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No. 439930

Jaquie Blake Beckwith, AKA chronically_jaquie, is one of the general Munchausen's/OTT thread (>>>/snow/387658) Munchie Queens.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronically_jaquie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helper_dog_harlow
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ

- She has a Patreon for people to pay her to be "sick".
- She appears to have a few genuine illnesses, but overall contradicts herself 99% of the time.
- She has a button tube but shoves crap food into her pie hole most of the day. Claims she cannot tolerate her formula, and has to get a special type, but can eat fried crap.
- She has a service dog (Harlow) who does tasks that she is quite capable of doing (like grabbing a blanket across the room).
- Her service dog does not get worked the way a service dog should.
- She will not respond to messages online (except on her Patreon) because of "safety issues" (though we're pretty sure it's because she wants money to talk to her).
- She will not allow people to send her mail because she is too sick.
- Refers to herself as a "genetic anomaly".
- Claims to have EDS, POTS, narcolepsy, cataplexy, autism, unspecified immune problems, a mutated mitochondria, and too many other things. Surprisingly, Factitious Disorder is not on her list.
- She appears to be copying Mary Fray.

She enjoys deleting comments that call her out, and has an excuse or explanation for everything, something that is found psychologically in pathological liars.

Everyone is tired of her, even her family, and some people in the Munchie thread, so here's a place to talk about her to your heart's content

Previous thread >>>/snow/422534

No. 440011

File: 1512696850286.png (1.51 MB, 1242x2208, B0BE0BDC-CB58-4E7D-B6BB-18DAD0…)


No. 440015

she was wearing it all the time, what happened?

No. 440029


late to the party, but i only lurk this thread every so often.

why does she even need ketamine for the hip injection? i get facet joint injections in my neck and all they do is put a numbing cream on my skin and i barely feel the needle go in. no anesthetic needed, so what's her deal?

No. 440042

Seriously, isn't she supposed to be so sooper fragile that she can't be left alone without the emergency button? Doesn't seem like something you would just "forget" sometimes if you actually needed it for life or death situations.

No. 440061

She not only researches systems, but pays for one, ends up choosing the wrong one, contacts the company, exchanges it. Receives new one, vlogs unboxing, can not get it to work. Calls company, figures it out, sets up emergency service plan with company, yet can't remember to wear it?!? Wtf? Not as much fun as she thought it would be? Sad it didn't come in pink?

No. 440070

Does she not realize that in actual chronic illness it’s common to put off things such as cleaning and scheduling appointments and dealing with insurance companies, etc., because just normal life is so exhausting? Yet she’s on top of all those things.

No. 440120

I have two theories on the clean house thing.

1. She just likes having a clean house. Since she's Jaquie she has infinite energy for things she likes, therefore the house is always clean regardless of how she is allegedly feeling.

Going against this we have the fact that she's an absolute slob at Janiece's house and is always creating piles of medical litter in restaurants. But that could be accounted for by those places not belonging to Jaquie so Jaquie doesn't care enough to keep tidy there. Also making a mess in public/at a friend's house means they can't forget you're soo sooper sick.

2. Judd does have some basic expectations he expects of his stay at home wife. He seems to be a traditional sort of guy who expects his wife to cook and clean for him and other than that doesn't mind what she does all day while he works. Maybe as selfish as Jaquie is, she's still self-aware enough to know the muchie train will get harder to ride if she starts slacking on her basic responsibilities. See also: no matter how crap she allegedly feels, she always has dinner prepped for Judd to heat up when he gets home. (Even if it's often a fuck you dinner of food he hates.)

Going against that is of course that Jaquie never does anything considerate for Judd so it's a stretch to think his opinion on the housework matters to her.

No. 440158


I guess her playing the perfect housewife role isn't for Judd. It's to make herself look better. Pleasing Judd is just a byproduct. If she REALLY cared about making him happy, she'd at least cook him the food he likes. Not force feeding him fucking carrots for the fifth time that month.

Jaquie if you're reading this, please, please feed that man a steak. With potatoes and a good sauce. And beer. We all know you can't eat steak, but that doesn't mean he can't come home to one.

No. 440191

i really can't understand how anyone would fall for this level of munchie. this bitch has healthy hair, normal skin, the body of a moderately active person and claims how many illnesses? yes, there are "invisible" ilnesses but people tend to look like wrung out dishrags even when they have a tough flu.

No. 440220

Judd seems like a such a normal guy to me, so I have been wondering how the heck they are together. Jaquie is a child mentally, so I don't understand how Judd can be satisfied with their relationship. Does he not crave to be with someone who is an equal adult?
In some videos he seems sad, like the one where he took Jaquie taking photographs and he was talking about how she used to be… I think he was missing the old Jaquie.

No. 440254


Ketamine addiction, or "being cute and loopy gets me lots of views".

No. 440262

True. But her version is that her doctor wants her sedated for the injection because her hip is sooo hypermobile that it's safer that way.

I don't know about hip injections, but I've had injections before in hypermobile joints. Once by an orthopedic resident who was so new to the job he couldn't keep up with the few patients he had and a more senior resident came in during the consult to tell him there's no shame in asking for help. He took that opportunity to ask his colleague what type of injection he should give me yet he didn't have a problem with actually administering the injection in the joint. And that was a shoulder that tends to dislocate with a simple sneeze. I've even had injections with lidocaine in the joint while it was dislocated to make it easier for the doctor to put it back in.
Soo.. I don't know, but if someone who is in his first or second week of residency can inject an unstable joint and it's even possible to inject a dislocated joint, I don't really understand why a pain doctor - the type of doctors who usually are the very best with a needle - can't do it unless his patient is fully sedated. In fact, I've NEVER heard of sedation for intraarticular injections. But that's probably because it is unheard of.

No. 440273

If you were treating jaquie, would you rather have to deal with her awake, or be able to sedate her and do your job in peace without having to listen to her fake whining and dramatics?

No. 440274

Shocker: Janiece finally tried a bland diet and miraculously her stomach pains are gone!

Don't worry though, she's already setting the stage for chronic pain as her next adventure.

No. 440278

Well, if they would forego the ketamine they could just inject her and ship her out of there. Now they'll have to get er in a bed and watch her pretending to be funny. Plus, if they stopped giving her ketamine there's a chance she won't enjoy her 'treatment plan' as much..

No. 440283

Well yeah I could see how he might be sad for missing the old Jaquie. She went from being someone who did martial arts six times a week, was an avid photographer and wanted to be a war correspondent to someone who has completely given up on any semblance of a normal life and avidly collects munchie toys. If she truly had some horrible life changing disease that would be one thing. But she has Munchausen's with a few slight ailments and it has taken over their entire life. Every conversation, every interaction, every outing completely drowns in her super visible illnesses, symptoms and manufactured crises.

No. 440290

You’re all right about everything you’re saying. And sorry if this is a little off topic but I feel like this just also goes to show how fake she is and does things for attention. Saged for minor blogging but I have mastocytosis so occasionally wear a vogmask (not all the time like our munchie friend here), especially during allergy season or around my triggers. I live up north though so it’s cool. Anyways I’ve vacayed in FL and wore the vogmask it was TOO HOT to wear it. To an unbearable point. There’d be no way she could be wearing this mask at Disney world. It’s even hot in FL at night, not to mention so humid. I felt like I couldn’t breathe properly, even though they have a fiilter it’s not magic. Her heat intolerance can not be that bad. She just wears that mask for show. If she claims she can’t wear the compression stockings due to how hot it is in FL and her poor me heat intolerance than how are you wearing a fucking mask on your face? It’s 90 degrees year round Jaquie. It’s stifling.(medfagging)

No. 440314

Jaquie’s not sick, everything she does is for show. She doesn’t have mast cell problems, as she doesn’t have the right symptoms, nor does she have any of the other illnesses she’s bought toys for.

No. 440334

why can't jaquie take a taxi to the infusion center?

No. 440370

Because muh sooper severe immunodeficiency and germs y'all. This is the chick who says a public email isn't safe and receiving mail in a P.O box from fans is dangerous to her health. No way in hell she would ever use a taxi. Or a bus.

No. 440371

And yet she eats out in restaurants all the time and visits Disney and chows down on her stupid Publix cookie…

No. 440376

That's why this thread is now titled Adventures of Adjustable Jaquie because her illnesses and symptoms only exist if she can use them as an excuse to abstain from doing things she doesn't want to do. But if she enjoys something, then poof like magic she can do it regardless of what it contradicts.

No. 440378

One of the (many) things I don't understand involving Jaquie is how she is so worried about germs etc from 'fans' sending her things, yet she is fine with opening boxes from Amazon that were still filled by people who could have "passed on germs" to her. Wouldn't most germs that did manage to get into packages/letters have already died by the time it got her her anyway? She doesn't seem to mind opening up boxes of her medical supplies that were, again packed by people who go through a warehouse and pick the items off of shelves. Yet another example of Adjustable Jacquie I guess. What about the blanket she got for being so sooper special?

No. 440382

I am not wk/ing her at all - but the ONLY thing I can think of that justifies her P.O. box decision is cigarette smoke. I have a house in one state and have been living in another state for about a year. Sometimes mail slips through the forwarding process and my parents collect it and send it to me. My mom and brother smoke. When I open packages from their house, anything inside reeks of cigarette smoke, whether it's letters, a catalog or something extra they sent. So if that truly is a trigger for her asthma then I can totally understand the need to keep that out. No one is smoking in the Amazon warehouse and the lady who makes those blankets makes them specially for the chronically ill. Otherwise she's just a moron.
Sage for blogging but seemed relevant.

No. 440389


But if a fan is sending something to Jaquie then surely they'd know about her super serious asthma and not to smoke around her parcel?

No. 440394

Idk man germs are fucking everywhere you just can’t avoid them I’m sorry. Jaquie just needs to get a pink bubble next to live in and hop around in if she’s seriously that worried about the germs. There’s no real way to avoid it.

No. 440395

LOL someone should send Harlow some Angel Eyes for those tear stains from her poor diet

No. 440399

Honestly, one of the few things Jaquie does that I can get behind is her refusal to have a PO Box. People send youtubers all kinds of crap. Sure, the person sending it means well but most of it ends up in the trash. I don't blame Jaquie for not wanting to fill her home with tchotchkes viewers have sent. And we all know she would never respond to letters so it's better people don't send them and get their hopes up and inevitably get hurt when Jaquie doesn't reply.

Her nonsense about germs being the reason she won't accept mail is blatant bs but the not accepting mail is a good thing regardless.

No. 440400


Not accepting mail is fine, but the lie that it's for health reasons to make her look THAT MUCH more sick …. ugh.

No. 440401

I wonder if maybe she did have an episode of anaphylactic shock from something normal like a bee sting and it scared her or traumatized her in some way. I mean I have an unreasonable panic around water due to an accident during my childhood. I don’t swim. Maybe this is Jaquie’s way of coping? Any pshyc people know Iif this is possible?

Saged for speculation

No. 440405

She still calls the CNA who drives her around her "friend"…. Um. No. She is not your friend. She is a paid employee. She has to be nice to you. She doesn't spend time around you outside of her scheduled work hours. That is not a friend. (nothing against the CNA of course but clearly… Jaquie is delusional)

No. 440408


That's so weird. Like, surely it would make her seem more ill if she did call her a CNA?

No. 440413

>>440401 Honestly I think Mary from 'The Frey Life' not being able to accept mail from other people with CF is the only reason Jaquie says she can not get mail cause of germs.

No. 440417


Except that's a well known fact (especially to someone who has CF). But good spot, anon!

No. 440418

She is having trouble with her toooob again. She is soooper stressed bc "muh nutrishun" except the calories she gets from publix cookies, and chocolate covered rice krispy treats shaped like mickey mouse and cream soaked chicken and pasta, mushy broccoli, carrots of course, multiple fried foods, Menchie's, chocolate milk….. I just don't understand how she can live in such delusion.

No. 440422


If she's just stop trying to purge through it, geez!

No. 440436

Don't be so literal as to think you can't be friends with a person just because they are working- heck I call my colleagues friends. But I agree with what you're trying to say.

No. 440441

Thanks for correcting me but agreeing. My day is complete now.

No. 440442


Being friends with your colleagues, and being friends with someone paid to look after you is a bit different. I got on brilliantly with one of my social workers, to the point where he'd stay longer just to chat, but we could never be "friends" in that regard because it would have crossed a professional line.

No. 440448

Yes, exactly. I even gave my home health nurse a small gift for her birthday because she rocked, but ffs I'm not going to say "yeah my friend came over and changed my line dressing and took labs" about a person that is paid to take care of me. It crosses a line between professional & personal that is there for a reason.

No. 440459

Because has no other "friends" besides Janeice..no one else can stand to be around her

No. 440476


I'm just waiting for her to align herself with the kid in Everything, Everything and say it's because she's too immunocompromised to be around other people.

No. 440493

She can't do that unless her next munchie toy is a bubble because how could she go to Disney with that claim?

No. 440541

In today's vlog… "I can't control when or if my feeding tube is going to kink again, so there's no point to [sic] stressing about it."

Hmmm, can you REALLY not control it, Jaquie? Are you sure about that?

No. 440560


Her "unkinkable" feeding tube that still, somehow, keeps doing so.

No. 440689

In all seriousness, is it even possible for a feeding tube to kink THAT often? I mean, even in worst case scenarios?? With the most terrible tubes??? It just seems so unlikely that her tube would be kinking this often without some sort of outside interference, or she’s just lying about it. But follow up, if she’s lying about it linking, then she has to be doing SOMETHING in order for her doctor to replace her tube this often, right? They certainly can’t think it’s safe for a person to go under anesthesia this much…

No. 440716

It’s not possible, even having it happen once is incredibly rare. She’s fucking with her tube somehow, although I more suspect she’s lying about it getting kinked, since whatever happened made the g port not work as well. I think it’s either been clogged because she purges through it (which could block both parts, g and j), or there’s something (or multiple things) she’s lying about. But there’s no way it’s been kicked every time.

No. 440718

I also wonder if she’s just growing out of her tubes, and they’ve had to switch them to keep them from ripping out (because she’s gaining weight, which is obvious by her selfies). That would be by far the most entertaining reason kek

No. 440795


My pain doc offers optional sedation for intra-articular injections, so it does happen. As with many things in US healthcare, it must be largely a matter of the doctor's preference and their particular approach to treating patients. But I'm pretty sure in Jaquie's case he doesn't want to answer a thousand questions while he's trying to do the injection, so sedation it is.

No. 440824

Really? Wow, US healthcare is strange..

As to the feeding tube sage: I Really hope that surgeon she is going to see actually KNOWS a bit about feeding tube placements. If that's true, they will probably be able to tell her either a) what exactly is going wrong with her tube (probably that the GI screwed up the placement) and maybe be able to offer her a solution which doesn't involve having two tubes or b) tell her that an anti-kink tube can't possibly kink that often, and that something else is going on.

I honestly don't know what to believe. There has to be something going on for her doc to switch out tubes so often and to refer her to a surgeon to talk about having a seperate J-tube. But her explanation about there being only one place to put the tube because of her anatomy and because she is 'so tiny' just doesn't make any sense. So either the GI screwed up the placement and he just tries to explain his screw-up away (which I think is a real possibility; it's clear he didn't have much experience with this type of tube and we already know he can't be the sharpest knife in the drawer if he goes along with Jaquies shit) OR she is somehow messing with it and he thinks it is his placement.

It'd be interesting what the surgeon comes with, though. But her hesitation about having the seperate tubes becomes stranger and stranger. If after two kinks so close together your tube is showing signs of blockage within a week again, the expected reaction would be "OK, I'm done, let me have the second tube". But she's still hesitant. There just HAS to be something behind it and I don't know what it is. With her "I don't want to deal with this kinking and I don't want to have two seperate tubes but there's no other option it sounds like she is waiting for her doctors to find that other option, like offering her to have TPN ready whenever her tube kinks again?

No. 440839

"If I stand for more than a few minutes I'll faint" a quote from yesterdays "freedom from the pain" vlog. Yeah sure babe. Her HR was only 130 ffs.

No. 440848

In today's vlog she talks about how stressful it is when her tube stops working, because she gets sick and loses lots of weight. But when she says this she avoids eye contact with the camera and it just seemed super fake and rehearsed.

No. 440870

Someone in the comments of that vid (don't know how to screenshot, sorry) mentioned it could be due to the high placement on her abdomen + vomiting that's causing it to kink. Jaquie responded that her GI also suggested it could be vomiting that's causing it. I assume she's making herself vomit deliberately.

As to her hesitation, she's shown plenty of times that she doesn't enjoy ACTUALLY being in pain. She just likes claiming to have chronic pain. Remember that time she used a medicated nasal spray while Judd was filming her? And it hurt so much she had him quit filming halfway which she never does? Yeah, that was her in actual pain. She also seemed to be in quite a bit of pain after her tube was first placed. Not surprising since they punched a hole in her stomach. I bet she's hesitant because she knows how much it's going to hurt to have another tube placed. But she also doesn't want to quit purging so she can't get herself out of this by not vomiting and claiming another tube change miraculously fix the kinking. Her muchieness may be pushing her towards getting a medical procedure she actually doesn't want for once to which I say, lol, well deserved.

Of course she could just playing it up to be a martyr. Poor Jaquie having to suffer so much, being forced to get a second tube she doesn't want etc.

If she did get another tube, would purging cause either of the separate tubes to kink?

No. 440884


Well kek. This is because she's lying. She can still eat, enough to maintain her weight.

No. 440885


Anon you are spot on.

From that video on "Judd Day" when she started complaining that her hip was subluxating, I can tell you it wasn't because she wasn't trying not to scream. She loves claiming to be in pain all the time and therefore her followers think she's some kind of calm angel, but she's not in pain to the degree that she wants them to think she is. Not by a long shot.

No. 441061

No, if they give her separate tubes they would be just long enough to get through her skin/fat/muscle into the stomach and small intestine, not enough tube to kink. The downside is twice as many artificial openings in the body for possible infection (not that she’s concerned about that at all, having a continuously accessed port for non-continuous use). Or the problem could be solved altogether by getting rid of her tube, since she doesn’t get enough calories from it to make a difference, and obvious is far from starving.

No. 441095


I bet she cranks up her feed rate for the days she sees her doctors.

No. 441103

File: 1512853968868.png (1.46 MB, 1242x2208, 8AB3A95D-D759-428D-B0A0-7967CF…)

Here’s why she can’t take a taxi

No. 441105

File: 1512854016047.png (1.43 MB, 1242x2208, FF055167-9C42-40A4-B594-09F2A8…)

Sorry don’t know how to put 2 images on 1 comment.

No. 441106


KEK as if she'd actually get a taxi. If she didn't have Judd there who would film her??

No. 441107


Are taxi drivers not regulated and licensed in the US like they are in Europe? (Not counting Uber/Lyft etc, since in my experience they have very few wheelchair accessible vehicles so I've never used them.) I think she's just making excuses.

No. 441112

wtf? Is she 4 years old and has to have mummy and daddy with her at all times? Her excuses are becoming more and more intolerable.

No. 441119

Theory: She wants a powered chair because she can't vlog and self propel.

No. 441123

That YT comment was so catty. I love that commenter

No. 441130

Any ideas as to why her IG account is suddenly so inactive? She hasn't posted since Nov 5. Harlow's is equally quiet.

No. 441169


Because IG doesn't bring the money in.

No. 441174

Is she seriously saying her parents have never taken a taxi? I suppose if they are as well off as we assume they would have had "drivers" when she was younger instead…?

No. 441179


Most people manage to adapt to their situations. I'm pretty sure she can afford taxis, too. It's not about the cost. I'm 90% sure it's because having Judd there means he can film her.

No. 441188

Maybe she's saying her family isn't comfortable with her taking rides from strangers either? I would find it hard to believe, with as many places as they supposedly lived while she was growing up, that her parents have never taken a taxi.

No. 441189


But the difference from "taking rides from strangers", which makes it sound like she's saying she's not comfortable hitch-hiking, and booking a taxi which is regulated, licensed and has records is quite a leap…

No. 441216

Taking a taxi isn’t special, while having to be driven places because of your medical condition is. Mary Frey doesn’t take taxis, so neither can jaquie. If jaquie had her way, she’d travel everywhere by ambulance.

No. 441217

Maybe not directly but I know that I learned of Jaquie through IG's suggestion of Harlow's page. Reading through these threads over the last few months I also know that I am not alone in discovering her through IG. IG leads to YT, of which several of her videos are monetized and YT leads to her Patreon page. Ignoring IG is not a very smart business move on her part. There has to be something else to it. Especially since she gets so many ass pats there.

No. 441219


A medical taxi would be kind of special though. I'm sure she could arrange something through insurance that was vlog-worthy, what with a wheelchair ramp and stuff.

No. 441234


I don't know what the system is over there, but in the UK if you can't drive or take public transport for medical reasons then you can get picked up by hospital transport for your appointment and taken home again. Of course, because this isn't an ambulance but more like a minibus, there will possibly be (and usually are) other patients being transported too.

The reason Mary Frey can't use taxis is the risk of infection because a simple cold could put her in the ICU. Jaquie's deluded if she thinks her "immunodeficiency" is on the same level.

No. 441236


Maybe she reads these threads and has seen how some anons have gone to the trouble of pointing out inconsistencies in her IG stories.

No. 441246

It’s pretty hard to get medical transportation here if you are able to use other options and aren’t on government assistance. Since jaquie’s medically stable, can walk, and has private insurance, she’d be out of luck. A lot of medical transport companies also only deal with your insurance company (you can’t book it and pay for it yourself), so they’d know she had transportation and didn’t need specific medical transport. Besides, jaquie doesn’t just want a ride, jaquie wants to be driven, and strangers wouldn’t cater to her like her family does.

No. 441432

O, Come On! She's nuts. She can't take a taxi because she isn't comfortable being driven by a stranger?? By that logic, public transportation has to be out, too. Not because her immunodeficiency (if she has that), but simply because the bus driver is a stranger as well. Somehow she doesn't have a problem letting strangers (read: nurses from the home health company) into her house, though. And she also doesn't seem to have much problems with letting strangers (read: doctors she hasn't seen before, like in the ER) treat her.

Taking a taxi is not 'being driven by a stranger'. It's using a service. Many, many people - ESPECIALLY disabled and chronically ill people - are 100% dependent on (wheelchair) taxi's to get around. But Jaquie can't use them because she isn't 'comfortable' with them. Go eat your fries, Jaquie.

No. 441459

Don't y'all know what stranger danger is?????? Kek

No. 441478

Her new obsession with Ketamine is super strange, me thinks Jacquie loves the K-hole. After a quick consult with Dr. Google the key side effects of Ketamine are
Disorientation and general confusion due to the drug's anesthetic nature.

Increased heart rate.
Elevated blood pressure.

Seems strange that someone with someone with such "srs POTS" would be going for such a treatment. I think she's exhibiting drug-seeking behaviour.

No. 441495

still her heart rate only reaches 130. If it got higher, we'd be sure to know. If she had severe pots plus constant drugs that cause tachycardia, she'd be getting heart rates well above 180. But of course, that's not happening

No. 441516


This is because she conflates orthostatic hypotension (extremely common) with POTS. She wasn't diagnosed with POTS but she's not letting that stop her claiming it. The power of positive thinking!

No. 441519

Not wking, but taking a taxi is common in some parts of the US but not all. In some parts of the US, you need to be very assertive with taxi drivers. In other parts, the drivers are very kind and courteous. I would not put Jaquie in a taxi by herself with a chair and a dog and all the things.

Also, taxi drivers don't like to go long distances and it sounds like the infusion center is far enough away from their house that Judd does not want to driver their twice.

So, the taxi does not sound like a viable option. A private car service, however, could be a viable option and approximately the same cost as the CNA.

I would assume FL has a lot of free or low-cost options for disabled folks, but the radius is usually fewer than 30 miles or whatever.

No. 441520

why wouldn't you put her in a taxi? She needs life skills like nothing else. If she can manipulate doctors into whatever she wants, she can manipulate a taxi driver into getting her there.

No. 441531


It seems like she had life skills but she's rapidly unlearnt them all in a bid to be the most sick and helpless person on the internet (except when it comes to persuading her doctors to give her unnecessary medical equipment and procedures).

No. 441547

Yeah, in the city where I live there's an entire special transportation service for people who are unable to drive themselves or use public transportation some or all of the time. Jaquie would absolutely love a driver catering to her ridiculous equipment and getting driven around in a special vehicle the way only sooper sick special snowflakes can! Not any old pleb taxi.

No. 441549


But not if she has to share it with other sick people, she's too special for that!

No. 441584

She also probably wouldn't be the sickest/ most disabled person there, and we can't have that!

No. 441585


Yeah the last thing she wants is actual sick people witnessing her ridiculous displays, pushing OTC meds through her port, filming herself having 'serious reactions', getting her fucking dog to get her a water bottle etc.

No. 441597

Can we all just take one hot second here to mention that she somehow found yet another gadget to add to her Barbie car?

No. 441606

I haven't had a chance to watch her videos this weekend. What did she add?

No. 441609

>>441597 Oh yea , Cause attaching a normal over the shoulder type bag in the same style/position is not good enough for her , It has to be a wheelchair specific one.

No. 441615

For anyone who has been watching J a while, did she used to have a more complex sense of humor? Now it's all, "Haha, Harlow don't eat the tree!" and you can tell Judd doesn't give a fuck. Did she used to laugh at genuine jokes?

No. 441639

I've watched her for almost a year and never noticed a genuine sense of humor. The shit she laughs about now is annoying as hell. She needs a life so bad.

No. 441679

File: 1512935864910.png (1.65 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5084.PNG)

Little Miss Sooper Suhvere EDS

No. 441682

File: 1512935953662.png (918.75 KB, 1334x750, IMG_5085.PNG)

Twice in one day. Up and down repeatedly to help light the tree with no effects from muh EDS or muh POTS. Again… symptoms are adjustable when doing things she wants to do. And the day after IVIG no less…

No. 441694

Also, isn't she supposed to be like…anaphylactic level allergic to plants? As in, has to wash her hands immediately if she touches grass? But Adjustable Jaquie wants a real tree, so up it goes, life threatening allergies be darned!

No. 441705

She will have anaphylaxis tomorrow… she ran out of medical emergencies, and that is why she needed the real tree.

No. 441725

Up and down all over. In a crosslegged sitting position most of the time too. We also see that she can reach over her head to tighten it with an allen wrench.

Also, maybe BEC but of all self-assemble furniture, IKEA crap is some of the EASIEST to put together. She complains about how hard it is. They do a decent job of limiting the different types of parts and providing very well drawn instructions. I have a piece from the same line she is putting together in this video – it took about 30 minutes to put together by myself.

It's also wild to me she says she's "not going to touch it". That's not a choice you get when you bring a tree into your house. They drop needles and those needles will poke through socks. She's risking stepping on them but somehow her allergies are so severe.

No. 441759

Especially where they put it. In the main doorway between the living room and dining room. If it was tucked away in a corner that she could completely avoid for the next two to three weeks it might… might be feasible. But there's no way she can avoid walking past that area. She's supposedly not steady on her feet either so it's possible she may end up brushing up against it as well. She's so inconsistent about everything except being inconsistent.

No. 441790


I'm guessing the tree is going to cause her to need to push benadryl while vlogging a few times over the next few weeks, but "I just love Christmas, you guys, I can't not be positive about this!!"

No. 441796

At the start of today's vlog she said she slept in which is extremely unusual but she just "wasn't feeling well"… Isn't that supposedly every day?

I mean that's a good point. I don't know about you guys but being chronically ill and having narcolepsy means that mornings are really hard and slow. You don't just wake up bright and early first thing, get up, get dressed, do all your medical, drink some chocolate milk, and edit a damn vlog.

No. 441832

sage for blogging but this pisses me off so much. as someone who can't drive because of disability I have to take Uber/Lyft to all kinds of medical appointments. even though I have MCAD, I don't strain my family and friend support system like this just for fun. I take a zyrtec, keep emergency meds on hand, wear a vogmask, and go into the world like a grown, independent adult.

No. 441835

File: 1512955137023.png (32.05 KB, 862x126, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 4.58…)

Long time lurker, relatively new to posting. Thought I would share some screenshots from the service dog community, none of whom subscribe to jaquie's BS. She's completely shitlisted and banned because she collects medical equipment, her dog's tasks don't directly mitigate her disability, and her dog is disgustingly malnourished.

No. 441836

File: 1512955171798.png (844.11 KB, 854x1136, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 5.05…)

No. 441838

File: 1512955306840.png (35.98 KB, 880x118, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 7.21…)

No. 441841

File: 1512955524055.png (260.93 KB, 792x942, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 7.22…)

kek anyone from this page happen to be on the thread?

No. 441849

File: 1512955701365.png (85.46 KB, 884x280, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 7.28…)

No. 441851

File: 1512955875637.png (159.2 KB, 702x590, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 7.29…)

No. 441856

Gold star for you, Anon.

No. 441862

File: 1512956453105.png (679.51 KB, 722x1138, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 7.39…)

No. 441869

File: 1512956627505.png (960.91 KB, 876x990, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 7.43…)

No. 441882

File: 1512958520807.jpg (833.75 KB, 370x192, cgjck.jpg)

different anon but I'm in some groups too and found some call outs

No. 441883

File: 1512958677481.jpg (817.94 KB, 369x192, dryfgkhl.jpg)

No. 441889

Don't forget her current fave "administered"

No. 441893

from what I gather, there are people who defend her in these groups? please tell me that's not true. In a group I was in, people usually looked up to her and often referred people to her videos… part of the reason I left that group. But I know if I happened to call her out in that group, people would be absolutely mortified.

No. 441900

People sometimes defend her i.e. "everyone knows she's over the top and unethical, you don't have to keep posting about it" but I've never really seen people look up to her in the SD pages of which I'm a member. (People in the EDS and comorbidities pages do idolize her, unfortunately.)

No. 441904

i've only seen a few posts from people that actually like her. most people in sd groups know she is full of shit

No. 441910

people in pots and eds groups typically idolise her because to them that's what they think they should compete with in terms of symptoms and care. It also spreads the message of "only the sickest of all" get to have a tube, which Jaquie loves. Basically, if you don't have a tube of some sort, you're not sick. Or they use her as some sort of queen of medical information that we should all be referred to.

No. 441941

I left most EDS/POTS/GP/etc pages a while back but she practically converts them to munchiedom by showing the "fame," attention, and toys.

No. 442121

File: 1513006248563.png (920.46 KB, 750x1334, A570E64E-C51B-4B41-BBD6-45B903…)

I thought this was particularly funny. From an interview she did with the AKC. In one year she went from wanting to be “independent”, without medical devices, to having every single one she could possibly own. Get help Jaquie.

No. 442125


Not getting sucked into clicking on that video… but it's an ER trip today.

No. 442127

File: 1513007259261.png (449.04 KB, 851x437, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.4…)


She's heeeeeere.

No. 442131

As soon as she said “bubble” I thought the same thing! She’s got to be reading this!! I think she’s toned things down a little in the last week or so. The sad part is I think she does have some medical issues- but the way she gets so excited about having procedures and stuff makes it hard to believe when she says she is struggling with anything. I hope she gets some serious help- mentally!

No. 442134

File: 1513009045705.png (2.25 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4135.PNG)

Sooo, "I can't take narcotics y'all" = Gimme that sweet sweet dilaudid?

No. 442140

Can anyone who knows about these sorts of things comment on how she was fine the day after IVIG and then going to the ER the next? Is it feasible the sideeffects would be delayed by a day like that?

The things she went to the ER for - headache/migraine, vomiting… obviously she can make herself vomit so that's easy to fake. Do they have anyway to test her pain level or would they just take her word for it?

What I'm asking is, is it possible she faked this entire thing and fooled the ER docs, or is it more likely something was actually wrong with her?

No. 442150

I think if she stops IVIG, she wasn't lying. If she says she's gonna continue it then it's probably fake.

No. 442155

Also, why does fucking EVERY medication she takes HAVE to be IV?

No. 442156

I have an allergy question.

First, I couldn't watch the 8-or-so minute bulk of the ER video. It looks like she just sits on her bed and discusses IVIG, but again, didn't watch.

I don't understand about the pine needles. If she's allergic to touching them, and she says she has a "minor" allergy to them, and Harlow is practically laying on/eating the tree, wouldn't Harlow transfer "pine" to her?

Mary Frey, for instance, does not take her service dog to events where CF people are attending because she's afraid they won't be able to resist petting her dog and that they will transfer their sperimutum (is that what it's called?) to Ollie who will then transfer it to Mary. I guess this is a CF thing where they can't be near enough to transfer sperimutum (?) to each other. Oh, y'all probably know better than me what I'm trying to say.

But the question remains…if she's allergic to pine and Harlow is rubbing his face in it and then sleeping in her bed, well? Wouldn't she have some kind of reaction?

No. 442158


Typically you’re most prone to have the worst side effects during IVIG but you can still have IVIG induced migraines but the likelyhood lesson the as time passes from the infusion.

I’ve been told by many nurses and immunologists that it mainly comes down to rate. Yes some brands don’t do well with certain patients but the east coast is notorious for running it fast. Side effects, especially migraines are mainly related to rate so if they slowed it down and she’d likely not have any bad side effects.

She could have had a migraine just from serotonin imbalance however I don’t believe it was bad enough to warrant a ER trip. In my opinion, if you can open your eyes move and talk then you’ll be fine just gotta tough it out.

I have severe immunodeficiency (CVID -panhypogammaglobulinemia) and the last thing I would do is run to the ER for little things. Hospitals are dangerous for the immunocompromised and we have to be in reverse isolation, they’d never leave someone in the hall. Often hospitals even make it so when we’re in an elevator everyone else has to step out.

Sage for the long post, I hope I saged correctly. I just wanted to give a little info on IVIG and ER trips. Also as someone mentioned a while ago Panhypogammaglobulinemia isn’t a diagnosis itself as jaquie says, it’s a term used to indicate that all immunoglobulin are low.

No. 442159

if she needs a mask to avoid allergens, yes. It should.

No. 442166

The ER put her in a hallway bed, obviously she wasn't sooper sick.

No. 442177


I have a selection of Jacquie's smorgasbord of conditions, and I haven't woken up feeling able to get out of bed since I was about 11. Nothing about her daily activities and schedule (aside from her tube feeds) implies that she's unable to work or function like everybody else.

No. 442179

My friend was a big fan of our Adjustable Girl here, until I started pointing out all of her inconsistencies and showed her this page. As someone who suffers from POTS/EDS/MCAS she was absolutely furious that she'd been lured into all the fake bullshit Jaquie puts out. Now if only we could convince her brainwashed followers that their leader needs serious mental help…
Truer words were never spoken my friend. If I had even half the energy she had…

No. 442193

There are objective ways to tell someone is in pain such as heart rate, blood pressure, rate of breathing. However these are not always reliable due to each individual's varying experience of pain.

No. 442220

Now that you mention it, that's not the first time she's been in a hallway bed in the ER.

No. 442269


Not to mention if her immune system was as bad as she claimed, I highly doubt they'd leave here hanging in the hallway.

In my area, the ER puts less severe patients in the hallway, sometimes they even open up fast track, allowing rooms to actually be used for sick people.

No. 442313


kek whut?? She's her own PR team and the amount of energy she puts into "managing" her illnesses (aka her vlogs) proves she can't be as disabled by illness as she claims to be.

No. 442336

"Good news is, after a cocktail of some medications I feel better" girlfriend, everyone feels better after a cocktail. kek.

No. 442372


A high-profile disability advocate included her shirts in a "disability-positive clothing" post on Twitter. I just wanted so badly to message them and explain why she's so awful. Also her shirts aren't "disability positive" they're just advertising for her!!

No. 442375


Hermetically sealed house here we come!

She even keeps a fucking IV pole in shot even though she's using her dumb backpack??

No. 442377


So she can justify having a port I guess. Also "muh gastroparesis", despite the fact that she could just take meds with her magical chocolate milk.

No. 442378


Yes. Which either means she's lying about being allergic to the tree/"all plants", or she's as dumb as she is deceitful.

No. 442381


Kek it's almost like Jaquie isn't actually immunocompromised….

No. 442406

File: 1513042807911.jpeg (256.61 KB, 750x1334, 1F8DDE27-BED2-408A-B986-298B1F…)

Got super pissed at her bullshit. It’s posted late enough her minions shouldn’t care but she’ll see it. I just can’t with her.

No. 442411

If you’re allergic to a certain plant, you normally can’t eat it. If jaquie is allergic to all plants, she shouldn’t be able able to eat any plants. Yet she regularly eats plants, and even her special formula is plant-based.

No. 442412

Somehow she’s had her port for a long time now, and has never had an infection, which is not uncommon for someone with a good immune system and much better hygiene practices. But is anyone surprised that another claim of hers is total bullshit?

No. 442424


Did you actually post this?

No. 442426

File: 1513044482294.png (49.16 KB, 854x174, Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 02.0…)

> congrats on being such a good munchie!

No. 442430

I was actually going to ask if anybody has ever discussed her preciou port and it’s mysterious Disney magical powers. She’s had this thing for a whole year, right? And never claimed ANY problems with it? Not even allergies? In one blog she even said she had never missed her port during accessing, which anybody with even a little bit of port knowledge would know is total bull because ports shift and you will inevitably miss it at least once.

Her immune system is SO bad but no port infection?? Not even a localized celulitis at the site of access? I call bullshit in that too. I’ve heard of folks with perfectly health immune systems who get infection after infection. There’s no rhyme or reason to it just that you have a fucking needle in your chest 24/7 you WILL get an infection eventually in 9/10 cases.

How about her stupid MCAS diagnosis??? Let’s discuss the fact she uses normal tagaderm and chlorhexidine, two of the toughest dressing materials that can be used on central lines. Anybody with true MCAS would NEVER tolerate this combo, or if they did, they would eventually develop a severe chemical burn on the site due to constant exposure. She says uses skin prep, but so what? Most people with MCAS as severe as she claims don’t even tolerate the skin prep, there is a very common dressing combo for people with MCAS (not gonna write it here cause then next thing we know J will be saying she needs this special combo for her port) and the type she uses is nowhere near.

Those precious biopatches she wears around her port? (The little disk) also covered in chemicals most MCAS ppl can’t tolerafe and also almost never covered by insurance (she has the brand name and insurance will only cover generic) so if she’s buying that out of pocket, we’re talking about a $10 patch a week.

So this magic sooper sick girl has a port for a year and
-no infections
-no reactions
-no chemical burns
-no problems with insurance
-no mistakes being accessed


Ports have so many problems especially for legit patients. They flip, they hurt, they’re difficult to access, and not intended to be kept accessed 24/7. No way she has a port this long with no problems.

Two possibilities here:
She’s bullshitting about all of her conditions and therefore tolerated the port fine, like a healthy person. When anybody who actually needed a port would’ve had SOME sort of issue by now.

Or she’s somehow managed to cover up any issues she’s had with her port which would be surprising cause we all know she’d love those asspats


No. 442435


I've wondered this! I sometimes use Tegaderm and whenever I do it makes the skin underneath so itchy and angry! But she's fine!

No. 442436

Of course. I can re- screenshot it if you want (or you can go look- it was a bit pointless to mark out my face)
The thing with Jaquie is that she uses up so many resources others desperately need. Like, she went to the ER for a headache. She got meds, a doctor, a nurse, supplies, a bed, and time that someone else needed.
There are people who can’t afford basic medical care and she’s throwing it away like it’s nothing. The ER is exactly what it says it is- an EMERGENCY room. A headache is not an emergency and neither is anything that ever happens with her tube.

No. 442437


In that case, I think it's been deleted.

No. 442439

File: 1513045393240.png (445.54 KB, 750x1334, ACEF94C7-F0E8-41E1-8563-763B31…)

Just taken a moment ago. I always see her vids late so I usually avoid getting deleted. I’ve posted similar stuff before on occasion but nothing as nasty, usually limited to what’s in the video (which, thanks to you guys, I get to mute).
Funny thing is, I get angriest at her when I’m sick (on top of the autoimmune thing). She enjoys her fake sickness while we’re all trying to cook, clean, get healthier, and live normal lives. But I digress.

No. 442442


Ahh, not sure why I couldn't find it then. I guess it got lost among the love and prayers and "help me get a feedin toob too!" posts.

No. 442496


Nah, a good munchie would have been sure to be admitted. Maybe if she keeps faking these reactions enough they'll actually take her ivig away, though.

No. 442505

File: 1513053876743.png (6.33 MB, 2208x1242, 22E7545D-7DCF-42A1-AD35-109C4D…)

Forgot her sooper important mask. Remembered a stuffed animal. Toddler Jacquie has her priorities straight.

No. 442553

Yeah, it really bothers me too. She never talks about how much of a pain in the ass it is to restart your access because you missed your port or it just wouldn't flush. It sucks to have to redo the entire sterile field, sterilize yourself, and stab yourself again. I've only had mine since the summer but I've missed TONS of times and my Port moves.

I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that she hasn't had any problems with her port given the list of diagnoses she claims.

I have MCAS and use Chloraprep because Iodine caused a horrid reaction the first time they used it on me. I also can't stand Tegaderm because I wind up scratching at the dressing until I tear it. I now use something other than Tegaderm which sticks a lot better and is less irritating for my skin.

(medfagging a bit)

I'm totally with you OP. It's absolute BULL that she hasn't experienced any problems, further proving just how adjustable our girl is.

(Sage for Medfagging in order to trash our Munchie Queen's claims of Port Perfection)

No. 442628



I know it’s been a few days since your post but seeing that we find out in just a few short hours what the outcome is from this super important surgeon appointment (so important that she turned down a hospital admission (!!!) and accepted just getting “fixed up by the ER doctor” in her rush to the ER trip with mommy) I thought I’d add my suspicion in… I’m pretty sure she’s messing with her tube in an attempt to kink it. She has the sooper speshul syringe to empty the saline from the balloon holding the toon secure in her collection of Jaquieboner-inducing medical “gadgets”… I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she’s draining just enough water from the balloon and has figured out a way to kink it just to get her yummy Cat Valium. She seems to love the effect of Ketamine a little too much.

I’ve been watching Jaquie since her vlog started. I found her on IG (rather her account was suggested) and I’ve been building resentment since day one. She’s a manipulative, entitled, spoiled, dramatic, lying bitch. You can tell when she lies with that glance away she always does. She has a husband that enables her and who is outwardly miserable. All of the “right, Babe?!” follow ups to her questions confirms that. I laugh and I’m almost embarrassed for her at her self proclaimed kitchen prowess. She cooks the same nasty ass chicken every. single. time. In a few videos, it even looks quite diseased itself.

Here’s one thing that I’ve found interesting… she has this tachycardia that she claims to be sooo high all the time… yet has no doctor put two and two together to the fact that she nebulizes these steroids into her lungs several times a day and that those treatments RAISE heart rate? ALSO, tachycardia is a side effect that is well known for inhalers which she has at the ready in her collection of porn and could very well be puffing it a few times before she uses that stupid pink pulse ox meter to induce tachy episodes. And those are also known to lower potassium levels which also screw with muscles and your HEART! So she’s got this allllllll figured out.

She’s getting all of these clone vloggers running around now… Chronically Amy, who claims to be inspired for the name by our good friend… who is just horrifying to watch… something is wrong with her and her unhealthy looking dog. She passed out driving the other day and is back on the road today (on the verge of hospital for that malnutrition, guys!) to do some training because she is 17 and already a qualified dog trainer!! Then of course, The Spoonielife (@spoonielife_amanda on IG) who is a freak copycat down to the dog and matching patches and gear… and angioedema and IV Benadryl… pretty much all of it… to name the worst.

Anyways, let’s see what the extra important surgeon and GI appointments today… my bet is she’s pushing for TPN. Which is just absurd. But makes her more special, y’all.

I linked Amanda’s most recent video if anyone wants to see Jaquie 2.0…

No. 442639

Did she even tell her ER doc that she has EDS? Don't they know it's hella bad to combine hypermobile joints with steroids? Ugh.

Wait, no – get more steroids, Jaq! Maybe then you'll actually become dangerously hypermobile and sublux something for real! /sarcasm

No. 442645

Do you think she's totally aware of what she's doing? Or do you think she's deluded herself into thinking she is actually sick? I really can't make up my mind!

The way she manipulates drs to get what she wants makes me think she has to know what she's doing, but then her weird, misplaced panic when she can't run her nootrishun because the tube kinks seems genuine in a way? Not the idea that she can't eat if the tube kinks, that bit is obviously bs, but her panic and how upset she gets about it seems real. Could it be that she's so deluded she really does THINK she relies on the tube for nutrition and therefore not having it freaks her out? Or is it just an eating disorder thing where she freaks out at the idea of eating when the tube isn't working because then people might realize she doesn't need it and she'll be expected to eat like a grown up?

I hope the surgeon tells her to take the tube out full stop.

No. 442659

I can't watch even a few minutes of Amanda. I do know from her IG that it is almost Single White Female creepy how much she has copied Jaquie and that in the intro to her vlogs she steals the "don't you think we're better together" line that the Freys use. It's sad and kind of scary.

No. 442666


Is it possible that Jacquie's port has NEVER been de-accessed?

No. 442676


Honestly, I think she’s in full control and knows very well what this chronic illness cash cow is. The scary part is that she’s got these young followers who worship her starting to emulate her. These teen girls are going to start “being unable to eat without vomiting” and it’s dangerous, even possibly lethal.

One thing I forgot to mention in my post was she says something in her Sunday video that is a common drug seeker phrase. I learned from an ER nurse that when a patient is drug seeking they purposely play stupid and mispronounce the drug when talking to the ER staff, in most cases, dilaudid. ER Doc: “So, Jaquie, what’s worked for your pain in the past?” Chronically Waquie: “Ummm, well, I thiiiiink when I had aseptic meningitis I was given… uhhh.. diloolah… dilottie…diluted… dilaudid?! And that helped SOOO much!” And for as much as good ol’ Jaq knows about her “medicines” (I want to throat punch her every time she says medicines - a total copy on Mary Frey) you know good and well she knows what dilaudid is. She’s pretending like she’s never had it and you can bet that’s what they gave her for the completely made up bullshit case of aseptic meningitis. That was a definite clue to me that this is all made up and she has several problems and she (and Judd) is in complete denial!

I know she has to have an eating disorder covered up by her sooper turrible gastropuhresis. She loves “draining and venting” way too much. And her claim to not be mentally ill is just another lie. She has all of these easily faked conditions, all of these “clinical” diagnoses from her ever growing team of doctors… never does she ever seem to have any continuity in her care… there’s always something new. She never has posted an angioedema rash on IG or shown one on YouTube… just herself scratching herself to make herself red… anyone that scratches themselves turns red. Claims of throat “spasms” as she coined them… never been intubated… has a couple of times alluded to the fact that a few specialists have caught on to her bullshit lies… like that one allergist that Julian drove her to in I think February… and once during a hospitalization she had a bad specialist and she “fired” him. I don’t recall exact videos or dates for links though.

There is one video that she has where she was treated bad by some paramedics that I will try to find the link to today though… she is such a fucking princess that when they “tried to put an IV in somewhere I didn’t want and had never had, I went non-verbal due to my (also made up) Autism!” They then mistook her “rocking as a way to self stimulate” or some bullshit phrasing as being combative and had to restrain and sedate her and were apparently mocking her Autism diagnosis… probably because a) they also call bullshit and b) were tired of being her Uber. That episode (because it’s always a fucking drama soap opera) was super entertaining and equally annoying!

New video soon… over under on how many toobz Waquie will come home with soon! Ready… go!

No. 442677


You know..I've never seen it not accessed. Like, ever.

No. 442684


I remember that video and being so confused because she's never had an issue with being non-verbal/ rocking before. Which likely means 1) none of it went down that way or 2) she was putting on a show for the EMTs and that's just fucking lunacy. I can imagine acting in front of the camera/ vlogs, but in front of actual EMTs, in real life, no cameras around? She's a fucking nut bag.

No. 442693


Because it is literally accessed 24/7 which is really why I think her immunosuppressive BS lies are lies… that much continued access really opens one up for infection. A normal person would have had sepsis at some point with all of her “emergency” port changes because the stupid fuckwit can’t figure out how to take a shower with the damn thing and keep it dry even after having it this long… over a year, y’all… don’t ya remember Jaq just had her “portiversary” where we got to hear that robotic and rehearsed “small device implanted under my skin to prevent repeated pokes…” line once again… and again… and again… the OCDness of her port care supplies alone makes me wonder if she doesn’t have OCD as well as all of her other hidden mental illnesses.

No. 442695


She did her mistaken pronunciation of dilaudid again. Now you KNOW it is her pretending she doesn’t know what it is.

No. 442697

eat a hush puppy
…but i need to feeding toobz guys. i can't eat any food.

No. 442698

Wonder why she didn’t use her wheelchair at all today? (Insert eye roll here)

No. 442729

In today’s vlog little miss “I’m so heat sensitive” wears 2 sweaters, a T-shirt, hat, and scarf in 60 degree weather. Is it just me or would other people with heat sensitive die if they were that bundled up?

Sage for blogging but my heat sensitivity means that I don’t wear a jacket unless it’s 30 below, and even then, there are short sleeves under that jacket in case I get too hot.

No. 442732


But obviously no compression socks, kek

No. 442734

Kek she also suddenly doesn't have sensory issues because she likes winter clothes! That sweater looks itchy as hell.

And yes, heat sensitive person here - i dress in layers BUT they have to be super easy to quickly take off if I start overheating because no one wants to see me pass out with a sweater stuck over my head lol. I would NEVER wear two sweaters that were pullovers / didn't have buttons or a zipper in front.

I get that she live in FL and mentally she's used to a hotter temp, but if she really has such bad heat sensitivity her body won't care what she's used to.

No. 442773

Did I hear correctly that Princess Munchie prepared THIRTY TWO questions for the surgeon?!

Who the fuck prepares that many questions?!

No. 442780

Is the vlog you were talking about?

She states she had been looking forward to hospital breakfast?! Who the fuck looks forward to hospital food?!

She's so daft, in an emergency, you don't get to decide where you get stuck.Oh and she started screaming she says? Guess her reaction wasn't so bad cause she could scream. Glad the paramedic called her on her bullshit.

No. 442782


Good lord, does she touch her hair enough in that vlog?! Is this a sign that she's lying?

No. 442846

And I'm willing to bet every single one of those 32 questions are specifically designed to steer the surgeon into doing exactly what Miss Munchie wants. She claims she is so undecided about the whole toob situation, but I have a feeling she has a plan and knows exactly how she wants things to play out. She doesn't strike me as the type of person to be so undecided about anything medical.

I mean anyone who has a complicated medical history or major disability will jot things down before appointments so they don't forget something (especially if it's a specialist appointment), but 32 questions is just over-kill!

No. 442874


I suspect it'll be designed to steer them towards the drug that helps her that she can't remember the name of…. Diluted? Diddlud?

No. 442883

It's crazy that she meets this surgeon and feels he's a "good fit" for her, so she'll get surgery. She's "comfortable" with him. Why the fuck does it matter if you get along with your surgeon? How does she not see she's full of bullshit?

No. 442885

I'm surprised she let Judd play with her head/hair like that at the end of the vlog given her special, incredibly painful neck.

No. 442887

Good point. A good personality fit doesn't equal a good surgeon. My knee surgeon is one of the biggest jerks I have ever met in my life and has a reputation for being a jerk but is a damn good surgeon. She is such a munchie moron. How is she able to pull the wool over sooo many people's eyes?

No. 442890


It might not equal a good surgeon, but it does equal someone who is taken in by her bullshit.

No. 442894

Weren't most of us taken in by her bs to begin with, for some of us even to our own detriment? Not surprised new doctors get taken in as well- then they can't just drop a patient without evidence she's lying/ feigning- and Jaquie is too cunning.

No. 442897


Is it bad that I feel a bit superior for never having trusted this one? Something always felt off about the extremely choreographed explanation-for-everything aspect of her posts.

No. 442912

Yes, but what I mean is that we gave her the benefit of the doubt despite suspicions.

No. 442935

I also want to add, she let it slip that she takes propanolol (I believe) for POTS. Propanolol and beta blockers in general are not good for asthmatics. Any legit doc who works with asthmatics will not allow you to be on them. I have POTS and started on propanolol. I have the mildest asthma you can imagine. It basically only flares during peak allergy season. Within a month of starting the beta blocker, I was winded just fell standing. My allergist insisted it be changed and sure enough it fixed the issue. I think she knows a lot of her meds cause certain side effects and she knows it can exacerbate certain conditions. Much like the asthma meds can play up heart rates.

No. 442951


Not to mention, those of us who need EpiPens shouldn't be on beta-blockers because they block the EpiPen from working. My allergist found out I was on a beta blocker and immediately wanted me off incase I had contact with my food allergen.

No. 442958

Also not to mention propranolol is a really 'dirty' drug because it crosses the bbb. It's not well tolerated by most people- horrible side effects. I'd imagine someone with so many health issues would not want to be on them because the side effects usually outweigh the pros and it's really not that effective. It's effective for mild pots symptoms and anxiety though. Jaquie being anxious despite being on propranolol says a lot- she has some extreme anxiety going on.

No. 442992

Jaquie must have received a personal Christmas miracle early—somehow her unique anatomy has normalized and now the surgeon can place a 2nd buh-un for her nutrition. Was there ever any doubt that a 2nd tube would be necessary?
Maybe the next surgeon can change the Fentanyl/Ketamine combo (for the complex tube surgery) to "Dah-loo-did"/Ketamine. Santa, please bring twin tubie pads–you can skip the new bikini since she now will have 3 surgical holes in her.
Missing detail–was it Julian that lifted their Ken & Barbie cars into his vehicle for the trip to the dogpark, or was it our favorite shape-shifter who can do AMAZING things like bending, lifting, crawling on the floor, going up & down steps, etc. whenever she forgets that she can't? Or who can eat fried hushpuppies and drink soda when she forgets that she can only "nibble" on Judd's food. Too bad she doesn't also forget to film it and expose her lies.
Looking forward to the orthotic appt later this month to get fitted for hip and knee braces—she's going to be the hot wife at the policemans' ball!

No. 442993


Yeah that's crazy to me too. Surely it's not that hard to put her on some other cardio selective version. Way less/no side effects so you can up the dose if you have to. I believe fatigue is a side effect of the one she's on right?

(Sorry for blogging but it's relevant I believe)
I was on a similar beta blocker but I have issues with fatigue in general so they switched me to bisoprolol and upped my dose. Problem solved. And I didn't even need a port for infusions guys!!

No. 442994

Today Jaq was hanging out with Julian and she brought up how much lighter Harlow's color is compared to Atlas'. She said "we call her our sun-bleached dog".

Maybe she really is reading here. People were comparing Harlow and Orion's color very very recently.

No. 442998


Propanolol nearly killed me (I have POTS and didn't know it at the time). So Jacquie must have a generally good constitution to tolerate it!

No. 442999

propranolol definitely causes extreme fatigue- it also lowers your blood pressure sometimes to the point of making your fingers turn blue. If Jaquie has low blood pressure, why isn't this happening?

No. 443012

This is such a munchie thing to say. No1curr about your medfagging.

No. 443045

Oh, calm your tits. It's been established multiple times that sharing personal medical info when relevant to discussion is helpful to understand why munchie claims aren't realistic. And no, I'm not the anon you jumped on.

No. 443063

There's a massive difference between sharing medical info in a useful way (which many anons do in the Jaq threads without being obnoxious), and hurr durr poor me, a basic ass beta blocker nearly killed me. If you can't see that for the OTT whining and self dramatizing it is then I don't know what to say to you. It doesn't contribute whatsoever.

And there's nothing wrong with pointing it out when anons start pityfagging about their own health or meds. 99% chance you've done this yourself, which is why you're bitching now.

No. 443080

Fucking this. Thank you.

No. 443096

So now that God has spoken to her that she should go for the two toobz… and she is saying it will happen in January…

Anyone with me that since Christmas takes the focus off her that her toob is going to kink conveniently to EMERGENTLY admit her? Since she seems to starve to death in a matter of mere hours without her speshul nutrition! Get that TPN and “IV delooted” ready for her, Doc! Right around Christmas to make it all about her… strangely, that’s right around when her angioedema (or recurrent anaphylaxis or idiopathic anaphylaxis) started causing her to be admitted for that on tap IV Benadryl. Anything to keep Judd all to herself away from his family. Maybe Judd’s Mom will pack her another ziplock bag of mashed potatoes to shove down her epic shit eating pie-hole in the hospital. Because they were so tasty, y’all.

All after a trip to Disney to show off the glow-in-the-dark Barbie Car, of course.

No. 443100


Are they going to Judd's for Christmas?

No. 443108


I think they're going to Judd's parents this weekend for an early Christmas celebration.

No. 443110


In that case place bets now:
Tube kink
Occurrence of intolerable pain
or Sudden allergy to their Christmas tree despite being fine with her own one.

No. 443113

Do we have to pick? Knowing Jaquie she'll work it all in. Don't forget the low blood sugar and syncope.

No. 443117


If she ran her feed as she was supposed to and didn't snack on junk (despite being "reliant" on tube feeds) she wouldn't get low blood sugar kek

No. 443133

With any luck, maybe her narcolepsy will flare and she will sleep thru the weekend so Judd can visit his family without her crap.

No. 443137

But, isn’t the unnamed metabolic disorder that causes her low blood sugars?

Also, anyone find it strange she claims to have mito but never talks about it. Everyone I’ve seen with mito has been crazy sick… maybe Jaquie’s just saving that one up. It’s sooper rare just how she likes it.

No. 443141

I think it's more likely that she waited to schedule the surgery for January because she's somehow kinking it on purpose. Therefore she knows it won't kink over Christmas, while she's enjoying herself! Adjustable Jaquie. How nice to not be sick over the holidays (make sure to leave your trash and medical equipment all over the houses you stay at though Jaq, can't let them forget how super sick you are.)

No. 443142


Mmm yes… tontry and milk a Dexcom our if that sooper good Tri-Care. That system is around $1700 a month for the sensors, $2000 every three months for the transmitter and if you don’t have an iPhone to run the app or a G4 instead of a G5 you have to buy the receiver at another $2000ish… but Jaq will be so tickled… it comes in pink!

No. 443144

So I find it crazy to have 32 questions for a surgeon so I sat here and tried to think of just even 10… but then I was like… what Would Jaquie Ask?

1. Is there a weight restriction on lifting? Can I still lift hush puppies and Menchies? And Publix cookies?

2. Will there be copious amounts of Cat Valium for my anesthesia so I reach “therapeutic” dose?

3. Can you put me under an alias during registration? I’m internet famous.

4. Will the nurses fan me with epipens and spoonfeed me IV Benadryl? (And hold my camera?)

Really, though? 32?

No. 443195


I don't know what's weirder, the fact that she had 32 questions or the fact that she counted them like it's a point of pride.

No. 443219

Top kek thanks anon! Gold star for you

No. 443271

Are we sure about the propanolol? Because this
>>442935 post is a reaction to that post with the video of one of Jaq's clones, and I am very sure Jaq said in one of her vlogs a while ago that she can't take beta blockers.

So.. where does Jaq say she is on propanolol?

No. 443292

5. will a seperate tube drain better?
6. can you do some lipo on me, since I am under already? Someone on the internet said my tummy sticked out.

But in all seriousness, WHY does she need to see a second surgeon? She likes this surgeon and thinks he knows what he's talking about, he has experience with this specific surgery, and she has already decided. What TF is the second opinion for??

When she was in the hospital for an NJ tube and one doctor started talking about a surgical tube, she didn't really care as long as she got a tube and would be getting nutrition. So her being overly cautious and asking 32 questions for a surgery just doesn't fit. She didn't research ketamine side effects, or the controversy of intra articular use of Toradol. Her port surgery was decided on really quick, and I'm pretty sure she didn't consult another surgeon for it. She didn't seek a second opinion for other invasive treatments like starting saline infusions and having a tube in the first place. What's more, she saw several doctors who either didn't approve of IV saline or weren't outspoken against it, but didn't want to prescribe it to her. She didn't take their opinions seriously at the time, but just shopped until she found a doctor who was willing to do exactly what she asked. She also didn't have any problems with doctors practicing outside their scope in the past, e.g. prescribing treatments they didn't have any experience with.

But NOW she needs to see a second surgeon? I don't buy it. From her perspective, it only increased the risk of coming across a doctor who will call her on her BS. I'm telling you she has an agenda with this, I'm just not sure which one. I think she is going for TPN, at least as a temporary option to 'keep her alive' when her tube kinks. She either thinks she can get more out of this than 'just' a second tube, OR she is just really afraid of the pain of the surgery. Or both.

No. 443317


Oh great. Let me get this straight. She takes steroids for her asthma, and those are bad for EDS. She takes beta blockers for her POTS and those are bad for asthma. Good medication for thing A = bad medication for thing B. Anyone got any other nice examples to add?

Aaaand now she'll probably mention in a video soon how a medicine that's good for one condition can exacerbate (one of her fave words!) another and oh my, y'all, my body is so complicated!!

No. 443476

Last night I decided to watch her vlogs pre-feeding tube to see how she acts in comparison to when the tube kinks now.

Tube kinks now- Exhasuted, can't leave the house, sleeps all day. Basically dying.

Prefeeding tube hospitalization- Was excited and filmed all the too many things she brought to the hospital. Didn't seem tired at all, in fact she seemed thrilled.

You'd think pre tube she'd be the worst she had been in her life. Honestly, she seems better than she is now with the tube.

No. 443489

Ok, Jaquie AND Judd are conceited assholes. Heard on today’s episode: “A lot of y’all are asking how to behave if you ever see us in public…” “it’s always good to meet fans!” Gag.

And that horrific pornstache has to go. He just looks like a douche.

Internet famous, guys.

No. 443516


Well, I'm pretty sure she doesn't have EDS based on her presentation and ability to do things most people who actually have it can't do….

No. 443524

Today's idea of a fun adventure date: going to the zoo and buying Judd a new toy (he didn't find the one he wanted. He was legit sad.) They are both children.

Numerous times Judd filmed jaquie rolling away, way ahead of him ("and… There she goes"). So much for being able to roll along beside him, she's off and away with her new found independence.

Jaquie had a rule there'd be no med talk. Except for the times she couldn't eat, was nauseous, needed the IF zofran, and the times her arms were so weak she couldn't easily control herself going downhill. Oh and don't forget all the service dog talk about Harlow not going to the zoo despite being good at the zoo and being allowed to go to the zoo. Nah, she's not getting any much needed exercise today, she's staying home, alone by herself.

No. 443525

See if you guys can guess what she cooked for dinner after a self proclaimed, particularly hard day suffering from GP.

Here's a clue, it starts with creamy chicken breast and ends with pasta.

No. 443534

Did anyone catch the epic shit show that is Paul and Janiece on their live broadcast today? Talk about a couple of loot whores riding Jaq’s coattails… not only do they have an Amazon gift list but now a PO Box… I can not stand how Paul and Janiece talk about how they treat medical personnel… I’m sure Jaquie waived her teaching fees to make sure BFF Janiece knows how to tantrum her way into ridiculous diagnoses and even more ridiculous medical items… yesterday Janiece really talked about nurses like all they are meant to do is wipe asses. It was really not surprising seeing that she learns from the best.

So many people are just sucked in to Jaquie’s bullshit. Buying her awfully designed t-shirts… I saw a comment recently between two chronically ill BFFs… “Thanks for being the Jaquie to my Janiece!”

Just. No.

What’s really terrible is that there are genuine, clean, family YouTubers out there that recently got completely demonetized… yet YouTube trash like Jaquie and Janiece continue to make money on YouTube… there’s got to be something that can be done to get this bitch off YouTube… we just haven’t figured it out yet.

No. 443546

Can you guys PLEASE fucking link the shit you are talking about? This thread is a wall of text with missing vlogs/images. Imageboard plz.

No. 443553


You know she tells him “ok, film me rolling away for the vlog!” the entire time they are out somewhere where she can show off the Barbie Car. She looks so… pathetic.

Nope, nothing medical today. Full of shit. She didn’t want to disappoint and stray from the norm pathological lies!

Oh god I have Pail and Janiece’s live running and just realized they have superchat enabled and people are actually paying it!

Dafuq? Did someone drop these subscribers as babies? Mommy eat paint chips? People are that hungry for attention that they have to pay Princess Enema extra to be noticed?

I was in Jaq’s 50k live chat. That was just like 400 people paying $50 a pop for a Jaquie asspat in the live chat. More monies for those super hideous table mats and tubie pads and spare cameras and new laptops and sooper speshul bed…

No. 443568

File: 1513219117603.jpeg (466.54 KB, 1237x1510, D45EBD97-070F-4E5E-93FF-5FC42D…)


Sorry anon. Most of what I was talking about was memory… but I did find a fake baby that the owner (Mom?) plays with (as an adult) that is watching Jaquie in my quest to find that post I saw months ago in to which I was referring… maybe that will help. I will do better anon. But for now fakerealbaby.

No. 443572


I bet NOBODY is asking that. Nobody. She just wants to make out that they are doing so because she's so popular you guys.

No. 443573


Do you think they declare their internet earnings to the IRS?

No. 443597


lolz I love the idea that the #chronicallyjaquie tag is going to be taken up by this freaky melted looking doll

No. 443640

I have to comment on her “having” mito. I actually have mito and it’s hinestly awful. There are only 4 doctors in the United States and there’s a lot of medicine you need to be on. Also how she claims she was tested is not how they test for mito. So full of crap! And my bet on why she doesn’t talk about it. There’s very little information on it. Every persons is so different and can really effect them differently. No two cases look the same.

No. 443641


The "no two cases alike" thing probably plays to her favor. She can be terribly afflicted but it's all invisible kek

No. 443671

Janiece is just a terrible person. I don't even feel sorry for Paul, he knew what she was like when he married her. Janiece was so hellbent on bitching about the nurse that she never ended up saying how the drs appointment went. I assume it was another dr who couldn't find anything wrong with her. Whatever happened to her butthole PT?

No. 443679

Link/embed please

No. 443726

File: 1513243510501.png (1.14 MB, 923x649, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 09.2…)

It's sad how normal and happy they looked just 2.5 years ago. No vogmask, no leggings, no V necks (so no "muh sensory issues"), no tubes flopping out all over the place. Ironically, this is what most actually chronically ill people look like - like everybody else! I guess this was before she decided to rebrand as The Sickest Little YouTuber.

No. 443828

In today’s video she didn’t do the squinty eye thing when she was “exhausted” from prepping Harlow’s raw diet for two weeks. I think she is reading here. (I tried to attach the video, but I’m unsure if I did it right until it posts)

No. 443842

LOL she says 'wants to take the best care of Harlow that she can' while at the same time admitting she feeds Harlow raw meat that has been frozen-defrosted-and-refrozen. Gross.

No. 443845


Well yeah. Most certainly she doesn't. Not sure she has asthma either, considering how little she coughs when she has a cold… I'm just saying – making yourself more sick than you (allegedly) are by taking tons of meds is such classically munchie behavior, and I refuse to believe she hasn't looked up and memorized ALL the contraindications and side effects of ALL her medications long ago…

No. 443850

I agree, it seems as though she is reading here. Showing lots of love to Harlow and the entire vlog is devoted to her nutrition. Lots of people have been paying attention to Harlow's health these last few days and so she needs to address it.

Same with the Star Wars toy - focusing on that. There was discussion about Judd being ignored here and now they may a special trip for him to find a toy he wants.

I have mixed feelings about her reading here if she is. Instead of focusing on what people are saying and catering to that, she just needs to be honest. Catering her content to this crowd (or any crowd) to try and provide answers to every question is just going to be exhausting. She will always have critics.

No. 443854

I've only seen the first few minutes of this video, but I've noticed her prepping in stages and defrosting the meat she had already prepped in the process of adding other meat/veggies/whatever. And refreezing it later, of course. Yeah.. that's gross.

Also, I don't get why people feed their animals human-consumption-quality meat. There's LOTS of reasons why it is better to consume less meat/animal products in general (environmental, animal welfare, geopolitical, world hunger, health, etc.) and many people nowadays reduce their meat consumption. But at the same time, more and more people start to feed their pets raw, which means they need to eat a LOT more (quality) meat. It doesn't make sense to me.

I know that's not really a lolcow-worthy topic and I don't plan to make a discussion out of it, but when she says "Everything I feed Harlow could also feed a family" she acts like that is a good thing, while many people think that this is actually a big problem.

No. 443856

Also.. (samefag, sorry) her "I know that feeding raw is not feasible for everyone, so I'm not putting anyone down who doesn't do raw" is only making is worse. She does this a lot: e.g. about her Patreon: "I know not everyone can donate, and that is OK", blahblah is doing exactly that. Before she said it, I didn't even think that she was trying to say everyone should feed raw or that she thinks feeding raw is superior. But the second she says that, it becomes condescending. "I know it is not feasible for everyone". Not Jaquie, not everyone WANTS to feed raw. Some even think it is a bad thing. Not only for the reasons I mentioned, but there's also a lot of vets who don't support it.

The more she says that there is nothing wrong with doing things in a different way than she is, the more it sounds like she thinks she is superior for doing it the way she does it.

No. 443872

Totally agree. It didn’t cross my mind either until she said “I know it is not feasible for everyone"
Also, did she mention anything medical for her besides her talking about the new surgery and how she will handle the raw feeds then? Usually her whole videos are about all her medical crap and the last few days it’s barely been mentioned except for the surgery stuff. What would have made her tone herself down other than reading here?

No. 443874


And leaves it sitting out at room temperature while going to watch Glee

No. 443895

I'm still torn about that. There are definitely coincidences but there is a part of me that doesn't see her or Janiece having control not to post here if they were reading here. And they are definitely not posting here.

No. 443912

I already thought I couldn't possibly be the only one. It's condescending AF when she says it like that. And as I wrote, she does that A LOT. "I'm not saying everyone should do this, I know not everyone can.." Yes girl, you just did.

Probably almost a whole day. She takes hours prepping, and leaves everything out on the counter while she takes her many breaks. And when she decides to add something in, she defrosts all the 'baggies' and does the same thing before she refreezes it yet again. But I'm glad to know she doesn't worry about the bacteria. She really should, though.

YES. Sometimes I think she must be reading here, but most of the time I don't. Like you said, she probably won't be able to control herself. I also think she would adress it in her videos if she did. And while I can somehow see Jaquie being smart enough not to react and just ignore it alltogether as to not make things worse for herself (I think if somehow her followers would come here, a lot of them would see our side as there is a LOT of evidence), I cannot see Janiece ignoring it. And I don't think Jaquie would keep something like this a secret from Janiece. She seems to vent a lot to her (hence the 'body transplant' remark which she somehow thinks is very funny even when she repeats it again and again).

So.. I'm not sure. I think a lot of the 'coincidences' when she seems to adress something that was discussed here quite recent is because lolcow spills over a bit in her comment section on both YouTube and Instagram. By that I mean that either farmers react to her saying things we discussed, OR that other people just notice the same things. Her inconsistencies aren't subtle, so we're definitely not alone. I know there are many people who 'converted' to our side after they read stuff about Jaquie here, but I'm pretty sure there are just as many who found this site because they knew Jaquie is full of shit (I can't be the only one, can I?)

No. 443915


The subtext of "I'm not saying everyone should do this, I know not everyone can.." is "But if you can, you absolutely, 100% should."

No. 443983

Well said regarding whether she reads here or not. I was going to post the same thoughts.

No. 443990


It's so hard to ask questions about things in her videos. I've seen people ask innocent, genuine questions, and have 5 or so of her "fans" answer for her either obsessively or defensively.

No. 444037

File: 1513290552539.png (1.01 MB, 1136x640, IMG_5110.PNG)

I realize that I'm somewhat late to the party but this is her earlier this week, on 63 degree day, wearing a sweater, hat and scarf inside and eating hush puppies after the appointment for her second feeding toooob.

No. 444054


Is she actually drinking that soda? Because for severe GP that would be very inadvisable.

No. 444070

File: 1513294118526.png (9.19 MB, 2208x1242, 394CDD5F-E252-4F33-A35F-85AE84…)


No… she did her faker face right after she was done and the prep was put away… and she walkered herself to the couch to die. I’m pretty sure we can’t go a full episode without seeing that cringy liar face.

No. 444078


Anon brings up a good point here and just something I find ridiculous is where she buys her quality meat… Sam’s Club bulk. This isn’t meat that is organic, range-fed, no hormones, etc. Nope, it’s just plain ol’ chemical filled chicken boobies. It’s like the people who make that sooper speshul bone broth… from a Foster’s Farm frozen chicken. It’s been proven that you may as well drink that $1.69 store brand preservative filled broth instead and save yourself the work.

Btw, WTF is wrong with this chicken she is using for dinner one night a while back? It’s seriously diseased… and if you want a good laugh, check that IG account out. I’m dead. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

No. 444086

The picture is stomach turning. Nice advert to your page though. One post and zero followers. I am sure you just stumbled on it and are in no way affiliated.

No. 444102

File: 1513296876465.jpeg (163.08 KB, 1233x1191, C9085B85-72E8-4787-814E-D734A9…)


No big… here’s just the chicken. Closer up. Almost parasitic.

No. 444105

no one cares. find some other milk

No. 444106


So she's super immunodeficient and already easily malnourished so you'd think she'd be careful with raw chicken which can cause salmonella. But no, no gloves, and I'm willing to bet she doesn't use a nail brush either.

No. 444108

According to Jaquie's surgeon a GJ tube is not a good long term solution. So is it odd that Mary Frey has had one so long? Who is the odd statistic? Mary or Jaquie?

No. 444109

how about odd that most people 100% tube dependent have mickey, gj, ect. All 1 permanent tube not 2 jfc.

No. 444111


It’s rare, that’s for sure.

That straight j surgery is going to just wreck her. It’s way more invasive and intensive. I just don’t see how Jaquie is going to do well.’she had a hard enough time with the trans-j. I’m sure mommy will be right by her side… with the camera.

No. 444112

File: 1513298005544.png (1.26 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5112.PNG)

It's kind of hard to tell in this picture but he is pushing against her head. And she's laughing and laughing. Shouldn't that be a big no and/or pain t r i g g e r for someone with soooper suhvere EDS?

No. 444117


Yeah, anyone would have problems after a surgery like that. Despite the fact that she'll probably recover utterly normally, she'll have weeks and weeks of going on about her poor healing due to EDS (which she doesn't have) and "weird anatomy" (which she doesn't have either).

No. 444120


Wow that's as close as they've gotten in ages.

No. 444170

File: 1513300672193.png (1.8 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5114.PNG)

And it ended like this

No. 444187

Veterinary student here… just want to add that in addition to other pet health issues which I won’t go into, raw food diets are absolutely not
advised for pets who have any contact with immunocompromised people(we call them YOPIs or young, old, pregnant, or ahem jacquie immunosuppressed). There are a couple studies out there that show dogs can become subclinical carriers of pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella when fed a raw diet, not to mention the parasites they can pick up and pass on from raw meat. They may never show clinical signs of infection but will continuously shed the bacteria especially in their saliva and in their feces. FYI There is nothing magical about dog saliva, they just aren’t affected by certain pathogens like salmonella in the same way as humans. Additionally, if the water dish isn’t being sanitized after each time that Harlow drinks from it, it too is just one big breeding ground pool party for pathogenic bacteria. If Jacquie is as immunocompromised as she says, I can’t believe she’s not picking up diseases from Harlow, who’s constantly fetching items with her mouth. orrrrr plot twist jacquie’s chronic vomiting and occasional diarrhea is actually recurrent food poisoning from her dog.

No. 444241


I want someone to point this out to both Jacquie and Janiece on YT so badly.

No. 444252

I would love to see her reaction to someone telling her this!!

No. 444255

File: 1513306653475.png (4.01 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_4151.PNG)

I was super surprised to see that - it's literally the most affection I've ever seen between them.

And to the anon who commented on how he was pushing/pulling her head and neck - holy hell that looked violent! Especially for someone who supposedly has such a "painful and hypermobile" neck. (No, I'm
NOT saying Judd was abusing her.)

Just that I'm shocked she didn't cry out in pain or ask him to stop! Even horrified that he did it in the first place tbh - does he perhaps know that a lot of her joint/neck issues are exaggerated or put on?

No. 444275


I bet there'll be lots of comments about how much that must of hurt her, and then tomorrow's vlog will include her remembering to mention how much her neck hurts.

No. 444285

It's actually from Monday's vlog. I'm just super far behind in my Internets this week. No mention of neck pain in Tuesday or Wednesday's vlog. Must be the magic Special K she gets.

No. 444293

As far as I can tell, most of the comments are along the lines of "omfg sew kyute". But it's possible she deleted any commenters that were concerned about her neck.

No. 444332

Mary Frey actually doesn’t have a GJ, she has a straight J and has always had one. She’s ever had a GJ because of her enlarged spleen making that not a good option for her.

I will say that most non-munchies who are tube fed due to Gastroparesis do seem to get J tubes eventually, but thatsvafter years and years of issues and typically the problem is the J portion reversing back itto the stomach, not linking.

No. 444373

sage for medfagging
steroid pills are not contraindicated for EDS, only corticosteroid injections which break down collagen

No. 444519

No one recommends separate tubes for eds unless there’s no other option. And a GJ tube is perfectly fine for long term use. A GJ also never, ever kinks as much as it does for jaquie. There’s something going on that we don’t know about, because her story doesn’t line up with the commonly known facts.

No. 444529

I think so, too. But HOW is it that both her GI and the surgeon seem to agree on the fact that two seperate tubes would be best for her and will solve the problems she has with her tube? I don't understand it.

No. 444557


We don't know that they originally did. Jacquie might have talked them into it?

No. 444574

True, but whatever happened during that consult, in the end they agreed to do the surgery.

(Or that's what she tells us anyway, but I've said before that Jaquie is more subtle in her lies and I don't think she would lie about the surgeon wanting to do the surgery. Maybe about who's idea it was in the first place or about other suggestions they may have had, but not about the end result. Her whole deal is that she gets doctors to do what she wants, so she doesn't have to lie about what they say. And in the past she has shared when doctors didn't believe her, only to be a martyr about "how that mean doctor was so rude and how he didn't understand her illnesses", blahblah.
So long story, but I mean to say that I believe her when she says the surgeon agreed to do the surgery.)

If they would feel strongly enough about something not being right with this young and seemingly healthy lady who so many illnesses that she is a statistical anomaly and claims her anti-kink feeding tube kinks on her all the time, you'd think they would at least try to find an alternative that doesn't involve cutting into her belly and giving her another medical toy. And if they would suspect and eating disorder, you'd think they would try not to give her access to her stomach at the very least, and you'd hope they would refer her to a psychiatrist/clinical psychologist first. I've heard that in some hospitals, it is standard practice to have every patient that is refered for PEG placement accessed by a psychologist. They wouldn't even have to suspect an eating disorder or factitious disorder to do that: a (surgical) tube is a life changing thing and it's good if doctors make sure a patient knows that and has the right support to deal with that. Of course there are situations in which it's very clear that a tube is the best option (children with severe mental AND motor disabilities, people with cancer in especially the GI tract, etc.) but when it comes to things like motility disorders or even IBD where there's almost always multifactorial issues, I think it's generally a good idea to have a psychologist on the team. Who of course has no choice but to depend on the information he or she is given by the patient and maybe their doctors, but at least it's a start.

No. 444624

She LOVES to abuse the ER.

No. 444627

With the saline shortage how the hell is she still getting saline at the frequency she does?

The infusion center I go to has cut back on saline usage in every way possible, no more munchies coming in for saline for sooper suhvere POTS.

No. 444629

Can someone help me understand how things work in the US, please? What is the difference between Urgent Care and the ER? Is it normal to go to an urgent care for a hive that won't go away instead of making an appointment with your GP to have it looked at?

Is it just me or does it look like she's starting to get a sore on her bottom lip around 9.02 in that vid? What's the bet she's going to end up spreading infection all over her body either on purpose or due to her inability to keep anything sterile?

No. 444630

Same reason she gets everything else she gets: her drs are suckers and money talks.

No. 444631


Urgent care is for people who don't have insurance, or if you can't get into your GP and don't need to go to the ER…it's like an in-between.

No. 444649

In today's spew of nonsense, Jaq tries to convince us she doesn't know what Ativan is.

No. 444690

Urgent care is where you go if you think you have strep or a UTI or something that needs an antibiotic but you can't get into see your primary care. People who get migraines and are required to go to an ER for injected medication (if the migraines are that bad) could go to an urgent care instead and be seen much faster than at an ER. Our urgent care can take care of broken bones, concussions, stitches, etc. If you walk into urgent care with heart attack symptoms or appendicitis symptoms, for example, you are sent to the emergency department at the hospital. Our Urgent Care is not on the same property as the hospital.

However, at the hospital where we travel a lot the Emergency Room begins with a triage area where everyone is assessed right away upon arrival (no waiting). Those who are emergent are sent through one door right away. Those who need "urgent care" are sent through a different door. Depending on your issue, the waiting can begin.

No. 444710

So, wait. The vet student says that Harlow's raw diet could be causing the puking. Then, today's vlog, the vlog RIGHT AFTER the raw feed prep vlog begins with vomiting?

Wow…I wonder if there's a pattern…raw prep day, vomit day…

No. 444718

File: 1513368456148.png (1.6 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5121.PNG)

Miss I'm so weak and dizzy from vomiting and muh POTS/EDS uses her walker as a step stool.

No. 444723


Need to repo the walker and the barbie car and give them to someone actually in need.

No. 444724

I don't know whether to believe her on the vomiting or not. Supposedly she is so incredibly sick yet manages to pick up the camera in the midst of a vomiting spell. And then after a short nap finds the energy to dust, clean the upstairs bathroom, restock the medical fridge, do her entire medical routine (on the floor of course) and fold laundry. Seems weird to me. Vomiting for hours should take a lot more out of her than that. Especially someone so "fragile"

No. 444731

Yeah. Seems like someone who really needed a walker and wheelchair shouldn't be able to climb anything. Let alone a device not meant for climbing.

No. 444735

Did I understand correctly that she okayed receiving TWO injections (lidocane and Benadryl) in order to lance a boil?

Nevermind the IV Benadryl and Ativan.

No. 444747

She's changing her intro y'all. Because some of you have complained that it's too long. And she thinks it's too cheery because this vlog is seriousness, okay?

No. 444772


All of that shit for a fucking boil?

No. 444774

I just can't believe she wouldn't read here. It's 6th result on Google for "Chronically Jaquie" and "Jaquie Beckwith" and 7th for "Jaquie Blake youtube." I would be shocked if her fans didn't tell her about this page if she didn't bother to Google herself.

No. 444782


I think she ignores it, and probably deletes the comments referring to it. I'm surprised we don't get more Jacquie fans sperging out in here tbh, they'r so quick to reply to anything questioning her in her YT comments.

No. 444797

(apology upfront for medfagging)
Maybe if Dr. Quack hadn't discontinued her antibiotic treatment early after her toenail surgery, she might not have had another occurrence of MRSA. The MRSA staph superbug is known to camp out quietly in the body waiting for an opportunity to cause reinfection. Most common sites are for entry are the nose and skin but staph can also enter the body thru portals like invasive lines—hmmm, like a medport, feeding tube, or her fave–her hip & neck injections. Exposing herself to possibly contaminated raw meat by prepping it without gloves is totally ignorant–even her dipwad BFF Janiece wears gloves to prep b/c some raw meat is known to carry staph & salmonella. The other likely ways to be exposed is in medical facilities and we all know this healthcare junkie has been overvisiting those. That supposed bugbite on Judd's arm (he's still sporting a bandage) is a classic presentation for staph to show up but she hasn't spilled on whether his was MRSA or not–cuz it's not about Babe, y'all. The final piece of this puzzle is that is is very contagious, spread from sharing washcloths, towels, bed linens, and in her case with her butt boil, the toilet–didn't see her on the floor scrubbing that today.
But we all knew that with the holidays coming up, she would have to rev up her medley of diseases & symptoms so she can ruin everyone's fun–maybe even a trip to the hospital for more comprehensive care, b/c she is such a complex case. Sadly no treatment has been discovered yet for her #1 diagnosis–the disorder of deception.

No. 444801

>>Sadly no treatment has been discovered yet for her #1 diagnosis–the disorder of deception.
O, but there is, It's called the truth. Some people don't want it though, because it's contraindicated with attention whoring and making money off of lies.

No. 444834

File: 1513380186992.png (1.27 MB, 1282x715, perfume.PNG)

Can anybody confirm that there are perfume bottles in Jacquie's bathroom? Right above the left side of the mirror. Those all look like scented body mist or perfume bottles to me – an odd choice for somebody as supposedly sensitive as she is.

No. 444842

That is definitely perfume and you get ALLLLL the Gold Stars for that catch anon.

No. 444850

How is it that there are never any signs of vomit on her (only) sweater? If she vomits so much and so violently there has to be some backsplash…

No. 444852

Wtf is this?

No. 444854

Another thing I have noticed is that she rarely has her hair pulled back during these "episodes" I don't puke often but the hair always, always goes back.

No. 444855

Oh my god Jaquie. For someone so in pain all the time she doesn’t know what the hell pain is. All the angst and even a fucking Atavan for a butt boil?! You don’t have chronic pain. Not even close.

And what’s with letting our hair hang in the raw meat? That is so disgusting

No. 444856

her hair is so gross- raw meat, dirty counter, toilet, puke, not washed for days/ weeks, etc etc, list goes on.

No. 444857

Jacquie had a more productive day than I did. Good lord I don't know how someone with 56 diagnoses can clean their whole house, vlog, edit yesterday's vlog, nap, and visit urgent care and the ER.

I'm genuinely curious what she thought urgent care was going to do for a persistent hive.

Also, I&D's hurt everyone. It's not easy on everyone else and just painful for her due to her sooper speshul lidocaine metabolism.

No. 444858

She needs to just chop it off. It looks awful. You only ever see split ends like that on homeless people or drug addicts.

No. 444874

Jaquie purposely goes to doctors who aren’t knowledgeable about eds, pots, mcas, and GP. If she went to real specialists, they’d have her figured out in a minute, like when she went to mayo. Instead she’s found doctors that go along with whatever she wants, because they don’t know any better. If she actually had eds and GP and went to real specialists, they’d never allow her to have a single tube, let alone two, since she’s got absolutely no positive test results or even real symptoms. However, she neither has GP nor goes to a GP who has any knowledge of it.

No. 444889


Someone please put this anon out to pasture, idk what the fuck they're tripping on.

No. 444901


But she uses those dry shampooz! And body wipes from Amazon.

And bullshit she doesn’t know what Ativan is. It’s actually one of the medications used to help with mast cell reactions - she has to know.

No. 444912

But ermagherd hair cuts are so traumatic bc of muh sooooper speshul SPD and autism. I can't believe y'all would want me to go through that!

No. 444913

File: 1513385675040.png (6.1 MB, 1242x2208, 22913D09-C2A3-49F9-8D7F-6A3CCA…)


Definitely perfume/cologne. Here’s another shot of it… can’t tell brands but it’s definitely not on Jaq’s safe list since a lady walking by her with perfume sends her in to a reaction.

No. 444914

Funny how that happened in the ER while she was checking in lol.

No. 444916

Her fucking housework montage today. She gets so much done. I can't do half that shit on a good day and I don't even have half the conditions she has. But she's doing all that on a BAD day??

Saged for blogging and I'm sorry but I'm so fucking sick of this bitch claiming to be the sickest but then doing a bunch of stuff most people who are chronically I'll can only dream of.

No. 444921

After her housework montage you'd expect her to be wrecked but nah. She's lying in bed without her droopy eyes or monotone voice, she's still pretty awake and excited. Except for a couple of brief moments where she mentioned she was pushing a zofran and hooking up to her fluids or feeds or something. both separate times she mentions this, she suddenly closes her eyes and sighs like she's sick/in pain. But then continues on like normal. It's just normal at this point for her to put it on when she mentions she's using meds or not feeling great.

No. 444945

Scent sensitive but cleaning products are ok. I'm not even scent sensitive but I hate most cleaning products. Sage for blogging

Also, regarding that access why didn't she goto her primary? They can easily lanse and drain that shit.

But no, business of blogging requires serious medical visits, y'all.

Regarding why she and Judd got married - my theory. She was about to loose her daddy's insurance. Most insurance covering dependants require the child to be a student to continue coverage past the age of 21.

Everything is business to her. How is X benefiting ME?

No. 444948


Same person who posted anti-fat memes in the general Munchie thread? I'm sure there's a thread for that already…

No. 444949


Additionally Judd has that sweet sweet TriCare Prime which has a $0 for everything.

No. 444950


This is what confuses me. Why don't they send her to actual EDS etc specialists ??

No. 444952

Average primary care doc and even other specialists may not know names of real EDS docs.

No. 444955


That's not really an excuse to keep bullshitting along with her, it just plays into her hands.

I can guarantee if she saw the EDS specialist who diagnosed me, she'd be going home with an exercise plan and nothing else.

No. 444965


If she saw a real EDS doc like Dr. Francomano she wouldn't even get an EDS diagnosis.

No. 444980

File: 1513392927027.jpg (202.56 KB, 1080x543, Screenshot_20171215-205414.jpg)

Not only is there multiple perfumes and colognes, but a candle!

No. 444981

File: 1513392943406.jpg (38.82 KB, 462x275, Screenshot_20171215-205120.jpg)

No. 444991

That certainly makes her claim to have an anaphylactic reaction to a passing woman's perfume highly suspicious (not that it wasn't already…)

No. 444996

Lots of doctors don’t want to admit that there’s something medical that they’re not experts in. Jaquie has purposely shopped for and sought out those types of doctors, the ones that jump into invasive treatments that are outside their scope of practices. It’s wrong and incredibly unethical, but unfortunately happens.

No. 444998

Yeah, she’s never showed any symptoms of anaphylaxis, pretty sure it’s pure bullshit.

No. 445018

I wish there was a way to expose her.

No. 445033


You'd think pointing out inconsistencies like this in her comments would get a few people to sit up and pay attention. Did anyone comment about the perfumes?

No. 445036


Has this "chronicallywaquie" spoof page been removed already?

No. 445043


Yep, I tried to access it 6 hours after anon posted and it was gone

No. 445077

It was gone within a half hour of it being posted here. I called the poster out because there was one post and zero followers, they were clearly advertising - and poof it was gone

No. 445097

File: 1513403434722.jpeg (264.15 KB, 1242x2009, 035D3A0F-672B-47F5-AB23-C9D2FC…)


I’ve seen a few of these “fan pages” pop up now and again in hashtag searches. There was a point in one of the live videos (no link because it was before the IG save ability on live feeds) where someone asked her and Judd what they thought about the fan pages and they gave a super cheesy: well we are so flattered when fans show support, y’all… then someone asked how it felt to have so many followers stuck up their ass and Judd replied with some equally as cheesy reply to the tune of we love all of our fans but he was so flustered by the trolls it was kind of funny to see him lose his cool… maybe it was the middle finger emojis that got to him.. hard to tell.

No. 445106

File: 1513404613093.png (8.39 MB, 2208x1242, E67A7560-63F3-474B-BDA2-012A7F…)

Any other anons excited for the speshul new merch?

I’m telling you right now… there’s gonna be stuffed plushy Harlows… just like the plushy Ollies. I’ll be shocked if I’m wrong.

I wonder what they are pulling in monthly… I think six of the patrons pay $50 or more… and the others probably give her a nice chunk. Furthermore, I wonder what Jaq would have as an excuse if someone asked for the receipt showing their super generous donation to the Red Cross. I don’t recall if it was supposed to be part of the Patreon month or T-shirt proceeds that were to be donated but I do remember they said they’d be donating. Maybe it fell way of the subtitle promise, too.

No. 445109


Her merchandise is so tacky though!
It doesn't have a slogan or theme that you could show without also showing that you're a fan of FAMOUS INTERNET SICK GIRL CHRONICALLY JAQUIE. Because it's about her. Every single time.

No. 445111

So does Jaquie not realize if she keeps getting these MRSA infections no doctor in their right mind will give her another hole? I feel like she's so caught up in having something 'wrong' that she isn't thinking it through. She munchies her way into new ailments every damn day, but now it might actually come back to bite her in the ass. Her doctor isn't going to want to slice n' dice our speshul snowflake if shes truly teaming with MRSA. Or maybe he will, and she will go septic and finally learn what really sick feels like. I'm interested to see how this goes.

No. 445122


That's a really good point.

Unless she doesn't actually have MRSA and she's just making a huge fuss out of a minor infection, and the treatment-resistant bug will miraculously have disappeared when it's surgery time.

No. 445135

Yes! Use your damn Dr for this type of thing. It annoys me to no end that people go to the ER for shit like this! And then wonder why they have to wait so long. Stop using the ER as your personal clinic.
Obviously I feel strongly about this

What’s with the absence of Instagram posts from her?

No. 445158

Funny how Jaquie only got problems with lidocaine not working AFTER someone told her she might have EDS, eh?

Here is her port video, where she tells how the sedation didn't work well, but "I didn't feel any pain, because they numbed it."
(Not sure if the embedded video goes directly to the right section, but if it doesn't, that section is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unYZo0XzMoE&t=639s)

I find it so infuriating to watch how often she repeats that lido doesn't work for her and that "my body metabolizes it soooo fast" (sometimes it doesn't work well in EDS (mainly hypermobile and classical types) but they don't know why, and it has been disproven that it is because it metabolizes faster) while a) it doesn't work like that (as I just wrote) b) she doesn't have fucking EDS and c) she didn't have any problems with it before. Like I said, she was wide awake for her port surgery but because they used a local, it was just weird but not painful. And when she had her bone marrow biopsy the doctor said he would use a ton of lidocaine and she would be allright and she wasn't worried about it at all (that actually IS very painful and the doctor shouldn't have said she wouldn't feel any pain - but the point is, when he said he would use lido and it wouldn't hurt, she believed him because she knew lido worked FINE for her).

Now I REALLY start to think she has a drug problem. She knows the lido works well for her and she still gets not only Ativan to calm her down, but also her second favorite IV drug - Benadryl. And as someone else says: she needs all this to lance a boil AND is still worried about it? Yeah, now I understand why she doesn't want the J-tube surgery. Her pain tolerance must be very, very low. (NOT that she is to blame for that, but instead of whining about her severe pain and having all sorts of drugs pumped into her, she would do better if she just acknowledged this and learned some psychological stategies to better deal with her pain.

No. 445159

Prime is only free if you see a military doctor and there's no way Queen Jaq would go and let them tell her she's full of shit. However the copays are dirt cheap, roughly $12 per doctor visit and $20 for an ER visit.

No. 445171

Why are the comments disabled on that video? She must have got some pushback.

No. 445191

Nah, I think she had them disabled from the beginning. She has it on all her "all about my special conditions/treatments"-videos. I think it's just that she expected to get a lot of questions/remarks on that kind of videos and she decided it was easier to disable them beforehand.

No. 445210

She isn't planning to get her separate J tube until next month so she has to have something wrong in the meantime because if she isn't sick, she doesn't have a damn thing to vlog about. Just the fact that she was ok delaying the J tube surgery is suspicious since she flips out every time the tube kinks, making her seem overly confident that it won't kink before the surgery date. She's gunning for a hospital admission for IV antibiotics to FU the holidays and keep the attention on herself. After all, she drama-ed it up going to the ED for a butt boil when she has a hotline to several docs that could have lanced it in the office. Of course that was so she could get better drugs for it.

No. 445242

I think Jaq is a hot ball of MRSA and these little pockets of infection are going to keep popping up. She prepared her IV solution on the floor in the last blog–no hand sanitizer, no alcohol prep pads to clean the port tubing, etc—just setting herself up for more infection. Also, she kept talking about what "we" did for the butt-boil-draining—"we used lidocaine", "we injected benadryl"—is she now scrubbing in and assisting on her own procedures now?

No. 445272

File: 1513439175249.png (958.66 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5124.PNG)

It really is creepy how much this chick has copied Jaquie. Right down to the weird open mouthed grin and the thumbs up. Oh and the Mickey button.

No. 445273

File: 1513439332413.jpg (97.29 KB, 1789x581, CQOEEkx.jpg)

I did a search for the use of Benadryl for local anesthesia: I had never heard of it and am a bit of a nerd like that. One of the things I found was a YT video taken in an ER where a resident was suturing some woman's hand with the use of benadryl as an anesthetic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvVAZO6gZEg Apparently, it worked very well (other articles I found seem to support this, too).

In the comment section, I found the attached conversation. It's been mentioned before on here that in some patients benadryl gives some sort of a rush, but I'd think it would have to be quite pronounced for patients to feign symptoms just to get it. With the way Jaquie uses benadryl "just in case" and even when she knows it will probably not do anything, I really wonder if this is why.

As a side note, I find it interesting that I've discovered more than one type of off-label use for a certain medication that I had not heard of before. Last time it was intra articular injections with an NSAID, and now it is benadryl as a local. You'd think borh of those would be known in the EDS community, but they are not. I don't know what that tells us, maybe that Jaquie is VERY good at making doctors think she is really desperate for relief of her symptom of the day? Not only does she get top notch treatment that normally is only reserved for patients that are more severely affected with the conditions she may or may not even have (like IV saline for POTS, a J-tube for GP, IA injections and IV ketamine for pain, etc.) but it also seems like doctors go out of their way throw anything at her that could maybe treat her symptoms.

Also interesting is that we learned in yesterdays vlog that Jaquie does NOT share anything medical. Rather, she only shares the things that either fit her image or become dramatic. She didn't vlog her going to urgent care for her butt boil and said she wasn't planning to tell about it because it was "kind of private" (like that ever stopped her from showing us her precious tube pads, but hey). But when she was sent to the ER, she did vlog there. This is in line with her not telling about a toe infection that she said she had for over a year and only mention it when she got more invasive treatments for it. My theory is that she was somewhat embarassed by the toe thing. It makes me wonder though what else might be going on that she doesn't share. And even more, what her reasons are to not share. Normally, she not only shows us her tubie pads, but she also vlogs herself coming out of anesthesia not being in control, and herself in a most vulnerable state in a hospital bed after surgery and/or an allergic reaction. I don't know, but when I'm not feeling well and am in hospital I only want people there who I feel very close to. There's people I go along with great and even those I consider friends who I would NOT want at my hospital bed, let alone share a video of it with strangers.

No. 445276

I agree she isn't sharing everything. In the comments on her video about the consult for a second tube she mentioned that was the third opinion she'd sought out and the next surgeon she's consulting will be the fourth opinion. Assuming her regular GI doctor is one of those four opinions, she hasn't mentioned who/what/where/when the other opinion was or what they said. (I wonder if she consulted another surgeon before this one who recommended against a second tube?)

No. 445277

O wow, that is so interesting. And odd. Who in the world needs FOUR opinions on a surgery like that? On any surgery, for that matter? If she didn't share it, I think chances are that some doctor recommended against it. Or she means her GP or her "POTS doctor" is onboard as well? (They always are anyway?)

No. 445290


Oh anon I snorted laughing… thank you. So I wonder what Judd would think if he knew Jaq was sneaking off in the night to IV Benadryl for her female pleasures. Poor guy. He’s so fucked. Stuck. He’s got to be embarrassed always following (camera in hand of course) the Barbie Car around with its EDC lights (wouldn’t those lights be bad for epileptics like Jaq?)… and I’m guessing that he hates when she makes him take the camera out on his boring errands. It seems so forced. Much like their conversations with each other.

I do think Jaq gets some sort of physical pleasure from these medical goodies. She’s always SO excited to show y’all her new XYZ to help “mitigate her disabilities” with illness ABC… and it’s almost orgasmic to her. I believe this is a thing… like that show “My Strange Addiction” where these peeps get off on loving pool toys, weird shit like coffee enemas, have relationships with their cars… one lady was so addicted to butt injections to make her ass bigger even at the expense of her health… she ended up getting ass necrosis or some shit. But she just couldn’t stop. Much like our Medical Barbie.

I watch this YT video and the way she says the stuff in the intro sounds like she’s seriously about to explode with pleasure. “…and a service dog!” Harlow is of zero use here… especially since Jaq has the Barbie Car to schlep her shit around. Oh wait, those alertz tho.

I wondered once how Jaq got her internet fame… I dug around a bit and (this was long ago so no visual milk) found out that she started all of this by submitting a video of Harlow doing pointless tricks “mitugatin’ those disabilities, y’all” in stores… to some local news station and then it exploded because people like dogs that do tricks, not because of Jaq herself. I will try to find where I came across that.

No. 445303


This girl is sick… in the fucking head. I watched all of her YouTube videos and she’s like a Jaq clone… right down to the IV Benadryl, Golden Retriever with matching custom patches to Harlow’s, excitement at her j-tube Button, she got the same fucking adjustable bed as Jaq the day after Jaq, the Kate Farms speshul nutrishun, anaphylaxis, even the fucking narcolepsy! It’s really creepy. Oh and she’s getting a Barbie Car from the same place Jaq and Julian did. She complains a lot about her treatment from the Florida Hospital system and doctors that are mean and don’t believe her.

Jaq’s got some of the creepiest stalker followers.

No. 445306

File: 1513444066877.jpeg (109.12 KB, 1136x640, B09057FC-0387-443D-9197-5350BE…)

Do arms way above her head, and this time she uses head phones for her sensory issues again?! She’s so special (insert eye roll here)

No. 445309


I don’t think it’s a matter of getting four opinions but moreso shopping for a surgeon who will do the procedure on her. My guess is that she’s receiving pushback from these docs not wanting to cut her open again… so on to the next and the next and the next. Until she finds one who will hook her up to her special K and pop a hole into her MRSA infected body and give her that dilaudid… and Ativan… and Benadryl… and zofran… and Toradol.

No. 445310


Thank god that pornstache is gone. He looked like the biggest douche.

No. 445328

Adjustable Jaquie again! The neck & shoulder pain magically disappeared in the Magic Kingdom! She should permanently move into the Cinderella castle, because her pain magically disappears, she can magically eat & drink, & she can race around in her magic Barbie car.
Sure hope Judd's mom stocked up on Lysol disinfectant to sanitize the bed, chairs, toilet, etc. that Ms.2nd Butthole uses at her house this weekend.

No. 445355

1) In today's vlog, Jaq wears an actual outfit. I'm surprised she doesn't make a huge deal out of it.

2) Genuine question: if her tube is (likely) kinking because she's venting, won't the G tube continue to kink even when she has a second J tube? Won't this actually solve nothing and ultimately end up wit them removing her G tube or something?

No. 445383

Either that or she's hoping number 4 will suggest TPN. That's the bestest, most -clean- way to take in "muh nutrition" without having to dirty herself with actual human food.

No. 445385

I just remembered Jaquie was supposed to have a dietician appointment some time back and she was 'interested to see what they had to say'. Did she ever go?

No. 445386

If she did they must not have told her anything she wanted to hear because she never mentioned it. It was supposed to be at the end of October.

No. 445400

If I remember right, it was cancelled because she had some kind of medical emergency at the time. I don't know if she rescheduled it, though.

No. 445453

File: 1513462159964.jpg (217.85 KB, 1920x1080, CHVY0wh.jpg)

do i need to comment on this pic or does it speak for itself? if i may add though that no one wants the mask and wheelchair in their picture. she could've easily stood up and taken the mask off for a fucking picture. jesus christmas. literally.

No. 445477

Oh my fucking god. At the verrry least, take off the mask and put your hands on your lap. She's not gonna roll away. If she put her hands/feet down it'd almost look like she was sitting in a chair.

No. 445484


If she's got the Smartdrive, she doesn't fucking need the gloves since you barely need to use your handrims to turn, but no, she's gotta look sooper sick.

Also, Judd is REALLY against holding her hand, he said again in today's vlog "let's not go that far" in regards to her rolling next to them so they could hold hands.

No. 445485

The G-tube will be a straight tube that goes from outside into her stomach. She could easily replace this tube at home. The tube could clog, however. The interesting thing is that if it clogs, she could simply deflate the balloon and pop in a new one since the clog won't be bigger than the tube itself. But, her doctor does not seem to give her extra tubes. Mary Frey, for instance, has an extra one at home for emergencies, should she need to change her tube.

Some J-tubes can be replaced at home, depending on the type of tube, placement, etc. Regardless, I imagine it will be a shorter tube that does not need to "u-turn" so it should not kink.

I know she could have two buttons, but I wonder if any of the surgeon consultations are about finding one that will put in a button tube rather than a large tube like she had originally?

No. 445491

She is putting the raw food meals in the same cooler as her medical stuff. Is this safe? After the vet student chimed in, I can't stop thinking about bacteria.

No. 445505

Doesn't it look like Judd's mom, sister and her boyfriend are trying not to laugh? Even Harlow looks like, "Oh Sheesh!" with her eyes shut. I'm surprised it wasn't a sideview of the Barbie car with her wheel lights flashing!

No. 445515

Armyfag here, Judd is a reservist (pretty sure anyway that he's not s active duty) so he has what's called Tricare Reserve Select. He has to pay into the program and unlike Tricare prime, with no copays or premiums (100% free full-coverage insurance for the service member and their dependents) it is not a full-coverage program. Jaquie is still having to pay a premium and co-pays for her treatment, and with how often she goes to the doctor she's probably spending a small fortune every month on medical expenses. My god. At least she has that sweet sweet Patreon money, right?

No. 445526

Judd and co left jaquie in a corner somewhere so they could go on some rides (she was too tired) and when they got back she'd apparently fallen asleep. But her mask was off. Even Though she was outside and there were people walking by.

So she can take her mask off outside if it means she can be more comfortable/sleep, but she can't take it off for a photo.

No. 445541

I can’t imagine this being safe at all. I’ve been told that my saline bags have to be kept in a ziplock bag even if they ARENT stored on top of bacteria-covered “raw food” Honestly it’s like she WANTS to get a port infection. The few times I’ve seen her wipe her clave with alcohol before accessing, she barely touches it and you’re supposed to wipe for 30seconds! How has she not gotten sepsis yet I wonder??? It seems nearly impossible

No. 445559

File: 1513475570499.jpg (252.84 KB, 1073x981, Screenshot_20171216-204715.jpg)

Well,well, well…

No. 445569


honestly, can you blame him? if she's rolling along in her magic power chair and he's walking next to her holding hands, it'll look ridiculous. it's just so extra.

No. 445570


I also wondered about the snow at Disney. Given that it's probably some cheap, powdered detergent, I imagine someone with MCAD couldn't handle it.

No. 445572

But, Tricare is probably a secondary insurance, right? Judd probably gets insurance through his employer and Tricare is probably a secondary source of insurance.

No. 445585



Either way she probably met out of pocket maximum which will be on the low side (3 to 4K) with either on Tricare or Judd's PD plan, so I'd imagine after Q1 everything's been free this year.

With what she has had so far she hit that fast.

No. 445587


I wonder what stupid fucking retort she will have.

That family photo is just so awful. Should be a submission for Awkward Family Photos. She is such a blatant attention seeker. Judd’s Family probably enjoy the time away from her at the park since all she does is talk about herself and her medical pR0n. The gloves are stupid. The lights are stupid. The service dog in hot pink. Stupid. All of it. She needs to munch her way into the loonie bin.

No. 445590

When they got to disney Jaq had Jud's sister leaning over her shoulder and in the shot. She was talking about how they'd found the fam there and how glad she as to be spending time with her or something. then immediately jumps into talking about her fucking ass abscess. Her sister in law still learning over her shoulder and smiling. "My bum still hurts, from my abscess but I'm still here to enjoy myself" (not quoting directly but it was cringey af)

No. 445605


She gets enough attention and money from YouTube.

No. 445608


It's almost like she wants sepsis. I mean, she wants "sepsis" ("omg I have sepsis you guys") but not actual sepsis.

No. 445618

No worries because 2 days after she was diagnosed with aseptic meningitis (after 2nd IVIG) she was out of the hospital and out running errands with Babe. So much for her severe immunodeficiency.

No. 445622

This pic is beyond fucking words even for munchie queen of the year. I mean seriously, who wears a vog mask in a family photo?!? This is incomprehensible.

No. 445634

Does she ride the rides at Disney? Because with eds you’re usually told that any kind of ride, especially roller coasters, is off-limits. Disney is the exact opposite of the place a person with eds/pots/mcas/gp would do well in, yet she’s totally fine there.

No. 445640


I'm not sure if she goes on the rides, but it also seems that rides would be contraindicated in cataplexy because they involve adrenaline and excitement.

EDS doesn't necessarily preclude people from rollercoasters though (personal experience), as long as there's adequate restraint.

No. 445657

The rides at Disney are some of the tamest you'll find at theme parks with the exception of a few. None that I went on when I was there caused me any damage or pain later. (However, I did not go on any true roller coasters because I'm not an idiot.)

No. 445740

File: 1513518324454.png (7.4 MB, 1242x2208, 82D456FB-6AFD-4269-A1F5-821F91…)

I have noticed often that Jaq gets her nails done. Right now she is sporting a really nice French’s mani. Another trigger for mast cell is nail salon fumes. I don’t see her having steady enough hands to do this nice of a job herself, so she has to go somewhere. Once again, Adjustable Jaquie shows us she’s not sick at all. Those fumes have a tendency to make a normal person feel sick let alone one as sooper sick as Jaquie. She also got them done for her ridiculous Target dress wedding… no issues.

No. 445744

I went back to the beginning to try to find some of the videos where she appears to actually be getting off on medical shit. Didn’t have to look too far to find the first ridiculous one. Fast forward to around the 5:50 mark. It is fucking frightening how amped up she gets about “getting to” access herself. Fucking sick. No normal person gets that excited about accessing her port for the very first time on her own. She almost gets out of breath because she is talking so fast and excitedly… also, where is her sooper speshul cataplexy right now? Isn’t it supposed to trigger when she gets really excited? This bitch is such a joke. Clearly from day one in her “vee-logging” adventures.

No. 445747

Wow, she sounds awfully cheery at the end of this. Between the enthusiasm and the actual outfit, she looks so different.

No. 445749

She has come a long way in her YT performances. She was really manic in this one–over being sick? No monotone, tight-lipped blah face for sure. Funny that she pointed to her neck and said her top rib was out of place–no ribs in your neck, Jaq. And wearing normal clothes? At least then she had normal tops/pjs, but the noticed toddler uniform was also visible. Actually was compliant and went to PT–and drove herself! The downward spiral begins…

No. 445757


Yes! Manic is exactly the word I was looking for! I've seen it in a few videos where she can literally barely contain herself when she talks about her illnesses or medical pr0n.

I am truly shocked that with her low immunity that she has not gotten sepsis for as much as she abuses her port. Medfagging a bit, but I've gone through three of them in about six years and lost two due to sepsis… She really would have had some sort of problem by now if she were so sooooper sick.

Also, having a port… I don't think I could talk about it for five minutes let alone 36 minutes.

She really has changed since the beginning videos… adding more illnesses, getting her acting down, perfecting her munchness. I really can't believe she's been doing this for a year now and still has such a base of loyal whackadoos that follow and stick up for her when anyone says boo to call her out. I can't wait for the day that she goes down in flames.

No. 445761

I find it funny that she talks about (10:43) how much sedation she got for her "twilight" port surgery and it didn't work at all, guys! Seems like her fascination for those anesthesia drugs started back in the beginning… she talks about Fentanyl, Versed and that good ol' IV Benadryl she loves so much… and how she got a FULL dose of each one and was wide awake…

Does someone have an opiate/sedation tolerance? Not our innocent Jaq who is so against narcotics, but she'll happily let doctors pump her full of horse tranquilizer… Special K FTW, y'all!

And on that note, after thinking about her poorly acted out naivety to "dilooted" and "What is Ativan?" she is SOOO full of crap! Dilaudid is like the go-to in post-op units! She is such a fuckwit.

No. 445763

I don’t even know who that Jaquie is. Like.. she’s a completely 360 different person. In this video she seems so alive, happy, animated, independent, and mature. I just simply do not understand how she took such a turn for the worst and went full blown adult fake autistic baby with every single tube she could find. Also .. what happened to her MALS? Did she mention that surrounding her double-toob explosion? Wouldn’t that have also caused complications on top of her “weird anatomy?” Somebody enlighten me.

No. 445764

Since the port video is being discussed, any idea why that is the top suggested video on YT when typing "chronically jaquie"? At least on any device I have ever watched her on, it always always populates chronically Jaquie port in the search field as top suggestion.

No. 445771

I haven't watched this whole video but wow, Janiece hasn't spoken to her dad in four years! Between that and her crazy mom, it's no wonder she is the way she is.

No. 445783

That wheelchair fits her so poorly. How can you call that custom??

No. 445790

>>445763 (I don’t even know who that Jaquie is.)
Jaquie is just a social misfit who fell into the YT open grave of child-minded mostly girls who gain attention and "love" from anonymous media followers, rather than form relationships with REAL PEOPLE. She found that she can get love, attention, & money under the guise of being a chronic illness advocate, when she is just a munchie who has NOTHING to offer other than having/faking illness. I say open grave because once she obsesses illness to the degree of living it out EVERY SINGLE DAY with no other goals, aspirations, or insight on living a productive life despite a few MINOR medical speedbumps, it will be very hard to crawl out of that open grave and undo all this insane overdramatization of illness. Even on the days she doesn't feel sick or doesn't have an appointment, or is only making creamy chicken and soggy broccoli, she has NOTHING to vlog so she has to produce/fake symptoms or she will lose her audience. I'm not convinced of the autism thing–she just seems like an immature lost child who is scrambling for attention and plays out the childlike "I'm so innocent" role to keep her "service humans" on call because she is "chronically sick and helpless". It kind of explains the vogmask/wheelchair family photo–she was at Disney–she couldn't be at Disney having too much fun because she is chronically ill.
Who is Jaquie if she is not sick?

No. 445791

She was tested for it and it turned out she had it (that part you probably know). During the highlight of her recurring anaphylaxis her GI wanted her to go to a surgeon about it but she would have to travel out of state and she was not well enough for it. There was a mention of her records being sent to him, and then in was dropped.

I don't know what happened there, but I find it strange: MALS is supposed to be curable, and if you have such severe GI probs that you need a permanent feeding tube, I would first want to make sure if a fixable problem maybe would give enough relief that I wouldn't need that tube. The same goes for her GI, who seemed very happy to just put in a tube. Even gave her a surgical tube right away, despite Jaquie saying that the NJ was OK because it was a more temporary option so it could easily be removed if it turned out she was just in a flare.

Yeah, it's terrible. We discussed it more in depth when she first got it. But she still keeps saying that it is so great because it is made specifically to her measurements and it fits her like a glove. Well.. no, it's terrible. Her posture in it, the way she has to move her arms to propel.. everything. Nothing about that chair actually fits her.

No. 445803

Yeah, that - I think - is the problem with 'illness vlogging' in general. I was talking to my sibling the other day how I watched YouTubers who do this and how the problem is that if you make your channel about illness, every crisis you have is going to get you more views. So they have to go to the ER with minor things, vlog themselves being sick, have new crises, etc. Even for those who don't start out with fake symptoms I think it is very hard not to focus too much on the illness part of their lives and not make anything illness-related thing bigger than it is. If you look at Jaquies view counts, the most views she gets (outside of Harlow-focused videos) is when she is in the hospital with some sort of crisis. The same goes for most other illness vloggers. Look at Aubrey for example, most of her vlogs have a couple of hundred views at most, often in the 200's. But her "I have cancer" vlog has and the one following that "at peace with my cancer diagnosis" have over 3K. It's crazy. And it's the same for Jaquie, although she has so many crises lately that the effect is less pronounced now.

No. 445804

Today, she complains that the cold weather makes her body pains worse. She's…inside, so that's wild. It's currently 76F in Florida, so about room temperate. But she's also heat intolerant so I guess no temperate on this Earth is good enough for Jaquie.

Literally minutes later in vlog-time, she says "It's a really nice day out". But it's too cold. But it's a nice day out. No consistency.

No. 445809

File: 1513529435538.png (1.84 MB, 1360x715, bread.PNG)

Ew! As Judd films folks sitting for Christmas dinner, Jaquie is touching and ripping off a piece of a roll. She puts it in her mouth. It's barely in frame but it's there. She doesn't take the roll. She just picks bits out of it while it's still in the bread basket. Happens around 6:28

No. 445817

She's disgusting. Everything is about her and she's soooper speshul so no one will mind of course.

No. 445822

What a pig, eating from the bread basket, spreading her MRSA fumes. Notice the glance at the camera at 6:23 where she has her sick look on, making sure Babe catches it. Who is surprised that she is oh-so-sick since Judd is with his family having a good time? The misfits answer to family fun is to go crawl into bed.

No. 445824

File: 1513530385253.gif (2.52 MB, 500x333, giphy.gif)


>MRSA bread basket

All I can think of when I see her touching things that are shared with others.

No. 445831

Girls like Jaquie and Janiece who claim all these illnesses and get attention completely dishonor people who are truly sick. Check out Tiffani Ntanos and you will be totally frustrated and hate J & J even more.

No. 445837


Hah! I came to post this SAME photo. I instantly thought “EW! MRSA hands in the buns!” She is gross. I wonder when she showers because her hair always looks split and oily. She probably has a butt boil from lack of hygiene. Babe probably sleeps in the spare room so he doesn’t have to smell her, not because of his shifts.

She literally did NOTHING at Disney that would bring on these terrible pains. And what about her Cat Valium? It seems like it didn’t even work at all this time. It seems like too much risk for the little to no benefit she is receiving. Oh, but then she wouldn’t have the loopy footage for her YouTube.

Jaquie doesn’t know what pain is. She can’t handle even the slightest discomfort. She makes a mockery of chronic illness and chronic pain. It’s no wonder actual sick people who are in pain get treated like they are nutjobs. Because people like Jaquie the twack abuse the system and make healthcare professionals lose respect. I don’t know how anyone can have any semblance of respect for her.

She needs to be stopped. At the very least demonetized. There is no reason anyone should pay for her stupid Patreon… (now everyone of these little bitches are getting Patreons - Janiece (who thinks Chia seeds are pronounced Chai seeds… what a raw diet guru… definitely need to pay her for her sage wisdom)… Service Dog Paws… that’s one I see being talked about a lot because she’s a fraud just like her buddy, Jaq. But they are all just copying Jaq because they see how popular she is and how much phat loot she is getting from her chronic illness cash cow.

No. 445841


God I know. Poor Tiffani. Breaks my heart to see her struggle. I just recently started watching her and you’re right… watching J & J just makes me so frustrated at the complete and absolutely disgust glamorizing of chronic illness that these snatches put on playing hospital all day every day. Jaq literally can not make it through five minutes in a conversation with anyone and not mention something to bring the conversation back to her sooper sick self.

No. 445849

Jaquie playing up her pretend autism today by asking Judd's mom why she was crying when she opened her gift. Like, even if Jaquie honestly didn't understand the concept of crying because of being touched by your son's thoughtful gift, you'd think she'd assume tears = someone is upset. Did she ask "why are you crying?" with any kind of concern or care for Judd's mom's feelings? No. She just blurted out "Why are you crying?" really brattily and demandingly and snottily.

She's not autistic, she's just a jackass.

No. 445853

Spot on analysis. Wouldn't you love to talk to Lauren (Judd's sis)? She & Steven are so normal, happy & fun–I would think Judd would realize he's missing out with Poorme—I mean Jaquie.

No. 445858

Again she makes a mockery of the reality of the diagnoses that she claims. Anyone on the ASD spectrum considered high functioning and even those on the lower tiers will know by her age that sometimes people cry when they're happy. Although for those with ASD emotional literacy isn't innate, they learn well through experience. They're not aliens who cannot understand human emotions or social etiquette, even if it is difficult for them to learn. Enough people are under the mistaken belief that people with Autism lack empathy without Jaquie reinforcing it so she can seem extra special.

No. 445862

6:27 today's video, Jaq is ripping a piece of bread off from a roll that's still in the basket. jfc, maybe Judd is okay with you mutilating the communal food, but do you think his brother in law wants a roll you've ripped a chunk out of?

No. 445864


This is what's so frustrating about it. She's 21. Has she never seen someone cry from happiness? For Christ's sake, she's been watching Glee lately– she's seen it happen at least 10 times on that show.

The fact that she's able to come up with these autistic shows so quick on the spot, though, makes me think she's pretty smart and quick. I know she's got to be decently smart to hold together this whole charade, but she can really think on her feet.

No. 445865


I was confused about the pain from Disney thing, too. What about Disney was so taxing on her special illnesses? If her wheelchair is as amazing as she said it is, then how is sitting in it for 2.5 hours so much harder than sitting on the couch? The day prior, she cleaned her whole damn house– how would that not be more painful than sitting around Disney.

No. 445867


It's sympathy– "You need to feel bad for me because I can't ever have any fun– whenever I have fun, I'm contained to bed from the pain!"

No. 445869

Does it seem at all that Judd has grown increasingly "over" Jaquie in the last couple weeks/ months? He seems to have roughly no patience for her AT ALL. Today when she said that the dinosaur's squeaking would bother her, he was quick to say, "It'll bother all of us."

No. 445872

She was bawling tears of happiness when Judd got back from deployment. Never mind having seen someone else cry from happiness, she's experienced it herself!

No. 445934

She's an ass. God forbid someone do something to take attention away from her. How does anyone tolerate her?

No. 445935

If jaquie has mals, she would have lost weight. Her weight has never been less than “healthy”.

No. 446010


But she doesn't "advocate" for anything, just talks about herself all the time! The only "advocacy" she does is on her own behalf.

No. 446015

THIS! She isn't alone either. Jaquie if you are raising awareness you are perpetuating stereotypes and stigma the chronic illness community deals with. You are doing fuckall except portray an OTT caricature of your diagnosis-go-round charade. This seems to be a common thing with #spoonie / MBI accounts, but people like Jaq are among the worst.

No. 446331

Just watched a few of Tiffani's vlogs than went over to Jaquie's. The difference is STAGGERING. What a whiny, narcissistic twat Jaquie is. She's in bed moping about joint pain while Tiffani can barely choke out words as her diagnosis starts to settle in. Wow. Just wow.

Safe for rage

No. 446332

Anyone notice how in today's vlog Jaquie is constantly sitting on her wheelchair cushion?? I found it very odd, I can't see the point in doing so.

No. 446334

I don’t understand why she’s always in her wheelchair at home, especially when she’s showing herself cleaning and doing other physically-demanding things.

No. 446336

I think she said Judd thought it would help with her open wound on her bum.

No. 446352

If I had an open wound on my bum, I would do things that didn’t involve sitting. But it’s jaquie, so how would anyone know she needs asspats if she’s not sitting in her wheelchair in public?

No. 446353

I feel like she sees actually ill people talk about being in pain after going out and doing things, but doesn't realize that it's because those people actually DO things. A lot of people who use chairs for similar illnesses to the ones she claims do it BECAUSE they can go out without being bed bound for a while after.

No. 446360


In case anyone forgets about her super serious ehlers danlos syndrome?

No. 446368

In the past 24 hours you've mentioned this person 4 times. They've NEVER previously been mentioned in any thread. Are you trying to use this as a platform to promote your on YouTube account? Stop.

No. 446370

Tiffani is a quad from a diving accident and was admitted to the hospital because her weight dropped to 67# and she is getting TPN and a GJ tube. Who do you think needs a feeding tube more? The cookie-eater-bun-snatcher—I'll just have a nibble of Babe's—or Tiffani?

No. 446379

I didn't say she wasn't ill/injured or didn't need whatever she had. I know nothing about her except what your shameless promoting of her SpoonTube has told me.

If you think so highly of her you should not want her name on this website.

No. 446389

Exactly. This is a place for shameless cows not real victims.

No. 446412


Stop power-levelling, if it's not about you.

No. 446418

This girl's situation doesn't pertain to the discussion at all. Let's get back to the milk.

No. 446542

Throw back to Christmas last year, thanks for suggesting it.

WHen she 'came out' with her autism and stated blaming everything on it and her ESSPEEDEE.

And all that outside time with no mask? What about her allurgies.

No. 446593


Yes, that's a suspect thing. She never used to "appear" autistic. Late diagnosis is a thing, but it doesn't suddenly change your entire personality.

No. 446606

I think she just claims autism so she can be rude, selfish, and lazy and have all her “sensory issues” , with an excuse. Her behavior is worse and quite different from someone with true autism, in the aspect of how she’s never sorry for her rudeness, and she never tries to work on improving her relationships with people. She also seems to forget to be autistic a lot of the time. Just like her other illnesses, her “autism” is adjustable to fit what suits her at the time.

No. 446609

It's so hard to pinpoint exactly when Jaq "turned"– from normal-ish, to munchie, to QM (queen munchie). Turn to QM seems recent. Video from Sept 10, she's walking around Janeice's neighborhood with her walker, talking about prepping for Irma. She doesn't even have a segment afterwards talking about how "exhausted" she is. If she did that today, you know she'd need her wheelchair….

No. 446621

She didn't have her wheelchair in September though. If she did, you can bet your bottom dollar she would have been riding around the neighborhood instead.

No. 446624

I think it started when she got her port, and went even more downhill when she got her precious toob.

No. 446632

During Irma, both Jaquie and Janiece mostly forgot to be chronically ill (aside from the ridiculous get on the floor to move her walker over a baby gate incident). It's almost like having something interesting to concentrate on besides themselves was all they needed…

No. 446633


She would have, yeah. But she didn't have one and still managed to walk around without complaining about it. She wasn't even pretending she needed one– that's the difference. In the couple weeks before the wheelchair, she was constantly talking about how much it would help her. As of September, though, it didn't really seem to occur to her yet.

No. 446637


It must've been slightly before that though, no? The QM in her is what drove her to get those things.

No. 446640

April 6th video, she's at Epcot WALKING around with DENIM SHORTS. definitely munchie, not Queen Munchie.

No. 446643

I would give her QM for that exact reason though. With no real worsening of symptoms or diagnosis she went from someone who would go to Disney on her own, wear normal clothes, WALK and do somewhat normal things to someone who regularly dresses like a toddler, can't or won't go anywhere alone, has a walker, a wheelchair, daily decorative tubie pads (which are often the highlight of her entire day)their lives completely resolve around what are essentially minor ailments while she whines and moans like her very life is at stake. Many of us have wondered how many of her symptoms are brought about by medicines she is taking and not by actual disease. She can run circles around many in the medical field in terms of knowledge yet acts like she doesn't know what Ativan is. Everything about her is munchie and I for one would be willing to deem her QM.

No. 446670

Not only did she have no worsening of symptoms, just before she got her barbie car wheelchair she actually got BETTER and was able to walk without her walker more because she restarted a specific med for her POTS and there was something else that I forgot. But of course then the chair came, and everything is focused on her chair and her special smart drive.

Also, remember how just before she got her tube she said the NJ was a good idea because maybe she was just in a flare and the tube could be removed if that turned out to be the case? Since she got the tube she claims to be completely dependent on it, even to the point of not being able to go to night-only (or, in her case: day-only) feeds because she can't even eat 30% of her daily needs. Oh, and don't forget that since she has the tube, she suddenly can't drink enough, as well. For someone who has only borderline slower gastric transit, that's really something.

(Though technically it's possible that her stomach got worse between her last GES and the point where she 'needed' a feeding tube, but since her doctor is an idiot and didn't even retest when his patient with hardly slower gastric emptying suddenly claimed she couldn't eat at all (while barely loosing weight, one might add) and she also didn't request is (and she's not shy in requesting testing when she thinks it'll help her case) we cannot know if that is the case or not.)

No. 446708

File: 1513619830730.png (1.89 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5136.PNG)

From yesterday's vlog. Everything hurts so bad, I can't sleep, I can't get comfortable, but I can pick up the camera!!

No. 446749

She was back in the ER for her ass abscess you guys. Oh and relentless vomiting.

No. 446763


What could the hospital even have done for her severe nausea? She's got IV zofran at home (in case you didn't know, it's IV). What super special med did they give her that fixed it, and why didn't she mention it to us?

No. 446771

She said she's been in the ER three times this week - once was buttboil, once was this latest time for nausea, what was the third time?

No. 446774

Her well timed IVIG reaction.

No. 446782

Twice for buttboil

No. 446787

File: 1513624466467.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5138.PNG)

Omg you guys. Why????? Must we see this?

No. 446798


I don't know a single autistic person who will act shittily and selfishly and blame it on their autism. She's found her golden ticket.

No. 446803


What's really ironic, is both the port and the feeding tube were implanted in order to give her MORE energy and make her less sick.

How's that going, Jaq? kek

No. 446807


Her camera is just over half a pound in weight, but it should still cause tiredness to hold it up like that while lying down, especially if she has POTS or EDS….

No. 446808


If she has MRSA and an open wound she should be staying the hell away from the ER!

No. 446813

I know someone legitimately in a wheelchair, severed his spinal cord and therefore paralysed from the waist down. he rolls himself to work and uni everyday on public transport and most certainly has none of the extras Jaq Attack has. Her babyish behaviour and complete dependency on others is nauseating to watch and a fuck you to everyone out there truly suffering with chronic illness.

No. 446841


While I agree that Jaqiuie is being ridiculous (going from quite independent to totally helpless baby despite her "enabling" tools and toobz), there are differences between disability and chronic illness which causes disability. But i basically agree with you that she's a big MRSA-riddled fuck you.

No. 446855


What about her sooper important occupational therapy (aka teaching her how to do human things that children know how to do) where she learns how to look both ways before crossing the street and also gets a lesson on how to find the deli counter for her meetz. Funny, she sure has no issues finding that fucking Publix cookie bakery. She hasn’t spoke of OT in like half a year. You’d think of her autisms were soooo bad that she’d be going at least once a week. “I almost walk in front of cars because of my autisms.” “Ermagrrrd the noises so loud from car wash! Where are my speshul headphones?” Sorry no images or links… just remembering some of the stupid shit she says.

However… I did find something interesting and her reaction to what Babe says even more interesting. In this video… they are supposed to go Star Wars (February 2017) and Jaq doesn’t like those movies. Strangely, Jaq has a reaction right before they are supposed to leave for the movies and they had to go to the ER instead. Then Babe comments here at around 12:18 that he thinks it’s a conspiracy theory that she didn’t want to go see Star Wars so she made herself have an allergic reaction… Jaq says in response: “Oh, goodness.” And she tells him to hush.

No. 446858


Kek, well, she does do that "hand to head" thing a lot when she's exaggerating it seems.

No. 446867


Maybe it’s because she got that yummy dilaudid she loves so much and you know she got some IV Benadryl that she gets off on.

No. 446871


Omg wtf does he think this is okay???! It’s burning holes in our retinas. Scarring us for life.

No. 446879


I think she can dose herself with Benadryl can't she? I'm sure she's done it on a vlog before, in public, in a restaurant.

No. 446896

Autismfag here. I want to rage.

I have EDS&ASD. - Aspergers to be exact

She is fucking stupid and an insult to people with genuine autism. I have never used my autism as an excuse. Granted I am 25 and still have problems wearing some clothes, but I at least have the decency to stick to black clothes, you can't go wrong with black and black, it's descreet and you don't look like a needy 10 year old. As for flashing her mobility aids, and dragging attention to herself, most of us with genuine autism prefer to stay out of the spotlight and are more introverted and shy. The way she is acting does not portray autism, just pure attention seeking.

(Sage for blogging - but I felt it necessary to give an opinion from an autistic persons perspective )

(I am female - diagnosed at 14) and it is more than possible to learn to cope with it. In regards to her not looking both ways before crossing the road, do what I fucking do, wait until all the cars have fucked off then get across as fast as possible. That's the logical thing to do.

No. 446902

It's both of them honestly. He can sit around his house any damn way he pleases but she should have sense not to film him like that and even if she didn't (which she clearly doesn't) he should be like, wow, that's for us only. Edit that shit out.

No. 446922


It's his house too, he can lounge around in garish short shorts if he wants to! It's more on her for filming it, just like she does everything - like intimate family gatherings. I can't believe Judd's family haven't told her to put the damn camera away.

No. 446925

Yes, THIS. He can walk around naked for all I care, it's their home after all. But we do not, I repeat we do NOT have to see it.

And why did he change his shorts between the frozen song starting and him picking Harlow up, and did she edit it as t make it seem those things followed each other very closely in time? I actually had to go back and check it as I thought "wtf did he really just change his shorts?". He puts them on specifically to bathe Harlow, yet needed to change them? WHY?

I also want to know how they were able to help her nausea if she already has IV Zofran? And is she setting things up for TPN - or something else - when she said sometimes she is too nauseous to run her feeds?

No. 446939

With the amount of zofran and Benadryl she uses, she must never take a poop- that stuff is sooper constipating

No. 446947

File: 1513635142571.jpeg (258.71 KB, 1242x733, BC7FC314-BB7A-483B-8C55-6824B0…)

I’m just gonna put this right here… her followers are fucking delusional!

Jaq is the new Jesus. WWJD, y’all!

God is pleased with her, guys.

No. 446959

They gone done lost their damn minds.

No. 446977


You are so right. Especially IV! She won’t take narcotics but she will pump herself full of Benadryl and Zofran which is almost worse. Those could be causing the worsening GI problems she has… in fact if you push IV zofran too fast, it can actually have the opposite affect and make you vomit more/worse.

Not to mention the long term use side effects with either of these are not very good. Anything from permanent tremors to early onset Alzheimer’s and cognitive issues… that are permanent.

No. 446988

She packed all her refrigerated medical supplies for the trip in the raw food cooler.

Prepped raw food, vomited next day. Traveled with banana bags in raw food bag, vomited so much she had to go to the ER.

I have no idea if there is a connection.

No. 446998


I begin to wonder if she has like salmonella or E. coli or something from her nasty kitchen preps and horrible personal hygiene. The girl is a slob. There’s only so much an alcohol swab can do to clean the claves at the end of her port line. If she’s got chicken foot juice on it somehow since her chicken feet hang out right under the banana bags in the ice chest… yuck.

No. 447005


Ugggh that's like basic kitchen hygiene. If you store vegetables far away from raw meat, how far away should you keep your fucking IV BAGS.

No. 447007

File: 1513638962956.png (8.32 MB, 2208x1242, FAB15A5A-4F34-4ADE-AB91-D05F9C…)


Jaquie just doesn’t care if anyone else is embarrassed as long as she’s the center of attention… like when her mom was helping her into bed at the hospital when she supposedly had meningitis and gave us this gem… Mom I’m SURE wouldn’t want her holy ass and see-thru pants on YouTube.

No. 447011


Christ. She has no sense of anyone else's dignity.

No. 447031

Is there some sort of psychological condition that causes people to get physical pleasure (like a medical equipment boner or orgasm) because I see her act like she is in this youtube video and she appears to get off on touching and showing her new feeding tube porn to the world. Any new Etsy item to glam up her feeding tube and port and saline bags (they go in a backpack ffs no one is going to even see that shit) seems to just fill her full of over the top pleasure. It’s creepy and sad. She’s just gone QM… sad because like where does she go from here? Say she gets outed as a fraud… so will Babe… and there goes his job. They are frauds making money with their scammy Patreon page and he would get shitcanned if that got back to his department. Jaq isn’t just taking herself down this shit show As The Saline Bag Drips soap opera, but Judd and the rest of their families too. She’s such a self centered asshole.

No. 447043

>>Jaquie: - Was just sitting cross legged on the floor
>>Jaquie: "I subluxed my hip yesterday, so if I get up I'll hurt myself more, therefore I'm having Harlow fetch me stuff."

And you're right, she really seems to get some sort of a high from all her medical devices and accessorizing them. She is waaay to excited by anything medical. Always 'looking forward' to appointments and treatments, and 'really liking' or even 'loving' her doctors/caretakers.
I mean, when she got her dangler tube exhanged for a button, she literally said she was 'proud' on her feeding tube.

No. 447045

(sorry, samefag)

O, and don't forget the "I feel so productive" after she sat in that big red chair. I was 'exhilarating'. Judd looked genuinely worried for her in that vlog.

No. 447047


Her idea of "productive" and "adventure" is drastically shrinking.

No. 447051

Jaquie, acting 'autistic': Well, that would be an adventure!'

No. 447054

She looks chunkier than before. And there’s no way she’s gained weight just through tube feeding, with that little tiny bag she only runs during the day.

No. 447056

This is maybe a weird thing to ruminate on, but since clothes cause her so much apparent physical discomfort, I can't help wondering what kind of bra she wears.

No. 447057

Wtf was this? They go to lunch and she's like I am full and then keeps eating veggie fries. Doesn't finish her sandwich - because full - but then orders chocolate bread and eats it only after once again declaring she's full. Just fucking eat Jaquie, no gives a shit. Judd is definitely not perfect but I have no idea how he tolerates that munchie bitch.

No. 447060

Did anyone notice how she said the good thing about not eating much is leftovers and enjoying it two or three times? And Judd said and then you get to enjoy it again after you throw it up.

No. 447061

Because he’s in too deep. If he left her now, he’d look like a total douchebag who abandoned his poor, sick wife. Plus, I think he likes the attention as well.

No. 447062

I wonder if he knows she’s bulimic

No. 447064

I don't see how you could live with someone, let alone share a bed with them and not know that.

No. 447067


Yeah, the weird bonus to his mental munchie child-wife documenting her life on the internet is that he now has people who care about him whose comments he can read every day. I doubt Jaquie shows hiim that level of attention - when his arm was infected I asked about it on her YT and she was like "oh it's fine". 2 days later he had to go have it drained.

No. 447068

I wonder if they ever have sex…… imagine her and all her tubes flopping around omg

No. 447070


I used to think my bf years ago didn't know I was bulimic because I'd use mouthwash etc, but he could smell the vomit from my nose. Sorry for TMI, but if she's really making herself sick he'll know.

No. 447072

Judd - I love Star Wars, she doesn't even try.
Judd - I love my pick-em-up truck, she hates it and won't spend time in it.
Judd - I hate carrots and she doesn't give two shits and serves them to me anyway.
Judd - I tell her what kind of food I like and she won't even attempt to make it.
Relationships are about compromise but damn. I wouldn't care what people thought of me at this point if I were him. He's giving up his whole life in exchange for what strangers might think. Because anyone who knows them is going to see in no time that Jaquie is a self absorbed narcissistic munchie queen from hell.

No. 447088

He can smell the vomit for sure, but thinks it's due to GP or CVS or any other of her fifty chronic illnesses. Conveniently Jaquie is only afflicted by these diseases when Judd is at work so he just has to take her word for it. You never see a clip of Judd sitting on the floor with Jaquie while she's vomiting, rubbing her back or offering to bring her zofran. Nope, it's always shrouded in mystery - unlike the butt boil, which is an "adventure" we all were privy too and was talked about loudly at Disney and at family Christmas.

No. 447091

True, but she can explain that away with first "muh Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome" and now "muh Gastroparesis" making her sick. She just has to keep the bathroom door closed so he can't see her purging.

No. 447093

Yeah she can cover it up for awhile, but the truth will come out eventually

No. 447097


Well, keep a look out for calloused knuckles. Though she's probably got a pink sparkly toothbrush to ram down her throat because it's prettier.

No. 447105

Knowing Jaquie, I wouldn't be surprised if she uses medications to induce vomiting. As one anon said before, pushing IV zofran too fast can make you vomit, and I'm sure she's on a multitude of other medications that can do the same by themselves or in conjunction with one another. Maybe that's why she's so insistent on using IV zofran instead of regular melt-on-the-tongue oral zofran like everyone else in the world.

No. 447110


So like "I feel so nauseous, I need to push some Zofran…..but super fast so I throw up!"

Well, it's safer than Ipecac.

No. 447192


Mary has a port too, and she often needs Zofran but she takes it orally. What's the difference between her and Jaq here? I'm not a medfag. Mary often needs zofran quite suddenly too.

No. 447219


Jaq's super severe Gastroparesis? Kek

No. 447223

In this, she said one of her doctors said she could just not go to the ER after she used an epi. I have always been taught that epis were just to buy you some time until you could get to an ER or similar treatment. Can anybody weigh in on this? This seems like risky advice for a doctor to be giving out.

No. 447237

medfag here. home health nurse to be exact. we were taught in nursing school that if we have to use an epi on a client/patient we should then call 911 for them as a safety precaution and the EMT on the scene decides what to do from there. the patient is also trained to have their caregiver call 911 in the event of using an epi.

No. 447268


Here in the UK we are also told to go the hospital or call an ambulance after using an Epipen.

No. 447269

(Sorry, samefag)

Both in case the Epipen hasn't stopped the reaction entirely, and because of the physical effects of the adrenaline shot.

No. 447320

I had to do epipen training to work in education, definitely not a nurse tho, and we were taught to call 911 immediately, that it really only buys you 15-20 minutes, and the reaction can start again.

No. 447324

I think it’s because Mary is on some heavy duty antibiotics for her CF. They can make you’re stomach really upset. Mary ain’t perfect but at least she isn’t addicted to having her port accessed 24/7 like Jaquie. Don’t get why Jaq can’t take the disolveable pills.

Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t the disolving ones bypass your stomach? Isn’t that the point?

No. 447328


They might still end up in your stomach to an extent, but they are meant to be mostly absorbed by the buccal mucosa (inside cheek).

No. 447329


I think Jaq prefers the IV version firstly for the drama of it, and also because it's quicker in its effect.

No. 447342

It’s literally just for the attention and the spoonie points. She eats so much junk, it’s pretty obvious that her stomach is fine and that she doesn’t have sooper speschel nausea that needs iv zofran.

No. 447352


Just as some IV drug users develop a psychological addiction to the ritual of injecting.

No. 447417

I think at this point the ER had seen her dozens upon dozens of times post-epi and she was fine. They probably were just sick of seeing her 3-4 times per week for the same self-induced "emergency" hives

No. 447561

File: 1513680172861.png (454.43 KB, 976x457, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 2.38…)

So apparently, Jaq has always been the epitome of fashion, y'all… From 2015. This is not okay. Back when she used to talk for Harlow on IG in her account's infancy… she used to say "my mom" and now she says "my girl" and for some reason the "my girl" is way more obnoxious. Just like her fucking hospital sock sandal wearing. Gross.

No. 447613

>>Is there some sort of psychological condition that causes people to get physical pleasure (like a medical equipment boner or orgasm) because I see her act like she is in this youtube video and she appears to get off on touching and showing her new feeding tube porn to the world.

Yes, it seems like some sort of version of abasiophilia. But this type of OTT excitement about all things medical is part of Munchausen too.

No. 447645

Where I live, if IV zofran doesn't work, you get phenegran up the butt! But Jaq is too much of a princess for that

No. 447674

In Janice's video today she's complaining that she can't digest her pain meds and her gi doctor told her to wait for her test results so she's looking for a new doctor. kek. Does she want a toob like Jaquie for her "severe stabbing stomach pain, nausea, no appetite" or special IV medications?

No. 447734


She’s been angling after it for a while.

No. 447735

It certainly sounded like she was angling for IV pain meds and she's gonna doctor shop until she gets them.

Whatever happened about the butthole PT? Did she ever get the results of the anal test she did?

No. 447737

Yes. The tests confirmed that she did in fact have a stick shoved up her ass.

No. 447746

File: 1513703735289.png (89.11 KB, 746x545, IMG_5141.PNG)

Someone with a YT account please please respond to this and ask her what is unsafe about emails…

No. 447748

Will do. She probably won’t respond.

No. 447813

Do you know in which video this is?

No. 447818

so she can't answer emails but welcomes "fans" to approach her in real life? someone ask her about this because it doesn't add up

No. 447825

Just posting for proof it was asked because I’m sure she will delete it.

No. 447827

File: 1513709655855.jpeg (190.22 KB, 640x1136, 7AD03ABF-53BB-4E1F-83B3-6F75DC…)

Sorry I attached the video and not the comment on the last post and it wouldn’t delete it.

No. 447830

What kind of pain meds does she take? For some meds it's normal to see them in your stool. Especially with extended release tablets. It looks like they are whole and undigested, but they're not. I have it with one of my meds. Asked my pharmacist about it the first time it happened as it had me wonder, and he said it was completely normal. She could of course ask hers, or even check the leaflet or google her brand of pills for it, before declaring she now has a general digestion problem instead of only rectal dysfunction.

No. 447843

Wow. I just saw two or three of Janieces recent videos, and you can just see her decent into munchieness. In this video she is saying "I am not ruling anything out at this point" and "I think the next step is to look into my small intestine". Yeah, that's not your job, woman. Let your doctor think about what to rule in or out or what to look at next. The sad thing is that you just know that she won't stop. If a doctor tells her that nothing is wrong with her, or that she just needs to do her PT and only come back after she's been compliant with therapy and THEN still has issues, or just plain calls her on her BS, she won't believe them. Jaquie well be telling her to advocate for herself and she will say things like "I know my body" and stuff, and she will doctor shop until she finds someone who is willing to give her whatever it is she wants (I don't know what that is, tbh. As I see it, if this >>447737 anon is right, she's got two options: go do PT or get herself a shiny new colonostomy bag. But right now I'm not sure what she is going for.. pain meds? A toob? I really don't know). It's sad.

No. 447914

Munchies seem to think that if they pressure doctors enough and have enough testing done, an illness will be found. They refuse to accept that they’re fine. Any normal person would be happy that they could be better after some pt and simple diet changes, but for her it’s not enough. Not special enough, I guess, or invasive enough (although butthole pt sounds pretty invasive to me kek).

No. 447923

She talks about her bowel movement far too much. It’s gross.

No. 447967

I think she must read here as today she used a mask when using the dremel on Harlows nails. Usually she doesn't.

No. 447972


Her GI probably wasn't concerned (which made her mad) as what she describes is often what they call 'ghosts'. The meds get absorbed but the shell remains whole.

Saged for medfagging.

No. 448035

Does Janiece not drive? There are early videos of Jaquie driving but I don't think I have ever seen Janiece drive.

No. 448111


Some extended meds are designed so you poop out the outer shell. She's prob on extended release pain med since all states are cracking down on IR pain med scripts

Sage for medfagging

No. 448150

She probs does not because of her soooooper severe narcolepsy. Most of the vlogs I’ve seen of her she’s like bed ridden because she can’t even keep her eyes open. If it’s one condition she does have it MIGHT be the narcolepsy.

No. 448176


I have narcolepsy, and I thought Janiece had it and Jaquie copied her. But then I found out that Jaquie was actually diagnosed first. Janiece copies everything Jaquie does, so I now think it's another case of that and neither of them have it but Janiece is just better at faking it.

Jaquie and Janiece both get Xyrem for their fake narcolepsy, which costs $5000 a month and is GHB. Given Jaquie's love of ketamine and benadryl, she's probably into Xyrem for the high, too.

The online narcolepsy community has a good amount of munchies and hypochondriacs in it. I guess it's easy to convince yourself that feeling tired or worn out is a special rare disease and not depression.

No. 448182

Today Mary Frey's blog is titled "This is Life Changing" and is about Walmart grocery pick up. Talk about clickbait. It's nice to see Mary copying Jacquie instead of vice-versa for a change.

No. 448207

I watched this today and it was ridiculous. One thing I can give Judd is he actually gets out of the car and helps load while Peter just sat on his healthy ass and watched someone else load all their shit into the car.

No. 448214


Sees “today’s video sponsored by Walmart” in the near future for both the Freys and Beckwiths. Gag.

No. 448223

Someone’s sure late to the party kek. Pretty sure this has been a thing for almost ten years

No. 448225

Also, how sad is your life if grocery pickup is exciting enough to warrant its own video? There are plenty of people with cf that have lives even when they’re very ill. Groceries aren’t really a highlight

No. 448264


Has she given up on the diet she was supposed to be doing?

No. 448357

As far as I'm aware, she did that exactly one day and discovered she did really well on it. Then next day they went out to eat and she would be eating shit that doesn't agree with her but "it'll be worth it" and now after a week or so she is going back to it because she is in such severe pain. She said she hadn't eaten for the whole day and the day before she also barely ate. Then right after her "soup and bread" meal (they apparently can't think of anything else that's bland) she decided her diet "isn't working anymore" because she is still in pain.

She also has decided that because she poops out her pills (which as several others and myself too have said her is completely normal for some meds) she has a digestive problem, her pills won't work AND she needs to see another doctor because this one doesn't listen. Her 'problem' is completely normal, but instead of asking her doctor and/or pharmacist "is this normal/what can this be" she decides it is something big and changes doctors over it.

She also decides that her "abdominal pain meds" (wonder what those are - there aren't many meds specifically for abdo pain and most don't work very well anyway) don't work because she pooped out the empty shells (which, admittedly, look like they are the whole pills - which is why you research a little or just ask your doctors about it if you don't know what it is). The one test to determine of pain meds work is …. drumrolls if your pain gets better or not. So if she thinks her meds don't work because she pooped them out, they probably didn't do much anyway. Either because her pain isn't as bad as she says, or because she is taking a medication that doesn't do much to begin with.

I also agree that she is talking far too much about her bowel movements. There are ways to discuss these topics in a normal and - for lack of a better word - professional way. It doesn't have to be weird and dirty and it doesn't have to be avoided alltogether as well. It can be done. Not by Janiece, though. The way she talks about it really weird.

No. 448365

This video was suggested to me after I watched yesterdays. She looks so nice in this one. So normal. I think she actually was/is quite pretty, as long as she takes care of herself. Her looks, her demeanor, her gesturing, her talking.. it's all sooo different from how she is now.

I get that doing a daily vlog probably means that you don't do as much effort to look good as opposed to doing tutorials or more presentation-type videos on YouTube, but by Jove does she look better in those videos! And I don't just mean her clothing and the fact that she is wearing a necklace, but no 'sick face', no whining, actual smiling.. it's like discovering she has a 'normal twin'.

No. 448385


I think maybe part of the problem IS that she's committed to doing a daily vlog. It means she doesn't have time for other commitments.

No. 448399

Jacquie also lied about her old service dog oakly, she claimed he had arthris so she gave him to her dad but on Janece's personal account she had oakly for months before getting orion…. I wonder why she lied.

No. 448407

She sure looks good when she is not doing a sick face and do some grooming.
Judd must be disappointed when he sees those old videos when she used to have some interest in things and looked like an actual active 20 something.

No. 448417

I have to admit I've never heard that pills can go right through you like that and it's normal, so I'd probably be freaking out too, but what I don't understand is why the doctor didn't just explain it over the phone when she called? Although I wouldn't be surprised if he or the nurse did explain it and Janiece either didn't listen, didn't understand or simply decided she knew better because Janiece always knows better.

Every test she's done so far, apart from the anal manometry has come back fine, right? So it's not really surprising her doctor isn't making her a priority. Yeah it sucks to have to wait, but of course the doctor is going to see people with more urgent conditions first, esp over the holiday season when they want to spend time with their families too.

No. 448477

in today's video at 14:00, Harlow's laying down and her hips are REALLY uneven– can anyone weigh in on this? my pessimism told me it's because Jaq was counterbalancing on her too young but maybe dogs just sit like that sometimes.

No. 448479

I think it was that she couldn't do mobility with the other dog, but maybe at the time Janiece didn't "need" mobility?

No. 448507

Jaq claims this J tube surgery will be her first time getting general anesthesia.. I call bullshit

No. 448511

>> I call bullshit
Why? I think it's extremely likely her other procedures were twilight sedation. As far as we know, she never had major surgery. Port and tube (G/GJ/PEG/trans-J) placement tend to be done with twilight rather than general.

Also: why would she lie about that? Munchies tend to exaggerate, so would sooner call twilight sedation general anesthesia or refer to any small procedure as surgery, not vice versa.

No. 448531


She's had ketamine and propofol, both are used as general anesthetics. She also mentioned her more extensive toe surgery would be GA I believe.

No. 448595

Her toe surgery was ketamine

No. 448695


Hip dysplasia is very common in golden retrievers.

No. 448698

Nope Janence said he was a mobility service dog for her…

No. 448702

These munchies seem to get illnesses through osmosis.

No. 448704


Or simply just reading about them kek

No. 448781

Today's vlog starts off with Jaq's poor acting skills… It's so fucking weird. She starts the vlog with a distracted "good Tuesday morning everyone" then fakes a shocked second take at Harlow who's standing right there staring at her holding a Christmas ornament. And she's all "what do you have? Oh my gosh, harrloow!" Then gets into a cutsie personal anecdote about the ornament which she and Judd got as their "first Christmas ornament of their marriage"

No. 448788

Direct quote from today: "this feeding tube has literally saved my life. It has helped me so much in my battle against gastroparesis."

Sure Jan. She just had another creamy chicken pasta meal with a glass of milk on the side. No complaints afterwards either.

No. 448791

It seems weird to me that she'd like ketamine so much. The khole basically just feels like you don't exist. I find it weird a narcissists would go looking for a drug induced ego death.

No. 448792


I'm not sure if medically administered ketamine gets the patient in a true K-hole. She didn't seem to experience the "coming out of it" effects like intense vertigo, nausea, vomiting etc.
(I've used it recreationally)

No. 448793

What is the big deal with her and recipes? I don't have a recipe to share with y'all I just do it from memory … well if it's memorized write it down and share it. Or don't. But stop making excuses that don't make sense

No. 448795


It's okay, no one wants to eat that foul ranch chicken.

I suspect she isn't sharing because it's incredibly GP-unfriendly and anyone with actual gastroparesis would call her out on it.

No. 448802

It saved her by letting her eat all the shit food she wants and gain weight, while being sick and special. She doesn’t even pretend to have GP symptoms any more, yet she’s got multiple doctors and many, many followers convinced she needs separate feeding tubes to survive.

No. 448806

Just quit with the recipe excuses already… I can't share a recipe with y'all because I do it from memory. If it's memorized write that shit down. Or don't. But stop making stupid excuses.
I would guess she isn't sharing bc it's either direct plagiarism or she knows people will be all.. how can you eat x,y,z?

No. 448828

Even if recipes are from memory, one can generally share what to do and include, even if you do not measure and do everything by eye. That can at least help other avid cooks figure it out. She's being special - obviously thinks she's a good cook. Putting pre made msg laden sauces, dressing and soup hardly makes you a good cook, unless we are talking depression era wives cooking on tiny budget for a big family.

No. 448879

Yeah, it definitely came across as her trying to act! She’s not good at it though and I think she’s getting called out on a lot of things. The recipe thing made no sense either until someone said that people would point out that she shouldn’t be eating the stuff so that’s probably why she won’t share it. We all know that she shouldn’t be eating any of the crap she does if she was as sick as she claims to be though. She infuriates me.

No. 448893

File: 1513833246974.png (935.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5164.PNG)

Another munchie (copy cat Jaquie) with IV Zofran … what is with these Florida docs? Ports, Mickey buttons, IV meds. I don't get it.

No. 448898

Jaquie's eyes are so fucking droopy from all the benedryl I am so sick of her face

No. 448901


maybe her flat affect isn't fake sick face, she's just stoned on benadryl all the time!

No. 448924

Kek yeah iv benedryl supposedly gives you a buzz

No. 448929


She needs to be careful to not build up a tolerance and watch out for adverse reactions from prolonged use.

No. 448935

I'm sure she'd treat adverse reactions with… more benedryl. Or another visit to the ER. It'd make a great video. Sigh.

No. 448938

So I just found something interesting… I’m this youtube video from 1/2/17 Jaquie gets IV Benadryl and Ativan because she “panics when she can’t breathe” and Jaquie says they gave her a very small dose of Ativan. (Starts talking about Ativan around 3:25 and again at 5:15)

“Because of the Benadryl and the Ativan I was able to sleep really well.”

So her little “What is Ativan?” bullshit from the butt boil lancing ER trip was pure lying and acting because she clearly fucking knows what Ativan is. She talks about it again later in the video about how it’s used for POTS to bring her heart rate down.

Once again, we catch the bitch in her lies.

No. 448943

To me her questioning Ativan and saying it doesn't really work is a huge sign that she is an addict. Ativan is an anti anxiety med they give before a procedure when you are nervous. It is only meant to take the edge off but she wanted a drug that gives her a real high like pain meds. I can tell that if a drug doesnt give her a noticeably high effect immediately after administered she complains that she thinks its not good enough.

No. 448944


Shooting everything through her port is giving her unrealistic expectations of medications.

No. 448955

I’m late to this party but the fact that she wears her port line out of her shirt irritates the snot out of me. I understand it’s annoying to have that dangling down your stomach but a camisole with a shelf bra is the perfect holder.

Sage for rant

No. 448960


Her HR was around 144bpm when she started filming her HR monitor, stayed there for a bit but she was working herself up while she was explaining she was having a tachy episode. So it jumped up over 150. That kind of proves that she is capable of inducing symptoms just from stressing herself out, right?

Also funny watching how much she enjoyed all the attention she got that day. Everyone else looked pretty bored meanwhile Jaq is all smiles and peppy attitude sitting there with her oxygen.

And towards the end of the video she has another allergic reaction. She has a rash and starts coughing and talking with a very strained voice, like her throat is closing. Then in the next clip she says all she needed was half a dose of the old IV benadryl because all she had was a rash and a cough but her throat "wasn't closing".

No. 449081

Fantastic catch, anon.

I agree with >>448943 that trying to make it seem like Ativan is a drug unknown to her is REALLY suspect.

I'm still mad at myself that I believed her when I first started watching her videos. The more time goes on, the more her story unravels.

No. 449093

It's like she's faking the lack of knowledge while inside she is doing cartwheels over knowing she's about to get some.

No. 449134

Inducing tachycardia is not that hard at all. Especially for someone with bulimia who’s dehydrated and probably had fucked electrolytes. It’s why a lot of people who claim pots probably don’t have it, being dehydrated and other things (caffeine, rx drugs, stress, eating disorders) can induce tachycardia in a healthy person.

No. 449143

She bitches about her blood sugar and is clearly angling for a dexcom, but drinks sweet tea?!

No. 449145


Doesn't she complain about LOW blood sugar?

If she ran her feeds as she was supposed to, and didn't eat junk food as her only oral intake, then I bet she'd not be having blood sugar problems at all.

No. 449149

If she ran her feeds as she is meant to (or just followed a GP diet!) then she wouldn't have 'random' low blood sugar drops. If you have constant nutrition running you basically can't get low blood glucose…
Even where patients with anorexia are going through medical refeeding they can ensure their blood glucose remains stable and they avoid refeeding syndrome (and in the UK you only get medical refeeding at BMI 'almost death', not like 15/16). If they can manage it in severely emaciated patients I think they can manage it in Jackie!

No. 449161

Especially since she’s been on tube feeds for such a long time, and is at a normal weight. There is no reason for her to have low sugar. And let’s not forget that she eats food all the time, and doesn’t have GP. We know she’s not getting very many calories from her tube, yet her weight has either been stable or increasing since she’s been on tube feeds. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s setting up to angle for TPN, since I’ve seen people on IG go on it if they can’t keep their blood sugars stable (more in children, but jaquie is just a big toddler anyways).

No. 449168

It's shocking how profoundly boring she is. She never should have started daily vlogging, not just because it's terrible for her mental health and exacerbating her munchie-ness, but because she has fuck all to show us. How can one human being be so vapid? She should ask her doctor to do a personality transplant next. God knows she needs it more than any of the other shit her doctors do for her.

No. 449169


Yup. Literally the only interesting thing about her life is how "sick" she is. She's done the equivalent of making a spoonie Instagram account and updating constantly. And if she reduces her output now, she'll lose money. She's got to stay committed to the lies.

No. 449185

File: 1513880057433.jpg (144.7 KB, 1750x546, CVMmLwL.jpg)

That's funny. Because yesterday in the comments she said to someone that she told Judd no on the pork. Guess he won the ensuing argument?

The reason I noted this yesterday is that I found it odd that she said that she wasn't willing to cook something she couldn't eat herself. Because, if we believe what she says (we don't of course..) then she cooks all the time for "her family" (being Judd) without being able to eat herself. Todays video is even dedicated to that subject, and it's not the first time she adressed it. Of course, we already knew that she cooks mainly for herself. Every time Judd doesn't like something, she goes "well, I liked it". And that to her is the most important reason to cook whatever she does.

(Also, what's with her "I don't have a recipe.. blahblah". Did anyone ever ask her for a recipe? Just like her "I know that not everyone is able to feed their dog raw and I am not putting anyone down for not feeding raw" when I didn't even think she was trying to say other people should do the same thing she does until she said that, her nonsense about a recipe does the same thing: before she mentions it no one is thinking about it, but the minute she does most people will think 'why on earth would I want a recipe for this??' She probably thinks she is some huge role model and everyone wants to be like her. Which, sadly, is true for a small minority of emotionally vulnerable young woman and teenage girls. She should be arrested for contributing to the emotional detriment of a minor/minors.)

No. 449447

Judd called her Miss Blake in today's video and she corrected him and said I am Mrs Beckwith now. Interesting…

No. 449457

Agree. Boring and repetitive as fuck. She's like a train wreck and I just can't look away so I watch her most days and omg she says the same things over and over. I am human and I enjoy the taste of food. I cook for my family because I love cooking and they need to eat. How many times can she POSSIBLY answer the 'is it weird for you to cook or go to restaurants if you can't eat'? And how many people do you think are really asking it? I just don't understand how she has any long term supporters at all. People who showed up last week, sure whatever. People who have been around for six months or a year… how are they not bored to tears and/or infuriated at her yet?

No. 449468

But she goes to restaurants and cooks and eats in both situations, literally films herself eating. Who does she think she’s fooling? Does she think people are that stupid?

No. 449531

Her excuse for that is - my GI says I need to try to eat to maintain what gastric functioning I have left. So that's why she eats cream soaked deep fried food on the regular.
Yesterday she drank a smoothie and today says it caused incredible nausea and pain. Except she drank it midday and ended the vlog late evening gushing about what a wonderful day she had. She's just a liar. And not a very good one.

No. 449562

No GI doctor would make someone with as severe GP as jaquie claims to have eat. Especially if they already have a feeding tube and supposedly throw up everything they ingest.

No. 449686

Pretty sure the "no recipe" thing is just another one of Mary Frey's coveted traits that Jaquie needs to constantly emulate. Seriously, if you think Amanda copying Jacquie is creepy, you guys should see all the things Jaquie siphons from Mary…

Mary will often comment that they don't use a recipe when they're shown cooking things, so OF COURSE Jaquie can't use one either.

No. 449690

File: 1513914116584.png (66.54 KB, 651x746, IMG_5170.PNG)

Jaquie wearing a mostly normal outfit really accentuates how over the top screamingly gaudy that chair is. It's harder to notice when she's dressed like a toddler because so much of that is horrible. But when she's dressed like an adult that chair is atrocious

No. 449720

Oh look, the attention hooker is out on the town.

No. 449748


Doesn't she know that pork is the other white meat? <- old U.S. Advertising campaign for the pork industry. In case anyone is confused.

No. 449753

Her necks hurts and that's why she's resting with the heating pad. But the pad is placed so the contact to her neck minimal compared to shoulder and head. I'd have rolled that shit up to actually touch my neck to ease pain. Also, heating pads dont get bot enough for severe neck pain.

Sage for blogging.

No. 449764

I do agree that her heating pad placement is always weird to me. She never rolls them up and where are the five billion pillows? Most people with chronic pain need multiple pillows just to get comfortable on a good day let alone in bad day. I mean I’ve never even seem her use a damn neck pillow! Anybody with neck pain would use some sort of support for relief.

But some heating pads may get hot enough for deep relieve info the neck muscles. However, they’re pricey and definitely not the one she uses.

I think possibly the biggest thing that pisses me off is J’s “chronic pain” She was in severe pain, but still technically made the car ride home and then it was good after resting for just a few hours? No neck migraine or muscle spasms??? She makes a joke out of people with real life severe chronic pain who are literally nonfunctional if they drive for longer than twenty minutes and take days to recover from severe pain not hours. I wish someone would point out to get what a joke her pain is.

No. 449781

Gets away with all of this because she patrols the comment section and blocks anyone that questions her. The questions/comments still show up for the blocked person, but no one else can see them. Tell me how sick she really is if she feels good enough to do that? She’s literally insane and need help. Her parents, Judd, and her friends are all enablers.

No. 449831


Ugh that’s what pisses me off most I think. She deletes and blocks anyone that says boo to her in the comments if she can’t come up with some outlandish lie. So her followers see that “Jaquie never gets hate because she is such a positive and wonderful role model.” In fact, Chronically Amy talks about how she herself gets haters but Jaquie doesn’t get any… so I replied to her video saying not to kid herself about Jaquie not getting hate… and Amy blocked me and deleted my comment. They are all so fucking delusional!

No. 449953

Pork is actually in the red meat category. The advertising campaign claims it's, "the other white meat", but it's technically red meat. It is based on myoglobin.

No. 449997

Little miss gets a migraine from perfumes sets her new Scentsy warmer in todays vlog.

No. 449998

This bitch is certifiably crazy.

No. 450006

Please, please, please someone call her out on this.

No. 450010

She's looking at sunglasses in today's vlog at Target while sitting her wheelchair and says "I can't see myself in the mirror, because it's too high but Judd says they look good" ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Her legs WORK. Stand up. She is not paralyzed. She is acting like she is completely incapable of using her legs. The same chick that uses her walker as a step stool can't stand up at Target while trying on sunglasses. Her followers are the dumbest most gullible people on earth.

No. 450015


Tries on sunglasses in Target but can't receive mail because sick.

Her wheelchair propulsion skills are SO bad.

No. 450017

File: 1513964358894.png (92.69 KB, 738x510, IMG_5192.PNG)

Nothing like a comment of clarity followed by complete and utter delusion.

No. 450022

How the hell can Gastroparesis flare? It's not an inflammatory condition.

No. 450051

File: 1513967851340.png (148.15 KB, 750x745, IMG_5193.PNG)

Ms Adjustable has an answer for that!

No. 450052


Typical Adjustable Jaquie, when you're allergic to scents, you don't get to pick and choose.

No. 450058

I have to admit, I don't know about MCAS, but between that, her asthma, SPD and migraine, it seems HIGHLY unlikely she would be able to tolerate any kind of perfume or strong scents.

No. 450075

Oh but she can! She's allergic to scents, until she's not. She's allergic to scents and plants, until she wants a LIVE Christmas tree. She's sensitive to noises, until she's doing something she wants to do. She has sooper suhvere gastroparesis, until presented with cream soaked or fried food. Or candy/baked goods. She has sooper suhvere POTs and can't stand up at Target but can climb her walker to dust to the top of the bookcase. She has heat sensitivity and has to wear a toddler outfit everyday because sensory processing disorder, y'all… until it gets cool enough for her beloved winter wardrobe and then she can wear a stocking cap and hat indoors for hours and a plethora of itchy sweaters. She is sooo full of shit.

No. 450272


Lots of munchie spoonies do the whole “flare up”thing when they clearly know nothin about what is actually a flare up,

No. 450320

That's just it, I doubt she ever truly feels 'awful'. I highly doubt she has 90% of the conditions she claims or at least is exaggerating them to the extreme. If she really felt as 'awful' as she claims she wouldn't vlog with a monotone voice and 'sick face', she'd be in too much pain/too sick to do anything besides stay in bed or curl up on the couch.
I've started using wax melts recently and sure, some of them are a lot stronger than others but putting in half a cube vs. a full one doesn't make a difference in how strong the scent is! The wax still melts and gives off the same scent at least in my experience. I tried breaking a used and re-hardened piece of wax into a couple of pieces because although the scent was ok, it was overpowering. My eyes still burned once it melted! She is so full of it!

No. 450347

File: 1513990058102.png (49.58 KB, 855x225, Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 00.4…)

> Only I can have the good stuff. You're not special.

No. 450349

oh my GOD the heat intolerance bullshit drives me insane. in one recent video her and Judd acted like 64 was 24… and this was at night. so during the day when she literally wore like 2 knit hats, a thick sweater, leggings with thick socks and UGGs… it must have been at least 70. she's not heat intolerant, obviously. how the hell can you have heat intolerance and wear all that when it's ROOM TEMPERATURE outside and even hotter in the sun?????????

No. 450361


You can tell she's bullshitting about her daily "chronic pain" because of how much of a fuss she makes when she's actually legitimately in pain (not necessarily acute pain, but you can tell the difference in her voice/manner).

No. 450362


She could have had Judd help her up to look in the mirror if she wanted to save face, but of course he had to be cameraman. Not husband, unpaid filmographer!

No. 450364


Wait, isn't all pain connected to the Central Nervous System?

No. 450371

She doesn't need help looking in a damn mirror. She crawls all over the floor, climbs stuff, gets up and down off the floor all the time, kneels, bends, cleans the house from top to bottom. She needs mental help before anything else.

No. 450391

About who loaded the wheelchairs…Julian used his rollator at the dog park, not his wheelchair. He also seems a little more reserved in this video.

I hope Jaquie finds some inspiration watching Julian's live his life.

Julian, you need to vlog!

No. 450395


No, Julian needs to keep living his totally normal non-look-at-meeee life. And get better friends.

No. 450416

Of course he’s reserved. He knows about this place, he’s been here, he probably still lurks here at times. Being in her vlog knowing that she doesn’t know all the while knowing we are going to discuss it must be very very weird. I almost wonder if that’s why he canceled this past Monday’s dog park “adventure”

No. 450457


It's only an "adventure" for poor Harlow who only gets taken there when Jaquie feels "well" enough :(
Seriously, this poor pupper doesn't get anywhere near enough exercising.

No. 450542

File: 1514002555042.png (30.95 KB, 394x222, Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 04.1…)


No. 450550

Jacquie linked to Julian's Instagram and well, he's pretty milky in his own way.

But at least he got a professional trained service dog from an accredited charity. I think he's the first person I've found who gives me cow vibes who did that, so I'm still on the fence about him.

No. 450577

Can you post a link?

No. 450597

I just looked at Julian's Insta. The parallels…just wow…


No. 450610

File: 1514008426896.png (744.47 KB, 794x522, Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 05.5…)

He had a go fuck me for a service dog too, but it only raised $300. (He got one anyway.)

No. 450637

how did Jaq and Julian meet?

No. 450640

Further proof the whole spoonie community is mentally fucked. It’s completely possible to be chronically ill and lead a fairly normal life, but you sure wouldn’t know it looking at IG and YouTube.

No. 450646

But julians different, he does have a normal life he has a fiancee and goes to collage, these "spoonies" are entitled assholes. At least he has a life.

No. 450680

Agree with the anon above - at least he's not in his wheelchair here. It's still prominently placed in the photo and is still OTT, but for god's sake at least he's not suddenly a parapalegic when he uses his like Jaq

No. 450691

At college, I think.

No. 450723

Yeah, agreed. Jaq acts like she can't simply get up she expects everything done for her. I think this guy has a nerve disease which like stop the function in his legs, something like that. He seems like he actually needs whereas Jaq just wants the attention

No. 450733

There was recently a whole discussion about this on a medium-sized account I follow, chronicmotivation - just checked and it's six posts down. (Before anyone jumps on me for self promoting, farmhands can see my ip is on a different continent to the account owner in NYC.) Anyway, people's personal definitions of flare are bizarre! It does seem like some want it to have no specific meaning and just be in general usage as a term for feeling worse.

No. 450737

I think flare is quite a harmless term, to be fair. It's just commonly used to mean your symptoms are "flaring" for means of description. It's used by a lot of non-munchies. But munchies abuse it and make it seem like something only a munchie spoonie would say.

No. 450806


Is he really? Look at the hashtag abuse, and if you go through his IG he adds on illnesses and symptoms to the hashtag list. One seizure? Hashtag epilepsy!

No. 450808

To the Anon who found his account: I am wondering…Do you think this is J's ground zero inspiration account? Bonus: She can ask him questions in person?

They dropped out on medical leave the same semester (I think). Both were really recently diagnosed with autism as well. Go to the same POTS doc (who found that doc first)?

He went from walking to being a rollator user all the time and needing a wheelchair part-time in less than a year because of a legit medical condition that he mentioned here and on Instagram that causes progressive mobility impairment.

He wears compression stockings and is trying to live. I don't care if he's OTT. He's moving forward, as Harlow's girl would say.

No. 450813

Well technically Jaq had a fiance too. For about a week before she married him. And she is supposed to return to school in January just like Julian. There really isn't that much difference between them

No. 450827

"Flares are for now, not forever".—because when you are Adjustable, NOTHING is forever—only when you remember to have pain, weakness, nausea or allergies, or when your incredibly boring life allows you to dream up a symptom to vlog.

No. 450830

It was so instantly obvious that will be her next T-shirt slogan. She hasn't announced it yet. But she will.

No. 450847

He puts Jaquie to shame when it comes to hashtag use. Talk about OTT.

No. 450908

I have to admit I didn't search for yis insta, so can'tt really say anything about him personally. However, I do think there is a difference between the hard core munchies like Jaquie (and Aubrey, Autumn etc.) and those who somehow get sucked into the whole OTT spoonie thing by following the bad examples of others. This is actually quite sad: they probably reach out to others looking for genuine support and get deluded into thinking it is normal to hashtag every single symptom, have their diagnoses in their bio, sharing inpiration porn and calling themselves a warrior is normal behavior when you are a 'spoonie'. Some of them probably get addicted to the instant gratification that is likes and comments on the internet or try to one-up the one-uppers and they spiral out of control. Others hang around for a while until they go back to their real lifes. For his sake, I hope Julian is of the latter category.

No. 450918

File: 1514049661832.png (874.33 KB, 750x1334, 7DBECB38-1505-4D25-B472-669921…)

I found her dads Instagram and look at this!

No. 450919

Hi guys. This is Julian. I do lurk here. Every day actually. I like to see what people are saying. Sometimes it’s interesting to me and sometimes I think it’s ridiculous. I’ve always been the type of person who likes lto be aware of what’s happening everywhere. I also like to see multiple perspectives and opinions of others and I think there’s value in that as well. I’m going to school for psychology so I think it has a lot to do with that. I think all of you are entitled to your opinions and perspectives as long as you don’t harm others or take it too far which I hope none of you do. As long as you feel you can sleep at night then that’s on you not me. I realize there are people in the spoonie community who do unsavory things as well and I’m not blind to this. I think it’s possibly why I started to change my posts from health updates to just positive life posts about how to live with health struggles. However yes I still use hash tags because I still have lots of friends and I still want to reach those who may be struggling. I just simply want to let people know you can still live your life I guess. Anyways yep I do have a progressive Demyelinating sensorimotor nerve (Peripheral) condition that has quickly wrecked my body. I was diagnosed at 18. So I used a cane, walker, and now usually a wheelchair. I still use the walker when I feel that I can. Because I really want to maintain walking and my mobility and muscles and I don’t want to decondition. I don’t think I’ve ever hash tagged epilepsy I think I hashtag seizures. I don’t have epilepsy nor have I ever claimed to I have convulsions or Dysautonomic seizures occasionally from … dysautonomia. So yep. Anyways if you have anymore questions feel to ask me. I’m open to questions about MYSELF. Not Jaquie. I don’t speak for her.

No. 450920

If I did hashtag epilepsy I will change it because I did not realize

No. 450925

Very respectable post. Good on you.

No. 450927

Oh and also I did have a “gofuckme” for Atlas my service dog. But none of the money went to me. Per the organization New Horizons I was asked by THEM to raise as much money as I can. Because he costed them 25k to raise. So it was for them not me. It’s something every recipient of New Horizons has to do.

No. 450931

File: 1514050868845.png (786.25 KB, 640x1136, 15B67615-8D3D-4E57-84B0-B2F6FF…)

Good find! If you zoom in on this pic (pretty low quality but you can still see), she’s got a full plate with bites taken at least from the roll. She’s not even trying to order something GP friendly.

No. 450949


"I’ve always been the type of person who likes lto be aware of what’s happening everywhere. I also like to see multiple perspectives and opinions of others and I think there’s value in that as well. I’m going to school for psychology so I think it has a lot to do with that."

Dude, it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with being a human– it's not special. jfc

No. 450950

Nope. Not trying to be special just simply telling you about myself because you were talking about me. And actually not everyone likes to know people are talking about them. Some people choose to ignore it. Some people don’t like other people’s opinions or perspectives. I was just telling you I do. That’s all.

No. 450954

…so which one is Jaquie? At the very least you could let us know if she's aware of this page.

No. 450957

This is Julian not Jaquie. I don’t speak for Jaquie. Sorry. We are separate people living separate lives who hang out occasionally as friends. What she does or says is on her.

No. 450962

Considering that she deletes any comment on her YT or IG that she doesn't like or agree with, it seems as though if she did know about this page that she would ignore it because she can't delete anything here and she would just dig herself a deeper hole by defending herself bc we can all see through her bullshit.

No. 451020

Well I did comment on her video and asked her if she had googled herself and looked at the 6th or 7th thing down. I asked her what a Munchie was…. it stayed up for probably 12 hours because it was when she was with Judd’s family, but I was blocked and only I can see the comment now.

No. 451036

I know nothing about feeding tubes, but is it normal for a rep to come to your house and to discuss which model is best for you? Or is it you get what you get?

No. 451050

You can actually get banned from this website for cow tipping. FYI.

No. 451055

WHY would you do that?

No. 451121

I honestly didn’t know it was against the rules or I wouldn’t have done it. I apologize. I was thinking of all these young kids that blindly follow her and hope to be like her. It’s horrible. I was also thinking of all the people who really do have chronic Illnesses that need some of the things she had and she doesn’t need them and how upsetting it must be for them to see her get anything she wants so easily. I meant no harm to the group here. I’m pretty new here. Again I’m sorry.

No. 451191


Read the rules and lurk more before you post again.

No. 451210

Don't know if anyone else noticed it, but I'm pretty sure Jaquie didn't swab her blue IV connector OR the IV tubing connector before connecting them. She'd just been touching and pulling the IV tubing connector through her backpack and the blue connector had been hanging against her shirt. GERMS.

I think maybe she had the cap of the IV tubing on, but you still wipe the ever loving shit out of both connection points with an alcohol swab unless you want an infection (which I'm sure she'd love).

No. 451217

My question is how does she manage to get so many flipping brand reps for different medical gear to stop by her house? I work in a hospital and normally we don’t have brand reps working with patients or explaining why this thing works better than another, etc. maybe it’s a home health thing? She had both the wheelchair rep and now the J tube rep come in and of course she convinced both of them to be on camera, ugh.

No. 451229

Yeah, it’s super weird and I’ve never heard of it happening for anyone else. I’m sure daddy’s money and connections have a lot to do with it. Especially since a lot of the time you don’t get to pick what kind of tube or line or equipment you get. Not every hospital has an agreement to be able to get a certain brand from the manufacturer. Of course, if your money bags daddy pays for everything, you can order and pay full price for whatever you want.

No. 451242


I can only vouch for the wheelchair rep part being normal. When I got my wheelchair, NuMotion gave me the option of home delivery or delivery at the rehab center.

No. 451307

Guys please go watch Janiece’s new vlog. I don’t know how to embed so if someone can please do. She’s in the hospital. It’s a good one! Laughable. They are trying to find an underlying reason for her sudden high heart rate and changing blood pressure. Ummm… weren’t you diagnosed with SOOPER SEVERE POTS?????

No. 451317


Also her sooper “ high blood pressure. She’s angling for a toob and a port, watch this space…

No. 451341

The video of Janiece in the hospital.

No. 451361

Except iv fluids wouldn’t really help if she’s got high blood pressure, right? Pretty sure she’s just really, really out of shape from doing nothing all day pretending to be sick.

No. 451363

Ugh gross. Maybe she thinks a Christmas hospitalization is the final thing she needs for munchie fame!

No. 451386


Her heart rate is so high! 135!

Shows monitor reading 117

Her blood pressure is dangerously high! 130/90!

I almost laughed out loud at that part.

And they admit her for these normal vitals and normal test results? I can't believe her insurance is gonna pay for that. Can't wait for all the vloging about her stool during the prep for the colonoscopy. I'll be shocked if they find so much as a polyp.

No. 451391

"Her heart rate jumps from 80-135 for no reason!"

Maybe because she's self-inducing tachycardia whenever someone comes in the room kek

No. 451392

Yeah, I think my eye roll broke the sound barrier on those vitals. And why the fuck are they giving her IV antibiotics for a mildly elevated pulse and bp?

No. 451419

Wooooow so high! That's hilarious. I can't believe she was admitted! Thank you for watching because I can't bring myself to do it

No. 451429

Wait, what? Janiece tells Paul she doesn't feel well and the first thing he does is check her heart rate? That's so weird. Checking if she has a fever, I get, but is checking someone's heart rate something people when they say they feel sick?

No. 451461

Who wants to bet Jaq's gonna have a medical emergency now that Janiece is getting all the attention for being in hospital?

No. 451479

No doubt, especially since her extended family is going to be in town, staying in her guest bedroom… sorry, her medical supplies room. What better audience for a crisis?

No. 451480

To Julien: most of us here have nothing against you and don't want to bring you into this. I post here because I think Jaquie is doing damage to young girls (and boys) who watch her videos. It happened to me and I'm in my 20s. When you see someone getting state of the art care that's quite excessive and mostly unnecessary (main example is Jaquie's port for her orthostatic intolerance), you begin to think that your doctors aren't helping you enough by exploring other options, or that you're not sick enough to get even basic treatment, you lose trust in your doctors. You doubt yourself and tell yourself it's because you're not sick enough, which will be to your detriment -you believe someone like Jaquie is much sicker than you and so gets whatever help she needs no matter how invasive. It creates a culture of competition, which is really dangerous if young people are competing to get any sort of tube which can lead to serious infection or death. This is just one example. Everything goes to a whole new level when you discover that Jaquie was never properly diagnosed with the conditions she claims (eg GP and pots), so we see this emotional merry-go-round happening to her viewers/followers when really Jaquie's story is full of inconsistencies and unapologetic exaggeration. I don't want to bad mouth her here, never will and never have. I only want an outlet to talk about what I and many others see wrong with what she says and does. And it helps my own sanity to know that other people are noticing the same things too.

Sage for blogging- tried to keep it relevant

No. 451481


Sorry I can't really add anything but I just wanna say that I couldn't agree more… Jaquie is doing a lot of damage to a lot of people with what she's doing.

No. 451494

And the worst part is that she doesn’t care. Textbook sociopath and narcissist who only does things that benefit her. I wonder though, how far she would have taken things if she didn’t have a rich family that spoiled and enabled her. Chronic illness isn’t cheap, especially if you demand all the toys and treatments (that you don’t need). She pays thousands of dollars for things, which an ordinary sick person would either not have or have covered by insurance, and that most munchies can’t afford. She’s also got the rich girl complex of the world revolving around her.

No. 451496

Janiece is giving "early exclusive details" regarding her current hospital stay on her PATREON. Check her latest story. I fucking can't.

No. 451497

I bet that if she didn’t have a family and social media profiles that gave her wads of cash, she’d be a drug addict. She already pretty much is, but she uses her “illnesses” to justify her somehow legal drugs. There’s no established treatment using a lot of the things she has prescribed for the conditions she claims, especially the ketamine.

No. 451498

If you’re sick enough to be in the hospital, you should be too sick to vlog. What a disgusting money grab. I hope her insurance knows they’re paying for her to rake in cash while faking illness.

No. 451502

Link, faggot!

No. 451512

There's ways to call someone out or to just give information to their followers in the comments without practically inviting her worshippers to come here and spam the board with how awesome and how really sick Jaquie is. I agree that she is doing damage, like this post >>451480 explains very well.

Not only is it implied that your doctors don't do anything for you if they treat you like they would treat anyone with a given disorder, but sometimes she even says it. She will reply back to comments and tell people to find another doctor if their doctor does not want to give them a port or a tube. It's horrible. Watchful waiting is a thing and in many many cases it is the best thing to do. Even if someone following her does not turn full on munchie, they might end up with some pretty nasty iatrogenic damage that they would not have had if they wouldn't have followed Jaquie. But as said, please do not send people over here because most of the time it doesn't help. Also, as many of us have learned; calling Jaquie out outright is a waste of time. Your comment is deleted and/or you are blocked. If you time it right, it might take a while till she reads it so many people can read it. But most of the time, it's better to be a bit more subtle so your comment isn't deleted.

I just saw the vlog, and I really don't know what to think of it. It could be there's really something going on. But as with the boy who cried wolf, it's very difficult to know when someone is actually sick with these internet munchies. Although I have to say, even if she really is sick, using that to get more money from her Patreon account is one of the most disgusting things I have seen on here. And that's saying a lot.

No. 451513


It's in her story on IG. You can't link to that. It was just the words "if you want any extra early exclusive details check out our patreon" over a picture of Paul grinning like a moron and doing double thumbs up (in the hospital room).

No. 451527

Sage for dogfagging/late to the dog conversation

I'm a veterinary nurse and none of the doctors I've worked with would ever ok a raw diet for a sooper sick "immunosuppresed" client with a working dog like Harlow. It's risky enough for a normal healthy person to handle that much raw meat, let alone someone with a central line. And like the vet student said, Harlow could/probably is harboring and shedding all kinds of yummy bacteria like salmonella and e. Coli, how this wacko hasn't ended up with real life sepsis is a miracle. Not surprising she and Judd have been getting abscesses though.
Also As someone else pointed out, Harlow's hips look off, and in her Christmas Disney video at one point Judd is filming from behind, and you can see Harlow's gait looks off and her hips are swinging, early signs of hip dysplasia. A working dog like this should be on a high quality dog food, preferably with some kind of joint protection, not sams club discount meat.

But in all her blogs has she ever mentioned taking Harlow to the vet? Maybe she has, I find it difficult to watch her videos so I don't know. Its just sad to see such a lovely dog with such a dumbass for an owner.

No. 451529

She has taken Harlow to the vet for various things but not for a while. Not to wk but I do feel for her in a way. My cat has food allergies and it can really rough to find something she can eat without developing a reaction and it's horrible watching her scratch herself raw. So I can see why Jaquie could be suckered into thinking a ~natural~ raw diet is the way to solve it. It was fair enough to try raw feeding to see if it worked but it clearly isn't. Harlow still looks awful.

I wonder if Atlas and Orion will develop similar health issues since they share the same mother?

No. 451539

I noticed she feeds Harlow cheap meat they don't seem to want to eat. Why feed her shitty meat with all kinds of hidden additives?

No. 451543

Yeah I just saw her video where she explains the food allergies. I can totally understand the frustration of trying to find a food that works, but there are quite a few prescription diets specifically for dogs with sensitivities/allergies that generally work great and provide all the needed nutrition. it would be so much easier and safer for her to try those instead of jumping straight to raw.
What really bothers me is that she's advising other people to try it without asking their vet…most people don't know what they're doing and can end with with a very nutritionally unbalanced dog that will lead to more serious health issues. I've seen people that hear raw diet and think that means they should feed raw ground beef chuck for every meal…
I'll give it to Jacquie that she's a talented trainer, but she has no right/credentials to be giving out nutritional advice.

No. 451555

In her last raw feeding diet she says she buys stuff for her that she would feed her family. Granted I don't see either Jaquie or Judd signing up for a big plate of organ meats and the dog can't just eat raw chicken. So it's hard to say. Not really something that can be tested due to their eating preferences.

No. 451576

Julian is no Jaquie but he's no saint either. He lurks here on a daily basis by his own admissions - a series of threads that exist for the sole purpose of snarking on one of his "friends" and calling out her bullshit. What kind of person wants to read that type of stuff about a "friend" on a daily basis?!? If a page like this existed about one of my friends I would either be too enraged to read here or it would have opened my eyes and I would no longer be their friend. But Julian plays both sides of the fence and that's pretty shitty behavior. I'm sure some of will defend him and that's fine, but how would you feel if one of your friends was doing this? I am not defending Jaquie, I post here a lot, I am just saying consider how many kudos you are willing to give Julian. He may not be full munchie but he is a two face.

No. 451656

Fair enough that I figured someone would say that about me. It’s not that I enjoy reading here nor did I claim to.. maybe like I said sometimes interesting yes. I said I like to know what’s going on around me and behind my back. I do consider Jaquie my friend so when I found out people were talking about her I wanted to be aware of what was going on. Especially when I saw my name coming up multiple times in previous threads. I’ve also heard in the past she’s had threatening and or scary situations with threads so I like to be aware of that as well. I did however say everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Which is completely fine. What point would there be to arguing with people? I don’t see one. I don’t see that I’m doing anything wrong by keeping a close eye on what people are saying. I’ve always done that in my life in all scenarios. I think anyone should do the same. But you’re right I am not a saint. Not even close.

No. 451660

lmao so do you tell her choice bits about what anons say? seems stupid to go around collecting information on your friend just because.

No. 451686

Sure, sit on the floor a whole bunch, thought you had sooper suhvere joint pain.

She also acknowledges her IG silence today.

No. 451687

Her husband is a cop. I'm pretty sure he has the resources to be all over this if he felt it was "dangerous"
But thanks for playing

No. 451692


Holy shit that brush she showed was so nasty.

She's such a fucking princess, can only use her blow dryer for 30 seconds at a time, I highly doubt that.

No. 451693


Anyone else think her hair looks the same as when she was "malnourished"

No. 451700

I'm curious to know how someone with severe joint pain and whatever the fuck EDS can use a squatty potty. She's mentioned it before and it's in the background in this video.

No. 451705

While searching for a video of the squatty potty I found this gem of Miss Immunocompromised holding her phone after she fished it out of the toilet… go to the 5:00 minute mark

No. 451712

This was supposed to be 'hacks' for people with chronic illness? That's odd. I'm chronically ill, and literally everything she did or talked about in this video I either can't or can't do without help. Sitting on the floor, sitting cross legged, cleaning my house, taking care of a dog, showering by myself, doing my hair, and yes..: pooping.

I don't normally think of these things and I don't tend to compare myself with Jaquie or other people I see on YT. But as it's supposed to be tips for people who are disabled/chronically ill, somehow I couldn't help noticing her doing all these things I - and many with me - can only dream of being able to do.

No. 451713


Why the fuck didn't she buckle her pants before picking up the camera?! Gross.

No. 451716

Ehm.. she didn't. Judd came running up the stairs when he heard her. Ok, she left in a part where she was standing with her belt unbuckled, but I don't really care, to be honest. If people can vlog in their PJ's or in a hospital gown, they can vlog with their belts unbuckled. It's not like her pants are still on her ankles.

No. 451719

i was a follower of jaquie for a few months before i found this thread, and i agree that she can be quite damaging in many different ways, it left the impression that "she's way sicker than me but she's so much happier and does more (of course when her conditions miraculously let her)" for the few months i followed her and it really leaves you feeling guilty and critical of yourself for feeling and doing things that are completely fine, but also realizing how inconsistent she is and getting out of it leaves you feeling like you cant trust yourself anymore because your whole idea of what is and isnt appropriate behavior is basically crushed. it also skews your view on current and future doctors and what to expect from them, like the other poster said.

it's really easy to get sucked into following these types of people when you're going through something seemingly similar and are looking for support, and the damage just goes on from there, and the worst thing is is that the whole time you're seeing whoever you're following as helping you deal with things when really they're just ruining your perception.

sage for blogging but it's relevant to jaquie's impact on her followers

No. 451732

I use a squatty potty because it really helps me go faster so I don't have to sit on the toilet for any longer than necessary.

Sure it hurts my joints and makes my legs go numb, but sitting on the toilet for too long does that to me anyway so I figure I'll just get it over with faster.

But honestly all of these hacks are bs…Seems more like hacks for people pretending to be sick…

No. 451735

Yeah but are you able to step into a tub? She supposedly can't but can hike her knees up to her ears to shit.

No. 451737

Not that anon, but I couldn't step in a tub but am pretty sure I would be able to sit with my legs up provided it doesn't take too long. It's different because you aren't putting weight on your knees or hips. Although I have to say my hips are pretty stable compared to how Jaquie claims hers are.

No. 451744

It's pretty hard for me to step into a tub, which is why I sit and spin on the edge, but even that isn't great.

I can't sit in the positions she seems to contort her body into on the floor. It seems absolutely nuts for someone with "sooper hypermobile" joints to sit cross legged or on their knees. I got in trouble in gym class when I wouldn't sit "criss cross applesauce" because it hurt too much.

No. 451828

She mentioned using toilet paper between tegaderms. Does she just..rip it off the roll where it's been in spray field? Really?

No. 451846

File: 1514157980762.png (91.07 KB, 453x749, IMG_5253.PNG)

You mean like this?

No. 451861

Janeice is…weird. In her latest vlog, she’s now complaining that her blood pressure is super low and her heart rate is still too high. Apparently - according to her - the drs want it to be 60 when normal HR is between 60 and 100. I wonder if she genuinely misunderstood or she’s acting it up.

No. 451863

File: 1514160097194.png (2.95 MB, 2048x1536, 01B8E799-BC83-47A5-907E-65317E…)

Great comment!

No. 451873

Janiece is wayyyyy too happy to be in the hospital at Christmas

No. 451887

yesterday when her bf panned to the machine for her heart rate her blood pressure showed 123/76 that doesnt seem low at all??

No. 451890


I could NEVER sit like that. My knees would be screaming at me and my ankles would be shot.

EDS my ass.

No. 451900

not true. i'm not wking because this bitch is fucking fake as shit but i genetically have eds with all the joint pain and bullshit that goes with it that miss adjustable claims to have and…i sit like that. constantly. it's the only position that's comfortable for my bendy body. if my legs are straight out or positioned "normally" i feel extreme pain. sorry to edsfag but i don't want you to think that every EDS person can't sit that way…because some of us do FOR comfort!

No. 451909

I just want to chime in on how J is affecting/influencing her audience. I used to be a fan and I found myself slipping down the slope of being OTT after some of her videos about pushing for dx and mobility aid stuff. I have issues with blacking out and being unsteady on my feet and quickly found myself wanting to get a walker, and some other bits she's paraded around. But I actually sat back and realised what was happening and snapped out of it. Especially when my fiance actually pulled me up on how I suddenly felt like I needed all the things J has. It's actually quite scary when you think about how she tells her viewers to persue particular treatments and find a doctor who will do them. Along with advertising her gadgets (and improper use of them). She is creating a shit storm ot munchies for sure.

No. 451933

That's interesting. I'm sorry I assumed it'd be painful for everyone, because having my knees bent like that and any extra weight atop them is unbearable for me.

I try to avoid sitting on the floor as much as possible because the only comfy positions are laying down or the fetal position.

No. 451952

But she say her hips are really bad, sitting like that would effect her hips badly, I have eds and it effects everyone differently. My hips pop out when i sit on the ground with my legs crosses and when on my knees

No. 451971

Janiece hates her inlaws (and I'm sure they return the favor) so it's no wonder she's stoked to be anywhere other than a family gathering at their place. Plus she gets Paul all to herself like this.

No. 451980

Why does she hate them?

No. 451985

Both Js hate the attention to be on anyone or anything other than them. No wonder they hate the holidays. So Janice is hospitalized for completely normal vitals, and jaquie is talking about her new tubes and all her illnesses, although I wouldn’t be surprised if she has some sort of crisis tomorrow.

No. 452037


Also the squatty potty reduces straining which can contribute to developing / exacerbate existing pelvic floor dysfunction.

No. 452066


The only "seizures" that occur from dysautonomia occur when fainting, limbs can "jerk" upon collapse which can look similar to a seizure.

No. 452068


I have "hyper POTS" so had dangerously high blood pressure for a while. It's not hospital worthy, just take some fucking Rampiril instead of taking up a hospital bed.

No. 452078

Well, if it's true that her HR went from 58 to 130 without any obvious cause, then that is strange and I can imagine the doctors being careful about that. The thing is that with people like her, there's no way to tell what is what and what's real and what's not. She also seems not to understand doctors very well on a regular basis and/or draw her own conclusions based on very little. Like saying the doctors want her HR at exactly 60, or that she should go for number two every single day (everything between once every two days or two times a day is considered completely normal). Or when she decided her GI problems were getting worse, she needs to see her GI ASAP and her pills won't work because she 'doesn't digest them' when she found ghost pills in her poop (also completely normal, see e.g. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4110830/).

No. 452087

They don't "believe in invisible illnesses" aka think she's a lazy sack of shit. There was also some wedding drama - Paul's parents are Catholic and wanted them to marry in a Catholic church but Janiece isn't Catholic so they had their wedding in a garden somewhere. Which is fair enough, it's their wedding, they should do what makes them happy but Janiece is also super ignorant and thinks Catholics aren't Christian so I can't imagine they've ever had a healthy talk about their religious differences.

Before this hospital drama she was talking about how she was going to have them add soup and bread - the only bland food can think of - to the Christmas menu just for her. Which makes me think she's a pain in the ass guest too. Who demands things catered to her instead just bringing her own food if she decides at the last minute she needs something different.

No. 452099

Regarding Janiece and her "my heart rate has to be at 60": that seems to be accurate. I've done a google search and for contrast CT of the heart the target HR is about 60/65 or lower, as I understand it because that gives the most clear images. It is however quite common that people have a resting HR above that (as I think we all know) so often they'll have to bring the HR down with medication.

If she would've just explained that, it would've been different.. And although she and Paul made it seem like she had some kind of cardiac emergency, she has been cleared by cardio now and everything is OK. I still wonder if her HR really was all over the place and if so, why. As I understand it, cardio has cleared her now and what's keeping her is her GI (issues). I don't know why they did another upper and lower scope when she's already had one quite recently that came back clear and why her GI said she might have Crohn's when they already considered that and ruled it out as well? GI also said it might be IBS; didn't she recently bad mouth a nurse for even suggesting it might be IBS? O, and Paul 'advocated' for her and asked if home saline infusions would be a good idea if her diarrhea persisted.. WTF? How about taking metamucil or another oral med for diarrhea instead of jumping to home infusions?

I think the anon who predicted she'd be angling for a port and tube soon was right. Sadly. Someone in the comments of a semi-recent video also suggested she should be tested for EDS because it could be GP. Really. She's hispanic, so there's a chance she has some degree of hypermobility. The whole EDS diagnosis has no meaning whatsoever anymore with everyone who is a little bit hypermobile finding some doctor to diagnose EDS. When are people getting it in their thick skulls that hypermobility does not equal EDS and that EDS is a LOT more then just being a bit flexible and having some health issues that may or may not be totally unrelated?

No. 452114

Omg people have chronic diahrrea ALL THE TIME and manage to stay hydrated orally!!

No. 452157


In this pic she's "triangle sitting" which is weirdly comfy for some people (inc me and I have EDS). The problems come when I try to stand up again. She gets on and off the floor suspiciously easily.

No. 452162


That doesn’t get YouTube asspats though. Plus, she gets allllll the attention on her. No idea why her husband puts up with it, especially as he has a genuine condition (Crohn’s) and appears to be actually struggling with it symptom wise. Yet, he manages to work and live.

No. 452163


You need a lot of body strength to push yourself up off the floor. She claims muscle weakness.

No. 452178


It's the tiniest bit low, but definitely not hospital worthy.

No. 452181


It sounds VERY farfetched that GP would be the first "symptom" of EDS. It's not an effect of it, it's more to do with the ANS and it's only because EDS and autonomic problems seem to appear together that GP is being added into the "triad". Or "quadrangle of Munch" if you include MCAS.

No. 452182


If she has such bad muscle weakness she should be in physio 1-2X a week with daily exercises because weak muscles with EDS means constant dislocations.

Of course, she doesn't actually have EDS, so…

No. 452184

I haven't been keeping up with the sagas of janiece's bowel movements but I think her issue was chronic constipation? Now she's pooping too much? Maybe she needs to ease up on that enema fetish.

No. 452199


She said that alternate between constipation and diarrhoea which sounds like classic IBS but I’m no medfag. Also in one vlog, she said that in one day, she had constipation AND diarrhoea. I think she misunderstands constipation. Is it a US thing to get admitted so easily? In the UK, you have to be actually really ill to be in hospital.

No. 452237

You can actually have diarrhea AROUND severe constipation (I think it's called paradoxical diarrhea) especially if you become impacted. It's pretty miserable. I was actually hospitalized for this before due to the unmanageable dehydration because once you get that constipated I guess your body doesn't even want to keep down fluids!

Sooo it's possible but somehow I think she would be telling us all about it due to her weird scat fetish if she had paradoxical diarrhea.

No. 452239

you guys don't seem to get it that non-munchies have this "quadrangle of munch" too - how do you think people like J&J have it- it didn't just fall down from munchie heaven for them.

Sage for rage

No. 452262


We do get it. You’re missing the point that they all seem to have the quadrangle.

No. 452265

OMG janeice had a normal colonoscopy but apparently she may still have Crohn’s (ok I can see there’s a small chance) but when they told her it might be IBS, Paul “advocated” for her and asked about Home saline. What the fuck?!

No. 452289

There's literally no reason she can't drink enough to stay hydrated. Why the fuck does he want a munchie wife? Does it make these guys feel special to "help" their "ill" wives or something? She doesn't know that she has EDS or that her collagen is affected in any way yet she's completely rolling with the assumption that she has a genetic mutation AND it is actually causing a deficit in collagen quantity and/or quality. He should be discouraging this insanity! This girl is a fucking idiot and I don't believe half of what she says because I'm not sure she's intelligent enough to understand her doctors.

No. 452302

Wait, Janeice is claiming EDS too?!

No. 452303

If anything it should be suspicious that two women who are best friends magically have the same, not super common illness, despite having no symptoms until adulthood (impossible for eds), especially since at least one of them (jaquie) has specifically been told she doesn’t have it. Also, why do munchies seem to think they can acquire genetic disorders as adults? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

No. 452401

I thought so but I might be wrong, I don't actually watch any of her videos. I know a commenter suggested she look into it so it's only a matter of time. That EDS rant is applicable for most of these munchies though!

No. 452418

Most CT's nowadays don't take hr before scan. If you can drink the barium you're good. And if she's having such major stomach problems an abdominal CT is a few hours of time for possible answers - a heart rate of 80ish won't stop a doctor. If she's freaking out and making her hr like 120 then the doctor might say "we would like to see this closer to 60 then 100" but that doesn't mean it has to be 60.

No. 452423

normal colonscopy means no chrons or colitis honey. There's almost no way the biopsies will come back for chrons and even if they did, the disease would be so miniscule there would be no way it's causing her supposed symptoms. She's gonna get slapped with an IBS dx and be super angry because "they just haven't found it yet"
Also stomach problems doesn't mean saline jfc. She's gonna get some nice IBS drugs that don't do anything.

No. 452444


Is she still sticking to the FODMAP diet? I know friends with IBS who swear by it. Earlier this year she tried it for 2 days and got bored kek

No. 452488

Neither of the J’s want to actually help themselves feel better, although their only real problems are eating shit food and being horribly out of shape.

No. 452489


Well I knew this about Jaquie. Her walker, wheelchair, joint injections, ketamine infusions, port and t00b - NONE of them have helped her be more "healthy", she's getting worse if anything, less and less independent and closing her world off. They're not a means to managing illness for her, they're accessories as she plays The Sick Girl.

And Janiece is trying, obviously, to be like her so she can live on the Patreon/ad profits too. Except she's nowhere near as smart (see: devious), and her videos are somehow even more boring than Jaquie's.

No. 452614


No. I have no idea where these two get their medical care but I've never seen anyone get admitted that easily. I've begged to be admitted and been sent home feeling terrible with abnormal labs and everything saying an admission isn't justified. She's the healthiest admitted person I've ever seen.

No. 452665

They wanted to do a CT of her heart, not her stomach. Which is already strange: she's basically having two emergencies at once. Except of course that they aren't emergencies, because she's had these symptoms for ages. That's nother reason why there is literally no reason why she should be in hospital.

OK.. IF her HR really jumped from 58 to 130 without a clear cause and she was feeling very poorly (although I guess with Janiece there's no way to tell) that could somewhat justify them going to the ER. But she's been cleared by cardio now so I don't understand why her GI thinks it's a good idea to keep her there. He certainly saw no reason to see her earlier when she called last week, and there's been no change in her symptoms. Except of course that she refuses to eat now, which could be the whole reason her HR and BP were off a bit and maybe is the reason they are keeping her? I don't know. And how the hell they think home IV saline is a treatment for diarrhea and how her doctor can even think that would be a good idea, is really beyond me. She can drink ORS if she really thinks water isn't enough. Of course we don't know what her doctor really said, but if that's true then I am really astonished by how truely unethical and stupid her doctor is. She was going to seek another GI doctor for a second opinion, but I guess now she can smell that central line she'll suddenly decide she can trust him again.

It's getting crazier and crazier. I thought Jaquie was super obvious in her munchie-ness and the way she manipulates doctors. I thought she shopped around so much that she was able to somehow find the most unethical nitwit-doctors in the South, but it appears that those aren't too hard to find if we look at Janiece. I really have no words for this stupidity. No mean accomplishment, I tell you.

No. 452718

If Janiece is using the same hospital/medical system as the endoscopy and colonoscopy she got done on 9/19/17 they shouldn’t need another one… unless she is taking after her biffles, Jaquie, and shopping around until she finds a GI that will say what she wants to hear. Getting repeat ass prods… gross.

Janiece and her obsession with food and poop and enemas etc…is so gross. It’s almost as if she has a fetish for it like an anon mentioned at some point…

Dude oes anyone remember back when she went for her “colon and endoscopy” on August 18? This was the screenshot of the “attempted” procedure… I say attempted because Janiece and Paul “advocated for Janiece” and all of her chronic illnesses… and her priorities for said procedure that day.

“I did my eyebrows for this procedure. I’m not going in to this all ug-ly! Puh-lease!”

Her ignorance really starts to shine around 2:20. Around 3:54, she discusses how Jaquie was “knocked out all day” due to their narcolepsy but Janiece says she won’t knock out until she stuffs that ignorant piehole with a “proper meal” from her favorite restaurant that she can’t remember the name of which Jaquie and Judd turned them on to. Nope, she’s not nervous about the procedure or anesthesia. She’s just worried about shoving Belgian waffles down the hatch.

But not to worry because they (the medical team) all suck in Janeice’s eyes and she decides she’s too good for this lacking staff and will find a more qualified doctor and anesthesia team. They told the anesthesiologist about J’s REM intrusions and her violent shaking upon waking and she was screaming last time and how she was screaming that they were choking her or some shit. Basically being the fucking wack job Janiece is (around 8:24 in the video she talks about this part) they were trying to get general anesthesia for her ass procedure. Who the fuck are these people?

They act like Janiece has 37 illnesses and that narcolepsy is a terminal condition.

Oh and don’t worry, guys. She got to eat afterwards… sushi after a colonoscopy and endoscopy.

I, too, am asking myself who is munchier..$

No. 452727

Why have non of Janiece's doctors put two and two together that no gallbladder can cause diarrhoea?! Give her some colestyramine and send her home.

No. 452731

File: 1514298908830.png (3.11 MB, 1242x2208, 3284D9D2-4688-49A4-844B-57A766…)


Seriously…. especially how that slob cow eats. I remember one video a couple months back how she said she was a size zero. Uh, on what planet?!

This photo is of her comments to the YT video I posted a few mins ago. Her cocky attitude toward medical professionals is so disgusting. And how Paul enables her… more disgusting. Jaquie and Janiece have a terribly toxic friendship. Their marriages are even more toxic. The whole situation with these bitches is just freaking pathetic. I hope their fraudulent activities get outed soon.

No. 452732

Yeah, that was crazy. If you know sedation is THAT problematic for you, you just ask them to do it without sedation. It's uncomfortable but normally it's not painful. The lower scope can be, but if you're really worried about that you could opt for IV pain meds instead of twilight sedation. Or maybe if you think you're such a special case, you talk to your caretakers beforehand instead of showing up and demanding they adapt the procedure to you super special needs.

P.S.: is it normal in the US to call a gastroscopy an endoscopy and only specify the kind of endoscopy when it comes to a colonoscopy? Because they both are endoscopic procedures, as is anything that's done with a scope (including keyhole surgery). I find it annoying that she and Paul say "colon- and endoscopy" so much when they mean colon- and gastroscopy/lower and upper GI scope. But maybe that's just me and it's just a US thing?

No. 452736

>>Doctor didn't know how to handle special cases

Wow. That's incredible insulting. Although some cases are more complex than others, ALL cases are special in it's own way. Does she think all his other patients are completely healthy?

I hate how they insult doctors and nurses and still be a sanctimonious ass about it. She does it all the time and makes people think that is normal. She even encourages it, making herself to be a good example of how you 'advocate' for yourself. NO Janiece, advocating would be if you called ahead and worked with your doctor to find a good solution. Showing up at the appointment and being a princess AND insulting the doctor afterwards on YouTube for the world to see is just being an obnoxious entitled brat who wasted a doctors' precious time so that another patient had to needlessly wait longer. You really need to learn the difference between those two things, ESPECIALLY if you're going to tell other people how they should communicate with their caregivers. Wow.

No. 452745

it boils my blood when spoonies bitch about incompetent doctors and stuff. oh im sure that your 12 hour google session has taught you more than a qualified professional with years and experience under their belt.

No. 452802


Sage for blogging/medfagging. As a chronic illness patient I learned the benefit and importance of having say even just your primary care doctor on your side let alone specialists (well, all of your care team really…) when it comes to having a quality of care. An example would be my case and an original lax primary team to get a diagnosis. Instead of googling symptoms and possiblies, I was googling doctors and reading reviews. Instead of going from doctor to doctor to doctor I did enough research to get like two of the top guys and met with them and then went with my gut and who I “clicked” with better. I had a diagnosis in about two weeks and have been with that doctor for years now. Continuity of care is so valuable, especially with complex medical cases like Janiece and Jaquie claim to be. The more a patient has to re-explain their case and symptoms, the more there is a possibility of certain things being forgotten or misconstrued.

How much salt do you guys think is in Janiece’s “delicious soup and bread” and contributing to her soooooper high heart rate?


When I’ve had them done here in the US it’s an “upper GI” and a “colonoscopy” for upper and lower scopes. Sometimes they do them alone and sometimes they do both during the same twilight sedan

“For all you fellow Spoonies out there that are always asking my advice…” —Janiece said that in one of her more recent videos (sorry I tried to find the video but couldn’t find it)…. there is no way in hell I would ever ask that bitch a DAMN thing. She is so full of shit.(sorry for breaking the rules of the site BUT)

No. 452806

Today's vlog is almost unbearable with the fakery. She literally EDITS IN a soundbyte of a burp for Harlow. As in, Harlow actually burps on camera, but she edited in a sound effect for some stupid reason.

"I know I'm going to have a very merry Christmas, even with chronic illness". Of course you are, Jaquie, because you'll just adjust your symptoms to let you do the things you want to do and conveniently get you out of things you don't…

No. 452826

sorry anon, you may actually have good info in your post somewhere, but you sound just as insufferable as all these other ott spoonies

No. 453729

I know zilch about video editing. How can you tell that she edited in the sound?

No. 453768

It does kinda sound edited in…

And as for the rest of the vlog, I still don't get why she doesn't prepare her IV/Feeding supplies someplace slightly cleaner than the floor. Sit at the table or even just the coffee table for heaven's sake! It'd be a lot easier to clean up a feeding spill at the table than on the carpet.

For someone with super sever POTS/EDS she spends a lot of time on the floor, and unless she's just crawling around that's a lot of position changes from floor to standing.

No. 453772

She’s just begging to get sick, isn’t she? Accesses her port in public places and with dirty hands, preps her supplies on the floor. Apparently sepsis is the new munchie trend? Hopefully her followers with similar devices don’t follow suit.

No. 453776

Anyone who actually has EDS and Pots tries to avoid the floor if possible, as it is difficult to get off of, even if you’re in good shape. And with eds, getting comfortable on the floor is challenging if not impossible.

No. 453810

What are you talking about? Salt helps to reduce heart rate in pots patients, which is why it's often recommended to up the intake.

No. 453822

Do you think she actually has pots? Because I highly doubt it, in which case, salt would cause high blood pressure. Really I don’t think either of the Js have pots or eds or gi problems outside of IBs. It would be a pretty big coincidence for two (adult) friends to magically develops the same illnesses, especially so far out of puberty.

No. 453825

File: 1514325633006.png (6.5 MB, 2208x1242, F7E28E12-E1B4-44E3-82CA-51C2CA…)

So much milk today!

In today's festive Christmas vlog we learn that Jaquie is doing duonebs at least twice a day. This is so wrong. You shouldn't be doing duonebs (or any short-acting beta agonist) more than twice a week unless you're specifically using them immediately prior to exercise to prevent exercise induced asthma. And we know Jaquie doesn't exercise. If you need them more than twice a week your asthma is poorly controlled and you should be on a maintenance medication actually meant for that purpose, like an inhaled steroid and maybe a LABA with it. And what is the biggest side effect of SABAs like duonebs? Tachycardia.

So why Jaquie is doing duonebs at least twice daily? Or at least telling us she is… Well I figure:

1. Her asthma is being very mismanaged by one of the doctors she shopped for
2. She has to get those sweet, sweet nebulizer clips for they vlog like her idol, Mary
3. It's part of her plan to AST…always stay tachycardia
4. Some combo of the above

No. 453831

And of course we also get a Christmas hospital update from Janiece. Who is still somehow is the f'ing hospital. Eating bacon today and confined to bed.

Today Paul tells us how she might have Crohn's because her colon turned irritated when touched during the scope. And then he says he's jealous? Wtf is that supposed to mean?!

They also talk about two more outpatient tests they're going to do.

So far we're on to what- day 4 of this hospital stay? And she's managed to have a normal cardiac eval, normal scopes, eat bacon, tell us about 3 outpatient tests she's going to have, and whine about her narcolepsy. And that's about it. Why is this chick in the hospital?!

No. 453840


I was asking the same thing. How is her insurance okay with this completely pointless stay? She’s probably getting pumped full of narcotics for her sooper turrible pain, leading her doctors on with anything to keep her there, how Paul is ok with this and recording these completely boring, embarrassing, proof that nothing is flipping wrong vlogs is beyond me.

They said her white count was up, but that could be from something as minor as a UTI.

I think the jealously comment may have been because he was jealous that she now has made him completely not unique with his diagnosis or something along those lines.

No. 453845


Yeah I really don't understand how these people get to stay in hospitals forever (there are people in comas who have shorter hospital stays!), but then again everyone I've ever known who has been in a hospital wanted to get out of there ASAP. I guess if you insist on staying they just let you?

No. 453847

I guess this is their version of a pricey hotel stay! Let's see how many nights…

No. 453848

Exactly! Just for reference (and not that I’ve ever given birth) in the UK, you are sent home 24-48 hours after a c section.

No. 453852

In the Christmas Day vlog, Jaquie filled her feeding bag and said she does it every 24 hours. I know nothing about tube feeding but that bag looks small. Does it contain all her nourishment for the day?

No. 453866

Even if it doesn't, we know the cream-soaked chicken, menchies, and French fries will have her covered!

No. 453872

I noticed that too. I don't think she means she fills it once a day I think she means she changes the bag itself once a day. But at first I took it the same way you did.

No. 453873

To be fair, and not to wk, I took it to mean she replaces the tubing once a day. She's been shown just topping off the bag before. We all know the feeding tube isn't her main source of calories, though.

No. 453922

I agree with many that I'm dumbfounded how they can managed to get inpatient admissions for symptoms don't seem to require it. That alone, fine, the ER doc was being overly careful.

But doing tests inpatient that can be done on non-emergent bases? Why?

Must be slow week for the hospital (because any normal human being wants to be OUT of the hospital over a holiday) and they are relishing the extra $$$.

I also had a thought - FL is closer to all those Caribbean med schools that people end up at if they cannot get into a mainland med schools.

Not really knocking Ross or St. George's, but both do truthfully attract bottom of the barrel — and grads from those schools that are really good probably end up more north or on the coasts where the top ranking hospitals are. I have seen few Carribian med school grads as docs and they were good. But I also live in the NE and residenciess and fellowships around me are highly selective.

FL probably gets more of the bottom of the barrel, there aren't as many top ranking hospitals. I wonder if any of that accounts for the confusing excessive care that J and J are getting.

Sage for blogging/medfagging

No. 453928

You really could be onto something, anon. They obviously have no shortage of doctors within their ability to scam at their disposal. This wouldn't be happening if either J's care was in a single medical system or with legitimate specialists instead of their jack of all trades GP's.

No. 453956

The bag itself would still have to be changed. Yes, she tops it off… throughout the day. She uses a very small sized bag and it only holds one 11oz container of formula at a time. Most of us think she's running her feeds way too low but even then I doubt she's only using 11oz a day.
But general recommend use is to change the bag itself every 24 hours. But obviously she was clear as mud since three different people took it three differenr ways. But she's going to be a communications major y'all!

No. 453998


I’m pretty sure that there is a legal thing where you can get an extra 24 hours out of them if you “don’t feel safe or comfortable” going home when the doctor discharges you. I tried to google it but wasn’t able to find the exact thing… I’m pretty sure it’s a Medicare law (even for those with private insurance) but only buys someone an extra day. I could totally see Janiece and Paul doing that to get an extra 24 hours of munchie room service provided by the Refreshments and Narcotics nurses. Or maybe by Paul solely to escape serving her soup and bread for a day.

No. 454016

She's whining about her narcolepsy but also says she isn't taking her narcolepsy meds… why doesn't she just take the meds?

No. 454045


I guess she can't bring them to the hospital and the hospital won't give them to her. But, like, maybe if you're having heart problems it's not wise to take a stimulant. Also, why would you even want to be awake and alert when you supposedly don't feel well and you're stuck in a hospital? When I have a cold, I usually skip my meds to get as much rest and miss as much feeling crappy as possible.

No. 454064


Can only take what is ordered for you in the hospital

No. 454076

Not true. If the hospital does not have the patients medication, the patient can bring theirs in from home and the nurse will send it down to pharmacy, so they can dispense it however many times it says on the bottle. But the patient is not allowed to dispense their own meds; it HAS to go down to pharmacy.

No. 454086


By ordered I meant prescribed. It still needs to be approved by the provider. This, home meds are not always approved for hospital use for various reasons.

No. 454087

Has she ever mentioned what she is taking? Not all narcoleptics take stimulants. If she does then you could be right: if you don't have anywhere to be and are resting all day, you generally wouldn't need stimulants. However if it is bothering her so much (like e.g. she isn't able to hold a normal conversation or if she is the type of narcoleptic who falls asleep on the toilet or in front of their plate) she should just take her meds. She is cleared by the cardiologist, so I assume whatever she takes normally with her POTS she can take now as well.

I know she was trying to get her insurance to cover Xyrem, do we know if she started it yet? Because some of the more common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, lack of apetite and abdominal pain.

No. 454093

Jaquie’s video for 12/26… Jaq and Judd go to Best Buy and put that hard earned Patreon and YouTube money to good use for a brand new fancy TV. Also, Jaquie tries to wheelchair into the handicapped stall in the bathroom there and encounters a giant shit that she can’t get to flush and because she already fell today, she couldn’t walk into the normal person stall. Finally she squeezed Harlow into a small stall and goes potty like the big girl she is. Judd laughs his ass off and literally rolls on the floor of Best Buy laughing at his wife.

What was wrong with their giant old TV? The new one was so big that Judd had to go home to get his “pickemuptruck” because it was too big for Jaq’s Ambulance.

Those wheelchair gloves… ugh. Jaq should have called Janiece in for tips on handling the handicapped stall load since she’s the poop professional.

No. 454104

If it is beneficial to their plan of care, it would be added by said provider.

No. 454105

Medfag here- Patients at our hospital do have this option. Upon discharge orders from the doctor saying they are medically cleared to leave, the patient can appeal this decision. For whatever reason. (I've usually hear "my pain is still a 10/10" or "I'm just not ready yet.") Both of which are complete bs. These munchies get their extra day, and then discharged after. It's sort of like appealing any decision, takes a few hours to get looked over, and 90% of the time they lose the appeal and are discharged the day after. I feel they should be charged out of pocket for that night if their appeal is denied.

Sage for medfagging.

No. 454107


Why the fuck does Harlow have to go with her to the bathroom? And did she take her wheelchair into the stall too seeing as she apparently couldn't stand up? (Sorry haven't had a chance to watch the vlog yet)

If she has to use the toilet when she is in her chair and can't stand, would she transfer herself the way actually-wheelchair bound people do? Or do you think she just kinda stands up to transfer? I'd love to see how she uses her body when no one's around, especially when she is in one of these states.

No. 454117

It's bs hat she can't stand. You're looking too far into it.

No. 454121


Right. And that's the point. Whoever is following her in the hospital either doesn't think she needs it or thinks it's causing harm

No. 454125

>>If she has to use the toilet when she is in her chair and can't stand, would she transfer herself the way actually-wheelchair bound people do?
Of course not. If you are able to stand at all, that is by far the easiest way to transfer. Especially if you are feeling weak or you are sick, you don't do things that are actually harder on your body, like making a transfer using only upper body strength. Although, I have to say: Jaquie is known for doing things the hard way. Just think of how she put her walker over that doggie gate at Janiece's.
(Just to give an example: I myself am pretty much wheelchair bound and can walk at most three or four steps with aid. I still transfer mostly by standing up first, especially at the toilet where you have to undo your pants which is even harder to do sitting down.)

There is no need for her to take her chair into the toilet. She doesn't even need to use the disabled stall. If she can sit on the floor and get up again, she can sit herself down on a toilet without using the hand bars. They don't even have bars in their own home. And don't say she uses her walker for that, because you cannot put your body weight on that to sit down; just to steady yourself a bit when you have poor balance.

But come on. I am about 95% sure that afterwards she went home and sat on the floor. She has NEVER used her chair inside the house, which tells us that even on very bad days, she is able to walk at least a few steps with her walker.

Hm… I'm not sure how this is in the US, but where I live sometimes the hospital (and any apothecary, for that matter) has to order meds that aren't used very widely, which could very well happen with meds for narcolepsy. So if you're in the hospital for only a short time you might have to take your own meds. They generally don't like it if you do that, but with meds they just don't have they sometimes ask you to have someone bring them from home.

No. 454129

File: 1514375104147.png (6.74 MB, 1242x2208, AEAA22E8-2F3C-4269-81F4-615849…)


You know, for counterbalance. And yes! She took the Barbie Car into the handicapped stall and then couldn’t get the giant poop that was waiting for her to flush so she ran out to Judd apparently exclaiming loudly that she had to pee really bad! So she could have saved a ton of trouble and stood her ass up, walked into a stall, peed, exited. But no, she had to make it 300 times harder just like anon mentioned she did with the doggie gate.

And her reasoning for needing the Barbie Car and/or Harlow in the shitter is because “guys, I already fell today because my legs aren’t working.” Or something along that line of BS. She will lay with her head in her own toilet “vomiting profusely” while her hair and port dangles in that cesspool of a bathroom dripping with MRSA… but she can’t/won’t flush a public toilet that has a log in it. Gag!

Oh and speaking of her nasty hair that dangles in Harlow’s raw diet prep and into her toilet seat… we know where she gets it from as seen in this photo. Nasty.

No. 454175

>>>Hm… I'm not sure how this is in the US, but where I live sometimes the hospital (and any apothecary, for that matter) has to order meds that aren't used very widely, which could very well happen with meds for narcolepsy. So if you're in the hospital for only a short time you might have to take your own meds. They generally don't like it if you do that, but with meds they just don't have they sometimes ask you to have someone bring them from home.

Janiece said that the hospital won't let her bring her own meds and they won't order them for her either. Not sure why you're arguing about this.

No. 454186

Janiece’s holier than thou attitude makes her look like such a cocky bitch. She said some pretty awful things about nurses and how they are just there to take her temperature and blood pressure. My BP was rising just watching her vlog today. RNs are not her personal slaves or “minions” as she refers to them around the 3:20 mark. And they were “double teaming” her. They are “just RNs” again today.They’re the ones that bring you your precious pain medications, Janiece. You may want to rethink how you talk about them and treat them. And apparently the nurse tells Janiece’s GI that Janiece told her to “shut up” and Janiece denied that of course… the nurse was probably telling the truth. And then Paul and Janiece go on to both talk about how nurses need to treat their chronic illness patients with kindness. Hippocracy much? Janiece is home now already bitching about the horrible diet she has to be on and how it’s not wat SHE wants to eat. She’s feeling so shitty because she eats so shitty. She really isn’t the brightest when it comes to self care. Paul pretty much has to treat her like an infant to get her to eat better. What’s next? Him playing spoon airplane with her beloved soup to get her to eat right?? “Vroooooom vrooooom, open up!”

No. 454199

>>Janiece said that the hospital won't let her bring her own meds and they won't order them for her either. Not sure why you're arguing about this.
Am I arguing? It's difficult without intonation to convey what you are saying, but I was simply wondering about it.

IMO, if we're going to call people out, it's better to check if the conclusions we draw are based on the right information and the right conceptions. Otherwise we'd be pretty much the same as the munchies who immediately say they've got diagnosis X whenever a doctor mentions it or orders a test to rule it out.

But if you want to know why I wondered, I missed the part where she said they won't order them and won't let her bring them either. I just heard Paul say "they are not providing them", so that was what I was going on. In my experience, that doesn't always mean that the doctor in charge thinks you don't need the meds, which was what someone said. That's all.

No. 454206

Am I the only one that is just super annoyed by the way she's speaking in this? (Slow, slurred) Or is that how she always speaks?

No. 454220

>>Jaq's Ambulance.

Top kek, anon.

No. 454221

It's pretty typical for her. It's her version of Jaquie's sick face. Janiece's voice is part of the reason that I just can not with her videos. I usually make it to about the three minute mark and bail.

No. 454228

Hey don't want to WK but it's been mentioned that she has hearing problems. Could be a result of that and if so I'd be hard pressed to criticize her for that.

No. 454230

Maybe. But when I said it's like Jaquie's sick face I mean it comes and goes. She CAN talk normally, like if she is excited about going to Food and Wine Festival at Disney etc.

No. 454232

For someone so obsessed with having a wheelchair you'd think Jaquie would be better at driving the Neon Demon.

Honestly, if she's gonna have Harlow work with her Barbie Car then she needs to go to some kind of Wheelchair Skills Clinic so she can improve her maneuvering and what-not.

Also, at the end of yesterdays vlog when Judd is videoing Jaq and Harlow from afar it looks like Harlow's hips are swinging pretty significantly. I compared it to a video of a golden with hip dysplasia and it looked kinda similar, but that might just be me.

I don't want that poor dog to suffer anymore than she has to, but I doubt Jaquie will listen to anyone who points Harlow's swinging gait out.

No. 454243

Wow. I just saw that video. I'm not a nurse, but I am SO offended on behalf of every nurse out there. I cannot believe she actually said that!

Also: her "they don't understand narcolepsy, they wanted me to get up and be active but I have narcolepsy so that's gonna make me worse" is simply NOT true. Yes, true narcolepsy messes up your sleep. But its main symptom is sleepiness that occurs in a low stimulus environment. So getting up and actually doing something will HELP. Most narcoleptics don't fall asleep as long as they're active, but will fall asleep watching TV, reading a book or sometimes even during a calm conversation, especially if the other person is doing a long monologue.

I know that some narcoleptics will fall asleep literally anywhere doing anything and there's also the risk of automatic behavior, BUT if we assume that she's not on Xyrem yet, she is most probably taking a stimulant. That doesn't do anything for her sleep, it just helps keep you awake. And suprise suprise, so does being more active.

Plus, normally she doesn't want to take naps during the day because of her REM intrusions. She also says that she doesn't take her narcolepsy meds every day. But NOW she is off her meds and she can only sleep? Sorry, that just doesn't add up. Normally, a few careful planned naps throughout the day are the first line of treatment for narcoleptics. O, and having a steady rhythm, which means waking up and coming out of bed in the morning at just about the same time every day, and of course going to bed at the same time as well.

She is offensive AF. Beyond it, even. The nurses were trying to help her because activity is not only good for narcoleptics, but also for people who are deconditioned, supposedly have POTS and are having GI problems. Being in bed all day is bad for everyone, even more so for someone who is already chronically ill. She was putting herself at risk for blood clots by being too inactive. The nurses were doing their job for which they are highly trained. Which is not just carrying out the doctors orders, but also observing the patient, looking at the patient as a whole and not just their current symptom and making sure they aren't leaving the hospital more sick than when they came in.

Though I do agree that if you're REALLY sick anyone being cheery can be annoying and even talking can be too much, but she is very clearly not even close to that state. She is just entitled and unbelievably offensive.

I am sorry for ranting, but I am really furious because of her offensive bitching. O, and she needs to stop talking about her poop. There are ways to talk about GI problems without talking about poop in literally every video. We don't want to hear about her poop, we don't want to see it, we don't want to smell it. And we don't want to hear about it. Also, we don't want to hear about it. Got it, Janiece??

No. 454248

It's a $1300 TV. Is there any way they are supporting their lifestyle on Judd's income?

No. 454250

Of course she didn't want to get out of bed. Her defining personality trait is laziness.

Wait, that's unfair. Her defining personality trait is being an unrelenting bitch to everyone she encounters. But laziness is a close second.

No. 454251

>>444854 It looks like Jaquie had deleted the most recent video. It says it has been removed by the user.

No. 454253

File: 1514397635281.png (246.74 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5289.PNG)

She did. But not before I grabbed this comment. Check it out y'all… she helps educate nurses in training

No. 454257

Wait, why did that happen? Did anyone see it before it was removed? I wonder if she got some backlash for suddenly not being able to go to the toilet without her barbie car.

No. 454263

I watched it and was trying to keep up with the comments as well. I am not sure why she pulled it. The Barbie Car bathroom debacle was ridiculous, they gave us a view of the TV box so it's pretty easy to go online and figure out how much they spent. But aside from that it was pretty much typical.

No. 454273

Sage for dogfag but Harlow is poorly bred. Definitely hip dysplasia and there seems to be something wrong with her eyes as well. She should NOT be using her for ANY mobility work. I’ll pretty sure harlow had a surgery as a puppy to correct her eyes too but that didn’t seem to work

No. 454298

Harlow is one of the most poorly bred Goldens I've ever seen. She behaves well in public, but she isn't a service dog. Besides picking up items off the floor (which we all know Jaq can do herself) she doesn't know any tasks that specifically mitigate a disability. She shouldn't be used for mobility work AT ALL, much less wheelchair-related tasks like pulling (I don't know if Jaquie has started Harlow on wheelchair mobility tasks yet, but I'm sure it's coming). Sorry for dogfagging, but it enrages me to see Harlow being touted as the pinnacle of service dogs when she isn't a service dog at all. A very well trained pet with great public access manners, but not a service dog.

No. 454321


Yeah, I don't know what shady breeder they got her from, but it's really sad. I can't watch her vlogs, because just seeing Harlow makes me sad… she should be fed better, exercised better and definitely not used for any mobility!

No. 454323

Service dogs that do no disability mitigating tasks are all the rage in the munchie community. It drives me batty. Harlow could easily be replaced by one of those sticks with the claw handle at the end that lets you pick up things without bending over. Oh. And some common sense like getting your blanket before you sit down.

And Harlow does more than a lot of the dogs on YouTube. I really can't figure out what Orion does.

All of their tasks can be replicated by less invasive, readily available devices. But then they wouldn't get as much attention or opportunities to make YouTube rants about how businesses have wronged them. Anyone can buy a $10 grab stick. It takes a truly special snowflake to need a service dog.

Ironically, the really sick people don't want to have an animal to be responsible for.

No. 454337

Someone needs to start recording her videos and reuploading them.

She knows she's been caught out and has taken the video down for that reason I am certain of it.

She's made an ass of herself and Judd is so over it, she's a damn laughing stock.

No. 454340

She put the video back up and I didn't watch it carefully enough the first time to see what she changed if she changed anything. The swingy Harlow walk is still in there, as is the lolrant about the bathroom and the huge new TV…

No. 454351

File: 1514407891005.jpeg (367.29 KB, 1242x2067, 6DF51CED-E20F-4FD9-9F4B-37DA85…)


The breeder is at the bottom of this screenshot I found one days while back. She really is poorly bred and I’d guess in pain from the way her gait is.

No. 454355

No. 454357

File: 1514408608472.png (3.61 MB, 1242x2208, 5DF24562-25EB-4333-BAEF-A36971…)

Why she had to reupload

No. 454359

I’m pretty sure Jaquie accidentally released her upload too soon because it showed up at like 4 am her time and I think they usually go up at around 11 am-ish her time. I only saw it pop up on an alert but not on the “recently uploaded” area. So who knows why she pulled it and then re-uploaded it. I’ll try to rewatch it to see if I see any difference.

No. 454361

Is it shorter, maybe? I'm not sure but seem to remember it was more like 13 minutes?

No. 454367

No, I have a screen capture of the first one, time on the first video was 10:48.

No. 454376


Well. they have two stars on Yelp, not a lot of comments on Facebook. People complaining about their dogs being malnourished, needing supplements and straight up dying. They are charging around 2000$ for a puppy. And they recommend buying a load of supplements for puppies, which seems extra dodgy. All of this just makes me angry, they obviously don't care if the dogs are sick or not..

No. 454378

File: 1514410419473.png (177.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5512.PNG)

There are lots of reviews (if this is the same breeder) reporting buyers receiving sick dogs, dogs dying suddenly, etc. Nobody seems to have received a refund, either. So it appears that Harlow came from your standard puppy mill, and is about as healthy and well-bred as any dog you'd find in a shady pet store.

No. 454384

That's what it is now, isn't it? Then it must be unchanged.

Funny. They had to buy their bed through financing, right? But a 1300 dollar TV when they already have a working (and large, and modern, etc.) one is no problem? Do they by any chance have more patrons?

What I find most odd is that they always seem allowed to have their dog visit them when they're in hospital. I have a friend with an actual service dog, he never had his dog 'visit' him during hospital stays. He brings him when he goes for appointments if his wife can't be there of course, because he wouldn't even be able to travel without him. But if he is admitted he doesn't need the dog because he can call a nurse if he needs help. And when you spouse comes by to visit, you are by definition not alone either, so the dog simply has no function there and therefor is not even allowed. Not that he cares that it's not allowed, because as I said, you don't need a bleeping dog when your spouse is sitting next to your bed and on top of that there's nurses 24/7 who are only one ring away.

No. 454386

File: 1514410886239.png (123.08 KB, 497x819, yelp.PNG)


Another lovely story from Yelp.

No. 454389

File: 1514410945417.png (96.34 KB, 1173x487, comm.PNG)

About the breeder.

No. 454405

>>Funny. They had to buy their bed through financing, right? But a 1300 dollar TV when they already have a working (and large, and modern, etc.) one is no problem? Do they by any chance have more patrons?

Their patron number is actually slightly down, to 202. I do remember her saying that she and Judd weren't buying each other gifts this year and instead were getting something for the house. Plus they probably got Christmas cash from the parents. I agree though, they spend a shit ton of money. Way more than his salary likely allows.

No. 454408

From reviews I saw it is part of their contact that to keep the guarantee you feed a certain food and the supplements, both of which give a kickback to the kennel. I was also seeing many people saying they trick buyers with the training they offer; and that they don't really train the dogs at all.

No. 454422

In two different pics she's on the floor, on her knees in front of the super scary plant (christmas tree) but you know, adjustable jaquie can do what she wants!

No. 454597

File: 1514424999889.png (1.34 MB, 1536x2048, EC465779-BE60-4010-A3A6-5F3F4D…)

Look who’s bitching about how she was treated in the ER for her sooper serious (fake) illnesses. What a whiny bitch. Also, her port line is out when they’re not using it. How tacky.

No. 454599

File: 1514425025388.png (261.83 KB, 1536x2048, D6DC6AA5-2EF6-461D-AFC3-D2C142…)

No. 454600

File: 1514425089861.png (269.13 KB, 1536x2048, BCBF726B-AFDC-4FD2-B0DC-627429…)

Sooper seriously sick but can’t forget those fifty thousand tags

No. 454603

File: 1514425260886.jpeg (300.48 KB, 1536x2048, 7F02CDD3-406F-4F77-A382-5D5B89…)

Good lord getting tricks from other munchies

No. 454611

Anyone else notice that Jaquie doesn't seem to have her port dangling out randomly in public anymore? I feel like we see less and less of the port dangle but I could be wrong

No. 454621

She’s got her Barbie car and her precious feeding tube now, (that probably attract more attention), and the novelty of her port has worn off.

No. 454631

Fucking Christ she tagged the hospital. What a needy munchie piece of work.

No. 454655


Refusing medication she "can't take" then she takes it "for humor" lol ok… Wtf? I wonder what the medication was.

No. 454672

I wondered about this too. Why would you go to the ER for nausea anyway? And then take a pill to humour a doctor… They're there helping people with medical emergencies, not (questionably) chronically ill people with nausea… Yes they treat chronically ill people on a daily basis numerous times a day who are having actual medical emergencies. Does this girl think everyone else in the ER is absolutely not chronically ill and she's the only one???? Her logic and common sense is so off.

No. 454718

File: 1514430421321.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5293.PNG)

Drama queen

No. 454759

She must think she's pretty important. How pathetic.

No. 454814

Having that many haters doesn’t make you important or popular or even right. Instead it usually means you’re a gigantic cunt who’s self-absorbed, and that people genuinely can’t stand you.

No. 454884

Jaquie mentioned Julian's dog, Atlas, had the same mother as Harlow. Since he reads here, I hope he takes Atlas to be properly checked out by a vet.

No. 454927

>>Definitely hip dysplasia
I feel you can't say that by just looking at how a dog walks. A friend of mine has a dog who walks exactly the same, another one has a dog who weirds every vet out by how they sit because apparently most dogs who sit like that have hip dysplasia. Yet they are both checked and do not have it. Jaquie says she had Harlow checked out and she is cleared for mobility work. Although we know that Jaquie doesn't seem to have much of a problem with lying, she did a pretty good job training Harlow and worked with professional trainers who know what tests should be done on a dog used for mobility work.

The thing is that I think that too much speculation put like it's a certainty is not helping our case. If for example one of Jaquies followers would find this thread and all we do is speculation and conspiracy theories, they'll just think we are a bunch of crazies who simply hate on Jaquie. If we stick to the clear inconsistencies in her story and the things we can actually prove, they won't be able to dismiss us so easily.

I don't mean to say that we can't also speculate and have fun with all sorts of theories, but you say she has definitely hip dysplasia. That's different from saying that 'she walks like a dog with hip dysplasia' or 'I wonder if she is properly checked out.'

No. 454930

What haters is she talking about, anyway? Did people finally tell her not to offend the people so many sick people depend on?

No. 454989

Why does Jaquie need gloves to use her wheelchair when all she does is tap her special bracelet to get it moving now, never even touching the wheels?

No. 455000

Because normally when people can only see your upper body, they can't see you are in a wheelchair. When you are wearing gloves though, they can.

Most people don't like wheelchair gloves anyway. They are sweaty and can cause blisters. If they want extra grip, they use a push rim cover. And IF wheelchair gloves are used, they are mainly used by people with a high spinal cord injury because they can't put their fingers around the push rim. With push rim covers and/or gloves you can push yourself using the palm of your hand without having to wrap your fingers around the push rim. This all to say: most people in her situation wouldn't use gloves.

No. 455008


And she can't wear compression stockings due to being hot and sweaty but gloves are fine

No. 455017

Well doh, stockings are worn under clothing. No one can see them, so it's obvious she can't use them. Silly you. Not that she ever tried them, (the doctor who recommended stockings for her was the same doc who started her on IV saline) but still.

No. 455027


has anyone commented pointing this out? I'm willing to bet her response would be that her asthma is much more serious and special than anyone else's so she has to do the duonebs twice a day.

No. 455030


Maybe Paul is "jealous" because if Janiece does have crohn's, then it's very very mild. He'd probably love to have a case that mild.

No. 455033


Does anyone else think Janiece is malingering so she doesn't have to spend Christmas with Paul's family?

No. 455059

I wouldn't put it past her. Not just to avoid them, but also to show them how she is really sick.

Someone in the comments asked about her HR and 'wasn't that the reason you went in?' She replied that she 'also went for her GI issues'. (sorry, can't screenshot right now). That's not how Paul tells it. He said she was screaming and suddenly unwell and he swooped her up and hurried to the hospital because her HR was odd. Doesn't sound like the had time to say to each other 'you know what, my GI symptoms are pretty bad and now my heart feels funny too, maybe we should go to the ER?'

What's even more is that her GI issues are not an emergency in any way, shape or form. Even if she's not eating, that's no reason to go to the ER. If that was a medical emergency, everyone who has a stomach bug or the flu and can only eat vegetable broth for a few days would be admitted. She has a chronic problem and those don't belong in emergency care. I think she just couldn't stand the fact her GI did not think her having ghost pills in her poop warranted him clearing his schedule for his most special patient.

No. 455063

Janeice is totally malingering, plus wants her spoon or brownie points

No. 455065

A million times this. She was pissed she couldn't get an appointment until the end of January so she manufactured an emergency (or talked herself into a panic attack, hence the high heart rate) and went to the ER to stick it to her dr for not falling for her bs.

No. 455079

Oh ffs, Janiece and Paul constantly complain that all the nurses they encounter are shit at their jobs. Janiece is also a total cunt to every nurse she encouters.

How do they not see a connection between those two things?! Why oh why would any nurse go out of their way to do ANYTHING for these fuckers when they act like such bitches at all times?

No. 455113

In today's Toys with Jaq, she pursues braces. She's never even dislocated a joint, though?

No. 455116

The other thing that is so wild to me about their trip is the refusing to call ambulances in Janieces supposed emergency. If you're that concerned for your wife's safety, a team of trained professionals with the ability to go around traffic and stabilize her is safer than "hitting 100 mph on the highway to the hospital" as Paul said. What an absurdly dangerous thing for him to do and then talk crap like EMTs wouldn't be fast enough.

No. 455117

Jaquie will have the AFOs on when she's in the wheelchair, I guarantee.

No. 455128

Why in the heckity heck does she even need those? Her ankles seem perfectly fine when she's sitting on them as they are plantar flexing.

Kek at this rate she'll have a Barbie Pink Exoskeleton.

No. 455131

I have a sneaking suspicion that Paul wants to come off as the manly hero here, especially given how excitedly he recites his reaction to the "emergency".

No. 455139

God just imagine her patented montone sick face with a neck brace kek, how much do you wanna bet she’ll get it in Barbie pink?

No. 455170

File: 1514482101427.jpg (452 KB, 1242x1805, jaqsnek.jpg)

I noticed she had her phone in the X-Ray room…

No. 455171

File: 1514482165913.jpg (162.13 KB, 1242x1001, taraatack.jpg)

Tara strikes again! Points to her for the snarky remark!

Thing definitely do work differently at Jaquie's hospital!

No. 455177

Didn't Janiece say he wants to get a Doberman or a Rottweiler and train it as an attack dog? He's definitely got some macho manly man overcompensating going on.

No. 455186

That's a company that sells braces and also evaluates patients for them? That's not suspicious at all. Why not see a physiatrist who is, you know.. independent? Someone who doesn't have any interest in recommending braces but who actually wants what's best for you medically?

No. 455215

Because they wouldn't prescribe braces to someone who doesn't need them of course.

I wore AFO's for many years due to cerebral palsy. They are commonly made of a type of hard plastic which gets very hot and sweaty and uncomfortable! Heat rashes are quite common in the areas where there isn't as much ventilation in warmer weather (it gets even hotter in FL). If she claims she can't wear compression stockings because of her heat intolerance, she definitely won't be able to tolerate AFO's!

These days they also sometimes make them out of carbon fibre. I can't give my opinion of these because I haven't used AFO's since my spinal cord injury 13 yrs ago, but design wise things haven't changed much and from what I've heard the carbon fibre ones are just as hot as the plastic version, especially since black tends to attract more heat.

How much do you want to bet she will pick a very childish pink pattern for hers though and wear over her leggings instead of under her clothes like people who actually need them do? Also, I'm guessing once she learns about HKAFO's (hip-knee-ankle-foot orthotics) she will have a brand new set of those before too long.

No. 455220

Lol! It's like the pain management clinic I went to that gave everyone a huge back brace no matter their diagnosis so they could bill your insurance!

No. 455259

We should make a timeline of Jaquie's descent into munchidom, complete with dates she acquires all her new toys. I've seen a rapid increase over past few months of new toys at a rate that's ridiculous even for someone who's actually chronically ill. I feel like if we laid everything out, we'd see how she really jumps from one hot-pink accessory to the next.

No. 455310


Seems like persuing these life changing braces would have been better done before getting the $20k Barbie car

No. 455318

I've got nothing better to do with my life today…So down the Instagram rabbit hole I go!

No. 455319


someone did this already. might want to look at that before you spend time repeating the effort

No. 455320

I haven't even started, but just looking at how her tags change is very enlightening. I wish there was a way to make a chart of which tags she uses, when she started or stopped using them, etc.

No. 455327

People very, very rarely get AFOs for eds, if you really need ankle support, a normal ankle brace is recommended as it allows for movement but keeps the joint in line. But PT is the first and preferred treatment, as with anything with eds. Of course jaquie doesn’t have eds, so she doesn’t give a shit about what’s best or most effective.

No. 455331

Not only is it ridiculous that she is getting AFOs but its ridiculous that they even did xrays to look at her knees. Xrays only show bone and tell you nothing about soft tissue, which is what is actually impacted in EDS.

No. 455341

Plus, X-rays in eds almost always look normal, unless there’s a joint that is currently completely dislocated.

No. 455346


And PT might take effort, so that's out. Even if it would make for some good vloggable moments

No. 455349

I think she said they were looking for patellar femoral syndrome (I could be wrong- not going to watch today's vlog again). She says it's because of eds, but it's pretty common in a lot of people, and is diagnosed by X-ray. It's just a roughened cartilage surface from growth spurts or athletic activity or age (or about 20 other things including being a young female), and it's not fun, but it's not permanent or debilitating either.

No. 455351


She mentioned about 5 times that the AFOs are custom so you know she’ll ask for pink.

No. 455353


Yeah, mild blogging but I had that. It was diagnosed in PT and cured with PT (and time). I kind of thought it was a nonspecific term for knee pain with no other clear cause.

Even if her x-ray shows PFS, how will that change the treatment plan?

No. 455364

I swear to god this cow would rather be immobilized in a full body brace than go to physical therapy and put in effort to actually get stronger. She makes me sick.

No. 455366

JanJan's blog for today. Somehow even more obnoxious than usual. She starts by saying she's to tired and weak to even throw Orion's ball. Proceeds on to bash her GI doctor's staff for most of it (I'm getting the impression that office has some sort of good cop/bad cop kinda thing going on with her), and ends with her saying how her stomach hurts but Paul is forcing her to eat.

No. 455367

>>I kind of thought it was a nonspecific term for knee pain with no other clear cause.
It is. And it cannot be diagnosed with an X-ray.

No. 455370

File: 1514496759346.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2208, 62153364-1B39-489D-9558-6CF490…)

JanJan knows what she can eat, and doesn't need advice, y'all. Except, apparently she doesn't. Because she repeatedly says her stomach hurts Everytime she eats.

No. 455378

She really thinks she is their sickest patient, doesn't she?

>>They didn't realize how severe I am

>>The doctor even came by on Cristmas
(she seems to think that makes her very special)

And now Paul, when his secretary said "normally it doesn't work that way" when he asked for the test to be scheduled without them seeing the doctor first replied "well, normally you aren't admitted to the hospital for four days over Christmas, but stuff happens". O FFS. People are in hospital during holidays ALL the fucking time. That doesn't make you special. Then they bitched about the staff wanting to check it with the doctor first. That is their job. Instead of bitching about it and telling them how sooper sick his poor wife is that she was in hospital over Christmas, he could have just said "I know this is not how you normally plan those appointments, but dr X told us to call you and scheduling it, could you maybe check with him and call us back? Thank you very much".

They also mentioned his last name during the video. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to be featured in his entitled patients' vlog.

No. 455380

They need to learn that you attract more bees with honey than vinegar. I think Jaquie has learned that. If JanJan ever wants her port, feeding tube, and personal Barbie car she needs to start being nice to these people.

No. 455427

In today's vlog around the 2:20 mark when she is trying to fix the wiper with her mom, you can hear her dad having a phone conversation about an account and the number "300,000"

No. 455563


AFOs ? She doesn't even have foot drop! But I guess she'll take whatever she can get to make her look sicker. I guarantee she'll wear them for a few videos before getting bored of them (and will blame it on her sensory issues).

No. 455576


I was going to comment on this. She certainly doesn’t walk like a person who has foot drop!

No. 455577


Nope, she walks perfectly normally! As if there's not really anything wrong with her.

No. 455585

Don't mention that. Foot drop will be the next thing she gets to try and justify her AFOs.

No. 455588

She’s not exactly starving to death kek.

No. 455595

That’s not special at all, all AFOs are custom. But they’re not indicated for EDS at all.

No. 455605

Yeah… no drop foot, and that's fairly obvious. Unless, she decided to show off some… difficulty walking and ended up mimicking drop foot by dragging/slapping, because so weak from EDS, can't pick my feet up y'all.

No. 455608

Wow you are right. I'm not sure what's worse. Jaquie laughing hysterically at her poor mother trying to fix the car or her choice to vlog and talk loudly over what seemed to be an important business conversation in the back seat. She is such a selfish intolerable cow.

No. 455616

Spoiled rich girl strikes again. She wouldn’t be quite so much of a munchie without the cash to pay for it all. Unfortunately, it’s also made her a huge bitch.

No. 455622

She already is. Supposedly the brace evaluation tech told her she has foot drop.

No. 455654

She most definitely does not have foot drop. I’ve seen her walk plenty of times in plenty of vlogs perfectly fine. None of her conditions even fit having foot drop anyways. I’m 130% sure that she faked it in front of him like she probably fakes many of her symptoms in front of doctors. It’s not hard to do. We could all walk differently if we tried. She’s a fucking joke.

No. 455662

I agree. I YT'd foot drop in general and after watching people walk that do have it, there is NO effing way she has it. I noticed when she was talking about it she did her side glance away from the camera "play dumb" routine. She is seriously mentally ill.

No. 455668

Anyone know when she got the walker? I went and looked at her first ever video and she's like a completely different person. It's only been a year since all this started it's crazy

No. 455688

Especially since the majority of people who actually have eds aren’t decked out in braces all over their bodies. Maybe one or two joints, even intermittently, but anyone with eds knows that constant bracing can make joints worse. The people with eds that have every joint braced all the time are usually OTT themselves, as it’s pretty rare for someone to have that severe of a problem in that many joints. Not that that matters at all in her case though, since she’s been straight-up told she doesn’t have eds. Also, if her knees and ankles are that bad, how is she able to crouch on the floor and get up multiple times a day?

No. 455697

So what kind of doctor is ok with a FITTER diagnosing their patient and asking for a script for another brace?

If fitter is saying patients needs more brace it could be legit, after all they are doing custom bracing every day, but some of it may also be "oooh… more codes to claim!" So, a bit sketchy IMO.

Also, doctors and clinical staff in generally watch patients walk, even when it's not an official neuro exam. It's easy to catch malingering that way. Tell the med assistant/nurse that brings the patient into exam room to watch gait, and record inconsistencies.

So drop foot? Sure…

No. 455754


This was my thought too. If a chief complaint is her is falling and foot drop is super obvious, why wouldn’t it have been caught sooner by one of the 15 doctors she complains to on a weekly basis?

No. 455757

Except this is jaquie’s doctor. Who somehow hasn’t caught on that she doesn’t have eds, or pots, or mcas, or GP, or any of the other illnesses she claims but very obviously doesn’t have. She’s found herself a real moron, so I doubt how she walks would even register as something he was supposed to look at. Jaquie looks at her doctor less as a medical professional and more of her personal prescription pad.

No. 455777

Hanger clinic is gonna laugh her out the door or they should. I cannot believe she munchied her way into an appointment with them.

No. 455778

I noticed on instagram her POTS doctor picture has a little patient wallchart that says something about abdominal pain and dirrahea. So her POTS is most likely a primary care doc as many have mentioned, because neither a cardiologist or a neurologist would have poop related wallchart in the exam room.

POTs doctor is also the one prescribing Benadryl and I think the IV zofran. Allergist probably saw through the Benadryl aborting anaphylaxis bs and thus that 'bad' appointment.

No. 455816

I liked how she said they were only going to talk about braces for her most problematic joints- then she proceeded to list every joint there is except your ribs.

No. 455824

To add to my previous post…

Also noticed, same chair/floor/cabinet as POTS doctor. A poster on a C-Diff vaccine trial. More poop stuff.

In the same insta post, is discussion about IVIG and swithing to Kate Farms… but she doesn't call this doc her POTS doc, but another specialist.

I guess it is possible multiple specialties can share the same clinic space, or one PCP she's got wrapped around her finger.

No. 455828


Ribs/sternum can be problematic… I guess I shouldn't mention the name of that syndrome.

No. 455849

I think she’s got one pcp that does everything but gi, but helps convince the gi to give jaquie whatever she asks for. Or maybe her pcp recommended the gi doctor, and they use similar methods of inappropriately diagnosing and prescribing things. Or money-grubbing jaquie found two money-grubbing doctors who go along with unnecessary diagnoses and procedures because they get big pay outs from either jaquie’s insurance or daddy’s credit card (or both).

No. 455870

At the 4:40 mark in this video she talks about how her doctor is sending her for another opinion with another allergist/immunologist at the University of Florida. I'm wondering what the point of that is. Are we going to get another video about how horrible the appointment was and how she trusts her doctor? I wonder if her doctor realizes he got in to deep in her Munchidom and wants someone else to do his dirty work.

No. 455936

She said it was specifically for her IVIG reactions. She's gotten bored with her commute to and from the infusion center - or babe and mom have - so she's switching back to home IVIG. But since her whole reason for going to the infusion center was her alleged allergic reactions, what's a munchie to do? She has to come up with a miracle solution to the allergy situation. I hope this allergist tells her to remove her port too and I hope they tell her PCP she's getting high on IV benadryl. Not that it'll make a difference but one can hope.

No. 455937

Pretty sure that's the place she went to and the dude gave her another brace on top of the six zillion her doctor wrote a script for…

No. 455963

Idk if anyone has brought this up yet but the part in today's vlog where she sat there on her ass laughing at her mother who was struggling to put her windshield wiper back on pissed me off so much. Her mom did not look amused AT ALL and even her dad wasn't totally into it. What a brat.

No. 455965

Her ivig reactions that are “so severe” that she does it outpatient when it’s fairly standard to be inpatient for each session kek. It feels like she’s just passed from specialist to specialist because no one wants to deal with her malingering (even though they’ll happily take her money). Even when she goes to the er they stick her in the hallway.

No. 455967

She’s a selfish bitch who doesn’t care about anyone else except what they can do for or give to her.

No. 456006

Just so you know, you didn't actually sage your post. You have to write sage in the email field to sage correctly.

But I agree, it was really bad mannered of her. She's such a brat.

No. 456070

She said something like, "My doctor thinks it's a good idea that…" and that always seems like code for Jaquie asked and the doctor agreed.

No. 456143

I did something like that. Two series: I started out with how she got her port and the IV saline infusions, and then I went through Harlows account (she had that earlier then her own) from the beginning and the onset of symptoms.

You can find the IV saline saga here >>407607
And the other one here >>414965

(I am sorry to self-promote my series, but as someone asked about it.. O wait, I am not sorry. It was a LOT of work, I earned it, kek. Besides, if someone is interested in doing something like this, they don't have to do what I did again. Just start at the end of my last series, there is plenty more to post about. I'm not donating (much) more of my time to the Jaquie cause, so if someone else wants to: good luck!)

No. 456203


>normal colonscopy means no chrons or colitis honey.

Normal colonoscopy means no colitis, but it definitely doesn't rule out Crohn's, which can affect any part of the digestive system but most commonly the small intestine, which can't be viewed with a colonoscopy. I have bad Crohn's and every colonoscopy I've ever had has been normal, but upper GI scans (capsule endoscopy, MRI etc) always show a disaster in my small intestine.

If she's had normal endoscopy results for the rest of the GI system as well, though, then yeah it's not Crohn's.

No. 456219


exactly anon! With EDS you brace/splint after an injury or if you're walking on a prone joint. Continual bracing will only make your joints worse, not that there's anything wrong with Jaquies in the first place.

No. 456222

She's had an upper scope as well. Although of coure that only goes as far as the duodenum. Hence the scheduled pill cam. The thing is that her doctor is apparently thinking about Crohns based on her normal colonoscopy, because her colon seemed to become irritated when he touched it with the scope? I'm not sure what that means, any medfags out there? I think the anon who said that it means that IF she has Crohns, it is such a mild case that she should be pretty much asymptomatic. It definitely doesn't explain why she can't eat or why she has diarrhea every day.

BTW, anyone know if she is still on laxatives? She was trying to get some kind of special and very expensive med for obstipation covered (anyone have an idea which med that could be?); is she still working on that? Because unless of course she has paradoxical diarrhea, I think they'd better skip that. Even if she would have alternating constipation and diarrhea (again: textbook IBS) something that would work on both seems to be a better choice. But metamucil is a common drug and I suppose that in the US as well, you don't need script for that? Then it's very possible insurance doesn't cover it. It's very cheap though, but of course that means that Janiece cannot use it. She's obviously too special for that.

I find it very odd however that she hasn't scheduled her pelvic floor PT yet. Her doc said even after her hospitalisation that the more they'd get her stool under control, the less pain she'll have. So.. they already said physio would pretty much be cure, yet she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to take care of that.
I also don't understand if she has paradoxical diarrhea or if she went from obstipation to diarrhea or if it alternates. Not sure if I want to know, but it seems odd that Janiece doesn't seem to know it as well.

Several people have commented that maybe she should be on a diet because of her cholecystectomy. That most people cannot get away with eating fatty foods after that. And some people told her their own experiences with that and how their doctor first said they could eat anything they wanted but they discovered later that they couldn't. And every single time, Janiece answers to say that that isn't true and that her doctor said she didn't need to be on a diet and that she trusts her doctor. OK.. if I was in bad abdominal pain to the point of not being able to eat, basically being bedridden, being hospitalized and taking painkillers for it, I would definitely TRY a diet if I knew that some people in my situation found relief with it. It's not like it's a very complicated diet and it's extremely easy to just try it.

So she either isn't really in so much pain, or she just doesn't want to get better. Or - most likely - both. I'm pretty sure she didn't mention diarrhea before her surgery. In fact, she had obstipation for a while after her surgery and then suddenly started to complain about diarrhea. It's also pretty much textbook IBS, but of course that's too mundane for Janiece to have.

No. 456237

She made it look as if doctors disagree wether use if braces and splints is a good idea in EDS. But they don't. EVERY DOCTOR who is not an idiot agrees that generally it's a bad idea and you should only use them in very specific situations. Like on a joint that is so unstable it will dislocate with normal movement, because that will only stretch the tissues more and make things worse if you don't use some kind of support. Basically, only to prevent damage AND after proper physio (which means doing daily exercises for at least a few months) has failed. And even then, physio should continue after you start using a brace. Of course doctors could disagree about when a patient is at that point where NOT using a brace will actually be worse, but ALL doctors agree that you do NOT prescribe them for pain management. The only thing that she has mentioned that sounds semi-decent use of a brace is using a neck brace during long car drives. And in any way, prescribing hip, knee, neck AND wrist braces all in one go is completely crazy. She never even mentioned knee or wrist pain before. Hip pain she did, but it's almost impossible to properly brace a hip. The people I know who actually have hip subluxations do not use a brace. I know someone who tried them, but found they were very uncomfortable and did nothing to keep her hip stable.

Jaquie also has a very odd choice of shoes for someone who supposedly needs AFO's. I'd say start with a decent shoe that supports your ankle. Though the things she showed are not really AFO's; they look more like an anti-dropfoot orthosis. Except that we'ver never seen her walk like someone with a drop foot. She may very well have weak flexors, but if that's the case she should be in physio for that. If that somehow doesn't work, then they could ask a neurologist and/or a physiatrist to assess her further. It should never be the tech fitting you for braces to suggest something like that.

No. 456318


Re: shoes

One of the first things I was told when I was dIgnosed with EDS was what kinds of shoes to wear for optimum ankle support/injury prevention. But of course,she wasn't diagnosed with EDS, was she.

No. 456333

File: 1514567506598.png (5.15 MB, 2208x1242, 58CDC0B8-D1AC-40A7-9410-57225C…)

Today we learn Paul and Janiece's last name

No. 456337

File: 1514567675165.png (600.82 KB, 861x572, platenumber.png)

We learned their license plate number a while ago.