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File: 1562033342271.jpeg (282.64 KB, 1661x851, 1561702646085.jpeg)

No. 830379

Previous thread: >>820903

>panhandling on twitter as usual

>still claiming that she and fupa are no longer together even though one anon caught them out in the wild >>822349
>creates a horrifying video where she humiliates herself (she really did) >>821454
>said video claims she “pukes all over herself” but really doesn’t and scams once again >> 822212
>continues to sperg on twitter that THE SW COMMUNITY IS OUT TO GET ME!!!
>Shay gets diagnosed as being bipolar, continues to smoke and drink while taking meds #bipolarbarbie >>822257
>circlepay closes, shay switches back to cashapp
>goes to Texas with fupa leaving noodle in kennel care for 4 days
>creates another video with more dry anal fucking, leaving shit stains >>825784
>now wants to move to austin

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no nitpicking and blogposting

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https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

Thread image cred: >>828520

No. 830383

File: 1562034117043.jpg (Spoiler Image,510.93 KB, 1080x1423, Screenshot_20190701-212138_Twi…)

Lurking in the thread Shay?

No. 830388

The thread pic, while brilliant thanx OP, is fucking nightmare fuel

No. 830395

File: 1562036255549.jpg (366.38 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20190701-215727_Twi…)

No. 830397

Kek is she reading the TND thread now?

No. 830398

Seems like it lol. But the funny thing is that she's an addict very clearly herself. She smoked weed until it apparently gave her a rare illnes/reaction and then kept smoking anyway even tho the dr told her to take a break. And then the drinking…yikes

No. 830400

Jess passed away last night.

No. 830401

Anyone want to tell us who Jess is?

No. 830402

Where did you get this information?! I can’t find it.
Jess is one her old friends from mass. They were very close and had a falling out when shay became a sex worker.

No. 830413

How did Jess die?

No. 830415

This thread is not about her. She was a good person. Dolly has no right posting this tweet about being here for people struggling with addiction after the way she acted. She posted this upon finding out. So fake.

No. 830427

Aaaaand am I the only one here who didnt know Shayna ever went to mass….? So this info means nothing to me? Was this person ever in a Shayna thread before? How do you know this information? Hello?

No. 830428


Mass as in Massachusetts, where Shay is from originally.

No. 830430

shaynas friend group was colleen and jess. all they posted was pics smoking together. when shay became a "sex worker" she called jess a peasant or something lol and they weren't friends anymore. Jss posted on her blog about being addicted to heroin so she probably relapsed

No. 830440

read the threads

No. 830442

Shayna, pray for yourself. You have to room to preach to addicts when you are one.

No. 830456

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all heroin addicts. Colleen looks like shit too now

No. 830617

How does anyone even know jess died, unless some farmers are people from shays irl from mass

No. 830668

ok. came here specifically to see if anyone was posting about this. i am from their town, and i implore you all to stop discussing an innocent person who had nothing to do with this thread. there was no reason for anyone to bring up jess’ name. have your fun, post your hot takes about shayna, because what she decides to put out onto the internet is her decision, but leave innocent people out of it. it’s unrelated and none of your business.(minimodding)

No. 830687

Nobody knows who this bitch is lol stop bringing her up then.

No. 830721

Shay, this you?(hi [cow])

No. 830733

Like Shayna could ever be that mature

No. 830773

Long story short, jess is just another person on the long list of people who shayna has backstabbed

No. 830781

File: 1562089568142.jpg (778.91 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190702-124436_Twi…)

For some actual funny milk, looks like it didnt take long for shay to convert her sex cage to a dog cage. So gross.

No. 830782

File: 1562089611660.jpg (602.14 KB, 1080x1341, 20190702_124508.jpg)

Full post for reference

No. 830784

File: 1562089853345.jpg (208.73 KB, 1080x693, Screenshot_20190702-124852_Twi…)

1. A couple hundred?? To get your hair done? I doubt she spends over 100 to get it done considering she let's students do her hair. So scammy, shay.
2. Kek your outsides and insides are both utter shit and theres no helping it.

No. 830785

Wow, that's way more likes and interaction than she usually gets on her own pictures

No. 830792

do we think Shayna cleaned this before she let her dog go in it? She rarely cleans her own apartment. Her nastiness knows no boundaries.

No. 830819

Does anyone have jess’s Obituary or links about her death? Social media is silent. I only even know who shays rank ass is because of Jess, so I’m kind of sad

No. 830835

No. This thread is about shay, stop bringing up non milk involved people. That person has nothing to do with the thread atm

No. 830847

File: 1562096056339.jpeg (998.58 KB, 828x1792, 7F36098A-841B-452D-8B89-DE7039…)

Shay made it on a nail shaming group I follow and the comments have me rolling

No. 830862

Probably the most interaction she'll ever get on a post.

No. 830863

Kek. I also follow this nail shaming group and had to do a double take when I saw it on my feed. I still can’t believe she posted this “content”.

No. 830874

Everything about this pic screams “white trailer park trash”. I don’t understand how she thought it would fit into her “uwu pink Barbie bimbo uwu” aesthetic

No. 830875

File: 1562098997617.png (172.21 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2301.PNG)

(constant, neverending and staggering autism)

No. 830876

So this is why Shay was posting about addiction? She should have kept her mouth shut, she sounded so disingenuous. Inb4 "stahp posting about her"

No. 830877

Who is that and why do we care again?

No. 830878

try reading the thread

No. 830886

I did but I thought this was already over and done with by now.
Remember when Shays earlier threads were deleted because people kept posting about her family? Because thats where we are going again right now

No. 830895

How is this the same? I don't understand. Nobody is talking about her family. She is being brought up to provide context for Shay's virtue signaling on Twitter.

No. 830903

Can the one or two samefags shut up about this girl’s death? She’s not in Shay’s life and hasn’t been for a while. Old friends die, especially if they’re junkies.

No. 830904

Anyway back to the minor milk. She’s on yet another shopping spree. Posted about aerie and forever21 and a shit that didn’t happen story.

No. 830922

She got those giftcards from her dad for her bday.

No. 830923

She got those giftcards from her dad for her bday.

No. 830936

her name is Shayna lol

she was a shithead to her in life, yet uses her death to seem uwu solemn and sympathetic try to get retweets for clout. Girl why not fix your own addictions as an homage to an old friend you fucked over, rather than writing empty words, too little too late, on Twitter when no one gives a shit what you think?

No. 830965

I think posting her pic here is a bit much

No. 830978

Post some screens of the comments?

Stop bringing her up. Literally no one here cares except for you and that other autistic anon who keep mentioning her.

No. 830991

All these old photos from her stoner days that she is posting on twitter, are these underage photos of her? Wouldnt that be a little fucked up to post on your sex work blog?

No. 830996

File: 1562111645413.jpeg (213.14 KB, 825x830, 23CB2084-622A-488B-B20B-F0D8A6…)

My favorite comment that isn’t on here says “is she even alive?”

No. 830997

File: 1562112012344.jpeg (211.73 KB, 828x595, D52CC8A8-C7D6-48BB-89CB-1C3139…)

No. 830998

omg yes thank you I never want to nitpick but the length of white part is so stupid. why does the white only cover the last quarter-inch, so her "nail beds" stretch an inch past the end of her finger?

she's so trashy and she mistakes it for ~expensive bimbo lifestyle looks~. same with exclusively shopping at forever 21 and aerie, but thinking she has ANY unique aspects to her wardrobe– no, Shayna, you're wearing what millions of teenage girls are also wearing at any given time. the only "original" things you do are unique because everyone else has the sense not to do them.

No. 831001

File: 1562113099213.jpg (90.21 KB, 726x482, Screenshot_20190702-191408_Chr…)

>>830996 kek at these three. Images you can smell is spot on. Her whole life is as crusty as the cuticles. If only they knew shaynasty.

No. 831007

Im sure she always does these to herself. Her nails have never looked good ever

No. 831008

File: 1562114556580.gif (966.09 KB, 480x270, laffdj.gif)

Shay can't blame lolcow on these. Even normies think she is gross KEK

No. 831021

File: 1562117151316.jpg (520.55 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20190702-202536_Twi…)

Serving Grandma looks

No. 831032

Is the clothes she bought for her birthday all she has to wear or something??

No. 831033

The fact that people who don’t know her can see that she’s trash just by looking at a pic of her haggard hand/nails and cheap MK wallet is hilarious

No. 831040

To be perfectly fair, is there any actual difference between trailer trash and Barbie bimbo? The classy bimbos go for the classic Hollywood look.

No. 831041

Most of them yeah.

No. 831050

did she finally put on some chapstick? thank god.

No. 831052

she should do small smiles like this more. a lot better than the other confused/manic/creepy faces she makes, hides her smoke-stained teeth and scummy tongue, and her face looks more relaxed and genuine (not cranking her mouth open into a yell-smile.) I know she's still obviously using a filter, look at how her trademark forehead wrinkles are blurred out, but it's like the least scary picture we've seen of her in a while.

No. 831068


H-her face is awfully orange? LMAO

No. 831097


Can she just stop with the "porn star" thing? She's a camwhore and barely that. Her horrible solo vids only go up on the cam websites she uses and shit. She has like two vids on pornhub and that nasty shit she did with the soft torture porn dudes. She's not a some great, well known adult entertainer kek. Her vids are worse than amateur tbh. Only her daddy kink and fatty orbiters and bottom of the barrel dudes follow her.

No. 831099


I agree she still looks rough and older than she is, but this is a much better facial expression for her to have. Not psycho, try hard, weird mouth open smile/laugh thing. She looks relaxed and not stupidly pose-y.

No. 831210

It’s so much better than that jack-o-lantern smile. She almost looks like an Olsen twin before the anorexia.

No. 831211

Is her birthday officially over yet? I haven't been checking the thread cos grown women making a childish fuss of their own birthday for weeks on end triggers me

No. 831227

It was over last week, but we all know shay likes to stretch things out

No. 831235

I am offended for the Olsen twins

No. 831401

Gotta remember that even if it's a better-than-normal picture, it's still heavily filtered and her actual jaw is wider, forehead larger, nose larger, eyes smaller. The Olsen twins are safe lol

No. 831421

I’m starting to get really grossed out by the fact that she literally hasn’t changed her bedding once since she moved into this place.

No. 831429

File: 1562180423395.jpg (425.39 KB, 1079x991, Screenshot_20190703-135954_Twi…)

She said before she was going to remove this video

No. 831436

I will never understand what she thought was so smart about this concept. I know in her head this probably seemed like a genius idea. But it literally makes no sense.

No. 831458

I know shes wearing a fuck trump hat but with the video name it just seems like itd be for trump, not against.

No. 831459

We all know shaynasty never follows through

No. 831461

On her snapchat she said things have been shitty because her friend passed away. And that they had a falling out and she still cares about her and didn't wanna see her leave that way. Then goes to take a bong rip. Yeah cause you care about addiction Shay

No. 831462

File: 1562184086151.jpg (101.28 KB, 1077x338, Screenshot_20190703-150033_Twi…)

Today on things that never happened. Who even spends that much at WALMART?

No. 831469

yeah, it does make it seem like she actually wants to fuck trump or that's what the video is about

No. 831472

Based on how much she post things and the things she post about it doesn’t seem like she’s in any kind of grief

No. 831488


She was trying to sound very sad as well, but it all seemed very fake to me.

No. 831491

As we all know Shayna never buys grocery so it’s just $400 worth of haute couture de la Walmart. I imagine she gets excited about occurrence of 69 and 911 as well, constantly astonished by utter inanity in the Mundane As Fuck zone

No. 831543

So those of you saying Jess' passing isn't relevant to this thread, you're wrong.

Shays reaction to this is indicative of how rotten she is, inside.

Jess was one of her best friends. Those who have been following the thread/shay from back in the day, know exactly how close her, Colleen and Jess were. Shay was always jealous of Jess, because she was tinier and genuinely sweet. Their hometown is notorious for heroin use and it is really tragic that despite getting sober, Jess obviously relapsed.

Why is this relevant?

There is a public gofundme to help cover Jess' funeral. Guess who hasn't donated a cent, and instead bought $420 worth of shit at Walmart?

This is not doxxing because this is public information. Her obituary was just posted and anyone who searches "shay-gnar" on tumblr will find tons of posts of her and Jess.

No. 831547

I can't find anything about her death online, where did you get this information?

No. 831550

I don't want to get banned so I'm not going to post the link to the obituary, but if you search her name and hays funeral home, you'll see it.

No. 831555

a girl died. like, a human being. a 21 year old girl is dead and you think this is appropriate info to use for dramatic effect….sad. shayna’s reaction is fucked up and shows how heartless she is but a good person died. she doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in this thread anymore.

No. 831556

The very first post I ever came across of shayna was the one of her and jess joking about being twins. This whole thing has been so eerie.

No. 831565

Nothing remotely negative has been said about Jess or what happened so fucking chill, man.

No. 831568

Really sad. Despite what bullshit happens between people you'd think Shay would have more of a reaction than "it sucks" and the next day acting completely normal like nothing ever happened. I didn't follow Shay back then but I've seen the pictures. I know nothing about the girl and I feel sadder than Shay lol

No. 831571

Jess honestly seemed like a real sweetheart, I followed both of them back in their OG Stoner days and am honestly really sad about the news. Shay is too self absorbed and obsessed with herself to feel any kind f empathy for another human being, it's disgusting.

No. 831600

File: 1562200149542.jpg (740.45 KB, 1080x1662, Screenshot_20190703-192646_Tum…)

Shay, Colleen, Jess

No. 831612

File: 1562200811950.jpeg (118.94 KB, 1242x269, D466673D-B324-4B98-93BE-3E3D0E…)

okay why would she need a go pro? She doesn’t have a partner who could use it for interesting shots, it would just be used like her shitty webcam sooooo….what’s the point?

No. 831614

File: 1562200820509.jpg (404.31 KB, 1280x897, tumblr_ntnxfz3o891rsoq23o1_128…)

Shayna honestly looked so much healthier in these days than she does now, she seems dead inside in recent pics

No. 831615

And her teeth actually look semi white here amazing

No. 831616

File: 1562200946688.jpg (1016.55 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20190703-194013_Tum…)

Found this old ass pic on tumblr

No. 831619

Jesus she looks grimy as fuck

No. 831620

And now anons are posting photos of a dead young woman on a gossip site. I miss the nail cuticles sperg anon, this place is full of salty ugly 14 year olds. Shit doesnt need to be all catty gossip ALL the time, even when its "loool do u kno what site your on??" yeah, not 4chan.

No. 831622

It literally looks like she used dirt as foundation, or like she’s basly attempting blackface. Wtf is this shit

No. 831624

OK. Explain to me how discussing someone (albeit in a positive way, with nothing but remorse over what happened to her and comments about how genuine and sweet she seemed) who also so happens to have passed, is such a horrible thing? Particularly when it DOES pertain to the cow in question. A lot about how their friendship ended, who shay was before (way more healthy, social, etc) and how she behaves in light of the tragedy, is revealing about who she is in general, which is what we discuss in these threads.

Like, it's not without fucking context. Just because you're offended, doesn't mean it has no place here. It is far more revealing of her overall shit character than her stupid fucking nails and the 17 goddamn idiot posts about her dog and whether she cleaned her cage…. Ffs.

No. 831626

How is anything that has been written about Jess on this forum, catty? Some of you sjw anons reach!

No. 831631

File: 1562201764921.jpg (48 KB, 443x578, shaynafixyourteeth.jpg)

Shay's teeth have always been gross and yellow

No. 831638

But because the old threads are deleted, can someone give a brief summary of what the hell shay did to fuck this girl over? At least explain why shes relevant

No. 831643

As far as I know they were best friends, they entered into a polyamorous relationship with a guy and Shay got jealous over Jess and the guy getting together without her. I'm not sure if that is exactly what ended the friendship though.

No. 831647

Ah, thanks for an info update. Regardless if that's what ended it or not, Shay is definitely not made for polygamy. shes too self centered and narcissistic to try and 'share' anything

No. 831648

Pretty sure you're thinking of Shayna's ex-"girlfriend" with the man face. Not Jess.

No. 831650

Oh am I? Shayna has had so many failed relationships it's hard to keep track

No. 831651

The one from seattle?

No. 831657

File: 1562206179429.png (47.36 KB, 588x175, Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.0…)

Tbh I'm kind of shook to see she hasn't donated anything to the gofundme or posted anything more about it. It's scary and pathetic how narcissistic and self-centered she is…

No. 831665

Not accurate. That was a completely different girl.

IIRC Jess made a comment about how tons of girls were jumping on the ""sex work"" train by charging money for access to private Tumblr blogs (it was a very vague, brief, throwaway comment that was accurate imo) and how lazy/stupid it was to go for "easy money" like that, Shayna of course took it personally and called Jess a jealous peasant. Shit probably happened behind the scenes/in DMs, but from then on they were not friends anymore.

Years go by and Shayna does not mention Jess at all, does not reach out to her when she struggled with addiction/went to rehab, basically pretended she never existed in her life at all. Now that she's passed she's taking advantage of the situation to gain sympathy and asspats. I would check her blog to see if she even deleted photos of them together, but I've been blocked forever lol.

No. 831669

If she donates now it'd only be because she lurked and saw us berating her for it. Shay doesn't care unless it concerns her

No. 831674

I almost said lbr she can't afford to donate, then I remembered she just bragged TODAY about spending over $400 at fucking Walmart. this bitch is heartless

No. 831679

File: 1562210303065.jpg (521.59 KB, 1080x1165, Screenshot_20190703-221758_Twi…)

Yup, she's totally grieving

No. 831685

All of her bottoms look too small for her now lol, maybe that's why she keeps buying more clothes lately

No. 831690

Thanks to the anons providing some context on who Jess was, I was so confused when she was mentioned recently. It's really sad to see Shays decline. At least back when she was a "weed influencer" on Tumblr she made more of an effort in her appearance (her hair was actually cute?) and she actually smoked out of a clean bong.

No. 831692

Lol sage for nitpick but her bongs were never clean then with she just smoked out of more than one.

No. 831700


lmfao she's actually making the exact same face as the emoji in the first pic. And it's not a good look.

No. 831705

She looks like a crytid in the second pic

No. 831706

Her thighs are Being squeezed if you notice the slight color difference from the strain. I’d say she’s wearing two sizes too small

No. 831707

you can just tell she's drunk in these. Although I guess that's not saying much, she's day drunk every day lately

if she weren't stretching like that she'd def have a muffin top as well

No. 831715

Yeah I'd love to see more nail shaming comments if that's what you're talking about. I reallybdon't want to make an fb account just for that

No. 831717

Well this is proof she definitely doesn't floss or at least not at that time. Wow

No. 831718

what if she’s broke in the sense that she has no actual cash in her bank account but has a ton of amazon and walmart gift cards instead? kinda sad but hilarious.

No. 831725

if this bitch got gifted Walmart gift cards for her birthday that would be too much. even the people who are in her life enough to give her gifts know she's birthday-shopping-spree-at-Walmart tier trash

No. 831741

File: 1562220954933.png (6.78 MB, 1125x2436, 77E14600-2F03-4414-9CDB-C9D6F2…)

This picture is sad when you compare it to the other half of the room

No. 831744

Aw be happy for her anon, it’s the most furniture she’s ever owned.
(pre furnished doesn’t count)

No. 831746

File: 1562221901322.jpeg (205.41 KB, 577x519, D59D9002-C8EF-4C57-A98D-4FB3D9…)

Sorry for double post but how could you put something like this where you sleep.
That pillow is filthy.
Is she finally reaching Luna levels of filth?

No. 831748

all the pink fetish cows are filthy fucks.

No. 831751

your new walmart decorations aren't impressive, its so white trash lol

No. 831752

the walmart carpet over her nasty carpeted room

No. 831756

I can smell the plasticy fuhmes from that rug through the screen lol. Im sure shes trying to hide the nasty stains but rugs on carpet is always weird af. She could've rented a carpet cleaner for the same price lol

No. 831785

Her face and likeness aren't relevant to this thread or shay AT ALL. Mentioning her, imo, is fine. Posting her picture here is crossing a line big time.

No. 831808

File: 1562238568755.png (124.23 KB, 640x866, IMG_0510.PNG)

So she's just going to casually tweet about wishing she could own a slave.

No. 831832

How? Again you keep saying this type of shit but not giving a reason…. Gtfo of here with your minimoding.

No. 831841

anon she clearly means a bdsm slave, do you live under a rock?

No. 831859

File: 1562246116074.jpg (228.63 KB, 1079x634, Screenshot_20190704-081411_Twi…)

What's more noteworthy is her finally admitting shes not cut out for the housewife lifestyle she always bragged about wanting/getting with fupa. Kek. Now how long until she accepts shes not cut out for porn

No. 831874

The burden of proof is on you. How is her face relevant to this thread?

No. 831875

>I just want to stay home all day and not have to work, do whatever I want and eat exclusively junk food, while someone else cleans up the mess and pays for everything for me

we know, Shayna, this is not news lol

No. 831885

File: 1562252466984.jpeg (745.07 KB, 1242x1335, D50AF293-A2DF-4F0E-B3B1-59C563…)

Tbh I think posts like this are her trying to seem relevant in shitpost and meme culture on twitter. She’s thinking someone is going to find her so amusing like the teenagers on tumblr that it will go viral and get her famous again. It’s pretty sad really how much she tries to keep up with these sad internet trends to attempt to stay relevant. It’s like some aging auntie who wants to try and get a younger dude and not be a lonely drunk 24/7

No. 831889

what the fuck does that bottom tweet even mean. is it supposed to be funny? it's just weird and confusing and kinda sad because we know she wouldn't have someone to share the bike with anyway. dildos are her only friends.

and the "muffin bottom" take is as old as time and stale as fuck. stop trying to make "Twitter famous" happen, Shayna, you peaked years ago. it's sad to watch her utterly fail to recognize she faded into obscurity long ago

No. 831916


Her whole twit account is just bipolar babblings, like she has no idea how bad it looks to stable people reading it

No. 831928

File: 1562259067669.jpg (354.39 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190704_175043.jpg)

Looking trashy as hell begging for money for fireworks lmao.

No. 831932

is this her designated gas station selfie bathroom? >>826443

No. 831940

The coffee table is nice, but everything else just looks so bleak. What’s with these girls who are into the baby pink shit and not being able to keep their stuff clean and neat? You’d think it’d be a priority since dirt shows up quickly on light colors but I guess not if you’re a barely functional alchy.

Use some of the weed money for detergent like an adult, shayna. Your bedsheets need washing.

No. 831945

File: 1562261414620.jpeg (762.4 KB, 3464x3464, F18FFAE1-B398-45AA-ABA1-319069…)

The newest comments on her nail pic

No. 831946

Oh god those shorts fit her so damn tight. I know she can’t think they look good on her

No. 831954

is this picture from yesterday or is she just not changing her clothes at this point? probably crashed at fupa's and didn't pack a bag

No. 831961

briefly dissecting this:
(1) the fluorescent overheard lightning is giving her the illusion of a distended stomach and is washing out the colors in the picture making everything look even more decrepit than it is.
(2) the ratty space buns in combination with everything else make her look like a sweaty, rat-earred goblin, and
(3) something about her nasty nails and her disproportionately long hands and arms, just like in >>831679, really seals the escaped cave cryptid look.

at least posing alongside trash seems befitting.

No. 831971

Wow, what a beer belly.
It makes her look even more disproportionate. The rest of her is skinny and then just a random beer gut hanging out.
(not trying to nitpick weight, just crazy how quick her path to alcoholism is happening)

No. 831979

This would look a lot better without the marble patterned blanket next to the “marbled” table.
And I absolutely hate the sex toys on the wall. It’s like when college kids keep empty alcohol bottles on their table or in their room like they’re trophies. It’s so pathetic. Get some erotic art or some shit on the walls.

No. 831981


Speaking of bikes…we never heard anything else about her pink uwu yardsale bicycle kek

No. 831997

File: 1562269769795.jpg (283.56 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20190704-204807_Twi…)

Literally 250 in the bin then. I'm not sure there's anything dumber to spend money.

She also doesn't have a garden so it's fireworks at fupapi's tonight!

No. 831998

File: 1562269816362.jpg (895.05 KB, 1512x2016, IMG_20190704_205003.jpg)

Picture in full

No. 832009

We’ve officially reached socks w sandals LMAO

No. 832017


Yesterday it was 200 dollars to touch up the pink in her hair, today it's 250 for a night of fireworks.. gonna need some receipts Shay

No. 832020

File: 1562272692818.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1242x2077, 809C2A2E-DC32-48B1-BF5E-E49AFC…)

Y’all told her that little smile looks cute and now she won’t stop and looks horrific

No. 832022

she literally has her nostrils flared and lips like FLATTENED haha no it is not a good look. sage for nitpick but god damn

No. 832023


Resembling a mentally ill young version of a cat lady with no friends and no self awareness, oh wait she basically is all of that

No. 832024


If I saw this in public I would assume she injects her drugs rather than smoking them..

No. 832025

>>831997 Unless he's spending it with his kids

No. 832026

You can really tell she’s filling out now in her latest pics…but still has skinny ass arms and legs.

No. 832028

File: 1562273252535.jpg (428.31 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20190704-154644_Twi…)


Shay, you show your ENTIRE life. You can't separate your porn life from your real life

No. 832029

File: 1562273304837.jpg (208.54 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20190704-154655_Twi…)


Nothing in your life is private. Especially since you posted a pic of your father on your sex twitter

No. 832036

I think she’s talking about fupa

No. 832047

she was never private with fupa. their whole relationship was public from the start, and fupa loves the attention although he pretends not to.

does she want us to believe that those are her "friends" taking pictures of her posing like an autist? it's clearly fupa. i swear this bitch is on crack, she makes no sense.

No. 832070

It's about fupa since the "breakup" they're just ignorant to the fact that everyone knows they're still together

No. 832075


didn’t she just post a pic of her actual dad on father’s day tho lol

No. 832091

I didn't call the other smile cute, I just said it wasn't as scary as her normal faces. and this is not the same smile lol it really brings out the ape in her

maybe, except she abandoned her cat

lmao such a good point, ranting about privacy, but he is unsupportive of her """career""" (bitch when is the last time you actually got on cam?) and obviously doesn't want to be involved, yet she doesn't even have enough common sense to respect his privacy

No. 832103

Yeah she did. And got mad when someone said she should've blurred his face for his own privacy

No. 832114

File: 1562287315625.jpg (456.69 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20190705_014127.jpg)

Happy autism awareness.. I think.

No. 832115

File: 1562287401113.jpg (883.05 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190705_014313.jpg)

No. 832116

I feel bad for Fupa having to take all these dumb ass pics

No. 832117

File: 1562287827800.jpg (74.87 KB, 593x573, Capture.JPG)

Shay is starting to run outta options

No. 832120

This was debunked and old
So long as Shay has a certain setting checked on her twitter, she's fine

No. 832123

File: 1562289738032.jpeg (930.39 KB, 1231x1519, 5ACF78C9-D512-44BF-B253-EC7671…)

This looks like an ad campaign to help mentally challenged adults..”don’t let Down’s syndrome and severe autism stop you!”

No. 832124

she looks stunning here

No. 832125

File: 1562290005771.jpg (148.02 KB, 1080x600, Screenshot_20190704-202638_Twi…)

Get ready everyone

No. 832127

This girl is so fake this is too much

No. 832132

File: 1562291694556.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 1242x1628, FC323498-9FAF-4300-8BCB-570560…)


No. 832134

HOW FUCKING DUMB CAN SHE BE?! I hope she hurts herself and has to explain that shit to the ER

No. 832135

File: 1562292058771.jpg (Spoiler Image,672.09 KB, 1080x1500, Screenshot_20190704-210022_Twi…)

I just fucking can't with her

No. 832138

She probably thinks she’s a genius. she’s not creative and always comes up with the dumbest shit but this is ridiculous

No. 832141

This is actually fucked up on so many levels. It’s almost the most disrespectful Image I have ever seen. This and her shitting out eggs on Easter. I swear she’s half retard always giving off gypsy rose vibes

No. 832142

I actually screamed. this bitch is going to disembowel herself. I was wondering what they were doing out in the middle of a field… Shayna NO

No. 832143


Leave her alone can’t you tell she’s grieving

No. 832144

My god that's disturbing. "cute lil butthole?!" how is this even remotely sexy? I never thought Shay could stoop this low.

No. 832145

Imagine what Fupa was thinking while recording this dumb shit

No. 832147

what the fuck… what would possess someone to do this?? lmao wow.

No. 832154

Steevo did it better

No. 832156

I spit out my water
She's going to blow up her goddamn asshole
How… How is she so fucking stupid? Bahaha

No. 832158

at this point she is begging for natural selection to take care of her. I hate to say it, but why would you do something that obviously life-threatening?

No. 832159

File: 1562295676761.jpg (Spoiler Image,632.71 KB, 1080x1506, 20190704_230009.jpg)

It's got 60 retweets now… we can all view this disaster completely free.

No. 832162

Her parents must be so proud

No. 832169

File: 1562300509772.jpg (Spoiler Image,509.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-002127_Twi…)

It's up on twitter

No. 832170

File: 1562300598023.jpeg (165.43 KB, 1242x386, 7291E300-2079-4AE0-A23B-47C746…)

When the right price is 50 retweets on twitter dot com

No. 832171

LMFAO yes bc so many people DEMANDED this ground breaking content!!! And paid for it HAHA

“My names dolly mattel and welcome to jackass”

No. 832174

She's going to be incontinent by 30 if she keeps up this bullshit of putting random things in her asshole that don't belong there

No. 832176

That or we'll here her horror story of getting something stuck up her rectum/colon and having to get it surgically removed, yikes!

No. 832181

part of me wonders if she only does this shit in hopes that it'll go Twitter viral and get her attention, however negative it might be. she was probably always going to put it up for free. tbh if this were the thing that got her widespread attention I wouldn't even be mad. bitch is crazy. she'd probably end up killing herself for real trying to top it to keep people interested. thank god she's a nobody and only garners disgust

No. 832182

File: 1562302777692.jpeg (Spoiler Image,548.84 KB, 1538x2048, 79A11AB0-BAF1-473D-B6AB-C9B290…)

what is with this special ed face?

No. 832186

I don't think her hopes of getting viral online is ever going to pick up. She has been putting a frying pan and easter egg in her rancid ass and no one fucking cares. The most attention she's ever going to get is from us laughing at the trainwreck that she is.

No. 832191

I can’t help but wonder if this idea was all her or suggested by fupa. Regardless, I actually hope this goes viral (even though we all know shayna’s posts are where engagement goes to die)

No. 832199

She is crazy. I wonder how long before someone does offer her money to do something “dangerous” If that field is on public property she be arrested for it even if she wasn’t caught in the act. those meds arent keeping her from being wreckless in fact she seem crazier than ever lately

No. 832200

I was thinking the same thing. It almost seems like no one else is there though. If fupa was actually there and just watched and didn’t help her light that candle that would be kind of funny

No. 832209

This looks like some disturbing shit you’d find on ED back in the day

No. 832222

what's her twitter, can you link it?

No. 832226

This is the worst and stupidest thing I've seen her do yet, she's really outdoing herself

No. 832228

No. 832230


This is the fireworks one

No. 832248

Truly spectacular. She really is becoming queen of the trash pile!

No. 832259

how much do you have to hate yourself to do this?
shay, in about 5 years or so your life will be completely fucked. oh wait, it already is.
imagine having nothing to offer in life but "oh hey i stuck something else up my butt".

No. 832292

Idk if it's just me but it sounds like heavy breathing behind the camera in the last few seconds. could be sheep/animals in the distance though. Also the camera seems to be moving slightly, like it's not just on a tripod. Also the pics of her standing before the horror begins really seem to be taken by someone else. Also she bought the fireworks with him. I'm assuming he was there for the entire (shit)show.

No. 832310

Amazing. Just 2 days ago, here in the Midwest, some dude blew his ball off and nearly his dick too. Shay trying to compete with other Midwest trash

No. 832352

How dangerous is this? It's clearly a stupid and insane thing to do but could this have easily gone badly wrong?

No. 832353


Stupid thing to put out there. I'm sure she has viewers who would honestly get off to her seriously injuring herself. And I don't mean us, I mean the pervs jerking to her humiliation

No. 832358

File: 1562340761479.jpg (486.56 KB, 1078x1342, Screenshot_20190705-103118_Twi…)

And yet she claims she doesn't read the threads

No. 832359

More like "I'm Dolly Mattel and I'M a dumbass'

No. 832361

is this supposed to be sexy? i…

No. 832364

>CPSC staff received reports of five nonoccupational fireworks-related deaths
during 2018. All of these fatalities were associated with reloadable aerial devices,
and all five victims died from direct impacts of fireworks. Reporting of fireworks related deaths for 2018 is not complete, and the number of deaths in 2018 should
be considered a minimum.
>Fireworks were involved in an estimated 9,100 injuries treated in U.S. hospital
emergency departments during calendar year 2018 (95 percent confidence interval
>An estimated 5,600 fireworks-related injuries (or 62 percent of the total estimated
fireworks-related injuries in 2018) were treated in U.S. hospital emergency
departments during the 1-month special study period between June 22, 2018 and
July 22, 2018 (95 percent confidence interval 3,900–7,200).
>There were an estimated 500 emergency department-treated injuries associated
with sparklers and 200 with bottle rockets.
Source: https://www.cpsc.gov/s3fs-public/Fireworks_Report_2018_1.pdf

So looking at some very serious burn potential to very sensitive areas, plus god knows what the pressure change of it going off could do to her insides. Not to mention she's doing all this in a grassy field, which always brings some degree of wildfire potential, even if it's rained recently.

No. 832368

This is insanely dangerous. These type of fireworks start off weak. if I’m not mistaking the first one almost landed next to her. She’s clearly run out of ideas.

No. 832373

If someone else wasn't there that makes it even more retarded, what if it did go wrong?

This is the dumbest thing she's ever done. Unbelievable.

No. 832386

File: 1562343940183.jpg (Spoiler Image,273.97 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20190705_122515.jpg)


No. 832387

File: 1562344037018.jpg (Spoiler Image,459.6 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20190705_122455.jpg)


No. 832388

File: 1562344128120.jpg (Spoiler Image,398.14 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20190705_122434.jpg)


No. 832392

Enjoying your cool sex worker girlfriend, Fupapa?

No. 832395

If she had lost a limb during her risky fireworks play she'd be able to make amputee porn

No. 832402

File: 1562345022238.jpg (49.07 KB, 1069x363, Screenshot_20190705-174318_Twi…)

Please fucking dont

No. 832403

How do you absolute tards keep getting this wrong? I don't get why so often people misreport her being suspended lmao

Her twitter account @dollymattelx is still very much up

No. 832405

File: 1562345442175.png (4.02 MB, 750x1334, F5EF847F-A73E-4ACC-B452-46317A…)

Shayna needs to never wear white or these granny glasses ever again.

No. 832410

And never use that color foundation and bronzer all over the sides of her face, ever ever again.

No. 832431

And last night I was just thinking about how milkless she’s been for the past couple of months, then she goes and outdoes herself.

No. 832436

File: 1562349527823.png (36.76 KB, 594x121, Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 1.54…)

No. 832443

“you’re not allowed to dislike my content I’m ICONIC”

the delusion.

No. 832449

there are plenty of ways to show how "interesting" and "cool" you are without having to resort to retardation. too bad shay wouldn't know that, because she is dull and bland and has to rely on shock value cos she has nothing else.

No. 832452

My god… the way she moves her leg right in front of an active firework a second before it goes off. Shay is really chasing that nonexistent clout!!

No. 832460

A weird dig to say that her hair is always in braids

No. 832489


Go to your doctor and sort out your meds Shaymantha

Seriously, the decline in her sense of reality has really sped up since announcing her new meds

No. 832494

She sooooo badly wants to be viral. It’s amazing and pathetic. I kind of feel pity for her. I think that’s been her goal this whole time, to be an internet sensation. The whole camgirl thing didn’t work out so now she does shit like this for retweets and crosses her fingers. And since it being an attention whore doesn’t pay the bills, she has to beg.

Fupa wants to be just as internet famous. Or at least ride shay’s coattails on the very slim chance she goes viral. He couldn’t handle getting roasted on the daily so that’s why they fake broke up and continue to lie about their relationship.

No. 832497

File: 1562355263676.jpg (200.61 KB, 1080x588, Screenshot_20190705-143345_Twi…)

Too bad you beg for every penny

No. 832499

Yea girl that why you ask REIMBURSEMENT everytime you eat a cheese burger. Also lol at getting minimal attention despite shooting fireworks from your ass… Get a clue Shay you're terrible at your job

No. 832501

can't wait for the day they refuse to serve her for not following the dress code

No. 832504

If they were actually nice places there would be a dress code and not allowed in.

No. 832510

Everyone looks at you because you’re physically revolting.

No. 832514

There's a difference between dressing slutty and dressing trashy. Someone can dress slutty but still look like they can afford eating out at a nice restaurant. On the other hand, if your meal costs more than your entire outfit and you look and smell like you haven't showered for days on end, then you're dressing trashy.

No. 832520

File: 1562357468370.jpg (75.7 KB, 582x842, Screenshot_20190705-150959_Sam…)

Remember how she was flexing about her Hello Kitty knife? Welp

No. 832521

File: 1562357564054.jpg (448.58 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20190705-151239_Twi…)

No. 832531

File: 1562358323509.gif (541.17 KB, 480x228, 35F51FDC-FF84-43BF-836D-B78714…)

>she pays for her meals

No. 832542

I know she’s only into sex work for the attention but why post that on twitter for 60 RT instead of make some cash on MV for the video? Followers on twitter do not equal money shay!! They’re just jerking it for free, as nasty as that is

No. 832545

File: 1562362435900.jpg (285.74 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_20190705-163253_Twi…)

No. 832551

File: 1562363269986.jpg (414.25 KB, 1080x1176, Screenshot_20190705-164726_Twi…)

Back to begging

No. 832558

“I like to go to Applebee’s dressed like a meth head prostitute and show everyone I can afford a double cheeseburger with my begging money uwu”
This girl really is pathetic, it’s honestly really sad.

No. 832562

>pretends she has money to go to nice restaurants
>scroll down to her retweeting herself asking for $ to take herself out to dinner on the same day

No. 832651

File: 1562374526180.jpg (195.41 KB, 1080x708, Screenshot_20190705-195506_Twi…)

And your dog?

No. 832658

Like she cares about the dog. She'll just board it again and again now that she knows she can pay someone.

Her video's at 20,400 views and counting.

No. 832659

She doesn’t care about her dog. The only reason why she got her was to have people stop asking about rib and make herself look good. I really hope she doesn’t adopt another poor pup

If she goes viral, it wouldn’t be in her good favor. Everybody is gonna see her vile porn and putrid vag.

No. 832662

she must be so happy. any exposure is good exposure for a Tumblr has-been.

No. 832692

File: 1562379836886.jpg (112.57 KB, 1080x367, Screenshot_20190705-212301_Twi…)

Someone defending Shay after that guy was pissed about her disgracing the flag

No. 832693

I wonder if anybody even went to onlyfans to buy the rest of it. I highly doubt they did.

I don't get the point of trying to go viral if not to get more sales.

No. 832694

>pls pls pls send me money so i can have a meal
2 seconds later
>haters think i'm broke but i'm NOT


No. 832705

File: 1562381449427.jpg (Spoiler Image,400.51 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20190705-215037_Twi…)

What does she need now?

No. 832710

$ for texas?

No. 832720

File: 1562383964583.jpg (449.45 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20190705-223229_Twi…)

Another story that didn't happen

No. 832722

she probably didn't have enough money, was holding up the line trying to decide what to put back, and the person behind her took pity for not even being able to afford snacks.

No. 832723

That's probably exactly what happened

No. 832742

I find it hilarious that she had to include water as if it makes her healthier for getting beer, soda, and candy. Who buys 3 different drinks from a convenience store at once? I’m not buying it.

No. 832771

File: 1562396385531.jpeg (36.28 KB, 640x363, B3081D4C-838C-4AFE-B800-2D60DB…)

>cried because a stranger spent $15 on her

I’m actually embarrassed for her.

No. 832784

What a while leap from >>832521 to >>832720

No. 832823

If this happened, and it's a big if, he probably thought she was homeless and/or special needs

No. 832830

and then the whole bus clapped

No. 832840

I was thinking same. Or maybe her card got declined or her dumbass forgot money at home. I’m just surprised she didn’t call him daddy

No. 832855


Talking about god working in mysterious ways and seeing some holy meaning in the most mundane of things; yeah that's good mental health. So is buying alcohol when you're having a tough day

No. 832872

I could 100% see it happening because her card got declined. An unprovoked $15 dollars to cover her costs is weird, but if this guy was standing in line behind her, seeing her card get declined, then he'd probably be inclined to help her since it's not too expensive. She must be keeping that detail to herself to maintain her "totally not broke" persona.

No. 832889

>totally not broke

>cries because a random dude got her $15 worth of snacks

wow, she is sad.

No. 832954

File: 1562435173267.jpeg (356.29 KB, 1242x733, FCF41F6F-1E4D-4EAA-ADE8-D72C70…)

wow, she goes to Austin ONCE as a tourist and decides that’s where she wants to live. She needs help with impulse control. Knowing her she’ll move on a whim and throw out half the stuff she just bought because she can’t afford to move and then just beg for it all over again. She seriously needs help. Meds ain’t gonna fix this. She’ll be miserable AF down there like everywhere else.

No. 832959

Austin is not a cheap or affordable place to live. If she actually does move down there it'll be a disaster.

No. 832972

Tinfoil that maybe fupa is moving there for work and she's gonna follow him even tho they're TOTALLY NOT DATING GUISE

No. 832973

She can befriend Taylor Nicole Dean. They're a perfect match with their compulsive lying and bizarre and outlandish stories (that never happened).

No. 832994

File: 1562440965123.jpg (172.88 KB, 1079x504, Screenshot_20190706-142130_Twi…)

If that's the case shes definitely going with fupa.she couldnt afford this and him moving out of state from his kids could make it easier for them to live together. Tinfoil but the trip was for him a job offer. Maybe he got it and now they're going? Shes not leaving OK without him kek

No. 832995

this seems plausible b/c even with her begging there's no way she can afford to move her stuff, a deposit on wherever she's going and maintaining the bills. she hasn't been on cam in ages and occasionally releases content which won't cover all that plus weed, food, booze and hopefully taking care of the dog.

No. 832996

File: 1562441021564.jpg (173.13 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20190706-142245_Twi…)

No. 832997

File: 1562441046098.jpg (Spoiler Image,503.15 KB, 1076x1276, Screenshot_20190706-142307_Twi…)

Here we go

No. 832998

File: 1562441070473.jpg (459.97 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20190706-142324_Twi…)

No. 832999

Tinfoil but maybe Fupa broke things off w her during the 4th and now she’s sperging about moving to austin so she can get him back, or maybe she actually wants to move since she’s finally been dumped by Fup.

No. 833002

but she hasn't even been there for that long. a lease is usually 6months to 12months–how long has she been at this place currently? also, who wants to bet on her just rehoming noodle?

No. 833004

good luck shay, apartments by themselves that arent student apartments go to 1200+ in Austin.

No. 833006


Sucks to live in a place that reminds her of him?

But they still hang out and he's her only real life friend? Her weird cover-up stories arent making any sense

No. 833010

Noodle more than likely isn't going with her

No. 833019

she has acted like where she lives makes her miserable and she needs a fresh start since she was a teen. like >>832954 said she'll be miserable anywhere she goes. makes you wonder how much money she'll waste hopping around the u.s. before she actually changes anything in her life. and by change i don't mean adopting animals and clinging to scummy dudes.

the only way to know for sure is to go to kyle's facebook and see if he's shared any misogynist sperg memes. i would but i don't have fb.

maybe he goes to austin often for business and wants her to dwell there waiting around for him. so he can fully cement her status as side chick and free up his regular weekends for tindr.

No. 833020

This is gonna be great. Apartments are so expensive without roommates. She’s gonna be a shitshow on 6th street in no time. Her makeup is gonna melt off her face everyday. She’s gonna hate walking the dog in the heat too. Also, homeless people are allowed to camp on the sidewalks again? She’s gonna HATE it

No. 833021

Her impulsive behaviour has gotten ten times worse since she got the diagnosis lately, is she so far from reality now that she can't educate herself and get better?

No. 833023


At the rate that she's going she'll be giving them homeless guys 2 dollar blow jobs

No. 833025


I do not understand how she thinks that she's going to be able to be approved for any sort of luxury apartment when she can't even come up with the application fee. She also does not have any verifiable income. What is she going to do, show them her bank statement with random $20 circle pay transactions? JFC Shay. Get a fucking job.

No. 833039

File: 1562445107842.jpg (363.44 KB, 1071x1099, Screenshot_20190706-153115_Twi…)

And now blaming her illness

No. 833040

File: 1562445152734.jpg (316.32 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20190706-153229_Twi…)

No. 833051

wow. a rare moment of clarity.

however she literally just went on a vacation to clear her mind so i don't know what another could do for her.

No. 833052


I was just about to say this. I think she just wants an excuse to leave her shitty depressing apartment and pretend her life is better than it actually is.

No. 833060


i mean of course this is shayna here, but if she's gonna do an american themed video featuring the flag, flag rules are regarded as a pretty serious thing. one of which is… it should never touch the ground, much less full on in the dirt while you lay on top of it shoving explosives up your ass. it looks like a shawl & meant to be worn but practically a flag. soooo i'm not really sure what she's going for here, failed patriotism or retardism, maybe both

No. 833071

>my lease is finally up
she moved in in March (if you remember she was staying in a hotel on Valentine's day and then "with friends" (fupa) for a few weeks until she got her current place), so it was a four month lease? tf kind of lease is that

We can only hope

moving from Oklahoma to Colorado and back is not "moving across the country". OK and CO literally share a border. stupid Shayna, look at a map sometime

No. 833089

doubt it.
sounds like she's just trying to cover her tracks of being caught with Fupa in the most thinly veiled way possible.
Shayna will never find anyone else that wants to deal with her vehemently disgusting, erratic, bizarre and childish self and Fupa knows no one else will want his predatory man-child ass either. plus, now he gets to get easy, free pussy from Shayna without any of the responsibility that comes with acknowledging that he's seeing her.
they're a toxic couple that I don't foresee parting ways for a long time.

No. 833111

Tinfoil: Fupa started casually talking about hypothetically moving to Austin and Shay took it too seriously, posted about it on Twitter, and Fupa told her it’s not gonna happen/he doesn’t want her to go so she’s trying to mend the situation.

No. 833140

She got a taste of what a nice house or place to live looks and feels like in Austin. She probably had a sense of clarity and freaked out that she lives in a trash heap. Then she also realized she’s broke and has a dog that she impulsively adopted.

Is she suggesting she’s been stuck at a fupa’s place? A lease? What? This makes absolutely no sense. Is she suggesting her apartment reminds her of her ex?

I think the anons who are tinfoiling that Fupa got a job offer in Texas are on the spot. Texas seems like a total Fupa haven. Even tho Fupa is a shit dad, moving away from his kids isn’t an easy thing to do. So he probably hasn’t decided, but shay hasn’t gotten the memo and is ready to leave her garbage can.

No. 833160

She did live in Seattle for a while somehow..she’ll find an equally unreasonably priced studio apt that’s falling apart.

No. 833162

i agree and think something happened with fupa this week, maybe even today. she's trying to impulsively flee

No. 833174

File: 1562467634889.jpg (Spoiler Image,484.81 KB, 1077x1153, Screenshot_20190706-214706_Twi…)

Why those faces

No. 833176

Maybe it’s fdifferent away from the south, but in most places here in Texas, most apartments offer really flexible random leases, especially cheap places or places near colleges. My first college apartment was a 7 month lease, so to me it’s entirely possible she got a 4 month lease. Can any Tulsa anons say what it’s like in Oklahoma? I just assume maybe she lives close to the university of Tulsa and that’s why her lease is wonky.

No. 833182

her facial expression makes her look like a silverback gorilla but I somehow like these pictures more than her usual ones/could actually see how the blind men who pay for her content might maybe see some slight appeal?

…those pictures only though, all it'd take is for them to click onto another one for the entire thing to be ruined.

No. 833187

Cheap places have as little as month to month rent, and a 4 mo lease is normal.

No. 833195

Can you imagine if this was your place and you just happened upon these? I'd have a biological waste clean up team out there next day.

No. 833196

God she’s ugly. I hate her nudes. Can’t she at least filter them. They make me wanna bleach my eyeballs.

No. 833197

hilarious how she calls herself a barbie while having ratty, strangely colored frizzy hair and a busted face, and chubby bod with short stumpy legs and a fridge-like torso

No. 833199

her pussy is huge. the outer labia are massive, it’s disturbing. like huge chunks of angry meat placed between her legs. anyone else notice that? it’s really bothering me. even her vag is fat(we don't need your insights on her pussy, thanks.)

No. 833205

with TND clearly trying to change her audience and be all edgy sexually liberated heroin addict uwu this would be the ultimate collab

No. 833217

Ooh girl. I'm curious how badly you have to be doing as a camgirl to be jealous of Shayna.

No. 833227

4th of July: fireworks pic Fupa clearly took and this tweet about going out to dinner with Fupa

Next day: sadposting

Ready to move to Austin

Still sadposting. Obvious fake story about the lease as another anon pointed out. Mentioning Fupa now and citing him as the reason for moving to OK (Shay I thought you two were broken up before you ever moved in with Dawn hmm?).

Aaand taking it all back.

It’s obvious that Fupa broke up with her again, possibly during or after the “fancy restaurant” dinner. Remember she was also recently tweeting about hiding the identity of friends IRL so I bet that issue came up again during the vacation. Maybe he took her back after her dramatic tweets about moving or maybe she uncharacteristically had a real moment of clarity and realised she was being impulsive. If he dumped her for real she’ll vaguepost about it soon enough.

No. 833238

tinfoil but fupa was witness to and broke up with her after the firework asshole nightmare. we know they were together on the fourth. he probably had an epiphany like "damn I better actually get away from this bitch before she accidentally kills herself and I'm implicated, I don't need to risk my life just for some free sex"

No. 833241

Fupa clearly isnt that smart kek

No. 833243


Obvs some sort of break up or falling out, if she could just help herself from tweeting about everything we wouldn't even know

No. 833252

I've never heard of complexes around here going outside of a 6/12 month lease unless your previous lease has already ended but it isn't impossible. There ARE 'summer' rentals around Tulsa University for students and shit but her apartment definitely isn't over there.

No. 833255

shes talking about the apartment/house lease with fupa. They still have a place on top of the very shitty apartment (which i'm sure is an easier lease to break)

No. 833256

do you really believe Shay is on the lease for the shit house Fupa bought? No way anon. She was never on that lease, otherwise why would she have to leave and get an apartment of her own? She would just be like, hey you fat fuck my name is on the lease I don't have to go.

No. 833263

that anon actually brings up a good point, Fupa "bought" (obviously rented) that huge empty house for him and Shayna to live in. They both bragged about it when it was new. Turns out Shayna living there meant his kids couldn't come over, so he booted her. Now that it's been a year (they moved in in September IIRC so if the lease is through August I'd believe it) he's planning on moving out since their ~Doll Haus Dreams~ fell apart immediately and he doesn't need all that space. And Shayna being Shayna is determined to follow him wherever he goes because she has a fear of abandonment.

No. 833264

No but I believe Fupa demands X money per month to help pay for it even if its just in his name.

No. 833281

If she actually makes that move I’m sure her dad the one who making it happen.

No. 833284

The fireworks up the ass was the last straw?

No. 833312


A level of crazy that even he won't put up with? Maybe he had visions of a future where she's in a mental ward begging him to visit

No. 833323

Also there was no Friday night date with fupa this week, and she said she spent 250 on fireworks and we saw 1, in broad daylight.

No. 833350

she's also a liar. she just wanted someone to send her money and pretended it was b/c she spent that on fireworks. she also wanted money to get her hair redone which she hasn't yet.

No. 833360


And she wanted 200 towards some sort of moving cost, then changed her mind

No. 833417

They probably did break up but shayna is the clingy lonely type and she might occasionally hang out with fupa even if she doesn’t want to because she’s a lonely idiot

No. 833470

Has Fupa posted anything on snap?

No. 833480

File: 1562542532554.jpg (Spoiler Image,612.76 KB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_20190707-183501_Twi…)

More begging

No. 833482


I thought she wasn't doing sales anymore. What happened to making 2-3 vids a week and camming nightly?

Oh yeah, begging gets her by because these dumbasses keep enabling her manic ass.

No. 833487

Nope, but he won't say anything as he's been denying even seeing her ever since the "break up"

No. 833491

File: 1562544762736.jpg (452.95 KB, 1080x1413, Screenshot_20190707-191229_Twi…)

No. 833497

She said she wouldn't be doing the "all my vids for $50" sale, which she truthfully hasn't done since then. She has been charging more per video than she ever has in her sales before. I wonder if anyone has taken her up on them, especially since her butthole firework fiasco. that gave her more circulation than anything else on Twitter iirc

how about put the Bad Dragon dildo to use first, like you said you would multiple times? and then just never mention it when the time comes?

No. 833516


You anons tinfoiling that the firework vid was what did it obviously don’t remember or aren’t aware of all the gross snuff porn he used to reblog on his youvebeenwarned tumblr. They are two peas in a pod.

No. 833522

File: 1562549707037.jpg (580.02 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20190707-203435_Twi…)

Wtf are those nails

No. 833525

File: 1562550373240.jpg (Spoiler Image,182.43 KB, 1080x812, Screenshot_20190707_214344.jpg)

Her lazy rancid ass hasn't been on in almost a month… Wow.

No. 833542

Anon there are some contracts that could be month to month leases depending on the landlord and their terms.

No. 833545

File: 1562552732017.jpg (77.59 KB, 1080x1080, lnhme4zmjnv21.jpg)

No. 833548

Doesn't even have $20 in her account

No. 833549

I know that, I put emphasis on the word "finally" because she's making it sound like she's had to wait forever for her lease to end, when in reality she probably only had to wait a couple weeks max. she hasn't been living there long enough for it to be a 6-month rent that goes to the end of July like she's implying. Just Shayna distorting reality as usual.

No. 833557

File: 1562555173451.jpg (314.82 KB, 1080x1326, Screenshot_20190707-220604_Twi…)

One of her only supporters

No. 833583

These look horrible. Is she getting her nails done at a school also? It doesn’t look like the nail tech even filed them into a shape. They look like eggs. She deserves to go back on that nail shaming group.

No. 833617

>They look like eggs.

No. 833623

you can get better nails at your average vietnamese nail salon in a strip mall wtf. Also she really likes flexing that MK wallet

No. 833629

Guess she couldn't pick a pink lul. It would be one thing to have a gradient of pinks, but these are random pinks that just clash. Yikes

No. 833631

her entire life is random pinks that clash

No. 833642

tinfoil but i think she has a new sugar daddy, probably the one who sent her her first "4 digit tip", and she thinks she doesnt have to work anymore and thinks shes rich now kek. Shes going to have nothing to fall back on after sugar daddy inevitably ditches if shes neglecting her work like this

No. 833708


Weight: 105 pounds ….

No. 833709

Not now not ever

No. 833725

Her nails are a mirror image of the little swatch booklet they give you at salons
I think the one anon is right about having students do her nails. They got to practice each color down the line

No. 833735

File: 1562598948860.jpg (370.37 KB, 1080x791, Screenshot_20190708-101310_Twi…)

Many vids posted her. Time for her ego to inflate 3x it's normal size today

No. 833749

File: 1562602323966.jpg (203.13 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20190708-170905_Twi…)

Has she got more retarded?

No. 833754

she keeps hyping up basic things that happen to her. she's a shut in who barely leaves the apartment, so any basic human interactions make her cry.

Having the restaurant do a little birthday thing for her, that anyone would get? cries.

random dude pays for her stuff? cries.

she's seriously emotionally and mentally unstable. her reactions to the most basic things are incredulous.

No. 833755

Nitpick but why does she think an MK wallet is a flex? If it was a Louis Vuitton, it would be worth showing off. Not a $150 dollar wallet that anybody could buy without worrying about the price.

No. 833756

all coffee shops draw smiley faces or cute quirks on your order, anyone who leaves the house often & has visited coffee shops knows this. they don't do it specifically for you, shay

No. 833768

She needs to feel some form of exCitEMenT to keep in the manic loop because if she broke it she'd crash back into reality and the downward spiral would kick into high gear

No. 833774


Why is she touched by this? Staff in coffee shops are paid to serve you and then wish you a nice day.. they make that small talk all day whether they feel like it or not

No. 833775

File: 1562606609470.jpeg (10.72 KB, 205x245, 7B3B0F12-A808-4C6F-AA01-86B4D0…)

I wonder if she cries when the cashier at the gas station bags her beer in one of these.

No. 833776


It reminds me of when graveyardgirl thought she had some personal friendship going with the staff at her local starbucks.. turned out she was a deluded shut-in and wasn't emotionally well at the time.. hmm lol

No. 833777


She only seems to interact with people when she's shopping or paying for her hair or nails to be done. It's like she has to spend money in order to get small talk out of anyone

No. 833778

the person making it probably saw her and was thinking “oh she’s probably broke and on drugs, maybe it would be nice to draw a smiley”

it’s a super common thing in coffee shops.

No. 833780


It's an automatic thing they do in about half the coffee shops I know

I do think she's looking unwell though, like a girl who's head isn't all there, she could be getting some pity-interactions

No. 833783


This whole tweet reads like a child attempting to pass as an adult

No. 833784

can she even consider herself a sex worker anymore? She just recycles old videos, makes one maybe every 3-4 months and shows her butthole to the internet occasionally. Her day to day is just her on twitter asking who’s going to give her money? Tbh it makes hard working sex workers look like shit. She is diarrhea all over the community. Lazy and narcissistic.

No. 833792

Ha ha…. Yeah….

No. 833794


I think a big part of her mental decline lately is pure fucking boredom. She needs to fill her empty days with something productive, not crying over the barista saying hi..

No. 833797

Watching her open Amazon deliveries on snap…. Man, is she actually autistic?

No. 833798

>Not a $150 dollar wallet that anybody could buy without worrying about the price.

No. 833799


I think 150 is probably alot to some but it's more the insecurity that bothers me. Posing with her nails and her purse all the time like it gives her some worth.. it screams teenage insecurity to me. Her cocktails or iced coffees aren't that interesting or pic worthy either

No. 833800


Buying shit is all she does and all she has to look forward to. It's not like she has relationships, or a future

No. 833818

File: 1562613124233.jpg (276.42 KB, 1080x947, Screenshot_20190708-141138_Twi…)

Welp, there goes another snapchat

No. 833819

File: 1562613215308.jpg (167.25 KB, 1073x517, Screenshot_20190708-141311_Twi…)

Yeah, they are TOTALLY "capitalizing" off you Shay

No. 833820

It's just for ban evading isn't it?
You broke the rules therefore you are no longer welcome. It's like being barred from a bar. You fucked up, now you can't attend. Get over it. Move on

No. 833823

She posted a video blowing a firework out of her ass for free on twitter. she regularly posts her shit for free, you can also see her nasty porn for free on any tube site. is she seriously trying to act like she doesn't have to get naked for money?

what a deluded bitch…

No. 833836

File: 1562617362003.jpg (457.46 KB, 1596x2048, IMG_20190708_212129.jpg)

What a garbage edgy swimsuit. Anywhere family friendly she wouldn't even be allowed to wear that in. Plus when was the last time she went swimming? Fupa's business trip?

No. 833839

What are you even going on about? That swimsuit is 100% family friendly. Stop trying to make things worse than they actually are. This swimsuit covers more than what most women her age wear to a pool/beach.

No. 833841

It literally has "fuck" written on it.

No. 833842

Can you read? Just asking.

No. 833845

Cannot believe this bitch shot fireworks out her asshole. I somehow missed this? She's crazy lucky the negative pressure from it didn't give her a prolapse. Or that she didn't blow a hole in her leg. Sorry to backtrack, but what in the everliving fuck, Shayna? I can't believe y'all aren't still talking about this, it's so insane lol. Also can't believe her idiot followers were all like 'daaaamn gurl you brave!' more like tragically stupid.

She is the cow that always delivers.

No. 833846

And? It's a word that most kids learn to say as soon as they go to school, if not sooner. It's not like her whole ass is out like a ring swimsuit, or a see thru top like she usually does.

No. 833847

i mean you can scroll up to 3 days ago and see where it was discussed at length…

No. 833850

It looks way too small for her

No. 833853

File: 1562618696232.jpg (120.41 KB, 1076x464, Screenshot_20190708-154306_Twi…)

Then stop drinking every fucking day and actually eat GOOD FOOD

No. 833854

File: 1562618772664.jpg (128.47 KB, 1080x329, Screenshot_20190708-154606_Twi…)

Honestly, stop kissing Shay's ass

No. 833856

It's tacky, like she is.

No. 833861

imo people who hurt themselves trying to do extreme porn don't deserve sympathy, especially if she was making little to no money for it, it's just natural selection

When do you think she'll start trying to make herself prolapse?

No. 833866

Is she not already?

No. 833868

LOL yes, posting excessively sugary coffee drinks is exactly what teenagers do. Same with oversharing about alcohol consumption

No. 833880

Solidarity among camwhores!

No. 833894

where was this attitude when fupa was bringing you to the gym with him for free, correcting your horrible form, encouraging you to try any machine other than the leg press…? you basically had a (shitty) trainer then, and didn't have to pay for it, and you couldn't have been less interested.

she'd probably take the money and go buy herself burgers because "protein builds muscle"

all you have to do is take your dog for longer walks and you'll burn more calories and thus more fat. it's simple as shit Shayna.

No. 833895

File: 1562623162461.jpg (143.81 KB, 1073x452, Screenshot_20190708-165833_Twi…)

She's full fledged in the mentally ill sexworker uwu phase now

No. 833915

She acts like she wants to write the next Odissey

No. 833937


Maybe she should go work in that coffee shop, she can draw smiley faces on cups and make everyone cry in mentally ill delight

No. 833960

File: 1562630853485.jpg (101.08 KB, 1080x318, Screenshot_20190708-190728_Twi…)


No. 833991

she’s gotta pander to dead memes for likes, don’t you know?

No. 833993

On her snapchat she said she wants to make more domme videos. Even though she complained about the attention she got from her first one

No. 833994

wtf is she talking about people get to watch her snapchat and capitalize off it? the cutesy clunky grammar she uses really sends me off the edge sometimes.

No. 834049

File: 1562641699432.jpeg (206.25 KB, 1242x369, 9FDFA847-2406-48B9-A967-AE820B…)

I really don’t get this girl. She uses mental illness as a joke, yet wants praise and validation when she talks “seriously” about her mental illness. How can I take you seriously when you joke about panic attacks and disassociating, then want praise for doing basic adult tasks?

No. 834054

>Not a $150 dollar wallet that anybody could buy without worrying about the price.

And here we have a spoiled cam model that has no idea about the worth of money to the average individual. Who the fuck needs or wants to spend $150 on a fucking wallet or ever think that's affordable? lmaooo

No. 834057

In the scale of wallets and bags in general, mk is considered a pretty cheap brand to flex when actual designer costs a good chunk more. It just shows how poor and trashy she is.

No. 834059

literally nobody on earth needs that but there’s always going to be dumbass consumerist anons who think that’s normal and justifiable

No. 834091

File: 1562647664635.jpg (873.31 KB, 1080x1774, swimsuit.jpg)


looks a bit too small.

No. 834097

in my experience dollskill branded shit runs a good size smaller than most brands so she probably just ordered her normal forever 21 size and thought it would fit lol

No. 834213

This is so tacky and screams 2013 witch house tumblr dark pale spoopy aesthetic like this bitch is sooo fucking outdated with every cringy forgotten and ancient tumblr fad she engages in

No. 834327

>40+ posts about Shay's swimsuit being edgy and slightly too tight
Damn I didn't think the milk was this dry

No. 834335

Really it’s been dry for a while. If it wasn’t for all the nit picks it wouldn’t be at #36. All she does is the same dumb retart shit over and over again and there’s really nothing new to talk about

No. 834352

The anon who saw shay and Fupa in the wild was pretty milky. Short lived tho, and I think since then anons are thirsty for more.

Gee, Shay. It’s almost like you’re being banned for ban evading.

No. 834366

File: 1562695218272.jpg (116.84 KB, 1080x394, Screenshot_20190709-125928_Twi…)

No one would! Those expos and award shows are for legit porn stars to meet their fans. Not some nasty "cam girl"

No. 834375

that’s actually incorrect. lots of amateurs use it to meet potential customers, sell merch, hand out business cards, MARKET. Plenty get nominated for awards. Some awards are just for mainstream, some are not. The problem is is that going to an expo requires work. You need to know what your wearing, what your doing, get business cards/merch, possibly arrange to create content with other models, and be pleasant to be around. Shayna is not capable of any of those things. I’ve seen iris go from nobodies and then flex really hard at expos and shoot to notoriety. It works if done right.

No. 834401

Ok but this Shay we're talking about. She can't even stick to a basic schedule. How would she manage being at an expo?

No. 834411

File: 1562700334672.jpg (211.86 KB, 1080x561, Screenshot_20190709-141914_Twi…)

Someone's been lurking. I think shay meant, what video should she plan and then never actually make

No. 834415

None of these videos are going to happen. Let's see what excuses she comes up with

No. 834655

She doesnt have the stuff. Shes depressed. Her dog chewed her plug. Amazon stole her packages personally. She broke a nail. She broke a toe nail. Shes out of weed. She broke her bong. Her meds are wonky. She has nothing to drink. Shes too tight. She feels too much like a sub at heart. She is being targeted. Her snapchat was deleted. Her twitter/tumblr/Myspace was deleted. She needs dinner. She needs rent. Did I get them all?

No. 834659

it's raining
* her ac isn't working
* her charger broke
* she cut herself shaving
* her ___ is ___ because of meds
* she's sooo bipolar
* she deserves a day off
* she deserves a drink
* they are changing her doorknobs
* she forgot to turn on the mic
* she forgot to press record

Any more?

No. 834683

She "totally forgot", she made plans, she needs new equipment, there's a storm warning, it's too hot, it's too cold. Etc.

No. 834718

I feel like we need a bingo card for all the shit shayna constantly does.

No. 834794


No. 834858

File: 1562749102035.png (30.74 KB, 300x359, results.png)

i did my best

No. 834873

File: 1562754202662.jpg (263.99 KB, 1080x1384, PicsArt_07-10-05.22.54.jpg)

No. 834880

File: 1562755654876.jpeg (250.98 KB, 1242x644, 8EABAB82-3439-4E93-BD22-9D1592…)


No. 834890

Oh yikes, but it again shows her lie about how shes "bi"

No. 834903

I'm not surprised she is saying this. She lets men treat her like absolute garbage. She's a pick-me who needs male validation cos women won't deal with her bullshit unless they are insecure, orbiting leeches.

We get it Shay, you love being a fleshlight for low value men.

No. 834932

damn what a pick me ass bitch

No. 834937

File: 1562770102590.png (100.02 KB, 640x814, IMG_0513.PNG)

What was she doing up all night? I have a feeling "I didn't sleep last night" will be the latest excuse

No. 834943

File: 1562770686018.jpg (529.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190707-062709_Twi…)

Oh no..

No. 834947

ugh she actually makes good content. shaynas work ethic and trash body will only take her down a notch. yikes.

No. 834949

r/notlikeothergirls when??

No. 834958

Yeah, with titles like "Obedient Piledriver Piss Whore", "Slave for Dragon Cock Anal Breeding", and "Daddy's Lil Anal Horse Fucker" I think she actually would go well with nasty ass shay. get the fuck out of here. this bitch is gross too.

No. 834961

you do realize xkiittebnymph is one of the top earners on all of manyvids and has been for over a year, right? plus she’s actually fucking attractive. does all porn disgust you or something or you just into that plain vanilla shit?

No. 834966

i'm sorry, but lots of top earning cam models do gross shit. that's how they make their money. not everyone thinks this nasty shit is cool. using animals and pretending to act like a kid in anything sexual is gross. plus she isn't even that cute, she has enough makeup on her face for 12 damn people.

No. 834973

Can we stop talking about the major boner you have for this chick??

No. 834974

Oh gosh here we go again. All the camwhores in this thread are grabbing their pitch forks and dog dick dildos to show us prudes anon

No. 834976

Literally no one gives a fuck about how hot you think this trash can is, she's interacting with Shayna so she obviously has low has fuck standards.

No. 834979

Ok xkiittebnymph go back to getting validation from cumbrains and being a backstabbing bitch. Report the milk when you hang out with Shayna pls kek

No. 835012


No. 835030


Yea she’s not gonna film shit today.

No. 835083

I really hope this idiot uses lube for her anal vid (if she even films it). With all the lurking she does on here, you would think she could at least take that once piece of advice before she ends up tearing her asshole open.

No. 835129

Looked her up on pornhub today thinking she wouldn't even be on there, found one bizarre solo vid where the dislike ratio is greater than the likes and the single comment left under it summed up my thoughts too 'That's not how women touch themselves' lol

It was like watching an alien try to pass as a woman

No. 835138

File: 1562790981384.jpg (135.61 KB, 1080x429, Screenshot_20190710-153534_Twi…)

Very sexy Shay. She probably won't clean it up

No. 835147

Love it haha. Her lesbian video w that one girl too has a larger dislike rating as well, hilarious.

No. 835192

I cant envision how this would even happen. Add to things that never happened?

No. 835204


She's oversharing alot of toilet-time stories and bodily functions like vomiting lately. What's next, scat?

No. 835262

>I'm taking a bath because I deserve it
I'm sorry what?????

This didn't happen

She's increasingly unhinged lately

No. 835294

File: 1562802103501.png (66.25 KB, 588x342, Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 7.40…)

I can't film today because I thought it was already the next day

No. 835308

File: 1562803170076.jpg (388.9 KB, 1069x1236, Screenshot_20190710-185852_Twi…)

No. 835328

>this fad of hating men

whoo boy.. Is she for real? There's a reason women are finally standing up to men when they get away with constant sexual and physical abuse. But go off, Shay. they are your paying audience after all.

No. 835346

Is anyone even surprised, fans I mean, we all knew she would have an excuse.

No. 835370

they don't care, they're letting some other camgirl scam them this week

No. 835371

so just film it? like, she has nothing else to do and says she's going to shower and straighten her hair. what's the point if she's going to sleep on it, do the damn video. jfc her stupidity is painful.

No. 835389

File: 1562814884482.jpg (756.91 KB, 1100x618, ban_bus.jpg)

Shay has been posting a lot about #CowAppreciationDay on her twitter so I wanted to make a contribution. I like to imagine this is Shay after her July 4th fiasco, off to a better life.
Hope you like it anons, I put in lots of easter eggs for you. I hope they come across ok!
i also made this for thread 37 hence the bus number, but if another pic gets chosen idc

No. 835396

holy shit anon. this is truly lovely and detailed. captured the essence of shay with finesse.

No. 835399

I can see her living out of a school bus tbh

No. 835400

Oh my god I love everything about this the fupa driving kills me.(emoji use)

No. 835401

Well done anon. Only thing missing is her manic impulsive shopping sprees leaving her broke and begging for money for ___. This could be next thread pic. Def contender.

No. 835404

Damn she really went out to find an excuse we didn't list lmao

No. 835407

File: 1562817996874.jpeg (401.39 KB, 750x842, E393E056-27CF-45A6-B714-104ADB…)

Looks like someone lurked too hard and got butthurt

No. 835409

>4-5 years of getting acrylics
maybe if you didn't go to shoddy places to get them done you wouldn't be having this issue, Shay

No. 835414

Next bread pls

No. 835419

I vote for this for next thread pic.

No. 835424

Bravo, anon. The attention and detail in this artwork is amazing. I love the fact that it's heart-faced Fupa driving a neon pink shortbus.

The only thing missing is Clover/ Noodle saying "mom?" lol

No. 835426

you my friend are a true artist

No. 835427

The art in Shays threads are always masterpieces. And the dumpster fire in the background was a nice detail. Next thread photo please!

No. 835437

File: 1562823672571.jpg (141.07 KB, 1100x618, banbus2.jpg)

fixed. I wanted the amazon stuff to be her shopping spree but didn't know how to portray her asking for reimbursement. I also felt bad for Noodle so excluded her initially lol

No. 835441

What kind of shitty nail salons does she go to that remove and replace her acrylics with new ones that often? You only need to do anything involving acetone when you completely remove your nails, and a good place will almost never have to totally replace your set if you get them filled regularly

No. 835460

The fupa in the driver’s seat has me rolling. Great job anon.

No. 835518

She probably has no clue how to properly maintain acrylics despite wearing them 24/7/365. If you don’t take care of them the natural acrylic will turn yellow, lift, crack, etc. I’d bet that hers are too grody for fill ins and have to be completely redone every time.

No. 835524

Those are SHIT STAINED amazon packages right???? Bc I’m fucking DEAD

No. 835559

The cow and crowd with pitchforks, I fucking love it anon

No. 835570

Why can I totally see her going to get her nails done and getting a new set every time she goes?

No. 835638

File: 1562857383905.jpg (224.45 KB, 1079x599, Screenshot_20190711-100221_Twi…)

Kek she just woke up and we already have an excuse. No video today either. Not surprising for our scammy shay

No. 835651

i feel like she's had bronchitis for like 6 months straight

No. 835670

File: 1562860148829.jpeg (76.02 KB, 640x396, 366C4205-A99A-4BF8-9398-0296CF…)

Lmao she answered your question

No. 835675

Her physical health is deteriorating as quickly as her mental health these days. This is what happens to people that treat their body like a dumpster.

No. 835694

She's had bronchitis for months & didn't bother to get it checked until now? Good luck with that pneumonia lol. What an idiot, quit smoking when you're sick shay and you probably wouldn't have gotten bronchitis in the first place.

No. 835711

File: 1562864368983.jpeg (229.84 KB, 1242x588, F72B69DC-11F4-4D26-8762-6AE485…)

“For my day off”

EVERY DAY is your day off shayna, you don’t fucking work.

No. 835712


Oh the joy her followers must feel at seeing a whole series of tweets anytime she has a Doc appointment

No. 835714

File: 1562864481929.jpeg (295.85 KB, 1242x474, 26A28488-1F6A-4B7E-9561-B407B6…)

and here’s her excuse for why the video will turn out as a half assed piece of garbage so she doesn’t have to put in any effort.

No. 835718

well she doesn’t go out for any other reason so she has to document it every single time she does. “I went to the store and bought toothpaste!!!!” “I went to the doctor!!!! Praise me!!!”

No. 835722

every day is a day off for shay lol. she really hasn't worked at all lately.

No. 835729

>I'm going to film a video today
>I'm going to take a nap before I film my video
>I slept too long, I'll film it tomorrow
>waaaaahhhh I don't want to film today either
>I want to take the day off today, someone pay me $300 to do nothing

this wouldn't be a problem if you had done your work yesterday like you "promised". You act like you love your job but then you find EVERY excuse not to do it

normal people don't have the luxury of taking months off work just because they don't feel like working and/or don't feel well. and they push through and do their jobs anyway. tell us again how hard you work though

No. 835732


Living day to day isn't good with bipolar. Similar to how the instability when she was 'homeless' set her off, this instability with her income is part of whats triggering her ups and downs

A normal job would give her stability but at this stage she's too far gone to function

No. 835742

Whatever happened to her therapist

No. 835745

File: 1562866461483.jpg (629.54 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190711_123135.jpg)

I just wanna point out her appointment was at 10:30 as stated by her, and at 10:32 she already got done with all the things you have to do when you see the doctor. Like getting your weight taken, answering any questions (how much you smoke/drink/diet/how you've been feeling) in 2 minutes… And I am in her time zone.

No. 835751

I just went to the doctor for bronchitis and they didn’t give me a shot. Pretty sure she’s making this stuff up for attention

No. 835753


I'm just laughing at the fact that people follow her for nudes and instead they get all this moaning. Nobody wants to read this much detail about her doc visit lol

No. 835754


The amount of detail she goes into in these tweets is weird. This is something you might text to your friend to keep them updated on how you are.. not twitter

No. 835764

Yeah she was mentioning getting a shot in your ass? You don’t get that for bronchitis lmfao

No. 835768

File: 1562868552537.png (67.37 KB, 597x753, 2019-07-11 14_08_58-Window.png)

she's such a crackhead

No. 835773

She’s doing everything she can to not put out a video. Just find another job shay jesus. How many excuses in a row is this now

No. 835777

Shay has no friends kek. Twitter is her only form of "social interaction"

No. 835778

That and fupa

No. 835789

>can barely form sentences correctly
>manages to make all these tweets just fine

she really just wants ppl to give her money for nothing. like this is your job and you find every reason not to do it.

No. 835811

Not trying to WK but I also had an appt for bronchitis / pneumonia recently and I had to get shot in my arm. It was a vaccine.(no1curr)

No. 835838


I hope you made ten tweets about it cos that's where the real healing power is

No. 835851

Oh naturally. I took several weeks off work, went on a vacation to clear my head, and made sure to ask for money from strangers daily. It really helped me to cope with my illness.

No. 835874

It's common to get a steroid shot in the ass in addition to antibiotics.

No. 835886

Yes you do. I did as a kid when I had it.

No. 835897

File: 1562883359270.jpeg (Spoiler Image,327.1 KB, 1242x1185, 0008CF0C-2A9C-4C67-AA14-B83F5E…)

her faces are tragic (1/3)

No. 835898

File: 1562883438872.jpeg (Spoiler Image,184.42 KB, 750x1334, DFC5B4EB-5686-4BD5-985C-1B456B…)


No. 835902

File: 1562883537032.jpeg (Spoiler Image,173.3 KB, 750x1334, 3A4C47D3-EAF5-4849-B32F-E84FF6…)


No. 835929

File: 1562885424599.png (331.02 KB, 750x1334, 4A25901E-D178-4BC8-8327-B00D99…)

Stop fucking cowtipping you idiots god damn how hard is it to follow that one rule? Jesus

No. 835935

When i was in Tusla I saw a cat that looked just like Ribmeat outside

No. 835936

I dunno, that person has posted a lot recently. I get the feeling it's a hometown ex friend (granted, they probably follows this thread). I just think it's getting harder to tell who is cow tipping VS who is legit fed up with her shit.

No. 835945

you act like you expect anyone to believe you

No. 835966

File: 1562889607686.jpg (149.97 KB, 901x1200, D_O6HfmU0AAIr3Z.jpg)

Drinking while you are on antibiotics for bronchitis is almost as retarded as she looks here

No. 835967

Her face looks so bloated. And all that clashing pink…I used to never mind the color pink in general, but I’m suddenly starting to hate it.

This anon always shows up in shay’s thread to make some stupid mention about ribmeat. They never sage their autism and always mention the cat randomly. It’s probably Fupa. We all know he loves this thread. Best to just report the moron and ignore them.

No. 835971

Can't film, but can go drink

No. 835972

File: 1562889902467.jpg (229.85 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_20190711-190001_Twi…)

So humble Shay

No. 835974

I'm in shock looking at this, this is literally the ugliest that shay has ever looked. She looks like fupa except even fatter in the face. A bloated disaster, her lips are disappearing by the day what the fuck.

This picture as well is giving away how much worse she looks than she did a few months ago, this photo specifically looks like a bloated chubby 50 year old trailer park mom named brandy who's taking a smoothed filtered selfie trying to look young. How is this bitch still so narcissistic and over confident when she looks like this? I guess she's really good at blocking out the reality of how she's getting worse in every way daily.

No. 835975

File: 1562890092848.jpg (34.69 KB, 279x329, IMG3947.jpg)

No. 835977


Looks like a lunatic, as in she looks like she's actively trying to look mental

No. 835978

God what's happened to her face?

What's the betting she still continues to smoke weed despite bronchitis?

Did she mention antibiotics? Depending on what ones, some are safe to drink on but it's obviously not advised. If they are reactive with alcohol she will be incredibly sick.

No. 835985

No it’s not and you guys defending it are cringe as fuck

No. 835988

File: 1562891400996.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.34 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20190712-012854_Twi…)

You don't need a fucking band aid for a shot. She's so cringe.

No. 835992


Prescription copays, Shay. Nearly all insurance plans have them.


She hasn't named her new meds just as she hasn't named her psych meds, but when she first got sick months ago she talked about her albuterol inhaler not helping. She may have been prescribed a long acting beta agonist or corticosteroid or combination inhaler today. They don't dole out oral or IM steroids unless the inflammation is causing a breathing emergency.

And yeah, the endless blunts can cause COPD.

No. 835995


She should start removing her face from pics at this point, it detracts from any enjoyment a guy could be getting from nudes. oh and the peace sign too

No. 836003


She didn't stop drinking in order for the psych meds to work properly so she certainly wont stop for antibiotics

She's somehow lost touch with reality more since starting the bipolar meds but seems happy to live in lala land for now lol

No. 836006

I find it extremely suspect that she got a steroid shot that low or center in her glute. Whenever you get a shot "in the butt" you barely have to pull down your waistline.

No. 836020


I used to have to give myself shots there and yeah 'butt shots' are more in the muffin top part of your ass than your actual butt cheek and they are never that far centre

No. 836027

y’all this is dumbass Shayna. She’s probably been lurking the thread and since we didn’t believe she got a shot in her ass she slapped a bandaid on and took pics to “prove” it. She’s just being her lying self.

No. 836033

I think it's a camgirl with a vendetta. They're always lurking here looking for something to be offended by.. And also all those random WKs when that MySpace-scene-queen-looking Manyvids person was posted here lol

No. 836037


This is the worst picture she's ever posted. She's unrecognizable. What the fuck happened to her face? Why is it so swollen? Does she have a rotting wisdom tooth or something?

No. 836039

Remember her cheeks used to swell from being punched by fupa.

No. 836041


No. 836042

Giving her the benefit of the doubt because this is Lying Scamming Shaytard but could it be the steroid injection?

No. 836044

We’ll see. I seen this look before she better hope she doesn’t swell up permenantly

No. 836047

File: 1562897158375.jpg (Spoiler Image,560.29 KB, 1080x1450, Screenshot_20190711-210545_Twi…)

"Fancy" restaurant

No. 836049

https://twitter.com/dollymattelx/status/1149496726899658753?s=19 this is beyond horrible. You may have to bleach your eyes after

No. 836051

Her legs are so long

No. 836054

And sitting on the toilet seat with no cover.

No. 836055

Hold up, she goes outside with no underwear on in shorts that small? Yikes

No. 836056

Standard skanky Shay attire. No bra, no underwear, ratty space buns, and a scummy tongue.

No. 836058

she just put the shorts on that bathroom floor for this and then gets back in them with no undies, so gross. imagine waiting for the bathroom while she's doing this wondering wtf those noises are.

No. 836064

File: 1562898319501.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1242x2168, B0766CE2-8424-4F57-B030-91628F…)

Jesus fucking Christ the bare ass on the toilet seat AND barefeet on the seat. And the bathroom floor?! Other people’s piss all over those shorts. Christ this is horrifying.

No. 836065

File: 1562898321421.png (Spoiler Image,2.31 MB, 750x1334, F31DFF9B-0926-4520-B180-492918…)

Her nailbeds are fucked.(nitpicking)

No. 836066

After seeing her pee on her fingers and lick piss off of them in another public bathroom, I'm not even surprised but it's still shocking. Why does she think it's okay to sit bareassed on public toilets? Let alone, have her dingy bare feet on the toilet seat and floor. Cavemen had better etiquette than this.

No. 836069

the only shot ive ever seen given that low on the butt is a depo provers (birth control) shot. but those are every 3 months and i doubt she has the brain to manage to keep up with that type of birth control

No. 836080

even then it would not be that low. depo is normally more on your hip then your directly on ur butt.

No. 836085

If the restaurant knew she was doing this in the bathroom, you thi k she would get banned? Lmao (not trying to cow tip)

No. 836092

Holy shit why to all of this but also like why did you take off your fucking shoes. This is so nasty I hate seeing this, I want to shake her.

No. 836099

Do you think her "sugar daddy" has some kind of trashy garbage kink? Because I need a bleach shower to feel remotely clean after that

No. 836101

She literally win the grossest SW award. The only time I've seen ugly bitches like this selling videos for pennies were desesperate crackheads looking for quick money.

No. 836102

She's so gross lol. She fingers herself with all those open wounds and wonky claws in a public restroom. It's no wonder she has such irritated genitals, she introduces bacteria to there constantly.

Also does anyone else feel like she just put the band aid over that unhealed ass boil she's had for months kek

No. 836106

File: 1562902526627.jpg (Spoiler Image,476.17 KB, 1078x1347, Screenshot_20190711-223504_Twi…)

Why send money for the videos when she posts then on Twitter for free?

No. 836111

My guess is a pneumonia shot.

No. 836113

It's a shot for the Clap. Either Fupa or her were fucking around and she ended up burned. That's why she won't disclose why she got it because it wasn't that long ago she was ranting about not wanting sex. We know Shayna if it was for anything else she'd use it for sympathy points.

No. 836123

Thats about the area to get a shot for that.

No. 836132

who wears this to a fancy restaurant? they wouldn't let you in.

No. 836140

You could wear just about anything to applebees

No. 836184

Buttcheeks are a common place for shots in general. I’ve gotten flu shots there.

No. 836222

Oh my god this photo is horrendous. Why does she make her lips look like that? She can’t really think this is cute

No. 836232

Epitome of trash, imagine if this was actually a fancy restaurant; who wears a crop top and what looks like track pants/shorts to somewhere upscale? doesn’t she have a fill in the blank daddy to buy her nice clothes? Or will she post about needing a clothing daddy after reading this thread

No. 836242

or it's a trash whore costume daddy kek
let's face it, shayna has no taste. you could give her a thousand dollars and let her loose, and she'd return with the same cheap f21 shit

No. 836320

File: 1562935480842.png (Spoiler Image,246.5 KB, 305x480, stankhegao.PNG)

She REALLY needs to stop trying to incorporate the ahegao face into her videos.

No. 836391

Any Tulsa anons recognize this bathroom? I want to look at their very fancy menu. That gold leaf just screams ‘classy.’

Also, this legit looks like a cryptid sighting.

No. 836392


Is that a disabled bathroom?

No. 836393

File: 1562944648746.jpg (329.46 KB, 1080x1681, 20190712_111458.jpg)

More proof she lurks, she's now including the exact date and time in these e-begging tweets. also shay, no one will give you money if they know that they can just wait for you to impulse upload the video to twitter anyways

No. 836422

It honestly looks like Antoinette's downtown, but I dobut they were open that late, and it's not a restaurant but a bakery.

No. 836430

File: 1562948724509.jpg (194.73 KB, 1080x1345, Screenshot_20190712-172418_Twi…)

Lmao, she literally doesn't have any food in her apartment does she? Shay just learn how to fucking cook.

No. 836435

let her blow her money on take out and weed so she can complain and beg again.

when shay gets older she's gonna feel like the dumbest bitch alive.

No. 836450

File: 1562951192822.jpg (116.75 KB, 593x277, she mad.jpg)

expecting ppl to say thanks every time she posts the same rank nudes.

new snapchat is thebrattybarbie, bets on how long she'll have it?

No. 836471


Maybe stop seeking validation from fapping internet strangers?

No. 836472

Not everyone who disagrees with Shay is a cow tipper.
You guys keep forgetting there’s an entire community of SW that despise her without reading lolcow.

No. 836473

Definitely lurking… she made sure to tell us what kind of shot it was after someone mentioned The Clap.

No. 836475

File: 1562953814422.jpeg (Spoiler Image,847.33 KB, 1242x1371, 46A10044-BC23-49C3-9EF2-88F27F…)

You can take the bandaid off Shay. You could have taken it off 24 hours ago.

No. 836478

Is it just me or does it look like she moved it higher up?

No. 836483

I've been noticing the back-fat rolls in alot of her pics lately, certain poses just aren't flattering anymore. She's becoming that 'skinny-fat' body type and has no idea how to create the appearance of a nice shape

She moved the band aid to the correct position that a butt-shot would be in..

No. 836485


I can't tell if that's from her moving it up or from her arching her body in a very unnatural way to create the illusion that she has a nice ass.

No. 836492

I thought the same thing and went back to check. I think it’s just her arching and pushing her butt up higher like other anon said.

No. 836493


It's much higher than it was yesterday

Almost like she read the thread and googled searched for the little map of areas that docs follow for injections

No. 836496

How would a band aid stay on your ass for that long anyway? I had butt injections regularly for a year and just no, doesn't happen

No. 836499

Especially with her sitting on her ass all day like she does, no way it would stay adhered

No. 836515


Hunching and squatting on a toilet masturbating.. sleeping on it. Not a chance. Normal sitting would've been enough to do it

No. 836534

File: 1562958112053.jpg (202.22 KB, 1080x1419, Screenshot_20190712-200138_Twi…)


No. 836536


lol, Tell me she's trolling?

No. 836537

I wonder if she even owns a fridge sometimes kek
This..this has to be a fucking joke. She's trolling us, out of all contests, she thinks THIS would be a good fit? Maybe if they had a trashy crackhead e begger contest but social positivity. He detachment from reality is scary sometimes.

No. 836538

I think she could win most depressing dumpster fire of the year, is that a category?

No. 836542


Complains about every tiny daily inconvenience to the point where it's mind numbing and appears the world beyond herself doesn't even exist.. positivity!!

No. 836565

File: 1562960365586.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.78 KB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_20190712-203829_Twi…)

The glowing positivity from Shay.

Lmao, if she wasn't being sarcastic she's a god damn lunatic

No. 836573

The big fucking fuss about having to get a shot is ridiculous, talking about how it still hurts today, bitch how? The amount of uncomfortable procedures that people face when they are properly sick.. Has she never known anyone with a serious illness?

No. 836580

Uhm yes herself of course. She has a very serious illness!
I'm being sarcastic for the dummies.

No. 836634

well maybe you shouldn't have bought so many followers to pretend you're popular and then be disappointed that no one wants to throw money at you in the two hours the post is up. no one wants to see you whining about this constantly, it's a serious turn off and won't make ppl open up their wallets.

No. 836687

File: 1562967414226.jpg (329.59 KB, 1076x933, Screenshot_20190712-143521_Twi…)

Put in your bets for how long this one lasts

No. 836712

Kek the 13k is really more like 3k since most of her followers are fake.

No. 836714

Kek the 13k is really more like 3k since most of her followers are fake.

No. 836717

Lol what, she moved the band aid up. It was below her butt crack in the other photo

No. 836747

She hasn't even posted anything on it yet

No. 836769

File: 1562972410108.jpg (Spoiler Image,505.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190712-235919_Twi…)

No. 836771

File: 1562972578097.jpg (Spoiler Image,156.07 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_20190713-000229_Twi…)

Welp, now this one's definitely not a farmer

No. 836798

She really made an entire video taking off the bandaid….

No. 836810

Her constant drinking is fucking her up. If she must drink, drink vodka and soda, something low carb. If she keeps up with the beer and wine, she's going to be fat as fuck in no time. The bloat makes her look extra special needs.

No. 836816

She has worse cellulite than my grandmother.

No. 836817

lol i love lester hahaha

No. 836825

File: 1562976324123.png (33.47 KB, 598x139, Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 7.51…)

And her mood completely shifted because…? Did Fupa cancel on their Friday night date or what?

The expression on her face throughout the video looks mentally disturbed. That and her lack of coordination and the way she flails around like an idiot seriously makes me think she's on drugs.

No. 836842

Cocaine is listed as one of OK's top drugs kek

No. 836854

File: 1562979081961.jpg (199.16 KB, 1300x866, shaygnar.jpg)

No. 836858

like she could afford that

No. 836859

Why would Shayna ask for help? She's THRIVING!

lol good work anon

No. 836868

2 Fridays in a row fupa has not gone out with her. Trouble in paradise!

No. 836893

File: 1562980354649.webm (Spoiler Image,14.01 MB, 1080x1404, InShot_20190712_210428466 (1).…)


What is this supposed to be? Autist can't remove bandaid, throws tantrum then exposes gaping anus.

No. 836897


This video has similar energy to that guy who threw a tantrum and tried to shove a remote up his ass

No. 836902

If she'd just take a shower it'd come right off but I guess we already know how she feels about bathing

No. 836923

File: 1562981316866.png (101.45 KB, 586x573, Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 7.19…)

This was her tweet a couple hours ago about going out and drinking tonight (and asking to be reimbursed) that appears to now be deleted, along with someone asking if she should be drinking while on antibiotics. I meant to post this earlier.

No. 837024


This whole thing was such a waste. It shows her dependency on doing even the most mundane task online for attention. Her asshole is so gaped I wonder if she ever accidentally poops herself

No. 837037

File: 1562989777262.jpg (651.45 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190712_234743_com…)

No. 837058

Maybe this is what shot her mood today

No. 837061

you can't tell me she's not hammered in this. otherwise why the fuck is she acting so bizarre? the heavy breathing like she just ran up three flights of stairs, the constant swaying and turning around, and her weird spasms in the middle of it… also yeah she has a perma-gape now, she's gonna have to start wearing depends early in life


No. 837083

File: 1562994166881.png (424.77 KB, 1125x2436, F4ECA191-54B8-4983-8D52-0A27A8…)

No. 837086

Wtf is going on? She has been completely unrecognizable in the past 2 weeks. She's turning into a cellulite log/jonathan yaniv

No. 837087

Can't wait for the spergout in the morning.

No. 837094

She’s gonna be so mad too cause she got a good amount of views and attention for that fireworks video.

No. 837095

File: 1562995973166.jpg (285.73 KB, 604x1006, 20190713_003144.jpg)

She's already posting on snap about it. Loves how she said she had bronchitis 3/4 months ago, but now she says she just got it yesterday?

No. 837097

File: 1562996201415.jpg (269.2 KB, 609x1027, 20190713_003519.jpg)

Also begging for someone to make her a new Twitter, like that's going to work out. Clearly…from the past 20 times…


No. 837098

File: 1562996226819.jpg (273.65 KB, 605x1036, 20190713_003550.jpg)


No. 837109

If it’s a steroid shot it could easily be for her ass boil, steroid shots are used to clear up inflamation/swelling in skin lesions. If it wasn’t for this it probably was for being sick. Ass shots are very common in general

No. 837113

It’s annoying that they keep getting deleted because it’s a source of milk, but it’s satisfying to see her lose a bunch of followers again.
How long is it going to take for her to stop basing her entire life on followers, and social media?
Get a job Shay. You’re not even a cam girl anymore.

No. 837114

And how long until she starts buying followers for the twitter some orbiter makes her

No. 837139

Oh my god she needs to just call twitter off completely and post to pornhub exclusively. Or OnlyFans. ANYTHING but mainstream social media, she needs to realize that she was banished from vanilla social media when she got banned the first time. I wish she would fucking listen to our advice bc if she did, she wouldn't even be on lolcow. But i know she wont.

No. 837143


At this point she's just being stubborn to prove a point, but she's only hurting herself; she's probably lost so many potential customers because she keeps remaking on a platform that clearly doesn't want her. These dudes just want a quick nut, and they're not going to follow some bargain bin thot around three different forms of social media just to see what her new account is.

No. 837162

Is Shay possibly the worse camgirl
>She begs but doesn't offer
>Most of her tweets are just begging or complaining
>She leaks too much of her personal life into her camgirl biz
>Doesn't attempt to take even the slightest care of her body in which her income is dependent on
>Refuses to listen to advice or follow supply and demand trends and forever reason sticks with the tacky Dollar tree Barbie aesthetic

Literally the more thought I put into this the more it shows me how awful of a camgirl she is, most normie women would make much better camgirls, I'd feel bad for her if it didn't come to me the reason why she isn't making as much money as she could is 100% her fault

No. 837166

Ngl anon you're listing things that every cam girl is doing atleast two of, plz stop posting about how shayna is doing x/y/z wrong as a cam girl when we all know irs a sad life to live even if she did it " right " kek

No. 837178

Idk man, but something about all of it combined urks me the most about her than all the other camgirls, I can't put my finger on it

No. 837188

It’s because she sits on a high horse and pretends that she’s so successful when we can literally see that she gets little to no interaction on her social media, she’s never on cam, and she posts a lot of her shit for free and then acts surprised when people aren’t sending her money. I agree with you anon, the lack of self awareness drives me up a wall sometimes

No. 837220

idgi. why doesn't she just move to switter at this point? it would solve her whole problem smh

No. 837225

File: 1563025995393.jpg (275.15 KB, 596x1026, 20190713_085259.jpg)

Annnd we've got a new one…

No. 837226

I noticed the date says "joined May 2019". Even her orbiters know that she's going to get banned so they've started accounts ahead of time…how sad…

No. 837234

how any times has she had her twitter deleted now? she’s gonna spend years being chased around social media and begging for money, isn’t she?

No. 837263

File: 1563030859607.jpeg (797.52 KB, 1242x1385, F61B275E-EEA2-4299-8BBB-634673…)

She’s still blaming her account loss on her “haturz” when is she going to own up to the fact that she’s IP banned and it’s not because mass amounts of “haturz” are reporting her?

No. 837267


She's off her rocker with all these sentimental posts about her 'community of committed followers' What community? A handful of twitter likes here and there?

She's constantly putting on an act to try and say "see haterz I'm doing great" and it's painfully transparent

No. 837268

Like clockwork.

Step 1. Make twitter account
2. Break TOS and get banned
3. Whine about getting banned on Snapchat
4. Get orbiter to create a new account
5. Sperg about how much you love your “supporters” despite how much the other camgirls hate you.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

No. 837274


It's like groundhog day, from the excuses for not filming to the twitter rants and mental health whining, same old thing

No. 837294

I like that she used a photo where she looks like a ghoulish trailer park cowgirl.

I’m almost positive she knows why. But that doesn’t garner sympathy or make her a victim. If anyone truly believed they were being targeted and getting their Twitter reported and deleted, they would contact twitter and figure out a solution.

No. 837299

File: 1563036505579.jpg (75.63 KB, 1080x455, Screenshot_20190713-173410_Twi…)

So what's it gonna be?

No. 837300

File: 1563036507264.jpg (255.08 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20190713-094749_Twi…)

Kek, more talk about rebranding. Shay you've never even branded yourself well

No. 837301

File: 1563036775954.jpg (309.13 KB, 1080x1101, Screenshot_20190713-095228_Twi…)

Birds of a feather. Ofc this is who she's using to try and get her followers back

No. 837316

I’m thinking she’s gonna become a findom, since that what this bratty pixie girl is

No. 837318

Jesus it's almost like Shayna v.2, but it'd be pretty hard to be more milky than her. Even types like her. Shameless "I tagged you in a post, please RT and pass your followers to me" plug.

No. 837324

File: 1563040082198.jpg (247.2 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20190713-100340_Twi…)

Looks like she's lurking too. She posted this right after >>837301
Was posted

No. 837329

lmao, please

No. 837331

Wow props to shayna for finding another camwhore who is just as delusional and bitter about ~haturz~

Also gotta love how these trashy cheap hoes really do have no lives besides thinking about dick although we all know shaytard doesn't actually have any interest in sex or anything, she just uses "sex work" to make pennies and get attention online due to not having any personality or actual intelligence or talent lol. Likely the same deal with this new loser.

No. 837340

File: 1563041162997.jpg (Spoiler Image,638.04 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190713-110357_Twi…)

She's already shadowbanned. Inb4 the upcoming Twitter sperg (1/2)

No. 837342

File: 1563041190516.jpg (Spoiler Image,293.37 KB, 1077x1347, Screenshot_20190713-110424_Twi…)

No. 837346

She’s not all that wrong though really

No. 837350


No. 837354


'My mental state plummeted in the last ten mins' oh fuck off and tell a therapist lol

No. 837355

>implying doing both is impossible

I know these girls are morons but I mean…c’mon. Most people here talk shit while taking a shit. Whatever helps you cope with the fact that you’re a loser I guess.

No. 837360


No we're obviously here "all day every day" Definitely not here for 5 mins while it's poop time

No. 837361

Odd that this wk shows up right as we're talking about possible lurking…

No. 837364

they make it sound like we're all sitting in a room together

No. 837371

imagine spending your entire day literally every day begging for $70 on twitter and saying you're depressed when you can be out getting a real job and making a life for yourself instead lmao

No. 837387


Imagine wanting strangers on twitter to hear about every little dip in your mood instead of understanding that there's a reason therapists demand alot of money to listen to that shit

No. 837389

Very suspiciously convenient time to WK such an stupid thing to say lol. As if getting laid is all there is to life. Well, it would be for a camwhore with nothing going on with them. Her life is centered around ebegging. I assure you, lots of people here have jobs, hobbies and actually leave the house to do something other than drink by themselves.

No. 837394

Who is this dirty slag? I’m sure Mattel really loves this retard using their name and biggest IP ‘Barbie’ and associating it with this fucking train wreck. I hope they sue her. There’s already a famous drag queen using the Barbie and Mattel name so not even original.

No. 837409

File: 1563043739400.jpg (659.16 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20190713-114442_Twi…)

She's already going out to drink and posted a photo of the drink menu… Shay that makes it so easy for people to figure out where you are jfc

No. 837411


Weird how she always justifies her drinking by saying she deserves it or had a bad day

No. 837413

Samefag but I just noticed she's out again without panties on god why

No. 837418


Is it just me or is she drinking less at home and more out? At least that's something lol

No. 837419

So she can sit her ratchet ass on a bar stool and when she sees someone with $$$ lookin she spreads them legs wide for just a few seconds and the drinks and cash flood in.

No. 837422

didn't she say this the last time her twitter was deleted, then continued posting the same stuff. she doesn't even know what her ~brand~ is supposed to be, how is she going to change it lol.

wonder how much money she's wasted on all the followers from deleted accounts. even bought numbers mean nothing now, and she'd definitely not making any of those videos she mentioned. doesn't seem like she's interested in being on cam, so is she just going to constantly beg?

No. 837426

She's also drinking a group sized margarita on her own lol. How tragic

No. 837429

File: 1563045977495.jpg (101.84 KB, 1050x538, themill-img.jpg)

What a "fancy" resturant, lmao day drinking at a Mexican place is tragic, I'm sure she'll say that she has "stalkers" but don't post something so identifiable

No. 837438

Dont forget she shares with fupa. Its Saturday date night

No. 837457

File: 1563050231264.jpg (275.41 KB, 1080x1140, Screenshot_20190713-153705_Twi…)

No. 837459

File: 1563050702948.jpg (472.5 KB, 1078x811, Screenshot_20190713-154220_Kik…)

It's Shay

No. 837463

She seriously doesn't have a fucking penny of it saved up???

No. 837466

Can't FIND alcohol? Is she underage?
>lets get a snack an i could
There it is folks, she's been made a formal offering of $700. Is this finally the push into proper sex work? How fast you think he grabs the cash back and runs when he sees it?

No. 837469

I seriously doubt any of her creepy followers would actually give her that amount of money or pay to see her in person. Bet they mostly just like her cuz she posts so many nudes for free.

No. 837471


Lil is a far more successful businesswoman than Shay tho

No. 837477

File: 1563052259596.jpg (638.54 KB, 1078x1357, Screenshot_20190713-160944_Twi…)

Just more of a reason to sit on her ass

No. 837478

>glucose padre
is that supposed to be funny

No. 837481

She thinks she's clever

No. 837482

>begging for rent money
>muh sugar daddy
>muh PS4

She got a Switch and the only game she ever mentioned was Fortnite. What games are free on the PS4?

No. 837483

Not much of a sugar daddy if he can't even pay your rent, Shaytard. More like a splenda daddy lmfao. What the fuck is the point of doing this shit if you're gonna do it all wrong?

No. 837486

She's actually retarded. Why does she need more consoles when the only games she'll play are cats & dogs and Fortnite? She should just sell it so she has rent money. Also lul at her flexing her purse again..

No. 837489

And she wonders why she gets all those boils on her ass. Sitting bare bummed on a dirty barstool? You're lucky if that's all you get.

No. 837499

>Fupa bought a PS4 and we’re going to keep it at my grimey apartment so he’s not bored to death.

No. 837504

I feel sorry for the person who has to sit on that next.. having her bare filthy ass rubbed all over it.

No. 837507

Exactly this. Starting to think the screencaps of her big tips are reused/edited too considering she's short on rent. She can't be spending that much on eating out and alcohol, can she?

No. 837510

File: 1563055543630.jpg (989.05 KB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_20190713-170542_Twi…)

This isn't cute

No. 837511

Who gives a shit about this dumb bitch? Why are you all giving her the attention she so desperately craves?

No. 837512

If you don't like it get off the thread? It's not that hard??

No. 837514

Giving attention to nobodies like this is what creates e-celebs, if you fucking ignore her, she'll go away.

No. 837515

This website is all about talking bout these cows, if you don't like it leave.

No. 837516

Why though? Why give this shit attention. It's free advertising for her, I'd never heard of her until I saw this thread and I bet many others found her this way too. You're only increasing her popularity. If you hate her so much why are you spending all day bitching about her, then defending her, you really aren't doing yourself any favours. She knows she has people gossiping about her which makes her posts more shit instead disappearing because no one gives a shit.

No. 837517

Because it's fucking entertaining. Now LEAVE, no one asked your opinion.

No. 837518

so what, you plan on going through the whole site and saying this shit in every single thread? why are you even here in the first place then? lmao gtfo party pooper

No. 837519

I'll just link you back to this.. >>837324

No. 837523

Shay is not an e-celeb. Most people don't even know about this bitch. Her relevancy has not carried into her messy years as a "sex worker".

No. 837524

I said she isn't but this thread is raising her profile. I didn't know about her until today and I'm sure lots of people who would never have heard of her have found her because of this thread. Already famous people is fine as everyone knows them anyway but you people really shouldn't give literal nobodies attention like this. All publicity is good publicity to them. If you think bashing her constantly will make her go away then no, has the complete opposite effect. If no one gave her attention then she would stop. She loves the fact this thread is here.

No. 837525


Nobody wants her to "go away". On the contrary, I hope she stays a long, long time. She's a constant source of milk.

No. 837527

she looks so grimy, really living the life being drunk in daylight and wandering around town with nothing on under that dress.

she hasn't even had the new twitter for a day but already has almost 700 followers and posted another gross bathroom video with almost 3k views. don't understand how that works, but starting off by giving away free content isn't much of a ~rebrand~.

No. 837528

File: 1563057729233.gif (3.12 MB, 202x360, giphy (2).gif)

She looks disease ridden..

No. 837529

Lets all stop giving this brain dead moron attention they're just arguing to argue

No. 837535

File: 1563058382576.jpg (124.36 KB, 1361x1020, 1553404427528.jpg)

Shut the fuck up

No. 837537

File: 1563058695303.jpeg (323.45 KB, 1536x2048, 2A8F2F98-EDAB-47C7-80B6-B57641…)

….are all these donuts for her / the two of them? Jesus

No. 837539

For christ sake Shayna, the last thing you need is to gain MORE weight

No. 837542

Why are you so mad lmao. Is this that bratty pixie bitch? Trying to act like you’re upset that we are “increasing her popularity” because WKing didn’t pan out. Which is HILARIOUS because she isn’t popular and never will be.

Go be depressed and beg for dollars, bitch.

No. 837543

Was thinking the same thing, another idiot sex worker trying to sound intelligent

No. 837544

File: 1563058848207.jpeg (119.96 KB, 749x1101, 9E47231F-1718-4F3B-9C66-D95EAF…)

Diet: sugar

No. 837545

Jealous much?

No. 837546

her snap story is absolutely horrific and pathetic rn. Cringe.

Sage cause no screen shots cause I don’t wanna get blocked.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 837548

Kek confirmed to be that pathetic pixie chick trying to gain popularity by sucking Shay boil covered pussy

No. 837549

He didn't buy it for her, she bought it herself with his money, she said so on her snapchat story. Basically it was the last one and she deserves it because she's "Dolly fucking Mattel" so she went ahead and bought it so in a way technically but it's not like whoever is giving her the money cares enough to buy it for her personally, she's so full of it it's so obvious that it's just a loser who she sends videos to for money it's basically what she does or, used to do on Manyvids

No. 837552

Really just outed yourself as shay's delusional new buddy wow. Maybe get a better money making job or something instead of losing your mind in threads about your crusty mentally deranged pal? Camwhores losing as per typical

No. 837553

Thanks for the free advertising $$$

No. 837555

Guys just report the camwhore, she's clogging up the thread

No. 837557

No one on this site cares about you or would give any money to you. You're a joke, go back to sucking Shays gaping ass on Twitter.

No. 837559

You've just bitched yourself out of some exclusive fresh milk so whatever

No. 837562

Boohoo whatever will we do without your exclusive information you obviously have after lying about how you found the thread and trying to get us to stop talking about your disgusting camwhore friend

No. 837567

File: 1563059917602.jpg (579.69 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20190713-181555_Twi…)

No. 837568

Hasn't it been confirmed this person is a cowtipper and just parroting what they see here?

No. 837569

This thread is a shitshow tonight but wait, does this mean this pixie person only pretended to be shay's friend to get milk for lolcow?? One minute they're defending her then they imply they were going to share "milk". Guess shay is truly incapable of making a friend

No. 837570

Why else would anyone be friends with Shayna kek

No. 837576


No. 837578

File: 1563061413260.jpg (246.56 KB, 1080x1160, Screenshot_20190713-164227_Twi…)

No one pities you for losing 1.5k organic followers and 11.5k bots.

No. 837579

if that were the case they'd just be posting milk instead of just vauging at it. Either spill or stop clogging the thread with sperg.

No. 837580

Why would I after the way you've all treated me?

No. 837586

You just fully outed yourself OOF.

No. 837589

You came here to defend her originally, did you expect open arms?

No. 837590

Of course, you all seem to drool over us, I expected some kind of red carpet reception

No. 837600

Over "US" bitch this thread is about Shayna no one gives a fuck about your crusty ass scrambling to to get fame points by associating with her

No. 837601

K E K "us" the thirst. Stop trying to piggyback a trainwreck, it's sad.

No. 837603

aww look who wants their own thread. you have dreams of becoming a dumpster whore too? you are seriously embarrassing girl.

No. 837604

good luck continuing to kiss shay's ass, she's not gonna trust you again after this

No. 837606

File: 1563063866525.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, 1563063445398.jpg)

No. 837608

shay meltdown on twitter in 3,2,..

No. 837619

File: 1563064955500.jpg (175.58 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20190713-174225_Twi…)

Exceptional trashiness

No. 837640

Tinfoil, that she's got some kind of fungal infection under those nails. the ends of her fingertips are completely raw and bloody, and her skin is peeling back all along her cuticles. given how she doesn't own soap and is constantly picking at/shoving things up her ass. at this point it's more than just dry skin

you didn't sage, though

too true, Shayna has said that if you read/post on this site for any reason, she wants nothing to do with you. so you played yourself twice bro, we don't want you and neither does Shatna

No. 837644

She won't drop me, I'm too cute

No. 837647

what happened to her dog?

No. 837648

It jumped in a river and was swept away whilst she was posing for nudes

No. 837659

Don't feed the camwhore

No. 837667

Her teeth are almost as brown as the donut.

Deleted my other reply because I didn't refresh and see a Farmhand post, sorry. At least Shay proves me right that even with 0 followers she'd still attention whore and try to get money from them. >>837578

No. 837675


I can't wait for her to see this and blast your dumb ass

No. 837683

File: 1563071069276.jpg (180.17 KB, 1080x523, 20190713_212337.jpg)

Delivering some actual milk, could this prove she didnt go to texas with fupa, and that shes actually escorting and went for some dumbass in texas?

No. 837685

She's always been looking for a proper sugar daddy, but I didn't realize she had found one. I had only seen the usual "naildaddy" type posts. Was there a "yay i found a mark for my next scam" post at some point or did she just go straight to casual mentions like this?

No. 837687

I get what you’re saying. I also think shaynas only reason to live is to keep this thread going. But seriously this girl gets off any kind of attention. She would probably die if the thread didn’t exist

No. 837690

It's almost like you want your own threads gtfo

No. 837693

Refer to >>837659

Unless fupa did move to TX temporarily for work, he used to go on extended trips to locations previously, didn't he? This tweet almost sounds a little bitter that she's not in Texas right now "living the high life". The ps4 could have been a bribe to keep her from whining.

No. 837695

Oh but I do! Why does she get all the attention and not me? We're practically twins.(begone thot)

No. 837705

It would make sense for her to try to shift fupa from boyfriend to "sugar daddy", mostly so she can still ~brag~ about him on social media without having to acknowledge they're still romantically involved. pretend he's someone else, and that he actually gives a shit about her (he obviously doesn't.) plus yeah sounds like passive aggressive complaining that he didn't bring her to TX with him this time. and for him to buy her a PS4, so he could use it too, or to shut her whiny ass up.

or she really did find a Splenda daddy. they're not that difficult to find, creepy old men will pay trash like Shayna $1000 a month for a weekly three-hour-meetup-for-hotel-sex arrangement. it's a good deal for him, if that's what's happening. or it would be, if Shayna weren't bottom-of-the-barrel quality. no matter who he is and what he's paying, he could do better than her.

No. 837712

File: 1563073287371.jpg (3 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190713_220041.jpg)

If anyone cares, shay was at The Tavern the other night.

No. 837714

Anyone want to help me and Shayshay make $70 tonight? You know where to go, don't forget to follow and retweet!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 837717

Probably getting discounted burgers for $9, which is considered fancy for her I guess.

No. 837727

File: 1563074381257.png (703.3 KB, 1104x806, menu.png)

This is what the menu looks like. It's a nice pub, but it's a pub.

No. 837729

File: 1563074457813.gif (1.5 MB, 500x280, E27C393B-02CB-4AF8-A0BD-CD3F0E…)

It’s like looking at a crime scene after the fact. But not everyone knows the horrors that took place on that toilet.

No. 837730

File: 1563074564416.png (1.06 MB, 702x868, fancy.png)

Really shows you where her standards are if this is "fancy". I guess she's used to the fastfood burgers that fupa usually buys her.

No. 837759

she just started saying that someone was buying things for her, but knowing how much she lies, i don't believe her.

No. 837773

Why would a man states away be paying her for sex she can't go and give him though? I know she has some orbiters who send her tips and stuff, but I'm finding it hard to believe she went down to Texas, Fupa in tow, and found a sugar daddy while in his company. An anon confirmed Fupa was there due to him posting a photo of some graffiti on his fb that matched a location in Austin.

No. 837797

I would also like to point out that oilfield workers are rich but are massive pigs. So chances are their standards of sugar babies aren't that high lol.

No. 837918


ot but the fuck is happening in that gif fucking kek

No. 837967

File: 1563115389401.png (6.83 MB, 1125x2436, B4349FAE-501C-4C40-9C87-BA9F17…)

Her fingers are more flaky than the donut

No. 837968

Anddd her Twitter is gone

No. 837969

Her nail tech did a terrible job, glue everywhere. She probably just can't afford a decent nail tech

No. 837971

nope, the new one at @dumbbydolly is still up
would be something if it took her 2 days to lose an account kek

No. 837974

Oh you're right, my bad, she has so many it's hard to keep track

No. 837990

already has 1600 followers on the newest twitter, just flush away all that money from your ~sucrose father~.

it's also apparently national nude day, how many will she post if she's not too hungover from yesterday?

No. 838016

i highly doubt she has a nail tech, those tacky things scream press-ons

No. 838023

File: 1563125490622.jpg (227.86 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_20190714-183005_Twi…)

$200 worth of shitty crop tops again?

Shay buy some underwear.

No. 838027


The yellow Marvel tee that she wore the other day legit made her look special needs. I know she said she gets off on looking trashy when she goes out but mentally handicapped?

No. 838057

It's definitely the Marvel shirt, bloated face and stupid smile combo. All see needed was one of those hats with the wheel on top to complete the look

No. 838071

File: 1563133346354.jpg (189 KB, 1080x697, Screenshot_20190714-144213_Twi…)

Something that didn't happen

No. 838072

File: 1563133381050.jpg (339.74 KB, 1080x1419, Screenshot_20190714-144150_Twi…)

Let's see how long the friendship lasts

No. 838076

I could actually believe this because once I was carded for buying rated R movies at Walmart. Honestly I was shocked because it was ridiculous. So I could believe this as dumb as it is.

No. 838159

A target employee was doing their job following prompts on a screen and Shayna feels special because of it

No. 838173

anything to please her pedo fans. That's the only reason why she would be talking about it, which is disgusting.

No. 838182

Everyone get carded, my mom who's clearly 40+ even gets carded, it's so annoying when girls pull the "teehee I got carded! They must think I'm so young" thing

On an unrelated note why is she buying a physical copy of GTA? It's much cheaper on steam especially if you catch it on a discount day or if you buy it on the PlayStation or Xbox store if she's using console, such a girl gamer owo

No. 838184

She doesn't care about the cost because her glucose father is totally paying for it!

No. 838189

File: 1563143681232.jpg (447.04 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20190714_233400.jpg)

Girl what is this outfit?

No. 838191

File: 1563143743574.jpg (529.96 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190714_233351.jpg)

Lime green with baby pink and blue denim. Yikes

No. 838196

File: 1563144187215.jpeg (148.07 KB, 735x759, 59E42F3B-0BBA-425A-AF3D-CB2265…)

Looks like she’s at Cheesecake Factory getting shitfaced, classy as always.

No. 838201

File: 1563144366708.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, D5C1EA35-5908-4693-9376-20BDCE…)

Her eyebrows legitimately look stamped on kek
Her skin is SCREAMING to be washed so badly, my own pores feel clogged just looking at her

No. 838202

Her face is looking so swollen it's crazy

No. 838213

What the fuuuuck her nails, yes she took absolutely nothing from that nail shaming group .

No. 838218

She looks dead inside in these

No. 838220

Jesus Christ her poor fingers. They're pretty messed up. If it truly is acetone allergy then she better stay away. Can't believe it's got to the point of being this bad for her to say she's actually gonna stop getting them done.

No. 838227

Kek she looks like a teenage mallrat but it's an improvement from the usual dress and flip flop combo

No. 838233

Nice target crop top shay lol. It’s hilarious she wants to be reimbursed for things that LITERALLY cost $13. Also this might be a nitpick but those sandals look too big on her feet

No. 838238

File: 1563148519455.jpeg (681.53 KB, 1242x914, 459A12A4-59E2-49EE-BA68-DEA3BD…)

her hands are HORRIFYING

No. 838255

File: 1563151956016.jpg (Spoiler Image,240.38 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20190714_205119.jpg)

Still posting gross public bathroom vids. Tbh I feel like she's not wearing any underwear because she can't afford them kek. She looks like one of those drunk moms on Dr Phil

No. 838258

She needs to get banned from that bar for everyone's sake.

No. 838261

Wearing denim with no pants makes me feel uncomfortable.

And yeah honestly in all the shit I've seen of her she has that 1 pair of hello kitty pants, plain white cotton kiddy looking pants and a couple of Calvin style ones, like wtf.
It's all so unsexy too.

Shay you're supposed to be a camgirl, buy some nice lingerie for once.

I've seen her in a real bra once..

No. 838265


it looks like her skin is starting to rot off or something holy shit.

Shay get some fuckin lotion and lay off the claws

No. 838286

Even if she could afford them she’s would just probably be lazy and not do laundry anyway. Maybe she can’t afford to do laundry?

No. 838287

File: 1563157229304.jpeg (216.36 KB, 1125x2076, 49919A98-53C8-40D1-B430-18E805…)

Not only has she not been on cam or made new videos, she hasn’t posted on onlyfans since the 5th of July, which you’re supposed to post to daily, and yet she can post free nudes and videos on twitter. She hasn’t posted on manyvids since the end of June either. She’s literally just surviving off of begging and her “glucose padre.”

No. 838288

More likely she doesn't know HOW to do laundry.

Minor tinfoil, but what if she's constantly bringing in cheap F21 "hauls" because she doesn't have a washer or dryer?

No. 838295

File: 1563157916323.jpg (28.95 KB, 480x480, P6.jpg)

Is she wearing her nosering backwards? Usually that cap at the end is for the inside of your piercing so that it doesn't move around.

No. 838296

she looks like death warmed over

No. 838300

If it was that, the bead would have fallen out. You can clearly see a gap in the ring.

No. 838311

File: 1563160298868.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 3464x3464, D25862DD-DEC7-49AB-ABDE-44722E…)

Was going through old threads and thought this was pretty shocking. In case anyone forgot what Shay looked like just 2 years ago.

No. 838313

She straight up has some form of MRSA on her fingers I shit you not

No. 838315

She hasn't been on MFC since June 16th (almost a month). Such pr0nstar. Very professional.

No. 838321

File: 1563162228415.jpg (577.74 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20190714-224338_Twi…)

No. 838329

I was thinking the same thing, anon
If she goes to a shitty school nail tech place to get them done, I'm sure they don't clean their tools properly. And she fingers herself with these diseased mitts

No. 838330

File: 1563164866036.png (527.75 KB, 603x465, tr.png)

She looks like a troll doll with eyebrows.

No. 838333

File: 1563165869093.jpeg (233.86 KB, 720x1280, 62C77E59-09A0-4468-B0DC-5C6502…)

I always hate the “look how good she looked x years ago!” No Anon that was just a really really good pic. This is what she looked like back when she was just a weed blog. She’s always been gross and ugly, now she’s just fatter

No. 838339

This or Clown Mom at no name circus

No. 838347

Fupa date confirmed.
She really is nailing down the drunk auntie look tho god damn.

No. 838354

As shit as her skin and hair still looks here, she still looks better than now tbh. She was never exceptionally good looking, but she was alright before. She's slowly morphing into looking like a truckstop hooker these days though.

No. 838364

Sage for nail sperg but good LORD these acrylics are terrible. messy paint job, tips not wrapped, they're so fucking thick, and why is the thumbnail a different shape from the rest?

No. 838381

she did the same thing with mario kart. she made a big stink about finding a target that had it in stock iirc. i think she legitimately doesn't know that you can download video games.

No. 838395

She's always had such unfortunate skin for someone her age. Also that overlining on her top lip is tragic.

Did she let her septum piercing close? That would have been a better choice if she wanted to be eDgY than her shitty nostril piercing.

No. 838407

File: 1563185543255.jpeg (134.37 KB, 688x852, 43A105A3-686B-4D82-B1C9-2F53FF…)

Ew, I think you’re right, anon. That is 100% infected and she’s lying about having an “acetone allergy”. Shay has been wearing fake nails for ages, if she was ever sensitive to acetone she’d know about it long time ago. And if she claims she’s allergic to a specific sort of acetone that salon used, that’s bullshit too. Acetone is acetone, there’s only one kind and either you react to it, or not. Not to mention there’s no real evidence acetone allergy is even a thing. What it can cause is contact dermatitis, but that’s not the same thing as allergic reaction.
Doesn’t matter anyway; bitch hasn’t got either of those, just staph infection.
Bit late, but wtf is happening in her armpit?Peep that caked antiperspirant and what I really hope is just filter fucking up the shadows, because otherwise we’re looking at some severe skin discoloration/bruising.

Also, what is that in the circle? A staph sore? Another bruise? Seems like a weird placement for a bruise, like she did it to herself, picking her skin or sth.

No. 838414


Worked in a centre with people adjusting to new meds and this kind of streaky orange make up and poorly drawn in eyebrows (with a lack of self-awareness of it) was eerily common. You'd slowly see make-up skills deteriorate with their mental state

With her leaving the house more often and her style getting 10 times worse I'm guessing she's getting breakthrough highs with whatever meds she started lately

No. 838465

I think it’s a good representation of what she COULD look like. Yes it’s just a good picture but she has never been good at hair/makeup, exercise, or just taking care of herself in general. If she actually put in the effort she could look like the girl on the right.

No. 838473

File: 1563202938420.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, 4EEB63EF-3A27-492D-9ACA-43E8D2…)

She posted these this morning and at first it just looked like her normal nasty mirror selfies until I zoomed in on her feet

No. 838475

File: 1563203004290.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, 3C571778-DE9B-4078-AF2E-CADCFB…)

What the actual fuck is going on with her feet? Does she have an acetone allergy on them too? (sarcasm) dear lord shay, GO TO A DOCTOR

No. 838477

File: 1563203471223.gif (1.96 MB, 348x310, 7E879ED3-5C82-4899-AE8E-C10E1C…)

No. 838484

Damn, I understand a little suffering for fashion but this is a bit excessive. I hope she goes to the doctor, but she probably won't. MRSA Shay when?

No. 838486

Shay is pretty much a walking, talking, fungal infection at this point. I’ve never seen a living human being with so many patches of dead skin before.

No. 838503

WHY does she think this is a good look for her hair??? It’s so unflattering

No. 838506

File: 1563207336527.jpeg (414.07 KB, 1242x630, A5EB9CF1-73CB-4742-8478-7C806B…)

“I almost cried after a five year old STOLE my sandwich”

It must be hard having such a boring ass life that you cry over a child accidentally taking something that isn’t theirs. Good lord.

No. 838507

to add on, I think she eats out for literally every meal. She doesn’t cook or do grocery shopping like an adult. She literally expects everyone to take care of her. WOW.

No. 838512


A quote from all these stories lately 'I almost cried' We get it girl, even in your made up stories you're unstable

No. 838513


And then his dad told me that I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever seen and then he threw 100 dollars at me and everyone clapped

No. 838514

Okay I just realized Shay probably has no dishes, utensils, pans, pots, etc. That's why she never cooks. Beg for donations for that Shay then you won't have to eat out for every meal. Her kitchen must look so depressing(Lolcow.farm/info)

No. 838517


She just doesn't know how to 'adult' or take of herself in basic ways

No. 838520

File: 1563208705284.png (Spoiler Image,5.42 MB, 1125x2001, 7EC2C9D9-9846-4B3B-82C3-B5D487…)

This may be a nitpick but it makes me so angry!! The fact that she tries on clothes without wearing any sort of underwear or bra grosses me out, others have to try that on after you like girl have some decency ffs. Saged for non contribute btw.

No. 838521

Lmao I was expecting that tbh I’m shocked that’s not how this riveting story ended

No. 838522

this is why one must ALWAYS wash the clothes they buy in any store before wearing them. this shit is way too common.

No. 838523


I don't get why guys like the whole 'flashing your vag in public toilets/dressing rooms' thing

She's looking like a junkie in all her pics today

No. 838524

This is why you wash your clothes after buying them in a store.
Omg does she try on swimsuits in store too? Dear god that's absolutely revolting.

No. 838526

I was actually trying on swimsuits yesterday when Shaynasty came to mind. They put a long sticker on the crotch area, but thinking of how much naked junkie puss has probably touched the sticker is disgusting. Unfortunately, some people have zero decency and will do anything in a public change room.

No. 838528

especially looking at how many infections/weird spots this bitch is now carrying on her body… blech

No. 838536

normal people leave their underwear on

No. 838537

Might be a birth control implant bruise. It’s about the same area they put it in the arm. Getting the old one removed and a new one put in can cause a nice bruise.

Jesus Christ shay. Beg for $10 so you can get yourself a ped-egg.

No. 838540

File: 1563212117738.jpg (184.92 KB, 1080x655, Screenshot_20190715-123440_Twi…)

No. 838541

File: 1563212157493.jpg (166.37 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20190715-123508_Twi…)

Was she not just out getting food? Could've picked it up then

No. 838543

“It’s okay but I totally almost cried over it”

Okay shay.

No. 838545

slightly ashamed but this dress is actually cute, does anyone know where it’s from?

No. 838554

I have that bc implant, and it's typically placed much lower now. Also I feel like we would have a whole novel if she actually went out to the doctor and how much of a "good girl" she was while getting sticked.

No. 838555

Lmao right? I was waiting for the round of applause from everyone in the store. And some “the dad told me I was so beautiful” comments followed by “I broke down crying”.

No. 838561

how many retard scrotes are in this thread, it's a fucking bc implant

No. 838562

Looks like a Marshall's or TJ Maxx dressing room.

No. 838565

What’s retarded is seeing one bruise on her arm and automatically saying it’s a bc implant.. If it was we would have heard about it for at least the last month. From the time she made the appointment because she would be “so nervous to get an implant” to the day of the appointment “it hurt so bad wahhh but I’m a big girl” to weeks after “my implant still hurts guyz someone send me money to make it stop hurting”
Just like the useless bandaid on the ass last week.

No. 838575

File: 1563217145157.jpeg (360.46 KB, 1242x1173, C02A3229-74A6-4AC5-8EC5-C8255F…)

We’ve got a new excuse chaps

No. 838576

File: 1563217306435.jpeg (241.75 KB, 1242x675, 2936D0B7-D24D-45D0-B6D4-0925CA…)

Also Shay is too dumb to appreciate anything above spongebob. She saw midsommar (which is actually pretty amazing).

No. 838579

Dear lord this deserves a spoiler

No. 838588


Wait, so she had food poisoning last night but she was happily out grabbing breakfast by thismorning?

No. 838590

So she has food poisoning but went out for breakfast and now wants more food? Right.. I guarantee she just had an upset stomach because it’s always full of beer and fast food and she immediately was like “how can I turn this into a pity party/excuse not to work?”

No. 838595

Shay stop oversharing that you had the shits

No. 838609

I know this is a nitpick but ofc she didn’t like the movie. It’s not male centric enough for her

No. 838619


If she's on antibiotics for her bronc then it's pretty common to get the shits from them, like insanely common and expected

No. 838648

why is her forehead so brown??? its like she put bronzer in her hair and nowhere else lmfao

No. 838650

dont fill in the email or name fields when posting

No. 838656

What pisses me off is that she thinks she's perfect.. Girl check your nails and feet. Far from perfect

No. 838657

Yes it looks like the rest of her face is pasted on. She has a huge protuding caveman brow bone and I think the top part is just shadowy

No. 838668

I literally don’t understand. I work retail, wear boots, and do the bare minimum to my feet (nails trimmed + painted) and they look better than this. How the hell does she justify wearing open toed shoes like this? Didn’t she try to say the guy who does her feet has a foot fetish so therefore her feet aren’t always ready for her foot fetish clients? Cause nobody is getting off to those lmao.(blogging)

No. 838692

She has such an eye for “aesthetics” but thought midsommar sucked. I’m weak. If she had even a piece of the artistic integrity she pretends to have she’d at least be able to appreciate the production design and cinematography. Not enough boils for you, Shay?

No. 838715


>w/ my croissant

>he thought it was his pretzel

am i retarded or is her story retarded?

No. 838716

I assumed she meant inside of a bag so the little boy couldn’t see but yes she is retarded

No. 838734

File: 1563239827076.jpg (279.85 KB, 1080x994, Screenshot_20190715-201618_Twi…)

Another story that didn't happen

No. 838735

File: 1563239877874.jpg (400.31 KB, 1077x1230, Screenshot_20190715-201632_Twi…)

Positive for now, until her account is suspended again

No. 838736

File: 1563239927020.jpg (654.29 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20190715-201659_Twi…)

Why, when they can find your nudes anywhere

No. 838739

I'm sure Sanrio and Mattel just love having their characters and merchandise being used in this way.. disgusting slut

No. 838740

File: 1563240322158.jpg (141.72 KB, 579x661, 20190715_182458.jpg)

No. 838744

File: 1563241253850.png (8.26 KB, 272x273, A2934D1A-C3B2-4CE5-AC34-B702FD…)

No. 838746

File: 1563241419370.jpeg (Spoiler Image,341.49 KB, 1242x1185, EC70BB6E-462C-40BE-820B-DC357B…)


She literally just posted them uncensored on her last twitter like 4 days ago..

No. 838753

It's not even another story, it's always the same shit with a different phrase…

No. 838754

Yeah, she absolutely told a differently worded version of this same story on her last twitter.

No. 838759

she's so fucking sick all the time because of her shit diet. she's probably deficient in everything, jesus christ eat an orange or something that isn't a greasy burger. she really is mentally stunted, if she can't even feed herself.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 838761

Whew and I thought I was getting deja vu lol

No. 838773

accurate, if it were birth control implant, there would be an incision mark and not just a bruise. especially from having an old implant removed, the scar can be almost an inch long and pretty noticeable. my personal tinfoil was that she pinched herself real hard to ground/self harm while in public. though it could have been from squeezing a pimple like she always did when she used to cam.

they probably saw the butthole firework video if anything. what a way to be remembered

>this line of work
begging on Twitter isn't work or running a business, Shayna

thank you for finding this, I knew I had seen these pics already. she's so drunk 24/7 it's affecting her """work""" like it's not even funny anymore it's just pitiful

but anon, she drank 4 mimosas yesterday, that's the same as eating an orange with a balanced breakfast /s

No. 838774

And then her Uber driver clapped and asked for her autograph.

are her meds making her more and more delusional by the day?

Also, anyone could literally say this to ANYONE because most people are, in fact, on the internet.

No. 838777

Anyone got a link to the fireworks video? I want to see it for the hilarity

No. 838778

i'm not the op you're responding to, but what a weird assumption on your part, not all of us are on birth control. that shit can be harmful and cause blood clots.

No. 838798

Plus if Shay was on it, we would know.
>my birth control made my period come early, I can’t work today!!

No. 838804

I can only imagine how foul her vag must smell/taste due to the fact that she ever drinks water or eats anything with real nutrition.

No. 838810

I mean, we've straight up seen her spoon up yeasty looking discharge and eat it. Her shit diet and lack of water coupled with all the weird shit/dirty fingers she jams into herself, you know that her ph is fucked.

No. 838813

File: 1563251054062.jpg (131.81 KB, 1075x514, Screenshot_20190715-232415_Twi…)

No. 838841


She just wants fame/an absurd amount of attention and she went with sex work as the way to get there.

No. 838885

Lmao at her not even being anywhere close to her goal.

This is just sad, Shayna.

No. 838886

>my life will be at it's high point when I'm in my early 20's
No wonder she's always crying and drinking. She thought she was going to be a rich and famous musician by her early 20s and join the 27 club? I mean, if she keeps drinking the way she does, she could probably achieve at least one of those goals.

No. 838891

I have actually heard she’s a pretty good singer lmfao she should have just gone that route

No. 838925

Really? Because I’ve heard her singing along to songs on cam and she sounds horrendous

No. 838932

This is sad. But then again she was like 16

No. 838938

Yeah it’s just some edgy teenage shit. I remember being in high school and everyone saying they didn’t want to live to 30. The mistake she made here was actually thinking fame was a viable (read: the only) option for her.

No. 838947

Exactly, and many people round her age say that they want to be famous. Shit's like an epidemic these days. I can't believe she thought music would be it, she hasn't demonstrated an ounce of musical talent. guess she's always been very delusional.

No. 838952

She use to say some real dumb shit when she was younger. She was a aspiring rapping Nazi

No. 838969


Wanted to be famous and go to lots of parties… Why is she so isolated now if she grew up full of dreams that a real extrovert would have?

And who the fuck 'wishes' for alcoholism?? even at 16 that's dumber than average

No. 838978

I need to stop looking at this thread while eating.

No. 838980

Just curious anyone know why she quit driving? Is it just cause she doesn’t have a car or did something happen? All her old stoner pics are her driving around so just wondering.

No. 838986

she discovered the joys of sitting on her ass doing diddly squat

No. 838987

she used to live in suburban Massachusetts, where you need a car to get around as there isn't public transpo/Uber is less accessible that far from Boston (iirc her hometown is about an hour out from the city). She drove her parents' car/a car they gave her when she got her license. when she moved across the country she couldn't bring it with her either logistically or because it wasn't actually hers. On the west coast/in Tulsa/during her brief stint in CO, she's lived in cities where Uber is always around, and she has the option of public transportation (even though she's admitted she thinks she's too good for sharing a city bus with the plebs because muh anxiety) so she doesn't need her own car to get to the bar and fast food restaurants and back.

No. 838991

File: 1563294717184.jpg (648.3 KB, 808x2048, Screenshot_20190716-093055_Twi…)

I don't support cow tipping but whoever did this gave me a mighty kek

No. 838994

kek @ alcoholism being the one thing she did end up with

No. 838996

File: 1563295023076.jpeg (557.08 KB, 1242x1010, 1EAF905F-7068-4330-A49E-E62269…)

“I just came up with the greatest idea!”

No, your “sugar daddy” ordered it and cane up with the idea for you retard

No. 839006

i fucking hate this. the pose and clothes just remind me of toddlers who have a phase of not wanting to wear clothes and flash everybody. combined with the 45 yo clown face it's truly hellish

No. 839008

inb4 she can't film because she heard a bird chirping outside and it reminded her of people feeding bread to the ducks near her apartment building, and now she's too sad to film, but she'll post photos from the bar bathroom while she's out getting hammered later

No. 839023


Imagine her trying to keep up with all the costs involved with running a car, and all the extra begging for car related expenses

No. 839035

Imagine her being sober enough to operate a vehicle

No. 839048

That's my guess. She's always inebriated in some way. She gets credit for not being stupid enough to operate a vehicle. Then again, having a car costs money and when you're begging for a cheeseburger on Twitter… it doesn't seem like getting a car with "her own" money would be an option

No. 839078

File: 1563307290259.jpeg (486.59 KB, 1242x1227, 3CA56A7C-480F-48CA-8B80-015DB8…)

the tweet said “diggin my new workspace” (aka her living space because the rest of the apartment is barren and I’m 100% sure that’s where she sleeps lmfao)

But look at all the fucking garbage everywhere, all over the floor. For fucks sake clean your home, at the very least clean your workspace.

No. 839081

so she changes her bedspread and it's suddenly a new workspace? i'm confused as to what she changed.

No. 839083

Has she vacuumed a single time since she moved in? Ew

No. 839085

i wish i didnt enlarge that image. her floor is FILTHY. fuck, she's a gross bitch

No. 839086


Is that daybed her actual bed?

No. 839088

File: 1563308207910.png (1.65 MB, 1125x2436, 483BF110-26C8-4F0B-BF08-63DD6C…)

Kek that pixie girl just posted this

No. 839092

I don't think she has ever owned a vacuum but for fucks sake you can get them secondhand for $20 please Shayna vacuuming the floor will actually make a difference. Instead of putting new bedsheets on (rather than washing her previous ones) and cluttering Walmart garbo le décor everywhere lmfao

No. 839093

pretty sure unless she still sleeps on that air mattress in the other room

No. 839094

Kek "I'm aware" why would you be aware of a thread that hates on your ""friend"" lmaooooo shayna get some real friends not some pathetic orbiter

No. 839095

Not to be that person but… What about Noodle?? We haven't heard jackshit about her since Shay left her at the pet hotel kennels. Shay is just out blowing money all day shopping and drinking all night in between flashing her rancid pussy in the stalls of local restaraunts.

Do we think she rehomed her or something and isn't saying anything to avoid backlash?

No. 839096


Debatably more sad tbh. If you're living on an air matress then you know where you're at in life and it's far from perfect and thriving.

No. 839099

She must've saw the anons posting about her grimy bedspread.

No. 839101

She mentioned noodle a few days ago

No. 839116

File: 1563311321874.jpg (219.05 KB, 1080x780, Screenshot_20190716-160556_Twi…)

1. She is a narcissist

2. She thinks all her videos are going to be big sellers and they aren't

No. 839119


Bipolar and prone to delusions

No. 839129


Holy shit shay get some goddamn oxy clean, you can get it at the dollar store. Your surroundings are starting to look like Tuna Slater's. Ick.

No. 839138

The room would actually be kind of cute if she took down the fairy light or at least put them higher up, put the kink stuff off of the wall and de-cluttered the bottom shelf of the coffee table

No. 839139

She probably dosen't own one

No. 839140

i think it looks depressing lol

No. 839141

It's a child's daybed off of her Amazon wishlist

No. 839143

She'd be better off if she found friends who aren't in the SW scene

No. 839145

She posted a video of Noodle on her snapchat story a couple of days ago, the dog was jumping in a river which she thought was funny until she got out and shook her fur out, which all dogs do and then she scolded it like, what did you expect?

No. 839172

This is kind of nitpicking, but I think it would be best if her floors didn't have a carpet, but something smooth and super easy to clean, like vinyl or linoleum floor. No moldy, dirty and diseased carpets could mean less foot fungus and irritation on her private parts.

No. 839173

The backpedaling and lies are amusing, I wonder what Shay thinks about her orbiter wanting attention from farmers?

No. 839176

she posted a pic today of the dog on her twitter

>cute n hot af
will be the same as other videos but with different props/outfit. will definitely sell soo much while she's posting free nudes on twitter that no one's even asking for.

No. 839180

Stick to shay. Make this girl her own thread if u wanna talk about her.

No. 839190

She mentioned Shay's thread here. P sure that's why anon posted this.

No. 839196

Mini modding is beyond annoying. The screenshot is about Shay being "betrayed" by her nasty SW friend. It applies.

No. 839201

This one corner of her room is the only part that’s decorated right?


No. 839204

It's the only furniture she has, hence why it's the only corner she ever shows

No. 839207


All about keeping up the appearance that she's doing well, functioning and life is good… falling apart behind the scenes tho

No. 839209

File: 1563322065507.jpg (212.58 KB, 1080x687, Screenshot_20190716-190716_Twi…)

No. 839211

File: 1563322182391.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2048x2048, 47B9CD87-83BE-4451-AA6A-455510…)

Yeah. A photo of her dog EATING flowers (she even says she’s eating them in the caption). You know how many flowers are toxic to dogs Shay? No probably not.

No. 839217

File: 1563322736049.jpeg (130.52 KB, 750x1334, 7C779FB6-4944-4513-A53E-4B43CE…)

this face is fucking scaring me

No. 839220

Her face looks so full here

No. 839225

this dog is gonna end up dead. lol and hope that isn't her neighbor's yard.

No. 839229

Don’t forget about her “makeup” and “cute” outfits.

No. 839233

i have no idea why she always boasts about her makeup. It’s literally ALWAYS the same. She doesn’t even use blush or contour. It’s just no eyeshadow, thick black liner, the same false lashes, and caked on foundation with too much setting powder. She doesn’t even line her waterline for fucks sake.

She must really be delusional. She thinks wearing a crop top and ratty torn cutoffs she can’t even fit in anymore is “fashion”. She thinks doing winged liner every day makes her great at makeup. How can someone be this deep in their own delusion? She couldn’t smell her own shit if it was on her knees.

No. 839244

Backpedaling because she let it slip out that it was her. If it wasn’t you, you wouldn’t have even acknowledged reading the forum. Whatever. I hope their inevitable backstabbing leads to milk. This thread needs a good train wreck.

I knew she didn’t own a vacuum. Holy shit. No wonder her feet look like the inside of a public toilet bowl. Disgusting.

No. 839249

She lives in an apartment complex that only has enclosed back areas so no

No. 839250

Reminds me of how she went to Sephora a couple of weeks ago and posted on Snapchat about how the sales consultant knew a bunch of stuff about makeup and how surprised she was that makeup can be complex like, they work at a makeup store they're supposed to know a lot about it

No. 839252

Depressing. Every single “sw” that came in contact with Shay lately has been two faced ass hoes lookin for some clout kek too bad they’re all as dumb as she is

No. 839257

File: 1563329727744.jpg (423.32 KB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_20190716-211432_Twi…)

No. 839272

File: 1563332333237.jpeg (881.05 KB, 1242x1369, 32188A6B-16ED-4CA2-A706-7AB2BB…)

Keep begging

No. 839273

Didn't she say she doesn't like people that read her threads, whether they're defending her or not?

No. 839282

Cringing whenever she says shit like ‘sucrose papi’ or ‘sweetness father’. Barf. It’s not clever or cute, Shayna.

No. 839287

I’d bet money that Fupa is her “sugar daddy” (which makes him more of a sucralose sibling).

No. 839289


shes got the same constipated smile ariana grande has

No. 839291

File: 1563335916024.jpg (533.94 KB, 1076x1050, Screenshot_20190716-225735_Twi…)

Didn't she post on one of her other twitters that she doesn't like jello? Then why waste mom on jello shots?

No. 839292


No. 839301

File: 1563336875628.jpg (270.36 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20190717_001016.jpg)

With her big red nose and stuffy face, she look like my old alcoholic neighbor that died. RIP shay. She look so wasted.(nitpick/no1curr)

No. 839304

God she looks so wrecked in that video, she straight looks like she’s tweaking but tries to balance it out by drinking so much.

No. 839307

File: 1563337979064.jpg (Spoiler Image,508.19 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20190716-233213_Twi…)

Literally like all her other videos

No. 839312

File: 1563338871457.jpeg (184.28 KB, 1242x569, 981657EA-7FAF-4C86-AF61-8B4578…)

Not creepy. There’s like a 1/4 chance of this happening. It happens to a lot of us. It’s a coincidence. Calm down.

No. 839367


Yeah the length of a menstrual cycle and lunar cycle are generally the same so..

Is this whole 'thinking the universe is doing things' common in bipolar? She's reading into lots of little things lately trying to find a greater meaning or message in them

No. 839370


seriously, did you not see what was posted? It was clearly just some anon roleplaying as this chick and trying to stir up shit, they gave it away so obviously when they started getting attention. you guys can't be this stupid, or maybe just desperate to make up milk

No. 839390


No, it's not only bipolar chicks who do this. Insecure bitches like to feel special, so they say shit like this because they're not like other girls!!

No. 839413

You hit the nail right on the head, anon. Shay may be delusional in many other ways, but this is some lame 2edgy4u crap. She’s trying very hard to be the ‘thicc goth gf’ Fupa wants. The way that she has lost herself in their relationship screams codependent / BPD.

No. 839415

If someone who knows her was aware of this thread it would be hard to not read it. no matter who they are. People can’t help but watch a train wreck

No. 839422

it's going to be painfully boring, but at least her genitals don't look inflamed. how sad that's a slight improvement for someone who's job is supposed to be selling sex, though it probably gets worse as the video goes on.

yup, isn't that why it was called moonsickness?

No. 839428

Sometimes going on antibiotics for one thing can clear up other infections you didn't know you had, wonder if she's had that added bonus from her bronchitis meds?

No. 839447

I've heard of this happening as well. Either that or the photo she has posted is edited for once, and the video will show what's really going on.

No. 839466

File: 1563381493346.jpeg (118.56 KB, 768x1024, 8DD766C4-7F6F-47AE-AC54-1E76A6…)

she literally looks like a gas station prostitute. Yikes.

No. 839491

File: 1563385885582.png (Spoiler Image,26.74 KB, 999x180, Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 1.48.…)

I'm new to this trainwreck, I've been reading through the past threads (from the beginning) and I saw comments about her voice, so I was like, "Huh, I want to hear how she sounds"

I found a video on XVideos and one on pornhub of the same video, I apologize if this has been talked about before. But lol at those comments.

No. 839495

File: 1563386140971.png (Spoiler Image,378.04 KB, 963x667, Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 1.45.…)

I'm the same person, Here are the Xvideos comments on a video with her in it, it's the same video. Again, I apologize if this was spoken about already I just found them funny.

No. 839498

yes this has been discussed at length

No. 839500

Okay thanks for telling me. I"m on the threads were Shay and Fupa first met, so I'm still learning the bumpy details.

No. 839511

you're getting into the good shit anon

No. 839518

farmers in the shay thread have really left no stone unturned. it does get a billion times bleaker after fupa enters the picture though lol

No. 839523

When I FIRST saw the razor bumps and just how… unprofessional her puss is, I was like, "Okay, I'm witnessing something special".
Why is she SO SO dry all the time? How does she think or anyone thinks that's attractive? She's an SWorker who HATES to be sexy or sexual.
Let me stop derailing, it's just an rollarcoaster lol. As soon as LadyFingers entered the thread were I'm reading it's been an…expereince.(genitalia sperg)

No. 839549

shes standing outside of a white car, correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt fupa drive some white car?

No. 839553

File: 1563397023420.jpeg (572.22 KB, 1242x1844, 8F3F9D96-F72E-4BFD-A97E-44F736…)

Everything about this is. Gross.

No. 839558

She only uses one corner in her whole apartment not to mention that it’s the living room. Maybe her and Fupa will try to live with each other again lmao. Let’s see how this goes

No. 839559

Didn’t she recently tweet about moving out of her apartment and not even a day later admitted that she made an impulse decision because she was manic? I vaguely remember something like happening.

Also top fucking kek that Shayna thinks she can afford a house with the money she gets from her ‘sweetness father’ and ebegging

No. 839575

No. 839580

Her voice starts out so deep and continues to rise to that weird shrill baby voice. Its wacko like everything else about this.

No. 839585

I can't bring myself to watch the trailer so I just read the description which is horrible enough. that last sentence talking about getting fucked up the butt until "both of your cum is leaking out of her" like bitch are you mistaking your shit for cum?

No. 839586

Does she not realise how quiet some of her videos are? You can barely hear what she's saying. But maybe that's a blessing.

No. 839594

why does she always say leaking for everything??? it sounds so gross.

No. 839595

Video script, just because:
"Mom said you were going out tonight. Just didn't feel like going out, huh? You don't feel like going out, and I got nothing to do so-"
> random cut to gapping asshole + baby voice
"-you think we could fit 3 secrets into the night? And maybe into my ass?
> Buttplug closeup + horrid moaning, gaping asshole
"Is your cock bigger than this (buttplug)?
> More gapping inflamed asshole
"Oh big brother. Oh my god."
"Mind if I… put it in my ass? Please don't tell on me"

No. 839596

it wasn't as awkward as the others but i feel like one sees the whole video so why pay $15 for the whole thing. also confirmed her butthole winds up being red and irritated. didn't she do another video with the three plugs?

award winning material right there, she should be showered with money for coming up with such creative ideas.

No. 839599

She loves to talk about how much effort she puts in her videos, yet her sound and lighting quality is always shit. The script is beyond parody level terrible. She has no idea how to sell a fantasy. She goes back and forth with the nasally baby voice and her actual deep, butch voice. She cuts to random shots sporadically- maybe a jumpcut every 10 seconds or so. There's free content with better production and she wants money for this shit.

No. 839601

“You think we can fit 3 secrets into the night?”

okay wtf does that even mean

No. 839602

She talked about moving to austin a few days after her an fupas trip. Light tinfoil but I'd say they're trying to find loopholes to love together again, so finding another town/state would make it easier to hide from his ex/kids. I'd say the only way she moves to a house is if shes going back with fupa.

No. 839603

You sound particularly hard up about it, abrattypixie

No. 839612

She wasted money on the wrong kind of mic because she's a fucking moron who thinks expensive automatically equals good.

No. 839616

So assuming we’re going with her on this fantasy… why does this “little sister” have sex toys nailed to her wall. Not very secret.. She puts so little effort into shit. Just the same old.

No. 839635

it would be fine if she actually used the mic properly. she doesn't even have it positioned properly, probably didnt read the manual that came with it and probably doesn't even know that it's a condenser mic. any other person could make it work but she's too dumb.

No. 839637

she could also just use basic editing tricks for her audio. but that would take like, 20 minutes to learn and that takes away from her day drinking.

No. 839641

File: 1563411310137.jpg (410.56 KB, 1080x1000, Screenshot_20190717-195507_Twi…)

So fAnCy

No. 839642

Since when is grocery store sushi fancy?

No. 839645

It's obviously her coffee table

No. 839655

>fancy dinner
>takeout sushi and a glass overfilled with cheap novelty wine

such class

No. 839656

You're not supposed to eat fish with red wine KEK she will definitely get sick later

No. 839665

lmaooooo this is so true, I bet she claims it's because she hates white wine. girl then at least by your stupid ~pink wine~ rosé

No. 839670

File: 1563414751623.png (Spoiler Image,704.72 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20190717-214928~2.p…)

two people bought her new video (it takes at least 2 purchases to push the auto-tweet, you can set it to be more than 2, but we all know Shayna is gonna do the bare minimum for attention and to look "successful") and she rewards herself with a drink. five minutes later she posts herself with another different drink. we get it Shayna, you're always drinking and finding excuses to drink, you should just fill a camelback with booze at this point

No. 839675

>grocery store sushi
>drinking bottom shelf red wine with fish


Lmao I was confused about this too. Is “night” a metaphor for her ass? And secrets is his dick ?

No. 839688

She probably thinks she’s fancy because she’s actually using a wine glass instead of just drinking right out of the bottle like she usually does

No. 839698

With what money? mortgage is too adult for her lmao

No. 839701

No. 839705

You can pair red wine with fish, it won't kill you or something, just a shit pairing that generally makes the wine taste like ass. I doubt Shay is really interested in how to pair her cheap alcohol with her shitty meals.

No. 839711

File: 1563420110055.png (81.21 KB, 187x158, oof.png)

Attractive as always

No. 839720

Certain types of fish with certain types of red wine can add up to very high iron levels which will both taste bad and can upset your stomach

No. 839723

Lmfao anon the confidence you have that shay could afford her mortgage or even qualify for one.

No. 839725

She can barely maintain/ afford her 1 bedroom dump lol

No. 839728

Nta but they were saying she could rent, not all houses require a mortgage. Rentals are bigger than ever in the current market.

No. 839748

File: 1563431892852.png (755.16 KB, 658x636, smile.png)

her trashy idea of what is fancy aside, y'all notice how she shot the photo not from her daybed but looking /at/ it, so that we cannot see the empty space that is the rest of her room behind her?

No. 839768

Chilled red wine at that!! Red wine should be served room temperature!

No. 839778

Cute "hey cow" but nope - I'm just an anon, retard

No. 839798


Dunno what she needs more space for, she never has company over..

No. 839801


Isn't this the second house move that she's planned in the space of a week?

She quickly changed her mind on the last one cos she recognised it was all impulsive of her, fast forward a few days and she's at it again

No. 839823


More space? Girl why?? You only use one corner of your place. You have less furniture than a child. You don't use a kitchen. You're hardly home any given night or day. No friends. Etc.

She just gonna throw out what little furniture she has and beg for new shit again?

Is she moving to avoid cleaning? Kek

There's literally no valid reason for her to move to a bigger space and beg for higher rent.

No. 839826

It really sounds like she's just unhappy with her life, and since she spends all her time either in her apartment or at a bar/restaurant, she thinks that moving to a new house will change that. That she'll leave all her problems behind by running away to "more space".

Spoiler alert, Shayna, the new house won't change your entire life around. You've gotta do that work on yourself first. Then move out to associate your new happy+healthy lifestyle with a different, fresh environment. Dragging all your problems+baggage to a new place isn't going to help get rid of the icky feelings.

No. 839831

She's so impulsive that she's lucky she has any sort of roof over her head tbh, I can see her repeating her kinda-homeless phase from a few months ago and staying in hotels/begging for sofas to sleep on if she doesn't learn to just stay in one place

A different house wont magically make you happy Shay

No. 839856

the only thing I could imagine her needing more space for is for locking the dog in a room far enough away that she can ignore her crying when she wants to forget she took on responsibility for another life

No. 839864

File: 1563464463564.jpg (130.3 KB, 720x660, 20190718_084016.jpg)

Desperate orbiter is at it again watch out Shay

No. 839873

This is actually good advice, sadly out of all the advice we give shaynasty, she just doesnt seem to get the hint.

No. 839874

File: 1563465918778.jpg (241.01 KB, 1075x789, Screenshot_20190718-110347_Twi…)

Kek her bad mental health day is just because her and fupa are having issues. We know she has no friends so this must be about him. Maybe she found out hes been fucking other girls. That is if she didnt already know about it.

No. 839878


'Blinded by fury' ffs Shay there's nothing happening in your dull life to warrant these over the top emotions. Makes it sound like she gets violent

No. 839879


She doesn't want to talk, she wants cash

No. 839910

shay, you're ALWAYS bitching about bullshit and being uwu sad or whatever. what the hell is "can't talk abt my feelings" when you very clearly talk about your feelings CONSTANTLY.

No. 839967

File: 1563481384582.jpg (111.05 KB, 1078x328, Screenshot_20190718-152038_Twi…)

Is someone realizing theywouldnt do well in a social positivity contest? I was kind of hoping she would join and then the lack of votes/support would be a reality check but I guess we will see

No. 839975

tfw you’re calm you can think clearer and when you’re not you can’t
she thinks she’s special lmao

No. 839983

She failed to even win the Submissive of the Year award for 2018, and that's the only category that makes sense for her. Why does she think she would win something as non-applicable as a "social media positivity" award when she can't even win in the categories that apply to her?

No. 839990


What is she even going into a 'fury' about, there's nothing important enough in her life to be getting that pissed over

No. 839992

I know it's all speculation about why she's upset, but my tinfoil is that she's realizing fupa is slowly extricating himself from her life and is having a moment of clarity where she's realizing there's nothing about her to keep him interested. she's a friendless, shut-in, alcoholic "camgirl" (though she hasn't cammed in over a month now) with no direction in her life. she's completely stagnant. he has so many better options to choose from, which is saying something, since he is also trash. So she can't be angry&sad, because she knows it's true, so she just has to accept it and be calm&sad.

or, you know, she could use it to motivate change in her life and improve herself for her own (and her fucking dog! and the cat she abandoned!) sake. but this is Shayna. She'd rather just drown her sorrows in a bottle of wine.

No. 839996

File: 1563484895315.jpg (171.52 KB, 1080x628, Screenshot_20190718-162053_Twi…)

No. 839997

NTA but I wonder if her excessive drinking makes her violent

No. 840000

This post is a shining example of social media positivity

No. 840002

Inb4 Shayna lurks and posts a fake positivity video with her equally fake baby voice kek

No. 840010

File: 1563486307958.jpg (221.51 KB, 1080x1054,