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File: 1540874058536.png (689.44 KB, 750x1334, wjcAkBJ.png)

No. 723714

Soren/Bambi/hurtc0re thread #3

Our subject: Soren Hayes, an edgelord pedophile Indian fakeboi who gained notoriety for writing a graphic "trauma narrative" about their time as part of a child sex trafficking victim, every part of which was laughably fabricated.
Recent updates:
>teased us all with talks of suicide, didn't go through with it (surprise surprise)
>posted a new, updated trauma narrative as a 36-image Instagram post, somehow worse than the original
>new trauma narrative differs from original in almost every way
>contradicts previous accounts, gives detailed depictions of CP related snuff and gore, focuses more heavily on "Sam" character
>apparently "Sam" has multiple children before the age of 18, all of whom die graphic deaths in Soren's new narrative
>has begun using pics of fellow cow Ginger Bronson as faceclaims for "Sam"

Relevant links -
"Trauma narrative"/graphic child abuse fanfic: http://archive.is/pvovF / https://pastebin.com/MD6YTgQa
Updated trauma narrative as of 10/18: https://imgur.com/a/Y01HB9w or dumped in previous thread, starting here >>719418
Tumblr: umbillicalnoose.tumblr.com
Insta: oathful (prev. androeciums, sacrificalis); soratoys ("sales" account for used toys)

Previous threads -

No. 723778

> Soren mentioned torturing animals
> Sorens sister says they are kept away from animals even though nobody who contacted her brought that up
> new stpry includes murdered dog

Soren totally put a dog in the dryer and is using it to further the stupid "trauma narrative"

No. 723782

I missed that Soren's sister said anything about Soren being kept away from animals - didn't she mention children, not animals?

No. 723790

File: 1540893905092.jpeg (351.46 KB, 750x1334, 59422838-AB19-4D55-8783-4293E9…)

it just gets worse if that’s possible

No. 723794

File: 1540894294773.jpeg (335.65 KB, 750x1334, 05F31DF2-94B2-4246-A0BD-2699E4…)

meant to post this the other day. here’s some more on the ~warehouses~

No. 723813

She mentioned children and animals specifically

No. 723859

File: 1540908992170.jpeg (97.85 KB, 431x754, 1526492339650.jpeg)

Should've picked a better OP pic tbh, ie pic related

No. 723866

Just by virtue of not being white, Soren would not have been "popular" among pedophiles, children from asia are trafficked at such a horrifying rate that (as horrible as it is and i feel like vomiting even typing this) by the law of supply and demand, Soren would have gone right to the snuff room

No. 723922

File: 1540917567441.jpeg (109.78 KB, 640x858, 644E601C-CA6D-4D02-8C0F-A6A24C…)

Soren and his irl friend Chey, who follows his Instagram account meaning she’s fully aware of all the crazy shit he spews. If I remember correctly there was a post awhile back regarding Chey where he said she came over and apparently took too much of his methadone and accidentally overdosed and puked all night. I don’t think he would lie considering she has access to his account (and the post did contain real photos of their hangout) so I wonder what bullshit pills he gave her that made her so ill? It’s kind of fucked up that he purposely poisoned his friend just to push his whole “heroin addict” narrative.

No. 723929

>Soren would have gone right to the snuff room
huh, someone said the exact same thing in the first thread. not for the same reason though kek.

No. 723931

I’m not even trying to be rude but what is wrong with that face lmao

No. 723982


im 100% sure soren made sam into this beautiful fragile delicate white girl bc soren wishes they were a beautiful fragile delicate white girl lmao but instead are……this

No. 723983

So she wants to be a boy who is also a fragile white grunge girl

I know somebody already mentioned the Laura Alberts parallel but damn this shit is uncanny

No. 723992

Ah sorry, this was the first time I've made an OP and I wasn't sure how far back to go with pics. I'd be cool changing the thread pic if at all possible.

No. 724325


Fellow Seattle-ish person here, but I'm just curious… could Soren get in any legal trouble for so closely naming places and basically saying they're involved in a child porn ring? I mean, he's obviously talking about Seattle Childrens. It's the only "Childrens Hospital" here… I'm really waiting for when he'll namedrop a real school.

No. 724356

File: 1540980956543.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, 4A90F937-ADF6-4652-9908-7E97CD…)

well that explains that. what an idiot but i wonder why his therapist didn’t tell him that sooner. can you imagine getting shit like that texted to you all the time?

No. 724360

I can't understand why you would send a therapist memes?

No. 724366

When it comes to posts about things his IRLs say, you need to read between the lines. I think this means he sent her a disgusting meme once and she replied with "Hi, sorry but this line is for emergencies only. Are you okay?" or she brought it up in therapy. I do not for one second believe his therapist is this uwu we'll save you from the bad guys! believer. The same goes with his parents, I think all of his quotes from them are entirely falsified. They all sound so robotic, like >>723794 no socialised adult speaks like that.

Also in regards to that warehouse post, it's always funny to me that he lists all these terrible things about someone or something but then he implies that them being arty vegans is more offensive to him than pedophiles.

No. 724434

I wasnt aware there were child snuff memes and now Im morbidly curious

No. 724457

File: 1541003066299.png (32.45 KB, 852x567, sh1.png)


can you imagine some ugly greasy fatass goblin being so obsessed with you that they beat their clit to torture rape fantasies of you as a toddler while spreading some old ass photos of you all over the internet and then after hours upon hours of racking their unwashed asshole of a monkey brain they manage to squeeze out some fermented ass diarrhea dookie like This

No. 724459

also lol uhh just realized that while he doesnt follow ginger/kayla on 8tracks, he does follow a friend of mine, the cygnum/oathful person from tumblr (who, btw, he still rbs from even after they made that post asking him to leave them alone) and also me. wow.

No. 724509

What the hell kinda therapist is that? If they tolerate one of their clients sending them awful memes on an emergency line and buy gifts for them, it should make you wonder if they’re even serious about their profession

No. 724523

SRA "therapists" are usually con artists, rich idiots like soens parents would make a good mark

No. 724527

File: 1541016731167.jpeg (616.01 KB, 750x1107, B4E3F496-1B05-4A8E-B883-B5275E…)

sure jan

No. 724547

He never met an actual therapist in his life, did he?

No. 724560

im gonna be so fucking mega bummed out when inevitably soren eventually has to bite her spine in half and chew it to dust while shes still alive watching the gore unfold with her gouged out eyeballs and gurgling the traverse town battle bgm with her dying breath(what)

No. 724722

I doubt any of this is real ,I think she sees a therapist but it is not because of her fake trauma, it's hilarious she didn't do shit with her life , is a woman child makikg up histories about things that never happened to her , I used to feel sorry for her , but now I feel repulsed , I hope she kills her self , she feels satisfaction making her own family suffer because off her lies

No. 724845

I genuinely believe the therapist is an SRA scammer if any of this is even slightly true

No. 724925

After all her bluffs before, you think she's not lying about a therapist?

No. 724958

I think she's just this kind of attention-seeking insecure insufferable type of person who exaggerates the most mundane stuff that happens to her so people are like wow!! really!!! that's so amazing!!! even tho it's not. Yes, personal experience with this type.
Probably the therapist just casually brought this up while talking with her mom, like
>I had a dream about your daughter. Haha
>Really? haha
nothing more on this topic has been said ever
Same with the "I've been sending my therapist memes and she's never told me it's an emergency line only, hoho! She's so cool! (and me too)" It's actually pretty normal, her therapist probably thought that it's the way she copes and of course she wouldn't be like "stop that", especially that those are only texts, not calls that block the line for someone in need. Aside of that, it's so fucking cringy… sending child abuse memes to a therapist… so edgy and randum, you have rats in the attic Soren damn what a ~crazy~ girl you are, a basket case indeed uwu

No. 724961

The kid obviously has some real problems and since they have not been monitored close enough to quell her out of control internet behavior Im assuming the parents are actually genuinely stupid and/or neglegant. They would make a perfect mark for that type of scammer is all that Im saying. it is a dwindling market but there are still plenty of charlatans happy to prey on the vulnerable, and psychiatrists implanting false memories of abuse (especially in minors) is a well-documented phenomenon. Even if it is all a product of their own design compiled for attention, that is straight up pathological behavior and makes me feel pity for this kid than anger or hate because shes obviously very very very sick and not receiving proper treatment/supervision.

Saged for white-knighting and I don't believe it is the most likely scenario but I do believe it is a possibility that Soren is being manipulated or encouraged by a scam-shrink

No. 725167

I kekked, anon.

No. 726059

File: 1541277095506.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1774, 6F00DC2B-7277-4CF4-A9D5-9F475C…)

teasing suicide again.

No. 726175

File: 1541290628494.jpg (1.12 MB, 4159x2992, IMG_20181103_203956~01.jpg)

No. 726179

is this that jewish camwhore selfposting? go away

No. 726191

No (((fellow hwite)))(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 726201

what the hell is this?

No. 726238

rozelli, an attention whore who has nothing to do with soren. she has a thread on here (that she herself made).

No. 726708

what should i do if i want him to accept me on his instagram? I want milk but he refused my request twice

No. 726718

File: 1541374420412.jpeg (580.42 KB, 750x1086, 7F689F36-DC8F-4CFB-B182-98553D…)

guess she’s “dying” tomorrow lul also double lul for apparently being “taken” again a few days ago

No. 726723

>i was taken again a few days ago
>torture sucks!
>gangrape sucks!
i wonder what she'll do, does she really plan on killing this persona off and starting afresh? Or maybe she's gonna off herself for real, after all there's no doubt she's mentally ill, it's not beyond her to do that.
Imagine adopting a kid from India because you wanted to help some poor children or whatever and it ends up like this. Damn.

No. 726750

>child rape & murder & pedophile memes
Excuse me, what?

No. 726781

maybe soren has realized how out of hand these lies have gotten and is gonna try and throw everyone off their trail like they tried to last time they faked suicide.

i don't think soren is actually suicidal because even now they're playing it up so much with this fake cheery act, and plus it's all supposedly over the fake kidnapping/pedo empire stuff so obviously it's not true. if soren was seriously kidnapped for the zillionth time just a few days ago i don't understand why the police/fbi/whatever wouldn't be involved? why wouldn't they be under like witness protection or something? idk how that would work but it would be insane not to give soren some kind of protection if this were all true, right?

No. 726864

but anon, all the government officials are in on it.
the FBI probably even orchestrated his abduction

No. 726972

Wonder if her sister will find out about this bullshit too.

Wasn't she saying originally that she would do it in September on ~sam bday~ or some shit? You just know she can't live without attention or writing her self insert torture porn so killing off her persona won't last long if she does it at all. I also guarantee her comeback will be "I was killing those ALTERS."

No. 726994

>uwu my parents will keep my sora, donald and goofy collection
cool, hope they will enjoy the commissioned gorn art of sexually abused sora with gouged out eyes! wonder what other treasures does the collection hold.

Sidenote: even if 10 years ago I enjoyed KH games for PS2 but the franchise is a steaming pile of shit and no like new Sonic when it comes to drawing autists out lmfao
Fucking Soren could not stop sperging about it even in his (fake) suicide letter of sorts

No. 727126

im betting on this too. that she will come back in a week and claim multiple personalities and so on. but maybe she is actually leaving the internet and doing something else with her life.

No. 727153

nah, she will probably create a new account that we dont know and restarting all again
she always do that after "killing" herself.

No. 727167

He hasn’t logged in at all today…. I’m a bit excited to see if he really does end this “story” of his and starts a new one under a different alias. Maybe the “Sam and Soren” chapter of his life has finally come to end, with them both being “dead”, and in a few months we’ll see some milkyfawncumspit tumblr user pop up claiming to have been gang raped by cultist alongside some pretty dead eyed model girl who’s madly in love with him. Let history repeat itself!

No. 727222

aaand it's deleted.

No. 727229

God, what a punishment it is to look like that. I can see why she's doing that fakeboi thing, though she remains ugly inside and outside. I also can't fucking believe she still is going with her gross paedo abuse house of lies.

No. 727648

I don't get why she can't just lose weight and have her rich parents buy her a whole new face. If they're paying for her to have her tits lopped off and tell a therapist about her torture fantasies, surely they'd help her get a facial come-up.
Imagine writing yourself out to be this tortured, fragile soul who shared the closest bond with a beautiful feral child turned heroin chic hooker. Then you wake up to reality in the morning, look into the mirror and have a fat, ugly dwarf stare back at you.

No. 728644

i was one of the ig anons but soren finally sniffed me out i guess. i got booted from following him. has he been posting since his big ~i'm finally doing it~ post?

No. 728906

there was an instastory the day after but i haven't seen anything since.

No. 729591

Soren looks like Arthur Read.

No. 729752

File: 1541807781142.jpg (61.75 KB, 377x490, 1459038863416.jpg)

dunno if anyone's posted this already, but soren posted this on one of his old blogs ages ago. him and his adopted family, i guess? and that must be his sister. weird.

No. 729890

lmaoo anon

No. 729916

damn Soren should’ve just stayed a chick she looks so fucking demonic now

No. 729939

what you don't know is the terrible truth behind this photo. see how traumatized soren looks? where santa's hand is? the lustful look on father christmas's face? shortly after this photo was taken, santa claus revealed himself to be a clandestine member of the satanic international sex ring porn production studio pedophile torture dungeon franchise club. he proceeded to flourish soren away in his sleigh, after which he delivered her to the nearest gangbang warehouse for her weekly gangrape-and-baby-devouring. this is just one of many sad such incidents in soren's life. you never know what kind of pain lies behind a photo.

No. 729995

Heh, thanks for the laugh, anon.

No. 730013


franchise club. holy kek, anon.

No. 730028

imagine santa’s excitement when the star of his favorite child snuff porn came into macy’s and sat down on his lap for a picture

No. 730176

This gave me a genuine irl laugh lmao

Really hope there are still people with her on IG who can update us here. Wonder just how long this inevitable suicide~ will take

No. 731520

I honestly feel sortof Bad for Soren. Fake edgy backstories for your internet persona isnt that unusual for a lonely kid with low self esteeme (she was 15/16 when all this shit started? There was earlier activity before the full narrative came out). Pulling in real people was a fucky thing to do but also something I could see a 15 year old not thinking all the way through. Now shes in her 20s still digging deeper and deeper into this hole because she has so thuroughly destroyed her life that she has nothing left but whatever asspats she can wring out of her few followers. She has ceased to be a person and has become a spectical.

She oviously was a creative kid, liked horror, that could have been refined into a craft but now, even if she doesnt kill herself, her public misbehavior on the web will stop her from ever being employed/published even if she did decide to make something of herself.

She brought it all down on her own head but I still have some pity for somebody who has dug herself such a deep grave

No. 731592

she's not someone to pity. at this point it's ungodly obvious she has some mental health issues (i mean what kind of person comes up with this that doesnt have issues?) and has dug herself a hole of delulu snuff rings and hooker gfs with dead babies.

she clearly get ssi so she doesnt need a job when she can sit at home and wack it to snuff and send her therapist pedophilia memes.

No. 732035

You can tell the origional story is bullshit just based on how many times they dramatically comfort one another in a bathtub

No. 732553

If this bastard is getting SSI thats just the icing on the goddamn cake. I assumed the rich parents were funding their existance but if a rich kid with a pedosnuff fetish qualifies for SSI and my broke disabled ass has been fighting for it for 4+ years that is some real bullshit

Sage for tard rage but I have like over 9000 conditions I guess the one im missing for that sweet sweet tugboat is pedophilia

No. 734621

in the previous thread soren mentioned something about how he "doesn't deserve to sleep next to his mother" did y'all miss that…this kid is 20 years old and he sleeps in the same bed as his mother????? what the fuck is he alluding to?? that and the fact that the real sam s. said that soren had a "weird mom" honestly makes me think that she might have been the one who molested him. soren refers to his sam character as a "mother" a lot and even made some shit up about his mom saying "when we die i'll be your little brother and sam will be our mom." would shed light on why he tends to emphasize his "great relationship with his mom" in the beginning, as if to convince himself that she was not involved in his trauma. he writes her as an angelic character that only agrees with what he says and helps him in the ways that he sees fit. from what i understand about child psychology and mindsets of abuse, it can be easier to create a "bad guy" that is one-dimensional and easy to blame (soren's "captors"), than it is to admit that a parent or loved one has committed atrocities against you. he has to many expensive stuffed animals, he received top surgery very young and got pulled out of school at the slightest inconvenience…it all points to guilty parents, for some reason they feel that soren's mental state is their fault and want to repay him with "gifts" (common for abusers to do this). so maybe they abused him or maybe they didn't, but someone did, and it seems strange to me that he HAS to remind himself of how great his mom is at all times in the same posts where he talks about his "time in the warehouse" or describes some traumatic event. almost as if he wants to bring the two together but doesn't quite know how.

for the most part i agree with the anons who say that soren's therapist and family are probably playing along to his delusion in front of him but on the real trying to get him help. but there is a part of me that thinks maybe his mom may choose to believe all of his bullshit because it distracts from the real issue of something she or her husband (or both) did to soren as a child. i had an abusive parent with munchausen by proxy who would often draw my attention to "abuse" i was receiving from my school or my doctors to avoid me realizing what she was doing; i was even taken to specialist "alternative" doctors who were paid to perpetuate her delusions. i think soren's mother took him to a con artist SRA therapist who may have even played a part in convincing soren he was really ritually abused, so that attention would be taken away from actual familial abuse. it would explain why he suddenly started reviewing SRA books and especially why his narratives are becoming less personal and more about exploiting gore and tv "satanist" practices like eating infants and medieval torture crap–reminiscent to me of how american psychologists responded to SRA allegations in the 90s by sensationalizing it in this macabre style. it infuriates me that his parents are going along with this and in my opinion it just about proves that they are in some way guilty of abusing soren and possibly his younger sister. the older sister seems to have distanced herself from that family but soren and anjali are a lot younger and more impressionable.

it makes me sick especially, to find out he has a younger sister. people with these types of fantasies tend to go for weaker victims who are close to them like a family member. i'm not sure how much of a stretch this is, his sister does seem pretty well adjusted (he mentions she has a few psych problems but that she is getting better). however, so much of the stuff in his earlier narratives sounded like bizarre sex games a child would play. i just really fucking hope he never tried out his fantasies on his sister as a child.(blog)

No. 734641

Get the fuck out of here Soren you sick fuck. Go polish your shitty narrative again, it still sucks.

No. 734652

Did anyone catch the episode of the podcast This is Actually Happening, titled "What if you had Disassociative Identity Disorder"?

It's a young woman recounting the abuse she endured from childhood through adulthood, reportedly at the hands of her parents, neighbors, etc. She claims to have been taken to a secret house and ritually abused by sadistic adults for years and years, to have been tortured and witnessed murder of other non-compliant sex trafficking victims.

I kinda felt bad not really believing her story, considering it was ultimately a lot more realistic than what's written in these threads but it still sounded similar enough to Sorens that I doubted it.

No. 734674

Stop writing fanfiction about real people without anything real to back up your wild speculation
One throwaway sentence about your headcanon would be enough, going on like that makes you sound as crazy as Soren

No. 734682

The thing is, Soren watches that shit, too, and takes inspiration from it. Any similarities are very deliberate on Soren's part, it doesn't necessarily mean the other person is lying, too. He co-opts actual abuse victims' stories, and has been doing it for years.
A lot of people with DID, since before Soren was even born, have discussed going through intense abuse (ritualistic in nature or not) that split them into different personas to cope.

No. 734769

…..im not soren, im not trying to justify any of his actions. other anons have speculated that he was abused by a family member and made up all this warehouse shit to get attention, i’m just tinfoiling over here that his parents may have had something to do with it if he was actually abused. i find it fucking weird that he sleeps with his mom at age 20 im sorry. he’s basically retarded and has no idea how to interact with other humans, and if his mom is “weird” like the real sam said then she probably at least had a role in raising him to be this fucked up. i worried about his younger sister because predators do target young vulnerable people who are close to them. again it’s literally just tinfoiling; i’ve been lurking in this thread for a few days just reading everything and that was the conclusion i came to: he probably was abused like the other anons said but just not nearly as badly as the story he made up, and if that were true i would suspect it were a family member over some dreamy girl’s dad in a warehouse.

No. 734897

at least sage your blog posting, you're bumping the thread when there is no milk

No. 734917

So is he dead now

No. 734987

We just don't know.

No. 735029

Clearly hiding and at times selfposting (all unsaged) here while she waits for her (ex) followers to forget about her existence so she can pop back up and be cow again.
Its her second fake death, she came back stronger/milkier last time. Granted she had an actual internet friend group back then but now shes probably just scratching her ass at a starbucks w/ her mom n musty weeb friends waiting for the heat to chill down.

No. 735349

If she ever really does off herself, watch everybody backpeddle into mourning like with Kaydee/Julie Terryberry

No. 735457

Nah, Kaydee was a munchie and a bit of a dumbass iirc, Soren is a pedo, doubt anyone's going to feel bad

No. 737086

Saged but it makes me mad how much of my favorote media I share with this dumbass, particularly Gummo

No. 741217

Somebody needs to let gee/inkbats know that he is being implicated in accusations of human trafficking. Im against cow-tipping but it makes me sick to think there is a real kid out there who this freak is saying sold Sam and her underaged daughter to a snuff ring. That is almost as bad as what Soren did to the real Sam and her father

No. 741228

this. soren is an extremely shitty person, I doubt anyone would give a shit.

No. 746535

I feel like soren would make her suicide a much bigger deal than this if she actually intended to kill herself. I don't think she's dead

No. 748137

The escalation between the first narrative and the most recent one are really disturbing and IMHO hint that he may be becoming dangerous. In the old versions, he was abused and saw things done to children by adults. In this new fantasy, he (or his proxy, sam) tortures and kills and rapes the other children. The fantasy has developed from being a victim/witness to directly being a perpetrator.

No. 748900

insta anon here. no activity for the past five weeks on oathful, but there’s about 2-3 comments every week saying they miss soren. doesn’t look like any new account has been made by checking his followed and tagged people either.

No. 749479

Bless you for keeping us updated. How long do we reckon she can keep this crap charade up?

No. 751620

You are doing the lord's work

Anything suspicious about the commenters? Still no obituary so we know she's alive.

No. 752024

Would the obit not read Soren's birth name though?

No. 752060

I think the name change was legal, but I searched both Soren and Priya

No. 752840

I just spent the past 2 days reading everything about this person & damn. sage for ot but does anyone know from what writers (?) soren plagiarizes from? i know ginger bronson is one.

No. 752957

Priya is his bio sisters name. We do not know his bn afaik

No. 752982

File: 1545561885954.png (45.86 KB, 744x304, 1459259960243.png)

DA but I'm pretty sure Soren's birth name actually is Priya. This cap is from last thread and Soren has Anjali added on Facebook.

No. 752988

File: 1545562818887.jpeg (499.14 KB, 1239x1802, BB0EAA3D-6166-4D21-BA11-7D1E42…)

she’s still alive.

Just gotta dig a little deeper.

Like I said, I’m very invested in Soren purely because of her odd behaviour and grand delusions. I feel horrible for searching her friend’s instagram so I have scribbled the user’s name.

No. 752989

File: 1545563628393.jpeg (27.51 KB, 1167x201, 94AB3557-7DC3-4369-8342-86299D…)

Also this post was three days ago

And Soren commented 3 hours ago.
Sorry for posting twice!

No. 753099

Lurk moar. Her name is Priya. Her bio sister is Anjali.

No. 753438

i feel bad for laughing at this but soren did you even TRY

No. 753592

Anons who follow Soren should see if he’s interacting with anyone else he follows

No. 756406

File: 1546202035940.jpeg (542.51 KB, 750x1213, EBD05342-C01E-4888-9B57-004501…)

No. 756407

File: 1546202089575.jpeg (118.95 KB, 750x273, 8F8855AE-4A43-4788-99A7-78CFC5…)

My guess is she/he checks this thread, saw your post and is backpedaling to cover up getting caught lying about dying again

No. 756413

So he was basically just smoking meth and doing heroin that whole time?
Soren, never change

No. 756415


>Soren came out for the first time 2 years ago

Guess you guys were right

No. 756460

File: 1546208048433.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1570, 73C6B62B-9BEC-492F-BB5D-0B1A89…)

here’s the pic attached to that caption. i can’t tell what the fuck it is.

No. 756474

I just really doubt she has been doing anything besides like ket if she isnt completely bullshitting the drug stories, I really dont believe anything happened with her and at best her parents called her therapist lmfao.

No. 756485

of course this loser isn't dead. also if those fuckwit parents were all for this freak offing themselves why did they send soren to a ward? lol. also what happened to the anon that said they were making a thread for all these trauma bloggers? that sounded like such a good thread idea.

No. 756490

Pretty sure she did-
Most of her friends are accounts on private so I could not check the other accounts-
But I’m sure she was nonchalantly responding to other posts and my friend happens to be a mutual of soren’s friend
It was pure luck I even saw it-

No. 756531

File: 1546216909110.jpeg (202.9 KB, 1242x878, 31967B34-B955-4633-BF1B-B85815…)

Sorry for double posting again-

I feel as though I am going crazy. Ever since she posted the “update” on her supposed death, She’s been on a roll of posting comments.
I’ve followed many pages on a gaming account I have ((which I do not follow Soren on)) and her comments are appearing everywhere.

This is one of the examples:

And that’s some response-

No. 756655

Ketamine, I guess. You do club drugs like that in empty clear pill casings like those but I’ve only ever seen the liquid and powder forms of it so idk if that’s what the crystals really look like. He might be counting on his followers not know what ket looks like and just faking it.

No. 756663

That's crystal meth. A lot of people don't realize you can eat it. Many people I know swallow it because it lasts longer. I am honestly pretty surprised that she actually is doing meth. Don't believe the heroin (tar) bit though, at all.

No. 756665

since we were all “updated” she doesn’t have to be in hiding anymore duh

No. 756667

I’ve seen meth and know you can eat it but the drug scene in sd/his connects have to be really good to be getting nice crystals like that no? All the meth I’ve seen is much finer crystal unless the orders reasonably large.

No. 756701

If that’s meth that’s a couple hundred dollars worth but it’s not meth. It’s probably candy or fancy salt tbqh

No. 756768


The way she talks about them sounds so much like her sheltered rich suburban baby ass hasn't even seen any of those drugs let alone did them. All I hear is a nasally teenager regurgitating stuff they read on Tumblr for edge points.

No. 756782

File: 1546259305621.jpg (160.43 KB, 1600x999, pharmacapsulesusa.jpg)

The crystals in the bottom cap appear to be yellow and a different shape.


Neither of those look like either S- or R-isomer or racemic K crystals in shape (top) or color (bottom).

>a couple hundred dollars worth

That's not even a couple dollars worth if both caps are meth.

>nice crystals

Just how big do you think those capsules are?

In my experience 00 is the most available size.

No. 756787

I agree that’s like 30 max of meth and I’m not saying they’re big crystals just that they’re weirdly pretty and free of and powder or dust from getting crushed to fix inside a cap or rubbing together. And idk any drug man that’ll let you pick to only get crystals lmao

You seem to know more about ket than me, does it even make sense to eat it? I’ve only ever know ket as a needle and nose drug.

No. 756806

That isn't meth. From the color and size of the crystals, Id say it is some sort of RC.

also even if it was meth, thats like 10 dollars worth. You can take it orally, but anybody who is really into it is either smoking or shooting because the appeal of meth is more the initial rush than the high.

No. 756828

Looks like MEnTHol crystals to me.

No. 756847

Kinda looks like MDMA? (Or 'molly' since it's probably not pure)
It looks just like some (packaging and structure/color of crystals) I saw floating around at a party in the area a while back (I live a couple counties over from Seattle)

So imo it's not meth/not sold as meth? (probably why it's in a capsule) but it's probably got some meth in there anyway as filler.

No. 757035

That looks like fucking rock salt in a pill casing imo.

No. 757256

Yeah; I've done a lot of drugs in my life and I really don't think that's any actual street drug. Just some prop

By the way soren talks about drugs I'm with the anons saying she's probably never done them. It's just another fantasy aesthetic thing for this weirdo.

No. 757846

File: 1546454925951.png (311.36 KB, 552x477, Screenshot_2019-01-02-13-47-41…)

It could be an RC but it looks like meth to me. A lot of meth heads do eat it. Also you can buy crystal meth online, my friends do it all the time. Honestly meth is less hardcore than these new RCs. I would be more shocked if she was doing RC stimulants lol

No. 757927


NAYRT. K can be taken orally but you need tons of it and it's not worth it. The drug in the pic isn't K anyway

No. 757997

You can buy these clear casings from pharmacies and there is absolutely no way of telling what a crystalline white "drug" is from an image. Could be ketamine, mdma or even just rock salt.

No. 758160


Each isomer of K has a very distinct crystalline shape, and those aren't it. Much of the K on the street is imported in crystals. Source: former K dealer.


Agreed. I don't know why so many anons are saying it's not meth when she explicitly mentions meth and meth is so widespread. Its color and crystal shape and size vary because of the various recipes used to make it.

>drug naive anons saying "pill casings" instead of "capsules"

No. 758453

>implying they dont drug test someone with a known drug habit before general anaesthesia anyway
tbf tho
>implying soren went under anaesthesia or has a drug habit in the first place

No. 758553

fr, if the anon who was gathering info for a trauma blogger thread is still around, it was a really good idea.

No. 758604

yeah second

No. 758635

i agree as well

No. 759807

Following for traumacows. I'd start it but I don't know any

No. 761480

A trauma cows thread would be great.

No. 761881

yes, or someone else who know some others traumacows bc the anon does not seems to still be on this thread??

No. 761994

not trauma cow anon but if y’all tell me what criteria we need to be considered a trauma cow (i’m supposing just various degree of the things soren does/says) i’ll be happy to dig through every cesspool i can find and start a thread

No. 762005

soren also could have stolen that "meth" pic, as he's been known to do. could have just found the photo on some tumblr drug blog or something and pretended he took it

No. 762120

nah i think it's his pic, that retarded kiddie aesthetic is quite a proof. But I don't believe 100% it's drugs, this could be salt crystals or something; I'm not taking anything he says/shows as true

having a ~trauma narrative~ that is obviously made-up.

Personally, I'm out of touch with tumblr, but maybe if some of you anons know a traumacow, leave their username here so the willing anon can do research?

No. 762125

there's a good one that was mentioned on the personal lolcow thread that would be perfect for the "trauma blogger" thread.

No. 762509

File: 1547172572711.png (793.11 KB, 1242x2208, F3E1BD30-05A2-4A76-981C-FB8B1E…)

back on his bullshit.

No. 762734

idk anon, it's not that uncommon for people to take ~aesthetic~ drug pics esp on tumblr, i've seen people posting pics of heroin/coke etc. on disney princess plates and stuff. it could be his pic, idk for sure, but he's known for stealing pictures so it also wouldn't surprise me if he just went through the tweakernation hashtag on tumblr and found someone's pic to use.

No. 762797

they drug test you for K infusions, if soren was on either of those drugs they would not be able to administer the K because those combos can both kill you.

itd be pretty funny tho if the cops showed up at Soren's house to investigate all her drug-bragging and found the CP stash

No. 763252

File: 1547304407891.png (4.15 MB, 1242x2208, 322F01A4-5F52-4E40-9788-EC0984…)

“being thrown headfirst into the world of cp is kind of wack” ok soren

No. 763253

File: 1547304581232.png (2.97 MB, 1242x2208, AB1ABD2A-DA2F-4ABB-B511-0B4E75…)

sperging about DID…in kingdom hearts characters. now referring to himself as “our” and “we”

No. 763880

I don't want to give away too much personal information but I knew Soren back on the old MCR forums. We were friendly (it was a small community and I was also an edgy gore-obsessed horror kid) Elements in earlier narratives related to pre-warehouse Danny and in later narratives relating to post-pedoring Whinnie were directly lifted from a shitty novel i wrote in highschool that I passed around the community for critique. My friend just directed me to this and Im freaking out. Sorry if I posted wrong I tried to be thorough reading the rules

No. 763881

I don't want to give away too much personal information but I knew Soren back on the old MCR forums. We were friendly (it was a small community and I was also an edgy gore-obsessed horror kid) Elements in earlier narratives related to pre-warehouse Danny and in later narratives relating to post-pedoring Whinnie were directly lifted from a shitty novel i wrote in highschool that I passed around the community for critique. My friend just directed me to this and Im freaking out. Sorry if I posted wrong I tried to be thorough reading the rules

No. 763902

oh my god, that's crazy. is there anything else you can tell us? what parts were stolen?

No. 764695

Okay, let me go by both piece by piece. There's some shit she stole directly from me and other shit that we either both lifted from some piece of media or she saw in mine and took from me, depending on which she saw first

I wish i could find my old laptop i literally have a pic of me and a friend with #singitfordanny written on our arms that we sent to her.

No. 764705

as i go through most recent one:
-a setting vaguely described as a "warehouse" that exists in a geographical void and serves as an all-purpose chamber-of-horrors with amorphous/impossible architecture.
-Heavy focus on victims being forced to harm one another, escalating in brutality depending on how close/taboo the connection was
-the phrase "half-lidded eyes" (I embarrassingly overused that descriptor in my story)
-a character raised in isolation similar to the Genie Wiley case, who has an episode where they go "wild" and attempt to cannibalize a love interest
-firecrackers in ears
-people breaking their own fingers
-kid falls asleep guarding object of addiction from addicted parent
-the "im happy it's you" bit
-a character rendered nonverbal by a lethal wound blinks their last words in Morse code

No. 764709

from the older one:
-very young children huffing (specifically) paint thinner
-mock execution using unloaded guns
-The original picture she paints of her, Sam, and Danny's childhood
-A dead best friend named "danny"

We very well could have just been ripping off the same 3d6Y movies and it wouldn't stand out to me if I didn't know for sure Id had extensive interaction with this person and showed them that specific piece of writing but Im creeped out.

No. 764944

wow, that is . . . detailed. thanks for the info anon

No. 765066

Wow… what was Soren like on these MCR forums? Did he ever claim he was abused?

No. 765081

I first started interacting with them after the "#singitfordanny" thing went around. It was more of like a blog thing that posted on a live feed than a forum? the website had a really shitty layout. We talked a few times about general cringy goth transboy stuff, I was shoving my writing in literally every face I could at the time but I can't remember getting any feedback from them that stands out. We showed off our stupid cosplay costumes to each other when the Danger Days album came out. I think there was some pretty serious self harm/suicide related talk but this was back in like 2010, Im not sure when the narratives and the tumblr stuff happened but I don't recall any mention of abuse (or at least not graphic abuse) on the forums, is was mostly stuff about that Danny kid, that is the only reason I even remembered Soren when my friend linked me here was because of the hashtag

No. 765098


I never believe anons who come in claiming stuff but this I believe wholeheartedly. Also kudos to the people still posting caps of her bullshit.

"I'm so mad after November didn't work out uwu" sure jan, as if unstable scum like you would ever be able to stop leeching attention from everything and anything long enough to ever genuinely consider ending your cesspool of a life.

No. 767411

File: 1547787184102.jpeg (418.81 KB, 1242x1934, C8E2E340-DDAB-44C0-B6FB-EF8026…)

whole family delusional or soren has truly reached a new low by texting himself. 1/6

No. 767412

File: 1547787243732.jpeg (386.87 KB, 1242x1894, A6D43871-4E2B-4767-9E72-845C19…)


No. 767413

File: 1547787345614.jpeg (461.56 KB, 1242x1890, 266967A8-B729-4D92-B4B6-7FD72B…)


No. 767417

File: 1547787441156.jpeg (408.42 KB, 1242x1896, 09E5A700-8C83-4ABC-B74A-F3F70C…)


No. 767422

File: 1547787576142.jpeg (836.67 KB, 1242x1959, 60A65D7E-8EAC-402C-A341-12C32D…)


No. 767432

File: 1547787972211.jpeg (792.28 KB, 1242x1975, D5B3D1B9-4144-4110-862E-EB79DF…)


No. 767474

File: 1547792384650.png (2.51 MB, 1242x2208, 3A77B3F2-BF79-435A-8B17-728AEF…)

pretty sure we all knew.

No. 767479

She is absolutely sending these to herself lmao

No. 767631

who re remy, christopher, nd maxi?

No. 767640

Officially calling 100% bullshit. Hard drug users have an intake method of choice. Nobody who has progressed to shooting would waste substance by snorting.

No. 767650

Not to mention the drugs that just magically show up as Soren lays in bed.
>after they got me again
we're still doing this too

No. 767656


Yes, this; you build up a tolerance the more you use it (duh) and you have to snort a lot of heroin to get the same effects you normally would get when you inject it. It would be a waste of drugs.

It's also funny that she just had to mention the morphine thing and suddenly then making the extreme switch to heroin/meth. And as far as I know, they don't give you morphine after a suicide attempt. (but I'm a eurofag so it might be different here)

No. 767657

The child snuff torture porn ring who kills almost everybody they come in contact to and focuses on babies/prepubescent girls just CANNOT resist abducting this pudgy, busted-faced adult fakeboi and then letting him go every few weeks.

I believe it.

No. 767660

Speaking from experience, if you go in for a suicide attempt, you will immediately be drug tested. If you come up clean and are lucky, they'll give you some ativan. If the attempt resulted in a very serious injury, you get ibuprophin 800s (MAYBE a low-dose perc if they have to do any serious surgery to put shit back in order.

If Soren went in with a system full of goofball, they would have been sent to detox before they even got a hospital gown and would be on probationary outpatient after being discharged where regular drug testing would be a thing for up to 6 months.

No. 767771

pretty sure your friends aren't ditching you because "you weren't there for christmas" or shit, but because of this exact emotional manipulation. Wow. 100% emotional blackmail. I'm surprised anyone have put up with it this long.

aside from that… how the fuck does she get those drugs lol. She lives with her parents, doesn't work, has 0 income, doesn't leave her house, does she have a money tree from the sims or what

No. 768030

File: 1547871637354.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1724, B4C0046E-0E98-4437-8979-606541…)

i’ll take “things that never happened” for 500, alex

No. 768039

honestly it could actually have happened imagine having soren has a daughter like no joke shes probably a nightmare

No. 768043

As someone in the medical field, really the only reason you would ever get IV opiates on an overdose suicide attempt, is if you’re non compliant and won’t stop moving and bitching. They can’t give you an anesthetic, due to the high risk of the patient going into respiratory arrest. It’s also recommended by the center for disease control that you either give the patient IV Ativan or an IV painkiller such as morphine, never anesthetics. BUT certain overdoses (narcotic or prescription) can mix poorly with IV morphine, and a good amount of them do, so the CDC recommends to only use IV fentanyl in leiu of Avtivan or Morphine. If she OD’d on pills this would be the most likely senario. But if she overdosed on heroin, let’s say, it would be VERY VERY unlikely they would give her IV painkillers directly after the OD for a medical reason. Especially on top of the prior opiate and narcane? Very very very unlikely.

I think the only reason for her story to be true, is if she kept bitching for painkillers and making a riot bc she was sick, then some poor, fed up nurse had the doctor prescribe her 2mg of dilauded or something, and gave it to her to shut her up for a few hours because she’s disrupting all the other patients. That’s happens very often with addicted patients and patients who’ve just been given narcane if they throw a big enough of a fuss. Just my 2 cents.

No. 768047

her mom probably discovered her instagram and how she’s telling everyone she’s in a child snuff ring so she’s sobbing and asking god why she even adopted this godforsaken thing

No. 768291

my guess is that soren just thinks they give you morphine after any stint in the hospital, probably from watching tv, and assumed/decided he was "doped up on morphine" when he woke up in the hospital. proof that this kid has never touched an opiate in his fucking like imo

No. 768530

File: 1547951706039.jpeg (224.67 KB, 750x1099, 14439035-91B8-4C5C-9467-8952BC…)

No. 768550

He has a shopping addition but can’t be assed to buy some believable cleans for his uwu jUnKiE cosplay lol

I feel stupid for even entertaining that he might have gotten something began like ket

Protip Soren no one who does any drug is gonna have leftovers, certainly not that much

No. 768606

God like there's such a disconnect between Soren in her fanfic and her blog vs irl like I really can't imagine this little fat brown weeaboo cosplayer getting their hands on heroin and taking it I dunno

No. 768683

agree on this 100%. I've been hospitalized for heroin OD and they literally could not give me ativan or morphine or what ever the fuck because, well, it risked making it worse? even though I consistently setting off beepers choking on my own spit from narcan-induced-anxiety.

Especially since they can't tell right away if what you did was actually just heroin, or if it was subs, or what-have-you, since the OD-risk-period is longer for one or the other.

I wasn't even allowed to have fucking water or ice chips, and this bitch claiming she got morphine? I'm so sure. If anyone thinks soren has touched any drugs ever in her life, they need to re-evaluate their logical thinking skills. wewie.

No. 768706

File: 1547989762060.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, 8A4EC2D3-0573-437A-953C-6DD77C…)

No. 768708

Probably a nitpick but do we know why Soren is supposedly being prescribed ketamine? In the UK it's only used for pain relief.

No. 768781

well, since she's prescribed it by purely her imagination… edge points?

I don't think she usually gives logical reasons for these things. I'm sure she said something like "the doctors all came together and told my alters that since I'm so abused all I can do is have ketamine".

that she keeps posting this giant guilt tripping rants about killing herself and such is even fucking weirder when you consider this is all some made up edge-points thing. like imagine spending every second of your perfectly normal/average life playing pretend that it was so traumatic and awful and all you'd talk about is how the imaginary trauma made you think death is better

No. 768798

File: 1548009498377.png (4.54 MB, 1242x2208, 6704A95A-F3E3-4327-98C7-8D748A…)

No. 768804

that is some dirty looking shit right there

No. 769257

Is that how soren EVER saw herself? Like in that pic of the gross bleached hair at the con, is THIS what soren sees?

No. 769259

"Im quitting meth because its giving me bad skin" said no actual addict ever

Blogpost but im 4 years clean from meth and it is still a daily hell. I hate this poser shit even more than I hate Luna Slater's stagnant romantization

No. 769262

I reread the Jt Leroy series recently and post-warehouse Sam is 1000% a ripoff of the character "Sarah", so much so that it dampened my enjoyment of one of my favorite books.

No. 769297

they are using ketamine in the US now as an experimental treatment for depression. i want to doubt this part of soren’s story so bad but i also have friend who is getting IV ketamine treatments currently, so that may be true. but honestly who knows

No. 769575

bitch lmao nobody just kicks their needle fixation like that

No. 769576

loooool beyond tragic

No. 771127

File: 1548344813500.png (2.84 MB, 1242x2208, 78A17D24-D871-4276-8599-4A3855…)

apparently we’re up to over 1k alters. nice one, soren.

No. 771147

Imagine for a second that you're so stuck in trying to be the antithesis of what's not cool that you have to write this massive caption to say "hey guys i fink streetstyle is cool"

No. 771234

pretty disgusting that this kid is wealthy enough to have all sorts of collectibles and stupid clothes but still collecting a paycheck from the taxpayers while there are literally hundreds of thousands of disabled people who actually need the assistance but are stuck in the limbo of the appeals process because they don't have rich parents to get them an appeals lawyer.

"we weren't allowed to wear clothes" WUT lmfao her mom and dad spoiled her following around an emo band deadhead-style, sent her to a tiny private school, etc but her parents never bought her clothing? She was just returned naked from the babyfuck factory every day, without clothing to hide the excessive physical injuries that nobody noticed?
The "no clothing" was a part of sam's story in the OG narrative, it cant be more than a month or two before she finally comes out with "Sam was an ALTER" She's already replaced Sam's dad and that Jason dude in the original story with generic nondescript SRA pizzagate 'bad guys'. Every new thing she posts breaks down the line between her and sam further and further and everybody knows she is so full of shit that the 'Muh Alters' excuse is going to come out in a last-ditch effort to keep her 3 remaining e-friends

No. 771348

File: 1548382195045.png (1.51 MB, 1242x2208, AE187086-8677-43E1-91E2-6AB610…)


No. 771355

File: 1548382340722.png (858.86 KB, 1242x2208, 3A1619D1-E68E-453D-85A2-8754FF…)


No. 771359

File: 1548382641119.png (3.03 MB, 1242x2208, DD9D9F4E-8E29-4C9B-AFA7-016AE4…)

3. all i can say to that is yikes

No. 771406

> "at least i didn't try and weasel my way into groups/communities that were not meant for me out of some weird ass desire to be seen as oppressed"

i feel like im in an alternate universe reading this shit from soren i hope to god this kid is just some sick social experiment

No. 771411

Why isn’t she being investigated or in a mental hospital? You have to be a sick fuck to even think of her trauma narrative.

No. 771413

File: 1548390367907.jpg (29.37 KB, 375x266, Anderson-Cooper-laughs-thumb-3…)

> She was just returned naked from the babyfuck factory every day?

No. 771479


tl;dr I'm not like the other girls who are not like the other girls.

No. 771500

I mean… what's the point of having an expensive gender reassignment surgery when you plan to kill yourself in a year? Also, what a stupid rant - attacking genderfluid people for wanting to be "special" and for attention whoring, when that's been your own shtick for years, only with your made up trauma narrative.

No. 771516


How does Soren get from "my mom spends her every penny on my new dick because she loves me" to "my mom is ok with me killing myself and cries about me". It's like a constant puzzle of deciding which part of a lie, because why would a loving mother that does all that be ok with the suicide? Why would you let her help when you're only going to an hero? But it's an unreliable puzzle because everything they say is a lie and even if they weren't, Soren also just doesn't make sense either, so of course they would do contradictory nonsensical things.

No. 771555

Weird she mentions T since afaik she doesnt take it either

No. 771786

File: 1548460690519.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2208, A5A01AC6-0AB7-44F6-858D-073EEB…)

feel bad for doing drugs? just blame it on an alter!!

No. 771798

am I the only one who's going to lose my shit if Soren gets a fake dick? They really haven't figured out a decent ftm bottom surgery yet, and they're morbid looking to say in the least (like fleshy water tubes). Soren should really concentrate on taking his meds instead of crying because he has to sit down to take a piss kek.

No. 772073

Why are they all so into Hole and Courtney Love? Like its a good band I think "pretty on the inside" is a fair quality album but why is Hole a consistent thread that connects so many lolcows? Its super mainstream and not particularly edgy especially compared to more modern gross girls lke Amanda Palmer or Dollenganger and Martinez and Billy Elishis or whatever the fuck her name is, an aging 20 years stale punchline is a weird obsession for so many of them to have. Especially since none of them ever mention Babes in Toyland, Bikini Kill, etc or anything else popular in the genera.

No. 772273

Placing a bet now that shes going to show off the skin graft on the thigh that they make the weird fruit roll up eternally limp dick out of as the wound from the piece of her leg that was supposedly cut off and fed to sam

No. 772386

File: 1548577014150.png (3.98 MB, 1242x2208, 026E4BBA-F4B9-454D-85F6-88972D…)

No. 772400

>heroin then crystal then heroin then crystal
Okay I'm no drugs expert but… this does read like a fanfic written by a 13 y/o. Wouldn't she be, like, dead? lol
also totally believable that she's completely trashed in her room in her parents' home and they just don't care. From what we can tell they're naive yet protective and active parents so yeah major doubt

No. 772403

Nobody who actually does heroin calls it heroin (dope, boy, brown, mud, tar, skag, gack, etc)

No. 772452


Using both is fairly prevalent. Combining them is the new speedball as meth use is now more widespread than cocaine.

What is fictional is being treated for a mood disorder with ECT while using illicit drugs from both a diagnostic perspective and in line with treatment protocol.


Sure they do.

No. 772489

God bless you anon for singlehandedly keeping this thread afloat

No. 772528

File: 1548616279770.png (2.65 MB, 1242x2208, 0F2C6D5C-9B0B-4F49-9E3B-F0422B…)

sage since he’s said the exact same thing before. but apparently we’ve moved into repeating what we’ve already said because it didn’t get enough attention the first time around.

anytime. i always seem to refresh when he’s posyed something lmao

No. 772561

Yeah, it’s actually pretty common to call it heroin. Source: heroin addict.

It’s fairly common. I never heard if anyone doing them separately like that, though. They usually mix them together. Apparently mixing meth and heroin mellows you out so you’re not constantly nodding but you’re not tweaking and you still get the euphoric feeling of both. It doesn’t make sense to me that he would be bed ridden due to headaches while on heroin, never did meth so can’t say about that one.

What makes me skeptical is that he’s just openly posting about it the way he is. I’m not sure I know any junkie that would do that, at least not Instagram pictures of the drugs and not use some type of “code name” for them.

No. 772850

maybe it is a regional thing, but I feel like calling it heroin is like calling weed Marijuana or buying a pack of beers and saying "Im going to drink an alcohol". Most drug users who base a large part of their identity around their addiction like slang, especially when being exhibitionists about using.

also, there is literally no way that any dr would approve ECT or Ketamine if this kid was doing any hard drugs. Drs drug test you for fucking klonopin and seroquel and shit like that there is no way anybody would be stupid enough to okay ketamine for a dopehead. Im also going to say the lack of soft substances (weed, booze, tobacco) is pretty suspect since nobody jumps ass-first into slamming skag and there is extensive internet history of this person's life but never any work-up to hard drugs just suddenly "oh yeah and im addicted to heroin and meth"

Also thats a weird combo of drugs. people do goofballs/speedballs at parties and shit to let them be more sociable on their DOC but meth and heroin are pretty opposite drugs. When I liked meth I though heroin was dumb as fuck because why would anybody want the opposite effect of the high im ruining my life to chase? You usually like one or the other, you seek out either being sped up or slowed down, and there is almost always a buildup from pills to sniffing to shooting. Also if this kid was really shooting we'd get a bunch of burnt spoon pics and used needles.

Saged for sperging

No. 772867

File: 1548687056745.png (3.48 MB, 1242x2208, F3C40648-35F5-4F1B-B75C-6AB749…)

today’s news: soren whines about being oppressed because someone else around him is oppressed and he doesn’t want to lose the title of “most oppressed”

No. 772879

did soren just… make sense?

No. 772971

It does make sense but it probably didn’t happen. Soren’s sister is incredibly well-adjusted considering what a fuck up Soren is. University student, sorority girl type. It’s not crazy to think she would date some pretentious loser playing homeless depending on the culture of her college, but I still doubt it. Just Soren inventing a strawman to make himself look reasonable for once.

No. 772973

sage for not contributing but the obsession w kingdom hearts is so so so SO fucking cringe its like…. could you not find something else to sperg over? really? Really?

& who is selling this fat little troll ice and smack? (i know, nobody, but …… as >>769257
said its like soren forgets what she actually looks like. who would sell to THAT)

No. 772974

they havent figured out any decent "bottom surgery" yet full stop

No. 773018

>I Fucking Hate "Genderqueer" Kids

Has it been established before that Soren is "truscum" or w/e

No. 773023

The level of cognitive dissonance is so insane, it's like he's wearing some Harry Potter type invisibility cloak that makes him impervious to his own realizations.
Maybe he's learnt since >>663999 to embellish his stories further to get the correct "you are the most oppressed uwu" response from his whole 10 followers


No. 773080

File: 1548720394882.png (4.72 MB, 1242x2208, 9A1952D5-00F9-40CC-B83E-16265A…)


speaking of kingdom hearts, guess who just got their copy of KH3
not only is the caption hilarious, but now he’s making memes that relate himself.

No. 773091

Are these the fabled child pornography memes he sends to his therapist?

No. 773102

I always wonder if Soren's parents know about the sex trafficking delusion and how they take it like can you imagine being like "Yeah back when I was in Montessori school I was actually being picked up by my pimp and tortured but I always got back in time so you never noticed it was happening even though I definitely would have been visibly injured and traumatized"

And now she's claiming to have a court case holy shit

No. 773111

You'd think such a significant trial would have some press attention, what with all the dead kids and the warehouse and all.

No. 773116

right lol. i don't know how this legal stuff would work exactly, but it also seems like soren should have been under some kind of protection by law enforcement or witness protection or something if he's actually being constantly targeted/kidnapped by this pedo ring

No. 773168


my prediction is that she's either going to be kidnapped before the court case by the warehouse people again
or the court system is part of the warehouse gang and boohoo poor lil soren against the rest of the world

No. 773209

i think the court case is part of the joke/meme i dont think shes talking about herself

No. 773245

File: 1548784144071.jpeg (256.51 KB, 750x643, 46F3595A-7F93-4881-9310-396C92…)

No. 773246

File: 1548784172685.jpeg (199.59 KB, 750x518, 61D76015-ABFE-4721-946F-1689BF…)

No. 773249

What the actual fuck? That's nauseatingly disgusting. She needs to go to the doctor.

No. 773256

she should shower more, and learn to keep her hands off of her face. i can visibly imagine all that and i regret reading it

No. 773507


I read this the opposite way, as in this shithead got caught with cp or something.

Let's be real though; that's 100% more likely

No. 773615

100% would not surprise me if Soren has been caught with CP.

No. 773636

I wouldn't be shocked but if she had been, I would expect more "Baww my coping mechanism/I was trying to find my dead friends/the BAD GUYS are trying to get me in jail so the cops they are associated with can kill me"

No. 773644

That dampened your enjoyment and not that the author is a pedophile not unlike Soren? Sage for ot

No. 773653

I see Laura Albert as more of a performance artist. She sold all her books as fiction, and then brought a character to life into the real world in a way not unlike the public persona of author Mark Twain, she just did this through a proxy body because she had serious self image issues. And she pulled it off.

Also I genuinely don't think Alberts is a pedophile. She gave this interview that I think summed it up perfectly and made a lot of sense; it is easier and emotionally safer to write about your own body trauma when you are speaking of a body that is not yours. Jeremiah was a lifelong proxy persona that she used to feel safe talking about her abuse from the time it was actively happening. Shes not a person without issues, none of us are when examined through the microscope of public opinion, but she is a genuinely talented artist and I think her explanations for why her vent art took a certain form are reasonable and sympathetic.

Again sage for OT but I will stan JT Leroy to the death, this is a hill im ready to die on

No. 773656

Kek, anon. This bitch said and I quote, "I'd pray every day that I'd wake up as a young blonde, blue-eyed boy who an older man wants to fuck".
Same breed as Soren.

No. 773658

Wasnt that said within the context of a discussion on body dysmorphic disorder?

At least some good art came out of it lol

No. 773659

She's just a pedophilic fakeboi of the 90s who heavily fetishized underage femboys being raped.
If a grown troon man made some lolicon rape fic and got famous off it, anyone who's not the same would be rightfully disgusted, whether or not he was a CSA victim himself.

No. 773662

File: 1548868337182.png (1.2 MB, 976x741, gggg.png)

I mean other than the trans element, which Laura was not (her character was), thats pretty much Lolita, Pretty Baby, Tesse, Taxi Driver, at least 1/3 of the Woody Allen catalog, etc.

Women writing about boys being abused stands out as rare only because it's so common for men to write about the abuse of girls.

Sage for my Big Autism

No. 773675

File: 1548875667374.jpeg (563.63 KB, 2048x2048, 6C860D78-D73A-40FF-87A0-2099BE…)

sorry about the shit editing, but here’s today’s news:
>quit therapy (of course)
>kh3 spergs

No. 773676


yeah soren ur therapist "understands" kh sure

No. 773750

Except none of them pretended to be their characters, going so far as to have borderline phone sex with other authors. She’s disturbed and her books are purple prose filled trash. Is she fascinating though? Yes. For the same reasons Soren is. Only difference is Soren never tried to get a book deal and settled for e-pity instead.

No. 773790

File: 1548902951101.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, 49EA584F-B468-49CD-952C-C5D161…)

No. 773850

Calm down on the book derailing, thank you.


No. 773868

how is having enough money thrown at you to buy stupid kids toys an "accomplishment"

No. 774158

File: 1549028264332.png (786.49 KB, 1242x2208, 39489CC3-7428-489C-A140-90BA5C…)


No. 774160

File: 1549028591814.png (1.69 MB, 1242x2208, 2790D30B-235A-4DCB-8018-6BE450…)

so today’s news:
>therapist is a ~kh fan~ who compares a kh obsessed pedo to kh
>therapist is also an expert in hurtcore. didn’t know you could be an expert in a specific genre of CP but ok
>more kh sperging
>soren apparently ISNT soren anymore. so who tf is he???

No. 774182

I was expecting him to write some comparison to KH and the narrative but this is a lot more cringy than I expected.

No. 774183

If this therapist is even remotely real, in any extent, and claims to be an "expert" in SRA/Hurtcore, Soren could be in real danger. I know shes not exactly sympathetic, but the only thing we can prove about her is that she is severely mentally ill, which makes her a vulnerable person. Soren needs help, and help would involve some powers that be stepping in and putting a stop to her delusional behavior. If she is being sent to a "professional" who is actively feeding into these delusions, Soren very well may believe this is all true (at least to an extent). Just look up shit like the McMartain Preschool Trials or what happened in Kern County. The complete disconnect from reality is starting to suggest that this is not all a lie (even if thats what it started as) and that, if it really is to ANY degree being reinforced by professionals, this is a delusional person in increadable pain who nobody is helping because it's more profitable to keep her crazy and keep getting money from her dumb rich parents.

If soren is really seeing ANY professional worth their salt, she would be institutionalized and receive treatment. The fact that K and ECT are repeatedly mentioned (with both of those being majorly fringe treatments, especially since IDT ive ever seen a mention of antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc or any more common treatment) leads me to believe there is some medical professional involved who is not doing their job for this kid, and very well may be a charlatan. If soren is NOT seeing a professional, the parents are negligent to the point of abuse.

These new KH posts compound the theory IMHO. Soren is obsessed with KH, but can't bring herself to play the new game because of trauma associations? The series was a source of comfort for years, including during the actual alleged abuse, but after seeing this therapist who has supposedly interwoven theories about metaphors for child torture into the plot of a Disney game it becomes a trigger… Idk, that sounds a little too real. That doesnt sound like somebody lying for attention, that sounds like somebody who genuinely (albeit falsely) believes in what they are saying.

Soren is a piece of shit, but that doesn't mean that this therapist, if she exists, isn't a risk for doing some real harm to somebody who doesnt deserve it.

I guess, TLDR: This is so serious that IDET it falls exclusively on Soren anymore. There is either a medical professional directly abusing her or a set of parents criminally neglecting her, but the fact that this behavior has escalated and escalated over almost half a decade with nobody putting a stop to it speaks worse about soren's parents and therapist than it does on herself.

No. 774197

I genuinely believe Soren is just a liar and has made all these bullshit experiences up. I'm of half a mind there isn't a real therapist involved and this is just a game where Soren is trying to stir the child-abuse-drama pot hoping some poor new idiot will fall for it.

In my experience, most therapists won't want to deal with you until you're off drugs (especially class A like meth and H). No medical professional in their right mind would also do any kind of experimental treatment on a patient who is abusing hard drugs too. Hell, it's unlikely you'll even be given something like benzos if your doctor knows you're using, (and if she's in intensive therapy, her doctor and therapist would be liaising).

Also, ritual abuse has never actually been proven to be real. Even a quick google search will show you that accusations in the past made for SRA has all been fake.

All in all, you're 100% right, this is either a giant prick profiting off rich parents who unfortunately just want the best for their piece of shit child, or more likely, Soren just making it up for attention for some forsaken reason.

No. 774199

thats fucking terrifying…i still believe he is lying about his therapist being an “expert in hurtcore” or whatever…but when you have a delusional patient you can’t just tell them “hey why are you making that up”, maybe she’s engaging with some parts of his delusion in order to get him to open up and to him that means she believes him. but the reason why it scares me, is because i do know of people with absolutely whack parents who purposefully seek out doctors who don’t know shit and dabble in weird alt practices. soren’s parents seem whack as fuck and might be bringing him to a bunch of weird doctors for “alternative treatment”. although i stil don’t believe he did ECT, i kinda believe the ketamine treatement, he might be seeing some strange therapist who fully engages with patient’s delusions.

it is also possible he made up the whole story and his therapist didn’t say a word to him that whole session bc he was busy sperging on kh.

No. 774200

he’s def lying about the heroin and crystal, and he probably does have a therapist irl but who knows if any of the stuff he says happens in therapy is real. i doubt it

No. 774204

If there really is no therapist involved, then IMHO the parents belong in jail. Soren is insane to the point that I don't really think she can be held fully responsible. She either has somebody actively encouraging her delusions, or ignoring her deterioration. Im going to bet on the first. The parents are overzealous morons- who the fuck gets their mentally ill teenager a mastectomy and legal name change less than a year after they come out? They have money to throw at shit like ECT and Ketamine which are usually out-of-pocket procedures. If this kid saw a single mental health professional with any compliance she would be heavily medicated, put in drug rehab, put in intensive therapy with supervision, etc. The parents are, at best, picking and choosing doctors who cater to rich nutbags and keep their mouths shut (otherwise, especially with all the suicide shit, Soren would be in a hospital. Even if you DONT have insurance or money, a suicide attempt or even serious talk can land you up to 3 months)

No. 774209

She reads a lot from conspiracy theory websites, it seems. She's describing the MK Ultra/Project Monarch stuff that's rampant with the tin foil hatters. A gang of paedos, usually Masons, sexually abuse kids so much they're supposed to get DUD from it. They use Disney films as triggers and the Wizard of Oz.

Everything she writes is straight from the pages of David Ickes's forum and youtube videos about it.

Nothing she says isn't bullshit.

No. 774247

I'm sorry anon but you're putting waaaay too much stock into sorens fables.

Soren has frequently contradicted herself about all of these things in the past, including whether her family supports her or even knows about these supposed abuses. As a former hard drug user I would bet everything in my name she's never used drugs. And how can you believe she's getting name changes and surgeries when in the same breath she's saying her family want to help her do assisted suicide, lol? Anyone else remember when her dad was the abusive villian, now it's her sister? When the sister was apparently a pregnant heroin addict, now soren is the drug user?
Have you forgotten that poor girl whose family had to file a literal lawsuit against soren for her to stop using her name/pic in her stories? How about the anon upthread who has a much more believable story of soren and them writing this cringy fiction on some forum or whatever and sharing it - whose fake story was ripped off by soren?

It's 10000x more likely, in my opinion, that at an early age soren went online, was an edgy preteen, realized this sick garbage was an easy source of validation/attention, and got in deep because she had nothing else going for her. She's far too lucid for me to believe she has serious mental illness fueling these delusions. She's definitely got some non existent self esteem and lying issues, and probably some issues that started fueling this in the first place (imo more likely just being adopted and an outcast as a kid, I don't even personally think she was diddled at any point in her real life).

This is all a new fabrication to get validation and attention that's gone on way too far. She got too into the edgy side of the internet fiction, then too into the druggy mental illness trends of Tumblr. See: over 1000 alters now. The only thing I think her parents are guilty of is coddling and enabling a little shit who needed to be forced off the internet and into the real world.

If lcs minor interactions with sorens irl sister is to be believed, the mother is very coddling and enabling of soren. I would not be shocked to find soren is emotionally manipulative towards her family. Sorens sister claimed she tried to tell their parents of this weird online cp abuse life soren is claiming and they wouldn't believe her because soren denied it. For a long time soren started freaking out and targeting her sister in her rants because the sister was trying to explain to the family sorens b.s.

If soren was truly mentally ill/delusional to the extent your posting theorizes, she wouldn't be able to just deny/hide it on a whim. It doesn't add up, fam.

If there is any therapist it's probably one of those small time ones that are on par with what you might be sent to in grades school as a problem child. And if any of the convos soren claims to be happening were happening, soren would've been sent to someone more qualified (psychologist-psychiatrist combo, most likely, especially if meds are involved - which would also be watched through a primary doctor).

It's all just bull. Shit.

No. 774251

Ah shit just realized this post should be aimed at >>774183 sorry anon, on mobile

No. 774254

Also does anyone else remember an anon sperging about money hungry therapists like this? I think it had some kind of sob story attached about how it happened to them or a family member. Might've been in one of the charms threads.

If I'm right in thinking you're the same anon, you need to check your weird therapist abuse paranoia projection.

No. 774257

I think Soren is just being too lazy to actually sit down and play a video game, she'd rather sit in bed and browse the internet on her phone. I don't really buy that she's just too triggered to play.

No. 774324

mental illness doesnt work that way. soren is incredibly neurotic and crazy but that doesnt necessarily mean someone is also disorganized. soren is simply delusional, which is why she’s able to consistently lie about this stuff for a while and often changes her stories. she probably is seeing a regular therapist if her family has money but i’m surprised she never mentioned legit psych medication like antidepressants, i agree this bitch needs to be medicated if she isn’t already. as for the name change thing idk it’s possible—she was adopted so maybe her parents felt more comfortable letting her legally change her name because they didn’t give it to her? only reason i believe this in particular is the photo soren posted of her hospital bracelet with soren on it, someone linked in a previous thread.

No. 774326

The therapist is real and does specialize in SRA and mind control. She was posted in the last thread. She practices in Soren’s area and Soren occasionally provides information that correlates with her professional schedule (such as conferences she’s attending and speaking at.) She may or may not actually be treating Soren, but if she is it’s incredibly exploitative that a professional would allow Soren’s delusions to persist solely because her specialty is centered around what could only be chalked up to media hysteria in the 80s. In all the time Soren has been allegedly seeing this therapist, she certainly hasn’t gotten any better (although we can’t argue she’s gotten worse either, because the alters are just Tumblr bullshit and it’s doubtful she’s using hard drugs.)

She’s not a victim at some evil therapist’s mercy, though. Soren dug this hole for herself years ago when she concocted these fucked-up fantasies. If the therapist actually believes any of Soren’s nonsense or the SRA bullshit in general, she’s just as crazy as Soren is. So let ‘em be crazy together.

No. 774415

pretty much a dead topic but is she exclusively posting on IG now?
I remember last thread there were two Tumblr blogs ( one for Sam and one passworded one?)

No. 774432

Nayrt but there was an anon exactly as you're describing either upthread here or in the previous soren threads. Bold of them to assume anything that comes out of sorens mouth is even remotely reliable

No. 774519

File: 1549131941956.png (3.14 MB, 1242x2208, D20A6B9B-C6F9-4C2E-BDA0-4A6641…)

soren made an actual valid point for once. impressive.

No. 774579

lol cows like hole bc the first “edgy” band a lot of teenagers get into is nirvana. Kurt Cobain has basically been romanticised into this uwu sadboi druggie that they all wanna be. Over the years liking nirvana has become a bit normie and played out, so liking hole, a similar band with a direct link to kurt and an extra layer of edge bc everyone hates Courtney is now the new thing. Also bc kinderwhore.

No. 774588

trucums crack me up

No. 774593

LNTOFB is the new NLOG

No. 774673

she has no room to talk, when she goes out looking like this

No. 774725

To be fair, she does look like a grandpa here

No. 774785

Still Arthur Read.

No. 774881

Soren is seriously missing out, KH3 is great.
Also forgot how to sage sorry, been a long time since I've posted

No. 774905

Soren isn't "insane to the point that I don't really think she can be held fully responsible", she's just a horribly bored girl with nothing else going for her so she makes up this trauma narrative for attention. She clearly knows what shes doing and the only insane part is that the parents are letting it happen.

No. 775196

File: 1549343229530.png (4.1 MB, 1242x2208, BAA538D7-D463-46A5-8548-66B892…)

not much today, just normal trans sperging.

No. 775208

Lol first of all, "transitioning" doesn't imply going from one thing to another, it literally means that.

It's also just wild to me that she's so against ~identifying~ when she's completely made up this whole bullshit babyfuck backstory. Like ok, maybe while you're calling out the genderspecials you could drop the "I was kidnapped by pedophiles and held at a child snuff factory" act..? Like the disconnect is unreal.

No. 775270

Diversion. She can hop onto the truescum identity so people will figjt with her over that and her babyfuck fantasy will be pushed to the back burner

No. 775279

“my uncle was born with a fucked up dick” why the fuck would you know soren

No. 775284

Yeah what's with that, I don't remember hearing about this uncle/mom's ex until these probably faked intimate messages >>767411 and now Soren's bringing up their dick too?
Tinfoil would say Soren's setting the scene to say their uncle did stuff to them but I don't think even Soren is that fucked up

No. 775347

Soren has known of LC for a hot minute, has followed junkie blogs and put her grubby hands on any media regarding self destructive natures yet this woman wants the world to believe shes shooting IV heroin, slamming meth and being an all around drug muel on a near constant basis while still posting long winded, structured (albeit not well), minimal spelling error'ed, clear ideas and concepts?
Luna's post history is example number one of what post mannerims/chaos goes into the nature of actual online junkies.

No. 775362

Watch her change her posting style and rip off Luna's after reading this

No. 775411

File: 1549406857259.png (5.07 MB, 1242x2208, 69D6551F-077B-4357-8ED0-5E85C8…)

No. 775413

loving the manipulative "you can't Ever disagree with me even if i post something you disagree with cause i'm ~not in a position~ to deal with that"

don't post things that are controversial if you can't handle someone disagreeing with you

No. 775503

File: 1549426767387.png (5.05 MB, 1242x2208, B229BDC8-9C72-4564-825C-231D2F…)

back at faking doing drugs and being sick for oppression points

No. 775511

Undigested crystals in her puke???????? What????
Do people straight up eat meth rocks and I'm just ignorant of that?

No. 775513

I was more confused because she said she shot it up. if you shot it up it goes to your bloodstream not your stomach? why would she have crystals in her puke?

No. 775523

I think Soren meant shooting up heroin since she’s done it the heroin and meth bullshit before.

No. 775550

How is an unemployed layabout affording 28g of heroin kek

No. 775592

Saging for mild blogposting but the "vomiting up whole chunks and then picking the chunks out and eating them" is what people do with shit like molly, nobody eats meth. The only reason for meth to be in somebody's stomach is if they bought a dirty E-bomb

If she were taking either of these drugs, shed post or mention some sort of paraphernalia. Also its funny she mentions heroin and meth, which are epidemics in two totally different parts of the country among two completely different populations

No. 775663

I'm so sick of saying this because people DO eat meth. I have been to rehab and a fucking halfway house and people talk about eating it all the time. They take huge rocks and swallow it because you still get a pretty good rush and it lasts for a really long time. Not everyone is smoking it or shooting it up. That being said I doubt she's doing real meth. She's probably got some weird research chemicals from the web. But who knows, she could be doing meth she ordered online because people do it all the time. She could've eaten some to last a long time and then did a shot in order to get a quick rush. Not that hard to imagine.

Plus she talks about puking and coming at the same time from the shot…pretty common meth effects. Never heard of anyone talking about research chems (aka bath salts/molly) that way.

What she is saying makes sense. It seems weird to people who aren't super into drugs but it still isn't that bizarre. Yet knowing her she's probably lying about a large portion of it (if not all of it).

No. 775668

Also heroin and meth are problems in all areas of the country. But on the East coast heroin is more of an issue because it's often mixed with fentanyl which causes many more deaths. This is because in the east it's powdered heroin. There's still meth in the east but it's usually shake and bake, not crystal. Crystal is NOT unheard of but rarer.

Heroin has been a huge problem in the west, especially in Oregon and Washington (and up into Canada). There is more crystal meth in the west, but black tar heroin is still extremely popular and a huge issue. People just don't die at the same rates from heroin in the west because there isn't as much of a fentanyl issue due to the heroin being black tar.

What people need to realize is…you can order any drug you want online. You can literally buy heroin and crystal meth online and have it delivered right to your door. So it doesn't really matter where she is. It's not impossible for her to be doing what she's doing.

She's just a liar lmao.

No. 775862

This. Who is paying for this? The parents, lmao?

No. 775865

The parents paying is the most believable part of the drug claims lol Soren is a spoiled brat who has never not been given exactly what she wanted no matter the cost.

No. 775910

File: 1549572935998.png (6.73 MB, 1242x2208, BE722032-BEEC-4952-ADCB-5009B6…)

No. 775939

>28 grams
>shoots up but there are crystals in her puke somehow

No. 776058

What point is she even trying to make here, having similar genetics and using similar usernames are not at all related.
I think my favorite part of this story is how she "literally came" from injecting. I'm no expert on drugs but even if it was physiologically possible it's a weird fucking detail to add. You'd think someone who is so into this grimy shit would be able to come up with something that didn't sound like a teenage boy talking about his totally real drug experiences.

No. 776187

Im pretty sure that being high on heroin makes your body unable to orgasm. Thats why when people go through WDs one of the symptoms is random orgasms

No. 776387

File: 1549712474727.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x1614, 3C3BDD3D-E15C-4B31-A7BA-854DBD…)

No. 776389

File: 1549712667159.png (3.97 MB, 1242x2208, D58C92A6-4FCF-425A-80B8-09DE60…)

mega yikes

No. 776403

A grown person wearing a tartan-print germ mask is less ugly and draws less attention that Soren's stupid face?

No. 776452

this looks like a shot from fucking hoarders, what an absurd amount of kids memorabilia

No. 776538

from my experience men have a hard time cumming/staying/getting hard, but women certainly have no problem orgasming

- ex addict

No. 776798

File: 1549828874246.png (5.07 MB, 1242x2208, 01F3C235-DD15-4899-88AE-401D6B…)

No. 776947

This kid is such an enigma to me. He talks fairly often about several friends he has and then a week or two later he's lost some. How does he communicate in private with them? Does he act controlling or entitled in any way? Do his friends even believe his life's story or to they just enable him? I'm dying to know.

No. 777029

$650 A MONTH FOR SOMEONE WHO IS UNEMPLOYED, LIVES AT HOME FOR FREE AND EATS FOR FREE, DOES NOT HAVE TO PAY BILLS, LIKELY DOESN’T OWN A CAR…..what in the fuck could she possibly be spending it on and how are her parents affording to give her all this money

No. 777031

plot twist and theyre all imaginary friends/“alters”

No. 777077

its not from the parents it is from you, the taxpayer.
Disability benefits in this country are such a disgusting and purposely difficult process that the only way somebody her age would be on disability unless they are nonverbal or completely physically disabled (bind, crippled, etc) the only way to access them in anything close to a reasonable timeframe is to be rich enough to pay for lawyers to speed the appeals process (which can take up to a fucking DECADE). The people who actually need disability are being denied it because spoiled shitty brats like Soren have the first access to resources. TBH it disgusts me more than any of her weird pedo fantasies or fake DID, especially with how entitled she acts about it. There are people who see bugs on their skin and talk to walls freezing to death in the streets because they cant get disability and here Soren is blowing stranger's hard-earned money on stupid disney toys

No. 777373


Is she on SSI or SSDI?

No. 777474


i used to be mutuals w him n kinda friends, altho i never reached the stage of exchanging gifts, he immediately was super needy right from the start n had this attitude of a close friend or someone whose known me forever. he casually brought up super personal subjects as if they were smth we'd already discussed for years and constantly made sure to remind me how much he Loved Me and how important he found our interactions to be, even at the beginning where we'd only been in contact for like a week or two

he was a very obsessive person and i wouldnt be surprised if most or all of the "friends" he keeps mentioning were simply casual acquaintances that he keeps sending overly intimate letters n gifts to n who he has very shallow interactions with (which he exaggerates)

No. 778175

oh, you type Just Like her. odd.

No. 778208

File: 1550174804601.png (1.4 MB, 1242x2208, 4D8C08DB-86A8-46E8-A215-E8F6EF…)

No. 778223

All she talks about is kingdom hearts now. Boring

No. 778224

>use keyblades for dildos
Watch her use this concept in her next abuse anthology.

No. 778854

i really cant get a read on this chick honestly. i dont 100% believe she is a pedophile but i do think that a lot of this is like really weird wish fulfillment and some fucked up manifestation of a drive for a creative outlet. you can write stories and poetry about uwu sad junkie cherry pit lipstick stained cigarette butt dollies without trying to pretend that theyre real people.

i feel like she's woven this web of lies and dug her hole so deep that she cant get out now. i used to be edgy too when i was 15 and write dumbass stories that reflected fragments of my life with embellishments to fit my stupid ass aesthetic but i never once passed it off as real.
ok soren you read about SRA and darkweb CP online and it really shocked you and you were tits deep in the broken fawn klonopin tumblr aesthetic but all the lies, especially when they involved real life innocent people. delusional and aspergic. christ.

No. 778867

Hello, Soren.(hi [cow])

No. 778963

File: 1550432594935.png (2.62 MB, 1242x2208, 5B4D54C6-EAE4-42B3-9772-B8D583…)

No. 778964

File: 1550432770486.png (3.37 MB, 1242x2208, AB4291ED-4616-432D-B27A-72FCD3…)

No. 779189

File: 1550512626946.png (2.71 MB, 1242x2208, 5DB4E3C1-6933-4B63-A438-CA7B71…)

back to complaining to nonexistent friends

No. 779233

that or trying to guilt trip them by passive aggressively posting on insta about how they're not contacting him anymore

No. 779317

how many times it is sams birthday in one year?

No. 780689

jesus christ. i'm the person who found the new blog a few months back, and i just caught up on the old thread and read the new trauma narrative. the fact that sam was inspired by an actual child who was molested and murdered is fucking disgusting but not at all surprising. ngl, i was overcome with the urge to cowtip and give soren such shit for that, but i didn't. i don't think the therapist actually believes any of this shit or is enabling soren's delusions, but who knows. imo, soren definitely believes this shit whole heartedly though. if this was a conscious self aware LARP i think it would have been crafted to be more believable than it is. i mean, soren's whole thing is chasing clout and accumulating pity points via this crock of shit narrative. the posts about it would be getting way more than 15 likes if it were crafted by someone who's aware it's a bullshit fanfic, because they would take efforts to make it more believable to earn more sympathy and clout from it. just my two cents.

No. 781183

so i know soren (kinda, my ex is closer) and oh god you guys are so spot on. im surprised people still care about his shit though. even during the height of it on tumblr i was over his lying, hes not very good at it
he'll ghost ex for weeks/months and we just assume he's "killed himself" again lol. hes so awful to the friends he has left, ex just talks to him now out of curiosity i think. but he just talks about the same bs he posts on ig.
i don't know how much he admitted faking to ex but hes not entirely deluded by his narrative and is conscious of most of his lies. maybe he believes more of them at this point, but when he contacted ex after he "died" he told ex how he was alive, sam wasnt real and how most of it was fake. hes weirdly truthful with ex so maybe thats why he ghosts him all the time

No. 781829

File: 1551374309318.png (6.57 MB, 1242x2208, 9A901CAA-1155-4DBE-B7AD-E0B2D8…)

sure jan

No. 781832

could you tell us more details please?

No. 782001

honestly i don't have much more milk than whats here. ex got a letter recently but all he told me was that soren's on disability (ssi).
if i get any more info i'll update, but it seems like his fuckery is slowing down

No. 782292

File: 1551473202567.png (1.91 MB, 1242x2208, B47AEE6E-7296-4C97-BA29-19825F…)

there’s a lot to unpack here but we’re better off burning the whole suitcase.

No. 782459

>a lot to unpack here but we're better off burning the whole suitcase

I fucking cackled, anon

I doubt this little chubster has ever been underweight in her life, sitting on her ass all day and eating mommy's coddle food

No. 782545

So shes disappointed that kidcore is a cute/innocent/positive if not somewhat silly aesthetic instead of child porn?

Is this an admission she is and actively seeking out child porn as of the present?

No. 782608

File: 1551552504539.png (1.26 MB, 1242x2208, 3A51C1EB-5813-4824-80EC-74C234…)


No. 782647

That's exactly what I was thinking. She's mad it's not more disgusting "fiendish" content, and is projecting being into dd/lg onto random bloggers.
We all know she likes digging for that kind of thing, and that's just extra confirmation.

No. 782693

soren was clearly never a bmi of 12 or we'd never see the end of the spoopy pics lmao

No. 782806

File: 1551583451139.png (8.98 MB, 1242x2208, 2D53BC23-29D5-4BB3-B957-D30996…)


No. 782819

honey those are just acne scars. Stop picking your zits and get some toner.

No. 782891

well, I've never felt better about myself than knowing I don't wake up every day and see this


No. 782906

it almost looks like the marks are all in an area that would have been irritated by the mask. If you have acne the last thing you want to do is cover a major portion of your skin so that it can sit in its own sweat

No. 782909

Found Soren mentioned in an unlikely place, r/ElsaGate, during a discussion of hurtcore. At least it noted her story being made up.

No. 782910

caps plz?

No. 783031

File: 1551651879528.jpeg (448.57 KB, 1242x1646, EEC0D5EE-B5D2-4AA7-8927-8691B7…)

No. 783032

File: 1551651919404.jpeg (350.21 KB, 1242x1104, 323DAF07-1EBB-490A-87AE-15C86E…)

pt 2/2

No. 783111

File: 1551671343549.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, EE7650EB-5955-46AF-B137-2925B0…)

that’s quite the calendar you’ve got there

No. 783139

Fucking kek just wanted to bring >>779317 back

Guess she just made up Sams 70 children so she could have an excuse to be emo every month of the year

No. 783550

File: 1551804328642.png (2.52 MB, 1242x2208, EE031C01-1FCB-4B6C-854C-A5881A…)

what was our last alter count? has it gone up? jesus christ.

No. 783595

Why do all 1000 of them type in the same retarded way?

No. 783732

Sage for unrelated but have you guys heard of Katie Graves? She has a youtube channel with the same exact narrative as this cow.

No. 783814

searched for her and got Katy Groves, here's a DID general thread here in /snow/ she can fit into

No. 783902

File: 1551899100306.png (3.32 MB, 1242x2208, 57249893-9D06-406F-B50A-FA80E4…)

quick question, what the fuck

No. 783962

So she's now taking ideas from kingdom fucking hearts… this is peak autism

No. 784050

Sage for tinfoil and armchairing but does anyone else think schizophrenia would explain a lot of Sorens bullshit?

Hear me out anons, we all know she's completely fucked in the head and it sure as fuck isn't DID or the satanic TOR child abuse crap she's been pushing for years. Schizophrenia would explain why she 1. Imagines all this sick crazy shit to start with 2. Seems to actually believe her own bullshit even when confronted with evidence of her clearly fucking lying 3. Still seems to have support from her family despite being a total piece of shit to everyone around her.

Soren probably really believes all this shit happened to her and that all these people and relationships in her made up "trauma narrative" are actually real. Her parents could be playing along with her delusions because it's the easiest way of dealing with her and getting her to cooperate. Not to say she deserves any sympathy but she doesn't deserve any attention either, she's just a schizo retard.

No. 784071

not so sure. obviously not a psychfag but i think its probably more of a personality disorder. i feel like a schzio would be too detached to make so many fake profiles for fake people in her narrative. that’s so calculated. i think at this point she does “believe” it because she’s repeated it so much. i think she started with the DID thing as damage control so if anyone confronted her about her lies or whatever she could just blame it on an alter.

No. 784072

I think they have a form of Munchausens brought on by an intense interest in alt cultures.

I don’t want to blog post too much, but I had a “friend” in middle school who pretended to have alters. He was sane in most senses, but continually would seek attention via faking mental illnesses.

No. 784079

Her typing style is too coherent for an unmedicated schizophrenic. Schizophrenics tend to have a very distinct "stream of consciousness" way of typing/speaking when they aren't lucid. Think Terry Davis and his long winded, rambling blog posts that don't go anywhere. Granted, some are more decipherable than others but it's still easy to pick up on.

No. 784151

>a form of Munchausens brought on by an intense interest in alt cultures.
This is definitely a common thing nowadays, and I wish it had a name.
If the anon upthread is right about Soren not being entirely deluded and being conscious about most of it being lies, I don't think "schizophrenia" fits. All of this is being done for attention and to continue the "trauma story", like an RP lagging on.
I guess making the IG account private was, in a sense, a good thing for Soren, because they can still get likes/comments, attention and support on the bullshit without anyone daring to call out how obviously made-up it is. It's a way of having your cake and eating it too.

No. 784228

theorizing about her being schizophrenic is just dumb. She shows literally no symptoms. She's an ugly, irrelevant and boring person who doesn't know how to deal with that, so she spins the craziest, most traumatic story about her life to make herself appear interesting. It doesn't go deeper than that.

No. 784286

File: 1551994636203.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2208, 2E861F9F-F6AF-4F57-95AC-5DDDEA…)

what y’all think that bag is full of? i’m voting rock candy.

No. 784292

File: 1551995500456.jpg (48.1 KB, 600x600, polyphosphate-cristaux-5-15-mm…)

looks like those water filter crystals kek

No. 784293


Completely wrong crystal shape.

Soren's persona has passed self parody and come full circle to mundane.


See, thought disorder.

No. 784300

File: 1551997121448.gif (3.15 MB, 295x200, giphy.gif)

crack rocks

No. 784436

it could be salt, i doubt they let this cunt go to the streets alone,let alone to buy his DrUgS

No. 784478

>has said shes on disability and down to 350$ a month
>thinks buying a bag of ket = a literal ziplock bag stuffed with salt crystals

So far we have; no mention of k-hole, she could atleast do herself the favour and watch party monster so she maybe can plagiarize someones drug addiction alittle more accurately kek
(how does she go from abuse victim DID sufferer to "my family is fine with my recreational (party) drug use uwu", shes clearly just posting whatever comes to mind day by day tbh.)

No. 784850


agreed that soren definitely isn't schizophrenic, he does have mental illnesses just not the ones he wants. it's interesting that he feels the need to fake all of these symptoms of other disorders to prove to himself that he is "crazy" or something. technically he does have munchausens if he's actually convinced that these personality disorders and addictions he has are real, i just don't think we'll ever know how much he has genuinely convinced himself and how much he is consciously lying about for attention. he probably just has bpd like every other cow.

i know it's beating a dead horse to discuss whether soren was actually "abused" in any way so i'm not going to speculate, but i think from what i've seen/heard on here about his parents they seem to be just as crazy as he is. i don't think they necessarily abused him but having crazy parents who play into their kid's delusions can make someone end up like this. it makes me very angry if his parents have been encouraging this wack ass behavior in soren since he was a kid/teen, but then again, now he is an adult and he should be held accountable for his ways. he blames his parents for some stuff in his posts and i'm surprised he hasn't been more angry at them or mentioned anything being their fault w/ his mental health. most people blame their parents for that even if they're not crazy but soren seems to think they're the best bc they let him do whatever he wants and that is just so sad to me.

sorry if the english is bad btw.

No. 784869

I think the parents' worst abuse is enabling Soren, believing him and encouraging his antics. I think they must be Munchhausen by proxy. They are super bad parents for going along with Soren's delusions, sending him to a con therapist instead to someone who could treat him for his actual mental illnesses and in general not helping but aggravating the problem.
Of course he's not blaming them. They're playing his game.

No. 784887

soren has histrionic personality disorder, if anything. I'm not trying to armchair but HPD and Munchausen really are the only things that fit.(armchair)

No. 784894

File: 1552158728595.jpeg (507.55 KB, 750x1087, 31E1FC77-D14A-4350-BAD7-046C71…)

No. 784895

File: 1552158803439.jpeg (129.5 KB, 750x651, EA1765B2-0CDD-4102-A7A4-59BED4…)

And the tagged user on this post is a fake account she obviously made for this “sam” character. Would love to know what’s on there, lol. Some fake role play posts probably

No. 784950

Looks like a picture of Ginger Bronson in the display pic, too.
On another note, there was a screencap of an IG posted ITT for a split second, and then deleted. I couldn't enlarge it past the thumbnail (and that broke after I clicked on it), but it had an image reading "I killed her". What was that?

No. 784951

Did Soren forget that she never made an insta for "sam" during the tumblr days and that all media relating to her trauma narrative characters suspiciously only consists of websites Soren prefers. Never 5get the billions of 'personal' tumblrs she made for her npcs back during peak trauma narrative when she atleast had G to "vouch" for her kek.
Its been fun seeing soren update again besides the newfags who dont know the lore and whack armchairing

No. 784961


Stop armchairing about Sorens mental health

No. 784996

File: 1552174063246.jpeg (559.5 KB, 750x931, 33592EE6-11AB-45D1-9306-216218…)

sage for no contribution but i was looking through sorens pics and holy fuck

No. 785019

The warped lines from the shooping is killing me, Ik its probably alittle dated since we know her acne has flared up again… sorry "methface"
I find it wild she grew up eating out ginger bronson/nicole yet the obsession with cp made her visually take on generic Kuroshitsuji shotacon weeb traits.
>be soren
>make up a bunch of conventionally 'beautiful' characters that go through literal torture but always described w/ attractive traits showing
>complain about fakebois, ddlg and other cringy tumblr trends / net culture phenomenons
>Only photos of Soren are closet cosplays, dollar store fakeboi fashion and candids always show her dressed ready for her first convention circa 2005.

No. 785030


Is this person male or female after all??

No. 785038

'trans man'. born female.

it can be confusing with everyone in this thread switching between male and female pronouns.

No. 785072

This is scary as shit lmfao

No. 785196


No. 785592

Dutchfag here,

I am not sure to what extent this is relevant but something I noticed about his trauma narrative is the similairity to something that occured in Belgium.

In the 90’s after serial killer/pedophile Marc Dutroux was caught some people, the X witnesses, came forward with stories about being sold to pedophiles, pedophile parties, torture and snuff videos. The first witness, Regina Louf, had a friend, agirl who was sold by het father. She ended up pregnant and killed while giving birth. The statements got more and more gruesome.

What maken me doubt however if Soren used these statements for her story is that I am not sure how much of this is translated into English and I don’t want to look around for it because last time I fell into the Dutroux rabbithole I stumbled upon CP.

No. 785594

dutch anon i wouldn’t be shocked if soren used a real story like that as the backbone for his disgusting trauma fanfic, soren most likely used a combination of real life cases and horror stories to build it up

No. 785595

Dutchfag again sorry,

I forgot to add that those witnesses were most likely fake/DID/false memory/satanic panic shit as well

No. 785599

Yep that's Ginger, and I don't have caps but i swear the "i fall down stairs a lot" quote is also something Ginger said in her pissangel days. How can Soren keep ripping her off so blatantly?

No. 785620

Because shes not online anymore im sure its easier for him. No ones going to tell her abt him still using her photos or stumble upon it. Hes doing what he does w everyone, which is see how far he can take it until they draw a line or ghost him

No. 785641

File: 1552355646051.png (4.73 MB, 1242x2208, C0739D19-14A8-4B4A-B7CF-73D6BC…)

sounds like you’re just a spoiled rich kid hoarder but ok

No. 785650

It's ice. Like, literal ice. From the freezer.

No. 786118

it was "my name is kayla day and i fall down the stairs / i don't let boys put their hands in my hair"

No. 786414

I study in San Diego and ever since I’ve started following this thread, it’s dawned on me that I’ve probably crossed paths with this cow or have a huge chance of doing so without even realizing it.

I’m sure I’d notice someone who looks like…..that, but then again she could be lying about her location

No. 786517


Sage for caps-lock sewing sperging but this is like the third mention ive seen of "sewed with barbed wire" and as a literal sperg i have had full blown autistic chimpouts because if a knot or snag or bunch-up forms between stitches it can rip the bit of fabric between and at best fucks up your embroidery, at worst unravels your entire line of stitches.

Not to mention barbed wire is not bendy enough to sew with. You couldn't sew two leather sofas together with barbed wire.

I know this is the least of the bullshit that needs debunking but i just had a project fall apart on me yesterday because my thread knotted and i had to throw out an arms length of perfectly good embroidery floss so im personally attacked and enraged at the concept of sewing human skin with fucking barbed wire. [/autism]

No. 786573

>have a huge chance of doing so
bold of you to assume Soren leaves the house.

No. 786637

but then where would she score her "27 grams of ice" and "13 grams of tar" lelelelel

No. 787321

File: 1552753015765.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2208, D2ED9798-E9D3-4051-9841-DA011E…)

No. 787377

sage for anachan but i feel like at 4'10" or whatever with a """"meth habit"""" soren shouldnt be struggling to stay under 100 kek

No. 787392

sage for OT but even knowing these are fake, reading some of the stuff she writes still makes me nauseous.

i know she's stolen most of it, which i think just makes it worse. how little empathy do you have to have to steal a child abuse story?

No. 787558

File: 1552797459783.png (3.82 MB, 1242x2208, 32997345-B3EA-4AEE-9AAB-77945D…)


No. 787560

File: 1552797645367.png (5.37 MB, 1242x2208, 8197DCDA-632F-4430-AB92-E97D3A…)

while i can believe that soren is a big enough loser to pay someone to force them to listen to their kingdom hearts rambling, i would believe those nigerian prince emails before i’d believe anything else in these posts.

No. 787575

I know it's fake, but the idea of talking to your therapist outside of sessions about anything but your mental health screams malpractice. It's like he's scraping for a friend.

No. 787607

wow this person follows my friend's art instagram(no1curr)

No. 787698

no doubt soren’s scraping for friends. her only friends are literally people who dont exist and have never existed and shes totally aware of it

No. 787710

bringing your patient a gift every session is super weird, in most circles its actually considered quite inappropriate to do stuff like that as a therapist. fortunately for soren he's found a therapist who will enable his hoarding habbits and promote unhealthy coping mechanisms

No. 787722

Implying she's telling the truth

No. 787729

Any chance of someone finding that article the therapist wrote and posted on her website (if the therapist even exists, of course)? Kind of hard to search for keywords though, as she conveniently "didn't name KH specifically".

No. 787775

From the last thread, Soren claimed to have attended this event (http://survivorship.org/ritual-abuse-and-mind-control-2018-conference/) with his therapist (who was speculated to be Ellen Lacter). But if we check out all of the mentioned parties that are women:

>Ellen Lacter

Her latest articles were published on February 21st and don't seem to reference KH. "Making Use of Evidence Packets to Increase the Safety of Victims and their Loved Ones in Response to Dangerous Abuser Networks" (https://endritualabuse.org/evidence-packets-increase-safety/) and "Sexual Responses to Sexual Assault" (https://endritualabuse.org/sexual-responses-to-sexual-assault/)

>Eileen Aveni

Can't find a website

>Cynthia Henrie

Publishes a newsletter 4x yearly. It isn't indicated when the most recent volume was published (just says "Winter 2019"), but it doesn't reference KH in any noticeable way either

Ellen is the only one that really posts "Articles" on her website anyway, so maybe farmers that know more about KH than I do can take a look at hers and determine whether or not it's related (though I highly doubt it)
Even if his therapist isn't one of these and is someone else, it still didn't happen. No one is inspired by their autistic client's obsession with a video game to the point where they start writing video game articles and post them on their professional website kek

No. 787784

>What maken me doubt however if Soren used these statements for her story is that I am not sure how much of this is translated into English and I don’t want to look around for it because last time I fell into the Dutroux rabbithole I stumbled upon CP.

I remember reading something pretty descriptive on the David Icke board so went back to find it. The page's gone, but it's been archived

There were some gross images on it. One sticks in my mind of a pregnant girl who looked about 11 years old. Anyway THE PIC LINKS ARE DEAD FORTUNATELY, so you can look. Quite a lot of info there.

No. 787787

WAIT! GOT TO GIVE A TRIGGER WARNING. It really is graphic.

No. 787821

What the actual fuck did I just read?

That being said, I can easily see similarities between this and Soren’s abuse narrative. Every day I feel more like Soren’s just a weird larping fuck.

No. 787825

Yeah, she's read too much about SRA and mind control conspiracies. I probably do, but at least I don't write fanfic about that shite.

No. 787830


Exactly. My search history would concern anyone who looked at it. But I don’t try to role play this stuff. I’m fascinated by true crime and conspiracies like the satanic panic and ritual abuse.

I’ve only recently discovered Soren, but it’s easy to draw connections between their narrative and a variety of others. I’m reading one connected to the Dutroux case, but I think it’s been mentioned in a past thread.


She describes being a favorite and going to school during the week. Hmm…

No. 787838

Fucking lol.

No. 787851

File: 1552884771097.jpg (22.38 KB, 538x277, 1531881209233.jpg)

No. 787854

>no ones allowed to be oppressed except me!

No. 787882

No. 787986


Anon Plz tell me I've misunderstood everything and this woman isn't actually a real person with a real career..

>Mother/daughter dolphin porn directed by sly stallone for Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher was a lesbian.

How does this utter mentalist even have a platform? For the first time in my adult life I'm genuinely lost for words. Wtaf.

No. 787987

That’s a good find, anon. It’s pretty obvious Lacter is an exploitative hack, but the specifics of it are good to know.

TLDR; a woman named Gigi Jordan approached Ellen Lacter with fears of satanic cult persecution and Lacter stoked her delusions, which lead to Ms. Jordan murdering her 8 year old to save him from future satanic abuse.

No. 787989

The comedic timing of “Margaret Thatcher, who is a lesbian” ending a sentence about Ronald Reagan’s love of dolphin porn made me spit out my coffee.

No. 788232

A while ago I had cause to look into malpractice and exploitation in therapy. Pretty much all of this woman's behaviour adds up to one big red flag. If what Soren relates about her is true (and that's a big if), she should be banned from the profession.

From survivingtherapistabuse.com:

Some clues or warning signs [of abuse] are:

Discussing the therapist’s sex life or relationships excessively.
Sitting too close, initiating hugging, holding the patient or lying next to the patient. (Check!)
Inviting a patient to lunch, dinner or other social activities. (Check!)
Changing any of the office’s business practices (for example, scheduling late appointments so no one is around, having sessions away from the office, etc.).
Confiding in a patient (for example, about the therapist’s love life, work problems, etc.).
Telling a patient that he or she is special, or that the therapist loves him or her. (Check!)
Relying on a patient for personal and emotional support.
Giving or receiving gifts. (Check!)

Tl;dr: this woman's behaviour is super inappropriate and weird, and that's without even going into her personal beliefs (cults, the Satanic Panic, repressed memories, demons, etc etc).

No. 788561

Thats what I been saying before, yall. This kid is sick as hell but there could be a puppetmaster none of us can see

No. 788682

File: 1553115907652.png (4.71 MB, 1242x2208, 401F819B-F6E7-431C-B5D4-C0DB3A…)

the fuck you spendin 800 on? post before this one was something about how he was picking at his ~*~ meth bumps ~*~ and it was gross.

No. 788800

please share the meth bumps post

No. 788881

File: 1553181024923.png (4.91 MB, 1242x2208, 42FB5DE3-B49F-4741-BC72-9DFB5B…)

No. 789040

this literally just sounds like acne lmao

No. 789109

if shes on T itll be making it worse as well

No. 789860

File: 1553457099812.png (4.8 MB, 1242x2208, 46F9CD2F-6855-4BAE-9745-8E24A7…)

never thought i’d see the day soren was right about something. it really is full of blue haired half shave idiots lmao

No. 789868

File: 1553457560915.png (3.96 MB, 1242x2208, 6304AF5E-C8D4-4373-B051-920B9D…)

also what????

No. 790167

Soren talking like she isnt tumblrtrans herself is hillarious and its even funnier that no matter how "critical" and "nihilistic" she acts, by standing on a soap opera over who and what *~trutranz~* is, shes just shooting herself in the foot.
You're a chick who chopped her titties off due to an identity crisis and you now demand people refer to you by male. pronouns. You're the same as any "xer/xe" out there.

No. 790168

We all know this is bullshit considering Sorens drama has existed before they even found a therapists name to use and abuse, stop tinfoiling and learn to sage newfaggot.

No. 790589

File: 1553609270291.png (2.67 MB, 1242x2208, FF2FF9A3-97FB-42BE-A3CC-0CCDA5…)

No. 790593

I just can't imagine this little toad on meth. I really can't. Or H. Who is selling to her?????

No. 790596


No one. I know sometimes people who are too fucking weird looking or acting to have a dealer with buy off of friends, but I don’t think Soren has any.

Unless they’re buying from their totally real, totally licensed therapist.

No. 790605

She writes as lucid as the day she started her tumblr years ago. The closest she has gotten drug wise is probably anti-depressants lmfao, we have Luna as a perfect example of a junkie cow, the soundclout thread has a bunch of assholes on drugs and they all follow patterns and activity online/post mannerisms change very apparently when they're on/off it.

(Also for anons with limited experience with irl drug use: its honestly apparent she isn't using anything by the way she explains herself and talks about it. Her fabricated experiences are just as detached from reality as her trauma narrative. The larping is especially coming thru strong in the junkiesaga)

No. 790612


just a little something I found written by Ellen Lacter.. I really, really hope this isn't the "therapist" Soren sees

No. 790855

File: 1553691880358.png (5.3 MB, 1242x2208, CDFAA0EF-1EC7-4E6C-AC91-859CA6…)

No. 790864

Uhhhhh in what fucking world is someone’s therapist going to HANG OUT with their mom? If this is true there’s something very wrong with the entire family.

No. 790891

File: 1553702045555.gif (1.61 MB, 480x270, 4oG9.gif)

>"we have Luna as a perfect example of a junkie cow, the soundclout thread has a bunch of assholes on drugs and they all follow patterns and activity online/post mannerisms change very apparently when they're on/off it."
>soren reading this

No. 790914

not too ugly to be in CP, just not somebody a western pedophile would be interested in specifically, unlike the Samantha avatar, which I assume was one of the main reasons for her creation in the first place. It's already been mentioned but it is a horrible disgusting fact that India is one of the child sex tourism hubs of the world. If some millionaire pedo wanted to rape/kill/etc an indian kid they could fly over and do it IRL (which makes me want to nuke the entire planet but its a horrible tragic fact).

Also, not "too ugly to be in CP", but nothing special that would have saved her from the certain death that every single other girl she allegedly interacted with within this network met.

Nobody believes that CP or CSA isnt a real thing, Soren, we just don't believe that you were so Stwong and Speshul that you are the sole survivor of Snuff-R-Us

No. 790915

4? LMFAO I fucking love it, in the OG narrative she was well older before even the diddle therapist beach glass incident.

No. 790930

The kicker is that not only have they not killed her, she claims they also seek her out, kidnap her and rape her every once in a while, then let her go again.
Makes perfect sense.

No. 791172

Is there even like, a single person saying anything along these lines to begin with? Somehow I doubt it. Sounds like something she just made up so she could whine about how much she hates herself again.

No. 791214

I think something like that was said in one of the threads, but not seriously, it was just someone's attempt at dark humour. It kind of confirms that Soren lurks here.

No. 791530

File: 1553862083575.png (7.63 MB, 1242x2208, 842F6707-A9EF-42A6-854B-95A8BA…)

has he always had a giant sora tattoo on his arm??

No. 791544

Yeah, she got it to cover a bunch of old slice-and-dice scars

No. 791568


The crazy exaggerations will always be Soren's downfall. Are we supposed to believe this is someone who, two weeks ago, was under 100lbs?

Soren can't just have regular snowflake tumblr DID with 10 or so alters. It has to be 'over 1000'.

The bullshit would be a lot more believable if she didn't take every single aspect of her role playing to the extreme.

No. 791599

Holy fuck this woman is insane. Just as insane as Soren.satanic Ritual abuse has never happened. There has not been one proven case in the history of modern time.

No. 791611

Holy. shit.

I’ve just caught up on this whole thing and my mind is BLOWN. Why has no one addressed the fact that he admitted to killing a real life missing child? Why has no one reported it? Not saying anyone here should, that’s not what this board is for, but it really says a lot that none of his followers thought to. I think he needs a visit from the FBI regardless, even though everyone knows he’s a ridiculous liar, it might scare him straight so to speak. Then again, anyone who reads his shit for longer than 2 seconds can tell it’s sheer nonsense but still, admitting to murder on Instagram is heavy even if it is a ploy for attention and trauma points.

But Jesus Christ. This kid needs to lay off the torture porn and deep web creepypastas. I won’t be at all surprised if I see him on the news in 10-20 years because he’s a serial killer. Just crazy.

No. 791873

Every one of the “satanic ritual abuse survivors” claims to have participated in murdering babies, children, whoever. People who are credulous enough to swallow those stories have heard it all before.

No. 791912

don't waste the fbi's time on this spoiled fantasist. they have real children's murders to solve.

No. 792102

File: 1553974730577.png (5.82 MB, 1242x2208, 47C49ADF-1864-48E0-8D43-0EA936…)

what the FUCK.

No. 792105

She really can't talk about anything mundane without throwing in some dumb bullshit and lies, can she?

No. 792238

Sounds like she's trying to address all the incredulous anons who thought there was no way she had a connect.
I don't understand how or why she's supposedly fucking her internet drug dealer though.

No. 792396

sounds like she's bragging about losing her virginity finally

No. 792419

as if a drug dealer who demands you fuck him for meth is gonna respect your pronouns lmfao

No. 792543

I've never met even the ugliest of dealers who would fuck…

… this >>784996

I know it's easy to believe guys have 0 standards especially if drugs are involved, but most dealers can still find something half-decent to fuck, solely on that they can offer the girl free drugs.

I don't think this bitch ever been laid, done drugs, or you know, even used dream market. dream market shutting down shouldn't be a surprised to any one who uses the darknet for drugs, either, because it's been literally unusable for the past year claiming its being 'DDOS'd'. A year. About as long as her meth-heroin addiction claim charade has been going strong.

I just can't fathom what she feels she gets out of this larping to her like 6 viewers.

No. 792566

half a gram is like 30 bucks, twacked out dudes will stick their dick in a hole in the wall, if there were any plausibility to the drug claims then her gross pussy being worth the equivalent of a stoned McDonald's order wouldn't be the unbelievable part

No. 792627

I just want to live in a world where no one would hit that low to sleep with this creature

No. 792669

File: 1554119352927.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1874, 2EB16BE2-D428-49E7-88DE-B8C76C…)

good try but that never happened

No. 792692

We get it, soren, your mommy buys the fancy sea salt instead of the Morton stuff in the big pour jar. Take it out of your vitamin casings and put them back in the shaker, them shits is expensive

No. 794174

File: 1554297186076.png (1.89 MB, 1242x2208, 768D8353-D828-424A-A4D0-9F2B96…)

bitch what

No. 794178

Even a broken clock is right twice a day

No. 794181

Soren really badly wants to be like "I'm not like other trans people I'm legit I'm really a man!"
But like…

No. 794308

>soren: says something slightly "radical"
>farmers: omg she's right tho
don't u all get that she does it for holier-than-thou cool points? She's mentally ill, or, more suitable to say, fucked in the head and she's not a ~real trans~ in the same way as space prince fakebois aren't. She's just on her ego trip and it's pathetic some people here are so deep into the stop trannies hole that they're eating her shit up every time she says something against sjws/trannies/whatever. Get a grip

No. 794961

How can you believe this and then simultaneously insist you are a man

No. 795100

File: 1554493422575.jpeg (368.63 KB, 1242x1617, 83DAE6E1-4906-4F05-AECD-911D74…)

incoming manifesto about soren being a snowflake 1/5

No. 795101

File: 1554493497641.jpeg (367.53 KB, 1242x1540, 8C21626E-8EAE-4E3B-A13C-1B46CA…)


No. 795102

File: 1554493603856.jpeg (375.31 KB, 1242x1570, E2EFF708-193C-45BB-AEED-7E9739…)


No. 795103

File: 1554493734868.jpeg (364.49 KB, 1242x1546, EBCBA252-3E70-4876-9B6E-11C303…)


No. 795104

File: 1554493837100.jpeg (928.35 KB, 1242x1418, D0B56426-6858-4ECD-AEDA-734170…)


No. 795109

Tldr is sort of "no one can complain because I have it worse!!"

Remove her bs torture story from it and it kind of sounds like she's envious or something that other people actually get sexual attention, even if it's negative.

No. 795121

File: 1554496286530.jpg (300.16 KB, 811x1024, milkman.jpg)

OT and you're probably sick of hearing by now but thank you so much for keeping this thread alive, anon. We appreciate you and the milk you deliver.

No. 795145

>about 85% of the time i talk to another "survivor", i really find myself not giving a shit, mentally telling them to kill themselves
The person who makes up disgusting fetish tales about CSA for attention and sympathy has no empathy for actual CSA victims. Color me shocked.

No. 795190

I think we're seeing the evolution into an incel phase.

No. 795194

Cant wait til soren develops an additional personality that goes all "reee my bone structure" and starts spewing redpill bullshit. Already there with that little "manifesto".

No. 795199

Maybe next time it won't just be a suicide threat.

No. 795227

Sorens chronic problem of trying to "one up" other survivors seems to be getting out of hand.. Now he's going on these long tangents about how if you didn't eat babies in a magical loli slaughterhouse like he did you're not as valid as him kek. What's his end game here? Seems like he wanted trauma friends at first but now? I just don't know anymore…

No. 795250

Is she seriously saying that being upset that you've be raped, abused or taken advantage of is only valid if it happened when you were a baby? What the fuck.

No. 795279

the way I see it (and of course this is just my pseudo-psych tinfoil take) is that soren has nothing of substance. she has no real personality, nothing that makes her 'special'. so she has for a long time larped this story as what makes her 'special'. now she feels threatened by other (real) survivors, and has to be the #1 best only """REAL""" special one, because it's the literal only validation she has in her life. because she spent all these years living this larp/investing in this larp opposed to becoming an actual functioning human being; essentially crippling her sense of self/personal growth.

that's my BEST guess, at least. but I can't imagine I'm that far off based off of the supposed irl friends/acquaintance/family member's accounts that have been posted her. I wish her sister would come hit us up with some updates or something.

No. 795505

Shes actually fucking retarded. Imagine saying this shit when you are just a loser who makes up ridiculous abuse and snuff stories. What the fuck. Omg.
Shes consistently obsessed with the "I have it worse than you, in fact a billion times worse and also you should kill yourself for being pathetic" narrative, and shes just a sick spoiled dumbass who hasn't experienced shit. Sorry but I dont even buy that anything remotely abusive happened in her life that shes embellishing or exaggerating, and shes talking about actual victims like this. Does her family have any idea what she posts on there???

Also, big props to the lovely anon for updates

No. 795519

File: 1554605510801.png (3.08 MB, 1242x2208, 9FBFA043-A3DC-406A-B1FE-6E0846…)

imagine spending days bitching about trans people wearing feminine clothing making them not trans and then complaining that you want to wear feminine clothing but are too trans to do that.

No. 795647

so Soren is a rape apologist who makes up torture porn and talks down to real victims because the stuff he made up is sooo much worse.

No. 795820

File: 1554731904401.png (2.31 MB, 1242x2208, 92B9D9A1-5FED-4CBC-9A0F-7BF275…)

No. 795822

File: 1554731994619.png (4.57 MB, 1242x2208, A2DB1BE8-A7F9-43A5-9958-6DCFC2…)

No. 795840

god can you imagine a real life veteran being forced to talk to Soren about this shit. I seriously hope he’s lying when he says that.

No. 795854

File: 1554743115244.gif (2.35 MB, 498x344, tenor.gif)

>drug fuck buddies
>Soren >>723859 >>784996

Didn't she also have her genitals "mutilated" or some shit at the spoopy loli torture house?

No. 795862

File: 1554744725025.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, E45BD300-D118-4096-B45F-2F1653…)


No. 795864

File: 1554744768321.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, 20031293-A6A8-4152-B8D0-1019EC…)

no fucking therapist would ever say any of this lmfao

No. 795873


lmao anon

yes there's a bit in one of these threads where she talks about having her clit burnt off?? UGH

No. 795877

not rly milk but was browsing the hurtc0re archive and accidentally clicked /about which redirects to a full-screen embedded youtube vid of a remix of fly me to the moon where the vocal track is mixed screaming . . . very nice soren, very animu


No. 795984

Its so self incriminating to post things like this. This is OBVIOUSLY not by any therapist and just makes Soren look more like a liar

No. 796159

File: 1554826377443.png (1.03 MB, 1242x2208, 2C585C86-B867-435D-8161-712295…)

“being raped together. you know, normal stuff”
w h a t

No. 796162

He romanticizes his fake OC that is together with the character Sam so much. It's really disgusting that he pretended this is real instead of just writing a novel about the characters and being in love with his own creation (Sam) which I'm sure many people do develop feelings of intense love and attachment to someone they created but they don't play pretend that fictional construct is real. How can he continue to lie when we already know "Sam" is Ginger Bronsen.

No. 796166

"You don't have to bury your homicidal rage" lmfao
If this WAS an actual therapist giving this advice, they'd have their license revoked immediately.

No. 796475

File: 1554896376376.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2208, 9114DF7A-B66B-4D05-8C08-0DE3D7…)

on a roll lately

No. 796476

File: 1554896397710.png (1.57 MB, 1242x2208, 0244FFE8-6910-407A-817C-CF2D76…)

No. 796491

Do you think Soren will ever grow out of this bullshit? Like you ever think we'll get to see Soren post an update that's like "I can't believe my therapist MANIPULATED me into writing child snuff porn UnU"

No. 796496

honestly idk, soren's definitely a pathological liar and idk if you just grow out of that, especially since he hasn't already. maybe he'll move on to a different story, or abandon his internet persona, but i honestly don't know if i see him fully owning up to it or stopping. he seems like he's really emotionally entangled in the lies at this point. like i'm sure he knows sam isn't real, but it seems like he's genuinely really invested in their fake relationship

No. 796635

It's almost as if you need a real therapist you dumbass.

No. 796730

People like Soren only hide when proven wrong… I think this is going to continue as long as he has access to the internet.

No. 796733

File: 1554941598970.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, B62A3D95-70E2-4288-B66F-FE6F83…)

i can’t wait for this stupid fuck to try to take drugs on a plane.

No. 796771

soren says "fake dick" here which i thought implied a strap-on but
here says can't imagine life without a hard dick?? i've kept up with soren throughout the threads but i thought soren only had top surgery, not bottom. and can you even actually get hard if you've had the surgery?? soren truly bewilders me

No. 796774

>hard dick

No. 796794

File: 1554950384446.png (2.34 MB, 1242x2208, F3688F58-2D1E-424F-B951-B05578…)

just going the fuck off today

No. 796808

The clitoris, anon. The clitoris.

No. 796853

but she claims someone cut her clitoris off……. cant even keep her lies straight

No. 796908

some ftm trannies refer to their engorged clit as their “dick” so maybe that’s what he means? either way it’s hilarious

No. 797156

A hard dick, Soren? As in a clit? Which you said was cut off? You need to keep your lies in order so you don't slip up like this.

No. 797170

i think she means taking hard dick, not having one.

No. 797173

Is it possible to have a true orgasm as a woman without a clit
Maybe because I only cum from clitoral stimulation, but like is that even a thing.

No. 797175

He talks about having slept with men "regrettably" so I don't think that's the case. If it were anyone else I'd think it was said ironically/as a joke but knowing Soren maybe he'll start claiming to have a dick.

No. 797355

lots of ftms call their genitals their dicks. yes, she's talking about her clit, but claims it was cut off lmao.

No. 797394

In theory they are, my cousin said there was a guy she had one with but thats the only person I know IRL who I believe when they say they've had one. IDK how T fucks with the sensitivity of your general crotch area though

No. 797574

File: 1555120605525.png (1.97 MB, 1242x2208, 06E881BE-6A41-4536-AFCD-829ECB…)

No. 797581

i just recently reread the trauma narrative and i am crying thinking about a 17 year old, 6'1" female junkie at the baby gangrape hq getting her head chopped off with a chainsaw or whatever the fuck. never change, soren.

No. 797593

LOL WHAT Sam is 6"1 now? Oh my god Soren is just slapping on everything trait he finds attractive to that character

No. 797607

I KNOW? wasn’t she “small for her age” at one point? god dam sure had an eventful life doing all that porn, having all those babies, and hitting that growth spurt

No. 797627

so she says she fucks dealers for drugs, then in the next breath
>my mom never leaves my side and I'm at home most of the day so there's no way I can have a gf

No. 797753

File: 1555190043158.png (3.01 MB, 1242x2208, C1F4EA81-0C3F-4CC3-B4EB-371ED0…)

bitch WHAT

No. 797757

suuure, totally happened. This keeps getting more and more fake

No. 797779

his skin picking might have given him away because airport security would look at a pitiable weeb’s acne and assume it’s meth sores…….? only a fourteen yr old would believe this shit

No. 797887

File: 1555255952729.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2208, AC0A019D-669E-472C-9FB9-F9FED0…)

the drug saga continues

No. 797892

I don't know whats worse here between the laughably fake elaborate caption and the celebration of terrorism in the comments

No. 797953

Shes back on tumblr under the Oathful screen name

No. 797961

what are you talking about??

No. 797963

Could not find the oathful blog, but found this anti-Soren blog https://exposingsoren.tumblr.com
which linked Soren's blog which was apparently used by her 5 months ago: https://umbillicalnoose.tumblr.com

Give a link if you have Soren's active blog.

No. 798002


i think this is the one she is using right now for her Sam-ish persona. Oathful only shows up in the side bar but its all similar stuff. I have no proof other than that "Oathful" is a word/name that ive only ever heard in association with soren so it caught my eye on my dash, but when i checked it out it was somewhat consistent, and there were reblogs from Ginger Bronson who was the face of the old Sam

No. 798055

i think this is old milk, anon. i remembered the username cygnum from past posts in this thread so went lurking and found >>709987
this is someone else that soren knew/was friends with in the past, screwed their relationship over, and fucked off and stole the username "oathful" for her instagram. cygnum is just another one of the generic tumblr sadbby bullshit accounts it looks like.>>798002

No. 798056

dude that blog is ancient and has accused soren of stalking, highly doubt it >>709987

No. 798448

File: 1555504970343.jpeg (478.53 KB, 1242x2013, 30FC76D1-5AA7-4712-A33C-899304…)

oh man there’s a lot to unpack incoming. we got glorifying suicide, admitting to jerking off to cp, and more sam spergs, among other things.

No. 798449

File: 1555505040330.jpeg (217.82 KB, 1242x1023, F893AFC3-2FA7-478E-BDB9-BEA621…)

No. 798450

File: 1555505089460.jpeg (235.96 KB, 1242x1207, A2C977ED-9D65-43FF-A7EE-01F80E…)

No. 798451

File: 1555505111588.jpeg (219.29 KB, 1242x1191, 7031B6C6-A8B9-4496-ADED-556D1B…)

No. 798452

File: 1555505133124.jpeg (245.32 KB, 1234x1208, 8300250A-0DCC-4EA0-A777-671A97…)

No. 798453

File: 1555505155010.jpeg (238.21 KB, 1214x1081, BFFF244E-6E24-4BFA-8379-E5927C…)

No. 798454

File: 1555505202359.jpeg (221.32 KB, 1242x1182, 398FF957-994C-437B-BD07-724369…)

No. 798455

File: 1555505227504.jpeg (186.91 KB, 1242x1188, 2E89B38D-B91F-46EF-8D38-4D680C…)

No. 798457


anon thank you for this.

soren confirmed wanks to CP fucking disgusting

there's a lot wrong with kayla day / ginger bronson but can you imagine your face being used to construct this character lol

No. 798460

How does one feel comfortable posting shit like this online?? But then again it’s Soren so

No. 798461

so sorens grandma dies and she uses this as an excuse to write more fake sam torture warehouse stuff. alright. rip sorens grandma i am so sorry about this. as for soren, not sure what mental illness she has and im not about to armchair but something is seriously so wrong to go through these lengths to share an obviously fabricated story like lying is bad enough but lying about being kidnapped and put in a snuff cp warehouse and saying you masturbated to pictures of your friend being raped by her dad when she was 4 is… next level

No. 798467

>>"Sam is a dreamy waif girl she looks like courtney love and her dreams are made of dead children and daisies and she's mentally ill and has been through every abuse that ever existed but I don't know any mentally ill trauma survivors so I write her like a nicole dollenganger song and not a real person because she's nothing more than a fabrication of what I desperately wish I could be."

No. 798487

Also wait what. Didn't Sam kill herself. Why is this "the last thing she said before they tortured her for a week and killed her."_

No. 798495

It changes but I don't think it was ever Sam killing herself (unless I missed some recent update.) Danny was the one who killed himself, and is also not a real person at all. Sometimes Soren is the one who cut off Sam's head, sometimes Sam's body was found in a ditch years after her death, the where and when of it all varying.

No. 798510

File: 1555523508688.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x2045, DF2BB07A-3483-4953-B946-96890E…)

No. 798514

imagine writing a full length essay on "my mom forgot to pick me up" jesus christ
how old is this piece of shit again? 25?!

also noticed:
>cuz ur sister was right
is she talking about the same sister who farmers reached out to way back when, i wonder why that whole bitchfest is coming back. i guess even a vile bitch like her can run out of things to moan about?

No. 798527

Soren has mentioned multiple times that she hates real trauma survivors. Aside from where she admits to not caring about them and wanting them to kill themselves in >>795100, she claimed she once went to a support group, and was upset because they weren't going into disgustingly gory details like in her torture porn fantasies. She's also constantly saying some slick shit about trauma survivors "exaggerating".
In a way, it's rather twisted (and telling) that she'd write up this fictional character who's some perfect blond Mary Sue who feels no pain and goes through the worst abuse in the world without ever complaining, just smiling about it and giving stock "uwu" aesthetic Tumblr post-tier phrases.

No. 798555

i wonder if it wasnt her mum who forgot to pick her up but her sister? lol.

No. 798600

soren lifted sams "last words" from the last words of sophie school. ive seen pic related make the rounds on facebook a few times, the wording jumped right out

No. 798609

Why does EVERYTHING she writes always eventually come down to "nobody will ever love me and I'm so ugly"? What does that have to do with anything? I thought "Sam" was her uwu one true love forever anyway, yet she's always complaining about how she can't get a girlfriend.

No. 798622

File: 1555557639156.jpeg (199.58 KB, 750x1088, 56689D37-9D92-4A1F-9979-E96968…)

Hahaha you’re right. The nice day part is almost verbatim.

No. 798684

File: 1555591774804.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x2002, 53C9B76A-214B-4B7E-9A75-D1B3F7…)

public thumb sucking, yikes! tinfoil; soren is a little now to cope with his so tragic 100% real abuse

No. 798690

Soren people don't take you seriously because you dress like a child with mental retardation.

No. 798706

45? Soren, I thought you wanted to die ASAP. Why would you be thinking about what you'll be like in your 40s?

No. 798711

File: 1555600331282.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x2068, 2DA27D78-1AE8-4AF9-8B9E-990DFF…)

at least she’s self aware

No. 798721

how dare you date other girls when Sam was your ~one true love uwu~?
Also, you are not a men. Grow the fuck up.
If Soren was self-aware, she would say that she's a guro-obsessed pedo who tries to lure people in with her ~uwu poor cp junkie victim~

No. 798755

in soren's words, "wow-wee"
The CP shit is another factor that suggests Soren's AOA as being ~5 and under and shes heavily involved in disney and children's media and regularly visits disney parks, that is waaaay too close a proximity to children/childrens spaces for a literal pedo to be in

Doesn't she also have a history of manipulating much younger teens in places like trauma communities and shit? And shes constantly auto-pedophilia humblebragging about how she looks like a child

Im not sure what to add other than that Im officially Not A Fan of Soren having unmonitered internet access to children and physical access to children's spaces and that whoever Soren's tard-wrangler/therapist/care team (she wouldnt be getting SSI without proof of going to Drs and shit and the state, in my experience, is pretty insistent on you receiving proper psych care if on SSI for psych reasons) needs to do some goddamn wrangling because I don't see this ending up anywhere but a tragedy for some little girl and her family once Soren takes the next step (if she hasnt already)

Also, the recent bestiality development over the past few months (they had dogs fuck up/they raped my dogs, the first which was missing from anything but the most recent narrative) is concerning

we are watching a potentially sadistic pedophile escalate and my response has switched from amused to fearful

No. 798760

The weird thing is, guro hadsn't been taboo since like 2008 and there are plenty of people who defend lolicon and shotacon and all that gross shit that supposedly provides a "same outlet". Why not just join the anti-anti crusade, saying "I view fictional ink on paper depicting things most people would find immoral or upsetting and have a right under free speech to do so". Why incriminate yourself by admitting to bringing actual CP into the mix?

No. 798832

she's an incel, self pity/hatred is all their posts ever boil down to.

No. 798914

>Grow the fuck up
really? "GROW UP"? how could you. samantha didnt butcher all those orphans, inject an entire marijuana at only 2 months old, explode on the cross, make her next season iconique twist comeback with the pregnancy announcement, become the star of the abandoned by disney creepypasta live action show on the trailer park broadway scene, travel back in time to kill her own self, make another comeback with the classic evil twin plot twist only to be killed again in a freak accident, and ghostpost recycled weheartit guro and murakami quotes on her pink redux designer tumblr from the spirit realm just for you to disrespect a manlet king like this. i'm shaking and crying

No. 799100

Iconique indeed

Please don't say this that's terrifying. On the contrary, soren is so isolated but quick to share that if they interacted with any other human or animal either irl or in message we would probably get hints through instagram pictures
I do have to wonder what soren thinks when she even reads her own thread. I don't even know what she's trying to do anymore

No. 799481

File: 1555938653020.jpeg (859.19 KB, 1242x2028, 03233FD3-7D58-42B4-8FAD-D05BE9…)


No. 799495

i dont think i've ever seen soren write something thats more bullshit outside the cp manifesto, you cant dispose of syringes in trashcans or wastebins they are biohazards and no way would a security officer just let you walk away with it… who is this performance all for? it really can’t be for us

No. 799496

Drug dogs tho?
Also, Soren still has a pussy, which she doesnt mind mentioning when shes talking about electric barbed wire, if the drugs DID exist why wouldn't she just crotch them? Literally anybody who does any drugs at all knows to crotch your bags before you go through fucking airport security.

No. 799512

sage for armchairing, but could she possibly have an early attachment disorder? Its really common in kids who experience pre-verbal instability, and she was adopted internationally at 6 months.

That can cause chronic compulsive lying (which kids usually age out of but Soren appears to be functioning on the level of a 14/15 year old TOPS) and would only become worse when enabled and coddled

Not that I have any sympathy for her, shes a pedo creep, but it might explain why she keeps it up so long after she was busted as a fake.

No. 799624


I've read that "Reactive Attachment Disorder" is associated with preoccupation w/ gore/violence, and often coincides with lying or false allegations of abuse.

I think RAD diagnoses are even more controversial than DID diagnoses these days though, tbh, so I'd be very hesitant to assume that.

No. 799625

Those first few lines about her being jealous of her sister and how everyone in her family considers her a loser who should get a job is probably the only honest bit of journalism she's ever done.

No. 799701

More sage for slight blogpost but my family takes in foster kids, its actually SUPER common especially with kids brought here through international adoption. We see more kids come through that have it than that don't.
I dont buy the DID bullshit for a second but its actually very plausible that if Soren spent the first few months of her life in an orphanage (especially in somewhere like India where overcrowding means infants are denied adequate skin to skin contact) that her compulsive lying is a symptom of something like this. Especially because its so far past the point of lying for any personal gain, this has to be compulsive at this point.

Other than the autism it's the only condition she could claim that I wouldn't call bullshit on, and her behaviors fall well in line with the symptoms.

No. 799833

File: 1556064047907.jpeg (566.17 KB, 1242x2006, 528A6273-8046-48DB-B819-950249…)

a wild ass insta post. 1/2

No. 799834

File: 1556064121181.jpeg (441.89 KB, 1242x1460, 3F1D63D1-5537-46EB-B7C4-F4C059…)

comments are especially hilarious because 1- they don’t take the nerves, just the skin, so she’s delusional about the “more feeling”
and 2- implying she could get laid

No. 799835

File: 1556064187150.png (2.77 MB, 1242x2208, B1DF345D-ABF0-480F-9EF8-7201EB…)

also, what does this mean????

No. 799860

The character is called Twink so I'm assuming…

'DescriptionTwink is gay slang for a young man in his late teens to early twenties whose traits may include: general physical attractiveness; little to no body or facial hair; a slim to average build; and a youthful appearance that belies an older chronological age'

No. 799886

Knowing this, knowing what Soren looks like and also knowing what Soren has jerked off to makes this a mixture of morbidly hilarious and absolutely disgusting.

No. 800225

File: 1556199788826.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x2005, B31770C1-D4F9-4E3A-8920-D00F6A…)

No. 800232

I doubt Soren ever fucked anyone, platonically or not lmao

No. 800273

Cig burns don't leave the sort of scarring that can be removed. They leave dents, HOLES, in the skin. Full of shit.

No. 800301

just by the way soren talks about sex, you can tell shes a virgin, she describes sex acts like its something shes only read about/watched in porn

No. 800368

Is this referring to his IRL friend Chey? >>723922

Also holy shit if your family is rich enough to spend $700 just because your mom thinks your skin looks bad.

No. 800812

Not defending Soren or anything but my scars from cigarette burns (and the cig burn scars of a girl I know) are actually raised and white/paler than the rest of my skin, similar to self-harm type of scars so it could be possible that if Soren has cig burns, they could be raised instead of being like dents - I think it depends on how bad the initial burn is and how it heals.

No. 800885

File: 1556425998415.jpeg (843.32 KB, 1242x2026, C69C1717-C27B-4518-85E6-BBC41B…)


No. 800886

File: 1556426175966.jpeg (366.77 KB, 1242x1742, 29D0A876-BEFE-4BAC-AAE2-033488…)


No. 800887

File: 1556426348430.jpeg (430.29 KB, 1242x1667, 781CAF43-AA5B-4EAA-9674-5592E5…)


No. 800888

Just say "I like kh" and go

No. 800932

>imagine being this obsessed about an autistic final fantasy/disney mashup game with typical anime dramu style writing

No. 800960

I wanted to pick this apart a little bit, but I'm terrible at math so hopefully another anon who isnt, can correct me but

Based off this post the abuse started when he was four, but he makes it sound like he was also into kh at the same time???? How tf

Anyways, kh came out in 2002.
This post says hes currently 21

So he was born in 1998?
Which does mean in 2002 he would have been four, but like what 4 year old is playing kh?
It's not a complex game, but Its not something a 4 year old can grasp like


Started thinking about it in the first place bc I wanted to see if it messed with his timeline of events

No. 800961

I wouldnt be shocked if soren is older than she claims to be, it would fit in with the pedo nonsense and trans guys always look super young, where she looks her age if not a little older (minus the stupid clothing)

No. 800964


>"when soren developed the first few of us"

disappointed she doesn't talk about muh personalities more like one of the DID youtube cows, can you imagine how funny it would be?

also thank u anon doing god's work over here keeping the thread alive


god this therapist sounds worse and worse by the day holy fuck, do we reckon she's a real person or?

No. 800988

do we know where soren is located?
id say search the closest location we have and "trauma therapist" and then from there narrow it down it people who mention things like ritual abuse. Im of the camp that she exists, theres obvious money to be made in this shit

No. 800994

ur all welcome. i think soren is one of the more interesting cows since she’s just so fucked up and the drama isn’t bullshit sexwork/cosplay/youtube drama. it’s “wow this bitch got PROBLEMS” drama and i’m here for it. i couldn’t let it die when i think i’m one of the few anons left with insta access.
Soren lives in LA, in a pretty rich neighborhood according to some other anons and one who was a former friend who has his address.

No. 800995

Just another thank you and you probably are. I know several of us in here have tried to get a traumakid general going but it never really pans out. Does he seems like he interacts with any similar cowish accounts?

No. 801001

there’s a few he interacts with regularly, but most are private so i can’t really say. regulars are:
hoochee.coochee (interacts with almost every post)

No. 801017

When did he move from sd? I must have missed that

No. 801020


wonder what her parents do?

No. 801144

File: 1556541834349.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x2063, 2DABD5F1-0A2F-4100-B93E-548C8A…)

imagine being in your 20s and going shopping with toys that you take pictures of in produce.

it most have been SD then! i thought it was one of the two.

No. 801202


this supposed phalloplasty is going to be milky if it ever happens.

also which sister?! god what i would give to be a fly on the wall in that household

No. 801274

I bet she's setting up the "I just woke up and remember none of my shitty behavior" path for when she gets bored of it all, with an added clause to guilt her sister into forgiving her.
Also she can pretend she is playing KH3 for the first time and repost all the same stuff about it even more

No. 801376

File: 1556635380311.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2067, B57A2145-3E8C-4BFD-A77B-7A4C0D…)


No. 801434

its like shes writing a bad fanfic.net mesh between b horror snuff film, kingdom hearts and m nights split…

dear lord. imagine being this person. i think i'm developing 'real' DID as we speak just to avoid having to remember soren's larp lmao

No. 801445

I thought I was the only one. She has these personalities she keeps bringing up, like "oh sorry about last night. It was posted by another personality. So when I go to read her posts, I'm always wondering "who are we today?"

No. 801488

“We ate salads in the snow” lmfao.
Soren is the best, most ludicrous cow on the farms, or I guess, more fitting, best kid in the snuff warehouse.

No. 801558


I'm sure a lot of people hold resentment towards this trash pile's birth mother for not having an abortion.

No. 801614

Wait isn't Kayley dead? If I recall correctly she had the mary-janes covered in stickers and sam had a tattoo of a bunny to represent her and Soren was made to cannibalize her because she stole pudding for his birthday?

No. 801644

Close, the one you’re describing is Kayla iirc cause Soren ripped that name from Kayla Day/Ginger Bronson

No. 801706

How the fuck does she know that her birth mom was raped??
Is that even accessible information?
I know it's a lie but like why would she even go so far to drag her birth mom into her gross fantasies?
Also most ppl start having sex at 14/15 so why does she automatically assumes teen pregnancy equals rape?
Soren is a confusing messed up bitch

No. 801731

I mean, soren was adopted from India so it is at least somewhat believable. As for her knowing it; adopting from developing countries is much easier than the US, her parents might have basically bought her directly from her birth mother and therefore know "private" details.

No. 801806

the most unbelievable part of this is that someone "academically smart" applying to a "big name university" would ask soren to proofread their essay lmao

No. 801934

Why apply to a school and write an essay if you know you're about to kill yourself with a tampon (???!!??)

This fanfiction

No. 801961

Its literally the stupidest thing ive ever read. A tampon is too dry to swallow, and it doesnt become hard or immovable when its wet it just expands slightly otherwise ud have ur whole pussy gaped every time it was time to change one

No. 802025

Not to mention if someone actually managed to swallow a tampon, they wouldn't need to chug a glass of water to suffocate on it lmao. Pretty sure they'd suffocate just with the dry ass tampon lodged in their throat. Soren back at it again with the dumbass totally true tumblr stories lol.

No. 802385

Found the exact ,creepypasta she stole the "fuckmeat" thing from


brings me back lol

No. 802404

How did you find this fuckery?

No. 802406

Its an ancient creepypasta that I remember from 4chan when I was like 16, it is one of the oldest ones I know of

No. 802433

damn if i didn’t know better i’d say soren wrote this shit too. it’s not good by any means but it’s too well written to be soren’s.

No. 802728

the anons who brought up reactive attachment disorder are very insightful…it sounds like it explains a lot of the weirdly specific soren behaviors like his obsession with gore and compulsive lying. i also wonder if he maybe sustained some sort of brain damage as an infant? depending on where he was from his birth mother might have been on drugs or malnourished during pregnancy at the very least. let's hope i didn't just give soren the idea to say he was "born to be an addict" like luna or make up some strange story about his birth mom's heroic escape from indian government mind control

No. 802874

ok soren

No. 802973

unfortunately soren would never just settle for "im gay and i have brain damage"(samefag)

No. 803306

What I always find striking in these fantasies is that she is desirable. She is loved, she is wanted, it's so intense it's written to the extreme.
She's probably a very, very lonely awful person. I'm sure this stems from being adopted and being a very, very lonely little girl.

I don't feel bad for her by any means, but it's very obvious she's dealing with those feelings of being different and feeling unwanted with these disgusting snuff dramas.

No. 803701

I don't know if this has been said/posted before, but I'll say it anyway just in case: Soren used to be pretty active on a My Chemical Romance forum (this is going back years now - I think he would have been about 15). I can't find the posts now, I assume he took them down or made them private. But what I do remember is that there was only one post in which he talked about being abused. Sam's father was still the perpetrator, but there was no one else involved, and Soren framed it as a single traumatic event rather than an ongoing ritual of torture and abuse. Sam was a character that he referenced a lot, and supposedly she had killed herself and left him a suicide note that he uploaded (which was clearly written by him). Danny was also present. Pictures of him were on there, but when I reverse image-searched them they turned out to be selfies of a trans guy who was very much alive and well. Apart from these details, his posts bore absolutely no resemblance to the trauma narrative he now seems to be espousing.

It's just interesting to see how long he has been running with this, and how much more extreme it has gotten. Maybe parts of it are true and he really was abused, but his story has changed so frequently and drastically that it's impossible to know what actually happened. Either way it's crazy to think that his life has revolved around a made-up character (Sam) for seven years now, or possibly longer.

No. 803736

Thnx for the chapter but thats part of her tumblr saga with G and the other mcr tards so yes its been mentioned if you ctrl+f some of the past threads

No. 804241

File: 1557450061865.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1599, 36D69775-E7C2-4E3E-85E0-8A58B7…)

i’m fucking crying (1/2)

No. 804242

File: 1557450093344.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1486, 39461ECA-5F1F-4462-A398-384493…)


No. 804280

god. i dont what is worse about most of this. how is she still friends with that? i know he spergs about his ~meth~ sore but this bruh's face scarred from the picking. the outfit. he is legit wearing a toddler like outfit. im laughing so hard that im distraught

No. 804283

Wow look at all those meth sores. Look at how emaciated and obviously under 100lbs she looks.

If anyone is interested, she still has her soratoys insta but its now under twilightoontown. No real milk tho.

No. 804284

i just noticed it but "she tells me i am a beautiful scabby little meth monkey." i cant with this. other then the post being word vomit that takes the cake. also peep that hickie on his collar bone.
hes so so sick uwu feel bad for him!! he aint got no clitoris but he's getting a dick soon!!
but nah real shit. gotta have a tinfoil hat moment. is it 100% likely that he just says he does meth because of how extreme the dermatillomania he has? his face is totally scarred from it in certain places plus that big olde scab.
idk why saying you do meth just cuz ur dermatillomania is super bad for cool points works and makes sense but to soren it does.

No. 804287


I will never get over the acreage of those lenses. Does she snort fat rails off them?

No. 804385

Who is this irl though? Just went thru this girls insta, seems like a dull normie, not really “damaged” enough to fit Soren’s narrative/not edgy enough to attach herself to whatever story is being concocted. Tinfoil: she’s a relative of Soren’s adoptive family…Because who/how else would they meet given Soren’s lifestyle? Drug den? Warehouse group therapy? Jesus.

No. 806074

File: 1557712775121.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1882, 86C3E14B-D13E-4A61-B3DD-ABD6CD…)

sure, soren.

No. 806085

i know everyone already knows she's full of shit but im pretty sure ketamine treatments (when administered by a hospital) are in low doses so you just feel the spacey effects and not an actual trip. even if the nurse did over dose her by almost half (which would never happen) its likely she still wouldn't really be tripping. another characteristic of ketamine is that its fairly short acting and you sober up within an hour or so and feel pretty much normal. even if she was over dosed, she wouldnt be dissociated for 2 days and ketamine barely has a "comedown" so she wouldnt be irritable. this cow's lies are so retarded.

No. 806098

Honestly I doubt its even dermatillomania. I'm just betting it's acne from her presumably shit lifestyle.

No. 806225

Former K-head here. A rail of K lasts about an hour, a whole night of being zoned out generally means re-dosing every half hour (generally a gram would last a night).

It's a dissociation, and in VERY high doses a hallucinogen (tracers, or repeated looping images, pretty much 100% just jumblings of the visual information you are already taking in). There is a comedown (anxiety/irritability mostly) but if somebody is taking it regularly in a supervised environment they are not being given enough to "go in the hole". Even then, a deep k-hole is more confusion and immobility, like trying to throw a punch in a dream. You wouldn't see apparitions of dead CP stars, you'd just be unable to lift your arm to scratch your nose, or be too confused to tell that the sensation was an itch.

Soren describes K like it is DMT. Eve something like a full strip of good LSD still wouldn't have you astral-projecting to kingdom hearts levels

Also I want to know, in these visions, is Sam's baby a quad-amputee (i refuse to use the term she uses) like in the story, just like bobbing around on nubs?

No. 806267

I was actually just thinking that, she could easily have a fake instagram but if it was made me Soren I'd see it as being more dramatic. Some people are just empathetic and at least willing to entertain a person because they want the person to be OK. Maybe Soren tells people it's a fucked up role-play or trauma vent account for the "delusions of their alternate personalities". A lot of possibilities here.

No. 806284

All we know about her is that shes fairly normal-looking. If they really did meet in a psych hospital, then shes probably got some shit going on herself. We've never heard her speak or seen her in motion, she could have some kind of low-functioning mental illness or IQ deficit that would make her more likely to fall into Soren's shit.

No. 807997

Wow, this was a journey. I came from the Kayla Day thread because a friend of mine showed me her music and fell down this horrifying rabbit hole of kingdom-babyfuck-hearts bullshittery.

The most disturbing thing imho, other than the sense of escalation that a few other anons mentioned, is how excited/happy he is to talk about the things he was "forced" to do. Like he can't wait to brag to anybody he interacts with that hes raped decapitated babies and turned kids into "fuckmeat" and all other horrible things that suggest the fantasy has bled too far out into the real world.

We are going to see this kid on the news someday.

No. 809160

File: 1558300234244.jpeg (729.74 KB, 1242x2028, 6CBD2FD5-F0DF-49B3-BFE4-D45C62…)

incoming dump. look. at. her. fucking. room. i don’t know where to even start with this. (1/9)

No. 809162

File: 1558300257352.jpeg (498.87 KB, 1242x1354, D4A2DE56-9946-4CAC-928C-9102BC…)


No. 809164

File: 1558300349174.jpeg (531.93 KB, 1242x1402, 9AC3FE0D-094A-4DB8-9A5A-B00A36…)


No. 809165

File: 1558300400714.jpeg (640.25 KB, 1242x1416, 5A7C3082-E8D0-4E70-910B-B7DFCA…)


No. 809166

File: 1558300426840.jpeg (403.5 KB, 1242x1438, 093D12BB-3FB4-44E6-A1CA-E28A41…)


No. 809167

File: 1558300448110.jpeg (468.82 KB, 1242x1525, 60587724-CD18-482C-9812-45F3F7…)

6/9 (nice)

No. 809168

File: 1558300489481.jpeg (613.84 KB, 1242x1507, CD46531C-8F84-47FE-805A-7AA4F9…)


No. 809170

File: 1558300516861.jpeg (584.29 KB, 1242x1512, 266D63BB-BCF3-4604-B3B3-36D8B0…)

this one is particularly weird to me for some reason

No. 809171

File: 1558300566970.jpeg (577.02 KB, 1242x1526, 8570118B-7E29-492A-9CC9-6FD50B…)

No. 809172

also adding that this one is the fucking weirdest. why is she so obsessed with bambi? i thought that was her snuff r us codename. wouldn’t you fucking hate anything to do with bambi after that? just say you like fucking kids already jfc

No. 809174

Its like the NEET version of Neverland Ranch

No. 809178

The Bambi thing comes from the OG trauma narrative from the first thread. Her fake hidden wiki page she doctored said she was called Bambi and 'Sam' was called Cherry by her 'abusers'. She also mentioned at some point that 'Sam' gave people she loved animal names and Soren was a fawn.

Reality: Bambi is probably an old childhood/family nickname and because Soren is a spoilt POS this is just her horde of gifts from Mummy over the years or some shit.

No. 809254

Her entire room is giving me extreme Frederick Clegg vibes, but instead of butterflies, it's creepy childish crap.

No. 809401

the shota-y sora body pillow really pulls together the "totally not a pedo" vibes of the room and the legit toddler toys in >>809170
>>809165 also peep that art from the shoppingcartfullofpinkturds man

No. 809529

The room is somewhere between impressive and disgusting. The random candy wrappers and stuff stuck to the walls and how dirty everything looks is gross but the amount of semi-organised collections is kind of impressive.

No. 809531

kayla day / ginger bronson used to call herself bambi in her pissangel (? i think) days. there was atleast one post like that that she made like, 2010ish, something like "kayla is a babys name call me bambi from now on" - waaaay before soren chose her as his Trauma Inspiration. so no, probably not something his ugly unimaginative dumbass self (or anyone he knows or knows him) came up with, let alone has ever referred to him as. round the time he started going by bambi and That whole persona was around 2014, 2013, when kayla/ginger was still updating her ovum tumblr.

No. 809540

I've never bought into her abuse/DID/trans thing, but looking at all this childish crap - the AMOUNT of crappy plastic toys and stuffed animals, I realise that she's definitely really mental with something. I don't know what, but this is almost as jaw dropping as walking into a serial killers lair and seeing human ears pinned to the walls or something.

Strange to see that pot lamb thing because I own one lol. I collect (a real collection, not tat) kitschy things and keep my cotton buds in it.

I hope whoever moves into that room pulls the carpet up, because that place has got to have a carpet beetle infestation and more.

I'm getting an asthma attack at the thought of the dust and I don't even have asthma. Jesus, what's WRONG with her?

No. 809619

File: 1558380585615.jpg (109.97 KB, 511x422, Screenshot_20190520-212655_Chr…)


is this some typical tumblr aesthetic person or something significant to Soren? seems kinda out of place

No. 809631

It is a character from the movie "Gummo"

No. 809664

soren's room makes luna slater's hoard look minimalistic by comparison

No. 809707

that’s clearly a picture of sam anon. /s

No. 809720

thats The Bunny Boy from that one movie, and an almost boringly popular pedo insp for tumblr shotacons. kinda like how tumblr girl pedos love lolita.

No. 809722

in other words, something very 'in place' for soren because it's fictional.

No. 810192

I’ve had ketamine treatments. The doses are so low you barely get a body high, not even close to high enough to trip. In fact you’re monitored extra close and never left alone. It’s a very short treatment over a span on multiple treatments.

No. 810340

>be soren
>bitch out flakes on IG for using satanic imagery because you are supposedly a SRA victim
>also hang up retarded edgy print-out of a Sanrio character and anime girl with kawaii pixels and Satanic inverted crosses with the text "No Gods No Masters"
It's totally cool when you do it, huh?
I also wonder how much of the stuffed toys and figurines were sent to her by "friends" she lied to.

Just think. All this shit is what Soren is surrounded by while she watches CP and writes baby murder warehouse memoirs.

No. 810784

Not sure if old milk, but soren gave the name of their supposed therapist's website on a Nicole Dollenganger Calves thread


No. 810921

Holy shit. If Soren actually sees this lunatic, it would explain why she seems to be going only further off the deep end.

No. 811033

People from the MCR forums/Singitfordanny days say there as never any mention of hurtcore/ritual abuse.
Soren is a spoiled larping little shit but if this lady is going around convincing retarded kids that they raped and ate human children, maybe Soren isn't a pedophile and actually DOES believe in the babyfuck farm. She dropped "singitfordanny", she dropped her fake suicides, she's slowly dropping the drug larping, regardless of how it started I believe Soren believes that the abuse things really happened.

No. 811063

or she just deliberately searched for a therapist who would be willing to go along with her fantasies

No. 811074

This is starting to feel like a russian nesting doll situation.

No. 811101

Something I find interesting is that on Lacter's website, she has a section about "proving that Satanic ritual abuse exists". One of the cases that she lists, the McMartin case, supposedly happened nearly 40 years ago and has since been disproved. All her other sources are similarly shaky and/or biased. How is this woman even allowed to practise?

No. 811106

No. 811120

She was mentioned here >>787882

No. 811123

Wasn't McMartain the case that literally disproved ritual abuse and set the standard of how to interview children about abuse without leading them to false testimonials?

The fact that this woman is out there propagating this shit is legitimately scary.

No. 811130

Yep. It's where the kids were saying they were eating babies and shit.

That's pretty much how the satanic panic started.

No. 811136

Lacter cites this page:


as a reputable source. She frames it like it's some kind of scientific journal proving that Satanic ritual abuse exists.

A random badly-written "conspiracy" website, written by an anonymous Internet user, with no backup or professional citations whatsoever apparently has the same credence to her as 40 years' worth of government investigations, evidence, and professional debunking.


No. 811138

There are stacks of podcasts and books about SRA and none have ever sounded the least bit plausible. The podcasts are conspiracy theory ones and you're just waiting for them to start on about the Illiminati.

That Rachel from the ana/DID thread was off on one about being SRA'd, but apparently now she said her therapist made her say it.

No. 811142

Its weird that soren is so obsessed with street drugs when all shed probably have to do to get all the adderal (pretty much meth) or benzos that she wanted if she got mommy and daddy to take her to a pill-shiller and could actually be on drugs instead of larping

No. 811143

I'm guessing she likes to look at the drug sale sites when she's looking for cheese pizza on the deepweb. Gotta make sure those salt grains look like meth irl!

No. 811144

one of the pieces of art from yuta/shoppingcart says “i have a crush on you”? is that actual correspondence because it goes on to say they’ve met

No. 811178

yuta used to act that way towards all of his fans, especially the more needy ones. personal n affectionate responses were expected from him, which i think played a major part in how he responded. he had to make an actual apology/disclaimer post to clarify he in fact does not have crushes on his whatever-thousand fans, didnt and would never pursue them, and never intended to hurt anyone personally. also 1) im p sure yuta is straight and even if he wasnt 2) most of his actual sexual interactions focused mainly on older women, 3) if soren ever actually met yuta hed immediately go soft n run away from That Mess n not say a word about it

wouldnt be surprised tho if soren took it as A Sign that yuta Loves Him And Him Alone bc hes a fkn creepo

No. 811242

ok ok ok ok but how much did all this shit in soren's room COST?

how rich are this cow's parents?

any weeb / toy / etc anons want to take a rough guess? fuck me.

are you WKing that weirdo? lol.

No. 811475

No, that's not a letter. She probably purchased one of his shirts, he usually send printed copies of his arts with every shirt (in a pink plastic envelope - you can see it in this picture >>809167 )

No. 812008

Soren has admitted before to using all his disability money on toys and various gifts for people because he still lives at home and it’s technically disposable income. He’s also complained in the same breath that the free 300$-700$ he was receiving each month wasn’t enough because of all the babies he had to eat while the government apparently turned a cold shoulder.. it is my assumption that most of his toys and the likes were purchased from second hand shops or eBay, and a free 700$ each month and a shopping addiction could easily lead to such a hoard…

No. 815634


You can't hoard the money itself. SSI and SSDI both have limits on liquid assets.

No. 816284

File: 1559394805209.png (1.27 MB, 1242x2208, DA20C118-70BA-481C-975F-F4A2DA…)

guess who’s back on her bullshit again and jealous of a literal newborn

No. 816285

File: 1559394999505.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x2205, F732B2C6-457D-49D8-A4B4-F012C6…)

No. 816318

It’s so infuriating to see soren’s response to someone who actually seems to be having a hard life— like when he makes fun of her for being “too fucking poor” to get her own apartment. When he mentions that she lives with her father, does this mean this is a sister from a former relationship of his mom’s? Also I feel so bad for this girl, she sounds completely reasonable in not wanting this babyfucker around her child. I can’t even believe he calls the baby a fag and a rat, when will Soren just die honestly.

No. 816344

I feel so genuinely sad for her sister. Clearly Soren hates her guts and schemed hard to make the parents hate their own (actual) child. They fucking disowned her because she wouldn't buy soren's bullshit. Shit's crazy.

No. 816366

>literally admitted to masturbating to child porn
>fantasizing about brutally murdering/raping/torturing children on the daily
>spends her neetbux on commissioning guro art of underage characters
>"no desire to harm children btw"

No. 816390

Didn’t Soren mock this sister’s previous miscarriage or stillbirth as well? Probably just mad she won’t get access to a child for her pedo fantasies like how she saw an infant’s diaper being changed and her first thought was about it getting “fucked” by its dad.
>shes also told me to kill myself

No. 816856

Isn't it also the same sister who got messaged about Soren's cp fiction? Or does she have another one?

No. 816934

File: 1559511225115.jpeg (177.69 KB, 750x1050, 36EA463E-80D7-4260-9D35-26170F…)

Soren unable to stop his ever present retardation even while bragging about getting coochie

No. 816942

different one. the one that was messaged was Anjali who he mentions as this other sister hurting in the post.

No. 816945


Who the fuck is hazel? I thought that was one of the warehouse girls

No. 816950

what is she fingering with her pinkie finger? One in the vag and one in the asshole?

No. 816952

All I can think of is how many fuckin bugs must be living in those stuffies.

No. 817013

So not only is soren a friendless neet but she also randomly has fuckbuddies? Her back & forth narratives arent new but it doesnt surprise me how one second her only friend is her mom the other shes living something out of Skins, its a never ending fever dream bruh
(Also lol at "he/him")

No. 817032

anjali i think was adopted from india along w soren, dunno if theyre blood related tho. all the other siblings seem to be biological offspring of one or both parents. also afaik soren & anji are the family's youngest. anjali has acknowledged that soren is… burdensome, and that their family dont listen to her or perhaps anyone's concerns, especially the mother - who, even by one of soren's stalking victims (sam s.), has been described as "weird" or "off".


im sorry for derailing but this is the most virgin response ive ever read

No. 817110

Soren is such an edgelord who would think to call an infant an ugly faggot? Like I know it feeds into her idea of being a bad person because of ~trauma~ but irl she's just a creepy spoiled pedophile. I'd keep her as far away from my kids as possible.

No. 817136


That’s not true.


Yes. She’s definitely the same sister that had her baby recently.

Screenshots are in the old thread, her name is Marley on FB so idk why Soren is calling her Sara. She was messaged about Soren’s behavior and is against her. That exacerbated the problems between them and their parents. She is her older sister and their parents’ biological daughter. Anjali is younger than Soren she was adopted from India too.

No. 817142


“she believes i have parts but not where they came from.”

A.k.a her older sister knows Soren wasn’t in a snuff warehouse her entire childhood.

The parents have, and are continuing, to allow and enable their pedophile tranny daughter’s bullshit. She’s doesn’t have D.I.D either, she’s just a liar

No. 817145

I think she’s been mentioned before but ghostofme_ is infuriating. Constantly asking shit like “should i be in hospital?:/“ then checkiNG HERSELF into hospital only to sign out a few days later. It is pathetic and i feel so so sorry for any medical professional who has ever come into contact with her because I’ve never seen someone so attention seeking in my LIFE

No. 817146

File: 1559540459942.png (3.32 MB, 1125x2436, 0BCB9D8F-23CB-41C3-9AD5-6224D8…)

cutest girl in the psych ward makes me vomit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 817156

wrong thread for this self post… also your icon is showing

No. 817175

Who would want to be touched by this >>723859 >>776387 ?

>inb4 "Hazel" is an alter lmao

No. 817986

so many of these words are used incorrectly every time she tries to use a big word she uses it wrong

No. 820892

File: 1560281088569.png (5.13 MB, 1242x2208, BBFC0F83-38E1-4BC2-A6FC-FE9A60…)

some fresh baked yikes coming up today. here’s some usual ~*~ muh mental illness~*~ bullshit

No. 820893

File: 1560281131075.png (8.98 MB, 1242x2208, 22EC7BFA-2CA5-4E76-B99B-9BD9BB…)

and i’m fucking CRYING at this, this is next level autism

No. 820894

where do you even get shit like this? Is there really a market for it?

No. 820899

not gona like i wana cop this

No. 820946

Fairly sure she made this through a custom shirt site/ something like that. Only she would come up with something this fucking stupid. Hurrdurr lemme put my fake trauma narrative on display and hope people to ask me about it uwu

No. 820990

Did some digging and this is a custom order item that Soren either laid out themselves in PS and sent out or spent their gov bux not only asking for this to be printed, but paying someone to arrange her FaV ChArAcTers around that sentence. Holy fuck I am triggered

No. 820994

holy fuck, I literally gasped out loud when I saw this & realized it was an actual physical item

No. 821019

Isn't disney really OTT with copyright? itd be funny if they sewed like they do to pre-schools and shit

No. 821146

Lmfao, same. Sign me up for the pre-order.

No. 821389

File: 1560374602788.png (5.7 MB, 1242x2208, 37753B9C-40E7-486C-BF43-DBE345…)

agreeing with everyone, i def want one of the snuff shirts too lmao.
here’s some new WoE iS mE bullshit

No. 821391

File: 1560374643111.png (1.73 MB, 1242x2208, 15A43B2A-4D3B-4462-9236-9DEB9C…)

No. 821420

>i wish i could just die already& my mom suggested trying again

No. 821421

D-did she forget she recently posted about fingering a friend of hers? God shes such a never ending fever dream, I genuinely believe she only posts for constant validation (incl lc) to keep her arg alive cause even negative reactions are reactions and can easily be treated as fun or fuel the 'bad ppl are out to get me & society ostracizes me and my trauma'. Interaction too especially considering she clearly is to a large degree just a neet.
Instagram ark stays wild lol

No. 821429

I think hazel is just the name of her butthole

No. 821602

Hazel is Soren’s asshole’s alter, don’t be ignorant.

No. 823209

File: 1560776978656.png (6.83 MB, 1242x2208, DA8BAD58-9FCD-4E4A-A563-C2C9A2…)

thanks, soren :’)

No. 823225

Imagine having Soren as a parent. That's a trauma tale in itself.

No. 823725

File: 1560893112327.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2208, 1C2A6206-82C0-4AA3-8386-BC5D11…)

thought you’d be happy being so small and boyish for being a tucute? :(

No. 823797

Didn’t “he” have his tits lobbed off for this very reason?!

No. 824015

Oh you just KNOW she wears that around and prays that someone asks her about it. God bless the future poor sales associate or old person trying to make friendly conversation like "aw I like your shirt" without reading it properly and Soren going "THANKS i was raped and tortured in a pedo ring uguu".

No. 826570

autopedophilia at its finest

No. 826573

all these characters are copyrighted and owned by different companies, whoever made this shirt could get sued out the ass

No. 828166

File: 1561659678562.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1907, 5B9ED7C4-CBB4-49F8-B894-1B19AB…)

oh no

No. 828182

they got a dog or does it belong to someone else?

No. 828185

this is the dog that got raped and put in the washing machine if I recall correctly? Or the one who was electrocuted trying to stop the sudden home invasion bad guys gangrape situation. I know there were 2 dogs.

No. 828250

soren claimed to have just moved and the lack of furniture and kiddie hoarding in the bg makes it seem like a new place. either he’s not in his room and this is his current dog or this is an old pic.

No. 828630

File: 1561725102280.png (222.64 KB, 720x1159, IMG_20190628_152912.png)

soren's posting on tumblr again and still reblogging from people who publicly asked him to stop lol

No. 828637

Holy shit that long ass essay response (not really worth reading). The asks are probably all self sent.

No. 828673

is the tumblr still active? I cant find it

No. 828865

No, looks like he probably changed the username or deleted after it was posted. I don't follow him so idk.

No. 828882

what are you talking about? it's working perfectly fine atleast for me. http://umbillicalnoose.tumblr.com (two Ls)

No. 829114

I’ve been reading this thread for the past few days, because once in a while — maybe once or twice a year I search the name “Soren Hayes” after reading the trauma narrative and the older thread that was here.

It’s still hard to believe that this narcissistic little shit is still around wrecking people’s lives. I really think that’s the biggest tragedy in all this is that Soren actually named people he/she knows/knew irl and slandered them. Not to mention all the other people that have actually suffered from abuse that he/she manipulated and continues to manipulate to open up and trust him/her.

In all honesty we know Soren has problems such as pathological lying among others, but this isn’t new info to us, we’re aware. The only things we’ve learned here is that Soren will go to any and all extremes for attention and obviously is a lonely person. I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for him/her and one day..one glorious day karma is going to come back around and fuck Soren over in one of the worst ways possible and I hope we’re all here to witness it. Sage if necessary, or whatever.

No. 829157

File: 1561815858185.png (5.06 MB, 1242x2208, 546DC92D-B824-4222-AA71-0A6925…)

OOF. a cat now too

No. 829179

>6 weeks
>smoking next to it

Fucking OOF.
Also, you cannot tell me this retard is on testosterone. Has the hairless woman's face of a mid-thirties mother.

No. 829183

I think shes on puberty blockers because of the autopedophilia thing and she had her tits done but taking T would mean going through puberty and looking like a man instead of a little boy

No. 829604


This freak should never be around animals or children. Her parents, and everyone else, shouldn’t be suprised when she bugs out and hurts or kills them. Especially after fake stories like >>828185

No. 829618

I think this is also photoshopped to hell and back. That nose looks like it's about to slide right off

No. 829679

Lmao I agree that hand looks so off

No. 830077

File: 1562002280918.png (2.75 MB, 1242x2208, DE0E8383-497B-47EA-9E51-9147B6…)

No. 830742


This Ellen Lacter who's been mentioned here was interviewed on the Opperman Report a few days ago:

Thought I'd throw this link in. Yeah, she sounds like a wacko.

Embedded the youtube link for the hell of it.

No. 832155

File: 1562294938702.png (2.77 MB, 1242x2208, F27B14DD-E57D-4066-A2A2-D92E02…)

ok soren

No. 832895

File: 1562428195500.png (2.95 MB, 1242x2208, E25D9180-1283-489B-B179-EED460…)

comparing his one friend to a dog and basically saying she’s stuck with him. good job soren.

No. 832912

>i cant talk to anyone irl
two posts later
>blogpost about an irl friend
Bless her heart, i truly at this point am just loving the updates because it went from her being an infuriating liar to still being a liar but now sad loser liar. The narrative doesnt mean as much to her anymore and rather than being a pivotal point, its been side lined as a personality corner stone over how she is actually spiralling irl now and while i personally dont think she has even bothered touching any drug outside of like literally weed and alcohol, the junkie ark is entertaning and fits her unbathed mentally ill teen boi 5 life aesthetic. Lived half her life playing a victim and doing nothing better so now that shes an adult and should be doing other things than sit on benefits in her parents home its 10/10 self deprecating ammo that shes knitting into the junkie saga to make it look edgier.
Never stop soren kek

No. 832926

Has there been confirmation that cheyanne is even real and not just another character

No. 832939

there’s a pic of them together
although you never know with soren

No. 833656

Im still betting on the girl in the pic being some cousin or something, she looks a lot younger and plus where the fuck would Soren make friends that would see him IRL when his whole story is "Im a snuff survivor with over 9000 personalities and some of them are violent"

No. 834212

Cheyenne is definitely a real person. Her face in that picture with Soren matches her face in all her Instagram photos. Soren likes/comments on almost all her posts and Cheyenne has even replied to some of them. I can’t see any manipulation here, though it’s unclear how they met/if she actually buys into any of Soren’s bullshit.

No. 837653

Not to nitpick but 500 dollars sounds like not enough money to order a red room of underage skullfucking. Thats the price she mentions in the new draft lmfao

No. 838005

That's just the tip of the iceberg of unlikelihood and inconsistencies in Soren's story.

No. 839433

File: 1563376205015.png (709.43 KB, 1242x2208, 1A63DFA3-63DB-48A5-9E95-D3D1D9…)

soren’s back and defending sex trafficking now! 1/6

No. 839434

File: 1563376231091.jpeg (329.65 KB, 1242x1446, 0E0185AB-42F4-4668-BE14-D6D811…)

2 of 6

No. 839435

File: 1563376256954.jpeg (351.92 KB, 1242x1573, EDFFA170-EB35-403B-B736-851A8B…)

3 of six

No. 839437

File: 1563376284613.jpeg (349.52 KB, 1242x1547, FEED0641-5657-4624-903E-7650D8…)


No. 839438

File: 1563376351015.jpeg (500.85 KB, 1242x1533, 6FB0F140-2C4E-48AF-90B6-D97098…)


No. 839440

File: 1563376428978.jpeg (481.39 KB, 1242x1623, D0F70412-11EC-4E04-995B-B7ABFE…)

6 of six

No. 839444

this new fanfic plot she have spun is fucking disgusting, shut the fuck soren.

No. 839450


Rats wouldn't eat something as in motion as a body being fucked would be, also to make a toddler suspended by the feet hang hip-high on a grown man it would not be long enough to touch the rats and the floor in the first place. Im also going to put it out there that I don't think meat hooks would fit in a kid's feet, let alone their toes.

11-4 is 7, the youngest female to give live birth on record in all of human history was a girl just under years old and thats a world record that has stood since 1933. 11 year olds also have pretty small heads and roaches are pretty big and behind the eye is all sorts of muscle and tissue it isnt just an empty hole like in a cartoon.

Do babies even HAVE seams?

Im not a biology person or a baby killer so i might be wrong but that #DoesntSoundRight

No. 839451

I know its a cliche that the more details given the more likely the story is bullshit but I can't get over how specific she is with the ages.

No. 839461

I don’t understand the points she’s trying to make with all this (if there actually is one). Besides that she’s experienced the worst molestation/torture possible and that any other victim is a pussy.

No. 839465

I think that's the only point Soren ever wants to make. It's sick.

No. 839473

She really, really hates actual CSA victims and sex trafficking victims, huh?
She's constantly attacking people who have been raped because what happens to them isn't exactly like her disgusting guro lolicon manga or torture porn fantasies. News flash, Soren, even if you do run into someone who's been through all that shit, they sure as hell aren't putting it on blast. Both because it'd be so traumatizing that no one would ever even want to talk about it, and they'd probably also know that sick fucks like you would just make it into wank material.
I know it's not just about these victims having a platform while she doesn't, because she and her fake ass warehouse stories had a platform on Tumblr for ages, and according to her, her parents literally coddle her and pay for her to go to a quack therapist. She even talked shit about an actual CSA therapy group she inserted herself into, all because they weren't exchanging detailed snuff tales, lmao.
Even in the "kid with divorced parents vs kid whose entire village was burned down and lost his face" scenario she made up, she'd probably also shit on the kid who got his village burned down and lost his face, because Soren needs to be the Super High School Level Ultimate Despair Victim. Fucking pathetic, spoiled sack of shit.

No. 839501


She's the first person I've known of who tries to "glamourise" CSA by writing darkweb creepypasta about it and wants to come across all cool and an addict and friendless…She needs the electric chair.

Sounds to me like she's been listening to podcasts about Epstein that're doing the rounds on conspiracy sites and that's what made post this crap.

is a really un-PC way to describe a disabled person. I thought she would've known considering she's so right-on about gender and shit.

No. 839520

Who are soren’s enablers at this point?? Like who reads this and says “okay, this is a completely normal thing for my friend to say”, considering they were all tumblrtards in the middle part of the decade and Soren is literally saying that teenage girls… can’t be raped? This whole post is so confusing, I wish Soren was still more of an online personality so everyone could publicly rib her one for this.

No. 839610

what the actual, everloving fuck is wrong with this bitch.

No. 839708

File: 1563419637365.jpeg (494.19 KB, 1242x1749, A0169666-5C49-43C4-89E4-A03F78…)

these are the comments. guessing it’s mostly other MUH TRAUMA people

No. 839730

Soren is a cow I genuinely and honestly cannot defend in any sort of way, no bit of it at all. It actually makes me feel better in when I feel like I get too caught up in my trauma (csa victim, grooming, sexwork)

It was one thing at first when it was just some fanfic bullshit on the odd side of tumblr, but now she's actually demonizing victims because "well you didn't go through a guro manga", the biggest thing of trauma, to me, is to… have a heart for your fellow victims. People supporting her too, what the fuck? I can't imagine anyone that is in love with her narrative is older than 13 and is just taken aback by "j-just like my fanfics.."

Like, fuck dude, the only thread to make me at least a little bit this sick was the zoophile furry thread. I can get the 'I want to be the sickest' mindset, it's fucked, but I get it, but this is an entire new level and she NEEDS to have social media taken away.. the idea of young victims reading her shit makes me want to cry.
sorry for ramble

No. 839797

>lemme tell u i’d rather be in the warehouse than on tumblr


No. 839800

The worst abuse ever amirite

No. 840303

Holy fuckin hell Soren. Jesus! I already knew Episein did some fucked shit, so wasn't surprised at all when he got arrested. I honestly thought Soren would use it as an opportunity to claim to somehow have been involved in a related ring or know some of the girls from being shuffled thru pedo parties or some shit.. That word vomit of incel misogyny victim-blaming/shaming dribble is SO much worse though! Its serisouly so so disgustingly sick that prick continuously shits all over actual women who've escaped CSA & sex trafficking, as well as rape & torture, for not being as "original" as her sick snuff guropedo fanfic. Like ik this has basically been said, but wtf!!! I thought her shit take a month or two ago slamming women who've been drugged & assaulted as "having it so easy" & "wishing her trauma was that mild" or some shit was horrendous, but this cow is seriously sick. Like these are real people's lives & experiences, with REAL LIFELONG PTSD that Soren cant even begin to comprehend the severity & consequences of! And then going on to diminish people abused by a trusted family member, a fuckin parent at that?? I just remember reading something years ago from some woman who survived an acid attack after being raped, iirc she was asked how can she still treat other women's assaults serisouly when hers was so horrific in comparison. She said bc sexual violence is everywhere for women, theres no point in the 'someone has it worse' mentality, bc someone will always have it worse & its not a competition. But it's all still related by treating women inhumanely & if we want to change that we have to view all abuses against women as bad. And yeah, even not applied to solely women/girls but everyone, Soren will never reach that level of compassion or solidarity for anyone.

Sorry, got a lil mad. This shit is just too personal & I really don't think Soren can ever understand or empathize how many people have survived fucked up shit & can easily read thru her bullshit. It really must kill her that she has to make it all up.

No. 840464

File: 1563552153615.jpeg (910.67 KB, 1242x1882, 8A1EDFC2-97B3-4B3B-ACAC-A9239D…)

under a photo captioned ““i think your heroin dealer is gay” -7 words i never expected to hear from my mother”. YIKES

No. 840494

Tfw you have to make up a drug dealer that cares about you because you don’t have IRL friends.
Does Soren ever interact with real people? All the stories she tells about friends, her drug dealer and obviously her abuse fan fiction are so obviously fake because no one would ever act like that aside from maybe a character in skins.

No. 840509

Is it weird I am fully convinced she knows what shes doing trying to make up stories about men she fucked with predatory age gaps and how it was ok because they showed empathy? Like for every outrageous thing she tries to say these days seems like desperate attempts to keep up the steam she once had with her narrative and whats better than taking the incel approach to get a reaction, shes doing the handmaiden thing where she states that shes been with (whatever trope dude) and they were an angel! Never felt safer! Consensual fucking and I had never been happier! Shes getting sloppy, picking bottom of the barell knee jerk reaction topics in hopes that it will start discourse.
(also rip Soren thinking 17yr olds being trafficked is "destined" but how she (supposedly) rode dick for drugs is just a whatever story that totally doesnt shine a light that by her own law she too was destined to be a druggie cum dumpster and gives her no right to complain about her life bc it was her choice lol)

No. 841092

Wait didnt the bad guys cut her clit off and fuck her with a knife and shove dynamite up her ass? How would she still be intact enough to have any kind of sex

No. 841093

Did Soren just doxx the dope man by @-ing him on insta?

No. 841149

Nah that’s his friend Destiny, not the dealer

No. 842773

the fact that this whole rant is just soren confessing to WANTING to see kids raped and mutilated is sending me. "show me the video of a baby being gangraped" uh bro, thats childporn you fucking freak. their graphic obsession with seeing children raped and mutilated needs to be sent to their parents or some one who can have soren locked up in whatever city shes in like wtf man each new child fucking story she posts is getting more graphic im really sure shes going to offend soon

No. 842776

yeh honestly. this ass patting, self obsessed "well it wasn't that bad" thing she has about REAL trauma and CSA survivors… like sorry you had a completly normal childhood soren and then you saw people that suffered from CPTSD and decided you needed to be that too???
I want someone to tell her it wasnt that bad just to see the meltdown honestly.

grow up you fat cow soren

No. 842778

im starting to believe she's never had sex and is now upset that shes not underage tbh

No. 843828

While you mention JT Leroy, has anybody else pointed out here that "Cherry" (sam's porn name) was the name of the child prostitute narrator from the book 'Sarah'?

No. 843835

I agree. She knows shockingly little of even the basic mechanics of how sex works and now that her fetish of being a little boy is becoming less and less achievable as she ages shes getting more and more extreme with "I had LOTS of sex especially with sam and also men and women both want to fuck me so much that they will pay me with the hard drugs I totally take" If Soren does fuck I imagine shed use "wow-wee" instead of normal sex noises.

Also this age gap thing could be laying the bricks for her to flip the script and start preying on young boys now that shes too old to fill her own fantasies. Ive also noticed a shift from mentions of the victims of the warehouse being children to them being infants. Not sure what to make of it but deff something I picked up on

No. 845205

And there was a character named after winnie the pooh, which was related to the kanga.avi if I remember correctly

No. 845930

This was on purpose, the torso-fuck baby who was kidnapped from the playground was named Winnie was named that because Pooh Bear was Sam's version of KH

No. 847501

File: 1564747758126.png (1.13 MB, 1242x2208, B3353C89-409C-40F9-BFE1-6B8435…)

finally, he returns.

No. 847502

File: 1564747809472.png (1.04 MB, 1242x2208, 1A6F56BB-16B7-4D93-A12F-624C8E…)

this one is especially bad. start a hate group and do a mass shooting? good job getting legitimately flagged, soren. never change.

No. 847507

>soren out of all people finding someone elses oppression fishy
bruh im wheezing

No. 847508

"Two bucks he was raped as a kid too"
I'm genuinely scared for this dude, he has no idea what he's getting into

No. 847509

>"two bucks he was raped as a kid too." In reference to her new tranny crush which whew projecting her life which is already fictive unto another is…plz say sike.
>more tranny reeing while she considering herself and others unicorns
>tries to make white jokes when she acts like any red pilled 14 year old white boy edgester down to all the misogyny, zoophilia, pedophilia etc She literally writes like she could be found on r/incel

Lmfao Soren is hitting a peak I cant name but I love it. Theres this feeling of regression almost emotionally cause for a while she seemed to have atleast exited some of the teen mentality and atleast adopted something of a "im a sad adult doing drugs" but now she seems to be getting more active socially and has been going back to "were all teens in a Kubrick directed version of shameless!"

No. 847529

so by this definition, Sam was responsible for/invited her own death? Since she was not under 12 it was her choice to eat her own baby

No. 847531

File: 1564755825266.png (2.82 MB, 1920x1327, soren.png)

All Hail Prince Mai-Chan

most munchies/abuse fakers at least take some stock of what they are claiming happened to keep it physically plausible.

Oh and anybody else notice how much this fakeboi talks about being fucked in the pussy with some mutilating object? One of these days she really is going to try to get off by sticking a knife in there and get a horrible lesson in physics.

No. 847538

Is there a horrible Tumblr Bingo sheet she's trying to fill? Looks like we are entering the Columbiner+ phase

Watch her go Kip-Kinkel and try to shoot some shit up but only get a shot and a half popped off

No. 847790

Kek it's called a speedball Soren. If you're gonna pretend to be a junkie at least get the terminology right

No. 847811

I have heard goofball on the east coast but tar is west coast its horrible larping but its a regional term

No. 848064

File: 1564851992357.png (3.88 MB, 1242x2208, AA3ECA3B-8261-43C0-BCEF-2C331C…)

this mornings ramblings. shitstorm to follow.

No. 848065

File: 1564852070338.png (1.65 MB, 1242x2208, 8B89C0CC-C7AE-45B5-928C-90A18B…)

pt 2

No. 848067

File: 1564852148182.png (1.84 MB, 1242x2208, AE1F9D9B-01DC-400D-A608-F18EA6…)

and pt 3. never thought i’d be here agreeing with soren but here we are. the breakdown is hilarious tho.

No. 848070

Isn't Soren just describing themselves though? Soren is some ugly, chunky, short fakeboi with a poorly dyed bowlcut.

No. 848113

don't be naive just because you hate trannies. soren's the same sort of holier-than-thou fakeboi like kalvin garrah and co. There's no reason behind what they say, it's all just to validate themselves. "Real trans kid" my ass

No. 848125

Soren you literally do shit like write about others you've met stating "I bet they've been raped" nobody cares that you shat on neoprounouns; however keywords like genetal slurs, rape, baby fuckhole etc are clocked the moment your post is reported (even if it isnt reported insta has gotten way more active with auto-removal. TOS is TOS.)
This is just like when shayna thinks shes being hounded by social media for being an affluent slut but really is just breaking TOS by posting porn/banevading/charging for priv accounts etc. its not the big bad man, you're just too much of a narc to see.

No. 848169

Oh yeah you're right - I thought goofballs were strictly uppers and barbiturates which haven't been a thing since like the 60s? Lol But agreed either way it's pathetic

No. 848188

>after i go a year without being raped at least once, u guys can do whatever the fuck you want
So like, always and forever? Or, never, since you're always making up these bullshit tales?

No. 848317

Did she forget that she often writes from the perspective of a first person “we”?

No. 848723

yeah i find it hilarious and ironic that he mentions starting a hate group or LITERALLY A MASS SHOOTING in his insta post, and when it gets flagged he assumes it's because he shat on nb's rather than cuz he threatened to possibly kill people

No. 850914

anyone else feel super creeped out that soren's still using the oathful handle after the person called him out…? and like… he's a stalker weirdo and i wouldn't be surprised if he had their selfies saved like with kayla's/ginger's. then again ive followed both oathful/cygnum and kayla/ginger for a while in the past and dont recall ever seeing the former's face, i mean they could be one of soren's sock puppets and part of some weird ass arg fetish play of his for all i know.

No. 851126

The way I see it, Soren is a culture vulture in every sense of the word. She has little to no actual identity, and what she does have disgusts her.
Because of that, she gets obsessed with embodying ideas. Her entire toy collection alone is a mad grasp to be "something" and disconnect from who she actually is. Consistently, that "something" has been physical beauty, innocence, underground popularity of some sort (even the worst kind, such as being "famous" as a "CP star") and victimhood ever since the MCR "sing it for Danny" days.
The catfishing and name-stealing is a huge part of that. She fixates on certain people and makes them into icons for one reason or another. Inevitably, though, she decides that it's not fair that they have what they do while she's stuck as herself. The scary thing is how hateful she becomes. She goes from idolizing a person to wanting them dead. If she can't kill them, she'll just take their photos and claim that they died in a tragic way, which is actually a punishment she formulated in her head for them - That's probably why Sam's death always changes. It's not even really her attempt to convince people of anything anymore, it's just her tragic self-cope. With her track record of animal abuse, I feel like this even applies to animals. She's probably envious of dogs (and other pets) for being innocent and loving creatures, because she's so rotten. She loves them at first, then starts to hate them, and wants to "punish" them for (what she sees as) making her hate herself. Maybe the same applies to all her fucked up torturous/pedophilic fantasies.
Her lying about having dissociative identity disorder also plays into this.The problem is, she's not actually delusional enough to forget who she is, so it's just not satisfying. No matter how many people she fools with her stories, she always falls apart.
It's actually morbidly fitting that she's a tranny on top of all this shit. This is someone who genuinely does not want to be inside the skin God put them in and is obsessed with skinwalking someone (or something) else.
I don't even know if she can help herself, she's too self-hating.

No. 851496

File: 1565498693211.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1726, CB15F086-00B9-407E-ADC8-E008BA…)

holy shit

No. 851503

Ew she so fucking ugly
I really just want her to see real life consequences for the shit she’s done. Wasn’t there s lawsuit ages ago? Like her parents know she claims all this shit but do nothing? I know people used to contact her sister it might be time to again with the fact her cp fantasies are so much more violent and she’s legit talking about shooting people

No. 851547

there's no reason to tip the cow, I sincerely doubt she's a danger to anyone including herself, she's just an edgelord and compulsive liar

No. 851548

Nice selfdrag, Sorenn

No. 851631

this was apparently a prized child porn starlet. THIS.

No. 851633

Shes hideous but also she scrunches her face weird to make herself look worse/like the picture is supposed to be goofy so she doesnt have to see how ugly she naturally is. But holy shit her neck is disturbing and concerning that looks like a gland thing.

Also the toddler clothes are so creepy i know we've been over the autopedophilia thing but that shirt (her favorite lately) looks like something from Baby GAP. She wants to be a little boy and every day that fantasy rots away further.

that is the best analysis of Soren that Ive seen so far. This woman is going to seriously hurt somebody some day (and has outright admitted to torturing animals). her obsession with torture not harming their "purity"/good nature is also something I noted.

No. 851659

She looks like she’s 40+ Yrs old here. She looks absolutely massive notin obese way but just physically huge and so alien.

No. 851952

"I was one of the kids they pointed at"

No. 852140

the sam soren stole That Name (samantha stowell or something…?) from had to get legal help for the sick shit soren put her through, isn't aware of soren's recent shenanigans afaik, and wants to have absolutely nothing to do with any of it.

No. 852267

File: 1565663210304.jpeg (100.16 KB, 640x666, 86259B5C-995A-43F9-B204-597F82…)

have any of y'all heard about the amberdollars calling out mitski for apparently having had said user trafficked to her when ad was 11/12? i'm pretty sure this previously unknown user is gunning to become the new soren — never shuts the fuck up about their tRaUmA but uses "DID" and says that their parents trafficked them and had them doped up on benzos as an excuse for why they "can't quite remember". asks to be "left the fuck alone" about it all because they "didn't expect the post to blow up" and "only had 67 followers beforehand". have also said contradictory things: there's no evidence on paper, but wait, there IS evidence on paper because she got the fbi involved!

No. 852269

File: 1565663324246.jpeg (627.9 KB, 1125x1367, 32D1989E-8F19-42F5-A261-308061…)

No. 852304

File: 1565668582144.png (463.65 KB, 524x573, amberdollars.png)

Mitski seems like such a random target. Thought this person was a fakeboi for a sec, but they might be a mtf? It's Soren in reverse, but just as ugly.

They might be doing it for the clout, they have a soundcloud where they uploaded some incredibly garbage rap tracks. kek

sage for off topic

No. 852310

as soon as i read the mitski allegations i came on here to see if anyone made the connection. seems like someone read soren’s thread too closely and started taking notes.

No. 852320

same here anon lol

No. 852329

File: 1565675867315.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 56.98 KB, 320x569, F01ADBC9-0426-49C6-9D60-C8EB48…)

they’re saying that they are going to delete all their social media because of this. also apparently the fbi has care files on the well-known, dangerous human trafficker known as mitski lol

No. 852339


(x-files theme plays)

No. 852402

conor oberst had rape allegations made against him and when he sued the girl for libel, she retracted the totally fake story. jesse lacey had rape allegations from 10+ years ago and he admitted to his fucked up behaviour and apologised for his sex addiction and acknowledged how fucked up he was. just putting that out there.

No. 852414

File: 1565696891859.png (388.53 KB, 840x778, mitski.png)

thought to come here after reading the mitski stuff too lol. a handful of people are virtue signaling saying "getting facts wrong is a symptom of trauma it doesn't mean they're false allegations!!" when the actually virtuous thing to do would be to have compassion for people with obvious psychosis.

No. 852415

File: 1565697067167.png (42.16 KB, 679x265, mitski2.png)

for context they were replying to this other reddit post they made. DID means you never have to be caught in a lie, your evil alter said it not you!

No. 852435

aint it funny how all DID fakers allllllways only pull the DID card when theyve done smth shitty. like u never hear ppl like soren being like, idk, "woah, i dont remember telling you / doing that [insert smth that had a positive or even a neutral/insignificant/no effect to the other person] thing, mustve been An Alter!", its always "well actually when i was caught doing [insert crime], or abusing/stalking random strangers, or idk, harassing real csa v*ctims and threatening to commit mass murder, it was just one of my cWaAaZy wacky Alters™! therefore holding me accountable for anything is ableist and basically worse than the holocaust!!1". DID only ever comes up when they say or do something they KNOW to be either wrong/bad/criminal, or blatantly made up / exaggerated / contradictory etc. reminds me of a less severe example where onision told the readers of his… fics…? to decide whats real and whats fictional. "if this or that happened, it might kinda justify my actions, and distinguishing between the rights and wrongs is now on you, not me!"

No. 852450

File: 1565703791006.png (290.45 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_f6bd85eafa642e043d1303f…)

No. 852451

File: 1565703821168.jpeg (313.13 KB, 1242x1024, 5F172E6A-0E5D-4509-B05F-81E9B4…)

No. 852458

File: 1565704835000.png (58.55 KB, 280x307, Kbkq0J1.png)

No. 852629

File: 1565729851921.png (489.51 KB, 505x733, Screenshot_2019-08-13_22-58-02…)

No. 852645


Do babies even HAVE seams oh my God anon I'm dead

No. 852646

babies have the worst screams in the world they are biologically designed to be the worst sound a human body can make so that we react to it and address it.

No. 852657

Seams, anon. Like in clothes.

No. 852671

File: 1565736572481.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208, 4744401B-8E6E-482B-8806-CF0AB3…)

if someone here is doing this, stop it. i don’t think soren would accept randos again and it would be hard to find her if she got deleted and remade.

No. 852714


lmao learn to read

No. 852854

I’m a little late on this, but I noticed that Soren referenced something called the Extreme Abuse Survey in an old post on hurtc0re. I imagine that he must’ve drawn inspiration from it when writing the torture porn because the methods of torture listed on the survey are things he describes, even oddly specific ones like “forced abortion” and “being hung upside down.” If I had to guess, he read straight through this thing and came up with scenarios to fit these methods of torture. (Surveys can be found at extreme-abuse-survey.org, but disclaimer, they’re all 58+ pages.)

No. 853440

I also know there is a book "ritual abuse: why it happens and how to help" that she likely used to re-structure her story to include the schools being part of the ring, the men walking into the preschool and pointing kids out to be taken is directly out of one of the case studies/testimonies they used. Newer additions like having bugs shoved inside them were also mentioned in cases in the book.

No. 853516

I find it fascinating that Soren only mentioned ritual abuse once or twice instead of centering the entire story around it. Wild to think that even someone as delusional as Soren would realize how unbelievable a story about ritual abuse would seem kek

No. 854157

File: 1565996733960.jpeg (719.05 KB, 1242x2208, BD367F16-84AA-472B-BBE9-2E5C0F…)

No. 854162

>this is where ur tax money is going, folks

What an absolute prick.

No. 854168

I've read some RSA memoirs and skim read a fuckton on ones I've downloaded for free, and they're all the same. Even the fake DID girl from past ana threads spoke about eating her aborted foetus (she admitted it was all made up). She definitely reads up on websites and pretty sure she looks at paedo shit like Daisy's Destruction for inspiration. Her obsession with all this crap for such a long time makes me believe she's really not fit to be outside of an institution - mental or prison.

How many years has it been now??

No. 854384

Everything you’re saying is spot-on. I’ve been following the Scully case for years now (so I’m very well-acquainted with DD) and it’s obvious that Soren was drawing primarily from cReePy DeeP WeB horror shit at the start & later found other sources of inspiration. (We’ve already established that she’s a liar, but another flaw in Soren’s timeline has to do with “Sam” being advertised on PedoEmpire since the age of 1. PedoEmpire only existed from 2012 to 2014. Just proves that Soren couldn’t be bothered to do the basic research, lol.)

When does it get to the point where she’s so mentally gone that she actually acts out these fantasies? Doesn’t seem like anyone from her life is watching over her to prevent it from happening.

No. 854387

It’s been 4 yrs. Trauma narrative #1 was posted in 2015. That’s a hell of a lot of time to have an obsession

No. 855187

Was there any build-up? I know in 2011/2012 she pulled the "sing it for Danny" shit but do we have any records of her fuckery between 2012 and 2015? Like was this something she built up to or did she just drop her snuff fic one day and start using Kayla Day's pics?

Also, with all the lies, why did she face claim Kayla and Danny but not herself? Why wouldn't she want to be thought of as good looking as well by skinwalking some egirl

No. 855215

In 2014 (and maybe before then) Soren was blogging under the url “fawnsyndrome,” so he’d already embraced the whole “uwu broken babydoll” aesthetic. From what I can tell, “fawn” is a direct reference to the name “Bambi,” and we all know what that means.

In April 2014, fawnsyndrome sent an ask to user senju where he says, and I quote, “ had had to deal with pedophiliac abuse when i was younger.” So the story had been constructed way before the trauma narrative was posted.

June 2014 is also when Ashton (Danny’s faceclaim) et al called him out, so that’s a good time stamp for when he let go of the “Danny” character (until it made a reappearance in the trauma narrative, kek).

As for your last question, Ashton says this in the callout post (dated June 25, 2014): “HE USED PHOTOS OF ME TO BE HIS DEAD FRIEND, NOW GET THIS. HE USED PHOTOS OF ME TO BE HIMSELF.” So yes, Soren did skinwalk other people.


No. 855347

File: 1566256501253.png (6.65 MB, 1242x2208, 8F010B7A-9F1E-4BD1-A6F5-DA203F…)

what the fuck

No. 855377

it sounds like she just hit the "predict text" button over and over and these were the words that came up on her phone. Also how do you get herpes on a dick when you have no clit and no bottom surgery is it just a bunch of sores on the Barbie Doll-looking featureless crotch?

No. 856303

File: 1566427523369.png (4.35 MB, 1242x2208, 32A528DF-7578-4D10-93EF-E3B408…)

No. 856308

Does anyone have any idea who this is about?

No. 856361

my guess was that its the girl from >>804242

No. 856537

Im guessing Che since that is literally the one and only person other than the non-existent dope plug and her mom that she ever communicates with

No. 856570

Damn, Chey was the only IRL person (as far as I could tell) to continually tolerate Soren’s bullshit. Guess she finally reached her limits. (And if she follows this account, which I’m pretty sure she does, then this post makes it infinitely more awkward for Chey.)

No. 856704

Knowing Soren it could be her enabling therapist and meme-buddy

No. 856732

Why does this sound so coherent? This is one of the most intelligible posts from Soren I’ve ever seen. It’s like a moment of temporary sanity amid the usual sperging. (I’ve noticed a trend where anything over-exaggerated/blatantly false is described with that erratic style of writing, like the herpes thing or that story about the seizure. This kid is so predictable.)

No. 857009

Because it is carefully constructed to guilt and manipulate and not just manic sperging. It was directed at somebody other than the general public so she actually chose her words to try and get at them.

No. 857910

File: 1566754601698.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, B5828C22-1EDD-4D0C-B12C-4BBD97…)

soren be like: i’ve been fuckin dudes for 8 months straight but I’m 1000% into ladies only

No. 857914

Because somebody who looks like her could easily pull a girl at Target and 100s of randoms.

No. 858072

Could u imagine being on a shift at target and this fucking weevil comes to your counter like "wow-wee i love KH and was raped with knives and ate babies, wana fuck?"

No. 859929

File: 1567045375950.png (8.44 MB, 1242x2208, 5A7A848A-B57D-4A2C-B23B-677BF1…)

a saga pt 1

No. 859931

File: 1567045553670.png (8.52 MB, 1242x2208, 7470D029-0D6A-405F-B4CF-F79E59…)

No. 859932

File: 1567045593747.png (11.73 MB, 1242x2208, 5A303842-C18F-490B-8A2D-56D9CA…)

no idea who the girl is tho. no tag

No. 860006

God save her…assuming this is a real thing that has happened and these aren’t just random screen grabs from an unknown being warped into a fantasy.
OR WORSE this is some innocent Good Samaritan having a sleepover (ugh, chills) with “this sweet, silly, confused kid” having their sleeping face broadcast like this.

No. 860017

Looks like the same girl from >>851496
She has a lot of self harm scars on her thigh, but I can't imagine anyone being crazy or desperate enough to know about Soren's bullshit and still choose to hang with or even date them.

No. 860043

Sam: Am I just a joke to you?
How Soren fucking dares to disrespect the memory of his uwu babydoll fetus eating dead soulmate.

No. 860086

Yeah this is sooo bizarre to me. she's like… pretty? Surely she can't be that insane and desperate- I'm leaning toward innocent sleepover turned creepfest

No. 860124

Pretty doesnt cancle out crazy, half the time it only makes it worse because pretty people are used to being constantly validated. Weve only seen this girl in pictures (and even then, shes not like supermodel pretty or anything shes just thin and everybody looks hot next to soren). She could be all kinds of fucked up, or mentally retarded or something like that.

And she has access to these pics because she and Soren are added. Has anybody looked into her? We have her insta, maybe shes even crazier. They've been friends for at least over a year and meet regularly in person. Im assuming she was trying to pass off the captions as a joke but who knows maybe shes some kind of pedo too and turned on by Soren's tales of babyfuck yore

Also the nursery bedroom stickers are a little over the top even for soren. IDK why they specifically bother me so much but they really do, especially since (other than KH) Pooh was the most mentioned piece of media in the warehouse story, becoming even more involved in the revision.

There is no way she knows Soren but doesnt know about all the fuckery. And this goes beyond those "posing like we might just be cousins" pics they usually post. Im actually really curious about Chey now, their relationship looks like it goes farther than "Chey feeds stray dog" which means shes got to be pretty mental herself. Probably a psych ward friend or something.

No. 860129

For real though, not even 2 years after you banged her eyes with a knife and ate her baby and made her a stump and you go from this


To bouncing on a dope dealer's dick and fucking girls at target checkouts and calling Chey the love of your life (where wasnt Sam your PERSON and you would never love again because she was taken from you and thats why you hate all your friends who are dating people?).

Didn't Sam specifically say "You cant follow me yet but ill be waiting. Be brave sora, little hero it wont be long ill see you next time" SOREN YOU HAVE A WHOLE GHOST FAMILY OF EATEN/RAPED BABIES AND YOUR HEADLESS WAIFU IS UP THERE WAITING FOR YOU AND U GONA STEP OUT LIKE THIS?!?

Most people wait more than two years to get a new DOG after the old one died

No. 860131

I miss old Soren with the flowery airy-fairy stealing-pics-of-real-dead-kids-for-her-CP style. I want pastel Gummo Soren back.

Now all we have is some chubby sperg who larps drug use and wont shut up about the sex she doesnt actually have. The milk hasnt gone dry but it went from whole milk to skim milk :(

No. 860141

Im years late to the party but did we ever address the fact that she blamed Gee (who was proven to be a real person? The whole inkbats/gee/gerry thing was a bit confusing) but that she blamed him for selling Sam back into human trafficking? Which TBH is as bad as what she did to the real Sam and her family, shes implicating an innocent person in a federal crime. I doubt anybody would ever take this seriously but still I would not be happy if some ex-friend from an emo band fandom as going around telling people I was a human trafficker responsible for selling a minor and her daughter to a snuff ring

No. 860504

File: 1567132053237.png (10.88 MB, 1242x2208, A3C7128A-0012-4AEC-852B-254D8B…)

i ?????

No. 860506

File: 1567132245751.png (7.56 MB, 1242x2208, 8C1BB757-16F1-41FD-90B2-BEB2E7…)

holy shit

No. 860510


1/3 aint bad

No. 860522

Lol at Soren supposedly being 9 months into hard drugs with actually pretty nice skin.

No. 860529

i dont know what is worse about this. the circle lenses or the fact her face looks like she has seen some SHIT

No. 860561

File: 1567139106594.jpg (23.68 KB, 498x320, GGgiTAX.jpg)

No. 860562

top keks anon, she looks so dead-eyed and creepy but this is so perfect

No. 860639

When she first posted about Chey she said they met in a psych ward so yeah accurate.

Holy shit this is incredibly accurate

No. 860652

is soren rich bc how is he able to afford all those stuff he hoarded dam. must be expensive

No. 860685

Right, meth plus her alleged testosterone does not equal this complexion

No. 860700

Soren claims they met in “residential” when he was 16 and Chey was 14. That’s a nice way of saying that Chey has some deeply-rooted problems that might not be as obvious. Residential treatment is often the last-ditch attempt to treat someone with psychiatric issues, so I have no idea what her deal is but it must be pretty severe.
Also, I wonder if Chey is only hanging out with him because he guilted her into it with that “sAd ThAt We ArEn’T fRiEnDs AnYmOrE” post (which she obviously would’ve seen since they follow each other).

No. 860721

um what the fuck is that. i’m scared i think that’s the ugliest person i’ve ever seen. on the inside too

No. 860728

LMFAO all she did was take off her glasses and move back her bangs and didn't press her chin to her chest. Maybe a TINY but of seasonal weight loss.

And clear skin is not what you get on meth, not to mention no matter how hard shes trying to bug her eyes out and edit the contrast levels, her pupils are normal sized. Her eyes are a little red because she shifted her contacts to the side to make them look smaller. I also genuinely dont believe she is on T (that would make her look like a man and not a little boy and ruin her pedo fantasies). Her face is hairless and smooth and her body build/the way she stores fat is really obviously female (if she were on T shed just have a gut, but she has thighs/hips as well). She may have gone on blockers but not T

also for somebody so obsessed with being a raped little boy, she only projects her snuff fantasies on girls. That is weird to me, why boys are never mentioned in the warehouse story, its all little girls even though soren wants to be thought of as a boy

No. 860729

idk why its so funny that shes got contacts and glasses on at the same time but it is

No. 860730

the tragedy is, this is the best picture ive ever seen of her. Possibly the best pic shes ever taken.

No. 860748

Only girls are mentioned in the story probably cuz this is something she gets off to. The narrative reads too much like some fetish story, with all those graphic descriptions of rape (and where else are you gonna see that? It’s not even believable. Real CSA survivors never describe their trauma in such vivid detail.) The concept of snuff itself has sexual undertones that ppl tend to overlook. I will never not believe that this is some type of kink.

No. 860771

it is still weird gymnastics, shes obviously writing it to fap to but if part of the fantasy shes living in also involves her being a boy it is strange that she comments on having experienced so much very girl-specific abuse and injuries to her female organs. If she were really dysphoric wouldnt the fantasy be that she was part of a group of boys/transboys/whatever that were assraped and kept around to hurt the girls (since her fantasies have now turned from passive observance to active participation)? Where does the fantasy of being a boy cross over into the fantasy of being a raped little girl?

No. 860782

It seems like he’s projecting. I can’t help but think he wants to be the victim of hardcore sexual violence, not just observe other people being put through it or act as the abuser, and since he’s obviously into girls it’s a way of putting himself in their shoes, kinda like 2 fantasies in 1? Enjoying seeing himself in pain plays into the victim complex anyway.

No. 860787

Oi! Remember this is the face of someone who gets laid night after night. >>857910

Why does she dress like a Chucky doll?

No. 860789

Forgot to sage, sorry.

No. 860843

Who the hell would be desperate enough to fuck this thing? Honestly I doubt Soren has as much sex as she wants us to believe…Pretty sure her insta posts are a way to forget her frustrations and live her fantaisies (same with drugs, I don't believe a second she's a junkie)

She doesn't seem to have a job so I guess she's just a spoiled kid. She's also adopted so I guess her parents took the habit of expressing their love by buying things. It's common.

No. 860852

Chey needs to stay the fuck away, Soren's the kind of bitch that would hinder other peoples treatment just so they have someone to wallow in pity with. Soren should not be allowed to talk to or influence other people there.

No. 860856

She says taxpayers pay for it here >>854157

No. 860872

File: 1567199213539.png (1010.31 KB, 1242x2208, 14124622-9B06-456D-8402-3E1BA0…)

suddenly aware sam exists after it was mentioned itt. nothing as romantic as laying in vomit together.

No. 860909

She looks like a bloated corpse. I guess she would happy to hear that, though.

No. 861103


soren resucitate sam challenge. i am bored

No. 861251

she looks much worse before omg. if she'd reversed the pictures it might have actually been believable. no meth addict has that nice skin, even heroin dulls your skin, and both of them together wrecks even more havoc on the body. but i'm not sure who would believe anything she said at this point.

No. 861267

File: 1567257661673.png (4.3 MB, 1242x2208, 2AC0A90D-3C97-48FD-9BC3-4E0679…)

the girl in the pics are named Myra. he finally tagged her.

No. 861268

Still stuck in 2008. Also what testicle?

No. 861394

amy in the white coat was probably the nucleus of soren’s whole rape fabrication. he’s copied it so accurately in his first narrative, it’s basically the song fleshed out. “hey what if the girl in the song is real and i dated her” type of shit. also, conor oberst hates people who falsify rape claims, lol.

No. 861843

yeah i’m pretty sure that cheyenne isn’t his girlfriend. The Instagram story says “fb girlfriend”, I’m guessing she’s “ironically” listed as dating him on facebook like everyone did with their friends way back when. I can’t see it but it’s likely friends-only or something..

No. 861907

>what is beautycam skin blurring

No. 861996

If her parents are allowing their obviously severly mentally ill child, considered so ill by the state that she is on welfare and I think she might have been even been declared incompetent and still be in their legal custody, to binge on heroin and meth under their roof. Even having that shit in the house is super illegal but from what we know of Soren's life she does not drive (so a parent would have to bring her to and from a dealer) and is allowed to freely use hard substances that could interfere with any medication she may be on (which she probs is if she was in residential), they could go to jail for a long long time.

i know it is all bullshit but soren is casually publicly implicating her parents in some pretty fucking serious crimes.

No. 862863

File: 1567479504523.png (6.29 MB, 1242x2208, 1D8C2976-F315-4C02-871A-5A7F11…)

No. 863077

Connor is Drug Dealer, and C would by Chey, so they either actually did date at one point and Chey is/was the subject of these weird "im over sam and in love again" posts or Chey is a jailbird (although from the assigned Bright Eyes song, it sounds like she may be an ex?)

Im guessing this 3rd new multiple-incarcerations character is Constance since thats the only other female name mentioned in the Bright Eyes sperging. is she going for a "Flowers In The Attic" thing with all these C-names?

No. 863102

I like how "daddy" was written out between the two versions (DDLG popular at the time she wrote the first and not at the time she wrote the 2nd)

No. 863879

its sad that she decided to go the "lying on the internet" rout because she could have just been a disgusting loli guro artist like Waita Uziga, theres at least some money to be made off that (not that she needs it with mommy and daddy's infinite cashflow but still)

No. 863880

If this dopeman is at all real shes about one stray post from doxxing him

And I know this has been brought up beofre, but what part of soren's mutilated pussy is in-tact enough to get horny

No. 866050

it doesn't say "fb girlfriend", the "fb" bit is part of the keysmash-style spelling of "fucking"

No. 870307

File: 1568847818919.png (4.73 MB, 1242x2208, A7259DD5-A133-4B8A-A0DB-8C2B0F…)

idk if this is a stock image or legit but wow

No. 870308

File: 1568847850799.png (10.67 MB, 1242x2208, 33462F63-4E7D-4E1B-9780-3E6216…)

this was really hard to look at tho, yikes

No. 870346

Would they really leave you wearing a Yu-Gi-Oh shirt after an OD? If this is to be believed, should we be expecting a rehab visit, complete with some beautiful broken love interest?

No. 870352

To me it looks like a hospital gown and probably a kingdom hearts blanket thrown over stomach/legs.

No. 870354

they dont let you take your own bedding into a hospital, and usually u wear a gown out so she probably has 100 at home

No. 870362

he keeps posting pics where you either cant see shit of his face or his skin is clear, and then captions it like "check out my fucked up meth skin you guys ugh" like…. bitch where???

No. 870426

what is the second picture aka 'a show literally about sam'?

No. 870486

They dont let you keep your phone at the hospital past the waiting room, dumbshit

No. 870655

Would not be surprised if Soren bought SFX eye blood makeup to take this ~edgy~ pic. idk what a legit burst eye vessel looks like but this looks extreme???

No. 870660

You can burst an eye vessel super easy, little kids burst them all the time just by crying. Coughing or sneezing too hard will do it, burst vessels look way worse than they actually are, especially if it is close to the surface, and are super easy to get.

In her case her eyes are probably super sensitive and prone to that shit because she uses the weird decorative contacts all the time.

No. 870805

I second this. Can someone show/give a summary of the second pic?

No. 870840

File: 1568973809293.jpeg (1011.04 KB, 1242x1980, A34B0878-A77A-4C4E-A70C-B963BD…)

No. 870909

Lol how other than being tall and blonde does this show fit with her being a dead junkie CP star stump? Its just a bland HS love triangle show about a girl who feels weird about her height.

No. 871282

Lol looks like someone’s trying to be more consistent in terms of keeping their multiple narratives together. Sam’s the absolute love of Soren’s life, right? Gotta mention her every once in a while to drive that point home

No. 871452

Didnt Sam never go to school? She had a twin who went for her? The first draft had her at an elementary school and dead in her teens, but in the new story im pretty sure she runs around hooking and has a baby almost taken away by around age 12 or 13. Why would she associate this with Sam if Sam spent most of her life in a snuff factory?

i dont even mind the lying just lie good JFC as an author this is getting under my skin bigtime

No. 871466

File: 1569119868682.jpeg (712.81 KB, 1242x1499, CB0B5FB0-DFE0-4018-9635-C9DA49…)

No. 871468

File: 1569119945319.jpeg (696.34 KB, 1242x1474, E3E4F96C-204D-4EFA-84C5-CF1220…)

tl;dr- soren finds meth in the hospital, makes it unusable, claims sobriety, lets us know she’s fucking her drug dealer on her birthday and ruining the two week sobriety then, and doesn’t believe in sobriety to begin with.

No. 871473

>in suburban America
come on now

No. 871474

IDK why I tapped out at Krokodil but that was my limit.
Thats not even a thing in the USA thats some shit they do in old USSR satellites. Also anybody taking bath salts would know the name of the actual chem or at least the street name, "bath salts" arent a category of drugs they are a normie word for research chems and can mean anything from heavy hallucinogens to gas station energy pills

No. 871478

the amount of people she has implicated in highly illegal affairs is absolutely staggering and every time she larps about using drugs she risks getting charged with welfare fraud. It would be different if she dropped off the internet and skinwalked some e-girl for a while but shes writing all over her insta under her own name "I AM BUYING DRUGS. MY PARENTS ARE LETTING ME DO DRUGS. THE GUY I BUY DRUGS FROM IS NAMED CONNOR" thats some 6ix9ine levels of snitching. And then there's the real Sam/Her Father, whoever Gee is supposed to be, etc that shes implicating in human trafficking.

No. 871504

I can't decide if I believe any of her junkie narrative. on one hand it's fucking soren, but also whats with the fentanyl notice on the IV pole? like what reason does she have to be around that. does this bitch really have a mom that's cool with their kid doing meth??

No. 871545

This is the same mother who apparently was okay with Soren killing herself.

That being said, I don’t believe anything Soren says because how much proof do we have that ANYTHING she’s ever said was legit?

No. 871551


soren's full of shit and probably not at the hospital but you can definitely take your phone and own bedding into the hospital? it depends on the location/staff

No. 871582

You cant bring bedding or certain materials because of lice/bedbugs. I doubt she took the picture herself even, she probably found it online or on some actual junkie's blog. And they don't let you take your phone past a certain point in intake to make sure u dont take photos/vid of the other people being treated. And they wouldn't have sent her home, she would have been sent to detox and then probably a psych ward. It is a little different if you are set up in a more private room like most long-term sick people get but if you come in ODing you go to the ER and then, in most states, when you wake up you are talking to the cops while they go through your phone for drug contacts. The skin thing cracks me up what meth head is worried about their skin?

No. 871660

File: 1569179586858.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x2000, 812A5763-41DA-4C43-8487-16A933…)

“my drug dealer is my only friend :’(“

No. 871667

"I have three alleged friends, one of whom I can prove is real who I guilt trip for spending time with their significant other and having other friendships. Another is in jail. Just in case you wanted to know, DEA and other law enforcement that has to be watching me over all the CP shit by now, the only male phone number I dial deals hard drugs and his name is Connor"

Like i know none of it is real but shes practically out here doxxing the dopeman

No. 871669

Im actually concerned for Che's safety this is so obviously about her

No. 871671

I'm not sure where you live, but every hospital I've ever been admitted to (I'm American), I've been allowed to have my own blanket and pillow, and my phone..

No. 871684

Ive only ever been to psych wards and once for an OD (i live in the USA) and they took all my shit, to the point where i had to wear a paper gown, every time at every different hospital ive been to. I think illness/injury parts of the hospital may be more relaxed but in the ER/Psych ward they take everything, ESPECIALLY phones (so you cant videotape other people in treatment). Ive also never heard of a hospital that just lets you walk out after an OD without at least a 72 hour hold. Also never been to or visited anybody in a hospital that allowed bedding from home (for sanitary reasons).

Im also going to go out on a limb and say if Soren ever got a hospital armband shed show it off on insta like an engagement ring, i wouldnt be surprised if she hasnt ever actually been to an adult facility.

No. 871711

there's something stupidly hiliarious about soren writing about his nutbar pretend girlfriend giving him grass and dirty trash on his birthday like it's romantic

No. 871763

Hospitals are just extra mean to drug users and ppl going through psychosis but I’ve been 5051’d and gotten sent to a ward post sui attempt both and they’ve always let me have a bunch of my stuff some of it was even brought in and keep my clothes, maybe facilitates with higher security can afford to be lenient idk.

Soren would def show off his bracelet so it is sus he’s not doing that tbh

No. 871792

once you are processed and in the long-stay room and everything you can have clothing brought in and they disinfect it in a machine so it has to be certain fabrics and cant stretch but thats like a day or two after they process u. Thats usually when they give you back shit like books or dull art supplies but NEVER a phone, even the staff at the places ive been had to put their phones in a locker before coming on the ward
But also yeah im in the states and have shit insurance so the places ive been were state-run and super strict and you get treated like a drug addict for pot in your piss. But then again Soren just larps her drug use so she probably pissed clean as spring water.

If Soren is on SSI though, I assume shed also have state insurance (although mommy and daddy can probably pay out of pocket for a nice place since shes a rich brat gaming the disability benefits system). My god I hate this kid so fucking much. Done hospital sperging but this kid cant even get the most basic details right

No. 872060

My first instinct is to assume it’s abour Chey as well, but didn’t Soren mention a Constance in some earlier post? “C” could refer to either one of them (but there hasn’t been any proof that this “Constance” is even a real person.)

No. 872063

File: 1569239055687.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1879, DB7DB28C-6FA5-4320-B6C1-7F1A17…)

so we’re up to doing coke now too!

No. 872064

File: 1569239096686.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1908, 73B46244-ECC1-45CB-9B42-9E784B…)

and this just in: the chronically ill are all drug addicts

No. 872065

File: 1569239133452.png (9.11 MB, 1242x2208, BC956C82-CB97-4AFC-BF7A-F3C79E…)

No. 872068

China white is heroin anon

No. 872127

File: 1569252868976.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1863, E06919B8-1F0D-4AAA-B893-A3E7D3…)

No. 872129

If she was the hopeless opiate addict for years she claims to be, then drugs would be her life. Nothing else. Not hanging out with non addicts, not collecting shitty dolls, not instagram.

Why does she do this? Is it for sympathy or? Seems she invests a lot of time thinking up stories but I can't see what she gets out of it.

No. 872137

>they had me on fentanyl in the hospital?

Sorry but why is a hospital actively giving you fentanyl if it's one of the drugs you supposedly od'd on?

No. 872142

File: 1569257225580.jpeg (16.12 KB, 600x315, sure jan.jpeg)

>connor wants to come see me & fuck or whatever

No. 872202

I believe they give it to extreme opiate addicts in the hospital so that they don't die during withdrawal (in like, super small doses). kind of like how they give Suboxone to recovering heroin addicts in rehab, so they don't go mental, ya know? if you make a serious addict quit cold turkey it could definitely kill them.