disorder? Like many think that wanting or needing things is weak, or at least showing it is. Pretty typical…

No. 64562

Do we know if Aly has ever seen these threads or posted in them? Reported them?

No. 64563

She has a lovely IG to wake up to today
> late post of cookies and coffee because I was too busy deleting all the truthful comments about me

No. 64568

File: 1448523736438.jpg (14.2 KB, 498x105, not a farmer.JPG)

Saved this one because it'll be deleted within the hour.

No. 64570

File: 1448524085508.jpg (148.45 KB, 1078x894, Screenshot_2015-11-26-06-57-31…)

No. 64571

File: 1448524204192.jpg (200.35 KB, 1006x1365, Screenshot_2015-11-26-06-57-58…)

No. 64576

Ähm. Dont know what scales you have in the US but here in Germany we have these scales. They show the percentage of water, muscles and fat of the body. So you can see if someone gains water (like edema). But if someone water loads by drinking just before being weight, the sclae does not show this as its just in the stomach.

No. 64578

No. 64581

No. 64585

File: 1448529045216.jpg (75.44 KB, 633x333, hallefuckilujah.JPG)

Some of the "fake account" comments appear to have made her think about gtfo the internets!!!

No. 64587

Maybe she's going inpatient, could you imagine?

No. 64589

Goddamn, I really hope so. Knowing Aly though… wonder how long she'll consider this before changing her mind and deleting the photo.

No. 64590

Interesting… so maybe no the posi-result (!) she's been saying it was? Something yet to be revealed?

No. 64591

She must be bored as fuck herself of the same old routine. #recoverywin to lolcow because I think the accounts anons have made and the "hater" comments have opened her puffy eyes to how tedious and ridiculous her account is.

I hadn't thought about IP, but hmm… I don't know. It's possible she really has reached the point where she knows she's got to get her shit together.

No. 64593

Having ember start commenting on her posts was probably the final straw, ha.

No. 64595

It's really fucking sad her "supporters" are guilt tripping her into keeping the account. She could actually make progress in recovery if she got rid of it, but all her followers care about is keeping their favourite train wreck thinspo.

No. 64596

Ember is the new rock bottom.

No. 64597

Yeah, selfish of followers to tell her to stay because she's so ~inspirational~.

I hope she goes. If not for her sake, then for our saniity.

No. 64602

Guys, stop making hater accounts so our little blondie child doesn't leave instagram. ?

No. 64605

So is this just a cry for attention? Like if she gets enough comments she'll stay? I want her to read her threads on here, just as a final send off into her social-media free world

No. 64606

she won't delete it.
but it'd be good for her. i just don't think she has it in her

No. 64607

>>64605 spot on

No. 64608

Like a teenager throwing a strop because she got caught out doing something wrong, fucking up, well tough shit Aly grow up

No. 64609

Increasingly fighting the urge to teleport to Milan and force feed aly

No. 64610

Post the link to here then.

No. 64616

I don't think her followers are ready just yet

No. 64620

Surprisingly pretty much everyone has agreed she should post less frequently /post about things other than food.

No. 64628

If she was actually genuine for once, it would definitely be a good thing to step away from this disordered behavior that is obsessively posting your alleged intake on instagram,
but I have a feeling that this might be her planning another "relapse".
She knows she can't keep fooling everyone for much longer, and that she can't "relapse" out of the blue amidst all those posi-vibes, so if she "took a break" it would be more believable to come back and announce that she ~hadn't been doing so well~.

I do hope I'm wrong, but then again Aly herself has admitted to lying to family, friends, and followers, and to hiding and deceiving people, so.

No. 64632

She won't delete it she loves the attention. But if she does how will we know if she dies?

No. 64633

yeah i was thinking the same
idc if she relapses as long as its away from the public eye. that's her business.
i just don't want her lying to everyone via her profile

No. 64635

Icovery is even worse than Aly. She can't even have tea. I mean, she knows that she needs help and she's not even all posi-vibish, but still, she won't have herself admitted into IP. She's even more emaciated than Aly if that's even possible. Gosh that girl needs to go to hospital asap, better take Aly with her.

No. 64636

Scales like that actually exist. In fact, I own own myself - but it's not too accurate. A doctor's scale is though. It tells you how much of your body is water and how much is fat so you can calculate how much 'real' weight was gained. Thus, they should have noticed that Aly probably filled up on water and ate food with a lot of sodium which causes water retention.

No. 64637

>username is a word play on "recovery".
>profile states she is "trying to recover"
>constantly mentions how she is totally challenging herself


No. 64640

File: 1448552156557.jpg (210.81 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

So: a step forward.

Wonder if she'll still post daily, because second afternoon snack is pretty much always a recovery win challenge. But eh, on the whole, I like this decision.

No. 64642

She should only post the food she eats, so one picture a day seems more than enough. She'll get more skelly now, and she won't even need to prepare half her meals for our benefit anymore

No. 64643

They probably gave up on Aly and told her she doesn't need to follow any meal plan any longer cause they're done with her and now she decided to relapse and not eat anything at all anymore so she's just gonna take a picture of whatever calorific food she finds in a day and post it online so her followers will keep on praising her.

No. 64644

Whatever she finds at the bottom of the bin

Hurray for no more disgusting fortimel pictures

No. 64645

RIP Starbucks Cup

No. 64646

May you Rot In Peace

No. 64647

File: 1448554481413.jpg (161.13 KB, 952x1042, Screenshot_2015-11-26-16-13-04…)

Next stage of anorexia: no touching the food

No. 64651

>her meal planned foods are pretty repetitive

No shit there, Sherlock.

How claustrophobic is that place?? The walls look like a public toilet.

Anyway - thank FUCK she's going.

Next pro ana lolcow to take down?

No. 64655


I dunno that much about her though.

No. 64657

did she get her teeth bleached? I hope she did because lately her chompers been looking extra yellow.

No. 64658

Icovery. Please. She's as much of a recovery account as Aly. She's eating like 1200 calories a day because she's afraid of weight gain BUT she's recovering, of course.

No. 64660

She needs to just dye her hair dark. That color is hideous and her face is more punchable now.

No. 64661

Wtf that burger is huge even for a normal sized human being. I wouldn't be able to eat half of that. The way she's kind of poking at it annoys me though

No. 64662

I'd feel weird being #harsh with her. Isn't she 14? She almost dropped dead after thinking we'd called her fat when she read something here and misinterpreted it because her English isn't good. The only people who think she looks amazing are the pervs on vk. Her profile's private anyway.

No. 64663

I'll miss that same sundae picture she's posted a thousand times.

No. 64664

Where does one even begin with her? I know we say Aly is ED personified but that's even more true for icovery.

No. 64665

She's too young.

That crazy Emily girl?

No. 64666

> Her profile's private anyway.

Good point, and even then she's only got 1200 followers and doesn't pretend to be a recovery queen. She's a mess but she knows it.

No. 64667

File: 1448558257820.jpg (5.76 KB, 225x225, baw baw no one knows me now.jp…)

Wellllll, she was deleted but IG let her have her account back when she cried to them. So fucking sick of her histrionics though.

No. 64668

ahahahaha HER. She does have potential.

No. 64669

File: 1448558673944.jpg (26.28 KB, 472x424, same old.JPG)

Her account's as repetitive as Aly's. "I want to die" EVERY DAY, crying EVERY DAY, body check EVERY DAY, says she's recovering but is restricting. Can't believe they let her keep that account.

No. 64670

She lets her followers think she's dead she's an awful person!

I hope Aly keeps posting its great entertainment! She's not realised that she'll be getting the same amount of abuse from ppl only on fewer pictures,

No. 64671

One snack, 100 abuse posts mwahaha

No. 64672

File: 1448558823774.jpg (40.46 KB, 308x580, ot.JPG)

OT but don't want another ash thread. What's wrong with her face here? Why is her chin suddenly so wide?

Yeah, she did that again yesterday. Didn't let anyone know she was okay.

No. 64673

Wow she's still alive?? Jeez

No. 64674

File: 1448559342786.jpg (201.01 KB, 929x593, sundae.jpg)

Someone needs to correct her on this again.

No. 64677

B/c she's secretly a titan.

No. 64687

Yeah my vote is for Emily. That girl is ridiculous

No. 64688

idk she seems too weak. i'd feel bad.

No. 64693

I missed out on most of the recent Erika thread (the one started by her ex or whatever) and wouldn't mind catching up. I vote for a new Erika thread

No. 64694

Uk anons should send her IG to the authorities. Archive it first.

No. 64695

Just make a new Ash thread, this is Aly's thread.

No. 64699

>not posting all her "meals"

Oh shit, now she's really going to stop eating. She has no one to impress.

No. 64700

File: 1448565806827.png (51 KB, 914x164, Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.2…)

Hangry cunt.

I love how she's seriously pretending that her little slip-up never happened. Tons of people have seen it by now and she's just going to blatantly lie about it. Wow. The only people who still believe her about anything must either be new to the Aly-scene or gullible/naïve/stupid as fuck.

No. 64701

If I can get a new throwaway account I'll post the whole thing to her IG so she can't deny it
Anyone else got one too?

No. 64703

Alys new decision to just post the one or two extra challenges/snacks is actually more honest of her intake than her account now, probably all she does eat

No. 64704

People have posted it before though and she's still in denial.

No. 64706

The whole script?

No. 64707

We should ride it out a bit and see what she's doing with the account. If she starts jonesing for attention and posts a load of bollocks it'd be the best time to start an exose thing again. For now, only my opinion, see what the next week brings.

Idk really. There are stacks of irritating Ana and cutter snowflakes out there to discover.

I cant see her staying away for long. She's going to be bored ad fuck with nothing to do and no real friends to go places with.

No. 64708

I agree, we don't know what this new IG method of hers will look like could be even more hilarious than it is currently

She'll find it weird tomorrow not having to arrange her cookies

No. 64709

File: 1448568234452.jpg (104.78 KB, 858x575, IMG_0162.jpg)

Damn, I thought Sprout was doing better. Sounds like this is Thanksgiving lunch with her mom or something?

No. 64710

insta link?
I am so bored with Aly, I want someone new to follow.

No. 64711

She is, but I feel like she'd lavish in any sort of negative attention and agree with it, maybe end up injuring herself and blame it us. Her mom really cares about her (I saw that napkin note; so sweet) so hopefully she gets the support and help she needs to at least feel better.

What about the chick who set herself on fire?

No. 64712

Eh I never cared for Icovery (or whatever her name is). She's pretty irrelevant to me. Oh well. Aly threads were fun, you guys rock. Going lurk the ginger thread.

No. 64713

File: 1448570300822.jpg (111.73 KB, 400x400, 57475298.jpg)

No. 64721


> [Next pro ana lolcow to take down?]

don´t know? https://www.instagram.com/healing_tillie/

No. 64728

how does this indicate she isn't doing better…?

No. 64733

Some unknown ED girl can't replace Aly. Aly was lulzy for her fake positivity and funny written captions. Not to mention repetitive photos, staring at food, and so many other things.

Most girls ya'll list aren't cow worthy. I personally prefer fake positivity girls to self-harmers also. Those are just… mental in another way.

No. 64735

Ofc she's not shutting her IG down – she's way too addicted to her insta-fame. She's the (fake) Recovery Queen, just hit 32K followers! Fake recovery is her ticket to insta-celebrity status. Even pre-ana she was constantly begging for followers on her old account. Shs LOVES this.

Changing the focus of her IG is a good, healthy step but I'm sure it was suggested (strongly) by her therapist, not something she came up with on her own. We'll see how it goes- I'm skeptical she has anything other than food rituals in her life to take pics of atm.

No. 64736

Yeah, I have no desire to follow someone who set herself on fire. Nope.

No. 64743

Icovery's a kid. I can't believe her parents haven't just put her in hospital already. What's the German system like for this?

No. 64745

I'm sure she won't be quiet for long. She just wants to rally her delusional fan girls for asspats. She lives for attention.

No. 64746

Good idea. In the UK they take social media seriously, you can get jailed for hate tweets!

No. 64750

What the fuck does she mean be delved. I'm so confused by her use of it. Like wtf is delved what word does she actually need to use to sound proper. Ffs.

Well, let's see how Aly goes for at least a little over a week. I mean this girl doesn't have anything else to do with her life. It's like that one quote by that photographer who took pictures of that anorexic girl, "all she was good at was being anorexic." That's (sadly) Aly's only real talent and Ashley's. I mean what else will Aly do now with her life? Actually, recover? She's like Ashley all she believes she can do is be anorexic and fake happiness…. Then we have Ember who fakes ED and recovery and makes up all these problems when in reality she can just delete her account and live a normal happy life within a second. Smh.

No. 64751

For some reason, Aly thinks that "delved" means "drowned [in]," like "I delved my ice cream sundae in hot fudge sauce." Corrections were deleted and I assume that the posters were blocked, lol.

No. 64765

really? she seems kinda boring. yea, she's spoopy and supposedly in recovery, but she's also done the ip thing and admits to struggling. she also has a job and a bf. idk how much milk we'd get from her, if any.

No. 64769

'can you wait for my posts' nah she's absolutely fucked

No. 64770

>>64628 i had a feeling it was a plan for relapse too

No. 64785

Aly's going to do something extremely lulzy in the coming weeks, and my loins are quivering with anticipation.

No. 64793

I'm hoping for - but definitely not counting on - Aly actually stepping back from Instagram and focusing on living instead of carrying out this "recovery" performance. I think that getting off of Instagram altogether would help her a lot, but I can't see that happening unless she's somehow forced to do so.

She's being so ridiculous about this. She wouldn't get the comments from the "fake accounts" if she wasn't being such a liar and a bitch in the first place. She'd be getting real support and getting to "speak" like she feels she can't now if she chose to be truthful about her life. Instead, multiple times a day, every day, she chooses to continue spinning this phony, overly-positive "recovery" narrative.

Most of the comments that Aly deletes and/or says are from "fake accounts" aren't awful, mean, or bullying - sometimes they are, but they're often concerned or confused, sometimes frustrated, sometimes correcting, and sometimes even encouraging. It will be really gross and manipulative if she uses comments on her fucking Instagram account as an "excuse" to ruin her health even further (I'm not going to say "relapse," because she's never un-relapsed). It's not like she's getting nonstop comments telling her to an hero or something. People are generally just pointing out the truth or questioning her inconsistencies and lies.

No. 64821

So exciting really. After years and years she actually posted some kind of motivational poster this morning instead of cookies or coffee. Is she relapsing after her 1.3 kg gain or is she actually going through some realization?
Honestly I am rooting for her but at this point a betting game might be popular. Any takers?

No. 64822

File: 1448611737768.png (181.19 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20151127_0001.png)

Holy shit, she can't stay away. Is she going to post this explanation instead of food 7 times a day?

No. 64823

Shush your mouth, dear Anon. We are living in changing and exciting times. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

No. 64824

File: 1448612206879.jpg (151.58 KB, 1076x995, Screenshot_2015-11-27-08-14-51…)

Here's one we might see later, a throwback?

No. 64826

No. 64827

Looks like Alys having cold turkey for breakfast.

No. 64828

How come your phone is psychic?

No. 64829

It notifies me when Aly posts to IG, so if she posts then removes photo, or posts accidentally I see the pic. This is how I was able to capture the diary thing

No. 64831

Sorry for being retarded but how do I do this? Like I know you can do it on facebook but I never noticed anything about it on IG.

No. 64832

You must have CIA technology! The new REAL Aly is already lulzy.

No. 64833

She's on there answering posts and everything, she can't keep away

No. 64834

Wait nvm I think "turn on post notifications" is it. Hopefully.

No. 64835

Go on her profile, click the three dots then press turn on post notifications

No. 64836

Aly is ~triggered ~

No. 64837

File: 1448613161888.png (27.95 KB, 480x159, wp_ss_20151127_0002.png)

Dropped pic oops

No. 64838

Figured it out, but thanks I had no idea you could do this. Literally got a notification a minute after.
Aly had her first ever (!) raspberry jammed filled croissant. So #challanging because different fillings apparently. Carpe diem and all.

No. 64839

File: 1448613362223.png (525.92 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20151127_0003.png)

Oh god

No. 64840

File: 1448613406736.jpg (169.48 KB, 942x1342, Screenshot_2015-11-27-08-35-57…)

The croissant looks pretty empty, a blob of jam but hardly filled

No. 64842

File: 1448613774350.png (32.08 KB, 475x167, wp_ss_20151127_0004.png)

Polite way of saying haven't you got anything better to do.

No. 64844

It's not like she hasn't had at least a dozen types of fillings in her usual second freaking breakfast croissant before… Maybe if it was like, cream cheese or caramel or something.
I guess she has to post something to start the day off. She still can't break her little routine, it's sad. Can't she just post something else though? A cute picture of herself or a family member, a screenshot of a tv show, a half-completed puzzle… something other than food Aly.

No. 64846

It's not like she made it though. The fact that she thinks it's a recovery win despite her having this shit every morning is the anger-inducing part.

No. 64847

What was Aly even studying before? Anyone know?

No. 64848

Modern literature

No. 64849

Thank you Anon!

No. 64850

She wrote the caption though

She's had apricot filled, strawberry filled etc but this is a new win because we all know raspberry has the most gazillion calories

No. 64851

I have a feeling that her mum does something to do with books like works at the local uni or publishers

No. 64852

What will she do all day?

No. 64853

Eat less probably

No. 64854

I don't see how she can't carry on her studies. There were shit loads of ill people when I was at uni (myself included) and it isn't even like she's living in student accommodation or has to deal with independent living. She's letting life pass her by.

No. 64855

And her account hasn't changed in the slightest.

No. 64856

File: 1448616773859.png (848.28 KB, 935x593, raspberry kipferl 9w ago.png)

raspberry kipferl (=croissant) #1

No. 64857

File: 1448616800222.png (901.1 KB, 933x594, raspberry kipferl 3w ago.png)

raspberry kipferl #2

No. 64858

File: 1448616838881.png (911.3 KB, 932x590, raspberry kipferl.png)

raspberry kipferl #3

but the raspberry croissant is first ever!!

No. 64859

Maybe like 'delved' she fails to understand the meaning of 'first time ever'.

No. 64860

File: 1448618346378.png (29.06 KB, 440x138, wp_ss_20151127_0005.png)

I don't understand her interpretation of "meaningful".

No. 64861

Since every little thing is a freakin huge #recoverywin, even a dang cappuccino, nothing will change.

No. 64863

i really don't get it because i live in germany and my doctor would have hospitalize me like a thousand times before when I were that thin.
They put me in the hospital at a BMI of 16.. so why the fuck does nobody do it with her?
I saw a post where she said that her doctor is informed and allow her to stay at home. WHAT THE FUCK she is 14 or so?? My mom would have driven me into the hospital on her own.. even when the only hospital would be 600km away

No. 64870

The doctors suggested a clinic to her, but she doesn't want to go and they can't force her. So much for her wanting to recover.

No. 64871

Her latest post said her and her parents are looking for a clinic at the moment

No. 64872

Why can't they force her?? She's 14, not an adult. She's making terrible decisions and should not be trusted with her own healthcare.

No. 64874

Shit. Sorry anon, I thought you meant aly duh.
Icovery -well idk. Its weird as fuck she's not IP seeing how she has so many health problems.

No. 64876

isn't she like 20 now??? no 14 year old looks like that, no matter how thin they get

No. 64881

Wtf Aly, so much new change! So instead of the usual 3 photos of food, you have two photos of food and a poster! I expect there will be another two photos in the afternoon at American cafe US or similar!


No. 64882

I smirked when I read that comment asking if she's going to post pictures of her interests.

Kill me if I'm ever in the position where I haven't got any interests. How is it possible for a person to have no interests to talk about?

No. 64883

File: 1448629476541.jpg (54.01 KB, 640x640, i-would-give-up-drinking-but-t…)

No. 64884

If she was "too physically ill" or whatever to attend this term, I don't see why that would change by next term unless Aly makes some drastic changes here, and fast.

What? icovery? She isn't and doesn't look 20…it says right in her bio that she's 14 and I haven't seen anything to indicate that she's any older.

No. 64887

Someone should call the youth care imho
She said that she isn't allowed to go to school but does it anywhere..
Her parents are so awful. Dear god she will die before she even gains 2kg

No. 64890

I'm guessing she lives in a small town, and that her parents have known her GP for years and years. She has said that her GP would "give her parents another chance" because "he trusts them", which is ludicrous because apparently the doctor is so uneducated about EDs that he thinks it's as simple as her parents failing to feed her.
Her saying time and time again that they are ~searching for a good clinic~ is bullshit as well, because she wouldn't be allowed in at her BMI, she would need to be stabilized medically first, and during that time arrangements could be made to transfer her afterwards.
There is NO viable reason to wait at the state she's in.

No. 64893

So much for Aly taking a break, she's been online all day replying to posts and answering questions. Go outside and find something to do dear child!

No. 64900

Knew she couldn't stay away this is the only thing she has outside of being anorexic which is all she's good at being. That's all she knows how to do.

No. 64920

yup, lush waffle is up!
so she will be posting at least twice a day….just as i thought.
at least the waffle is half (?) eaten this time?

No. 64921

Nah just two squares gone, compared to the other waffle pics on the restaurant IG page

No. 64922

yeah, i totally called it. theres no way that attention whore can even go a day without posting pictures. she needs to delete the entire account but then what would she do with her time?

No. 64933

Sigh. This girl needs help. Baker admit her. If only they could in Italy.

No. 64948

Well ofc she's on IG all day.
There are comments to be deleted, and people to be blocked! tears of laughter emoji

No. 64954


> I want AN healthy BMI

So, Aly, tell me more about you giving private lessons…

or do you mean
"I want an UNhealthy BMI"?

No. 64956

I´m delved in doubt.

No. 64957

She really wants "an" healthy BMI… but not enough to, you know, eat more food.

No. 64958

I just checked her IG for the first time since she posted yesterday about how she won't be around as much… she's posted SIX times so far. I can't wait to see all of her repetitive "meaningful" croissants and #recoverywins in this new era… yawn

No. 64959

"I want anorexia nervosa & healthy bowel movement." The I was a typo.

No. 64960


her whole insta is a typo lol

No. 64962

Her whole life is a typo.

No. 64964


delved in typos

No. 64965

Her so-called tutoring job must have been given to her out of pity by a family friend with a younger child or something. Nothing I would flaunt.

No. 64968


as a child I would be afraid of her

No. 65031

Please kill me too if I'm ever in that position. She makes me want to do every creative thing I've ever done or come in contact with. I talked about trying crocheting once?? Time to go try it so I'm not like Aly!

She posted a picture of the Cathedral because… downtown is her interest?? This is so sad to watch her try to behave like a real human. Just admit your ED is all you have, Aly. You can try to get some real hobbies, but we all know you don't have any at the moment.

No. 65036

File: 1448664689077.png (68.06 KB, 1025x240, Copyright.png)

Copyright symbol. lolwut?

>Get those eyes darling ?

No. 65043

Someone call the Jugendamt on these people.

No. 65046

This poor girl trying to do normal is cringy but sad at the same time. Like she's trying so hard to prove us and her haters wrong and it's just not working… It's pathetic and depressing.

No. 65047

I know it's a bit creepy that I know this but that photo of the cathedral was a photo Ma Casati put on Facebook about 2 months ago. Yes I was bored and had a troll, it really shows how she literally has no interest outside of her ED that she would have to take an old photo off her mother to post on IG. It's really depressing

No. 65048


oh really? this is kind of sad…

I bet her new "hobby" will be

→ cooking
→ writing a cookbook
→ getting vegan (I´m not against veganism, but you know….if it is Aly…)

No. 65050

File: 1448669767458.jpeg (421.94 KB, 1241x1894, image.jpeg)

You guys did Aly ever acknowledge this drawing a fan made of her?? I mean I scrolled through the comments and the likes of the original post but I didn't see her comment or even like it. I even scrolled through Aly's Instagram but Aly didn't even seem to at least post it. What the fuck… Is she that big of a cunt?

No. 65051

Imagine her opening a restaurant and awkwardly gazing her at your food while you have to eat it.
From time to time she will drop comments like "isn´t it DANG LUSH?"
"Come and make Chef Aly happy and eat a little bit more. I´ve delved this stuff in oil extra for you!"
baaahaaa gives me nightmares

No. 65055

Show us?

No. 65059

Does Aly phrase things like a sperg in Italian or is it largely language barrier?

I honestly am starting to believe she might have the 'tism.

It's been pointed out in this thread that autism spectrum + anorexia go hand in hand, anyway. It'd explain a lot of her lack of awareness/empathy (or explain she isn't even understanding she's being rude), refusal of criticism, her need to do things like keep that same fucking Starbucks cup, etc. [Though I realize a lot of this could be attributed to plain anorexia]

I'm obviously just armchair speculating, anyway. But I know I've read the medical community has realized that the 'tism often goes unnoticed in girls, who adapt more 'normally' in society (obsessing over clothes or make up etc) instead of the classic sperg stereotype.

I guess it makes no difference whether she's just ana or ana+sperg but I'm just so bewildered/curious.

No. 65060

That picture is really accurate. I now also realize aly looks like E.T.

No. 65063

I've wondered this too. At first I thought she might have antisocial personality disorder because she definitely lacks empathy and seems very shallow, but autism makes more sense.

No. 65064

Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers?

No. 65065

Oh please, Aly could never be vegan. She loves her seafood and milk (in coffee) too much. Granted, she does drink soy milk sometimes but nasty-as-fuck poop-veins-still-inside seafood, dammit!

No. 65069

She doesn't really show any of the symptoms of anti social. Like even the way she lacks empathy isn't the same, if that makes sense?

Plus she's way too consistent

No. 65132

Damn, that's really sad. And I was about to get all excited for her too.

How pitiful to live in a city like Milan and have no life outside your parents' home and the American cafe.

No. 65137

Is that cathedral across from the cafe or something? Like did she just swing around in her seat and go "look, interest!"

Also: news tie-in, in the post-Paris terrorist raids they busted a gang who planned a bomb RIGHT there.

No. 65165

It's nearly noon (her time) and no post! I'm torn between either being pleasantly surprised with her or anxiously awaiting the "I'm in the hospital" post.

No. 65166

File: 1448707798096.png (377.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-28-10-48-47…)

This girl is creepy as fuck

No. 65167

this girl is inspired by aly, she's ip, wrote a comment about how she had tears in her eyes thanking aly.
she did a video action shot of her ip lmao oh …………..my god

No. 65168

lmao same time anon

No. 65170

I feel like the creepy one now ha

No. 65171

Is she lurking? She just posted

No. 65177

Just fucking pancakes. Where's the interests Aly? Chess, knitting, something, anything. Also add some butter to those things.

No. 65181

Isn't she the one who sly blocked forasking too many questions? The one who was asking advice because she was upset about her Ng tube?

No. 65182

Aly* not sly (even though she is)

No. 65184

Im disturbed by the New nice Aly answering her followers questions without being a dick.. She's addicted to IG no wonder she has time now though not photographing food 24/7

No. 65188

File: 1448715934316.jpg (1.04 MB, 1359x2289, WP_20151128_12_47_50_Pro.jpg)

Hey farmers OVER HERE. Are you missing the Starbucks cup? Well here is mine. I've been reusing it for almost 2 years. It's cardboard so more hygienic than plastic. It's actually self cleaning so I've never even had to wash it.
Sorry no rotten fruit to post though.

No. 65195

Nope that was angelinedevries. This is another really young girl. I think her other account is Pauline.goue

No. 65197

Didn't play video bc the still frame looked awkward enough…but wow her choice of words and emojis is the same

No. 65204

Wtf does aly mean by being interested in English culture?

No. 65209

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is my favorite writer and Sherlock Holmes books my obsession ;_;

No. 65212


No. 65213


No. 65214

i wonder where the coffee she's drinking in that photo fits into her mealplan. we never saw it before.

No. 65215

yeah she used to show us the mug in pre-june photos. then it disappeared.

is that photo old? hmmm

No. 65216

Don't let it get you down. It's probably a book she just picked off the shelf to impress people that she reads in English.

Still no idea what she means by "English culture". Does she think the police solve crimes by smoking a pipe and wearing a Deerstalker hat?

No. 65217

File: 1448723900688.jpg (182.56 KB, 534x616, IMG_20151128_091715.jpg)

Why is she pointing at the words artificial existence

No. 65218

This is very weird and sad to watch.

No. 65219

My mind problems give cryptogram my own proper artificial existence I crave.

Cryptic indeed, Watson.

It is.

No. 65234

It is very awkward, but not as awkward as Aly's videos. And the girl starts to go for a second(!) bite!
She's copying Aly to a scary extent, but clearly did not pick up on the one-bite rule. This is why sempai will not notice her.

No. 65239

File: 1448735300974.jpg (36.15 KB, 297x300, alternate reality.JPG)

This is why Aly needed/needs to stop her fake account.

No. 65240

Yeah I doubt she is actually/currently reading this. If she regularly read English literature her English wouldn't be full of such awful mistakes.

And judging by that accidental "diary entry" the other day I'm guessing her mind is too preoccupied with eating disordered thoughts for her to concentrate on reading anyway.

>>a relavant part of #realrecovery is relax and rest ? And as a wise man said: "you will have a great company, if you feel good with yourself."

No. 65242

Aly noticed her though, she's FOLLOWING her!

Any other times she's been pictured reading, it's in Italian.

No. 65243

Her nails look unhealthy af.

No. 65246

>>Book spine clearly bent
>>Top of pages almost look discoloured/stained

Quite possibly not her book. Maybe belonged to someone else beforehand or is a library copy.

I agree. If she's at that reading level, she wouldn't be making the type of mistakes you mentioned.

Wouldn't be surprised if someone gave her their copy because they knew she's learning English, she opened up the book on a page that "looked good" and snapped a pic for insta. I don't think she's aware of the words she's pointing at in the book nor how fitting they are for her whole insta persona. Judging by her level of English in her posts, I doubt she fully understands the meaning of those words. If she does, she has been dumbing herself down and pretending her English is worse than it is. Why? That's anyone's guess.

No. 65247

Agreed. Though I give credit to the girl for admitting that the milk carton is small. Aly would have said it was biiig.

No. 65249

>If she does, she has been dumbing herself down and pretending her English is worse than it is.

I've been wondering about this, because in her early days, she'd write long captions with a relatively better command of English - more complex sentences, better constructed sentences etc. Maybe this is a case of brain atrophy from her ED, coupled with not using English on a daily basis outside of IG (whereas previously if she was in uni, she might have had more consistent exposure to more advanced English)

No. 65251

When my ED was the worst, I could barely even carry on a conversation. I couldn't "find" the words I needed and I'd just start spacing out and forget what I'd been saying. It was extremely embarrassing. I think it's quite possible that she's experiencing "cognitive difficulties" from her ED. I find it hard to believe that she's able to concentrate enough to read an entire novel in English, TBH…

No. 65252

File: 1448738958781.jpg (18.95 KB, 607x119, 1.JPG)

So she put some marshmallows into a carton and took a pic to post on ig and claims to have eaten them.

No. 65253

Marshmallows are like 0g fat, empty calories

No. 65254

Restricting calories is her thing though isn't it?

Why is she posting these anyway. She could've told us which film she was going to see, but NO, it's all about FOOD.

No. 65255

She could have posted a photo of her and her friends all with their sweets or in the seats to show more of a social life

No. 65259

I can feel the awkward.

No. 65262

File: 1448743059503.jpg (23.84 KB, 500x370, follower.jpg)

overly attached follower

No. 65267

What if all of the sudden Aly starts to lose all of her followers, she asks something in her captions but no one replies, no one's commenting anymore. What would Aly do?

No. 65272

i feel like making a throwaway account so i can write 'i love how you're finally posting your actual entire intake for the day'

No. 65273

Yup. English is not my native language either, and when I've been restricting too severely I could notice that I was having immense trouble constructing sentences.
I never made blatant and repeated mistakes such as "challanging" etc though.

No. 65274

>>65251 it's because your tongue is a muscle. i experienced slurred speech reeeeal bad and struggled to string sentences together. was screwed up

No. 65275

kek, probably true.

No. 65282

top kek, anon.
do it!

No. 65640

She's posted 4 times today….

No. 65644

Three pics of food, one about food. Oh dear, oh dear. You're doing it all wrong, aly!

No. 65645

File: 1448812064760.jpg (102.62 KB, 1072x781, Screenshot_2015-11-29-15-30-01…)

And we have this one to look forward to oh yay more food

No. 65646

>harsh situation with relatives

"hey Aly you're not gaining weight fast enou…"


No. 65647

icovery said a few days ago she does not better. She still goes to school, where she fainted friday. Noone seems to do ANYTHING even she says her mother "is worried".Poor kid

No. 65648

Quite honestly, as heartless as this seems, there is no point to worrying about her. You might as well give up. It's quite clear that no one in her life is going to do anything to help her. She's either going to die, or she's going to hit a point where she realizes she'll have to save herself and choose to actually recover. It's as simple as that.

No. 65661

>She could have posted a photo of her and her friends […] in the seats to show more of a social life

Aly's still lurking, I see.

No. 65663

Aaaand now Aly is blaming her ED on her relatives that she apparently almost never sees. Whiny little bitch.

No. 65664

I don't understand why people try to pass the blame for their own actions

Unless someone holding a gun to your head it's your own DANG! responsibility. I know people don't just choose to have mental illness, but in situations like hers they chose not to get help

It would make literally 0 difference even if her relatives magically were to blame

Like… "ok u know wat ur right, it is their fault. Now wut?"

Jesus christ

No. 65669

She was with all the relatives she doesn't really like. Ungrateful bitch. At least they let her celebrate with then and got her a cake. She's dragging this birthday out, god. This cow doesn't deserve anything.

No. 65671

File: 1448825524839.png (34.96 KB, 1046x92, Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.1…)

This comment made me chuckle, given that we know for a fact that she did actually lose weight - and was subsequently hospitalized, albeit far too briefly - while on her magical ~specialist mealplan~

No. 65678

File: 1448827356701.png (4.61 KB, 264x46, jeseus.png)

probably took four hours because of her tiny ~struggling~ bites

No. 65679

Bet she was annoyed she couldn't go home and exercise all that cake off

No. 65690

>>65669 Must have been evil dad's family. It's their fault cause he/they don't tell her what she wants to hear (like momma does.)

No. 65718

lmao at aly. she inspires me to recover but only because i don't want to end up like her

No. 65728

This comment makes me happy cause at least Aly has inspired someone in a good way.

No. 65731

File: 1448844333311.png (427.41 KB, 764x514, kek.png)

No. 65737

Jesus Christ she is so obnoxious. I feel bad for her relatives.

No. 65750

Why are Italians so bad at English? I do proofreading and I know that I'm in for a tough time when I get an Italian client.

No. 65751

File: 1448850037179.png (29.32 KB, 1142x94, Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.20…)

kek, thanks anon

No. 66089

No. 66091

Honestly, that's more of an Italian thing. My boyfriend's family is Sicilian and they take hours to eat when they go out because they spend most of the time talking.

No. 66121

Your brain, just like the rest of your body, needs nutrients to function. You literally become dumber if you're starving yourself. Sure, muscle wasting in your tongue is going to further fuck up your ability to speak clearly, but the main issue is your brain.

No. 66134

No. 66141

She already has a thread over on pt.

No. 66154

Lol at skelly_realrecover commenting.

No. 66174

File: 1448874127294.jpg (61.29 KB, 503x577, speachless.JPG)

She posted a croissant for asspats.

She thinks her witch is hiding inside. Not so.

No. 66256

Seriously what is she trying to say with that post

A croissant is a croissant whether from a patisserie or bar

No. 66306

So i just checked her ig for the first time after she proclaimed she wasn't going to post about food all the time. Glad to see she kept that up! Never change Aly!

No. 66309

I hate those tacky bracelets she wears. Don't know anything about the BREND, but it seems like it might be plastic crap that's expensive because of the name?

Yeah, looks like she ran out of interests to post.

No. 66323

holy shit that bracelet is absolutely tacky
and there I thought you were just dragging Aly for fun
also lol @ her DEEP THOUGHTS about the charms she picked

No. 66329

I think the saddest thing is she picks charms entirely related to her ED. Like, what is she going to do if she actually recovers? Throw out the bracelet? Otherwise she's just hanging on to her ED in some way.

No. 66334

Exactly. She's still letting the ED define her completely.

No. 66337

It's sad. She's so far gone that her eating disorder makes up her whole identity. Take that away and what has she got left? Just her shitty writing style, I guess.

No. 66339

No, I've seen her wear others and they look horrible, like something a 6 year old would wear from Claire's.

This looks like the one she's got

No. 66345

Yep. It's fairly common for people with ED's or even other self-harm or mental health issues. Some people want to be a perpetual victim because they don't know what they'd do without it, much less how they'd get all the doting and attention they get for their disordered behavior.

No. 66346

I'm disappointed she didn't choose a croissant charm

No. 66350

File: 1448912332949.jpg (117.74 KB, 720x735, _20151130_113556.JPG)

Could this be Aly? I'd assume she isn't too happy about being discussed on MPA.

No. 66351

It's definitely not Aly. It speaks English.

No. 66352

the English is too good for Aly
maybe a delusional follower white knighting?

No. 66353


Probably a delusional follower. Jesus Christ this is creepy tho.

No. 66355

File: 1448913040489.jpg (126.55 KB, 1074x1254, Screenshot_2015-11-30-19-49-19…)

Ma gandolfi sick of her being online all the time?! feeling sarcastic

No. 66361

'you have to eat much more food to gain'
Ok, so why isn't she eating much more food? People, I can't take them anymore.

No. 66367

Having an ED KILLS the metabolism. Her metabolism would not be "hyper" anymore if she ever had one – let's say she did – then she has one that works at the speed of a normal persons' or she has a slow one now which is why she probably still has an ED because if her metabolism is damaged and such she'd gain weight really fast. She'd have to exercise even post-ED-recovery just so she wouldn't get over-weight.

No. 66373

>>66367 lmao anon the last part is literally the dumbest thing i've ever read……………………..

No. 66374

You can't 'kill' your metabolism.
Quit spewing your fatlogic and get some accurate info if you're gonna go around talking about this shit.

No. 66378

>damaged metabolism
not this bullshit again

No. 66379

any metabolic rate will return to normal with adequate refeeding. it isn't permanently damaged, it's suppressed. also you're bound to gain weight if you're emaciated and eating enough, that has nothing to do with a poor metabolism lmfaooooo

No. 66381

Sick sick sick of her spreading like the plague on Young impressionnable girls, who grow to believe that life is about organizing cookies, sitting on the floor and taking pictures of cigarettes, and using 10 émoticons a sentence to describe how every mouthful of pretty much everything is a recoverywin. I've never posted here, but man… Instagram should be ashamed to let that account run. Her so called doctors (if they exist) should be held liable for letting a girl whose brain does not function properly because of malnourishment commit a slow suicide. Her family should Wake the eff up and force her IP. As for her… what can you expect of a lifeless shell. She wanted attention, she got it. Too bad she'll loose her life to it - even if she does gain weight, don't think she'll ever be able to build a life for herself. Since not seeing mama for 12h is torture to her - at 20, and she thinks that giving private lessons of a langage she doesn't speak is "work"… Hope her family's freakin rich (not like a croissant a day rich, more like "I can afford my daughter never getting a job and going to the restaurant 5 times a week for the rest of her short life" rich)

No. 66389

i don't see how anyone could be inspired by someone like her unless they're into the whole thinspo thing

No. 66391

A* first post to the thread! Sums it all up in a nutshell.

Aye, who started the REPULSIVE trend for the emojis and woop woop fuckyeahrecovery BS? Was it Aly? It's spreading like ebola.

No. 66395

I don't think it was her doing, although she has certainly made it more visible through her large follower count.

No. 66396

File: 1448924829539.png (711.1 KB, 934x597, Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 4.04…)

I think I figure out how old her Starbucks cup is…
This is the most recent picture she posted of herself at a Starbucks…. Ew ( vomit emoji )

No. 66398

She looks like a 35 year old mom trying to look young here

No. 66402

88 weeks of crustiness and rotting plastic how dang LUSH (!)

No. 66418

88WKS?? Say it ain't so.

No. 66443

Even with all the washing in the world, that thing must stink.

No. 66530

File: 1448956989836.png (310.42 KB, 766x476, ske.png)

LMAO the 'glass' thing

No. 66534

Starbucks hasn't opened yet in Italy so there is no way she could have replaced that cup unless she went abroad to another starbucks and she didn't take a photo of it.


No. 66536

As discussed three threads ago, this is from Berlin. Aly went to Dublin in 2012 , see her fb and old thread for details

No. 66537

File: 1448959638941.jpg (43.27 KB, 1076x515, 1444776116581.jpg)

No. 66545

The photo is literally tagged Berlin and Germany, and as >>66536 is saying, we're pretty certain the cup is from there.
Likely, the cup is indeed 3 years old (not 88 weeks, which would only be just over 1.5 years), and the photo was an actual #throwback.

No. 66546

That thread had some false info, though. She has no actual glass Starbucks cup; it was a lost in translation thing, calling non-coffee/tea cups glasses.

No. 66616

>>not gonna post food pictures camera emoji anymoar guize
All three of today's pictures of food
Gj aly you asanine hypocrite

No. 66629

Well Aly is getting what she wants I guess.. We're not really talking and hating on here as much on here now

No. 66643

True. There's just less to talk about.
Though I'd say another part of it was people being so disappointed by the Day Hospital Control day that they gave up.

No. 66647

Yup. All that excitement then … nothing. There's no way I could stick another month of the same shots. At least her feed isn't as monotonous - no cookies, no ensure fortimel, no pizza, no awful soup or excuse of a pasta dish.

Not surprised she isn't posting any more "personal" stuff about her interests seeing how she has none.

I'll keep checking in on her to see if she's died or something, but I can see that whatever she is now she's going to be until the day she shuffles off. My own mental health is shitty, my life is shit compared to some but I'm so fucking happy I'm not Aly.

No. 66650

Cosign 100%

The parody accounts have stopped posting as well (I guess they were both farmers so not surprised)

No entertainment value left in Aly

And I don't care enough about ginger to delve into her backstory…though wow, that GOMI thread has some interesting projections (accusing ginge of being a sex worker on the down low, what)

No. 66653

oh god even her tattoo is ED related

No. 66678

I'm not sure what it is about Ginge that makes me want to avoid her. I can't seem to desensitise myself to the awful food combos she posts and I get second hand indigestion.

She's weird, but not enough to keep checking out. I mean, the way she naively posts pics of her cucumber in a bag and eating those pickles or w/e the fuck it is in a hot dog bun as if she's eating dick but says she had no idea they looked sexual.

We need to find a new cow.

Oh, this:
> When I'll finally win the war and when I will be completely FREE and NORMAL

Normal. Aly. Lol.

No. 66686


Agreed 100%. Aly has been boring for a while, but at least the threads were entertaining. Now everyone has lost interest she's just as dull, but posts half the boring pictures.

And Ginge just makes me sad, maybe a bit nauseous.

No. 66720

File: 1449005890600.jpg (213.12 KB, 1060x1365, Screenshot_2015-12-01-21-35-43…)

Here's something to cheer us up, a "progress" picture

I really wasn't sure which one was which

No. 66721

File: 1449005904484.jpg (296.91 KB, 1062x1571, Screenshot_2015-12-01-21-36-47…)

No. 66725

She's literally delusional if she thinks there's any difference at all. Maybe, what, slightly less wrinkles around her mouth because she's hydrated?

No. 66726

Trust me, she knows exactly what she's doing. She's feeling insecure about her ~huge~ weight gain of a couple of kilos so she posts this photo so she can see the comments of "omg you look exactly the same!" she'll delete the comments of course, but still, she got the reassurance she wanted that she's still a skeleton.

No. 66733

The comments are quite mixed, how can perceptions of healthy be so far apart, she looks sick maybe her followers have just got used to her looking skelly

No. 66734

Difference is lighting.

No. 66735

@dangoilyfarmer OH, YOU!

>Look at her face, she's a lot more happier and does have a small amount of fat coming back to her face again.


Aly is ~triggered~

No. 66738

File: 1449008453446.jpg (169.57 KB, 698x508, worrior.jpg)

More accurate.

No. 66740

Her cheeks look slightly better to me. Faaar from normal or healthy though.

No. 66744

Her skelly hands still scare me dang oilyfarmer what if she has no palms shudder

No. 66762

lol, she's gonna flip her shit over someone saying she has ~fat~

No. 66774

File: 1449015706008.jpg (99.63 KB, 923x542, best comment.JPG)


No. 66834

File: 1449021949504.jpg (111.64 KB, 929x551, bil.JPG)


No. 66835

File: 1449021991257.jpg (109.58 KB, 909x554, pt 2.JPG)

and part 2

recovery_uuuu IIRC you're a farmer?

No. 66852

lol yes I am an angry no-life farmer who keeps making new Instagram accounts to sperg out about Aly, it's rather embarrassing actually and I should probably stop

No. 66860

File: 1449025413106.jpg (97.36 KB, 932x577, Capture.JPG)

I love you, aly_realrecovery.

recovery_uuuu, pfft, don't think that, I was going to say your post was on point.

No. 66872

To the account saying they can see a difference in her eyes, SHE'S FUCKING LOOKING DOWN

No. 66876

There's no starbucks in Italy? Good. They have real coffee there.

No. 66877

her emoticons trigger me.

No. 66886

Further adding to our theory that her entire identity is her ED. How the fuck is she supposed to recover when she's literally dedicated a piece of her body to reminding her about it forever?

I'm going to bet the rose is somehow ED related too.

No. 66887

Poor Aly, this girl may actually believe she's recovering it's possible right? I think she may eat so few bites and consider that a good thing and recovering, when it's not. She's a ticking time bomb. I think she'll live a couple more years though.

No. 66891

I picture her introducing herself to people like "Hi, I'm Aly, and I'm anorexic" - she is a walking ED, it's sad

No. 66893

You're probably not too far off.

No. 66896

File: 1449044868235.jpg (211.76 KB, 1000x1399, Screenshot_2015-12-02-08-24-43…)

Another on point comment, esp the bashing of ember

No. 66899

She's deleted all the comments calling her put on her bs.

No. 66900

No. 66901

Apart from one that snuck in late haha

No. 66902

Loving this account atm! Glad you're posting again

No. 66914

Someone pleaaaaase go backhand slap her across the face!!! Pleaaase pleaseplease please please

No. 66916

DANG that last post was annoying

Also freaking SECOND DANG (!) at the fact that she brazenly deleted every disagreement on the "progress" photo. Not surprising at all but I thought she might leave a couple more comments up. No change.

No. 66918

File: 1449060349135.png (480.81 KB, 894x536, a.png)

i can feel the passive agressive lmao skelly

No. 66922

What's a bet there has been a screaming tantrum. Maybe she got out of seeing the new psychologist. Kind of reads like dad wants nothing to do with Aly right now. She comes off as so petulant. Also that fucking Pooh toy, isn't she 20 now?

No. 66924

At least she didn't have to pretend to eat it. I'm sure her dad's got more to do than sit in cafés all day. Probably has to work. Not that aly has any idea about that.

No. 66926

Quick-draw Aly sure deleted those fast!

No. 66927

What a shock that Aly's into Disney stuff - all these ED girls are, their feeds are full of it, and she's all like "oh teehee, look at me with my Disney stuff, I know how unusual it is but idgaf, teehee!" As if she's special and not just another skellington.

No. 66928


So you're not allowed to like disney once you hit 17 or something? Wtf

No. 66930

She's 20 and asked for a stuffed toy for her birthday.. there's a limit, yes definitely

No. 66931

Its like they all want to be children again, why? Adult life is rough sometimes but everyone goes through it, no-one swims easily you just gotta grit your teeth and get on with it

No. 66934

Is Alice.casati (with a moon) another one of her accounts, other than Alice.Eleanor?

No. 66937

File: 1449068538649.jpg (34.43 KB, 287x201, dad guilttrip.jpg)

Personally, I thought Aly was the passive-aggressive one here. "No, dad, it's fine." drags him through the mud online

I just feel so bad for her father. He just wasn't in the mood for food shopping (probably just tired), and yet Aly has to make a big fucking deal out of it. How much you want to bet she went home and guilt-tripped him over it?

No. 66939

See, that's what gets me. I don't care about someone liking Disney and kids' stuff as adults. I don't care if they get it for their birthday. But to act as if that makes them unique? That's just ridiculous and annoying.

No. 66940

Doesn't her brother have Goofy bedsheets or something like that? I guess it's a bit more acceptable for a 14y/o to still have children's bedsheets though.
A 20y/o who is still obsessed with Disney's "muppets", however…
sidenote, so many young adults/teenagers these days seem to be obsessed with Disney and Disney princesses, if buzzfeed is any indication of that. I guess I can't relate because I never had fantasies of being a ~princess~ and I really don't see the appeal of Disney movies as an adult.

No. 66952

File: 1449074174592.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1648, Instaly.png)

This person commented telling Aly
>You're my recovery inspiration!

Went to their profile and saw this photo of Aly used as thinspo
#thinspoooo #thinspire

No. 66954

Nope, i checked lol

No. 66955

File: 1449076281552.jpg (250.08 KB, 1068x1586, Screenshot_2015-12-02-17-10-26…)

A muffin is a muffin is a muffin

No. 66960

Fucking disgusting. I refuse to believe Aly is oblivious to the fact that she's widely used as thinspo/pro-ana fodder.

No. 66963

File: 1449078462279.png (70.15 KB, 2592x434, I am struggling, yes, I am str…)

Top kek. I knew I'd wake up to find that Aly had blocked me, but I didn't expect that someone would have flagged my account (no pictures or anything, I'd only left like 4 comments on Aly's account and that was the extent of my Instagram activity) for self-harm, too. What kind of piss-poor response to criticism is that? Self-harm, really? I mean, I may have punched the wall a few times out frustration with Aly's BS, but…

No. 66965

File: 1449079627727.jpg (325.24 KB, 925x598, worstdateever.jpg)

She's mentioned before how she talks to her "sisters" about her ED. She has to be the most boring coffee date ever. I bet her friends grow so bored of having to sit there while she photographs herself and her food and laments about her ED because there is literally nothing interesting about her.

No. 66966

File: 1449079731940.jpg (9.72 KB, 236x214, angst.jpg)

I HATE what Disney's done to Winnie the Pooh and co. The original book and illustrations are gorgeous but Disney turned them all into a bunch of ugly cunts with less of a personality. They took out all the things that adults can relate to and turned it into shit. Disney are wankers. /vent

I collect Snoopy stuff AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THE PEANUTS MOVIE. Peanuts is way fucking cool though. No pink princesses there, yo.

Aly looks in her late 50s.

No. 66969


I only now realized she's going for "unbelievable"…but in her case, unbearable might in fact be the correct choice, as the mere sight of rich food she has to eat is a burden.

No. 66971

That muffin looks burned.

No. 66973

It's some kind of seeds (poppy? chia?) sprinkled on top. It's more evident in the original photo where you can see the whole thing.

No. 66974

Oh yeah. I'd hit that. I'm not big on muffins, but looks moist (!) and a taste sensation (!)

No. 66994

>scaring BOMB

No. 66999

Knowing Italy, it's probably chocolate

No. 67005

i really want to see her weight restored :( i want her to get better, i want her so stop living a lie

No. 67022

she said it was BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG but it looks a little small for you average muffin tbh :/

No. 67044

Yes, I've always taken it as a Freudian slip, ha.

No. 67213

The extreme close up photos of her food make me so angry

No. 67214

Her friend is so pretty. I hope she gets out of this crazy affair with Aly. She's such a creepy skeleton.

No. 67226

File: 1449136425346.png (546.65 KB, 824x526, wa.png)

this girl lmao

No. 67227

File: 1449136474306.png (487.85 KB, 828x528, wa1.png)

ps henriksen needs to be locked the fuck away

No. 67228

File: 1449136742411.png (252.16 KB, 788x518, lamoasoa.png)

O SHIT SHE LURKS lmao girl pls get help urself before judging

No. 67229

I want to set henriksen on fire.

Aly posted a pic with her dad making a big deal that he APOLOGISED for not wanting a coffee yesterday.

No. 67230

I like the honest captions on her pics, but the skele pics aren't needed. Pure thinspo fodder. Yeah, get some treatment yourself. Your account is as tedious as alys - have I gained? Look how skinny I am, I'm not drinking and my kidneys are failing. Jesus, start to sort your own shit out before throwing stones at others.

No. 67235

File: 1449138829101.jpg (8.14 KB, 81x19, datusername.JPG)

No. 67238

File: 1449139313445.jpg (85.54 KB, 803x580, 1.JPG)

No. 67248

ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a snowflake

No. 67249

Yeah, she is a pretty girl, but I think this is maximised ten fold by the bleached, skeletal ghoul in the foreground of the picture. Makes Aly look even more shocking with their two faces juxtaposed.

No. 67250

shadow midna is probably going to die very soon though honestly

No. 67251

How the fuck can this girl call out Aly? Oh, right, because she's just as sick and fucked up in the head as she is. Okay so she's pretty honest about what she's going through - I agree her photos are pure 'thinspo' for all the little girls on IG but her captions to show the ugly truth of anorexia. But she's also actively wallowing in her disorder, encouraging it even with this sick basic bitch ED slideshow. Her poor family must be suffering even more than Aly's.

shadow.midna what you said about aly is true but you're in no position to judge. Close the shrine to yourself, get some help and get down from that moral highground, because your IG and hers are two different kinds of equally fucked-up.

No. 67256

I'm 100% positive she's been mentioned on an ana thread before (but cba to look). I expect someone tipped her off to her appearance and that's how she got into Aly? She'll probably go private now.

No. 67257

File: 1449145861310.jpg (32.65 KB, 567x359, shadow.midna.JPG)

Apparently she's on heroin. The Chrohn's Disease appears to be self diagnosed.

No. 67266

File: 1449148174798.jpg (191.08 KB, 948x1296, Screenshot_2015-12-03-13-08-07…)

Are they in a betting shop? Weird place to eat a croissant, maybe they have so much money because pa casati is a gambling king!

No. 67270

File: 1449149324297.png (253.38 KB, 539x304, screen-shot-2012-10-29-at-21-0…)

Gambler and market trader.

That cafe looks like a trucker's greasy spoon hangout.

No. 67273

Looks like a typical, small italian cafe tbh. It's probably family owned and that's why it looks so run down

No. 67275

That would explain the tacky charm bracelet

No. 67276

Yeah, fuck you Aly. Your dad's not paying for no fancy ass bar.

Shhh, but the gold Tiffany necklace is probably a knock off.

No. 67277

Those feather earrings, from "real" swans not NOT pigeons from the city

No. 67278

File: 1449150667042.jpg (383.11 KB, 1536x1024, casati counterfeit haul.jpg)

Genuine BRENDS!!!

No. 67280

File: 1449150908005.jpg (70.15 KB, 420x281, alys boutique.jpg)

>coat from Zara

No. 67281

File: 1449150927153.jpg (54.93 KB, 800x800, foreign-fake-wig-wig-big-wave-…)

Wig from China

No. 67282

File: 1449151055647.jpg (50.81 KB, 512x331, oh jesus.JPG)


No. 67283

File: 1449151172177.jpg (38.61 KB, 400x484, recoverywin.JPG)

Advent calendar challenge.

No. 67284

Is that her second breakfast??

No. 67285

I can't even count all these #recoverywins today. She's fucking unbearable!!

No. 67286

Spoiler for those disgusting nails please

No. 67291

File: 1449152089392.jpg (291.62 KB, 979x979, IMG_20151203_080444.jpg)

Real recovery??

No. 67292

File: 1449152136819.png (718.51 KB, 979x979, img1449151964880.png)

I knew he reminded me of someone

No. 67294

Cannot unsee.

No. 67301

File: 1449154429716.jpg (115.21 KB, 1076x755, Screenshot_2015-12-03-13-48-56…)

OT but ember trolling crazy Emily and Aly now

No. 67306

Emily's not thick though. She called out Aly on her crap. She's been here so she knows Ember's a twat. I like Emily.

No. 67313

This toxic, non-disordered bitch needs to stay away from Emily.

No. 67316

File: 1449157896487.jpg (174.33 KB, 907x571, advent.jpg)

What the fuck is this bullshit? Aren't chocolate advent calendars super cheap? Why are they catering to her illness like this? "Oh, it's okay Aly. I understand eating a SUPER TINY CHOCOLATE, SMALLER THAN YOUR NASTY NAIL is too challanging [sic]. You can just eat one every other day!"
Like I knew her family was fucking ridiculous about letting Aly continue to die, but every time I think they can't surprise me, shit like this happens.

No. 67318

It's insane that she acts like she is so happy to have this advent calender, wow a FREAKIN CHOCOLATEY ONE! then in the same breath mentions that her mum bought it and the family has to barter with her and made a 'deal' that she only has to one every other day?! And then goes on to say that she is proud of this decision.

No. 67322

You can get them for a quid at Poundland. That's only cheapy chocolate, not like some brend chocolate. Poor bro misses out because he has to share with his sister??

I thought all advent calendars were chocolate.

OT but was browsing some anas on ig and one of the IP girls mother made her an advent thing where she gets a gift a day. The first gift was some Dior mascara or sthing. Poor Aly gets a chocolate every other day.

No. 67324

(this is her if you want to see what her present a day is https://www.instagram.com/hon_bon/)

No. 67328

There are some advent calendars that are toys (like the Playmobil ones), so Aly's family might have a tradition like that.

Yup, and this probably isn't even the tip of the shit iceburg of stuff that bro probably has to do or not do because Aly has to get her way.

No. 67336

Actually, anon, that was aimed for Laura, another girl from the ED community who spreads false positivity in one account, and is a complete mess in the other.

No. 67351

is icovery still alive and posting?

No. 67355

I think her alice.eleanor account is gone. Did any of you follow that account and can check if she changed her username?

No. 67357

lol, she "freaked out" over having to eat one of those tiny-ass chocolates EVERY OTHER DAY. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 67358

No. 67359

Strange considering she eats all those FREAKIN waffles delved in melted chocolate, eh.

No. 67360

What "medical stuff" did she have to do this morning?

No. 67362

Buying her Ensure Fortimel from the pharmacy? She over dramatises everything, so that's my guess.

No. 67365

Ah thanks. I forgot there was an underscore.

No. 67373

File: 1449168588970.png (592.7 KB, 836x670, icov.png)

update from icovery 6 days ago

No. 67374

icovery is pissing me off because she's obviously under-eating and tagging it as 'recovery' like she clearly does want to be sick, she doesn't want to get better so why is she posting her emaciated body and why are her parents allowing one veggie pattie? what the fuck

No. 67376

also aly branching off of instagram resulted in her posting just as much/more like

No. 67385

File: 1449170709091.png (467.73 KB, 444x661, wp_ss_20151203_0002.png)

I was looking at the accounts p.s.henriksen follows. Loads of those are like that. They use RECOVERY in their username but they're obviously not.

This one's been mentioned before here. She hasn't been out of hospital for long and now as part of her recovery (as in the name) wants to be skele again.

No. 67401

the way this pic is set up is so mentally ill jfc

No. 67406

Those knees will give me nightmares

No. 67410

Poor baby.. Going through her instagram and she is really sick; getting massive tummy bloat from a few bites of food, peeing brown. Not good. She's refreshingly honest and doesn't seem brain dead like a lot of ED sufferers on instagram. Since she lurks here;
try and get help, honey. Easier said than done, I know I know. About the bloating, maybe you've developed a gluten-intolerance. Try some rice pudding, Kozy Shack; it's the shit.
You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

No. 67411

File: 1449175780482.png (128.01 KB, 476x203, wp_ss_20151203_0003.png)

>isn't brain dead
>uses coke, speed and opiates

Throwing in some mascara clogged lashes.

No. 67412

Her pics are looking super stretched

No. 67417

She doesn't type like she's brain dead. And H can cause bloating and constipation too.

No. 67420


I thought she was holding up a storebought fancy cookie that she intended to eat after lunch

But that IS her lunch, just wow

Also those patties are not filling…anytime I made a veggie burger at home (with bread buns, veggies, and patty) I'd be rooting around in the fridge an hour or so later.

No. 67421

Hi shadow.mina!

No. 67427

hi mina!

I hate girls that do the whole 'haha im different from the OTHER girls!!11! im honest nd raw and cool :)))'

or in this case "im not like the OTHER anas :))) haha give me attention??"

No. 67452

File: 1449181500540.png (357.53 KB, 814x511, a.png)

'i doubt she has a life outside of her eating disorder'says you?
you're slowly killing yourself and broadcasting it?

No. 67454

I'm sure that more than half the people posting here have EDs, given all of the stupid treatment stories people have shared. She's no different than anyone else here with an ED.

No. 67457

>implying that slowly killing yourself and posting overly-positive shit about how you're "in recovery" is worse than slowly killing yourself and documenting it in excessive detail, including copious amounts of publicly-visible photos of your nearly-nude body (totally not attention seeking like those other girls, right?)
>implying that playing vidya all day is so much more ~adult~ than engaging in what she deems to be kiddie shit
This one is definitely a specimen of sophistication and intelligence…or, rather, severe cognitive dissonance.

Unless the other people posting here also have Instagram accounts on which they post even more egregious "body-checking"/thinsposhit content than Aly, then yeah she (you?) is (are?) different. In a bad way.

No. 67463

Never seen track marks on her arms. First "junky" I've seen who has a huge habit but can afford new guitars and vidya games. Too mentally fucked to be the high functioning druggie she would be. Think this one's trying to come across as 3edgy and a sensitive Pisces with an unexplained stomach complaint like Kurdtdt Kobain. Jus' sayin.

No. 67465

I'm not the girl posted. You're paranoid

No. 67468


To be fair to her, I was an iv heroin user for 5+ years without anyone seeing or knowing about it. I used dermablend and setting powder over my tracks (which looks like lines up and down your veins, rarely does someone have a big ol hole in their arm).

I also had plenty of cash because I was being fully supported by my spouse. No job, no responsibilities, and no lack of cash flow means you can buy up and enjoy whatever you like and remain absolutely 'functional' to the outside world. Plus, once your tolerance is up you're not passing out or nodding off, you're just maintaining a low level of "don't have feelings anymore".

And not everyone shoot heroin, to be fair. She could snot or smoke it. Or she could be full of shit, who knows. But even if she has plenty of $$, when you're getting high every day you don't really care much about food, nor do you feel hunger. I lived on cookies and wine during that time, myself. Opiates fuck with your insulin levels and you crave sweets even tho you aren't particularly hungry.

No. 67471

Agree, she reminds me of my 12-year-old self, and I was awful.

Indeed I am, but, to be fair, I did put "you" and "are" in question marks. I thought you might or might not be her. She said she lurks here, sooooo

Also true.

No. 67474

she's private. no surprise, definitely lurking.

No. 67478

Good choice, it was pretty gross to have all of those """body-checking""" photos on public (pretty gross to have them up at all, but private is better than public at least). I'm surprised Instagram lets shit like that stay up, honestly.

No. 67479

Look Midna, I just hope you can acknowledge what you do is wrong too and I do hope you do get help. Your symptoms are obviously horrid and you'd be aware of that, so sharing them and asking if it's abnormal when it most obviously is not doesn't seem very logical to me. Don't ask an 'instagram community' of people following you for thinspo/struggling with eating disorders for help if you're concerned for your health, go into the hospital. You're at the point where you'd need hospitalization, not just a GP/checkup. It'd be more admirable if you were to recover, just as it would be if Aly were to. Recovery is difficult, but people will change their perspective and have respect for your will to change. I know it'll be hard for you, but you need to do it and I hope you do.

No. 67481

She's still got that shit on tumblr though. Even though she's not pro ana of course.

No. 67493

This, exactly.

Ah I didn't realize and haven't checked out her Tumblr. Well, it should come down, too, or Tumblr should take it down. It's not very "not pro-ana" to post pictures you know other people are going to use as "thinspo," but that's the point, isn't it? Knowing that you're ~someone's thinspo~? It doesn't make you special, it just makes you one of probably millions of other people with EDs who are underweight and have taken pictures of themselves.

No. 67496

B-b-but I'm not. I just have an overactive empathy gland.
Plus, my boyfriend used to be on the d-train and had older junkie friends. One of them spent an hour in the bathroom screaming and crying and came out with a plastic bag with a softball-sized rock of shit. Too hard to break up and flush. I think they ended up hanging the plastic bag on a fence. Junkies are grody.

No. 67519

Damn, that is some nasty Trainspotting shit (literally) right there. I'm sorry. Also, I think people (myself included - >>67457)
were just "hi shadow.midna"-ing because of >>67228 confirming she's in these threads.

No. 67574

File: 1449212200887.png (920.32 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-04-01-54-20…)

Uhh so anyone know what's up with Emily? I don't mind her much usually but ya

No. 67579

Hopefully her friends see it and call 999 or the cops or whatever on her.

No. 67580

obv a cry for attention what the fuck

No. 67582

Yeah one out of a million others but not usually so blatant or with blood rubbed on her face. I don't dislike Emily, she has some milk and obviouslu seeks attention but I think most of it is "real"

No. 67583

Btw that was 17h ago so that's why I'm pretty worried

No. 67584

She does do this a lot and is probably okay, but shit like this from anyone, even if they do it repeatedly, makes me nervous.

No. 67590

There was a girl who said she knew her and her number/address on a previous picture, when she said she would ring an ambulance Em took picture down and said she disassociated. That girl hopefully has contacted Em by now or rung for help

No. 67595

I had to double-check I was still in the Aly thread. Emily bothers me, and doesn't she get air time in the instagram thread or something?

I came here for posi vibes (!) not dang (!) Emily.

No. 67609

Greasy (!) spoon loaded with OIL

No. 67639

ember is fkn annoying

No. 67641

She just cries blood now, no biggie.

She literally updated a few minutes ago (I have nice timing!), and she's fine. I don't think she even attempted.

No. 67644

I dropped by some hours ago and thought someone had died it's so quiet here.

Aly's giving you LUSH super posi crêpes vibes because you deserve it.

Oh, Emily. She's always okay. Probably kept quiet to keep people wondering. I too hope she grows out of this. She's still young, and even though at 16 I moved out of home and became independent blah blah, she's maturing at a slower pace. I feel her pain though. Frustrating as fuck to be stuck in mental illness with not much professional support.

No. 67645

Samefagging. Just saw her pic. What filter does she use to make her skin look so good? think it's making her eyes wider too.

No. 67656

It's airbrushed it's not an IG filter.

No. 67661

She's such a cunt making fake threats and then not posting some followers were really worried this whole "I physically couldn't post" really? You could post things on fb ok

No. 67668

what the actual fuck

No. 67674

I'll never understand the thought process these people have
"I'm an emotional wreck who's selfharming??/? lemme take a selfie and write about it"

No. 67679

tldr: i only want you to tell me how thin i look and how worried you are, i have no interest in recovery.

No. 67680

That pic wasn't even from yesterday. It's one she posted along with video of her crying with a tea towel in her mouth, then she deleted it. Recycled it for another Sudoku threat.

No. 67681

Yeah, she's a stupid fucking cunt and she's old enough to know better.

No. 67682

Her ig's as repetitive as aly's. She needs to do something with her time (like aly),

No. 67683

Definition of an attention whore

No. 67687

File: 1449257968290.jpg (31.75 KB, 301x254, hugs.JPG)

She'll be okay, she's got Jolty.

Tbh, I reckon a lot of farmers have illnesses similar to Emily's and feel the same things a lot of the time. I can't imagine recording it all over and over in public though, like >>67674

Some of them say it's for "venting" not attention, but if it was for venting make it fucking private with no followers. Buy a fucking diary.

No. 67688

Right? I'm BPD as fuck. My mom is BPD as fuck. And yet, even when I was Emily's age I didn't act like this. I was a cutter and an emotional wreck, but the thought of posting photos of my cuts online for attention never crossed my mind. Can't say I didn't ever threaten suicide for attention, but Emily does it on a weekly basis and I just feel like she wasn't disciplined enough as a child or something. If she was my child, I'd stuff her ass in the hospital so quickly.

No. 67689

On-topic: Aly literally reposted a picture from her other instagram. Someone called her out on it, but I can't take a screenshot at the moment.

No. 67690

File: 1449258926603.png (2.67 MB, 1866x1200, Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.5…)

Holy shit

No. 67691

File: 1449258963788.png (2.28 MB, 1868x1198, Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.5…)

The pic from her alice_eleanor account…posted 50 weeks ago. Damn girl, you fucked up.

No. 67692

File: 1449259867446.png (975.14 KB, 617x1424, Aly 12-4-15.png)

Better screenshot. Fucking lol.

No. 67693


No. 67694


No. 67695

Jesus, of all the food she could fake… an espresso? If she's too scared to have a fucking espresso there's no way she's eating all that food

No. 67696

File: 1449261885638.jpg (65.59 KB, 571x608, realrecovering.JPG)


This will be her next "progress" comparison pic.

No. 67700


No. 67702

Looks like she's not on Instagram, since she hasn't deleted the picture or the comments, lol. This is great.

No. 67703

Second major slip up in a week (?) WHY would she do this though. Like >>67695 said. Why pretend to have a coffee?

No. 67704

(samefag) This is making me paranoid as hell. What if she isn't real and really is just a bot…or a real doll?

No. 67707


No. 67708

I want to hire a team of detectives to go through both accounts and find out what other photos she's reused.

No. 67709

remember, she did accidentally post fortimel pictures earlier and shit and would quickly delete them. i think she used to take heaps of different pictures in different settings and use them for different days, or she'd just use old photos as she did for the coffee. lmmmaooooo yet another flaky thing she's been caught out on

No. 67710

>she used to take heaps of different pictures in different settings and use them for different days

Convinced this is the case.

No. 67711

File: 1449264824283.png (577.41 KB, 806x520, j.png)

What is this sorcery? It's not a closeup

No. 67713

She calls it spaghetti.

Picture too confusing. Where is the DANG OILY and emojis. What, what??? Who IS this person?

No. 67714

SHE DELETED THE COMMENTS (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

No. 67715


No. 67716

She's deleted the comments that called out the pic, but not the pic itself.

No. 67717

She's also deleted the coffee pic from her now private account!

No. 67718


Hahaha, that's her solution. If she put half as much effort into recovery as she does into lying, she'd be weight restored by now!

No. 67719

File: 1449265377490.png (302.86 KB, 516x432, well.png)


No. 67720


No. 67721

maybe her phone wasn´t charged at the coffee bar and so she took the older one…

or she was too lazy to take a new one (haha I doubt that. Aly never would be too lazy for taking pics)

No. 67722


that can´t be the same person . my god

No. 67723

File: 1449265565997.jpg (23.34 KB, 585x198, mwahahaha.JPG)

THAT is anorexia. Not so glamorous huh.

No. 67724

Whoever is following her old account before it was private, please take some screen shots before she deletes.

No. 67725

Looks like an evil twin from a horror movie

No. 67726

It's fucked up that people even look to her as thinspo though. She looks so withered and also sort of insane

No. 67727

File: 1449265943375.jpg (101.85 KB, 968x655, a2.JPG)


Do you mean like this because I think I'd lose the will to live if I had to screengrab every individual photo and caption.

No. 67728

>>I think I'd lose the will to live

No. 67729

I only just started following her, so Forgive me if I didn't know. But That's her?!? From before???

No. 67731

>>67727 yes anon

No. 67732

I mean, if you browse thinspo you're probably either disordered enough to think it looks good or some dumb tumblr wannarexic who thinks being sick is ~tragically beautiful~ and ~aesthetic~

No. 67733

File: 1449266080406.jpg (119.07 KB, 973x672, a5.JPG)

I'll keep the url in as #proofs

No. 67734

File: 1449266095331.png (310.25 KB, 812x388, aa.png)

yeah 139 weeks ago

No. 67735

The caption CLEARLYstates that it's an old (!) picture guys. Like can't you read????

No. 67736


HAHAH she changed the fucking caption! At least she changed it to reflect reality…for once!

No. 67737


Thank God for screenshots!!!

No. 67738

I'm always so shocked by how adorable she used to be

No. 67739

I feel silly for it, but I am just shocked. She was sooooo pretty.

No. 67740


dang (!) pretty :(

No. 67741

File: 1449266813134.jpg (74.33 KB, 931x599, aly.JPG)

I like this one best.

No. 67744

File: 1449267044417.jpg (65.23 KB, 821x600, 11.JPG)

I think this is her first ever mention of an eating disorder. She also admitted to depression back then (before she discovered croissants cure it).

No. 67745

If she stops fucking around and gets close to being this cute again, I'm going to buy us all LUSH (already baked) croissants in celebration

No. 67746

File: 1449267866506.jpg (76.84 KB, 275x239, 1439569483705.jpg)

No. 67747

If HE <3 ever shows up again, I'll but us all a bakery!

No. 67752

Now that is a cute girl. Also note, caption has zero emojis.

No. 67756


let us all go to Italy and throw an "Aly-lolcow-croissant" Parteeey

No. 67758

At MHERO. NOT the American Bakery.

No. 67762

I vote for cioccolatitaliani so i can drown a Belgian waffle or crepe in the entire pot of the chocolate sauce they offer on the side.

No. 67763

let us dip so many dang LUSH already baked croissants in Italian espresso that we all will die from caffeine overload whoooaaa

(btw my last croissant I ate in Italy - 4 years ago. did not post it on istagram, although "recovery win" lol)

No. 67764


> so i can drown

→ DELVE (!) not drown ;)

No. 67765

We will have to make a bellissimo video, best part of the day

No. 67766

FUCK YOU, ALY. RECOVER FFS!!! We need this get together. Off our tits on espresso and sugar rush.

I can't remember the last time I had a croissant because I don't like them cold and cafes don't warm them up (not freshly already baked). I like pain au chocolats best.

No. 67768

File: 1449269902041.jpg (103.21 KB, 860x602, drool.jpg)

Delved, drowned, it means the same thing ;)

Check this out. Two cones full of melted chocolate, served with ice cream. I'd be in heaven.

Now I wonder why Aly subjects herself to this. For an anorexic to be in that shop must be a form of exquisite torture.

No. 67771

Those glato cube things look good. I'll have those, but in bigger cubes thanks.

That other stuff looks to heavy (!) though.

No. 67772

True, it all looks very rich, best to share with others. I'm just not used to seeing such generous desserts (generous with real chocolate, that is)

No. 67779

If you guys wanna be delicate 50s housewife-chan go ahead, I'd eat that all myself

Do you guys think Aly's nail polish is just her biting/picking due to anxiety? I'm not really sure what else it could be

No. 67783

it's absolutely insane. they look like different people

No. 67794

I'm getting anxiety just looking at the menu. it also make me wonder how she doesn't get anxious eating in restaurants all the time. or maybe she does and she just doesn't let on.
I can see why she always seems to get the crepes because it seems like the "safest" thing on the menu

No. 67825

That Gelato cup looks amazing.

No. 67826

I miss you, Dante.

No. 67828

She's has an ED for 10 years and she's only 18? This truly breaks my heart.

No. 67829

Aly looks the same in every god damn photograph.

No. 67834

She used to be so pretty. This is so sad.

No. 67854

That's what they want you to think. 'It's so sad' 'My heart breaks for them.' Midna clearly thrives off of sympathy and Aly thrives off of the people congratulating her for being emaciated and supposedly in recovery. They love it. I don't have any sympathy for people like this, they're broadcasting it to a large audience of people and they aren't positively impacting anyone. I feel sorry for their families though. I feel sorry for the vulnerable people following Aly, wondering why they're gaining copious amounts in a relatively short period of time. Eating disorders are debilitating but if you're not actually in recovery, do not put up a front. If you are wondering why your body is shutting the fuck down, ask your doctor and not instagram. No sympathy

No. 67866

I agree completely. I love the internet (I mean, I practically live on it), but I hate that it allows people to feed their mental illnesses like this.

No. 67903

File: 1449296592807.jpg (79 KB, 960x499, 390500_323602530990904_5231547…)

This is from Aly's Facebook, and I think it's my favorite picture of her (though better quality would be better, of course). It's 4 years old, but she looks better as a brunette imo.

No. 67906

Good god. She was so cute. She should serve as a warning to any young girl who thinks anorexia is "glamorous". There's nothing glamorous about looking like Aly.

No. 67928

she was cute, too bad her eyebrows were always too dang thin.

No. 67929

even the photo before of ash. every girl when they're emaciated looks so much worse

No. 67930

File: 1449308418955.jpg (17.05 KB, 282x94, english fail.jpg)

This bitch tutors English. Not even saying my English is perfect, but good god.

No. 67933

File: 1449314165018.png (3.14 MB, 1824x1824, Photo Collage Maker_jWS2y7.png)

Nothing can convince me that she didnt take two snaps in one sitting with different angles and ~tourned~ over the pancakes before layering them differently. These are basically identical ffs

No. 67935

File: 1449315684665.png (48.89 KB, 596x262, Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 3.33…)

It seems like she's making up this fantasy where the people who run all of the restaurants, cafes, "bars," etc. she frequents are in love with her and do all these things just for her (like giving her free shit and making things "special" for her). I have a hard time believing it. The only thing I can see these people being is concerned about having such a spoopy skeleton as a regular customer. Maybe they think she'll actually eat and keep down food if they give it to her for free or make it "special" somehow?

No. 67938

Gee enough cinnamon there Aly?

No. 67939

Perhaps P S Henriksen is the barman.

No. 67940

> tells me that he makes pancakes just for me

maybe he puts extra oil into it secretly

No. 67941


I loled

No. 67944

>>67939 i would hate to see that man irl fk

No. 67947

I'm gonna call up this barman and pre order and pay for a BIIIIIG Breakfast with super LUSH shit and a extra large helping, of everything, and have him surprise her with it next visit.

No. 67953

And tell her 'Dante sends his love'

No. 67962

>>67947 lmao my god can someone from italy reading this lit do this

No. 68002

File: 1449344426267.jpg (65.05 KB, 630x326, zza comment.JPG)

Cute spelling of sceletion. I will use it in future.

No. 68005

>she looks better as a brunette
well of course she does. i never understood girls with dark brows and eyes and olive skin who bleach their hair a trashy, yellowy blonde

No. 68010

But how would she be a happy blondie child if she doesn't have blond hair?

How would she be special?

No. 68076

Can't decide which is worse: to be emancipated and to have treaters like Aly's who are limited by law in terms of what they can do, or to have a treater like "mama bear" whose judgment is distorted by counter-transference and enmeshment.

No. 68077


No. 68094

yesss the counter-transference is so strong in "mama bear," she needs to get herself some clinical supervision asap.
but shit, good question. I think the mama bear scenario is worse, bc Alexis likes being a revolving door patient and doesn't care how much money and resources she's wasting, as long as she gets to be treated like a little kid.
I mean, neither one of them is getting better, but at least Aly isn't wasting a hospital bed (tho i know how much we'd all love to see her strapped to one with a tube up her nose. i know i would).

No. 68095

"Mama bear" is bordering on medical neglect, imo.

No. 68096

The hashtags tho. #beautiful #pretty #cute #oily

No. 68135

how can it be medical neglect though? just bc to me, it seems like she's OVER treating alexis. can that be considered neglect? (even tho obviously the over treating is feeding the ed)

No. 68136

Medical neglect isn't the right term, I think that applies to parents. This girl is in the double digits and is always having these dramatic crashes in terms of her vitals. She needs to be inpatient. I think she's had organ failure several times. She can't gain outpatient and her doctor keeps on letting her play games.

No. 68161

Wtf is this thread Emily or Aly?

No. 68162

Emily's all over /snow/. She made a fucking thread for herself, let's use that.

No. 68164

>Do you guys think Aly's nail polish is just her biting/picking due to anxiety?

There are people that think otherwise?

No. 68172

File: 1449395222077.jpg (31.01 KB, 288x196, ed daddy.jpg)

Omfg. This is one of the benefits of Aly's followers absorbing a ton of bullshit. In addition to believing that Aly has huge organs and hair made out of fat, they also believe her dad has an ED because a farmer mentioned it once (as far as I recall).

No. 68188

File: 1449402542010.png (2.29 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-06-11-47-04…)

she probably only had that though kek
Not that she drinks her afternoon snack anyway but she probably skipped it all together for dis

No. 68192

File: 1449403776504.jpg (109.62 KB, 397x533, IMG_20151206_060512.jpg)

How does she even have any boobs left?

No. 68196

i feel like aly just tells everyone what they want to hear without actually bettering herself

No. 68197

anorexia has eaten her brain man wtf

No. 68198

>>67719 it eats at your brains and beauty

No. 68200

File: 1449406924348.png (124.82 KB, 176x268, a.png)

i am laughign so much at her face here holy shit

No. 68205

File: 1449407621364.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, 1.png)

So this girl ed_souls is using another photo of Aly for "thinspiration" and pretending she doesn't know the girl in he photo, although she had this photo of Aly on her account a few days ago… >>66952

No. 68206

File: 1449407744331.png (134.21 KB, 1080x517, Noideawhothisgirlwas.png)

>I had no idea who this girl was.

No. 68207

File: 1449407809902.png (269.56 KB, 1080x1163, Yetcalledheryourinspiration4da…)

Yet… she called Aly her inspiration on Aly's Winnie the Pooh photo 4 days ago.

No. 68216

File: 1449414161798.jpg (1.35 MB, 2048x2048, collage_20151206080035759.jpg)

Jfc Aly! You know damn well that it was a tiny cupcake, almost the size of your brain

No. 68224

File: 1449417610709.png (283.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-12-06-08-48-13…)

No. 68226

They're fake. We've discussed this before because she posted a picture where it was super obvious that her bra was padded and/or stuffed. You can tell when she's not wearing the bra because she has almost nothing. (Though it is surprising because she might still be an A-cup.) But yeah, very fake.

No. 68227

Maaaan I'd kill to look like her pre-ED and she threw it all away because of her ED this makes me so angry… Like, SHE USED TO BE SO PERFECT and look at her now, emaciated, suffering and without a future.

No. 68230

It is like she is copying the parody account of her:

No. 68236

you can finally see how thin it really is

No. 68237

File: 1449420670436.png (992.91 KB, 681x587, creepy.PNG)

No. 68239

Christ. Someone mesh or overlap this somehow. I bet you wouldn't even notice.

No. 68242

She blocked me for asking if her dad had an ED as well.

No. 68243

File: 1449422206088.png (208.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-12-06-10-15-52…)

No. 68244

File: 1449422853065.jpg (30.28 KB, 513x175, uhoh.JPG)

Jolty to the rescue.

No. 68245

If we discuss 'em, you can bet that Jolty is following 'em. (Ember too!) Is she the one who tells everybody they're on lolcow?

No. 68247

Uh oh! I wonder if she's asking for tips.

No. 68248

I know for a fact that Ember tells most of the cows they're on here. I think Jolto just offers a shoulder to baww on.

No. 68249

ever heard of bras?

No. 68251


Interviewer: So, Miss Jolt, where did you train for this position as mental health support worker

Jolty: Instagram!!!

No. 68252

This gave me a good giggle.

At least she seems to actually mean well.

No. 68253

She seems to be the kind of well meaning person who gets fucked over and taken advantage of. Like, she sent Ash three birthday presents.

No. 68254

I wonder how Ash convinced her to do that. Jesus fuck.

No. 68255

What were the gifts?

No. 68256


maybe purge-food

No. 68257

Maybe she's trying kill her.

No. 68259

No idea because as usual Ash didn't do a public thank you on her tumblr. Jolty probably feels sorry for her and can look past what a bitch she is.

No. 68272

You all are losers. Honestly you all need lives. The world would be better off without all of you pests. Do yourselves a favor and delete yourselves from this universe.(underage)

No. 68275

File: 1449431134423.gif (1023.59 KB, 400x195, here we go again.gif)

No. 68276

File: 1449431538205.jpg (80.71 KB, 800x795, resized_creepy-willy-wonka-mem…)

No. 68277

File: 1449431763865.jpg (125.77 KB, 1211x420, Batlol.jpg)

Hi Alexis S. McDougall! You seem to be a bit naïve when it comes to putting personal information about yourself online. You might want to think about being a little more selective about what you (over)share in the future. But damn, girl…
>being this new
>all dem assumptions
>dat internet badassery

No. 68278

Oh Lexii.

No. 68279


This is something I find amusing about randoms who come here. They say we're hiding behind anonymous and have no idea why anonymous is what the internet should be. Not that attention seekers would agree, but anyway…

No. 68280

File: 1449432159812.png (819.5 KB, 2202x1120, Delete yourselves from this un…)

Also, screenshotted for posterity. I'd be happy to delete myself from this universe if I could end up in a cooler one, BTW, but I can't remember the keyboard shortcut.

No. 68281

Tbf, it's pro anas/thinspo twats who're pests.

No. 68282

You've just contributed to the thread so WELCOME and join the loser club with the best of us

No. 68288

So watcha think your weight will be on Wednesday? #anatips #thinspoooo #selfharmmm

No. 68289

Bet she was pissed that she didn't have a cute lil delicate tube and instead had that great big plaster on her nose.

No. 68306

I'm sure she was happy enough to have a tube. The tubed anorexic club on IG is pretty exclusive.

No. 68317

File: 1449445126440.jpeg (105.9 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

Have fun kiddos

No. 68319

Is this Ed_souls from insta??

No. 68321

File: 1449445261031.png (701.46 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Seems so.

No. 68330

Haha they had a pissy rant on her fb now she's here getting all moody? Well done for posting your email address!!

No. 68354

Ffs I meant IG

No. 68378

How strange. I didn't know you could go IP at a healthy BMI, let alone 5x. That seems a bit excessive.

No. 68382

It's for people who are medically unstable. Lots of people go bc of fucked up electrolytes to get stabilized for residential. And yeah, some people go to gain before residential because their BMI is too low.

No. 68403

looks like alexis only barely reached an underweight BMI, lolz. total wannarexic.

No. 68404

It's pretty common, actually. The stays are usually much shorter, though. Catch, stabilize, break the b/p cycle for a while, and release.

No. 68406

Lol this bitch went private so fast

No. 68407

Report the shit out of her account.

No. 68436

File: 1449457607380.gif (1.71 MB, 380x360, 1449457507281.gif)

No. 68442


No. 68445

Watch her chest shrink and grow.

No. 68447

Ok, I'm a tard, but which IG is Alexis?

No. 68448

I used 20 pics. There were more but, ya, you get it lol

No. 68452


She's butthurt because never2old2recover called her on her lies.

No. 68454

This alexis chick will probably just get deleted.Obvious *~pro-ana~* promoter, so if you guys are reporting her, its only a matter of time.

No. 68461

That's horrifying.

No. 68496

File: 1449478417974.png (43.1 KB, 1138x136, Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.5…)

This makes me think she isn't going back next semester, or at least that she isn't sure whether she'll be able to. I still can't believe she's managed to avoid actual IP or any increased supervision after all this time of what sure looks like fucking around.

No. 68500

Is she a cardboard cut out that they just take out to different places

No. 68503

Does she exist at all?

No. 68512

Yep. The real Aly died a long time ago.

No. 68520

they just use it to get free coffees from sympathetic barmen

No. 68525

I read that as coffins! Took me a while

No. 68528

still not over this

No. 68529

File: 1449495342958.jpg (233.22 KB, 2048x1366, s.jpg)

the friends she sees to this day + her sister

No. 68530

File: 1449495413185.jpg (77.93 KB, 960x728, 427949_407407959277027_1564485…)

i wonder what they think about how she is now

No. 68531

File: 1449495528538.jpg (147.64 KB, 960x720, 580028_485820241435798_6390912…)

honestly what the fuck

No. 68563

File: 1449505994498.png (650.77 KB, 924x575, dickin around.png)

i swear, didn't she have a turkish coffee she claimed to be hot chocolate at a restaurant not too long ago???

No. 68567

Nooope. Those are all just her friends. She doesn't have a sister.

No. 68572

Aly is flipping her shit today because she had a hot chocolate, 2 tiny-as-fuck cookies, a tiny-as-fuck piece of chocolate, and a possibly-regular-sized slice of panettone.
And we're honestly still expected to believe that she was eating so much before her IG chance? Like if she was eating so much before, these things shouldn't be as big of a deal as she's making them.

No. 68581

Is that hot chocolate? It looks realy thick. My mouth is sticking together Looking at it.

No. 68591

She says it's hot chocolate, but I think it's closer to "drinking chocolate," which is apparently like hot chocolate but really thick and rich.

No. 68602

File: 1449511975521.gif (1.71 MB, 360x363, 1449511152444.gif)

Ok one more. these are really easy to make. She really only has about 4 faces. This one has 2 of them In it, sit down look at food, and stand up look at food.

No. 68605

Damn, looking at old pics of Aly almlst feels like looking at pictures of your grandparents in their youth. She was so pretty what the hell.

No. 68606

her two friends on the right are so hot. gotta visit italy again

No. 68607

we need an /x/ board with aly as the mascot

No. 68608

I fkin love these gifs. I hope she survives long enough to get some kind of "walking" effect going. Her hair parting barely moves, if at all.

No. 68609

This is art to me, I'm not even kidding. It's bizarre and thought provoking and makes me contemplate the human condition.

No. 68610

this is actually creepy wtf

No. 68613

File: 1449513212394.jpg (78.56 KB, 640x427, cool cat.jpg)


Right. It makes me feel all [pic related]

No. 68614

I just realised the creepiest thing is that none of this food enters her mouth.

No. 68616

I noticed that too. If you watch it long enough it looks like she is In motion eating. But its like pretend bites

No. 68650

File: 1449515630440.jpeg (401.82 KB, 750x744, image.jpeg)

Does no one have anything to say about this? I feel like it has been completely overlooked.
Look how papery the skin on her shin is + that potentially huge bruise… This is the most skin Aly has shown in months

No. 68652

dat lanugo.

No. 68686

I thought those lines were really dry, cracked skin where she needed moisturising.

That's a really bad tattoo, but if she likes it wth.

No. 68695

File: 1449518763288.jpg (43.01 KB, 208x397, IMG_20151207_140352.jpg)

Put the paint back on the nails, for all of us PLEASE

No. 68714

ewww so that's why she always wears nail polish

No. 68734


afaik malnutrition also causes bad nails…

No. 68738

I think she's wearing a nude colour and it's chipped. That AND the nails being brittle at the tips.

No. 68742

zoom in, there's no varnish. At least I've never seen an opaque nude that makes one's nails blue like that. Her nails are fucked. She should keep them short if she doesn't feel like painting them all the time. That way it's harder to tell they're chipped.

No. 68745

yeah, I think you're right. To make chips that bad you'd have to have thick layers on. Explains why her painted nails are always chipped if it's the nail shedding - ick.

No. 68757

Well, the chipping isn't so much about her wearing thick layers of varnish but more about the fact she's malnourished. That's why her nails are chipping and looking so nasty. She can try and cover up the state of her nails by painting them (that way you can't see the state they're in) but once the paint is off it's obvious how unhealthy she really is.

No. 68772

if she's apparently fine eating a whole fucking pizza why is she supposedly fine of these small little chocolates/slice of xmas cake or whatever the fuck

No. 68774

she lies too much it hurts my brain

No. 68814

She wants more asspats.

No. 68833

could potentially be from purging if she uses her hand

No. 68838

File: 1449529845172.gif (1.05 MB, 370x360, 1449529716078.gif)

The deeper I go into her instagram, the more patterns I see. And I can't stop making these. She makes It so easy. This time I wanted to try making an animation of her eating.

No. 68844

Doesnt look like the result of purging to me, just bad upkeep of nails.>>68838

These are seriously freaking me out, she's like some sort of robot

No. 68916

Aly is just a lifesized BJD that her family takes out and poses. The videos of her eating are CG.

No. 68923

Those videos of her eating are weird. She concentrates so hard on chewing and swallowing she doesn't look up until she's done.

No. 68932

File: 1449544253382.jpg (63.45 KB, 298x387, 13464578ff020e9af8b85.jpg)

Jesus Christ you guys, she's like a next-gen Realdoll. Anyone seen the second episode of Black Mirror?
>mfw the real Aly died a while back and her family couldn't cope with the loss of their daughter so they brought her back as a creepy robot copy thing and are running her Instagram and taking her all around Milan and posing her for pictures

No. 68946

If I had a nextgen realdoll daughter, id imagine up some interests and hobbies for her at least.

No. 68959

Swarovski tree. Here she she is living in a design city, and that's what she's got for 'culture'. Basic as.

No. 68961

I used to be a spooky scary skeleton too, now many years in the past, but once I committed to recovery at an eating disorder clinic (and outside it) I got to a fairly healthy weight in just 3 months. Obviously it can take a long time to establish a truly healthy relationship with food but it takes barely any time at all to readjust the body to eating and gain weight when you're actually sticking to a legitimate recovery program which includes deliberate regaining. I know no one needs any more confirmation to know it, but Aly is so full of shit. She knows she is running a pro-ana account thinly veiled with emoji-filled #realrecovery rants. All her followers are just there to see how skeletal they can look if they eat like she does.

No. 68966

she'd add biscuits with more 'calorie density' than those little chocolates to the fortisip/ensure creations and that apparently was no problem. lmfao she's actually so fucking annoying damn

No. 68967

Food and food photography and food blogging are all valid hobbies/interests!

No. 68968

>>68967 faking recovery is fucked though

No. 68969

Oh I agree, I was being sarcastic.

No. 68984

Pucking some meals it's still healthier than being fat tho

No. 68985

Not sure if drunk or bait…

No. 68986

Or maybe it's Aly!

No. 68989

No. 69007

And she painted her nails! Lurking confirmed?

No. 69015

File: 1449590527577.png (2.87 MB, 1870x1202, Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 7.54…)

This "new direction" thing, it's pathetic - with every post, she's showing that her entire life really does revolve around her ED. And this right here, coming from a 20-year-old…fucking hell.
>Disney addicted child
>And at last yesterday I bought Chip to mark the "time for change" and the awareness that I'm finally getting my real life, freedom and normality back
She actually thinks she's living something close to resembling a normal life. Jesus.

No. 69016

> I got to a fairly healthy weight in just 3 months.

congrats! that is realrecovery, but I´m sure u have to struggle smtimes
nevertheless, congrats

No. 69018



As a step of recovery I bought myself headphones and a subwoofer - lol

but thats only my opinion. Imho this disney stuff is boring

No. 69019

She is talking out of her ass lol

No. 69022

File: 1449592656923.gif (987 KB, 500x262, h.gif)

even her toys are ed related???

No. 69025

Good for you 'non! I hope your continuing to do well.

What the actual hell? My sister is an ED-chan, but she'd probably throw out all that infantile crap in a second. She's annoying, but at least I can be thankful that she doesn't want to be a baby or treated as such. All these ED IGs are unbelievably creepy with their toddler toy fixations.

No. 69027

She bought Chip yesterday! Those toys are trashed and old. She has nothing in her life but her ed, i imagine her searching around her house for ANYTHING she can post that isn't 7 cookies. Same with the book in english…

No. 69028


> All these ED IGs are unbelievably creepy with their toddler toy fixations.

do you think she´s shitting in diapers? :/

No. 69031

If she takes laxatives, she definitely is.

No. 69035

>Those toys are trashed and old
No, they're not? They just look like that. I agree that she's probably desperately searching for things to seem interesting, but those toys look brand new. More likely, she bought them and then threw them in a drawer or on a shelf. Either way, they look pristine (except for a few spots on Pooh).

No. 69037

Her latest #recoverywin is an empty crêpe, but an heavenly one ?
Someone asked jet which filling did she choose and she said they only had Nutella and she doesn't like it too much.
Does anyone even eat empty crêpes?

No. 69038

Sorry I'm on my phone

No. 69039

File: 1449596943549.jpg (240.84 KB, 926x590, it's as plain and boring as al…)

I was just about to post about that lol.
Like wow, 150 calories (at MOST, some say 112)! What a #recoverywin, what a worrior! What a lying sake of shit!

And bullshit they only had Nutella. I don't believe that for a second.

No. 69046

She needs to stop calling Disney crap Muppets.

No. 69053

Yeah, eggs are low in calories. And you can't see what's inside. The powdered sugar doesn't even look like much.

No. 69068

File: 1449604119990.gif (2.14 MB, 360x640, 1449603954039.gif)

empty crepes delved in sugar..mmmmmm

No. 69075

I don't think they look trashed and old, but as soon as I saw the picture and actually looked properly at the toys they do look like they've been around a few years. At least the donald duck one, it's been through the washing machine a couple times and the material has felted a bit.

No. 69084

When I saw the last photo I was like WTF why is her plate empty? Lel

No. 69085

did anyone else notice that she said "I have them by my side (or better said: in my bag)" She actually carries these ratty old stuffed animals with her in her bag all day long (!)
they've probably witnessed her throw out countless fortimels and recovery win extra(!) treats… poor things…

No. 69090

Is this gif anon? If you don't go to film school, I hope you consider it. Or at least do this as a serious hobby.

No. 69091

Doesn't Ashley have the same disembodied Disney head plushies? I remember a video or something.

No. 69097

>these toys are a symbol of my recovery
>so is my rose tattoo
>and also my fighter tattoo! (biceps emoji)
>my charm necklace symbolizes my ED struggles

It's like nothing in her life has a purpose unless she relates it to her ED for completely inane reasons.
Yeah good luck detaching yourself from that mindset and actually gaining a life back, Aly.

No. 69100

Bitch needs a strong, positive role model in her life, not Goofy.

>inb4 goofy is da nigga

No. 69107

>goofy is da nigga

No. 69111

it weirds me out that her "bites" are almost always in the middle. when I bite into something I take a bite of the corner so I don’t get food on my face.

No. 69118

'tis I!! But Seriously, Alice does most of the work by being so OCD about her photos. I use a free abdroid app to make these. She is definitely the most fun to gif.

After watching the Ember, Emily and Ashley threads, Its refreshing to come to Alice's with her (((posi vibes))) even if they are fake vibes. I sincerely hope she gets better.

No. 69128

Shes definitly way better than Ember or the other ana lolcows. She just so deep in her disorder and is obviously not getting the help or support she actually needs. I really hope she gets better too.

No. 69131

Ash is a full on cunt, Embers a sad desperado, but there's something about Aly where you know inside she hates what she's doing but she's addicted to the attention her illness gives her. I still think her ig is dangerous though but I'd like to see her recover. Its just not happening and she's frustrating.

No. 69230

Aly's an approval-seeking fake too.

No. 69233

Yeah, I'm pretty sure she has at least one. Tsum tsums are becoming a bit of craze right now, apparently.

Yup, exactly this. If it was just things that she owned, that'd be bad enough. But tattoos that are on her body forever? She's fucked.

With the rose tattoo, I think Aly completely misunderstood her grandmother. I mean, she quotes her correctly:
>My Grandma used to buy me roses when I was a child to remind me that our existence is precious and that struggles are part of the game
>struggles are part of the game
Okay, good. But then…
>we have to BEAT the "thorns" and be strong, if we want to BLOSSOM like beautiful flowers
Goddamn, Aly. First off, roses don't "beat" thorns; that's not how plants work. Second off, your grandmother was literally trying to tell you that life will come with both beautiful and hard times, and you must accept both in order to be strong and beautiful.
MEANING: Not "Eating disorder thoughts, you're wrong and I'm right! NYAAHH!", but rather something like, "I'm having a disordered thought right now, and I acknowledge that. It does not mean I have to act on it."
Like fuck it's not even that deep of a message and Aly is still too shallow to get it. That's just sad.

No. 69257

File: 1449660042894.jpeg (173.94 KB, 750x688, image.jpeg)

Her hair is obviously falling out

No. 69283

File: 1449670363091.jpg (17.33 KB, 278x191, because youre worth it.JPG)

The ends are in worse condition than Ashley's wig.

No. 69287


That looks like bad bleaching, her part looks normal

No. 69301

Her hair looks rather thin, and that's perfectly expected from someone in her condition.
The ends do look like they're from bleaching, but they still look worse than Ashley's wig (maybe because it's real hair and has more potential to split? idk).

No. 69311

File: 1449680102952.jpg (165.16 KB, 924x595, englAsh.jpg)

She has to be just fucking with us now.
"Challange" was at least mildly understandable (at least until people corrected her) due to pronunciation. This doesn't even make sense.

Also, I bet she cut that ball on the top in half because she's insane.
(Though this sundae does sound good.)

No. 69315

Does her brother have an instagram?

No. 69316

So according to the McDonald's menu in Italy, there is no such thing as a coffee sundae. However, the closest thing to it has 192 calories. Huge (!) Win? Nope!

No. 69319

No. 69320

File: 1449682011839.jpeg (574.61 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)


No. 69321

alright, calm down. a non-native English speaker made a spelling error. lets comment on her faking recovery instead of nitpicking for spelling errors.

No. 69325

The reason we flag her English fuck ups is because she brags she's an English teacher but makes ridiculous mistakes.

Nobody mentioned her errors until her IM TEACHING KIDS ENGLISH (!) reveal.

No. 69329


how do you know she wears a wig

No. 69330

Everything about Aly is open for picking, the whole works! You make your life public, you're open to criticism

No. 69331

She's not. They are saying her hair is worse than Ashley's wig she wears sometimes

No. 69332

Go to the Ashley thread and find out

No. 69334


I have didn't see why there either

No. 69337


asking for ootd pics too. will she do it since she's SOO recovered?

No. 69341

Her boobs are getting bigger every day, maybe the weight loss from her hair has gone to the girls instead

No. 69344

If she refuses, her fans will say it's okay because they understand she must be sensitive to her unbearable weigh gain.

I personally don't want to have to see those scouse junky grey sweatpants and ugly boots again.

Her padded bra is hilarious though.

No. 69347

I get this picture now. It's very meaningful. Her hair represents her ED recovery. She's growing out the frazzled, stressed, broken, artificial Alice to reveal the new REAL Alice of nourished, natural hair. My eyes are full of tears of emotion writing this.

No. 69367

File: 1449690414023.jpeg (304.26 KB, 1273x1673, image.jpeg)

Too lazy to make a burn account for this, but really wanting to point out that these girls clearly only want ootd photos for more thinspo. Secret lives should stick to kissing Ash's bony ass. I don't think Ally will do anymore ootd without those massive sweatpants on to hide the fact that she's not recovering at all. She's gotten so damn predicable..

No. 69370

Like the requests for her pre ED pictures. People are going to think JESUS CHRIST YOU WERE PRETTY! There aren't any others where she's of a decent weight for people to see.

No. 69374

I follow secretlivez and actually she's anti thinspo. Think you have her mislabeled. what about 4everthin?

I'm interested to see what Ally does

No. 69416

Isn't secret_livez Ash's latest savior?! Our heroes' "lives" intersect!

No. 69419

She'll either post another heavily layered ootd & you can bet it'll be outdoors, or she'll say maybe/she's not comfortable with it. Regardless the bitch won't post anything like she used to in short skirts and leggings if that's what any of these people are hoping for. & anti-thinspo or not it seems weird to bring up posting more ootd photos twice in a span of a day or two, I guess I don't see what they're getting out of this that's all.

No. 69421

She follows a lot of ppl and was one of the guesses but I'm sure she's not

No. 69424

Good god, did she just convince them to pour coffee on her sundae?

Exactly. If I saw anything, I let it go because people make mistakes. But when she's bragging about being and English teacher and completely refusing to listen when people try to help her with English mistakes, fuck that.

No. 69426

I went back and looked, and yes, that was the person that everyone was pointing at as most likely. They could be wrong though, obviously, but that is why I know that name.

No. 69427

She's posted before calling Ally out on her fabulous "real recovery" in the past, maybe just trying to get a response from her. I'm sure someone has a screen shot

Isn't her Dr.'s monitoring her social media? Thought she said that

No. 69432

Btw, nooblet(s), you don't have to put anything in the email field. It's kind of ruining the point of being anonymous.

No. 69433

No. 69614

haha you all fat americans saying this girl is too thin, so much jelousy or what?

No. 69624

File: 1449715464908.png (23.94 KB, 625x626, ainttakingnobait.png)

No. 69658

yeah you're defo on MPA

No. 69679


And that's the best you can do fatty

No. 69683

File: 1449722405181.gif (281.43 KB, 500x333, anigif_enhanced-buzz-9172-1428…)

Aww, how adorable! It's trying so hard!

No. 69688


fuck you and your fat ass

No. 69704

Dude, even if it's from bleaching (been there), you simply cut those nasty ends off if they're that far gone.

No. 69751

Her extreme fried hair and split ends trigger me. Holy shit– take a pair of shears to it already, Aly!

No. 69806

File: 1449732958780.png (35.55 KB, 854x114, Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.2…)

I just noticed this. Is she fucking serious? Why/how is she going almost two months between ~Day Hospital Controls~ now? That's such a joke, I don't even know what to say. I'm shocked that she isn't being monitored at least weekly. She could easily lose enough weight for it to be fatal between now and her next weigh-in. That just seems so grossly irresponsible, I have a hard time understanding how "professionals" are engaging in this BS and letting it continue indefinitely. I can see Aly conning her family and friends into thinking she's trying to recover, at least to some extent, but her fucking doctor? Her "ED specialist" dietitian? Really?

No. 69809

File: 1449733756533.jpg (184 KB, 1008x995, Screenshot_2015-12-10-07-47-29…)

At first I thought this plate was empty, but now realised its just lighting making the crepe disappear

No. 69810

Aww again! I know I'm feeding the troll but this is too funny to me like wow some wannarexic is just coming on here and getting so offended that we're not upset by her bullshit.

Oh, definitely. We just meant that to point out that the fried ends might not be from malnourishment, that's all. Since she lurks, maybe she'll chop them off now. Of course, then she'll post a picture of the trimmings so she can relate it to her ED.

That's absolutely fucking ridiculous. There is no reason for this. They're just lucky that Aly appears to be resilient or they'd have lost the patient to death by now.

No. 69830

File: 1449746209293.jpg (62.41 KB, 750x270, image.jpg)

Guys wtf is this true?!?!! Because it would explain EVERYTHING

No. 69831

Instagram: "throw in more spelling mistakes, they add originality"

No. 69832

Where's that posted?

No. 69835

On someone's ask fm account

No. 69836

As far as a quick search tells me, that's not true because that's not how Instagram works.
YouTube works like that in the sense that vloggers make money off views, but that's mainly because of ads.
For Instagram though, you have to get paid by brands that you're promoting. (Which is possible since Aly has well over the 5,000 followers recommended for this method.)
Now Aly might have a deal with McDonald's or jewelry companies. I just don't know if I can see her doing that, but hell, maybe the Starbucks cup has a purpose after all. (Which would be hilarious since the one fake account joked about that.)


No. 69837

Whaaaa? I don't think that's true…I've never heard anything of that sort

No. 69838

Controllo in Italian means check up so I get what she means with day hospital control

No. 69839

Yeah, I've said that 2 or 3 times over the series of threads. I've also noted this mistake to Aly herself, and she deleted the comment, so it's inexcusable at this point, whether we know what she means or not.

No. 69916

File: 1449768311659.png (935.4 KB, 1180x528, meaningful.png)

She posted more ED related meaningful jewellery.

It was a BRIGHTEN day for her. She's too happy of wearing it again.

No. 69922

And her mum build it for her

She's winning the war!! Alllll by herself

No. 69924

File: 1449769901915.jpg (24.32 KB, 359x299, last christmas.JPG)

Her hands weren't even skele claws 51 weeks ago.

No. 69929

File: 1449770352393.png (405.76 KB, 495x366, time travel.png)

These two pics are less than a year apart.

No. 69937

Are you Kidding me? Less than a year?! Alice! It's not too late!

No. 69943

File: 1449771428313.jpg (70.79 KB, 931x596, c.JPG)

She was still spoopy, but it hadn't caught up with her face. She had some kind of social life too. I can't believe her body's not even thinner than this now.

No. 69948

That's so strange because I always thought weight loss shows in the face first. She looked sooooo young not to long Ago. It baffles me

No. 69949

It's weird how when I use to see these #OOTD before she deleted I thought she looked deadly thin. SHE DOES, of course, but now she looks even worse.

It's not only her face that's aged, she doesn't have the angular shoulder blades and her arms look less like sticks.

I hope that this time next year I'm not looking at how she is now and saying the same thing.

Wake up, Aly ffs.

No. 69951

File: 1449772361097.jpg (18.93 KB, 615x119, whut.JPG)


No. 69955

Ya, what recipes? LOL

Does she ever update that other instagram?

No. 69957

File: 1449772837827.jpg (79.64 KB, 929x595, sc.JPG)

Naw, this was the last pic.

No. 69971

File: 1449775738069.jpg (29.71 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1449768414944.jpg)


No. 69975

Ooh that looks new, which account? Old fb?

No. 69977

File: 1449776536974.jpg (24.31 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1449768401865.jpg)

Pt 2

No. 69982

Whaaat? How?!

No. 69983

I found them on a family friend's (I think, but idk) fb

No. 69987

So this is recent?

No. 69988

That must be the 4hour party with relatives she hates!

No. 69989

Yeah. She's got 20 on her cake.

No. 70000

File: 1449780377336.jpg (466.58 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20151210_134138.jpg)

I think its the lighting, but her cheek/face seems to be comparable to her old pics.

No. 70006

Come on, share the link!

No. 70012

No. 70013


Fucking hell, that "smile" again.

No. 70016

it's goofy

No. 70022


No. 70029

Yeah they're acting so cold and distant towards her, it's obvious

No. 70030

And she looks like it was pure torture ?

No. 70033

Actually the ED market is pretty big, right?

As an example, https://www.instagram.com/healthyhelper/ gets plenty of endorsements for bars. These sponsors know what they are doing and what their markets include, and they include EDs.

No. 70069

Yes. Ana cows are constantly doing collaborations with companies and paid endorsements. It's actually ridiculous

No. 70157

File: 1449815471873.png (1.05 MB, 1440x1461, Screenshot_2015-12-11-01-20-38…)

He has two. The personal one (Aly follows it) is private:
The second one is here:

No. 70163

I want to follow both but I don't want to scare Goofy

No. 70169

There was a picture of her which clearly showed her scalp wasn't at all visible where her hair parts, and you could sort of see under the front of her wig, where her the sideburn area is. It was totally bald. Unfortunately, I can't find the picture.

No. 70223

Not to mention all of the "hair dye" where her "hair" changes length/style for once, and then only keeps the color for a couple of days, but shows no sign of the faded color.

Actual links:
(I don't know why, but your links have it as https://i.instagram and so it makes it not work for me.)

No. 70257

File: 1449855819676.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 175.62 KB, 640x726, image.jpeg)

Hadn't checked IG until now & as I'm scrolling down this comes up and I swear I thought it was Halloween again, but according to Aly this is what #realrecovering looks like…

No. 70258

I wish she'd eat something with vitamins and minerals.

No. 70261

File: 1449856712827.jpg (136.73 KB, 528x533, IMG_20151211_115724.jpg)

At least the ends of her hair look better today

No. 70262


All the sugar and carbs she eats she should be fat as hell by now

No. 70264

If someone is spoopy but only eats sugary things can they still get diabetes?

No. 70271

No expert, but I know people with diabetes who are thin. I understand she's showing all this sugar to proof (!) that she's eating high calories to gain weight, but there's fuck all nutrition in it. I really hope she's drinking that ONE Ensure Fortimel just so she's getting some vitamins.

No. 70273

It's friday. PIZZA DAY! She gets her vegetables from the sauce kek

No. 71261

yes. happens mostly to bulimics and
b/p anorexics.

No. 71265

they are probably type 1 though, please don't start with the old "TOO MUCH SUGAR GIVES YOU THE BEETUS!" bullshit.

No. 71271

No. Only one is type 1, the others type 2. A female diabetic I know is obese and type 2.

Idk what causes diabetes but I know it's not all sugar related thank YOU.

No. 71282

Diabetes is a strange and poorly understood disease in terms of its etiology. Now they are saying that a virus can cause type 1 diabetes by destroying particular cells in th pancreas.

No. 71305

Type 1 is present at birth and the pancreas doesn't work properly, or works very little.

Type 2 is when your body doesn't use insulin properly because of insulin resistance. Usually obese people get it as a result of their weight, but skinny people can get it too. The pancreas at first is able to make extra blood sugar but struggles and can't keep up.

No. 71326


I'm quite small (5'2", 110lbs) and I've tested pre-diabetic for about a year. If my body can't get its shit together, I'll have Type 2 in the future.

Ans as you said, Type1 you're typically born with, although in a few rare cases you can get adult onset type 1 (usually happens in your 20s at the very latest).

No. 71327

>I'm quite small
>(5'2", 110lbs)


No. 71328

I was about to warn you anon, but it's too late kek

No. 71359

File: 1449889677413.jpg (37.96 KB, 242x481, 1.jpg)

No. 71360

File: 1449889712361.jpg (75.57 KB, 960x720, 422662_143296382478599_5461952…)

No. 71361

File: 1449889802743.jpg (60.22 KB, 720x960, 1157746_696873746993362_155166…)

No. 71362

File: 1449889898971.jpg (72.52 KB, 720x960, 1003545_696874810326589_720585…)

No. 71363

File: 1449889914208.jpg (47.42 KB, 960x717, 563300_693782217302515_1493421…)

No. 71364

File: 1449889996465.jpg (71.91 KB, 960x720, 999602_696852473662156_1889888…)

No. 71368

The saddest thing about those pictures is how weird it is to see her living something resembling a normal life.

No. 71376

How did they not notice she was losing weight? Aly was always thin, but the difference between this >>71359 and this >>66860 is crazy.

No. 71377

She really doesn't suit blonde hair.

No. 71379

File: 1449894855889.jpg (208.63 KB, 894x960, IMG_20151211_213142.jpg)

It is really interesting to see her being normal.

Pic related, she has convinced herself that she IS normal.

No. 71382

File: 1449895099616.png (156.14 KB, 470x729, wp_ss_20151212_0001.png)

I think I missed a drama?

No. 71386

Are you sure that's her? It looks like a different girl to me.

No. 71399

i like how ana-chans think calling someone fat is the worst horrendous insult they can think of, kek.

No. 71403

Pretty typical. It's a coping mechanism I guess. "I'm thinner than x so I'm better" or "i don't need food ya'll are needy peasants". But actual anorexics usually focus on themselves, not other people. Kind of telling.

No. 71464

I immediately thought of her Halloween picture as well.
Such improvement, much wow.

No. 71476

trashy af

No. 71479

Welcome to lolcow, where anyone with a BMI over 17 is considered a fatty.

No. 71480

File: 1449925546492.png (35.41 KB, 478x479, Bait.png)

I think there's some space between being "quite small" and being a fatty. 110lbs/5'2 is a BMI of 20,7 (according to the new BMI calculator) which is normal and not fat but also not super small. The smaller you are the lower your BMI has to be to look skinny. A 5'7 person with a BMI of 20 looks quite different than a 5'0 person with the same BMI. Also, someone who brags about their stats on here doesn't deserve better.

No. 71486

No, the point is that's she's fucking normal, not "quite small." She literally could have left it as "I'm quite small" and no one would have questioned it, but then she threw out stats.

I think it quite honestly depends on the person and their weight distribution, no matter what the height.
But I absolutely agree on:
>someone who brags about their stats on here doesn't deserve better.

No. 71488

bmi 20 isn't fat……………………………… it is normal. fuck lmfao i know a lot of you guys are recovering/recovered anorexics but honestly

No. 71489

I'm thinking that poster meant small as in height, because 5'2" is short.

No. 71492

Nah fuck this thread right off if you all think bmi 20 is on the bigger side or some shit what the fuck is this

No. 71495


No one actually thinks this except mentally ill people, it's just the dumb ass ana chans trying to trigger each other and bait people into sperging out

No. 71497

Are you american or something because 5'2 and 110 lbs isn't small, it's not fat, but it's average/thick

No. 71502

Dear God, who gives a flying fuck?

No. 71534

i second this motion

No. 71538

File: 1449945513856.jpg (45.99 KB, 351x444, arent we beautiful.JPG)

She's applied her eyeshadow differently. She's put the shading colour on the brow bone and the highlighter where the shading should be.

No. 71540

Go back to your chair grave

No. 71542

I think she purges. Her exposed teeth/lack of gum is a typical indication. (And she can't stay that spoopy while eating all of that)

Also her skin looks so thin as if it would rip if she smiled wider

No. 71543


Aww it's like she got her 'My First Make Up' kit. I'm shit at make up but I've never gone out looking this much like a tranny. Pair this with the nail polish transgressions and it's a wonder she ever thought ootd pics were a good idea.


I'm such a fatty. Ya know what? I don't care. People might tell me "there's nothing of you!" and they would be wrong, but fucking hell, a bmi of 20 is not fat. I haven't weighed myself in maybe a year, but I know my bmi has gone up to probably the 21.5 - 22 mark due to muscle mass alone and recently i lost a little pudge, but I'm not fat, or even slightly overweight. This obsession with numbers (yes, aware of the irony of posting potential bmi numbers) is more unhealthy than the obsession with food/calories/eyebrow goals

No. 71545

Stoooooop throwing out stats, people. Goddamn it. It doesn't matter, and no one cares.
Seriously, none of us are like "Hey, I wonder what a particular anonymous weighs and why they weigh that." Not one person reading this board thinks that.

No. 71546


OMG Agreed! This thread is so OT and all over the place

No. 71547

File: 1449947094598.jpg (252.61 KB, 933x595, everything is about her ed-- j…)

Back to Aly!
She wrote a letter to her "sister" about–guess what?!–her ED! This girl is a damn saint. I can only imagine interacting with Aly must be annoying as fuck. She probably finds a way to make everything about her ED.
Friend: "Hey guys did you see that new show last night?!"
Aly: "Oh, I didn't because I was eating ;) dinner because I'm totally recovering ;) from an eating disorder! tears of laughter emoji I ate ;) a donut yesterday afternoon though!"

No. 71549

>This girl is a damn saint
I mean her friend is a damn saint, just in case that's not clear.

No. 71550

I bet everyone in Milan had tears in their eyes as her "Sister" read that! I know I would…from boredom.

No. 71553

The more I see this header pic, the sadder I feel. Here is a mother and daughter holding cakes for a photo. They both look so fucked for different reasons.

No. 71555

Has anyone else seen the page aly_realrecovery on ig? Sorry I can't link to it atm but posts are spot on

No. 71557

Yes! It's one of our farmers accounts.

No. 71559

No. 71560

I know. A creative bunch, eh.

No. 71561

Ya was thinking it's about time! Well done!

No. 71599

What the fuck is that eyeshadow. Looks like a shit stain.

No. 71673

I actually think her face looks a bit fuller in new pics. Could be bloat, but idk, maybe she really is gaining?

No. 71677


yes. thought that too. gainig or purging

No. 71679

I'd say purging. If you look at her face when she was spoopy but there was some weight on her face, it looks natural whereas the way her face is fuller now is like she's been injected with fillers. It's not "normal" filled face if you get me? Too puffy in certain areas.

No. 71683

Purging for sure.

No. 71684

File: 1449975272883.png (1.37 MB, 1141x604, secret_livez.png)

Definitely anti thinspo.

I found these looking at old Aly pics on the account that's been revealed as P S Henriksen on vk. Just a few of her deleted #OOTD

No. 71740

I think she's definitely lurking - we complain about her nails, she paints them, we complain about a food only feed - she tries to post more about her "real" personality. We complain about her being all posi-VIBES and her newest post seems to be more honest, she actually posts about her anxiety without being too positive.
Guys, I feel like she's reading all of this trying to make it all right… She seems to be trying so hard… I feel like maybe it's not the right thing to keep criticizing her the way we do now. It kind of did its job as a wake-up call already obviously, why bash her even longer? The idea of contacting her mom or family or friends in general seems to be more effective - I mean after all she's deadly disordered and she needs professional help she doesn't fully receive yet.

No. 71769

i agree if thats whats going on its kind of fucked up to continue this

No. 71770

File: 1450016253487.jpg (36.44 KB, 306x306, delved.JPG)

She's been delving her struggles.

No. 71779

can someone ask her in a non-trolly way about her english tutoring? like how did someone decide "yes, this is an excellent person to teach me english."

No. 71785

>>like how did someone decide "yes, this is an excellent person to teach me english."

Someone who doesn't speak English and so wouldn't know any better?

No. 71801

>Her so-called tutoring job must have been given to her out of
pity by a family friend with a younger child or something.

No. 71816

Yep, this is exactly what I thought. Didn't mis-label I'd say, deleted or not, that's not anti-thinspo.

No. 71828

you know aly is happy as fuck, that her "sister" is feelin down. these girls are so hot, im sure shell find a new bf soon.

meanwhile old aly calls teaching a little family friend the english via google translate work.

i used to feel sorry for her mother… but she seems nutty too "crying when i bit into the #recoverywin donut"

No. 71832

You're all just jealous of Aly. She's going to recover and then you'll see.

No. 71837

No. 71840

In that second Insta video, I could've sworn she said "other day, other crap".

No. 71843

See what?

No. 71844

Secret message to us re: lax abuse

No. 71848

…and then we'll see… a recovered anorexic. The horror.

No. 71849

"i think this is how humans look when they eat things"

No. 71859

She's always changed her nail polish frequently. I don't think she's lurking, because there's too many other things she could easily fix if she cared so much about "making things right". We've been very vocal about her repeated grammar flubs and the disgusting use of that plastic cup, and she never attempted to fix either of those things other than not posting Fortimel pics anymore to save herself the trouble of setting up the photo and them dumping it out.

No. 71867

"other day, utter crap"

No. 71891

Or she'll die and we'll see that too! :D
This really can only go two ways, anon. We've all known that since the beginning.

Even if she does actually recover, it doesn't change the months upon months of lying. It doesn't change the fact that she's a shitty person for lying for so long. It doesn't change the fact that through all her lies, she just deleted the evidence rather than own up and apologize. So, sure, she'll be recovered, but so what? I will continue to see nothing but a lying, phony bitch. Now go and have a nice day.

No. 71894

She's lying because of her eating disorder. Anorexia makes you lie to the people you love, it makes you paranoid, selfish, angry and crazy. It's part of the disease.

Anyway, whatever happened to making mistakes and growing from them? What if she recovers and stops lying? Will she ever be forgiven?

No. 71902

Fuck that. Fuck blaming an illness for one's own actions. As I said a long, long time ago, if she had only lied to her family and friends, it's understandable. To bring it on Instagram and lie to 10k, then 20k, and now 30k, people? At that point, you're a horrible person, not just an ill one.

She hasn't grown from shit! Perhaps, perhaps if she actually owns up and admits that she did a shitty thing by lying for so long, and apologizes for all of it, I may see her as a less disgusting person. But if we're perfectly honest? She thinks she's getting away with all of this, she will never admit to her past mistakes, and she will never apologize for them. She's made all of that quite clear.

No. 71908


>is scared to eat at a restaurant

>chooses to eat entire pizza instead because it's a safer option
fffffffeeeeeeeek offffffffff

No. 71910

yall gettin too serious

No. 71911

I'm too lazy to find it but there was a pic from the previous thread of Aly sitting down to eat a whole pizza… with a can of coke zero. So you're fine with eating that entire 1000+ calorie pizza, but you can't deal with the 150 calories in a can of coke? Sure, Aly…

No. 71914

i guess the pizza calories are safer for her than those in a coke

No. 71915

a coke zero

No. 71920

so fucking gross

No. 71922


I saw those too. they were posted and deleted most likely body checking. Doesn't mean thinspo

No. 71926

is she not allowed to just prefer the taste? I always drink coke zero, because regular coke tastes too sweet for me.

No. 71933


I saw at least 2 people who are now dead in those photos and you're focused on someone's old body checks that some known freak stole a screen shot?! Big deal it doesn't prove she's pro-thinspo

No. 71953

Posting checks of your emaciated body IS thinspo. The fact she's been uploaded to a thinspo account is proof. She even wrote her ig tag on there so obviously she wants to take credit for her bonez. Stop WKing these fuckwits.

No. 71958

Fucking thank you. This is what I was trying to say

No. 71959

Hey there Ash's savior. Of course it's not thinspo. We believe you. The camera just turned on by itself.

No. 71962

Or she tagged it so she wouldn't be used as thinspo. Not the savior or close minded about everything

No. 71965

>Or she tagged it so she wouldn't be used as thinspo

Not the saviour, but definitely an ana chan with an undernourished brain. You know how it works, stop trying to defend her. It won't work.

No. 71972

That is entirely plausible and healthy!
So you just happened to contort your naked body naturally when the camera turned on by itself, and your phone also automatically uploaded those pictures to instagram, but since you were completely aware of having created thinspo fodder, you managed to slap your URL on the pictures just in time so that pro-anas would think to themselves "Oh, this would totally be thinspo to me if it weren't for the URL. Bummer!"

Dat atrophied brain, I swear to god.

No. 71983

I'm so damn curious about this. Did she photograph her brother's pizza and threaten to burn his XBox if he ratted her out? Or did she waste $$ and buy the pizza and trash it? The first is disgusting manipulation, the second is disgusting because I hate people who waste money and food.

No. 71986

I'm pretty sure she chose to stay home because it would be easier to fool her brother than go out to a restaurant.
i can imagine Aly doing something like tossing out her piece when her brother isn't looking all while exclaiming how LUSH and oily(!) her 'zza tastes.
still shitty, still manipulative

No. 72001

It's sad how Aly never posts photos of her doing fun things with friends anymore. It's always selfies with her and maybe one other person, mostly revolving around food…

She doesn't post full-length pics anymore either.

No. 72021

She probably says she'll eat it in her room. Not like her bro is going to bother because he probably took his to his room so he could play his X Box or internets.

No. 72080

>>72001 Just the coffeeshop selfies with a different friend each time, just one, and always the exact same pose & angle. So spontaneous and joyful!

I really wonder if her remaining friends arrange alternate coffee dates with Aly on the days 'Mum' can't be there, sort of like babysitting. They know that otherwise she'll sit around the house while everyone else is at school or work, and probably not eat.

No. 72081

Fuck yeah I wish I was Aly. I want those charm bracelets, toddler Disney toys and Swarovski christmas tree. I'd be delving all day.

No. 72102

It really does seem like her friends have a rotation, like when someone is in the hospital for a prolonged time, and people obviously can't visit every day, but they still do occasionally out of obligation.

Those are sad friendships, because you can't exactly evolve together or even alongside when one person has been at a complete standstill for 2 years and counting while the others have ongoing lives, careers, possibly starting to create families at some point.

No. 72108

File: 1450082905930.jpg (21.74 KB, 291x291, s10000.jpg)

Loving the new 'do aly!

No. 72158

her hair looks so shit

No. 72166

File: 1450092908131.jpg (157.74 KB, 519x553, IMG_20151214_053315.jpg)

No. 72168


All of her IG is huge pastry with one tiny bite?

No. 72170

Most of them are not even bitten. The pink donut with filling (where the filling is showing) has no teeth marks whatsoever. I don't even know how to do that to a donut without knife marks showing. Someone said awhile ago that she probably uses a spoon to create the illusion of a bite - that's quite possible.

No. 72175

im dead anon

No. 72176


That's so sick, her parents should send her to a clinic

No. 72178

File: 1450095468856.jpg (115.9 KB, 1034x634, Screenshot_2015-12-14-12-16-22…)

So now Sonia is on IG, I wonder if Aly will start heavily editing her past posts to hide the bullshit