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File: 1550280634630.png (61.87 KB, 155x275, 1546011517235.png)

No. 778634

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 24 year old instagram "influencer", plastic surgery addict, and new sexworker.

>A true narcissist, posts before and after pics of her surgery literally nonstop

>"Doesn't care what you think" but will sperg at the slightest rustle of her jimmies
>Obligatory ~BPD~ sufferer
>Will stop at nothing to look as fucked as possible; just got her boobs done and is already planning her next surgery
>Begs her followers to buy her private snapchat where she lisps incoherently for hours through her clown mouth

Previous Threads:

Recent milk:
>shaved her head to copy kaycee, looks like a teenage boy with bolt ons, buys wigs immediately
>enters the new year without matt, talks about fucking someone named "cute"
>caps leaked of her saying she left matt to pursue escorting, dates male escort ("cute")
> has a lovehate friendship with her sexworker mentor latinamilk, who was involved prior with "cute"
>skinwalks LM including buying wigs to match her hair
>snap is barren, when she does post its about how much coke and xanax she takes while heavily drinking
>fucks 50 year olds for drug and lip filler money

social media links
https://www.instagram.com/plasticandproud (old)


No. 778637


caps from previous thread where she admits her and matt are broken up and is dating cute

No. 778651

File: 1550285323828.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190215-070832_Ins…)

Spotted with "cute" again. She must have been lonely on Valentines day

No. 778837

File: 1550369838939.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3264x2448, B684589F-2FA4-49C9-9A4D-86C9ED…)

Posted this on her snap after going out last night. Dominica is still on with doormatt’ appeared to be at cutes apartment last night from pics of his cat

Tinfoil but I think she’s getting her Xanax from LM and the latter will ghost her right when she gets addicted to get back at her for cute

No. 778878

File: 1550381942020.jpeg (Spoiler Image,348.62 KB, 750x985, A7180ADF-01CA-4108-8434-AF9994…)

If you only post unflattering pictures of your friends, you’re not a real friend

No. 778900

…is that vomit

No. 778933

File: 1550424846670.png (166.27 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20190217_183252.png)

No. 778948

File: 1550426858053.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, E198D0E2-9BA2-4A11-8425-81CFAB…)

She finally got a new comforter to hide the filth(no1curr)

No. 778956

Lmao your tinfoil is diabolical, definitely could be possible, but latinamilk actually ~seems~ nice. You never know(no contribution)

No. 778972

Why the tinfoil about Xanax when we already know she does cocaine and the snap says “cracked out.” She’s been on coke for a week.

No. 778974

File: 1550435486685.jpeg (205.7 KB, 750x1051, 30A4CA05-9D99-4A64-BEC2-34BC64…)

Lol pnp is trying to hang with lil tracy

No. 778978

she wishes he would even consider her(learn to sage)

No. 779093

Tracy is a fucking confirmed pedophile this is so disgusting of her, and I used to think she was too random/boring to deserve a thread. Her body legit means nothing to her and she would give it to anyone with clout, money, or comfort. She has mostly young fans? Fuck her.

If anyone wants blatant evidence and confirmation of how vile he is. I know she reads this too so bitch get it the fuck together.

No. 779196

File: 1550517272152.png (835.96 KB, 750x1334, 025CFA6D-9743-456A-AD16-DDB893…)

I bet 10 bucks her and doormatt are still fucking. She’s going ~uwu poly~ now.

No. 779211

File: 1550520604386.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 4F29F8AC-A7F7-46F6-8ADF-13561A…)

Ew Matt’s kissing her dirty foot.

No. 779275

"blatant evidence" it mentions nothing of age or who he's texting????

No. 779280

Random forum post, age not mentioned in screenshots, very little going on … "blatant evidence".

No. 779497

File: 1550600404751.jpeg (133 KB, 750x952, 3AB9150C-0533-4995-A3BF-560E01…)


No. 779860

File: 1550696299546.jpeg (223.36 KB, 750x1108, E2BD16C8-2F30-402A-8BD4-8818B7…)

Noticing this trip is quite literally the start of Ariana’s and Matt’s engagement anniversary. I wonder what new knowledge they’ll bring back with them? This could very well officially make or break the bond they’ve committed to only just a year ago.

No. 780256

so i guess she finally convinced matt to go along with the poly thing? he truly is the definition of a weak human being, after everything she's done how does he accept her back so freely? does he have zero self respect?

No. 780258

They’re coming back in a monogamous relationship. Calling it.

No. 780260

Proposalgate pt 2?

No. 780462

File: 1550857445972.jpg (1.11 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190222_114114.jpg)

They probably think she's a boy. Kek I honestly was hoping she'd stay off all socal media for her whole vacation, but I guess 4 days is longer than any of her "brakes".

No. 780846

File: 1550987966896.png (4.79 MB, 1242x2208, D5CEA5B6-5F87-4836-A8C7-75C6EE…)

No mature man would date her in the first place. Run, Matt, run. What are you even doing going on vacation with her when she’s trying about other men?

No. 780876

File: 1551004617571.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 8F55D949-A3DD-4305-A0DB-0D1C84…)


No. 781094

File: 1551110648921.jpg (497.62 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190225_170203_com…)

She's so smart

No. 781118

File: 1551120040368.jpg (1.38 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190225_123853.jpg)

A few threads back she made a big stink about not liking "big dogs" because she was bit by one… But here she is completely fine with this random beach dog?

And she wants to bring the dog back with her. I'm pretty sure there's a long wait time to bring animals into the country, and I've heard horror stories of animals not being aloud into the US and getting sick/see stuck in limbo.

I'm all for helping animals, but this bitch can't even take care of herself.

No. 781232

Stray dogs are a huge thing there but this is very common. She won’t this dog home.
I find it to be too hilarious that she has brag and boasted about how much money she makes from SW, it now asking for donations?
she is starting to sound like Tuna with her ebegging.

No. 781249

Posting incessantly about the male attention she’s getting. Probably because she’s not used to getting cat called at all in the states. these dudes are for sure just gawking and making fun of her…..

No. 781371

File: 1551215385259.jpeg (296.63 KB, 750x1113, 263AB748-BB4F-47FE-A129-B9ABF2…)

Lmao this was so predictable!
Just wonder if they’re exclusive or she’s still riding that poly train.

No. 781895

File: 1551387149718.jpeg (185.74 KB, 749x1105, 55FB6BC6-7037-4DBC-9578-BEFEDC…)

She can be glad Matt is with her otherwise she would probably have been abducted by now (not meant in a racist way, it’s more about blacking out in public next to men you don’t know)

No. 781896

File: 1551387251440.jpeg (190.66 KB, 750x1100, 4890B00B-D09A-4D19-932C-677D23…)

No. 781912

File: 1551389156880.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 7BBE7FCD-E68A-4DA6-B04A-2190DB…)

Wasn’t she routinely blacking out just days before this trip? It’s hilarious how she spreads these little white lies to protect her ego subconsciously. I can almost guarantee this trip has been no different from her daily life besides the scenery and food kek

No. 781970

She is a pathological liar and absolutely delusional. She posted mutliple times on her IG story about not remembering the night before in the weeks leading up to this trip…that is the definition blacking out smfh. I mean I always knew she was dumb as rocks but blacking out in another country to the point of being unable to stand…that's just asking for bad shit to happen. Doormat is on the trip to babysit. Fucking sucks for him

No. 782044

She has always bitched and complained and and overall threw a fit about how her mom is a pathological liar and how she can't fathom how someone can be like that and yet here we are

No. 782064

maybe she's just fried from all the abuse she puts her body through. she probably doesn't even remember that she's said something different.

No. 782112

I assume Doormatt took this picture? Is it only me, but I don't consider it normal to casually take pictures of your partner wasted to the point that they can't even stand (unless he did that to document her addiction and behavior, but she then proceeds to post this on her social media like she's proud of it)? If he loved her, he would help her get up, and protect her from getting injured/getting in a dangerous situation. His priority shouldn't be to take pictures first. Not that I blame him, he must be so tired of her - I honestly don't know why he's on this "vacation" with her.

No. 782116

File: 1551452191546.jpg (730.78 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190301_085311.jpg)

There's that good old Ariana, being a major cunt. For someone who claims to not care what people think, she sure does care! 1/2

No. 782117

File: 1551452221621.jpg (641.89 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190301_085321.jpg)


No. 782333

File: 1551480061276.png (4.54 MB, 1125x2436, 89A2B584-7744-490A-87AA-EBFB86…)


No. 782362

File: 1551491195083.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, D2C627F9-F420-44E6-9B3C-19EACD…)

No. 782371

File: 1551491826172.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, CFCDBE22-39B8-480A-82BE-293AF8…)

:( that’s sad

No. 782389

Wow. I actually feel sick. No one should ever have that happen to them. I’m really praying she seeks therapy, etc. She needs to get a hold of her recent traumas before they eat her up from the inside out at an irreversible rate. She shouldn’t beat herself up but she really needs to start taking responsibility for herself instead of letting others do it for her.. .

No. 782447

Okay but that's not even a cute pic?? Seek therapy for your body and mental issues

No. 782492

showcasing what a dumb ignorant cunt she is. the fact that she published this in an attempt to make the other lady look bad is hilarious because it only makes her look stupid. the person messaging her had a valid point and instead of trying to broaden her tiny shriveled brain, she lashed out. >>782371
this whore is such an attention seeker shes probably lying. maybe she got fucked but doormatt said enough was enough and she cried rape. i dont believe her, shes like the boy who cried wolf. even if it did happen, id have no sympathy. im sure she wouldnt . im sure you liked it ariana(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 782500

Wow these pics before of her laying on the ground blacked out are even more strange to post now

No. 782512

Right? Like they were disturbing before but how morbid that they literally documented her being blacked out in a vulnerable state and she later comes forward to say she was raped. Wonder if they got pics or recordings of that too. It seems like her entire life, even the god awful is just part of a show she puts on for the world but can’t seem to escape. She could, she’s just too pathetic to find a real purpose.

No. 782558

how does that even happen when she's with her grandparents and Matt, are they really not watching after her blacked out ass?

No. 782559

I was wondering the same thing. Her grandparents and Matt both did nothing to protect her if this is the case, and that is just sad…

No. 782575

Also how weird is it to post a pic like that shortly after you’ve been raped >>782333

No. 782633

File: 1551554962474.png (8.78 MB, 1242x2208, 4BC3D9BF-01E7-43AB-9B4A-CFC546…)

Ariana is currently crying in the bathroom at the airport and matts new post is this hmm

No. 782660

I have NEVER come across anybody so fucking pathetic and unaware of ANYTHING in my whole ass life than this bitch. It's almost honestly amazing how badly someone could fuck up every single aspect of their life, documenting it 24/7 and not having a single brain cell to remember…HOW does somebody get fucking raped on vacation with their grandparents AND bf? Did she just get blackout wasted and try to fuck a stranger and it went wrong? How is it possible to be so unaware of everything and anything? This girl is DISGUSTING. Won't call her a woman because she is a poor excuse of a fuckin child who will never, ever understand the concept of self worth, dignity, compassion, etc. She's a void of dirty,selfish,vile,unprotected sex/ fucking people for money/drugs, disgrace of filth. I don't see how she can even show her face online after documenting her abortion and dirty sex scandals nonstop for the entire world to see. I could never feel sorry for a "person" like her. She's ultimately going to get herself killed by either drugs and alcohol, murder or full blown AIDS, no doubt.

No. 782669

File: 1551559402679.png (3.49 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190302-174117.png)

Could this be about Matt?

No. 782679

File: 1551560721422.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190302-140413.png)

She's just crying about all her trauma and how shitty she feels and then she's trying to jump on some old dick? She's gotta be the biggest attention whore online right now. She's very much the leech.

No. 782680

File: 1551560888140.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190302-140749.png)

Proof of the bathroom breakdown 1/2

No. 782681

File: 1551560930606.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190302-140757.png)

Seriously. Therapy. Intensive therapy, like emotional rehab.

No. 782684

File: 1551561260006.png (3.67 MB, 750x1334, 96F3F8BF-CF4D-4362-8509-4F197D…)

She even deleted her photos with Matt and is saying something about being away from those who hurt her? How the fuck do you go from one emotion to the next so easy Matt probably got his balls twisted and once again Lord Farquhar is walking all over him

No. 782688

these two are like a tragic soap opera. but my god why would it ever be a good idea to take your ex on a week long vacation i mean come on.

No. 782699

File: 1551563012302.png (4.03 MB, 828x1792, 7D4F1A09-25F0-4A54-8070-DA5264…)

No. 782700

File: 1551563046658.png (5.41 MB, 828x1792, B50DEA38-5378-471A-9906-E3CB9F…)

No. 782701

tinfoil: matt had sex with her while she was blacked out and couldn’t consent

No. 782703

File: 1551563139701.png (4.09 MB, 828x1792, C66A5FCE-3EF5-49DD-8CC1-B5B0DF…)

No. 782704

EXACTLY my thought. What this appeard like is he thought this was them rekindling things, She posts all these photos of them kissing snuggling in bed, and they fuck… then BOOM she says he raped her

No. 782705

Like I try not to feel bad for Matt but goddamn this dude gets manipulated ALOT. How does she get away with this bullshit tho is the real question wtf

No. 782706

Tinfoil: what if Matt is a abusive? What if he really does hurt her

No. 782716

as much as i dislike ariana, some of you anons are bordering on fucking a-log territory with this shit. first of all, if she was blackout, she CAN’T consent. hate the bitch all you want but she’s still perfectly capable of being raped or taken advantage of like everyone else on this earth. >>782660 this post is so ridiculous it shouldn’t even be touched with a ten foot pole. it’s no wonder this thread is permanently autosaged. inb4 “you’re new!” or “this is the wrong site for you!” in all the years i’ve spent on this site, i have to say, the victim blaming in this thread is fucking sad to read, genuinely. this has gone from being funny to being incredibly depressing in a matter of days.

No. 782721

samefagging to add that this post is absolute top tier hot garbage. you honestly need to be fucked in the head to think literally anyone enjoys being raped. this shit is why this thread will never come off autosage and never should.

No. 782723

Meh-doubtful. Dude is a DOORMAT and if he was abusive there would me many warning signs or red flags she would have posted about within their relationship.

Granted- maybe he didn’t rApE her and someone else did. Could be possible since they’ve been living the Poly life and she needs to mAkE mOnEy. The the pictures she posted of her black out, face down in sand she says she was rapped.

What I feel is she enjoyed vacay with Matt and now it’s time to go back home, she wants to keep her slutty aesthetic up so she manipulated Matt into making HIM feel as if HER ACTIONS were rape. Doing so would eliminate the relationship mentality Matt assumes and they posted pictures of.

She is a fucking snake and who fucking posts nude picture then says oh I was raped and still feels the need to post her fucking life on IG?

false accusations for self gain.

No. 782724

Bitch says she got raped during vacation, Matt is posting I hurt everyone around me stories, she is claiming she’s alone in a FUCKING AIRPORT, again said she was RAPED and asking if she should hit up the 50YO man in London from vacay?

Clearly it wasn’t him who raped her. Which she made it come across as he was TOO forward, thinking he would be one to do so.

No. 782727

>who posts nude pictures after being raped
literally everyone understands this bitch is mentally ill and if you spent five more seconds thinking instead of pulling theories out of your ass, you’d realize it’s clearly a part of her lashing out as a result of whatever went down on vacation. beyond that, the false accusation claim you’re making holds the same amount of water you’re saying her story holds. you’re just reaching out for blind conspiracies to fit your vendetta. this is actually wild anon, this thread used to be one of my favourites and now weirdos are turning it into an actual vendetta-chan thread. your dislike for someone doesn’t mean they’re automatically lying about anything and it’s so fucking pointless to speculate because there’s literally no way for any of us to ever know if it actually happened or not.

No. 782738

I think DoorMatt finally called things off. I think she probably went off with some guy she met at the bar and had sex with him. Maybe she consented while under the influence and doesn't remember, maybe she didn't and it's rape. No one will ever know.

I think DoorMatt has been waiting until after the vacation to dump her because come on, he took off work, had it paid for by her grandfather, who wouldn't stick around for a little longer? That's probably why she called him a leech, and he probably feels bad about ending things before they're back in the country.(tinfoiling)

No. 782751

Thread gets some milk and turns to complete garbage with speculation and pointlessness infighting. A damn shame.

No. 782780

we are all aware she is mentally Instable. However, Who raped her wasn’t the 50yo man who she says was consistently around and she got their email. If it was the dude in the pic she posted that is vile she keeps it up. She is trash.(tinfoiling)

No. 782843

We literally do not know what happened

No. 782851

theres no way matt would let that happen imo if he was the one who took the pic in the first place

No. 782876

Wtf how would you know that?! Could you stop stating your unreasonable tinfoiling as facts please.

No. 782926

File: 1551628679787.png (512.33 KB, 750x1334, 64F81961-553F-48B2-B741-F03894…)

Snapchat anons, please keep us posted

No. 782953

I was the one who commented that him taking that pic of Ariana when she was lying on the ground (if it was him who took it) is kind of disturbing. You shouldn't do that to the person you supposedly love, your priority should be to help her and get her out of that situation. Yes, she is a mess, she shouldn't have constantly been getting wasted, etc. - but he shouldn't be in a relationship or on a vacation with her if it's bothering him (at this point, it's clear she's struggling with alcoholism - being in a relationship with someone like that is hard, and add all her mental issues into that). Maybe they got into a fight while she was drunk and he left her alone somewhere and something bad happened. This whole trip was a bad idea.

No. 783011

Maybe she was crying / alone bc he decided to tell her that he’s moving on without her when they get back

No. 783043

Can we stop tinfoiling now please? Thank you.
Maybe Snapchat anon can tell us more.

No. 783074

Stop tinfoiling and just wait for the snap anon
It’s entirely possible that doorMatt vetted these new vacation friends and left her (an adult) and went to bed. Stop blaming people for a rape Jesus this thread is getting really unfunny

No. 783097

File: 1551666465799.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190303-202524_Ins…)

She's just drumming up sales. And when she doesn't get sales, she'll drop it on IG because she needs the attention. She's a sick individual with retarded followers too young to recognize a scam artist.

No. 783099

I apologize in advance for not having caps. I don’t have my iPad with me to record my phone, but I will try tomorrow.

On her snap:
The guy in the pic next to her where she’s face down in the sand was the one who raped her.
Apparently Matt saw him go off with her and didn’t stop her.
She confirmed her and Matt went as “friends” but after he didn’t prevent her from being raped she is “cutting him out of her life”
Matt is getting his stuff tomorrow , said it might be the last time she sees him

No matter what a mess she is, no one deserves this. Especially the way it happened of Matt letting her walk away black out drunk with some guy.

I will try to get a cap tomorrow because there are a few things that show her BPD. She constantly refers to the people she met there as ‘friends’ but is aware they were just talking to her and her family because they were white tourists. She can not differentiate good attention or bad.

No. 783103

I honestly feel so bad for her. I hope she doesn’t get an incurable STD alike aids or something. That would fucking suck.

No. 783106

Who posts photos of the person who “raped” you? Also, she’s living this Poly life so how would Matt know that it was rape when she lives this bullshit life? She is truly delusional

No. 783107

She mentioned he was also drunk. I get that he did nothing about it but honestly it’s not his responsibility especially while also being drunk

No. 783110

What a horrible thing to have happen. It 100% is not Matt's responsibility to baby sit her though. We dont know what went down but it's very possible she was refusing to leave with Matt & he cant forcibly drag her back to wherever they were staying if shes fighting him off. Who knows, but it's sad either way. I dont understand why she would even post that photo with her alleged rapist and a nonchalant caption….she needs help for REAL like yesterday. Her life is tragic and I dont mean that in a sarcastic way, it truly is very sad and upsetting.

No. 783112

I don't understand if he's the one that raped her why the fuuuuck does she keep that on her Instagram? I understand keeping a picture of him, but not keeping it on a social media page and making it seem like it was all fun and games.

I agree. She's been living this poly life style, continuously talks about fucking other dudes (like the dude from the UK, "cute" aka americanbadboy) so of course Matt would let her go off with some random. Ariana: You are a grown ass woman. You KNOW you have a mental problem so get help. No one deserves to be raped, and no one deserves to be manipulated by you for your own shitty actions. Let Matt go, focus on on yourself, and fucking work on you.

No. 783118

No. 783121


Hope the link works. Talks all about what happened to her and Matt and whatever else

No. 783123

Pretty sick of her to place the blame on Matt. She’s doing him a favor honestly by leaving him alone. Remember when she said the vacation was going to be the best thing for her? And before that it was quitting her dog job? Then the escorting was her living her best life? Then she claimed she was going to get a part time job? Also always saying she was going to quit drinking/save money/do more chores etc etc. if everything around you smells like dog shit, the common denominator is you. Check your shoes arianna

No. 783135

Wow how can you even blame Matt? You've been seeking attention from many people for a while and you're no child. She said they broke up a while ago so he has no reason to stop her from going with anyone.

No. 783148

Tbh He probably said something before they went off and and she responded mean. Him being drunk must've thought "fuck it" for once and now it backfired. Feel bad for this dude, it's better that he's moving out so she can stop manipulate him.

No. 783151

This is absolutely horrible for her, I feel so bad for her. But… she took her EX with her, who of course is still in love with her because he didn't want none of this poly/sw lifestyle shit. She openly flirts with everyone and enjoys all of the fucking attention from those locals and tourists IN FRONT OF HIM. he has to tell everyone "no it's not my wife" so they can buy drinks etc for her. Can you fucking blame him not looking after her when also being drunk himself, she probably threw a tantrum after him telling her she shouldn't walk away with some stranger because she liked the attention the boy was giving her.

No. 783159

Wow you guys are pathetic hateful pieces of shit. A woman was raped and you just wanna call her our and victim blame her? Like you're literally so obsessed with her life you talk about it constantly. Go get lives you fucking losers honestly it's pathetic.

No. 783163

nobody blames you for being raped ariana.

No. 783164

You’re on the wrong site, sweetie.

No. 783166


same language as ariana(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 783173

I'm not victim blaming her. What happened is really awful, not her fault. The dude was a piece of shit for proceeding to get it off with her knowing she was way too drunk. The point I was trying to make is that I feel bad for doormatt, because he probably thinks this is 100% his fault when in reality I think everyone could logically guess how this shit went down. She was drunk and obnoxious as always and he took way too many shit from her already, she might as well got mad for him being a cockblock. Sorry for tinfoiling..

No. 783176

Why would you still have the picture up of the person who raped you? I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but her response for keeping it up via the snapchat milk was because she thought it was funny she was face down in the dirt. It just doesn’t make sense. Personally I wouldn’t put a picture of my abuser on instagram with a nonchalant caption.

No. 783182

I hate the "victim blaming" narrative cause sometimes victims deserve some of the blame. She posted a bunch of things on insta about creeps hanging around her, obviously wanted to have sex with her. And she said herself on snap these people are drinking as kids, people in that country probably get drunk and have sex all the time, it isn't the US they dont have the same standards or culture as we do, they prob dont even know about consent in that sort of circumstance (being black out drunk), it wasn't forced.

No. 783219

you have to keep in mind she says that he was also texting girls the entire time so it’s not like she was the only one flirting around or what not

No. 783225

That's not the point. Seeing your ex, who is flirting (and hooking up?) in front of you is a different level than talking to someone online to fill a foid.

No. 783237

let me make something clear, I hate pop a lot I think she is ignorant and train wreck BUT rape is NEVER the victims fault, it is all about power and control, it doesn't matter if she was drunk or what she was wearing rape is horrible and it is never the victims fault, its always the rapists fault

No. 783239

Literally no one is saying it’s her fault…

No. 783240

Honestly the reason she probably still has her rapists picture up is because she’s been raped before while blacked out but didn’t consider it rape because she probably found them attractive. She probably just feels grossed out that it was some Dominican local. Doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal to her.

No. 783241

The speculation and victim blaming on this thread is ridiculous.

No. 783252

Literally no one? Wtf? Are we reading the same thread?!? Scroll up in the thread a little bit and you’ll see that there are people blaming her or at least partially blaming her. Even if you don’t like her, this is NOT Ariana’s fault.

No. 783253

She was blaming herself the most! And of course the alcohol. Her thread has gotten sad, filled with a bunch of new fags. I'm glad her and Matt are off, they weren't good for each other. She's on her IG talking about becoming a new person. She full on admitted she could see herself going in a downwards spiral. Sure I don't like her or give a shit. But the amount of blaming and insensitivity around her rape is disgusting. I also think she should take that picture down! I had a feeling it was him

No. 783297

We can definitely stop all the infighting again or this thread is going to get locked again.

No. 783298

Ariana used to be my favorite cow, she was very entertaining but since she quit the dog job shit got worse. I kinda liked her in the beginning, strongly disliked her in the last few months and now I can only feel sorry for her. She is deeply disturbed and desperately needs therapy. No one deserves what happened to her and I really hope she’ll seek professional help, otherwise she will be dead by 30. I’m glad for Matt that he’s out of her messed up life now, but he was the only one who really cared for her so it’s probably gonna get worse for her living with no support at all.

No. 783303

I think Aaron is living with them? And I agree. I only caught the tail end of the dog job, didn't care for her and her manipulate ways, and now just feel sorry.

But it really disgusts me how she is selling her fucking rape story. Like, "I'm only talking about this on my snap so DM me for details!" That's so gross on so many different levels.

No. 783318


Ariana on her snap again, not much milk. Mostly rambles, and repeating herself

No. 783335

life sure is tough when you don't have doormatt to bring you food once per day

No. 783336

>> "Have weed from this guy that I don't want to be smoking"
>> "only going to be smoking when people give it to me"

No. 783338


This will be the final new ariana. Not like the new ariana that happens every 3-7 days, she is for real this time and it isn't just her borderline personality

No. 783342

She’s on ig live now!

No. 783352

“I can’t wait to go home and stay sober!! get rid of my juul so I’m not dependent on things!!” smokes weed on live

No. 783373

I just don’t understand…. why you’d wanna go have sex w someone for $100 right after being allegedly raped? And if you were why did you not get examined when you went to the Dr??? Maybe get some plan b? Maybe her date saw her snap and that’s why he canceled

No. 783375

1. How does she know she doesn't have an STI from being raped? He probably definitely came inside of her, what if she gets pregnant and needs an abortion again? Plan B has a time limit that it works and she's way past it… 2. She just says she uses an app called Snow to make her eyes look bigger but remember all the times she bragged about not editing her photos? man wtf

No. 783376

1. How does she know she doesn't have an STI from being raped? He probably definitely came inside of her, what if she gets pregnant and needs an abortion again? Plan B has a time limit that it works and she's way past it… 2. She just says she uses an app called Snow to make her eyes look bigger but remember all the times she bragged about not editing her photos? man wtf

No. 783381

She said it's just "dinner" and she took an abortion pill as soon as she got home

No. 783407

Yeah but shes not like you or me. She only knows how to use her truama for some sort of gratification. Like whats the point of suffering if something can't be gained? I feel awful for her. I don't really blame Matt for what happened, though.

No. 783429

File: 1551752247549.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190304-201753.png)

No. 783431

File: 1551753253616.jpg (1.08 MB, 1564x1460, 20190304_203043.jpg)

Thank you snap anon for everything you've been sharing.

I think she'll see Matt again. She'll go sleep with a bunch of guys before that, and maybe it'll be a few months, but she'll go back to him when she can't afford to be on her own.

She deleted the picture on the left and replaced it with the one on the right.

No. 783432

uhm HE DUMPED HER. she is not going back to him? how can she go back to somebody who threw her away you guys need to read the threads

No. 783438

I don't remember anything said about who broke up with who. She said in her snap they had been broken up for a while (probably around the new year. And if I remember, she got banged by a guy she'd just met on a washing machine) BUT, who kisses 'only a friend" on the mouth as shown here? >>781371

No. 783464

wow she's like ~so healthy and productive~ for doing stuff everyone does every day. Wow you cleaned your litter box!! You should be cleaning that thing every other day!! Can't wait for another spiral.

No. 783496

Actually there were screenshots of her having a convo with her fan page where she said she was the one who broke up.
That’s the only thing we know (whether it’s true or not) everything else is just tinfoil without receipt. Lurk more.

No. 783503

You obviously don’t understand severe depression.

No. 783528

that's super condescending to people with depression who aren't idiots who own pets they can't take care of. don't own a cat if you aren't going to change its litterbox wtf are you tnd

No. 783544

Come at me all you want for “victim blaming,” but I doubt Ariana was raped. It truly seems she fabricated / exaggerated what happened to boost snap sales.

Unless she talked about it only on snap and not IG, she didn’t even take any preventative measures after the rape. You need to start HIV prevention meds within 72 hours after exposure. Most non-rx day after pills start to lose effectiveness after 72 hours. Source: Been raped, had a whole rape kit done, it sucks.

I don’t want to doubt her. But she’s capitalizing on trauma, monetizing her own suffering for “the grind.” She has trivialized something that has destroyed lives, both of actual victims and of those falsely accused.

She probably did fuck that guy, consensually. Matt probably asked her not to, and she got pissed. When she woke up the next day, she was probably FINE but scheming how to sucker people into buying her snap.

It’s despicable. As mentally challenged as she is, who the fuck does something like this.

No. 783549

Honestly, I was thinking something similar. I don't want to invalidate her situation because it could have happened. It's just that the way she's going about things raises some questions. I understand that she has mental illness, but telling social media instead of seeking help from, say, the family she was traveling with raises some questions. I feel like if her grandparents cared enough to take her on vacation, they would also care enough to help her in this situation to get her to a doctor and make sure she is okay.

No. 783593

Imo you should Always believe a rape victim unless the allegations are PROVEN to be false. Even if she’s lying — which I personally don’t believe she is — she isn’t hurting anyone. No one will ever find this guy..so whether it’s true or not it’s not like he will face any repercussions …I don’t like her much but I’m not going to invalidate a potential rape victim. Sorry if this comment bothers anyone ..I just really wanted to say it.

No. 783608


There is probably some merit to her claims. But this is a classic setup for her to abuse Matt. She may have been blackout and had sex while on the trip, Matt likely protested that she was going and she went on a tirade about controlling her or whatever. Then she turned her choices around on him, making it his fault. This is pretty clear based on her behaviour. If you look at how matt was acting in the airport he is clearly in the middle of this abuse. He probably expressed that he wouldn't be with her and the cluster b mind started ticking and she spun this whole abuse story to make matt the bad guy. I feel sorry for him, tbh. >>783593

No. 783610

This thread is a shit storm you cannot consent when blackout drunk. She was taken advantage of and most of you are taking advantage of the situation and the small amount of details she's given us just to project your own suspicions and ideas onto the situation. We were not there. We do not know what happened. We literally only know what she has posted and given us. People are speculating so hard.

No. 783641

Can we let the validity of her rape go please? We will never know what happened and she doesnt seem to know either. Yeah it's weird and abnormal to use something like this for snap money but like this girl announced her own abortion so i'm not sure what you all expected.

No. 783664

I can believe that she was raped but holy shit it’s gross how she instantly tried to profit off of it. First she announces publicly that she was raped via instagram and several posts later (here >>782926) she essentially says “Recapping all of the details of my rape on my snapchat! Dm me for details!”

No. 783668

File: 1551824410862.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2280, PicsArt_03-05-04.20.28.png)

No. 783694

i really hope she got checked out after for stds and shit .. as much as everyone dislikes her and love to watch the drama there are many complications that come come from rape or even drunk sex you regret and want to forget. she could have damage inside of her or even hepatitis..ven if u think u know someone you need to get checked multiple times after.

No. 783710

File: 1551832259700.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, 42EAF550-9777-45D7-8E68-F8F2BD…)


“I’m only smoking weed on special occasions with other people.”

Literally alone making bong rip videos.

No. 783741

She’s already back with Matt

No. 783743


No. 783744

File: 1551841510372.jpeg (276.86 KB, 750x1235, 038A156F-DE4F-45E2-834A-380111…)

No. 783745

File: 1551841544843.jpg (1.68 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190305-220346_Ins…)

No. 783746

File: 1551841573287.jpg (1.18 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190305-220356_Ins…)


No. 783747

oops, beat me to it(no contribution)

No. 783783

Lmfao that did not take long. They are RIDICULOUS(no contribution)

No. 783784

I just saw this on snap, so much for "it's too painful to see him again" KEK. They both have to have codependency issues.

No. 783820

Matt is not the most together guy despite everyone thinking he is just bc he has a decent, stable job. I can assure you that this dude is a mess. I know these people through friends and have hung out with them and Matt has the lowest self-esteem. He also uses Ariana as some bizarre blow up doll trophy to feel like he’s worth something.(5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 783822

i mean if hes with her this long he has to be defective in some way bc no healthy person would put up with her for too long. for him to have low self esteem would make a lot of sense. anything else you know about them?

No. 783828

samefag but i think they are gonna be stuck in a cycle of endless breaking up and then making up for a long time. i think once either one decides to get major help & therapy, that person will be the one to end it for good. if they both got well it'd probably become mutual. i do not see either of them doing that soon though.

their relationship is so toxic. he definitely enables her bad behavior so she thinks she can do it forever. and she probably contributes a lot to his low self esteem by walking all over him. its sad but so obvious that neither loves themself.

No. 783842

they remind me of the worst relationship I've had (both scorpios smh) they'll never be happy together. they just need to let it fucking go. they won't because they love each other too much but that shit will not change and they will just continue to drag each other down until they both fuckin die(no1curr about your horoscope and emoji)

No. 783849

File: 1551887637950.jpeg (328.99 KB, 746x911, E5F6BE49-189A-4361-A7DD-935452…)

Stop sucking and fucking for money and go back to school.

No. 783863

She on her snap saying she going to be seeing her "Jeff goldbloom" client and he's paying her $1200 for 20 minute meet up

No. 783914

File: 1551900871919.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190306-133525.png)

Feel bad for any man that wants to fuck her

No. 783916

This has pretty much been the consensus for a while, I think. They deserve each other tbh

No. 784039

File: 1551925973932.jpeg (111.87 KB, 750x751, B4FF63FE-23CC-47A7-B9C8-35BC5C…)

Plausible tinfoil that this is the “sexy Jeff Goldblum” she had to fuck. Re: dad jeans and dork belt. They are definitely in a corny boutique hotel and her teen friend Mia is with her?

No. 784061

Looks like Aaron to me

No. 784148

Aaron has dark hair and clear glasses.

No. 784164

Mia isn’t a teen lmfao

No. 784189

Yeah that's the Jeff goldbloom look a like. I wonder if Mia was in the room for the 20 minute fuck or if she waited in the hallway lol. Imagine your friend fucking old ass dudes for a few hundred and a cheap motel room

No. 784191

File: 1551971979246.png (2.58 MB, 750x1334, 1CD952EF-CD9A-42B3-8906-359F53…)

Congrats on making in two days without drinking. “Only on the weekends.” It’s almost sad to watch someone with ZERO self control.

No. 784210

File: 1551975943112.png (4.2 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190307-102630.png)

No. 784242

I don’t know if she has gotten tested yet since the assault… but if she hasn’t yet, isn’t that a little unprofessional and unethical to sleep with a client? If she hasn’t yet, that could potentially put her clientele at risk.

No. 784255

File: 1551984591770.jpeg (442.4 KB, 750x696, 8B7A9E1A-9DFA-4502-A403-22196D…)

Herpes flu?

No. 784264

File: 1551987546428.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190307-133403_Ins…)

At planned Parenthood, some of the tests they run after an assault can take a week plus to get the results from. Also interesting how she isn't claiming everything she makes her money from.

No. 784290

I imagine it's going to be hard showing proof of income from her client that pay in cash. But at least she's going to be adding her PayPal statements.

No. 784419

File: 1552017219959.png (2.37 MB, 1242x2208, F8487510-1536-4DA6-8FE8-62A76B…)

She just posted how her jobless life it’s da shiiit

No. 784495

Yeah I get that but I guess what I mean is, has she publicly stated that she has gotten tested yet? I haven’t seen anything about that. Not hating just don’t think it’s ethical to continue having these relations with “clients” without knowing your status first.

No. 784500

Yeah, she shouldn't be having sex with anyone until she has all the results. Her behavior is extremely stupid. But what else is new.

No. 784505

If her “job” is so great, why does she have to get insanely wasted on alcohol and drugs right before she does any sort of sex work? She’s ridiculous. Lol.

No. 784552

>>784505 I don't think she's trying to convince us anymore, think she's probably trying to convince herself of the bs she speaks

No. 784565

Pathological liar just like her mother. Guess the apple really doesn't fall too far from the tree.

No. 784580

File: 1552069407820.jpg (685.28 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190308_122103.jpg)

Oh I 100% agree she should be doing anything sexual until after she knows, which I don't think she would by the night she fucked her client.

Is there something going on with camgirls in Instagram? A few other instathots are complaining they can't post as well. Massive shadowbands, or did Instagram come after her for ban evading?

No. 784654

Legit thought this was Latinamilks new man

No. 784669

File: 1552086098295.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, 63908CF8-C3A8-4594-80F8-B100B6…)

Welp apparently she might be camming tonight

No. 784725

File: 1552100656659.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, DAA1C882-CB12-4A4F-9DD3-ACB98F…)

Does she mean pan fry…? “Stove top cook” jfc I can’t with this bitch

No. 784751

She thinks listing every single ingredient and method makes her a chef and not just a lazy bitch who managed to throw a couple ingredients together(nitpicking)

No. 784785

can you sage please?

No. 784960

File: 1552168573780.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 5F7FCFC9-E40F-47F6-8642-24951D…)

What’s on her top lip?

No. 784987


No. 785065

That wig is the worst shade of blonde god

No. 785109

File: 1552220562375.jpeg (149.72 KB, 750x1197, DF897B75-AC9D-43F0-AB20-0E96AD…)

Looks like she's back with cute

No. 785155

Is anyone else getting bored of her antics. It’s almosnt not even fun to gossip about anymore lol

No. 785164

you’re right. she did a live yesterday and i didn’t care enough to open it up. she’s extremely predictable

No. 785167

File: 1552240994705.jpeg (Spoiler Image,149.74 KB, 750x1053, 2AA9A63E-9F25-4918-B068-3B05F9…)

Seems LatinaMilk and “cute” are back on good terms too since they’re publicly creating content together again.. it’s funny how pnp was once making fun of her old classmates for dating in the same circle yet here she is!

No. 785180

I noticed the same the other day. I wonder if there is some petty shit going on between them because pnp literally posted this a day or two after LM tweeted this. I took. Screen of LMs post but didn't think it even worth uploading.

Also, notice how she has to sneak these pics with cute in? Dude isn't even looking at her, he's just staring at his phone. I wonder how annoyed he was after the flash went off. Like he would ever agree to take an actual nice photo with her lmao she's just being used for sex and finds this something to flex about??? Girl stopppp this is so cringey

No. 785188

File: 1552244736242.png (5.4 MB, 1125x2436, 6A82B8BF-C379-42F5-916F-A2ABD5…)

>”i’m never going to see matt again waaa”
> posts photo post fuck with cute
>posts photo this morning with matt

what the actual hell. you fucked them both within hours of each other after talking shit about both of them on social media

No. 785209

All of these posts are just assumptions and groundless interpritation it’s like you guys are just fishing for drama where there is none? Why is PNP so important to you that you need to overanalyse every detail of her life

No. 785220

Hey Ari you bored?(hi [cow])

No. 785239

I wish she would do things that were actually healthy for her rather than just talking about how healthy shes gonna get

No. 785243

Ariana girl, Atleast read the rules and how to post before you whiteknight yourself. It’s very clear you don’t understand how this all works.
Since you’re worried about what the lack of milk-let’s discuss how you were “raped” and TOO distraught to function, but never have mentioned it again once you got your snap to sell and started SW again.
Why don’t you let us know how it feels to be “raped,” then fuck 3 dudes in a week within without getting tested and Willingly exposing people to potential STI/STD.
Damn girl, you might want to go back to ya doctor and get your antipsychotics dosage increased.

No. 785264

Wild how you guys cannot comprehend that she has thousands of followers that follow because we like her rather than because we’re hate filled saddos. get over yourselves and stop trying to bend everything into the narrative that you’ve constructed in your head. If you start with the conclusion then all your findings are tainted by your opinions and intentions rather than facts and evidence which lead to said conclusion. Thank u and goodnight

No. 785295

“saddos” kek

No. 785300

Hello, BadMoodRude.

No. 785329

"Hate filled saddos" sounds like a description of Ari lmao

No. 785355

File: 1552281521788.png (4.38 MB, 1242x2208, 959C5485-87C0-4EE6-947D-B2C83F…)

Can we y’all agree this cow doesn’t know her game and she should prolly stick with bad memes lmao

No. 785361

File: 1552282853493.png (4.93 MB, 1242x2208, E2989104-75FB-4B64-B309-1554F0…)

Also LM seems to b in a sexworlers party only that pnpq wasn’t invited to?? Lmao

No. 785362

File: 1552283255032.png (7.96 MB, 1242x2208, 9754E776-1E9D-4A0E-B370-E4160B…)

No. 785371

File: 1552284803436.png (3.5 MB, 1242x2208, 73D5F1CB-6AD4-46A6-A8B6-794732…)

No. 785372

She’ll always be a cow anyway lmao

No. 785410

I know this is random but how is SW her profession when she doesnt shower? Not even trying to throw shade, she literally has said she doesn’t shower. Doesn’t she smell? That’s all I think about when I see her post. I mean if you’re going a week without showering, that’s a lot of time…

No. 785421

The only time she showers is before seeing a client. She occasionally takes baths but if you don’t shower regularly, you’re just soaking in your own filth. I’m sure if any of the men who have hired her would run for the hills if they knew her personal hygiene routines

No. 785446


Because she’s an embarrassment.

No. 785449

File: 1552322208707.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, A304C088-4CE6-4C63-8DF3-DB9AF8…)

No. 785460

Thank god she aborted

No. 785525

File: 1552336248270.jpg (729.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190311-163031_Ins…)

LOL @ her posting throwback pics with matt as well as new ones, after saying shed never talk to him again.

No. 785557

cant believe she used to look like that.. how do you mess up so bad

No. 785600

Anyone who knows them in real life, is/was PNP & DoorMatt’s relationship physically abusive?

No. 785631

File: 1552353590630.jpeg (143.02 KB, 750x1334, E481BD11-C925-4797-A140-9E1063…)

Pnp removed this one from her story for some reason? Really shows off the curve on her original nose.

No. 785656

File: 1552357217957.jpg (382.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190311-221909_Ins…)

New wig and back to kissing matt on ig

No. 785658

File: 1552357249703.jpg (495.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190311-221953_Ins…)

No. 785665

File: 1552358050000.jpg (821.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190311-223358_Ins…)

2 new wigs

No. 785674

She thinks she looks good with all these different wig colors, but it just makes her look even more trailer park.

No. 785678

File: 1552361817204.png (3.55 MB, 750x1334, B2CE593E-D94A-4A25-AD16-B8E60A…)

Also drinking together during the week

No. 785759

Idk them but prolly he’s abusive in some kind of way. She’s used to abuse, she grew up in a toxic abusive environment so prolly she looks forfamiliar situationts since she hasn’t analyzed all her traumas.

No. 785766

From what we know about their relationship it seems more likely she’s the abuser. Especially judging by her behaviour, but there’s no concrete evidence that either of them are.

No. 785827

these exact posts have been made probably 200 times by now, can we stop speculating this shit without adding literally anything of meaning to the thread?

No. 785849

I agree! I was going to give more info about them but apparently saying you know someone in real life is considered “bragging” and I got banned for it, so whatever. Guess I’ll get banned for this too!

No. 785875

File: 1552419697435.jpg (918.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190312-154039_Ins…)

Gets new wig, destroys bangs with a trim, then hates it and puts it up for sale as new. Sorry but you taking scissors to it means it's not in new condition anymore ew I hope no one wastes their money on this

No. 785877

File: 1552419778651.png (1002.6 KB, 750x1334, D8B7A815-B173-4EC7-861C-FECBA9…)

She’s one of those girls who just leaves her panties on the bathroom floor

No. 785879

File: 1552419808760.jpg (695.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190312-154330_Ins…)

She still has the hairs from trimming it on her face gross

No. 785882

You fucking people(emojis)

No. 785883

File: 1552420021975.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, EA80B977-E358-4107-A7B1-6E5DEE…)

Lol begging for someone to buy it so she can buy a new one. Selling it for $26
So she literally buys the cheapest wigs out there that aren’t real human hair like she claims.

No. 785884

Ari, we know you’re constantly refreshing this thread.

No. 785890

Why is she begging for someone to buy her wigs so she’s able to get new ones? She’s always bragging about how fabulous it is to suck off old men for money yet she’s always ebegging for money.

No. 785970

Speculation, speculation, all fantasy and no facts. This thread is so fictional it’s basically hate fanfiction. Flat earthers have more supstantial evidence than all of your tinfoils

No. 785973

Ok Supstansial

No. 785974

File: 1552436371773.jpeg (22.23 KB, 726x131, 04ACF128-3062-4410-A021-154CA1…)

No. 785976

People point out typos when they don’t have a valid counter argument.

No. 785987

Typos aren’t the same thing as being a moron who can’t spell.

No. 785990


I think this is about people who are beer snobs. The best 'ale' havers.

No. 786080

Lol ari is mad

No. 786085

File: 1552450568777.jpeg (Spoiler Image,81.94 KB, 1028x675, 5049D7D5-F58E-41C3-A6F8-DED872…)

No. 786095

Sages because my opinion doesn’t matter but I feel like the is the LEAST offensive of all her wigs I’ve seen and suits her the best. Ah well…

No. 786099

File: 1552457300092.png (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 750x1334, CBCE8006-2221-452D-85D9-326894…)

She’s posted her bush.

No. 786100

I’m not sure that’s her bush, I don’t remember her having a tattoo there

No. 786105

I'm trying to figure out whose armpit it is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786141

I am aware that typos aren’t the same as being a moron who can’t spell. Luckily for me I can tell the difference and don’t just reach for more baseless guesses that fit my narrow view of other people! When you try and put people in boxes the only thing you are restricting is your own mind.

No. 786145

Her and sentient_meat_ really just need to move to LA and make girl on girl content. Both obsessed with exaggerating their shady, hypocritical lifestyles, and armpit hair (though they make a point to have shaved legs and clean bikini lines?) tired of seeing pnp post some recycled garbage in what it means to be a woman only to have Sarah post back with “preach!!!”

No. 786206

Thank you for the clarification, Ari.(hi [cow])

No. 786211

You wish I was Ari because you need to be validated so hard lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786217

This forum exists for a reason lmao. Maybe do a little more research on your hero, sweaty.

No. 786226

Not sure why me believing it's an armpit is an issue, especially when pointless arguing is what's ruining this thread. I truly think she took a picture of someone's armpit and posted it pretending to be pubes to get attention, I feel like that's important(Ban evasion)

No. 786237

File: 1552503710903.jpg (Spoiler Image,461.21 KB, 1080x1666, 20190313_135621.jpg)

It looks like she was going off on Instagram because they removed this picture. I don't think Instagram is picking on just her, the whole site is acting up right now. This is a horrible picture of her anyways.

You're getting put out to pasture because you're not following the board rules. Lurk a little longer to learn and you won't get red texted with every post.

No. 786335

File: 1552527319917.png (659.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190310-223641.png)

She thinks Aaron takes such great pictures but I think she looks like a fish here. In the other picture she's very shiny. Not cute.(nitpicking)

No. 786387

She looks more toothless than normal in this pic what an unfortunate photo

No. 786516

File: 1552573563207.png (779.8 KB, 750x1334, 879DB789-28BB-47E2-8856-0BCEC8…)

Skinwalking LM hard here. Using the same filters and poses/faces she has in a video she posted to her ig feed a while ago

No. 786572

maybe take a ss and post some sort of a comparison, because your post is useless otherwise

No. 786589

File: 1552586769374.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.11 MB, 1920x1920, Photo Collage_20190314_1206548…)

Boob update on snap, scars still look bad. Left boob still looks bad

No. 786590

File: 1552586795461.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1013.37 KB, 1125x1746, 66CFCBC9-BBED-420A-B73D-3725B2…)

That curvy wall. Photoshop and your ass still looks nasty.

No. 786593

Idk why this hoe still deny the PS, with all them wonky walls

No. 786617

Why would someone photoshop their ass to look this flat and flabby?

No. 786707

File: 1552603406344.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, 92268ACE-1739-4905-9C5C-BCF42F…)

so much for throwing away her last juul which she said felt “liberating as fuck”. this bitch can’t stick to anything she says.

No. 786719

Could this wig be any thinner and stringy?(nitpicking)

No. 786934

Ya'll that are calling PS are the ones that make her think we're all idiots. The walls aren't warped. Some of you guys really just see what you wanna see, as if she doesn't provide enough bullshit as is.

No. 787021

File: 1552679611046.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, 5264EF4B-2B9C-4A05-86E7-9ECE0F…)

NTA but I missed it at first as well

No. 787040

if you're talking about that little dip/edge in the wall, that's just the wall. She posted multiple photos with that corner and it's the same.

No. 787043

File: 1552682575123.gif (Spoiler Image,9.88 MB, 361x640, SmartSelect_20190315-135406_Ga…)

They live in a crappy apartment and don't take care of it. See "twerking" video for the wall being messing up, dirty ass floors, and doors of their rockers.
It's kinda weird how she's always in Arron's room during the day. Especially on his bed. 1/2

No. 787046

File: 1552682790826.jpg (Spoiler Image,497.56 KB, 1069x1425, 20190315_154617.jpg)

Seems disrespectful to be in your roommates room all day, posting shit from their bed.(nitpicking)

No. 787052

That feeling then your own room is so filthy that you need to take pictures in your 30 y/o roomates

No. 787069

Regardless her ass constantly looks dirty and flabby. Truly nothing sexy about her.(nitpicking)

No. 787302

Is she suppose to be twerking? And she thinks she can become a stripper. Omg she is delusional

No. 787303

Snap anon here, she's boring as hell. Hardly ever posts on her snap. Usually just a few second vid of her screaming or talking about how she's so fucking amazing. So I'm out, deleting her off of my snap and blocking this thread from my sites. It's gone to shit and she ain't entertaining anymore. Hope the lock the thread age

No. 787325

File: 1552753819751.jpeg (637.02 KB, 750x1105, B31383BD-4A62-4DCC-A3EC-3391BD…)

When she forgets to tell her friend to Facetune before posting a photo of her.

No. 787330

wow that wig looks so bad, she doesn't lay down her edges or wear a wig cap and her hair is sticking out.

her plastic surgery face and fillers along with that make up really make her look like a drag queen playing a real housewife.(nitpicking)

No. 787350

File: 1552760863345.png (8.47 MB, 1242x2208, EDD1A2E2-A6C1-4075-8831-4B1F42…)

Oh my god… I… does she really sleepy with that thing?(nitpicking)

No. 787380

i think that’s the blanket she’s had since childhood. doesn’t justify her not washing and de-pilling it though. for how much she picks her skin and lips you’d think she’d be eager to pick off all those little fuzz balls.(nitpicking)

No. 787470

At this point every time someone reports something for nitpicking it seems that that's become nitpicking itself. The comments are relevant in my opinion

No. 787471

File: 1552780946165.jpg (907.88 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20190316-200124_Ins…)

Could this be directed towards pnp and cute?

No. 787473

Cute has only ever been proud of being tagged in a photo with latinamilk lol.

No. 787538

File: 1552793941317.jpg (572.35 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20190316-233805_Ins…)


No. 787540

File: 1552794061702.jpg (637.17 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20190316-234015_Ins…)

Frogger is begging for her to stop

No. 787596

She cannot think that is cute! She cannot twerk please stop

No. 787978

Anyone interested in her snap Q&A rn?

No. 787984

File: 1552945076796.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, 137211EC-D847-4DA1-BEE8-39E90F…)

Give us the goods anon

Also, she makes art? Since when? Is this actually her or is she reselling another artists work for these ridiculous prices?

No. 787988

read the old threads…

No. 788011

First, please read the rules and learn to sage. Secondly, are you that new here? She’s been doing “art” for a while now.

No. 788027

Pee n pee


Since the last snap anon flaked like a bitch

No. 788030

Thank you anon!

No. 788065

File: 1552957625093.jpg (Spoiler Image,612.98 KB, 1440x1606, 20190318_210250.jpg)

Real or catfish? twitter.com/AliceAmorLove

No. 788066

File: 1552957655359.jpg (Spoiler Image,670.9 KB, 1440x1874, 20190318_210311.jpg)

No. 788075


If I recall… I think one of her Seeking Arrangement profiles shared this name. She's probably just trying to make more money.

No. 788076

She’s posted in her story that she just made a twitter for sw so i’m pretty sure it’s legit

No. 788089

File: 1552961879266.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190318-210010_Ins…)

I don't have Twitter so I'm not sure if this is true, but you can't delete comments on a tweet, right? I think if this is true she's in for a rude awakening when she gets called out on her shit.

Thank you new snap anon!
How degrading. Peeing on some dude is a few level of disgusting. I don't think she's thinking in the long term, what she'll do when she's no longer "cute". If she's making 6k in a week like she claims she'll probably spend most of it on drugs and alcohol again. Pic included is her even admitting to drug use for days.

You'd think she'd learn something from Latinamilk and diversify herself.

No. 788123

File: 1552972818959.jpeg (560.04 KB, 1242x835, E8F3790A-9C88-431B-8E49-582BD3…)

Twitter annon here lol
Just followed her and she’s just trying to take her business there. She’s totally imitating Latina milk for sure, she’s like the cheapest, craziest version of it lol

No. 788124

File: 1552972867083.jpeg (579.66 KB, 1242x1389, 3259D219-5DDC-48CD-827D-E6AA95…)

Forgot to mention she’s doing custom videos too, sounds familiar?

No. 788125

File: 1552972950880.jpeg (677.33 KB, 1242x840, 5BD117AD-E483-4FEB-A4D6-323464…)

You can notice Latina milk does a great professional work and takes it very seriously, she’s all about making the clients money worth it, so that’s why she charges a lot(derailing)

No. 788126

File: 1552973024053.jpeg (704.36 KB, 1234x1379, AFF400BC-4281-4E4C-9AD3-A0FCA8…)

Tbh I’ll gladly pay for her services, it’s totally worth it(derailing)

No. 788128

??? so many sw make custom videos. and we literally dont care if you'll pay her, she's irrelevant to the thread.

No. 788140

Latinamilk introduced her to escorting so it should be no surprise they share business methods. Fairly certain Latinamilk even brought pnp along on a “girl on girl” job for her first gig. It’s safe to assume pnp learned everything about professional sex work from Latinamilk. Almost as if she was poorly groomed for it?

No. 788173

No one cares that you’re all hot for Latina Milk. She looks like a boring high school girl and she’s constantly trying to glamorize sex work to young women (some of whom are under 18) since they’re a big part of her following. Also, she does a ton of Xanax and other drugs. I don’t see how she’s any better than Ariana except she pretends to be sweet and childlike so gross pedos will buy her content. Take your Latina Milk fan club somewhere else. I can’t stand that girl.

No. 788227

Pnp is still definitely worse imo. There was that whole animal abuse controversy with PNP (the gecko) and she also has a history of bullying her followers who don’t agree with her 100%. Like calling them ugly or saying they have “a big nose”. There are also previous threads with those screenshots too. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think LM has stooped to PNP’s level.

No. 788230

No one cares who's worse, they're both trash.

No. 788250

Pnp just posted on her Instagram story in a vid to trust her and go to her lip injection girl, that girl butchers her face no one should trust her for any surgery advice.

No. 788257

File: 1553019657543.jpg (250.03 KB, 1024x1820, pnp.jpg)

Does she let her dog poop indoors and usually just leave the turds where ever they may fall or…?

No. 788264

Most people let their dog shit in the yard and then go around and pick it up I’m sure she’s not just letting her dog shit in her house

No. 788289

I thought she said there isn’t a yard at her new apartment, it was in a previous thread when they were moving to this place. And there’s also caps where she boasts about having a productive day and one of the things she did was “change the pee pads” or something

No. 788293

Yeah her yard doesn't have grass its basically just cement so I assume the dog just goes there lol

No. 788326

Lol she referred to her thighs as “twigs”, more like tree trunks. They look normal, there’s nothing “twiggy” about them(nitpicking)

No. 788354

Saying that someone who so obviously has an eating disorder and is finally actually gaining weight has tree trunk legs is way out of line. Criticise her for her actions rather than her actually giving her body what it needs instead of starving and feeding it drugs. You’d think on a thread that constantly criticises someone that when they actually attempt to be better it would be a positive. I don’t like her but I respect that she seems to be making an attempt to recover and get well, maybe if her brain is fueled she’ll get her other mental illnesses in order and be less like all the things that made this thread a thing in the first place

No. 788355

I bought her Snapchat when she first sold it for 30$ lol so I could ask her some plastic surgery questions and makeup and she never replies !!! Or just says “yes” to a question that’s not a yes or no question. Just annoyed cause she post on IG “get my snap I answer questions and reply to everyone directly!” And hoping someone who’s thinking about buying her snap might see this.

No. 788365

There’s comments on here that legitimately call her “ugly” after she posts a selfie, which don’t get shit - while it’s apparently more fucked up to state that she isn’t as “twiggy” as she called herself. I think I’m getting too old for this site.

No. 788389

File: 1553043552429.jpeg (159.5 KB, 750x605, 7DE4B534-5898-48EA-8CE4-055441…)

No. 788393


Nobody cares. Leave.

No. 788406

Is this shade about Matt?

No. 788408

I think about cute. On her snap she recently mentioned wanting to cover up a stick and poke she got from a guy she was fucking and IIRC it was cute that gave her that recently

No. 788437

She made custom videos back in her Tumblr days too I’m pretty sure..it’s not like it’s some novel idea LOL

No. 788453

You are an asshole and are obviously obsessed with her. You should let her live her life and stop caring and stop judging other people. Your words are hateful and they don’t help anyone.(namefagging.)

No. 788455

U guys are gonna get the thread locked again just stop lol

No. 788472

Pee n pee is doing a meet and greet at her plastic surgeons, I think she got her lips done for free again for promo. Or will get free fillers for the promo

No. 788490

File: 1553060693696.jpg (Spoiler Image,998.25 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190319-224235_Chr…)

Pnp posted this about making a "nude snapchat" but all I can look at is her swollen ass foot, I think this was taken when they got stuck in Puerto Rico. Also…the socks…(nitpicking)

No. 788630

Did anyone see how flithy PNPs apartment was in that video she posted on her story today? Felt bad for her animals having to run around all that garbage on the floor lol(no contribution)

No. 788635

Yeah I saw that. It is totally disgusting for someone who makes 6k in a week. Kek.

No. 788637

File: 1553107758224.jpg (986.95 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20190320-144804_Ins…)

Her walls look as nasty as the ones in her old place already!(nitpicking)

No. 788647

I might be being overly sensitive but I’m honestly worried for that puppy? Both frogger and weezy are way bigger than it and she’s letting them be rough as fuck with the puppy on concrete and in her messy ass apartment. I’m so worried it might get hurt?

No. 788661

No. 788698

Lol in which video is are frogged or the cat being rough with the puppy? They’re playing and it’s mostly the puppy jumping on the other animals it’s fine

No. 788725

File: 1553125168259.jpg (Spoiler Image,227.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190320-193648_Chr…)


No. 788728

This will haunt my nightmares forever

No. 788729

Lol that’s not even twerking, she’s just jumping and shaking her ass. “Stripper dreams” ok any girl at my club would DIE if she did that on stage and acted like it was “twerking”. She literally doesn’t have it in her to be a stripper, I hope she actually finally tries it out for more than a weekend so we can hear about how she quit for some made up reason when really it’s because she would make a terrible stripper

No. 788730

At least she didn’t take this one in Aaron’s room lol

No. 788744

Learn to put spoilers! She's turning into a typical cam whore. I find it funny she's watching LMs puppy while LM is making porn with someone else. She hardly interacts with Pee n Pee anymore

No. 788745

When she did strip she only lasted a week. Them strippers will tear her in half if she stepped in a club with them moves

No. 799577

We’re unlocked.. unless this thread is officially dead

No. 799899

People migrated to PULL. Honestly though, she’s boring without insta.

No. 800036

Yeah i saw I’m just not the biggest fan of PULLs format…you’re right though..a lot less fun.

No. 800287

She got banned from insta or what happened?

No. 800352

Yeah idk they just deleted her account lol..i think it had something to do with that abcdez bitch having her followers report pnp

No. 800526

instagram has been removing alot of sex workers accounts lately

No. 800732

File: 1556370355502.jpeg (101.8 KB, 391x384, 51D13AF0-B150-48E8-81F4-85AAF3…)

No. 800975

File: 1556475146906.png (333.42 KB, 1242x2208, 754A8CA7-2A1B-402D-8416-44FC4E…)

Jesus Christ. Then maybe you shouldn’t own one? Who wants to bet it’s dead or rehomed in less than a month?

No. 801069

File: 1556508117369.png (76.22 KB, 1080x360, Screenshot_20190428-213029~2.p…)

Mmm dat codependency

No. 801073

File: 1556508874542.jpeg (359.21 KB, 3077x2155, 9E835607-F037-414C-B490-32E1F1…)

No. 801237

File: 1556570336576.png (1.29 MB, 832x1106, wtflip.png)

JESUS Christ what the fuck is this uncanny valley silicon bag that was once a lip?

it looks like an overfilled water balloon…. or the seam between the ballsacks.(nitpicking)

No. 801257

snakes can take a LOT of mistreatment and neglect so hopefully she rehomes it

No. 801720

File: 1556764822644.png (28.83 KB, 637x281, Untitled.png)

Someone hasn't dealt with their past…

No. 802523

File: 1557098241300.jpg (800.46 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190505_191526123.jpg)

Brags about Matt making her soup, then proceeds to tell her Twitter followers that she's hungry and they need to give her money so she can have her first meal of the day LOL wowwwwww.

No. 802640

Jesus that probably makes Matt feel so special. Takes time out of his busy, hard working day to maker her lazy, broke ass food. Then she just posts that she’ll send nudes to anyone who sends her money for food. She is pathetic

No. 802710

how can you tweet this and not realize how miserable your life is

No. 802787

Shes delusional. Legitimately. She claims she makes so much money with her sw hustle & yet she is constantly asking followers for money. Most of her followers are prob like 15 yr olds so we all know damn well she ain't getting money from them. I feel so bad for the animals in her care. She definitely cant afford to care for them properly if she out here asking her 15 yr old followers for $5 like bitch…

No. 803082

File: 1557291262474.jpg (637.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190508-005204_Ins…)

LOL the reality of her skin is disgusting. How does she even have any clients? Who wants to touch this? Flashback mary lookin ass(nitpicking)

No. 803083

File: 1557291325083.jpg (647.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190508-005156_Ins…)

Her friend cottedmailles posted this on her ig story as a video.

No. 803101

She really makes herself look way better than she actually does

No. 803114

…her skin isn’t even bad

No. 803206

File: 1557337505156.jpg (212.86 KB, 1080x770, Screenshot_20190508-124243_Chr…)

Guess she hasn't learned from the last time she had a close relationship with a married couple. Also, there apartment is a two bedroom. Her and Matt's room (though I believe he lives elsewhere currently), Aaron, and now a couple? I don't believe for a second she makes the kind of money she claims.

No. 803247

People who make a decent wage don't need roommates, especially not in Philadelphia. If she's 24 and still needs that many roommates, it's because she clearly isn't financially independent. Trust me, no one gets that many roommates because they want to; it's because they have to.

No. 804731

File: 1557511462753.jpg (189.81 KB, 1080x637, Screenshot_20190510-140151_Sam…)

Yeah she's definitely broke

No. 804776

File: 1557516504751.jpeg (345.2 KB, 1125x1015, D680A787-67E0-4515-8ADE-55CCA4…)

Keep in mind she posted this on her sex work Twitter where she tries to solicit money from others. She just has no filter today.

No. 804804


If anyone reading this has ever had to shit in a plastic bag while driving, please see a doctor

No. 804826

File: 1557520362705.jpeg (135.28 KB, 750x660, B227F003-2BB8-4BDC-B153-FBE7A2…)

Is she talking about herself or what lol

No. 804829

I thought she lives in Phoenixville, not Philly. I live in Phoenixville and Philly is like 25 miles away. Also rent in Philly can be pricey… Don't know what you are smoking.

No. 804850

Rent in Philly is pretty damn cheap depending on the neighborhood you live in. I used to live in West and South Philly and now I live back in NYC. Obviously, compared to NY, Philly is a steal.
But when I was in Philly, I didn’t make a “lot
of money” like she claims to, yet I was able
to afford my own place. The apartment she rents is also really cheap, so she must make like zero dollars being a sex worker if you need to have all of those roommates. Also,
she lives in Philly, not Phoenixville. She was in Norristown before.

No. 805018

Okay please, please see a doctor. Stop doing anything anal related. This girl is trashier than Shayna

No. 805296

File: 1557587537608.png (497.15 KB, 1080x1614, Screenshot_20190511-110810~2.p…)

It's only super high in certain parts such as South Philly, olde city…anyways this city is one of the cheaper cities to live in for sure. It's also a huge college town–there's gonna be cheap rooms available.

Also she really should watch herself–Philly is no fucking joke.

No. 805785

File: 1557680152405.jpg (486.89 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190512_115103.jpg)

She's in philly. She doxxed herself on her instagram and I was able to find her apartment super easy last thread. Also, she posted this picture last month.

She seems like she is either on something lately or off her meds. All these rambling tweets that conflict with what she says even days ago. I almost feel bad for her, clearly she's a product of how she was raised and is going to repeat the horrible cycle her mom raised her in. But she's a pretty weak willed individual and has no motivation so it's almost guaranteed she won't want to ever have kids.

No. 806047

File: 1557709438603.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, C3BCD83F-0151-456A-8D06-EB9F6A…)

Suspect mouth sores?

No. 806305

Probably from picking. She used to have more of an issue with it but she used to pick at her skin really bad. Tbh it was the initial reason for me to follow.

No. 807019

>>805296 I love that she's so overly confident that she thinks doing squats and situps will somehow make her into Paqaio. I would gladly knock that smug look and pancake makeup off her face. If she was humble, people wouldn't hate her as much.

No. 807179

File: 1557918634006.png (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 694x925, Screenshot_37.png)

who is this guy that she posted on twitter is it her brother?

No. 807196

he’s actually cute, no way are they related

No. 807198

No. 807201

He is fugly as shit

No. 807206

Yes it’s her brother she says so on Twitter

No. 807213

he needs to clean up a bit and he'll probably look okay also might be her brother, their lip shape post op seems pretty similar

No. 807217

File: 1557936090791.jpeg (146.22 KB, 750x747, 16239D80-7AEA-4325-8F0F-9319AD…)

You guys are just lazy.

No. 807381

File: 1557958965055.png (7.64 MB, 1125x2436, 5264A03A-626F-4780-ADD0-7E75FC…)

No. 807382

File: 1557959034396.png (629.33 KB, 1125x2436, 652AF00C-F707-49CA-ACCA-74B09F…)

No. 807387

When you’ll spend tons of money on fake tits, wigs, makeup and vanity braces, but won’t go to the doctor with a full body rash.

No. 807391

sage for potential bs but could be early Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

No. 807436

Does this happen with a lot of meds?
I took lamotrogine which is a mood stabilised for bipolar (also an epilepsy med) and this was the biggest risk it had was this rash.

No. 807445

it's a lamotrogine thing specifically. i took it as a mood stabilizer and also got this rash.

No. 807453

In order for sage to work you need to put the word in the email field. Writing it in your post does nothing.

No. 807496

hiv rash maybe from her vacation? the padt week or so before it popped up she was posting about other flu like symptoms that
go with it…

No. 807571

File: 1558016981893.jpeg (151.39 KB, 750x485, 8E212C35-504E-4E2D-85BB-A6ABA3…)

Timing is right.

No. 807589

Plus she's having sex with random dudes for money. She could have gotten it from anyone

No. 807646

Lmfao gold. I wonder if Matt has caught anything too.

No. 807647

it's from her medication…

No. 807649

lol ok. you aren’t a doctor and she hasn’t gone to one, WK.

No. 807668

no I just read what the other anon and the girl on twitter who had been on medication said about it giving them a rash, but you're right she obviously has hiv

No. 807678

how the fuck is that a whiteknight are you retarded

No. 807700

You’re no doctor either dude. You’re trying to diagnose someone with HIV. Why don’t you scissor her and then you’ll know for sure.

No. 807946

File: 1558109735418.jpg (391.48 KB, 502x1601, Screenshot_20190517-121512_Mes…)

Who in their right mind spends hundreds of dollars on their family member to visit when they have a deadly rash? I'm sorry but if it was me I would say sorry bro I'm going to take this money and go to the doctor so I don't die so you can see me over and over again for the rest of my life, screw the bubble tea

No. 807971

File: 1558114135370.png (Spoiler Image,2.72 MB, 750x1334, 42F8468A-D790-4151-8EE5-6D1C83…)

Nitpick but couldn’t help but notice her tampon string hanging out of her thong. She’s using these pictures to promote her new nude Snapchat so she can see a doctor and I can’t help but get a giggle out of it. Bitch is desperate once again!

No. 807988

File: 1558116148270.jpg (281.29 KB, 1080x923, Screenshot_20190517-130141_Chr…)

Barely a half hour and she's already stalked her lolcow and "called " you it. Kek

No. 807993

File: 1558117173612.jpeg (249.18 KB, 750x1148, FB49F281-8595-43CA-926D-9D4AA0…)

I doubt it. There’s a lot of talk on her post.

No. 808002

File: 1558119647238.jpg (187.93 KB, 1080x914, Screenshot_20190517-150005_Twi…)

No. 808024

File: 1558122582101.jpg (Spoiler Image,555.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190517-105012_Sam…)

She's getting ragged on so hard for her dirty thong, or as someone called it, "smelly". People started noticing her tampon string is hanging out and commenting on how dirty she is. She did her best to come back with "idc" comments, but you could tell she felt like the scumbag she is.

No. 808025

File: 1558122743703.jpg (Spoiler Image,515.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190517-105001_Sam…)

The best comment: Someone advises her to quit peddling her low grade "chicken pox porn", aka jiggling herself with her hands because she moves like a stiff board, but now with a BONUS RASH! A must have for your collection! This kid is my favorite trainwreck to watch… it's so pitiful it's funny.(no1curr)

No. 808027

Whoever thinks her brother is hot must be into prepubescent 14-year-old boys… because Drake doesn't even cast a shadow. That kid is a twig that should hit the gym and figure out how to bulk up. Your body shouldn't look like that as a 21-year-old man. He's exactly as awkward as Ariana before her surgeries.

No. 808028


Nope, she made that post after 5 people in a row commented on her lack of self-awareness on her string hanging out. She was getting frustrated trying to come back at everyone so she made that post. Remember, she said she's NEVER ashamed. Not even of your bloody coochie string hanging out like a lawnmower's pull cord.

No. 808628

File: 1558213994208.jpeg (111.28 KB, 750x843, B0BA3546-91D9-4A0D-B306-6425B9…)

I love all the shit she's getting on twitter lol, cant delete the comments like she did on instagram

No. 808640

She always brags about how much she makes and how much she spent on plastic surgery, yet can't go to the doctor or ER. Hospitals have payment plans, yeah it sucks but this is why you get a "real job" and have insurance. Working part time at Starbucks and you have insurance. She just wants people to send her money and not do anything in return.

No. 808762

her rent is $1200 a month

No. 808808

And? Aaron lives there, as well as a married couple (at least soon they will be), and I HIGHLY doubt DoorMatt isn't partly paying for her share if he's not living there still. We've known how much her rent is since right after her and Matt moved there. She's not footing $1200 herself. And she's bragged several times how she makes +$1000 a night. Even seeing one dude a week for a month covers rent/utilities, food, ect. She's trying to guilt people into sending her money for her dumb "career" choices. She doesn't cam, doesn't have any type of monthly subscription set up… She's one of the laziest sex workers out there.

No. 808837

She keeps dreaming up more and more ideas of what the rash could be from. She’s just in denial about it probably being her meds. If she doesn’t come off of them, she might die. For some reason it really irritates me that she thinks she knows better than her doctor. He told her to stop taking them immediately. I am concerned yet annoyed.

No. 809498

File: 1558358008918.jpeg (Spoiler Image,469.4 KB, 750x1014, 3FDB752B-1257-47DC-9D5B-C1B61A…)

They probably have bed bugs.

No. 809500

That would make sense too..more sense than any of the shit she’s coming up with. Tbh i hope they have bed bugs because it would be a shame if she died.

No. 809571

Literally talking about how she’s getting her lips done today then continues into her next snap about how she needs money to go to doctor for her scabby body

No. 809572

They're so fucking nasty holy shit, just wash your bed already, also Matt is so retarded for staying with her smh

No. 809573

File: 1558371871275.jpeg (176.08 KB, 750x1033, B4FDCE8D-27E7-4A39-81C1-6BF7A3…)

She deleted the tweet and then proceeds to self-diagnose again? What even

No. 809574

Nice cowtip attempt, but the Matt leg tweet is old.

No. 809580

Matt apparently has bad allergies and their rashes are completely different. You self diagnosing is just as bad as her assuming she has the same knowledge as a doctor because they both have eyes and ears. Wait for her to get tested before you sperg all over her twitter with your obvious throw away farmer account. It’s not that serious to be investing yourself so deeply. She’s ignorant and will do what she wants. Which means even waiting last minute to get tested because she thinks she has the answer.

No. 809586

This is an image board, post some caps.

No. 809587

I'm not that dude I dont't even have twitter lmao but go off

No. 809599

Then my comments weren’t made for you.

No. 809636

this is some next level disgusting shit. why is she posting this on her sex worker twitter?

No. 809643

Uhh my brother and his fiancé had scabies two summers ago from an AWFUL boarder and it looked like this holy yuck that’s so nasty

No. 809649

could the rash possibly be a side effect of breast implant illness?

No. 810342

not unless matt also has fake titties. jk, but nah. it’s way more likely to be a result of her horrible hygiene habits than anything else.

No. 810402

File: 1558445481357.png (339.75 KB, 1080x1018, Screenshot_20190521-092946~2.p…)

She doesn't pay for them. It was suspected that she had a deal with her injector and it was confirmed on snap too.

No. 810407

File: 1558445758389.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1416, Screenshot_20190521-092609~2.p…)

Holy fuck

No. 810774


Woah, when she's older, she's literally gonna have saggy lips lmao

No. 810813

She had her lip bitch send a photo of her skin to a dermatologist..and apparently they said yep it’s psoriasis..LOL..as if they can diagnose you from a picture..that’s hilariously stupid..wouldn’t trust that doctor!

No. 810866

File: 1558491327938.png (20.36 KB, 713x161, uhh.png)


No. 810871

Psoriasis in itself is an auto immune disease. Pretty sure there’s a 10% chance that it’ll develop into guttate psoriasis as well. I’d still hope she’s going to get tested soon. You can never really know and that’s a big confirmation. I can’t imagine how business is for her either. Will clients even want to see her in this state? I don’t think it’s gross at all but her clients may think otherwise. She also just spent money on that damn snake and even more cash on her brother. I really don’t think she’s prepared for this but we’ll see.

No. 810881


it's just hilariously frustrating that she won't go see a dermatologist/doctor but rather had her plastic surgeon send pics to her friend who diagnosed her over text……


No. 810899

@Plastics_pa works at Bucks County Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. I don’t know how qualified they are but dermatology is literally in their name.The June 5th appointment that Ariana scheduled was with their dermatologist. That’s the only place she’s ever known or trusted. Hell they give her free shit in exchange for shoutouts so she probably wanted a discount kek. I agree she really needs to go to a specialist in person. That rash needs testing no matter how sure she is about her diagnosis.

No. 810988

Has anyone noticed how on snap she uses the gender change filter. What was the point of shaving ur head if ur always wearing wigs , or have to post with a hair filter?

No. 811032

She just wanted to be able to say “LOL like..I’m so manic! I had a Britney moment!! Hahaaa mania..I’m manic, did I mention I have BPD?”

No. 811119

Her snapchat blabbering about her rash. I apologize for it being sideways.

No. 811146

this is the first time i'm hearing her voice and seeing her mannnerisms. very immature, obnoxous and teenage-like. she talks like a fucking moron. "I WAS RIGHT, LMAOOOOO" bitch, shut up jfc

No. 811157

File: 1558546845668.jpeg (43.97 KB, 517x474, 90AB9CCE-AEED-404D-B983-55129D…)

Reminds me of Gypsy Rose Blanchard only with 40 years of cigarettes on the voice box.

No. 811162

who are those nasty people that she talks about? Is it her regular clients?

No. 811177

File: 1558550633075.jpeg (196.68 KB, 739x529, 886EAE65-C8BC-48B9-ABBA-06BAF3…)

Mighty kek the projection is real today! I apologize for the lazy receipts.

No. 811182

File: 1558551800889.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, B753D5E7-AB2B-4D07-90B8-13CE61…)

Why did you fucking buzz it if all you’re going to do every other day is complain about now having hair you shithead. Now since she doesn’t stalk Babytrash she’s just copying rando’s on Twitter. Does she even have like a personality. At all.

No. 811190

she probably honest to god thought she could pull the buzzed head off better than babytrash and that is the exact reason she did it

No. 811191

File: 1558552853627.png (748.39 KB, 536x885, 2019-05-22 15_21_02-Alice Amor…)

lmao. girl, what on you on?

No. 811193

File: 1558552996508.jpg (291.87 KB, 1080x920, Screenshot_20190522-140910_Chr…)

This is fucking greeeat! I didn't see the whole thread, but she definitely needs to take some of her own advice. It amazes me how fucking clueless she is. And she can't talk/text without coming off as uneducated, rude, and immature. I want to share a larger picture of this one tweet, because it really showcases how dumb she is.

It's also interesting how she NEVER has such long conversations with people on Twitter that are positive. Anything you see with more that five words is her uneducated ass rambling nonsense.

No. 811197

lil miquela?

No. 811305

I love how she just comes to the conclusion that she has an autoimmune disease because she sent pictures to a dermatologist. Any legitimate doctor would say you need to come in for an actual examination to be properly diagnosed. She reiterates that she still self-diagnosed and was right about having an autoimmune disease. That’s so disrespectful to people who actually deal with this shit. Not saying she doesn’t have this… but how can anyone be 100% sure by looking at a few pictures? Makes no sense. “I was right I was right I was right I have an autoimmune disease I have an autoimmune disease i was so right you were all wrong you fucking idiots!!!1!1 fuck you all for caring about my well-being and telling me to actually physically see a doctor!!!1!1! I”

No. 811410

It probably is contagious and that’s why Matt has a rash too. She could easily go see a doctor and just get billed and do payments but it seems like she’s too scared to.

No. 811459

All she can do is stir the pot and at this point I think it’s for publicity. I don’t know how she can be so ignorantly entitled to someone’s time. Hasn’t she told off “fans” the same way for pressing her too much? Bitch literally put herself in a scenario where it was guaranteed no one would fucking care about her points then got mad cause the conversation wasn’t what she wanted. Absolutely childish. We are all humans and she really needs to accept not everyone wants to listen to her big ass mouth.

No. 811560

plastic and proud is just a stoooooooooge this is so funny BUT LOL that ya all love talkin bout it wtf these threads go back like fuckin YEARS AHAHAHAHAHA go on PUT ME OUT TO PASTURE KILL ME I DONT GIVE A FUUUUKKKK POO POO POO POO WEE POO WEE POO YEEEEEE WIILLIES(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 811575

doesn't hiv give you rashes like that?

No. 811580

YES that’s what I’m saying too. She was bragging about being right but she didn’t even prove anything at all. Bitch go to a fucking doctor because that’s the only way you can prove yourself right or wrong, not by sending a photo to a dermatologist. She probably said “hey i think this rash looks like psoriasis” and the dermatologist probably relied “oh yeah it does look like that”..does that mean your right? No bitch..you put the idea in their heads in the first place. Only in your warped ass brain does that mean you’re right. Go to the damn doctor or suffer the consequences.

No. 811627

She also went on vacation what, two months ago? And hung out with all the stray dogs/gross old local men. She could have very easily gotten something from either or. Taking a picture and actually having labs done are two completely different things.

Also, she was all about bringing back one of the dogs but hasn't said one fucking thing since. I'm assuming she used that poor animal to get money out of people who legit thought they were helping her bring an animal back.

No. 811696

There’s no marker for auto immune diseases (no labs/tests) they go off signs and symptoms although I don’t think it looks like psoriasis the patches are usually larger but nobody with aids/hiv gets rashes

No. 811712

Anon, are you kidding me? There are most certainly markers for autoimmune diseases. For guttate psoriasis, it maybe enough to do a physical examination (note: physical, not just pictures) and sometimes blood tests and skin biopsies are needed to confirm it’s not something else. This bitch is too dumb to realize that. It’s also hilarious she thinks she has an autoimmune disease out of nowhere when it is probably a result of her lamictal that she started taking… and hasn’t stopped taking despite getting this rash. What a dumbass, getting an appointment in June for issues she is having now. She really needs to go to urgent care, start getting this sorted out, and move the fuck on.

No. 811743

I work med surg I see tons of shit and there isn’t any markers… you can google it before you call me a dumbass. That’s why they are so hard to diagnose google that too. The only thing that would show up is an increased immunoglobulin and that isn’t specific to diseases it just means there’s inflammation are you one of the dumbass 13 year olds pnp preaches about?

No. 811846

I can’t believe she’s saying she’s actually been diagnosed now she’s so fucking delusional and posting how it’s making her hair grow faster and her whole life she thought she was a “super human” but now she’s just diseased… seems like she’s just using this whole autoimmune thing as a badge of honor and throwing yet another self pity party. As someone who’s actually autoimmune and went through the proper diagnosis procedures it’s INSULTING lmao what a delusional person.(sage)

No. 811867

ITT: Delusional people

You guys are gushing over every insignificant move this girl makes. I really wish you all had an objective perspective on this because in reality this is a thousand times more irrational, unhealthy, sad than anything this “Plasticnproud” has done thus far. I’ve been following her for a few months and it seems all that’s happening is a child who was living in a poverty situation is now an adult is now overcompensating for that. It’s nothing exciting. I can absolutely tell you anyone commenting in this thread is younger, has no real life experience and finds the things she does “shocking” because of that. 4chan, any chans are exciting until you go outside and realize normies aren’t the losers. You just are socially inept.(a 4chan)

No. 811901

“nobody with aids/hiv gets rashes.”

Uh, what?

No. 812038

Dude you’re the freak using the word ”normie”… please take your fedora and go, m’lady.

No. 812174

Are you new here or just retarded? No, seriously, I would like to have an answer. Either one is fine.
Pls give me more of your psych 101 PowerPoint bullet point references you keep shitting all over the place.

No. 812229

Guttate psoriasis might have the same shaped sores of what she’s experiencing, but they’re usually scaley sores. She is experiencing blistering sores which is a marker for lamotrigine rash..just saying. She keeps saying she was “diagnosed” with this. Bitch there was no diagnosis. I’m so frustrated that she can’t just see a damn doctor.

No. 812248

Ripping on her for self diagnosis while you all attempt to diagnose her…. also she’s very open about her plastic surgery being on credit. This thread is full of hypocrites

No. 812319

File: 1558722037242.jpeg (513.73 KB, 1242x1767, DAEE8934-F0CD-49B2-A17E-3161F3…)

If she reallly believes this is just psoriasis, why wouldn’t she be able to still escort? Hmm?

No. 812324

why does she have to keep posting pictures of it though? why would people thinking of that make them want to buy porn?

No. 812325

she probably thinks she won't get clients whilst looking like that

No. 812331

No one is attempting to diagnose her. Only criticizing her for not going to a doctor.

No. 812355

File: 1558724980254.png (218.26 KB, 750x1334, B49ADBE6-3DAD-422C-B3D7-F1AE0F…)

No in is claiming to diagnose her. If they are they’re just as stupid as her. It’s agreed that self diagnosing is dangerous. It’s been accepted that NO ONE can know wtf that rash is or how it needs to be treated without some form of testing or an official diagnosis from a doctor in PERSON at a clinic. One little google search would get my ass the fuck out the door and into an ER for some relief. If she lets it develop to a certain severity before June 5th she may be out of work for a lot longer than she thinks.

No. 812358

hopefully it's psoriasis and not syphilis kek

No. 812377

And you’re fucking stupid. If you’re going to accuse people at least have screenshots or proof where anyone in any of her threads did what you are saying. We literally bounce off of her you moron. She says “x” we figure out “x” and connect it to “y.” Gtfo

No. 812407


No. 812492

Lol..,Not diagnosing her..just saying she should go to a doctor instead of claiming she’s been “diagnosed”. She hasn’t been.. she’s just stubborn and in major denial.

No. 812623

File: 1558770056293.png (216.59 KB, 352x314, smug.png)


>anyone commenting in this thread is younger

why thank you anon, I /have/ been keeping up with my skincare routine

No. 812626

Of course this thread is full of h(ypocrites)umans. P&P is a human. Humans can only speculate and, if intelligent, learn from observation. Perhaps no one in here claims to be God, or any better than Ariana, but they have their pitch to say regarding her existence. Her existence is… pretty bleak. At least she has found true love for herself, a love she can follow and pursue, but the rest of her life, as she openly admits is a mess, if not a complete disaster. She invites in free public opinion and then bangs on her prison bars like a mad chimpanzee. She doesn’t understand lofty concepts or grand ideas (yet) She is small-brained and she takes big ideas and beats on them wildly trying to derive some sort of comfort in their relativity. She is deeply lonely and empty. Her strongest points in my professional opinion were speaking about her mental health recovery, reflecting on past childhood trauma and overcoming it today. However, when you have evolved a bit, you understand the physical is a mirror for the unseen. We see her poor skin inflamed and upset as she subjects herself to bodies and energies her largest organ vehemently rejects. She is in denial, most anons here have already attested or will attest, she is in continuous of many elements and she’s fallen ill as a result and cant hide behind her fake nose :/ her fake cheekbones her fake breasts.. she cant hide behind any of these constructs. She lives within a prison and her physical body is the cage. She doesn’t consciously know yet how to escape that. She is very much stuck. she takes one idea and uses it for everything. Some ideas work across the board, but some ideas fall short. U can’t treat everything with ib profun, no matter how much you swear. Dear Ariana, you have to be mindful of where your logic applies and remain open where it might not. You can’t close yourself inside a shell (your prison) and tell urself the outside world doesnt matter. It does. U matter and ur skin is grieving these choices you have made for yourself. I truly believe your poor body is grieving what you have done.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 812654

Wtf is this psychotic rant.
>At least she has found true love for herself
Yeah that's why she's a hooker

No. 812663

>loves herself
>300 plastic surgeries and counting

No. 812665

Sorry for samefag but

>professional opinion

>ib profun


No. 812740

There’s gunna be ignorance in every forum. I’m here for the revelations. Ur talking about a real human being with real feelings and she should be addressed as such. Also think it’s funny that everyone here has been accused of being “young and inexperienced” hahahaha—almost has me cackling… only ignorance would make such a dumb and unbacked assumption. :) Some of us have quite a bit more experience than dear Arriana, I am quite sure. As for the ib profun analogy, don’t take it too seriously kids. “kek” if you don’t get it, you might indeed be too dumb. U don’t take one idea and try to make it apply to every situation. It won’t. Ib profun is a simple metaphor. It won’t treat bigger problems. I’m sorry the metaphor was lost on some of you. I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit I have hope for this poor little diseased girl. Though I watch her writhe in her self-inflicted misery, she doesn’t want anyone’s help. She’s better than us all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 812741

Wtf is "ib profun"? Have you taken your meds?

No. 812759


ibuprofen with a space instead of the u ?

No. 812762

I knew what she meant, and the space isn't even the only problem, but someone must be mentally challenged to type it like that.

No. 812789

ib pro fun, the bone apple tea spelling of ibuprofen

No. 812826

File: 1558816326396.jpeg (6.35 KB, 225x225, 45C714F4-08E9-47C8-851C-99444D…)

Girl what the fuck are you on tho

No. 812845

Bitch are you trying to say Ibuprofen???????? That's why everyone is laughing at you, not because we don't get your "metaphor"

I'm laughing irl god

No. 813166

major tinfoil that this is tnd or some other tweaker

No. 813187

Did you try acid for the first time before making this post?

No. 813210

File: 1558905703137.jpg (Spoiler Image,261.11 KB, 681x752, SmartSelect_20190526-142114_Tw…)

Had to put a spoiler because this is disgusting

No. 813234

but why

No. 813239

File: 1558913511352.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 6ED6FBD1-698C-4076-8FB1-B57329…)

Is she not aware that the baby comes out with her pre-surgery face..?

No. 813246

Please don't tell me these dirty fuckers are going to try to have a baby again. They can't even take care of themselves lol matts teeth and hygiene and everything about hers is just plain disgusting. Also she's gonna be one of those moms who makes their kids twerk to be "funny/cute" or she's gonna be one of them who wants to have their child have surgery procedures at an extremely young age. Her kid will be like "why don't I look ANYTHING like my mom?" LOL the ugliest type of person on the inside and out.

No. 813249


No. 813250

File: 1558915604221.jpg (833.53 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190526-170506_Twi…)

No. 813365

Her herpes is visible in like 50% of mouth pics. not newsworthy…

No. 813445

File: 1558957785769.jpeg (506.76 KB, 1001x1630, 4FC9E9DF-EAA9-461E-AB96-405656…)

Major helmet hair vibes lmfaoo

No. 813452

File: 1558959360876.jpeg (14.32 KB, 354x235, 090E59EE-1668-4855-A873-D056BD…)

No. 813468

kek imagine being this delusional

No. 813749

Wow lol. As someone who has suffered with psoriasis since birth, I can tell you that it does MOST DEFINATELY looks like guttate psoriasis(May not be, just saying) It doesnt HAVE to appear white and scaly-ish. You guys can award yourselves with a round of applause for being so damn uneducated. If she moisturizes and/or exfoliates, they will appear red. This is for any kind of psoriasis. Most severe cases use topical steroids which also gives the red in color.
I'm not saying she has it for sure, but it doesnt mean shes lying about it ffs.(no1curr)

No. 813795

File: 1559005642418.jpeg (401.92 KB, 750x1334, D4AD02E6-8D12-4E1C-B18E-AF4844…)

you’d think most sex workers would be constantly vigilant for signs of HIV or other STDs… this poor girl was just trying to look out for her and of course PnP tore her head of like she does to most people who aren’t even trying to offend or upset her…

No. 813891

I swear to god she takes advantage of every fucking opportunity to blurt out she’s a sex worker.

No. 814003

Bitch suck on a rashed up dick with ur rashy ass body and fuck off to the doctor.

No. 814232

File: 1559067971102.jpeg (83.93 KB, 750x362, F7E85EBE-0348-4948-90B9-27A40A…)

Matt must be so proud

No. 814281

File: 1559069618832.jpg (162.75 KB, 1080x585, SmartSelect_20190528-145334_Tw…)

That's pretty cheap…. also ew

No. 814293

File: 1559070099651.jpeg (Spoiler Image,129.58 KB, 750x985, A7A1E978-CD51-4148-9445-F425E6…)

Looks like she enjoyed her “dick appointment” today.

No. 814295

File: 1559070126031.jpg (Spoiler Image,740.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190528-150152_Twi…)

Jfc, seriously though… poor matt, this is just too much oversharing

No. 814298

Oops didn't see this

No. 814327

Ew ffs who in their right mind would pay to see her deepthroat a hairy dick

No. 814332

File: 1559071631958.png (154.57 KB, 800x800, coconut-haircut-1.jpg.png)

maybe someone with a fetish for coconut head from ned's declassified

No. 814387

Her falsies are caught up in his pubes. Fucking gross. Does snapchat ever delete her profiles?

No. 814423

Oh wow, it feels weird to actually see pictures of her with her clients. Matt is the biggest cuck in existence.

No. 814491

File: 1559084636628.png (Spoiler Image,12.54 KB, 582x108, Screenshot_50.png)

isn't she dating someone that allegedly watched her getting raped and didn't do anything about it?

No. 814747

God I remember her lying to Matt trying to say her “sex work” was just keeping men, sorry her CLIENTS, company.
What id fucking give to listen to his band buddies have to say about his human trashcan of a fiancé.

No. 814753

It’s messed up because there have been multiple instances where she said that Matt isn’t okay with her career (sorry i dont have caps but they are either in this thread or previous ones). It’s almost like she bullied him into being “okay” with it.

No. 814759


Why the spoiler? If it was an accident, delete and repost.

No. 814872

Anon this was posted almost a full day before you responded

No. 815868

“Breast Implant Illness” is debated for its validity, but goddamn the synchronicity of her botched tits causing her auto-immune flare up. How will her Fulfilling Career be impacted if she has to pop those pool floaties?

What’s especially fucked is that she is not unable to work because of this skin shit. Most jobs ask you keep your clothes on. As always, Ariana exacerbates her circumstances, and plays the victim.

No. 815873

File: 1559291433236.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.15 KB, 750x385, 5243BFFE-2AF6-43D3-ACB5-0DD25D…)

Apparently she posts “party trick” on Snapchat. God I feel so bad for her.

No. 815874

File: 1559291574117.jpeg (Spoiler Image,361.94 KB, 750x611, 4136C24B-CDF8-4F5A-A16A-9903AE…)

I can’t imagine what her groin looks like
Watch her not have this disease and actually end up being something dumb, LIKE BED BUGS LOL.

Jk I have no clue.

But it was weird that Matt got infected(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815925

Damn cant believe shes posting her pulsating pussy and ass for free on twitter. Like jesus girl, i know your herpes ridden body is desperate but no one is gonna pay for it if its out there for free.

No. 815992

File: 1559323435400.jpeg (304.6 KB, 750x911, 41CE3C15-C147-4500-B1B0-434DAA…)

your bed bug rash and lack of impulse control aren’t a disability, ariana.

No. 816003

File: 1559327405368.jpeg (Spoiler Image,491.15 KB, 750x1252, 81AA71CC-57EB-404C-BD06-F8F555…)

IDK but but she should probably just dump her mattress

No. 816012

God she’s trendy. When she was younger she developed an eating disorder while reblogging Felice Fawn. Then idk years later hops onto instagram and copies the Instagram look and actually could have gotten a modeling career going. Messes that up hard. Loses her job. Decided to become thicc and a full blown sEX wOrKeR and now lives on twitter and copies all the sex worker girls on there. Now she is using her diseased Black Plague body as an disability while roping back in her bdp.
Arianna you boring as fuck lmao clown.

No. 816027

fuck, i haven't heard the name felice fawn in years

No. 816159

she's mentioned on this website like every day tho

No. 816176

Now that’s someone I’d like to see what they (actually) look like now. That “semi-recent” pic of her that circulates periodically in threads is no doubt shopped to hell and back

No. 816220

File: 1559370777031.jpeg (17.53 KB, 220x268, 1337C8F2-EE94-4C82-8B7D-7646FC…)

Looking like a vulcan

No. 816450

File: 1559425372143.jpeg (424.59 KB, 1125x1138, DB00FD71-C20C-40E6-8E78-DE40E6…)

Pnp wants to be a pre school teacher and still has not gone to a doctor as her rash continues not to heal.

No. 816454

She wouldn't get accepted, and even IF she would it wouldn't take long before someone discovers her porn and got her fired.
Also dont you need a degree to be preschool teacher or?

No. 816466

i think you usually need at least an associate's. she could go work in a daycare maybe lol.

No. 816470

You can work in a preschool with no degree (though it's harder to get accepted), you just have to pass a background check. Since a basic Google search of her name is going to result in porn, she likely wouldn't get the job. If she did get the job, once parents found out about her, which would undoubtedly happen, she'd get fired.

No. 816490

File: 1559431222072.png (485.37 KB, 1760x963, lolarianna.png)

Every day she surpasses her own record for how fucking stupid she can be. It seriously blows my mind.

No. 816721

Wtf happened to her snake

No. 816946

You wouldn’t “go to the hospital” to see a dermatologist, you’d make an office appointment. She’s right, though she needs to get her ass into the doctor’s office.

No. 816971

I’m an assistant teacher at a preschool (working on my bachelors in ECE) and if it’s anywhere credible you definitely need to at the very least be taking classes related to early childhood education.. I really hope they wouldn’t allow her to work in a preschool. She’s a terrible influence..maybe she’d make a good janitor.

No. 817017

Yeah, she doesn't need the ER or anything like that but she needs to have a real doctor physically assess the break out. At the point she is, it's severe psoriasis which covers more than 10% of the body and can't be helped without professional medical advise.

No. 817019

File: 1559522582183.jpg (312.94 KB, 1027x1217, SmartSelect_20190601-181159_Ch…)

No. 817020

File: 1559522617790.jpg (327.18 KB, 1049x1688, SmartSelect_20190601-175825_Ch…)

No. 817164

File: 1559542837597.jpg (420.26 KB, 1062x1556, SmartSelect_20190603-022032_Tw…)

Found this tasteless joke in her twitter likes. Of course she thinks it's funny and okay to sexualize underage kids.

No. 817165

File: 1559542877671.jpg (384.05 KB, 1080x1389, SmartSelect_20190603-021843_Tw…)

Follow up: the joke is a reference to a video of an obviously very young girl twerking

No. 817365

File: 1559586491374.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 99753742-5791-4C1F-9C97-505300…)

She is just so rude about things. She talks as if she is entitled to a sale

No. 817388


Must be a shock to her system to finally have reached the point in her appearance where she can’t even find a dick to suck for cash anymore.

Sad milk.

No. 817420

File: 1559592677088.jpeg (333.26 KB, 750x1041, 0CE26A5C-D229-4F24-9A9E-A33386…)

Reminds me a lot of this story. Ariana still has pnp merch plus those 2018 Halloween flash sheets posted on her Etsy. She could barely sell them with 60k+ “followers” to promote to so I really don’t know what she expects to be different on Twitter.

No. 817436

Because sEx WoRkErs support each other duh. she thinks those idiots actually “look out for their own kind.” I often wonder if her clients tell her to not talk during their “hangout”

No. 817438

Yeah, exactly.
She sold like 2 of the crappy blowup doll t shirts and like 1 flash sheet print because she over priced them at first. They were way more expensive than five dollars, which is funny because I've see licensed, working tattoo artists sell flash sheets for $10-30. $200 is over priced for a piece she clearly did not put 20 hours of work into (meaning she doesnt even deserve minimum wage payment for this). The shading is off, the liquid looks flat, the hands are poorly done as well as poorly executed stippling. She also incorrectly describes the piece in the Etsy listing. She says it's "mostly pointilism" which is. Completely different art technique than stippling, which is a type of shading. She doesn't even know the professional terms for the artwork she is selling, she does NOT deserve 200 for it nor does she deserve to demand that people buy it asap so she can pay bills. Like shitttt, bitch we all have bills to pay.

No. 817440

There is a reason hardly any other sex workers support her. She has a bad attitude and produces bad content while expecting to be seen as a goddess when she is painfully average. The pinned tweet of her butthole flexing was genuinely so stupid and not even cute in the slightest. She isn't sexy or interesting enough for her line of work and it shows. That's why she is merely a cheap street hoe.

No. 817442

Literally everyday she talks about how utterly shocked she is that she recieves no support from the sex work community because she feels entitled to being seen as amazing without actually achieving anything. Bitch, no one in the sex work industry looks up to a cheap blow up doll wannabe who sucks dick and does anal for 1500…..

No. 817456

It’s so hilarious how the whole “autoimmune disorder” thing instantly becomes her new identity. She is so desperately trying to be special without actually trying to fix the issue (like seeing a doctor and getting a proper diagnosis first) and even trying to make money of it. A true scamming cow for real…

No. 817522

File: 1559600104296.jpeg (193.44 KB, 750x1334, D9514B8E-8552-492E-9B61-F5D107…)

Not bad luck just poor life choices. But the irony.

No. 817524

File: 1559600226358.jpeg (Spoiler Image,644.41 KB, 1536x2048, C2963615-07D0-461A-BB5E-DABA74…)

Think she’ll actually go to her real appointment?

No. 817531

Damn that doesn't look like it's healing at all, tbh this is the biggest karma she could've gotten since she was so self obsessed. Wonder how long it will take for her to find a new job

No. 817560

this is fucking disgusting, she looks like she's plagued. girl, stop posting while you're ahead.

No. 817601

This sounds and looks like a horrible thing to deal with all over your body. It’s really sad honestly. I don’t mean to sound fucked up by saying this because she’s definitely going through it right now… but I feel like DoorMatt is probably somewhat relieved that she’s out of work now.

No. 817608

Oh my god! That's the nastiest looking shit ever!! Dude go to the fuckin doctor. Whos stupid enough and stubborn enough to put themself through this,???!!!! Absolutely mindblowing and disgusting.

No. 817615

who the fuck wouldn't go to a doctor in this condition? is she literally retarded/mentally handicapped?

No. 817645

Her doctor told her to stop taking her meds..she just completely ignored it. What a psycho

No. 817663

File: 1559614463015.jpg (818.29 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190603_211037.jpg)

Does Ariana have no boundaries with the people around her? She is using Aaron's account to post old photos from her "Glory days."

No. 817746

This is something people who were neglected as children do. It's unfortunate but her lack of selfcare is evident in all aspects of her life.

No. 817762

even when u have 100 people telling you to go tho? like come on.

No. 817777

File: 1559632302693.jpg (969.47 KB, 1071x1912, SmartSelect_20190604-031123_Tw…)

Her newest piece has the most wild anatomy and the creature looks like it's pulling shit out of it's ass lmfao she has no understanding of the basic fundamentals of drawing

No. 817790

I mean who knows how her mind works but yes it's still possible. Like it's not worth spending the money etc.

No. 817845

Well, she probably thinks she knows better than anyone else

No. 817932

File: 1559670676890.jpeg (87.9 KB, 750x571, 46226381-A89F-48F9-A97A-E0F69E…)

She'd do anything before getting an actual decent job. Just get off your lazy ass already

No. 817952

>the creature looks like it's pulling shit out of it's ass
wow i can't unsee it now lmao
great job, smallpox

No. 817953

File: 1559674455933.jpg (382.47 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20190604-145334_Twi…)

"Okay one of you step up and buy the damn thing so I can pay my phone bill thank you"

buys books

No. 817967

She could work at something like Starbucks- parttimers get benefits and then she could ACTUALLY afford to go to the doctor. Did anyone hear why DoorMatt isn't working for USPS anymore? I'm currently looking for the SS of her saying he was going back for the health insurance, but I don't remember if she ever said why he wasn't working there any longer.

No. 817996

Maybe they discovered his porn and he got fired kek

No. 817999

If this psoriasis isn’t divine intervention I don’t know what is. Sex work was the absolute worst decision for her mental health she could have made but couldn’t back out of it because she made it her identity. The skin disease is a perfect way out of it and reason for her to get a real job (of course finding her porn will be relatively easy) which she needs because this bitch needs some form of stability to keep her BPD in check

It is ironic as fuck that the most shallow narcissistic person gets a skin disease that covers her entire body shortly after shaving her head in a manic episode and immediately regrets it however, topkek

No. 818018

File: 1559684772184.png (29.88 KB, 551x276, 2019-06-04 17_46_03-Alice Amor…)

she'll just end up going on disability kek

No. 818021

Psoriasis would not even qualify for disability… i know people who are waitresses and have psoriasis, it isn't preventing her from living her life because she hasn't even seen a doctor in order to properly heal. She is so delusional she will use any inconvenience to excuse jer lazy, wannabe bougie escort lifestyle.. like how does she not see how much worse her life has gotten

No. 818024

and here we have a PnP skinwalker ..

No. 818026

How is she skinwalking pnp lmao

No. 818030

Don’t forget, she knows better than everyone else. She’ll 100% qualify for disability for her autoimmune disease with absolutely no medical documention. She’ll probably just show them the picture she sent to her dermatologist and that will definitely suffice!

No. 818031

i don't get whos she's fooling with the "psoriasis" schtick, how is it psoriasis if matt has it too? bitch, you have scabies!

No. 818040


is loud & proud SeX WoRkeR on her social media platforms, shaved head, wears awful wigs, lives in a dump, uses youtube to share her planned plastic surgery procedures, same ig thot make up style, appears to be pretty rude and into herself as well

No. 818065

As if she’d get disability for psoriasis. Idiot. She hasn’t been diagnosed with psoriasis anyway..a dermatologist sent a text, didn’t see the rash in person, and PnP already programmed the idea in their heads that it was psoriasis..probably didn’t even mention her meds or ask for any other opinions. “Hey does this look like psoriasis to you?” “Yeah it does”
Thought she was becoming more self aware but she’s hit a whole new low. Anyway..even if it COULD qualify for disability..she has no diagnosis. It’s just something she’s using for attention now.

No. 818089

That's every alt camgirl on IG.

No. 818241

How has she not even considered this considering the amount of sex work she did and how unhygienic she admittedly is? She needs to go to a doctor, especially if she wants to apply for disability and either way she should go to get a diagnosis and treatment, but instead she will continue to be a cow and sit on her ass at home and avoid going to a doctor. There’s no logic here.

No. 818251

File: 1559715162764.jpg (Spoiler Image,192.43 KB, 869x729, SmartSelect_20190605-021246_Tw…)

This is disgusting

No. 818254

File: 1559716570564.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.38 KB, 537x371, SmartSelect_20190605-023442_Tw…)

Again, really shocking(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 818256

File: 1559716619668.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x1451, SmartSelect_20190605-023349_Tw…)

Her and her "fat" ass lol

No. 818258

File: 1559717390382.jpg (825.98 KB, 2560x1920, 19-06-05-02-47-18-376_deco.jpg)

She wants to be latinamilk so bad (xofreja is her new username)

No. 818306

LM actually seems pretty nice honestly. If PNP didn’t insult every person who had a different opinion, she’d probably get booked more lol. I’m sure her clients see how shitty she acts through her interactions with her Twitter followers. PNP constantly preaches about how it costs $0 to be a decent person yet she straight up attacks anyone who doesn’t 100% kiss her ass. And then she acts entitled to sales on top of that. Like fuck off lol

No. 818375

I've been following Latina milk ever since Ariana started seeing her, and she's so much more professional than a Ariana. I thought maybe she'd be milky too but she keeps shit offline. Her content looks good, she receives criticism like a normal human and doesn't blow it out of proportions, and has actually made connections in the SW word. Especially after she broke up with all americanbadboy she didn't trash talk him, just said it wasn't working out and how she was taking time to her self. Ariana could learn a lot from her.

No. 818408

File: 1559757748526.jpg (219.71 KB, 1080x622, SmartSelect_20190605-140001_Tw…)

She never shuts the fuck up about sex workers having to support other sex workers…. like bitch, just because you suck the ass of everyone relevant in the online sex work industry doesn't mean people are gonna want to support you as well. She is not only entitled to sales, but also support from other sex workers who have probably been in the game longer and know what they're doing instead of sitting around begging for clients on twitter lmao she is an embarrassment. I can see why so many people stay away from her. I also can't help but wonder if her issues with boundaries caused the split between all american bad boy and latina milk… she started fucking him like as soon as they met lol

No. 818409

To add to that, they met at a NYE party that I'm pretty sure latinamilk was throwing and that's the first time she hooked up with all american bad boy/aka latonamilks boyfriend

No. 818412

File: 1559758162719.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 2560x2560, 19-06-05-14-09-14-964_deco.jpg)

So much oversharing.. posting what she does with clients is kinda grimey but whatever lol

No. 818485

File: 1559764937417.png (Spoiler Image,2.16 MB, 828x1792, 4E6C2E8D-C4D0-496B-B245-644446…)

god i seriously did not need this in my day

No. 818487

That rash and unshaved cooch doesnt look good at all, people gotta be desperate to per her for sex

No. 818488


yeah wow no
that is a big SW no no

you don't show your clients on your public account, they don't take away images of your

No. 818493

If i didn’t have context i would instantly think she had an std from this pic

No. 818497

Why would you want to world to know that you let disgusting men fuck you. Getting paid for it or not. That man's pot belly and mangy pubes are repulsive.

No. 818500

Just with context I assume she had his permission to post them bc it appears he took them for her.

No. 818512

File: 1559768448683.jpg (Spoiler Image,815.49 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190605_155928.jpg)

It wasn't the client in this picture, it was h00kerpr0blemz (Twitter) and as a warning she likes to pee on everything if anyone is going to go creep. >>818488

No. 818518

That's even worse than the manlet I was envisioning in my mind. I thought the pic above was the client jizzing on pnp but it's just h00kerpr0blemz taking a hot wiz on her. Nice.

No. 818522

having your psoriasis rash pissed on? ooookay then.

No. 818548

She's a full-service Shayna.
Delusions of grandeur, untended rashes and piss.

No. 818551

File: 1559775008177.png (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 750x1334, C5EA0D83-923C-4068-854E-F7A0C3…)


Why would someone pay to fuck a pussy with a huge rash centralized around it? That’s some extreme sub/I hope I get a disease kink shit.

No. 818560


No. 818572

It looks like razor burn and ingrown hairs. She probably butchered herself with a dull razor and no aftercare, although it extends so far up it could be a rash

No. 818577

Anon did you miss the fact that her entire lower body is covered in a severe rash >>817524

No. 818580

So I’m guessing that Derm appointment she was going to have today, she cancelled?

No. 818581

Anon this isn't like shayna's situation. Pnp is literally diseased, she has psoriasis.

No. 818587

You must be retarded. She’s been covered in a rash for weeks. You should read before you post.

No. 818589

No. She SAYS she has psoriasis. She was not diagnosed. She’s so fucking delusional.

No. 818596

either way it's not razor burn on her entire body

No. 818610

Imagine her without surgery or tattoos and it's not hard to imagine that she would have it for real lol.

No. 818639

File: 1559788812554.png (1.66 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190605-223914.png)

No. 818658

File: 1559790154532.jpg (Spoiler Image,302.9 KB, 772x1169, SmartSelect_20190605-230210_Tw…)

Lol her body is so fucking ugly, she looks like a plank of driftwood that washed up on some shoddy philly riverside shore(nitpicking)

No. 818660

File: 1559790204320.jpg (84.93 KB, 474x495, SmartSelect_20190605-230159_Tw…)

She looks like she doesnt have a top row of teeth(nitpick)

No. 818665

Is it not extremely questionable to be frequently snorting coke with a nose job?

No. 818675

Thanks for contributing from Snapchat! Didn't she say she wasn't going to do any drugs kinda recently?

Agree, she SAYS one thing, but it's usually Something else.

No. 818706

AND an “autoimmune disease”

No. 818754

File: 1559813294515.png (599.08 KB, 1242x2208, 08F8FED3-905F-4426-8365-924054…)

“No desire to drink or anything other than weed” hmmm ok? How did she type this AFTER doing coke hours ago and doing Xanax just this week? Lol how does one’s brain work like that lmao so so so fucking delusional

No. 818780

Exactly..She doesn’t know what it is. It could be anything. Even if it were psoriasis..which I really doubt..no need to go around saying “I have an autoimmune disease”. She’s just trying to make it sound worse than it is. Pity party.

No. 818781

File: 1559825768083.jpg (517.45 KB, 809x2017, 20190606_073006.jpg)

The rest of this is pretty funny too. Someone saying how good going on vacation was for her, her agreeing, and then someone calling her out on the bullshit.

This is why I don't think she unwillingly had sex with someone down there. She just didn't like how Matt reacted to it. And clearly they're not living together for some reason.

No. 818789

File: 1559828908109.jpeg (438.73 KB, 750x908, D578FE7C-0EAA-47E1-8D10-EEC65C…)

She’s a severe copy cat. She just wants to be like everyone else on the Internet that has a good amount of followers.
It’s funny how on her Insta she would BITCH sand bitch about Matt. Then on twitter she sees her sex worker “friends” able to have a healthy relationship with their SO and she can’t. So she fakes it? Fucking delusional.
I’m betting my entire savings that Matt is just waiting for another cute skinny girl to walk into his life at his shows. God I want that to happen. Pls leave pnp so there’s lotsa milk thnx matt

No. 818879

File: 1559844381252.png (12.48 KB, 586x106, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 818888

File: 1559845118841.png (260.21 KB, 750x1334, FDD7BF0B-1F3B-4618-83F0-C54A4C…)

Imagine begging for a fucking juicer. This poor girl is the definition pathetic.

No. 818893

lol and it's only $60

No. 818947

Celery juice? So late to that fad, all the other gullible idiots have moved on to something else!

No. 818955

File: 1559853910607.png (236.57 KB, 750x1334, 5EAA9E86-3F89-4516-8B26-C8A249…)

So she reposted an "article" to her twitter about the miracles of celery juice. Looks like this dumb broad didn't even click the link cus it goes to… An ad! The article isn't even featured on the IG post, it's all an ad to buy the magazine it's featured in lolol. This shit looks like something a Midwestern Bible belt mom would pickup while on the checkout line in Walmart. I can't believe she captioned it "must read" lmaoooo read what Arianna??


No. 818956

File: 1559853956890.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 778655CE-7480-4B88-B4ED-BA3619…)

Desperate to validate her "autoimmune" disease and get dat juicer, lol

No. 819059

File: 1559868146297.png (773.92 KB, 1242x2688, D727E716-ADA0-4877-BA34-609F3D…)

i am sure she’s lying but i need her to fucking elaborate

No. 819075

File: 1559870077978.jpeg (109.1 KB, 750x1078, 8F2CBDAD-ECE4-4A64-9551-1AA5FC…)

You’re late.

No. 819079


Jesus. Didn't ghost just recently disengage from his gross ex bc some ig star caught her in the middle of the night acting sketchy and it was slowly unpacked that she was a sex worker? Who would honestly look at her bed bug ridden hairy pussy getting pissed on on Twitter and think this was hot??? She's about to make it to the sound clout thread. Welcome to the shit show, pnp.

No. 819098

It was a long time ago before she got even grosser

No. 819103

i feel like she’s still thinking they’re gonna meet but ghostemane already has a new girl after the fiasco with his ex so idk what she thinks she’s going to gain from that conversation now, unless they’ve still talked

No. 819109

What do you mean anon? Is there more milk on this skank? If yes either pls spill or direct me to the thread! Ty

No. 819134

She means before pnp got grosser.
He probably doesn't even remember this now. She really thinks she's important enough for him to remember to hit her up.

No. 819175

Jesus that video of her riding the fat guys face actually made barf in my mouth a little. Considering the state of legs, shes straight up said the herpes spots are around her “business” and you could see the spots through the snapchat filter on that ass pulse vid.

And that dude let her ride his face. Just. Ew. All parties heres are absolutely foul.

I wonder if the “psoriasis” will spread to this dudes face like it did to Matts leg.

No. 819189

Why haven’t I seen anyone mention that she literally posted a picture of Matt’s dick on her Twitter? This girl…..no shame I swear.

No. 819193

Post screen shots, this is an imageboard

No. 819241


It spread to his leg? LMAO. Psoriasis. It’s like a full body herpes breakout.

No. 819271

How is Matt completely ok with his philly cum dumpster of a fiancé that is clearly about to fuck an astari-tier rapper? I can see where he doesn’t draw the line with her cLiEntS but a rapper now? Is Ghostemane gonna pay her or are they just gonna “hang out” like she always claims

No. 819289

Why didnt she just crop that fat fuck out? Why brag about fucking someone so disgusting

No. 819296

File: 1559922446125.jpg (25.38 KB, 450x335, stock-photo-closeup-portrait-t…)

I'm sure she tells her clients she has Psoriasis like she actually got it diagnosed properly. Gross. Men are so gross.
Idk who's more depraved- PnP for being herself or her clients fucking full-body-rash-infected prostitutes. Does it add something spicy to the equation for these men?

No. 819302

It’ll add something spicy to their dicks and mouths when she spreads that funky ass rash all over them.

No. 819312

Because she's been posting his dick online for years? Water is wet

No. 819385

File: 1559937124123.jpeg (Spoiler Image,136.68 KB, 429x550, 8497690E-D43A-4BA6-B58F-DE1FE0…)

When you’re extremely proud of your low grade “accomplishments.”

No. 819398

File: 1559939949422.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, 05EC86A2-F67C-4ADB-9121-BB86E7…)

Nitpick as hell but geez look at the grime on that bathtub! She claims to use it everyday but still she could at least wipe it down each use.. Dirty bathtubs/jacuzzis gross me out. How can she just chill inside that thing and not think about it. Also why the toothbrushes?

No. 819405

File: 1559940801628.png (330.6 KB, 532x589, 2019-06-07 16_53_19-Alice Amor…)

it, uh, doesn't look any better..?

No. 819406

File: 1559940870018.jpg (232.21 KB, 1536x2048, D8e9valXkAAG4V7.jpg)

No. 819408

Barf, oh my god, someone get this girl a magic eraser for her tub

No. 819434

I’m starting to think she definitely has scabies, a guy at my work got it once and it looked EXACTLY like this

No. 819438

I know I’m not a doctor but I still think it would go away if she came off her meds..like her doctor told her to..only a small portion of lamotrigine rashes are fatal but why would you want to live with that?

No. 819443

No. 819465

Hi pnp.("hi cow")

No. 819474

this is all so crazy to me bc it clearly looks more like scabies, HIV, or lamotrigine rash than psoriasis at all….. how she is still refusing to actually see a doctor is so beyond me
how fucking delusional and self-absorbed must you be to potentially be spreading something to others, including your boyfriend, or just continuing your own suffering?

No. 819477

File: 1559956736347.png (702.94 KB, 1242x2688, 1168196B-70FE-4BCF-A4A5-E27974…)

is…. this a joke? oh my god she is ridiculous

No. 819482

This is so delusional. She really latched on to this hashtag-autoimmune-disease thing didn't she? Crazy to see mental illness in motion.

No. 819492

She’s latching on because deep down she is probably terrified that it really is something contagious. Why else would she cancel her derm appointment? She’s afraid to learn the truth

No. 819514

Take advice from the bitch calling epsom salt “Epson salt” about fifteen times.

No. 819567

why would you shave while having that?? especially when she made it bleed before… wtf

No. 819598

imagine being such a selfish fucking sleezy ass slut, potentially spreading this shit to your own “boyfriend” and clients, because you don’t want to go to the doctor and admit it’s not an autoimmune disease. imagine being this much of brainless cumdumpster.

No. 819641

That does not look like an improvement. Pretty sure the color and texture look different from being wet…

No. 819655

This is probably it. Given her skin-picking behavior there's a good chance that she has anxious tendencies and is avoiding going to a doctor and afraid of the finality of a diagnosis, especially if the diagnosis is that the condition is contagious, serious, or the result of bad lifestyle habits. It's selfish, self-destructive, and irrational, but not a particularly uncommon behavior either, especially among people with anxious/avoidant tendencies who know that they're damaging their health in some way, e.g. bad oral hygiene, drug or alcohol abuse, over-eating

No. 819671

Because she's a boss ass bitch who can take care herself, she don't need no dr getting in the way of potentially helping her rid her disgusting body of what most likely is some sort of disease, looking at how terribly unhygienic she is I mean, CMON. She can't even wash her bathtub, she brags about barely showering, she gets her rash filled body PISSED on without batting an eye. She uses snapchat filters on herself while fucking overly obese clients. She fucks other people's husbands/bfs without any thought of possibly spreading whatever she has to the people that her clients will fuck afterwards. It's a sick, vile and extremely dangerous/dirty world she lives, but we're all just jealous of her. Don't forget that!!!

No. 819682

Her fave thing 2 say now is “did I ask fer ur OpIniOn” when she literally asked it like two tweets ago

No. 819691

File: 1560015324451.jpeg (201.14 KB, 750x1079, EE5603D9-CD80-42BD-8B36-DE725A…)

Funny how pnp is all over ghostemane being in her dm's awhile ago and hoping to meet him etc. He has a gf now (pic) so he probably couldnt care less about a ho like her kek

No. 819698

Salt baths are drying and make a rash lighter temporarily. There’s so many more bumps than in the first photo, and they are more dense around the crotch. That, and she was saying how much her scalp itches at night. Classic scabies. So much more easier to treat than Guttate psoriasis, why not just get that shit cultured to be sure?

No. 819700

I just looked up scabies and apparently there's several ways to treat it over the counter. why hasn't she just googled it and tried it? She tried everything else

No. 819704

Cause she picked the psoriasis hill to die on. She’s said it publicly so many times how can she go back on it now? It can take 2-6 weeks for people to show symptoms if you never had it before.

No. 819706

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 819708

Anne Frank died from untreated scabies just sayin'

No. 819710

File: 1560018768240.jpeg (95.39 KB, 750x750, 73416B9C-FE3B-4031-B42A-A4A3E2…)

Anyone notice how her real face is still visible?!
Despite the surgeries, makeup, wigs, and filters, she still has the same face.

No wonder she always has the same pose/look/angle on almost all her photos lol.

No. 819711

So what you're saying is that she not only has bugs drilling tunnels and laying eggs in her body but is having sex with random men while this is happening and transmitting the bugs to them? Holy shit that's repulsive

No. 819728

She always has the same ugly face when she doesnt do her specific poses she does in her pics. She's a catfish

No. 819734

why are people in this thread aligning their thinking with her fake claims of psoriasis? this is not what psoriasis looks or acts like.

are you people forgetting she posted the photo of her boyfriend's hideous legs with the same rash? psoriasis isn't contagious!

No. 819743

Have some screenshots from her Snapchat. How exactly would a newbie upload these without identifying oneself?

No. 819756

if its a video create an anonymous dropbox account and upload it there and post the link
if it's images you can just embed them in the post

No. 819762

Are you the same person who keeps bringing this up and made that fake twitter to @ her about it?? That picture of Matt’s rash was proven to be old Jesus Christ does anyone pay attention anymore

No. 819772

File: 1560026187162.png (1.57 MB, 667x884, Screenshot_5.png)

this wig looks extremely fake and tangled, she always says that she buys expensive wigs..sure

No. 819773

i think this is the most MtF tranny i've seen her look so far

No. 819812

File: 1560033424090.jpeg (1.31 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpeg)

No. 819813

File: 1560033500656.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpeg)

No. 819824

Delete and repost, your name is showing

No. 819825


Alright hope this works. Some videos from her Snapchat today talking about an other sex worker and her having drama.

No. 819829

nta but no it's not???

No. 819834


i've never seen her in video before. she seems REALLY dumb. and she started off saying she's having financial issues then brags "my clients are loyalllll, i have great sex worker friends who invite me to doubles" and then continues bragging that she's gucci because she made sooooooooooo much money. she makes thousands a session? how? she looks like diseased trailer trash, not a high class companion.

i can't understand anything that's happening here. how does this troll make so much money per session? a hole is a hole. who's paying thousands to put it in for an hour?

No. 819837

>sw friend who’s “invited her over to her house and is friends with her roommate” is jelly of pnp seeing her client? Is she talking about latinamilk?

No. 819846

Honestly, the wig wasn’t so bad Until she cut those hideous bangs on it, the same way she ruins every single wig she has lmao

No. 819860

I don’t think she’s talking about Latina milk or rather xofreja which is her new user name. PNP still follows her on Twitter. I wonder who it could have been about though?

No. 819876

Maybe the jealous girl doesn’t like sharing clients with people who self diagnose diseases and don’t have a proven clean bill of health?

No. 819881

exactly. if i saw her in the condition she's in and knew we were working with the same people, i'd be demanding a doctor's note lmao.

No. 819883

File: 1560045086446.png (Spoiler Image,2.59 MB, 1242x2208, 9B385B17-E9DA-4F6E-9F0E-E50FCB…)

ask and you shall receive

No. 819893

I think it might be h00kerproblems or whatever her name is?

No. 819900

Pr sure the girl who blocked her for sharing a client was latina milk..xoxfreja.

No. 819935

this is so cringe and funny, i can’t stop laughing, all of matt’s friends and bandmates are gonna see his sloppy fucking dick

No. 820007

File: 1560084611372.jpeg (233.32 KB, 750x1293, 63A92C9A-F5E9-4FAF-870A-B5C8A0…)


Nah they still follow each other on Twitter.

That said holy shit


Talk about having no boundaries. After posting pics of her riding a clients face and shit posting her full body herpes. Jesus Christ Matt is the biggest cuck in the fucking world.

No. 820024


I think you’re right. They’re not following each other anymore but is h00kerpr0blemz the initial sW FriEnD that blocked her on twitter for seeing the same client or is she the roommate telling said friend to fight PnP?

No. 820055

File: 1560093272194.jpeg (378.46 KB, 750x962, 58B3ED67-5168-43BE-982B-1BB301…)

Could be this bitch.

No. 820068

i wouldn't think hookerproblemz would be the one she blocked because earlier in that same video she was talking about how fortunate she was to have friends that were taking her on doubles (she just went on a double with her i believe) so i don't think she would've mentioned that if that was the case

No. 820220

File: 1560119590581.png (3.47 MB, 750x1334, 119A1E30-84E9-4543-8E6C-EB3EBC…)

Full on cakeface makeup with "psoriaris", good idea.
Also why does it looks like her nose is gonna fall of lmao

No. 820226

Because it probably is. Lmao. She does so much coke with her fucked up ass nose it's definitely gonna fall off. That'll be great to watch.

No. 820237

Jesus Christ these horrendous freckles are back? Complements the psoriasis look I guess

No. 820255

File: 1560125617685.jpeg (275.25 KB, 750x1334, 647618BB-3042-49C7-B55C-3A153C…)

They seriously pay 1k for that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 820285

why don’t these thots know how to blend fake freckles? these look like blackheads.

No. 820298


I was thinking kaposi sarcoma…

No. 820303

Yikes this is pretty fucking gross

No. 820305

File: 1560132787658.png (15.39 KB, 590x150, 2019-06-09 22_13_13-Window.png)

lol uh okay..?

No. 820363

File: 1560140567767.jpeg (106.08 KB, 749x776, 19CA3E85-751C-49A2-9456-F149B5…)

Doormatt is officially moving back in. How long will it take her bpd to fuck up friendships because she’s living with all of her friends and they’re in close proximity to her toxic ass

No. 820364

File: 1560140719340.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, CA2706E5-5683-45A3-983B-B2691D…)

Doublepost sorry but yikes at matt’s receding hairline

No. 820370

Middle aged couple takes a walk in the park

No. 820372

File: 1560143718905.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190609-231330_Chr…)

K but that hair….

No. 820377


Is that dandruff or a fucking piece of lint sitting on that bed of grease? Thank God it's summer now so she can take her annual river bath.

No. 820416

definitely dandruff because i see several spots of it. fucking disgusting lol.

No. 820417

No matter how much plastic surgery she gets, she'll always look like the smelly kid at school.

No. 820467

how can she spend i guess hours doing that full face of insta-makeup but she can't wash her hair? It's short and would dry in a minute. Jesus fuck what a dirty greaseball

No. 820470

File: 1560185683583.jpeg (177.32 KB, 750x380, 1ACB5B83-0F17-417A-A976-CF53DA…)

She talks like she has been in the business for so long and books so many clients. When in fact she has only had like 15 total appointments ever. The voice of sexworkers everywhere.

No. 820478

im not even a sw'er but i don't understand why she can't comprehend that people wouldn't want to share clients with her
1. she's still covered in some kind of undiagnosed rash
2. she's skeezy and has a generally bad reputation so who knows how she conducts business with other girls
it seems like it should be understood that some people want to keep their own territory? idk

No. 820519

Wonder how he feels when he kisses her knowing her mouth was slobbering over idek how many unwashed dicks.

No. 820552

File: 1560195532645.jpeg (Spoiler Image,162.68 KB, 658x248, 611FB29F-1F59-45CA-B68A-B39F77…)

Nitpicking a bit but has anyone else noticed that she rarely if ever posts her feet? Ira like she'd rather be seen in crusty ass sick than show the tops or soles of her feet despite the socks making pics like this look awkward as hell. If she has a skin picking problem I wonder if she picks the skin of her feet or something just like she does her face and lips. They musty be pretty gross for these nasty dirty socks to be a preferable alternative.

Sage cus it's not milk

No. 820577

That really is something i didnt wanna imagine.. at all, thanks anon

No. 820644

File: 1560208944083.jpeg (1019.06 KB, 2048x2048, 38EAF6E2-40D2-4D72-9E11-A82394…)

Why can this girl not cut a goddamn wig when she wears one every day

No. 820648


Bet you anything she has super peely/crusty athletes foot from being unhygienic. Super common in a) people who are on their feet working all day like bartenders and b) ppl who are plain dirty and don't clean their feet enough while keeping them encaged in socks/footwear.

No. 820689

File: 1560216086028.jpeg (201.9 KB, 749x1125, E9BD3CEE-962B-434C-830A-81A003…)

Noticed some commotion on @almondmilkhunni’s twitter. Could this be the one?

No. 820692

File: 1560216858614.jpeg (160.69 KB, 750x633, 7E8F04CC-17A7-4DDE-82E4-67A88B…)

Some evidence I’ve gathered together.

No. 820695

I don't see any evidence?

No. 820700

That's so gross, lol. She needs to see a podiatrist asap

No. 820740

File: 1560232988783.png (6.98 MB, 1242x2208, 0CECDD6A-89BA-4878-98BB-F60EE0…)

her bathtub is dirty as fuck

No. 820749

repeat post >>819398 and you actually wasted 7mb of server space to post this. good job anon.

No. 820815

File: 1560263889246.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, 88340A02-DF33-4AA8-A870-DA9379…)

Color me impressed actually

No. 820816

they're all different lighting, some with flash and some without tho

No. 820817

File: 1560264710761.jpeg (178.13 KB, 750x959, 394FEA74-26E7-48D0-9296-E31910…)

She just tweeted this.

No. 820818

lol she lurks so hard

No. 820834

File: 1560268716476.jpeg (68.96 KB, 640x363, 3ABE9E64-AE2F-4732-8C60-BEC676…)

She sent a picture of her rash to a dermatologist but somehow that qualifies as being diagnosed? She wonders why other SW’s don’t want anything to do with her. She’s a liability.

No. 820843


“extremely contagious lmao”
regardless if it’s not measles did she not… post a pic.. of matt with the same “rash”…
she’s so delusional it hurts

No. 820845

Well, it took over a month to even start to heal, so it’s not that impressive. Her plastic pa bitch should help her out.

No. 820884

Fuckin kek. Thanks for confirming your feet are gross, Ari!

No. 820957

File: 1560289480250.jpeg (38.18 KB, 750x315, 888E9090-A9D0-49FF-AAFA-5F22CD…)

She probably doesnt realize he has a new gf since she has no instagram anymore

No. 820991

Lol what a joke.. what happened to her ig? (Must have missed something) also ghostemanes new girl has TERRIBLE plastic surgery her face literally looks like she has down syndrome. Yikes but lol @ him having absolutely horrible taste in poser, alternative girls with shit tattoos and plastic surgery.

No. 820993

File: 1560293570438.png (422.08 KB, 1440x1102, Screenshot_20190611-164948~2.p…)

She is sooooo fucking dumb! Complaining about not being able to make rent or get health insurance but goes and gets botox. She's only 24,that shit is gonna age her so bad!

No. 820995

she got shadowbanned forever ago and couldn't post so moved to twitter with this aliceamor (cringe) persona

No. 820996

the sad thing is, if anything, her skin is the one thing she had going for her

No. 821020

File: 1560296310127.jpeg (Spoiler Image,219.34 KB, 750x1334, EFFED72E-7099-4944-8B74-93C047…)

i think you may have missed it anon, but in any pics w/o facetune her skin is as bad as another other part of her

No. 821022

File: 1560296879762.jpg (527.23 KB, 1391x2604, Screenshot_20190611-164305_Twi…)

I cannot get over how she brags 24/7 about "getting the bag" (cringe) but this bitch can't afford sushi??????? I just don't understand how her fucked up mind works nor do I want to but its honestly baffling how shameless she is. I think she is incapable of any sort of embarrassment. Also matt is suchhhhhh a cuck. Imagine your fuckin girlfriend begging boys to buy them food for in exchange for her nasty,cheap porn?

No. 821048

i meant wrinkles-wise
botox ain't going to fix acne

No. 821061

I wonder if any of Matt’s bandmates call him out on his poor choices and taste in girls.
I highly doubt it though, most guys are pretty passive aggressive.

Someone needs to be honest with him lol.
It’s pretty pathetic.

No. 821087

I just don't understand. Generally, estheticians are the ones doing botox and other injections. You'd think they'd suggest exfoliating or a peel. Her skin looks so crusty but nothing a good scrub can't fix.

Who am I kidding. She's not getting injected by a professional.

No. 821194

this confirms my suspicion that she draws her “”freckles”” directly onto her pimples

No. 821210

File: 1560341623583.jpeg (121.79 KB, 750x571, 140BD2EE-A231-4F9C-9A84-A21255…)

God, what I wouldn't do to hear what doormatts band mates really think of him. I'm amazed he has the balls to even play shows when everyone in Philly NYC and jersey knows his girl is an abusive toxic skank who bullied him into letting her fuck fat old men for money because she's too much of a lazy retard to hold down a real job.

No. 821316

File: 1560361397390.jpg (128.34 KB, 1075x425, Screenshot_20190612-133637_Twi…)

She was going on about how she was getting better from her eating disorder for the longest time and now she's promoting weight loss again LOL

No. 821318

File: 1560361705110.jpeg (178.68 KB, 750x996, 8974BE9E-797A-4995-A24C-97AA17…)

All speculation but since this vague posting started these two have unfollowed each other. @almondmilkhunni also has a female roommate @luxmagik who has been making some comments of her own too.

No. 821330

File: 1560364060643.jpeg (125.34 KB, 750x767, B3778BED-DA39-4D36-801B-61D4BE…)

No. 821331

File: 1560364264012.jpeg (211.33 KB, 750x637, DC8AABB7-DC75-4F6D-A724-F47A44…)

No. 821351

File: 1560368396422.jpg (445.06 KB, 1753x2047, IMG_20190612_133441.jpg)

She is just outing herself, she'll always be tailor trash, doesn't matter if you completely rearrange your face. Dirty ass house, dirty ass tub, dirty ass face & Body

No. 821355

don't forget how dirty her actual ass much be lmao

No. 821358

Botox doesn’t age you fillers do because they really do stretch out the skin. If you’re going to be pendantic and vindictive instead of forming a solid joke rest assured that lip lift will have been for nothing but a permanent scar and it will happen fast. This is the best her lower face at least will ever look and considering how much of a mess she is unable to be happy with what she has no matter how micromanaged her plastic appearance is, those ‘doctors’ obviously just want to sell you as many syringes as they can and they definitely will.

She really thinks she’s scamming them when she gets the water balloons that used to be lips overfilled to the point of exhausting the skins elasticity for free, but all they’re doing is legitimately fucking her over for life for nothing more than promotion to her obviously extremely insecure younger audience. Those injectors know exactly what they’re doing, that’s why up until maybe recently when it took Kylie Jenner to dissolve her lip fillers (for like two months before facing the same insecurities, regardless of her access to the best surgeons) for anyone to come out to publicly denounce them as well. Even dentists now are being trained to do fillers because it’s so lucrative, and it’s literally only a trend because those monsters carefully hid the very real and unavoidable side effects.

Sorry this is dumb long, everyone knows someone who has filler and I have a friend who’s been dissolving her lips and even that chemical permanently destroys more than the original filler and is unpredictable/hasn’t been studied. They always say you can dissolve them~ they’re not permanent lol~ but you will look far worse after trying to dissolve the filler and possible scar tissue and as I’m sure her body dysmorphic self already does, Ariana herself can go on realself and look up hyaluronidase and see how it’s destroyed peoples lives.

Botox does help prevent aging from overusing facial muscles and that has been studied, but she’s a fucking idiot for getting a lip lift and putting her body through what she is and expecting it to be able to process the filler properly too. She’s a timebomb and this is her only outlet and it’s really fucked up the man closest to her who needs to intervene or leave so real help can reach her is just egging this on because it’s “hot” to him and poor widdle low self esteem tall white man matty can’t jeopardize the thing that is so constantly cycling from untreated bipolar disorder that he can forget he’s a worthless postal worker who lets his “love” Black the fuck out unmediated with aforementioned illness and another man saw another opportunity to use her.

Like I get her personality is a fucking sewer but didn’t she not long ago try to bully her bully after said bullies got her to spend thousands and thousands fixing her face only to ruin it with fillers that constantly stretch out the skin to require even more, subjecting her to a life of surgery?? She’s a straight up asshole but that projection of arrogance is the only thing she has, it’s impossible to take someone with her situation seriously. She thinks she’s playing men when that’s all they’ve ever done and will ever do to her unless she literally rebuilds her life from the ground up after hospitalization. I don’t expect anyone to stop, she’s never going to stop reading this because it just repeats the cycle of bullying to her and people repeat their trauma. I know where I am and i’ll take my ban, I just have a lot of feelings and this is everywhere. No one talks about it.

No. 821362

I like when people that built an identity around muh mental health stigma and awareness use ‘mentally ill’ specifically as a stigmatized insult and out themselves as ugly scummy cunts by their own logic

No. 821369

On Twitter she’s talking about getting a cat, when she was begging for money a week ago…..(this is an image board)

No. 821372

Yes! Everything you said is so spot on. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t see how all of this is destroying her.

No. 821373

Me too!
Metal music scenes are toxic as fuck as it is. I don’t understand how Matt can even show his face to shows and venues knowing everyone knows his girlfriend is an actual prostitute with no ambitions.

How does he even promote his music/band? Lol

No. 821394


I feel like she’s the type of girl to use credit cards when she’s broke. And all these “high paying clients” are only paying off her debts. I mean, she was just bragging about how her credit score went up 15 points. Did she pay down some credit cards with her recent dick taking? Would explain how in one post she just made “1500 dollars” from letting random old dudes eat her ass, and next day she’s begging for someone to help feed her for the day.

Must suck to come home from a night of being used for sex and to not even actually be in the green.

Im sure these new clothes she cant even fit into yet were put on credit cares too.

Her logic: “ Ill just find more dick to suck tomorrow - btw isnt my boyfriend cute?! tee hee”

No. 821451

irc, she had a lot of outstanding credit card debit some time last year. she put her nose job on a credit card and i think her boob job too. she went through a whole phase where she was “fixing my credit~! i’m such a responsible adult~!” shortly before she started hooking

No. 821562

File: 1560403519124.png (Spoiler Image,1.9 MB, 750x1334, 7BB74A0B-6D1C-4413-A1A2-1DB44B…)

We must have struck a chord with the feet nitpicking because she just uploaded some new "content" with who I can only assume is doormatt. We say a lot of "this made me nauseous" but this clip on her Twitter actually made me physically fucking sick. Rubbing her crusty ass and clearly sore covered feet all over his dick… Jesus Christ. I miss when she was just a milky oversharing insta thot and not a full blown disease ridden prostitute. This shit is legitimately sad.

No. 821649

I agree. It was funnier back then. Now it’s legitimately sad but also laughably frustrating.

No. 821683

Everything about her constantly screams “I come from poverty.” She never fucking manned up and tried to better herself.
Her house is a dumpster. Her body is a dumpster; how she treats it and how other’s treat it, the hoarding of animals. The constant use of credit cards. Having mental illness. She’s a trailer park queen living in the modern world. God. Maybe we’re wrong guys. Maybe being a cum dumpster living in filth is her calling. She’s finally found success in being what she always was. A fucking cesspool of a woman.

No. 821846

I discovered her on IG like right after the nose job I believe, back when she still walked dogs. And of course she’d posted countless comparison “glow up” photos since then… and it makes me wonder if she was always such a self righteous, narcissistic, hypocritical, sleeze. Seeing pictures of her when she was younger (pre surgery) makes me sad because she really wasn’t ugly at all, and she just has a different look in her eyes, like she was possibly not an entire piece of shit and a half. It makes me feel like the surgeries helped turned her into the monster that she is today. Maybe I’m wrong though, I’m sure there are people here who know her dirty secrets from back then too

No. 821851

for me it's always been really clear that she was sexually abused at a young age and that has led to her personality issues as an adult. she never confronted her childhood trauma and if she just went to therapy and healed herself and focused on recovery and caring for herself instead of spending her whole life sharing every detail to an audience online she might learn to be happy. she just needs to learn to love and accept herself and know that whatever happened in her childhood wasn't her fault however she's become a very mean person to others and a bully and that needs to stop. she needs to stop projecting hatred onto herself and others and learn to love and heal. i'm sure theres a good and kind person deep down in her she just has so much therapy to go through if she just did the work….she could be so normal and healthy if she focused on herself and deleted social media entirely

No. 821886

>>821851 why are you saying that she got sexually abused at a young age? did she mention something like that or that's tinfoil?

No. 821888

>and if she just went to therapy
If I remember right, she saw a therapist for a while. But the therapist, being a sane human being, told her to stop fucking getting injections and surgery, which, of course, Arianna did not do, so the therapist 'fired' her as a client.
Pretty sure it's just tinfoil that something at that level must have happened to make her like this.

No. 821910

File: 1560466891765.jpg (578.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190613_175809.jpg)

I wouldn't doubt it, but it also could just be her shitty parents not raising her right, and her not taking accountability for her actions as an adult.

One of her posts she mentioned her mom was about 20 when she had Ariana. And let's not forget, she lived in cape Coral FLORIDA growing up. Nothing good comes out of Florida. Kek

No. 821972

File: 1560473741782.jpeg (215.96 KB, 1107x920, 22E2834A-9269-4E01-B3C2-5DC08F…)

I know this isn’t milky but the shining is also iconic because it was written by Stephen fucking King. Doctor Sleep, the sequel, was also written by Stephen king…i don’t see a problem. she’s “insulted”? Why? Because she’s a narcissist and everything is about her.

No. 822012

I definitely recall her talking about her mom having sex in front of her at a young age.

No. 822067

I’m sorry but you can’t just assume someone experienced sexual abuse in their childhood because of they turned out. You cannot conflate that with someone growing up to be an abhorrently shitty person. I think she had a difficult childhood because of neglect and a shit ton of dysfunction, which she’s admitted to.

No. 822078

This is so nitpicky anon. Anyone can have feelings about The Shining.

No. 822098

File: 1560498623745.jpeg (207.77 KB, 750x1293, 6FA88B1A-0B70-4125-8FC2-B851BC…)

I’m dead, I just went to look at her Instagram that she was locked out of for shits and giggles and look what I found… that fake account that was made after she was kicked off her Instagram—plasticandproud2.0–whoever runs it is trolling hard… psoriasis queen kek(no1curr)

No. 822136

Ok my bad. I already acknowledged that, but being personally “insulted” by it shows her narcissistic personality.

No. 822142

File: 1560518010075.jpg (324.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190614-091252_Ins…)

Nothing good posted though, don't really understand the point of this fake account

No. 822159

Lol the threads exist? The therapist didn't 'fire' her, she just stopped going to her therapist and started getting injections instead. All the talk about sexual abuse is a reach when she has been public about the other trauma she's faced. Her mother being literally a crackwhore in front of her, jumping from hotel room to trailers, no financial stability and her father seems absent. Then she got bullied at school for her looks but it seems like she really took it to heart. That itself is plenty fodder for all of this personality disorder mess.

I feel like she'd be overly public about that sort of trauma, as she's been before. There's no need to tinfoil when she's spilling her own past.

No. 822179

I wonder if this is a fake account or not. I wouldn't put it by her to market her illnesses as focal points. Any way you put this, it makes me sad. She strikes me as one of those ppl that is tough on the internet but if you met her irl and showed her genuine humility and compassion, she would melt. I really do hope she gets the help she needs and can find a community that cares for her. Watching her destroy herself on social media has been absolutely harrowing.

No. 822215

The pnp2.0 Instagram has been confirmed it was made by a troll/cow. Lol
Even Pnp herself wanted people to report it.
She’s literally a spitting image of her mom at this point. A whore and jumping from apartment to apartment. Good job dumbass.

No. 822273

I knew it was a troll account when I posted it. I just thought it was funny that they put that as her bio.

No. 822534

File: 1560590768759.jpeg (Spoiler Image,371.52 KB, 1536x2048, D9EClfKXkAccuuV.jpeg)

Holy shit

No. 822535

File: 1560590798881.jpg (Spoiler Image,349.98 KB, 720x1011, 20190615_052556.jpg)


No. 822538

Go to the doctor. Seriously it's disturbing. I'd be pretty concerned if that was all over my body and I didn't know what it was. If it was psoriasis, she'd be treating it. You'd think someone so concerned with their looks would do something about it.

No. 822547

holy shit this bitch looks like she’s about to die from measles

No. 822565


Over a year later and those implant scars still look inflamed.

No. 822566

How does someone casually have a persistent, half-body rash and keep taking nude selfies and doing sex work without checking it out at a Dr

Like…take some time off and let it recover? Aside from being a stereotype of a "diseased ho" which surely is bad for business.

I looked up scabies and psoriasis and it definitely looks like scabies based on the image results that show up.

No. 822567

cant believe shes actually trying on clothes in a store when she has a mysterious fully body rash. nasty

No. 822604

File: 1560610091491.png (449.64 KB, 1242x2208, D3DAFCF2-5E2A-4BB4-9128-4F1B47…)

Apparently she ‘finally’ Got diagnosed
Wonder if she means outside of sending a text to the dermatologist

No. 822618

I highly doubt she saw a doctor or she would’ve been posting about going to the doctor. She always shares that shit.

No. 822630


I am actually so disturbed by this. She truly does not give a fuck about anyone.

Also lets not forget she disregarded her doctor's advice to get off her meds immediately when her rash first developed.

I hate to be "that guy" but I still think its suspicious that this happened to her after her rape on vacation. That dude looked disgusting and probably did anal which is the quickest way to contracting something through the tears around the anus allowing sex fluids to enter your bloodstream.

No. 822659

File: 1560617760028.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, 80D11B46-9C53-4CDA-9E44-19C9E2…)

A hallmark of scabies is the inflamed tracks female mites leave while they burrow under the skin and lay eggs, which you can see plenty of in these pics. And as another anon pointed out, going around trying on clothes with an undiagnosed skin issues… Just gross. She def would have posted about going to an actual doctor, she can never resist flexing on the internet that she's doing normal adult shit and not just sitting on her ass at home.

Bonus pic: obv botched nose

No. 822665

File: 1560618296625.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, 6A55E600-37C9-42F4-A548-1CCA1C…)

I know she uses FaceTune but what camera app is she using that had that interface?

No. 822671

File: 1560619309147.jpeg (581.59 KB, 1242x1629, C3CADEE3-DD72-4647-A39E-265227…)

I wasn’t on the possible hiv rash issue but now I truly think that’s what this is and it’s kinda sad

No. 822673

File: 1560619544086.jpeg (140.06 KB, 750x472, 614B4454-C21A-44C9-A808-21AC42…)

Ok hear me out: do you guys ever think the reason why all of these women who claim pnp as their role model has more to do with a desire of getting some fleeting validation from a huge bitch than it does with actually viewing her as someone they want to aspire to be like??like maybe because she’s so mean they think that by getting her “ok” they’ve done something right ? This is sort of similar to being in middle school and the mean/popular girl laughs at your joke so you it gives you a sense of validation? Or is our ethos right now so askew that women genuinely think being rotten/toxic is something to want to be like? Just think it’s weird so many women look up to her.

No. 822674

File: 1560619655060.jpg (466.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190615-132714_Twi…)

I don't understand why she doesn't consider the possibility of HIV

No. 822676

Is she an actual idiot? How would these be symptoms of psoriasis…

No. 822677

File: 1560619974181.png (606.97 KB, 750x1334, F7FD944A-36A9-42FC-8C8E-8C8303…)

Sage for medfag but yall may be onto something. Yikes.

No. 822678

What she has doesn’t look anything like Cellulitis, more of a scabies / HIV rash. HIV can take awhile to manifest and any doctor would have made one or even two follow up
apts for her after her first negative since it was so close to the rape incident she had

No. 822685

Why is she going through all of this without getting checked up by a doctor with some form of treatment plan, im genuinely shocked over this woman experiencing severe physical reactions that dont even align with the labels she picked yet she doesnt actually seek proper medical care or drop her ass off at the ER when experiencing swelling which would be a giant fucking RED FLAG for someone who has been going throug a full body rash for days.
Putting my money in HIV cause while its totally stereotypical and dumb, her whole character has been so classical i feel anything else is a fluke.

No. 822687

File: 1560621653388.jpeg (432.58 KB, 750x1111, 7B48228F-11E4-4786-946C-348D2C…)

I’m not seeing these new symptoms here..

No. 822688

File: 1560621683631.jpeg (406.17 KB, 750x1198, 9A3623FF-9FC9-4607-8EC2-422C37…)

but I am seeing them here

No. 822694

What about doormatt's rash tho?

No. 822696

Wasn’t that confirmed to be an old picture someone posted here?

No. 822699

Confirmed to be old.

No. 822701

File: 1560624339881.png (21.43 KB, 200x153, 70DC4FD1-13B3-4A1C-A9EE-D8D2DB…)

Scabies from the nasty bed on the island. HIV from the guy.

No. 822737


Shit. I forgot about the guy on the island. I would be fucking freaking out at this point.

No. 822756

File: 1560635638558.png (197.33 KB, 750x1334, 36A97BFF-ABEC-4976-B371-64C908…)

‘Was diagnosed by an actual doctor’ y u lyin 4?? She’d definitely be tweeting about how proud she was that she “finally went to a doctor!!!!1! After all these years” or whatever…… this girl is scum….. if her ‘clients’ knew she was raped abroad in a foreign country, never got tested and then broke out in a giant rash all over their body, they would never book her because that shit is dangerous and has the potential to be deadly….

Newfag here, apologies if this post is a mess!

No. 822772

I know this extends throughout her body but like how likely is it that someone would get psoriasis heavily concentrated around their pussy of all places? It just doesn’t add up to me.

No. 822775

isn’t it illegal for someone who knowingly has something, doesn’t get tested, yet still sleeps around?????
Like isn’t this reportable

No. 822778

Yes anon, in a way. If you knowingly spread around a STI or STD that is criminal. Knowingly being the operative word here.

No. 822817

What if she’s never actually got tested for STIs. Like after something traumatic like rape, they would probably push her to immediately schedule a follow up appointment to make sure she’s in the clear? I just don’t understand why she’s so casual about all of this

No. 822908

File: 1560659224908.png (1005.69 KB, 750x1334, A60D8F15-008D-4BE6-9A02-140B46…)

Tfw you run around philly giving undiagnosed AIDs to unsuspecting men because according to the pic you sent your lip injectors bff dermatologist it’s actually pSoRiAsIs

No. 822913


That looks like the Snow app, anon.

No. 822945

I dont know how I got here but this is absolutely fascinating. I am no more of a doctor than she is…actually I probably am, I would bet money on HIV. I hope not this is pretty sad, she seems to be in complete denial about it even being a possibility of it, most likely holding back information to hear what she wants to hear from her surgeons friend thru the text and continuing to do her work and fucking people thinking that this something so serious as HIV could even be a possibility.

I don't think she understands the possible consequences of the life she is living, if she did for even a second she would have gotten tested for STIs at least some point since that rash popped up. Very scary stuff here.

No. 822949

File: 1560674825207.png (124.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190616-094657.png)

If I was her I'd be getting worried as fuck

No. 822953

My bet would be on either Lyme disease, or an autoimmune reaction caused by her breast implants.

No. 822954

How fucked up is it that we seemingly give more shit about what it is than she does?

The fact she isn’t taking it seriously and actually seeing a dr is despicable and, frankly, she deserves whatever it is.

No. 822955

Lyme disease?! Is that a joke? How in the world can you associate that rash with Lyme disease?

No. 822973

I scanned back through and didn't see any reference to her going to the ER or any sort of hospital after getting raped in Dominica. It would have been a godless endeavor to try to get a rape kit done on the island but she should have contacted the American Embassy on Dominica and see what they could do to help her. Probably very little but at the very least they could have gotten the ball rolling on getting her into a doctor's office the moment she touched ground back home. Not for evidence gathering but to begin antibiotics and anti-virals to kill any basic STDs and hopefully stave off HIV if she was exposed to it.

Did she go to a doctor at any point? I can't imagine she did if she's still fucking for money because a doctor would have driven home how unsafe it would be to have unprotected sex and I don't think Ariana is that much of a cunt. I think she's just delusional and very stupid,

Why didn't her grandparents get her help?

If anyone saw the porn documentary about Darren James, this situation with her rash reminds me of that whole saga. James is the pornstar who, between STD tests in California, did gay scenes in South America and came back to the USA to do straight scenes. After those straight scenes he got tested again and had HIV. One straight scene he did was with a new actress named Lara Roxx - literally her first anal film - and he wrecked her anally. Anal sex is the easiest and fastest way to develop HIV from an infected partner and Roxx began to show symptoms almost immediately. The day after the anal scene she was too ill to work. And all those symptoms she developed sound just like what Ariana is suffering from.

This is really awful. And I really hope the girls she shares clients with are being very careful. I really do hope she's just got scabies.

No. 822974

The fact that she rejects any other possibility than psoriasis off a bogus “diagnosis” and refuses to see a doctor despite worsening NON PSORIASIS symptoms is so so alarming.

It makes me retch that someone could be so careless with not only their health, but the health of others. And she’s claiming it put her out of work yet still fucking around and getting pissed on. It goes beyond the classic BPD symptom of “risky” behavior and is a downright public health hazard. God I can’t imagine if she actually did go see a doctor and find out it was HIV, I have doubts she’d even call her “clients” and let them know like you’re supposed to. She is potentially ruining people’s lives all in the name of her own validation of her “psoriasis” and her own fear of having a legitimate illness. I’ve never been more appalled at someone’s life decisions in my life.

No. 823000

I feel like it’s maybe not hiv didn’t she go to the Dominica a while ago? These websites say symptoms show up within 2-6 weeks. I do agree it is strange and she definitely should not be sleeping with anyone while this is going on and if I were Matt I would be freaking out as well

No. 823001

riiight. lyme disease, the thing all munchies claim to have, and breast implant illness, something that isn’t even 100% quantifiable real. seems like a perfectly logical assumption, thanks doctor

No. 823061

I don’t have screenshots, but I do remember her posting about going to the doctor to get tested.

It was a few tweets too.
Following up from your normal everyday posts.

“List of basic everyday errands/chores, done. Now all I have to do is go to the doctor!”

“Omg my anxiety today is the worst, the doctors always make me somewhat nervous”

“Just left the doctors! I’m clean as a glove!”

Something along those lines.

No. 823076

Yeah I strangely remember her eventually going and posting it on Twitter. It was way before all the symptoms showed though.

No. 823078

tinfoil: she got tested, found out she's got HIV, but keeps saying she's got psoriasis bc she needs to make money by having sex with men

No. 823081

she would of definitely been posting herself at the doctor besides just tweeting. She has to post everything she does! She’s just trying to get people to stop asking questions meanwhile everyone seems more concerned than she does…??? This girl needs help

No. 823084

She's had this rash for over a month

No. 823087

She said she got tested for STI right after she got back from vacation, before the rash. On her snap she mentioned she canceled her derm appt that she had scheduled on the 5th, because she already knows she has psoriasis (diagnosed by a photo) and that they would only tell her what she already knew. No other mention of any other doctor visits. In fact, someone asked her on Twitter if she went to the doctor yet, and she just answered with a “nope”

No. 823103

HIV can only be detected after three months from the date of the initial transmission so she needs to follow up that check up. she may be in the acute stage of HIV where 85% of infected begin manifesting similar symptoms before the virus rests dormant. you can still do sex work with HIV without putting your customers in danger.

No. 823162

iirc, some of this may have happened when the thread here was (temporarily) locked so the thread migrated to PULL during that time

No. 823167

she went to dominica with matt (not dating at the time) and stayed with her grandparents. posted every night about drinking and how much male attention she was getting, briefly talked about bringing home a stray dog. posted pictures of herself passed out face down in the sand with the man who raped her squatting next to her. posted stories ig stories about crying in the airport and being alone. later pushed her premium snapchat and said she would tell her rape story there. cried on snap video for five minutes, said she would never speak to matt again. also said she kept up the picture of her in the sand "because it was like funny or something" less than a month later made vagueposts about seeing him again. posted about going to the doctor on her ig a month after vacation in dominica, made it obvious she had no intentions of a followup

No. 823169

If you're new, read the damn rules and learn to sage.

No. 823170

Yeah, it made me feel gross that she was using an alleged rape to push her Snapchat. I still have a lot of doubts about rape actually occurring because of that sperg tbh

No. 823214

I agree, I have doubts it happened, or she did agree to it but afterwards when she had to tell Matt something because she obviously walked off with some dude, she said she was rape. Back in her IG days she would always brag how easy it was to manipulate people. I find it very weird to go from "hey I was raped, buy my Snapchat to hear more," which is so fucking disgusting in itself, to going out and prostituting yourself …

No. 823232

File: 1560785541459.jpeg (141.73 KB, 639x750, D50C6AC6-225D-4336-827F-661570…)

She’s giving SW’s such a bad reputation. She’s perpetuating the stereotype that they are “dirty”. Like dude just get tested. She shares every single aspect of her life on the internet. From the multiple instances where she shit herself, to how she abused her previous pets (i’m not adding the screenshots, the animal abuse screenshots are in previous threads). People are genuinely concerned for her. She’s nasty as fuck in her response and claims she was actually diagnosed. We all have a right to be angry over this. Because this isn’t just her decision. She’s potentially infecting clients, DoorMatt, etc. all because she refuses to receive a proper diagnosis.

No. 823250

Look up molluscum contagiosum-

No. 823251

oops, accidentally posted before finishing.
Look up molluscum contagiosum- it’s a viral skin rash that is easily spread. It looks exactly like this. It’s most often diagnosed in people w HIV. I only know this cuz I was diagnosed w this when I was 7. It’s kinda rare in non HIV patients so some med students wanted to examine me but my mom wouldn’t let them. Lol. But my skin looked exactly like this. It was also mostly on my legs and stomach.(medfag)

No. 823268

MCV isn't rare (far from it), has nothing to do with HIV, is mostly found in children and doesn't look like what she has.

No. 823300

She was black out drunk. Don’t be such an idiot..all of you. You can’t consent while drunk ..especially that drunk. Like fuck man i don’t like her either but thats just ridiculous. Yeah she made bad choices there but it’s still rape.

No. 823310

If she found out she has HIV then she'd be able to eliminate the symptoms pretty quickly and/or easily, and you can get into deep shit by withholding HIV status from a sexual partner; the people claiming HIV are overthinking this. There are far more common reasons for a rash like her's and swelling

No. 823325

I think the most plausible is bedbugs. We know for a fact they're both filthy. Maybe they have her an infection and thats where the other symptoms come from?

No. 823401


No way she would be able to bare the itchiness of bed bugs or scabies for this long without complaining about it regularly.

No. 823430

I agree. Her body would be a mess from the constant scratching, especially from when she's asleep. I just don't buy into psoriasis.

No. 823453

omg you were diagnosing Shay with this over and over, hopefully your ban is permanent.

No. 823455

File: 1560826119815.png (113.77 KB, 750x1334, 0803AD07-287F-46BE-BAF8-397882…)


No. 823462

Confirmation bias.. she won’t accept anything other than what she wants to hear.

No. 823467

Based off a picture..HA thats literally how she was "diagnosed"

No. 823472

Annnnnnd she literally started throwing psoriasis around in every other tweet because people were telling her it was psoriasis… before she was supposedly “diagnosed” by a “dermatologist” looking at her picture.

No. 823484

she's a coke-snorting sex worker with body image issues lol she's like textbook altgirl who was sexually assaulted. they all use casual, reckless sex as a way of coping. speaking from personal experience. but this girl is really no different from charms former ed and all.

No. 823505

Then go to the doctor. You're afraid of what you might have, otherwise you'd be pretty adamant about putting people in their place about it.

No. 823523

File: 1560851310327.jpeg (294.29 KB, 750x883, 6495FE95-7AE8-48FC-9A9F-A8DB59…)

Stop lurking and vagueposting and go to the fucking doctor, Ariana.

I miss when this chick was on ig. Her oversharing on her story and delete posting to her feed was incredible. This thread is stale as hell nowadays.

No. 823533

Bitch hasn’t been diagnosed with shit. She gonna pass away soon if she doesn’t get help. Maybe it’s what she wants.

No. 823535

File: 1560861847620.jpeg (71.06 KB, 750x690, 6E4AACE6-6758-4345-A050-19CC0E…)

Hopefully this leads to some decent milk. Wonder how Doormatt feels about her caking on the makeup to go see and probably desperately try to meet up with ghostmane…

No. 823549


Wait until he sees her HIV rash.

No. 823579

Fucking kek anon. I remember her proudly posting that she got into his dms lmao. Girl bye. Ghostmane is super fucking smart and def won't be hooking up with some weird thirsty hooker with a crazy rash all over her body and genitals.

No. 823607

The only reason she’s “seeing” him is because he’s on tour and has a show in philly tonight. This whole time she’s tried to make it out like he’s personally come to see/hang out with her.

No. 823636

I hope he completely forgot he even messaged her and she goes and absolutely nothing happens.

No. 823640

The DM conversation was pretty generic, seemed like he was just engaging with a fan as im sure happens a lot. It's like when a stripper winks at a guy and he instantly thinks she likes him.

I dont know the guy but I'm thinking if he was interested she would make her way backstage, but if he was interested I'm sure he would've seen that rash and would most likely have a change of heart.

No. 823649

this is so pathetic bc ghostemane is so public he’s dating a new girl and i don’t think she’s even seen it bc she’s not on insta anymore lmfao

No. 823655


Yup. Dis bitch would be posting her Rx to shut down the haters if she actually got diagnosed. There’s no way an actual MD diagnosed her gave her no meds/cream.

Honestly surprised she hasn’t posted the texts with her friend’s dermatologist to show “proof”. There’s probably a reason for that…

No. 823698

this exactly. if she was diagnosed then why the fuck is she doing DIY at home methods to help it instead of taking what would’ve been prescribed? because she wasn’t diagnosed, obviously. as much as this cow pains me i hope she doesn’t have HIV like anons were speculating. it’d be a huge wake up call if she did but she also might’ve spread it to someone else by now if she’s not careful.. so let’s hope it’s just some kind of nasty bacteria that won’t make her guilty of a felony.

No. 823713

File: 1560892436275.jpeg (358.57 KB, 750x1003, 93E3C6EF-A841-4833-8386-70DA9F…)

there it is. she’s 100% talking about the supposed dermatologist friend’s opinion not diagnosis. Ariana GO TO A DOCTORS OFFICE.

No. 823759

I’d have such anxiety that he (ghostmane) wouldn’t remember me. He’s definitely meeting up for sex though. When he replied back to her he sent the wet emojis

No. 823763

Lol she’s telling someone to go to the doctor when she can’t even take her own advice. Dude she’s such a fucking idiot that it’s actually painful. She bout to perish.

No. 823791

File: 1560904474696.jpg (433.66 KB, 810x1575, Screenshot_20190618-203338_Twi…)

Says she's broke but spends money on new makeup to impress ghostmane lmao

No. 823793

File: 1560904564609.jpg (463.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190618-203153_Ins…)

Great now she can hide her entire hiv rash and continue to spread it. She keeps kissing kims butt on Twitter today

No. 823805

Oh, for fuck’s sake, the “diagnosis” of her rash as HIV is retarded. Isn’t she still taking Lamictal?

No. 823809

This is not Steven-Johnson syndrome. By this time she'd be so sick and her skin would be much worse than this. (I take lamictal). I'm still stuck on the picture of Matt having the rash on his leg. I can just picture her talking her clothes off for Ghostmane and him losing his shit. He's got better options than to touch that shit.

No. 823813

If Ghostmane was actually interested in her he would have guest listed her and not made her buy a ticket lmao she’s an idiot he replies to most girls

No. 823815

Ok lol i take lamotrigine too & it doesn’t have to be Stevens-Johnson syndrome. You can still get a rash from lamictal and only a small percentage of them are serious. That being said, I suspect it’s from the meds too..her real doctor told her to stop taking them when she called and she wouldn’t.

No. 823820


I think a lot of people are pointing to HIV because of the rape in Dominican Republic and lack of proper follow up. Google HIV in DR and HIV rash and you can see why people are coming to the conclusion.

Regardless of what it may be it is clear she is not getting the proper medical attention and is more concerned about her physical appearance than she is about her health.

No. 823833


I'm not a regular visitor to this thread so excuse my ignorance of the timeline of the rape and her rash. Symptoms of seroconversion usually also involve flu-like symptoms and for a limited period.

"Seroconversion usually occurs starts 1-3 weeks after infection, with average time being around 10 days. Although 4 in 5 people (80%) get symptoms, 1 in 5 (20%) do not."

"The symptoms of HIV seroconversion resemble those of a heavy cold or flu. They commonly involve multiple symptoms that all occur at the same time. They last about a week and then resolve."


No. 823854

Or maybe people should Google Lamictal/lamotrigine and rash? Lamictal rash is really common. Rash as a symptom of HIV seroconversion is rare and short-lived.

No. 823856

I was on Lamictal and got the rash within the first 2 weeks. Almost everyone that gets it, gets it right away, or if the dosage goes up too quickly. She’s been on the med for at least a year, so it’s unlikely that’s what it is. It doesn’t look like SJ syndrome, or even a mild rash that you would get as an adverse reaction from it. Usually the tamer rash has much smaller bumps and they don’t really itch that much.

No. 823859

Am I the only one that questions her actually taking her prescribed psych meds??

No. 823877

Why are you guys commenting about ghostemane like he’s some prize lmao

No. 823887

because these threads have been filled with braindead soundclout fans

No. 823892


No one said that but he is definitely out of this scuzzy little girls league.

No. 823911

File: 1560924549661.png (2.82 MB, 1242x2208, 7B1A711C-61FA-427C-BCCE-E66BEC…)

Couldn’t even wait a few hours to be a hypocrite

No. 823912

File: 1560924623707.png (871.35 KB, 1242x2208, 967F55C7-06C4-40B9-9717-7436B5…)

Guess he didn’t give a fuck about her lol

No. 823981

File: 1560947946620.jpeg (100.63 KB, 749x1072, 5608F2AE-4949-443D-B190-DEB125…)

She was on the rail. He might’ve glimpsed at her in that one video she posted. Honesty it sounds like he suckered her into buying a ticket in hopes of meeting him.

No. 823986

Guys I’m sorry I have had psorarsis since I was 5 years old and there isn’t any actual medication to go on for it. She has the common type of P that gets mistaken for exzcema (don’t care for spelling, not coming up on spellcheck)
Psoriasis is typically looked after with natural/home remedies as it is not considered a serious condition(blog)

No. 823987

you could’ve made this post without blogging about your own experience. why is it so fucking hard for the people in this thread to just not talk about themselves? this has already been discussed ad nauseam. also read the rules.

No. 823991


Real talk. It takes about 5 mins to read the rules and learn how to sage your shit. This thread is bleeding from all these shit tier quality WKs medfags and blogposts.

No. 823997

File: 1560954273672.png (24.06 KB, 753x137, wrong.PNG)


No. 824061

Just because something may be prescribed for something doesn't mean that most people take prescription medications for it, especially if the condition doesn't have a huge impact on quality of life and/or can be treated with home remedies. That said, whatever remedies she's using don't seem to be working.
All of this rash sperging is getting really old, though. If it's something more serious than psoriasis then we'll probably find out soon enough.

No. 824064

File: 1560969724659.jpeg (207.33 KB, 750x647, CAF8BF54-355E-44A8-BD3C-AB025A…)


timeline and clarification: DR was in March, she got tested in April and then posted this on Twitter. mind you she saw clients in the month between not knowing if she had a communicable disease…
whatever she has she should be going to the doctor with these new symptoms. if she doesn’t report all of her income she could possibly even qualify for Medicaid in Pennsylvania and then this shit would be free and she’d have no good reason not to go

No. 824118

File: 1560977038995.png (1.33 MB, 804x1265, Screenshot_20190619-144114.png)

I don't understand why she goes cakeface. She made her skin look worse with all that makeup. It hides nothing.

No. 824121

File: 1560977260611.jpeg (529.34 KB, 744x1007, 2D02C5CA-6401-40B0-8281-6E2A64…)

Guess this is why she's been less milky lately and not going off being a raging bitch and attention whore anymore. Getting boring tbh

No. 824126

she said before she doesn’t have any idea how to just stop adding to her face and keep it natural. she was right. even her idea of “natural” was an inch of foundation, fake moles drawn over top of her pimples and jet black 2016 instagram fade brows.

No. 824134

Yeah well her doctor told her ass to get off them because That’s prob what’s giving her the rash. she’s a dumbass bitch fr.

No. 824135

not really. she's still a cringelord and has been on meds for ages so this isn't really anything new.

No. 824296

File: 1561029301634.jpeg (553.8 KB, 750x1256, 7753FB11-A50E-418A-8F97-D0C1DD…)

She must be gulping down that hypocritical dumb bitch juice fast this morning

No. 824361

Isn‘t HIV earliest detecable after at least three months?

No. 824374

Lol she should watch who she says that to, if it were a native american she’d get her lights knocked out so fast for being a dumbass ignorant white girl.

No. 824378

File: 1561055040247.jpeg (228.46 KB, 750x1014, 1884FF53-89D2-4375-9D14-5A51F0…)

Basically telling a Native “I’m a tourist so I know more about your culture’s struggles than you do”. Bitch really needs to take her own advice and go fucking nap!

No. 824379

She always misses the point of what people are saying and why. She’s uneducated white trash from bumblefuck, wherever. A self-proclaimed “nihilist” because she doesn’t know what that means, and thinks it excuses racism, homophobia, etc.

No. 824389

File: 1561056196088.jpeg (141.61 KB, 750x492, CB3B4A75-5550-415F-807A-931CDF…)

I’m gagging.

No. 824392

File: 1561056665016.png (8.24 MB, 1242x2688, A520E2A0-7C6F-48AC-884A-6397F3…)

oh…my god. ITS SO BAD

No. 824394

File: 1561056748346.png (8.54 MB, 1242x2688, 0115EF7E-7188-4B87-97BB-B955AB…)

how does she have clients how does she not go to the doctor this is not healing AT ALL

No. 824397

Jesus Christ that's bad. Again, why wouldn't you seek help for this? It has only gotten worse now. Is it on her arms at all, or just below her waist? Something's very wrong there.

No. 824422

File: 1561060096387.jpeg (209.73 KB, 509x1280, 8EDAEEA5-836A-459C-BF16-2968CA…)

Some small spots can be seen on her arm. It was just on the elbows at first.

No. 824432

File: 1561061345734.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, 65F885BA-D387-4709-8D52-A97572…)


No. 824438

can you imagine how this makeup looked in person without strategic angles, lighting, and whatever editing she might do?

she just looks…sickly.
the pale cracked lips, the full body rash, and lets not forget the oily mess that she has hidden under those wigs (imagine the smell!!)
She reminds me of a GTA hooker or something

No. 824450

File: 1561064265038.png (673.06 KB, 585x572, Capture.PNG)

why does she keep saying this…?
is she so delusional that she thinks this is how she naturally looks? your babies will be born with a botched nose job, tons of injections, caked on makeup, a wig, and fucked up teeth?
im being serious, what does she mean by continuously posting this?

No. 824457

I think she's joking.

No. 824460

File: 1561065253410.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 956x924, 123456789876543212345678987.pn…)

whatever fits your current narrative i suppose

No. 824461

bold of you to imply that she has the self-awareness to make a joke like that

No. 824472

File: 1561066432892.png (133.84 KB, 240x282, 1475588989899999.PNG)

yes, pls bring more of this into the world

No. 824473

File: 1561066694461.jpeg (600.28 KB, 1920x2560, 0D317E7A-6A11-470C-88AE-0E0722…)

Love how this bitch preaches for people to not be negative/mind their own business, but she’s clearly lurking lolcow so hard she’s starting to steal anon’s insults.

No. 824477

it actually blows my mind how bad her implant scars still are. shouldn't they have faded by now? it still looks really fresh.

No. 824480

File: 1561067762573.png (18.63 KB, 629x351, 13256788990.PNG)

well, apparently it varies by the individual. But, do you remember how many times shes claimed that she heals fast like wolverine? One would assume the scars would heal quickly.

Here are some widely known after-care tips that she did not follow, which is more than likely the cause. Check the old threads for proof.

No. 824485


Hey Ariana!! dont choke on that dumb bitch juice!

No. 824491

File: 1561069623603.png (1.71 MB, 740x1484, 123453423678987654321234567898…)

Hey guys!! Don't wash ur hair and it could look as good as mine!!

No. 824526

This is actually pretty funny..I was on the fence about if she still lurks here but this is too obvious.

No. 824537

That’s in memes/ a popular internet saying.

No. 824543

You definitely didn't wake up, check this thread, and accidentally quote it hours later.(hi [cow])

No. 824553

File: 1561080566743.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.03 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20190620_212822.jpg)

She really needs to go to a damn doctor.. the way the rash is concentrated on her crotch is not good ugh

No. 824554

File: 1561080680365.jpg (127.44 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20190620_213037.jpg)

No. 824555

I'm cringing so hard I think I pulled a muscle.
Who tf is going to pay to see a video of leper lisping what she thinks is "jerkoff instructions"

No. 824556

Looks like she’s been itching it

No. 824562

THIS is disturbing on so many levels. And some guy willingly let her infected body sit on his face…

Best comment of the thread right here.

No. 824573

Tempted to buy this vid so we can see just how embarrassing it is, but, alas, I wouldn't want to give her the satisfaction of making a single sale

No. 824576

What about her snake? She never posts about the snake anymore. She’s been known to neglect animals since the Tumblr days. She’s been specifically called out. Will post screen shots tomorrow. They’re not hard to find though. She got dragged hard.

Hey, bitch. Let us see your tank and setup. Animal killer. Groooossssss.

No. 824584

Please. An anon bought Shayna’s video and it was worth every penny.

No. 824593

I don't know why you care about any of that, nor do I know why you can't sage

Voting for an anon to buy it, or at least see how much she's trying to charge people to watch that nightmare of a video

No. 824650

Go lurk for yourself, jeez. You can even see the tank setup in the back. As long as she is keeping up with heat, humidity, and the weekly/biweekly feeding her banana ball python will be fine! Give her the benefit of the doubt at least.

No. 824651

File: 1561090054964.jpeg (133.4 KB, 750x874, 759BF67C-A238-44A4-B07E-E48EAA…)

Oops. Samefag.

No. 824659

File: 1561090970458.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.92 KB, 946x2048, 4AF4075C-E17F-40DF-A28E-4D433D…)

I think her pre made vids are around 30 because ~she’s worth it

No. 824672

File: 1561092316410.jpeg (83.86 KB, 750x364, CDD073F2-12AE-45B3-8105-3EFDAC…)

She sounds like she lives in a crack den. I thought the point of selling your body for money was the cash and lavish live style. Not really seeing the point if you’re splitting rooms with curtains and making joi videos with a full body rash.

No. 824676


A thin wall, not a literal curtain anon!

No. 824677

Mmm yeah that rash is just so hot

No. 824679

How can you be so sure?

…why do I feel like ariana is lurking/posting alot here today

No. 824681

Her pussy looks like a Sasquatch anus.(nitpick)

No. 824683


IDK how to prove I'm not Ariana but I'm not. She was comparing the wall to a curtain because of how much she could hear everything.

No. 824687

literally looks MtF here due to the ridiculous lips, wig, and glasses

No. 824691

Fully convinced this bitch has HIV https://vimeo.com/343599340

No. 824695

Her lips in motion, even when this heavily filtered, are horrendous. It even makes the way she talks sound gross.

Her fatigue does sound pretty extreme for just psoriasis. Especially if she really is sleeping all day? She's been on a lot about the fatigue every time too.

No. 824696


Yeah fatigue has become more of a complaint lately, I don't know how she is linking that to Psoriasis.
This is wild.

No. 824771


Yeah. Great husbandry there. I’m sure that snake is living it’s best worst life.

No. 824776


Jesus! That’s a recent video? Man i didnt realize how much she manipulates her photos. That looks like a completely different discount version of the person she posts in the twitter. What a catfish.

Not only does hooker the your paid for have a different face when she shows up, her entire body is covered in a mysterious rash.


No. 824779

File: 1561121895105.jpeg (148.3 KB, 1125x627, DFEE43FC-27F3-4229-AD82-AB6EB9…)

Ok bitch lol, I lived with a narcissist who took up YEARS of my life. You ARE a narcissist. This bitch thinks she knows better than everyone else..but she’s truly going to hit rock bottom soon..hard to believe she’s not already there, but it CAN get worse.(armchair)

No. 824787

Man, I thought maybe someone bought the cringey video she's selling…but this is good too. Thanks anon!

I have psoriasis in my family, and from what I've seen, it affects much smaller areas and I've never heard of a full body breakout overnight out of the blue. I also understand that fatigue could be a symptom of psoriasis, but why wouldn't she want to physically go to the Dr to make sure it's not more serious? The only answer I can think of would be that she already thinks she might have HIV, and knows that once she's diagnosed, her sw career is over.
Denial is better.

If any of her SW friends have stumbled on this thread, stay far away from her!

No. 824804


I hope she does go to the Dr’s eventually, because she’s not making the situation any better hoping the mystery rash is going to disappear. And if it’s something serious, she’s spreading that shit to other people and just digging a deeper hole for herself. Ugh, it’s really sad.

No. 824814


Did she catch narc traits from being raised by one or is she the only narc in the family but she's projecting that onto others?(armchair)

No. 824852

I fully believe she was raised by a narcissistic mother and whoever raises you teaches you how to react and how to exist, she needs to unlearn all of this Behavior but she doesn't have the self-awareness to bother

No. 824863

I know a person can get in legal trouble for spreading HIV if they know they're positive, but could she get in trouble for spreading it and "not knowing"?

No. 824866


See >>822778

I swear, people on this site love to talk in circles instead of scrolling to see if things have already been discussed.

No. 824892

Uh thanks but I know she'd get in trouble if she knew she had it. That wasn't my question. I'm wondering if she'd get in trouble if she claimed she "didn't know." She's a literal prostitute who suddenly contracted this horrible rash that she refuses to get looked at—despite numerous people urging her to, and even directly suggesting it could be HIV. If it turns out she's positive, I don't really know how she could feign ignorance here.

No. 824894


If she never got tested for it, how would she actually know. It wouldn’t be on her to prove that she didn’t know she had HIV, it would be on whoever is trying to sue/get her arrested to prove that she knew she had HIV.

No. 824895

Are you dense?
>Knowingly being the operative word here.
If she's diagnosed by a doctor then obviously she would get in trouble.
If she's not diagnosed, how could anybody, including herself, know

No. 824900

this anon made the best point about her reasoning for not getting checked out >>824787

>why wouldn't she want to physically go to the Dr to make sure it's not more serious? The only answer I can think of would be that she already thinks she might have HIV, and knows that once she's diagnosed, her sw career is over. Denial is better.

can we move on now?

No. 824901

this looks like she has 2 assholes. 3 if you count the one on her face

No. 824903

File: 1561143623546.png (47.7 KB, 596x457, 176578855544456.PNG)

okay but 7 year old dogs aren't really that old. cockers can live to be like 15-16…so if this dog is healthy it's only half done with its life, if that.
She really is an insane person. Immature to the extreme. Crying because you don't understand mortality and permanence? Crying over an event that hasn't happened, or won't probably happen for a long time? Live tweeting this manic episode, while also attempting to sell your porn on the same page? Wtf r u doin sis

No. 824910

This is fucking stupid. She's just getting emotional over something she loves, not that big of a deal.

No. 824912

so you think this is a good way to market herself on her sw page?

emotionally unstable over-sharers must be your kink

No. 824918

I think the points they were trying to make were that posts like this aren't sexy , and also stable adults don't do this. It makes sense if your dog is sick to get emotional, but a grown woman randomly getting sad when she realizes that her dog will die one day, idk it seems kind of ridiculous.

No. 824939

File: 1561147400472.jpg (455.4 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20190621-160242_Twi…)

It looks like pretending she has psoriasis is starting to get to her

No. 824944

File: 1561147897266.png (28.55 KB, 630x229, 176646768897878.PNG)

Here we go, she just might go to the doctor.
inb4 HIV diagnosis and she really hits rock bottom

No. 824954

Another sexy post for her audience of potential sugar daddies. Thousands of men wanting to pay women for sex work and thousands of women for them to choose from, and she thinks this is the way to portray herself. Constantly airing out her dirty laundry. No wonder no one wants to buy any of her stuff.

No. 824960

I mean yeah this should probably be kept off her sw Twitter but compared to all her other oversharing it just seems like small potatoes.

No. 824962

Not sure what your point is in this comment.
She's called out constantly on her stupidity and oversharing, this isn't the first instance. This comment >>824910 and yours (not sure if you're the same anon but wouldnt be shocked) are very whiteknighty in their attempts at controlling what can and can't be criticized. Maybe you should check what website you're on.

No. 824973


Fat chance. It appears she wants to find out someone else's prescription and find some alternate way of getting it to further avoid going to an actual doctor.

No. 824980

Says the girl who has picked her face to shreds repeatedly.

No. 824982

File: 1561153703236.png (43.97 KB, 633x429, 196534567875467.PNG)

Begging for a dollar now. How low can she go?

No. 824983

How is she not embarrassed? Like, she has successful and professional sw friends who follow her on Twitter, and she has no shame in publicly begging for a dollar. They probably look down on her.

Safe to assume her vid from yesterday was a flop.

No. 824994

is she a sex worker or a cyber-bullied psoriasis charity at this point? maybe she should tell her followers that they can write off their $1 donations on their taxes

No. 824999

File: 1561157416304.jpg (405.4 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20190621-184753_Twi…)

She just got a damn snake and now she wants a kitten .. lmao the blatant lack of self awareness is nauseating

No. 825078

File: 1561177397617.jpeg (417.59 KB, 2048x2048, DD503828-D4BD-42C4-BB33-AAF207…)

1/3. These are all in the span of an hour of each other

No. 825079

File: 1561177478461.png (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 750x1334, 714BB593-B810-4A59-817C-9C06FC…)

No. 825080

File: 1561177688814.jpeg (Spoiler Image,236.12 KB, 750x2008, 612CA429-297A-404B-8C4C-499605…)

3/3. Yes, that is a buttplug in her mouth

No. 825098

File: 1561181165642.jpg (133.53 KB, 1076x448, Screenshot_20190622-012515_Twi…)

This made me think of ariana lmao

No. 825193

Ariana, I know you're going to read this. Stop blasting Effie on social media, she just lost her husband and posts nothing but nice things about you. Talk to her or your therapist, not a bunch of strangers who dont give a fuck about you.

No. 825214

Holy shit, I found her mom on fb and she has so many posts about how much she loves ariana. Maybe she was abusive but to call her out like that on social media is so trashy when her mom is taking the high road. Would post screenshots but might be against the rules to post family stuff. Just go to fb and type "ariana mcmillan" and go to posts instead of people if you're curious

No. 825228

I’m pretty sure her mom was your average mom that tried hard to give her a decent life and PNP didn’t think it was good enough probably. Seeing how nothing is good enough for PNP.

No. 825230

File: 1561223718334.png (54.22 KB, 804x1446, Screenshot_20190622-111455.png)

No. 825238

You have to be Facebook friends with PNP to have those post results show up.

No. 825239

Uh definitely not. I am not friends with her, and I don't have mutuals. It still shows up bud.

No. 825242

I deleted my post with ariana's mom's full name because I don't think she deserves any more public bashing, I feel bad for her after seeing her profile. These are public posts that you can see regardless of being friends with either of them. Try on desktop, idk

No. 825243

Her mom was arrested for heroin possession and was terrible white trailer trash and you think she was probably good at it? Idk bro. The only seemingly plausible bullshit that PnP spews is that she was raised like scum.

No. 825246

So because she struggled with addiction, that makes all of Ariana's claims true? Its fucked up that she can spew all of these allegations without her mom being able to stand up for herself. She's a person too. We all know Ariana thinks she's better than everyone and seeks sympathy any chance she can get. We all know how she bends the truth (i.e. MATT WATCHED ME GET RAPED!!)

No. 825250

File: 1561226413588.jpg (94.74 KB, 960x958, FB_IMG_1561224480546.jpg)

No. 825255

Does anyone else feel like her constantly talking about how big he is shows a lot of insecurity?? She is obsessed with convincing people that hes soooo big

No. 825257

What is the purpose of posting this?

No. 825276

It's real easy getting support/validation/sympathy when you can claim something terrible happened to you to a bunch of strangers who dont know any different. That's why she does it instead of coping with her trauma in real, productive, healthy ways. She'd rather hysterically post about it and get comments from people who don't know the full situation, like "you're so strong!" "Wow, an inspiration!" instead of facing reality.

No. 825312

File: 1561237713774.jpeg (206.69 KB, 750x381, D13DC65E-9A3A-4BA3-893D-726C9D…)

>I'm so grateful for doormatt he financially supports me let's me wake him up after long days at work to take coked out thot pics of me and let me bully him into letting me be a prostitute bc i used my rape as an excuse to blame and guilt him!!1!

No. 825314

Lol this reads like she loves him just because he acts like her 24/7 mommy

No. 825379

These are literally normal things every human being does in order to survive. Lmao, she can't take her dog outside because she's too tired of doing absolutely nothing all day???? Or she's too lazy to put on her 3rd face by caking on layers over her 2nd face,so her dog has to suffer? And she just got a fucking cat??? She begs guys for a god damn dollar online to feed herself, yet she's (not)taking care of how many pets now? Her life is literally a fucking nightmare. How could someone seriously live so shamelessly? Completely baffling.

No. 825438

File: 1561255102304.png (91.5 KB, 750x1334, C34AD7A3-10FC-4B9A-8E4A-E7A0B3…)

She can’t even walk one dog.

No. 825456

She should really censor her tits, vag and butthole on her picture posts it takes away the mystery of paying to see what it looks like. Why pay when I already seen it

No. 825487

She really is going to ride out this psoriasis "diagnosis" until HIV and or the lamictal rash actually kills her