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No. 781808

A thread to continue to discuss pro-anas, wannarexics and attention seeking mental health/recovery "warriors".
previous thread: >>>/snow/754044

No. 781811

File: 1551370514819.jpeg (144.38 KB, 1125x2106, A5783C7B-3FF8-4308-9309-9843F5…)

Is this A Jonzies new account?

No. 781931

File: 1551392095254.jpg (606.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190228-221411_Ins…)

Beccy obviously

No. 781932


I’ve missed Jonzie milk but I wonder if it’s her old IG?

No. 781939

Christ I hope so. She had more milk than these newer girls combined.

No. 781956

Her mum would love more than anything if Becky checked into hospital and sorted her fucking self out.

I like how the comments are telling her more or less, no money? hey, that's life!

No. 781968

File: 1551398713588.jpg (394.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190228-185952_Ins…)

No. 781971

i've been wondering where shes been too. and if she's still posting the same milky shit

No. 781992

It’s not new. It’s been her private account since she killed the old one. She will not accept any follower requests from anyone she doesn’t know (I’ve tried from multiple accounts). But fuck do I miss her milk.

No. 781993

File: 1551404076770.jpg (588.41 KB, 1334x1901, IMG_20190301_012716.jpg)

As sad as it is to read that someone's died, I always find it so cringe and inappropriate how certain people suddenly have a token-dead-friend to post about. Sorry if that sounds harsh or makes me sound like a massive bitch, but I've seen it so much (online and real life). It's just when the posts all of a sudden becomes about them, how they're now gonna dedicate things to them to celebrate their life when really they're just using as an opportunity to post about the subject.

No. 782042

Hannah doesn't deserve to be on that list. They were best friends.

No. 782056

Yes, apparently she did on November 29th. Her name change was rhetoricallyashley. I thought it was brought up on a previous thread but i must be blind. Not sure what the cause of death was, but the obituary said it was sudden and she posted on social media the day before (27-28th) and seemed outwardly positive (but we know how that sort of thing ends up sometimes).

No. 782065

File: 1551428512816.jpg (571.23 KB, 1080x3841, abc.jpg)

Especially when this is one of the only conversations i see on fb between Megan & Hannah (thatmckeegirl). The photo was one of Megan looking unwell which i wont post here, very hypocritical given what Hannah posts on her fb. Yes it is 8 years ago though, ive cut out irrelevant parts of the conversation

No. 782076

Conflicted views about this. Maybe there's not much going on in their own lives that it amplifies the death and gives them something to do (don't mean that to sound bitchy).

I think they'd be heartless if they didn't feel sad about someone they knew (even if only online) died, and that's the only way they can express it?

Saying that, I've had online friends die but never felt I needed to do any grand gesture. I'd probably send a message or write a card to the girl's family instead of something public involving something I do as a tribute and posting it on instagram and reviewing the memorial service. That's just me though.

Reviewing the memorial service, sorry, giving an update, is pretty bad taste though if you're not even best friends or a relative. It's like asking people to leave comments ~stay strong~ and ~hugs (heartbreak emoji)~

No. 782077

The speech Hannah wrote on fb and insta was actually the speech she spoke at the funeral. It’s a bit unfair to assume that Hannah is a hypocrite from one disagreement 8 years ago.

No. 782080

I'd 100% be the same. Maybe I shouldn't have included Hannah on the post if they were genuine friends, but I've recently scrolled though insta and seen it pop up several times and feel it's pretty inappropriate to use something so public as your outlet.
I know in the past I've seen ED people in particular that almost thrive on the death of someone (something new to write posts about, get all the likes and follows etc etc), whether they knew them personally or at all. I know it's probably the illness using it as almost a competition thing (eg knowing someone with the same illness as you that's died, "oh I'm really sick, I could die as well, give me asspats").

No. 782092

Her mother is awful!

No. 782097

i THINK she mentioned it was ed related. do you have the post she posted the day before?

No. 782111

i dont think restricted is milky. people are always coming for her and she just keeps doing whatever.

No. 782163

There are people on Instagram who were much closer friends to Megan than Hannah , but because they live so far away couldn't get to her funeral.

No. 782214

No. 782241

She mentioned repeatedly that she was coming up on a trauma anniversary. It more than likely was suicide on that date.

No. 782287

Hannah is the biggest flake of them all, she wasn't her best friend. She ignored Megan for years despite Megan being totally distraught by it.
Hannah has let her down so badly on many occasions. She's a joke

No. 782290

I think her mum is being really distasteful on fb broadcasting it like it's hot news. Sorry but if my daughter killed herself I would not be updating my Facebook status

No. 782291

No. 782304

How would you know this?

No. 782306

you have her mom on Facebook?

No. 782329

Other people update to let people know. There's no shame to suicide.

No. 782334

File: 1551480114304.jpeg (778.97 KB, 750x1334, 13D51BFC-9CBC-407B-B2B3-74553B…)

No. 782344

Her mother was the root cause of a lot of Meg’s problems, and honestly the posts and comments she made in the immediate aftermath of meg’s Death was so painful to read. She was never there and made it clear she was not supportive of anything meg was doing, including recovery, in her life. Funny how death causes such a 180.

No. 782352

Totally agree, Megan talked about this on her stories and was very alone in life. It's a very sad situation.
Not a milky subject at all :((:()

No. 782353

Eww another hair in her food, literally gagging

No. 782354

No it's being posted by Megan's contacts

No. 782393

her mother wanted her to be sick?

i had a look at her mom's facebook page but couldn't see anything distasteful or milky…

No. 782405

anon, can you please screencap or summarize what posts you’re referring to? i also couldn’t find anything like that

No. 782516

File: 1551527493907.jpeg (529.18 KB, 1125x1509, 3216A311-19D1-4EDC-B911-0A8F62…)


I remember meg sending me screenshots of her mother’s texts where Jo was saying awful awful things, she’d never love her as much as her sister, etc etc. I understand the pain of losing a child, albeit not Meg’s age, and no one who hasn’t gone through it can understand, and it’s true, your heart is broken beyond repair, but she doesn’t get to win ‘mother of the year’ after meg’s Passed all of a sudden.

No. 782517

File: 1551527561814.jpeg (443.11 KB, 1125x1772, D073B8EF-76F9-48BA-99B1-D0C40F…)

Also this, she was never theretheough meg’s Mental illness and now she’s an advocate for it.

No. 782521

Yes this is true, Meg was overlooked completely by her mother. Her sister was awful and played the youngest role incredible well to her own advantage. The only one Meg connected with was her grandmother (who passed recently) and her brother. The rest didn't care less about her until she died. Meg spoke about her nana constantly the rest were simply just not there, at all.
But, I really don't think discussing it brings any milk and it's kinda disrespectful to Megan.
Can we please move on?

No. 782526

File: 1551534194913.jpg (218.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190302-134245_Ins…)

Shes on par with Shayna with the begging now

No. 782527

File: 1551534304704.jpg (328.43 KB, 720x1151, 20190302_134512.jpg)

No. 782531

Her other fundraising page's still active.

I call bullshit on this:
> I've been through all they offer in my area and further. The ed service have me PTSD, and I keep being told, genuinely by consultants etc that their service cant help and dont recommend seeing them again. Its overall a LOT more complex than that but that's the basics of it.

No. 782557

File: 1551542261841.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, A4FC42F5-DFC8-46BD-A3EB-61F3A8…)

Haven’t mentioned her in a bit but Ams looking thick lately, Ik she probably has EDS but this doesn’t look like a dislocation more like she’s rotated her arm around which I can do and I don’t have EDS lol. Her accounts are all about that now that she’s not sooper skelly status, but she’ll keep reincarnating those “sickly” edited photos for YouTube thumbnails. she is such a desperate wanorexic. This girl is begging for any type of attention

No. 782565

File: 1551545568021.png (7.93 MB, 1125x2436, 6B6B89C2-0342-44D8-985A-BBC0CC…)

Wow. This is ridiculous!!! How is anyone actually giving to her? She’s obviously a moocher and attention seeking. ridiculous. Holistic treatment or “bigger treatment plan in the late late future”. Late late. Wow. She needs to F off. Other people are much sicker than her and still not earth scum. The least she could do is admit she doesn’t actually want to get better. Absolutely no class either. All she wants is people to fund her fun shopping and craft projects.

No. 782613

File: 1551553054665.jpg (804.34 KB, 1080x2220, 20190302_115717.jpg)

lmao spaceships throwing a temper tantrum again

No. 782615

File: 1551553221752.jpg (771.12 KB, 1080x2220, 20190302_115732.jpg)

No. 782618

File: 1551553391761.jpg (35.11 KB, 363x411, and again.JPG)

And in case you missed it the first 100 times…

No. 782620

File: 1551553547582.jpg (413.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190302-140543_Ins…)

No. 782630

File: 1551554653652.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190302-122355_Ins…)

Shes 21, has a job, and expects her parents to pay for her optometrist appointment. How entitled can you get???

No. 782636

THE IRONY that she is hardcore pro-life

No. 782643

File: 1551556093364.jpg (383.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190302-144814_Chr…)

No. 782646

And against universal healthcare. She’s so stupid and thinks people buy her “I’m a genius ya author in the making” while not having any of her opinions line up. Seems pretty lazy to not want to work for your health insurance, Natalia

No. 782656

im sorry but that’s some shit a kid does, refuses to go eat with family, or go in because she doesn’t “like it” shut the fuck up you’re a grown ass adult. act like it. you’re not in the ward anymore to act like that

No. 782714

File: 1551565794831.jpg (452.08 KB, 720x1131, Screenshot_20190302-172528_Ins…)

No. 782717

File: 1551566944518.jpg (397.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190302-200818_Ins…)

Possible attempt?

No. 782813

File: 1551584662674.jpg (354.95 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190303-114017_Ins…)

No one talks about this user? Constantly pretending to be super recovered but started gymming since a very low body weight, keeps eating protein/low fat/sugar free stuff but her captions make it such a BIG deal. Only eats powdered/protein peanut butter but always list it as "glops of peanut butter" as if shes so unafraid of fat. Constantly overexaggerates the unhealthiness/volume of her food when we all know shes still a pseudo orthorexic that allows treats once in awhile

No. 782816

File: 1551584859102.jpg (485.67 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190303-114721_Ins…)

Everything is so disordered about this… pizza and porridge?? More like bread with tomato sauce and oats.

No. 782830

Or possible fictitious post because of the comment on here that she had never actually tried to kill herself ? After all who would know if she was telling the truth or not ?

No. 782860

Some of you guys legit complain when she was to thin [though yes she photoshopped to make herself look smaller] but now complain when shes a healthy weight??? Like im sorry if im WKing but why? Shes healthy now, not even close to thick. She has a normal healthy skinny body. Shes not even thick? Not even that healthy thick thats currently in. Stop nitpicking, it would be different if she photoshopped in that photo but she didnt?

No. 782866

Probably slamming her face into the walls again. She’s got her constant head wound carefully visible.

She probably means the two things separately jfc. Not pizza and porridge together. How autistic do you have to be?

No. 782872

Meg has NO milk. She's working on recovery in a healthy way. As discussed previously, it is recommend people with Eds do exercise in their recovery. Meg does weights only so her bone density would be amaze. She eats a wide range of food and doesn't restrict or engage in behaviours. No milk. Try harder

No. 782884

What i mean is that she eats pizza with no cheese and oats with water/almond milk not that she eats pizza and oats together. How autistic do u have to be

No. 782902

File: 1551620393715.jpeg (128.76 KB, 749x890, 1624DACE-A48E-4D8D-81F1-8C6894…)

What are these ridiculous faces she pulls

No. 782905

"It shouldn't be my responsibility to look after myself"

you're not a CHILD anymore mummy and daddy don't need to clean your diapers and spoon feed you anymore HAHAHA

No. 782917

I don’t think she’s talking about an attempt. She’s probably talking about the head injury.

No. 782920

File: 1551626918618.jpeg (87.84 KB, 750x909, AEE23248-A638-41F6-BD2C-939923…)

She’s been heavily implying on tellonym that she attempted

No. 782923

Really convenient that this all happens pretty much immediately after it was discussed on here.

No. 782954

I honestly don't understand one bit why she constantly pulls faces like that. I mean, she's non-stop complaining about her "BDD"…why would you actively make yourself like a complete idiot as well? I don't get it. Think she's trying to look as "special" as possible?
Becky, just stop.

No. 782968

And your point is from one post from 2018?
Mother of the year!!

No. 782973

Becky's asking for paypal donations on all her posts now. I hope she knows she has to declare tax on what she makes from selling on etsy. Depending on how much she sells, she needs to declare it to the DWP as earnings as well.

No. 782975

If I see any more begging posts I think I'm gonna shoot myself in the head. Its a feature of EVERY SINGLE POST now I just have to mute her and she sure won't sell enough tat to have to worry about it

No. 782981

She's sold 8 things so far so that's roughly £80 she's made in a couple of weeks. You can only earn £20 a week on benefits before having to declare it.

I don't think she'll sell much more. The followers who feel sorry for her aren't going to keep buying her crappy necklaces to keep her happy.

No. 783012

File: 1551645886768.jpeg (239.37 KB, 749x1104, CFAFBC60-16AB-446C-AC7C-AFB4BA…)

Not sure if she’s been discussed before but this ones another British cow. Constant attention seeking posts about being the “fattest anorexic” yet clearly photoshopped stretched mirror selfies and also has a side blog with 10k (bought) followers promoting her perfect amazing life and shilling crap phone cases and jewellery she’s been sent for free

No. 783018

File: 1551647817676.jpg (305.75 KB, 720x1138, Screenshot_20190303-161636_Ins…)

No. 783024

File: 1551649915833.jpg (854.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190303-174806_Ins…)

How is she even in the hospital? She needs to loose weight not gain or maintain

No. 783050

File: 1551654021914.jpg (381.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190303-230028_Ins…)

No. 783053

File: 1551654212424.jpg (283.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190303-165413_Ins…)

No. 783054

File: 1551654251133.jpg (291.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190303-165531_Ins…)

No. 783055

File: 1551654284510.jpg (432.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190303-165604_Ins…)

No. 783067

Who is this and how are they relevant?

No. 783075

imagine being in your late 20s and fangirling over kpop

No. 783076

please explain how this person is milky

No. 783079

This is the worst yet. Get a Travelodge like everyone else or get your mum a fucking Twin Peaks chocolate bar from Poundland.

She actually asked the tv company for advice about freebie accommodation. Unbe-fuckin-lievable.


Stop posting shit.

No. 783204


No. 783212

Why do you post about yourself this way? Are you so desperate for attention you have to insult yourself? What youre trying to accomplish? Nobody is going to WK you here.

No. 783232

Kill me now this is turning into some kind of begging obsession fxxk

No. 783262

File: 1551724400967.jpg (572.91 KB, 1920x1162, IMG_20190304_183030.jpg)

Hey guys. Did you know you can all the money that you probably need yourselves to this sponge? Go on, you know you want to.
Here's her last post just in case you haven't already seen the right PayPal to deposit all your funds into…

No. 783267

>>783262 how is making a few crafts 'exhausting' when it is literally the only thing you do that day?

No. 783270

This is why she thinks she's entitled to free stuff and cash.

Doesn't bother to do any therapy, sits around all morning watching daytime tv, goes to a garden centre or shops with her mum and thinks she deserves free things for being brave. Fuck you, becky.

No. 783277

I think she lurks here and does it on purpose. As soon as I commented about her shitty painted rock that was £17 she took that one down. Still another on there for £15 though.
She's literally such a waste of breath

No. 783281

Her a useless bitch as well. Who the fuck takes their fucked up trainwreck daughter out every day to look in shops when she should be slapped with a section?

Whatever crap she gets sent in the post, it's never going to make her feel better about being a worthless piece of scrounging shit.

No. 783283

Her mum's a useless bitch*

No. 783289

File: 1551726662299.jpg (386.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190304-191031_Ins…)

No. 783293

Looks like she got kicked in the head by a teeny tiny horse.

We live in a world of these people. That's depressing.

No. 783337

hate to say it but the poor mother is probably just waiting for her to die so she can finally maybe actually live a life

No. 783344

Not WKing but having an ED itself is exhausting, let alone being emaciated. Don’t be dumb dude

No. 783353

People who are just struggling with their disorder(s) don’t deserve to be put here. People like Becky on the other hand…..

No. 783396

Top kek. She thinks she’s such a tormented genius but she’s definitely giving herself brain damage banging her head so hard against things just to prove a point.

No. 783453

Hence why I said I wasn’t whiteknighting because I have nothing against her being mentioned here, it was just kind of stupid to ask why she would be exhausted lel

No. 783482

No ones arguing that eating disorders don’t drain your energy. We’re laughing because sitting and scamming her eating disordered followers is hardly energy consuming.. People work multiple jobs and go to university while actively in their eating disorders. She’s a lazy and entitled adult who’s never had to work for anything in her life. She’s tired after putting in minimal effort, not tired due to malnutrition. She admitted it herself

No. 783486

evie has no milk. Having an ed and calling yourself fat doesn't make you milky, leave her be

No. 783499

but posting shooped selfies and lying is

wow there's a lot of wk-ing happening rn

No. 783524

File: 1551794118570.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1356, IMG_20190305_135449.png)

Yay another spoop pic from kelsey, she's getting better at shopping

No. 783533

I thought she was on 1:1 nursing/guard round the clock? Unless it's an old photo .

No. 783534

She must’ve deleted it already, I don’t see it there

No. 783543

File: 1551803244786.jpg (358.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190305-162649_Ins…)

Yes, I'm sure your doctor told you to beg

No. 783545


Yeah she's been doing that a lot recently, uploading and deleting the same pic…

No. 783547

i dont understand why taking a pic of yourself crying or having a meltdown. to me that only screams that they want attention…

No. 783548

There she goes again, she's the one who struggles. Like, half the anons here have been through worse than her.

Someone suggested she try the Mind centre and she wrote it off as shit. She just wants to float in a tank or some hippy shit.

No. 783579

File: 1551810645963.png (302.76 KB, 659x541, EYE ROLL.png)

No. 783581

File: 1551810753181.jpg (23.91 KB, 284x174, 0.JPG)

Not me, but our thoughts…

No. 783585

File: 1551812015552.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1863, 121494DD-6D92-4C47-9EB1-2D1A83…)

only the brain dead would allow themselves to be “triggered” by this fake representation of your body babes

No. 783589

Offf only thing I'm triggered by is her shitty photoshopping and the scary amount she is breathing in to look spoopy.

No. 783590

Let's be real the only people who support her are the wannarexic children who haven't two brain cells to rub together.

No. 783598

What a manipulative cunt. She’s on benefits, and though you’re certainly not getting rich off them you can get by if you budget properly. I highly doubt her GP is out here telling her to e-beg.

But another point, I don’t think she should be sectioned either. I don’t think she’s willing to even try and that’s just a huge waste of resources. Everyone (rightfully) bitches about how much NHS funding Smorven wastes, so why is it okay to advocate for it being wasted on Becky? It’s harsh but people who want to get better shouldn’t have to be made to wait because of people like her who will inevitably squander resources. She’s already made it perfectly clear she’d much rather e-beg as opposed to putting work into anything in her life.

No. 783603

File: 1551814436804.png (222.47 KB, 832x629, folllies2.png)

Have you ever seen the documentary "Titicut Follies"? I was thinking she should be sectioned in a place like that. Well, those places don't exist any more, but I can set up my own clinic (donations welcome!) for these cows like Becky.

A thick rubber tube up the nose with margarine rubbed on the end, and fag ash falling into the feed. Get weight on them like that along with insulin shocks and cold baths and they won't complain about their cosy NHS treatment after that.

Or maybe I'm being a little harsh?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 783615

I 100% agree that people who actually want to get better shouldn't have to wait behind people like becky. But she definitely needs to be tubed and have nutrition pumped back into her clearly shrunken brain of hers. Maybe then she might actually realise what's she's doing. Or not, who knows.

No. 783618

#mercedes #bmw #audi #givemeafreecar #spongey

No. 783619

File: 1551817041239.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, 8855B0AE-E356-4EAF-BF30-D19ED4…)

How is this “recovery in a healthy way” at all lmao do you know anyone normal who eats literally vegetables in water and calls it a meal

No. 783620

She'd have to be independent and cut the umbilical cord if she recovered. I reckon the reason she kicked off when she was IP was because she missed mummy. It's sad.

Back to the benefits thing here >>783598 I don't see how they're desperately poor. Obviously they get housing benefit, council tax paid and she gets benefits and the carers allowance. Unless they're sticking the cash in fruit machines there's no excuse for pleading poverty.

Looks like the soup you get at the Chinese chippy. Not recovery food, but flippin tasty. Less than 200 calories there, 190 for 2 slices of bread.

No. 783626

File: 1551818680921.png (2.2 MB, 1125x2436, 6119DAB5-D72A-4B3B-ABD0-F304B0…)

Wow 😂

No. 783631

File: 1551819012041.jpg (563.05 KB, 1080x1599, IMG_20190305_204846.jpg)

So they're THAT poor that they have free "pennies" to chuck into a slot machine? Wow

No. 783632

File: 1551819021173.jpeg (291.76 KB, 750x856, 0F0CE6D3-E646-44F6-9B84-B7A235…)

Are you fucking kidding me? She begs for money and always sobs and complains about how they are so hard off yet puts money into slot machines and gambles for it and they can afford taxis and crap? Just get another taxi to your stables jfc.

No. 783635

Even in this post she's begging for sympathy! It's like she thinks she's being subtle, people will think "poor old Becky, better send her monies"…God, BORE OFF

No. 783637

Someone needs to kick this child woman up the ass
Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves jfc

No. 783639

File: 1551819583366.gif (758.22 KB, 383x259, 0.gif)


Hey, Becky - do you wanna know what some of US have been through? Wanna bet it's a lot harsher than being IP for 12 months? Stuff like not knowing your real parents, growing up in care homes, physical and sexual abuse, homelessness, suicide of a close family member, caring for a terminally ill parent?? O yeah, not as bad as being IP for a whole year. Like, wow. Life is tough.

> Unless they're sticking the cash in fruit machines there's no excuse for pleading poverty.
Called it.

No. 783646

>>783639 not to mention that people die because of the lack of funding for mental health in the NHS. she got the luxury or IP, whilst that meant someone else couldn't have her place. She pissing away an opportunity that so many people want. It's repulsive.

No. 783659

File: 1551822464620.jpg (97.88 KB, 781x495, taking the piss eh.JPG)

Her gofundme's still active.

This is a bit cheeky, innit. Booked the holiday but still needs more than £1,155 to pay for a spa!!!

No. 783670

Yet more manipulation tactics. Cry all you want about it Becky, but you’re still a scrounger. Constantly hinting about your amazon wishlist and where to donate IS shameless begging and this caption highlights to me her guilt.

No. 783679

How is this milky? Half of the recovery community anas are pretending they are more recovered than their actions suggest

No. 783704

If she can’t make herself a victim she has to focus on why she’s fat and sad and that’s hard. Self improvement takes work and being a victim means you can sit in bed, binge eat, and never question why you’re choosing to be more stagnant than a swamp.

Smorven would lose her fucking mind if she ever stopped navel gazing for long enough to see someone actually suffering. She’s honestly so spoiled and petty she thinks not going to rugby when she wants is like being in Guantanamo bay.

No. 783707

File: 1551831127954.jpg (176.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190306-001156_Ins…)


No. 783713

Someone that lives in this girls country please report her to the police now. This is all you need to do so.

No. 783833

She wouldn't do anything she's back to begging again already this morning

No. 783834

File: 1551884535986.jpeg (225.01 KB, 640x789, B1F46075-12E4-4422-81EE-471821…)

Omfg YES someone had the fucking balls FINALLY!
Bout time people stopped whinging about it and left a comment, it's not hard.
Already left countless over the yr by my own fair hand lol!
Thing is doesn't seem to make a difference she's still a whiny peasant

No. 783868

I’m so sick of her because she acts like she’s the sickest person ever & if she doesn’t get money and free gifts from everyone else then she’ll kill herself. NO ONE OWNS HER ANYTHING. You’re a fucking adult Becky AND FYI im sicker than she is but I’m not ebegging & blaming everyone for my lack of recovery. I WORKED an actual job 5 days a wk for my family till my BMI was 13.0 bc I’m an ADULT & Then i truly could not at all. I’m actually getting help, & when I didn’t want to get better I didn’t pretend like i did. I don’t say bc I didn’t get a new gift I’m not eating today. I don’t use manipulative tactics to get people to do what I want. GROW UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Get the F over yourself. I’m really sick too and still not as shitty as you. I’m sick of her leeching off everyone and begging. 1) get some real professional help OR 2) stop pretend like you want to get better and don’t get any help 3) stop begging(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 783872

File: 1551895540445.jpeg (363.61 KB, 1242x1870, 865D2F6E-C6F3-4133-B79D-CEA1EB…)

No. 783873

File: 1551895562247.jpeg (406.6 KB, 1242x1872, 5646546A-E13E-46AB-BF42-4B6E87…)

No. 783895

Unless she was super huge before I don't see how she can be this size and have gotten hospitalised for heavy restriction, she's so delusional no doctor is going to give that advice. Although, maybe they just say whatever to just keep her paying

No. 783906

My money’s on her refusing to eat for 2 entire meals to get a nose hose. Her doctors probably know she’s a joke but are letting her obese ass maintain to avoid her screeching about being a ~real anorexic~

No. 783917

This reeks of self-posting. I thought this hambeast got banned?

No. 783918

She is confirmed to have attended private (fee-paying) school, meaning that everyone's suspicions were correct that she's bougie as fuck. She literally has no idea what suffering is. She's probably had everything she ever asked for in life and isn't used to being told "no" and having boundaries enforced. And she's TWENTY FIVE.

What a pathetic womanchild. If you're reading this, Morven, grow up.

No. 783936

Who else would care to dredge up a month old spat in the comments but the cows themselves?

No. 783975

File: 1551909693323.jpeg (354.82 KB, 750x1005, A0AE1952-DD91-4068-8F7C-2B2FFD…)

She’s not interesting enough to post about, it’s like she wants someone here to care enough about her existence to trigger her into anorexia.

Australia isn’t great with EDs but yeah, she’s definitely refusing meals to get the status tube. Medical Inpatient isn’t enforced until you hit a bmi of about 14 unless you’ve got some whack bloods. She’s heavy enough that the tube is entirely a behavioural thing. She’s skipping meals and the tube is meant to get dinner into them, but more to make the point that the patient will not get around their treatment.

She’s not there for anorexia. She’s there to be taught how to stop binge eating and skipping two meals in response to the binge.

No. 783979

What I honestly can't grasp is how she would be given the hose at all. I reckon her family pay for it. No dr in his right mind would give a severely obese patient the tube to god forbid prevent a tantrum. It just had no logic whatsoever. I mean if she wants to get fatter, she's going the right way about it. Kinda goes against her wannarexic logic though, doesn't she want to be tune free and thin? Gonna have to be rolled outta there lol

No. 783990

Liability and/or protocol, and trying to get across to her that skipping dinner won’t get her what she wants. She’ll be on a slow feed rate, and the bolus will be small.

The doctors are likely trapped. The glory tube isn’t needed, but if they break protocol they can set a shitty precedent for other patients to exploit or get slapped with malpractice. She’s regular obese, not morbidly obese. She’s not in immediate risk because of her weight but the doctors are if they don’t give her what she’s fishing for. At the very least, tubing her means that she doesn’t get away with skipping meals in front of the skellies and sowing discord in an already competitive and unhappy environment.

No. 783996

I saw her posted, and looked at her ig and found it funny. Not a self post but go off

No. 783999

>I reckon her family pay for it.

I remember reading one of her fb posts where she says she's fortunate her parents can pay for her treatment. Makes me think that if they weren't as well off she wouldn't bother doing this. I'd feel like a shit if I was using my parents money that way. I'm guessing it's expensive, in which case I'd rather take the money and go off travelling with it than faking anorexia.

No. 784004

If she’s in a private hospital it’s expensive as fuck, $600AUD per day. If she’s in public hospital, it’s basically free. She’s be charged for her medications but they’re likely to be PBS and cost her five bucks per script.

No. 784029

Yeah they can’t ethically let someone choose to starve themself. As a mood disorder patient wouldn’t she have to skip more meals to get tubed? Forgive me if I’m mistaken but I don’t know why they would tube her so quickly given she isn’t in an eating disorder program and is far from keeling over and dying from malnutrition.
Also can we talk about how she thinks maintaining an obese BMI is what her doctors want lol

No. 784044

Nah they will totally tube a mood/personality disorder if they skip like, a days worth of food. No self harming gets a pass, even if they’re fat. Her doctors are probably way more worried about the overeating than starvation. I’d guess she’s binging at least three times a week and fasting other days, or she’s skipping regular meals and binging nightly.

No. 784064

Depends what her normal is. Not wking and Soz blogpost but my friend had atypical anorexia and heavily restricted and lots like 50 kilos in a very short time from being very obese to maybe high healthy bmi category when she got treatment and they still didn’t make her maintain or lose they made her stop restricting so she gained.
So defs skipping meals to get the tube but doubt the doctors care about her weight at all

No. 784078

Yeah for sure. Their goal for fat or normal weight patients is to eat a normal amount of food. No doctor in their right mind would aim for her to maintain at a BMI of 28+ They would want to focus on her eating a normal amount of food in a day and see where her BMI ends up. Hope your friend is doing okay. Glad they were able to get proper help

No. 784090

She is in an eating disorder program. She was originally tubed for her meal refusal and postural tachycardia. It's been removed a few times since and put back when she skipped meals. You can't PAY for a tube. You just pay for better hospitals. The whole idea of EDP is to normalize eating, whether it's from starvation or binging.

No. 784119

Not wk as this girl is obviously not even trying to get well & is wasting a bed trying to prove shes so so sick which pisses me off. But ive seen a LOT of comments on here saying her dr's goal would be to lose weight, that is highly unlikely. Yea shes overweight but she isnt gonna recover from binge purging by restricting her intake to lose, the first goal would be to get her eating regularly & enough to not worsen b/p urges. Its like the whole USA diet culture, its only made the country fatter, if she ate a maintenance plan shed lose naturally- her weight i imagine is a longer term concern, her b/p is more urgent. I say that assuming what she says about it being 'so bad' is true, but who knows how bad it really is given shes private. I would LOVE to see her blood results to prove her terrible liver/kidney health, i doubt they were that bad unless she was overdosing or something unrelated to ed.

No. 784144

If she’s in a private hospital it’s likely she isn’t paying a thing for her stay and possibly her feeds. Its cheaper to pay a grand a year for private health insurance which completely covers your stay, except medication. I’m not sure if her feeds would be covered. If she doesn’t have private health insurance then she’s paying roughly $600 a day though, but 90% of the people in that hospital are private patients.

No. 784223

The obese one should've had a gastric bypass. Skipping meals and saying you've got an eating disorder does not equal weight loss.

No. 784277

Having an eating disorder, even
history of one, regardless of what it is, is one of the disqualifying factors for bariatric surgery. She isnt even big enough anyway.

No. 784291

Too real. She’s certainly not thin but she isn’t so obese she can’t wipe her ass either. It’s just bizarre to see people claim that she’s morbidly obese. Overweight, definitely, but certainly not about to drop dead from diabetes.

No. 784313

She isn’t morbidly obese but she’s obese enough that her doctors ultimate goal would be for her to be a healthy weight and have a good relationship with food. Restricting in an obese body does not have the same consequences because the body can ultilize it’s own excess fat. Obese people will and do die from starvation, but the biggest issue in Georgia’s case is that she thinks she is anorexic. If her delusions continue and she is treated as a restrictive ED patient she will just keep binging and gaining weight which won’t solve either issue. She would be even more obese and still have an eating disorder

No. 784345

Yes! She might be ‘ill’ but definitely not in the way she’s trying to portray. An eating disorder programme isn’t the right place for her. She’s basically holding her clinicians hostage - they know she’s not anorexic, they know she’s not malnourished (not saying you can’t be malnourished at a high BMI but in her case it’s doubtful) but she’s familiar enough with their protocol to ensure she gets tubed. It’s manipulative af.

No. 784364

She knows she isn't anorexic. Not once has she said she is. She HAS repeated what her clinicians have said. She admits she has binge purge AT AN currently.

No. 784370

Yeah but she clearly wants to be discussed here considering her self posts. She’s not saying anorexia but she’s absolutely gunning for the “poor me I’m starving to deads” angle with all her sad face nose hose selfies and “wOoOpS lost some weight again very danger much frail”

No. 784378

Whether she binges and purges or only restricts, she still does not have anorexia nervosa. There’s no such thing as atypical anorexia binge purge subtype because atypical anorexia is the subtype of osfed itself. She needs intense psychiatric help to address her eating disorder regardless what the diagnosis is. But the diagnosis determines treatment protocol. And as someone who does not have a restrictive eating disorder, being treated for a restrictive ED will ultimately do more harm than good. She needs intense dbt more than she needs a nose hose or inpatient (where she can manipulate her way through the system and get what she wants)

No. 784383

The nose hose beast is really boring. Anything doing with the ana chans who're private?

No. 784401


from the screencaps posted on here, i'm not even sure she has a clinically obese bmi? definitely at the larger end of overweight but idk about obese

No. 784402

This atypical anorexia shit really bugs me, stop trying to be special, why is everyone so desperate for anorexia, why is it seen as cool. The other disorders are just as deadly!

No. 784429

They inadvertently do more harm than good trying to say that Atypical anorexia is part of AN. OSFED is incredibly deadly because no one takes it seriously. Start advocating for the disorder that is most common and incredibly dangerous. OSFED deserves research and medical attention just as much as AN does

No. 784433

File: 1552020048592.jpeg (186.46 KB, 750x1150, C36BEBA4-5A35-42E8-851C-A18522…)

No way this BMI is below 28. Looks like 32 to me.
She looks halfway decent with makeup. Dare I say pretty. Here’s hoping she gets out of new farm and lives her life

No. 784441

You may want to read something medical. Perhaps the DSM-V. It clearly states "Atypical Anorexia Subtypes:
Restricting type
Binge-eating/purging type "

No. 784452

you may want to reread the dsm more thoroughly.

No. 784461

It makes perfect sense to maintain your weight while recovering from a serious illness.

No. 784462

File: 1552029993638.jpg (407.82 KB, 1080x1784, emma.jpg)

This bitch is still skelly (I think), but she consistently uses this photo of her low weight to advertise how sick, she uses to be.

Screenshot is the link in @emmascrafton profile, image was used on her profile to. advertise the blog post.

No. 784474

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the ward that she's on is feeding her with a normal amount of food (for someone with a healthy bmi), shouldn't she be losing anyway at this weight? Like, wouldn't she need a higher amount of cals to maintain being overweight/obese?
I agree that the whole situation is both manipulative on Georgia's part, and actually really unhelpful for her. The docs must be stuck between a rock and a hard place where they can't advocate her losing weight on an ED ward (even though she clearly needs to), at the same time as trying to make her healthy. If she was severely malnourished, I'm sure the first protocol would be to pump her with IV fluids at a general hospital, not tubing her for refusing the odd meal. There's clearly more to this, non-ED wise. She needs a therapist not a tube.

No. 784480

File: 1552038971664.jpeg (223.61 KB, 711x1024, 6DED9C21-6C87-4EC7-A38C-261775…)

No. 784483

File: 1552040515420.jpeg (171.27 KB, 687x1024, EBB503FB-5219-4902-9722-FC44C0…)

No. 784484

People with eating disorders often have trashed metabolism. She probably ruined it before she lost any weight.

No. 784485

File: 1552041662637.jpg (551.97 KB, 1003x1647, osfed.jpg)

Should probably check these out.

No. 784487

File: 1552041723011.jpg (558.48 KB, 1080x1698, an1.jpg)

No. 784488

File: 1552041864235.jpg (872.87 KB, 1080x1927, an2.jpg)

No. 784489

File: 1552042017611.jpg (663.77 KB, 1080x1570, an3.jpg)

No. 784490

File: 1552042143831.jpg (627.32 KB, 1080x1413, an4.jpg)

No. 784491

File: 1552042208244.jpg (751.34 KB, 1080x1922, an5.jpg)

No. 784493

To be hone, I think Georgia is bulimic. She's big because her compensation is unsatisfactory, like bulimic compensation usually is.

Like you've all said, she skips a few meals to compensate for binging.

Having said that, being big isn't necessarily indicative of not having anorexia, but to be her size is exactly the "normal or over-weight" bulimic size.

No. 784496

is… is her boob shopped on?

No. 784502

I don’t think so, she’s just got naturally big titties

No. 784508

I never seen an anorexic in the obese bmi scale sorry

No. 784510

Do you seriously expect us all to read 6 pages of this shit?

No. 784525

any news on tinyboosteps?

No. 784530

her mum's car got written off so there's been a lot of complaining about that
one of her followers suggested using public transport to which becky responded that buses etc are far to difficult for her to deal with and she'd much rather get a taxi tyvm

No. 784535


They suddenly found enough money to get taxis for the next week.

Strange that she finds public transport difficult yet she's fine in a massive claustrophobic place like Primark and the Trafford Centre.

They've gone to Citizens Advice. Hope they made an appointment or that's a wasted trip.

No. 784536

Don't be retarded. You need to read the first page, and find the subtypes. The rest of fluff, I only left it there to make sure it remained coherent.

No. 784554

File: 1552062768380.png (966.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190308-163116.png)

I used to really love elzani, but lately I'm just thinking shit just ain't adding up, she has gained like 2lbs in a year max but continues to make such a big show of everything. Idk it's just really starting to bug me

No. 784569

File: 1552066652023.jpg (178.89 KB, 545x637, bi2uIH2qDp4.jpg)

Is this Emily the skeleton? I've only ever seen the profile pic of her. Henry Roth/Boll Bockman posted this. It looks like her. She looks an nth away from Ash.

No. 784572

I haven't watched her for ages because I don't like recovery vlogs or watching people have anxiety attacks. I don't like recovery vlogs because I'd say most of them are BS.

I remember seeing elzani trying new things and having breakdowns, but don't know how she's saying she's eating now. Remember Aly used to say she ate loads but had one mouthful in reality? This one is probably maintaining and restricts after eating whatever she posts. Or she throws it up. I'd check her out but I don't want loads of recovery recommendations.

No. 784574

So they went to citizens advice to ask about applying for a free bus pass…yet she always say she can't deal with public transport?
A follower commented and said that buying bus travel will be cheaper than taxis (having mentioned that they suddenly scraped enough money for taxis…). Becky is so full of bs

No. 784577

Surprised she didn't already have a free bus pass seeing how she likes free things.

Taxis are a rip off and sooo expensive. I make sure I always have £20 emergency money for a taxi in case I have to dash to hospital if a family member or the bf gets admitted (lol, the pessimism).

They've got enough money to get by. She just wants MORE money to buy shit, or plead poverty to get things sent to her. How did she afford those This Morning tickets? I think they were something like £30 each.

No. 784593

File: 1552072012109.jpg (494.08 KB, 1080x1674, IMG_20190308_190547.jpg)

So they waste money on a taxi to do this…?

No. 784600

They wait for the taxi inside a Hobbycraft? Um…okay. No way do they go to these shops and not buy things. They go to Hobbycraft and suddenly she finds craft stuff stored away.

They think someone's going to give them free car lol.

No. 784601

well there's a point!

No. 784609

the distance from citizens advice to hobbycraft is a mile…hmm

No. 784610

and actually further away from the direction of home and so more expensive to get a taxi

No. 784613

Hobbycraft isn't cheap either. She thinks she's got a "business", but knows nothing about sourcing wholesale price materials. I get the impression that her and her mum are a bit dense about how things work and how to do life. How did they afford to have her mum drive EVERY DAY to the Wirral for 18 months?

I'm not even sure her mum would get any perks of being a carer, like these free breaks. There're carers who look after relatives with terrible physical/mental/both disabilities or terminal illnesses. Becky's a spoop. Wow.

No. 784614

Exactly! There are children out there that are forced to care for their ill or disabled parents. What do they get for free?

No. 784616

A shitty award if they're lucky.

No. 784618

Honestly if she's struggling make your chanel about that, but stop saying you're recovering whilst staying the same weight, it gives people a false sense of recovery. It's gonna fuck up someone's world when they gain shit tonnes but she isn't. It's not fair.

No. 784620

this is the exact issue people have been having with @dying_to_be_healthy

No. 784631

File: 1552078962793.jpg (451.67 KB, 720x1232, Screenshot_20190308-160241_Ins…)

No. 784637


No. 784660

I can't see no outline and she's not even skinny.

No. 784661

What the fuck

No. 784736

Ugh such blatant skelly fetish material.

No. 784750

My thoughts too- she's not put on any weight and her videos are about nothing except food- getting boring. Bottom line is she needs to gain weight and she isn't/doesn't want to.

No. 784787

For sure, I think she needs to either be inpatient or at least seeing someone regularly outpatient, she needs a proper structured meal plan made by a dietitian and not just random crap,
I mean she's fucked up her body so much that she'll need increases of calories as her body gets hypermetabolic. At the minute she's probably eating just enough to maintain, or to repair damage to organs but defiantly not enough to gain.

No. 784791

Even for an anorexic she is way too obsessed by food- all her vlogs are either eating or food shopping. It's the not so subtle inclusions of shots showing how thin her legs still are or comments from her family saying how ill or thin she is. Not a lot of 'recovery' going on- I'd put money on the fact that all her food choices are very calorie controlled and she knows exactly what she's eating and that she's compensating somehow when she goes out for a meal or tries something new. Can't understand why the hospital discharged her when she's still so unwell.

No. 784796

Exactly! It's just sad that her family can't see through her anorexic tricks, although in her latest her dad did say she looks the same, and her sister called her out. I suppose in another few months when she still isn't gaining they may see, I had to stop watching because of the not so subtle body checks, it's a shitty thing to do and aim yoursekf at the recovery community

No. 784824

And the subtle editing to include her sister telling her she looks like she's dying ( hidden in the middle of her latest video).

No. 784839

I bet mealtimes are her family walking on eggshells and her dictating everything - why does it matter if her gran doesn’t have chips?- and then her having a crying breakdown over something followed by endless apologising to her family and making them feel guilty and her mum saying ‘there there dear you haven’t upset anyone’. She seems to be ‘recovering’ just for YouTube - which ain’t going to work! And does she really want future employers or friends to see some of the stuff she does ?

No. 784843

Yuuuo, she seems to ruin every outing with a meltdown, like her sisters birthday turned into let's all pat elzani ass for biting a burger. I wonder if here family are fed up of all the filming and omg guys I had this for the first time in ages, first time biting a doughnut, never had this before. Can you believe I just did that, guys do I look the same or different, guys you have to get this and this and that

No. 784844

It's like she wants all the good stuff of recovery and being a popular YouTube without actually recovering. That's only gonna fly for a few more months max before her fam ship her off to hospital where she'll actually have to gain.

No. 784935

oh yeah- i get mega "stfu sis" vibes from the sister

No. 784943

Don't think anyone is uninformed on subtypes tbf stop wasting your time

No. 784945

or more importantly stop wasting our time

No. 784946

Um hello the whole thread is on her, do you read?

No. 784947

File: 1552167178394.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190309-213225.png)

No. 784952

TL;DR buy my crafts so I can continue to waste money going to shopping centres every day whilst bitching about my financial situation online and shamelessly begging for handouts.

No. 784973

“should be a much higher price”
“godfather who’s a rep for a company”

looool ok. she’s been whinging about her godfather for ages and suddenly!!!
a lot of it is junk she’s had lying around the house for ages and you can tell, even the chains on the pendants look dirty af.
even if she was buying new materials from Hobbycraft…that place is notoriously overpriced so again, lol. she can repeat the word ‘business’ all she likes but evidently she’s put zero research into any of this. it’d be laughable if she wasn’t such a manipulative twat. at least a GFM would be more honest.

No. 784981

She's safe at the bottom of that tank if there really are ravenous sharks. Meat's stripped from dem bones.

>trying donations

That sounds so bad. How can she not see that.

No. 784986

I bet her prices will suddenly increase real soon because all these people are telling her too… when actually that's just more bullshit she's made up as an excuse to create a whole new sob story

No. 784995

The funny thing is she knows about lolcow and has made posts about it before so it actually sees all this and is still brazen enough to carry on the pity party begging even though they're loaded

No. 785000

Anyone got anything on improvinglexi andr creepy singing and half nude shots praying about in her knickers?
Any milk on bullcrapbets who does exactly that, bullshits an ED?
The list goes on, need something worth talking about.


Any news on Ashley?

No. 785001

Yeah do people know what happened to curvesbetweenmyribs or realitybehindmysmile

No. 785004

File: 1552175022263.jpeg (537.37 KB, 750x1105, F40C49EB-5760-45C9-9406-663F70…)

BECKY, YOUR MUM FEELS DOWN BECAUSE SHE’S TRAPPED WITH YOU. You’ve knackered her out, you’ve knackered her car out with your daily shopping trips, and you’re STILL whinging and refusing to take any responsibility. It’s all well and good sharing crying selfies about how she needs a (free) holiday… What she needs and deserves is some semblance of a life of her own. Not dictated to and suffocated by you.

No. 785005

Can you post screen shots because most of those are private.
Anons have been pissy about Starchild702, but that was in the distant past. Hope she finally lost the nose hose.

Aly's really, really boring (see autosaged abandoned Aly thread).

Ash is at https://www.instagram.com/bury.wingless.crows/
There's a thread about her that's pretty active on KF

The point of a break for carers is for RESPITE from the person they care for. Becky wants to go because, hey, free holiday and can't be without mummy.

No. 785006

OOPS i meant pissy about posting starchild. I think some anons were matey with her or knew her from IP so spoke about her in code. She was given immunity from lolcow for being ~really sick~ but, y'know…

No. 785008

Since when was fantastamagical milky?

No. 785027

I'm not recommending anyone watch this because the guy probably wants hits, but he made video about Terri and how she's the worrrrst anorexic he's everrrr seeeeen.

I hadn't even bothered to check on her for ages, but that youtube was recommended so I was curious. Of course she hasn't got her shit together. Last video was about how she's got a new bed.

I didn't even watch it all (up to where he says she'd stink of ammonia or something), but putting it here because she was mentioned for her pro ana, scam, fake recovery bs a while ago.

No. 785052

No but id be interested if anyone does-wasn't one trying to go to South Africa for treatment ?

No. 785064


Does anyone else find this girl so ridiculous they occasionally wonder if her brain is really messed up from the ed? Like how can anyone in their right mind beg like that when its obvious they arent so broke they are nearly homeless. I mean she is OBVIOUSLY indicating she wants someone to buy her these shoes, if you are THAT broke you would put 100% of your begging energy into getting money for rent etc, this is an effort which LOWERS the chance of getting money for essential items because obviously if some idiot sees this and buys the shoes they probably aren't going to also pay her rent for a week. Gosh it annoys me when there are people really needing help out there.

Sage i guess for not adding much but a rant

No. 785116

Except you didn’t actually sage…

No. 785135

File: 1552231535774.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-03-10-15-25-23…)

This is actually getting boring now…

No. 785152

Posting heavily edited shots, attention seeking behaviours, claims best friends with everyone who dies to name a few pointers.

No. 785154

Only just, maaaan someone just put her out of her misery of life is that bloody bad.
Give everyone a break

No. 785156

Yes like the fake asd then ed behaviour can be excused and disregarded.
Her green card to do what she wants

No. 785158

Thought same with the friends situ. Dunno but how absurd that shes convinced herself that these people know her personally when reality is a few comments online here and there. Then she calling their family and finding out about funerals. It's odd

No. 785159

Yeah many crying stories 2. Y do people do that. Post crying ugly faces?

No. 785171

I always think this as well. It's just point blank attention seeking. If they were really upset or distressed, at what point do they think "one sec just grab a selfie of my disgusting snot covered face" Followers love that shit.

No. 785178

the way she pathetically begs for these ugly ass shoes and makes a disgusting show of "I want this frivolous item I wish someone would buy it for me!!" day in and day out makes me want to burn all my material possessions and live an ascetic monk lifestyle

No. 785203

Why's that bird got wings in its head?

It pisses me off how she talks about having no money when they're on benefits. Benefits ARE ENOUGH when you know how to economise and her mum's fucking old enough to have figured that out by now.


Jesus Christ. Watch a "cleansing your aura" ASMR for free.

The NHS is pretty limited if previous treatments haven't helped much, but a lot of it depends on how much YOU put into it, and she seems to just be an arsehole with psych staff. Two decades in the system here and I take what I can and work with it. Work fucking hard at times. They don't just give up on you if they see you want to improve and you don't treat the staff like they're shit.

Her life isn't even that bad. She's mentally ill, welcome to the club. She can walk, she can go out shopping, she can fuck around with selfies, she can concentrate on activities, she can go into crowded stores, etc.

She'd get a bed for her ED and if she truly wanted to feel better, she'd take it. So, no, Becky, fuck your e begging, what you need is out there for free. Don't guilt trip people that not giving you money will kill you, YOU'RE the one who's doing that. You're not sorry at all.

No. 785204

File: 1552249257718.jpg (388.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190310-162051_Ins…)

No. 785207

Пошёл На Хуй толстяк

No. 785210

What're those spots all over her body?

No. 785227

I love how she’s probably completely convinced that this isn’t racist at all

No. 785231

Lol I can't stop laughing at this!!!!!

No. 785233

Right, it's kinda the last thing anyone would do but no, have a snot bubble selfie

No. 785255

File: 1552259257779.jpg (40.37 KB, 587x233, always.JPG)

>always stocking up for their next project

No. 785345

No money. Uh right Becky! Karma will swing back around, no wonder she won't get better when she's full of greed and takes from people by using her mental illnesses to con them.

No. 785416

File: 1552314111129.jpg (77.42 KB, 720x1280, 1997262704420340580_5756744959…)

First world problems.

Omg, their lives EVOLVED around having a car.

Being sans car makes me do stupid things too, like catch the bus or tram. Sometimes walk. It's unbearable. Sorry.

No. 785417

bitch get an uber

No. 785419

someone even suggested in a comment on her post that she looks into zipcar or some similar kind of care share service but she’ll probably come up with some excuse
there are so many other options- owning a car is a luxury that loads of people can’t afford, it’s not exactly the end of the world

No. 785422

File: 1552315714437.jpg (25.18 KB, 257x189, ll.JPG)

Looks like she deleted this comment.

No. 785423

File: 1552315767548.jpg (14.74 KB, 260x80, overeaters.JPG)

And here she'll say, "Money doesn't buy mental health".

No. 785424

File: 1552316092627.jpg (506.64 KB, 1070x1694, Screenshot_20190311-145443.jpg)

No. 785439

Talking of benefits does Elzani just live off her parents? Surely they can only support her for so long. If she's not in treatment what's she doing all day?( apart from vlogs and going food shopping)

No. 785492

The only thing the car allows her to do is go looking in the shops or the fucking garden centre, every. fucking. day. It's not like the car's making her progress any. Same thing day in, day out. She can't be arsed to challenge herself in any way at all, so no sympathy here. Not a scrap.

No. 785508

They managed to go to Morrisons and Primark. Well done, Becky, you really pushed yourself there.

No. 785558

File: 1552341621174.png (6.61 MB, 1125x2436, DC314B55-ED8C-4C92-BED0-40CA41…)

Just saw this, Jesus Christ why take a photo of your tear stained face with the caption?! IT MAKES NO SENSE

No. 785609

Bit like Elzani crying and having a ‘breakdown ‘ in her vlogs- like why film it?
I can’t believe that she has been ill for 7 years and her parents still have no idea what a fear food is ( and aside from she’s got it wrong - fear foods can have rational fears like previous association memories not just random fears).
And seriously - 2 crumpets for breakfast is hardly a weight gain diet- and the amount she squeezed them how much butter ended up on her plate!

No. 785616


Too many attention seeking (or whatever they are) people feel the need to document EVERYTHING about their life. If their life's an ED or a stomach thing or a connective tissue thing or whatever. Just stfu and get on with it. I don't want to see you being brave/crying eating breakfast. They're all so fake.

No. 785634

They always seem to be the most immature as well. Really want someone to take care of them and will do anything to ensure that. They WANT pity

No. 785706

Right, like including a testy/tantrum clip once or twice could help communicate and educate others about the reality of eating disorders but when it’s literally every single video it gets boring and comes off as insincere

No. 785716

File: 1552389208393.jpg (654.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190312-055222_Ins…)

No. 785736

Nothing to be proud of.

No. 785738

ah, because swallowing pills is specific to mental health

No. 785740

File: 1552396394361.jpg (219.76 KB, 1080x1522, IMG_20190312_130924.jpg)

Imagine if someone bought this not knowing that it's not even gonna look right when worn. She's holding the wings open clearly as it's heavy and probably sags like her nans tits. A decent person wouldn't sell something that won't actually look like it does in the photo.

No. 785744

File: 1552397778687.png (707.29 KB, 750x1334, 78D8736C-BACF-48AD-AE04-5E0680…)

Looks like she took a shit on a piece of paper. ART!

No. 785814

File: 1552412229786.jpg (33.83 KB, 720x1280, 1997965588007209295_5756744959…)

You made Becky cry.

She loses followers at an astounding rate.

No. 785815

Honestly, why is she ALWAYS crying?

No. 785818

Probably because she feels like shit because she doesn't eat and won't bother dealing with it. Probably on the wrong meds.

I've been on adult psych wards in the past and the only time I remember seeing someone cry is when this 60+ year old woman didn't want to go for her ECT. It's not like we were all drugged into comas, but going IP to a regular psych ward helps gets meds right. She probably wouldn't even do that.

I can't feel any sympathy for anyone who doesn't try to make their shitty situation better. Can you imagine the manipulation she dishes out to her mum. I can't see any other reason why she doesn't get sectioned again except her mum sticks her oar in and stops it because Becky says she'll kill herself or something.

No. 785821

File: 1552413075525.jpeg (595.48 KB, 750x1044, 869A3E9E-35A1-4A2E-A8C4-6FBCEC…)

“based on opinion and not fact” i think most of our opinions about people on here come from the facts we are given,

No. 785830

I would be surprised if she's on any meds at all tbh

No. 785833

File: 1552415532192.png (43.26 KB, 670x483, becky.png)

It's not a "silly thing", it's fucking ludicrous.

No. 785845

File: 1552416581977.jpeg (299.18 KB, 750x1222, 55ABFA72-592F-43CF-87AF-F2B7C6…)

Martines_healing is back in hospital and sectioned. You’re all shocked, I’m sure. Another one who clearly has no desire to function as an adult. At least 1 doc has realized she’s a waste of resources.

No. 785869

She’s deleted it now but posted a photo of her after headbanging with blood running all the way down past her nose

No. 785918

File: 1552424272805.jpg (425.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190312-165423_Ins…)

No. 785980

File: 1552438290899.jpg (282.26 KB, 720x1111, Screenshot_20190312-162808_Ins…)

No. 785983

This post has nothing special about it.

No. 786096

Elzanis "yummy dance" reminds me of Paris so much

No. 786103

Y’all are embarrassing with these self posts

No. 786117

I legit find it ridiculous that I scroll through insta and there’s all these people with BPD claiming to have anorexia and getting tubed while in an acute unit at high BMIs! One picture they’ve got a tube and the next they’re eating dominoes or cookies and treats. They all seem to be in the same unit too - probably bouncing of each other @zoeygetsbetter @em_flourishes

No. 786128

holy shit what’s up with zoeygetsbetter’s hands?

No. 786129

Guessing a birth defect, not cool to use that as milk though

No. 786137

amniotic band syndrome

No. 786139

Is that you zoeygetsbetter?

No. 786147

File: 1552483293498.png (3.22 MB, 1242x2208, CB01D2DF-BB4A-43CC-8104-25AE9E…)

Is spaceship shooping here?

No. 786157

Her videos are just boring- all they consist of are her eating or her family cooking - and she repeats the same thing over and over.
She’s clearly not had any follow up after leaving hospital because she’s making up her own meal plan. Doesn’t she realise that the majority of the people who watch her channel will have eating disorders and be able to see straight through her , and that she’s doing more harm to the people who do want to recover - her tag ‘anorexia recovery ‘ is a load of rubbish - at first I thought she was genuine but now I think she’s turned into one of those people who post ‘ look at me I’m eating all this food so you can eat it too ( only I’m not actually recovering but want to stay skinny and let all the other anorexics put on weight )’.

No. 786167

She's probably calorie counting everything to the same ridiculous degree as Paris does as well. And no doubt she makes sure she goes on every dog walk ( of which there seem to be several each day) and every trip to Tesco or M&S.
If she gets her knickers in such a knot over her family eating different amounts or things to her she doesn't stand a chance of getting better- people are different and have different hunger levels.

No. 786213

I don’t doubt that a lot of people with online recovery accounts have bpd. But statistically they aren’t going to be restrictive subtype. It’s either an b/p/bulimia or a ploy for attention (or determination to get an an diagnosis for attention)
Just contortion

No. 786214

No way, I know this girl! She posts pictures like this regularly, was in a psych ward for like 2 years and makes absolutely no effort to get better. She posts this stuff to snapchat too, pictures of her head split way open. I always wanted her to be brought up but she isn’t exactly relevant.

She’s exactly the same as smorven, just younger and English.

No. 786288

Does Becky understand that she could get charged with benefit fraud just seems really silly to chance it when she seems so stressed already.

No. 786492

I don't think she has to declare she's supposed to declare earnings. She's definitely making enough for it to affect her benefits.

No. 786493

Sorry for brain fart, I mean she doesn't have a clue she's supposed to declare it*

No. 786499

I'm also not 100% sure about this, but if she's receiving donations, unless it's registered as a charity then she'd have to declare that for tax?

Seems bit off that she got over £1k on gofundme and the DWP didn't know about it.

No. 786546

File: 1552578503398.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1499, IMG_20190314_154751.png)

The thigh gap editing makes her have like, the opposite of a crotch bulge

No. 786548

File: 1552578966579.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1739, 23B1E62E-A296-4299-98A8-411344…)

oh Kelsey…

No. 786549

Poor deformed child.

If she had legs like that, her knees would for sure look bony. Pretty sure her Fugg boots would have a massive gap around because her clves woule be too thin.

Still, nice plain white surface to sh00p.

No. 786550

You beat me to it. Her crotch is like a plateau. Also look at the indent on her right calf, shop fail?

No. 786551

I don't think she'd actually have a crotch at that height.

No. 786565

Yeah the DWP is hardly going to believe that selling goods for "donation". It's earnings and she isn't entitled to it. Someone else on Twitter got in bother for not declaring.

No. 786567

Yeah, I'm reporting her. Not to cowtip, but because I'm a law abiding citizen who hates benefits cheats.

No. 786577

File: 1552584874365.png (114.92 KB, 652x417, Untitled.png)


No. 786585

I actually LOLed at this post. It's so bad. Her knees would definitely be boney AF. She's literally shopped her legs to Ashley-level-thickness so she definitely needs to work on her skills if she wants it to look even remotely convincing. Just copy and paste Kelsey, you're fooling no one.

No. 786587

How long do you think it'll take before she sees this or someone cowtips and makes her have a hissy fit? If only there was a way to make her feel better!? Immediately posts wishlist link hint hint
We're definitely due a snot faced selfie any moment.

No. 786591

I'd say she's aware of lolcow and reads about herself because since this was posted
not long ago
She's closed the fund. Only found that out gathering information about the £1000+ she profited from it.

She had a gift in the post yesterday, so she'll definitely need something major to keep going on. Those trainers. Idk why she doesn't just declare it.

Going back around 6 years when I was out of work, there was a scheme where you could sell handmade crap on a market. If you sold a really small amount (£20 or something), they'd top up your earnings and you'd still be able to sell more. Kinda like trying to get you self employed. That'd probably make her "fit for work" and "doesn't need a carer" so she wouldnt want that. Not wanting to improve her condition is her main obstacle. She's not as ill as she makes out to be, or there are other majorly spoopier people who work (the brianne girl who's like a skeleton and worked at Tim Hortons.

No. 786648

>Continues to cowtip to authorities.
Continues to inform authorities something illegal may be happening.

Maybe reasearch the benefits she and her mother claim?

No. 786652

File: 1552593702758.jpg (84.21 KB, 737x585, 0.JPG)

Also not registered as a business when she'd definitely selling for profilt.

No. 786660


>Not to cowtip

>Shows proof of cowtipping while bragging about snitching

No. 786674

How is that cowtipping?

> Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping)

If you think anyone cheating the benefits system is "cool" then you're an arsehole.

No. 786675

I think she’ll be still in the same place doing the same thing and eating the same thing in 6 months time . I know people with EDs are obsessed with food but she takes it to a whole extra level! Her videos are nothing else.
She’s nowhere near in a place to do the intuitive eating she is pretending to do, and it’s a very anorexic thing to save up all your calories for the evening and then mini binge on big bars of chocolate .

No. 786686

Do. Not. Engage. With. The. Lives. Of. Cows.

How hard is it to understand what cow tipping is?
Your justice boner is not what lolcow is about. Sit down.

No. 786688


Stop derailing. Feel free to ignore if a cow ever details how they've fucked a dog, said something hinting at a terror attack, given Rohypnol to an unsuspecting person. It's not about justice. There're too many dumb fucks ruining the country with scams and that's more important than an image board. Obviously you've never had to rely on benefits or been treated like shite because of the reputation these parasites give everyone. Good for you.

Now stfu and stop derailing.

No. 786695

File: 1552600920941.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-220120.png)

No. 786697

File: 1552601095955.png (2.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-220511.png)

No. 786704

Can you all just leave becky alone? she's really mentally ill & doesn't deserve the shit on here tbh. You don't know someone's lives just from photos and an instagram page & honestly she has no milk. She's just trying her best despite battling severe mental illnesses.

No. 786710

I think her milk was the constant scrounging and using the illness to sponge off her followers, whilst complaining how dire everything is and how poor they are. It's derailed a bit I think.
She's clearly mentally ill, I agree, but is definitely using it as an excuse to warrant people buying her stuff, thinking she deserves free holidays when there are so many others out there struggling with the same EDs/mental illnesses. She's not making any effort to help herself or go through the hell of recovery. Someone who shows what they've been through, make progress, make effort, accept support despite everything in your head is saying otherwise is someone who deserves acknowledgement, holidays etc etc.
She knows she's receiving hate for it yet continues because of the pity party that always follows, which she thrives on.

No. 786712

Look, whilst I agree that it's necessary ethically to think of how your words might affect someone when posting on a public forum, the purpose of this thread is to discuss the things aside from the eating disorder that make a person milky. To claim that Becky has no milk is ridiculous

No. 786713

It's not DLA that's the problem (as it's tax exempt and you can work) it's ESA which you would receive for not being able to work due to illness. You cannot work for donations for treatment, and what is this treatment? Alternative therapies may work but only used in combination with typical treatment and she says Yoga and meditation are routes she is looking at, she can do that currently from home free of charge. she could start the ball rolling on moving forward

No. 786715

There are medication and yoga classes free in most places - usually town halls or evening classes. If it's not free, it's really cheap.

Even the NHS do relaxtion, meditation, mindfulness, etc. When I was waiting to be called to see my doctor there was some kind of bonding with baby group going on in one of the rooms. The mothers were rubbing the babies stomachs on the floor and all that. NHS classes would be free.

No. 786716

meditation classes, not medication lol

No. 786735

I’m sorry but she isn’t trying her best. If she was trying her best she’d be actively trying to find help, RIGHT NOW, not e-begging and posting manipulative threats when called on it. No doubt she is mentally ill but it doesn’t make her exempt to being called on her shitty behaviour. She’s cheating the system and posting these subtle manipulation tactics to distract you, and everyone else, from the fact.

No. 786737

I doubt she really will for real start "recovery" when they move AT THE END OF THE YEAR. Someone wrote a comment "holistic therapy isn't going to make you eat more", and that goes with meditation and floatation tanks.

Her followers are enabling her to carry on what she's doing (nothing), and even though recently some have suggested ways to help she immediately writes them off.

She'd put herself through hell if she wanted to recover, like genuine in recovery people with EDs do. Somehow she thinks paying a fortune for hippy treatments is going to make a difference.

No. 786837


Narrator: She was not done

No. 786855

A compilation of her fugly ass crying selfies would be milky enough even without the e-begging

No. 786907

How do you know she's losing followers?

No. 786945

She needs to admit she's not in recovery but that new fanged term 'quasi recovery' she hasn't gained any weight going by her videos .

No. 786996

File: 1552674138520.png (25.51 KB, 555x414, bb.png)

No. 787007

I wonder what Becky's story really is. She got a PlayStation VR (not cheap) for Christmas one year and posted a YouTube video in an Audi and her old selfies were in a car that looked too new to be £400. She also has old photos of her wearing her beloved Zara at home.

Did she come from a semi-comfortable lifestyle and suddenly sank into poverty because of her BPD/ED? Maybe her dad/godfather supported them and stopped? Maybe that's why she is going on like she is destitute?

No. 787012

No idea, but reading this
it's extra frustrating she won't sort herself out. Anas with nothing going for them (eg Aly) recover to do nothing, but Becky used to have motivation and talent and it's all wasted.

No. 787030

File: 1552680577585.jpg (625.53 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20190315-200935.jpg)

No. 787049

Closed this profile down and got herself a new one. Any1 been given the 'privalidge' to follow it yet?

No. 787095


Fuck off and leave Lucy alone. She isn't milky. And frankly it's sad that you're so obsessed with her that you're STILL trying to harass her.

She has never lied about her autism diagnosis. She has never photoshopped her pictures in the way you claim she does.

Are you trying to push her to get worse? All she wants is a fucking space where assholes like you don't scrutinise every fucking breath she takes.

Have some fucking respect and leave her alone.

No. 787100

Seems like it's one anon who's tried to bring her up a couple of times. Nobody's responding/interested, so ignore it.

Nothing's been said about her (except by that one anon), and I've never even heard of her and I've been here for years.

I really doubt anyone else is going to post about her because , like I said, nobody else has said anything about her.

Ignore it because all that's been said is one shitty comment by one person. Maybe it's your friend's illness making her overreact, but nothing's been said about her in connection with funerals or anything (unless she goes by a different name??) Has she even got the right place?

No. 787115

Lurking lucy?
All photos are indeed exaggerated and photoshopped and that is milk.
Just like anyone else Kelsey for example.
I suggest you are a cow lurking, if not in fact Lucy herself?
Maybe pasture is the right place for you.
Amusing how you are interested in what is being said?
There are numbers of mentions by anons here. It's free to discuss any cow who has milk so(hi [cow])

No. 787142

Show us the milk then

No. 787190

Look lucy (or Lucy lover) no one asked you to b here. Go to pasture already!
Did you not see anon said account was closed.
If person has no milk why close account time and time again. Take down everythin. Somethin to hide???????

No. 787235

No, maybe she took it down because she wants to be left alone. She wants her life to be free of harassment and judgment. The milk which was reported over her falsely claiming to have autism was wrong- as she showed in the post which has now been removed. Why waste so much of your energy on someone who is clearly unwell and is just looking to be accepted in some way? Leave her the fuck alone, she has left ig now because of this, and move on to the many other lives you are picking at. Learn to have some fucking respect for other human beings and how they express their distress. If you don’t like it, move on and grow the fuck up.

No. 787267

Clearly a cow

No. 787297

This stinks of self-posting lmaooooooooooooo

And so does this. Get lost Lucy or stop licking up her ass if you’re not her.

No. 787309

Can we talk about someone else? Opinions on Elzani?

No. 787318


Check these out.

No. 787319

Aly has her own thread, auto saged though I believe. >>740653
And her current account is: @itsaly_eleanor

No. 787332

Learn to use an imageboard dumbass

No. 787336

Lucy getting mad.
Her followers are sheep baaaaah.
She has new account.
Aly comments on other people's IGs.. It kills me.(namefag)

No. 787337

Sadfxiry has no milk…

No. 787358

Her dance videos are funny though, but she's been discussed way back when she was friends with Crying Emily.

No. 787372

How do you know of a new account?

No. 787374

File: 1552764724152.jpg (615.72 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190316-193107.jpg)

Beccys begging got her a car jfc. I wish people would stop rewarding her behaviour.

No. 787376

Just saw this. Can afford to finance an mot and service, real hard up ain't we Becky?????

No. 787381

FFS, you're literally the only person in the fucking world who still gives af about that person. Girls insta is gone, who gives af. Why you so obsessed? Are you a fatcow? :'/

No. 787388

Move the hell on then, seems to be YOU that can't let things go lol

No. 787391


MoVe ThE HeLl On
I love not letting things go. Specially if they come with chocolate chips. I'd offer, but you'd probs just throw it up after.

No. 787394

Where's the milk?

No. 787395

and think of you!!!!!

No. 787397


(⁄ ⁄◕⁄‿⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿) Whats ur fav type of grass???!!!? ehrmerghed.( autism (⁄ ⁄◕⁄‿⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿))

No. 787403

A car that's been sitting immobile for a decade in a garage. Is that thing even going to work?

No. 787436

If farmhands are bickering between themselves now, it’s clear the milk is running dry. It’s just getting too funny to watch. Maybe move on?

No. 787437

>>787436 farmhands aren't the ones arguing, it's the farmers

No. 787438

Oh dear…

No. 787439


The milk is not only dry, it's also skimmed and lactose free. I blame vegans tbh.

No. 787441

Don’t forget the oats in the milk… unless that makes it too dry for them to bear…

No. 787444

there's a whole generation of potential cows turning 16 this year so hopefully full fat full cream milk will be back on the meal plan soon

No. 787445

File: 1552772490828.jpg (40.98 KB, 500x461, 1o578f.jpg)


10/10 would lick it.

No. 787450

Let’s hope it has a good layer of cream on the top to lure them in.

No. 787451

if not, they can have it down the tube
the NGeneration are upon us

No. 787452

Maybe ED fakery's too passe for the kids in 2019. They might've hopped on the EDS or DID bandwagon. Trans is trendy. They might be doing trans instead.

No. 787453

funnily enough there is one potential cow who i think is currently 15 who has started to claim EDS and POTS

No. 787454

There you go.

I wish cults were a thing. I'd love a thread about cult cows.

I'm only finding real ED #worriors on ig. It's weird really.

No. 787476

Whats a cult cow lol? Don't think there are any ED bitches involved in cults. This would be hella milky!

No. 787478

Hm. I keep seeing it. Why do so many of these cows claim EDS or POTS? like, even if they had the symptoms… it's obviously the eating disorder and malnutrition that caused it (or variations of similar symptoms) Are they really that disillusioned? (I guess that's a trick question, but it looks so stupid from the outside when it's so obvious)

No. 787598

NG’s are so 2018/19… I think the TPN generation are upon us after some of the shit shows from some cows, aka JTE, last summer

No. 787610

I remember back in the day there was an online cult or at least a religion created in the pro-ana community. I only knew of it when AnaGirlEMpath was running a site called Anas Underground Grotto but it apparently predates that, it was called AnaMadim. But despite that religious-based eating disorders have always been a thing, I don't think so much with cults as I think they've always been solo flyers. Would be fascinating if there was actually a real cult exposed in the future outside of the whole raw til four fiasco.

Tried looking it up to fact check it/make corrections, and there's a modern page about children in the pro-ana community using emoji spells to lose weight. What on earth is wrong with kids these days? I knew emojis are cancerous (certainly when you see them abused by IGers) but this is a whole new level.

No. 787621

Has she ever given an explanation as to why she won’t use public transport and requires a car so badly?

I really hope the car works for maybe 2 miles and then completely gives up. I’m sick of this bitch being rewarded for her shameless begging and manipulation tactics. She needs a good hard slap.

No. 787623

Because she is a special snowflake who can't take public transportation or any form of treatment yet she can frequent large shopping venues, garden centres, clothes shops and craft stores without issue.
Dwp must be thick with the lies coming from this princess

No. 787624

Makes me sick because DWP regularly tell genuinely disabled people that they’re fit for work but Mummy’s Princess here probably laps up the high rate of PIP despite having no issue with the things you said.

She’s probably below the BMI limit for having a driver’s license but if she wants a car so badly she should fucking get one. Her poor mother must be driving herself (literally) into an early grave running around after her.

No. 787625

Emoji spells wtf??? That's a thing?
Ummmm k!!!!
Kids are dumb as fuck, were they dropped at birth?

Heard of anas underground but didn't know it was a cult or cult based.
Interesting that Ed's can be cult based tho, never thought that could happen. Not as in a cult formed off online anyways.
That'd be mental af.

No. 787627

>>787621 let's not forget she has a free bus pass too

No. 787633

Apparently she's just applied for one, which is shocking seeing as though she likes free stuff so bad. Still, instead of paying for a bus ticket, they still waste stupid amounts of money on cabs. It seems like all her anxieties about using public transport will magically disappear once she can travel for free? Otherwise why bother applying for it?

No. 787636

File: 1552828885380.jpeg (342.29 KB, 636x885, AA83A241-660D-4380-A8FC-C7CA1C…)

and so it continues. I think she's starved away any type of credible brain cell or self preservation.
As I've said b4 begging is an every day obsession despite the knowledge she's pointed out about being talked about online. SHE STILL DOES IT!!!!!!!
She's a scab to society

No. 787638

Dunno why she wants one coz states she can't take public transport. Probs co it's a freebie. Gotta love a freebie lol

No. 787643

File: 1552833261915.jpg (49.54 KB, 614x274, bs.JPG)

Single Float
Single 1 hour session to try this wonderful experience

No. 787645

File: 1552833822059.png (672.31 KB, 829x595, free.png)

more freebies

No. 787646

File: 1552833911874.jpg (30.36 KB, 594x165, begging.JPG)

No. 787649

File: 1552834422201.jpg (139.99 KB, 1079x565, IMG_20190317_145239.jpg)


No. 787650

She literally has no shame

No. 787651

Yeah, but she wants to do all the fad therapies that the celebrities are raving about!!!

No. 787652

File: 1552834994170.jpg (23.85 KB, 273x198, jfc.JPG)

Get this twat!

No. 787656

She’s deluded if she truly thinks that floating therapy is going to cure or even remotely help her. What’s the bet that the money she raises for treatment will be spent on Zara clothes, shopping trips and overpriced craft materials?

If she gets PIP or any other disability payments doesn’t that mean she qualifies for a motability car too? She’s ridiculously transparent with this begging, anyone with half a brain cell can see she’s full of shit.

Why does she feel so entitled to free stuff too? Plenty of people are spoopy, even spoopier than her, and don’t have this massive sense of entitlement. If she wants things she should be prepared to work for them. Spoiled brat.

No. 787658

“Too in love to miss out”
If you’re skint, that’s what you have to do. Miss out. Why the fuck does she need Cath Kidston stuff anyway when places like Asda and Tesco sell bags and purses etc? Absolutely shameless.

No. 787660

File: 1552836615761.jpg (8.92 KB, 284x177, images.jpg)

>If she gets PIP or any other disability payments doesn’t that mean she qualifies for a motability car too?

I was wondering about this and presumed the car they had was a benefit thing. My bfs sister-in-law was on dialysis and was given a car. Idk how that shit works, but if they can afford to run a car then "poverty"? Don't make me fucking laugh.

Better send a load of that Cath Kidston chicken merch to NZ. That'd lift spirits during their ~dark times~

No. 787661

how and why are reputable companies falling for her shit?

this girl has no shame- does she really think this is how the world works? if you can't afford something, you wait until you can to buy it or just fuckin accept that you can't have it

No. 787679

File: 1552838823082.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-03-17-16-06-25…)

She's definitely lurking

No. 787682

File: 1552839261618.png (14.78 KB, 256x348, 0.png)

She definitely lurks, but that comment's probably more to do with this [img]

She doesn't like to hear the truth. If anyone tells her she needs to eat she cries I KILL ME.

Pretty hard to give up when you haven't even started anything, and it's a convenient way to get out of doing something by blaming someone else.

No. 787689

Why can’t more people see through this emotional blackmail? Every time she’s criticised she starts crying that she’s going to “give up”, if you’re that sensitive to criticism then why document so much of your personal life online, including daily begging for free stuff that you’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve?

No. 787693

She literally brings it all on herself, then her follow up crying or "I give up" posts is just for all the pity that she receives after. If it was really getting to you, or you actually did give up, surely you'd try something new, take the advice some followers give her, change your ways? But she just keeps it up because she gets the encouragement from the sheep that follow her. It's really not doing her any good whatsoever. It's a vicious cycle that she's thriving in. I mean, why would you bother if you constantly got sent free stuff and "there-there" ass pats!

No. 787695


Motability cars are only given to people with disabilities in extremes circumstances, cars that need modifications for drivers who can’t use their feet, cars for wheelchairs etc. She wouldn’t get one based on her current issues.

No. 787700

File: 1552845070740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.74 KB, 670x613, 0.JPG)

How come someone with dialysis had one (it wasn't specially adapted though). She'd had her kidneys removed, but that's not really a disability? Nvm I should ask her myself lol

Becky has two options:
Be a pitiful snowflake who wakes up, watches shite on tv with mummy, gets mummy to drive her to shops, looks in shops with mummy, goes home, posts crying selfies on instagram and writes about how she ~almost~ took an OD and definitely did do bad self harm. She can do that for a few years until her mum dies of stress

Stop being a soft twat and go IP under the NHS (no they haven't abndoned her), gain weight, get healthier, go to college, get a job, get her own place, make friends other than mummy, buy whatever crap she likes with her own money and help her mother out, travel, go to the cinema with friends, get pissed and have fun.

She's one of the mid range mentally ill people. She's not anywhere near unfixable, unlike Ash, I think she doesn't want to get well. If she did she'd go IP and work like a bastard to get well.

Because who'd rather be wank fodder for dirty old men [img] than an independent woman who can look at herself and say, Yeah I'm fucking amazing - I did it.

This whole self harm drama's so old. It's not even uncommon. Instagram does not give you a "more fucked up than you" star for ever reference to how suicidal you are. It's up to her to change things. Her followers don't give a damn in reality, they're sick themselves.

No. 787708

Smorven got one and she’s not physically disabled in any way?

No. 787713

It’s for her carers to drive. Her bmi is too low for her to drive.

No. 787718

And all her followers including the few I named above are begs.
Sadfxairy, livelaughcry, bambirecoversxo, foreverchanginglife, keeley00, chloesjourney
Let's give them all hate.
I think two of them have kids. Poor kids living with incompetent mothers.
Thank you Lucy for introducing us to new begs.(not your personal army)

No. 787719

If she receives a higher rate PIP then she qualifies for a motability car, but receiving a higher rate PIP means you're supposed to be physically very unwell (eg only able to walk a certain distance unaided, unable to bath/shower unaided etc etc).
The payments (or part of the payments, depending on what car you choose) get sent directly to the car company instead of your bank account…but if Becky and her mum are already struggling so much financially, they'd need all the funds they can get, so surely this isn't a viable option… This is were none of what she's saying adds up about all their financial woes, unless they were in some sort of crazy amount of debt.
She's said before they've been to citizens advice and they would definitely have been told about all the benefits they're entitled to. The benefits are calculated and issued for you to get by as you're unable to work. I've noticed she seems extremely hush hush about benefits, but they have to be receiving what they're entitled to (unless they're both actually completely clueless) and that amount would not be leaving you in the dire situation she's making it all out to be. They'll also be helped in regards to their housing, so seriously what bills are left that has left them with no money?
I think it's all just made up to be an excuse for all the e-begging that she loves so much.

No. 787721


I sense butthurt. You're, still, literally the only one who still gives a fuck. Milks dry, move the fuck on.>>787718

No. 787723

This sounds like dustbinflowers. We are not your personal army (whether you're her or not). Sadfxairy's just a bit self obsessed and posts a million pics of her lifting her leg in the air. That isn't milk.

No. 787724

File: 1552849323884.jpg (680.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190317-190115_Ins…)

No. 787725

File: 1552849646506.jpg (314.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190317-190609_Ins…)

No. 787726

Yeah, mental illness does suck. You're not the only one who experiences it.

Also, if you're asking for money from people they have a right to know what you're spending it on.

Wow 6+ years. I envy you've only had mental illness for 6 years. Oh wait, obviously I, and everyone else, hasn't suffered as much as you. We're not as special, right?

Jesus Christ. See a fucking exorcist.

No. 787730


>Not your personal army.

No. 787731

She truly thinks she’s the only one who’s had to suffer with mental illness. Yes, it’s your life, and it’s up to you to make it better. The only thing that will improve her life is gaining weight but she seems totally uncommitted to doing that. She prefers begging over the Internet and crying like she’s so persecuted against and we all have no idea when someone is like “hey, that’s not right”.

“Why would anyone donate to a cause that won’t work?” They aren’t. They know it won’t work, and so do you. You clearly lurk here, Becky, so stop pissing away your money and time on pointless shit and actually make a fucking effort. Loads of us are mentally ill, it’s not an excuse to be lazy and stamp your feet.

No. 787732

Yes, obviously, and I assume the same situation would apply to Becky? It would be her car technically but her mum would be the one insured to drive it.

I smell bullshit either way.

No. 787733

If someone with cancer refused chemotherapy and wanted donations for reiki instead would you donate?

This is how I see Becky's self treatment plan. Blast the fuck out of the cancer but feel shit for ages or have some dick wave their hands over your body. That's exactly how I see it.

No. 787734

Can't you just do this in the tub for free

No. 787735

Kinda. Put loads of salt in the water instead of a bath bomb. Buy some foam ear plugs and put a towel over your eyes.

I read about floatation tanks in he Center of the Cyclone: An Autobiography of Inner Space. 1972 hippy shit about LSD and floatation tanks. Can't remember if he invented them or not. Anyway, all these things are a scam.

No. 787738

File: 1552852504587.jpg (163.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190317-195438_Ins…)

No. 787739

File: 1552852762455.gif (716.3 KB, 245x187, robert is not buying this shit…)

No. 787742

File: 1552854100357.gif (1.82 MB, 245x245, 7257BF24-7865-4658-A174-097C1A…)

No. 787753

"Just ignore me" she says, accompanying a picture of her scrunched up, tantrum induced red face. "Just ignore me" while I proceed to threaten suicide and self harm and publically self deprecate myself. "Just ignore me" while i continuously post photos of myself grimacing and weeping.

Idek if she's even aware of how transparent her actions are at this point? Does she truly believe people are buying it or is she actually convinced she's doing the right thing?

No. 787760

Well she must have starved away a good few brain cells but imo she totally knows. It prob doesn’t help that she doesn’t have any real friends that could give her a kick up the arse yknow? Who has she got to tell her she’s acting like a colossal twat? You can say it coming from a place of love/concern. Mummy won’t, nor most of the thickos who follow her

No. 787763

yes becky, you are a pathetic mess, because you refuse to help YOURSELF and instead grovel and beg online and then apologize as though an "I'm sorry" absolves you of anything.
Yes, you are overreacting. You are not the gold medalist of the "who has it worse" olympics. Yes, you act like a dickhead and like a disgrace.
Isn't that what you want to hear?
Why do you say "ignore me, I'm sorry, ignore me" but then your actions say something completely different? (i.e. embarrassing crying selfies and massive guilt tripping)
The only person who can change your situation is you. But we all know that becky doesn't really want to change, she just wants to throw histrionic tantrums and crying fits every day instead of actually taking a good hard look at herself and trying to grow the fuck up.

No. 787764

It says something that the day after a selfharm OD breakdown she posts her usual set of photos - full length mirror, stupid face in mirror, 2 other faces in mirror (BDD huh). Acts like nothing happened but says life is hell.

No. 787779

Do we need any more begs to talk about? Becky does enough of that for the whole of IG.
L's moved.
Where u tryin to find milk from

No. 787780

Is the only milk on beccy that she's a scrounger. It's getting boring.

No. 787785


Agree. This bitch should just rot.

No. 787798

People are literally sending her money to do 1 session of float therapy for £40 which is absolute bollocks and she might as well just keep doing her arts and crafts for all the help it’ll get her. I heard snorting cabbage helps Becky maybe you should try that, but only this extra speshal expensive cabbage that you need people to buy you.
Honest to god float therapy is not going to help her even a little bit.
And fucking hell becky mental well-being is important but it’s irrelevant when your spoopyness can’t even have your brain function properly.
Urgh she’s infuriating

No. 787811

They can stay sick while they get attention for being physically sick, and there’s no personal responsibility to get better. Also they get medical toys like wheelchairs and feeding tubes and ports, they don’t have to work or doing anything they don’t want to, and they get to claim that they’re rare illness warriors (puke). It’s the perfect combo for ana chans kek

No. 787890

If you find her boring then post about someone else? She’s entertaining and milky as all hell.

No. 787891

Na mate, what's the milk then? We've done a whole thread on her begging and crying spaz shots, there is nothing left to say. You seem a little obsessed if you wanna carry on having the same convo about how much of a leech she is. Move on, next pls

No. 787892

Any1 follow improvinglexi, she's another buttwipe to society. Perfectly fine, healthy weight, parents loaded yet scrounges of state benefits because she's not 'mentally well enough' yet. Posts cringe dancing in her underwear and goes on shopping hauls with her benefit handouts.
Her voice and outfits of the day to shit music make me want to shoot myself

No. 787893

What's up with anachans smacking their heads off things to get an egg too. Copying Morven or is it the new trend for spring?

No. 787896

File: 1552916535066.jpeg (555.44 KB, 2048x2048, 234C7C32-A745-4257-BC10-FA5BCA…)

For someone claiming to be in anorexia recovery it looks like her weight is going in the wrong direction .

No. 787899

I remember when she first got given her disabled parking badge and she posted on Instagram that she was adamant she would never ever use it.

No. 787900

Oh wow, yeah no there's no way this girls recovering. She's putting on a huge act to fool her family, but they're bound to notice soon

No. 787920

It's from a scene near the beginning of the film BirdBox - the nutters go around banging their heads.

No. 787953

Definitely the new trend. Cutting yourself is so early 2000’s. It’s all about the headbanging and hand scratching right now. This generation wants people to know they’re hurting themselves and they’re not afraid to show it!

No. 787954

There’s no way she’s in “real” recovery. She looks awful and gaunt and you can tell how obsessed she still is with food. Her family mean well but only fuel her disorder by telling her how unwell she is/was

No. 788026


And let's not pretend for a moment doing things like "Mum Chooses My Food for 24h!!" is in any way helpful. She's headed for a relapse if she isn't in one already.

Wouldn't be surprised if she's purging in some way.

No. 788041

If she wasn't compensating (at least with exercise), she would be gaining weight.

My guess is she's eating more than her BMR, but not as much as she says, and she exercises.

No. 788042

exactly- we know from people like paris that there are multiple ways she's fooling her audience/family/parents

No. 788051

can we please talk about i_eat_like_a_distance_runner ?

No. 788054

File: 1552956449237.png (2.2 MB, 1242x2208, 0005E03B-E66D-480B-A2D8-1B78D1…)

No. 788056

File: 1552956484837.jpeg (662.77 KB, 1242x1124, 1B2CCFFF-D296-48AD-979E-FE59B7…)

No. 788060

oh come on… it's pretty obvious if you've ever used the internet before

No. 788061

This is the second time you’ve asked, stop self posting

No. 788062

Why is she getting hate anyway? I haven’t seen anything about her

No. 788085

File: 1552961046166.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1822, 24C9E906-7176-4E0C-B549-64E82B…)

She was mentioned once before I think, it could have been on a previous thread.
At one point she was claiming a BMI of 12 and does the classic thing of posting high cal/common “fear” foods but clearly not eating them. Think she was chucked out of her last inpatient unit.

No. 788105

( and anyone who is her age and still obsessed by Friends and Taylor Swift definitely has serious issues- although not quite as bad as Paris and her tsumtsums or Winnie the Pooh )

No. 788165

File: 1553000423587.jpeg (610.47 KB, 636x855, 3BC2F2F8-9EA5-4432-A5EA-7B754E…)

Someone's getting savage ha. Who's been posting on this headbanger. Best make it worth some milk!

No. 788169

Is that a sex toy?

No. 788170

What is with this gaggle of people posting about themselves on here and going crying to their stories about the boolies lately?

No. 788171

Pity points and attention, I'm guessing.

No. 788183

Looks like a stim toy for autism

No. 788185

File: 1553006854097.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2208, BB2A6749-F82D-4964-BD1F-14B862…)

idk if she’s actually so bored that she’s selfposting but it is odd that she’s receiving tells mentioning discussions on here that never took place as far as I’m aware

No. 788186

I don’t remember this discussion ever taking place either. I guess e-begging and head banging isn’t as attention-worthy as all the Anas thought.

No. 788202

Little tell-tales:Lucy and the sheep have been telling others about this site.
Shame, put a few names up in their stories warning others not to accept requests from certain accounts As if that'll stop us from discussing.(constant lack of integration & ban evasion)

No. 788207


Your attempting to re-stir shit isn't successful, let go of the hateboner and move on, find new milk.

No. 788210

Have not got a hate boner I am stating the reason why someone is mentioning the site. Stupid.

No. 788214

File: 1553010639947.jpg (35.71 KB, 490x373, a2gvk.jpg)


For Fucks Sake. You're having a harder time letting this go then me when I'm binging on chocolate cake. It's just cringy at this point.

No. 788219

File: 1553011426755.jpg (369.67 KB, 1284x1428, nomilkhere_ohdear.jpg)

This shit is why we are auto saged. Can the self-posting whores and the hate boner chaps just stop? There's no milk, go find your personal army elsewhere because you're shitting up the thread.

No. 788223


Lmfao you're the one who won't leave someone alone despite lack of milk. Reeeeeeally feels like a personal hateboner. Who hurt you? ;_;

No. 788236

Does anyone know what happened with Ashley (Ashleyshalleat)… is she alive? in hospital? still with "mama bear"(namefagging)

No. 788245

Last we heard she was homeless, so guessing away from harpy mama's claws, and she had a youtube channel called Hangingangell where she uploaded new music videos. But it seems like the channels been deleted since.
(Last posts were around >>763667)

No. 788262

This ‘eating like X for 24 hrs’ or ‘ my boyfriend /sister /mum picks what I eat for 24 hrs’ is ridiculous and a trend from ED warrior vloggers on YouTube . Elzani is just copying them.
She’s got to be purging- if she eats what she claims consistently then she should be gaining weight not going down.

No. 788285

Who are you one of Lucy's best bummers trying to derail again?
Whatcha hiding precious?

No. 788299

Holy cow, i'm bored of this Lucy drama. She got milk? post it. If not, gtfo.

No. 788321

File: 1553032408420.jpg (498.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190319-215240_Ins…)

No. 788323

How about cancelling that Netflix subscription and maybe broadband too? That'd save some cash.

A car that lies untouched for 10 years is suddenly in roadworthy condition. Wow.

No. 788339

Was her mum in tears crying of joy or was she crying because she’s so ashamed of all the shameless begging you’re doing, Becky?

I would assume these woo treatments cost more than one counselling session would as well? You can see someone decent for about £40 per hour and probably get a lot more out of it than floating too. Most sessions last an hour and I’m willing to bet she regularly spends more in Hobbycraft et al. Transparent as all hell!

No. 788359

Her mum defo dint sign up to a life dictated by a neurotic manipulative daughter that's f'sure.
I float every day in the bath for free, does flip all but god forbid she spend the money on something useful. She wants to stay a snowflake. Dunno why people don't just ignore the cow. Negative attention is the only attention she gets and she loves it

No. 788360

I loled when she recommended a Netflix programme about bs alternative therapies because it also deals with UFOs and paranormal crap.

Can't watch it though, BECKY. I can't afford Netflix and I can only afford a 5GB a month dongle. Maybe you'd like to PayPal me some cash for those less fortunate, BECKY. UFOs are reeeaaal.

No. 788361

Thought you were meant to be shit hot at farming? Sensing lurkers since backup has been issued by a certain cow to hijack any talk of her here! Hit a nerve did we?

No. 788374

File: 1553040634514.jpg (57.87 KB, 600x474, brb_getting_my_tiny_tinfoil_ha…)


No, baby love, I'm not a farmer. I mostly enjoy having my milk served fresh, that's why I come here. But the agenda you're pushing is very lacking in deliciousness. You are yet to provide a single milk worthy print, screenshot, dirt… anything? Yet, you sure do talk a bunch.

Protip: this is /snow/ not /cowspiracy/.(constant autism)

No. 788420

Anyone who posts on Instagram , FB, YouTube , Twitter or any other social media has got to accept that people are going to talk about them on sites like lolcows or tattlelife- if they can take that then they shouldn’t post about their lives.
I think it’s quite funny when wannarexic or recovery cows happily post away on Instagram blissfully unaware of here, then they suddenly find out.

No. 788507

Snow's 4 flakes and mistakes, does ur friend know that's what you think of her????? Good one!!!!!

No. 788509

True dat. Lots of cows having tantrums at the mo who need to suck it up

No. 788560

No. 788562

File: 1553081735075.jpeg (223.73 KB, 640x824, 069280C1-7CE2-450C-84B7-6490CB…)

This state of the arts sign is displayed at Selfridges, having a spend up of money she's conned people out of. Vulnerable people with their own financial difficulties and health issues.
Nice to see their money being put towards alternative therapies. Very alternative indeed

No. 788563

For real don't get why all these cows post snotty cryin posts and long whinge boring captions sayin they don't wanna exist daily. Eat a fuckin doughnut ffs give everyone a break from the self absorbed pity party massive eyeroll

No. 788573

File: 1553089092975.jpeg (53.28 KB, 704x430, image.jpeg)

You mean like this?

No. 788574


No. 788583

You've got it bang on - people post so they expose themselves- if they don't like it then don't post.

No. 788584

File: 1553096168851.jpg (483.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190320-113548_Ins…)

No. 788588

File: 1553096599345.jpg (496.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190320-113552_Ins…)

No. 788599

Haha really!? I'd say 11

No. 788659

File: 1553111734875.jpg (361.96 KB, 720x1165, 20190320_195431.jpg)

Beccy once again reminding everyone what a bargain her art is!! So cheap, just support her before she charges what it is really worth!!

No. 788662

Bella, thane of windhelm, hasn't posted in AGES. She used to update her stories almost daily. Does anyone have her on other social media?

No. 788666

File: 1553112277716.jpg (463.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190320-120032_Ins…)

No. 788707

This is seriously weird in the head

No. 788709

You wait there will be a price hike soon for her shitty black necklaces. It's not as if we didn't see this coming god she's got a nerve. Back to spending her craft funds in Debenhams over sorting her life out or releasing her poor mother from her trapped non existent life dominated by princess moneypants

No. 788722

File: 1553124596564.jpeg (59.74 KB, 486x431, 16B1EA19-193B-46BD-BFB8-83B253…)

Why does this photo have anything to do with anorexia recovery ?

No. 788756

File: 1553129464384.jpg (480.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190320-120814_Ins…)

No. 788757

File: 1553129520982.jpg (522.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190320-120915_Ins…)

No. 788758

File: 1553129605368.jpg (452.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190320-120929_Ins…)

No. 788773

He's right though. It means 2 things.
1. She won't make it as an artist if she doesn't increase prices. Low prices look unprofessional.
2. She needs to increase her quality to increase the price.

No. 788788

She isn’t posting but she is online regularly.

No. 788846



For real its one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut back spending if you need to budget. Get one of those reusable travel cups and a thermos and make coffee at home. Even getting the fancy schmancy syrups in a bottle is cheaper than £3-4 per cup in a cafe.

No. 788884

lol yeah Becky of course ‘people are asking’ about the shop, I mean it’s not like YOU CAN’T MISS IT or anything

No. 788940

File: 1553193950523.png (393.59 KB, 1215x515, needed.png)

Because when you're impoverished, you still need a bobbing head dog from ebay. A fiver's a fiver when you're on benefits but a nodding dog is a priority.

No. 788942

The £1.95 flavoured Alcafe instants from Aldi are fucking amazing. Debenhams cafe. Jesus.

No. 788943

File: 1553194219587.jpg (56.81 KB, 1001x498, ffs.JPG)

(Soz, I fucked up the cropping)

No. 788945

Sorry to spam (new posts in this thread have been coming through in drips the past 24 hours for me), but this shows she can walk some distance however spoopy. Selfridges is a bit of a walk from Debenhams if she's in Manchester city centre. I mean, not for anyone able bodied but if you have some problems with breathing or mobility, you wouldn't be able to do that walk.

No. 788972

This whole post is annoying & ofcourse she has to mention that her jewelry isn’t selling.. well tbh it’s nothing special, I’m not saying it’s crap, but it’s nothing that makes me go “OH! I really want that!” She should stick to crafting for herself, but what am I saying? It’s Becky. She’ll look for attention either way, good or bad.

No. 788978


Does she realise there are 1000s of people selling on etsy? Those cards she's selling are way too expensive. With p&p it's almost £10 for a greeting card. Not one I'd pay £10 for when there're less expensive, better quality, more to my taste ones on notthehighstreet.

No. 788989

File: 1553204778130.jpg (393.39 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_20190321-174517_Ins…)

No. 788993

File: 1553206729952.png (2.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-03-21-22-15-59…)

Okay so all of a sudden Becky now has OCD? God, poor thing!
Also if someone can pay for my travel to Birmingham, that would be great.

No. 788997


You can buy Nescafé at £1.50 for 8 sachets. £2 if they're not on offer. That still works out at 25p per sachet at non-discount price. Though I imagine Becky would have some ridiculous reason as to why she "can't" have it - added sugar, cow's milk powder, calories.

You can get an enormous jar of coffee grounds for like £7 and will last months. Do what normal people do, get a fucking keep cup and take a coffee with you. If she really is as tight on funds as she claimed, she wouldn't mindlessly spend on bullshit like takeout coffee or a stupid thing for the car dash (which was probably more than £5 after shipping and tax).

No. 788999


Gee Becky, if you're in so much turmoil about finances you sure aren't doing anything to help yourself.

I hope you've actually gone and gotten that car MOT'd and aren't just driving it around without one like an idiot. Oh, and also insurance. Weird I haven't seen her mention either of those things despite them being large expenses. £100 at minimum for the MOT, and that's if there's nothing wrong with it. But she's claiming there is, so.. are they planning on getting it repaired or are they just going to use it to death like the last one?

God forbid Becky can't get to Hobbycraft to waste money.

No. 789001

An mot is £35 so not expensive if it passes but she mentions it's a heap of junk and likely to need lots of work. Insurance is the big one and tax depending on make.
Regardless her craft is junk, her cars junk, I wouldn't pay 10 quid for a smudged up greeting card.
If it's so stress inducing don't do it, not like you need the money since you have enough for nodding dogs and selfridge sprees.
Her poor mother

No. 789002

Any1 got the lowdown on why beccy is like she is. Where's the proper milk on her?

No. 789003

File: 1553208867445.jpg (501.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190321-184457_Ins…)

No. 789006


I can beat that deal. Poundland instant Kenko £1 sachet for 25 cups! If she takes milk there's a bunch of those single serving milks you get in cheapo cafes and on trains, etc.

Who are these randoms that anon keeps posting without details?

No. 789010

Her mum is too much like a friend than a mum going by her ig photos - if she’s going to stand any chance of making progress she needs to get a proper meal plan with a decent number of calories and give up control - instead of her mum just going ‘ there ther darling ‘.

No. 789013


I want to dislike this girl but after watching her live I just feel sorry for her. She's kinda endearing. You can tell she's a bit stupid.

No. 789093

Ah so she did manage to scrounge tickets to This Morning Live! This is gonna be interesting…it gets packed. Not sure why she’s whinging though it’s 2 MONTHS away

No. 789102

File: 1553245319812.jpg (25.95 KB, 621x234, snippet.JPG)

At least it’ll wash off, it being watercolour paint and all. I can see why people do this stuff, better than other things and it externalises things - but why post it to IG? Awfully attention seekerish even if it's not the intention. And I can’t tell if she’s dyslexic, or just plain unfortunate in the spelling department but her writing gets to me. Don’t most phones have spellcheck nowadays?

And pic related: no hun, a weight alone wouldn’t mean you have anorexia nervousa.

No. 789110

She wants donations so she can stay overnight in Birmingham as a Mothers Day gift to her mum. Paid for by us.

Odd how she can deal with crowds and the intense sensory deprivation/claustrophobia of floatation tanks yet she finds the world overwhelming. I mean, most people who don't whine about things every single fucking day and are fairly stable couldn't deal with those situations.

No, she'd just be stupid at 100lbs as opposed to at 123.6.

No. 789149


In an older ig post she went in more detail about her IP experience. I don't care about her enough to really dig through her posts to understand how she got to where she is But she refuses IP now because she was in there for a year, had the typical IP experience for people with EDs (employees talk down to you and passively belittle you on the regular and make you feel like shit for being there/being depressed when you're ~so young and have no bills to pay~) and she had a really hard time with it. Like laying in the hallway hitting her head and they just made fun of her/ignored her or something.

I think her mom is just exhausted of her and wants her to not have emotional outbursts so she let's beccy starve herself. Also not going out of the house to interact with the world (outside of shopping and posting to ig) probably exacerbates her mental illness.

No. 789158

File: 1553270892097.jpg (54.78 KB, 850x550, unhealthy-mother-daughter-rela…)


Becky's disturbingly obsessed with her mum. I know loads of anas have mummy fixations, but Becky even refers to herself as herself AND her mum - "WE" all the time. She's like the ultimate clingy girlfriend but towards her mum.

She needs to hang out with people younger because you can tell by the way she speaks (in writing) that she spends too much time with a 60 year old.

It's obvious her mum's sick to death of her. She lets her do whatever for a quiet life. If she loved her in a normal daughter way, she'd do something to stop being a big twatting mental 24/7 to make ma feel better, but she's psychotically attached to her.

No. 789162

File: 1553272069108.png (615.71 KB, 623x496, Untitled.png)

No. 789168

File: 1553273079623.jpeg (254.73 KB, 749x1082, EDFB8954-EC36-43E9-8BDA-36489D…)

Damn Kelsey, back at it again with the bad shoops. Also can we talk about how her foot is as long as her shin?

No. 789186

File: 1553276226080.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 7710EEFA-F8E5-4AC1-9D38-F89388…)

the carpet tho
and wtf is going on with your stomach kelsey(You must be over the age of 18 to post here.)

No. 789195

>>789093 she emailed the show asking for free accommodation kek

No. 789199

Anybody seen this Cow? She has an Instagram recovery.commitment and is supposedly being 'brutally honest' about recovery - but this entire video reeks of anorexias bullshit. Also probs the ugliest spoopy skelly i've seen

No. 789204

She states quasi recovery, even in recovery you can still have ups and downs and blips of the disordered thinking creeping in. She's been out of the hospital for a week. And she's now trying to recover as best as she can (by words, actions are too early). It's common to still have disordered patterns whilst in early recovery, it's not like a magic wand has been whacked on your head and you're cured. Is there any milk outside of that because it doesn't seem it?

I'd be more worried if she said "hey i'm totally recovered guize, doing great, buy my ebook".

No. 789218

Yeah she defo needs some actual friends but really, what does she have to offer? Can you imagine hanging out with her? You’d wanna neck yourself like 2 minutes in.

I’ve said it before but ma needs to implement some boundaries. She won’t ofc (because princess might kill herself after all!!!) but she’s not making it any easier on herself. I get being a mother as well as a carer is bloody difficult but it’s getting increasingly harder to sympathise. Yeah, she might basically be held hostage by Becky but she’s still the ‘responsible’ one. If she really believes this floating nonsense is gonna help she’s just as deluded as her daughter tbqh.

No. 789233

File: 1553286648937.jpg (413.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190322-203013_Ins…)

No. 789234

File: 1553286715625.jpg (237.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190322-203140_Ins…)

No. 789240


Oh honey, no.

>Gets dressed every day

>Does makeup every day
>Posts to social media every day
>Goes shopping with Mummy every day
>Deals with public places every day
>Makes “arts” every day

She’s doing better than a load of people in their 20s I know, mentally ill or not. Way more functional than she makes out.

No. 789256

Also posted on twitter 3 times today.

"Saving up" for some event.

Can't go on.

No. 789257

File: 1553293012581.jpg (44.88 KB, 577x353, 0.JPG)

dropped (because exhaustion)

No. 789259

File: 1553293242897.jpg (20.07 KB, 578x126, 0.JPG)


What a busy schedule.

No. 789267

File: 1553294271012.jpeg (225.46 KB, 750x905, 0026BF28-3EEA-48A1-84A4-DEC27C…)

this is gold

No. 789285

File: 1553297795513.jpg (30.86 KB, 584x486, 0.JPG)

No. 789319

Yes- didn’t understand the title of her vlog though!

No. 789321

File: 1553307576740.jpg (1000.51 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190323-151709.jpg)

But she just left… For like the millionth time

No. 789322

I just watched some of her YouTube stuff- it’s all about food! All she does is vlog her and her family eating- which for a 40 minute video is boring as fuck especially day after day - so no I will not be subscribing!
If she wants to stand any chance of recovery she needs to realise there is more to life than food and get herself a life outside of just spending all day recording herself eating or telling us how it’s her first time eating such and such a food or how divine biscoff and Nutella are.

No. 789324

Photo. has been deleted because it's her worst shop yet

What's her channel? I can't see her Instagram.

No. 789326

No one cares about Georgia.

No. 789333


I just find it hard to believe she hasn't ever had so many foods, up until a few years ago she ate normally so I don't see why not, or saying she hasn't had something in aaaages… Girl you ate that last vlog. Nah I don't think she'll ever recover, she just keeps having her little chats where she realises she isn't recovering then committing to it…. Only to keep up the same old bullshit. Used to like her, but she's boring af.

No. 789341

I just can't with this girl, she keeps saying she is going to try now, really push, really recover, then just fucking doesn't, then makes sure to include body checks to show how disgustingly veiny and skeletal her arms are or how her legs look like she's going to snap. She knows exactly what she is doing and I can't fucking stand her.

No. 789342

Jog on Georgia, no one cares

No. 789357

No. 789363

FFS, all gee if you don't wanna discuss her but I am NOT her, stop assuming anyone who is posted about you don't think is milky is actually That person! And I'm sure that can be backed up because I'm posting from New zealand lmao

No. 789382

Georgia paying thousands of dollars so she can keep going back to inpatient is more milky than crying anas with YouTube channels who need inpatient

No. 789419

You forgot to crop out your icon anon…

No. 789429

File: 1553351903945.jpeg (179.35 KB, 638x1221, CC75E915-45B2-4167-91EA-0661A9…)

No. 789494

was gonna bring her up. she has "don't comment on my weight" in her bio yet nearly every photo she posts shows off her skeletal body.

even in pictures of her cat she makes sure to show off her bones. mostly she justmakes me sad.

No. 789498

File: 1553375443781.jpg (312.31 KB, 1063x1674, charming2.jpg)

I took a selection of body checks from her cat's Instagram account.

It makes me so angry that she body checks there.

No. 789499

File: 1553375476265.jpg (314.57 KB, 1080x1217, charming.jpg)

No. 789500

is this an old post? she doesn't look too skelly here

No. 789501

File: 1553375534270.jpg (255.63 KB, 1080x1433, charming4.jpg)

Make sure to turn on your side so everybody in the cat tags knows how thin you are!

No. 789502

File: 1553375627814.jpg (191.93 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20190324_081304.jpg)

Pretty old, but she looks skelly in all the photos around it. Here's a body check from that account in March.

No. 789504

File: 1553375777236.jpg (143.25 KB, 1080x807, charming3.jpg)

No. 789513

Yeah, I was just about to post this picture.

Her constant bodychecking pics are boring af and I hate how many people keep defending her in the comments.

NO, she doesn't want to show "cute" outfits or her cat, posting these pics is clearly an ED thing for her and she doesn't want to get better. At least be open about it.

Sophie is delusional and so are the people that keep defending her.
Also very telling that she only seems to react to “hateful” comments…

No. 789514

File: 1553377750727.png (951.6 KB, 1051x780, Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 22.4…)

Ugh, wipe that smug look off your face.

No. 789515

File: 1553377910222.png (936.71 KB, 1048x776, Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 22.5…)

Wrong caption gurl!
It should be "feeding the trolls"

No. 789519

She seems really diluted, weird, childish, and habitual to me. And no, her anorexia is not “cute”.

No. 789525

File: 1553381278246.jpeg (386.19 KB, 1125x1850, AECA5A64-A497-467E-9718-50664F…)

Talks in 3rd person about herself. Wow.

No. 789527

Oh heaven forbid she take a full body picture, not everything is a body check, I mean, you wouldn't say it was a body check if she was healthy or over weight. Stop being so nitpicky and move on, there is no milk.

No. 789528

File: 1553381603403.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190323-222659.png)

Wwtf is this?

No. 789537

File: 1553383586818.jpg (263.47 KB, 1080x904, m3d.jpg)

@minusthreedegrees is 32. Here she's claiming to hang out with a 14 year old she's not related to.

No. 789539

File: 1553383694571.jpg (72.49 KB, 1080x335, m3d2.jpg)

Her bio, which says she's 32.

No. 789548

File: 1553384702107.jpeg (64.29 KB, 410x713, 04D588DD-8906-47CB-BEA2-6CF9BC…)

I find it worrying that she is an qualified PT. how can she give out advice to others when she is a mess herself . I wouldn’t want her as my PT (especially with those eyelashes )

No. 789554

pretty sure it's her fiancé's daughter so it's not weird

No. 789569

File: 1553390490257.jpeg (261.07 KB, 750x1113, 9806A2C7-4782-409E-A321-85D11A…)

This one (shay_recovers) loves a good tube pic, back in again for supposed heart symptoms but is pushing for a POTS diagnosis. Ironic how she pretends to be worried about being tubed when she in fact loves it.

No. 789570

File: 1553390609063.jpeg (227.04 KB, 750x1193, 40FB9DDE-B492-48DF-B3D8-9DE6F3…)

See, “hates being in hospital” but gets up to these sort of games

No. 789571

People probably look at cat pics to distract themselves and instead get obvious body checks :(

No. 789576

File: 1553392380226.jpeg (557.57 KB, 750x1199, E940C855-3DAA-4939-A3E5-481340…)

Korey posted this and turned off comments. I was wondering where we’d been talking about her here lately (considering she’s just the same boring pretending to be recovered while trolling for attention non-milk as ever), but I can’t see anything here. Anyone know what forum/what the deal is?

No. 789647

File: 1553424577823.jpeg (110.78 KB, 752x1024, A2F3541D-E577-4966-AB4C-3E2151…)

Might be cause of this

No. 789660


Oh ok. Doesn't Tilly know her personally tho? Korey's rant doesn't quite fit the post. Ugh they're both so exhausting anyway.

No. 789683

Is this a recent photo? Not WKing as I completely agree, but her most recent posts actually look like she's made a bit of progress weight wise. I mean, she's still stupidly underweight and unhealthily obsessed with working out and posting her "post-workout" meals, so yea, do not understand how she can be teaching others about training and nutrition.

No. 789684

File: 1553434790428.jpg (263.71 KB, 1080x1624, IMG_20190324_133928.jpg)

No. 789685

Maybe Photoshop isn't enough anymore so she's literally taken to cheese grating herself skelly

No. 789815

File: 1553451083721.jpeg (273.44 KB, 750x1120, 181104E8-C4A4-4009-A368-227DFE…)

I'm legit dying what the fuck lmao dont yell shit at ppl its legit asking for a negative response

No. 789820

They’re both so boring, maybe that’s why they’re desperate for attention, good or bad it doesn’t matter. Shouldn’t even be discussed here imo it’s just giving them what they want.

No. 789825

File: 1553452447325.jpg (42.78 KB, 619x495, 0.JPG)

>Don't ask, I don't know

Either she's pretending she has Tourettes now or she's just being her usual incredibly immature self.

Mood swings? Wow, how special.

They need to get their fire alarm battery changed. It's been pipping for days.

More money wasted on junk.

No. 789827

Don’t go yelling at people then you fanny.

Sounds like she’s angling for pity points because this is how she thinks ~mentals~ behave but it’s painfully obvious she doesn’t know shit.

No. 789829


“Mum’s thrilled.”

Sure she is… just get one of those tree fresheners like everyone else.

No. 789832

File: 1553453718692.gif (7.86 MB, 324x575, twat.gif)

Oh look at her being mentally ill.

No. 789846

Quick, someone lock this lunatic up!!!
(srsly though I wish they would. Mummy needs respite)

No. 789960

So fucking tired of Becky, she needs to stay away from social media

No. 790022

File: 1553475598150.jpeg (94.47 KB, 664x530, 000A505A-5AE6-4AC0-B0FC-08D39A…)

…. here we go again….hasn’t she been saying she’s in ‘real recovery ‘ since she started making YT videos ? Why will this time be any different ?( it won’t ). She’s been fooling everyone including herself for the last 5 months and if she still needs to open a video with a ‘look how skinny my legs still are’ shot…..

No. 790023

File: 1553475742981.jpeg (88.37 KB, 726x536, 25EDF6FD-00E6-4D02-A4F5-BFBFCA…)

Don’t forget the next clip subtly showing her collar bones.

No. 790031

Fucking hell, wait another month and she'll have realised she's still bullshitting and put on a front to her family. This way she can keep not eating and shit and when questioners she can have a "realisation" and "start trying for real" this could go on for years at this rate, unless she dies that is.

No. 790032

I’ve never understood the concept of “real recovery” - either you are recovering or you aren’t !- there is nothing real or unreal about it. Fake recovery doesn’t exist- pointless .

No. 790125


Seconded. Tired of seeing her around here.

No. 790155

File: 1553512053753.png (3.51 MB, 1076x1328, koreylookatmahcollarbonesevry1…)

well she's back up to her old antics of uploading her obvious "lOoK aT Me, LoOk HoW sKinNy I sTiLl ArE GuYz" bodychecks, veiled under some hippy bullshit I only skimmed over because I prefer my IQ to remain undamaged.

Good to see she has learned to hide those hideous chompers by smiling with her fucking mouth shut for once to prevent looking like Sid from Ice Age

No. 790162

So she was studying astrophysics right? Shows what a shallow basic white girl she is getting caught up in a fad to make herself look hip and cool and shit. I’m so ssspiritfual look at my mandala tattoo and sweat shop hippie pants

No. 790192

Where have you been? She studies dietetics/nutrition

No. 790199

someone confirmed she smokes meth

No. 790201

File: 1553525858747.jpg (300.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190325-145634_Ins…)


No. 790219

She's not skinny, though.

She managed to find the £70 each for gold tickets to Good Morning Live.

No. 790243

She has no idea the value of money. Makes me even more certain that they're not struggling.
Normal people save for these things, they work hard and treat themselves maybe once a year. How on earth can she think she deserves all this for free?

No. 790251

I don't think she realises what WASTE of money is. The way she thinks about these stupid alternative therapies she doesn't understand spending £60+ floating in a fucking tank is a useless waste of money.

Her way of thinking reminds me of these midlife crisis people who go off to India backpacking to do Buddhism and "find themselves". So self absorbed they think it's amazing and give no thought to the terrible poverty in the area they're staying - find yourself but fuck everyone else.

Even the things Becky buys now like that printed car air freshener and nodding dog. That's £10 right there. On crap.

No. 790252

to add. £10 IS a lot of money. In supermarkets I'll buy Tesco's own brand instead of a branded one that's double the price. Actually search out bargains whereas they're also on benefits yet buy rubbish.

No. 790275

Any bets that this tank idea is just going to cause some form of pseudo claustraphobia or similar. She'll waste a few more sessions then drop it? instead of spending the money in a decent way? She's already self-diagnosing or hinting towards new issues, wonder what the next will be just because this (obviously useless) thing didn't work out?

No. 790283

She's going to FREAK OUT with that sensory deprivation shit. People keep asking if she's tried cannabis, and even though I think that'd send her paranoid af, this floatation tank's going to bring on an anxiety attack within five minutes…but, of course, Becky knows best! There's a reason "celebrities" do this shit - they have cash to burn!

She's already had hypnosis. What a waste.

Yeah, I think she's hinting at Tourettes and maybe bipolar. Surprised she isn't going the DID route.

Hm…not well up on the newest ~alternative~ therapies — okay, googled:
PUPPET therapy

didn't bother therapy for anorexia because she obviously doesn't want to deal with that.

No. 790284

Oh yeah, she's been talking about a SERVICE DOG

No. 790323

i can almost get past the incessant moaning about not having spare cash, but what possibly makes her entitled to a free ticket? it's not the make a wish foundation, and even if they were giving away tickets to people with mental health issues, they'd be way more likely to give them to someone who actually has some desire to get better rather than spending the rest of their life using it as an excuse to scrounge

No. 790326

she is skinny, though
def not skelly or too spoopy but 100% maintaining below a healthy BMI
it's the fact that she pretends to be all recovered (mentally and physically) and yet you can see here that her bones are still showing

No. 790330

Some people's frames naturally have bones showing, especially collar bones, and I think korey looks pretty healthy looking imo. Just cos you can see bones doesn't always mean you're anorexic.

No. 790332

yeah for sure
just because bones are visible doesn't mean that person is anorexic yeah, but korey is anorexic so idk what your point is there
'naturally skinny' isn't really an excuse to stay underweight when recovering from an ed

No. 790333


fine. but this is not her natural body shape. look at old photos of her. she is a medium frame naturally.

No. 790340


She’s posted old pics and said she was 71kg at 15 before she got sick, and at the time was a competitive dancer. This ain’t it on her natural body shape.

No. 790341

anyone know how old recoveringlottie/findinglotts is? is she 16?

No. 790357

She posted aaagggeesss ago that she used to study physics before she decided to study dietetics

No. 790392

File: 1553556194060.png (5.17 MB, 1242x2208, D5970188-FB16-48B0-8DE2-4DE97A…)

What’s the deal with these two sick best friends

No. 790448

File: 1553560875503.jpeg (458.99 KB, 1125x2071, 5B6D3B21-E726-4E1F-AAFB-65A6FA…)

Possible new cow? @strawberrydiet aka Dae Kelley, a pro ana animu girl
Personal IG- @dae.dreamy
Current ED tumblr-www.blushingstrawberry.tumblr.com

Typical whiney pro anorexic more well known on tumblr, her blogs get terminated often. she’s been acting kind of milky recently. Did a pole on IG asking if she was pro-ana, ended up blocking 100+ accounts and showing off how she wrote all of them down on multiple sheets of paper. Apparently she does a lot of coke. What do you all think?

No. 790450

File: 1553560941422.jpeg (235.45 KB, 1125x1980, 111D2985-E11D-44BA-9C90-D82CB2…)

No. 790451

File: 1553561008854.jpeg (319.62 KB, 1125x1652, 5CD22774-D7CA-41A6-B2C5-0C0F3A…)

I can’t tell if she edits her face and body, or just her face

No. 790454

she had a thread on pull iirc which is mostly sperg but has some more info lol


No. 790472

Eh typical manipulative patients. Emily got kicked out of treatment and refuses to take any accountability. Both obsessed with posing and body checking. Want ass pats and act like typical immature middle schoolers. Not really milky beyond that

No. 790476

File: 1553564062565.jpg (43.16 KB, 457x527, Capture.JPG)

My opinion is that her cross eye is disturbing, her icky kawaii look is ew and does she shoop because here she looks average and her tits are too big to be a skele.

No. 790480

File: 1553564396606.jpeg (253.88 KB, 874x1934, D24FE9CB-13E5-48B8-92DD-B5EA64…)

That thread is a mess, but she’s always been a cow I see
Pulled from PULL (1/2)

No. 790481

File: 1553564484841.jpeg (142.61 KB, 886x1058, BCDC2F97-6CBD-4EDC-A1BB-3A5F7B…)

(2/2) it’s always funny catching anas fat shaming

No. 790503

I think the problem with becky getting free shit is that companies & some followers etc Don't see she isn't trying, they would have to follow her for a while to know & I doubt companies do. To them she will be a visual shock and then prob gets sympathy and free shit thru that, it's obvious after a while she's going no where recovery wise but I think pep donating are naieve and trying to be nice. Unfortunately it's wasted on her, there are way more deserving people

No. 790510

are you serious? link?

No. 790530

We're not allowed to talk about the person who confirmed it on an Instagram live.

No. 790537


Definitely shopped. Check out her left calf/ankle, it's bulgy right where the two meet.

No. 790539

File: 1553584102475.jpg (93.22 KB, 1022x802, obligatoryNGshotJPG.JPG)

Oh shit! Well, hello there self poster anon. You're the one who posted about kelsey sand left your icon on. You guys are too amusing. For sake of preservation, @findinglotts You didn't change your icon after accidentally posting? and obligatory NG shot, GG.

No. 790541

File: 1553584956894.jpg (276.85 KB, 920x763, youattentionseekingnumpty.jpg)

Again, for presevation: >>789186

You attention seeking (possibly 15 year old) numpty. Aren't the rules to be an adult to use the site? Need more attention for being so uwu?

No. 790549

Can confirm that the person who cannot be talked about can not confirm that Korey smokes meth. She had met Korey once and Korey despises her so as if she would know. She be running around like she’s the expert on Korey but pls you’ve met her once and she hates you.

No. 790550

Samefag but it wouldn’t surprise me. Just gonna not take my facts from she who shall not be named

No. 790555

File: 1553592440045.png (64.48 KB, 1238x260, lotts.png)


Don't think I didn't notice this.

No. 790560

Is Kelsey posting here now? can admin IP check against other posts please? The way this was worded, total sus.

No. 790563

look we.ve established shes 15 and therefore off limits for this forum
wait a year until she's 16- from the looks of this post:
we have a prime example of a potential cow on our hands lets hope it;s worth the wait

No. 790582

File: 1553607954517.jpeg (18.7 KB, 275x141, byefelicia.jpeg)

Rip. Bye Felicia. Seens like she's deactivated. Why on earth do cows post about other cows (and then themselves) yet can’t take the heat themselves?

Such numptys. Suprised she didn't take the "waa waa, lolcow mean". She seems like that kind of special.

No. 790588

File: 1553608920004.jpg (25.98 KB, 786x237, lyingtwat.JPG)

And for future twatage, yes the other account the self poster mentioned is her. Her tellanym leads to this profile if you press the IG. GG. And it says she's 19, so she's lying at some point. Talk away tbh.

No. 790591

shame- she had real lolcow potential
the girl had clout too, no doubt one of her cliquey anachan followers let her know she'd been posted on here

No. 790598

She self posted i think, it's obvious by the fact her second mentioned account had like 9 followers. So i doubt it's a follower - they'd be dumb as fuck to do that here (but hey ho.. people are dumb as fuck at times). Was a shame.

No. 790600

File: 1553612321769.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 183.12 KB, 527x718, 06AF6374-FDBF-4A55-8251-B3A210…)

I do wonder if Kelsey self posts here, that being said can you suck in any harder you hag? I’m still lost for words as to how these types get off on this. Why would you want that attention?

No. 790602

what’s her second account? is it still active ?

No. 790606

This girl is trash. Try and peep her pics where shes got floor shots, trash and litter everywhere sprawled about her house. I threw her a compliment once and she was super short and arrogant with me. I think she shops because of her big tits too, she looks like a trailer park cokehead but I don't think she can even afford coke. Idk what bothers me more- her eye, or her boyfriend that looks like a toe. I've watched her live before and she just applied makeup/talked in a monotone. Very boring, and she looks like your average sized human on video, I already lost interest

No. 790644

Are ALL her pics of her sitting on the floor wearing only her underwear?

No. 790647

no some of them are standing

No. 790652

She's Literally shopped shoulder blades…

No. 790665

File: 1553628877282.jpg (19.36 KB, 274x298, Capture.JPG)

You think?

No. 790672

Top kek. Can’t believe she thinks people don’t notice!!

No. 790685

File: 1553632350363.jpg (340.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190326-203141_Ins…)

No. 790688

It amazes me how she’s SO sick and NEEDS EVERYONES money for her dire, non traditional treatment YET has all the ENERGY AND MONEY to shop every day & share tons of pics. Get over yourself.

No. 790690

File: 1553633058537.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1381x1052, 62441E9B-2F92-4217-B791-8099C2…)

£15.99 (19.99 including postage) for this…
pure delusional

No. 790692

File: 1553633315047.jpg (16.35 KB, 293x247, 0.JPG)

I wouldn't mind if her stuff was good quality. That's like something a kid would take home from school. It's just one of those things where you make a coil innit.

This thing would come to over £30. A poxy clay thing. Could buy some nice hand made silver pendant/ring/bracelet for that on etsy.

No. 790696

File: 1553633448962.jpg (19.4 KB, 285x264, 0.JPG)

This one's half the price and cute.

No. 790697

Yeah my first thought was this looks like something I once took home from primary school? Good enough for a six year old but £20? Even the anatomically bastardised owls are better.

Also still whinging about her GP, blood tests, where she lives is “shit” blah blah blah. There’s more than one surgery in Bolton, Becky. If you’re not on a CTO why bother wasting these resources in the first place?

No. 790711

spits drink out everywhere
Omg kek Kelsey you’re a joke

No. 790753

I’ve taked to Dae via DMs a few times, can confirm she does hella Coke. Also brags about parting/drinking whenever she’s not working. I can post screen caps, but I’m almost positive this chick lurks here and I don’t want to out myself to her

No. 790808

Her shots remind me of an old poster on Instagram called realitybehindmysmile who was always posting semi naked body check photos .

No. 790820


that whole photo is uncanny valley shit

No. 790824

What do you all think of Kate kusmina?

No. 790826

She was last talked about >>758881
No idea if she has milk or not, she's Russian. And an anon said that she denies having an ED.

No. 790841

File: 1553682125008.jpg (73.84 KB, 923x586, Capture.JPG)

She loves to show how skinny she is and indulges in insta ana chan meme type behaviour (img). She eats a box of pizza yet stays thin. Hmm.

Doubt there's real milk. She thinks she's shit hot, but meh. Just strikes me as vain and arrogant.

No. 790845

this chick confuses me so much because i can’t imagine her eyes are actually that large and yet they seem to have been consistently edited
whether she has an ED or not, she’s definitely lost a lot of weight and is proud of it- it seems there’s quite a few russian “instagram models” who have lots of ED followers because they post garish selfies with protruding bones

No. 790848

i cannot STAND her. She constantly promotes her “friends” instagram pages, which are either pro anorexia pages or just extremely anorexic girls suffering. i don’t know if she still does this, because i unfollowed, but she used to. She also used to have her BMI in the bio but got a shit storm and eventually took it out.

No. 790858

(Russian fag here)
that's not her "friends", she asks money for any promotion. Probably she spends all of her money on that clothes from CK or whatever. The fact that she spends her money on shit like that is really ridiculous, since she lives in a town (almost like a village) and has quite shitty apartment. Almost every day she tries to show off how "rich" she is, asking stuff like "which lacoste sweater I should buy next?". Poor parents probably spend all their money on her needs too, I think.

Btw, when people ask her how did she become so skinny, she says she just started eating less calories than her body needed. Like no fasting at all and blah-blah, she doesn't say anything in particular, only "I've changed my lifestyle and started eating less, no diets".

She is quite boring imo

No. 790953

File: 1553713777965.jpg (431.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190327-190827_Ins…)

No. 790954

why hasn't the DWP visited becky when one of you sent a fraud report to them?

No. 790956

File: 1553714256021.jpg (262.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190327-191712_Ins…)

No. 790957

File: 1553714370218.jpg (202.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190327-191718_Ins…)

No. 790960

File: 1553714455538.jpg (209.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190327-191722_Ins…)

No. 790970

All this because 2 people very gently told her to stop going to cafes so often if money is tight, and to save up for a used laptop if she wants one. It's so manipulative.

No. 790980

>The welfare help we get in the UK is just about enough to pay for our rent

Wrong. Housing benefit is separate. Unless you have to pay bedroom tax, none of the money from your other benefits is used for rent.

>debt collectors

Even though they ARE cunts, they are reasonable with repayments and don't give you any hassle as long as you pay what's been agreed.

>I'm not currently getting any actual help

Because she refuses it.

>It's complicated

Sure, Jan.

No. 790986

File: 1553719616402.png (1.18 MB, 1162x747, Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 21.4…)

Korey is definitely skinny atm and not at her setpoint, compare her recent pics with these.

No. 790987

This is ab image board people

No. 790997

maybe the reason she won't go to hospital is her mum would have all money stopped? That could well be a reason she might not be pushing for becky to go to hospital

No. 791001

File: 1553722529299.jpg (294 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190327-213511_Ins…)

No. 791008

File: 1553723254698.jpg (133.08 KB, 1024x768, but that necklace tho.jpg)

I don't get how her mum even qualifies as a carer. It's not like Becky has mobility problems. Ma could easily leave her alone while she goes out to work. She doesn't have to dress her or take her to the toilet, etc.

Becky is no longer single entity. It's freaky how she brings her mum into EVERYTHING.

>Buddhist teaching

No. 791011

Becky, Buddhism isn't a faith, it's a belief system.

No. 791026

I remember her banging on about those stables for ages and eventually the ‘horse lady’ told her to fuck off (words to that etfect) Becky played the victim as always and hasn’t mentioned it since. She was obviously causing problems, I wouldn’t want her around my animals either.

When her mum strokes out or breaks down due to exhaustion she’s gonna be fucked.

No. 791031

File: 1553725477787.jpg (66.44 KB, 700x500, enfield-jumping-4-lr_3peewiv.j…)

Last few times she went didn't she say they were trying to give her helpful advice, but they "didn't understand"? Like the doctor "doesn't understand". "Doesn't understand" means they encourage her to gain weight.

This picture reminds me of those old Enfield poltergeist pics.

Fuck Buddhism, she needs to start reading up about Existentialism. Taking responsibility for your own actions. If she wants to waste money on off the wall therapies, she could see an Existential psychologist.

No. 791037

Yeah, that and stfu whining basically. Shame cos in some cases horses can be really therapeutic but of course Becky is ~too fragile~ and would rather dick around in busy shopping centres

No. 791093

I'm surprised becky hasn't tried weed since she's so into "alternative treatments" someone commented on her post asking if she had saying it had benefited them she simply said, nope glad it's helped you tho!! Like…. you would think she would see the ppl with ptsd using it as medicine and jump aboard that bandwagon because she has sooper bad ptsd. I guess no one would wanna sell her weed tho

No. 791102

When the fuck are people going to realise the shit she’s pulling? Breakdown after breakdown over petty, useless shit followed by incessant e begging. It’s ridiculously transparent. Of course, anyone pointing that out causes another ‘breakdown’ to ensue… with her wish list getting longer by the minute.
Agreed, her mum isn’t exactly a carer? Trailing behind her to the shops, cafes and craft supply stores isn’t exactly care. Shit, how can she even validate this unnecessary bs? No idea how B has buckets of energy for daily nonsense outings and keeping up the manipulation tactics. Do something useful with your life lol. Fickle.

No. 791174

Doesn't she self-harm (i know there's the head banging), threaten overdoses or am I remembering wrongly? Her mother would qualify as a carer because she would have to be there to keep Becky "safe" & to get her treatment where needed. And if she has to prep meals/encourage her to try and eat etc. You don't just get carers for mobility reasons.

I do wonder if Becky's the type to - when forced with hospital, she'll purposefully get worse/act out so that she can turn around and say "See, look what you did to me! It's your fault".

No. 791177

Yeah any1 got the 411 on her, she just been inactive on IG for months.
She had massive bulimia cheeks and ate enoughi in binge foods to feed Africa.

No. 791182

Mate are you genuinely that thick?
If dwp visited every anon call they had they'd never get any work done.
If you make a fraud allegation it's not as simple as going 'umm I don't know her, she's called Becky, she lives in Bolton'

Go through the report process online, they ask for a full name, address, reason/proof of fraud etc etc.
Pretty dumb to think you believe she was reported or even if so, they do anything about it

No. 791190

File: 1553760278926.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190328-070223.png)

She's getting better at shoopping legs

No. 791196

Haha what the shadow of her legs is huge so no she’s not

No. 791204


Don't think she's a head banger, but she said she's recently started cutting again (although in the pic where she makes sure we see it, it doesn't look much). There are thousands of self harmers on ESA in the UK. No way would a parent be allowed to be a carer just because of that. As for genui making up her food, that's what mums are supposed to do. Idk, it pisses me off when genuinely incapacitated people have benefits cut yet Becky's mum gets to be a ~carer~ when BPD and EDs are so common. Yes, the world is unfair.

No. 791211

I don't think you guys know how shadows work

No. 791222

Wasn’t she going to South Africa to a private ED clinic? I used to follow her on Instagram as well - even by BP standards she must have spent a fortune on food, and she posted so many nearly naked body shots. Be interested if anyone does know about her?

No. 791227

I got the feeling she enjoyed her BP and didn’t want to change.

No. 791229

i don't think it was her and this isn't milky so i'd really like it if i ould stop seeing her name pop up on my feed>>790582

No. 791234

Is this stretched? Her toes are as long as fingers.

No. 791288

File: 1553797041995.jpg (367.43 KB, 720x1119, 20190328_181609.jpg)

No. 791301

I’m sorry but if she was really worried about the dwp and how others perceive her she would stop posting. The fact that this thread is full of gossip about her yet she still publicly goes on in this way shows she really is delusional.

Also the cow who reported her must know her because I’m pretty sure you need to also know their National Insurance number to report someone.

No. 791305


It's starting to sound to me like her mum has some mild learning difficulties. If what Becky says about them being in debt and skint, then that's her mum not being able to deal with money properly despite the help of a social worker. Now she has no idea about her tenancy agreement concerning vacating the place they're at. This is something most people know, isn't it?

On top of all that, the way she lets Becky get away with what she does and all that posing for selfies business Aly used to do with her pathetic Ma as well. She's got to be a bit off about life if she's not getting her daughter sectioned and encouraging floatation tanks and fucking Buddhism.

No. 791316


Do they claim housing benefit? I assume not because trying to find a landlord who accepts that nowadays is almost fucking impossible. How can they just decide to move if they have ~no money~ ? What’s wrong with their place to begin with?

No. 791321

Can we all agree that Becky is boring as fuck?

No. 791325

Every one of them mentioned over the last 5 or so ana chan threads have been boring. The golden days are over. These are the dregs but that's okay with me.

No. 791383

Fuck yeah, amen to this!!!!!

No. 791384

File: 1553818263575.jpeg (492.29 KB, 640x920, 32F84973-D10E-4AE8-ADAB-92F6AB…)

Anybody know this cow?
What's wrong with her face?
It's hella massive

No. 791387

File: 1553819436453.png (1.98 MB, 1242x2208, 8EF7ED59-0BE2-4DA5-AC4E-EBB9D7…)

i’ve seen her mentioned on here before
this may not have a color filter on it but surely she can’t expect people to believe this is “just good lighting”. she’s not unattractive so idk why she felt the need to lie

No. 791390

yes! she seems relatively harmless in terms of actual post content- gives off the impression that she wants to recover but all her selfies are body checks

No. 791422


The fact her pfp is her leaning over & shes tensing up her hand so much in that photo anon posted speaks volumes about her "recovery" lol

No. 791440

She was posted maybe 3 or so threads back. Used to shop pics. Looks like she doesn’t anymore but still loves a good ana pose. She sure needs to stop purging. Bulimia face isn’t cute (especially when you have a big face to begin with) don’t think she’s milky though

No. 791523

>>791316 her dad is her current landlord, according to beccy. He apparently abused her mum. I didnt have caps because I didn't think it was milky at the time.

No. 791636

I thought they had issues with the landlord because when their boiler broke he didn't get it fixed as soon as they clicked their fingers (because the engineer probably needed to order parts). If it was her dad I'm sure he'd not gaf about tenancy agreements and want shut of them seeing how they cause so much drama.

She talks about how she wants to move out of her area so she can start recovery (lol) in a new health authority area. Idk what she expects because they're all the same and neither entertain fancy trendy alternative therapies.

No. 791771

Have you seen beccy a post about how stressful Mother's Day can be, like why? Is it because it's a day not meant to be about you!!!! How old is this giant sized infant?

Also the mention of having to do admin, man I wish benefits knew her prices she's charging

No. 791776

Not WKing at all because I can’t stand becky but you’re just being way too nitpicky. She was offering sympathy to people who struggle with Mother’s Day due to having lost their mom or having an absent or abusive mother etc. Yikes your skull must be thick

No. 791778

Hey who shoved a stick up your ass lol

No. 791780

No room for emotional attachments here love, think you're in the wrong place

No. 791783

File: 1553902227574.jpg (Spoiler Image, 588.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190329-162027_Ins…)

Madeleine at it again

No. 791818

"Stressful"s a weird word to use if she means it's a hard day for someone whose mum's died. It's sad because they're not around, but stressful? She doesn't gaf about anyone else. She probably means it's stressful because nobody gave her a free overnight stay when she goes to that event she bought gold tickets for.

Admin. Lol. She needs a laptop for admin. She sticks a few things on etsy and all of a sudden she's Alan Sugar.

Christ, that's grim. Kinda weird that those red balls she used to cover her bits just reminds me of a pool table though. How desensitised I've become to these skele chans.

No. 791823

You’re either the same anon or somehow both have horrible reading comprehension. I wasn’t expressing sympathy to Becky, I’m saying when she said that she was talking about other people who have a hard time with it. Because yes, the media hype and advertisements can make a person stressed, not just sad, when they have a complicated mother situation. It’s pretty clear Becky has a positive relationship with her mom so she obviously wasn’t making the comment about herself. Like that genuinely makes no sense if you can read properly. She was telling her followers to take care of Mother’s Day is tough for them. That doesn’t make me have any more respect for her, it’s just annoying when people don’t know how to read properly here and makes you as stupid and oblivious as she is

No. 791831

Who is Madeline?
What's her IG name never heard of her

No. 791833

You're dumb af.
Do you read minds, do you know Beckie on a personal level or summin?
She didn't express either way what she actually fucking meant.
Crawl back under your rock bitch and get with the programme.
Come back when you have something of value to say lol

No. 791836

File: 1553909765510.jpg (23.62 KB, 584x253, 0.JPG)

When google gets it very, very wrong.

No. 791869

Hahahah omg this made my night, thank you anon

Go drunk google, you’re home.

No. 791871

File: 1553913855327.jpg (155.1 KB, 1080x780, 20190330_124242.jpg)

Heres her IG. In recovery but not putting on weight. Much warning for stark full body shots in the story section

No. 791917

Ffs do these people have no brains or realise how ridiculous it is . I'm surprised Paris hasn't taken to do similar body shots- seems quickest way to get more IG followers and that seems to be all she worries about ( apart from slicing cherry tomatoes or weighing lettuce). She's another one of the benefit scrounges …..

No. 791943

Yeah, yeah, I know anorexia is ageing but my god that face. 25!!!

Putting full length nudes, covered strategically by emojis or whatever…private account or not…who wants that out there? (Obviously she does). I'm no prude, but that shit viewed by stacks of people you don't know. Forever out there. All for attention?

No. 791953

(In regards to Madeleine)
She only posted those checks because she’s starting recovery now (read: was NOT in recovery before) and she deleted them a few hours later.
She’s not milky at all. Find someone else.

No. 791954

File: 1553940465722.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 270.87 KB, 483x718, 8D94F089-E5AE-45FA-BAAA-99210C…)

Another bod off ig who used to post body shots

No. 791955

She still posted it though. It was up long enough for it to make its way here. Could she not just keep it to herself.

No. 791956

Madeleine has no milk, she is shouldn’t be mentioned here, move along

No. 791960

A bit like Elzani has been posting YouTube videos about her ‘recovery’ since November but hasn’t actually gained any weight.

No. 791961

There must be a word ( along the lines of paedophile ) for the people who set up fake Instagram accounts or hack into private ones just to view photos like that and fantasise . Gives me the shivers.

No. 791968

Just so you know, she set it to "close friends" so only certain people could see her gross body. She's also claimed to be in recovery since late 2017 and has relapsed once. Keep up.

No. 791969

Just WHY WHY WHY would you think it's a good idea to post a picture of yourself like this????
Blows my mind.

No. 791971

File: 1553945966337.png (501.58 KB, 1039x588, Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 12.3…)

She always has such an ugly way of crying. Looks so child like.

It's must be such a pita for her mum to deal this ridiculous food obsession all day long, it just never ends. I feel so sorry for her mother.

No. 791972

File: 1553946306179.png (684.63 KB, 1010x743, Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 12.2…)

~°*~°*~°*~It's NoT aBoUt WeiGhT~°*~°*~°*~
Yet showing emaciated pics anyway. Ugh.

No. 791975

Why even take it in the first place?

No. 791976

She’s an unbearable asshole. Typical member of the British crowd, massively self pitying and pathetic, never makes any real effort. I used to follow her but she wasn’t really milky just annoying. Reminds me of thatmckeegirl and some of the others. Unlike Becky the more wealthy/privileged ones don’t overtly beg but they take joy in flaunting their illness and living the mentally ill lifestyle for clicks and follows and attention. It’s not really any better than the scrounging ones.

No. 792014

File: 1553965107313.jpg (63.4 KB, 550x338, tollundman550b.jpg)

I wonder if there's been any research about it because I'd love to read it. The VK skinny fetishists get their wank material that way. Henry Roth's ig account (@mugoisold) is a directory of the most skele. Why they can't stick to their skinny fetish pr0n sites idk. It's creepier because the girls are so young, so there's def a paedo element.

Laup Nobady on VK keeps posting pics that, I swear, resemble people who archaeologists dig up from peat bogs. Their bodies look like beef jerky with nipples.

No. 792231

Was she the one whose parents had loads of money and she took a year out of uni to sort herself out ?( did she ever go back?) and whose photos always showed off her legs.

No. 792243

Out of curiosity I’ve just been watching her vlogs- all they are seem to be her filming herself and her mum eating and commenting - reviewing food! Yes I know what a donut and a pretzel taste like already . Whoever it was who said to her she would still be in the same place in May as she was 6 months ago was right. And she thinks she will be able to do power weight lifting and triathlons ?!! She’s got a heck of a long way to go first then.

No. 792267

If she is going to stand any chance of recovery she needs to stop making YouTube videos documenting her so called “real recovery”- all she does is focus on either food or doing an analysis of it or filming her family and food - she needs to get a life away from being focused on food.

No. 792386

File: 1554025136132.png (1.91 MB, 1836x1142, Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 5.36…)

Unsure if this one is all BS or what? Doesn't seem to be desparate for attention but has a ton of followers and doesnt look like she's gained any weight imo

No. 792394

She definitely has gained, she went awol last year and relapsed badly and when she came back she was very boney. She's visibly gained since then.

No. 792437

File: 1554046389172.jpeg (947.05 KB, 1242x1780, 2CE599D2-820B-4E5E-8D44-A05581…)

No. 792439

File: 1554046529360.jpg (423.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190331-163457_Ins…)

No. 792440

She's shoopped herself to look thinner than before she went inpatient but she's nowhere near as boney….

No. 792441


The lack of subtlety in her begging is so pathetic and cringey

No. 792444

She really doesn't care who she hurts with this shit, huh. The extreme editing is obvious but clearly she wants people to believe her thighs are 1 inch wide while calling them fat. Probably has hundreds of young female followers whose hearts drop when they read her captions paired with those pictures and wonder why they don't look like that.

No. 792446

looking forward to an update on her beach picture
no idea how she's gonna beat last year's shoop disaster

No. 792456

File: 1554050564034.png (162.76 KB, 849x500, Untitled.png)

Buddhist teachings with a heavy dose of materialism.

Do you think she'd eat the chocolate frog?

No. 792458

It wasn't shooped. The sand was particularly swirly that day.

No. 792505


She does seem to have made quite a bit of progress past few months.

No. 792507

File: 1554062037900.png (694.65 KB, 1066x686, Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 21.4…)

Another vlog of Elzani talking about food food food / annoying her family with her constant talking about food food food while shoving a camera in their faces/ yet more ugly crying breakdowns.

She should get professional help and let het family LIVE instead of them having to tiptoe around her and being paraded on YT.

No. 792512

Yeah I don’t think she’s made this much progress since she was a teen and in hospital. I don’t think she is milky anymore now that she isn’t as malnourished

No. 792567

File: 1554073336547.jpg (327.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190401-000048_Ins…)

No. 792612

And why put in a conversation between her and her mum about how she had lost weight etc if it’s supposed to be a recovery channel?
Both she and her family seem to be under the illusion that just by gaining weight she will be cured…… what about all the work that had to go into therapy and stuff like CBT etc? She needs to go back into an E.D, unit .
And as for her idea of being able to run a half marathon in October ! ! Not a chance .

No. 792624

This is the first time I’ve actually watched one of her videos and GOD I feel awful for her family. And her mom must have insane amounts of patience to put up with answering “oh isn’t it divine? It’s lovely isn’t it? Should I eat it?” 6-7x a day

No. 792661

Glad to see her mum at least is on to her, she said exactly what we've all been thinking

No. 792662

agreed- mumzani came across as a lot more no-nonsense in her recent video which is exactly what elzani needs

No. 792663

There was one point in one of the videos where Zani says "one day I'll make you proud" and her mom's response is "all you have to do is eat more". That's the crux of the problem isn't it? all shes gotta do to be successful in life is gain weight (even if it means she has to live in a cycle of lose-gain to do it)!!

No. 792684

But unless her mum has as much knowledge about calories as I’m sure Elzani does, it is far too easy for E to convince her family that eating a big bowl of Cheerios is ‘more’ than a normal bowl of granola, or that she wants a kinder bueno cone because she wants to try it rather than because she knows it has less calories than most other ice cream cones . Anorexic tricks die hard. She’s saying all the right things but I don’t thing she really wants to change - why would she when she’s currently getting all the attention and drama in that house .

No. 792709

Yeah, watching her latest video the anorexia is strooong, she is saying all the bullshit stuff I'd tell my dad. The truth is she wants all the good things that come with recovery, ie the positive attention from family and popularity online without the weight gain. She seriously needs to get a dietitian and a psychologist someone who can really help, I really don't see why she's not in hospital, she's on the brink of cardiac arrest, they should put her in hospital just to get her out of danger and so she can't keep bullshitting everyone, in a place where they know all the tricks

No. 792732

Tell me she wasn't absolutely getting off on the validation when mumsy told her everyone was still scared that she could die at any moment. She loved it and it was obvious, even though she feigned being a pouty, sad little princess about the implication

No. 792761

Oh god it was so obvious, the little, "really i had no idea" to get her mum to keep talking, they seriously need to just get her ip, they're not helping her by keeping her home, I feel bad for her family, but also her, it's sad she has to keep doing this shit.

No. 792762

Honestly, if I had to put up with her repeating herself 24/7 I would yeet her into treatment again. Making a whole soap opera over having cheese on her pasta was infuriating. She's just desperate to get responses and validation from her family constantly. Like it's one thing not wanting to eat or finding things a challenge - but to be so irritating and narrating her internal monologue with her struggles ALL the time to her family must be so fucking exasperating.

No. 792771

But any self respecting mother should be proud of her regardless of her eating more. What a shit response. 10/10 fail

No. 792804

Not much to be proud of there. its a whiney 22 year old who's greatest accomplishment is eating tiger bread with nutella while staring intensely directly into the lens of a camera bought and paid for by mummsy.

No. 792817

Why does she always smell her food first and then orgasm over it. It's hilarious and the fucking gacky eating noises really piss me off, like mute it bitch. She's not even thin really so dunno what the big deal is

No. 792818

I didn't think she was until I looked at photos on her IG, she just has a healthy normal looking face which is deceiving to her actual thinness.

No. 792819

bullcrapbets (one of the day twins) has been hinting to a lost baby and miscarriage even though she's a virgin and has hinted for the last two years that she's gay but hasn't come out yet.
She's never even kissed a boy according to her best friend so we have the next immaculate conception going on here hahahahaha what a twat. This is for sure the biggest attention whore I've ever come across on IG if you want daily laughs go follow.
Btw she's obese but claims anorexia and bulimia and has never had a photo of her skeletal or remotely underweight. All obese!!!!

No. 792890

File: 1554172588318.jpg (1.04 MB, 1403x2048, 19-04-01-22-34-03-767_deco.jpg)

she says swipe to meet her ass yet it's the first photo. yuck

No. 792898

Kelsey not knowing how thighs work part 17 she makes me so angry posting these for underage girls to fawn over. She knows exactly what she’s doing. We thought she was just too malnourished to know her shops where horrible but she seems dull in general if she got this burnt

No. 792903

I don't get why she hasn't had any post discharge support/ weight monitoring by her GP or someone after she was discharged in November - just seems a bit odd to not follow up on patients.

No. 792915

If she was genuinely that skeletal, her ass would be as saggy af.

No. 792926

Skin cancer ahoy!

How is her account not deleted?

No. 792927

If you can read she says swipe to meet her butt cheeks new best friend. I.e the aloe

No. 792928

It would only be saggy if there was muscle and fat there to begin with. Which there wasnt

No. 793002

If her family worry about her dropping dead why does she go on so many dog walks?
All she does all day is film herself sniffing/eating/analysing food.

No. 793005

tbh it looks like shes getting better at the shooping

No. 793006

Yeo, except she's nowhere near as boney as before when her pics had her this size

No. 793015

Must be nice to live a life with no expectations of actually having to contribute to society

No. 793906


do you know if she´s graduated from school or has she dropped out?

I never thought that she is 22! Tbh I feel sad for her - it must be annoying to only think of ONE topic the whole day.
and ffs stop filming it!

couldn´t watch her videos though. only managed 30 seconds and then I got way too annoyed. how do you guys even do that

No. 793915

God knows, but all she does is stay at home all day crying over crumpets or going food shopping and crying over whether to buy cheesecake or not, being babysat by her mum 24/7. I myself being her age and living at home understand the comfort of having those you love around you - but to make them dote on you and have to constantly reassure her all the time and put up with tantrums is unfair of her, she doesn't help herself really by staying glued to her mothers hip. Getting a job even very low hours even one shift a week or something would help to ease her into the real world of understanding not everyone is there to baby her and how she is expected to act as a normal functioning adult.

No. 793932

File: 1554228016833.jpg (22.79 KB, 317x332, omfg its pb.JPG)

I can't watch her on youtube. I look at her instagram instead. It's more tolerable.

No. 793936

I genuinely wonder if Elzani has some form of ASD. The constant forced and uncomfortable eye contact seems like a learnt behaviour, the food obsessing could be a symptom of ASD, and repeating herself/having minimal social awareness over the nuisance she is being or how irritating she is. I reckon there is definitely something more than just an ED going on here

No. 793944

I think her brain is just shot to shit from malnutrition, tbh

No. 793946

File: 1554230463014.png (884.45 KB, 1752x1354, Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 2.39…)

Anyone else notice this one yet? Her youtube videos and instagram go on and on about how hard shes trying but its pretty obvious that she just wants to be a "recovery queen". No intention of actually gaining weight and loves to lie about everything. Goes off on anyone who doesnt kiss her ass in the comments. plays the victim 24/7.

No. 793949

File: 1554232562937.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190402-201305.png)

Oh kelsey hun, you can't edit videos…. Does she not realise that she's showing how she actually looks?

No. 793951

What’s smorven up to if anyone knows?

No. 793952

Not a bunch to be honest

No. 793953

i was like "elzani's youtube can't be that bad" but jesus christ. it's just unbearably long videos of her obsessing over food, arguing with her mum and crying in public. her poor mum.

No. 793956

I feel really bad for her mom too. In her latest video she looks so sad when they're at the supermarket and Elzani's crying.

No. 793974

it’s like jesus christ you’re a grown ass woman. go to the fucking car like a child if you’re gonna cry like that. it’s not only embarrassing for you but your family. be considerate.

No. 794001

I don’t think it’s ASD but there’s definitely more to it than just her ED - maybe she just doesn’t want to grow up and be an adult .

No. 794002

Yes it can be that bad!

No. 794006

Why does she go food shopping every day - don’t most families go once maybe twice a week - but she and her mum seem to be in Tesco everyday. And when it obviously stresses and upsets her going food shopping , why go? Her mum is more than capable of going alone .

No. 794017

i’m thinking it’s a control thing, like she NEEDS to know everything her mom is buying and makes sure she doesn’t buy anything she doesn’t want. like doesn’t want her mom to buy new things or something. it’s fucking disordered. i would just tell her no. you can’t come. you’re gonna fucking cry like a child.

No. 794018

Most people do a big shop at the supermarket once a week, then if you need an item or two you go to the cornershop or wherever.

I reckon she's manipulated her mum to go to Tesco every day for video content. That's really bad. You'd think she'd not be getting panicked in there any more because going every day's like a CBT flooding technique. She's been exposed for so damn long to a massive store full of food you'd think she'd be immune to it. Maybe she is and it's all dramatics for the camera.

I hate the trend of mental illness being something to make a show of. I don't mean it should be swept under the carpet, I mean stop wanting attention for being mentally ill. At least, not every sodding hour of the day. You're anorexic, WE GET IT, just stop pretending you're scoffing high calorie shit and loving it for asspats. (Deja vu to Aly pre-recovery).

No. 794038

File: 1554252541502.jpeg (228.39 KB, 1024x523, 29989963-4A40-4E15-8018-B04DD4…)

Apologise if this has been discussed before, but has E ever admitted to using any purging behaviours? Just bc she’ll really go to the ends of the earth to deny she’s using anyyyy behaviours at all. Shitty collage, my bad, but screencaps from a few weeks ago, her response caught my attention. ‘to live normally’ lol. quite a few of these ppl seem to be mega dependent on family, more so than normal obviously- idky or how e’s mum puts up with it but she looks tired of the same shit for sure.

No. 794044

File: 1554254446162.jpg (570.48 KB, 1080x1753, 20190403_111428.jpg)

Brain no workey but can't remember If shanaya white has ever been discussed. 19 something Aussie in and out of hospital ALL the time. BMI 19. Obsessed with photos of her with the tube complaining about how much she doesn't want it yet loves it all at once. Was discharged a month ago then readmitted 8 days later when she complained of chest pain. Discharged out of medical into psych with her beloved tube not attached to anything. Was in psych for a week then discharged again last week and bam just can't stay away. Claims to have fainted on and sent to a different hospital where she was tubed straight away. Nothing about her seems soopa sick.

No. 794045

File: 1554254489479.jpg (681.86 KB, 1022x1450, 20190403_111444.jpg)

Same fagging for post continuity on shanaya white

No. 794067

Both good points

No. 794090

Maybe this is too petty but her teeth are fuuuckked….

No. 794096

The sad thing is she has a warped idea she is helping the recovery community ( define that how you will!) but she's doing it more harm than good. Fact you are not recovering from anorexia unless you are gaining weight. Period. Fear foods is something to tackle once you are at a healthy bmi not at the point she is at.

No. 794118

E mentioned a year ago or so that she studied marketing and university and yes she finished school.
She is a restrictive anorexic who walks
A lot. Her teeth are fucked from
Braces which she only had removed two years ago>>793906

No. 794126

for someone who claims to be such a beacon of hope and education for the eating disorder community, elzani doesn't seem to know a whole lot about EDs
maybe it's her malnourished brain preventing her from communicating properly, but when she goes on long rants about eating disorders, the only one she can ever really give insight into is her own- not even anorexia in general
a smart person would know that purging isn't only defined by making oneself sick
we already see how much exercise she does through walking- who knows what other forms of purging she may be engaging in

No. 794137

They have a treadmill running machine in their house- there was one vlog where her mum was on it.

No. 794140

She did her university degree with the Open University- she mentioned it in a video a while back . I assume because she didn’t want to leave mummy.

No. 794176

File: 1554297388966.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190403-141531.png)

Yeah…. Her sister clearly has had enough, I'm glad they are calling her out on her bullshit

No. 794183

File: 1554300136369.jpg (240.9 KB, 720x1033, Screenshot_20190403-095927_Ins…)

I never knew Paris' mother follows her Instagram

No. 794191

It will go in one ear and out the other- she's still spouting the same BS about 'real recovery'.

No. 794192

It's a bit creepy- in that she must know about all the self pity posts Paris puts up, yet she doesn't help her or take her to the dr or get her admitted to an EDU.

No. 794203

Yeah, it's good to hear her sister calling her out on her bullshitting. I really hope they'll put her in a treatment centre, it's clear she can't do it on her own and her family is suffering too, they really need a break from this *~• ReAl REcOvEry • ~* crap.

No. 794230

File: 1554307155878.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1552, IMG_20190403_165727.png)

What the everloving fuck

No. 794234

probably took this a shitload of times at different angles while sucking in to make herself look as emaciated as possible. imagine being on the beach near her and having to watch, jfc

what a terrible existence

No. 794259

File: 1554312252518.jpg (343.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190403-182053_Ins…)

An inquest was done into Claire's death (clairethroughthelookingglass)

No. 794260

File: 1554312324179.jpg (270.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190403-182106_Ins…)

No. 794263

File: 1554312570392.jpg (39.98 KB, 582x420, n h what.jpg)

Guess who don't give a damn.

No. 794265

File: 1554312696447.jpg (216.68 KB, 720x1104, 20190403_183127.jpg)

No. 794275

i just watched elzani's yt for the first time and wtf it's absolutely nuts. it's clearly just an avenue to continue her food obsession under the guise of recovery - her weight looks totally the same, every single thing in her life revolves around food? tf? don't even remotely understand the logic behind recording all her breakdowns

No. 794289

It's not only youtube. She uploads numerous stories a day on ig - all about food.

No. 794297

File: 1554317062711.jpg (533.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190403-144130_Ins…)

No. 794343


I'm amazed that she's got away with it for so long, but her sisters seem to be reaching the end of their patience. And you can completely understand why - she managed to make alisha's (sp?) birthday meal all about her, and her mum' sbirthday meal all about her, and all she ever talks about, literally, is food - even in the boxing day video she said 'are you excited for boxing day lunch?' and one of her sisters gave her a weird look and pointed out it was in '5 hours'. it's just so amazingly unhealthy. channel should be deleted imo

No. 794353

Ah but don’t forget she’s doing REAL RECOVERY!

No. 794356

It’s the bit when her sister says “are you gaining a kilo a week then?” And E totally avoids giving a direct answer.
Her thinking is so warped- her argument about her anorexia telling her she’s failing at recovery just doesn’t make sense.

No. 794362

The arguments and how Elzani is sharing very private parts of her life on the internet just feels weird. It's like I'm peeping through the window of an arguing neighbor.

No. 794367

That and when her sister says " if you're telling me that has 3500kcals in it you can jog on"

No. 794380

Why 5 and 6 pm?

No. 794387


Alisha is the hero we need, but probably not the hero we deserve ;D

No. 794414

Omg what video/approximate time stamp did this happen? I want to see that ahah

No. 794424

It’s sad she doesn’t realise what a twat she is making of herself and that she would get a lot more respect if she admitted she needed to go back to hospital, and that she can’t do recovery by herself- very few people can. But instead she is still deluded that she’s somehow helping other people by sharing her “real recovery “ journey/progress- and is actually just making a twat of herself and ruining the lives of her family .

No. 794453

Her latest one about her mum's 50th birthday at around 38 mins into the video

No. 794456

Her mum looks older than 50. I'm not surprised.

No. 794490

I mean even if not hospital, does she have ANY input from professionals? It's supposed to be a recovery channel but ReAl ReCoVeRy actually involves more than filming yourself crying over food. It's so incredibly selfish to keep putting this on her family

No. 794496

mentioned her before but no one noticed
she loves the tube as much as she complains and is in and out for just regular ED symptoms what a waste of resources.

No. 794503

I miss old Bekah in her prime. She's so boring these days; almost non active. Who else do you all miss?

No. 794514

File: 1554364322123.jpg (929.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190404-174948_Ins…)

Georgia is back! Ergh. She went in for her TMS admission as per usual then this post. Fucking called it. Kek. Here we go again

No. 794515

File: 1554364457396.jpg (148.67 KB, 1080x1031, 20190404_175050.jpg)

Just in case anyone was unsure of her diagnoses she's kindly added them to her intro for everyone to see. I give it a week before she forces her way back into hospital and maybe 10 days before another tube photo. She loves it way too much. Also her hair always looks fucking oily in that pony tail plaid she always has

No. 794518

File: 1554365161734.jpg (492.76 KB, 1080x1920, 20190404_180544.jpg)

No. 794520

Very suspicious to mention that she didn’t ask to be placed on it.
Georgia, sweetheart, if you didn’t ask to be placed on the program they must have seen you bingeing and are trying to help you develop a normal eating pattern.
She takes every crumb of psychiatric help in terms of food intake and turns its into a sign that she’s ~the best anorexic~

No. 794528

I miss the cows of olden days. The OCD of Little Sprout, spoopy Aly, Crying Emily, just…all of them. I'm glad those three recovered, but they were amusing. Even Ash is boring as hell now.

No. 794537

She's claiming to be restricting and purging. Which makes NO sense at all. Like her body doesn't shoe what she actually eats

No. 794553

That’s what surprises me too- like no mention of therapy or weekly weigh ins or a cpn/support worker .

No. 794555

Not really answers but: I'm wondering if it's one of two things, whether it's the time of day where staff changeovers happen - so less attention, or if something specifically triggers her about that time of day. Or meal times/visitation times could play a part in it - she was not allowed to see her family, and those times of day you can probably hear others talking to family and it could have been increasing her loneliness.

No. 794572

Do you think she took this photo herself or had someone take it?

No. 794582

Self timer. Can't see her having friends put up with her shit.

No. 794585

File: 1554385885527.jpg (36.04 KB, 296x403, e.JPG)

This is Elzani in June 2017. Must've fallen into her ED pretty fast.

No. 794597

a week? try a day or so as shes ~struggling~
she must have the easiest doctors

No. 794598

she's conveniently got no access to her past "underweight" pics….aka her baby photos must have been burnt in a housefire

No. 794604

That's alisha….

No. 794606

That's not E it's her sister.

No. 794609

File: 1554390456583.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1069, IMG_20190404_160606.png)

That's her sister, this is elzani in 2017

No. 794612

File: 1554390593536.jpg (18.64 KB, 303x400, 1111.JPG)

Ahhh. They look alike. Well, not really here. That pic above is how I'd imagine her looking if she wasn't spoopy. Which one is this? The slight combacross tells me it's E?

No. 794614

Yess, she does look more like her sisters here, different jaw shape I think just, it's a shame she went all spoopzani.

No. 794628

File: 1554393466074.jpg (37.49 KB, 548x537, g.JPG)

isn't this the age she said she was ~skin and bones~?

No. 794634

Oh god, I'm surprised she could even walk, so skeletal, how was she not sectioned

No. 794645


my therapist once told me that obese people sometimes have body dysmorphia "the other way round".

He has clients who are obese and see themselves as normal and people at a healthy weight as spoopy.
maybe that´s what´s going on with that overweight cows?

No. 794656

I’ve also heard this. Honestly it is likely due to her being obese for so long that when she looks at that photo, she truly believes she was skinny then

No. 794749

Yeah apparently. She said she was 15. So she's 21 now so like 2013 would have been when she was "skin and bones"

No. 794764

File: 1554415480046.jpg (576.25 KB, 1080x1160, 20190405_080219.jpg)

Apparently just months before she was "skin and bones"

No. 794765

File: 1554415560586.jpg (209.56 KB, 430x1178, 20190405_080339.jpg)

And immediately after her "skin and bones" era. Samefaging. #omgcollarbones #muchsick

No. 794766

File: 1554415597943.jpg (487.97 KB, 1080x1337, 20190405_075517.jpg)

Probably the slimmest she has ever been

No. 794767

File: 1554415651143.jpg (152.34 KB, 1080x685, 20190405_075543.jpg)

Fucking kek

No. 794771

Why she say it like that tho…

No. 794793

File: 1554421185841.jpg (115.03 KB, 1080x1200, IMG_20190405_093701.jpg)

This looks like her private account

No. 794794

Kek “skin and bone,” Georgia?? You mean borderline obese

No. 794797

File: 1554423599539.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 113.32 KB, 750x1066, F1AA7903-BF91-4650-BC79-5C488A…)

Minusthreedegrees once again.. glass doesn’t bend like that hun

No. 794798

how embarrassing

No. 794800


so embarrassing doing this shit when you're over 30

No. 794804

File: 1554425172215.jpeg (107.07 KB, 655x447, 90BA2E9A-1C6F-4C8F-991F-EA8897…)

I don’t think she has edited it but out of all the photos they took for her mums 50th , I wonder why she picked this one for her IG? - nothing to do with her standing up and showing her thigh gap in her standard legs apart pose.

No. 794813

Her sisters are so pretty. Even mom and grandma look pretty darn good here. Dad looks over it and E looks pleased as punch for the opportunity to film herself trying her "first slice of cake ever!" "First day of real recovery" with her collar bones jutting out all over the place.

No. 794816

Aly seems like she's beginning to relapse, she's been posting more about restricting and losing again. Just gets lost in all the other shit she talks about

No. 794817

Nah, she does it for attention. Trying to hold on to the ana followers.

No. 794842

tbh I think you’re at least partially right. She’s obvs really sick, in general, but the twisted compulsion to maintain her ana followers is really strong. I think it gives her validation and when she was recovering (which the shitty proanas that follow her didnt care about) and saw lower engagement, it killed her drive to get better. She takes too much self worth from numbers and external factors, she really should have stayed in treatment longer. Aly’s definitely not capable of recovery by herself rn and her shitty followers don’t help matters.

No. 794889

What’s alys Insta handle again

No. 794903

It depends which Aly, if it's Aly who has her own thread - she disabled aly_sjourney (her ED account), but still uses @itsaly_eleanor. I think her thread is autosaged due to sheer lack of milk and nitpickery. >>740653

If it's the other Aly that's been posted here, it's Aly @daintyaly.

No. 794905

Looks like @itsaly_eleanor has lost a bit, but I'm not sure how long it's taken. Could be normal.

No. 794918

File: 1554462938848.jpg (649.89 KB, 1080x1562, 20190405_211418.jpg)

Shanaya looking for an excuse to go back to hospital

No. 794919

File: 1554463069691.jpeg (78.9 KB, 686x595, image.jpeg)

E and her mum 2015

No. 794920

File: 1554463107875.jpeg (90.25 KB, 591x567, image.jpeg)

E in 2014

No. 794921

Does anyone know who this strange specimen is? Is this a troll? The dead cat on her head, the claiming her therapist cried urging her to get treatment as she 'might die as her eating disorder is severe'. The gal is a healthy weight visibly yet says she needs to be tube fed… I don't know where to start.

No. 794940

Kat Davis isn't a troll, just I don't know what her actual condition is (she had given printed documents online with a massive list of conditions including physical conditions outside of MH that she has had in the past/present - someone pointed out that certain conditions couldn't coexist). She's mentally unwell that's for sure. I didn't realise she's got a youtube channel now though. She's an oldie, seems to go through psychosis a lot. Nice girl when she's well. Wears a lot of wigs, takes hideous amounts of selfies though. Think she was put in hospice care at one point?

Sorry for lack of caps, but this was way back. Probably around 2010 or so. And she's had multiple accounts.

No. 794941

of course she is
such a brat.

No. 794980

File: 1554478310385.png (622.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190405-163059.png)

Why does she make such long fucking videos like 3 times a week jfc, maybe once a week yes but I can't watch such long boring videos, all she does is sniff food and talk about it constantly

No. 794994

Because all she is is her eating disorder. It's not like, welll when you're anorexic all you think of is food, because even Becky does her craft stuff. She likes to put herself on show. HOUR long videos.

No. 795021

She doesn't only sniff food…she also walks around A LOT!

No. 795131

I've noticed this as well - for someone in 'real recovery' (lol) she really does maximise any chance of moving around! i just watched the latest video and she does her usual thing of being like 'i ruined it for everyone :(((' idk how no one has snapped, because she has said the same thing for months but not actually made any changes

No. 795133

That's Kat. She's well know for her fictitious disorders. She's super stalkerish and obsessed with being the sickest one. She has her own thread in the factitious illness awareness group on fb. Shes a dangerous person

No. 795138

It was tedious to watch!
I laughed at the way her sister always walked well in front of Elzani like she didn’t want to be associated with being seen with her ( and she does look a wally in she always wears tight trousers to show off her alien like thigh structure/gap).
I think E should have done drama for a degree not marketing going by the last video.

No. 795141

No. 795164

The amount of times she says ‘sorry ‘ gets on my wick- everything that happens it’s “oh I’m sorry, bursts into tears” - then she does the same thing again she’s just said sorry for ( and I thought the whole point of sorry is admitting you made a mistake and won’t do it again).
She was the one who announced she was doing ‘real recovery ‘ but now in this video she says real recovery doesn’t exist!
The look and sound of frustration and sadness in her parents ( and I disagree with her dad- yes perfect does exist ). And talki about making them feel guilty when she said “ I hated the hU and just wanted to be around the table eating with you “ aka don’t send me back there.

No. 795166

To be fair, you have (seemingly, and usually) uncontrollable urges with mental illness.

No. 795207

File: 1554517564169.jpeg (195.45 KB, 750x974, 141E5660-8CD7-4F87-8BD4-557D8D…)

Just wow….
Part 1

No. 795208

File: 1554517613225.jpeg (169.03 KB, 750x984, 9F902D0F-B869-45E5-AF2A-CB7540…)

Part 2
Is this like a makeup vs no makeup comparison shot or a hay look at my toob photo?

No. 795209

File: 1554517765095.jpeg (245.17 KB, 750x1334, 58ECCC4A-8E56-47B1-83A1-6666F2…)

Part 3
And here’s the actual post. It’s a little hard to believe she’s experienced any of this…. seeing as how she’s actually overweight and not anorexic. I can’t follow her but I always wonder what’s on her story. Apparently her latest post she says she is doing various behaviors.. I’m guessing she’s planning her next inpatient vacation?

No. 795222

She doesn't have an eating disorder. She just likes being in hospital for whatever reason. She should quit her shit and join Weight Watchers to lose weight instead of using her mind games to get into hospital to fake an ED. She'd be less of a drain on her family's income.

No. 795223

Why can't you see her stories? I don't follow her but see them. Her account is public. She's inpatient now.

No. 795239

She does have an eating disorder. Just not anorexia. Which isn't the only ED to be hospitalised with. She has bulimia with traits of Bed but primarily bulimia currently.

No. 795240

Judging by the screen shot, they don't have insta

No. 795251

File: 1554526801055.png (2.61 MB, 1242x2208, 8CBEE869-EB8D-4657-8AF8-A45907…)

here’s from Georgia’s story

No. 795296


No. 795298

What about recovering_mary_bxtchx
She posts so many bloody video and pictures it’s unreal
Harps on about recovery yet has gained like what 0.4 and always picks low calorie things
And how she calls it ana cringe

No. 795306

File: 1554547517879.gif (2.03 MB, 500x278, 4906FEC8-321A-4231-8315-0EA982…)

No. 795309

Meh boring

No. 795317

File: 1554553678235.jpeg (493.89 KB, 1242x1969, 633BEA96-732A-4D01-A282-1B60D2…)

No. 795318

File: 1554553704447.png (2.88 MB, 1242x2208, D28C2426-2BCF-4170-A99F-23687D…)


No. 795320

File: 1554553940768.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x2075, 5B1DA402-6494-49AF-B5BC-E30AF9…)

what the fuck man

No. 795324

There’s all kinds of fucked it shit going on around her arm in the back there. Man it actually pains me how fucking stupid her followers are and takes everything in me to not point out the shooping but I’d get blocked before anyone could see the comment anyway

No. 795331

the rib cage looks like a cartoon. oh wait, it is.

No. 795338

That video is ridiculous.

No. 795355

Honestly I think they know but don't say so they don't get blocked, and those that don't are stupid pro Ana kids or something

No. 795356

Her arm doesn't look skinny in the reflection of her specs.

No. 795360

File: 1554568495685.jpeg (347.4 KB, 750x1105, EDB69F78-05C8-453D-BECE-E44C87…)

She could at least try a little harder

No. 795364

File: 1554568993292.jpg (13.53 KB, 298x284, 0.JPG)

I thought that about the navel. That pencil stroke must've taken a split second.

What's all this black smudge? The lower part looks like pubes growing back. Where are her bikini bottoms supposed to be, or does she go out flashing her lower half?

Very punchable face.

No. 795371

File: 1554570802643.jpg (35.08 KB, 330x324, 0.JPG)

Back to poverty stricken Becky. So poor they buy scratch cards.

No. 795376

Honestly we do the same sometimes cuz you usually get at least £2 obvs not if we super struggling but yeah

No. 795380

I doubt the £10 win even happened. Whenever they need something (a heater in winter, a car, money to send her shit to someone) it magically appears.

If they were so hard up they wouldn't shop at Morrison's.

No. 795456

oh jesus christ.
Why do spoopy instagram bitches who are already skelly feel the need to photoshop themselves I'll never understand

No. 795462

That's a shadow from the fat pouch women have that she tried to get rid of but didn't fix the dark spot lmao

No. 795475

Wow you’re right. How much is she shopping these???
Also those ribs sure don’t match with those collarbones and lack of breast bones

No. 795476


And that was only part one of the vlog for the week!
Are we going to be getting " and this is my first ever Easter egg in real recovery" repeated multiple times or her analysing all the Easter eggs her family get- which will all be 'divine'.
Illness and recovery aside I get the impression she is a spoilt brat- they obviously have loads of money ( not cheap for 5 people to eat out as often as they do) and M&S food is more expensive than lidl. She doesn't realise how lucky she is- white, middle class, two dogs, big house, endless supply of food, trips to the cinema each week.

No. 795503

If you want the unedited version, zoom into the reflection of her shades. I guess she forgot that part…

No. 795517

Her recovery vlogs are actually really unhelpful to both her and others. I started watching her but she's too triggering, and I can't see any way her doing the videos is helping her in any way. She needs to wise up and take responsibility and think about the impact and affect her videos have on people.

No. 795570

Looks like she's deleted this post or it got removed.

No. 795585

File: 1554636393778.jpg (303.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190407-205944_Ins…)

Odd post by surviving.tal

No. 795586

File: 1554636416397.jpg (655.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190407-212453_Ins…)

No. 795592

Who even is this? Context? God you newfags are morons

No. 795593

It's still there, Anon.
In the context of the post prior to it - I'd assume it's surviving.tal if it's the same anon, same hair colour. Don't know the girl, the rant post doesn't seem that milky? (or is there something I'm missing?). Crappy job at editing face if she doesn't want to be seen though.

We've all had our fair share of seeing unfortunates spazz out and swallow flipping tampons and the like to self-harm or force them back into hospital. And the rest is just common in general.

No. 795594

why does that screenshot look like the same phone format as >>794514 ?

No. 795599

Only it doesn't though? The bottoms don't look anything like the prior.
If you're going by naming conventions alone then posts like:
etc fall under that, it could just be a normal naming convention for things like android?

No. 795601

same Android bottom of the screen with the story screenshots is what I mean. The symbols at the bottom.

No. 795603

All Samsungs have that. So errrrr people have an android phone

No. 795604

Not new. Learn to follow a thread convo or stick to your precious tinybootsteps topic only.

No. 795605

there's no convo to be had

No. 795608


Kek what are you on? I’ve never posted about tinyboosteps. Might want to learn to sage before telling people how to follow a thread. The image wasn’t a reply to anything and there was no explanation and the person’s face is scribbled out. Sorry for not being obsessed enough with whoever it is to be able to tell? Jog on fucktard

No. 795609

I agree. It's a small account. Seems like a vendetta.

No. 795681


I follow her too. This is taking her story out of context and omitting some of the shots where she elaborates. It wasn't milky beyond the obvious hypocrisy of her posting about on IG. She was calling out people eating batteries and banging their heads to get hospitalized

No. 795695

Sorry to reference an old post, but why does Becky only sell stupid shitty crafts? Some of her artwork (if she actually drew it) looks impressive, so I was shocked to see the crap she has on her etsy. Especially those beaded bracelets. Were those doodles and pen/ink stuff she used to post actually hers?

No. 795706

File: 1554683189727.jpeg (52.21 KB, 588x425, image.jpeg)

Why does Elzani sniff everything before she eats it and insist on showing her empty plate to the camera? And who on earth eats a kit kat by taking it to pieces like that or a malteser the way she does?

No. 795707


No. 795709


lol this is a stupid question. obviously someone with an ED does these things.

No. 795710

I’ve got an ED and I don’t smell my food or scientifically take apart my kitkats - so it’s not a stupid question.

No. 795711

File: 1554684510137.jpeg (113.31 KB, 724x575, 66B28D48-22BD-4C8D-B1FA-E5F0EC…)

She needs to go back and listen to what she was saying in this vlog

No. 795715

File: 1554686484199.png (9.48 MB, 1242x2208, 17A298B5-C477-4DD8-973A-405D24…)

it’s always the biggest gals who say they’ve had “big losses” but never show any difference.

No. 795730

Girl took an average size shit and is amazed that she magically lost weight, tonight at 10!!!
Ffs if she really was on a weight gain plan she wouldn’t be allowed to see her weight

No. 795734

File: 1554690953421.jpeg (262.16 KB, 1125x1316, A177BE40-E985-4AD0-A3BE-340F18…)

Beks is back to her old shit again….

No. 795746

Georgia's getting the tube again. Kek.

No. 795747

File: 1554696133129.jpg (668.15 KB, 1080x1783, 20190408_140006.jpg)

No. 795748

File: 1554696037007.jpg (668.15 KB, 1080x1783, 20190408_140006.jpg)

No. 795750

Someone looks pleased. G vents food? If thats what you call it.

No. 795752

Ok so the tube is for electrolytes imbalances then

No. 795756

Nope. She lost weight so apparently gets the tube. Go figure.

No. 795757

File: 1554700384430.jpg (915.37 KB, 1080x2057, 20190408_151242.jpg)

No. 795758

File: 1554700417952.jpg (779.21 KB, 1062x2077, 20190408_151255.jpg)

No. 795759

A self fulfilling prophecy

No. 795761

Her cheeks have filled out since then - I think she’s purging .
She still has this notion that her anorexia will be fixed just by getting to a certain weight- what about therapy?

No. 795769

Probs like 0.01 kg

No. 795770

I consider recovering_mary_bxtchx to be a cow tbh. Claims she eats loads, but whenever you see a body pic she's still extremely emaciated.
That's probs why she only posts them very rarely or only in her stories, there's no way that she eats / keeps down / doesn't exercise off all the foods she posts.

No. 795780

Shanaya is back in hospital after making it known that she's been out one whole week. She claims someone on instagram called an ambulance for her but she lives with her dad. puzzled

No. 795787

File: 1554714003862.jpg (874.64 KB, 1080x2080, 20190408_184439.jpg)

No. 795789

says this will be her last NG and that she will try to eat…yet was anticipating the tube and not eating and saying she couldn't even eat a raspberry.

she's not fooling anyone.

>>795780 she should just be made to eat her meal plan and go home

No. 795791

She "ran away" lol

No. 795793

File: 1554715758238.jpg (735.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190408-171459_Ins…)

Definitely proud

No. 795795

She did a poll asking if it seems like she acts like she’s proud and 50% said that she does lmao says a hell of a lot considering that the poll isn’t anon and she would know who voted what(emoji)

No. 795800

EDs present in different ways. I smell food sometimes. She's very weird, but we all are.

No. 795801

File: 1554723415048.jpeg (584.59 KB, 1242x1477, 898EEA0F-022F-4710-9EB3-48E9EB…)

I’m such a recovery warrrrrior!!! I’m so sickly and I need to gain and be healthhhyyy!!!

No. 795803

Yup, it's definitely a trophy for her.
But hey, at least she's doing *~• ReAl REcOvEry • ~* guys!

No. 795804

Yah, it sure is a symptom of her ED and OCD tendencies, but if she's claiming to do *~• ReAl REcOvEry • ~* , she would be recognising and trying to resist that behaviour.

No. 795806

File: 1554724497478.png (255.08 KB, 690x713, Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 13.5…)

No. 795809

File: 1554725290978.jpg (393.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190408-130734_Ins…)

No. 795814



No. 795830

She will start getting better when she realizes she’s eaither bulimic, or lying about that and has BED. who knows maybe she has no ed at all and is munching for attention. Regardless she’s not getting help for her true problems by going in and starving for a lil tube time for selfies. She was all pissed off when ppl spoke about her on here yet she seems even worse now… like having an ng tube doesn’t mean your sick, anorexic, malnourished or anything it’s a protocol for treatment centers to insert them so they don’t get sued for malpractice when all the true ed patients starve to death. She’s abusing the system for attention. If she’s so rich and can afford this I pay for u to tube name shit why can’t she pay for some therapy that will address her real problems with it atention seeking behavior. Honestly I cannot imagine even being in that tx center with her

No. 795835

File: 1554737014413.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 9E4676AD-BF72-40CE-B8B6-B383C6…)

Back on her bulimic bullshit….. why would she give this advise to sick ppl, draining out all your electrolytes Bc your tired of playing around with your health is rediculous she drinks beer, wine, eats half of a meaty burger (which y’all know she ain’t draining) and then posts this garbage. I’m so glad she could get her precious tpn so she could gain weight again, but like we said she’d go back to her old ways AND re post her spoopy skelly pics lol will add in next post

No. 795836

File: 1554737099317.jpeg (125.4 KB, 750x1334, B4EE6980-B6F5-4496-8B58-60D4AC…)

Part 2

No. 795867

Not OP but I’ve never seen anyone else smell their food the way she does every time before eating it, especially after already taking a bite and then doing it again. And I’ve been in treatment multiple times/ met many people with EDs. She drives me nuts

No. 795868

This is disgusting, she looks like she’s picking her nose wtf. Also what is the point of doing overnight feeds for just a couple days knowing the plan is to be on regular food by Thursday? So fucking stupid, why are they enabling her bullshit?

No. 795871

What on earth is going on in her underwear? She looks like she has man junk

No. 795891

I guess consider yourself lucky then? Not the replier but it's common hun (it's a sensory thing, either checking, delaying, or obsessional). Same with other traits like scraping things off with teeth not touching lips, and other delaying/distancing tactics. Suprised you've not met other fellow [because i'm sure you're weird yourself in some way] weirdo's in treatment.

No. 795892

could just be she's shaved in a weird way and she has more of a bush? It's not like it's Onisions baby carrot size. I think hair would give that kind of budge.

No. 795894

Yeah, but most of us do our fucked up, food obsessional behaviour behind closed doors / when no one is watching, not on camera while practically orgasming over a fucking crumpet.

No. 795895

if you put a camera in front of yourself and desensitise yourself to it it's easy to not notice behaviours even when watching footage back. I don't want to get OT but it's the same as the heroin addict who recorded his life around here and died on the first day of treatment. I think when you start to get used to recording life you don't even think to question "how does this seem to others", or you just want to log everything as being natural. It's like the people who tap chins, or scrape skin out of anxiety/other MH motives, it's like a natural tick i guess?

No. 795900

File: 1554753659021.jpg (156.49 KB, 665x665, craft organiser.jpg)

This is the happiest I've ever seen her miserable face.

I have some advice. Img related.

No. 795902

Oh I’ve seen plenty of weirdos, myself included haha just not the incessant smelling thing

No. 795908


Claims to love her body but posts a photo of her before she gained weight.

No. 795921

File: 1554758876459.jpg (358.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190408-154935_Ins…)

No. 795925

File: 1554759967625.jpg (396.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190408-155032_Ins…)

No. 795927

I wonder if she was a nightmare pre ED? She was a cute kid. I rarely say that about children, but she looks full of mischief. Sad. Kind of needs eyebrows on the blue dress/prom (?) pic.

No. 795932

She's a fair haired girl - drawing on eyebrows wasn't even a trend back then. More the scene/chav combo was popular when this was taken.

No. 795934

Isn’t getting rid of weird habits part of ‘real recovery ‘? Or are we still following Elzanis own version of ‘real recovery’?

No. 795935

Another benefit scrounger

No. 795939

I felt bad posting that in retrospect incase she had trich. I always coloured my brows when I was bleached. Idk, no brows looks weird.

These Brit ana chans are a bigger threat to the country than Brexshit.

No. 795941

Twitter have stepped up on taking down pro ana accounts. Betchya ig is next.

No. 795978

Drop some @‘s?

No. 796014

I reported skinny fetishist/groomer Henry Roth/bill Bockman's account a while ago. Today they sent me a notification saying they found he was posting pro ana content (similar shit to on vk) and they've deleted his account.

It's the first one I've reported. Might find another toxic one to see what happens (his "friends" were randoms not mentioned here). All the stuff in the news about self harm/suicidal content being scrapped on social media right now makes me think they're taking it seriously (lawsuits n shit). Must've been two months since the report.

So yeah, I really think that the body checks of cows here are going to either diminish or they'll lose their account.

I'm not usually a grass, but that fucker really grinds my gears.

No. 796123

Elzani is all talk and no action- she knows the right things to say and what people want to hear or how to pull the strings to get pity from her parents .

No. 796144

Both Paris and Elzani seem to have pretty messed up relationships with their mothers .

No. 796161

I think for a lot of people the eating disorder is about wanted to be cared for and coddled like a child / being unwilling to adapt to the expectations of adulthood, so this doesn't surprise me. Their moms aren't helping by playing right into it.

No. 796167

File: 1554828712747.jpg (543.44 KB, 1500x1500, pt2019_04_09_17_51_26.jpg)

Kelsey video vs. Photo…

No. 796171

Even the shadow in the bottom photo shows that those legs aren't real. She's so fucking dumb, it's unbelievable.

No. 796172

I’ve always had the opinion that there are two kinds of people with EDs. Those who never had to take care of themselves and as adults want to be coddled and taken care of. And the other group is people who had to be adults as children and never got to have those kid experiences. Tbh I think most fall into the first category, especially when their mommies stay home to care for them. People with EDs are notoriously sensitive and I’ve def come across a lot of people who think their lives have been utter misery when that’s not the case. Anyways anyone discussed here can choke (on a low fat dick) because of their dramatics

No. 796173

She’s getting worse at photoshopping…. Didn’t even bother to shoop the shadows lmao don’t get why she still does it everybody knows it’s photoshopped….

No. 796175

Doesn't she have some sort of catheter bag strapped to her leg sometimes? I assume it's to do with that, but may be wrong.

No. 796184

File: 1554830556785.png (229.16 KB, 1080x1715, IMG_20190409_182159.png)

Someone called her out, comment was quickly deleted

No. 796263

she’s also being called out for stealing someone’s photos of food