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File: 1555888973598.jpeg (63.53 KB, 960x874, A99A0C17-4D29-406C-B004-85FB42…)

No. 799393

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

No. 799447


AFAIK new admin has not reversed the ban on munchie threads.

No. 799462

No threads or subjects are currently banned.
**PNP thread is locked though

No. 799550


Jw Why did pnp get locked in the first place?
I miss talking about her

No. 800714

An update on Munchie Queen Jaquie, presenting the highlights of the last year:

For one brief shining moment she seemed to be moving in a positive direction, traveling, taking outdoor and gym exercise, and leaving her Barbie pink tools at home.

She had her port replaced with a fashionable AV fistula because her port was "flipping". And she got a new port on the other side of her chest for reasons.

She made much muh surgery of what is usually a simple outpatient procedure to remove her ingrown toenail.

She also underwent a hose up bum procedure to alleviate severe fecal impaction that left her looking six months pregnant.

She reluctantly hopped on the CBD tincture train because she didn't want to get high. Before long she changed her mind and went full stoner vaping THC, bringing a whole new meaning to Chronically J.

She is currently inpatient with a MRSA infection in her leg, awaiting surgery, having initially checked in on April 12th with drumroll please the mostest of mast cells and anaphylaxis despite being on maximum Xolair injections for a year iirc and pushing precious benadryl. She is also on three inhalers and several unnamed oral meds.

And now [video related] she has somehow finagled a PCA pump for dilaudid on demand plus ativan. Her nurses appear to be wise to her shenanigans, telling her to return to her room and inject her own Epipen when she ran down the hallway to them unable to breathe.

She and Judd just bought a house. How unfortunate that her current hospital stay will prevent her from helping Judd with the move!

And she has merch now!

Whew! Did I miss anything? Oh! Drama at Disney when a kid pulled Harlow's tail and a couple of mast cell flares necessitating use of their medic station.

No. 800717


And last month she resurrected the spectre of muh super rare mitochondrial disease.

No. 800719

File: 1556364201493.jpg (99.76 KB, 2436x1125, 5a5hzzfuf8t21.jpg)


The AV fistula that's not an AV fistula. She has been insisting by logic more twisted than what she had done that it's somehow not really an AVF.

In case you are unfamiliar with them, she has no business having one. It comes with significant risk to her life.

No. 800859

>has somehow finagled a PCA >Dilaudid on demand plus ativan.
And she's on asthma meds? Even with pushing the Dilaudid you can have respiratory issues. Yet they have the Ativan to cool her off if she has any issues. I think this is hysterical. This is pretty much the treatment of someone who has wailed and moaned and bitched about her oh so sickness. The doctors threw her into a room, hook her up so she's not pushing her nurse button 200 times and leave her new until she had to leave. That's a frequent flyer method.

No. 800871


Fucking hell she's ballooned.

also an AV Fistula isn't "trendy", it's an easy way to bleed out though if she doesn't take very special care. I've never heard of anyone not on long term hemodialysis getting one of those. But yay, another unnecessary surgery for Munchie Queen Jaq!

And that dilly-on-demand is going to lead to another constipation drama, I just know it.

No. 800907

She’s on the same sort of pain meds as people who are actively dying from cancer and other painful diseases.

No. 800909


At least that ROA is. Dilaudid is prescribed for non-terminal illnesses.

When injected IV or IM it has 95% bioavailability. When taken orally only around 25%. The pills can be easily prepared for injection, though. Is she enough of an addict to do that if she is given a pill script when she's discharged?

No. 801021

Dilaudid is a very common pain med used in hospitals and ERs. Probably because IV the dose is pretty small.

Person who brought up Jaq forgot to mention she finally admitted to being on opioids. What happened was she started doing medical marijuana and it really helped her (her words). She started eating orally a lot more and obviously gained a lot of weight. Well her pain management doctor didn't like that and threatened to kick her off her opioids if she didn't stop the MMJ. She chose MMJ and her pain management doctor kicked her off. I'm assuming she was on liquid oxycodone, but I'm not sure. Not trying to shame her but she always used to act like she was above this yet has likely been on opioids for years.

She also complained that the MMJ she gets isn't strong enough and she has the most potent stuff from various companies. Claiming she doesn't get high, at all, from any of it.

And she alluded to taking Adderall/amphetamines for her narcolepsy during this whole MMJ / opioid thing.

Plus all the videos of her high as balls on ketamine… kek Jaquie sorry girl but you're not special. You're just another lame ass who loves to get high from attention and drugs.

No. 801024

video where she speaks about the opioids / MMJ issue

No. 801065

File: 1556507454844.jpg (344.47 KB, 1237x2075, 6tvh6vs484v21.jpg)

No. 801072

hate to be that asshole but ill believe it when there is an obit. she fucked around with her body so much and lived like a drug addict, its not much surprise.

No. 801078

why is he writing like she's both going to die and already dead. it's an incredibly strange way to write about someone close to you.

No. 801079


This was posted about 90 minutes ago. I grabbed the screenshot from r/illnessfakers.

She has had near constant abdominal distension throughout the last year. The emptying procedure [video related] she underwent last June was not completely successful.

The IV Dilaudid, Ativan, Benadryl, and Zofran cocktail she has been on during the last week would have prevented her from feeling the pain of what was happening.

No. 801081

File: 1556510613420.png (142.45 KB, 800x964, Screenshot_2019-04-28-20-58-56…)

She and Janiece ended their friendship around a year ago.

No. 801082

samefagging but also I think rushing to Patreon when something like this happens is beyond tasteless

No. 801083

it would make sense that after so long being blocked up so bad that something like that could happen. her pain meds no doubt had to have kept her solid as a rock and like you said, her near hospice levels of pain medication left her blind to some major issues. she lived high as a kite.

No. 801084

File: 1556510889314.jpeg (145.08 KB, 734x638, 5614E75E-EE1E-4A60-8572-A8247A…)

samefag but she might actually be on her way out.

No. 801086

File: 1556511069618.png (307.22 KB, 800x1106, Screenshot_2019-04-28-21-09-58…)

No. 801089

that post was deleted shortly after the fact. shes not even dead yet according to family but in true ott fashion why not make a post about your internet friends death before it is verified. the majority of it was me me me anyway.>>801086

No. 801094

File: 1556518059685.png (63.95 KB, 800x472, Screenshot_2019-04-28-23-06-31…)

No. 801097

File: 1556519003088.png (14.33 KB, 490x167, jaquie.PNG)

She's dead. From her brother's facebook. Looks like it was a freak accident.

Sad, they'd just bought a house. Her life was a comedy down to dying just days after completing a major life milestone. RIP Jaquie.

No. 801098

File: 1556519096817.jpg (97.57 KB, 1242x705, q7c4p295a5v21.jpg)


He lives in England which is why he states 6am.

No. 801099

The only way her death could be more tragic is if she experienced symptoms but was ignored by her nurses and/or doctors until it was too late because they suspected her of having factitious disorder or of being primarily a drug seeker.

No. 801102

Well unfortunately she was both those things. And they were her undoing.

No. 801103


She also had a little help from Dr QMB.

In one of her recent videos she stated that she spent 100 days inpatient in 2018.

No. 801104

she munched her way to her death. the amount of doctor shopping she did was appalling. speaks more about the fractured medical record system in the us. she used doctors who would willing give what you wanted as long as their pockets were lined nicely. dr qmb must have had some pretty sweet vacays secured just from her alone.

she absolutely faked a bunch of stuff and she absolutely had a drug problem. death doesnt erase what she did in life. she died a malingerer and thats the tragic part. her death was largely unavoidable until it hit critical and then it was too late. her actions sped up her passing

No. 801107

File: 1556524872491.png (830.68 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-04-29-00-57-04…)

Her abdomen on April 19th.


No. 801109

File: 1556524908898.png (979.08 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-04-29-00-57-30…)

No. 801111

File: 1556524958683.png (650.78 KB, 799x418, jaq.png)


In her 4/19 vlog she posted a shot of her distended abdomen (which she insisted was "not constipation") but it seems likely that the constant opioids she took left her continually constipated or slowed her bowels significantly which isn't without long-term consequences. She was even on a pain pump during this hospital stay.

No. 801112

File: 1556524997090.png (750.07 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-04-29-00-57-44…)

No. 801113

This last hospital stay was precipitated by menstruating for the first time in about three years. She attributed her mast cell flare and anaphylaxis to getting her period.

No. 801114

boy she really rode the mcas train hard and it was all for nothing. it turns out her chronic constipation that she was too special to deal with was the actual culprit.

she was warned to get rid of the feeding tube. a weakened bowel along with the constipating effects of her opioid addiction was what did her in.

judd seemed like a decent but slow guy, the only reason i feel bad for the him is because they just closed on that house and now he has a funeral and figuring out what to do with all of her stuff on his plate.

No. 801115

File: 1556526697182.png (249.06 KB, 800x954, Screenshot_2019-04-29-01-18-11…)


>she was warned to get rid of the feeding tube.

Here's an observant post from KF about that, referring to her video from March 17th in which she runs a feed after having relied solely on oral nutrition for months after embracing MMJ.


No. 801116

File: 1556526782805.jpg (180.98 KB, 1125x2436, 498cnpyb3mu21.jpg)

Here's a post from 2 days before she died, sitting on the hospital floor with a MRSA infection on her leg.

No. 801117

File: 1556526788956.jpg (71.14 KB, 750x574, coz6r64kw5v21.jpg)

Her mom has posted about her death.

No. 801118


Their house was newly built and customized to accommodate her disabilities including a "hospital room". Talk about living with a ghost.

No. 801125

At the beginning of March of last year her surgeon removed her G tube after it had migrated out of her stomach. She describes what happened at 7:00.

No. 801126

Towards the end of April her J tube stoma became infected, necessitating IV antibiotics. She was unable to run feeds without it leaking.

No. 801132

We all knew it was coming, but holy shit. She really munchied her way into the grave.

No. 801141

Imagine if she didn't have a rich parent helping bankroll this.

No. 801142

In this GI update video from September she rationalized keeping her J tube primarily for medications because taking them orally didn't work. Her abdomen continued to be painfully distended which she attributed to MCAS.

Also worth noting, she was on IV and oral antibiotics and corticosteroids every other month during the last year, maybe more. She was tested for SIBO as a result. Around the time of her disimpaction procedure >>801079 she had visible side effects from corticosteroids.

No. 801150


Can he bankroll a malpractice suit or suits?

The general consensus on IF is hope that Judd and her parents do not question whether her treatments were unnecessary to spare their feelings.

I hope that they do question everything and thusly unravel the lies of her physical illnesses, the truths of her mental illnesses and drug addiction, and how they led to her death.

While Jaquie had agency, her decisions were driven by her mental illnesses and addiction. The physicians who provided her unnecessary treatments and drugs absolutely enabled and exploited her (and her father's wallet).


Also worth noting, she requested, and received with no push back, general anaesthesia for some dozen procedures during the last 18 months, the majority of which are ordinarily outpatient. Not only did this take an immeasurable toll on her health, it was an egregious transgression of standard of care.

No. 801157

She absolutely did it to herself, but it’s still tragic. I wonder (like I wonder with all munchies who kick the bucket) if she’s happy and if this is what she wanted. Nothing brings in that sweet attention like dying young and tragically - too bad it was by something that 100% could have been prevented and not MUH SUPER RARE ILLNESS.

No. 801158

>The general consensus on IF is hope that Judd and her parents do not question whether her treatments were unnecessary to spare their feelings.

r/illnessfakers is filled with a bunch of fucking hypocrites. they had no issue even just days before shitting all over her and undoubtedly justifying their own ott behaviors but now that she is dead they all want to pretend that she was really super duper sweet and not a conniving manipulator, she was so beautiful and they had always loved her from the start. 100s of posts about being in tears, like did you honestly expect her to live much longer? she was going to basically have her own built in drug den in the new house. an od was next on the docket

No. 801160


This is also the video in which she talks about running down the hall to the nurse while unable to breathe and being told to return to her room and administer her own Epipen. She doesn't question why the nurse did not assist her with her life threatening emergency.

She emphasizes her need for an unnamed liquid narcotic pain med at home because MMJ does nothing for her pain. But she cannot give up MMJ in exchange for pain meds because it enables her to eat and be off tube feeds. She has a new pain management doctor who will allow her to have both. Her anxiety over the situation speaks to her addiction.

Her baseline is using 4 to 5 doses of said narcotic a week.

No. 801167

The only good munchie is a dead munchie.

No. 801193

>It comes with significant risk to her life.

Two feeding tubes, ports, this abomination… What would have been next, trepanation to cure her alleged narcolepsy? We'll never know. This was as much as her body could take. And holy shit, it was a whole lot of cutting up and drugs it withstood.


No. 801195

That dumb cnut pushed it to the limit, just to look for some asspats.
And nothing of value was lost.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801206

I know, you wonder if this is “winning” in their eyes? I’ve been in here long enough to now see two munchies die (well, Kaydee was something different at the end but still) and it’s always a weird feeling because it’s all very avoidable and they all definitely do this to themselves. the new house and everything too jeez.

No. 801210

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, beeyotch.

No. 801217


she couldn't get rid of the feeding tube even though she'd stopped using it - the Roux en Y procedure completely replumbed her intestines, it was irreversible. Yet she insisted on getting it and surgeon-shopped until she found one dumb enough to give it to her.

No. 801222


I'm guessing she cried wolf about "life threatening anaphylaxis" a lot.

No. 801235

a quick google search indicates that RYGB can safely be reversed. jaquie was a control freak and feeding tubes were a cornerstone of her chronic illness image. she didnt want to let it go.

No. 801242

She was probably so high on pain meds that she couldn’t feel the signals from her body. Really sad.

No. 801248


Yep, pain is there for a reason most of the time, it lets you know something's wrong. Numbing yourself from noticing any pain is going to cause problems.

No. 801275

Wow. I wonder if any one like DR. Phillip will one day do a documentary. This idiot, while an idiot, managed to fool HOW MANY specialists??? I hate to say it, but someone should have investigated her behavior and cut her off from the surgery and meds she didn't need. While it is partially her own fault, everyone arou d her just gave her what she wanted so they could make a profit.

No. 801282

She doctor shopped until she got what she wanted.
To obtain that cursed tube that killed her, she went to three gastro specialists who refused her before finally the fourth agreed to do the job.
Same with pain specialists, she cycles through them. She dumped the last one because the doc refused to give Jaq opiates and weed at the same time.
She changed GP's multiple times too, even having to drive inconveniently far from her place for what should be routine appointments because she couldn't find anyone nowhere near her who would indulge her dangerous requests.

She went to serious lengths to find those corrupt money grabbing doctors that did her bidding. So no, not everyone gave her what she wanted for profit.

No. 801289

Can her family still sue, or can they use her doctor-shopping as proof that it was self-inflicted? Seems shitty that they could profit from this.

No. 801305

Jaq pushed and shopped for what she wanted, she ran this sideshow. No-one's likely to be held accountable because this was Jaq's doing - and her dad's too for footing the bill.

No. 801307


I hope there's an inquest and I hope the coroner's report includes how she did this to herself in part. Also how her anatomy is normal (except for her resected intestines).

No. 801312

We didn't refer to her concierge physician as Dr Quackmoneybags for nothing. I'll dig up my posts about him and repost them here later tonight.

Also see my reply >>801150

No. 801314

while i understand people want justice and sue all of the doctors she had ever seen, dr qmb is the one who deserves to be straight fucking pillaged. multiple reports of just shoving unnecessary shit at people and dropping them if the patient didnt want it.

it sucks a rando er doc had the misfortune to deal with her but in the end, qmb facilitated her actions to be top munchie qween.

No. 801317

File: 1556598333247.png (21.49 KB, 870x174, redditretards.PNG)

The illnessfakers subreddit is absolutely retarded. In one post everyone's going "she's trying to kill herself", "she's gonna die soon", then literally in the next post she's dead and everyone's so shocked and remorseful for rightfully calling her out. Now they're trying to backpedal as if she hadn't dug her own grave. Just because she died young doesn't mean she wasn't an OTT, drug seeking doctor shopper that inspired and helped other unscrewed attention seekers to do the same. They're trying to say they're better than LC and KF even though they all originated from here kek.

No. 801319

half of the comments are thanking her for letting them join in on her adventure! and the other is moaning about being in tears for hours.

these two faced bitches just saw themselves in a mirror and they want to scrub all posts about her because of feelings. they probably dont want to be associated with shittalking a dead girl.

No. 801321


While it's not unexpected to feel real emotion at the passing of someone you've followed closely even in a critical way, especially because Jaq's death is still tragically early and was easily preventable, the display on IF is pretty hypocritical in my opinion. Death doesn't change much, only makes it a fact that she munched herself into an early grave.

No. 801322

Holy fucking irony Batman

No. 801363

Hold on just a minute. If it was essentially the chronic constipation that provoked all this, doesn’t that mean she died because she was full of shit?

No. 801364

Yay! So finally Jaqui managed to doctor herself to death? Now, that's good to hear.
She asked for it sooo many times, withh all that useless surgeries and doohickeys.

No. 801365

File: 1556629137121.png (122.55 KB, 746x625, nbvb.png)

lel. it definitely could have been a contributing factor. her intestine were weakened from being fucking butchered repeatedly and probably being stuffed full of waste because despite her so serious gastroparesis, she still ate massive amounts of junk.

big image warning but this is really the best guestimate of what went down

No. 801370

She died doing what she loved the most - Being in a hospital bed with a bunch of tubes sticking in her, and all that on Instagram.

No. 801375

So even her intestines were all like "fuck that shit".

No. 801381

File: 1556637953753.gif (1.65 MB, 200x150, giphy.gif)

←—- MFW I heard about it.

No. 801388


Thanks for sharing that, the extra info about the tethered small intestine hadn't occurred to me. I figured her pain pump addiction along with the probable pain from constipation would have masked the issue.

No. 801389

R.I.P. you stoopid phuck.

Reminds me of those guys who pimp their cars to the extreme, raise the turbo pressure and bhp until the engine dies in a blaze of glory on the dyno.

No. 801391

File: 1556641851550.png (20.87 KB, 800x88, Screenshot_2019-04-30-09-11-08…)

Well this didn't age well.

r/illnessfakers and r/malingering are now competing for virtue signaling points. Which sub will erect a memorial in her honor first?


And for years she has been taking multiple meds that reduce motility.

No. 801392

"Don't Break What You Can't Fix"

No. 801393

Let's all hope they protect the groundwater wherever they intend to bury her chemo corpse.

No. 801394

its been said before, but her drug addiction was a contributing factor as well. she was hooked up to the pump so the initial pain that could have signified something really wrong was diminished. any kind of abnormal blood pressure or pulse could have resulted from the shock could be attributed to her pots diagnosis. the steroids she was on could have reduced fever, any nausea could have been chalked up to her gp diagnosis.

all of that is speculation but jaquie was never okay with a simple "muggle" answer to common issues
thats a top shelf kek

No. 801395

Ladiez and gents,
/r/illnessfakers has got a new martyr.

No. 801397

despite ridiculing her for the last year, theyre about two steps away from canonizing her

No. 801400


Right at the moment you'll be instabanned there even if you farted in her general direction.

No. 801401

It wasn't a punishment.
It was justice.

No. 801402

It is very shocking and sad she died. She was legitimately extremely sick…but not sick with the stuff she claimed. She was horribly sick with mental illness and it's crazy that she was able to do all this stuff to herself. Jaquie was annoying as fuck yeah, totally. But damn, I can't help but feel bad. How are we supposed to stop people like her? Factitious disorder is a hell of a drug, especially when combined with other drugs sadkek

I always had this theory she was trying to get her intestines to stop working. Not her small intestine but her large intestine. Because there's a "use it or lose it" thing that goes with using a feeding tube. I feel like her goal would be to get an ostomy bag because that's super serious and sickly.

No. 801403

Aaah, enter the colostomy bag - The Purple Heart medal for distinguished munching.

Much more impressive (because permanent) than just your ordinary IV drip rack on sqeaky wheels.

Just remember to raise your shirt often enough so everybody sees it on Insta.

No. 801404

well…she did end up losing intestine, just the kind that really difficult to live without. instead fitveganginger got it.

honestly i dont feel bad at all for her passing. illnessfakers may have flipped and started praising her for sharing her adventures but she only ever did more harm than good.

she encouraged people to be more ott. she set other girls up with her medical concierge. look at janice, the only thing she was ever able to get diagnosed for herself was that skin condition. she was a constant inspiration for skinwalkers and cultivated the idea that you should always question your doctor if they refuse to give you want you want instead of entertaining the idea that the least invasive treatments are for the better (look who is now dead because of that attitude)

and for as much education people claim she has done, she straight refused to accept facts that she didnt like. most recently, her constant bloating was not because of mcas but because she was literally full of shit. her information and education was always to her munchie benefit to make her look the sickest but omg how strong she is pushing through.

No. 801405

File: 1556645138178.jpg (619.49 KB, 1068x1351, Screenshot_20190430-075757_Chr…)

Our widdle gurwl. Holy Jesus saved her! Just take a look at Anna-chan, she's so very proud about it! And she'll be having a special diet from now on.

No. 801407

now she can have a better excuse to live off baby foods and grape juice. im sure it must be a relief to finally not have to run to the bathroom 24/7 because of the laxatives. my money is on her next.

No. 801410


It'll be a real field day for her to smooth her achy bowels with some pseudo-nutritious vegan dogshit that she calls "food".
So all those years of laxative abuse were not in vain, hooray.

No. 801420

Let's just see who's asspatting you now, Jaqui?

No. 801498

I feel bad for Harlow. Well now Judd can live a normal life.

No. 801508

The dramatic people with HEDS on social media are now saying its a potentially fatal illness.

No. 801510

File: 1556681603015.jpeg (483.06 KB, 750x1062, image1.jpeg)


Not a memorial, but Wacky Jaquie Day will do!

No. 801511

of course. no one wants to say in those circles that a herniated intestine had everything to do with her tube and how unnecessary it was.

No. 801561

That gorl will be forgotten within the next two weeks. Maybe another munchie bride will take her place soon.
Circle of Life.

No. 801569

Yeah, I feel bad for Harlow more than anyone. A bit of blogposting, but as a Golden Retriever enthusiast I can tell you that they can bond extremely closely with their owners. Poor Harlow is going to be so lost and confused. Since it wasn't uncommon for her to be separated from Jacquie when she was in the hospital, I imagine she'll spend the rest of her days thinking that Jacquie is in the hospital and will come back someday… Argh, made myself sad just writing that…

No. 801572

thats a little ridiculous. plenty of animals regardless of breed can go through periods of mourning. judd has taken care of harlow well and treated the dog more like a dog and not a cutesy show horse. no need to practice holding a wallet and have a grown woman use her has a crutch. surely her janky hips are welcoming the change.

i like to imagine there will be more playing in the yard and running around without having to stand sentinel to jaquies whims. the dog finally gets to be a dog.

No. 801581

Well she’s not going to spend the rest of her life being sad all the time. But it’s sad to think she’ll never understand what happened.

No. 801582

applying that much human thinking onto an animal is dumb. why would a dog care that her owner was responsible for killing herself? being sad about the missing companionship sure, but wtf would it matter that a dog will never have a human understanding of death?

No. 801585

Uhhh, think that's what anon meant, that dogs dont understand that their owners die suddenly in general, not that the dog didjt understand fucking munchausens lmaoooo

No. 801586

Yes, that is what I meant by “She’ll never understand what happened.” The fact that her owner is dead, not that her owner died from being too munchie.

No. 801587

That's a grisly way to go. I hope she was in too much shock and/or too high to feel that.

Assuming it's true, of course. Jaq is wild enough that the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about her faking her death to escape her online persona don't sound too unbelievable.

No. 801591

Illnessfakers is a munchie blogposting goldmine, so is r/truechronicillness

Truechronicillness is munchies asking advice on how to munchie better

Illness fakers is munchies calling out munchies, while trying to take the moral high ground.

While it’s sad that jaquie is dead, it’s her ow fault, she messed with things that shouldn’t have been messed with, and as a result, she’s ended up dead.

No. 801593

IF is filled with virtue signaling munchies in denial who drone on about "so and so person isn't sick because I actually have this disease and I'M actually the sickest one." They're backpedaling because naively they never expected Junquie to actually die from her egregious and unnecessary medical procedures. They thought by token of her being an "illness faker" it meant no harm could come to her, and I think in a way this is holding up a mirror to them to the fact that the procedures that they "totally, actually NEED" (like feeding tubes, for one, the trendiest of all munchie accessories) could land them in an early grave as well.

But no, IF, you totally NEED it, right? Just remember how much Jac needed it too!

No. 801594

Good for her hubby.
Good for her dog.

Now burn her toxic corpse.(constant autism)

No. 801595


I will never understand why doctors in North America seem to hand out ports and tubes at the earliest sign of POTS or digestive issues. I'm surprised more people aren't dying of sepsis.

No. 801596


You’ve hit the nail on the fucking head.

If you think IF is bad, go to /r/TrueChronicIllness

It’s a fucking gold mine!!!

No. 801619

And now there's the post-schism splinter sub r/malingering. But reddit being reddit, how long until it devolves into what it sought to escape?

No. 801620

a doctor worth their license wont, but when you combine someone who will doctor shop until they get a yes bolstered with their crowdsourced spoonie knowledge and dr google, they will find someone to give the go ahead.

you can see on their facebook groups and instagram people whining about literally dying going without a port for years. literally dying because they havent eaten food in weeks and passing out 4 times a day but no on call iv saline.

a decent doctor will try the least invasive, least risky treatments first. but when you have an invisible illness, no one can appreciate it if isnt visible. how else could you become popular on social media and have your gofundme blow up or have articles written about you?

No. 801621


Damn right. With that amount of drugs and medications inside her body she'll fuck up the whole cemetary for years to come.

No. 801626

Ultimately, that's the only real cure for insanity.

No. 801638


Not to whiteknight IF posters, but people have in the past expressed lots of concern on there for Jaquie and another person in particular causing themselves irreparable damage or inadvertently killing themselves in the quest to be The Most Sick.

The turnaround from scorn to canonising her is pretty nauseating though.

No. 801646

a bunch of people have the idea that the sub is there to help the people they posted about. similar to hi cow and insert i have x and this is what its really like. hence why they have/had so many posts complaining about the need to stop talking about someone because their mental health and how the sub will be blamed if they an hero or bs misgendering.

jaquies obit was found on this site btw


No. 801648


All the condolences there are moderated, so don't get ideas.

No. 801650

One nutjob down, lots more ahead.

No. 801663

The first condolence on her obit is from Kate Farms.

You couldn't make this shit up.

No. 801664

File: 1556747148486.jpeg (149.09 KB, 1316x1019, 533229BC-90AC-41B2-B298-2EB576…)

Kate Farms… fuckssakes. Vultures.

No. 801694


Ah yes the Kate Farms whose drink she got sent pallets of for free for being an "illness influencer" (such a thing should never exist smh) but never drank because she didn't need them.

I half expect this to be a sarcastic farmer tbh.

No. 801697

Tins Dao / ”Anelise”
One of my fave “new” munchies, after Kadee died, Jacquie died, the rest closed their accounts (bring back Jonzieeeee).

I migrated from here to the illness fakers sub but fuck it sucks. “Approved topics only” too much blogging, too much “well actually that’s not true not all cluster B people….”

No. 801704

File: 1556759941863.gif (4.88 MB, 395x281, 06271CAF-18F2-465A-9DB6-A1C94E…)

No. 801705

I'm new to munchies, does OTT mean 'over the top' in terms of the ridiculous, acting out type behavior in munchies/malingerers? Like showing off your ports or smiling like a maniac in hospital beds? Thanks in advance.

I can't believe this chick killed herself chasing asspats.

No. 801712

Yes, a mixture of that, and also referring to how they make everything a big deal, they’re over the top about everything. Like “Guys I sneezed earlier today, I think I’m having a mast cell reaction!” Or “I nearly passed out, I must be suffering from POTS!” (When in reality they were slightly dizzy from standing too quickly.”

No. 801728

OTT means people who do have some illness, but who are over the top in constantly dramatizing and exaggerating their experiences

No. 801749

I just wanna say I told em all to go to reddit from here and I'm proud of my handiwork. I feel like it was the right place for them.

No. 801814

are we allowed to show/name a particular reddit user who's ott?

No. 801815

File: 1556816411360.jpg (975.8 KB, 805x3894, Screenshot_20190502-115929_Chr…)

No. 801832

Do you think they intentionally left out the date of the service?

No. 801835

i would think so. it would be pretty weird to have randos showing up.

No. 801844

So happy we have munchie threads back, I missed you old friend.

I imagine jaquie freaked out after learning she was going to die. Her malingering was all for attention, can’t benefit off attention and internet points when you’re dead. Munchies want to be really sick, but not fatality/insanely painful and long lasting procedures. They want to be well enough to blog on social media, but appear sick enough to get a feeding tube. It must’ve been the ultimate smack in the face when jaquie learned that her insistence for an unnecessary feeding tube was going to kill her within a few days. She wouldn’t be able to have a year or even a few months to milk it on insta, no “brave” “I’m dying” posts, no asspat comments. She didn’t get to reep any of the attention from dying. Ironic, the one thing that did her In was the one medical problem she ignored and was the one illness she didn’t have time to get attention off of.

Why did the hospital let her keep her feeding tube in? If she had said no, did they just let her keep it to spare her fee fees?

She probably was feeding her doctors a ton of misinformation and insisting certain symptoms were from her ~chronic illness~ which distracted them from noticing the real issue on time.

No. 801872

From what I have read about how that type of complication usually plays out, I doubt she knew was toast before she lost consciousness/went into shock.

No. 801873

I wonder who wrote the obit? She never spelled Jaquie with a "c".. obvs she didn't write it herself but it would seem like something a close family member/friend would have gotten right.

No. 801877


I don't see why not

No. 801999

From what it sounds like it was an emergent situation, she probably wouldn’t have known she was gonna die.

I feel sorry for Jaq’s family but it’s classic “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” tbh it was gonna happen to one of these munchies sooner or later. My money had been on Aubs before she sorted her shit out.

No. 802013

It's not the fall that kills you.

It's always the impact.

No. 802034

Her service is on the 4th(emoji)

No. 802035

At 11am

No. 802038


May the Fourth?

As in Star Wars Day? I hope Judd had a hand in that, one last dig.

No. 802039


Has she sorted her shit out or has she gone underground? I heard it was due to worry that insurance would check her social media.

No. 802042


Last I recall she went under for something with insurance, but while she was on hiatus seemed to turn things around some.

No. 802043

Gods, that valid grief sub is laughable. People backtracking saying they didn't think she was faking, saying that her autism was why she seemed like she was reading a script, blah blah blah.

It's up to 960 fucking people!

No. 802059


Which sub?

No. 802063

File: 1556925701651.png (11.46 KB, 812x237, cataplexy.PNG)

Which one of you mothers did that. Just show some decency for chrissakes.

No. 802068

shes posted about not just on lolcow but reddit kiwifarms, guru gossip, facebook groups. shes gained a lot of doubters over the years. chill out

No. 802113

'Cataplexy'? Now that's kinda cruel :-D

No. 802190

File: 1556988644210.jpg (485.12 KB, 808x1746, Screenshot_20190504-110424_Chr…)

No. 802192

File: 1556988708137.jpg (391.21 KB, 810x1587, Screenshot_20190504-110348_Chr…)

So Jan made a "condolence wishlist" that's just giftcards.

No. 802206

lmao shes honoring jaquie by continuing her munching in her name.

>we would rather money go to charity

then stop profiting of your bffs death and just have a link up for said charities instead of 200$ lowes gift cards. thats by far more insulting than the mitochondria and cataplexy condolences. what a full on swine.

No. 802208

if shed "rather them go to these first" then wouldnt she have PUT those things FIRST? does she really think people are this stupid?

No. 802257

I can’t believe that people actually purchased some of the $100+ gift cards on the list!

No. 802279

Janjan is looking like she might be next at this rate.

No. 802280

why do i feel like that money doesn't actually go towards any cause, but is used for personal gain

No. 802302

A fairly new friend of Jaquie's posted a video about her. Apparently they moved her to a different hospital once organ failure started.

No. 802316

>[talking about renal/liver failure] he said she went through something similar in highschool

Oh,ffs. This sentence alone ruins any iota of credibility I had towards information her family has put out concerning her death.

And the friend is right, the entire story is so confusing. Suspiciously so. Like some good Christians had a hard time thinking of a way to publicize the emergency and subsequent death of their loved one that hides to what extent it was drug-induced.

No. 802325


Such a close friend she incorrectly named the day of Jaq's death.

No. 802335

File: 1557033951909.png (57.19 KB, 800x331, Screenshot_2019-05-04-21-57-05…)


The Condolences Wish List is in Jaquie and Judd's account. Note the Housewarming Wish List that Jaquie had been flogging last month.


Don't turn this thread into r/IF.

No. 802342

And? Jan still made it and posted it.

What do you mean don't turn it into IF?

No. 802349

File: 1557041562581.png (44.67 KB, 571x283, 1557032777265.png)


He would have had to have given Janiece the log in to the account to create the list.

In a previous post on Patreon she mentioned making a wish list for Judd.

And learn to sage, newfag.

No. 802398


According to that vid, our Chronical Jaquie realized that things were going southwards pretty quick.
Good. So she knew she fucked up this (last) time.

No. 802427

Doesn’t matter who made it, it’s fucking gross

No. 802443


If Jaq had been using heavy duty narcotics 4-5 times a week for a long time, maybe even years, it doesn’t make sense that she hadn’t developed tolerance or experienced withdrawals.

Interesting that she didn’t mention the name of her narcotics, especially since she didn’t mind naming a scrub-tier like Tramadol.

I guess she was getting the really good stuff. Oxycodone? Probably Dilaudid.

Btw: Wouldn’t be surprised if Jaq had been sneaky about taking her dilaudid if that is the one.

The doctor would typically write the prescription as to be given orally (drops through the tube.)

Orally Dilaudid has a poor bioavailability, but if Jaq had put those drops in her port instead, it would have been 3-5 times as strong.
(2mg =10mg… Jaq would have figured this out through Dr Google.)

That would have meant that she could have taken it much more often or in much higher dosages. Which is one way of being high every day, despite your doc only giving you a script for 4-5 times a week.

No. 802452


That’s not what Jaq had though. She had another Roux Y operation, not the gastric bypass.

No. 802458

Yes, we know she was hooked on dilaudid, check the old threads.

She acted like a typical junkie when it came to dilaudid and benadryl, so yeah, she lied about her (ab)use of them.

It is the combo of unnecessary surgery and drug abuse that killed her.

Up nitil her organs started failing, she insisted her distended stomach was because of her autoimmune condition. In reality, she knew that drugs cause her to distend, and she was afraid they'd put her off them, so she lied about it to everyone including doctors. Had she not lied, she might have still been alive.

No. 802459

That'd lead to the horrible constipation too

No. 802522

Does this mean the munchie threads are back? Or is this special because of Jaq's death?

No. 802537

They're back. See >>799462.

No. 802665

I doubt it was Dilaudid. She probably had oxycodone because it's the most commonly prescribed in pain clinics and outpatient. She only got Dilaudid because she was in the hospital and contrary to popular belief it's one of the most used opioids in emergency medicine and hospitals. They will give even opioid naive people 4mg IV in the ER for a bad infection like when I had cellulitis in my face

She also didn't put it into her port. She got liquid opioids to put into her tube, which she showed a few times on camera. And didn't hide it.

>roux-en-y makes her intestines weak

>not taking this surgery serious because she never thinks she will die
>using oxycodone
>starts medical marijuana
>starts eating more
>can't shit because oxy
>giant poops stuck in her system
>weakens her weak intestine even more
>doesn't realize something is wrong because deluded self

No. 802682

Like I said, no need to speculate, we know she was addicted to dilaudid, it is all documented in previous threads. She claimed nothing else worked for her.

From the first thread (thread #4), where she mentions it.

From thread #5. I will not link other posts because Ctrl+F "dilaudid" gives 45 results.
Thread #6 has 22 mentions of it, and so on. Just search through the Jaquie threads with that keyword, it is informative, I promise.

No. 802809


>can't shit because oxy

And Zofran. And corticosteroids. And probably most of all, Benadryl. Video related nicked from the KF thread.

Also being sedentary. She couldn't endure the struggle of walking the hospital hallway to move her bowels ~ cuz muh POTS ~ but she could leap across her living room to watch the dolphins in her backyard.

No. 802813

File: 1557210142761.jpg (2.86 MB, 540x14251, Screenshot_20190506-201750_Red…)

Welcome back to the farm!


Yes, it's true, MBIresearch. We no longer have to tolerate your draconian rule.

No. 802875

I know it’s not completely related, but there are also people who exaggerated medical conditions of a pet and seek out donations. I’ve seen a few get outed as a scam.

No. 802900


That doesn't show how they went off on a poster who said sorry. It's deleted now but the really crazy comment where they are paranoid and accuse the poster of spending months working against them is here https://snew.notabug.io/r/illnessfakers/comments/bljbd6/so_i_hear_were_calling_mods_out_now/emowu3c/

Usually it's the other mod acting crazy but wow this was a perfectly paranoid rant to make MBI look insane.

No. 802914

File: 1557249898697.jpeg (362.57 KB, 1415x1242, 86429067-4F58-4951-B49F-635E3A…)

Meanwhile, Tina got sepsis from her PICC line and said she couldn’t handle the ~cyberbullying~ and wouldn’t post for a bit, then posts posed pic right after begging for likes….while having sepsis….

welcome…to the twilight zone

No. 802916

tbh I’m wondering how long before IF completely implodes…the place is a trash fire and my popcorn is ready

No. 802917

That was over a week ago, any fresh milk?

No. 803007

Well that was sudden, but not exactly unexpected.
Wonder what will happen to that dog?

No. 803050

so now the munchie thread is open for business, who else is there to discuss at the moment and who would you like an update on?

No. 803074

File: 1557286626669.jpeg (132.75 KB, 640x640, 9F58A0BA-49B5-482C-A5F8-374108…)

Anelise has a triple lumen now despite having sepsis last week.

No. 803076

barricade the doors, they're not coming back here!

No. 803077



No. 803115

File: 1557306714325.png (1.14 MB, 1092x781, GG.PNG)

An update on the Gains Goblin:
Last time we left her, she was shitting orange mucus as a consequence of her purely juice diet >>482080.

One year later, her colon finally gave up after years of laxative abuse and insane restrictive diet. She had to get an ostomy two weeks ago, where they removed the lower half of her digestive system, and now she shits in a bag.

This comes as a blessing to her though, as she can finally have a life outside of the toilet again!

No. 803116

File: 1557306741587.png (1.15 MB, 1172x750, gg2.PNG)

So we are again after Jaquie reminded of what the end-game of munching is.

But was losing her colon a wake-up call to Anna, you ask? Of course not! She has the double power of denial coming from both her eating disorder and her factitious illness disorder.

She is continuing to restrict, now eating baby food and (falsely) claiming she has to because of her ostomy. Ostomates do have to avoid fiber, but they don't have to settle eating baby food.

She is still claiming to have that super rare CF mutation that does not affect the lungs, but presents itself with symptoms that conveniently explain away things that are linked to her eating disorder.

No. 803125

So she finally made herself both "Dada God's eternally sickly widdle precocious girlchild" and found a way to stay skelly without any intervention. No wonder she sounds genuinely happy, her captions generally have a bitterness a d superiority as if she's not a shallow and materialistic cunt who's making herself deliberately miserable.

Could also be lying because who knows with attention whores on the internet.

No. 803126


and she's still claiming cystic fibrosis!

despite the fact that people with CF usually have to eat way more in order to maintain weight. good job there, anna-chan.

No. 803127


sorry for samefag but "pills could pass through whole"

gurl what do you think your stomach does?

No. 803128

>she sounds genuinely happy, her captions generally have a bitterness
I noticed this too. I chalked it up to her brain getting proper nutrition for the first time in years - she must have had infusions during her hospital stay, it energized her and enabled her body to produce normal feel-good hormones. Give her a few weeks of eating just baby food and she'll be back to her cranky old self.

No. 803130


ren or whatever they go by now. i think theyre a banned subject on IF but it's a wild ride that i want to keep up on. kek.

No. 803140


were they known by anything else? the name doesn't seem familiar to me

personally i want a catchup on that UK munchie (trans) guy who was self-infantalising to the point of carrying a fuckin teddy bear around with him.

No. 803172

Is Robyn still MIA? She was too good to be true

No. 803186

re Jaquie: I keep seeing posts in various places that her docs advised her to remove the tube, and she declined. Does anyone know where/in which video this was brought up? I've been looking for it for DAYS, but can't seem to find it.

No. 803193


iirc they also went by amanda. they were banned on IF because people thought she was having a legitimate mental break and they got scared.

No. 803196


Robyn seems to have genuinely left the internet and stopped munching. She posted in one of the old munchie threads that she had evaluated her behavior and gotten professional help, and she hasn't reappeared since.

That or she accidentally Jaquied herself.

No. 803214


oh shit is that the borderline-actually-retarded girl who had approximately zero actual medical problems? iirc she wanted to be a surgeon too since all the munchies want to work in their mothership, the hospital.

No. 803215


Have you tried IF? There should be good Jaq video records there.

No. 803290

I have. That's where I read it first. Lots of people talked about it and how that could've prevented it. But I haven't been able to find an actual reference. The vlog titles aren't much to go on, but I've even watched a good chunk of them om 2x speed. So far zilch.

I like that I can ask here and remain anon though; not sure if I want to ask it there. So if anyone here knows, that'd be great. I NEED to see that vlog, kek.

No. 803298

File: 1557353771872.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, 6474726C-2476-4ED7-AC11-093405…)

No. 803299

File: 1557353793919.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, CC75C0FA-FBA6-4E3F-B6C8-8C9048…)

No. 803300

File: 1557353932121.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, F16E8D44-C113-47B8-BA14-65DDE4…)

Why the hell do people post things like this? I immediately think “attention seeking tard”, but we already know Anelise is.

No. 803308


Is Anelise the same who used to be Ts.fight or something like that? Because some low-level munchie was complaining about being bullied by her a few weeks ago.

No. 803314


Yeah. She said she changed her name for “PTSD reasons”, or just for a fresh start. Or maybe for some other reason. I can’t keep track of her stories, but she can’t really do so either.

No. 803317

Jesus fucking Christ I fuckin hate when tumblrina munchies pretend to earthquake type lhgike thyisc. Then they’ll be like “oh sorry guize I was having an ~episode~/~seizure~/~heart attack~/~panic attack~ while I was posting on my social media! I totally didn’t mean to post that I just couldn’t control my withering body!”

You unlocked your phone, opened up your app, click to add a story, chose a unique background out of many options, opened a text box up and changed the font color from default black to white, then suddenly had a ~medical emergency~ and typed out some words with random letters thrown in (just enough to understand that SHES GOING TO THE HOSPITAL EVERYONE!!!!1) somehow touching a majority of correct keys on a touch screen, then clicked to post it and confirmed it before publishing.

Because that definately makes sense and totes works like that. Every time she gets upset or slightest bit stressed, she runs to the ER like she expects them to do something? I remember one time a long time ago she said she goes to the hospital to “get away and take a break” and that she “needed” to go to the hospital bc she needed some “time off” to “relax”.

>thaitss ntogt wohati tthye ER ias foorx

No. 803324

tina is just pissed that people arent buying her sad spoonie story. she has talked shit about tons of other fakers but turns into a babby when the same scrutiny is placed on her. shes a fucking crybaby.

No. 803366

Dani (@chronically.dani & @life.of_dani)

No. 803429

does anyone know what fucking Anelise means by EPS reaction? What the hell is this bitch always talking about?

Is she really talking about extrapyramidal symptoms like from anti psychotics?

She said she got that triple port for that shit. She's been going for weeks about it.

No. 803433


It's been mentioned on KF too >>801115, but I haven't seen any receipts.

In this video, at 3:00 she talks about administering her new meds through her tube and says that her geneticist recommends keeping her tube for meds.

No. 803442


Amanda constantly changed her account names and has had multiple accounts. Check her flair on IF.


Dani got her tube.

Kate Farms Shill has made several detailed posts about Dani starting with https://kiwifarms.net/threads/munchausens-by-internet-malingerers-munchies-spoonies-etc.29936/post-4661340

No. 803447

File: 1557380525557.png (642.41 KB, 680x1175, Screenshot_2019-05-08-04-14-11…)

Also joining the tube parade in recent months is Julian.

No. 803545


How do fat people manage to get feeding tubes???

No. 803702

I thought it was fans/commenters who warned her to get rid of the tube?

No. 803725

O shit, she's repetitive!

This is one of the many vids though in which she gives allll of her reasons for keeping the tube, not commenting on how she was advised to get rid of it and keeps it regardless.

O right. Maybe that's it? Jaq was spitting out a lot of misinformation, but the commenters on IF/KF etc. don't always check their sources either. Sometimes it's basically people repeating each other just like Jaqs fans did. I've seen a lot of people say it was a doctor who told her to remove it, but not one source. So commenters telling her makes more sense I guess.

No. 803753

I think Tina Dao / “Anelise” might be genuinely retarded. Her entire Facebook is public and she posts what hospital & room she’s in etc (really begging for a tard from reddit r/illnessfakers to call up and interfere with the milk…), she edits/photoshops/filters her photos to the point where she looks like an actual downy or someone with foetal alcohol syndrome, she claims all this effects her mental health but doesn’t do the one thing to help herself: stop posting.

Conclusion: Tina is genuinely a dumb cunt. I can’t wait for her next infection!

No. 803754

yes I feel like I read that first and that she made the video with the expired food to prove to commenters that she still used it. then it got spun into being medical advice to remove it.

No. 804387

Didn’t she make a whole video about how her doctor told her to remove the tube and he took it out (I think she used the word yank or pulled) and she then “fired” him? I think it’s the video that has the thumbnail with “g tube is gone!” Pointing at her stomach.

No. 804434

File: 1557468925366.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 605.73 KB, 816x1197, 97968E3A-7A98-4DB3-8A4B-8CD32C…)

“I cAN’t WeaR mAKEuP”

No. 804436

File: 1557468982892.jpeg (116.86 KB, 960x540, D629849B-DC27-4403-A0DF-DF63C6…)

Jaq at a good weight (unflattering angle tho)

No. 804442

No. 804481


kek i noticed Julian got his right in time for feeding tube awareness week or month or whatever it was. I als note he hasn't lost a significant amount of weight leading up to it. I used to think he was legit but he's just another munchie.

No. 804482

Yeah that was about the G-tube. She lost that one. But on IF/KF there has been a lot of talk right after her death that a doctor had advised her to have the J-tube removed. It's implied this was because she hadn't actually needed it for tube feeds for many months. And apparently she refused.

Going back to her vids, I highly doubt this is true though. Or at least it's not something she shared. In fact, she's going on and on about her her doctors think "it's such a good tool to have" because she still very much needs it for meds, y'all. And if she 'flares', of course.

No. 805217

File: 1557576802675.jpeg (1.56 MB, 4000x4000, 21E30EDF-9FF8-4F02-8269-969C15…)

Why does it seem like there’s always a pattern with munchies starting with EDS and then claiming gastroparesis? I’ve been following this chick for over a year (@pastelspoons/@not.so.vanilla.bean) and as soon as the attention wears off she always seems to come down with some new rare illness or complication that needs to be treated.

No. 805409

she ded


No. 806495

I think she looks so happy there.

No. 806888

apparently Janiece took Harlow and I'm sad because I thought she was gonna be Judd's dog now.

No. 806896

Not surprised tbh Jan is taking everything else including that sweet sweet ad revenue

No. 806917

It was a super confusing post. She goes on to say that Harlow is staying with Judd. Though as much as he is gone, I am not sure what would be better.

No. 807340

She is also going to be doing Skype sessions on Jaq’s patreon?!

No. 807342


she's taking over Jaq's YouTube???

No. 807346


Maybe post the relevant screencaps?

No. 807553

File: 1558013539080.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x2082, 37DD42E1-D544-4D82-B65D-A8D81E…)

Not the OP, but here:

No. 807574

wow, this is so slimy and underhanded. janjan's got some balls.

No. 807579

Can we briefly discuss the Gains Goblin's insistence on using the word "flair" when her supposed CF acts up? Nothing makes me want to throttle her more than seeing that. Fucking Anna, lol. Her whole I am the sickest little angel in daddy God's choir fetish is in full overdrive right now. She's going to be next to follow Jaq because no way she's not going to fuck with the stoma. So far it looks healthy but I expect that to change.

No. 807587


No, I'm talking about anon parroting IF's misapprehension of Jan's comments about Harlow on Orion's Instagram.

No. 807630

My bad…here

No. 807631

File: 1558028725433.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 193.38 KB, 750x1174, 8015280D-2588-45D5-8329-10AF45…)

No. 807838


Now post the comments in which she says Harlow is staying with Judd.

No. 807871

Vlog made by Judd while Jaquie was still alive, but dying. He is showing the new house and moving from the apartment to the house. Edited and uploaded by Janice (not gonna find how she actually spells it because I don't care lol). No mention of the death in the video as everything was shot before she died. Kinda creepy actually.

Do people really think Judd isn't going to keep Harlow? Why wouldn't he? Harlow has always loved him very much obviously because he actually plays with her. It would be cruel to take them away from each other.

No. 807920


IF want to have as many reasons as possible to criticize Janiece so they immediately assumed her picture with Harlow and "Orion"'s comment >>807631 meant that she was stealing Harlow.

No. 807925


Judd's closing comment tho. Yikes.

>So I think it's honestly better that Jaq stayed in the hospital for this because this would be a total nightmare for her…

No. 807941

I know people think Judd is sus, but honestly if you had been through as many 'emergencies' as Jaq had, you're gonna become numb to that shit. Expecting family and friends to cry and tear their hair every time you get admitted for what is usually nothing is ridiculous.

This is like being married to the boy who cried wolf, after a while you're going to see this shit as just another day at the office.

No. 808769

Very true. I just hope that he can move on from her crazy (and her death caused by her mental illness), and not replace her with another spoonie warrior.
Or if he does…he clearly has a “type”

No. 809137

File: 1558296381853.jpg (7.8 MB, 1920x7707, julian1.jpg)

Lets talk more about Julian. When he first popped up in some of AJ's videos, people assumed that Jaq was using him to copy off, mimic symptoms etc (this was soon before she got her "necessary" AFOs for nonexistant foot drop). But as soon as people started suggesting he could be milky himself other posters quickly shot that idea down, and tried to get him to spill on Jaq with no luck. I saved two posts someone linked to though, and they're quite interesting in light of his recent escalation - the feeding tube for "gastroparesis" despite no apparent weight loss.

No. 809138

File: 1558296457096.jpg (6.69 MB, 1920x7294, julian2.jpg)


Julian pt2

No. 809223

File: 1558306058052.png (2.24 MB, 1242x2208, 7697491F-64AE-4253-B939-1D3EA0…)

This is ridiculous, kek

No. 809245

The video after was even more ridiculous

No. 809384

poor spoopy tina. her birthday is coming up, just spent time in icu because she is not at all anorexic but because of awful heart problems then left for filming as an extra, then back in the hospital to be put on tpn and left to be in horrible pain because motrin doesnt work for her and she didnt get any sweet iv relief.

my bets are on either hospital staff not catering to her wishes and ignoring her very non existent eating disorder and/or spoonie pain or her family is giving her some cold shoulder and not promising as many asspats for her upcoming bday celebration inpatient.

it could be as simply as she is hurt that peopel arent kissing her ass on instagram that much and cant find a new special way to get attention since she munched to a triple lumen because thats what was all the hospital had in stock.

No. 810924

File: 1558503008166.jpg (72.89 KB, 540x673, blu.jpg)

From the Phoebe thread, this girl appeared. >>810864 >>810920

She looks SO familiar. I think she might have been an instagram pro-ana community drama whore back during the Ember Whann threads. Not sure if she ever made a thread appearance. If it is the same person, it's hilarious to see yet another one of those girls graduate to munchie life.

Anyway, thought y'all might be interested, or have people in here who recognize her.

No. 811022


I dont' recognise her but does anyone know why she uses a wheelchair/what her non-autism disability claims to be? The way she's lounging in that wheelchair is almost in a mocking fashion and the other pics on that article show her sitting in a normal train seat not the wheelchair space so inconsistencies already.

No. 811082

File: 1558536795458.jpg (365.52 KB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20190522_082826.jpg)

Oh don't worry, she has her own laundry list full of the classics.
Says her chair is for EDS. She also has an arm brace she likes to show off in her "stim dance" videos.
Her autistic awakening occuring when her son was diagnosed is… strange. What parent hears "Your child is autistic." and goes, "Oh that makes sense! I must be also be autistic!"?

No. 811085

she reminds me of ashley isaacs’s friend fluffykittensandbunnies or whatever her instagram used to be. she had her bowel removed and lolcow turned on her for being so blasé about it or for getting her older daughter to film her going into surgery

No. 811111

Of course she has EDS and POTS. Of course.

Not to mention she went active job to power chair in two years.

No. 811187


Wow that is suspect, the "autistic awakening" . I could understand if she was diagnosed with EDS when her child was, because that happens quite a lot as it wasn't so well known previously, but …. eek is she copying her own son??

No. 811359

File: 1558574351424.jpg (171.72 KB, 995x533, YfU9Bwe.jpg)

She's a real piece of work lemmetellya. I very much wonder if she is mirroring her son's autism.

No. 811399

OT, but i really like the font on your device lol
wait, you can develop PCOS in your 30s? half of these illnesses combined won't let her have the body she has if it were actually true lmao

No. 811409

How the fuck does she blame EDS for endometriosis/PCOS? Those don't seem at all like they'd be connected.

No. 811446

No, all those cows saying PCOS makes them gain weight is a lie. A big. Fat. Lazy. Cop out. Lie. Saged for fathate

No. 811455

Sometimes people don't get a pcos diagnosis until they try and fail to get pregnant if it's really mild.

I just want to know how she got to 27 without an autism diagnosis if she's stimming as hard as she describes. Wouldn't be surprised if she was exaggerating to steal some of her son's and ex's disability limelight.

No. 811471


> book me

for what?? What does she do aside from make YouTube videos?

I am honestly surprised I've not come across her til now.

No. 811472


her ex (son's father?) is disabled too?

No. 811476

that on top of eds so bad that she needs a wheelchair and crutches out of the blue. they ilke to think that they are special little sick flowers but they all follow the same formula.

how ableist anon! who wouldnt want a #stimdancer to sperg out at people not donating to their gofundme and not writing annabel lee like articles about them and how brave they are to survive every little tiny occurrence in their life

No. 811517

For ~mUh aUtIsM and dIsAbILiTy AcTiViSm~ of course!

No. 811521

It's pretty common for women to never suspect they might have autism (since there hadn't been much research on autism in females until recently), have a child with autism, and then see some of the symptoms they thought were just quirks reflected in their children.

But it's not uncommon for munchies to see that as an opportunity they can take advantage of, too. Being able to observe someone with the disability/illness you want to pretend you have is always a great way to make your lies believable, like cancer-fakers who purposefully befriend people with exactly the same cancer they claim to have.

I'm confused by the "food aversion" diagnosis though. If she has autism, then it would no longer be a valid diagnosis and just be part of her sensory processing disorder. It's also really difficult to diagnose depression and autism, because depression has to be ruled out first to be able to really consider your autistic symptoms. PTSD would be the same, since you'd need to make the difference between getting triggered and having a sensory meltdown.

No. 811531

File: 1558605938093.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190523-110412.png)


If I recall correctly he has muscular dystrophy.

This girl is my favourite personal cow and I'm so glad her shenanigans are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Have her very reasoned and measured response to a minor elective surgery. #intensepain

No. 811532

File: 1558606512997.png (2.21 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190523-111227.png)

She also does that classic munchie thing of blogging her supposed medical emergencies.

Imagine lying there, supposedly sufficiently ill that you need an ambulance, and the thing that springs to mind is instructing your husband to take an action shot of the paramedics treating you for your Insta…

No. 811542

File: 1558608080568.png (862 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190523-114030.png)

Convinced she has vascular EDS symptoms on the basis of some small innocuous bruises. Now I wonder why the NHS keeps knocking back her request for genetic testing, hmmm…

No. 811543

File: 1558608166977.png (1.11 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190523-113920.png)

More dramatic vascular bruising with a side order of TRIGGERING hospital rooms.

No. 811565

My tinfoil is that she was indeed part of the pro-ana community, and found out (like so many of them do) that they can stay spoopy by claiming certain disorders, I recall seeing a lot of those graduate to EDS, POTS, and autism. It's pretty easy to retcon anorexia as "food aversion" with an autism diagnosis. Ana chans have a hard time shedding the sense of identity that they get from being anorexic, and I've noticed a lot of the ones who move on to being munchies emphasize some sort of food intake difficulty to do with their "disability". There's lots of "gastroparesis" in that crowd.

No. 811656

vacuum cleaner
vacuum cleaner with extension head
gg sweetie gg

No. 811660

Dat extreme gut sucking

No. 811678

File: 1558635391975.png (2.03 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190523-191518.png)

Can anyone see the dislocation that's apparently visible here?

No. 811689

no. also the photo is cropped REAL close on the "dislocated" shoulder side lol

No. 811921

Her collarbones are just uneven, that's it. If you took away the lines she drew there would be nothing noticeable. Also what about that shoulder brace she has? Wearing that would have prevented an actual dislocation.
Ha thanks, it's Jura Light if anyone cares

No. 812421


POTS isn't a heart condition FFS

No. 812687

Just found this account of begging for expensive equipment and slandering innocent people on her blog. She needs her own thread, for sure.


No. 812931


Food aversion is her cover story for her eating disorder. She can trot that out along with the E-Danlos to explain away the massive weight loss in the space of a year. Some of her selfies are definite ana-chan all bones and angles poses.

I must say I do love all her posed "I'm so sad and weak" photos. How many tries does it take her and Liam to get the perfect delicate sick little sparrow pose?

I feel sorry for the child. They are "homeschooling" him now. Which basically means isolating him from the world and copying text from his phone games onto his computer. Very fun. Much learning. Very clever way of trapping Liam a little bit more though.

No. 812964


I imagine Liam is only sticking around to save the kid from inevitable MbP.

No. 813467

You guys gotta see this! Here is some top quality milk in the form of The Most Innapropriate Memorial Service Speech Ever.

It's Janiece (The Raw Life) on Chronically Jaquie's funeral. STARTS @ 33:15. She posted this cringefest on her Patreon yesterday, and today on both her own and Jaquies channel, monetized of course.

At the event, she is drugged and otherwise out of her mind, rambles egotistically making everything about herself, acts as if she's on a Broadway stage, insults every guest possible including the deceased and her mourning husband, and all that accompanied by a Moana soundtrack in the background.

What is your favorite part?
Mine is where she yells at Judd to quit being a crybaby.

I tried listing other highlights but GAVE UP, it's just chock full of the worst and cringiest faux-pas and after faux-pas. I highly recommend you wince your way through this bizarre speech yourselves.

No. 813479

Oh god. I had to pause at 33:48 and get the full body cringe shivers out of my system. She talks for another 15 minutes. Jaquie's pain pump couldn't make this any more bearable. How can it keep getting worse? She's giving a speech and calling out the "audience" like she just won an award. Janiece is straight up evil. Bitch crashed a FUNERAL.

>She knew with me you had to peel those layers, I thought of an onion - what's inside the onion? A core, a pit? She was, she was very close to that pit. I've never had anybody that close to my pit. That didn't sound right, sorry guys.

>dramatic sigh #12

>Can I get another round of applause? Come on guys.

>awkward clapping from the audience
>My ego's pretty big

>I totes could never replace Jaquie but I'm gonna try anyway


>dramatic sigh #43
>I don't want you crying, I don't know why you're crying, stop being a crybaby! Please!
>I'm sorry that was brutal.

>If this inappropriate shitty music from a kid's cartoon doesn't cheer you up then you're hollow inside

>tells Judd to stop crying at his wife's funeral a second time

I can't believe she was trying to charge money for this.

No. 813480

No. 813499

omg this is like an unexpected level of discomfort. it feels like I'm being slapped in the face repeatedly by Janiece and Moana. the music is so loud and she is speaking so much ill of the dead while still managing to make it all about her. then she stops two minutes in and talks to the guy, who she asked to cut her off if she talked too long… and proceeds to talk for 13 minutes longer. that dude failed his job lol

No. 813512


>the guy

That would be her husband Paul.

No. 813614


literally speechless
she's a fucking sociopath

No. 813618

Holy fucking shit. What the hell is she on?

No. 813669

I'm late to the party and it's already been deleted. Does anyone have a backup?

No. 813685


She deleted the video, but the internet is forever.


No. 813687

No. 813705

File: 1558995197545.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20190527-215353~2.p…)

>make sure you get the hospital signs in as clearly as possible but also all the cutesy brand mascots and a clear shot of my tube

No. 813814


a new cow appears
Who is this? Info?

My first instinct is ana-chan because Lazy Oaf make clothes for stick figures.

No. 813970


A new cow? A BRITISH cow? Thank goodness. IF is sadly short on them.

No. 814206

>>813705 she's just an ana chan. not really a munchie.

No. 814898

Have we seen the latest agony autie transport breakdown? She's screeching at the train station staff, Liam is doing and saying nothing, and poor Frank is there freaking out because his mum is losing it (shouting and screeching) and no one is calming either of them down. Liam just does nothing to keep Frank safe or make him feel secure. It's like they think Frank being upset will make the video even better for the TRAINS ARE CRUEL TO DISABLEDS!!1! angle or something. In reality, it just shows what a shit show he has to put up with all the time. And now they "homeschool" him, he doesn't get a break from it or the chance to be around people who can model how to manage emotions.

I have empathy for people with disabilities but if your disability means you can't travel on public transport without losing your shit, stop taking your poor kid along with you for sympathy points. Let him stay at home with his dad. You can still make dramatic videos and have meltdowns with perfectly angled footage (got to be sure to catch your hands shaking/flicking wink wink) but at least it gives your kid a rest from seeing it over and over.

I do wonder though if Sara ever realises that sharing shit like this means if they ever do break up, Liam has literal video evidence as to why he should have custody. And now I think about it, I wonder if Frank being withdrawn from school has anything to do with teachers/school staff becoming concerned about his home life because of these videos. Lots of parents pull back a bit when school shows concerns instead of engaging e.g change schools, move house, leave the area. They can't leave the area or move house, so they pull him out instead and hope that does the trick to get any involvement stopped before it officially begins.

No. 814916


This is an image board - share the screenshots/video!

No. 815019


NTA but there are mp4 clips posted in the KF thread. Can they be converted to a file type that can be posted here? Limited image board tech is fucking lame.

No. 815181

use a free online webm converter and upload those files here.

No. 815302

This. Screenshots/vidya or GTFO.

No. 815499

I thought her and Liam had broken up already and they were just co-parenting. Did he take her back?

No. 815540


Can you link to the thread please?

No. 816979

File: 1559519552483.jpeg (398.13 KB, 750x865, 8BFC8ED6-F446-4181-ADAE-B90C66…)

Julian posted this on ig two days ago…looks like he saw what happened to jaq and realized that all this munching around isn’t all fun and games.

He doesn’t want to die like his old pal, he just wants all the attention

No. 816986

go cut your tits off again, sis. this chick is too much. i'm not saying i think munchies and trannies have a lot in common except that i am saying munchies and trannies have a lot in common.

No. 817776


Well it wasn't necessary anyway, I mean he had no significant weight loss and was still able to eat. Also note how munchies have way more problems with tubes flipping and falling out that the general population with tubes?

I hope he sees a surgeon about it in any case, they have to make sure it's healing internally too.

No. 818482


>>Also note how munchies have way more problems with tubes flipping and falling out that the general population with tubes?

Yeah. It just fell out? Multiple times? How? What? I don't get it.

Also the: "yeah it's scary, but we'll find a way" (paraphrasing here) doesn't really sound like he's expecting to be starving to death. He skipped the nasal tube too, didn't he? And also didn't get one now. So who TF are these doctors who just willy nilly put surgical tubes in their patients?

No. 818735


In fact, considering most of them have tubes for GP/CIPO, i.e. absent or reduced gastric or gut motility, their rate of flipping should be ~0% and they should generally experience fewer issues, not more.

A wisdom of people providing medical services to notorious ana-chans is that 1) a bumper tube is impossible to lose except on purpose, 2) an intact balloon tube is impossible to lose except by losing inflation, which is what you ought to be trained to maintain as a patient.

No. 818765


But also - munchies love drama. So a tube emergency ("I might die from starvation!") gets them attention. Remember Aubrey's "the dog pulled my tube out" fiasco?

No. 818957

File: 1559854092866.jpg (1.19 MB, 2677x2361, Julian antics.jpg)

That's.. interesting. Also horrifying. Although, looking at these pics (the upper row) makes it almost believable that his tube might've come out in some way.

He said he couldn't live without it. Seen other posts where he claimed this as well. But now that he was forced to let the stoma close, they'll just find another way?
OK, that's cool. But then why didn't they do try that before installing that tube?

I mean I'm not even sure if I can blame the patients entirely here if it appears there's doctors who seem to think a PEG-J or G/J is one of the first lines of treatment for someone with mild or moderate case of the stomach slows.

>>Remember Aubrey's "the dog pulled my tube out" fiasco?

All too well, anon. All too well. I just clutched my non-existent tube.

No. 818960


Oh, forgot to mention the "you're still hungry" comment. I've heard the opposite as well. Anyone know if this is just something that differs from person to person? Or do patients who are still hungry differ (in diagnosis, e.g.) in some way from those who aren't?

No. 819023

erika! wonder what she's up to now

No. 819037

Does anyone have any opinions on Jessica Kellgren-Fozard? She's a youtuber who makes videos about her long list of conditions including POTS and EDS. She's also deaf and has partial vision loss. I don't believe she would lie about the latter two but I really can't work out if she's exaggerating more conditions or if she really is just that unlucky to be so ill. Her various conditions make up the majority of her video content.
(Sorry if I've done anything wrong. I've never posted before.)

No. 819071

this fucker makes me irrationally angry. she is a trender and i will never look at her as anything other than a trender.

No. 819157

If you don't think someone would lie about being deaf, you need to learn about Hope Ybarra, who is in jail for pretended her kid had CF (and hurting her badly) but got her start as a cancer faker.

No. 819222

i remember she was in a really abusive situation with her husband and father in law so i hope she’s….. you know, alive

No. 819226


Interested to know why.

I've only ever known Julian as a post-T male. He's had top surgery, has facial hair, doesn't appear t want to be a smol prince with no body hair etc.

No. 819528


Most don't feel hunger (since they are getting adequate nutrition) but do get the empty stomach feeling. This is easily fixed however, by drinking a few sips of water.

No. 820698

because she is, before anything, an ott munch. trans is an illness to her that she can collect much like all her other illnesses. of course she takes test and cut off her tits, she wouldn't be 'sick' if she didn't. same way the tube is a visible proof of her other 'illnesses'. she is the biggest phony around and people who have the misfortune to know her personally would all assure you she's as much 'trans' as she is 'chronically ill'. she is a pathological liar and an attention whore, but not trans.

No. 822956

File: 1560677332790.jpg (60.57 KB, 411x534, jonzie1.jpg)

x-posting from KF, user there Kate Farms Shill got these

Jonzie was arrested for heroin possession.

>Alexys D. Jones, 23 arrested 28 November for possession of heroin and criminal tools (a pocket gram scale she admits was used for weighing dope.) Plead guilty to both charges on May 29. Currently living with her mother again in Sandusky. Claims to have been an IV Fentanyl and heroin user and overdosed in November which led to arrest. Still sometimes tags herself at Cleveland Children's Hospital.

No. 822957

File: 1560677358334.jpg (66.55 KB, 427x635, jonzie2.jpg)

No. 822959

File: 1560677666479.jpg (90.5 KB, 421x555, jonzie3.jpg)

The rest of the Jonzie leak is medical posts


No. 822960

File: 1560677700423.jpg (69.73 KB, 311x354, jonzie4.jpg)

No. 822961

File: 1560677802254.jpg (96.92 KB, 398x528, jonzie5.jpg)

No. 822962

File: 1560677916382.jpg (84.06 KB, 426x412, jonzie6.jpg)

No. 822963

File: 1560678008404.jpg (105.28 KB, 406x507, jonzie7.jpg)

No. 822966

File: 1560678109480.jpg (119.31 KB, 422x517, jonzie8.jpg)

No. 822967

File: 1560678205251.jpg (69.17 KB, 426x611, jonzie9.jpg)

No. 822968

File: 1560678298080.jpg (130.5 KB, 424x580, jonzie10.jpg)

No. 822969

File: 1560678463978.jpg (65.96 KB, 423x482, jonzie11.jpg)

No. 823015


bad baby bear!!

No. 827361

File: 1561571250741.png (861.19 KB, 928x592, Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 18.4…)

UK cow (a rare breed!)

Allergic to the cold as well as the usual lot of munchie illnesses, wears pointless huge masks, obsessed with own illnesses.

No. 827371

File: 1561571609341.png (1.41 MB, 969x750, Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 18.5…)


also appears to have extremely enabling parents, and I call bullshit on both the POTS diagnosis and need for wheelchair seeing this absolute piss take of a photo

No. 833152

File: 1562461498554.png (664.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-07-07-11-03-36…)

Sydshealing is a potential cow. @anelises.fight (formally ts. Fight) said that Syd had suspected factitious disorder. Now Syd is chasing all the meds.

No. 833287

Sage for rambling.

I don’t get all these POTS patients in a wheel chair. No doctor is telling them to do this, they would actually tell them to get out of the chair. It’s bad for your cardiovascular system and weakens it, making you more susceptible to the changes that POTS gives.

An exercise routine is actually what is recommended, particularly cardiovascular- because your heart is much better able to cope with the bouts of tachycardia. There’s actually been cases in which POTS patients symptoms actually go into remission because of their exercise regime.

They really do just want to be victims.

No. 836815

Syd seems genuine, unlike Tina who is in the ER one minute and filming as in extra the next.

No. 837508

Exactly - my sister has POTS and the doctors always lecture her about staying in bed all the time or lying down, that she has to get up and out and about because it makes it worse vegging out.

No. 838803

File: 1563248988697.jpeg (593.38 KB, 750x1104, 2AC4ED86-FFDE-4781-AC22-11E308…)

@fromthepatientperspective seems like a Dairy Queen™. All the usual smiling hospital shots with various tubes / CRPS, MAL, EDS et al.

No. 870358

Maddie Tay on Facebook chronically Maddie on Instagram real person or fake(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 870365

POTS patient here and you are 100% correct. I actually feel worse the longer I am sitting or laying down. Lack of exercise can severely weaken the cardiovascular system.

Saging because of blogpost.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 870384

“munchie here!”

No. 870393

munchies just cant resist talking about themselves good fucking lord.

there literally has been nothing worthy in the community other than munchies fighting about r/illnessfakers. its become a retarded shitshow of munchies calling each other out, getting triggered or breaking off to establish a new location to shit talk with the ideal that they are doing gods good work. past admin made the best decision by booting them.

r/illnessfakers turned into r/malingering r/truechronicillness r/ifaftermath (when that chick had an icon they were triggered over) r/truechronicillness (for when they are fine not being covert with their ott shit) r/illnessfakersfakers (the owner baleeted) and some other retarded break off sub to bitch about munchies on illnessfakers. just recently nina jean (kittenbread, founder of illnessfakers) was outed as dopedodo/sootsprite on kiwifarms-credit to katefarmsshill.

the munchies themselves are boring same old shit ad nauseam but their desperate need to blog and call each other out and cry when they are outed is the best thing to come from this stupid community

No. 874326

File: 1569725027903.jpg (27.1 KB, 568x129, msdiscord.JPG)

the (reddit) MS discord is a hot den for the kinds of people who list their meds and just talk about symptoms all day. MS is like fibro jfc calm down.

No. 874348

i will take ms more seriously than fibro. its treated nearly in the same way depression would be. but fibro munchies want heavy doses of pain pills and benzos instead of trying out and maintaining therapeutic doses of ssris, eating better and exercising.

No. 874675

its a fucking shame what these munchies do. i know people with fibro who work their asses off to be functioning parts of society. but when they see doctors, all the staff see are these fucking losers. they ruin it for everyone seeking actual care & making efforts.

No. 877192

File: 1570399353475.jpg (24.56 KB, 512x233, woeisme.JPG)


Are you kidding? People with MS use wheelchairs lol they're a bunch of drama queens. It's not debilitating Debra, get out of your munchie mobile. MS and fibro are "invisible" because they aren't that serious. No one is gonna DIE from MS but they all act like it.

No. 877250

I think you misunderstand what MS is.
Are you mixing it up with ME?

No. 877261

nigger what are you talking about? multiple sclerosis is taken seriously by the medical community. fibromyalgia is just a doctor throwing their hands up and giving in because they cant find why someone is complaining about pain. no one is gonna die from fibro but they like to act like it. go back to illnessfakers

No. 877422

That’s also old news. There are clinical blood markers for CFS/ME now, which is why the fakers have moved on to POTS and gastroparesis.

No. 893746

I saw on reddit that Judd (Chronically Jaquie’s widower) has a new GF??? Can someone confirm this????(necro)

No. 893768

thanks for bumping a dead thread for no reason. people are allowed to enter new relationships after their ex partner dies, that’s not milk. mind your fucking business anon

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